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&^ii/^^^Ai^ Oa^M^- 70 

G'/^^/fU^/l/^'€i>^e'o^^i^ (io 

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Things have lo get worse before Ihey can 
get bcilcr. The Sludcnl Linion Building 
clullered Ihe campus lor a while, but we 
will enjoy il upon complelion. 

1994 Higher Ground 

Union University 
2447 Hwy 45 By Pass 
Jackson, TN 

Cindy Edwards posts the letters from home 
that brighten our days. 

Higher Ground 

VJ nion keeps pressing on the upward way, gain- 
ing new heights everyday! This year's theme might 
sound famihar to you. It is taken from the hymn "Higher 
Ground." And yes, Union is reaching "Higher Ground." 

Union has added onto the Blasingame Academic Com- 
plex (BAG), built new dorms and constructed a beautiful 
Student Union Building. 

Union strives for more than better bricks and mortar. New 
faculty and staff have become a part of the Union family. These 
additions and improvements are something to praise God about 

Hands for Jesus keeps God's light shining with 
sign language. 

Kevin Hamilton's dynamic musical talents 
inspired many at Union's Fail Revival ser- 

"... if you have faith no bigger even than a 
mustard-seed, you will say to this mountain, 
'move from here tothere!', and it will move; 
nothing will prove impossible for you." 
Mathew 17:20 (NEB) 

Coach Lisa Hutuhins shows the signs of 

Higher Ground 


nion's "Higher Ground" goes higher than aca- 
demic and raateriahstic standards. The world views 
higher ground as a mountain but it is a spiritual obstacle 
for the Christian. Union helps Christians to climb these 
spiritual mountians. 

Union keeps the feet shod with the preparation of the 
gospel of peace. Chapel services steady the shield of faith to 
better fend off the fiery darts of the wicked. Student Ministries 
meetings sharpen the sword of the Spirit and fasten "the helmet 
of salvation. "(Eph. 6:14-17) 

Union strives to help each student reach his/her own indi- 
vidual "Higher Ground" with all of these Biblical basics. 

R.V. Brown preached at the FCA .sponsored 
chapel services. 

<» ^ 

Buster jumps for some halftime entertain- 

Mrs. Marlin Newhouse looks for better sci- 
entific understanding in tiie mountain of 

Campus Life 

tC i' '*' ^^ 


I Want to 

Live Above 

the World 

Campus Lifk - 7 

Dan Sauler ponders what to watch on the tube. 

Hanging Out 

Union Students 
Hang Out At A 
Variety Of Places 
On Campus 


Natalie Van Eman and Rick Charles : 
I pose while playing RISK. 

anging out is a favorite past 
time for students. Union stu- 
dents like to hang out in vari- 
ous places around the campus. 
This includes being in the li- 
brary or studying with a group 
of friends. Other places to 
hang out include the recre- 
ation center, the commons, the halls, ! 
the cafeteria,and outside at the pic- j 
nic tables. Sometimes where a per- 
son decides to hang out depends on 
their mood. Angela Bishop said, " I 
like to hang out in the recreation j 
room during my violent moods so I 
can work out my frustrations on the 
video games. During my mellow 
moods, I hke to sit in the hall, greet] 
everyone, and spread my mellow- 1 
ness to others." | 










^ •:•;; ■. 


' .' V^i ' ' 

, v:,, 

u." ■^4.-< 

■■* ■ 

Misha James is having fun while hanging out. 

Neva Quintero and Renee Hollingsworth like 
reading the newspaper together. 

/Student Ufe -'9 

Rodney Smith and other students will wash 

your car for you. 

Is he lost or just confused 

Students crowd around the post office to check 
their mail boxes and find out if they have real 
mail or campus mail. 

Craig Clayton, Jimmy Stanford. Marilyn 
Russell and Rick Charles find out what it is 
l.Wetnhp n •;niHpr 

Steven Claybrook w aits to run his card through 
the machine on his way to one of the chapel 

Having Our Share Of Problems 

Students at 
Union Face 

Iife at college presents many 
problems for students. Hav- 
ing to get up for an 8 o'clock 
class after staying up late the 
night before to study for a test 
is a common problem. Long 
lines in the cafeteria, crowds 
at the mailboxes, and meeting chapel 
requirements are problems that have 
to be faced everyday. Many students 
feel that they do not have time to 
study, attend class, and participate in 
extracurricular activities. 

Problems also occur in the dorms. 
Roommates often disagree over mat- 
ters such as tying up the phone, what 

to watch on television, and what tem- 
perature to leave the air conditioner 
on. Freshman Michele Rohde 
stated,"Two of my roomates always 
like for the air conditioner to be set on 
60. while my other roommate and I 
prefer the temperature to be a little 
warmer. We are constantly turning 
the thermostat up and down." Other 
problems include who will wash the 
dishes, mop the floors, and vacuum 
when it is time for room check. Man- 
aging to beat the gate closing before 
11:55 causes stress for students re- 
turning late after a weekend at home. 
The parking lot is also the cause of 
some minor problems throughout the 
school year. Students often have 
difficulty finding a parking place 

that is close to their dorm and have 
a long walk to carry their luggage 
and packages from the car to their 
room. A close parking spot is 
coveted by drivers. 

College life would not be the 
same if it were not for these tiny 
everyday problems. The day would 
be less interesting and not quite as 
enjoyable if it were not for these 
obstacles that make Ufe harder to 
get through. Students tackle their 
problems head on and learn how to 
successfully manage their lives and 
cope with life's little mishaps. 

Why won't the ice come out? 

Can I borrow a dollar? 











Money Matters 

Money Is 
Spent And 
Earned To 
Help With Our 


oney is an issue we all must 
face as we go through school. 
Questions always arise about 
having enough money to pay 
for school and do everything 
we want. Union solves part 
of the problem by sending us 
coupons every month in our 
mailboxes. These include cheap 
movies, pizza, free video rentals, 
and restaurant coupons. There are 
also those times when we go to our 
mailbox praying Mom sent us some 
money. We anxiously open the 
envelope, disregard the card or let- 
ter and look for money. Students 
face these situations hoping that 
through these trials we can get to 
that higher ground. 


Life brings 
a mixture of 

ollege life at Union can bring about 
many different emotions in tiie life of 
its students such as happiness, sad- 
ness, nervousness, anxiety, excitment, 
and STRESS! Freshman especially 
may have a variety of emotions since 
they are away from home and on their 
own for possibly the first time. Dalila 
(Nucky) Borbon, a freshman from 
Cahfomia, stated,"! was afraid of 
what my roommates and classes 
would be like, especially since I was 
so far away from home. But my 
roommates and I get along great and 
I love it at Union!" Going off to 
college is a big step in life and many 
realize the only thing they can do to 
get them through the good and bad 
times is to turn to God. 

Sophomore emotions also may 
vary. Questions such as "What am 
I going to do with the rest of my 
life when I haven't decided on a 
major yet?" and "Where have my 
first two years of college gone?" 
run through their minds. 

Juniors are getting closer and 
closer to graduation. "What classes 
do 1 have left to take?" is a 
question juniors ask as they worry 
about having all the credits 
necessary to be able to graduate the 
next year. 

Seniors are on their way 
into the real world. This can be 
exciting but also a little bit scary. 
Seniors have to make the choice 
between finding a job and going on 

to graduate school. Union offers 
job fairs and visits from seminary 
representatives to assist the seniors 
in making the right decisions. 

No matter what decisions are 
made life goes on and so do we. 

Gina Vinson listens attentively in televisior 
production class. 

The student lounge is a popular place for 
commuter students to spend their free time 
between classes . 

Spending Time 

Students spend 
their free time 
in several 
different ways 

Please don't tell my parents! 

ollege offers students a lot of 
free time. This time is spent in 
a variety of ways. Since only a 
small amount of time is actu- 
ally spent in the classroom, 
many students spend their free 
time studying. Sleeping and 
watching television are other 
favorite ways to pass the time. The 
more active students enjoy playing 
racquetball or tennis. For some, Jack- 
son provides a way to spend their 
time. Students shop at the Old 
Hickory Mall or go to either the Re- 
gal or Malco theatre. Matthew 
Holmes said." I spend my free time 
playing chess with Dr. Pinson. study- 
ing in my rooin or in the library." 

Ike Thomas makes an. 

1 hope I can Tind thai article in all these fiche! 

Making the Most Out of Classes 

Classes make up 
an important part 
of college life 


ometimes students at 
Union get so caught up in col- 
lege life that we forget our main 
purpose for being here is our 
classes. When we do forget, 
there are always professors 
there to help remind us by as- 
signing a paper, project, or even giv- 
ing a test. 

When registration is finally 
completed and students have received 
most of the classes they want and 
need, then it is time to begin. The first 
day of class usually involves simply 
getting a syllabus and some- 

times listening to die first lecture. 

Because Union is a liberal 
arts college, there are several required 
courses. These range from Old and 
New Testament Survey to Arts and 
Western Civilization. This allows 
Union students to not only study di- 
rectly for their major but also study 
things that will be useful to them in 
all areas of life. 

Of course we go to class to 
learn, that is, if we are able to make it 
out of bed for 8:00 classes, but this is 
also a good place to meet new people. 
Of course, if one is sleeping in class. 

he is not able to do this. So if you 
sleep in class think of all the people 
you might not be meeting! Not to 
mention the bits of knowledge you 
could be missing. 

Cafiftpus Lif^ 19 

Kevin Potter watches the Greek Olympics < 
he cools down. 

It's Greek to me. 

Showing Spirit 

Students Show 
Spirit For Their 
School and Orga- 

We like, we like ZETA! 


o Bulldogs Go! Students 
show lots of spirit at athletic 
events and otherfunctions on 
Union's campus. Spirit is 
shown not only at the games 
but also at events such as 
Campus Day and the Greek 
Olympics. Students are al- 
ways ready to show their support for 
the teams, departmental clubs, and 
greek organizations they are in- 
volved in. 

Sophomore Teri Abney stated, 
'School spu-it is about being involved 
and taking pride in your school." 
Spirit is also very important to the 
athletes. Hearing the crowd cheer 
for them helps to keep the team's 
spirits up and boosts their morale. 

Leigh Ann Caner leads Lisa Barnes and 
Dana Copus in tlie Kappa Delta "Hallelujah 

leave-Ho" says Lambda Chi ' 

Campus Day 1993 Goes to Drier Ground 

are held 
for the 
first time 
in years. 

for the first time in 
years, it rained on Campus 
Day! Could you believe 
it? The lasted time it rained 
on Campus Day was nearly 20 years 
ago. But of course the rain never 
dampened our spirits. On Campus 
Day you could see red and white 
balloons, red and white posters, and 
red and white sweatshirts all over the 
place. And what exactly is this fes- 
tive day anyway? Well this spirit- 

filled occasion is a time when Union 
University is able to show their stuff 
to hundreds of prospective students. 
It is time for alumnae to return and 
see improvements made and meet 
with old friends. It is a time for 
organizations to compete to see who 
will be "number one" this year. How- 
ever, it is most importantly, a time to 
show outsiders that Union is "num- 
ber one" every year. Several events 
take place on Campus Day. The 
biggest event is the Greek Olympics. 

For sororities and fraternities, 
there is a rush of adrenalin to be the 
best. The Greeks yell, paint their 
faces, wear bandannas on their head, 
and through all this, they express to 
prospective students what Greek 
life is about at Union. 

Phillips, Craig and Dean lead worship on 
Campus Day. 

Randy Phillips waving to Dr. Barefoot in the 

Praise His Name 

Day Enter- 
Fun and 

J. Noble - who knows what he's doing? 


his year Union was 
blessed with the pres- 
ence of Phillips. Craig 
and Dean, a popular 
Contemporary Christian 
group who led in wor- 
ship on Campus Day '93. 
Students, future students and 
faculty packed into Union's 
Chapel to hear this majestic 
performance. After all of the 
energy spent on the days 
competetive events, it was 
great to simply relax and 
realize that we are all here to 
praise His name. 

Leigh Hargis helps visitors with name tags and 

The perfect "picture" of Campus Day. a future 
student is receiving information about how to 


The clowns were at Campus Day to 
entertain the visitors. 

Students Involved 

Students and 

Faculty Help 

Make Campus 

Day a Success 

tudent Foundation helped seniors 
and potential transfer students 
complete cards on Campus Day 
which enabled them to receive 
more information about Union. 
They handed out catalogs, maps 
of the campus and gave some free 
advice on college experiences. 
Departments and clubs lined the 
halls with displays (some even 
had videotapes playing all day) 
which advertised their activities 
and responsibilities on Union's 

Volleyball will make you jump, jump. 

Traveling On 

"Campus recreation 
provides an outlet 
for the frustrations 
of college life." 


-Dr. David Ward, 
Physics Professor 

Just a little sisterly competition. 

he Campus Recreation pro- ; 
gram at Union is a success 
every year. SAC (Student; 
Activities Council), CAT I 
(Campus Activities Team), 
GAP (Greek Activities 
Panel), and the OutdoorClub: 
are the organizations com- 
prismg campus recreation. They strive 
for unity among students by offering 
many fun and competitive activities 
throughout the year. 

These clubs provide trips to base- 
ball and basketball games, movie nights, 
Mr. Campus, and Fun Flicks. For the 
travelers, campus recreation sponsors 
a ski trip and a Bahamas cruise. So 
from cookouts to The Great Boat Race, 
students are showered with opportuni- 
ties to relax and enjoy college life. 

Are you ready to sweat? 

30 /Student l\ 

Union today, Wimbledon tommorrow. 

Steve Gibson gives all a break lo laugh at 

College Life - More Than Studying 

promote com- 
petition among 
each other and 
against each other 

-Peggy Smith. 
Union junior 


nion students can always find 
something to do. Trips, 
aerobics, tournaments, and 
intramurals are just a few ac- 
tivities offered to everyone. On 
Tuesdays and Thursdays the 
small gym is packed with stu- 
dents seeking aerobic activity. For 
students who are busy then, water 
aerobics classes are offered on Mon- 
days and Wednesdays. 

Intramaurals include many differ- 
ent sports which allow team compe- 
tition between the Greeks and inde- 
pendents. All through the year stu- 
dents see signs in the hall announcing 

the coming of friendly competition. 
Any type of tournament is popular 
at Union. This year the number of 
tournaments has increased. From 
table game tournaments to 
wallyball tournaments, students are 
getting involved. 

Trips are usually a sell-out 
because of their fun. fellowship, 
and great escape from it all. The 
Chicago Bulls game in Memphis 
attracted many student's attention. 
Trips to St. Louis and Washington 
D.C. prove the van has traveled 
many miles this year. Not only do 
they offer fun get-a-ways, but this 

year's trip to the space museum was 
spontaneous and educational. 
There is always variety when it 
comes to activities at Union. There 
is something for everyone. 

Night Fellowship 

"SAC and CAT JXl 
sponsor activities that 
unite the student 


-Mike Amicone 
Union senior 

ovie nights have been a 
Union tradition for years. 
Several clubs sponsor movie 
nights because they are so^ 
successful in getting students in- 
volved. SAC and CAT are the fore- 
runners in sponsoring movie night. 
Whether on or off campus, students 
love movie nights for great Christian 
fellowship and for inexpensive dates. 

Eight ball, corner pocket. 

Can we make it across the line? 

32 -/Campus t^ fe 

ily three more, girls 

If you're happy and you know it. clap your 


Can vou reallv helieve this is u class? 

Union's Student Ministries display attracts 
interest at Campus Day. 

I just fell like clowning. 

Habuat for Humanity home was in the niak- 

To Know Him and Make Him Known 

BSU offers 
students many 
opportunities to 
get involved 


he Baptist Student Union is the 
channel forChiistian Disciple- 
ship and fellowship at Union. 
It is composed of every Union 
student and is led by the Min- 
istry Council. BillKisneristhe 
Campus Minister. 
BSU is made up of several smaller 
organizations. The ministry organi- 
zations are Baptist Young Women. 
Black Christian Fellowship. Fellow- 
ship of Christian Athletes, Ministe- 
rial Association and Youth Educa- 
tion. Music, and Missions Associa- 

The off-campus ministries in 

include Backyard Bible Clubs. 
Nursing Home Ministry and 
Habitat For Humanity. On-campus 
ministries include Campus Worship 
Meetings, Discipleship Groups and 
Special Emphasis programs. 

The special ministry teams of 
the BSU are the SONshine Puppet 
Ministry, Witness (vocal en- 
semble). Impact (drama team), 
Vision Clown Ministry. Hands For 
Jesus (sign language) and smdent 
led revival teams. 

The BSU sponsored a week of 
chapels that emphasized the 
importance of the missions work 
sponsored by outside organizations 

with groups witnessing all 
over the United States and the 

Bill Kisner said,"We hope 
that the BSU will minister to 
the whole campus. And that 
ALL students will have a 
chance to minister through its 
programs. It's not just for 

C a;npus Life\ 35 

Now when you catch the ball, remember to rur 
stramhl for the end zone. 



On A Mission 

Await All Students 


Who wants some cookies? 

nion offers students sev- 
eral mission opportunities. The 
missions can be in the United 
States or in foreign countries. 
Local missions include work- ! 
ing in soup kitchens, visiting 
nursing homes and raising 
money for world hunger. Stu- 
dents can be missionaries in Miami, 
Florida or Madagascar. The trips can 
be as long as the summer or as short 
as one week. Other special projects 
offer mission trips over Spring Break 
or for the January term. 

Missions Emphasis Week was 
celebrated the week of October 25- 
29. During this week, students gave 
testimonies about their summer mis- 
sion work at one of three chapel ser- 

Students gatherbefore the annual "See You At 
The Pole" worship senice. 

Cafe Expresso Bongo brought stories from 

David McClune sets the tone as David Burke 
reads a story at Cafe Expresso Bongo. 

Hamlet in a Minute and Thirty Seconds, read 
by Jim Wilhem. 

Plays On Campus 


he Union Uni\ ersity Play- 
ers provide entertainment for 
tfie campus as well as local 
patrons. Usually they deliver 
three plays each year. 

In the fall, the cast per- 
formed "All My Sons". This 
spring the Union University 
Players chose to do another musical, 
"Galley Proof'. They also performed 
"I Did Not Know That" during the 
spring to entertain local school chil- 

Cafe Expresso Bongo was a suc- 
cessful addition this year. Students, 
faculty, staff and community were 
allowed to share dieir favorite poetic 
readings, music and dramatizations 
with an admiring audience. 

Barrett Klausman extends a hand of encour- 
agement to Joy Johnson in "All My Sons" 
performed by the Union Universily Players in 
the Fall. 

J. Noble and Christina Hobbs give a dramatic 
pose on Campus Day . 


"You'd be surprised. 

40 yCampusi^ite 

'And the next time I fix ' 
me I'm cra/y!" 

"When you man7. never — even in your mind 
— never count your husband's money," 

''AH My Sons'' a Great Success 

The play takes a 
serious note and 
gives us a differ- 
ent way to look at 
our honesty. 


nion University Players pre- 
sented a stunning performance 
of "All My Sons" by Arthur 
Miller. November 1 1 through 
the 16 W. D. Powell theatre 
was packed with people to see 
the story of a family and how 
they dealt with honesty. 

The drama is set in the post- World 
War II era. It takes place in the 
backyard of a family that is shattered 
by the father's desire to gain financial 
security. The play is known for hav- 
ing a ver> indepth theme. Director 
David Burke said,"It is a powerful 
drama which causes people to re- 

flect. There is something very 
spiritual about this play." Arthur 
Miller won the Drama Critic's 
Award for Best New American 
Play in 1947 for "All My Sons." 

The cast consisted of Russ 
Pflasterer, Christina Hobbs, Barrett 
Klausman, Joy Johnson. J.Noble. 
Mac Lower. Ellen McCroskey, 
Chris Bennett, Terri Fiegel, and 
Caleb Burke. 

Opening night was followed by 
a reception that offered patron 
refreshments and the opportunity' to 
meet the cast and crew. Three 
different pairs of Enghsh professors 
gave short commentaries followed 

by question and answer sessions 
after the Friday. Saturday, and 
Sunday performances. Those 
participating were Dr. Louise 
Bentley. Mrs. Lillian Baggett. Mrs. 
Nancy Hurst. Dr. Barbara 
McMillin, Dr. Roger Stanley and 
Dr. Ernest Pinson. The professors 
spoke about the plot, theme, and 
writing style that Miller used. 

Cainpus Lifev 41 

Carol Ann Caldwell, Miss Union 1993. enter- 
tains the audience. 

Carol Ann Caldwell crownins; Kncilt as Mis 

Union 1994. 

Jennifer Pettigrew singv in talent eoinpetition 

Susan Pokomy entertains the audience s\ ith 


Melanle Lavne does a dramatic monolosue 


y / '^^^1 










^^k^M^ "< 



Kasi Knott - Miss Union 1994 


Knott will rep- 
resent Union at 
Miss Tennessee 


n November 6. Miss Union 
Carol Ann Caldwell crowned 
her successor Kasi Knott Miss 
Union 1994. She is from 
Bradford, Tennessee and a 
freshman business major. 
Knott sang "I Am Changing" 
for the talent competition. Her plat- 
form concerned the prevention of 
school violence through the use of 
extracurricular activities and sports. 
The first runner-up in the pageant 
was Cathy Davidson. Other winners 
include Emily Matthews, second run- 
ner-up; Amy Alexander, third run- 
ner-up; and Jill Crotts, fourth runner- 

up. The Beverly Williams Lewis 
Talent Award was presented to Emily 
Matthews. Vadessa Mason recieved 
the Miss Congeniality Award. 

The participants in the pageant 
were Amy Alexander, freshman; 
Charlotte Bond, freshman; J ill Crotts, 
junior; Cathy Davidson, junior; Kasi 
Knott, freshman; Melanie Layne, 
freshman; Vadessa Mason, sopho- 
more; Emily Matthews, freshman; 
Tamara McKenzie, junior; Dana 
Middleton. freshman; Jennifer 
Pettigrew. sophomore; and Susan 
Pokomy. freshman. 

Miss Union 1994 recieved a 
S 1 .250 scholarship and the chance to 
compete in the Miss Tennessee Pag- 
eant in June. 

