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Fifty Years 
of Service, 

1871 1921. 

The Business of Garvie & Syme was founded 
in the year 187 1, and during the whole of 
that fifty years has always been under the 
close personal supervision of the Proprietors. 

To-day an Ironmongery Business is one of 
immense variety, yet we claim that our many 
Departments are in a position to supply 

Every Requisite in Ironmongery 

for a. Cottage, Plansion, Estate, 

or Farm. 

With modern machinery and skilled workmen 
all classes of Repairs are promptly executed, 
and our endeavour has always been to deserve 
the good will of our customers, sparing no 
pains to satisfy each and every requirement. 

We only Sell what 
we can Recommend 


Complete Ironmongers, 

Hig:H Street, Perth 

Assets exceed 1S$S®&L Claims paid, 

.£3,000,000. ^^^S 0ver ^ I4 » 000 ' 000 ' 



Accident Fire and Life 

Assurance Corporation, Limited. 



Free Insurance every Sixth Year. 
A Total of £27,500 returned to Insured by way of Bonus since 1908. 

The BONUS SCHEME effects a saving of about 20 
per cent, of each year's premium. 

. BONUS POLICIES are issued for all Insurances on 
Dwelling-Houses and Non-Hazardous Properties, and 
also Householders' Insurances on Furniture, etc. 


The Government encourages social and domestic thrift 
by allowing a liberal discount off Income Tax payments to 

all Life Policyholders. 

Prospectus of special scheme of Life AsSUFanee may 
be had on application to either of the Chief Offices or any 
Branch Office of the Corporation. 

Chief Offices, / Ceneral Bui,dln S*. Pepth > Scotland. 

I General Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C.2. 

Director and General Manager— F. N0RIE-MILLER, J.P. 

NOTE.— The Bonds of the Corporation are accepted by all 
Departments of His Majesty's Government. 

Telegrams— "M'EttEN, PERTH." Telephone No/761-762 

James jft'€weti <$ (?o. 

Are Specialists in Ladies' Dress. 

They hold a Large Stock of - - 


and also the Latest and most exclusive styles from the 
Best Houses in London. 

Gowns Made to Order 

'and special attention given to the execution of 

Wedding Outfits. 


in the finest qualities, always a large stock. 


FUR COATS in the Best Shapes. 
SPORTS CO A TS. Special Styles for Golf and Tennis. 
Choice Selection of - - 

Blouses, Shirts, and Underclothing, 
Sports Hose, Silk Hosiery, Wrap Scarfs. 

INSPECTION INVITED, t: All Purchases sent Carriage Paid. 



For a very modest sum your 
Piano can be kept in good 
order, all the year round, by 


and at Edinburgh, Glasgow, 

Dundee, Arbroath, Aberdeen, 



North British 





Accidents of all Kinds. 
Accidents and Illness. 
Employers' Liability. 
Motor Car Accidents. 
Third Party Liability. 
Lift Accidents. 
Transit of Securities. 

Burglary and Theft. 

Loss of Profits. 

Plate Glass. 

Fidelity Guarantee. 



Live Stock. 

Exceptionally Liberal Terms for Annuities. 

TOTAL FUNDS nearly £26,000,00 

Prospectuses and every information on Application t 

Chief Offices :— 





Ox* Local Agents. 








:nlarged PLAN OF PERTH and suburbs, 

* Specially prepared for the Work from Ordnance and actual Surveys 
By J. BARTHOLOMEW, Edinburgh. 



Kenneth Annandale, 

20 St. John Street. 


PRICE, 6/- 

Telegraph : 







Glasgow (4 lines) 4568 

GREENOCK . . 360 
EDIN BURGH (3 lines) 5273 

KIRKCALDY . . 372 


STIRLING . . 79 

PERTH .. .. 586 

DUNDEE .. .. 1319 



Building Trade & Metal Merchants. Coal Masters & Lime Burners. 


Registered Office. - Eagle Buildings. Edinburgh. 

Offices, Works, Stores and Depots. 

13 Dalry Road, Edinburgh. 
Morrison St. Depot, „ 
Scotland St. „ ,, 

Heriothill „ „ 

Eagle Buildings, Leith. 
Junction Bridge, ,, 
372 High Street, Kirkcaldy. 
Harbour Head ,, 

217 Bothwell Street, Glasgow. Wallace Street, Stirling. 

107, 109 Weir Street, 
278-292 Wallace Street, „ 
General Terminus, ,, 

11 Bogle Street, Greenock. 
Port Dundas, Bowling. 
80 Princes Street, Perth. 
Inglis Street, Dunfermline. 

Eagle Buildings, Dundee, Office & Store. 

Park Lane, 

Cowpark Station, „ 

Shore, Alloa. 

Grahamston Station, N B.R. 

Grange Street, Grangemouth. 

Oampsie Coal and Lime Works, 

East Station, Dundee, Depot. 



Portland Cement 
Keene's Cement 
Robinson's Plaster 
Scotch, English, Irish 

and Hydraulic Lime 
Bricks, Pipes, Cans 
Dumfries Freestone 
Caithness Pavement & 

Damp Course 
Arbroath Pavement 
Arbroath Steps 
Kerb, Channel, Setts 
Bitumen Damp Course 
Crushed Granite 


Fire-Clay & Iron Baths 
Sinks, Tubs, Cisterns 
Lavatories, Closets 
Seats, Lead Traps 
Brass Fittings 
C.I. Soil & Drain Pipes 
Radiators and Boilers 
Buick's, Southook, 
Doulton's, Rufford's, 
Shank's, Twyford's, & 
American Goods 
"Aqua Pura " Basins 
Enamelled Bricks 
Rain Water Pipes 


Port Dinorwic 





Westmorland Green 

Lancashire Blue 



West Highlands 

Craiglea and Luss 

Cisterns & Shelving 

Roofing Felts & Nails 

Boring Machines 



Scotch Wallsend 

Best Chirls 

Caking Nuts 

Jewel Chews 


Washed Nuts 




Gas Coke 

Caking Dross 



"Eagle," "Goliath," Peters and "Elephant" Brands 

London Portland Cement. 

Robinson's Plaster and Fireproof Cement. 

Dr. Michaelis' Double Lever Cement Tester. 

Uralite and Asbestone Fireproof Material 

Pud lo" for Waterproofing: Cement. North British Asphalte Co. 

Szerelmey Stone Preserving: Liquid. 

"Vitrifos" and "Purimachos" Fire Cement. %\ 


" £.■' 

g J4. MAR >r ''f- '**"> r-c 



Municipal Ward Boundaries & Qualifications for Voters 9 

Streets, Lanes, Entries, &c. 11 

Municipal Lists 15 

Judicial Lists 21 

Banking Lists - - - 25 

Public Conveyances 26 

Ecclesiastical Lists 27 

Educational and Literary Institutions 29 

Charitable and Benevolent Institutions 30 

Sporting Lists 35 

Miscellaneous Lists - - 37 

Harbour List ... - 46 

Customs and Excise - - 46 

Inland Revenue - - - - 46 

Postal Directory * - - 47 

General Directory 57 

Street Directory — Perth 245 

,, ,, Bridgend 311 

,, ,, Craigie 320 

„ „ Cherrybank 329 

Trades and Professions Directory - - - - 331 

Telephone Directory 347 

County Directory 367 

Aberfeldy, 367. Callander, 391. Dunning, 414. Meigle, 425. 

Abernethy, 371. Comrie, 395. Errol, 415. Methven, 426. 

Alyth, 373. Cpr. -Angus, 397. Fortingall, 418. Muthill, 428. 

Ardoch&Braco,376 Crieff, 401. Kenmore, 419. Pitlochry, 429. 

Auchterarder, 377. Doune, 406. Killin, 420. Scone, 433. 

Blair-Atholl, 381. Dunblane, 408. Kincardine, 422. Stanley, 435. 

Blairgowrie, 382. Dunkeld, 410. Kirkmichael, 424. Thornhill, 438. 

Brg. of Earn, 389. 

The Census of Perthshire 439 

Principal Farmers in the County of Perth - - - 441 

Nobility and Principal Proprietors in the County of 

Perth, with their Factors 487 

Clergy and their Places of Worship in the County and 

Neighbourhood of Perth 501 

County Council 509 

Index to Advertisements 529 



Manufacturer of Every Description of 

Fishing Tackle 

suitable for all parts of the World. 

Trade ^^=r} = sKflillll Mark. 

Sole Maker of the celebrated 


Malloch's Patent Casting Reel 
Malloch's Patent Fly Cases 
Malloch's Patent Brake Reel 

Awarded Ten Gold and other Medals. 

Telephone No. 31. 
Telegrams— " Malloch, Perth. 



Aberfeldy and District • - 367 

Abernethy and District - - 371 

Abstract oi Voters - - 16 

Alyth and District - - 373 

Ambulance Wagons - - 40 

Anglers' Club, Perth - - 36 

Ardoch and Braco - - 376 

Army Service Corps - - 39 
Association for Improving the 

Condition of the Poor - 34 

Auchterarder and District - 377 

Bailies 17 

Bakers' Association (Masters) 41 

Band, Perth Trades - - 45 

Bank Holidays 25 

Banking Companies' Branches 25 

Bible Society, Perthshire - 28 
Black Watch Royal Highlanders 38 

,, Association - 38 
,, 3rd Reserve Batt. 38 
6th Perthshire (T.F.) 38 

Blair- Atholl and District - 381 

Blairgowrie and District - 382 

Bowling Clubs 36 

Bowling Green - - 37 

Boys' Brigade 44 
Boy Scouts, Rovers and Wolf 

Cubs ... 39 

Bridgend Institute - - 30 

Bridge of Earn and District - 389 

British Medical Association - 40 
Building Trades Assoc. (Masters) 41 

Burgh and Guild Court - 22 

Burgh Assessor - - 19 

Burgh Licensing Court - - 22 
Burgh Rates - - - -17 

Burgh Surveyor - - 19 

Callander and District - - 391 

Carriers, Country - - - 26 

Carriers, Railway - - - 26 

Catholic School 30 

Cattle Diseases Act Committee 514 

Cemeteries, Perth - - "20 

Census of Perthshire - - 439 

Chamber of Commerce - - 20 

Churches - - - - 27 

Circuit Courts - - - 21 

City Chamberlain - - 19 


City Clerk - - - 19 

City Mission - - - 28 

Cleansing Department - - 20 
Clergy & their places of Worship — 

City 27 

County - - - - 501 

Collector of Customs & Excise 46 

Committees of Town Council 18 

Comrie and District - - 395 

Corporation Tramways - - 26 

County and City Club - - 35 

County and City Infirmary - 30 

County Council, Perth - - 509 

County Road Board - - 513 

Coupar-Angus and District - 397 

Crieff and District - - 401 

Custom House 46 

Day Nursery Association - 39 

Dean of Guild Court - - 20 

District Board of Control - 513 
Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society 35 

Doune and District - - 406 

Dunblane and District - - 408 

Duncan Bequest 34 

Dunkeld and District - - 410 

Dunning and District - - 414 
Education Authority of County 

of Perth 29 
Educational Institute of Scot- 
land —Perthshire Branch - 30 
Errol and District - - - 415 
Factory Girls' Club - - 35 
Farmers (Principal) in Perthshire 441 
Fechney Industrial School - 33 
Fiars Court Accountant - 22 
Fire Brigade - - 20 
Fishing Clubs ... 36 
Football Club (St. Johnstone) 37 
Forbes Bequest 34 
Foresters' Friendly Society - 43 
Forth Navigation Commissioners 5 1 5 
Fortingall and District - - 418 
Fraser Mortification - - 34 
Gaelic Society of Perth - - 44 
Gardeners' Friendly Society - 43 
General Directory - - - 57 
General Prison for Scotland - 39 
Girls' School of Industry - 33 



Golfing Clubs - - - 35 

Good Templar Lodges - - 43 

Gowrie Rest House - - 35 

Graham Trust 34 

Guildry Incorporation of Perth 20 

Harbour and Navigation - 46 

Harbour Master 46 
Headquarters — 51st Division 

and Highland Area - - 38 

Henderson's Mortification - 35 

High Constables, Society of - 39 

Hotels, Principal 37 
House of the Good Shepherd 

(Refuge) .... 35 

Incorporated Trades - - 20 

Indigent Old Men's Society - 34 
Indigent Old Women, Society 

for the Relief of - - 34 

Infirmary, County & City Royal 30 

Inland Rates of Postages - 48 

Inland Revenue 46 
Inspector of Weights & Measures 19 
International Order of Good 

Templars - - - 43 

Judges of Police Court - - 20 

Justice of Peace Clerk 24 

Justice of Peace Court - - 24 

Justices of the Peace - - 22 

Kenmore and District - - 419 

Killin and District - - 420 

Kincardine and District - 422 
King James the Sixth's Hospital 34 

Kinnoull Recreation Club - 36 

Kirkmichael and District - 424 
Ladies' House of Refuge for 

Destitute Girls - - 34 
Lands Valuation and Registra- 
tion of Voters Acts - - 21 
Lawn Tennis Clubs - - 36 
Liberal Association, Perth Div. 44 
Liberal Association, W.Perthshire45 
Liberal Club, Perth - - 44 
Lifeboat Saturday Fund - 33 
Lord Provost - - 17 
Magistrates and Town Council 17 
Mails, Inland - - 52-56 
Mails, Foreign and Colonial - 55 
Market at Perth - - - 45 
Mason and Bricklayers' Assoc. 

(Master) 41 

Masonic Lodges - - 41 
Medical Officer of Health - 20 
Meigle and District - - 425 
Melvill Mortification - - 34 
Members of Parliament - - 17 
Messenger-at-Arms - - 22 
Methven and District - - 426 
Miniature Rifle Club - - 35 
Model Lodging House - - 35 
Motor Cycle Club - - 36 
Municipal Ward Boundaries - 9-10 
Munro Melville Trust - - 30 
Murray's Royal Asylum - 32 
Muthill and District - - 428 
National Society for the Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to Children 32 
New Whist Club - - - 44 
Newspapers, Perth - - 40 
Ornithological Association - 41 
Painters' Association (Master) 41 
Parcel Post, Inland - - 48 
Parish Council, Kin'oull(Burghal) 21 
Parish Council, Perth - - 21 
Parliamentary Boundary - 10 
Perth Academy 29 
Perth Allotments and Garden 

Association - - 45 

Perth Anglers' Club - - 36 

Perth County Cricket Club - 35 
Perth County Territorial Force 

Association 39 

Perth District Asylum, Murthly 33 

Perth District Licensing Court 22 

Perth Girls' School of Industry 33 
Perth Landlords' and Property 

Agents' Association - - 41 

Perth Swimming Baths - - 37 

Perthshire Bible Society - 28 

Perthshire Boy Scouts Assoc. - 39 

Perthshire Christian Union - 28 

Perthshire Fishing Club - 36 

Perthshire Football Association 37 
Perthshire Society of Natural 

Science 30 

Pharmacists Association - 44 

Pitlochry and District - 429 

Plumbers' Association (Master) 40 

Police Court, Judges of - - 20 

Police Establishment (Burgh) 20 

Police Establishment (County) 20 






Population of Burgh 


Scot. Epis. Church Men's Society 28 

Population of County - 


Shepherds' Friendly Society - 


Posting and Delivery, Times of 


Sheriff Clerks 


Post Office, Perth - 


Sheriff Courts 


Post Office Money Orders 


Sheriff Officers 


Post Office Pillar Boxes 


Sheriffs and Sheriff Substitutes 


Post Office Sub- Offices - 


Sick Poor Nursing Society 


Post Office Telegrams - 


Small Holdings Act Committee 


Post Office Radiotelegrams - 


Socialist Prohibition Fellowship 


,, Telephones - 


Society for Relief of Incurables 


Potato Trade Protection Assoc. 


Socy. for Teaching Blind to Read 


Presbytery Meetings 


Society of High Constables - 


Printing and Kindred Trades 

S. N. S. Prevention of Cruelty 

Employers' Association 


to Children 


Procurators and Solicitors 


St. Andrew's Ambulance Society 40 



St. John's Choral Society 


Property & Income Tax Comrs. 


St. Ninian's Episcopal School 


Proprietors (Prin.) in Perthshire 


St. Ninian's Men's Institute - 


Public Bowling Green - 


Stamps and Taxes, Assessor 

Races and Perth Hunt - 


and Surveyor of 


Railway Companies 


Stanley and District 


Rechabites Friendly Society - 


Stormont House Mortification 


Regimental Depot (Black Watch) 3S 

Streets, Lanes, Entries, &c. - 


Registration of Births, &c. 


Swimming Baths (Corporation) 


Registration of Letters - 


Swimming Clubs - 


Rifle Association (Perthshire) 


Terms in Scotland 


Royal Army Service Corps 

Territorial Forces - 


(T.F.), 51st (H.D.) Train 


Theatre and Opera House 


Royal Army Veterinary Corps 

Thornhill and District - 


(T.F.), 51st H.D. - 


Town Councillors - 


Royal Army Veterinary Corps 

Town Council Committees 


(T.F.), 1 st Scottish Veter- 

Town Officers - - 


inary Hospital 


Town's Officials - 


Royal Horticultural Society of 

Tramways - - - - 




Unionist Association, Perth Div. 


Salvation Army 


Unionist Club 


Samaritan Society of Infirmary 


Valuation of the City 


Sandeman Public Library 


Victoria Institute - - - 


Sanitary Inspector 


Voting Qualification 


Savings Bank of the County 

Walker Trust 


and City of Perth - 


Working Boys' & Girls' Reli- 

Schools, Public Elementary - 


gious Society - 


Scone and District 


Working Men's Garden Assoc. 


Scones Lethendy Mortification 


Wrights' Association (Master) 


Scotch Girls' Friendly Society 


Young Scots Society 


Scottish Horse Scouts - 


Y. W. C. Association (Perth) - 


Scot. Comrs. for taking Affidavits 







- ■ 


General and Furnishing Ironmongers, 

Grates, Ranges and Interiors. 

Plain and Ornamental Curbs. 
Fenders and Fire Irons. 

a Speciality. 

American and Primus Cooking Stoves 
all sizes. 

Kettles , Pots, Frying Pans, Girdles, dec. 

Telephone 573. 






Municipal Wards of the Burgh as extended by the Perth 
Corporation Order, 1908. 

First Ward.— Commencing by a line drawn from the centre of the 
River Tay westwards to and along the centre of Victoria Street to and 
northwards along the^centre of King Street and South Methven Street to 
High Street Port, thence eastwards along the centre of High Street to the 
centre of the River Tay, and thence along the centre of that river to the 
point of commencement. 

Second Ward. — Commencing by a line drawn from the centre of High 
Street Port to and along the centre of South Methven Street and King 
Street to and eastwards along the centre of Victoria Street to the centre of 
the Willowgate branch of the River Tay, thence southwards along the 
centre of the said Willowgate branch to the south-east corner of Moncreiffe 
Island, thencejwestwards to and along the centre of the River Tay to and 
around the eastern and southern boundaries of Friarton Farm, thence north- 
wards to and along the north-east side of the Edinburgh Road to the mouth 
of Moncreiffe Tunnel of the Caledonian Railway, thence north-westwards 
along that railway to the General Railway Station, thence northwards to 
and along the centre of Caledonian Road to the centre of West High Street, 
thence eastwards along the centre of that street to the point of commence- 

Third Ward. — Commencing by a line drawn from the centre of the 
junction of York Place with Caledonian Road to and southwards along the 
centre of Caledonian Road to the General Railway Station, thence along 
the Caledonian Railway to the mouth of Moncreiffe Tunnel, thence north- 
westwards to the existing Burgh boundary at the cistern on St. Magdalene's 
Farm, thence along that boundary to the south side of the Glasgow Road 
at Cherrybank, thence along the south side of that road to the service road 
leading to Woodlands, thence along the south-west side of the said service 
road to and westwards along the centre of the Scouring or Craigie Burn to 
and northwards along the west side of the road on the west side of the 
Fever Hospital to and thence eastwards along the centre of the road on the 
north side of said Hospital to Gowrie Bank, thence in a straight line to the 
centre of the Glasgow Road at the south end of Rose Crescent, thence along 
the centre of the Glasgow Road and York Place to the point of commence- 


Fourth Ward. — Commencing by a line drawn from the centre of High 
Street Port westwards to and along the centre of West High Street to and 
along the centre of Caledonian Road to and along the centre of York Place and 
Glasgow Road to Rose Crescent, thence in a straight line westwards to and 
along the centre of the road on the north side of the Burghmuir Fever 
Hospital to the west side of the road on the west side of the said Hospital, 
thence northwards along the west side of the last-named road to Old Gallows 
Road, thence eastwards along the north side of the Old Gallows Road, 
thence northwards following the line of the boundaries of the Burgh, as 
extended by this Order across the fields to and eastwards along Crieff Road 
to the centre of the Town's Lade, thence southwards along the centre of 
the Town's Lade to the Military Barracks, thence along the north boundary 
of the Military Barracks to and along the centre of Barrack Street, Atholl 
Street and North and South Methven Streets to the point of commencement. 

Fifth Ward. — Commencing by a line drawn from the centre of High 
Street Port to and northwards along the centre of South and North Methven 
Streets, Atholl Street and Barrack Street to and along the north side of the 
Military Barracks to and along the centre of the Town's Lade to and west- 
wards along the centre of Crieff Road to East Newton Lodge at Hillyland, 
thence north-westwards to and along the centre of the Newton Burn and 
Town's Lade to Tulloch Works, thence eastwards along the north side of 
the road leading to Dunkeld Road at Muirton Toll to and along the north 
side of the road leading from that Toll to South Muirton Farm to and 
thence along the top of the North Inch, and thence southwards to and along 
the centre of the River Tay to a point opposite the centre of the foot of 
High Street, thence westwards to and along the centre of High Street to 
the point of commencement. 

SrxTH Ward. — To embrace the whole of the burgh of Perth as extended 
by this Order so far as situate on the east side of the centre of the River 
Tay, north of Moncreiffe Island, and the centre of the Willowgate branch 
of that river opposite the said island. 

Parliamentary Boundary. — From the north-eastern corner of the 
North Inch on the right bank of the River Tay in a straight line to the 
bridge on the Mill Lade at the Boot of Balhousie ; thence in a straight line 
to the bridge on the Glasgow Road over the Scouring Burn ; thence in a 
straight line to the southern corner of the water reservoir at depot ; thence 
in a straight line to the southern corner of the Friarton Pier on the River 
Tay ; thence across the River Tay (passing to the south of the Friarton 
Island) to the point at which the same is met by the boundary of the 
respective parishes of Kinfauns and Kinnoull ; thence northward along the 
boundary of the parish of Kinfauns to the point at which the several 
boundaries of the properties of Kinfauns, Kinnoull, and Barnhill meet ; 
thence in a straight line to the north-eastern corner of Lord Kinnoull's 
Lodge at the gate of the approach to Kinnoull Hill ; thence in a straight 
line to the north-eastern corner of the enclosure of the Lunatic Asylum ; 
thence in a straight line to the point where the Annaty Burn crosses the 
Blairgowrie Road ; thence down the Annaty Burn to the point where it 
joins the Tay ; thence in a straight line to the point first described. 



Local Government Voters. —A man or woman who has attained 
21 years of age, and who has owned lands and heritages in Perth of the 
yearly value of not less than ,£10 for the qualifying period of six months. 

A man or woman who has attained 21 years of age, and who has 
occupied as tenant lands and heritages in Perth of the yearly value of not 
less than ^10 for the qualifying period of six months. 

A man or woman who has attained 21 years of age, and who has 
occupied lodgings in Perth of the yearly value, if let unfurnished, of not 
less than ,£10 for the qualifying period of six months. 

A woman who has attained 30 years of age, and who is the wife of a 
man who is registered as the occupier of a dwelling-house. 

Parliamentary Voters. — A man who has attained 21 years of age 
who has resided in Perth or the contiguous Counties for the qualifying 
period of six months, or occupied Business Premises of £10 value. 

A woman who has attained 30 years of age, if either she or her husband 
has occupied as owner or tenant land or premises (other than a dwelling- 
house) of the yearly value of not less than ^5 or any dwelling-house in 
Perth for the qualifying period. 

A man who has attained 19 years of age,, or a woman who has attained 
30 years of age, and who is serving in the Naval, Military, or Air Forces 
of the Crown, and who, but for his service, would otherwise have been 



Abbot street, off 1 Glover street 320 
Albany place, Friar street 324 

Albany terrace, Crieff road 256 

Albert close, from 48 George' street 

to Skinnergate 262 

Albert place, 2 King street 279 

Aldie place, St. Catherine's road 297 
Alexandra place 245 

Alexandra street, from 28 Leonard 

street to Caledonian road 245 

Atholl crescent, from Atholl street 

to Blackfriars street 245 

Atholl place, from Blackfriars street 

to North port 245 

Atholl street, from Barrack street to 

Atholl crescent 245 

Back wynd, off 26 Gowrie street 3 1 1 
Baker's buildings, Mill street 2S9 
Balhousie avenue, Dunkeld road to 

Hay street 246 

Balhousie bank, off Balhousie st. 266 
Balhousie St., cont. of Melville st. 246 
Balhousie terrace, Hay street 266 

Ballancine pi., off Dunkeld rd. 247 
Barnhill, Dundee road, 311 

Barossa place, from 27 Melville st. 
to Rose terrace 247 

Barossa street, from 12 Atholl street 
to Barossa place . 248 

Barrack st., 76 Athollst. toLowst. 248 
Beaton's buildings, Hillyland 257 
Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 266 
Bellavista ter., New Scone rd. 313 
Belfs buildings, Canal street 251 
Bellwood park, Kinnoull 314 

Blackfriars street, from 9 Atholl 
place to Carpenter street 249 

Blair street, Gray street 320 

Blue Bell close, 136 High street 273 
Bon- Accord terrace, Glover st. 324 
Bowerswell road, Kinnoull, off Dun- 
dee road 312 
Braehead, Jean field 277 
Breadalbane ter. , off Edinbro' rd. 259 
Bridge lane, from 66 George street 
to Mill street 249 




Bridge street, from Perth Bridge to 

Gladstone terrace 312 

Brompton terrace, Kinnoull, off 

Bowerswell road 3 1 2 

Brown street, off 12 Market st. 249 

Bruce place, Castlegable 253 

Brunswick terrace, Craigie 322 

Burghmuir, beyond Jeanfield 277 

Burnside, off Pitcullen terrace 318 

Burnbank ter. , off Strathmore st. 313 

Burton place, from Nelson street to 

Victoria Street 291 

Burt's close, 1 3 1 High st . to Mill st. 268 

Calder's bldgs., Alexandra st. 245 

Caledonian bldgs., off Earl's dykes259 

Caledonian road, 352 High street to 

General Railway Station 250 

Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 

& St. Catherine's rd. 257,259,296 

Canal crescent, from South street 

port to Charter House lane 252 

Canal Street, from South Tay street 

to Charter House lane 251 

Carpenter street, from 33 Kinnoull 

street to Cherry lane 253 

Carr's croft, part of Priory place 320 

Castlegable, 16 North port to Mill 

street 253 

Castle terrace, Needless road 326 

Charles street, 62 Canal street to 

Victoria street 253 

Charlotte place, off Charlotte st. 254 

Charlotte street, from Atholl place 

to George street 254 

Charter House lane, 29 King street 

to Reform place 254 

Cherrybank, on Glasgow road 329 

Claremount place, Crieff road 256 

Clayholes, continuation of Elibank 

street to High street 254 

Clifton bank, Craigie 323 

Closeburn terrace, Feus road 260 

Clyde place, off Darnhall drive 326 

Comely bank, New Scone road 313 

Comely bank terrace 313 

Commercial street, from east end of 

Perth Bridge to Rodney lodge 313 

Co-operative bigs. ,Whitefriarsst. 309 

it Abbot street 320 

11 Raeburn pi. , Friar st. 324 

Cornhill terrace, Jeanfield 276 

Corsiehill road 314 

County pi., South st. to York pi. 255 
Cow vennel, from 52 South street 
to Canal street 255 

Craigie (upper and lower) 320, 321 
Craigie crescent, Craigie 321 

Craigie road, con. of Craigie pi. 321 
Craigie Knowes road 322 

Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh 
road, opposite General Prison 259 
Craigie pi., contin. of Priory pi. 321 
Crichton place, Friar street 323 
Crieff road, off Dunkeld road 255 
Croft bank, off 32 Priory place 323 
Croft park, off 2 Priory place 323 
Cross street, 97 Leonard street to 
Pomarium street 257 

Crown bldgs., 141-143 Canal st. 252 
Cutlog vennel, from 189 High street 
to Mill street 257 

Darnhall drive, off Needless rd. 326 
Dewar terrace, Gray street 325 

Dragon terrace, Needless road 325 
Duff's buildings, Fleshers' ven. 261 
Dundee road 314 

Dunkeld rd., cont. of Barrack st. 257 
•Dupplin rd., off Strathmore st. 314 
Dupplin terrace, off Bowerswell 
road 314 

Earl's dykes, off 32 York place 259 
East Bridge street, continuation of 
Bridge street, Bridgend 3T2 

Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 259 
Edinburgh rd., con. of Princes st. 259 
Elibank street, from York place to 
Clayholes 263 

Evelyn terrace, Craigie 321 

Fairmount road, Barnhill 312 

Fairmount terrace, Barnhill 312 
Feus road, from Dovecotland to 
Crieff road 260 

Feus terrace, Crieff road 256 

Fitzroy ter. , off New Scone rd. 314 
Fleshers' vennel, from 49 South st. 
to Kirkside 261 

Florence place, Muirton bank 266 
Foundry lane, from 23 North Meth- 
ven street to Kinnoull street 261 




Friar street, from 27 Queen street 

to Abbot street 323 

Friarton, off Edinburgh road 261 

Friarton buildings, off Edinburgh 

road 261 

Gannochy road, Pitcullen 315 

General Prison, Edinburgh road 259 

George Inn lane, from 47 George 

street to Tay street 262 

George crescent, from Glasgow road 

to Jeanfield 266 

George street, from 11 High street 

to west end of Perth bridge 262 
Gladstone ter., East Bridge st., 315 
Glasgow road, contin.of York pi. 263 
Glover street, off 1 Abbot street 324 
Goodly burn terrace, Burghmuir 277 
Gowrie street, from east end of Perth 

bridge to Bowerswell road 315 
Graham's place, 29-31 King st. 279 
Granville pi. , part of Market st. 284 
Gray street, from Pickletullum road 

to Needless road 325 

Greyfriars street, from 30 Princes 

street to Speygate 295 

Guard vennel, from 105 High street 

to Mill street 266 

Haddon road, off New Scone rd. 315 
Hammerman bldgs., Dunkeld rd. 258 
Hawarden terrace, Jeanfield 277 
Hay street, off Balhousie street 266 
High street, from 18 Tay street to 

Clayholes 267 

Hillyland, Crieff road 256 

Hillyland crescent, Crieff road 256 
Homers' lane, from 120 South street 

to Canal street 274 

Hospital street, from South street 

port to Kinnoull causeway 274 
Inchaffray street, off Crieff road, 275 
Inch Head ter., Edinburgh rd. 259 
Isla road, continuation of Main st. 

on Old Scone road 315 

James street, from 28 Marshall place 

to Charteris street 275 

Jeanfield, continuation of Longcause- 

way, Dovecotland 276 

Keir street, from Strathmore street 

to old Scone road 315 

Keithick place, Feus road 260 

Kilmartin pi. , Friar st., Craigie 323 
Kincarrathie crescent, off Isla road, 

Bridgend 315 

Kinfauns crescent, Needless rd. 326 
King street, from 3 King's place to 

South Methven street 279 

King's pi. , cont. of Marshall pi. 285 
King Edward street 278 

King James' place, continuation of 

Marshall place 285 

King Jas. VI. Hosp. , Hospital st. 274 
Kinnairdbk., off Moncreiffe ter. 325 
Kinnoull, Dundee road 314 

Kinnoull causeway, from 1 Leonard 

place to Earl's dykes 279 

Kinnoull street, from 7 Atholl street 

to High street 280 

Kinnoull terrace, Kinnoull 316 

Kinnoull Hill road 312 

Kirk close, from 88 High street to 

St. John's place 273, 297 

Kirkgate, from 52 High street to 

St. John's place 281 

Kirkside, cont. of Fleshers' ven. 297 
Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 325 
Laurel bank, off Strathmore st. 316 
Leith's buildings, Muirton place to 

Ballantine place 258 

Leonard pi., 1 Kinnoull causeway 279 
Leonard street, from 2 Pomarium st. 

to General Railway station 281 
Letham road, Burghmuir 277 

Lickley street, off 13 Market st. 282 
Lilybank, Burghmuir 277 

Lindsay's bdgs. , St. Catherine's 

road 296 

Longcauseway, Dovecotland 282 
Loretto court, 219 South street 302 
Low road, Cherrybank 329 

Low street, from 32 Melville street 

to Barrack street 283 

M'Quibban's buildings, Shore 300 
M'Vean's bldgs., Cherrybank 329 
Main street, from east end of Perth 

bridge to Strathmore street 316 
Main street, Cherrybank 329 

Mansfield pi., Isla rd., Bridgend 315 
Manse road, off Dundee road 317 
Market street, from 26 Caledonian 

road to Newrow 283 



Marshall's bids., King Eel. st. 278 
Marshall place, from 71 Princes st. 

to King's place 285 

Methven buildings, Newrow 291 
Meal vennel, from 164 High street 

to South street 285 

Melville street, from 52 Atholl street 

to Balhousie street 286 

Mill close, 269 High street 269 

Mill street, from 50 Skinnergate to 

City Mills 289 

Mill Wynd, off 253 High street 269 
Milne street, off 24 Market st. 290 
Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 322 

Moredun terrace, Craigie 322 

Moredun square 322 

Muirhall bank, off Muirhall ter. 317 
Muirhall road, off Gannochy rd. 317 
Muirhall ter. , off Gannochy rd. 318 
Muirton bank, Balhousie 266 

Muirton place, off Dunkeld road 290 
Murray street, from 1 North Meth- 
ven street to Kinnoull street 291 
Myrtle place, Dunkeld road 258 
Needless road, from 97 Glover street 

to Glasgow road 325 

Nelson st., off 14 Marshall pi. 291 
Newrow, from 300 High street to 

Hospital street 291 

North Methven st,, contin. of South 

Methven st. to Melville st. 286 
North port, continuation of Curfew 

row to Charlotte place 292 

North William street, 19 Atholl st. 

to Foundry lane 3 10 

Oakbank road, Cherrybank 329 
Oak bank terrace, Cherrybank 329 
Oliphant's vennel, from 45 St. John 

street to Watergate 308 

Orrock place, Jeanfield 276 

Osborne terrace, in Wilson st. 328 
Paradise place, off 20 King st. 308 
Park place, off Needless road 326 
Parliament close, 77 High st. 267 
Paul street, off 305 High street 292 
Pedwarden rd. , off Fitzroy ter. 315 
Peters' bldgs., Whitefriars street 309 
Pitcullen cres., New Scone rd. 318 
Pitcullen terrace, from Gannochy 

road to Victoria rd., Bridgend 318 

Pitheavlis bank, Cherrybank 329 
Pomarium st. , off 22 Hospital st. 293 
Princes street, from 26 South street 

to Marshall place 294 

Priory place, off 2 Abbot street 327 
Queen's avenue, Queen street 327 
Queen street, off 1 Priory place 327 
Raeburn place, Friar street 324 

Reform pi., 76 to 106 Canal st. 252 
Robertson's bldgs., Barrack st. 249 
Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 276 

Rosario terrace, Jeanfield 309 

Rose crescent, off Glasgow road 263 
Rose lane, off 24 Longcauseway 295 
Roselea place, Jeanfield 277 

Rosemount pi. , off Pitcullen ter. 318 
Rose terrace, from 2 Atholl street 

to Barossa place 295 

Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 263 
Royal Bank bldgs., Kinnoull st. 281 
St. Andrew Street, from 46 Leonard 

street to Caledonian road 296 
St. Ann's lane, from 33 South street 

to South St. John's place 296 
St. Catherine's place 297 

St. Catherine's rd., con. of Cal.rd. 296 
St. Jane's place, Friar street 323 
St. John's place, off 23 St. John 

street 297 

St. John street, from 32 High street 

to South street 297 

St. Johnstoun'sblgs., Charles st. 253 
St. Katherine's C'rt, off High st. 271 
St. Leonard's bk. , off King's pi. 298 
St. Leonard's bridge, Craigie 328 
St. Magdalen's road, Craigie 321 
St. Paul's sq., off 274 High st. 298 
St. Peter's place, High street, Milne 

street and Newrow 271, 290, 291 
Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 330 
Scott street, from High street to 

Marshall place 298 

Shepherd's bdgs., Cherrybank 329 
Shields' place, Dunkeld road 257 
Shore, south from Tay street 300 
Skinnergate, from 37 High street to 

Mill street 301 

Southesk bank, Craigie 321 

South Inch ter., Edinburgh rd. 260 
South Inch pi., Edinburgh rd. 260 



South Methven st., continuation oi 

King st. to N. Methven st. 287 
S. St.John'spl.,off25St.Johnst. 297 
South street, from South Tay street 

to County place 301 

South William street, from 61 

Princes street to Scott street 310 
Spens crescent, from Jeanfield to 

Glasgow road 264 

Spey Court, 53 Canal street 251 
Speygate, continuation of Water- 
gate to Greyfriars street 304 
Squire's cottages, Craigie 322 
Star buildings, 32 Canal street 252 
Stewart's bldgs., King Ed. st. 278 
Stewart's place, Caled. rd. 245, 250 
Stormont street, from 36 Atholl st. 

to Barossa place 304 

Strathearn terrace, Glasgow rd. 265 
Strathmore st. , continuation of Main 

st. to New Scone rd., Bridg. 318 
Strathview ter. , New Scone rd. 319 
Taymount terrace, Glasgow rd. 264 
Tay street, from west end of Perth 

bridge to shore 305 

Tayview, Friarton 261 

Thimblerow, off 321 High st. 306 
Thistle lane, off 74 Longc'seway 306 
Tulloch, off Crieff road 306 

Tulloch place 306 

Tulloch cottages and Terrace 306 
Tullylumb terrace, Glasgow rd. 264 
Union lane, from 55 North Methven 

street to Kinnoull street 307 

Union street, from 17 Kinnoull st. 

to Carpenter street 307 


Union street lane, off 32 Commercial 

street, Bridgend 319 

Unity place 2j6, 299, 308 

Unity terrace, off Crieff road 256 
Valentine'sbldgs.,K. Edward st. 278 
Verena terrace, Craigie 322 

Veterans' Cottages, Crieff road 256 
Victoria court, 53 Canal street 251 
Victoria place, from 45 to 39 Victoria 

street 308 

Victoria street, from 47 Princes st. 

to King st. 307 

Viewfield place, Crieff road 255 
Viewlands road, off Glasgow rd. 264 
Viewlands place 265 

Viewlands ter. , off Glasgow rd. 265 
Water vennel, from 87 Watergate 

to Tay street 308 

Watergate, from 20 High street t 

South street 308 

Watters' bldgs., Whitefriars st. 3I0 
Wellshill terrace, Jeanfield 300 

Western avenue, Glasgow road 264 
Westgrove avenue, Jeanfield 276 
West Mill street, from Mill wynd t Q 

Paul street 290 

Whitefriars street, from Rose lan e 

to Thistle lane 300 

Wilson street, from Abbot street t Q 

Queen street 328 

Windsor terrace, Craigie 320 

Wolesley place, Friar street 323 
York place, continuation of County 

place to Glasgow road bridge 3 1 j 
York corner, York place 291, 31 j 
Young street, Craigie 328 


POPULATION. — According to the Census returns, the population of 
Perth in 1921 was 33,208, a decrease of 2,774 on : 9 I]C figures. 

The following is an Abstract of the Spring (1921) Register of Voters for 
the Burgh of Perth which now forms part of the Perth Division of the Parlia- 
mentary County of Perth and Kinross, made up under "The Representation 
of the People Act, 1918," by Mr. Donald Mackintosh, Registration 
Officer, 12 Tay Street, Perth :— 


VOTERS (Spring Issue), 1921. 

Parliamentary Local Government Parish Council Mil. & Naval Total Electors on 

Electors. Electors. Electors. Electors. Register. 

Males. Females. Males. Females. Males. Females. Males. Female B 




1 167 1340 1204 1365 69 





1290 I494 1294 1500 54 





I 127 1357 1 130 1359 44 





l8 19 21 20 





708 828 714 83O 30 





287 311 304 318 15 






1304 1547 1342 1574 66 






72 71 73 7i 3 






643 787 667 798 44 





6616 7754 6749 7835 325 



Total on Register- 


Valuation of the City. 

Total Valuation for 1921-22— 
Parish of Perth, 

,, Kinnoull, .. 


12 11 
16 2 


Dtal Perth Parish (extended portion), £6028 4 8 
,, Kinnoull ,, 9*4 2 
,, Scone „ 11 6 
,, Tibbermore ,, 12,794 ° II 



9 1 
13 7 


2 8 

Assessor and Registration Officer— Donald Mackintosh, 12 Tay St., Perth. 

Rental of Railways in Burgh, ... ... ... £14,286 o o 

Rental of Tramways, ... ... •• 193 ° ° 

„ „ Scone (County), ... ... 600 

Total, ... .. £14,485 o o 

Assessor— J. A. King, Edinburgh. 


BURGH RATES, 1921-22. 


Name of Rate - 

Burgh General, 
General Improvement, 


\ Special 
Roads and Streets 
Public Health, 

Burgh .. 

Causeway Mail 
Public Library 
Registration of Births, &c. 
Valuation of Lands, &c. 
Registration of Voters 
Lunatic Asylum 
Disease of Animals ... 

Parochial Cemetery ... 







. . Jd 




7 d 

7 d 



4 d 









o 9 2 d 

3 9 2 d 


l 8 « 9 d 









Houses, etc., 8d ; Shops, etc., 40! per £. 


5/i 1 


For the County — (Perth Division). — Wm. Young, Esq. London 
address, 4 Albemarle Street, London, S.W. 1. Agent — William Munro, 
solicitor, 25 George Street, Perth. 

For the County — (Kinross and Western Division). — James Gardiner,. 
Esq. London address, House of Commons. Agent — A. C. Campbell, 
solicitor, Perth. 


Lord Provost — Archibald Ure Wotherspoon, 1 Dupplin Road. 

Dean of Guild — Alexander Frazer, 11 Rose Terrace. 

Bailies — First : David Cunningham, Murray Crescent. Second : Robert 
Campbell, 167 Glasgow Road. Third: Alexander Gowans, 17 Unity 
Place. Fourth : James Simpson, Northbank, Craigie. 

Treasurer — Hon. John Dewar, Luncarty House, Perth, 

Councillors — J. Lyall Bowie, J. Calderwood, Harry Christie, Nickel 
Crombie, James Currie, John Downie, Alexander W. Fisher, Thomas 
Hunter, James M'Cracken, Thomas Macpherson, William Munro, William 
Paton, Robert M. Ross, James Stewart, Robert Stewart (ist Ward), 
Robert Stewart (5th Ward), James Taylor, John Traill, W. J. Wood. 



Property Committee, Councillor J. Stewart, Convener. 

Burial Grounds & Inches Committee, Councillor Downie, Convener. 

Work and Paving Committee, ... ... Councillor Ross, Convener. 

Electricity Committee, Councillor R, Stewart (ist Ward), Convener. 

Gas Committee, ... ... ... ... Councillor Hunter, Convener. 

Baths and Washhouse Committee, Councillor Taylor, Convener. 

Members of No. I Group — Lord Provost Wotherspoon, Bailies Campbell 
and Cunningham, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Bowie, Christie, Crombie, 
Currie, Downie, Hunter, Ross, J. Stewart, R. Stewart (ist Ward) and 


Navigation Committee, ... Lord Provost Wotherspoon, Convener. 

,, ,, ... Councillor Calderwood, Sub-Convener. 

Watching and Lighting Committee, Coun. R. Stewart (5th Ward), Con. 

Public Health Committee, ... ... ... Councillor Traill, Convener. 

Water Committee, Councillor Macpherson, Convener. 

Tramways Committee, Councillor Fisher, Convener. 

Slaughter-house Committee, Councillor M'Cracken, Convener. 

Members of No. 2 Group — Lord Provost Wotherspoon, Dean of Guild 
Frazer, Bailies Gowans and Simpson, Councillors Calderwood, Fisher, 
M'Cracken, Macpherson, Munro, Paton, R. Stewart (5th Ward), Traill 
and Wood. 

SUB-COMMITTEES. — Sub- Work and Paving Committee — Bailies 
Campbell and Cunningham, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Christie, Currie 
and Ross (Convener). 

Sub-Gas and Electricity Committee — Bailie Cunningham, Treasurer 
Dewar, Councillors Downie, Hunter (Convener), R. Stewart (ist Ward) 
and Taylor. 

Sub-Lighting Committee — Bailie Gowans, Councillors Calderwood, 
Macpherson, Paton, R. Stewart (5th Ward) Convener, and Traill. 

SPECIAL COMMITTEES.— Lord Provost's Committee— Lord Provost 
Wotherspoon (Convener), Dean of Guild Frazer, Bailies Cunningham, 
Campbell, Gowans and Simpson, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Bowie, 
Calderwood, Crombie, Hunter, Ross and Traill. 

Finance Committee — Lord Provost Wotherspoon, Treasurer Dewar 
(Convener), Councillors Calderwood, Downie, Fisher, Hunter, M'Cracken, 
Macpherson, Ross, J. Stewart, R. Stewart (ist Ward), R. Stewart (5th 
Ward), Taylor and Traill. 

Burgh Valuation Committee — Lord Provost Wotherspoon (Convener), 
Dean of Guild Frazer, Bailies Cunningham, Campbell, Gowans and 
Simpson, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Calderwood, Crombie, Downie, 
Fisher, Hunter, M'Cracken, R. Stewart ($th Ward) and Taylor. 

Public Library Committee — From the Council — Lord Provost Wother- 
spoon (Convener), Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Calderwood, Crombie, 
Currie, Fisher, Munro, R. Stewart (ist Ward), Traill and Wood. From 
the Householders — William Barclay, James Barlas, John C. Cameron, J. 


Stirling Jarvie, Rev. P. R. Landreth, Duncan MacNab, James A. Nicoll, 
John Ritchie, R. Hay Robertson and D. Walker. 

Band Committee — Bailie Gowans, Councillors Calderwood, Currie, 
M'Cracken, J. Stewart (Convener), R. Stewart (1st Ward) and Taylor. 

Special Water and Sewage Committee — Lord Provost Wotherspoon 
(Convener), Bailies Gowans and Simpson, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors 
Fisher, Hunter, M'Cracken, Macpherson, Ross, J. Stewart, R. Stewart 
(1st Ward), R. Stewart (5th Ward) and Traill. 

Special Housing Committee. —Lord Provost Wotherspoon (Convener), 
Bailies Cunningham and Gowans, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Hunter, 
M'Cracken, Ross, J. Stewart and Traill. 

Special Entertainments and Advertising Committee — Lord Provos, 
Wotherspoon, Bailie Campbell (Convener), Councillors Downie, Fishert 
Hunter, Macpherson, James Stewart, R. Stewart (1st Ward), Taylor and 

St. John's Restoration Committee. — Lord Provost Wotherspoon (Con.), 
Bailies Campbell and Gowans, Councillors Bowie, Hunter, M'Cracken, 
Macpherson, Ross and Taylor. 

TOWN'S OFFICIALS.— John Begg, Town Clerk; Henry Douglas, 
Depute Town Clerk — office, City Chambers ; Robert Keay, City Chamber- 
lain and Treasurer- — office, I High street ; Thomas M'Laren, c.E. , Surveyor 
and Master of Works — office, 16 Tay street ; Charles Parker Stewart, M.B., 
cm., (Ph. H.) 5 Medical Officer of Health and Police Surgeon; 
William Asher, Sanitary Inspector and Inspector of Cleansing, 5 High 
street; Donald Mackintosh, Burgh Assessor — office, 12 Tay street; William 
A. Boyes, Burgh Fiscal — office, County Buildings ; James Bridges, Registrar ; 
Inspector of Weights and Measures — Samuel W. Lawson ; John Scott, 
Superintendent of Police; David Vass, Gas Manager; Chas. J. Lindsay, 
Gas and Electric Lighting Treasurer ; John Lambert, Electric Engineer — 
office, Shore ; W. G. Snell, Tramway Manager ; David Stewart, Water En- 
gineer and Manager ; Jas. S. Campbell, Superintendent of Parks and Cemet- 
ries; John Young, Harbour Master; Wm. J. Paterson, Captain of Fire 
Brigade ; A. G. Christie, Superintendent of Swimming Baths ; J. 
Ritchie, Curator Natural History and Antiquarian Museums; D. M'Vicar, 
Superintendent of Slaughter blouse ; John Ower, Superintendent of Public 
Wash-house, Canal street ; J. Edwards, Superintendent of Baths and Wash- 
house, Mill street ; J. G. Reynard, m.r.c.v.s., Inspector under Diseases of 
Animals Acts ; Gilbert Walker and Charles Macpherson, Town Officers, 3 
High street; Miss Kate Lee, matron, Friarton Hospital; Mrs. Rodger, 
Health Visitor, Child Welfare Centre, Princes street. 


Members of Committee — From the Town Council — Lord Provost 
Wotherspoon (Con. ), Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Caldei wood, Crombie, 
Currie, Fisher, Munro, R. Stewart (First Ward), Traill and Wood. 

From the Ff ouseholders — Messrs. W. Barclay, J. Barlas, John C. Cameron, 
J. Stirling Jarvie, Rev. P. R. Landreth, D. MacNab, J. A. Nicol, J. 
Ritchie, R. Hay Robertson and Dougald Walker. 

Librarian and Clerk — Jas. Craigie. 


interment must be given at the Superintendent's Office at either Burying 
Ground at latest by 12 o'clock noon of the lawful day preceding the funeral. 

In Greyfriars Ground no burial is permitted of the body of a person who 
at the time of death resided out of the old parish, excepting that of a 
widower or widow, son or daughter who have never been married. 

Office hours from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Chief Constable. 

Sanitary Department — Dr. Parker Stewart, Medical Officer 01 
Health ; William Asher, Sanitary Inspector — office, Municipal Buildings, 
5 High street ; Stephen Foley, Officer. 

Cleansing Department. — Shore. William Asher, Inspector. 

Police Court. — Lord Provost and Bailies of the City, Judges. John 
Begg, Clerk of Court. James Turpie and Henry Douglas, Depute-Clerks. 
William A. Boyes, Burgh Prosecutor. 

Fire Brigade (Central Station), King Edward street — Captain, William 
J. Paterson, King Edward street. Telephone No. 98. 

buildings.— Chief Constable, M. J. Martin. 

Management — Lord Dean of Guild Alexander Frazer, W. F. D. Wallace, 
George Stobie, James M'Laren, Johnstone Edward, George Henderson, 
Peter Thomson, John M'Arthur, Daniel M'Kenzie. Clerk and Treasurer, 
J. W. Rollo Mitchell, solicitor, 42 George street; Land Steward, Hugh 
Martin, Flowerdale. 

GUILD COURT.— The Lord Dean of Guild; The Lord Provost; 
Bailies Cunningham, Campbell and Go wans — appointed by Town Council. 
Merchant Councillors — George Bayne, George Valentine, W. A. Barclay, 
Buchanan Dunsmore — appointed by Guildry Incorporation. Trades Coun- 
cillors — Convener James M'Cash and Deacon Thomas Clark — appointed 
by Convener's Committee. 

INCORPORATED TRADES. — Convener— James M'Cash; Clerk 
and Treasurer — Robert Hunter, solicitor, Scott street. 


Hammermen, G. P. K. Young. 
Bakers, ... James M'Cash, 

Glovers, ... William Blair. 

Tailors, ... James C. Cairncross. 


Fleshers, ... Alexander Fenton. 

Shoemakers, J. K. Norwell. 

Weavers, ... James C. Smail. 

Wrights, ... Thomas Clark. 

SOCIETY.— Offices, 68 St. John st. Hon. President— Lord Forteviot of 
Dupplin ; Hon. Vice-President — Lord Provost Wotherspoon ; Chairman— 
Mr. Neil Gow ; Vice-Chairman — Mr. Thomas Love ; Secretary and 
Treasurer and Law Agent — Robert Stewart, solicitor, 68 St. John street. 


PERTH PARISH COUNCIL. —First Ward.— Harry Christie, 
Peter Leitham, Rev. J. M 'Daniel. 

Second Ward. — James Beveridge, James Macpherson, John K. Taylor, 
Peter Taylor. 

Third Ward. — David Bruce, David Ferrier, David Loudon. 

Fourth Ward.— Samuel R. Aitken, Alexander Crow. 

Fifth Ward.— Nickel Crombie, Edward J. Glass, Robert Inglis, 
William Loney. 

Landward Committee — William Robertson, D. Mackenzie, John 

Chairman, David Ferrier, c/o Muir, Son, Patton & Co. ; Inspector of 
Poor and Clerk, to Council, Robert Stewart; Assistant Inspectors, James 
Duncan and J. M. Bruce; Collector, John Clark ; Assistant Collector, 
W. F. Henderson; Outdoor Medical Officer, Leigh Hunt, m.b., cm.; 
Auditor, James Morison. 

Poorhouse, Glasgow road — Governor, J. R. Hutcheon ; Matron, Miss 
Bennett ; Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Menzies ; Chaplain, Geo. Brown ; 
Gatekeeper, William Davidson. 

spoon, James E. Fen wick, Kenneth Annandale, Robert Keay, James 
Ballantine, John Ritchie, J. Grant. 

Landward Committee — -Col. Drummond Hay, George Ballingall, Park- 
field ; John Isles, Springfield. 

Inspector and Collector, Robert Clark, 7 Main street, Bridgend. 

ACTS (for Burgh only). — Assessor, Donald Mackintosh, 12 Tay street. 
This assessment is collected under the direction of the Finance Committee 
of the Town Council. 

"for the District of Perth, comprising the whole, of the Municipal 
Area of Perth, together with the landward part of the East Church 
Parish."— Office, 14 Tay street ; open from 9.30 a.m. till I ; 2 till 4 p.m.; 
evenings, Tuesdays and Fridays from 5.45 till 7 p.m. ; Saturdays from 
0.30 a.m. till 12.30p.m. James Bridges, Registrar — house 12 Rose terrace. 

Registrations must be effected as follows, viz. : —Births within 21 days ; 
deaths before interment ; marriages within 3 days ; vaccinations within 6 
months, unless certificate of postponement be granted by a qualified medical 
practitioner, or a statutory declaration of conscientious objection to 
vaccination be made. Parties registering births ought to produce proof 
of the marriage of the parents. 


CIRCUIT COURTS OF JUSTICIARY.— Circuit Courts for the trial 
of criminal cases in counties of Perth and Fife, and disposal of certain 
appeals from the Sheriff Court are held within the Court House, Perth, 
four times in the year, if required. 


SHERIFF COURT (PERTH DISTRICT).— Court Rooms and Sheriff- 
Clerk's Office in the Court buildings. Ordinary and Small Debt Courts 
held on Tuesdays and Fridays at n o'clock forenoon. Courts are held 
during the vacation, of which the dates are fixed before close of Session. 

James Condie Stewart Sandeman, Sheriff; Claud Patrick Boswell, 
Sheriff-Substitute ;.John Ritchie, Sheriff-Clerk ; John Dickson and John 
Robertson, Depute Sheriff-Clerks ; John Dickson, Auditor of Court ; 
Martin Langston Howman, Procurator-Fiscal ; William A. Boyes, Depute 
Procurator- Fiscal. 

The Sheriff-Clerk's Office is open from 9.30 a.m. till 4 p.m. every lawful 
day, except Saturdays, when it is closed at 1 p.m. 

John G. Cran, Bar Officer of Sheriff Court. 

Honorary Sheriffs Substitute. — David Jobson Wilson, banker; Duncan 
Macnab and A. M. Sneddon. 


BURGH AND GUILD COURT (held in the Police Court Room).— 
The Lord Provost and the Bailies, Judges ; John Begg, Town Clerk, 
Clerk of Court ; Wm. A. Boyes, Procurator- Fiscal. 

BURGH LICENSING COURT.— Meets second Tuesday of April and 
third Tuesday of October. 

Moncreiffe, Bart. ; Colonel Drummond Hay; Robert Keay, Esq. ; John 

F. Smith, Esq.; Peter Brown, Esq.; James D. Lumsden, Esq.; 
J. Moncrieff Wright, Esq. ; and David Hardie, Esq. ; Clerk of Court, 
Alexander Stewart, solicitor, Perth. 

AND COLONIAL AFFIDAVITS.-Any Notary Public in Scotland can 
Act as a Commissioner to administer oaths for the English and Irish Court. 

MESSENGER AT ARMS— Andrew A. Hutton, 6 High street. 

SHERIFF OFFICERS— Andrew A. Hutton, 6 High street, and John 

G. Cran, County Buildings. 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE residing in or near Perth.— James 
Barlas, house factor, Perth ; George Bell, Inchmichael ; J. Lyall Bowie, 
solicitor, Perth ; Robert Brough, Bridge of Earn ; P. Brown, Stanley ; 
Duncan Campbell, farm manager, Balnacraig, Fortingall ; John Joseph 
Calder, Ardargie House, Forgandenny ; Peter Carmichael, Kirklands, 
Aberuthven ; Lieut. -Col. Charles E. Col vide, o.b.e., solicitor, Crieff; 
Peter Comrie, farmer, Drumonie, Crieff; John Campbell, Edrom House, 
Feus Road, Perth ; Captain The Hon. John Dewar, m.c. , Luncarty House, 
Perth ; David Donald, builder, Braeside, New Scone ; Alexander Fer- 
gusson, farmer, Netherton of Dalcapon, Ballinluig ; Rev. William Alex. 
Gillies, The Manse, Ken more ; George Gordon, ironmonger, Alyth ; 
Thomas Jackson Gardiner, farmer, Banchory, Coupar Angus ; 
Ernest Henry Graham Stirling, Camp Cottage, Comrie ; Major Lewis 


Gibson, Union Bank, Perth; James Gardiner, M.P., Dargill, Crieff; 
Thomas Hunter, editor, Perthshire Constitutional and Journal, Perth ; 
Henry W. Johnstone, Dunross, Strathtay ; Rev 4 J. W. Jack, U.F. Manse, 
Glenfarg ; Capt. The Hon. Kenneth F. Kinnaird, Millhill, Inchture ; Robert 
M. Kippen, solicitor, Perth ; David Loudon, grocer, Barbeth, Queen's 
Avenue, Perth; Rev. H. Fraser M'Neill, The Manse, Foss ; Donald 
M'Dougall, farmer, Dall, Ardeonaig ; Thomas M'Glashan, M.A., teacher, 
Killiecrankie ; Angus M'Gregor, postmaster, Butterstone ; Sydney G. 
Meacher, surveyor, Marlee House, by Blairgowrie ; Andrew M'Farlane, 
farmer, Netherton, Blackford ; Donald M'Laren, farmer, Bracklinn, 
Callander; Sir Alexander Kay Muir, Bart., Blair Drummond, Doune ; 
Provost J. Stewart M'Culloch, Auchterarder ; James M'Ara, nurseryman, 
Galvelbeg, Crieff; Captain James M'Rosty, banker, Crieff; Rev. H. H. 
Murray, Manse of Monzie, Crieff; Archibald J. P. Murray, Logie Plouse, 
Methven ; Robert P. M'Laggan, farmer, East Mid-Lamberkin, Aberdalgie; 
John M'Leish, farmer, Wester Cairnie, Forteviot, Forgandenny ; Thomas 
Myles, farmer, Montague, Scone; Duncan M'Ewen, farmer, Over Kin- 
fauns, by Perth; Rev. Coll Archibald M'Donald, c.F., The Manse, 
Logierait ; Andrew M'Gregor Meldrum, solicitor, Pitlochry; William 
Niven, farmer, Loan of Errol, Errol ; George Pitcaithly, farmer, West 
Dron, Bridge of Earn; Neil Paton, watchmaker, 7 St. John Street, Perth ; 
Captain James D. Ramsay, Bamff, Alyth ; Thomas W. Reid, sub-post- 
master, Methven ; James Stewart, sheep farmer, Clachan, Struan ; Provost 
David Alexander Sandilands, Logie Park, Alyth ; James R. Sharp, View- 
field, Blackford; Thomas R, S. Sibbald, m.d., Stanley; Gavin Strang, 
farmer, Moneydie, by Perth; Charles Scott, c.b.e., ex- Lord Provost of 
Perth ; James Simpson, Northbank, Perth ; Edward Smart, rector, Perth 
Academy, Perth ; Thomas Thomson, mill spinner, Bramble Bank House, 
Rattray ; James Thorn, farmer, Cambusmichael, Guildtown ; Bailie James 
Tainsh, plasterer, Strathearn View, Crieff ; Robert Young, builder, View- 
field House, Bankfoot ; John Clark, manager, Co-operative Society, 
Perth ; A. VV. Cox, Glendoick ; Nickel Crombie, Perth ; James Cuthbert, 
Perth; William B. Dickie of Whitehills, Inchture; David G. Donaldson, 
M.D., Dunning; Captain Drummond, Megginch ; Sir William Dunbar, 
Bart., Bridge of Earn ; William Ellison, Cra«gville, Perth ; Lord' Forteviot, 
Dupplin Castle ; John M. Fraser of Invermay ; J. J. Gillespie, Perth ; 
Alex. Graham, Hill, Errol ; Major John P. Grant of Kilgraston ; John 
Graham, Tippermallo ; Robert Halley, grain merchant, Perth ; Robert Y. 
Hally, manufacturer, Auchterarder ; Col. Drummond Hay, Seggieden ; 
William C. Hunter, of Arngask ; Dr. Johnstone, Methven ; R. Keay, 
city chamberlain, Perth ; P. L. Johnston, Longforgan ; J. Kidd, 
Mains of Errol ; Lord Kinnaird, Rossie Priory ; R. D. Lumsden, Pitcairn- 
field ; Alexander Macduff of Bonhard ; Atholl Macgregor, Perth ; Donald 
Mackenzie, agent, Bank of Scotland, Perth ; R. W. R. Mackenzie, 
Stormontfield; Duncan Macnab, solicitor, Perth; Earl of Mansfield, 
Scone Palace ; John M. Matthew, Auchmague, Perth; George A. Miller, 
w.s., Perth; F. Norie-Miller of Cleeve, Perth; George Mitchell, Knapp, 
Longforgan ; H. Martin, Flowerdale ; Sir Robert D. Moncreiffe of Mon- 
creiffe ; Captain M. Moncrieff of Bandirran ; Earl of Moray, Kinfauns 
Castle ; W. Morrison, Newmiln, Perth ; C. A. Murray, Taymount, 
Stanley; Hon. A. D. Murray of Pitfour ; N. J. Nasmyth of Gleniarg 

2 4 


Glenfarg ; C. J. G. Paterson of Castle Huntly, Longforgan ; James Paton, 
Obney ; Henry Prain, farmer, Helenbank, Longforgan ; H. S. Pullar, 
Bridge of Earn ; Albert E. Pullar, Durn, Perth; Lord Rollo, Dunning; 
James A. Rollo, Perth ; George K. Smith, Ballomill ; J. F. Smith, East- 
field ; Colonel Smythe of Methven ; William Walker, farmer, The 
Rawes, Longforgan ; Thomas Young, Newbigging ; John Moncrieff 
Wright of Kinmonth ; and for the time being Sheriff and Sheriff-Substitute 
of the County ; Lord Provost, Lord Dean of Guild. First and Second 
Bailies of the city ; and the chairmen of Parish Councils. 

Justices of Peace Clerk's Office, 31 George street, Perth ; Alex. Stewart, 
solicitor, clerk. 

The Statutory Quarter Sessions of Justices are — First Tuesday of March, 
first Tuesday of May, first Tuesday of August, last Tuesday of October, 
with adjournments when required. 

Justice of Peace Constable — Andrew A. Hutton, 6 High street. 

CITY AND COUNTY (Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1857).— 
J. Lyall Bowie, President ; Thomas Macpherson, Vice-President ; A. C. 
Campbell, Secretary ; James Mitchell, Treasurer ; John Ritchie, Honorary 
Librarian; James Murray, Sub- Librarian. Members — 

Anderson, Walter, Perth 1919 

Bates, R. Martin, Perth 191 1 

Begg, John, Perth 1899 

Black, R. R., Blairgowrie 1907 

Bowie, John L, Perth 1894 
Boyd, Charles, Coupar- Angus 1896 

Buik, P. R., Perth 1917 

Cameron, J. C, Perth 1919 

Campbell, Charles P., Perth 1917 

Campbell, Tohn, Perth 191 1 

Campbell, Robert, Perth 1908 

Campbell, A. C, Perth 1908 

Clow, Andrew, Aberfeldy 1919 

Dempster ', Thomas, Perth 1 900 

Douglas, J. T., Perth 1913 

Drysdale, S., Crieff 1893 

Ferguson, A. M., Myth 1907 

Finlayson, Malcolm, Crieff 1887 

Forrest, A. G., Perth 1906 

Gordon, C. II., Perth 1902 

Gray, George N., Perth 1900 

Hunter, Robert, Perth 1898 

Jameson, Melville, Perth 1892 

Xeay, William, Blairgowrie 1507 

Kippen, Robert M., Perth 1891 

Little, John, Perth 1914 

Logan, Thomas, Perth 1899 

Marshall, David, Perth 1901 

Marshall, T. B. , Perth 1915 

Miller, Andrew, Perth 1901 

Miller, G. A., Perth 1896 
Miller, John G., Perth 1896 
Miller, J. B., Blairgowrie 1870 
Mitchell, Hugh, Pitlochry 1890 
Mitchell, fames, Perth ' 1897 
Mitchell, J- W Rollo 1903 
Munro, C. J. D., Aberfeldy 19 19 
Munro, William, Perth 1909 
Macbeth, Alex., Pitlochry 1907 
Macbeth, J., Auchterarder 1893 
Macfarlane, P. H., Auchter- 
arder 1912 
Mackay, David M., Perth 1918 
Mackay, Donald, Perth 1919 
Mackenzie, David, Perth 1 909 
Macnab, Duncan, Perth 1901 
Macpherson, Thomas, Perth 1894 
Purves, George, Perth 1910 
Ritchie, John, Perth 1892 
Robertson, James, Perth 1888 
Ross, C. D. M., Crieff 1907 
Sneddon, A. M., Perth 1901 
Stewart, Alexander 1903 
Stewart, Robert 1904 
Strang, Peter I9°3 
Thomas, J. Hill, Perth 1891 
Wyllie, J. W., Perth 1902 
Yeaman, John, Alyth 1898 
Young, W. Cochrane, Perth 1875 



BANKING COMPANIES' BRANCHES. Hours of Public Business 
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m., and on Saturday from 10 a.m. till 12 noon. 

Bank of Scotland, St. John Street.— D. Mackenzie, Agent ; 
West End Branch, 35 South Methven street — James Young, Agent ; 
London Office — 30 Bishopsgate, E.C. 

Union Bank of Scotland (Limited), 24 George street— Lewis Gibson, 
Agent ; D. G. . Dickie, Accountant. Head Offices — Ingram street, 
Glasgow and George street, Edinburgh. London Office, 62 Cornhill, E.C. 
London Agents— Bank of England, Glyn & Co., and Coutts & Co. 

National Bank of Scotland (Limited), 9 High street.— J. G. 
Farquharson, Agent. West End Branch, corner of High street and South 
Methven street. — J. G. Farquharson, Agent; William Walker, Joint 
Agent. Draw on London Office, 37 Nicholson lane, E.C. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland (Limited), 26 South street— Walter 
Mitchell, Agent; John J. Russell, Accountant; James W. Boyd, Teller. 
Draw on London Office, 62 Lombard street. 

British Linen Bank, 77 George street.— John Stewart, P. R. Buik 
and David M'Kenzie, Agents; David Thomson, Accountant and Teller. 
West End Branch, 35 York Place. — James Shankland, Agent. Draw on 
British Linen Bank, Threadneedle street, London. 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 197 High street. — R. B. Langwill, Agent; 
A. G. MacCallum, Accountant ; G. A. Johnston, Teller. London — Draw 
on Coutts & Co., Bank of England, and London Office, and Bank of 
Ireland and branches. 

Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 3 St. John street; John A. Stewart & 
Campbell, Agents ; George Dickie, Sub- Agent. Draw on Clydesdale Bank, 
London; Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., Belfast and Branches; Bank of 
Montreal, New York. 

North of Scotland and Town and County Bank (Limited), 
13 Scott street, with Sub- Office at Hay's Mart — Alexander Duff and 
Robert Hunter, Agents. Draw on Union of London and Smith's Bank, 
Limited ; Barclay & Co., Limited, Bankers, London ; and London Joint 
Stock Bank, Ltd. 

North of Scotland and Town and County Bank (Limited), 
South Methven Street — Robertson & Dempster, Agents. 

Savings Bank of the County and City of Perth (Certified 
under the Act of 1863), 26 Tay street. W. A. Barclay, Actuary and 
Cashier. The Office of this Bank is open every lawful day except Saturday 
from 10 till 3 ; on Saturday from 10 till 12 noon, and for receiving money 
only from 6 till 8 evening. Branches — West End Branch, 39 County 
Place ; Aberfeldy, Alyth, Auchterarder, Blairgowrie, Callander, Caputh, 
Coupar- Angus, Crieff, Dunblane, Dunkeld, Dunning and Pitlochry. 

Holidays at the Banks. — New Year's Day, Good Friday, first Mon- 
days in May and August, and Christmas Day. On Local Holidays open 
from 9 till 10 a. m. 




CALEDONIAN RAILWAY CO.— District Superintendent, John 
Smyth, Perth; Engineer (Northern Division), E. G. Moon; Goods 
Agent, Wm. Auld ; Parcel Agent, General Station, D. Currie ; Booking 
Agent, General Station, James M'Crow. Head Offices, 302 Buchanan 
street, Glasgow. 

NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY CO.— P. Proven, General Traffic 
Agent, Perth. 

HIGHLAND RAILWAY CO.— Traffic Inspector, Alexander Grant, 
Perth ; Booking Agent, James M'Crow, Perth ; Goods Agent, W. G. 
Auld, Perth ; Parcel Agent, D. Currie, Perth. Head Office, Inverness. 

Gilroy ; Directors of Caledonian Co. — Mr. Sharp, Mr. Stewart, Henry E. 
Gordon, o.b.e.. and Wm. Younger; Directors of North British Co. — A. 
B. Gilroy and A. R. Gray ; Directors of Highland Co. — Mr. Pullar and 
Mr. Cox ; Engineer, E. G. Moon ; Station Superintendent, J. Hardman. 

Dempster, solicitor (Robertson, Dempster, & Co.) Registered Office, 29 
South Methven street, Perth. 

CORPORATION TRAMWAYS.— Manager, W. G. Snell ; Office, 
128 High street. 

RAILWAY CARRIERS.— Wordie & Co., Mill street, receive and 
deliver goods for Caledonian and Highland Railway Companies, and 
J. & P. Cameron for North British Railway Co. 

SUTTON & CO., General Carriers to all parts of the World. Des- 
patches to and from London daily. Agent, James Paul, 46 Scott street. 

James Paul, 46 Scott street. 



Where From. 


Where Lodged. 


Abernethy and \ 
Bridge of Earn j 
Aberuthven .... \ 
Auchterarder.. / 

A. Wallace 

Alexander Park ... 

George Scott 

fames Newell 

Tuesday & Friday 

Tuesday & Friday 

Tuesday & Friday- 
Monday & Friday 

County Place Inn. 
Horse Cross 

Horse Cross 




Baptist Church, ....Tay street,. ...Rev. J. A. Grant Robinson, m.a. 

Congregational Kinnoull st.,..Rev. W. H. Watson. 

Church of Christ,.. Stormont st.,. Various. 

St Ninian's Cathedral, Atholl 

Right Rev. Charles Edward Plumb, 

D.D., Bishop of St Andrews. 
Very Rev. G. T. S. Farquhar, M.A., 

Provost — The Very Rev. P. M. 

Smythe, m.a. 
Rev. J. M'P. Cunnynghame, M.A., 


..Rev. George R. Vallings, m.a., Canon. 

St. John's, Princes street, 

Established Churches — 

East, St. John's place, Rev. 

Middle, Do. ,, 

West, Do. „ 

St. Andrew's, Atholl street, , , 

St. Leonard's,.... King street, ,, 

St. Mark's Feus road 

St. Paul's, St. Paul's square,. 

St. Stephen's Abbot st., Craigie, 

Kinnoull, Bridgend 

Free Church,... .Knox's, South st., ,, 

Glassite, . . , High street, Various. 

Original Seceder, South street, ....Rev. Robert Reid llobart, m.a. 

Roman Catholic, ...Melville street, Rev. J. MacDaniel, Joseph Brough 

and Thomas E. O'Shea. 
St. Mary's, Kinnoull, The Redemptorist Fathers. 

United Free Churches — 
Bridgend, Main street, Rev. A. B. Macdonald, b.d. 

Walter E. Lee, m.a. 

Jas. M'Glashan Scott, M.A. 

P. R. Landreth. 

John Freeland, M.A. 

J. S. Macnaughton. 

James Mackenzie, M.A. 
John Strathearn, M.A. 
John W. Henderson, B.D. 

East, South Street . 


Middle, Tay Street, 

North, High st. & Mill st. 

St. Leonard's,... Marshall place,... 

St. Paul's, Newrow, 

St. Stephen's, Paradise Place,... 

West, Tay Street, 

Wilson, ... New Scott street, . 

York Place, York place, 

Thomas Crawford, m.a., e 
J. D. Lindsay, M.A. 
J. Westland Rose. 
F. Ferguson, b.d. 
J. U. Macgregor, M.A. 
Charles Walls, M.A. 
Joseph Shillinglaw, b.d. 
Alexander Ferguson, B.D. 
D. R. M. Keir, m.a. 
Wm. Paterson, B.D. 


Wesleyan Methodist, Scott street, Rev. Wilfrid Homer. 

The Perth Established Presbytery meets in the General Session-house on 
the last Tuesday of January, March, April, September, October and 
November. Clerk — Rev. D. S Young, b.d., Moneydie. Officer, Peter 
Stuart, 26 King Edward street. 

The Perth United Free Presbytery meets in the West United Free Church 
Hall, Tay street, on the first Tuesday of each month except July and 
August. Clerk — Rev. J. W. Slater, b.d., Scone. Officer — James Herd, 
34 Watergate. 

CITY MISSION (Instituted i860). —William Ellison, President; 
David Ferrier, Vice-President; J. Lyall Bowie, Hon. Secretary; James 
Robertson, Treasurer. John W. Galletly, Missionary. Bible Woman 
—Mrs. Todd. 

SALVATION ARMY (Perth Branch). — Meetings held in Hall, 
South street, every week night at 8 o'clock, and on Sabbaths at 7 and 11 
a.m., 2.30 and 6. 15 p.m. 

Mrs. Bannerman, President ; Miss Strang and Miss Omond, Vice- 
Presidents ; and Committee of twelve. Meetings are held in the Y.W.C. A. 
Hall, 209 High street, on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Junior Section meets on 
Mondays at 7 p.m. Session from October to June. 

PERTHSHIRE BIBLE SOCIETY. -Rev. J. Westland Rose, Presi- 
dent; Thomas R. Moncrieff and J. Lyall Bowie, Vice-Presidents; Rev. 
Charles Walls, Secretary ; R. S. Niven, Treasurer. 

Ninian's Cathedral Branch). — President — The Very Rev. Provost 


for the conducting of Sabbath Forenoon Meetings and other Religious 
Services for the Young (Instituted March, 1872). 

Lord Kinnaird, Patron ; Hon. President ; Ex-Lord Provost 

Macnab, Herbert S. Pullar, Esq., A. F. Whyte, Esq., Honorary Vice- 
Presidents ; William Ellison, Cragville, Barnhill, President ; David 
Ferrier, Edin Terrace, Edinburgh Road, Vice-President ; J. P. Dow, 63 
Priory Place, Craigie, Secretary and Treasurer. Rooms— Tay street. 

Meetings conducted in the Society's Hall, Tay street. 

— Hon. President— Mr. R. Dougall, Auchterarder ; President — D. Keith 
Murray, Kondoli, Crieff; Hon. Vice-President— Rev. J. M'Millan, 
Aberuthven; Vice-Presidents— J. A. Lyall Bowie, Perth; J. A. Gardiner, 
Crieff; Hon. Treasurer— J. M. Taylor, Dalnaglar, Crieff; Hon. 
Secretary— James Milne, 8 Kinfauns Crescent, Perth ; Members of Com- 
mittee — A. Heggie, Auchterarder; J. Keron, Crieff; J. Paul, Perth; 
J. W. Galletly, Perth. 


Women's Branch. — President — Mrs. Gardiner, Comrie ; Vice-Presi 
dent — MrsWauchope, Crieff; Secretaries — Miss Mailer, Alma, Muirtonbank, 
Perth ; Miss Watson, Damside, Kinrossie ; Members of Committee — Mrs. 
M'Leish, Aberfeldy ; Miss Crichton, Perth ; Miss Strang, Perth ; Mrs. D. K. 
Murray, Crieff. Evangelist — William Park, c/o Hon. Secy. 


— First Electoral Division — William A. Barclay, Esq., Savings Bank; 
Perth ; James G. Bryden, Esq., New Mains, Scone ; Sir Samuel Chapman» 
King's Place, Perth ; John Dow, Esq. , Burnbank Terrace, Perth ; 
Frank Eastman, Esq., of Messrs. Pullar & Sons, Perth; George F. 
Farquhar, Esq., 16 Inchhead Terrace, Perth ; Francis Norie Miller, Esq., 
Cleeve, Perth ; Dr. Robert Stirling, Atholl Place, Perth ; John Ritchie, 
Esq., Rockbank, Perth. Second Electoral Division — Alexander Camp- 
bell, Esq., Daisy Cottage, Stanley; Lord Forteviot, Dupplin Castle, 
Perth; Alexander Graham, Esq., The Hill, Enrol ; Rev. R. G. Mac, 
donald, Pitcairngreen, Almondbank ; James Paton, Esq., Obney, Bank- 
foot. Third Electoral Division— Col. Clerk- Rati ray, of Craighall, Rattray; 
Sir George Kinloch, Bart., of Kinloch, Meigle ; Robert Morris, Esq., 
St. Matthews, Woodside, Coupar Angus ; Rev. Charles Stewart, The 
Manse, Coupar Angus ; Rev. Robert Stewart, St. Mary's Manse, Blair- 
gowrie. Fourth Electoral Division — The Duchess of Atholl, Blair Castle, 
Blair Atholl ; Dr. George F. Barbour, Bonskeid, Pitlochry ; Alexander 
Campbell, Esq., Boreland, Fearnan, Aberfeldy. Rev. J. M'Ainsh, U.F. 
Church. Manse, Strathbraan, Dunkeld ; James M'Naughton, Esq., 
Edragoll, Aberfeldy. Fifth Electoral Division — Miss Haldane, Cloan, 
Auchterarder ; S. Graham Mickel,Esq., Solicitor, Crieff; Peter M'Intyre, 
Esq., Tighnablair, Comrie; Lord Rollo, of Duncrub, Dunning; James 
M. Taylor, Esq., Manufacturer, Blackford. Sixth Electoral Division 
— Alexander H. Anderson, Esq., The Firs, Dunblane; James M'Anish, 
Esq., Balkerach Street, Doune ; Thomas Macdonald, Esq., Ach-na-Coile, 
Callander; Donald M'Laren, Esq., Bracklinn, Callander; James D. 
M'Rae, Esq., Tigh-n-fhinn, Killin. Chairman — F. Norie-Miller, Esq.; 
Vice Chairman— Sir George Kinloch. Director of Education — John M. 
Dawson, M.A. ; Executive Officer — R. Martin Bates, Education Offices, I 
Rose Terrace, Perth ; Master of Works — A. Watt Allison, m.r.s.i., m.s.a. 
(Scot.) ; Principal Medical Officer — D.J. M'Leish, m.a.,, m.d.,d.p.h. 

Perth Academy School Management Committee and Perth 
School Management Committee (Primary Schools). — Chairman — 
Sir Samuel Chapman ; Clerk — William Gray, solicitor, 52 Tay Street. 

Perth Academy, Rose Ter. — Rector, Edward Smart, b.a.,, j.p. 

Perth Academy Junior School (Sharp's Institution), South 
Methven street. — Headmaster, John Asher. 


Caledonian Road School — William M'Gowan, m.a. 

Central District, Meal Vennel-Wm. Paterson, f.e.i.s. 

Cherrybank — James Mackie. 

Kinnoull — David Murray. 

Northern District, Dunkeld Road — Dougald Walker. 

Southern District, South William street— Wm. P. Nairne. 

Western District School, Craigie — John Henderson, f.e.i.s. 

Evening Continuation Schools — Caledonian road — J. Ross Smyth and 

Assistants; Perth Academy and Sharp's Institution — E. J. Balfour 

and Assistants. 

MUNRO MELVILL TRUST.— Governors— Bailie Cunningham, Rev. 
J. M'Glashan Scott, Sir Samuel Chapman, Mr. John Dow. Clerks — 
T. B. Marshall and William Gray, Solicitors. 

ST. NINIAN'S EPISCOPAL SCHOOL, N. Methven street— Miss 
Keith, headmistress, and Assistants. 

CATHOLIC SCHOOL, High street— Ladies of St. Joseph's Convent. 

Branch). — J. Goldie, President; Miss Beatrice Mason, m.a., Morrison 
Academy (Girls), Crieff, and Mr. Edmund Balfour, M.A., B.A., Perth 
Academy, Vice-Presidents; John Purdie, b.a , Auchterarder, Secretary; 
D. Taylor, Central District School, Treasurer. 

G. F. Bates, b.a., ; Vice-Presidents — W. T. Morrison, J. J. Simpson, 
W. Barclay, R. H. Meldrum ; Hon. Secretary — W. G. Mitchell, Tayview 
Bank, Craigie; Hon. Treasurer — J. Winter, 35 George street; Hon. 
Librarian — Mr. James Clacher ; Hon. Editor — E. J. Balfour, M.A., B.Sc. ; 
Councillors — Thomas M'Laren, J. Asher, S. T. Ellison, R. Gloag 
Thomson, G. D. Malloch, Miss I. Scott ; Curator — John Ritchie, jr. 

BRIDGEND INSTITUTE (Founded 1878, Enlarged 1888— invested 
in Trustees). — T. Leslie Beaton, President; Fred Forbes, Secretary; 
C. C. Robertson, Treasurer ; Trustees — George A. Miller, w.s., Henry 
Coates, John G. Miller, Albert E. Pullar, and James Robertson. Reading 
Room open every day from II a.m. till 9 p.m. ; Library open Mondays 
from 8 to 9 p.m. ; Subscription for Library & Reading Room 2s 6d ; 
Family Ticket, 3s 6d. 

VICTORIA INSTITUTE, Dovecotland. — President — William 
Thomson ; Secretary — Alexander K. Beaton, Highfield, Cornhill ; Trea- 
surer — J. Dow, 5 Cornhill Terrace ; Hall Keeper — Mrs. Pickett, 53 Long- 


Moncreiffe, Bart., Chairman ; The Hon. Archibald U. Wotherspoon, Lorp 
Provost of Perth, Deputy Chairman. 


Directors — Ex-Officiis — For the County — His Grace the Duke of 
Atholl, K.T., Lord-Lieutenant; Wm. Young, M.P. ; James Gardiner, M.P. ; 
The Right Hon. The Earl of Mansfield, Convener ; ]. C. S. Sandeman, 
K.c, Sheriff; Claude P. Boswell, Sheriff Substitute. For the City— The 
Hon. Archibald Ure Wotherspoon, Lord Provost ; David Cunningham, 
First Bailie; Alexander Frazer, Dean of Guild; James M'Cash, Convener 
of Trades ; J. Lyall Bowie, Solicitor, President of the Society of Solicitors. 

Ordinary Directors- -For the County— Charles A. Murray, Taymount, 
Stanley ; Mrs. Charles A. Murray, Taymount, Stanley ; Alexander Macduff 
of Bonhard ; Sir Robert D. Moncreiffe, Bart., of Moncreiffe ; J. Moncrieff 
Wright, ofKinmonth, Bridge of Earn ; F. Norie-Miller, Cleeve. For the 
City — Dr. Robert Stirling, 4 Atholl place ; George P. K. Young, Union 
Mount, Glasgow road ; Miss M. R. Stewart Richardson, 1 Atholl place ; 
Thomas R. Moncrieff, Springland, Isla road ; R. Martin Bates, 2 Ped- 
warden road; Sir Samuel Chapman, 3 King's place; D. J. Wilson, 11 
King's place. Workmen's Directors — Robert Callan, Lennoxville, Wilson 
street, Craigie ; Geo. J. Mathews, 18 Balhousie street. 

The Directors meet at the Infirmary on the second Wednesday of each 
month at Three o'clock p.m. 

Officials— John C. Cameron, solicitor, 2 Charlotte street, Secretary ; 
James Robertson, solicitor, Town and County Bank Buildings, Methven 
street, Treasurer ; J. & R. Morison, accountants, Auditors ; Robert Stirling, 
M.D., f.r.c.s.e., 4 Atholl place, Hon. Consulting Surgeon; W. Hope 
Fowler, M.B., ch.B., f.r.c.s.e., 21 Walker st., Edinburgh, Hon. Consulting 
Medical Electrician ; W. D. Chambers, M.A. , M.D., Murray House, Hon. 
Consultant Neurologist ; James J. Donald, George street, Hon. Pharmacist ; 
Professor L. Turton Price, M.B., ch.B., f.r.c.s.e., Chief Surgeon; Alex- 
ander Trotter, M.B., cm., Tayview House, and J. B. Wilkie, m.b., ch.B., 
f.r.c.s.e., Visiting Surgeons ; E. L. Paton, M.B., cm., 2 Atholl place; 
W. Fraser Bisset, m.b., ch.B., d.p.h., 7 King's place ; and James Edwards, 
M.B., ch.B., Barossa place, Visiting Physicians; E. L. Paton, m.b., cm., 
Administrative Medical Officer; James Edwards, M.B., ch.B., Clinical 
Pathologist; Robert Menzies, m.b., ch.B., 28 King street, Medical 
Electrician ; John Hume, m.b., cm., d.p.h., Out-patient Physician ; Alex. 
Trotter, m.b., cm., Oculist and Aurist ; W. L. Hunter, m.b., ch.B., and 
H. H. Mackinnon, m.b., ch.B., House Surgeons; Miss Elizabeth O. 
Thomson, r.r.c, Matron. 

Ladies' Auxiliary Association. — Mrs. Charles A. Murray, Taymount. 
Stanley, President ; Hon. Mrs. Smythe, Moulinalmond ; Mrs. George A. 
Miller, Knowehead, Vice-Presidents ; Mrs. Howman, Edendale, Isla road, 
Hon. Secretary; Miss May Wilkinson, r.r.c, 19 Barossa place, Hon. 

AND PERTHSHIRE.— Hillside Homes, Barnhill. Col. D. M. Smythe 
of Methven, Chairman; Robert Stirling, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., Atholl place, 
Vice-Chairman ; Major Mercer of Huntingtower, Deputy Vice-Chairman ; 
Committee of Management — Earl of Moray ; A. Macduff of Bonhard ; 
Sheriff Sym ; T. R. Moncrieff, Springland ; J. Moncrieff Wright ; N. J. 
Nasmyth ; W. F. M'Cash, Cornhill House ; Melville Gray, Bowerswell ; 


Rev. J. Henderson, Kinnoull ; Brig. -Gen. W. K. Macleod, Greenbank ; 
and David Martin. Lady Visitors — Mrs. Bannerman ; Lady Georgina 
Home-Drummond ; Mrs. Annandale, Garry Lodge ; the Countess of 
Moray ; Miss Stirling ; Lady Stewart Richardson ; Mrs. Ritchie ; Miss 
Smith; Mrs. Cox, Glendoick. Robert Stirling, m.d., f.r.s.c.e., Hon. 
Medical Officer; Miss Bulman, Matron; J. & J. Miller, w.s., Hon. 
Secretaries and Treasurers ; S. T. Ellison, Clerk and Cashier. 

4 Stormont street. — The Lord Provost, President, ex officio. Secretary and 
Treasurer — D. A. Coates, solicitor. Directors — Dr. Leigh Hunt, Dr. 
Graham, Mr. John Ritchie, Dr. Alexander Trotter, Dr. Menzies, Wm. 
Brydson, Dr. R. Stirling, Dr. Paton, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Bisset, Sir Samuel 
Chapman, Mr. Albert Pullar, Mr. John Moncrieff, Rev. P. R. Landreth, 
Rev. Walter E. Lee, Dr. J. Hume, C. H. Gordon, Rev. R. Hobart, Rev. 
A. B. Macdonald, Rev. Fergus Ferguson, Rev. J. U. Macgregor, George 
D. Jack, James Forgan, Mr. Nicol, Mrs. Dawson and Miss Louie Kyd. 
Chairman of Directors— Mr. John Ritchie. Ladies' Committee — President, 
Lady Georgina Home-Drummond ; Vice-President, Miss C. J. Macdonald ; 
Secretary — Miss L. Kydd ; Senior Nurse — Miss M'Calman ; Brown Trust 
Nurse — Miss Ross ; Extra Nurse — Miss Young. 

OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN (Perthshire Branch)— Office, 42 
Tay street, Perth. — Honorary Presidents — The Right Hon. The Countess 
of Ancaster and Col. D. M. Smythe of Methven. Hon. Secretary — 
George A. Miller, Blackfriars street, Perth. Hon. Treas., D. Mac- 
kenzie, Bank of Scotland. Inspector- George A. Mackenzie, 42 Tay 
street, Perth. General Committee — The Hon. Lord Kinnaird, The 
Countess of Mansfield, the Very Rev. the Provost of St. Ninians, the Rev. 
Canon Vallings, D.s.o., Rev. Walter E. Lee, m.a., Rev. Father M 'Daniel, 
W. Cranswick Noad, ex-Provost Finlayson, Crieff; Mrs. Macduff of Bon- 
hard; Mrs. Miller, Knowehead ; Miss Coates; Miss Wilkinson, 11 
Melville street. ; Miss Dora Stewart Robertson, Tigh N'Eilean, Aber- 
feldy ; Miss Murray, Fintry Lodge, Crieff; Mrs. Clerk-Rattray of Craig- 
hall, Blairgowrie ; Mrs. Speid, Forneth House, Blairgowrie ; Mrs. John 
Ritchie, Alyth ; Miss Jessie Grieve, Glenorchy House, Callander ; Mrs. 
Willison, Glendyne, Dunblane ; Mrs. Kenna way, Kenwood Park, Auchter- 
arder ; William M'Gowan, Esq., Pitlochry. 

JAMES MURRAY'S ROYAL ASYLUM.— The Right Hon. the Earl 
of Mansfield, Chairman. 

Directors — Ex- Officio— His Grace the Duke of Atholl, Lord Lieutenant 
of the County ; Sheriff J. Condie Stewart Sandeman, K.c. ; Sheriff-Substitute 
Claude P. Boswell ; Lord Provost Wotherspoon ; Lord Dean of Guild 
Frazer ; Bailie Cunningham ; J. Lyall Bowie, President Society of 
Solicitors ; James M'Cash, Convener of Trades ; Rev. P. R. Landreth, 
minister of West Church, Perth. 

Life Directors— Alexander Macduff, The Earl of Mansfield, Norman J. 
Nasmyth, Lieut. -Col. Nisbet Hamilton Grant, D.S.O. 

Annual Directors — The Very Rev. P. M. Smythe, Braco, Isla Road ; 
Gen. W. K. M'Leod C.S.I., Greenbank; Col. Drummond Hay of 


Seggieden ; Walter Mitchell, Commercial Bank; Lord Forteviot ; J. G; 
Farquharson, National Bank ; Capt; O. A. Taylor of Ballendrick ; Lewis 
Gibson, Union Bank ; Albert E. Cox of Dungarthill ; Melville Gray* 
Bowerswell ; Robert Keay* City Chamberlain ; Albert Ei Pullar, Durm 

Committee of Management — The Earl of Mansfield, Lord Provost, 
vVlexander Macduff, Norman J. Nasmyth, The Very Rev. P. M. Smythe, 
Walter Mitchell, Captain Taylor, Melville Gray, 

Walter D. Chambers, m.a. m.d., Physician Superintendent, John P. 
Crichton, Assistant Medical Officer; Condie, Mackenzie & Co., w.s. , 
Joint Secretaries and Treasurers ; Rev. J. W. Henderson, B.D. , Chaplain ; 
j. & R. Morison & Co., C.A., Auditors; Miss Rankin, Matron. 

—Dr. Lewis C. Bruce. Chaplain— Rev. H. K. Reekie, M.A., Kinclaven. 
Clerk and Steward — William Chisholm. Head Attendant of Males — 
Robert Mitchell. Matron — Miss M'Leod. 

Moncrieff. Vice-President— Lord Provost Wotherspoon. Trustees ex> 
officiis — The Right Hon. Earl of Mansfield ; Lord Provost Wotherspoon ; 
Dean of Guild Frazer ; Sheriff Wilson; John David Sym, Sheriff-Substi- 
tute; and Rev. Walter E. Lee. Ordinary Directors — Norman J. Nasmyth, 
Donald M'Kenzie, W. F. M'Cash, Alex. Macduff, Colonel D. M. Smythe 
of Methven, Robert Halley, Robert Brand, J. Lyall Bowie, Albert Butter, 
Archibald Murray, John Ritchie and Melville Gray. Secretaries and Trea- 
surers — Condie, Mackenzie & Co., w.s. Medical Officer — Dr. Robert 
Stirling. John H. MacBeth M.A., Superintendent; Miss E. Barr, 
Matron ; Wm. Richardson and Miss B. Richardson Teachers ; Wm. 
Bowman, Manual Instructor ; George S. Swallow, Bandmaster ; John 
Davidson, Drill Instructor. 

PERTH GIRLS' SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY, Wellshill— Patronesses 
— Countess of Mansfield, the Right Hon. the Countess Dowager of Dudley, 
the Most Hon. the Marchioness of Breadalbane, Lady Forteviot of 
Dupplin Castle, Lady Muir Mackenzie, Miss Drummond, Mains of 
Megginch. President — Hon. Mrs. Smythe of Methven. Hon. Secretary 
— Mrs. Miller, Knowehead. Treasurer — P. Nisbet, C.A. Hon. Auditors 
—J. & R. Morison & Co., Accountants. Miss Reid, Matron; Miss 
Phillips, Assistant Matron; Miss Urquhart, Teacher ; Mrs. Reid, Industrial 
Teacher ; Auxiliary Home, 59 North Methven street — Miss Kerr, Matron. 

Hon. Earl of Moray ; Presidents— The Right Hon. Lord Forteviot, 
Dupplin Castle, Perth, George Gray, Bowerswell House, Perth ; Chairman 
—Rev. P. R. Landreth; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — William Strachan, 
" Auchendinny," Florence Place, Perth; Assistant Secretary and Treas- 
urer — J. T. Douglas, Solicitor, 36 High Street, Perth; Executive Committee 
Robert Halley, J.P., John Jardine, W. S. Hunter, W. B. Macnab, R. 
Morrison Pullar, John Renton, W. Mowat Wilson, Dr. John Hume, James 
Clacher, John Stalker, Robert Callan, Miss M. A. Pagan, Walter 
Mitchell, J. M. Rae. 


GIRLS, Craigie (Instituted December, 1843). Patronesses — The Right 
Hon. The Marchioness of Breadalbane, Lady Moncreiffe of Moncreiffe, 
Lady Georgina Home-Drummond, Mrs. Richmond, Kincairney, 
Murthly. Treasurers — Condie, Mackenzie & Co. Secretaries — Mrs. 
M'Cash and David Mackenzie. Miss Kelman, Matron. 

POOR. — The Lord Provost, President; Ladies Committee — Miss Coates, 
President ; William Ellison, Cragville, Barnhill, Hon. Secretary. 
John Mackenzie, National Bank, Treasurer. 

FRASER MORTIFICATION.— The Lord Provost and Magistrates of 
the Burgh of Perth. 

WALKER TRUST.— The Lord Provost and 2 Senior Bailies of the 
Burgh of Perth. 

GRAHAM TRUST.— The Lord Provost and Magistrates of the Burgh 
of Perth. 

INDIGENT OLD MEN'S SOCIETY.— Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird, 
Patron ; Ex-Dean of Guild Chalmers, Vice-President ; Peter Fleming, 
212 High street, Secretary; J. Lyall Bowie, 80 George street, Treasurer. 

MRS. FORBES BEQUEST.— Trustees.— The Lord Provost and 2 
Senior Bailies of the Burgh of Perth. 

MELVILL MORTIFICATION. — The Magistrates and 4 Parish 
Ministers of Perth. Clerk— John Begg, Town Clerk ; Factor— Robert 
Keay, City Chamberlain. 

PERTH ROYAL INFIRMARY.— Hon. Secretary and Treasurer ; Mrs. 
Little, Marlehall, Glasgow Road. 


Miss. Macnab, 5 Fitzroy Terrace, Secretary and Treasurer. 

and City of Perth). — The Marquis of Breadalbane. President; Rev. W. 
E. Lee, Vice-President ; Geo. A. Miller, w.s., Hon. Secretary and 
Treasurer ; William Thomson, Teacher and Agent, Wellshill terrace. 

Elders of the East, West, Middle, and St. Paul's Parish Churches, 
Managers. James Mackie, Hospital Master. Andrew Miller of Miller 
& Pinkerton, Solicitors, 79 High street, Law Agent and Clerk. 

DUNCAN BEQUEST.— Trustees— Lord Forteviot, George A. Miller, 
J. G. Miller, and Albert E. Pullar. J. & J. Miller, w.s., 10 Blackfriars 
street, Agents. 

Magistrates and Ministers of East, Middle, West, St. Paul's Church 
Parishes. James Mackie, Treasurer. A. Miller, 79 High street (of 
Miller & Pinkerton), Law Agent and Clerk. 


STORMONT HOUSE MORTIFICATION (1 1 and 13 Atholl Street, 
Perth).— Trustees— Lieut. -Colonel J. P. Nisbet Hamilton Grant, Mr. 
Melville Gray and Miss Caroline Wilkinson. John C. Cameron, solicitor, 
2 Charlotte Street, Perth, Clerk and Law Agent. 

D. J. Wilson, J. P., Archibald Campbell, John Ritchie and J. Waterson, 
Stanley. Factor, A. C. Campbell, Solicitor. 

Rev. James MacKenzie, 10 Pitcullen Terrace. 

MODEL LODGING HOUSE, Skinnergate.— Clerk and Treasurer 
John C. Cameron, Solicitor, 2 Charlotte Street, Perth ; Archibald 
■M'Martin, Superintendent ; Mrs. M 'Martin, Matron. 

HOUSE FOR SERVANTS, 11 Melville Street. 

Balhousie Street.— Founded by Miss Wilkinson in October, 1896. 

AND BOYS. — Hon. Superintendent — Miss H. M. G. Gardyne, Gowrie 
Lodge, Speygate ; Manager — John M. Campbell; Hon. Auditor — James 
Morison, Esq. ; Matron — Mrs. Gillies. 


(Affiliated to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs).— Patrons— Right Hon. 
The Earl of Mansfield and Lord Provost Wotherspoon. Hon-President 
Atholl Macgregor, Ardchoille. President — Major H. S. Pullar ; Vice- 
President— K. IT. Noad, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — James Shank- 
land, British Linen Bank, West End Branch, Perth. 

PERTH HUNT AND RACES.— Lord Rollo, Preses. Charles P. 
Campbell, solicitor, 61 George Street, Perth, Huntsecretary and Treasurer. 

Captain — W. Lovat Fraser ; Hon. Treasurer— Neil Gow, 11-13 St. John 
street ; Hon. Secretary — A. Latto, Mill Den ; Committee— Messrs. R. 
Halley, G. Burnfield, A. Mailer, R. Stewart and Joe Anderson, Captain, 
Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary. Coach and Groundsman — T. 

CITY CLUB.— Colonel D. M. Smythe, Captain. 

CRAIGIE HILL GOLF CLUB, Limited.— Full 18 hole Course— 
Craigie Hill. Cherrybank Car Terminus. 650 Members. Captain — 
A. J. Cameron ; Secretary to Company — John Campbell, Solicitor, 5 St. 
John Street, Perth. Secretary to Club— R. S. Peddie. 


A. Butters, Captain ; John J. Russell, Commercial Bank, South Street, 
Perth, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer ; Allan Rae, Blackfriars Street, 
Match Secretary ; Committee— R. Hay Robertson, D. S. Anderson, W. 
L. Gillies, P. Campbell, R. W. G. Lowe, Allan Rae, P. Brydson, Charles 
Frazer, D. Mackay. Stewardess — Mrs. Robertson. 

ARTISAN GOLF CLUB.— P. Rutherford, Captain; P. D. Brown, 
27 Queen Street, Secretary and Treasurer, 

PERTH MERCHANTS GOLF CLUB— Club House, North Port.— 
J. Selby, Captain ; James Bruce, Secretary ; D. Cunningham, Treasurer. 

PERTH BOWLING CLUB.— President— Dr. C. P. Stewart; Ex- 
President — A. Thompson; Vice-President — Neil Gow ; Hon. Secretary — 
J. A. G. Sinclair, 4 King Edward Street; Committee — J. M'Kinlay, R. 
Campbell, T. Miller, A. Scott, A. Latto, A. Lindsay ; Treasurer — A. Bain, 
31 Kinnoull Street. 

WEST-END BOWLING CLUB.— R. M. Clark, President; James 
Cramb,Vice-President ; James Ballantine, Hon. Secretary, Dewar Terrace ; 
James Finlayson, Hon. Treasurer, Darnhall Drive. Committee — R. 
Callan, R. C. Docherty, W. M. Fulton, James Headrick, Ex-Lord 
Provost Macnab, James Shankland. 

CALEDONIAN BOWLING CLUB.— W. Fraser, President; J. Key- 
den, Vice-President ; George M. Lumsden, Hon. Secretary ; James 
M 'Lagan, Hon. Treasurer. 

Hon. President— The Duke of Atholl ; President— W. Pickard, Crieff 
Bowling Club ; Vice-President— W. M. Fulton, Perth West End Bowling 
Club ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — James Shankland, British Linen 
Bank, West End, Perth. 

dent — -John Cowan, Esq. ; President — W. Steele ; Vice-President — G. 
Adamson ; Hon. Secretary — J. Wood. 

PERTH ANGLERS' CLUB.— Right. Hon. The Earl of Mansfield, 
Patron ; Robert Brand, Esq., President ; Alex. Duff, Esq., Vice-President ; 
P. D. Malloch, Scott street, Secretary and Treasurer. 

PERTHSHIRE FISHING CLUB (Instituted 1880).— A. G. W. 
Arbuckle, President ; J. Malloch, Scott St., Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. 

PERTH LAWN TENNIS CLUB (Balhousie st.)— T. B. Marshall, 
President ; Peter Campbell, Captain ; W. Mowat Wilson, 4 Comely Bank, 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

KINNOULL RECREATION CLUB (Tennis, Bowling and Curling 
Sections). — -Hon. President — Lord Kinnoull; Vice-President — Ed. 
Campbell ; Hon. Secretary— W. R. G. Hunter, 72 St. John street ; Hon. 
Treasurer — A. M. Mechie, Muirhall Terrace ; President : Bowling Section 



W. II. Scott, Secretary — P. Adam, 60 St. ^Catherine's Court; President : 
Tennis Section — ■ Secretary — J. T. Galloway, 9 St. John 

street; President: Curling Section — P. R. Buik, ; Secretary — C. II. Gor- 
don, Rosenheim, Glasgow road. 

from 7 to 9 a.m. ; Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; Saturday, 7 a.m. 
to 6 p.m. Winter months -Sundays, 8 to 9 a.m.; Monday to Friday, 9 
a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Alex. Graham Christie, I 
Ballantine place, Superintendent. 

Hon. President; J. F. Knight, A. Porter (Sen.), Hon. Vice-Presidents; 
D. D. Douglas, President ; J. M'Intyre, Vice-President ; J. Ritchie, 10 
Rosario Terrace, Secretary and Treasurer. Club night — Friday 8-9 p.m. 

GREEN (Dunkeld Road). — Bowling Green hours from 7 a.m. till dusk 
from Monday to Friday, and 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Alex. 
Graham Christie, Superintendent. 

Lord Forteviot ; Hon. Vice-President — Robert Campbell, Esq. ; President — 
James Rutherford (Blairgowrie Amateurs) ; Vice-President — R. M 'Robbie 
C.S.M. , (Black Watch); Treasurer — James Ewen (Huntingtower); Secretary 
— Harry Christie, Charterhouse lane, Perth. Representative to Scottish 
Football Association — Harry Christie (Vale of Atholl. ). 

ST. JOHNSTONE FOOTBALL CLUB, Limited— Secretary and 
Treasurer, Alexander Latto ; Representative to League, A. Latto ; 
Representative to P.F.A., A. M'Callum. 


County Hotel, 

Market Hotel, 

Queen's Hotel, 

Reid's West End Temperance 


Royal British Hotel, ... 
Royal George Hotel,... 
Salutation Hotel, 
Station Hotel,... 
Strathmore Hotel, 
Temperance Hotel & Restaurant, 
Victoria Hotel, 
Waverley Hotel, Ltd., 
White Horse Hotel, 


26 County place, 

Caled onion road, 
95 Leonard street, 

37-39 York place. 
97 Leonard street, 
51 George street, 
24 South street, 

General Station, 
51 Main street, 
18 Leonard street, 
61 Princes street, 
29 York place, 

James Miller. 

G. Coles. 

J. A. Fergusson. 

Neil M'Kinnon. 
W. Steele. 
W. G. Mowat. 
A. Foster, manager 
R. Nimmo. 
Mrs. J. Laidlaw. 
Mrs. T. I. Miller. 
A. G. M'Intyre, mgr. 

N. William street, James Miller. 


HIGHLAND AREA.— G.O.C.— Major Gen. E. G. Sinclair MacLagan, 
c.b., c.m.g., D.s.o. ; G.S.O. II. (51st Div.)— Lt. Col. A. B. Robertson, 
C.M.G., D s.o. ; D.A.A. and Q.M.G. (51st Div.)— Major F. W. Fraser, 
t.d., 4th Cameron Hrs. ; G.S.O. III. (Highland Area).— Major F. A. 
Corfield, D.S.O., O.B.E., r.a.S.C. ; D.A.A. and Q.M.G. (Highland Area). 
— Captain S. G. M'Bride, o.b.e., m.c, r.a.s.c. ; C.R. A.— Colonel H. R. 
Peck, c.b., c.m.g., D.s.o., R.A.; Brigade Major R. A. — Major H. Archer, 

D.S.O., R.F.A. 

DEPOT THE BLACK WATCH.— Commanding— Major S. A. 
Innes, D.s.o. Adjutant, Captain J. E. H. Rollo, Captain A. K. M'Leod, 
Lieutenant F. I. Gerrard, M.c, Lieutenant M. G. Kinloch, Lieutenant 
H. N. Winship. Quartermaster — Major J. Anderson, d.c.m. 

BLACK WATCH ASSOCIATION, Perth.— Secretary— Captain S. 
Watson, M.c. (Central Branch). 

— Uniform, scarlet.; facings, blue. Raised 1796. Hon. Colonel — Duke 
of Atholl, K.T., c.b., D.s.o., M.v.o. Lieut. -Colonel — A. H. O. Den- 
nistoun. Majors— Hon. A. D. Murray, Hon. R. T. G. Murray. Captains 
— T. H. C. Cox, C. N. M. Ramsay. Adjutant— Captain J. E. II. Rollo. 
Quartermaster — J. Anderson, d.c.m. Officers serving at Depot, but not 
shown in above— Major S. A. Innes, d.s.o., Captain A. K. Macleod, 
Lieut. F. I. Gerrard (m.c), Lieut. M. G. Kinloch, Lieut. H. N. Winship. 

Atholl, Col. (Bt. Major and temp. Brig.-Gen. in Army), K.T., c.b., 
d.s.o., m.v.o., Scottish Horse Scouts (Lord Lieutenant). Chairman — 
Col. Sir R. D. Moncreiffe, Bart., c.m.g., a.d.c Vice Chairman — 
Lt.-Col. W. Steuart Fothringham. Secretary — Captain J. Little, T.F. 
Reserve, 10 Blackfriars Street. Pertn. (Registered telegraph address, 
"Territory," Perth. Telephone 360.) 

SCOTTISH HORSE SCOUTS.— Headquarters, Dunkeld. Uniform 
— Atholl grey ; facings, yellow ; plume, black cock feathers. Col. 
Commandant — Col. (temp. Brig.-Gen. in the Army) His Grace The Duke 
of Atholl, k.t., c.b. , D.s.o., M.v.o., t.d. Lt.-Col.— R. G. Dawson. 
Majors— A. M. P. Lyle, m.c, Hon. J. Dewar, M.c Adjutant— Capt. 
R. Anderson. Quarter-master — Capt. C. J. Haven. 

pattern. Uniform— scarlet. ; lacings, blue. Hon. Col. — Sir R. D. 
Moncreiffe, Bart., c.m.g., v.d., a.d.c Majors — L. Gibson, D.s.o., J- C. 
Cairncross. Adjutant — Capt. J. M'Rosty. Quarter-master — Capt. J. C, 
Wilson, M.C, 


Drill Hall open every evening from 7 to 9. Battalion always open 
for Recruiting. 


Cochrane, D.s.o., T.u. Major— W. Gray, D.s.O. Adjutant — Capt. C. E. 

PERTH.— D.A.D.V.S. Major— R. G. Anderson, o.b.e. 


Lt.-Gen. Sir RobertBaden-Powell,K.c.B.,K.c.v.o. President— Brig. -Gen. 
His Grace the Duke of Atholl, C.B., M.V.O., D.s.o. Vice-Presidents — Lieut.- 
Col. Charles A. J. Butter of Pitlochry and Cluniemore ; Lieut. -Col. J. P. 
N. Grant, D.s.o., Drummonie, Bridge of Earn ; Capt. A. Gregor Dixon, 
Glentulchan, Glenalmond ; Brig. -Gen. J. F. Erskine, c. m.g., Led- 
cameroch, Dunblane. Chairman — The County Commissioner. County 
Commissioner — John H. Dixon, Clacknafaire, Pitlochry. Assistant 
County Commissioners — Miss Cox of Cardean, Meigle ; John Howard, 
Cruachan, Aberfeldy. District Commissioners— North-East Perthshire 
Local Association— J ohn A. Cox, Drumkilbo, Meigle ; Perth and District 
— Major Herbert S. Pullar, Dunbarnie Cottage, Bridge of Earn ; Upper 
Strathearn — Rev. Canon W. M. Meredith, The Rectory, Crieff. Hon. 
Treasurer — Andrew M. Meldrum, solicitor, Union Bank, Pitlochry. Hon. 
County Secretary — Walter Bourne, 3 Barossa place, Perth. 

Governor ; Charles T. Baldwin, Head Warder; James M'Craw, Head Store 
Warder; Rev. James Mackenzie, Chaplain; John M'Daniel, Visiting 
R.C. Priest ; Leslie H. Skene, m.d., Resident Surgeon; Thomas Lindsay, 
Assistant Medical Officer. 

SOCIETY OF HIGH CONSTABLES.— Moderator, William Munro ; 
ex-Moderator, James Robertson ; Secretary, W. P. M'Pherson, 5 Muirhall 
Terrace ; Treasurer, Sinclair Grant ; Custodier, James Calderwood ; Cap- 
tains — 1st Division, A. G. Cha'mers; 2nd Division, David Crichton ; 3rd 
Division, Daniel A. Stewart ; 4th Division, Peter F. M'Gregor ; 5th 
Division, ATexander Stirling ; 6th Division, Robert Dow. Chaplain. Rev. 
W. E. Lee, m.a. ; Physician, Dr. E. L. Paton ; Solicitor, G. N. Gray. 
Convener of Bowling Section — ex-Moderator, Andrew Shaw, Benarty, 
Kinnoull ; Convener of Golfing Section, W. Erskine Thomson, 36 George 

of Mansfield ; Vice-Presidents — Mrs. Charles A. Murray and Mrs. John 
Ritchie; Lady Superintendents — Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Taylor; Hon. 
Consulting Physicians — Dr. J. B. Wilkie and Dr. Parker Stewart ; Chair- 
man of General and Executive Committees — Mrs. John Ritchie ; 


Secretary and Treasurer — Mr. John C. Cameron, Solicitor, 2 Charlotte 
Street, Perth; Auditor — Mr. D. Mackenzie. Day Nursery at No. 19 
Melville Street, Perth. Matron— Miss J. Brannan. 

BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (Perthshire^ Branch).— Presi- 
dent — Dr. Ferguson Watson, Northcote, Perth ; Hon. Secretary — Dr. 
Hume, 17 Marshall Place; Hon. Treasurer — Dr. Parker Stewart, M.O.H., 

Hon. President — The Most Hon. the Marquis of Breadalbane, K. G., Tay- 
mouth Castle, Aberfeldy ; Chairman — 

Vice-Chairman — The Right Honorable Lord Forteviot, Dupplin 
Castle ; Secretary and Treasurer— Thomas Logan, solicitor, 41 South 
Methven street ; and Committee of 12 Members. 

Ambulance Wagons. — New Motor Wagon at Ferguson & Batchelor, 
6 King street, for cases of accident only (within a radius of 10 miles). 
Also another wagon for removal of non-infectious cases by prepayment of 
hire of horses. Application to be made to Watt & Ramsay, Ltd. 

Another Wagon at R. & J. Marshall, George street ; for removal of non- 
infectious cases by pre-payment of hire of horses. Application to be made 
to R. & J. Marshall, and also at General Station. 

pany). — Presidents — Earl of Moray, Lord Forteviot, Sir S. Chapman, 
Herbert S. Pullar, Albert E. Pullar. F. Eastman, James II. Bell, Hon. 
John Dewar ; Hon. Surgeons — Dr. R, Stirling, Dr. C. Parker Stewart, 
Dr. W. A. Taylor, Dr. W. Eraser Bisset, Dr. R. Menzies, Dr. John 
Hume, Dr. P. O. Moffat, Dr. F. Watson, Dr. Stanley Wickenden ; 
Treasurer— A. Ford; Secretary — Frank L. King, c/oD.T.S.O., Caledonian 
Railway, General Station, Perth. 

NEWSPAPERS.— Perthshire Courier.— Published on Tuesdays 
Office— King street. Established 1809. 

Perthshire Constitutional and Journal. — Published every Mon. 
and Wed. afternoon. Office — South St. Tohn's place. Established 1832. 

Perthshire Advertiser and Strathmore Journal. — Published 
every Wednesday and Saturday. Office — 64 Watergate. Established 1829. 

tuted 1806).— President — F. Norie-Miller, Esq., Cleeve ; Vice-Presidents — 
Mr. A. W. Brown, Mr. William Barclay; Practical Vice-President— Mr. 
J. S. Campbell; Secretary and Treasurer — Mr. James G. Young, 189 High 
street, Perth. 


President, Adam Denham ; Vice-President, John M'Leish ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, James Mitchell, solicitor, 41 South Methven street. 

— President, George Masterton ; Secretary and Treasurer, James Mitchell, 
solicitor, 41 South Methven street. 


TION. — Secretary, James Mitchell, solicitor, 41 South Methven street. 

TION.— President, John Bell ; Secretary and Treasurer, James Mitchell, 
solicitor, 41 South Methven street. 

LAYERS ASSOCIATION.— Secretary and Treasurer, James Mitchell, 
solicitor, 41 South Methven street. 

ASSOCIATION. — President, James M. Young; Secretary, W. Methven, 
12-14 Mill street. 


— President — C. H. Crichton, Perth. Secretary and Treasurer— A. C. 
Campbell, Solicitor, 38 Tay street, Perth. 

Treasurer, Thomas Logan, solicitor, 41 South Methven street. 

TION. — President — James Robertson. Yice-President — Ex-Bailie Brand. 
Secretary and Treasurer — J. Little, solicitor, 10 Blackfriars Street, Perth. 

The Duke of Atholl, k.t. Chairman of Council— Major H. S. Pullar. 
Secretary and Treasurer — Captain J. Little, 10 Blackfriars Street, Perth. 

tuted 1881). — President — J. Styles, 51 Kinnoull causeway ; Secretary — 
Mr. Sutherland ; Treasurer — D. Brown. 

PERTH MASONIC LODGES.— Lodge Scoon and Perth (No. 3). 
—John M'Leish, r.w.m. ; J. Mayhew Allen, Depute-Master ; J. B. 
Macdonald, Sub. Master; Alex. Veitch, s.w. ; D. G. M. Barlas, J.w. ; 
Wm. Inglis, Secretary; W. A. Barclay, Treasurer; S. Archbold, s.D. ; 
W. C. Burt, J.D. ; Rev. J. M'Glas-han Scott, Sen. Chaplain; Rev. G. 
M'Dougall, Junior Chaplain; A. Moir, Bible Bearer; A. M'Leish, Dir. 
of Music ; John Lindsay, Marshal ; D. Hepburn, Director of Ceremonies ; 
J. Asher, Custodier ; D, Mackay, Standard Bearer ; W. Paterson (Scone), 
Jeweller ; J. Stirling Jarvie, Architect ; Andrew Miller, Steward ; D. A. 
Stewart, Bard ; Jas. Simpson, Inner Guard ; A. L. Rae, Tyler. 

Lodge St. Andrew's (No. 74). — D. Paton, r.w.m. ; A. Latto, i.p.m. ; 
W. Erskine Thomson, I. P. ; R. Campbell, d.m. ; R. Cooper, S.M. ; J. 
Mitchell, S.w. ; W. Hodgson, j.w. ; R. W. G. Lowe, Secretary ; A. Duff, 
Treasurer; J. C. Cameron, s.D.; W. A. Jones, J.D. ; D. Ramage, Architect; 
Rev. W. E. Lee, Chaplain ; J. Duncan, Organist ; A. Allan, Director of 
Ceremonies; E. Morris, Director of Music; D. M'Kiddie, I.G. ; L. J, 
Westwood, Steward ; Alex. L. Rae, Tyler. 


Lodge Royal Arch (No. 122).— John Laing, r.w.m. ; Geo. Taylor, 
i.p.m. ; C. S. Gardiner, d.m. ; W. C. Tosh, s.M. ; R. P. Robertson, s.w. ; 
Wm. D. Forbes, j.w. ; Geo. M. Lumsden, 11 Rosario terrace. Secretary; 
A. G. MacDonald, 64 Glasgow road, Treasurer; Jas. P. Wallace, s. D. ; 
Wm. MacDonald, j.d. ; P. R. A. Donaldson, D. of mus. ; John Jardine, 
b.b. ; A. M. Brown, Steward; David Smith, Marshal; T. D. Martin, 
Bard; L. Proudfoot, I.G. ; Chas. Robbie, Tyler. 

Scoon and Perth Royal Arch Chap r er (No. 460). — W. Simpson, z. ; 
S. W. Lawson, D.z. ; Neil Gow, H. ; John S. MacLean,j. ; S. Archibald, 
Scribe E. ; J. Patterson, Scribe N. ; W. A. Barclay, Treasurer ; W. S. 
Hunter, 1st Sojourner ; A. F. Simpson, 2nd Sojourner ; J. Lindsay, 3rd 
Sojourner ; D. Vass, Captain of 1st Veil ; H. Liddell, Captain of 2nd Veil ; 
J. W. Bourne, Captain of 3rd Veil ; D. Plalley, Director of Music ; J. 
M'Leish, Steward; A. L. Rae, Janitor. 

Bertha Preceptory of Knights Templar and Priory of 
Malta. — Rev. A. Wylie Smith, Ven. Preceptor ; S. W. Lawson, Depute 
Ven. Preceptor; S. Archibald, Secretary and Registrar; W. A. Barclay, 
Treasurer ; W. S. Hunter, 1st Aide-de-Camp ; Neil Gow, 2nd Aide-de- 
Camp ; John B. MacDonald, Chaplain ; Wm. Simpson, Beaucennifer ; 
A. L. Rae, Warder. 

Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire East. — Rev. A. Wylie 
Smith, p.g.m. ; Walter Stuart, i.p.p.g.m. ; Wm. Whitson, p.g.m. Dep. ; 
A. M'Gregor, p. Sub. g.m. ; Wm. Simpson, p.g.s.w. ; W. Erskine 
Thomson, p.g.j.w. ; John Campbell, Solicitor, 5 St. John street, Perth, 
Secretary; A. Latto, 5 St. John street, Perth, Treasurer; Rev. A. M. 
Wyllie, P.G. Senior Chaplain; Rev. J. M'Glashan Scott, p.g. Junior 
Chaplain ; G. Spinks, p.g.s.d. ; Geo. Taylor, p.g.j.d. ; D. Stewart, p.g. 
Architect; D. Hepburn, P.G. Jeweller; John Nicoll, P.G.B.B; Neil Gow, 
p.g.d. of c. ; R. P. Robertson, p.g. Sword-Bearer; R. W. G. Lowe, 
p.g.d. ofM. ; J. M'Leish, p.g. Organist; A. M'Leish, p.g. Bard; Geo. 
Veitch, p.g.s.s. ; Alex. Allan, p.g.j.s. ; John Laing, p.g. Marshal; Thos. 
Ferguson, P.G. Standard Bearer; J. P. Wallace, p.g.i.g. ; Alex. L. Rae, 
p.g. Tyler. 

The Provincial Grand Lodge consists of the above Office-bearers, and the 
Masters, Past Masters, and Wardens of the several Lodges in the Province. 
Its quarterly communications are held within the Scoon and Perth Hall on 
the last Friday of January, April, July and October. 

Provincial Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland. — Provincia 1 
Grand Supt. — Major W. Haig, D.S.o. t.d. ; Provincial Grand S.E. — 
Major Lewis Gibson, D.S.o., T.D., Union Bank Buildings, Perth; 
Provincial Grand S.N. — Major S. Arch bold ; Provincial Grand Treasurer 
— Major T. E. Young, t.d. 

St. Johnstoun Royal Arch Charter (No. 134).— A. M'Gregor, 
First Principal; A. G. M'Callum, Depute First Principal; Wm. Porteous, 
Second Principal; J. B. Macdonald, Third Principal; W. D. Forbes, 
Scribe E. ; John Robertson, Scribe N. ; Chas. Copland, Treasurer ; John 
Edwards, 1st Sojourner ; Wm. H. Scott, 2nd Sojourner ; Geo. Taylor, 
3rd Sojourner ; Chas. Gardiner, Superintendent of Works ; Wm. Matthew, 
Captain of 1st Veil; Alex. Allan, Captain of 2nd Veil; Wm. Tosh, 


Captain of 3rd Veil ; Jas. Rodger, Director of Music ; Geo. Veitch, Steward; 
J. M'Pherson, Janitor ; Committee — Rev. A. Wylie Smith, Thos. Fer- 
guson, R. Stewart, Geo. Spinks, A. Latto, Wm. Scott, v.z. Secretary's 
Address— W. D. Forbes, 4 North Port. 

Red Cross Knights Council. — Wm. Scott, King Cynes ; 
Senior General ; S. W. Lawson, Junior General ; T. Kaye, Captain of 
the Guard; J. M'Kinlay, Scribe, 13-15 King Street; W. H. Scott, 
Moncrieffe terrace, Treasurer ; W. M'Cracken, Conductor; J. Stewart, O.G. 

Royal Ark Mariners.— W. Scott, n.; T. Kaye, j. ; S. W. Lawson, s.; 
J. M'Kinlay, Scribe, 13-15 King street; W. H. Scott, Treasurer; W. 
M'Cracken, c. 

PERTH DISTRICT (Registered pursuant to Friendly Society Acts, 
1875-1876). — Duncan Robertson, Muirton place, District Secy. 

Fair Maid of Perth, 6241. — Alternate Mondays— Foresters' Hall, 
13 Hospital street. Mr. Macleod, 6 Eallantine place, Secretary. 

Perthshire Juvenile Foresters Society. — David Edwards, 40 
Rose Crescent, Secretary. 

Hal o' the Wynd, 6914. — Alternate Tuesdays— Foresters' Hall, 13 
Hospital street. James Fraser, 4 Viewfield place, Secretary. 

Friendly Society (Established 1835). — Perthshire District, No. 48. 
District Secretary — Robert Clark, 7 Main street, Bridgend. 

Knights of St. Johnstone Tent, No. 166.— Good Templar Hall, 
King street. Secretary — J. K. Hood, Ballantine place. 

Unity Friendly Society — Fair City Lodge, No. 2012. — David Scott, 
12 Keir street, Financial Secretary. Lodge meets on alternate Tuesdays, 
Good Templar Hall, King street. 

suckle Lodge, No. 162). — Lodge meets on alternate Wednesdays in 
Foresters Hall, 13 Hospital street ; Secretary — William Wilson, 6 Mill 

Tay meets in Good Templar Hall, King street, Friday 8 p.m.; Fair City 
meets in Good Templar Hall, King street, Saturday 7.30 p.m.; Hope ot 
Dovecotland meets in Dovecotland Institute, Tuesday 8 p.m.; Ark of Safety 
meets in Good Templar Hall, Monday 8 p.m. ; Tayside meets in Bridgend 
Hall, Tuesday 8 p,m. 

Lady Georgina Home Drummond, Acting President; Miss Stirling, 
Kinnoull cottage, Treasurer; Mrs. Fisher, Boatland, Secretary; Mis^s, 
Emslie, Superintendent ; Lodge — 72 Tay street. 


Hall, Hospital street, Thursdays 8 p.m. Secretary — James M'Arthur, 
44 James street. 

GAELIC SOCIETY OF PERTH.— Chief— Mr. D. Sutherland; 
Chieftains — Mr. A. K. Beaton, Mr. J. Craigie, Mr. D. Scott; Chieftainess — 
Lady Helen Tod, Braehead, Dunkeld ; Secretary — Mr. Peter Baxter, 31 
James street ; Treasurer — Mr. James Craigie, Sandeman Library. 

THE BOYS' BRIGADE (Perth Batt.)— Office-Bearers :— President- 
James Winter; Vice-President— Mr. G. C. Baird ; Secretary — J. Rodgers, 
22 Market street; Treasurer — J. A. Macgregor. Companies: — 1st — St. 
Stephen's U.F. Church— Capt. D. Guthrie; 3rd — Kinnoull Parish — (.'apt. 
James Winter ; 4th — St. Leonard's U.F. Church — Capt. D. B. Crockart ; 
5th— East U.F. Church— Capt. Lindsay; 6th— St Andrew's Church— 
Capt. T. Welch ; 8th— York Place U.F. Church— Capt. Rev. W. Paterson ; 
ioth— St. Paul's Parish Church— Capt. J. K. Baxter; 12th— West U.F. 
Church— Capt. W. Borthwick ; 15th -Scone— Capt. J. K. Smith; 16th— 
Capt. G. C. Young. 

THE NEW WHIST CLUB, Tay Street. — President — 
James J. Donald; Secretary — David Thomson, 77 George street; 
"Treasurer — R. H. Meldrum, Blackfriars street ; Committee — John K. 
Norwell, Alexander Frazer, Bailie Robert Campbell, Ex- Provost M'Nab, 
Andrew Butters, Ex-Bailie MacPherson and Percy Edwards; Steward and 
Stewardess — Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. 

PERTH LIBERAL CLUB.— Hon. Presidents— Lord Forteviot, F. 
Eastman, Esq., Wm. Young, Esq., M.P., James Gardiner, Esq., m.p. ; 
Hon. Vice-Presidents — Dr. G. F. Barbour, C. K Smith, Esq. ; President — 
Ex-Bailie Halley ; Vice-Presidents — A. W. Fisher, Esq., George Purvis, 
Esq. ; Secretary and Treasurer — -J. M. Patton. 

J. B. M'Donald, 154 High street; Secretary — T. Harley, High street, 
Perth. Meetings are held in the Salutation Hotel, Perth. 

William Ellison, Cragville, Perth ; Vice-Presidents — Mrs. G. K. Smith, 
Miss Coates, Mrs. George Martin, G. K. Smith, J.P., Thomas Young, 
J. p., J. M. Hodge, j. p., Donald Sutherland, Robert Halley, J. P., John 
Macgregor and A. W. Fisher ; Secretary, Treasurer and Registration 
Agent — William Munro, solicitor, 25 George street, Perth. 

B. Burn Clerk Rattray of Craighall, Rattray, Chairman ; F. Noiie- 
Miller of Cleeve, Vice-Chairman ; Alexander Stewart, solicitor, 31 George 
street, Perth, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Charles A. Murray, Taymount, Stanley; Vice-Chairman — R. W. R. 
Mackenzie, Stormontfield, Perth; Secretary and Treasurer— Alex. Stewart, 
solicitor, 31 George street. 



ST. JOHN'S CHORAL SOCIETY.— President and Conductor-Mr. 
Frederick Midgley, F. R.c.o. ; Secretary and Treasurer — Mr. Archibald 
Bain, 31 Kinnoull street, Perth. 

Ninian's Cathedral Branch). — President — The Very Rev. Provost Smythe ; 
Hon. Secretary — C. H. Clarke, 29 Queen street. 

creiffe Island. — Chairman — J. Connon ; Treasurer— D. Munro ; Secre- 
tary — A. Garvie, South street. 

ASSOCIATION. — Secretary, James S. Findlayson, 8 Hawarden Terrace, 

Presidents — The Marquis of Breadalbane, K.G., Taymouth Castle, Aber- 
feldy ; Viscount Haldane of Cloan, Auchterarder ; Lord Forteviot of 
Dupplin, Perth ; David Erskine, Esq., Linlathen, Broughty-Ferry ; Sir J. 
Roberts, Bart., Strathallan Castle, Machany ; James Gardiner, M.P., 
Dargill, Crieff; President — Dr. Barbour of Bonskeid, Pitlochry; Vice- 
Presidents — Dr. Hugh Barbour, 4 Charlotte square, Edinburgh ; Sir R. 
Maule, Ashbrook, Edinburgh ; Julius R. Van Millingen, Esq., Leewood ; 
Will Hally, Geddochie, Auchterarder ; Miss Haldane, Cloan ; Mrs. 
Barlow, Callander ; C. C. Syme, Seggie, Milnathort ; R. Dougall, Beneira, 
Auchterarder, and John Purdie, M.A., Auchterarder, Honorary Treasurer 
J. C. Dougall, Blackford ; Chairman of Executive Committee — J. M. 
Taylor, J.P., Dalnaglar, Crieff; Honorary Secretary, Registration Agent 
and Organising Secretary — A. C. Campbell, solicitor, 38 Tay street, Perth. 

YOUNG SCOTS SOCIETY— Perth Branch— President— A. C. 
Campbell, solicitor, 38 Tay street; Hon. Secretary — Geo. Purves, solicitor, 
26 South street. 

Hon. Presidents — F. Norie-Miller, Esq., J.P., f.e.i.s., Rev. P. R. Lan- 
dreth ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — George Purves, solicitor, 26 South 
street, Perth; Conductor — Mr. R. Macfarlane ; Band Secretary — John 
Dickson, 297 High street, Perth, to whom all communications re the 
services of the Band should be addressed ; Band Treasurer — William 
Carr, jun. 


Candlemas Feb. 2I Lammas... , Aug. I 

Whitsunday May 15 | Martinmas Nov. 11 

The Removal Terms in Scotland are May 28th and Nov. 28th. 

Little Dunning (Feeing) Third Friday of October 



CUSTOM HOUSE.— Superintendent of Mercantile Marine, Registrar 
of Shipping, Royal Navy Reserve, &c. Hours from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m., 
and on Saturday from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. 

HARBOUR AND NAVIGATION, 3 High Street.— John Begg, 
Clerk. Hours (Saturday excepted) from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Harbour 
Master — John Young. 


Tay street. A. J. Heatley, Collector of Customs and Excise, Distributor 
of Stamps and Collector of Taxes; P. P. Leyden, surveyor; II. D. 
Henderson, W. Dunsmore, L. Wedderspoon, C. Duigan, E. E. Robbins, 
G. F. Glover, R. S. Keillar, W. R. Sullivan, G. Donald, J. T. Todd, 
C. J. W. Cheese, D. Black, D. Campbell, J. G. Sutherland, Officers. 
J. Casey, First District surveyor; W. Caw, W. A. Adie, E. Husband, 
H. A. Kitson, R. Smith, J. Gyle, N. J. Cousins, Officers. G. H. Law- 
rence, Second District surveyor ; E. Ince, W. H. Tanner, J. Shepherd, 
Officers. Old Age Pension Officers — W. Caw, W. II. Tanner and J. 
Shepherd. Hours — from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.; and on Saturdays from 
10 a.m. till 12 noon. 


INLAND REVENUE.— W. B. Rose, Inspector of Taxes and Assessor ; 
R. M'Curdie, Assistant Ihspector; II. L. Forbes, Staff Clerk; Maitland 
Scott, D. R. Moir, R. Barlas, Mrs. J. R. King, Clerks. Robert Hunter, 
solicitor, Scott street, Clerk to Income Tax Commissioners. 

Blackfriars House. John S. Paterson, F.S.I., District Valuer; Thomas 
Leith, F.s.i., Valuer. 

PROPERTY AND INCOME TAX.— General Commissioners— The 
Sheriff Substitute ex officio is Commissioner in all the Districts. 

Terth District.— The Lord Provost of Perth ; Alex. Macduff of Bon- 
hard ; Colonel Smythe of Methven ; the Dean of Guild of Perth ; Sir 
Robert D. Moncreiffe, Bart., of Moncreiffe ; R. W. R. Mackenzie. 
Additional Commissioners— Lord Forteviot ; D. J: Wilson; and John 
Moncrieff. Robert Hunter, solicitor, Perth, Clerk ; W. B Rose, Tay 
street, Perth, Inspector and Assessor. 

Blairgowrie District. — Sir James H. Ramsay of Bamff ; James 
Speid of Forneth ; Brigadier-General John C. Livington Campbell of 
Achalader ; Robert R. Constable of Cally. Additional Commissioners — 
Colonel Burn Clerk-Rattray of Craighall ; Allan J. Meacher of Marlee ; 
Frank Balfour of Kindrogan ; William C. Macpherson of Blairgowrie ; Ian 
S. M. Pender Small of Dirnanean ; William Whitson of Islapark. J. B. 
Begg, Blairgowrie, Clerk ; T. C. Breen, Dundee, Inspector and Assessor. 


Carse District. — The Earl of Moray ; Lord Kinnaird ; K. Wylie Hill 
of Balthayock ; W. Murray Thriepland of Fingask ; Colonel J. Drummond 
Hay of Seggieden ; Capt. Malcolm Drummond of Megginch. To supply 
vacancy — Alfred W. Cox of Glendoick. Additional Commissioners — Rev. 
R. S. Davidson and James Kidd. C. P. Campbell, solicitor, Perth, Clerk ; 
W. B. Rose, Perth, Inspector and Assessor. 

Coupar-Angus District.— W. Whitson of Isla Park; Sir Geo. Kinloch, 
Bart, of Kinloch. To supply vacancies — William Dudgeon Graham Menzies 
of Ilallyburton ; Col. W. Clark of Princeland. Charles Boyd, solicitor, 
Coupar-Angus, Clerk ; T. C. Breen, Dundee, Inspector and Assessor. 

Crieff District.— R. T. N. Spier of Culdees ; Sir G. W. M. Dundas, 
Bart.; A. G. Maxtone Graham of Cultoquhey ; D. Keith Murray, Wester- 
ton, Ochtertyre ; John M'Nee ; Sir W. Keith Murray, Bart., of Ochtertyre ; 
W. H. Mungall. To supply vacancies — Carolus Home Graham Stirling of 
Strowan ; George T. Ewing, Factor ; Alexander Kerr, Crieff. Malcolm 
Finlayson, solicitor, Crieff, Clerk ; W. B. Rose, Perth, Inspector and 

Dunblane District. — A. W. H. Hay Drummond of Cromlix ; Brig- 
Gen. Archibald Stirling of Keir, Dunblane ; John G.Stewart of Aultwharrie; 
John Stroyan, Lanrick ; Alex. B. Wilson, Dunblane; Dr. Thomas W. 
Dewar, Dunblane. To supply vacancies— John A. Stirling of Kippendavie ; 
Edmund Pullar, Ashfield, Dunblane, and James Stirling, Dykedale. 
Additional Commissioners— George Crabbie of Blairhoyle ; Frederick C. 
Bishop ; Alexander Boyd Barty, solicitor, Dunblane ; and A. H. Anderson, 
Kippenross, Dunblane. James Barty, solicitor, Dunblane, Clerk; A. 
Balfour Craig, Stirling, Inspector and Assessor. 

Dunkeld District. — The Hon. Baron Bailie of Dunkeld ; The Duke 
of Atholl, K.T. ; W. T. J. S. Steuart-Fothringham of Murthly ; Albert E. 
Cox of Dungarthill ; Wm. H . Cox of Snaigow. Additional Commissioners 
Robt. M'Gillewie, banker, Dunkeld; Hugh Mitchell, Pitlochry ; R. Inglis, 
Blair Atholl. A. M. Meldrum, solicitor, Pitlochry, Clerk ; W. B. Rose, 
Perth, Inspector and Assessor. 

Weem District. — John Scott of Eastertyre ; The Marquis of Breadal- 
bane ; John M. S. Steuart of Ballechin ; A. D. Stewart of Innerhadden; 
Major J. S. Robertson of Edradynate. Additional Commissioners — Chas. 
Munro, Aberfeldy ; John Howard, Aberfeldy ; Henry W. Johnstone, 
Strathtay ; Thomas Bett, Aberfeldy ; Duncan Macdonald, Aberfeldy ; 
Charles J. D. Munro, Clerk ; W. B. Rose, Perth, Inspector and Assessor. 


POST OFFICE, PERTH— Post Office Buildings, 174- 1 76 High street. 

Head Postmaster — R. W. Crawford ; Superintendent — A. Rutherford ; 
Assistant Superintendents — Robt. MacLeod and Peter Dewar. 

On Week Days the Office is open for Postal and Telegraph business, and 
for sale and payment of Postal Orders, from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. 


On Sunday the Office is open for Postal and Telegraph business from 9 
till 10 a.m. Poste Restante callers and Express Delivery Services only 10 
a.m. to to. 30 a.m. 


(*Closed at 1.0 p.m. on Wednesdays.) 

*Bridgend (Miss Harris) ; ^Caledonian Place (Eliz. Robertson) ; 
Craigie (John Kynoch Taylor). Open for Postal and Telegraph, Money 
Order, and Savings Bank business from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. 

♦Glasgow Road (Mr. P. Thomson); *George Street (Thomas M. 
Duncan) ; Princes Street (Mrs. T. Smith) ; *Atholl Street (Thomas 
Honeyman). Open for Postal, Money Order, and Savings Bank business 
from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. 

*Barnhill (Isabella Smith) ; *Cherrybank (Isabella Scotland) ; 
*Crieff Road (Mrs. Dewar). Open for Postal business (including 
sale and payment of Postal Orders) from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. 


Inland Letters. — The rates of postage, when prepaid, are as follows, 

viz : — For a letter not above 3 oz 2d. 

For every additional 1 oz Jd. 

Certificates of posting ^d each. 

Inland Newspapers.— For each Registered newspaper, singly or in 
packets, id each up to 6 oz. in weight ; for every additional 6 oz. or 
traction of 6 oz. , ^d. Packets must not exceed 5 lbs. 

Printed Paper Rate. — For packets not exceeding 2 oz. id. For 
every additional 2 oz. or fraction thereof, up to a limit of 2 lb., \&. 

Canadian Magazine Post. — Over 2 oz. under 6 oz. id ; over 6 oz. 
under 1% lbs. i^d ; over i\ lbs. under 2 lbs. 2d ; and so on, ^d per | lb. to 
maximum 5 lb. for 5d. 

Unpaid correspondence charged double rates, and insufficiently prepaid 
letters, &c , charged double the deficiency. No letter, &c, may exceed two 
feet in length, one foot in width, or one foot in depth. 

Inland Parcel Post. — The rates of postage (which must be prepaid) 
are — not exceeding 2 lbs. 9d ; exceeding 2 lbs. but not exceeding 5 lbs. 
1/- ; exceeding 5 lbs. but not exceeding 8 lbs. 1/3 ; exceeding 8 lbs. but 
not exceeding 11 lbs. 1/6. Dimensions— greatest length 3 feet 6 in., length 
and girth combined, 6 feet. The weight must not exceed II lbs. 

Inland Post Cards. — 10 for 1/4. Reply, 10 for 2/8. 

Registration and Compensation. — The Postmaster General will 
give compensation for the loss and damage of Inland Registered Postal 
Packets of all kinds upon prepayment of the following scale of fees : — For 
2d— £S; 3d— ^20; 4d— £40; 5d— ^60; 6d— ^80; 7d— ^100; 8d— 
£120; 9d— ,£140; iod— ,£160; lid— ,£180; is— ^"200; 1/1—^220; 
1/2— £240; 1/3—^260; 1/4—^280; 1/5—^300; 1/6—^320; 1/7— 
,£340; 1/8—^360; 1/9—^380; 1/10—^400. 


Post Office Express Delivery. — Fees. — for every mile or part 
of a mile from the office of delivery to the address, 6d. (If a special 
conveyance is desired the cost thereof to be paid in addition to the mileage 
fee. ) With, in the case of Mail Letters, ordinary postage added. (1) Local 
Express throughout. — Under this service, messages, letters, parcels, &c. , 
are conveyed the entire distance by special messenger. (2) Express 
Delivery of Packets received by Post. — Under this service letters and parcels 
are forwarded by mail in the regular course of post to any express delivery 
office in the kingdom, and on arrival there are sent out for delivery by 
special messenger during the hours the office is open for telegraph delivery, 
provided that at least half of the necessary chaiges have been prepaid. 

Inland Money Orders. — For sums'not exceeding ^"3, 4d ; above ^3 
and not exceeding ^"io, 6d ; above £\o and not exceeding £20, 8d ; 
above £20 and not exceeding ^30, iod ; above ^30 and not exceeding 
^40, 1/- No single Money Order can be issued for a sum exceeding ,£40. 
No Order may contain a fractional part of id. 

Telegraph Money Orders. — The fees applicable to ordinary Orders 
are charged in addition to the cost of the telegram, and a supplementary 
fee of 2d for each Order. 

Foreign and Colonial Money Orders. — (a) For Orders payable 
in British Dominions, Colonies, Protectorates, &c. (including India, Aden 
and the Indian Postal Agencies, and Egypt and the Sudan, but excepting 
the Union of South Africa, Rhodesia, Nyassaland, South West Africa 
Protectorate and Mozambique), The British Postal Agencies in China, 
Morocco, and at Panama, or in any of the following Countries — Belgium 
and Belgium Congo ; France and Algeria ; French Colonies — Dahomey, 
French Congo, French Guinea, French India, French Togoland, Ivory 
Coast, Madagascar, Mauritania, New Caledonia, Senegal and Upper 
Senegal, and Niger ; Italy and Italian Offices in Benadir, Erithrea, and 
Libya ; Japan with Corea, Formosa, Kurafuto, and Japanese Agencies in 
China and Manchuria ; Palestine and Syria ; Portugal (including Madeira 
and the Azores), Portuguese Colonies — Angola, Cape Verde Islands, 
Mano, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India ; Timor and St. Thomas and 
Principe ; Roumania ; Tunis. — 3d for every £1 or fraction of £1. 

(b) For Orders payable in all Foreign Countries (except the United 
States of America) not mentioned under {a). — 4d for every ,£1 or fraction 

[c) For Orders payable in the Union of South Africa, Rhodesia, 
Nyassaland, South West Africa Protectorate and Mozambique. — 1/9 for 
every complete £1 ; for fractions of ^1 whatever the amount of the Order, 
5d for every 4/- or fraction of 4/- 

{d) For Orders payable in the United States of America— Special Rates, 
details of which can be obtained at any M.O. Office. 

Telegraph Money Orders for several foreign countries are obtainable at 
these rates plus a supplementary fee of 6d for each Order and the cost of 
the telegram. 


Inland Postal Orders. — For 6d to 2/6 — id; 3/- to 15/ — i^d ; sums 
from 15/6 to 21/- by increases of 6d — 2d. Stamps not exceeding three, 
total value not over 5d, may be affixed to the face of Postal Orders to 
make up broken amounts. 

British Postal Orders are also issued and paid in the undermentioned 
British Possessions and other places abroad : — Aden, Andaman Islands, 
Ascension, *Bahamas, Baluchistan, *Barbados, Basutoland, *Bechuanaland 
Protectorate, *Bermuda, British Bechuanaland, *British Central Africa, 
*British East Africa, *British Guiana, *British Honduras, tCanada, 
*Cayman Islands, *Ceylon, Chatham Islands, China (British Agencies), 
Cook Islands, ^Cyprus, Egypt (including the Soudan), *Falkland Islands, 
Fanning Island, *Federated Malay States, *Fiji, *Gambia, ^Gibraltar, 
*Gold Coast, *Grenada, Hong Kong, *India and Indian Post Offices on 
the Persian Gulf and in Tibet, *Jamaica, Johore (Malay States), Kedah 
(Malay States), Labuan, * Leeward Islands — (Anguilla, * Antigua, *Do- 
minica, *Montserrat, *Nevis, *St. Kitts, *Tortola (Virgin Islands)), *Malta, 
*Mauritius, *Morocco (British Agencies at Casablanca, Fez, Larache, 
Marrakesh, Mazagan, Mogador, Rabat, Saffi, Tangier and Tetuan), *New- 
foundland, *New Zealand, ^Nigeria (Northern), *Nigeria (Southern), *North 
Borneo (State of), *Nyasaland (British Central Africa), *Panama (British 
Agency), Penrhyn Island, *Rhodesia (Northern and Southern), St. Helena, 
*St. Lucia, *St. Vincent, Sarawak, Savage Island, *Seychelles, *Sierra 
Leone, Solomon Islands Protectorate, *Somaliland Protectorate, Straits 
Settlements, Swaziland, *Tobago, *Trinidad, *Turks and Caicos Islands, 
*Uganda, *Zanzibar, *South Africa (Union of), Cape of Good Hope 
(Province of), Natal (Province of), Orange Free State (Province ot), 
Transvaal (Province of). 

Period during which Orders are Payable. — If an order be not paid within 
three months from the last day of the month of issue, a commission equal 
to the original poundage will be charged. The commission thus paid must 
be affixed in Postage Stamps to the back of the Order. Postal Orders 
which are not presented for payment within six months from the last day of 
the month of issue must be sent by the holder to the Controller of the 
Money Order Department, Manor Gardens, Holloway, London, N., with 
a request for payment at a specified Office. 

Inland Telegrams. — The charge for twelve words or less is 1/-, and 
for every additional word id, the names and addresses of sender and receiver 
being counted. 

* Postage Stamps of these Countries and British Agencies, when properly affixed to 
British Postal Orders by the senders, will be paid up to the value of 50". Postage 
Stamps of British Agencies are not recognised for this purpose if the value has been 
overprinted in local currency {see Regulations on preceding page regarding Postage 
Stamps affixed to Postal Orders). 

t British Postal Orders are not issued in Canada, but are paid at the following 
Offices :— Brandon, Man., Brantford, Ont., Calgary, Alta., Charlottetown, P.E.I. , 
Edmonton, Alta., Fort William, Ont., Fredericton, N.B., Halifax, N.S., Hamilton, Ont., 
Kingston, Ont., London, Ont., Montreal, Que., Ottawa, Ont., Port Arthur, Ont., 
Peterboro', Ont., Quebec, Que., Regina, Sask, St. John, N.B., Sherbrooke, Que., 
Toronto, Ont., Vancouver, B.C., Victoria, B.C., Windsor, Ont., Winnipeg, Man. 




Mon. only 

Atholl street— 5.0*, io.oa.rn., ; 1.15, 2 45, 7.0, 9.15 p.m. -j 

Barnhill— 9.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 2.30, 6.30, 8.45 p.m. 
Bridgend — 5.30*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 9.30 p.m. 
Caledonian Place — 5.15*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 9.30 p.m. 
Cherrybank — 9.0 a.m. ; 1.0, 2.30, 6.30, 8.45 p.m. 
Craigie — 5.30*, 10.0 am. ; 1.15, 2.45, 7.0, 9.30 p.m. 
CrierTroad — 9.0 a.m. ; 12.45, 2 -3°> 6.45, 8.45 p.m. 
George street — 5.30*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.0, 3.0, 7.0, 9.30 p.m. 
Glasgow Road — 5.30*, 10.0 am. ; 1.15, 2.45, 6.45, 9.15 pm. 
Princes street — 5.0*, io.c a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 8.30 p.m. 


