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Lest We Forget 

student Publications 

SA 59 Student Union Building 

2447 Highway 45 Bypass 

Jackson TN 38305 


First Impressions 

Classic Memories 

g Leadership 

Valued Impressions 


Remembering Wmners 


Marked Characters 


His Lasting Impression 

Dr. Hyran Barefoot 

Union University President 


Dr. Hyran Barefoot 

He has been a part of Union's family for 38 years. (No, he 
doesn't hold the record for having the most senior years here.) 
He is our retiring president, Dr. Hyran Barefoot. 

This summer, Dr. Barefoot will retire to a life of travel- 
ling, "suitcase" preaching and antique refinishing. 

Dr. Barefoot first came to Union in 1957 as an assistant 
professor of religion. After teaching here for three years, he 
moved his family to Southern Seminary where he taught for 
two years. 

Dr. Barefoot graciously returned to Union in 1962 and 
has served here since then. 

During his time at Union, Dr. Barefoot has served as chair- 
man of the reUgion and language departments, chairman of the 
division of humanities, academic dean, academic vice-president, 
interim president and president of the university. 

But we all know most of that, don't we? 

There is another side to the man most don't know. Un- 
der the dress coat and bow tie hes an avid antique refinisher 
and a man who enjoys travelling. On those travels to visit his 
three daughters and grandchildren and to Canada, Dr. Barefoot 
fills his truck with antiques along the way. 

"My father was a worker in the sawmill, so I grew up with 
wood," Dr. Barefoot said, "I've loved wood all my life." 

Refinishing antiques comes natural to him. He estimates 
to have refinished some 30 armories, countless tables of all 
sizes, bed frames, chairs and just about anything else he could 
get his hands on. 

"I have three daughters," Dr. Barefoot says, hmnorously, 
when asked what he does with the refinished furniture. 

Besides the antiques, he says he will also spend a little 
more time with his flowers and tomatoes and spend time at 
two older homes he has acquired over the years. Those homes 
include the one in Canada and the other on the Tennessee River. 

He also hopes to go back to Brazil to help with the uni- 
versity started there. 

Whatever Dr. Barefoot does, one thing is definitely cer- 
tain. He wUl be missed at Union. 

He is known to those he taught and influenced as an 
honest man. He is known to his colleagues as a kind and fair 
man who stands up for what he believes in. He is known to his 
family as a lo\4ng, unselfish man. He will be remembered as all 
of this and much more. 

/I wiie ifUMt'i Ueani <f44id&i lUi, ^yunMi, cumA MA, 
Up/i 'pAXi*noie. u/uitnMoUo4^. Pnci^enm. 16:23 

Dr. Barefoot takes time to pose for the camera in 
his busy schedule. 





t^ M 




M V V^:, 

■ JXlt-v 

^^1 ^^B^ 

Iff ^X- 

^^ ,.^^m 



The Alumni Association is busy at work organizing and planning new activities for tlie up- 
coming years. The Association is open to anyone who attended Union-regardless if they gradu- 
ated or not. It is run solely on gifts and contributions given by various alumni members. 

One project established in the 1995-1996 school year was the Alumni Walk. The Walk 
recreates "The Circle." Alumni were given the opportunity to buy bricks with their individual 
names on them. This is a new Union tradition of all graduating seniors in the future. 

Various alumni meetings and social gatherings are housed in the Alumni Suite, which is also 
a new addition to Union. The beautifully furnished room was established this year and is located in 
the Academic Center. 

The alumni wanted to include current students in the projects, so the Student Alumni Asso- 
ciation was created this year. The organization is involved in Homecoming and other activities. 

Louise Lynch, Director of Alumni Affairs and Bill Carver, '60, Presi- 
dent of Memphis Alumni Chapter pose for a picture. 

Members of the Georgia Alumni Chapter enjoy their time spent 
together at gatherings. 



Lygia Nicar Mcmillan, '84, and husband Steve pose with their ar- 
tistic "American Classic" which they created for a recent Home- 
cominp, Reunion Brunch with 400 in attendance. 

A group of Union Alumni have just panned for cold near Fairbanks, 
Alaska while on a 12-day cruise and tour of the Alaska Inside 
Passage and inland to Denali National Park. 

Dressed for'th'e 'festivitiesrfe'ainona'Mercerr'52 chaired the 
Homecoming Committee. 

President Barefoot, who attends all alumni gatherings, ex- 
tends a big howdy to James T. McAfee, '61. 

i:anng Seniors file in to take their seats for the 

Four hundred and seventy students were finally able to 
say goodbye to Union University as they walked the line to 
receive their diplomas. The east lawn became the walking 
grounds for the Graduation ceremony held Saturday, May 27, 

The Elizabeth Tigrett Medal was given to Anita Kerr 
Llewellyn for her outstanding achievements. Llewellyn, along 
with Beverly Daniel, Hollie Baggett, Diane Pace, Bonnie Carter, 
and Kenley Penner, received the highest academic achieve- 
ment award. All five students had cumulative grade point av- 
erages of 4.0. 

Bert Coady prepares for the long-awaited graduation ceremony- 


^^B^HJ|B^V18i •m^^ "^ ■ 




^^ :^^^ . B ■ 

Anxiously awaiting the ceremony to begin, Christa 
1 riel and Dr. Bentley smile for the camera. 

I (.-cling the stares of hundreds of audience members, 
these seniors move nervously and excitedlv to their 

Taking a break from the long graduation week, Bert 
Coady and Jay Ridenour psyche themselves up for 
the moment thev will graduate from Union University. 

Savannah S.P.O.T.S. team takes a briief 
moment to pose while hunting Easter eggs. 
Mrs. Terri Kozlowitz shows off her team on 
the Louisville S.P.O.T.S. trip. 

A total of 1 55 students chose for their spring break to take part 
in Special Projects Other Than Summer (S.P.O.T.S.). Five S.P.O.T.S. teams 
set out April 1 4-1 7, 1 995 to minister to different regions of the United 

All five teams led Backyard Bible Clubs, and Conducted inner-city 
and evangelism ministries. An approximate total of 7.045 people was 
ministered to, and 51 known professions of faith were made. 

Bill Kisner led 44 to Arlington, Texas to work with Mission Arling- 
ton. Twenty-six followed Eric Mason to Nashville to work with the Wood- 
cock Baptist Center. The New Orleans teams, led by Robbie Graves, 
consisted of 31 students. They assisted the Rachel Simms Baptist Mis- 
sion. Jason Martin took 23 students to Savannah, Georgia to help sev- 
eral communitites and to lead worship services through the Savannah 
Baptist Center. The Infant Resource Center received the help of 26 
students and Terri Kozlowitz. They also attended the Tennessee Bap- 
tist Convention State BSU Conference to see the commissioning of five 
Union students. 

Bill Myatt and Jeff Edmunds 

break after a long day of building 
in Nashville. 

New Orleans S.P.O.T.S. hanging 

Brian Nelson interacts with the 
children in Arlington. 

1 rr^i^^ 

T- ndCess Cummer 

While many slaved away in a fast food restaurant 
or grocery store for the much needed dollar, others too 
to the frontier of job hunting this summer. These peopli 
showed up at the most unlikely places doing some 
summer's most interesting jobs. 

Jason Warren chose his summer career during hi 
three years at Prudential Magnolia Realty. This summer 
Warren became licensed to sell real estate. He is a soph 
more Business/Marketing major. 

Looming over the pool at Loretta Lynn's Du 
Ranch was head lifeguard Amy Balthrop. Balthrop hai 
been certified for three years, and is also certified in Firs' 
Aid, CPR and Lifesaving. She had the privilege of rescu 
ing four people this summer, one being a three year old 

Rick LaRue's employment at the Centennial Medi 
cal Center in Dickson, Tennessee proved to be an enjo; 
able learning experience. He spent his summer assistin 
a pharmacist by counting pills and filling prescriptions. 
LaRue is a Chemisty/Math mjor under the pre-med pro 





strate the job he had this sum- 

Jason Warren is dressed for success after earning his real estate 
license in July. 

Amy Balthrop keeps the swimming pool safe no matter where 
she goes. 


Yells of delight echoed through the campus as two 
students embraced. Hugs were frequently spotted as 
returning students found their friends through all the 
check-in lines and boxes of stuff. Freshmen looked in 
awe as they watched students filter in. Many were over- 
come by nervousness, and many just trying to fit all their 
stuff in the apartments they were about to make as their 
new homes. 

Faculty and staff joined the RAs and FOCUS to help 
move students into their apartments. "The most amaz- 
ing thing to watch is the sheer enthusiasm of the group," 
said Ms. Coleman, Director of Hurt Complex. "The fresh- 
men are ready to start their lives here, and the returning 
students are ready to continue. The parents are usually 
the ones to cry." 

Resident A'ssisiant Sitiawn Stutz registers freshmen for men's hous 
ing assignments. 

The cars are lined up ready to be unloaded. 

These F.O.C.U.S. leaders find time to unload their own cars 
amidst the busyness of the day. 

Vith dolly in hand, Dr. Fowler delivers a chest-of-drawers. 

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Union's new freshmen, these 
F.O.C.U.S. leaders show off their spirit and their new shirts. 



Courtney Helton has an armful of things for her new dorm 

F.O.C.U.S. leaders attempt to maneuver a box to an upstairs 

Setting up the sound equipment for moving in day, Chris 
Hartfield and Terri Kozlowitz decide which music to play. 

tructmg a l>|ew 

Construction has become a way of life for Union stu- 
dents. Treading through "Do Not Cross" tape and sheetrock 
pieces has left a distinct impressin in our minds. It is an im- 
pression that reminds us of Union's changes and constant 

Having started in the summer of 1995, the construc- 
tion of the fountain was finally completed in the fall. Bricks 
were purchased by alumni and placed in the circle. It quickly 
became the focal point of the campus. ■ 

The Art Department underwent many changes. The! 
graphic arts studeio moved into the former student lounge ■ 
near the gymnasium. The breezeway beside what was once a 
bookstore was covered and designed for the new art depart- 
ment. Several H-rooms were turned into studios, and an out- 
idoor sculpture area was built. 
[ All three housing complexes had many rooms renovated. 

[The remodeling made the rooms more attractive to prospec- 
tive students and more efficient for the residents. 



times iiiin delayed progress on the construction. 
Orange netting prevents students from treading on the work. 
Signs posted on doors indicate where construction was found 
Large machines were brought in to aid in laying pipe for the fountain 

leasing Impression 

Crews level the ground in preparation to pour concrete. 

Parking lot beautifications were also done on campus 
between McAfee and Hurt Complexes. 

The ground is leveled off to begin work on the fountain i 
- in the spring. 

Carol Headen, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs 


Changes occurred in faculty for the 1 995- 
96 school year as Union hired 23 new staff 
members. Seventeen job turnovers brought 
about jobs in the following areas: Admissions, 
the library, Maintenance and Student Affairs. 
There are also new faces in the following areas: 
Student Accounts bookkeeper, assistant to the 
alumni director, secretary of the activities 
center, systems technician in computing 
services, intramural director and sports 
information director, secretary of the school 
of nursing, post office worker and secretary in 
the Academic Center. 


. '!i>''^'>d|^^^^H 





^W j| 

m. ill 

: , ■; 

wl^r^m ^ ^^J^mr 

J ■ 




Cam IVacy, Media and Information Technology Coordinator 
Julie Powell, Intramural Director and Sports Information Director 
Beverly Vos, Secretary in the Academic Center 

Larry Ross, Director of the Safety and Security D^ 
Donna Webb, Secretary in the School of Nursing 
Teresa Nethery, Admission Secretary 



"Even though the number of guys go' 
was down, I beheve that we had higl; 
Lambdi Chi had a great Rush." 

- Bobby Walker. 

ent really well this year. All the 
med to get along well. All three 
e a really good pledge class." 

- Micah Rochester, ATQ 

smooth and well run Rush. All three 
rked well together which prevented 

- Blake Neeley, ZAE 




"This year was tough because there were 
good girls to choose from and quota was 

- Suzanne Persiak 

reat way to meet people who you 
meet otherwise." 

- Joanna Harris, KA 

"Fabulous girls went through Rush this year. Eve^one a 
that pledged will be an asset to their sorority." - Y ' 

- Ashley Greathouse, Z 

^ %/ w Campus 'Day, 199? 

Campus Day 1995 was a day of excitement and 
enthusiasm. Many students and parents flooded the halls, 
sidewalks, and rooms of Union on October 7,1 995. 

The day was set aside for all prospective high school 
students and their families to come to Union and receive a 
taste of what Union represents. 