David Pyron from Jackson. Carol 
Dickerson from Union City. Al 
Paschall from Humboldt. Sharon 
Lee from Dyer, and Mary Ann Lind- 
say from Brownsville judged the pag- 

The pageant consisted of four com- 
petitions: interview 30 percent, tal- 
ent 40 percent, swimsuit 15 percent 
and evening gown 15 percent. 

The Mistress of Ceremonies was 
Carrie Folks. Miss Tennessee 1989. 

Knott models her swimwear. 

Knott sings her way to the title of Miss Unit 

Vadessa Mason, Miss Congeniality, performs a ballet dance 
in the talent competition. 

Emily Mathews, second runner-up and talent winner, sings 
an opera song. 

Amy Alexander, third runner-up, smiles for the judges. Cathy Da%idson. first runner-up. gets dow n home and country 

in her talent competition. 

Jill Crotts. fourth runner-up. sings a moving song for her talent. 

Chris Rowland. Dorie Lane, Lance Porte 
Rob Allen, Melissa Eagan 

46/ CampiikLi fe 

Campus Favorites 

ampus favorites hold a certain 
prestige at Union; what an 
honor to be selected a favorite 
among your peers. The Student 
Government Association 
conducts a chapel service where 
nominations are taken for these 
spotlights. The ballot consists 
of 60 names, 20 people from 
each of the sophomore, junior, 
and senior classes. From this 
ballot, the student body can 
select 20 people as their campus 
favorites. This year three 
people tied raising the total of 
campus favorites in 1993 - 94 to 

Jan Holden, Charlie Worthy. Niki Pugh 
Chad Rowland. Leiah Hargis 

Cindy and Lance are well liked b\ the student 

Mr. and Miss Union University 1994 

in Life 


r. and Miss Union is a privi- 
leged position few are chosen 
to hold. Nominations for this 
honor are taken during a desig- 
nated SGA chapel. The stu- 
dent body is then allowed to 
vote on the nominees. This 
year the student body favored 
Cindy White and Lance Porter. 

Cindy Wltite, a senior from 
Memphis, Tennessee, is a mar- 
keting/management major. As 
a business major. Cindy is a 
member of Phi Beta Lambda. 
She is also a member of the Chi 
Omega social sorority. Cindy 
has been verv active in Chi 

Omega by serving as treasurer and 
historian. She has also been a 
member of GAP (Greek Activities 
Panel) where she represented her 
sorority. Cindy served as class 
president her junior year. She has 
been elected a campus favorite for 
3 years and she has served on the 
Homecoming Court for 2 years. 
Outside of Union, her interest is 
volunteering at the Carl Perkins 
Child Abuse Center. After 
graduation, Cindy plans on 
pursuing job offers in Orlando. 

Lance Porter, a senior from 
Jackson, Tennessee, is a physical 
education/history double major. 

Lance is a member of Sigma Delta 
where he serves as chaplain. He is 
also a member of the Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon social fraternity. Lance has 
been \er\ active in SAE by serving 
as president, warden and rush 
chairman to name a few offices. 
He has also been a member of GAP 
and SGA. Lance has been elected a 
campus favorite for 2 years. 
Outside of Union, his interests are 
sports, church, and family. Lance 
has been in\ olved with Teenlife for 
7 years. After graduation. Lance 
wants to pursue a masters in 
administration and become a school 

Mr. J. Simon Smilli. Mis Pauline Bridger, Mr 
Hiissam "Sanii" Wahab. and Dr. Johnny W 
Lott all received awards at ihe Homecomins 

Dr. Tucker shows his ahcr ego. Old 

Dr. Barefoot exchanges a friendly "shake 
and howdy" to a Union alumnus. 

Union Goes Country! 

Been Too 
Gone For 
Too Long! 


nion .started off the Homecom- 
ing hoe-down with a bonfire on 
Wednesday night. Many stu- 
dents ambled down to get some 
hot chocolate, a few brownies 
and maybe a hot dog or two. Q- 
1 02 blasted a few tunes to keep 
the spirits high and the atmosphere 
sweet. Union memorabilia was given 
away to a few lucky students during 
the festivities. 

An Alumni Homecoming 
Chapel helped the students to think 
about how much Union would change 
in the years to come. 

The Art Gallery had some 

country paintings to help set the coun- 
try inood. 

Many peiformers "showed 
off" at the "Showdown At Sundown" 
talent show. Talented individuals 
and groups filled the stage and made 
the night come to life. 

Following the show every- 
one was invited to the lobby to a 
mixer. Then it was off to the movies 
for a late night mo\ in' picture show. 
This could have made it hard for 
some to get up the next morning, but 
a complimentary brunch and photo 
rodeo kept alumni busy. A luncheon 
featuring West Tennessee Barbecue 
made mouths water. 

Saturday was filled with fun 
and excitement as the Lady Bulldogs 
played Blue Mountain College and 
the Bulldogs played Trevecca 

Cafe Expresso Bongo II got 
rave reviews for its variety and fun. It 
was great hip not drip entertainment 
for everyone. 

Homecoming proved to be 
a great success with many alumni 
returning to see the new improve- 
ments and additions. Homecoming 
'94 will not be forsotten. 

A song suits any occasion for Julie Anderson. 

Tiffany Harmon played the flute in front of the 
General Store. 

Keith Felton harmonized with his homog 
enized fnends Two Percent Milk." 

"Two Percent Milk" captured the hearts of the 
judges. Now they hope to moooove on to 
greener pastures. 

Cai^pus Lif\- 53 

Front (R-L) Cindy Sills, senior; Lisa Shelton. senior: Dana Stanfill. senior Back (R-L) 
Suzanne Wallis, junior; Christy Vaughn, junior; Jan Holden, jophomore; Nikki Jones, senior. 

56 yCampus Kj fe 

All Sing 1994 

the Art 
of Music 

roups of all sizes prepared 
for All Sing 1994 far in ad- 
vance. Many sororities and 
fraternities created costumes, 
choreographed steps and re- 
hearsed songs in the fall of '93. 
There was a variety of 
musical styles presented with 
each group having its own musical 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. a mu- 
sic fraternity, sponsored the night 
with the purpose of promoting the 
art of music at Union. 

• 'W 

60 yCampus Lj fe 

CampuslJfev 61 

A con^llULl;ll|l mail works diligently on the 
Student Uninn Building in the freezing morn- 
ins uir. 

62 /Campiis\i I'e 

Forsylhe Conslriiclion Co. helps icar down 

Union Constructs for the Future 


New Buildings 
and Additions 
Improve Campus 


ust in case you haven't noticed. 
Union is growing! Of course 
the obvious signs of growth 
consist of new buildings and 
additions being made to old 
buildings. But Union's growth 
moves in many different direc- 
tions. For example, there is a new 
library system, new clubs on campus 
and new scholarships available. 

The one million dollar entrance 
located on Countiy Club has added to 
our beautiful campus and dazzles ail 
that drive by. To equally match its 
pizzazz, the four million dollar Stu- 

dent Union Building is also a spec- 
tacular addition. Located in the Stu- 
dent Building will he the cafeteria, 
snack bar, bookstore, post office, 
game room, two lounge areas, spa- 
cious meeting rooms, and numerous 
offices which include Student Af- 
fairs, BSU Administration and the 
Dean of Students Office. The total 
area of the Student Union Building is 
5 1 ,9 1 5 square feet. In order to have 
this lu.xury for students, the mainte- 
nance building relocated across the 
street. The students are excited about 
their nevs buildinp and the mainte- 

nance men are excited about theirs 1 
The new dorms are another build- 
ing project Union University has been 
working on. These comfortable clean 
rooiTis still have the smell of fresh 
paint. Many students are excited 
about being the first to live in the new 
dorms and getting to break in the new 
furniture. What a great memory ! 
A new home, new roommates and 
new classes to begin a new year. 

Carnpus Life\- 63 

Nursing students arc able to en|o) their neu 
lab m D S7 

Kirsten Wolt'e looks aver some materials 
helore a S 1 F.H meeting. 

"All I need IS the call number 

64 -yCampiis hjf e 


New Additions 

Union adds F.LI, I 
SIRE, and the f" 
Karate Club to the 
list of organizations 
for the coming years 

Greg Johnson diligently works in the com- 
puter lab addition. 

here are three new 
organizations on Union's 
campus that are ready to 
serve you. These 
consist of F.I.T. (Facili- 
tators in Training). The 
Karate Club and S.I.F.E. 
(Students In Free Enterprise). 
F.I.T. serves the psychology 
department. The Karate Club 
is part of the physical educa- 
tion department. Union also 
constructed two new labs, a 
nursing lab and a mini-Mac 

Misha James is over%vhelmed b\ the cozy new 

"It should be a sin to have orange and green 
plaid chairs against fushia walls," Russ Moore 

Studeins anxiously await the opening of the 
Student Union Building in May 1994. 

"What does this machine do anyway?' 



Hcie lies Ihc Sluderil Union Building in its 

Building Upward 

No matter how big 11 
Union grows, the 
students will not be 


nion is proud of the improve- I 
ments the campus has made by 
enhancing the living and leam- ; 
ing environments that are so 
important to students. Union 
continues to meet the needs of 
the student body as a whole 
and the needs of the individual 
student. Between the hammer- 
ing of construction and the 
fuschia painted hall walls, it is 
comforting to know that at 
Union you are more dian just a 

What's Hot! 

Best Mi'VJes 

Sleepless in Seattle 

The Fugitive 


The Program 

The Good Son 

Best Group 

Pearl Jam 
Brooks and Dunn 
4 -Him 

Best Actors 

Richard Gere 
Tom Cruise 
Harrison Ford 
Christian Slater 
Mel Gibson 

Best CD 

Sleepless In Seattle Soundtrack 


Miracle Man 

U2 Rattle and Hum 


Best Song s 

"When I Fall In Love" 
"River Of Dreams" 
"Does He Love You" 
"In Christ Alone" 
"That Was A River" 

Best Actresses 

Meg Ryan 
Jodi Foster 
Julia Roberts 
Demi Moore 
Sharon Stone 

Most Admired People 

Best T.V. Shows 


Home Improvement 


Melrose Place 

Michael Jordan 


George Bush 



L.A. Lcnv 

Favorite Magazines 

Sports Illustrated 

Soap Opera Digest 

Favorite Cars 






Favorite Classes 

Behavorial Management 

Interpersonal Communication 

New Testament 



Favorite Clothing Stores 


Castner Knott 
J. Risains 

68 /Campus^ife 

What's Not! 

Worst Movies 

The Ciying Game 

The Beverly Hillbillies 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Jurassic Park 

True Romance 



Worst Group 


Kentucky Headhunters 




Worst CD 




Joey Lawrence 

New Jack City Soundtrack 

Least Admired People 

Bill Clinton 
Roseanne Arnold 
Hillary Clinton 

Worst T.V. Shows 

Family Matters 
Married With Children 
NYPD Blue 
Simpson 's 

Worst Song 

"Trashy Women" 
"Achy Breaky Heart" 
"Whoop. There It Is" 
"I'm Too Sexy" 

Worst Actors 

Worst Actresses 

Rodney Dangerfield 


Pee Wee Hernian 

Sharon Stone 

Sylvester Stallone 

Bette Midler 

Tom Cruise 

Cindy Crawford 

Woody Allen 

Vanna White 

Least Favorite Class 

Anatomy and Physiology 


World Civilization 


Physical Science 

Cuixent Events 

70 yCunent ments 

My Prayer 

My Aim is 

Higher Ground 

Curr/nt E\entV 7 1 

September 13, 1993 - Israel and Palestine 
signed a peace treaty as Arab Yasser Arafat 
and Jew Yitzhak Rabin shake hands in peace. 

August 25, 1 993 - Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman 
was charged with plotting a war of urban 
terrorism from the bombing of the World Trade 

72/ CurrenlsEvents 

September 21, 1993 - Russian vice President 
Alexander Rutskoi tried to seize power from 
President Yeltsin during an attempted coup. 

October 3, 1 993 ■ The world witnessed a battle 
between dictated Somali forces and U.N. forces 
thai Icfl 18 Americans, 1 Malaysian and 300 
Sonialis dead. 

September 7, 1993 - President Clinton deliv- 
ered a speech that promised to cut, consolidate 
and reshape the federal bureaucracy. 

Changing Times for a Changing World 

Altered By 
1993 Events 


imes have changed since the 
world was safe to play in its 
backyard. The year 1993, has 
been one year of dramatic trans- 

America trembled with fear 
when terrorists bombed the 
World Trade Center and 
planned to destroy the United 
Nations Building and the Lin- 
coln Tunnel. Russia, a United 
Nations' superpower, was sub- 
jected to a governmental up- 
heaval when the old-line Com- 
munists opposed Yeltsin's plan 
for a free market economy. 
Mogadishu, Somalia captured 

the world's attention when an Ameri- 
can soldier was dragged through 
the streets. Somalia was also the site 
of fighting adults and starving chil- 
dren that everyone mourned. 

Although turmoil doininated the 
year, peace could be found. The 
world witnessed an unthinkable ges- 
ture when Arab Yasser Arafat and 
Jew Yitzhak Rabin shook hands in 
peace. While they made history, Is- 
rael and the PLO (Palestine Libera- 
tion Organization) signed a treaty to 
recognize each other. 

From International affairs to na- 
tional affairs, many generations have 
been altered by the events that have 
occured during 1993, President 

Clinton and Vice President Gore 
drafted a plan to reform the federal 
government by the turn of the cen- 
tury. First Lady Hillary Clinton pro- 
posed to improve America's health 
care policy through new Medicare 
coverage for prescription drugs. Lib- 
eration heard its call as Ruth Bader 
Ginsburg became the second woinan 
to sit on the United States Supreme 
Court and the 107th Supreme Court 
Justice. These and many other issues 
have changed world views of today. 

Cuirent Event; 

October 1493 - the Toronto Blue Jays won 
their second World Series Championship title 
in a row. 

A Year of Surprises 

Change the 
Face of the 

Ocloherft. 1993 -Basketball lost a great playe 
Michael Jordan, to early retirement. 


riumph and devastation filled the 
year with surprises. From the Great 
Flood in the summer to the World 
Series in the fall, 1993 has been an 
eventful year. The game of basket- 
hall will never be the same after 
Michael "Air" Jordan's early retire- 
ment. "Seinfeld" has become a mem- 
ber of the Old Boys Club. The Pope 
cried out against abortion and eutha- 
nasia calling America the "culture of 
death." Even though many things 
changed, some things remained the 
same. The Toronto Blue Jays won 
the World Series again and the na- 
tion tuned in for the Miss America 


August 199.3 - Pope John Paul 11 « as the focus 
of World Youth Day held in Denver. Colo- 

July 1993 - The Great Flood left many home- 
less and captured the nation's attention. 

Current Events\75 


I'm Pressing 
on the 

Upward Way 

.39 ^ 

OS Serving Christ 
rH & Having 



mistry Teams 

An integral pai't of Union's 
Christian outreach is ministry 
teams. Vision Clowns provides 
students with the opportunity to 
serve God by putting on makeup 
and performing humorous skits. 
Vision Clowns welcomes 
anyone who likes to "clown" 

Sonshine Puppets is open to 
anyone who wants to use the 
magic of puppets to tell the love 
of Jesus. They use their puppet 
mastery to reach out to others. 

Hands for Jesus uses beauti- 
ful sign language to glorify their 
namesake. Their flowing hands 
show the grace of God's love. 

These ministry teams travel 
to different churches to show 
Christ's love to many different 
kinds of people. 

Hands for Jesus: R to L - firsl row - 
Melanie Layne, Matthew Holmes, Erika 
Culver, Coral Suzette Potts, Shuri 
BriK5ks, Rae Harris - second row - 
Came Cossey, Rita Allen, Kimberly 
Poole, Robin Wolfe, Shanna Shupp, 
Donnita Baker, Cannmie Vos - third row 
- Lisa Carter, Patricia Young, Dee Dee 
Boswell, Heather Walden, Courtney 
Smith, Emilie Hawkins, Rhonda 
Gardiner. Heidi Miller Melinda Custei , 
Cindy Mtu+)ury, Jennifer .Allen, Caniie 
Homsby. Natalie VanEman, Julie 
RittenbursJ. Rachel Wright 

Vi.sion Clowns: L to R - first row - Gail Hill Come lobe. Amy t line Biand\ Keith 
Kris Wanie - second row - Tia Foster, Irene Roberts, Pamela Taylor, Pam .Scott \m) 
Baugher, Christy Aden - third row - Rachel Ticdemann Rcbeckah Wiltshiic Ronda 


7b/- Reli 

Impact - L to R - first row - John 
Highsmith - second row - Scott Heath, 
Karen Joyner, Cyndi Mathews, Laura 
Latham - third row - Steve Phipps, Brandy 
McKendree. Brian Curry, Adam Brown, 
Rick LaRue, Amie Richardson, Leshe 

(^ Praising God 
2 & Having 



Lisa lifts her 
voice to the 
glory of the Lord. 

Wintess; L to R - first row - Alison Grigg, Christy Marbury. 
Wendy Taliaferro, Jenni Fuller - second row - Natalie Womack, 
Lisa Hoffman. Beth McGregor. Jonathan Brasfield, Kris Conn, 
Shaw n Gierlina, Eric Mann. Chris .Allen. Dwavne Cloar 

inistry Teams 

Union also has other ministry 
teams that use God-gi\en talents 
to praise Him and reach out to 
others. Witness expresses its 
love for Christ through song. 
Students who pass auditions can 
"sing to the Lord" and have fun 
as well. Witness travels to 
churches to help lead them in 

Impact expresses Christian 
messages through acting in skits 
and plays. This audition group 
invites anyone who has an 
interest in using acting talents to 
glorify the Lord. Impact also 
travels to different churches and 
leads in a different kind of 

All of Union's ministry teams 
work very hard to use their 
talents in order to convey the 
message of their Lord Jesus 

United in God 
Christian Fellowship 

BCF: L to R - first row - Tamara Leak, Cassandra 
Lee, Fredriek Coburn. Tony Sanders, Daphne Watkin.s 
Tameeo Jimnierson - Baek Row - Clinton Grigys, 
Reginald Kearney, Doug Satidcrs 

ne of the benefits 

of a small university is 
the opportunity to work 
with other groups on 
campus. While each 
group has its own unique 
purpose, there are com- 
mon bonds such as 
friendship, service, and 

This year the Black 
Christian Fellowship and 
the Baptist Young 
Women joined together 
for a common cause. The 
two groups spent a 
Saturday washing cars to 
raise money for missions. 
Together they raised $120 
to help Union reach its 
mission goal of $48,500. 

BYW- L to R- firsi row- Michelle Cain, 
Stephanie Exiini, Jennifer King. Nicole 
Jones -second row- Pam Taylor. Julie 
King. Lanna Hester. Jada Jordan -third 

Amy Clinc. Carla Coclle. Stephanie 
Hyatt. Vany Coclle. Kristinc Langford. 
Jackie Cameran. Carla Davenport 

If your happy and you know it 
clap your hands. 

Organized to 
erve and Unite 

MinstciKil Association - L to R ^ first row ^ Tony Bradley Coic) Megg\ Tri)\ 
McKire. Scott Lamb. Pat Powell. Glenn Riggs. Claude Wood, Di Paul W illiams - 
second tow - Jav Ridenhoiir, And> Neele>. Keith Bates. Jason Dukes. Bill Mjatt. 
Rohm Popplewell. Glen \\ allace, Thomas Brown, George Tinini, Chris Allen 

Union gives students 
many opportunities to meet 
and serve according to 
their interests and needs. 
For those who are athleti- 
cally inclined the Fellow- 
ship of Christian Athletes 
offers Bible studies and 
other chances for growth. 

The Ministerial Asso- 
ciation gives support and a 
common bond to those 
who feel God's call into the 
ministry. Similarly, 
YEMMA unites those who 
wish to work in a church in 
the areas of youth, educa- 
tion and music. 

The Student Ministries 
Counsel, formerly called 
BSU, unites all students in 
campus ministries and 

Finally, the missions 
committee is responsible 
for planning fundrai,sers to 
raise money for our mis- 
sions goal of $48,500. 

Missions - L to R - first row - Charlie 
Worthy - second row - Janna Gardner, 
Mickey Cochran, Rachel Wright, Lynn 
Weems. Resa Strickland, Lauri Nichols. 
I'nkown, Sheri Lovette - third row - 
Stephanie Exuin, Jennefer Bishop. Rob 
Cole, Mark Hoesel. Pat Powell, Morrow 
McWhorter. Monica Biter. Shannon 
Powers, Brandi Keith, Andrea Martin 

teli2ion\ S5 

Dr. Paul Jackson wants to help guide 
students at that cmcial time wlien they 
are developing their world views and 
ideas about life. 

Bright New Faces 
Dedicated to 
Serving Students 

Ramly and Cindy Poole wish to sliare 
llieir experience and love lor others with 
the students at Union. They want students 
to see the all-encompassing love of Christ. 

Union has been bles.sed 
by having some young, 
new faces on campus to 
help lead the way in our 
education and spiritual 

Bill Kisner is the new 
campus minister. He 
directs and oversees 
student minstries. As 
students will tell you. Bill 
is loved by many people 
on this campus. 

Dr. Paul Jackson is our 
new religion professor. 
Many students have 
already expressed their 
enthusiasm for this young 
and energetic teacher. 

Randy and Cindy 
Poole, our missionaries in 
residence, have gained 
great acceptance because 
of their kind faces and 
outgoing spirits. Coming 
from Honduras, they have 
an eager message about 
Christ to share with 
anyone who will listen. 





8y- Organizations 

New Heights 

I'm Gaining 



e- V, 

Oraanizationsv 89 

ing the Way 

"Slutlcnts today and leaders tommorrow" is 
the belief held by Union's student government and 
leadership organizations. The Student Govern- 
ment Association and the Student Senate have the 
responsibility of representing the entire student 
body in important decisions concerning every- 
thing from planning campus activities to policy 
alTairs at Union. 

The Prexy Club consists of student leaders 
who have been elected to top leadership positions 
in their respective organizations. 