\2 30 

' 2 30 


Atholl place — 5.0*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 2.45, 7.0, 9. 15 p.m. ^ 

Brompton terrace — 8.45 a.m. ; 12.30, 2.45, 6.45, 8.45 p.m. 

Craigie road — 8.0 a.m. ; 12.15, 2.45, 6.45, 9.0 p.m. 

Dovecotland— 9.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 6.45, 9.30 p.m. )■ 2 30 

Dunkeld road— 9.0 a.m. ; 1. 15, 2.30, 6.45, 9.0 p.m. 

Feus road — 10.0 a.m. ; 12.45, 2 -3°> 6.30, 8.45 p.m. 

Fitzroy terrace — 8.45 a.m. ; 12.45, 2> 3°> 6-3°> 9-15 p-ni- J 

Friarton — 8.30 a.m.; 5.0 p.m. 

General Prison — 9.0 a.m. ; 12.45, 2 -45> 6.45, 9.0 p.m. 

General Station— 5.45*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 9.45 p.m. 

Harbour — 8.15 a.m. ; 12.0, 2.30, 6.30, 8.45 p.m. 

Hawarden terrace — 8.30 a.m. ; 1.0, 2.45, 6.45, 9. 15 p.m. J 

Hillyland — 10.5 a.m. ; 3.0, 5.30 p.m. 

Infirmary (Private) — 8.0 a.m. ; 2.45, 6.45 p.m. 

Kincarrathie crescent — 8.15 a.m.: 12.30,2.30,6.30,9.15 p.m. "} 

King street — 5.45*, 10. o a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 9.30 p.m. 

Marshall place — 5.0*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1. 15, 2.45, 6.45, 8.30 p.m. 

Melville street — 9.0 a.m ; 1.15, 2.45, 6.45, 9,0 p.m. 

Moredun terrace — 8.45 a.m. ; 12.15, 2.30, 6.30, 9.15 p.m. 

Muirhall road — 8.30 a.m. ; 12.45, 2 -45> 6.45, 9.0 p.m. 

Muirton place— 9.0 a.m. ; 1. 15, 2.30, 6.45, 8.45 p.m. 

Murray place — 9.0 a.m. ; 1. 15, 2.30, 6.30, 9.0 p.m. 

Needless Road — 8.45 a.m. ; 1.15, 2.30, 6.30, 8.45 p.m. |-2 30 

Princes street— 5.0*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 8.30 p.m. 

Queen street — 9.0 a.m. ; 1.0, 2.30, 6.30, 9.15 p.m. 

South Methven street — 5.45*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 3.0, 7.0, 9.30 p.n 

Strathmore street — 9.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 2.30, 6.30, 9.0 p.m. 

Tay Street — 5.15*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 2.15, 5.45, 8.30 p.m. 

Victoria Bridge— 5. 15*, 9.0 a.m. ; 1.15, 2.15, 6.15, 8.45 p.m. 

Viewlands road — 9.0 a.m. ; 1. 15, 2.30, 6.30, 9.0 p.m. 

Station Hotel (Private) — 5.45*, 10.0 a.m. ; 1.15,3.0,7.0,9.45 p.m. 

* Except Monday 



Letters can be registered for any Despatch during the hours the office is open, 
up to within 30 minutes of the closing of the Letter Box. 

H.O. & S.O. Box Parcel?. 
Closes. H.O. 
a.m. only. 

Alyth and Meigle, 5.0 — 

Glasgow, Auchterarder, Blackford, and Perth Sub-Offices, 

Highland line, 5.0 7. op 

Bridge of Earn, Abernethy, Newburgh, Ladybank, Dun- 
fermline, and part of Fife, and Glencarse, and Town 
Delivery, Aberdeen line, Dundee, Edinburgh, Blair- 
adam, Glenfarg, Kinross, 6.0 7.op 

Rural Posts, Methven, Glenalmond and Almondbank, 
Dunfermline, and East Coast of England, 

London, and West Coast of England, 

Dundee, Glasgow, 

Aberdeen, Edinburgh, 


Forfar, Aberdeen, Pitlochry, Inverness, &c, London and 
West Coast of England 


Town Delivery, 

Dunfermline, Kinross, Milnathort, Kirkcaldy 

Auchterarder, Crieff, Stirling, 

Glasgow, ... . ••■■ 

Dundee, Aberdeen, Arbroath, Blairgowrie, Forfar and 
Montrose, Edinburgh, ... 

Fife, Highland Road and Sub Offices, 

Town Delivery ; 

London Night Mail — Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, 
England. Ireland, and places Abroad, 

Dundee and Aberdeen, .. 

Edinburgh, Berwick and East Coast of England and 
Scotland, Belfast and North of Ireland, 

London Day Mail — England and Ireland and Places 
Abroad, ... 

Edinburgh and Glasgow, 

Aberdeen line, Highland line, Stirling, Dundee and Fife, 


Fife — London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and South — Aberdeen, "J 7.30 a.m. 

Dundee — Inverness, Elgin, Forres, and Pitlochry, and J- 8.45 a.m. 

local letters till 6.0 a.m., ... ... j (Parcels). 

Aberdeen — Edinburgh — Fife — Glasgow — Highland Line — 

London, &c. H-3° 

Rural Posts— Edinburgh. Glasgow, and South — Dundee, 

Errol, and Inchture — Aberdeen, Inverness, and the 

North, and local letters till 3.45 p.m., 4.15p.m. 


















12. iop 































Austria (German) 















Canada,* - - - 

il- to 3/2 



Cape of Good Hope,* 


Gibraltar, - ■ 



Ceylon,* - 







Greek Islands, 



Cyprus,* - 


Holland, - 





Italy, - 







4 d. 


i/- and 1/2 




New Zealand,* - 





Orange River & Transvaal,* l\- 

Russia in Europe, 



United States,*- 

if- to 2/7 




,, or via Marsei 

les Cable, 










* Deferred Rate Telegrams are accepted for these countries on condition that they 
may, if necessary, be deferred during transmission for not more than 24 hours in 
favour of Full Rate Telegrams, but are not available for Radiotelegrams. — For rates 
see P.O. Guide. 

For Rates and Conditions of Night Cable Letters and Week-End Cable Letters for 
North America, and Week End Cable Letters for other countries, see P.O. Guide. 


Private Radiotelegrams are accepted at any Telegraph Office for 
transmission to ships equipped with wireless telegraph apparatus through 
the undermentioned coast stations in the United Kingdom: — Fish Guard, 
Land's End, Malin Head, Cullercoats, Grimsby, Valentia and Seaforth, 
Niton, North Foreland, Portpatrick and Wick. 

The names of most of the ships which can be reached through the above- 
named British Coast Stations (with the approximate times at which com- 
munication can be established) are given in the P. O. Guide. Radiotelegrams 
are accepted for ships not shown in the tables on the sender's assurance 
that the ship is equipped with wireless apparatus. Private radiotelegrams 
are not accepted for transmission to His Majesty's ships. 

Charges.— The usual charge for a radiotelegram sent through a British 
Coast Station to an ocean liner is io^d a word. Lower rates of charge 
applying to vessels making short voyages are shown in the P.O. Guide. 



Telephone Charges and Call Office Fees. — Under the new 
telephone tariff the local fee of ijd (3d at a call office) will cover a call to 
any exchange within 5 miles of the originating exchange, with certain 
extensions in the case of London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and 

The distinction between junction and trunk calls will disappear, and all 
calls over distances greater than 5 miles will be charged according to the 
radial distance between the terminal exchanges on the following scale : — 

Trunk Charges, in addition to the Local Fee of ijd — 

Day — 7 a.m to 7 p.m. 

Night -7 p.m. 

to 7 a.m. 

For dista 

nces up to 

3 mins. 

6 mins. 

3 mins. 

6 mins. 

s. d. 



s. d. 

s. d. 



O I* 



O \\ 

° II 









> » 




















j j 













> j 

1 6 



1 6 









2 6 


1 3 

2 6 


J J 



1 6 




3 6 


1 9 

3 6 

and for each 

additional 50 

miles or 

part thereof 





A special additional charge of is per message is made for day calls 
between Great Britain and Ireland, and 6d for each night call. 

The minimum charge for a call to or from the Isle of Wight will be 6d. 

Call Office Fees. — The fee for the use of a Call Office in order to 
make a local or trunk call will be 3d for each period of three minutes. 

Trunk Lines. — The Telephone Trunk Lines which connect the various 
Telephone Exchange areas throughout the Kingdom can be used by callers 
at Post Offices which are connected with the Trunk Telephone system as 
well as by subscribers and callers using Telephone Exchanges. The names 
of places at which Trunk Telephone communication is possible is indicated 
in the P.O. Guide. 

The unit period of conversation is three minutes from the time when the 
caller or subscriber has been informed that the connection is completed, 
but any caller, by prepaying a double fee, may secure either the uninter- 
rupted use of a Trunk line for six minutes or the option of extending a 
three minutes' conversation to six minutes on demand at the end of the first 

Where application has been made for the use of a Trunk line for a period 
of six minutes, no part of the fee will be refunded to a caller because the 
line is in fact used for a less period ; but when only the option of extending 
a call to six minutes has been asked for, and the call is completed in three 
minutes, the fee for the second period will be refunded. 

No person is entitled to use a Trunk line continuously for more than six 



^ P 

Si £ 

tv c 

w> tuo i 


4-. -O 

a i: « 




h C eS 




















p^ ta a ; 

o c 


U c3 _ 
rt 42 buo s 5 « 




Hours of Posting in 


: Hours -of Pcsting in 



II. op \ 


Glasgow ... 5.0a j 













11. op 




6. oa 




11. op 




6. op 






11. op 


sr 5.0a 


6.0a, 1 1. op 










3.45P, 7.op 



Birmingham 7-3°P 

















11. op 





















8 op 
















8. op 



• Q 























c 1 .op 



3-45P> 7-op 



n- 5.0a 



5. op, 10.45a 


f. 30a 



£ ■ 


2. 3 op 









Oban 5- r a, 2. op 




3.45P, 8.op 


6. isp 

Pitlochry ... 6.0a 

Dunfermline 5«oa 






7. op 

11 ... 11. op 


6.0a, 3 op 

St. Andrews 5.0a 








2. 3 op 


11 ... 1 1. op 

Stirling ... 5.0a 


... 8. 45P 


3-45P / 
8.op / 


6.0a, 10.45a , 
2.30P / 




Abbott, Fanny, dressmaker, 32 Whittfriars street 

Abbott, Isabella, dressmaker, I Cornhill terrace 

Abbott, Thomas, painter, 23 Pomarium street 

Abbott, William, glazier, 59 Scott street 

Abernethy, William, mail porter, 19 Unity place, Scott street 

Adam, Alexander G., baker, Wellwood cottage, Barnhill 

Adam, Bessie, grocer's assistant, 39 Priory place 

Adam, Isabella, fruiterer, 32 Barrack street ; h. 35 

Adam, James, mechanic's labourer, 5 Melville street 

Adam, Jean 11 Campbell's buildings 

Adams, Alexander, gardener, 30 New Row 

Adams, Charles, vanman, no South street 

Adams, Charles, fireman, 242 High street 

Adams, Christina, 25 Kinnoull causeway 

Adams, David, confectioner, 1 1 Balhousie street 

Adams, John, printer, 74 Craigie road 

Adams, John, printer's cutter, 4 Methven Buildings 

Adams, Mrs Bella, 117 Canal crescent 

Adams, Mrs Edmund, 28 James street 

Adams, Mrs James, 8 Whitefriars street 

Adams, Mrs Peter, 124 Canal crescent 

Adams, Mrs William, 51 Leonard street 

Adams, Peter, clerk, 60 St. Katherine's court 

Adams, Robert, foreman, 15 Canal street 

Adams, W 7 illiam, warder, H.M. Prison 

Adams, William, fireman, 8 Market street 

Adams, W T illiam, railway policeman, St. Fergus, Gray street 

Adamson, Elizabeth and Susan Jane, Moncreiffe bank 

Adamson, Jane, 31 High street 

Adamson, John, milliner and general draper, 51 High street ; h. Chanonry, 

52 Wilson street 
Adamson, John, engine driver, 41 Stormont street 
Adamson, John, engine driver, 21 M'Quibban's buildings 
Adamson, John, church officer, 28 Carpenter street 
Adamson, Joseph J., clerk, 10 Scott street 
Adamson, Mrs Alexander, 31 Commercial street 
Addie, John (Rev.), m.a., Glenburn, Bellwood park 
Addison, Edward, 3 Bridge lane 
Adie, Andrew, baker, 79 Muirton place 

Adie, John, baker, (of Wm. Adie & Sons), 11 Balhousie avenue 
Adie, Mary, 41 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Adie, William, & Son, bakers and confectioners, 2 and 6 Melville street 
Adie, William, Wemyssfield, Glasgow road 
Adie, Wm.A., Excise Officer, Kimberley, Edinburgh road 
Agen, Winnie, 104 South street 
Agnew, Margaret, teacher, 67 South street 
Agnew, Mrs Andrew, outworker, 34 Longcauseway 
Agnew, Thomas & Owen, painter, 65 and 69 South street., h. 67 


Aimes, Mrs Thomas S., 18 West Mill street 

Ainslie, Mrs Jeanie D., Erngath, Kinnoull glebe 

Aird, Andrew, colliery agent, 48 Rose crescent 

Airth, Alexander, engine driver, 8 Priory place 

Airth, Alexander B. , engineman, 20 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Airth, Mrs John, 2 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Aitchison, Wm., butcher, 35 Commercial street 

Aitken, Allan W., law clerk, 14 South Inch place 

Aitken, Andrew B. , cabinetmaker, Ravenscraig, Feus road 

Aitken, James, market gardener, Orchard bank, Barnhill 

Aitken, John, gardener, 58 Longcauseway 

Aitken, John, clerk, shop manager, 36 Scott street 

Aitken, Mrs James, 142 South street 

Aitken, Mary E. , dressmaker, 22 Carpenter street 

Aitken, Samuel R., manager, Oakbank road 

Alcorn, Charles, hairdresser, 156 South street ; h 54 Scott street 

Alexander & Brown, seed merchants, 189 High street, 63-69 S. Methven st. 

Alexander, Daniel, newsagent, 97 High street; h Croft house, Islaroad 

Alexander, David, butcher, 341 High street 

Alexander, Emma N., 47 Commercial street 

Alexander, George, fireman, 8 Campbell's buildings 

Alexander, George, labourer, 71 Pomarium street 

Alexander, George, confectioner, 199 High street ; h Wellshill terrace 

Alexander, Harry, engineman, 94 Reform place 

Alexander, Isabella, 37 Pomarium street 

Alexander, James, fireman, 77 High street 

Alexander, [ames, dyer's finisher, 14 Caledonian road 

Alexander, John, M.A., Midfield, 129 Glasgow road 

Alexander, John, tailor's cutter, 17 Princes street 

Alexander, John, clerk, 7 Methven buildings 

Alexander, Mrs Charles, confectioner, 65 North Methven street 

Alexander, Mrs Charles, 7 Kincarrathie crescent 

Alexander, Mrs George, Andlen, Needless road 

Alexander, Mrs James, George crescent, 58 Glasgow road 

Alexander, Robert M., warehouseman, 78 Wilson street 

Alexander, Wm., labourer, 53 Meal vennel 

Allan, Andrew, plumber, 145 High street 

Allan, Andrew, motor driver, 5 Tulloch place 

Allan, Alexander, shop manager, The Mount, Viewlands terrace 

Allan, Archibald, waggon repairer, 67 Scott street 

Allan, C, E., & M., milliners and dressmakers, 12 Rose crescent 

Allan, David, coachpainter, 15 Earl's dykes 

Allan, David, M., vanman, 19 Mill street 

Allan, Duncan, postman, 23 Gowrie street 

Allan, Helen, dressmaker, 1 Ballantine place 

Allan, James, plasterer, 22 Barrack street 

Allan, James, chimney sweep, 6 Paul street 

Allan, James, brakesman, 4 Longcauseway 

Allan, James T., engineer, 50 Glasgow road ; works, St Andrew street 

Allan, James, laundry worker, 18 Ballantine place 

Allan, Janet C., teacher, 40 James street 


Allan, Jessie, 12 County place 

Allan, John, dyer, 23 North Methven street 

Allan, Tohn, music seller, Struan Bank, Kinnoull 

Allan, John H., dyer's chemist, 13 Ballantine place 

Allan, Mrs Andrew, Ellora, 183 Glasgow road 

Allan, Mrs James, Grocer, 176 South st. ; h. Craigendarroch, Needless road 

Allan, Mrs Jessie, 7 Inchaffray street 

Allan, Mrs John, H., 2 Bellavista terrace 

Allan, Mrs Robert, lodgings, 15-21 Guard vennel 

Allan, Robert, painter, 9 James street 

Allan, Robert, cemetery foreman, Jean field Lodge 

Allan, Robert, timber foreman, 7 Keithick place 

Allan, Robert, dyer, 4 Westgrove Avenue 

Allan, Robert, plasterer, 21 King street 

Allan, Simon, ironturner, 147 South street 

Allan, Thomas, barman, 59 Scott street 

Allan, Thos., carter, 4 Cross street 

Allan, William, livestock salesman, Croft House, Craigie 

Allan, William, retired, 30 Newrow 

Allan, William, bricklayer, 136 South street 

Allan, William B. , 47 Balhousie street 

Allardyce, Alexander, telephone repairer, 123 High stre 

Allerdice, Betsy, 6.1 Meal vennel 

Allen, John Mayhew, actuary, Willanslea, Barnhill 

Allison, Alex., engine driver, 33 Friar street 

Allison, Alex., 28 Melville street 

Allison, John, cabinetmaker, 22 North Methven street 

Allison, Wm., 9 Campbell's buildings 

Alloa Coal Co. — N. B. Mineral Depot, Glasgow road ; office, 24 High 

street ; James Finlayson, agent. 
Ames, William, 86 South street ; h 142 South street 
Amos, Mrs George, boarding house keeper, Dalvey, Dunkeld road 
Ancell, John, railwayman, 86 Pomarium street 
Anderson, Alexander, mechanic, 46 Longcauseway 

Anderson, Alexander, tobacconist, 55 George st. ; h. 4 Bellavista terrace 
Anderson, Alexander, traveller, 4 Cross street 
Anderson, Alexander, engine fitter, 236 High street 
Anderson, Alexander, joiner, 6 Shepherd's buildings, Cherrybank 
Anderson, Alfred Stuart, engineer, 31 Commercial street 
Anderson, Alice, Croft cottage, 2 Keir street 
Anderson, Andrew, agent, 5G York corner, York place 
Anderson, Andrew, clerk, 1 1 King Edward street 

Anderson, Andrew, estate agent, 4 King Edward street ; h 57 King street 
Anderson, Augustaf, bottleblower, 33 Canal street 
Anderson, Benjamin, gamekeeper, The Lodge, Kinnoull Hill 
Anderson, Charles, retired, 8 Bridge street 
Anderson, Christian A., and Jane, 37 Main street, Bridgend 
Anderson, David, contractor, 64 Longcauseway 
Anderson, David, weighman, 6 Cross street 
Anderson, David, railwayman, 20 Friarton buildings 
Anderson, D. C, clothier, 31 County place ; h. Westfield, Glasgow road 


Anderson, David S., auctioneer, 82 High street ; h 4 Gray street 
Anderson, D. S. & J., joiners and contractors, 29-31 West Mill street and 

289 High street 
Anderson, D. S., joiner (of D. S. & J. Anderson), Strathornia, Young street 
Anderson, Elizabeth, 101 Scott street 
Anderson, Ellen, 5 Queen street 

Anderson, George G., warehouseman, 3 Lickley street 
Anderson, George, Butcher, 8 Hawarden Terrace 
Anderson, Hugh, foreman cleaner, 43 Canal street 
Anderson, James, labourer, 78 High street 
Anderson, James, bottleblower, 96 Reform place 
Anderson, James, fireman, 8 Hospital street 
Anderson, James W., furniture warehouseman, 3 Lickley street 
Anderson, James, Major, The Black Watch, 3 King's place 
Anderson, James, 23 Inch Head terrace 
Anderson, Jessie, 13 Queen street 

Anderson, Joe, athletic outfitter, 15 St. John street ; h. 34 Rose crescent 
Anderson, John, clerk, 2 Whitefriars street 
Anderson, John, farmer, Upper Friarton farm 
Anderson, John, yardsman, 24 Abbott street 
Anderson, John, contractor, Smithfield, Barnhill 
Anderson, John, engine driver, 9 Market street 
Anderson, John, engine driver, 8 St. Catherine's road 
Anderson, John L , secretary, 2 King James place 
Anderson, Maulbane, bootmaker, 14 Watergate 

Anderson, Matthew S. , china merch., 29 St. John st. ; h. 15 Kincarrathie cres. 
Anderson, jun., Matthew Smith, china merchant, 45 Victoria street 
Anderson, Mrs Ann, 44 Market street 
Anderson, Mrs Archibald, 46 Longcauseway 
Anderson, Mrs Isabella, ladies' nurse, 9 Commercial street 
Anderson, Mrs Isabella, 124 Canal crescent 
Anderson, Mrs James, 32 Barossa street 
Anderson, Mrs fames, 4 Windsor terrace 
Anderson, Mrs James, 37 Cross street 
Anderson, Mrs Janet, 14 Watergate 
Anderson, Mrs John, 41 Scott street 
Anderson. Mrs Margaret, Daleenan, Jeanfield 
Anderson, Mrs Robert, Ryefaulds, 45 Craigie Road 
Anderson, Mrs William, 4 Newrow 
Anderson, Peter, post boy, 1 1 North Port 
Anderson, Peter C. , postman, 28 Kinnoull street 
Anderson, Robert, fireman, 3 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Anderson, Robert, clerk, 3 Windsor terrace 
Anderson, Samuel J., brigade fireman, 41 Scott street 
Anderson, William, glazier, 23 Castlegable 
Anderson, William, baker, 17 King street 
Anderson, William, carter I Viewfield place 
Anderson, William, labourer, 86 Pomarium street 
Anderson, William, coach-trimmer, 5 Windsor terrace 
Anderson, William B., engine driver, 46 James street 
Anderson, Wm. D., cashier, 9 Ladysmith terrace 


Anderson, William D., fancy goods merchant, 21 St. John St.; h 4 Gray st. 

Anderson, Wm. S., gas inspector, 8 Hawarden terrace 

Andrew, Archibald, hairdresser, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Andrew, James, clerk, Bonkle cottage, Young street 

Andrews, Maggie A., dairykeeper, 6 North port ; h. 4 

Anglo American Oil Company, Feus Road 

Angus, Donald, tube blower, 6 Brown street 

Angus, Ellen D., 25 Friarton buildings 

Angus, George, engine fitter, Bon-accord, Friarton 

Angus, Harry, lorryman, 14 Union street lane 

Angus, James, railwayman, I Cross street 

Angus, James, labourer, 18 Cow vennel 

Angus, James, labourer, 25 St. Katherine's Court 

Angus, fames T. C. , compositor, 31 Glover street 

Angus, James, surfaceman, 36 West Mill street 

Angus, John, porter, 17 East Bridge street 

Angus, Mrs John, 8 Union street lane 

Angus, Mrs Mary, George Inn lane 

Angus, Mrs Robert, 12 Gowrie street 

Angus, Mrs Thomas, 34 Victoria street 

Angus, Thomas, chauffeur, 12 South Methven street 

Angus, Thomas, gas worker, 6 Craigie road 

Angus, Thomas, labourer, Toll House, Craigie 

Angus, William, draper, 50, 66, 67 S. Methven st. ;/i. Ivybank, 5 Craigie rd. 

Angus, William, carter, 12 South Methven street 

AllgUS, William, cycle & motor agent, 5-7 N. Methven st. ; h. 7 Castle ter. 

Angus, Wm. , watchman, 22 Barrack street 

Annal, John, commercial traveller, Homewood, 131 Glasgow road 

Annandale, Kenneth, printer, stationer, etc , 20 St. John street ; h. Garry 
Lodge, Barnhill 

Anton, David, gardener, 49 Commercial street 

Anton, Peter, gasworker, Brick buildings, Shore road 

Anton, Wm., mason, 13 Leonard street 

Appointments Department, Ministry of Labour, Queen's Hotel, Leonard st. 

Archbold, Samuel, insurance official, 45 Muirton place 

Archer, Mary, 5 Hay street, Balhousie 

Archibald, Mrs Annie, tailoress, 201 High street 

Archibald, Robert, coachbuilder, Balgrummo, Craigie Knowes road 

Arinem Tea Co., Ltd., 6 and 8 Princes street 

Armour, James, soldier, Achill, Burghmuir road 

Armstrong, David, labourer, 14 South street 

Armstrong, John, labourer, 158 High street 

Armstrong, Mrs George, 41 Main street 

Armstrong, Robert, glass blower, 35 Princes street 

Armstrong, William, dyer, 18 South street 

Armstrong, Wm., 88 South street 

Army Service Corps, Highland Division (Terr.), Drill Hall, Tay street ; 

office, 230 High street 
Arnott, David, shoemaker, 20 Thimblerow 
Arnott, James, checker, 137 High street 
Arnott, Mrs David, 313 High street 


Arnott, Robert, boat hirer, 58 Watergate 

Arnott, Robt., gardener, 13 Barossa place 

Arnott, William, glass blower, 7 Lindsay's buildings 

Art Photo Coy., photographers, picture framers and gilders, 30 George 
street — C. D. Geddes ; h. Clematis Villa, Friar street 

Arthur, Alex., printer, 9 Marshall's buildings, King Edward street 

Arthur, William, signalman, Feus road 

Artisan Golf Club, 21 North port 

Asher, John, teacher, 13 Pitcullen terrace 

Asher Wm. , A. R.S.J. , sanitary inspector, 5 High st ; h. Rosebank, Need- 
less road 

Ashton, Mrs Martha E., 28 Caledonian road 

Ashton, Robert, baker, 5 Barossa street 

Ashton, Thomas, railway shunter, 29 Leonard street 

Ashton, William, carpet weaver, 79 Pomarium street 

Aslett, Wm. A. G., Greenhill, Brompton terrace 

Atholl, His Grace the Duke of, K.T. 

Atkin, Richard T., school teacher, Lilybank, Dunkeld road 

Attewell, Mrs George W., 5 Dragon terrace 

Auction Mart — Macdonald, Eraser & Co., Ltd., Caledonian Road 

Auction Mart — Hay & Co., Ltd., Needless road 

Auld, Mrs James, Raeburn place, 44 Friar street 

Auld, Thomas, 4 Rose crescent 

Auld, William G., goods superintendent, 53 King street 

Ayre, George M., chemist (of Dandie & Co.), 81 High street ; h. 77 

Baeling, Andrew, labourer, 10 Cow vennel 

Baillie, Peter, salesman, 269 High street 

Bain, Agatha, 6 Foundry lane 

Bain, Archibald, cashier, 31 Kinnoull street 

Bain, David, labourer, 20 South street 

Bain, Hugh, gardener, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

Bain, James, carter, 49 Leonard street 

Bain, Mrs Johanna, Raeburn place, Friar street 

Bain, Robert, warder, General Prison 

Baird, George, lithographer, II James street 

Baird, George C, clerk, 12 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 

Baird, Henry, carriage inspector, 10 Shepherd's bldgs.,Burnside,Cherrybank 

Baird, John, foreman, 42 George street 

Baird, Mrs Bessie, 16 Unity place 

Baird, Robert, caretaker, 74 Tay street 

Baird, Robert, cooper, Wolseley place, Friar street 

Baird, William, mason, 16 Barrack street 

Baird, William, postman, 4 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Baird, William Oliphant, dyer, 4 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 

Bakers' Call House, 208 High street 

Baker, Martin, retired, 20 South street 

Baldwin, Chas. T., head warder, H.M. Prison 

Balfour, Allan, sawmiller, Newlands house, Burghmuir 

Balfour, Andrew, retired, 30 Whitefriars street 

Balfour, Christina, 32 Whitefriars street 


Balfour, David, railway guard, 53 Longcauseway 

Balfour, David, cooper, 8 St. Ann's lane 

Balfour, Edward J., M.A., B. sc. , Clunie Lodge, Isla road 

Balfour, James, wood merchant, 27 Balhousie street 

Balfour, Margaret, teacher, 29 Craigie road 

Balfour, Mrs Alexander, 73 Leonard street 

Balfour, Mrs David, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Balfour, Wm. M., machineman, 35 Commercial street 

Ballantine, George, clerk, Edderton villa, Feus road 

Ballantine, Grace Agnes, 55 Balhousie street 

Ballantine, James, saddler, 50 George street ; h. 1 Muirhall bank 

Ballantine, James, secretary, Dewar's terrace, Gray street 

Ballantine, James, teacher, Carlton, Craigie Knowes road 

Ballantine, Thomas, retired, 53 Balhousie street 

Ballantine, Thomas, engraver, 36 Scott street 

Ballantine, William, railway carriage inspector, 25 Whitefriars street 

Ballingal', Peter, P.O. clerk, 3 Claremount place 

Band, John R., railway policeman, 1 Crieff road 

Band, Robert, Ralston, 51 Craigie road 

Band, Thomas N., railway porter, 9 Inchaffray street 

Bank of Scotland Office, 50 St. John street — D. MacKenzie, agent ; West 

End Branch, 39 South Methven street — James Young, agent 
Banks, David, labourer, 355 High street 
Banks, David, fireman, 23 Granville place 
Banks, George, plumber, Westmount cottage, 66 Jeanfield road 
Banks, James, & Sons, rope manufacturers, 141 High street and at St. 

Catherine's road ; h. 6 Park place, Craigie road 
Banks, Jane, pedlar, 34 Meal vennel 
Banks, Lewis, painter, 30 New Row 
Bannerman, John, lorryman, 2 Victoria street 
Bannerman, Mrs Margaret, 129 Scott street 
Bannister, Mrs Thomas, 9 Barossa place 
Baptie, George, sheep dealer, 5 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 
Baptist Church Hall, 56 Tay street 
Baptist Church, 4 Canal street 
Barber, Reuben J., musician, 6 Union Street lane 
Barbour, James, aerated water manufacturer, 31 Canal street 
Barbour, John, surfaceman, 208 High street 
Barbour, Mrs Thomas, 32 Canal street 

Barbour, Thos., aerated water manufacturer, 51 Canal street ; h. 31 
Barclay, Archibald, painter, 19 Market street 
Barclay, Chas. , chaufteur, 21 Barossa street 
Barclay, David, joiner, 14 Shepherd's buildings, Cherrybank 
Barclay, Elizabeth, 26 Melville street 
Barclay, Elizabeth, 10 Priory place 
Barclay, George, tailor's cutter, 24 Glover street 
Barclay, James, french cleaner, Tulloch farm 
Barclay, Jean, shop assistant, 268 High street 
Barclay, John, dyer's cleaner, 5 Viewfield place 
Barclay, John, yardsman, 24 West Mill street 
Barclay, Kate, cleaner, Tulloch farm 


Barclay, Lizzie, dyer's assistant, 26 Melville street 

Barclay, Margaret and Jane (Misses), 33 Burton place ; h. Nelson street ! 

Barclay, Mary Ann, confectioner, 8 Meal vennel 

Barclay, Mrs Annie, newsagent and tobacconist, High street ; h. 268 

Barclay, Mrs Catherine, 77 Glover street 

Barclay, Mrs David, 343 High street 

Barclay, Mrs David, pensioner, 335 High street 

Barclay, Mrs Mary, ladies' nurse, 32 Caledonian road 

Barclay, Robert, painter, 3 Inchaffray street 

Barclay, Thomas B. L. , porter, 33 Commercial street 

Barclay, William, retired, Craigielea Villa, 5 Friar street 

Barclay, William A., actuary, Savings Bank, 24 Tay street 

Barclay, Mrs Wm. A., Joppa, 119 Glasgow road 

Bardill, Joseph, inspector, 21 King street 

Bardsley, Samuel, Staff Q. M.S., A.P.C., 3 Scott st. ; h Braehead, Jeanne** 

Barker, Frank M., engineer, 16 Marshall place 

Barker, David M., architect, Moredun Elms, Craigend, Edinburgh road 

Barker, George, & Son, engineer, Tay Iron Works, Newro 

h. 4 Albert place, King street. See advt. 
Barker, George, engineer ; workshop, 46 Market street 
Barker, Mary, dressmaker, 94 Scott street 
Barker, Mary Alice, 38 Craigie road 
Barker, Misses K. and M., 5 Pitcullen terrace 
Barker, Mrs Jane W., Moredun Elms, Craigend, Edinburgh road 
Barlas, James, j. P., house agent, &c, 231 High st. ; h. Clematis villa, Fa 
Barlas, R., clerk, Inland Revenue, 40 Tay street 
Bar lass, Alexander, ironmonger, Kenacoil, 11 Wilson street 
Barlass, David G. M., manager Shields Motor Co., 3 Claremount place 
Barlass, J. & D., ironmongers and oil merchants, 56-58 High street 

h. Kenacoil, Wilson street 
Barlass, Mrs William, Mill Den, Balhousie 
Barlow, Catherine S. , 40 Tay street 
Barlow, John L., draughtsman, 16 Ballantine place 
Barlow, W. A., caretaker, Inland Revenue, 40 Tay street 
Bamett, Andrew, engine driver, 9 Crown buildings 
Barnett, George, wire worker, 212 South street 
Bamett, John, dyer's cleaner, 16 Paul street 
Barnett, John, lorryman, 87 Leonard street 
Barnett, William, gas stoker, 22 Craigie place 
Barns, Jane, M., 216 High street 
Barrie, Robert, railway porter, 17 Cross street 
Barron, James, tea merchant, 41 Glover street 
Barty, James, dyer's finisher, 10 High street 
Batchelor, Bella P., teacher, Saddlebank, Murray crescent 
Batchelor, David, caretaker, Sanatorium 
Batchelor, Daniel M., clerk, Murray crescent 
Bateman, Mrs Mary, 15 Commercial street 
Bates, Archibald W. D., warder, H.M. Prison 
Bates, George F., B.A.,, assistant director of education, 1 Ros 

terrace ; h. Westoe, Craigie road 
Bates, R. Martin, solicitor, 1 Rose terrace ; h. Pedwarden road 

olt H> 


I o Piano Ouyers. 

We offer a selection of high-grade 
British Pianos, unrivalled elsewhere, 
on terms which defy competition. 

pie Agents for 


and the 

Real Pianola Piano. 

riethven Simpson Ltd. 

J^icno and ^^^^^ *° 

jEusic fellers ^^^^ $.J32. ffie fiiruj, 

29 County Place, Perth. 




We h'aue the latest and most improved applianoes and methods 
for doing all classes of Laundry Work. 

ftllRTrAINS This class of work carefully undertaken, 
-., * but only at Customer's own risk. 

Carpet Beating and Brushing done under the 
most approved Hygeinie and Sanitary Principles. 

We hold ourselves responsible for any Loss or Damage by Fire 
to our Customer's goods while in our premises. 

Town and Country Orders receive prompt attention. 

Telephone No. 188. R. HAMILTON & SON, Proprietors. 


Electrical and Power Engineer, 

Everything Electrical. 

Executed by Skilled Electricians. 

Telephone No. 64*. 

■iiiiiiMi 1 1 in— ■— 11 Willi mil miiiumim 


Bauchope, John, signalman, 18 M'Quibban's buildings 

Bauchope, William, railway porter, 8 Alexandra place 

Baumer, Mrs George, dressmaker, 37 Stormont street 

Baxter, Christina, 59 Jeanfield 

Baxter, Harry Moyes, porter, 31 Kinnoull street 

Baxter, James, warehouseman, 57 Scott street 

Baxter, James, engine driver, 113 Scott street 

Baxter, John, dyer, 10 Keir street 

Baxter, Mrs David, 61 Leonard street 

Baxter, Mrs John, Osborne terrace, 33 Wilson street 

Baxter, Peter, labourer, 66 Pomarium street 

Baxter, Peter, proofreader, 31 James street 

Baxter, William, grocer, 90 South street 

Bayne, Andrew, clerk, 19 Queen street, Craigie 

Bayne, George, & Son, watchmakers, 90 High st. ; h. I Ivybank, Kinnoull 

Bayne, Harry, gardener, Quarry Cottage, Cleeve 

Bayne, Misses A. & E., 6 Moredun terrace 

B.B. Picture Palace (Thos. Teale, manager), 58 Victoria st. & 29 S.William st. 

Beaton, Alexander K., architect, 9 Charlotte street ; h. Highfield, Cornhill 

Beaton, William Leslie, retired, 15 Muirhall terrace 

Beatson, David, warehouseman, 3 Keithick place 

Beattie, Andrew, labourer, 45 Kinnoull causeway 

Beattie, Misses Janet and Mary, 10 Pitcullen crescent 

Beattie, Miss Jessie, 3 St. Paul's square 

Beattie, Thomas, porter, 357 High street 

Beattie, William, plumber, 13 Unity place 

Beattie, William, porter, 15 Verena terrace 

Beckett, George, market gardener, Craigbank, Barnhill 

Beckitt, James, miller, 9 Inchaffray street 

Beckitt, Thomas, glass blower, 54 St. Catherine's court 

Beedie, Ellen, 6 Strathmore street 

Beehive Drapery Warehouse, 14 County place 

Begg, James, shepherd, 53 Jeanfield 

Begg, James, shepherd, 4 Viewfield Place, Crieff road 

Begg, John, town clerk, City Chambers, High street; h. The Grange, 127 

Glasgow road 
Begg, John, coachman, 2 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Begg, Peter, dyer's finisher, 29 Kinnoull causeway 
Beharrie, Mrs Isabella, Fernyfold, Needless road 
Bell, A. K. (of A. Bell & Sons), Campsie Hill, near Perth 
Bell, Alexander, engineer, 1 Aldie place 
, Bell, Andrew, electrician, 19 Kinnoull st. ; h. 257 High st. See advt. 
Bell, Andrew, insurance agent, 59 Scott street 
Bell, Andrew, plumber, 14 Calder's buildings, 9 Alexandra street 
Bell, Andrew, bellhanger, 257 High street 
Bell, Archibald, dyer's cleaner, George Inn lane 
Bell, Arthur, & Sons, Scotch whisky merchants, Charles street, and n-21 

Victoria street 
Bell, David, tailor, 10 Leonard street 
Bell, Euphemia, 23 North Methven street 
*Bell, Henry J. , civil engineer, 18 Charlotte st. ; h. Lindenbank, Strathearn ter. 


Bell, Herman D., soldier, 4 Westgrove avenue, Jeanfield 

Bell, James, feather dyer, 2 Aldie place 

Bell, James, painter, 36 Pomarium street 

Bell, Jane, 25 Barossa street 

Bell, John, barman, 5 South Inch terrace 

Bell, John, painter (of G. R. Douglas & Son) Belville, Needless road 

Bell, John, carter, 102 Reform place 

Bell, John, 5 Market street 

Bed, Miss Mary, 57 Glasgow road 

Bell, Misses Mary A. and Jane, 6 Pitcullen crescent 

Bell, Mrs Catherine, 6 Union street 

Bell, Mrs James, 14 Paul street 

Bell, Mrs Joan K. M'G., 67 Strathmore street 

Bell, Mrs William, Ledlanet, Barnhill 

Bell, Robert, dyer, 1 Unity Place, James street 

Bell, Thomas, platelayer, 95 High street 

Bell, William, gardener, 289 High street 

Bell, William, labourer, 5 St. Catherine's court 

Bell, William D., dyer's cleaner, 1 Inchaffray street 

Bennett, Janet, costumier, 26 South Methven street 

Bennett, Mrs Alexander, I Viewlands terrace, Glasgow road 

Benson, Robert Clark, coach builder, 12-14 Victoria street 

Benvie, Jessie D. , 26 Queen street 

Bertie, James, dyer's finisher, 265 High street 

Bertie, William, chintz glazer, 6 Ballantine place 

Bethune, Mrs James, 41 Meal vennel 

Bett, Andrew, storekeeper, 20 Glover street 

Bett, John, insurance agent, 4 King Edward street 

Beveridge, Alexander, wagon lifter, 36 West Mill street 

Beveridge, Ann, 45 Victoria street 

Beveridge, Archibald, dyer ; s finisher, 45 Canal street 

Beveridg'e, David, & Son, monumental sculptors, 2-4 York place; 

h. 41 York place. See advt. 
Beveridge, David, builder, H-15 New row ; h. Coylum, 182 Glasgow road 
Beveridge, David, builder and contractor, 1 1- 15 New row 
Beveridge, James, sculptor, 41 York place 
Beveridge, John Graham, publican, 83 South street and King Edward 

street ; h. 10 Kincarrathie crescent 
Beveridge, Meldrum, tailor, 75 Leonard street 
Beveridge, Mrs. Alexander, Bonnieview, Cherrybank 
Beveridge, Robert, coal salesman, Isla Bank cottage, Needless road 
Beveridge, William, joiner, 61 High street 
Bhubrighat Tea Company, Limited, 6 and 8 Princes street 
Binnie, William, joiner, 4 New row 
Binny, Thomas A., tinsmith 59 Kinnoull street 
Birch, Thomas, scavenger, 6 Meal vennel 
Bird, Rev. James, retired, The Rosary, 83 Muirton place 
Birnie, David, saddler, 289 High street 
Birnie, Mrs., Jane A., 8 Castle terrace 
Birnie, John, engine driver, Benachy, 4 Wilson street 
Birrell, A., & Sons, boot dealers, 66-68 High street 


Birrell, David, retired, 53 Longcauseway 

Birrell, George, guard, I Viewfie'd place 

Birrell, Hugh, lorryman, 4 South Methven street 

Birrell, James, guard. 24 King street 

Birrell, Ltd., confectioner, 89 High street 

Birrell, Peter, retired, Squires Villas, 31 Verena terrace 

Birrell, William, engine driver, 10 Ballantine place 

Birrell, William A., engineman, 25 Shields' place 

Bisset, Alex., clerk, 12 Newrow 

Bisset, Cecilia, curtain finisher, Hillyland 

Bisset, David, works manager, 2 Abbot street 

Bisset, David, labourer, Upper Friavton, Edinburgh road 

Bisset, Helen, wraper, 19 Mill street 

Bisset, Henry, dyer's cleaner, 13 Cross street 

Bisset, James, warehouseman, 13 Queen street, Craigie 

Bisset, John, glove dyer, 23 Tulloch terrace 

Bisset, John, basket maker, 5 St. Ann's lane ; h. 15 Balhousie street 

Bisset, John, yarn dresser, 4 Hillyland crescent 

Bisset, John, labourer, 10 South street 

Bisset, Margaret, 1 Inchaffray street 

Bisset, Mrs Andrew, 22 Unity place, Scott street 

Bisset, Mrs James, 13 Charterhouse lane 

Bisset, Mrs Thomas, nurse, 4 Gowrie street 

Bisset, Mrs Walter, 9 Unity place, Scott street 

Bisset, Mrs William, 30 George street 

Bisset, Peter, surfaceman, 36 Carrs Croft, Craigie 

Bisset, Robert, grocer, 83 Pomarium street 

Bisset, Wm., brush & basket maker, 5 St. Ann's lane ; h. 15 Balhousie st. 

Bisset, William Fraser, M.B.,Ch. B.,D.P.H., medical practitioner, 7 King's pi. 

Bisset, William, postman, 268 Fligh street 

Black, David, warehouse superintendent, Knowelea, Queen street 

Black, James MTntyre, engine driver, 25 St. Johnstouns buildings 

Black, John, representative, Farkhill, 44 Craigie road 

Black, John, grain mer. and miller, Mill street ;h. 2 Moncreiffe terrace 

Black, John, retired, Inchcape, 68 Wilson street 

Black, John, sculptor, 44 Whitefriars street 

Black, John, labourer, 7 Milne street 

Black, John M., retired printer, 4 Craigie crescent 

Biack, Maggie, tailores^, 200 High street 

Black, Mrs Neil M., Glenardle, 10 Wilson street 

Black, Mrs Samuel, baker and meal merchant, 4 Mill street ; h. 8 

Black, William, 50 Pomarium street 

Black Watch Brigade T.F. Office, Soldiers' Home, Scott street 

Black Watch, T.A. Soldiers' Club, 40 North Methven street 

Black Watch, Officer Commanding, Drill Hall, Tay street 

Blackley, Thos., railwayman, J7 High street 

Blackwood, Wm., linesman, 4 Inchaffray street 

Blair, Alex. S., P.O. clerk, 38 James street 

Blair, David, baker, 7 Paul street 

Blair, David, gardener, 17 E. Bridge street 

Blair, Hugh, foreman dyer, 1 Crieff road 


Blair, James, dyer, 10 Scott street 

Blair, James, coachbuilder, 23 Campbell's buildings 

Blair^ James^ shoemaker, 4 Brown street 

Blair, James, labourer, 136 South street 

Blair, John, tinsmith, 17 Ballantine place 

Blair, John, wagon inspector, 23 Closeburn terrace 

Blair, John, dyer, 38 High street 

Blair, Margaret, 40 Glasgow road 

Blair, Margaret R., 6 Main street, Bridgefld 

Blair, Mrs Peter, 1 West Grove avenue 

Blair, Mrs Thomas, 8 Market street 

Blair ,Mrs William, 269 High street 

Blair, Peter, shunter, Albert Close, 48 George street 

Blair, Rebecca, dyer's finisher, 2 Paul street 

Blair, Robert, tailor and clothier, 32 Scott street ; h. Annaty, Clyde place 

Blair, Rose Panton, chemist and druggist (Norman M. Lindsay, proprietor), 

44 South Methven street ; h. 40 
Blellock, Mrs Robert, 6 Union street 
Blellock, William, painter, 28 West Mill street 
Bloodworth, Richard, lorryman, 34 Whitefriars street 
Blues, Alex., grocer, Osborne house, 35 Wilson street 
Blyth, Andrew N. , engine driver, 28 Longcauseway 
Blyth, George, surfaceman, 89 Canal street 
Blyth, James, furniture dealer, 27 Hospital street and 3 Leonard street ; 

h. 66 Pomarium street 
Blyth, Jas., butcher, 5 Ballantine place 
Blyth, James, stationer, 27 Watergate 
Blyth, James W., butcher, 47 North Methven street 
Blyth, Mrs James, 59 Kinnoull causeway 
Blyth, Mrs Sarah, 76 South street 
Blyth, Robert, surfaceman, 8 Longcauseway 
Blyth, William, bootshop manager, 7 Raeburn place, Craigie 
Blyth, William, 9 Rose terrace 

Blyth, William, mo l or driver, 71 Kinnoull causeway 
Boa, Peter, printer, 4 Cross street 
Boag, Mrs John, apartments, Strathview terrace 
Boaler, Jarvis, clerk, Clunie bank, Jeanfield 
Board of Trade Labour Exchange, King Edward street 
Bodjong Aseh Tea Co., Ltd., 6 and 8 Princes street 
Boiles, Joseph, labourer, 1 Lickley street 
Bolt, John F. , carpet weaver, 40 St Johnstoun's buildings 
Bolt, Mrs Thomas, charwoman, 7 Barossa street 
Bolt, Thomas, fitter, 1 1 Ballantine place 
Bonar, Agnes, 18 Priory place 
Bonnar, Edward, dyer, Jt, High street 
Bonnar, Robert, dyer, 20 Gowrie street 
Bonnar, Thomas, dyer's finisher, Feu terrace 
Bonella, William, dyer, 9 Low street 
Bonnyman, John, fireman, 12 Campbell's buildings 
Bonthrone. Mrs Bessie, Greenfield, Burghmuir 
Boreham, Walter E. , vanman, 3 1 Canal street 


Borland, David F., commercial traveller, Dungcyne, Strathearn terrace 

Borland, Duncan, gas worker, 48 George street 

Borrie, Alexander, joiner, 252 High street ; h. Albany terrace, Crieff road 

Borthwick, Alfred J., traveller, 9 Kinfauns crescent 

Borthwick, Walter, bellhanger, 35 Mill street and 68 George street ; h. 
Ardgowan, Needless road 

Borthwick, William, M.A., teacher, 46 Balhousie street 

Boswell, Claud P., ."■ heriff-Substitute, Melrose House, Kinnoull 

Bottle Exchange, 58 Mill street 

Bouick, Mrs Margaret, Gowan bank, Abbot street 

Bourke, Annie, photographer, 175 South street ; //. 36 Dunkeld road 

Bourke, Christina, 36 Robertson's buildings 

Bourne, John W. , clerk, 1 Lickley street 

Bourne, Walter, engineer, 3 Barossa place 

Bowen, Henry J. C, clerk, 19 Pitcullen terrace 

Bowes, John Y. , warder, II. M. Prison 

Bowie. David, porter, 29 Kinnoull Causeway 

Bowie, Geo., policeman, 21 Leith's buildings 

Bowie, James, glass tube maker, 23 South Inch place 

Bowie, James, foreman, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

Bowie, John Lyall, solicitor, N. P., J.P., 80 George st. ; h. 5 St. Leonard bk. 

Bowie, Mrs John, 37 Cross street 

Bowie, Mrs Robert, 58 South Methven street 

Bowie, Robert, railway guard, 32 Caledonian road 

Bowie, Thomas, commercial traveller, 44 Glasgow road 

Bowman, R. E., tobacco blender, 2 Viewfield place 

Bowman, Wm. W., teacher, 17 Spens Crescent 

Box, Harold Wm., Salvation Army Ass. Agent, 6 Union street 

Boyd, Annie, Main street, Cherrybank 

Boyd, Halvor, carpet weaver, 181 High street 

Boyd, James, traveller, 5 Western avenue 

Boyd, James Stalker, waggon wright, 20 Longcauseway 

Boyd, "Mrs James, laundress, 17 Ballantine place 

Boyd, Mrs John, 65 Glover street 

Boyd, Mrs John, 31 New Row 

Boyes, William A., burgh prosecutor, depute procurator-fiscal for Perth- 
shire, J. P., County buildings ; h. Bellwood park 

Boys' and Girls' Religious Society Hall. 62 Tay street 

Boyle, Anthony, labourer, 146 High street 

Boyle, James, 6 Burnbank terrace 

Boyle, Mrs Michael, 56 W. Mill street 

Boyle, Mrs Peter, broker, 42-44 Meal vennel ; h 56 

Boyle, Peter, barman, 56 Meal vennel 

Boyle, Peter, porter, 42 Skinnergate 

Boyle, William, porter, 60 Longcauseway 

Boyle, William, fitter's labourer, 72 Watergate 

Boysack, Donald, labourer, 206 South street 

Brady & Sons, auctioneers and valuators, 82 High st., and 70 George st. 

Brady, George, auctioneer (of Brady & Sons), 8 Comely bank 

Brady, Mrs J. C. , 23 Melville street 

Brae, James, dyer, 25 Leonard street 


Bramham, Charles, powerloom tenter, 208 High street 

Bramham, Henry, carter, 5 Hawarden terrace 

Bramham, James, warehouseman, 59 Scott street 

Bramley, Mrs Jennings-, Bonnieview, Cherrybank 

Brand, Alex., coal and cement mer., 72 Princes st. ; h. 9 Rosemount pi. 

Brand, George, joiner, 8 South Inch terrace 

Brand & Sons, Robt. , builders and contractors, 3 Elibank street; /?. 10 

Barossa place 
Brand, Mrs Henry, 76 Pomarium street 
Brand, Thomas, engineman, 9 Tulloch place 
Brand, William, cellarman, 31 Cross street 
Brand, William, warehouseman, 3 Viewfield place 
Brannon, Sarah, nurse, Day Nursery, Melville street 
Branson, Geo., labourer, 231 High street 

Brash, James Walker, shepherd, 7 Castle terrace, Needless road 
Brechin, Alexander, fireman, 16 Paul street 
Bremner, Alexander, janitor, Main street, Cherrybank 
Bremner, David, stableman, Co-op. stables, Feus road 
Bremner, James, engine driver, 54 Longcauseway 
Bremner, James, joiner, 1 1 Gladstone terrace 
Bremner, Mrs Robert, Main street, Cherrybank 

Bridgend Motor & Cycle Co. , 55-57 Main street ; h. 77 Strathmore street 
Bridgend Institute, 10 Strathmore street 
Bridgend U.F. Church 
Bridges, Elizabeth, 10 Scott street 

Bridges, James, registrar, 14 Tay street ; h. 12 Rose terrace 
Bridges, John, 22 Barrack street 
Bridges, John, gasworker, 112 South street 
Brien, Andrew, postal clerk, 359 High street 
Brien, James C, gardener, 93 Glover street 
Brims James H., P.O. clerk, 3 Salisbury terrace 
Brittain, Mrs Robert, 38 Atholl street 
British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., 218 South street 
British Bazaars, Ltd., 142 High street 
British Linen Bank, 77 George street— John Stewart, P. R. Buik and 

David MacKenzie, agents ; West End Branch, 35 York Place— James 

Shankland, agent 
Brodie, Alexander, police constable, 17 Cutlog vennel 
Brodie, James, engine driver, 36 South Inch terrace 
Brodie, Mrs William, 15 Market street 
Brooks, Charles North, vanman, 75 Kinnoull causeway 
Brooks, Jas. R., chauffeur, 3 Main street, Bridgend 
Brooks, Mrs William, 10 Gladstone terrace 
Broome, Walter S., Insurance official, 94 Scott street 
Brotherston, David, traveller, Craigie Knowes road 
Brough, Agnes, fruiterer, 67 Princes street 
Brough, Andrew M., clerk, 16 Closeburn terrace 
Brough, David, Oakford, 49 Balhousie street 
Brough, James, butcher, 264 High street 
Brough, Jas. M ; E., painter, 117 High street 
Brough, John, dyer, 6 Priory place 


Brough, John M., watchmaker, 27 Kinnoull causeway 

Brough, Margaret, Cambirshaw, 65 Craigie road 

Brough, Mrs Robert, 16 Craigie place 

Brough, Mrs William, Eildon, 44 Wilson street 

Brough, Peter S., commercial traveller, Kerr's land, Barnhill 

Brough, Robert, bellhanger, 10 St. John's place 

Brough, Robert, gardener, East Kincarrathie Ldge 

Brow, Mrs James, Park villa, 41 Rose crescent 

Brown, A. & J., dressmakers, 4 St. John's house, Kirkgale; h. 2 Balhousiest. 

Brown, Alfred W., seedsman, 189 High street ; h. Lawgrove house, Inver- 

Brown, Andrew, manager, 36 James street 
Brown, Andrew, dyer's finisher, 9 Hammerman's buildings 
Brown, Andrew W., clothier, 30 St. John st. ; h. Hazeldene, Comely Bank 
Brown, Andrew, fireman, 242 High street 
Brown, David, wagon lifter, 12 St Catherines road 
Brown, David, ploughman, 82 Pomarium street 
Brown, David, tailor, 335 High street 

Brown, David, plumber, 2 Gowrie street ; h. 16 Main street 
Brown, David, postman, 11 South William street 
Brown, David, firemin, 29 Shields' place 
Brown, David, exciseman, Woodend cottage, Barnhill 
Brown, David A., clerk, Sunnyside, Feus road 
Brown, George, chaplain, 2 Feus terrace, Crieff road 
Brown, George, porter, 41 Glover street 
Brown, George, draper's manager, Togo villa, Clyde place 
Brown, George, signalman, 40 St Katherine's Court 
Brown, George, tailor, Whitefriars street 
Brown, Hugh H. , accountant, 6 Moncrieff terrace 
Brown, Isabella, newsagent, 15 Leonard street; h. 36 James street 
Brown, James, traveller, Brae View, Oakbank road 
Brown, James, warehouseman, 1 1 Spens crescent 
Brown, James, porter, 57 Canal street 
Brown, James, warehouseman, 41 Scott street 
Brown, James, painter, 25 Whitefriars street 
Brown, James, fruiterer, retired, 3 Burnside, Pitcullen terrace 
Brown, James, compositor, 8 Crichton place 
Brown, James P., vanman, I Tulloch cottages 
Brown, James, guard, 58 Glover street 
Brown, |ames, baker, 34 Caledonian road 
Brown, Jane, 209 High street 

Brown, Jessie, sick nurse, 18 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Brown, Jessie, 2 Marshall place 

Brown, Jessie and Chris., confectioners, 12 Scott street 
Brown, John, carter, 27 Castlegable 

Brown, John, fish restaurant, 2 Mill Street ; h. 42 Skinnergate 
Brown, John, craneman, 39 Canal street 

Brown, John, baker, 2 Main st., Bridgend ; h. Hazeldene, Comely bank 
Brown, John, M.R.C.V.S., 51 York place 
Brown, John, joiner, 13 North Methven street 
Brown, John & Son, plasterers, 31 Commercial street 


Brown, John, dyer's finisher, 186 High street 

Brown, John, railway servant, 30 Caledonian road 

Brown, John, carter, 5 Brown street 

Brown, John, shunter, 32 Leonard street 

Brown, John, licensed grocer, 44 Longcauseway ; h. 4 Wellshill terrace 

Brown, John M., assistant inspector of boy messengers, 15 Earls' dykes 

Brown, Margaret, 6 Hawarden terrace 

Brown, Mary, 4 Queen's avenue 

Brown, Mary, 36 High street 

Brown, Misses, 6 Pomarium street 

Brown, Michael, labourer, 9 Bridge lane 

Brown, Miss J., 18 St Johnstoun's buildings . 

Brown, Miss M. A., Colintraive, 39 Queen street 

Brown, Miss R. R., 36 Queen street 

Brown, Mrs Alex., 22 Cross street 

Brown, Mrs Alex., 31 Kinnoull street 

Brown, Mrs Andrew, 32 Shields' place 

Brown, Mrs Elizabeth A., 12 N. William street 

Brown, Mrs Emma, 4 North Port 

Brown, Mrs Hugh, 46 Meal vennel 

Brown, Mrs James, 41 Scott street 

Brown, Mrs Jane, grocer, 16 Kirkgate ; h. 18 

Brown, Mrs Jessie, 6 Campbell's buildings 

Brown, Mrs Thomas, 6 Lindsay's buildings 

Brown, Mrs Thomas, 2 Abbot street 

Brown, Mrs Walter, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Brown, Nellie, 16 Campbell's buildings 

Brown, Norman, tailor, 55 Strathmore street 

Brown, Peter, plasterer, 58 Mill street; h. 173 High street 

Brown, Peter, grocer, Viewmount, 80 Wilson street 

Brown, Peter, water inspector, 17 Verena terrace 

Brown, Peter J., guard, 17 Priory place 

Brown, Peter, clerk, 27 Queen street 

Brown, Phemie, 16 Paul street 

Brown, Rachel, 36 Queen street 

Brown, Robert, storeman, 5 Lickley street 

Brown, Robert M. , greenkeeper, Craigie Wood cottage 

Brown, Thomas, gardener, 4 Stormont street 

Brown, Thomas, baker, 38 Queen street 

Brown, Thomas, clerk, 5 Windsor terrace 

Brown, Thomas, labourer, 96 South street 

Brown, Thos., clerk, 6\ County place 

Brown, Thomas J., electrician, 41 Scott street 

Brown, Thomas W., artist, 58 Tay street. 

BPOWn, William, & CO., wholesale fruit merchant and nurseryman, 

King Edward st. ; Hatton nurseries ; //. Atholl Bank. See advi. 
Brown, William, coachman, 9 Union lane 
Brown, William, roadman, 3 Keir street 
Brown, William, railway surfaceman, 58 Glover street 
Brown, William, lorryman, 1 Victoria court 
Brown, William, glass worker, 4 Leiths buildings. 


Brown, William, grocer, 36 Skinnergate 

Brown, William Bell, retired, 2 Balhousie street 

Brown, William H., coal agent, 4 Western avenue 

Brown, Wm. M. , soldier, 34 Caledonian road 

Bruce & Sime, carting contractors, Shore 

Bruce, Alexander, engine driver, 10 Market street 

Bruce, Andrew, plumber, 190 South street ; h. Dalquharron, Wilson street 

Bruce, David, plumber, 22 & 26 Kinnoull st. ; h. Elmwood, 8 Moncreiffe ter. 

Bruce, Elizabeth R., 36 George street 

Bruce, James, mason, 10 Cow vennel 

Bruce, Jane, dressmaker, 5 Pomarium street 

Bruce, John, grocer, 27 Watergate 

Bruce, John, insurance superintendent; h. Findynate, 11 Muirhall terrace 

Bruce, John S., checker, 355 High street 

Bruce, Margaret, weaver, 18 Barrack street 

Bruce, Martin, gardener, 18 Commercial street 

Bruce, Mrs Alexander, 88 South street 

Bruce, Mrs Barbara, confectioner, 23 Commercial street 

Bruce, Mrs Isabella, 30 Longcauseway 

Bruce, Mrs James, 50 Main street 

Bruce, Mrs Robert, 351 High street 

Bruce, Mrs William, 355 High street 

Bruce, Peter, clerk, 91 Glover street 

Bruce, Peter, assistant superintend. Prudential Assurance, 5 Muirton place 

Bruce, Robert, foreman plumber, 78 Scott street 

Bruce, Robert, glassblower, 22 New row 

Bruce, Robert R., insurance agent, 2 Spens crescent 

Bruce, Thomas, jobbing gardener, 3 Viewfield place 

Bruce, Thos. C, Dog Home, Shore road 

Bruce, William, guard, 32 Glover street 

Bruce, William, platelayer, 12 Ballantine place 

Bruccini, Mrs Albert, grocer, 333 High street ; h. 343 

Brunton, John, 35 Watergate 

Brunton, William D. , chemist, 1 York place; h. Garfield, 85 Glasgow road 

Bryce, Charles, labourer, 49 Leonard street 

Bryce, David, ploughman, Necessity cottages 

Bryce, George, 18 St. Jane's place, 37 Friar street 

Bryce, George, clothlapper, 86 Victoria street 

Bryce, George, engineer, 22 Atholl street 

Bryce, George, clerk, 15 Priory place 

Bryce, George, dyer, 19 Tulloch terrace 

Bryce, Helen, milliner, 48 Atholl street ; h. 3 Melville street 

Bryce, Jessie, curtain finisher, 26 Closeburn terrace 

Bryce, Mrs Charles, weaver, 4 Homers' lane 

Bryce, Wm. , brick arch builder, 27 Cross street 

Bryden, Alexander, church officer, 121 Scott street 

Bryden, William, carter, 28 Caledonian road 

Brydon, John, chemist, 43 South Methven street ; h. 4 Rockford terrace 

Brydson, William, & Co., drapers, 23 St. John st. ; h Craigmount 

Bryson, Annie, confectioner, 21 Commercial street ; //. 78 High street 

Bryson, Charles, grocer, 6 Castle terrace, Craigie 


Bryson, Mrs Charles, 78 High street 

Buchan, David, retired, Cawdor Cottage, Jeanfield 

Buchan, Elspet, 41 Craigie road 

Buchan, Henry, wagon wright, 13 Homers' lane 

Buchan, James, & SOD, slaters and plasterers, Loretto court ; h. 35 
King street. See advt. 

Buchan, James Hall, slater, 35 King street 

Buchan, Jas., Central Billiard Rooms, 77 Kinnoull st.; h. 17 Kinfauns cres. 

Buchan, John, dyer's finisher, 43 St. Tohnstoun's buildings 

Buchan, John A., wholesale fruit merchant and seed potato grower, 
St. Leonard's Sale Rooms, 54-56 Victoria street ; Nurseries — Veitch- 
field and Woodlands, Barnhill ; h. 52 Rose crescent 

Buchan, Mrs James, 27 Marshall place 

Buchan, Mrs James, 30 New row 

Buchan, Mrs Jane, grocer and confectioner, 1 Shields place 

Buchan, Mrs John, 10 Craigie place 

Buchan, Mungo, retired, 34 South William street 

Buchan, Robert, clerk, 34 South Inch terrace 

Buchan, Thos., labourer, 48 Whitefriars street 

Buchanan, Chas., fireman, 7 Clayholes 

Buchanan, David, plumber, 1 Barossa stree ; h. 36 Shields' place 

Buchanan, David, clerk, 1 Young street, Craigie 

Buchanan. Malcolm, gardener, 23 Alexandra street 

Buchanan, Mrs Isabel, 7 Clayholes 

Buchanan, Mrs. Christina, teacher of cookery, 20 Scott street 

Buchanan, Peter, plumber, 3 Brown street 

Buchanan, Robert Wilson, M.A., B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B. . Craigie park house 

Buhrer, Jean J. , teacher of languages, Elvera, Barnhill 

Buik, P. R., w.s., 75 George street ; h. Highfield, Scone 

Buist, John, dyer's finisher, I Paul street 

Buist, Jessie, Friarton Cottages. 

Buist, Thomas, butcher, 9 Methven buildings 

Buist, William, lorryman, 36 Scott street 

Bull, Arthur G., insurance manager, Tay street ; h. Crossmount, Bridgend 

Bullen, Very Rev. John, St. Mary's, Kinnoull 

Bullous, Arthur, A.P.C., 11 Ballantine place 

Burden, James, upholsterer, 7 Closeburn terrace 

Burden, John, upholsterer, 353 High street 

Burden, Mrs Isa, 4 Spey court 

Burden, Mrs Katherine, 1 Inchaffray street 

Burden, Wm., warehouseman, 78 High street 

Burgess, Charles, 173 High street 

Burgess, George, gardener, 72 George street 

Burgess, James Rae, dentist, 173 High street 

Burgess, Mrs Emily, 10 Crichton place 

Burgh Insurance Commissioners, 38 Tay street 
Burgoyne, Mrs James, housekeeper, 58 Watergate 
Burke, Mrs John, 15 Strathmore street 
Burnell, Alfred Charles, Darena, Bellwood park 
Burnett, George, boxmaker, 18 Watergate 
Burnett, Mrs Charles, 7 Comely Bank 


Burnett, Thomas, clerk, 68 Atholl street 

Burnfiekl, David, watchmaker and jeweller, 57 South Methven street ; h. 

28 Rose crescent 
Burnfield, Mrs David, Victoria villa, Hay street 

Burns, David, cycle and motor agent, 62-64 and 74 George St.; h. Hillyland 
Burns, D., merchant, 5 Priory place 
Burns, James, clerk, 94 High street 

Burns, J as., fruiterer and confectioner, 270 High st. ; h. 272 High street 
Burns, John, 3 Thimblerow 
Burns, John, carter, 47 Watergate 
Burns, John, carter, 19 Kirkgate 
Burns, Mary, 46 Meal vennel 
Burns, Mary, weaver, 22 Union lane 
Burns, Mary, dairy keeper, 12 Market street ; h 20 
Burns, Mrs Andrew, Linmore, 91 Muirton place 
Burns, Mrs Alexander, Hillyland 
Burns, Mrs James, 220 High street 

Burt, William C, law agent, 38 Tay St.; h. Squire villas, Verena terrace 
Butchart, Grace, 16 South Methven street 
Butchart, James, traveller, Allanton villa, 15 Friar street 
Butchart, James P., law clerk, 47 George street 
Buttar, John L., porter, 257 High street 
Butter, John, clerk, 22 St. John street 
Butter, Mrs Thomas, 8 Marshall place 
Butter, Robert, 14 Queen street 
Butters, Andrew, grocer & wine merchant, 74 to 76 St. John street ; h. 

Ormiston, Kinnoull 
Butters, John, labourer, 6\ County place 
Buttercup Dairy Co., 80 High street, and 15 County place 
Byars, Janet, 208 High street 

Byars, Mary, fruiterer, 64 South Methven street ; h. 10 Evelyn terrace 
Byars, William, tailor and clothier, 96 High street ; h. 10 Evelyn terrace 

Cabels, William, blacksmith, 25 Stormont street 

Camdan, Mary Ann, 12 Canal street 

Cadzow, Frank, dairymen, 32 Craigie place ; h. 2 Windsor terrace 

Cadzow, Lizzie, dairy, 17 Skinnergate ; h. Friarton 

Cahill, Thos., policeman, 67 Strathmore street 

Cain, Harry J., clerk, 59 Kinnoull street 

Caird Alexander & Sons, Ltd., drapers and clothiers, 159-161 High street ; 

h. Murray crescent 
Caiid, Thomas W., Enochdhu, Murray crescent 
CairnerOSS, A. & G., watchmakers, jewellers, and opticians, 18 St. John 

street. ; h. 4 Fitzroy terrace, See advt. 
Cairncross, James C. , jeweller &c, 4 Fitzroy terrace 
Cairncross, Mrs Geo T., 2 Pitcullen crescent 
Cairney, Winifred, 88 South street 
Cairnie, Thomas, labourer, 50 Meal vennel 
Cairns, David, motor driver, 6 St. Catherines road 
Cairns, Donald, carpet finisher, 223 High street 
Caithness, James W, S-, librarian, York place ; h. Dunkeld road 


Calder, Alexander S., fire insurance manager, 7 Fitzroy terrace 

Calder, Andrew R., clerk, Idvies, Darnhall Drive, Needless road 

Calder, David M., clerk, 51 Wilson street, Craigie 

Calder, James, yardsman, 4 South Inch place 

Calder, James, joiner, 14 Kinfauns crescent 

Calder, John G., agricultural agent, 16 Glasgow road ; //. 2 Dragon terrace 

Calder, John, guard, 3 Lickley street 

Calders, Ltd., Perth sawmills 

Calderwood, James, retired, 18 Pitcullen crescent 

Calderwood, John, bottle blower, 18 Thimblerow 

Calderwood, Matthew, chimney sweep, 11 Barossa street 

Calderwood, Mrs John, finisher, 4 New row 

Calderwood, Margaret, 1 Leonard place 

Calderwood, Thomas, labourer, 186 High street 

Calderwood, Thomas, retired, 2 Kilmartin place, Friar street 

Caldow, Thomas R. , boiler maker, 20 Market strett 

Caledonian and Highland Railway Companies' Goods Offices, Perth North- 
William Auld, goods superintendent 

Caledonian Railway Live Stock Booking Office, St. Catherine's road 

Caledonian Railway Workshops (Loco. Dept.), Edinburgh road 

Caledonian Railway Permanent Workshops, L ovecotland 

Caledonian Road Post Office, 296 High street 

Caledonian Road School — Hugh Leslie, Headmaster 

Callan, Robert, inspector, Lennoxville, 14 Wilson street 

Callum, James, engine driver, Rose cottage, Friarton 

Callum, Mrs George, 41 Main street 

Caiman, Mrs E. J., draper, 68 South street ; h. Hunterhill, Glencarse 

Cameron, Alex., linesman, 13 Leonard street 

Cameron, Alex., labourer, Viewfield cottage, Main street, Cherrybank 

Cameron, Alex., porter, 95 Pomarium street 

Cameron, Alexander, finisher, 19 Methven buildings 

Cameron, Alex., mechanic, 10 Unity terrace, Crieff road 

Cameron, Alex., guard, 2 St. Katherine's court 

Cameron, Alexander, policeman, 20 Market street 

Cameron, Alexander J., director (John Dewar & Sons, Ltd.), Beechwood, 
1 1 5 Glasgow road 

Cameron, Angus, coachman, 15 Stormont street 

Cameron, Ann, 1 Clayholes 

Cameron, Annie, Wellwood villa, 10 Friar street 

Cameron, Annie, factory worker, 208 High street 

Cameron, Charles, road roller driver, Corsiehill 

Cameron, Charles, cabinetmaker, 19 Greyfriars street 

Cameron, Charles, dyer's finisher, 15 Marshall's buildings 

Cameron, David, retired. 31 Commercial street 

Cameron, David M., cabinetmaker, 16 Unity place, 89 Scott street 

Cameron, Donald, carter, 2 Pomarium street 

Cameron, Donald, glassblower, 34 New row 

Cameron, Donald, joiner and caretaker, Station Hotel, Garage House 

Cameron, Duncan, labourer, 163 South street 

Cameron, Edward, insurance agent, 8 Hawarden terrace 

Cameron, Elizabeth, 8 Crown buildings, Canal crescent 


Cameron, George, engineer, Garry cottage, Barnhill 

Cameron, George, porter, 64 South street 

Cameron, George, porter, 11 Cow vennel 

Cameron, Grace, dressmaker, 16 South Inch place 

Cameron, H., grocer's assistant, 4 Union street lane 

Cameron, J-, A. & D., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 16 Gowrie street 

and 9 York place ; h. 2 Brompton terrace. See advt. 
Cameron, James, house furnisher, 2 Brompton terrace 
Cameron, James, carter, 24 Market street 

Cameron, James, hairdresser, St Leonard's bridge ; h. 49 South street 
Cameron, James, labourer, 16 Cow vennel 
Cameron, James, gardener, 67 Leonard street 
Cameron. James, butcher, 19 Commercial street 

Cameron, James, joiner, I Mill street ; h. Robertson's buildings, Barnhill 
Cameron, James, dyer, 10 Baker's buildings 
Cameron, James, journalist, 6 Brunswick terrace 
Cameron, James A., plumber, 32 Pomarium street 
Cameron, James R., dyer, 65 Pomarium street 
Cameron, Jessie, milliner, 3 Kinnoull causeway 
Cameron, Joan D. W. , Strathview 
Cameron,' John, porter, 64 Tay street 
Cameron, John, farmer, 3 Comely Bank terrace 
Cameron, John, waggon fitter, 15 Inch Head terrace 
Cameron, John, fireman, Upper Friarton 
Cameron, John, traveller, 48 High street 
Cameron, John, driver, 5 Milne street 

Cameron, John C, solicitor, 2 Charlotte street; h. 12 Balhousie street 
Cameron, Joseph, retired, 158 South street 
Cameron, J. & P., carting contractors, Glasgow road 
Cameron, Mary, Sunnybank, 187 Glasgow road 
Cameron, Mary, 242 High street 
Cameron, Misses, 30 South William street 
Cameron, Mrs, Gaskhill, Kinnoull terrace 
Cameron, Mrs Alex., 41 S. Methven street 
Cameron, Mrs Angus, 1 Leonard place 
Cameron, Mrs Chris., 9 Commercial street 
Cameron, Mrs Donald, 28 Victoria street 
Cameron, Mrs Henry, 35 Mill street 
Cameron, Mrs Jessie, tobacconist, 92 High street ; h. 78 
Cameron, Mrs John, 49 South street 
Cameron, Mrs John, 33 Priory place 
Cameron, Mrs John, feather dresser, 59 Scott street 
Cameron, Mrs John, 49 Kinnoull street 
Cameron, Mrs Murdoch, 66 Wilson street 
Cameron, Peter, S.B. officer, Wellwood cottage, Barnhill 
Cameron, Peter D., soldier, 20 Ballantine place 
Cameron, Robert, french cleaner, 2 Claremont place 
Cameron, Robert, labourer, 39 Castle Gable 
Cameron, William, lorryman, 88 South street 
Campbell, Alexander, & Son, coal, lime, and brick merchants, 5 Glasgow 

road ; h. Tregaron, Glasgow road 


Campbell, Alexander C, solicitor, 38 Tay street ; h. 8 Cornhill terrace 

Campbell, Alexander, tailor, 48 Scott street 

Campbell, Alexander, labourer, 6 Meal vennel 

Campbell, Alex., manufacturer and wholesale confectioner, Feus road ; 

h. Balgray, Feus road 
Campbell, Alex., labourer, 345 High srreet 
Campbell, Alexander, carter, 9 Clayholes 
Campbell, Archibald, traveller, Dunolly, 149 Glasgow road 
Campbell, Archibald (of C. McL. & Co.), 5 Kincarrathie crescent 
Campbell, Archibald, warder, H.M. Prison 
Campbell, Barbara, 33 Rose crescent 
Campbell Bros., grocers, 35 South St.; h. Rhodes villa, Dunkeld road, and 

Fereneze. Florence place 
Campbell, Catherine, laundress, 9 Whitefriars street 

Campbell, Charles P., solicitor, 61 George street ; h. The Ross, Glencarse 
Campbell, Christina, 9 Moredun terrace 
Campbell, David, book keeper, Auchter Villa, Clyde place 
Campbell, David, grocers' manager, 81 Muirton place 
Campbell, David L. , manager, Labour Exchange, King Edward street ; h. 

Rosehill, Spens crescent 
Campbell, David, grocer, 27 Nelson street 
Campbell, David, cleaner, 3 Westgrove avenue 
Campbell, David, scavenger, 7 Leonard street 

Campbell, David H., hairdresser, 6 King Edward street ; h. 4 Craigie road 
Campbell, Donald, dyer, 252 High street 
Campbell, Donald, plasterer, 2 Brown street 
Campbell, Duncan, boatbuilder, Shore road 
Campbell, Duncan, live stock agent, 7 Queen's avenue 
Campbell, Edward, Lignwood, Scone 
Campbell, Fred., labourer, 34 New row 
Campbell, Hannah, newsagent, 84 South street 
Campbell, Helen G., 9 St. Ann's lane 

Campbell, Hugh, grocer, South street ; h. Fereneze, 6 Florence place 
Campbell, James, clerk, Wormit villa, Gray street 
Campbell, James, guard, 20 Unity place 
Campbell, Jam°s, dyer's finisher, 24 Canal street 
Campbell, James, supt. of parks and cemeteries, Wellshill cottage 
Campbell, Jas. Nairne, surveyor, 40 S. Methven St.; h. Simla, 30 Craigie rd. 
Campbell, James, labourer, 57 Glover street 
Campbell, Janie Mary, 47 George street 

Campbell, Jeanie, dyer's finisher, 17 Unity place, Victoria street 
Campbell, Jessie, apartments, 31 High street 
Campbell, Jessie, 3 St. Paul's square 
Campbell, Ltd., John, aerated water and confectionery manufacturers, 

Feus road. See advt. 
Campbell, John (of John Campbell, Ltd.), Edrom house, Feus road 
Campbell, John (of Campbells, M 'Lagan, & Co.), Duneden, 25 Kincarrathie 

Campbell, John, coal mer. (of A. Campbell & Son), Tregaron,93 Glasgow rd. 
Campbell, John, solicitor, 5 St. John st. ; h. Murdostoun, 34 Wilson st. 
Campbell, John, labourer, 28 Thimblerow 


Campbell, John, labourer, 19 Leonard street 

Campbell, John, retired, 46 Glover street 

Campbell, John, retired, 7 Bella Vista terrace 

Campbell, John, insurance broker, h. 29 Barossa place 

Campbell, Joseph, 25 Thimble row 

Campbell, Kenneth, motorman, 50 Whitefriars street 

Campbell, Lawrence, tailor, I Campbell's buildings 

Campbell, Malcolm, gardener, Fernhill lodge, Kinnoull 

Campbell, Margaret, dressmaker, 1 Claremont place 

Campbell, Margaret Campbell, 5 Atholl place 

Campbell, Margaret, 251 High street 

Campbell, Mary, bookkeeper, 24 Unity place 

Campbell, Mrs Alexander, ladies' nurse, 63 Kinnoull causeway 

Campbell, Mrs Alexander, 2 Claremount place 

Campbell, Mrs Ann, charwoman, 206 South street 

Campbell, Mrs Henry, 21 South Methven street 

Campbell, Mrs James, 48 South street 

Campbell, Mrs James, 5 St Paul's square 

Campbell, Mrs John, 125 Canal crescent 

Campbell, Mrs John S., 66 Glasgow road 

Campbell, Mrs Joseph, 4 Croft park, Craigie 

Campbell, Mrs Kate, dairykeeper, 10 Abbott street ; h. 40 Friar street 

Campbell, Mrs Margaret, 43 Muirton place 

Campbell, Mrs Robert, 7 St John's place 

Campbell, Neil, vanman, 14 Watergate 

Campbell, Peter, director, J. Pullar & Sons, Ltd. ; h. Muirton bank, Balhousie 

Campbell, Peter, retired, 47 George street 

Campbell, Peter, labourer, 33 Castle Gable 

Campbell, Robert, grocer, 21-25 County place and 33 High street; h. 

Sunnyhill, Jeanfield 
Campbell, Robert, solicitor and bank agent, 5 St. John st. ; h Drumcharry, 

167 Glasgow road. 
Campbell, William, retired, 14 Caledonian road 
Campbell, William, compositor, 44 Victoria street 
Campbell, Wm. B., Rev., Ardkinglass, 33 Rose crescent 
Campbells, M'Lagan & Co., wholesale grocers and dealers in seeds, manures 

and feeding stuffs, 11 1 and 113 High street 
Campsie, Maggie, Tulloch farm 
Campsie, Margaret, ironer, 9 Stormont street 
Campsie, Miss, Murray crescent 
Cant, Robert, storekeeper, 131 High street 
Carcary, David B., glassworker, 24 South Inch terrace 
Carcary, James, labourer, 12 Cross street 
Carcary, James, engineer, 95 High street 
Carcary, John, engine driver, 39 Castlegable 
Carcary, Mrs Robert, 5 Whitefriars street 
Cargill, John, ironmonger, 1 1 Queen street, Craigie 
Cargill, Mrs Catherine, Westfield, 103 Glasgow road 
Cargill, Mrs Daniel, 42 St. Katherine's court 
Carle, William, surfaceman, 21 Cross street 
Carling, Thos. B., faultsman instrument, G.P.O., 33 Scott street 


Carlton Billiard Saloon, 58 South Methven street 

Carmichael, Daniel, porter, 34 Atholl street 

Carmichael, Dugald, blacksmith and lorry builder, 65-67 Main street; h> 63 

Carmichael, Duncan, & Son, bootmakers, 71 S. Methven st. ; h. 3 Albert pi. 

Carmichael, James, labourer, 96 South street 

Carmichael, James S. (of D. Carmichael & Son), 3 Albert place 

Carmichael, Mary A., Hillcrest, Brompton terrace 

Carmichael, Mrs Tames, 77 Kinnoull causeway 

Carmichael, Mrs W. G. H., Bon-Accord, 113 Glasgow road 

Carmichael, Robert, porter, 21 Union street 

Carnegie, James, police constable, 3 Keithick place 

Carnegie, Misses H. S. and A. M., 3 Nelson street 

Carnegie, John Taylor, railwayman, 56 Longcauseway 

Carnegie, William, casemaker, 16 S. Methven street 

Carphin, Marion L., 3 Pitcullen terrace 

Carr, Angus, dyer's framer, 1 1 Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Garr, James R. , journalist, 18 Verena terrace 

Carr, John, coal carter, 24 West Mill street 

Carr, Lizzie, weaver, 40 Shields' place 

Carr, William, dyer's finisher, 3 Murray street 

Carr, William, dyer's finisher, 1 17 High street 

Carrie, J., warehouseman, 7 Feus road 

Carruthers, George, book-keeper, 3 Myrtle place 

Carruthers, Mrs Eliz. J., 21 Wilson street 

Carruthers, Robt, aerated water manufacturer, 11 Low street 

Carscadden, Andrew, gardener, 50 Glover street 

Carson, Alex., excise officer, Stanley Villa, Feus road 

Carstairs, David, stationer and tobacconist, 263 High st.; h.T$ Canal st. 

Carstairs. Win,, fitter, 19 Stormont street 

Carstairs, Wm., police superintendent, 16 Tay street 

Carswell, Archibald, french cleaner, 4 Tulloch terrace 

Carswell, David, french polisher, 6 Viewfield place 

Carswell, Mrs David, 31 Stormont street 

Carter, James, gardener, 41 Main street 

Carter, Mrs Robert, 148 South street 

Carter, Rolland, designer, 4 Claremount place 

Casey, John, excise officer, 39 Rose crescent 

Cassidy, James, labourer, 45 Kinuoull causeway 

Cassidy, John, engineman, 6 Union street 

Cassidy, Francis, dyer's labourer, 84 Watergate 

Cassidy, Mrs Jas., dealer, 13 North port 

Cassidy, William, undertaker, 10 St. Ann's lane 

Cathles, J. M., dental surgeon, 49 King street 

Catholic Young Men's Club, 181 South street 

Cathro, Alex. , sawmiller, 56 W. Mill street 

Cattanach, Alice C. G., 16 Main street, Bridgend 

Cattanach, John, surfaceman, 47 Strathmore street 

Cavanagh, Michael, labourer, 35 Skinnergate 

Cavelline, Louis, fish restaurant, 102 South street ; h. 104 

Caw, Isabella, 13 Paul street 

Caw, Matthew, postman, 42 Glover street 

Presents that 

Presents that please are the Pre- 
sents to give. To the Bride, the 
Wedding Gift is something more 
than a useful and beautiful present. 
It is a part of that wonderful home 
to which she has been looking for- 
ward. Before you decide, call and 
look at our fine selection of Silver 
and High-Class Electro-Plate. 


• St. Uohn St 

airncross, Per th. 

J. A. & D. CAMERON, 

House Furnishers and 
Removal Contractors, 

9 York Place, - 
32 George Street, 
And Bridgrend, - 

// communications to 9 YORK PLACE, PBRTti. 


Automobile Engineers, ' 


Official Repairers — R.A.C. and R.S.A.C. and A. A. 

Sole Agents for 


and DODGE CARS. Any make of Car supplied. 



Repairs executed by Skilled Engineers. 

Telegrams— " Petrol, Perth." Telephone 331 Perth. 

,0Ki CHR/ 57 y f 


Buy Your Cycles 
Sell Your Cycles 
Best — Both Ways 


'PHONE No. 692. 


Caw, Mrs James, 29 South street 

Caw, Mrs John, 31 Kincarrathie crescent 

Caw, Mrs Peter, 23 Glover street 

Caw, Thomas, bellhanger, 8 St. Ann's lane 

Caw, William, hamper fitter, Hospital buildings 

Caw, William, I.R. officer, 31 Kincarrathie crescent 

Central Bar, 189 South street 

Central District School, Meal vennel, Wm. Patterson, Headmaster 

Chalmers, Miss Amelia, dyer's finisher, 188 South street 

Chalmers, A. G., architect, 49 South Methven st. ; h. Sannox, Craigie rd. 

Chalmers, George, curtain cleaner, Newlands House 

Chalmers, Harry, baker, 35 St Katherine's Court 

Chalmers, Isabella, 146 High street 

Chalmers, Henry, warehouseman, 3 Strathmore street 

Chalmers, J., grocer, 2 Leonard street or place ; h. Sannox, 3 Craigie road 

Chalmers, James, retired, 4 Laurel bank 

Chalmers, James, shoemaker, 69 George street 

Chalmers, James, clerk, 6 Hilly land crescent 

Chalmers, Jane, Glengar, 1 J3 Glasgow road 

Chalmers, Joseph, warehouseman, Ivybank, Victoria street 

Chalmers, Maggie, dressmaker, 15 M'Quibban's buildings 

Chalmers, Mrs Andrew, 41 Scott street 

Chalmers, Mrs Catherine, 1 Keithick place 

Chalmers, Mrs James, apartments, 25 Balhousie street 

Chalmers, Mrs James, tailoress, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Chalmers, Mrs John, Ann Stewart house, Burghmuir 

Chalmers, Mrs Thomas, 10- 1 1 Marshall place 

Chalmers, Mrs William, 3 Scott street 

Chalmers, Peter, joiner, 18 New row 

Chalmers, Peter, boilermaker, 2 Victoria street 

Chalmers, Peter T., mason, Bon-accord, Friarton 

Chalmers, Samuel, joiner, 8 St Ann's lane 

Chalmers, William R. , gunsmith, 19 Mill street 

Chaloner, Arthur, labourer, 145 High street 

Chaloner, Emma, music teacher, 5 Windsor terrace 

Chamberlain, Jas., janitor, 12 Canal street 

Chambers, C. "Franklin, dyer's manager, Moredun View, 19 Craigie road 

Chambers, W. D., Doctor of Medicine, Murray house 

Chandler, Cecil H., air pilot, 4 Hawarden terrace 

Chaplin, James, labourer, 16 Cross street 

Chaplin, John C., janitor, Craigie Bank house 

Chaplin, Mrs James R., 61 Strathmore street 

Chaplin, Mrs John, 17 Kinnoull causeway 

Chaplin, Wm., grocer & wine merch., 95 South st.; h. 17 Kinnoull causeway 

Chapman, John, labourer, 1 1 Paul street 

Chapman, John, jun. , 9 Paul street 

Chapman, Mrs Andrew, apartments, 31 Princes street 

Chapman, Sir Samuel, 3 King James place, Marshall place, and New 

Fargie, Gateside, Fife 
Charnley, Alex. Y., Carrick House, Barnhill 
Chirrey, Thomas, dyer, 31 Canal street 


Chirrey, Thomas, dyer's finisher, 43 Cross street 

Chisholm, Annie, Main street, Cherrybank 

Chisholm, David, shoemaker, 45 Kinnoull Causeway 

Chisholm, Donald, grocer, 3 Gowrie street 

Chisholm, Elizabeth, 28 Atholl street 

Chisholm, Isabella, folder, 1 1 Gowrie street 

Chisholm, Mrs A. M., fruiterer, 39 Scott st. ; h. Craigendarroch, Needless rd. 

Chisholm, Mrs Donald, 9 Leith's buildings 

Chisholm, Mrs Graham, 28 Atholl street 

Chisholm, Robert, commission agent, 20 Rose crescent 

Christie, Alexander, woodcutter, Corsiehill 

Christie, Alexander, dyer, 79 Watergate 

Christie, Alexander G., biths superintendent, 1 Ballantine place 

Christie, Christina, 31 Kinnoull street 

Christie, David, fireman, 51 Kinnoull Causeway 

Christie, Effie, dressmaker, 23 High street 

Christie, Francis, lorryman, 63 Scott street 

Christie, George, dyer, 16 High street 

Christie, George, sculptor, 26 York place ; h. 26 York place 

Christie, Harry, cycle agent, 9 Charter House lane and 118 Canal 

crescent ; h. 22 High street. See Advt. 
Christie, James, cycle agent, 7 King street ; h. The Cottage, King street 
Christie, James, sculptor, 10 Inchaffray street 
Christie, James, cabinetmaker, 8 Paul street 
Christie, James, watchman, Quarrymill 
Christie, James, joiner, 23 High street 
Christie, James, cabinetmaker, 208 High street 
Christie, James, retired, Umgeni, Burghmuir 
Christie, James, lorryman, 12 Pomarium srreet 
Christie, Jane, 7 Unity place, Scott street 
Christie, John, railway turner, Corsiehill 
Christie, John, tailor, 36 Princes street 

Christie, John, shoemaker, 19 East Bridge street ; h. 12 Gowrie street 
Christie, John, quarryman contractor, 18 Caledonian road 
Christie, Joseph, commercial traveller, 8 King's place 
Christie, Margaret, South Esk bank, St Magdalene road 
Christie, Mary, 14 South Methven street 
Christie, Mrs Elizabeth, grocer, 14 Market street 
Christie, Mrs Isabella, 3 Union street lane 
Christie, Mrs James, 59 Scott street 
Christie, Mrs Jas. , 2 Inchaffray street 
Christie, Mrs John, Muir cottage, Burghmuir 
Christie, Mrs John, 8 Kirkgate 
Christie, Mrs William, 5 East Bridge street 
Christie, Peter, brakesman, 4 Inchaffray street 
Christie, Peter, joiner and contractor, Beechcroft, Burghmuir 
Christie, Robert, publican, 7 South street ; h. 68 St. John street 
Christie, Thomas, painter, 10 St. John's place 
Christie, William C, seedsman, 17 Ballantine place 
Christie, William, carter, 77 High street 
Christie, William D., retired, 8 Hospital street 


Christie, Wm, F., electrician, Craigie Park terrace 

Christie, William S., slater, 6 Crown buildings 

Christison, Miss Innes, dressmaker, 126 High street 

Chrystal, Mrs Peter, Bridgend House, Main street 

Church of Christ Meeting House, 2 Stormont street 

Citadel buildings, 75 South street 

City Halls — James Morrison, caretaker, 24 King Edward street 

City Mission Hall, 151 South street 

City and County Liberal Club, Canal street 

City and County Labour Club, 17 South Methven street 

City Police Office, 18 Tay street— John Scott, chief constable 

City of Perth Theatre and Opera House — J. H. Saville, proprietor 

City Chamberlain — -R. Keay, I High street 

Clacher, James, retired, 9 George crescent, 56 Glasgow road 

Clapperton, James, butcher, 201 High street 

Clark, Adam, craneman, 2 Friarton buildings 

Clark, Alexander, engineer, 22 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Clark, Alexander, carter, 13 Union lane 

Clark, Alexander, coachpainter, 48 George street 

Clark, Alexander, joiner, 12 Burnside, Cherrybank 

Clark, Alex., labourer, 1 Paul street 

Clark, Alex., draper, 33 Main street, Bridgend 

Clark, Alex., bar manager, 3 Melville street 

Clark, Alfred, warder, H.M. Prison 

Clark, Archibald, warehouseman, 43 Pomarium street 

Clark. Archibald, gardener, Broomhill cottage, Burghmuir 

Clark, Bella, millworker, 19 So. Methven street 

Clark, Charles, fitter, 31 Canal street 

Clark, Daniel, branch manager, 4 Clifton Bank, Craigie road 

Clark, David, motorman, 353 High street 

Clark, David, police constable, 9 Alexandra street 

Clark, David, vanman, 19 Barossa street 

Clark, David, warehouseman, 5 Brown street 

Clark, Edwin, motor mechanic, 8 Alexandra place 

Clark, George, labourer, 88 South street 

Clark, George, chintz glazer, 21 Kinnoull street 

Clark, George, carter, 12 Barossa street 

Clark, George, fireman, Craigie Fark terrace 

Clark, Ceorge, inspector, 3 Keithick place 

Clark, George, labourer, 1 11 South street 

Clark, George, organising secretary, Perth Division Unionist Association, 

31 George street ; h. Westerfield, Viewlands terrace 
Clark, Harry, insurance official, 10 Viewlands terrace 
Clark, Henry, butcher, 4 St Catherine's road 
Clark, Henry, gardens, Balhousie Castle 
Clark, Hugh, linen yarn dresser, 9 Aldie place 
Clark, James, gasfitter, 14 James street 
Clark, James, bond manager, 3^ Albert place 
Clark, James, shoemaker, 17 Milne street 
Clark, Jas. , billposter, 88 South street 
Clark, Jas., dyer's assistant, 8 Barossa place 


Clark, Jas. D., postman, 13 Inchaffray street 

Clark, Jessie W. , 4 Balhousie street 

Clark, John, collector of poor rates, 22 York pi.; h. Hawthornlea, Wellshill 

Clark, John, baker and confectioner, 60 Atholl street 

Clark, John, printer's overseer, 29 Queen street 

Clark, John, general manager (Co-op. Society), Cintra, Barnhill 

Clark, John, engine driver, 39 Canal street 

Clark, John, marble cutter, 20 County place 

Clark, John F., French polisher, 4 Barossa street 

Clark, Lizzie and Margaret, grocers, etc., 259 High street ; h. 257 

Clark, Mrs Charles, Hillyland 

Clark, Mrs Charles, 20 Canal street 

Clark, Mrs Ella, 22 Ballantine place 

Clark, Mrs George, outworker, 96 South street 

Clark, Mrs George, 62 Pomarium street 

Clark, Mrs John, 26 St Jane's place 

Clark, Mrs Thomas, Fernbank, l5Craigie road 

Clark, Mrs William, 257 High street 

Clark, Mrs William, 24 St Katherine's court 

Clark, Mrs William, St Aubin, 50 Wilson street 

Clark, Mrs Wm., Bonavista, 118 Glasgow road 

Clark, Robert, clerk, 8 Alexandra place 

Clark, Robert, inspector of poor, 7 Main St., Bridgend; h. 8a Alexandra st. 

Clark, Robert M., insurance inspector, 4 Osborne terrace, 39 Wilson street 

Clark, Sophia, 71 Strathmore street 

Clark, Thomas, fireman, 48 Newrow 

Clark, Thomas, 16 Leith's buildings 

Clark, Thomas, retired, Brunswick cottages, Craigie 

Clark, William, lapper, 8 Aldie place 

Clark, William, tractor driver, 1 1 Friarton buildings 

Clark, William, engineer, 55 Strathmore street 

Clark, William, fish restaurant, 24 Meal vennel 

Clark, Wm., 22 Meal vennel 

Clayton, George, fireman, 25 Barossa street 

Clayton, Miss S., dressmaker, 15 Commercial street 

Cleghorn, Ralph, merchant, 15 Castle Gable 

Cleghorn, Wm., cooper, 25 St. Jane's place 

Clement, James, engine driver, I Croft bank 

Clement, Mrs Hugh, 4 Shepherd's buildings, low road, Cherrybank 

Clement, William, dyer, 57 St. Katherine's court 

Clement, Wm., engine driver, 27 Cross street 

Clow John, labourer, 1 Paul street 

Clow, Peter, fireman, 59 South street 

Clow & Sandilands, Aiyth. See Advt. 

Clunie, Alex., 8 King street 

Clydesdale Bank, Ltd, 3 St. John st.; agents, John A. Stewart & Campbell 
Clydesdale Supply Co., Ltd., cycle merchants and factors, 37 Scott street 
Clyne, Alexander D., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 40 and 42 South 

street ; h. 12 Spens crescent 
Clyne, Jane C, dressmaker, 30 James street 
Coates & Co., Ltd., jute spinners and manuf., Balhousie Works, Dunkeld rd. 


Coates, David A., solicitor, 12 Viewlands terrace 

Coates, Henry, Corarder, Glasgow road 

Coates, Margaret, Corarder, Glasgow road 

Cobban, Mrs Robert, 209 High street 

Cobban, Robert, 13 Union lane 

Cochrane, Alexander, mason, 19 Unity place, Victoria street 

Cochrane, Andrew, vanman, 4 Muirhall terrace 

Cochrane, Archibald, railwayman, 1 St. Katherine's court 

Cochrane, James, vandriver, 31 Commercial street 

Cochrane, Mrs John, 7 Low street 

Cochrane, Mrs. Thos., baker's assistant, 38 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Cochrane, Robert, carpet weaver, 18 W. Mill street 

Cochrane, Thomas, labourer, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

Cochrane, Thomas, baker, 2 St. Ann's lane 

Cochrane, Thomas, tenter, 66 Pomarium street 

Colburn, Mrs Malcolm, 12 Thimblerow 

Coleman, Alex., mason, 123 High street 

Coleman, Mrs Edward, 117 High street 

Coleman, Thomas, labourer, 200 High street 

Coles, George, Market Hotel, Caledonian road 

Collector of Customs and Excise, 40 Tay street 

Collie, Fergus, coachbuilder, 23 Verena terrace 

Collie, John, dyer's finisher, 88 South street 

Collier, Mrs Andrew, apartments, 5 Market street 

Collington, Robt , farm servant, Hillend cottage 

Collins, Andrew, bottleblower, 5 Meal vennel 

Collison, Finlay, dyer, 20 Scott street 

Coltart, Alex., golf club maker, 26 Barossa street 

Combe, Thomas, railwayman, 8 Alexandra place 

Combe, William, mechanic, 12 Barrack street 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 38 South street; Walter Mitchell, agent 

Common, Andrew, gardener, 25 Craigie road 

Comrades of the Great War Club, 5-7 South Methven street 

Comrie, Alexander, glazier, 7 Paul street 

Comrie, Duncan, retired, 4 Inchaffray street 

Comrie, Harry A., reliefman, 7 Alexandra street 

Comrie, Mrs David, 63 St. Catherine's court 

Conacher, David, draper, 119 and 121 High st. ; h. Glentore, 181 Glasgow rd. 

Conacher, Isobel J. , Wellwood villa, Friar street 

Conacher, Margaret, Viewlands, Viewlands road 

Condie, Alexander, dyer, 10 Tulloch place 

Condie, Jessie, Tulloch farm 

Condie, John, clerk, Strathardle, Feus road 

Condie, 'Mackenzie & Co., W.S., 75 George stree 

Condie, Rose, 15 Tulloch terrace 

Congregational Church, 20 Kinnoull street ; Hall, Murray street 

Conlin, James, carpet dresser, 298 High street 

Conn, James, cabinetmaker, 35 Commercial street 

Connan, James, weigher, I James street 

Connan, Mrs. James, charwoman, 88 South street 

Connan, William, bootmaker, 256 High street 


Connell, Margaret, fruiterer and confectioner, 21 South st. ; h. 79 Watergate 

Connell, Thomas, baker, 3 Scott street 

Connell, Wm., hawker & china merchant, 5 Greyfriars St.; h. 79 Watergate 

Connolly, Simon, labourer, 200 High street 

Connon, John, joiner, 6 Murray street 

Connor, Jas., engine driver, 13 S. Methven street 

Conochie, George, Pentland, Needless road 

Conservative Club, 19 George street; Alexander Stewart, secretary 

Conway, James, engine driver, 52 St. Katherine's court 

Conway, James G. , 8y High street 

Cook, David, labourer, 3 Cow vennel 

Cook, John, carter, 5 Back Wynd 

Cook, John, 5 Rosario terrace 

Cook, Mrs John, 1 Kirkgate 

Cook, Thomas, clerk, 25 Whitefriars street 

Cooper, Alfred, works chemist, 3 Moncreiffe terrace 

Cooper & Co., grocers and tea merchants, 40-42 South Methven street 

Cooper, George, 55 Strathmore street 

Cooper, Helen, 16 St. Jane's place 

Cooper, Mary, confectioner, &c.,43 North Methven st. ; /1.20 Ballantinepl. 

Cooper, Robert, builder and contractor (of Ramage & Cooper), The Park, 

Darnhall drive 
Co-operative Society (Limited). — Central stores, Co-operative buildings, 

Scott street and Canal street; branches throughout the town; Reading 

Rooms, S4 Scott st.; and Hall, 83 Canal st.; John C'ark, gen. man. 
Co-operative Society, Ltd. — Stables, Feus road — David Bremner, overseer ; 

Ham and Sausage Factory, Feus road 
Copland, Charles, clerk, Auchter villa, Clyde place 
Corbett, Henry, compositor, 9 Ballantine place 
Corbett, Mrs Michael, 21 Union street 
Corbie, Mrs Michael, 194 South street 
Corcoren, Anthony, fisherman, 6 St. Paul's square 
Cormack, James, contractor, 89 Main street, Bridgend 
Cornfoot, Donald, grocer, 67 Strathmore street 
Cornfoot, John B. , insurance agent, 61 Strathmore street 
Corporation Electric Works (J. Lambert, engineer), The Shore 
Corporation Gas Showrooms, Charles street 
Corporation Tramway Offices, 128 High street 
Corporation Wash-houses, 72 Canal street ; John Ower, supt. 
Corps of Military Accountants, I King Edward street 
Cosgrove, James, railwayman, 53 Meal vennel 
Costello, John, labourer, 125 South slreet 
Coull, Mrs D. H., Tayview bank, Craigie 
Coull, Robert, fishmonger, 66 Scott street ; h. 64 
Coull & Sons, Wm., fishmonger, 66 Scott street i h. 64 
Coull, William, horse shoer, etc., 23 Newrow ; h. 53 Kinnoull street 
Coulter, James, retired, Wellbank Cottage, Craigie 
County and City Club, 1 Atholl crescent 
County and City Infirmary, Rose crescent 
Coupar, Agnes, 19 Charterhouse lane 
Coupar, Andrew M., fireman, 5 Inch Head terrace 


Coupar, James, confectioner, 262 High street ; h. Ngata, Cornhill, Jeanfield 

Coupar, John, gardener, Taiflett, Isla road 

Court, Mrs Daniel R., Cronan, Cornhill terrace, 100 Jeanfield road 

Court, William G. , retired, 25 Stormont street 

Cousins, N. J., I.R. officer, 1 Pitcullen terrace 

Couttie, J., & Sons, biscuit manufacturers, 16 Mill street 

Coutts, Alexander, chemist's assistant, 3 Crown buildings, Canal crescent 

Coutts, David, teacher, 5 Burnbank terrace 

Coutts, Helen, Southesk Bank, Craigie 

Coutts, Thomas, labourer, 38 St. Katherine's court 

Coutts, William C, railway porter, 5 Lickley street 

Coventry, Charles, brakesman, 23 Whitefriars street 

Coventry, David, sawmiller, 7 Inch Head terrace 

Coventry, Mrs Robert, sawmill cottage, Shore road 

Cowan, Alex., journalist, 10 Florence place 

Cowan, Charles, labourer, 13 East Bridge street 

Cowan, Graham, clerk, 8 Inchaffray street 

Cowan, Jessie, 3 North Methven street 

Cowan, William, yardsman, 40 Longcauseway 

Cowe, Alexander, vanman, 29 Nelson street 

Cowe, Wm., boot repairer, 293 High street ; k. 24 Carpenter street 

Cowie, Frederick, linesman, 5 Glover street 

Cowie, Mary, nurse, 194 South street 

Cowie, Mrs Isabella, I Gladstone terrace 

Cowie, Mrs James, Lynwood, Western avenue 

Cownie, Christina, 318 High street 

Cowper, Wm., grieve, St. Magdalen's farm 

Cox, Thos. , musician, I Stormont street 

Coxon, Edward, hammerman, 88 South street 

Coyne, Mrs Georgina, 34 Meal vennel 

Crabb, John G. , warehouse manager, 1 Brunswick terrace 

Crabb, Mrs Peter, dairy, 31 Castle gable 

Crabb, Peter G., postman, 33 Castle gable 

Craig, Chas., county assessor, 42 Tay street ; h. Comely Bank cottage 

Craig, David, iron dresser, 181 High street 

Craig, Eliza, dressmaker, 216 High street 

Craig, Mrs John, 6 Paul street 

Craig, Robt., 13 Barossa street 

Craigie, Francis, fireman, Albert close, 48 George street 

Craigie Hall, 7-11 Priory place— Jas. M. Dow, hon. secy., 2 Craigie cres. 

Craigie Hill Golf Club, Cherrybank— John Campbell, secy., 61 George st. ; 
stewardess, Mrs Moffat, 7 Shepherd's buildings 

Craigie, James, librarian, Sandeman Library, 14 Kinnoull street 

Craigie, Mary, 1 1 South William street 

Craigie Poultry Yards Co., W.Stewart, manager, Windsor ter. ; h. 37 Cross St. 

Craigon, George, labourer, 27 Canal street 

Craigon, Peter, carting contractor, 3 M'Quibban's buildings, Shore 

Craik, Alexander, 68 Victoria street 

Craik, William, insurance agent, 2 Westgrove avenue 

Craik, W. L. , clerk, Gowanlea, Clyde place 
Crail, James, blacksmith, 25 Granville place 


Cram, Duncan, solicitor, 29 South Methven st. ; h. Fernlea, 40 Craigie road 

Cram, Samuel, motor mechanic, 1 Valentine's buildings 

Cramb & Staig", builders, St. Andrew street ; h. 19 Kinnoull Causeway. 

See advt. 
Cramb, James, builder (Cramb & Staig), 19 Kinnoull causeway 
Cramb, Mrs William, 42 Longcauseway 
Cramb, William, joiner, 6 North Methven street 
Crammond, Andrew, joiner, 3 James street 
Cran, John G. , sheriff and bar officer, Strathview terrace 
Craven. John E., stationer & tobacconist, I N. Methven st.; h. 7 Balhousie st. 
Crawford, Alex., 15 Leith's buildings 
Crawford, Jean A. , confectioner, 22 Hospital street 
Crawford, Miss, 43 Cross street 
Crawford, Mrs Janet, 5 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Crawford, Mrs John, Corsiehill 
Crawford, Mrs Margaret, retired, 50 Hay street 
Crawford, Mrs Robert, 19 Barker's buildings, Milne stieet 
Crawford, Robert, fireman, Craigie Park terrace 
Crawford, R. W. , postmaster, G. P. O , 38 Rose crescent 
Cree, Catherine, Glentore, 179 Glasgow road 
Cree, Christina M., milliner, straw hat maker, 61 George street 
Cree, David, dyer's labourer, 91 Leonard street 
Cree, Margaret Y. , 25 King street 
Cree, Misses, 61 George street 
Cree, Mrs Peter, hatblocker, 59 Muirton place 
Cree, Mrs William, 79 Leonard street 

Cree & Son, P., hatmakers, 50 North Methven street ; h. 59 Muirton place 

Crerar, Andrew, dyer's finisher, 18 Leith's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Crerar, Duncan, barman, 18 Caledonian road 

Crerar, Mrs James, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

Crerar, Mrs John, 12 North Methven street 

Crerar, Mrs Matthew, 15 Market street 

Crichton, Ann, apartments, 20 Marshall place 

Crichton, Annie, Berlin wool repository, 37 St. John st. ; h. 9 Princes st. 

Crichton, Charles K., bakery manager, 14 Marshall place 

Crichton, Clara C, apartments, 137 High street 

Crichton, Daniel, watchman, 19 Market street 

Crichton, David, dyer's labourer, 6 Meal vennel 

Crichton, David, joiner & blacksmith, 8 Brown st. ; h. Rosemount, Scone 

Crichton, Donald, commercial traveller, 74 Atholl street 

Crichton, James, reliefman, 5 Claremont place, Crieff road 

Crichton, James G., cleaner, 4 Inchaffray street 

Crichton, Janet S. , 7 Charlotte street 

Crichton, Jessie, 3 Inchaffray street 

Crichton, John, French cleaner, 3 Tulloch cottages 

Crichton, John, slater, 2 Castle terrace 

Crichton, John, plumber, 12 Unity place 

Crichton, John, boot repairer, 2 South Inch terrace 

Crichton, Miss A., 11 Charlotte street 

Crichton, Miss Mary, Corsiehill 

Crichton, Mrs George P., 9 Queen street, Craigie 


Crichton, Mrs Robert, Tulloch farm 

Crichton, Peter, Cross Keys Hotel, Commercial street, Bridgend 

Crichton, William C, clerk, 35 Balhousie street 

Crichton, William F., baker's manager, 3 Victoria street 

Crichton & Laird, slaters, 58 West Mill street 

Croall, John, & Sons, Ltd., motor engineers and coachbuilders ; garage 

— 2 Murray street and 128 South street. See advt. 
Croall, Charles, slater, 6 South Inch terrace 
CrOCkart, D. B., gun and fishing tackle maker, 33 County place; h. 

Springbank, 36 Abbott street. See advt. 
Crockart, Mrs John, 3 Main street, Bridgend 
Crockart, Robert, ploughman, 5 Clayholes 
Croll, James, 18 W T est Mill street 

Croll, Robert, jeweller, 36 High street ; h. 4 Hawarden terrace 
Cromb, Robert, joiner, 19 Mill street 
Crombie, Nickel, J. P., retired, Cliff view, 13 Craigie road 
Crombie, Thomas, assur. district manager, 29 Kinnoull St.; h. 97 Scott st. 
Crook, John, representative, 49 York place 
Crookston, Mrs Andrew, 8 Market street 
Cross, Alex., dyer, 7 Ballantine place 
Cross, James, painter, 84 Scott street 
CroiS, John S., linesman, 67 Kinnoull causeway 
Cross, Mrs Margaret, 31 George street 
Cross, Thomas, labourer, 41 Meal vennel 
Cross, Thomas, mason, 16 Paul street 
Cross, William, labourer, 24 Carpenter street 

Crow, Alexander, carpet weaver, 3 Ballantine place 
Crow, Daniel, ploughman, 17 Ballantine place 

Crow, David, glassworker, 7 Paul street 

Crow, Lewis, labourer, 208 High street 

Crow, Mrs Peter, apartments, 1 Lickley street 

Crow, Peter, carpet weaver, 3 Viewfield place 

Crow, W T illiam, painter, 61 High street 

Croy, Alexander, labourer, 21 South Methven street 

Cruden, John, engineer, 16 Crichton place, Friar street 

Cruickshank, James S., tailor, 64-66 St. John street ; h. 12 Marshall place 

Cruickshank, Thomas M., manager, 1 Blair street 

Cruickshanks, Alexander M., carter, 124 Canal crescent 

Cruickshanks, James M., fruiterer, 21 N. Methven st. ; h. [6 Ballantine pi. 

Cruickshanks, John, shunter, 25 Whitefriars street 

Cruickshanks, John, surfaceman, 43 Commercial street 

Cruickshanks Mrs Alexander, 17 South street 

Cruickshanks, Robert, 36 West Mill street 

Cumming, Andrew G., bookseller, 155 High st.; h. Rockland villa, Queen st. 

dimming, Mrs G. A., Java villi, 18 Friar street 

Cumming, William, druggist, 25 Granville place 

Cummings, F. , butler, Stewart's buildings, 24 King Edward street 

Cummings, Robert, labourer, 158 High street 

Cummings, Samuel, drover, 11 Thimblerow 

Cunningham, Alex., porter, 53 Longcauseway 

Cunningham, David, spirit merchant, 18 North port ; h. Romola, Murray cres. 


Cunningham, Innis, 40 Meal vennel 

Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd., 41 High street (Fridays only) — stationers 

Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd, oilcake & manure merch., Shore & 19 James st. 

Cunningham, James, signalman, 4 Thistle lane 

Cunningham, James, 58 South Methven street 

Cunningham, John G., grain merchant ; granaries— 93 Canal crescent 

Cunningham, Mercer, blacksmith, 24 Inch Head terrace 

Cunningham, Mrs Helen, 186 High street 

Cunningham, Mrs James, 14 Cross street 

Cunningham, Mrs Joan, 13 Burnside, Cherry bank 

Cunningham, Thomas, miner, 13 Barossa street 

Cunningham, William, joiner, 4 Brown street 

Cunningham, William, tailor, 14 Commercial street 

Cunnison, Alexander, salesman, 26 Melville street 

Cunnison, Wm., ironmonger, 19 S. Methven st. ; h. Carsie, 140 Glasgow rd. 

Cunnynghame, John M'Pherson, Canon, Kincarrathie house 

Cura, Roberto, ice cream vendor & fish restaurateur and billiard saloon, 
1, 3 & 7 Meal ven. ; h. 5 

Curie, John, fishing tackle maker, 8 St. Catherine's road 

Currie, Chas. , soldier, 10 Ballantine place 

Currie, Donald, fishmonger, 83 Pomarium street 

Currie, James, electrician, 220 South st. & Loretto court; h. 25 Marshall pi. 

Currie, John, foreman blacksmith, 1 1 Brown street 

Currie, John, yardsman, 53 Longcauseway 

Currie, John W, blacksmith, 28 Whitefriars street 

Currie & Co., Ltd., building trade and metal merchants, coal mas- 
ters and lime burners, Eagle buildings, 8o-86 Princes street. 
Telephone No. 586 ; Telegrams — " Cement, Perth." Coal, cement, 
plaster, lime, crushed granite, sand, bricks, asphalte, slates, fireclay 
goods, sanitary and plumbers' goods, szerelmey stone liquid. Depot, 
Princes street station. Registered office —Eagle buildings, Edinburgh. 
Also at Leith, Glasgow, Greenock, Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, 
Stirling, Alloa, Falkirk, Grangemouih. See advt. 

Currie, Margaret, c'erkess, 21 Kinnoull street 

Currie, T., warehouseman, 7 Keithick place 

Currie, William, labourer, 272 High street 

Currie, William, carter, 23 Castlegable 

Cushnie, 1 1 North port 

Cushnie, Robert, railwayman, 20 South street 

Cusiter, Mrs Peter, 27 Watergate 

Customs and Excise Department, 40 Tay street 

Cuthbert, Arthur, violinist, 208 High street 

Cuthbert, Henry, labourer, 158 High street 

Cuthbert, Henry W., clerk, 15 High street 

Cuthbert, James, merchant, Graybank, Glasgow road 

Cuthbert, James, & Sons, grocers, See., 120 South street; aerated water 
manufacturer, 6 Homers' lane; h. Graybank, Glasgow road 

Cuthbert, Tohn, baker, 17 Gladstone terrace 

Cuthbert, John, grain merchant, 14 Gowrie street; h. 17 Gladstone 
terrace. See Advt. 

Cuthbert, Mrs David, 83 Scott street 


Cuthbert, Mrs David, 283 High street 

Cuthbert, Mrs James, dressmaker, 231 High street 

Cuthbert, Mrs Janet, 126 High street 

Cuthbert, Mrs Joseph, 15 Kirkgate 

Cuthbert, Mrs William, 8 Homers' lane 

Cuthbert, William, blacksmith. Tayview, Lower Friarton 

Cuthbertson, Lizzie, servant, 26 Leonard street 

Dakers, James, cashier, Hazlewood, Needless road 

Dalgleish, Alex. F. , jeweller, 220-222 High st. ; h. Silverdale, 1 70 Glasgow rd. 

Dalgleish, George, plumber, &c, 18 Atholl street ; h. 72 George street 

Dalgleish, Mrs Betsy, 61 Kinnoull causeway 

Dallas, Wm., publican, Cherrybank Inn 

Dalston, John Frederick, engineer, 48 Scott street 

Dalton, Martin, labourer, 13 Union street 

Dalton, Thomas, postman, 5 Glover street 

Dalziel, Robert, fitter and fencing instructor, 5 Charlotte street 

Dalziel, Wm. J., district loco, superintendent, C. R., I Breadalbane terrace 

Damie, Lewis, bottler, 70 High street 

Damie, William, labourer, II South William street 

Dandle & CO., chemists, druggists, and aerated water manufacturers, 

81 High street ; h. 77. See advt. 
Dandie, Mary A. K. , Glencairn Villa, Brompton terrace 
Darling, A., & Co., hatters and hosiers, 35 George st. ; h. 4 Rosemount pi. 
Darling, Allan L., grocer and wine merchant, 1 Glover st.; h. 4 Crichton pi. 
Darling, John, gatekeeper, West Lodge, Royal Infirmary, Taymount terrace 
Darling, John, civil engineer, 25 Pitcullen terrace 

Davidson, A. & J., plumbers, 7-9 Newrow 

Davidson, Alexander, plumber (A. & J. Davidson), 49 Glasgow road 

Davidson, Alexander, 120 Canal crescent 

Davidson, Alexander, motorman, 5 Unity place, Victoria street 

Davidson, Alexander, detective, 20 County place 

Davidson, Allan, contractor, Alexandra street ; h. 57 Kinnoull causeway 

Davidson, Charles, French polisher, 208 High street 

Davidson, Dan., commercial traveller, 30 Pitcullen terrace 

Davidson, David, painter, 13 Union lane 

Davidson, George, I Inch Head terrace 

Davidson & Gray, solicitors and N.P., 72 St. John street ; h. 108 Glasgow rd. 

Davidson, James, carter, 6 Pomarium street 

Davidson, James, fireman, Craigie Park terrace 

Davidson, James, cabinetmaker, 7 Unity place, James street 

Davidson, James, retired, 36 South William street 

Davidson, James, porter, Poorhouse, Glasgow road 

Davidson, John, drill instructor, 1 1 Scott street 

Davidson, John, compositor, 26 Melville street 

Davidson, John, joiner, 29 St. Peter's place 

Davidson, John D., clerk, 302 High street 

Davidson, John M., joiner, 16 Ballantine place 

Davidson, John T. , carter, 17 Earl's dykes 

Davidson, Magdalene, dressmaker, 3 Lickley street 

Davidson, Margaret, 4S Leonard street 


Davidson, Mary G., milliner, 1&3 S.Methvenst.; h. Kylisk,i 34 Glasgow rd, 

Davidson, Mary, 30 Newrow 

Davidson, Mary, 28 Watergate 

Davidson, Mrs Barbara, 47 George street 

Davidson, Mrs H. , 36 Princes street 

Davidson, Mrs Joanna, 8 Bridge lane 

Davidson, Mrs John, 6 Unity place, Scott street 

Davidson, Mrs Mary, laundress, 5 North port 

Davidson, Mrs Peter, tobacconist, 46 Leonard street ; h. 48 

Davidson, Mrs Robert, 61 Strathmore street 

Davidson, Mrs William, 49 Glover street 

Davidson, Robert, tailor, 9 Bridge lane 

Davidson, Robert, insurance superintendent, 14 York place 

Davidson, Robert, shunter, 25 Pomarium street 

Davidson, Robert, joiner, 27 Glover street 

Davidson, Thomas, manager, fruit warehouse, 5 Evelyn terrace 

Davidson, Thos., engine driver, 163 South street 

Davidson, Thos., carter, 4 Cross street 

Davidson, Thos. C. , photographer, 38 Queen street 

Davidson, Walter, cattleman, Necessity cottages 

Davidson, William, provision merchant, Cutlog vennel ; h. 4 Westgrove av. 

Davidson, William, calanderer, 38 Shields' place 

Davidson, William, cabinetmaker, 194 High street 

Davidson, William, maltman, 12 Gladstone terrace 

Davidson, William T., clerk, 45 Glasgow road 

Davie, Alexander, dyer, 50 Glover street 

Davie, Chas., labourer, 174 South street 

Davie, James, grocer, 1 1 Kinfauns crescent, Needless road 

Davie, John, clerk, 1 Abbot street 

Davie, John, retired, 22 James street 

Davie, MiSS J. W., grain merchant, 43 South street. See advt. 

Davie, Mrs Elizabeth, 3 Bridge lane 

Dawe, Cyril, costumier, 2 Castle terrace 

Dawson, David, farmer, Westview, Barnhill 

Dawson, Hugh, market gardener, Pitheavlis castle, Needless road 

Dawson, James, market gardener, West Oaks, Barnhill 

Dawson, James, policeman, 46 Commercial street 

Dawson, John, fitter, 45 Canal street 

Dawson, John, fitter, 32 West Mill street 

Dawson, John M., director of education, Sarsfield, 145 Glasgow road 

Dawson, Katherine, shop assistant, 99 High street 

Dawson, Mrs Joseph, Waverley bank, Viewlands road 

Dawson, Thomas, hide & tallow merchant, 20 Scott st. ; h. Ochilview, Scone 

Day Nursery, 19 Melville street 

Deaf and Dumb Hall, Hospital buildings 

Deans, Andrew, fireman, 236 High street 

Deans, Thomas, mechanic, 257 High stieet 

Deas, Mrs David, washer, 13 South street 

Deas, Mrs John, 3 Kinnaird bank 

Deas, Mrs Mary, 35 Muirton place 

Deas, Mrs William, 50 Atholl street 


Deas, Wm. M., manufacturer (Garvie & Deas, Ltd.), 4 Fairmount villas 
Delbridge, W., moulder, 33 South Inch terrace 

Del-Pippo, Dom, confectioner, 161 South street ; h. 163 South street 
Dempster, Alexander, manager, Perth Creamery Co., Ltd.; h. 16 York pi. 
Dempster, David, county tuberculosis officer, County buildings ; h. 

Rosemount, Haddon road 
Dempster, George, baker and confectioner, 19 Main st.; h. 13 Pitcullen ter. 
Dempster, Hugh, railway worker, 72 Watergate 
Dempster, Hugh, carter, 40 Skinnergate 
Dempster, James D., engineer, Woodbank, Cornhill terrace 
Dempster, Thomas, solicitor and bank agent (of Robertson, Dempster, & 

Co. ), 2 St. Leonard's bank 
Denham, Adam, plumber, 88 High street ; h. 8j 
Denham, R. Sydney, 16 South Methven street 
Dent, James, porter, 12 West Mill street 
De Pellette, Isabella, cleaners' examiner, 22 Market street 
Deuchars, Alex., furniture dealer, 10 South street 

Deuchars, James A., furniture dealer, 11 South street ; h. 3 Water vennel 
Deuchars, James, retired baker, 10 South street 
Deuchars, Marjory, 18 Pitcullen terrace 

Deuchars, W. & A., furniture dealers, 8 ar.d 12 South street; h. 10 
Deuchars, Alex., bottleblower, 353 High street 
Deuchars, David, forester, Main street, Cherrybank 
Deuchars, George, guard, 2 Bridge lane 
Deuchars, Robert, fireman, 7 Pomarium street 
Devaney, Francis Mrs, 56 Meal vennel 

Devaney, Michael, french cleaner, Almond villa, Dunkeld road 
Devaney, Patrick, broker, 69 Watergate; h. 71 
Dewar, Alexander, baker, 78 High street 
Dewar, Alex., labourer, 8 Cross street 

Dewar, Andrew, permanent way inspector, Dovecotland cottage 
Dewar, Andrew, joiner, 20 County place 
Dewar, Annie, cert, midwife, 20 Unity place. Scott street 
Dewar, Charles, stoker, 16 St. Catherine court 
Dewar, Christina, 19 Whitefriars street 
Dewar, David, tailor, 62 Longcauseway 
Dewar, Duncan, joiner, 3 Hawarden terrace 
Dewar, Fanny, 19 Charterhouse lane 
Dewar, Isabella, grocer, I Inchaffray street 
Dewar, James, policeman, 21 Market street 
Dewar, John, coalman, 72 Atholl street 
Dewar, John, machineman, 269 High street 
Dewar, John, bottleblower, 68 Pomarium street 
Dewar, John, & Sons, Ltd., distillers, 28 Glasgow road 
Dewar, John S., hatter and hosier, 86 High street ; h. 88 
Dewar, Lawson, labourer, 7 Stormont street 
Dewar, Mrs James, 43 Rose crescent 
Dewar, Mrs John, 22 High street 
Dewar, Mrs John, 83 Pomarium street 
Dewar, Mrs Margaret, 13 Paul street 
Dewar, Mrs William, 80 Pomarium street 


Dewar, Mrs William, apartments, 69 North Methven street 

Dewar, Peter, telegraph overseer, 10 Belhelvie terrace, 80 Glasgow road 

Dewar, Peter, French cleaner, 20 Tulloch terrace 

Dewar, Peter, farm manager, Goodlyburn cottage 

Dewar, Robert, joiner, Murray Asylum lodge 

Dewar, Robert F., storekeeper, 1 Lickley street 

Dewar, Thomas S. , gardener, 10 Closeburn terrace 

Dewar, Wm., carriage cleaner, 7 Leonard street 

Dewhurst, Harry, weaver, 6 Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Dick, Alexander, gardener, 41 Scott street 

Dick, David, storekeeper, 85 Glover street 

Dick, James, coal merchant, 40 South William street ; h. in Scott street 

Dick, James, engine driver, Hawarden cottage, Jeanfield 

Dick, James, gardener, 5 Keithick place, Feus road 

Dick, John F., fireman, 28 Closeburn terrace 

Dick, Mrs Cornelius, 20 Leonard street 

Dick, Mrs Elizabeth, 95 High street 

Dick, Norman, clerk, 20 Leonard street 

Dick, Peter, cabinetmaker, 3 Croftbank, Craigie 

Dick, R. & J., Ltd., boot manufacturers, 76 High street 

Dick, Thomas, engine driver, 10 Kinfauns crescent 

Dick, William, wholesale grocer, King Edward st. ; h. 3 Marshall place 

Dick, William, passenger guard, 9 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Dick, Wm. B. , salesman, 35 Commercial street 

Dickie, Donald, butcher, 13 Union lane 

Dickie, Jas., coal merchant, 32 Mill street ; h. Ladysmith, Gray street 

Dickie, James, photographer, 13 Union lane 

Dickie, John M., glassblower, 17 Market street 

Dickie, Mary, winder, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 

Dickinson, John, railwayman, 163 High street 

Dickson & Turnbull, seedsmen, 91-93 High street ; nurseries, Dundee road 

Dickson, David, fishing rod maker, 6 Hawarden terrace 

Dickson, David, chintz glazer, 297 High street 

Dickson, John, jun., dyer's finisher, 297 High street 

Dickson, John, sheriff clerk depute, County Buildings ; h. 36 Rose crescent 

Dickson, John, guard, 63 Priory place 

Dickson, Joseph, dyei's cleaner, 25 Stormont street 

Dickson, Mrs Helen, 2 Glover street 

Dickson, Walter, paster, Old Pitcullen House 

Dickson, William, mason, 231 High street 

Dingwall, Alexander, labourer, 10 Unity place, Scott street * 

Dingwall, Alex., sculptor, 14 Commercial street 

Dingwall, James, fruiterer, &c, 5 Atholl street; /;. 14 Muirton place 

Dingwall, James, gamedealer, 8 Atholl street ; h. 14 Muirton place 

Dingwall, Mrs John, 41 Main street, Bridgend 

Dingwall, Mary, housekeeper, 7 North William street 

Dixon, Robert, mason, Greenfield, Burghmuir 

Dobbie, Andrew, grocery manager, 8 St Catherine road 

Dobbie, David, C.R. Loco, works manager ; h. Bellevue, Edinburgh road 

Dobbie, Geo., casemaker, 19 Thimblerow 

Dobbie, Jas. Alex., platelayer, 48 South Methven street 


Dobbie, William, hoistman, 20 Hammerman's buildings, Dunk eld road 

Docherty, Robert C, cashier, 3 Queen's avenue 

Dodds, Alexander, manager, Windsor restaurant, 7 Unity terrace 

Doe, John, Ltd., agricultural implement makers, 20 Caledonian road 

Doig, Charles, joiner, 34 St. John street 

Doig, Hc-nry, finisher, 31 Canal street 

Doig, James, carter, 25 Hospital street 

Doig, James, retired, 2 Florence place, Muirton bank 

Doig, Maria, dyer's assistant, 23 Unity place, Victoria street 

Doig, Mrs John M., Florence villa, 38 Rose crescent 

Doig, Robert, sawmiller, Beaton's 1 uildings, Hillyland 

Doig, William, engine fitter, 22 Princes street 

Doig, William, dental assistant, 22 North Methven street 

Dolan, William, bootmaker, Strathview, 75 Muirton place 

Dollery, Elijah, tailor, 66 St. Katherine's court 

Domm, Frederick G., insurance agent, 23 Kinfauns crescent 

Don, James, retired, Rockland, Queen street 

Don, James, bookbinder, 76 George street ; h. 3 York corner 

Don, John, labourer, 41 Scott street 

Don, Wm. , engineer, 16 High street 

Donald & Co., sheep dip manufacturer, Scone. See advt. 

Donald, David, french cleaner, 30 Shields' place 

Donald, David, blacksmith, 19 Ballantine place 

Donald, George R. , clerk, Lilybank cottage, Burghmuir 

Donald, James J- 5 chemist (Reid & Donald), 19 Kincarrathie crescent 

Donald, James S., antique dealer (of R. F. Macaulay & Co.), 16 Scott street ; 

h. 41 Balhousie street 
Donald, James, clerk, 7 Raeburn place, Friar street 
Donald, James S., 41 Balhousie street 

Donald, John M. (of Reid & Donald), Ramsay Lodge, Kinnoull 
Donald, Mrs., 48 Leonard street 
Donald, Mrs Wm. D. , 1 Queen street 
Donald, William, glassblower, 103 Scott street 
Donaldson, Christina, clerkess, 9 So. William street 
Donaldson, David, cashier, Braehead Cottage, Jeanfield 
Donaldson, David, slater, 15 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Donaldson, David, carter, 15 Market street 
Donaldson, David, barman, 43 Commercial street 
Donaldson, George, fireman, 252 High street 
Donaldson, Gilbert, mason, Main street, Cherrybank 
Donaldson, Grace, 14 Leith's buildings 
Donaldson, Harriet, costumier, 15 Robertson's buildings 
Donaldson, Helen, cook, 9 County place ; h. The Farm, Moncreiffe Island 
Donaldson, Helen H., 7 Pitcullen crescent 
Donaldson, James, retired, 77 Wilson street 
Donaldson, James, stationer, I Leith's buildings 
Donaldson, James, shepherd, 2 Victoria court 
Donaldson, John, wood carter, 38 West Mill street 
Donaldson, John, dyer's finisher, 10 Market street 
Donaldson, John, hall porter, Station Hotel ; h. 48 Kinnoull street 
Donaldson, Mrs Christina, Corsiehill 


Donaldson, Mrs David. 29 Mill street 

Donaldson, Mrs James, 36 Hay street 

Donaldson, Mrs Robert, 2 Victoria court 

Donaldson, Mrs Thomas, 9 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Donaldson, Mrs Wm., 1 Craigie crescent 

Donaldson, Peter, fishmonger, etc., 59 George street; h. 6 Charlotte street 

Donaldson, Peter, dyer's finisher, 71 Princes street 

Donaldson, Robert, carter, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Donaldson, Robert, telegraphist, Lilybank, Burghmuir 

Donaldson, Thos., bank teller, 3 Strathearn terrace 

Donaldson, William, bank messenger, 52 St. John street 

Donnelly, Joseph, publican, 125-127 High street; h. 163 

Doonan, Misses, 37 King street 

Dorris, Bernard, hawker, 61 Meal vennel 

Dorris, Bernard, mason's labourer, 12 Meal vennel 

Dorris, Edward, labourer, 7 Leonard street 

Dorris, Mrs Patrick, 20 Melville street 

Dorris, Robert, hairdresser, 21 Kirkgate 

Dorris, Thomas, tailor, 22 Barrack street 

Dorward, John, brassfinisher, 9 Watergate 

Dorward, John R. , motor driver, 16 Priory place 

Dorward, Peter, linesman, 55 Leonard street 

Dott, John, labourer, 88 South street 

Dott, William, fireman, 30 South street 

Dougall, Alex., clerk, 35 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Dougall, Andrew S., millwright, 59 Scott street 

Dougall, James, joiner, 6 St. Catherine's road 

Dougall, Jas., engine driver, 10 St. Catherine's road 

Dougall, James, plumber, I Hawarden terrace 

Dougall, Mrs William, apartments, 120 High street 

Dougall, Mrs Wm., 103 Canal crescent 

Douglas, Alexander, brakesman, 34 Caledonian road 

Douglas, Alexander, retired, 186 High street 

Douglas, Daniel, teacher, 16 Balhousie street 

Douglas, David D., clerk, 19 Priory place 

Douglas, George R., & Son, glaziers, painters & decorators, 50-52 Princes st. 

Douglas, Henry, clerk, 23 Pitcullen terrace 

Douglas, James, painter, 52 Princes bt. ; h. Moredun villa. See advi. 

Douglas, James T., solicitor, 36 High street ; h. 7 Moredun square 

Douglas, John, carter, 19 Friarton buildings 

Douglas, John, & Son, Ltd., Preserve Works, Scone. Registered 

Office, Scone. See advt. 
Douglas, Maggie, dyer's assistant, 21 Market street 
Douglas, Mrs Betsy ; 16 Wilson street, Craigie 
Douglas, Mrs Daniel, 31 Craigie road 
Douglas, Mrs G. R., 9 Pitcullen crescent 
Douglas, Mrs James, 22 Caledonian road 
Douglas, Mrs Robert, 28 Atholl street 
Douglas, Robert, dyer's finisher, Orchard bank, Barnhill 
Douglas, William, carter, 126 High street 
Dow, Andrew, reelmaker, 6 St. Paul's square 


Dow, Charles, I.R., retired, 51 King street 

Dow, David, dyer's cleaner, 6 Unity terrace, Crieff road 

Dow, George, book-keeper, 2 Park place, Graigie 

Dow, George, glass blower, 34 New row 

Dow, James M., plumber, 12 Gowrie street 

Dow, James P., 63 Priory place 

Dosv, James M'D., upholsterer, 12 King street 

Dow, J. M'Gregor, spirit merch., 75-77 High st.; k. Dunolly, Yourlg St. 

Dow, James, grocery manager, 2 Craigie crescent 

Dow, James, labourer, 47 Commercial street 

Dow, Jessie, Silverwells, Barnhill 

Dow, John, grocery manager, 1 Burnbank terrace 

Dow, John, labourer, 20 South street 

Dow, John, porter, 36 West Mill street 

Dow, John, tailor, 31 High street 

Dow, John, & Co., fish and game dealer, 62 South st.; ^.41 Victoria st. 

Dow, Mrs Benjamin, 96 South street 

Dow, Mrs James, 3 Bridge lane 

Dow, Mrs John, 49 Priory place 

Dow, Mrs John, 77 High street 

Dow, Mrs John, Urrard, Jeanfield 

Dow, Mrs Peter, grocer, 7 and 9 Cross street 

Dow, Peter, gardener, Murray's Asylum farm, Gannochy road 

Dow, Peter, joiner, 50 Leonard street 

Dow, Peter, stationer, I Viewfield place 

Dow, Robert, publican, 30 South Methven st.; h. Edina Villa, Needless rd. 

Dow, Robert, dyer's finisher, 31 Robertson's buildings 

Dow, Thomas, clerk, Finlarig, 5 Cornhill terrace 

Dow, Thomas, retired, Kingarth, 151 Glasgow road 

Dow, William, joiner, 67 Strathmore street 

Dow, Wm., jeweller, 24-26 S. Methven st. ; h. Craigower, Balhousie 

Dow, William, dry cleaner, 1 Feus terrace 

Dow, William, dyer's finisher, 46 Commercial street 

Dow, William, fireman, 49 South street 

Dow, William G. , washhouse man, 98 Reform place 

Dowell, Robert M., draper, 5 Craigie crescent 

Dowie, John, carter, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

Dowie, John, carter, 86 Pomarium street 

Dowie, Robert P., policeman, police station, Cherrybank 

Dowie, Arthur, auctioneer and estate agent, 12 High street; h. c/o 

Ballantyne, 181 High street 
Downie, Jean, 10 Foundry lane 
Downie, John, retired, 7 Nelson street 
Downie, John, bolt machinist, 1 1 South William street 
Downie, Peter, labourer, 21 Castlegable 
Dreadnought Hall, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 
Drew, William, labourer, 158 High street 
Drummond, Alfred, street sweeper, 31 High street 
Drummond, Christina, apartments, 30 Melville street 
Drummond & Co., landscape & market gardeners, Low road, Cherrybank 
Drummond, James, porter, 131 High street 


Drummond, James, hammerman, 132 High street 

Drummond, James, bottleblower, 8 Inchaft'ray street 

Drummond, Jas., shunter, 130 Canal crescent 

Drummond, Jane, 6 No. Methven street 

Drummond, John A., insurance agent, Low roadj Cherrybank 

Drummond, Lady Georgina Home, Hamilton house, Glasgow road 

Drummond, Mrs Alfred, 36 High street 

Drummond, Mrs David, 3 Main street, Bridgend 

Drummond, Neil, nurseries, Cherrybank 

Driimmond, Robert, coachwheeler, 88 South street 

Drummond, Thomas, tailor, 173 High street 

Drummond, William, storekeeper, 10 St. Paul's square 

Drury, Albert, coachfitter, 12 South Inch place 

Drury, John, engine driver, 14 Glover street 

Drury, Mrs John, 16 Glover street 

Dryburgh, Andrew, porter, 4 Unity place, 87 Scott street 

Dryburgh, William, martman, 19 Caledonian road 

Drysdale, John, machinemah, 3 Scott street 

Drysdale, Mrs Robert, 32 Leonard street 

Duff, Alexander, carter, 326 High street 

Duff, Alexander, baker, 12 Marshall's buildings 

Duff, Alex., Bank Agent, 13 Scott street ; h. Sylvan Villa, Balhousie terrace 

Duff, Alex. , carter, 27 Commercial street 

Duff, Andrew, railway porter, 3 Priory place 

Duff, Andrew, engineman, 14 Unity place, Victoria street 

Duff, Andrew, 7 Leith's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Duff, Andrew, saw doctor, 104 South street 

Duff, David, painter, 34 Caledonian road 

Duff, David, 5 Earl's Dykes 

Duff, David, dyer, 8 Caledonian road 

Duff, Duncan, dyer, 10 Paul street 

Duff, Francis, fireman, 35 Watergate 

Duff, Henry, dyer's finisher, 33 Commercial street 

Duff, James, labourer, 12 Pomarium street 

Duff, James, tinsmith, 12 West Mill street 

Duff, James, draper, 209 High street 

Duff, James, foreman, 145 High street 

Duff, James, foreman, 29 White friars street 

Duff, James, goods porter, 22 Melville street 

Duff, James, bottleblower, 131 High street 

Duff, James S., clerk, I Hawarden terrace 

Duff, Jamesina M., 8 Rock r ord terrace 

Duff, John, glassblower, 24 Friar ion buildings 

Duff, John, guard, 1 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Duff, John, mason, 1 Water vennel 

Duff, John, dyer, 53 Kinnoull street 

Duff, John, A.R.I.B.A., architect, 3 Dupplin road 

Duff, lohn, labourer, 61 St. Katherine's court 

Duff. John, vanman, 3 Unity place : James street 

Duff, Joseph, foreman tube maker, Lamont, Feus road 

Duff, Margaret, dressmaker, 163 High street 


Duff, Mrs Andrew, Rose cottage, Craigie crescent 

Duff, Mrs Euphemia, 13 Inchaffray street 

Dufi, Mrs James, 6 Union street 

Duft, Mrs William, 44 Carr's croft 

Duff, Peter, fitter, 17 Melville street 

Duff, Robert, fireman, 5 Brown street 

Duff, Robert, dyer's finisher, 25 Whitefriars street 

Duff, Robt. H., insurance agent, 105 Scott street 

Duff, William, clerk, 5 Inchaffray street 

Duff, William, carter, 48 Carr's Croft 

Duff, Wm., market gardener, Kincarrathie gardens ; h. 2 M'Quibban's bdgs. 

Duffin, John A., French cleaner, 34 Closeburn terrace 

Duffm, Robert, stoker, 329 High street 

Duffton, Alexander, head boots, 125 Scott street 

Duffy, Michael, labourer, 27 Stormont street 

Duffy, William, labourer, 4 Barrack street 

Duigan, Michael, n.b.r. yardsman, 21 Marshall place 

Duke, James, waggon lifter, 20 New row 

Dunbar, Elizabeth, Laurel villa. 6 Priory place 

Dunbar, George, horse dealer, 39 Princes street ; h. 19 Marshall place 

Dunbar, James, horse dealer, 16 Marshall place 

Dunbar, John, mason, 123 High street 

Dunbar, Mrs Peter, 4 Murray street 

Dunbar, William, vanman, 28 Caledonian road 

Dunbar, William, ostler, 85 Princes street 

Duncan, Alexander, vanman, 11 South William street 

Duncan, Alexander, stevedore, 9 M'Quibban's building, Shore 

Duncan, Alexander, slater, 43 Princes street ; h. 1 South Inch terrace 

Duncan, Alfred, labourer, 66 Pomaiium street 

Duncan, Andrew, mechanic, 4 Hammerman buildings 

Duncan, Ann, 11 Gowrie street 

Duncan, Ann, 10 Commercial street 

Duncan, David, yardsman, 1 Closeburn terrace 

Duncan, George, butcher, 15 Glover street 

Duncan, George, herdsman, 33 St. Katherine's court 

Duncan, Goodwin, sergeant, 1 Crieff road 

Duncan, Helen, Rock cottage, High Craigie 

Duncan, Henry, grocer, Craigie park terrace 

Duncan, James, timekeeper, 9 Alexandra s'.reet 

Duncan, James, retired, 27 Priory place 

Duncan, James, engine driver, Glenside, Darnhall drive 

Duncan, James, slater, 4 Cross street 

Duncan, Jas. , engineer, Craigie Bank house 

Duncan, James, shepherd, 329 High street 

Duncan, James, curtain finisher, 13 Campbell's buildings 

Duncan, James, railwayman, 17 Inchaffray street 

Duncan, Jane, 9 Kinnoull causeway 

Duncan, John, dyer's finisher, 6 Abbot street 

Duncan, John, dyer's cleaner, George Inn lane 

Duncan, John, railwayman, 9 Milne street 

Duncan, John, joiner, 5 James street 

too __. , GENERAL DIRECTORY. ____ 

Duncan, John, lorryman, I Leonard place 

Duncan, John, lieutenant, 6 Robertson's bldgs., Dunkeld road 

Duncan, John C, 43 Stormont street 

Duncan, Joseph, carpet weaver, 25 Hospital street 

Duncan, Lily, 3 Fitzroy terrace 

Duncan, Maggie, weaver, 6 Union street 

Duncan, Mary M., machinist, 36 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Duncan, Mrs Alex., 43 Balhousie street 

Duncan, Mrs Alex., factory worker, 335 High street 

Duncan, Mrs Alexander, Hospital buildings 

Duncan, Mrs Andrew, 64 South street 

Duncan, Mrs Robert, 13 Union street 

Duncan, Peter, chintz glazer, 1 Crieff road 

Duncan, Robert, coal merchant, Leonard Bank ; k. Wolseley place 

Duncan, Robert, clothier, 2 Charterhouse lane 

Duncan, Robert, engine driver, 13 Inch Head terrace 

Duncan, Robert, coalman, 14 Foundry lane 

Duncan, Robert, retired, 64 High street 

Duncan, Robert, warehouseman, 58 Scott street 

Duncan, Robert, maltman, Isla cottage, Isla road 

Duncan, Robert F., draper, 7 Charlotte street 

Duncan, Robert, butcher, 1 Methven buildings, County place 

Duncan, Stewart, guard, 19 South inch terrace 

Duncan, Thomas, coal merchant, Leonard Bank Mineral Depot ; h. 