Included in the day students received tours from 
members of Stuent Foundation, watched different BSU 
organizations perform, chatted witti professors and viewed 
Greek Olympics. 

The day ended with a food fare in the grove, then a 
concert by Cindy Morgan, award winning contemporary Christian 

Amy Cooley, waves the Chi Omega flag proudly at Greek 


Thomas Pollock, Alpha Tau Omega brother, watches eageriy'at 

the boat race. 


Stephan Hamilton and her.^jjther, Cullie, pose for the camera 
at the tug of war. 

Ron Picard smiles as he represents Y.E.M.M.A. in the Student 
Union Building. 

/ 23 \ 

Ms. Kodr/ So!i' dP.d her friend Cheryl Wolfinger are enjoying pizza and 

the py -I li-'^ndsHip- 

Cindy Morgan sings with her whole heart expressing God's love. 



i^^ i9a ''ll 


^^^^B^ yS^B^IB9^- 4I 


JT' JjB/^^^ ^' "I^^^^V 


^K '^ ^^^^^^Bl^^^B^^^^I 


Coaches Bishop, Stranak, and Williams look 
as if to be having a great time at the athletic 

These prospective students look as if they 
enjoy pizza and Coke. 

Jonathan Bobbitt, John Carroll, and Chris 
Rowland go crazy after winning the boat race. 



Jill Davis 
Cliff Kelley 

The title of Miss Union for 1 996 was given to 
Jill Davis. Davis is a senior from Paducah, Kentucl<y, 
majonng in Englisli and minoring in secondary education. 
She plans to teach junior high students upon graduation 
from Union. Davis has been a member of Chi Omega 
for four years where she has served as assistant 
personnel chairman, personnel chairman and president. 
She has also been a member of SAC, Sigma Tau Delta 
and Union University Chorus. Davis said the lasting 
impression she hopes to leave on Union is her love for 
the Lord, being a good friend to everyone and always 
having a smile on her face. 

The title of Mr. Union for 1996 was given to 
Cliff Kelley. Kelley is a senior from Huntingdon, 
Tennessee. He is majoring in physical education and 
minoring in management/marketing. Kelley plans to 
attend graduate school and work in sports 
administration upon graduation at Union. Kelley has 
been a member of Lambda Chi Alpha for four years 
where he served as intramural director and enjoyed 
participating in intramurals. He was voted the 1995 
intramural sportsman at Union. Kelley said the lasting 
impression he wanted to leave on Union is his love for 
the Lord and not discriminating against anyone he 


Carrie Whitmer 

Greg Jackson 

Jason Taylor 

Sam Mizell 

Bill Myatt 



Brandon Nix 

Molly Graves 

Clay Davis 

Anna Richardson 

Michael Laffoon 

Shantel Malan 
Richie Presley 
Chad Lewis 
Lyle Larson 
Stephanie Goode 



>- ^ORDINARY ^"^ 


Homecoming Queen 

Christi Byrd 

Homecoming Royalty 

Doric Lane, Carrie Whitmer, Lynn Weems, 
Anna Richardson, Tara Heath, Misty Yow, 
Beth Arbuckle, Amber Simpson 

on Campus 

Resident students are the hazelnut flavor in Union's cappuccino. They 
make up the majority of Union's enrollment, and quickly become involved in 
campus life. Everywhere you look - in the parking lot, in the halls, library, in 
every organization - you can almost guarantee that the majority of the stu- 
dents you see are residents. 

Being involved in the resident community proves to be helpful for 
students as they become accustomed to the "real world." Even though they 
have reached the level of independence, there is always someone there to fall 
back on, whether it is another student or one of the dorm "parents." Being a 
resident also allows the students to form unbreakable bonds as they begin 
their first steps to careers and their lives beyond Union. 

Halloween can still be fun for some residents. 

Genie Henley and Leah 
Cashion pause between classes 
to chat. 

Students help encourage each 
other in creative ways. 

Mr. Pat Patterson is one of the 

voices that can be heard saying 

Jim Collins and Beth McGregor 

pray to start their day out right. 


Some lasting impressions can be found 
all around campus. 

Like many students, Christy Byrd prays for her salad 
at lunch. 

Man)' students are avid bicycle riders on campus, 
while other bikes are left to rust. 



The distinct chill of winter envelopes his nose as he closes the door 
on the comfort of his warm home. Slowly, trying to escape the danger of 
slipping on the icy sidewalk, he makes his way toward his car. After a 
miserable ten minutes avoiding the snow, and the ferocious terrier next 
door, he finds that his car refuses to start. Running into his home again, 
he quickly makes several desperate phone calls, begging every one he 
knows for a ride to school. Have you had a similar experience since start- 
ing your college career? You are probably a commuter. 

Commuters are a dedicated group. These students don't always 
have easy access to many of Union's facilities, or have the same chance to 
develop relationships as resident students do. However, they continue to 
excel in leadership roles, academic responsibilities and social activities. 
Most commuters also have the added responsibility of maintaining a full 
time job to enable them to pay for both school and household bills. 

Aside from the aforementioned, commuters add a spice to the Union 
family. Their uniqueness and outlook on life leaves each of us with a 
lasting impression. 

Lisa Pressor! takes a few minutes to sit in the 
iiali to study. 

New signs were placed around campus to 
offer help for those new to Union. 



f Student Union Building Entrance 

^ Harvey Lecture Hall 

^ Bookstore 

^ Cafeteria 

4v Religious Affairs 

4s Student Affairs 

Stephanie Goode 

talks with her 
boyfriend, Michael 
Laffoon, a Union 

Union's theater opened its 
doors from March 23-28 to usher in 
the 1 995 drama season with the Union 
University Players performing in Time 
After Time . 

This suspense thriller featured 
H.G. Wells(Stephen Buback), Jack the 
Ripper(Mac Lower) and Amy 
Robbins(Ellen McCroskey). The 
audience followed H.G. Wells as he 
travelled through time into the future 
chasing Jack the Ripper. 


As the theater doors were 
opened again in the fall, the Players 
performed in Smoke on the Mountain. 
The characters included Mervin 
Oglethorpe(Tim Powell), the Sanders 
family: Burl(Jack Cordwell), 
Vera(Suzetta Tillman), Stanley(Mac 
Lower), Dennis(Brandon Nix), Denise 
(Joye Johnson), June (Jennifer Davis), 
and Miss Maude(Sarah Padelford) and 
Miss Myrtle(Shatan Sutton). 

The members of the Jackson 
Plectral Society also performed as the 
church instrumentalists. 

Both plays were successful and 
the department hopes to continue with 
the success in the future. 

flAT fU\f»f»£^^££>? 

In January 1 995, Newt Gingrich became 
the fi'st Pep '"''c^n "oe"! 3 ^f the 
Hous' I. ■ D vPirs. T e 51 'ear-old 
Georc a Co gn. jsmar lar nis s jhts set 
on thi-^ position ^v'en beiore h^ won a 
House seat on his third try in 1 976. 

In "the trial of the century," O.J. 
Simpson was acquitted in the June 
12, 1994, stabbing murder of his 
former wife, Nicole BrowrQimpson, 
and her friend, Ronald Goldman. 

"Why do you want to be president?"' 
asked the TV host. "Every country 
needs a president," replied Republican 
Senator Bob Dole. This is the thirc 
presidential attempt for Dole. 

President Bill Clinton entered the third year of his term 
as no president has done for 40 years — with a Republican 
Congress. As he began this new year, he resolved to 
"put aside partisan differences." On April 14, 1995, 
Clinton filed the necessary documents with Federal 
Election Commission and made formal his candidacy for 

On April 1 9, 1 995, a car bomb exploded in Oklahoma Cit^ 
OK, destroying the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building an 
killing scores of men, women and young children. ShortI 
after the explosion, Timothy McVeigh, a Gulf War Vetera 
was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Two day 
later, he was recognized as one of the bombing suspect 
and was charged. 


In May 1995, NATO planes attacked Serb ammunition 
depots. The Serbs responded by attacking "safe areas," 
killing many and taking hundreds of U.N. peacekeeper 
hostages. The conflict and the peace talks continue. 

In September, 1995, Colin Powell embarked on a cross- 
country book tour to promote his autobiography, "My 
American Journey." He also promoted the motion that 
his next journey might be along the campaign trail, seeking 
the presidency of the United States in 1 996. 

Hootie, featuring vocals by lead singer Darius Rucker, won 
an MTV award for best new artist for their video, "Hold 
My Hand." The presentation was made at the 1 2th annual 
MTV Video Music Awards held in September 1 995 at Radio 
City Music Hall in New York. 

Jerry Garcia, co-founder of rock music's the Grateful Dead, 
died of a heart attack while in a drug rehabilitation center 
in a suburban San Francisco. The guitarist, composer 
and singer passed away on August 9, 1995, just eight 
days after his 53rd birthday. 

On August 24, 1 995, human rights activist Harry Wu set 
foot on American soil after being imprisoned in China for 
66 days. Within hours, however, he was released and 
deported, in an apparent attempt to improve delicate 
relations between the United States and China. 

On September 5, 1995, France resumed underground 
nuclear testing when it detonated a device under a remote 
atoll in the South Pacific. Worldwide protests preceded 
the nuclear test, and criticism from the world followed it. 

On September 6, 1 995, Ripken tool< the field, as he had 
done in every Orioles game since May 30, 1 982, to play 
against the California Angels. This was consecutive game 

This sight was the September 28, 1995, signing of an 
accord between Israel and the PLO that would end Israel's 
military occupation of West Bank cities and lay the 
foundation for a Palestinian state. 

It was Hillary Clinton's first visit to China, and she made it 
a memorable one. In a speech to the United Nation's 
Fourth World Conference on Women, the first lady took 
on the world. The conference platform called for 
measures to alleviate women's poverty, and improve 
health care, job oppoutunities and education. 

It was a match between two players vying for the top 
position in women's tennis. On September 9, 1995, 
Germany's Steffi Graf emerged as #1 as she beat Monica 
Seles in New York to win her fourth U.S. Open title. 

On the evening of October 4, 1995, 
Hurricane Opal came ashore on Florida's 
Gulf Coast, packing sustained winds o( 
125 miles per hour. The storm IkhI 
l<illed at least 20 people in four st;it( 
and caused at least $1.8 billion in 

The newsmaker was Pope John Paul 
II, and the occasion was his visit to 
the United States in early October 

The Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta 
Braves squared off in the first World 
Series in two years. The Braves won 
the October 21-29 Series in six 
games, after taking a two games-to- 
none lead in their home park. 

The gathering in Washington, D.C. on October 1 6, 1 995, 
was tremendous. Hundreds of thousands of African- 
American men converged on the nation's capital in 
response to the call from Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of 
Islam's leader, to rally for unity and brotherhood. It was 
the fourth-largest demonstration in Washington's history, 
and the largest predominately African-American 
gathering. The rally's climax was Farrakhan's speech in 
which he led the men in a pledge to "Never raise my 
hand with a knife or gun to beat, cut or shoot. ..any human 

Occurring around 1 AM on October 9, 1 995, the derailment 
of Amtrak's Sunset Limited, en route from Miami to Los 
Angeles, sent four of its cars into the gulch 30 feet below 
the trestle. One person was killed and more that 70 were 
injured. The derailmant was caused by the remival of a 
metal bar theat held two sections of rail together. The 
culprit installed a wire, disabling a light that would have 
warned the train's crew about the break. The saboteur's 
apparent knowledge about the warning system led to 
speculation that it might be the work of a railroad 



The diversity of off-campus activities that Union 
students tal<e part in range from community enhanced 
activities to purely social events. Many students enjoy 
traveling to the Jackson Symphony. Others enjoy music 
at local coffee houses and hanging out with their friends 
over a cappucino. Many students enjoy the miniture golf 
courses in Jackson, while others stick to the tradition of 
movie theaters. When students get hungry, need to study 
(all-nighter, anyone?) or simply want to get away from 
campus, Perkins is the place to go. However, on some 
nights when no money is on hand, students stay in the 
commons and play cards, catch up on homework from 
the past week, or just hang out in their rooms. No matter 
where Union students are found, fun will always 
accompany them. 

Union students traveled to 
Bartlett in September to see 
Rebecca St. James in concert. 

At Oman Arena in September, 
the Jackson Symphony opens up 
the fall season with a concert. 

Jamie Martin and Curt True 

enjoy the coffee and fellowship 
at Espresso 204. 

A hot cup of cappuccino sets the 
mood at tspresso 204. 