The Student Foundation is a large group of 
students who volunteer their time to share their 
Union experience with prospective students and 
guests who come to visit Union University and 
tour the campus. 

Rob .Alk'ii no[ uiil\ helps organize campiEs 

Student Foundation niemhers are ah\a\^ 
questions about Union. 

\ model siudenl and Prexy Club member? Yes, Blake Neely 
IS proud ot his abilities and demonstrates some of them in the 
Mr Campus competition, 

.Mthough they have man_\ rcsponsibililies these guys always 
have time for a little lun. 

90 vOrganizalions 

Robin Latham is happy to de\ote a her tune to the Student 

Student Government 

Row I: RubAllcn.Chad Haves Ro 

\ I J - P^ 

^ ^M/^^ 

km llDldcn. Anna Williams, Julie Junes 

Student Senate. R.-u I: chad Hayes. Jan 
Holden. Anita Williams, Julie Jones Row 2; Nieole Jone.s, 
Jenniler Slokcs, Amy Creighton, Jason Davis, Lee Davis, 
Blake Neeley.DaMdBoalriizhl,Vadessa Mason, Carrie Cossey 

PreXy Club. RowI: KimCoomhs.BrendaClcnney, 
Nivah Norman, Leigh Hargis, MariK n Russell. Cammie Vos. 
Judith Belcw, Patrieia Young, Jason Roberts Row 2: Don 
Siegall, Fred Coburn, Lisa Shelton, Julie Jones, Andrea Martin, 
Jennifer Powers, Kerry Ross, Blake Neely, Jackie Cameron, 
Caria Dasenport, Ke\ in Trowbridge, Jai Templeton 

Student Foundation, row i Donna Neison, 

Kim Coombs, Becky Anderson, Christy Hughes, Robin Latham 
Row 2: David Boatright, Julie Green, Kevin Trowbridge, Dara 
Arani, Amv Creichton. Matthew Schobert 

Alpha Chi. row l: Carolme Xumbow. Karen 
Quinn. Cindy Talum. Healher Waldon. Palrica Young 
Row 2: Kenley Penner. Star Walker. Julie Jones. Christy 
Vaughn. Julie Bird. Dav.n Easley, Kim Bynuni Row ?: 
KristChanev. Beth No: ;hLOil. Brandy Taylor. Misty Mead- 
ows. Lisa Selbe. Sharenda Holland. Lee Ann Stone Row 
4: Jim Haggard. Jenny Carter. Delona Cole. Donna Keel. 
Hollie Baggett. Joan Fry, Sarah Hughs. Earnest Pinson 
Row ?: George Guthrie. Jason Williams. Emily Schucharl. 
Casey Oliver. Anita Williams, MelissaCable, Patsy Melton. 
Clay Smith. Christy King. Tanya Crawford. Molly Hatter 
Row 6: Brent Scott, Randy Potts. Amy Creighton. Gail 
Johnson. Brandon Tummins. Janna Barker. Ken Kinle. 
Sharon James. Carla Davenport. .Angela Clyatt. Malt 
Skulley. Christie Moore. Jimmy Stanford, Louis Bentley 
Row 7: KimCoombs.,AnitaKerr. Wayne Dowling. Ashley 
Fitch. Mark Chumbler. Chris Mathews. Chris Koffman. 
Patrick Holden. .Ashley Brawley. Angle Sowell. Leigh Ann 

Honors Student Association. ro« 

I; Bryan Currie. Nedra Crawford. Renee Holland, Lon 
Doner, .Ann Livingston. Bradley Huddleston Row 2: Jai 
Templeton. Le.Andra Smith. Emily Schuchart. Tia Foster. 
JulieRittenburg.JasonJoseph Row3: Shane Hall, Michele 
Thorburg, Dwayne Maxey, Kevin Sheilley, Brian Moore. 
Steve Mayu. Matthew Schobert 

Kappa MU Epsilon. row l BranOwens 
Blake Watkms.Russ James, Laura Beaver Row 2: Dwayne 
Jennings, Don Richard, Troy Riggs, Richard Dehn, Juan 
Lowery, Jim Haggard, Kim Coombs, Donna Keel, Matt 
Lunsford, Stacy Garrard, Christie Moore, Niki Pugh, Julie 

Sigma Zeta. RowL Kirsien WoUe. Michelle 
Smith. Susan Godwin. Stacy Garrard Row 2: Elsie Smith. 
Cheryl Crossett, Wayne Wofford. Michael McMahan. Col- 
leen Flvnn. James Biltner. Brian Lewis 




Union prides itself in the quality ol its stu- 
dents. Although Union has some of brightest 
students in the world, each student is somehow 
challenged in the classroom. The finest students 
who meet these challenges are in\ited to join 
honorary academic fraternities. 

Alpha Chi recognizes its members for their 
academic excellence and personal character. The 
Honor Student Association stresses the impor- 

Jim Hassiard talks about his summer of research and lun. 

Sonja Jordan and John Brown experiment with physics. 

tance of interdisciplinary studies in the liberal arts 

Kappa Mu Epsilon promotes academic lead- 
ership among its members who enjoy the chal- 
lenge of mathematics. Sigma Zeta encourages 
fellowship among the top students achieving merit 
in the biology, chemistry, and physical science 
programs at Union. 

Two students ponder the possibilities for an "A" for their 

Prerrsring for 

Fv are Careers 

The Computer Club is composed of students 
uho are interested in today's world of computers. 
It promotes an increased knowledge of the science 
and design of modern computing machinery. 

The Accounting Club promotes interest in the 
field of accounting. Membership is open to majors 
and minors in the discipline. The club often has 
business leaders come to their monthly meetings 
and share their knowledge and expertise in the 

Phi Beta Lambda is a national business frater- 
nity, membership is open to those who are inter- 
ested in a career in business and who have a GPA 
of 2.0 or higher. The goals of this organization are 
to promote the free enteiprise system and to create 
a better understanding of the business world. 

The Students of Tennessee Education Asso- 
ciation is composed of students who are preparing 
to teach. It aquaints future teachers with the 
history and ethics of the teaching profession. 

Amy Newman ami Charity Crossnoe U'.e iheir buMiie^^ --kilK 
to lielp organi/c a ciiusc to the Bahamas. 

Oliver Dos.sman is the man to asli if you want to know any thnig 
and everyttiing about computers. 

Mark Chumbler uses his computer ski I Is to register students lor 
next semester classes. 

Although Jenny Kuig is nmiUed in many organizations, she 
alwavs finds time to 'jet c\ervlhini: done. 

Wi \ 

Computer Club. RuwI; MarkJames.Shawn 
Mcaer. JudilhBelcw. Jonathan Miller Row 2: Oliver Dossman. 
Palricia Lalloon. Nathan Willinghani. Shirley Wong. Steven 
Jatohs. Shawn Jewell. Dwayne Jennings. Jan Wilms 

Accounting Club, row l Angela Copous 
Dehbie .Newell. Amy Crcighton Row 2; Brian Delk. Brandor 
Tummings. Dee Lenderman. Scott Webster 

Phi Beta Lambda, row i Amy creghton. 

Becky Anderson. Jack Koffman, Brian Delk, Charles Crainbel. 
.Angela Clyatt. Jessica Moore. Jennifer Powers Row 2: Scott 
\\ ehsler. Brent JJousman. Rodney Smith. Jimmy Stanford. 
David Leslie. Gina Vinson. Jai Templelon. Tammy Scott, 
Melissa Stark Row .V Brent Cunningham. Kenley Penner. 
.Amy Newman. Casey Oliver. Ben Clark. Andy White, Lee 
Davis. Kirsten Wolfe, Pam Weaver. Patsy Melton. Terri 
Tummins. Lisa Presson, Brenda Clenney. Charity Crossnoe. 
Brandon Tummins, Michael Behrens 

Students of Tennessee Educaton 

Association. RowI; Amy James, Sharon James, 
Carla Da\enporl. Jackie Cameron. Julie King. Sheri Evans 
Row 2: Dana Copus, Judith Norman, Paula Montgomery. 
Lisa fJowell, Cheris Lassiter. Michelle Cain. Jenny King. 
Emily Cowles. Renee Cooper Row .1: .Annette Jacobs. Kim 
Low e. Gloria Brush. Traci Myers. Janna Barker. Lanna Hester. 
Beth Exum. Stephanie East. PrisciUa .Atkins. Kelli Young. 
Valerie Vestal. Michelle Van den Bosch. Renee Robins. Anna 

OrganizationK- 95 

SNA. Rou I: Scott Roth. Bndgelte Giinn-Giay.Suzannc 
McKinney, Ashley Newman.Tara Scarborough, Denise McGec 
Debbie Hooper, Anna Sheffield, Martin Taylor Row 2: Nicole 
Middleton. Juanua King J.ine Horner. Debby Blackwelder 
Don Segall. Terr;, P^igh, Beitye Row .^: Julie Pearson 
Rita Cooper, FonJj Yate;., Patricia Dixon, Tammy Gos.i 
Sheila F.ailkner, Chandra Stevens, Cathy Pucl^ett. Kay Kiik 
Row 4; Pauline Bridger, Marie McLemore, James Boyeiu 
Cheryl Plett, Marcelyn Eagan, Tharon Kirk, Sheila Densitn 
Bobby Hurt, Keely Purcell 

P.E. Club. Row I: David Duncan, Rick Patterson. 
Dean Brown, Wade Stranak, Shane Beasley, Patrick Holden 
Row 2; Sandra Williams, Anna Richardson, Lance Porter, 
Christie Moore, Chad Filer, Jamie Giannmi.Kalhryn Patterson. 
Linn Stranak 


Physically Fit 

With all the talk about health care and healthy 
life styles more people are beginning to take an 
active role in pursuing health and happiness. 

Although everyone would like to remain 
healthy indefinitely, health care is sometimes 
needed. The nursing profession is a major part of 
health care, and Union University is proud to have 
an outstanding nursing department. 

I f^^^l Scon Rolh IS oflcn seen in the lihrarv preparing for difficult 
"No protileni." Donating blood is easy. 

The Student Nurse Association, SNA, is an 
organization for students preparing for a career in 

The P.E. Club offers many opportunities for 
those interested in athletics or just interested in 
personal fitness. This club gives students a way to 
add variety to their exercise and to their lives. 

'• V 


Dean Brown has to keep physically fit to keep up with this 
football player. 


A Voice in 


Several organizations at Union serve to pro- 
mote ci\ic involvement and an appreciation for 
history. College Republicans is composed of 
students who are interested in learning the role of 
political parties in the political process. Members 
share the Republican beliefs and develop political 
and leadership skills in preparation for future pub- 
lic service. 

The Andrew T. Taylor Pre-Lcgal Society is 
composed of prelaw students who are interested in 
instructive programs presented by lavsyers and 

judges practicing in the Jackson area. 

Phi Alpha Theta is an international honoi 
society in history. Membership is only open t( i 
those who meet specific academic qualifications 
Union's chapter, established in 1953. was the lirsi 
in the state. 

The Rutledge Honorary History Cluh \\a^ 
founded in 1929 to stimulate the study of history 
Membership is open to completing three 
semesters of history with a 2.5 GPA. 

College Republicans. Ro« l J,na Duncan 
Busier L,ickc>. JjM.n R.ihcrts. Julie Green Rini 2: Gina 
\ invin. Jai Templeton. Tim EUsuorth. Robert Kana\el. Phil 

Andrew T. Taylor Pre-Legal 

Society, row l Tnn>al-.bell. Karen gumn Row 2: 
Ann Livingstone, Jai Tcnipleion. Ja-on DaMs, Julie Jones. 
Renee Holland 

Phi Alpha Theta. Ro« l Ange Baker l is 
Billingsle>.C\ntliiaTatum Row 2; Julie Jones, Sleptien Carls 
Brcnda Alexander 

Expanding the English 


There arc many organizations on campus 
which recognize students for their achievements in 
certain areas. Sigma Tau Deha is one of these 
organizations. It is a national Enghsh honor soci- 
ety that recognizes students that excel in either 

English language or literature. The Theta Onii- 
cron chapter gives invitations to qualifying juniors 
and seniors. The organization sponsors such things 
as reading of English Seminar Papers and 
Shakespeare class presentations. 

y Sigma Tau Delta, r.u i Hmcsi Pnson 

y ^ Barbara McMillin, Louis Benllev. Roger Slanlc.v. John Harris. 
\ Row 2: Brian Moore. Everell Hum. Joy Gibson, Rebecea 
Phillips, Belh Northcou, Marilyn Jones, Jennellc Rogers. Anita 
Kerr, Keith Currev 

Rulledge Honorary History Club members put the Imishing 
i»j^ touches on their display for Campus Day '93. 

Rutledge Honorary History Club. 

R.>w I. Heather \Valdon..\laiiheu Stholien. Terr\ 1. indies. 
Patricia'ioung. Rebecca Wiltshire. John Case Row 2: .Mat- 
thew Holmes, Clay Smith. Star Walker. Julie Jones. Lee,-\nn 
.Stone. George Timm. Heidi Shoudcr, Jana Duncan. Matt 

Jr.l. 1. Row 1: Lisa Brown, Angle Overton. Melissa Hearn, 
Elvis HoUis Row 2: Victoria Murphy. Jenny Emerson. Mindy 
Middleton. Christy .^den. .Icnniter Hayes. 

PR Society. RowI: ManlynRussell.Gina Vinson 
Row 2:Vickie Bunch. Kathy Boland. Melanie Garland, Jason 

o>l>f.lii> Row 1: Chad Hayes, George Timm. Rodney 
Smith. Ben Garrett. Chris Koffman. Brian Delk. Dave Hall. 
Brent Housman. Kevin Trowbridge, Andy White Row 2: 
Robert Wyatt, Beth Wright, Robin Latham, Brian Boles, 
Jennifer Whilwcll, Scott Webster, Jenise Gordon, Kenley 
Penner, Sherry Swift, Jamie Giannini, Amy Creighton, Matt 
.Adrian, Kirsten Wolfe. Wendv Parker . Brent Cunnineham 

1 00 / OrganizKtions 


to Interact 

Knowing how to relate to people is a very 
important part of everyday life. Several organiza- 
tions work to promote interaction among members 
in a wide variety of ways. These organizations 
give members an edge on success. 

FIT is a social work club which attracts stu- 
dents who are involved in Union's popular social 
work program. 

Chirs Koffnian and .'^nd) Wliik- help pass .nil hallons to 
support his organization 

Angela Clyatt lakes time out to review what she's learned about 
free enterprise. 

The PR Society is "in the business" of teach- 
ing its members the importance of understanding 
how strong public relations bring both tangible and 
intangible profits to any organization. 

A new organization on campus is SIFE, Stu- 
dents in Free Enterprise. This organization en- 
courages its members to pursue future careers and 
be supportive of small businesses. 

Orgqffizationsv 101 

These yu\ s jumped ;it the chance to play intramural tla; 

ir 1 had ni>l hccn so atti\c in organizations I could hav 
graduated in live vears' 

VVe sUid) Iietween meetings or when there is nothin 
hcltci ;.>,lo 

1 02/Oraani7Xlions 

Jennifer Douglass and Matt Adrian concentrate on an 
important project. 

You know if we work together we might get something 

Proclamation brings together people from many different 

Cardinal & Cream. rov i im EUswonh 

Malt Kennedy. James Edwards. .Ashley Fitch. Kevin Shedley 
Row 2: Heather Jones, v'.ilene Howell. Jennifer Douglas, 
Nedra Crawt\>rv!. Kjx i' Tiow bridge. Biake .Neeley. Carrie 
Martm. Clarls^^ .\!sPhe:>on 

Lest We Forget, row l: StacyGarrard.Gmger 
Conar, Randy Potts, Jon Mitchell Row 2: Jennifer King. 
Christy Aden, Marilyn Russell, Kevin Trowbridge. Patricia 
Young Row .1: Tracy Arnold, Rae Harris, Julie King. Amy de 
Marigny. Tim Ellsworth, Kim Inmon, Heather Walden 

The Torch. 

Union Broadcasting Society, row i 

.Ste\eBe\erl\,Gnui\inson. Christ! Holbiook Row 2: Kelly 
Forrest. Marilyn Russell. Tracey Snyder, Jason Roberts, Blake 
Johnson Row 3: Nathan Willingham. Wanda Womack. Dan 
Sauler. Kevin Trowbridge. Steven Buback. Ellen McCroskey 

1 4/Organiz\t ions 

» «r% 

Pass the Word 

Whether communicating ihrciugh wriiten 
words, speech, pictures, or signs, several organiza- 
tions at Union promote the art of communication. 

Union's newspaper, the Cardinal & Cream, 
keeps everyone informed about important issues 
both on and off campus. By pubhshing letters 
written to the editor, the Cardinal & Cream gives 
students a way to express their opinions. 

Making sure its not forgotten, the Lest We 
Forget staff works hard to capture the excitment of 

college life. Everyone that has vsorked on the 
yearbook knows its hard work, but they also know- 
its wonderful to see the finished product. 

The Torch is a publication of Union's own 
student writings and artwork. 

The Union Broadcasting Society keeps the 
community informed about special campus events, 
ball games, and other activities by both radio and 
TV broadcasts. 

"lou're workina in the closer!' What Dedlcallon. 

Us not often thai the photographer gets to show off her smile. 

OrgaftizationsV 105 

The Creative Edge 

Several organizations at Union ser\e to pro- 
mote tiie creativity of students. 

The Art Union provides broad opportunities 
for creative expression of both conceptual and 
perceptual types within the context of the Christian 
community. The Art Union is open to art rnajors 
and minors as well as other students who are 
interested in the study of visual arts. 

For those students interested in other art forms. 

Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic frater- 
nity. Membership is based on interest and attain- 
ment in this area. 

The Improv Club is an organization open to 
those who have shown talent in the area of im- 
promptu performing. The club serves to develop 
the talents of its members and use this talent to 
reach others in the church and school communitv. 

TciTi iVigcl did an excellent jiib in Ihe L'nion I'mverMly 
Players' verMon of the .Anhur Miller play, "All My Sons." 

Fallen .MeCrosky and J. Noble en|oy acting offstage as 
as on staiie. 

Cammy Vos can often be seen working hard on art projects 

Rnss Pflasiercr anil Christina Hobbs ga\e a draniaiK 
prelormance in the play, ".Ml My Sons." 





T £^ni^ 

1 tf^Pte 


"Nice Work." Michael Patterson is one of several gifted art 
students at Union University. 


y" j^ 


Art Union, row l: CindyMarbury. Angela 
Camela Vos, Rae Hams, Katie Wisdom Row 2: Christopher 
Nadaskay. Angela Lee. Lisa Smith, Terri DeShazier, Michael 
Patterson, Michael Mallard. Stephen Chisholm 

Alpha Psi Omega, row l SteveBuback Row 

2; Jim W'llhem, Ashle\ Litch Row 3: Ellen McCrosky, J. 
Noble, Mac Lower, Barrett Klausman, Christina Hohbs Row 
3: Emily Schuchart, Chris Bennett 

Improvisation Club, row i Emiiy 

Schuchan, Ashley Fitch, Christina Hobbs. Mac Lower Row 2: 
J. Noble, Chris Bennett, Barrett Klausman Row 3: Jim 
Wilhem, Steve Buback 

(A little improvising by the LWF staff!) 

OrsanizationsV 107 

U.U. Singers, row l (R-LlJulieCrouley. Janna 
Gardner, Emily Malthews, Jaina Hollifield. Jennifer Remmons. 
Jill Bassham, Pam Taylor, Dee Dee Babcock. Christy Marbury , 
Natalie Womaek, ]eni:!icr Hefner, Lee Ann Young Row 2: Jon 
Boord, Brian M-'orc Aaron Llewellyn, Brad Vose, Joye 
Johnson, Jenni F;;'!er, Missy Parsell. Dara Griffith, Heidi 
Shouder, Cuniin Reiff Row 3: Julie Anderson, Laura Latham. 
Robin Latham. Doric Lane, Sydney Gray, Katie Pitman Row 4 : 
J J Reynolds, Brad Bruhn, Chris Wann, Rick Nute, Greg 
W haley Row 5: Greg Beaty, Sam Mizell. Courtnev Hill. John 
Lassiter, ScottTanner, Bryan Currie Row 6: Stephen Claybrook, 
Michael P. Schemer, Brent Pearce, Matt Humber, Troy Moore, 
Robert Gnsham 

Proclamation. Row l iR-Ll:JamaHollifield,Emily 
Matthews, Joye Johnson, Jennifer Hefner, Natalie Womaek 
Row 2: Missy Parsell, Julie Anderson, Dara Griffith, Katie 
Pitlman, Lee .Ann ^oung Rovs .1: J.J, Reynolds, Greg Beaty, 
Chris Wann, Tro\ Moore. Robert Gnsham Row 4: Aaron 
Llewellyn, Brad Vose, Steven Claybrook, Brian Moore, Jon 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Row i 

Miller, Aaron Llewellyn, J. Greg Whaley II. Dwayne Cloar. 
Greg Beaty. D, Courtney Hill, Keith Felton Row 2: Blake 
Johnson, Brian J. Moore, Chris Mathews. Ray .Ammons. Sam 


to Our Ears 

his said that music matces the world go round. 
Alhough this is scientificaHy incorrect, music does 
make the trip more pleasant. With more than its 
lair share of musically gifted students. Union of- 
fers se\cral (trgani/ations which help to ciilti\ale 
their talents. 

The Union University Singers and Proclama- 
tion represent Union in various community set- 

tings. They provide entertainment for the Miss 
Union Pageant, Chapel Services, and various other 
University functions. 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is an honorary frater- 
nity for those who have both the interest and 
qualifications for admission. With their talents, 
members of this group are a true asset to the 

Tickling the ivories — well one niighl say thai. Students spend 
nianv hours workina on Music Theory, 

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue! 

OraanizationsV 109 

ounds of Union 

From handhells to bands, the sounds of Union 
come in many tones. Union is continually blessed 
by people with a variety of musical talents. 

The Symphonic Band is a group of musicians 
who perform a spring concert annually. They also 
participate in special musical events. 

