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Campus Events A 



Athletics .... 
Individuals . 



"The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a 
dream . . . Dreams are the seedlings of realities." 

James Allen 


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, 
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will 
meet with a success unexpected in common hours ... If you 
have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that 
is where it should be. Now put the foundations under them." 

Henry David Thoreau 

'Where there is no vision, the people perish." 

Proverbs 29:18 

Our college years serve as a lime for building: we set many 
specific life goals, knowing that with God we can achieve the 
highest of our dreams. Now is the time to spend laying the 
foundations of these dreams, the time to plan for tomorrow. 

College years are also a time to look back, and realize how 
far the Lord has already brought us. Looking back is a part of 
learning for now and the future. However, we must be careful 
only to learn from the past and make memories of it; to 
simply let it be yesterday, a time already gone. 

While we are planning and learning we should not forget 
the present. Now is the time to enjoy today — while we still 
have it. God has chosen to keep our knowledge of our own 
future from us for this very purpose. Trusting in Him, living 
one day at a time, not letting past or future overcome today's 
treasures — that is the Lord's will for our lives. "Live for 
today, dream for tomorrow, learn from yesterday." 

"Education means drawing forth from the mind latent 
powers and developing them, so that in mature years one 
may apply these powers not merely to success in one's occu- 
pation, but to success in the greatest of all arts — the art of 

William Lyon Phelps 

"And we know that all things work together for good to 
them that love God, to them who are the called according to 
His purpose." 

Romans 8:28 

Not only does God direct in the timing of His will in our 
lives, but He also guides us to the place He wants us to be. He 
brings opportunities to us. Where we are, not just physically, 
but spiritually and in all other aspects of our being, plays a 
part in the decisions we will make. Like clay in the potter's 
hands, God shapes us into what He wants us to be, using our 
experiences and influences as tools. 

As our character is built, we become an influence to those 
around us. More than we realize, God puts each of of us 
where we are so that He can use us to influence other people; 
thus, we must be careful of the character that is built in our 
lives. God uses people to accomplish His will. The greatest 
achievement we will ever gain is to be used by God; to be in 
the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose. 


"We confidently and joyfully look forward to actually be- 
coming all that God has had in mind for us to be." 

Romans 5:2 (Living Bible) 

"There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in 
the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little 

Henry Van Dyke 

God has a purpose and a plan for each of us. He brings 
together every element and every phase of our lives to ac- 
complish His will. Character built, goals set, and dreams 
achieved are all a part of that purpose. What is it? For our 
lives to make a difference in those around us, for others to see 
Christ in us. 

Begin building now, here at Union; it is an institution 
designed for that purpose. Make a difference now, and God 
will make it the pattern for your life. Then your life will truly 
be a dream achieved. 

President's Reception 

One factor that makes Union such a success is 
the closeness of the administration and faculty 
with the students. One way this closeness is ex- 
pressed is through the President's Reception held 
at the beginning of each school year. Turning the 
everyday cafeteria into a formal setting, the recep- 
tion provides opportunity for students to talk with 
their professors outside of a classroom atmo- 
sphere. Union University's President, Dr. Robert 
Craig, and his wife greeted students as they en- 
tered, and were introduced by Student Govern- 
ment Association President, Chris Williams. 

Talent Show 

The Student Activities Council has brought many new and innova- 
tive programs to Union's campus. Among the highlights of these 
events this year was the Talent Show, which provided opportunity 
for any interested student or faculty /staff member to perform before 
a sell-out audience of enthusiastic students. 

Good participation provided a range of categories, including ever- 
ything from vocal soloists to drama to animal imitations (moo). Dr. 
C.C. Kinnison was master of ceremonies. Winners included Eric 
Barron, Kenda Ross, Chris Jacobs, and Grace Cosmiano, who was the 
overall winner. 


^r "'''HIm^^^^^^B^H 




Speakers, Concerts, 

Each year Union hosts a number of speakers and several 
concerts. This year has again brought us an excellent fall 
revival evangelist, Dr. Franklin Pollard, president of Golden 
Gate Seminary. We also enjoyed music under the direction of 
Bill Morris. Many other fine speakers appeared in our chapel 

Two major concerts were "Truth", opened by Union's own 
Debbie Madoni, and the Steve Camp concert. 

Also, Kisber's held a fashion show on our campus, spon- 
sored by the Student Activities Center. Sonya Pleasant, Miss 
Tennessee, made a guest appearance. SAC and SGA bring an 
assortment of entertainment to Union. 

Sonya Pleasant, Miss Tennessee, performed at the fashion show. 

Zeta gives us "The 01' Soft Shoe" 

Celebrate Life! 

When the show began, it was obvious that months oi 
work and practice had gone into making this year's All- 
Sing the best yet. Each of the six competitors brought a 
different style of entertainment to a packed audience, 
capturing their awed attention from the minute they 
began. After individual performances, Director Charles 
Fowler led the combined groups in performing the 
theme of the '85 All-Sing: Celebrate Life. Master of 
ceremonies, Dr. Barney Raffield, also entertained as 
everyone awaited the judges decision. When the scores 
were finally in. Women's Housing had captured first 
place, with SAE following second, and Lambda Chi 
third. For their victory the past two years, a plaque was 
presented to Zeta. It was a night to remember, and one 
that will be hard to top next year. 

Women's Housing captured first place with Buglar Boy and Precious Lord. 

SAE secured second place with Nothin' Like a Dame and Not unto Us 

Lambda Chi won third place with Alexander's Ragtime Band and .-Mpha and 



A Farewell To *'Doc" 

By Hi. C. Luttmers 

Reviews, memorabilia, news articles, letters Irom such luminaries 
as Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Stewart, and John Wayne literally papered 
the office walls. Doctor C.C.Kinnison reflecting his long and illustri- 
ous career as a thespian. the last four years of which have been spent 
as teacher and director here at Union. Last fall. "Doc" announced his 

•Saying he would "never retire unless I was run over by a truck or 
critic". Doc is simply going to take the spring off for his health (with a 
few weeks in Florida to boot) and then gradually work his way back 
into doing theater somewhere else at a much slower pace. Doctor 
Kinnison put on ten shows a year, a "killer pace", with "Life with 
Father" marking his 25th show here at Union and the 225th of his 

Not taking singular credit for the success of Union's theater depart- 
ment. Doc feels he was just a director al the right i)lace at the right 
time and is "amazed at the remarkalile balance we maintained — our 
response from students, faculty, administration, community, and the 
critics — which seems to suggest the program was working well at 
every level". Claims Doc, "I've worked out at places longer and harder 
but never more successfully." 

As Doc Kinnison left Union, he hoped "the university can maintain 
this level of theatrical interest, and I trust Union will remain in the 
forefront of the community's theatrical influence." In closing. Doc 
says, "Wherever I take residence in the future, my fondest thoughts 
will always be of Union. Union, Union." As a polished director and 
instructor that helped bring art and class to Union, we bid Doctor 
C.C. Kinnison Adieu. 

Tracy Baker, ah Elementary Education major, is from New Johnsonville, TN. She is 
active in Zeta and is an ATO little sister. Tommy Locke, from Franklin, Tn., is a 
Mathematics major. He is a baseball player. Jodi Osborne, an Elementary Education 
major, is from New Johnsonville, TN. She is active in ZTA, and is an ATO little sister. 

Sandy Yopp, a P.E. major from Middleton, TN, is cheerleading cap- 
tain. He is active in Lambda Chi Alpha, and a Zeta man. Nancy 
Atkeison, from Somerville, TN, is an Elementary Education major. 
She is active in Zeta, and is an LXA Crescent. 

Not pictured: Beth Gay, a music major from Ripley, Tn., is an ATO 
little sister. She is last year's Miss Union pageant winner. 

David White, a communications major from Lexington, TN, is active 
in SAE. Angela Powers, an SAE little sister, is a double Communica- 
tons/Management/Marketing major. She is from Taiwan. Mike Ro- 
driguez, a computer science major from Madison, TN, is also in SAE. 

Marty Stubblefield. a Management/Marketing major from Frankfort, KY, is a basketball 
player. He is the president of FCA. Lynette Shelley, from Dyersburg, TN, is a Communi- 
cations major. She is active in Chi Omega, and is an SAE little sister. Robyn Agee, an 
Accounting major, is from Shawnee, OK. She is active in Chi Omega, and is an ATO little 

Julie Jones, from Pickney ville, IL, is an Elementary Education major. 
She is active in ZTA, and is an SAE little sister. Cindy Jaggers, from 
Ramer, TN, is also an SAE little sister. She has a double major of 
Communications and Management/Marketing. 

Robin Cobb, a Psychology major, is from Bells, TN. She is active 
in Chi Omega, is an ATO little sister, and is in Student Founda- 
tion. Kellv Daniel, from Whiteville, TN, is a Social Work major. 
She is the president of the BYW, and was in the Homecoming 

Lanett-a Littlefield, an Accounting major, is from Adamsville, TN. She is active m Chi 
Omega, and is an SAE little sister. Chris Williams, from Selmer, TN, is a Communications 
major, is active in SAE, and is SGA president. Drew Gay, the SGA Attorney General, is a 
music major from Ripley, TN. Charles Fowler, this year's pageant producer, is a Music 
major from Corinth, MS. 

Union Students Named To Who's Who 


•8- ' 





Robyn Janelle Agee 

Elisabeth Lynne Barker 
Computer Science 

Kerry Lynn Braden 
Elementary Eduction 

Lorie Lynn Clayton 

Jennifer Berniece Clement 

Cheryl Denise Coleman 
Social Work 

Patricia G. Crane 

Brian J. Day 

John William Doddridge 

Mark Hugh DuVall 
Sacred Music 

Pamela Allen Haynie 
Computer Science 

Patricia Allen Hayni( 
Computer Science 

Timothy Wayne Henderson 

Lisa Jane Hight 

Elizabeth Burch Humphreys 

John Daniel McKenzif 
28 Computer Science 

Wanda Suzanne Morgan 

Samuel Tyler Newman 

Elizabeth F. Rix 
Music Education 

Cynthia Kay Sherrill 

Michael Denton Eaves 

Cheryl Leigh Johnson 
Sacred Music 

Receiving awards within a university is quite an achievement, 
but thirty-five of our students have gone beyond that, being se- 
lected for a national honor. These seniors have been named to the 
1986 edition of Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 
and Universities. They are selected on the basis of above average 
academic standing, community service, leadership ability, and 
potential for continued success, and were honored in a spring 
chapel service for such achievements. 

Anita Louise Fleet 
Elementary Education 

Jennifer Louise Fuqua 
Music Education 

Emily Ann Garrett 
Computer Science 

Tracye Anne Gee 

Gail Heinzen Kessler 
Elementary Education 

Norma Christine Kirk 
Office Administration 

Sherri Lynn Maness 

Kimberly Jones McDonald 

Charles T. Sikler 

Phyllis Renee Smith 

Ellen Sigler Tilleros 
Elementary Education 

Patricia Lynn Vincent 
Elementary Education 

Not pictured: 
DeLaine Theresa Bottoms 
Psychology 29 

Mr. And Miss Union '85-'86 

Emily Ann Garrett, Miss Union, will receive a B.S. in 
Computer/Mathematics. During her successful career 
at Union, she has been president of her class for three 
years running, computer chairperson for the Student 
Foundation, Homecoming Queen — 1984, a member of 
Alpha Chi, Prexy Club, and Chi Omega, just to name a 

Brian Buford, Mr. Union, will receive a B.S. in Psy- 
chology/English. His many accomplishments include 
serving as BSU President and editor of The Torch. A 
fine actor, he has been awarded the Best Actor "Tony" 
for his many performances at Union. He has also been a 
member of the Prexy Club and the Honors Student 

^^ ..-*-' 

I, V / 


9*> . 


' .^fl^^M 

^^F "7- v/—-- 


" •tr~. 





omecoming '85 


period c 


Union University's men's basketball team capped our 
Homecoming celebration with a convincing win over Harris 
Stowe, the only appropriate follow up for the Lady Bulldog's 
smashing success over Blue Mountain. 

Lynnette Shelley, a senior Communications major from 
Dyersburg, TN, was crowned the 1985 Homecoming 

Homecoming Court, left to right: Lisa Campbell, Kelly Daniel. Qu 
Agee, Lanetta Littlefield. 

Lynnette Shelley, Robvn 

Around the world in a day, through a maze of spirited 
games — the shoe race, dizzy lizzy, pizza devouring, hambur- 
ger eating, and chin toss — Union's classes were sure to 
arrive at Homecoming Day fully psyched for the great event. 
Leading the competition, the Junior Class displayed une- 
qualled energy and came out on top. 


Christie Isbell represented Student Teachers 
Education Association. 

Melanie Henry represented the Fresh- 
man class. 

Jodi Dudley represented the Physical 
Education Club. 

Tina Blankenship represented Student Publicati( 

Cindy Jones represented Sigma Tau Delta. 



Lisa Haydock represented Chi Omega. 

P' .1... '..-.'*♦ -..♦.♦.'- 

Malesa Clark represented Alpha Tau Omega. 

L T.* ■*•*-• ■^■'^ *.JW ^^ " v^ 'XJH 

SuzeMa Tillman reprebenled Sigma Ai- 
!9}, pha lola. 

Valerie Ozier represented the Business Club. 

Jenny Pruitt represented the Junior Class. 






^," ^ 


^ ^ 

Tammy (^.isiellaw represented the Sen- 
ior class. 

Melinda Moore represented Senate. 

Debbie Madoni represented Phi Mu Alpha. 

Makers "An Enchanted Evening' 

Fowler, Producer 

On April 5, Beth Gay, our 1985 Miss Union, crowned 
a new pageant winner, culminating the events of a truly 
enchanting evening. Such an outstanding performance 
owes credit to a talented producer, Charles Fowler, an 
enthusiastic director, Sandra Skinner, and two of the 
best assistants, Caroline Bobbitt and Butch Powers. 
Not only did the contestants entertain, but the Pageant 
Singers captured the audience with an outstanding per- 
formance of various Rodgers and Hammerstein produc- 
tions. An enchanted evening indeed. 

Pageant Singers, Kneeling: Sam Newman, Chris Jacobs; first row; Mindy Dean, 
Kennda Ross, Emily Garrett, Julia Barron, Lanetta Littlefield; second row: Chris 
Griggs, Greg Kernodle, Drew Gay. 

Caroline Bobbitt, Assistant Director 
Butch Powers. Assistant Producer 

The Envelope, Please 

Miss Union 

University 1986 Is . . 

^^^^^^^^r ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ V 

^^^r '^ "^ J^^^^^^^^^^^r *" ^l^^^^^^^l 





Iftffl^ttiiHHB^^^^^^^^Ls i^^^^l 

Miss Union University and Court, left to right: Tina Blankenship, fourth runner- 
up; Cindy Jaggars, first runner-up; Cindy Smith, Miss Union University 1986; Lisa 
Haydock, second runner-up; Debbie Madoni, third runner-up. 

Cindy Lee Smith 
Miss Union University 1986 

baptist Student Union 

BSU Council, descending: Richard HoUoman. director, 
Lorrie Twitchell; Kelly Bilderback; John Alford; Lena 
Oakes; Micky Jones; Rose Owen; Pat Quarles; Terry 
Wright; Brian Buford; Kim Bridges; Chris Hamilton. 
Not pictured: Jeff Cagle. 

Sonshine Puppeteers, left to right, Joey McCloud, Nat- 
alie Park, Margaret Rhodes, Terry Powers, Cathy Tom- 
lin; second row: Jennifer Pullam, Lisa Hinson,Lena 
Oakes, Chris Lonas, Dawn Watt, David Roaten. 

Remembering friends, tun and faith 

Impact, first row: Chris Thacker, Jacquie Thweatt, Lee Anne Lockman; second row: Pam Vickers, Tim 
Wakefield, Gina Kelley; third row: Streve Williams, Dreama Buford, Chris Hamilton, Carta Yar- 
brough. Toby Robinson. 

Majesty Ensemble, left to right: Tom Crites, Lorrie Twitchell, Bill Davie, Janice Steinmetz, Paula 
Austin] Gregg Kernodle, Leigh Wilson, Billy Pauley, Beth Rowland. 

A Chance Zo Serve 

Nursing Home/Ministry: 

Jennie Linquist, Jerry Wilson, Libby Sayer, Karen Rozar, Joey McLeod, 

Jacqueline Harris, Chris Jacobs, Tanje Houston, Vicki Sadler. 

Backyard Bible Club: 

Rose Owen, Roger Poindexter, Susan Chalmers, 

Kimberly Stanley, Joev McLeod, Mary Jane Wal- 


Wilder Youth Ministry: seated — Fon- 
dra Jones, Pete Kwasigroh, Mary Jane 
Wallis; standing — Travis Forsythe, 
Tammy Mertz, Jeff Lewis, Pam 
Vickers. Danny Evans, Kimberly Stan- 
ley, HiC Luttmers, Joey McLeod. 

Jim Tarter, Lee Ann Lockman, and Brian Buford stop to chat. 

Reach Out And Touch? 

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given 
unto me in-heaven and in earth. 

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the 
name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever J have com- 
manded you: and lo. I am with yuu aiways. even unto the end- of 
the world. Amen 

— Matthew 28:18-20 

The Baptist Student Union is an organization for everyone 
on campus, an opportunity to obey Christ in service and to share 
in fellowship with those who love Him. 

It is a tool in that it offers interested students a chance to 
minister to others and to discover their God given gifts and abili- 
ties through participation in its different ministries: Backyard 
Bible Club; Nursing Home. Wilder Youth Development Center; 
Majesty Ensemble; Sonshine Puppets; and Impact, the drama 
team. Other possibilities are found in Revival Team work. 

S.P.O.T.S. Teams (Special Projects Other Than Summer), and 
Summer Missions. The BSU ministries worked together this year 
to raise 25.000 dollars for Summer Missions, 

Fellowship is also an important part of BSU. Sharing together 
at weekly meetings, exercising talents at frequent coffee houses, 
working and playing — those who take part truly sharpen one 
another's faith and understanding "as iron sharpens iron." 

So, through the blessings of God's command to "Go" this year's 
BSU fulfills its theme "Reach Out and Touch." 

N S 


Freshn^an Atid 

iffi 111- IT. 

Church Related Vocations 

Church Related Vocations is a practi- 
cal part of the lives of most ministry 

CRV is an in-service guidance pro- 
gram for students who feel they have 
been called into full-time service. These 
students may be future pastors, mis- 
sionaries, youth workers, counselors, 

and more. 

It is the goal of CRV to help such 
students to examine their call, obtain 
experience and instruction in their cho- 
sen fields, and to gain insight into the 
biblical nature, mission, life, and work 
of the local church in today's world. 

CRV is also a channel for financial 

assistance to students dedicated to full- 
time service. Financial aid funds are set 
aside by Union in cooperation with the 
Tennessee Baptist Convention and al- 
located through the office of Religious 
Affairs and CRV. 

Billy Davie, Richard HoUoraan, and Mary Kaye Elliot share a moment of 
musical hilarity. 

Fondra Jones shares a slide presen- 
tation at a BYW meeting, detailing 
her experience with summer 

Black Christian Fellowship, stand- 
ing; Barbara Brooks, Carolyn Davis, 
Albenda Bass, Monica Adams, Vir- 
ginia Newhern. Sonja Barbee, Mary 
Ann Hardeman, Daniel Pollard, 
Shandra Williams; seated; Sundae 
Ozier, Denise Mosby. 

Baptist Young Women 

Baptist Young Women is an organi- 
zation committed to the support of mis- 
sions at home and abroad. Young ladies 
interested in this important work will 
find themselves praying for the needs 
of specific missionaries at bi-monthly 
meetings, organizing toy drives, raising 

mission funds, and publicizing annual 
mission offerings such as the Lottie 
Moon Offering. A special prayer retreat 
was held this fall at Birdsong Resort 
and a spring banquet highlights the end 
of each year's work. 

Black Christian Fellowship 

Black Christian Fellowship is an ex- 
citing part of Union's religious activi- 
ties. By sponsoring Fall and Spring con- 
certs which feature a variety of groups 
and styles, this organization has given 
Union's campus extra life. The centrsJ 
purpose of BCF is to provide black stu- 
dents an opportunity to meet and find 


Ministerial Association, left to right, first row: Bart Damon, Kenneth Parrish, Steve Pente- 
cost, Chuck Sikler, Tim West, Steve May, John Jackson; second row: Franklin Tennyson, 
Doug Brown, Rolihie Tingle, Stan Waffer, Jeff Young, John Longworth, Rob Hensley, Don 

Joey McCloud practicing puppeteer skills. 

fellowship together in Christ; however, 
weekly meetings are open to all stu- 
dents regardless of race and are well 
attended. Beyond regular meetings, the 
group enjoys events such as planned 
picnics for relaxation and the special 
activities of Black History Month. 

Ministerial Association 

Union men preparing for ministerial 
or pastoral positions find spiritusJ sup- 
port and fellowship within the Ministe- 
rial Associaton. Following Christ's ex- 
ample of concern, this year's group 
sponsored a Car Bash for world hunger. 
They were also given instruction to aid 
them in their future work. On one occa- 
sion an Interfaith speaker of the South- 

ern Baptist Convention conveyed effec- 
tive ways of dealing with members of 
various cults. Each Spring brings the 
association together for a private obser- 
vance of the Passover, honoring Christ 
Jesus and recreating the closeness 
shared by our Lord and His disciples at 
the Last Supper. 

Marty Stubblefield leads the devotion during an FCA meeting. 

P.E. Majors Club, Seated: Randy Hunt, Sam Bishop, Robert McBroom; 
standing: Coach Sandra Morgan, Susan McDonald, Brad Miller, Thom 
Stephens, Roosevelt Combs, Calvin Fields, Paul Wilcox 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Front Row (L to R): Melissa Long, Vice President; 
Jeff Jones, Treasurer; Marty Stubblefield, President; Sherry Hansman, Delana 
Cloomp; Second Row: Gunnar Adalberth, Steve Maroney, Steve Kellough, Dusty 
Doddridge, April Champagne, Kelly Parker, Brian Howard; Back Row: Todd Weddle, 
David Kizer, Brent Martin, Tommy Locke, Mark Baird, Chris Roser. 

Fellowship Of Christian Athletes Physical Education Majors Club 

Union's Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organiza- 
tion devoted to the type of personal ministry Jesus exempli- 
fied. Choosing devotional topics to meet immediate needs — 
such as "Frustration" during finals week — and sharing 
personal problems and prayers are an essential part of week- 
ly meetings. Led by sponsor Ron Barry, the group also helps 
with campus concerts, works closely with the BSU, and pro- 
vides a spring chapel program. 

Union's Physical Education Majors Club is an information 
organization designed to keep physical education majors and 
minors abreast of the job opportunities available to them in 
surrounding areas. The group is sponsored by Mrs. Sandra 

SAC, left t(i right, sfalecl; Carolyn Davis, Gay Martin, .Susan Pierson, Carla Yar- 
brough, pul)liiily; Karen Rspeseth, secretary; standing: Mark Wallace, Toby Robin- 
son, Brian Howard, Charles Fowler, Danny Patterson, sponsor; Nancy Ross, sponsor; 
Shannon Dwyer, president; Not pictured: Steve Howard, sponsor; Susan Crecelius, 
Marvin Townsend. 

VViiiiicii's Dunn (Huiuil: Seated: Mary Williams (vice presi- 
dent), Slacey .Shcppard (president), Linda Bonds (secretary); 
Standing (.senators); .lane Ann Sage, Norma Williams, Danica 
Colyer, Cindy .Jones, Tammy Mertz, Michelle Trout, Andrea 
Powers. Not Pictured: Lena Oakes (Treasurer) 

Night with SAC. 

Student Activities Council 

The Student Activities Council provides many of Union's 
social events. The council worked closely with SGA in spon- 
soring Truth, Glad, and Debbie Madoni in Concert. Other 
attractions provided include pool parties, movies, skating 
and tournament nights. 