Parkview, Southesk bank, Craigie. 
Duncan, Thomas, clerk, Knock Earn, Needless road 
Duncan, Thomas M. , stationer (sub-post office, George st.), 32 Victoria st. 
Duncan, Thomas, barman, 9 Gladstone terrace 
Duncan, William, warehouseman, 19 Market street 
Duncan, William, dyer's cleaner, 6 Viewfield place 
Duncan, William, dyer, 4 Newrow 
Duncan, William, slater, 27 Cross street 
Duncan, William B., fireman, 2 Shield's place 
Duncan, William J., retired, 43 York place 
Duncan, William Welsh, clerk, 3 Feu terrace 
Dundee Advertiser, People's Journal, and People's Friend Branch Office, 

46 South Methven street 
Dundee Courier, Evening Telegraph and Post, and Weekly News Branch 

Office, 11 Scott street 
Dundee, Perth, and London S.S. Co., Ltd., Shore 
Dunn, Alex, carter, 11 Cow vennel 
Dunn, Alexander, lorryman, 64 South street 

Dunn, Andrew, coachbuilder, 73 Leonard street ; h. 5 Charlotte place 
Dunn, Barbara, 3 Dragon terrace 
Dunn, John, tallow refiner, 5 Union street lane 
Dunn, John A., Globe boot warehouse, 74 High street ; h. 21 Queen street, 

Dunn, William, cloth finisher, 4 Rose terrace 
Dunn & Co., fine art dealers, 46 North Methven street 
Dunne, William, gardener, 15 Ladysmith terrace 
Dunsmore, Buchanan, draper, 44 High street ; h. 6 Comely bank 


Dunsmore, Robert, retired, 6 Comely Bank 

Dunsmore, William, I.R. officer, 40 Tay street 

Dutch, George and John, boat builders and gravel merchants, Shore 

Dutch, George, boat builder, 85 Princes street 

Duthie, Lizzie, saleswoman, 16 Strathmore street 

Duthie, Mrs Peter, 2 Viewlands terrace 

Duthie, Peter A., shoemaker, 7 St. John's place 

Dyson, Wm., soldier, 5 Meal vennel 

Eadie, Charles, painter, 57 West Mill street 

Eadie, David, painter, 34 Caledonian road 

Eadie, James, confectioner, 7 M'Quibban's buildings, Shore 

Earl, George, woodcutter, 341 High street 

Earl, George, grocer, 337 High street 

Eason, Dougall, fireman, 30 South s reet 

Easson, Amelia, apartments, 70 High street 

Easson, Andrew, joiner and undertaker, 21 Strathmore street, Bridgend; 

h. 15 Spens crescent 
Easson, Ann, outworker, 131 High street 
Easson, John, reliefman, 22 South Inch terrace 
Easson, Mrs Alex., 41 Glover street 

Easson, Norman A. , telegraphist, 16 South Inch terrace 
East U.F. Church, 97 South street 

Eastman, Frank (of J. Pullar & Sons, Ltd) ; h. Tayside 
Eastman, Walter, basketmaker, 8 High street; h. 19 Muirton place 
Easton, Alexander, telegraph foreman, 2 Hawarden terrace 
Easton, James, engine fitter, 4 Breadalhane terrace, Edinburgh road 
Easton, Thomas, fitter, T9 Inch head terrace 
Eaton, Mrs John, weaver, 19 Mill street 
Eaton, Mrs Mary Ann, french polisher, 33 Leonard street 
Edgar, John, traveller, St. Helen's, 133 Glasgow road 
Edgar, John, vanman, 41 Main street Bridgend 
Edlefsen, Charles, labourer, 6 Brown street 
Edmond, Peter, retired Hillyland 

Edmonston, William, engine driver, 34 Leonard street 
Education Authority of County of Perth, Old Infirmary buildings, York pi. 
Education Authority of Perth School Clinic, Dunkeld road 
Edward, David L., house & shipping agent, 1 Hospital St.; h. l4Balhousiest. 
Edward, Jas., gas collector, 7 Queen street 
Edwards, Albert, warder, II. M. Prison 
Edwards, Alexander, steelworker, 104 South street 
Edwards, David, gravedigger, 2 Victoria street 
Edwards, David, clerk, 40 Rose crescent 
Edwards, James S., M.B., ch. B , 25 Barossa place 
Edwards, John, superintendent Public Baths, Bath buildings 
Edwards, Johnston, dental surgery, 28 S.John St.; h. Moncreiffebank, Craigie 
Edwards, Mrs David, 43 Stormont street 
Edwards, Mrs David, servant, 87 Leonard street 
Edwards, Penelope, dressmaker, 36 Scott street 
Edwards, Robert, clerk, 26 Carpenter street 
Edwards, Robert, stableman, 36 George street 


Edwards, Percy, surgeon dentist, 23 Princes street 

Eggo, Mrs Charles, 18 George street 

Eggo, Mrs Wm. F., 4 Glover street 

Elder, Alexander, groom, 12 Whitefriars street 

Elder, Alexander, painter, 48 George street 

Elder, David, tenter, 272 High street 

Elder, John, blacksmith, 33 Commercial street 

Elder, John, motor driver, 19 Speygate 

Elder, John, boilermaker, 19 South Inch place 

Elder, Mary, 34 Longcauseway 

Elder, Mrs Jessie, charwoman, 230 High street 

Elder, Mrs John, charwoman, 61 High street 

Elder, Mrs John A., 59 Scott street 

Elder, Thomas, engineer, 208 High street 

Elder, Thomas R., engineer, 10 Alexandra place 

Elder, William S., labourer, 13 Cow vennel 

Elias, Ernest Rutherford, minister, 20 Balhousie place 

Elliott, Arthur, chef, 3 York corner 

Elliott, Charles H., 1 Comely Bank terrace 

Elliott, Mrs Mary, 67 Pomarium street 

Elliott, Robert, 18 North William street 

Elliott, Wm., Church Army evangelist, II Atholl street 

Ellis, J. & M., dressmakers, 55 King street 

Ellison, S. T. & E., umbrella and stick makers, 56 South Methven street ; 

k. Garth, Barnhill 
Ellison, William, J. P., retired, Cragville, Barnhill 
Emett, Peter, sailor, 12 Meal vennel 

Emslie, Andrew, storekeeper, Murray cottages, Gannochy road 
Erskine, John, plumber, 10 Ballantine place 
Erskine, Mina, tailoress, 89 Canal street 
Erskine, Mrs Nellie H., 19 Queen street, Craigie 
Erskine, Robert, baker, 123 Canal crescent 
Erskine, William, clerk, 4 Rosario terrace 
Erskine, William, plumber, Hospital buildings 
Esplin, Mrs George, Bonkle cottage, Young street, Craigie 
Evans, John, warehouseman, 43 Commercial street 
Evans, James, dyer, 39 Commercial street 
Evans, Zelia E., 32 Balhousie street 
Everett, Mrs Joseph, 12 Glover street 
Ewan, Alexander, fireman, 35 Canal street 
Ewan, Isabella, butcher, 10 Gowrie street ; h. 21 Main street 
Ewan, James, blacksmith, 8 Inchaffray street 
Ewan, James, fireman, 220 High street 
Ewan, Misses Mary and Ann, 26 Victoria street 
Ewan, Mrs Alan, 17 Princes street 
Ewan, Robert, dyer, 35 Closeburn tetrace, Feus road 
Ewan, William, brakesman, 20 Leonard street 
Ewan, William, dyer, 15 Crichton place 
Ewan, William H., cashier, 14 St John street 
Ewan, William, gardener, Bowerswell lodge 
Ewart, James H., blacksmith, Craigcleuch, 64 Wilson street, Craigie 


Ewart, John, butcher 3 St. Peter's place 
Ewart, Matthew, mason, 21 Market street 
Ewen, George, bootmaker, 21 Queen street 
Ewing, John A., greenkeeper, 48 George street 
Ex-Service Men's Club, Ltd., 5-7 South Methven street 

Fachie, Peter, engine driver, 15 Barossa street 

Fachie, John, surfaceman, 163 South street 

Fair, Mrs John, 1 Chaiterhouse lane 

Fair Maid's House— proprietor, J. K. Taylor, stationer and tobacconist 

Fair City Bazaar, 46 Scott street — proprietor, James Paul 

Fairley, James, tenter, 76 South street 

Fairley, John, joiner, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Fairley, Mrs Jennie, 89 Canal street 

Fairley, Robert, tenter, 2 Rose terrace 

Fairlie, Ann, dressmaker, 73 Leonard street 

Fairweather, James Y. , accountant, Pitheavlis bank, 98 Glasgow road 

Fairweather, Mrs James, 16 Ballantine place 

Fairweather, Mrs Jessie, Tullylumb house, Glasgow road 

Fairweather, John, retired, 24 Kinfauns crescent, Needless road 

Falcon, John, dyer's finisher, 8 Hillyland crescent 

Falcon, Katherine, dressmaker, 57 Priory place 

Falconer, Charles, cashier, Rossall, Barnhill 

Falconer, John, clerk, 2 Robertson's buildings 

Falconer, Peter, guard, 12 Priory place 

Falconer, Wm., Blacksmith, 14 Union street lane 

Falls, James G. , grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 4 County place and3 
Hospital street ; h. Woodburn house, Scone 

Falls, Mrs James, 89 Pomarium street 

Farmer, Harry, boiler maker, Fleshers' vennel 

Farmer, Jack, iron moulder, 38 A tholl street 

Farquhar, Adam, 18 Hammerman's buildings 

Farquhar, Adam, railway inspector, 79 Main street, Bridgend 

Farquhar & Don, paper rulers and bookbinders, j6 George street 

Farquhar, George T. S. (Dean of St. Andrews), 31 Barossa place 

Farquhar, George, signalman, 16 Inch Head terrace 

Farquhar, James, chemist and diuggist, 15 Princes street ; h. 17 Princes st. 

Farquhar, James, restaurateur, I Lickley street 

Farquhar, James, fish restaurant, 9 Leonard street 

Farquhar, John T. , paper ruler, Beechcroft, Burghmuir 

Farquhar, Miss Sarah S. , Fair Maid's House 

Farquhar, Mrs William, 72 Longcauseway 

Farquharson, Alexander, jute mill overseer, IJ Campbell's buildings 

Farquharson, D. , tea merchant, 212 High street, Peter Fleming, pro- 
prietor ; h. Eastwood, Kinnoull 

Farquharson, Donald F., watchmaker and jeweller, 2 South St. John's place 

Farquharson, Drummond, engine driver, 59 Scott street 

Farquharson, Hector, clerk, 5 Viewfield place, Crieff road 

Farquharson, lames M., vanman, 22 James street 

Farquharson, Joseph G., bank agent, 17 Pitcullen terrace 

Farquharson, Mrs Wm., 3 Atholl street 


Farquharson, Mrs Ann, 6 Castle terrace, Needless road 

Farquharson, Mrs James, 42 Pomarium street 

Farrell, Alexander, compositor, 2 Viewfield place 

Farrell, Mrs John, 28 Shields' place 

Farraday, Rev. J. W., Wesleyan minister, George crescent, 54 Glasgow rd. 

Fechney Industrial School, Glasgow road 

Female Night Refuge (Win. M'Pherson), 13 Watergate 

Feeney, Michael, labourer, 61 Meal vennel 

Feeney, Mrs Michael, 35 Newrow 

Feeney, Thomas, scavenger, 46 Meal vennel 

Fell, James, cooper, Greenfield, Burghmuir 

Fell, Mrs James, Greenfield, Burghmuir 

Fell, Walter, joiner, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

Feneron, Albert, 19 Robertson's buildings 

Fenton, Alexander, cattledealer, Hawthorn bank, 174 Glasgow road 

Fenton Alex. , plumber, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Fenton, Annie, shop assistant, 89 Canal street 

Fenton, David, cranesman, 16 Craigie place 

Fenton, David, clerk, 5 St. Peter's place, Newrow 

Fenton, Duncan, gardener, 9 Low street 

Fenton, James, stationer, 26 High street ; h. 6 Bellavista terrace 

Fenton, James, engine driver, 206 South street 

Fenton, John, 17 Leith's buildings 

Fenton, John, butcher, 16 Cow vennel 

Fenton, John, fireman, 208 High street 

Fenton, Mrs James, dressmaker, 78 Scott street 

Fenton, William, dyer's finisher, 22 Leith's buildings 

Fenton, William, butcher, 11 Homers' lane 

Fenton, William, P., ironmonger, 33 Canal street 

Fenwick, A., & Son, bakers & confectioners, 9 County pi. and 27 St. John 

st. ; Kinnoull bakery, 38 Commercial street 
Fenwick, Fred. H., baker (of A. Fenwick & Son), 6 The Glebe, Barnhill 
Fenwick, James, printer, 1 1 South William street 
Fenwick James E. (of A. Fenwick & Son), Mount Tabor 
Fenwick, James R. (Lindsay & Fenwick), ironmonger, 143 South street ; 

h. 2 Burnbank terrace, Pitcullen 
Fenwick, James, Y., Vailima, Feus road 
Fenwick, John, retired, Hillend cottage. Burghmuir 
Fenwick, Miss Sarah, Floral Cottage, Bridgend 
Fenwick, Mrs Agnes, George Inn lane 
Fenwick, Mrs Charles, 2 Windsor terrace 
Fenwick, Mrs George, 30 St. Peter's place 
Fenwick, Mrs John, 9 Whitefriars street 
Fenwick, Mrs William, 5 Gray street 
Fenwick, Peter, postman, 300 High street 
Fenwick, Thomas, cashier, 38 Tay street 
Fenwick, William, coppersmith, Maryville, Feus road 
Fenwick, Wm. , baker, 25 Granville place 
Fenwick, William, postman, Rossie cottage, Feus road 
Ferens, Mrs Robert, 43 Victoria place 
Fergus, Malcolm, grocery manager, 4 Rosslyn place, 37 Glasgow road 







Scotch and English Blankets 


Superb Selection of Exclusive Materials for 
Loose Slips, Curtains, Draperies, &c. :: 


Window Blinds a> Specialty 

(Liberty dte Co.'s Productions). 


Thomas Love & Sons, 

Carpet Warehousemen, 

Licenced Valuators and Assessors 

Antique Dealers, dec.) 

12 to 19 St. John's Place, PERTH, 

Telephone 50. Telegrams— " LOVES," PERTH. 

BUSINESS. HOURS— 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. SATURDAYS— 9 a.m. to 

CLOSED DAILY between 1 and 2 p.m. 





Prescriptions, Pure Drugs, Patent Medieines. 

Infants' and Invalids' Food. ' 

High-Class Perfumery and Toilet Requisites. 

Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Nail Brushes. 

Exquisitely Scented Toilet Soaps. 

Surgieal Appliances, Bandages and Dressings. 

Accouchement Sets. 

All the Leading Disinfectants, &c. 


KememPer wm flnd an absolutely Fresh Stock 

of Pure Drugs, and polite and prompt attention. 
TV , rj 4. we stock everything one has 

Lto not rorget a right t0 expeot to flnd iB a 

and that our prices are placed at the lowest notch 
consistent with first quality. 



Pro|M-!«tor-JOHM J. FORBES, M>h.S. TELEPHONE 170 


FePgUSOIl'S Pharmacy, 7 Scott street ; John Forbes, chemist, 

proprietor, Lindville, 38 Balhousie street See adi>t. 
Ferguson & Batchelor, automobile engineers, City garage, 6 King street, and 

54-56 South street 
Ferguson, Alfred, packer, 4 Union street 
FePg"USOn & Walker, saddlers and portmanteau makers, 19 Princes 

street. See advt. 
Ferguson, Arthur, works manager, Tulloch house 
Ferguson, Arthur, compositor, 10 High srreet 
Ferguson, Daniel, guard, 3 Hawarden terrace 
Ferguson, Donald, storekeeper, 8 Market street 

Ferguson, Rev Fergus, O.B.E. , B. D. , Denehurst, 2 Kincarrathie crescent 
Ferguson, George, restaurateur, 24 South street ; h. 4 King Edward street 
Ferguson, Hugh, hawker, 27 Castlegable 
Ferguson, James, retired, 3 Salisbury terrace 
Ferguson, James, guard, Carlo wnie, Needless road 
Ferguson, James, joiner, 8 Keir street 
Ferguson, Jessie, 10 Moredun terrace 
Ferguson, John, washhouse attendant, 30 Newrow 
Ferguson, John, draper, 2 Rose crescent 
Ferguson, Joshua H., dyer's finisher, 20 Gladstone terrace 
Ferguson, Margaret, 67 Leonard street 
Ferguson, Mary, 6 Kinnaird bank 
Ferguson, Mrs, 13 Barossa street 
Ferguson, Mrs Annie, 19 No. Methven street 
Ferguson, Mrs David, 208 High street 
Ferguson, Mrs Christina, apartments, 3 Melville street 
Ferguson, Mrs Gilbert, 186 High street 
Ferguson, Mrs Isabella, 4 North port 
Ferguson, Mrs James, 3 Rosemount place 
Ferguson, Mrs James, 37 Cross street 
Ferguson, Mrs Jane Ann, York corner, 5 York place 
Ferguson, Mrs Robt. C. , 49 South Methven street 
Ferguson, Murdoch, tailor, 31 Mill street 

Ferguson, Percy, motor engineer, 6 King street ; h. Mauldslie, Abbot street 
Ferguson, Peter, signalman, Stewart place. Caledonian road 
Ferguson, Peter, butcher, 99 South street ; h. 93 
Ferguson, Robert, labourer, 23 Castb gable 

Ferguson, Thomas L., saddler, 19 Princes st.; h. Claremount, Craigie rd. 
Ferguson, William, gilder, Gowrie, 60 Jeanfield road 
Ferguson, William, joiner, Dyework Cottage, Friarton 
Ferguson, William, pensioner, 11 Scott street 
Ferguson, W. S. , & Co. , Ltd. , chemical manure manufacturers, Friarton ; 

Town address — 13 Kirkgate 
Fergusson, John, A., Queen's Hotel, 103 Leonard street, ; h, Atholl cres. 
Fern, Mrs Charles, 105 High street 
Fernie, William, labourer, 25 Thimblerow 
Ferrie, David, moulder, 9 Castlegable 
Ferrie, James, surfaceman, 61 High street 
Ferrie, Morris, labourer, St. Ann's lane 
Ferrie, William, labourer, 20 South street 


Ferrier, Alexander, horse-bank man, 332 High street 

Ferrier, Angus, dealer, 13 Union street 

Ferrier, Charles, dyer's labourer, 48 Longcauseway 

Ferrier, David, coal agent, 1 Edin terrace 

Ferrier, David, painter, 19 Union street 

Ferrier, Mrs Alison, 14 Tulloch terrace 

Ferrier, Mrs George, Main street, Cherrybank 

Fettes, William, cabinetmaker, workshop, 186 High street ; h. 15 Scott st. 

Fife, James, cycle repairer, 11 Whitefriars street 

Findlay, Fergus, engine driver, 13 South street 

Findlay, James, iron moulder, 4 Stormont street 

Findlay, John, warder, 38 South Inch terrace 

Findlay, Mrs James, 28 Robertson's Buildings 

Findlay, Mrs Robert, 17 King street 

Findlay, William, bookkeeper, Dewars terrace, Gray street 

Findlayson, James, labourer, 158 High street 

Finlay, David, brakesman, 12 Canal street 

Finlay, Mrs James, 94 Scott street 

Finlay, Robert (Rev.), 20 Pitcullen terrace 

Finlayson, Alexander, glyceriine extractor, 11 Market street 

Finlayson, George, smith, 24 North Methven street 

Finlayson, George, agent Alloa Coal Co., 24 High street; h. Braehead, 

Darnhall drive 
Finlayson, James, clerk, 8 Hawarden terrace 
Finlayson, James, 21 Cow vennel 
Finlayson, James, dyer's cleaner, 19 Union street 
Finlayson, John, butcher, 46 St. John street 
Finlayson, Margaret, lodging-house keeper, 45 Watergate 
Finlayson, Mrs J. W., 66 Rose crescent 

Finlayson, Wm., secy. (Macdonald, Fraser & Co., Ltd.), 7 Western avenue 
Firth, John, carpet weaver, 53 Longcauseway 
Fire Engine Station, 5, 9, and 13 King Edward street 
Fisher, Alexander W. , director (J. Pullar & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. Boatland 
Fisher, David M'Pherson, grocer, 173 High street 
Fisher, Donald, wagon wright, 17 South street 
Fisher, James, 1 Leonard place 
Fisher, James, motor driver, 3 Brahan cottages 
Fisher, fames, cashier, Carville, 6 Wilson street 
Fisher, William, signalman, 62 Glover street 
Fisken, David, mason, 18 Union lane 
Fisken, Margaret, 10 Market street 
Fisken, Mrs, 285 High street 
Fisken, Mrs Annie, 15 Thimblerow 
Fisken, Stewart, glassblower, 25 M'Quibban's buildings 
Fittis, Kate Campsie, sewer, 22 Atholl street 
Fitzgerald, John, St. Mary's cottage 
Fleck, Mrs James, 158 High street 
Fleming, David, warehouseman, 21 Market street 
Fleming, David, Ins. clerk, 2 Squire's cottages 
Fleming, Gavin, plumber, 51 Kinnoull causeway 
Fleming, Helen and Elizabeth, 1 Fairmount terrace 


Fleming, John, blacksmith, 3 Alexandra street 

Fleming, Joseph, labourer, 5 Meal vennel 

Fleming, Mrs James, Craigie Knowes road 

Fleming, Peter, tea merchant, 212 High street ; h. Eastwood, Kinnoull 

Fleming, Wra. , ship's officer, 20 Scott street 

Fleming, William, retired, 42 Verena terrace 

Fleshers Incorporation Hall, 48 South street 

Fletcher, Alex M., West Coast Railway agent, Hampstead villa, 1 5 Wilson st. 

Fletcher, Archibald, labourer, 113 Canal crescent 

Fletcher, Charles, cinema manager, 31 Kinnoull street 

Fletcher, Miss Jane, 88 Victoria street 

Flight, George, manager, Gray bank, 9 Wilson street 

Flight, Mrs James, 8 Hammerman's buildings 

Flinn, James, painter, 124 Canal crescent 

Flood, James, engine fitter, 3 Murray street 

Flynn, James, oiler, 335 High street 

Flynn, Joseph, ostler, 18 Thimblerow 

Flynn, Martin, labourer, 163 South street 

Flynn, Mary and Susan, dairykeepers, 10 Meal vennel 

Flynn, Mrs, 252 High street 

Flynn, Mrs Martin, 23 Cross street 

Flynn, Patrick, surfaceman, 88 South street 

Folan, John, carter, 47 Meal vennel 

Folan, Mrs Colin, 297 High street 

Follan, Michael, clerk, 146 High street 

Foley, Hugh, labourer, 53 High street 

Foley, Patrick, labourer, 93 South street 

Foley, Stephen, sanitary officer, 93 South street 

Folkarde, Mrs Arthur, Whitelaw, Cherrybank 

Foote, David, wine and spirit mer. , 33 Cross st. ; h. Rosslyn Lea, Needless rd, 

Foote, Mrs Thomas, 94 Pomarium street 

Foote, William, wagon builder, 36 St. Katherine's court 

Forbes, Alexander, baker, 13I York place 

Forbes, Alexander, 42 North Methven street 

Forbes, Alexander, warehouseman, 4 George street 

Forbes, Alexander Watt, clerk, 3 Rosario terrace 

Forbes, Alfred, joiner, 17 Stormont street 

Forbes, Andrew A., carter, 10 Market street 

Forbes, Charles, foreman, Norma villa, 26 Wilson street 

Forbes, David Foote, bookkeeper, 31 Pitcullen terrace 

Forbes, Francis F. ?., engine fitter, 15 Queen street 

Forbes, Frederick J. , distiller, Springbank, Abbot street, Craigie 

Forbes, George, chauffeur, 22 Barrack street 

Forbes, H. L. , clerk, I.R., 40 Tay street 

Forbes, Hugh, railway guard, Craigie Bank House 

Forbes, James, chauffeur, 37 Canal street 

Forbes, James, joiner, 14 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Forbes, James, painter, 37 Stormont street 

Forbes, James Leith, clerk, 4 Windsor terrace 

Forbes, Jessie and Maud, teachers, 18 Strathmore street 

Forbes, John, cattle dealer, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 


Forbes, John J., chemist, Lindville, 38 Balhousie street 

Forbes, John, 9 Watergate 

Forbes, John, postman, 40 Longcauseway 

Forbes, Joseph, engine driver, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Forbes, Margaret, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Forbes, Miss A. S., 22 Balhousie street 

Forbes, Miss Elizabeth, 69 Wilson street 

Forbes, Mrs Allen, 194 High street 

Forbes, Mrs Duncan, 59 Kinnoull street 

Forbes, Mrs James, apartments, 24 Victoria street 

Forbes, Mrs James, Bonavista, 124 Glasgow road 

Forbes, Mrs Theresa, 147 South street 

Forbes, Mrs William, 5 Crichton place, Friar street 

Forbes, Murdoch, retired, 31 High street 

Forbes, William, salesman, 4 North port 

Ford, Allan, tailor, Murray cottage, Gannochy road 

Ford, Andrew, 6 Cow vennel 

Ford, David W., dyer's finisher, 21 Kinnoull street 

Ford, George A., porter, 28 Commercial street 

Ford, James, compositor, 8 Barossa place 

Ford, James, lorryman, Stewart place 

Ford, John, joiner, 5 Castlegable 

Ford, Lindsay, mechanic, 36 Leonard street 

Ford, Mary, tailoress, 16 Commercial street 

Ford, Michael, labourer, 17 Union street 

Ford, Mrs Euphemia, 4 Cross street 

Ford, Mrs Janet, 6 Victoria street 

Ford, Mrs J. C, 29 Muirton place 

Ford, Robert, brassfinisher, 3 Marshall buildings, King Edward street 

Ford, Robert, retired, Friarton house 

Ford, William, gasworker, 26 M'Quibban's buildings 

Ford, William, glassblower, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Fordyce, Francis, road foreman, 4 Closeburn terrace 

Fordyce, John, excise officer, Ellan^owan, Murray crescent 

Fordyce, Joseph, shoe maker, 3 Glover street, Craigie : h. 4 Windsor terrace 

Foreman, Mrs Thomas, railway agent, 30 Rose crescent 

Forgan, James, retired, 70 Glasgow road 

Foresters' Hall, 13 Hospital street 

Forrest, Alexander G., solicitor, 38 Tay street ; //. Hillcrest, 138 Glasgow 

Forrest, George, fireman, 9 Keir street, Bridgend 
Forrest, George, gardener, The Lodge, Durn 
Forrest, Mrs Thomas, Glendoick, Brompton terrace 
Forrest, Richard, traveller, 13 Queen's avenre 

Forrester St Boyd, house agents, 66 George street; h. Sylverton, Scone 
Forsyth, Charles, dyer, 24 Closeburn terrace 
Forsyth, David, dyer, 4 Viewfield place 
Forsyth, James, shopman, 19 Union street 
Forsyth, Mrs Alexander, Minard, 43 Craigie road 
Forsyth, Thomas, baker, 11 Charterhouse lane 
Forsyth, William, painter, 50 Longcauseway 

_ general Directory. 109 

Foss, Bridget, weaver, 13 Paul street 

Foster, Arthur, manager, Station Hotel ; h. 2 Muirhall bank 

Fotheringham, Alex., fireman, 8 York place 

Fotheringham, Alex., clerk, Hillyland 

Fotheringham, David, dry dyer, 8 Hawarden terrace 

Fotheringham, Henry, French cleaner, Hillyland 

Fotheringham, John, surfaceman, 17 Charterhouse lane 

Fotheringham, Mrs David, Hillyland 

Fotheringham, Robert Guthrie, teacher, 9 Queen's avenue 

Foulger, W. Y., P.O. sorter, 17 Aldie place 

Fowler, James, barman, 18 Caledonian road 

Fowler, Miss Helen, 58 Scott street 

Fowler, Wm. , Major, M.C., Fern villa, 45 Balhousie street 

Fowlis, James, warehouseman, 18 New row 

Fowlis, Miss Frances, confectioner, 167 South street ; h. 3 Wellshill terrace 

Fox, Ada Margaret Kerr, milliner, 2 Bridge street ; h. Inchbank cottage 

Fox, George, tailor, 4 Inchaffray street 

Fox, Mrs J., shopkeeper, 2 Bridge street; h. Inchbank cottage 

Foy, George, coachpainter, 7 Strathmore street 

Foy, Mrs Thomas, 23 Strathmore street 

Foy, Samuel, gasfitter, 13 Main street 

Frail, Mrs, 4 Thistle lane 

Frame, James, coal agent, Hamilton Bank, Craigie 

Franchi, John, tearooms and confectioner, 12 St. John street 

Fraser, Alexander, clerk, 3 Westgrove avenue, Jeanfield 

Fraser, Alexander, guard, 22 Princes street 

Fraser, Alexander, carter, 13 Gladstone terrace 

Fraser, Alexander, brakesman, 81 Leonard street 

Fraser, Alexander, assistant mart manager, Sunnylea, Gray street 

Fraser, Agnes, 28 Barossa street 

Fraser, David, painter, 27 Cross street 

Fraser, Frederick L. , timber foreman, 9 Abbot street, Craigie 

Fraser, Hector, clerk, 3 Balhousie avenue 

Fraser, Harry J., auctioneer, Perth Auction Mart ; h. Woodlands house 

Fraser, Isabella, cook, 9 Speygate 

Fraser, James, cleaner, 2 Viewfield place, Crieff road 

Fraser, James, motor man, 3 Tulloch place 

Fiaser, James, sawmiller, Tayview, Friarton 

Fraser, James, painter, 12 Canal street 

Fraser, [. C, railway worker, 13 Leonard street 

Fraser, John, grocer & wine merchant, 50 High street and 2 Kirkgate ; h. 

Glenfoot, Abernethy 
Fraser, John, plumber and gasfitter, 30 Watergate; h. 7 Evelyn terrace 
Fraser, John, labourer, 21 Friarton buildings 
Fraser, John, railwayman, 47 St. Katherine's court 
Fraser, John, French cleaner, 29 Tulloch terrace 
Fraser, John, 105 High street 

Fiaser, John, joiner, 1 Union street ; h. Oakbank cottage, Cherrybank 
Fraser, John, engine driver, 42 Queen street 
Fraser, John, retired, 55 Priory place 
Fraser, John, stonebreaker, 61 Strathmore street 


Fraser, Marjory, finisher, 77 Pomarium street 

Fraser, Mrs Hugh, 3 Roslyn place, 35 Glasgow road 

Fraser, Mrs J. M., charwoman, 8 Market street 

Fraser, Mrs Jas. , tobacconist &newsagt., 185 South st. ; h. 27 York place 

Fraser, Mrs James, 220 High street 

Fraser, Mrs Janet, Corsiehill 

Fraser, Mrs John, apartments, 237 High street 

Fraser, Mrs John, 289 High street 

Fraser, Mrs Wm. , 3 Milne street 

Fraser & Orcheson, plumbers and gasfitters, 30 Watergate 

Fraser, Robert, gamedealer, Corsiehill 

Fraser, Robina Nisbet, 25 South William street 

Fraser, Simon, carter, 131 High street 

Fraser, Simon, engine driver, 1 Keithick place 

Fraser, Thomas, clerk, 3 Windsor terrace 

Fraser, Thomas, farmer, St. Magdalen's farm 

Fraser, Thomas, carter, White cottages 

Fraser, Thomas, fireman, 318 High street 

Fraser, Thomas, yardsman, 13 So. Methven street 

Fraser, Wm. , clerk, 23 South Inch terrace 

Fraser, William, painter, 4 George street 

Fraser, William, shuttle-spring maker, 186 High street 

Fraser, William, supt. permanent way, 22 South William street 

Fraser, William, wagon lifter, 10 Marshall's buildings 

Frazer, Alexander, (of Frazer & Sons), 11 Rose terrace 

Frazer, Charles F., merchant tailor, 55 High street; h. 12 Pitcullen cres. 

Frazer, David, ticket collector, 1 Crich'on place 

Frazer & Sons, merchant tailors, 55-57 High St.; h. 11 Rose terrace 

Frenz, Mrs John, pork butcher, 109 South street 

Frew & Co., Ltd., sanitary, electrical and motor engineers, 6 and 7 Mill st ; 

and 14-18 Princes street; h. 1 King James place 
Frew, John F., butcher, 168 High street ; h. Arnsbrae, 31 Rose crescent 
Frew, Thomas D. (of Frew & Co., Ltd.), 1 King James place 
Fridge, James, warehouseman, 17 St. Jane's place 
Friell, Catherine, 12 Melville street 
Friell, Thos., 18 Barrack street 

Freeland, John, M.A., clergyman, The Manse, 44 Hay street 
Freemason's Lodge, St. Andrew No. 74, 22 South street 
Fulton, George S., clerk, 27 Robertson's buildings 

Fulton, William M., iron merchant, 15-17 Kinnoull st. ; h. 3 Moredun ter. 
Fyall, Robert M'F., barman, 71 Strathmore street 
Fyfe, George, bottle packer, 70 South street 
Fyfe, Joanna, 3 Nelson street 
Fyfe, Mrs Alexander, 63 Balhousie street 
Fyfe, Mrs Janet, 39 Whitefriars street 
Fyfe, Mrs William, 5 Windsor terrace 

Fyfe, William W. , pawnbroker, Kirk close and South street ; h. 19 York pi. 
Fyfe, William, veterans' cottages, Crieff road 
Fyfe, William, soldier, 7 Paul street 

Fyffe, Robert B., timber merchant, Invercauld, 35 Rose crescent 
Fyvie, Andrew, tailor, 39 York place 


Gaedecke, Albert, retired, 22 Pitcullen terrace 
Gair, William, market gardener, Cosieden, Barnhill 
Galbraith, David, brakesman, 24 South Inch place 

Gall, George W., newspaper representative, Pitheavlis bank, Cherry bank- 
Gall, Jane, costumier, 8 Glover street 
Gall, Mrs A., 3 Atholl street 
Gall, Mrs William D., 12 Tay street 
Gall, Peter, P.O. overseer, 17 Rose terrace 

Gallacher, Alex., asylum attendant, Murray cottages, Gannochy road 
Galletly, Catherine, lodgings, 12 Canal street 
Galletly, George, baker, 10 Atholl street 
Galletly, John W., City Missionary, 78 Glasgow road 
Galletly, Marieanne, dressmaker, 40 Albany place 
Galletly, Mrs D., nurse, 85 Pomarium street 
Galletly, Mrs David, 18 South street 
Galletly, Mrs John, Cottage, Jeanfield 

Galloway, Archibald, bookbinder, 9 Main street, Bridgend 
Galloway, Archibald, French cleaner, 7 Low street 
Galloway, Christina S., Tayview bank, St. Magdalene's road 
Galloway, D. & J., grain & manure merchants, 9 St. John st. 
Galloway, Dan, R., potato merchant, 39 Craigie road 
Galloway, David, seaman, 5 Brown street 
Galloway, George, mason, 20 Market street 
Galloway, George, brassfounder, 6 Mill wynd 
Galloway, James, mechanic, Ann Stewart house, Burghmuir 
Gallowny, James, tailor, 4 Newrow 
Galloway, James K., dyer, 6 Tulloch terrace 
Galloway, James T., grain merchant, Vinebank, Kinnoull 
Galloway, John, wet cleaner, 18 Tulloch terrace 
Galloway, John G., brass finisher, 4 Unity place, Victoria street 
Galloway, Margaret, charwoman, 19 St Johnstoun's buildings 
Galloway, Mrs Christie, 84 Scott street 
Galloway, Mrs George, 131 High street 

Galloway, Mrs Janet, aera'ed water worker, 50 Longcauseway 
Galloway, Mrs John, Tayview bank, Craigie 
Galloway, Mrs Margaret, Steading, Barnhill 
Galloway, Mrs Robert, 18 Pomarium street 
Galloway, Robert, french cleaner, 13 Inchaffray street 
Galloway, Thomas F., brassfinisher, 15 Unity place, Victoria street 
Galloway, William, dry dyer, 3 Tulloch terrace, Hillyland 
Galloway, William, 5 Market street 
Gannon, Daniel, park keeper, 131 High street 
Gannon, David, labourer, 20 Thimblerow 
Gannon, Donald, dealer, 131 High street 
Gannon, James, dyer's labourer, 21 Union street 
Gannon, Timothy, labourer, 59 Newrow 
Garden, Mrs David, Brunswick cottages, 28 Friar street 
Garden, William, gardener, 3 Clifton bank, Craigie 
Gardiner, Alex. , dyer, 4 Inchaffray street 
Gardiner, Charles, surfaceman, 11 Speygate 
Gardiner, Charles, joiner, 7 Ballantine place 

112 general directory. 

Gardiner, Charles, cabinetmaker, I InchafTray street 

Gardiner, Daniel, glazier, Si Leonard street 

Gardiner, David, cleaner, 3 Inchaffray street 

Gardiner, Donald, 81 Leonard street 

Gardiner, George, French cleaner, 22 Tulloch terrace 

Gardiner, George, dyer, 24 Market street 

Gardiner, George, baker, 72 St. Catherine's court 

Gardiner, James, gas worker, 84 Reform place 

Gardiner, James, grain & potato mer., 20 York place ; h. Dargill farm, Crieff 

Gardiner, James, glass tube packer, 56 St Katherine's Court 

Gardiner, James, general dealer, 18 Hospital street ; h. 16 

Gardiner, James, retired, 21 Nelson street, Burton place 

Gardiner, Mrs., laundress, 196 South street 

Gardiner, Mrs Alexander, 16 Strathmore street 

Gardiner, Mrs Alex., 48 Scott street 

Gardiner, Mrs Andrew, 10 Methven buildings, Newrow 

Gardiner, Mrs James, 27 Shields' place 

Gardiner, Robert, surfaceman, 85 Leonard street 

Gardiner, William, tailor, 5 Brown street 

Gardiner, Wm., policeman, 38 Atholl street 

Gardner, C. S., manager, 9 Ballantine place 

Gardner, James, timber merchant, sawmill, Feus road ; h. at Luncarty 

Gardner, James A., retired, 2 Fairmount terrace, Barnhill 

Gardner, Mrs James, 27 Castlegable 

Gardyne, Helen M. G., Hon. Sup., Gowrie labour house, 20 Speygate 

Garland, J. W., clerk, A.P.C., 5 Ballantine place 

Garland, James, postman, 6 South Inch place 

Garland, John, guard, 40 Albany place 

Garland, John, joiner, 313 High street 

Garland, Robert II., joiner, 22 N. Methven street 

Garnett, Thomas, dyer, 18 South Inch place 

Garton, Joseph, cleaner, 2 Tulloch terrace 

Garvan, John, boxmaker, 2 Cross street 

Garvan, John, 21 S. Methven street 

Garvie, Agnes J., Lilybank, Burghmuir 

Garvie, Andrew, compositor, 70 South street 

Garvie & Deas, Ltd., manufacturers, 55 South Methven street and Newrpw 

Garvie & Syme, ironmongers, 52 and 85 High street and 42 Caledonian 

road. See advt. 
Garvie, George, labourer, 9 Speygate 
Garvie, James, labourer, 34 Newrow 
Garvie, James, carter, 126 High street 

Garvie, James, ironmonger, 52 High street ; h. 20 Balhousie street 
Garvie, James, soldier, 42 Longcauseway 
Garvie, James, blacksmith, 9 Strathmore street 
Garvie, James, cabinetmaker, 21 King street 
Garvie, James V., dyer's cleaner, 6 Atholl street 
Garvie, Jeannie, saleswoman, 15 Ballantine place 
Garvie, John, clerk, 9 Princes street 
Garvie, John D., cabinetmaker, 4 George street 
Garvie, Lawrence, painter, 208 High street 



Garvie, Mrs Alex., tobacconist & stationer, 39-41 South st; h. 68 St. John st. 

Garvie, Mrs James, Dorville, Wilson street 

Garvie, Mrs [ohn, 5 Murray street 

Garvie, Mrs William, Castleview, 52 Hay street 

Garvie, Thomas W., tenter, Atholl Bank lodge, Viewlands road 

Garvie, Wm., bottleblower, 53 High street 

Garvie, William B. , Pitheavlis bank, Cherrybank 

Gas Manager's Office, Friarton, (David Vass, manager) 

Gas and Electricity Treasurer's Office, n Tay street 

Gas Corporation Showrooms, Charles street 

Gaul, Peter, wireman C.R., 6, 11, 13 Atholl street 

Gavin, Maggie, 53 Meal vennel 

Gavin, Mrs Sarah, 40 Meal vennel 

Gavin, Mrs T., outdoor worker, 60 Pomarium street 

Gavin, Philip, French cleaner, 272 High street 

Geddes, Charles D., photographer, 30 George St.; A. Clematis villa, Friar st. 

Geddes, David, gardener, Bellwood lodge 

Geddes, David J., salesman, 36 High street 

Geddes, George, engine driver, 16 Whitefriars street 

Geddes, John C, clerk, Albany place, Craigie 

Geddes, John C, draper, 36 and 40 South Methven st. ; h. Wormit-on-Tay 

Geddes, Mrs Elizabeth, 4 Inchaffray street 

Geddie, John, 12 Canal street 

Geekie, Alex. W T . , paymaster, Rhodes villa, Dunkeld road 

Geekie, James, retired, 12 Scott street 

Gellatly, Alex. , gas worker, Peckembere cottages 

Gellatly, David, moulder, 47Kinnoull causeway 

Gellatly, James, waggon builder, Craigie Park terrace 

Gellatly, James, glazier, 31 Pomarium street 

Gellatly, James, dyeworker, Hillyland 

Gellatly, James, dyer's finisher, 323 High street 

Gellatly, Jessie, finisher, 10 Paul street 

Gellatly, Jessie, cook, 20 Longcauseway 

Gellatly, John, 8 Methven buildings, County plaee 

Gellatly, John, compositor, 7 Ballantine place 

Gellatly, John C, motor mechanic, 33 Scott street 

Gellatly, Margaret, 73 Canal street 

Gellatly, Mary Ann, 72 St. John street 

Gellatly, Mrs Jane, 15 Kirkgate 

Gellatly, Robert, retired, 36 Whitefriars street 

Gellatly, Robert, calenderer, 33 Scott street 

Gellatly, Susan, 50 Main street, Bridgend 

Gellatly, Thos., Corsiehill cottages 

Gellatly, Thomas B., Bonha', 42 Wilson street 

Gellatly, William B. , dyer, 1 1 Tulloch terrace 

Gellatly, William, cloth inspector, 5 Viewfield place 

Gemmell, James, clerk, 208 High street 

Gemmill, Matthew Y., commercial traveller, 61 Wilson street 

General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, Ltd, 

General buildings, 2-6 High street and 20, 22, and 44 Tay street ; F. 
Norie Miller, general manager. See advt. 


General Post Office, 174-176 High street 

General prison, Edinburgh road 

George, David, bootmaker, 112 High street; h. Ingleside, 30 Hay street 

George, David, fireman, 27 McQuibban's buildings, Shore 

Gerrard, Alexander, mason, 39 Commercial street 

Gerrard, John, gardener, 31 Commercial street 

Gibb, Ann, ironer, 80 Pomarium street 

Gibb, David, fireman, 19 Cross street 

Gibb, James, clerk, 4 Brown street 

Gibbons, David, vanman, 36 Whitefriars street 

Gibbons, Mark, railwayman, 16 Cross street 

Gibson, David, newsagent, 39 Whitefriars street 

Gibson, George, guard, 17 Nelson street 

Gibson, George, railwayman, 39 Whitefriars street 

Gibson, John, dyer's cleaner, 19 Leonard street 

Gibson, Lewis, bank agent, Union Bank of Scotland, Union Bank house, 

George street 
Gibson, Mrs John, 96 Scott street 

Gibson, Mrs John, shop assistant, 30 Whitefriars street 
Gibson, Mrs Thomas, jeweller, 18 Methven buildings 
Gilchrist, Mrs Thomas, 5 George street . 
Gilchrist, Thos., 46 James street- 
Giles, David, compositor, 45 Commercial street 
Gill, Robert, coppersmith, 132 Canal crescent 
Gillan, Thomas, publican, 34 High street ; h. 15 Rose terrace 
Gillespie, James, Hughenden, 177 Glasgow road 
Gillespie, James J., Brier Bank, 97 Glasgow road 
Gillespie, Mary, Annandale, 159 Glasgow road 
Gillie, David, dyer, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

Gillie, George, wine and spirit mer., 72 S. Methven st. ; h. 179 Glasgow rd. 
Gillies, Mary L., 3 Muirhall terrace 

Gillies, Peter F., machineman, M'Vean's buildings, 3 Main st. , Cherrybank 
Gillies, Wm. L., grain merchant, Chirallion, 1 Viewlands place 
Gillon, Alice, George Inn lane 

Gilmour, James G., haulage contractor, 85 Princes street 
Gilmour, Robert, 45 Kinnoull causeway 
Gilmour, William, barman, 38 Albany place, Friar street 
Gilruth, Wm., fruiterer, Beaton's buildings 
Girling, Charles H., soldier, 7 Raeburn place, 42 Friar street 
Given, Andrew, electrician, 158 South street 
Glass, Angus K. , compositor, 23 North Methven street 
Glass, David, solicitor, 5 Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 
Glass, Edward J., tailor, 22 Hammerman buildings 
Glass, James, engineer,, Tulloch house 
Glass, Joanne, clerkess, 18 Unity place, Victoria street 
Glass, John, draughtsman, Tulloch house 
Glass, John, plumber, 58 So. Methven street 
Glass, Mrs Alex. , Bon accord, Viewlands road 
Glass, Mrs Christina, 15 Muirton place 
Glassite Meeting House, 249 High street 
Glegg, James, sawmill manager, Windy knowe, 45 Verena terrace 


Glen, Elizabeth, 32 Rose crescent 

Glen, James, carter, 19 Mill street 

Glen, Mary, apartments, 25 Hospital street 

Glen, Mrs James, Beaton's buildings, Hillyland 

Glen, Mrs William, George Inn lane 

Glen, William, fireman, 20 Inch Head terrace 

Glendinning, Andrew, sheet repairer, The Gates, Friarton 

Glendinning, John, warder, H.M. Prison 

Gloag, Henry J. , french cleaner, 26 Tulloch terrace 

Gloag, Henry J., jun. , 5 Tulloch terrace 

Gloag, Matthew, & Son, wine merchants, 33 Kinnoull street 

Gloag, Matthew W. (of Gloag & Son), Halton, Taymouth terrace 

Glovers' Incorporation Offices, 10 Princes st. W. Mowat Wilson, boxmaster 

Glovers' Hall, 36 George street 

Goble, Ernest, labourer, 9 Market street 

Godfrey, John, carter, 3 1 Leonard street 

Gold, John, retired, 45 South street 

Gold, Mrs Charles, Newlands house, Burghmuir 

Gold, Wm., labourer, 19 Speygate 

Gollens, Colin, baker, 94 Scott street 

Gollens, Elizabeth, mill worker, 37 Leonard street 

Gollens, James, printer, 11 Unity place, Victoria street 

Goodall, Andrew, mason, 8 Alexandra place 

Goodall, Margaret, upholst rer, 125 Canal crescent 

Goodall, Wm., baker, 67 Scott street 

Goodfellow, David B. , guard, 1 Castle terrace 

Goodfellow, David T., clerk, 5 Windsor terrace 

Goodfellow, Mrs John, dairy, 26-28 Pomarium street 

Goodison, David, vanman, 43 Cross street 

Goodison, Hugh, quarryman, 40 Meal vennel 

Goodison, Robert, baker, 73 Leonard street 

Good Templar Hall, 9 King street, and Lesser hall, 136 Canal crescent 

Gordon, Alexander, shoemaker, 151 High street 

Gordon, C. H., solicitor, 11 High street; h. Rosenheim, 112 Glasgow rd. 

Gordon, David O., warder, H.M. Prison 

Gordon, James, draper, Calderbank, 1 1 Craigie road 

Gordon, James, lithographer, 9 Crichton place, 34 Friar street 

Gordon, James, dyer, 198 South street 

Gordon, John, agricul. scientist, 10 St. Leonard's bank ; h. 46 Craigie road 

Gordon, John, motor mechanic, 21 Milne street 

Gordon, Mrs Peter, 15 St. Johnstoun's buildings, Charles street 

Gordon, Mrs R. G., Sunbank, Barnhill 

Gordon, Mrs William, 163 South street. 

Gordon, Robt. J. M'N., agricultural executive officer for Perthshire, 42 

Tay street ; h. 16 Spens crescent 
Gordon & Stanfield, drapers, 32 South Methven street 
Gordon, Thomas P., Goodlyburn terrace 
Gorin, Mrs Frederick C. , 12 George street 
Gorme, Jane E., clerkess, 1 Abbot street 
Gorrie, David, fireman, 20 M'Quibban's building 
Gorrie, David, coppersmith (of D. Gorrie & Sons), 42 No. Methven street 


GOPrie, David & Sons., coppersmiths and engineers and garage, Loretto 

court, Millwynd, 23, 25-27 South Methven street. See Adit. 
Gorrie, E. A. (of D. Gorrie & Sons), 43 King street 
Gorrie's Embroidery Warehouse, 5 Scott street 
Gorrie, Frank, labourer, 17 Pomarium street 
Gorrie, George, agent, 3 Methven buildings, Newrow 
Gorrie, John, bleachfield worker, 36 Longcauseway 

Gorrie, John, potato merchant, 2 and 6 South William St.; h. 31 Princes st. 
Gorrie, John, postman, Thistle cottage, Thistle lane 
Gorrie, Mary, telephonist, 3 Viewlands terrace 
Gorrie, Mrs Thomas, 4 Paul street 
Gorrie, Peter, 28 Kinnoull street 
Gorrie, Peter, clerk, 35 Glover street 
Gorrie, Thomas, retired, 28 Kinnoull street 
Gorrie, Thomas, clerk, 2 Windsor terrace 
Gospel Hall, 70 Princes street 
Gourdie, Thomas, baker, 10 Milne street 
Gourdie, William, insurance manager, 36 Craigie road 
Gourlay, James R., dyer's finisher, 46 Barossa street 
Gourlay, Mrs Chas., 18 Barrack street 
Gourlay, Mrs John, 22 Union lane 
Gove, Alexander, coalman, W T hite cottages, Jeanfield 
Gove, Henry, grocer, 56 Longcauseway 

Gow & Murdoch, tailors and clothiers, 9, 11 and 13 St. John street 
Gow, Alexander, shunter, 21 Union street 
Gow, Daniel, colliery agent, Croft Park villa, Craigie 
Gow, Donald, shepherd, 86 Pomarium street 
Gow, Forbes, janitor, 181 High street 
Gow, James, dyer, Newtonhill, 10 Muirton place 
Gow, James, waggon repairer, 3 Cross street 
Gow, James, foreman, railway sheds, 5 West Grove avenue 
Gow, Jemima, Low road, Cherrybank 
Gow, John, gas worker, 43 Princes street 
Gow, John, painter, 17 King street 
Gow, John, forester, 3 James street 

Gow, Maggie, K. M'D. , confectioner, 14 So. Methven street 
Gow, Maggie, 14 Bridge lane 
Gow, Mrs William, Glenartney, Feus road 
Gow, Mungo, goods foreman, 2 Methven buildings 
Gow, Neil, clothier (of Gow & Murdoch), 9 Rose terrace 
Gow, Robert, labourer, 15 Campbell's buildings 
Gow, Thomas, shepherd, 2 Westgrove avenue 
Gow, William, blacksmith, Highfield, Cornhill 
Gowans, Alexander, plumber, 17 Unity place, Scott street 
Gowans, Andrew, builder, Tynwald, Feus road 
Gowans, J. & D. , grocers and wine merchants, 25-27 High street 
Gowans, James F. , grocer (of J. & D. Gowans), 6 King's place 
Gowans, Margaret C, 6 Murray crescent 
Gowans, Mrs William, apartments, Comely Bank house 
Gowrie, Annie, Hospital buildings 
Gowrie, Hugh, carter, 46 Meal vennel 

This space is reserved 

- for — 



PURSES etc, 





Gowrie, James J., tailor, 298 High street 

Gowrie, John, millwright, 5 Friarton buildings 

Gowrie Labour Home, 20 Speygate 

Grace, Elizabeth, 9 Rosario terrace, Jeanfield 

Gracie, Thomas, agent, 9 Alexandra street 

Graham, Alexander, 47 Priory place 

Graham, A. G. Maxtone, 40 Hay street 

Graham, Arthur H., linotype operator, 14 Glover street 

Graham, Helen B , ladies' nurse, 100 High street 

Graham, James, spirit dealer, 105-107 South street ; h. 64 Scott street 

Graham, John T., M.D., county sanitary medical officer, County buildings ; 

h. Dunalastair, North Inch 
Graham, John, painter, 69 No. Methven street 
Graham, Mrs A., 8 Kinfauns crescent, Needless road 
Graham, Mrs Isabella, 31 Muirton place 
Graham, Mrs Isabella, retired, 17 M'Quibban's building 
Graham, Mrs John, 43 St Katherine's court 
Graham, Mrs John, 77 Kinnoull causeway 
Graham, Mrs M. A., 4 Pitcullen crescent 
Graham, Mrs Robert, charwoman, 9 Milne street 
Graham, Robert, porter, 29 Kinnoull Causeway 
Graham, William, warper, 18 Caledonian road 
Graham, William, sawmaker, 10 Hospital street ; h. 8 
Graham, William M., accountant, Balbraith, Dupplin terrace, Kinnoull 
Grand Hotel, in government occupation, 19 1 High street 
Grandison, Duncan, chauffeur, 15 Canal street 
Grandison, Mrs George, 54 So. Wdliam street 
Granger, Jane, Craigisla, Isla road 
Grant, Agnes M., 59 North Methven street 
Grant, Alexander, agent, H. R. Lomond. 47 Wilson street 
Grant, Alexander S., clerk, 49 Muirton place 
Grant, Alex., wood turner, 29 Kinnoull causeway 
Grant, Alex., guard, 51 Stormont street 
Grant, Archibald, gardener, 2 Thistle lane 

Grant, Charles, cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 52, 55 and 57 N. Methven st 
Grant, D. S., commission agent, 75 Glasgow road 
Grant, G. A., brakesman, 2 Inch head terrace 
Grant, Harry, boxmaker, 16 Paul street 

Grant, Henry, upholsterer, 19 Hammerman's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Grant, James, mechanic, 26 Barossa street 
Grant, James, engine driver, 15 Ballantine place 
Grant, James, retired civil servant, Creswick, Barnhill 
Grant, James, gardener, Ardchoille lodge 
Grant, Jane, apartments, 2 Barossa place 
Grant, John, dyer's finisher, 62 Longcauseway 
Grant, John, park ranger, 16 Longcauseway 

Grant, John, wood turner, 312 High street ; h. 53 Longcauseway 
Grant, John, labourer, 43 Leonard street 
Grant, John, fireman, 220 High street 

Grant, Lawson, tailor and clothier, II Princes St.; h. Fairmount road 
Grant, Lewis J., guard, 21 Whitefriars street 


Grant, Mrs Alex., I Muirton place 

Grant, Mrs J. S., teacher, 9 Main street, Bridgend 

Grant, Mrs, Kinloch, 72 Watergate 

Grant, Mrs William, 3 Hammerman's buildings 

Grant, Peter, dyer, 32 Canal street 

Grant, Sinclair, teacher, Alton, Needless road 

Grant, Walter A., postman, 4 St. Katherine's court 

Grant, William, brakesman, 25 Granville place 

Grant, Wm., 18 Barrack street 

Grassie, J. T. , captain, B.W. , 2 Unity terrace 

Grassie, Toseph J., gardener, Feus cottage 

Grassie, William, railway weigher, 15 Market street 

Graves, Frank S., organist, 28 Marshall place 

Gray, Alexander, journalist, 23 Balhousie street 

Gray, Andrew, retired, 30 Newrow 

Gray, Andrew, sawmiller, 30 Newrow 

Gray, Andrew, railwayman, 1 Water vennel 

Gray, Andrew, woodcarter, 34 Newrow 

Gray, Andrew W., accountant, 15 Marshall place 

Gray, Edward, retired, Hawthorn cottage, High Craigie 

Gray, Ernest, enginedriver, 22 Abbot street 

Gray, George, Bowerswell house 

Gray, George, machineman, 31 St. Katherine's court 

Gray, George Nicoll, solicitor, 72 St. John street ; h. 108 Glasgow road 

Gray, James, plumber, 3 Victoria court, Canal street 

Gray, James, brakesman, 2 Gladstone terrace 

Gray, James, labourer, 71 Glover street 

Gray, James, carriage inspector, 56 South William street 

Gray, Jessie, 81 Main street, Bridgend 

Gray, Mary S. , featherdresser, 1 Unity place, Victoria street 

Gray, Mrs Georgina, 20 Scott street 

Gray, Mrs Robert, 4 Campbell's buildings 

Gray, Peter, basket maker, 11 South William street 

Gray, Peter, labourer, 136 High street 

Gray, Peter, dyer, 136 High street 

Gray, Thomas, signal fitter, 47 Canal street 

Gray, William, dyer, 1 Baker's buildings 

Gray, William, joiner, 7 Raeburn place, Friar street 

Gray, William, solicitor, 52 Tay street ; h. Craigdhu, Barnhill 

Gray, Wm., porter, 98 i'omarium street 

Greaves, Annie, dressmaker, 61 Leonard street 

Green, Andrew, railwayman, 194 High street 

Green, David, scavenger, 41 St. Katherine's court 

Green, E. W., Captain CM. A., Oakbank road 

Green, Jas. H., railwayman, 14 Barossa street 

Green, Mrs George, 11 St. Katherine's court 

Green, Wm. R., buyer, 2 Strathearn terrace 

Greenhill, David, cloth inspector, 10 Shields' place 

Greenhill, David, tailor, 8 Inchhead terrace 

Greenhill, David, cabinetmaker, 12 Canal street 

Greenhill, John, dyer, 18 Ballantine place 


Greenhill, Lawrence, stonecutter, 77 High street 

Greenhill, Mrs Campbell M., boarders, 28 Caledonian road 

Greenhill, Thomas, cloth inspector, 265 High street 

Greenlees & Sons, bootmakers, 179 High street 

Gregor, George, porter, 25 Whitefriars street 

Gregor, Helen, dairykeeper, 7 Hospital street; h. 58 Scott street 

Gregor, Jesse I., Craigroyston, 125 Glasgow road 

Gregor, Neil, signalman, 58 Scott street 

Gregor, Wm., engine driver, 15 Market street 

Greig, A. K., watchmaker, 30 Canal street 

Greig Brothers, drapers and clothiers, 24-26 Watergate ; h. 28 

Greig, John, shunter, y] South Inch terrace 

Greig, Lindsay, draper and clothier, 28 Watergate 

Greig, Margaret M., draper, St. Leonard's bridge 

Greig, Mary, hawker, 2A. Cross street 

Greig, Mrs Agnes, 1 1 Charlotte street 

Greig, Mrs Catherine, 20 Ballantine place 

Greig, Mrs Robert M., draper, 16-20 Watergate ; h. 18 

Greig, Peter, tailor, 17 Inchaffray street 

Greig, William, retired, 35 Princes street 

Grewar, David, engine driver, 20 Glover street 

Grieve, George, dyer's finisher, 1 Young street 

Grieve, George W. , optician and photo, dealer, 29Scottst. ; h. 37 Leonard st. 

Grieve, James, glazier, 1 1 Skinnergate 

Grieve, James, blacksmith, 6 Castle terrace 

Grieve, John, tenter, 34 Atholl street 

Grieve, Mrs David, 4 Paul street 

Grieve, Rachel, 38 Albany place, Craigie 

Grieve, Robert, policeman, 55 Strathmore street 

Grieve, Samuel, clerk, 28 South Inch terrace 

Grieve, William, golf club maker, 2 Leith's buildings 

Grieve, Wm., clerk, 2 Windsor terrace 

Grieve, Wm., post office clerk, 2 Leith's buildings 

Griffith, William H., shoemaker, 13 Main street 

Griffiths, Joseph, labourer, 136 South street 

Griffiths, Mrs Joseph, 264 High street 

Grimmond, Alexander, warehouseman, 28 Atholl street 

Grimmond, George, cloth lapper, 64 Scott street 

Grimmond, William R. , 6 East Bridge street 

Grindlay, John, packer, 43 Kinnoull causeway 

Guild, Alexander, dyer's labourer, 6 Mill close, 269 High street 

Guild, Allan, engine a'tendant, 3 Shepherd's buildings, Cherry bank 

Guild Hall— 104 High street, 

Guild, James, publican, 18 Bridge lane ; h. Sunnybank, Craigie 

Guild, James, tallow chandler, 1 1 South Inch terrace 

Guild, James, engineer, Electricity Works, Shore 

Guild, Joseph, dyer, 3 North Methven street 

Guild, Wm., engine driver, 22 Inch Head terrace 

Guillianotti, James, confectioner, 14 Hospital street; h. 16 

Guillianotti, Joseph, confectioner, 32 N. Methven st. ; h. 36 

Gunn, John, cooper, 9 Whitefriars street 


Gunn, Mrs, 22 Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Gunn, Mrs John, 7 Balhousie street 

Gunn, Robert, cooper, 2 Brown street 

Gustavson, Charles, bottleblower, 32 McQuibbans buildings 

Guthrie, Andrew, shoemaker, 7 Kirkgate 

Guthrie, Colin, drover, 13 Cow vennel 

Guthiie, Daniel, tailor, 19 Speygate 

Guthrie, David, fireman, 9 Princes street 

Guthrie, David, baker, 21 South Inch terrace 

Guthrie, David, guard, 180 South street 

Guthrie, Isabella, inkworker, 9 Strathmore street 

Guthrie, James, painter, 4 Paul street 

Guthrie, John, surfaceman, 21 Market street 

Guthrie, Maggie, d)er's finisher, 208 High street 

Guthrie, Mag-gie, 3 South Inch terrace 

Guthrie, Mrs John, Riverview, 48 Verena terrace 

Guthrie, Mrs John, 49 Stormont street 

Guthrie, Mrs John, 84 Scott street 

Guthrie, Robt. , seedsman, Graybank villa, Strathearn terrace 

Guthrie, Thomas, fireman, 77 Pomarium street 

Guthrie, William, 83 Pomarium street 

Guthrie, Wm. booking- clerk, 3 Crichton place 

Guy, John, publican, Old Ship Inn, 31 High street; h. 8 Fitzroy terrace 

Gyle, John I. R. , 10 Queen's avenue, Craigie 

Haddow, John, engine driver, 35 Princes street 

Haggart, Andrew, labourer, 14 Caledonian road 

Haggart, David, 3 Watergate 

Haggart, David S. , insurance agent, 2 Hawarden terrace 

Haggart, James, church officer, 209 High street 

Haggart, James, vanman, no South street 

Haggart, James, fruiterer, 92 South street; h. 110 

Haggart, Janet, 67 Strathmore street 

Haggart, John, joiner, Rhodes villa, Dunkeld road 

Haggart, John, jun., P.O. clerk, Rhodes villa, Dunkeld road 

Haggart, Margaret J., Roselea place, Jeanfield 

Haggart, Mrs Peter, 84 Scott street 

Haggar', Peter, dresser, 22 Methven buildings 

Haggart, Thomas, waggon wright, 147 South street 

Haggart, Wm., sawmiller, 25 Main street, Bridge. id 

Haggerty, Peter, painter, 136 South street 

Haig, Mrs William, 63 Priory place 

Haimes, John, mechanic, 13 Union lane 

Halkerston, Isaac, glassblower, 18 Newrow 

Halkerston, James, labourer, 49 Leonard street 

Halkerston, James, mason, 16 Methven buildings 

Halkerston, Jessie, outworker, 12 Paul street 

Halkerston, John, paper cutter, 14 Caledonian road 

Halkerston, Robert, dyer's finisher, 84 Scott street 

Hall, Edwin, engine driver, 5 Spey court 

Hall, George, 1 1 Barossa street 

__ ss General directory, 121 

Hall, James, porter, 32 Thimblerow 

Hall, James, retired, 297 High street 

Hall, Joseph, butcher, 32 Victoria street 

Hall, Joseph, butcher, 1 18 South street ; h. 32 James street 

Hall, Joseph, pensioner, 49 Leonard street 

Hall, Margaret, 1 Clayholes 

Hall, Mrs George, 14 Clayholes 

Hall, Mrs John, Rockliffe, 36 Verena terrace 

Hall, Mrs Richard, 313 High Street 

Hall, Mrs Robert, 27 Pomarium street 

Hall, Mrs William, 1 Calder's buildings, 7 Alexandra street 

Hall, Richard, butcher, 50 South street ; h. 66 Princes street 

Hall, Robert, railwayman 66 Pomarium street 

Hall, Thomas, glassblower, 217 High street 

ITalley, David, dyer's finisher, 20 County place 

Halley, David, clerk, Mansfield villa, Feus road 

Halley, Elizabeth, 50 St. Katherine's court 

Halley, James, lab mrer, 99 High street 

Halley, James, labourer, 17 S' uth Inch terrace 

Halley, James, glassblower, 4 Newrow 

Halley, James, P.O. clerk, 5 Shepherd's buildings, Burnside, Cherrybank 

Halley, James, grain merchant (R. & D. Halley), Victoria villa, Balhousie 

Halley, Jessie, housekeeper, 37 Main street, Bridgend 

Halley, John Y., ironmonger, 52 High st. ; h. 14 Spens cres., Glasgow road 

Halley, Mary Ann, doorkeeper, 66 Pomarium street 

Halley, Mrs James, 6 North Methven street 

Halley, Mrs John, apartments, 181 High street 

Halley, Mrs John, 37 George street 

Halley, Mrs Margaret, 1/ King street 

Halley, Mrs Wm„ 7 Croft bank, Craigie 

Halley, R. & D , millers and grain merchants, Balhousie Mills ; office and 

stores, Bath buildings, Methven street ; h. 50 Hay street 
Halley, Robert, grain merchant (of R. & D. Halley), 50 Hay street 
Halley, Robert S., dyer, 15 Balhousie street 
Halley, William, porter, 31 Hospital street 
Halley, Win., cabinetmaker, 48 St. Katherine's court 
Halley Wm, , painter, 5 Meal vennel 
Hallyburton, David, cooper, 46 Pomarium street 
Hallyburton, Mrs David, 31 Stormont street 
Hamil, Wm , gas fitter, 27 South Inch terrace 
Hamilton, Alexander, coachman, 163 High street 
Hamilton, Alexander, jnr., joiner, 163 High street 
Hamilton Chas., sheet repairer, Lower Friarton cottages 
Hamilton, Chas., motor driver, 163 High street 

Hamilton, Jessie, lady's outfitter, 63 George st. ; h. 2 Kinfauns Crescent 
Hamilton, John, railwayman, 3 South Inch place 
Hamilton, Mrs Helen, Craigie Park villa 
Hamilton, Mrs Wm. 2 Kinfauns crescent 
Hamilton, Robert, 35 Watergate 

Hamilton, Robert, assurance superintendent, 17 Barrossa place 
Hamilton, Robert, & Son, laundry proprietors, Dunkeld rd. See advt. 


Hamilton, Thomas Maxwell, laundryman, the Perth Steam Laundry, 

Dunkeld road ; k. Gleniffer Cottage, Dimkeld road 
Hamilton, William K., railway inspector, Tigh-na-bruaich, 7 Wilson street 
Hamper, Frank, sergeant major, 53 Muirton place 

Hampton, Christina H., stationer, 4 West Bridge st. ; h. 17 Muirhall ter. 
Hampton, James signalman, Auchtervilla, Clyde place 
Hampton, Mary, newsagent, 1 St. Leonard'sbrge. ; h. Coltnesscot., Young st. 
Hampton, Jane Ann, 17 Muirhall terrace 
Hampton, William, railway inspector, 19 Inchaffray street 
Hampton, W. L., stationer, &c, 9 Scott st.; h. Coltness, Young st., Craigie 
Handyside, Alex., cooper, 22 Market street 
Hannah, John, compositor, 42 Barossa street 
Hanninghan, Jas. , labourer, 131 High street. 
Harbour Office and Custom House, Shore 
Hardie, Agnes M. , I Wilson street 

Hardie, Albert, guard, 3 St. Jane's place, 41 Friar street 
Hardie, John, lieut. Record Office, Rockville, Letham road 
Harding-, Alfred, restaurateur, 60 Scott street ; h. 181 High street 
Harding, A. C, musician, 181 High street 
Harding, Joseph, chauffeur, 3 Scott street 
Harding, Catherine, 19 Mill street 
Harding, Wm. J., postman, 22 North Methven street 
Hardman, Ernest, fitter, 10 Market street 

Hardman, lob, superintendent, Perth Gen. Station; h. 28 Priory pi. , Craigie 
Hardy, Miss Helen, agent d.p.a.s., Bannochy, 72 Craigie road 
Hargreaves, Mrs Tessie, 56 Pomarium s f reet 
Harley, James, joiner, 5 Orrock place, Jeanfield 
Harley, John, Muircroft, Burghmuir 

Harley, Thos., chemist, 29-31 High st. ; h. Inverallan, 23 Kincarrathie cres. 
Harley, Wm., cashier, 13 North Methven street 
Harley, Wm., porter, 13 North Methven street 
Harper, Daniel, gas stoker, 13 South street 

Harrier, Annie, confectioner, 44 Newrow ; h. 13 Methven buildings 
Harris, Alex., glove cleaner, 13 Tulloch terrace 
Harris, Annie, P.O. mistress, P.O. Bridgend ; k. 65 Wilson street 
Harris, Betsy, winder, 105 Scott street 
Harris, Charles, blacksmith, 85 Pomarium street 
Harris, Christina, apartments, 16 Florence place 
Harris, David, coach painter, Craigie Park terrace 
Harris, David, dyer's finisher, 9 Baker's buildings 
Harris, Elizabeth, fruiterer, &c, 6 County place and 5 Hospital street 
Harris, George, P.O. clerk, 5 Castle terrace 
Harris, James, gardener, 18 Strathmore street 
Harris, Lily R., gro:er, 327 High street ; h. 337 
Harris, Lizzie, ironer, 2 Bridge lane 
Harris, Margaret, 18 Strathmore street 

Harris, Mrs Elizabeth, fruiterer &c, 60 South Methven street 
Harris, Mrs James, tobacconist, etc., 68 S. Methven street ; h. 70 
Harris, Mrs James, 9 Commercial street 
Harris, Mrs Janet, 4 North Port 
Harris, Mrs John, 2 Baker's buildings, Mill street 


Harris, Mrs William, 335 High street 

Harris, Peter, tailor, 335 High street 

Harris, Thomas, upholsterer, 61 Kinnoull street; h. 18 Ballantine place 

Harris, William, dyer's finisher, Craigie Park terrace 

Harris, William, mason, 2 Union Street lane 

Harris, William causeway layer, 39 Castle gable 

Harris, William, gardener, 18 Strathmore street 

Harrower, Annie S., 15 Balhousie street 

Harrower, Alexander, engineman, 18 Addie place 

Harrower, James, barman, 65 Kinnoull causeway 

Harrower, John, baker, 16 South Methven street 

Harrower, Mrs James, 5 Gladstone terrace 

Hart, Alex., 35 Commercial street 

Hart, Allan, porter, 34 Meal vennel 

Hart & Co., umbrella makers, 54 High street 

Hart, George F., taxidermist, Stewart's place 

Hart, Jane, lodging-house, 34 Meal vennel 

Harvey, A. E.. ironmonger, Main street, Cherrybank 

Harvey, John, teacher, Moraig, 81 Wilson street 

Harvey, Mrs Jane, 163 High street 

Hassard, John, tailor, 88 South street 

Hastie, James, retired, Pitheavlis bank 

Hatchie, Mrs Margaret, 8 Ballantine place 

f lately, James, E.C. conductor, Heaton, Needless road 

Hattle, John, assistant storekeeper, 51 Kinnoull Causeway 

Hattle, Thos., printer, 31 Kinnoull street 

Haxton, H. F., P.O. clerk, Kerr's Land, Barnhill 

Haxton, Janet, clerk ess, 355 High street 

Haxton, Mrs Alexander, 48 Scott street 

Hay, Alexander, com. agent, Elmbank house, Barnhill 

Hay, Alex., restaurateur, 10 South street 

Hay, Alex, confectioner, 73 George street ; h. Elmbank house, Barnhill 

Hay & Co., Ltd. , auctioneers, live stock salesmen and valuators, The Perth 

Live Stock Mart; Craigie 
Hay, Euphemia, 14 Caledonian road 
Hay, George, P.O. clerk, 2 Westgrove avenue 
Hay, George, tailor, 79 Leonard street 
Hay, George E., clerk, Barnhill house 
Hay, James, machinist engineer, 256 High street 
Hay, James, fish restaurant, 291 High street 
Hay, John, market gardener, Tayview, Barnhill 
Hay, John, tailor's cutter, 186 High street 
Hay, John B., linotyper, 6 Feu terrace 

Hay, Joseph, D. S., publican, 57 South street ; h. 12 Verena terrace - 
Hay, Lawrence, janitor, 128 Canal crescent 

Hay, Matthew S., stationer, 23 George st. ; h. Firwood villa, Dunkeld rd. 
Hay, Mrs Charles, 8 Unity place, 87^Scott street 
Hay, Mrs John, 16 Hammerman's buildings 
Hay, Mrs Robert A. , Firwood villa, Dunkeld road 
Hay, Mrs Thomas, 1 5 Cross street 
Hay, Mrs William S., 37 Priory plaee 


Hay, Rachel, feather curler, 35 Mill street 

Hay, Robt. E. C, postman, 15 High street 

Hay, R. A. & J., stationers, engravers, and die-stampers, 23 George street 

Hay, Robert, & Sons, drapers, 27 George street ; h. Gowanbank, Isla road 

Hay, Thomas, dyer, 3 South St. John place 

Hay, Thomas, joiner, 3 James street 

Hay, Thomas, labourer, 9 Cross street 

Hazel, Mrs Paul, 7 Paid street 

Headquarters Highland Division and Highland Area, 8 Kinnoull street 

Headrick, James, draper's assistant, Osborne terrace, 43 Wilson street 

Heatley, A. J., I. K.O., 7 Rosemount place 

Hebden, William, surfaceman, 154 South street 

Hebner, John, chauffeur, 31 Commercial street 

Hedderwick, Alexander, butcher, 51 Glasgow road 

Heggie, James, brassfinisher, 22 St. Katherine's court 

Heggie, James, engineer, 31 High street 

Heggie, John, greenkeeper, 6 Croft Bank, Craigie 

Heggie, John, wood turner, 78 High street 

Heggie, Mrs Charles, 59 Scott street 

Heggie, Mrs Donald, apartments, 30 North Methven street 

Heggie, Mrs fohn, 31 Stormont street 

Heggie, Robert, warehouseman, 10 King street 

Heggie, William, foreman porter, 5 Alexandra street 

Heiton, Andrew Granger, architect, 72 George st. ; h. Darnick, Kinnoull ter. 

Henderby, George, clerk, 9 Inchaffray street 

Henderson, Alexander, retired, 7 Mill street 

Henderson, Allan, dyer, 3 Watergate 

Henderson, Andrew, 61 Main street 

Henderson, Andrew, boot repairer, 19 South street ; h. 11 Atholl street 

Henderson, Annie, 8 Foundry lane 

Henderson & Shaw, timber merchants and sawmillers, Charles street and 

23-27 Victoria street ; h. Benarty, the Glebe, Kinnoull 
Henderson, Catherine, 31 and 32 Campbell's buildings 
Henderson, David, dealer, 98 South street ; h. 18 Craigie place 
Henderson, Donald, dyer, 44 Barossa street 
Henderson, Francis C, clerk, I Castle terrace, Needless road 
Henderson, George, fruit merchant, Duncarse, Muirton bank 
Henderson, George, clerk of works, Rose cottage, Hillyland 
Henderson, George, waggon lifter, 29 Kirkgate 
Henderson, George G., captain, secretary and finance officer, County of 

Perth, 17 Atholl street ; h. Dilkeisha, 32 Queen street 
Henderson, H.Dalton, Col., D.s.O., v. d.,t.d., The Orchard, 160 Glasgowrd. 
Henderson, James, dyer, 21 Main street, Bridgend 
Henderson, James, railway inspector, 17 Market street 
Henderson, James, 12 Barossa street 
Henderson, James, retired, 1 Muirton place 

Henderson, James, retired, Ellangowan, Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Henderson, James, mechanic, 1 Tulloch place 
Henderscn, Jane, dressmaker, 84 Scott street 
Henderson, Jessie, manageress, 64 High street 
Henderson, Jessie, 2 Hawarden terrace 



Henderson, John, carver and gilder, 146 High street 
Henderson, John, draper, 28 Campbell's buildingo 
Henderson, John, labourer, 158 High street 
Henderson, John, mechanic, 21 l'riory place 

Henderson, John, F.E.I.S., headmaster Craigie school ; h. 7 Park pi., Craigie 
Henderson, John L. , electrician, 31 Canal street 
Henderson, John W. (Rev.), Kinnoull Manse, Kinnoull 
Henderson, Kenneth, salesman, 6 Abbot street 
Henderson, Margaret, 5 Nelson street 
Henderson, Mrs. Alex., 66 Princes street 
Henderson, Mrs David, 37 Leonard street 
Henderson, Mrs James R., 16 Spens crescent 
Henderson, Mrs Jane, nurse, 40 Albany place 
Henderson, Mrs John, 1 Albert place, King street 
Henderson, Mrs Joseph, weaver, 5 Guard vennel 
Henderson, Mrs Peter, 2 Dupplin road, Bridgend 
Henderson, Mrs Thomas, Exton, 63 Wilson street 
Henderson, Mrs Wm., Floral cottage, Bridgend 
Henderson, Mrs William, 72 Watergate 
Henderson, Mrs William, 9 North Methven street 

Henderson, Mrs William, newsagent and tobacconist, 178 South street 
Henderson, Richard W. , draper, 4 Salisbury terrace 

Henderson, Robert, & Sons, fishmongers, poulterers, game and fruit mer- 
chants, Henderson's buildings, 220 High st.; h. Hillyland farm. 
Henderson, Robert, retired warder, 6 Castle terrace 
Henderson, Robert and James, farmers, Hillyland farm 
Henderson, Thomas, labourer, 287 High street 
Henderson, Thomas, painter, 10 St. Ann's lane 
Henderson, Walter, assistant rates collector, 3 Hawarden terrace 
Henderson, William, railwayman, Oakbank terrace 
Henderson, William, hosier, 205 High street ; h. Wellshill terrace 
Henderson, William, glazier, 25 Stormont street 
Henderson, William, vanman, 21 Market street 
Henderson, Wm. L., tailor, 21 South Methven street 
Henderson, Wm. M., insurance inspector, 10 Scott street 
Hendrie, Alex. G., foreman, Croft Park, Craigie 

Hendry, Alexander, jobbing and market gardener, Easter cottage, Barnhill 
Hendry, Alex., chauffeur, 5 Strathmore street 
Hendry, James, slater, 87 Main street 

Hendry, Matthew, Muirton Bank nursery; h. 12 Strathmore street 
Hendry, Mrs Allan, 43 Commercial street 
Hendry, Mrs Margaret, Greenfield, Burghmuir 
Hennichan, Patrick, scavenger, 116 South street 
Henichen, Thomas, waggon inspector, 3 Victoria court 
Henry, Jas. R. , clerk, 357 West High street 
Henry, Peter, labourer, 77 Glover street 

Hepburn, David, jeweller (D. MacGregor& Co.), I Muirton pi., Dunkeldrd. 
Hepburn, Jas., P.O. clerk, Mossgiel cottage 
Hepburn, John, retired, Tayview, Friarton 

Hepburn, Johnjun., manager chemical works, Friarton; /z.4 Tayview, Friarton 
Hepburn, John, painter, 15 North port 


Hepburn, Peter, commercial traveller, Craigie Knowes road 

Hepburn, William R., vanman, 73 Canal street 

Hepworth, J., & Son (limited), clothiers, 232 High street 

Heraughty, John, pawnbroker, 14 Cutlog vennel 

Herauchly, Mary, 201 High street 

Heraughty, Peter, pawnbroker, 33 34 and 36 Mill street ; h. 35 

Herd, Andrew, blacksmith, 2 Breadalbane terrace 

Herd, Andrew, 12 Mill street 

Herd, David, engineer, 19 Barossa street 

Herd, David, shunter, 1 1 Atholl street 

Herd, James, church officer, 34 Watergate 

Herd, Jas. , goods guard, 173 High street 

Herd, Mrs Margaret, charwoman, 8 North Port 

Herd, Mrs Thomas, 4 Unity place, James street 

Herd, Peter, fireman, 9 Milne street 

Herd, Wm., boilermaker, 117 High street 

Herd, William, warehouseman, 6 Victoria street 

Herdman, James, retired, 45 North Methven street 

Herman, Frederick, labourer, 61 Meal vennel 

Heron, Amelia J., clerkess, 100 High street 

Heron, David, tailor and clothier, 53 George st. ; h. Viewbank, New Scone 

Herraghty, Patrick, cellarman^ 3 Kilmartin place, Friar street 

Herring, Mrs Fred., sewer, 31 Stormont street 

Herschell, David A., Shunter, 21 Market Street 

Herschell, Mrs David, 62 Longcauseway 

Hetherington, Joseph, painter, 7 Brown street 

Hewat, James, & Son, restaurateurs, 38 and 40 St. John street and 39 

Watergate; h. 6 Marshall place. 
Hewat, Margaret M., 6 Marshall place 
Hewith, John, retired farmer, Ingleneuk, Clyde place 
Hewitt, Peter, caretaker, Dewar's terrace, Gray street 
Hewitt, Peter, sheet repairer, 7 Friarton buildings 
Higgins, John, signal fitter, 208 High street 
Higgins, Paul, fitter, 15 Kirkgate 
Higgins, Wm. , brassfinisher, 89 Canal street 
Higgins, William, master mariner, The Brae, 143 Glasgow road 
High, Alexander, guard, 17 Inchaffray street 
High, David & Son, coal merchants and contractors, Elibank St.; h. 22 

Caledonian road See advt. 
High, David, coal salesman, 359 High street 
High, John, clerk, 13 Inchaffray street 
High, Neil insurance agent, 56 W. Mill street 
Highland Divisional Train, R.A.S.C., T.A., Drill hall, Tay street 
Hill, David, hallkeeper, 84 Scott street 
Hill, David, joiner, 8 Bakers buildings 
Hill, Edward, 2 Readdie's buildings 

Hill, Frances E. and Mary, sewers, 15 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 
Hill, George B., joiner, 12 St. Jane's place, 41 Friar street 
Hill, Margaret, 41 Muirton place 
Hill, Mary, Hazel Bank, Needless road 
Hill, Mrs Andrew, Alberta, Needless road 


Hill, Mrs Peter, 6 Baker's buildings 

Hill, Mrs William, 19 Stormont street 

Hill, Robert, retired, I Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Hill, Rowland W., I.R. official, retired, 8 Rosemount place 

Hill, William, railway servant, 43 Princes street 

Hill, William, joiner, 8 Caledonian road 

Hills, Arthur, chauffeur, Garage, Bellwood 

Hillside Home, Nurses' Quarters, Ferndale, Barnhill 

Hillside Homes, Miss Bulman, matron, Barnhill 

Hillside Home, Sanatorium Lodge, David Batchelor, caretaker 

H.M. Office of Works, 17 Atholl street 

Hilson, James, fireman, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

Hime, F. Koss, major, The Den, Kinnoull 

Hipps, Ltd., bespoke tailors, 108 and no High street 

Hobart, Rev. Robert, Knoweview, Queen street 

Hobbin, Sarah, 163 South street 

Hobbin, Thomas, baker, 89 Canal street 

Hobbs, Jessie, factory worker, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

Hobin, Andrew, gas worker, 117 High street 

Hobin, John, dyer, 89 Canal street 

Hobin, Matthew, dyer, 6 Mill close 

Hobson, Catherine, caretaker, 6 Blackfriars street 

Hobson, David, painter, 59 Kinnoull street 

Hobson, James, sawmiller, 30 Newrow 

Hobson, J. Lennox, insurance inspector, 33 Glasgow road 

Hobson, Mrs. James, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Hobson, Mrs Jane, 46 Commercial street 

Hobson, Richard T. , insurance clerk, 95 Glover street 

Hodge, Alex., engine driver, 13 Milne street 

Hodge, George, billiard marker, 12 James street 

Hodge, Harry, carter, 10 Paul street 

Hodge, James, hairdresser, 1 1 Leonard street ; h. 65 High street 

Hodge, John, engine driver, 80 Reform place 

Hodge, Mrs William, 8 Alexandra place 

Hodge, Peter, electrical engineer, 72 Watergate 

Hodge, Robert, porter, 13 East Bridge street 

Hodge, William, hairdresser, 234 High street ; h. 318 

Hodge, W T illiam, iron moulder, 1 1 Ballantine place 

Hodge, William, clerk, 18 Muirton place 

Hodge, William, mason, Beechcroft, Burghmuir 

Hodge, William, retired, 20 Closeburn terrace 

Hodge, William, labourer, 65 High street 

Hodgson, George S., engine driver, 4 Castle terrace, Needless road 

Hodgson, Robt., fitter, Craigie Park terrace 

Hodkinson, Frederick R., clerk, 19 Glover street 

Hodkinson, Mrs William A., 17 Pitcullen terrace 

Hogg, John, Shore Restaurant, M'Quibban's buildings, Shore 

Hogg, John, sports outfitter, 38 George street ; h. 18 Inch Head teerace 

Hoggan, Andrew, traveller, 131 Scott street 

Holahan, James, boiler washer, 70 South street 

Holden, Margaret, lodging house, 16 Meal vennel 


Holden, Mrs William, 59 South street 

Holdgate, Thomas, fish restaurant, 144-146 South street ; h. 148 

Holdgate, Thomas, cycle agent, 150 South street; h. 148 

Holm, Axel H. S. , bottlemaker, 66 Princes street 

Holmes, William, engineer, 4 South Inch terrace 

Holt, Mrs Charles, winder, Stewart place, Alexandra street 

Honey, William, retired, 16 Pitcullen terrace 

Honeyman, Alex., labourer, 41 Meal vennel 

Honeyman, Chas., soldier, 165 South street 

Honeyman, David, mason, 186 South street 

Honeyman, jun., David, blacksmith, 186 South street 

Honeyman, Peter, casemaker, 24 Market street 

Honeyman, Thomas, compulsory officer, 10 Atholl street 

Honeyman, Thomas, sub-postmaster, 19 Atholl street ; k. 21 Kinnoull st. 

Honeyman, William, caretaker, 38 Princes street 

Hood, Alexander, cloth lapper, 26 Melville street 

Hood, Annie, confectioner & newsagent, 18 South st. ; h. 14 Caledonian rd. 

Hood, David W. K., postal clerk, Invergroin, Feus road 

Hood, James, painter, 3 Main street 

Hood. James, dyer, 2 Campbell's buildings 

Hood, James R. , warehouseman, 1 1 Ballantine place 

Hood, John, dyer, 11 Baker's buildings 

Hood, Mrs Andrew, 4 Market street ™' 

Hood, Robert S., waiter, Norma villa, 28 Wilson street 

Hood, Robert, church officer, 3 Abbot street 

Hood, Robert, baker, 30 Caledonian road 

Hood, William, inspector, G.P.O , Rockland, Queen street 

Hood, William, clerk, 9 Glover street 

Hood, William A., baker, 1 Westgrove avenue 

Hoolachan, David, bricklayer, 21 Cow vennel 

Hoolachan, Jas., greaser, 70 South street 

Hoolachan, Michael, shop assistant, 112 South street 

Hoolachan, Philip, surfaceman, 96 South street 

Hope, James, compositor, 31 Canal street 

Hope, Misses, 1 King James place 

Hope, Mrs Annie, apartments, 1 1 Crown buildings 

Hope, Mrs Helen, Priestfield, 163 Glasgow ro^d 

Hopkirk, James, baker, 53 Leonard street 

Horsley, Margaret, 186 High street 

Hossack, Jane, 23 High street 

Hossack, William, striker C.R., 8 Stormont house, 11 Atholl street 

Hothersall, William F., porter, 12 County place 

Hough, Charles A., tailor's cutter. York villa, Feus road 

Houston, John, railway porter, Balhomie, Gray street 

Howat, G. & W. , grocers & wine merchants, 46 High street 

Howe, James, postman, 31 Commercial street 

Howell* Thomas H., cashier, 20 Kinfauns crescent 

Howie, David, grocer, 24 Market street 

Howie, Isabel, teacher, 10 Atholl street 

Howie, Miss Margaret J., 8 Moredun terrace 

Howie, Thomas, tobacconist & engraver, 20 George st. ; h. 1 1 Moncreiffe ter. 


Howitt, Mrs John, 13 Keir street 

Howman, Martin S., procurator fiscal, County bldgs. ; h. Edendale, Isla rd. 

Hoy, John, hawker, u Cow vennel 

Hoyland, Annie E., 1 Mansfield place, Isla road 

Hughes, Christina, 3 Melville street 

Hughes, Helen, 19 Mill street 

Hughes, Mrs Alexander, 68 Atholl street 

Humble Miss E. W., 32 Balhousie street 

Hume, David, ironmonger, 1 15 High street ; h, 76 Victoria street 

Hume, John, m.d. (Ed.), D.P.H., 17 Marshall place 

Hume, William & CO., blacksmith and ironmonger, 8 South St. John's 

place ; h. 39 King st. See advt. 
Humphries, William, sergt. -major, Viewfleld, Viewlands road 
Hunt, Annie, 7 N. William street 
Hunt, Jessie, 59 North Methven street 
Hunt, Leigh, m.b. , cm., i Graham's place, King street 
Hunts, Ltd., confectioners, 130 High street and 7 J High street 
Hunter, Charles, engine driver, 25 Glover street 
Hunter, Elizabeth, 9 King's place 
Hunter, James, cleaner, 33 Closeburn terrace 
Hunter, John, gardener, 6 Strathmore Street 
Hunter, John, foreman, 3 Breadalbane terrace 
Hunter, J. W., 15J Rose terrace 
Hunter, Mrs Alex., 13 Pomarium street 
Hunter, Mrs David, 32 Longcauseway 
Hunter, Mrs James, 62 Pomarium street 
Hunter, Mrs Robert, 16 Union Street lane 

Hunter, Robert (of M'Cash & Hunter), St. John's, 123 Glasgow road 
Hunter, Robert, plant inspector, 17 King street 

Hunter, Thomas, & Sons, Ltd., Perthshire Constitutional, South St. John's pi. 
Hunter, Thomas, editor Constitutional, Nimrod, 142 Glasgow road 
Hunter, Violet B. , Rowan villa, 102 Glasgow road 
Hunter, Wm. , N. G. solicitor, 42 Balhousie street 
Hunter, Wm. S. , printer, Dunphail, 37 Craigie road 
Hurlock, Walter, basket finisher, 19 Campbell's buildings 
Husband & Sinclair, stock and sharebrokers, 4 King Edward street 
Husband, Edward, i.r. officer, 3 Spens crescent 
Husband, Mrs John, 242 High street 
Husband, Mrs Peter, 2 Brown street 
Hutchison, Alexander, policeman, 7 St. John's place 
Hutchison, Ann, Craigower, 26 Hay street 
Hutchison, Arthur, Steading, Barnhill 
Hutchison, Colin, gasworker, 5 Kinnoull Causeway 
Hutchison, David, carter, 5 Keithick place, Feus road 
Hutchison, David, P.O. cleaner, 13 Bridge street 
Hutchison, Isa W. , 4 Croft Bank, Craigie 
Hutchison, James, labourer, 1 1 Barossa street 
Hutchison, James, Annbank, Tullylumb terrace 
Hutchison, James, dyer, 20 Market street 
Hutchison, James, glassblower, 25 Leonard street 
Hutchison, Jeanie 359 High street 


Hutchison, John, 35 Leonard street 

Hutchison, John, motor mechanic, 6 Brown street 

Hutchison, John R., governor, Poorhouse, Feu house 

Hutchison, Mrs, 64 Pomarium street 

Hutchison, Mrs Helen, market gardener, Barnhill cottage 

Hutchison, Mrs John H., 230 High street 

Huttchison, Mrs John, 10 Hammerman buildings 

Hutchison, Peter, dyer's finisher, 15 Closeburn terrace 

Hutchison, Robert, retired teacher, 62 Jeanfield road 

Hutchison, Robert, signalman, St. Blane, 2 Cornhill terrace 

Hutchison, William, dyer's cleaner, 50 Whitefriars street 

Hutchison, Wm., outworker, 41 Meal vennel 

Hutt, Mrs Wm., 43 Glasgow road 

Hutton, Andrew A., sheriff officer, iS High st. ; h. St. Ronan's, Glenfarg 

Hutton, Annette K., 24 Carpenter street 

Hutton, John, gamekeeper, 17 Strathmore street 

Hutton, Thomas, engineer, Hillyland 

Hutton, William, enginedriver, St. Jane's place, 24 Abbot street 

Hynd, Alexander, labourer, 194 High street 

Hynd, David, sawmiller, 7 Kirkgate 

Hynd, Mrs Henry, 37 Stormont street 

Hynd, Mrs William, 154 South street 

Ideal Studios Ltd., photographers, 10 Scott st. 

Imlach, Miss, Gaskhill, Kinnoull 

Impett, Frederick, commissionaire, 12 Kinfauns crescent 

Imrie, David, french cleaner, 25 Tulloch terrace 

Imrie, James, chauffeur, 40 Barossa street 

Imrie, James Rowands, dry dyer, 4 West Grove avenue, Jeanfield 

Imrie, John B., bottler, 44 Barossa street 

Imrie, Mrs Joseph, 16 North port 

Imrie, Mrs Robert G. , 10 Leith's buildings 

Imrie, Mrs Thomas, 13 East Bridge street 

Imrie, Robert, porter, 2 James street 

Imrie, William, painter, 1 1 Gowrie street 

Ince, Edward, I.R. officer, 6 Moredun square, Craigie 

Inches, Robert, 4 St Catherine's road 

Independant Labour Party Rooms, South Methven street 

Infantry Record Office, Royal Bank buildings, 3-8 Kinnoull street 

Inglis, Frederick Melville, warder, H.M. Prison 

Inglis, John, clerk, 13 Queen street 

Inglis, [ohn, warehouseman, 8 Spey court 

Inglis, John, railway guard, 52 Barossa street 

Inglis, Robert, stationer, 7-9 Kinnoull street ; h. 1 Evelyn terrace 

Inglis, William, insurance clerk, 1 Muirton place 

Inkster, John, guard, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Inland Revenue Office (Excise, Stamps, and Taxes), 40 Tay street 

Innes, David, warehouseman, 20 Strathmore street 

Innes, Jas. , clerk, 9 South Inch Place 

Innes, James, chimney sweep, 61 Meal vennel 

Innes, Major, S. A., The Black Watch, Fairmount, Barnhill 


Inspector of Weights and Measures' Offices — for the County, County build- 
ings, South street ; and for the Burgh, 278 High street 

Ireland, George Neaves, engine driver, 112 Canal crescent 

Ireland, Jean, 28 St. Catherine's court 

Ireland, Mrs John, 4 Kin fauns crescent, Needless road 

Ireland, Mrs Robert, 89 Canal street 

Ireland, Robert, carter, 188 South street 

Irons, Janet S., Stewart & Dick's buildings, 24 King Edward street 

Irons, Mrs Peter, White cottages, Jeanfield 

Ironside, Alexander, l'.O. clerk, 20 Ballantine place 

Irvine, Alexander, warehouseman, 2 West Grove avenue 

Irvine, Clementine. 30 Longcauseway 

Irvine, David, signalman, 76 South Tay street 

Irvine, Elizabeth, 3 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 

Irvine, Henry, jam boiler, 19 Speygate 

Irvine, James, 24 Canal street 

Irvine, James A., tinsmith and gasfitter, 9 Homers' lane ; /?. Star buildings, 
32 Canal street 

Irvine, Jessie, confectioner, 101 South street ; h. 32 Canal street 

Irvine, Malcolm S., vanman, 2 Wilson street 

Irvine, Mrs Charles, 48 Main street 

Isaac, Tames, Mrs, Laburnum Villa, Glasgow road 

Isaac, Mrs William, S7 High street 

Isdale, Miss, cleaner, 15 Inchaffray street 

Isdale, John, warehouseman, 6 Tulloch place 

Isdale, "William, mechanic, 30 Robertson's buildings 

Isla Distillery, Isla road 

Ivel, George, guard, 5 Marshall's buildings, King Edward street 
Ivol, Alex., 27 Cross street 

Izatt, William, school attendance officer, 4 Rose terrace 

Izatt, William, clerk, P.E.A. , 4 Rose terrace 

Jack, Ernest, C.A., Tayhill, Bridgend 

Tack, George, constable, Rock House, 53 Main street 

Jack, George D. , Orrin villa, 37 Queen street 

Jack, Isabella, 3 Nelson street 

Jack, James, joiner and contractor, 47 Meal vennel ; h. 19 Balhousie street 

Jack, James F., cooper, 3 Castle terrace, Needless road 

Jack, John, calendarer, 8 Shields' place 

Jack, Mrs Alexander, Alexander villa, 42 Craigie road 

Jack, Mrs John, 59 Kinnoull street 

Jack, Robert, horsedealer, 8 Hospital street 

Jack, Wm., warehouseman. Brae Head, Jeanfield 

Jackson, A. Macdonald, cellarman, 83 Main street 

Jackson, Andrew, railway brakesman, 15 Nelson street 

Jackson, Charles, waggonwright, 11 South William street 

Jackson, David, fencer, 8 Homers' lane 

Jackson, David, painter, Corsiehill 

Jackson, David, vanman, 12 Unity place 

Jackson, George, mart foreman, The Mart house, Needless road 

Jackson, George F., dyer's cleaner, 15 Melville street 


Jacksori, Isabella, 5 Kinnoull causeway 

Jackson, Isabella, 5 Crown buildings 

Jackson, James, manager, 15 Rose crescent 

Jackson, James, bank clerk, Elvan villa, Clyde place 

Jackson, James, vanman, 73 Canal street 

Jackson, James II., stationer, 26 High street 

Jackson, John, glassblower, 15 Canal street 

Jackson, John O., casemaker, 23 Kinnoull street ; h. 5 Westgrove avenue 

Jackson, Mrs George, 5 Stormont street 

Jackson, Mrs James, 6 Meal vennel 

Jackson, Mrs Thomas, Hillyland 

Jackson, Robert, postal clerk, 7 Raeburn place, Craigie 

Jagger, Mrs Thomas, Raigmore, Darnhall Drive, Craigie 

fames, Albert E., railway inspector, I Young street, Craigie 

James, Thomas H., dyer, 6 Victoria street 

Jameson & Mackay, solicitors, 1 Charlotte street ; h. Whinniemuir 

Jameson, Henry, retired, Craig-ard, Kinnoull 

Jameson, Martin, Fernhill, Kinnoull 

Tamieson, John, & Co., clothing manufacturers, 8 and 10 George street ; 

Atholl factory, 7 Atholl street 
Jamieson, Miss Agnes, Ardbeg, 169 Glasgow road 
Jamieson, Robert, 20 Union lane 
Japp, James, barman, 117 High street 
Japp, Mrs Thos. , 30 Caledonian road 
Japp, William, signalman, 4 Windsor terrace 
Jardine, Francis, 77 High street 

Jardine, John, cloth lapper, Wolseley place, 33 Friar street 
[ardine, William, joiner, 33 Friar street 

Jarvie, J. Stirling, architect, 2 Charlotte street ; h. 34 Hay street 
Jarvie, Mrs John, 34 Hay street, Balhousie 
Jefferson, Thomas, fireman, 47 Watergate 
Jefferies, Frederick, draughtsman, 3 Inchaffray street 
Jeffrey, Mrs Margaret, 2 North William street 
Jenkins, Henry, engine driver, 15 South Inch terrace 
Jenkins, Hugh, carter, 36 West Mill street 
Jenkins, Mrs Isabella, 7 Unity place, 33 Victoria street 
Jenkins, William, labourer, 147 South street 
Jennings, Mary, dairykeeper, 59 Meal vennel ; h. 12: 
Jennings, Mrs Bridget, 186 South street 
Jennings, Mrs Mary, 7 Mill street 
Jensen, John, bottle blower, 29 M'Quibban's buildings 
Jenson, Rolph Louis, glassblower, 30 M'Quibban's buildings 
Jervie, Alexander K. , clerk, 3 Unity place 
Jervie, Mary, ladies' nurse, 24 Hammerman buildings 
Jeune, Oswald E., Excise officer, 28 York place 
Tohnman, Andrew, jun., glassblower, 6 Brown street 
Johnman, Andrew, labourer, 6 Brown street 
Johnman, Jessie, tailoress, 24 Carpenter street 
Johnson, Margaret, sewer, 24 West Mill street 
Johnson, Mrs Charles, I Burnside, Cherrybank 
Tohnston Alex., 18 Barrack street 


Johnston, Alex., locomotive driver, 60 West Mill street 

Johnston, Andrew, butcher, 256 High street 

Johnston, Archibald, retort setter, Tayiew, Friarton 

Johnston, David, vanman, 252 High street 

Johnston, David, gardener, Pitcullen lodge 

Johnston, David, builder, 38 Victoria street ; h. 40 Victoria street 

Johnston, David, butcher, 258 High st. and 2 Newrow ; h. 4 Bonaccord ter. 

Johnston, Frederick, casemaker, 194 South street 

Johnston, George, postman, 34 Priory place 

Johnston, George Thomson, mason, 31 Stormont street 

Johnston, James, mason, 12 Melville street 

Johnston, James, engine driver, 4 Priory place, Craigie 

Johnston, John, joiner and contractor, Priory place; h. 3 Goodlyburn ter. 

Johnston, Maggie, 23 Stormont street 

Johnston, Mrs David, 36 Balhousie street 

Johnston, W., compositor, 73 Main street 

Johnston, Win,, joiner, 181 High street 

Tohnston, William, engine driver, 23 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

"inston, Williari 

h. 40. See advt. 
Johnston, William, fireman, 52 Whitefriars street 
Johnstone, Alex,, 15 Market street 

Johnstone, Alex., cartwright, St. Catherine's rd. ; h. 290 Pligh street 
Johnstone, Elizabtth, 12 Barossa street 
Johnstone, Helen, weaver, 268 High street 
Johnstone, Henry, labourer, 12 Craigie place 
Johnstone, James, moulder, 43 Stormont street 
Johnstone, James, lorryman, 1 1 Gowrie street 

Johnstone. John, Ltd., tailors, clothiers and outfitters, 59 S. Methven st. 
Johnstone, John, shoemaker, 100 South street; h. 99 Leonard street 
Johnstone, Mary, 72 St John street 
Johnstone, Matthew, porter, 99 Leonard street 
Johnstone, Mrs Henry, 15 St. Katherine's court 
Johnstone, Mrs R. D., 22 St John street 

Johnstone, Robert, publican, 152 High street ; h. 41 King street 
Johnstone, William T , 30 North Methven street 
Johnstone, William, labourer, 15 Market street 
Jolly, Mrs John, 55 Shields' place 
Jones, Alexander, storeman, 14 South Inch terrace 
Jones, James, & Sons, Ltd., timber merchants, Shore 
Tones, John, packer, 88 Reform place 

Jones, Miss, fruiterer, 4 St. John street ; h. Mount Tabor cottage 
Jones, Mrs Arthur, Mount Tabor cottage 

Jones, Thomas, shoemaker, 45 Meal vennel ; h. 93 South street 
Jones, Wm. A., fish merchant, St. Leonard bridge ; h. 42 Verena terrace 
Joyce, Michael, 18 Melville street 
Justice, James, 13 Union lane 
Justice, Peter, parcel porter, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Justice, Thomas, hoistman, 15 Bridge lane 

Kane, Anthony, labourer, 136 South street 


Kane, James, dealer, 91 Pomarium street 

Karlson, George, bottleblower, 8 Friarton buildings 

Kavanagh, Patrick, hawker, 39 Castlegable 

Kay, Archibald, 27 Castlegable 

Kay, Andrew, railway ganger, 4 James street 

Kay, John L., baker, 70 South Methven street 

Kay, Wm. S., postman, 1 Brown street 

Kay, William, carpet weaver, 1 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Kay, William W., wine and spirit merchant (F. Lindsay, of Thomson, 

Craik & Co.), 3 St. John's place 
Kaye, Alexander, chemist, 10 County place ; h. 9 Rose crescent 
Kaye, John, 1 Clifton bank 
Kaye, Mrs David, 15 High street 
Kaye, Thomas, chemist, 26 Rose crescent 
Kaye, William, mason, 95 High street 
Kaye, William, gatekeeper, 6 Carpenter street 
Kean, David, porter, 252 High street 
Kean, James, gardener, 1 8 Watergate 
Kean, Kate, 1 1 Cow vennel 
Kearney, Mary, winder, 46 Meal vennel 
Keay, Agnes, nurse, 79 Glover street 
Keay, Alexander, tailor, 37 Cross street 
Keay, Alexander, 6 Victoria street 
Keay, D., & Leslie, Dundee. See advt. 
Keay, David, electric light attendant, 4 Tulloch cottages 
Keay, George, inspector of works, Albany place, Friar street 
Keay, Isabella, Northcote, 18 Muirton place 
Keay, James, warehouseman, Friar street, Albany place 
Keay, John, blacksmith, 17 Lindsay's buildings 
Keay, John J., postman, 6 Spens crescent 
Keay, Mrs Alexander, 9 Unity place, James street 
Keay, Mrs Annie, 28 St. Tane's place, Friar street 
Keay, Mrs Charles, 6 Goodlyburn terrace 
Keay, Mrs John, laundress, 31 Cross street 

Keay, Robert, j.p., City Chamberlain, City Chambers ; h. Ashleigh, Isla rd. 
Keay, William, fireman, 200 High street 
Keay, William, signalman, 4 Newrow 
Keddie, George, storekeeper, yj Kinnoull causeway 

Keegan & M 'Kearney, chemical manure manufacturer, 40 Caledonian rd. 
Keegan, Thomas, telephone linesman, 9 St. John street 
Keenan, Mrs. Charles, publican, 8 Watergate ; h. Craigie crescent 
Keevil. Norman A. C, clerk, A. I.A., Seafield, Craigie road 
Keill, John, barber, 41 Castlegable 
Keiller, James, dyer's labourer, 5 Brown street 
Keiller, Mrs Peter, 64 Scott street 
Keiller, Wm. B., printer, 7 Alexandra street 
Keir, Alexander, mail driver, 36 Scott street 
Keir, David, mason, 28 Scott street 

Keir, David R. M., minister, Wilson street, 6 Kincarrathie crescent 
Keir, Elizabeth, 12 Hammerman buildings 
Keir, Mrs James, 31 Cross street 


Keith, Amelia, teacher, S9 Muirton place 
Keith, Andrew, hammerman, 59 Kinnoull street 
Keith, Ann, 32 Caledonian road 

Keith, Daniel, dyer's cleaner, 35 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Keith, George, lorryman, 46 St. Katherine's court 
Keith, James, guard, 17 Inchaffray street 
Keith, John, 3 Windsor terrace 
Keith, William, 30 Thimblerow 
Kellock, Andrew, storeman, 85 Princes street 
Kellock, George, lorryman, Granville place 
Kellock, William, inspector, (station), 22 Abbot street 
Kellie, James, motor driver, York corner 
Kellie, James, guard, 5 Hawarden terrace 
Kellie, William, clerk, 32 West Mill street 
Kelly, James, bolt maker, 95 Scott street 
Kelly, James, photographer, 25 York place 
Kelly, James, fitter, 70 South Methven street 
Kelly, Jessie, 22 Newrow 

Kelman, Alexander, chief clerk, Sunnybank, Jeanfield 
Kelman, Helen S., matron, Craigie Industrial School 
Kelman, John, brewery worker, 72 Watergate 
Kelman, Mrs Helen, apartments, 8 Mill street 
Kelt, Andrew P., surgeon-dentist, 28 St. John street 
Keltie, Mrs William, 13 Inchaffray street 
Keltie, Robert, dyer, 31 Commercial street 
Kemp, Agnes, 59 South street 

Kemp, Barbara, dyer's finisher, I St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Kemp, Henry G., salesman, Ard-Craig, Feus road 
Kemp, Jane M., dressmaker, 11 Pomarium street 
Kendall', Walter, searcher, 11 North Port 
Kenna, Margaret, teacher, 20 King street 
Kenna, Maud H., masseuse, 20 King street 
Kennan, Charles, publican, 28 Scott street 

Kennaway, Agnes, confectioner, 35 High street ; h. 32 King street 
Kennaway, Chas. G., confectioner, 27 South st. ; h. 32 King street 
Kennaway, Jessie M., 32 King street 

Kennedy, Archibald L., Moncreiffe Arms Hotel, 75 Princes street, and 
1-3 South William street ; h. Braemount, Oakbank road, Cherrybank 
Kennedy, Archibald, tenter, 32 Atholl street 
Kennedy, Catherine, 32 Caledonian road 

Kennedy, Donald, warehouseman, 21 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Kennedy, Elizabeth, 16 Shields' place 

Kennedy, James M'Gregor, textile dresser, 302 West High street 
Kennedy, Janet, 70 Victoria street 
Kennedy, John, French cleaner, 2 Claremount place 
Kennedy, John, clerk, Southview, Jeanfield 

Kennedy, John, shoemaker, 2 and 4 Fleshers' vennel ; /z. 31 High street 
Kennedy, John, coppersmith, Main street, Cherrybank 
Kennedy, Margaret, newsagent, 127 South street 
Kennedy, Margaret, 163 South street 
Kennedy, Margaret, 32 Melville street 


Kennedy, Mary Jane, weaver, 125 South street 

Kennedy, Mrs Alexander, 8 Barossa place 

Kennedy, Mrs M., in South street 

Kennedy, Mrs William, 158 South street 

Kennedy, Robert, baker, 3 1 George street 

Kennedy, William, secretary, Shields Motor Garage; h. 6 Park place, Craigie 

Kennedy, William, 4 Kinnaird bank 

Kerr, Gibson, warder, H.M. Prison 

Kerr, James, chauffeur, 31 South Inch terrace 

Kerr, Janet, matron, 59 North Methven street 

Kerr, John, 173 High street 

Kerr, John, engine driver, 12 Milne street 

Kerr, John A., parcel porter, 2 Barossa place 

Kerr, John J., foreman, 5 Inchaffray street 

Kerr, John J. W. , engine driver, 5 South William street 

Kerr, Mrs Henry, confectioner, 6 Leonard street ; h. 1 Leonard's place 

Kerr, Mrs Mary, restaurant, 8^ Leonard street ; h. 31 Cross street 

Kerr, Robert, weighman, Main street, Cherrybank 

Kerr, Thomas, retired, Balgillo, Needless road 

Kerr, William, guard, Craigie park terrace 

Kerr, William Miller, teacher, Redinche, Bellwood Park 

Kerrigan, Bridget, 58 Atholl street 

Kerrigan, Catherine, 58 Atholl street 

Kerrigan, Daniel, builder, 45 Canal street 

Kerrigan, Helen, 40 Meal vennel 

Kerrigan, John, engine driver, 21 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Kerrigan, M., & Son, builders, 47 Canal st. ; h. 20 County ^\.—See advt. 

Kerrigan, Mrs Bridget, 200 High street 

Kerrigan, Pat., furniture dealer, 18, 26-30 & 38 Meal vennel; h. Stella 
Maris, 67 Muirton place 

Kesley, Ellen, railway worker, 13 Leonard street 

Kettles, Andrew, engineman, 84 Scott street 

Kettles, David, shunter, 81 Leonard street 

Kettles, George, 163 South street 

Kettles, George, labourer, 18 Barrack street 

Kettles, Mary Ann, 57 West Mill street 

Kettles, Mrs Margaret, confectioner, 89 Leonard street 

Kidd, Alexander, shoemaker, 1 Charterhouse lane, 55 Strathmore street 

Kidd, C. , dressmaker, 3 North Methven street 

Kidd, Charles, chauffeur, 3 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 

Kidd, Charles, hairdresser, 261 High street ; h. Nelson street 

Kidd, David, clerk, 22 Barrack street 

Kidd, George, stationer and tobacconist, 42 St. John st.: h. 3 N. Methven st. 

Kidd, George, stationer, 26 Gowrie street 

Kidd, George, painter, 8 Burnside, Cherrybank 

Kidd, James, warehouseman, Burton place, 29 Nelson street 

Kidd, James, bootmaker, 299 High street 

Kidd, John, batcher, 105 Scott street 

Kidd, John Fleming, commercial traveller, Rowanhill, Clyde place 

Kidd, J. Robertson, insurance official, 14 Pitcullen crescent 

Kidd, Mary, Achnacarry, Glasgow road 


Kidd, Miss L. C, fancy repository, 29 Main street 

Kidd, William, 4 Nelson street 

Kidd, William, engine driver, 61 Glover street 

Kidd, William, postman, 49 Stratbmore street 

Kilgour, James, waggon builder, 67 Glover street 

Kilgour, Mrs Janet, Lilybank, Burghmuir 

Kilgour, Thomas, baker, 48 Newrow 

Kilgour, William, lorryman, 84 Victoria street 

King, Alexander, painter, 8 East Bridge street 

King, Alexander, jute batcher, 15 Canal street 

King, Alexandrina, confectioner & stationer, 16 Leonard st. ; h. 24 Abbot st. 

King, Alpheui, labourer, 106 Reform place 

King, Elizabeth, 59 North Methven street 

King, Helen, 59 North Methven street 

King, Isabella, 2 Blackfriars street 

King, James, wholesale grocer & confectioner, 30 Scott street ; h. 68 Glasgow 

King James VI. Golf Club, Moncreiffe island 
King, John, maltman, Craigie makings 
King, Mrs James, 24 Abbot street 

King, William, grocer (of James King), 68 Glasgow road 
King, Will am, engineer, 17 King street 
Kinghorn, Andrew, tailor, 12 Barossa street 
Kinghorn, Joseph, labourer, 25 Priory place 
King's Cinema, 53 South Methven street 
Kininmond, James, French cleaner, 30 Tulloch terrace 
Kininmond, Mrs James, clerkess, 17 Closeburn terrace 
Kininmonth, Robert, soldier, 289 High street 
Kinloch, James, retired, 10 Foundry lane 
Kinloch, James, railway inspector, 30 Glover street 
Kinmond, James, gas clerk, 3 Castle terrace 
Kinmond, Margaret, feather dresser, 2 Glover street 
Kinmond, Mrs Wm. , 1 1 County place 
Kinmont, Mary Ann, 3 Wellshill terrace 

Kinmonth, Alexander, timekeeper, 8 Watters' buildings, Whitefriars st. 
Kinmonth, James, 158 High street 
Kinmonth, Mrs John, 11 Cow vennel 
Kinnaird, Thomas, 21 Kinfauns crescent 
Kinnear, James, manager, 14 Marshall's buildings 
Kinnoch, Christina, 18 Watergate 
Kinnoch, David, dyer, Hillyland 
Kinnoch, James, soldier, 34 Meal vennel 
Kinnoch, Georgina, outdoor worker, 194 South street 
Kinnoch, Margaret, dyer's finisher, I Tulloch terrace 
Kinnoch, Peter, 22 St. John street 

Kinnoch, Peter R., retired, Elibank Villa, 106 Glasgow road 
Kinnoull Bakery (A. Fenwick & Son) 
Kinnoull Bowling Green 
Kinnoull, Earl of, Balhousie Castle 
Kinnoull Established Church 
Kinnoull School, David Murray, headmaster, 3 Craigie crescent 


Kinross and West Perthshire Unionist Association, 1 1 High street — Wm. 

D. Short, Organising Secretary 
Kippen, Campbell, & Burt, solicitors and notaries, 38 Tay street 
Kippen, James W. , railwayman, 64 Longcauseway 
Kippen, Mrs Alex., 19 Speygate 

Kippen, Robert M., solicitor (Kippen, Campbell & Burt), 12 King's place 
Kirby, Annie, confectioner, St. Leonard's Bridge ; h. 2 Glover street 
Kirk, Christina, 6 Mill close, 269 High street 
Kirk, David, fishing tackle maker, 9 Stormont street 
Kirk, John, labourer, 61 Strathmore street 
Kirk, Matthew, warehouseman, 25 Carpenter street 
Kirk, Mrs P., 2 Croft Bank 
Kirk, Robert, painter, 53 High street 
Kirk, William, carter, 49 Leonard street 
Kirk, William, labourer, 48 George street 
Kirkpatrick, Robert, traveller, Sunnybrae, 12 Cornhill terrace 
Knapp, Alexander, bottleblower, 2 Brown street 
Knapp, Edmund, telegraph linesman, Glengyle, 73 Leonard street 
Knight, Ann, dealer, 32 Meal vennel ; h. 5 Queen street 
Knight, James F., manager, 18 Pitcullen terrace 
Knight, John, church officer, 6 Tay street 

Knight, Martin, dyer, 12 Co-operative buildings, 25 Whitefriars street 
Knight, Mary, 21 Shields' place 
Knight, Thomas, labourer, 9 Castlegable 
Knox, Alexander, baker, 30 South street 
Knox Free Church, 129-133 South street 
Knowles, Joseph, signalman, 9 Alexandra street 
Knowles, Joseph, porter, 131 High street 
Kreutzer, Gunner, bottle blower, 6 Friarton buildings 
Kulvear, fames, joiner, 40 South Methven street 
Kulvear, Thomas S., saddler, 6 Kinfauns crescent 

Kummerer, Charles, pork butcher, 140 High street : h. 136 High street 
Kyd, Mrs Geo-ge, I Barossa place 
Kyle, Mrs Andrew, Dunedin, 8 Kincarrathie crescent 
Kynoch, David, cleaner, 4 Aldie place 
Kynoch, Peter, surfaceman, 132 High street 

Laaks, Gustave, bottle blower, 2 M'Quibban's buildings 
Lacey, James, broker, 250 High street ; h. 244 High street 
Lacy, Thomas, 12 South Methven street 
Lafferty, Edward, head postman, 39 Shields' place _ 
Lafferty, Henry, waggon wright, 7 Marshall's buildings 
Lafferty, Mrs James, 265 High street 
Laidlaw, Alexander, cleaner, 64 High street 
Laidlaw, Christina Panton, Laidlaw's Hotel, Leonard street 
Laidlaw, Mrs Isabella, 55 Victoria street 
Laidlaw, Mrs Jessie, 181 High street 

Laidlaw, Peter, gold and silversmith, to6 High street ; h. Oakbank road 
Laidlaw, William, dyer, 19 Market street 

Laing, Andrew & Co., grocers and wine merchants, 74-76 St. John St., 77 
8j and 83 Watergate ; h. Ormiston, Kinnoull (A- Butters) 


Laing, Andrew & Co. (Hay Robertson branch) 20 High street 

Laing, Andrew, & Son, tailors, 16 North Methven st. ; h, 1 Muirton place 

Laing, Alex. D., compositor, 7 Gladstone terrace 

Laing, Alexander, lorryman, 4 Market street 

Laing, Chas , baker, 10 South street 

Laing, Christopher, sawyer, 22 Newrow 

Laing, George, warder, H.M. General Prison 

Laing, James G-, tailor, 16 No. Methven street : h. 1 Muirton place 

Laing", J. I., fruiterer, fish and poultry dealer, 1 West Bridge street ; //. 

67 Wilson street. See advt. 
Laing, John, clerk, 13 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 
Laing, John, labourer, 58 Pomarium street 
Laing, Mrs Andrew, fruiterer, 2 North Methven street ; h. 9 
Laing, Mrs E. M., 27 Campbell's buildings 
Laing, Mrs George, 20 Market street 
Laing, Mrs Kate, 22 Thimblerow 
Laing, Mrs John, King James VI. Hospital buildings 
Laing, William, watchmaker, 28 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Laing, William, platelayer, 4 Market street 

Laing, William, telegraph inspector, Demyat, Clyde place, Craigie 
Laird, David, slater, 20 Market street 
Laird, James, baker, 109 Scott street 
Laird, John, platelayer, Corsiehill 
Laird, William, railwayman, 87 Pomarium Street 
Lilly, Patrick, plumber, 88 Reform place 
Lamb, Alex., tenter, 36 West Mill street 
Lamb, Elizabeth, Edina Villa, 23 Friar street 
Lamb, David, brakesman, 2 Glover street 

Lamb, John, cloth lapper, 11 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Lamb, Mrs Alexander, Ravenscraig, 50 Vere^a terrace 
Lamb, Mrs David, 36 West Mill street 
Lamb, Robert A., 10 King street 
Lamb, William R., 13 Robertson's buildings 
Lambert, Mrs Charles, 8 St. Leonard's Bank 
Lambert, Johan W. , (A) York corner 
Lambert, John, burgh electrical engineer, Shore ; h. Somerville, 165 

Glasgow road 
Lambie, John, Sub-Inspector of Schools, 10 Park place, Craigie 
Lamond, Alexander, hoistman, 12 Gowrie street 
Lamond, Andrew, 21 Thimblerow 

Lamond, David, caretaker, The Lodge, Burghmuir Hospital 
Lamond, David, butcher, 65 Glover street 
Lamond, David, 11 Muirton place 
Lamond, James, dyer's finisher, 36 George street 
Lamond, James, labourer, 30 Newrow 

Lamond, John, joiner, Peter's buildings, 23 Whitefriar street 
Lamond John, jun. , labourer, 23 Whitefriars street 
Lamond, Laurence, engine driver, 22 Glover street 
Lamond, Mrs Jane 7 St. Catherine's road 
Lamond, Mrs James, 6 St. Paul's square 
Lamond, Mrs James, 45 Priory place, Craigie 


LamonH, William, dairyman, Mavisbank, Burghmuir 

Landels, Thomas E., 186 High street 

Landreth, Rev. P. R., Manse of West St. John's, Dundee road 

Lands Valuation Department, Blackfriars house 

Lang, Thomas R. , waiter, 95 High street 

Langlands, David, fitter, 14 Leonard street 

Langlands, John, motorman, 100 Reform place 

Langwill, R. B., agent, Royal Bank of Scotland ; h. 7 St. Leonard's bank 

La Scala Picture House, 27 Scott street (Manager Jas. Currie, 33 Scott st.) 

Latto, Alex., Income Tax adviser, 49 South Methven street ; h. Millden, 

62 Hay street 
Latto, Thomas, carting agent, 26 Glasgow road 
Latto, Thos. , guard, Stewart place, Caledonian road 
Lauder, Alexander, grocer, 58 South Methven street 
Lauder, Andrew, joiner, 30 & 31 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Lauder, David, signalman, 43 Priory place 
Lauder, David, glassworker, 8 Horners' lane 
Lauder, George, railway clerk, 1 Abbot street 
Laurie, David, barman, 9 Speygate 
Law, Charles, & Son, coal and cement merchants, 72-74 Princes street, 

and N.B. Mineral depot ; h. 10 Rosemount place 
Law, David, watchmaker, 20 County place 
Law, David, signalman, 2 Hawarden terrace 
Law, James, confectioner, 58 Main street 
Law, James, postman, 180 South street 
Law, Miss Allison M., 50 Atholl street 
Law, Mrs Jane, 151 High street 
Law, Richard, telegraphist. 1 Strathmore street 
Law, Robert, railwayman, 25 Granville place 
Law, William M., retired, Gogar, 57 Wilson street 

Lawrence, George H. , Surveyor of Customs & Excise, 6 Croft lodge, Queen st. 
Lawrence, James, carter, 5 Lickley street 
Lawrie, lohn, labourer, 6 Mill Wynd 

Lawrie, Mrs A. Douglas, StormontArms, 47 South st. ; h. Reris, Needless rd. 
Lawrie, Thos. Ramsay, auditor, Parkhead, Burghmuir 
Lawson, David, overseer, Post Office, Croydon, 65 Wilson street 
Lawson, David, dynamo attendant, 2 Hillyland crescent 
Lawson, James R., surgeon dentist, 47 York place 
Lawson, John, Sergeant, R.A.S.C.j 94 Scott street 
Lawson, John, porter, 20 Thimblerow 
Lawson, John, coach fitter, 85 Princes street 
Lawson, Margaret, 15 Shields' place 
Lawson, Margaret, 8 Campbell's buildings 
Lawson, Mrs John, Barnhill house 
Lawson, Mrs Robert, 4 Moncrieffe terrace 
Lawson, Mrs Stewart, 32 South Inch terrace 

Lawson, Robert, butcher, 12 Abbot street; h. 15 Ladysmith terrace 
Lawson, Robert C. , plasterer, 46 Commercial street 
Lawson, Samuel W., inspector of weights and measures, 278 High street; 

h. I Rosslyn place, 31 Glasgow road 
Lawson, William, policeman, 19 Campbell's buildings. 


Layland, Mrs Chas. T., 4 Viewfield place, Crieff road 

Leahy, Frederick, gardener, 21 Balhousie street 

Leaver, Alex., cleaner, 8 Mill street 

Leaver, Alfred, dyer, 49 St. Katherine's court 

Leaver, Mrs George, 131 High street 

Leaver, Mrs Geo. F., cleaner, 6 Inchaffray street 

Leaver, Wm. , mason's labourer, 104 South street 

Ledingham, John H., seedsman, 25 Queen street 

Lee, D., railwayman, 20 South street 

Lee, John, fireman, 120 High street 

Lee, John, engine driver, 11 Gray street 

Lee, Kate, matron, Hospital, Friarton 

Lee, Rev. Walter E., m.a. , East Church Manse, 8 Atholl crescent 

Leeby, Elizabeth, tailor's presser, 14 Melville street 

Lees, Alexander, 2 Valentine's buildings, King Edward street 

Lees, George, cooper, Dewar terrace, Gray street 

Lees, Thos. W., lorryman, 19 M'Quibban's buildings 

Lehany, James C., clerk, 24 Leith's buildings 

Leheny, Mrs J. J., 36 Scott street 

Leheny, Robert, dyer, 2 Unity place, James street 

Leighton, Helen, Dewar's terrace, Gray street, Craigie 

Leighton, Lily, 24 Market street 

Leighton, William R., asylum attendant, 38 Longcauseway 

Leishman, George, fireman, 55 South Methven street 

Leitch, Alexander B., postman, 268 High street 

Leitch, Alexander S. , commercial traveller, 3 Osborne ter. , $7 Wilson st. 

Leitch, Barbara, 1 1 Queen's avenue 

Leitch, Charles, basketmaker, 6 Carpenter street 

Leitch, Donald S., plasterer, 6 \ County place 

Leitch, Mrs William S., 16 Muirhall terrace 
Leitch, William, labourer, 28 Commercial street 
Leith, Henry, boilermaker, Hillyland 

Leith, Thomas, F. S.I., chartered surveyor and land valuer, Comrie villa, 
70 Craigie road 

Leitham, Elizabeth A., Strathview, Muirton place 

Leitham, Peter, 5 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 

Leitham, Robert, brassfinisher, 89 Canal street 

Leithwaite, Mrs, 9 Bridge lane 

Lennie, William, 72 Watergate 

Lennox, John, joiner, 24 Market street 

Leonard, Mrs Henry, 180 South street 

Leslie, Adam G., chauffeur, 6 Methven buildings, County place 

Leslie, Annie, 71 Strathmore street 

Leslie, D. (Kenneth Annandale), wholesale and retail stationer, printer, 
lithographer and piper merchant, 20 St. John street ; works, 42 to 48 
Canal street — -Telephone 131 ; h. Garry lodge, Barnhill — Telephone 306 

Leslie, Duncan, blacksmith, 1 West grove avenue 

Leslie, George, superintendent, Soldier's Home, 25 Scott street 

Leslie, Hugh, teacher, Strone, Brompton terrace 

Leslie, James, railwayman, 158 High street 

Leslie, John S., guard, 25 Granville place 


Leslie, Maggie G. S., 27 Main street, Bridgend 

Leslie, Mrs David A., 14 Rose terrace 

Leslie, Mrs James R., 21 York place 

Leslie, Mrs Robert, 67 St. Katherine's court 

Leslie, Thomas R., clerk, 37 Balhousie street 

Lester, Walter Charles, chauffeur, 35 Watergate 

Letham, Eliza, 10 Paul street 

Letham, Robert, carter, 200 High street 

Leuchars, Alex. H., grocer and dairy, 97 Glover street; h. I Isla Bank 

cottages, Needless rd. 
Leutfoot, James, baker, 71 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Levinson, Robert, accountant, 48 Scott street 
Lewis, Mrs Annie, general dealer, 15 Paul street 
Lewis, Arthur, painter, 9 Pomarium street 
Lewis, Maggie, ironer, 13 Paul street 
Lewis, Robert, labourer, 13 Paul street 
Lewthwaite, Alexander, dyer, 31 Commercial street 
Lewthwaite, Jessie, chintz preparer, 33 Commercial street 
Lewtihwaite, John, dyer, 36 George street 
Leyden, Mrs Bridget, 117 High street 
Leyden, Mrs Catherine, 21 South Methven street 

Leyden, P. P., Surveyor of Customs, etc., Beechwood, 9 Pitcullen crescent 
Liberal Club, Canal street 
Liddle, H., guard, 117 High street 

Liebow, II. E. M., dental rooms, 3 Princes street ; h. 3 
Liebow, Miss P., hairdresser, 46 South street ; h. 3 Princes street 
Lilburn, John, policeman, 3 Bridge lane 
Lilburn, Mrs E., 174 South street 
Lillie, Annie, 6 Thimblerow 
Lillie, John, warder, H.M. Prison 
Lindsay, Alexander, porter, 14 Caledonian road 

Lindsay, Alex., preserve manuf., St. Catherine's pi. ; k. Dunecht, Muirton bk. 
Lindsay, Alex., ironmonger, 34 King Edward street; h. 23 Muirton place 
Lindsay, Annie, book-keeper, 17 Incharfray street 
Lindsay, Annie 33 Pitcullen terrace 
Lindsay, Archibald, bricklayer, 58 Watergate 

Lindsay & Fenwick, ironmongers, etc., 143 South st. ; h. 2 Burnbankter. 
Lindsay, Charles J. , gas treasurer, 1 1 Tay st. ; h. Broadmyre, 49 Wilson st. 
Lindsay, David, dyer's finisher, 14 Commercial street 
Lindsay, David, engine driver, 5 St. Jane's place 
Lindsay, David, engine driver, 14 St. Jane's place 
Lindsay, David G. , butcher, 21 Leonard street; h. 9 Evelyn terrace 
Lindsay, F. A. (of Thomson, Craik & Co., Ltd.), and of D. Kay, 3 St. 

John's place ; wholesale wine and spirit merch. ; h. 6 Strathearn ter. 
Lindsay, Frank, porter, 18 Caledonian road 
Lindsav, George, retired, 25 South William street 
Lindsay, Jas., gardener, Willowbank lodge, Barnhill 
Lindsay, Rev. J. Dickson, 1 Kincarrathie crescent 
Lindsay, J. R., butcher, 15 N. Methven St.; h. 51 Muirton place 
Lindsay, John, Captain, A. P.C. , 1 Unity terrace, Crieff road 
Lindsay, John, commercial traveller, I Salisbury terrace, Glasgow road 


Lindsay, John, retired, 29 Glover street 

Lindsay, John, accountant, Kinnoull terrace 

Lindsay, John, cashier, Broadmoss, Clyde place 

Lindsay, Mary A. , 45 South street 

Lindsay, Mrs A., 73 Leonard street 

Lindsay, Mrs Robert, 78 Scott street 

Lindsay, Mrs Thomas, 1 1 Earl's dykes 

Lindsay, Robert, clerk, 5 Bordeaux House, 31 Kinnoull street 

Lindsay, Thomas, dyer's cleaner, 4 Gladstone terrace 

Lindsay, Thos., M.B., F.R.C.S. (Ed.), prison medical service, Auchnafairn, 

Moncreiffe terrace 
Lindsay, William, painter, 17 King street 
Lindsay, William, traveller, 2 Crown buildings 
Lindsay, Wm. R., accountant, 26 Victoria street 
Linning, Mrs John, 27 Rose crescent 

Lipp, A. Graham, dental surgery, 150 High street; h. 51 Priory place 
Lipp, Mrs Alexander, 51 Priory place 

Lipton, Limited, provision and tea merchants, 32 South Methven street 
Lister, Andrew, engineer, 9 Inch Head terrace 
Lister, James M'C, cashier, 13J York place 
Litster, David, waggon wright, 17 Watergate 

Little, John, solicitor, 10 Blackfriars street ; h. Marlehall, Glasgow road 
Littlejohn, Mrs John, 23 Queen street 
Livesey, David, enginedriver, 37 Glover street 
Livingston, David, labourer, George Inn lane 
Livingstone, fames, labourer, 53 Longcauseway 
Livingstone, Jane, 40 Atholl street 
Livingstone, Jane Ann, dairymaid, 12 West mill street 
Livingstone, John, mechanic, 16 Paul street 
Livingstone, John, fishing tackle maker, 4 Inch Head terrace 
Livingstone, John, baker, 12 North Methven street 
Livingstone, Mary Jane, 7 Leonard street 
Livingstone, Thomas, mason, 47 Commercial street 
Livingstone, William, cleaner, 5 Viewfield place 
Lobban, Gillies, sawyer, 55 South Methven street 
Lobban, James, plumber, 3 Unity place, Scott street 
Lobban, Mrs Alexander, 61 Scott street 
Lobban, Peter, printer, 58 Scott street 

Lochgelly Iron & Coal Co., Limited, N.B. Mineral Depot, Glasgow 

road ; office, York corner, 43 Newrow (David N. Milln, agent, Wilson 

street, Craigie. See advt. 
Locke, David M., watchmaker, 40 Albany place 
Lockhart, James D., blacksmith, 5 Hillyland crescent 
Lockart, Miss, secretary W.F. ~ 
Logan, David, 27 Castlegable 
Logan, Robert, 1 Priory place 
Logan, Robert, signalman, 77 Kinnoull causeway 
Logan, Thomas, solicitor (of Mitchell & Logan), 64 Rose crescent 
Logie, Mrs Catherine, 64 High street 
Logie, William, shunter, 21 Market street 
Loney, William, retired, 10 Balhousie avenue 


Longmuir, James, warder, ILM. Prison 

Lorimer, John Robert, butcher, 1 8 Unity place, Scott street 

Lorimer, Mary F., 7 Pitcullen terrace 

Lorimer, Mrs John, 4 St. Paul's square 

Lorimer, William, vanman, 23 Whitefriars street 

Lornie, Alexander, dyer, 17 Cutlog vennel 

Lornie, Alexander, chauffeur, 3 Feu terrace 

Lornie, James, engineman, 41 Canal street 

Lornie, John, machineman, 12 Methven buildings 

Loudon, David, grocer, 218 High st; h. Barbeth, 1 Queen's Avenue, Craigie 

Love, Charles, warehouseman, 54 Scott street 

Love, Hugh, valuator, St. John's place ; h. Avon villa, 34 Abbot street 

Love, Jane, 72 George street 

Love, John, glassworker, 88 South street 

Love, Thomas (of Thomas Love & Sons), Bellwood park 

L0V*e, Thomas, & Sons, auctioneers, valuators and cabinetmakers 

12-19 St. John's place, and 52-54 Canal street. See advt. 
Low, Albert, compositor, 4 Victoria court 
Low, Alexander, telegraphist, 18 Ballantine place 
Low, Bella, 39 Castlegable 

Low, Charles, labourer, 136 South street 

Low, Charles M., dairyman, 35 Commercial street 

Low, David, brakesman, 9 Earl's Dykes 

Low, David, caretaker, Feu house 

Low, David, waggon inspector, 88 High street 

Low, David S., sorting clerk, P.O., 4 Goodlyburn terrace 

Low, David W. , clerk, 4 James street 

Low, James, salesman, 28 Jeanfield road 

Low, James, valet, 231 High street 

Low, James S., passenger guard, The Knoll, Upper Craigie 

Low, John, weaver, 34 Atholl place 

Low, Margaret, Granville place, Market street 

Low, Mrs Mary, 31 Glover street 

Low, Mrs William, 93 Leonard street 

Low, Peter, porter, 12 Pomarium street 

Low, Robert C, coachman, Pitcullen stables 

Low, William, & Co., grocers, 16-18 County place and 118 High street and 
15 Hospital street 

Low, Wm., tenter, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Low, Wm., & Co, engineers and blacksmiths, 25 Newrow ; h. Haddon rd. 

Lowe, Isabel W, artist, 69 Tay street 

Lowe, Mrs George, 6 Squires Cottages 

Lowe, Mrs William, 2 Windsor terrace 

Lowe, Mrs William, 9 Inchaffray street 

Lowrie, Mrs Catherine, 9 Castle Gable 

Lowson, D. S. , m. a. , 8 Balhousie avenue 

Lowson, Robert, painter, 49 Strathmore street ; h. 61 

Lowther, Mrs Ann, licensed hawker, 8 Thimblerow 

Luke, Mrs George, 10 Clayholes 

Luke, James, tube finisher, 201 High street 

Luke, Peter, 8 Clayholes 


Luke, Wm. , gas inspector, 6 Viewfield place 

Lumsden, A. and M., confectioners, Main street, Cherrybank 

Lumsden, George M., clerk, n Rosario terrace 

Lumsden, Henry, labourer, 20 South street 

Lumsden, James, Lorryman, 12 Gowrie street 

Lumsden, John, warder, H.M. General Prison 

Lumsden, Mrs John, 68 Pomarium street 

Lumsden, Robert, road surfaceman, Main street, Cherrybank 

Lumsden, Thomas, iron moulder, 13 Union lane 

Lunan, David, grocer, wine merchant, I Main street, Bridgend 

Lundie, David, bootmaker, 24 Gowrie street ; h. 31 Commercial street 

Lunn, Georgina, laundress, 19 Stormont street 

Lunn, Mrs Thomas, Islabank cottage, Needless road, Craigie 

Lyall, Chas., 54 Main street 

Lyall, Thos., stationer, 11 Moredun terrace 

Lyden, Mrs John, millworker, 62 Pomarium street 

Lyell, Mrs John, 16 Rose terrace 

Lynagh, John J., warder, General Prison 

Lynch, Helen, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Meal vennel ; h. 4 Barossa place 

Lyon, Mrs James, 7 Kinfauns crescent 

Lyons, J. & Co., Ltd., tea merchants, 34 Canal st. ; h. 5 So. William st. 

Lyons, Wm., coalman, 9 Milne street 

Mack, Harry, turf agent, 25 Mill street 
Mackerlich, John, guard, 5 Earl's dykes 
Mackie, Adam, m.a., Dunnottar, Feus road 

Mackie, Alex. H., farmer, Hatton, Kinnoull;/*. Bronville, Kinnoull 
Mackie, Andrew, electrician, 105 Scott street 
Mackie, David, dry dyer, 4 West Grove Avenue 

Mackie, James, Hospital master, King James VI. Hospital, Hospital street 
Mackie, James, teacher, Schoolhouse, Main street, Cherrybank 
Mackie, John, linesman, 208 High street 

Mackie, John, Supt., B. Legal Assurance Company, 2 Nelson street 
Mackie, John, 88 South street 
Mackie, Mrs Jane, 6 St. Paul's square 
Mackie, Mrs John, Wolseley place, 31 Friars street 
Mackie, Mrs William H., 56 Glover street 
Mackie, Wm. H., guard, 65 St. Katherine's court 
Mackie, Rose, apartments, 23 Canal street 
Magnuson, Linus, bottleblower, 4 M'Quibban's buildings 
Maguire, Thomas H., brakesman, 3 Hawarden terrace 
Mahoney, James, labourer, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Mailer, Andrew, painter, Boatland Lodge 
Mailer & White, dentists, 4 Graham's place, King street 
Mailer, Catherine, Alma, Muirton Bank 
Mailer, David, fish merchant, 14 Rose crescent 
Mailer, James, foreman, Gas Works, Brick buildings, Shore 
Mailer, Jessie, weaver, 30 Barossa street 

Mailer, John, cabinetmaker, 9 Co-operative buildings, 25 Whitefriars street. 
Mailer, John, fish and game-dealer, 17 St. John street ; h. 1 Balhousie av. 
Mailer, John, cleaner, 14 South street 


Mailer, John, labourer, II Barossa street 

Mailer, Mrs William, 14 Rose crescent 

Mailer, Robert, dyer's finisher, Yewbank 

Mailer, Robert, car conductor, 10 South street 

Mailer, Warden G., cloth lapper, 5 Pomarium street 

Mailey, Mrs John, outworker 17 Grey(riars street 

Mailey, Mrs Patrick, grocer, 39 Meal vennel 

Mailey, Mrs Patrick, 50 Meal vennel 

Main, Alexander, tailor, 61 Pomarium street 

Main, Benjamin, agric. merch. ,-i King Edward street; h. 31 Balhousie si. 

Main, George, cleaner, 16 High street 

Main, Mrs David, 86 Pomarium street 

Main, James, baker, 15 Canal street 

Main, Mrs John, 12 Canal street 

Main, Wm. , linotyper, 1 Viewfield place 

Maitland, George, market gardener, North bank, Barnhill 

Malcolm & Co., coach and motor builders, 15^ Mill street ; h. 47 King st. 

Malcolm, Alexander, motor engineer, 4 King Edward street 

Malcolm, Archibald, carpet weaver, 16 Ballantine place 

Malcolm, Catherine P., 37 Leonard street 

Malcolm, Charles, waggon wright, 10 North William street 

Malcolm, David, tube blower, 30 Melville street 

Malcolm, Plenry, carpet weaver, 25 Leonard street 

Malcolm, Isabella, 67 South street 

Malcolm, J. M., 5 Brown street 

Malcolm, John, 78 Pomarium street 

Malcolm, Mary, 24 Shields' place 

Malcolm, Mrs Andrew, 9 Castlegable 

Malcolm, Mrs Barbara, 6 St. Catherine's road 

Malcolm, Mrs Charles, dairymaid, 49 Leonard street 

Malcolm, Mrs David, nurse, 19 Barossa street 

Malcolm, Mrs William, 22 Whitefriars street 

Malcolm, Peter, cleaner, 5 Brown street 

Malcolm, Peter, carter, 330 High street 

Malcolm, Peter, railwayman, 194 High street 

Malcolm, Peter F., inspector of postmen, 4 St. Catherine's road 

Malcolm, Robert, soldier, 9 Castlegable 

Malcolm, Thomas, ploughman, Newlands 

Malcolm, Thomas, vanman, 318 High street 

Malcolm, Thomas F., coach and motor builder (Malcolm & Co), 47 King st. 

Malcolm, Wm, 22 Barrack street 

Maley, Phillip, sawmiller, 17 Hospital street 

Mallie, Thomas, labourer, 46 Meal vennel 

Malloch, Daniel, bottleblower, 10 West Mill street 

Malloch, Duncan, boathirer and greengrocer, 66 South street ; h. 64 

Malloch, George, surfaceman, 29 Kinnoull Causeway 

Malloch, Gilbert D., fishing tackle maker, 5 Viewlands terrace 

Malloch, James, platelayer, 236 High street 

Malloch, John, jute batcher, 27 St. J ohnstoun's buildings 

Malloch, John, scavenger, 61 Pomarium street 

Malloch, Joseph, fishing tackle manufacturer, 7 Marshall place 


Malloch, Mrs J., Stormont cottage, 8 Strathmore street 
Malloch, Mrs Jane, Almond Villa, 81 Glasgow road 
Malloch, Mrs John, 63 Pomarium street 
Malloch, Mrs Mungo, 17 Castlegable 
Malloch, Peter, waggon inspector, 4 Moredun terrace 

MallOCh, Peter D., fishing-tackle maker, shooting and fishing agent, 
24, 26 Scott street ; h. Almond villa, 79-81 Glasgow road. See advt. 
Malloch, Peter R. , guage blower, 17 Castlegable 
Malloch, Mrs Wm., Woodcote, 17 Pitcullen cres. 
Malloch, William, goods checker, 62 Longcauseway 
Malone, Thomas, labourer, 46 Meal vennel 
Malloy, James, ploughman, Hatton cottage 

Manatini, Angelo, greengrocer and fish restaurant, 313 to 317 High street 
Mann, Alexander, 20 Barrack street 

Mann, Isaac, bootmaker, 4 and 6 Bridge lane ; h. 8 Bridge lane 
Mann, Wm., fireman, I McQuibban's buildings 
Mannes, James, engine driver, 22 Market street 
Mannes, Mrs Charles, 257 High street 
Manson, David, upholsterer, 11 Scott street 
Manson, William, time keeper, 28 West Mill street 
Marcantonio, Lorenzo, confectioner, 38-42 Scott street ; h. 28 
Marchant, Frederick James, lieut., R.A.P.C, Balhousie house 
Marmion, James, labourer, 12 Meal vennel 

Marnie, James, french polisher, 61 Newrow ; h. I Lickley street 
Marr, Mrs George, 12 North Methven street 
Marr, Thomas, engine driver, t8 Glover street 
Marshall, Agnes, 3 Viewfield place 
Marshall, Bruce, P.O. clerk, 5 Claremont place 
Marshall, Charles, retired, Barnhill House, Barnhill 
Marshall, Chas., draper, 70 High street 
Marshall, Colin, blacksmith, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Marshall, David, solicitor, county clerk and treasurer, Craigmount, Barnhill 
Marshall, David James, solicitor, County bldgs. ; h. Mimosa, Murray cres. 
Marshall David, salesman, 302 High street 
Marshall, Esther, dyers finisher, 115 Scott street 
Marshall, George, piano tuner, 36 Scott street 
Marshall, James, surfaceman, 20 Gowrie street 
Marshall, James, joiner, 73 Canal street 
Marshall, James, dyer, 117 High street 
Marshall, Jessie, 7 Shields place 
Marshall, John, surfaceman, 56 West Mill street 
Marshall, John, labourer, 32 Pomarium street 
Marshall, John, dyer's cleaner, 1 Leonard place 
Marshall, Joseph, 40 Meal vennel 
Marshall, Maggie, ironer, 30 Newrow 

Marshall, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 18 Strathmore street 
Marshall Mary, clerk ess, 61 High street 
Marshall, Mary, 9 Castlegable 
Marshall, Mrs John, 22 Barossa place 

Marshall, Matthew, foundry stocktaker, Friarton buildings 
Marshall, Mrs Robert, gardener, 19 Gowrie street 


Marshall, R. & J. (A. M'Neil), postmasters, 58 George street and 9 

Victoria street ; funeral establishment, 31-33 South street. See advt. 
Marshall, Thomas, warehouseman, 30 North Methven street 
Marshall, Thomas B. , solicitor, County buildings ; h. 52 Balhousie street 
Marshall, William, brakesman, 6 Viewfield place 
Marshall, William, grocer's manager, 77 High street 
Martin, Agnes R., fruit merchant, 331 High street; h. 28 Mill street 
Martin, Alexander, French cleaner, 5 Tulloch cottages 
Martin, Alex., veteran's cottages, Crieff road 
Martin, Andrew, labourer, 30 Longcauseway 

Martin, Arthur, farmer and fruit merchant, Atholl Bank, Viewlands rd. 
Martin, Clement, hairdresser, 203 High street ; h 5 FTawarden terrace 
Martin, David, fish restaurant, I Gowrie street ; h. 12 Back Wynd 
Martin, David, chauffeur, 16 North port 
Martin, David, railwayman, 55 Pomarium street 
Martin, David, factory worker, 12 Canal street 
Martin, David G., tenter, 13 Main street, Bridgend 
Martin, George, commerc ^al traveller, 38 Glasgow road 
Martin, George, bottle bio wer, 35 Pomarium street 
Martin, James, fireman, 23 Guard vennel 
Martin, James, undertaker, 25 St. Peter place, Milne street 
Martin, James, carpet weaver, 200 High street 
Martin, James, Earnville, 69 Craigie road 
Martin, Jessie, upholsteress, 7 Barossa street 
Martin, John, engine fitter, 12 Melville street 
Martin John, labourer, 10 Paul street 
Martin, John D., joiner, 4 Croft park, Queen street 
Martin, John S., railway clerk, 35 Commercial street 
Martin, Matthew ]., Chie/ Constable of Perthshire, 6 Western avenue 
Martin, Mrs Catherine, Barnhill house 

Martin, Mrs Charles, 22 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Martin, Mrs David, 15 York place 
Martin, Mrs David, 7 Leonard street 
Martin, Mrs George, 88 Pomarium street 
Martin, Mrs Hannah, weaver, 8 North port 
Martin, Mrs Helen, 2 Graham's place 
Martin, Mrs Mary, 8 Foundry lane 
Martin, Mrs Patrick, Easterhill, Pitcullen 
Martin, Mrs Robert, 28 West Mill street 
Martin, Mrs William, 31 Kinnoull street 
Martin, Peter, joiner, 57 George street 
Martin & Son, Robert, solicitors, 2 Charlotte street 
Martin, Robert, clerk, 22 Meal vennel 
Martin, Robert, 13 Barossa street 
Martin, Stewart, dyer's labourer, 31 Leonard street 
Martin, Thomas D., postman, Croft Park, Craigie 
Martin, Thomas G. H. C, baker, 13 Commercial street 
Martin, William, carrier ; h. 21 Glover street 
Martin, Wm., engine fitter, 5 Glover street 
Mason, Adam, bottleblower, 21 Whitefriars street 
Mason, Andrew, brakesman, 36 Glover street 


Mason, Duncan, enginefitter, 13 Cross street 

Mason, George, gardener, 53 Longcauseway 

Mason, Helen, tailoress, 12 Canal street 

Mason, James, tenter, 39 Glover street 

Mason, John, gardener, 20 Carpenter street 

Mason, John R., fitter, 20 Glover street 

Mason, Mrs James, 93 South street 

Mason, Peter, saddler, Newrow ; h. 76 Glasgow road 

Mason, Peter, cabinetmaker, 30 Newrow 

Mason, Robert, crofter, Muirfield, Burghmuir 

Mason, Robert, warehouseman, 3J George street 

Mason, W. & P., saddlers and harness makers, 38-40 Newrow 

Masonic Lodge No. 74, 22 South street 

Massie, Mrs James, weaver, 16 Paul street 

Masson, Adam, baker, 12 Union street lane 

Masson, Clarus, warder, II. M. Prison 

Masson, Mrs M., 58 "Watergate 

Masterson, Mrs John, 14 Rose terrace 

Masterson, Thomas, 19 Stormont street 

Masterton, George R., joiner, 46 Victoria street ; h. 5 Moncrieffe terrace 

Masterton & MaegTegOr, joiners and contractors, 46 Victoria street 

and 27 South William street. See advt. 
Matchett, Richard, canvasser, Viewfield cottage, Viewlands road 

Mathers, Archibald C, agricultural engineer, 97 Muirton place 

Mathers, H. W., agricultural implement maker and motor agent, Glasgow 

road ; h. 97 Muirton place 
Mathers, Mrs Robert, The Beild, Kinnoull 
Matheson, D. S„ butcher, 33 St. John st. ; h. Friarton House 

Matheson, J. M., clerk, Benoni, Clyde place, Craigie 

Matheson, John, butcher, 5 Charlotte street 

Matheson, Samuel, chaufteur, 11 Govvrie street 

Matheson, Sarah, charwoman, 158 High street 

Mathieson, Annie, 19 Speygate 

Mathieson, Annie, outworker, 257 High street 

Mathieson, Hugh C, Insurance clerk, Morven, Needless road 

Mathieson, Malcolm, barman, 5 East Bridge street 

Mathieson, Wm., glass finisher, 7 Paul street 

Matthew, Alex., pointsman, 76 Tay street 

Matthew, Betsy, 4 Pomarium street 

Matthew, Christopher, vanman. 37 Cross street 

Matthew, James, joiner, 31 Stormont street 

Matthew, Peter, clerk, 27 King street 

Matthew, William H., baker, 17 Leonard street; h. E. York corner 

Matthews, George J., manager, 18 Balhousie street 

Matthews, James, retired, 8 Park place 

Matthews, Jane, 6 Brown street 

Matthews, John, indoor porter, 42 James street 

Matthews, Mrs Benjamin, 18 St. Katherine's court 

Matthews, Mrs James, 298 High street 

Matthews, Mrs John, 1 1 East Bridge street 

Matthews, Mrs Peter, 15 Kinfauns crescent 


Matthews, Mrs Violet, 298 High street 

Maulbane, William, 14 Watergate 

Maule, John, carter, 73 Kinnoull causeway 

Maule, Mrs D., 38 Glover street 

Maxwell, George G., clerk, 5 Claremont place 

Maxwell, Mrs John, 26 Whitefriars street 

May, Francis, sheet repairer, Tayview, Friarton 

May, William, dyer, 158 High street 

Mayne, John, baker, 30 South street 

Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., 183 High sreet 

Mechie, Andrew M., bank accountant, 23 Muirhall terrace 

Mechie, Christina Gairns, teacher, 25 Muirhall terrace 

Mechie, J. B., confectioner, 16 George street ; h. 25 Muirhall terrace 

Mechie, & Co., milliners, 1 County place; h. 33 Scott street 

Meek, James, retired, Whitelaw, Main street, Cherrybank 

Meekie, Alex., engineer, 33 Scott street 

Meikle, Robert, watchman, Greenfield 

Meiklem, John, labourer, 22 Melville street 

Meiklem, Mrs Archibald, 8 North port 

Meiklem, Mrs David, 6 Pomarium street 

Meldrum, John, mechanic, 5 1 Kinnoull causeway 

Meldrum, John, clerk, 57 George street 

Meldrum, John W., postman, 7 Ballantine place 

Meldrum, Mrs Andrew, 41 Main street 

Meldrum, Robert, accountant, 3 Muirhall bank 

Mellis, James, Somme restaurant, 14 North Methven street ; h. 33 Scott st. 