The Stage Band is a group of faithful Union 

Bulldog supporters. Performing at home games, 
they keep the audience cheering. 

Handbells give a nice "ring" to the Christmas 
season. This group spends many hours perfectiuL' 
its performing rhythm. 

Al ballgames or in ttic ciiretcria. the Stage Band i-. music to your 

1 lO/OrganizMions 

Symphonic Band. 

Stage Band, row l: Snan Moore, Al McGhee. 
KlmiIi Brown. Tammy Myers. Corey Meggs Row 2: Brent 
Pierce, Rus.sell Moore, Scoll Tanner, Ray Ammons Row 3: 
David MeClune. Heidi. Shouder. Sam Mizell. Shawn 


jfc- fIJM 

^ . oll^^^^H 



■Ts *^^|^^^B ^^|B|L / 

ir 17 SkSS 

^4 • 




i "^ 


Handbells. RouT: Tara Lame Phillips. Krlsta Pnel 
Row 1 Kennetli Hartley. Jamie Christian, Donna Reasons. 
Brad Hinson Row 3: Julie Johnson. Richard Christian. Andy 
Clenney, Dara GrilTith 

Orsmization.^ 1 1 1 

Resident Life Board. Amy Cline, Kathryn 
Patlerson. Greg Baker, Riclv Charles, Monique Smith, Michele 

Hurt Dorm Council, corai Potts, vadessa 

Ma.son. .Amy Kline, Kathryn Patterson, Patty Farris, Michele 
Cam. Jennifer Powers 

Watter's Dorm Council, justinwin 

iams. Brent Pearce, Shawn Jewell. Jai Templton. Tim 
Ellsworth, Jason Davis, Ryan Mason. Matt Arant, Ryan Todd 

McAfee Dorm Council. Momqucsmth 

Scott Roth, Marilyn Russell, Juan Lowrey, Tony Bradley, 
Amy Moeller, Sonja Jordon, Greg Baker, Andrea Martin, 
Fred Cobum 

1 2/ Organizations 

A Better 

Campus Life 

Making the transition lYom life at home to life 
on acollege campus is sometimes dilTicult. Thant;s 
to the Dorm Councils and the Resident Lite Board, 
this transition is made a little easier. Together 
these groups have a tremendous impact on campus 
life, but they also make residency at Union a 
democratic e.xperience. Suggestion boxes placed 
in the commons are the student's link to these 

,-\ll rcad\ fur room check 

A group of friends can always be found relaxing and enjoying 
each other's company in the Commons. 

groups. The Dorm Councils collect money at the 
beginning of the year to fund various activities. 
Holding a position in these organizations means 
planning open dorms throughout the year, provid- 
ing food for students during stressful exam weeks 
and taking care of various tasks concerning cam- 
pus life. At the end of each year residents have the 
opportunity to seek election to these positions. 

Backyard Bitile Club) v\itnesses through play. 

Sonja Jordon can count on the Dorm Council to keep things 
quiet so she can study and prepare for her difficult classes. 

Greg Baker helps decorate for Mrs Madden's suprise hinhday 

Stress Relievers 

Sludenls are meant to stud_\ . but Imm time to 
time evei'yone needs a break . When students need 
a break from the stress of daily college life, there 
are several organizations on campus which pro- 
vide opportunities for students to enjoy many 
exciting events. 

The first stressful situation most students en- 
counter is being a freshman in a new school. The 
purpose of FOCUS is to help eliminate the an.xi- 
eties and fears of freshmen by showing them 
around, acquainting them with other students, 
answering questions, and helping to make them 
feel more comfortable. 

After students have been on campus a while 
they often find another source of stress, academ- 

ics. The Campus Activities Team and the Student 
Activities Council are two organizations that plan 
various activities for students throughout the year. 
Some of these activities include: movie nights, 
trips to ballgames. and short vacations to various 
points of interest. 

For those students who enjoy getting away 
from it all, the Outdoor Club (not pictured) pro- 
vides adventures to caves, w oods. and horseback 
ridine trails. 

".Are you sure this 
.Alpha Experienee. 

"This sure is hard v 

Doug Skiles partieipates in the 

e'"' 1 

-is 4r ( 



* %'i 

r !#' 






5.C.L.M 1 1 

9 ' 


. \ 



This family enjoys spending c|ualit\ lime together. 

It is ania/ing what Patriek R\dercan do with a tew scarves. 


"I'm too sexy -■■ Blake N 
spon.sored Mr. Campus. 

FOCUS. Row I: JunmrcrNcalJana) Nunlcy. Dave 
Hall. Ja\ Kidcnhour. Chad Rowland. Sherry .Swifl Row 2; 
Dana.Stannil. Christy Vaughn. Robin Latham. .'XngclaClanlon. 
Leigh Ann Carter. Janet Graves. Missy Parsel, Melissa Stark. 
Niki Pugh. Jenise Gordon Row 3: Amy Zulewski. Leigh 
Hargis. Sandy Cothran. Lee Sanders, Brian Boals. Rob Bran- 
don. Rob Allen, Steven Claybrook 

Campus Activities Team, r.w i Ken 

Kinle, Jennifer Solt Row 2: Craig Clayton. Julie Owen, 
Siephanie Holt, Natalie Van Eman, Greg Baker, John Lassiter 

Student Activities Council, row l 

Jonathan Miller, Shaw n Jewell, Susan Gonzalez, Andy Morris. 
Amy Newman, Ashley Greathouse Row 2: Dan Patterson, 
Molly Durranee, Charity Crossnoe, Corey Meggs. Casey 
Oliver. Angle Gallimore, Michelle Thompson 



1 16/Or2aniz\tions 

BUI Kl'-ncr finds it hard to always he organized u ith Habitat 

The International Club meets with an open mind and 
cheerful hearts. 


Art works the hands and intrigues the mind. 


There's a time to smile and a time to learn. 
Why are we clapping? 

OraafiizationsV 117 

Greeks Together 

The six Greek social fralernities and so- 
rorities at Union not only eniiance a student's life 
but are also a source of friendships and experiences 
that last a lifetime. The memories made through 
these organizations go well beyond the walls of 
Union. The Panhellenic Council, Interfratemity 

Council, and Greek Activities Panel are respor 
sibic for the coordination of activities of interest t 
the entire Greek community. Each organizatio 
has equal representation in these groups whic 
ensures fairness and promots unity. 

Panhellenic Council, u, .h Ann cartc, 

Sandy Cothian, .hilic Jones. Jenisc Gordon. Dana Copoiis 

Interfratemity Council, t^dwan kctv 

Ross. Will l^ill.MiLhacI Moore. Clay Grav, Michael Ha\uood 

Greek Activities Panel. 


Peggy .Smilli, 

id\ Willie. Susan Gon/alez. Shcllie Morris. Lisa Shellon. 
ly Tiiniiiims, Chad McMahon. Ken Mangum, Mickey 

Clark. Daniel Laelsey. Michael LalTo 


It's A Greek Way Of Life 

Ipha Tail Omega- Chi Omega- Kappa Delta- lambda Chi Alpha- Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Zeta Tan Alpha 

l.ol'sgo. Alpha Tan Omega!'! These Iralernily men know how 

lo [lull iDgcther. 

Lambda Chi Alpha equals BROTHERHOOD. 

SAE wins again. The SAEs dommated ihe Greek Olympics 
and were \ery willing lo show their pnde at Campus Day. 

Could Rob look any better? Rob Allen made an entertaining 
addition to Chi Omega's pyramid. 

Or2«mizations\ 119 


Chi Omega 

Chi Omega is built on an impressive 
history and tradition. Upsilon Chapter has its own 
tradition of scholarly excellence. This chapter is 
proud to say that they have won the scholarship 
trophy for 46 consecutive years. Chi Omega's 
excellence also goes beyond scholarship. They 
were presented the Achievernent Award at the 
1993 Firesides, a national convention, this past 

summer. This is a national award that is based or 
a number of criteria ranging from campus achieve- 
ment to upholding the morale of the chapter. Some- 
thing else Chi Omega is proud of is their grea 
sisterhood and the opportunity to gain everlasting 
friendships, because membership in Chi Omega is 
for a lifetime. 

Row 1 : Ten Taylor, Amy Sinclair. Sara Beth Campbell, Amy 
Douglass, Michelle Osmanson, Julianne Phillips. Brandy Tay- 
lor. Melissa Stark, Kerry Skilondz, Alison Rogers Row 2: 
Rebecca Davis, Cathy Wells, Heather Ticer, Molly Durance, 
Mary Beth Allen, Robin Edwards, Jennifer Whealley, Jennifer 
Land, Camille Wood, Keri Cisco, Angle Wood, Danetia Jor- 
dan Row 3: Tara Laine Phillips, Tanya Howell. Sally Boals, 
Kelly Humphrey, Gina Barden, Leighanne Carroll, Janna 
Barker. Elise Mullikin, Connie Stanley, Lisa Bryan, Presley 
Carter, Kristen Steele Row 4: Jan Holden, Stephan Hamilton, 
Sanna Perkins, Kristie Reavis, Laurie Sanders, Niki Pugh, Keli 
McAlister, Jill Davis. Emily Gay, Leslie Shelton Row 5: 
Cheryl Lassiter, Anna Richardson, Katherine Overstreet, Kim 
Sutherland, Alison Houston. Sarah Allison. Lynn Weems, 
Morrow McWhorter. Stephanie Goode Roof: Amy Hays, 
Rachel Williams, Beth Nonhcott, Jenise Gordon. Janet Leath- 
ers, Ashley Brawley, Kristin Davis. Christie Moore. Cindy 
White. Lisa Shelton. Cindv Sills. Sherrv Swift 

^f Jl 

f .: ^ 

►' A It' 



MT I yo /^V* 



Above: Seniors-Janet Leathers, Cindy Sills. Christie Moore, Beth Northcott, Rachel Williams, Cindy White, Lisa Shelt 
Sherry Swift. Alison Houston, Kristin Davis, Jenise Gordon. Ashley Brawley, Amy Hayes 

Right: Officers-Melissa Stark, Personnel Chairman: Lisa Shelton. President; Niki Pugh. Pledge Educator; Jenise Gordo 
Rusl:; Cindy Sills, Secretary; Ashley Brawley, vice-President; Cindy White, Treasurer 

Kappa Delta was t'oiuided on Chrisiian 
rinciples and high ideals. More importantly, the 
idles of the Zeta Beta chapter strive to keep God 
irst in their sisterhood. They share a common 
end as sisters in Christ first, then as friends, and 
inally as sisters through KD. 

KD's at Union conduct their annual 
Shamrock Project" to raise money for the support 
f several child abuse prevention organizations. 

Kappa Delta 

uicluding Jackson's Carl Perkins Center. In addi- 
tion, the chapter sponsors an abused child each 
Christmas. Members enjoy creating new tradi- 
tions of their own. Some of these include: KD 
Kidnap. String-Along, and the Emerald Ball. 

As reflected in their creed, the ladies of 
Kappa Delta gain encouragement and support from 
their circle of sisters to love and grow to under- 
stand those without their circle. 

Row 1 ; Jenny Alford. Jennifer Hargetl. Dana Copus. Ginger 
Conar, Tara Yarbro, Carissa Hayes Row 2: Vadessa Mason. 
Tonya Davidson. Slian Bullion. Leigh Ann Carter. Jennifer 
Hudgins, Janet Graves. Valerie McDivett. Keri Carter. Amy 
Clayton. Miranda Burcham Row 3: Lori Albright. Misha 
James. Jennifer Thompson. Mandi Pack. Michelle Holloway. 
Karen Myers. Donna Keel. Valerie Barnes. Kim Williams. 
Jennifer Fisher. Amy Sneed, Julie Simon. Jenny Emerson. 
Susan Godwin Row 4: Rhonda Edwards. Michelle Mattox. 
Lori Mays. Andrea England. Gina Kinney, .^pril Gilchrist. 
Melissa Tricoche. Brandy McKendree. Terri Ammon. Dawn 
Sherill. Becky Anderson. Beth Henning. Elizabeth Morgan. 
Heather Englert. Jennifer Gisi Row 5: Leslie Crawford, Amy 
Shands. Heather Wilkins. Rachel Williams, Michelle Rohde. 
.•\mie Richardson, Kelley Tummms, Shelly Morris, Becky 
Penrose, JoAnna Harris, Vicki Clark. Andrea Butler. Karla 
Beams. Lisa Barnes Row 6: Jackie Morgan. Serah Little. 
Dawn Easley, Nivah Norman, Tiffany Harmon, Tara Tate, 
Kerri McDougall, Amy Wamble. Rachel Rice. Jennifer Neat. 
Leslie Stames. Stacey Bailey. Jennifer Taylor. Misti Armbeck. 
Kimberlv Scott. Jenni Simon 

.\bo\ c: Oil icers-Dawn Easley. vice-President Standards; Jennifer Hargett. vice-President Membership; Leigh Ann Carter. Vice- 
President Panhellenic; Vadessa Mason. vice-President F^iblic Relations; Tara Tale. Secretary; Dana Copous. President; Gmger 
Conar. vice-President Pledge Education; JoAnna Harris. Assistant Treasurer; Donna Keel. Treasurer 

l,eft: Seniors-Jenny Emerson. Dana Copous. Dawn Easley. Kerri McDougall. Rachel Rice. Rhonda Edw ards. Jennifer Hargett 

Zeta Tau Alpha 


The ladies of the Beta Omega Chapter of 
Zeta Tau Alpha share a rich heritage with sisters all 
across the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1898. 
Zeta Tau Alpha is the only international fraternity 
for women. The Beta Omegas take pride in their 
chapter and strive to uphold their open motto: 
Seek The Noblest. Every Zeta is expected to up- 
hold the highest standards academically, socially, 
and spiritually. 

Zetas play an active role at Union wif 
members involved in various clubs and leadershi 
roles, but they still find time for several socig 
events. The fall hayride. the spring formal, am 
"Madness" are a few of the events the Zetas enjoy 
Zetas share a special bond of sisterhood and ar 
proud to be an active group on Union's campus fc 
almost sixty years. 

Row 1: Amy Laubach, Jennifer Lawrimore, Melanie Tipton, 
Joye Johnson. Merri Rowan, Melissa Simms Row 2: Lauri 
Williams, Ashley Greathouse, Amy Bragg, Cindy Osbum, 
Lori Borders, Crystal Thomas, Amy Jacobs, Melissa Farmer. 
Jeri Price, Cindy Hooker, Jennifer Sigler, Jennifer Solt Row .1 ; 
Doric Lane. LeAnne Vaden. Ellen McCrosky. Keva Ward, 
Jennifer Watts, Emily Schuchart, Melanie Bishop, Jennifer 
Collins, Angle Bartlett, Cindy Rush, Tracy Sullivan, Jaina 
Hollifield, Renee Hollingsworth, Emily Matthews, Jennifer 
Flemmons Row 4: Joy Hart, Naomi Bleeker, Melissa Massey, 
Jenni Piskos, Missy Parsell, Peggy Smith, Robin Latham, 
Melissa Hern, Angela Clanton. Tamee Abraham, Susan 
Gonzalez. Kathy Russell, Amy Roberts, Carrie Whitmer. 
Suzanne Bamett, Leigh Hargis, Shannon Davis Row 5: Angle 
Gallimore. Michelle Young. Michelle Thompson. Charity 
Crossnoe. Sandy Cothran, Stacy Garrard, Heather Kernes. 
Karenjoyner, Rachel Dye, Melissa Eagan Row 6: Kimlnmon. 
Melissa Williams. Kelly Johnson. Carrie Carver. Casey Oliver. 
Amy Neu man. Julie Jones, Tracy Burr, Lori Dozier, Heather 
Cheek, Leanne Wood. Mary Evelyn Curtis, Angle Overton, 
Caroline Tumbow 

Abi' r Officers-Amy Newman. Histonan; LeAnne Vaden. Membership: Tracy Sullivan. Second Vice-President. Julie Jo 
I '.-' • . - i':esident; Melissa Eagan. President: Casey Oliver, Secretary: Sandy Cothran. Panhellenic: Jennifer Collins, Ritual 

Right. .1.:.: ■ .; s\ Parsell, Tracy Sullivan, Carrie Carver, Laurie Williams. LeAnne Vaden. Julie Jones. Melissa Eagan. 
Tracy Buir. li^ ::;kt Kems 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was founded 
m September 1 1. 1865. The purpose of its found- 
ng was to draw a strong bond between the men of 
he North and South at the conclusion of the Civil 
kVar. Alpha Tau Omega, the first fraternity to be 
organized as both a national and international 
raternity, was founded on Christian principles 
ind continues to place Jesus Christ and His teach- 
ngs at its center. 

Within Alpha Tau Omega there are opportu- 
nities for self expression, leadership training, broth- 
erhood, and a genuine recognition of accomplish- 
ments. Alpha Tau Omega prides itself in being a 
fraternity that helps young men get the most out of 
college life while preparing them for the 
responsiblities of tommorrow. 

g^tterecffl cn?Q- 


Rdw I: Joey Wilder. Brian Boles, Jeremy ReCLC Andy NeU\ 
Steven Vick. James DeGlopper, Matt Kennedy Brian 
Culberson, Joe Mayo, Don Knipp, Michael Haywood Jet I 
Earnest Row 2: JonBoord, Troy Simmons. Michael Murphe\ 
Mac McKallab, Dee Lenderman, Brad Vose Tim Scott Cla\ 
Gray, Dan Jacobs, Bob Braswell, Lee Sanders Bobby Walker 
Jason Schultz, Link Maloy Row ,^: Steven Flack Mike 
Johnston, Brad Huddleston. Mickey Clark, Larry Escue Randv 
Potts. Chris Ensley. Dave Hall. Chad Rowland Chris W right 
Russ James, Brent Housman. Rick Wallace. Brandon Bovlan 
Row 4: Hunter Fulcher, Steven Graham. John Cozart John 
Cunningham, Ken Mangum. Blake Watkins Eric Volbert 
Cleve Gary, Rick Nute. Brian Nelson. Randv Scott Clill 
Kclley. Steve Thomas. Chris McGehee. Jodv Wvsor Andv 
Neely Row 5: J.J. Rickman, Lee Davis. Nelson W ilhams Tom 
McAfee. Jay Ridenour, Adam Brown, Bill Chne Steven Tho 
mas, Kevin Fairlie, Michael Davis Row 6: Jeft Smith Keith 
Curscy, Jobe Madison, Charlie Worthy 

Seniors-Mike Padgett, Chris Wright. Jetf Earnest. Brad Vose. 
Dave Hall, Randy Potts. Charles Worthy. Russ James. Dee 
Lenderman. Blake Watkins. Tom McAfee, Michael Hiszon 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

From its founding in 1909, Lambda Chi 
Alpiia has grown into one of the largest fraternities 
with almost 300 chapters internationally. The 
Lambda-Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was 
established in 1964 and has since grown into one 
of the strongest fraternities nationwide. Lambda 
Chi Alpha's success is based on the fact that they 

have not forgotten the foundational element ol 
BROTHERHOOD. Through such service projects 
as Raiders For the Needy, Adopt-a-Highway . Habi | 
tat For Humanity, and the West Tennessee Blooci 
Drive, the men of Lambda Chi Alpha have formeC| 
a strong bond of brotherhood that has earned thej 
respect of those on campus and in the community t 

Officers-Brandon Boylan, Fraternity Educator; Dave Hall, Rush Chairman; Chad Rowland, Ritualist; Chris Wright, Alumn j 
Affairs, Russ James, President; Blake Watkins, Academic Chairman; Brent Housman, vice-President; Michael Higdon, Socia ; 
ChLiirman J,iy Ridenour, Secretary 

1 24/Organizations 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a long stand- 
g tradition of excellence at Union University, 
itablished, March 9. 1856. the Fraternity was 
unded on basic Christian beliefs and prin- 
ples shown in their creed, "The True Gentle- 
an." Characteristics such as leadership, 
irdwork. and di sersity make their brotherhood 

strong and unique. These qualities are demon- 
strated through their extensive involvement in 
Campus Day,intramurals, BSU, SGA, the Special 
Olympics, and the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Tele- 
thon. It is their belief that if you strive to be the 
best. \ou will not only help yourself, but also the 
li\es ot those around \ou. 

Row 1 : Jason Pyron, Chris Braese. David Harbin. Loren James. 
Patrick Powell. Jason Kraft. Chad Butler. Curt Baird. Blake 
Neeley. Matt Hoesel, Lee Barnes. Cory Brown. Jeremy Eberst. 
Jeff Cupples. Tony Jar\'is. Jeremy Langston Row 2: Steven 
Russell. John Highsmith. Lee Darby. Nathan Wilkes, Chris 
Rowland. Claude Bailey. Patrick Holden. Brian Delk. Trey 
Crews. Patnck Teel. Nathan Willingham. Paul Ma,\well. Chris 
Taylor. Mark Butler Row 3: Gar\' Gallion. Matt Leggen. 
Kevin Potter. Patrick Rider. Chris Hartefield. Chris Koffn 
Rob Allen. Daniel Lackey. Scott Heath. Michael Campbell. 
Keith Currey. Keith Ross. Kerry Ross. Steve Nunley. Todd 
Greene. John Vasquez. Dustm Lane. Richie Presley. Michael 

.•\hove: Officers-Chns Rowland. Scholarship Chairman; Gar\ Gallion. Chronicler; Brian Delk. Treasurer; Todd Greene. 
Chaplain; Keith Currey. Social Chairman; Scott Heath. Recorder; Kerry Ross. President; Rory Henson. Herald; Daniel Lackey. 
Intramural Chairman; Rob .-Xllen. Vice-President; Chris Koffman. Librarian; Steve Nunley. Pledge Trainer. Chns Hanfield, 
House Manager; Michael Campbell. Correspndent; Keith Ross. CAP; Richie Preslev , Warden 

Left: Seniors-And\ White. Kerrv Ross. Ben Garrott. Will Pitt 



S lorts 

#&:*;■ -^ I 



r'K :;.to 


■^;S.>:& : 


'Sit .i'S-, ■!»■ 

■?i-'%rf,,*^- * 

, •^ 


■ ■■■ # • 

*j.^j»-- ■■■';■■■■ 

To Catch A 
Gleam of 

Glory Bright 

Anna Richard.s(ni looks for an opening. 



he Lady Bulldogs entered 
the 1993-94 basketball season with 
high expectations. After finishing 
second in the nation last year, the 
Lady Bulldogs wanted nothing less 
than a national title. 