Coffeehouses have a certain 
appeal to many students, such 
as Vince Black. 


Three freshmen girls find companionship on Union's campus. 

Coffee nnd dessert is a favorite for Union students and is served at area coffeehouses. 

STING Leadership 


The Student Government Association officers are 
the official "voice" in institutional affairs of the student 
body at Union. This year, SGA was busy working with Dr. 
Fowler and Ms. Headen in student affairs. Chris 
Rowland, SGA president, worked hard with the other 
officers in keeping things organized. Part of the 
organization came through hours set up for each of the 
officers in the SGA office. Students could drop in and 
voice any concerns. 

The officers also led Senate meetings on 
Wednesday nights comprised of all class officers and 
Senators from organizations. The turnout this year was 
increased from past years and very motivating. The 
meetings usually lasted the full hour, resulting in many 
bills passed and concerns of students addressed. The 
year was a busy one, but one that resulted in many good 
things for SGA. 

Melissa Mann, SGA Secretary gets "Senate Minutes" ready for 
the next Senate meeting. 

Sitting: Melissa Mann, Secretary; Chris Rowland, President. Standing; Tim Patterson, Treasurer; Blake 
Neeley, Vice President; not pictured: Jonathan Miller, Attorney General. 


1 995-1 996 

Class Officers 


Ci ^ 

'' ^ i 


\ f-*^ k JL,, / 


^'^ Mr^ 


i >''"'' ' ^ 


5itting;Brian Boles, president; Dorie Lane, vice president. Standing: Sitting: Dexter McLeod, treasurer; Sarali Allison, secretary;Chris 
Jradley Huddleston, secretary; Bryan Nelson, treasurer. Raines, vice president. Standing: Jonathon Boord, president. 



lonathan Bobbitt,secretary; Jason Taylor, treasurer; Shane Critser, Sitting: John Carroll, president; Mist\- Yovv, secretar\'; Ryan Kirkbride, 
president; Brandon Nix, vice president. treasurer. Standing: Peter Hawkins, vice president. 

a n g e s 

If any bills need to be passed concerning students 
at Union, the Union University Student Senate is the 
place to see that happen. 

Senators voice concerns from their organizations 
at Union Senate meetings. These concerns included more 
open dorms, shorts being able to be worn in chapel, 
donating money to certain causes and also more hours 
for dining in the cafeteria. The meetings are held in the 
Harvey Lecture Hall on Wednesday nights. 

Senate is made up of SGA officers, class officers 
and two elected Senators from each organization with 
at least 50 members. 

Blake Neeley, SGA vice president, leads a Senate meeting during 
the fall semester. 

First Row: Annette Miller, Jonathan Miller, Fred Shackleford, Shane Critser, Jason Shannon, Michael Schemer. 
Second Row: Cari Kingsbury, Anne-Marie Mcacham, John Carroll, Chris Rowland, Peter Hawkins, Jerem\' 
Young, Jonathan Boord. Third Row: Jay Bush, Shawn Hendricks, Kevin Trowbridge, Valerie Howell, Jenny 
Fuller, Ryan Kirkbride. Fourth Row: Christy Key, Elizabeth Morgan, Kvie Brown, Jason Logan, John Cross, 
Misty Yow. Fifth Row: April Lemons, Julianne Phillips, Sarah Hackett, Charlotte Bond, Amber Wyre, Nick 
Powers. Sixth Row: Tim Patterson, Dixie Carter, Janna Havs, Ton\' Bradley, Brad Witt. Last Row: Jeff 
Cupples, Blake Neeley, Mark Hoesel, Stephen Eldridge, Michael Laffoon, Tracy Snyder. 



The College Republicans was instituted at Union 
so students could express their opinions and get in- 
volved with politics and government. The Union Uni- 
versity chapter attempts to help any local Republican 
members and other conservative, Christian based or- 
ganizations. This organization strives to help put mor- 
als back into the American agenda. The College Re- 
publicans, together as students, can fight the parties 
who attempting to deprive Americans of their political 

All Republicans know that the elephant is the ultimate mascot. 

First Row: Kari Cannon, Julie Rhea, Eric Martin, Smith Sipes. Back Row; ]enn>' Fisher, Leli Crawford, Justin 
Green, Eddie Childers, Jeremy Worth, Stephen Phillips. 



Student Foundation, a group made up of thirty students, is consid- 
ered to be the "welcoming committee" for Union University. These students 
are chosen from an initial application and a personal interview. 

Giving campus tours is not the only way Student Foundation assists 
the Office of Admissions; they also call prospective students to answer any 
questions they have about Union. 

Membership is a lot of fun, but there is also much hard work that goes 
into the recruiting of Union's next freshman class. One of the organization's 
biggest days to recruit students occurs every fall—Campus Day. On this day 
members busy themselves giving tours, working in the Food Fair, and helping 
decorate the campus. 

Overall Student Foundation is an orgainzation that enjoys helping high 
school seniors make one of their most important decisions— what college to 
attend. Members are proud to offer Union University as a means to explore 
this decision. 

Rachel Tiedemann leads a tour on Campus Day. 





itenriimffiiKfrmifl rir||[ff[l[[| 11 


First Row: Dee Dee Babcock, Annette Miller, Sarah Hackett, Jennifer Allen, Monica Biter, Lori Prine. Second 
Row; Lolly Houston, Tara Heath, Amy Darty, Annetta Story, Sarah Aldridge, Rachel Wright, Tamara Davis, 
Robyn Clifford, Waverly Forouplous, Keli McAlister, Heather VVatkins, Misha James. Third Row: Rachel 
Tidemann, Angle Brown, David Boatright, Jimmy Duke, Bradley Powers, Jim Collins, Greg Baker, Elizabeth 
Morgan, Sharon Kinstler, Vadessa Flack. 


FOCUS members are the first Union students 
tinat officially get to "hang out" with the new 
freshmen. FOCUS members come to Union before 
school starts to help the freshmen move in, lead in 
group games for the freshmen to get to know each 
other, present the FOCUS show and also assist 
professors with CLU(College Life at Union) oreintation 
classes during the fall semester. 

The sponsor is Susan Hopper and this year's 
student director was Angela Clanton. Freshman 
Orientation, according to the handbook, provides a 
comprehensive introduction to college life at Union 
for beginning college students of all ages. 

Caroll Griffin makes announcements to the new freshman 
cl.iss durlne fioshmen orientation. 

First Row: Stephanie Goode, Chris Row land, Shane Critser. Second Row: Shantel Malen, Sarah iern^, Sii^.m 
Hopper, sponsor; Suzanne WalUs, Molly Graves, Angela Clanton, student director; Amy Wheatley. Third 
Row: Stephanie Lee, Carrie Whitmer, Len Phegley, Rob Allen, Sarah Allison, Tiffany Harmon, Lori Prine, 
Steve Phipps, John Highsmith, Jen Neal. Fourth Row: Lyle Larson, Bill Myatt, Brian Boles, Lee Sanders. Not 
pictured: Suzanne Piersiak, Michelle Osmanson, Lolly Houston, Stephen Claybrook, Jonathan Bobbitt, Mark 
Butler, Heather Englert, Greg Jackson. 





Cardinal Lest We 



As the volume number transformed 
to 80, Union University's campus newspaper 
turned to a new section in its life. August 
commenced a new year for the Cardinal & 
Cream - a year that will certainly have lasting 

Kevin S. Trowbridge, editor in 
chief, explained that the editorial board 
adopted a Japanese philosophy known as 
kaizen. Kaizen (pronounced ky' zen) is the 
relentless quest for a better way. "We think 
of it as the daily pursuit of perfection," 
Trowbridge said. 

While perfection may never be at- 
tained, C&C editors feel the sense of obliga- 
tion to try. "As assistant news editor, I am 
constantly having to improve to make this 
paper the best," Shawn Hendricks said. 
"This year, I'm pressured to stay on top of 
things to make the working issue better than 
the one before." 

"We keep reaching, stretching to 
outdo yesterday," Trowbridge siad. the staff 
began with plans to go weekly. However, 
the editorial board agreed that a differnt aim 
was necessary for long-term success. 

"We focused more on quality this 
year," A&E Editor Tracy Snyder said. By 
evaluating their readership, the staff covered 
stories that affected faculty, staff and stu- 
dents. "The quality of the paper has imporved 
tremendously," Valerie Howell, news edi- 
tor said. 

Melissa Mann, Lest We Forget 
yearbook editor, wanted to do something 
special with the publication this year. 

With Dr. Barefoot leaving in May, Mann 
decided to dedicate this yearbook to the 
president that will be deeply missed. 

The staff agreed with the idea and 
helped sneak pictures from Mrs. Barefoot 
without Dr. Barefoot knowing. ..thanks Mrs. 

Goals and deadlines were set for each 
month. Many hours go into the publication, 
from scheduling organizational photographs 
to editing blue lines from the company. 

All in all, the deadlines were met and 
the staff improved on many skills. 



The Torch is a publication that 
features art and literary works of Union 
students selected by other student editors. 
Any student can submit works to The Torch 
from classroom work, or independent works 
that they have done. This publication is 
headed by Dr. Ernest Pinson. 


First Row; Blake Neeley, Janice Wood, advisor; Shawn Hendrici<.s. 
Second Row: Tracy Snyder, Tami Bogue, Nedra Crawford, Kevin 
S. Trowbridge, Sydney Gray, Sarah Aldridge, Valerie Howell. 

Lest We 

First Row: Shatan Sutton, copy head; April Lemons, Lori Davis, 
Kimberly Walker, caption queen; Sabrina Smithson, Tracy Snyder. 
Second Row: Melissa Mann, editor; Cande Crossnoe, Kellee Berry, 
Susan Smith, Charlene Simpson, Kristine Peal. Not pictured: Angie 
Baseler, photography exec; Christy Lynn, advertising manager; 
Jana Hays, Heather Keller, Rae Harris, Todd Myers, Michael 
Schemer, Michael Rowland, Susan Gonzales, Josette Soard. 



First Row: Nedra Crawford, Angela McDaniel. Second Row: Josh 
Jenkins, Earnest Pinson, advisor. 


First Row: Karen Joyner, Brandon Nix, Kevin Peters, Aaron Grissom, Richard 
Solt. Second Row: Shantel Malan, president, Ashley Greathouse, Susan 
Gonzalez, Jennifer GaJlimore, Tara Heath, Hilary Williams, Vadessa Flack. Third 
Row: Holly Black, Cindy Osburn, Amy Travis, Angela White, Andrea Atwood, 
Misty Yow, Suzanne Frost. Fourth Row: Karyn Dickerson, Cande Crossnoe, 
Molly Durrance, Mandi Pack, John Cunningham. Fifth Row: Mary Ann Jones, 
Susan Smith, John Cross, Chad Bailey, Stephen Eldridge, Daniel Lackey. 

Activities Council 

The Student Activities Council (SAC), under 
the leadership of Dan Patterson, is comprised of 
about seventy awesome members; each member 
being unique and an important asset to the group. 

This year SAC has undergone major changes. 
There is an over riding President with six divisions 
including a vice-president for each division. The 
divisions consist of the Special Events (Mr. Cam- 
pus, Variety Show), Special Interests (cook-outs, 
contests). Weekend Acitivities (Putt-Putt, movies), 
Trips (Cruise, skiing), Intramurals and Aquatics. 

Together, these students work diligently for 
one main purpose: to provide service and enter- 
tainment for the whole student body. 

Student Alumni 

The Union University student Alumni Asso- 
ciation was formed in March 1 995. SAA serves as 
a liaison between the university, the students, the 
community, and the alumni of Union University. SAA 
seeks to enhance present student involvement in 
the university and to facilitate an active relation- 
ship between students and alumni through acitivities 
planned throughout the year. 

SAA's main activity is the coordination of 
Homecoming, this year's theme is FIESTA '96 
"Nacho Ordinary Homecoming." SAA has planned 
such events as a bonfire, mini-floats parade and 
the third annual skate party, as well as other events 
for alumni. 

Other activities hosted by SAA and the 
Alumni Association include. Freshman Orientation/ 
Alumni Hour and the annual Senior Luncheon. 

First Kow: Stacy Smith, Mandy Cabanaw, Holly Seaton. Second Row: lerri 
Ammon, April Phelps, Chris Rowland, Dixie Blackstock. Third Row: Susanne 
Walton, Sheri Evans, advisor; Neal Evans, Robyn Clifford, Lisa Presson, presi- 
dent; Shawn Stutz, Cande Crossnoe, Valerie Howell. 