Women's Dorm Council 

Working hard to bring a better mode of living to on- 
campus students is the Women's Dorm Council. This group 
provides communication between administration and stu- 
dents concerning housing matters. Recent accomplishments 
include a new large screen television and new lights to study 
by in the women's commons. 


WHEREAS » The Union Unlversitj? legislat 
Senate 5 and^ 

WHEREAS J It is the Senate *s responslbi 
opinion and suggestions of hi 
his voice and vote, and^ 

WHEREAS J Regular attendance is 
Senator ». 


Becky Ray and Chuck Sikler prepare for a 
Senate meeting. 


ion 1 

suDsecr .:. 
the foil 

the ; 

T f o 


Q ci r> o f 

1 to r, First row: Jerry Carter, Protempore; Tim 
Meadows, Sargent of Arms: Sheryl Moore, Clerk; 
Becky Ray, Secretary; Gunnar Adalberth, Chaplain; 
Chuck Sikler, President of the Senate; Chris Wil- 
liams, S.G.A. President. Second row; Jane Ann Sage, 
Michelle Trout, Cathy Hall, Steve Brown, Roger 
Poindexter, Brian Norton, Vicki Sadler. Third row: 
Terri Smith, Brian Day, Pat Quarles, Micky Jones, 
Paul Adams, Charles Ramey. Fourth row: Steve Pen- 
tecost, Debbie Madoni, Emily Ivey, Karen Perkins, 
Amy Webb, Doug Watts, Suzette Tillman, Fifth row: 
Terrance Thomas, Adriene Feltus, Marty Steinmtez, 
Jay Taylor, Steve Maroney, Kim Braden, Sixth row: 
Tom Stevens, Ann Jones, Stacy Sheppard, Lori Fin- 

The Student Voice 

Freedom of speech is one of the basic 
rights upon which our United States 
was founded; it is a necessity to our 
inalienable human rights of life, liberty, 
and the pursuit of happiness. 

Here at Union this proud tradition is 

carried on through fair representation 
in the Student Senate. The Senate is 
the student voice to Union's adminis- 
tration. Bills are written according to 
the needs and desires of the student 
body and reviewed carefully; if passed 
by the Senate, they are taken up for 
consideration by the administration. 

This year's Senate has been particu- 
larly effective — Union now has an ap- 
proved constitution and by-laws, a goal 
sought after since 1978. This achieve- 
ment will give students a certainty of 
their rights and a clearer picture as to 
the successful use of Student Govern- 

S.G.A. Officers, seated: Chuck Sikler, vice president; Chris 
Williams, president; standing: Sandra Skinner, treasurer; 
Drew Gay, attorney general; Becky Ray, secretary. 

Where People Are . . . 

Where people are so there is change. 

The Student Government Asso- 
ciation consists of the organized stu- 
dent body led by elected officers. Its 
purpose is to deal with and to bring 
about change in acceptable ways, as 
well as to provide activities for stu- 


The officers are essential in commu- 
nicating the needs of the student body 
to the faculty, staff, and administra- 
tion; planning activities such as con- 
certs and movies; and organizing the 
student body for action. Of course, they 
are an important part of Senate work. 

Through class meetings and general 
sessions held regularly, S.G.A. is able to 

plan Union's biggest events. Homecom- 
ing is an example of S.G.A. in motion, 
electing a queen and court, building 
class displays for competition, and 
planning festivities for all. 

The Student Government Associ- 
ation is an avenue of awareness, activ- 
ity, and change. 

President Kent Freeman covers upcoming events in a meet- 

Student Foundation, Executive Committee, left to right: 
Kim McDonald, fall tour chairman; Jess Parker, telemar- 
keting chairman; Kent Freeman, president; Sandra Skin- 
ner, spring tour chairman; Jim MacAuthur; speakers/ 
writers chairman; Emily Garrett, computer analyst. 

SpeakersAVriters Committee, left to right, 
seated: Debbie Madoni, Robyn Cobb; 
standing: Paul Adams, Charles Fowler, 
Drew Gay, Jim MacAuthur. 

Telemarketing Committee, left to right, seated: Gina Wright, Connie Hutchison, 
Nancy Atkeison. Caroline Bobbitt, Dawn Wilson, Sharon Cox; Chris Williams, 
Tim Meadows, Jennifer Jones, Tammy Castellaw, Doug Watts, Jess Parker; not 
pictured: Angela Powers. 

Admissions Counselor, Dan Bates, prepares Union promotion materials to give 

Student Foundation 

One of the university's most vital 
public relations tools is the Student 
Foundation. Made up of students cho- 
sen for scholarship, leadership, and 
character, this organization draws pro- 
spective students to Union by speaking 

in high schools and junior colleges, 
writing letters, and conducting tours of 
the campus. This group also creates a 
feeling of goodwill between Union and 
the surrounding community as mem- 
bers visit local churches and clubs. 

Their correspondence with alumni is 
another important contribution. One 
might say that the foundations first pri- 
ority is to extend Union's hand of hos- 



to prospective students. 


'iiininis' rhiiiiipson prepares her 
Mjieech tur mi approaching lourna- 

Speech and Debate Team: 
seated — Gina Kelley; Donna 
Inman; Tammy Thompson; 
Michelle Combest; Julie 
Claus; standing — Patty 
Smith, sponsor; Brad Doug- 
lass; Imran Syed; -Jackie 
Thweat; Kelley Collenborne; 
Scot Warpool; Dr. Michael 
Pollock, sponsor. Not pic- 
tured — Billy Schiller. 

Pi Kappa Delta (National Fo- 
rensic Fraternity): standing 

— Patty Smith, Sponsor; 
Brad Douglass; Don Hollings- 
worth; Dr. Michael Pollock, 
sponsor; Chuck Sikler: seated 

— Tammy Thompson, presi- 
dent; Gina Kelley. 

Speech And Debate Team 

Staying in character, maintaining 
good eye contact, and thinking on your 
feet are just a few of the skills to be 
mastered by Speech and Debate Team 
members. Combining these skills with 
so many more technical necessities to a 
fine performance is the object of team 
meetings. Because the work involves 
much time and repetition, the group 

meets three times each week for prac- 
tice and evaluation. 

Hard work does pay off. In competi- 
tion at Tennessee Temple this year, 
Union's team placed in both poetry and 
informative speaking. Other events in- 
cluded dramatic, persuasive, and im- 
promptu speaking, as well as rhetorical 

The Speech and Debate Team is a 
new and growing organization fueled by 
dedication and an attitude of profes- 
sionalism. No detail can be overlooked. 
As one member points out, "Competi- 
tion begins as soon as we get out of the 

Alpha Chi Officers, left to right; Dr. Ernest Pinson, sponsor; Denise Coleman, 
secretary; Gunnar Adalberth, vice president; Jim MacArthur, treasurer; Brian Day, 
president; Dr. Louise Bentley, sponsor; not pictured: Terry Spohn, sponsor; Lisa 
Haydock. national representative. 

Alpha Chi member Jennifer Clement points out some hilar- 
ity to Dr. Bentley, Jim MacArthur, Brian Day and Jennifer 

Alpha Chi, 1 to r. First row: Stacy Sheppard, Kim Gremore, Beth Rix, Fondra Jones, Pam 
Haynie, Pat Haynie, Angel Goodman, Jane Benson, Denise Coleman, Tracey Gee, Ellen 
Tilieros, Mary Gill, Lisa Hix, Jennifer Fuqua, Libby Humphreys, Teresa Montgomery, 
Cheryl Johnson, Steve Maroney, Karen Westfall, Emily Garrett, Jennifer Harbin, Pattie 
Crane, Jeff Morgan; second row: Michael Schwartz, Geoff Baggett, Dr. Louise Bentley, Brian 
Buford, Vicki Sanders, John McKenzie. Ricky Chambers, Phillip Brewer, Paul Adams, Jim 
MacArthur, Gunnar Adalberth, Brian Day, Paul Clark, Dr. Ernest Pinson, 

At The Top 

You'll find all kinds here. Alpha Chi 
is a natioal honor society open to stu- 
dents in every field of study who find 
themselves in the top ten percent of the 
junior and senior class. 

The running theme of this organiza- 
tion is academic excellence. Members 
meet several times a semester to be in- 
troduced to campus opportunities for 
achievement. The Speech Team was 
highlighted at one of this year's fall 
gatherings. After each performance, Dr. 

Pinson, Alpha Chi sponsor, explained 
the judging criteria for speech competi- 

Such meetings are helpful in "pro- 
moting and recognizing scholarship as a 
developer of character and citizenship 
among undergraduate students." 

H.S.A. Council, 1 to r: Jennifer Clement, Dr. Jim- 
my Davis, Dr. Stephen Carls, Mrs. Cynthia 
Jayne, Dr. Pat Pinson, Mrs. Dorothy Yarbro, Su- 
zanne Thompson, Mr. David McClune, Jim 

HSA, I to r: Brian Buford. Jeff Morgan, Charles 
Ramey, Greg Glover. Leslie Murrell, Chris Hunt- 
er, Renee' Smith, Jennifer Clement, Susan Watt, 
Suzanne Thompson, Jim Tarter, Cathy Reed, 
Keith Atkins 

Much To Offer 

Implications of the Vietnam War, 
Stone Hinge, Surrealism, legends con- 
cerning King Arthur, Poland, primitive 
man, the abortion issue . . . And so the 
list goes on — all are fair topics for 
members of the Honors Student As- 

This organization is designed to allow 
students! involved in interdisciplinary 

study classes a chance to socialize with 
one another, work together in sponsor- 
ing campus events, and take part in fo- 
rums and conferences of other regional 
honors associations. 

Knowing that experience is a good 
road to understanding, one upper level 
honors class spent a weekend living in 
the style of the early American Indian. 
The group traveled to Kampsville, Illi- 
nois, to meet John White, archaeolo- 

gist, who has there endeavored to re- 
create a lost way of life. One rainy night 
was spent sleeping under the thatched 
roof of a hut, and the next in a cave. 
This second night the students were 
treated to ancient Indian stories com- 
pliments of their host, who surprised 
them by appearing in costume for the 

The Honors Student Association has 
much to offer. 

Footlights And Alpha Psi Omega 

For those students who strive to fur- 
ther the arts of dramatics, and play pro- 
duction, there is Footlights. Candidates 
are selected through participation in 
Union's theater productions and are en- 
couraged to continue to foster an ap- 

preciation for dramatic performance 
long after graduation. Those serving as 
officers this year are: Leanne Lockman, 
president; Chris Hamilton, vice-presi- 
dent; Kirsten Eddings, secretary. 
Working with Footlights to promote 

theatrical interest is Alpha Psi Omega, 
a national honorary fraternity, whose 
officers include: John Longworth, 
president; Sandra Skinner, vice-presi- 
dent; Roger Davis, secretary. 


Kappa Pi, first row. 1 to r.: Helen Walker. President; Tonya Hodge, 2nd Treasurer; 
Pam Stephens, Secretary; Mr. Grove Robinson, Tami Koonce, Vice President; Dawn 
Wallen, Debbie Lynch, Treasurer; Mary Gill. Jon Bess, Libby Humphreys, Senator; 
Dwyane Mays, Not pictured: Mary Kay Martin, Malesa Clark. 

Kappa Pi 

Those students who are talented and seriously interested 
in art could well become involved with Kappa Pi, an organi- 
zation which as its goal strives to raise the standards of art 
among students. As senior members of this organization, 
artists find an outlet for their collected works in Union's own 
Art Gallery. 

Cardinal and Cream spring co-editors: HiC Tim Wakefield, cartoonist; Vicki Hubbard, assis- Tony Wheatly, newspaper/yearbook business edi- 
Luttmers, Scot Warpool. tant editor. tor; Jennifer Clement, fall newspaper editor. 

Cardinal And Cream 

A good newspaper seeks to inform, 
entertain, and sharpen its readership. 
Through a careful compilation of orga- 
nizational news, features, devotional 
literature, editorial opinion, letters to 
the editor, cartoons, movie and book 

reviews; the Cardinal and Cream at- 
tempts to satisfy the total person. 

A student publication produced once 
a month, this newspaper provides a 
field of experience for the Journalism 
213-214 class which serves as a report- 

ing staff. Editors learn the news busi- 
ness in detail, and volunteer contribu- 
tors add special flair to the work. 

This year's newspaper staff made a 
concerted effort toward greater variety 
and more attractive design. 

Julian Williamson, newspaper phi>to{;raphy ecli- Jennifer Harl)in, yearbook assistant editor; .Jen- 
tor; Scott Fowler, yearbook photography editor. nifer Jones, yearbook editor-in-chief. 

Yearbook Staff: Russell Brewer, Thomas Varughese, 
Jennifer Harbin — organizations editor. Jay Culpep- 
per, Terri Smith, Holly Freeland, Sandra Martin, 
Marvin Townsend, Andrea Powers, Dirk Essary — 
classes editor. Penny Cochran — faculty editor. Not 
pictured: Melissa Hendrix — sports editor, Susan 
Watt, Susanne Lillard, Cathy Tomlin. 

Members of Union's Student Publications Staff joined 
ranks this Halloween to initiate their new advisor. Dr. Ken- 
neth Jordan, with a friendly prank. 

Lest We Forget 

Take all the swift advantage of hours. 



Surlev Sliake-speare 


ng these 







LeM We Forget staff as 


raced to 




e face of 








and all 

the intierently fragnie 

led V 

■orli of m 





s last 


This year's staff felt the challenge and excitement of working 
under a new advisor and yearbook company. The group enjoyed a 
trip to Clarksvilie, Tennessee to tour the new company's plant and 
special workshops held on Unions campus to aid in adjustments 
and acquire new ideas on layout and design. 

Working on Student Publications as a social organization, the 
staff of both yearbook and newspaper gathered to watch "Hallo- 
ween, Part I", before redecorating the office of Dr. Jordan, publi- 

cations advisor. Displaying his gratitude for their efforts in this 
area. Dr. Jordon hosted a Christmas party in his home — a much 
appreciated pause for talk and relaxation prior to the final run. 
Upon completion of the yearbook a special celebration was held, 
symbolizing many heartfelt thanks to all those who worked so 

The Torch staff, clockwise: Brian Buford, Libby Humphreys, Jeff Morgan, Rob 
Hensley, Dr. Ernie Pinson, Jennifer Clement, Tim Henderson. 

Sigma Tau Delta, first row, left to right: Michael Schwartz, Michelle Trout, 
Jeff Morgan, Brad Douglass, second row: Dr. George Clark, Shannon Dwyer, 
Dr. Louise Bentley, Mrs. Betty Foellinger, Mrs. Marilyn Smothers, Mrs. 
Patty Smith, Jennifer Clement, Sam DePriest, Mary Gill, Renee Mitchell, 
Dr. Ernie Pinson. 

Sigma Tau Delta 

The national English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta, 
holds as its purpose the promoting of the mastery of written 
expression. Also high on its list of priorities is the encourage- 
ment of worthwhile reading, this society is open to all Eng- 
lish majors, minors, and composite English/Journalism ma- 

The Torch 

Serving as a forum for creative expression at Union is The 
Torch. Each year students and faculty are invited to submit 
their finest works for review by a select group of students 
under the direction of Dr. Ernie Pinson. Choosing the best of 
poetry, prose, drawings, photographs, and musical composi- 
tions, the Torch staff compiles and publishes their annual 
literary magazine — a refreshing, enlightening and enter- 
taining gift of spring. 

^ ^ 


O ^^Afl 





^B^^Jl :ll ^ lA 


Phi Sigma loin, left to right, seated: Cheric Cordon, Mrs. Cynthia Jayne, sponsor; Lois 
Ann Roaten; standing: Rob Henley Lee Ann Lockman, president; Suzanne Thompson, 
Cathy Reed, vice-president. 

International Students Club, left to right, front row: Shirley Wong, secre- 
tary; Gelia Ebanks, Thomas Varughese, second row: Gunnar Ada'lberth. 
president; Carolyn Tomlin, advisor; Imran Syed, Omar Hamada. Not pic- 
tured: Paschal Cowell, S. Elangovan, Joan Roberts, vice-president; Billy 
Schiller, Ngoc Hao Tran, treasurer; Tou Yang. 

inguae Mundi, left to right, front row: Beth Dennis, Renee Mitchell, Cathy Reed, 
resident; Suzanne Thompson, Julie Lackson. Trish Kirby second row: Jeff Mor- 
m. Vicky Hubbard, Chris Hunter, Judy Kem, Cherie Cordon, Hi C. Luttmers, Lee 
nne Lockman. 

Phi Sigma Iota 

Outstanding ability and achievement 
in the study of foreign language is rec- 
ognized through the foreign language 
honor society, Phi Sigma Iota. This so- 
ciety was established on Union's cam- 
pus in 1980. 

Linguae Mundi International's Club 

Linguae Mundi is formed by people 
interested in foreign languages and cus- 
toms. All languages taught at Union are 
involved in this program. 

Bringing together international stu- 
dents for times of sharing and fellow- 
ship is the main goal of the Internation- 
al Students Club. The members are en- 
couraged to express their own cultures 
with others in order to create a better 
understanding of various societies. The 
two-year old program is open for any- 
one interested. 

Pi Gamma Mu: Lisa Hight, Sheri Maness. Robin 
Cobb, Kim Baggett, Kim McDonald, Wendy 
Long, Tammy Castellaw, Lisa Frazier, Dirk Es- 
sary, Dr. Givens. 

The Psychology Club 

Psychology Club 

The Psychology Club has a purpose of developing knowl- 
edge, perception, understanding, and a concern for man and 
his psychological needs in a professional way. The Psycholo- 
gy Club is open to majors, minors and students with nine or 
more hours in psychology. 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Providing humanity with a better tomorrow is a worthy 
goal, and the members of Pi Gamma Mu, Union's honorary 
social studies fraternity, realize that knowledge is a necessity 
to improvement. Students who have given at least twenty 
hours of study to the social sciences, maintaining a 3.0 aver- 
age are eligible for membership and are led in their quest by 
sponsor, Dr. Lytle Givens. 

Tom Crites, president, encourages his fellow club members in a 

Kiwanis Club, first row: Tammy Smith, treasurer; 
Tom Crites, president; Billy Schiller, vice presi- 
dent; second row: Cherie McNight, Regina 
Maners, Carol Crawley, Steve Brown, Paula Aus- 
tin, Donna Inman; third row: Kim Raiford, HiC 
Luttmers, Kelley Collenborne, Michael Pollock, 
advisor; Chris Maners, Billy Pauley, Jeff Mayo. 
Not pictured: Terri Powers, secretary. 

Kiwanis Club (Circle K) 

Circle K is Union University's new 
organization, having only been charted 
January, 1986. Circle K is an interna- 
tional organization with more than 
15,000 members in seven countries. It is 
recognized as the world's largest colle- 
giate service organization. 

Circle K emphasizes personal growth 
through service. This service goes be- 

yond the campus, and extends into the 
community. Personal leadership skills 
are developed at all levels in Circle K, 
allowing individuals to truly learn 
about themselves and others. High- 
lighting the Circle K year are local, re- 
gional, and international converences 
and conventions. These events combine 
inspiration, fellowship, workshops and 

business in a motivational atmosphere. 
Circle K is sponsored by Kiwanis, a 
world wide organization of business and 
professional men who are also devoted 
to service. Circle K members are en- 
couraged to work with these communi- 
ty leaders, building together for a better 
tomorrow on the foundations of today. 

History Club member, Terri Smith, enjoys a moment of 
relaxation, Classic Coke in hand. 

Phi Alpha Theta, first row, left to right: Sherri Maness, Pam Hazelgrove, 
second row: Michael Schwartz, Dr. James Edmonson, Dr. Stephen Carls, Mr. 
Willie Pigg, Dr. .James Baggett. 

Rutledge History Club standing, left to right: Ivy Scarbrough, Karen Rozar, Dr. Carls, Deborah Vales, president; Dr. Edn 
Brenda Simon, Billy Davie, Barry Brown, Michelle Allen, Tammy Castellaw, Lori Finley, Steve Pentecost, Micheal Schwartz, Mr. 
Willie Pigg; seated, left to right; Michelle Chambers, Tracy Pierce, Kim Braden, Lisa Bryant, Michelle Coronet, Lisa Hix, Cathy 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Dedication to academic excellence in the study of history is what 
Phi Alpha Theta is all about. It is an honorary history fraternity for 
majors and minors who have completed twelve credit hours in this 
field with a 3.1 GPA or above. Union's chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, 
Delta Psi, was the first chapter to be organized in Tennessee. 

Rutledge History Club 

An active interest in history and a GPA of 2.0 are the 
qualifications necessary for membership to the Rutledge His- 
tory Club, a part of Union since 1929. Promoting interest in 
politics, as well as history, is an important goal of this organi- 
zation which has been known to travel to state and national 
capitols to witness first hand the workings of government. 

Pre-Legal Society, kneeling, left to right; Todd Lowe, David Lambert, 
Shane Lynch, Chris Todd; standing: Mr. Willie Pigg, Jennifer Harbin, 
Debbie Sims, Terrance Thomas, Mike Johnson, Dr. Stephen Carls, 
Butch Powers, Doug Watts. 

Members of Pre-Legal confer with Ivy Scarbrough, prominent Jackson attorney. 

Andrew T. "Tip" Taylor Pre- 
Legal Society 

As our world daily becomes more complicated the law 
profession must change and grow to meet our needs and to 
protect our rights. The Andrew T. 'Tip' Taylor Pre-Legal 
Society was formed to give interested students a view of the 
various opportunities opening up within the profession, a 
glance into the rigors of life at law school, and a good idea of 

the kind od preparation they might need on the undergrad- 
uate level. These insights come through the communicated 
experiences of local lawyers. Ivy Scarbrough, a prominent 
Jackson attorney, was guest speaker at the organization's 
first meeting this year, where he talked informally with 
members. It is hoped that the Society will help students to 
better define their career goals. 

Association for Computing Machinery, seated, left to right: Tracye Gee, Treasurer; Teresa Mont- 
gomery; Ronnie Arthur, Secretary; Betsy Barker, John McKenzie, President; Michelle Alexander, 
Denise Mosby, Randall Hicks, standing, left to right: Robert Jackson, Danny Evans, Janet McCor- 
mick, Ronnie Gibbs, Tim Daniels, Connie Magers. 

Suzanne Morgan experiments. 

Kappa Mu Epsilon, first row, left to right: Mr. Dwayne Jennings, Suzanne Morgan, Emily Garrett, 
Patty Crane, Stacy Sheppard, Suzanne Pack, Mr. John David Barham; second row, left to right: Mr. 
Richard Dehn, Dr. Joseph Tucker, Phillip Brewer, Mary Ann Stephenson, Karen Anderson, J.T. 
Wilcox, Mr. Don Richard. 

A Wide Variety 

If you are a computer student interested in a wide variety 
of study fields, the Association for Computing Machin- 
ery is for you. ACM was founded on Union's campus in 1981 
and is continuing to grow. It is the world's largest educational 
and scientific society for professionals in the computer field. 
The faculty advisor for ACM is Mr. Richard Nadig. 

Keeping Up 

Kappa Mu Epsilon is Union's national mathematics 
honor society. Members of this organization will find them- 
selves learning to better apply mathematical knowledge, 
keeping up with current changes in the field, and bringing 
outside interest to the study. A minimum of three math 
courses and a high GPA are prerequisites for involvement. 
The group is sponsored by Mr. Dwayne Jennings and Mr. 
Don Richard. 

at a local fiht)e store. 

Si{;ma Zi'la, loll to rlKliI, si-alcd: Dniiiel Clover, Steve Diamond, Joseph Hunter, Jerry Wilson, Mike 
Pi'lk'liur, Ji'li l,ooiic-y, row: Lisa Highl, Shannon Gwaltney, Jennifer Powers, Melody Myers, 
Donna Hales. Sii/annc Muruan, 'I'ammy Yarhrough, Mrs. Amy Alvey; second row: Dr. Michael McMa- 
hon. Phillip Hri'wcr. Dr. -liniiny Davis, Kam Otcy, Jim McArthiir, Geoff Raggett, Jonathan Duffey. 
Ihird row: Danny Kvans. Dr. Kyle Hathox, Dr. Terry Spohn, Dr. Kugene Gooch, James Emonds(m. 