Coach David Blackstock lost 
three starters from last season, but 
returned a number of talented, expe- 
rienced women, in addition to five 
strong freshmen. 

Jennifer Gurley and Clarissa 
Jones provided senior leadership on 

the court, while Senior Christie 
Moore, who was sidelined with an 
injury, offered support from the 

Juniors Jill Crotts and Latisha 
Beamus played large roles for the 
squad, while sophomores Anna 
Richardson and Kendra Burlew and 
freshmen Michelle Street, Laura 
DeFew. Kelly Hayes, Marquetta 
Hunt, and Kasi Knott also contrib- 
uted in big ways to one of the nation's 
top NAIA teams. 

Front row (L-R): Rachel .Arnold, Kendra Burlew, David Blackstock, Christie Moore, Jennifer Gurley. Clarissa Jones 
Jill Crotts, Michelle Street. Anna Richardson, Latisha Beamus, Kelly Hayes, Kasi Knott, Marquetta Hunt, Jana Plunk 

Michelle Street works her wa> through three defenders. 
K.isi Knott dishes off a pass. 

Clay Gray pops a three-pointe 




he Union Bulldogs and 
Coach Rick McCormick, despite the 
lossof All-American Rico McClean. 
put together a competitix e team that 
suipiised many fans. 

All-American Warren Olden, 
who surpassed the 2.000-point mark 
for his Union career, anchored the 
Bulldog squad. 

Seniorthree-point ace Clay Gray , 
co-captain of the team with Olden, 
and Keiron Mitchelhill. a freshman 
from .Australia, comhmed to estah- 

lish a potent offense from outside. 

Marlon Shadd. a transfer from 
Kansas State Universit_\. took the 
team's reins as point guard, while 
senior Horace Scruggs also joined 
the starting lineup and gave Union 
some much needed rebounding help. 

Mike Da\is. Derek Davenport, 
and Drew Pov\ers. who joined the 
team after the first semester, each 
gave the Bulldogs a number of qual- 
it\ minutes off the bench. 

imi row (t,.Ri; Rick McCnrmick. .Sic 
xiscvclt Redmond. W.irrcn Olden. .Ste 

■ Payne. Scott Rogers. Eric Volhcrl. }x 
n Vick. Kerron Mitchelhin. Ci.iv Gr.iv. 

on Sehullz Back row: Don Knipp, Marlon Shadd, Mike Da\is. Greg Hodge. Horace Scrug 
Derek Davenport. Eric McCaily 

Mike Davis keeps an eye on hiN man. 

Warren Olden shoots over icammate Horace 
Scrusas in the Rcd-Whiie same. 

Shawn Pilkinston takes a lead off second base. 



he Union baseball squad 
took to the diamond this season with 
a trip to the national tournament as its 
primar>' goal. 

Coach And) Rushing and the 
Bulldogs returned two All-Confer- 
ence players in Jamie Giannini and 
Craig Murlev. as well as a number of 

pitchers who made the Bulldog rota- 
tion a strong one. 

Pitchers Brent Fronabarger. 
Brian Bramlett. and Murlev returned 
from last season, while Art Waldrep 
and Tommy Cepparulo joined the 
pitching staff for the first time. 

Bunion university bulldogs ^^ 


I I I ■' B&jfjj 

Pl^ *#*»•■' 

It III*. U^WiiU y^ vli^-t fr ' ^ 1 It , /KJ i Pf ' 14* ui;iJ 

hront row (L-R): Andre Johnson, Bert Coady. Kenny Dallas, Donny Bray, Shane Beasley, Rich Childs, Todd Potter. 2nd row: Matt Adrian, Chad Filer, Russ McBryde, Brian 
Bramlett, Craig Murley, Jamie Giannini, Jeff Rowland. Josh Regal. _^rd row: Trent Dennison, Russell Taylor. Chad Marcle, Rick Patterson, Brent Fronabarger, Tadd Potter, Jason 
Tate. 4th row: Scott Wright. Mannix Howell. Shawn Pilkinglon, Jeff Chavies, Damon Hall, David Erber. Jason Sparkman. Julie Powell. Andy Rushing. 

L'nion Bulldogs cheer from the dugout. 
Russell Taylor holds againsi a ba-serunner. 

Mannix Howell and And\ Rushing oversee 
batting practice. 

Brent Fronabarger dehvers to the plate. 

A he Union golt'teamretumed 
four experienced players in Keith 
Dory, Jason Martin. Steve Stafford 
and Sam Kern, and added talented 
freshinan Shane Fraley to form the 
team favored to win District 24 play. 

In the fall pre-season. Union won 
first place in the Nashboro/Bison 
Collegiate Golf Tournament in Nash- 

The Union golfers also w on sec- 
ond place honors in the Di\ ision II 

flight of the Volvo Tri-State Classic 
at Pickwick State Park. 

The squad also finished in eighth 
place in a tournament in Mobile. Ala., 
and grabbed third place honors in 
play at Louisiana Tech University. 

By the end of the fall. Union was 
ranked seventh in the nation among 
NAI A schools, and Coach Don Morris 
had high hopes for the spring season, 
including a trip to the national tour- 
ne\ in Tulsa. Okla. 

Ste\e StalTiird linev up a putt 

he tennis programs at Union 
are on ttie rise, as both the men"s and 
women" s teams had squads that com- 
peted with the best in the district. 

The men's team returned three 
starters from last year in Eric 
Gottschalk, Mark James and Wayne 
Young. Coach Brice Bishop strength- 
ened his team by adding Kevin 
Foxworth, Eric Mann. Derek Drake, 
Nathan Willingham and Paul Ray 
Maxwell to the ranks. 

Leigh Hargis. Jennifer Whitw ell. 
Cassie Ensley and Renee 
Hollingsworth returned to anchor the 
women's team. 

Coach Sandra Williams also 
brought in Neva Quintero, Silvia 
Martens, Shay McMakin, Charlotte 
Bond and Andrea Kea to round out 
the women's squad. 

From row (L-R): B 
Paul Ray Maxwell 

. Nathan Willinuhani. Wavne Young. Mark James Back row : Derek Drake. Ke 

irlh. tine Gollsclialk. 

Front row (L-R): Shay McMakin, Neva Quintero. Silvi 
Hargis. Andrea Kea, Charlotte Bond, .Sandia Williams 

Martens, Cassie Ensley Back row: Renee Holhngsworth, Jennifer Whitwell, Leigh 

^^/'""■^mmmmmKmm Wayne Young lunges lor a backhand. 
Men's coaeh Brice Bishop. 

Kevin Foxworth returns a shot in warm-ups 

Kini WillKtni.s 
the siJclincs, 

Union Spirit 


he L'nion Cheerleaders ai- 
leiided a camp sponsored by the 
Llnited Cheerleading Association at 
the University of Mississippi. They 
put a nurnber of ideas they had learned 
into practice at the men's and 
women's basi<etbali games. 

Buster the Bulldog, tiie alter-ego 
of Bubba Holsinger, was also in rare 
form this season as he brought the 
house down on a number of occa- 
sions with his hilarious antics. 

Together, the cheerleaders and 
Busier were very successful in rais- 
ing the spirits of Union fans and 
cheering the Bulldogs to victory. 

Whether its flag football, vol- 
leyball, basketball, softball, or any- 
thing in between, intramural athlet- 
ics give students a chance to partici- 
pate in a number of different sports. 
Under the direction of Mike 
Edwards, turnout for intramurals this 
season was one of the highest ever. 

l-r. r.i )i v, 1 1,-R); Karen Mann, Becky Tanya Crawlord. Christy Walters. Buster the Bulldog. Calhy Davidsun. Ken Cailer. Kmi Williams, Kristi Reavis Back row: Tonya Ishe 


Union Athletics 




A Higher Plane 
Than I 

Have Found 



sSii -■■■ 

ConimunitvX 143 


Union Seniors Aspire Toward Higher Ground 




learn as the years roll onward 
and I leave the past behind, that 
much I had counted sonow but 
proved that God is kind; that many 
a flower Td longed for had hidden 
a thorn of pain and many a rugged 
bypath led to the fields of riped 
grain. The clouds that cover the 
sunshine; they cannot banish the sun. and 
the earth shines out the brighter when the 
weary rain is done. We must stand in the 
deepest shadow to see the clearest light; 
And often through wrong's own darkness 
comes the welcome strength of Right. 

— Aiutnxiuoiis 

1993-1994 Senior class officers include CI1.1 
Vose. secretary and Russ James, treasurer. 

Worlhy, president; Da\e Hall, vice president; Brad 

Ada. Catherine 
Adams, Trena 
Allen, Linda 
Anderson, Dorothy 
Anderson, Kristen 

Anschultz, Joyce 
Arant, Matt 
Arnold, Cindy 
Arnold, Tracy 
Atkins, Priscilla 

Baker, Angle 
Bashani, Kevin 
Beaty, Gregory 
Beaver, Laura 
Beckham, Kellev 

leaching New Heights 


Bcdwcll. Mark 
Belew, Judith 
Bennett. Christopher 
Berry, Melody 
Bird, Julie 

Boland. Kathy 
Brandon, Rob 
Brawley. Ashley 
Bridges, Amy 
Brow, Renee 

Brown. Dean 
Brown. John 
Brown, Keith 
Brown. Lisa 
Brush, Gloria 

Burr, Tracy 
Burress, April 
Cable, Melissa 
Calliss, Amy 
Cantrell, Leigh 

Carneal, Andrea 
Carroll, Michelle 
Carter, Leigh Ann 
Carver, Cara 
Charles. Richard 

Christian, Richard 
Clenney, Andy 
Clenney, Brenda 
Clyatt. Angela 
Cole, Delona 

Cook. Angelic 
Cooper. Rita 
Copous, Dana 
Cowles, Emily 
Cozart, Cindv 


Crawford, Tanya 
Crawford, William 
Crieghton, Amy 
Crisp. Kimberly 
Currey, Kent 

Cursey, Keith 
Daniel, Suzanne 
Darlin, Kimberly 
Davis, Kristin 
Davis, Sheila 

Diggs, Kristi 
Dixon, Cynthia 
Douglass, Jennifer 
Dowling, Wayne 
Drake, Derek 

Duncan, David 
Dunn, Sharon 
Eagan, Melissa 
Earnest, Jeff 
Easley, Dawn 

Edwards, Lorrie 
Emerson, Jenny 
Englert, Dawn 
Evans, Sheri 
Farris, Patricia 

Fields, Brian 
Finnegan, Lori 
Fitch, Ashley 
Flatt, Joanna 
Flynn, Colleen 

Friel, Christa 
Friel, Laura 
Garland, Robert 
Giannini, Jamie 
Graham, Shannon 





Gray. Clay 
Griffith. Dara 
Grubbs. Norris 
Guthrie. Chad 
Haeeard. Jim 

Hale. Tina 
Hall. Dave 
Hargett. Jennifer 
Harper. Cindy 
Harris. Billy 

Hatter. Molly 
Henne. Tania 
Hester. Lanna 
Hicks. Darron 
Hicks. Elaine 

Higdon. Michael 
Hill. Darryl 
Holsinger, Bubba 
Hopper. Kathy 
Houston. Alison 

Houston. Dianne 
Howell. Henry 
House. Kriste 
Hudson. Sherry 
Hu2hs. Sarah 

Jacobs. Steven 
Johnson. Chris 
Johnson. Gail 
Jonakin. Tambe 
Jones. Anaela 

Jones. Clarissa 
Jones. Keith 
Jones. Niki 
Kail. Billy 
Kerns. Hether 


King, Cristina 
Kirby, Rhonda 
Kyle, Steven 
Lassiter, Cheris 
Leak, Tamara 

Lenderman, Danie 
Lewis, Brian 
Lim. Jae Woo 
Lovett. Mike 
Lowe, Kimberly 

Lunsford. Pamela 
Machalek, Ronda 
Mann, Karen 
Marbury, Christy 
Martin. Christina 

Matney. Barbara 
McAfee. Tom 
McCommon, Monica 
McDougall, Kerri 
McGee, Denise 

McKinney. Susanne 
McLemore, Carolyn 
Meadows, Misty 
Moody. Joanne 
Moore. Christie 

Morton. Tammy 
Mui-phy. Dana 
Myers. Traci 
Nichols. Lauri 
Noble. J. 

Northcott. Beth 
Owens, Brian 
Padgett. Mike 
Parcell, Missy 
Patterson. Ellen 


Pearce, Brent 
Pflasterer. Russ 
Phillips, Rebecca 
Pilkington. Shawn 
Pitt. Will 

Plett. Cheryl 
Potts. Coral 
Potts. Randy 
Powers. Jennifer 
Pyron. Amy 

Reece. Kathy 
Rice. Zella 
Roberts. Jason 
Rogers. Scott 
Ross. Kerry 

Roth. Scott 
Sauter. Dan 
Sentell. Christy 
Shannon. Craig 
Shaver, Melissa 

Shelton. Lisa 
Sheilley. Kevin 
Sills. Cindy 
Simmons. Donald 
Skulley. Matt 

Smith. Debbie 
Smith. Keith 
Spencer. John 
Stafford. Steve 
Stantlll. Dana 

Steiner. Charles 
Stephens. Abbye 
Stranak. Wade 
Studdard, Bonny 
Sullivan, Tracy 


■r^j^ o 

Sutton. Dwayne 
Swift, Sherry 
Swindell, Betsy 
Tate, Kimberly 
Tatum, Cynthia 

Taylor. April 
Taylor, Russell 
Templeton, Jai 
Terlecki, Aaron 
Terry, Ingrid 

Teny. Jane 
Thomas, Steve 
Todd, Brent 
Todd, Kevin 
Trail shber, Kris 

Traylor, Kevin 
Treece, Heather 
Vaden, Leanne 
Van den Bosch. Michelle 
Vaushan. Nicole 

Vestal. Valerie 
Vinson. Gina 
Volbert, Eric 
Waldon. Heather 
Walker. Kelly 

Walker, Star 
Wallace, Staci 
Wan. Christopher 
Watkins, Blake 
Watkins. Daphne 

Watkins, Lisa 
Weaver, Pamela 
White, Andy 
White, Cindy 
Whitwell, Jennifer 



Wilder. Jason 
Wilhelm. Jim 
Williams, Cherilyn 
Williams, Laurie 
Willis. Jennifer 

Wolfe, Kirsten 
Wright, Richard 
Wright, Scott 
Wuerpel, Carla 
Young. Kelli 

Young, Patricia 

Russ Pflasterer and Chris Bennett, perfornimg All M\ Sons, ponder life and their futures 


Union Juniors Approach Higher Ground 




ot cloudless days: 
Not rose-strewn ways: 
Not care-free years, 
Devoids of sorrow's tears- 

But strength to bear 
Your load of human care. 
And grace to live alright 
And keep your raiment white. 
And love to see you through: 
That is God's pledge to you. 

— Anomwous 

1 993- 1994 Junior class officers include Chad Rowland, president; Angle Overton, vice-president; Scott 
Heath, secretary and Niki Pugh, treasurer. 

Acree, Susan 
Adrian, Matthew 
Allen, Chris 
Aristorenas, Judy 
Arnwine, Jennifer 

Ayers, Joe 
Baggett, Hollie 
Bailey, Claude 
Baker, Betsy 
Baldwin, Letitia 

Barker, Janna 
Barker, Jeff 
Bamett, Michelle 
Barnett, Suzanne 
Basham, Letitia 


9 ^ P 




Beasley, Barett 
Betz, Michael 
Billings, Brian 
Bishop, Jennifer 
Boals, Sally 

Bonner. Shanna 
Borders, Lori 
Boyd. Justin 
Boylan, Brandon 
Brefeld, Chris 

Brothers, Angela 
Brown, Adam 
Bryan, Lisa 
Buckley, Amy 

Bullington, Brynda 
Bush, Rebecca 
Cagle, Julie 
Cain, Kim 
Cain, Michele 

Cameron, Jacqueline 
Campbell, Michael 
Cannon. Rita 
Cannon, Sharon 
Carroll, Leiahanne 

Carter, Jenny 
Cates, Benny 
Childs, Rich 
Chumbler, Mark 
Clapp. Jennifer 

Clayton. Craig 
Cole. Dana 
Coleman, Ronnie 
Collins. Jennifer 
Conlev. Cori 


Conn, Kris 
Connell, Kim 
Coombs, Kim 
Cowles, Stacey 
Criss, Tara 

Cromley, Paul 
Crommett, Ginger 
Crotts, Jill 
Culberson. Bryan 
Curtis, Maryevelyn 

Davenport, Carla 
Davidson, Cathy 
Davis, Caroline 
Deason, James 
Delk, Brian 

Demps. David 
Dempsey, Andrea 
Denson, Sheila 
Dixon, Patricia 
Dorton. Brett 

Dozier, Lori 
Dudley, Pamela 
Durkee, Doug 
Dye, Rachel 
Edwards, Barbara 

Edwards, Rhonda 
Elam, Jonathan 
Ellis, Brian 
Ensley, Chris 
Erber, David 

Exum, Elizabeth 
Farrar, Lisa 
Feigel, Terri 
Forrest, Kelly 
Foxworth, Kevin 

far m^ 

f^ ^ ^ 


Franks. Danny 
Furr, Jenifer 
Gallidn, Gary 
Garrard. Stacy 

Gay. Emily 

Gayheart. Julie 
Gibson. Eric 
Gibson. Joy 
Godwin. Susan 
Graves, Betty 

Graves. Sherry 
Hames. Mary 
Hammond, Brian 
Hargis, Leigh 
Harris, Nichole 

Hayes, Chad 
Hays. Khristy 
Hearn. Melissa 
Heath, Scott 
Hinson. Dawn 

Hinson, Rory 
Holden, Patrick 
Holland. Sharende 
Holland, Renee 
Hollingsworth, Renee 

Holmes. Mary 
Honeycutt. Pamela 
Hooker. Cynthia 
Hoover. Elizabeth 
Horner. Jane 

House. Susan 
Housman. Brent 
Houston. Stephanie 
Hunt. Bart 
Hunter. James 

Jiiniors - ISS 


isbell, Christy 
Jacobs, Annette 
Jankovsky, Kelly 
Jarvis, Tony 
Jelks, Jack 

Jewell. Shawn 
Johnson, Blake 
Johnson, Greg 
Johnson, Tina 
Jordan, Sonja 

Kallal, Penny 
Keel, Donna 
Kerr, Anita 
King, Julie 
Kinle, Keri 

Knorr, Lydia 
Koffman, Chris 
Lackey. Buster 
Langford, Kristen 
Laster, Melissa 

Latham. Dana 
Latham, Robin 
Lewis, Ginger 
Loague. Kimberly 
Lower, Mac 

Lowery, Juan 
Luckey, Kimberly 
Mann. Doug 
Mariele, Chad 
Martin. Andrea 

Mason. Ryan 
Mathews, Chris 
McCroskey, Ellen 
McMahan, Chad 
Meggs, Corey 

g^^ ^y^ ^L||^a|l#w 


Mercer. Marc 
Middleton. Mindy 
Middlelon, Nicole 
Miskelly. Randle 
Mitchell. Jon 

Moore. Jessica 
Moore, Kris 
Moore, Russell 
Moore, Tonya 
Mullikin. Elise 

Murley. Craig 
Murphy. Judith 
Myracle. Brad 
Nangle. Denise 
Neely. Andy 

Nelson. Robert 
Newbern, Paulette 
Newman, Amy 
Norman, Judith 
Norwood, Anthony 

Oliver. Casey 
Overton. Angle 
Patterson. Kathryn 
Patterson. Richard 
Pearson. Julie 

Penner. Kenley 
Phillips. Laura 
Plunk. Chris 
Porter. Lance 
Potter. Tim 

Puckett. Cathy 
Pugh, Niki 
Pulley, Michelle 
Quinn, Karen 
Quintero. Neva 


Kjder. Elizabeth 
Ray, Bryan 
Reasons, Donna 
Reid. Todd 
Reid, Michael 

Richmond, Nina 
Ridenour, Jay 
Ridings, Leigh 
Riggs, Glenn 
Roberson, Stacie 

Roberts, Amy 
Robertson. Kevin 
Robinson, Crystal 
Rogers, Deborah 
Rowan, Merri 

Russell, Marilyn 
Russell, Regina 
Schuchart, Emily 
Scott, Kenney 
Sellars, Kevin 

Shelby, Tina 
Simmons, Troy 
Simon, Julie 
Simpson, Adam 
Smith, Clay 

Smith, Peggy 
Smith, Rebecca 
Sowell, Angela 
Stanford, Janice 
Stark, Melissa 

Tankersley, James 
Taylor, Brandy 
Taylor, Christopher 
Taylor, John 
Taylor. Karen 



Timm. George 
Towery. Katrena 
Toy. Joe 

Tricoche. Cynthia 
Tucker. Gregory 

Tummins. Brandon 
Tummins. Todd 
Turnbow. Caroline 
VanDyke. Tamy 
Vaughn. Christy 

Vose. Brad 
Waddey. Mike 
Ward. Tami 
Warf. Susan 
Webster. Scott 

White. Matthew- 
White. Susan 
Whitmire. Susan 
Wilburn. Shana 
Williams. Anita 

Williams. Jason 
Williams. Rickey 
Williamson. Robin 
Womack. Wanda 
Wood, Kathy 

Woods. Carey 
Wren, Ed 
Wyatt. Pete 
Wyatt, Michelle 



Union Sophomores Run the Race of Life 

s you go through Hfe... 

This world will never 
adjust itself to suit your whims to 
the letter; some things must go 
wrong your whole life long. 

And the sooner you 
know it the better. It is folly to 
fight with the Infinite. And go 
under at last in the wrestle, the wiser man 
shapes into God's plan as water shapes 
into a vessel. 