Hurt Dorm 

The Hurt Dorm Council serves as the rep- 
resentative body of the housing complexes and is 
advised by the Director of the Complex. The Coun- 
cil is composed of the officers of the complex, and 
one senator per one hundred residents. The pri- 
mary duties of the Council is to review and pro- 
pose internal policies and guidelines, to see that 
all housing policies and guidelines are upheld, and 
to plan and carry out the total program according 
to the needs and interests of the complex. 


Dorm Council 

No money? No major? No mate? No fear! 
"God with us." This was the theme at the McAfee 
complex for the school year. The dorm council 
does many behind the scenes things in the com- 
plex. They meet at least once a month to plan 
activities for the students. While planning, they 
try to keep the students' interests in mind. The 
activities chosen are taken from a survey taken at 
the beginning of the semester. 

Miss Kathy Southall and Mrs. Johnie Mor- 
gan, the directors of the complex, help to oversee 
the meetings of the council. Shawn Bailliez believes 
"that the dorm council really tried to meet all the 
needs of the students in McAfee. It was an all 
around good year." 

First Row Jenny Fisher senator, Lisa Bailliez, senator. Second Row. Donnita 
Baker, tire maishall, Kim Grooms, treasurer; Lesli Crawford, president; Joi 
Mitchell, secretar} , Emil\ kiebtler, resident life board. Not pictured: Marti Lewis, 
vice president; Tami Bogue, resident life board; Terri Ammon, senator. 

First Row: Aaron Armstrong, tire marshall; Philip Tummins, senator; Shawn 
Bailliez, president. Second Row: Ben Kallal, treasurer; Sydney Gray, secretary; 
Aimee Teague, resident life board; Tammie Strickland, senator; Greg Duncan, 
vice presidenL.Not picturedi, Marquitta Hunt,. Laura DfiFew, .,.-,.. 


Baptist Student Union is an organization that attempts to minister 
to the students of Union University in various ways. There is a weekly wor- 
ship service called Powersource that is student led. The worship is very 
contemporary and caters to college students. 

As well as presenting opportunities for worship, the BSU is also active 
in outreach. They attempt to have a personal encounter with everyone on 
campus to see what the needs are and how they can be reached. The BSU 
also offers many ways for students to serve. They sponsor many Revival 
Teams and Disciple Now weekends as well as having a variety of minisrty 
teams available on which to serve (IMPACT, Witness, JOY, Hands for Jesus, 
Puppets, Clowns). 

Jim Collins, BSU president, feels that "BSU is important to Union 
because of the ministry it does for a wide variety of people." 

First Rinv: liftany Stchle, Beth McGregor, Jim Collins, DecDce Hdbcock, 
Krista Adams. Second Row: Melanie Layne, Jennifer King, Brand\- Keith, 
Steven Aldridge, Cassandra L. Lee. 



The Missions Committee is a group of students 
that plays an important role in raising money for Student 
Ministries. They plan and run various fund-raisers through- 
out the year. All the money raised goes toward the mis- 
sion goal that covers a large number of things such as 
Summer Missions, S.P.O.T.S., Habitat for Humanity, and 
all other B.S.U. supported ministries. The mission theme 
for the 1995-96 school year was "We Are His Hands" 
and that is just what the Missions Committee tries to be! 

The On Campus committee is comprised of student 
leaders for the BSD. The members pray for and organize 
PowerSource (campus worship) for students. The 
committee is dedicated to making posters, scheduling 
speakers, and leading in PowerSource. Chris Hartfield, On 
Campus president, opens PowerSource up with a word of 
prayer or sometimes even a short message from God's 
Word. The members have fun while serving God. 


Off-campus and out of our comfort zones! The 
different ministries that God enabled us to be a part of 
may have, in our eyes, been intended to minister to and 
bless those we were reaching out to, but God did much 
more than that. I believe each student who participated 
found that when you are open to be used as a vessel by 
God you are blessed, also. Whether old or young, rich or 
poor, God sees no barriers but rather lost souls, and He 
used off-campus ministries as one way to reach out and 
love them. 

First Row: Christie Ccimpbell, Jennifer Green, Utkala Patel. Second 
Row: Tim Mercer, Robin Beard, Kristine Peal. Third Row: Michael 
Wright, Emily Wright, Susan Parks, David Richardson, Chariene 
Simpson, Jeremy Duncan. Fourth Row: Michael Murray, Jeff 
Edmunds, Jennifer Stokes, Katrina Watts. 

First Row: Brad Bruhn 
Ellsworth. Second Row: 

, Chris Hartfield, Patrick 
Monica Biter, Sarah Ferris, 



Suzanne Frost, Tara Lamplev. 

First Row: Aaron Rice, Detention Center; Ben Clark, Backyard 
Bible Club; Paul Robbins, Backyard Bible Club. Second Row: Mandy 
Smith, Co-Director Nursing Home; Brandy Keith, Director; 
Catherine Wells, Director- Youth Town; Jennifter Barto, Co-Direc- 
tor, Nursing Home. 


Black Christian Fellowship is designed to 
bring black students together under one purpose- 
to praise and glorify our Lord. As a ministry team, 
BCF desires to reach out to both white and black 
students on campus, accepting all persons to help 
meet this goal. Each semester BCF hosts Extrava- 
ganza] welcoming all students and community 
churches to come and lift their praises to Christ 
through Gospel music. BCF's main desire is to build 
up strong Christian black students so that they 
may leave Union reaching their community for 

First Row: Sherrell Anderson, Cassandra L. Lee, Clarissa G. Knij;ht, Rhonda 
Mopps. Second Row: Jamica Beauregard, Schitidel Cranberry, R. M^diail 
Minst, Amy L. Pugh. 

YEMMA (Youth, Education, Music, Missions 
Association) is an organization dedicated to serv- 
ing Christ in our future careers, families, and ev- 
eryday lives. We strive to grow closer to each 
other and to Christ by Bible studies and monthly 
meetings. We also reach out to the community 
through activities such as Hallelujah Festival, Res- 
urrection Festival, and Disciple Vows. We are open 
to every student who wants to serve. 







fd v'W 




i ^^^iWfeS^'''^''^^ / 





•I '-"ty-:^ _ ": ■ ^^k! 

First Row: Ron Picard, Valerie H. Snyder, Krista AdaiTis(president), Bridget 
Diggs, Richard Solt. Second Row: Angie Ellison, David Meado\vs, Ashby 
Tlllery, Brad Bruhn, Lane Richmond, David Richardson. Krisrine Peal. Third 
Row: Chris Barnes(co-vice president), Utkala Patel, Heather McQuay, Karri 
Johnson, Tina Henley(secretary), Tina Jones, Jenny Waltz, Denny Hall. Fourth 
Row: Julie Crovviey(co-vice president), Christy Lawson, Annette Miller. 



First Row; Amy Baugher, RTfa Allen, Jada ]ordan(President), Jill Bassham. 
Second Row: Melissa Baldwin, Megan Shagena. Third Row; Casey Vance, 
Jennifer Green, Jamie Copeland, Kelly Swain. 

Front Row: Steven Aldridge, Christy HoUey, Leah Cashion, Phyllis Robison, 
Jennifer Greenway, David Buck, Timmy Nussbaumer. Second Row: Eliza- 
beth White, Corrie Hester, Carrie Cossey, Julie Ghenco, Chad Smith, Sarah 
Estas, Tim Fain. Third Row: Coach Bishop, Mark Beck, Preston Atkinson, 
Jonathan Stewert, :Fred Shackelford, Kevin Mudd. Fourth Row: Nathan Saw- 
yer, Tiana Clark;'Robin Gleockler, Rebekah Anne Ray, Rick Butler. 

BYW is an organization open to all young 
women on Union's campus who are interested in learn- 
ing about missions and participating in different mis- 
sion activities. Monthly meetings consist of a speaker 
(usually a missionary), prayer for our home and South- 
ern Baptist Missionaries, and fellowship opportuni- 
ties. In addition to monthly meetings, BYW partici- 
pates in many mission projects with the Baptist Stu- 
dent Union. BYW also plans and organizes activities 
for international students who come to Union. Bap- 
tist Young Women's purpose is to unite all young 
women in support of missions and provide opportu- 
nities for spiritual growth. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organi- 
zation that "presents to athletes and coaches, and 
all whom they influence, the challenge and adven- 
ture of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and 
serving Him in their relationships and in the fellow- 
ship of the Church." The FCA chapter has a weekly 
Bible study and is involved in recreational ministries 
such as lock-ins, hay rides, retreats, cookouts and 
Fifth-Quarters. The members' relationships with Jesus 
Christ grow and new friendships are formed with each 
activity. "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such 
a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off every- 
thing that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, 
and let us run with perseverance the race marked 
out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author 
and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before 
Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat 
down at the right hand of the throne of God" (He- 
brews 1 2:1 -Z). 



First Row; Utkala Patel, Marti Lewis. Second Row: John Campion, Christy 
Caldwell, Kim Larken, Scott Elledge. 




First Row: Jennifer Alien, Jimm\- Br\ant. Second Row: ivim Poole. Jenne 
Hinton, Dixie Blackstock, Hope Ross, Stacv Wildes. Third Row: Ashlev 
England, Lantana Wood, Jennifer Holt, Fiana Clark, Alicia Marbury, Kari 
Cannon, Scott Robbins, Katrina Watts. Fourth Row: Thomas Cavage, Valeria 
H. Snyder, Erin Sandstrom, Sarah Pilon, Misty Yow, April Frank. Fifth Row: 
Brian Sullivan, Stacy Maroney, Michelle Gray, And\- Viikadino\ich, Rebecca 
Forrester, Lindsay Dixon, Cory Grooms. 


First Row: Chris McNeece, Rick LaRue, Keith Knight. Second Row: Alithia 
Geho, Leanne Peters, Tara Heath, Laurel Burrough, Leah Cashion, Melody 
Gipe. Third Row: Jarred Morgan, Ernie Jackson, Rondell M. Minst, Brian 
Denton, Jennifer Stokes. 

[ First Row: Genie Henley, Bethany Thrower, Heather Hamrick. Second 
Row: Christie Campbell, Sara Barnett, Candace Byrd, Chuck Gregory, Brandy 
i Keith. Third Row: Crystal Hall, Suzanne Hamrick, Chris Barnes, Amy Cooley, 
i Brian Weatherford. Not pictured: Angle Duncan, Annette Cooper, Kellee 
i Berry. 



IMPACT is a drama ministry team witli the 
primary function as proclaiming the name of Jesus 
in a unique and exciting way. Often times the 
members are taken out of their comfort zones in 
playing certain roles like barking or acting like a 
child to dramatize skits. 

I Corinthinas 9:22 says we "...have become 
all things to all people, so that by all possible 
means some may be saved." This verse is one of 
the verses IMPACT stands on. 



The Vision Clowns is a ministry team for 
those who like to share the gift of laughter with 
the young and old alike. The team ministers in 
various places throughout the year. They believe 
laughter is a strong medicine, while Jesus is the 
strongest medicine of all. Through their skits and 
funny costumes they try to convey the message 
of Jesus' love. 


Prayer & 


Front Row: Corrie Hester, Elizabeth White, Alicia Marbury, Christy Lavvson 
Wendy Taliaferro. Second Row: Angela Earl, Anna Horner, Casey Vance 
Suzanne Hamrick. Third Row: Casey Allen, Melody Wade, Shannon Pow 
ers, Tina Jones, Tony Traughber, Kristine Peal. 

Praise & 

First Row: Denny Hall, Teresa Stehl, Cassandra L. Lee, Tara Lample} . Se i 
ond Row: Robert Grisham, Keri Touchatt, Matt Kennedy, Kevin Peters. Thii i 
Row: John Boord, David Barden, Brad Bell, Aaeon Nachtigal. 


First Rou Tammie StuLkland Tittanv Stehle. Second Row: Amy Hill, Annetta 
Ston Milly Bullmgton, Kama Larson Stephanie Lee, Stacy Sn^ith, Jennifer 


h their hearts 

JOY is an all-ladies' singing ensemble 
sponsored by Student Ministries and is the new- 
est ministry team to join Union's family. They 
travel most weekends to area churches, confer- 
ences, and youth events. In our concerts, we 
combine contemporary Christian music as well 
as the favorite hymns and classical music of the 
church. Their main goal is to share the love of 
Jesus Christ through song and testimony. 


First Row: Elizabeth Hume, Tami Bogue, Amber McGlothlin. Second Row: 
Grant R. Cantrell, Michele E. Bennett, Corey Cain, Natalee Nicholson, Brent 
Collier, Jill Bassham, Jason Bounds, Beth McGregor, John Lassiter. 