Mellis, Mrs James Y. , Comely Bank House, Strathmore street 

Melloy, James, mason, 5 Castlegable 

Melloy, Jas. , labourer, 50 Meal vennel 

Melloy, Michael, grocer, 43 Meal vennel ; /;. 47 

Melloy, Mrs John, 58 South Methven street 

Melloy, Thomas, labourer, 7 Keir street 

Melville, Alexander, station policeman, 9 Shepherd's buildings, Cherrybank 

Melville, Andrew, publican, Kinnoull Arms ; h. 9 Orrock place 

Melville, Annie, shop assistant, Hospital buildings 

Melville, David, vanman, 27 St. Peter's place 

Melville, David, exhauster attendant, 8 Alexandra place 

Melville, George, labourer, 3 Whitefriars street 

Melville, James, house painter, 353 High street 

Melville, John, clerk, 31 Nelson street 

Melville, Lizzie, confectioner, 23 King street ; h. 19 Charter House lane 

Melville, Maggie, dyer's finisher, 12 North Methven street 

Melville, Mrs William, 37 Stormont street 

Melville, Thomas, labourer, 15 Thimble row 

Melville, William, engine fitter, 44 Leonard street 

Menzies, Alex., labourer, 54 Pomarium street 

Menzies, Alex., storeman, 48 Newrow 

Menzies, Alex., Ardbennie, 61 Craigie road 

Menzies, Alexander, engineer, 10 Inch Head terrace 

Menzies, Archibald, labourer, 62 St. Katherine's court 

Menzies, Charles, brakesman, 30 Whitefriars street 


Menzies, Christian J., apartments, 26 Marshall place 

Menzies, Corp. D., 3 Inchaffray street 

Menzies, Daniel, clerk, I Claremount place 

Menzies, Edward, chintz glazer, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Menzies, George, insurance clerk, 13 Keir street 

Menzies, George, labourer, 10 Thimblerow 

Menzies, George, wagon lifter, 313 High street 

Menzies, James, janitor, 12 Alexandra place 

Menzies, James, slater, 300 High street 

Menzies, James, dyer, 117 Scott street 

Menzies, James D., dyer, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Menzies, James F. , sewing machine and cycle agent, 46 St. John street ; 

h. Ellerslie, 40 Wilson street 
Menzies, James M., P.O. clerk, 53 Longcauseway 
Menzies, J. W. , engineer, Dewar terrace, Glover street 
Menzies, John, labourer, 17 Market street . 

Menzies, John, carter, 15 Friarton buildings 
Menzies, Joseph, railwayman, 8 Craigie place 

Menzies & Co., Ltd., John, wholesale newsagents, 28 Market street 
Menzies, Margaret, spirit dealer, 9 St. John's pi. ; h. Avon Villa, 30 Abbot st. 
Menzies, Margaret, dressmaker, 35 Canal street ... 

Menzies, Mary, restaurateur, 4 King Edward street 
Menzies, Mrs Elizabeth, 1 St. Peter's place 
Menzies, Mrs George, 67 Leonard street 

Menzies, Robert, dyer, 4 St. Johnstoun's buildings, Charles street 
Menzies, Robert, tailor, 4 Inchaffray street 
Menzies, Robert, M.B., 28 King street 
Menzies, Robert, tailor, 15 Bridge lane 
Menzies, William, 96 South street 
Menzies, William, dyer's finisher, 25 Nelson street 

Mercantile Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Miller & Pinkerton, agents, 79 High st. 
Mercer, David, photographer, 64 High street 
Mercer, Thomas, draper, 48 South Methven street 
Mereer & CO. (W. B. Mercer), photographer, 95 High street ; h y 64. 

See advt. 
Mercer, Wm. , vanman, 6 Valentine's buildings 
Meston, Andrew, warder, General Prison 
Methuen, Donald, baker, 20 Gowrie street 
Methven Simpson Ltd., music sellers, pianoforte and organ dealers, 

concert agents, &c. , 29 County place. See advt. 
Methven, Catherine, 13 Stormont street 
Methven, Charles, grocer, 2 Viewfield place 
Methven, James, insurance superintendent, 1 Hawarden terrace 
. Methven, James, joiner, 16 Marshall's buildings 
Methven, Mrs Henry, 12 County place 

Methven, Walter, printer, 12-14 Mill street ; h. Roseville, Needless road- 
Michie, Andrew, 15 Melville street 
Michie, Charles, engineman, 49 Leonard street 
Michie, John J., bill poster, 15 Balhousie street 
Michie, John, 9 Tullylumb terrace 
Michie, Stewart, joiner, 18 Ballantine place 


Middleton, J. D., retired sea captain, Fnarton cottages 

Middleton, Mina, milliner, 260 High street ; h. 7 Balhousie street 

Midgley, Frederick, F.R.C.O., organist and teacher of music, 18 King street 

Miles, Madame Katherine, dressmaker, 52 George street 

Milford, Alexander, gardener, 32 West Mill street 

Mill, A. P., hairdresser, etc., 39 to 43 George st. ; h. 10 Rosemount place 

Mill, David, fireman, 13 Lindsay's buildings 

Mill, Janet, ironer, 252 High street 

Mill, Mrs Robert, 6 Strathmore street 

Mill, Mrs Robert, outworker, 104 South street 

Mill, Robert, railwayman, 194 High street 

Mill, Robert, cleaner, Craigie Park terrace 

Mill, William R., foreman brewer, 89 Canal .street 

Millar, Catherine, machinist, 72 George street 

Millar, George B., aerated water manufacturer, 6 North William street; 

h. 6 North Methven street 
Millar, Isabella, 9 Castlegable 
Millar, Jemima, dressmaker, 188 South street 
Millar, Margaret, Duneaton, 155 Glasgow road 
Millar, Mrs Alison, 35 Canal street 
Millar, Mrs David, 2 Orrock place 
Millar, Mrs Ethel, laundress, George Inn lane 
Millar, Mrs Gavin, 4 King's place 
Millar, Mrs Robert, Croft Park, Craigie 

Miller & M 'Lagan, grain and potato merchants, 36 Caledonian road ; h. 
Allan bank, Cherrybank 

Miller & Pinkerton, solicitors and N.P., 79 High street 

Miller, A. C, solicitor, 11 Charlotte street ; k. 175 Glasgow road 

Miller, Alexander B., watchman, 105 Scott street 

Miller, Alexander, hatter and hosier, 219-221 High street 

Miller, Alexander, labourer, 5 Meal vennel 

Miller, Alexander, vanman, 53 Kinnoull street 

Miller, Alexander, watchman, Hillyland 

Miller, Alexander, plumber, 40 South Methven street 

Miller, Alex., clerk, Osborne terrace, Craigie 

Miller, Andrew, weaver, 7 Milne street 

Miller, Andrew, printer, 5 Brown street 

Miller, Andrew, solicitor, The Grove, Craigie 

Miller, Charles, burgh surveyor's assistant, Craigiehaugh House 

Miller, Christina, 26 St. Katherine's court 

Miller, Colin, engineer's fitter, 9 Low street 

Miller, Daniel, joiner, 13 Inchaffray street 

Miller, Duncan, wagon repairer, 9 St. Ann's lane 

Miller, Elizabeth F. , hotelkeeper, 1 and 3 Victoria street 

Miller, Francis Norie, J. P., general manager General Accident Fire and 
Life Assurance Corporation, Cleeve, Cherrybank 

Miller, Frank, tailor, St, Colmes, Gray street 

Miller, George, dyer, 62 Longcauseway 

Miller, George, baker, 15 Ballantine place 

Miller, George A., W.S., Blackfriars street ; h. Knowehead, Kinnoull 

Miller, George J. , printer, 53 Main street 


Miller, Gilbert H., baker, 70 Pomarium street 

Miller, Grace M., music teacher, 18 Barossa place 

Miller, Hamilton, contractor, 57 George street ; h. 7 Keir street 

Miller, J. & A., plumbers and ironmongers, 11 Main street, Bridgend; h. 

5 Gowrie street, and 40 South Methven street 
Miller, J. & J., w.s., 10 Blackfriars street 

Miller, James, hotelkeeper, White Horse Hotel ; 5 No. William street 
Miller, James, machinist, 39 Whitefriars street 
Miller, James, labourer, 7 Clayholes 
Miller, James, lorryman, 18 Gladstone terrace 
Miller, James, manufacturer, Strathlee, 175 Glasgow road 
Miller, James, calenderer, 50 Longcauseway 
Miller, Jas., railway worker, 3 Brown street 
Miller, James A., 6 Atholl crescent 

Miller, James M., music seller, 7 County pi. ; h. The Cottage, 67 Canal st. 
Miller, Jane, 42 Victoria street 
Miller, John, car driver, 6 Strathmore street 
Miller, John, fireman, 76 South street 
Miller, John, dyer, 6 Viewfield place 
Miller, John, dyer, 49 Stormont street 

Miller, John G., solicitor, 10 Blackfriars street ; h. Mayfield 
Miller, John C. , plumber, 5 Gowrie street 
Miller, John, lorryman, 73 Pomarium street 
Miller, John, French cleaner, 28 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 
Miller, John A., assurance superintendent, Fernlea, Albany terrace 
Miller, John, tailor, 40 Longcauseway 
Miller, John, contractor, Comely Bank cottage 

Miller, John, porter, 43 Leonard street 

Miller, John, clothier, 4 Myrtle place 

Miller, John T., 12 George street 

Miller, Mrs A., 69 Kinnoull Causeway 

Miller, Mrs Annie, 2 Bridge lane 

Miller, Mrs James, 277 High street 

Miller, Mrs jas., hotelkeeper, 28 County pi. &2I Hospital st. ; h. 19 York pi. 

Miller, Mrs James, 19 York place 

Miller, Mrs James, 85 Pomarium street 

Miller, Mrs John, grocer, 26 Longcauseway 

Miller, Mrs Peter, 2 Evelyn terrace 

Miller, Mrs Robert, Croft park, Craigie 

Miller, Robert, tailor, 4 Homers' lane 

Miller, Mrs Thomas I., hotelkeeper, Victoria hotel; 61 Princes street 

Miller, Neil, watchmaker, 359 High street 

Miller, Norman Shaw, dyer, 87 Leonard street 

Miller, Peter, watchmaker, 156 High street 

Miller, Peter, labourer, 21 Cross street 

Miller, Peter, surfaceman, Tulloch farm 

Miller, Robert, painter, 26 Barossa street 

Miller, Robert, gasworker, 85 Pomarium street 

Miller, Robert P. R., watchmaker, 74 South street 

Miller, Stanley Norie-, insurance manager, Upland, Kinnoull 

Miller, Thomas, cooper, 8 Hawarden terrace 


Miller, Thomas, cooper, 4 Shield's place 

Miller, Thomas, 13 Union lane 

Miller, Thomas, goods checker, 45 St. Katherine's court 

Miller, Thomas Duncan, M.A., minister, Inveravon, Bridgend 

Miller, William, plumber, 12 Glover street 

Miller, Wm., 24 Carpenter street 

Miller, Wm., labourer, 21 Strathmore street 

Miller, Wm. Springbrae, Kinnoull 

Miller, William, joiner, 2 Low street ; h. 313 High street 

Miller, William, Allan bank, Oakbank road 

Miller, William, finisher, 6 Tulloch cottages 

Miller, William, merchant, Allan bank, Cherrybank 

Milln, David N., colliery and commission agent, York Corner, 43 Nevvrow .; 

h. Ingleside, Wilson street 
Milne, Alexander, carter, 5 Lickley street 
Milne, Alexander, vanman, 1 Thistle lane 
Milne, Alexander L. , baker, 44 Friar street 

Milne & M'Farlane, bakers and confectioners, 1-3 Melville street 
Milne, Andrew G. , railway foreman, Elibank cottage, High street 
Milne, Andrew H., grocer's assistant, 5 Windsor terrace 
Milne, David, billposter, 21 Ballantine place 

Milne, George, clerk, 8 Rosario terrace ; 

Milne, George, engine driver, 24 Canal street 
Milne, Tames, butcher, 9 St. Paul's square ; h. Thistle lane 
Milne, James, railway servant, 3 Kinnoull causeway 
Milne, James, baker, 13 Barossa street 

Milne, John, printer (Milne, Tannahill & Methven), 14 Florence place 
Milne, John, fireman, Tay view, Friarton 
Milne, John F. , clerk, 13 Barossa street 
Milne, Mis-es L. W. and J. B., 8 Pitcullen crescent 
Milne, Mrs, 84 Scott street 
Milne, Mrs Andrew, Burnside, 4 Craigie place 
Milne, Mrs Euphemia, 7 St. John's place 
Milne, Mrs George, 55 South Methven street 
Milne, Mrs James, Drumoak, 24 Wilson street 
Milne, Mrs James, 19 Inchaffray street 
Milne, Mrs John, 49 Scott street 
Milne, Mrs Mary, Steading, Barnhill 
Milne, Mrs William, 32 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Milne, Robt., general merchant, 40 So. William st. ; h. 18 South Inch tee. 
Milne, Sarah, warehouse assistant, 39 Princes street 
Milne, Tannahill & Methven, printers, 12-14 Mill street 
Milne, William, shunter, 57 West Mill street 
Milne, William, carpet weaver, 10 Paul street 
Milroy, Mrs Patrick, 126 High street 
Milroy, Thomas, coalman, 154 South street 

Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange, 24, 26, 28 King Edward srteet 
Mitchell, Alexander, dairy, 4 St. Catherine's road ; h. 4 
Mitchell, Alexander, meal merchant, 56 King Edward street and 13 James 

street ; h. 302 High street 
Mitchell, Alex., grocer, 26 Caledonian rd. & 2 Market st. ; h. 1 Claremont pi. 


Mitchell, Alexander, fireman, 34 Meal vennel 
Mitchell & Logan, solicitors and n.p.'s, 41 South Methven street 
Mitchell, Andrew, carriage inspector, N.B. R. , 8 Craigie crescent 
Mitchell, Bernard, labourer, 200 High street- 
Mitchell, Charles, tailor, 17 Market street 
Mitchell, David, gardener, 37 Commercial street 
Mitchell, David, gardener, 41 Commercial street 
Mitchell, David, baker, 5 East Bridge street 
Mitchell, Euphemia, ironer, 3 Scott street 
Mitchell, Frank, check weighman, 17 Kinnoull causeway 
Mitchell, George, confectioner, 4 View field place 
Mitchell, George, painter, 35 Canal street 
Mitchell, Grant & Anderson, estate agents, surveyors, valuers and 

auctioneers, 4 King Edward street 
Mitchell, Helen, 17 South street 

Mitchell, J. W. Rollo, solicitor (R. M'Gregor Mitchell & Co. ), 3 Atholl place 
Mitchell, James, solicitor (of Mitchell & Logan), Lixmount, Viewlands pi. 
Mitchell, James, engine driver, 23 Pomarium street 
Mitchell, James, carter, 8 St. Johnstone's buildings 
Mitchell, James, engine driver, 59 New row 
Mitchell, James, dyer's cleaner, 7 Leonard street 
Mitchell, James, postman, 11 South William street 

Mitchell. Jas. Duff, shop assistant, 3 Kinnoull causeway 
Mitchell, Jean, 22 and 24 Queen street 

Mitchell, John, gardener, 41 Main street 

Mitchell, John, garage, 6 Nelson street 

Mitchell, John, guard, 100 Reform place 

Mitchell, John, butcher, St. Leonard's bridge ; h. Craiglea villa, Friar street 

Mitchell, John, surfaceman, 4 Market steeet 

Mitchell, John, gardener, llillyland nurseries 

Mitchell, Malcolm, clothier, 12 Canal street 

Mitchell, Mrs, 15 Market street 

Mitchell, Mrs Alex., dairykeeper, 2 St. Catherine's road 

Mitchell, Mrs Catherine, 1 Rose lane 

Mitchell, Mrs James, 39 Cross street 

Mitchell, Mrs John, 13J York place 

Mitchell, Mrs William, 30 Caledonian road 

Mitchell, R. M'Gregor, & Co., solicitors, 42 George street 

Mitchell, Robert, compositor, 38 Atholl street 

Mitchell, Robert, &.Son, gamedealer, fishmonger and fruiterer, 182 South 
street ; h. 24 Marshall place 

Mitchell, Robert, 4 Thimble row 

Mitchell, Robert, railway inspector, 264 High street 

Mitchell, Robert, dyer's finisher, 49 Stormont street 

Mitchell, Susan, teacher, 2 Barossa place 

Mitchell & Smith, fruit and produce merchants, 38-40 Skinnergate 

Mitchell, Thomas S., tailor, 36 Atholl street 

Mitchell, Walter, bank agent, Commercial bank, Commercial bank house, 
2 Princes street 

Mitchell, William, dyer, 25 Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Mitchell, William, bootmaker, 304 High street; h. n Ladysmith terrace 


Mitchell, William, dyer, 2 Bridge lane 

Mitchell, William, fitter, 34 Newrow 

Mitchell, Win., iron turner, 12 Mill street 

Mitchell, Wm. , 6 Leith's buildings 

Mitchell, William, postman, 30 South Inch terrace 

Mitchell, William, dairy, 31 Castlegable ; h. 33 

Mitchell, William, cleaner, 68 Longcauseway 

Mitchell, William, butcher, 73 Leonard street 

Mitchell, William G., science teacher, Tayview bank, Craigie 

Mitchelson, James, carpet weaver 5 Viewfield place 

Mitchelson, William, 80 Pomarium street 

Mochrie, Robert, butcher, 39 High street ; h. Eden, Osborne ter., Craigie 

Model Lodging House, 24 Skinnergate 

Moffat, David, labourer, 104 South street 

Moffat, Donald, yardsman, 54 South William street 

Moffat, Geo., carrier, 77 High street 

Moffatt, Joseph T., plumber, 5 Keithick place 

Moffat, Mrs Alex. S., stewardess, 7 Burnside, Cherrybank 

Moffat, Peter O. , medical practitioner, 7 Atholl crescent 

Moir, Alexander, mason, 6 St. Catherine's road 

Moir, Alexander, grocer, 349 High street ; h. 72 Glasgow road 

Moir, Byron, shoemaker, 20 Canal street 

Moir, David, retired, 26 Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Moir, David, detective sergeant, 31 Canal street 

Moir, D. R., clerk, I R., 40 Tay street 

Moir, George, sculptor, 18 West Mill street 

Moir, Ina, ladies' outfitter, 60 George street ; h. Craigroyston 

Moir, James, mason, 351 High street 

Moir, Mrs Andrew, 32 Pomarium street 

Moir, Mrs James, 351 High street 

Moir, Mrs James, 3 George street 

Moir, Thomas, retired, 27 Main street 

Moir, Thos. D. , sorting clerk, 3 Windsor terrace 

Moir, Thomas M., accountant, 11 Scott street 

Moir, William, printer, 21 Main street, Bridgend 

Moir, William, cattlebank foreman, 4 Kilmartin place 

Moir, Wood, & Co., accountants and stockbrokers, Royal Bank Buildings, 

Kinnoull street 
Molison, Thomas C, cashier, I Bellavista terrace 
Moncrieff, Alexander, retired, 62 Main street 
Moncrieff, Alexander, glassblower, 9 South William street 
Moncrieff, Alick, prison warder, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Moncrieff, David, foreman, 43 Leonard street 

Moncrieff, James, draper, 10 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Moncrieff, James, harness mounter, I Westgrove Avenue 
Monerieff, John, Ltd., glass and ink manufacturers, North British Glass 

and Ink Works, St. Catherine's road, and Shore. See advt. 
Moncrieff, John, joiner and builder, Ardblair, 47 Muirton place 
Moncrieff, John, manufacturer (J. Moncrieff, & Co., Ltd.), Summerbank 
Moncrieff, Lilias, maternity nurse, 7 Orrock place 
Moncrieff, Misses M. S. and C. R., Suncote, Jeanfield 


Moncrieff, Mrs Alex., apartments, 4 Nelson street 
Moncriefif, Mrs Alison, Stewart place, Caledonian road 
Moncrieff, Mrs James, Bellwood cottage, Barnhill 
Moncrieff, Mrs John, Elmside, Balhousie 
Moncrieff, Mrs Robert H., Potterhill, Kinnoull 
Moncrieff, Mrs Thos., 50 Atholl street 

Moncrieff, Thomas R., manufacturer, (J. Moncrieff & Co., Ltd.), Spring- 
land, Isla road 
Moncrieff, Walter, bottleblower, 12 Canal street 
Moncrieff, William, clerk, 359 High street 

Moncur, G. M., hairdresser, 26jSt. Johnst. ; h. Cricklewood,Wilsonst.,Craigie 
Moncur, Mrs Janet, mantlemaker, 5 Claremont place 
Monteith, Andrew, fireman, 21 Whitefriars street 
Monteith, May, Tulloch farm 
Monteith, Peter, blacksmith, 14 Whitefriars street 
Montgomery, Chas., coal merchant, 8 Caledonian road 
Montgomery, James, labourer, 283 High street 
Montgomery, William, baker, 283 High street 
Montgomery, William, baker, 279 and 327 High street ; h. 290. 
Moon, Edward G. , c.E. , Willowbank, Barnhill 
Moon, Robert, dyer's cleaner, 29 Closeburn terrace 
Moore, John, draper, 18 Charlotte street 
Moore, Mrs. George, grocer, 15 Market street 
Moran, John, labourer, 3 James street 
Moran, Pat, labourer, 19 Leonard street 
More, Thomas, bricklayer, 180 South street 
Morgan, Harry W., sand merchant, 13 M'Quibban's buildings 
Morgan, Helen, 45 Commercial street 
Morgan, James, manager, Catrine, Oakbank road 
Morgan, John, grocer and wine merchant, 3 Kincarrathie crescent 
Morgan, John, & Co. , grocers & wine mer. , 5 Main st. , 178 High st. , & Scone 
Morgan, Joseph F. , dyer's manager, Westview, Dunkeld road 
Morgan, Misses Helen and Martha, 1 1 East Bridge street 
Morgan, Mrs James, 55 Strathmore street 
Morgan, William H. , engineer, 13 M'Quibban's buildings 
Morison, J. & R., accountants, 4 Blackfriars street and 7-8 Atholl place 
Morison, James, accountant (of J. & R. Morison), 5 Comely Bank terrace 
Morle, Herbert P., photographer, 12 Princes street ; h. 26 Priory place 
Morris, Alexander, Lyngarth, 87 Muirton place 
Morris, Charles, janitor, 31 Commercial street 
Morris, Charles, confectioner, 13 Bridge lane 
Morris, Charles G= D., 37 Muirton place 
Morris, Elizabeth, 16 Foundry lane 
Morris, Isabella, 19 North Methven street 
Morris, James, retired, Kerr's house, Barnhill 
Morris, John, greenkeeper, 18 Strathmore street 
Morris, John, joiner, 46 Victoria street 
Morris, John, surfaceman, Rocklands, Queen street 
Morrison, Alex. , clerk, Auchter villa, Clyde place 
Morrison, Annie M. , 24 King Edward street 
Morrison, David, clerk, 34 bt. Katherine's court 


Morrison, Henry, butcher, 53 Priory place 

Morrison, James, caretaker City Hall, 24 King Edward street 

Morrison, James, pensioner, 35 Commercial street 

Morrison, James, chauffeur, Hospital buildings 

Morrison, James, cattle dealer, Hillyland 

Morrison, John, lorryman, 8 North port 

Morrison, John, guard, 9 Earl's dykes 

Morrison, Lavinia, 16 Foundry lane 

Morrison, Lizzie, 5 Glover street 

Morrison, Mary Ann, 17 Ballantine place 

Morrison, Mrs, 98 Pomarium street 

Morrison, Mrs Betsy, 5 Back wynd 

Morrison, Mrs George, 6 St. Katherine's court 

Morrison, Mrs Jessie, boarders, Westlea, 11 Rose crescent 

Morrison, Peter, oiler, 84 Victoria street 

Morrison, Peter, butcher, 36 North Methven street 

Morrison, Robert, labourer, 34 Newrow 

Morrison, Samuel, dyer, 6 Viewfield place 

Morrison, Thomas, upholsterer, 88 High street 

Morrison, William, cooper, 3 Spey court, Canal street 

Morrison, Wm. T. , builder, 15 Gowrie st. ; h. Glensaugh, Bowerswell road 

Morrison, Wm., slater, 19 Union street 

Morrow, Joseph, labourer, 112 South street 

Mortimer, David, 62 Atholl street 

Morton, Agnes, 186 High street 

Morton, David S., gas stoker, 46 Atholl street 

Morton, Elizabeth, 71 Scott street 

Morton, James, dyer, 25 Whitefriars street 

Morton, James, glassblower, 29 Mill street 

Morton, James, parcel agent. 45 North Methven street 

Morton, James C., dyer, 6 Watters' buildings, Whitefriars street 

Morton, Jessie, confectioner, 47 Stormont street 

Morton, Mrs Annie, 59 Newrow 

Morton, Mrs Gavin, Balure, Needless road 

Morton, Mrs James, Gannochy Fold, Kinnoull 

Morton, Stewart, engineer, 20 Spens crescent 

Morton, Thos. , & Co., engineers, St. Catherine Works; h. St Catherine's cot. 

Morton, William, dyer's finisher, 22 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Morton, William, pipe fitter, 20 County place 

Moss, George, warder, H.M. Prison 

Moss, Matthew, retired, Inchbank 

Motion, John, detective-sergeant, 23 North Methven street 

Motion, Mrs Thomas. 34 St. Johnstone's building 

Mowat, Mrs Elizabeth, 20 Rose crescent 

Mowat, W. G., Salutation Hotel, South street ; h. Brae cot., Burghmuir 

Mowbray, Harry, printer, 4 Inchaffray street 

Moyes, Alexander, surfaceman, 92 Reform place 

Moyes, George, glazier, 15 Bridge lane 

Moyes, George, grocer, 32 Priory place 

Moyes, James, engine driver, 81 Leonard street 

Moyes, James, engineman, 6 St. Jane's place, 41 Friar street 


Moyes, James, craneman, 39 Castle Gable 

Moyes, John L., clerk, 9 Muirton place 

Moyes, Mrs Elizazeth, Crown Bar ; //. 10 King's place 

Moyes, Mrs George, restaurant, 16 Bridge lane 

Moyes, Robert, bottle blower, 66 Pomarium .street 

Moyes, Thomas, brakesman, 90 Pomarium street 

Muckersie, Margaret, 32 Caledonian road 

Muckersie, Mrs Andrew, 8 Ballantine place 

Muckersie, Mrs Robt., 23 N. Methven street 

Mudie, John, manager, 2 Feu terrace 

Muego, Mrs George, Brunswick cottage, 24 Friar street 

Muir & Martin, brewers and maltsters, South Inch Brewery ; h. 

Keithleyhead, Auchterarder. See advt. 
Muir, Alexander, tailor, 212 South street 
Muir, James, butcher, 12 Hospital street ; h. 1 
Muir, Mrs James, 19 Market street 
Muir, Son, & Patton, Ltd., coal agents and carting contractors, Glasgow 

road depot See advt. 
Muirhead, David, mechanic, Nicol cottage, Feus road 
Muirhead, George & Sons, painters, 24 and 26 Atholl st. See advt. 
Muirhead, George (of George Muirhead & Sons), 6 Muirhall terrace 
Muirhead, Mrs Joseph, Tayview, Friar ion 
Muirhead, Leah, 14 Barrack street 
Muirhead, William, decorator, 5 North port 
Mulhearn, Patrick, 39 Castlegable 
Mulholland, Alexander, tailor, 12 Barrack street 
Mulholland, Mrs W lliam, 29 King street 
Mullen, Patrick, 76 Atholl street 
Mulligan, Mrs Catherine, 25 Thimblerow 
Mullion, Thomas, baker, 85 Pomarium street 
Mundell, James, salesman, 2 Viewfield place 
Munn, William L. , photographer, Bellwood cottage 
Munro, Alexander L., 3 Westgrove avenue 
Munro, Andrew, motor mechanic, 257 High street 
Munro, Annie K., cleaner, 10 St. Katherine's court 
Munro, Charles, guard, 7 Ladysmith terrace 
Munro, Daniel, plumber, 62 Scott street ; h. 59 
Munro, David, tube maker, 45 Canal street 
Munro, David, brakesman, 25 South Inch terrace 
Munro, Davina, 59 Scott street 

Munro, Henry, publisher, 64 Watergate ; h. 74 Glasgow road 
Munro, James, warehouseman, 73 Main street 
Munro, James, printer, Coral bank, Dunkeld road 
Munro, James W, chintz glazer, 8 St. Catherine's road 
Munro, John, 6 St. Peter's place. Newrow 
Munro, John, engine driver, 19 St. Jane's place, 37 Friar street 
Munro, John, guard, 20 St. Jane's place, 37 Friar street 
Munro, John, enginedriver, 38 Whitefriars street 
Munro, Leslie, journalist, Squire's villas, 29 Verena terrace 
Munro Mrs Annie, confectioner, 54 George street ; /i. S7 
Munro, Mrs David, 45 North Methven street 


Munro, Mrs David, 53 Longcauseway 

Munro, Mrs David, 19 Union street 

Munro, Mrs Hector, 5 Hawarden terrace 

Munro, Mrs James, 77 South Methven street 

Munro, Mrs Margaret, 33 Queen street 

Munro, Mrs Murdoch, 97 South street 

Munro Press, Limited, printers, 60-64 Watergate 

Munro, Richard, chauffeur, Cleeve garage 

Munro, Robert, carter, 3 Lickley street 

Munro & Scott, printers, 12 Skinnergate 

Munro, William, solicitor, 25 George st. ; h. 5 Barossa place 

Munro, William, ploughman, 57 West Mill street 

Munro, William, guard, 28 Caledonian road 

Munro, William, joiner, 1 Keir Villa, Strathmore street 

Munsie, James T., retired, Minnie Ville, 34 Craigie road 

Munter, Charles, butcher, 7 Brown street 

Murdoch, Alexander, policeman, 32 Caledonian road 

Murdoch, Harry W., clothier (of Gow & Murdoch), 47 Glasgow road 

Murdoch, Helen, 30 George street 

Murdoch, James, yardsman, 6 Ballantine place 

Murdoch, John, clerk, 10 Scott street 

Murdoch, Mary, bootmaker, 5 Skinnergate 

Murdoch, Miss Elizabeth P. , 3 Fitzroy terrace 

Murfit, George, engineer, 16 Lindsay's buildings 

Murie, David, brassfounder, 151 High street ; h. 4 Cuthbert pi., Rose cres. 

Murie, James, plumber, 45 N. Methven street 

Murie, Mrs James, 9 Watergate 

Murie, Wm., engineman, 3 Barossa street 

Murphy, Elizabeth, 186 South street 

Murphy, Mrs A. J., draper & jeweller, 51-53 South st. ; h. 24 Barossa place 

Murphy, William, P.O. clerk, Oakbank terrace 

Murray, Alexander, dyer, 302 High street 

Murray, Alexander, painter, 72 Longcauseway 

Murray, Alexander, outworker, 117 High street 

Murray, Alexander, bottleblower, 5 Brown street 

Murray, Alice, 63 Strathmore street 

Murray, Annie, dyer's finisher, 20 Carpenter street 

Murray, C. & C., carver and gilder, 32 South street ; h. 38 Tay street 

Murray, Daniel, baker, 1 Water vennel 

Murray, David, teacher, 3 Craigie crescent 

Murray, David, coalman, 19 Leonard street 

Murray, David, tailor, 33 Shields' place 

Murray, David, 158 High street 

Murray, David B., (of C. & C. Murray) 38 Tay street 

Murray, David S., art master, 3 Laurel bank 

Murray, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 7 Hammerman's buildings 

Murray, George, 6 Meal vennel 

Murray, Harry, plumber, 3 Gladstone terrace 

Murray, Hugh, Quarrymill 

Murray, Isabella, 17 Gowrie street 

Murray, Isabella, sweeper, 1 Paul street 


Murray, Isabella, milliner, 50 Longcauseway 

Murray, James, & Sons, plumbers, 6 St. John's place ; h. Abbey rd. , Scone 

Murray, James, 357 High street 

Murray, James, vanman, 256 High street 

Murray, James, baker, 170 South street ; h. 41 Scott street 

Murray, James, blacksmith, 22 Caledonian road 

Murray, James, barman, Stewart place, Caledonian rd. 

Murray, James, jun., stoker, Stewart place, 23 Alexandra street 

Murray, James, retired, 86 Victoria street 

Murray, James, librarian, Solicitor's library, County buildings ; h. 32 Canal 

Murray, Jane, 12 Barossa street 
Murray, Jessie, 58 South Methven street 
Murray, Jessie, seamstress, 3 Bridge lane 

Murray, John, pastry baker, 89 South street ; h. 28 Scott street 
Murray, John, motor driver, 4 Crown buildings 
Murray, John, shoemaker, 69 Strathmore street 
Murray, John, retired, St. Catherine's villa, Friar street 
Murray, John, scavenger, 198 South street 
Murray, Joseph, broker, 275 High street 
Murray, Margaret, 53 Meal vennel 
Murray, Michael, labourer, 21 South Methven street 
Murray, Mrs, nurse, 16 Foundry lane 
Murray, Mrs, 163 South street 
Murray, Mrs B. , 43 Commercial street 
Murray, Mrs James, 14 Longcauseway 
Murray, Mrs Jane, 43 Cross street 
Murray, Peter, hawker, 39 Castlegable 
Murray, Peter, engine driver, 7 Earl's dykes 
Murray, Peter, labourer, 15 Market street 
Murray, Peter, railway fireman, 10 Craigie place 
Murray, Robert, engineer, Beaton's buildings 

Murray, Robert, dyer's finisher, 11 Peter's buildings, Whitefriars street 
Murray, Robert, railwayman, 1 Victoria court 
Murray, Thos. W.. clerk, 17 Ballantine place 
Murray, Thomas, butcher, 83 Pomarium street 
Murray, William, caretaker, 29 South Methven street 
Murray, William, labourer, 88 South street 
Murray, William, tramway inspector, Main street, Cherrybank 
Murray, Wm. , motor mechanic, 3 St. Paul's square 
Murray, William A., guard, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Murray, Wm. , 25 Leith's buildings 
Murray's Royal Asylum, Muirhall road 
Murrie, Alexander, carter, 328 High street 
Murrie, Alexander, porter, 38 Leonard street 
Murrie, James, porter, 52 Pomarium street 
Mutch, James, 1 Low street 
Mutley, Maggie, weaver, 206 South street 
Myles, Mary, Beaton's buildings, Ilillyland 
Myles, Mrs Elizabeth, laundress, 163 High street 
Mylie, Mrs John, charwoman, 220 High street 


i62 general directory. 

Macadam, Robert, gardener, Hamilton House lodge, 107 Glasgow road 

Macadam, William, 1 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 

M'Ainsh, David, Toll House, Edinburgh road 

M'Ainsh, David, engine driver, 64 South street 

M'Ainsh, Mrs Agnes, 24 Carpenter street 

M'Ainsh, Robert, baker, 6 Ballantine place 

M'Allister, James E., inspecting engineer, Maryville, Cherrybank 

M 'Andrew, William, roadman, 32 Pomarium street 

M'Ara, Mrs William, 35 Mill street 

M'Ara, Peter, sawyer, 76 Pomarium street 

M'Ara, Robert, street sweeper, 242 High street 

M'Ara, Robert, dyer's finisher, 14 Watergate 

M 'Arthur, Alex., road surveyor, Feus road ; h. 51 Balhousie street 

M 'Arthur, Bessie, 12 Canal street 

M 'Arthur, Henry M., bobbin manufacturer, Blair street; h. 8 Castle ter. 

M 'Arthur, James, railway clerk, 1 Claremont place 

M 'Arthur, James, warehouseman, 44 James street 

M 'Arthur, James, plumber, 5 Ballantine place 

M 'Arthur, James, porter, 21 Pomarium street 

M 'Arthur, James, guard, 15 Unity place, 89 Scott street 

M'Arthur, John, & Sons, bobbin makers, Blair street 

M 'Arthur, John, retired, 79 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Arthur, John, bobbinmaker, Blair street ; h. 1 Gray street 

M'Arthur, John D., spirit dealer, 303-305 High street, Bridge lane and 

41 Skinnergate ; h. Westbank, Jeanfield 
M'Arthur, John J. C, tailor, 30 Priory place 
M'Arthur, Mrs David, 77 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Arthur, Mrs Helen, 1 Unity place, Scott street 
M'Arthur, Mrs James, 48 South street 
M'Arthur, Mrs Peter, 12 Pomarium street 
M'Arthur, Mrs Richard, 24 North Methven street 
M'Arthur, P., & Sons, grocers and wine and spirit merchants, 28 North 

Methven street ; 1 Crieff road, 39 Skinnergate and 20 Bridge lane 
Macaulay, Jane, upholsteress, 43 Princes street 
M'Aulay, John, railwayman, 51 Pomarium street 
M'Aulay, John, engineman, 5 Brown street 
M'Aulay, Peter & Co., leather merchants, 32 King Edward st. \ h. 10 

Crown buildings 
M'Aulay. Robert, foreman platelayer, 268 High street 
M'Aulay, Wm., retired, 61 Muirton place 
M'Aulay, William, retired, 20 County place 
M'Avoy, Margaret, dressmaker, 89 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Bain, Alex., dyer's finisher, 46 Atholl street 
M'Bain, Charles, cabman, 24 North Methven street 
M'Bay, Robt., engine driver, George Inn lane 
M'Bean, John, engine driver, 54 Longcauseway 
M'Beth, John H., superintendent Fechney Industrial School 
M'Cabe, Bernard, messenger, 34 Watergate 
M'Cabe, Bernard, cleaner, 13 Paul street 
M'Caigney, Patrick, sheet repairer, 15 Canal street 
MacCallum, Archibald G., accountant, 4 Rose terrace 


M'Callum, Charles B , clerk, 12 Moredun terrace 

M'Callum, David, upholsterer, 2 West Grove avenue 

M'Callum, Duncan, policeman, 24 North Methven street 

M'Callum, John W. T. , grocer's assistant, 9 Main street, Bridgend 

M'Callum, Mrs Colin, 35 Commercial street 

M'Callum, Thomas, dyer's finisher, I Paul street 

M'Callum, Thomas, platelayer, 62 Victoria street 

M'Callum, W. B,, optician and photographic dealer, 8 Scott street ; 

h. 79 Wilson street. See advt. 
M'Callum, William, sawyer, 109 Canal crescent 
MacCalman, Elizabeth, nurses' home, 6 Stormont street 
M'Cann, Patrick, linesman, 242 High street 
M'Cash & Hunter, solicitors, 3 Scott street 

M'Cash, David, grain merchant, Feus road; h. Wellshill terrace 
M'Cash, James, retired, 3 Queen street 
M'Cash, John, & Sons, corn factors, Feus road 
M'Cash, Mrs Alex., 53 St. Katherine's court 
M'Cash, Thomas, painter, 103 South street 
M'Cash, Wm. F., retired, Cornhill house 
M'Caskill, Anthony, porter, 50 Glover street 
M'Cheyne, Martin, clerk, 4 Viewfield place 
M'Clelland, Tyndall, grocer, 49 High street 

M'Clelland, William, clerk, 7 Valentine's buildings, King Edward street 
M'Coll, Christina, pensioner, 13 Paul street 
M'Coll, Mrs Annie, confectioner, 39 Mill street 
M'Coll, William, tailor, 29 Mill street 
M'Comb, Thomas, baker, 73 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Combie, Annie, merchant, 57 Kinnoull street 
M'Comisky, Heniy, butcher, 25 Whitefriar street 
M'Condach, James, shunter, 22 Union lane 
M'Condach, Joseph, railway foreman, 7 Ballantine place 
M'Condach, Mrs Robert, 23 Carpenter street 
M'Connell, John, newsvendor, 44 St. Katherine's court 
M'Connell, Margaret, 13 Charterhouse lane 

Maconochie, Edward, glazier, 177 South street ; h. Dunira, Craigie road 
M'Conochie, John, postman, 36 Scott street 
M'Conochie, John, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 
M'Conochie, Joseph, glazier, 9 Market street 
M'Conochie, Stewart, brassfonnder, 20 Campbell's buildings 
M'Cormack, Cornelius, upholsterer, 9 Inchaffray street 
M'Cormack, David, vanman, 10 Paul street 
M'Cormack, Duncan G., dyer, Ivyden, Gowrie street, Bridgend 
M'Cormack, John, gas worker, 71 Watergate 
M'Cormack, John, ropemaker, 4 Barossa place 
M'Cormack, Mary, manageress, 10 High street 
M'Cormack, Patrick, soldier, 14 Milne street 
M'Cormack, William, engine cleaner, 11 North port 
M'Corquodale, Mrs Peter, Oakbankterrace, Cherrybank 
M 'Cowan, Alex., draper, 229 and 294 High st. ; h. Elderslie, Tullylumb ter. 
M 'Cowan, Catherine, 41 Glasgow road 
M 'Cowan, James, electrician, 40 South Methven street 


M 'Cowan, Jessie, ladies' outfitter, 19 High street, 1 George street 

M 'Cowan, Mrs Colin, retired, 10 St. Ann's lane 

M 'Cowan, Mrs Duncan, 59 West Mill street 

M'Cowan, Peter, dyer's cleaner, 7 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's rd* 

M 'Cowan, Robert, clerk, Ruchil bank, Craigie Knowes road 

M 'Cowan's Select Registry, Citadel bdgs., 77 South st, D.Conacher, prop. 
h. Glentore, Glasgow road 

M'Cracken, Charles, publican, 32-34 Princes street; k, 36 

M'Cracken, James, Glencoe Bar, 204 High St.; h. Easterfield,l47 Glasgow rd. 

M'Cracken, William, Exchange Bar, 30 George street; h. 3 Gowrie street 

M'Cracken, Wm., spirit merchant, 25 Skinnergate 

M'Craw, Elizabeth, clerkess, 45 Canal street 

M'Craw, James, head store warder, II. M. Prison 

M'Craw, Mrs Wm., cook, 12 Canal street 

M'Craw, Thomas S. , warehouseman, 9 Low street 

M'Crostie, Annie, weaver, 11 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

M'Crostie, Edward, hammerman, 9 Milne street 

M'Crow, James, passenger agent, Coltness Cottage, Young street 

M'Crudden, Patrick, labourer, 21 Cow vennel 

M'Cullen, Thomas, labourer, n Cow vennel 

M'Cullie, Alex., glass worker, 3 Earls dykes 

M'Cullie, David, porter, 93 Leonard street 

M'Cullie, John, glassworker, 72 Watergate 

M'Culloch, Angus, engine driver, 10 South Inch terrace 

M'Culloch, Jessie, weaver, 7 St. Paul's square 

M'Currach, James, accountant, The Beild, Kinnoull 

M'Currach, Jessie, 61 George street 

M'Currach, Walter, bookkeeper, Dewar's terrace, Gray street 

M 'Daniel, Rev. John, Catholic priest, 17 Melville street 

M'Diarmid, Angus, janitor, 12 North Methven street 

M'Diarmid, David, water bailiff", White cottages, Jeanfield 

M'Diarmid & Son, Donald, grocer and wine merchant, 160-170 South 

street ; h. Clifton, 36 Glasgow road 
M'Diarmid, Hugh, 12 Canal street 
M'Diarmid, James, 13 Barossa street 
M'Diarmid, Mrs Alexander, 46 Longcauseway 
M'Diarmid, Mrs Samuel, 34 Barossa street 
M 'Donald, Alexander, glass worker, 88 South street 
M 'Donald, Alexander, Boilermaker, 3 St. Katherine's Court 
M'Donald, Alexander, 32 Pomarium street 
M 'Donald, Alexander, painter, 131 High street 
M'Donald, Alexander, draper and hosier, 59 High street; h. Benares, 

Florence place, Gray street 
M'Donald, Alex., agent for Silcocks, Ltd., 5 Rosslyn place 
M'Donald, Alex., gardener, The Gardens, Rosebank 

Macdonald, Rev. Alexander B., Bridgend U.F. Church ; h. 5 Rosemount pi. 
M'Donald, Alexander G. , cashier, Belhelvie terrace, 64 Glasgow road 
M'Donald, Annie, Mount Tarragon, 6 Balhousie avenue 
M'Donald, Archibald, warder, General Prison 
M'Donald, Catherine, stationer and tobacconist, 52 Atholl street 
M'Donald, Catherine, 29 Pitcullen terrace 


M'Donald, Catherine, dyer's finisher, 7 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

M'Donald, David, dyer,. 5 Campbell's buildings 

Macdonald, David, taxidermist, 12 St. Catherine's road 

M'Donald, David, lorryman. 23 Whitefriars street 

Macdonald, David M., cabinetmaker, 8 Viewlands terrace 

Macdonald, David R. , dyer, 38 Main street, Bridgend 

M'Donald, Donald, caretaker, I Crown buildings 

M'Donald, Donald, parcel porter, 17 Kirkgate 

M'Donald, Duncan, fishing tackle maker, 8 Inchaffray street 

Macdonald, Eraser, & Co., Ltd., auctioneers, Auction Mart, Caledonian rd. 

M'Donald, George, shop assistant, 4 Marshall's buildings 

M'Donald, George, postman, 6 Viewfield place 

M'Donald, George, tailor, 230 High street 

M'Donald, Geo., 8 Foundry lane 

M'Donald, George, blacksmith, 11 InchafTray street 

M'Donald, George, general merchant, 165 South street; h. 163 

M'Donald, George, gardener, 20 Gowrie street 

M'Donald, Helen, 58 South Methven street 

M'Donald, Isabella, 4 Queen's avenue, Craigie 

Maedonald, James, & Son, grain merchants & millers, 52 & 54 South 

Methven street and City Mills, Mill street, and 9 Kirkgate. See advt. 
Maedonald & Sons, Jas., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 153-168 

South street ; h. Invercarse, Kinnoull. See advt. 
M'Donald, James, engine driver, 11 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Donald, James, carter, 15 Thimblerow 
M'Donald, James, engine driver, 13 Priory place 
M'Donald, James, vanman, 10 Barrack street 
M'Donald, James, labourer, 49 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Donald, Jas., mason, 36 Scott street 

M'Donald, James, draper and clothier, 69 High st ; h. 20 Muirton place 
Macdonald, James, cabinetmaker, Invercarse, Kinnoull 
M'Donald, James, agricultural organiser for Perthshire, Clackmannan, and 

Kinross, 42 Tay street ; h. Mafeking villa, Jeanfield 
Macdonald, James H., engine driver, 300 High street 
M'Donald, James R., French cleaner, 3 Inchaffray street 
M'Donald, Jane, 14 Watergate 
M'Donald, Janet, Mt. Farragon, Balhousie avenue 
M'Donald, Jessie, 208 High street 
M'Donald, Jessie, 28 Caledonian road 
M'Donald, Jessie, 57 Balhousie street 
M'Donald, John, engine driver, y] Whitefriars street 
M'Donald, John, railwayman, 59 South street 
M'Donald, John, porter, 55 Strathmore street 
M'Donald, John, labourer, 10 Melville street 
M'Donald, John, 14 Back wynd 
M'Donald, John, assurance agent, 41 Scott street 
M'Donald, John, bottleblower, 116 Canal crescent 
M'Donald, John, glassblower, I Paul street 

M'Donald, John B. , chemist, 154 High street ; //. 8 Barossa place 
M'Donald, John B., wagon-cover repairer, 52 Glover street 
M'Donald, Joseph, retired, 30 Caledonian road 

1 66 


M'Donald, Laurence, plumber, 20 South Inch terrace 

M' Donald, Lizzie, 16 Atholl street 

M'Donald, Margaret, 2 Brown street 

M'Donald, Margaret, 20 Whitefriars street 

M'Donald, Mary, Albert villa, Dunkeld road 

M'Donald, Miss L., Riversdale, Main street 

M'Donald, Misses B. D. and C. S., Castleview, 166 Glasgow road 

M'Donald, Misses J. & N. , tobacconists and newsagents, 292 High street 

h. 2 Ballantine place 
M'Donald, Murdoch, 40 Commercial street 
M'Donald, Mrs Agnes, 44 Glover street 
M'Donald, Mrs Alexander, Benalder, Albany terrace 
M'Donald, Mrs Alexander, 2 Castle terrace 
M'Donald, Mrs Angus, Loretto, 53 Wilson street 
M'Donald, Mrs Annie, 12 Clayholes 
M'Donald, Mrs Daniel, 46 Commercial street 
M'Donald, Mrs David, 29 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Donald, Mrs David, 12 Canal street 
M'Donald, Mrs Donald, 318 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs Duncan, 15 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs Elizabeth, 1 King Edward street 
M'Donald, Mrs Flora, 41 Main street 
M'Donald, Mrs George, 9 Watergate 
M'Donald, Mrs Henry, 3 Westgrove avenue 
M'Donald, Mrs James, 16 Main street 
M'Donald, Mrs James, 29 Kincarrathie crescent 
M'Donald, Mrs John, d\ County place 
M'Donald, Mrs John, stationer, 78 South street; h. 64 
M'Donald, Mrs John, 22 Abbot street, Craigie 
M'Donald, Mrs John, 2 Ballantine place 
M'Donald, Mrs John, 10 St John's place 
M'Donald, Mrs Joseph, 4 Mill close 
M'Donald, Mrs Mary, 73 Canal street 
M'Donald, Mrs Mary B. , doctor, 5 Rosemount place 
M'Donald, Mrs Robert, 5 Kinfauns crescent 
M'Donald, Mrs Robert, 75 Scott street 
M'Donald, Mrs Sarah, George Inn lane 
M'Donald, Mrs William, 194 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs William, 19 Leith's buildings 
M'Donald, Lt.-Col., R.E., 11 Marshall place 
M'Donald, Norman, coachman, 4 Market street 
M'Donald, Norman, weaver, 25 Leonard street 
M'Donald, Peter, coalman, 2 Cow vennel 

M'Donald, Peter L., assistant railway superintendent, 9 Balhousie avenue 
M'Donald, Robert, engineer, 14 Bridge lane 
M'Donald. Robert, retired, 43 Verena terrace 
M'Donald, Robert, glass cutter, 14 South street 
M'Donald, Thomas, engine driver, 6 Abbot street 
M'Donald, William, policeman, 3 Claremont place 
M'Donald, William, blacksmith, 8 Ballantine. place 
M'Donald, William, brakesman, 5 Brown street 


M 'Donald, William, plasterer, 3 South St. John's place 

M 'Donald, William, dyer, 20 Gowrie street 

M 'Donald, William, chauffeur, 1 Brahan cottages 

M'Donald, William, warehouseman, 11 Ballantine place 

M 'Donald, Wm. H., china merchant, 306-310 High street 

Macdonell, Archibald, labourer, 217 High street 

Macdonell, Jas., engine driver, 9 North Methven street 

M'Dougall, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 20 Scott street 

M'Dougall, Andrew, reliefman, 15 Lindsay's buildings 

M'Dougall, D. A., dyer, 5 Shields' place 

M'Dougall, David, clerk, 8 Ballantine place 

Macdougall, Duncan, barman, 30 Longcauseway 

Macdougall, Duncan, motor engineer, 72 Watergate 

M'Dougall, Elizabeth, draper, 288 High street; //. 8 Whitefriars street 

M'Dougall, Fleming, fireman, 17 East Bridge street 

M'Dougall, Henry, gardener, 16 Union street lane, Bridgend 

M'Dougall, James, D. York corner 

M'Dougall, John, fireman, 13 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

M'Dougall, John, grocer, 22 North Methven street 

M'Dougall, John A., mechanic, 1 Crieff road 

M'Dougall, Mrs Alexander, 63 Priory place 

M'Dougall, Mrs Catherine, 169 South street 

M'Dougall, Mrs John, Goodlyburn Farm, Burghmuir 

M'Dougall, Peter, auctioneer, Dunolly, 2 Viewlands place 

M'Dougall, Peter, postman, 20S High street 

M'Dougall, William, dyer, 4 Baker's buildings 

M'Dowall, Alex., plumber, 1 1 Atholl street 

M'Dowall, Thos., policeman, 15 Ballantine place 

M'Duff, David, bottleblower, 7 Pomarium street 

M'DufT, Mrs Margaret, 42 George street 

M'Duff, Thomas, dyer, 49 Pomarium street 

M'Ewan, Alexander, labourer, 95 Pomarium street 

M'Ewan, Alexander R., dyer, Watters' buildings, 27 Whitefriars street 

M'Ewan, David, horse shoer and blacksmith, 40 Canal street ; h. 33 

M'Ewan, David, retired, 13 Barossa street 

M'Ewan, Daniel, goods clerk, 21 Cross street 

M'Ewan, Duncan, guard, 12 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

M'Ewan, George, gasman, 88 South street 

M'Ewan, James, plumber, 50 Whitefriars street 

M'Ewan, James, retired, 28 Campbell's buildings 

M'Ewan, James, woodworker, 97 Scuth street 

M'Ewan, Jessie, weaver, 48 New row 

M'Ewan, John, engine turner, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 

M'Ewan, John, warehouseman, 2 South Inch terrace 

M'Ewan, John, hawker, 7 Mill street 

M'Ewan, John P., baker, 24 West Mill street 

M'Ewan, Joseph, glassblower, 7 Mill street 

M'Ewan, Miss Anne, 13 Ladysmith terrace 

M'Ewan, Mrs David, 33 Canal street 

M'Ewan, Mrs William, 35 Commercial st. 

M'Ewan, Peter, baker, 257 High street 


M'Ewan, William E., gas fitter, 18 South street 

M'Ewen, James, & CO., drapers and silk mercers, 56 St. John street. 

See advt. 
M'Farlane, Agnes, dyer's finisher, 43 Princes street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, scavenger, 25 Commercial street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, dyer, 208 High street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, barman, 103 South street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, gasworker, 5 Keir street 
M'Farlane, Andrew, detective, 20 County place 
M'Farlane, Angus, chief yardsman, 15 Market street 
M'Farlane, Ann, Edina villa, 23 Friar street 

M'Farlane, Bros. , cycle& motor engineers, 244-246-259 High st. & 1 1 York pi. 
M'Farlane, Charles, warehouseman, Star buildings, 32 Canal street 
M'Farlane, Charles, labourer, 68 Victoria street 
M'Farlane, Christina, sick nurse, 39 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
M'Farlane, Christina W., 28 St. John street 

M'Farlane, David, dresser, 12 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
M'Farlane, David, dyer's labourer, 73 Watergate 
M'Farlane, Ellen, dressmaker, 48 Leonard street 
M'Farlane, George H., ironmonger, 3 West Grove avenue 
M'Farlane, James, motor agent, 248 High street 
M'Farlane, James, retired, St. Leonard's bridge 
M'Farlane, James, motor and cycle agent and tobacconist, 20-22 South 

Methven street ; h. Garthbank, 46 Glasgow road 
M'Farlane, James, lorryman, 34 Caledonian road 
M'Farlane, James, gas inspector, Ben-Voirlich, 62 Wilson street 
M'Farlane James, telegraph clerk, 22 St. Jane's place, Friar street 
M'Farlane, James R, school janitor, 8 Foundry lane 
M'Farlane, Jane, upholsteress, 9 Earl's dyke 
M'Farlane, John, railwayman, 242 High street 
M'Farlane, John, mason, 151 High street 
M'Farlane, John, postman, 3 Water vennel 
M'Farlane, John A., spirit merchant, 26 Canal street and 20 Princes 

street ; h. Ivy cottage, James street 
M'Farlane, John, gas stoker, 111 South street 
M'Farlane, John, porter, 5 Brown street 
M'Farlane, John, vanman, 81 Glover street 
M'Farlane, John, baker, 13 Barossa street 
M'Farlane, Madge, dyer's finisher, 208 High street 
M'Farlane, Margaret, 11 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 
M'Farlane, Margaret, 23 Shields' place 
M'Farlane, Mary, 26 Victoria street 

M'Farlane, Mary, dyer's finisher, 12 St. Catherine's road 
M'Farlane, Mrs Alexander, contractor, 4 Newrow 
M'Farlane, Mrs Daniel, 55 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Farlane, Mrs David, confectioner, 5 and 7 Princes street ; h. 43 
M'Farlane, Mrs Duncan, 7 Milne street 
M'Farlane, Mrs Isabella, I Clayholes 
M'Farlane, Mrs John, 10 South street 
M'Farlane, Mrs John, 5 Rose crescent 
M'Farlane, Mrs Sarah, dealer, 57 Leonard street 


M'Farlane, Mrs Thomas, 44 Kinnoull street 

M'Farlane,. Mrs William, 151 High street 

M'Farlane, Peter, retired, 52 Glasgow road 

M'Farlane, Peter, surfaceman, 10 Cross street 

M'Farlane, Peter, scavenger, 5 Brown street 

M'Farlane, Peter Y., lorryman, 13 Barossa street 

M'Farlane, Robert, dyer's finisher, 22 Melville street 

M'Farlane, Robert, tenter, 19 Market street 

Macfarlane, Robert, clerk, Pitcairns, 18 Wilson street 

M'Farlane, Roy, 16 Ballantine place 

M'Farlane, Sebastian, chintz glazer, 13 Alclie place, St. Catherine's road 

M'Farlane, Thomas, labourer, 29 South Inch terrace 

M'Farlane, Thomas, mechanic, 4 Paul street 

M'Farlane, William, labourer, 85 Main street 

M'Feat, John, labourer, 2 Victoria street 

M'Feat, Miss A., 17 South street 

M'Feat, Mary, 15 Commercial street 

M'Feat, Peter E. , cabinetmaker, 15 Gladstone terrace 

M'Feat, Thomas, compositor, 6 Gladstone terrace 

M 'Gavin, Dennis, hawker, 48 Pomarium street 

M 'George, Charles, engineer, Tayview, Friarton 

M'Ghie, Wm., butler, 19 Gowrie street 

M'Gillivray, Alex., scavenger, 6 Longcauseway 

M'Gillivray, Daniel, joiner, Muir cottage, Burghmuir 

M 'Gillivray, Mrs Francis, 25 Hospital street 

M'Gillivray, Mrs Lindsay, dairykeeper, Firbank, Burghmuir 

M'Gillivray, William, 13 Cutlog vennel 

M'Glashan, Catherine, I Leonard place 

M'Glashan, Jane, 15 Hammerman buildings, Dunkeld road 

M'Glashan, Jessie, 24 Canal street 

M'Glashan, John, upholsterer, 22 James street 

M'Glashan, John, fireman, 12 Mill street 

M'Glashan, Mrs George, 18 Market street 

M'Glashan, Peter, porter, 6 Unity place 

M 'Glynn, George, dyer's finisher, 10 Victoria street 

M 'Glynn, R. P., violinist, 1 King's place 

M'Goldrick, Thos., labourer, 27 Castlegable 

M 'Go wan, Elizabeth, 163 High street 

M'Gregor, Agnes, boarding house, 22 Marshall place 

M'Gregor, Alex., bookbinder (of A. & T. M'Gregor), 6 Hammerman bids., 

Dunkeld road 
M'Gregor, Alexander, spirit dealer, n Mill street ; k. Greenbrae, Kinnoull 
M'Gregor, Alexander, teacher, 5 Park place 
M'Gregor, Alex., warehouseman, 22 Caledonian road 
M'Gregor, Alex., draper, 59 Kinnoull street 
M'Gregor, Alex., signalman, 54 Scott street 
MaeGregOr, A. & T., bookbinders and paper rulers, 21 Bridge lane. 

See adz>/. 
M'Gregor, Andrew, nurseryman, St. Magdalen's Bank ; h. 12 Craigie pi. 
M'Gregor, Annie, shop assistant, 33 Commercial street 
MacGregor, Atholl, J.P., Ardchoille, Strathmore street, Bridgend 


MacGregor, Charles, maltman, 57 Mill street 

M'Gregor, Christina, apartments, 84 Scott street 

M'Gregor, Christina, 14 Thimblerow 

MacGregor, D., & Co., gold and silversmiths, watchmakers and jewellers, 

&c. , 40 George street 
M'Gregor, David, carter, 14 Pomarium street 
M'Gregor, Duncan, blacksmith, 5 Craigie crescent 
M'Gregor, Euphemia D. , Oakbank road, Cherrybank 
M'Gregor, George, signalman, 13 Inchaffray street 
M'Gregor, George, lorryman, 22 New row 
M'Gregor, Gregor, retired, 40 South Methven street 
M'Gregor, Henry, grocer, 357 High street 
M'Gregor, Hugh, clerk, 12 Canal street 
M'Gregor, Isabella, 8 Croft bank, Craigie 

Macgregor, Rev J. U., St. Leonard's (J.F. church j h. 9 St. Leonard's bank 
M'Gregor, James, railway checker 43 Canal street 
M'Gregor, James, fireman, 8 Market street 
M'Gregor, James, dyer's finisher, 11 Unity place, Scott street 
M'Gregor, James, goods porter, 72 Watergate 
M'Gregor, James, joiner, 11 Inch head terrace 
M'Gregor, James, painter, 24 Carpenter street 
M'Gregor, James, labourer, 56 Meal vennel 
M'Gregor, James, draper, 95 Muirton place 

M'Gregor, James A., draper, 211 High st. ; h. Birchbank, 95 Muirton pi. 
M'Gregor, Jane, confectioner, 12 Kirkgate 
M'Gregor, Jeannie, tailoress, 60 West Mill street 
M'Gregor, John, commercial traveller, 18 Marshall place 
M'Gregor, John, bookbinder, Rosaire, 24 Strathmore street 
M'Gregor, John, butcher, 18 Kirkgate 
M'Gregor, John, foreman, 32 Caledonian road 
M'Gregor, John, watchman, 18 Longcauseway 
M'Gregor, fohn, cleaner, 9 Inchaffray street 
M'Gregor, John, wireman, 9 Milne street 
M'Gregor, John, labourer, 12 Longcauseway 
M'Gregor, Lauchlan, baker, 67 Scott street 
MacGregor, Lewis, clerk, 12 Muirhall terrace 

MacGregor, Malcolm & Co., hay and straw merchants, West High street 
Macgregor, Malcolm, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

M'Gregor, Margaret, confectioner, 199 High street ; h. 4 Wellshill terrace 
M'Gregor, Mrs Alexander, 74 Longcauseway 
M'Gregor, Mrs Betsy, 62 Longcauseway 

MacGregor, Mrs Donald, apartments, Comely Bank house, Bridgend 
M'Gregor, Mrs Duncan, 54 Scott street 
M'Gregor, Mrs Frank, 12 Cow vennel 
M'Gregor, Mrs Gregor, 16 Main street 

MacGregor, Mrs Gregor, Ardarroch, 13 Kincarrathie crescent 
M'Gregor, Mrs James, Gannochy farm 
M'Gregor, Mrs John, 31 High street 
M'Gregor, Mrs John, York corner 
M'Gregor, Mrs Margaret, 12 North Methven street 
M'Gregor, Mrs Margaret, 2 Back Wynd 


M'Gregor, Mrs Mary, 19 Mill street 

M'Gregor, Mrs Peter, 13 Glover street 

M'Gregor, Mrs Peter, 104 South street 

M'Gregor, Mrs William, Hilly land 

M'Gregor, Peter, boxmaker, 217 High street 

M'Gregor, Peter, joiner, 36 North Methven street 

M'GPegOF, PeteF, art and general works, and heating engineering, 63-65 

Kinnoull street ; h. 2 Windsor terrace. See advt. 
M'Gregor, Peter F. , wine and spirit mer., 6 St. John's pi. ; h. 16 Keir st. 
M'Gregor, Robert, upholsterer, 23 Kirkgate 
M'Gregor, Thomas, fireman, 69 St. Katherine's court 
MacGregor, Thomas, postal clerk, 4 Castle terrace 
MacGregor, William, clerk, 8 Barossa place 
M'Gregor, William, plumber, 20 Ballantine place 
M'Gregor, William, blacksmith, 106 South street 
M'Gregor, W. H., coal and wood merchant, 122 Canal crescent 
M 'Guire, Alexander, glassworker, 35 Watergate 
M'Guire, John, labourer, 7 Mill street 
M 'Guire, Philip, millworker, 21 Cow vennel 
M'Guire, Thomas, labourer, 26 Thimblerow 
M'Guire, William, sawmiller, 1 Clayholes 
M'Hardie, Robt., scavenger, 13 Paul street 
M'lllgrew, Patrick H. , painter, 25 Hospital street 
M'llwham, Jas., hairdresser, 359 High street 
MTlwham, Mary, confectioner and tobacconist, 14 Atholl street; h. 23 

North Methven street 
MTlwham, William, dyer, 23 North Methven street 
MTnally, James, tubemaker, 93 South street 
MTnally, John, gardener, 11 Speygate 
MTnally, Michael, tailor, 35 Mill street 
MTnnes, Mrs James, Holmwood, Isla road 
MTnnes, Mrs Peter, Craigie park lodge 
MTnroy, Alexander, labourer, 151 High street 

MTnroy, Isabella, confectioner, 17 County pi ; h. Viewcot, 91 Glasgow rd. 
MTnroy, John, janitor, 59 Newrow 

MTnroy, John G., confectioner, 135 South st. & 3 George st. ; h. 17 York pi. 
MTnroy, Robert, checker, 9 St. John street 
MTntee, Mrs Annie, 7 Mill street 
MTntosh, Adam, sheet repairer, 35 Canal street 
MTntosh, Alexander, pastry baker, 2 Muirhall terrace 
MTntosh, Alexander, gardener, 1 Kirkgate 

MTntosh, Alexander, chief yardsman, 4 Castle terrace, Needless road 
MTntosh, Alexander, saddler, 1 1 Scott street 

MTntosh, Andrew, grocer & wine mer. , 36 St. John st. ; h. I Fitzroy terrace 
MTntosh, Andrew, jun., grocer, 28 St. John street 
MTntosh, Andrew, engine driver, 15 Inchaffray street 

MTntosh, Angus F. , works manager, 5 Hammerman buildings, Dunkeld rd. 
MTntosh, Charles, engine driver, 21 Closeburn terrace 
MTntosh, David, cashier, 19 Muirhall terrace 
MTntosh, David, porter, 18 Carpenter street 
MTntosh, David, P. 0- clerk, Brunswick cottage, 26 Friar street 


M'Intosh, David, boiler washer, 42 Carr's croft 

Mackintosh, Donald, burgh assessor and registration officer, 12 Tay street ; 
h. Mount Craigie 

Mackintosh, Donald, clerk, 22 St. John street 

M'Intosh, Duncan, engine driver, 51 St. Catherine's court 

M'Intosh, George, baker, 30 South street 

M'Intosh, James, guard, 67 Wilson street 

M'Intosh, Jessie, clerk, 28 Caledonian r< ad 

M'Intosh, John, engine driver, 4 St. Catherine's road 

M'Intosh, John, clerk, 6 Abbot street 

M'Intosh, John, insurance official, Fernlea, Needless road 

M'Intosh, John, insurance clerk, 46 Verena terrace 

M'Intosh, John, assurance manager, 22 Spens crescent 

M'Intosh, John, carter, 40 Meal vennel 

M'Intosh, Margaret, millworker, 7 Leonard street 

M'Intosh, Margaret, 76 Wilson street 

M'Intosh, Mary, Mossgill cottage, 25 Jeanfield road 

M'Intosh, Mrs Donald, 39 Muirton place 

M'Intosh, Mrs Isabella, Broomlea, Dunkeld road 

M'Intosh, Mrs John, Braehead cottage, Jeanfield 

M'Intosh, Mrs John, 21 Barossa place 

M'Intosh, Mrs T., 2 Whitefriars street 

M'Intosh, Peter, blacksmith, 355 High street 

M'Intosh, Peter, ins. clerk, 38 Abbot street 

M'Intosh, Peter, fireman, 14 Craigie place 

M'Intosh, Thomas, porter, 30 Newrow 

M'Intosh, Thomas, dyer, Inglewood, 3 Bella Vista terrace 

M'Intosh, William, painter, 6 Viewfield place 

M'Intosh, William, railway guard, 89 Canal street 

MTntyre, Alexander, chauffeur, Braehead, Jeanfield 

MTntyre, Alexander, P.O. clerk, 11 Ladysmiih terrace, Gray street 

MTntyre, A. G. , hotel keeper, Waverley hotel, York place 

MTntyre, Alfred, vanman, 14 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's place 

MTntyre & Stewart, bakers & confectioners, 40 High street ; h. 236 

M'Intyre Brothers, linen merchants, 34 George street ; h. Sunny- 
brae, Scone. See advi. 

MTntyre, Chas., guard, 7 St. Catherine's road 

MTntyre, Christina, 3 James street 

M'Intyre, Donald, gardener, 5 Keithick place 

MTntyre, Donald, shepherd, New Mart cottage, Glasgow road 

MTntyre, Duncan, joiner, 15J Mill street ; h. 56 George st. 

MTntyre, George R., dyer, 33 Commercial street 

M'Intyre, Isabella, 69 George street 

MTntyre, James, retired, 5 Viewfield place 

MTntyre, James, jun., coach painter, 5 Viewfield place 

MTntyre, John, draper and furnisher, 34 Scott street; h. 61 Balhousie st, 

MTntyre, John, fireman, 17 Pomarium street 

MTntyre, John, farm labourer, 10 High street 

MTntyre, John, 83 Main street, Bridgend 

MTntyre, John, plumber, 123 High street 

MTntyre, Joseph, mechanic, 50 Pomarium street 


M'Intyre, Joseph, dyer's finisher, 9 Abbot street 

M'Intyre, Mrs Avory, nurse, 81 Scott street 

M'Intyre, Mrs Isabella, ironer, 48 Leonard street 

M'Intyre, Mrs James, 74 Pomarium street 

M'Intyre^ Mrs John, 77 Main street 

M'Intyre, Mrs Margaret, 22 Newrow 

M'Intyre, Mrs Robert, 12 Canal street 

M'Intyre, William, 12 Barossa street 

M'Intyre, William, engineer, Infirmary Lodge, Western avenue 

M'Intyre, William C,, baker (M'Intyre & Stewart), 236 High street 

M'lver, James, engine driver, 73 Glover street 

M'lver, John, police constable, 359 High street 

M'lvor, Alexander L. , tractionman, 21 Whitefriars street 

Mackay, A. K., painter, 18 Main street ; h. 2 Rosemount place 

Mackay, Adam W. , joiner, S Inchaffray street 

M'Kay, Alex., coachbuilder, 126 High street 

Mackay, Alexander, L. , clothier (of Jamieson & Co. ),Dupplin bank,Kinnoull 

Mackay, Andrew T. , clothier (of Jamieson & Co.), 16 Barossa place 

Mackay, Daniel, 95 High street 

M'Kay, David, engine-fitter, 6 St. Catherine's road 

M'Kay, David, tubemaker, 6 Union street 

M'Kay, David, tube maker, 47 Leonard street 

M'Kay, Donald, guard, 75 Glover street 

Mackay, George, carter, 256 High street 

M'Kay, George, 18 Barrack street 

Mackay, Hugh, painter and decorator, 18 Main st. ; h. 10. 

Mackay, Rev. James, retired, Gardenside, 4 Queen street 

Mackay, Jas. , shoemaker, 59 Princes street; h. 14 Bridge lane 

M'Kay, James, painter, 8 Pomarium street 

Mackay, James, mason, King James VI. Hospital buildings 

M'Kay, James, fish merchant, 19 Shield's place 

M'Kay, John, dyer, 31 High street 

M'Kay, John, fish restaurant, 240 High street 

Mackay, Joseph, fireman, Corsiehill 

Mackay, Joseph, 9 Murray street 

M'Kay, Mrs Andrew, 14 Bridge lane 

Mackay, Mrs Evan, 5 Brunswick terrace 

Mackay, Mrs George, 217 High street 

M'Kay, Mrs Hugh, publican, 30 Leonard street ; h. 3 Alexandra street 

M'Kay, Mrs James, Feus terrace, Crieff road 

M'Kay, Mrs John, 198 South street 

M'Kay, Mrs John, 15 Pomarium street 

M'Kay, Mrs John, Corsiehill 

M'Kay, Mrs William, 43 Princes street 

M'Kay, Peter, fireman, 61 West Mill street 

M'Kay, Peter, carriage inspector, 5 Hawarden terrace 

M'Kay, Peter, sawmiller, 72 Watergate 

Mackay, Robert, architect and surveyor, 56 George st. ; h. 23 Barossa pi. 

M'Kay, Robert, mason, 55 Strathmore street 

M'Kay, Robert, dyer, 9 Market street 

Mackay, Robert, P.O. clerk, 93 Glover street 


Mackay, Robt. H., bootmaker, 12 Bridge lane ; h. 5 Back wynd, Bridgend 

M'Kay, William, labourer, 45 Stormont street 

Mackay, William, 23 Barossa place 

Mackay, William, journalist, Craigview, 19 Abbot street 

Mackay, Wm. , fireman, 12 St. Catherine's road 

M'Keand, Wm. , 2 Goodlyburn terrace 

M 'Kearney, Edward, brickbuilder, St. Catherine's road ; h. 36 Scott st. 

M'Kearney, Henry, china, rag and metal merchant, 151-5 South street 

and 24 Mill street ; h. 1 King Edward street 
M'Kearney, Mrs John, 21 Melville street 
M'Kechnie, Alison, weighman, South Port steelyard 
M'Kechnie, Chas., soldier, 3 Inchaffray street 
M'Keith, George, vanman, 7 Milne street 
M'Keith, James, dyer, 22 Atholl street 
M'Keith, Janet, tailoress, 212 South street 
M'Keith, John, painter, 237 High street 
M'Keith, John, fireman, 9 Friarton buildings 
M'Kelvie, George B., clerk, 6 Ilawarden terrace 
M'Kendrick, Henry, P.O. clerk, 28 Abbot street 
M'Kendrick, Jas., bottleblower, 76 South street 
M'Kendrick, John, joiner, 29 Thimblerow 
M'Kendrick, John, fireman, 31 Leonard street 
M'Kendrick, Mrs Alexander, 4 Burnbank terrace 

Mackenzie, Alexander, optician, 5 Kinnoull st. ; h. Viewbank, Moredun tee. 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, Sunnybrae, 22 Wilson street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, steam craneman, 14 St. Katherine's court 
M'Kenzie, Alex., cleaner, 35 Victoria street 
M'Kenzie, Andrew, dyer's finisher, 61 Scott street 
M'Kenzie, Annie B., 36 Abbot street 

M'Kenzie, Catherine, Balhousie Mills house, 64 Hay street 
M'Kenzie, Catherine J. A., dressmaker, 11 East Bridge street 
M'Kenzie, Colin, chauffeur, 58 Scott street 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, traveller, St. Margaret's, 9 Craigie road 
Mackenzie, David, w.s. , 75 George street ; h. Bankhead 
M'Kenzie, Donald, mason, 2 Abbot street 
Mackenzie, Donald, bank agent, 48 St. John street 
M'Kenzie, Donald, electrical engineer, 91 South street 
M'Kenzie, Evan, engine driver, 44 Leonard sireet 
M'Kenzie, Frank, postman, Stevenson's cottage, Feus road 
M'Kenzie, George, guard, 34 Caledonian road 
M'Kenzie, George A., inspector s.N.s.r.c.c, 42 Tay street 
M'Kenzie, Henry, fireman, 186 High street 
M'Kenzie, Henry J., solicitor, 2 Moredun square 
M'Kenzie, J., sawmiller, 15 Methven buildings, Newrow 
M'Kenzie, James, shoemaker, 65 Leonard street 
M'Kenzie, James, 30 St. Catherine's court 
M'Kenzie, James, watchman, 78 Scott street 
M'Kenzie, Rev. James, 10 Pitcullen terrace 
M'Kenzie, James, police constable, 53 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Kenzie, John, teller, Java villa, Friar street 
M'Kenzie, John, fruiterer, etc., 14 Abbot street ; h. 7 Craigie crescent 


M'Kenzie, John J., clerk, 48 North Methven street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 46 Commercial street 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Angus, Mooi cottage, Oak bank road 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Betsy, 28 Thimblerow 

Mackenzie, Mrs Ellen, 351 High street 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Helen, 32 Canal street 

M'Kenzie, Mrs James, 6 Meal vennel 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Margaret, 9 Low street 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Thos., 67 Strathmore street 

M'Kenzie, Mrs William, Granville place 

Mackenzie, Robert, tube maker, 23 Leith's buildings 

Mackenzie, Sophia, dyeworker, 53 Main street 

M'Kenzie, William, gamekeeper, 14 Aldie place 

Mackenzie, William, dyer, 27 Queen street 

M'Kenzie, Wm., boilermaker, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Kenzie, William, lorryman, 3 Victoria court, Canal street 

M'Kenzie, William J., laundry manager, 9 Moredun square 

M'Keenan, Robt. , railwayman, 9 Stormont street 

M'Kerchar, Mrs Isabella, Gowrie bank 

M'Kerchar, Mrs Margaret, 7 Moredun terrace 

M'Kerrow, Mrs James, 8 St. Ann's lane 

M'Killop, James, joiner, 53 Kinnoull street 

M'Killop, John, pipelayer, 20 Canal street 

M'Killop, John, mason, Kerr's land, Barnhill 

M'Kim, Mrs William, Strathview terrace 

M'Kinlay, Georgina A., 44 St. Johnston's buildings 

M'Kinlay, James, manager, 47 George street 

M'Kinlay, John, printer, King street ; h. Ballachladich, Needless road 

M'Kinlay, John, tenter, 19 Market street 

M'Kinlay, Mrs Francis, 33 Canal street 

M'Kinlay, William, clerk, 30 Caledonian road 

M'Kinnon, Donald, Ivy cottage, 23 Verena terrace 

M'Kinnon, John, cleaner, 27 Tulloch terrace 

M'Kinnon, Mrs John, factory worker, 6 Barrack street 

M'Kinnon, Neil, Royal British Hotel, Leonard St.; h. Inveranaty, Scone 

M'Kinnon, R. , The Perth Garage, York place 

M' Lagan, Chas. R., baker, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

M 'Lagan, Daisy, teacher, 24 Canal street 

M' Lagan, James, railway clerk, 3 Windsor terrace 

M 'Lagan, James, miller, 11 Stormont street 

M 'Lagan, Jeanie, baby linen, &c, 63 North Methven street 

M'Lagan, John, lapper, 17 Ballantine place 

M 'Lagan, John, insurance agent, Maxwelton, Brompton terrace 

M'Lagan, Mary A., weaver, 6 Viewfield place 

M'Lagan, Mrs Robert, 8 Moredun square 

Maclagan, Peter, gunmaker, 83 Princes street 

M'Lagan, Robert, funeral undertaker (Strang & M'Lagan), 210 High st. ; 

h. Myrtle place, Dunkeld road 
M'Lagan & Sons, Wm. , boot repairers, 108 Canal cres.; h. 3 Valentine's bdgs. 
M'Lagan, William, shoemaker, 3 Valentine's buildings 
M'Lagan, William B., vanman, 117 High street 


M'Laggan, Edith, dressmaker, 4 Union Street lane 

M'Laren, Alexander, clerk, Rowan villa, 100 Glasgow road 

Maclaren, Alexander, waiter, 170 High street . 

M'Laren, Alexander, cashier, 57 King street 

M'Laren, Alex i} fireman, 72 Watergate 

M'Laren, Christina, charwoman, 47 Meal vennel 

M'Laren, David, brassfinisher, 131 High street 

M'Laren, David, brassfinisher, 19 Mill street 

M'Laren, David, brakesman, 7 Kirkgate 

M'Laren, Donald, French cleaner, 12 Tulloch terrace 

M'Laren, Donald, warehouseman, 2 Castle terrace, Needless road 

M'Laren, Duncan, coachpainter, 8 South Inch place 

M'Laren, George, horseshoer, 59 South street 

M'Laren, Helen, 6 St. Paul's square 

M'Laren, Helen M., Rosemount, Tullylumb terrace 

M'Laren, Henry, wholesale confectioner, 1 Myrtle place 

M'Laren, Herbert, clothier, 54 Scott street 

M'Laren, Herbert B., aerated water salesman, 124 Canal crescent 

M'Laren, Isabella, Findynate, Tullylumb terrace 

M'Laren, Isabella, Hillyland 

M'Laren, James, police inspector, 10^ Mill street 

M'Laren, James, labourer, 13 [ High street 

M'Laren, James, engineer, Braehead, Jeanfield 

M'Laren, James, lorryman, 80 Pomarium street 

M'Laren, James, engine driver, Wellwood villa, 12 Friar street 

M'Laren, James, sheet repairer, Armagh, Friarton 

M'Laren, James, lorryman, 15 Skinnergate 

M'Laren, James, dyer, 22 Ballantine place 

M'Laren, James, mason, 4 Squire's cottage, Craigie 

M'Laren, Janet Kilgour, Wilsisten, 161 Glasgow road 

M'Laren, Jessie, 20 Hospital street 

M'Laren, Jessie, dyer's finisher, 7 Inchaffray street 

M'Laren, Jessie, dressmaker, 9 Strathmore street 

M'Laren, John, tube maker, 17 Inchaffray street 

M'Laren, John, tailor, 105 Scott street 

M'Laren, John, shunter, 14 Robertson's buildings 

M'Laren, John, lorryman, 22 Market street 

M'Laren, John, engineer, 29 Whitefriars street 

M'Laren, John, barman, 70 South Methven street 

M'Laren, John Hugh, commission merchant, 2 Mansfield place 

M'Laren, Lawrence, gardener, 1 Lickley street 

M'Laren, Lawrence, police sergeant, 13 Keir street 

M'Laren, Lawrence, cleaner, 24 Tulloch terrace 

M'Laren, Lilias, 60 Mill Den, Balhousie, Hay street 

M'Laren, Miss Isabella, grocer, 59 Strathmore street 

M'Laren, Mrs Alexander, 40 Queen street 

M'Laren, Mrs Alexander, 21 Speygate 

M'Laren, Mrs David, 17 Inchaffray street 

M'Laren, Mrs Donald, 7 Milne street 

M'Laren, Mrs James, grocer, 15 Skinnergate 

M'Laren, Mrs James, 125 Canal crescent 


• for the 


'M/'H ETHER you want a Kodak, photographic 
** apparatus, chemicals, or only a spool of film, 
you can get it at McCallum's. Here every 
need of the Amateur Photographer is fully met. You 
can have your developing and printing done by 
experts ; in short, those Photographers who deal 
with McCallum's always get the very best results. 





Furniture of Quality. 

BEING the actual makers, we are in a position to 
offer FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE at a reason- 
able price. IT Our Speciality is Bedroom Suites. 
IT Chesterfield Settees and Lounge Easy Chairs in all 
the Latest Coverings, and all Double-Sprung Stuffings, 
are a feature of our Showrooms. IT Holding a Large 
Stock of Seasoned Timber, we are able to quote for 
work to Customer's own Designs. IT We also under- 
take the Restoration and Repair of Antique Furniture. 



Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers and Removal Contractors, 

168 South street, Perth. 

TelephotieiNo. 471. 


Engineers' Forgings. Joiners' &. jr#> %<*&° *V 

Builders' Ironwork. Masons, 

Joiners, Plumbers, and 

Contractors' Tools 

Made* Dressed 

or Repaired. 





Slater and Chimney Sweeper, 


All Orders Punctually Attended to. 
Roofs Repaired and Smoky Vents Cured. 



M'Laren, Mrs John, 59 Glover street 
M'Laren, Mrs S., Appin villa, Craigie 
M'Laren, Peter, inspector of work, 17 Ballantine place 
M'Laren, Peter, warehouseman, 34 South William street 
M'Laren, Peter, inkmaker, 5 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
M'Laren, Peter, labourer, 16 Milne street 
M'Laren, Peter, drover, George Inn lane 
M'Laren Thomas, gravedigger, 64 St. Katherine's court 
M'Laren, Thomas, blacksmith, 13 Leonard street 
M'Laren, Thomas, railway inspector, 13 Nelson street 
M'Laren, Thos., blacksmith, 357 High street 

M'Laren, Thomas, burgh surveyor, 16 Tay street; h. Redcliffe, Barnhill 
M'Laren, Thomas, lorryman, 7 Pomarium street 
M'Laren, Wm., boot repairer, 20 Canal street 
M'Laren, William, jeweller, 7 Kirkgate 
M'Laren, William, engineer, 8 Valentine's buildings 
M'Laren, William, porter, 16 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's rd. 
M'Laren, William, soldier, 10 Longcauseway 
M'Laren, Wm. P., joiner, Springbank, 38 Abbot street 
M'Laren, Wm., 14 Union lane 
M'Laren & Wilson, brassfinishers, Guard vennel 
M'Lauchlan, Bella, 61 Meal Vennel 

M'Lauchlan, Daniel, slater and chimney sweeper, 58 Watergate 
M'Laughlan, Donald, tailor, 49 Stormont street 
M'Lauchlan, Duncan, linesman, 217 High street 
M'Lauchlan, James, janitor, Northern District School cottage 
M'Lauchlan, John, labourer, 22 Thimblerow 
M'Lauchlan, John, porter, 28 St. Peter's place 
M'Lauchlan, Lachlan, 9 Barossa street 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs Peter, 29 Mill street 

M'Lauchlan, Patrick, grocer, 123 South street ; h. 158 South street 
M'Lauchlan, Robert, slater, 113 South street ; h. 136 South st. See advt. 
M'Lauchlan, Roderick, fireman, 17 Market street 
M'Laughlan, Matthew, china and fancy goods, 148 High street 
M'Laughlan, Patrick, general dealer, 55 Glover street 
M'Laughlan, Peter, metal and rag merchant, 58 West Mill street 
M'Laughlan, Wm., tailor, 12 North Methven street 
M'Lean, Alex., glassworker, 17 Watergate 
M'Lean, Alex., fireman, 10 Tay street 
M'Lean, Alexander M., fireman, 2 Brown street 
M'Lean, Andrew, labourer, 104 South street 
M'Lean, Catherine, 22 North Methven street 
M'Lean, Catherine, 20 Longcauseway 
M'Lean, Daniel, glassblower, 6 Pomarium street 
M'Lean, Donald, engine driver, 5 Milne street 
M'Lean, Duncan, warehouseman, Pitheavlis bank, Cherrybank 
M'Lean, George, labourer, 8 North port 
M'Lean, James, insurance agent, 15 Strathmore street 
M'Lean, Jas. , clerk, 17 South Inch terrace 

M'Lean, John, publican, Clachan Bar, 10 S. Methven st. ; h. 29 Rose cres. 
M'Lean, John, motor man, 7 Robertson's buildings 



MacLean, John S., superintending clerk, 8 Kinnoull street 
M'Lean, Kenneth, shunter, 29 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Lean, Mary A., 59 Scott street 

M'Lean, Misses Annie, Julia and Agnes, 18 Muirhall terrace 
M'Lean, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 1 Leonard place 
M'Lean, Mrs John, 217 High street 

M'Lean, Mrs Peter, fruiterer, 75 South Methven st. ; h. 17 Rose crescent 
M'Lean, Murdoch, clerk, 66 Glover street 
M'Lean, Peter, butcher, 21 Unity place, Victoria street 
M'Lean, Samuel, weaver, 19 Mill street 
M'Lean, Samuel, pipemaker, 217 High street 
M'Lean, Simon, 353 High street 
M'Lean, Wm., painter, 158 High street 
M'Lean, Wm., painter, 9 St. Ann's lane 

M'Leish, Alexander, plumber, 15 Mill street ; h. 17 Mill street 
M'Leish & Sons, Alexander, 15 Mill street 
M'Leish, Cary, retired, 60 Craigie road 
M'Leish, Christian, clerkess, 37 George street 
M'Leish, David, M.A., , M.D.,, Municipal Medical Officer, 

Education Authority, Perthshire, 21 Rose crescent 
M'Leish, David, 16 Union lane 

M'Leish, David S., assurance agent, I Hawarden terrace 
M'Leish, Edward, carter, 8 Unity place 
M'Leish, George, chauffeur, 12 Rosario terrace 
M'Leish, James, dyer, 6 Clayholes 
M'Leish, James, dyer, 46 Longcauseway 
M'Leish, James, salesman, 11 Crichton place 
MacLeish, John, surfaceman, 4 Cross street 
M'Leish, John, tailor's cutter, 66 Princes street 
M'Leish, John, plumber, Afton cottage, Feus road 
M'Leish, John, porter, 208 Pligh street 
M'Leish, John D., engine driver, 7 Alexandra street 
M'Leish, Mary S. S., 16 Rose terrace 
M'Leish, Mrs Daniel, 7 Muirton place 
M'Leish, Mrs Duncan, 61 Strathmore street 
M'Leish, Mrs Isabella, 3 Leiths buildings 
M'Leish, Mrs James, 14 West Mill street 
M'Leish, Mrs Robert, 50 Whitefriars street 
M'Leish, Robert, fireman, 10 Tay street 
M'Leish, Stewart, engine driver, 2 Glover street 
M'Leish, William, woodcarter, 17 Barossa street 
M'Leish, Wm. , merchant, 12 Queen street 
M'Lellan, Herbert, fireman, 48 Barossa street 
M'Lennan, David, seaman, 53 High street 
MacLennan, Mrs Christina, 3 Closeburn terrace 
M'Lennan, Wm., plasterer, J7 High street 
M'Leod, Alexander, engine driver, 22 Priory place 
M'Leod, Alexander, tailor, 10 James street 
M'Leod, Alex., engine driver, 34 Longcauseway 
M'Leod, Brig. -Gen. Wm. K., C.S.I., Greenbank 
M'Leod, Christina, housekeeper, 10 Verena terrace 


M'Leod, George, lapper, 6 Ballanline place 

M'Leod, Jane C, con f ectioner, 37 N. Methven St.; h. 18 North William st. 

M'Leod, John, teacher, Alness, Moncrieffe terrace 

M'Leod) Mary, 47 Meal vennel 

M'Leod^ Mrs James, 20 Glover street 

M'Leod, Mrs Peter, 57 Scott street 

M'Leod, Mrs Wm., 265 High street 

MacLeod, Peter, seedsman (of Dickson & Turnbull) \ h> Albert Villa, Dun* 

keld road 
MacLeod, P. & T. , glaziers, 4 St. John's place ; h. 20 Glover street 
M'Leod, Robert, assistant supt., G.P.O., Kilkeel, Clyde pi., Needless rd. 
M'Leod, Thos , turner, 19 Stormont street 
M'Loughlin, Michael, linesman, 30 Caledonian road 
M'Luskie, Edward, tailor, 8 Caledonian road 
M'Luskie, Mrs John, 37 St Johnstoun's buildings 
M'Mahon, Mrs Catherine, 28 Meal vennel 
M'Mahon, Mrs Isabella, 39 Castlegable 
M'Mahon, Mrs Matthew, 16 Main street, Bridgend 

M'Mahon, Mrs. Michael, furniture dealer, H7-l3lSouthst. ; h. ioBalhousiest. 
M'Mahon, Patrick, labourer, 26 New row 
M'Manus, Andrew, soldier, 3 Watergate 
M'Manus, Morris, signalman, 25 Granville place 
M'Manus, Mrs John, 77 Pomarium street 
M 'Martin, A., supt. Model lodging house, 14-16 Skinnergate 
M 'Martin, Alexander, saddler, Stewart place, Alexandra street 
M'Martin, Archibald, undertaker, 58 South street ; h, 95 High street 
M'Martin, Donald, joiner, 289 High street 
M'Martin, Mrs Duncan, 10 Paul street 
M'Martin, John, 131 High street 
M 'Master, Catherine, 3 Atholl stteet 
M 'Master, John, byreman, 5 Market street 
M 'Master, Mrs Agnes, 19 Strathmore street 
M'Master, Mrs Agnes, 7 Castle terrace 
M 'Master, Mrs Annie, 14 Closeburn terrace 
M'Master, Wm. , van man, 24 Unity place 
M'Millan, Alexander, surfaceman, 31 Hospital street 
M'Millan, Alexander, glazier, Braehead, Jeanfield 

M'Millan, David A., fruiterer, 20 Atholl st. ; h. Cornhill cottage, Jeanfield 
M'Millan, Donald, tailor and clothier, 9-1 1 Hospital street 
M'Millan, James, sawmiller, 5 Back wynd 
M'Millan, John, porter, 40 Glover street 
M'Millan, John, lorryman, 3 St, Catherine's road 
M'Millan, Mrs Grace, 16 Kinfauns crescent 
M'Millan, Wm. , 45 Commercial street 
M'Millan, William, platelayer, 44 Pomarium street 

M'Mullan, Fred., warrant officer (army), Heriot Mount, Craigie Knowesrd. 
M 'Murray & Archibald, coachl-uilders, 42 to 46 Princes street 
M'Murray, Mrs John, 68 Atholl street 

Macnab & Gordon, solicitors and N.P., National Bank House, 1 1 High street 
M'Nab, Alexander, retired, 75 Princes street 
M'Nab, Alexander, porter, 13 Glover street 


M'Nab, David, hamcurer (Robertson & M'Nab), West erfield, Vie wlandster. 

Macnab, Duncan, solicitor(of Macnab& Gordon); /£. Glenearn,95 Glasgow rd 

M'Nab, James, tailor, 125 Scott street 

M'Nab, James, coalman, 71 Watergate 

Macnab, John, motor hirer, 5 Isla road 

M'Nab, Miss Isabella, Blackruthven 

M'Nab, Mrs William, 5 Fitzroy terrace 

M'Nab, Peter, engine driver, 56 Leonard street 

M'Nab, William, gasfitter, 91 Scott street 

Macnab, Wm., boot repairer, 72 Watergate 

M'Nair, Thomas, silk dyer, 14 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Macnamara, Tohn, tube maker, 7 Milne street 

Macnamara, Mrs John, 301 High street 

Macnamara, Nicholas, engine driver, 28 Whitefriars street 

M'Naughtan, Catherine, Viewbank, Moredun terrace 

M'Naughton, Daniel, barman, 29 Robertson's buildings 

M'Naughton, George, driver, 1 Lickley street 

M'Naughton, Henry, farm servant, Goodlyburn Farm cottage 

M'Naughton, John, dyer's cleaner, 19 Mill atreet 

M'Naughton, John, guard, 4 Inchaffray street 

M'Naughton, John S., vanman, 19 Mill street 

Macnaughton, John S. (Rev.), St. Leonard's Manse, Barnhill 

M'Naughton, Mrs Agnes, 138 Canal crescent 

M'Naughton, Mrs James, 22 Kinfauns crescent 

M'Naughton, Peter, goods porter, 120 Canal crescent 

M'Naughton, Walter, engineman, 74 Watergate 

M'Naughton, Wm., lorryman, 307 High street 

M'Nee, Mrs Alexander, 49 Scott street 

M'Neil, Alexander (of R. & J. Marshall) 52 Kinnoull street 

M'Neil, Jas., bottle blower, 148 South street 

M'Neil, Jas., dyer's finisher, 59 Canal street 

M'Neil, James, fireman, 18 Kirkgate 

M'Neil, James S., guard, 13 Calder's buildings, 9 Alexandra street 

M'Neil, Tohn, fireman, 57 West Mill street 

M'Neil, Mrs Ann, 8 Mill street 

M'Neil, Mrs Annie, 39 Commercial street 

M'Nicoll, James, bootmaker, 8-10 St. John st. ; h. Whiteleys, Dunkeld rd. 

M'Nicoll, Robert, County Sanitary Inspector, County Buildings; h. 

Whiteleys, Dunkeld road 
M'Phail, Alexander, guard, 9 North Methven street 

M'Phail, Mary, milliner, 27 Kinnoull st. ; h. 4 Myrtle place, Dunkeld rd. 
M'Phee, Donald, potato merchant, Feus road 
M'Phee, James, gardener, 17 Watergate 
M'Phee, Mrs D., 30 New row 
M'Phee, William, fitter, 7 Barossa street 
M'Pherson, Alex., postman, 17 Ballantine place 
Macpherson, Alex., clerk, 2 Bon-accord terrace 
M'Pherson, Andrew, coalman, 26 West Mill street 
Macpherson, Charles, town officer, 2 Burnside, Pitcullen terrace 
M'Pherson, Daniel, gardener, Potterhill Lodge 
M'Pherson, David, ironmoulder, 55 Pomarium street 


M'Pherson, David, porter, 3 Strathmore street 

M'Pherson, Duncan, woodcutter, 15 Market street 

M'Pherson, Duncan, Dep. Chief Const -ible, Co. Police; h. 21 Muirhall ter. 

Macpherson, Edward M'L, reporter, 58 South Methven street 

M'Pherson, Helen, millworker, 125 South street 

M'Pherson, Isabella, curtain finisher, Hillyland 

M'Pherson, James, I Hammerman buildings 

M'Pherson, James, guard, 42 Tay street 

M'Pherson, James, labourer, 87 High street 

M'Pherson, James, carter, 58 Longcauseway 

M'Pherson, James, plumber, 17 Market street 

M'Pherson, Jean, grocer, 26 Market street 

M'Pherson, John, dyer, 36 High street 

M'Pherson, John, engine driver, 24 Glover street 

Macpherson, John, signal inspector, Cluny cottage, Feus road 

M'Pherson, John, gardener, Balnacraig, Barnhill 

Macpherson, John C, clerk, Fernbank, Needless road 

M'Pherson, Joseph, yardsman, 17 Robertson's buildings 

Macpherson, Margaret, 18 Friarton buildings 

Macpherson, Mary, forewoman, 6 Victoria street 

Macpherson, Mrs Elizabeth, 268 High street 

M'Pherson, Mrs Hugh, confectioner, 14 Charlotte street ; h. 12 

M'Pherson, Mrs Jane, 5 Murray street 

M'Pherson, Mrs Robert, ladies' cloak room, King street ; h. 138 Canal cres. 

Macpherson, Mrs Thomas, 22 Princes street 

M'Pherson, Mrs William, 19 Greyfriars street 

M'Pherson, Peter, porter, 2 Brown street 

M'Pherson, Peter, inspector of works, 43 Glover street 

M'Pherson, Peter, labourer, 9 St. Ann's lane 

M'Pherson, Peter, signalman, Almond Valley Junction 

Macpherson, Thomas, solicitor, 3 Charlotte street ; h. 3A 

M'Pherson, William, tenter, 17 South Inch place 

M'Pherson, Wm. P., (Eng.), teacher, and secretary Perth High 

Constables ; h. 5 Muirhall terrace 
M'Quade, John, gardener, 9 Castlegable 
M'Quarrie, Mrs Donald, 3 Scott street 
M'Queen, Chas., gasworker, 6 Spey court 
M 'Queen, David, porter, 41 Whitefriars street 
MacQueen, George, carter, 6 Inchaffray street 
M'Queen, Mary, 200 High street 
M'Queen, Mrs John, 223 High street 
M'Queen, Mrs Johann, dyer's finisher, 209 High street 
M'Queen, Peter, general dealer, 40 Meal vennel 

M'Queen, Robt, market gardener, The Nurseries, 191 Glasgow road, 
M'Queen, Thomas joiner, Elvan villa, Clyde place 
M'Queen, William, Isla villa, 47 Craigie road 
M'Quhae, Ann, 28 West Mill street 
M'Quhae, Annie, certified midwife, 11 Gowrie street 
M'Quhae, John, plumber, 4 St. Peter's place, Newrow 
M'Quhae, Margaret, dressmaker, 11 Gowrie street 
M'Quhae, Mrs John, 3 South St, John's place 


M'Quhae, William, blacksmith, 41 Scott street 

M'Quibban, Mrs William, I Marshall place 

M'Rae, Alexander, shoemaker, 20 South street 

M'Rae, Alexander, tailor's cutter, 17 Friar street 

M'Rae, David, signalman, 89 Glover street 

M'Rae, David, joiner, 33 Glover street 

M'Rae, Donald, dyer, 3 Scott street 

M'Rae,. Donald, bottler, 22 Melville street 

M'Rae, Edward, gardener, Garry cottage, Barnhill 

M'Rae, Farquhar J., joiner, 8 St. Catherine's road 

M'Rae, George K., traveller, 59 Priory place 

M'Rae, James, 18 Barrack street 

M'Rae, James, superintendent Tay Fisheries, 8 Balhousie street 

Macrae, John, Royal bar, 43 Scott street ; h. 5 East Bridge street 

M'Rae, John, spirit dealer, Royal Bar, 43 South street ; h, 141 

Macrae, Margaret, 45 Canal street 

M'Rae, Mrs Hector, apaitments, 30 Kinnoull street 

Macrae, Misses A. & J., 21 Muirton place 

M 'Robbie, Robt., soldier, 22 Ballantine place 

M 'Robbie, Samuel, P.O. clerk, 3 Kinfauns crescent 

M 'Robbie, Mrs Thomas, 10 Scott street 

M'Rorie, John, labourer, 7 Mill street 

M'Rorie, Neil, bottleblower, 47 Pomarium street 

M'Rorie, Neil, bottleblower, 80 Pomarium street 

M'Rostie, John, dyer, 22 Market street 

M'Rudden, Daniel, labourer, 50 Meal vennel 

M'Vean, Agnes, 15 Strathmore street 

M'Vean, Alexander, musical hall artist, 40 Meal vennel 

M'Vean, John, baker, 8 Market street 

M'Vean, John, shunter, 25 Whitefriars street 

M'Vean, Peter, shunter, 10 Lindsay's buildings 

M'Vicar, D. D., clerk, 181 H igh street 

M 'Vicar, Donald, supt. , Slaughterhouse 

M'Whannel, James, vanman, 21 Market street 

M'Whannel, Mrs James, 39 Stormont street 

M'Whannel, Peter, calico glazer, 61 Strathmore street 

M 'William, Peter, engine driver, 15 Aldie place 

M'VVilliams, Frederick S., motor mechanic, 18 James street 

Nairn, Andrew, electrician, 19 Mill street 

Nairn, George, lathsplitter, 120 High street 

Nairn, James, clerk, 17 Victoria street 

Nairn, John, warehouseman, 22 Unity place, Victoria street 

Nairn, Margaret, 78 High street 

Nairn, Mrs Andrew, dairykeeper, 70 Watergate; h. 19 Mill street 

Nairn, Mrs Henry, 28 Kinnoull street 

Nairn, Peter, gas inspector, 22 South Inch place 

Nairn, Peter D., tobacconist and confectioner, 2 Barrack stree 

Nairn, Robert, brassfinisher, 6 Glover street 

Nairn, Thomas, blacksmith, 15 Kirkgate 

Nairn, Thomas, dyer, 4 Victoria court 


Nairn, William, joiner, 1 Kinfauns crescent 
Nairn, William, warehouseman, 61 George street 
Nairne, Alexander, joiner, 2 Windsor terrace 

Nairne, Geo., joiner, 23 Mill street and 145 High st ; h. Roekbank, Craigie 
Nairne, Roderick, clerk, 17 Queen street 

Nairne, William P. , schoolmaster, 5 George crescent, 48 Glasgow road 
Napier, James W., blacksmith, 5 South William street 

National Bank of Scotland (Limited), 9 High street, and West End Branch, 
18 S. Methven st. ; J. G. Farquharson, agent, Wm. Walker, sub-agent 
Nef, Jacob, dyer's finisher, 5 Ballantine place 
Neil, David G., grocer, 17 Priory place 
Neil, James, plumber, 11 Methven buildings, Newrow 
Neil, John, dairyman, 5 Union street 
Neil, Matthew, grocer, 9 Ballantine place 
Neil, Thomas, joiner, 17 King street 
Neil, Thomas, traveller, 16 Spens crescent 
Neill, William, blacksmith, 5 Keir street 
Neilson, Alexander, coachsmith, 86 Pomarium street 
Neilson, Elizabeth, 9 Castlegable 

Neilson, George, greenkeeper, Club house, Moncreifte island 
Neilson, Mrs Margaret, 53 Meal vennel 
Neish, Elizabeth, Craigie Park terrace 
Neish, William, ironmonger, 26 Pitcullen terrace 
Nelson, David, dyer, 7 Balhousie street 
Nelson, David H., teacher of music, 7 Balhousie street 
Nelson, George S., clerk, Dunelln, 2 Kinnaird bank 
Nelson, G. W., Inchbank, Bridgend 
Nelson, Peter, baker, 7 Baker's buildings, Mill street 
Nelson, Robert, dyer's finisher, 4 Newrow 
Ness, Alexander, painter, 9 Gowrie street 
Netherington, Robert, lorryman, 27 Barossa street 
Netherton, Harry, railwayman, 9 Milne street 
Newlands, Andrew, gardener, 21 Market street 
Newlands, Chas., warder, H.M. prison 

Newlands, George, engine driver, Wolseley place, 33 Friar street 
Newlands, John, joiner, 3 Aldie place 
Newlands, Misses, Tayside, 36 Main street 

Newman, [as. E., butcher, 36^ Atholl street; h. 12 M'Quibban's buildings 
Newport, Philip G., grocer's manager, 20 South Inch place 
Newsome, J. K. , warehouseman, 75 Kinnoull street 
New Whist Club, 8 Tay street 
Nichol. James A., electrician, 12 Tay street 
Nicholson, James, engine driver, 4 Windsor terrace 
Nicol, Alex. S., 13 Barossa place 

Nicol, Edward, organist and teacher of music, 88 Victoria street 
Nicol, James, glass finisher, 32 Closeburn terrace 
Nicol, Tohn, dyer, 13 Shields' place 
Nicol, Mrs Mary, boot repairer, 12 Leonard street 
Nicol, Mrs John, Dunira, Gannochy road 
Nicol, Mrs William, 41 Scott street 
Nicol, Robt,coal mercht.& contractor, St. Catherine's rd. ; h. 1 King Edward st. 


Nicoll, Annie, teacher, Carrick house, Barnhill 

Nicoll, Annie, 26 Melville street 

Nicoll Brothers, saddlers, 1 Market street and 24 Caledonian road 

Nicoll, David, French polisher, 12 Atholl street; h. 181 South street 

Nicoll, David, shoemaker, 184 South street; h. 181 

Nicoll, David, patternmaker, 5 South William street 

Nicoll, Francis, gardener, Rodney Lodge 

Nicoll, Harry W. , yarn bundler, 95 High street 

Nicoll, James, market gardener, Hillend, Barnhill 

Nicoll, John C., glassblower, 2 Brown street 

Nicoll, John C, labourer, Shore 

Nicoll, Joseph, porter, 290 High street 

Nicoll, J, S., artistic stationer, 45 S. Methven st; h. Laburnum villa, Glasgow 

Nicoll, Mary Harrison, 2 Abbot street 
Nicoll, Mrs James, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Nicoll, Mrs William, 2 Balhousie avenue 
Nicoll, Robert, bobbin turner, 137 High street 
Nicoll, Robt., platelayer, 88 South street 
Nicolson, Andrew B. Stewart, 7 Calder's buildings 
Nicolson, Mrs Charles, 3 Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 
Nicolson, Mrs D. B., Ellislee, 126 Glasgow road 
Nightingale, John, boarding house, 15 A Mill street 
Nightingale, John, painter, 35 Canal street 
Nightingale, Leslie, painter, 20 South street 

Nimmo, Robert, brewer (of John Wright & Co.), 11 Kincarrathie crescent 
Nisbet, Joseph M., locomotive foreman, 7 Castle terrace 
Nisbet, P., c.A., 5 St. John street, h. Springfield, Brompton terrace 
Niven, Alex. R., grocer, 1 Rosario terrace 
Niven, Alfred, carter, 2 Clayholes 

Niven, George K. , bootmaker, 63 Newrow ; h. 22 Ballantine place 
Niven, James, engine driver, 2 Windsor terrace 
Niven, Mrs E., 12 Gowrie street 

Niven, Robert S., stationer's assistant, Darnhall drive 
Niven, Thos. , inspector Bleachfields, 7 Spens crescent 
Nixon, James, curtain finisher, 10 Tulloch terrace 
Noad Bros. , tea importers and planters, 6 and 8 Princes street 
Noad, F. H., tea importer and merchant, The Den 
Noad, Wm. C., director of Tea Companies, Mount Tabor, Kinnoull 
Noble, Alexander, baker, 23 St. Johnstoun's buildings, Charles street 
Noel, Mrs Catherine, 1 Leonard place 
Nolan, Joseph, telegraph linesman, 3 James street 
Nordin Frithiof, bottleblower, 14 M'Quibban's buildings 
Nordin, Rudolf, bottleblower, 23 M'Quibban's buildings 
Normand, James, joiner, 14 North William street ; h. 98 Scott street 
Norrie, Robert, coachbuilder, 22 St. John street 

North British and Mercantile "Insurance Company, 14 George 

street. See advt. 
North British Glass and Ink Works, St. Catherine's rd. —John Moncrieff, Ltd. 
North British Railway Co. s Goods, Mineral, & Live Stock Offices, Glasgow rd. 

Agent — Peter Provan 


North of Scotland and Town and County Bank, Limited, 13 Scott street, 

Needless road and Methven street 
North U.F. Church, Tay street 

Northern Assurance Company (Fire and Life). See advertise. 

tnent for List of Agents. 
Northern district school, Dunkeld road, Dougald Walker, headmaster 
Northern Garage Co., Ltd., 71-73 South street 

Norval, George, fishmonger, 41 North Methven st. ; h. 17 Balhousie street 
Norval, George G-, optician and photographic dealer, 84 High street ; 

h. 28 Hay street. See advt. 
Norwell, Andrew H., house painter, 13 Kinnoull causeway 
Norwell, Elizabeth, 7^ Canal street 
Norwell, Helen, 38 High street 

Norwell, J. K. (Norwell & Son), Ardenlea, Gannochy road 
Norwells' Perth Footwear, Ltd., shoemakers, 45-47 and 213-215 High St., 

3 Castlegable, 17 Bridge lane, 27 Skinnergate and St. John's buildings 

Oak bank Oil Coy. and Scottish Oil Agency, Feus road 

Oakes, George E. , cycle and motor agent and hirer, 39, 55-57 Main street ; 

h, 77 Strathmore street 
Ocken, Peter, retired, 22 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Officer i/c Barracks, R.A.S.C., 230 High street 
Officer i/c Records, 4 King Edward street 

Officer, William, dyer's finisher, 3 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's rd. 
Ogg, Christopher L. , waggon lifter, 9 Unity place, Victoria street 
Ogilvie, Mrs William, 11 South William street 
Ogilvie, Ormison, hairdresser, 223 High street 
Ogilvy, R. F. , wood merchant, 4 Strathearn terrace 
Oliphant, Andrew, labourer, Hillyland 
Oliphant, David, lairman, George Inn lane 
Oliphant, James, signalman, 8 Inchaffray street 
Oliphant, Leonard, labourer, 22 Market street 
Oliphant, Robert, cleaner, 70 Pomarium street 
Oliphant, Thomas, plumber, 79 Pomarium street 
Oliver, Mrs W. G., grocer and provision merchant, 15 Watergate 
Oliver, Robert, engine driver, 12 County place 
Omedro, Mrs, nightworker, 3 Scott street 
O'Malley, George, labourer, 100 Pomarium street 
O'Neill, Edward, wireman, 10 Cross street 
O'Neil, Misses, 99 High street 
O'Neill, Mrs Elizabeth, 48 Scott street 

Opprund, Valdemar, glassblower, 31 M'Quibban's buildings 
Ord, James, porter, 39 Castlegable 
Original Secession Church, 171 South street 
Ormond, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 24 Market street 
Ormond, James S., draper, 24 N. Methven street 
Ormond, Mrs Robert, 24 Market street 
Ormond, Robert, compositor, 5 Aldie place 
Orr, William, waggon builder, 104 Reform place 
Ortcheson. Robett, plumber, 8 Inchaffray street 
Osborne, Mrs Thomas, 97 Muirton place 


Oswald, John, district. manager, 3 Squire's cottages 

Oswald, John, carter, 93 Pomarium street 

Oswald, John, contracter, 1 Mill close 

Ovenstone, George, plasterer, 7 Inchaffray street 

Owen, Thomas, insurance clerk, 13 Keir street 

Ower, John, joiner, 19 Kinnoull causeway 

Ower, John, superintendent Corp. Wash-house, 14 Unity pi. , Scott street 

Owler, F. H.. electrician, in South street 

Pagan, Miss A. Murray, 6 Main street 

Page, Daniel, clerk, 5 Ballantine place 

Page, Mrs Frank, 1 Ped warden road 

Palmer, James, railwayman, 105 Scott street 

Pannetta, Frederico, tea rooms, 46 George street and 122 Canal crescent 

Panton, Charles, engine driver, 24 Verena terrace 

Panton, James, retired, 38 Janus street 

Panton, James, engine driver, 14 Inch Head terrace 

Panton, John, engine driver, Tayview, Friarton 

Panton, Mrs Alexander, 1 1 Barossa street 

Panton, Peter, dairyman, Gask cottage, Feus road 

Panton, Robert, grieve, Hatton farm 

Parker, Alex. , labourer, 5 Meal vennel 

Parnell, Wm. G., railway parcels mail, 14 Priory place 

Parnell, Wm. , stationer, 194 High street 

Paterson & Co., Alexander, builder, No. 2 Low street ; h. Feu terrace 

Paterson, Alexander, police officer, 55 South street 

Paterson, David, labourer, Fruit Farm cottage, Friarton 

Paterson, Effie, Priory villa, Glover street 

Paterson, G. W., assurance inspector, 9 Atholl street 

Paterson, Hugh, detective, 3 Calder's buildings, Alexandra street 

Paterson, James, clerk, 50 Balhousie street 

Paterson, Jane, 22 Shields' place 

Paterson, Jessie, tobacconist, 159 South street 

Paterson, John, labourer, 39 Castlegable 

Paterson, John, S., F.s.i., district valuer, Inland revenue, Blackfriars house, 

North Port; h. 12 Pitcullen terrace 
Paterson, Miss, A.c, Bonavista, 120 Glasgow road 
Paterson, Mrs James, 35 Craigic road 
Paterson, Mrs Jane, 11 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 
Paterson, Robert, blacksmith, 19 Speygate 
PatePSOll, Sons, & CO., music, pianoforte and gramophone dealers, 

concert agents and Theatre booking office, 26-33 George street. (John 

Wylie, 14 Muirhall terrace). See advt. 
Paterson, Thomas, watchmaker, 37 High street ; h. 29 Balhousie street 
Paterson, Thomas, engine driver, 8 Abbot street 
Paterson, Rev. William, The Manse, 23 York place 

Paterson, Wm. , schoolmaster, Central Dist. School ; h. Domus, Oak Bank rd. 
Paterson, William, manager, Taybank cottage 
Paterson, Wm. J., firemaster, 12 Tay street 
Paton, Alexander, electrical engineer, Mount Tabor cottage 
^aton David, rubber goods factor, 102 High st.; h. 21 Barossa pi. See advt. 


Paton, Edward L., m.a., m.b. , and cm., 2 Atholl place 

Paton, fames, assistant manager, Strathtay, 57 Muirton place 

Paton, James, commercial traveller, 12 Marshall place 

Paton, James, insurance agent, 7 South Inch place 

Paton, John, motor engineer. St. Leonard's garage : h. 52 Leonard street 

Paton, John Ker, brick and furnace builder, 36 Victoria street ; h. Oak- 
bank road, Cherry bank 

Paton, Margaret, fruiterer and confectioner, 37 County pi.; h. 4 Spens cres. 

Paton, Mrs Catherine J., 5 Claremont place 

Paton, Mrs James, 151 High street 

Paton, Mrs Robert, grocer, &c, 6 Craigie place 

Paton, Mrs William, 4 Spens crescent 

Paton, Mrs. William, 7 Balhousie street 

Paton, Mrs William, 1 1 Hammerman buildings 

Paton, Neil, watchmaker and jeweller, 7 St. John st. ; h. 4 Spens crescent 

Paton, Peter, bottleblower, 50 Meal vennel 

Paton, Robert, clerk, 4 Windsor terrace 

Paton, William, pastry baker, 17 North Methven street and 239 High 
street ; h. 59 Balhousie street 

Paton, William, cleaner, 8 Ballantine place 

Paton, William, insurance official, 1 1 King Edward street 

Paton, William, clerk, 5 Inchaffray street 

Paton, William, clerk, 5 Glover street 

Paton, William, gardener, 48 Commercial street 

Patrick, J. & J., horse hirers, &c, Victoria Horse Bazaar, Victoria street ; 
h. The Cottage, 41 Princes street 

Patterson, Alex., bath attendant, 20 James street 

Patterson, Alex., woodcutter, 62 Longcauseway 

Patterson, Annie C. , 28 M'Quibban's buildings 

Patterson, Edward, glass worker, 20 Canal street 

Patterson, George, bootmaker, 180 High st ; //. 44. Verena terrace 

Patterson, J., baker, 61 Strathmore street 

Patterson, James, fishing rod maker, 4 Abbot street 

Patterson, James, sergeant R.A.P. C, 6 M'Quibban's buildings 

Patterson, Mrs fames, 9 Milne street 

Patterson, Peter, calander worker, Low road, Cherrybank 

Patterson, Robert, soldier, 18 Whitefriars street 

Patterson, Robert, P.O. clerk, 8 Closeburn terrace 

Patterson, Wilfred, glassblower, 17 Watergate 

Patterson, William, surfaceman, 23 Alexandra street 

Patterson, William, bootmaker, 14 Meal vennel 

Patterson, William, lathsplitter, 36 Barossa place 

Patterson, William B. , glassblower, 10 South Inch place 

Patterson, Wm., & Sons, bootmakers, 180 High street 

Pattie, David K. , sack inspector, 83 Glover street 

Pattman, Clement A,, 71 Muirton place 

Patton, John, tailor, 23 Alexandra street 

Pattullo, Jessie, weaver, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Patullo, Kate, seamstress, 57 Mill street 

Pattullo, Mrs James, dressmaker, 56 Longcauseway 

Paul, Catherine Ann, 93 Scott street 


Paul, James, watchmaker, 124 High street ; h. Mundalla, Tibbermore 

Paul, Robert N., baker, 113 Scott street 

Paul, William, retired, Walnut, 56 Wilson street, Craigie 

Pavilion Refreshment Rooms, 25 Kinnoull street 

Paxton, George, retired, 8 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Paxton, George A., joiner, etc., 2 Abbot street 

Paxton, J. & G., joiners and undertakers, 274 A Old High street 

Paxton, Thomas Japp, joiner, Thistle lane ; h. 13 Ladysmith terrace 

Payne, Alfred, labourer, 18 Barrack street 

Payne, Wm. , dyer, 313 High street 

Pearce, Ellison, clerk, 10 Ballantine place 

Pearce, John H., retired, 13 Main street 

Pearl Life Assurance Company, 29 Kinnoull street 

Pearks Stores, Scotland, Ltd., provision dealers, 122 High street 

Pearson, David, dyer, 47 George street 

Pearson, George, compositor, 35 Commercial street 

Pearson, James, 9 Strathmore street 

Pearson, Margaret, feather curler, Jesamine villa, Hillyland 

Pearson, Mrs Jeanie, Elmbank cottage 

Pearson, Mrs Robert M. , 59 Scott street 

Pearson, Thomas, parcel porter, 28 Kinnoull street 

Pearson, Thomas, mason, 117 High street 

Pearson, Thos., dyer, 36 Whitefriars street 

Pearson, William, insurance agent, 48 Wilson street, Craigie 

Pearson, William, dyer, 163 High street 

Peat, Ann, Main street, Cherrybank 

Peattie, Robert, coachman, 11 Milne street 

Peck, Col. H. R., 6 St. Leonard's bank 

Peck, James, dyer's finisher, 46 Commercial street 

Peddie, Charles, factory manager, Hroomlea, Dunkeld road 

Peddie, David, printer, Pitcullen bank, Haddon road 

Peddie, Elizabeth, Murray crescent 

Peddie, Elizabeth, 63 Kinnoull street 

Peddie, George Y., plumber, 170 High street 

Peddie, lames, joiner, George Inn lane 

Peddie, James, joiner, 9 Alexandra street 

Peddie, John R., clerk, 4 King Edward street 

Peddie, Mrs John, 19 Gladstone terrace 

Peddie, Robert S., postal clerk, 19 Kinfauns crescent 

Peddie, W. & D., iron and steel merchants, 284-286 High street 

Peddie, William, joiner, 16 M'Quibban's buildings 

Peddie, William, baker, 4 Claremount place 

Peddie, William, iron merchant, Lome villa 

Peddie, William, joiner, 59 Scott street 

Peddie, William, traveller, Sward cottage, Moredun terrace 

Peddison, Robert, coachman, 34 St. John street 

Peebles, Andrew, engine driver, 22 Caledonian road 

Peebles, Christina, dressmaker, 7 Balhousie street 

Peebles, James, cleaner, 33 Stormont street 

Peebles, James, plasterer, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Peebles, James, dyer, 33 Stormont street 


Peebles, James A., 23 Marshall place 

Peebles, Margaret, milliner, 10 Kinnoull street ; h. 27 Muirton place 

Peebles, Robert, cabdriver, 13 Union lane 

Peggie, James, baker, 62 Pomarium street 

Peggie, John, labourer, 20 Pomarium street 

Peggie, John, sawmiller, 94 High street 

Peggie, John, baker, 81 Pomarium street 

Peggie, William, labourer, 70 South Methven street 

Penman, Thomas, mechanic, 9 Ballantine place 

Penney, Andrew, Astonbank, 3 Evelyn terrace 

Penney, James, dyer, 22 Barrack street 

Penney, John W. , clerk of works, 1 3 \ York place 

Pennie, Peter, dyer's cleaner, 89 Canal street 

Pennycook, Alexander, gardener, Pitcullen terrace ; h. 46 Commercial st 

Pennycook, Jane, 194 High street 

Pennycook, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 91 Main street 

Pennycook, Mrs David, 53 Pomarium street 

Pennycook, Mrs Helen, 7 Kinnoull causeway 

Pennycook, Mrs Margaret, 201 High street 

Pennycook, Mrs John, 6 Commercial street 

Pennycook, Thomas, fireman, Braehead 

Pennycook, Wm., gardener, Hatton cottage 

Pennycuick, Rachel, Murrayfield, St. Magdalen's road, Craigie 

Pentecostal Hall, 174 South street 

Pentland, George, clerk, Rockville, Letham road 

Perkins, E. J., draper's assistant, Dunedin, 13 Muirton place 

Perkins, Mrs., 2 Barossa place 

Perth Amalgamated Painter's Hall, I Charterhouse lane 

Perth Artisan Golf Club (Secretary, Peter D. Brown) 21 North port 

Perth Dye Works, receiving office, 3 York place 

Perth and District Aerated Water Manufacturers' Association — 58 Mill 
Street — James Ballantine, secretary 

Perth and District Master Building Trades' Association, 41 So. Methven 
street — James Mitchell, secretary 

Perth and District Master Painters' Association, 41 So. Methven street — - 
James Mitchell, secretary 

Perth and District Master Plumbers' Association, 41 So. Methven street- 
James Mitchell, secretary 

Perth and District Master Masons and Bricklayers' Association, 41 So. 
Methven street —James Mitchell, secretary 

Perth and District Master Wrights' Association, 41 So. Methven street- 
James Mitchell, secretary 

Perth and District Trades and Labour Council — Robert Gunn, Brown street 

Perth Burgh Insurance Committee, 38 Tay street — W. Burt, clerk 

Perth City and County Conservative Club, 19 George street— Secretary, 
Alexander Stewart, solicitor, 31 George street 

Perth City and County Liberal Club, 60 Canal street 

Perth Commercial School, 3 South St. John's place 

Perth Co-operative Coal Society (Limited), 271-273 High street and N.B. 
Mineral Depot, Glasgow road 

Perth Corporation Electricity Works, Shore ; John Lambert, manager 


Perth Corporation Gas Department — Works Friarton — Manager David 

Vass— Show Rooms, Charles Street 
Perth Corporation Swimming Baths, Dunkeld road ; Alex. Christie, supt. 
Perth Corporation Tramways — W. B. Snell, manager — Waiting-room, 126 

High street 
Perth Corporation Wash-house, Canal street ; John Ower, superintendent 
Perth Creamery CO., Ltd., 18 Kinnoull Causeway and 31 Scott st. 

and St. Leonard's bri., A. Dempster, manager, 16 York pi. See advt. 
Perth Corporation Water Works, Tay street — D. Stewart, manager 
Perth County C.C. Ltd.— 62 Hay street 

Perth County Insurance Commission, 38 Tay street — T. B. Marshall, clerk 
Perth District Board of Control, County Buildings — T. B. Marshall, clerk 
Perth Electrical Co., 26-30 Skinnergate 
Perth, Fife and Forfar and North of Scotland Potato Trade Association, 

41 South Methven street — Thomas Logan, secretary 
Perth Fire Brigade Station, King Edward street 

Perth Garage, Ltd. (R. MacKinnon), Caledonian road ; h. 10-12 York place 
Perth Girls' Club, Charlotte street 

Perth Loan Co., 145 South st. ; h. 19 York place, William Fyfe, manager 
Perth Lunacy Board Office, County buildings — T. B. Marshall, clerk 
Perth Merchants Golf House, 12 North port— Jas. Bruce, Sec, 351 Highst. 
Perth Model Lodging House, Skinnergate 
Perth Parish Council Office, 22 York place 
Perth Public Baths and Wash House, Mill street 

Perth Picture House Co., Ltd., (King's Cinema), 5355 South Methven st. 
Perth Royal Infirmary (City and County), Rose crescent 
Perth Savings Bank, Tay street, and Branch, 39 County Place 
Perth Sick Poor Nursing Society, 6 Stormont street 
Perth Steam Laundry— T. Maxwell Hamilton, proprietor, Dunkeld 

road. See advt. 
Perth Theatre, High street ; J. H. Saville, proprietor 
Perth Vulcanising Depot, 192 South street ; h. 24 Marshall place 
Perthshire Advertiser and Strathmore Journal, Watergate 
Perthshire Chamber of Commerce and Trades Protection Society— R. 

Stewart, solicitor, 68 St. John's street 
Perthshire Constitutional and Journal, 1 and 3 St. Ann's lane 
Perthshire Courier, King street 
Perthshire Confectionery Coy., 60-62 Princes street 

Perthshire Education Authority, York PL— R. Martin Bates, Executive officer 
Perthshire Natural History Museum, 66 Tay street— John Ritchie, curator 
Perthshire Rubber Company, waterproof manufacturers, &c, 65 South 

Methven street. See advt. 
Perthshire Rural Library, Education Authority, York Place — J. W. T. 

Caithness, librarian 
Perthshire Society of Natural Science, 66 Tay street 
Peter, David T., telephone inspector, 5 Castle terrace, Needless road 
Peters, David, soldier, 10 Ballantine place 

Peters, David, fireman, 34 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Peterson, Albert, labourer, 53 Meal vennel 
Pether, Walter H., dry cleaner, 1 Muirton place 
Petrie, Alexander, fireman, 14 South street 


Petrie, Archibald, French cleaner, I Inchaffray street 
Petrie, Duncan, porter, 8 Leith's buildings 
Petrie, E. M. , dressmaker, Roslin House, 68 Tay street 
Petrie, George, pointsman, Kilmartin place, Friar street 
Petrie, James, fireman, 4 Friarton buildings 
Petrie, James, woodcutter, 5 Castlegable 
Petrie, James D., labourer, 61 Leonard street 
Petrie, Joh :, labourer, l£ Strathmore street 
Petrie, John, bank accountant, Craighall, Barnhill 
Petrie, Joseph, carriage fitter, 208 High street 
Petrie, Mrs Peter, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Petrie, Samuel, fireman, 61 Leonard street 
Petrie, Wallace, cattle drover, 14 Bridge lane 
Petrie, Win., watchmaker and jeweller, 10 Moncreiffe terrace 
Petrie, William, warder, General prison 
Pettigrew, Mrs Alexander, Ashton, Kinnoull 
Petterson, Francis, glassblower, 30 South street 
Philip, John, seedsman, Alanton villa, 19 Friar street 
Philip, Mrs John, 10 Unity place, James street 
Philip, Robert, commercial traveller, Trentham, Craigie road 
Phillips, Alexander, paint r, 35 Mill street 
Phillips, David, steelworker, 35 Watergate 
Philips, James, shoemaker, 1 Milne street 
Philips, James, shoemaker, 8 Newrow 
Philips, James, shoemaker, 1 1 Skinnergate 
Phillips, Jane, dressmaker, 78 High street 
Philips, Mrs William, Craigie park terrace 
Phillips, Mrs William, 17 Ballantine place 
Philips, Richard, porter, 1 1 North port 
Phillips, William, carter, 329 High street 
Phillips, William II., merchant, Somerset, Kinnoull 
Phrofitt, Mrsjas., Albany place, Friar street 
Pickard, James, railway agent, 8 Verena terrace 
Pickett, Edward, coal labourer, 53 Longcauseway 
Pilkington, George II., ex-farmer, 14 Keir street 
Pinkerton & Sneddon, solicitors, 25 George street 
Pinkerton, John, accountant, Inglewood, 12 Kincarrathie crescent 
Pinkerton, Robert, solicitor, N.P., 79 High street ; h. 5 Strathearn terrace 
Pirnie, James, bottle blower, 34 Newrow 
Pirnie, Jessie, 21 Campbell's buildings 

Pirnie, Misses, Perthshire servant's bureau and spirella corsetiers, East- 
wood, 16 Muirton place 
Pirnie, Mrs George, 57 Mill street 
Pirrie, Alexander, P.O. clerk, Sunnybrae, Cherrybank 
Pirrie, David, coachbuilder, 5 North port 
Pirrie, Geo., butcher, Hamilton House cottage 
Pitcaithley, Mrs Alexander, 15 Pitcullen terrace 
Pitkeathly, Robert W., painter, 21 Kinnoull street 
Pitkeathly, William, dyer, 31 Commercial street 
Pitkeathley, Wm., clerk, Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 
Pitkeathly, Wm., salesman, 5 Westgrove avenue 

iga General directory. 

Police Assessment Office, High street ; Robert Keay, collector 

Police Office, Tay street ; John Scott, chief constable 

Pollock, James, carter, 335 High street 

Poison, David, plumber, 13 East Bridge street 

Pooley & Son, Ltd. , Henry, weighing machine repairers, Glasgow road 

Poor- Rates Office, 22 York place ; John Clark, collector 

Poppleton, Alice, 163 South street 

Portaous, George, 18 Barossa place 

Porteous, William, timekeeper, 5 Breadalbane terrace 

Porter, Andrew, dyer's manager, 5 Inchaffray street 

Porter, Chas. 3., dyer, 6 Carpenter street 

Porter, Madge, 22 Meal vennel 

Porter, Mrs John, 313 High street 

Porter, Robert, drover, 112 South street 

Porter, Robert, shoemaker, 152 South street 

Porter, W., dairyman, Brumley, Burghmuir 

Porterfield, James, porter, 13 Stormont street 

Post Office, corner of High street and Scott street ; branches, 6 George 

street, Princes street, Glasgow road, 354 High street, St. Leonard's 

bridge, Craigie, Bridgend, Barnhill, 19 Atholl street, and Caledonian 

road ; sorting office, St. Andrews street 
Post Office Telephones, 20 Scott street ; John Burnside, manager 
Potter, Johanna H., 8 Queen's avenue 
Potter, Mrs Frederick, Craigie park terrace 
Potts, George, wagon examiner, 32 Leonard street 
Powrie, Albert P., bank cLrk, St. Catherine's, Needless road 
Powrie, Andrew, fishing lessee, Early bank 

Powrie Bros., potato merchants, 19 Hospital street ; h. Tullylumb terrace 
Powrie, David, salmon tacksman, Tullylumb terrace 
Powrie, James C. , attendant, 66 Victoria street 
Powrie, James H. , printer, 9 Cross street 
Powrie, John, engine driver, 289 High street 
Powrie, Robert, fishmonger, game dealer, etc., 62 South Methven street 

h. Tullylumb terrace 
Powrie, William, shedsman, 46 Longcauseway 
Pratt, C. W. P., staff sergt., a.p.c, 5 Inchaffray street 
Pratt, George A., joiner, Rosebank, Young street 
Pratt, George, joiner, 15 Balhousie street 

Prentice, James M'G., dyer's finisher, 8 Lindsay's bldgs., St. Catherine's rd 
Prentice, John, saddler, 94 South street ; h. 180 
Prentice, Mrs Dowie, dyeworker, 26 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Prentice, Mrs William, 7 Crown buildings 
Prentice, Robert, bleachfield worker, 8 Foundry lane 
Prentice, Wm., draper, 13 Wilson street 
Preston, Mrs Florence, Sunnylea, Grey street 
Primrose, David, potato merchant, 10 Muirhall terrace 
I'ringle, Mrs James, Caledonian cottage, 17 Earl's dykes 
Pringle, Mrs James, Wolseley place, Friar street 
Pritcharcl, David, machinist, 1 1 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Pritchard, David, plumber, 19 Kinnoull causeway 
Pritchard, John, lorryman, 59 Scott street 


Are the latest form of Eyewear, marking a great advance 
over the ordinary flat type of Spectacle lens. Toric 
Lenses are curved to the natural shape of the eye; 
giving clear vision from every angle and a largely 
increased field of vision. 

// you are a wearer of Glasses I invite 
you to call and let me show you how 
these new Bye Aids will help you. 


Sight-Testing Optician, 


For Bags, Trunks, and 
all Travelling- Requisites. 



102 High St., Perth 

Telephone No. 437. 

" I sent them this Velour Hat after I had 
worn it for some time. It was soiled, rather out 
of shape, and had lost its gloss and smart 
appearance. Pullars cleaned it, raised the pile 
and made it look almost like new again. The- 
cost was trifling - , and it was really a wonderful 
economy." i r. 


Pullars of Perth 

Cleaners and Dyers. 


Pritchard, Mrs Henry, 17 Castlegable 

Pritchitt, Edward J., cinema operator, 3 Windsor terrace 

Prosser, Robert L. , clerk, 9 Ladysmith terrace 

Proudfoot, David, engine driver, 17 James street 

Proudfoot, Isabel Gordon, teacher, 65 Muirton place 

Proudfoot, James, manufacturer, Northfield, Muirton bank 

Proudfoot, Lindsay A. , waggon wright, 1 1 South Inch place 

Proudfoot, Mary, 29 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Proudfoot, Mary, dyer's finisher, 9 Strathmore street 

Proudfoot, Mrs Alex., 14 Caledonian road 

Proudfoot, Mrs John, flaxworker, 147 South street 

Proudfoot, Robert W. , jeweller, 225-227 High st. ; h. Ki-ora, Needless rd. 

Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., 22 Scott street 

Proven, Peter J.,stationmaster, N.B.Rly., Perth, St. Leonards house, Craigie 

Pryde, Robert, salmon tacksman, 33 Craigie road 

Pryde, William, labourer, 101 Leonard street 

Pullar, Albert E. , Durn, Isla road 

Pullar, Charles, Clydesdale dairy, 52 South st. ; h. Muirhall Farm • 

Pullar, David, fitter, 4 Mill wynd 

PullaP, J. & Sons, Ltd., cleaners and dyers, Pullars' Dyeworks, Kin" 

noull street. See Advt. 
Pullar, James, clerk, 52 Jeanfield 
Pullar, Mary and Catherine, 31 Queen street 
Pullar, Mrs James, 24 Pitcullen terrace 
Pullar, Mrs Rums D. , Brahan 
Pullar, Mrs Thomas, 98 Scott street 
Pullar, William, dyer, 20 Market street 
Pullars' Fire Brigade Station, 42 Kinnoull street 
Purgavie, Bessie, apartments, 69 North Methven street 
Purgavie, Francis, retired, 13 Ballantine place 

Purvey George, solicitor, 26 South street ; h. Elvan villa, Clyde place 
Purves, David, painter, 1 Water vennel 
Purvis, Andrew, yardsman, 32 South William street 
Purvis, Jessie N., dyer's finisher, 131 High street 
Pye, Mrs Catherine, charwoman, 136 High street 

Quade7 Robert, porter, 13 Stormont street 
Queen, Mary, 64 Atholl street 
Quinn, Annie, dairy, 267 High street 
Quinn, Owen, labourer, 34 West Mill street 

Rae, Alexander L., dyer's finisher, 16 High street 
Rae, Alex., dairyman, Asylum farm, Gannochy road 
Rae, Elizabeth, 59 Scott street 
Rae, Helen, 21 Main street, Bridgend 
Rae, John, stableman, 23 Guard vennel 
Rae, John F,, clerk, 31 Canal street 
Rae, John M., compositor, 16 Robertson's buildings 
Rae, Mrs David, apartments, 12 Charlotte street 
Rae, Thos. , dyer's cleaner, Tayhill lodge 

Raine, Henry, newsagent and tobacconist, 85 South street ; h. 33 Canat s. 


Rainnie, Mrs John, Comely Bank house, Dupplin road 

Rainsford, Mrs Ella, 24 King Edward street 

Rait, Mrs John, 2 Crichton place, Friar street 

Rait, Roderick, motor engineer, I Muirhall terrace 

Ramage & Cooper, building contractors, St. Leonard's bank 

Ramage, David, contractor (of Ramage & Cooper), Sandbank cot., Young st. 

Ramage, Mary, 6 Kilmartin place 

Ramsay, Alexander, retired, 25 Melville street 

Ramsay, Alexander, signalman, Steading, Barnhill 

Ramsay, Andrew, spirit merchant, 107 High street 

Ramsay, Daniel, clerk, 34 Queen street, Craigie 

Ramsay, David, artist, 2 Charlotte street ; h. 21 Melville street 

Ramsay, Grace, laundress, 53 Strathmore street 

Ramsay, James, tube blower, 3 Melville street 

Ramsay, James B. , engineer, 30 Queen street 

Ramsay, John, mason, Main street, Cherrybank 

Ramsay, John, carter, 36 West Mill street 

Ramsay, Marion E., 6 Main street, Bridgend 

Ramsay, Misses, Elderslie, Dunkeld road 

Ramsay, Misses J. E. and E. A., Earnoch, Bridgend 

Ramsay, Peter, glassworker, 1 1 South William street 

Ramsay, Robert, surfaceman, 1 Ladysmith villa 

Ramsay, Robert, fish restaurant, 22 Leonard street 

Ramsay, Thomas, fireman, 4 J Mill street 

Ramsay, William, railwayman, 5 Victoria court 

Ramsay, William, warper, 32 Canal street 

Rankin, Thomas, chauffeur, 13 Marshall's buildings, King Edward street 

Rankin, William, painter, 17 South street 

Rannie, John, printer, 14 Watergate 

R.A.S.C, Highland Division, 22 St. John street 

Rattray, Charles, tobacco manufr., 158-160 High st. ; h. no Glasgow rd. 

Rattray, David, platelayer, 5 Castlegable 

Rattray, Euphemia, 55 Victoria street 

Rattray, George, tailor, 63 Princes street ; h. 94 Scott street 

Rattray, James, bus driver, 8 Market street 

Rattray, James P. , warehouseman, 89 Main street, Bridgend 

Rattray, John, dyer's finisher, 8 Caledonian road 

Rattray, John, blacksmith, 10 St Ann's lane 

Rattray, Martha, confectioner, 65 Princes st. ; h. 22 Unity place, Scott st. 

Rattray, Mrs John, ladies' nurse, 36 George street 

Rattray, Mrs Robert, Darnhall drive, Craigie 

Rattray, Robert, cabinetmaker, 131 High street 

Rattray, Robert, barman, 24 North Methven street 

Rattray, William, tailor's cutter, 59 Scott street 

Rattray, William, wood merchant, 32 York place ; h. 2 Tullylumb terrace 

Rawlings, Mrs Hope A., grocer, 3 Crieft road 

Readdie, David, manufacturer, 3 St. Leonard's Bank 

Readdie, Elizabeth, 4 St. Leonard's bank 

Redpath, George, hammerman, 55 Strathmore street 

Redpath, John, clerk, 2 Abbot street 

Reekie, David, joiner, 6 Unity place, Tames street 


Reekie, Henry, gas worker, Gas Work cottage, Lower Friarton 

Reekie, Henry, waggon builder, 27 Canal street 

Reekie, Isabella, charwoman, 10 Tay street 

Reekie, James, senr. , storekeeper, 12 Craigie place 

Reekie, James, jun. , blacksmith, 12 Craigie place 

Reekie, John, lorryman, 18 West Mill street 

Reekie, Thomas, wood foreman, 4 Hawarden terrace 

Reekie, William, labourer, 17 Hospital street 

Reeve, Albert, clerk, 40 Albany place 

Refuse Assurance Co., Ltd., 14 York place 

Regimental Paymaster, A. P. offices, Feu house, Crieff road 

Registrar's "Office for Births, &c. , Tay street ; James Bridges, registrar 

Reid, Alexander, dyer's cleaner, 18 George street 

Reid, Alexander, draper, 36 Scott street 

Reid, Alexander, clerk, 21 Kinnoull street 

Reid, Alexander, chartered accountant, 23 St. John st. ; h. 28 Atholl st. 

Reid, Alexander M., railway police, 4 Claremont place 

Reid, Alexdrina, 22 Barrack street 

Reid, Alfred M., dyer's finisher, 22 North Methven street 

Reid, Alice J., hotel keeper, West End temperance hotel, 37 York place 

Reid, Annie, 53 Meal vennel 

Reid, Archibald, labourer, 163 High street 

Reid, Catherine, 8 Keir street 

Reid, Daniel, spirit dealer, 175-177 High street ; h. 19 Rose crescen 

Reid, David, dyer's finisher, 5 James street 

Reid, Fleming, & Co., Ltd., Scotch Wool stores, 171 High street 

Reid & Donald, chemists and mineral water manufacturers, 29 George 

street and George Inn lane. See advt. 
Reid, George, chintz glazer, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Reid, George, fruit manager, Nether Friarton Farm 
ReiH, George B. , baker, Cherrybank 
Reid, Isabella, 40 Albany place 
Reid, Isabella S., superintendent, Wellshill school 
Reid, James, 4 Unity terrace, C-iieff road 
Reid, James, hairdresser, 23 Main street ; h. 73 
Reid, James, tramway conductor, 6 Mill close, High street 
Reid, James, cleaner, 29 Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Reid, James, engine driver, 5 West Grove avenue 
Reid, James, joiner, 5 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Reid, James, ambulance attendant, 34 Shields' place 
Reid, James Brown, Viewbank, Barnhill 
Reid, John, warehouseman, 22 Market street 
Reid, John J., collector, 23 Carpenter street 
Reid, Joseph, packer, 3 Victoria court 
Reid, Kate, 186 High street 
Reid, Mary, weaver, 58 St. Katherine's court 
Reid, Mary, 2 King James' place 
Reid, Mrs Alexander, 12 St. Katherine's court 
Reid, Mrs David, 242 High street 
Reid, Mrs George, Goodlyburn cottage 
Reid, Mrs Henry, Strathview terrace, New Scone road 


Reid, Mrs James, 8 Bordeaux house, 31 Kinnoull street 

Reid, Mrs James, confectioner, 67 North Methven street 

Reid, Mrs Mary, outworker, 27 Castlegable 

Reid, Peter, clerk, Stella Maris, 73 Muirton place 

Reid, Robert, gardener, 307 High street 

Reid, Robert, 2 North William street 

Reid, Thomas, bookbinder, 10 Newrow 

Reid, Thomas W. , clerk, Burnside, Craigie 

Reid, Violet, confectioner, 7 Glasgow road ; h. 31 Kinnoull street 

Reid, William, postman, 230 High street 

Reid, William, 58 Longcauseway 

Reid, William, dyer, 12 Leith's buildings 

Reid, William, labourer, 35 Commercial street 

Reid, William, calenderer, 268 High street 

Reid, William, 37 Shields' place 

Reilly, Austin, scavenger, 19 Thimblerow 

Reilly, John, labourer, 158 High street 

Reilly, John, mason, 289 High street 

Reilly, Michael, 40 Meal vennel 

Reilly, Michael, labourer, 36 Market street 

Reilly, Mrs Elizabeth, 151 High street 

Reilly, Mrs Helen, 142 South street 

Reilly, Mrs Patrick, 126 High street 

Rennet, Charles, hammerman, 95 High street 

Rennet, John, labourer, 186 High street 

Rennie, Andrew, 42 St. Johnstoun's buildings 

Rennie, Gray, labourer, Peckembere cottages 

Rennie, Henry, cooper, 4 Hawarden terrace, Jeanfield 

Rennie, John, fishmonger and poulterer, 274 High street ; h. 5 County pi. 

Rennie, Mrs Alex., 48 George street 

Rennie, Mrs Samuel, 23 Friarton buildings 

Rennie, Mrs William, 3 Strathmore street 

Renton, John T., factor and land agent, 69 George street ; h. 5 Atholl cres. 

Renton, Mrs, 5 Atholl crescent 

Renton, Mrs Robert, 9 Spens crescent 

Reynard, J. G., m.r.c.v.s., 18 York place 

Riach, Eliza, 3 Mansfield place, Isla road 

Riach, Jane, 9 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 

Riach, Jean H., 7 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 

Riach, Mrs Daniel, 56 West Mill street 

Ribolla Peter, confectioner, 67 High street ; k. 65 

Rice, Bernard, insurance manager, Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd., 14 Methven's 

buildings, Newrow 
Richardson, Archibald, fireman, 41 Princes street 
Richardson, Elizabeth, 12 Canal street 

Richardson, George, engineer, Thistle bank, 185 Glasgow road 
Richardson, James, manager, Albany terrace 
Richardson, James, fireman, 20 Methven buildings, Newrow 
Richardson, John, brakesman, 7 Alexandra street 
Richardson, John, porter, 37 Stormont street 
Richardson, L., confectioner, 26 Mill street 


Richardson, Mrs Adam, laundress, 13 Strathmore street 

Richardson, Stephen, organist of cathedral and prof, of music, 15 Barossa pi. 