— Ella Wheeler Wilcox 



1993-1994 Sophomore class officers include Chris Roland, president Mehssa Mann \i(.e president: 
Dorie Lane, secretary and Brian Bowles, treasurer. 

Abney. Teri 
Abraham, Tamee 
Akin, Chris 
Allen, Rita 
Andersen, Becky 

Arant, Dara 
Arnwine, Cannon 
Austin, Suzan 
Baker, Greg 
Ballard, Charles 

Barden, Gina 
Baiden, Kim 
Barnes, Lee 
Barnes, Mattie 
Bates, Keith 

- Sophomores 



Baugher. Amy 
Beaird. Cindy 
Beam. Greg 
Bickerstaff. Jennifer 
Bishop. Angela 

Bishop. Anna 
Black, Holly 
Blackwelder, Debby 
Blankcnship. Amanda 
Blaylock. Amy 

Blick. Jason 
Boatright. David 
Boles. Brian 
Bond, Lavonda 
Bowman. Daphne 

Boyette. James 
Brasher, Jana 
Brashier. Trevor 
Braswell. Bob 
Brown. Brandi 

Brown. Thomas 
Buback, Steven 
Buckley, Nancy 
Bullion, Shan 
Burk, Kim 

Burney. Sallye 
Butler, Andrea 
Caldwell, Carol Ann 
Callis, Melanie 
Cantrell, Phara 

Cates, Danny 
Chamberlin, Heather 
Chavies, Jeff 
Cheek, Heather 
Chisholm, Stephen 



Clanton. Angela 
Clanton, Pearl 
Clark, Ben 
Clark, Mickey 
Claybrook, Stephan 

Cole, Kj-istina 
Coleman, Allison 
Coleman, Elizabeth 
Coley, Linda 
Conar. Ginger 

Conger, Jason 
Cook, Michelle 
Cotner, Laura 
Cozart, John 
Crawford. Lesli 

Crawford, Nedra 
Creech, Felicia 
Crews. Kim 
Criswell, Billy 
Criswell, James 

Crumley, Heather 
Cuher. Erika 
Cunningham, John 
Curlin, Bonnie 
Custer, Melinda 

Dallas, Kenny 
Davidson, Tanya 
Davis, Jason 
Davis, Jonathan 
Davis, Michael 

Davis, Rebecca 
Delaney, John 
Dellinger, Tim 
DeLoach, Kevin 
Denton, Heather 

j/o2 - Soprk^m ores 

ffti. .^Mk 


Desha/.ier, Terri 
Doss, Bettye 
Dossett, Scott 
Downs. Derek 
Dukes. Jason 

Duncan, Jana 
Dungcy, Annette 
Dunning. Grant 
Durrance, Molly 
Dver. Stacev 

Eagan, Marcelyn 
East, Evan 
East, Stephanie 
Edwards, Robin 
Edwards, Sandra 

Ellis. Jennifer 
Ellsworth. Tim 
England, Andrea 
England. Rebecca 
Feathcrstonc. Karen 

Felton, Keith 
Ferguson, Elizabeth 
Fesmire, Camellia 
Flippo. Barry 
Foster. Richard 

Fouls. Angle 
Freeman. Kevin 
Frye, Michelle 
Fuller, Jenni 
Gallimore. Angle 

Gardner, Janna 
Garland. Melanie 
Geary, Kelly 
Gilbert. Kimberly 
Gillespie. Rachel 


SOPHHi^-'^'^^P PS 

^*- _ 

Gilliiand. Kimniy 

Gisi, Jennifer 

Glass, Lonnie 

Goin, Melissa 

Goodwin. Christi 

Graves. Janet 

Greathouse. Ashley 

Green. Julie 

Greene, Todd 

Greer, Robin 

Hall, Shane 

Haltom, Leigh Ann 

Hammer, Traci 

Hampton, Kelly 

Caldwell, Christy 

Hardee, Audrey 

Hardin, Anna 

Harmon, Timothy 

Harris, April 

Harris, Rae 

Hart, Angela 

Hartfield. Chris 

Hassel, Janet 

Hawkins. Lisa 

Hayes. Jennifer 

Heffner. Lori 

Henley. Debra 

Henning. Beth 

Henson, Brad 

Hobbs, Christina 

Hoesel, Mark 

Hoffman, Lisa 

Holbrook, Christi 

Holden, Jan 


Hollifeld, Jaina 



Holmes. Kerri 
Holmes. Matthew 
Ht)il. .Stephanie 
Hornberk. Phillip 
Howell. Tanya 

Hughes. Christy 
Hughes. Sherry 
Hume. Brian 
Hunter. Ashley 
Hunter, Kim 

Hurt. Bobby 
Hurt. Jason 
Inmon. Kimberly 
Isbell. Tonya 
Jackson. Beth 

Jackson, David 
James. Amy 
James. Brian 
James. Loren 
James. Misha 

Jenkins. Joshua 
Johnson. Kelly 
Johnson. Tomika 
Johnston. Laura 
Jones. Lisa 

Jordan. Jada 
Joyner. Karen 
Kanavel. Robert 
Kee. Amanda 
Kellev. Cliff 

Kern. Sam 
Kincaid, Bryan 
Kincaid. Karen 
King. Bonnie 
Kins. Jennifer 


SOPH-"""- ^ORES 

Kirk. Kay 
Klausman, Banett 
Konteh, Ahmed 
Kraft. Jason 
Lackev. Daniel 

Laffoon, Michael 
Lamb, Scott 
Lancaster. Andy 
Land. Jennifer 
Lane, Dorie 

Lane. Thomas 
Lanier. Tina 
Lassiter, Cheryl 
Lassiter. John 
Latham, Laura 

Leach, Amy 
Leonard, Jennifer 
Lewis, Marti 
Linden Tracy 
Llewellyn. Aaron 

Logan. Molly 
Long. Tricia 
Lummus. Stephanie 
Lynch. Donna 
Lynn. Johna 

Maddox. Cynthia 
Madison. Jobe 
Mann. Eric 
Mann. Melissa 
Marcam. Stacey 

Mason, Vadessa 
Massey, Melissa 
Mathews, Cyndi 
Mattox, Michelle 
Maxey. Dwayne 

|/o6 - Sopm^more s 


Mayfield. Alissa 
Mays. Lori 
McBryde, Russ 
McCain. Maronda 
McCusker. Tcrri 

McKenzie. Tamera 
Mercer, Sean 
Merritt. Sandra 
Mcystcdt. Madra 
Miller, Jonathan 

Mitchell. Melissa 
Mizell. Sam 
Moore. Russ 
Morris, Shellie 
Murphey, Jon 

Neal, Jennifer 
Neely, Sylvia 
Nelson, Bryan 
Nelson. Donna 
Newman. Anna 

Nievvald. Julie 
Norman. Nivah 
Nunn. Kimberly 
Ogle, Jama 
Overbey. Jovce 

Overstreet. Katherine 
Owen. Julie 
Pankey. LeAnn 
Patterson. Michael 
Penrose. Becky 

Perkins. Wendy 
Pettigrew. Jennifer 
Pettigrew, Jonathan 
Phelps, Angela 
Phillips, Tara 

Sophomores - iVZ 


Pinnix, Tracey 
Plunk, Jana 
Pope, Penny 
Popejoy. Stephanie 
Potter, Tadd 

Potter, Todd 
Powers, Bradley 
Powers, Shannon 
Preslar, Kimberly 
Presley, Richie 

Presson, Clark 
Purcell. Bradley 
Rasp, William 
Reece, Jeremy 
Reynolds, Shelly 

Richardson, Anna 
Robbins, Angela 
Roberts, Irene 
Robertson, Marcia 
Robertson, Shannon 

Robison. Jeri 
Rowland. Daniel 
Rush, Cindy 
Rushing, Kimberly 
Rushing, Shirley 

Russell, Kathy 
Salmon, Cheny 
Sanders, Lee 
Sargent, Fancher 
Scott, Pamela 

Scott, Randy 
Seifert. Leslie 
Self, Misty 

Shellabarger, Courtney 
Sherill, Dawn 

Sopm^m ores 


Shouder. Heidi 
Simms. Michelle 
Singleton. Charlotte 
Smith. Natasha 
Sneed. Amy 

Solt. Jennifer 
Spain, TilTany 
Spickard. Lorrie 
Stegall. Donald 
Stehl. Teresa 

Stokes. Jennifer 
Swope. Amanda 
Taliaferro. Wendy 
Tate. Tara 
Tavlor. Jennifer 

Taylor. Michelle 
Taylor, Pamela 
Taylor, Phyllisa 
Teel. Patrick 
Thacker, Lois 

Thomas. Carla 
Thompson. Jennifer 
Thompson. Michelle 
Troughton. Kristi 
Trowbridge, Kevin S. 

Tucker. Spencer 
Tummins. Kelley 
Van Pelt. David 
Vasquez. John 
Vos, Camela 

Waddey. Kelly 
Wallace. Colleen 
Wallace. Rickman 
Wamble. Am\ 
Warren. Cherie 



WaiTcn. Mary 
Watts, Jennifer 
Waynick. Michelle 
Webb. Kelly 
Webb. Kimberly 

Wells. Holly 
Wells, Jeffrey 
Wentz, John 
Whitt, Brad 
Wilkins, Dennis 

Williams, Brian 
Williams, Eric 
Williams, Justin 
Williams, Kim 
Williams, Nelson 

Williamson, Cynthia 
WiUis, Kim 
Wilson, Sandra 
Wilson, Victoria 
Wood. Camille 

Wood, Leanne 
Worrell, Roger 
Wright. Carol 
Wright. Sheryl 
Wysor, William 

Youniz. Karl 

ylQ - Sopm^m ort 


Union Freshmen Begin Climb to Higher Ground 




etbre all else, we seek, upon 
1 mr common labor as a nation, the 
l.iNor of almight God. And the 
liopes in our hearts fashion the 
deepest prayers of our people. 

May we pursue the right — 
u ithout self righteousness. 

May we know unity — with- 
out conformity. 

May we grow in strength — without 
pride of self. 

May we, in our dealings with all 
people of the earth, speak the truth and 
serve justice. 

May the light of freedom, coming to 
all darkened lands, tlame brightl\ — until 
at last the darkness is no more. 

May the turbulence of our age yield 
to a true time of peace, when men and 
nations shall share a life that honors the 
dignity of earth, the brotherhood of all. 

— Dwighl D. Eisenlumer 

]99.V1994 Freshmen class officers include Carrie Cossey. president; Lee Davis. vicc-prcMdent; Pat 
Powell, secretary and Blake Neeley, treasurer. 

Adams. Krista 
Aden. Jacqulyn 
Albright, Lori 
Alexander. Amy 
Alford. Jennifer 

Allen. Jennifer 
Allen, Joel 
Allen. Mary 
Allison. April 
Allison. Sarah 

Ammon. Teiri 
Anderson. Julie 
Anthony, Keata 
Antoine. Antoinette 
Armbeck. Misty 

Fr eemen - 1\1 


Arms, Tonya 
Arricga. Pedro 
Attaway. Michael 
Babcock. Dee Dee 
Badsett. Michael Jr. 

Bailey, Stacey 
Baird, Curt 
Baker, Donnita 
Barger, Alicia 
Barnes. Lisa 

Barnes. Valerie 
Barnett. Sara 
Basham, Tiffany 
Bassham. Kathryn 
Baiimgartner. Becky 

Beams, Karla 
Beaty, Jeremy 
Bishop, Melanie 
Biter, Monica 
Blankenship. James 

Bledsoe. Jennifer 
Bleecker. Naomi 
Bomar, Shannon 
Bond. Charlotte 
Boord. Jonathan 

Borbon, Dalila 
Boston. Shani 
Boswell, Delia 
Bradley. Anthony 
Branch. Vickie 

Brauhn. Brad 
Brawner, Joshua 
Boylan, Becky 
Braese, Chris 
Bra22, Amv 

yi2 - Fresn^i ien 


Brasfield, Jonathan 
Brasher, Michael 
Brady, Trey 
Brewer, Gregory 
Broadwav. Shannon 

Brooks. Shari 
Brown, Croy 
Brown, EUzabeth 
Brown. Kyle 
Brown. Rvan 

Brown. Wayne 
Bryan. Melony 
Bunch. Jacenta 
Burcham. Miranda 
Burnett. Michele 

Burton. Dennis 
Butler. Chad 
Butler. Mark 
Byrd. Christi 
Campbell. Carl 

Carter, Keri 
Carter. Lisa 
Cary. Cleve 
Carter. Presley 

Cashion. Mark 

Chambers. Jenny 
Chison, Lyrae 
Cisco. Keri 
Clark. Victoria 
Clayton, Amy 

Cline. Amy 
Cline. Bill 
Cochran. Mickey 
Coello. Vany 
Cole. Rob 

Freemen - 1x3 


j Collins, James 
Cook, Charlotte 
Cook, Christy 
Corder. Julie 
Cossey, Carrie 

Cross, John 
Crowley, Julie 
Cullum, Caroline 
Cupples, Jeff 
Cunie. Bryan 

Daniel, Paige 
Darby, Lee 
Davenport. Derek 
Davis, Lee 
Davis, Shannon 

Defew, Laura 
Defreese, Ryan 
Deglopper, James 
deMarigny, Amy 
Deneen, Sarah 

Denson, Jill 
Devillers. Eleanore 
Devillers, Valerie 
Dodak, Tara 
Dougan, Brian 

Douglass, Amy 
Doster, Terri 
Eberst, Jeramy 
Elam, Hunter 
Elam, Kara 

Elfrink, Libby 
Emmons, Christine 
Englert, Heather 
Essary, Jonathan 
Farmer, Melissa 

^ 0. 


Fisher, Jennifer 
Flemmons, Jennifer 
Foster, Tia 
Fraley, Shane 
Francis, Denise 

Galloway, Jo Anna 
Gardiner. Rhonda 
Gibson, Veronica 
Gilchrist, April 
Gillenwater, Lisa 

Glover, Rebecca 
Goode. Stephanie 
Goss, Christy 
Gottschalk, Eric 
Govener, Michael 

Graham, Stephen 
Granger, Deana 
Green. Dina 
Gregory. Charles 
Gregory, Ray 

Grigg. Alison 
Grisham, Robert 
Hall, Damon 
Harbin, David 
Harbin. Stephen 

Harmon, Tiffany 
Harrell, Scotty 
Harris, Yulanda 
Harrison, Jay 
Hart, Joy 

Hawkins, Emilie 
Hayes, Carissa 
Hayes, Kelly 
Hayes, Natalie 
Hefner. Jennifer 


Henley, Tina 
Hester, Elizabeth 
Hicks, Shelley 
Highsmith. John 
HiU. Gail 

Hinton. Kevin 
Hamrick. Heather 
Hodge, Gregory 
Holiiman, Brandon 
Holloway. Michelle 

Hoover, Stephanie 
Hopper, Misti 
Hornsby, Camille 
Houchins. Julie 
Howell, Lisa 

Howell, Valerie 
Hudgins. Jennifer 
Hughes. Dax 
Humber. Matt 
Hunt, Marquetta 

Hunter. Cassandra 
Hurley, Carol 
Hurst, Danny 
Hyatt, Stephanie 
Irvin. Christie 

Jacobs. Amy 
Jacobs, Dan 
James, Mark 
Jeter, Cristie 
Jimnicrson. Tamiko 

Jobe, Coirie 
Johnson, Joye 
Johnson, Lori 
Johnston, Michael 
Jones. Ashley 



Jones. Heather 
Jones, Nicole 
Jones, Sherry 
Jordan, Danetia 
Jordan. Jill 

Joseph. Jason 
Kallal. Benjamin 
Kea. Andrea 
Keith, Brandy 
Kennedy. Matt 

Kenyon. Heather 
Key, Christy 
King, Jennifer 
Kinney, Gina 
Knight, Angelika 

Knight. Clarissa 
Knipp. Donald 
Knott, Kasi 
Lampley, Tara 
Lancaster. Christopher 

Lane, Alison 
Lanston. Jeremy 
Larkin, Kimberly 
Larue, Rick 
Latham, Paul 

Laubach, Amy 
Lawrimore. Jennifer 
Layne, Melanie 
Leatherwood, Danny 
Lee. Angela 

Leggett, Matt 
Leonard. Randy 
Lewis. Candace 
Lewis, Lonnie 
Lewis. Todd 


Lin. Sherry 
Little, Serah 
Littrell, Brandy 
Lockhart, Lori 
Long. Kelley 

Loscheider, Abby 
Loscheider, Erin 
Lovett, Sheri 
Lowry, Carla 
Maddox, Julie 

Major. Adam 
Mangiim. Jeiry 
Maples. Angela 
Marbury. Cindy 
Martin. Carrie 

Martin. Jennifer 
Matlock, Jennifer 
Matthews. Emily 
Maxwell, Paul 
Mayo, Joseph 

Mayo. Sidney 
Mayo, Stephen 
McAlister, Kelie 
McCaleb, Bruce 
McDonald, Katrina 

McFarlin. Leon 
McGregor, Elizabeth 
McDivitt, Valerie 
McGehee. Chris 
McKendree, Brandy 

McLeod. Dexter 
McMakin. Shay 
McPherson, Clarissa 
McQuay, Heather 
McWhorter, Monow 

▼ -•* «,' W\««» <•»• 


Mcntas. Andrea 
Middlclon. Dana 
Mikkelsen, Cee 
Millbuig. Sheila 
Miller. Annette 

Miller. Heidi 
Miller. Jason 
Milton. Chris 
Mitehell. Joi 
Moore, Tina 

Morgan. Elizabeth 
Morgan. Jaequelynn 
Mullinax. S. Renee 
Mullins, Jill 
Muston, Jason 

Myatt. Bill 
Myers, Karen 
Myers. Tammy 
Neeley, Blake 
Nixon. Priscilla 

Nute. Riek 
Osburn. Cindy 
Osnianson. Michelle 
Overton. Nikki 
Pack. Amanda 

Parks. Chelsea 
Parr. Jennifer 
Patel. Utrala 
Pentz, Amy 
Perkins, Lee 

Phelps. Tara 
Phillips. Julianne 
Phipps. Stephan 
Piskos, Jenni 
Piersiak, Suzanne 


Pittman, Katie 
Pokomy, Susan 
Poole. Kimberly 
Popplewell, Robin 
Powell. Patrick 

Presson, Lisa 
Price. Charity 
Price. Jeri 
Pugh. TeiTy 
Pyron. Jason 

Ralph. Derek 
Rank. Jason 
Rapoza. Alfred 
Reavis, Kristie 
Redmond. Roosevelt 

Regel. Josh 
Reiff. Corinn 
Reynolds. Jimmie 
Rich. Jamie 
Richardson. Amie 

Richmond. Zekeya 
Rickman. Jamie 
Rider. Patrick 
Rittenburg. Julie 
Roberts. Janice 

Rogers. Alison 
Rohde, Michelle 
Rowland, Jeff 
Rushing. Jeff 
Russell. Steven 

Sanders. Heather 
Sanders, Laurie 
Sangster, Lee Ann 
Sanders. Patricia 
Sanders. Tony 

k im 


^ ^'^S-L^^ 



Sawyers. Kim 
Schemer. Michac 
Schultz. Jason 
Scott. Jon 
Scott. Tim 

Seavers. Stacy 
Sellers, Joy 
Shadd. Marlon 
Shands. Amy 
Shannon. Stephen 

Sharp. Susan 
Shelton. Leslie 
Shoaf. Aaron 
Shupp. Shanna 
Sieler. Jennifer 

Simmons. Shanna 
Simms. Melissa 
Simon. Jennifer 
Simpson. Mark 
Sinclair. Amv 

Skilondz. Kerry 
Smith. James 
Smith. Leandra 
Smith. Mary 
Smith. Monique 

Smith, Susan 
Snyder. Tracy 
Sparkman. Jason 
Stanley, Connie 
Starnes, Leslie 

Steele, Kristen 
Stehle. Tiffany 
Stewart, Christy 
Stone, Larhonda 
Street. Jackie 


Streetei", Rebecca 
Strickland, Resa 
Sutherland, Kim 
Swyers, Karen 
Tate, Jason 

Tammins, Philip 
Taylor, Andrea 
Taylor, Teri 
Thomas, Crystal 
Thomas, Ike 

Thomas, Stephen 
Thorburg, Michele 
Tiedemann. Rachel 
Tipton, Melanie 
Todd, Ryan 

Townsend, Jennifer 
Trapp, Brian 
Tricoche, Melissa 
Utley. Jonathan 
Utley. Julie 

Valdivia, Danny 
Van Eman, Natalie 
Vasquez, Jason 
Vick, Stephen 
Walker. Bobby 

Waller, Tanya 
Wallis. Suzanne 
Warman. Anita 
Warne. Kristi 
Watkins. Tasha 

Weaver, Holly 
Weems. Lynn 
Welch. Stacy 
West, Jessica 
West, Kira 


West. Michael 
White, Kelly 
Whitmer, Carrie 
Whitney. Paula 
Wiuoins. Heather 

Wilder. Woody 
Wilkins, Heather 
Williams. Barry 
Williams. Melissa 
Williams. Rachel 

Williams. Rachel 
Willingham. Nathan 
Wilson. Allen 
Wiltshire. Rebecca 
Wiseman. Jennifer 

Wolfe. Robin 
Wolford, Patricia 
Womack. Natalie 
Wood. Angie 
Woodard. Ashlev 

Worrell. Ashley 
Wright. Charlotte 
Wright. Rachel 
Yarbro. Tara 
Yarbrouah. Leslie 

Yarbrough. Tamiko 
Yelverton. Brooks 
Young. Lee Anne 
Young. Michelle 
Young. Stephanie 

Zorik. Robin 

Adrian, Matthew Brian ... B.S.B.A., Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Economics/Finance; SIFE; Baseball. 
Arnoicu 1 racy Dwight ... B.S.. Social Studies; Minor; Biology; 
Lest V/e Forget; Rutledge Honorary History Club; American 
Chemical Society Student Affiliate; Dean's List. 
Atkins, Priscilla Ray ... B.S. Learning Foundations; Impact; 
BSU; SPOTS Teams; S.T.E.A. 