Research? Yes. 

Math or science majors and minors with a GPA of 3.0 are 
eligible for membership in Sigma Zeta. This Honorary fra- 
ternity, established in 1975, makes it possible for members to 
participate in nationally recognized research projects. Mem- 
bership is limited to those with fifteen credit hours within 
their area of study. 

Breaking In 

Economics and finance, management and marketing, office 
administration, and accounting — a world of business. Stu- 
dents hoping to break into today's business world find them- 
selves in the Business Club, an organization designed to 
expose them to the workings of a complicated and fast mov- 
ing field. Membership is open to students maintaining an 
overall average of 2.0. 

One STEA member bobs for apples at a Halloween party intended to give 
students practice in giving children's parties. It was an exercise which everyone 
seemed to enjoy. 

Dr. Hedspeth indulges in a bit of 
Halloween fun. 

STEA. left to right, front row: Sharon 
Cummings, Teresa Kirk, Secretary; Cindy 
Skelton. Treasurer; Kim Braden, presi- 
dent; Wendy Wilson, vice-president; Jodi 
Osborne. Vicki Sanders, middle row; Dr. 
Hedspeth, Melissa Hammons, Melissa 
Webb. April Champagne. Brenda Cooper. 
Lisa Wells, Sandy Harden, Mary Gill, Ker- 
ry Braden; back row: Melodi Myers, Anita 
Fleet. Lisa Bryant, Tracy Baker, Rusty 
Petty, Jackie Graham, Vicky Swindell. 

Student Tennessee Education Association 

The purpose of the Student Tennessee Education Associ- 
ation is to promote the teaching profession by assisting stu- 
dents who are preparing to teach on the elementary or secon- 
dary level. A special tea is held each fall and spring to honor 
that semester's student teachers. 

Feeling a special tie to Union's faculty, STEA sponsored a 
tea in their honor, as well as "Secret Pals" during American 
Education Week. Dr. William Hedspeth is sponsor for this 

tr ^^^^^^^^1 BSN Fellowship: Carolyn Lawhorn, Gwen Craft, Cindy Sherrili, Victoria Sadler, 
/ ^^^^^^^H Mary Harris. Cindy Nickerson, Kathy North. 

First Year Lamplighters 







^^~^M"f^^ ' 



^ ,^s 



' 1 

V 11 


J i 




Second Year Lamplighters 


Lamplighters is the organization in which nurses obtaining 
their degree find time to fellowship. An annual capping cere- 
mony in May is given by the second year students honoring 
the first year students. Carla Sanderson is faculty sponsor 
this year. 

BSN Fellowships 

The BSN Student Fellowship seeks to involve the return- 
ing RN Student in the fellowship with other RN's. The BSN 
is an active organization on Union's campus, holding month- 
ly luncheons in which various speakers come and present 
programs on topics pertaining to nursing. 

Union University Chorus 

Union University Chorus provides 
any students interested with the oppor- 
tunity to take part in classical, religious 
choral music. Each year they give two 
performances. This year's programs 
were "King David" and "Mozart's Re- 

quiem . 

Solos were performed by music pro- 
fessors and local guest soloists. Dr. Jo- 
seph Blass began directing the group 
this year, and Scott Bennett accompa- 
nied on the piano. 

'•,w' ''-m' 

As this year's president, Sam Newman's duties Included 
()rgani/.ing the spring tour. 

Singers, left to right, first row: Dr. Kenneth Hartley, Chris Jacobs, Lorie Clayton, Grace Cosmaino, Laurel 
Dixon, Deanna Deaton, Angela Morford, Debbie Madoni, Tammy Lang, Kennda Ross, Jim Burchette, Mike 
Eaves; second row: Rick Osborne, Russell Rowland, Julie Schrecker, Jennifer Fuqua, secretary; Laura Bailey, 
Kelly Daniel, Ginger Bridgewater, Rodney Henson, Jason Sargent, Sam Newman, president; third row: Gregg 
Kernodle, Norma Scott, Tiffany Hunt, Lynn Edens, Gaye Martin, Cheryl Johnson, Denise Coleman, Leanne 
Robbins, vice president; Karen Shoemaker, Ava Rasberry, Melinda Moore. Julia Barron; fourth row: Drew Gay, 
Bill Poyner, Ricky Eaves, Mark Ring, treasurer; Steve Jackson, John Brelsford, Brett Howell, Roger Davis, Vern 
Hamilton, Marty Phillips, David Watts, Jay Blackwell, Tom Magee, Chris Griggs. 

Union University Singers 

The Union University Singers, under 
the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley, is 
considered Union's primary touring 
group. Through this year's week long 
tour to Florida they promoted Union, 
the music department, and the Chris- 
tian commitment behind it. 

They also perform in various chapel 
services and special occasions. Requir- 
ing much practice time, this choir is 
open through audition to any student 
who is devoted to developing and using 
his or her musical talent. 

Stage Band (First Row, Left to Right): Marilee Mears, Jeff Looney. Chris 
Hunter. Jeff Patterson, Daniel Glover, Second Row: Matt Plunk, David 
Watts, Rob Brown, Third Row: Russell Rowland, Bill Poyner, Phillip Brew- 
er, Brett Howell, Fourth Row: Eric Barron, Paul Clark, Bill Kerr, Mr. 
Charles Huffman. 

Rob Brown plays the trombone during the Homecoming game. 

\ \ \ 

The Symphonic Band 

Stage And Symphonic Band 

Playing many of the latest pop hits is 
the Union University Stage Band. The 
Stage Band is under the direction of 
Mr. Charles Huffman. Their primary 
purpose is to cheer on the basketball 
teams and to arouse the spirit of the 


The Symphonic Band is composed of 
approximately forty members and is 
open to any academic major. The group, 
under the direction of Mr. David 
McClune, rehearsed three hours a week 

and gave two formal concerts. 

The Symphonic Band performs the 
finer quality of music for winds and 
percussion including both original mu- 
sic for band and orchestra transcrip- 





Mr. Timiilhy Gale directs Chamber Singers in a practice 

First Row; Tina Greenley, Chris Hunter, Jason 
Sargeant, Laurel Dixon, Denise Rowland, Lorie 
Twitchell, Mike Eaves; Second Row; Mr. Tim 
Gale. Billy Pauley, Bobbie Bruton, Mark DuVall. 
Gay Martin, Rick Eaves, Rick Osborne, Sheera 
Oakley, Mark Ring. 

Chamber Singers 

The Chambers Singers are a small 
ensemble performing a variety of choral 
music from all style periods including 

Early, Contemporary, and Romantic. 

Mr. Tim Gale is the director. The 
Chamber Singers presented a Fall and a 

Spring concert, and sang in the operetta 
Carmina Burana with the University 
Singers and the Jackson Symphony. 

Sitting, left to right; Suzetta Tillman, Grace Cosmiano Standing, left to 
right: Tom McGee, Jennifer Fuqua, Charles Fowler, Melinda Moore, Eric 
Barron, Norma Scott, Drew Gay 

Proclamation shares the excitement of knowing Jesus. 


Proclamation is an established vo- 
cal ensemble at Union. The group is 
chosen through auditions and is limited 
to music majors. Dr. Kenneth Hartley, 
chairman of the music department, is 

the director. Throughout the year, 
Proclamation performs at different 
churches and school functions. They 
were also pleased to be invited to per- 
form at the Tennessee Youth Evangel- 

ism Conference in Nashville this year. 
Through their music, the group seeks 
to praise God and share their commit- 
ment to Christ. 

Lorie Clayton posts some music news. 

First Row (left to right): Lorie Clayton, Debbie Maduni, Beth Gay, Cheryl Johnson, Mindy 
Dean, Second Row: Mil<e Eaves, Bill Poyner, Steve Kellough, Sam Newman, Mr. Tim Gale. 

Mindy Dean and 
Beth Gay relax in 
the cafeteria before 


Covenant is our other vocal ensem- 
ble at Union. They act as a public rela- 
tions group for the school, but their 
main purpose is to serve the Lord 

through music. 

Under the direction of Mr. Tim Gale, 
Covenant performs at various 
churches and high schools. This year 

they focused more on an on-campus 
ministry by singing in chapel and in the 

Melinda Moore and Janice 
Steinmetz try to sell Christmas 
goodies to Chris Griggs during 
the Sigma Alpha Iota Christmas 

Leanne Robbins — caught by our photographer. 

Sigma Alpha Iota, sitting; Cheryl Johnson, president; standing first row, left to right: 
Trish Kerby, sergeant at arms; Lorie Clayton, vice-president; Grace Cosmiano, sergeant at 
arms; Denise Rowland; Kennda Ross; Suzetta Tillman; Beth Rowland; Bobbie Bruton; 
second row, left to right: Lorrie Twitchell, treasurer; Leanne Robbins, secretary; Jennifer 
Fuqua, chaplain; Janice Steinmetz; Norma Scott; Melinda Moore; Sheera Oakley. 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

"Life is short but art is long" is the 
motto of Sigma Alpha Iota, an honor 
music fraternity for women. Founded at 
Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1903, Sigma 
Alpha Iota is observing its twenty-sixth 
year at Union. The group is open to 
music majors or minors only, and selec- 

tion is based on scholarship and musi- 
cal ability. 

Sigma Alpha Iota participated in All- 
Sing and hosted a Christmas bazaar on 
campus. They were also the co-sponsor 
for the Ben West scholarship given to 
music majors based on musical perfor- 


The primary goal of Sigma Alpha 
Iota fraternity is "to make Union stu- 
dents more aware of the beauty of mu- 
sic down through the ages." 

Charles Fiiwler directs All-Sing. 

Steve Turner makes his way to class. 

Kneeling (left to right): Flay Frazier, Mike Eaves, Rick Eaves, Second Row; Sam 
Newman. Ken Kite, Chris Hunter, Steve Brown, Charles Allen, Jeff Morgan, Bart 
Damons, Third Row: Mark DuVall, Steve Milligan, Steve Turner. Mark Ring, Bill 
Poyner, Charles Fowler, Eric Barrtm. 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

Men and music — at Union these add 
up to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. An honor 
fraternity for men studying music and 
perhaps pursuing music related careers, 
this organization seeks to develop a true 
feeling of brotherhood between mem- 


Working hard to awaken loyalty to 
Union as Alma Mater, these men pro- 
vide the school with one of its most 
celebrated events — All Sing. In a 
chapel packed to capacity, Union's 

Greek's and other oganizations present- 
ed musical performances in competi- 
tion. This year's All Sing was rightly 
entitled "Celebrate Life." 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Actives, first row; I. to r.: Chrs Jacobs, Herald; Tanner Hickman, Correspon- 
dent; Rod Parker, Treasurer; Tim Forderhase, Vice-Pres.; Kent Freeman, 
President; Fred Holcombe, Recorder; Mike Rodriquez — Chapman, Robert 
McBroom, Scott Fowler; second row: Sam Newman, Steve Trexler, Chap- 
lain; Gunnar Adalberth, Intramural Direc; David White, Chris Williams, 

Chris Deal, Pledge Trainer; Kevin Trentham, Jim MacArthur; third row: 
Larry Butler, Mike Hyan, Dusty Doddridge, Rob Willey, Andy Akin, Nelson 
Ziegenhorn, Kam Otey; fourth row: Tim Corley, Steve Maroney, Little 
Sister Coordinator; Greg Allison; Larry Langlinias; Carey Craig, Brent Na- 
son, Todd Lowe. 

Pledges, first row, 1. to r.: Mark Dunaway, Jerome Teel, Rob Brown, Greg 
Clotfelter, Lance Henderson; second row: Brent Martin, Shands Oran, J.C. 
Harrison, Dirk Essary, Marvin Townsend; third row: Randy Wood, Chris 

Bowman, Sean Phillips, Jason Batchelor. Chuck Coburn, Bob Atkinson; 
fourth row: Buddy Pearson. David Lambert. Kerry Rial. Marty Steinmetz; 
fifth row: David Roaten, Jay Tolar, Jimmy Graves, Kirk Potter. 

[jj'ttle Sisters; first row 1. to r.: Patty Patterson, Angela Powers, Lisa Haydocl<, Jane Johansen, Kim 
McDonald, Teresa Simmons, Piper Swope, Lanetta Littlefield. second row: Karen Kellough, Jenny 
Pruitt, Caroline Bobbitt, Emily Garrett, Mary Ann Stephenson, Rhonda Coleman; third row: Deanna 
Morris, Tammy Rogers, Melanie Stewart, Leigh Wilson, Julie Jones, Cindy Jaggars. 

Royal purple and old gold are the colors of Union's oldest 
fraternity, while the lion and the violet round out its sym- 
bols. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of 
Alabama in 1856. Union's own Tennessee Eta Chapter stands 
as the fourth oldest chapter in the nation, established in 

Stressing individuality, the brothers feel that the blending 

of many different types of personalities strengthens the bond 
of brotherhood and fraternity. 

Opening the All-Sing competition with a crowd-pleasing 
performance, SAE was awarded second place in this annual 
event. Also, they won the overall award for the Greek Olym- 
pics. However, their biggest accomplishment this year is the 
construction of their new lodge. 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Actives, first row, 1. to r.; Pam Stephens, Connie Hutchinson, Kasey Brad- 
ley, Lisa Campbell, Sheri Busby, Tracy Baker; second row: Kelly Parker, 
Cathy Studards, Jenny Pruitt, Leigh Raines, Tammy Rogers, Nancy Atkei- 
son, Janice Douglas, Ginny Knight, Karen Kellough; third row: Karen Britt, 

Terry Powers, Dana Deloach, Hope Jeter, Cathy Reed, Sharon Sutton, Jodi 
Osborne, Kelly Bradley, Tina Kirk, Sharon Cox; fourth row:Julie Jones. 
Rita Henderson, Melanye Stewart, Linda Bonds, Angie Gregory, Norma 
Scott, Amy Webb, Sheila Aaron, Mary Beth Breeden, Sandy House. 

Zetp. Men, first row, 1. to r.: Sam Newman, Mike Oliver, Rob Willey, Nelson 
Ziegenhorn, Scott Hopper, Sims Byrd, John Doster, Chris Rigby; second 

row: Sandy Yopp, Eric Barron, Scott Stone, Marty Stubblefield, Drew Gay, 
Jim MacArthur. Not pictured: Cal Johnson, Rodney Roberson. 

Officers, first row, I. to r.: Dana Deloach, Historian; Connie Hutchinson, 2nd Vice-Pres.; Jodi Osborne, 
President; Sharon Sutton, 1st Vice-Pres.; Tracy Baker, Panhellenic Delegate; second row: Jenny Pruitt, 
Ritual Chairman; Nancy Atkinson, Membership Ch.; Angie Gregory, Secretary; Ginny Knight, Trea- 

Pledges, first row, 1. to r.: Penny Cochran, Kristen Miller, Kris Thacker, 
Becky Ray, Robin Cooper, Diane Adams, Amanda Christmas; second row: 
Jennifer Jelks, Julie Schrecker, Jennifer Patterson, Lana Street, Sherry 
Hansmann, Rachelle Smith, Michele Combest, Vicki Sanders, Regena Staf- 

ford, Janice Burlison, Lisa Kelley; third row: Lynne Waters. Laurie Price, 
Amy Peavler, Melanie Henry, Suzanne Harris, Kim Dicus, Suzanne Thomp- 
son, Cindy Erwin; fourth row: Michelle James, Tiffany Hunt, Melody Hall, 
Julia Barron, Lena Oakes, Tina Ogilvie, Dianna Morris. 

Steele gray and turquoise blue are identified with Zeta Tau 
Alpha, along with the white violet and an angel. Zeta Tau 
Alpha holds as its open motto "Seek the Noblest." 

This international fraternity for women was founded on 
October 15, 1898, at Longwood College in Virginia. Union's 

chapter, Beta Omega, was established in 1935. 

Gaining their largest pledge class this year, Zeta Tau Alpha 
sponsored their annual All-Greek reception, and received the 
Spirit award in the Greek Olympics. 

Alpha Tau Omega 

.* ^ . 

^ JBB^ 




s^ ^^^i 






SB- j^i^^ 



^■a^*^ jiIa ES^^B 










P-". V^H 

v4c£;Ves, first row, 1. to r.: Scott Hopper, Secretary; Robbie Graves, Vice 
President; Frank Christie, President; David Williams, Treasurer; John Dos- 
ter. Historian; second row: Gary Rackley; Ed Atkeison; Butch Powers; Jeff 

Looney; Scott Williams; Sims Byrd; Carl Knott; Mark Escue; third row: 
Robbie Bass; Keith Sparkman; Mike Pellitier; Jeff Watkins; Doug Brown; 
Steve Smith; Jess Parker, Jim Kovac; Andrew McLemore. 

Pledges, first row, 1, to r.: David Stultz; Jeff Bailey, Steve Thomas, Terrance 
Thomas, Mike Griffin, Steve McCormick; second row, James Leverette, 

Kirk Billings, Benji Wood, Mike Huphreys, Chip Abernathy, Rusty Wilkin 
Chris Jones, Ron Kwasigroh, P. A. Pratt. 

Little Sisters, first row, 1. to r.; Sherry Staples, Leslie Blalack, Dana Deloach, Robin Cobb, Beth Gay, 
Crystie Isbell, Robyn Agee, Tracey Baker; second row: Brenda Lyons, Sharon Cox, Lorie Earp, Dawn 
Wilson, Connie Hutchinson, April Champaigne, Kasey Bradley, Malesa Clark. Not Pictured; Misti 
Fuller, Delaine Bottoms. 

Azure and gold are the colors chosen for Alpha Tau Ome- 
ga, along with the white tearose and frog as symbols. 

Founded in 1865, Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity 
to be established after the Civil War. In such a controversial 
era, its purpose was to unite men from the North and South 
in a bond of friendship. Union's Beta Tau chapter was char- 

tered on February 28, 1894. 

Alpha Tau Omega is quite active on Union's campus, as 
well as volunteering in many civic duties. These duties in- 
clude working in the Andrew Jackson Marathon and partici- 
pating in a Big Brother program through a church in Hum- 

Chi Omega 

Seniors, first row, 1. to r.: Delaine Bottoms, Teresa SimmoriK, Mary Anne Mindy Dean; second row; Piper Swope, Angela Powers. Mitzi Bailey, Sherry 
Stephenson, Lynette Shelley, Robin Agee, Robin Cobb, Emily Garrett, Patterson, Cathy Hall, Elizabeth Humphreys. 

Pledges, first row 1, to r.: Tracey Pearce, Janna Norton, Michelle Moore, Sherry Harris, Debbie Sims, Shannon Allison, Wendy Dehn: third row: 

Lori Curry, Susan Gilpatrick, Jennifer Smith, Hope Harris, Elizabeth Peek, Regina Sharp, Diane Skelton, Tammie Bonee, Dawn Martin, Becky Hans- 

Maurie Ann Pierce, Kelli Kea, Ann Jones, Elizabeth Jackson; second row: man. Colleen Martin, Paula Austin, Lori Rauchle, Angie Ramey, Leigh Ann 

Mary Todd Matlock, Delaine McKee, Sherry Patton, Lorrie Edmundson, Ford, Maria Rushing. Not pictured: Mandy Strayhorn. 
Lisa Harrington, Tammy Kilpatrick, Susan Austin, Kim Ratliff, Cindy Olds, 


Officers, first row. 1. U, r.: .\Lir> Aiuu> Su-phen.Min. Trcaburrr. I .yn.-lli- Slu-llrs , Sr, rclary; H..I1111 A-rc, 
President; Robin Cobb. Vice President; Emily Garrett, Pledge Trainer; second row: Mitzi Bailey, Social 
Chairman; Stacey Sheppard, Personnel; Lisa Haydoek, Chapter Correspondent. 

Cardinal and straw are the colors representing the women 
of Chi Omega, while the owl and white carnation complete 
their emblems. Chi Omega carries the open motto "Hellenic 
Culture and Christian Ideals." 

Nationally, Chi Omega was founded on April 5, 1895, at 
the University of Arkansas. Union's Upsilon Chapter of Chi 

Omega was founded in 1924, becoming the fourth oldest 
chapter in the nation. 

This year Chi Omega won the Greek Olympic sorority 
competition. Last spring they won the scholarship award, as 
well as taking on civic responsibilities. 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Actives and Officers, first row, 1. to r.; Dale Denning, Social Chairman; Fraternity Educator and Rush Chairman; third row: Robert Davis; Gregg 

Russel Brewer, Scholarship Chairman and Secretary; Mike Oliver, Alumni Veazey; fourth row: Trent Bullock; Scot Warpool; Daniel Glover- Kevin 

Correspondent; Jerry Carter, Treasurer; second row: Carlton Gerrell, Presi- Reaves, 
dent; Randy Melendez, Ritualist; Doug Watts, Vice-President; Sandy Yopp, 

Associates, first row, 1. to r.: Pat Noss, 'I'om Oitos, Matt Plunk, Smtt Sweat; fourth row: Mark Lewis, Billy Pauley, Chris Todd; fifth row: Tony McCul- 
second row: Kelley Collenborne. Jay Culpepper, Doug Swaffer, Mike Oliver; ley, Pat Morris, Doug Watts, Randv Watkins; sixth row: Gregg Kernodle, 
third row: Lynn Melton, Lance Davis, Terry Hudspeth, Billy Schiller; Scott Stone, Rodney Roberson, Johnnie Wright. 


Crescents, first row, 1. to r.: Betsy Barker, Lorie Clayton, Debbie Lynch, Amy Webb; second row: Nancy 
Atkeison, Lisa Cambell, Melinda Angel; third row: Robin Cooper, Melanic Henry, Tiffani Hunt, Leigh 
Raines; fourth row; Kristen Miller, Angle Gregory, Suzetta Tillan, Mary Kaye Elliot; fifth row: Cindy 
Nickerson, Becky Ray, Jennifer Jones. 

Royal purple, olive green and gold represent the men of 
Lambda Chi Alpha, a fraternity that more than doubled in 
size this year. Also symbolized by the white rose and mallard, 
Lambda Chi is known as the "Fraternity of Honest Friend- 

In 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha was begun at Boston Universi- 

ty. Union's chapter, Lambda-Zeta Zeta, was founded in 1964. 
Carrying an open motto of "Every man a man," LXA 
expresses their concern over each individual person and his 
contributions to society. Such concern is shown through 
their annual campus-wide blood drive and kidnap for World 
Hunger. They also placed third in All-Sing competition. 

Greek Councils 

Panhellenic Council is a 

body of delegates representing the 
sororities on Union's campus. An 
extension of the National Panhel- 
lenic Conference, Panhellenic sets 
the rush rules, provides informa- 
tion to rushees during rush, and 
establishes quota. Consisting of 
three representatives from each 
sorority, the council also coordi- 
nates activities for sorority wom- 

The Inter-fraternity Council 
is made up of two members from 
each of the three fraternities on 
Union's campus. This council is a 
body in which all three fraterni- 
ties have common ground. Its ob- 
jectives are to promote unity be- 
tween the fraternities, enforce 
rush rules, and help to introduce 
the Greek social fraternities to in- 
coming students at Union. 

Panhellenic, seated: Tracy Baker, president; Piper Swope. vice president; standing: Sherry Patter- 
son, treasurer; Jodi Osborne, publicity; Robyn Agee, social. Not pictured: Nancy Atkeison, secre- 

Inter Iraternity, first row: Mike Oliver, Fred Holcombe; second row: Kevin Reeves, Doug Watts, 
president; Frank Christie. Mike Rodriquez. 

Fraternity Sweethearts 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Chosen as Queen, Kim McDonald is a senior from Mayfield, 
Ky. She is majoring in management/marketing and minoring 
in sociology. She is active in Chi Omega, and is a member of 
Student Foundation. 