No campus organization holds a greater 
claim to uniqueness than the Art Union. The 
uniqueness begins with the members: a group 
of plaid - wearing art majors and minors that 
really dig art. These groovy guys and gals en- 
gage in some unique Art Union activities. This 
includes things like the edible art show, toe 
painting, life-size paper doll clothes, and a mon- 
ster graffiti wall. 

The Art Union also does a number of 
projects for other departments and the com- 
munity - like a Campus Day backdrop for the 
admissions office, theatre scenery, and a sign 
for the Second Harvest Food bank of West Ten- 
nessee. This year one of the fund - raising 
projects was selling homemade Christmas cards. 
All of these activities are designed to reach the 
Art Union's goal: to promote the appreciation 
of art and develop art skills and experience while 
having more fun than trying to peel a kiwi. 

Afpha Psi Omega 

Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary theatre 
fraternity at Union, has worked hard this year 
to learn the ropes and promote theatre through- 
out Union and the Jackson community. This 
year more than any other will be the most 
memorable for its current members. Not only 
was membership increased three-fold, but the 
inexperience of the new officers provided vast 
new insight into the organization, and many new 

Alpha Psi Omega had a very successful 
year, as did the Union University Theatre. The 
sell-out show Smoke On The Mountain, Cam- 
pus Day, and the fantastic success of Cafe 
Expresso Bongo boosted the spirits of the group 
to conquer other theatre projects in the future. 
This year Alpha Psi Omega was able to partici- 
pate and work with the Christians in the The- 
atre Arts Conference which was held at Union 
in October. 

First Row: Christopher Nadaskay, Vince Black, Shane Metcalfe, Michael 
Rowland, president; Stephen Chisholm, vice president; Michael Philip Schemer 
II. Second Row: Jessica Ada, Pedro Arriaga. Third Row: Brian Hume, Suasn 
McClain, Genie Henley, Angela McDaniel Angle Baseler, Amy and Cole 
Lehman, Jennifer Thompson. Fourth Row: Margaret Nutt Moore, Cathy Vance, 
Kelly Jurina, Angela Lee, Melissa Mann, Rav Gregory, Ron Picard, Jason Mark 
Rank, Ryan Pflasterer, Joseph Chiu. Not pictured: Daniel Brown, Shane 
"Shafted" Metcalfe, Cammie Vos, Scott Pearl. 

Sitting: Heather Duncan, social chair; Standing: Jessica 
Satterwhite, vice president; Jeremy Young, treasurer; Shatan 
Sutton, president. Not pictvired: Christina Hobbs, Mac Lower, 
Shane Critser, Steven Buback, Mr. David Burke, advisor 


First Row: Mr. Steve Beverly, Kevin S. Trowbridge, Dr. Kina Mallard. Second Row: Svdney 
Gray, Valerie Howell, Sarah Aldridge, Shawn Hendricks, Tami Bogue, Tracy Snyder, Nedra 


Society of CoUej 

First Row: Michelle Mattox, Carrie Cossey. Second Row: Stephen Flack, Lisa Bailliez, Tracy 
Snyder, Michael Phillip Schemer 



Phi Beta Lambda is a national business 
service fraternity whose membership is open 
to all business majors and minors. The frater- 
nity promotes business leadership and eco- 
nomic education and serves to better prepare 
our students to enter the marketplace. Union's 
chapter of Phi Beta Lambda meets monthly with 
guest speakers from various business fields who 
address current topics of business. Some of 
this year's topics included "Starting Your Own 
Business" and "The Expanding Services of 
Today's Public Accounting Firms." 

The national organization of Phi Beta 
Lambda sponsors state and national competi- 
tions in all areas of business. Last year, over 
twenty members of Union's chapter placed in 
the top spots at state competition and quali- 
fied for the national competition in Orlando, 
Florida. Special congratulations goes to Brad 
Powers who finished first in the nation in Com- 
puter Applications and to the Business Deci- 
sion Making team of Brian Boles, Randy 
Scott, and Becca Wiltshire for finishing sixth 
in the nation. 

The Accounting Club is open to all ac- 
counting majors and minors. Club president. 
Rancher Sargent says that they "offer a va- 
riety of activities such as a Fall and a Spring 
Social, charity events, and career assistance." 
The club's monthly meetings are held the sec- 
ond Wednesday of every month. Speakers, 
from various fields in accounting, are featured 
regularly. Club members hear topics ranging 
from industry to public. 


First Row: April Gilchrist, Becky Andersen, Jen Neal, Mandy Pack, Emilie 
Hawkins, Miriam Miller. Second Row: Carrie Cossey, Chris Raines, Jackie Mor- 
gan, Heidi Shouder, Rebecca Wiltshire, Andrea Taylor, Sabrina Smitlison, Janna 
Hays. Thrid Row: Bradley Powers, John Campion, Fancher Sargent, Jeff Cha\'ies, 
Smithy Sipes, Laena Bueller, Carla Coello. Fourth Row: Bryan Nelson, Brian 
Hoesel, John Koffman, Brian Boles, Bobby Walker, Lee Sanders, Steve Phipps. 

First Row: Laura Roberts, Miriam Miller, Kelly Humphrey, Dana Wilkins. Sec- 
ond Row: Jarrod Reece, Dana Ferguson, Debbie Newell, Bradley Powers, Fancher 

Three years ago Students in Free Enter- 
prise (SIFE) was formed. The Union team is just a 
small branch of a national organization which fo- 
cuses on educating others in free enterprise. SIFE 
educates many people-from the elementary school 
students to senior citizens, travelling to schools 
and nursing homes. May 1 995, Union received spe- 
cial recognition as the SIFE team traveled to the 
international competition in Kansas City, Missouri. 
They were honored as international runner-up. 
This organization is busy sponsoring area and on- 
campus projects designed to raise money and to 
educate students and the community about free 
enterprise and the national debt. 

Dr. Robert Wyatt is a proud advisor of SIFE. 

First Row: Stephanie Goode, Jaina Hollitield ]-iail, Kelley Humphries, April Gilchrist, Suzanne Wallis, Kelly White. 
Second Row: Dexter McLeod, Melissa Stark, Jen Neal, Heidi Shouder, Becky Andersen, Laena Bueller, Zekeya Rich- 
mond, Teresa Eubanks, Tracy Snyder Back Row: Brian Boles, Jeff Chavies, Fancher Sargeant, Randy Scott, Lee Sand- 
ers, Michael Johnston, Bryan Nelson, Bobby Walker, Brad Huddleston, Trey Bradey, Blake Neeley, Ashley Worrell. 


The Rutledge Honorary History club is 
comprised of students interested in history. The 
club was founded in 1 929 to stimulate the study 
of history. It organizes programs pertaining to 
topics of interest in the field of history for its 

History majors and minors can become 
a part of this exciting organization by invita- 
tion. Membership is also extended to a select 
number of students who have completed three 
semesters hours of history with a grade point 
average of 2.5. It comes as no surprise that 
this prestigous club aims at encouraging higher 
standards of scholarship among its members. 



'■% % 




-- .-^ 



■9''' ^^It t^' ^^nl^^^^^^^^^^^l 



ift. ' \iiiJ^^r°^4^^Bi^^^^^l 

BUlMr Ai^ wifkr r it 






■' ' ^^^A^m'^ Hr jNi^^^^^l 

Hnv^^t?^^^ 1 


w 'fFj^w 1^09^8^^! 

B||LL:'.\5a&"k!» Tw i 1 1 


"'^ ^K"' ' Hh ^flBI 

^■^^^Kgjiii/J^K'' ^ 



bMi^ 'j|an 


i^'-i.--, ■ t'- /iK^^^^SB 





■ m^k 


1 B 1 1 



I ( M-U 


^^H-l EBh! 

First Row: Carrie Mather, Rita Allen. Second Row: Kellv White, Becky 
Penrose, Heidi Shouder, Cindv Osburn, Libby Mason, Rebecca Wiltshire, 
Christy Aden. Third Row: Dr. Stephen Carls, Michael Murray, John Cross, 
Ryan Carver, Dr. W. Terry Lindley, Geoffrey Lindley. - -^-" 


First Row: A.shlev Grenthouse, Kellv Ann Hampton, Ivita Allen. Second Row: 
Ernest Finson, Wendv Taliaferro, Barry Flippo, Beckv Penrose, Jill Da\is, Gina 
Barden, Heather McQuay. Third Row: Roger Stanley, Joshua Jenkins, Gillian 
Baggett, Bobbv Rogers, John Harris. — ^■' -*- -*^ 


First Row: Revecca England, Kelley Blue Sullivan, Sherry Blackford, presi- 
dent. Second Row: Michelle Taylor, vice president "and state B.T.N, officer; 
Jill Mullins, Sunimer Bowen. Third Row: Chris McNatt, West Tennessee 
regional director; Margaret Faulkner, liistorian; Sharoii W^dley, Kathleen 
Duncan, Kimba Keel, Andrea Alexander. 

First Row: Rita Allen, Heidi ^hpyd.^ _Second Row: Brian Parker, Dr. Lytle 

Student Nursing 

The Union University Student Nurses 
Association (SNA) has approximately 45 mem- 
bers, being one of the most active chapters in 
the state. Two of the club's members are state 
officers, and last year members from the chap- 
ter attended the state and national conven- 
tions, the latter being held in Charlotte, North 
Carolina. Service projects for the year include 
sacking medical supplies for Honduras, helping 
with the Halloween party for the Carl Perkins 
Child Abuse Center, a book project for the 
children at Youth Town, and a World AIDS 
Awareness Day. This day is campus-wide with 
a canned food drive for Human Beings Care, 
an organization that provides psychological and 
physical resources for AIDS victims. 

Pi Gamma Mu 

Pi Gamma Mu is the oldest and longest 
honor society concerned with the social sci- 
ences. It has over 1 80,000 members in 1 70 
chapters throughout the United States and 

The primary purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is 
to foster excellence in the social sciences and 
to promote cooperation among them. The 
honor society also suppports scholarships for 
graduate work, guest lectureships for chapters, 
the publication of "International Social Science 
Review," and "Pi Gamma Mu Newsletter." 

An individual amy be invited or may 
perition to join a chapter of Pi Gamma Mu when" 
he/she is at least a junior, is in the upper 35? 
of his/her class, has 20 or more semester hours 
in social science, and has a GPA of 3.0 or bet- 
ter. Union currently has 22 active members in 
its chapter. (President: Heidi Shouder, Faculty 
Advisor: Dr. Tytle Givens). 



Of Comi^iiting 



First Row: Pat Laffoon, Shirley Wong. Second Row: Scott Dossett, Roger 
Niccum, Jonathan Miller, Michael Laffoon, Stephen Eldridge, Daniel Lackey. 

Kappa Mu 

First Row: John Cross, Jennj Fuller, Saundra Bain, Jonathan Miller, Richard 
Dehn, Matt Lunfsord, Misha James. Second Row: Christy Key, Elizabeth 
Morgan. Third Row: Shannon Powers, Kyle Brown, Troy Riggs, Lee Sanders. 


Front Row: Christy Key, secretary/ treasurer; Stephanie Hyatt, vice president; 
Kyle L. Brown, president; Jason BHck, activities chairman. Second Row: Lee 
Sanders, Dee Dee Babcock, Jenny Carter, Danny Leatherwood, Jonathan Miller, 
David Boatright. Third Row: Bryan Nelson, Randy Leonard, Jason Williams, 
Dr Wayne Wofford, advisor; Dr. Charles M. Baldwin, advisor; Elizabeth Mor- 
gan. Fourth Row: Shannon Bomar, Mr. Brian Norton, advisor. 

Sigma Zeta 

Sigma Zeta is a national honorary soci- 
ety whose members excel in areas of math and 
science. The society holds regular meetings in 
which related topics are discussed. In addi- 
tion, the organization participates in various 
social, academic, and community functions. 
Membership advantages include recognition for 
academic achievements by the 
Sigma Zeta honor award, participation in na- 
tionally recognized research projects, and a 
means of cooperation in similar areas of inter- 
est by students of different colleges. 

First Row: Dee Dee Babcock, Becky Penrose, Elizabeth Morgan, Christy Key. 
Second Row: David Boatright, president; Aaron Grissom; Michelle Thomp- 
son, executive council; Stephanie Hyatt, Kim Inmon, Rick LaRue, Dr. Charles 
M. Baldwin, advisor. Third Row: Jason Logan, senator and executive coucil; 
Nick Powers, senator; Kyle Brown, executive council; Danny Leatherwood, 
Lee Sanders, Bryan Nelson, treasurer; Jason Blick, vice president. 