Richardson, Lady Stewart, 1 Atholl place 

Richardson, William, schoolmaster, Fechney school ; h. 65 Glasgow road 

Riddoch, John, railway foreman, 23 Barossa street 

Riddoch, Mrs Margaret, 9 Inchaffray street 

Ridout, Robt. W , 3 Windsor terrace 

Rigg, Leonard, dyer's manager, 71 Wilson street, Craigie 

Riley, Alex., scavenger, 17 East Bridge street 

Riley, Mrs Philip, 26 Princes street 

Ring, Alex. , chairman, 3 Rose lane 

Rinlay, Win, M. , soldier, 7 Ballantine place 

Rintoul, Alexander, machineman, 8 St. Catherine's road 

Rintoul, John, 16 Union lane 

Rintoul, Mrs John, 17 Thimblerow 

Rintoul, Wm., labourer, 10 Pomarium street 

Ritchie, Alex., macnineman, 1 1 Scott street 

Ritchie, David, compositor, Rock house, Main street, Bridgend 

Ritchie & Dickie, coal merchants, 32 Mill street ; ^.24 Rose crescent 

Ritchie, James, salesman, 10 Rosario terrace 

Ritchie, John, dyer, 6 Brown street 

Ritchie, John, sheriff-clerk, Rockbank, Kinnoull 

Ritchie, John, jun., curator, Museum ; h, 98 Scott street 

Ritchie, John, sawmiller, 105 Scott street 

Ritchie, John, tailor, 38 Albany place 

Ritchie, John B. , engineer, 6 Closeburn terrace 

Ritchie, Mrs John Y., 34 Barker's buildings, Market street 

Ritchie, Mrs Thomas, 3 St. Catherine's road 

Ritchie, Mrs Thomas, 2 Victoria street 

Ritchie, William, coal merchant, 32 Mill St.; h. 24 Rose crescent 

Robb, Alexander, traveller, 8 Spens crescent 

Robb, Alex., baker, 70 South Methven street 

Robb, David, manager Tay Salmon Fisheries, 9 Kincarrathie crescent 

Robb, George, retired, 1 1 Atholl street 

Robb, Jack, railwayman, 231 High street 

Robb, Jas. & Sons, wholesale & retail tobacconists, 43 Pligh st.; h. 7 

Rockford terrace and 18 Spens crescent 
Robb, James M., tobacconist, 18 Spens crescent 
Robb, John, commercial traveller, 16 Pitcullen crescent 
Robb, Joseph, guard, 21 South Inch place 

Robb, William, secretary, John Moncrieff, Ltd., 15 Pitcullen crescent 
Robb'S Registry, Caledonian rd. ; Mrs Robertson, manageress. See advt. 
Robbie, Alexander, glassblower, 142 South street 
Robbie, Charles, railway foreman, 21 Priory place 
Robbie, Charles, glazier, 131 High street 
Robbie, Chas., signalman, 28 Whitefriars street 
Robbie, John, engine driver, 5 Brown street 
Roberts, Mrs John, 124 Canal crescent 
Roberts, Thomas, sculptor, 3 Castle terrace, Needless road 
Roberts, William, commercial traveller, 17 Crichton place 
Roberts, William, night watchman, 8 Gladstone terrace 


Robertson, A. B., Lt. -Colonel, 8 Kinnoull street ; h. Duntanlich, Kinnoull 

Robertson, Alex., millworker, 17 Watergate 

Robertson, Alex., porter, 31 High street 

Robertson, Alex., painter, 38 Pomarium street 

Robertson, Alex., ironmonger, 31 Shields' place 

Robertson, Alexander, coachman, 3 Burnbank terrace 

Robertson, Alexander, French cleaner, 49 Stormont street 

Robertson, Alexander, plumber, 55 St. Catherine's court 

Robertson, Alexander, ironfounder, 18 Newrow 

Robertson, Alexander, jute worker, 18 Watergate 

Robertson, Alexander, porter, 25 Leonard street 

Robertson, Alexander, miller, 10 St. Catherine's road 

Robertson, Alexander C. , 5 Spens crescent 

Robertson, Alex. R. , engineer, 26 Robertson's buildi ngs 

Robertson, Allan, furniture dealer, 63 Leonard street 

Robertson, Allan, dealer, 34 Leonard street 

Robertson, Allan, railwayman, 16 Ballantine place 

Robertson, Andrew, ironmonger, 44. Rose crescent 

Robertson, Annie, Robertson's buildings, Barnhill 

Robertson, Annie, card cutter, 151 High street 

Robertson, Annie, silk finisher, 19 Stormont street 

Robertson, Archibald, railway porter, 23 Carpenter street 

Robertson, Barbara H., 44 Glover street 

Robertson, Catherine, milliner, 72 High street; h. Gordon villa, Crieff road 

Robertson, Catherine, 72 George street 

Robertson, Charles, sawmiller, 43 Princes street 

Robertson, Daniel, joiner, 64 South street 

Robertson, Daniel, inspector of works, I Rockford terrace, Teanfield 

Robertson, David, bookseller, stationer, etc. , 95 and 97 High street 

Robertson, David, gardener, The Gardens, Balhousie Castle 

Robertson, David, mason, Allanton villa, Ftiar Street 

Robertson, David, chemical worker, 23 Guard vennel 

Robertson, David, French cleaner, 22 Barrack street 

Robettson, David, joiner, I Hawarden terrace 

Robertson, David, forage contractor, St. Catherine's rd. ; h. Struan cottage, 

Melville street 
Robertson, David, storekeeper, 7 Union Street lane 
Robertson, David, plumber, 10 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Robertson, David D., painter, 8 Mill street 

Robertson, Dempster, & Co., solicitors, 29 South Methven street 
Robertson, Donald, tobacconist and newsagent, 19 County place ; h. Drum- 

ochter, Needless road 
Robertson, Donald, labourer, 19 Leonard street 

Robertson, Donald, grocer, 21 George street ; h. Baldinne, Feus road 
Robertson, Duncan, baker, 35 Commercial street 
Robertson, Duncan, warehouseman, 3 Muirton place 
Robertson, Edward, slater, 70 Longcauseway 
Robertson, Edward, clerk, 5 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 
Robertson, Eliza, boarding house, 45 King street 
Robertson, Elizabeth, 6 Union lane 
Robertson, George, joiner, Granville place, Market street 

^ GENERAL Directory. tg§ 

Robertson, George, railway clerk, 28 Queen street 

Robertson, George D. , engine driver, 3 Castle terrace, Needless road 

Robertson, Helen, cook, 89 Main street 

Robertson, Henrietta, Curtain finisher, 17 Tulloch terroee 

Robertson, Isabella, 2 Blackfriars street 

Robertson, Isabella F. , 9 Queen street 

Robertson, Isabella, winder, 158 High street 

Robertson, J., & Son, J J Scott street ; h. 2 Victoria street 

Robertson, James, registered plumber and gasfitter, 53 North Methven 

street ; h. 48 N. Methven street. See advt. 
Robertson, James, engine driver, 49 Leonard street 
Robertson, James, joiner, 5 Kinnoull causeway 
Robertson, James, park keeper, 29 Kinnoull causeway 
Robertson, James, joiner, 9 Robertson's buildings 
Robertson, James, glassworker, 88 South street 
Robertson, James, clerk, Wolseley place, Friar street 
Robertson, James, warehousemen, 20 Gowrie street 
Robertson, James, slater and plasterer, 2 Victoria street 
Robertson, James, warehouseman, 12 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Robertson, James, examiner, 37 George street 
Robertson, James, postman, 9 Inchafifray street 
Robertson, James, engine driver, 5 Brown street 
Robertson, James, confectioner, 36 Scott s*reet 
Robertson, James, joiner, Gowrie cottage, Barnhill 
Robertson, James, motorman, 2 Tulloch place 

Robertson, James, solicitor (of Robertson, Dempster & Co.) ,4 Mansfield pi. 
Robertson, James, printer, 1 Abbot street 
Robertson, James, chaufileur, 12 Tay street 
Robertson, James, jute worker, 3 Cow vennel 
Robertson, James A , house proprietor, 268 High street 
Robertson, J as. W., hardware mer., 192 High st. 5 h. 13 Rose crescent 
Robertson, Jeannie, 2 St. Magdalene's road 
Robertson, Jemima, 12 Barrack strret 
Robertson, Jessie, 98 Scott street 
Robertson, Jessie, 12 So. Methven street 

Robertson, John, cycle agent, etc., 35 Scott st. ; h. 4 Ladysmith, Gray st. 
Robertson, John, police inspector, Ash cottage, 27 James street 
Robertson, John, porter, 2 Bridge lane 
Robertson, John, labourer, 7 Pomarium street 
Robertson, John, labourer, 7 Mill street 
Robertson, John, moulder, 55 Meal vennel 
Robertson, John, blacksmith, 9 St. Ann's lane 
Robertson, John, tobacconist, 12 Rosemount place 
Robertson, John, labourer, 142 South street 
Robertson, John, velvet finisher, 1 1 Scott street 
Robertson, John, secretary, 10 Moredun square 
Robertson, John, engine driver, Croft park, Craigie 
Robertson, John, engine driver, 72 Watergate 
Robertson, John, sawmiller, 13 St. Ann's lane 
Robertson, John, engine driver, 22 Abbot street 
Robertson, John, fruiterer, etc., 13 Princes street 

2oo General direct ory. 

Robertson, John, tubemaker, 42 N. Methven street 

Robertson, John, painter, 32 St. Katherine's court 

Robertson, John, cabinetmaker, 48 South street 

Robertson, John, depute sheriff clerk, Auchdarrach, 5 Pitcullen crescent 

Robertson, John, mason, 13 Inchaffray street 

Robertson, John, fishmonger, 3 Viewfield place 

Robertson, John, yanman, 41 Cross street 

Robertson, John, 7 Balhousie avenue 

Robertson, John B., fish porter, 59 Glover street 

Robertson, John F. , fireman, 56 Longcauseway 

Robertson, John (Gray & Harrower, grain merchants), 10 Kirkgate 

Robertson, John H. C, P.O. overseer, 1 Crieff road 

Robertson, John M., architect and surveyor, 68 St. John street 

Robertson, John S., dyer's finisher, 38 Atholl street 

Robertson, John S., fireman, 12 Friarton buildings 

Robertson, Malcolm, loftman, 22 Atholl street 

Robertson & M'Nab, provision merchants and ham curers, Mill wynd 

Robertson, Margaret, Burnbrae, 2 Queen street 

Robertson, Margaret, dressmaker, 48 Commercial street 

Robertson, Margaret, Ivy cottage, 23 James street 

Robertson, Margaret, 22 James street 

Robertson, Margaret, 55 Muirton place 

Robertson, Margaret, I South Inch place 

Robertson, Mary, 9 Kinnoull causeway 

Robertson, Mary, 30 Melville street 

Robertson, Mary, 4 Gowrie street 

Robertson, Mrs, sub-postmistress and grocer, 296 High street, servants' 

registry, 2 Caledonian road ; h. 27 York place 
Robertson, Mrs., 335 High street 
Robertson, Mrs Adam, 2 South Inch terrace 
Robertson, Mrs Alex., 54 Glover street 
Robertson, Mrs Alexander, 1 17 Canal crescent 
Robertson, Mrs Alex., 2 Unity place, 87 Scott street 
Robertson, Mrs Alexander, 20 St. Katherine's court 
Robertson, Mrs Alex., 72 Watergate 

Robertson, Mrs Andrew, Craigie cottage, Morednn terrace 
Robertson, Mrs Charles, 11 Rose terrace 
Robertson, Mrs David, Coag Brae, Jeanfield road 
Robertson, Mrs David, 21 Market street 
Robertson, Mrs David, 23 St. Katherine's court 
Robertson, Mrs Donald, 265 High street 
Robertson, Mrs Duncan, 186 South street 
Robertson, Mrs Elsie, dressmaker, 217 High street 
Robertson, Mrs George, grocer, 316 High street 
Robertson, Mrs George, 66 Pomarium street 
Robertson, Mrs George, 12 South Methven street 
Robertson, Mrs Georgina, 6 N. Methven street 
Robertson, Mrs Isabella, George Inn lane- 
Robertson, Mrs James, 12 Robertson's buildings 
Robertson, Mrs James, 4 George street 
Robertson, Mrs James, 50 Atholl street 


Robertson, Mrs James, 35 Priory place 

Robertson, Mrs James, 43 Cross street 

Robertson, Mrs James T., 13 Queen street 

Robertson, Mrs Jane, 5 Charlotte place 

Robertson, Mrs Jemima, 68 Watergate 

Robertson, Mrs John, 5 M'Quibban's buildings 

Robertson, Mrs John, 22 Barrack street 

Robertson, Mrs John S., 6 St. Johnstoun's buildings, Charles street 

Robertson, Mrs L., Robb's registry for servants, 296 High street 

Robertson, Mrs Margaret, 12 Balhousie street 

Robertson, Mrs Margaret, 137 High street 

Robertson, Mrs Mary, nurse, 61 High street 

Robertson, Mrs Mary, 16 Strathmore street 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, 21 Inch Head terrace 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, sewer, 3 Lickley street 

Robertson, Mrs William, 17 Market street 

Robertson, Mrs William, Roselea, 87 Glasgow road 

Robertson, Mrs William, 6 Ballantine place 

Robertson, Nisbet J., clerk, 6 Crichton place 

Robertson, Peter, clerk, 70 Pomarium street 

Robertson, Peter, ironmonger, 18 Watergate 

Robertson, Peter, sawyer, 27 Watergate 

Robertson, Peter, fireman, 49 Commercial street 

Robertson, Peter, sawyer, 5 Squire's cottages, Craigie 

Robertson, Peter, postal clerk, Baalbec, Darnhall drive Needless road 

Robertson, Peter, 50 Barossa street 

Robertson, Robert, traffic foreman, 46 Victoria street 

Robertson, Robert, gardener, 9 Bridge lane 

Robertson, Robert, fireman, 188 South street 

Robertson, Robert, gardener, 58 South Methven street 

Robertson, Robert, soldier, 5 Cross street 

Robertson, Robert A., porter, 38 Robertson's buildings, Barrack st. 

Robertson, Robert, & Co., grocers and wine merchants, 21 George street 

Robertson, R. Hay, retired, Viewbank, Brompton terrace 

Robertson & Robertson, engineers & ironfounders, Perth Foundry, Paul st. 

Robertson, Theodore, auctioneer, Strathview terrace 

Robertson, Thomas, French cleaner, 9 Tulloch terrace 

Robertson, Thomas, postman, 53 High street 

Robertson, Walter, mason, 30 Caledonian road 

Robertson, William, mill worker, 93 South street 

Robertson, William, market gardener, Broompark 

Robertson, William, coachman, 24 Market street 

Robertson, William, French cleaner, 8 Unity terrace, Crieff road 

Robertson, Wm., French polisher, Inchbank 

Robertson, Wm., wholesale potato mer., 1 1 St. Paul's sq. ; ^.Spoutwells, Scone 

Robertson, William forage contractor, St. Catherine's road ; h. Struan 

cottage, 24 Melville street. 
Robertson, William, tailor, 9 Market street 
Robertson, William, cloth inspector, 32 Whitefriars street 
Robertson, William I., 7 Muirhall terrace 
Robertson, W. J., live stock salesman, 3 Raeburn terrace, Craigie 


Robertson, W. R., & Co., wholesale spirit merchant, 21 Princes street 

Robinson, Chas. , painter, 43 Princes street 

Robinson, J. A. Grant (Rev.), Baptist Church Manse, 153 Glasgow road 

Robinson, Walter, cook, 19 Mill street 

Robinson, Walter, cook, 131 High street 

Robinson, William, retired, I Moncreiffe terrace 

Robson, Mrs Thomas, 5 James street 

Robson, Robert, mason, 5 Windsor terrace 

Rodger, David, warehouseman, 17 Ballantine place 

Rodger, James, engineman, Tulloch farm 

Rodger, James, dyer, 22 Market street 

Rodger, James, fitter, 32 West Mill street 

Rodger, John brakesman, 12 Inch Head terrace 

Rodger, John, storekeeper, I Hillyland crescent 

Rodger, Kate, finisher, 64 High street 

Rodger, Mrs Alex. M., health visitor, 33 Princes street; h. 1 Laurel bank 

Rodger, William, painter, 13 South Inch terrace 

Rodgers, Bessie, saleswoman, 230 High street 

Rodgers, James, dyer, Kinnoull view, 20 Verena terrace 

Rodgie, Mrs Alex., 34 Caledonian road 

Rodgie, Mrs Andrew, Newlands, Burghmuir 

Roger & Barclay, painters, 56 Scott street 

Roger, John, ticket and show card writer, Veterans' Garden City 

Rollo, Francis, clerk, 53 High street 

Rollo, James A., agent for Rutherford & Kay, wine merch., 35 St. John st. 

Rollo, Mrs George, 15 Market street 

Rollo, Norman, clerk, 3 Westgrove avenue 

Rollo, Peter, tenter, 19 St. John street 

Rollo, Stewart, coppersmith, 41 Priory place 

Rollo, William, clerk, 7 Crichton place 

Rome, John S., plumber, Rose Terrace 

Rome, Mrs Joseph, 12 Craigie place 

Rose, James W., U.F. minister, Hasland, Brompton terrace 

Roscoe, Edmund, engineer, 355 High street 

Rosi, Carlo, cook, 77 High street 

Ross & Co., typewriter specialists, 1 South St. John's place; also Perth 

Commercial School 
Ross, Adam, 3 Gowrie street 
Ross, Alexander, fishmonger, 95 Pomarium street 
Ross, Alex. , typewriter merchant, Mount Grange, Viewlands 
Ross, Alex., joiner, 5 Baker's buildings 
Ross, Alex., guard, 12 Barossa street 
Ross, Alexander, dairyman, 6 Strathmore street 
Ross, Andrew, fireman, 12 St. Katherine's court 
Ross, Andrew, restaurateur, I -2 St. Paul square 
Ross, Charles, joiner, 107 Scott street 
Ross, Colin J., surfaceman, 6 James street 
Ross, David, cellarman, 73 Pomarium street 

Ross, David A., grain & provision merchant, 14 Scott st. ; h. 46 Rose cres. 
Ross, G. & C, hairdressers, etc., 200-202 South st. ; h. 34 S. William st. 
Ross, George, porter, 49 Stormont street 


Ross, Henry, packer, 6 Brown street 

Ross, Henry, labourer, 23 Commercial street 

Ross, Hugh, glassblower, 6 Brown street 

Ross, Isabella, Pitheavlis bank, Low road, Cherrybank 

Ross, James, mason, Lilybank. Burghmuir 

Ross, James, porter, 99 Scott street 

Ross, James D., porter, 18 Watergate 

Ross, Jane, Ivy bank, 7 Craigie road 

Ross, Janet, 47 Watergate 

Ross, Jessie, Sunnyhill, Manse road 

Ross, John, tailor, 95 Pomarium street 

Ross, John, dairyman, 45 Leonard street ; h. 41 

Ross, John R., glassblower, 13 South William street 

Ross, John, blacksmith, 70 South Methven street 

Ross, Mrs Alex., 3 Shields place 

Ross, Mrs Alex. S., 2 Fitzroy terrace 

Ross, Mrs Andrew, 17 St. Katherine's court 

Ross, Mrs Anthony, apartments 4 Stormont street 

Ross, Mrs David, 62 Glasgow road 

Ross, Mrs John, Toll house, Crieff road 

Ross, Mrs John, 30 Longcauseway 

Ross, Mrs John, Yew bank, Burghmuir 

Ross, Mrs Rainey M., 95 High street 

Ross, Mrs Thomas, 1 Lickley street 

Ross, Mrs William, 35 Queen street, Craigie 

Ross, Mrs William, 2 Comelybank terrace 

Ross, Peter, mason, Greenfield, Burghmuir 

Ross, Robert M., builder, Alexandra street; h. L'arcaldine, Goodlyburn 

Ross, Robert, porter, 27 West Mill street 

Ross, Robert, bottleblower, 72 Watergate 

Ross, Robert, causeway layer, 34 South William street 

Ross, Thomas, jeweller, 6 Charlotte street 

Ross, Walter, cutter, 7 Keithick place 

Ross, William, painter's decorator, 4-8 Charlotte st; ^.Wyns villa, Monifieth 

Ross, William, grocer's manager, 2 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 

Ross, William, tube blower, 95 Leonard street 

Ross, William, French cleaner, 13 Ballantine place 

Ross, William, railway porter, 10 North port 

Ross, William, scavenger, 21 Thimblerow 

Ross, Wm. E., Bellwood 

Roxburgh, Charles, cooper, 19 Closeburn terrace 

Roy, Agnes, milliner and costumier, 16 South Methven street 

Roy, Andrew, warehouseman, 16 National bank buildings 

Roy, Charles, fire cleaner, 81 Scott street 

Roy, Frank, labourer, Hillyland nurseries 

Roy, James, joint maker, Tayview, Friarton 

Roy, James, hairdresser, I Atholl street 

Roy, James, engine driver, 42 Glover street 

Roy, John, chauffeur, 54 South street 

Roy, John, glazier, 14 Watergate 

Roy, John, stationer, 12 Moncreiffe terrace 


Roy, John, engine driver, 17 Friarton buildings 

Roy, Mrs G. C., West Craig, 42 Abbot street 

Roy, Mrs John, 40 Carr's croft 

Roy, Mrs John, 35 Stormont street 

Roy, Peter, dyer, 313 High street 

Roy, Thomas, & Co., butchers, 51 South Methven street 

Roy, W. , 1 Balhousie bank 

Roy, William, butcher, M'Kinlay's buildings 

Roy, William, fireman, 16 Friarton buildings 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 197 High street; R. B. Langwill, agent 

Royal George Hotel, George street 

Royal Infirmary, Tullylumb 

Royal Insur. Co., Ltd., 6 Kinnoull st. Resident inspector — A. P. Skinner 

Royal Perth Golfing Society and County and City Club, 1 Atholl crescent — 

Club Mistress, Miss C. W. Stewart 
Ruddoch, Mrs William, 186 High street 
Rumgay, Andrew, clerk, 19 No. Methven street 

Rumgay, Arthur L., assistant sanitary inspector, 2 Westgrove avenue 
Rumgay, William, traveller, 1 Goodlyburn terrace 
Rumgay, William, retired, 4 Orrock place 
Runciman, Mrs Helen J. B., 4 Wellshill terrace 
Rushford, Robert M., postman, 7 Spey court 
Rushforth, George, bridge inspector, 10 M'Quibban's buildings 
Rushforth, Samuel, striker, 11 South William street 
Russell, Alexander, plumber, 14 Ballantine place 
Russell, Alex. M., blacksmith, 28 Kinnoull street 
Russell, John, engine driver, 41 Glover street 
Russell, John, engineer, 313 High street 
Russell, John J., bank accountant, 16 Marshall place 
Russell, Lillie, 66 Longcauseway 
Russell, Mary, 12 Thimblerow 
Russell, Mrs Ann, Edina Villa, 23 Friar street 
Russell, Mrs Elizabeth, 151 High street 
Russell, Mrs Fred, 70 St. Catherine's court 
Russell, Mrs John, 31 George street 
Russell, Thomas, engine fitter, 23 Priory place 
Rutherford, Andrew, superintendent P.O., Croft park, Craigie 
Rutherford, Jane, caretaker, 6 Canal street 
Rutherford, John M., joiner, 45 St. John street 
Rutherford & Kay, wine merchants, 35 St. John street 
Rutherfoid, Lawrence, clerk, 10 Inchaffray street 
Rutherford, Mary E. , II Viewlands terrace 

Rutherford, Mrs Alexander, apartments, 4 South Methven street 
Rutherford, Mrs Sarah, 20 Scott street 
Rutherford, Mrs William, 2 Charlotte place 
Rutherford, Robert, gardener, 12 Melville street 
Rutherford, William, labourer, 138 Canal crescent 
Rutherford, William, joiner, 28 Pitcullen terrace 

Rutherford, W. & Sons, plumbers and sanitary engineers, 10 Charlotte st. 
Ruthven, David, butcher, 27 Kirkgate ; h. 78 High street 
Ruthven, Edwin, 129 High street; h. 78 


Ruthven, John, saddler, 33 Commercial street 
Rycroft, Major Gen. Sir Wm., Rosebank 
Ryder, John T. , joiner, 32 Whitefriars street 
Ryder, Joseph, dyer, 58 Longcauseway 
Ryder, Wm., joiner, 1 Westgrove avenue 
Rylance, Mrs Ann, 48 Scott street 
Rylance, Mrs James, 62 Pomarium street 

Sabin, James B. , verger, 27 Melville street 

Sadler, George, joiner, 13 Inchaffray street 

Sadler, Jean, 21 Cross street 

Sage, George P., timekeeper, 8 Watergate 

Sage, Robert, compositor, 31 Canal street 

Sailor, Daniel, gas worker, Brick cottages, Shore 

St. Andrews Ambulance Association — Thomas Logan, secretary, 41 South 

Methven street 
St Andrew's Hall, a.p.c, 16 North William street 
St. Andrew's Parish Church, 21, 23, 25 Atholl street 
St. John's Foundry Engineering Coy.. Ltd., Foundry lane— H. 

W. Craggs, manager, 25 Balhousie street. See advt. 
St. John's R.C. School, 132 High street 
St. Joseph's Convent, 10 and 12 Stormont street 
Salutation Hotel, South street— W. G. Mowat, proprietor 
Salvation Army Citadel, 79 South street and 30 King Edward street 
Sampson, Mrs Bertram, tailoress, 19 Stormont street 
Sanderson, Mrs Thomas, 50 Rose crescent 

Sandeman Public Library, 16 Kinnoull street — James Craigie, librarian 
Sangster, George, engine driver, 17 Hospital street 
Saunders, David, draper, 61 Main street, Bridgend 
Saunders, George, 9 Atholl street 

Savile, John H. , proprietor, Opera House ; h. 3 Graham's place, King st. 
Savings Bank of the County and City, 26 Tay street ; West End branch, 

39 County place 
Scarry, Mrs Patrick, 15 Melville street 
Scobbie, George, carter, 323 High street 

Scobbie, John, grocer, Hillyland 

Scobbie, Mrs John, 45 Pomarium street 

Scobie, James, 1 Union street 

Scobie, Mrs Hannah, Albert cottage, St. Catherine's place 

Scobie, Thomas, inkmaker, 194 High street 

Scobie, William, joiner, 15 South Inch place 

Scoon & Perth Masonic Lodge (No. 3), 16 High street 

Scot Shoe House, bootmakers, 169 High street 

Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores, 171 High street 

Scotland, Alexander, dyer, 14 Shields' place 

Scotland, Andrew, linen dresser, 7 Low street 

Scotland, Betsy, sewer, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

Scotland, Charles, grocer's manager, 28 South Inch terrace 

Scotland, Isabella, grocer and newsagent, P.O. Main street, Cherrybank 

Scotland, James, joiner, Low road, Cherrybank 

Scotland, James, compositor, 24 Market street 


Scotland, J. F. , dyer's finisher, 10 Market street 

Scotland, Mrs George, Low road, Cherrybank 

Scotland, Mrs Thomas, 4 St. Catherine's road 

Scotland, Peter, labourer, 54 Longcauseway 

Scotland, Peter, cabinetmaker, 69 Pomarium street 

Scotland, Sophia, apartments, 97 Scott street 

Scotland, Wm., mechanic, 69 Pomarium street 

Scott, Alexander, potato merchant, Pickletullum farm, Strathearn terrace 

Scott, Alexander, baker, 85 Muirton place 

Scott, Alexander, cooper, 57 Mill street 

Scott, Alexander, printer (of Munro & Scott), Beulah, Jeanfield 

Scott, Alexander, postman, 16 North port 

Scott, Alexander, motor waggon driver, 22 West Mill street 

Scott, Alex., motor engineer, 1 Westgrove avenue 

Scott, Alice, music teacher, 11 George street 

Scott, Allan, dentist, 49 South Methven street 

Scott, Andrew, foreman, 4 Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 

Scott, Andrew W., railway inspector, Feu terrace, Crieff road 

Scott, Charles, bookseller and stationer, 22 County place ; h. 42 Rose cres. 

Scott, Charlotte, dyer's finisher, Hospital buildings 

Scott, Cluny, Inspector of Weights & Measures, County buildings ; h. 3 

Keithick place 
Scott, Daniel, calico glazer, 10 Campbell's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Scott, Daniel, dyer's finisher, 115 South street 

Scott, David, dyer's finisher, secy., Fair City Lodge, L O.A.s. , 12 Keir st. 
Scott, David, book-keeper, 1 Castle terrace 

Scott, Donald, timekeeper, 21 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Scott, George, dental mechanic, 2 Marshall buildings 
Scctt, George D. , postman, 24 North Methven street 

Scott, Henry, wine & spirit merchant, 3 County pi. ; h. 1 1 King Edward st. 
Scott, Ina E., teacher, 9 Ballantine place 
Scott, James, police sergeant, 14 Caledonian road 
Scott, James, starcher, 12 Florence place, Muirton bank 
Scott, James, bookbinder, 9 Milne street 
Scott, James, fireman, 51 Glover street 
Scott, James, dyer, 6 Abbot street 
Scott, James, P.O. clerk, 2 Claremont place 
Scott, James D., chintz glazer, Glendevon villa, Feus road 
Scott, Janet, 37 George street 
Scott, Jessie, 21 Strathmore street 

Scott, John, chief constable, Police Office, 18 Tayst. ; h. 20 Muirhall ter. 
Scott, John, baker, 19 St. John street 
Scott, John, fireman, 82 Reform place 
Scott, John H., clerk, Main street, Cherrybank 

Scott, J. M'Glashan, m.a., Middle St. John's manse, 141 Glasgow road 
Scolt, Maitland, I.R. clerk, 11 George street 
Scott, Margaret, 48 South Methven street 
Scott, Margaret, saleswoman, 46 James street 
Scott, Margaret F. , 50 Atholl street 
Scott, Matthew, lorry man, 289 High street 
Scott, Minnie L., teacher of music, Viewfield, St. Magdelene's rd., Craigie 


Scott, Misses, 5 Viewfield place 

Scott, Mrs Alexander, tobacconist, 121 South street ; h. 48 Scott street 

Scott, Mrs Donald, 56 Longcauseway 

Scott, Mrs Fanny, 14 Cross street 

Scott, Mrs George, 6 Charlotte street 

Scott, Mrs Harry, 4 Evelyn terrace 

Scott, Mrs Isabella, Moor cottages, Oakbank road 

Scott, Mrs Jane, 20 West Mill street 

Scott, Mrs Mary, 36 West Mill street 

Scott, Mrs Mary E., 67 Strathmore street 

Scott, Mrs Robert Y., Viewfield, St. Magdalene's road 

Scott, Mrs Wm., 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Scott, Peter, baker, 94 High street 

Scott, Robert M. , warehouseman, 49 Strathmore street 

Scott, Robert M., clerk, Arnside, Needless road 

Scott, Thomas, dyer's finisher, 17 Marshall's buildings 

Scott, Walter H., goldsmith, 11 George street 

Scott, William, engine driver, 26 South Inch terrace 

Scott, William, retired, 28 Glover street 

Scott, William, inspector of weights and measures, County buildings, South 

street ; h. 12 Barossa place 
Scott, William, clerk, 70 High street 
Scott, William, warehouseman, 1 1 King Edward street 
Scott, William, clerk, 29 Barossa place 
Scott, Wm. A., ticket writer, 16 South Methven street 
Scott, William, H., foreman, Leyton, 9 Moncreiffe terrace 
Scottish Amicable Lite Assurance Society — G. W. Paterson, F.F.A. , 

inspector, 4 Kinnoull street 
Scottish Girls' Friendly Society (Miss M'Corquodale, supt.), 72 Tay street 
Scottish Railway Servants' F. S., Leonard bank ; Duncan Stewart, Secy. 
Scrimgeour, David, dyer, 33 Robertson's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Scrimgeour, Elizabeth J., costumi^re, 12 Kinnoull st. ; h. 1 Muirton pi. 
Scrimgeour, Elsie, 2 King's place 
Scrimgeour, Jeannie, 28 Kinnoull street 

Scrimgeour, John, retired, 13 Belhelvie terrace, 86 Glasgow road 
Scrimgeour, John, guard, Ladysmith terrace, Blair street, Craigie 
Scrimgeour, Joseph, 17 Muirton place 
Scrimgeour, Mrs, 1 Muirton place 
Scrimgeour, Mrs David, 7 Rose crescent 
Scrimgeour, Mrs James, 105 Canal crescent 
Scrimgeour, Mrs James, 61 Pomarium street 
Scrimgeour, Mrs "William, 4 Castle terrace 
Scrimgeour, Mrs William, 64 High street 
Scrimgeour, Robert, gardener, 3 St. Catherine's road 
Scrimgeour, William, storekeeper, 7 Tulloch cottages 
Scrimgeour, William, P.O. clerk, 3 Claremount place 
Scrimger, David, sculptor, 59 Scott street 
Scrimger, John, painter, 73 Canal street 
Scullin, Thomas, porter, 32 Pomarium street 
Scully, William, 50 Meal vennel 
Scully, William, commission agent, 115 South street 


Seaton, Charles, clerk, 1 8 Crichton place, Friar street 

Seaton, John, sawmiller, 283 High street 

Selbie, Mrs Jas., confectioner, 77 Leonard st. ; h. 13 Keir st., Bridgend 

Selby, James G. , hairdresser, 123 High street 

Sellar, Charles A., artist, 58 Tay street ; k. 11 Charlotte street 

Sellar, George, & Son, Ltd., agricultural engineers, 11 Glasgow road 

Semple, Hugh M., lapper, 10 Market street 

Shand, Agnes A., I Charlotte place 

Shand, Alexander, confectioner, 6 Hawarden terrace 

Shand, Alex., clerk, 6 Hawarden terrace 

Shand, John, 60 Rose crescent 

Shankland, James, bank agent, 35 York place 

Shannan, Hugh, trapper, 39 Victoria street 

Sharp's Institution, South Methven street 

Sharp, A. & K., milliners, 49 South Methven street 

Sharp, David, railway clerk, 5 Lindsay's buildings 

Sharp, Edward, brassfinisher, 15 Bridge lane 

Sharp, Elizabeth, 19 North Methven street 

Sharp, George C, retired; h. M'Vean's buildings, Main st., Cherrybank 

Sharp, Isabella, 24 Abbot street 

Sharp, James, gas stoker, 17 Hospital street 

Sharp, James, cashier, 12 Muirton place 

Sharp, James, engine driver, 6\ County place 

Sharp, James, 1 3 South Methven street 

Sharp, Jessie, baby linen warehouse, 214 High st. ;h. RossieCot. ,Forgandenny 

Sharp, John, & Son; plasterers, 58 and 60 South William street ; h. Lilybank, 

67 Craigie road 
Sharp, John, mason, 8 Peter's buildings, Whitefriars street 
Sharp, Lucy, 9 Stormont street 
Sharp, Margaret, bath attendant, 88 South street 
Sharp, Mrs Andrew, 57 West Mill street 
Sharp, Mrs David, booksewer, 77 Main street 

Sharp, Neil, enginedriver, 6 Abbot street 

Sharp, Peter, storekeeper, 34 Longcauseway 

Sharp, Peter, pavior, 230 High street 

Sharp, Peter, flax merchant, Flax and Tow Repairing Mill, The Shore ; 
h. Tay park 

Sharp, Robert, boilermaker, 10 Glover street 

Sharp, Robert,bottleblower, 89 Canal street 

Sharp, Thomas, retired, 75 Main street 

Sharp, William, cashier, 4 Burnside, Bridgend 

Sharp, Williamina, 57 King street 

Shaw, And., timber mer. (Henderson & Shaw), Benarty, The Glebe, Kinnoull 

Shaw, Charles, clerk, 24 Market street 

Shaw, Ernest, Cpl., A.P.C., 31 High street 

Shaw, Findlay, labourer, 48 New row 

Shaw, Hugh, engine driver, Roselea place, Jeanfield 

Shaw, James, soldier, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

Shaw, James M., railway guard, 47 Glover street 

Shaw, Jane, curtain finisher, 17 and 18 Campbell's buildings 

Shaw, John, 43 Stormont street 


Shaw, Malcolm, & Sons, motor & cycle manufact. & repairer, 137 and 143 

High street; h. Sunnybower, Needless road 
Shaw, Mrs David, Raeburn place, Friar street 
Shaw, Mrs Robert, 8 Rose crescent 
Shaw, Norman, retired, 9 Market street 
Shaw, Norman, motor mechanic, 16 Priory place 

Shaw, Peter, ship carpenter, 3 Pomarium street; h. 20 Hospital street 
Shaw, Peter, outworker, 14 Cross street 
Shaw, Peter, engineer, 30 Closeburn terrace 
Shaw, William, foreman, 55 South Methven street 
Shaw, William, vanman, 220 High street 
Shaw. Wm., restaurateur, 7 George street 
Shearer, William, slater, 24 Market street 

Shedden, James, French cleaner, 9 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 
Shedden, Jemima, 5 Kinnoull causeway 
Sneddon, James, postman, 8 Alexandra place 
Sneddon, William A., lorryman, 38 Market street 
Shelmerdine, James, dyer, 105 High street 
Shepherd's Dairies, Ltd., merchant retailers, 198 High street 
Shepherd, Edward, basketmaker, 7 Murray street 
Shepherd, Fred., painter, 37 Stormont street 
Shepherd, Henry, tailor, 11 Gowrie street 
Shepherd, James, labourer, 200 High street 
Shepherd, James, lorryman, 21 Market street 
Shepherd, fohn, i.R. , Alberta, Needless road 
Shepherd, Misses, 16 Queen street 
Shepherd, Mrs Joseph, charwoman, I Earls dykes 
Shepherd, Thomas, retired, 25 Gowrie street 
Shepherd, William, clerk, 13 South Inch place 
Shepherd, William, blacksmith, 16 James street 
Shields, John, & Co., Ltd., damask linen manufacturers, Wallace Works. 

Dunkeld road 
Shields Motor Car Co., Ltd., Dunkeld road and 23 Scott street 
Shillinglaw, Rev. Joseph, St. Stephen's U.F. Manse, Muirton Bank 
Sidey, Andrew, 36 West Mill street 
Sidey, Mrs Hugh, 3 Princes street 
Sidey, Mrs Robert, 31 Canal street 
Sidey, Thomas, fireman, 53 High street 
Sieber, John F. C, dyer, 28 Balhousie street 
Sievwright, George, & Sons, joiners and builders, Tullylumb 
Sievwright, Wm., builder (of G. Sievwright & Son), Gwanda, Needless rd. 
Sievwright, W. B., accountant (of Moir, Wood & Co.), 3 Fairmount Villas 
Silver, John, & Sons, tailors, 11 South Methven st. ; h. 3 North Methven st. 
Sim, David, railway clerk, Birse villa, Needless road 
Sim, George, relief man, Railway cottage, Friarton 
Sim, John, greenkeeper, 53 Longcauseway 
Sim, Mrs James, 40 Longcauseway 

Sim, William, clerk, 7 Raeburn place, Friar street, Craigie 
Sim, William N. H., insurance superintendent, 120 High street 
Sime, Alexander, railwayman, 208 High street 
Sime, Archibald, dyer's finisher, 22 Ballantine place 


Sime, Daniel, maltman, 7 Inchaffray street 

Sime, Donald, A. p.c, 4 King Edward street 

Sime, J. B. , draper and milliner, 207 High street 

Sime, James, joiner, 56 Mill street 

Sime, James, clerk, 29 Mill street 

Sime, John, engine driver, 32 Canal street 

Sime, John, pointsman, 12 Baker's buildings 

Sime, Laurence, dyer's finisher, I Marshall's buildings 

Sime, Thomas W. , 13 Barossa street 

Simmie, George, lorryman, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Simmie, George, postman, 329 High street 

Simmie, Jeannie, 200 High street 

Simmie, John, market gardener, Bellwood Gardens 

Simmie, Mrs Thomas B. , 9 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 

Simpson, Alexander, engineer, 22 Caledonian road 

Simpson, Alexander, packing case maker, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Simpson, Alex. , gas fitter, 1 Hawarden terrace 

Simpson, Alexander, cleaner, 18 Caledonian road 

Simpson, Alexander, linesman, 4 Longcauseway 

Simpson, Alexander F. , mechanic, 16 Atholl street 

Simpson, Alfred, clerk, 10 Paul street 

Simpson, Ann, confectioner, 72 South street ; h. 70 

Simpson, David, glass blower, 14 Watergate 

Simpson, David, postman, 16 Atholl street 

Simpson, David, policeman, County buildings 

Simpson, David, linesman, 2 St Peter's place, Newrow 

Simpson, David, telegraph linesman, 2 Hawarden terrace 

Simpson, David, guard, 11 South William street 

Simpson, Donald, warehouseman, 353 High street 

Simpson, Francis, tailor, 4 Inchaffray street 

Simpson, Helen, 13 Crichton place 

Simpson, James, excise clerk, 85 Glover street 

Simpson, James, tailor, 53 High street 

Simpson, James, ticket collector, 1 Kilmartin place 

Simpson, James, grain merchant (James Macdonald & Son, City Mills) ; h. 
North bank, Craigie 

Simpson, James R., foreman, Greenfield cottage, Burghmuir 

Simpson, Jane, 56 Longcauseway 

Simpson, John, lorryman. 11 Unity place, James street 

Simpson, John, waggon examiner, 60 Glover street 

Simpson, John, labourer, George Inn lane 

Simpson, John, engine driver, 56 South William street 

Simpson, John, surfaceman, 10 Cross street 

Simpson, John, foreman, 6 Brown street 

Simpson, John, vanman, 10 Paul street 

Simpson, John, Kingower cottage, Burghmuir 

Simpson, John, car driver, 28 Leonard street 

Simpson, John, 18 Barrack street 

Simpson, Mary Ann, 7 Low street 

Simpson, Mary Ann, 297 High street 

Simpson, Mrs, 242 High street 


Simpson, Mrs Annie, 12 Charlotte street 

Simpson, Mrs Helen, 23 Carpenter street 

Simpson, Mrs James, 12 Pomarium street 

Simpson, Mrs James, laundress, 37 Mill street; ht 29 

Simpson, Mrs John^ greengrocer, 24 Leonard street 

Simpson, Robert, tailor, 11 Strathmore street 

Simpson, Thomas, painter, 48 Glover street 

Simpson, Thomas, labourer, 2 Rose lane 

Simpson, Wallace, laundryman, Craigie laundry 

Simpson, William, factory manager, Lebanon villa, Dunkeld road 

Simpson, William, labourer, 56 Pomarium street 

Simpson, William, tenter, 5 Low street 

Simpson, William, clerk, 22 North Methven street 

Simpson, William, labourer, 26 Whitefriars street 

Sims, Mrs William, 20 County place 

Sinclair, Alexander, ex-telegraph linesman, 39 Newrow 

Sinclair, Alexander, cleaner, 188 South street 

Sinclair, Andrew, barman, 22 Princes street 

Sinclair, Daniel, labourer, 104 South street 

Sinclair, David, labourer, 42 Barker's buildings, Market street 

Sinclair, David, caretaker, County buildings 

Sinclair, David, hatter, 12 County place 

Sinclair, David M., labourer, 324 High street 

Sinclair, George, porter, 20 Union lane 

Sinclair, George, warehouseman, 257 High street 

Sinclair, Hugh, gasmeter worker, 19 Barossa street 

Sinclair, James A. G. , stockbroker, 4 King Edward st. ; /;. 25 Rose cres. 

Sinclair, John, engine driver, 242 High street 

Sinclair, John, coach painter, 9 Alexandra street 

Sinclair, John, cycle agent, 134 South street ; h. Hillmount, Verena ter. 

Sinclair, John, platelayer, Toll house, Barnhill 

Sinclair, John, dyer's finisher, 290 High street 

Sinclair, Mrs Catherine, 75 Leonard street 

Sinclair, Mrs Christina, 36 Whitefriars street 

Sinclair, Mrs David, 8 Kirkgate 

Sinclair, Mrs Robert, 35 Watergate 

Sinclair, Mrs William, Ivy Bank, 17 Victoria street 

Sinclair, Peter, baker, 69 Princes street 

Sinclair, Robert, labourer, 335 High street 

Sinclair, Robert, fireman, 29 Pomarium street 

Sinclair, Robert A., signalman, 50 Longcauseway 

Sinclair, Thomas, parcel porter, 4 Longcauseway 

Sinclair, Thomas, 10 Cross street 

Sinclair, William, glassworker, 39 Newrow 

Sinclair, Wm., hotelkeeper, Strathmore hotel, Bridgend 

Sinclair, William, upholsterer, 44 St. John street; h. 18 Ballantine place 

Sinclair, William, warder, H.M. Prison 

Sinclair, William, joiner, Gowan Lea, Feus road 

Singer Manufacturing Company, Ltd., 18 Scott street 

Sissons, Mrs J., in South street 

Sisters of the Epiphany, 1 1 Melville street 


Sisters of Mercy, St. Joseph's Convent, Stormont street 

Skene, Leslie H., physician, H.M. Prison; h. Glenpark, Edinburgh road 

Skinner, A. P., Resid. Insp. Royal Ins. Co. Ltd., Kew-stoke, Needless rd. 

Skinner, Llenry W., clerk, 17 Inchaffray street 

Skinner, J. T. K. W. , insurance official, Nessbank, Craigie KnoWes road 

Skinner, Mrs Hannah, lodgings, 45 Kinnoull causeway 

Skinner, Mrs James, 5 Queen's avenue 

Skinner, Peter, fireman, 25 Barossa street 

Slater, Frederick C. , Gray street 

Slater, John R., chauffeur, 15 Keir street 

Slater, John R., signalman, 71 Strathmore street 

Slater, William, miller, 71 Strathmore street 

Slidders, Thos., blacksmith, 16 West Mill street 

Smail, J. & R. , wholesale ironmongers, 36 S. Methven st. ; ^.122 Glasgow rd 

Smail, James C., chemist, 8& 10 N. Methven st. ; h. 12 Queen's avenue 

Smail, Jean, 70 Wilson street 

Smail, Joseph, watchmaker and jeweller, 8 N. Methven street 

Smail, Mrs James, Knoweside, 1 Moredun terrace 

Smail, William, printer, 26 Wilson street 

Smail, William, 3 Bonavista terrace, 122 Glasgow road 

Small, Andrew, baker, 85 Glover street 

Small & Dewar, tailors, 67 George street 

Small, Elizabeth, 12 Barrack street 

Small, James, grocer, 12 Unity place, Victoria street 

Small, John, tailor, 1 1 Marshall's buildings 

Small, John, station policeman, Oakbank terrace 

Small, John, oiler, 4 Thistle lane 

Small, Kate, tailoress, 21 Market street 

Small, Mrs Alexander, 35 Pitcullen terrace 

Small, Mrs David C, 6 Rosario terrace 

Small, Mrs Jane, 8 Inchaffray street 

Small, Mrs Maggie, 26 Victoria street 

Small, Mrs Peter, 9. St Johnstoun's buildings 

Small, Mrs Samuel, 7 Ladysmith terrace, Gray street 

Small, Peter, dyeworker, Beaton's buildings, Hillyland 

Small, Peter, dry dyer, Beaton's buildings, Hillyland 

Small, Thomas, brassfinisher, 20 Scott street 

Small, William, tailor, 10 Aldie place 

Small, W. H., fish restuarant, 22 Meal vennel ; h. I Charterhouse lane 

Small, William, gardener, The Fechney lodge 

Smart & Stewart, architects and surveyors, 42 Tay st. ; h. 6 Rosemount pi. 

Smart, David, labourer, 56 George street 

Smart, Edward, b.a.,, f.r.s.e., J. p., Rector, Perth Academy, Tillyloss, 

Tullylumb terrace 
Smart, Esther, dealer, 114 South street 
Smart, James, insurance agent, 9 Market street 
Smart, James, hide leather, &c, merchant, 10 Princes street; h. Cairn 

Bank, 55 Wilson street 
Smart, James A. , mason, Bowerswell cottage, Kinnoull 
Smart, John, barman, 236 High street 
Smart, John, bottle blower, 22 Friarton buildings 



Smart, Mrs Colin M'D, 1 1 .Young street, Craigie 

Smart, Mrs James, 2 Shepherd's buildings, Cherrybank 

Smart, Thomas, fireman, 19 Mill street 

Smart, William, gardener, Veitchfield, Barnhill 

Smeaton, Adam, skin cleaner, 200 High street 

Smeaton, Alexander, railwayman, 9 Speygate 

Smeaton, David, dyer, 18 Robertson buildings, Barrack street 

Smeaton, James, skin cleaner, 7 Speygate 

Smeaton, Jean, 22 Newrow 

Smeaton, John, 4 James street 

Smeaton, John, waggon wright, 99 High street 

Smeaton, Robert, grocer's manager, 4 Jnchaffray street 

Smeaton, Robina G. , 26 Balhousie street 

Smeaton, William, baker, 12 Pomarium street 

Smieton, James, art master, Elibank, 104 Glasgow road 

Smillie, Mrs Peter, dressmaker, 16 Carpenter street 

Smith, Alexander, carriage examiner, 5 Castle terrace 

Smith, Alexander, watchman, 32 Leonard street 

Smith, Alexander, Low road, Cherrybank 

Smith, Alex. C, linen draper (of J. & D. Smith & Co.), Claremont, Kinnoull 

Smith, Alex., grain merchant (of J. & J. Smith), Mount Tabor, Kinnoull 

Smith, Andrew, dyer's cleaner, 8 Keir street 

Smith, Andrew, gas worker, 59 Scott street 

Smith, Annie M. , spirit dealer, Thistle Tavern, 235 High street; h. Thistle 

Bank, 12 Wilson street 
Smith, Annie, 25 Leonard street 

Smith, Arthur E., motor mechanic, 4 Valentine's buildings, King Edward st. 
Smith, Charles, carriage examiner, 242 High street 
Smith, Charles, 25 Verena terrace 
Smith, Charles, cashier, Elvan villa, Clyde place 

Smith, Charles K., joiner and undertaker, 70 South St.; h. 34 James st. 
Smith, Chas. R., grain merchant (of J. & J. 'Smith) ; h. 33 Kincarrathie crescent 
Smith, Charles Hamilton (of R. B. Smith & Son), Ellengowan, Almondbank 
Smith, David, painter, 78 Canal street ; k. 73 Scott street 
Smith, David, fireman, 43 Princes street 
Smith, David, warehouseman, 55 Glasgow road 

Smith, Dav. , grocer & wine mer. , 23 Hospital St.; h. Meadowbank, Pitheavlis 
Smith, David, tailor 252 High street 
Smith, David, janitor, 5 Rose terrace 
Smith, David, lorryman, 329 High street 
Smith, David, dyer's cleaner, 7 Hillyland crescent 
Smith, Donald, shepherd, 4 Viewfield place 

Smith, Elizabeth, sub-postmistress, Barnhill P.O. ; h. Carrick house 
Smith, George, policeman, 20 Leith's buildings 
Smith, George, crane inspector, 2 Albert place 
Smith, George, engine driver, 4 South Methven street 
Smith, George, railwayman, 16 King street 
Smith, H. M., clerk I.R., 40 Tay street 
Smith, Helen, housekeeper, Low road, Cherrybank 
Smith, Henry, chauffeur, 75 South street 
Smith, Isabella C, dressmaker, 25 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 


Smith. J. & D., & Co., linen drapers, &c., 13, 24, and 26 Charlotte st. 
Smith, J. & J., grain merchants, National Bank buildings, Methven street ; 

h. 33 Kincarrathie crescent 
Smith, Tames, glassblower, 21 Cow vennel 
Smith, James, evangelist, Wolseley place, 33 Friar street 
Smith, James, baker, 15 Charterhouse lane 
Smith, James, driver, 13 St. Katherine's court 
Smith, James, lorryman, 79 Pomarium street 
Smith, James, painter, 105 Scott street 
Smith, James, warehouseman, 208 High street 
Smith, James, shoemaker, 53 Longcauseway 
Smith, James, hammerman, 94 Reform place 
Smith, James, brassfinisher, 3 Park place 
Smith, James, soldier, 40 Meal vennel 
Smith, James, cooper, 1 Crieff road 
Smith, James B., glass tube maker, 1 Rose lane 
Smith, James B., retired ship master, 14 Queen's avenue 
Smith, James M., clerk, Roselea place, Jeanfield 
Smith, Jane, boarding house, 61 George street 
Smith, Jessie, clerkess, 4 Gowrie street 
Smith, Jessie, factory worker, 13 Paul street 
Smith, Jessie, 24 Canal street 
Smith, John, hay baler, 46 Main street 

Smith, John, fireman, 76 Pomarium street 
Smith, John, 21 Kincarrathie crescent 
Smith, John, fireman, 4 North port 

Smith, John, painter, 2 Victoria street 

Smith, John, warder, General Prison 

Smith, John, engineer, 5 Glover street 

Smith, John, baker, 120 High street 

Smith, John, drysalter, 339 High street 

Smith, John, porter, 69 Scott street 

Smith, John, 220 High street 

Smith, Margaret, I Pitcullen crescent 

Smith, Margaret, 73 Main street 

Smith, Mary, tailoress, 16 Union lane 

Smith, Mary, 13 Gowrie strett 

Smith, Mary Ann, 21 Gowrie street 

Smith, Mary H., 49 Pomarium street 

Smith, Mrs Alex., spirit dealer, 33-35 North Methven st. ; h. 93 Muirtonpl. 

Smith, Mrs Alexander, 73 Pomarium street 

Smith, Mrs David, Corsiehill house 

Smith, Mrs James, Clunie villa, Isla road 

Smith, Mrs James, 8 Bellavista terrace 

Smith, Mrs John, Tulloch farm 

Smith, Mrs John, 113 Scott street 

Smith, Mrs Joseph, 3 Balhousie bank 

Smith, Mrs Peter, 73 Pomarium street 

Smith, Mrs Peter, 72 Pomarium street 

Smith, Mrs R. B., The Grove, Craigie 

Smith, Mrs Thomas, newsagent &c. , sub-postmistress, 73 Princes st. ; h, 69 


Smith, Mrs Thomas, 24 Market street 

Smith, Mrs Thomas, 8 Foundry lane 

Smith, Mrs William, confectioner, 56 Princes s'reet 

Smith, Patrick, 63 Muirton place 

Smith, Peter, grocer, 5 Inchaffray street 

Smith, Peter, 54 Rose crescent 

Smith, Peter, dyer, 29 Pomarium street 

Smith, Peter C, engineer, 1 Burnside, Pitcullen terrace 

Smith, Rebecca, dressmaker, 17 South street 

Smith, Rennie W. , grain merchant, 6 Tullylumb terrace 

Smith, Robert, vanman, 1 1 Co-op. buildings, 25 Whitefriars street 

Smith, Robert, coal salesman, 151 High street 

Smith, Robert, casemaker, 120 Canal crescent 

Smith, Robert, guard, 7 St. Jane's place, 41 Friar street 

Smith, Robert B. , & Son, Ltd., wine merchants — offices, 68-70 St. Johnst. 

Smith, Thomas, gardener, Springbank lodge, Bridgend 

Smith, Thomas, 347 High street 

Smith, Thomas, gardener, 24 Canal street 

Smith, William, compositor, 66 Princes street 

Smith, William, 98 Pomarium street 

Smith, William, cooper, 4 Hawarden terrace 

Smith, William, P.O. clerk, 5 Castle terrace, Needless road 

Smith, William M., brakesman 51 Kinnoull causeway 

Smith, William M., cemetery worker, 70 Long causeway 

Smith, W. L., P.O. lineman, 17 Castlegable 

Smith, W. R., painter, 22 Gowrie street ; h. 20 

Smyth, J. Ross, teacher, Laggan, Clyde place, Needless road 

Smyth, Tohn, district traffic supt., Caledonian railway, I Leonard bank 

Smythe, P. M., Provost of St. Ninian's Cathedral, Braco, Isla road 

Sneddon, And. M., solicitor (Pinkerton & Sneddon), Viewmount, Bellwood pk, 

Snell, William, tramway manager, Beulah, Jeanfield 

Society of Solicitors and Library, County buildings 

Soldiers and Sailors Families Association, n High street 

Soldiers and Sailors Help Society, club rooms, 2 Barossa street 

Soldiers and Sailors Home, 25 Scott street 

Somerville, James, ordained missionary, U.F.C., 24 Balhousie street 

Somerville, Julia, 217 High street 

Sorley, David, dyer's finisher, 194 High street 

Sorlie, Mrs Daniel, 55 Strathmore street 

Soutar, Alfred, postman, 12 South Inch terrace 

Soutar, Donald, warehouseman, 49 Leonard street 

Soutar, George, dyer's finisher, 4 Inchaffray street 

Soutar, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 1 1 Kinnoull street ; h. Garry 

cottage, 9 Unity terrace, Crieff road 
Soutar, fames, carriage cleaner, 7 Whitefriars street 
Soutar, James B., 14 Campbell's buildings 
Soutar, jane C, dressmaker, 13^ York place 
Soutar, John, joiner, Norma, 26 Wilson street 
Soutar, John W. , porter, 9 Inchaffray street 
Soutar 6c M 'Queen, joiners and contractors, 313 High street 
Soutar, Robert, baker, 79 South Methven street ; h. 77 


Soutar, William, clerk, 3 Viewfield place 

Southern District School — Headmaster, W. P. Nairne 

Spalding, Mrs Agnes, caretaker, 25 George street 

Spalding, R., & Son, skinners and wool merchants, St. Catherine's road 

Spark, James K. , guard, 51 Glover street 

Sparks, Jessie, 10 Kinnaird bank 

Speedie, Alexander, farmer, Gowrie house, 48 Tay street 

Speedie, Andrew, mason, Low road, Cherrybank 

Speedie, Charles, ropespinner, 20 Robertson's buildings 

Speedie, John, mason, 27 Whitefriars street 

Speedie, Mrs Alex. , 86 Reform place 

Speirs & Co., James, sweeps, 8 St. Andrew street; //. 179 South street 

Speirs, Mrs John, charwoman, 43 Stormont street 

Spiers, Mrs Robert, 42 Atholl street 

Speirs, William, waggon examiner, 4 Market street 

Spence, Andrew, packer, 12 Shields' place 

Spence, Hay, French cleaner, 2 Ballantine place 

Spence, James, dyer's finisher, 23 Whitefriars street 

Spence, John, engineer, 20 County place 

Spence, Mrs George, 2 Brown street 

Spence, Mrs James, tailoress, 6 Viewfield place 

Spence, William, fruiterer, 61 North Methven street 

Spinks, Geo., cooper, 10 Orrock place 

Spittal, Brodie, engineman, 34 St. John street 

Sprunt, John, storeman, 83 Glover street 

Sprunt, Mrs John, 6 Abbot street 

Sprunt, Thomas, joiner, 20 Leonard street 

Squire, Forester, market gardener, Broomhill cottage, Burghmuir 

Staig, Andrew, joiner, Kinnaird cottage, 39 Verena terrace 

Staig, Andrew (Cramb & Staig, builders), St. Andrew's street ; h. Viewfield 

cottage, Viewlands road 
Staig, James, tenter, 3 Baker's buildings 
Staig, Wm., 7 Low street 

Staines, Henry, verger, Ivy bank, 17 Victoria street 
Starforth, William, coal & cement merchant, St. Leonard's bank ; h. Cleadon, 

42 Glasgow road 
Stark, James, guard, 13 Inchaffray street 

Stark, John F. , Ltd., timber merchants, Princes Street sawmills 
Stark, Mrs Wm. , 2 Keir villa, Strathmore street 

Stark, Johh F., timber mercht., j6 Princes st. ; h. The Pines, Glasgow rd. 
Station Hotel, Leonard street ; A. Foster, manager 
Stead & Simpson, Limited, boot manufacturers, 193- 195 High street 
Steedman, Robert, engine driver, 7 Ladysmith terrace 
Steel, John Sydney, artist, 1 Rosemount place 
Steel, Mrs Jessie, 13 St. James place 
Steel, William, blacksmith, 48 George street 
Steele, Archibald, warder, H.M. Prison 
Steele, David, butcher, 341 High street 
Steele, David, joiner. 47 Strathmore street 
Steele, David, grocer, 51 Strathmore street ; //. 47 
Steele, Henry V., warder, H.M. Prison 


Steele, George, shunter, 5 Brown street 

Steele, James, labourer, 9 Milne street 

Steele, James, joiner, Annat cottage, Bowerswell road 

Steele, James, dyer, 31 Canal street 

Steele, John R. , clerk, 12 Crichton place 

Steele, Mrs George, 32 West Mill street 

Steele, William, proprietor, Royal George Hotel and garage, 57 George 

street — stock rooms, 44, 45, 65 George street 
Stein, Alexander, cutter, Albany place, Friar street 
Stenhouse, Alexander, & Co., joiners and funeral undertakers, 8 Main street, 

Bridgend ; h. 12a Rose terrace 
Stenhouse, Alex., retired, 4 Dupplin road 

Stenhouse, A. R. , Hope & Blyth, insurance brokers, 14 High street 
Stenhouse, Mrs James, 19 Charterhouse lane 
Stenning, Edward A. , manager, Brahan lodge 
Stenning, Philip M., gardener, 2 Brahan cottages 
Stephen, Alexander L., silk finisher, 9 Ballantine place 
Stephen, Charles, police sergeant, 2 Hawarden terrace 
Stephen, John, 21 Stormont street 

Stephens, W. S. C, assistant inspector of taxes, Wilson street 
Stephenson, Andrew J., 3 Moredun square 
Stephenson, Sydney C., surveyor, 38 Tay street 
Steven, George, boxmaker, 19 Leonard street 
Steven, Mrs. James, 22 Abbot street 
Steven, William, commercial traveller, 6 Evelyn terrace 
Stevens, Mrs Solomon, 21 Market street 
Stevenson, George, fireman, 15 Ballantine place 
Stevenson, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd., card boxmakers, Feus road 
Stevenson, James, electrician, 35 Commercial street 
Stevenson, Mrs Archibald, 5 Moredun terrace 
Stevenson, Mrs Charles, The Cottage, 8 Stormont street 
Stevenson, Mrs Edward, 26 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Stevenson, William, mechanic, 40 South Methven street 
Stewart, Adam E. A., draughtsman, 10 Rose crescent 
Stewart, Alexander, painter, 8 Craigie place 

Stewart, Alexander, solicitor, 31 George st. ; h. Mount Grange, Glasgow rd. 
Stewart, Alexander, stableman, Commisssoner's Yard, Shore 
Stewart, Alexander, fish dealer, 8 South William st. ; h. 14 Friarton bdgs. 
Stewart, Alex., Carlton Billiard Rooms, 183 South st. ; //. 13 Ladysmith ter 
Stewart, Alexander, fish dealer, 10 South William street ; h. 4 Kirk close 
Stewart, Alexander, porter, ^y St Catherine's road 
Stewart, Alexander R. , labourer, 151 High street 
Stewart & Dick, wholesale grocers, King Edward street 
Stewart & Edwards, dentists, 23 Princes street 
Stewart & Nairne, joiners, 23 Mill street ; h Rockbank, Craigie 
Stewart, Alice, St. Ottilia's cottage, Jeanfield 
Stewart, Andrew, carpet weaver, 6 Newrow 
Stewart, Angus, lorryman, 33 Pomarium street 
Stewart, Angus, labourer, 7 Leonard street 
Stewart, Annie, apartments, 5 Charlotte place 
Stewart, Archibald, clerk, 27 Whitefriars street 


Stewart, Catherine, shopkeeper, 6 Cow vennel 

Stewart, Charles, 289 High Street 

Stewart, Charles, Stanley Villa, 71 Craigie road 

Stewart, Charles, gardener, 112 Canal crescent 

Stewart, Charles, painter, 28 Whitefriars street 

Stewart, Charles, platelayer, 76 Tay street 

Stewart, C. Parker (Dr.), B.Sc, Rockville, Fairmount terrace, Barnhill 

Stewart, Charlotte, milliner, 138 High street ; h. 7 1 Princes street 

Stewart Christina, tobacconist & confectioner, 71 George st. ; h. 2 Victoria st 

Stewart, Colin, 17 Princes street 

Stewart, D. & C, fruiterers, confectioners, and fishmongers, St. Leonard's 

bridge and Glasgow road ; h. Beaufort, Needless road 
Stewart, Daniel, retired, Beaufort, Needless road 
Stewart, Daniel A., architect, 42 Tay street ; h. 6 Rosemount place 
Stewart, David, cooper, 10 South street 
Stewart, David, shunter, 7 Miin? street 
Stewart, David, water manager, 6 Dragon terrace 
Stewart, David, 1 1 Thimblerow 
Stewart, David, fireman, 87 Watergate 
Stewart, David, bleacher, 57 Pomarium street 
Stewart, Donald, warder, H. M. Prison 

Stewart, Duncan, Friendly Society Secretary, 14a York place 
Stewart, Duncan, merchant (of Stewart & Dick), 37 Kincarrathie crescent 
Stewart, Duncan, blacksmith, Dyeworks lodge, Dunkeld road 
Stewart, Duncan, fireman, 9 South Incn ten ace 
Stewart, Ebenezer, glass blower, 5 Castlegable 
Stewart, Elizabeth, 36 Scott street 

Stewart, Elizabeth, dairy, 108 South street ; h. 22 High street 
Stewart, Ferguson, gas collector, 186 High street 
Stewart, Frank, porter, 53 Glover street 
Stewart, George, lorry man, 72 Watergate 
Stewart, George, photographer, 8 Hospital street 
Stewart, George, yardsman, 9 South Inch terrace 
Stewart, George, joiner, Inchbank house, Bridgend 
Stewart, George, railwayman, 87 High street 
Stewart, G. & M., stationers & tobacconists, 25 South street ; h. 39 and 43 

St John street 
Stewart, Harriet, dressmaker, 42 George street 
Stewart, Helen, Dungarthill, Cherrybank 

Stewart, Henry G., hairdresser, 2 County place; h. Woodcote, Scone 
Stewart, Henry, coalman, 68 St John street 
Stewart, Hope, slater, 36 Closeburn terrace, Feus road 
Stewart, Isabella, 48 Leonard street 
Stewart, Isabella, 18 Thimblerow 
Stewart, Isabella, tailoress, 53 Kinnoull street 
Stewart, James, plasterer, 11 Atholl street 
Stewart, James, labourer, 71 St. Katherine's court 
Stewart, James, glovedresser, 256 High street 
Stewart, James, warder, H.M. Prison 
Stewart, James, joiner, 34 Atholl street 
Stewart, James, plasterer, 1 1 Skinnergate 


Stewart, James, brushmaker, 5 East Bridge street 

Stewart, James, railway policeman, 11 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Stewart, James, butcher, Calvine cottage, Corsiehill 

Stewart, James, grocer, 14 East Bridge street 

Stewart, James, surfaceman, 58 Longcauseway 

Stewart, James, retired, 18 James street 

Stewart, James, painter, 39 Canal street 

Stewart, James, shepherd, White cottages, Jeanfield 

Stewart, James, plumber, 4 Market street 

Stewart, James, caretaker, The Lodge, Friarton 

Stewart, James, retired, Carrick house, Barnhill 

Stewart, James, plasterer, 18 George street 

Stewart, James, surgeon dentist, l.d.s. (Edin.), 23 Princes street ; h. 

Grianan, Brompton terrace 
Stewart, James, fish dealer, 4 St. Ann's lane 
Stewart, James, railwayman, 35 Cross street 
Stewart, James, 33 Scott street 

Stewart, fames, glass blower, 10 Cornhill terrace, Jeanfield 
Stewart, James, butcher, 93 South street 
Stewart, James, labourer, 13 St Ann's lane 
Stewart, James C, tenter, 13 Hammerman buildings 
Stewart, James C, wood turner, 31 Canal street 
Stewart, James D. & Sons, plasterers, 14 Victoria street 
Stewart, James F. , fireman, 24 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 
Stewart, fames N., chemical manure manufacturer, Magdalen bank, 

Stewart, Tames T., brushmaker, 146 High street 
Stewart, Jane, 2 Edin terrace 
Stewart, Janette, Wellwood villa, Friar street 
Stewart, Jessie, Beaton's buildings, Hillyland 
Stewart, Jessie, weaver, 13 Paul street 
Stewart, John, mechanic, 7 Milne street 
Stewart, John, fish dealer, 39 Castlegable 
Stewart, John, caretaker, 21 Tulloch place 
Stewart, John, vanman, 29 Pomarium street 
Stewart, John, dyer's preparer, 9 Princes street 
Stewart, John, clerk, 6 Abbot street 
Stewart, John, basketworker, 49 Leonard street 
Stewart, John, retired, 2 Salisbury terrace 
Stewart, John, pastry baker, 23 Kirkgate 
Stewart, John, saddler, 11 Aldie place 
Stewart, John, clerk, 56 George street 
Stewart, John, porter, 359 High street 
Stewart, John, head postman, 10 Atholl street 
Stewart, John, plumber, 68 Watergate 
Stewart, John, gardener, 17 Castlegable 

Stewart, John, bank agent, British Linen Bank ; h. Sunnybower, Kinnoull 
Stewart, John, scavenger, 3 Clayholes 
Stewart, John, signal fitter, 53 Kinnoull causeway 
Stewart, John, plumber, 12 Aldie place 
Stewart, John A-, & Campbell, solicitors, n.p. , 5 St. John street 


Stewart & Co., John, engineers, St. Andrew's square ; //. 50 Glasgow 

road. See advt. 
Stewart, John A., plumber, 4 Market street 
Stewart, John B. , merchant, 77 Pomarium street 
Stewart, John H., retired teacher, Inchbank 

Stewart, John T., brushmaker, 133 High street ; h. 25 James street 
Stewart, John W., cabinetmaker, 13 Muirhall terrace 
Stewart, Lizzie, 22 High street 
Stewart, Margaret, 10 Paul street 
Stewart, Margaret L., dressmaker, 3 Melville street 
Stewart, Margaret R., dairy, Victoria street ; h. 6 
Stewart, Margaret T. , matron, Burghmuir Hospital 
Stewart, Mary, ironer, 12 North Methven street 
Stewart, Mary R., dyeworker, 23 Hammerman's buildings 
Stewart, Miss, Oakbank cottage, Cherrybank 
Stewart, Misses, Hazelbank, Manse road 
Stewart, Mrs Adam E., 21 South Methven street 
Stewart, Mrs Alexander, 1 1 Barossa street 
Stewart, Mrs Alexander, 300 High street 
Stewart, Mrs Alex., 32 Pitcullen terrace 
Stewart, Mrs Alex., 50 Whitefriars street 
Stewart, Mrs Alex., 48 Scott street 
Stewart, Mrs Daniel, 2 Victoria street 
Stewart, Mrs David, 58 Longcauseway 
Stewart, Mrs Donald, 8 Inchaffray street 
Stewart, Mrs Duncan, 70 South street 
Stewart, Mrs Frank, 38 Barossa street 
Stewart, Mrs George, 32 Hospital street 
Stewart, Mrs Georgina, dairy, 3 Paul street ; h. 5 
Stewart, Mrs Grace, 2 North Port 
Stewart, Mrs Harry, 6 Brown street 
Stewart, Mrs James, 3 Stormont street 
Stewart, Mrs James, 14 Friarton buildings 
Stewart, Mrs James, 40 Albany place, Friar street 
Stewart, Mrs James, 69 Glover street 
Stewart, Mrs James, Croft park, Craigie 
Stewart, Mrs James, 30 York place 
Stewart, Mrs James, 208 High street 
Stewart, Mrs James, Rose cottage, Isla road 
Stewart, Mrs James, 33 Newrow 
Stewart, Mrs Jane, 18 Queen street 
Stewart, Mrs John, 24 Campbell's buildings 
Stewart, Mrs John, 6 Victoria street 
Stewart, Mrs John, 3 Melville street 
Stewart, Mrs John, 59 Newrow 

Stewart, Mrs John, 10 Co-operative bldgs, Whitefriars street 
Stewart, Mrs John A., Brafassi, Barnhill 

Stewart, Mrs Margaret, caretaker, Parish Council Office, 24 York place 
Stewart, Mrs Mary, 39 Princes street 

Stewart, Mrs Mary, 20 Campbell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Stewart, Mrs Menzies M'D., Craigower, Gray street 


Stewart, Mrs Peter, 6 Queen's avenue 

Stewart, Mrs Peter, watchmaker, 18 Methven buildings 

Stewart, Mrs R. C, 23 Unity place, 91 Scott street 

Stewart, Mrs Robert, Ann Stewart House, Burghmuir 

Stewart, Mrs Simon, 39 Leonard street 

Stewart, Mrs Thomas, 158 High street 

Stewart, Mrs Thomas, 120 Canal crescent 

Stewart, Mrs Thomas, 300 High street 

Stewart, Peter, grazier, Claremont, 135 Glasgow road 

Stewart, Peter, tailor, 4 King Edward street 

Stewart, Peter, labourer, 96 South street 

Stewart, Peter, retired, Isla cottage, Feus road 

Stewart, Peter, tailor, 123 High street 

Stewart, Peter, labourer, 41 Main street 

Stewart, Peter, retired, Springbank, Bridgend 

Stewart, Peter, wood contractor, 18 North William street 

Stewart, Peter, shoemaker, 5 Viewfield place 

Stewart, Peter, joiner, 3 St. Paul's square 

Stewart, Peter, Gordon cottage, 47 Verena terrace 

Stewart & Co., Robt., commission agents, 30 North Methven street 

Stewart, Robert, clerk, 71 Princes street 

Stewart, Robert, solicitor, 68 St. John st., secretary, Perthshire Chamber 

of Commerce ; h. Benarty, Balhousie avenue 
Stewart, Robert, fitter, 81 Leonard street 
Stewart, Robert, yardsman, 14 Longcauseway 

Stewart, Robert, inspector of poor, 22 York place ; k. 33 Balhousie street 
Stewart, Robert, auctioneer, Rosebank cottage, Dunkeld road 
Stewart, Robert, painter, 104 South street - 
Stewart, Robert, glassworker, 24 Market street 
Stewart, Robert, clerk, 29 Canal street 
Stewart, Robert, railway policeman, 17 Market street 
Stewart, Robert, plumber, 8 Tulloch cottages 
Stewart, Robert, engine driver, 35 South Inch terrace 
Stewart, R., & Sons, fine art dealer, 39-43 St. John st.; h. 41 St. John st. 
Stewart, Thomas, butcher, 18 Caledonian road 
Stewart, Thomas, retired, 67 South street 

Stewart, W. G., grocer, 15 South Methven st ; h. 23 Robertson's bldgs. 
Stewart, William, retired, 62 Rose crescent 

Stewart, William, engine driver, 27 St. Jane's place, 35 Friar street 
Stewart, William, engine driver, 9 Raeburn place, Abbot street 
Stewart, William, retired, 79 Scott street 
Stewart, William, labourer, 41 Meal vennel 
Stewart, William, mason, 1 Lickley street 
Stewart, William, dyer's finisher, 10 Friarton buildings 
Stewart, William, 37 Cross street 
Stewart, William, cleaner, 9 Milne street 
Stewart, William, sheep dealer, Dunearn, 3 Western avenue 
Stewart, William J. , Craigie Poultry Yards Company, Craigie 
Stewarts Clothiers Limited, 164-6 High street 
Stibbles, David, cleaner, 14 Cross street 
Stibbles, John, basketmaker, 55 Canal street 


Stibbles, John, Lasketmaker, 9 George street ; h. 116 South street 

Stibbles, John, waggon inspector, 116 South street 

Stibbles, William, stoker, 93 South street 

Stirling, Alexander, supervisor, I.R., retired, Mofven, 35 fcincarrathie cres. 

Stirling, Alexander, joiner, 13 Atholl street 

Stirling, James, baker and confectioner, 32 Priory plaCe ; h. Balagan 58 

Wilson street, Craigie 
Stirling, James H. , cashier, 6 Castle terrace 
Stirling, Jane, finisher, 125 Canal crescent 
Stirling, John F. , baker, I Kinnaird bank, Craigie 
Stirling, Miss C. H., Kinnoull Cottage 
Stirling, Robert, M.D., P.R.C.S.E. , 4 Atholl place 
Stirling, William, clerk, 82 Glasgow road 
Stirton, Alexander, guard, 50 Glover street 
Stirton, James, saddler, 15 Market street 
Stirton, James, saddler, 15 High street 
Stirton, John, 5 Cross street 
Stirton, Mrs James, 31 Newrow 
Stirton, Mrs John, 44 Main street 
Stirton, Mrs Stewart, 6 Craigie crescent 
StiPtOn, S., & Son, saddlers and harness makers, 13 High street; h. 15 

See advt. 
Stirton, Thomas, retired, Gowrie bank, Barnhill 
Stirton, William, clerk, 43 Leonard street 
Stobie, Alex., baker, 6 Raeburn place 
Stobie, G. & A., fishmongers, fruiterers and poulterers, 187 High street; 

h. 30 King street 
Stobie, George, fruiterer, etc. , 30 King street 
Stobie, Hugh, joiner, 8 Barossa place 
Stobie, Hugh, joiner, 7 Inchaffray street 
Stobie, John, railwayman, Mafeking villa, Jeanfield 
Stobie, John, gardener, Farm house, Moncreiffe Island 
Stobie, Joseph, surgeon dentist, 14 St. John street 
Stoddart, Alexander, fireman, Alexandra cottage, Hillyland 
Stoddart, Andrew, cleaner, 25 Leonard street 
Stoddart, Lawrence, labourer, 54 Leonard street 
Stoddart, Mrs Robert, 7 Tulloch place 
Stoddart, Robert, cleaner, 25 Barossa street 
Stoddart, Thomas, clerk, 5 Methven buildings, County place 
Storey, R. A., draper, 61 South Methven st. ; h. 157 Glasgow road 
Storie, George, market gardener, Upper Springfield, Isla road 
Storrar, Alex. B., grocer and wine merchant, 50 High st. ; h. 46 Atholl st. 
Storrar, Mrs Laurence, 8 Evelyn terrace 
Stott, Robert, gardener, 4 Brunswick terrace, Craigie 
Strachan, Alexander, retired, Fernlea, 3 Wilson street 
Strachan, Alexander, shunter, 20 Barker's buildings, Milne street 
Strachan, Christina, 20 Priory place 
Strachan, David, cabinetmaker, 21 King street 

Strachan, David, pattern maker, 25 Methven buildings, County place 
Strachan, Edward, bank clerk, 13 Kinfauns crescent 
Strachan, George, painter, 15 Ballantine place 

General directory. 223 

Strachan, George, grocer, 76 Canal street; h. 73 Scolt sttcet 

Strachan, James, weaver, 28 Meal vennel 

Strachan, John, gardener, 3 Lindsay's buildings 

Strachan, Mrs Andrew, 42 Skinnergate 

Strachan, Mrs John, caretaker, Union Bank, 19 Skinnergate 

Strachan, Susan, 6 Mill close 

Strachan, William, draughtsman, 8 Florence place 

Straitton, Mrs Margaret, 14 Whitefriars street 

Strang, Adam, master warehouseman, Norwood, 137 Glasgow road 

Strang, Alexander, joiner (of Strang & M'Lagan), Croftpark, Craigie 

Strang, Catherine, 6 North Methven street 

Strang & M'Lagan, joiners & funeral undertakers, 210 High st. 

Strang, Margaret, dairy keeper, 4 North Methven street ; h. 6 

Strang, Mrs Peter, 22 King street 

Strang, Peter, solicitor and N.P. , 58 South Methven street ; h. 22 King st. 

Strang, Thomas, gardener, Summerbank lodge 

Strang, William, signalman, 7 Alexandra street 

Strathdee, Mrs, Stewart, Edina villa, 23 Friar street 

Strathearn, Allan, labourer, 12 Pomarium street 

Strathearn, David, 18 Thimblerow 

Strathearn, David, gardener, 97 Leonard street 

Strathearn, George, 22 Thimblerow 

Strathearn, James, labourer, 23 Thimblerow 

Strathearn, James, surfaceman, 242 High street 

Strathearn, Rev. John, M.A., minister, St. Stephen's Parish Church 

Strathearn, John, dyer's finisher, 208 High street 

Strathearn, Mrs. John, 68 St. Katherine's court 

Strathearn, William, porter, 4 St. Katherine's court 

Strathearn, William, 33 Canal street 

Stratton, Alex., baker, 134 and 136 High street 

Stratton, Alexander, gasmaker, 43 Stormont street 

Straiton, Charles, 8 Cow vennel 

Stratton, David, joiner, 43 Stormont street 

Stratton, George, sweep, 3 Thimblerow 

Stratton, Mrs, 17 Methven buildings, Newrow 

Stratton, Wm., 3 Bridge lane 

Strong, Robert A , salesman. 16 Ballantine place 

Stronnar, Mrs Robert, apartments, 7 Balhousie street 

Stuart, Catherine, 29 Whitefriar street 

Stuart, Charles, painter, 30 Longcauseway 

Stuart, Charles C. , M.B., CM., 56 Hay street 

Stuart, C. C. , Ltd. , grocers & wine mer., 47 S. Methven st. and 12 Charles st. 

Stuart, James, shoemaker, 5 Valentine's buildings, King Edward street 

Stuart, lames W., caretaker, 8 Longcauseway 

Stuart, John B., merchant, 92 Pomarium street 

Stuart, John B., merchant, 88 Victoria street 

Stuart, Mrs Charles C. , Woodside, Balhousie 

Stuart, Mary, 13 \ York place 

Stuart, Walter, wine merchant, 12 Charles street ; h. 34 Balhousie street 

Sturrock, George, overseer P.O., 9 Muirhall terrace 

Sturrock, James, telegraphist, 14 Moncieiffe terrace 


Styles, Charles, surveyor, II Rosemount place 

Styles, John Frank, slater, 51 Kinnoull causeway 

Sullivan, John, labourer, 13 Leonard street 

Sullivan, Martin, warder, H.M. Prison 

Summers, John, teacher, Fairfield, Cornhill terrace 

Sutherland, Ann, Croft park, Burnside, Craigie 

Sutherland, Agnes, shop assistant, 28 Craigie place 

Sutherland, David, guard, 19 Queen street 

Sutherland, James, yardsman, 1 1 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Sutherland, James, guard, 5 Brown street 

Sutherland, John, 126 High street 

Sutherland, John, baker, 6 Barossa street 

Sutherland, Mrs Archibald, Roseisle, 117 Glasgow road 

Sutherland, Mrs Thomas, 7 Milne street 

Sutor, Mrs John A., Tayview, Craigie 

Suttie, A. P., traveller, Northolm, 1 Western avenue 

Suttie, John, sawmiller, 31 Leonard street 

Suttie, Mrs James, 49 Strathmore street 

Suttie, Mrs James, 25 Strathmore street 

Suttie, Peter, boxmaker, Stevenson's cottage, Feus road 

Sutton, Randolph, clerk, York corner 

Swallow, George, musician, Rowanlea, Needless road 

Swan, Helen, 49 Stormont street 

Swan, James, baker, 41 Meal vennel 

Swan, John, coachbuilder, 27 St. Katherine's court 

Swan, Mrs James, 33 Pomarium street . 

Swan, Mrs Robert, 26 Leonard street 

Swan, Mrs. Wm., 59 South street 

Swan, William, salesman, 9 Milne street 

Swan, William, sawmiller, 13 Union lane 

Swanston, Mrs Jane, 123 Scott street 

Swanston, Mrs Janet, Avon villa, 30 Abbot street 

Sweeney, Eugene, barrack warden, 4 Priory place 

Sword, Alexander, labourer, 96 South street 

Sword, James, labourer, 158 High street 

Sword, Mrs David, 8 Orrock place 

Sword, Mrs Jane, 357 High street 

Sword, Robert, joiner, 66 Rose crescent 

Sword, William W., joiner, 26 Whitefriars street 

Syme, Donald, A.p.C, 4 King Edward street 

Syme, George, guard, 64 Glover street 

Syme, James, bottler, 220 High street 

Syme, John, plumber, 47 Strathmore street 

Syme, Madge, 19 St. Katherine's court 

Syme, Mrs. Andrew, Muirton bank, Balhousie 

Symon, John, carter, 17 Glover street 

Tainsh, Alexander, grocer, 98 High' street; h. Northlea, Dunkeld road ; 
Tainsh, Alfred P., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 12-14 Main street 

h. Hawthorn bank, Dunkeld road 
Tainsh, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 98 High street 

One of the most comprehensive 
stocks of Motor Requirements 
in Scotland is t0 be found inour 

kkr ^vvvimm extensive premises. 

We can deliver many of the most sought after Cars from 
Stock, and at all times carry a full range of tyres, lubricants, 
and supplies and accessories of every description. Our repair 
shops are equipped on the most modern lines, and cover an 
area of over 8000 square feet. 



St. John's Foundry and 
Engineering: Company, Limited. 


Makers of Water Wheels, Band Saw Machines, 
Saw Benches, Capstans, &c. 

Repairs to Machinery of all Kinds 



Telegrams: "St. John's Foundry, Perth," 'Phone No. 12. 

Jobn Douglas $ Son 


Preserve Manufacturers, 

IT does not matter what you buy in 
JAM— from the plain "Plum and 
Apple" or " Rhubarb and Ginger" 
up to "King's Own Strawberry" or the 
" Aristocratic Apricot "—if it is Douglas's 
Manufacture — the Quality will be all 
right. Our Special Process ensures the 
full Flavour of the freshly gathered Fruit 
being retained. 

QUALITY is our P1AAIP1. 


Tainsh, Mrs Barbara, 10 Foundry lane 
Tait, Alex. R., postman, 18 Closeburn terrace 
Tait, David R. , clerk, 13 Closeburn terrace 
Tait, Duncan H , cooper, 4 Hawarden terrace 
Tait, James, fruit merchant, I Dragon terrace 
Tait, John, gardener, 14 Cow vennel 

Tait, Mrs William, 18 Marshall's buildings, King Edward street 
Tait, William, chauffeur. 67 Strathmore street 
Talbot, Miss C, 69 North Methven street 
Tannahill, D. J., printer, Studleigh, Kinnoull 
Tannahill, John, retired warder, Feus road 
Tanner, William H., Excise officer, 2 Queen's avenue 
Tasker, Mrs Thomas, 3 Unity terrace 
Tavendale, Alexander, railwayman, 59 Kinnoull street 
Tay Distillery Co., Isla road — J. & R. Morison, secretaries 
Tay Salmon Fisheries Co., Ltd., St. Leonard's bank 
Taylor, Alexander, iron turner, 188 South street 
Taylor, Alex. , gardener, 4 Brahan cottage 
Taylor, Alexander, brakesman, 65 Pomarium street 

Taylor, Alexander S., contractors foreman, Dunsinane View, Cherry bank 
Taylor, Alice, 6 Mill close 

Taylor, Allan G., secretary, Abertay, 25 Muirton place 
Taylor, Ann, 95 High street 

Taylor, Arthur, dyer's finisher, 6 Carpenter street 
Taylor Bros., contractors, 32 and 36 Kinnoull street ; k. 20 
Taylor, Christina, 44 Commercial street 

Taylor, Daniel, hatter, 101 High street ; h. 5 Bellavista terrace 
Taylor, David, contractor (of D. & R. Taylor), Kinnoull villa, 40 Balhousie st. 
Taylor, David, teacher, 4 Claremont place 
Taylor, David, contractor, 4 Ballantine place 
Taylor, David, glove dyer, 16 Tulloch terrace, Tulloch 
Taylor, David, clerk, 1 1 So. William street 
Taylor, David, railwayman, 158 High street 
Taylor, David, market gardener, Greenknowe, Barnhill 
Taylor, David, coachman, 8 Murray stteet 
Taylor, David, hoistman, 120 High street 
Taylor, David, china merchant, 321 High street 
Taylor, David, glassblower, 78 Scott street 
Taylor, D. & R., contractors, 40 Balhousie street 
Taylor, Ed. Natuna, solicitor, 1 Spens crescent 
Taylor, Elizabeth, dairy, Cherrybank house, Cherrybank 
Taylor, George, foreman of cleansing, 28 Gowrie streec 
Taylor, George, railway servant, 38 Glover street 
Taylor, George, sawmiller, 4 Rose lane 
Taylor, George, stickbreaker, 30 Newrow 
Taylor, George, chauffeur, 8 Commercial street 

Taylor, George, tailor, 38 North Methven street ; /;. 31 Priory place 
Taylor, George, stationer and tobacconist, 50 Scott st. ; //. 4 Windsor ter. 
Taylor, Hugh, brushmaker, Burton place, 23 Nelson street 
Taylor, Hugh, dyer's cleaner, 17 Watergate 
Taylor, Isabella, dyer's finisher, 84 Pomarium street 


Taylor, J. H., brush and basket maker, 133 High street ; /?. 131 

Taylor, James, dyer's cleaner, 39 North Methven street 

Taylor, James, timekeeper, 2 Tulloch cottages 

Taylor, James, railway checker, 15 Ladysmith terrace 

Taylor, James, labourer, 105 High street 

Taylor, James, yardsman, 6 Brown street 

Taylor, James M., brush and basket maker (of J. & H. Taylor), 131 High st. 

Taylor, Jane, lady's maid, 10 Atholl street 

Taylor, Jean L. K., teacher, 9 Park place, Craigie 

Taylor, Jeanie, confectioner, 188 High street; h. York corner, York place 

Taylor, John, dyer, 20 Shields' place 

Taylor, John, storekeeper, Amulree, 46 Wilson street, Craigie 

Taylor, John, labourer, 136 High street 

Taylor, John, carter, 55 West Mill street 

Taylor, John, bellhanger, 357 High street 

Taylor, John H, storekeeper, Jasamine villa, Hillyland 

Taylor, John K., tobacconist and stationer, Fair Maid's House, 196 High 

street and St. Leonard's Bridge (sub- P.O.) ; h 68 Craigie road 
Taylor, Joseph, fireman, 85 Reform place 
Taylor, Malcolm, shunter, 1 1 Cross street 
Taylor, Mary, 16 Barossa street 
Taylor, Mary Ann, sewer, 37 Stormont street 
Taylor, Matthew M., P.O. clerk, 5 Windsor terrace 
Taylor, Mrs Andrew, 9 Pomarium street 
Taylor, Mrs Catherine, 8 North port 
Taylor, Mrs David, 13 Ballantine place 
Taylor, Mrs David, 15 James street 
Taylor, Mrs George, Glencairn, 63 Craigie road 
Taylor, Mrs Helen, 30 Commercial street 
Taylor, Mrs Henry, Ivybank, Kinnoull 

Taylor, Mrs James, feather dresser, 98 Scott street 

Taylor, Mrs John, 51 Glover street 

Taylor, Mrs John, 13 St. Ann's lane 

Taylor, Mrs Margaret, 43 Cross street 

Taylor, Mrs Robert, dairykeeper, Hillhead, Burghmuir 

Taylor, Mrs Thomas M'D., 28 Caledonian road 

Taylor, Peter, tobacconist and stationer, 241 High st. ; h. 46 Atholl street 

Taylor, Peter, reliefman, 73 Watergate 

Taylor, Peter, compositor, 67 Strathmore street 

Taylor, Rebecca, shop assistant, 68 Craigie road 

Taylor, Robert, contractor, 22 Kinnoull street 

Taylor, Robert, butcher, 8 St. Ann's lane 

Taylor, Robert, cleaner, 8 Tulloch place 

Taylor, Robert, French cleaner, 4 Tulloch terrace 

Taylor, Robert, French cleaner, 28 Tulloch terrace 

Taylor, Robert J., porter, 87 Watergate 

Taylor, Thomas, clerk of works, 7 Kinnaird bank 

Taylor, Thomas, butcher, 129 High street; h. Ivybank, Kinnoull 

Taylor, Thomas, slater, 16 Milne street 

Taylor, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 46 Carr croft 

Taylor, William, mason, 1 Viewfield place 


Taylor, William, joiner, 158 High street 

Taylor, William, sawmiller, 5 James street 

Taylor, William, pedlar, 12 South street; h. 59 South street 

Taylor, William, draper's assistant, 34 Newrow 

Taylor, William, skin dresser, 105 Scott street 

Taylor, William, compositor, Craigie Park terrace 

Taylor, William, dyer's finisher, 6 Thistle lane 

Taylor, William, gardener, Inglismount, Burghmuir 

Taylor, William A., m.b., cm., Riversdale 

'leal, Tom, B.B. picture manager, 9 Balhousie street 

Telfer, Frederick J., insurance superintendent, 3 Windsor terrace 

Telford, Christopher, bookstall manager, Nance bank, Craigie Knowes rd. 

Telford, John, joiner and undertaker, Alexandra street ; h. 44 Jeanfield rd. 

Telford, Peter, joiner (of P. & J. Telford), Stewart place, Caledonian road 

Telford, P. & J., joiners and undertakers, Alexandra street 

Telford, William, grocer, 8 Hawarden terrace 

Templeman, Geo., engineer, I Crieff road 

Templeton,Jas. , fancy needlework, '1 5 George st.; h. Glencairn, Brompton ter. 

Territorial Force Record Office — O.C. Capt. Little, 10 Blackfriars street 

Teviotdale, James M., restaurateur, 216 South street ; h. 357 High street 

Thain, Charles, sawmill manager, Shore cottage 

Thatcher, John, clerk, 28 Kinnoull street 

Theatre and Opera House, High street — J. H. Saville, proprietor 

Theosophical Society (Perth Lodge), 36 George street 

Third, William, manager, Singers, Stanley villa, Feus road 

Thorn, Andrew, joiner, Auburn cottage, Feus road 

Thom, George, signalman, 76 Tay street 

Thorn, James, railwayman, 62 Pomarium street 

Thomas & MacLeish, solicitors, 52 Tay street 

Thomas, Charles, tailor, 13 Paul street 

Thomas, Francis, mechanic, 209 High street 

Thomas, Jessie, 208 High street 

Thomas, John Hill, solicitor, N.P., 52 Tay street ; //. St. Alban's, Kinnoull 

Thomas, Sam, soldier, 45 Commercial street 

Thomas, Sarah, dressmaker, 64 South street 

Thompson, Alexander, manager, Dunarden, 180 Glasgow road 

Thompson, David, baker, 22 Barrack street 

Thompson, George, harness maker, 272 High street 

Thompson, James, labourer, 25 Hospital street 

Thompson, Robert, piano tuner, 14 Crichton place 

Thomson, Alexander, grocer (of A. Thomson & Sons), 5 Marshall pi. 

Thomson, Alexander, cooper and cask mer. , 2\ Mill street 

Thomson, Alexander, 19 Gowrie street 

Thomson, Alexander, & Sons, grocers and wine merchants, 255 

High street ; h. 5 Marshall place. See advt. 
Thomson, Alfred, shunter, 29 Stormont street 
Thomson, Andrew, yarn dresser, 5 Market street 
Thomson, Archibald, labourer, 72 Watergate 
Thomson, Bella, millworker, 26 Newrow 
Thomson, Catherine, 16 Atholl street 
Thomson, Catherine R., dressmaker, 24 St. Johnstoun's buildings 


Thomson Craik & Co,; Ltd., aerated water manufacturers, wine and malt 

liquor merchants, Glover street 
Thomson, Daniel, factory manager, 21 Strathmore street 
Thomson, David, watchmaker, 88 South street 
Thomson, David, accountant, Dundurn, 6 Viewlands terrace 
Thomson, David, bottleblower, 25 Leonard street 
Thomson, David, slater, 9 Castlegable 
Thomson, E. O., matron, Royal Infirmary 
Thomson, George, labourer, 43 Commercial street 
Thomson, George, railwayman, 37 Pomarium street 
Thomson, George, glass finisher, 8 Marshall buildings, King Edward st. 
Thomson, George, spirit merchant, 15 South street; h. 25 Granville place 
Thomson, George, fireman, 7 Hallantine place 

Thomson, Hugh ML., commercial traveller. Walston, 46 Jeanfield road 
Thomson, James, traveller, Stella Maris, 67 Muirton place 
Thomson, James, sailmaker, 59 St. Katheiine's court 
Thomson, James, railway servant, 163 High street 
Thomson, James, engine driver, Inch view, 19 Verena terrace 
Thomson, James, clerk, 22 Closeburn terrace 
Tho*nson, James, hawker, 39 Castlegable 

Thomson, James, grocer, 8 & 10 Leonard st. ; h. Squire cot., Craigie 
Thomson, James, painter, 29 South Inch terrace 
Thomson, James, tinsmith, 5 Keir street 
Thomson, James, lapper, 9 Shields' place 

Thomson, James K., dyer's finisher, 6 Campbell's bldgs., St. Catherine's rd. 
Thomson, Jane, 7 Mill street 
Thomson, Jessie, millworker, 30 Newrow 
Thomson, John, plumber, 73 Main street, Bridgend 
Thomson, John, labourer, 217 High street 
Thomson, John, fireman, 82 Reform place 
Thomson, John, painter, 17 High street ; h. 15 High street 
Thomson, John, gardener, Tayside lo^ge, Isla road 
Thomson, John, railway clerk, 68 Atholl street 
Thomson, John, dyer (of Thomson, Limited), Magdalene bank 
Thomson, John, clerk, Low road, Cherrybank 
Thomson, John, joiner, 43 Leonard street 
Thomson, John, baker, 55 South street; h. 9 Princes street 
Thomson, John, baker, 33 St. Johnstoun's buildings 
Thomson, John, signalman, 23 Queen street 
Thomson, John, plumber, 35 Commercial stre 

Thomson, fohn, cooper and cask merch., 2| Mill street ; h. 4 Barossa place 
Thomson, John, labourer, 2 Union street 
Thomson, John, clerk, 9 Princes street 
Thomson, John, railwayman, 41 Pomarium street. 
Thomson, Limited, dyers, cleaners, and laundrymen, Friarton; branch 

office, 27 County place 
Thomson, Lily, 5 Priory place 
Thomson, Lizzie, 216 High street 
Thomson, Margaret, 4 Newrow 
Thomson, Mary, 4 Barossa place 
Thomson, Matthew, labourer, 65 Pomarium street 


Thomson, Misses, 7 St Catherine's road 

Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth, Dunalastair, Wilson street 

Thomson, Mrs G., picture frame maker, 20 Meal vennel 

Thomson, Mrs George, 146 High street 

Thomson, Mrs Jessie, 8 Thimblerow 

Thomson, Mrs Nellie, 5 George street 

Thomson, Mrs William, 22 Rose crescent 

Thomson, Peter, glassblower, 265 High street 

Thomson, Peter, painter, 10 Campbell's buildings 

Thomson, Peter, cabman, 14 Bridge lane 

Thomson, Peter, grocer, 65 Priory place 

Thomson, Peter, engine driver, Armagh, Friarton 

Thomson, Peter, grocer and wine merchant, 202 High street, and P.O., 63 

Glasgow road ; k. 3 Tullylumb terrace 
Thomson, Peter H., grocer, 24 Princes street; h. 22 
Thomson, Ralph, joiner, 44 Leonard street 
Thomson, Richard, dyer's cleaner, Barnhill house 
Thomson, Robert G., Wellbank, Kinnoull 
Thomson, Robert, clerk, 22 Ballantine place 
Thomson, Robert, architect, Gowanlea, Clyde place 
Thomson, Robert, compositor, 55 Strathmore street 
Thomson, Thomas, clerk, 7 Squire's cottages 
Thomson, Thomas, railwayman, 4 Thimblerow 
Thomson, William, clerk, 5 King's place 
Thomson, William, blacksmith, 73 Main street 
Thomson, William, railway lampman, Friarton cottages 
Thomson, William, teacher of the blind, Wellshill terrace 
Thomson, William, labourer, 55 Strathmore street 
Thomson, William, stonebreaker, 43 Pomarium ?treet 
Thomson, William, seedsman, 189 Glasgow road 
Thomson, William, railway inspector, 6 Hawarden terrace 
Thomson, William, hawker, 13 Castlegable 

Thomson, Wm. E., architect, 36 George street; k. 2 Blackfriars street 
Thomson, Wm. F. , coal merchant, Cow vennel ; h. 13 Ballantine place 
Thomson, Wm. M. , baker, 25 Granville place 
Thomson, William M., retired, 10 Spens crescent 
Thornton, James, twister, 7 Low street 
Thornton, James, butcher, 5 Hawarden terrace 
Thornton, John, hairdresser, 136 High street 
Thornton, Hugh, postman, 3 Leith's buildings 
Thornton, Michael, retired, 154 South street 
Thorpe, Albert, s'gnalman, 57 Kinnoull causeway 
Thorpe, Ellen, 42 Glover street 
Tilleray, Mary, 4 St. Catherine's road 
Tilston, John, oiler, 2 Viewfield place 

Tjoekoel Tea & Cinchona Co., Ltd., 6 and 8 Princes street 
Toby Mrs. Minnie, hat blocker and draper, 173 South st.; h. 25 Granville pi. 
Toby, Wm. T. , hat blocker. 25 Granville place 
Todd, Alexander, engine driver, 302 High street 
Todd, Alexander, overseer, 5 Westgrove avenue, Jeanfield 
Todd, Alexander, barman, 6 Brown street 


Todd, Alex., civil engineer, Arthurlea, 49 Craigie road 

Todd, David, brakesman, 4 Longcauseway 

Todd, George, dyer's finisher, 33 Canal street 

Todd, George, chauffeur, 10 Foundry lane 

Todd, James, draper, 1 Charlotte place 

Todd, James, gardener, Cornhill lodge, Jeanfield 

Todd, John M. , printer, 18 Caledonian road 

Todd, Mrs Andrew, 41 Canal street 

Todd, Mrs George, 69 North Methven street 

Todd, Mrs Thomas, 4 Thistle lane 

Todd, Mrs William, Biblewoman, 4 Melville street 

Todd, Mrs William, 13 St. Ann's lane 

Todd, Robert, clerk, 15 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Todd, Thomas, clerk, 45 Glover street 

Todd, Wm. R., postman, 11 Burnside, Cherrybank 

Tolan, Annie, millworker, 194 South street 

Tolmie, Annie, 29 Whitefriars street 

Tomey & Sons, Ltd., glass manufacturers, Tay Glass Works, Shore 

Tongue, Mrs Stewart, 53 Kinnoull street 

Topple, Margaret, I Rose crescent 

Torrance, Alex., photographer and grocer, Main street, Cherrybank 

Torrance, James G., commercial traveller, 12 County place 

Tosh, Alex. MTntyre, dyer's cleaner, 8 Tulloch terrace 

Tosh, Allan A., engine driver, 24 Methven buildings, Newrow 

Tosh, James, joiner, 17 Whitefriars street 

Tosh, Thomas, draper, 36 North Methven street 

Tosh, Wm., driver, 19 Market street 

Tough, Samuel B., engine driver, 16 St. Johnston's buildings 

Town and County Bank, Limited, 31 South Methven street; Robertson 

& Dempster, joint agents 
Traill, Bella, confectioner and tobacconist, 1 Kinnoull street 
Trail, John, retired, 39 North Methven street 
Traill, John, French cleaner, 11 Balhousie street 
Traill, John, mechanic, 3 Hillyland crescent 
Traynor, James S. , salesman, 179 High street 

Trotter, Alexander (Dr.), M.B., bc.h. , Tayview house, 2 Tay street 
Trotter, Archibald, inspector, 48 George street 
Tucker, George, teacher, 63 Muirton place 
Trueland, William, labourer, 126 High street 
Tuddenham, John, gardener, 3 Hawarden terrace 
Tulloch, Alexander, engine driver, 40 Barker's buildings 
Tulloch, George, guard, 19 Nelson street 
Tulloch, Hugh, porter, 15 Market street 
Tulloch Institute, John Stewart, caretaker 
Tulloch, John, engine driver, 18 Campbell's buildings 
Tulloch, John, postman, 5 Brown street 

Tulloch, Mrs Betsy, 6 Marshall's buildings, King Edward street 
Tulloch, Mrs Charles, 7 Marshall place 
Tulloch, Mrs Jane, 8 Robertson's buildings 
Tulloch, Wm., tailor, 68 Watergate 
Tully, Mary, 46 Meal vennel 


Tully, Thomas, guard, 21 Robertson's buildings, Barrack street 

Tumilty, James E. , hairdresser^ 13 County pi. ; h. Cairney villa, Jeanneld 

Turnbull, James, painter, 18 Watergate 

Turnbull, John, tailor, 230 High street 

Turnbull, Margaret, dressmaker, 4 North port 

Turnbull, Mary Ann and Isabella, confectioners, 11 No. Methven st. ; h. 19 

Turnbull, William, platelayer, 70 South Methven street 

Turnbull, William, waggon inspector, 26 Glover street 

Turnbull, William A. , shoemaker, 29 Hospital street ; h. 25 

Turner, David, cleaner, 6 Viewfield place 

Turner, David D., P.O. clerk, 7 Keithick place 

Turner, David T. , work's manager, 5 Moredun square 

Turner, James, carter, 217 High street 

Turner, John, dyer, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

Turner, Mrs Andrew, 31 Closeburn terrace 

Turpie, Alex. S., commercial traveller, 48 Victoria street 

Turpie, Mrs James, I Brompton terrace 

Turpie, Peter, baker, 29 Priory place 

Turpie, Samuel, gas inspector, 24 Abbot street, Craigie 

Turner, J. W., engine driver, 34 Glover street 

Tyler, Ltd., Henry P., boot retailer, 182-184 High street 

Tyler, Levi John, clerk, 48 Balhousie street 

Tyrie, Charles, joiner, 15 Canal street 

Ulbricht, Marjorie, 24 M'Quibban's buildings 

Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 24 George street ; Lewis Gibson, agent 

Urquhart, Arch. , poultry farmer, The Perth Poultry Farm, Burghmuir 

Urquhart, David, dyer, 4 Balhousie avenue 

Urquhart, David, 72 Watergate 

Urquhart, James, warehouseman, 14 Hammerman buildings 

Urquhart, Lizzie, 17 Shields' place 

Urquhart, Mrs Isabella, apartments, 150 High street 

Valentine, David, cutler, 83 High street; h. 12 King street 

Valentine, F. D., motor & cycle agent, Citadel buildings, garage 87 

South street and King Edward st. and 50 Canal st. ; h. Clifton Bank, 

Craigie. See advt. 
Valentine, Geo., jr., hardware mer. , 147-153 Highst. \h. Moredun, Queen st. 
Valentine, George, cutler, etc., 83 High street ; h. The Knowe 
Valentine, G. P. , tailor & clothier, 135 High st. ; h. Glendalough, Needless rd. 
Valentine, James, cab inspector, 4 Lindsay's buildings 
Valentine, James, Kenacoil, 11 Wilson street 
Valentine, John C, grocer, 18 Carpenter street 
Valentine, Thomas, tailor, 97 South street 
Valentine, Thomas, foreman, 300 High street 
Valley, David, slater, 43 Glover street 
Valley, William, boot repairer, 3 Kinnoull causeway 
Vallings, Rev. Canon, St. John's rectory, Kinnoull 
Vass, David, gas manager, Benview, 23 Wilson street, Craigie 
Veda, Ltd., Craigie Mill, Windsor terrace 
Veitch, Alex., traveller, 6 Rock ford terrace 


Veitch, George, publican, Bridgend Bar, 69 Main street ; h. Ji 

Veitch, Moir, & Erskine, wholesale fruit merchants, 40 & 43 Leonard street 

Victoria Institute, Dovecotland, Jeanfield 

Victoria Hotel — Mrs James I. Miller, proprietrix 

Viney, Bert, 16 Co-operative buildings, 25 Whitefriars street 

Voigt, Mrs. Richard, Blenheim, Needless rd. 

Waddell, Archibald, porter, 25 Canal street 

Waddell, Catherine, dressmaker, 9 South Methven street 

Waddell, David, auctioneer, Tullylumb terrace 

Waddell, Robert, conductor, Allandale, 60 Wilson street 

Waddell, R. D., Ltd., pork butchers, 233 High street 

Waddell, Mrs Anne, dressmaker, 4 Nelson street 

Wake, William, draper, 21 Pitcullen terrace 

Wales, Wm. J. N. shop porter, 8 Commercial street 

Waldie, Elizabeth H., tailoress, 13 Paul street 

Waldie, Mrs James, Wellshill terrace 

Walker, Albert J., signalman, West Lodge, Kincarrathie, Isla road 

Walker, Alex., piano tuner, 4 Viewlands terrace 

Walker, Alexander, fireman, 9 Market street 

Walker, Alexander, shop assistant, 34 St. John street 

Walker, Archibald, motorman, 73 Canal street 

Walker, David, 231 High street 

Walker, David, labourer, 15 Kirkgate 

Walker, David, shop porter, 47 Strathmore street 

Walker, David M'W., dyer's finisher, 49 Scott street 

Walker, Dougald, teacher, Northern District School 5/2.11 Pitcullen ter. 

Walker, Emily A., 16 Back wynd, Bridgend 

Walker, George, engine driver, 3 Inch Head terrace 

Walker, Gilbert, town's officer, 5 High street 

Walker, Henry, railway servant, 7 Inchaffray street 

Walker, Harry M. F. , teacher of music, 15 Atholl street 

Walker, James, baker, 67 Strathmore street 

Walker, James, gardener, Springlands Lodge 

Walker, John, warehouseman, 50 Main street 

Walker, John, painter, 23 Stewart place, Alexandra street 

Walker, Marjory B., Victoria court 

Walker, Mary, dressmaker, 89 Canal street 

Walker, Mrs Alex., 6 Balhousie street 

Walker, Mrs David, 7 Aldie place 

Walker, Mrs Elizabeth, 2 Brunswick terrace, Craigie 

Walker, Mrs James, searcher, 10 Tay street 

Walker, Mrs John, 61 Meal vennel 

Walker, Mrs. John J., 24 North Methven street 

Walker, Mrs Margaret, 10 Ballantine place 

Walker, Mrs William, 75 Leonard street 

Walker, Robert, retired, Westmount, 9 Vitwlands terrace 

Walker, Thomas, engineer, 1 1 James street 

Walker, Thomas, night watchman, 7 James street 

Walker, William, commercial traveller. St. Albans, 28 Craigie road 

Walker, William, hotel waiter, 13 Ballantine place 


Walker, William, cabinetmaker, 17 Inchaffray street 

Walker, William, bank agent, Gowanhill, The Glebe, Kinnoull 

Walker, William, policeman, 9 Inchaffray street 

Wallace, Alexander, porter, Corsiehill 

Wallace, D. A., draper, 116 High st. & 3 King Edward st.; h. The Glebe, 

Manse road 
Wallace, David B., foeman glassblower, 36 Princes street 
Wallace, James waggon examiner, 52 Glover street 
Wallace, James, driver, 3 Murray street 

Wallace, James P., cycle & motor agent, 49-51 N. Methvenst. ; h. 3 Melville st. 
Wallace, John & Sons, Limited, implement makers, 9 Glasgow road 
Wallace, John, tobacconist and confectioner, 238 High street ; h 236 
Wallace, Maggie, glover, 37 Leonard street 
Wallace, Mrs Ann, millworker, 22 Meal vennel 
Wallace, Mrs Betsy, 63 Glover street 
Wallace, Mrs Jemina, 5 Leith's buildings 
Wallace, Mrs John, 22 Princes street 
Wallace, Mrs Wm., 16 Paul street 

Wallace & Munro, cycle agents, 49-51 North Methven street 
Wallace, Robert B., brewer (of John Wright & Co.), 18 N. Methven st, ; 

h. 54 Hay street 
Wallace, William, draper, 24 County place ; h. 8 Muirhall terrace 
Wallace, William, engine fitter, 5 Lickley street 
Wallace, William, brakesman, I Whitefriars street 
Wallace, William, labourer, 22 Meal vennel 
Wallace, William, machineman, Pitheavlis castle, Needless road 
Wallace, William F. D., cashier, Lyngarth, 6 Friar street, Craigie 
Walls, Rev. Charles, 27 Barossa place 
Walsh, Barbara, 3 Bridge lane 
Walsh, Peter, labourer, 88 High street 
Walsh, Thomas, hawker, 254 High street 
Wanliss, John, auctioneer, 208 High street 
Wanliss, Misses, 4 Marshall place 
Ward, Edward, gardener, The Steading, Atholl bank 
Ward, Jessie, 57 West Mill street 
Ward, Michael, labourer, 158 High street 

Warner, Alfred, assistant sanitary inspector, 7 South Inch terrace 
Warner, James C. , clerk, 5 Bridge street 
Warrack, William, clerk, 12 St. Catherine's road 
Warren, Henry, government official, Sunnybrae, Cherrybank 
Warwick, Alfred, clerk, 83 Glover street 

Water Assessment Office, I High Street ; Robert Keay, collector 
Water Works, Tay street — David Stewart, superintendent 
Waterson, Joseph, dustman, 17 Castlegable 
Watkins, Charles, retired, 18 Rose crescent 
Watson, Alexander, mechanic, 6 Shields' place 
Watson & Sons, Ltd., plumbers and sanitary engineers, 57 Caledonian road; 

h. Strathview, 128 Glasgow road 
Watson, David, assist, insur. inspector, Pitheavlis bank, Low rd., Cherrybank 
Watson, David, retired, 34 Thimblerow 
Watson, G., contractor, etc., 37 Main street; h. 36 


Watson, George, brewer, 124 Canal crescent 

Watson, George, labourer, 6 Ballantine place 

Watson, George, dairy, 41 Main street, Bridgend 

Watson, George, joiner, 5 Unity place, bj Scott street 

Watson, George, glove cleaner, Hillyland 

Watson, H. F., m.d., ch.b., l.r.c.p., &c, Physician H.M. Prison; h. 

Northcote, Edinburgh road 
Watson, James, dyer, 18 Charlotte street 
Watson, James Allen, F.c. i.s., F. i.p.s., commercial teacher, Watson's 

Business College, 5 Charlotte street 
Watson. James W., painter, Low road. Cherrybank 
Watson, Jean, restaurant, 6 Market street ; h. 4 
Watson, Jean, apartments, 5-7 Market street 
Watson, John, cashier, Auction Market, 10 Rose terrace 
Watson, John, Lt-Colonel, Balnacraig, Barnhill 
Watson, Joseph G, fireman, 7 Tulloch terrace 
Watson, Lewis, joiner, 34 Queen street 
Watson, Mary Isabella, dressmaker, 29 James street 
Watson, Mrs., charwoman, 22 Newrow 
Watson, Mrs. Catherine, 18 North William street 
Watson, Mrs. David, 15 Greyfriars street 
Watson, Mrs. Georgina, 19 Mill street 
Watson, Mrs. James, 5 Market street 
Watson, Robert R. B., 27 Pitcullen t rrace 
Watson, Robina, Muirend Dairy. 3 Market street 
Watson, S. , Captain, 39 Balhousie street 
WatSOIl, Wm., china merchant, 165-167 High st. ; h. Stormont house, 

Mansfield place, Scone. See Advt. 
Watson, William, plumber and sanitary engineer, (of Watson & Sons, Ltd.), 

57 Calelonian road ; h. Strathview, 128 Glasgow road 
Watson, William, potato dresser, 20 Scott street 
Watson, William, platelayer, 67 Leonard street 
Watson, William II., clergyman, 27 Kincarrathie crescent 
Watt & Ramsay, Ltd., motor hirers, Strathmore garage, Bridgend; 163 

High street ; and 27-28 Mill street 
Watt, Alex., 17 Inchaffray street 
Watt, Allison, manageress, 22 Barrack street 
Watt, David, moulder, 32 Pomarium street 
Watt, George, sawyer, 25 Cross street 
Watt, Helen, 242 High street 
Watt, James, engine driver, 22 Abbot street 
Watt, Jeanie, 266 High street 
Watt, John, M.A., teacher, 4 Muirhall bank 
Watt, John, grocer, Hillview, Young street, Craigie 
Watt, John, traveller, Laburnum villa, 73 Glasgow road 
Watt, Mrs John, 10 Cross street 
Watt, Mrs Peter, 27 Cross street 
Watt, Robert, fireman, 22 North Methven street 
Watt, William, barman, 31 Cross street 

Watt, William, nurseryman and seed merch. , 24 St. John st. ; A. Craigie bank 
Watt, William, porter, 11 Pomarium street 


Watt, William, storekeeper, 16 Ballantine place 

Watters, George, retired, Cherrybank cottage, Cherrybank 

Watters, James, clerk, 10 East Bridge street 

Watters, Robert, postman, 18 George street 

Wauchope Memorial Home, 23 Scott street 

Waugh, James, clerk, 3 Gray street 

Waverley Hotel, 29-33 York pi. ; bar, 38 Caledonian road 

Wears, Robt. , joiner, 127 Canal crescent 

Webb, Mrs. Maria, Lilybank, Burghmuir 

Webb, Wm. R., warehouseman, 11-13 Atholl street 

Webster, Andrew, engine driver, 77 Glover street 

Webster, David, storeman, 3 Gowrie street 

Webster, James, retired, 8 Caledonian road 

Webster, James, tailor, 33 Scott street 

Webster, John, carter, 4 Cross street 

Webster, John, furniture manager, Gossview, Oakbank road 

Webster, Mary, dyer's finisher, yj Main street, Bridgend 

Webster, Mrs Peter, 7 Pomarium street 

Webster, William, engine driver, 16 Glover street 

Webster, Wm., packer, 32 Verena terrace 

Webster, William, vanman, 37 Robertson's buildings 

Webster, William J., butcher, 22 North Methven street 

Wedderspoon, Charles, carter, 1 1 Cow vennel 

Wedderspoon, L., inland revenue, 40 Tay street 

Weed, Frederick, gardener, 56 Main street, Bridgend 

Weir, Alexander, French cleaner, Hillyland 

Weir, James, lathsplitter, Lilybank villa, Dunkeld road 

Welch, Elizabeth, 117 High street 

Welch, Mrs Wm. F., 15 East Bridge street 

Welch, Thomas, clothier's assistant, 3 Murray street 

Weldon, Wm. H., electrician, 9 Bridge lane 

Wells, Helen, 24 Abbot street, Craigie 

Wells, Mrs John, 21 St. Catherine's road 

Wells, Mrs Joseph, 62 Pomarium street 

Wells, Robert L., warehouseman, 11 Gowrie street 

Wells, William, engineer, 3 Scott street 

Wellshill School 

Welsh, Alexander, factory foreman, 16 Aldie place 

Welsh, Chas., coal porter, 6 Cow Vennel 

Welsh, Edward, labourer, 194 South street 

Welsh, James, dealer, 22 Thimblerow 

Welsh, John, plumber, 4 Windsor terrace 

Welsh, John, plumber (of Welsh & Co.), 4 Moredun square 

Welsh, John, labourer, 18 Barker's buildings, Milne street 

Welsh, John, carter, 142 South street 

Welsh, John, plumber & sanitary engineer, 63 South st. ; h. 4 Moredun sq. 

Welsh, Joseph, chauffeur, 36 George street 

Welsh, Mrs Peter, Elmbank, Barnhill 

Welsh, Philip, labourer, 115 South street 

Welsh, Robert, retired, 10 Comely bank, Bridgend 

Welsh, Susan, charwoman, 2 Cow vennel 


Welsh, William, quarrier, Main street,- Cherrybank 

Welsh, William, hawker, II Thimblerow 

Wesleyan Church, 51-55 Scott street 

West Baptist Church, 106 South street 

West, David, cleaner, Craigie Park terrace 

West, David L., sawmiller, 54 Longcauseway 

West, James, gravedigger, 18 West Mill street 

Westland, Andrew, clerk, 11 Scott street 

Westland, James, waggon inspector, 3 Westgrove avenue 

Westwood, A., & Son, elec. engineers, 25-27 Princes st. ; h. 52 Tay street 

Westwood, William M., electrician, 52 Tay street 

Whannel, Mrs Henry, 1 1 Leith's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Whillis, James S., policeman, 3 Strathmore street 

White, F. H Buchanan, Annat Lodge 

White, Harry, coachman, 71 Strathmore street 

White, Hector, clerk, 53 York place 

White, James M., hairdresser, 119 Scott street 

White, John, fitter's assistant, 14 Gladstone terrace 

White, Louisa T., confectioner, 33 Jeanfield road ; h. Kinloch cottage 

White, Margaret, teacher, 24 Canal street 

White, Mrs Cecilia, 13 Campbell's buildings 

White, Mrs David, charwoman, 47 Watergate 

White, Mrs Jane, 72 Victoria street 

White, Mrs William, 117 Canal crescent 

White, Mrs William, 1 Unity place, James street 

White, Peter, retired, 20 Hospital street 

White, Peter, clerk, 4 Newrow 

White, Robert, auctioneer and valuator, 1 Muirton place 

White, Thomas motor driver, 15 Milne street 

W 7 hite, Thomas B., agent, Wordie & Co., n Pitcullen crescent 

White, William, tailor, 7 St. John's place 

Whitehall, William, glove dyer, 8 Ballantine place 

Whitney, A. M., traveller, Grahamslea, 62 Craigie road 

Whittet, Charles S., Balhousie terrace, 48 Hay street 

Whittet, David S., dyer's finisher, 22 Strathmore street 

Whittet, J. & T., tea and coffee dealers and agricult. seedsmen, 63 High st. 

Whittet, Jeanie, 9 Balhousie street 

Whittet, Peter, dyer, 56 George street 

Whittet, Sidney Herbert (of J. & T. Whittet), 9 Comely Bank 

Whittet, Thomas, baker, 58 Scott street 

Whittet, Thomas, tailor, 2 Spey court 

Whittet, William, carter, Friarton cottage. Shore 

Whittet, W 7 illiam, shunter, 9 Stormont street 

Whyte, Alexander, railwayman, 39 Canal street 

Whyte, David, joiner, 85 Commercial street 

Whyte, Frank, guard, 117 Canal crescent 

Whyte, James, butcher, 33 Friar street 

Whyte, James, painter, 30 Barossa street 

Whyte, James, labourer, 62 Longcauseway 

Whyte, James, packing case maker, Kinloch cottage, Jeanfield 

Whyte, John, tailor, 212 South street 


Whyte, Mrs David, 43 Commercial street 

Whyte, Robert, railwayman, 20 County place 

Whyte, Robert, warehouseman, 52 Main street 

Whyte, Thomas, carriage inspector, 18 Glover street 

Whyte, Thomas C, brassmoulder, 4 Newrow 

Whyte, William, plumber, 8 Caledonian road 

Whytock, Alex. ,mason&builder,Princesst. ; h. Upper Friarton, Edinburgh rd. 

Whytock, Bros., masons, 41 Princes street 

Whytock, Catherine, confectioner, 162 High street ; h. 58 Scott street 

Whytock, James, joiner, Cliiton, 28 Verena terrace, Craigie 

Whytock, Mrs Alexander, 26 Verena terrace, Craigie 

Whytock, Mrs. Catherine, 15 Market street 

Whytock, Mrs John, Strathview, 30 Verena terrace 

Wickenden, Stanley, surgeon, m.r.c.s. Eng., l.r.c. p. Lon., 13 Marshall pi. 

Wiggetts, Harry, painter, 45 Kinnoull causeway 

Wight, Annie, 64 Victoria street 

Wight, James, baker, 53 Kinnoull street 

Wight, John, boxmaker, 1 1 Inchaffray street 

Wight, Richard, brassfounder, 13 Charterhouse lane 

Wightman, Alexander S., draper, 4 Raeburn place 

Wightman, Peter, caretaker, Blackfriars house 

Wilkie, A. L., 9 Marshall place 

Wilkie, Alexander, clerk, 1 Viewfield place 

Wilkie, Alexander, carter, 33 Castlegable 

Wilkie, Andrew, plumber, 77 High street 

Wilkie, Andrew, cleaner, 9 Cross street 

Wilkie, Andrew, retired, 75 Wilson street 

Wilkie, David, tailor, 198 South street ; h. 21 King street 

Wilkie, George, railwayman, 7 Pomarium street 

Wilkie, George, traction engine driver, 16 Ballantine place 

Wilkie, James, packer, 56 Pomarium street 

Wilkie, James, glassblower, 39 Pomarium street 

Wilkie, James B., M.R., F.R.C.S.E., general practitioner, 6 Atholl place 

Wilkie, Jessie, boarding house, 45 York place 

Wilkie, John, carter, 113 Canal crescent 

Wilkie, Katherine, 6 Barrack street 

Wilkie, Mrs Cecilia, 13 Campbell's buildings 

Wilkie, Mrs David, bootmaker, 325 High street ; h. Cairnie villa, Jeanfield 

Wilkie, Mrs Henry, Davaar, 74 Wilson street 

Wilkie, Mrs James, 200 High street 

Wilkie, Mrs James, 3 Pitcullen crescent 

Wilkie, Robert, sawmiller, 113 Canal crescent 

Wilkie, Robert, retired, Garrybank, 89 Glasgow road 

Wilkie, William, retired, 5 Wilson street 

Wilkie, William, clerk, Restalrig, 54 Wilson street, Craigie 

Wilkinson, Miss Carolina, superintendent, factory girls' lodging house, 

Balhousie cottage, Hay street ; h. 7 and 11 Melville street 
Wilkinson, Miss Mary G. , 19 Barossa place 
Williamson, A. J. H. (Miss), nurse, 7 Barossa place 
Williamson, David, motor driver, 173 High street 
Williamson, James, 18 Barrack street 


Williamson, James, funeral undertaker, 172 High street ; h. 170 

Williamson, James, carter, 30 South street 

Williamson, Jessie, teacher, Oakbank road, Cherrybank 

Williamson, Jessie A. (aparts. ), Strathview, Bridgend 

Williamson, John, baker, 146 High street 

Williamson, Mrs Frederick, 32 Caledonian road 

Williamson, Richard, guard, 8 Inchaffray street 

Williamson, William, boiler maker, 5 Victoria court, Canal street 

Willis, Alex., driver, 26 St. Peter's place 

Will's Boot Stores, 73 South Methven street 

Wilson, Alexander, P.O. clerk, 8 Ballantine place 

Wilson, Alexander, mechanic, 96 South street 

Wilson, Alex., platelayer, 154 South street 

Wilson, Alexander C, brass founder, 14^ Mill street ; h. 14 King street 

Wilson, Alfred, organist, 55 Priory place 

Wilson, Andrew, clerk, 100 High street 

Wilson, Andrew, commercial traveller, 1 Oakbank road 

Wilson, Andrew, clerk of works, 4 Dragon terrace, Needless road 

Wilson, Ben., hairdresser, 281 High street ; h. 27 Whitefriars street 

Wilson, Catherine, I King Edward street 

Wilson, Charles, carter, 22 Longcauseway 

Wilson, Charles D., grocer's assistant, 34 St John street 

Wilson, David J. , J. P. , retired, 1 1 King's place 

Wilson, Ellen, millworker, 59 Leonard street 

Wilson, Frederick, clerk, 4 Westgrove avenue 

Wilson, George, barman, 53 High street 

Wilson, George, shunter, 8 Homers' lane 

Wilson, George, messenger, 186 High street 

Wilson, George, tallow, leather and hide merchant, 10 Princes street 

h. (Wilson), 4 Comely bank ; (Smart), 55 Wilson street 
Wilson, Harry O., fireman, 37 Canal street 
Wilson, Henry, gasworker, 5 South Inch place 
Wilson, James, labourer, 4 Thistle lane 
Wilson, James, guard, 16 Cross street 
Wilson, James, joiner, 8 Alexandra place 

Wilson, John, nurseryman, Comely Bank nursery ; h. 2 Laurel bank 
Wilson, John, carter, 38 Carr's croft 
Wilson, John, retired, 24 Canal street 
Wilson, John, warder, H.M. Prison 
Wilson, John G., timekeeper, 5 Croft bank, Craigie 
Wilson, John S., brakesman, 7 Co-operative buildings, 25 Whitefriars st. 
Wilson, Lindsay, fireman, 198 South street 
Wilson, Margaret, dyer's preparer, 31 Leonard street 
Wilson, Mrs Alex., fruiterer, 139 High street ; h. 14 King street 
Wilson, Mrs Andrew, 55 Priory place 
Wilson, Mrs George, 9 Kinnaird bank 
Wilson, Mrs George, Woodcroft, Bellwood park 
Wilson, Mrs James, dairykeeper, Bellfield, Burghinuir 
Wilson, Mrs John, 35 Mill street 
Wilson, Mrs John, Annville, 176 Glasgow road 
Wilson, Mrs Robert, 6 St. Paul's square 


Wilson, Mrs Robert, 10 High street 

Wilson, Mrs Thomas, 17 Greyfriars street 

Wilson, Mrs William, in Canal crescent 

Wilson, Peter, steelyard attendant, 3 King street ; h. 105 Scott street 

Wilson, R. & A. , boot & shoe makers, 112 High st, & 2 & 4 King Edward st. 

Wilson, Robert, dyer, 2 Brown street 

Wilson, Robert, guard, 1 Young street, Craigie 

Wilson, Samuel M., confectioner, tea rooms, 7 North port ; h. 6 Foundry lane 

Wilson, Thomas, roadman, 3 Bridge lane 

Wilson, Thomas, guard, 3 Co-operative buildings, 25 Whitefriars street 

Wilson, Thomas I., electrician, 5 Unity place, James street 

Wilson, Wilhelmina, costumier, 66 Princes street 

Wilson, William, dyer, 6 Mill close, 269 High street 

Wilson, William, 89 Main street 

Wilson, William, 3 Low street 

Wilson, William, tailor, 88 Reform place 

Wilson, William, brassfinisher, 25 Guard vennel 

Wilson, William, carter, 65 Strathmore street 

Wilson, William Mowat, leather merchant, 4 Comely bank terrace 

Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co., Ltd., Elibank street ; W. H. Brown, agent 

Wiltshire, John, mason, 1 1 Glover street 

Wiltshire, Sydney, coachman, 30 Melville street 

Winchester, Simon, engine driver, 7 Rosario terrace 

Winter, Agnes, teacher, St. Johnstoun's, 1 1 Barossa place 

Winter, James, hatter and hosier, 35 George street (A. Darling & Co.) ; h. 

4 Rosemount place 
Winton, Annie, 19 No. Methven street 
Winton, Catherine, laundress, 6 Alexandra street 
Winton, Charles, fireman, 27 Watergate 
Winton, David, 29 St. Katherine's court 
Winton, James, porter, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Winton, John, 21 South Methven street 
Winton, Mrs Charles, 99 Leonard street 
Winton, Mrs Richard, 1 1 King Edward street 
Winton, Peter F. , journalist, Tullymet, Craigie road 
Winton, William, dyer's finisher, 28 James street 
Wishart, George, postman, 272 High street 
Wishart, John, bootmaker, 19 Priory place 
Wishart, Mrs Isabella, 1 1 Gowrie street 
Wishart, Mrs Jessie, 53 Meal vennel 

Wishart, William, engine driver, 8 Castle terrace, Needless road 
Wisley, Andrew S. , mental nurse, Asylum cottages, Gannochy road 
Wisley, Margaret, dairy, 31 Main street ; h. 9 
Wood & Son, booksellers, stationers, printers, and billposters, 60 and 62 

High street ; works, 5 Mill street 
Wood, Charles T., fruiterer, 16 St. John street ; h. 38 High street 
Wood, David, bookseller, &c. (of Wood & Son), Dunard, 136 Glasgow rd. 
Wood, Harry, painter, ill South street 
Wood, James, carter, 8 Bridge street 
Wood, James, cabinetmaker, 41 Canal street 
Wood, Jessie, 23 Rose crescent 


Wood, John, baker, confectioner, and tea rooms, 21 High street — bakery, 

54 Watergate ; h. Rio, Kinnoull 
Wood, John, bootmaker, 32 High street; h. Rio, Kinnoull 
Wood, John, linesman, 88 High street 
Wood, John L. , accountant, 5 Unity terrace, Crieff road 
Wood, Miss E. M., baker, 21 High street; h. Rio, Kinnoull 
Wood, Mrs David, 38 Hay street, Balhousie 
Wood, Mrs Jeanie T., 6 Fitzroy terrace 
Wood, Mrs Margaret, 36 Whitefriars street 
Wood, Mrs Peter, 5 Commercial street 
Wood, Mrs William, greengrocer, 1 East Bridge street 
Wood, Sarah, Friarton cottages 

Wood, William, distillery manager, Tay Distillery ; h. Isla road 
Wood, William, driver, 69 Leonard street 
Wood, W. J., accountant, Murrayville, Kinnoull 
Wordie & Co. , carting agents and contractors, 10 Mill street 
Working Boys' and Girls' Society, 62 Tay street — John Cameron, janitor 
Wotherspoon, Arch. U., hatter, 25 St. John st. ; h. 1 Dupplinrd., Bridgend 
Wotherspoon, Kate, 4 Union street lane 
Wotherspoon, Mrs L. G., 32 Victoria street 
Wright, Albert E., watchman, 53 Longcauseway 
Wright, Alexander C. , mechanic, 230 High street 
Wright, Arthur, clerk, 12 Commercial street 
Wright Incorporation Hall, 23 Watergate 
Wright, James, brassfinisher, 53 Mill street 

Wright, Jas.,& Son, grocers & spirit dealers, 2 S. Methven st. ; k. 30 Melville st. 
Wright, John, & Co., brewers, &c, Perth Brewery, 18-20 N. Methven st. 
Wright, Mrs Baibara, 5 Castlegable 
Wright, Mrs Fred, 59 Pomarium street 
Wright, Mrs George J. , Southview, Jeanfield 
Wright, Mrs James, 4 Kincarrathie crescent 
Wright, Mrs Margaret, 6 Charlotte street 
Wright, Mrs Mary, 8 Unity place, 33 Victoria street 
Wright, Robert, carpet weaver, 38 Atholl street 

Wright, Robert, brassfinisher, and fishing reel maker, 4 So. Methven street 
Wright, Robert D. , retired, Craignish villa, 30 Balhousie street 
Wylie, Andrew, mason, 9 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Wylie, David, joiner, 36 Scott street 
Wylie, David, fireman, 4 Cross street 
Wyllie, David, 31 Stormont street 
Wylie, George, glassblower, 323 High street 
Wylie, Isa, 17 Commercial street 

Wyllie, J. W., solicitor, Royal Bank bldgs ; h. Springbank, 92 Glasgow rd. 
Wylie, James, dyer, 105 High street 

Wylie, John (of Paterson, Sons & Co., Ltd.), 14 Muirhall terrace 
Wylie, Mary H., apartments, 186 High street 
Wylie, Mrs, 62 Pomarium street 
Wylie, Mrs Andrew, 18 Pomarium street 
Wyllie, Mrs David, 4 Cross street 
Wylie, Mrs Margaret, 2 Unity place, Victoria street 
Wylie, Mrs Sarah, 8 Union street 

_ , General DiRECtokV. = 241 

Wylie, Mrs Wm, 84 Glasgow road 

Wylie, William, wood turner, 17 Commercial street 

Wylie, Wm., fireman, 59 Scott street 

Wyllie, William, cabman, 200 High street 

Wynd, Andrew, gas stoker, 95 High street 

Wynd, James, waggon wright, 63 Scott street 

Yacamini, David T., music teacher, 49 South Methven street 

Yacamini, David, dyer's cleaner, 21 Market street 

Yacamini, Robert, retired, 76 South street 

Yacamini, Robert, dyer, 7 Campbell's buildings 

Yde, Elias, dairy farmer, Hillend, Burghmuir 

Yeaman, David, signalman, Warden, Clyde place, Craigie 

Yeaman, David, seaman, 27 Whitefriars street 

Yeaman, David, loiryman, Campbell's buildings 

Yeaman, James, dyer's finisher, 25 Robertson's buildings 

Yeoman, Alex., painter, 208 South street; h. iz Barrack street 

Yeoman, Benjamin, hairdresser, 32 North Methven street ; h. 3 Campbell's 

buildings, Dunkeld road 
Yeoman, J., clerk, 1 Spey court 
Yeoman, James, platelayer, 9 Keir street 

Yeoman, Mrs James, caretaker Labour Club, 13 South Methven street 
Yeoman, Mrs William, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 
Yorkshire Insurance Co., Ltd., 32 St. John street 
Y.M.C.A. Boys' Club, 48 Princes street — F. Forbes, secretary 
Young, Alexander, b ttle blower, 41 Pomarium street 
Young, Alexander, cooper, 1 1 Ballantine place 
Young, Andrew, retired, Lyndoch, Craigie 
Young, Andrew, traveller, 16 Foundry lane 
Young, Ann, 50 Longcauseway 

Young, A. H., insurance official, Park place, Craigie 
Young, Catherine, dyer's preparer, 54 Main street 
Young, Catherine, 18 Shields' place 
Young, Charles, 40 South Methven street 
Young, David, engine driver, 63 Priory place, Craigie 
Young, David, clerk, 28 Kinnoull street 
Young, David, retired, 73 Main street 
Young, David, vanman, 5 Lickley street 
Young, David, lorryman, 2 Lindsay's buildings 
Young, David, greengrocer, 13 Market street 
Vbung, David, railway clerk, 6 Hawarden terrace 
Young, David, dyer, 21 Hammerman's buildings 
Young, David M., m.b , ch.B. , ed. , 7 Charlotte street 
Young, Ebenezer, painter, 276 High street ; h. 72 Victoria street 
Young, Eliza, watchmaker and jeweller, 190 High st. ; h. 18 Methven bldgs. 
Young, Eliza, finisher, 90 Reform street 
Young, Elizabeth, 7 Low street 
Young, Elizabeth, 11 M'Quibban's buildings 
Young, Emma, Brick buildings, Shore 
Young, Frank, dyer, 264 High street 
Young, George, joiner, 8 Kinnaird bank 


Young, George, night foreman, H.R., 2 Rock ford terrace, Jeanfield 

Young, George, traveller, 1 Moredun Square 

Young, George, compositor, 18 Newrow 

Young, George C., teacher, Darnhall Drive 

Young, George P. K., f.r.i.B.a., architect, 42 Tay street ; h. Union Mount, 

121 Glasgow road 
Young, Harry, gardener, Cleeve lodge 
Young, Helen, Viewhill, 12 Verena terrace 
Young, Helen, 34 Watergate 
Young, Henry, gardener, Woodlands cottage 
Young, Isabella, winder, 194 High street 
Young, Isabella, 19 White friars street 
Young, James, printer, Lednock, Needless road 
Young, James, carter, 158 South street 
Young, James, policeman, 27 Whitefriars street 
Young, James, clerk, 6 Victoria street 
Young, James, piano tuner, 51 York place 
Young, James, gardener, Viewlands lodge, Viewland road 
Young, James, potato merchant, Muirton bank, Balhousie 
Young, James, joiner, 17 St Johnstoun's buildings 
Young, James, & Sons, printers and advertising agents, 66 Watergate 
Young, James, & Sons, Limited, bill posters, 66 Watergate 
Young, James M., printer (J. Young & Sons), Star buildings, Canal street 
Young, Jane, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Young, Janet, 17 Hammerman buildings 
Young, Janet, housekeeper, 2 Inchaffray street 
Young, Jessie, 16 Pomarium street 
Young, John, clerk, 33 Muirton place 
Young, John, bank agent, Livilands, Moncreiffe terrace 
Young, John, dyer's labourer, 23 Watergate 
Young, John, maltsman, Craigie makings 
Young, John, painter, 24 Newrow 
Young, John, gardener, 53 Glasgow road 

Young, John, drysalter, 210 and 214 South st. ; h. 17 Craigie road 
Young, John, motor and cycle agent, Dunlaw, Jeanfield 
Young, John, painter, 4 New row 
Young, John, harbour master, 2 Rosario terrace 
Young, John, butcher, 21 Market street 
Young, John, blacksmith, Eureka, 38 Wilson street 
Young, John M., violinist, 6^ County place 
Young, John M., fishing tackle maker, Wolseley place 
Young, John S., retired, 24 Priory place 
Young, John S., 22 Atholl street 
Young, Kate, factory worker, 208 High street 
Young, Maggie B., 11 Charlotte street 
Young, May, nurse, 31 Leonard street 
Young, Misses J. A. & M., 3 Brunswick terrace 
Young, Mrs Christina, newsagent, etc., 43 North Methven street 
Young, Mrs David, 19 Queen street 
Young, Mrs Eliza, finisher, 90 Reform place 
Young, Mrs Elizabeth, 73 Canal street 


Young, Mrs George, 12 West Mill street 

Young, Mrs Jessie, 4 Inchafifray street 

Young, Mrs John, 40 Main street, Bridgend 

Young, Mrs John, charwoman, 18 Kirkgate 

Young, Mrs John, 50 Barossa street 

Young, Mrs Matthew, Stewart place, Caledonian road 

Young, Mrs Peter, confectioner, 6 Caledonian road 

Young, Mrs Thomas, 17 Nelson street 

Young, Mrs William, 20 County place 

Young, Mrs William, 18 Charlotte street 

Young, Mrs William, 36 Whitefriars street 

Young, Patrick, compositor, 17 King street 

Young, Peter, painter, 6 Aldie place 

Young, Robert, cooper, 6\ County place 

Young, Thomas, 18 Barrack street 

Young, Thomas, brassfinisher, 43 Leonard street 

Young, Thomas, cab proprietor, 16 North Port 

Young, W. Cochrane, solicitor, 9 St. John street ; h. 13 Rose terrace 

Young, William, contractor's foreman, 4 Nelson street 

Young, William, P.O. superintendent, View Hill, 14 Verena terrace 

Young, William, chauffeur, 28 Whitefriars street 

Young, William, 37 Rose crescent 

Younger, George, labourer, 61 Meal Vennel 

Younger, John, dyer, 98 Pomarium street 

Youngman, — , manager, 7 York place 

Yuill, Helen, Ellenbank, Needless road 

Yuill, William, hatter and hosier, 7 York pi. ; h. Avon villa, 32 Abbot st. 

Yule, Henry J. L., Croft Park, 2 Craigie place 

Yule, Wm. A , manager, Thomson, Craik & Co., Ltd., 43 Glasgow road 

Zimmerman, Alex., retired, 3840 Verena terrace 

Zucconi, fish restaurant and billiard saloon, 1-3 Meal vennel ; h. 5 

244 PERTH. 


Always on Hand a Magnificent Stock of 


In addition to which we hold a very extensive Stock 
of KITCHEN REQUISITES at Lowest Cash Prices. - — 


PF~ Inspection Freely Invited. -#i| 

Watson's China Halls 

165 and 167 HIGH STREET. 




Designs sent Free on application. 
Designs prepared for* Special Memorials. 

Mantlcpicces, Tablets, Baths, Toilet Tops, &c. 
Tile Hearths, Lobbies, &c. 



Perth Marble and Monumental Works, 
Telephone No. 993x. YORK PLACE, PERTH 




Bridgend and Craigie having been formed into separate districts, 
the streets within those Districts will be found, arranged 
alphabetically, under their respective headings. 

For list of Streets, see pages 11-15. 
Alexandra Street. Atholl Place. 

1 William Johnston, engine driver 
3 Mrs Hugh Mackay, publican 
. . John Fleming, blacksmith 

William Heggie, porter foreman 

Calder's Buildings 5 Alexandra si.— 

1 Mrs William Hall' 

2 John D. MacLeish, engine driver 

3 Hugh Paterson, police const., retired 

4 William Strang, signalman 

5 John Richardson, brakesman 

6 William B. Keiller, printer 

7 Andrew B. Nicolson. ship steward 
S Harry A. Comrie, reliefman 

9 Thomas Gracie, agent 

10 Joseph Knowles, signalman 

11 David Clark, police constable 

12 John Sinclair, coach painter 

13 James S. M'Neil, guard 

14 Andrew Bell, plumber 

15 James Duncan, timekeeper 

16 Jas. Peddle, joiner 

P. & J. Telford, joiners & undertakers 
bTEWARTS Place— 

Malcolm Buchanan, gardener 
3 Alexander M'Martin, saddler 

Jas. Murray junr. , railway stoker 

John Walker, painter 

John Patton, tailor 

William Patterson, sur aceman 
Alexandra Place— 

James Menzies, janitor 

Andrew Goodall, mason 

Thomas Elder, engineer 

David Melville 

Edwin Clark, motor engineer 

James Wilson, joiner 

Robert Clark, clerk 

James Sneddon, postman 

Win. Bauchope, railway porter 

Mrs William Hodge 

Thos Combe, railwayman 

Catherine Winton 

Atholl Crescent. 
1 County and City Club 
The Royal Perth Golf Club -Miss 
C. W. Stewart, clubmistress 

3 Lt -Col. M'Donald, R.E. 

4 John A. Ferguson, hotel keeper 

5 Mrs Kenton 

6 James A. Miller 

7 P. O. Moffat, M.D. 

8 Rev. W. E. Lee, M.A, 

1 lady Stewart Richardson 

2 Edward L. Paton, M.A., M.B., CM. 

3 J. W. Rollo Mitchell, solicitor 

4 Robert Stirling, M.D., F R.C.S.E. 

5 Margaret Campbell 

6 James B Wilkie, M.B., F.R.C.S.E. 
7-8 J. & R. Morison, accountants 

Atholl Street. 
James P^oy, hairdresser 
Mrs A. Gall 
Mrs Wm. Farquharson 
Catherine M. Macmaster 
James Dingwall, fruiterer 
Kinnoull Street here 
John Jamieson & Co , clotbing mnfrs. 
George Saunders 
Andrew Henderson, bootmaker 
Wm. R. Webb, musician 
Wm. Elliot, Evangelist 
Wm. Hossack, striker, C. Rly. shops 
Jas. Stewart, plasterer 
George Robb, ex- warder, H M.P. 
A^ex. M'Dowell, plumber 
David Herd, shunter 
Peter Gall, wireman 
Alex. Stirling joiner 
Harry M. F. Walker, organist and 

music teacher 
H.M. Office of Works 
Capt. G. G. Henderson, secy, and 

finance officer, County of Perth 
North William Street here 
Thomas M. Honeyman, P.O. 
St. Andrews Parish Church 
Coop. Society's Branch No. 3 
North Methven Street here 
St. Ninians Cathedral 
Patrick Mullen 
Donald Crichton, traveller 
John Dewar, coalman 
Thomas Burnett, clerk 
Mrs Alex. Hughes 
Mrs John M'Murray 
Jnhn Thomson, railway clerk 
Mary Queen 
David Mortimer 
John Clark, baker 
Catherine and Bridget Kerrigan 
Melville Street here 
Catherine M'Donald, tobacconist, &c 
Margaret F. Scou 
Mrs Thomas Moncreiff 
Mrs James Robertson 



50 Misses Allison M. Law 

. . Mrs William Deas 

48 Helen Bryce, milliner 

46 Alexander B: Storrar, grocer 

. . Peter Taylor, tobacconist & stationer 

. . David Morton, gas stoker 

. . Alex. M'Bain, labourer 

42 Mrs Robert Speirs 

40 Jane Livingstone 

33 Jack Farmer, moulder 

.. Wm. Gardiner, policeman 
.. Mrs Robert Brittain 
. . Robert Mitchell, retired 
. . Robert Wright, weaver 

. John S. Robertson, dyer's finisher 
B6h Jas. Newman, butcher 

'Stormont Street here 
36 Thos. S. Mitchell, tailor 

34 John Low, weaver 

... Donald Carmichael, porter 

. . John L. Grieve, tenter 

. . James Stewart, joiner 

32 Archibald Kennedy, tenter 

28 Alexander Grimmond, warehouseman 

.. Mrs Robert Douglas 

.. Alex. Reid, c.A. 

Mrs Graham Chisholm 

26-24 George Muirhead & Sons, painters 

22 Malcolm Robertson, loftsman 

. . Catherine Fittis, sewer 

. . George Bryce, engineer 

.. James M'Keith, dyer 

. . John S. Young, shop assistant 

20 David A. Macmillan, fruiterer and 

18 George Dalgleish, plumber 

16 Alex. F. Simpson, mechanic 

. . Lizzie M'Donald 

.. David Simpson, postman 

. . Catherene P. Thomson 

14 Mary M'llwham, confectioner and 
Barossa Street here 

12 David Nicoll, French polisher 

10 George Galletly, baker 

... Isabel Howie, teacher 

. . John Stewart, head postman 

. . Thos. Honeyman, compulsory officer 

. . Jane Taylor, lady's maid 
8 James S. Dingwall, fishmonger, &c. 
6 James V. Garvie, dyer's cleaner 
4 and 2 —Perth Academy (Junior Dept). 

Balhousie Avenue. 

1 John Mailer, fish merchant 

2 Mrs William Nicoll 

3 Hector Fraser, clerk 

4 David Urquhart, dyer 

5 Robert Stewart, solicitor, Benarty 

6 Annie M'Donald, Farragon 
Balhousie Street here 

7 John Robertson, retired 

8 D. S. Lowson, retired, The Pines 

9 Peter L. Macdonald, asst. rly. supt. 

10 William Loney, retired 

11 John Adie, master baker 

Balhousie Street. 
John E. Craven, tobacconist, &c. 
Mrs William Paton 
Christina Peebles , dressmaker 
Mrs John Gunn 

David H. Nelson, music teacher 
David Nelson, dyer 
Mrs Robert Stronnar 
Jeanie Whittet 
Tom Teal, manager, B.B. 
John Trail, french cleaner 
David Adams, confectioner 
Don. R. Mackenzie, electrical engineer 
George Pratt, joiner 
Annie S. Harrower 
Robert S. Halley, dyer 
John Bisset, basket maker 
John Michie, bill poster 
George Norval, fishmonger 
James Jack, joiner and house agent 
Frederick Leahy, gardener 
Alexander Gray, journalist 
Mrs James Chalmers, apartments 
John Balfour, wood merchant 
Thomas Paterson, watchmaker 
Benj. C. Main, agricultural mcht. 
Robert Stewart, inspector of poor 
William C. Crichton, clerk 
Thomas R. Leslie, clerk 
Capt. S. Watson 
J. S. Donald, antique dealer 
Mrs Alexander Duncan 
Major Wm. Fowler, M.ti. 
William R. Allan 
David S. Brough 
Alex. MacArthur, road surveyor 
Thomas BaUantine, retired 
Grace Agnes BaUantine, milliner 
Balhousie Avmue here 
Jessie C. Macdonald 
Wm. Paton, baker 
John M'Intyre. linen draper 
Mrs Allan Fyfe 
Thomas 15. Marshall, solicitor 
James Paterson, clerk 
r evi John Tyler, insurance clerk 
William Borthwick, teacher 

William N. G. Hunter, solicitor 
David Taylor, contractor 
John J. Forbes, chemist 
Mrs David Johnstone 
Balhousie Avenue here 
Walter Stuart, wine merchant 
Miss Evans 
Miss E. W. Humble 
Robert D. Wright, retired, Craignish 
John F. C. Sieber, dyer 
Robina G. Smeaton 
Pi,ev. James Sommerville 
Miss A. S Forbes 
James Garvie, ironmonger 
George J. Mathews, manager 
Daniel Douglas, teacher 
David L. Edward, houseagent, &c. 