Alpha Tau Omega 





Representing her brothers, Malesa Clark is a senior from 
here in Jackson. Her major is art, and management/marketing 
is her minor. She is a member of Chi Omega, and is in Kappa 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

This year's Crescent Girl, Angle Gregory, is a senior from 
Millington, Tn. Management/marketing is her major, with a 
minor in communications. She is active in Zeta Tau Alpha, and 
is a member of Student Foundation. 

1985-1986 Lady Bulldogs 


1985-1986 Lady Bulldogs, first row, left to right: Charlotte Hart, Delana 
CoUomp, Kelley Worner, Lorrie Edmundson, Jackie Graham, Becky Hans- 
mann, and Mary Marable; second row: Coach David Blackstock, student 

assistant coach, Floyd Rowe; manager, Melissa Spencer; Mary Ann Drake, 
Elizabeth Peek, Shea Piercey, student assistant coach, Vicky Swindell; man- 
ager; Sherry Patterson; and assistant coach, Ron Barry. 

1985-1986 Schedule 



15 Fri Shorter 

(Berry College Tourney) Rome, GA 

16 Sat 2nd Round — Berry College 

Tourney Rome. GA 


23 Sal Fisk Universrty II 001 Nashville. TN 


30 Plainview Queens Classic ... Plainview TX 

(Union, TX Wesleyan OK Christian, LA College 
Carson-Newman TN Arkansas College 
SW Oklahoma Wayiand Baplist TXi 




9 Mon. UT-MARTIN (7:30) UNION 


9 Thur Cumberland Lebanon. TN 


13 Mon BelmonI Nashville, TN 




21 Tues Christian Brothers (5 001 .... Memphis, TN 

23 Thur Bethel College McKenzie, TN 


28 Tues Lane College Jackson, TN 


31 Fri UT-Marlin Martin, TN 


1 Sal Freed-Hardeman Henderson, TN 


4 Tues Blue Mountain Blue Mouniain MS 

6 Thur Lambulh Jackson TN 

10 Mon David Lipscomb Nashville, TN 


Jackie Graham rises to gain control over Freed Hardeman. 

Senior Kelley Worner keeps control of the ball as she eases past defender. 

Lady Bulldog coaches watch game with anxious faces. 

Coach Blackstock demonstrates his coaching skills during a time out. 

Lady Bulldogs 
Keep Up Their 
Winning Ways 

After a 31-2 season and a num- 
ber four national ranking, this 
year's Lady Bulldogs had a tough 
act to follow. With the help from 
three returning starters and a 
good recruiting campaign, Coach 
Blackstock continued the success- 
ful tradition this year. 

Returning this year is senior 
captain Kelley Worner, juniors 
Jackie Graham and Mary Mara- 
ble, and sophomore Charlotte 
Hart. This year's newcomers are 
Missouri Junior College transfer 
Mary Ann Drake, freshmen Becky 
Hansman, Shea Piercey, Lorrie 
Edmundson and Elizabeth Peek, 
and sophomore walk-on Delena 

The Lady Bulldogs began their 
winning season with a fourth 
place victory in the Plainview 
Queens Classic in Texas. This 
event featured a number of last 
year's national top ten teams. 

In addition to Coach David 
Blackstock, the Lady Bulldogs 
have returning Eissistant coach 
Ron Barry and student assistant 
coaches Vicky Swindell and Floyd 

Lady Bulldogs give encouragement to Mary Marable before game 





S^ l» 


mJ iWf^ 


^^^^^1^ - J j!^^^^ 


IJ v 



mm \ 




Mary Marable takes a baseline jumpshot. Union's AU-American, Charlotte Hart, shoots All-District Performer, Jackie Graham, puts 

for two. one off the glass. 

Kellev Worner scores on the inside. 

Bulldog newcomers Drake and Hansman play ag- 
gressive defense. 

Freshman, Becky Hansman, starts fast break. 

Kelley Worner comes up with a loose ball as Shea Piercey and Lorrie Edmundson look on. 

Jackson freshman, Shea Piercey, pulls up for , 

1985-1986 Bulldogs 

1985-1986 Bulldogs, first row, left to right: Clev Harris, Mike Humphries, 
Steve Jett, Marty Stubblefield, Brent Martin, Scott Stone, Stevie Howard: 
second row: managers, Tony Rose, Jacques Calaraese: James Fields, Roose- 

velt Combs, Calvin Fields, David Kizer, Coach Jim Swope, Rick Rudesill, 
Willie Holland, David Barham, student assistant coach, Cal Johnson; statis- 
tician, Paul Wilcox. 

1985-1986 Schedule 



4 Men Missouri BaplisI Tourney ... SI Louis. MO 

5 Tues Missouri Baptist Tourney ... St Louis, MO 




26 Tues Rhodes College Memphis. TN 


2 Mon Lambuth 

(Exchange Club Tourney! .... Lambuth 

3 Tues Exchange Club Tourney — 

2nd round Lambuth 

5 Thur UT-Martin (7 30) Martin. TN 




9 Thur Cumberland Lebanon, TN 


13 Mon Belmont Nashville, TN 




23 Thur Bethel McKenzie. TN 


28 Tues Rust College (7 30) .... Holly Springs, MS 


1 Sat Freed-Hardeman Henderson, TN 



6 Thur Lambuth Lambuth 

8 Sat Trevecca Nazarene (7 30) ... Nashville. TN 

10 Mon David Lipscomb Nashville, TN 


15 Sal Christian Brothers Memphis. TN 

22 Sat 1st round — TCAC Tourney TBA 


1 Sat 1st round — NAIA District 24 

Tourney TBA 

198.5 Bicentenial Exchange Club Tournament Champions, The Union 

Senior Clev Harris watches for the ball 







!;| Guests 






■ loo 




1 fouls 



' IB 




<game ^ 



Senior Marty Stubblefield warms up for the game. 

David Barham dribbles past Freed Hardeman. 

Freshman James Fields goes up for two. 

New Season 
New Outlook 

With only five players returning 
from the 1985-1986 Bulldog team, 
Coach Swope had his work cut out 
for him. A great recruiting year 
brought success to the season 
making it one of the best in recent 
Union history. 

The two senior starters, James 
"Clev" Harris and Marty Stubble- 
field, returned for their last sea- 
son. Other returning players were 
sophomores David Barham, Ste- 
vie Howard, and Scott Stone. New 
faces on the court included North- 
east Mississippi Junior College 
transfers Roosevelt Combs and 
Calvin Fields, freshmen Rick Ru- 
desill, James Fields, and David 
Kizer. Transfers Steve Jett from 
Southern Mississippi University 
and Willie Holland from Murray 
State University were eligible 
after Christmas. Also making up 
the squad were redshirts Brent 
Martin and Mike Humphries. 

The Bulldogs began their suc- 
cessful season with a second place 
finish at the Missouri Baptist 
Tournament in St. Louis. Their 
continued winnings were high- 
lighted by the championship of 
the Exchange Club Tournament 
over Freed Hardeman. 

Roosevelt Combs gets the tip at the 1985 Homecoming game. 

Jackson freshman, Rick Rudesill pulls up for 

Stevie Howard rises i 

Freed Hardeman 

Junior college transfer, Calvin Fields, shows his 
quickness on the baseline. 

Steve Jett comes off the floor to score two. 

Roosevelt Combs shows his jumping and 
shooting skills. 

Coach Jim Swope presents championship 
trophy to Senior Marty Stubblefield. 

Willie Holland glides by Freed Hardeman player with ease. 


1986 Bulldog Baseball 

1983-1986 Bulldogs, left to right, first row; Troy Valentine, Randy Hunt, 
Kevin Zelinkd. Grant Ward, Brian Howard, Tony Fry, Randy Coffman, Bart 
Teague, second row: Chuck Fly, Brady Webb, Pete Williams, Brad Miller, 
Mark Tutor, Tim Watson, Ken Lomax, Buddy Pearson, third row: Coach 

Linn Stranak, Ronnie Giddens, Kris Weir, David Hughes, Neil Thagard, 
Tommy Locke, Travis Jenkins. Tom Weiler, Steve Decker, Steve Jett, Coach 
Bill Green. 




186 Scl 







Mon, Feb. 24 

Mississippi St. 

Slarkville, MS 

Tue, Apr 8 

David Lipscomb " t 


Wed, Feb. 26 

Univ. ot Misissippi (2) 

Oxford, MS 

Wed. Apr. 9 

Bethel * t 


Sat, Mar. 1 

SE Missouri SI. (2) 

Cape Girardeau, MO 

Thu, Apr. 10 

Christian Brothers • t 


Thu. Mat. 6 

Lemoyne-Owen (2) 


Sal, Apr. 12 

Cumberland " 1 


Fri, Mar. 7 

Georgia State 

Atlanta, GA 

Mon, Apt. 14 

Freed-Hatdomdn • I 


Sat, Mar. 8 

Georgia Slate (2) 

Atlanta. GA 

Tue, Apr. 15 

Freed-Hardeman ' 1 


Mon, Mar. 10 

Trevecca Nazarene ' t 


Thu, Apr. 17 

Trevecca Nazarene ' t 


Thu, Mar. 13 

Austin Peay St. 


Fri, Apr. 18 

Rhodes College 


Fri, Mar, 14 

Missouri Baptist (2) t 


Sal, Apr, 19 



Sal, Mar. 15 

Missouri Baplisi (2) t 


Mon, Apr 21 

Rust 1 

Holly Springs. MS 

Mon, Mar. 17 

Belmont ' t 


Tue, Apr. 22 

Lambulh • 1 


Tub, Mar, 18 

Christian Brothers ' t 


Thu, Apr. 24 

David Lipscomb " t 


Thu, Mar. 20 

Lambulh • t 


Fri, Apr. 25 

Bethel • t 


Mar. 25-28 

Christian College Tourn. t 

Cocoa, PL 

Sat, Apr. 26 

Austin Peay St 


Tue, Apr. 1 

Lemoyne-Owen (2) 


May 7-10 

NAIA District 24 Tourn 


Wed, Apr. 2 

Rust (2) 


May 14-17 

NAIA Area 5 Tournament 


Thu, Apr. 3 

Belmont * t 


May 26-31 

NAIA World Series 


S«, Apr. S 

CumtMtrtafKl * t 



■ Tennessee Collegiate Athletic Conference 


Coach Bill Green contemplates his new team. 

Coach Linn Stranak receives encouragement from daughter Sarah 
between innings. 

Bulldog action during intrasquad scrimmage. 

David Hughes heats it up on the pitching mound. 

Bulldog Baseball 
The Tradition Continues 

1985 was another banner year for the Union Univer- 
sity Bulldogs. Coaches David Blackstock and Linn 
Stranak led the team to a 39-11 record, including a #13 
NAIA District 24 Championship. The Bulldogs posted a 
22-4 district mark and then took on the district tourna- 
ment in Nashville without defeat, dominating their op- 
ponents 31-10 in the process. 

Winning all seven games, the Bulldogs claimed a re- 
cord fifth straight title in the Christian College Tourna- 
ment in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Union finished third in 
the NAIA Area 5 tournament. 

The 1986 season brings about new leadership under 
Coach Bill Green. Green brings with him a record of 
several successful coaching seasons with Trevecca 
Nazarene College and Hendersonville Beech High 
School, plus several honors, including two-time VSAC 
Coach of the Year and four-time VSAC West Coach of 
the Year. 

The Bulldog Basehall field. 

Bulldog speedster, Pete Williams, lays down a 

Bulldog senior, Kris Weir, holds down first base. 

The Bulldog bench intently watches the action at home plate. 

Bulldogs In Top 
Swinging Form 

The Union Men's Tennis Team' 
had a successful year in 1985. Un- 
der the direction of Coach Ron 
Barry, the team tied the record for 
the most wins, a total of 19. The 
highlight of the season was the 
Bulldog's sweeping victorious trip 
to Kissimee, Florida with 8 conse- 
cutive wins, including such 
teams as lona and the University 
of Delaware. Returning player 
Gunnar Aldaberth was named 
MVP for the 1985 season. 

Along with the loss of three sen- 
iors, the 1986 squad gained the tal- 
ent of two new players: Imran 
Syed from Canada, and Robert 
Johnson from South Africa. Sen- 
ior Dusty Doddridge is captain of 
the team. 

1986 Men's Tennis Team, front row left to right: Dusty Doddridge. Gunnar Aldaberth, Imran Syed; back row: Greg 
McCloud, Robert Johnson, Jan Holaday, Coach Ron Barry. 

1986 Women's Tennis Team 

1986 Women's Tennis Team, front row (left to right): Tammy Yarbrough. Kelli Kea, Mary Anne Stephenson; 
back row; Susan Owen, Coach Sandra Morgan, Carla Cantrell, Sherry Hansman, Assistant Coach Karen 
McWherter, Lori Curry. 

With only two returning seeded 
players, the 1986 Union Women's 
Tennis Team has its work cut out 
for them. But with the addition of 
several new players, Coach Sandra 
Morgan's outlook is optimistic. 
The formation of the T.C.A.C. will 
have no effect on the success that 
the women's tennis team has ac- 
complished in recent years. Senior 
Mary Anne Stevenson will again 
vie for a third trip to the national 
finals. The other new players will 
also try to establish themselves in 
the conference. 

Union Linksters 

1985 was a top season for the 
men's golf team. Continuing their 
winning ways, the Linksters cap- 
tured first place at the Tennessee 
Intercollegiate Tournament in 
Sewanee, Tennessee. Jeff Cope- 
land and Clay Lindsey also made 
the All-State Team. This past fall 
the Bulldogs finished tenth in the 
Tri-State Classic, which consisted 
of some of Division I and II's best. 

Coach Don Morris, named 1985 
V.S.A.C. Coach of the Year, re- 
turns several key lettermen along 
with several new players. The tal- 
ent possessed by these Linksters 
should enable them to add yet an- 
other successful season to their 
winning tradition. 

1986 Men's Golf Team, left to right: Coach Don Morris, Greg Watkins, Chip Abernathy, Sims Byrd, 
Dave Monnette, Jeff Copeland, Mark Baird, Mark Dunaway, Jeff Bailey, Mike Olexa. 

1986 Union Cheerleading Squad, first row, left to right: Jennifer Long, Nelson Ziegenhorn, Rodney 
Roberson. Chris Rigby, Captain Sandy Yopp. Mark Baird, Scott Powers, Jane Johansen; second row: 
Kelley Bradley, April Champagne, Kasey Bradley, Paula Burton, Lisa Campbell. 

Go Bulldogs! 

More than most people realize, 
cheerleading is an integral part of 
Union's basketball season. This 
year's squad consisted of twelve 
talented and spirited men and 
women. Along with the help of 
Buster the Bulldog, alias Tim Cor- 
ley, the cheerleaders built enthu- 
siasm for our team by bringing the 
fans to their feet. 

The Cheerleaders, sponsored by 
Mrs. Luanne Powell, admissions 
counselor, were awarded a fourth 
place trophy in their divisions at 
the Universal Cheerleading Camp 
at Memphis State. 

Amateurs In Action! 

Union offers a wide range of in- 
tramural activities for students, as 
well as faculty members, who do 
not play varsity sports. These ac- 
tivities allow students to partici- 
pate in team and individual 
sports, including football, cross 
country running, ping-pong and 
pool tournaments, swimming, vol- 
leyball, basketball, Softball, track 
and field, bowling and tennis. A 
grand champion organization is 
named at the end of the year 
based on scores kept from each 
sports event. 

- ■ 

^*lik is 
1 ) 1 





... he is one of the most humble 
and greatest Christians J have 
ever known . . . 

Mrs. Craig 

Vice Presidents 

If a university is to operate, it is nec- 
essary for important decisions to be 
made. Strong, effective administrators 
are called upon to make decisions con- 
cerning student life, educational oppor- 
tunities, business and development. 
Questions regarding religious matters 
constitute an integral part of Union. 
Needs of Union must be considered for 
the present and also for the future. 

Dr. John Adams 
Vice President for Religious Affairs, 

Board Of Trustees 

Board of Trustees, left to right, seated: Dr. Jerry Glisson, Mack Forrester, Bill Cockroft, Dr. Ray Newcomb, Dr. John Pippin, J.H. Patrick; standing: 
Jane Alderson, Dr. Mike Adams, Dr. Judson Lambert, William Oakley, Powers Smith, John McRee, Mike Garner, John Drinnon, Waymon Jones, Dr. 
William Sewell, Julie Freeman 

Board of 'I'nistees, left to right, seated: Dr. Ernest Apple, E.T. Palmer, Barbara Freels, Faye Kesterson, Bob Lemons, Dr. H.K. Sorrell; standing: 
William H. Walker, lU, Dr. Philip Jett. Polk Glover, Don Whitt, Dr. Edward North. Kenneth Leathers, Dr. James L. Thomas, Bill Adcock, Don 
Stephenson, Dale Treadway, Jesse Price, James Terry, Dr. Van Snider. 

Academic Center 


Dr.C. Pat Taylor 

Associate Vice President 

Academic Affairs 

Jane Nichols 

Sandra Hathcox 
Student Retention 

Derald Harris 
Assistant VP for Development 

Paul Veazey 
Director of Denominational Support 

Reed Barber 
Memphis/Shelby C. Development Offic 

Louise Lynch 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

Olen Law 
Director of Planned Givii 

Cindy C. Lumley 
Director of Public Relations 

Don Morris 
Director of Financial Aid 

Jane Longmire 
Assistant Director of Financial Aid 

Student Affairs 

4\ P 

Clyde Fugate 
Dean of Men 

Sarah Hammett 

Coordinator of College 


Margaret Boyd 
College Nurse 

Doug Skiles 

Director of 


Stephen Howard 
Assistant, Student Center 


David Oran 
Director of Men's Housing 

v''- ♦ * "» * ', ■* ♦» 

Max Blackmon 

Assistant Director, Men's 


Danny Patterson 

Director, Student Activities 


4. A 

Irene Towater 
Director, Women's Housing 

Patricia Coleman 

Assistant Director, Women's 


Religious Activities 



Dan Bates 
Admissions Counselor 

Cappy Chinn 
Admissions Counselor 

Carroll Griffin 
Director of Student Enlistment 

Business Office 

James M. Parrish 
Superintendent, Building 

Tina Hardaway Giddens 
Student Accounts 

Shari Douglas 
Accounts Payable Clerk 

Margaret Jones 
















Dorothy Hopper 

Barbara K. Maners 

Marjorie Richard 

Polly Spencer 

Ann Studards 
Bookstore Manager 

Linda Wilson 
Textbook Manager 

Mary Kay Martin 
Inventory Control 

Dorothy Holt 

Administrative Assistants 

Jacque Bobbitt 
Academic Center 

Doris Gee 
Development Office 

Elouise Graves 
President's Office 

Rose Melton 
Religious Activities Office 

Rene'e Mitchell 
Business Office 

Peggy Robinson 
Admissions Office 

Staff Assistants 

Katrina Bradfield 
Development Office 

Franchelle Franklin 
Financial Aid Bookkeeper 

Phyllis Davenport 
Student Affairs Office 

Linda Lambert 
Admissions Office 

Beverly Fisher 
Public Relations 

Shirley Nelson 
Development Office 

% :2 

Barbara Orr 
Academic Center 

Beth Poyner 
Academic Center 

Betty Wells 




Books, periodicals, cassettes, microfilm, slides, and 
film strips are just a few of the immense resource 
materials available in the Emma Waters Summar 
Library. Other study aids include group study rooms, 
music listening labs, career center, and language lab. 
Union's library has a reputation for not only being a 
valuable resource for students, but for others also. 

Vera Butler 
Library Technician 

Pat Morris 
Acquisitions Librarian 


The five deans of Union University function to 
serve as a bridge between administration and fac- 
ulty. They work closely with the Associate Vice 
President for Academic Affairs to coordinate cur- 
riculum and class scheduling. The academic de- 
partments are divided into five schools: Fine Arts, 
Humanities, Natural and Behavioral Sciences, 
Nursing, and Professional Studies. 

Dr. Howard Newell, Dean 
School of Professional Studies 

Dr. James Baggett, Dean 
School of Humanities 

Dr. Patricia Pinson, Dean 
School of Fine Arts 

Dr. Bill Bouchillon, Dean 
School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences 

Mrs. Regina Saffel, Dean 
School of Nursing 


Exercising the mind and the spirit 
through training of the hands and eyes 
is one of the primary tasks of the Art 
department. Curriculum is designed to 
allow students to discover and explore 
their potential creativity. Art mediums 
used include watercolor, oil, pottery, 
print, and photography. Senior art ex- 
hibits are located in the new art gallery, 
adjacent to the art department. Each 
year an art show is held during the 

•James Hargett 


The Music department instructs students in a comprehensive 
study of musical performance. The historical and philosophical 
aspect of music and composers is taught to create musical appre- 

Stage Band, Symphonic Band, Proclamation, and Covenant are 
sponsored by the Music department along with the professional 
fraternities. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota. 

Dr. Kenneth Hartley 
Department Chairman 

Charles Huffman 
As.sistant Professor 

June Huffman 
Assistant Professor 

David McClune 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Pat Pinson 

Mr. Joseph Blass 

Max Pugh 
Associate Professor 

Scott Bennett 


Learning the cultural background of 
a country is an added benefit of study- 
ing language which makes communica- 
tion more effective. Many people recog- 
nize the study of language as a skill 
which can prove profitable in a wide 
range of governmental and professional 

To prepare students for this qualifi- 
cation, professors give thorough class- 
room instruction as well as practical lab 
experience to teach them proper com- 
munication skills. Union offers Span- 
ish, French, German, and Greek. 

Judy Kem 
Assistant Professor 


) ! 

Religion And 

The Religion and Philosophy depart- 
ments aim for the goal of helping stu- 
dents better understand the Bible and 
other Baptist Beliefs. This helps stu- 
dents prepare for the pastorate and 
church-related jobs. Part-time instruc- 
tors are Dr. John Adams, Dr. Hyran 
Barefoot, Mr. Richard Holloman, and 
Dr. Walter Taylor. 

Dr. David Irby 
Department Chairma 

Dr. James Jones 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Clyde Tilley 



Gaining prominence in its first year 
as a major department, Communica- 
tions offers quality training for those 
students seeking to specialize in the 
fields of journalism, broadcasting, 
speech, or theater. Our radio-television 
laboratory classroom offers hands-on 
experience with the equipment used by 
professionals. Now in our English de- 
partment, Ms. Betty Foellinger was in- 
strumental in further developing this 

Dr. Michael Pollock 
Department Chairman 

Ms. Patty Smith 


The purpose of the English depart- 
ment is to teach students how to im- 
prove their written and verbal commu- 
nication skills. These skills are incorpo- 
rated into an appreciation for literature 
in the form of poetry, drama, short sto- 
ry, and novels. Students are challenged 
to produce literary compositions as well 
as to seek truths in the literature they 

Dr. George Clark 
Department Chairman 

Ms. Betty Foellinger 
Part-time Instructor 


Union's Business Department includes the 
areas of accounting, business administration, 
economics, finance, and management/mar- 
keting. The courses offered by the depart- 
ment are designed to prepare the students for 
employment in business, teaching, or govern- 
ment service. 

Dr. Howard Newell 
Department Chairman 

Curtiss Scott 
Associate Professor 

Donald Hollin 
Assistant Professor 

J - f 

Dr. Walton Padelford 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Barney T. Raffield, III 
Associate Professor 

Nancy Ross 


Students taking courses in Union's 
history department not only study his- 
tory, but also are encouraged to be 
aware of current events. Students are 
motivated not to simply accept the 
ideas of others, but to form individual 
opinions. This view is useful to students 
interested in journalism, law, or poli- 

Dr. James Edmonson 
Department Chairman 

Dr. James Baggett 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Stephen Carls 
Associate Professor 




The Chemistry and Physics depart- 
ment strives to attain the goals of help- 
ing students understand the physical 
and chemical world around them, be- 
come proficient in problem solving, and 
develop an inquisitive mind. Prepara- 
tion for graduate study with an empha- 
sis on laboratory skills is a major objec- 
tive of the Chemistry department. The 
Physics department emphasizes a study 
of physical phenomena that occur in 
the world. Courses are offered to chal- 
lenge students to think and reason. 