Stu-dtnt AffiUates 
of the American 
Ckemicai Society 

The Union University Student Affiliate 
chapter of the American Chemical Society be- 
gan in the fall of 1 994. Although a new orga- 
nization, SAACS is active in many areas. The 
members assist with the West Tennessee Re- 
gional Science Fair, perform chemical demon- 
strations at area schools, attend ACS meet- 
ings and socials, and particiapate in other vari- 
ous service projects. Since SAACS is an aca- 
demic oganization, members also participate 
in regional chemistry meetings by presenting 
research papers. This group has been so suc- 
cessful in their first year that they received a 
commendable recognition from the National 
American Chemical Society office. 

Requirements for SAACS include an in- 
terest in chemisrty, membership in the National 
American Chemical Society and membership 
in the Union ACS chapter. 


Phi Alpha Theta, the International Honor 
Society in History, is an academic orgaiztion 
for students who are interested in the promo- 
tion and preservation of history through re- 
search and discussion. The Delta Psi Chapter 
at Union, established in 1953, was the first 
chapter in the state of Tennessee. Member- 
ship is open to students who have completed 
twelve credit hours in history and who have a 
minimum GPA of 3.1 in history and 3.0 in two- 
thirds of the remainder of their work. This 
year's officers are Jason Williams, President, 
and Jeff Cupples, Vice-President. Dr. Stephen 
Carls is the faculty advisor. 

The Ministerial Association is a valuable 
organization for those who have expressed 
God's call to preach. It provides the member- 
ship a unique opportunity to balance the prac- 
tical with academic studies. Planned monthly 
meetings allow for a variety of program topics 
which are presented by experienced area pas- 
tors or staff members. A major project car- 
ried out by the Ministerial Association is Asso- 
ciational MA nights. This project gives the 
students personal experience as they preach 
in a variety of churches in surrounding Asso- 
ciations. All ministerial students are encour- 
aged to become active in this organization. 

First Row: Keith Bates, Jason Williams. Second Row; James Baggett, Stephen 
Carls, Steve Killingsworth, Jeff Cupples. 

First Row: Jimmy Bryant, Mark Rager, Jacob Kitchens, Thomas Brown. Sec- 
ond Row: Andre\v Adair, Roger R. Wilson, Bobby Greer, Tim Sadler, Michael 
AtKisson, Brad Whitt,Tliny Bradley. Third Row: Ashley E. Ray, Olix'erSchulz, 
Jason Dukes, Klay A. Aspinwall, B.J. Sanford. 





First Row: Janna Gardner, Missy Childress, Juliamie Phillips, AsMev Jones, 
TerriAmmon,VidusaEXihbaka, Christy Aden. Second Row: Ms. Diana F^owan, 
Todd Meise, Heather Hamrick, Tara Gilbert, Terri Lee. 


First Row: Devonna Rowland, Cindy Cozart, Heather Wilkins, Angela Broth- 
ers, Jenni Fuller, Annette Miller, Tina Moore, Lisa Howell. Second Row: Mrs. 
Anna Clifford, advisor; Alicia Barger, John Cross, Sarah Allison, Mark J. Hoesel, 
Rachel Tiedemann, Cindy Osburn, Sheila Millburg. 

The Student Tennessee Education As- 
sociation of Union University is affiliated with 
the Student National Education Association, the 
Student Tennessee Education Association and 
the Tennessee Education Association. 

The purpose of the organization is to 
interest capable young men and women in edu- 
cation as a lifelong career, to development 
among students preparing to be teachers an 
understanding of the teaching profession 
through professional associations, to give stu- 
dents preparing to teach practical experience 
in working with professional organizations on 
the problems of teaching profession and soci- 
ety and to provide students preparing to teach 
with the history, organization, policies, ethics 
and programs of the professional associations. 







First Row: Jove Johnson, Brandon Nix. Second Row: Nathan Crocker, Sara 
Bowlby, J.J. Reynolds, Ben Clark, Gina Kinney, Kathy Lane, Jolm Paschall. Third 
Row: Jenny Hefner, Bethany Thrower, Amv Hardin, Stacy Nolen, Robert 
Grisham, Jenifer Welch. Fourth Row: Dr. Kenneth Hartley, Mark Faughn, Lee 
Anne Young Rick Nute, Melody Wade, Jonathan Hickey, Lance Respess, Eric 
Vandiver, Dr. Andrew Robv. 

First Row: Lee Anne Young, Jennv Hefner. Second Ro\\': Jenni Fuller, Julie 
Wilson, Gina Kinnev, Melanie Marcom. 



First Row: Jessica Lackey, Erika Baum, Ginny Weyler, Shane Critser, Joel Allen, 
John Windham, Samuel Mizell, Ashley Parker, Nicole Handy, Tim Powell, David 
Meadows, Micheal Norton. Second Row: Misty Self, Jennifer Latch, Peter 
Pan, Wendy Campbell, Cory Grooms, Amy Smith, Ben Clark, Steven Gream, 
Tracy Snyder, Eddie Young, Jonathan Hickey, Laura Roberts. Third Row: 
Bridgett Diggs, Leah Short, Jill Johnsoian, Erin Van Horn, Amanda Britt, Sarah 
Pilon, Carrie Gates, Tiffany Leah Harmon Sabiina Wade Moore Ke\ in Hinton. 
Fourth Row Joshua Hurlburt, Erm K Sandstrom, Ashley FuUery Ashely En- 
gland, Tmi Fam, Tim Beam, Dr David McClune 


First Row: Eric Vandi\'er, Peter Hawkins. Second Row: Eddie Young, Wendy 
Campbell, Ashley Parker, Samuel Mizell, Heidi Shouder, Jeff Wagner. Third 
Row: Todd Lewis, John Windham, Kevin Hinton, Tim Beam, Jason Logan, 
Jaie Forester, Denny Hall, Jonathan Sheron. Fourth Row: Dr. David McClune, 
Stephen Claybrook, Jonathan Hickey. 



The Honors Student Association is com- 
posed of students in the Interdisciplinary Hon- 
ors program. Its purpose is to provide an envi- 
ronment which encourages student scholarship 
while also promoting experiential learning. This 
is accomplished through discussion-oriented 
classes, special topics, festivals, interregiona 
honors forums and conferences, and travel. 

The members of HSA meet as a com- 
munity of diverse people, who stretch each 
other's individual beliefs. Yet, members nuture 
one another in times of need. HSA also reaches 
out to the Jackson community through projects 
such as the World Hunger Vigil, working at the 
soup kitchen, and volunteering to fix up the 
CARE House. 

In efforts to enhance the mind of the 
students, HSA visits museums, attends musi- 
cals, and operettas and plans voyages outside 
of the state and sometimes even the country. 

M//i/ia %At 

Alpha Chi is a national honor society 
composed of small private institutions fromall 
50 states and is open to those juniors and se- 
niors who rank in the top 1 percent of their 
class. The purpose of Alpha Chi is "to promote 
academic excellence and exemplary character 
among college and university students and to 
honor those who achieve such distinction," an 
Alpha Chi brochure says. Founded in 1922, 
the national organization consists of 291 ac- 
tive members. Union University's group is the 
Tennessee Beta chapter of Alpha Chi, and was 
chartered in 1962. Consisting of about 75 
members, the Union chapter participates in an 
annual scholarship competition, as well as hold- 
ing an academic meeting each year. Dr. Ernest 
Pinson serves as the official sponsor of Alpha 
Chi, with Dr. Paul Jackson and Mrs. Carol Leslie 
serving as elected faculty advisors. 


First Row: Tobie Hannah, JosetteSoard. Second Row: LeAndra Snnith, Nedra 
Crawford, Jessica Satterwhite, Michele Thorburg. Tliird Row: Robin Beard, 
Tracy Snyder, Melissa Sanders, Jessica Lanphier, Rachel E\'ans, Jonathan Davis. 
Fourth Row: Heather Jiildebrand, J.J. Cooper, Aaron Nachtigal, Jonathan 
Kever, Brent Wieland, Sarah Nachtigal, Jeramee Rice, Angle Ellison, Tina 

First Row: Rita Allen, Wendy Talliafero, Ashley Greathouse, Carrie Whitmer, Sarah 
Allison, Angela Vincent, Chris Rowland, Rachel Wright, Stephanie Goode. Second Row 
Karen Joyner, Jaina HoUifield, Carol Ann Caldwell, Beth Hennmg, April Gilcrest, Lee 
Sanders, Laura Latham. Third Row: lenni Fidler, 1 loidi Shouder, Becky Penrose, Lori 
Mays, Lori Albright, Randy Leonard, Marquetta Hunt, Br.idlex- Powers. Fourth Row 
Becky Anderson, Elizabeth Morgan, Ni\ah Norman, Allison Rogers, Gwen Knight Leslie 
Rickard. Fifth Row: Jolm Cross, Tern Desha/ier, Scott Sanders, Jonatliaii Miller, Dar 
Leatherwood, Kathv Russell, Tracv Snyder, Jason Blick. Sixth Row: Amber Legerit, Alisor 
Grigg, Suzannne Wallis, Blake Neeley^ Loren James, Gina Barden, Kelly Humphrey Baci 
Row: Tim Ellsworth, Nathan Joyce,'Dax Hughes, Jonathan Davis, Keith Bates, Angeb 
McDaniel, Julie Crowlev, Stephanie Henson, Brad Henson, Greg Beam. 


jL X ^ 


^lf2Jtci> icu4. Oioa^ea^i. 



u/otm omr 

o bind men toaethsf In a hifotmrkood bajed upon eternal 
dabw pnnclpies^ witk a bond aJ strona as riant 
lueif ana aJ Jajtina aJ kumanitu; to know no noftk, no Jouin, 
no east, no west, but to know man a6 n%an^ to teack tkat true 

skoum stand toaetker and contend for 
wit; to teack^ not politics, but morals; 
to foster, not partisanskip but tke recoanition of true merit 
wlwrever found; to kave no narrower limits witkin wkick to 
k toaetker for tke eleuation of man tkan tke outlines of tke 
id; tliese were tke ttwuakts and IwpeS uppermost in tke 
Inds of tlw founders of^^^lplia Jau ^Jmeaa Jrcdernitu . 

remacu or aoo^ 





Trent Dennison, vice president; Rich Childs, presi- 
dent; Tad Wingo, historian; Derrick Westn-ioreland, 
chaplain; Nathan Raines, scribe; Jason Davis, trea- 

Aaron Wilson says, "Hey Helmet, teach me to 
play pool!!!" 

First Row: Ryan Pflasterer, Brent Collier, Jonathan Fowler, David Chisholm, Peter Hawkins, Collie Strain, Jason Snipes, 
Jacob Kitchens, Aaron Wilson, Wayne Rogers, Jason Warren. Second Row: J.D. Connell, Rich Childs, Micah Rochester, 
Randy Leonard, Jeremy Young, Steven "Ike" Thomas, Bryan Pollack, John Tickle, Derrick Westmoreland, Thomas Pollack, 
Tad Wingo, Brent Wieland, Nathan Raines, Jay Bush. Third Row: Mickey Wolfe, Shane Faley, Trent Dennison, Greg Nichols, 
Michael Schemer, Adam Major, Trevor Brashier, Brent Cates, Ryan Brown, Stephen Forrester, Sam Kern, Jason Davis. 


First Row: Lori Albright, secretary; Tiffany Harmon, vice president/ 
pledge educator; Elizabeth Morgan, president; Kim Williams, vice 
president/membership; Nivah Norman, panhellenic. Second Row: 
Beth Henning, vice president/public relations; April Gilchrist, as- 
sistant treasurer; JoAnna Harris, treasurer; Jen Neal, efficiency chair- 
man. Not pictured: Amie Richardson, vice president/standards. 


First Row: Tiffany Harmon, Holly Hill, Heather Watkins, Angela White, Jennifer Hudgins, April Gilchrist, Beckv Andersen, 
Vadessa Flack. Second Row: Michelle Rohde, Jenny Johnson, Becky Jacobs, Lori Albright, Julie Rhea, Andrea Atwood, Nicki 
Lane, Shanna Greene, Amanda Campbell, Kim Williams, Elizabeth Morgan, Rebekah Provost, Morgan Bomar, Alison Lane, 
Nivah Norman, Sandra Turnbow. Third Row: Jen Neal, Terri Ammon, Lori Mays, Christa Henning, Stephanie Holdner, Angel 
Anthamatten, Melissa Tricoche, Jennifer Fisher, Melissa Dunn, Sharon Kinstler, Emilv Wiltshire, Chrvstal Tucker, Emilv Hawkins, 
Courtney Helton, Lori Murrey. Back Row: Jennifer Chappell, Megan Shagena, Lorrie Johnson, Michelle Mattox, Beth Henning, 
Mandy Pack, Jenni Copous, Becky Penrose, Jackie Morgan, Stephanie Slough, Becci Thompson, Corrie Hester, Bekah Wiltshire. 