12 Mrs Margaret Robertson 
10 Mrs Michael M'Mahon 

8 James Macrae, fisheries supt. 

6 Mrs Alexander Walker 

4 Jessie W. Clark 

2 William B. Brown, retired 
Balhousie Tennis Club entrance 

Ballantine Place 

2 Mrs John M' Donald 
. . Hay Spence, French cleaner 
4 David Taylor, contractor 
6 Robert M'Ainsh, baker 
. . James Murdoch, yardsman 
. . Mrs W. Robertson 
.. George Watson, labourer 
. . George Macleod, lapper 
. . William Bertie, chintz glazier 
8 Wm. Macdonald, blacksmith 
. . Mrs Margaret Hatchie 
. . William Paton, cleaner 
.. Wm. Whitehall, dyer 
.. David M'Dougall, clerk 
. Alex. Wilson, P. 0. clerk 
10 John Erskine, plumber 
. . William Birrell, engine driver 
. . Mrs Margaret Walker 
.. Ellison Pearce, clerk 
. . Charles Currie, soldier 
.. Charles Peters, soldier 
12 Wm. Bruce, platelayer 
14 Alex. Russell, plumber 
16 Archibald Malcolm, weaver 
.. George Wilkie. engine driver 
.. John M. Davidson, joiner 
... Robert A Strong, shop assistant 
. . Mrs James Fair weather 
.. Roy M'Farlane, grocer's manager 
.. Allan Robertson, ticket collector 
. . James Cruikshank, fruiterer 
. . Wm. Watt, storekeeper 
. . John L. Barlow, draughtsman 
18 Thomas Harris, upholsterer 
. . Alex. Low, telegraph clerk 
.. James Allan, laundry worker 
. . Stewart Michie, joiner 
. . John Greenhill, dyer 
. . William Sinclair, upholsterer 

20 Thomas Foy, cleaner 
. . Mrs Catherine Greig 

.. Peter D. Cameron, soldier 

. . William R. M. M'Gregor, joiner 

. . Mary Cooper, newsagent 

. . Ernest R. Elias, minister 

. . Alex. Ironside, P. 0. clerk 

2-2 Mrs Ella Clark 

.. Archibald Sime, dyer's finisher 

. . R,obert Thomson, clerk 

.. James M'Laren, dyer 

. . George K. Niven, bootmaker 

. . Robert M'Robbie, soldier 

21 David Milne, billposter 
19 David Donald, blacksmith 
17 Mrs William Phillips 

. . David R.odger, warehouseman 
, , Peter M'Laren, inspector of work 

17 John M'Lagan, lapper 

.. Mrs James Boyd, laundress 

. . Daniel Crow, ploughman 

. . Mary Ann Robertson 

.. Alex. M'Pherson, postman 

.. Thomas W. Murray, clerk 

. . John Blair, tin smith 

15 George Mills, baker 

. . Miss Jeanie Garvie, saleswoman 

.. George Stevenson, fireman 

. . James Grant, engine driver 

. . Thomas M'Dowell, policeman 

.. George Strachan, painter 

13 William F. Thomson, coal merchant 

. . William Walker, waiter 

. . Mrs David Taylor 

.. John H. Allan, dyers chemist 

. . William T. P. Ptoss, cleaner 

. . Francis Purgarvie, retired 
11 Win. Hodge, ironmoulder 

. . William Macdonald, warehouseman 

. . James R. Hood, warehouseman 

.. Arthur Bullous, soldier, A.v.c. 

. . Alexander Young, cooper 
Thomas Bolt, fitter 

9 Henry Corbett, compositor 

.. Matthew Neil, grocer 

. . Thomas Penman, mechanic 

... Alexander L. Stephen, dyer's finisher 

. . C. S. Gardner, manager 

. . Ina E Scott, teacher 
7 John W. Meldrum, postman 

.. Hugh Thomson, fireman 

. . Charles S. Gardiner, joiner 

.. William MKinlay, soldier 

. . John Gellatly, compositor 

.. Alex. Cross, dyer 

5 James M'Arthur, plumber 
.. Daniel Page, clerk 

.. Jacob Nef, dyer's finisher 
. James Blyth, butcher 

.. J. W. Garland, A.P.C. 

.. Joseph M'Condach, railwayman 
3 Alexander Crow, carpet weaver 
1 Helen T. Allan, dressmaker 

. . Alex.G. Christie, Bath superintendent 

Barossa Place. 

1 Mrs George Kyd 

3 Walter Bourne, electrical engineer 

6 Wm. iMunro, Solicitor 

7 Miss A. J. H. Williamson, Superin- 

tendent, Nursing Association 
9 Mrs Thomas Bannister 
11 Agnes Winter, teacher 
1 3 Alex. S. Nicol 

15 Stephen Richardson, music teacher 
17 Robert Hamilton, assurance suptd. 
19 Mary G. Wilkiuson 
21 Mrs John M'Intosh 
. . David Paton, Rubber merchant 
23 William Mackay, retired 
. . Robert Mackay, architect 
25 James S. Edwards, M B., ch. B. 
27 Charles Walls M.A., minister 
29 John Campbell, stock & Ins. Broker 



29 William Scott, clerk 

31 Geo. T. S. Farquhar, Dean of St. 

24 Mrs A. J. Murphy, jeweller & draper, 

22 Mrs John Marshall 

Stormont Street here 
18 George Porteous 
. . Grace M. Miller, music teacher 
16 Andrew T. Mackay, clothier 
12 Witt Scott, insp. of weights* measures. 

10 Robert Brand, builder 
Barossa Street here 

8 James Ford, compositor 
. . Mrs Alexander Kennedy 
... Hugh Stobie, joiner 

. . John B. Macdonald, chemist 
. . James Clark, dyer's assistant 
. . William Macgregor, clerk 
4 Mary Thomson, nurse 

4 John M'Cormack, rope maker 
. . Helen Lynch, licensed grocer 

2 John A Kerr, porter 

.. Susan F. Mitchell, teacher 
. . Jane Grant, lodgings 

Barossa Street. 

1 David Buchanan, plumber, &c. 

3 William Murie, iron turner 

5 Robert Ashton, baker 

7 Jessie Martin, upholstress 
.. William M'Phee, fitter 
. . Mrs Thomas Bolt, charwoman 

9 Lauchlan M'Lauchlan 

11 Mrs Alexander Panton 

.. John Mailer, dyer's cleaner 

. . George Hall 

.. James Hutchison , labourer 

. . Mrs Alexander Stewart 

. . Matthew Calderwood, sweep 

13 James 0. Milne 

. . John F. Milne, clerk 

. . Mrs Ferguson 

. . John Macfarlane, baker 

.. James M'Diarmid, inspector 

. . David M'Ewan, retired 

. . Thomas W. Sime, railwayman 

. . Peter Y. M'Farlane, lorryman 

. . Robert Craig 

. . Robert Arnott, gardener 

. . Puobert Martin 

. . Thomas Cunningham, miner 

15 Peter Fachie, engine driver 

17 William M'Leish, carter 

19 Hugh Sinclair, gas meter maker 

. . David Clark, vanman 

.. David Herd, engineer 

. . Mrs David Malcolm, nurse 

21 Charles Barclay, chauffeur 

23 John Riddoch, fireman 

25 George H. Clayton, fireman 

. . Robert Stoddart, dyer's cleaner 

.. Peter Skinner, fireman 

. . Jane Bell 

27 Robert Netherington, parcel vanman 

52 John Inglis, guard 

50 Mrs John Young 

. . Peter Robertson, tailor 

48 Herbert W. M'Lellan, fireman 

46 James R. Gourlay, dyer's finisher 

4 4 Donald Henderson, dyer 

. . John B. Imrie, bottler 

42 John Hannah, compositor 

40 James C. Imrie, motor driver 

38 Mrs Frank Stewart 

36 William Patterson, lathsplitter 

34 Mrs Samuel McDiarmid 

32 Mrs James Anderson 

30 James Whyte, painter 

. . Jessie Mailer, weaver 

28 Agnes Fraser 

26 James Grant, mechanic 

. . Alexander Coltart, golf club maker 

Robert Miller, painter 
] 6 Mary Taylor 

14 Jas. H. Green, engine cleaner 
12 Alex. Ross, guard 
.. George Clark, carter 
. . Andrew Kinghorn, tailor 

. . James Henderson 

. . Elizabeth Johnston 

. . Wm. M'Intyre 

. . Jane Murray 

6 John Sutherland, baker 

4 John F. Clark, French polisher 

2 David Nicoll, French polisher 

Barrack Street. 

Queen's Barracks 
2 Peter D. Nairne 
4 William Duffy, labourer 
6 Mrs John McKinnon, factory worker 
. . Katherine Wilkie 
8 Wm. Mitchell, dairyman and cowfeeder 
10 James M'Donald, carter 
12 Elizabeth Small 
. . Jemima Robertson 
.. Vacant 

. . William Combe, turner 
.. Alex. Mulholland, tailor 
14 Leah Muirhead 
16 William Baird. mason 
18 Mrs Chas. Gourlay 
. . Margaret Bruce, weaver 
. . James Williamson 
. . Thomas Friell 
.. Thomas Young 
. . Wm. Grant 
.. Alexander Johnston 
. . John Simpson 
. . George Ma kay 
, . James M'Rae 
. . Alfred Payne 
. . Vacant 

. . George Kettles, labourer 
20 Alexander Mann 
22 Allison Watt, manageress 
.. David Thomson, baker 
.. Wm. Malcolm 
. . George Forbes, chauffeur 
.. James Penny, dyer 



22 John Bridges 

. . Alexander Yeoman, painter 

. . Thomas Doris tailor 

. . Mrs John Robertson 

. . James Allan, plasterer 

.. David Kidd, clerk 

. . Wm. Angus, watchman 

... Alexdrina B,eid 

.. David Robertson, french cleaner 

Robertson's Buildings— 

38 R. A Robertson, porter 

37 William Webster, vanman 

36 Christina Bourke 

35 Isabella Adam 

34 David Peters, fireman 

33 David Scrymgeour, dyer 

32 Isabella Adam, fruiterer 

31 Robert Dow, dyer's finisher 

30 William Isdale 

29 Daniel M'Naughton, barman 

28 Mrs James Findlay 

27 George S Fulton, clerk 

26 Alex R. Robertson, engineer 

25 James Yeaman, dyer's finisher 

24 James F. Stewart, fireman 

23 William G. Stewart, grocer 
22 Mrs Charles Martin 

21 Thomas Tully, guard 

20 Charles Speedie, rope spinner 

19 Albert Feneron 

18 David Smeaton, dyer 

17 Joseph M'Pherson, yardsman 

16 John M. Rae, J. p., compositor 

15 Harriet Donaldson, costumier 

14 John M'Laren, shunter 

13 William R Lamb 

12 James Robertson, cabinetmaker 

ll John Lamb, lapper 

l0 James Moncrieff, draper 

9 James Robertson, joiner 

8 Mrs Jane Tulloch 

7 John M'Lean, motorman 

6 J. B. Duncan, lieut. 

5 James Reid, joiner 

4 William 0. Baird, dyer 

3 Charles Kidd, chauffeur 
2 John Falcouer, clerk 

1 William Macadam, potato foreman 

Blackfriars Street. 

2 Isabella Robertson & Mrs G. King 
. . W. E. Thomson, architect 

. . Isabella King 

4 J. & R. Morison, accountants and 


6 Catherine Hobson, caretaker 

5 J. & R. Morison & Co., accountants 
10 J. & J. Miller, W.S. 

. . John Little, solicitor 

. . Territorial Forces' Association Office 

Bridge Lane. 

3 Mrs Elizabeth Davie 

. . Thomas Wilson, roadman 
. . John Lilburn, policeman 
. . Jessie Murray, sewer 

3 Edward Addison 
. . Mrs James Dow 
. . Barbara Walsh 
. . William Stratton 

7 John Brown (Store) 

9 Michael Brown, labourer 
. . Robert Davidson, tailor 
. . Robert Robertson, gardener 
. . Mrs Lewthwaite 
. . William W r eldon, electrician 

11 Robert Mochrie, butcher 

13 Charles Morris, confectioner 

15 Edward Sharp, brassfinisher 
. . Robert Menzies, tailor 

George Moyes, glazier 
. . Thomas Justice, hoistman 

17 Norwell & Sons, boot repairing shop 
19-21 A. & T. Macgregor, bookbinders 

and paper rulers 
20 P. M'Arthur & Sons, wine merchants 

18 James Guild, spirit dealer 

16 Mrs George Moyes, restaurant 

14 Peter Thomson, cabman 

. . RoberL Macdonald, engineer 

Patrick Quinn, labourer 
• ■ Wallace Petrie, drover 
. . Maggie Gow 
. . Mrs Andrew MacKay 

12 Robt. H. Mackay, boot and clog maker 
10 Vacant 

8 Mrs Isaac Mann 

. . Mrs Joanna Davidson 

6 Isaac Mann, bootmaker 

4 Isaac Mann, bootmaker 

2 Lizzie Harris, ironer 
. . Mrs Annie Millar 
. . George L. Deuchars, guard 
. . John Robertson, porter 
. . Walter Smith, lorryman 
. . Mrs James Low 
. . William Mitchell, dyer 

Brown Street. 

2 Donald Campbell, plasterer 
.. Bobert Wilson, dyer 
. . Robert Gunn, cooper 
. . Mrs Peter Husband 
. . Alexander Knapp, bottleblower 
. . Margaret Macdonald 
. . Peter Macpherson, porter 
. . Mrs George Spence 
. . John C. Nicoll, glassblower 
.. Alex. M M'Lean, fireman 

4 James Gibb, clerk 
. . James Blair, shoemaker 

6 Hugh Ross, glass blower 
. . Mrs Harry Stewart 
. . John Eitchie, dyer 
. . Alexander Todd, barman 
. . James Taylor, yardsman 
. . Andrew Johnman, juu., glass blower 
. . Andrew Johnman, labourer 

John Hutchison, motor mechanic 
. . William Cunningham, joiner 
. . Henry Ross, packer 
. . Charles Edlefsen, labourer 

2 5° 


6 John Simpson, foreman 

.. Donald Angus, tube blower 
. . Jane Matthews 

8 David Crichton, joiner & blacksmith 
11 John Currie, foreman 

7 Charles Munter, butcher 

. . Joseph Hetherington, painter 

5 Andrew Miller, printer 
.. John M'Auly, engineman 
. . Charles Macfarlane, foreman 
. . Alexander Murray, bottleblower 
.. James Sutherland, guard 
. . William Gardiner, tailor 
. . James Keiller, dyer's labourer 
.. John Brown, carter 
. . John Tulloch, postman 
. . James Robertson, enginedriver 
. . Peter Macfarlane, scavenger 
. . John M'Farlane, porter 
. . John Robbie, engine driver 
.. fm, Macdonald, brakesman 
.. John M. Malcolm, porter 
.. David Galloway, seaman 
.. George Steele, shunter 
.. Robert Duff, fireman 
. . David Clark, warehouseman 
. . Peter Malcolm, cleaner 

3 Peter Buchanan, plumber 
.. James Miller, railwayman 

1 William S. Kay, postman 

Burton Place- 

Nelson Street. 

Caledonian Road. 

6 Mrs. Peter Young, confectioner 
8 Wm. Hill, joiner 
. . David Duff, dyer 
.. Edward M* Luskie, tailor 
.. James Webster, retired 
.. William Whyte, plumber 
. . Charles Montgomery, coal merchant 
14 John Halkerston, paper cutter 
. . Andrew Haggart, labourer 
. . Alexander Lindsay, porter 
. . Euphemia Hay 
. . William Campbell, retired 
. . James Scott, policeman 
. . James H. Alexander, dyer's finisher 
. . Mrs Alexander Proudfoot 
10-18 Duncan Crerar, barman 
.. John M. Todd, printer 
.. John Christie, contractor 
.. William Graham, warper 
.. Frank Lindsay, railwayman 
.. Alexander Simpson, cleaner 
. . James Fowler, barman 

Thomas Stewart, butcher 
20 John Doe, Ltd., agricultural imple- 
ment makers 
22 Mrs James Douglas (apartments) 
.. Andrew Peebles, engine driver 
. . James Murray, blacksmith 
.. I). High, coal merchant 
. Alexander M'Gregor, warehouseman 
.. Alexander Simpson, engineer 
24 Nicoll Bros., saddlers 

Market Street here 
26 Alex. T. Mitchel', grocer & wine mer. 
28 William Bryden, carter 
. . Mrs Martha S. Ashton 
. . Jessie Macdonald 
. . William Munro, guard 
.. Mrs Campbell Greenhill, lodgings 
.. Jessie R. Macintosh, clerk 
. . William C. Dunbar, vanman 

Mrs Thomas M'D. Taylor 

30 Mrs William Mitchell 
Michael M'Loughlin, linesman 

. . William M'Kinlay, clerk 

.. John Brown, railway servant 

. . Robert Hood, baker 

Walter Robertson, mason 
. . Joaeph Macdonald, retired postman 
. . Mrs Thomas Japp 

32 J din T. M'Gregor, foreman 
.. Robert Bowie, guard 

. . Margaret Muckersie 
. . Alexander Murdoch, policeman 
. . Mrs Frederick Willianson 
.. Mary Barclay, ladies' nurse 
. . Catherine Kennedy 
Ann Keith 

31 Alexander Douglas, brakesman 
. . George Mackenzie, guard 

. . Mrs Alexander Rodgie 

. . James Brown, baker 

. . David Duff, painter 

. . James M'Farlane, lorryman 

.. William M. Brown, soldier 

. . David Eadie, painter 

36 Miller& M'Lagan.grain &potato mers. 

33 Waverley Hotel Bar 

40 Keegan & M'Kearney, chemical 

manure manufacturers 
42 Garvie & Syme, ironmongers 
York Place here 
Einnoull Causeway here 
Caledonian Road School— HughLeslie, 

Alexandra Street here 
Stewart's Place— 

James Murray, hotel boots 
Mrs Alison Moncrietf 
Mrs Charles Holt 
Peter Telford, joiner 
George F. Hart, taxidermist 
James Ford, lorryman 
Thomas Latto, guard 
Peter Ferguson, signalman 
Mrs Matthew Young 
Post Office Sorting Office 
St. Andrew Street here 
55 Plumber's Yard 

57 Watson & Sons, plumbers and 
sanitary engin :ers 
Einnoull Causeway here 
ThePerth Garage— R M'Kinnon, prop. 
York Place here 

J as. Shankland, agent, British Linen 
Bank (West End branch) 
19 William Dryburgh, martman 



Perth Auction Market — Macdonakl, 

Fraser, & Co., Ltd. 
George Coles, Market Hotel 
Robb's Registry for Servants 

Canal Street. 

5 J. & T. Whittet, seed stores 

7 R. B. Smith & Sons, Ltd., bon led 

9 Vacant 
15 Charles Tyrie, joiner 

John Jacobson, glass blower 
James Main, baker 
Duncan Grandison, chauffeur 
Patrick M'Carney, sheet repairer 
Robert Adam, foreman 
Alexander King, jute batcher 
Princes Street here 
21 P. M'Arthur & Son, stables 
23 Rose Mackie (apartments) 

Cow Vermel here 
25 Archibald Waddle, porter 
27 Harry Reekie, waggon builder 

George Craigon, labourer 
29 Robert Stewart, clerk 

Bell's Buildings— 
31 James Hope, compositor 

. . David Moii', detective sergeant 

. . John F. Rae, clerk 

. . Charles Clark, tender fitter 

.. Thos. Barbour, aerated water manfr. 

.. Jas. Steele, dyer 

.. Jas. A. Barbour, aerated water manfr. 

.. John L Henderson, electrician 

. . Mrs Robert Sidey 

.. Robert Sage, compositor 

. . Harry Doig, dyer's finisher 

. . Walter Boreham, vanman 

.. Jas. C. Stewart, wood turner's yard 

33 Agustaf Anderson, bottle blower 

. . William Strathearn 

.. George Todd, dyer's cleaner 

. . Henry Raine, stationer, &c. 

. . Mrs Francis M'Kinley 

. . Wm. F. Fenton.ironmonger'sassistant 

. . Mrs David M'Ewan 

. . Jas. C. Stewart 

35 George Mitchell, painter 

. John Nightingale, painter 

. . Mrs Allison Millar 

. . Alexander Ewan, fireman 

. . Margaret Menzies, dressmaker 

.. Adam M'Intosh, sheet inspector 

37 Harry 0. Wilson, fireman 

. . James Forbes, chauffeur 

39 Jas. Stewart, painter 

. . Alex. Whyte, railwayman 

. . John Brown, eranesman 

. . John Clark, engine driver 

41 James Lornie, engineman 

. . Mrs Andrew Todd 

. . James Wood, cabinet maker 

43 James M'Gregor, goods checker 

.. Hugh Anderson, cieaner 

45 David Munro, tubemaker 
. . Margaret Macrae 

45 Elizabeth M'Craw, clerkess 

. . Arch. Beveridge, (Iyer's finisher 

. . Daniel Kerrigan, builder 

. . John Dawson, fitter 

47 Thomas Gray, signal fitter 
Ropemaker's Close here 

51 Thos. Barbour, aerated water manu- 
Victoria Court— 

1 William Brown, lorryman 

.. Robert Murray, railwayman 
. . Marjory B. Walker 

2 Mrs Robert Donaldson 

.. Jas. Donaldson, shepherd 

3 James Gray, plumber 

. . Thos. Henichen, waggon inspector 
.. William M'Kenzie, lorryman 
. . Joseph Reid, packer 

4 Thos. Nairn, dyer 

. . Albert Low, compositor 

5 William Ramsay, railwayman 

. . William Williamson, boilermaker 
Spey Court - 

1 J. Yeoman, clerk 

2 Thos. Whittet, tailor 

3 Wm. Morrison, cooper 

4 Mrs. Isabella Burden 

5 Edwin Hall, engine driver 

6 Chas. McQuinn, gas worker 

7 Robert M. Rushford, postman 

8 John Tnglis, warehouseman 
55 John Stibbles, basket maker 
57 Jas. Brown, porter 

59 James M'Neil, dyer's finisher 

Homers' Lane here 
67 James Millar, musicseller 
69 Co-operative Society— dairy 
71 Co operative Society— boot shop 
73 James Jackson, vanman 
. . James Marshall, joiner 
. . Co-operative Lesser Hall 
.. Margaret Gellatley 
. . Mrs Elizabeth Young 
. . Mrs Mary Macdonald 
. . Elizabeth Norwell 
.. William Hepburn, vanman 
. Archibald Walker, vanman 
. . David Carstairs, bird dlr. & newsagent 
. . John Scrimger, painter 
75-81 Co-operative Society's Shops 
83 Co-operative Hall 
ho Co-operative Fish Shop 

Scott Street here 
89 Mrs Jennie Fairley 
.. Thomas Hobbin, baker 
.. George Ely th, surfaceman 
. . Peter A. Pennie, dyer's cleaner 
. . Robert Leitham, brass finisher 
. . William MTntosh, railway guard 
. William Higgins, brass finisher 
. . Annie Fen ton, shop assistant 
. . Mrs Robert Ireland 
. . John Hobbin, dyer 
. . Mary Walker, dressmaker 
. . William R. Mill, brewer 
. . Mina Erskine, tailoress 



89 Robert Sharp, tube maker 

93 John G. Cunningham, grain mercht. 

Canal Crescent— 
95 Lindsay & Fenwick's Stores 
93-101 Muir& Martin, brewers & maltsters 
103 Mrs William Dougall 
105 Mrs James Scrimgeour 
107 Vacant 

109 William M'Callum, sawmiller 
HI Mrs William Wilson 
113 Archibald Fletcher, labourer 

. . Robert Wilkie, sawmiller 

. . John Wilkie, carter 
115 Jas. Christie— store 
117 Mrs Bella Adams 

. . Mrs William White 

. . Frank Whyte, goods guard 
Mrs Alex. Robertson 
119-121 Stores 
123 Robert Erskine. baker 
125 Mrs John Campbell 

.. Jane Stirling, ironer 

.. Margaret Goodall, upholstress 

. . Mrs. James M'Laren 

127 Robert Wears, joiner 
143 Crown Buildings— 

1 Donald M'Donald, caretaker 

2 William Lindsay, traveller 

3 Alex. Coutts, chemist's assistant 

4 John Murray, motor driver 

5 Isa Jackson 

6 William S. Christie, slater 

7 Mrs William Prentice 

8 Elizabeth L. Cameron 

9 Andrew Barnett, engine driver 

10 Peter M'Aulay, leather merchant 

11 Mrs Annie Hope, apartments 
138 Crown Bar— Elizabeth Moyes 

.. Wm. Rutherford, labourer 
.. Mrs Jessie M'Pherson, cloak room 
138 Mrs Agnes M'Naughton 
136 Good Templar Hall (Lesser) 
134 Jas. Christie, cycle & motor engineer 
132 Robert Gill, coppersmith 
130 James T. Drummond, shunter 

128 Lawrence Hay, janitor 
126 Vacant 

124 Mrs Isabella Anderson 
Mrs Peter Adams 

. . Alex. M. Cruickshanks, carter 

. H. B. M'Laren, aerated wat. salesman 

. . Mrs John Roberts 

. . George Watson, brewer 

.. James Flinn, painter 
122 W. H. Macgregor, coal and wood mer. 
120 Peter M'Naughton, porter 

. . Mrs Thomas Stewart 

. . Alexander Davidson 

. . Robert Smith, casemaker 
118 Harry Christie, cycle & motor agent 
116 John M'Donald, glassblower 
114 Stores 
112 Geo. N. Ireland, engine driver 

. . Charles Stewart, gardener 
110 Stores 

108 W. J. Maclagan & Sons, bootmakers 
and repairers 
Charter House Lane here 
Reform Place— 
106 Alpheus King, labourer 
10* William Orr, waggon builder 
102 John Bell, carter 
100 John Langlands, motorman 
. . John Mitchell, guard 

95 William G. Dow, washhouseman 

96 James Anderson, glassblower 

94 Jas. Smith, blacksmith's hammerman 

.. Harry Alexander, engineman 

92 J. Alex. Moyes, platelayer 

90 Mrs Eliza Young, finisher 

88 Joseph Taylor, fireman 

. . Patrick Lally, plumber 

. . William Wilson, tailor 

. . John Jones, packer 

86 Mrs Alexander Speedie 

84 James Gardiner, gas worker 

82 John Thompson, fireman 

.. John Scott, fireman 

80 John Hodge, engine driver 

78 David Smith, painter & paperhanger 

76 George Strachan, grocer 

Scott Street here 
72 Co-operative Society's Warehouses 
CorporationWash-house — Jno. Ower, 

Charles Street here 
Canal Street— 
62 Arthur Bell & Sons, customs and 

excise bond 
f Perth City and County Liberal Club 
52-54 Thomas Love & Sons Stores 
f.O Valentine's Garage 
42-48 Leslie's Printing & Litho. Works 
40 David M'Ewan, horseshoer 
3s Anglo American Oil Co., Ltd. (Garage) 
36 A. Westwood & Son (Stores) 
34 J. Lyons & Co., Ltd., tea merchants 
B2 Star Buildings— 

William Ramsay, warper 
Peter Grant, dyer 
John Sime, enginedriver 
Mrs Helen Mackenzie 
Charles M'Farlane, warehouseman 
James M. Young, printer 
James Murray librarian 
James A. Irvine, tinsmith & gasfitter 
Mrs Thomas Barbour 
30 A. K. Greig, watchmaker 

Princes Street here 
26 John A. M'Farlan, wine & spirit mer. 
24 Daisy M'Laggan, school teacher 
. . Margaret White, school teacher 
. . George Milne, engine driver 
James Irvine, tinsmith 
Jes?ie M'Glashan 
. . James Campbell, dyer's finisher 
.. Jessie Smith 
. . John Wilson, retired 
20 Byron Moir, shoemaker 
. . Mrs Charles Clark 
. . Edward Patterson, glass blower 

STREET Directory. 


20 John MKillop, pipelayer 

. . William M'Laren, boot repairer 

12 Catherine Galletly, lodgings 

.. Mrs David MacdonaM 

. . Malcolm Mitchell, clothier 

.. Helen Mason, tailoress 

. . Mrs Robert M'Intyre 

. . Elizabeth Richardson 

. . Mrs John Main 

. . Hugh Macgregor, clerk 

.. Hugh M'Diarmid 

. . David Greenhill, ioiner 

. . David Finlay, brakesman 

. . Mary Ann Cadman 

. . John Chamberlain, janitor 

.. Bessie M' Arthur 

. . John Geddie 

. . David Martin, factory worker 

. . Walter Moncrietf, bottle blower 

. . James Fraser, painter 

. . Mrs William M'Craw, cook 

8 Vacant 
Speygate here 

6 Miss Jane Rutherford, caretaker 

4 Baptist Church 

2 T. Love & Sons' Stores 

Carpenter Street. 

Union Street here 
6 Chas. Leitch, basket maker 
. . Arthur Tayl' >r, dyer 
... Wiliiam Kaye, gatekeeper 
. Charles Porter, dyer 
16 Mrs Peter Smillie, dressmaker 
18 David M'Intosh, railway porter 
. . John C. Valentine, grocer 
20 John Mason, gardener 
. . Annie Murray, dyer's finisher 

22 Mary E. Aitken, dressmaker 
24 Annette K. Hutton 

. . Jessie Johnman, tailoress 
. . Thomas Cross, labourer 
. . Mrs Agnes M' Ainsh 
.. William Millar, re iired 
. . James M'Gregor, painter 
26 Robert Edwards, clerk 
28 John Adamson, church officer 
30 St. Paul's E.C. Hall 

23 Archibald Robertson, railway porter 
. . Mrs Helen Simpson 

. . Mrs Robert M'Condach 

.. John J. Reid, collector 

.. Matthew Kirk, warehouseman 

. . John Ogston, manager 


1 A. & T. MacGregor, bookbinders and 
paper rulers 

3 Norwell & Son, boot repair factory 

5 John Ford, joiner 

. James Petrie, woodcutter 

. Ebenezer Stewart, glassblower 

. David Rattray, surfaceman 

. James Melloy, mason 

. Mrs Barbara Wright 

7 Vacant 

Isabella Millar 

David Ferrie, moulder 

Mrs Jeannie Malcolm 

Bobert Malcolm, soldier 

Mary Marshall 

David Thomson 

Mrs Catherine Lowrie, laundress 

Thomas Knight, labourer 

John M'Quade, gardener 

Elizabeth Neilson 

William Thomson, hawker 

Ralph Cleghorn, merchant 

Bruce Place— 

Mrs Henry Pritchard 

John Stewart, gardener 

Joseph Waterson, dustman 

William L. Smith, linesman 

Peter R. Malloch, glassblower 

Mrs Mungo Malloch 


Peter Downie, labourer 

Wm. Currie, carter 

William Anderson, glazier 

Robert Ferguson, labourer 


Hugh Ferguson, hawker 

John Brown, carter 

Mrs Agnes Gardner 

David Logan 

Archibald Kay 

Mrs Mary Reid, outworker 

Thomas M'Goldrick, labourer 


Mrs Peter Crabb, dairy 

Alexander Wilkie, carter 

Peter Campbell, labourer 

Peter Crabb, postman 


James Ord, porter 

John Stewart, flshdealer 

Patrick Kavanagh, hawker 

John Carcary, engine driver 

James Thomson, hawker 

Mrs Isabella M'Mahon 

John Paterson, labourer 

Robert Cameron, labourer 

Bella Low 

Patrick Mulhearn, mason 

Peter Murray, hawker 

James Moyes, labourer 

Wm. Harris, causeway layer 

John Reill, barber 

D. Cunningham, spirit dealer 

Charles Street. 

St. Johnstoun's Buildings— 

1 Barbara Kemp, dyer's finisher 

2 John C. Begg 

3 Robert Anderson, fireman 

4 Robert Menzies, dyer 

5 Mrs Janet Crawford 

6 Mrs John S. Robertson 

7 Catherine Macdonald, dyer's finisher 

8 James Mitchell, lorryman 

9 Mrs Peter Small 

10 David Robertson, plumber 



11 David Pritchard, machinist 

12 James Robertson, warehouseman 

13 John M'Dougall, fireman 

14 Thomas M'Nair, dyer 

15 Mrs Peter Gordon 

16 Samuel B. Tough, ehgine driver 

17 James Young, joiner 

18 Miss J. Brown, nurBe 

19 Margaret Galloway, charwoman 

20 Alexander B. Airth, engineman 

21 Donald Kennedy warehouseman 

22 William Morton, dyer's finisher 

23 Alexander Noble, baker 

24 Catherine R. Thomson, tailoress 

25 James M'l. Black, engine driver 

26 Mrs John D. Prentice, sewer 

27 John Malloch, jute batcher 

28 William Laing, watchmaker 

29 Mary Proudfoot 

30-31 Andrew Lauder, joiner 

32 Mrs William Milne 

33 John Thomson, baker 

34 Mrs Thomas Motion 

35 Daniel Keith, dyer's cleaner 

36 Mary M. Duncan, machinist 

37 Mrs John M'Luskie 

38 Mrs Thos. Cochrane, baker's assistant 

39 Christina Macfarlane, sick nurse 

40 John F. Bolt, carpet weaver 

41 Mary Adie 

42 Andrew Rennie, porter 

43 John Buchan, dyer's finisher 

44 Georgina A. M'Kinlay 

Perth Corp. Gas Dept. Showrooms 
A. Bell & icon's Excise Warehouse 
C. C. Stuart, Ltd.,Avine & spirit merchts. 

Charlotte Street. 

1 Jamieson & Mackay, solicitors 
3 Thomas Macpherson, solicitor 
5 James Allen Watson, F.c I s., P.I P.S , 
principal. Watson's Business College 
. . Kobert Dalziel, fitter 
7 David M. Young, M.B., Ch.B. Ed. 
. . Janet G. Crichton 
. . Robert Frank Duncan, draper 
9 Alex. K. Beaton, architect & surveyor 
11 Mrs Agnes Greig 
. . Charles A. Sellar, artist 
. . Maggie B. Young 
. . Miss A. Crichton 
. . A. C. Miller, solicitor 
13 J. & D. Smith & Co., drapers, linen 
merchants, etc. 
Charlotte Place— 
Blackfriars House — 
I.R. Valuation Department Office 
J. S. Paterson, F.S.I., district valuer 
Thomas Leith, f.s.i., valuer 
Peter Wightman, caretaker 
1 James Todd, draper 

1 Agnes A. Shand 

2 Mrs William Rutherford 
5 John Matheson, butcher 

. . Mrs Jane Robertson 

5 Andrew Dunn, coach builder 
. . Annie Stewart, apartments 
26-24 J. & D; Smith & Co., drapers 

18 H, J. Bell, civil engineer & architect 
.. James Watson, dyer 

. . Mrs William Young 
. . John Moore, draper 

14 Mrs Hugh M'Phersoii, confectioner 

12 Mrs David Bae, apartments 
.. Mrs Annie Simpson 

.. Mrs Hugh M'Pherson, confectioner 

10 Wm.Rutherford&Sons,&c.,plumbers 

8 Wm. Ross, painter 

6 Mrs Margaret Wright 
. . Mrs George Scott 

. . Thomas B,oss, jeweller 

4 Wm. Ross, painter 

2 John C. Cameron, solicitor 
.. R. Martin & Son, solicitors 
.. John Stirling Jarvie, architect and 

. . David Ramsay, artist 

Charter House Lane. 

1 Alexander G. Kidd, shoemaker 
.. Wm. H. Small, fish restaurateur 
. . Mrs John Fair, greengrocer 

3-5 A. Bruce, plumber (workshop) 

7 Vacant 

9 Harry Christie, cycle and motor agent 

11 Thomas B. Forsyth, baker 

13 Mrs James Bisset 

. . Bichard Wight, brassfounder 
.. Margaret M'Connel 

15 James Smith, baker 

17 John Fotheringham, surfaceman 

19 Mrs James Stenhouse 
. . Fanny Dewar 

. . Elizabeth Melville, confectioner 
. . Agnes Coupar 

4 J. G. Falls, warehouse 
King Street here 

2 Robert Duncan, clothier 


1 Margaret Hall 

.. William M'Guire, sawmiller 
. . Mrs Isabella Macfarlane, ironer 
. Ann Cameron 

3 John Stewart, scavenger 

5 Robert Crockart, ploughman 

7 James Miller, labourer 
. . Mrs Isabella Buchanan 

Charles Buchanan, fireman 
9 Alexander Campbell, carter 

11 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

16 Vacant 

14 Mrs George Hall 

12 Mrs Annie M'Donald 
10 Mrs George Luke 

8 Peter Luke 

6 James M'Leish, dyer 

4 Vacant 

2 Alfred Niven, lorryman 




County Place. 
Mechie & Co., milliners 
Henry Scott (Burns), spirit merchant 
John Rennie, fishmonger 
James M. Miller, music and musical 

instrument dealer 
A. Fenwick & Son, bakers & confectrs. 
Mrs Wm, Kinmond, 
James E. Tumilty, hairdresser 
Buttercup Dairy Co. 
Isabella M'Inroy, confectioner 
Donald Robertson, tobacconist and 

25 Robert Campbell, grocer 
Thomson, Ltd. dyers & cleaners. &c. 
Methven Simpson Ltd., piano and 

music sellers to the King 
David C. Anderson, clothier 
35 D. B. Crockart, gun and fishing 

tackle maker 
Margt. L. Paton. fruiterer* confect'r. 
Savings Bank— West End Branch 
Newrow here. 
City of Perth Co-op. Fruit Shop 

,, Butchery 

& 26 Mrs Jas. Miller, County pi. Hotel 
William Wallace, draper 
Charles Scott, stationer 
Alexander Davidson, detective 
Andrew M'Farlane, detective 
Mrs William Sims 
Robert Whyte, railwayman 
William M'Aulay, retired 
John Spence, engineer 
M. Kerrigan & Son, builders 
John Clark, marble cutter 
William Morton, pipe fitter 
David Law, watchmaker 
David Halley, dyer's finisher 
Andrew Dewar, joiner 
16 William Low & Co., Ltd., grocers 
Beehive Drapery Warehouse 
Robert Oliver, engine driver 
David Sinclair, hozier 
Mrs Henry Methven 
William Francis Hothersall, porter 
James G. Torrance, commercial trav. 
Jessie Allan 

Alexander Kaye, chemist 
Harry Christie, cycle agent (store) 
James Sharp, engine driver 
Mrs John Macdonald 
Thomas Brown, clerk 
John Butters, labourer 
John M. Younsr, musician 
Donald S. Leitch, plasterer 
Robert Young, cooper 
Mrs Lizzie Harris, fruiterer & confect. 
James G. Falls, grocer & wine mer. 
Eenry G. Stewart, hairdresser 

Cow Vermel. 
John Dow, fishmonger (store) 
David Cook, gas worker 
James Robertson, jute worker 
John Dow, stables 

11 Kate Kean 

. Thos. M'Cullen, labourer 

. John Hoy, hawker 

. Alex. Dunn, carter 

. George Cameron, ported 

. Mrs John Kinmonth 

. Chas. Wedderspoon^ cartel* 

13 Colin Guthrie, drover 
.. Wm. S. Elder, labourer 

19 Stores — Thomas Love & Sons 
21 James Smith, tube blower 

.. Philip McGuire, millworker 
. . Jas. Finlayson 
.. David Hoolachan, bricklayer 
. . Patrick M'Crudden, labourer 

20 Westwood s workshops 
18 James Angus, labourer 
16 James Cameron, labourer 

John Fenton, butcher 

14 John Tait, gardener 

12 Mrs Frank lM 'Gregor 

10 Andrew Baeling, labourer 
. . James Bruce, mason 

5 Charles Stratton 

6 Catherine Stewart 

. . Charles Welsh, coal porter 

. Andrew Ford 

4 William Thomson, coal merchant 
2 Peter Macdonald, coal salesman 

.. Susan Welsh, charwoman 

Crieff Road. 

P. M Arthur & Sons, grocers 
1 Hugh Blair, dyer 
. John H. C Robertson, P.O. clerk 
. John R. Band, railway policeman 
. Peter Duncan, chintz glazer 
. James L. Smith, cooper 
. Goodwin Duncan c. s. -M. , Black Watch 
. George Templeman, engineer 
. John A. M'Dougall, iron turner 
Inchaffiay Street here 

. . Isabella Dewar, grocer 

Viewfield Place - 

1 William Taylor, mason 
. . Peter Dow, stationer 

. George Birrell, guard 

.. Wm. Main, linotype operator 

. . Alex.Wilkie, clerk 

. . William Anderson, carter 

2 Robert Bowman, tobacco blender 
.. Charles Methven, grocer's assistant 
. . John Tilston, oiler 

.. James Mundelh salesman 
.. Alex Farrell, compositor 
. . James Fraser, cleaner 

3 Wm. Soutar, clerk 

. . Mrs Hope A. Rawlings, grocer 

.. Thomas Bruce, gardener 

.. John Robertson, fish merchant 

. . Agnes Marshall 

. . Peter Crow, carpet weaver 

. . William Brand, warehouseman 

4 David L. Forsyth, dyer 

.. George Mitchell, confectioner 
. . James Begg, shepherd 



4 Martin M'Cheyne, clerk 
. . Mrs Charles T. Lay land 

. . Donald W. Smith, shepherd 

5 John Barclay, dyer's cleaner 
. . Peter Stewart, shoemaker 

. . James Mitchelson, weaver 

. . James Macintyre, jun. , coach paintei' 

. . William Livingstone, dry cleaner 

.. Misses Scott 

. . James M'Intyre, retired 

. . Hector Farquharson, clerk 

. . William Gellatly, cloth inspector 

.. George P. Macdonald, postman 

6 David Turner, cleaner 

. . Mary A. M'Lagan, weaver 

. . Wm. Duncan, dyer's cleaner 

. . David Carswell, French cleaner 

. . William Marshall, brakesman 

. . John Miller, dyer 

. . Mrs James Spence, tailoress 

. . Wm. Luke, gas inspector 

.. William M'Intosh, painter 

. . Samuel Morrison, dyer 

Feu Terrace— 
Mrs Jas. Mackay 
John Mudie, grocer, manager 
William W. Duncan, clerk 
Alexander Paterson, builder 
Catherine Robertson, milliner 
William Dow, dry cleaner 
Thomas Bonnar, dyer's finisher 
George Brown, chaplain 
Alexander Lornie, motor attendant 
Andrew W. Scott, railway inspector 
James Munro, printer 
John B. Hay, linotype operator 

Toll House — Mrs John Ross 

Veterans' Cottages— 
Wm. Fyfe 

Alex. Martin, dyer's finisher 
John Roger, showcard, &c, writer 

Claremount Place— 

1 Alexander Mitchell, grocer 

. . J ames Arthur, booking clerk 
.. Margaret Campbell, dressmaker 
. . Daniel Menzies, clerk, P.O. 

2 John Kennedy, French cleaner 
.. James Scott, P. O. clerk 

. . Mrs Alexander Campbell 

. . Robert Cameron, French cleaner 

3 Wm. M 'Donald, constable 
.. Peter Ballingall, P. 0. clerk 

. . David G. M. Barlass, garage manasei 
. . William Sorimgeour, P.O. clerk 

4 David Taylor teacher 

. . Alex. M. Reid, railway police 
. . Roland Carter, designer 
. . William Peddie 

5 Bruce Marshall, P.O. clerk 

.. George G. Maxwell, railway clerk 
. . Mrs Janet Moncur, mantlemaker 
. . Mrs Catherine Paton 
.. James Crichton, signalman 
Unity Terrace— 
1 John F. Lindsay, captain, A. P.O. 

2 James T. Grassie, capt., Black Watch 

3 Mrs Thomas C. Tasker 

4 James Reid, retired 

5 John L. Wood, law clerk 

6 David Dow, dyer's cleaner 

7 Alex. Dodds, cook and confectioner 

8 Wm. P. C. Robertson, French cleaner 

9 George Soutar, grocer 

10 Alex. Cameron, mechanic 
Albany Terrace— 

James Richardson, manager 

John A. Miller, assist, supt., (Fernlea) 

Alexander P. Borrie, joiner 

Mrs Alexander M'Donald (Benalder) 
Feu House— 

Regimental Paymaster, A.P.O. 

David Low, caretaker 

Feus Cot— Joseph J. Grassie, gardener 


Robert and Jas. Henderson, fruiterer 

and florist (Hillyland Farm) 
John Mitchell, gardener, Hillyland 
Frank Roy, farm servant, do. 

Mrs R.ufus D. Pullar (Brahan) 
Ed. A. Stenning, manager ( ,, lodge) 
W. P. Macdonald, chauff. ,, (1 cotts.) 
Philip M. Stenning gard'r.,, (2 ,, ) 
James Fisher, motor dvr. ,, (3 ,, ) 
Alex. Taylor, gardener ,, (4 ,, ) 
Jn. H. Taylor, timekeeper, (Jasamine 

Margaret Pearson (Jasamine Villa) 
Peter Edmond, retired 
Mrs William M'Gregor 
Mrs Thomas Jackson 
Thomas Hutton, engineer 
George Henderson, clerk of works 
Andrew Oliphant, labourer 
Henry Fotheringham, French cleaner 
Alex." Fotheringham, clerk 
Cecilia Bisset, curtain finisher 
Henry Leith, boilermaker 
George Watson, glove cleaner 
Alexander Weir, French cleaner 
Mrs Charles Clark 
Alexander Miller, watchman 
Isabella Macpherson, curtain finisher 
Isabella M'Laren 
John Scobie, grocer 
Alexander Stoddart, fireman 
Mrs David Fotheringham 
Mrs. Alexander Burns 
James Morrison, cattledealer 
James Gellatly, dyeworker 
David Kinnoch, dyer 
Hillyland Crescent— 

1 John Rodger, storekeeper 

2 David Lawson, dynamo attendant 

3 John Trail, mechanic 

4 John Bisset, yarn dresser 

5 James D. Lockhart, blacksmith 

6 James Chalmers, clerk 

7 David Smith, dyer's cleaner 

8 John Falcon, dyer's finisher 



Beaton's Buildings— 
Mary Myles 
Mrs James Glen 
Robert Murray, engineer 
Jessie Stewart 

Peter Small, senior, glove dyer 
Peter Small, junior, dyeworker 
Robert Doig, sawmiller 
W111. Gilruth, fruiterer 

Cross Street. 

1 James Angus, railwayman 

3 James Gow, waggon repairer 

5 Robt. Robertson 
. . John Stirton 

7 Mrs Peter Dow, grocer 

9 Thomas Hay, labourer 
. . Mrs Peter Dow 
.. Andrew Wilkie, cleaner 
.. Vacant 

11 Malcolm Taylor, shunter 

13 Henry Bisset, french cleaner 
. Duncan Mason, fitter 

15 Mrs Thomas Hay 

17 Robert Barry, porter 

19 David Gibb, fireman 

21 Jean Sadler 

. . Daniel M'Ewan, clerk 

. . William Carle, surfaceman 

. . Peter Miller, labourer 

23 Mrs Martin Flynn 

25 George Watt, sawyer 

27 Mrs Peter Watt 

William Duncan 

Wm. Clement, engine driver 

Alex. Ivol 

Wm Bryce, brick arch builder 

David Fraser, painter 
29 Mrs Alex. Brown 
31 William Watt, barman 
. . Mrs John Keay, laundress 
. . Mrs James Keir 
. . William Brand, cellarman 
33 David Foote, spirit dealer 
35 James Stewart, railwayman 
37 Mrs John Bowie 
. . Christopher Matthew, vanman 
. . Mrs James Ferguson 
. . William Stewart 
. . Mrs James Anderson 
. . Alexander C. Keay, tailor 
39 Mrs James Mitchell 
41 John Robertson, vanman 
43 Mrs Jane Murray 
. . Miss Crawford 
. . David Goodison, vanman 
.. Thos. Chirrey, dyer's finisher 
. . Mrs James Robertson 
. . Mrs Margaret Taylor 

16 James Wilson, goods guard 
. . James Chaplin, labourer 

. . Mark Gibbons, railwayman 

14 David Stibbles, cleaner 

. . Mrs James Cunningham 
. . Peter Shaw 

12 James Carcary, labourer 


10 Edward O'Neil, wireman 

.. Peter M'Farlane, surfaceman 

. . John Simpson, surfaceman 

. . Thos. Sinclair 

.. Mrs John Watt 
8 Alexander Dewar, labourer 
6 David Anderson, weighman 
4 Alexander Anderson, traveller 

.. Mrs Ford 

. . James Duncan, slater 

. . Thos. Allan, carter 

. . Mrs David Wylie 

. . John Webster, carter 

2a Mary Greig, hawker 
2 John Garvan boxmaker 

Cutlog Vennel. 

13 Vacant 

.. Mrs James Nicoll 

. . Jane Young 

. . Vacant 

. . Vacant 

. . Margaret Forbes 

. . Jessie Pattullo, weaver 

.. Vacant 

. . Jas. Winton, railway joiner 

. . William M'Gillivray, junior 

. . Mrs Walter Brown 

17 Alexander Brodie, police sergeant 

. . Alexander Lornie, dyer 

14 John Heraughty, pawnbroker 

4 William Davidson, provision mer. 

Dunkeld Road. 
(North of Barrack Street.) 

Education Authority of Perth — School 

Campbell's Buildings— 

1 Laurence Campbell, tailor 

2 James Hood, dyer 

3 Benjamin Yeoman, hairdresser 

4 Mrs. Robert Gray 

5 David M'Donald, dyer 

6 Jessie Brown 

7 Robert Yacamini, dyer 

8 Margaret Lawson, 

9 Wm. Allison 

10 Daniel Scott, glazer 

11 Angus Carr, dyer's framer 

12 John Bonnyman, fireman 

13 Mrs Cecilia White 

14 James B. Soutar 

15 Cecilia Wilkie 

16 Nellie Brown 
17-18 Jane Shaw 

19 William Lawson, policeman 

20 Stewart Maconochie brassfounder 

21 Jessie Pirnie 

22 Mrs Gunn, factoryworker 

23 James Blair, coachbuilder 

24 Mrs John Stewart 
Shields' Place— 

1 Mrs Jane Buchan, confectr. & grocer 

2 William Duncan, fireman 

3 Mrs Alexander Ross 

4 Thomas Miller, cropper 

2 5 8 


5 Duncan A. M'Dougall, dyer 

6 Alexander Watson, mechanic 

7 Jessie Marshall 

8 John Jack, calenderer 

9 James Thomson, lapper 

10 David Greenhill, cloth inspector 

11 Andrew M'Crostie, weaver 

12 Andrew Spence, packer 

13 John Nicol, dyer 

14 Alexander Scotland, dyer 

15 Margaret La wson 

16 Elizabeth Kennedy, weaver 

17 Lizzie Urqnhart 

18 Catherine Young 

19 James Mackay, fishmonger 

20 John Taylor, dyer 

21 Mary Knight 

22 Jane Paterson 

23 Robert M'Farlane, tinsmith 

24 Mary Malcolm 

25 Wm. A. Birrell, engineer 

26 Mrs Edward Stevenson, 

27 Mrs James Gardiner 

28 Mrs John Farrell 

29 David Brown, fireman 

30 David Donald, French cleaner 

31 Alex. RobertsoD, ironmonger 

32 Mrs Andrew Brown 

33 David Murray, tailor 

34 James Reid, ambulance attendant 

35 Mrs John Jolly 

36 David Buchanan, plumber 

37 William Reid 

38 William D. Davidson, calenderer 

39 Edward Lafferty, postman 

40 Lizzie Carr, weaver 
Hammerman Bldgs. (late Readdie's)— 

1 James Macpherson 

2 Edward Hill, fireman 

3 Mrs William Grant 

4 Andrew Duncan, mechanic 

5 Angus F. Macintosh, work's manager 

6 Alexander M'Gregor, bookbinder 

7 Elizabeth Murray, dressmaker 

8 Mrs James Flight 

9 Andrew M. Brown, dyer's finisher 

10 Mrs John Hutchison 

11 Mrs William Paton 

12 Elizabeth Keir 

13 James C. Stewart, tenter 

14 James Urquhart, warehouseman 

15 Jane M'Glashan 

16 Mrs John Hay 

17 Janet Young 

18 Adam Farquhar 

19 Henry Grant, upholsterer 

20 William Dobbie, hoistman 

21 David Young, dyer 

22 Edward Glass, tailor 

23 Mary Stewart, dyeworker 

24 Mary Jervie, ladies' nurse 
Myrtle Place— 

1 Henry M'Laren, wholesale confector. 

2 Robt. M'Lagan, funeral undertaker 

3 George Carruthers, clerk 

4 John Miller, clothier 

Balhousie Avenue here 

Hawthorn Bank — 
Alfred P Tainsh, grocer 
Alex. Tainsh, grocer (Northlea) 

Westview Cottage — 
Joseph Morgan, manager (West View) 
Michael Devaney, French cleaner (Al- 
mond View) 

Rosebank Cottage — 
Robert Stewart, auctioneer 
Mrs George Amos, boarding house 

Elderslie Villa— Misses Ramsay 

Coral Bank-Jas. Munro, printer 

Albert Villa — Peter Macleod, seedsman 

Albert Villa- Mary M 'Donald 

Lome Villa — Wm. Peddie, iron mercht. 

Whiteleys — R. M'Nicoll, County san. ins. 

Lebanon Villa — William Simpson, manr. 

Firwood Villa — Mrs Robert Hay 

Rhodes Villa - John Haggart, joiner 
Alexander W. Geekie, paymaster 
John Haggart, jun., P.O. clerk 
Northern District School — Dougald 

Walker, headmaster 
James M'Lauchlan, janitor 
Muirton Place here 

Leith's Buildings— 

1 James Donaldson, stationer 

2 Wm. Grieve, P.O. clerk 

3 Hugh Thornton, postman 

4 William Brown, glass worker 

5 Mrs. Jemima Wallace 

6 Wm. Mitchell 

7 Andrew Duff 

8 Duncan Petrie, porter 

9 Mrs Donald Chisholm 

10 Mrs R. G. Imrie 

11 Mrs Henry Whanell 

12 William J. Reid, dyer 

14 Grace Donaldson 

15 Alexander Crawford 

16 Thomas Clark 

17 John Fenton 

18 Andrew Crerar, dyer's finisher 

19 Mrs Wm. M 'Donald 

20 George Smith, policeman 

21 George Bowie, policeman 

22 William Fenton, dyer's finisher 

23 Robert M'Kenzie, tube maker 

24 James C. Lehany, railway clerk 

25 Wm. Murray 
Crieff Road here 

Broomlea— Chas. Peddie, factory mgr. 

Mrs Isabella M'Intosh 

Ballantine Place here 
Lilybank Villa — 

James Weir, lathsplitter 

Richard T. Aitkin, teacher 
Gleniffer Cottage— Thomas M. Hamilton 
Perth Steam Laundry— Robert Hamilton 

& Son 
Perth Corporation Public Swimming 

Baths — Alex. Graham Christie, supt. 
The Shields Motor Car Co , Ltd. 
Wallace Works — 

John Shields & Co., Ltd. , manufacturers 



St. Catherine's Road here 

Alfred Clark, warder 

The Perth Dye-Works 

Albeit Edwards, warder 

Duncan Stewart, blacksmith, lodge 

H. Ferguson Watson, medical officer and 

Campbell's Buildings— 

deputy commissioner, M.D., chB., 

25 William Mitchell, dyer 

L.K.CP.,&c, "JSTorthcote" 

26 David Moir, dyer 

Leslie H. Skene, physician (Glenpark) 

27 Mrs E. M. Laing 

Breadalbane Terrace— 

28 James M'Ewen, manager 

1 Win. J. Dalziel, locomotive foreman 

.. John Henderson, draper 

2 Andrew Herd, blacksmith 

29-30 James Reid, French cleaner 

3 John Hunter, foreman 

31-32 Miss C. Henderson, feather curler 

4 James Easton, engine fitter 

Balhousie Works— Coates & Co., Ltd., 

5 William Porteous, timekeeper 

carpet manufacturers, jute spinners 

Edin Terrace— 

and twine manufacturers 

1 David Ferrier, coal agent 

Earl's Dykes. 

2 Jane Stewart 

3 Mrs Charles Nicolson 

1 Mrs Joseph Shepherd, charwoman 

4 Andrew Scott, foreman 

3 Alexander M'Cullie, glass cutter 

Bellevue House — 

5 John Mackerlich, guard 

David Dobbie, man., loco, dept., C.R. 

.. David Duff 

Caledonian Railway Workshops 

7 Peter Murray, engine driver 

St. Johnstone Recreation Grounds 

9 Jane M'Farlane, upholsteress 

Moredun Elms, Craigie — 

. . David T ow, shunter 

David Morison Barker 

.. John Morrison, guard 

Mrs Jane W. Barker 

11 Mrs Thomas Lindsay 

Craigie Park Terrace— 

.. John M. Brown, assistant inspector 

Mrs William Philips 

boy messengers, P.O. 

John Forbes, cattle dealer 

. . David Allan, coach painter 

Wm. F. Christie, electrician 

17 Mrs James Pringle 

James Gellatly, waggon builder 

John T. Davidson, carter (Caledonian 

Robert Mill, railway cleaner 


Robert Hodgson, fitter 

Caledonian Buildings— 

Elizabeth Keish 

1-40 Vacant 

William Taylor, compositor 

Edinburgh Road. 

Robert Crawford, fireman 
James Davidson, fireman 

General Prison for Scotland— 

William Harris, dyer's finisher 

The Governor— Chas. T. Baldwin 

William Kerr, guard 

David 0. Gordon, head warder, c.l.d.h. 

Mrs Frederick Potter 

James M'Craw, head store warder 

David Harris, coach painter 

John Smith, warder 

David West, cleaner 

Andrew Meston, warder 

George Clark, fireman 

Archibald Steele, warder 

Craigie Park Villa — 

Donald Stewart, 1st class warder 

Mrs Helen Hamilton 

James Stewart, 1st class warder 

Henry Duncan, grocer and confectioner 

William Petrie, warder 

Inch Head Terrace— 

Robert Bain, warder 

1 George Davidson, fitter 

John Wilson, warder 

2 G. A. Grant 

George Laing, warder 

3 George Walker, engine driver 

Charles Newlands, warder 

4 John Livingstone, fisbing tackle mkr. 

James Lumsden, warder 

5 Andrew M. Couper, fireman 

Clarus Masson, warder 

6 Andrew Lister, engineer 

Archibald Campbell, warder 

7 David Coventry, sawmiller 

Archibald W. D. Bates, warder 

8 David Greenhiil, tailor 

John Y. Bowes, warder 

9 Duncan Stewart, fireman 

Gibson Kerr, warder 

10 Alexander Menzies, engineer 

William Adams, warder 

11 James M'Gregor, joiner 

Archibald M'Donald, warder 

12 John Pcodger, brakesman 

William Sinclair, warder 

13 Robert Duncan, engine driver 

John Lynagh, warder 

14 James Panton, engine driver 

John Glendinning, warder 

15 John Cameron, fitter 

James Longmuir, warder 

16 George R. Farquhar, signalman 

George Moss, warder 

17 James Halley, labourer 

Martin Sullivan, warder 

18 John Hogg, sports outfitter 

Henry V. Steele, warder 

19 Thomas Easton, fitter 

John Lillie, warder 

20 Wm. Glen, fireman 

Fred M. Inglis, warder 

21 Mrs Robert D. Robertson 



22 William Guild, engine driver 

23 Jas. Anderson, warehouseman 

24 Mercer Cunningham, blacksmith 
South Inch Terrace— 

1 Alexander Duncan, slater 

2 John Crichton, boot repairer 
. . Mrs Adam Robertson 

3 Maggie Guthrie 

4 William Holmes, engineer 

5 John Bell, barman 

6 Charles Croall, slater 

7 Alfred Warner, asst. san. inspector 

8 George T. Brand, joiner 

9 George Stewart, yardsman 

10 Angus M'Culloch, engine driver 

11 James Guild, tallow chandler 

12 Alfred Soutar, postman 

13 William Rodger, painter 

14 Alexander Jones, storeman 

15 Henry Jenkins, engine driver 

16 Norman A. Easson, telegraphist 

17 Jas. McLean, clerk 

18 Robert Milne, general merchant 

19 Stewart Duncan, guard 

20 Laurence M'Donald, plumber 

21 David Guthrie, baker 

22 John Easson, reliefman 

23 William Fraser, clerk 

24 David B. Carcary, tube maker 
>lb David Munro, brakesman 

26 William Scott, engine driver 

27 William Hamil, gas fitter 
23 Chas. Scotland, grocer 

. . Samuel Grieve, clerk 

29 Jas. Thomson, painter 

. . Thomas M 'Farlane, labourer 

30 William Mitchell, postman 

31 James Kerr, chauffeur 

32 Mrs Stewart Lawson 

33 Wm. Delbridge, moulder 

34 Robert Buchan, clerk 

35 Robert Stewart, engine driver 

36 James Brodie, engine driver 

37 John Greig. shunter 

38 John Finlay, warder 
South Inch Place— 

1 Miss Margaret Robertson 

2 John M'Ewan, warehouseman 

3 John Hamilton, railwayman 

4 James Calder, yardsman 

5 Henry Wilson, gasworker 

6 James Garland, postman 

7 James Paton, insurance agent 

8 Duncan M'Laren, coach painter 

9 James Innes, clerk 

10 William W. Patterson, bottleblower 

11 Lindsay A. Proudfoot, waggon wright 

12 Albert Drury, waggon fitter 

13 William Shepherd, clerk 

14 Allan W. Aitken, clerk 

15 William Scobie, joiner 

16 Grace Cameron, dressmaker 

17 William M'Pherson, tenter 

18 Thomas Garnett, dyer 

19 John E.der, boilermaker 

20 Philip G. Newport, grocer 

21 Joseph Robb, guard 

22 Peter Nairn, gas inspector 

23 James Bowie, glasstube maker 

24 David Galbraith, brakesman 

Feus Road 

James S Campbell, supt. cemeteries and 

parks (Wellshill cottage) 
James M'Cash & Sons, corn factors 
Anglo American Oil Co. , Ltd. 
Oakbank Oil Co. and Scottish Oil Agency 
James Gardner, timber merchant 
Officer Supply Depot, Tulloch siding 
Peter Suttie, box maker 
Frank M'Kenzie, postman (Stevenson's 

Hugh Stevenson & Sons, Ltd., boxmakers 
David Bremner, stableman 
Co-operative Society Stables 

Do. Ham and Sausage Factory 
Keithick Place— 

1 Mrs Catherine Chalmers 
. . Simon Fraser, engine driver 

3 George Clark, inspector 
. . Cluny Scott, ins. weights & measures 

. James Carnegie, policeman 
. . David Beatson, warehouseman 

5 Joseph T. Moffatt, plumber 
. . James Dick, gardener 
. . David Hutchison, carter 
. Donald M'Intyre, gardener 

7 J. Currie, warehouseman 
. . Walter Ross, cutter 
. . David C. Turner, postal clerk 
.. Robert Allan, foreman 
St. Mark's Church 

David Muirhead, mechanic (Nicol Cot.) 
Peter Panton, dairyman (Gask Cottage) 
William Sinc'air, joiner (Gowanlea) 
Peter Stewart, retired (Isla Cottage) 
John Macpherson, signal inspector 

(Cluny Cottage) 
John M'Leish, plumber, (A.f ton Cottage) 
David A. Brown, clerk (Sunnyside) 
William Fen wick, postman Rossie Cot.) 
Joseph Duff, tubemaker (Lamont Cot.) 
Andrew Thom, joiner (Auburn Cottage) 
David W. K. Hood, P. 0. clerk (Inver- 

groin Cottage 
William Arthur, signalman 
Mrs Gow, (Glenartney) 
W. Fenwick, copper smith (Maryville) 
Donald M'Phee, potato merchant 
John Tannahill, retired 
George Ballantine (Edderton) 
Donald Robertson, grocer (Baldinnie) 
Chas. A. Hough, cutter (York Villa) 
Jas. D. Scott, chintz glazer (Glendevon) 
John Campbell, aerated water manufac- 
turer, &c. (Edrom House) 
John Campbell, Ltd., manufacturers of 

serated water and confectionery 
Alex. M Arthur, road surv., Roads Office 
Closeburn Terrace — 

1 David Duncan, yardsman 

2 William G. Ross, manager 



3 Mrs Christina M'Lennan, teacher 

4 Francis J. Fordyce, road foreman 

5 Edward E. Robertson, clerk 

6 John Ritchie, engineer 

7 James M. Burden, upholsterer 

8 Robert Patterson, P.O. clerk 

9 Jamas Sheddon, French cleaner 

10 Thomas S Dewar, gardener 

11 Margaret M'Farlane 

12 George C. Baird, clerk 

13 David R. Tait, clerk 

14 Mrs Annie M'Master 

15 Peter Hutchison, dyer's finisher 

16 Andrew M. Brough, clerk 

17 Mrs James Kininmond, clerkess 

18 Alexander R. Tait, postman 

19 Charles Roxburgh, cooper 

20 William L. Hodge, retired 

21 Charles M'lntosh, engine driver 

22 James Gow Thomson, clerk 

23 John Blair, railway servant 

24 Charles Forsyth, dyer 

25 Isabella C. Smith, dressmaker 

26 Jessie Bryce, curtain finisher 

27 John Miller, dyer's cleaner 

28 John F. Dick, fireman 

29 Robert Moon, dyer 

30 Peter Shaw, engineer 

31 Mrs Andrew Turner 

32 James R Nicol. glass finisher 

33 James Hunter, cleaner 

34 John A. Durfin, french cleaner 

35 Robert Ewan, dyer 

36 Hope Stewart, slater 

Alex. Carson, I k.o. (Stanley Villa) 
William Third (manager Singer's Co.) 
John Condie, clerk (Strathardle) 
David Halley, clerk (Mansfield Villa) 
Andw. Aitken, cabinetmkr. (Ravenscraig) 
Harry G. Kemp, salesman (Ard-craig) 
Andrew Gowans, builder (Tynwald) 
Adam Mackie, m.a., retired (Dunnottar) 
Alexander Campbell, manufacturing and 

wholesale confectioner (Balgray) 
James Y. Fen wick, (Vailima) 

Fleshers' Vermel. 
1 Vacant 
Duff's Buildings— 
Harry Farmer, boiler maker 
Alexander Patterson, policeman 
10-6 Love's Stores 
4-2 John Kennedy, bootmaker 

Foundry Lane. 

6 Samuel Wilson, confectioner 
. . Agatha Bain 
. . Laing, tailor, workshop 

8 Mrs Thomas Smith 
.. George M' Donald 
. . Annie Henderson 
. . Mrs Mary Martin 
.. James R. M'Farlane, janitor 
. . Robert Prentice, bleachfield worker 
10 Jean Downie 
. . James Kinloch, dyer's finisher 

10 George Todd, chauffeur 
.. Vacant 

. . Mrs Barbara Tainsh 

12-14 Robert Duncan, coalman 

16 Lavina Morrison 

. . Mrs Murray, nurse 

. Andrew Young, traveller 

. . Elizabeth Morris 

18-20 Mrs Alex. Smith, spirit merchant 

11 Vacant 

7 St. John's Foundry and Engineering 
Co., Ltd. 


Wm. Whittet, carter, Friarton cottage 
James Galium, engine driver (Rose cot.) 
Friarton Buildings - 

1 Matthew Marshall, stocktaker 

•2 Adam Clark, craneman 

3 Mrs Andrew Muckersie 

4 James Petrie, fireman 

5 John Gowrie, millwright 

6 Gunner Kreutzer, bottlemaker 

7 Peter Hewitt, sheet repairer 

8 George Karlson, bottle blower 

9 John M 'Keith, fireman 

10 William Stewart, dyer's finisher 

1 1 William H. Clark, tractor driver 

12 John S. Robertson, fireman 

14 Mrs James Stewart 

15 John Menzies, carter 

16 William Roy, fireman 

17 John Roy, engine driver 

18 Margaret Macpherson 

19 John Douglas, carter 

20 David Anderson, railwayman 

21 John Fraser, labourer 

22 John Smart, bottleblower 

23 Mrs Samuel Rennie 

24 John Duff, glass blower 

25 Ellen D. Angus 

William Ferguson, joiner, Dyework cot. 

Thomson, Limited, dyers, cleaners and 

And. Glendinning, sheet repairer (Gates) 

George Sim, reliefman (Gates) 

W. S. Ferguson & Co. , Ltd. , chemical manf . 


James Roy, joint maker 
John Milne, fireman 
John Panton, engine driver 
Mrs Joseph Muirhead, chintz glazier 
Charles Hamilton, sheet repairer 
James Fraser, sawmiller 
John Hepburn, retired 
John Hepburn, jun., manager 

Francis May, sheet repairer 

Sarah Wood, housekeeper 

Jessie Buist 

William Thomson, lampman 

Archibald Johnston, retort setter 

William Cuthbert, blacksmith 

Charles M'George, engineer 

J. D. Middleton 

Robert Ford, retired (Friarton house) 

Henry Reekie, gasworker (Gas Work cot). 



Perth Gas Works— David Vass, Manage. 
Fruit Farm Cottage— David Paterson. 

Geo. Reid, fruit manager, Nether Friarton 

D. S. Matheson, butcher. Friarton House 

James M'Laren, sheet repairer 

Peter Thomson, engine driver, 

George Angus, engine fitter 

Peter T. Chalmers, mason 
John Anderson, farmer, Upper Friarton 
David Bissett, labourer, Upper Friarton 
John Cameron, fireman, Upper Friarton 
Alex. Whytock, builder, Upper Friarton 
Wm. A. Adie, excise officer (Kimberley) 
David M'Ainsh (Toll House) 
Isolation Hospital — Kate Lee, matron 
James Stewart, caretaker 

George Street. 

1 Jessie M'Cowan, ladies' outfitter 

3 J. Mclnroy, confectioner 

5 Mrs Thomas Gilchrist 
. . Mrs James Moir 
. . Mrs Nellie Thomson 

7 William Shaw, restaurateur 

9 John Stibbles, basket maker & netter 
11 Alice Scott, music teacher 
. . Walter H. Scott, goldsmith 
. . Maitland Scott, clerk 
13 Co-operative Society (Grocery) 
15 James Templeton, hosier, &c. 
19 City and County Conservative Club — 

Alexander Stewart, secretary 
21 Robert Robertson & Co., grocers and 

wine merchants 
23 R. A. & J. Hay, stationers & engravers 
25 Pinkerton & Sneddon, solicitors 
. . Andrew M'D. Sneddon, solicitor, N.P. 
. . William Munro, solicitor 
. . Mrs Agnes Spalding 
27 Robert Hay & Sons, drapers 
29 Reid & Donald, chemists and mineral 

water manufacturers 
31 Alexander Stewart, solicitor 
. . Mrs Margaret Cross 
. . Robert Kennedy, baker 
. . Mrs John Russell, dressmaker 
. . George Clark, secretary, Perth Div. 

Unionist Association 
33 Paterson, Sons & Co., piano and organ 

35 A. Darling & Co., hatters and hosiers 
37 James Robertson, examiner 
.. Thomas M'Farlane, timekeeper 
.. Christina M'Leish, clerkess 
. . Mrs John Halley 
. . Robert Mason, warehouseman 

. Janet Scott 
39, 41, 43 A. P. Mill, hairdresser 
45 William Steele, stockrooms 
47 Peter Campbell, retired 
. . Mrs Barbara Davidson 
. . James P. Butchart, clerk 

47 Jane M. Campbell 
.. James M'Kinlay, manager 
. . David Pearson, dyer 
George Inn Lane— 

James Peddie, joiner 

David Livingstone 

David Oliphant, lairman 

John Duncan, dyer's cleaner 

Mrs Ethell Miller, laundress 

Mrs Agnes Fenwick 

Archibald S. Bell, French cleaner 

Mrs William Glen 

John Simpson, labourer 

Robert M'Bay 

Peter M'Laren, drover 

Mrs Mary Angus 

Mrs Sarah M 'Donald 

Alice Gillon 

Mrs Isabella Robertson 

Reid & Donald, aerated water manfs. 
Royal George Hotel— Wm. Steele, prop. 
53 David Heron, clothier 
55 Alexander Anderson, tobacconist 
57 Peter Martin, joiner 
. . John Meld rum. clerk 
. . Mrs Annie Munro, confectioner 
59 Peter Donaldson, fishmonger and 

. . Royal George Hotel Garage — William 

61 Christina M. Cree, straw hat maker 
. . Chas. P. Campbell, solicitor 
. . Jessie M'Currach 
. . William Nairn, warehouseman 
. . Misses Cree 
. . Jane Smith, boarders 
63 Jessie Hamilton, stay maker, &c. 

65 Wiliam Steele, stock rooms 

67 Wm. Small, tailor (Small <te Dewar) 

69 John T. Renton, factor 

. . James Chalmers, shoemaker 
.. Isabella M'Intyre 

71 Christina Stewart, tobacconist and 


73 A. Hay, confectioner 

75 P. R. Buik W.S. 

. . David Mackenzie, W.S. 

. . Condie, Mackenzie, & Co., W.S. 

77 British Linen Bank— John Stewart, 

David Mackenzie, W.S., and P. R. 
Buik, W.S. 
80 J. Lyall Bowie, J.P., solicitor and N.P. 

78 Vacant 

76 Farquhar & Don, bookbinders 

74 D. Burns, motor agent and repairer 

72 Catherine Millar, machinist 
. Jane Love 

. George Dalgleish, plumber 

. Catherine Robertson, confectioner 

. George Burgess, gardener 

. Andrew Granger Heiton, architect 

70 Brady & Sons, auctioneers 

68 Walter Borthwick, bellhanger 

66 Forrester & Boyd, house agents and 

Bridge Lane here 



64-62 David Burns, cycle and motor agent 

60 Miss Ina Moir, ladies' outfitter 

58 JR. & J. Marshall (A. M'Neil), job 

masters and funeral undertakers 
56 Root. Mackay, architect and surveyor 
. . David Smart, labourer 
.. Duncan M'Intyre, joiner 
. . John Stewart, clerk 
. . Peter Whittet, dyer 
54 Mrs Annie A. Munro, manufacturing 

52 Katherine Miles, costumier 
50 James Ballantine, saddler 

45 Albert Close— 
Frank Craigie, fireman 
Peter Blair, shunter 
Alexander Elder, painter 
John Ewing, greenkeeper 
Duncan Borland, gasworker 
Arch. Scott Trotter, gas inspector 
Alexander Clark, coach painter 
William Kirk, labourer 
William Steel, blacksmith 

Mrs Alexander Rennie 

46 Frederico Panetta, tea rooms 
44 William Steel, stock rooms 
42 Harriet Stewart, dressmaker 

. . John Baird, foreman 

.. Mrs Margaret M' Duff 

. . R. M'Gregor Mitchell & Co., solicitors 

40 David MacGregor, & Co., jewellers 

and watchmakers 
38 J. H, Hogg, sports outfitter 
36 The Glovers' Hall 
. . W. Erskine Thomson, architect and 

. . Theosophical Society (Perth Lodge) 
. . John Lewthwaite, dyer 
. . Robert Edwards, stableman 
.. Joseph Welsh, chauffeur 
.. James G. Lamond, dyer's finisher 
. . Mrs Elizabeth Bruce 
. . Mrs John Rattray, ladies' nurse 
34-32 M'Intyre Brothers, linen merchants 
30 William M'Cracken, Exchange Bar 
. . Helen Murdoch 
. . Mrs William Bisset 
.. The Art Photo Company— C. D. 

Geddes, proprietor 
26 Paterson, Sons & Co., pianoforte and 

musicsellers, gramaphone dealers, 

concert agents and theatre booking 

24 Union Bank of Scotland (limited)— 

Lewis Gibson, agent 
22 Lewis Gibson, Union Bank House 
20 Thos. Howie, tobacconist & engraver 
18 Robert Watters, postman 

Mrs Charles Eggo 
.. James Stewart plasterer 
. . Alexander Reid, dyer's cleaner 
16 J. B. Mechie, confectioner 
14 N. B. Mercantile Insurance Company 
12 Wood's Tea Rooms 
.. JohnT. Miller 
. . Frederick Gorin, bandmaster 

10-S John Jamieson &, Co., clothiers 

6 T. M. Duncan, stationer (Post Office) 

4 William Eraser, painter 
Alexander Forbes, warehouseman 

. . Wood's Tea Rooms 

. . John Garvie, cabinetmaker 

.. Mrs James Robertson 

Glasgow Road 
(West of York Place). 
Elibank Street— 

Robert Brand & Sons, builders and 

contractors (No. 3) 
David High & Son, coal agents and 

Wilsons & Clyde Coal Company, Ltd. 
3 Thomas Muir, Son, & Patton, Ltd., coal 

agents and carting contractors 
5 Alex. Campbell & Son, coal, lime and 
brick merchants 
Violet Reid, confectioner — Tramway 

waiting room 
Wallace, (Glasgow) Ltd., impl. makers 
11 Geo. Sellar & Son, Ltd., agric. engrs. 
13-15 Highland Rly Locomotive Works 
Auction Mart — M'Donald, Eraser & Co. 

Donald M'Intyre, shepherd 
Rosslyn Place— 
31 Sam. Wp. Lawson, inspector of weights 

33 J. Lennox Hobson, insurance inspector 
35 Mrs Hugh Fraser 
37 Malcolm Fergus, grocery manager 
39 Alex. M'Donald, agent 
41 Catherine M 'Cowan 
43 Mrs William Hutt 
45 Wm. T. Davidson, insurance clerk 
47 Harry Murdoch 
49 Alexander Davidson, plumber 
51 Alex. Hedderwick, butcher 
53 John Young, gardener 
55 David Smith, warehouseman 
57 Mary Bell 

Fechney Industrial School — 
John H. MacBeth, superintendent 
William Small, gardener (lodge) 
65 Durie House — 

Wm. Richardson, schoolmaster 
Glasgow Road Post Office- 
Peter Thomson, grocer 
Mrs Daniel Macfarlane 
D. & C. Stewart, fruiterers & fishmongers 
Rose Crescent— 

5 Mrs John M'Farlane 

7 Mrs David Scrimgeour 

9 Alexander Kaye, pharamacist 
11 Mrs Jessie Morrison, boarding house 
13 James W. Robertson, toy merchant 
15 James Jackson, manager 
17 Mrs Peter M'Lean, confectioner 
19 Daniel Reid, spirit merchant 

Taymount Terrace here 
21 David J. M'Leish M.D., principal med. 

officer, education auth. 
23 Jessie Wood 
25 James Sinclair, stockbroker 


street Directory. 

27 Mrs John Linning 

29 John M'Lean, wine and spirit frier. 

31 John F. Frew, butcher 

33 Barbara Campbell (Ardkinglass) 
. Eev. William B. Campbell 

35 Robert B. Fyfe, timber merchant 
37 William Young, retired 

39 John Casey, I.R. official 

41 Mrs James Brow, (Park villa) 

43 Mrs James Dewar (Gordon villa) 
Western A venue here 

66 Mrs J. W. Finlayson 

. . Robert Sword, joiner 

64 Thomas Logan, solicitor 

62 William Stewart, retired 

60 John Shand, clerk 

58-56 Vacant 

54 Peter Smith 

52 John A. Buchan, wholesale fruit mer. 

50 Mrs Thomas Sanderson 

48 Andrew Aird, colliery agent 

46 Dav. A. Ross, grain mer. (Carlton villa) 

44 And. Robertson, ironmonger ,, 

42 Charles Scott, bookseller & stationer 

40 David Edwards, clerk 

36 Mrs John M. Doig (Florence villa) 

36 John Dickson, sheriff clerk depute 
(Florence villa) 

34 Joe Anderson, athletic outfitter 

32 Elizabeth Glen 

30 Mrs Thomas Foreman 

28 George Burnfield, jeweller 
Spens Crescent here 

26 Thomas Kaye, chemist 

24 William Ritchie, coal merchant 

22 Mrs William Thomson 

20 Robert Chisholm, commission agent 

. . Mrs Elizabeth Mowat 

18 Charles Watkins, retired 

14 Mrs William Mailer 

. . David Mailer, fish merchant 

12 Misses C E. & M. Allan, dressmakers 

10 Adam E. A. Stewart, draughtsman 

8 Mrs Robert Shaw 

6 Vacant 

4 David Murie, brassfounder 

2 John Ferguson, draper 
1 Margaret Topple 

Spens Crescent— 

Rosiehill Cottage— David L. Campbell, 
manager employment exchange 
1 Edward N. Taylor, solicitor 

3 Edward Husband, LB. officer 

5 Alex. C. Robertson 

7 Thomas Niven, inspector 

9 Mrs Robert Renton 

11 James Brown, warehouseman 
3 3 Wm Harley, cashier 

15 Andrew Easson, joiner 

17 Wm. Bowman, woodturner (Fechney 

20 Stewart Morton, engineer 
22 John Mackintosh, assurance manager 

18 James M. Robb, tobacconist 

16 Mrs James R. Henderson 

. . Thomas Neil, commercial traveller 

14 John Y. Halley, ironmonger 
12 Alexander D. dyne, grocer 
10 William M. Thomson, retired 

8 Alexander Robb, com. traveller 

6 John J. Keay, postman 

4 Mrs William Paton 

2 Robert R. Bruce, insurance agent 
Western Avenue— 

1 Alex. P. Suttie, traveller (Northolme) 

2 Mrs James Cowie (Lynwood) 

3 William Arch. Stewart, sheepdealer 

(Dun earn) 

4 William Brown, coal agent 

5 James Boyd, commercial traveller 

6 M. Martin, chief constable, County 


7 William Finlayson, secretary 

73 Laburnum Villa- 
Joseph S. Nicoll, bookseller 
Mrs James Isaac 
John Watt, traveller 
D. S. Grant, commission agent 
79-^1 Almond Villa— Mrs Jane Malloch 
S3 The Pines— John F. Stark, tim. mer. 
85 Garfield — Wm. D. Brunton, chemist 
S7 Roselea — Mrs William Robertson 
89 Garry Bank— Robert Wilkie, retired 
91 Viewcot — Mrs David M'Inroy 
93 Tregaron — John Campbell, coal mer. 
95 Gleneam— Duncan Macnab, solicitor 
97 Brierbank — James J. Gillespie 
99 Marlehall — John Little, solicitor 
101 Westfield — D. C. Anderson, clothier 
103 Mrs Catherine Cargill 
David Powrie, salmon factor 
William Rattray, wood merchant 
Peter Thomson, grocer and wine mer. 
David Waddell, auctioneer 
Annbank— James Hutchison 
6 Rennie Smith, grain merchant 
Elderslie — Alexander M'Cowan, draper 
Rosemount — Helen M. M'Laren 
John Michie, retired 
Edward Smart, B.A., B.SC, F.R.S.E., 

J. P., Rector of Academy 
Taymount Road here. 
Findynate — Isabella M'Laren 
Taymount Terrace— 
Hatton — Matthew W. Gloag, wine mer. 
Lodge, Royal Infirmary- Jn. Darling 
Royal Infirmary — C. 0. Thomson, 

Viewlands Road here — 
107 Eamilton House — Lady Georgina 

Home Drummond 
Hamilton House Cottage -George Pirrie, 

Hamilton House Lodge — Robt. M'Adam, 

Viewlands Road— 
Viewlands Lodge— Jas. H. Young, gardr. 
Viewlands — Margaret Conacher 
Atholl Bank Lodge — Thos. Garvie, tenter 
Athollbank — Arthur Martin, farmer 



The Steading— Edward Ward, gardener 
Viewfield Cottage — Andw. Staig, builder 
Viewfield— Wm. Humphries, sgt. -major 

Richard Matchett, traveller 
Waverley Bank — Mrs Joseph Dawson 
Bon Accord - Mrs Alex. Glass 
Viewlands Place— 

Dunolly— Peter M'Dougall, auctioneer 

Lixmount— Jas. Mitchell, sol'r. & n.p. 

Chirallion — Wm. L. Gilles, grain mer 
Viewlands Terrace— 

1 Mrs Alexander Bennett 

2 Mrs Peter Duthie 

3 Mrs Alexander Gorrie 

4 Alexander Walker, piano tuner 

5 Gilbert D. Mai loch, fishing tackle mkr. 

6 David Thorn son, accountant(Dundurn) 

7 Alexander Allan, shop manager 

8 David M. M'Donald, upholsterer 

9 Westmount — R. Walker, retired 

10 Harry Clarke, insurance official 

11 Miss Mary Elizabeth Rutherford 
Hollybank — D. A. Coates, solicitor 

Mount Grange— Alex. Stewart, solicitor 
Mount Grange -Alex. Ross, typewriter 

Westerfield— David M'Nab, ham curer 
George Clarke, organising secretary 
11 3 Bon-Accord— Mrs W. G. H. Carmichael 
115 Beechwood — Alex. J. Cameron, direc- 
tor, John Dewar & Sons, Ltd. 
117 Roseisle— Mrs Arch. Sutherland 
119 Joppa— Mrs W. A. Barclay 
121 Union Mount— George P. K. Young, 

f.r.i.b.a., architect 
123 St. John's— Robt. Hunter, solicitor 
125 Craigroyston — Jessie J. Gregor 
127 Grange— John Begg, Town Clerk 
129 Midfield- John Alexander, m.a. 
131 Homewood— Jn.Annal, com. traveller 
133 St. Helens— John Edgar, traveller 
135 Claremont — Peter Stewart, grazier 
137 Norwood — Adam Strang, master 

139 Cor Arder — Margaret J. Coates and 

Henry Coates 
Murray Place here 
141 The Manse— Rev. J. M'Glashan Scott 
143 The Brae — Wm. Higgins,mastermar 
145 Sarsfield— John M. Dawson, director 

of education 
147 Easterfield— Jas. M'Cracken, spirit 

149 Durolly— Arch. Campbell, com. trav. 
151 Kingarth -Thomas Dow, retired 
153 Baptist Church Manse — Rev. J. A. 

Grant Robinson, m.a. 
155 Duneaton— Margaret B. Millar 
157 Cabenda Ralph A. Storey, draper 
159 Annandale — Mary Gillespie 
161 Wilsisten — Janet K. MacLaren 
163 Priestfield— Mrs Helen Hope 
165 Somerville — John Lambert, electrical 

167 Drumcharry— Robert Campbell, sol. 
169 Ardbeg Agnes Jamieson 

171 Achnacarry— Mary Kidd 

173 Glengar— Jane Chalmers 

175 Strathlee— James Miller, manuf. 
177 Hughenden— James Gillespie 

179 Glentore— Catherine Cree 

181 David Conacher, draper 
183 Ellora— Mrs Andrew Allan 

185 Thistlebank — George Richardson, 

187 Sunnybank — Mary Cameron 
189 William Thomson, seedsman 
191 Robert M'Queen, jobbing gardener, 
The Nurseries 
Cherrybank here 

182 Coylum— David Beveridge, builder 

180 Dunarden— Alex. Thompson, manager 

176 Annville — Mrs John Wilson 

174 Hawthornbank— Alex. Eenton, cattle 

170 Silverdale— A. F. Dalgleish, jeweller 
166 Castleview— B. D. & C. S. Macdonald 
162 Orchardbank — "Vacant 
160 The Orchard— H.Dalton Henderson, 
Lt. -Colonel 
Needless Road here 
144 Wemyssfield— Willliam Adie, baker 
142 Nimrod — Thos. Hunter, editor " Con- 
140 Carsie — Wm. Cunnison, ironmonger 
138 Hillcrest — Alex. G. Forrest, solicitor 
1-6 Dunard— David Wood, stationer, &c. 
134 Kylisk- Mary G. Davidson, milliner 

Murray Crescent here. 
Mimosa — David J. Marshall, solicitor 
Enochdhu— Thos. W. Caird. tailor, &c. 
Elizabeth Peddie 
Daniel M'Kenzie Batchelor, clerk 
Bella P. Batchelor, teacher 
Miss Campsie 
Ellangowan— Margaret C. Gowans 

John Fordyce, L.R.C. 
Romola — David Cunningham, spirit mer. 
128 Strathview — Wm. Watson, plumber 
126 Ellislee— Mrs D. B. Nicolson 
Bona Vista— 
124 Mrs James Forbes 
122 William Smail, ironmonger 
120 Miss A. C. Paterson 
118 Mrs William Clark 
Rosenheim — 
112 C. H. Gordon, solicitor 
110 Charles Rattray, tobacco blender 
Elibahk Villa— 
108 George N. Gray, solicitor 
106 Peter R. Kinnoch, retired 
104 James Smieton, art master 
102 Rowan Villa— Violet B. Hunter 

100 Alex. M'Laren, retired 
93 Pitheavlis Bank- 
James Y. Fairweather, accountant 
Stratheam Terrace here 
Pickletullum — Alex. Scott, potato 

merchant, &c. 
Graybank Villa — Robert Guthrie, 



Dungoyne — David Borland, commer- 
cial traveller 
Graybank House— James Cuthbert, 

Tullylumb — George Sievwrigbt & Son, 

joiners and building contractors 
Tullylumb — Mrs Jessie Fairweather 
7 Lindenbank — Henry J. Bell, O.E. 

Fred. A. Lindsay, aerated water manuf. 
5 Robert Pinkerton, solicitor 
4 Robert F. Ogilvy, wood merchant 
3 Thomas Donaldson, bank teller 
2 Wm. R. Green, buyer 

92 Springbank— J. W. Wylie, solicitor 

Belhelvie Terrace— 

86 John Scrimgeour, retired 

84 Mrs William Wylie 

82 William Stirling, clerk, Tighvonie 

80 Peter Dewar, assistant superintendent 
G.P.O., Tighvonie 

78 John W. Galletly, city missionary 

76 Peter Mason, saddler 

74 Henry Munro, publisher 

72 Alexander Moir, grocer 

70 James Forgan, retired 

68 William King, grocer, &c. (wholesale 
and retail) 

66 Mrs John Smart Campbell 

64 Alex. G. Macdonald, cashier 

62 Mrs David Ross 

George Crescent - 

58 Mrs James Alexander 

56 James Clacher, retired 

54 Rev. J. W. Farraday, Wesleyan min. 

52 Peter Macfarlane, retired 

50 James T. Allan, engineer 

48 William P. Nairne, headmaster 

46 Jas. M'Farlane, cycle agt., Garthbank 

44 Thomas Bowie, commercial traveller 

42 W. Starforth, coal and cement mer- 
chant, Cleadon 

40 Margaret Blair 

38 Rosenberg— Geo. Martin, com. trav. 

36 Clifton— Donald M'Diarmid, grocer 

3t Poor House 

32 John Hutchison, governor 

. . James Davidson, porter ' 

Glover Street here 

John Dewar & Sons Limited, distillers 

N.B. Mineral Depot— 
Thomas Latto, carting agent 
Goods Offices— D J. Proven, agent 
J. & P. Cameron, carting agents 
Alloa Coal Company, Ltd 
Henry Pooley & Son, Ltd., weighing 
machine repairers, R. W. Scott, ins. 
H.W. Mathers* Sons, implement mkrs. 
John G. Calder, agricultural agent 
Lochgelly Coal Company.— D. N. Milln 
Charles Law & Son, coal agents 
Perth Co-operative Coal Society, Ltd. 

Guard Vennel. 

5 Mrs Joseph Henderson, weaver 
15-21 Mrs Robert Allan, lodgings 

21 John Rae, stableman 

23 James Martin fireman 

. . David Robertson, chemical worker 

25 M'Laren & Wilson, brass finishers 

Hay Street. 

Balhousie Bank— 
1 W. Roy, retired 
3 Mrs Joseph Smith 
5 Mary Archer 

Elmside— Mrs. John Moncrieff 

Balhousie Terrace— 
Victoria Villa — Mrs David Burnfield 
James Halley, grain merchant 

Craigower — Ann Hutcheson 

28 George G. Norval, optician, &c. 

30 David George, bootmaker 
Sylvan Villa— Alex. Duff, bank agent 

34 Mrs John Jarvie 

36 Mrs James Donaldson 

38 Mrs David Wood 

40 A. G- Maxtone Graham, W.S. 

44 Rev. John Freeland, M.A. 

ii Charles S. Whittet, retired 

50 Robt. Halley, corn merchant & miller 

. . Mrs Margaret Crawford 

Castleview— 52 Mrs Wm. Gar vie 

54 Robt. B. Wallace, brewer 

Woodside House— Mrs Charles C. Stuart 
Charles C. Stuart, m.d. 

Balhousie Avenue here. 

Balhousie Castle— Earl of Kinnoull 
Gardener— David Robertson 
Henry Clark 

Balhousie Cottage— Caroline Wilkinson 

Mill Den — Lilias M'Laren 
Mrs William Barlass 
Alex. Latto, Income Tax adviser, secy. 
Perth County C.C. Ltd. 

Balhousie House— Frederic J. Marchant, 
Lte., r.a.p.c. 

Balhousie Mills- R. & D. Halley, millers 

Balhousie Mills House— Catherine Mac- 

Muirton Bank- 
James Young, potato merchant 
Mrs Andrew Syme 

Alex. Lindsay, preserve manufacturer 
Peter W. Campbell, direc. J. P. & S. Ltd 
John T. Graham, M.D., Dunalastair, 

North Inch 
Rev. Joseph Shillinglaw, B.D. 
Northfleld— James Proudfoot, jute 

Alma— Miss Catherine Mailer 

Duncarse— Geo. Henderson, fruit mercht. 

Florence Place, Muirton Bank— 
2 James Doig, retired 
4 Alexander M'Donald, draper 
6 Hugh Campbell, grocer 
8 William Strachan, draughtsman 
10 Alexander Cowan, journalist 
12 James Scott, dyer's starcher 
14 John Milne, printer 
16 Miss Christina Harris (apartments) 



High Street. 

1 City Chamber's. Office— R. Keay, J.P. 

City Clerk's Office 
.. John Begg, solicitor, town clerk 

5 Wm.Asher. a.r s.i., sanitary insp. 
. Gilbert Walker, town officer 

9 National Bank of Scotland (Limited) - 

J. G. Farqnharson, agent 
11 Naonab & Gordon, solicitors & N. p. 
. . Soldiers & Sailorsfamilies Association 
.. Wm. D. Short, secy., Kinross & West 

Perthshire Unionist Association 
13 S. Stirton & Son, saddlers 
15 James Stirton, saddler 
. . Heury W. Cuthbert, clerk 
17 Mrs Duncan Macdonald 
. . John Thomson, painter 
. . Mrs David Kaye 
.. Robert Hay, postman 
19 James Stirton, saddler 
. . John Thomson, painter 
.. Jessie M'Cowan, ladies outfitter 

George Street here 
21 John Wood, baker and confectioner 
23 James Christie, joiner 
. . Jane Hossack 
25-27 J. & D. Gowans, grocers and wine 

29 Thomas Harley, chemist 
31 Thomas Harley (chemical factory) 
. . John Guy, Old Ship Inn 
. . James Heggie, engineer 
. . Mrs John Macgregor 
~. Alfred Drummond 
. . John Kennedy 
. . Jane Adamson 
.. Ernest Shaw, A.P.C. 
. . John M'Kay, dyer 
. . John Dow, tailor 
. . Jessie Campbell 
. . Alexander Robertson, porter 
. . Murdoch Forbes, retired 
33 Robert Campbell, provision mercht. 
35 Agnes Kennaway, confectioner, &c. 
37 Thomas Paterson, watchmaker 
39 Robert Mochrie, butcher 
41 J. <fe J. Cunningham, Ltd., stationers 
43 James Robb & Sons, wholesale and 
retail tobacconists 
Skinnergate here 
45-47 Norwell's Perth Footwear Co. Ltd. 
49 Tyndall M'Clelland, grocer 
51 John Adamson, draper and milliner 
53 Hugh Foley, labourer 
. . George Wilson, barman 
. . William Garvie, bottle worker 
. . Thomas Sidey, fireman 
. . David M'Lennan, seaman 
.. Robert Kirk, painter 
. . Frances Rollo, clerk 
. . James Simpson, tailor 
.. Thomas Robertson, postman 
55-57 Frazer & Sons, merchant tailors 
59 Alexander M'Donald, draper & hosier 
Thistle Tavern Close 

61 Mrs John Elder 
. . Mrs John Barnett 
.. James Ferrie, surfaceman 
William Beveridge, joiner 
Mary Marshall, clerk 
William Crow, painter 
63 J. & T. Whittet, tea and seed mer. 
65 William Hodge, labourer 
65-67 Peter Ribolla, confectioner 
69 James Macdonald, diaper & clothier 
71 Hunt, confectioners 
73 Edward Bonnar, dyer 
75 J. M'G. Dow, spirit merchant 
77 Parliament Close— 

. William Christie, outworker 

. William Marshall, grocer's manager 

. Thomas Blackley, railwayman 

. William M'Lennan, plasterer 

. Andrew Wilkie, plumber 

. Francis Jardine 

. James Alexander 

. Carlo R,osi, cook 

. Mis John Dow 

. George Moffat, carrier 

. George M. Ayre, chemist 

. Lawrence Greenhill, stone cutter 
79 Miller & Pinkeiton, solicitors & N.P. 
. . Mercantile Bank, Limited 
81 Dandie & Co., chemists and serated 

water manufacturers 
83 Valentine & Sons, cutlers and surgical 

instrument makers 
S5 Garvie & Syme, ironmongers 
87 George Stewart, railway worker 
. . James Conway 
. . Adam Denham, plumber 
. . James Macpherson, labourer 
. . Mrs William Isaac 
89 Birrell, Ltd., confectioners 
91-93 Dickson & Turnbull, nurserymen 
95 Mrs Rainey Ross 
. . Ann Taylor 
. . James Carcary, fireman 
. . Harry Nicol, twine polisher 
. . William Kaye, mason 
. . Daniel Mackay 
. . Mrs Elizabeth Dick 
. . Andrew Dick 
. . Thomas Bell, platelayer 
. . Mercer & Co. (W. B. Mercer), photogrs - 
. . Charles Rennet, engine keeper 
. . Archibald M'Martin, undertaker 
. . Thomas R. Lang, waiter 
97 D. Robertson, stationer & newsagent. 
99 Katherine Dawson, shop assistant 
. . James Halley, labourer 
. . John Smeaton, waggon wright 
. . Misses O'Neil 

101-103 Daniel Taylor, hatter and hosier 
105 Mrs Charles Fern 

. . John Fraser, retired 

. . James Wylie, dyer 

. . James Taylor, labourer 

. . James Shelmerdine, dyer 
107 Andrew Ramsay, spirit dealer 
Guard Vennel here 

2 68 


High Street— continued. 

111-113 Campbells, M 'Lagan & Co., mers. 

115 Wm. Hume & Co., ironmongers and 

117 William B. M'Laggan, vanman 
James Brough, coach painter 
Mrs Bridget Lyden 
William Herd, boilermaker 
. Andrew Hobin, gas worker 

James Japp, lorryman 
. Alex. Murray, outworker 
. Wm. M. Carr, dyer's finisher 
. Thomas Pearson, mason 
Mrs Edward Colman 
Henry Liddell, guard 
Elizabeth Welsh, lodgings 
James Marshall, dyer 
119-121 David Conacher, draper 
123 Edward Colman, mason 
. . James Selby, barber 
. . John Dunbar, mason 
. . Peter Stewart, tailor 
. . John M'lntyre, plumber 

Alexander Allardyce, linesman 
127 Joseph Donnelly, Red Lion Inn 
129 Edwin Rulhven, butcher 
131 Burt's Close— 

James Drummond, hamcurer 
Simon Frazer, carter 
Jessie Purvis, dyer's finisher 
James M. Taylor, brushmaker 
Mrs George Galloway 
Donald Gannon, carter 
James M'Laren, labourer 
Robert Rattray, cabinetmaker 
Daniel Gannon 
Mrs George Leaver 
Walter Robinson, cook 
James Hannighan, vanman 
Robert Cant, boxmaker 
Alexander Macdonald, painter 
Ann Easson, outworker 
David M'Laren, brass finisher 
Charles Robbie, glazier 
Joseph Knowles, porter 
James Duff, bottle blower 
John M'Martin, gardener 
133 J. & H. Taylor, brushmakers 
135 G. P. Valentine, tailor & clothier 
137 James Arnott, goods checker 
. . Mrs M. Robertson 

Robert Nicoll, bobbin turner 
. . Clara C. Crichton, apartments 
.. G. P. Valentine, tailor (workshop) 
. . Malcolm Shaw, cycle& motor engineer 
139 Mrs Alexander Wilson, fruiterer 
141 J. Banks&Sons,rope&twinemanufrs 
143 Mai. Shaw & Sons, motor engineers 
145 Andrew Allan, plumber 
. . James Duff foreman 
.. Arthur Challoner, labourer 
. . Stewart <fe Nairne, joiners 
147 Valentine's Stores, china merchants 
161 John M'Karlane, mason 
. . David Murie, brassfounder 
. . Mrs Jane Low 

Alexander M'Inroy, labourer 

Mrs Elizabeth Reilly 

Alexander Gordon, shoemaker 

Mrs James Paton 

B,obert Sn. ith coal salesman 

Alexander R. Stewart, labourer 

Mrs William M'Farlane 

Mrs Elizabeth Russell 

Annie Robertson card cutter 

Valentine & Sons, ironmongers, &c. 

Andrew G. Cumming, stationer 

161 Alexander Caird & Sons, Ltd., 

clothiers. &c. 
Watt & Ramsay, Ltd. , motor hirers 
Alex. Hamilton, jnr., joiner 
William Watson, china mch. (store) 
James Thomson, railway servant 
Alexander Hamilton, coachman 
Charles Hamilton, n.otor driver 
Jane Harvey 

Margaret Duff, dressmaker 
Elizabeth M'Gowan 
John Dickinson, railway servant 
Mrs Margaret Myles, laundress 
Archibald Pveid, labourer 
William Pearson, dyer 
167 Wm. Watson, china merchant 
The Scot Shoe House, bootmakers 
Fleming, Reid & Co., Ltd , Scotch 

wool stores 
Thomas Drummond, tailor 
John Kerr, S.C. & T. 
David Williamson, motor hirer 
James Herd, goods guard 
David M'P. Fisher, grocer 

Charles Burgess 
James R. Burgess, dentist 

177 Daniel R.eid, spirit dealer 
Greenlees & Sons, bootmakers 
Halvor Boyd, carpet weaver 
David Craig gardener 
Mrs Jessie Laidlaw, apartments 
D. D. M'Vicar, clerk 
William Johnston, joiner 
Arthur Dowle, auctioneer, estate agt. 
Forbes Gow, janitor 
Alfred Harding, musician 
Mrs Halley, apartments 
Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd. 
Theatre & Opera House— J. H. Savile 
G. & A. Stobie, poulterers, &c. 
Cutlog Vennel here 
Alexander & Brown, seedsmen 
Grand Hotel Annexe 

Secy. T.ocal War Pensions Comm. 
195 Stead & Simpson, Ltd., bootmks. 
Kinnoull Street here 
Royal Bank of Scotland — R. B. 

Langwill, agent 
Margaret M'Gregor, confectioner 
Dundee Courier (circulation dept) 
James Luke, glass worker 
James Clapperton, railwayman 
Mary Heraughty 



High Street— continued. 
201 Mrs Margaret Pennycook 

. Mrs Annie Archibald, tailoress 
203 Clement H. Martin, hairdresser 
205 William Henderson, hosier 
207 J. B. Sime, draper 
209 James- Haggart, church officer 
. North U.F. Church 
. Mrs Robert Cobban 
. James Duff, draper 
. Mrs Johnann Macqueen 
. Jane Brown 

. Francis Thomas, mechanic 
211 James A. M'Gregor, draper & hosier 
213-215 Norwells Perth Footwear, Ltd., 

217 Peter M'Gregor 
. . Mrs Elsie Robertson, dressmaker 
. . Archibald MacDonell, labourer 
.. James Turner, carter 
. . Mrs George Mackay 
. . Thomas Hall, glassblower 
. . Samuel M'Lean, pipe maker 
. . Mrs John M'Lean 
. . Mrs Thomas Sommerville 
. . John Thomson, labourer 
.. Duncan M'Lauchlan, linesman 
219-221 Alex. Miller, hatter and hosier 
223 Donald Cairns, carpet cropper 
. . Ormiston Ogilvie, hairdresser 
.. Mrs John M'Queen 
225-227 R. W. Proudfoot, watchmaker 
229 Alexander M'Cowan, draper 
231 Mrs James Cuthbert, dressmaker 
.. James Low, valet 
. . William Dickson, mason 
. . David Walker, dyer's cleaner 
. . James Barlas & Son, house factors 

and shipping agents 
.. Jack Robb, railwayman 
. . George Branson, labourer 
233 R. D. Waddell, Ltd., pork butchers 
235 Annie M. Smith, spirit dealer 
237 John M'Keith, painter 

. . Mrs John Fraser, apartments 
239 Wm. Paton, baker and confectioner 
241 Peter Taylor, tobacconist, &c. 

National Bank of Scotland (branch) 
South Methven Street here 
249 Glassite Meeting House 
251 Margaret Campbell 
Mill Wynd— 
2 A. Thomson & Sons' Stores 
4 David Pullar, fitter 
6 George Galloway, brassfounder 
. . John Lowrie, labourer 
8 Alexander Leaver, cleaner 
.. Robertson, M'Nab, & Sons, curers 
. . David Gorrie & Son, coppersmiths 
255 Alexander Thomson & Sons, grocers 

and wine merchants 
257 Mrs William Clark 
. . Annie Mathieson, outworker 
. . Peter M'Ewan, baker 
. . George Sinclair, warehouseman 
. . John L. Buttar, porter 

257 Andrew Bell, bellhanger 
.. Mrs Charlotte M amies 
. . Thomas Deans, mechanic 
. . Andrew Munro, mechanic 
.. Lizzie and Margaret Clark 
259 Lizzie and Margaret Clark, dairy and 

261 Charles Kidd, hairdresser 
263 David Carstairs, stationer and 

265 Peter Thomson, glassblower 
Mrs James Lafferty 
.. Mrs Donald Robertson 
. . James Bertie, dyer's finisher 
. . Thomas Greenhill, cloth inspector 
Mrs William M'Leod 
267 Annie Quinn, confectioner and dairy 
269 Mrs William Blair 
. . Peter Baillie, salesman 
. . John Dewar, machineman 
Mill Close— 
1 John Oswald 
4 Mrs Joseph M'Donald 
6 Alice Taylor 
. . Susan Strachan 
. . Matthew Hobin, dyer 
. . William Wilson, dyer 
. . Alexander Guild, dyer's labourer 
. . James Reid, tramway conductor 
. . Christina Kirk 
271 Perth Co-operative Coal Society, Ltd. 
275 Joseph Murray, broker 
277 Mrs James Miller 
279 William Montgomery, baker 
281 Ben Wilson, hairdresser 
283 William Montgomery's Bakehouse 
. . James Montgomery, labourer 
. . Mrs David Cuthbert 
.. John Seaton, sawmiller 
285 Mrs Fisken 

287 Thomas Henderson, labourer 
289 David Birnie, saddler 

Robert Kinninmonth, clerk 

John Powrie, engine driver 

Mis John Fraser 

John Reilly, mason 

Donald M' Martin, joiner 

William Bell, gardener 

Charles Stewart, goods clerk 

D. S. & J. Anderson, joiners and 

Matthew Scott, lorryman 
291 James Hay, fish restaurant 
293 William Cowe, boot repairer 
295 Mrs Annie Barclay, tobacconist 
297 Mrs Colin Folan 
.. John Dickson, Jan., dyer's finisher 
. . David Dickson, chintz glazer 
. . Mary Ann Simpson 
. . James Hall, retired 
299 James Kidd, boot repairer 
301 Mrs John M'Namara 

Paul Street here 
303-305 John D. M'Arthur, spirit dealer 
307 William M'Naughton, lorryman 
. . Robert Reid, gardener 



High Street— continued 
309-311 Perth Co-op. Society Grocery 
313 Soutar & M'Queen, joiners and con- 
Peter Roy, dyer 
John S. Russell, engineer 
John Garland, joiner 
Angelo Manitini, fish restaurateur 
Mrs John Porter 
Mrs David Arnott 
William Payne, dyer 
George Menzies, waggon lifter 
Mrs Richard Hall 
William Miller, joiner 
315-317 Angelo Manatini, greengrocer 
319 Thimblerow here 
321 David Taylor, china merchant 
323 George Scobie, carter 

. . George Wylie, glass blower 

. . James Gellatly, dyer's finisher 
325 Mrs D. Wilkie, boot & shoe repairer 
327 Lily R. Harris, grocer 
329 James Duncan, shepherd 

. . Robert Duffin, stoker 

. . George Simmie, postman 

. . David Smith, lorry driver 

. . William Philips, carter 
331 Agnes R. Martin, fruit merchant 
333 Mrs Albert Bruccini, grocer 
335 Mrs Robertson 

. . Mrs William Harris 

. . Mrs Alex. Duncan, factory worker 

. . James Flynn, oiler 

. . David Brown, tailor 

. . Mrs David Barclay, pensioner 

. . James Pollock, carter 

. . Robert Sinclair, labourer 

. . Peter Harris, tailor 
337 George Earle. grocer, etc. 
339 John M. Smith, drysalter 
341 David Alexander 

. . David Steele, butcher 

. . George Earle, woodcutter 
343 Mrs David Barclay 
345 Alexander Campbell, labourer 
347 Thomas Smith 

St Catherine's Road here 
349 Alexander Moir, grocer 
351 Mrs James Moir 

. . James Moir, mason 

. . Mrs Robert Bruce 

. . Mrs Ellen Mackenzie 
353 James Melville, painter 

. . John Burden, upholsterer 

.. Simon M' Lean, confectioner 

.. Alex. Deuchars, glassblower 

. . David Clark, motor driver 

. . Donald Simpson, warehouseman 
355 John S. Bruce, railway checker 

. . Mrs William Bruce 

.. Janet Haxton, clerkess 

. . Peter M'Intosh, blacksmith 

. . David Banks, labourer 

. . Edmund B-oscoe, engineer 
357 Thomas Beattie, railway servant 

. . John Taylor, bellhanger 

357 James T. Murray, pensioner 
.. Henry M'Gregor, grocer 
.. Mrs Jane Sword 
.. James Teviotdale, restaurateur 
. . Thomas M'Laren, blacksmith 
. . James Hendry, clerk 

359 Neil Miller, watchmaker 
. . Andrew Brien, postal clerk 
. . Jeannie Hutchison 
. . David High, coal salesman 
.. James M'llwham 
.. John Stewart, porter 
.. William D. Moncrieff, clerk 
. . John M'lver, police constable 
Perth North— 

Caledonian & Highl'd Ry. goods office 
William Auld, goods superintendent 
Thos. Morton & Co. , St. Cath. cottage 
Andrew Guthrie Milne, rail, foreman 
Malcolm M'Gregor & Co., forage con. 
Elibank Street here 

332 Alexander Ferrier, horse bankman 
Clayholes here 

330 Peter Malcolm, carter 

328 Alexander Murrie, carter 

326 Alexander Duff, carter 

324 David Sinclair, labourer 

322-320 Vacant 

318 Mrs Donald Macdonald 
. . Thomas Eraser, fireman 
.. Thomas Malcolm, vanman 
. . William Hodge, hairdresser 
. . Christina Cownie 

316 Mrs George Robertson, grocer 

314 Vacant 

3 12 John Grant, wood turner 

310, 308, 306 W. H. M'Donald, metal mer. 

304 William F. Mitchell, bootmaker 

302 James Kennedy, textile dresser 
.. Alexander Mitchell, grain merchant 
.. Alexander Murray, dyer 
. . Alexander Todd, engine driver 
. . David Marshall, salesman 
. . John D. Davidson, clerk 

300 Mrs Alexander Stewart 
. . James Menzies, slater 
. . Mrs Thomas Stewart 
.. Thomas Valentine, foreman 
. . James H. M'Donald, engine driver 
. . Peter Fenwick, postman 

293 Mrs Violet Matthews 

. . James Conlin, carpet dresser 
296 Mrs Robertson, grocer 
. . Branch Post Office, Mrs L. Kobertson 
. . Robb's Registry for Servants 
Caledonian Road here 

294 Alexander M 'Cowan, draper 

292 J. & N. Macdonald, stationers & 

290 Joseph Nicoll, porter 
. . Alex. Johnston, blacksmith, &c. 
. . John Sinclair, dyer's finisher 
. . William Montgomery, baker 
288 Elizabeth M'Dougall, draper 
284-2S6 W. & D. Peddie, iron & steel mer. 
Lickley Street here 



High Street -continued. 

66 Elijah Dollery, tailor 

282 Perth Co-operative Butchery 

67 Mrs Bobert Leslie 

280 St. Katherine's Court— 

68 Mrs John Strathearn 

1 Archibald Cochrane, railwayman 

69 Thomas B. Macgregor, fireman 

2 Alex. Cameron, guard 

70 Mrs Fred Bussell 

3 Alex. Macdonald, boilermaker 

71 James Stewart, labourer 

4 William Strathearn, porter 

72 George Gardiner, baker 

5 William Bell, labourer 

278 Samuel W. Lawson, inspector of 

6 Mrs George Morrison 

weights, &c. 

7, 8, 9 Vacant 

276 Ebenezer Young, painter & decorator 

10 Annie K. Munro, cleaner 

Milne street here 

11 Mrs George Green 

St. Peter's Place— 

12 Andrew Boss, fireman 

274a T. & G. Paxton, undertakers 

13 James Smith, driver 

274 John Bennie, fishmonger & poulterer 

14 Alex. M'Kenzie, craneman 

272 James Burns, greengrocer 

15 Mrs Henry Johnstone 

. . David Elder, tenter" 

16 Charies Dewar, stoker 

. . George Thomson, harness maker 

17 Mrs Andrew B,oss 

. . William A. Currie, labourer 

18 Mrs Benjamin Matthews 

. . Philip Gavin, cleaner 

19 Madge Syme, winder 

. . George Wishart, postman 

20 Mrs Alexander Robertson 

270 Jas. Burns, fruiterer & confectioner 

21 Mrs John Wells 

268 William Beid, calenderer 

22 James Heggie, brassflnisher 

. . Jean Barclay, shop assistant 

23 Mrs David Bobertson 

. . William Bissett, postman 

24 Mrs William Clark 

. . Helen Johnstone, weaver 

25 James Angus, labourer 

. . Alexander B. Leitch, postman 

26 Christina Miller 

. . Jas. A. Bobertson, house proprietor 

27 John Swan, coach builder 

. . Bobert M'Aulay, platelayer 

28 Jean Ireland, weaver 

. . Mrs Elizabeth Macpherson 

29 David Winton 

266 Jeannie Watt, drapery 

30 James A. M'Kenzie 

264 Mrs Joseph Griffiths 

31 George Gray, machineman 

.. Bobt. Mitchell, inspector of per. way 

32 John Bobertson, painter 

. . James Brough, butcher 

33 George Duncan, herdsman 

. . Frank \ oung, dyer 

34 David Morrison, clerk 

262 James Coupar, confectioner 

35 Henry Chalmers, baker 

Newroiv here 

36 William Foote, waggon builder 

260 Mina Middleton, milliner 

37 Alexander Stewart, porter 

258 David Johnston, butcher 

38 Thomas Coutts, labourer 

256 James Stewart, glove dresser 

39 Vacant 

. . James Hay, machinists' engineer 

40 George Brown, signalman 

.. George M'Kay, coal salesman 

41 David Green, scavenger 

. . James Murray, vanman 

42 Mrs Daniel Cargill 

. . Andrew Johnston, butcher 

43 Mrs John Graham 

. . William Connan, bootmaker 

44 John M'Connell, newsvendor 

254 Thomas Walsh, hawker 

45 Thomas Miller, goods checker 

252 David Johnston, vanman 

46 George Keith, lorryman 

. . George Donaldson, fireman 

47 John Fraser, railway worker 

. . David Kean, porter 

48 William Halley, cabinetmaker 

. . Borrie's (joiner) Workshop 

49 Alfred Leaver, dyer 

. . Mrs James Flynn 

50 Elizabeth Halley 

.. David Smith, tailor 

51 Duncan Macintosh, engine driver 

.. Janet Mill, ironer 

52 James Conway, engine driver 

Donald Campbell, dyer 

53 Mrs Alexander M'Cash 

250 James Lacey, general dealer 

54 Thomas Beckitt, glassblower 

248 James Macfarlane, motor agent 

55 Alexander Bobertson, plumber 

246 Macfarlane, J. & J., cycle & motor 

56 James Gardiner, packer 


57 William Clement, dyer 

. . James Lacey, general dealer 

58 Mary Beid, weaver 

242 Helen Watt 

59 James Thomson, sail maker 

.. Patrick MCann, linesman 

CO Peter Adams, clerk 

. . John M'Farlane, fireman 

61 John Duff, labourer 

. . John Sinclair, engine driver 

62 Archibald Menzies, labourer 

.. James Strathearn, surfaceman 

63 Mrs David Comrie 

. . Andrew Brown, fireman 

64 Thomas M'Laren, grave digger 

. . Mrs David Beid 

65 William H. Mackie, guard 

. . Mrs Simpson 



High Street— continued. 
242 Mrs John Husband 
. . Robert M'Cara, scavenger 
. . Mary Cameron 
. . Charles Adams, fireman 
. . Charles Smith, carriage examiner 
240 John M'Kay, fish restaurant 
238 Jn. S.Wallace, tobacconist &confect. 
236 William M'Intyre, baker 
. . Alexander Anderson, enginefitter 
. . Andrew Deans, fireman 
. . James Malloch, platelayer 
. . John Smart, barman 
234 William Hodge, hairdresser 
St. Paul's Square here 
St. Paul's Church 
South Methven Street here 
232 J. Hepworth & Son, Ltd., clothiers 

and outfitters 
230 Army Service Corps Office 
. . George Macdonald, tailor 
. . John Turnbull, tailor 
. . Mrs Jessie Elder, charwoman 
. . William Reid, postman 
. . Peter Sharp, pavior 
. . Bessie Roger, saleswoman 
. . Alexander C. Wright, mechanic 
. . Mrs John H. Hutchison 
228-226 Robert Henderson & Sons, fish- 
mongers, game dealers, &c. 
224-222 A. P. Dalgleish, jeweller & watch- 
220 James Syme, bottler 
. . John Grant, fireman 
.. James Ewan, fireman 
. . John Smith 
. . Mrs James Burns 
. Mrs John Mylie, charwoman 
. . Robt. Henderson & Sons' warehouse 
. . William Shaw, vanman 
. . Mrs James Fraser 
218 David Loudon, family grocer 
216 Lizzie Thomson, cleaner 
. . Eliza Craig, dressmaker 
. . Jane M. Barns 
214 Jessie Sharp, baby linen warehouse 
212 D. Farquharson — proprietor Peter 

Fleming, tea merchant, &c. 
210 Strang & M'Laggan, undertakers 
208 John Barbour, surfaceman 
James Gemmell, clerk 
John Wanless, auctioneer 
Lewis Crow, labourer 
Thomas Elder, engineer 
John Higgins, signal fitter 
Laurence Garvie, painter 
. Alexander Sime, railwayman 
James Smith, warehouseman 
Janet Byars 

Annie Cameron, factory worker 
Mrs David Ferguson 
. John M'Leish, porter 
John Strathearn, dyer 
Jessie Thomas 
Jessie M'Donald 
. John MacKie, linesman 

Joseph Petrie, carriage fitter 
Madge M'Farlane, dyer's finisher 
Arthur Cuthbert, violinist 
Mrs James Stewart 
Charles Braham, tenter 
James Christie, cabinetmaker 
Maggie Guthrie, dyer's finisher 
Peter M'Dougall, postman 
Charles Davidson, French polisher 
Alexander M'Farlane, dyer 
John Fenton, fireman 
Baker's Call House 
204 James M'Cracken, Glencoe Bar 
202 Peter Thomson, grocer & wine mer. 
200 Mrs James Wilkie 

Maggie Black, tailoress 
William Keay, fireman 
Mary M 'Queen 
Robert Leitham. carter 
William Wyllie, labourer 
Adam Smeaton, skin cleaner 
Bernard Mitchell, labourer 
Thomas Coleman, labourer 
Mrs Bridget Kerrigan 
James Martin, carpet weaver 
Jeannie Simmie 
Simon Connolly, labourer 
James Shepherd, labourer 

193 Shepherd's Dairies, Ltd. 

196 J. K. Taylor, stationer & tobacconist 

194 Thomas Scobie, inkmaker 

. . Alexander Hynd, labourer 
... Mrs Alen Forbes 
. . David Sorley, dyer's finisher 
. . Isabella Young, winder 
. . William Davidson, cabinetmaker 
. . Andrew Green, railwayman 
.. Peter Malcolm, railwayman 
. . Mrs William M'Donald 
. . William Parnell, stationer 
. . Robert Mill, railwayman 
. . Jane Pennycook 
192 James W. Robertson, fancy goods 

and hardware merchant 
190 Eliza Young, watchmaker & jeweller 
188 Jeannie Taylor, confectioner 
186 Thomas Calderwood, labourer 
. . Ferguson Stewart, gas collector 
.. John Brown, dyer's finisher 
.. Wm. Fettes, cabinetmaker 
. . Mrs Gilbert Ferguson 
. . Alexander Douglas, retired 
. . John Rennet, labourer 
. . Agnes Morton 

. . Wm. Fraser, shuttle spring maker 
. . Kate Reid 
. . Thos. E. Landels 
. . Margaret Horsley 

Mrs William Ruddoch 
. . Henry MacKenzie, fireman 
. . May H. Wylie, apartments 
. . John Hay, tailor's cutter 
.. George Wilson, messenger 
.. Mrs Helen Cunningham 
182-184 H. P. Tyler, Ltd., boot makers 
180 Wm. Patterson & Son, bootmakers 



High Street— continued. 
178 John Morgan & Co., grocers and wine 
Scott Street here 
176-174 General Post Office 
172 James Williamson, undertaker and 

motor hirer 
170 George Peddie, plumber 

.. Alexander M'Laren, waiter 

.. James Williamson, undertaker 
168 John F. Frew, butcher 
166 Stewarts, Clothiers, Ltd. 
162 Catherine Whytock, confectioner 
160 Charles Rattray, tobacco manufr. 
158 William Drew, labourer 

. . Michael Ward, labourer 

. . Mrs James Fleck 

.. John Armstrong, labourer 

. . James .Sword, labourer 

. . Henry Cuthbert, labourer 

. . John Reilly, labourer 

. . Isabella Robertson, winder 

. . James Kinmouth 

. . William M'Lean, painter 

.. John Henderson, labourer 

. . Sarah Matheson, charwoman 
. William M'Lean, labourer 

. . Charles Rattray's warehouse 

.. Wm. May, dyer 

. . Robert Cummiugs, labourer 

. . David Murray 

. . James Findlayson, labourer 

. . Mrs Thomas Stewart 

. . James Leslie, railwayman 

. . David Taylor, railwayman 

.. William P. Taylor, joiner 
156 Peter Miller, watchmaker, jeweller 
154 Peter Strang, chemist (J B. Mac- 
Donald, proprietor) 
Meal Vennel here 
152 Robert Johnstone, Albion Bar 
150 A. Graham Lipp, dental surgeon 

. . Mrs Isabella Urquhart, apartments 
14 3 Matthew M 'Laughlin (6^d Bazaar Co. ) 
146 John Williamson, baker 

. . John Henderson, carver 
Mrs George Thomson 

. . James T. Stewart, brushmaker 
Michael Folan, clerk 

. . Isabella Chalmers 

. . Anthony Bo vie, labourer 
142 British Bazaars Ltd. 
140 Charles Kummerer, pork butcher 

135 Charlotte Stewart, milliner 

136 Blue Bell Close— 

. . John Thornton, hairdresser 

. . Alexander Stratton, confectioner 

. . Charles Kummerer 

. . Catherine Pye, charwoman 

.. Alexander M'Dougall, number taker 

. . Peter Gray, labourer 

. . John Taylor, labourer 

. . Peter Gray, dyer 

134 Alexander Stratton, confectioner 
St John R.C. School 

132 James Drnmmond, hammerman 

132 Peter Kynoch, surfaceman 
130 Hunt's, N. B., confectioners 
128 Corporation Tramway Office 
126 Mrs Patrick Milroy 
. . Mrs Patrick Reilly 
. . John Sutherland 
. . Innes Christison, dressmaker 
. . James Garvie, carter 
.. William Trueland, labourer 
. . Mrs Janet Cuthbert, caretaker 
. . Wm. Douglas, carter 
.. Alexander MacKay, coachbuilder 
. . Perth Corp. Tramway Waiting Room 
124 James Paul, watchmaker 
122 Peark's Stores, Ltd. 
120 George Nairn, lather 
.. Mrs Wm. Dougall, apartments 
. . .lohn Lee, fireman 
. . John L. Smith, baker 
. . David Taylor, hoistman 
. . Wm N. H. Sim, insurance superin. 
118 William Low & Co., Ltd., grocers 
116 D. A. Wallace, draper 

King Edward Street here 
112 R.& A. Wilson, bootmakers (D.George) 
108-110 Hipps Ltd., tailors 
106 Peter Laidlaw, jeweller 

Guild Hall Close here 
104 Guild Hall 
102 David Paton, rubber and leather 

goods merchant 
100 Amelia J. Heron, clerk 
.. Helen B Graham, ladies' nurse 
. . Andrew Wilson, clerk 
98 Alex. M. Tainsh, grocer & wine mer. 
96 William Byars, clothier and tailor 
94 Peter Scott, baker 
. . James Burns, clerk 
. . John Peggie, sawmiller 
92 Mrs Jessie Cameron, tobacconist 
90 G. Bayne & Son, watchmakers and 

SS Kirk Close— 

Peter Walsh, labourer 
David Low, waggon inspector 
John Wood, linesman 
Thomas Morrison, upholsterer 
John S. Dewar, hatter and hosier 
Adam Denham, plumber 
86 John S. Dewar, hatter and hosier 
84 Geo. G. Norval, opticians and photo- 
graphic dealers 
82 Brady & Sons, auctnrs. & valuators 
80 Buttercup Dairy Co. 
78 Mrs Charles Bryson 
. Mrs Jessie Cameron, tobacconist 
. David Ruthven butcher 
. Alexander Dewar, baker 
. William Burden, warehouseman 
. John Heggie, wood turner 
. Margaret Nairn 
James Anderson, labourer 
Jane Philips, dressmaker 
'6 R. & J. Dicks, Ltd., boot manufs. 
'4 John A. Dunn, boot manufacturer 
"2 Catherine Robertson, milliner 



High Street— continued 

70 William Scott, clerk 

. . Charles Marshall, draper 

. . Amelia Easson, apartments 

j. Lewis Damie, bottler 

66-68 A. Birrell & Sons, boot dealers 

64 Mrs Catherine Logie 

. . Jessie Henderson, manageress 

. . Alexander Laidlaw cleaner 

. . David Mercer, photographer 

. . Mrs William Scrimgeour 

. . Kate Rodger, finisher 

. . .Robert Duncan, retired 

60-62 D. Wood & Son, booksellers & statrs 

56-58 J. & D. Barlass, ironmongers 

54 Hart & Co., umbrella makers 

52 Garvie & Syme, ironmongers 

Kirkgate here 
50 Alex. B. Storrar, grocer and wine mer. 
48 Thomas Chirrey, dyer 
. . John Cameron, traveller 
46 G. & W. Howat, grocers & wine mers. 
44 Buchanan Dunsmore, draper, &c. 

St. John Street here 
40 M'Intyre & Stewart, bakers & conftrs. 
38 John Blair, dyer 
. . Helen Norwell, housekeeper 
. . Charles Wood, fruiterer 
38 Robert Croll, jeweller 
. . James T. Douglas, solicitor 
.. Miss Lockhart, secy. W.F.S. 
. . Miss Agnes Drummond 
. . Mary Brown 
.. John M'Pherson, dyer 
. . David J. Geddes, salesman 
34 Thomas Gillan, Tay Bar 
32 John Wood, bootmaker 
28-30 A. Laing & Co., grocers & wine mer. 

Watergate here 
26 Jas. H. Jackson (Jas. Fen ton, stationer) 
24 Alloa Coal Co., Ltd.— J. Finlayson, a;it. 
2 i Mrs John Dewar 
. . Lizzie Stewart 

. . Harry Christie, cycle & motor agent 
20 Store — (J. H. Jackson) 
18 Andrew A. Hutton, messenger-at-arms 
16 George Christie, dyer 
. . Scoon and Perth Masonic Lodge No. 3 
. . Alexander Rae, dyer's finisher 
. . George Main, cleaner 
. . William Don, engineer 
14 U. R. Stenhouse, Hope & Blyth, insur- 
ance agents and stockbrokers 
12 Arthur Dowle, auctioneer, estate agt. 

10 Mrs Robert Wilson 

. . Arthur Ferguson corap sitor 
.. Mary M'Cormaok, manageress 
. . James Baity, dyer's finisher 
. . John M'Intyre 

8 Walter Eastman, basketmaker 

6-2 The General Accident Fire and Life 
Assurance Corporation, Limited 

Homers' Lane. 

9 James A. Irvine, tinsmith 

11 William Fenton, butcher 

13 Henry Buchan, waggon wright 

fe George Wilson, shunter 
. . David Jackson, fencer 
. . Mrs William Cuthbert 
. . David Lauder, glassworker 

6-3 Alex. Lindsay (stores) 

4 Robert Miller, tailor 
. . Mrs Janet Bryce 

Hospital Street. 

1 Henry G. Stewart, hairdresser 
. . James Muir, butcher 
. . David L. Edward, house and shipping 

3 Jas. G. Falls, grocer and wine mercht. 

5 Elizabeth Harris, fruiterer & confr. 

7 Miss Ellen Gre^or, dairy 
9-11 D. M'Millan, clothier 

13 Foresters' Hall 

15 Wm. Low & Co., Ltd. 

17 George Sangster, engine driver 
. . Philip Maley, sawmiller 

. . William Reekie labourer 
. . James Sharp, gas stoker 

19 Powrie Brothers, potato merchants 

21 Mrs. Jas Miller, County Place Hotel 
Neivroiv here 

23 David Smith, grocer & wine merchant 
25 Mrs Mary Glen, apartments 

Patrick H. MTllgrew, painter 

Mrs Francis M'Gillivray, charwoman 

Joseph Duncan, carpet weaver 

James Thomson, labourer 

Jessie Leaver 

William A. Turnbull, shoemaker 

James Doig, carter 
27 James Blyth, furniture dealer 
29 William Armit Turnbull, shoemaker 
31 William Armit Turnbull, shoemaker 
.. Alexander MacMillan, surfaceman 
.. William Halley, porter 
33 Mrs George Stewart 

22 Jean A. Crawford, confectioner 

20 Peter Shaw, ship carpenter 
.. Peter White, retired 

.. Jessie M'Laren 

18 James Gardner, pawnbroker 

16 James Guilianotti, ice-cream shop 
. . James Gardner, pawnbroker 

14 James Guilianotti, ice cream shop 
12 James Muir, butcher 

10 William Graham, sawmaker 

8 James Anderson, fireman 

. . Robert Jack, horse dealer 
. . George Stewart, photograph er 
. . William D. Christie, retired 
6-8 William Graham, sawmaker 
Kino James VI. Hospital— 

James Mackie, hospital master 

Mrs John Laing 

William Caw, hamper fitter 

W. Erskine, plumber 

Charlotte and Elsie Scott, dyer's finis. 

John M'Ewan, engine turner 

Mary Dickie, winder 

James M'Kay, mason 



Dreadnought Hall 

James Morrison, motorman 

Annie Cowrie 

Mrs Jessie Yeoman 

Mrs Alexander Duncan 

Annie Melville, shop assistant 

Deaf and Dumb Hall 

Inchaffray Street. 

1 Mrs Katherine Burden 
. . Mrs Margaret Bisaet 
. William D. Bell, dyer 
.. Charles Gardiner, cabinetmaker 
. . Archibald Petrie, French cleaner 
3 David Gardiner, dyer s cleaner 
. . Frederick Jeffeiies, draughtsman 
. . Charles M'Kechnie, soldier 
. . James B. Macdonald, French cleaner 
. . Bobert Barclay, painter 
.. Cpl. D. Menzies 
5 Andrew Porter, dyer 
.. C. W. P. Pratt, Staff -sergeant, A.p.c. 
. . John Kerr, sawmill foreman 
.. William Paton, clerk 
. . William Duff, book-keeper 
. . Peter Smith, grocer 
7 Henry Walker, railway servant 
. . George Ovenstone, plasterer 
. . Daniel Sime, maltman 
.. Jessie M'Laren, dyers finisher 
. . Mrs Jessie Allan 
.. Hugh Stobie, joiner 
9 John W. Soutar, porter 
. . Mrs William Lowe 
. . Mrs Margaret Biddoch 
. . George Henderby, clerk 
.. James Bobertson, postman 
. . William Walker, policeman 
. . James Beckitt, miller 
. . John Macgregor, French cleaner 
. . Cornelius M'Cormack, upholsterer 
. . Thomas Band, porter 
11 John Wight, boxmaker 

George M'Donald, blacksmith 
13 Mrs Euphemia Duff 
. . George M'Gregor, railway signalman 
. . Mrs William Keltie 
.. Robert Galloway, cleaner 
.. John C. High, clerk 
. . Daniel Miller, joiner 
. . James Stark, railway guard 
. . James D. Clark, postman 
.. John Bobertson, mason 
. . George Sadler, joiner 
15 Miss Isdale, dyer's finisher 
. Andrew M'Intosh, engine driver 
17 Alex. Watt, retired 
. . David M'Laren, dyer's finisher 
.. James Duncan, railwayman 
.. Henry W. Skinner, clerk 
.. John M'Laren, tube blower 
. . Peter Greig, tailor 
.. William Walker, cabinetmaker 
. . Annie Lindsay, bookkeeper 
. . James Keith, guard 
. . Alexander High, brakesman 

19 William Hampton, railway inspector 
. . Mrs James Milne 

10 Lawrence Butherford, clerk 

. Duncan M'Donald, fishing tackle mkn 
. James Christie, sculptor 

8 James Drummond, bottle maker 
. Mrs Donald Stewart 

. James Oliphant, signalman 

. John M'Keith, fishing rod maker 

. D. M'Donald, fishing tackle maker 

. Mrs Jane Small 

. James Ewan, blacksmith 

. Bichard Williamson, guard 

. Bobert Ortcbison, plumber 

. Graham Cowan, clerk 

6 Mrs George F. Leaver, cleaner 
. George MacQueen, carter 

4 Harry Mowbray, printer 

. James G. Crichton, cleaner 

. Alex. Gardiner, dyer 

. Peter Christie, brakesman 

. Duncan Comrie, retired 

. Bobert Smeaton, grocer's manager 

. Wm. Blackwood, P.O. linesman 

Mrs Elizabeth Geddes 
. Bobert Menzies, tailor 
. Francis G. Simpson, tailor 
. George Fox, tailor 
. Mrs William Young 
. John M'Naughton, guard 
. George Soutar, dyer's finisher 

2 Mrs James Christie 
. . Miss Janet Young 

James Street. 

1 James Connan, weigher 

3 Joseph Nolan, telegraph linesman 
. . John Gow, forester 

. . Thomas Hay, joiner 

. . John Moran, labourer 

. . Andrew Cramond, joiner 

.. Christina M'Intyre, housekeeper 

5 David B,eid, dyer's finisher 
. . Mrs Thomas Bobson, nurse 
.. William Taylor, joiner 

. John Duncan, waggon wright 

7 Thomas Walker, watchman 

9 Bobert Allan, painter 

11 George Baird, lithographer 
. . Thomas Walker, engineer 

13 Alex. Mitchell, meal and grain mer. 
15 Mrs David Taylor 
17 David Proudfoot, engine driver 
19 J. & J. Cunningham, manure stor 

Victoria Street here 
23 Margaret Bobertson 
25 John T. Stewart, brushmaker 
27 John Bobertson, police inspector 
29 Mary Watson, dressmaker 
31 Peter Baxter, proof reader 

Marshall Place here 
46 Wm. B. Anderson, engine driver 
. Jeannie Melville & Margaret Scott 
. . Thomas Gilchrist, porter 
44 James M'Arthur, warehouseman 
42 John M. Matthews, porter 

27 § 


40 Janet C. Allan, music teacher 
38 James Panton, signalman 
. . Alexander S Blair, postal clerk 
36 Andrew Brown, carman 
34 Chas K, Smith, joiner 
32 Joseph Hall, butcher 
30 Mrs James C. Clyne, dressmaker 
28 William Winton, dyer's finisher 
. . Mrs Edmund Adams 
Victoria Street here 
Unity Place— 

1 Mrs William White 

2 Robert Leheny, dyer 

3 John Duff, vanman 

4 Mrs Thos. Herd 

5 Thos. Wilson, electrician 

6 David Reekie, joiner 

7 James Davidson, cabinetmaker 

8 Ed. M'Leish, vanman 

9 Mrs Alexander Keay 

10 Mrs John Philip 

11 John Simpson, lorryman 

12 John Crichton, plumber 

22 John M'Glashan, upholsterer 

. . James M. Farquharson, vanman 

. . Margaret M. Robertson 

. . John Davie, retired 

•20 Alex. P.terson, bath attendant 

18 James Stewart, retired 

Frederick M'Williams motor mech. 
16 William Shepherd, blacksmith 
14 James Clark, gas fitter 
12 George Hodge, billiard marker 
10 Alexander M'Leod, tailor 
. . Robert Bell, dyer 
.. P.O. Engineer Depot Stores 

8 Lindsay & Fenwick, ironmongers 

6 Colin Ross surfaceman 

4 Andrew Kay, railway ganger 
. . Jobn Smeaton 
. . David Low, clerk 

2 Robert Imrie, porter 

Jeanfield Road. 

Victoria Institute 

Wellshill School— Isab. Reid, matron 
Rockford Terrace— 

1 Daniel Robertson, inspector of works 

2 George Young, night foreman, H R. 

3 Elizabeth Irvine 

4 John Brydon, pharmacist 

5 George Baptie, sheep dealer 

6 Alex. Veiteh, commercial traveller 

7 James Robb, tobacconist 

8 Jamesina M. Duff 
Spens Crescent here 

Orrock Place— 

1 Robt. Hill, retired 

2 Mrs David Miller 

3 James Low, grocer 

4 William Rumgay, retired 

5 James Harley, joiner 

6 Harry Dewhnrst, carpet weaver 

7 Lilias Moncrieff, trained mat. nurse 

8 Mrs David Sword 

9 Andrew Melville, publican 

10 George Spinks, cooper 

11 John Telford, joiner and undertaker 

12 Hugh Thomson, commercial traveller 
Rose Crescent here 

Alex. Scott, printer (Beulah) 

William Snell, tramway manager 

James Pullar, clerk 

John Stobie 

Robt. Campbell, provision merchant 

Alexander Kelman, clerk (Sunnybank) 
William Ferguson, guilder (Gowrie) 
Robert Hutchison, retired teacher 
David Buchan, (Cawdor Cot.), retired 
George Banks, plumber (Westmount 
James Armour, soldier (Achill) ) 

Vacant (Dunlaw) 
David A. M'Millan, market gardener 

(Cornhill Cottage) 
James Dick, engine driver (Hawarden 

Cornhill Terrace— 

1 Isabella Abbott, dressmkr.(Esslemont) 

2 Robert Hutcheson, signalman (St. 


3 Mrs David H. Robertson, Coagbrae 

4 Cronan — Mrs Daniel R. Court, coal 


5 Finlarig— Thomas Dow, accountant 

6 Woodbank— Jas.D.Dempster,engineer 

7 James Coupar, confectioner 

8 Edina— A. C. Campbell, solicitor 

9 Cluny Bank — Jarvis Boaler, clerk 

10 James Stewart, glass blower 

11 Fairfield — John Summers, teacher 

12 Sunnybrae— Robt. Kirkpatrick, trav. 
Mrs Jane M'Dougall (Goodlyburn farm) 
Henry M'Naughton, farm servant, 

Goodlyburn cottage 
Wm. F. M'Cash, retired (Cornbill house,) 
James Todd, gardener (The Lodge) 
Westgrove Avenue— 

1 William Ryder, joiner 

.. James Moncrieff, harness mounter 
. . Mrs Peter Blair 
. . Alexander Scott, motor engineer 
. . Duncan Leslie, blacksmith 
. William A. Hood, baker 

2 David MCallum, upholsterer 

. . Arthur Rumgay, assist, sanitary inspt. 
. . George Hay, post office clerk 
. William Craik, insurance agent 
.. Alex. Irvine, warehouseman 
Thomas Gow, shepherd 

3 D. S. Campbell, cleaner 

.. George H. M'Farlane, ironmonger 

. . Jas Westland, goods waggon inspect. 

. . Mrs Henry M'Donald 

. . Alexander Munro, soldier 

. . Alexander Eraser, clerk 

4 Wm. Davidson, produce dealer 
. . Frederick Wilson, clerk 

. . David MacKie, dyer 

. . James Imrie, dyer 

. . Herman D. Bell, soldier 



4 Robert Allan, dyer 

5 James Gow, railway shed foreman 
. . Alexander Todd, overseer 

. . James Reid, engine driver 
. . William Pitke -thly, drapery salesman 
. . Norman Rollo, clerk 
.. John 0. Jackson, casemaker 
Cairnie Villa — Mrs Jessie Wilkie 
Daleenan Villa— Mrs Margt. Anderson 

Hawarden Terrace— 

1 James Dongall, plumber 

. . Alexander Simpson, gas fitter 

. . James Methven, insurance superindt. 

. . David S. M'Leish, insurance agent 

. . James S. Duff, law clerk 

.. David H. Robertson, joiner 

2 Alexander Easton, telegraph foreman 
. . David Smith Haggart, insurance agent 
. . David Simpson, labourer 

.. Charles Stephen, police sergeant 
.. David Law, signalman 
. Jessie Henderson 

3 Duncan Dewar, joiner 

. . John Tuddenham, gardener 
. . Thomas Maguire, railway brakesman 
. . Walter Henderson, assist, rates colltr. 
. . Daniel Ferguson, passenger guard 
. . George Anderson, butcher 

4 Henry Rennie, cooper 

. . Cecil Chandler, air pilot 

. . Thomas Reekie, wood foreman 
Duncan H. Tait, cooper 

. . Robert Croll, jeweller 

. . William Smith, cooper 

6 Peter Alackay, carriage inspector 

. . Jas. Kellie, railway passenger guard 

.. James Thornton, butcher 

. . Mrs Hector Munro 

. . Henry Bramham, carter 

.. Clement Martin, hairdresser 
6 David Dickson, rod maker 

. . Alexander Shand, confectioner 

. . David Young, railway clerk 

. . Margaret Brown 

. . William Thomson railway inspector 

.. George M'Kel vie, clerk 

. . Alexander Shand, clerk agent 

8 James Findlayson, insurance 

. . Edward Cameron, clerk 

. . Thomas Miller, cooper 

. . David Fotheringham, dry dyer 

. . Win, Telford, grocer 

. . Wm. S. Anderson, gas inspector 
Southview— Mrs George Wright 

John Kennedy, clerk 
Jeanfield Cot. — Mrs John Galletly 

Christina Baxter 
Suncote^MissesM.S. &C R.Moncrieff 

53 James Begg, shepherd 
White Cottages- 
Thomas Fraser, carter 
David M'Diarmid, water bailiff 
Mrs Peter Irons 
James Stewart, shepherd 
Alexander Gove, coal labourer 

roselea Place - 
4 Margaret Haggart 
3 Hugh Shaw, engine driver 
2 James Smith, clerk 
Kinloch Cottage— Jas. Whyte, packing 

casemaker ; Louisa T. Whyte, confect. 
Jeanfield Lodge— Robt. Allan, cemetery 

St. Ottila Cottage- Mrs Alice Stewart 
Mossgeil Cottage- 
Mary M'Intosh 

James Hepburn, postal clerk 
Urrard— Mrs John Dow 
Westbank— John D. M'Arthur, spirit 


Mrs David Balfour 

John Inkster, guard 

William A. Murray, guard 

Wm. Jack, warehouseman 

Alex. M'Intyre, chauffeur 

James T. M'Laren, motor engineer 

Arch. Andrew, hairdresser 

Alexander Fenton, plumber 


Alexander MacMillan, glazier 

Mrs Peter Petrie 

Thos. Pennycook, fireman 

Peter Justice, parcel porter 

Braehead Cottage- 
David Donaldson 

Mrs John Mcintosh 
Letham Road- 

Robt. M. Ross, builder (Barcaldine) 

George Pentland, clerk (Rockville) 

John Hardie, lieut., Record Office, do. 

William Gow, blacksmith (Highfield) 

Alexander K. Beaton, architect do. 

Peter Dewar, farm manager (Goodly- 
burn Cottage) 

Mrs George Reid (Goodlyburn Cottage) 


1 Wm. Rumgay, traveller 

2 Wm. M'Keand 

3 John Johnston, joiner 

4 David S. M. Low, postal clerk 

5 Thomas P. Gordon 

6 Mrs Charles Keay 

Mrs Janet Kilgour 

Robert Donaldson, telegraphist 

Agnes J Garvie 

George R. Donald, clerk 

Mrs Maria Webb 

Jame3 Ross, mason 
Brae Cottage— W. G. Mowat, hotel prop. 
Gowrie Bank— Mrs Isabella MacKerchar 
Yew Bank— Mrs John Ross 

Robert Mailer, dyer's finisher 
Muirfield— Robert Mason, crofter 
North Bellfield— Mrs Jas. Wilson, dairy 

The Perth Poultry Farm —Archibald 
Urquhart, poultry farmer 

2 7 8 


Beechcroft — Peter Christie, joiner and 

William Hodge, mason 
John T. Farquhar, paper ruler 
Umgeni — James Christie, retired 

Jas. Fell, cooper 

Robert Meikle watchman 

Mrs Bessie Bonthrone 

Mrs James Fell 

James R. Simpson, foreman 

Robert Dixon, mason 

Mrs Margaret Hendry 

Peter Ross, mason 
Firbank— Mrs Lindsay M'Gillivray, dairy 

Muir Cottage— Dan M'Gillivray, joiner 

Mis John Christie 
Ann Stewart House — Mrs Robert Stewart. 

James Galloway, motor mechanic 

Mrs John Chalmers 
Newlands Cottages — 

Mrs Andrew Rodgie 

Thomas Malcolm, ploughman 

George Chalmers, dyer's cleaner 
Newlands House — Allan Balfour, saw- 

Mrs Charles Gold 
Brumley— William Porter, dairyman 
Mavis Bank — Wm Lamond, dairyman 
Park Head— Thos R. Lawrie, auditor 
The Lodge, Burghmuir Hospital— David 

Lamond, caretaker 
Burghmuir Hospital— Margaret Tay'.or 

Stewart, matron 
Hillend— Ellias Yde, farmer 
Hillend Cottage— John Fenwick, retired 
,, Robert Collington, ploughman 
Hillhead-Mrs Rob. Taylor, dairykeeper 
Muircroft-John Ilarley 
Broomhill Cot.— Arch. Clark, gardener 

Forester Squire, market gardener 
Inglismount — Wm. Taylor 
Kingovver Cottage— John Simpson 

See also Wellshill. 
King Edward Street 

1 Group Accountant Officer, Corps of 

Military Accountants 
. . Benjamin Main, agricultural mercht. 
. . Robert Nicol, coal merchant, &c. 
. . H. G. M'Kearney, china merchant, &c. 
.. Miss Catherine Wilson 
.. Mrs Elizabeth M'Donald 

3 D. A. Wallace, draper 
5-9 Fire Brigade Station 
11 Vacant 

. . Mrs EJehard Winton 
. . Vacant 

.. William Paton, insurance official 
. . Andrew Anderson, clerk 
. . William Scott, warebouseman 
13 Fire Brigade Station 
Ornamental Square 
Valentine's Motor Depot 

Valentine's Buildings — 

1 Samuel Cram 

2 Alexander Lees, sawniiller 

3 William M'Lagan, shoemaker 

4 Arthur E. Smith, motor mechanic 

5 James Stewart, shoemaker 

6 Wm. Mercer, van salesman 

7 William M'Clelland, clerk 

8 Thos. M'Laren, retired 
Valentine's Motor Store 

Marshall's Buildings— 

1 Lawrence Sime, dyer's finisher 

2 George Scott, dental mechanic 

3 Robert Ford, fireman 

4 George Macdonald, shop assistant 

5 George Ivel, guard 

6 Betsy Tulloch 

7 Henry Lafferty, waggon wright 

8 George Thomson, glass finisher 

9 Alexander Arthur, printer 

10 William Fraser, porter 

11 John Small 

12 Alex. Duff, baker 

13 Thomas Rankin, coachman 

14 James Kinnear, clerk 

15 Charles Cameron, dyer's finisher 

16 James Methven, joiner 

17 Thomas Scott, dyer's finisher 

18 Mrs. William Tait 

Auld Hoose— John G. Beveridge, 
spirit merchant 
and 4 R. & A. Wilson, bootmakers 
Officer in charge Records No. 1 Dist. 
John Ross Peddie, clerk 
Husband & Sinclair, stockbrokers 
Alex. Malcolm, motor engineer 
Mrs James Anderson 
Mary Menzies, restaurateur 
Donald M. Syme, iP.C. 
Mitchell, Grant & Anderson, estate 

George Ferguson, restaurateur 
John Belt, a^st. supt. assurance 
David Campbell, Hairdresser 
William Brown & Co , wholesale 
fruiterers, >kc. 