Dr. Kyle Hathcox 
Department Chairman 

Dr. Jimmy Davis 
Assistant Professor 


The Biology department of Union 
places emphasis on motivating students 
to develop investigative techniques. 
Most of Union's biology majors are stu- 
dents in pre-health-related fields. The 
department helps to prepare students 
for studies in areas such as dentistry, 
pharmacy, and medicine. 

Elsie Smith 
Department Chairman 

Dr. Michael McMahan 
Associate Professor 

Terry Spohn 
Assistant Professor 


Computer Science in an ever-expand- 
ing field with a wide range of necessary 
skills. The Computer Science depart- 
ment seeks to teach these skills through 
courses that focus on applications pro- 
gramming, data management, and soft- 
ware-hardware interaction. Center ex- 
pansion includes eight new microcom- 

Richard Nadig 
Assistant Professor 

Dwayne Jennings 
Assistant Professor 

John David Barham 

Connie Magers 
Computer Technician 

Karen McWherter 
Acting Director of the Computer Center 

J.T. Wilcox 
Computer Technician 


Courses oCfered by Union's Math de- 
partment are designed to help prepare 
the major for graduate study in math- 
ematics. They also prepare the student 
for entry into work in fields related to 
mathematics and for teaching math- 
ematics at the secondary level. 

V V.ttU _ .„._l_i 

Dr. Joseph Tucker 

Richard Dehn 
Associate Profess< 

Don Richard 
Assistant Professor 


m- 1 


Students interested in sociology can 
find quite a wide range of courses in 
Union's Sociology Department. These 
courses not only prepare the student for 
job opportunities, but also teach them 
to deal with daily problems. The de- 
partment is founded on the practical 
and scientific analysis of human rela- 

Teresa Hawkins 


The aim of the Education depart- 
ment is to train competent educators. It 
is said that the future of a nation rests 
in its youth. These youth will be a di- 
rect product of the teaching they have 
received. Students in the teacher educa- 
tion at Union are given practical exper- 
ience in the classroom. This enables 
them to have experience before they 
teach. Dr. Pat Taylor teachers part 

Dr. Wayne Alford 

Ann Singleton 
Instructor of Special Education 

Judy Taylor 
Part-time Instructor 

Physical Education And Health 

One of the goals of the Physical Edu- 
cation and Health department is the 
total health. They believe this includes 
a strong mind as well as a strong body. 
The major means of teaching this goal 
is through physical activities such as 
intramurals and varsity athletic pro- 
grams. This year more activities are 
possible through the Activities Center. 

Dr. Linn Stranak 

Ron Barry 
Assistant Professor 

Dr. David Blackstock 
Athletic Director 

Bill Green 
Assistant Professor 

Sandra Morgan 

James Swope 


Students in the nursing program at Union work close- 
ly with their instructors to complete the prescribed 
curriculum. It is the responsibility of the nursing facul- 
ty to help students apply principles from the biophys- 
ical and social sciences, humanities, and general educa- 
tion to carry out nursing activities related to the care of 
the sick and the restoration of health. Students com- 
plete the program competent to pass a licensing exam. 

Regina Saffel 
Department Chairman 

Linda Barber 
Assistant Professor 

Ivy Barker 
Assistant Professor 

Mimi Bowling 
Asistant Professor 


Pauline Bridger 
Assistant Professor 

Sandra Brown 
Assistant Professor 

Tere Cable 
Assistant Professor 

Pamela Forsythe 

Nancy Freeman 

Nancy Herron 
Assistant Professor 


Joyce Montgomery 
Associate Professor 

Carla Sanderson 

Bachelor Of 
Science In 

The BSN program is designed to sup- 
plement the basic nursing education by 
providing for increased nursing knowl- 
edge and clinical experiences. The gra- 
duate of this curriculum functions in 
expanded roles and has an increased 
use of independent nursing judgment. 
Health care teaching and planning is a 
major focus. 

Dorothy Yarbro 
Assistant Professor 

Jan Pollock 
Lab Assistant 


Class Officers, Seated: Tracey Pearce, Secretary; Standing L. to R.: Billy Schiller, 

Abernathy, Chip, Pulaski, TN 

Adams, Linda Diane, Brentwood, TN 

Adkisson, Robert H., Savannah, TN 

Allison, Shannon Lea, Jackson, TN 

Armstrong, Lynn Deshea, Nunnelly, TN 

Austin Paula Jean, Maury City, TN 

Baker, Stephen, Katy, TX 

Barber, Sherrie, Linden, TN 

Barnett, James Larry Jr., Owensboro, 


Barron, Julia, Brighton, TN 

Baskin, David, Memphis, TN 

Bass, Albenda, Henderson, TN 

Batchelor, Jason, Greenfield, TN 

Beard, Glenda, A., Brownsville, TN 

Beller, Keita, Jackson, TN 

Billings, Kirk, Munford, TN 

Birdwell, Garth, Bruceton, TN 

Bishop, Donna Jane, Henderson, TN 

Bishop, Samuel, Memphis, TN 

Blair, James Kevin, Jackson, TN 

Blasingin, Danette. Bath Springs, TN 

Bonee, Tammie, Savannah, TN 

Bottoms, Amy, Dyersburg, TN 

President; Marty Steinmetz, President; David Watts, 

Branch, Mary Ann, Trenton, TN 
Brasfield, Reed, Jackson, TN 
Brawner, Melissa, Piggott, AR 
Brelslord, John, Rutherlord, TN 
Bridgewater, Ginger, Brownsville, TN 
Broadway, Kenneth, .Scotls Hill. TN 

Brown, William, Memphis, TN 
Browning. Donna, Jackson, TN 
Bryant, Angela, Jackson, TN 
Bryant, Donna, Jackson, TN 
Buford. Dreama, Fairview, TN 
Burchfield, Cara Janeen, Bolivar 

Burke, Audra. Horn Lake. MS 
Burlison. Janice, Burlison, TN 
Burris, Leigh Ann, Dyersburg, TN 
Bussell, Dawn, HendersonviUe, TN 
Bynum, Todd, Cordova, TN 
Cagle, Lisa, Scotts, TN 

Caldwell, Kimberly, Tiptonville, TN 
Carpenter, Steve, Memphis, TN 
Carroll, Catherine, Scotts Hill. TN 
Carroll, Janet. Henderson. TN 
Castellaw, Bonnie J.. Friendship, TN 
Chapman, Richard Lee, Brentwood, TN 

Cherry. Veronica. Jackson, TN 
Chester. Tammy. Humboldt. TN 
Christmas. Amanda. Evansville, IN 
Coburn, Robert. Linden, TN 
Coffman, Randy. Jackson. TN 
Cole. Jonathan Todd, Spring Creek, TN 

Coleman, LaWanda, Linden, TN 
Collenborne. Kelly, Arlington, TN 
Colyer. Danica, Dexter, MO 
Combest, Michele M., Henderson, KY 
Cook, Anne, Jackson, TX 
Cook, Regina Dale, Cedar Grove, TN 

Cooper, Brenda. Millington, TN 
Cornelius, Lisa, Jackson, TN 
Courtney. Lisa. Brownsville. TN 
Creasy, Glenda L., Jackson, TN 
Creasy. James A.. McKenzie, TN 
Culpepper. Jerry. Paris, TN 

Damron, Pamela Gayle, Gibson, TN 

Daniel, Tim, VVhiteville, TN 

Davenport, Jeff, Jackson, TN 

Davis, Brasher Amanda, DecaturviUe 


Davis, Carolyn, Toone, TN 

Davis, Lance, Northboro, MA 

Decker, Steven Lee. Munford, TN 

Dehn, Wendy Jeannette, Jackson, TN 

Dickerson, Shirley, Bolivar, TN 

Dixon, Laura, Germantown, TN 

Doughton, Patricia, Union City, TN 

Duke, Jennifer, Jackson, TN 

Dunaway, Mark, Bethel Springs, TN 

Ebanks, Gelia, Cayman Islands, BWI 

Edens, Lynn Vail, Halls, TN 

Edmundson, Lorrie, Poplar Bluff, MO 

Edwards, Sherry Annette, Huntingdon, 


Ellington, Red, Brownsville, TN 

Ellis, Loretta, Dyersburg, TN 

Erwin, Cindy, Brighton, TN 

Estes, Johnny, Centerville, TN 

Evans, Jeffery, Newbern, TN 

Evans, Kendrick, Jackson, TN 

Feltus, Adrienne, Germantown, TN 

Fesmire, Albert, Scotts Hill, TN 

Fields, James, Friendship, TN 

Fleming, Sandra Denise, Munford, TN 

Floyd, Shirley, Bells, TN 

Ford, Leigh Ann, Milan, TN 

Forsythe, Travis, Brownsville, TN 

Fulcher, Amy Len, Fulton, KY 

Gibbs, Gary Ronald, Old Hickory, TN 

Gibson, Cyndy, Tampa, FL 

Gillpatrick, Susan M., Germantown, TN 

Goslee, J. Luther, Medina, TN 

Green, Kyle, Paris, TN 

Greene, Felicia E., Memphis, TN 

Griffin, Belinda, Paris, TN 

Grimes, Monica, Memphis, TN 

Gurley, Lisa, Huntingdon, TN 

Hale, Janet, Yuma, TN 

Hall Melody, Dyer, TN 

Hammons, Deborah, Hickory Valley, TN 

Hampton, Joyce, Bolivar, TN 

Hansmann, Rebecca, Poplar Bluff, MO 

Hardee, Lisa, Jackson. TN 

Harrington, Lisa, Jackson, TN 

Harris, Hope, Halls, TN 

Harris, Sherry Rene, Dyersburg, TN 

Harrison, John C, Union City, TN 

Hart, Randy, Reagan, TN 

Harvey, Deborah, Linden, TN 

Haskins, Tracy Annette. Camden. TN 

Hathcox, Susie, Jackson, TN 

Henry, Melanie, Johnston, City, IL 
Hc-nson, Rodney, Union City, TN 
Herndon, Emily, Paris, TN 
HiKht, Carol Ann, Mt. Juliet, TN 
Hill, George Kevin, Huntingdon, TN 
Hill. Pamela. Whiteville, TN 

Hillhouse, Rhonda, Jackson, TN 

Hinson, Lisa Marie, Linden, TN 

Hovenden, Curtis L. II, South Whitley, 


Howell, Jason Brett, Bolivar, TN 

Howard, Brian, Paducah, KY 

Houston, Tenje, Memphis, TN 

Hooper, Douglas, Dyer, TN 
Holden, Brad, Trenton, TN 
Humphrey, Mike, Mt. Vernon, IL 
Irwin, David Lee, Jackson, TN 
Jackson, Elizabeth, Dyersburg, TN 
Jackson, Michelle, Memphis, TN 

James, Michele, Jackson, TN 
Jelks, Jennifer, Paris, TN 

Jenkins, Linda, Milan, TN 
Jenkins, Lisa, Bells, TN 

Jerman, Carol, Alamo, TN 
Jernigan, Wayne, Bells, TN 
Johnson, Ginger, Jackson, TN 
Johnson, Keith, Kenton, TN 
Jones, Ann, Dyersburg, TN 
Jones, Chris, Dyer, TN 

Jones, Donna, Humboldt, TN 
Kea, Kelli, Hohenwald. TN 
Kelley. Lisa Dawn, Parsons, TN 
Kennedy, Mechel, Eads, TN 
Kimbrough, Terri, Counce, TN 
King, Dennis, Sesser, IL 

King, Teresa, Toone, TN 
Kizer. David, Memphis, TN 
Knott, Lisa, Milan, TN 
Kwasigroh, Ron, Humboldt. TN 
Lang, Tammy June, Dexter. MO 
Leatherwood, Leigh Ann, Memphis, TN 

Leopard, Connie, Henderson, TN 

Lewis. Mark Alan, Greenfield, TN 

Locher, Billy Charles, Dyer, TN 

Lofton, Leah, Middleton, TN 

Lonas, Chris, Centerville, TN 

Long. Kenneth Wade, Jackson, TN 

Lowery, Leigh Ann. Trenton, TN 

Luttmers. Hi. C., Independence, MO 

Maners, Regina, Jackson, TN 

Manner, Chris, Milan, TN 

Maples, Patty, Mercer, TN 

Maroney, Marcie, Medon, TN 

Martin, Brent, Belden, MS 

Martin, Carla Dawn, Lexington, TN 

Martin, Colleen, Lexington, TN 

Matlock, Mary Todd, Selmer, TN 

McBroom, Melanie, Bristol, V.-^ 

McCall, Janette, SaltiUo, TN 

McCormack. Steve, Jackson, TN 

McCulley, Tony, Olive Branch, M.S 

McFarland, Trish, Paris, TN 

McKee. Delaine, Lexington, TN 

McKnight, Cheryl, Memphis, TN 

Medley, Thomas, Brownsville, TN 

Melton, Vernon, Henry, TN 

Minor, Janice, Ripley, MS 

Mitchell, Demetrius M., Memphis, TN 

Mitchell, Linda, Lexington, TN 

Monette, Dave, Waverly, TN 

Mooney, Rohyn Renee, Huntingdon, TN 

Moore, Mary F., Bethel Springs, TN 

Moore, Michelle, Gibson, TN 

Morford, Angela, Humboldt, TN 

Morris. Dianna, Somerville. TN 

Morris, Pat, Paris. TN 

rrison, Melissa Dawn, Henderson. TN 

Murrell. Leslie. Memphis, TN 
Myers, Melodi. Paducah, KY 
Nance, Beth, Bruceton, TN 
Nanney, Tracey S., Cedar Grave, TN 
Nash, Virginia, Princeton, KY 
Neely, Connie, Henderson, TN 

Nelson, VVendi, Jackson, TN 
Newbern, Barbara Elaine, Medon, TN 
Narris, -Julie Ann, Henderson, TN 
Norton, Janna, Kenton, TN 
Ogilive, Tina M., Coulterville, IL 
Olds, Cindy, Halls. TN 

Orman, Shands Memphis, TN 
Owens, Susan Lee, Memphis, TN 
Palmer, Twanda, Memphis, TN 
Parish. Kenneth Gray, Davidson, MI 
Park, Natalie, Buena Vista, TN 
Parrish, Julie Ann, Jackson, TN 

Patterson, Andrea, Cornith, MS 
Patton, Sherry. Dyersburg, TN 
Patterson, Jennifer, Goodlettsville, TN 
Pauley, William B., Goodlettsville, TN 
Paylor. Laura, Germantown, TN 
Pearce. Tracy, Jackson, TN 

Pearson, Buddy, Morris Chapel, TN 
Pearson, Susan, Risco, MO 
Peavler. Amye, Paducah. KY 

Peek. Elizabeth. Memphis, TN 
Pennington, Teresa B. Humbolt, TN 
Perkins. Greg. Jackson, TN 

Perkins, Jeff, Greenfield. TN 
Perkins. Mary Dee. Jackson. TN 
Perry. Julie Lyneyye. Piggott. AR 

Pierce, Maurie Ann, Milan, TN 
I'iercey, Shea. Jackson, TN 
Pilkington, Lisa. Covington. TN 

Pittman, Michelle. Jackson, TN 

Plunk, Matthew, Carthage, TN 

Pollard, David, Jackson, TN 

Potter, Robin, Brighton, TN 

vers, Monica M.,Taiehvng, Taiwan 

Powers, Terrie, Southaven, MS 

Pratt, Phillip A., Milan,TN 

Price, Angela, Toone, TN 

Prince, Mark, Camden, TN 

Pullam, Jennifer, Memphis, TN 

Raiford, Kim, Germantovvn, TN 

Ramey, Angela, Dyersburg, TN 

Ramey. Charles. Trenton, TN 
Ratliff, Kimberly. Tupelo, MS 
Ray, Kevin Lee, Atwood, TN 
Replogle, Brad, Jackson, TN 
Rhodes, Margaret Ann, Huron, TN 
Richardson, Danna, Eads, TN 

Roaten, David, Brownsville, TN 

Robbins, David, Alamo, TN 

Robbins, Sheila, Ripley, TN 

Roberts, John, Peabody, MA 

Robinson, Toby Gene, Tamarro, IL 

Roe, Alicia Carol, Jackson, TN 

Rogers, Angle, Reagan, TN 

Rogers, Tony J., Lexington, TN 

Rowe, Amy, Memphis, TN 

Rudesill, Richard Brain, Jackson, TN 

Rushing, Maria, Bernie, MO 

Rowland, Russell, Dexter, MO 

Sargent, Sharon C, Jackson, TN 

Schachle, Shireen Lee, Savannah, TN 

Schiller, Billy, Wickliffe, KY 

Schoppaul, Staci, Atoka, TN 

Schrecker, Julie, Greenville, TN 

Sharp, Regina, Savannah, TN 

Siegl, Linda, Lexington, TN 

Simmerer, Tiffany, Hollywood, FL 

Simmons, Timothy, Memphis, TN 

Sims, Debbie, Memphis, TN 

Sisson, Rosalie, Jackson, TN 

Skidmore, Tracy, Dresden, TN 

Smith, Angela, Finger, TN 

Smith, Cindy Lee, Parsons, TN 

mith, Jennifer, Germantown, TN 

Smith, Marsha, Gadsden, TN 

Smith, Rachelle, Bolivar, TN 

Smith, Tammy, Carbondale, IL 

Smith, Terri, Muullon, AL 
Smith, Valerie L., Friendship, TN 
Spencer, Dawn, Brownsville, TN 

Spencer, Jeffrey, Brownsville, TN 
Spencer, Mark, Olive Branch, MS 
Stafford, Regena, Palmersville, TN 

Starnes, LaWanda, Burlison, TN 
Stevens, Patricia, Dexter, TN 
Stewart, Cindy, Beech Bluff, TN 

Stokes, Tracy, McEwen, TN 
Strayhorn, Amanda, Jackson, TN 
Street, Lana L., Olive Branch, MS 

Swaffer, Doug, Savannah, TN 
Szczur, Cheryl, Jackson, TN 
Taylor, Lisa Marie, Jackson, TN 

Teague, Verna, Selmer, TN 
Teel, Jerome, Red Banks, MS 
Tennyson, Andala, Selmer, TN 

Threet, Kim Anne, Jackson, TN 
Thweatt, Jacqueline Renee, Ramer, TN 
Tidwell, Regina, Milan, TN 

Tignor, Regina, Luray, TN 
Todd, Christopher, Paris, TN 
Tolar, James 0., Jr.. Ridgely, TN 

Tosh, Tiffany, Whiteville, TN 

Treadway, Cindy, Somerville, TN 

Trentham, Steve, St. Louis, MO 

Troutt, Kelly, Camden, TN 

Truly, Joy, Memphis, TN 

Valentine, Troy. Hendersonville, TN 

Vickers, Pamela Denise, Southaven, MS 
Vuong, Hieut. Jackson, TN 
Wadley, Tracy, Haron, TN 

Wagster, Julie, Humboldt, TN 

Walker, Sheri L., Lexington, TN 

Wallace, Mark, Brighton, TN 

Ward, Kevin, Stanton, TN 

Ward, Kimberly, Lavinia, TN 
Warren, Stephen, Linden, TN 
Waters, Lvnne, Mayfield, TN 
Watkins, Jeff, West Memphis, TN 
Watts, David Terry, Bells, TN 
Watt, Dawn Ann, Medina, TN 

Watt, Susan, Southaven, MS 

Wengstrom, Shelly, Alamo, TN 

Westerman, Sonya, Huron, TN 

Wheat, Lisa Michelle, Parson, TN 

White, Carissa, Finger, TN 

Wiggins, Lisa, Dexter, MO 

Wilkins, Rusty, Millington, TN 

Williamson, Julian, Atoka, TN 

Williams, Lori, Savannah, TN 

Williams, Terri, Paris, TN 

Wilson, Candace, Germantown, TN 

Wilson, Patricia, Selmer, TN 

Wood, Benjie, Linden, TN 

Wood, Randall, Savannah, TN 

Worley, Cheryl Ann, Savannah, TN 

Wright, Johnnie, Moscow, TN 

Wright, Molly, Jackson, TN 

Young, Von Ivan. Gadsden, TN 


Class Officers, Standing L. to R.: Terrance Thomas, President; Steve Williams, Tresurer; Lanetta Littlefield, Secretary; Rod Parker, Vice President. 

Akers, Rebecca P., Humboldt, TN 
Akin, Andrew, Germantown, TN 
Alexander, Donna Y., Adamsville, TN 
Allen, Miciielle, Memphis, TN 
Angel, Melinda, Hornbeak, TN 
Bailey, Cheri, Lexington, TN 

Bailey, Jeff, West Memphis, AR 
Bailey, Laura E., Nashville, TN 
Bailey, Teresa, M., Pinson, TN 
Baldridge, Robin, Rives, TN 
Barger, Rachel, Jackson, TN 
Bass, Robbie, Hendersonville, TN 

Beasley, James, Jackson, TN 
Bess, Jon M., Ida, MI 
Bivens, Amy. Greenfield, TN 
Blackstock, Tim, Lexington, TN 
Blackwell, Jay, Jackson, TN 
Blackwood, Michelle, Jackson, TN 

Blalack, Leslie, Brighton, TN 

Blancett, Rena, Medina, TN 

Bland, Barry, Milan, TN 

Booker. Rebecca, Brownsville, TN 

Braden. Kim, Henry, TN 

Breeden, Mary Beth, New Johnsonville, 


Brewer, Beth, Union City, TN 

Brewer, Russell, Decaturville, TN 

Britt, Karen, Eads, TN 

Bryant, Marcia Ruth, Jackson, TN 

Bugg, Traci, Clinton, KY 

Bullock, Trent, Gleason, TN 

3urton. Paula Renee. Lexington, TN 

Busby, Sherri, Mason, TN 

Butler, Charles, Jackson, TN 

Campbell, Lisa, Wildersville, TN 

Carpenter, Patricia, Reagan, TN 

Carroll, Melissa, Jackson, TN 

Chambers, Michelle, Moscow, TN 

Champagne, April, Atoka, TN 

Cherry, Cynthnia, Obion, TN 

Church, Amy, Columbia, TN 

Clark, Kelly, Munford, TN 

Claus, Julie, Paducah, KY 

Clotfelter. Gregg, Caryville, TN 

Cochran, Dana, Jackson, TN 

Collomp, Delana, Camden, TN 

Cooksey, Debbie, Jackson, TN 

Copper, Robin, Camden, TN 

Cornett, Michele, Camden, TN 

Courtright, Laurie, Jackson, TN 

Crecelius, Susan, Olalla, WA 

Crites, Thomas L., DuQuoin, IL 

Crocker, David, McLemoresville, TN 

Cummings, Sharon, Savannah, TN 

Damons, Bart, Rives, TN 

Davie, Susan R., Memphis, TN 

Deal, Christopher, Memphis, TN 

Deaton, DeAnna, Mt. Juliet, TN 

Dennis, Beth, Columbia, TN 

Dicus, Kim, Clifton, TN 

Dismuke, Amy L., Sylvania, OH 

Donald, Angela. Humbolt, TN 

Dotson, Jerry, Jackson, TN 

Duke, Karen, Germantown, TN 

Dunlap, Christopher, Memphis, TN 

Elliott, Mary Kaye, Detroit, MI 

Elrod, Karen, Covington, TN 

Engler, Paide, Jackson, TN 

Engstrand, Gregory A., BatesviUe, AR 

Escue, Luanne, Booneville, TN 

Evans, Leigh Anne. Paris, TN 

Facrane, John Paul, Abberville, LA 

Finley, Lori, Memphis.TN 

Fisher, Teresa L., Lexington, TN 
Fleel, Pamela, Bolivar, TN 
Fletcher, Dennis, Jackson, TN 
Fly, Chuck, Franklin, TN 
Foote. Toni Renee, Jackson, TN 
Forsythe, Holly M., Millington, TN 