Baker, Angie D. ... B.A. Social Studies; Minor: Secondary 
Education; Miss Union; Assistant and E.xecutive Director Miss 
Union Pagaent; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister; Who's Who in 
American College Students; Alpha Chi; Rutledge History Club; 
Sigma Alpha Iota. Vice President of Membership; Phi Alpha 
Theta. President; Dean's List; Student Ft)undations; S.T.E.A.; 
Prexy Club. 

Beaty, Gregory S. ... B.S. B.A. Music and Management/Market- 
ing; Phi Mu Alpha; Proclamation: Union University Singers; 
Stage Band. 

Belew, Judith .Ann ... B.S. Computer Science; Minor: Office 
Management Systems; SAC; ACM Club Secretary and President. 
Billingsley, Craig Daniel ... B.S. B.A. Accounting: Minor: Eco- 
nomics/Finance; Phi Beta Lambda. 

Boland, Kathy Ann ... B.A. Public Relations; Minor: Political 
Science; Lest We Forget: Cardinal and Cream; Pi Gamma Mu; 
BSU; Prexy Club; McAfee Dorm Council, Treasurer, Vice Presi- 
dent; Public Relations Society, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Presi- 
dent and President. 

Bostick, Jennifer Anne ... B.S. Early Childhood Education: 

Brandon, James Rob ... B.A. Communication Arts; Minor: 
History; Alpha Tau Omega; Student Foundations; FOCUS; Mr. 
Campus; Union Radio News; Union Broadcasting Society; 
Summer Missions; Backyard Bible Club; SPOTS; Union Univer- 
sity Players; Public Relations Society. 

Brawley, Ashley Michelle ... B.S. Biology and Psychology; Chi 
Omega, Intramural Chaii'man, Secretary, Vice President; Alpha 
Chi; Sigma Zeta, Vice President; Dean's List; Who's Who Among 
American Colleges; Biology Lab Assistant; Alpha Tau Omega 
Little Sister: Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 
Britt, Karen Louise ... B.S. Elementary Education. 
Brown, Michelle ... B.A. Sociology; Minor: Religion; FIT, 
President: Nursing Home Ministry; Psychology/Sociology Club, 
Senator; Sttident Foundations., Ciloria D. ... B.S. Elementary Education; S.T.E.A. 
Burr, Tracey Shannon ... B.S. B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Psychology; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; Phi Beta 
Lambda: Hiimecoming Committee. 

Cable, Melissa Lynn ... B.S. B.A. Accounting; Minor: Music; 
SAC; Handbells; Piano Ensemble; Chorus; Accounting Club; 
Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer; Alpha Chi; National Dean's List. 
Cantrell, Leigh Andrea ... B.S. Social Work and Religion/ 
Church Ministry; YEMMA, President; FIT; Youth Leadership 
Conference Registration Committee; S.T.E.A., Secretary; Revival 
Teams; Social Work Intern: Youth Ministry Intern. 
Christian, Richard Matthew ... B.A. Music: Minor: Religion; 
Phi Mu Alpha, Vice President; All Sing director. 
Clenney, Brenda Maxwell ... B.S. B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Psychology; Rutledge Honorary History Club, Secretary, 
Vice President; Phi Beta Lambda; APICS. 
Clennev, Travis Andrew ... B.M. Music Education: Minor: 

Secondary Education; Union University Singers; Handbells; 
S.T.E.A.; Chorus; Rutledge Honorary History Club, Vice Presi- 
dent, Membership President. 

Clyatt, Angela Dawn ... B.S. Management/Marketing; Minor: 
Finance/Economics; SIFE, Annual Group Leader; Phi Beta 
Lambda, Secretary /Treasurer; APICS, Vice President; Alpha Chi. 
Cole, Delona Haggard ... B.S. Liberal Studies; Minor: Profes- 
sional Education; S.T.E.A.; Alpha Chi. 
Cook, Angelic M. ... B.A. Sociology; Minor: Art. 
Copous. Dana Lynn ... B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa 
Delta, Assistant Treasurer, President: Panhellenic Council, 
Publicity; FOCUS; S.T.E.A. 

Crawford, Tanya Suzanne ... B.S. B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Accounting: Cheerleader; Alpha Chi. 
Creighton, Amy P^lizabeth ... B.S. B.A. Accounting; Minor: 
Computer Information Systems; Accounting Club; Phi Beta 
Lambda, Chaplain; SIFE; Impact; Homecoming Committee; 
Senate; Alpha Chi; Scholars of Excellence Recipient; Miss Union 
University Pagent Staff; Student Foundations; Who's Who 
Among Amercian Universities and Colleges; Dean's List. 
Daniel, Suzanne Michelle ... B.S. Learning Foundations; 

Diggs, Kristi Michelle ... B.S. B.A. Accounting; Minor: Econom- 

Douglas.s, Jennifer Rebecca ... B.A. Communication Arts; 
Minor; Management Marketing; SIFE; Cardinal and Cream. 
Copy Editor, Section Editor; Union Radio News. Co-producer: 
UCCA; SAC, Executive Council; Hands For Jesus; Union and 
National Dean's List. 

Drake, Derek Linn ... B.S. Computer Science; Minor: Manage- 
ment/Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Tennis Team. 

DuBose, Paul A. ... B.A. Religion and Psychology. 
Dudley, Pamela Renee ... B.S. Psychology; Minor: Religion and 

Duncan, David Robert ... B.A. Art; Minor: Physical Education; 
Kappa Pi, President; Clown Team; SPOTS. 
Durkee, Douglas Don ... B.S. CSC: Minor: Management/ 
Marketing and Math: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alcohol and Drug 
Committee; Swim Team. 

Eagan, Melissa Anne ... B.S. B.A. Accounting; Minor: Econom- 
ics/Finance; Zeta Tau Alpha. Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, 
Piesident; Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President; Lambda Chi Alpha 
Crescent; SGA, Treasurer; Homecoming Queen; Miss Union 

Earnest, James Jeffery ... B.S. Physical Education; Minor: 
Management/Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramural Director; 
Men's Tennis Team; Sigma Delta; Phi Beta Lambda; Resident 

Edwards, Lorrie Ann ... B.M. Music Education; Kappa Delta 
Sorority, Panhellenic. Vice President. Chaplain, Song Director; 
Sigma Alpha lota; Proclaimation, Accompanist; Singers, Accom- 
panist: CRV: UU Jazz Ensemble; UU Symphonic Band; 
S.T.E.A.; 1993 Talent Show winner; Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. 
Emerson, Jenny Love ... B.S. Sociology/Social Work; Minor: 
Business Administration and Communication Arts; Cardinal and 
Creiinr, Clown Team; Lest We Forget: Kappa Delta. Alumnae 
Relations Chairman, Standards Board; FIT. 
Englert, Dawn Nicole Foust ... B.S. Math; Minor: Secondary 

Education: S.T.E.A. 

Farrar, John Richard ... B.A. Religion; Minor: Sociology. 
Farris, Patricia Anne ... B.A. Sociology/Social Work: Minor: Psy- 
chology: Sonshine Puppets; Vi.sion Clowns; Women's Dorm Council. 
Fire Marshall. Treasurer: FIT. 

Finnegan, Lori Ann ... B.S. Biology: Minor: Psychology. 
Fitch, Judith Ashley ... B.A. Communication Arts; Minor: History: 
Impact; Hands for Jesus; Union University Players; Alpha Psi Omega. 
Vice President, President; Dorm Council. Senator; Union Radio News; 
Alpha Chi; Dean's List; Lest We Forget. Section Editor: SIFE; UCCA: 
Lyceum Committee Student Representative: Pre.xy Club; Cardinal ami 
Cream. Editor; FOCUS; YEMMA. Treasurer. 
Flynn. Colleen Erica ... B.S. Biology; Minor: History: Sigma Zeta. 
Secretary; Phi Alpha Theta; Alpha Chi: Rutlcdge Honorary History 
Club: Heritage Committee; American Chemical Societ_\' Student 
Affiliate: Dean's List. 

Friel, Christa Sue ... B.M. Sacred Music-Piano; Accompanist for 
Witness and Union University Singers; WTMTA Piano Auditions: 
Handbells; Chorus; Who's Who for American College Students: 
Re\'ival Teams. 

Fry, Jr., Jack ... B.S. B.A. Management/Marketing: Minor: Econom- 

Fry, Joan Watson ... B.S. History; Minor: Political Science: .Alpha 
Chi: Phi Alpha Theta: Rutlcdge History Club. 

Garrott, Benjamin Edward ... B.S. Accounting; Minor: Management/ 
Marketing: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Treasurer. Fund Raiser. Intramural 
Chairman; SIFE; Accounting Club; Phi Beta Lambda: Rutledge 
Honorary History Club. 

Giannini, Jamie Bryan ... B.S.B..'\. Management/Marketing: Minor: 
Physical Education: SIFE: Baseball; Sigma Delta. 
Gray, David Clayton ... B.S. B.A. Management/Marketing and 
Physical Education: Minor: Secondary Educaiton: Lambda Chi .-Mpha; 
IFC; Varsity Basketball. 

Grubbs, Norris Cameron ... B.S. Math and Religion; Minor: Second- 
ary Education: Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Alpha Tau Omega. 
Chaplain, Treasurer. Intramural Chairman. Executive Committee: 
BSU: Dean's List; Who's Who for American Colleges; Intramural 

Guthrie , Chadwick James ... B.S. Sociology: Minor: Mathematics: 
McAfee Judicial Re\ iew Board; Swim Club; Intramurals; BSU. 
Haggard, James Earl ... B.S. Chemistry: Minor: Biology; Union 
University Singers; CRC Freshman Achievement Chemistry Award: 
Sigma Zeta. Vice President: Kappa Mu Epsilon, Reporter/Historian: 
Alpha Chi. Treasurer; Ainerican Chemical Society Student Aftliliate: 
Ps\'chology/Sociology Club. 

Hall, David Ray ... B.S. B.A. Management/Marketing: Minor: History; 
Lambda Chi Alpha. Vice President. Rush Chairman. Spirit Leader; Phi 
Beta Lambda: Vice President for Freshman. Sophomore. Junior and 
Senior Class; Institute of Management Accounants; Buster the Bull- 
dog: SIFE; FOCL'S: Student Foundations: Accounting Club. 
Hargett, Jennifer Dawn ... B.S. Biology: Minor: Psychology: 
Rutlcdge Honorary History Club: Sigma Zeta: Kappa Mu Epsilon: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister: Kappa Delta. Pep Chairman. Vice 
President Membership. 

Harper, Cindy Diane Williams ... B.S. Sociology/Social Work: 
Minor: Religion: FIT. 

Harris, Billy J. ...B.A. Psychology: Minor: Religion. 
Hatfield, David Edward ...B.A. Religion; Minor: Christian Ministry; 
Youth Leadership Conference, Commitee Chairman, Co-Chairman. 

Hatter, .Molly Lynn ... B.A. English: Secondary Education; 
Impact: B.S.U.; Cardinal and Cream: Zeta Tau Alpha, 
Service Chairman: Alpha Chi: Sigma Tau Delta; S.T.E.A. 
Hayes, Amy Dawn... B.S. Psychology/Sociology; Chi 

Haynes, Jennifer Elizabeth ... B.S. B.A. Management/ 
Marketing; Minor: Economics/Finance. 
Henderson, Cassandra Denise ... B.S. Physical Education/ 
Health: Minor: Business Administration: BCF, Secretary/ 

Hester, Lanna ^L ... B.S. Learning Foundations: BYW, 
President, Vice-President; Prexy Club: Student Ministries 
Council: S.T.E.,A. 

Houston, Stephanie Dianne ... B.S. Sociology/Social 
Work; FIT. 

Jackson, Lisa Renee ... B.S. History; Minor: Pre-Law ; Pre- 
legal Society: Phi Alpha Theta. 

Jacobs, Steven Paul ... B.S. Computer Science: Minor: 
Math: Resident Life Board; Dorm Council; Computer Club; 
Outdoor Club. 

Johnson, Christopher Colvett ... B.A. Religion/History. 
Jones, Julie Lynn ... B.S. Mathematics; Minor: Physics/ 
History; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President. Scholastics Chair- 
man. Activities Chairman; SGA. Treasurer; Kappa Mu 
Epsilon. President: Pre-legal Society. President. Secretary/ 
Treasurer; Rutledge Honorary History Club. Vice President, 
Treasurer: Phi Alpha Theta. Secretary: Dorm Council: Prexy 
Club; Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Committee; 
Curriculum Committee: Student Affairs Committee. 
Jones, Keith Ray ... B.A. Music; Minor: Youth Ministry: 
YEMMA: Sonshine Puppets; Revival Teams; Youth Leader- 
ship Conference Planning Committee; Youth Ministry 

Jones, Niki .Annette ... B.S. Learning Foundations; Alpha 
Chi; S.T.E.A.. Vice President; Student Foundations; T.E.A.; 
Teacher Education Committee; Who's Who in American 
Colleges and Universities: Dean's List: National Dean's 
List; Chi Omega. Rho Chi: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little 

Jones, Rhonda C. ... B.S. Learning Foundations; S.T.E.A.. 
Kelley, Connie Lynne ... B.S. Sociology: Minor: Political 

King, Cristina Rickman ... B.S. B.A. Management/Market- 
ing: Minor: Computer Information Systems; Phi Beta 
Lamba: Alpha Chi. 

Lassiter. Cheris Lyn ... B.S. Elementary Education: 

Lenderman, Daniel Walker ... B.S. Business .Administra- 
tion Accounting; Minor: Sociology: Lambda Chi Alpha; 
Accounting Club: Phi Beta Lambda; FCA; Institute of 
Management Accountants. 

Logan, John Bateman ... B.,A. Speech/Theatre: Minor: 

Lowe, Kim Cotner ... B.S. Elementary Education: Kappa 
Delta: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon Little Sister: S.T.E.A. 
Machalek, Ronda D. ... B.A. History: Minor: Political 
Science; Clown Team. Director; Student Ministries Council; 
Youth Leadership Conference Committee. 
Marburv. Christy Darlene ... B..A. of Music Vocal Perfor- 

Ser^o r Index\ l85 

mance; Minor: Psychology/Human Studies; CRV; YEMMA: UU 
Chonis; Siiigers; Witness Vocal Ensemble; On Campus Ministries 
Couiicii; Revival Team; S.T.E.A.; Symphonic Band; Sigma Alpha 
Iota: Opera W orkshop. 

Matiiey. Barbara Lynn ... B.S. Sociology; Minor: Communica- 
tion Arts; Clown Team; Backyard Bible Club; BSU. 
McConimon, Monica Leigh ... B.S. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Psychology; Phi Beta Lambda; APICS. 
McDougall, Kerri Ann ... B.S. History; Minor: Political Science; 
Rutledge Honorary History Club; Pre-Legal Society; Kappa Delta. 
Spirit Chairman, House Corporation Chairman. 
Meadows, Misty Dawn ... B.S. Elementary Education; BSU. 
Secretary; BYW; Puppet Team. Director for two years; S.T.E.A.; 
Alpha Chi. 

Melton, Patsy Lee ... B.S.B.A. Accounting; Minor; Management/ 
Marketing; Accounting Club; Phi Beta Lambda; Alpha Chi; 
National Dean's List. 

Moore, Michael Thomas ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Economics/Finance; Alpha Tau Omega. Alumni Relations. 
Vice President. E.xecutive Committee; Interfraternity Council. 
Moore, Troy D. ... B.M. Sacred Music-Vocal; Ministerial Associa- 
tion, Secretary/Treasurer, Program Director; Youth Leadership 
Conference. Publicity Committee Chairman; Singers. 
Morton, Tammy Annette ... B.S. Elementary Education; S.T.E.A. 
Myers, Traci Ann ... B.S. Math; Minor; Secondary Education; 
Clown Team; Kappa Mu Epsilon; S.T.E.A. 
Nayior, Nan Welch ... B.S. Learning Foundations; S.T.E.A. 
Nichols, Lauri Lynn ... B.S. Learning Foundations; Minor: Human 
Studies; BSU Mission Committee; Clown Team; S.T.E.A.; Chorus. 
Northcott, Beth Renee ... B.S. Management/Marketing; Minor: 
English; Chi Omega; Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Chi; Lambda Beta 

Patterson, Ellen Carol ... B.S.B.A. Economics/Finance; Minor: 
Computer Information Systems; Phi Beta Lambda; Outdoor Club; 

Pearce, Floyd Brentwood ... B.A. Religion/Church Ministry; 
Minor; Music (Vocal); Phi Mu Alpha. Sinfonia, Alumni Secretary, 
Historian; Mens Dorm Council, Vice President. Secretary. Trea- 
surer; Chorus; Singers; Stage Band; Symphonic Band. 
Phillips, Mary Rebecca ... B.S. Biology; Minor: English; Sigma 
Tau Delta. 

Potts. Randle Eugene ... B.S. Psychology; Minor: Biology; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; BSU; Lest Wc Foriiei: Senate. 
Powers, Jennifer Mae ... B.S Marketing/Management; Minor; 
Psychology; Senate; Phi Beta Lambda. President; Dorm Council, 
Secretary; APICS. 

Pruett, Jason Campbell ... B.A. Religion and Psychology; SGA, 
Senator; Judicial Board; Youth Leadership Conference, Co- 

Roberts, Jason Class ... B.S. Communication Arts; Minor: Man- 
agement/Marketing; College Republicans, Chairman; Lest We 
Forf^et; Public Relations Society, Treasurer, Vice President; Union 
Broadcasting Society; Union Television; "Bald Soprano" publicity. 
Robertson, Kevin Bradley ... Management/Marketing; Minor: 
Economics/Finance; Phi Beta Lambda; APICS. 
Scott, Tammy Renee ... B.S. Psychology; Minor: Management/ 
Marketing and Sociology; Sonshine Puppets; BCF, Secretary; Phi 
Beta Lambda. 
Sent-' L Stella Christine ... B.S.B.A. Manaeement/Marketins; 

Minor: Communication Arts; Phi Beta Lambda; APICS; 
Outdoor Club. President. 

Sexton, Ronald Jay ... B.S.B.A. Accounting; Minor: Econom- 
ics/Finance; BCF, Public Relations; Phi Beta Lambda; CAT; 
Accounting Club. 

Sheffield, Erika Deshawn ... B.S. Computer Science; Minor: 

Sheilley, Kevin Troy ... B.A. Communication Arts; Minor: 
Political Science; Honor Student Association, President; 
Senate; Prexy Club; Cardinal & Cream, News Editor; UCCA; 
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Union University Singers; Dorm 
Council, Vice President. 

Simmons, Donald Charles ... B.S. Psychology/Religion; 
BSU; Ministerial Association. 

Skulley IV, James Matthew ... B.S. History; Minor: Music; 
Alpha Chi; Phi Alpha Theta; Rutledge Honorary History Club; 
BSU; Revival Teams; President's List; National Dean's List. 
Smith, Donna Michelle ... B.S. Biology; Minor: Management/ 
Marketing; Sigma Zeta; Senate. 

Smith, Keith Allen ... B.A. Religion/Church Ministry; Minor: 
Computer Information Systems; BSU; Outdoor Club; Missions 
Committee, Co-Chairman; Youth Leadership Conference, Co- 
Chairman; M.A.; Witness. 

Smith, Mark E. ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing; Minor: 
Pre- Law. 

Smith, Rodney O'Neal ... B.S.B.A. Management /Marketing 
and Psychology: CAT; Sonshine Puppets; BCF, President; Phi 
Beta Lambda. Senator; Men's Dorm Council, President; SIFE. 
Stafford, Steve Wayne ... B.S. Physical Education; Minor: 
Health; Golf, TCAC Champion; FCA; Sigma Delta. 
Steiner, Charles Jonathan ... B.S. Sociology; Minor: Psy- 

Stephens, Abbye Carrol ... B.S. Special Education: S.T.E.A.; 

Sullivan, Tracy Annette ... B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta 
Tau Alpha, Second Vice President; Lambda Chi Alpha Cres- 
cent; S.T.E.A. 

Sutton. Dennis Dwayne ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Religion. 

Swift, Sherry Marie ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Economics/Finance; Chi Omega; FOCUS; Phi Beta 
Lambda; APICS; SIFE; FCA. 

Temple, Keith Michael ... B.A. Communication Arts; Minor: 
Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman. 
Templeton, Jai Jeffrey ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing; 
Minor: Political Science; Dorm Council, President; Dorm 
Judicial Board, Co-Chairman; Pre-Legal Society, President; 
Resident Life Board; College Republicans, Chaplain; Honors 
Student Association; BSU; Pre.xy Club; Phi Beta Lambda; 

Traughber. Kris ... B.A. Sociology; Minor: Communication 
Arts; CRV; Lest We Fort^ei: Computer Lab Assistant. 
Traylor. Kevin ... B.S. Accounting; Minor: Political Science; 
Chess Club. Circle K and Stage Band. 

Van den Bosch. Cynthia Michelle ... B.S. Learning Founda- 
tions; S.T.E.A., Treasurer. 

Vaughan, Nicole Leigh ... B.S. Psychology; Minor: Sociol- 
Vaughan, Sherry Bader ... B.S. Education-Liberal Studies; 

1 8 y- Seiiioi-l{^i dex 


Vestal, Valerie Ann ... B.S. Learning Foundations: Minor: Human 
Studies: S.T.E.A. 

Vinson, Gina Allison ... B.S. Communication Arts; Minor: Man- 
agement/Marl^eting: Public Relations Society. Secretary: Union 
Broadcasting Society. Treasurer: Phi Beta Lambda: College Repub- 

Volbert, Eric George ... B.S. Health/Physical Education: Minor: 
Education: Basketball: Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Waldon. Heather Diane ... B.S. Elementary Education: Rutledge 
Honorary History Club. Secretary. Vice President of Members. 
President: Sigma Alpha Iota: Alpha Chi: Honors Students Associa- 
tion: Association for Computer Machines. Secretary. Vice Presi- 
dent. President: Lest We Forget: Homecoming Committee: Dean's 
List; National Dean's List: Hands for Jesus; History Contest. 
Assistant Coordinator; National History Day; BSU. 
Walker, Star .lovonne ... B.S. Elementary Education: Alpha Chi. 
Secretary: Student Ministries, Secretary. Vice President: Missions 
Committee. Co-Chairman: BYW. Missions Action: S.T.E.A.: 
Rutledge Honorary History Club: Homecoming Committee: Honor 
Student Associaiton. 