City Halls (Jas. Morrison, caretaker) 
Stewart & Dick, wholesale grocers 
Stewart's Buildings— 
Ministry of Labour, Employment 
Janet Syme Irons 
Peter Stuart, tailor 
James Morrison, caretaker, City Hall 
F. Cummings, butler 
Ella Rainsford 
Annie M. Morrison 
26-28 Board of Trade Labour Exchange 
30 Salvation Army Citadel 
. . Peter M'Aulay, shoe furnisher 
34 Alex. Lindsay, ironmonger 
36 Alex. Mitchell, meal & grain mcht. 
33 Valentine's motor depot 

King James Place— see Marshall Place. 



King Street. 

3 Peter Wilson, town's weighman 

5 Mrs Robt. Macpherson (ladies' cloak 

7 James Christie, cycle agent 
9 Good Templars' Hall— caretaker, Mrs 

M'Donald, 135 Canal crescent 
11-15 John M'Kinlay, printer 

17 Wm. King, engineer 

. William Lindsay, painter 

. Wm. Anderson, baker 

. Robert Hunter, plant inspector 

. John Govv, painter 

. Thos. Neil, joiner 

. Patrick Young, compositor 

. Mrs Robert Findlay 
21 James Garvie, cabinetmaker 
Joseph Bardill, retired 
Robert Allan, plasterer 
David Strachan, cabinetmaker 

21 David Wilkie, tailor 

23 Lizzie Melville, confectioner 
25 Margaret Y. Cree 

27 Peter Matthew, clerk 

. . Mrs William Mulholland 
Charter House Lane here 
Graham's Place— 

1 Leigh Hunt, M.B., CM. 

2 Mrs Helen Martin 

3 John Henry Savile, theatrical mgr. 

4 Arthur Mailer & White, surgical 

33 James Christie, motor engineer 
35 James Hall Buchan, slate merchant 
37 Misses Doonan 

Victoria Street here 
39 Wm. Hnme, blacksmith & ironmonger 
41 Robert Johnstone, spirit merchant 
43 Edward A. Gorrie, engineer 
45 Miss Eliza Robertson, boarding house 
47 Thomas F. Malcolm, carriage builder 
49 J. M. Cathles, dental surgeon 
51 Charles Dow, inland revenue, retired 
53 Wm. G. Auld, superint Cal. Railway 
55 Misses J. & M. Ellis, dressmakers 
57 Wilhemina Sharp 
.. Andrew Anderson, estate agent 
57 Alexander M'Laren, cashier 

King's /'lace here 
32 C. G. Kennaway, confectioner 
30 G. & A Stobie, fishmongers, &c. 

28 Dr. Robert Menzies, M.B. 

24 James Birrell, railway guard 

22 Peter Strang, solicitor 
. . Mrs Peter Strang 

Paradise Place here 
20 Mautl H. Kenna, masseuse 
. Margaret Kenna, teacher 

18 Frederick Midgley, organist, f.k.c.O. 
16 George Smith 

14 Alex. C Wilson, brassfounder 

12 David Valentine, cutler 

. . J. M. Dow, upholsterer 

10 Robert Heggie, warehouseman 

. . Robert Lamb 

8 Alex. Clunie 

St. Leonard's Parish Church 

6 Ferguson & Batchelor, automobile 

Albert Place— 

1 Mrs John Henderson 

2 George Smith, crane inspector 

3 James S. Carmichael, bootmaker 
3h James Clark, bond manager 

4 Frank Barker 

King's Place— see Marshall Place. 
Kinnoull Causeway. 
Leonard Place — 
1 Mrs Jane Chalmers, grocer and wine 

. Mrs Mary Kerr, confectioner 
. Margaret Calderwood 
. Mrs Catherine Noel 
. Mrs Angus Cameron 
. John Marshall, dyer's cleaner 
. Mrs Alex. M'Lean 
. James Fisher, pensioner 
1 John Duncan, lorryman 
. Catherine M'Glaslian 
3 Jessie Cameron, milliner 
. James Mitchell, shop assistant 
. James Milne, railway servant 
. William Valley, boot repairer 
. Jemima Shedden 
. Colin Hutchison, tar distiller 
. Isabella Jackson 
. James E.obertson, joiner 

7 Mrs Helen Pennycook 

9 Mary Robertson 
. . Jane Duncan 

11 James M'Donald, engine driver 
13 Andrew H. Norwell, painter 
15 Vacant 

17 Frank Mitchell, check weighman 

18 Mrs John Chaplin 

19 James Cramb, builder 
. . John Ower, joiner 

.. David Pritcliard, plumber 

23 Betsy Scotland, sewer 

. . Mrs James Crerar 

. . Jessie Hobbs, weaver 

. . John Turner, dyer 

. . James Bowie, foreman 

. . John Dowie, carter 

25 Christina Adams 

29 John Fairley, joiner 
. Mrs David M'Donald 
. George Malloch, surfaceman 
. Joseph Forbes, engine driver 
. John M. Brough, watchmaker 
. James Peebles, plasterer 
. Alex. S. Simpson, packing casemaker 
. Kenneth M'Lean, shunter 
. David Bowie, porter 
. Peter Begg, dyer's finisher 
. Robert Donaldson, carter 
. Mrs. William Scott 
. James D. Menzies, dyer 
. Alexander Grant, woodturner 
. Mrs James Chalmers, tailoress 



29 James Robertson, park keeper 

. . Mrs James Hobson 

. . George Simmie, lorryman 

Caledonian Road here 
33-35 Vacant 

37-41 The Perth Garage— R. M'Kinnon 
43 John Grindlay, packer 
45 David Chisholm, shoemaker 
. . Henry Wiggetts, painter 
. . Robert Gilmour 
. . Mrs Hannah Skinner, lodgings 
. . James Cassidy, labourer 
. . Andrew Beattie, labourer 
47 David Gellatly, moulder 
49 James H. Macdonald, labourer 
51 Thomas Cochrane, labourer 
. John Hattle, storekeeper 
. . James Shaw, soldier 
. . John F. Styles, slater 
. . John Meldrum, mechanic 
. . James Hilsen, fireman 
. . Albert Thorpe, signalman 
. . David Christie, fireman 
. . Charles R. M' Lagan, baker 
. . Gavin Fleming, plumber 
.. Hugh Bain, gardener 
.. William M'Kenzie, boilermaker 
. . William Smith, brakesman 
53 John Stewart, signal fitter 
55 Mrs Daniel M'Farlane 
57 Allan Davidson, contractor 
59 Mrs James Blyth 
61 Mrs Betsy Dalgleish 
63 Mrs Alexander Campbell, nurse 
65 James Harrower, barman 
67 John S. Cross, linesman 
69 Mrs A. Miller 
71 William Blyth, motor driver 
73 John Maule, coal salesman 
75 Charles N Brooks, vanman 
77 Mrs James Carmichael 
. . George Kiddie, storekeeper 
. . Mrs Graham 
. . Mrs David M 'Arthur 
. . Robert Logan, railwayman 
79 John M Arthur, retired 
. . The Perth Creamery Co., Ltd. 

Kinnoull Street. 

] Bell a Traill , confectioner & tobacconist 
3 Infantry Record Office 
5 Alexander Mackenzie, optician 
7-9 Robert Inglis, stationer, &c. 
11 Geo. Soutar, grocer & spirit merchant 
15-17 William Fulton, iron merchants 
19 Andrew Bell, electrical engineer 
21 Thos. M. Honeyman, sub-postmaster 
. D. W. Ford, dyer's finisher 
. Robert W. Pitkeathly, painter 
. George Clark, chintz glazer 
. Alex. Reid, A.K.O. 
. Margaret Currie, clerkess 
23 John O. Jackson, casemaker 
25 Pavilion Refreshment Rooms 
27 Mary M'Phail, milliner, &c. 
29 Pearl Assuranec Co., Ltd. 

31 Bordeaux House— 

1 Mrs Alex- S. Brown 

2 Christina Christie 

3 Mrs William Martin 

4 Archibald Bain, cashier 

5 Robert Lindsay, A.R.O. 

6 Charles Fletcher, cinema manager 

7 Harry M. Baxter, porter 

8 Mrs James Reid 

9 Thomas Y. Hattle, machineman 
Matt. Gloag & Son, wine and whisky 


Mill Street here 

J. Pullar & Sons, Ltd. , dyers and cleans. 

Union Street here 
53 James M'Killop, joiner 

Alexander Miller, vanman 

John Duff dyer 

James Wight, baker 

Elizabeth Peddie 

William Coull, horse shoer 

Mrs Stewart Tongue 

Isabella Stewart, tailoress 

Annie M'Combie, merchant 

Mrs Duncan Forbes 

Alex. J. M'Gregor, draper 

David Hobson, painter 

Mrs John Jack 

Harry J. Cain, clerk 

Alexander Tavendale, railwayman 

Thomas A. Binny, tinsmith 

Andrew Keith, hammerman 

Thomas Harris, upholsterer 

65, Peter M'Gregor, ironmonger, &c. 


Mrs John Cameron 


Carpenter Street here 

J. K. Newsome, warehouseman 

Jas.Buchan, billiard saloon proprietor 

Atholl Strfet here 

Alex. M'Neil (of R. & J. Marshall) 


John Donaldson, hall porter 

Union Lane here 

Mrs Thomas M'Farlane 

Pullars' Fire Brigade Station 

Pullar's engineering department 

Foundry Lane here 

32 New Theatre (building) 

Mrs Henry Nairn 

Mrs Hector Macrae, boarders 

Thomas Pearson, porter 

David Young, clerk 

Peter Gorrie, clerk 

Mrs Jane Nairn 

Alex. M'L Russell, blacksmith 

John Thatcher, clerk 

Peter C. Anderson, postman 

Jeanie Scrimgeour 

Thomas Gorrie, retired 

26-24 David Bruce, plumber 

22 Robert Taylor, contractor 

Congregational Union Church 

Murray Street here 

Mill Street here 



16 Sandeman Public Library 

14 James Craigie, librarian 
Royal Bank Buildings— 

12 Elizibeth J. Scrimgeour, costumiere 
10 Margaret Peebles, milliner 

„ /'Infantry Record Office, officer com- 
? I manding No. 1 District, Highland 
.1 Office, John Smith M'Lean, supt. 
4 1 clerk 
.. Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. (Alexander 

Skinner, resident inspector) 
. . Moir, Wood & Co. , accountants and 

. . The Scott ish Amicable Life Ass. Sucy. , 

G. W. Paterson, resident inspector 
.. J. W. Wylie, solicitor 
. . Royal Bank— R. B. Langwill, agent 


1 Mrs John Cook 
.. Alexander M'Intosh, gardener 
7 David M'Laren, brakesman 
. . David Hynd, sawmiller 
. . Andrew Gutherie, shoemaker 
. . Win, M'Laren, jeweller 
9 Jas. Macdonald & Son, grain merchts. 

13 W. S. Ferguson & Co., manure manuf. 

15 David Walker, labourer 
. . Mrs Jane Gellatly 

. . Mrs Joseph Cuthbert 

.. Thomas Nairn, blacksmith 

. . Paul Higgins, mechanic 

17 Donald Macdonald, parcel porter 

19 John Burns, carter 

21 Robert Doris, hairdresser 
23 John Stewart, pastry baker 

. . R.obert M'Gregor, upholsterer 

25 Vacant 

27 David Ruthven, butcher 

29 George Henderson, waggon lifter 

22 Frederick A. Lindsay, spirit merchant 

20 Vacant 

18 James M'Neil, fireman 
. . Mrs Jane Brown 

. . Mrs John Young, charwoman 
. . John Macgregor, butcher 

16 Mrs Jane Brown, grocer 

14 Vacant 

12 James Macgregor, confectioner 
10 John Robertson, Gray & Harrower, 
grain merchants 
8 Mrs John Christie 
. . Mrs David Sinclair 

Leonard Street. 

1 John C. Geddes, store 

3 James Blyth, furniture dealer 

5 James J. Gowrie, tailor 

7 Edward Dorris, labourer 
... Angus Stewart, labourer 
. . D. Campbell, scavenger 
.. William Dewar, carriage cleaner 
.. Margaret M'Intosh, mill worker 
. . James Mitchell, dyer's cleaner 
. . Mrs David Martin 
. , Mary Jane Livingstone 

9 James Farquhar, fish restaurant 
11 James M'llwham, hairdresser 
13 Tlmmas M'Laien, blacksmith 
.. John Sullivan, labourer 
. . Alexander Cameron, linesman 
.. J. C. Fraser, railwayman 
. . Ellen Kesley, railway worker 
. . William Anton, mason 
15 Isabella Brown 
17 William H. Matthew, baker 
19 John Gibson, dyer's cleaner 

David Murray, coalman 
. . Pat. Morran, labourer 
. . John Campbell, labourer 
.. George Steven, boxmaker 
.. Donald Robertson, labourer 
21 David G. Lindsay, butcher 
25 Andrew Stoddart, cleaner 
. . James Brae, dyer 
. . Annie Smith 

. . David M'K. Thomson, bottle finisher 
.. Norman Macdonald, weaver 
. . James Hutchison, bottleblower 
. . Henry Malcolm, carpet weaver 

Alexander Robertson, porter 
29 Thomas Ashton, stoker 
31 John Godfrey, carter 
. Stewart Martin, dyer 
. May Young, sick nurse 
. John Suttie, sawmiller 
. John M'Kendrick, fireman 

Margaret Wilson, dyer's preparer 
33 Mrs Mary Ann Eaton, french polisher 
35 John Hutchison, retired 
37 George Grieve, photographer 
. . Mrs David Henderson 
. . Elizabeth Gollens, factory worker 
.. Catherine P. Malcolm, out worker 
. . Maggie Wallace, glover 
39 Mrs Simon Stewart 
41 John Ross, dairyman 
43 John Thomson, joiner 
. . David Moncreiff, foreman 
. . John Miller, porter 
. . William Stirton, railway clerk 
. . Thomas Y T oung, brassfinisher 
. . John Grant, labourer 
45 John Ross, dairy 
47 David Mackay, tubemaker 
49 Mrs Charles Malcolm, dairymaid 

James Bain, carter 

Donald Soutar, draper's salesman 

Charles Michie, engineman 

Joseph Hall, pensioner 

Charles Bryce, labourer 

John Stewart, basketmaker 

James Robertson, engine driver 

James Halkerston, labourer 

William Kirk, carter 
51 Mrs William Adams 
53 James Hopkirk, baker 
55 Peter Dorward, linesman 
57 Mrs Sarah Macfarlane, dealer 
59 Ellen Wilson, millworker 
61 James Petrie, labourer 
. . Mrs David Baxter 



61 Samuel Petrie, fireman 
. . Annie Greaves, dressmaker 
63 Allan Robertson, furniture dealer 
65 James Mackenzie, shoemaker 
67 James Cameron, gardener 
.. William Watson, platelayei 
. . Mrs George Menzits 
. . Margaret Ferguson 
69 William Woo J, driver 
73 Robert Goodison, baker 
.. William Mitchell, butcher 
. . Mrs Ann Lindsay 
.. Ann Fairlie, dressmaker 
. . Mrs Alex Balfour 
. . Edmund Knapp, telegraph linesman 
.. Andrew Dunn, coachbuilder 
75 Meldrum Beveridge, tailor 
. . Mrs William Walker 
. . Mrs Catherine Sinclair 
77 Mrs Mary J. Selbie, confectioner 
79 Mrs William Cree 
. . George Hay, tailor 
81 Allan Robertson, dealer 
. Daniel Gardiner, glazier 
. Alexander Kraser, brakesman 
. David Kettles, shunter 
. Robert Stewart, fitter 
. James Moyes, engine driver 
83 Mrs Mary Kerr, restauraut 
85 R,obert Gardiner, surfaceman 
87 Mrs David Edwards, servant 
.. John Barnett, lorryman 
. . Norman S. Miller, dyer 
89 Mrs Margaret Kettles, confectioner 
91 David Cree, dyer's labourer 
93 David M'Cullie, railwayman 

. Mrs William Low 
95 William Ross, tube blower 
97 David Strathearn, g irdener 
99 Mrs Charles Winton 
. . Mat f hew Johnstone, porter 
101 William Pryde, labourer 
103John A. Fer^usson, Queen's Hotel 
.. Appointments Dept., Min. of Labour 

Cross Street here 
105Neil Mackinnon, Royal British Hotel 

Station Hotel— Arth. Foster, manager 

Station Hotel Garage House— Donald 
Cameron, joiner and caretaker 
56 Peter Macnab, engine driver 
54 Lawrence Studdart, labourer 
52 James Paton, motor engineer 
50 Peter Dow, joiner 
48 Isabella Stewart 

Margaret Davidson 

Ellen Macfarlane, dressmaker 

Mrs Donald 

Mrs Isabella M'Intyre, ironer 

Mrs Peter Davidson, tobacconist 
46 Mrs Peter Davidson, tobacconist 
44 Evan Mackenzie, engine driver 
.. William Melville, engine fitter 
. . Ralph Thomson, joiner 

St. Andrew Street here 
40-42 Veitch, Moir & Erskine, wholesale 
fruit merchants— J. Tait, manager 

38 Alex. Murrie, porter 

36 Lindsay Ford, mechanic 

34 Allan Robertson, dealer 

. . William Edmonston, engine driver 

32 John Brown, shunter 

. . George Potts, waggon examiner 

. . Alex. Smith, watchman 

. . Mrs Robert Drysdale 

30 St. Leonard's Bar— Mrs Hugh Mackay 

Alexandra Street here 
28 John Simpson, car driver 
26 Mrs Robert F. Swan 

Lizzie Cuthbertson, servant 
24 Mrs John Simpson, greengrocer 
22 Robert Ramsay, fish restaurant 
20 John Paton, motor engineer 

William Ewan, brakesman 

Thomas Sprunt, joiner 

Norman Dick, booking clerk 

Mrs Cornelius Dick - 
18 Laidlaw's Temperance Hotel(Christina 

P. Laidlaw) 
16 AlexinaKing,newsagent& tobacconist 
14 David Langlands, fitter 
12 Mrs James Nicoll 
10 David Bell, tailor 
8 James Thomson, grocer & prov. mer. 
6 VFrs Henry Kerr, confectioner, etc. 
. . Mrs Jane Chalmers, grocer and wine 

Kinnoull Causeway here 

Lickley Street 

1 Robert F. Dewar, storekeeper 
. Laurence M'Laren, gardener 
. Mrs Thomas Koss 
. William Stewart, foreman mason 
. John W. Bourne, clerk 
. Joseph Boiles, labourer 
. George M'Naughton, driver 
. James Marnie, French polisher 
1 James Farquhar, restaurateur 
. Mrs Peter Crow, lodgings 

3 Mrs Robert Robertson, sewer 
. John Calder, guard 

. Magdalene Davidson, dressmaker 
. George G. Anderson, warehouseman 
. Robert Munro, carter 

James W. Anderson, warehouseman 
5 David Young, vanman 
. Robert Brown, storeman 
. Alex. Milne, carter 
. William Wallace, engine fitter 
. William Coupar Coutts, porter 
. James Lawrence, carter 
. W. & D. Peddie, Iron and Steel Mer. 


Dovecotland Cottage— AndrewDevvar, 

inspector C.R. 
Permanent Way Shops, C.R., Perth 


4 Thomas Sinclair, parcel porter 
. James Allan, brakesman 

. Alexander Simpson, linesman 
. David Todd, brakesman 



6 Alexander M'Gillivray, scavenger 
8 James W. Stuart, caretaker 

. . Robert Blyth, surfaceman 

10 William M'Laren, soldier 

12 John M'Gregor, labourer 

14 Robert Stewart, yardsman 

. . Mrs James Murray 

16 John Grant, park ranger 

18 John M'Gregor, watchman 

20 Jessie Gellatly, cook 

.. Jas. S. Boyd, waggon wright 

.. Katherine M'Lean 

22 Charles Wilson, carter 
?4 Vacant 

Rose Lane here 
26 Mrs John Miller, grocer 

23 Andrew N. Blyth, engine driver 
30 Duncan M'Dougall, barman 

. . Clemintina Irvine, servant 

. . Mrs Isabella Biuee 

.. Charles Stuart, painter 

. . Mrs John Ross 

. . Andrew Martin, labourer 

32 Mrs David Hunter 

34 Peter Sharp, storekeeper 

. . Mary Elder 

. . Mrs Andrew Agnew, outworker 

.. Alexander M'Leod, engine driver 

36 John Gorrie, bleach worker 

33 Wm. R. Leighton, asylum attendant 
40 John Forbes, postman 

. . Mrs James Sim 

. . John Miller, tailor 

. . William Cowan, yardsman 

42 Mrs William Cramb 

.. James Garvie, soldier 

. . Mrs William Farquhar 

44 John Brown, licensed grocer 

46 William Powrie, shedsman 

. . James M'Leish, dyer 

. . Mrs Archibald Anderson 

. . Mrs Alexander M'Diarmid 

. . Alexander Anderson, mechanic 

48 Charles Ferrier. dyer's labourer 

50 William Forsyth, painter 

.. James Miller, calenderer 

. . Robert A. Sinclair, signalman 

. . Mrs Janet Galloway, aerated water 

. . Annie Young 
. . Isabella Murray, milliner 

52 Perth Co-operative Society, Grocery 
52£Perth Co-operative Society, Butchery 

53 John Firth, carpet weaver 
. . John Grant, wood turner 

. . John Sim, greenkeeper 

. . John Currie, yardsman 

. . David Birrell, retired 

. . Mrs David Munro 

. . George Mason, gardener 

. . David Balfour, guard 

. . James Livingstone, labourer 

. . Alex. Cunningham, porter 

.. James M. Menzies, P.O. clerk 

. . James Smith, bootmaker 

. . Edward Pickett, labourer 

53 Albert E. Wright, goods checker 

54 D L. West, sawmiller 

.. George MacBean, engine ive 

. . Peter Scotland, labourer 

. . James Bremner, engine driver 

56 Mrs James Pattullo, dressmaker 

. . Henry Gove, grocer 

. . Jane Simpson 

John F. Robertson, fireman 
. . Mrs Donald Scott 
. . John T. Carnegie, railwayman 
58 James Macpherson, carter 
. . William Reid, retired 
. . Mrs David Stewart 
. . James Stewart, surfaceman 
.. John Aitken, yardener 
. . Joseph Ryder, dry dyer 
60 William Boyle, porter 
62 Mrs David Herschel 

David Dewar, tailor 

John Grant, dyer's finisher 

James Whyte, labourer 

George Miller, dyer 

William Malloch, goods checker 

Mrs Betsy Macgregor 

Alexander Patterson, woodcutter 
64 David \nder on, contractor 
. . James W. Kippen, railwayman 
66 Lily Russell 
68 William K. Mitchell, cleaner 

Thistle Lane here 
70 William Smith, gravedigger 

Edward Robertson, slater 
72 Alexander Murray, painter 
74 Mrs Alexander Macgregor, confectnr. 

Low Street. 

1 James Mut^h 

3 William Wilson 

5 William Simpson, tenter 

7 Mrs John Cochrane 
. . Archibald Gall ;way, french cleaner 
. . Andrew Scotland, linen dresser 
. . William Staig 
. . Elizabeth Young 
. . Mary Ann Simpson 
. . Janus Tho-nton, twister 

9 Thomas S. M'Craw, warehouseman 
. . Mrs M. .M'Kenzie 
. . Collin Miller, fitter 
. . Duncan Fenton, gardener 

William Bonella, dyer 
11 Robt Carruthers, mineral water manf. 

2 William Miller, joiner 

. . Alex. Paterson & Co. , masons & contrs. 

Market Street. 

1 Nicoll Bros., saddlers 

3 Robina Watson, Muirend dairy 
5 Andrew Thomson, yarn dresser 

. . John Bell 

. . Mrs Andrew Collier, apartments 

. . Mrs James Watson 

.. John Mac Master, byreman 

.. William Galloway 

5*7 Jean Watson, apartments 



9 James W. Smart, insurance agent 

. Norman Shaw 

. Joseph Maconochie, glazier 

. William Robertson, tailor 

. Ernest Goble, labourer 

. Alexander Walker, fireman 

. John Anderson, engine driver 

. Robert MacKay, dyer 
11 Alex. Finlayson, glycerine extractor 
13 David Young, greengrocer 

Lickley Street here 
15 Mrs George Moore 
. . Alexander Johnstone, joiner 
. . William Johnstone, labourer 
. . Mrs William Brodie 
. . William Grassie, railway weigher 
. . Mrs George Rollo, factory worker 
.. Mrs Matthew Crerar 
.. Mrs Mitchell 

. . William Gregor, engine driver 
. . David Donaldson, carter 
. . Mrs Catherine Whytock 
. . Hugh Tulloch, porter 
.. Duncan Macpherson, woodman 
. . Peter Murray, labourer 
. . James Stirton, saddler 

Angus M'Farlane, chief yardsman 
17 James Henderson, railway inspector 
. . Charles Mitchell, tailor 
. . Robert Stewart, railway policeman 
. . Mrs William Robertson 
. . John Mitchell Dickie, glass blower 
. . Roderick M'Lauchlan, fireman 
.. James Macpherson, plumber 
. . John P. Menzies, labourer 
19 William Tosh, driver 
.. James Muir, pointsman 
. . Robert M'Farlane, tenter 
.. Archibald Barclay, painter 
. . William Duncan, packer 
. . Daniel Crichton, watchman 
.. John M'Kinlay, tenter 
. . William Laidlaw, dyer 
21 Maggie Douglas, dyer's assistant 
. . James Shepherd, coal salesman 
.. Mrs Solomon Stevens 
. . Andrew Newlands, gardener 
. . David Fleming, warehouseman 
.. James McWhannel, vanman 
.. David Yaccamini, dyer's cieaner 
.. David Hershell, shunter 
. . William Henderson, vanman 
. . John Young, butcher 
.. Matthew H. Ewart, mason 
. . Kate Small, machinist 
, . William Logie shunter 
. . John Guthrie, platelayer 
, . James Dewar, policeman 
. . Mrs David Robertson 
Milne Street here 
Granville Place— 
Margaret Low 
David Banks, fireman 
Mrs William M'Kenzie 
Robert Law, railwayman 
William M. Thomson, baker 


William T. Toby, hat maker 

George Kelloch, lorryman 

Morris M'Manus, signalman 

James Crail, blacksmith 

William Cumming, druggist 

John S. Leslie, guard 

William Grant, brakesman 

George Robertson, joiner 

George Thomson, barman, 

William Fenwick, baker 

George Barker, engineer 

Mrs Anderson 

David Sinclair, labourer 

Alex. Tulloch, engine driver 

William Sheddon, lorryman 

Michael Reilly, labourer 

Mrs John Y. Ritchie 

John Menzies & Co., Ltd., wholesale 

booksellers, &c. 
Milne Street here 
Jean M'Pherson, grocer 
Robert Stewart, glass worker 
Mrs Robert Ormond 
Peter Honeyman, casemaker 
James Cameron, carter 
David Howie, grocer 
Mrs Thomas Smith 
Chas. Shaw, clerk 
George Gardiner, dyer 
James Scotland, compositor 
William Robertson, cabman 
William Shearer, slater 
John H. Lennox, joiner 
Alexander Ormond, dyer's finisher 
Lily Leigh ton 

Isabella de Pellette, examiner 
John M'Laren, lorryman 
John Reid, warehouseman 
Alex. Handyside, cooper 
James Mannes, engine driver 
Leonard Oliphant, labourer 
John M'Rostie, dyer 
James Rodger, dyer 
George Galloway, mason 
Alexander Cameron, policeman 
Thos. R. Caldow, boilermaker 
Mary Burns, dairykeeper 
David B. Laird, slater 
James Hutchison, dyer's finisher 
William Pullar, dyer 
Mrs George Laing, ladies' nurse 
Mrs George M'Glashan 

Mrs Elizabeth Christie, grocer 
Brown Street here 
10 Mrs Mary Burns, dairykeeper 
Alexander Bruce, engine driver 
Ernest Hardman, enginefltter 
Margaret Fisken 
John Donaldson, dyei''s finisher 
John Scotland, dyer's finisher 
Andrew A Forbes, carter 
Hugh Semple lapper 
Mrs Thomas Blair 
Donald Ferguson, storekeeper 
James Rattray, 'bus driver 



8 James M'Gregor, fireman 
, . Mrs Andrew Orookston 
. . William Adams, fireman 
.. John M'Veaii, baker 
. . Mrs James Fraser, charwoman 

6 Jean Watson, restaurant 

4 Jean Watson, restaurateur 
. . John A. Stewart, plumber 
. . Alexander Laing, lorryman 
. . William Speirs, waggon examiner 
. . Mrs Andrew Hood 
. . William Laing, plateplayer 
. . James Stewart, plumber 
. . John Mitchell, platelayer 
. . Norman Macdonald, cabman 

2 Alex. Mitchell, grocer & wine mer. 

Marshall Place. 

1 Mrs William M'Quibban 

2 Jessie Brown 

3 William Dick, wholesale grocer 

4 Misses J. M. and K Wanliss 

5 Alex. Thomson, grocer, &c. 

6 Margaret Hewat, restaurateur 

7 Mrs Charles Tulloch 

. . Joseph Malloch, fishing tackle manuf. 

8 Thomas Butter 

9 Mrs Alex. Wilkie 

10 Mrs Thomas Chalmers, boarding house 

11 Mrs Thomas Chalmers 

12 James Paton, traveller 

13 Stanley Wickenden, surgeon, m.r.c.S., 

Eng. ; L.R.C.P., London 

14 C. K. Crichton, bakery manager 
Nelson Street here 

15 Andrew W. Gray 

16 John James Russell, bank accountant 
. . James Dunbar, horse dealer 

17 John Hume, M.D., D.P.H. 

18 John Macgregor, colliery agent 

19 George Dunbar, horsedeaier 

20 Ann Crichton, apartments 

21 Michael Duigan, yardsman 

22 Agnes M'Gregor, boarding house 

23 James A. Peebles, retired 

24 Robert Mitchell, gamedealer 

25 James Currie, electrical engineer 

26 Christian J. Menzies, apartments 

27 Mrs James Bachan 

28 P. S. Graves, professor of music 
Scott Street here 

.. St. Leonard's U.F. Church 

James Street here 
King James' Place— 

1 Thomas D. Frew, managing director, 

Frew & Co., Ltd. 
. . Misses Hope 

2 John L. Anderson, secretary 
. . Mary Reid 

3 Sir Samuel Chapman 
King's Place— 

1 P.P. M'Glynn, violinist 

2 Miss Elsie Scrimgeour 

3 Major James Anderson, Black W T atch 
King Street here 

4 Mrs Gavin Miller 

5 William Thomson, clerk 

6 James F. Gowans, grocer 

7 Win. Eraser Bisset, M.B., Ch.B. ; D.P.H. 

8 Joseph S. Christie, com. traveller 

9 Mrs James Hunter 

10 Mrs Eliz. Moyes, spirit merchant 

11 David J. Wilson, retired 

12 Robert M. Kippen, solicitor & notary 

Meal VenneL 

1-3 Roberto Zucconi, fish restaurant 
5 William Halley, painter 
. Alexander Miller, labourer 
. Andrew Collins, bottleblower 
. Alexander Parker, labourer 
. Joseph Fleming, labourer 
. V\ illiam Dyson, soldier 
7 Roberto Zucconi, billiard saloon 
Central Dist. School— Wm. Paterson, 
33-37 Vacant 

39 Mrs Patrick Mailey, grocer 
. . Thomas Cross, labourer 
41 James Swan, labourer 
. . Alexander Honeyman, labourer 
. . William Stewart, labourer 
. . William Hutchison, outworker 
. . Mrs James Bethune, outworker 
43 Michael Melloy, grocer 
45 Thomas Jones, bootmaker 
47 James Jack, joiner and contractor 
.. Christina M'Laren, charwoman 
. . Michael Melloy, grocer 
. . Mary M'Leod 
. . John Folan, carter 
51 Mrs Michael M'Mahon (store) 
53 Mrs Margaret Neilson 
. . James Cosgrove, railwayman 
. . William Alexander, labourer 
. . Mrs Jessie Wish irt 
. . Albert Peterson, labourer 
. . Margaret Murray 
. . Annie Reid 
. . John Robertson, moulder 

55 Mrs Michael M'Mahon (store) 

57 Vacant 

59 Mary Jennings, dairy 
61 Mrs John Walker 

. . James Innes, sweep 
. . Betsy Allardice 
. . Bernard Dorris, hawker 
. . Fred. Herman, labourer 
. . George Younger, labourer 
. . Michael Feeney, labourer 
. . Bella M'Lauchlan 

60 Donald M'Diarmid's Stores 

58 Mrs Peter Boyle, dealer 

56 Mrs Francis Devaney 

. . Mrs Peter Boyle, dealer 

.. Peter Boyle, barman 

. . James M'Gregor, labourer 

54 Helen Lynch, licensed grocer 

52 Vacant 

50 Thomas Cairnie, labourer 

. . William Scully 

.. Peter Paton, bottleblower 



50 Mrs Patrick Mailey 

. . James Melloy, labourer 

.. Daniel M'Rudden, labourer 

48 Vacant 

46 Hugh Gowrie, carter 

. . Mary Kearney, winder 

Mrs Hugh Brown 

Mary Burns 

Mary Tully 

Thomas Feeney, scavenger 

Thomas Malone, labourer 

Thomas Maley, scavenger 
44-4-2 Mrs Peter Boyle, furniture dealer 
40 Hugh Goodison, quarryman 

James Smith, soldier 

Innis Cunningham 

Michael Reilly 

John M'Intosh, lorryman 

Alexander M'Vean, music hall artist 

John Macconachie, labourer 

Joseph Marshall, warder 

Peter M'Queen, dealer 

Sarah Gavin 

Helen Kerrigan 
38 Patrick Kerrigan, furniture stores 
36 Vacant 

31 Mrs Georgina Coyne 
Alexander Mitchell, fireman 
Jane Banks, pedlar 
Jane Hart , lodging-house 
James Kinnoch, soldier 
Allan Hart, porter 

32 Ann Knight, general dealer 

30-26 Patrick Kerrigan, furniture dealer 
28 Mrs Catherine M'Mahon 
. . James Strachan, weaver 
24 William Clark, fish restaurant 
22 Madge Porter , winder 
. . Mrs Ann Wallace, millworker 
.. Robert Martin, clerk 
. . William Clark 
. . William Wallace, labourer 
20 Vacant 

18 Patrick Kerrigan, store 
16 Margaret Holden, lodgings 
14 William P.iterson, boot repairer 
12 Bernard Dorris, labourer 
. . James Marmion, labourer 
. . Peter Emett, sailor 
10 Mary and Susan Flynn, dairykeepers 
8 Mary A. Barclay, confectioner 
6 Alexander Campbell, labourer 

George Murray 

Mrs James Jackson 

Thomas Birch, scavenger 

David Crichton, dyer's labourer 

Mrs James Mackenzie 
4 Vacant 

Melville Street. 

1 Milne & M'Farlaue, bakers & confec. 

3 Mrs John Stewart 
.. Christina Ferguson, apartments 
.. Jas. P. Wallace, cycle & motor agent 
. . Milne & M'Karlane, bakers, &c. 
. . Alexander Clark, bar manager 

3 Margaret L. Stewart, dressmaker 
. . Helen Bryce, milliner 

.. Tina Hughes, laundress 

, . James Ramsay, tube blower 

5 James Adam, mechanic 

7 Caroline Wilkinson 

11 Sisters of the Epiphany 
15 Mrs Patrick Scarry 

. . Andrew Michie 

. . George F. Jackson, dyer 

17 Peter Duff, fitter 

19 Perth Day Nursery— Sarah Braulion 

21 Mrs John M'Kearney 

23 Mrs John C. Brady 

25 Alexander Ramsay 

27 James B. Sabin, verger 
Barossa Place here 

S2 Margaret Kennedy, retired 

30 Christina Drummond, apartments 

. . David Malcolm, tube blower 

.. Mary Robertson 

. . Sidney Wiltshire, coachman 

28 Alexander, Allison, representative 

26 John Davidson, compositor 
. Annie Nicoll 

. . Alexander Cunnison, salesmau 
. Alexander Hood, cloth lapper 
. . Lizzie Barclay, dye work assistant 

24 David Robertson, grain and forage 

merchant (Struan Cottage) 

22 Robert Macfarlane, dyer's finisher 
. . John Meiklem, labourer 

. . James Duff, porter 

Donald M'Crae, labourer 

20 Mrs Patrick Doris 

15 Micbael Joye 
. . R. C. Chapel 

16 Rev. John M'Daniel, priest 

14 Elizabeth Luby, tailoress 

12 John Martin, engine fitter 

. . Robert Rutherford, gardener 
. Catherine Friel, servant 
. . James Johnston, mason 

10 John Macdonald, labourer 

4 Mrs William Todd 

2-6 Wm. Adie & Sons, pastry bakers 

Methven Street (North). 

1 John E. Craven, tobacconist, news- 
agent etc. 

3 Christina Kidd, dressmaker 
.. Joseph Guild, dyer 
. . Jessie Cowan 
. . John Silver, clothier 
5-7 Wm. Angus, cycle & motor engineer 

9 Mrs Andrew Laing, fruiterer 
. . Mrs William Henderson 
. . James Macdonnell, engine driver 
. . Alexander M'Phail, guard 

11 Mary Ann & Isabella Turnbull, confrs. 

13 William Harley, porter 
. . John Brown, joiner 

15 J. B.. Lindsay, butcher 

17 William Paton, pastry baker, tfec. 
19 Andrew Rumgay 

. . Mrs Ann Ferguson 



Bella Clark 
Annie Winton 
Elizabeth .Sharp 

Mary Ann & Isabella Turnbull, confrs. 
Bella Morris, servant 
Jas. M. GruickshankSj fruiterer, &c. 
John Motion, detective 
John Allan, dyer 
Euphemia Bell 
Angus K. Glass, compositor 
Mis Robert Muckersie 
William M'llwham, dyer 
Foundry Lane here 
35 Mrs Alex. Smith, spirit dealer 
Jane C. M'Leod, confectioner 
John Traill, retired 
James Taj lor, J. P., dyer's cleaner 
Geo. Norval, poulterer & fishmonger 
Mrs Christina Young, tobaccjnist,&c. 
James Herdman, retired 
James Morton, assistant parcel agent 
Mrs David Muuro 
James Marie, plumber 
James W. Blyth, butcher 
51 Wallace & Munro, cycle agents 
James Robertson, ironmonger 
Union Lane here 

57 Charles Grant, cabinetmaker, etc. 
Janet Kerr, matron 
Jessie Hunt 

Elizabeth and Helen King- 
Agnes M. Grant 

Wm. Spence, fruiterer & confectioner 
Jeanie M'Lagan, baby linen, etc. 
Mrs Charles Alexander, confectioner 
Mrs James Reid. confectioner 
Mrs George Todd 
Bessie Purgavie, apartments 
Miss C. Talbot, apartments 
John Graham, painter 
Mrs William Dewar, apartments 
City of Perth Co-op Society (groc'y&c.) 
St. Ninian's Episcopal School — 

Amelia Keith, head teacher 
Charles Grant,cabinetmaker(w'kshop) 
P Cree & Son, hatmakers & blockers 
John J. Mackenzie, bookkeeper 
James Robertson, ironmonger 
Dunn & Co., fine art dealers and 

frame makers 
City of Perth Co-op. Society (Bread) 
Alexander B. Forbes, vanman 
J. Robertson, glass tube maker 
David Gorrie, engineer & coppersmith 
City of Perth Co op. Society (Butchers) 
George Taylor, ladies' & gent.'s tailor 
Joseph Guilianotti ■ 
Peter Morrison, butcher 
Thomas Tosh, draper's assistant 
Peter Macgregor, joiner 
Joseph Guilianotti, refreshment r'ms 
Benjamin Yeoman, hairdresser 
Robt. Stewart & Co., commission agts. 
Thomas Marshall, warehouseman 
William I. Johnstone 

30 Mrs Donald Heggie, apartments 

28 P. M'Arthur & Sons, grocers and wine 

2i George Finlayson, smith 
. . James S. Ormond, clothier's assistant 
. . Duncan M'Callum, policeman 
. . Mrs Richard M'Arthur 
. . Robert Rattray, barman 
. . George D. Scott, postman 
. . Charles M'Bain, coachman 
. . Mrs John T. Walker 
22 William Doig, dental assistant 
. . Robert H. Garland, joiner 
. . Alfred M. Reid, dyer's finisher 
. . William J. Harding, postman 
.. William Simpson, clerk 
. . William J. Webster, butcher 
. . John Allison, cabinetmaker 
.. John M'Dougall, grocer 
. . Robert Watt, fireman 
. . Catherine M'Lean 

20 18 John Wright & Co., brewers, etc. 

16 Andrew Laing & Son, tailors and 


14 J. Mellis, Somme Restaurant 

12 Mary Stewart, ironer 
William M'Laughlan, tailor 
Angus M'Dairmid, janitor 
John Livingston, baker 
Maggie Melville, dyer's finisher 
Mrs John Crerar 
Mrs Margaret A. Macgregor 
Mrs George Marr 

8 Joseph Smail, watchmaker & jeweller 

10 James C. Smail, pharmacist 
6 Mrs James Halley 

Margaret Strang, dairy keeper 

Catherine Strang 

William Cramb, joiner 

Jane Drummond 

Mrs. Georgina Robertson 
4 Margaret Strang, dairy keeper 
2 Mrs A. Laing, fruiterer and confect. 

Methven Street (South). 

1-3 Mary G. Davidson, milliner 
5-7 Ex-Service Men's Club 

9 Katherine Waddell, dressmaker 

11 John Silver & Sons, tailors cfc clothiers 

13 James Conner, engine driver 
Thomas Fraser, yardsman 

. . James Sharp 

. . Mrs James Yeoman, caretaker 

. . Mary Christie 

15 William G. Stewart, grocer 

17 City and County Labour Club 
19 William Cunnison, ironmonger 

21 William L. Henderson, tailor 
. . John Winton 

. . Michael Murray, labourer 

. . Mrs Catherine Leyden 

. . Mrs Adam E. Stewart 

. . John Gavin 

. . Mrs Henry Campbell 

. . Alexander Croy, carter 

23-27 D. Gorrie & Son, coppersmiths, etc. 



29 Town & County Bank Bldgs.— Robert- 
son, Dempster & Co., solicitors: 
Thomas Dempster; James Robert- 
son ; Duncan Cram 

. . William Murray, caretaker 

31 Nor th of Scotland & Town & County 
Bank, Ltd.— Robertson & Dempster, 
joint agents 
High Street here 
St. Paul's Parish Church 
St. Pauls Square here 
High street here 

37 Andrew Melville, Kinnoull Arms 

39 Bank of Scotland (West End Branch) 
—James Young, agent 

41 Mitchell & Logan, solicitors and N.P. 

. . St. Andrews Ambulance Association 

.. Pertb Fife and Forfar Potato Trade 
Protection Association 

. . Perth and District 

Building Trades Association 
Master Plumbers' Association 
Master Masons' & Bricklayers Assoc 
Master Painters' Association 
Master Wright's Association 

. . Mrs Martha Sharp, boarding house 

43 John Brydon, druggist 

45 J. S. Nicoll, stationer, etc. 

47 Charles C. Stuart, Ltd. , grocers, &c. 

49 Alexander Latto, income tax adviser 

. . A. & K. Sharp, milliners 

. . David T. Yacamini, music teacher 

. . Mrs M. C. Ferguson 

. . Allan Scott, dental rooms 

51 Thomas Roy & Co., butchers 

53 The King's Cinema 

55 Garvie & Deas, Ltd. 

. . William Shaw, railway inspector 

. . Mrs George Milne 

. . Gillies Lobban, sawyer 

. . George Leishman, fireman 

57 David Burnfield, jeweller, etc. 

59 John Johnstone, Ltd., clothiers and 

57-61 Ralph A. Storey, draper 

63, 69 Alexander & Brown, seed mchts. 

65 Perthshire Rubber Company 

67 William Angus, draper 

71 Duncan Carmichael & Son, bootmkrs. 
73 Wills' Boot Store, Norman Will, prop. 
75 Mrs. Peter M'Lean, fruiterer & confr. 
77 Mrs James Munro 
. . R,obert Soutar, baker 

Robert Soutar, baker 

County Place here 

South Street here 

Central Bar 
70 William Turnbull, platelayer 
.. James Kelly, fitter 
. . Alexander Rubb, baker 
.. Jobn K,oss, blacksmith 
.. John M'Laren, barman 
. . John L. Kay, baker 
. . William Peggie, labourer 
. . Mrs James Harris 

68 Mrs James S. Harris, tobacconist, &c. 

66 William Angus, draper 

64 Mary Byars, fruiterer & confectioner 

62 Robert Powrie, fishmonger, &c. 

60 Mrs Elizabeth Harris, fruiterer, &c. 

58 Vacant 

. . Jessie Murray 

. . Robert Robertson, gai'deiier 

. . James Cunningham 

. . Mrs Robert Bowie 

John Glass, plumber 
. . Ed. M'Intyre Macpherson, reporter 
. . Mrs Helen Macdonald 
.. Mrs John Melloy 
. . Peter Strang, solicitor and N.P. 
. . Alexander Lauder, grocer 
56 S. T. & E. Ellison, umbrella makers 
52 Jas. Macdonald & Son, grain merchants 
50 William Angus, draper 
48 James Dobie, platelayer 
. . Margaret Scott 
. . Thomas Mercer, draper 
46 Dundee Advertiser Office 
44 Rose P. Blair, druggist (Norman M. 

Lindsay, proprietor) 
42 Cooper & Co., tea merchants 
40 J. Nairne Campbell, surveyor 
Charles M. C. Young 
James Kulvear, joiner 
George M'Gregor, miller 
James M'Cowan, electrician 
Alexander Miller, plumber 
William Stevenson, mechanic 
38 John C. Geddes, draper 
36 J. & R. Smail, ironmongers 
3t Lipton, Limited, grocers, &c. 
32 Gordon & Stanfield, drapers 
30 Robert Dow, publican 
26 Miss Janet Bennet, costumier 
24 26 William Dow, watchmaker 
22-20 James M'Farlane, cycle agent and 
High Street here 
18 National Bank of Scotland, Limited 
(West End Branch)— Wm. Walker, 
16 National Bank Buildings- 
Andrew Roy, warehouseman 
Agnes Roy, dressmaker 
J. & J. Smith, grain merchants 
R Sydney Denman 
John Harrower, baker 
William Carnegie, casemaker 
William Scott, ticket writer 
Grace Butchart 
14 Maggie K. D. Gow, confectioner 
12 Mrs George Robertson 
. . Thomas Angus, chauffeur 
. . Thomas Lacy 
. . William Angus, carter 
. . Jessie Robertson 
10 John M'Lean, spirit merchant 
Sharp's Educational Institution- 
Edward Smart, B.A.,, F k.s.b., 
4 Hugh Birrell, lorryman 
. Mrs Alexander Rutherford, lodgings 



4 Robert Wright, brassfoimder 
. . George A. Smith, engine driver 
2 James Wright & Son, tea, wine and 
spirit merchants 

Mill Street here 
. . R. & D. Halley, grain merchants 

Bath Buildings 

Mill Street. 

1 James Cameron, furniture repairer 

2 John Brown, fish restaurant 
2£John Thomson, cooper 

4 Mrs Samuel Black, meal dealer 
4£Thomas Ramsay, fireman 

5 Wood & Son, printers and billposters 

6 Frew & Co., Ltd., plumbers, etc. 

7 Mrs Mary Jennings 

.. John Robertson, labourer 

.. Alexander Henderson, retired 

.. John M'Ewen, hawker 

. . Jane Thomson 

.. Joseph M'Ewen 

. . Mrs Annie M'Intee 

. . John M'Guire, labourer 

. . John M'Rorie, labourer 

8 Mrs Helen Kelman, apartments 
.. Mrs Ann M'Neil 

. . David D. Robertson, furniture 

dealer, &c. 
. . Mrs Samuel Black, meal merchant 

10 Wordie & Co. , railway carriers 
10A- James M'Laren, police inspector 

11 Alexander Macgregor, spirit merchant 

12 William Mitchell, iron turner 
. . John M'Glashan, fireman 

. . Andrew Herd, retired 
12-14 Milne, Tannahill & Methven, 
Guard Vennel here 

15 Alex. M'Leish & Sons, plumbers, &c. 
. . John Nightingale, boarding house 

. . Malcolm & Co. , coachbuilders 

. . Campbells, M 'Lagan & Co. (Store) 

. . Duncan M'lntyre, joiner 

. . John Black, grain rnercht. and miller 

16 Jas. Couttie & Sons, biscuit manufac. 

17 Alexander M'Leish, plumber 

18 Lindsay & Fenwick 

19 Samuel M'Lean, carpet weaver 
. . Robert Cromb, joiner 

. . James Glen, carter 
. . David M'Laren, brassfinisher 
. . Helen Bisset, warper 
. . Mrs Mary M'Gregor 
.. John M'Naughton, vanman 
. . Helen Hughes 
. . Mi s Catherine Harding 
. . Thomas Smart, fireman 
. . Mrs George Watson 
. . John M'Naughton, dyer's cleaner 
. . Walter Robinson, cook 
. . Andrew Nairn, electrician 
.. David M. Allan, vanman 
. . Mrs John Eaton, weaver 
. . William Chalmers, gunsmith 
21 Matthew Gloag & Son (Stores) 

22 Malcolm Shaw & Sons, motor enginrs 

23 Stewart & Nairne, joiners and contrs. 

24 Henry G. M'Kearney, rag merchant 

25 Harry Mack, turf commission agent 

26 L. Richardson, confectioner 
27-26 Watt & Ramsay, Ltd. 

2) Mrs James Simpson, laundress 
William M'Coll, tailor 
Mrs Peter M'Lauchlan 
James D. Mo; ton, glassblower 
James Sime, clerk 
Mrs David Donaldson 

31 Murdoch Ferguson, soldier 

32 Ritchie & Dickie, coal merchants 

33 and 3d Peter Heraughty, pawnbroker 
35 Mrs John Wilson 

. . Walter Borthwick, bellhanger (work- 
. Mrs William M'Ara 
. Peter Heraughty, pawnbroker 
. Alexander Philips, painter 
. Mrs Henry Cameron 
. Michael M'Inally, tailor 
. Rachel Hay, feather cleaner 
Cutlog Vennel here 
37 Mrs James Simpson, laundress 
39 Mrs Annie M'Coll, confectioner 
Kinnoull Street here 
North U.F. Church 
53 James Wright, brass finisher 

Public Baths and Wash-house— John 

Edwards, superintendent 
Methven StreH here 

55 John Taylor, carter 

56 Mrs Michael Boyle 
Alexander Cathro, sawmiller 
John Marshall, surfaceman 
Neil High, insurance agent 
James Sime, joiner 

Mrs Daniel Riach 

57 William Milne, shunter 
. Mary Ann Kettles 

. Jessie Ward 

. Mrs George Pirnie 

. Charles Eadie, porter 

. John M'Neil, fireman 

. Kate Patullo, seamstress 

. Alexander Scott, cooper 

. William Munro, ploughman 

. Charles M'Gregor, maltman 

3 Bottle Exchange - Jas. Ballantine, sec. 

. P. Brown, plasterer 
Crichton & Laird , slaters 
John Brown & Son, plasterers 

. Peter M'Laughlin, broker (stores) 

59 Mrs Duncan M'Cowan 

60 Alexander Johnston, loco, driver 

61 Peter M'Kay, fireman 
Baker's Buildings— 

1 William Gray dyer 

2 Mrs John Harris 

3 James Staig, tenter 

4 William M'Dougall, dyer 

5 Alexander Ross, joiner 

6 Mrs Peter Hill 

7 Peter Nelson, baker 



8 David Hill, joiner 

9 James Scott, bookbinder 

9 David Harris, dyer's finisher 

. Peter Herd, woodman 

10 James Cameron, dyer 

. . William Lyon, jute worker 

11 John Hood, dyer 

James Steele, labourer 

12 John Sime, pointsman 

. William L. Stewart, dyer's cleaner 

City Mills — James Macdonald & Son 

John M'Gregor, wireman 

Mill Street (West). 

. John Duncan, railwayman 
. Mrs James Patterson 

10 Daniel Malloch, bottle blower 

. Mrs Robert Graham, cleaner 

12 James Dent, porter 

. William Swan shop assistant 

. . Jane A. Livingstone, dairymaid 

. Edward M'Crostie, hammerman 

. . Mrs George Young 

6 Thomas Taylor, slater & cement mer. 

. . James Duff, tinsmith 

Thomas Gourdie, baker 

14 Mrs James M'Leish 

1 Robert Peattie, coachman 

16 Thomas Slidders, blacksmith 

2 John Kerr, engine driver 

18 Robert Cochrane, carpet weaver 

3 Alexander Hodge 

. . John Reekie, lorryman 

14 Patrick M'Cormack, soldier 

. . Mrs Thomas S. Aimes 

5 Thomas White, motor driver 

. . George Moir, sculptor 

.6 Peter M'Laren, labourer 

. . James West, grave digger 

7 James Clark, shoemaker 

. . James Croll, retired ] 

L8 John Welsh, labourer 

20 Mrs Jane Scott 

9 Mrs Robert Crawford 

22 Alexander Scott, motor driver \ 

20 Alexander Strachan, shunter 

24 John P. M'Ewan, baker 5 

21 John Gordon, motor mechanic 

.. John Carr, carter 5 

23 Wm. Brown & Co., nurserymen's store 

. . Margaret Johnson, sewer 

St. Peter's Place— 

26 Andrew Macpherson, coalman i 

25 James Martin, joiner 

27 Robert Ross, porter i 

!6 Alexander Willis, driver 

28 Ann M'Quhae 5 

57 David Melville, vanman 

. . William Blellock, painter 5 

.8 John M'Lauchlan, porter 

. . William Manson, timekeeper 5 

9 John Davidson, joiner 

. . Mrs Robert Martin I 

JO Mrs George Fenwick 

29, 30, 31 D. S. & J. Anderson, joiners 
32 Mrs George Steele 

Muirton Place. 

.. John Dawson, fitter 

1 William Inglis, insurance clerk 

. . James Rodger, fitter 

. James Henderson, retired 

. . William Kelly, clerk 

. Mrs Alexander Grant 

.. Alexander B. Milford, gardener 

James G. Laing, tailor 

34 Owen Quinn, labourer 

. Mrs Jane Scrymgeour 

36 John Dow, porter 

. David Hepburn, jeweller 

. . Alexander Beveridge, waggon lifter 

. Walter H. Pethers, dyer's cleaner 

. . Mrs Mary Scott 

. Robert White, auctioneer 

. . Robert Cruickshanks 

3 Duncan Robertson, warehouseman 

. . John Ramsay, carter 

5 Peter Bruce, insurance official 

. . James Angus, surfaceman 

7 William Forbes 

. . Andrew Sidey 

7 Mrs Daniel M'Leish 

.. Alexander Lamb, tenter 

9 John L. Moyes clerk 

. . Hugh Jenkins, carter : 

1 David Lamond, potato trade 

. . Mrs David Lamb 

3 E. J. Perkins 

38 John Donaldson, wood carter 

5 Mrs Christina Glass 

Milne Street. 

7 Joseph Scrimgeour 

9 Walter Eastman, basketmaker 

1 James Philip, shoemaker 2 

1 Miss J. Macrae 

3 Mrs William Fraser 2 

3 Alexander Lindsay, ironmonger 

5 Donald Maclean, engine driver 2 

5 Abertay— Allan G. Taylor, secretary 

7 Mrs Duncan M'Farlane 2 

7 Margaret Peebles, milliner 

. . Mrs Donald M'Laren 2 

9 Mrs J. C Ford 

. . David Stewart, shunter i 

I Mrs Isabella Graham 

. . John Black, labourer J 

3 John Young, clerk 

. . Mrs Thomas Sutherland l 

5 Mrs Mary Deas 

. , John Macnamara, Tube maker 3 

7 Charles G. D. Morris 

. George M'Keith, vanman J 

9 Mrs Donald Macintosh 

. . John Cameron, driver i 

1 Miss Margaret Hill 

. . Andrew Miller, carpet weaver i 

3 Mrs M. Campbell 

John Stewart, mechanic 4 

5 Samuel Archbold, insurance official 

9 William Lyon, coalman 4 

7 Ardblair— John Moncrieff, builder 



49 Alexanders. Grant, clerk 

51 John Lindsay, butcher — Strathtay 

53 Frank Hamper, sgt. major, ,, 

55 Miss Margaret Robertson ,, 

H Jas. Paton. assist, manager ,, 

59 Mrs Peter M. Creel — Strathalbyn 

61 William M'Aulay, retired ,, 

63 Patrick Smith ,, 

(>5 Isabella Proudfoot, teacher ,, 

67 Pat. Kerrigan, dealer— " Stella Maris " 

69 James Thomson, traveller, ,, 

71 Clement A. Pattman, clerk 

73 Peter Reid, clerk 

75 Win. Dolan, bootmaker — Strathview 

77 Elizabeth A. Leitham ,, 

79 St. Clair— Andrew Adie, baker 

81 David Campbell, grocer 

83 The Rosary— Rev. Jas. Bird, retired 

85 Alex. Scott, baker 

87 Lyngarth— Alexander Morris 

89 Miss Amelia Keith, teacher 

91 Lynmore Mrs Andrew Burns 

93 Mrs Alexander Smith 

95 James A. M'Gregor, draper 

97 Mrs Thomas Osborne 

. . Archibald Mathers, agric. engineer 

10 James Gow, dyer 

12 James Sharp, cashier 

14 James Dingwall, fruiterer 

16 Eastwood— The Misses Pirnie & Helen 

Filston (Perthshire Servants' Bureau) 

18 Northcote — Isabella Keay 
. . William Hodge, clerk 

20 Jeanville— James M'Donald, draper 

Murray Street. 

Congregational Church Hall 

2 John Croall & Sons, Ltd., motor 

engineers — garage 

3 William Carr, dyer's finisher 

. . Thomas Welch, clothier's assistant 
. . James Wallace, cleaner 
. James Flood, engine fitter 
. . Mrs Peter Dunbar 

5 Mrs John Garvie 

. . Mrs Jane M'Pherson 

6 John Connon, joiner 

7 Edward Shepherd, basket maker 

8 David Taylor, coachman 

9 Joseph Mackay 

Nelson Street. 

1 Andrew Gray, accountant (side door) 
3 Misses Carnegie 
. . Joanna Fyfe and Isabella Jack 
5 Mrs Margaret Henderson 
7 John Downie, retired 
9 Garage, &c. 

11 & 13 Thos. M'Laren, rly. inspector 

15 Andrew Jackson, brakesman 

17 George Gibson, guard 

19 George Tulloch, guard 
South William. Street here 

Burton Place— 

21 James Gardiner, retired 
23 Hugh Taylor, brushmaker 

25 William Menzies, dyer's finisher 
27 David Campbell, grocer 
29 Alexander Cowe, vanman 
. . James Kidd, warehouseman 
31 John Melville, clerk 
33 Miss Barclay 

8 Stables and Wash Houses 

6 Garage (John Mitchell) 

4 Vacant 

. . Mrs William Kidd 
. . Mrs Alexander Moncrieff 
. . Mrs. Ann Waddell, dressmaker 

2 John Mackie, assurance supt. 

St. Peter's Place— 

1 Mrs Elizabeth Menzies 

2 David A. Simpson, linesman 

3 John Ewart, butcher 

4 John M'Quhae, plumber 

5 David Fenton, clerk 

6 John Munro, plumber 

3-9 Alexander Davidson, plumber, gas- 
fitter and zinc worker 
11 David Beveridge, builder & contractor 

Market Street here 

George Barker & Son, engineers 
23 Wm. Coull, blacksmith & horseshoer 
15-27 Wm. Low & Co., blacksmiths, etc. 
29 Vacant 
31 Mrs John Boyd 
. . Mrs James Stirton 
33 Mrs James Stewart 
35 Mrs Michael Feeney 
37 Vacant 

39 William Sinclair, glass worker 
. . Alexander Sinclair 

York Corner— 
43 David N. Milln, colliery agent, Loch- 

gelly Iron and Coal Co., Ltd. 
45 Robert Campbell, grocer (store) 

York Place here 
59 John M'Inroy, janitor 
. . Mrs Annie Morton 
.. Timothy Gannon, labourer 
. . James Mitchell, engine driver 
. . Mrs Juhn Stewart 
61 James Marnie, French polisher 
63 George K. Niven, bootmaker 
48 Alexander Menzies, storeman 
. . Jessie M'Ewan, loom weaver 
. . Thomas Clark, fireman 
. . Thomas Kilgour, baker 
. . Findlay Shaw labourer 
50 Vacant 

County Place here 
Methven Buildings— 

1 Robert Duncan butcher 

2 Mungo Gow, checker 

3 George Gorrie, agent 

4 John Adams, cutter 

5 Thomas Stoddart, clerk 

6 Adam G. Leslie, chauffeur 

7 John Alexander, clerk 

8 John Gellatly 

9 Thomas Buist, butcher 



10 Mrs Andriua Gardiner 

11 James Neil, plumber 

12 John Lornie, machineman 

13 Annie Harrier, confectioner 

14 Bernard Rice, ins. manager 

15 J. Mackenzie, sawmiller 

16 James Halkerston, mason 

17 Mrs Stratton 

18 Mrs Peter Stewart, jeweller 

. . Mrs Thomas Gibson, jeweller 

19 A. Cameron, cloth examiner 

20 James Richardson, fireman 

21 D. C. Anderson (workshop) 

22 Peter Haggart, dresser 

24 Allan A. Tosh, enginedriver 

25 David Strachan, pattern maker 
Annie Harrier, confectioner 

W. & P. Mason, saddlers (stores) 

do. do. 

George Dow, tube blower 
James Pirnie, bottleblower 
Robert Morrison, labourer 
William Taylor, draper's assistant 
Andrew Gray, carter 
William Mitchell, fitter 
Donald Cameron, glass-blower 
Frederick Campbell, labourer 
James Garvie, labourer 
Mrs James Buchan 
Lewis Banks, painter 
George Taylor, stick breaker 
Jessie Thomson, mill worker 
James Hobson, sawmiller 
Andrew Gray, retired 
John Ferguson, wash house attendant 
Maggie Marshall, ironer 
Thomas M'Intosh, porter 
Peter Mason, cabinetmaker 
Alexander Adams, gardener 
Mary Davidson 
Andrew Gray, sawmiller 
William Allan 
James Lamond, labourer 
Mrs D. MacPhee 

Patrick M'Mahon, labourer 
Bella Thomson, mill worker 
John Young, painter 
Robert Bruce, glass-blower 
Jean Smeaton 
Jessie Kelly 

Christopher Laing, sawyer 
Mrs Margaret M'Intyre 
George MacGregor lorryman 
Mrs Watson, charwoman 
James Duke, waggon lifter 
George Young, compositor 
Alexander Robertson, iron founder 
Peter Chalmers, joiner 
Isaac Halkerston, bottle blower 
James Fowlis, warehouseman 
14 St. Paul's U.F. Church 
Alexander J. Bissett, clerk 
Thomas Reid, bookbinder 
James Philips, shoemaker 
Andrew Stewart, carpet weaver 

6 Thomas C. White, brassmoulder 
. James Galloway, tailor 

. James Halley, glass blower 

. William K. Keay, signalman 

. Mrs Alexander M'Farlane 

. Mrs John Calderwood, dyer's finisher 

. William Duncan, dyer 

4 James Allan, sweep 

. Robert Nelson, dyer's finisher 
. Mrs William Anderson 
. John Young, painter 
. William Binnie, joiner 

Margaret Thomson, dyer's finishe 
. . Peter White, clerk 
2 David Johnston, butcher 

North Port. 

5 David Pirie, coachbuilder 

. . William Muirhead, decorator 
. . Mrs Mary, Davidson, laundress 

7 Sam. Wilson, public temperance bar 
9 William Grieve, golf olubmaker 

11 Peter Anderson, post boy 
.. Cushnie 

. . John Smith, fireman 

. . Richard Phillips, porter 

. . William M'Cormack, engine cleaner 

13 Mrs James Cassidy, dealer 

15 John Hepburn, painter 

21 Artisan Golf Club— Secy., P. D. Brown 
.. Fair Maid's House— J. K. Taylor, 

stationer and tobacconist 
. . Miss S.S. Farquhar 

Castlegable here 
18 David Cunningham, publican 

16 Mrs Joseph Imrie 

. . David Martin, soldier 
. . Alexander Scott, postman 
. . T. Young, cab proprietor 

12 Perth Merchant's Golf Club House- 

James Bruce, secretary 
10 William Ross, porter 

8 George M'Lean, labourer 
Mrs Margaret Herd, charwoman 
Mrs Hannah Martin 
John Morrison, lorryman 
Mrs Catherine Taylor 
Mrs Archibald Meiklem 

6 Margaret A. Andrews, dairy 

4 Mrs Isabella Ferguson 

. Margaret A. Andrews, dairykeeper 

. Mrs "Emma Brown 

. Mrs Janet Harris 

. Margaret Turnbull, dressmaker 

2 Mrs Grace Stewart 

Paradise Place — see Victoria Street. 

Paul Street. 
1 John B. Buist, dyer's finisher 
. John Clow, labourer 
. Thomas G. M'Callum, dyer's finisher 
. John Macdonald, glass-blower 
. Alexander Clark, labourer 
. Isabella Murray, sweeper 

3 Mrs Georgina Stewart, dairy 

5 Mrs Georgina Stewart 



William Mathieson, glass finisher 
Alexander (Jomrie, glazer 
David Blair, baker 
William Fyfe, soldier 
Mrs Paul Hazel 
David Crow, glass worker 
9 John Chapman, jun., fireman 

11 John Chapman, labourer 

13 Jessie Smith, factory worker 
Maggie Lewis, ironer 
Charles Thomas, tailor 
Elizabeth Waldie 
Mrs Margaret Dewar 
Christina M'Coll, pensioner 
Bridget Foss, weaver 
Jessie Stewart, weaver 
Robert M'Hardie, scavenger 
Bernard M'Cabe, cleaner 
Bella Caw 
Robert Lewis, labourer 

15 Mrs Annie Lewis, general dealer 
West Mill Street here 

18 Robertson & Robertson, Perth foundry 

16 Mrs James Massie, weaver 
. . Thomas Cross, mason 

. . John Barnett, dyer's finisher 

. . Phemie Brown 

. . Alexander Brechin, fireman 

. . Harry Grant, easemaker 

. . Mrs William Wallace 

. . John Livingstone, mechanic 

14 Mrs James Bell 

12 Jessie Halkerston, outworker 

10 Liza Letham 

. . Jessie Gellatly, finisher 

. . Mrs Duncan M' Martin 

.. John Simpson, vanman 

. . Harry Hodge, carter 

. . Alfred Simpson, clerk 

. . Margaret Stewart 

. . Duncan Duff, labourer 

.. John Martin, labourer 

. . David M'Cormack, vanman 

. . William Milne, carpet weaver 

8 James Christie, cabinetmaker 

6 Mrs John Craig 

4 Mrs David Grieve 

.. James Guthrie, painter 

. . Mrs Thomas Gorrie 

. . Thomas Macfarlane, mechanic 

2 Rebecca Blair 

Pomarium Street. 

3 Peter Shaw, ship carpenter 

5 Jane Bruce, dressmaker 
. . Warden Mailer 

7 David M'Duff, bootle blower 
. . Thomsa M'Laren, lorryman 
. . Robert Deuchars, fireman 

. . John Robertson, labourer 
.. George Wilkie, railwayman 
Mrs Peter Webster 

9 Mrs Andrew Taylor 

. . Arthur Lewis, painter 

11 Jane Kemp, dressmaker 
. . William Watt, porter 

13 Mrs Alexander Hunter 

15 Mrs John M'Kay 

17 Frank Gorrie, scavenger 

.. John MTntyre, fireman 

. . Vacant 

19 Vacant 

21 James M : Arthur, chintz finisher 

23 James Mitchell, engine driver 

. . Thomas Abbot, painter 

25 Robert Davi 'son, shunter 

27 Mrs Robert Hall 

29 Peter Smith, dyer 

. . John Stewart, vanman 

. . Robert Sinclair, fireman 

31 James Gellatly, glazier 

33 Mrs James Swan 

. . Angus Stewart, lorryman 

. . Vacant 

35 George Martin, glass blower 

37 Isabella Alexander 

.. George Thomson, railwayman 

39 James Wilkie, glass blower 

41 John Thomson, railwayman 

43 Archibald Clark, warehouseman 

.. William Thomson, stone cutter 

i5 Mrs John Scobie 

47 Neil M'Rorie, bottle blower 

49 Mary H. Smith 

. . Thomas McDuff, dyer 

51 John M'Aulay, waggon examiner 

53 Mrs David Pennycook 

55 David A. Martin, railway servant 

David M'Pherson, iron moulder 
57 David Stewart, bleacher 
59 Mrs Fred Wright 
61 John Malloch, scavenger 
. . Mrs James Scrimger 
. . Alexander Main, tailor 
. . Vacant 

63 Mrs John Malloch 
65 James B. Cameron, dyer 
. . Alexander Taylor, brakesman 
. . Matthew Thomson, labourer 
67 Mrs Mary Elliot 
69 William Scotland, mechanic 
.. Peter Scotland, cabinetmaker 
71 George Alexander, labourer 
73 Mrs Alexander Smith 
. David Ross, cellarman 
. Mrs Peter Smith 
. John Miller, lorryman 
77 Marjory Fraser, finisher 
. Mrs John M'Manus 
. John B. Stuart, merchant 
. Thomas Guthrie, fireman 
9 Thomas Oliphant, plumber 
. James Smith, lorryman 
. William Ashton, carpet weaver 
81 John Peggie, baker 
S3 William Guthrie, retired 
. . Thomas Murray, butcher 
. . Mrs John Dewar 
. . Robert Bisset, grocer 
. . Donald Currie, fishmonger 
85 Robert Miller, gas worker 
. . Mrs James Miller 


Street directory. 

85 Thomas Mullion, baker 

. . Charles Harris, blacksmith 
. . Mrs D. Galletly, nurse 

87 William Laird, railwayman 

89 Mrs James Falls 

91 James Kane, general dealer 

93 John Oswald, carter 

95 Alexander Cameron, porter 

. . Alexander Ross, fishmonger 

. . John Ross, tailor 

.. Alexander M'Ewan, labourer 

lOOGeorge O'Malley, labourer 

98 John Younger, dyer 

. . Mrs Morrison 

. . William Gray, porter 

. . William Smith 

96 William Logan, soldier 

94 Mrs Thomas Foote 
Cross Street here 

92 John B. Stuart, merchant 

90 Thomas Moyes, brakesman 

88 Mrs George Martin 

86 Donald Gow, shepherd 
Mrs David Main 
Alexander Neilson, coachsmith 
John Ancell, railwayman 
John Dowie, carter 
William Anderson, labourer 

84 Miss Isabella Taylor, finisher 

82 David Brown, ploughman 

80 James M'Laren, lorryman 

. . Ann Gibb, ironer 

. . Neil M'Rorie, bottleblower 

. . William Mitchelson 

. . Mrs William Dewar 

78 John Malcolm 

76 John Smith, fireman 

.. Peter M'Ara, sawyer 

. . Mrs Henry Brand 

74 Mrs James M'Intyre 

72 Mrs Peter Smith 

70 Gilbert H. Miller, baker 

. . Peter Robertson, clerk 

. . Robert Oliphant, dyer's cleaner 

68 John Dewar, glass blower 

. . Mrs John Lumsden 

66 Thomas Cochrane, tenter 

. . Mrs George Robertson 

. . Peter Baxter, labourer 

.. Alfred Duncan, labourer 

. . James Blyth, hawker 

. . Robert Moyes, bottle blower 

. . Robert Hall, railwayman 

.. Mary Ann H alley 

64 Mrs Hutchison 

62 James Peggie, baker 

Mrs James Rylance 

Mrs George Clark 

James Marshall, carter 

Mrs James Hunter 

Mrs John Lyden, mill worker 

Mrs Wylie 

Mrs Joseph Wells 

James Thorn, railwayman 

60 Mrs Thomas Gavin 

58 John Laing, labourer 

56 Vacant 

.. Vacant 

.. William Simpson, labourer 

James Wilkie, packer 

Mrs Jessie Hargreaves 
54 Alexander Mei.zies, labourer 
52 James Murrie, porter 
50 Joseph M'Intyre, mechanic 

William Black, labourer 
48 Dennis M'Gavin, hawker 
46 David Hallyburton, cooper 
44 William M'Millan, platelayer 
42 Mrs James Farquharson 
40 Vacant 

38 Alexander Robertson, painter 
36 James Bell, painter 
32 William M'Andrew, roadman 
. . Alexander M'Donald 
. . John Marshall, labourer 

Mrs Andrew Moir 
. . James A. Cameron, plumber 
. . Thomas Scullin, porter 
. . David Watt, moulder 
26-28 Mrs John Goodfellow, dairy 
• John Peggie, labourer 

18 Mrs Andrew Wylie 

. . Mrs Robert Galloway 

16 Jessie Young 

14 David M'Gregor, carter 

12 William Smeaton, baker 
Mrs Peter M 'Arthur 
Peter Low 

Allan Strathearn, labourer 
James Duffy, labourer 
Mrs James Simpson 
James Christie, lorryman 

10 William Rintoul, labourer 

8 James M'Kay, painter 

6 Daniel M'Lean, glassblower 
. . Miss Brown 
. . Mrs David Meiklem 
.. James Davidson, carter 

4 Betsy Matthew 

2 Donald Cameron, carter 

Princes Street. 

3 Mrs Hugh Sidey 

• . Hugh Liebow, dental surgery 

5-7 Mrs DavidMacfarlane, confectioner 

9 Annie Crichton, wool merchant 
. John Thomson, baker 

. . John Thomson, clerk 

. . John Stewart, dyer's prepairer 

. . John Garvie, clerk 

. . David Guthrie, fireman 

11 Lawson Grant, clothier and tailor 

13 John Robertson, fruiterer, &c. 

15 James Farquhar, dispensing chemist 

17 John Alexander, tailor's cutter 
. . James Farquhar, chemist 

. . Mrs Alan Ewen 

Colin Stewart, steward 

19 Ferguson & Walker, saddlers 
21 William R. Robertson & Co. 

23 Stewart & Edwards, surgeon dentists 



23 Percy Edwards 

25 A. Westwood & Son, bellhangers, etc. 
27-29 George G. Norval, workshop 
31 Mis Andrew Chapman 

Canal Street here 
33 Mrs A. M. Rodger, health visitor 
35 John Haddow, engine driver 
. . William Greig, retired 
. . Robert Armstrong, glass blower 
37 Vacant 

39 George Dunbar, horsedealer 
. . The Cottage, John Patrick, horse hirer 
41 Whytock Brothers, masons, yard 
. . Archibald Richardson fireman 
43 David Smith, fireman 
. . Mrs Mary Stewart 
. . William Hill, railwayman 
.. Agnes Macfarlane, dyer's finisher 
. . Sarah Milne, warehouse assistant 
. . Mrs William M'Kay 
.. Mrs David Macfarlane, confectioner 
. . Jane Macaulay, upholsteress 
. . Charles Robertson, sawmiller 
. . Charles Robinson, painter 
. . John Gow, gas worker 
. . Alex. Duncan, slater & cement worker 
. . M'Murray & Archibald— store 
45-47 Furniture Stores - Thos. Love & Son 
53 Thomas Love & Son— Store 
57 Vacant 

59 James Mackay, bootmaker 
61 Victoria Hotel— Mrs Thomas I Miller 

Victoria Street here 
63 George Rattray, tailor 
65 Martha Rattray, confectioner 
67 Agnes Brough, fruiterer and conf ectnr. 
69 Peter Sinclair, baker 
. . Mrs Thomas Smith, newsagent 
71 Peter R. A. Donaldson, dyer's finisher 

Robert Stewart, clerk 
73 Mrs Thomas Smith, tobacconist and 

75 A L. Kennedy, Moncreiffe Arms 
. . Alexander M'Nab, retired 

South William Street here 
Princes street, station 
79-81 Vacant 

83 Peter M'Lagan, gunmaker 
85 John Lawson, coach fitter 
. . Andrew Kellock, storekeeper 
. . William Dunbar, stableman 
. . George Dutch, boatbuihler 
. ^ James G. Gilmour, haulage contractor 
80, 82, Si, 86, Currie & Co., Ltd. coal and 
lime merchants 

76 John F. Stark, Ltd., wood merchants 
72-74 Charles Law & Son, coal & cement 

70 Gospel Hall 

66 John M'Leish, tailor's cutter 
William Smith compositor 
. Alex. H. S. Holm, bottlemaker 
. . Wilhelmina Wilson, costumier 
Mrs Alexander Henderson 
Richard Hall, butcher 
64 M'Murray & Archibalds, stores 

(2-6) Perthshire Confectionery Co. 
58 St. John's Episcopal Church Hall 
56 Mrs William Smith, confectioner 
50-52 G. R. Douglas & Son, painters 
48 Y.M C.A Boy's Club (F. Forbes, secy.) 
46-40 M'Murray & Archibald, coach- 
builders, &c 
38 William Honey man, caretaker 
36 Charles M'Crackeu, publican 
. . David B. Wallace, foreman 
. . Mrs H. Davidson 
. . John Christie, tailor 
34-32 Charles M'Cracken, publican 
St. John's Episcopal Church 
Greyfriars Street— 

5 William Connell, china store 
15 Mrs David Watson 
17 Mrs Thomas Wilson 
. . Mrs John Mailey 
19 Charles Cameron, cabinetmaker 
. . Mrs William M'Pherson 
26 Mrs Philip Reilly 
24 Peter H. Thomson, grocer and confec. 
22 William Doig, fitter 
. . Peter H. Thomson, grocer's assistant 
. . Mrs John Wallace 
. . Andrew Sinclair, barman 
. . Mrs Thomas M'Pherson 
. . Alexander Fraser, guard 
20 John A. M'Farlan, spirit merchant, 
Empire Bar 
Canal Street here 
18-14 Frew & Co., Ltd., motor engineers 
12 Herbert P. Morle, photographer, Rae- 

burn Studio 
10 Glover Incorporation of Perth 
. . Geo. Wilson, tallow, hide and leather 

6 to 8 Noad Bros., tea importers, sec- 
retaries, &c. 
. . The Bodjong Asch Tea Co., Ltd. 
. . The TjoekoelTea& Cinchona Co., Ltd. 
. . The Bhubrighat Tea Co., Ltd. 
2 Walter Mitchell, bank agent 
Reform Place— see Canal Street 
Rose Lane. 

1 Mrs Catherine Mitchell 

. . James B. Smith, glass tube maker 

2 Thomas Simpson, labourer 

3 Alexander King, chainman 

4 George Taylor, sawmiller 

Rose Terrace. 

1 Educ. Authority of County of Perth 
. . Robert Martin Bates, exec, officer 

. David J. M'Leish, chief med. officer 
. . James W. S. Caithness, librarian 

2 Academy and Robert Fairley, tenter 

3 Academy — Rector, Edward Smart 

B.A., B.SC, F.R.S.E. 

4 Wm. Izatt, clerk, Educ. Authority 

.. Arch. G Macallum, bank accountant 
. . Thomas Auld 

William Dunn, cloth finisher 

5 David Smith, janitor 



9 Neil Gow, tailor and clothier 
.. William Blyth 

10 John Watson, cashier 

11 Mrs Charles Robertson 

. . Alexander Fraser, tailor and clothier 

12 James Bridges, registrar 
12aAlexander Stenhouse, joiner 

13 W. Cochrane Young, solicitor 

14 Mrs. D. A. Leslie 

. . Mrs John Masterson 

15 Thomas Gillan, spirit merchant 
. . Mrs John Lyell 

16 Mary S. MacLeish 
16£T. W. Hunter 

17 Peter Gall, P.O. overseer 

Rosslyn Place— see Glasgow Road. 

Rose Orescent see Glasgow Road. 

St. Andrew Street. 

Cranio & Staig, builders 
Post Office, Sorting Office 
John Stewart & Co., engineers 

St. Ann's Lane. 

2 Thomas Cochrane, baker 

4 James Stewart, fish dealer 

6 Campbell Bros. , grocers (stores) 

8 James M'Kerrow 

. . David Balfour, cooper 
. . Thomas Caw, bellhanger 
. . Robert Taylor, butcher 
. . Samuel Chalmers, joiner 

10 Mrs Colin M'Cowan 

. . John Rattray, blacksmith 

. . Thomas Henderson, painter 

. . William Cassidy, undertaker 

13 John Robertson, sawmiller 

. . Mrs William Todd 

. . Mrs John Taylor 

. . James Stewart, labourer 

11 John Thomson, cooper 

9 William M'Lean, painter 

. . Duncan Miller, wagon repairer 

. . Helen Campbell 

. . Morris Levine, labourer 

. . John Robertson, blacksmith 

. . Peter Macpherson, labourer 

5 W. Bisset, basket maker 

3-1 Perthshire Constitutional Offices 

St. Catherine's Road. 

2 Mrs Alexander Mitchell, "dairykeeper 
4 Peter F. Malcolm, inspec. of postmen 

.. John M'lntosh, engine driver 

.. Robert Inches 

.. Walker A. Grant, postman 

.. Mary Tillery 

. . Henry Clark, butcher 

. . Mrs Thomas Scotland 

.. Alexander Mitchell, dairyman 

6 Alexander Moir, mason 

. . George Reid, chintz glazer 
. . James Dougall, joiner 
. . James Mahoney, labourer 
. . David Cairns, motor driver 

6 Mrs Barbara Malcol m 
. . David M'Kay, fitter 
8 James W. Munro, chintz glazer 
. . Alexander Moncrieff, warder 
. . John Anderson, engine driver 
. . Andrew Dobbie, grocer 
. . Farquhar J. M'Rae, joiner 
. . Alexander Rintoul, machineman 
. . John Curie, fishing tackle maker 
10 Alexander R. Robertson, miller 
. . James Dougall, engine driver 
12 Ed. M. Menzies, chintz glazer 
. . David Brown, waggon lifter 
.. William Warrack, clerk 
. . Davil Macdonald, taxidermist 
. William Ford, glass blower 
. . William Mackay, fireman 
. Mary M'Farlane, dyer's finisher 
. . Colin Marshall, blacksmith 
. . Mrs Alexander Reid 
. . William Low, tenter 

Thomas Morton & Co., engineers 
Jas. Gardiner, potato mer. (wareh'e) 
C.R. Live Stock Booking Office 
James Buchan & Son, slaters (yard) 
William Robertson, forage contractor 
Robert Nicol, carting contractor and 

coal merchant 
Edward M'Kearney, building contrac- 
tor (yard) 
Campbell's Buildings - 

1 John Duff, guard 

2 Vacant 

3 William Officer, dyer's finisher 

4 David Yeaman, lorryman 

5 Peter M'Laren, inkmaker 

6 James K. Thomson, dyer's finisher 

7 Peter M'Cowan, dyer's cleaner 

8 George Alexander, fireman 

9 Mrs Thomas Donaldson 

10 Peter Thomson, painter 

11 Jean Adam 

12 Duncan M'Ewan, guard 

13 James M Duncan, curtain finisher 

14 James Forbes, joiner 

15 Robert Gow, labourer 

16 William M'Laren, porter 

17 Alexander Farquharson, overseer 

18 John Tulloch, engine driver 

19 Walter Ilurlock, basket finisher 

20 Mrs Mary Stewart 

21 Donald Scott, timekeeper 

22 Peter Ocken, retired 
Lindsay's Buildings— 

1 William Kay, carpet weaver 

2 David Young, lorryman 

3 John Strachan, gardener 

4 James Valentine, cab inspector 

5 David Sharp, railwayman 

6 Mrs Thomas Brown 

7 William Amott, giassblower 

8 James Prentice, dyer's finisher 

9 Andrew Wylie, mason 

10 Peter M'Vcan, shunter 

11 James Sutherland, yardsman 

12 David Macfarlane, dresser 



13 David Mill, fireman 

14 Alfred G. M'Intyre, vanman 

15 Andrew M'Dougall, reliefman 

16 George Murfit, engineman 

17 John Keay, blacksmith 
St. Cathekink's Place— 

John Moncrieff, Ltd., glass & ink manfr. 
James Banks & Sons, ropemakers 
Mrs Hannah Scobie, Albert Cottage 
Alex. Lindsay, preserve mannfactr. 
R. Spalding & Sons, skinners and wool 

Alex. Johnstone, cartwright, &c. 
Aldik Place— 

1 Alexander Bell, engineer 

2 James Bell, feather dyer 

3 John Newlands, joiner 

4 David Kynoch, dry cleaner 

5 Robert Ormond, compositor 

6 Peter Young, painter 

7 Mrs David Walker 

8 William Clark, lapper 

9 Hugh dark, dresser 

10 William Small, tailor 

11 John Stewart, saddler 

12 John Stewart, plumber 

13 Sebastian M'Farlane, chintz glazer 

14 William M'Kenzie, gamekeeper 

15 Peter M'William, engine driver 

16 Alexander Welsh, foreman 

17 W. Y. Foulger, P.O. sorter 

18 Alexander Harrower, engineman 
Thimblerow here 

St. Cathekine's Road— 

7 Misses Thomson 
. . Mrs Jane Lamond 
.. Charles M'Intyre, guard 
. . John Macmillan, lorryman 
. . Mrs Thomas Ritchie 

3 Robert Scrimgeour, gardener 

1 Vacant 

St. John's Place. 

3 Fred. A. Lindsay,wine& spirit mereht- 
Kirkgate here 

4 P. & T. MacLeod, glaziers 

.. Misses A. & J. Brown, dressmakers 

6 Peter F. M'Gregor, St. John's Bar 

7 Euphemia Milne, housekeeper 

. . Alexander Hutchison, police officer 
. . Mrs Robert Campbell 
. . William White, tailor 
. . Peter Duthie, shoemaker 
9 Margaret Menzies, spirit merchant 
10 Robert Brough, bellhanger 
. . Mrs John Macdonald 
. . Thomas Christie, painter 
Kirk Close — 

Perth Loan Co.— Wm. W. Fyfe, mangr. 

4 Alexander Stewart, fishdealer 
12-19 Thos. Love & Sons, auctioneers, etc. 
Kirk side— 

City Halls 
St. John's Place (South)— 

8 William Hume & Co. blacksmiths & 


Fleshers' Vennel here 

St. John's Church Session Hall 

6 James Murray & Sons, plumbers 
Perthshire Constitutional Office- 
Thomas Hunter & Sons, Limited, 

printers, etc. 
St. Ann's Lane here 

7 Tbos. Hunter & Sons, Ltd. 
3 Mrs John M'Quhae 

. . Ross & Co., typewriter specialists 
. . Perth Commercial School 
.. William Macdonald, plasterer 
. . Thomas Hay, dyer 

2 Donald Farquharson, watchmaker 
1 Ross & Co., typewriter specialists 

St. John Street. 

3 Clydesdale Bank, Ltd — John Stewart 

& Campbell, agents 
5 John A. Stewart & Campbell, solicitors 
.. P. Nisbet, C.A. 
. . Maxtone Grahame & Sime, C.A. 
7 Neil Paton, jeweller and watchmaker 
9 Thomas Keegan, telephone linesman 
. - Robert M'Inroy, checker 
. . D. & J. Galloway, grain merchants 
. . W. Cochrane Young, solicitor 
11-13 Gow & Murdoch, tailors & clothiers 
15 Joe Anderson, athletic outfitter 
17 John Mailer, fishmonger and fruiterer 
19 John Scott, baker 

Peter Rollo, powerloom tenter 
21 Wm. D. Anderson, toys and fancy 

goods, library 
23 William Brydson & Co., drapers 
St. John's Place here 
St. John's Established Church 
South St. John's Place here 
25 Archibald U. Wotherspoon, hatter 

and hosier 
27 A. Fenwick&Son, confect. and bakers 
29 Matthew S. Anderson, china merchant 
31 Norwells Perth Footwear, Ltd., boot 

33 D. S. Mathieson & Sons, butchers 
35 Rutherford & Kay, wine merchants 

James A. Rollo, agent 
37 Annie Crichton, milliner 
39 to 43 Stewart & Sons, fine art dealers 
45 J. Rutherford, joiner 
74-76 Andrew Laing & Co., grocers and 

wine merchants 
72 Mary Ann Gelletly 
. . Davidson & Gray, solicitors and N.P. 
. . Mary Johnstone 

70 Robert B. Smith & Son, wine merchts. 
68 Perthshire Chamber of Commerce and 
Trade Protection Society — Secy. , R. 
Stewart, solicitor 
. Robert Christie, spirit merchant 
. Cruickshank's Workshop 
. John M. Robertson, architect 
. Mrs Alexander Garvie, stationer 
. Robert Stewart, solicitor 
. Henry Stewart, dyer's cleaner 
66-64 James S. Cruickshank, clothier 


62-56 Jas M'Ewen& Co., dress specialists 

Baxter's Vermel here 
52 William Donaldson, bank messenger 
50 Bank of Scotland 
48 D. Mackenzie, bank agent 
46 Jas. F. Menzies, sewing machine agent 

Oliphant's Fennel here 
.. Vacant 

. . John Finlayson, butcher 
44 William Sinclair, upholsterer 
42 George Kidd, tobacconist & stationer 
38 James Hewat, restaurateur 
36 Andrew M'Intosh, grocer and wine 

31 Charles Doig, joiner 

. . Alexander Walker, shop assistant 
. . Brodie Spittal , engineman 
. . Charles D. Wilson, shop assistant 
. . Robert Peddison, coachman 

32 Yorkshire Insurance Co. 

30 Andrew W. Brown, clothier 

28 Christina W. M'Farlane 

. . Johnston Edwards, dental surgery 

. . Andrew M'Intosh, jun , grocer 

26 George M. Moncur, hairdresser 

24 Wm. Watt, seedsman and nurseryman 

22 r.a.s.o. Highlands District 

. Donald M. Macintosh, clerk 

. Robert Norrie, coachbuilder 

. Mrs R. D. Johnstone 

. Peter Kinnoch, retired 

. John Butter, clerk 
20 D. Leslie, wholesale stationers, 

printers and lithographers 
18 A. & G. Cairncross, watchmakers, 

jewellers and opticians 
16 Charles T. Wood, fruiterer, etc. 
14 Joseph Stobie, surgeon dentist 
.. William H. Ewan, cashier 
12 Peter Fraiichi— tea rooms 
8-10 James M'Nicoll, bootmaker 

6 John Macrae, tobacconist 

4 Isabella Jones, fruiterer and florist 

St. Leonard's Bank. 

1 John Smyth, district superintd. C.R. 

2 Thomas Dempster, solicitor 

3 David E,eaddie, manufacturer 

4 Elizabeth B,eaddie 

5 John Lyall Bowie, J. P., solicitor 

6 Colonel H. R Peck, army officer 

7 Robert B. Langwell, bank agent 

8 Mrs Charles Lambert 

9 Rev. J. U. Macgregor, M.A. 

10 John Gordon, agricultural scientist 
Tay Salmon Fisheries Company, Ltd. 
Thomas Duncan, coal merchant 
Ramage & Cooper, contractors 
Scottish Kailway Servants' Friendly 
Society— secretary, Duncan Stewart 

St. Paul's Square. 

1-2 Andrew Ross, restaurateur 

3 Jessie Campbell 

. . William Murray, motor mechanic 
. . Peter Stewart, joiner 

3 Miss Jessie Beattie 

. . St. Paul's Session House 

4 Mrs John Lorimer 

5 Mrs James Campbell 

6 Miss Jane Mackie 
Andrew Dow, reelmaker 
Helen M'Laren 
Anthony Corcoren, fisher 
Mrs James Lamond, 
Mrs Robert Wilson 

7 Jessie M'Culloch, weaver 

8 Vacant 

9 James Milne, butcher 

10 William Drummond, storekeeper 

11 William Robertson, potato merchant 

Scott Street. 

3 Euphemia Mitchell, ironer 

. . M'Cash & Hunter, solicitors 

. . Mrs William Chalmers 

. . William Wells, engineer 

.. Donald M'Rae, dyer 

. . Joseph Hardings, chauffeur 

. . John Drysdale, printer 
. Mrs Donald M'Quarrie 

. . Thomas Connell, baker 

. . Mrs Omedro, night worker 

5 Gorrie's Embroidery Warehouse 

7 Ferguson's Pharmacy— John J. Forbes 

9 W. L. Hampton, stationer 

. . Dundee Courier Office 

11 Thomas M. Moir, accountant 
Andrew Westland, clerk 
John Davidson, drill instructor 
William Ferguson, pensioner 
John Robertson, velvet finisher 
Alexander M'Intosh, saddler 
Alexander Putchie, waggon lifter 
David Manson, upholsterer 

1 3 North of Scotland and Town & County 

15 William Fettes, cabinetmaker 

17-21 Wilson U.F. Church 

23 Shields Motor Car Co., Ltd. 

25 Soldiers' Home— Black Watch Brigade 
T.F. Office— Geo. Leslie, supert. 

27 La Scala Picture Palace, James Currie, 
resident manager 

29 George Grieve, optician, &e. 

31 Perth Creamery Co., Ltd. 

33 Robert Gellatly, finisher 

. . James Mel lis 

. . James Stewart 
. John Gellatley, motor mechanic 

. . Alexander Meekie, engineer 

. . Thomas B. Carling, fanltsman, G.P.O. 

. . James Webster, tailor 

35 John Robertson, cycle, &c, dealer 

37 Clydesdale Supply Co., Ltd. 

39 Mrs A. M. Chisholm, fruiterer 

41 James Murray, baker 
. Mrs William Nicol 

. Alexander Dick, gardener 

. . John M'Donald, insurance agent 

. . Thomas J. Brown, electrician 

. . James Brown, warehouseman 



* l Mrs John Anderson 

William Macquhae, blacksmith 
John Don, labourer 
Samuel Anderson, brigade fireman 
Mrs Andrew Chalmers 
Mrs James Brown 
43 John Macrae, spirit dealer, Royal Bar 

South Street here 
49 David M'W. Walker, dyer's finisher' 
Mrs Alexander M'JSTee 
Mrs John Milne 
Wesleyan Church 
57 James Baxter, warehouseman 

Mrs Peter M'Leod 
59 Mrs John A. Elder 
. Mrs Robert Pearson 
. DrummondFarquharson, engine ilriv'r 
. Andrew Smith, gas worker 
. William Wylie, fireman 
. Andrew Dougall, engineer 
. William Abbot, glazier 
. Davina Munro 
. William Rattray, cutter 
. John Pritchard, lorryman 
. Elizabeth Rae 
. Thomas Allan, barman 
. Mrs John Cameron, feather dresser 
. Mrs Charles Heggie 
. Mrs James Christie 
. William Peddie, joiner 
. James Bramham, warehouseman 
. Andrew Bell, insurance agent 
. David Scrimger, sculptor 
. Mrs Mary A. M'Lean 
61 Mrs Alexander Lobban 
Andrew M'Kenzie, dyer 
63 James R. Wynd, waggon wright 
. Francis Christie, lorryman 
Canal Street here 
65 David Smith, house painter 
67 William Goodall, baker 
.. Lauchlan M'Gregor, baker 
. . Arch. Allen, waggon repairer 
69 John Smith, railway porter 
71 Elizabeth Morton 
73 David Smith, painter 
75 Mrs Robert Macdonald 
77 J. Robertson &8on, slaters &plasterers 
79 William Stewart, retired 
81 Mrs Avory M'Intyre, nurse 
. . Charles Roy 
83 Mrs David Cuthbert 
85 Co-operative Society Workshop 
Unity Place (S7, 89, 91 Scott street)- 
1 Mrs Helen M'Arthur 
Mrs Alex. Robertson 

3 James Lobban, plumber 

4 Andrew Dryburgh furniture porter 

5 George Watson, joiner 

6 Mrs. John Davidson 

7 Jane Christie 

8 Mrs Charles Hay 

9 Mrs Walter Bisset 

10 Alexander Dingwall, labourer 

11 James M'Gregor, dyer's finisher 

12 David Jackson, vanman 

13 Alexander Jervie, clerk 

14 John Ower, supt. wash-house 

15 James M'Arthur, guard 

16 David M. Cameron, cabinetmaker 

17 Alex. Gowans, plumber 

18 John Lorimer, butcher 

19 William Abernethy, porter 

20 Mrs Annie Dewar, cert, midwife 

21 William M'Nab, meter repairer 

22 Mrs Andrew Bisset 

23 Mrs Robert C. Stewart 

24 Mary Campbell, book keeper 
Victoria Street here 

93 Catherine Ann Paul 
f>5 James Kelly, boltmaker 
97 Sophia Scotland, lodgings 
99 James Ross, porter 
10 L Elizabeth Anderson 
103 William Donald, glassblower 
105 Miss B. Harris 

John Kidd, butcher 
James Palmer, engine driver 
John Ritchie, sawmiller 
Peter Wilson, steelyard attendant 
James Smith, painter 
Andrew Mackie, electrician 
Alex. B. Miller, watchman 
John M'Laren, tailor 
Robert H. Duff, insurance agent 
William Taylor, skin dresser 
107 Chas. Ross, joiner 
109 James Laird, baker 
111 James Dick, coal salesman 
113 Mrs John Smith 
. . Robert N. Paul, baker 
. . James Baxter, engine driver 
115 Esther Marshal], dyer s finisher 
117 James Menzies, dyer's finisher 
119 James M. White, barber 
121 Alex. Bryden, church officer 
123 Mrs Jane Swanston 
125 James M'Nab, tailor 

. . Alexander Duff ton, boots 
129 Mrs Margaret Bannerman 
131 Andrew Hoggan, traveller 
98 Mrs Thomas Pullar 
.. James Normand, joiner 
. . John Ritchie, curator, Museum 
. . Jessie Robertson 
. . Mrs James Taylor 
96 Mrs John Gibson 
94 Mary Barker, dressmaker 
.. WalterS. Broome, insurance official 
.. John Lawson, sergt. R.A.S.C. 
. . Colin Gollens, baker 
. . Mrs James Findlay 
. . George Rattray, tailor 
South William Street here 
Victoria street here 
92 Perth Corprn. Tram. Motor Garage 
Co-operative Society, Ltd. (Ware- 
house and Showrooms) 
Canal Street here 
86 Co-operative Society (fish & poultry) 
84 Co-operative Reading Rooms 
.. Jane Henderson, dressmaker 



Mrs Christie Galloway 
Mrs Peter Haggart 
Mrs Andrew Milne, charwoman 
Mrs John Guthrie 
Andrew Kettles, engineman 
James Cross, painter 
David Hill, hallkeeper 
Robert Halkerston, dyer's finisher 
Christina Macgregor, apartments 
•SO Co-operative Society (Bread, Conf., 

and Purveying Dept.) 
Robert Bruce, foreman plumber 
Mrs Robert Lindsay 
James Mackenzie, caretaker 
Mrs James Fen ton, dressmaker 
David Taylor, glassblower 
Co-operative Society (butchery) 
Co-operative workshops 
•70-68 Co-operative Society's offices — 

John Clark, general manager 
Win. Coull & Sons, fishmongers 
Mrs Peter Keillor 
Robert Coull, fishmonger 
George Grimmond, cloth lapper 
James Graham, publican 
Daniel Munro, plumber & gasfitter 
Alfred C. Harding, restaui ant 
Robert Duncan, warehousemen 
Colin Mackenzie, chauffeur 
Helen Fowler 
Peter A. Lobban, printer 
Neil Gregor, signalman 
Thomas Whittet, baker 
Roger & Barclay, painters and decor 
Charles Love, warehouseman 
Mrs Duncan M'Gregor 
Herbert M'Laren, clothier 
Charles Alcorn, hairdresser 
Thomas Ballantine, engraver 
Alexander M'Gregor, signalman 
South Street here 
George Taylor, tobacconist 
Robert Le Vinson, accountant 
Mrs Alexander Stewart 
Fred Dalston, engineer 
Mrs Alex. Gardiner 
Mrs Alexander Haxton 
Mrs Alexander Scott, newsagent 
Alexander Campbell, tailor 
Mrs Elizabeth O'Neill 
Mrs Annie Rylance 
James Paul, general merchant 
Stores— J Morgan & Co. 
38 Lorenzo Marcantonio 
James Robertson, confectioner 
David Wyllie, joiner 
William Buist, lorryman 
Thomas Ballantine, engraver 
Penelope Edwards, dressmaker 
Alexander Keir, mail driver 
Alec. P»,eid, draper 
Mrs John J. Leheny 

Edward M'Kearney, contractor 
George C. Marshall, piano tuner 
E. Stewart 


James M 'Donald, mason 
. . John Aitken, manager 
. . John Maconochie, postman 
34 John MTntyre, draper and furnisher 
32 Robert Blair, tailor 
30 James King, grocer and confectioner 
28 John Murray, baker 
. . Mrs. Keenan, publican 
. . Lorenzo Marcantonio, restaurateur 

. David Keir, mason 
26-24 P. D. Malloch, fishing tackle manuf. 
22 Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd. 
20 Alexander M'Dougall, dyer's finisher 
. . Finlay Collieson, dyer 
. . James Geekie, retired 
. . Thomas Small, brassfinisher 
. . Mrs Sarah Rutherford 
. . Mrs Christina H. Buchanan, teacher of 

. . Mrs George Gray 
.. William Watson, potato dresser 
. . Thomas Dawson, tallow merchant 
. . William Fleming, ship's officer 
18 Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. 
16 J. S. Donald, m.b. A.i). A., antique dealer 
14 David A. Ross, grain & forage mer. 
12 Jessie & Chrissie Brown, confectioners 
10 Ideal Studios, Ltd., photographers- 
Cora E. Ashbridge, manageress 
. . Joseph J. Adamson, clerk 
. . Mrs Thomas M 'Robbie 
.. W. M Henderson, insurance inspector 
.. James Shaw, dyer 
. . Elizabeth Bridges 
. . John Murdoch, pensioner clerk 

8 W. B. M'Callum, optician, etc. 

6-4-2 General Post Office 


Slaughter House — Donald M'Vicar, supt. 
The Dundee Perth and London S.S. Co., 

Ltd.— D. S. Whytock, agent 
Duncan Campbell, boatbuilder 
M'Quibban's Buildings— 

James Eadie, confectioner 

1 William Mann, fireman 

2 Gustave Laahs, bottleblower 

3 Peter Craigon, contractor 

4 Linus Magnuson, bottleblower 

5 Mrs John Robertson 

6 James Patterson, sergeant A. P.O. 

7 James Eadie, confectioner, &c. 
S John Hogg, restaurant 

9 Alex Duncan, stevedore 

10 George Paishforth, bridge inspector 

11 Eliz. Young 

12 James Newan, butcher 

13 Harry W. Morgan, sand merchant 

14 Frithiof Nordin, bottlemaker 

15 Maggie Chalmers, dressmaker 

16 William Peddie, joiner 

17 Mrs Isabella Graham 

18 John Bauchope, signalman 

19 Thomas W. Lees, lorryman 

20 David Gorrie, fireman 

21 John Adamson, engine driver 



22 William Duff, market gardener 

23 Rudolf Nordin, bottleblower 

24 Majory Ulbricht 
2b Stewart Fisken, glassblower 

26 William Ford, gas worker 

27 David George, fireman 
23 Annie Patterson 

29 John Jenson, bottleblower 

30 Rolph Jenson, bottleblower 

31 Valdemar Opprustt, bottleblower 

32 Charles Gustavson, bottleblower 
John C. Nicoll, labourer 

Peter Anton, gas worker 7 

James Mailer, foreman 
Daniel Sailor, gas worker 
Emma Young 

Tomey & Sons, Ltd., glass manufacturers 
Calder Ltd., timber merchants 

Mrs Robert Coventry j 15 

Tay Bank Cot.— Wm. Paterson, manager ■ 17 
George and John Dutch, boatbuilders,&c. 
Bruce & Sime, carting contractor 
Dog's Home— Thomas C. Bruce 
Alex. Stewart, carter, commissioner's yd. 
Harbour Commissioners' Office -J. Young 
Electric Light Station — John Lambert, 

Burgh Electrical Engineer 19 

James Guild, fitter 21 

Smallpox Hospital — Vacant 
G. Wilson, tallow works (& 10 Princes st.) 25 
Chas. Thain, manger, sawmills (shore cot.) 27 
J. & J. Cunningham, Ltd,, cake, &c stores ' 29 
Jn. Moncrieff Ltd., glass & bottle manfr. ; 31 
Peter Sharp, fibre merchant 35 

James Jones & Sons, Ltd., timber mer. 

Skinner gate. 

5 Mary Murdoch, bootmaker 43 

11 James Stewart, plasterer 45 
. . James Grieve, glazier 
.. James Philips, shoemaker 47 
13 Munro & Scott (store) 49 
15 James M'Laren, lorryman 
. . Mrs James M'Laren, grocer 
1 7 Lizzie Cadzow, dairykeeper 
19 Mrs John Strachan, caretaker 55 
25 William M'Cracken, spirit merchant 57 
27 David Norwell & Son, shoemakers 59 
29 M'Intyre Bros., drapers, &c 
31-33 Vacant 

35 Michael Cavanagh, labourer 

39 P. M'Arthur & Sons- store 

41 P. M'Arthur & Sons, wine merchants 

42 Mrs Andrew Strachan 61 
. . Peter Boyle, porter 63 

40 38 Mitchell & Smith, fruit merchants 65 

36 William Brown, grocer 65 
30-26 Perth Electrical Co. 67 
16-14 Perth Model Lodging House— 

A. M'Martin, superintendent 

12 Munro & Scott, printers 

South Street. 
County Buildings— 
County Clerks' Office— 75 

David Marshall, sol. and joint clerk 

Perth District Board of Control 

Perth District Lunacy Board Office- 
David &T. B. Marshall, joint-clerks 

David Sinclair, caretaker 

Procurators-fiscal's Office — 
Martin L. Howman 
W. A. Boyes, deputy proc. fiscal 

County Constabulary Office — 
Matthew J. Martin, chief constable 
David Simpson, police constable 

William Scott, inspector of weights 

Watergate here 

Robert Christie, spirit merchant 

Jas. Deuchar, jnr., furniture dealer 

Fergus Finlay, engine fireman 

David Armstrong, labourer 

Mrs David Deas, washerwoman 

Daniel Harper, gas stoker 

George Thomson, spirit dealer 

Helen Mitchell 

Miss Rebecca Smith, dressrraker 

Donald Fisher, joiner 

Miss A. M'Feat 


William Rankine, painter 

Mrs Alexander Cruickshanks 

Andrew Henderson, boot repairer 

Margaret Connell, fruiterer 

St. John Street here 

G. & M. Stewart, stationers 

C. G. Kennaway, baker & confect. 

Mrs James Caw 

■33 R. & J. Marshall, undertakers 

Campbell Brothers, grocers 

St. Ann's Lane here 

Mrs Alex. Garvie, tobacc. & newsagt. 

Mrs Alex. Garvie, general dealer 

J. W. Davie, grain & flour merchant 

Mary Ann Lindsay 

John Gold, retired 

Mrs A. D. Lawrie, Stormont Arms Bar 

William Dow, fireman 

Mrs John Cameron 

53 Mrs Annie J. Murphy, jeweller, etc. 

Fleshers' Vennel here 

John Thomson, baker 

Joseph D. S. Kay, Fifeshire bar 

Peter Clow, fireman 

Mrs William Swan 

Mrs William A. Holden 

William Taylor, hawker 

George M'Laren, horse shoer 

Agnes Kemp 


John Welsh, plumber & sanitary eng. 

Thomas Agnew, painter 

Owen Agnew, painter 


Margaret Agnew, teacher 

Thomas Agnew, painter 

Thomas Stewart, retired 

Isabella Malcolm 

Thomas Agnew, painter 

73 Northern Garage Co. 

Citadel Buildings— 




South Street— continued. 
75 Henry Smith, chauffeur 
. . Mrs Christina Robertson 
77 M'Cowan's Select Registry (David 

Conacher, proprietor) 
79 Salvation Army Citadel 
81 Frank D. Valentine, cycle agent 

King Edward Street here 
83 John Beveridge, wine and spirit mer. 
85 Henry Raine, newsagent and tobacc. 
87 Valentine's Motor Depot Stores 
89 John Murray, pastry baker 
91 Vacant 

93 Stephen Foley, sanitary officer 
Mrs James Mason 
William Stibbler, railway porter 
. Thomas Jones, shoemaker 

James M'Inally, glass tubemaker 
James Stewart, butcher 
Patrick Foley, labourer 
95 Wm. Chaplin, grocer and wine mer. 
97 East U.F. Church 
. . Mrs Murdoch Munro 
. . James M'Ewen, woodworker 
. . Thomas Crombie, insurance agent 
. . Thomas Valentine, tailor 
99 Peter Ferguson, butcher 
101 Jessie Irvine, confectioner 
103 Alexander M'Farlane, barman 

Thomas M'Cash, painter 
105-107 James Graham, publican 
109 Mrs John Frenz, pork butcher 
111 P. Owler, electrician 
. Mrs M. Kennedy 
, . Harry Wood, painter 
. John M'Farlane, gas stoker 

Mrs J. Sissons 
. . George Clark, labourer 
113 Robt. M'Lauchlan, chimney sweeper 
115 Philip Welsh, labourer 
. . Daniel Scott, dyer's finisher 
. . William Scully, commission agent 
117 Mrs Michael M'Mahon, dealer 

Meal Vennel here 
121 Italian ice cream shop 
123 Patrick M'Lauchlan, grocer 
125 Helen M'Pherson, millworker 
. . Mary J. Kennedy 
. . John Coslello, labourer 
. . Mary Jennings, housekeeper 
. . Lizzie Cowie, millworker 
127 Margaret Kennedy, tobacconist, etc. 
129-133 Knox's Free Church 
135 Mrs John M'Inroy, confectioner 

Scott Street here 
141 Perth Bar — John Macrae 
143 145 Lindsay & Fenwick, ironmongers 
147 Simon Allan, iron turner 
.. William Jenkins, labourer 

Mrs John Proudfoot 
. Vacant 

. Thomas Haggart, waggon wright 
Therisa Forbes 
149 Lindsay & Fenwick (stores) 
151-155 H. G.M'Kearney, china merchant 

153 Jas. M'Donald & Sons (store) 
157 City Mission Hall 
157-159 Jessie Paterson, tobacconist 
161 D. Delpippo, confectioner 
163 D. Delpippo, confectioner 
163 Charles Honeyman, soldier 

. . Alice Poppleton 

. . Mrs William Gordon 

. . Mrs Murray 

. . Margaret Kennedy 

. . Martin Flynn, labourer 

. . Thomas Davidson, enginedriver 

. . George Kettles 

.. George M'Donald, general merchant 

. . Duncan Cameron, stoker 

. . Sarah Hobbin, factory worker 

. . John Fachie, surfaceman 
165 George M'Donald, general merchant 
167 Francis Fowlis, confectioner 
169 Mrs Katherine M'Dougall 
171 Original Secession Church 
173 Mrs M. Toby, draper and hat blocker 
175 Annie Bourke, photographer 
177 Edward Maconochie, glazier 
179 James Speirs, chimney sweeper 

Loretto Court— 
181 James Currie, electrical engineer 
James Buchan & Son, slaters, plas- 
terers and cement workers 
Jas. Mactlonald & Sons (grain stores) 
The Catholic Young Men's Club 
D. Gorrie & Son (store) 
183 Alex Stewart-CarltouBilliard Saloon 
185 Mrs James Eraser, tobacconist, etc. 
< 187 David Nicoll, shoemaker 
189 Central Bar, W. N. M'Arthur 
222-224 Crown Bar, Mrs E. Moyes 
220 James Currie, electric engineer 
218 British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd. 
216 Jas MorrisonTeviotdale, restaurateur 
214 John Young, drysalter 
212 Janet M'Keith, tailoress 

. . Alexander Muir, tailor 

. . George Barnet, wireworker 

. . John Whyte, tailor 
210 John Young, drysalter 
208 Alexander Yeoman, painter, etc. 
2 )6 Donald Boysack, gas worker 

. . Maggie Malay, outworker 

.. Mrs A. Campbell, charwoman 

. . James Fenton, fireman 
202 G. & C. Ross, hairdresser 
200 David Henderson, dealer 
198 David Wilkie, tailor's workshop 
John Murray, scavenger 

. . James Gordon, dyer 

.. Lindsay Wilson, fireman 
196 Mrs Gardiner, laundress 
194 Edward Welsh, labourer 

. . Mary Cowie, nurse 

Annie Folan, mill worker 

. . Mrs Michael Corbie 

. . Frederick Johnston, casemaker 

. . Georgina Kinnach 
192 Perth Vulcanizing Depot — Motor 
Tyre Repairers 



South Street— continued. 

190 Andrew Bruce, plumber & gasfitter 

188 Alexander Taylor, iron turner 
. . Alexander Sinclair, labourer 
. . Jemima Miller, dressmaker 
.. Robert Robertson, fireman 
.. Miss Amelia Chalmers, dyer's finish. 
.. Robert Ireland, carter 

186 Mrs Bridget Jennings 
.. David Honeyman, mason 
. . Elizabeth Murphy 
.. Mrs Duncan Robertson 
. . David Honeyman, jun., blacksmith 

181 David Nicoll, bootmaker 

182 Robert Mitchell & Son, game dealer 
180 Tho-nas More, bricklayer 

. . James Law, postman 

. . David Guthrie, guard 

. . John Prentice, saddler 

. . Mrs Henry Leonard 
178 Mrs Wm. Henderson, tobacconist, &c 
174 Mrs E. Lilburn 

. . Charles Davie, labourer 

.. Jas. M'Donald & Son's Showrooms 

. . Pentecostal Hall 
176 Mrs James Allan, grocer 
170-2 Perth Cooking Depot— Jas. Murray 
168 Jas. M'Donald & Sons, cabinetmakers 

Scott Street here 
170-160 Donald M'Diarmid, grocer and 

wine merchant 
158 James Young, carter 

. . Joseph Cameron, retired 

. . Mrs William Kennedy 

. . Andrew Given, electrician 
156 C M. Alcorn, hairdresser 
154 Michael Thornton, retired 

.. Thomas Milroy, coal salesman 

. . Alexander Wilson, platelayer 

. . William Hebden, surfaceman 

.. Mrs William Hynd 
152 P^obert Porter, shoemaker 
150 Thos. Holdgate, cycle & motor agent 
148 James M'Neill, bottleworker 

. Thos Holdgate, cycle & motor agent 

. . Mrs Robert Carter 
146-144 Thos. Holdgate, fish restaurant 
142 Michael Knight, labourer 

. . Mrs James Aitken 

. . John Robertson, labourer 

. . John Welsh, carter 

. . Alexander Robbie, bottleblower 

. . Mrs Helen Rielly 
140 William Ames, baker 
136 William Allan, bricklayer 

. . James Blair, labourer 

. . Joseph Griffiths, labourer 

. . Peter Haggerty, painter 

. . Anthony Kane, labourer 

. . Charles Low, labourer 
134 John Sinclair, cycle agent 
130 John Sinclair, cycle and motor agent 
128 John Croall & Son, Ltd., motor eng's 

Homers' Lane here 
120 James Cuthbert & Sons, grocers and 
wine merchants 



Joseph Hall, butcher 
John Stibbles, waggon inspector 
Peter Henichan, corpoi ation worker 
Esther Smart, general dealer 
John Bridges, gasworker 
Michael Holichan, shop assistant 
Robert Porter, cattledrover 
Joseph Morrow, labourer 
James Haggart, vanman 
Charles Adams, vanman 
Lizzie Stewart, dairykeeper 
West Church Mission Hall- 
William M'Gregor, blacksmith 
Alexander Edwards, steelwoiker 
Lous Cavelline, fish restaurant 
Daniel Sinclair, ploughman 
David Moffat, labourer 
William Leaver, labourer 
Mrs Robert Mill, outworker 
Mrs Peter M'Gregor 
Andrew Duff, saw doctor 
Robert Stewart, painter 
Andrew M'Lean, labourer 
Winnie Agen 

Lous Cavelline, fish restaurant 
John Johnstone, boot repairer 
David Henderson, general dealer 
William Menzies 
Thomas Brown, labourer 
Mrs Benjamin Dow, millworker 
Alexander Sword 
Peter Stewart, pedlar 
Alexander Wilson, motor mechanic 
Mrs George Clark, outworker 
Philip Hoolichan 
James Carmichael. labourer 
John Prentice, saddler 
Mrs James Haggart, fruiterer 
William Baxter, grocer 
George Clark, labourer 
John Collie, dyer's finisher 
Edward Coxon, hammerman 
Margaret Sharp, bath attendant 
John Dott, labourer 
Pi-obert Drummond, coach wheeler 
Patrick Flynn, labourer 
John Mackie, retired 
John Love, bottleblower 
William Armstrong, retired 
Robert Nicoll, platelayer 
Alexander M'Donald, glassworker 
James Clark, billposter 
Mrs James Con nan, charwoman 
Mrs Alexander Bruce 
Alexander M'Donald, labourer 
William Cameron, labourer 
Winifred Cairney 
William Murray, labourer 
George M'Ewen, gasfitter 
David Thomson, watchmaker 
James Robertson, glassworker 
John Hassard, tailor 
William Ames, temperance refresh. 
Hannah Campbell, newsagent- 
John Thomson (bakehouse) 
D. S. & J. Anderson— woodyard 



South Street— continued. 

16 Robert Mailer, car conductor 

78 Mrs John M'Donald, stationer 

14 David Armstrong, mason 

76 Robert Yacamini, retired 

. . John Mailer, scavenger 

. . John Miller, fireman 

. . Alexander Petrie, fireman 

. . James M'Kendrick, bottleblower 

. . Robert M'Donald, glass cutter 

. Mrs Sarah Blyth 

12 W. & A. Deuchar, furniture dealers 

. . James Fairley, tenter 

10 James Deuchar, furniture dealer 

74 Robert Miller, watchmaker 

. . Alexander Hay 

72 Ann Simpson, confectioner 

. Charles Laing, baker 

70 Andrew Garvie, compositor 

. . Mrs John Macfarlane 

. . Mrs Duncan Stewart 

. . Alexander Deuchar, dealer 

. . James Holahan, boiler washer 

. . John Bisset, labourer 

. . Annie Simpson, confectioner 

. . David Stewart, cooper 

. . Charles K. Smith, joiner 

8 W. & A. Deuchar, furniture dealers 

. . George Fyfe, bottle packer 


68 Mrs E. J. Caiman, draper 

66 Mrs Duncan Malloch, greengrocer 

1-5 W. & A. Deuchar, dealers 

64 Alexander Dunn, lorryman 

7 James Smeaton, skin cleaner 

. . Daniel Robertson, joiner 

9 David Laurie, barman 

. . David M'Ainsh, engine driver 

. . George Garvie, labourer 

.. George Cameron, railway porter 

. . Isabella Eraser, cook 

.. Vacant 

. . Alexander Smeaton, railwayman 

. . Duncan Malloch, boat hirer 

11 Charles Gardiner, surfaceman 

. . Mrs Andrew Duncan 

. . John M'Inally, gardener 

. . Miss Sarah Thomas, dressmaker 

13 W. & A. Deuchar 

62 John Dow & Co., fishmongers, etc. 

15 Vacant 

Cow Vennel here 

19 Daniel Guthrie, tailor 

58 Arch M'Manin, funeral nndertsfker 

. . Mrs Alexander Kippen 

56-5 1 Ferguson & Batchelor, automobile 

. . Annie Mathieson, 


. . Henry Irvine, jam boiler 

54 John Roy, chauffeur 

. . William Gold, labourer 

52 Charles Pullar, dairyman 

John Elder, motor driver 

50 Richard Hall, butcher 

. . Robert Paterson, horseshoer 

48 Mrs James M 'Arthur 

21 Mrs Alexander M'Laren 

. . Mrs James Campbell 

20 Miss H. M. G. Gardyne (Gowrie lodge) 

. . John Robertson, cabinetmaker 

Stormont Street. 

. . Fleshers' Incorporation Hall 

46 Miss Paulina Liebow, hairdresser 

1 Thomas Cox, violinist 

44-40 Alexander D. Clyne, grocer 

3 Mrs James Stewart 

Princes Street here 

5 Mrs George Jackson 

38 Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd.— 

7 Lawson Dewar, brakesman 

Walter Mitchell, agent 

9 David Kirk fly dresser 

34-36 W. G. Mowat, Salutation Hotel 

. . Robert M'Kernan, railwayman 

32 D. B. Murray, carver and gilder 

. . Lucy Sharpe 

30 Dougall Eason, fireman 

. . William Whittet, shunter 

. . John Mayne, baker 

9£Margaret Campsie, ironer 

. . George M'Intosh, baker 

11 James M'Lagan, miller 

. . James Williamson, carter 

13 James Porterfield, porter 

. Alexander Knox, baker 

.. Robert J. Quade, railwayman 

. . Francis Patterson, bottle blower 

. . Catherine Methven, cook 

.. William Dott, fireman 

15 Angus Cameron, coachman 

26 George Purves. solicitor 

17 Alfred Forbes, joiner 

24 George Ferguson, restaurant 

19 William Carstairs, fitter 

22 Masonic Lodge, No. 74 

. . Mrs William Hill 

20 D. Lee, railwayman 

. . Thomas Masterson, builder 

. . Henry Lumsden, labourer 

. . Thomas Macleod 

. . John Dow, labourer 

. . Mrs Georgina Lunn 

. . William Ferrie, labourer 

. . Annie Robertson, silk finisher 

. . Martin Baker, retired 

. . Mrs Bertram Sampson 

. . Robert Cushnie, railwayman 

21 John Stephen 

. . Alexander M'Rae, shoemaker 

23 Maggie Johnstone, curtain tenter 

. . David Bain, labourer 

25 William Henderson, glazier 

. . Leslie Night ingale, painter 

. . Joseph Dickson 

18 William Armstrong, dyer 

. . William Cables, blacksmith 

.. Mrs David Galletly 

. . William G. Court, vanman 

.. William E. M'Ewan, gasfitter 

27 Michael Duffy, labourer 



Alfred Thomson, shunter 
Mrs John Heggie 
Mrs Fred Herring, sewer 
James Matthew, joiner 
Mrs David Hallyburton 
David Wyllie 
Mrs David Carswell 
George Johnstone, mason 
Janies Peebles, glove cleaner 
Mrs John Roy 
Mrs Henry Hynd 
John Richardson, porter 
James Forbes, painter 
Fred Shepherd, painter 
Mrs George Baumer 
Mrs William Melville 
Mary Ann Taylor, sewer 
Mrs James M'Whannel 
John Adamson 
Mrs David Edwards 
John Duncan, carter 
David Stratton, joiner 
James Johnstone, moulder 
Mrs John Spiers, charwoman 
John Shaw, labourer 
Alexander Stratton, gas maker 
William Mackay, labourer 
Jessie Morton, confectioner 
Robert Mitchell, dyer 
Mrs John Guthrie 
Helen Swan 

Donald MvLauchlan, tailor 
Alexander Robertson, F. cleaner 
George Ross, porter 
John Miller, dyer 
Alexander Grant, guard 
St. Joseph's Convent 
Mrs Charles Stevenson 
Perth Sick Poor Nursing Society- 
Miss E. MacCalman 
James Findlay, ironmoulder 
Thomas Brown, gardener 
Church of Christ Meeting House 

Tay Street. 
Tayview House — 

Dr. Alexander Trotter, M.B., bc.h 
George Hotel 
Georfje Inn Lane here 
Middle U.F. Church 
6 John Knight, church officer 
8 New Club 

10 Robert M'Leish, fireman 

. . Isabella Reekie, charwoman 

. . Mrs James Walker 

.. Alexander M'Lean, fireman 

11 Gas and Electricity Treasurer's Office 

12 Donald Mackintosh, Assessor 
. . William Paterson, firemaster 
. . James A. Nicoll, electrician 

. . Janies Robertson, motor driver 
. . Mrs William D. Gall 

13 City Fire Brigade Station 

14 Registrar's Office— James Bridges 

16 Burgh Surveyor's Office-Thos.M'Laren 
. . Wm. Carstairs, supt. & D.C.C of Police 


Police Office— John Scott, C.C. 

High Street here 

22 General Accident (Fire and Life) 

Assurance Corp., Ltd. 
Thomas G. Wallace, caretaker 
W. A. Barclay, actuary 
Savings Bank of the County and City 

of Perth 
West U.F. Church 

Kippen, Campbell & Burt, solicitors 
Perth Ins. Committee, per W. Burt 
Sydney C. Stephenson, f.f.S., surveyor 
Alex. G. Forrest, solicitor 
Thomas Fenwick, cashier 

C. & C. Murray, carvers and gilders 
Inland Revenue Offices — 

H. G. Castellan Brown 
W. S. C. Stephens, assistant surveyor 
H. L. Forbes, clerk, I.E. 
Maitland Scott, clerk, I.E. 

D. R. Mair, clerk I.R. 
R. Barlass, clerk, I.R. 

Customs and Excise Department — 
Collector— A. J. Heatley 
Surveyors- J. Casey, G.H.Lawrence, 

P. P. Leyden 
Officers— Col. D. Henderson, D.s.o., 
W. Caw, W. H. Tanner, J. Shepherd, 
Alex. Carson, W. Dunsmore, H. M. 
Smith, L. Wedderspoon 
Preventive Man — 

W. A. Barlow, caretaker 

Geo A.Mackenzie, Inspector of N.S.P.C. 

James Macpherson, guard 

Smart & Stewart, architects 

Geo. P. K. Young, architect, f.r.i.b.A. 

Charles Craig, County Assessor 

Robert Gordon, agricultural officer 
for Perthshire 

James M'Donald, do. 

G.A.F.L.A.C. Ltd. 


Alex. Speedie, farmer 

J. Hill Thomas, notary public & solic. 

W. M. Westwood, electrician 

Thomas & M'Leish, solicitors 

William Gray, solicitor 

Water Vennel here 

David Sinclair, caretaker 

South Street here 

County Buildings — 
John Ritchie, Sheriff Clerk of 

Claud P. Boswell, sheriff -substitute 
John Dickson, Depute Sheriff Clerk 
•In. Robertson, Depute Sheriff Clerk 
John 0. Cran, bar and sheriff officer 
Solicitors Library— James Murray 
John T. Graham, M.D., med. officer 
Robert M'Nicoll, County and Chief 

Sanitary Inspector, P.H. Dept. 
David Dempster, sj.e., m.b., Ch.B., 
B.P.H., county tuberculosis officer 

Canal Street here 

Baptist Church Hall 



58 Charles A. Sellar, artist (studio) 
. . Thomas W. Brown, artist (studio) 

62 Working Boys' and Girls' Religious 

Society— John Cameron, janitor 
. . John Cameron, railway porter 
66 Perthshire Society of Natural Science 

—museum & lecture rooms— John 

Ritchie, jun., curator 

63 E, M. Petrie, dressmaker 

69 Isabel W. Lowe, artist 

70 James Deuchars, furniture store 
72 Scottish Girls' Friendly Society 
74 Robt. Baird, caretaker 

.. Black Watch and Gordon Brigade 
T. A. Drill Hall 
5ist Highland Divisional Train, R.A. 
76 Charles Stewart, foreman platelayer 
. . Alexander Matthew, pointsman 
. . David Irvine, signalman 
. . George Thom, signalman 

Water Works— David Stewart, super- 
Alex. M'Kechnie, weighman, South Port 
Marshall Place here 

3 George Stratton, sweep 



John Burns 

Samuel Cummings, drover 
Wm. Welsh, hawker 
David Stewart 

James Macdonald, carter 
Mrs Annie Fisken 
Thomas Melville, labourer 
Mrs John Rintoul 
Austin Reilly 

George Dobbie, case maker 
George Lamond 
Wm. Ross, scavenger 
James Strachan, labourer 
Mrs Catherine Mulligan 
Wm. Fernie, labourer 
Joseph Campbell 

David Watson, retired postman 
Jas. Hall, porter 
William Keith 
John Campbell, labourer 
Thomas M'Guire, labourer 
Mrs Betsy M'Kenzie 
James Welsh, dealer 
George Strathearn, labourer 
Mrs Kate Laing 
John M'Lauchian, labourer 
David Amott, shoemaker 
David Gannon labourer 
John Lawson, porter 
Mrs Malcolm Col burn 
David Strathearn, porter 
Joseph Flynn, ostler 
Isabella Stewart 

18 John Calderwood, glassblower 

16 Vacant 

14 Christina M'Gregor 

12 Mary Russell 

10 George Menzies, labourer 

8 Mrs Ann Lowther 
. . Mrs Jessie Thomson 

6 Annie Lilley 

4 Thomas Thomson, railwayman 
. . Robert Mitchell 

2 Vacant 

Thistle Lane. 

1 Alex. Milne, vanman 

2 Archibald Grant, gardener 

3 Thomas J. Paxton, joiner and contr. 
. . John Small, oiler 

.. Jas. Cunningham, signalman 
. . Jas. Wilson, labourer 
. . Mrs Euphemia Todd, sheet repairer 
. . Mrs Traill, charwoman 
6 Wm. Taylor, dyer 
John Gorrie, P.O. stamper, Thistle cot. 

Tulloch House— 

John Glass, draughtsman 

Arthur Ferguson, work's manager 

James Glass, engineer 
Tulloch Farm— 

Kate Barclay, dye worker 

James Rodger, engineman 

Mrs Robert Crichton 

Mrs John Smith 

May Monteith, housekeeper 

Jessie Condie 

Peter Miller, surfaceman 

James Barclay, French cleaner 
Tulloch Place— 

1 James Henderson, mechanic 

2 James Robertson, motor driver 

3 James Fraser, motorman 

4 Robert Taylor, cleaner 

5 Andrew Allan, motoi driver 

6 John Isdale, warehouseman 

7 Mrs Robert Stoddart 

8 Robert Taylor, cleanar 

9 Thomas Brand, labourer 

10 Alexander Condie, Frencn cleaner 
Tulloch Cottages— 

1 James Brown, vanman 

2 James Taylor, timekeeper 

3 John Crichton, French cleaner 

4 David Keay, electric light attendant 

5 Alexander Martin, French cleaner 

6 William Miller, finisher 

7 William Scrimgeour, storekeeper 

8 Robert Stewart, plumber 
Tulloch Terrace— 

1 Margaret Kinnoch, dyer's finisher 

2 Joseph Garton, cleaner 

3 William Galloway, dyer 

4 Archibald Carsewell, French cleaner 

5 Henry J. Gloag glove dyer 

6 James R. Galloway, dyer 

7 Joseph M'C. Watson, fireman 



8 Alexander Tosh, dyer's finisher 

19 James Finlayson, dyer's cleaner 

9 Thomas Robertson, French cleaner 

. . David Ferrier, painter 

10 James Nixon, curtain finisher 

. . James Forsyth, shopman 

11 W. B: Gellatly, dyer 

. . William Morrison, slater 

12 Donald M'Laren, dyer's cleaner 

21 William Paton, baker & confectioner 

13 Alexander Harris, glove cleaner 

. . Mrs Michael Corbett 

14 Mrs Alison Ferrier~ 

. . James Gannon, dyer's labourer 

15 Rose Condie 

. . Alexander Gow, shunter 

16 David Taylor) glove dyer 

. . Robert B. Carmichael, porter 

17 Henrietta Robertson, curtain finisher 

8-6 Mrs Sarah Wylie 

18 John Galloway, dyer's cleaner 

6 John Cassidy, engineer 

19 George Bryce, dyer 

.. Mrs Catherine Bell 

iO Peter Dewar, French cleaner 

. . Harold Box, Salvation Army agent 

21 John Stewart, caretaker 

. . Mrs James Duff 

22 George Gardiner, French cleaner 

. . Mrs Robert Blellock 

23 John Bisset, glove dyer 

. . Maggie Duncan , weaver 

24 Lawren.-.e M'Laren, cleaner 

. . David Mackay, labourer 

25 David F. Imrie, cleaner 

4 Alfred Ferguson, packer 

26 Henry J. Gloag, French cleaner 

2 John 'Jhomson, labourer 

27 John M'Kinnon, ,, 
2S Robert Taylor, 

Victoria Street. 

29 John Fraser, ,, 

2 Mrs Thomas Ritchie 

30 James Kininmond, ,, 

. . John M'Feat, labourer 

Almond V alley Junction, Peter Mac- 

. . John Bannerman, lorryman 

pherson, signalman 

. . Mrs Daniel Stewart 

Tulloch Institute Recreation Rooms 

. . John Smith, coach painter 

—John Stewart, caretaker, 21 Tul- 

. . David Edwards 

loch terrace 

.. James Robertson, slater 

Union Lane. 

. . Peter Chalmers, boilermaker 
4 Margaret R. Stewart, dairy 

9 Wm. Brown, coachman 

6 Alex. Keay, retired 

13 Thomas Lumsden, iron moulder 

. . Margaret it. Stewart 

.. Robert Peebles, coachman 

. . Thomas H. James, dyer 

. . Robert Lobban 

William A. Herd, Avarehouseman 

. . Thomas Miller 

. . Jas. Young, clerk 

. . David Davidson, painter 

.. Mary M'Pherson, forewoman 

. . Alexander Clark, labourer 

. . Mrs Janet Ford 

. . James Justice 

. . Mrs John Stewart 

. . William Swan, sawmiller 

10 George M'Glynn, dyer's finisher 

. . John Haimes, mechanic 

1 2-14 Robt. C. Benson, coach wheelwright 

.. James S. Dickie, photographer 

16-18 Stores, J. & J. Patrick 

11 Donald, butcher 

20-22 Thomas Love A Sons (stores) 

22 James M Condach, shunter 

24 Mrs James Forbes 

. . Mary Burns, weaver 

2d Mrs John Small 

2) George Sinclair, porter 

. . William R. Lindsay, accountant 

. . Robert Jamieson 

. . Mary Macfarlane 

. . Mrs Kate Gellatly 

. . Misses Ewan 

18 David Fisken, mason 

28 Mrs Donald G. Cameron 

16 John Rintoul 

Nelson Street here 

.. David M'Leish 

32 Mrs L. G. Wotherspoon 

. . Mary Smith, tailoress 

. . Joseph Hall, butcher 

14 Mrs William M'Laren 

. . Thomas Duncan, stationer 

12 James Robertson, plumber (workshop) 

34 Mrs Thomas Angus 

North William Street here 

36 John K Paton, builder 

6 Elizabeth Robertson 

3S-40 David Johnston, builder 

Union Street. 

42 Jane Miller 

44 William M. Campbell, compositor 

1 James Scobie 

46 Masterton & M'Gregor, contractors 

. . John Fraser, joiner 

and joiners 

3 Vacant 

. . Robert Robertson, traffic foreman 

5-11 John Neil, dairyman 

. John Morris, joiner 

13 Angus Ferrier, dealer 

48 Alex. Turpie, commercial traveller 

. . Margaret Dalton, labourer 

52 Alexander & Brown's stores 

. . Mrs Robert Duncan 

54-56 John A. Buchan, wholesale fruit'r. 

17 Michael Ford, labourer 

58 B.B. Picture Palace— Thos. Teal, mgr. 

19 Mrs David Munro, 

Scott Stree here 



62 Thomas M'Callura, platelayer 

64 Annie Wight 

. . James C. Powrie, attendant 
66 Charles JB. M'Farlane, labourer 

65 Alexander Craik, retired 
70 Janet Kennedy 

72 Mrs Jane Whyte 

72 Ebenezer Young, painter 

James Street here 
76 David Hume, ironmonger 

King Street here 
Paradise Place— 
84 Peter Morrison, loom oiler 
. . Win. Kilgour, lorry man 
86 James Murray, retired 
.. George Bryce, cloth lapper 
88 Edward Nicol, organist 
. . John B Stuart, merchant 
. . Jane Fletcher 
88 St. Stephens U.F. Church 
55 Mrs Isabella Laidlaw 
53 Euphemia Rattray 

King Street here 
victoria Place— 
45 Matthew S, Anderson, china mercht. 
43 Mrs Robert Ferens 
41 John Dow, fishmonger 
39 Hugh Shannon, rabbit dealer 
Unity Place— 

1 Mary S. Cray, feather dresser 

2 Margaret Wylie 

3 William Crichton, shop manager 

4 John Galloway, brassfinisher 

5 Alexander Davidson, motorman 

6 Peter M'Glashan, porter 

7 Mrs Isabella Jenkins, waitress 

8 Mrs Mary Wright 

9 Christopher L. Ogg, soldier 

10 Alexander M'Kenzie, cleaner 

11 James Gollens, composite! 1 

12 James Small, grocer 

13 William Beattie, plumber 

14 Andrew Duff, engineman 

15 Thomas Galloway, brass finisher 

16 Mrs Norman Baird 

17 Jeanie Campbell 

18 Joanne G. Glass, clerkess 

19 Alexander Cochrane, mason 

20 James Campbell, guard 

21 Peter M'Lean, butcher 

22 John Nairn, warehouseman 

23 Maria Doig, dyer's assistant 

24 William M'Master, vanman 
Charles Street here 

23-27 Henderson & Shaw, wood merchs. 

11-21 A. Bell & Sons, wine & spirit merchs. 

17 Ivy Bank— Jas. Nairn, despatch clerk 

. . Mrs William Sinclair 

. . Joseph Chalmers, warehouseman 

. . Henry Staines, verger 

9 R. & J. Marshall (A. M'Neil), job and 

postmasters & funeral undertakers 

Victoria Horse Bazaar— J. & J. Patrick 

Victoria Hotel -Mrs Thomas I. Miller 


3 Andrew M'Manus, clerk 
.. Allan, Henderson, dyer 
. . David Haggart 

5-7 Store— R.H ; Robertson (Laing& Co.) 
9 John Dorward, brassfinisher 
. . Mrs George Macdonald 
. . Mrs James Murie 
. . John Forbes, assurance agent 
11 Vacant 

13 Female Night Refuge— W. M'Pherson 
15 Elizabeth Oliver, grocer 
17 Hugh Taylor, dyer's cleaner 
. . Alexander Robertson, millworker 
. . Wilfred Patterson 
. . Alexander M'Lean, glass worker 
. . David Litster, waggon wright 
. . James M'Phee, gardener 
21 Vacant 

23 John Young, labourer 
. . Wright Incorporation Hall 
25 William Watt, seed merchant (store) 
27 Peter Robertson, sawyer 
. . Charles Winton, fireman 
. . James Blyth, stationer 
. . Mrs Jane Cusiter 
29 to 33 Vacant 

35 John Brunton, warehouseman 
. . Alexander M'Guire, glass worker 
. . Francis Duff, fireman 
. . Robert Hamilton 
. . Mrs Robert Sinclair 
. . David Philips, builder 
. . Walter Lister, chauffeur 
37 Vacant 

39 James Hewat & Sons, restaurateurs 
41- )3 James Deuchars, furniture stores 
Oliphant's Vennel— 
6 Margaret Finlayson, lodgings 
45 Vacant 

47 Thomas Jefferson, fireman 
. . John Burns, carter 
.. Miss Janet Ross 
. . Mrs David White, charwoman 

Baxter's Vennel here 
69-71 Patrick Devaney, broker 
71 John M'Cormack, gas worker 
. . James M'Nab, coalman 
73 David M'Farlane, labourer 

Peter Taylor, reliefman 
7.:-77 R. B. Smith & Son (store) 
79 Alexander Christie, dyer's finisher 
. . William Connel, hawker 
81, 83 Andrew Laing & Co. (store) 
85 Robert Christie, spirit merchant 
87 David Stewart, fireman 
. . Robert Taylor, porter 
Water Vennel— 
1 Andrew Gray, railwayman 
.. David Purves, painter 
. . Daniel Murray, baker 
. . John Duff, mason 
3 James Deuchar, antique dealer 
. . John M'Farlane, head postman 
84 Francis Cassidy, labourer 



82-76 R. B. Smith & Sons' Stores 

74 Walter M'Naughton, engineman 

72 William Lennie 

. . John Robertson, engine driver 

. . George Stewart, lorryman 

. . Hugh Dempster, railway porter 

. . Mrs Alexander Robertson 

.. James M'Gregor, porter 

.. Peter M'Kaj% sawmiller 

.. Mrs Kin loch Grant 

. . Archibald Thomson, labourer 

. . Juhn M'Cullie, glass worker 

.. Robert Ross, bottle blower 

.. Alexander M'Laren, fireman 

.. Mrs William Henderson 

.. Duncan M'Dongall, motor engineer 

. . Peter Hodge 

. David Urquhart, attendant 

.. John Kelman, brewery worker 

. . William M'Xab, boot repairer 

70 Mrs Andrew Nairn, dairy keeper 

68 William Tulloch, tailor 

.. Miss Jemima Robertson 

. . Jobn Stewart, plumber 

66 J. Yonng & Sons, printers, &c. 

. . J. Young & Sons, Billposters, Ltd. 

60 62 The Munro Press. Ltd. 

64 M. S. Anderson, china merchant— store 

58-56 Daniel M'Lanchlan, slater & sweep 

. . Robert Arnott, boat hirer 

. . Mrs James Burgoyne, housekeeper 

.. Archibald Lindsay, bricklayer 

. . Mrs W. Masson 

54 Wood's Electric Bakery 

34 James Herd, church officer 

. . Helen Young 

.. Bernard M'Cabe, messenger 

. . West IT.F. Church Hall 

32 Yacant 

30 Fraser & Ortchison, plumbers and 

28 Mrs" Mary Davidson 
. . Lindsay Greig, draper 
26-24 Greig Brothers, drapers 
20-1S Mrs Robert M. Greig, draper 
18 James Turnbull, painter 
. . James Kean, gardener 
. . Christina Kinnoch 
. . Peter Robertson 
. . George Burnett boxmaker 
.. Alexander Robertson 
. . James D. B,oss, porter 
16 Mrs Robert M. Greig, draper 
14 Robert M'Ara, dyer's finisher 
.. Jane M 'Donald 
. . Mrs Janet Anderson 
. . Neil Campbell, vanman 
. . David Simpson, glass blower 
. . John Roy, glazier 
.. John Rannie, printer 
. . William Maulbaine, bootmaker 
12 Yacant 
10 do. 

8 Mrs Keenan, wine & spirit merch. 
. . George P. Sage, timekeeper 
6 John Wood, bootmaker, workshop 


Wellshill Terrace— 

Mrs James Waldie 

William Thomson, teacher of blind 

Mary Ann Kinmont 

Helen Runciman 

James S. Campbell (Wellshill cottage) 
supt. of parks and cemeteries 

David N. M'Cash, grain merchant 

William Henderson, hosier 

Georae Alexander, confectioner 

John Clark, col. of rates, Hawthornlea 
Rosario Terrace— 

1 Alex. R. Niven, grocer's assistant 

2 John Young, harbourmaster 

3 Alexander Forbes, clerk 

4 William Erskine 

5 John Cook 

6 Mrs D. Small 

7 Simon Winchester, engine driver 

8 George Milne, clerk 

9 Elizabeth Grace 

10 James Ritchie, salesman 

11 Geo. M. Lumsden, clerk 

12 George M'Leish, chauffeur 
Burghmuir Road here 

Whitefriars Street. 

I William Wallace, brakesman 
3 George Melville, labourer 

5 Mrs Robert Carcary 

7 James Soutar, carriage cleaner 

9 Mrs John Fenwick 

. . Catherine Campbell, laundry worker 

. . John Gunn, cooper 

11 James Fife, cycle repairer 

17 James Tosh, joiner 

19 Christina Dewar 

. . Isabella Young 
Peter's Buildings 

21 John Sharp, mason 
Lewis Grant, guard 
Alexander L. M'lvor, carter 
Adam Mason, bottle blower 
Robert Murray, dyer's finisher 
Andrew Monteith, fireman 

23 Charles Coventry, brakesman 
David M'Donald, lorryman 
John Lamond, joiner 
John Lamond, jun., labourer 
James Spence, dyer's finisher 
William Lorimer, vanman 

25 Co-Operatiye Buildings— 

1 Henry M'Comisky, butcher 

2 Robert Duff, dyer's finisher 

3 Thomas Wilson, brakesman 

4 George Gregor, porter 

5 Thomas Cook, goods clerk 

6 John Cruickshanks, shunter 

7 John S Wilson, brakesman 

8 James Brown, painter 

9 John Mailer, cabinetmaker 

10 Mrs John Stewart 

II Robert Smith, vanman 
12 Martin Knight, dyer 


13 James Morton, dyer 

William Street (North). 

14 Wm. Ballantine, carriage inspector 

5 James Miller, White Horse Hotel 

15 John M'Vean, shunter 

7 Miss Annie Hunt 

16 Bert Viney 

. Mrs Mary Dingwall 
LS Peter Stewart, wood contractor 

27 Watters' Buildings— 

John Speedie mason 

. Catherine Watson 

David Yeaman, seaman 

Robert Elliot 

Alexander R. M'Ewan, dyer 

. Jane M 'Leod, confectioner 

Archibald Stewart, clerk 

L6 St. Andrews Church Hall 

James Voung, policeman 
James C. Morton, dyer 

4 James Normand, joiner & contractor 
L2 Mrs Elizabeth A Brown 

Benjamin Wilson, hairdresser 

LO diaries F. Malcolm, waggon wright 

Alex. Kinmonth, timekeeper 

Union Lane here 

29 Ann Tolmie 

6 Geo. B. Millar, aerated water manuf. 

. . James Duff, foreman 

2 James Jeffrey 
. Robert Reid 

37 John Macdonald, engine driver 

39 James Miller, machinist 

. . Mrs Janet Fyfe 

William Street (South). 

. . David Gibson, newsagent 

1-3 A. L. Kennedy, wine & spirit mer. 

.. George Gibson, railwayman 

5 John W. Kerr, enginedriver 

41 David M'Queen, porter 

. James W. Napier, blacksmith 

52 William Johnston, fireman 

. David Nicol, patternmaker 

50 James M'Ewan. plumber 

9 Alexander Moncrieff, bottle blower 

. . Mrs Robert M'Leish ] 

I David Taylor, clerk 

. . Mrs Alexander Stewart 

. James Fenwick, printer 

. . Kenneth Campbell, motorman 

. James Mitchell, postman 

.. William Hutchison, cleaner 

. Peter C. Ramsay, glass worker 

48 Thomas Buchan, labourer 

. Mary Craigie 

46 James Maconochie, joiner 

. Charles Jackson, waggon wright 

41 John Black, sculptor 

. David Simpson, guard 

40 Macdonald & Eraser's Marts 

. Peter Gray, basket maker 

38 John Munro, engine driver 

. William Damie, waggon lifter 

36 Robert Gellatly, retired 

. John Downie, bolt machinist 

. . Mrs Wm. Young 

. Samuel Rushforth, striker 

. . Mrs Christina Sinclair 

. Alexander. Duncan, motorman 

. . Thomas Pearson, dyer 

. David Brown, postman 

. . David Gibbons, vanman 

. Mrs William Ogilvie 

. . Mrs Margaret Wood ] 

13 John R. B.oss, gauge glassblower 

34 Richard Bloodworth, lorryman 

Southern District School 

32 Christina Balfour 

Headmaster— W. P. Nairne 

.. William Robertson, cloth inspector ►, 

Nelson Street here 

. . Fanny Abbott, dressmaker 

lb George Lindsay, retired 

. . John T. Ryder, joiner 

. Robina Nisbet Eraser 

30 Charles Menzies. brakesman ' 

11 Masterton & M'Gregor, joiners, etc. 

. . Mrs John Gibson, shop assistant 5 

>9 B.B. Picture Palace 

. . Andrew Balfour, retired 

. John A. Buchan. fruit salesman 

23 Nicholas Macnamara, engine driver 

Scott Street here 

. . Charles Stewart, painter 

30-58 John Sharp & Son, plasterers 

. . Charles Robbie, signalman 

)6 James Gray, railway inspector 

. . John W Currie, blacksmith 

. John Simpson, engine driver 

26 William W. Sword, joiner 

54 Donald Moffat, yardsman 

. . William Simpson, labourer 

. Mrs George Grandison 

. . Mrs John Maxwell 

James C. Dick, coal merchant 

22 Mrs William Malcolm 

3 i James Davidson, retired 

20 Margaret Macdonald 

34 Peter F. M'Laren, warehouseman 

18 Robert Patterson, soldier 

. Mungo Buchan, retired 

16 George Geddes, engine driver 

. Robert Ross, causeway layer 

14 Mrs Margaret Straitton 

32 Andrew Purvis, brakesman 

. . Peter Monteith, blacksmith 

30 Misses E. L., M. A. & B. Cameron 

12 Alexander Elder, groom 

Nelson Street here 

8 Elizabeth M'Dougall, draper 

32 William Eraser, supt P.W. dept. 

. . .Mrs James Adam 

L4 Henry G M'Kearney, stables, &c. 