Freeland, Holly, Southaven, MS 
Her, Misti, Little Rock, AR 
Her, Kimherely. Mercer, TN 
•ntry, Kelly, Carterville, IL 
lliard, June Darlene, Gates, TN 
iggs, Chris, Atoka, TN 

Glover, Daniel, Brighten, TN 
Glover, Greg, Dyersburg, TN 
Graddy, Nancy, Memphis, TN 
Grant, Kecia, Memphis, TN 
Grantham, Jennifer A., Toone, TN 
Graves, James Ellis, Memphis, TN 

Greer, Mary, Somerville, TN 

Greer, Teresa, Memphis, TN 

Griffin, Mike, Union City, TN 

Groom, Lana, Linden, TN 

Gwaltney, Laurie Shannon, Union City, 


Hall, Sue Amy, Wilmington, IL 

Hamilton, Vernie, Jackson, TN 

Hammonds, Julia, Trenton, TN 

Hardeman, Mary Ann, Grand Junction, 


Harns, Suzanne, Popular Bluff, MO 

Harris, Tamyy, Silerton, TN 

Hart, Charlotte, Lexington, TN 

Hemby, Mary, Finger, TN 
Henderson, Lance, Memphis, TN 
Henderson, Rita, Memphis. TN 
Hendrix, Melissa, Louisville, KY 

Henson, Julie, Memphis, TN 
Heyen, Michael, Petersburg, IL 
Hickman, Tanner, Germantown, TN 

Hicks, Jennifer, Jackson, TN 
Hinote, Vanita, Jackson. TN 
Hobbs, James Byron, Waynesboro, TN 

Holliiigsworth, Don, Memphis, TN 
Hopper, Susan, Saltillo, TN 

\ii 1« 

Hunt, Tiffani, Carmi, IL 
Hunter, Joseph, Jackson, TN 

Ivy, Emily, Decaturville, TN 

Jackson, Julia, Bartlett, TN 

Jackson, Robert, Gates, TN 

Jackson, Steve, Jackson, TN 

James, Penny, Cedar Grove, TN 

James, Rebecca, Wildersville, TN 

Jeter, Hope A., Memphis. TN 

Johansen, Jane, Germantown, TN 

Jones, Cynthia, Toone, TN 

Jones, Jeff, Memphis, TN 

Jones, Micki, Bethel Springs, TN 

Jones, Tony, Olive Branch, MS 

Kail, Lorraine, Alamo, TN 

Kellev, Gina, Memphis, TN 

Kent, Michelle, Mt. Juliet, TN 

Klyca, Chuck, Alamo, TN 

Kolb, Lynn, Big Sandy, TN 

Kovac, Caryn, Findlay, OH 

Krosp, Hartson B., Paducah, KY 

Kwasigroh, Pete, Humboldt, TN 

Lane, Dena W., Pinson, TN 

Langlinais, Larry, Henderson, TN 

Lay, Georgia Marybeth, Jackson, TN 

Leverette, James E., West Memphis, AR 

Lewis, Debbie, Beech Bluff, TN 

Lewis, Susan, Nashville, TN 

Lindquist, Jennie, Milwaukee, WI 

Littlefield, Lanetta, Adamsville, TN 

Loines, Lisa, Bartlett, TN 

Long, Tina, Brownsville, TN 

Lowe, Renee, Lexington, TN 

Lowe, Todd N., Jackson, TN 

Luttrell, Belinda G., Middleton, TN 

Lyons, Brenda, Bartlett, TN 

Magee, Tom, Monroe, MI 

Maness, Shonda, Lexington, MI 

Martin, Angela, Reagan, TN 

Marlin, Richard, Reagan, TN 

Martin, Sandra, Stantonviile. TN 

Martindale, Jennifer Lynn, Dyersburg, 


May, Stephen, Narman, OK 

McLeary, Frankie, Jackison, TN 

McLemore, Andrew, Dyersburg, TN 
Medlin, Kalherine L., Henderson, TN 
Merrill, Sheri, Memphis, TN 
Mertz, Tamnii, Huntingdon, TN 
Miller, Kristen, Bowdoinham, ME 
Minor, Mary, Lexington, TN 

Montgomery, Sheila, Bethel Springs, TN 
Moore, Melinda, Dexter, MO 
Moore, Rebecca, Calvert City, KY 
Morris, Deanna, Gleason, TN 
Morris, Sandra J., Saltillo, TN 
Nason, Brent, Paris, TN 

Nickerson, Cheryl, Worcester. MA 
Oakes, Lena, Bartlett, TN 
Oliver, Mike, Paris, TN 
Otey, Kam, Jackson, TN 
Ozier, Sundae, Jackson, TN 
Parish, Curtis L., Jr., Paris, TN 

Parker, Kelley, Laurenceburg, TN 
Parker, Rod, "Selmer, TN 
Parmar, Chitra, Milan, TN 
Parrish, Rose, Memphis, TN 

Patterson, Jeff, Medina. TN 
Patterson, Patty, Bradford, TN 
Peace, Leanne. Henderson, TN 
Pena, John, Lobelville, TN 

Pentecost, Steve L., Memphis, TN 
Phillips, Dawn, Dyersburg, TN 
Phillips, Marty. Sardis. TN 
Poindexter, John, Memphis, TN 

Poindexter, Roger, Sikeston, MO 
I>owers, Butch, Jackson, TN 
Powers, Jennifer, Scotts Hill. TN 
Powers, Scott, Phenix City. AL 

Presley. Mitzi, Brownsville, TN 

Pulse, Deana, Middleton, TN 

Quails, Debby, Jackson, TN 

Rainey, Rhonda J., Alamo, TN 

Ralls, Regina Kay, Memphis, TN 

Ray, Becky, Southaven, MS 

Reynolds, Chris, Greenfield, IN 

' Rial, Kerry, Greenfield, TN 

Rice, William, Humboldt, TN 

Rigby, Chris, Jackson, TN 

Riggins, Jimmy, Jackson, TN 

Roberts, Joan, Nassau, Bahamas 

Roberts, Tonya, Jackson, TN 

Robertson, Charlene, Jackson, TN 

Rogers, Penny, Scotts Hill, TN 

Rogers, Teresa, Goodlettsville, TN 

Robinson, Cynthia Hope, Humboldt, TN 

Ross, Kennda, McEwen, TN 

Ross, Laura J., Humboldt, TN 
Rozar, Karen, Fayetteville, TN 

Sage, Jane Ann, Union City, TN 
Scarborough, Linda, Humboldt, TN 

Scott, Norma, Olive Branch, MS 

Seymour, William Anthony, Savannah. 


Shoemaker, Karen, Dearborn, MI 

Simpson, Pearl, Bartlett, TN 

Sloan, Sharon, Munford, TN 

Smith, Carol A., Jackson, TN 

Sowell, Janice, Jackson, TN 

Sparkman, Keith, Trenton, TN 

Spencer, Van, Brownsville, TN 

Stafford, Vicky, Greenfield, TN 

Stephens, Maria Kay, Rutherford, TN 

Stephens, Tom, Jackson, TN 

Sullivan, Tommy, Huntington, TN 

Summers, Emily, White House, TN 

Sweat, Scott G., Selmer, TN 

Sweatt, Judy, Stantonville, TN 

Syed, Imran, Brockville Ontario, Canada 

Talbott, Sandi, Savannah, TN 

Tami, L. Coleman, Milan, TN 
Tarler, Jim, LexinKtcm, TN 
Taylor, Jerome, Dyersburg, TN 
Teague, Bart, Ramer, TN 
Thomas, Steven F., Somerville, TN 
Thompson, Suzanne M., BIytheville, AR 

Thompson, Tammy, Memphis, TN 
Tillman, Suzetta, Robards, KY 
Tomlin, Cathy, Arlington. TN 
Townsend, Marvin A., Bartlett, TN 
Tran, Ngoe Hao, Tutwiler, MS 
Turner, Steve Howard, Forest City, NC 

Troutt, Darrell, Camden, TN 
Underwood, DeAnn, Humboldt, TN 
Vdovich, Robert M., Jackson, TN 
Vaughn, Joanie, Bolivar, TN 
Veazey, Gregg, Paris, TN 
Vega, Frank T., Jr., Southaven, MS 

Viar, Lori L., Dyersburg, TN 
Walls, Ann Sidney, Somerville, TN 
Watkins, David, Milan, TN 

Watson, Tim, Simpson, IL 
Webb, Amy A., Waynesboro, TN 
Webb, Dee Dee, Guthrie, KY 

Weiler, Tom, OIkey, IL 

West, Timothy W., Henderson, TN 

Western, Kimberly Lynn, Medina, TN 

Wheatlev, Anthony D., Big Sandy, TN 
Willey. Rob. Waynesville, OH 
Williamson, Jennifer. Briston. TN 
Williams, Laura Ann, Memphis, TN 
Williams, Shandora Allisa, Grand 
Junction, TN 
Williams, Steve, Trenton, TN 

Wilson, Jerry, Camden, TN 
Woodham, Rhonda. Henderson, TN 
Wright, Lori Lee, Obion, TN 
Young. Timothy. Jackson. TN 
Ziegenhorn, Nelson, Trenton, KY 


Class Officers, Seated: Steve Maroney, President. Standi) 

Adalberth, Gunnar, Sweden 

Adams, Paul, Nashville, TN 

Alexander, Michelle, Jackson, TN 

Alford, John Michael, Dyer, TN 

Allison, Greg, Jackson. TN 

Anderson, Cathy A., Memphis. TN 

Anderson. Sophie. Booneville, MS 

Arnett, Shelly, St. Louis. MO 

Arther. Ronald, Ripley. TN 

Atkeison. Nancy K.. Somerville, TN 

Austin, Susan, Jackson, TN 

Baggett, Geoff, Brownsville, TN 

Bain, Carla, Jackson. TN 

Bain. Mark, Lexington, TN 

Baker, Timothy L., Jackson, TN 

Barnes, Donna, Jackson, TN 

Barnes, Kathy W., Mercer. TN 

Bates, Donna, Parsons. TN 

Bayless, Rosalee. Bolivar. TN 

Bell, Lisa, Huron, TN 

Benson, Jane M., Hopkinsville, KY 

Birlew, Lynn, Ripley, TN 

Black. Charlotte. Bolivar, TN 

Blankenship, Karin L.. Jackson, TN 

; L. to R.: Nancv Atkeison. Treasurer; Gunnar Adalberth. Vice President; Mary Willian 

w # 


M - 

H,,l,bitt, Canili.ic- K., Jackson. TN 
li.jiuls. I.indu, Memphis, TN 
Booth, Sheree, Jackson, TN 
Bowman, Cheri, Lexington, TN 
Box, Nnncv, Dccaturville, TN 
BiMildy. Sonya, Dyershurg, TN 

Brewer, Phillip, Dyer, TN 
Brookshaw, Stephanie M., Memphis, TN 
Brown, DouRlas E., Jackson, TN 
Brown, Sieve, Milan, TN 
Brown, Teresa L., Jackson, TN 
Brummett, Floyd, Brownsville, TN 

Bruton, Bohljie, Southaven, MS 

Buie, Teresa, Brownsville, TN 

Biirriiss, Kimberly B., Beech Bluff, TN 

Burton, Stanley, Jackson, TN 

Cagle, Jeff, Savannah, TN 

Calamese, Jocques Marquez, Booneville, 


Campbell, Sarah Jane, Jackson, TN 
Cantrell, Carla Ann, Jackson, TN 
Carroll, Laurie, Jackson, TN 
Chalmers, Susan, Ringgold, GA 
Climer, Joey, Humboldt, TN 
Cochran, Kim, Jackson, TN 

Cochran, Penny, McEwen, TN 
Coleman, Rhonda, Memphis, TN 
Combs, Roosevelt L.. Memphis, TN 
Cordon, Cherie, Memphis, TN 
Corley, Timothy, Jackson,TN 
Cosmiano. Grace, Bolivar, TN 

Cox, Sharon R., Smyrna, TN 
Crenshaw, Tammy, Newbern, TN 
Curry, Lori, Corinth, MS 
Davis, Robert T., Toone, TN 
Drake, Mary Ann, Portageville. MO 
Dehn, Tobey, Jackson, TN 

Denning, Dale, Bradford, TN 
Doster, John, Jackson, TN 
Oroke, Michelle, Jackson, TN 
Duck, Jana S.. Jackson, TN 
Duffey, Jon, Big Sandy, TN 
Dyer, Marty, Jackson, TN 

Earp, Lori, Bells, TN 
Escue, Mark, Jackson, TN 
Kspeseth, Karen, Madison. WI 
Essary, Dirk W., Crown Ft., IND 
Evans, Daniel R.. Springfield. TN 
Farmer, Robert Lee, Trenton, TN 

Fields. Calvin, Friendship, TN 
Fields, Mark C, Fulton, KY 
Flowers. Cathy, Jackson, TN 

Forderhase, Timothy, Jackson, TN 

Fossen, Pam Van, Jackson. TN 

Fowler, Scott, Memphis, TN 

Frazier, Lisa, Savannah, TN 

Gay, Drew, Ripley, TN 

George, Jeanna M., Milan, TN 

Gibbons, Christy, Jackson, TN 

Gill, Randall Frazier, Beach Bluff, TN 

Golden, Sheila, Denmark, TN 

Graham, Jacquelyn, Linden, TN 

Graves, Joey, Burlison, TN 

Graves, Robert, Dyer, TN 

Gremore, Kimberly Sue, Memphis, TN 

Hall, George Lewis, Jr., Jackson, TN 

Hamilton, Chris, Memphis, TN 

Hansmann, Sherry, Poplar Bluff, MO 

Harbin, Jennifer, Jackson, TN 

Harrell, Forrest, Millington, TN 

Haydock, Lisa, Tupelo, MS 

Hayes, Vicki D., Jackson, TN 

Hensley, Robert E., Memphis, TN 

Hicks, Michelle G., Brownsville, TN 

Holland, Willie L.. Stanton, TN 

Hopper, Scott, Brownsville, TN 

Hubbard, Vickie, Morris Chapel, TN 

Hedspeth, Terry, West Memphis, AR 

Hunter, Christopher, Bartlett, TN 

Isbell, Crvstie, Union City, TN 

Isbell, Dave, Union City, TN 

Jacobs, Christopher N., Bolivar, TN 

Jacobs, Jerry, Grand Junction, TN 

Jett, Steven, Jackson, TN 

Jones, Janet, Trenton, TN 

Jones, Jennifer, Memphis, TN 

Jones, Julie, PinckneyviUe, IL 

Kellough, Karen, Henderson, KY 

Kerby, Trish, Halls, TN 

Kernodle, Gregg, Milan, TN 
Kilpalrick, Tammy, Decaturvi 
King, Tina Lynn, Selmer, TN 
Kite, Ken, Kenusha, Wl 
Koonce, Tammy, Bells, TN 
Layman, Bryan, Jackson, T 


Laman, Janna, Alamo, TN 
Lambert, David, Tiptonville, TN 
Lawrence, Lori, Memphis, TN 
Layman, Kellie, Jackson, TN 
Leach, Taleah, Bradford, TN 
Lewis, Delisa, Jackson, TN 

Lewis, Susan, E., Humboldt, TN 
Lockridge, Deborah, Leslie, AR 
Lomax, Ken, Waverly, TN 
Long, Jennifer, Memphis, TN 
Looney, Jeff, Lexington, TN 
MacArthur, Jim, Stantonville, TN 

Marable, Mary, Memphis, TN 
Maroney, Steve, Memphis, TN 
Marshall, Carolyn Annette, Jackson, TN 
Martin, Gaye, Rector, AR 
Matlock, David, Brownsville, TN 
Mattel, Tina, Memphis, TN 

May, Sherri Adams, Toledo, OH 
Mays, Dwyane, E., Ridgely, TN 
McAffee, Paula, Selmer, TN 
McBroom, Robert, Halls, TN 
McLeod, Joey, Hermitage, TN 
McPeake, Kimberly, Lexington, TN 

Meadows, Tim, Newbern, TN 
Meise, Timothy, Jackson, TN 
Melendez, Randy, Martin, TN 
Metcalf, J. Mitchell, Wildersville, TN 

Milam, Carrie, Decaturville, TN 
Miller, Bradley, Lee, Piedmont. MO 
Milligan, Steve, Michie, TN 

Moody, Lois, Jackson, TN 
Morgan, Jeff, Union City, TN 
Morgan, Shirley, Bolivar, TN 

Morris, Melinda B., Mt. Vernon, IL 
Murchison, Lance, Pinson, TN 
Newton, Tracey, Mckenzie, TN 

Nickerson, Cynthia L., Brandon, FL 

Nix, Kenneth, Adamsville, TN 

Norton, Brian, Kenton, TN 

Oakley, Sheera, Pekin, IL 

Ozier, Valerie Yvonne, Jackson, TN 

Partin, Jackie, Humboldt, TN 

Pelletier, Mike, Bartlett, TN 

Phillips, Shawn, Jackson, TN 

Pipkin, Kim, Dyer, TN 

Poague. Ellen Elizabeth, Jackson, IN 

Pope, Cathy, Jackson, TN 

Pope, Rhonda Kaye, Jackson, TN 

Post, Mike, Newburn, TN 

Price, Laurie, Corinth, MS 

Pruitt, Jenny, Henderson, KY 

Rasberry, Ava, Newburn, TN 
Rauchle, Lori, Milan, TN 
Reed, Cathy, Chaffee, MO 

Reed, Thula, Jackson, TN 

Richardson, Randy, Rutherford, TN 

Roach, Teresa, Corinth. MS 

Rotten, Lois Ann, Brownsville, TN 

Riibin.son, Michael. Ashland, MS 

Rorie. Patrick, Jackson, TN 

Rushing, Pamela, Milan, TN 

Sanders, Micki, Memphis, TN 

Sayer, Elizabeth A., Cord, AR 

Shaw, Tracey, Ridgely, TN 

Sheppard, Stacey, Memphis, TN 

Simmons, Lee Ann, Jackson, TN 

Skelton, Dianne, Crockett Mills, TN 

Smith, Jennifer, Jackson, TN 

Squire, William R., HoUaday, TN 

Stanley, Kimberly, Murfreesboro, TN 

Steinmetz, Janice, Memphis, TN 

Stephens, Pamela, Rutherford, TN 

4-\? V 

Stephens, Stephanie, Union City, TN 
Stockman, Judith, Jackson, TN 
Stokely, Mary Helen, Brownsville, TN 
Sione, Scott, Benton, KY 
Stron;;, Kaye, Jackson, TN 
Summar, Michelle, Jackson, TN 

SummcrCord, Tina, Byhalia, MS 
Swearin^en, Rhonda, Hollow Rock, TN 
Swindle, Tammie, Parsons, TN 
Taylor, Jerry L., Jackson, TN 
Tennyson, Franklin, III, Bolivar, TN 
Thacker, Karissa K., Spring Hill, TN 

Thacker, Tamma, Corinth, MS 
Tolbert, Ken, Southfulton, TN 
Trout. Michelle, Memphis, TN 

Tutor, Mark G., Memphis, TN 
Ward, Eric, Jackson, TN 
Ward, Grant H., Jackson, TN 
Ward, Suzanne, Humboldt, TN 

Webb, Billy, Ripley, TN 
Wells, Betsy, Ripley. MS 
Westfall, Karen, Anchorage, AK 

Wheeler, Beverly, Lexington, TN 
Whitby, Nancy, Milan, TN 
White," Susan.'jackson, TN 
Williams, Andy, Gideon, MO 
Williams, David, Brownsville, TN 
Williams, Lisa A.. Jackson, TN 

Williams, Lovoria, Milan, TN 
Williams, Mary, Memphis, TN 
Wilson, Dawn, Memphis, TN 
Wilson, Jimmy, Jackson, TN 
Wright, Regina, Camden, TN 
Wright, Terrv, Carlton, MI 

Wyatt, Cindy B., Jackson, TN 
Varughese, Thomas, New Delhi, India 
Young, Cindv. Cedar Grove. TN 
Young, Tamara, Ripley, TN 
\'uung, Theda, Jackson, TN 
Zelinko, Kevin, Jasper, AL 


Class Officers, Seated: Emily Garrett, President; Standing L. to R.: Sherry Patterson, Secretary; Charles Fowler, Vice President; Brian Day, 

Aaron, Sheila C, 

Byrdstown, TN 

Agee, Robyn, Shawnee, OK 

Allen, Bradley, Jackson, 


Allen, Charles, Gatlinburg, 


Anthony, Keata, Humboldt, 


Atkeison, Edwin S., 

Sommerville, TN 

Bailey, Mitzi, Jackson, TN 

Baird, Mark B., Acworth, 


Baird, Susan A., 

Brownsville, TN 

Baker, David, Houston, TX 

Baker, Joe Bruce, 

Henderson, TN 

Baker, Tracy, New 

Johnsonville, TN 

Balos, Lory, Grandchain, IL 

Barden, Sandy, 

Brownsville, TN 

Barker, Betsy, Jackson, TN 

Bedford, Kevin, Phoenix, 


Bilderback, Kelly, 

Sweetwater, TN 

Bishop, Randv, Middleton, 


Bowman, Chris, Lexington, 


Braden, Kerry, Memphis, 


Bradley, Kelly, Maiden, TN 
Brooks, Barbara, Stanton, TN 
Brown-Idare, Clarence Alpha, 
Jackson, TN 

Buck, Lila D., Memphis, TN 
Buford, Brian, Fairview, TN 

Butler, Larry, Ramer, TN 
Carter, Jerry, Millington, TN 
Castellaw, Tammy I. Crockett 
Mills, TN 

Christie, Frank, Humbolt, TN 
Clark, Malesa, Jackson, TN 

Clayton, Lorie, Southaven, MS 
Cobb, Robin, Bells, TN 
Cole, Stephanie, Goshen, NY 
Coleman, Denise, Waverly, TN 
Cox, Jennifer Lanoir, East Prairie, 

Crane, Pattie, Oakland, TN 
Crawley, Pamela Ann, Alamo, TN 
Crook, Richard, Lexington, TN 
Daniel, Kelly, Whiteville, TN 
Davis, Roger D., Lebanon, TN 

Day, Brian, Clarksville, TN 
Dean, Mindy, Germantown, TN 
DePriest, Sam, Milan, TN 
Doddridge, Dusty, Memphis, TN 
Dorris, David W., Jackson, TN 

Douglass, Brad, Brownsville, TN 
Douglas, Gary, Ripley, TN 
Douglas, Janice, Huntingdon, TN 
Duren, Lee, Adamsville, TN 
Duvall, Mark, Murfreesboro, TN 

Dwyer, Shannon, Beavercreek, OH 
Dyer, Don, Jackson, TN 
Eaves, Mike, Dickson, TN 
Eaves, Stephen R., Dickson, TN 
Elangovan, S. Masjicl Tanah, 

Elmore, Leanne, New Johnsonville, 


Ezell, Lynette Shelley, Dyersburg, 


Fenimore, Randle, Henderson, TN 

Fleet, Anita, Memphis, TN 

Fowler, Charles, Corinth, MS 

Freeman, Kent, Tupelo, MS 

Fry, Tony, Camden, TN 

Fuqua, Jennifer, Mt. Juliet, TN 

Garrett, Emily, Parsons, TN 

Gee, Tracye, Jackson, TN 

Gerrell, Carlton, Medon, TN 

Gill, Mary, Beech Bluff,TN 

Grantham, Patrice, Bolivar, TN 

Gregory, Angle, Millington, TN 

Hale, Patsy J., Tiptonville, TN 

Hall, Cathy, Jackson, TN 

Hamada, Omar, Jackson, TN 

Hammons, Melissa, Bolivar, TN 

Harris, James C, Memphis, TN 

Harrison, Celeste, Jackson, TN 

Haynie, Pam, Memphis, TN 

Haynie, Pat, Memphis, TN 

Harlegrove, Pam, Bolivar, TN 

Helton, Dell, Medina, TN 

Henderson, Patricia S., Arbyrd, 


Henderson, Timothy, Nashville, 


Hendrix, Randal, Camden, TN 

Hight, Lisa, Mt. Juliet, TN 

Holcombe, Fred, Verona, MS 

Holloway, Mike, Obion, TN 

Hudson, Beth, Henderson, TN 

Humphrey, Elizabeth, Humboldt, 


Hunt, Randy, Steele, MO 

Inman, Donna Rose, Jackson, TN 

Jackson, John, Memphis, TN 

Jaggars, Cindy, Eastview, TN 
Johnson, Cheryl, Dayton, OH 

Johnson, Michael, Bruceton, TX 
Johnson, Morris Slade, Hermitage, 

Jones, Fondra, Cleveland, TN 
Keeton, Suzanne, Decaturville, TN 

Kellough, Steve, Henderson, KY 
Kerr, William G., Jackson, TN 
King, Allen, Jackson, TN 
King, Lisa D., Medon, TN 
Kirk, Teresa H, Bolivar, TN 

Kirk, Tina, Bolivar, TN 
Knight, Ginny, Memphis, TN 
Lawhorn, Carolyn G., Jackson, TN 
Lay, Deborah, Jackson, TN 
Lewis, Jeff, Memphis, TN 

Liddy, Terri, Stantonville, TN 

Long, Melissa E., Memphis, TN 

Lang, Wendy, Counce, TN 

Longworth, John E., Jr., Memphis, 


Lowery, Dinah, Gladsden, TN 

Luckey, Beth, Humboldt, TN 
Lynch, Debbie, Selmer, TN 
Lynch, Shane, Camden, TN 
Martindale, Cathy, Dyersburg, TN 
May, Stephen, Brownsville, TN 

May, Suzie, Browmsville, TN 
Mayo, Shyrll, Wynnburg, TN 
McCloud, Greg, Memphis, TN 

McCormick, Janet, Scotts Hill, TN 
McDonald, Kim, Mayfield, KY 
McDonald, Susan, Jackson, TN 

Mcllwain, Sharon, Lawrenceburg, 


McKenzie, John, Jackson, TN 

McKinney, Barry W., Jackson, TN 

Mears, Marilee R., Saltillo, MS 

Monroe, Kevin, Jackson, TN 

Montgomery, Teresa, Scotts Hill, 


Moore, Margaret, Morris Chapel, 


Moore, Sheryl, Southaven, MS 

Mosby, Naomi, Oakland, TN 

Moss, Orlandus, Jr., Millington, 


Myers, Don, Somerville, TN 

Newbern, Virginia, Jackson, TN 

Newman, Sam, Henderson, KY 

North, Katharine, Jackson, TN 

Noss, Patrick, Paducah, KY 

Olexa, Mike, Washington, D.C. 