May wcj sisters in Kappa DeCta^ 
strive each day to seek more earnestly 
the honorabie and beautifuC things. 

May we eaeh day through love of 
those within our circiejlearn to know 
and understand better those without 
our circle. 

May the diamond shield that 
guards our love find us each day 
Truer ^ Wiser ^ More Faithful^ More 
Loving J and More Noble. 

cne<i€€4it i^ (Mn^ 4XfmS<U^, frunCf ^^4, and 
dcHotcti^ ^^eniAcce, ^^aaU^Ccef eo^e^ ^^^^^^^' 

(^AcC^arie. ^THacf C4/te ^l^zo^ ^o^ ^on. t^ j^- 


First Row: Dexter McLeod, secretary; Michael Johnston, alumni 
relations; Michael Murphy, president; Lee Sanders, rush chairman; 
Bryan Nelson, ritualist. Second Row: Tracy Popplewell, chaplain; 
Jon Boord, housing; Bobby Walker, academics; Nelson Williams, 
social chairman; Rick Nute, treasurer; Jody Wysor, vice president; 
Randy Scott, fraternity educator; Bradley Huddleston, vice presi- 
dent . 

Heath Green is proud to wear the letters of 
Lambda Chi Alpha across his chest. 

First Row: John Michael Cunningham, Jeff Shands, Michael Scrivner, Bradley Huddleston, Robin Popplewell, Larry Escue, 
Brad Irby. Second Row: Gracy Popplewell, Dexter McLeod, Michael Johnston, Michael Murphy, Lee Sanders, Bryan Nelson, 
Randy Scott, David Sutherland, Chad Shankle, Brian Culberson, Cliff Kelly. Third Row: Jonathan Castles, Rob BuUington, 
John Paschall, Billy Mauldin, Steve Phipps, Nelson Williams, Michael HoUis, Rick Nute. Fourth Row: Sammy Knott, Steven 
Owens, Clay Nolen, Jody Wisor, Michael Norton, Chris McGee, Jason Shannon, Bruce McCaleb, Chet Verner, Lee Scott. Fifth 
Row: Brian James, Jobe Madison, Jon Boord, Jason Sorrell, Casey Meek, Brain Roberts, Brandon Nix, Daniel Randall, Rick 
Wallace Billy Shelton, Heath Farmer, Shane Critser, Ray Carman, Joel Allen. Back Row: Bobby Walker, Fred Shackleford, Jay 
Burton, Brian Boles, Wes Houseman, Jonathan Stewart, Jason Shultz, Preston Brooks. 


First Row: Jenny Carter, treasurer; Jill Davis, president; Kelly 
Humphrey, vice president; Carol Ann Caldwell, secretary. Second 
Row: Gina Barden, Panhellenic; Julianne Phillips, personell; Amy 
Douglas, pledge educator. 

Who are these new Chi Omegas on Bid Day? 

First Row: Kim Sutherland, Amy Douglass, Gina Barden, Julianne Phillips, Sarah Allison, Stephan Hamilton. Second 
Row: Mandi Cabinaw, Jenny Carter, Jill Davis, Kelly Humphrey, Carol Ann Caldwell, Ashley Jones. Third Row: Holly 
Seaton, Gina Heathcott, Elly Smallman, Aimee Teague, Edie Ward, Connie Stanley, Amanda Vaughan, Jane Rice, Angle 
Wood, Jennifer, Malloy, Sarah Hackett, Carla Lowry, Jodi Jones. Fourth Row: April Lemmons, Lori Davis, Elyzabeth 
Lawrence, Miriam Miller, Keli McAlister, Lolly Houston, Tina Burgher, Holly Tignor, Jen Wyatt, Kristen Shaw, Leslie 
Shelton. Fifth Row: Ashley Tummins, Amy Britt, Jamie Johnson, Amy Cooley, Amy Hardin, April Matthews, Jackie 
Warren, Amanda Vinson, Julie Johnsey, Jennifer Knipper, Jen Albert, Hilary Williams, Allison Rogers, Jennifer Land, 
Camille Wood. Sixth Row: Jenny Wheatley, Meredith, Dee Duncan, Tricia Harrell, Susan Jett, Beth Acree, Tamara Davis, 
Lynn Weems, Carrie Fortner, Molly Durrance, Andrea McDaniel, Jennifer Pettigrew. Back Row: Christy Hughes, Kristen 
Steele, Kellee Berry, Rebecca Davis, Suzanne Piersiak, Cheryl Lassiter, Shannon Hurt, Stephanie Goode. 

Chi Omega 

i& ^j en^ me aedt den^e, ' €i^em>o€^at£c raider 

tdan^ ^^ea^cui^die^e, " a/i^ m^aace raf/ie/' 


ta ae uwm^i/i^ a^aaa^d/ ^ ae e/lidam^a^^ 

Ae^ di^d^t ieacmn^ a/i€i^ ^ dai*e de^ u^ 
^a/'e e^e/" at dea/'t tdat dde /?ta^ ^e a 
d^/?yid^/i^ i^ di^ /lu/yi^de a/ii/ de^i^c^i^d 
ui a^dud tde^e id /w^ eAdct^^ei^a/if /u^. 



Sigma AC-pka E^siCoh 

The True Gcntiemdn l^me tttmt whose 
conduct proceeds from qoodwiii and an 
acute sense %of propriety ^ and whose seCf- 
controi is equai to aU emergencies) who 
does not make ^ jj^ ^ poor man conscio^s of 
his poverty^ the obscure man of his omscu- 
rityj or any man of his inferiority or de- 
formity^ who is himietf humbCed if neces- 
sity compels him to humbC^ others) who 
does not flatter weaiffij crhtge before power ^ 
or boast of his own possessions or achieve- 
ments) who speaks wither ankness but al- 
ways with sincerity aH^ sympathy fl^^hose 
deed follows his word) who thinks of the 
rights and feelings of others^ rather than 
his own) and who appears well in any 
company^ a man with whom honor is sa- 
cred and virtue safe. 


First Row: Nathan Willingham, Mike Betz, Jonathan Bobbitt, Gary 
"Snake" Gallion, Craig Dismuke, Stephen Eldridge, Landon Mills. 
Second Row: Greg Jackson, Chad Butler, Chad Lewis, Blake Neeley, 
Jeff Cupples. Third Row: Michael Laffoon, Bobby Walker, Chris 
Rowland, Daniel Lackey, Jason Pyron. 

The lion is the mascot protecting the Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

First Row; Erik Olexa, Bobby Kersey, Jeff Stroop, Russell Rockett, Mike Write, Stephen Phillips, Matt Tipton, Nathan Perkins, 
Michael Eldridge, Brian Hoesel, Matt West, Kyle Huggins, Ryan Kirkbride, Jay Stephenson, Damian Netherly, Dave Oran, 
Bradley Owens, John Carroll, Matt Leggett, Tim Harmon, John Jay Watson, Justin Greene, James Colbalt, Stephen Phillips, 
Brian Denton. Second Row: Craig Dismuke, Jonathan Bobbitt, Chad Bailey, Daniel Lackey, Greg Jackson, Loren James, 
Jason Pyron, Blake Neeley, Mark Butler, Chad Butler, Justin Deming, Jeff McKee, Tim Patterson, Chad Lewis, Adam Harris, 
Lyle Larson, Richie Presley, Keith Ross, Jim Vinson, Ronnie Geary. Third Row: Matthew Kirby, Jason Taylor, Michael 
Laffoon, Dustin Lane, Mike Betz, Patrick Ryder, Gary "Snake" Gallion, Bobby Walker, Jeff Cupples, Landon Mills, Chris 
Rowland, Jeremy "Moose" Langston, Len Phegley, Paul Maxwell, John Koffman, Brandon McWherter, Smithy Sipes, Matt 
Brents, Nathan Willingham, Stephen Eldridge. 



jl^o realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, 
lies the opportunity to learn those things which will 
ever enrich and enoble our lives; to be true to our- 
selves, and to those within and without our circle; to 
think in terms of all mankind and our service to the 
world; to be steadfast, strong, and clean of heart and 
mind, remembering that since the thought is father to 
the deed, only that which we would have manifested 
in our experience should be entertained in thought; to 
find satisfaction in being, rather than seeming, thus 
strengthening in us the higher qualities of the spirit; I 
to prepare for service and learn the nobility of serv- 
ing, thereby earning the right to be served; to seekj 
understanding that we might gain true wisdon; to look 
for the good in everyone; to see beauty, with its en- 
riching influence; to be humble in success, and with- 
out bitterness in defeat; to have the welfare and har- 
mony of the Fraternity at heart, striving ever to make | 
our lives a symphony of high ideals, devotion to the 
right, the good, and the true, without a discordant note; i 
remembering always that the foundation precept of 
Zeta Tau Alpha was love, "the greatest of all things." 

/ \ .,. . 

First Row: Tamee Abraham, assistant dirctor of pledge programming; 
Amy Laubach, sisterhood; Emily Matthews, membership; Jaina 
Hollifield, first vice president; Kimberly Wlaker, house manager; Lori 
Dozier, panhellenic. Second Row: Karen Joyner, judicial; Heather 
Abraham, social; Ann-Marie Meacham, service; Nichole Harris, cor- 
responding secretary; Michelle Thompson, alumni coordinator; Ashley 
Greathouse, director of pledge programming. Third Row: Carrie 
Whitmer, president; Shannon Davis, scholarship; Amy Travis, social; 
Jennifer Gallimore, asst. treasurer; Allyson Whitley, fraternity ed.; Jen- 
nifer Flemmons, treasurer; Dorie Lane, ritual; Michelle Osmanson, 
service; Ashley Parker, historian/reporter; Melissa Farmer, secretary . 

Jaina Hollifield Hall and Carl Kingsbury stop and pose as 
Carrie Whitmer goofs off on Campus Day. 

Jennifer Flemmons, Melanie Stacey, and Ann-Marie Meacham 

hang out at the ZTA rush retreat. 

First Row: Jennifter Hammonds, Carrie Whitmer, Tamee Abraham, Amy Laubach, Jaina Hollifield, Jenny Dixon, Michelle 
Osmanson, Ashley Parker. Second Row: Lori Dozier, Nichole Haris, Paige Williams, Angela Richerson, Carrie Sanders, 
Emily Matthews, Ann-Marie Meacham, Jennifer Flemmons, April Albritton. Third Row: Kathy Russell, Stephanie Young, 
Bridget Finley, Jennifer Gallimore, Jennifer Watts, Suasan Gonzales, Jill Burrows, Ashley Greathouse, Melissa Farmer, Cari 
Kingsbury. Fourth Row: Rachel Smothers, Karen Joyner, Shannon Davis, Rachel Evans, Ashley Kemp, Amy Travis, Jessica 
Truex, Suzannah Stringfield, Diana Smart, Amy Hammond, Dixie Blackstock, Kimberly Walker, Jeanna Myracle. Fifth Row: 
Christy Cooke, Andrea Taylor, Gina Barnett, Anna Horner, Farrah McGee, Dorie Lande, Amy Jacobs, Tanya Steinman, Michelle 
Thompson, Kortny Browning, Cindy Osburn, Angle Baseler. Sixth Row: Jennifer Cafes, Alicia Barger, Heather Abraham, Beth 
Forsythe, Mandy Smith, Allyson Whitley, Kathy Lane, Mary Ann Jones, Ashley Kern, Susanne Dunlap, Beth Arbuckle. 

ASTiNG Score 

Coach Blcickstock gives pointers at the NAIA 

Senior Kendra Burlew drives for the layup. 






CLI '^ 




loach Turner watches the game with much concern. 

Senior Michael Davis fakes out the opponent with a successful pass. 

What a turn around! Despite having 

only a couple of returning starters and a very 

young team, the Bulldogs excited every fan 

with an outstanding year. Playing 31 games, 

they captured the audience time and time 

again, especially in their double over time 

wins. The future looks bright as the players 

strive for excellence in academics alongside 

athletics. They are sticking together as they 

rebuild a unified team. 