4 and 6 Vacant 

12 Wm Taylor, hawker 

2 John Anderson, clerk 

10 Alex. Stewart, fish dealer 

.. George Brown, tailor 

8 do. do. 

. . Mrs Thomas M'Intosh 

. . John A. Buchan, fruit mer. (stables) 


2-6 John Gome, potato merchant 
York Place. 

1 W. D. Brunton, chemist 

3 Perth Dye Works Receiving Office 
York Corner— 

Lochgeliy Coal & Iron Co , Ltd.— D. N. 
Milln, agent 

Johan Lambert, dressmaker 

Mrs John Macgregor 

Mrs Jane Ann Ferguson 

James Don, bookbinder 

Yeungman, boot shop manager 

Arthur Elliott, chef 

Andrew Anderson, agent 

Randolph Sutton, clerk 

William H. Matthew, baker 

Jane Taylor, confectioner 

James M'Dougall, grocer 

James Kellie, vanman 
7 William Yuill, hatter and hosier 
9 J. A. & D. Cameron, upholsterers, etc. 
11 J. & J. M'Farlane, auto, engineers 
13 Co-op. Society (grocery and bakery) 
loKieortre Soutar 
.."Mrs John Mitchell 
. . Mary Stuart 
. . James M Lister, cashier 
. . John W. Penny, clerk of works 
. . Alexander Forbes, baker 
15 Mrs D. Martin, brewer 
17 John M'Inroy. confectioner 
19 Mrs James Miller 
21 Mrs James R Leslie 
23 Rev. William Paterson, B.C. 

York Place U.F. Church 
25 James Kelly, photographer 

27 Mrs James Fraser, tobacconist 

. . Mrs Robertson, sub-postmistress 

31 Waverley Hotel— A. MMntyre, mangr. 
Caledonian I{oad here 

33 British Linen Bank (branch) — 

James Shankland 
35 James Shankland, bank agent 
37 Alice J. Reid, hotel keeper 
39 Andrew Fyvie, tailor 
41 James Beveridge, sculptor 
43 W. J. Duncan, retired 
45 Jessie Wilkie, Boarding House 
47 James R. Lawson, surgeon dentist' 
49 John Crook, rep. for Bibby & Son, Ld. 
51 James Young, piano tuner 
53 Hector White, Army clerk 
55 John Brown, veterinary surgeon 

32 William Rattray timber merchant 
30 Mrs James Stewart 

28 Oswald Jeune, excise officer 
26 George Christie, sculptor 

24 Mrs Margaret Stewart, caretaker 
22 Collector of Poor Rates — 

John Clark, collector 
22 Parish Council Chambers — 

Robert Stewart, inspector and clerk 
20 James Gardiner, grain & potato mer. 
18 J. G. Reynard, M.R.C.V.S. 
16 Perth Creamery Co. , Ltd — Alexander 

Dempster, managing director 
14al)uncan Stewart, Friendly Soc. Secy. 
14 Robert Davidson, supt. , Refuge Assur- 
ance Co., Ltd. 
10 The Perth Garage — R. MacKinnon 
Caledonian Road here 
8 Alexander Fotheringhrm, fireman 
4 David Beveridge & Son, sculptors 


Back Wynd. 

5 Mrs Betsy Morrison 
. . John Cook, carter 
. . James M'Millan, sawmiller 
. Robt . H. Mackay, boot and clog maker 

7-11 J. A. & D. Cameron (workshops) 
16 Emily Ann Walker 
14 John M'Donald, retired 
12 John Campbell, carter 
. . David Martin, fish restaurant 
10-4 Vacant 

2 Mrs Margaret Macgregor 


Garry Lodge-Kenneth Annandale, whole- 
sale stationer, printer, &c. 

Garry Cottage— Geo. Cameron, engineer 
Edward M'Rae, gardener 

Ferndale Hillside Home nurses quarters 

Hillside Homes- 
Miss Bulman, matron 

Willowbank— Edward G. Moon, C.E. 

Willowbank Lodge— Jas. Lindsay, gard'r 

Steading — Matilda Hutchison 

Alexander Ramsay, signalman 

Mrs Mary Milne 

Mrs Margaret Galloway 
Barnhill House— CharlesMarshall, retired 

Richard Thomson, dyer's cleaner- 

Mrs John Lawson 

Mrs Catherine Martin 

George E. Hay, clerk 
Barnhi 11 Cottage— Mrs Helen Hutchison 

market gardener 
Easter Cottage— Alex. Hendry, job. gard. 
Toll House— John Sinclair, platelayer 
Hillend— James Nieoll, market gardener 
Craigbank — Geo. Beckett, mkt. gardener 
St. Leonards Manse— 

Rev. John S. M'JS'aughton 
Cragville — William Ellison, retired 
Viewbank — James B. Reid 
Elvera— Jean J. Buhrer, teacher of laugs. 
Craighall— John Petrie, accountant 
Redcliffe— Thomas M'Laren, burgh sur- 



Brafassi— Mrs John A. Stewart 
Garth— Samuel T. Ellison, umbrella mk. 
Cintra — John Clark, manager Co-op. Soc. 
Rossall- Charles Falconer, cashier 
Creswick— J. Grant, retired civil servant 
ElmbankCot. — Mrs Jeannie Pearson 
Elmbank House— Alex. Hay, com. agent 
Elmbank — Mrs Peter Welsh 
Northbank — Geo. Maitland, mrkt. gard. 
Kerr's House— James Morris, retired 
Kerr's Land— Harry F. Haxton, postman 
Peter S. Brough, commercial traveller 
John R. M 'Kill op, mason 
James Cameron, joiner 
Annie Robertson 
Carrick House— Alex. Y. Charnley, clerk 
James Stewart 
Annie B. Nicoll, teacher 
Elizabeth Smith, Barnhill Post Office 
Wellwood Cottage- 
Alexander G. Adam, baker 
Peter Cameron, school board officer 
Fairmount Road— 

Craigdhu — William Gray, solicitor 
Sunbank— Mrs R. G. Gordon 
Gowrie Cottage— Jas. Robertson, joiner 
Gowrie Bank — Thos. Stirton, retired 
Silverwells — Miss Jessie Dow 
Woodend Cot.— David Brown, excismn. 
Barnhill Cot. — Lawson Grant, tailor 
Fairmount — S. A. Innes, Major, Black 

Craigmount — 
David Marshall , sol icitor, county clerk 
William Brydson, draper 
Sanatorium — 
Lodge— David Batchelor, caretaker 
Fairmount Terrace— 
Willanslee — John M. Allen, actuary 
Fairmount Villas- 

1 Helen & Elizabeth G. Fleming 

2 James A. Gardner, retired 

3 Wm. B. Sievwright, accountant 

4 William M. Deas, manufacturer 
Rockville — Dr C. Parker Stewart 
Ledlanet — Mrs. William Bell 
Balnacraig— John Watson, Lt-Colonel 

John Macpherson, gardener 
Orchard Bank Jas. Aitken, mkt. gard. 

Robert Douglas, dyer's finisher 
Cozieden — William Gair, market garden. 
Tayview — John Hay, market gardener 
Tayview Cot. — Vacant 
Smithfield— John Anderson, contractor 
Veitchfield and Woodlands — John A. 
Buchan, fruit salesman 
William Smart, gardener 
Greenknowe— David Taylor, market gar. 
Westview — David Dawson, farmer 
King James VI. Golf Club House, Mon- 
creiffe Island— George Neilson,club 
and green keeper 
Moncreiffe Island Farm House- 
Helen Donaldson, cook 
John Stobie, gardener 

Bowerswell Road. 
Glensaugh— Wm. T. Morrison, builder 
Bankhead— David MacKenzie, W.S. 
Bowerswell Cottage — 

James A. Smart, mason 
Rosebank— Major-General Sir William 

Rycroft, K.c B., K.c M.G. 
Rosebank Gardens— A. Macdonald, gard'r 
Annat Lodge Cot. — James Steele, joiner 
Bowerswell — George Gray 

William Ewan, gardener 
Dupplin Bank — Alex. L. Mackay, clothier 

Kinnoull Hill Road 
Hatton Farm — Robert Panton, grieve 
Bronville — Alex. H. Mackie, farmer 
Hatton Cottage— Wm. Pennycock, gard'r 

William Malloy, ploughman 
Hatton Nurseries— Wm. Brown & Co. 
St. Mary's Monastery — Very Be v. John 

St. Mary's Cottage— John Fitzgerald, 

waggon lifter 
The Lodge -Ben. Anderson, forester 

Bridge Street. 

1 J. I. Laing, fish, poultry fruit dlr, &c. 

2 A. M. K. Fox, milliner 

3 Annie S. Harris, sub postmistress 
. . Branch Post Office 

4 Christina H. Hampton, stationer 

Bridge Street (East), 

1 Mrs Wm. Wood, greengrocer 

5 James C. Warner, clerk 

. . James T. Stewart, brushmaker 
. . Malcolm Mathieson, barman 
.. David Smith, painter 
.. David D B. Mitchell, baker 
. . Mrs William Christie 
11 Mrs John Matthews 
. . Catherine J. A. Mackenzie, dressmaker 
. Helen and Martha Morgan 

13 Bobert Hodge, porter 

. . David Hutcheson, cleaner 

. . David Poison, plumber 

. . Mrs Thomas Imrie 

. . Charles Cowan, labourer 

15 Mrs William F. Welch 

17 John Angus, porter 

. . David Blair, gardener 

.. Fleming Macdougall, fireman 

. . Alexander Riley, scavenger 

19 John Christie, bootmaker 

14 James Stewart, grocer 
Gladstone Terrace here 

10 James Watters, clerk 
8 Alex. King, painter and decorator 
. . James Wood, carter 
. . Charles Anderson, labourer 
6 William R. Grimmond, fireman 

Brompton Terrace. 

Beech Villa— 

1 Mrs James Turpie 

2 James Cameron, house furnisher 



Grianan— Jas. Stewart, surgeon dentist 
Sunnybower — John Stewart, bank agent 
Viewbank- Robert Hay Robertson 
Maxwelton — John MacLagan, ins. agent 
Rockbank— John Ritchie, sheriff clerk 
Duntanlich — Lt.-Col. A. B. Robertson, 

C.M.G., D.s 0. 
Glendoick— Mrs Thos. Forrest 
Greenhill- -William A G. Aslett 
Glencairn— Jas. Templeton, hosier 

Mary A. K. Dandie 
Hasland — Rev. James W. Rose 
Ashton— Mrs Alexander Pettigrew 
Ormiston — Andrew Butters, wine merch. 
Craig Ard— Henry Jameson 
Springfield— P. Nisbet, C.A. 
Strone— Hugh Leslie, teacher 
Eastwood— Peter Fleming, tea merchant 
Springbrae— William Miller 
Hillcrest— Mary A. Carmichael 
The Beild — Jas. M'Currach, accountant 

Mrs Robert Mathers 

Burnbank Terrace. 

1 John Dow grocery manager 

2 James R. Fenwick, ironmonger 

3 Alexander Robertson, coachman 

4 Mrs Alex. M'Kendrick 

5 David Coutts, M.A., teacher 

6 James Boyle, dyer's foreman 

Comely Bank. 

John Brown, baker 
Andrew W. Brown, clothier & outfitter 

Comely Bank Cottage- 
Charles Craig, county assessor 
John Miller, contractor 

Comely Bank Nurseries- 
John Wilson 

Comely Bank Terrace— 

1 Charles H. Elliot 

2 Mrs William Ross 

3 John Cameron farmer 

4 W. Mowat Wilson, hide & leathermer. 

5 James Morison, accountant 

6 Robert Dunsmore, retired 

7 Mrs Charles Burnett 

8 George Brady, auctioneer 

9 Sydney Herbert Whittet, seedsman 
10 Robert Welsh, retired 
Bellavista Terrace— 

8 Mrs James Smith 

7 John Campbell, retired 

6 James Fenton, stationer 

5* Daniel Taylor, hatter • 

4 Alexander Anderson, tobacconist 

3 Thomas MTntosh, dyer (Inglewood) 

2 Mrs John Allan 

1 Thomas C. Molison, cashier 

Commercial Street. 

1-3 Peter Crichton, Cross Keys Inn 
5-7 Mrs Peter Wood 
9 Mrs Christina Cuneron 
.. Mrs James Harris 

George Taylor, chauffeur 

Mrs Isa. Anderson, cert, ladies' nurse 

Thomas G. H. (J. Martin, baker 

Catherine M'Kenzie, dressmaker 

Miss S. Clayton, dressmaker 

Mary M'Feat 

Mrs Mary Batemaii 

Miss Isabella Wylie 

William Wylie, wood turner 

James Cameron, butcher 

Annie Bryson, confectioner 

Henry Pujss, labourer 

Mrs Barbara Bruce, confectioner 

Alex. M'Farlane, scavenger 

Alexander Duff, caiter 

Sture— J. A. & D. Cameron 

John Brown, plasterer 

John Gerard, gardener 

Mrs Alexander Adamson 

Alfred S. Anderson, engineer 

John Hebner, motor driver 

Robert Kel tie, dyer 

David Cameron, retired cabinetmaker 

James Cochrane, vanman 

Alexander Lewthwaite, dyer 

David Lundie, boot repairer 

William Pitkeathly, dyer 

James Howe, postman 

George R. MTntyre, dyer 

Jessie Lewthwaite, chintz preparer 

'I nomas B. L. Barclay, porter 

Annie M'Gregor 

John Elder, blacksmith 

Henry Duff, dyer's finisher 

John Ruthven, saddler 

James Morrison, pensioner 

James Stevenson, electrician 

William Reid, labourer 

George Pearson, compositor 

William B. Dick, provision salesman 

Charles M. Low, milk salesman 

Duncan Robertson, baker 

David Whyte, joiner 

Alexander Dougall, clerk 

William Aitcheson, butcher 

James Conn, cabinetmaker 

Alexander Hart, storekeeper 

Mrs William M'Ewan 

Mis Colin M'Callum 

William M Balfour, machineman 

John S. Martin, clerk 

David Mitchell, gardener 

James Evans, dyer 

Mrs Annie MacNeill 

Alexander Gerard, mason 

David Mitchell, gardener 

Mrs Barbara Murray 

Mrs David Whyte, hallkeeper 

John Cruickshanks, surfaceman 

Mrs Allan Hendry 

George Thomson, labourer 

John Evans, warehouseman 

David Donaldson, barman 

Helen Morgan 

Sam Thomas, soldier 

William M'Millan, labourer 



45 David Giles, compositor 

47 Emma Alexander 

. . James Dow, labourer 

. . Thomas Livingston, mason 

49 David Anton, gardener 
Peter Robertson, fireman 

Miss Sarah Fenwick, Floral cottage 
Mrs Wm. Henderson, Floral Cottage 

50 Vacant 

48 William Paton, gardener 

.. Margaret Robertson, dressmaker 

46 James Peck, dyer's finisher 
. . Alex. Pennycook, gardener 
. . James Dawson, policeman 
.. Mrs Daniel M 'Donald 

. . Mrs. Jane Hobson 

. . Mrs John MacKenzie 

. . Robert C. Lawson, plasterer 

. . William Dow, dyer's finisher 

44 Christian Taylor 

42 Vacant 

40 Murdoch M'Donald, builder 

38 Kinnoull Bakery— A. Fenwick & Son 

Union Street Lane here 
30 Mrs Helen Taylor 
28 George A. Ford, porter 
. . William Leitch, labourer 
26 Garage— A. Fenwick & Son 
24 J. & D. Cameron's Stores 
18 Martin Bruce, gardener 
16 Mary Ford, tailoress 
14 William Cunningham, tailor 
.. Alexander Dingwall, sculptor 
. . David Lindsay, dyer's finisher 
12 Arthur Wright, clerk 
10 Isa Chisholm, folder 
. . Charles B. Morris, janitor 
.. Ann Duncan, charwoman 
8 William J. N. Wales, porter 
6 Mrs John Pennycook 
2-4 Vacant 

Mount Tabor — 

W. C. Noad, tea planter and importer 

Alex. S. Smith, grain merchant 

James E. Fenwick, baker 

Alexander Paton, electrical engineer 
Robert Fvaser, gamekeeper 
Corsiehill Cottage — Thomas Gellatly 
Corsiehill House— Mrs David Smith 
David Jackson, painter 
Mrs John M'Kay 
Charles Cameron, engineman 
Mrs John Crawford 
John Laird, platelayer 
Mrs Janet Fraser 
Mrs Christina Donaldson 
Joseph M'Kay, fireman 
James Stewart, butcher 
Alexander Wallace, porter 
John Christie, railway turner 
Alexander Christie, woodcutter y 
Mary Crichton 

Dundee Road. 
The Den— Major F. Ross Hime 

The Den— Fred. H. JSToad, tea planter 
Ivyden— Duncan G. M'Cormack, dyer 
Union Street Lane here 
Greenbrae — Alex. M'Gregor, spirit mer. 
Knowehead — George A. Miller, w.S. 
W. St. John's Manse -Rev. P. R Landreth 
Kinnoull Cottage— Miss C. H. Stirling 
Kinnoull Established Church 
Kinnoull Established Church Hall 
Rodney Lodge — Francis Nicoll, gardener 
Well bank — Robert G Thomson 
Dickson & Turnbull, nurserymen 
Bellwood Lodge — David Geddes, gardener 
Bellwood— William E. Ross 
Bellwood Gardens— 

John Simmie, market gardener 
Bellwood Garage— Arthur Hill, chauffeur 
Bellwood Park— 

W. A. Boyes, Burgh Prosecutor and 
Depute Procurator Fiscal for County 

Glenburn — Rev. John Addie, M.A. 

Viewmount — Andrew M. Sneddon, sol. 

Thomas Love, cabinetmaker, &c. 

Woodcroft — Mrs George Wilson 

Redinch— William M. Kerr, teacher 

Darena— Alfred C. Burnell 
Bellwood Cottage — 

Mrs James S. Moncrieff 

William L. Munn, photographer 
Kinnoull Manse — Rev. John W. Hender- 
son, B.D. 
Ivy Bank — George Bayne 

Mrs Henry Taylor 
Struan Bank — John Allan musicseller 
Rio — John Wood, bootmaker 
Kinnoull School -David Murray 

[See also Baruhill.] 

Dupplin Road. 

1 Arch. U.Wotherspoon, hatter & hosier 

2 Mrs Peter Henderson 

3 John Duff, surveyor 

4 Alex. Stenhouse, retired 

Comely Bank House— Mrs John Rainnie 

Dupplin Terrace. 

1 Claremont — Alex. C. Smith, linen drapr 

2 B,amsay Lodge — John M. Donald, 

4 Vinebank— James T. Galloway, grain 

ft Balbraith — Wm. M. Graham, account. 

6 St. John's R'tory— Rev. Canon Vallings 

7 Upland— Stanley Norie-Miller 

Fitzroy Terrace. 

1 Andrew M'Intosh, grocer & wine mer. 

2 Mrs A. S. Ross 

3 Bessie Murdoch 
.. Lily Duncan 

4 Jas. C. Cairncross, jeweller, &c. 

5 Mrs William M'Nab 

6 Mrs Jeannie T. Wood 

7 A. S. Calder, fire insurance manager 

8 John Guy, spirit merchant 




Old Pitcullen House— Walter Dickson, 

1 Frank Page, commercial traveller 

2 R. Martin Bates, solicitor 
Haddon Road— 

Pitcullen Bank — David Peddie, fore- 
man printer 

Rosemount — David Dempster, M.C., 
&c, county tuberculosis officer 

Douglas House — Wm, Low, blacksmith 

Gannochy Road. 
Ardenlea — J. K. Norwell, leather mcht. 
Easterhill— Mrs Patrick Martin 

Pitcullen Terrace liere 
Asylum Cottages — 

Allan Ford, tailor 

Andrew Emslie, attendant 

Alexander Gallacher, attendant 

Andrew Wisely, mental nurse 
Muirhall Terrace here 
Asylum Farm — 

Alexander Rae, dairyman 

Peter Dow, gardener 
Dunira— Mrs John Mcol 
Gannochy Fold— Mrs James Morton 
Gannochy Farm — 

Mrs James M'Gregor, farmer 

Gladstone Terrace. 

1 Mrs Isabella Cowie 

2 James Gray, brakesman 

3 Harry Murray, plumber 

4 Thomas Lindsay, dyer's cleaner 

5 Mrs James Harrower 

6 Thomas M'Feat, compositor 

7 Alex. D. Laing, compositor 

8 William Roberts, watchman 

9 Thomas Duncan, barman 

10 Mrs William Brooks 

11 James Bremner, joiner 

12 William Davidson, maltman 

13 Alexander Fraser, carter 

14 John White, litter's assistant 

15 Peter E. M'Feat, cabinetmaker 

16 Henry Clark, stationer 

17 John Cuthbert, baker 

18 James Miller, lorryman 

19 Mrs John Peddie 

20 Joshua H. Ferguson, dyer's finisher 

Gowrie Street. 

1 David Martin, fish restaurant 

3 Wm. M'Cracken, wine & spirit mer. 
. . Adam Ross compositor 
. . Donald Chisholm, grocer 
. . David Webster, storeman 

5 John C. Miller plumber 

7 Vacant 

9 Alexander Ness, painter 
11 Ann Duncan 
. . Henry Shepherd, tailor 
.. Isabella Chisholm, dispatch folder 
. . Robert L. Wells, warehouseman 
. . Margaret M'Quhae, tailoress 

11 Annie M'Quhae, certified midwife 

.. James Johnston, lorryman 

. . William Imrie, painter 

. . Samuel Matheson, motor driver 

. . Mrs Isabella Wishart 

13 Mary Smith 

15 William T. Morrison, builder 
17 Isabella Murray 

19 Mrs Robert Marshall 

. . Alexander Thomson, potato dresser 
. . William M'Ghie, butler 

21 Mary Ann Smith 

23 Duncan Allan, (Gowrie House) 

25 Thomas Shepherd, retired 

23 George Taylor, foreman 

26 George Kidd, stationer 
Back Wynd here 

24 David Lunelle, bootmaker 

22 W. R. Smith, painter 

20 Robert Bonner, dyer's cleaner 
. . George Macdonald, gardener 

. . William Macdonald, dyer 

. . James Robertson, warehouseman 

. . W. R. Smith, painter 

.. Donald Methven, baker 

. . James Marshall, surfaceman 

15 Annie Hood, confectioner & newsagent 

16 J., A. & D. Cameron, cabinetmakers 

14 John Cuthbert, grain merchant 
12 John Christie, shoemaker 

Mrs Robert Angus 
. . James Lumsden, lorryman 
. . Alexander Lamond, hoistman 
. . Elizabeth Niven 
. . James M. Dow, plumber 
10 Isabella Ewan, butcher 

8 Private Store 

6 Private Store 

4 Jessie A. Smith, clerkess 
. . Mrs Thomas Bissett 
. . Mary Robertson 

2 David Brown, plumber 

Isla Road. 

Tayside— Frank Eastman (of Pullars, Ltd) 

John Thomson, gardener (lodge) 
Mansfield Place— 

1 Miss Annie E. Hoyland 

2 John H. M'Laren, commission agent 

3 Eliza Riach 

4 James Robertson, solicitor 
Taifletts — John Coupar. gardener 
Durn— Albert £. Pullar, dyer 

Durn Lodge— George Forrest, gardener 
Gowanbank — Robert Hay, draper 
Braco— The Very Rev. Provost Smythe 
Edendale — Martin L. Howman, pro- 
curator fiscal 
Taypark— Peter Sharp, fibre merchant 
Summerbank — John Moncrieff, manuf. 

Lodge— Thomas Strang, gardener 
Boatland— Alex. W. Fisher (Pullars, Ltd.) 

Lodge —Andrew Mailer, painter 
Holmwood — Mrs James M'Innes 
Springland — Thos. R. Moncrieff, manuf. 

James Walker, gardener (lodge) 



Upper Springland— 
George Storie, market gardener 

Quarrymill— James Christie, watchman 
Hugh Murray retired 

West Kincarrathie Lodge— Albert J. 
Walker, signalman 

Kincarrathie Gardens - William Duff, 
market gardener 

Craigisla — Jane Granger 

Ashleigh— R. Keay, J. p., city chamberlain 
Kincarrathie Crescent here 

Clunie Lodge — Ed. J. Balfour, science 

Clunie Villa — Mrs Jas. Smith 
Keir Street here 

Croft House — Daniel Alexander, news- 
agent and stationer 

.Rose Cottage— Mrs James Stewart 

John M'Nab, motor hirer (No. 6) 

Isla Cottage— Robert Duncan, maltman 

The Tay Distillery Co., Ltd 

William Wood, distillery manager 

Keir Street. 

3 William Brown, roadman 

5 Alexander M'Farlane, gasworker 
. . James Thomson, tinsmith 
. . William Neil, blacksmith 

7 Hamilton Miller, warehouseman 
. . Thomas Melloy, labourer 

9 James Yeoman, platelayer 
. . George Forrest, fireman 
13 George Menzies, insurance clerk 
. . Thomas Owen, insurance official 
. . Mrs John Howitt 
. . Lawrence M'Laren, retired 
15 John R. Slater, chauffeur 
17 Vacant 

16 Peter F. M'Gregor, wine & spirit mer. 

14 George H. Pilkington, retired farmer 

12 David Scott, dyer's finisher 

.. David Scott, secy., Fair City Lodge 
Royal Order of Ancient Shepherds 

10 John Baxter, dyer 

8 James Ferguson, joiner 

. . Andrew Smith, dyer's cleaner 
. . Catherine Reid 

6 Arthur G. Bull, insurance manager 

2 Croft Cottage— Alice Anderson 

Kincarrathie Crescent. 

1 Rev. J. Dickson Lindsay 

3 John Morgan, grocer and wine mer. 
5 Archibald Campbell, merchant 

7 Mrs James Wright 

9 David Robb, manager, Tay Salmon 

Fishery Company 
.. Harry Robb, secretary 

11 Robert Nimmo, brewer 

13 Albany— Mrs Charles Alexander 

15 Matthew S. Anderson, china mercht. 
19 James J. Donald, chemist 

21 John Smith 

23 Inverallan— Thomas Harlcy, chemist 

§5 John Campbell, merchant 

27 Ardarroch— William H. Watson 

29 Craigraven— Mrs James Macdonald 

31 Rosslyn — Mrs John 1ST. Caw 

33 Chas. R. Smith, grain merchant 

35 Alexander Stirling, Morven (retired) 

37 Duncan Stewart, merchant 

1-2 Inglewood— John Pinkerton, account. 

10 Holmlmrst— John S. I'everidge, pub- 


8 Duneden— Mrs Andrew Kyle 

6 St. Mirin's— Rev. David R. M. Keir 
2 Denehurst— Rev. Fergus Ferguson 

Kinnoull Terrace. 
Murrayville— Wm. J. Wood, accountant 
Gaskhill — Mrs Cameron and Miss Imlach 
John Lindsay, accountant 
Melrose House— Claud P. Boswell, sheriff- 
Darnick— Andw. H. G. Heiton, architect 
Somerset — W. H. Phillips, merchant 

Laurel Bank. 

1 Mrs Alex. M. Rodger, health visitor 

2 John Wilson, nurseryman 

3 David S. Murray, art master 

4 James Chalmers, retired 

Main Street. 

1 David Lunan, grocer and wine mer. 

3 Mrs David M. Drummond 
. . Mrs John Crockart 
. . James Hood, painter 
. . James R Brooks, chauffeur 

5 John Morgan & Co., grocers, &c. 

7 Parish Council of Kinnoull Office- 

Robert Clark, inspector 

9 J. W. T. M'Callum, grocer's manager 
. . Mrs J. S. Grant, teacher 

. . Margaret Wisely 

. . Archibald Galloway, bookbinder 

11 J. & A Miller, plumbers & ironmong. 
13 John H. Pearce, hallkeeper 

. . David G. Martin, tenter 

. . Samuel Foy, gasfitter 

. . William H. Griffith, shoemaker 

15 Perth Co-op. Society (butchtiy 

17 Perth Co-op. Society (groceiy) 

19 Geo. Dempster, baker & tonfejtioner 

21 William Moir, printer 

. . Isabella Ewan, butcher 

. . Helen Rae 

. . James Henderson, dyer 

23 James Reid, hairdresser 

'z5 William Haggart. sawmiller 

27 Thomas Moir. retired 

. . Maggie G. K. Leslie 

29 Miss L. 0. Kidd, drapery, &c. 

31 Maggie Wisely, dairy 

83 Alexander Clark, draper 

35 Vacant 

37 G. Watson, contractor, &c. 

. . Miss Christina A. and Jane Anderson 

. Jessie Halley, housekeeper 

39 Vacant 

41 George Watson, dairy 



John Mitchell, gardener 

James Carter, gardener 

Mrs Flora Macdonald 

Mrs George Galium 

Mrs George Armstrong 

John Edgar, vanman 

Peter Stewart, labourer 

Mrs Andrew Meldrum 

Strathmore Hotel-=Wm. M. Sinclair 

Watt & Ramsay, Ltd., motor hirers 

George Jack, constable 

George Miller, printer 

David Ritchie, compositor 

James Mackenzie, constable 

Sophia Mackenzie 

57 The Bridgend Motor & Cycle Depot 

Andrew Henderson, retired 

David M. Saunders, shop assistant 

Dugald Carmichael, blacksmith, etc. 

67 Dugald Carmichael, blacksmith 

George Veitch, publican, Bridgend bar 

Mrs George Veitch 

David Young 

Jai es W. Munro, warehouseman 

James Reid, hairdresser 

John Thomson, plumber 

Margaret Smith 

William Thomson, blacksmith 

Thomas M'Comb, baker 

David Johnston, mono, caster 

Thomas Sharp, retired 

Mrs Jane M'Intyre 

Mary Webster, dyer's finisher 

Mrs Jeanie Sharp, book sewer 

Adam Farquhar, railway inspector 

Jessie Gray 

Andrew 31. Jackson, cellarman 

John M'Intyre, baker 

Wm. Macfarlane, labourer 

James Hendry slater 

James A. Cormack, contractor 

James P. Rattray, warehouseman 

Helen Robertson, cook 

William Wilson 

Margaret M'Avoy, seamstress 

Mrs Alex. Pennycook grocer 

Wm. A. Taylor, physician, Riversdale 

Misses J. E. & E. A. Ramsay, Earnoch 

Miss E. W. R. Alison 

Old Scone Road here 

Springbank — Peter Stewart, retired 

,, (lodge)— Thos. Smith, gardener 
Alex. Moncrieff, retired 
Mrs James Law, confectioner 
Frederick AVeed, gardener 
Charles Lyall 

Robert Whyte, warehouseman 
Mrs James Bruce 
John Walker, warehouseman 
Susan Gellatly 
Mrs Chas. Irvine 
John Smiih, hay baler 
Mrs John Dingwall 
Mrs John Stirton 

Inveravon Bank— Thomas D. Miller, 
M.A., minister Emeritus 

40 Mrs John Young 
38 David R. Macdonald, dyer 
36 G. Watson, contractor 
28 Tayside -Misses Newlands 
Inchbank — 
G. W. Nelson 
Matthew Moss s retired 
John H. Stewart, retired 
William Ptobertson, French polisher 
George Stewart, joiner 
Inchbank Cottage — Mrs J Fox, milliner 
Bridgend House— Mrs Peter Chrystal 
Bridgend U.F. Church 
18 Hugh Mackay, painter 
16 Mrs Gregor M 'Gregor 
.. Mrs James M'Donald 
. . David Brown, plumber 
. . Mrs Matthew M'Mahon 
. . Alice C. G. Cattanach 
14-12 A. P. Tainsh, grocer & wine mecht. 
10 Hugh xMackay, painter 
8 A. Stenhouse & Co., joiners, etc. 
6 Margaret R. Blair 
. . Marion E. Ramsay 
. . Annie Murray Pagan 
2 John Brown, baker 

Manse Road. 

David A. Wallace, draper 

Hazelbank — Misses Stewart 

Sun nyhill— Jessie Ross 

Erngath— Misses Jeannie D. & W. Ainslie 

Invercarse — Jas. Macdonald, cabinetmkr. 

Suidleigh— David I. Tannahill, printer 

The Glebe— Fred. H. Fen wick, baker 

Gowanhill— William Walker, banker 

Benarty — Andw. Shaw, timber merchant 

Fernhill -Martin Jameson 

Fernhill Lodge — Mai. Campbell, gardener 

St Albans— John Hill Thomas, solicitor 

Muirhall Bank 

1 James Ballantine, saddler 

2 Arthur Foster, hotel manager 

3 Robt. H. Meldrum, accountant 

4 John Watt, M.A., teacher 

Muirhall Road. 
Potterhill— Mrs R. H. Moncrieff 

,, Lodge — Dan. Macpherson, gardener 
Tayhill— Ernest Jack, accountant 
Tayhill Lodge— Thos Rae, dyer's cleaner 
Mayfield— John G. Miller, solicitor 
Pitcullon House (part of) — James 

Murray's P^oyal Asylum 
Pitcullen Lodge— David S Johnston, 

Pitcullen Stables— Robert C.Low, coach- 
Greenbank— Brig -Gen. Wm. K. M'Leod, 

C S.I. 
Annat Lodge— F. H. Buchanan White 
Broom park— 

Wm. Robertson, market gardener 
Mount Tabor Cottage — 
Mrs Arthur Jones 



James Murray's Royal Asylum Lodge— 

Robert Dewar, joiner 
James Murray's Royal Asylum 
Murray House— W. D. Chalmers, physi- 
cian (Mlirray's Asylum) 

Muirhall Terraee. 

2 Alexander M'Intosh, confectioner 

4 Andrew Cochrane, vanman 

6 George Muirhead , painter* decorator 

8 William Wallace, draper 

10 David Primrose, potato merchant 
. . Lewis Macgregor, clerk 

14 John Wylie, mgr. , Paterson, Sons & Co. 

16 Mrs Wra. S. Leitch, apartments 

18 Annie, Julia and Agnes M'Lean 

20 John Scott, chief constable 
Kinnoull Bowling Club 

25 Christina G. Mechie, teacher 

23 Andrew M. Mechie, bank accountant 

21 Duncan Macpherson, dep. chief const. 

19 David M'Intosh, cashier 

17 Jane Ann and Christina Hampton 

15 Wm. L. Beaton, I.R. officer (retired) 
13 John W. Stewart, cabinetmaker 

11 John Bruce, Insurance superintend^ 

9 George Sturrock, P.O. overseer 

7 William I. Robertson 

5 Wm. P. M'Pherson. , teacher and 

secretary Perth High Constables 

3 Mary L. Gillies 

1 Roderick Rait, automobile engineer 

Pitcullen Crescent. 

1 Margaret Smith 

2 Mrs"George T. Cairncross 

3 Mrs Jas. Wilkie 

4 Mrs M. A. Graham 

5 John Robertson, depute sheriff clerk 


6 Mary Ann and Jane Bell 

7 Helen H. Donaldson 

8 Christina W. and J. B. Milne 

9 Mrs G. R. Douglas 

10 Janet and Mary Beattie 

11 T. B. White, agent, Wordie & Co. 

12 Charles Fraser, clothier 

13 John Asher teacher, 

14 John R- Kidd, insurance official 

15 Wm. Robb, secretary (J. Moncrieff, 

16 John Robb, traveller [Ltd.) 

17 Mrs W. Malloch (Woodcote) 

18 James Calderwood, retired 
Kincarrathie House— John M'Pherson 

Cunnynghame, Canon of St. Ninian's 
Kincarrathie Lodge— Robert Brough, 

Pitcullen Terrace. 

10 P*ev. James MacKenzie, M. A. 

12 John S. Paterson, F.S.I., I.R. official 

14 Mrs James Ritchie 

16 William Honey, retired 

Rosemount Place here 
18 James F Knight, dyer's manager 

20 Rev. Robert Finlay 

22 Albert H. Gaedecke, retired 

24 Mrs James Pullar 

.. Alexs Penny cock, jobbing & mkt. gar. 
Burnside Terrace — 
Peter C. Smith, engineer 
Charles Macpherson, town officer 
James Brown, retired 
William Sharp, cashier 

26 William JS'eish, ironmonger 

28 William Rutherford, joiner 

30 D. Davidson, representative 

32 Mrs Alexander Stewart 
35 Mrs Alexander Small 

33 Annie Lindsay 

31 David F. Forbes, bookkeeper 

29 Catherine M' Donald 
Bumbank Terrace here 

27 R. R. Boog Watson (retired ) 

25 John Darling, civil engineer 

23 Henry Douglas, clerk 

21 William Wake, draper 

19 Henry J. C. Bowen, clerk 
17 Mrs. Wm. A. Hodkinson 
. . Joseph G. Farquharson, bank agent 
15 Mrs Alexander Pitcaithley 
13 Geo. Dempster, baker* confectioner 
11 Dougald Walker, schoolmaster 
9 P. P. Leyden, surveyor customs and 

7 Miss M. F. Lorimer 

5 Misses K. & M. Barker 

3 Marion L. Carphin 

1 Norman J. Cousins, Excise officer 

Rosemount Place. 

2 A K. Mackay. painter 

4 James Winter, hatter and hosier 

6 Daniel A. Stewart, architect 

8 Rowland W. Hill, I.R., retired 

10 Alexander P. Mill, hairdresser 

11 Charles Styles, surveyor 

12 John E,ubertson, tobacconist 

9 Alex. Brand, coal and cement mercht 

7 Arthur J. Heatley, t.r. 

5 Rev. Alex. B. Macdonald, b.d. 
Mrs Dr. Mary B. Macdonald 

3 Mrs James Ferguson 

1 John Sydney Steel, artist 

Strathmore Street. 

1 Richard Law, telegraphist 

3 Mrs William Rennie 
.. Henry S. Chalmers, warehouseman 
.. James S. Whillis, policeman 
. . David Macpherson, coal yardsman 

5 Alexander Hendry, chauffeur 

7 Albert Ramsay, joiner 

9 James Pearson, retired 
. . George Foy, coach painter 
. . James Garvie, blacksmith 
. . Mary Proudfoot, dyer's finisher 
.. Jessie MacLaren, dressmaker 
11 Robert Simpson, tailor 

13 Mrs Adam Richardson, laundress 
15 Mrs John Burke 



15 James .Maclean, insurance agent 

. . Agnes M'Vean, factory worker 

. . John Petrie, labourer 

17 John Ilutton, gamekeeper 

19 Mrs Agnes M' Master 

.. Daniel Thomson, factory manager 

.. William Miller, mechanic's labourer 

. . Jessie Scott 

23 Mrs Thomas Foy 

25 Mrs James Suttie 

Ardchoille — Atholl Macgregor, J. P. 
. . James Grant, gardener (lodge) 
47 David Walker, shop porter 
. . John Cattanach, surfaceman 
. . John Syme, plumber 
. . David Steele, joiner 
49 Robert Lowson, painter 
.. Robert M. Scott, salesman 
. . William Kidd, postman 
. Mrs James Suttie 
51 David Steele, grocer 
53 Grace Earn say, laundress 
55 Robert Grieve, policeman 
. . Alexander Kidd, shoemaker 
. . George Redpath, hammerman 
. . Robert Thomson, compositor 
. . Norman Brown, tailor 
. . Mrs James Morgan 
. . William Thomson, labourer 
. . John Macdonald, shop assistant 
. . William Clark, engineer 
. . Mrs Daniel Sorlie 
. . Robert Mackay, mason 
59 Mrs Isa. MacLaren, grocer & confect'r 
61 Mrs James R. Chaplin 
. . J. Patterson, baker 
. . Peter M'Whamiel ; calico glazer 
. . Mrs Robert Davidson 
. . John Kirk, labourer 
. . Mrs Duncan MacLean 
.. Robert Lowson, painter & decorator 
. . John Cornfoot, insurance agent 
. . John Fraser, stonebreaker 
63 Alice Murray 
65 William Wilson, wood carter 
67 William Dow, joiner 

Mrs Thomas MacKenzie 

William Tait, chauffeur 

Peter C. Taylor, compositor 

Thomas Cahill, policeman 

James Walker, baker 

Donald Cornfoot, grocer 

Mrs Joan K. M'G. Bell 

Mrs Mary E. Scott 
69 John Murray, shoemaker 
71 Miss Sophia Clark 
. . John R. Slater, signalman 
. . James Leutfoot, baker 
. . Harry White, coachman 

71 Robert M'F. Fyall, barman 

. . Annie Leslie 

77 George E. Oakes, motor & cycle hirer 

Duppli/i Road here 
Comely Bank House — Mrs Jas. Y. Meilis 

Mrs William Gowans 

Mrs Donald Macgregor 
24 Rosaire— John Macgregor, bookbinder 
22 David S. Whittet, dyer s finisher 
20 David Innes, grocer's assistant 
18 Marjory Deuchars 

James Harris, gardener 

John Morris, greenkeeper 

William Harris, gardener 

Adam W. Mackay, joiner 

Margaret Harris 

Jessie & Madge Forbes, teachers 

Margaret Marshall, dressmaker 
16 Mrs Alexander Gardiner 
. . Mrs Mary Robertson 
. . Lizzie Duthie, shop assistant 
Keir Villa— 1 William Munro, joiner 
2 Mrs William Stark 

Keir Street here 
14 Mrs James Selbie, confectioner 
12 Matthew Henry, nurseryman & florist 
10 Bridgend Institute 
8 Mrs Jas. Malloch (Stormont cottage) 
6 Alexander Ross, dairyman 
. . Ellen Beedie 
. . John Hunter, gardener 
. . John Miller, car driver 
. . Mrs Robert Mill 

Strathvlew Terrace. 

Theodore Robertson, auctioneer 

Mrs William M'Kim 

John G. Cran, bar and sheriff officer 

Miss Jane D. W. Cameron 

Mrs John Boag, apartments 

Jessie A. Williamson, apartments 

Mrs Henry Reid 

Union Street Lane. 

Mrs Isabella Christie 

John Dunn, tallow refiner 

D. Robertson, storekeeper 

Mrs Robert Hunter 

Henry M'Dougall, gardener 

William Falconer, blacksmith 

Harry Angus, lorryman 

Adam Masson, baker 


Mrs John Angus 

Beuben J. Barber, musi'ian 

Hector Cameron, grocer's assistant 

Miss K. Wotherspoon 

Edith M M'Laggan, housekeeper 

William Harris, mason 




Abbot Street. 

1 Greorge G. Lauder, clerk 

. . John Davie, accountant 

. . James Robertson, printer 

. . Jane E. Gornie, clerkess 
3 .Robert Hood, church officer 
9 Co-operative Buildings— 

1 Frederick L. Fraser, foreman 

2 Joseph M'Intyre, dyer's finiseer 

3 William J. Robertson, clerk 

4 Alexander S. Wightman, salesman 

5 William Stewart, engine driver 

6 Alexander Stobie, bakery manager 

7 Co-operative Society Butchery 
9 Co-operative Society Drapery 

11 Co-operative Society Grocery 
New Friar Street here 
Western District School— John 

Henderson, head master 
Young Street here 
19 Craigview— Wm. MacKay, journalist 

21 Hamilton Bank — 
James Frame, coal agent 

St. Stephen's Parish Church — Rev. 
John Strathearn, M.A. 

Mauldslie — Percy Ferguson, motor 
44 Go wan Bank — Mrs Bouick 
42 West Craig — Mrs George C. Roy 
38 Springbank— Fred. J. Forbes distiller 
. . William P. MacLaren, joiner 
. . Peter H. M'Intosh, insurance clerk 
36 Annie B. M'Kenzie 
. . D. B. Crockart, gun and tackle maker 
34 Avon Villa — Hugh Love, valuator 
32 William Yuill, hatter, etc. 
30 Mrs Janet Swanston 
28 Henry M'Kendrick, sorting clerk 

St. James Place here 
24 William Hutton, railwayman 
.. Mrs Isabella Sharp 
. . Samuel Turpie, gas inspector 
. . Mrs James King 
. . John Anderson, yardsman 
. . Ellen Wells, housekeeper 

22 Mrs James Steven 

. . Ernest Gray, engine driver 
. . William Kellock, railway inspector 
. . James Watt, engine driver 
. . Mrs John Macdonald 
. . John Robertson, engine driver 
14 John Mackenzie, gardener 
Fr>'ar Street here 

12 Robert Lawson, butcher 

10 Mrs Kate Campbell, dairykeeper 

8 Thomas Paterson, engine driver 
6 Mrs John Sprunt 

.. Thomas Macdonald, engine driver 

. . James Scott, dyer 

.. John Stewart, insurance clerk 

. . John M'Intosh, clerk 

. . Kenneth Henderson, salesman 

6 Neil M'D. Sharp, engine driver 

4 James Paterson, fishing rod maker 

2 Mary H. Nicoll 

. DaVid Bissett, hianager 

, Donald M'Kenzie, mason 

. John Redpath, clerk 

. Mrs Thomas Brown 

. Geo. Paxton, joiner & fun. undertaker 

Blair Street. 
2 John Scrimgeour, goods guard 

1 Thos. M. Cruickshanks, tailor's mang'r 

Carr's Croft. 
48 Wm. Duff, carter 
46 Thomas Taylor, cabinetmaker 
44 Mrs William Duff 
42 David M'Intosh, boiler washer 
40 Mrs John Roy 
38 John Wilson, carter 
3d Peter Bisset, railwayman 
34 Vacant 
32 30 Jas. Stirling, baker & confectioner 



Charles Miller, assistant surveyor 
Windsor Terrace— 

2 William Grieve, clerk 
Frank Cadzow, dairyman 
Mrs Charles Fenwick 
Thomas Gome, timekeeper 

. Mrs Wm. Lowe 
. Peter M'Gregor, blacksmith 
. Alexandar Nairne, joiner 
. James Niven, engine diiver 

3 Thos Moir, S.C. and telegraphist 

. Edward J. Pritchett, cinema operator 

. Fred. J Telfer, insurance inspector 

. Thomas Fraser, clerk 

. Robt. Ridout, R.S.M., R.A.S.C. 

. James M'Lagan, clerk 

. John Keith 

. R.obert Anderson, surveyor 

4 Joseph Fordyce, boot repairer 
. William Japp, signalman 

. Mrs James Anderson 

. Geo. Taylor, stationer & tobacconist 

. John Welsh, plumber 

. James L. Nicholson, engine driver 

. Robert H. Paton, clerk 

. James L. Forbes clerk 

5 Robert Robson, mason 

. Emma Chaloner, music teacher 
. William Anderson, coachtrimmer 
. Thomas Brown, clerk 
. Matthew Taylor, postal clerk 
. Mrs William Fyfe 
. David T. Goodfellow, clerk 
. Andrew ff. Milne, grocer's assistant 
Craigie Maltings — Jno. Young, maltsman 
John King, maltsman 



Craigie Steam Laundry Co. — Wallace 

Rockbank Cottage — Geo. Nairne, joiner 

ami contractor 
Craigie Poultry Yard c/o W. J. Stewart, 

Veda, Ltd., "Craigie Mills 
Craigie Place— 

Mrs Andrew Milne (Bnrnside) 

Mrs Robert Paton, grocer 

Joseph Menzies, railwayman 

Alexander Stewart, painter 

Peter Murray, fireman 

Mrs Joseph Rome 

Mrs John Buchan 

Henry Johnstone, labourer 

Andrew M'Gregor, nurseryman 

James Reekie, pm. , blacksmith 

James Reekie, sen., storekeeper 

Peter M 'In tosh, foreman 

David Fenton, cranesman 

David A. Henderson, general dealer 

William Barnett, stoker 

Mrs Robert Brough 

Agnes Sutherland, shop assistant 

Frank Cadznw, dairy 
Northbank— James Simpson, grain mer. 
Early Bank House- 
Andrew Powrie, fishing lessee 
Craigie Bank — Wm. A. Watt, seedsman 

Craigie (Upper). 
6 Thomas Angus, gas worker 
4 Craigie Park Cottage — David H. 

Campbell, hairdresser 
2 Craigie Park Lodge — Mrs Peter 

Craigie Park House— Robt W. Buchanan 
doctor of medicine 
Craigie Road— 
28 St. Alban's— Wm. Walker, com. trav. 
30 Simla — Jas. Nairne Campbell, survey'r 
32 Claremont — Thos. L. Ferguson, saddler 
34 Minnieville— James T. Munsie 
36 Bruna — Wm. Gourdie, ins. manager 
38 Woodburn— Mary A. Barker 
40 Fernlea — Duncan Cram, solicitor 
42 Alexander Villa — Mrs Alex. Jack 
44 Park Hill Villa John Black 
46 Maybank— John Gordon, agricultural 

60 Tynet— Mrs Robert MacLeish 
62 Grahamslea — Albert M. Whitney, 
commercial traveller 

64 Dunira — Edward Maconochie, glazier 

66 Westoe— G. F. Bates, B.A., B.Sc, 

assistant director of education 

65 Park Villa— John K. Taylor, tobac- 


70 Comrie Villa — Thos. Leith, lands 

valuer, I.R. 
72 Bannochy— Helen L. Hardy 
74 John Adams, printer 

71 St. Ronans — Charles Stewart, retired 
69 Eamville— James Martin, retired 

67 Lilybank— John Sharp, plasterer 


65 Cambirshaw— Margaret Brough 

63 Glencairn— Mrs George Taylor 

61 Ardbennie — Alex. Menzies, retired 

51 Ralston — Robert Band 

49 Arthurlie -Alex. Todd, C.E. 

47 Isla Villa— William M'Queen, retired 

45 Ryefaulds— Jessie Anderson 

43 Minard— Mrs Alexander Forsyth 

41 Rose Villa— Mrs Elspet Buchan 

39 Dunphail— Dan. R. Galloway, potato 

37 Wm. S. Hunter, printer, Constitutional 
35 Mrs James Paterson 
33 Robert Pryde, salmon tacksman 
31 Annville — Mrs Daniel Douglas 
29 Lindores — MissMargt. Balfour, teach'r 
27 Tullymet Villa — P. F. Winton, 

25 Denoon — Andrew Common, gardener 
23 Seafield — Norman A. C. Keevil, 

actuarial clerk 
21 Trentham — Robt. Philips, com. trav. 
19 Moredun View — 

C. F. Chambers, dyer's manager 
17 Margate Villa— J. Young, drysalter 
15 Fernbank— Mrs Thomas Clark 
13 Cliff View— Nickel Crombie, J.P., 
11 Calder Bank — James Gordon, draper 

9 St. Margaret's— Daniel M'Kenzie, 

com. traveller 
7 Ivy Bank— Jane Ross 
5 William Angus, draper 
2% Sannox — Alex G. Chalmers.grocer,&c. 
St. Magdalen's Road— 
Magdalen Bank- 
James N. Stewart, manure manufactr. 
John Thomson, dyer 
Craigie Nursery — 

Andrew M'Gregor, nurseryman 
Lynedoch Villa— Andrew Young, retired 

,, Jeanie Robertson 

Southesk Bank- 
Miss Margaret Coutts 
Thos. Duncan, coal merch., Parkview 
Mrs Robert Y. Scott, Viewfield 
Minnie L. Scott, music teacher ,, 
Evelyn Terrace— 

1 Robert Inglis, stationer 

2 Mrs Peter Miller 

3 Andrew Penney, retired 

4 Mrs Henry Scott 

5 Thomas Davidson, manager 

6 Wm. Steven, commercial traveller 

7 John Fraser, plumber and gasfitter 

8 Mrs Laurence Storrar 

9 David G. Lindsay, butcher 

10 William Byars, clothier 
Craigie Crescent— 

1 Mrs William Donaldson 

2 James M,Dow, grocer 

3 David Murray, teacher 

4 John M. Black, retired 

5 Duncan M'Gregor, blacksmith 
.. Robert W. Dowell, diaper 

6 Mrs Stewart Stirton 

7 John Mackenzie, gardener 



8 Andrew Mitchell, carriage examiner 
Moncreiffe Bank— Elizabeth, Susan and 

Jane Adamson 
Mrs Andrew Duff, Rose Cottage 
Brunswick Terrace— 

1 John G. Crabb, manager 

2 Mrs Elizabeth Walker 

3 Misses J., A., & M. Young 

4 Robert Stott, gardener 

5 Mrs Evan Mackay 

6 James Cameron, journalist 
Tayview Bank- 
Mrs D. H. Coull 

Win. G Mitchell, science teacher 

Mrs John A. Sutor 

Christina S. Galloway 
Murrayfleld— Rachel Pennycuick 
St. Magdalen's Farm-Thos.Fraser,farmer 
,, ,, Wm. Cowper, grieve 

Verena Terrace— 

James Pickard, guard 

Christina M'Leod, housekeeper 
Viewhill— Helen Young 

William Young, P.O. overseer 
Hawthorn Cottage — Ed. Gray, retired 

James R. Carr, journalist 

James Rodgie, dyer 

Charles Panton, enginedriver 

Mrs Alexander Whytock 
Clifton Villa— James Whytock, joiner 
Strathview— Mrs John Whytock 
Viewfield Cottage — Wm. Webster, packer 
Craigie Knowes Road here 
Rockcliffe — Mrs John Hall 
Valleyview — Alex. Zimmerman, retired 
William Fleming, retired 
George Patterson, bootmaker 
Mayfleld — John M. H. M : Intosh, insur- 
ance clerk 
Riverview — Mrs John Guthrie 
Ravens craig— Mrs Alexander Lamb 
Gordon Cottage— Peter Stewart, retired 
Windyknowe — Jas. Glegg, sawmill mangr 
Caller Brae— Robert Macdonald, retired 
Kinnaird Cottage —Andrew Staig 
Ivy Cottage — Donald M'Kinnon 
Squire's Villas — 

William C. Burt, solicitor 

Leslie Munro, journalist 

Peter Birrel, retired 

Charles Smith, retired 
Knowe cottage— Fergus Collie, coachbdr 
Hillmount - John Sinclair, cycle agent 
Rock Cottage — Miss Duncan 
Inchview— Peter Brown, water inspector 
Jas. Thomson, engine driver 
William Beattie, porter 
Sunnybank— James Guild, spirit mer. 
The Knoll— James S. Low, guard 
Mount Craigie — 

Donald Mackintosh, burgh assessor 
Sward Cottage — Wm. Peddie, traveller 
Craigie Cottage— Mrs Andrew B.obertson 

Moredun Terrace here 
Craigie Bank House — 

J, C. Chaplain, fruit and potato mch. 

Hugh Forbes, guard 
James Duncan, engineer 
Craigie Knowes Road — 
Mrs Helen Fleming 
Nance Bank — Christopher Telford, 

bookstall manager 
Ness Bank— John T. K. W. Skinner, 

insurance official 
David Brotherston, com. traveller 
Peter Hepburn, commercial traveller 
Ruchil Bank— Robert M'Cowan, cleik 
Heriot Mount— Frederick C. M'Mulian, 

warrant officer (Army) 
Carlton — Jas. Ballantyne, teacher 
Balgrummo — Robert W. Archibald, 
Squire's Cottages^ 

1 James Thomson, grocer 

2 David D. Fleming 

3 John Oswald, district manager 

4 James M'Laren, mason 

5 Peter Robertson, fireman 

6 Mrs George Lowe 

7 Thomas Thomson, clerk 
Moredun Terrace— 

Viewbank House — Alex. McKenzie, 

Mrs Catherine M'Naughton 
Moncreiffe Bank — Johnston Edwards, 

dental surgery 
Knoweside Mrs James Smail 
The Grove— Andrew Miller, solicitor 

3 Wm. M. Fulton, ironmonger 

4 Pet. Malloch, railway waggon inspec 

5 Mrs Archibald Stevenson 

6 Annie and Elizabeth Bayne 

7 Mrs Margaret M'Kerchar 

8 Margaret J. Howie 

9 Christina J. Campbell 

10 Jessie Ferguson 

11 Thos. Lyall, stationer 

12 Charles B. M'Callum, clerk 
Moredun Square— 

1 George Young, com. traveller 

2 Henry M'Kenzie, solicitor 

3 Andrew J. Stephenson, retired 

4 John Welsh, plumber 

5 David T. Turner, works manager 

6 Edward Ince, I.R. Officer 

7 James T. Douglas, solicitor 

8 Mrs Robert Maclagan 

9 Wm. J. MacKenzie, laundry mangr. 
10 John Robertson, secretary 

Moncreiffe Terrace— 

Auchnafairn — Thos. Lindsay, M.B. 
F.r.c.s. Ed., prison medical service 
Livilands— James Young, bank agent 
Ley ton— Wm H. Scott, engine driver 
Thos. Howie, tobacconist & engraver 
Jas. Henderson (Ellangowan), retired 
16 John S. M'Leod, teacher (Alness) 
14 James Sturrock, telegraphist 
12 John Roy, stationer 
10 William Petrie, watchmaker 

8 David Bruce, plumber 

6 Hugh Brown, accountant 



5 Geo. Masterton, joiner & contractor 

Wolseley Place— 

4 Mrs Robert Lawson 

Alexander Allison, engine driver 

3 Alfred Cooper, work's chemist 

James Whyte, butcher 

2 John Black, grain merchant 

William Jardine, joiner 

1 William Robinson, retired 

George Newlands, engine driver 

Clifton Bank— 

John Jardine, postman 

1 John Kaye 

James Smith, evangelist 

2 Frank Valentine, motor engineer 

Mrs James Pringle 

3 William Garden, gardener 

Mrs John Mackie 

4 Daniel S. Clark, branch manager 

Robert Baird, cooper 

James Robertson, clerk 

Croft Bank. 

John Laing, fishing tackle manuf. 

1 James Clement, engine driver 

Robert Duncan, coal merchant 

2 Mrs Peter Kirk 

Kilmartin Place— 

3 Peter Dick, cabinetmaker 

1 James Simpson, ticket collector 

4 Isa. W. Hutchison 

2 Thomas Calderwood, retired 

5 John G. Wilson, timekeeper 

3 Patrick Herraghty, cellarman 

6 John W. Heggie, green keeper 

4 William Moir, cattlebank foreman 

7 Mrs William Halley 

5 George Petrie, reliefman 

8 Isabella M'Gregor 

6 Mary Ramage 

Croft Park. 

Edina Villa- 
Mrs Ann Russell 

1 Croft Villa— Dan. Gow, colliery agent 

Mrs Stewart Strathdee 

. . Alexander Strang, joiner 

Ann Macfarlane 

Croft House— William Allan, live stock 

Eliza Lamb 


Allanton Villa — 

Ann Sutherland, Burnside 

David Robertson, mason 

Thos. W. Reid, bank clerk, Burnside 

John Philp, seedsman's assistant 

Andrew Rutherford, P.O. superintendent 

Alexander M'R,ae, tailor's cutter 

John D. Martin, joiner 

James Butchart, traveller 

Mrs Joseph B. Campbell 

Clematis Villa— Chas. D. Geddes, photogr. 

Mrs James Stewart 

James Barlas, house factor 

Thomas D Martin, postman 

Craigielea Villa — Wm. Barclay, retired 

John Robertson, engine driver 

John Mitchell, butcher 

Henry J. H. Yule 

St. Catherine's Villa- 

Mrs Robert Millar 

John Murray, retired 

Alexander G Hendrie, foreman 

Lyngarth — Wm. F. D. Wallace, cashier 

Friar Street 

Wellwood Villa — Isobel J. Conacher 

James M'Laren, enginedriver 

St. Jane's Place— 

Janette Stewart 

2 Mrs John Airth 

Annie Cameron 

3 Albert Hardie, guard 

Java Villa — 

4 William Baird, postman 

John Mackenzie, bank teller 

5 David Lindsay, engine driver 

Mrs G. A. dimming! 

6 James Moyes, engineman 

Brunswick Cottages — 

7 Robert Smith, railway guard 

Thomas Clark, retired 

8 George Paxton, retired 

Mrs G. Muego 

9 William Dick, railway guard 

David MTntosh, P.O. clerk 

11 James Stewart, station policeman 

Mrs David Garden 

12 George Hill, joiner 

Crichton Place — 

13 Mrs Jessie Steele (Friar st. 39) 

18 Charles Seaton, clerk 

14 David Lindsay, engine driver 

17 William Roberts, com. traveller 

15 Robert Todd, clerk 

16 John Cruden, engiueer 

16 Helen Cooper 

15 William Ewan, dyer 

17 James Fridge, warehouseman 

14 Robert Thompson, piano tuner 

18 George Bryce, clerk 

13 Helen Simpson 

19 John Munro, engine driver 

12 John R. Steele, insurance clerk 

20 John Munro, guard 

11 James M'Leish, salesman 

21 John Kerrigan, engine driver 

10 Mrs Emily Burgess 

22 James M'Farlane, telegraph clerk 

9 James Gordon, lithographer 

23 William Johnston, engine driver 

8 James Brown, compositor 

24 Alex. Clark, engineer 

7 William Rollo, clerk 

25 William Cleghorn, cooper 

6 Nisbet J. Robertson, clerk 

26 Mrs John Clark 

5 Mrs William Forbes 

27 W. Stewart, engine driver 

4 Allan L Darling, grocer & wine mer. 

28 Mrs Annie Keay 

3 William Guthrie, booking clerk 


2 Mrs John Rait 

1 David Fraser, ticket collector 
Albany Place— 

John Ritchie, tailor 

George Keay, inspector of works 

James Keay, warehouseman 

William Gilmour, barman 

Alexander T. Stein, cutter 

Rachel Grieve 

Mrs James Prophet 

Isabella Reid, warehouseman 

John C. Geddes, railway clerk 

David M. Locke, watchmaker 

Mrs James Stewart 

Marianne Galletly, dressmaker 

Mrs Jane Henderson, nurse 

Albert Reeve, clerk 

John Garland, guard 

Neiv Friar street here 
Raeburn Place— 

7 Charles Henry Girling, R.E. 
. . Mrs Johanna Bain 
. . William Blyth, shop manager 
. . William Gray, joiner 
. . William Sim, relief clerk 
. . Mrs James Auld 
. . James Donald, clerk 
.. Robert Jackson, P.O. clerk 
. . Alexander L. Milne, baker 
. . Mrs David Shaw 

Young street here 

Glover Street. 


Allan L. Darling, wine & spirit mer, 

Joseph Fordyce, shoemaker 

William Martin, fitter 

John Smith, engineer 

Lizzie Morrison 

Frederick Cowie, linesman 

Thomas Dalton, postman 

William Paton, clerk 

William Hood, clerk 

John Wiltshire, mason 

Mrs Peter M'Gregor 

Alexander A. M'Nab, porter 

George Duncan, butcher 

John Symon, lorryman 

Fred R. Hodkinson, clerk 

William Martin, carrier 

Mrs Peter Caw 

Charles Hunter, engine driver 

Robert Davidson, joiner 

John Lindsay, retired 

Mrs Mary Law 

James J. C. Angus, compositor 

David Macrae, joiner 

Peter Gorrie, clerk 

David Livesay, engine driver 

James Mason, tenter 

George D. Brown, porter 

James Barron, tea merchant 

John Russell, engine driver 

Mrs Alexander Easson 

Peter M'Pherson, clerk of works 

David Valley, slater 

Thomas Todd, clerk 

47 James M. Shaw, guard 

49 Mrs William Davidson 

51 Mrs John Taylor 

. . James Spark, guard 
. . James Scott, fireman 

53 Frank Stewart, porter 

55 Patrick M'Laughlan, general dealer 

57 James Campbell, labourer 

59 Mrs John M'Laren 

. . John B. Robertson, fish porter 
61 William Kidd, engine driver 

63 Mrs Betsy Wallace 

65 David Lamond. butcher 
. . Mrs Isabella Boyd 
67 James Kilgour, waggon builder 
69 Mis James Stewart 
71 James Gray, labourer 
73 James M'lver, engine driver 
75 Donald M'Kay, guard 
77 Andrew Webster, engine driver 
. . Mrs Catherine Barclay 
. . Peter Henry, labourer 
79 Agnes B. Keay, nurse 
81 John M'Farlane, vanman 
83 Alfred Warwick, clerk 
John Sprunt, storeman 
. . David K. Pattie, railway inspector 
85 David Dick, storekeeper 
. . James Simpson, excise clerk 
. . Andrew Small, baker 
89 David M'Crae, signalman 
91 Peter Bruce, clerk 
93 James O'Brien, gardener 
.. Robert M'Kay, P.O. clerk 
95 Richard T. Hobson, insurance clerk 
97 Alex. H. Leuchars, grocer and dairy 

Needless Road here 
West End Bowling Green 

Bon-Accord Terrace— 

Appin Villa— Susan M'Laren 

2 Alexander Macpherson, accountant 

Priory Villa — Miss Erne Paterson 

4 David Johnston, butcher 

John M' Arthur & Sons bobbin makers 

Blair street here 

Thomson, Craik & Co., Ltd., aerated 
water manufacturers, wine and malt 
liquor merchants 

F. A. Lindsay, wholesale wine and 
spirit merchant 

Stratheam Terrace here 
Customs and Excise Office 

61 Murdoch M'Lean, clerk 

64 George Syme, railwayman 

62 William Fisher, signalman 

60 John Simpson, wagon examiner 

58 William Brown, railway surfaceman 
. . Janaes Brown, guard 

56 Mrs William H. Mackie 

54 Mrs Alexander K. Robertson 

52 James Wallace, waggon examiner 
. . John B. Macdonald, repairer 

50 Alexander Davie, dyer 

. . Anthony M'Caskill, porter 
. . Andrew Carscadden, gardener 
.. Alexander Stirton, guard 



48 Thomas Simpson, painter 
46 John Campbell, retired 
44 Barbara H. Robertson 

. . Mrs Agnes Macdonald 
42 Ellen Thorpe 

. . Matthew Caw, postman 

. . James Roy, engine driver 

40 John M'Millan, porter 

38 Mrs Mary Manle 

. . George Taylor, railway servant 

36 Andrew Mason, brakesman 

34 J. W. Turner, engine driver 

32 William Bruce, guard 

30 James Kinloch, railway inspector 

28 William Scott, assistant N.B. agent 

26 William Turnbull, waggon examiner 

24 George Barclay, tailors' cutter 

. . John Macpherson, engine driver 

22 Lawrence Lammond, engine driver 

20 Andrew R Bett, storekeeper 

.. John R. Mason, fitter 

_ David Grewar, engine driver 

20 Mrs James Macleod 

18 Thomas Whyte, carriage inspector 

. . Thomas Marr, engine driver 

16 Mrs John Drury 

. . William Webster, engine driver 

14 Arthur Graham, linotype operator 

. . John Drury, engine driver 

12 William Miller, plumber 

. . Mrs Joseph Everett 

10 Robert Sharp, boilermaker 

8 Jane Gall, dressmaker 

6 Robert Nairn, brassfinisher 

4 Mrs Wm. F. Eggo 

2 Margaret Kinmond, feather dresser 
. . Annie Kirby, confectioner 
. . Stewart Macleish, engine driver 
. . Mrs Helen Dickson 
. . David Lamb, brakesman 

Gray Street. 

1 — John M 'Arthur, bobbin maker 
Sunnylea Alex. Eraser, assistant mart 

Nenthorn — David S. Anderson, auctnr, 

James Waugh, clerk 
Wormit Villa — Mrs Wm. Fenwick 

James Campbell, clerk 
Dewar's Terrace— 

W. Findlay, bookkeeper 

John W. Menzies", engineer 

Helen Leighton 

Walter M'Currach, bookkeeper 

Jas. Ballantine, secretary 

George Lees, cooper 

Fred C. Slater 

Peter Hewitt, caretaker 
Ladysmith Terrace— 
1 Robert M. Ramsay, surfaceman 
7 Jas. Dickie, coal merchant 
. . Wm. Pitkeathly, clerk 

John Robertson, cycle agent 

Charles Munro, guard 
. . Mrs Samuel Small 

Jean H. Riach 

7 Robert Steedman, engineer 
9 Robert L. Prosser, clerk 
. Mrs Thomas B. Simmie 
. Jane Riach 

. William D. Anderson, cashier 
11 Alexander M'Intyre, P.O. clerk 

William F. Mitchell, bootmaker 

John Lee, engine driver 

Mrs Jane Paterson 
13 John Laing, clerk 

Alex. Stewart, billiard room prop. 

Annie M'Ewen, 

Thomas J. Paxton, joiner 
15 Francis E. and Mary Hill, sewers 

William Dunne, gardener 

James Taylor, railway checker 

Robert Lawson, butcher 
Balhomie — John Houston, rail, porter 
St. Fergus— Wm. Adams, rail. policeman 
St. Colmes— Frank Miller, tailor 
Craigower— Mrs M. M'D. Stewart 
Needless Road here. 

Kinnaird Bank. 

1 John F. Stirling, baker 

2 George S. Nelson, clerk 

3 Mrs John Deas 

4 William Kennedy, retired 

5 Peter Leitham retired 

6 Mary Ferguson, apartments 

7 Thomas Taylor, clerk of works 

8 George Young, joiner 

9 Mrs George Wilson 
10 Jessie Sparks 

Needless Road. 

Balgillo — Thos Kier, retired 
Carlownie— James Ferguson, guard 
Craigendarroch — Mrs Jas. Allan 
Rosslyn Lea — David Foote, spirit mer. 
Fernlea — John P. M'Intosh, ins. official 
Blenheim— Mrs Richard Voigt 
St. Catherine— Albert P. Powrie, clerk 
Andlen— Mrs George Alexander 
Heaton — James Hately, rail, conductor 
Hazelbank — Mary Hill 
Ellenbank— Helen 0. Yuill 
Fernbank — John G. Macpherson, clerk 
Dragon Terrace— 

1 James Tait, fruit merchant 

2 John G. Calder, com. agent 

3 Mrs Barbara Dunn 

4 Andrew Wilson, clerk of works 

5 Mrs George W. Attewell 

6 David Stewart, water manager 
Dalgowan— Alexander Barlas 
Ardgowan— Walter Borthwick, bellhr. 
Ki-ora— Robt. W. Proudfoot, jeweller 
Sunnybower— Malcolm Shaw, cycle agt. 
Pentland — George Conochie, retired 
Kew-Stoke— Alex. P. Skinner, resident 

inspector, Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. 
Birse Villa— David Sim. railway clerk 
Belville— John Bell, painter 
Rosebank— Wm. Asher. san. inspector 
Alton— Sinclair Grant, teacher 



Edina Villa— Robert Dow, spirit mer. 

10 John Lambie, sub-inspr. of schools 

Roseville— Walter Methven, printer 

Clyde Place— 

Kinfauns Crescent— 

Auchter Villa -Dav. Campbell, clerk 

1 William Nairn 

Charles Copland, clerk 

2 Mrs W. Hamilton 

James Hampton, signalman 

3 Samuel M'Robbie, P.O. c erk 

Alex. Morrison, clerk 

4 Mrs John Ireland 

Elvan Villa- 

5 Mrs R. M 'Don aid 

Charles Smith, cashier 

6 Thos. L. Kulvear, saddler 

Jas. Jackson, clerk 

7 Mrs James Lyon 

George Purves, solicitor 

8 Mrs A Graham 

Thomas M'Queen, joiner 

9 Alfred J. Borthwick, traveller 

Togo Villa- 

10 Thomas Dick, engine driver 

George Brown, draper's manager 

11 James Davie, grocer 

Benoni— J. M. Matheson, clerk 

12 Frederick Impett, commissionaire 

Warden— David Yeaman, signalman 

13 Edward Strachan, bank teller 

Annaty — Robert Blair, tailor 

14 James M. Calder, casemaker 

Demyat -Wm. Laing, inspector 

15 Mrs Peter Matthews 

Kilkeel — P^obert M'Leod, overseer, 

16 Mrs Grace Macmillan 


17 James Buchan, billiard saloon prop. 

Ingleneuk — John Hewith, retired 

18 Vacant 

Gowanlea — W. L. Craik, clerk 

19 Robert S. Peddie, P.O. clerk 

Broadmoss John Lindsay, cashier 

20 Thomas H. Howell, cashier 

Rowanhill — John F. Kidd, com- 

21 Thomas Kinnaird 

mercial traveller 

22 Mrs James M'Naughton 

Laggan —J. Ross Smyth, teacher 

23 Frederick Domme, insurance agent 

Castle Terkace— 

24 John Fairweather, retired 

1 David B. Goodfellow, guard 

Murray Crescent here 

. . Mrs Beharrie 

Rowanlea— George Swallow, musician 

. . David Scott, book keeper 

Hazelwood — James Dakers, cashier 

. . Frank Henderson, clerk 

Glendalough — Geo. P. Valentine, cl'th'r 

2 Cyril Dawe, costumier 

Balure — Mrs Gavin Morton 

. . Mrs Alexander Macdonald 

Meadow Bank — David Smith, merchant 

.. Donald M'Laren, warehouseman 

Pitheavlis Castle- 

. . John Crichton, slater 

Hugh Dawson, market gardener 

3 James Kinmond, clerk 

William Wallace, machineman 

. . George D. Robertson, engine driver 

Gwanda — George Sievwright & Sons, 

. . Thomas Roberts, sculptor 


James F. Jack, cooper 

Arnside— Robert M. Scott, cashier 

4 George Hodgson, engine driver 

Reres— Mrs Douglas Lawrie 

. Alex. Mackintosh, chief yardsman 

Ballachladich— John M'Kinlay, printer 

. Tom Macgregor, P.O. clerk 

Beaufort— Daniel Stewart, retired 

. . Mrs William Scrimgeour 

Morven — HughC. Mathieson, Ins. official 

5 Alexander Smith, cnrriage examiner 

Lednock — James Young, printer 

. . David T. Peter, electrician 

Alberta— Mrs Andrew Hill 

. . Geoige Harris, P.O. clerk 

Darnhall Drive— 

. William Smith, P. o. clerk 

Braehead--Jas. Finlayson, colliery agt 

6 Mrs Ann Farquharson 

Cairnbank— Geo. C. Young, teacher 

.. Robert Henderson, retired 

Raigmore — Mrs Thomas Jagger 

Chas. Bryson, grocer 

Baalbec— Peter Robertson, P.O.clerk 

. . James Grieve, blacksmith 

Idvies— Andrew R. Calder, clerk 

7 William Angus, cycle agent 


. . Mrs Agnes C. Macmaster 

James R. Duncan, engine driver 

. . Joseph M. Nisbet, foreman 

Mrs Robert Rattray 

. . Jas. Brash, shepherd 

Robert S. Niven stationer's assist. 

8 William Wishart, engine driver 

Park Place — 

. . Mrs Jane A. Birnie 

1 The Park— Robt. Cooper, builder 

. . Henry M. M 'Arthur, bobbin manufr. 

and contractor 

The Cottage— Vacant 

2 George Dow, book keeper 

Wilson Street here 

3 James M. Smith, brassfinisher 


4 A. H. Young, insurance official 

Donald Robertson, tobacconist, &c. 

5 Alexander Macgregor, teacher 

Knock Earn— Thomas Duncan, clerk 

6 Wm. Kennedy, motor manager 

The Mart House— George Jackson 

7 John Henderson, teacher 

North of Scotland Bank Branch 

8 James Matthews, retired 

The Perth Live Stock Mart- 

9 Jean L. K. Taylor, teacher 

Hay & Co., Ltd., auctioneers 



Isla Bank Cottage- 

6 Elizabeth Dunbar 

Mrs Thomas Lunn 

. . John Brough, dyer 

Robert Beveridge, salesman 

4 James Johnston, engine driver 

1 Alex. Hume Lenchars, dairykeeper 

. . Eugene Sweeny, barracks warder 

Damhall Drive, Park Place and Clyde 
Place here 

Queen's Avenue 

Priory Place. 

Craigie Girls' School- 
Helen S. Kelman, matron 

1 Robert Logan, Lieut., Black Watch 

1 David Loudon, grocer (Barbeth) 

3 Andrew Duff, porter 

2 William H. Tanner, excise officer 

5 Mrs James Thomson 

3 R. C. Docherty, commercial clerk 

. . David Burns, merchant 

4 Mary Brown 

7-11 Craigie Public Hall -Sec, Jas. M. 

. . Isobella M'Donald 

Dow, 2 Craigie crescent 

5 Mrs James Skinner 

13 James M 'Donald, engine driver 

6 Mrs Mary A. Stewart 

15 George Bryce, clerk 

7 Duncan Campbell, live stock agent 

17 David Neil, grocer 

8 Mrs L. Potter 

. . Peter T. Brown, brakesman 

9 Robert G. Fotheringham, teacher 

19 John Wishart, bootmaker 

10 John Gyle, I.R. officer 

19 Georgina Patterson 

11 Barbara Leitch 

. . David Dow Douglas, clerk 

12 James C. Smail, chemist 

21 John Henderson, mechanic 

13 Richard Forrest, traveller 

. . Charles Robbie, foreman 

14 James B. Smith, retired 

23 Thomas Russell, engine fitter 

Wellbank Cot, —James Coulter, retired 

25 Joseph Kinghorn, dyer's finisher 

Toll Bar Cottage — Thos. Angus, labourer 

27 James Duncan, retired 
29 Peter Turpie, baker 

Queen Street. 

31 George Taylor, tailor's cutter 

1 Mrs W. D. Donald 

33 Mrs John Cameron 

3 James M'Cash, retired 

35 Mrs James Robertson 

5 Ellen Anderson 

37 Mrs William S. Hay 

7 James Edwards, gas collector 

39 Bessie Adam, grocer's assistant 

9 Mrs George P. Crichton 

41 Stewart Rollo, coppersmith 

. . Isabella F. Robertson 

43 David Lauder, signalman 

11 John D. Cargill, ironmonger 

45 Mrs James Lamond 

13 Jessie Anderson 

47 Alexander Graham, retired 

. . James A. Bisset, warehouseman 

49 Mrs John Dow 

. . John Inglis c erk 

51 Mrs Alexander Lipp 

. . Mrs James T. Robertson 

53 Henry Morrison, butcher 

15 Francis F. S. Forbes, engine fitter 

55 John Fraser, retired 

Friar Street here 

. . Mrs George Wilson 

17 Roderick Nairne, clerk 

. . Alfred Wilson, organist 

19 David Sutherland, guard 

57 Katherine Falcon, dressmaker 

. . Mrs David Young 

59 G. K. M'Rae, commercial traveller 

. . Andrew Bayne, railway clerk 

63 John Dickson, guard 

.. Mrs N. Erskine 

. . James P. Dow, clerk 

21 George Ewen, bootmaker 
23 Mrs John Littlejohn 

. . Mrs William Haig 

. . David Young, engine driver 

. . John Thomson, signalman 

. . Mrs Alexander M'Dougall 

25 John H. Ledingham, seedsman 

65 Peter Thomson, grocer 

27 William Mackenzie, dyer 

34 John Johnston, joiner & contractor 

29 John Clark, printer's overseer 

. John J. M'Arther, tailor 

31 Mary and Catherine Pullar 

32 George Moyes, grocer 

33 Mrs John Munro 

30 John M' Arthur, tailor 

Wilson Street here 

28 Job Hardman, station superintendent 

35 Mrs William Ross 

26 Herbert P. Morle, photographer 

37 Orrin Villa— George D. Jack, retired 

24 John Young, retired 

39 Colintraive — Vacant 

22 Alexander M'Leod. engine driver 

Moredun villa- 

20 Mrs James Strachan 

James Douglas, painter 

18 Agnes Bonar 

George Valentine, jun., ironmonger 

16 Norman Shaw, motor mechanic 

The Knowe— George Valentine, cutler 

. . John R. Dorward, motor driver 

Knowlea— David Black, warehouse 

14 Wm. Parnell 


12 Peter Falconer, guard 

Knoweview — Rev. Robt. Hobart, M.A. 

10 Elizabeth Barclay 

Rockland Villa— Jas. Morris, surfacen. 

8 Alexander Airth, engine driver 

William Hood, inspector, G.P.O. 



Andrew G. dimming, stationer 
James Don, retired warder 
Windsor Terrace here 

42 John Eraser, engine driver 

40 Mrs Alexander M'Laren 

38 Thomas E. Davidson, photographer 
. . Thomas Brown, baker 

36 Rachel R Brown 

34 Lewis Watson, joiner 
. . Daniel Ramsay, clerk 

32 George G. Henderson, captain 
30 James B. Ramsay, engineer 
28 George Robertson, clerk 

26 Jessie D. Benvie 
22-24 Jean Mitchell 
18 Mrs Jane Stewart 
16 Misses Shepherd 

14 Robert Butter, retired 

12 Wm. Macleish, mer. (Craigie Lodge) 

6 George H. Lawrence, Surveyor of 

Custom and Excise (Croft Lodge) 
4 Rev. Jas. Mackay, retired (Gardenside) 

2 Margaret A. P^obertson (Burnbrae) 

St. Leonard's Bridge. 

Peter J. Proven, stationm'st'r, N.B.R. 

Mary Hampton, newsagent & tobacc. 

James M'Farlane, retired 

Rebecca Taylor, post office 

John Mitchell, butcher 

Margaret M. Greig, draper 

Annie Kirkby, baker and confectioner 

John Wishart, bootmaker 

Wm. A. Jones, fishmonger & poulterer 

D. & C. Stewart, fruiterers & confrs. 

James Cameron, hairdresser 

Perth Creamery, dairy 

Wilson Street. 

1 Agnes M. Hardie (Fernlea) 

3 Alexander Strachan, retired (Fernlea) 

6 William Wilkie, retired 

7 Wm. K. Hamilton, railway inspector 

9 George Flight, manager (Graybank) 
11 James Valentine (Kenacoil) 

13 Wm. J. Prentice, draper (Pitsligo B'k) 

15 Alex M. Fletcher, West Coast agent 

21 Mrs Elizabeth J. Carruthers 
23 David Vass, gas manager (Benview) 
Osborne Terrace— 

33 Mrs John Baxter 

35 Alex. Blues, grocer 

37 Alexander S. Leitch, com. traveller 

39 Robert M. Clark, insurance official 

41 Alexander Miller, clerk 

43 James Headrick, draper 
45 Robert Mochrie, butcher 

47 Alexander Grant, agent, H. Rly. 

49 Chas J. Lindsay, gas treas.(Broadmyre) 

51 David M. Calder 

53 Mrs Angus Macd'nald (Loretto) 

5i James Smart, hide and tallow merch. 

57 Wm. M. Law, retired (Gogar) 

59 Andrew Bruce, plumber (Dalquharan) 

61 Matthew Y. Gemmel, commercial 

traveller (Kincardine) 

63 Mrs Thomas Henderson (Exton) 

65 David Lawson, P.O. clerk (Croydon) 

67 James M'Intosh, guard 

69 Elizabeth Forbes (Cairndhu) 

71 Leonard Rigg, dyer's manager 

73 Geo. M. Moncur, hairdresser (Crickle- 


75 Andrew Wilkie, retired (Berea) 

77 James M'G. Donaldson, retired 

79 William B. M'Callum, optician, &c. 

18 John Harvey, woodwork teacher (Mor- 

2 Malcolm S. Irvine, vanman (Ardoreck) 
4 John Birnie, enginedriver (Benachy) 
6 James Fisher, cashier (Carville) 
8 Mrs Elizabeth Thomson (Dunalastair) 
10 Mrs Neil M. Black, (Glenardle) 
12 Annie M. Smith, spirit dlr. (Thistle- 
14 Lennoxville-Robt. Callan, C.R. insp. 
16 Mrs Betsy Douglas 
18 R. T. Macfarlane, clerk (Pitcairns) 
20 David N. Milln, colliery agent (Ingle- 
22 Alexander M'Kenzie (Sunnybrae) 
24 Mrs James Milne (Drumoak) 
26 Norma Villa— William Smail, printer 
Charles Forbes, foreman 
John Soutar, joiner 
Robert L Hood, waiter 
36 John Campbell, sol. (Murdostoun) 
38 John Young, blacksmith (Eureka) 
40 Jas. F. Menzies, cycle agent(Ellerslie) 
42 Thos. B. Gellatly, factr. man.(Bonha') 
44 Mrs William Brough (Eildon) 
46 John Taylor, raily. storekpr. (Amulree) 
48 Wm. Pearson, ins. agent (St. Aubin) 
50 Mrs William Clark (St. Aubin) 
52 John Adamson, draper (Chanonry) 
54 William Wilkie, clerk (Restalrig) 
56 William Paul, retired (Walnut) 
58 James Stirling, baker (Balagan) 

60 Robt Waddell, train cond. (Allandale) 

62 Jas M'Farlane, gas ins. (Ben Voirlich) 

64 James H Ewart, blacksmith (Craig- 


66 Mrs Murdoch Cameron (Herdhill) 

68 John Black, retired (Inchcape) 

70 Jean Smail (Fairview) 

72 Mrs James Garvie (Dorville) 

74 Mrs Henry Wilkie(Davaar) 

76 Margaret Mackintosh (Portnacraig) 

78 Robert M. Alexander, warehouseman 

SO Peter Brown, grocer (Viewmount) 

Young Street 

David Buchanan, secretary 

Robert Wilson, guard 

Albert E. James, C.R. raily. inspector 

George Grieve, dyer's finisher 

David Ramage, builder (Sandbank) 



George Pratt, joiner (Rosebank) 
W. L. Hampton, stat'ner(Coltness cot.) 
James M'Crow, booking clerk ,, 
James Andrew, clerk (Bonkle Cot.) 
Mrs George Esplin ,, 

Mrs Colin M'D. Smart 

John Watt, grocer (Hillview) 

J. M. Dow, spirit merchant (Dunolly) 

D. S. Anderson, joiner (Strathornia) 


Low Road. 
Pitheavlis Bank — 

George W. Gall, newspaper represent. 

James Hastie, railway inspector 

David Watson, assist, insurance snpt. 

Isabella Ross 

William Garvie 
John A. Drnmmond, insurance agent 

Duncan M'Lean, warehouseman 
Neil Drnmmond, landscape gardener 
Drummond & Co., landscape and market 

Shepherds Buildings, Burnside— 

1 Mrs Charles Johnson 

2 Mrs James Smart 

3 Allan Guild, engine kindler 

4 Mrs Hugh Clement 

5 James H alley, postal clerk 

6 Alexander Anderson, joiner 

7 Mrs Alex. S. Moffat, stewardess 

8 George Kidd, foreman painter 

9 Alexander Melville, policeman 

10 Henry Baird, carriage inspector 

11 W. R. Todd, postman 

12 Alexander Clark, joiner 

13 Mrs Joan Cunningham 

14 David Barclay, joiner 

Craigie Hill Golf Club— Stewardess, Mrs 
Moffat, Burnside 

Craigie Wood Cottage— Rob t. M. Brown, 

Peckembere Cottages — 
Gray Rennie, labourer 
Alex. Gellatley, gas worker 

Necessity Cottages- 
David Bryce, ploughman 
Walter Davidson, cattleman 

John Thomson, clerk 

Peter Patterson, calenderer 

Helen Smith 

Alexander Smith 

James W. Watson, painter 

Jemima Gow 

Andrew Speedie, mason 

Mrs George Scotland 

James Scotland, joiner 

Main Street. 

Cherrybank School- 
James Mackie, schoolmaster 

M'Vean's Buildings (Main st.)- 
Robert Kerr, railwayman 
William Roy, butcher 

George C. Sharp 

Mrs George Ferrier, apartments 

Alexander Bremner, gas worker 

Mrs Robert Bremner 

A. E. Harvey, ironmonger 

Peter F. Gillies, machineman 
Oakbank Road here 
Misses A. & M. Lumsden, confectioners 
Alex. Cameron, labourer (Viewfield cot.) 
Geo. Watters, retired (Cherrybank cot ) 
Sunnybrae — 

Henry Warren, Government official 

Alexander Pirrie, postal clerk 
Mrs Jennings-Bramley (Bonnieview) 
Oakbank Cottage — John Fraser, joiner 
Whitelaw— James Meek, retired 
Oakbank Terrace— 

Malcolm Macgregor, hay & straw mcht 

William Murphy, P.O. clerk 

Walter Fell, joiner 

John Small, railway policeman 

Robert P. Dowie, police constable 

Wm, Henderson, railwayman 

Mrs Peter M'Corquodale 

David Gillie, dyer 
Cleeve Lodge — Harry Young, gardener 
Cleeve — Francis Norie-Miller, J. P., direc- 
tor of Insurance Companies 
Harry Bayne, gardener (Quarry cott.) 
Garage— Richard Munro, chauffeur 
Woodlands — 

Harry G. Fraser, auctioneer 
Woodland Cottages — 

Harry Young, gardener 
William Dallas (Cherrybank Inn) 
Alex. Torrance, grocer & photographer 
John Kennedy, coppersmith 
Glbert Donaldson, mason 
Annie Boyd, servant 
David Deuchars, estate worker 
William T. Welsh, quarry blaster 
William Murray, tramway inspector 
Robert Lumsdeu, surfaceman 
Annie Peat 

John M. Ramsay, mason 
Annie Chisholm 
John H. Scott, clerk 
Isabella Scotland, P.o , grocer & newsagt 

Oakbank Road. 

John Webster, furnit're manager (Goss 

Andrew Wilson, commercial traveller 



Capt. E. W. Green, c.m.a. 

James Brown, comm. traveller 

Alex. S. Taylor, foreman(Dnnsinane view) 

Samuel B. Aitken, manager 

Helen Stewart, (Dungarthill) 

Peter Laidlaw, jeweller 

Maryville— Jas. E. M'Allister, inspecting 

Braemount — A. L. Kennedy, hotel keepr. 
Jas. Morgan, mgr agri engineers (Catrine) 
Wm. Paterson, schoolmaster (Domus) 
Mrs Angus Mackenzie 
Jessie Williamson, teacher 
Elizabeth Taylor, dairy 
Salisbury Terrace here 

Allan Bank — William Miller, merchant 
Bonnyview — Mrs Alex. Beveridge 
Moor Cottages— Miss Stewart 

,, Mrs Isabella Scott 

Euphemia TJ. Macgregor 
Bosemount — George B. Beid, baker 

Salisbury Terrace 

1 John Lindsay, com. traveller 

2 John Stewart, retired 

3 James Ferguson, retired 
. . James H Brims, clerk 

4 B. W. Henderson, draper 

5 David Glass, solicitor 

6 John Kerr Paton, builder 


(Brain ano flour fIDeicbant, 

43 South Street, Perth 

All Kinds of . . 

Every Kind of DOG FOODS in Stock. 





Levinson, Robert, 48 Scott street 
Maxtone Graham & Sime, C.A., 5 St. John 

Moir, Wood & Co., Royal Bank hdgs. 
Morison, J. & R., 4 Blackfriars street 
Nisbet, Peter, 5 St. John street 
Reid, Alex., 23 St. John street 

Advertising Agents. 
Hampton, W. L., 9 Scott street 
Leslie, D., 20 St. John Street 
M'Kinlay, John, King street 
Wood & Son, 50 High street 
Young & Sons, 66 Watergate 

Crated Water Manufacturers. 
Barbour, T. & J. , 57 Canal street 
Campbell, John, Limited, Feus road 
Carruthers, Robert, 11 Low street 
Cuthbert & Sons, James, 6 Homers' lane 
Uandie & Co., 81 High street 
Miller, George B., Pioneer Work, North 

William street 
Reid & Donald, George Inn lane 
Thomson, Craik, & Co., Ltd., Glover st. 
Wright, John, & Co., 18 N. Methven st. 

Architects, Civil Engineers 

and Surveyors. 

Beaton, Alexander K., 9 Charlotte street 

Bell, H. J., C.E., 18 Charlotte street 

Campbell, James N., 40 South Methven 

street (surveyor) 
Chalmers, A. G., 49 South Methven st. 
Duff, John, Licentiate R.I.B.A , architect 

ami surveyor, British Linen Bank House 
Heiton, Andrew H. Granger, 72 George st. 
Jarvie, J. Stirling, 8 High street- 
Mackay, Robert, 56 George street 
Moon, E. G. (C.E.), General Station 
Robertson, John M., 68 St. John street 
Smart & Stewart, 42 Tay street 
Stephenson S C , F.F.S., 38 Tay street 
Thomson, W. ErsMne, 36 George street 
Young, George P. K., A.R.l.B.A.,4?Tay st. 

Artists and Artmasters. 
Brown, Thomas W., 58 Tay street 
Lowe, Miss, 68 Tay street 
Murray, D. S., 3 Laurel Bank, Bridgend 
Ramsay, David, 2 Charlotte street 
Sellar, Charles, 5S Tay street 
Smieton, Jas., Elibank, 104 Glasgow rd. 
Steele, John Sydney, Rosemount place 

Aspaalte Manufacturers. 
Carrie & Co. Limited, 80-86 Princes st. 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 
Brady & Sons, 82 High street 
Dowle, Arthur, 12 High street 
Edwards, D. L., 1 Hospital street 
Forrester & Boyd, 66 George street 

Hay & Co., Ltd., Perth Live Stock Mart, 

Needless road 
Love, Thomas, & Sons, St. John's place 
Macdonald, Eraser, & Co., Ltd., Cale- 
donian road 

Baby Linen and Embroidery- 
Beehive Drapery Wareh'se, 14 County pi. 
Crichton, Annie, 37 St. John street 
Fleming, Reid <fc Co., Ltd., 1U High st. 
Gorries', 5 Scott street 
Greig, Margaret VJ., St. Leonard's bridge 
Kidd, L. C, 29 Main street 
M'Lagan, Jeanie, 63 North Methven st. 
Robertson, Catherine, 72 High street 
Sharp, Jessie, 214 High street 
Templeton, James, 17 George street 

Adie, William, 2, 6. and 8 Melville street 
Black, Mrs. Samuei, 4 Mill street 
Brown, John, 2 Main street, Bridgend 
Co-operative Society, Scott street and 13 
York place and 44 N. Methven street 
Dempster, B., 19 Main street 
Fenwick, A., & Son, 27 St. John street 

and 9 County place 
Kennaway, Charles G., 27 South street 

and 35 High street (pastry) 
Kirkby, Mrs H , St. Leonard's bridge 
Matthew, William H , 17 Leonard street 
Milne & MFarlane, 1 & 3 Melville street 
Montgomery, 279 and 327 High street 
M'Intyre & Stewart, 40 High street 
Murray, John, 89 South street (pastry) 
Paton, Wm.,17 N. Methven st., 50 Scott 

street, and 239 High street (pastry) 
Soutar, Robert, 79 South Methven street 
Stirling, James, 32 Priory place 
Stratton, Alex., 136 High street, (pastry) 
Thomson, John, 55 and 82 South street 
Wood, John, 21 High street 

Dolan, J. (Trades) 

Bank Agents— see page 24. 
Bankers— see page 24. 

Basket and Brush Makers. 
Bisset, William, St. Ann's lane 
Eastman, Walter, 8 High street 
Miller, Thonns, ;-7 Castlegable 
Stibbles, John, 9 George street 
Taylor, J. & H., 133 High street 


Borthwick, Walter, 68 George street 
Westwood, A., & Son, 21 Princes street 

Wood, D., & Son, 5 Mill street 
Young, Jas., & Son, Ltd., 66 Watergate 



Bird Stuffers and Dealers. 
* Bird Stuffers are marked thus 
Carstairs, David, 263 High street 
*Malloch, P. D., 26 Scott street 

Carmichael, D., 65 & 67 Main street 
Coull, William, 23 New Row 
Hume, William, Kirkside St John's pi. 
Johnstone, Alex., St. Catherine's road 
Low, William, & Co., 25-27 Newrow 
M'Ewan, David, 40 Canal street 
M'Gregor, Peter, 63 to 65 Kinnoull street 
Rushworth, Samuel, 11 So. William st. 

Dutch, George and John, Shore 

Dutch, George and John, North Inch 
Malloch, Duncan, North Inch 

Farquhar & Don, 76 George street 
Jackson, James H., 26 High street 
Leslie, D , 20 St. John street 
M'Gregor, A. & '£., 21 Bridge lane 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Barclay, Mrs A., 295 High street 
Brown, Isabella, 15 Leonard street 
Campbell, Hannah, 84 South street 
Carstairs, David, 263 High street 
Cooper, Mary, 20 North Methven street 
Craven, J., 1 North Methven street 
Gumming, Andrew G., 155 High street 
Cunningham, J. & J., 41 High street 
Duncan T. M., 6 George street 
Fraser, Mrs James, 221 South street 
Garvie, Alexander, 35-37 South street 
Hampton, Christina H., 4 W. Bridge st. 
Hampton, Jane, St. Leonard's Bridge 
Hampton, W. L., 9 Scott street 
Harris, Ann, 68 .South Methven street 
Hay, R. A. & J., 23 George street 
Henderson, Mrs W., 178 South street 
Inglis, Robert, 9 Kinnoull street 
Jackson, James H., 26 High street 
Kennedy, Margaret, 127 South street 
Kidd, George, 42 St. John street 
King, Alexina, 16 Leonard street 
Leslie, D. . 20 St. John street 
Menzies, John, & Co., Ltd. , 28 Market st. 
M'Donald, Catherine, 52 Atholl street 
M'Donald, Mrs J., 78 South street 
M'Ewan, William, 18 Gowrie street 
Nicoll, J. S., 45 South Methven street 
Paine, Henry, 85 South street 
Robertson, David, 95-97 High street 
R,obertson, Donald, 19 County place 
Scott, Mrs Alex., 121 South street 
Scott, Charles, 22 County place 
Smith, Thomas, 73 Princes street 
Stewart, G. & M., 25 South street 
Taylor, John K., 194 High street, Craigie 

and Fair Maid's House 
Taylor, George D., 50 Scott street 
Taylor, Peter, 241 High street 
Wood & Son, 60-62 High street 

Boot and Shoemakers. 

Birrell, A., & Sons, 66-68 High street 
Carmichael, Duncan, & Son, 71 South 

Methven street 
Christie, John, 19 East Bridge street 
Co-operative Society, 71 Canal street 
Cowe, William 293 High street 
Dick, R. & J., Limited, 76 High street 
Dunn, John A., 74 High street 
Ewen, George, 74 High street 
Fordyce, Joseph, 3 Glover street 
Greenlees & Sons, 179 High street 
Henderson, Arthur. 19 South street 
Johnstone, John, 100 South street 
Jones, Thomas, 45 Meal vennel 
Kennedy, John, 2 Fleshers' vennel 
Lundie, David, 35 Main street 
M'Aulay, Peter, King Edward street 
M'Lagan, William, 108 Canal crescent 
M'Nicoll, James, 8 and 10 St. John street 
Mackay, James, 59 Princes street 
Mackay, Robert, 12 Bridge lane 
Mann, Isaac, 4 Bridge lane 
Mitchell, William, 304 High street 
Murdoch, B. & M., 5 Skinnergate 
Nicoll, David, 184 South street 
Nicoll, James, 12 Leonard street 
Niven, George, 63 Newrow 
Norwell, David, & Son, 45 and 47, 213 and 

215 High street 
Patterson, William, & Sons, 180 High st. 
Porter, Robert, 152 South street 
The Scot Shoe House, 169 High street— 

(A. Duncan & Co.) 
Stead & Simpson, Ltd., 195 High street 
Stuart, Jas B. M., 5 Valentine's bldgs. 
Turnbull, William A., 29 Hospital street 
Tyler, Ltd., H. P., 182-184 High street 
Wilkie, Mrs David, 325 High street 
Will's Boot Stores, 73 So. Methven street 
Wilson, R. & A. , 110 High street and 2-4 

King Edward street 
Wishart, John, St. Leonard's bridge 
Wood, John, 32 High street 

Brasspoundeks— see Plumbers, &c. 

Brewers and Distillers. 

Dewar, John, &Sons, Ltd., Glasgow road 

Muir & Martin, Canal crescent 
Tay Distillery Co., Ltd., Isla road 
Wright, J., & Co., 18 North Methven st. 

Brick Builders and Merchants. 

Currie & Co., Ltd., 80-86 Princes street 
M'Kearney, Ed., St. Catherine's road 

Brokers and Dealers. 

* Pawnbrokers are marked thus 
Blyth, James, 27 Hospital street 
Boyle, Mrs. Peter, 42-44 Meal vennel 
Deuchar, Alexander, 10 South street 
Devaney, Patrick, 69 Watergate 
Donald, J. S., 16 Scott street 



*Fyfe, Win., 88 High street— Kirkclose, 

and 181 South street 
"Gardner, James, IS Hospital street 
Henderson, David, 200 South street 
*Heraughty, John, 14 Cutlog vennel 
Heraughty, Peter, 36 Mill street 
Kerrigan, Patrick, 26-30 Meal vennel 
Knight, Mrs. T., 4, 8, and 32 Meal vennel 
Lacey, James, 250 High street 
Lewis, Mrs. Annie, 15 Paul street 
M'Laughlan, Peter, West Mill street 
M'Mahon, Mrs Michael, 117 South street 
*Murphy, Ann Jane, 51-53 South street 
Murray, Joseph, 276 High street 
*Perth Loan Co., S8 High street and Kirk 

Robertson, Allen, 63 Leonard street 
Robertson, David, 2 Mill street 
Smart, Esther, 114 South street 

Brushmakers — see Basketmakers. 
Beat, David, Balhousie siding 
Beveridge, J. & D., 11 Newrow 
Brand, Robert, & Sons, Elibank street 
Cramb & Staig, St. Andrews street 
Johnstone, William, & Sons, 38Victoriast. 
Kerrigan, Patrick, 45 Canal street 
Morrison, William T., 15 Gowrie street 
M'Donald, Murdoch, 40 Commercial st. 
Paterson & Co., 2 Low street 
Paton, John K, 36 Victoria street 
Ramage & Cooper, St. Leonard's bank 
Ross, Adam, Lilybank, Burghmuir 
Ross, Robert M., Alexandra street 
Sievwright, George, & Sons, Tullylumb 
Whytock, Bros., 41 Princes street 

Building Trade Merchants. 

Currie & Co., Ltd., 80-86 Princes street 


Blyth, Jas. W., 47 No. Methven street 
Co-operative Society, Town's buildings, 
High street, Scott street, 52^Longcause- 
way, 38 North Methven street, Abbot 
street, 9 George street, 15 Main street, 
and 30 County place 
Ewan, Isabella, 10 Gowrie street 
Ferguson, Peter, 99 South street 
Frenz, John, 109 South street (pork) 
Frew, John F., 168 High street 
Hall, Joseph, 140 South street 
Hall, Richard, 50 South street 
Johnston, David, 258 High street 
Johnston David, 2 Newrow 
Kumerer, C , 140 High street (pork) 
Lawson, Robert, 12 Abbot street 
Lindsay, David G., 21 Leonard street 
Lindsay, John R., 15 North Methven st. 
Mathesou, D. S., 33 St. John street 
Milne, James, 9 St. Paul's square 
Mitchell, John, St. Leonard's Bridge, 

Mochrie, Robert, 39 High street 
Muir, James, 12 Hospital street 

Newman, James Edward, 3l£ Atholl st. 
Perth Meat Store, South street 
Roy, Thos., & Co., 47 South Methven st. 
Ruthven, David, 27 Kirkgate 
Ruthven, Edwin, 129 High street 
Waddell, R. D., Ltd., 233 High st. (pork) 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 
Burden, James M., 16S South street 
Cameron, J., A., & D., 16 Gowrie street 

and 9 York place 
Christie, James, 208 High street 
Fettes, William, 1S6 Bigh street 
Grant, Charles, 55 North Methven street 
Harris, Thomas, 61 Kinnoull street 
Love, Thomas, & Sons, St. John's place 
M'Donald, Jas., & Sons, 186 South st. 
Newsome, J. K., 75 Kinnoull street 
Sinclair, William , 44 St. John street 


Cameron, J. & P., Glasgow road 
Wordie & Co., 10 Mill street 

Carters and Contractors. 

Brand, Thomas, Elibank street 

Bruce & Sime, Shore 

Buchan, James H., Loretto court 

Cameron, J. & P., JSI.B. Mineral Depot 

Craigon, Peter, Shore 

Davidson, Allan, Alexandra street 

High, David, Elibank street 

Latto, Thomas, N.B. Goods Station 

Miller, John, Comely Bank cottage 

Muir, T., Son, & Patton, Ltd., Glasgow rd. 

Taylor, D. & R., Balhousie st. & Mill st. 

Taylor Brothers, 32 and 36 Kinnonll st. 

Watson, G., 36 Main street 

Watson & Sons, 51-53 Caledonian road 

Wordie & Co., 10 Mill street 

Cattle Dealers. 

Baptie, George, 5 Rockford ter., Jeanfleld 
Fenton, A., Hawthorn bank, 174 Glasgow 

Forbes, John, Craigie Park terrace 

Cement and Lime Merchants. 

Currie & Co., Ltd., 80-86 Princes street 
Law, Charles, & Son, 72-74 Princes st. 
Starforth, William, St. Leonard's bank 
Taylor, Thomas, 16 Milne street 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Blair, Rose P., 44 South Methven street 
Brunton, William D., 1 York place 
Brydon, John, 43 South Methven street 
Dandie & Co., 81 High street 
Farquhar, James, 15 Princes street 
Ferguson's Pharmacy, 7 Scott street 
Harley, Thos., 29 High street 
Kaye, Alex., 10 County place 
Reid & Donald 29 George street 
Smail, James C, 8-10 North Methven st. 
Strang, Peter (J. B. Macdonald), 154 High 



Chimney Sweepers. 

Calderwood, Matthew, 11 Barossa street 
M'Lauchlan, Daniel, 58 Watergate 
M'Lauchlan, Robert, 113 South street 
Speirs, James, 179 South street 

China, Crystal, and Stoneware 
Anderson, Matthew S., 29 St. John street 
Connell, William, 5 Greyfriars street 
Co-operative Society, Scott street 
Cunnison, Wm., 9 South Methven st. 
M'Donald, William, 37 Scott street 
M'Kearney, Henry G., 151-3 South st 
Taylor, David, 321 High street 
Valentine's China Stores, 147 High st. 
Watson, William, 165-167 High street 
Civil Engineers— see Architects, &c. 
Clergymen— see page 26 
Niven, G. K., 63 Newrow 

CLOTHlERS—see Tailors & Clothiers. 

Coach and Cab Proprietors. 

Marshall, R. & J., 58 George street and 

Victoria street 
Masterson & Williamson, 2S Mill street 

163 High st. and 6 North William st. 
Patrick, J. J., Victoria Horse Bazaar, 
Victoria street 


Dunn & Duncan, 73 Leonard street 
Malcolm & Co., 15J Mill street 
M'Murray & Archibald, 42-44 Princes 

Coal Agents and Dealers. 

Aird, Andrew, 48 Rose crescent 

Alloa Coal Co., N.B. mineral depot ; office, 

24 High street ; James Finlayson, agent 
Brand, Alexander, 72 Princes street 
Campbell, A., & Son, Glasgow road 
Co-operative Coal Society, N.B. mineral 

depot, and 271-273 High street 
Currie & Co., Ltd., 80-86 Princes street 

(and cement, lime, etc.) 
Dick, James C, 40 South William street 
Dickie & Ritchie, 32 Mill street 
Duncan, Thos., St. Leonard's bank depot 
High, David, Elibank street 
Law, Charles, & Son, 72-71 Princes st. 

(and cement and whiting) 
Lochgelly Coal Co., N.B. mineral depot; 

office, York corner — David N". Milln 
Macgregor, Wm., 12'2 Canal crescent 
Muir, Son, & Patton, Glasgow rd. depot- 
David Ferrier 
Montgomery, Charles, 8 Caledonian rd. 
Nicol, Robert, St. Catherine's road 
Ritchie, William, 32 Mill street 
Starforth, William, St. Leonard's bank 

(and cement) 
Thomson, William, 4 Cow vennel 

Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co., Ltd., Elibank 
street— W. H. Brown, agent 


Adams, David, 11 Balhousie street 
Adie, William, 2 Melville street 
Alexander, Mrs Chas., 65 N. Methven st. 
Alexander, George, 199 High street 
Barclay, Mary Ann, 8 Meal vennel 
Birrell Limited, 89 High street 
Brough, Agnes, 67 Princes street 
Brown, J. & C, 12 Scott street 
Bruccini, Mrs Albert, 333 High street 
Bryson Annie, 21 Commercial street 
Buchan, Mrs Janet, 1 Shields' place 
Burns, James, 315 High street 
Byars, Mary 64 South Methven street 
Clark, John Bishop, 60 Atholl street 
Clark, Lizzie, 254 High street 
Clark, Marjory, 86 South street 
Cleghorn, Ralph, 18 Castlegabie 
Corbett, Mrs Michael, 57 Kinnoull street 
Coupar, James, 262 High street 
Couttie, James, & Sons, 16 Mill street 

Crawford, Mrs David, 22 Hospital street 
Cura, Roberto, I, 3,7 Meal vennel 
Delpippo, Dominico, 161 South street 
Dempster, B , 19 Main street 
Dodds, Alexander, 7 Unity terrace 
Eadie, James, M'Quibban's bldgs., Shore 
Fenwick, A., & Son, 27 St. John street 

and 9 County place 
Ferguson, George, 24 South street 
Fowlis, Francis, 167 South street 
Franchi, Peter, 12 St. John street 
Gow. Maggie, 14 South Methven street 
Guilianotti, James, 14 Hospital street 
Guilianotti, Joseph, 32 N. Methven st. 
Harrier, Annie, 46 Newrow 
Hay, 73 George street 
Hood, Annie, 18 Gowrie street 
Hunt, 71 and 120 High street 
Hutchison, Ellen, Barnhill cottage 
Irvine, Jessie, 101 South street 
Kennaway, Charles G., 27 South street 

and 35 High street 
Kerr, Mrs H., 6 Leonard street 
Kerr, Mrs J. , Leonard street 
King, L., 16 Leonard street 
King, William, 30 Scott st. (wholesale) 
King, Mrs Jane Ann, 10 North Port 
Kirby, Mrs Henry, St. Leonard's Bridge 
Laing, Mrs A. G., 2 No. Methven street 
Lumsden, Misses A. & M., Main street, 

Marcantonio, Lorenzo, 40 Scott street 
Mechie, J. B., 16 George street 
Melville, Lizzie, 23 King streot 
Morris, Charles, 13 Bridge lane 
Munro, Mrs A., 54 George street 
M'Call, Mrs A., 39 Mill street 
M'Cormack, Lizzie, 63 Princes street 
MDonald, Mrs A., 24 Gowrie street 
M'Farlane, Mrs D., 5 Princes street 
M'Gregor, Margaret, 199 High street 



M'llwham, Miss, 14 Atholl street 
M'Inroy, Isabella, 17 County place 
M'Inrov, John, 3 George street 
M'Inroy, Mrs John, 135 South street 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs P., 123 South street 
M'Lean, P., 75 South Methven street 
M'Leod, Jane C, 37 No. Methven street 
M'Pherson, Mrs Hugh, 14 Charlotte st. 
Panetta, Frederico, 46 George street 
Paton, Margaret, 37 County place 
Paton, Mrs Robert, Craigie place 
Paton, ffm., 17 N. Methven street, 50 

Scott street and 261 High street 
Perthshire Confectionery Company, 63 

Princes street 
Quinn, Annie, 267 High street 
Rattray, Martha, 65 Princes street 
Reid, Mrs James, 67 N. Methven street 
Reid, Violet, 7 Glasgow road 
Ribolla Peter, 67 High street 
Richardson, L., 26 Mill street 
Selbie, Mrs James, 77 Leonard street 
Simpson, Annie, 72 South street 
Smith, Mrs A., 56 Princes street 
Stratton, Alexander, 134 High street 
Taylor, Jeannie, 233 High street 
Traill, Bella, 1 Kinnoull street 
Turnbull, Mary Ann, 11 N. Methven st. 
Webster, Elizabeth, 6 Caledonian road 
"Whyte, Louise T., Main road, Jeanfield 
Whytock, Catherine, 162 High street 
Wilson, Mrs Wm., 109 Canal crescent 
Wilson. S. M., 9 South Methven street 
Wood, Chas. P., 16 St. John street 
Wood, John, 13 High st and 2 George st. 
Young, Mrs Peter, 6 Caledonian road 


Thomson, John, 11 St. Ann's lane 

Copper and Tinsmiths. 

Gorrie, David, & Son, 27 S. Methven st. 
Irvine, James, 126 South street 
Robertson, James, 53 North Methven st. 


Barker, George, 21 Newrow 
Valentine, George, & Sons, 83 High st. 

Cycle and Motor Manufacturers, 
Agents, and Dealers. 

Anglo American Oil Co., Feus road 
Angus, William, 7 North Methven street 
Bridgend Motor and Cycle Depot, 55-57 

Main street 
Burns, David, 64 & 74 George street 
Christie, Harry, 9 Charterhouse lane 
Christie, James, Canal cres. & 7 King st. 
Clydesdale Supply Co., Ltd., Scott st. 
Croall & Sons, Ltd., John, 11 York place 

and 2 Murray street 
Ferguson & Batchelor, King street and 

South street 
Frew & Co., Ltd., 14-18 Princes street 
Gorrie, David, & Sons, Loretto court and 

South Methven street 

Holdgate, Thomas, 150 South street 
Lindsay & Fenwick, 143 South street 
Malcolm, Alexander, Northern Garage 
Masterson& Williamson, 6 N.William st. 
Menzies, James F., 40 St. John street 
M'Farlane, Jas., 20-22 South Methven st. 
M'Farlane Brothers, 246 High street 
M'Kab, John, 5 Isla road 
Oake,ErnestGeorge& Co., 39 Main street 
Paton, John, St. Leonard's Garage 
Perth Garage, Ltd., 10 York place 
Perth Vulcanising Depot, 192 South st. 
Robertson, John, 35 Scott street 
.Shaw, Malcolm, 137-143 High street 
Sinclair John, 130 South street 
The Shields Motor Car Co., Ltd., Dun- 

keld B,oad 
Valentine, Ltd., King Edward street and 

South street 
Wallace & Munro, 49-51 N. Methven st. 
Watt & Ramsay, Ltd., 27-2S Mill street 

and 163 High street 
Young, David O., 23 Scott street 

Allan, Mrs. D., 70 Watergate 
Andrews, Maggie A. , 6 North port 
Balfour, Allan, Bellfield, Burghmuir 
Burns, Mary, 12 Market street 
Cadzow, Miss, 17 Skinnergate 
Cadzow, Frank, 32 Craigie place 
Campbell, Mrs Kate. 10 Abbot street 
Clark, Misses, 259 High street 
Co-operative Society, 69 Canal street 
Fenwick, Mrs David, 60 Scott street 
Flynn, Mary, 10 Meal vennel 
Gregor, Miss E. , 7 Hospital street 
Haggart, Kate, 9 Abbot street 
Harley, John, 40 Pomarium 
Harrier, Annie, 46 Newrow 
Harris, Mrs C, 337 High street 
Jennings, Mary, 59 Meal vennel 
Lamond, Wm., Mavisbank, Burghmuir 
Mason, Robert, Muirfleld, Burghmuir 
Miller, William, 5 Union street 
Mitchell, Alexander, 4 St. Catherine's rd. 
Mitchell, Mrs Alex , 2 St. Catherine's rd. 
Mitchell, William, 31 Castle gable 
Moore Mrs George, 337 High street 
M'Gilvary, Mrs L., Firbank, Burghmuir 
Nairn, Mrs Andrew, 70 Watergate 
Neil, John, 5 Union street 
Perth Creamery Co. , Kinnoull causeway 
and St. Leonard's Bridge, and 31 Scott 
street — Alex. Dempster, manager 
Pullar, Charles, 52 South street 
Quinn, Miss A., 267 High street 
Ross, Alexander, Strathmore street 
Ross, John, 45 Leonard street 
Stewart, Mrs Georgina, 3 Paul street 
Stewart, Lizzie, 108 South street 
Strang, Margaret, 4 North Methven st. 
Taylor. Elizabeth, Cherrybank 
Taylor, Mrs. Robert, Hillhead 
Turnbull, Misses, 11 N. Methven street 
Watson, Robina, 3 Market street 



Watson, George, 41 Main street 
Wilson, Mrs James, Bellfielcl, Burghmuir 
Wisley, Margaret, 31 Main street 


Burgess, James Rae, 173 High street 
Cathles, J, M., 49 King street 
Edwards, Johnston, 28 St. John street 
Lawson, James R., 47 York place 
Liebow, H. E. M. , 3 Princes street 
Lipp, Abraham, 150 High street 
Mailer & White, 4 Graham's pi., King st 
Scott, Allan, 49 South Methven street 
Stewart & Edwards, 23 Princes street 

Drapers and Silk Mercers. 

Adamson, John, 51 High street 

Angus, William, 50, 64, 66 and 67 South 

Methven street 
Bee Hive Drapery Warehouse, 15 County 

Brydson, William, 23 St. John street 
Caird, A., & Sons, Ltd., 159 High street 
Conacher, David, 119 and 121 High street 
Co-operative Society, Scott st., Canal st. 

and Abbott street, Craigie 
Colman, Mrs E. G., 63 South street 
Dunsmore, Buchanan, 44 High street 
Geddes, John C, 33 South Methven st. 
Gordon & Stanfleld, 32 So. Methven st. 
Greig, Brothers, 24 and 26 Watergate 
Greig, Margaret M., St. Leonard's Bridge 
Greig, MrsRobert M. ,16 and 20 Watergate 
Hamilton, Jessie, 63 George street 
Hay, Robert, & Son, 27 George street 
Irvine, Margaret, 29 Main street 
Moir, Ina, 60 George Street 
Moore, John, 225 High street 
Murphy, Mrs Ann J., 49 South street 
M'Cowan, Alexander, 229 High street and 

294 High street 
M'Donald, Alexander, 59 High street 
MDonald, James, 69 High street 
M'Dougall, Elizabeth, 88 High street 
M'Ewen, James, & Co., 56 St. John street 
M'Gregor, James A., 211 High street 
M'Intyre, John, 34 Scott street 
M'Kinney, Katherine, f-'O George street 
Sime, James B., 207 High street 
Smith, J. .& D., & Co., 13, 24 and 26 

Charlotte street 
Storey, R. A., 57-61 South Methven street 
Templeton, James, 15 George street 
Toby, Mrs Minnie, 173 South street 
Wallace, D. A., 116 High street 
Wallace, William. 24 County place 
Watt, Jean E., 266 High street 

Dressmakers and Milliners. 

Abbot, Bella, Esslemont, 1 Cornhill ter. 
Abbott, Francis, 32 Whitefriars street 
Adamson, John, 51 High street 
Aitken, Miss M. E., 22 Carpenter street 
Allan, C. E. & M., 12 Rose crescent 
Allan, Helen T., 1 Ballantine place 
Anderson, Isabella, Ciyde place 

Ballancyne, G. & A., 55 Balhousie street 
Barker, Miss M., 95 Scott street 
Black, Jessie, 23 Kinnoull street 
Brown, A. & J., 4 St. John's House 
Bryce, H. & K., 48 Atholl street 
Brydson, William, 23 St. John street 
Clark, Christian, 36 Atholl street 
Clyne, Mrs James, 33 James street 
Cochrane, Mary, 25 Kinnoull street 
Co-operative Society, Scott street 
Cree, Christina M., 61 George street 
dee, P. & Son, 50 North Methven street 
Cuthbert, Mrs James, 231 High street 
Davidson Miss M., 1 & 3 So. Methven st. 
Deuehars, Jessie, 48 S. Methven street 
Donaldson, Harriet M., 15 Robertson's 

Dunsmore, B., 44 High street 
Edwards, Penelope, 36 Scott street 
Falcon, Katherine, 57 Priory pi,, Craigie 
Fox, Mrs, 2 Bridge street 
Gall, Jane, Oliphant's vennel 
Kidd, CAJ.,3 1. Methven street 
Lambert, J. A , York Corner 
Mechie & Co., 1 County place 
Menzies, Margaret, 46 Longcauseway 
Middleton, Mina, 260 High street 
Miles, Madame Katherine, 52 George st. 
M'Cowan, Jessie, 14 George street 
M'Ewen, J., & Co., 56 St. John street 
Mackenzie, Cath. J. A , 1 1 East Bridge st. 
M'Laggan, Edith Marion, 4 Union street 

lane, Bridgend 
MacLaren, Annie S., 28 So. Methven st. 
M'Phail, Mary, 27 Kinnoull street 
M'Quhae, Margaret, 11 Gowrie street 
Peebles, Margaret, 10 Kinnoull street 
Petrie, E. M., 68 Tay street 
Phillips, Betty, 1 Hospital street 
Robertson, Catherine, 72 High street 
Robertson, Mrs Elsie, 217 High street 
Robertson, Margaret, 48 Commercial st. 
Roy, Miss, 16 South Methven street 
Scrimgeour, Elizabeth J., 12 Kinnoull st. 
Sharp, A. & K., 49 South Methven street 
Sime, J. B., 225 High street 
Soutar, Jane C, 13i York place 
Stewart, Charlotte, 138 High street 
Stewart, Harriet, 42 George street 
Turnbull, Margaret, 4 North port 
Waddell, Katherine, 9 S. Methven street 
Walker. Mary, 89 Canal street 
Wilson, Wilhelmina, 66 Princes street 

Dyers and Renovators. 

Pullar, J., & Sons, Ltd., Kinnoull street 
Thomson, Limited, Friarton 

Electrical Engineers. 

Bell, Andrew, 19 Kinnoull street 
Borthwick, Walter, 68 George street 
Currie, James, 220 South street 
Frew ifc Co., Limited, Mill street 
M'Kenzie, Donald R., 91 South street 
Watson & Sons, Caledonian road 
Westwood & Son, 25-27 Princes street 



Engineers, Ironfounders, and 


Barker, George, Tay Iron Works, Market 

street and Newrow 
Douglas, Daniel, The Shore 
Gorrie, David, & Sons, 27 S. Methven st. 
Low, William, 25 27 Newrow 
Mather, H. W., & Son, 18 Glasgow road 
Morton, Thos., & Co., St. Catherine's rd. 
Robertson & Robertson, Perth Foundry, 

Paul street 
Sellar, G., & Co., 11 Glasgow road 
St. John's Foundry Co., Foundry lane 
Stewart, John, & Co., St. Andrew's st. 
Wallace, J., & Sons, 9 Glasgow road 

Ballantine, T., 54 Scott street 
Howie, T., 20 George street 
M'Gregor, David, & Co., 40 George street 
Paton, Neil, 7 St. John street 

Fancy Goods Merchants. 
Anderson, W. D., 21 St. John street 
British Bazaars, Ltd., 142 High street 
Fair City Bazaar, 46 Scott street 
Harris, Mrs Annie, 68 South Methven st. 
M'Lauchlin, Matthew, 6|d Bazaar Co., 

14S High street 
Paul, James, 46 Scott street 
Robertson, James W., 192 High street 

Feather Dressers. 
Cameron, Mrs John, 59 Scott street 
Taylor, Mrs James, 98 Scott street 

Fireclay Goods Merchants. 
Currie & Co., Ltd., 80 86 Princes street 

Fishmongers, Game and Poultry- 
Coull, William & Sons, 66 Scott street 
Co-operative Society, 86 Scott street 
Dingwall, James, 8 Atholl street 
Donaldson, Peter, 59 George street 
Dow, John, 62 South street 
Henderson, Robert, & Sons, Henderson's 

buildings, High street 
Jones, William A., St. Leonard's Bridge 
Laing, J. I., West Bridge street 
Mailer, John, 17 St. John street 
Mitchell, Robert, & Son, 182| South st. 
Norval, George, 41 North Methven street 
Powrie, David, 62 South Methven street 
Rennie, John, 274 High street 
Stewart, Alexander, 10 S. William st. 
Stewart, D. & C, Glasgow road 
Stewart, John, 3 ) Castlegable 
Stobie, G. & A., 187 High street 

Fish Restaurants. 
Brown, John, 2 Mill street 
Cavellini, Louis, 102 South street 
Clark, William, 24 Meal vennel 
Cramb, Mrs David, 25 Mill street 
Cura, Agostino, 9 Leonard street 
Cura, Roberto, 1 and 3 Meal vennel 

Farquhar, James, 9 Leonard street 
Hay, James, 291 nigh streot 
Holdgate, Thomas, 144-146 South street 
Mackay, John, 340 High street 
Manattini, Angelo, 313-317 High street 
Marcantonio, Lorenzo, 38-42 Scott street 
Martin, David, 1 Gowrie street 
Mellis, Jas., Somme Restaurant, 44 North 

Methven street 
Ramsay, Robert, 22 Leonard street 
Small, William H., 22 Meal Vennel 
Teviotdale, James M., 216 South street 
Zucconi, Roberto, 1-3 Meal vennel 

Fishing-Tackle Makers. 

Crockart, D. B., 33 County place 
Malloch, P. D., 24-26 Scott street 
Fleshers— see Butchers 
Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Adam, Mrs J., 32 Robertson's buildings 
Adam, William, 92 South street 
Brown, Wm., King Edward st. (wholesale) 
Brough, Agnes, 67 Princes street 
Buchan, John A., Victoria st. (wholesale) 
Burns, James, 272-273 High street 
Chaplin, J. C, Craigie Bank House 
Chisholm, A. M., 39 Scott street 
Connell, Margaret, 21 South street 
Co-operative Society, 30 County place 
Cruickshanks, Jas. N., 21 N. Methven st. 
Dingwall, Mrs James, 5 Atholl street 
Gair, Mrs William, 13 Bridge lane 
Haggart, Mrs James, 92 South street 
Harris, L. D., 5 Hospital street, 6 County 

place, and 60 South Methven street 
Henderson, Robert, & Sons, Henderson's 

buildings, High street 
Jones, Miss, 4 St. John street 
Laing, Mrs Andrew, 2 North Methven st. 
Laing, J. I., 1 West Bridge street 
Malloch, Mrs Duncan, 66 South street 
Manatini, Angelo, 315 High street 
Martin, Agnes Russell, 331 Old High st. 
Mitchell & Smith, 33-40 Skinnergate 
M'Donald, George, 165 South street 
M'Kenzie, John, 14 Abbot street 
M'Millan, David, 20 Atholl street 
Paterson, David, fruit farmer, Friarton 
Paton, Margaret L., 37 County place 
Robertson, John, 13 Princes street 
Simpson, Mrs John, 24 Leonard street 
Spence, Wm., 61 North Methven street 
Stewart, D. & C, St. Leonard's bridge 
Stewart, D. & C, Glasgow road 
Stobie, G. & A., 187 High street 
Veitch, Moir, & Erskine, 40-42 Leonard 

street (wholesale) 
Wilson, Mrs Alexander, 139 High street 
Wood, Charles T., 16 St. John's street 
Young, David, 13 Market street 
Funeral Undertakers. 

Co-operative Society, Scott street 
Easson, Andrew, 21 Strathmore street 
Marshall, R, & J., 31-33 South street 


TRADES And professions directory. 

M'Martin, Archibald, 58 South street 
Paxton, T. & G. *74 Old High street 
Stenhouse, A , & Co., 8 Main street 
Strang & M'Lagan, 210 High street 
Telford, P. & .L, Alexandra street 
Williamson, James, 172 High street 

Gardeners (Landscape and Market). 

Brown, William, & Co., Hatton Nurseries 
Dickson & Turnbull, Barnhill 
Drummond & Co. , Cherrybank 
Hendry, Mat., 12 Strathmore street 
Macpherson, Daniel, Potterhill 
Wilson, John, Comely Bank Nurseries 

Gardeners (Market). 

Beckett, George, Craigbank, Barnhill 
Buchan, John A., Veitchfield, Barnhill 
Dawson, James, West Oaks, Barnhill 
Dawson, Hugh, Pitheavlis 
Dobbin, Thomas, Cleeve cot., Cherrybank 
Duff, Wm , Kincarrathie Gdns , Lla road 
Gair, William, Cozieden, Barnhill 
Hay, John, Tayview, Barnhill 
Hutchison, Mrs Helen, Barnhill cottage 
Maitland. Geo., Northbank, Barnhill 
MacMillan, David A., Cornhill Cottage, 

M'Queen, Robert, nurseries, Glasgow rd. 
Nicoll, James, Hillend 
Pennycook, Alex., 46 Commercial street 
Robertson, Wm., Broompark, Muirhall rd 
Simmie, John, Bellwood Gardens 
Squire, F., Broomhill cot., Burghmuir 
Taylor, Alexander, No. 3 Brahan cottages 

Gasfitters — see Plumbers, &c. 

Glass Manufacturers. 

Moncrieff, John, Ltd., St. Catherine's rd. 

and Shore 
Tomey, E.. & Sons, Shore 

Glaziers— see Painters 
Golf Club Maker. 
Anderson, Joe, St. John street 
Grieve, William Evans, 9 North port 

Grain, Meal and Flour Merchants 
and Millers. 
Those marked * are millers. 
* Black, John, Horse Cross mills 
Black, Mrs S., 4 Mill street 
Cunningham, J. & J., Shore 
*Cunningham, John G., 93 Canal street 
Cuthbert, John, 14 Gowrie street 
Davie, J. W., 43 South street 
Galloway, D. & J., 9 St. John street 
Gardiner, James, 20 York place 
*Halley, R. & D., 2 South Methven st. 
Miller & M'Lagan, 36 Caledonian road 
Mitchell, Alexander 36 King Edward zt. 
M'Cash, J., & Sons, Feus road 
*Macdonald, James, & Son, City Mills and 

52 South Methven street 
Robertson, J., Gray & Harrower, 
10 Kirkgate 

Ross, David A., 14 Scott street 

Smith, J. & J., 12 South Methven street 

Veda Ltd., Craigie Mills 

Greengrocers— see Fruiterers 

Grocers and Provision Merchants. 

Those marked thus t are Wholesale 
Allan, Mrs James, 1?6 South street 
Baxter, William, 90 South street 
Brown, John, 44 Longcauseway 
Brown, Jane, 16 Kirkgate 
Brown, William, 36 Skinnergate 
Bruccini, Mrs Albert, 333 High street 
Buchan, Mrs J., 1 Shields' place 
Buttercup Dairy Co., 80 High street 
Campbell Bros., 35 South street 
Campbell, Robert, 23 County place and 

33 High street 
tCampbells, M'Lagan, & Co., 111-113 High 

Co-operative Society Branches— 81 Canal 
st., York place, 13 George st., 73 North 
Methven street, Perth road (Scone), 17 
Main st., Bridgend, Abbot st., Craigie, 
309 High st., 52 Longcauseway 
Christie, Mrs E , 14 Market street 
Clark, L. & M., 259 High street 
Cooper & Co., 42 South Methven street 
Davidson, William, Cutlog vennel 
Dewar, Isabella, 1 IncharTray street 
Dingwall, James, 5 Atholl street 
Eadie, James, 7 M'Quibban's buildings 
Gowans, F J., High street 
Harris, Lily R., 327 High street 
Honeyman, Thomas M., 19 Atholl street 
fKing, James, 30 Scott street 
Leuchars, Alex. H., 97 Glover street 
Lipton & Co., Ltd., 32 S. Methven street 
Loudon, David, 218 High street 
Low, William, & Co., 16-1S County place 

and 118 High street 
Lunan, David, 1 Main street, Bridgend 
Mailey, Mrs P., 89 Meal vennel 
Malloch, Duncan, 66 South street 
Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., 183 High street 
Melloy, Michael, 43 Meal vennel 
Moir, Alexander, 349 High street 
Morgan, John, & Co., 5 Main st. & High st 
M'Clelland, Tyndall, 49 High street 
Macrae, Agnes, Crieff road 
M'Laren, Isa, 59 Strathmores treet 
M'Laren, Mrs J., 15 Skinnergate 
M'Lauchlan, Patrick, 123 South street 
M'Laughlin, Matthew, 148 High street 
Northern Supply Stores, Crieff road 
Oliver, Mrs Elizabeth, 15 Watergate 
Paton, Mrs Robert, Craigie place 
Pearks' Stores, Ltd., 122 High street 
Pennycook, Mrs A., 91 Main st., Bridgend 
E,awlings, Mrs Hope A., 3 Crieff road 
Robb, Mrs Peter, 295 High street 
Robertson, Mrs J., Caledonian road 
Scotland, Isabella, Cherrybank 
Shepherd's Dairies, Ltd., 198 High street 
Smith, David, 23 Hospital street 
Smith, Grace Young, 1 Inchaffray stree 

trades and professions directory. 


Sprunt, Willianrina, 24 Leonard street 
Steele, David, 51 Strathmore street 
Stewart, William, 16 South Methven st. 
tStewart & Dick, King Edward street 
Straehan, George, 76 Canal street 
Torrance, Alex., Main st. , Cherrybank 
Thomson, James, 8-10 Leonard street 
Thomson, Peter, 65 Priory place, and 63 

Glasgow road 
Thomson, Peter H., 24 Princes street 
Turnbnll, 111 N. Methven street 
Whyte's Stores, Jeanfield 

Grocers and Wine and Spirit 
Drown, John, 44 Longcauseway 
Chalmers, Mrs Jane, 2 Leonard place 
Chaplin, William, 95 South street 
Clyne, Alexander D., 40-42 South street 
Cuthbert, James, & Sons, 120 South st. 
Darling, A. L., 1 Glover street, Craigie 
Falls, James G., 4 County place and 3 

Hospital street 
Gowans, J. & D., 25 and 27 High street 
Howat, G. & W., 46 High street 
Laing, Andw., & Co., 74 and 76 St. John 

St., and 28 and 30 High st. 
Lunan, David, 1 Main street, Biidgend 
Lynch, Helen, 54 Meal vennel 
Mitchell, Alex. T. , 26 Caledonian rd. and 

2 Market street 
Morgan & Co., 5 Main st., High st., and 

Perth road, Scone 
M'Arthur, Peter, & Son, 28 N. Meth. st. 
M'Diarmid, Donald, 160-170 South street 
M'Intosh, A., 36 St. John street 
M'Lelland, Tyndall, 49 High street 
Robertson, Robert, & Co., 21 George st. 
Smith, David, 23 Hospital street 
Soutar, George, 11 Kinnoull street 
Storrar, Alex B., 50 High street 
Stuart, Chas. C, & Son, 47 S. Methven st. 

and 12 Charles street 
Tainsh, Alexander, 9S High street 
Tainsh, Alfred P., 12 and 14 Main street 
Thomson, Alex., & Sons, 255 High street 
Thomson. Peter, 202 Hi"h street 
Wright, J., & Son, 2 South Methven st. 

Gunmakers and Gunsmiths. 

Crockart, D. B. , 33 County place 
Malloch, P. D., 26 Scott street 

Hairdressers and Perfumers. 

Alcorn, C. M., 156 South street 
Cameron, James, St. Leonard's Bridge 
Campbell, D. H., 6 King Edward street 
Doris, P^obert, 21 Kirkgate 
Hodge, William, 234 Hio-h street 
Kidd, Charles, 261 Old High street 
LieboAv, Miss Pauline, 46 South street 
Martin, Clement, 203 High street 
Mill, A. P., 39 George street 
Moncur, George M., 26 St. John street 
M'llwham, James, 11 Leonard street 
Reid, James, 23 Main street 

Boss, John, 202 South street 

Stewart, Henry G., 2 County place and 1 

Hospital street 
Tumilty, James, 13 County place 
Wilson, Ben, 281 High street 
Yeoman, Benjamin, 32 N. Methven st. 

Ham Curers. 
Robertson & M'Nab, Mill wynd 
Hatters and Hosiers. 
Brown, A. W., 30 St. John street 
Darling, A., & Co., 35 George street 
Dewar^ John S., 86 High street 
Henderson, William, 205 High street 
Miller, Alexander, 219-221 High street 
Moore, John, 925 High street 
Reid, Fleming & Co., 171 High street 
Taylor, Daniel, 101-103 High street 
Templeton, James, 15 George street 
Wotherspoon, A. U., 25 St. John st. 
Yuill, William, 7 York place 

Hay and Straw Merchants. 
Halley, R. & D., 2 South Methven street 
Miller & M'Lagan, Cherrybank 
M'Cash J., & Sons, corn far-tors, Feus rd. 
M'Gregor, Malcolm, West High street 
Robertson, William, St. Catherine s road 

Hide and Tallow Merchants. 
Dawson, Thomas, 20 Scott street 
Wilson, W. Mowat, 10 Princes st. & Shore 

Horse Dealers. 
Dunbar, George, 39 Princes street 
Dunbar, James, 16 Marshall place 

Those marked thus * are Temperance. 
Coles, Geo., Market Hotel, Caledonian rd. 
Crichton, Teter, Cross Keys 
Ferguson, John, 95 Leonard st. (Queen's) 
Foster, A. (Station) 
Kennedy, A. L., 75 Princes st. (Mon- 

creiffe Arms) 
taidlaw, Mrs, 18 Leonard st. (Laidlaw's) 
Mackinnon, Neil, 95 leonard street 

(Royal British) 
Miller, Mrs. James, 26 County pi. (County 

Miller, James, 5 North William street 

(White Horse) 
filler, MrsThos. I., 47 Princes st. (Vict.) 
Mowat, W. G., 24 South st. (Salutation) 
Reid's, York Place 
Sinclair, Win M. (Strathmore Hotel) 
Steele, Win., 51 George st. (Royal George) 
Waverley Hotel, Ltd., 31 York place— 

A. M'Intyre 

House Factors. 
Barlas, James, 231 High street 
Edward, D. L., 1 Hospital street 
Forrester & Boyd, 66 George street 

Ink Manufacturers. 
Moncrieff, J., Ltd., St. Catherine's road 



Insurance Companies. 

Co-operative Insurance Society, Scott st. 
General Accident, Fire &Life, Assurance 

Corporation, Limited, 2 High street 
North British and Mercantile Insurance 

Company s 14 George street 
Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd. , 29 Kinnoull st. 
Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, 

22 Scott street 
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society 

4 Kinnoull street 
A. R. Stenhouse, Hope & Blyth, 14 High 

Yorkshire Insurance Co., 32 St. John st. 

Iron Merchants. 
Peddie, W. & D., 284 High street 
Pulton, William, 15-17 Kinnoull street 

Barlass, J. & D., 56-58 High street 
Co-operative Society, Scott street 
Cunnison, William, 19 South Methven st. 
Garvie & Syme, 52 and 85 High street 
Hume, William, & Co., 115 High street 
Hume, William & Co., St. John's place 
Lindsay & Penwick, 143 South street 
Lindsay, Alexander, 34 King Edward st. 
Miller, J. & A., 11 Main street 
M'Gregor, Peter, 69 Kinnoull st 
Robertson, James, 53 North Methven st. 
Small, J. & R.., 36 South Methven street 
Valentine, George, & Sons, 83 High street 
Valentine's Stores, 153 High street 

Jewellers and Watchmakers. 

Bayne, George, & Son, 90 High street 
Burnfield, David, 57 South Methven st. 
Cairncross, A. & G., 18 St. John street 
Croll, Robert, 36 High street 
Dalgleish, A. P., 220 and 222 High street 
Dow, William, 24 South Methven street 
Farquharson, Donald, 2 S. St. John's pi. 
Laidlaw, Peter, 106 High street 
Macgregor, David, & Co., 40 George st. 
Miller, Peter, 156 High street 
Miller, Robert, 74 South street 
Murphy, Mrs A. J., 51-53 South street 
Paterson, Thomas, 37 High street 
Paton, Neil, 7 St. John street 
Paul, James, 124 High street 
Proudfoot, R. W., 227 High street 
Young, Eliza, 190 High street 

Joiners and Contractors. 

Anderson, D. S. & J., 289 High street 
Borrie, Alex. P., 252 High street 
(jameron, James, 1 Mill street 
(jhristie, Peter, Beeehcroft, Burghmuir 
(jrichton, David, 8 Brown street 
Eraser, John, Blackfriars street 
j a ck, James, 47 Meal vennel 
Johnston, David, &Son, 54 Leonard st. 
j hnstone, John, Priory place, Craigie 
j^nnox, John Hobson, 24 Market street 
kg asterson & M'Gregor, 46 Victoria st. 

Moncrieff , John, Ardblair, Muirton place 
M'Intyre, Duncan, 16 Mill street 
Nairne George, 145 High street 
Normand, James, 14 North William st. 
Paxton, Thomas, Thistle lane 
Sievwright, George, & Son, Tullylumb 
Smith, Charles K, 70 South street 
Soutar & M 'Queen, 18 Mill street 
Stenhouse, A., & Co., 8 Main st., Bridgend 
Stewart & Nairne, 23 Mill street 
Strang, Alexander, 210 High street 
Taylor Brothers, 32 Kinnoull street 
Taylor, D.. 40 Balhousie street 
Telford, P. & J., Alexandra street 
Watson, George 41 Main street 
Land Surveyors— see Civil Engineers 

Hamilton, Robert, Dunkeld road - Perth 

Steam Laundry 
Ramsay, Grace, 53 Strathmore street 
Simpsons, Windsor ter. , Craigie & Mill st. 
Thomson's Hygienic, Friarton 

Leather Merchants, Curriers, and 

Norwell, John King, 45 and 239 High st, 
M'Auley, Peter, King Edward street 
Spalding, R., & Son, St. Catherine's road 
Wilson, George, Princes street 

Linen Drapers. 

M'Intyre Brothers, 34 George street 
Smith, J. & D., & Co., 13 Charlotte street 

Lithographic Printers. 

Leslie, D., 20 St. John street 


Banks, Jas. , & Sons, rope manufacturers, 

141 High street 
Coates Brothers, Ltd., Balhousie (carpet, 

twine and jute) 
Couttie, Jas., & Sons (biscuit) 16 Mill st. 
Cunuingham, J. & J. (Cake and Manure), 

W. S. Ferguson & Co., Friarton, Chemi- 
cal Manure 
Garvie & Deas, Ltd., 55 South Methven 

street (woollen) 
Jamieson, John, & Co., Atholl Works 

Dunkeld Road, (clothing) 
Keegan & M'Kearney,(chemicalmanure) 

40 Caledonian road 
Lindsay, Alex rpreserve),St Catherine'srd 
Lindsay & Fenwick (bee appliances), 18 

Mill street and 143 South street 
M'Arthur, Henry Miller (bobbin), Glover 

Shields, J., & Co., Ltd., Wallace Works 

(damask linen) 

Manure Merchants. 

Campbells, M'Lagan,&Co.,lll-113Highst. 
Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd., Shore 
Cunningham, John G., 93 Canal crescent 



Ferguson, William S., & Co., Friarton; 

office, 13 Kirkgate 

Keegan & M'Kearney, 40 Caledonian rd. 

M 'Donald, James, 52 South Methven st. 

Masons— see Builders 

Medical Practitioners. 

Bisset, Wm. Fraser, M.B., Ch.B.. d.p.h. 

7 King's place 
Buchanan, Robert Wilson. M.A., B.S.B., 

Ch.B., Craigie Park House 
Chambers, W. D., Murray Royal 
Dempster, David, M.C., M.A., m.b., ch,B , 

d.p.m., County buildings 
Edwards, James Sutherland M.B., ch B., 

25 Barossa Place 
Graham, John T., M.D., cm., m.r.c.S. 

(Eng.), Dunalastair, North Inch, Perth 
Hume, John, m.d., 17 Marshall place 
Hunt, Leigh, M.B., CM., 1 Graham's place 
Menzies, Robert, M.B., Ch.B., 28 King st. 
Moffat, Captain, R. 0., 7 Atholl crescent 
Paton, Edward L., M.A , M.B., CM., 2 

Atholl place 
Skene, Leslie H., H.M. Prison 
Stewart, C. Parker, MB., CM.,, 

Rockville, Bainhill 
Stirling, Robt., M.D., CM., F.R.C.S.E., 4 

Atholl place 
Stuart, Charles, M.B., CM., Woodside, 

Taylor, Wm. A., M.B , CM., Riversdale 
Trotter, Alexander, m.b., ch.B., Tayview, 

Tay street 
Wickenden, Stanley, M. n.c.s. , L.R.C.P. 

(London), 13 Marshall place 
Wilkie, James Bowman, .u.b., F.R.C.S.E., 

6 Atholl place 
Young, David M., M.B., Ch.B., Ed., 7 

Charlotte street 

Midwlves and Sick-nurses. 
Anderson, Mrs Isabella, 9 Commercial st. 
Barclay, Miss Mary, 32 Caledonian rd. 
Brannon, Sarah, Day Nursery, Melville st. 
Brown, Miss J., 18 St Johnstoun'sbldgs 
Campbell, Mrs Alexander, 63 Kinnoull 

Cowie, Mary, 194 South street 
Dewar, Eliza, 87 High street 
JJewar, Annie, 20 Unity place 
Drummond, Mrs James, 74 Pomarium st. 
Flett, Mrs B., 31 Hospital street 
Galletly, Mrs David, 85 Pomarium street 
Graham, Helen, 100 High street 
Henderson, Mrs J , 40 Albany place 
Jervie, Mary, 24 Hammerman buildings 
Keay, Agnes, 79 Glover street 
Kennedy, Mrs A. 16 Atholl street 
Laing, Mrs George 20 Market street 
Livingston, Mrs Joseph George Inn lane 
Matthews, Jane, 298 High street 
Moncrieff, Lilias, 7 Orrock place 
Murray. Mrs, 16 Foundry lane 
MacCalman, Elizabeth, district nurse, 6 

Storm out street 

MacFarlane, Christina, 39 St. Johnstoun's 

M'Intyre, Mrs, 81 Scott street 
M'Quhae, Annie, 11 Gowrie street 
Petrie, Annie, 10 Moncreiffe terrace 
Rattray, Mrs John, 36 George street 
Robertson, Mrs. John, 61 High street 
Reid, Mary, 76 South street 
Young, Mary, 31 Leonard street 
Millers— see Grain Merchants 
Milliners — see Dressmakers, &c. 
Millwrights— see Engineers 
Music and Musical Instrument Sellers. 
Methven, Simpson, Ltd , 29 County pi. 
Miller, J. M., 7 County place 
Paterson, Sons, & Co., 26 George street 

Music Teachers. 
Allan, Janet C, 40 James street 
Bryson, James W., 17 Barossa place 
Chaloner, Emma, 5 Windsor terrace 
Cox, Thomas, 1 Stormont street 
Graves, F. S., 28 Marshall place 
Halding, A. C, 60 Scott street 
Midgley, Frederick, F.R.C.O., 18 King st. 
Miller, Grace M. , 18 Barossa place 
Miller, James, 67 Canal street 
M'Glynn, R. P., 1 King's place 
Nelson, David H., 7 Balhousie street 
Richardson, Stephen, 15 Barossa place 
Scott, Alice, 11 George street 
Scott, Minnie L., Viewfleld, High Craigie 
Swallow, Geo. S., Rowanlea, Needless rd. 
Taylor, Annie, Moncreiffe terrace 
Walker, Harry M. F. , 15 Atholl street 
Webb, William A., 11-13 Atholl street 
Yacamini, David, 49 South Methven st. 

Nurserymen and Florists. 
(See also Seed Merchants.) 
Alexander & Brown, 189 High street 
Brown, William, King Edward street 
Dickson & Turnbull, 91-93 High street 
Drummond & Co., The Nurseries, Cherry- 
Hendry, Matthew, 12 Strathmore street 
M'Greaor, Andrew, Craigie nursery 
Watt, William. 24 St. John street 
Wilson, John, Comely Bank nursery 

Cairncross, A. & G., 18 St. John street 
Cunnison, William, 19 South Methven st. 
Grieve, Georae, 29 Scott street 
M'Callum, W. B., 8-10 Scott street 
Mackenzie, Alex., 5 Kinnoull street 
Norval, George, 84 High street 

Painters, Paperhangers, and Glaziers. 

Marked thus * are Glaziers only. 
Agnew, Thomas, 69 South street 
Douglas, G. R., & Son, 52 Princes street 
Lowson, Robert, 61 Strathmore street 
Muirhead, Geo., & Sons, 24-26 Atholl st. 
*Maconochie, Edward, 177 South street 



Mackay, Hugh, 18 Main street 
*MacLeod, P. & T., 4 St. John's place 
Roger & Barclay, 56 Scott street 
Ross, William, 4-8 Charlotte street 
Smith, David, 7 « Canal street 
Smith, J. M., 33) High street 
Smith, W. R, 22 Gowrie street 
Thomson, John, 17 High street 
Yeoman, Alex., 208 South street 
Young, Ehenezer, 276 High street 
Pawnbrokers— see Brokers 
Art Photo. Co., 30 George st.— C. D. Geddes 
Bourke, Annie, 175 South street 
The Ideal Studios, Ltd., 10 Scott street - 

Miss Cora Ashbudge, manageress 
Kelly, James, 25 York place 
Lowe, Miss, 69 Tay street 
Mercer & Co., 95 High street 
Morle, Herbert P., Raeburn Studio, 12 

Princes street 
Stewart, George, 8 Hospital street 

Picture-Frame Makers. 
Dunn & Co., 46 N. Methven street 
Murray, D. B., 32 South street 
Stewart, Robert, & Sons, 39 St. John st. 

Plaster of Paris Merchants. 
Currie & Co., Ltd., 80-86 Princes street 

Allan, Robert, Kinnoull causeway 
Brown, Peter, Mill street