Wang, Cindy ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing: Minor: Psy- 

Wann, Christopher E. ... B.M. Sacred Music-Voice: UU Singers. 
Treasurer, President; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. President of Pledge 
Class. Treasurer/Secretary, Vice President: Handbells; UU Chorus. 
Procter; Proclamation: Revival Teams; Youth Evangelism Confer- 
ence. Worship Leader; Union's Personal Witnessing Conference. 
Waters, Christy Lee ... B.S. Elementary Education: S.T.E.A.: 
Cheerleading. Captain. 

Watkins, Daphne Michelle ... B.S. Accounting; Minor: History: 
BCF. President. Vice President. Chaplain; BSU Council. 
Weaver, Pamela Lee ... B.S.B.A. Accounting: Minor: Economics/ 
Finance; Dorm Council: Resident Life Board: Senate: Phi Beta 

Webster, Scott Douglas ... B.S.B.A. Accounting; Minor: Manage- 
ment/Marketing: Institute of Management Accountants; Accounting 
Club: Phi Beta Lambda: SIFE. 

White, Andy Lee ... B.S. Management/Marketing: Minor: Commu- 
nication Arts: Phi Beta Lambda: SIFE: Sigma Alpha Epislon. All- 
Sing Director: APICS. 

White, Cindy A. ... B.S.B.A. Management/Marketing: Minor: 
Economics/Finance; Chi Omega. Greek Historian. Treasurer: GAP: 
Senate; Phi Beta Lambda; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; FCA: 
APICS: Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center Volunteer. 
Wilder. Ja.son Lemuel ... B.A. Religion: Minor: History /Psychol- 
ogy: Impact. Director: MA: BSU. President. 
Wilhelm, Jim L. ... B.A. Theatre/Religion: Rutledge Honorary 
History Club: Improvisation Club: Union Uni\ erist\ Players: Alpha 
Psi Omega. Business Manager: CRV. 

Wisdom, Katherine D. ... B.A. Art: Minor: Psychology: Art 
Union, Secretary: Kappa Pi . 

Wolfe, Kirsten Kaye ... B.S. Biology and Management/Marketing: 
Witness; Rutledge Honorary History Club: Alpha Chi; Sigma Zeta. 
Treasurer: SIFE; AT&T In\estment Challenge: Dean's List: Phi 
Beta Lambda. 

Worthy, Charlie ... B.A. Religion: Minor: Communication Arts; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Homecoming Committee. Chairman; BSU 
Council: Missions Committee Chairman: SAC; Senior Class 

President: Alpha Psi Omega: Youth Leadership Conference: 

Assistant Director Miss Union Pagent; All-Sing Technician: 

Summer Missionary: SPOTS; Revival Teams. 

Wright, Christopher Robin ... B.S. Psychology: Minor: 

Sociolog\ : Lambda Chi Alpha. Alumni Relations. 

Wright, James Richard ... B.M. Music:UU Singers; Phi Mu 

Alpha. Chaplain: Student Ministry Council; Witness: Summer 

Missions; Backyard Bible Club; SPOTS. 

Young, Kelli Lynette ... B.S. Learning Foundations: S.T.E.A. 


APICS - American Production and Inventory Control Scociety 

BCF - Black Christian Fellowship 

BSU - Baptist Student Union 

BYW - Baptist Young Women 

CRV - Church Related Vocation 

FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

FIT - Facilitators In Training 

FOCUS - Freshmen Orientation Counselors to Union Students 

IFC - InterFraternity Council 

SAC - Student Activities Council 

SGA - Student Government Association 

SIFE - Students In Free Enterprise 

SPOTS - Special Projects Other Than Summer 

S.T.E.A. - Student Teacher Education Association 

UCCA - Upperclassmen Committee on Communication Arts 

YEMMA - Youth Education Music Ministers Association 

The Presidents 

Dr. Hyran E. Barefoot. President; standing L to R — Dr. Howard 
Newell. Vice President for Academic Affairs: Mr. Gary Carter. 
Vice President for Business Affairs: Mr. Larry Stewart, Vice 
President for Development: Dr. John Adams. Vice President for 
Religious Affairs and Dr. Maggie Nell Brewer. Vice President for 
Student Affairs 

Seated: Mrs. Jane Alderson. Dr. Trent Otey. Jr., Mrs. Opha Miller. Mr. Bobb> Upton. Mrs. 
Sara Emison. Mr. Argyle Graves. Dr. Ray Newcomb; standing: Mrs. Faye Kesterson, Mrs. 
Shirley Lawler. Mr. William C. Cloar. Mr. John McRee. Dr. Elzie Danley. Chairman. Mr. 
John Williams, Vice Chairman. Dr. Matt Tomlin and Mr. Joe Swaim. 

Seated: Mr. Jack Porter, Mr. Bill Adcock. Rev. Max Walker. Mr. Floyd Flippm. Mr. Ron 
Harris, Mr. John Drinnon, Rev. Billie Friel: standing: Mr. Polk Glover, Mr. Dan Davidson. 
Mr. John Dickinson. Dr. Ray Jones. Rev. Frank Kemper and Mr. Benard Blasingame. 

Board of Trustees 


Admiiiisirative Assis- 
tants to Presidents — 

Donna McKissack. Linda Baker. 
Joanna Moore. Judy Holloman. Dot 
Gee. Jackie Bobbitt and Anna Broth- 

Religious Affairs — tront joim 

Adams; back: Joanna Moore. Paul Wi 
iams. Bill Kisner. Randy Poole and Terry 

Computer Services — ivont: 

Connie Magers. John David Barhani. Karen 
McWherter, Pam Moore. David Porter. 
Nancy Wyatt; back; Oliver Dossman. 


Library Services — tiont: 

Ray Simmons. Nancy Sellers: back: 
Caria Jact)bs. Lori Haney, Christy 
White. Mary Piatt, Steve Baker. Me- 
lissa Moore, Pat Morris and Curt Par- 

Admissions tVont: Sandy 

Rich, Karen Miller. Linda Stanfill. Jane 
Geggus: back: Robbie Graves. Russ 
Wilkins, Carroll GritTin. Lynn Gibson 
and Trent Presley. 

Staff and Services 


Developeient Office & 
Public Relations — fmnt 

Nathan Bishop, Paul Veazey, Tommy 
Sadler; back: Louise Lynch. Kathy 
Bragg, Belinda Moss. Katrina Bradfield, 
Beverly Fisher and Tracy King. 

Financial Aid — Bobbi Bishop. 

Becky Wilson. Don Morris and Jane 

Business Office — front 

Shari Douglas, Tina Giddens: back: 
Carolyn Replogle. Suzzie Smith. Rob- 
ert Simpson. Joyce Long and Sandra 



College Services — wanda 

Calvert. Ebbie Clark. Juanita Cotner. 
Cindy Edwards. Polly Spencer and 
Marjoric Richard. 

Student Affairs — tvont: 

Beverly Wheeler. Anna Brothers. 
Romona Mercer. Phyllis Davenport, 
Kathy Southall. Donna McKissack; 
back: Doug Skiles. Patricia Coleman. 
Dr. Maggie Nell Brewer. Nancy Mad- 
den. Margaret Lillard. Clyde Fugate. 
Max Blackmon and David Oran. 

Maintenance front: Kenny 

Graves. Brad Sargent. Jim Houston, 
Keith Mullins. Kenneth Coleman, 
Donnie Alford: back: Ethel Weddle. 
Francis Hobson. J. H. Patterson. Helen 
Pirtle. Richard Mathews. Cookie 
Collomp. Robert Cox. Danny Scott and 
Lavon Stone. 


ge of Arts and Sciences 

James Baggett. Dean of the College of 

Arts and Sciences 

Charlotte Van den Bosch, secietarv 

English — front; Ernest Pinson, John Hams; back; Barbara McMillins 
Lillian Baggett. Roger Stanley. Louise Bentley and Nancy Hurst. 


Languages — Cynthia Jayne and Jean 
Marie Walls 

Music — Georgia Wellborn, 
Diane Gatwood, Patricia Pinson. 
Joesph Blass, Kenneth Hartley. 
Michael Penny, Scott Bennett. 
Terry McRoberts, Andrew 
Roby. David McClune and Max 

Communication Arts— front: Kina Mallard. Da\ id Burke; Art— Lisa Smith. Chris Nadasky . Michael Mallard. 
baek: Steve Beverly. Chris Blair and James Edwards. 



Math & Computer Science— Trov Riees. Nancy Wvatt. Chemistry & Physics— front: Marlyn Newhouse. Carol 
Richard Dehn. Dwayne Jennings. Joesph Tucker. Shirley Leslie: back: Roger Harry-O'Kuru. David Ward. Robert 
Wong. Jan Wilms. Don Richards. PatLaffoon. MattLunsford. Cantrell and Charles Baldwin. 














Physical Education— front: Michael Edwards. Lisa Psychology— Jenni Blalack. David Vickery. Teresa West. 
Hutchinson. Sandra Wilson. Brice Bishop: back: Danny 
Patterson. Da\ id Blackstock, Linn Stranak and Andy Rush- 

Sociology — Lytle Givcns. Belli Wright. Bill Castlcbeny Religion — Paul Jackson. Randal Bush. George Guthrie, 
and Victoria Murphy Kelvin Moore and Wayne Dav 

Biology — James Bittner. Elsie Smith, Michael McMahan and History — Terry Lindley. Ann Livingston and Stephen Carlsj 
Wayne Wofford 

School of Education and Human Studies 

Benny Tucker. Dean of the School of Educa- 
ion and Human Studies 
Helen Butler, secretary 
Seated: Carol Stephan. Ann Singleton: stand- 
ing: Joanne Stephenson, Bill Hedspeth, Rodney 
Everhart, Terry Weaver, Camille Searcy, Sara 
Hakeem, Anna Clifford. 

1 96/Comnmnity 

School of Business Administration 

Robert Wyatt, 

Dean of the School 
of Business Admin- 
Judy LeForgee. 


Front: Brent C'uiniingliain. Slcxe Aicndall. Debbie Newell, 
Walton Padelford. IVIichael Behrens; back: James Shelton, 
Kenny Holt. Sam Myatt, Robert Wyatt. 

School of Nursing 

Front: Dorothy Yarbro. Donna Latham. 
Linda Barber. Caria Sanderson. Jill 
Webb. Joyce Montgomery : back: Regina 
Saffel. Pauline Bridger. Cathy Parrett. 
Sandy Brown. Tharon Kirk and Melanie 

Carla Sanderson. 

Dean of Nursing 
Judy Gardner. 



Providing the Support for Higher Ground 







(}latKaui 'p(yC(n 




Compliments of 









Copy Editor 


News Editor 



1912 N.Highland 
Jackson, TN 38305 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Binding Men Together 

Celebrating 100 Years of BETA TAU 



Jackson Plaza 





}'oiir CoDipiitcr Warehouse 
SINCE 1983 

Mail Order Prices 
IBM Compalible Systems 
Complete Repair Center 
Multimedia Products 
Leasine and Rental 

Monitors & Printers 
Hard and Floppy Drives 
Ribbons. Disketts. Cables 
Software Packages 


How can we thank God enough for 
you in return for all the joy we have 
in the presence of our God because 
of you? 

—1 Thessalonians 3:9 (NIV) 


Advertisements \199 

irgers m 

I ^aol2Aj04n.^^ fieAt liiA/uj^e^ 


600 Old Hickory Blvd. 

Jackson. TN 38305 





JACKSON, TN 38305 


The Birches & 
Fox Fire Apartments 

Contact Teresa Davis. General Manager 
189 Old Hickory Boulevard 

Jackson, TN 38305 
(901) 668-0432 or 668-9451 


2294 N. Highland 

Jackson, TN 38305 


Congratulations ! 


"Our mission is to -provide the best quality care 

possible at the lowest cost, to care for the poor and 

indigent who cannot care for themselves, and to 

achieve this without tax support. " 

Jackson-Madison County 
General Hospital 

West Tennessee's Medical Center 

708 West Forest Avenue • Jackson, Tennessee 38301-3956 • (901) 425-5000 



Compliments of 


Covington, TN 


4355 Hwy. 45 North 

Jackson, TN 38305 


Congratulations ! 

Ralph McLemore, Owner 


ZUak * eUicken, * Seafood * Salad 

Tr% f^%.-%. T 

Jackson, TN 38305 


Asia Garden 

Chinese Restaurant 


Phone In Take Out 




581 Old Hickory Blvd. 

(In Hamilton Hills Shopping Center) 


First Baptist has been a vital part of Jackson for 
over 150 years. Quality Bible Study, youth programs, 
and an unsurpassed music program leads the way in 
providing for the spiritual needs of our community. 

Come worship with us and experience the love 
that can last a lifetime. 

Bible Study 9:30 a.m. 

Morning Worship Service 1 0:50 a.m. 

Evening Worship Service 6:00 p.m. 

Wednesday Service 6:00 p.m. 

Dr. H. Garnson Coltharp, Pastor 

1627 N. Highland Avenue 

Jackson, Tennessee 38301 

Jackson-Madison County Teachers' 

Credit Union 

Ou^ Middi<ut id to- pAxmide tUe Iviciieit auai- 
ita lu^oi^xUai 'ie^uMced at tUe, IcuxteAt 'px^diUMe, 
codt to- 044/1 i'pt&mJxen^ wJ/Ule. p/ioiectUtCf, tUe 
■ialetii, 04^ ■iXHwvoL've'ii oi ouA. cneclit uHi04^. 

Not Just Different...Better! 

90 Directors Row 

Jackson, TN 38305 



Ad\erUsements \20 1 

kid^tel Inns 


Inn Managers 

2370 N Highland lackson, Tennessee 38305 
90 1 -664- 1 800 

10% Discount for Union Family 

WOW! What a Difference 

In the Galleria 

Your partner in printing. 

Business Cards 
Custom Color Ink 

Carbonless Forms 
FAX Service 
High Speed Copies 

149 Old Hickory Blvd 

Jackson, Tennessee 38305 

(901 ) 664-1 676 * Fax (901 ) 664-1 678 

The Ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha would like to 
congratulate their future alumnae. 

Tracy Buit 
Michelle Carroll 
Carrie Carver 
Melissa Eagan 
Molly Hatter 
Julie Jones 


Missy Parsell 
Hether Kerns 
Holly Schnaubelt 
Tracy Sullivan 
LeAnne Vaden 
Laurie Williams 

Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity 

202/ Advertisements 



365 Wallace Road. Jackson, TN 


Sunday — 8 & 10:50 a.m.; 6 p.m. 
Wednesday — 6:15 p.m. 

A Church in the Heart of Jackson with Jackson on its Heart 


1919H\v_\.45 By-Pa.s.s 
Jackson. TN 38305 


Congratulations Graduates 


Stuart C. Irby Co, 

Wholesale Electrical Supplies 




57 Carriage House 
Jackson, Tennessee 

There is a crying need for the genuine fraternity 
which will transform the necessities of world neigh- 
borhood into world brotherhood and if all men are to 
live in dignity and without fear then we who know die 

true meaning of brotlierhood must practice it. ^^ 

Brother Harry S. Truman 
University of Missouri 

Heaberg ^mong iHen 

Advertisements \203 


Carriage House Drive North Parkway 
North Highland South Highland 







JACKSON, TN 38305 



West Tennessee Chapter of 

Institute of Management 


Congratulates Union's 

student chapter on 

receiving the National IMA 

Award of Excellence 

Brian Delk-President 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated 

2650 North Parkway East 

Jackson, Tennessee 38301-8014 

(901 ) 424-2697 1 -800-955-4852 


Compliments of. 


A Professional 
Business Association 

Compliments of... 

First BapTisr Chunch 

213 South Main 

Covington, TN 38019 

(901) 476-2489 

^Iplja ^^i ©mega 

antr tlje 

QKnion QHnibersJitp 

jg^ ^laper^ ^ 

congratulate tijeir 

graduating ^tniov^. 

Ashley F. Biam 

Rpfe Bnandon 

John Logan 

J. Nohle 

Jiw Wilhelo) 


Charlie Woiihv 


What do Ljou want to be 
when Ljou grow up? 

fisherman Carpenter 
What is ijour nickname? 


What is Ljour goal in life? 

Serve Qod on Mission Jield. 
(gave life to "^esus 8-2^-86. 


Son. LjoiA are a Qift of Qod. 

Proverbs / 6:9 The mind of a man plans his waLj 
tSiAt the Lord directs his steps. 

Proverbs / 6:3 Commit ijoar works to the Lord and 
Ljoar plans will be established. 

JMark 10:29-31 So ^esas answered and said "AsstAredlij, 9 saij 
to ijOLA. there Is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or 
father or mother or wife or children or land, for muj sake and the 
gospel's who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time-houses 
and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands with 
persecutions-and in the age to come. Eternal Life, ^ut manuj who are 
first will be last ct the last first. 

Mom & Dad 

206/ Adveitisciiients 

Jennifer Douizlass 

cdwKUf/i he> fiAXHuH ojj -- ijCM/i oe/u^ oe^. 

Robyn Thrasher Barlov\' 


We want to congratulate you and tell you 
how proud we are of you. 
Even as a little girl, you wanted to be a 
nurse. Now you have fulfilled your 

Best of luck in your career and 
we love you. 

Mom & Dad 

Jennifer Powers 


I'm proud of the way you've grown 
up. I admit I still woiTy at times be- 
cause the world has changed a lot since 
you were born. Many of the choices 
you've had to make have been more 
difficult than those I faced when I was 
your age. I haven't always agreed with 
your decisions, but I hope that you 
know that I respect your courage and 
independence in making them. You're 
doing all you can to be the person you 
want to be, and I admire that ... And 
remember — no matter what life brings, 
you will always be my daughter, and I 
will always love you. 


Kirsten Kaye Wolfe 

You studied hard 

and joined clubs too, 
Now to graduate 

is all that's left to do! 
Biology and Business 

are quite a combination- 
We're very proud to say 

Happy Graduation! 

Love you very much. 
Mom & Dad 

Amy Creighlon 

You Did It! 

We Love You. 

Mom & Dad 

Ke\ in Sheiiley 

Job well done. 

Mom and Dad 


And\ While 


Mo4n aHdjbad 

Advertisements \207 

John Logan 


We love you and are so 
very proud of you. 

Mom & Dad 



PSALM 121:1 

(Congratulations to 
laenee Cooper 

^ Christian, a mother, a Uiife, 
anb a hnv goob stubent. 

W€ ^M neve sem. 

(§ranmalu saps congratulations 

Rita Renee" Cooper 

Congratulations on a job well done. 
We're proud of you and Love you. 

Momma & Daddy, Lisa, Pooder, 
Andy, & Lindsey 

Kevin Robertson 


I am so proud of you! 
I love you very much, 

20 8/ Advert la ments 

James Richard "Bubba" Wrijiht 

Congratulations "l^ubba" 
We are very proud of you. 

JVlont c£ Dad 

Kasey Robinson 


We're so proud of you not 
just because you're graduating 
from college, but also because 
you're a really nice person. 


Mom, Dad, 
ir ^m. Keith 

Julie Lvnn Jones 


We are so proud of you. 



Mother & Dad 

"In all your ways 
acknowledge Him, 
and He will direct 
your paths." 

Chens Lyn Lassiter 

Congratulations Cheris! 

You did it and did it well! In other 
words, "You done good girl!" This is 
just the beginning of wonderful things 
in your life if you allow the Lord to lead 
you in the path He has chosen for you. 
We love you and will always be here for 

Mom, Dad, Leigh Ann, 
and Amy 

Adve r^ements \2 09 

Cynl'ua Aim White 

Cindy, congratulations on your gradua- 
tion. We are very proud of you and celebrate 
this milestone in your life. Not only are we 
pleased with your academic achievements, but 
also with the personal qualities that you have 
demonstrated and that have been your main- 

---Your warm gentle nature, 

---Your boundless enthusiasm, 

---Your bright spirit. 
Even more, we thank God for his blessings on 
your life and trust that you will always remem- 
ber that He is the Ultimate source of all bless- 
ings. Seek ffim first, and continue life with your 
caring ways. 


Mom, Dad, Ronnie & Donna 

Floyd, Ashley, & Tyler 

Compliments of... 

First American 
National Bank 

Jackson, TN 38302 

Lest We Forget 

1993-1994 Yearbook 

Thanks All Advertisers 

Nonis Grubbs 




Mom & Dad 

2 i 0/ Advertisements 

j 1994 Hesit Wt Jforget 

0nto ^isf)er (Svaunti 

Finally the 1994 yearbook Is done. The Lest LUe 
Forget staff luorked long and hard to finish the book. I 
iijould like to thank Dr. Kina Mallard for her encourage- 
ment and support. I mould also like to thank Johnny 
Cole, LUalsuiorth Publishing Company representatiue, for 
a ujonderful job keeping us going. 

The theme mas designed to giue us the desire to 
reach for, striue for and attain our goals. LUe all haue 
different types of goals, but me should haue the one 
common goal of reaching God's "Higher Ground.' 

There are so many special euents that happen at 
Union it mould be almost Impossible to get them all in 
one yearbook, but me tried. I hope that this book mill 
bring many fond memories for years to come and that 
you mill almays striue to reach your greatest potential. 


Marilyn Russell, Editor 
Keuin S. Trombrldge, Rssistant Editor 

Section Editors 

Tim Ellsmorth 

Rmy deMarigny 

Kim Inmon 
Stacy Garrard 
, : Jon Mitchell . 

Rae Harris 
" ' Ginger Conar - 

Christy Rden 

r Tracy Rrnold 

Randy Potts 

Kim Poole 

Kris Traughber 

Julie King 

Jenny King ^ 

Luanda UJomack 

Tim Ellsmorth 

Jon Mitchell 


WaJswort/y Publishing Con^xmy 

306 North KjiuaJ / 

' MuiaJuic. Mil 



^ '