Osborne, Jodi, New Johnsonville, 


Owen, Rose, Henry, TN 

Pack, Stuart, Fredericksburg, VA. 

Pack, Suzanne Faith, 

Fredericksburg, VA 

Parker, Michael, Jackson, TN 

, Petty, Rusty, Troy, TN 

Patrus, Ghassman David, Jackson, 


Patterson, Sherry, Bradford, TN 

Pearce, Melanie, Whiteville, TN 

Figue, Bruce, Alamo, TN 

Porter, Dwight, Adamsville,TN 

Posten, Lynn Judy, Alamo, TN 

Powers, Andrea Lynn, Phenix City, 


Powers, Terry, Somerville, TN 

Presly, Cindy, Brownsville, TN 
Quarles, Patricia, Memphis, TN 
Ray, Edward N., CoUierville, TN 
Renfroe, David, Darden, TN 
Robbins, Leanne, Bethel Springs, 

Rogers, Marilyn, Jackson, TN 
Rogers, Tammy, Goodlettsville, TN 
Roser, Chris, Savannah, TN 
Rowe, Floyd A., Perry, GA 
Rowland, Denise L., Bruceton, TN 

Sadler, Victoria, Washington, IL 
Sharaf, Marwan Ali, Jackson, TN 
Sikler, Chuck, Jackson, TN 
Simmons, Jackie, Huron, TN 
Simmons, Teresa, Dyersburg, TN 

Skelton, Cindy, Somerville, TN 
Skinner, Michael, Pinson, TN 
Smith, Renee, Jackson, TN 
Smith, Robbie, Ripley, TN 
Stephenson, Mary Anne, Jackson, 

Stubblefield, Marty, Frankfort, KY 
Studards, Cathy L., Medina, TN 
Stults, Dave, Waynesboro, TN 
Sutton, Sharon, Cookeville, TN 
Swafford, Carol, Nashville, TN 

Swindell, Betsy, Jackson, TN 
Swindell, Vicky, Bradford, TN 
Swope, Piper, Jackson, TN 
Taylor, Jeff, Brownsville, TN 
Taylor, Kathy, Somerville, TN 

Taylor, Mark, Jackson, TN 

Tharp, Patricia J., Oakland, TN 

Tidwell, Cindy Lynn, Memphis, 


Tidwell, Judy, Humboldt, TN 

Tilleros, Ellen S., Jackson, TN 

Trentham, Kevin R., St. Louis, MO 

Tucker, Rhonda, Dyer, TN 

Underwood, Doug, Henderson, TN 

Vales, Deborah K., Mavry City, 


Volner, Melissa, Jackson, TN 

Wakefield, Tim, Cabool, MO 

Walker, Helen, Ripley, TN 

Wallis, Mary Jane, Waterford,MI 
Waterman, Karlin, Dyersburg, TN 
Watkins, Greg, Caruthersville, MO 

Webb, Brady, Shelbyville, KY 

Webb, Melissa, Jackson,TN 

Welch, Deborah Alexander, 

Jackson, TN 

West, Lovell, Brownsville, TN 

Wilcox, Paul, South Carrollton, KY 

Williams, Chris, Selmer, TN 

Williams, Lana, Gadsden, TN 

Williams, Scott, Bells, TN 

Wilson, Leigh, Memphis, TN 

Wilson, Wendy, Bruceton, TN 

Woods, Teresa, Lexington, TN 

Yarbrough, Carla, Hickory Valley, 


Yarbrough, Tammy, Steele, MO 

Yates, Melony, Parsons, TN 

Yopp, Sandy, Middleton, TN 

T>ear Alma Mater, hear tfiy off- 
spring's plighted vow! 
3irmer and truer may we be 
than now 
Memory fondly lingers, 
Calling back departed days, 
Every task grown lighter 
As we sing thy praise. 
Union, dearest Union, 
yes, w^ll sing thy spreading 
Union, dearest Union, 
Honored be thy name. 
O Alma Mater, our affections 
cling to thee-. 
Mthful and loyal may we 
ever be 
May our Master's watch-care 
O'er us one and all extend. 

Zill again in Union 
Heart and voice we blend. 

Union,dearest Union, 
yes. wdll sing thy spreading 

Union, dearest Union. 
Honored be thy name. 

Zhe 8 fid Upon Which 

Zhe UegiHHing Js Built 

^^ QraduatioH 

" Zhe Bud And Aim Of All £ducatlon 

Js the Development Of Character." 

"Jramls W. Parker 

Senior Index 

A, D, C 

AARON, SHEILA CATHKYN . . . D.A.. Social Work; D.S.U.; Zero 
Tau Alpha: Pledge Class President; Assistant Intramurals 
Director; C.R.V. 

ANDERSON. KAREN LEA . . . D.S.. Mathematics; Minor: Psy- 
chology; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Alpha Chi Society. 

BACON, KAREN LYNN . . . D.A., Communication Arts, Minor: 
English; Alpha Psi O-mego; Footlights. 
BAILEY, CHERI CREASON . . . A.S.N. , Nursing; Lamplighters. 
BAILEY, RITA ROLISON . . . A.S.N. , Nursing; Lamplighters; 
Nursing Class of 1986 Secretary. 

BAIRD, SUSAN ANTHONY . . . A.S.N. , Nursing; Lamplighters. 
BAKER. TRACY LYNN . . . D.S., Elementary Education; Zeta 
Tau Alpha: pledge class vice-president, alum collegiate, 
Panhellenic delegate; Panhellenic: vice-president, presi- 
dent; Alpha Tau Omega little sister : scrapbook chairman, 
president; Prexy Club; S.T.E.A; Campus Favorite. 
BARBEE SONYA YVETTE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; 
S.T.E.A.; Psychology Club; Art Guild; B.C.F.: choir director; 
Senate Representative; Cheerleader; Symphonic Band; Miss 
Black Gibson County 1985; B.S.U. puppets. 
BARKER, ELISABETH L YNNE . . . B.S., Computer Science; Mi- 
nor: Mathematics; U.U. Singers; S.T.E.A; Lambda Chi Alpha 
Crescent; A. CM.; National Dean's List. 

BAYLESS, ROSALEE . . . A.S.N. , Nursing; Lamplighters; Class 
R epresen tative. 

BISHOP. RANDAL DA VID . . . B.S., Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Economics/Finance; Alpha Tau Omega: historian, 
SGA representative, chapter and province student founda- 
tion representative; Zeta Tau Alpha Man; Business Club; 
Junior class treasurer; Self-study re-evaluation Committee. 
BLACK, ROBERT ASHLEY . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
BOOTH, STEPHANIE . . . B.S., Office Administration; Minor: 
Business Admistrotion. 

BRADEN, KERRY LYNN ... B.S., Elementary Education; 
S. T.E.A.; Teacher Education Committee; SGA Senate; B. Y. W.: 
senator, secretary; Alpha Chi; U.U. Dean's List; National 
Dean's List. 

BRIDGES, PHILLIP SEAN . . . B.A., Business Administration; 
Minor: Religion. 

BUCHANAN, CATHERINE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
BUCK, LILA DAWN . . . D.S., Social Work/ Psychology; Foot- 
lights; Psychology Club; Sociology Club. 
BUFORD, BRIAN WESLEY . . . B.S., Psychology/English; Hon- 
ors Student Association; Alpha Chi; Alpha Psi Omega; Foot- 
lights: vice-president; "The Torch" editor; SGA Honors Com- 
mittee; Student representative for self-study committee; 
Drama: "Ten Little Indians", "A Christmas Carole", "Arsenic 
and Old Lace", "The Cat and the Canary"; B.S.U. : on-cam- 
pus chairman, drama team, president; Prexy Club; "Out- 
standing Young Man of America"; National Dean's List; Best 
Actor "Tony". 

BULLOCK, HEIDI ELLISON . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
BUTLER, SHEILA VANESSA . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor: Soci- 
ology: Psychology Club; B.C.F. 

BYRD, SIMS WILLIAM . . . B.S., Communication Arts; Minor: 
English; Varsity Golf Team; Alpha Tau Omega: social chair- 
man, rush chairman, pledge trainer; Cardinal and Cream. 

CAIN, JENNY LYNN . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
CARROLL, DONNA SWEENEY . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lam- 

CARTER, GERALD DUANE . . . B.S., Communication Arts; Mi- 
nor: Management/Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha: treasur- 
er, educator, SGA senator, parliamentarian, historian. Rick 
A. White Jr. Senior Service Award; Honor Student Associ- 
ation; SGA Senate President Pro Tempore. 
CASH, BARBARA LYNN . . . B.S., Computer Science; Minor: 
Management/Marketing/Business Administration; U.U. 
Dean's List; National Dean's List; Alpha Chi. 
CASTELLAW, TAMMY LOUISE . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: 
Economics /Finance; Business Club; Chorus; Rutledge History 
Club: secretary; Andrew T. "Tip" Taylor Pre-Legal Society; Pi 
Gamma Mu; Third Runner-up 1985 Miss Union Pageant; 
Student Foundation. 

c a £, F 

er Science; Minor: Secondary Education; D.S.U.: drama team, 
mission committee; Sigma Alpha Epsiion-. rush chairman, 
social chairman, pledge trainer; Cheerleader captain; Cam- 
pus Favorite; Lest We Forget/Cardinal and Cream: dark- 
room technician, photographer; Outdoors Club; Drama: "An- 
drocles and the Lion". 

CHRISTIE, DONALD FRANK . . . D.S., Management/ Market- 
ing; Minor: Economics/Finance/Accounting; Alpha Tau 
Omega: pledge class president, public relations officer, 
membership recruitment chairman, secretary, vice-presi- 
dent, president; Student Foundation; Business Club. 
CLARK. MALESA DAWN . . D.A., Art: Minor: Management- 
/Marketing; Chi Omega; Alpha Tau Omega little sister: 
treasurer, secretary; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart 1985; 
Kappa Pi; F.C.A.; S.A.C.; U.U. Singers. 

CLAYTON, LORIE LYNN . . . D.M., Music; Minor: Secondary 
Education; Singers: librarian; Sigma Alpha Iota: vice-presi- 
dent, social chairman, fraternity ed chairman, pledge class 
president; Covenant; Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart; Lambda 
Chi Alpha Crescant; C.R.V.; Pageant Singers; National 
Dean's List; S.G.A. senator; Miss Union contestant 1965; Op- 
eretta "Trial by Jury;" Chorus. 

CLEMENT, JENNIFER DERNIECE . . . D.A., English/Journalism; 
Minor: Speech and Theatre Arts; Lesr We Forger: editor-in- 
chief, organizations editor, photographer; Cardinal and 
Cream: editor-in-chief associate editor, assistant editor, staff 
writer, photographer, ad sales; Honors Student Association: 
president, freshman retreat coordinator, Tennessee River 
Retreat coordinator; Russian Festival Student Coordinator; 
1964-1985 Honors Student of the Year; Honors Council: secre- 
tary, freshman representative; S.G.A. Honors Committee; 
Sigma Tau Delta: ptesident, vice-president, treasurer; Prexy 
Club; The Torch; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List; Alpha 
Chi; Linguae Mundi; Who's Who. 

COBB, ROBIN LEIGH . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor: Sociolo- 
gy/English; Student Foundation; Pi Gamma Mu; Chi Omega: 
pledge trainer, vice-president; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sis- 
ter; Psychology Club; F.C.A. 

COLEMAN, CHERYL DENISE . . . B.5., Social Work; Minor: Psy- 
chology; Dorm Council; S.G.A. senator; Psychology Club; 
Lamplightets: Student Affairs Representative; B.S.U.: drama 
team, backyard Bible club, ensemble; B. Y. W.: Missions Ac- 
tin chairman; C.R.V.; U.U. Chorus; U.U. Singers; Collegium 
Musicum; Alpha Chi: treasurer, secretary; U.U. Dean's List; 
National Deans List. 

CORBITT. MARY ANNE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplightets. 
COSSAR, DELL ANN . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters; Na- 
tional Dean's List. 

CRAFT, GWENDOLYN . . . B.S.N., Nutsing; Lamplighters; 
B.S.N. Student Fellowship. 

CRANE PATRICIA . . . B.S., Pre-Med/Biology; Minor: Chemis- 
try; Sigma Zeta; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsiion: historian; U.U. 
Dean's List; PreMed Club. 
CRA WLEY, PAMELA ANN . . . B.S., Management /Marketing. 

DANIEL, KELLY RENE . . . B.A., Social Work; Minor: Psycholo- 
gy; B.S.U.: puppet team, backyard Bible club director. Ma- 
jesty; B.Y.W.: mission study chairman, vice-president, presi- 
dent; U.U. Singers: librarian; self-study committee; Ptexy 


DA VIS, TIA . . . A.S.N., Nursing. 

DA Y, BRIAN JAMES . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: Computer 
Science; B.S.U.; Alpha Chi: vice-president, president; senior 
class treasurer; Business Club; A.C.M.; Chapel Committee. 
DODDRIDGE, JOHN WILLIAM . B.S., Management/Marke- 
ting/Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsiion: warden, vice-presi- 
dent; Business Club; Tennis Team: All-Conference academic 
team captain; National Dean's List; F.C.A. scholarship 

DOUGLASS, BRADLEY WA YNE . . . B.A., Communication Arts; 
Minor: English; Cardinal and Cream: reporter; Lesr We Forget: 
sports editof; Forensics team: captain; Pi Kappa Delta; Sigma 
Tau Delta. 

DUVALL, KAREN LEIGH . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Stu- 
dent Foundation; B.S.U.; C.R.V. 

DUVALL, MARK HUGH. . . B.M., Sacred Music/Organ; Phi Mu 
Alpha: executive council, music director; U.U. Singers; U.U. 
Chorus; Collegium Musicum; Music Department Student Ad- 
visory Board: chairman. 

DWYER, SHANNON DAWN . . . B.A., English; Minor: Office 
Administration; Zeta Tau Alpha: pledge class president; 
S.A.C.: president; B.S.U. drama team: director; "Wizard of 
Oz" for children's theatre; "The Singer": director; S.A.C.: 
secretary; "Pirates of Penzance " operetta; Sigma Tau Delta. 
DYER, DON RODNEY . . . B.A., Religion; Minor: Sociology. 

EDMONSON, JAMES DA VID .. . B.S., Biology; Minor: Chemis- 
try; Sigma Zeta: vice-president; U.U. Dean's List; The Rut- 
ledge Honorary History Club. 

ELMORE LEANNE . . . B.A., Management/Marketing; Minor: 
English; B.S.U. ; Outdoor Club: publicity committee; Business 
Club; S.T.E.A. 

FENIMORE RANDLE RAY . . . B.S., Elementary Education. 
FLEET ANITA LOUISE . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Lesr 
We Forger; B.Y.W.: mission action chairperson, mission sup- 
port chairperson, president; B.S.U.: council; S.T.E.A; Prexy 

FOWLER, CHARLES ALLEN . B.M., Sacred Music/Voice; Phi 
Mu Alpha: pledge class president, secretary; senior class 
vice-president; Proclamation; U.U. Singets; U.U. Chorus; Stu- 
dent Foundation; Homecoming Committee; Assistant pro- 
ducer of Miss Union 1965; producer of Miss Union 1966; 

F, a H 

director of 1985 campus All-Sing; 1985 Outstanding Young 
Man in America; 1985 junior Rotation. 

FREEMAN, JAMES KENT . . . D.S., Management/Marketing; 
Minof: Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: best pledge, trea- 
surer, pres., choronicler, rush chairman; Student Foundation: 
executive committee, president; S.G.A. Homecoming chair- 
man; Chi Omega Wise Guy. 

FREEMAN, MICHAEL SPENCE . . . D.A., Religion/Manage- 
ment/Marketing; Business Club; Ministeral Association. 
FUQUA, JENNIFER L .. . D.M., Music Education; Minor: Secon- 
dary Education; U.U. Singers: treasurer, secretary; Proclama- 
tion; Sigma Alpha Iota: music committee chairman, chap- 
lain; Alpha Chi; National Dean's List; S.A.C.; director for 
women's housing All-Sing; Student Advisory Council for Mu- 
sic Department. 

GALEY, BONNIE BARKER . . . A.S.N., Nutsing; Lamplighters. 
GARRETT, EMIL Y ANN . . . B.S., Computer Science/Mathe- 
matics; Minor: Secondary Education; Chi Omega: pledge 
trainer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister; Sophomore class 
vice-president; junior class president; senior class president; 
Student Foundation: computer chairperson; Kappa Mu epsi- 
lon: president; A. CM.; Homecoming court 1983; Homecom- 
ing Queen 1984; Class Favorite; Alpha Chi; Prexy Club; U.U. 
Dean's List; National Dean's List. 

GEE TRACYE ANNE . . . B.S., Management/Marketing; Mi- 
nor: Computer Science; Business Club; A. CM.: treasurer; Al- 
pha Chi; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List. 
GIBBONS, CHRISTY CAIN . . . A.S.N. , Nursing; Lamplighters. 
GILES, WILLIAM TROY, JR. . . B.S., Physical Education and 
Health; Minor: Secondary Education. 

GILL, MAR Y . B.A., English; Minor: Art/Secondary Educa- 
tion; Phi Theta Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta. 

GILLEY, NORMA PERR Y . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters; 
vice-president of Nursing Class of 1986. 
GOODMAN, ANGEL LEWIS . . . B.S., Elementary Education; 
Phi Theta Kappa; Outstanding Student Achievement 
Award; Instructional Support Center Staff; U.U. Dean's List; 
National Dean's List; Alpha Chi; S.T.E.A. 
GRANTHAM. PATRICE ... B.S., Elementaty Education; 

GREENE SHEILA MAE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters: 

GREGORY, PATRICIA ANGIE . . . B.A., Management/Market- 
ing; Minor: Journalism; Zeta Tau Alpha: activities chairman, 
judicial chairman, secretary; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent; 
Lesr We Forger- associate editor; Student Foundation. 
GREY, WILLIAM MARK . . . B.S., Business Administration; 
Minor: Computet Science. 

HALE PATSY J. . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Who's Who; 
National Dean's List; Phi Theta Kappa: president; 1983-1984 
Outstanding member of Pl%' Theta Kappa; S.T.E.A.; Tennes- 
see Association on Young Children. 

HALL, CATHY ANN . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor: Communica- 
tion Arts; Chi Omega: lighting director; Psychology Club; 
B.S.U.; Andrew T. "Tip" Taylor Pre-legal Society; S.G.A. com- 
muter senator; Theatre (backstage): "Cinderella", "Show 
Boat", "Barefoot in the Park", "Wait Until Dark", "Arsenic 
and Old Lace", "John Loves Marry". 

HAMMONS, MELISSA CAROL . . . B.S., Elementary Education; 
S.T.EA.; B.S.U.: choir; Psychology Club; U.U. Chorus. 
HARI, ROBYN AGEE . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: Economics- 
/Finance; Chi Omega: president, personnel, pledge presi- 
dent, best pledge award; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; 
Student Foundation; Self-study committee; Business Club; 

M J, K, L 

Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Court 1984: Campus Fa- 
vorite: Miss Congeniality in Miss Union Pageant 1965: Foot- 
lights: Drama: "Devil and Daniel Webster", "Fast Lynne". 
HAMADA. OMAR LOUIS . . . D.S., Biology: Minor: Chemistry: 
S.G.A. senator: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: warden: Sigma Zeto: 
Pre-med Club: Stage Band: Dean's List: National Dean's List. 
HARDFE, TAMMY CARLTON ... A.S.N., Nursing: Lam- 
plighters: Nursing class historian. 

HARRIS, TFRFSA KAY . . . A.S.N., Nursing: Lamplighters. 
HAYNIE, PAMELA ALLFN . . . D.S., Computer Science: Minor: 
Accounting: D.S.U.: puppet team: Revival teams: D.Y.W.: 
publicity chairman, mission support chairman; National 
Dean's List; Alpha Chi. 

HAYNIF PATRICIA ALLFN . . . D.S., Computer Science: Minor: 
Accounting: D.S.U.: puppet team: D.Y.W.: social chaitman, 
publicity chairman: Alpha Chi: National Dean's List; Revival 

HFNDFRSON, PATRICIA SUSAN . . . D.S., Office Administra- 
tion: Minor: Fconomics/Finance: Business Club. 
HFNDFRSON, TIMOTHY WAYNF . . . B.A., Fnglish: Minor: Hon- 
ors/Philosophy: Honors council: Honors Student Association: 

president: Sigma Tau Delta: vice-president; Tlie Torch senior 
editor: Alpha Chi: first prize Broody poetry contest: Prexy 
Club: Dean's List. 

HFNDRIX, RANDAL SCOTT . . B.S., Computer Science: Minor: 
Accounting; Business Club; F.C.A. 
HFNNINGS, HILDA COLF . . A.S.N., Nursing. 
HFNSON, RONALD KFITH . . . B.S., Psychology: Minor: Music. 
HICKS, LYNN B. . . . B.A., Elementary Education: Minor: Reli- 
gion: C.R.V.: B.S.U.: drama team, backyard Bible club, jail 
ministry: Debate team. 

HIGHT LISA JANE . . . B.S., Biology: Minor: Psychology: B.S.U.: 
choir; B. Y. W.: social chairman, senator: Linguae Mundi: Sig- 
ma Zeta: vice-ptesident. president: Women 's Dorm Council: 
senator; Pi Gamma Mu; U.U. Self-Study Committee - reli- 
gious emphasis; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List; Prexy 

HOLLOWAY, JAMES MICHAEL . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: 
Management/Marketing: Business Club: F.C.A.; C.R.V.: His- 
tory Club. 

HOWARD, RUTH ANN . . . A.S.N., Nursing: Lamplighters: Ah 
pho Chi: National Dean's List. 

HOUSE, PAULA GAIL . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
HUDSON, DORA BETH . . . A.S.N., Nursing: Lamplighters. 
HUMPHREYS, ELIZABETH BURCH . . . B.A., Art: Minor: English; 
Chi Omega: public relations chairman, S.G.A. senatot; Sig- 
ma Zeta; Kappa Pi: S.G.A. senator: Alpha Chi; The Torch, U.U. 
Dean's List. 

JAGGARS, CINDY ANNETTE . . . B.S., Communications; Minor: 
Management /Marketing: U. U. Dean s List: National Dean s 
List; Miss Union Pageant second runner-up 1985: Sigma Al- 
pha Epsilon Little Sister: Miss Madison County 1985: Business 
Club: History Club; Pre-Legal Society. 

JAMES, REBECCA LYNN . . . A.S.N., Nursing: Lamplighters. 
JOHNSON, CHERYL LEIGH . . . B.M., Sacred Music: Sigma 
Alpha Iota: pledge class president, ways and means com- 
mittee chairman, recording secretary, corresponding secre- 
tary, president; Alpha Chi; Prexy Club; U.U. Singers: librar- 
ian; Covenant: pianist; Miss Union University Contestant; 
C.R.V.; S.G.A. senator: Chorus: B.S.U.: drama team. 
JOHNSON, MORRIS SLADE . . . B.A., Religion; Minor: Sociolo- 
gy; M.A. 

JONES, DAVID J. A.S.N., Nursing. 

KEETON, SUZANNE . . . B.S., Office Administration: Minor: 
Management/Marketing; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's 

KING, LISA DIANE . . . B.A., Elementary Education; S.T.E.A. 
KIRK, NORMA C. (TINA) . . . B.S., Office Administration: Mi- 
nof: Accounting: Business Club: Zeto Tau Alpha: Service 

KIRK, TEREAS HOUSTON . . . B.S., Elementary Education: Mi- 
nor: Kindergarten Endorsement: S.T.E.A.: Secretary. 
KNIGHT, VIRGINIA L .. . B.A., Communication Arts: Minor: 
Management/Marketing: Zeta Tau Alpha: treasurer: Lamb- 
do Chi Alpha: cresent: History Club: secretary: Dorm Council: 
S.G.A. senator 


A.S.N., Nursing: Lam- 

L M, N 

LIDDY. THERESA ANNE . . A.S.N.. Nursing; D.5.U.. B.Y.V/., 
Zeta Tau Alpha, Lamplighters: social affairs. 
LOCKE, MAR VIN THOMAS . . . D.S., Math; Minor: Computer 
Science; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Baseball: Most Valuable Pitcher. 
All-Western Division V.S.A.C, All-District 24; All-Area 5; Hon- 
orable Mention — Ail-American; Academic All-American. 
LONG, MELISSA ELIZABETH . . . B.A., Social Work; Minor: 
Church Recreation; D.S.U.; D.Y.W.: Mission Study Chairman; 
F.C.A.: secretary, vice-president; Sociology Club; P.E. Club. 
LONG, WENDY KAY . . . B.S., Management/ Marketing; Mi- 
nor: Economics/Finance; Rutledge Honorary History Club: 
Vice-President; Andrew T. Taylor Prelegal Society; Business 
Club: S.G.A. senator; Pi Gamma Mu: vice-president; U.U. 
Dean's list National Dean's List. 

LOWE, GAIL . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: Computer Science; 
B.C.F.: Activities director, choir, president. 
LOWE, RENEE MARIE . . . A.S.N., Nursing. 
LYNCH, DEBBIE GAIL . . . B.A., Art; Minor: Sociology; B.S.U.. 
Kappa Pi: treasurer; Lambda Chi Alpha: cresent. 
LYNCH, LENDELL SHANE . . . B.A., Social Science; Minor: 
Secondary Education: History Club; S.T.E.A., Andrew T. Tay- 
lor Pre-legal Society; Art Guild; Torch: best art work. 

MANESS, SHERRILYNN . . . B.A., History; Minor: Pre-Law; U.U. 
Dean s List; National Dean 's List; Phi Alpha Theta: president; 
Pi Gamma Mu. 

MARTIN, MARY KATHLEEN . . . B.A., Commercial Art; Minor: 
Communications; Kappa Pi: secretary, president; Art Guild. 
MARTINDALE CATHY JO .. . B.5., Mathematics/History; 
Math Club; S.G.A.: Historian; Cheerleader; History Club. 
Mccormick, JANET JONES . . . B.S., computer Science; Mi- 
nor: Business Administration; Association for Computing Ma- 

McDonald, KIMBERLYJ. . . . B.S., Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Sociology; Business Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: little 
sister, treasurer, president; Pi Gamma Mu: president; Prexy 




s> ■ 





Club; Who's Who. 

McGUIRE, LEATHA ANN . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
McKINNEY, BARR Y WAYNE .. . B.S., Management/Market- 
ing; Minor: Economics/Finance; Business Club. 
McKENZIE, JOHN DANIEL . . . B.S., Computer Science; Minor: 
Accounting; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Association For 
Computing Machinery: treasurer, president; Dean's List. 
McNABB, DONNA OGG . . . A.S.N., Nursing. 
MEARS, MARILEE REBECCA . . . B.A., Computer Science; Mi- 
nor: Accounting; U.U. Stage Band; U.U. Symphonic Band; 
Business Club; Association for Computing Machinery; Rut- 
ledge Honorary History Club. 

MELTON, ALILSA FAYE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
MONROE KEVIN B. . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor: Biology. 
MONTGOMERY, TERESA DIANNE . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: 
Computer Science; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List. 
MOORE SHERYL ALLISON . . . B.S., Social Work; Minor: Psy- 
chology; Women's Dorm Council: S.G.A. senator; B.S.U. 
MORGAN, WANDA SUZANNE . . . B.S., Chemistry; Minor: 
Mathematics/physics; Sigma Zeta: social chairman; Kappa 
Mu Epsilon: historian, president; Linguae Mundi: secretary; 
Alpha Chi; Dean's List; National Dean's List; C.R.V.; Honors 
Student Association; Ametican Mensa, Ltd.; Summer Under- 
graduate Research Participant at University of Alabama. 
MORRIS, WANDA DENIECE . . . B.S., Management/Market- 
ing; Minor: Economics/Finance; Business club. 
MOSBY, NAOMI DENISE . . . B.S., Computer Science; Minor: 
Math; B.C.F.: reporter; Association for Computing Machinery: 
M YSINGER, PAMALA LEE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 

NEWBURN, VIRGINIA ANN . . B.S., Office Administration; 
Minor: Business Administration; Business Club; BCF: Choir. 
NEWMAN, SAMUEL TYLER . . . B.M., Sacred Music (voice); 
Minor: Music Theory; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Eminent Chron- 
icler, All Sing Director; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Chaplain; Zeta 
Tau Alpha: ZTA Man; U.U. Singers: President; Covenant- 
Dean's List. 

M P, Q, R 

NORTH. KATHERINE DURHAM . D.5.N.. Nursing; Lam- 
plighters; BSU: Revival Teams; DSN Fellowship. 

PACK, STUART f . . . . D.5., Economics/Finance; Minor: Ac- 
counting; CRV; BSU; Missions Committee. 
PACK. SUZANNE FAITH . . . D.S.. Mathematics/Computer Sci- 
ence; CRV; BSU: Missions Committee; BYW: Mission Action 
Chairman; KME; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List. 
PATTERSON. SHERRY BOLTON . . . B.S.. Elementary Educa- 
tion; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Little Sister; Lady 
Bulldogs Basketball: Manager/Trainer; Class Officers: secre- 
tary; Panhellenic Council. 

PETTY. JAMES R. . . . B.S.. Elementary Education; S.TE.A. 
PHILLIPS. AMY GAYLE ... B.A.. Elementary Education; 
S.T.E.A.; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List; Linguae 

PIGUE STEVEN B. . . . B.A.. Social Work; Minor: Religion; 
Ministerial Association. 

POSTON. JUDY LYNN . . . B.S.. Elementary Education; S.TE.A. 
POWERS. ANDREA LYNN . . . B.A.. Elementary Education; 
B.S.U.; Resident Life Board: President; Women's Dorm Coun- 
cil: Senator; Lesr U/e Forger Greek Editor; S.G.A.; Prexy Club; 
Chorus; Miss Union Pageant: Contestant Hostess. 
POWERS. ANGELA JOY . . . B.A.. Communications (media); 
Minor: Management/Marketing and Interdisciplinary Hon- 
ors; Honors Student Association: secretary; Honors Council: 
secretary; Self-Study Steering Committee; Chi Omega; Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon: Little Sister; Andrew T. "Tip" Taylor Pre- 
Legal Society; Women's Dorm Council; Senator Tennessee 

Intercollegiate State Legislature: Supreme Court Justice; Stu- 
dent Foundation; Footlights; Sigma Tau Delta; Miss Union 
University Production Committee: script and program book- 
let; Prexy Club; Drama: The Apple Tree, Our Town, The Wizard 
of Oz 




agement/ Marketing. 

A.S.N. . Nursing; Lamplighters: 
B.S.. Accounting: Minor: Man- 

QUARLES. PATRICIA KAREN . . . B.S.. Office Administration; 
Minor: Management/Marketing; B.S.U.: Executive Council. 
Council, Executive secretary, newsletter editor, puppet 
chairperson, choir. Nursing Home ministry, summer mission- 
ary to Indiana, S.P.O.T.S., State Council, senator; U.U. Chorus; 
S.G.A.: senator; B.Y.W.: senator vice-president, secretory, 
mission support chairperson; Business Club; Lesr U/e Forger. 

RENFROE. DA VID L. . . . B.S.. Accounting; Minor: Manage- 
ment/Marketing; Business Club; Students in Free Enterprise. 
RINEHART RANDY LEE . . . B.A., Greek /Religion and Psy- 
chology; C.R.V.; M.A.; B.S.U. 

RIX, ELIZABETH (BETH) FAYE . . . B.M., Music Education; Proc- 
lamation; B.S.U. ; B.Y.W.; Singers; Colligeium. 
ROBBINS, SOPHRONIA LEANNE . . . B.A., Music; Minor: Busi- 
ness Administration; U.U. Singers; U.U. Chorus; Sigma Alpha 
Iota: chaplain, recording and corresponding secretary; Stu- 
dent Foundation: letter writing co-chairman; speakers/w- 
riters chairman; B.S.U.: council, social chairman; ensemble; 

5, L U 

Students Activities Council: president; Prexy Club; C.R.V.; 
Music Department secretory. 

ROGERS. MARILYN . . . D.S., Elementary Education; U.U. 
Dean's List; National Dean's List; S.T.E.A. 
ROGERS, TAMMY FAYE . . . D.S., Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha: activities chairman; Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon: little sister; Cheerleader; S.G.A.; Women's 
Dorm Council; Business Club; Miss Union Pageant contestant. 
ROSER, CHRIS EDWARD . . . D.S., Psychology; Minor: Reli- 
gious Education; Phi Theta Kappa; C.R.V. 

SADLER, VICTORIA LYNN ... D.S.N., Nursing/Psychology; 
D.S.U.: nursing home director; D.S.N, student fellowship: se- 
cretary/treasurer; Lamplighters; Lesr We Forger staff. 
plighters; National Dean's List. 

SELDE LISA HANCOCK . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Alpha Chi; Lam- 

SHELLY, LYNETTE ANN . . . D.A., Communication Arts; Minor: 
English; U.U. cheerleader; Sigma Tau Delta; Student Founda- 
tion; U.U. Dean's List; Chi Omega: secretary; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon: little sister; Campus favorite; Homecoming Queen. 
SIKLER, CHARLES TOBIAS . . . B.A., Communication Arts/Reli- 
gion; S.G.A.: attorney general; vice-president; Senate: M.A. 
senator, chaplain, president, outstanding senator; Alpha Psi 
Omega: president; Pi Kappa Delta: founding member, orga- 
nizing president; Forensics; National Excellent award in Po- 
etry; Footlights; Elizabeth Loyd "Best Actor " Award for "Our 
Town"; M.A.: tracts minister, president; B.S.U.: executive 
council, nursing home ministry; Prexy Club; Alpha Chi; No- 
tional Dean's List. 

SIMMONS, TERESA ARLENE . . . B.S., Management/Market- 
ing; Minor: Office Administration; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon: little sister; Business Club; Lady Bulldogs: manager- 

SKELLEY, CELIA ELIZA . . . B.S.N.. Nursing; B.S.N.: vice-presi- 

SKELTON, CYNTHIA ZACHARY . . . D.S.. Elementary Educa- 
tion; S.T.E.A.: treasurer. 
SMITH, PHYLLIS RENEE . . B.A., English; Minor: Honors; Sigma 

Tau Delta; Linguae Mundi; Alpha Chi; Honors Student Associ- 
ation: vice-president; Symphonic band; U.U. Dean's List; 
Who's Who. 

STAPLES, SHERR Y YVONNE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Alpha Tau 
Omega: little sister; Lamplighters. 

STEPHENSON, MAR Y ANNE . . . B.S., Math; Minor: Manage- 
ment/Marketing; Chi Omega: treasurer: Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon: little sister; History Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon: treasurer; 
Qualified for Nationals in Doubles; won V.S.A.C. singles; 
number one on tennis team. 

STUDARDS, CATHY LYNN . . . B.S., Office Administration; Mi- 
nor: Management/Marketing; Business Club; Rutledge His- 
tory Club; Zeta Tau Alpha. 

STULTS, DAVE ALLEN ... B.S., History; Minor: Secondary 
Education; Alpha Tau Omega; History Club. 
SULLIVAN, PAMELA DIANN . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lam- 

SUTTON, SHARON KAY . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Minor: Biology; 
Zeta Tau Alpha: standards chairman, historian reporter, 
vice-president — coordinator of committees; Lamplighters; 
Dorm Council: senator. 

SWEARINGEN, RHONDA LEIGH . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lam- 
plighters; B.S.U. 

SWINDELL, VICKY JANE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; 
Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team. 

SWOPE PIPER LYNN . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Chi Omega: rush 
chairman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: little sister; Panhellenic 
Council: vice-president, secretary; U.U. cheerleader; Lam- 

TAYLOR, KAREN LYNN . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor: Econo- 

TILLEROS, ELLEN SIGLER . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Al- 
pha Chi; S.T.EA.; U.U., Dean's List. 

TUCKER, RHONDA McWHORTER . . . B.A., Psychology; Minor: 
Sociology; Alpha Chi; Pi Gamma Mu. 
TYUS, DEBORA DRAIN . . . B.S.. Elementary Education. 

UNDERWOOD. DOUGLAS . . B.S.. Management/Market- 
ing; Minor: Economics /Finance; B.S.U. ; Business Club. 


WAKEFIELD, TIMOTHY SCOTT . . . D.S.. Biology; Minor.- Chem- 
istry; D.S.U.: drama team; U.U. Singers; U.U. Dean's List. 
WALKER, ANN JOHNSON . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 
WARREN, PARTICIA WOLFORD . . . A.S.N., Nursing: Lam- 

WATERMAN, KARLIN RAE . . . D.S., Social Work; Minor; Psy- 
chology; D.S.U.: choir; Sociology Club. 

WEBB, MELISSA GAY ... B.A., Elementary Education; 
S.T.E.A; Miss Union University Pageant Contestant. 
WEIR, KRISTOPHER DUWAIN . . . B.A., Management/Mar- 
keting; Minor: Economics/Finance; Baseball: All West Ten- 
nessee, All Conference. 

WELLS, LISA ANN . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Chi; 

WEST JERE LAVELL . . . A.S.N. , Nursing; Lamplighters. 
WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER DALE . . . B.A., Communication 
Arts; Minor: English; S.G.A.: treasurer, president; Class presi- 
dent; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chi Omega: wise guy; Andrew 
t. Taylor Pre-Legal Society: president; Senate; Student Foun- 
dation; Student Affairs Committee; Self studies Committee; 
Cardinal & Cream Staff; Homecoming Committee; Prexy 
Club; Student Judicial Committee; Educational Television 
Committee; Footlights; Congressional Intern in Washington 
D.C.; Who's Who Among American Fraternities and Sorori- 
ties; Student Government Entertainment Committee; Dele- 
gate To Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature; Cam- 
pus Young Republicans; S.G.A. Food Committee. 
WILLIAMS, LANA ARNOLD . . . B.S., Office Administration; 
Minor: Management/Marketing. 

WOODS, TONJUA RENEE BEAL . . . B.S., Elementary Educa- 
tion; Minor: Psychology; S.T.E.A.; Alpha Chi. 
WORNER, KELLEY LOUISE . . . B.S., Communications/Physical 
Education; Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team. 
WRIGHT ALICE HOUSE . . . A.S.N., Nursing; Lamplighters. 

YARBROUGH, CARLA RENEE . . . B.S., Management/Market- 
ing; Minor: English; Honors Student Association; Footlights; 
B.S.U.: drama team; Business Club: secretary; Dorm Council; 
Resident Life Board; Student Activities Council: publicity 






» ^ 


chairman; Cardinal and Cream; Alpha Psi Omega; Students 
in Free Enterprise. 

YARBROUGH, TAMMY NOWLIN . . . B.S., Biology; Minor: Sec 
ondary Education; Sigma Zeta; Alpha Chi: vice-president, 
president; S.T.E.A.; 1934 Student Teaching Award; Who's 
Who; U.U. Dean's List; National Dean's List. 





Argo, Brenda, Jackson, TN 

Bailey, Rita, Jackson, TN 

Bayless, Rosalee, Jackson, TN 

Black, Robert, Bolivar, TN 

Buchanan, Catherine L., Bethel Springs, TN 

Bullock, Heidi, Humboldt, TN 

Carlton, Tammy, Jackson, TN 

Carroll, Donna, Jackson, TN 

Corbitt, Mary Anne, Jackson, TN 

Cossar, Dell Ann, Hornsby, TN 

Gee, Wanda, Hornsby, TN 

Gilley, Norma, Oakfield, TN 

Greene, Sheila, Lexington, TN 
Harris, Teresa, Huntingdon, TN 
House, Paula, Huntingdon, TN 
Howard, Ruth Ann, Pinson, TN 

Jenkins, Nora, Rives, TN 
Kirchoff, .lane, Jackson, TN 
l.audermilk, Sylvia V., Alwood, TN 
McBride, Jennifer, Pinson, TN 

McNabb, Donna, Trenton, TN 
Mysinger, Pamela, Jackson, TN 
Perkins, Karen, Bruceton, TN 
Presley, Denise, Sardis, TN 

Selbe, Lisa, Henderson, TN 
Swearingen, Rhonda L., Hollow Rock, TN 
Walker, Ann, Humboldt, TN 
Warren, Patricia, Selmer, TN 

Wright, Alice, Cedar Grove, TN 







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Kelly's Foods Inc. 

513 Airways 

Jackson, TN. 38301 

Phone (901) 424-2255 



K ^ :^ 


A Warm Welcome and a Friendly Fellowship awaits you at 




8:30 • Morning Worship 5:30 • Fellowship Meal 
9:30 - Sunday School 6:30 - Mid-Week Worship 

11:00 - Morning Worship 
7:00 - Evening Worship 

2239 North Highland 





Western STEAK 
Sizzlin HOUSE 

General Manager 

P.O. Box 3028 
Jackson, TN. 38303 









1170 Hwy. 45 By-pass 

Jackson, Tenn. 38301 

Office PH. (901) 668-5565 

300 East Main 

Jackson, Tenn. 38301 

Office PH. (901) 427-9661 

Congratulations Graduates 




Hamilton Hills 
Shopping Center 

The Store With All Your 

Home, Lawn, and Garden 

Needs for the Future 


Phone: 668-1012 



Sunday School 9:30 

Morning Worship 10:50 

Church Training 6:30 

Evening Worship 7:30 


Fellowship Supper 5:15 

Prayer Service 6:00 

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 7:30 


Dr. R. Trevis Dtey, Pastor 
1B27 North Highland Avenue 

Store Hours: 

Open 8 A.M. 

Close 12 Midnight 

Monday through Saturday 

Sunday 1 to 6 P.M. 




"4 Convenient Locations" 

Hamilton Hills Shopping Center 
Madison South Shopping Plaza 

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139 Airways 

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West Jackson 
Baptist Church 

Joining together 
to make the difference 

for Christ 
in the Uves of students 

Now and for the Future 

Dr. John Lee Taylor: Pastor 

Dr. Walter Taylor: Associate Pastor 

George Hollander: Minister of Education 

Bob Brian: Minister of Music 

Ricky Yates: Director of Activities 

Sunday School 9:30 A.M., Worship 10:50 A.M. 
Training Union 6:15 P.M., Worship 7:30 P.M. 

Wednesday night family supper 5:00 P.M. 
Wednesday night Bible Study 6:15 P.M. 

Wednesday night Prayer Service 7:15 P.M. 

College Sunday School 

College Church Training 

College Choir 

West Deadrick at Campbell & Johnson 


Calvary Baptist 


Union Students, Staff and Faculty 

Calvary Baptist Church 

119 Oil Well Road 
Jackson, Tennessee 38305 

/.j:iMi^^:v4-:]V]^K3.xji.]^'i^lfllji: mi « i 

'Just around the corner from Union. 





Minister of Music 

& Youth 






Oak Hill Shopping Center 15 Carriage House Dr. 

Jackson, TN 38301 Jackson, TN 38301 

Telephone: (901) 668-8155 Telephone: (901) 668-4480 



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A Church in the heart of Jackson with Jackson on its heart 

Bob Ervin 

Music & Youth 
Len Kennedy 



9:30 — Sunday School 

10:50 — Worship 


6:00 — Church Training 

7:00 — Praise and Preaching 


5:30 — Fellowship Meal 

7:00 — Praise, Prayer and Preaching 


• Library, Video, & Cassette Tapes 

• Children's Church (Age 4-12) 

• Radio Ministry (WTJS) 8:00 Sun (A.M.) 

• Music Ministry (Graded Choirs) 

• Youth Ministry 

• Deacon Family Ministry 

• Family Counselling 

• Singles Ministry 

Zake time to think — 

// is the source of power. 

Zake time to read — 

// is the foundation of wisdom. 

Zake time to play — 

// is the secret of staying young. 

Zake time to be quiet — 

// is the moment to seek Qod. 

Zake time to be aware — 

// is the opportunity to help others. 

Zake time to love and be loved - 

it is Qod's greatest gift. 

Zake time to laugh — 

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Zake time to be friendly — 

// is the road to happiness. 

Zake time to dream — 

it is what the future is made of. 

Zake time to pray — 

// is the greatest power on earth. 

Well, we've turned another year into a memory. It's 
been quite a challenge to try to compact a whole year 
full of learning and excitement into one book, and to 
capture the spirit of a student body as unique as Un- 
ion's. Realizing that, our yearbook staff committed 
themselves to doing their best to preserve this year. I 
want to thank them all for their hard work; they made 
this memory possible. 

Special thanks goes to Jennifer Harbin for giving a 
200% effort all the time, and for coming up with new 
ideas when it seemed there were none left. Also, thanks 
goes to Scott and Julian for letting us make a camera an 
almost permanent attachment to their hands! We are 
all so grateful to Dr. Jordan for putting up with us and 
giving constant encouragement. Thanks is also due to 
our Josten's representative, Johnny Cole, who went be- 
yond just doing his job to make sure we made this book 
the best possible. 

Above all, I thank the Lord for ultimate guidance and 
strength to accomplish this task. Just as Union Univer- 
sity became a reality to bring glory to God, so I hope 
and pray that this book, which is a reflection of Union, 
will also bring praise to our Lord. He has given us our 
dreams, and they begin now. Let's always make a spe- 
cial memory of them — lest we forget — Great is our 

Jennifer Jones