Trying to steal second is a challenge. 


Being a Lady Bulldog is always fun. 

The 1 995 Lady Bulldog Softball team 
had an exciting year, placing third in the 
conference tournament. They had four All- 
Conference players and one All-Region player. 
Pitcher, Lindey Capogreco was the 
Conference MVP, while on second base, Terri 
Estes placed All-Conference and Emma 
Hernandez was recognized as an outstanding 
utility player. 

This 1 996 season seems to be one of 
a learning experience as the team is young, 
comprised of primarily freshmen and 
sophomores. The others are juniors however, 
there are no seniors on the team. 


5 -3 

u X 


u ° 




U D 

CTl C 


- '-' C J 



O t- al 

.52 :s -s 

^ H J5 

-a bc g 
'> 15 ° 

C "^ £ 
O C ra 

cih > 2 

O IJ ^ 

£ ^ -r 

Oj o 

-a ~ ^ 
2 .t: U 

CO g kA 

S u 

3 &U 

^ -^ ™ 

£ 2 - 

^^ s 

'^ m c 

C tU 

o cU 

'£ ra - 

O S e 

'^ tn S 

° c « 

U o ^ 

O HJ bO 
Pi 5 r3 

jj X -a 

. it; fo 

•m ^ CQ 

.. g OJ 

o c S 


Hi-5's are always the correct response to 

Emily Wiltshire gives it her all as she returns the 
ball to her opponent. 

Senior Cassie Ensley works hard for the return. 

The 1995-96 season was a 
rebuilding one for the women's tennis team. 
With only two returning players, it was vita 
to recruit new ones. Cassie Ensley and 
Lynn Weems returned to the court with 
the new team comprised of freshmen. 

The team started working hard the 
first week of September and concluded in 
November for fall practice. The season 
began in February which included 
competing against all the TCAC schools . 

The team has been helped 
tremendously by the assistance of Mrs. Kelli 
Hail. She played at Georgetown College in 
Kentucky and taught tennis as a 

With the talent of players, their love 
for the game and the determination to be 
the best they can be, this year's season 
will be a success in every way for Lady 
Bulldog tennis. 









The 1995 season for the Union 
tennis team was definitely a memorable 
one. Under the leadership of Coach Brice 
Bishop, this ten member team 
concentrated intensely, bringing in some 
outstanding victories. 

While the team ranked in 
twentieth place as a national team, it was 
the first time in Union's history for the 
team to place in a doubles match. Eric 
Gottschalk and Alberto Gandarias placed 
fifteenth in the nationals. 

Prior to the nationals, Gandarias 
won the Rolex Tournament in Lexington, 
Kentucky. Gandarias and Gottschalk won 
doubles there. Nationally, they finished 
fifth in the tournament in Boca Raton, 

Together, the team exhibits very 
skillful players, working hard to improve 
their performances. 

Matt Walker endures to stomp his opponent. 

Eric Gottschalk displays his talent through a grueling match of tennis. 

fe,, . 








^■H. JtBSk^fm 

■>^^ - 

tJ' v"' 

?• i^ 


The first season for the Union Soccer team was 
a successful one as the team looks to become a part 
of the Southeastern Collegiate Soccer League. This 
year's team comprised of both men and women, 
team competed against other club teams from schools 
around the Southeast. Support for the team was strong 
as students, faculty and staff expressed interest in the 
team by coming out to home games. The team was 
featured in several newspaper articles and also appeared 
on local television. Through hard work and dedication 
the future looks promising for Bulldog Soccer. 

The k«MlbriEj|^^ 

The new soccer team was cheered on by fans such 
as Suzanne Wallis and Patrick Horner. 

Pat Powell is eyed by his number one fan. 

Dr. Darin White is interviewed for the Cardinal & 
Cream before the first home game. 

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This season was one of victories for the Union Golf 
team. They finished second overall in the NAIA Division 1 
teams. Mickey Wolfe, who fired a season low 68, was named 
to the All-Tournament team. The team finished in the fall 
by winning the T.I.C. Tournament where Sam Kern fired a 
1 under par 143 to earn medalist honors. 

Senior Shane Fraley shows power over the course. 

Golf balls tend to ease into the holes when hit by Steven Hammond 
and Mickey Wolfe. 

Cheerleaders pump the players up before going 
onto the court. 

Amber Wyre jumps to get the crowd going. 




"The art department seeks to foster aesthetic awareness and visual un- 
derstanding among students, faculty, staff, and the community by offering classes, 
exhibits, lectures, and other avenues of learning appropriate to this purpose . . ." 
states the purpose of the Art Department. The professors of art also try to 
encourage bonding among the art majors and minors. 

Since the Art Department has a small enrollment (32 majors and numer- 
ous minors), the instructors feel that it enables them to be more person cen- 
tered. "It is easier to nurture the students with their individual arts, and there is 
always enough coffee to go around," said Department Chair Michael Mallard. 

Michael Mallard 

Associate Professor of Art and 

Department Chair 

Margaret Nut Moore 
Part-Time Professor of 

Mr. Christopher Naddskx' j;ives a sl\' grin as he helps art student Angela Lee with her schedule. 

Christopher Nadasky 
Associate Professor of 

Union Means 

Presently, the McAfee School of Business Administration is in its second year 
of the graduate program, a Masters in Business Administration. There are 265 stu- 
dents in the undergraduate program and 40 in the graduate program. 1 full-time 
faculty members are the strength of the department. Some of the organizations 
contained within the department are Phi Beta Lambda, whose members have earned 
national academic awards, and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), which placed sec- 
ond internationally in the Spring of '95. 

SIFE students promote the Business department through presentations in area 
schools. Radio spots are done for area stations, and ads are regularly placed in the 
Jackson Sun. School of Business faculty are called for consulting jobs, marketing 
research, and supplying economic information for the Jackson Sun and television. 
The department also puts out a monthly update In Cooperation with the Chamber of 
Commerce of Economic Information . 

Sam Myatt 

Professor of Business 
Administration and Chair of the 
School of Business 

Administration, Interim Dean 

Steve Arendall 
Associate Professor of 

Michael Behrens 
Assistant Professor of 

Kenny Holt 

Assistant Professor of 


Deborah Newell 
Instructor of 

Walton Padelford 
Professor of Economics 
and Director of Center 
for Economic Education 

Darin White 

Assistant Professor of 


Robert Wyatt 
Assistant Professor of 
Accounting and Dean of 
the School of Business 

Elsie Smith 

Associate Professor of Biology 

and Department Chair 




^ T t!. 


Charles Baldwin 

Professor of Chemistry and 

Department Chair 

The Union University handbook states that the 
biology department is designed to acquaint students 
with living organisms as a whole, functioning entities 
that, in their diversity, share many common features. 
In addition to providing the scientific background 
required of all educated citizens, the courses provide a 
foundation upon which the student may build a graduate 
program, undertake training in health-related 
professions, or prepare for secondary-level science 

The Union University handbook states that the 
chemistry and physics department seeks to serve 
effectively all students within the institution, recognizing 
their different needs, interests, and career goals. The 
chemistry and physics faculty seeks to help students 
understand the physical world, the methods by which 
it may be studied, and its relationship to other aspects 
of the human experience. 

James Huggins 
Professor of Biology 

Michael McMahan 
Professor of Biology 

Brian Norton 
Instructor of Biology 

Wayne Wofford 
Associate Professor of 

Randy Johnston 
Associate Professor 

Randy Johnston busily grades papers. 





George Guthrie 

Assistant Profesor of Religion 

and Fepartment Chair 

This department is on "the cutting edge academically." There is a constant 
flow of feedback from seminaries stating that some of their best students are 
Union graduates. The staff relates well to students, and they are serious about 
orthodox theology. "Christian education should be faith building," says Dr. Guthrie. 

The Religion department is going through some changes, and there are sev- 
eral new proposed majors. The department name would be changed to the Depart- 
ment of Christian Studies, and the majors offered would be the following: Christian 
Studies, Philosophy and Christian Theology, Biblical Studies, Biblical Studies/Lan- 
guages with an emphasis on Greek or Hebrew, and Christian Ministries. 

Dr. Guthrie leaves some encouraging words for the year, "We in the depart- 
ment are excited about the ministry that God has given us to our students and look 
forward to the future with great anticipation." 

Randall Bush 
Associate Professor of 
Religion and Philosophy 

Jeff Gate 

Wayne Day 

Paul Jackson 

Assistant Professor of 

Assistant Professor of 

Assistant Professor of 


Youth Ministries and 
Religious Education 


Kelvin Moore 
Assistant Professor of 

Dr. Jackson doubles in ping pong with Dr. Fowler. Rumor 
has it they are both excellent players. 

Kina Mallard 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts 
Department Chair 



The communication arts department at Union University is unique in 
several ways. Tine liberal arts orientation allows faculty to challenge stu- 
dents in their thoughts and philosophies about the media and the arts. The 
size of the department allows instructors with professional experience to 
interact with students in a mentoring relationship. Students are privileged 
to receive instruction from faculty who teach from a Christian view and chal- 
lenge students to discover God's design for their lives. The department is 
equipped with the latest technology to give students necessary job skills. 

The communication arts department has over 1 00 majors and mi- 
nors. Students may choose to concentrate in broadcasting, theatre/speech, 
journalism or public relations/advertising. Many majors have interests that 
overlap and enjoy sampling from each of the four concentrations. 

Steve Beverly 
Instructor of 
Communication Arts 

David Burke 
Assistant Professor of 
Theatre and Director of 
the Theatre 

Julian Williamson 
Technical Director 

Janice Wood 
Instructor of 
Communication Arts 

Or. Kina Milliard takes time out of her da\' to hang out with studetns 
and most importanth', her husband. 





Terry Weaver 

Associate Professor of 

Education and Special 

Education, and Department 


The education department's major emphasis is to 
develop teachers for elementary and secondary schools 
who will believe strongly, think constructively, feel deeply, 
and act wisely in the profession of teaching. All majors 
and minors of the department are eligible to be licensed 
by the state of Tennessee after completing their require- 
ments of Union and the Tennessee Department of Educa- 
tion. The department sponsors the Student Tennessee 
Education Association, an organization assisting capable 
young men and women in developing professionalism for 
the classroom. 

Anna Clifford 
Instructor of Early 
Childhood Education 

Rod Everhart 
Professor of Education 

William Hedspeth 
Professor of Education 

Dottie Myatt 
Director of 



Camille Searcy 
Assistant Professor of 

Ann Singleton 
Associate Professor of 
Special Education 

Benny Tucker 
Professor of Education 
and Dean of the School 
of Education and 
Human Studies 

Barbara McMillin 

Assistant Professor of English 

and Department Chair 


Lilhan Baggett 
Assistant Professor of 

Janet Grose 

Assistant Professor of 


The goal of the English department is to be student-centered and ser- 
vice-oriented and to be readily available to assist majors and non-majors alike. 
The department is headed by Dr. barbara McMillin and includes seven full-time 
faculty members. Working together, these facutly strive to provide student- 
centered atterntion by offering courses which require analytical reading, think- 
ing, and writing and that explore and analyze multicultural literature. 

The department has fifty English majors and fourteen minors. It offers 
a major in English with an emphasis in either literature or composition. It 
sponsors Sigma Tau Delta, and national English Honor Society which recog- 
nizes students who have realized accomplishments in either the English lan- 
guage or literatrue. A creative writing workshop and competition held each 
March is also supported by the department. Featuring an accomplished cre- 
ative writer, the workshop affords aspiring wirters the opportunity to receive 
advice and feedback from a professional. 

John Harris 

Associate Professor of 


Roger Stanley 
Instructor of English 

Mr. I\t)pcrs chals with Mrs. Baggett during Campus 
Day activities. 


Stephen Carls 
Professor of History and 
Department Chair 

Union's department of history hopes to make history itself sometime in 
the future. There is tall< of a political science major and even plans for inter- 
nationalizing the curriculum to provide Union with a connection to Europe. 

Union already has a program set up in South America, but expanding 
the program would give students a greater perspective of the world and broaden 
their educational experience. 

The department of history hopes to provide its 60 enrolled students 
with a broader knowledge of the world around them. This expansion of the 
program will also allow the department to develop well informed, culturally 
experienced graduates. 

The history department provides students with several organizations 
that surround the area of history: the Andrew "Tip" Taylor Pre-Legal Society, 
for pre-law students, the Rutledge Honorary History Club, and Phi Alpha Theta. 
In addition to these, departmental banquets are held in the fall and spring. 

Terry Lindley 
Associate Professor of 

David Thomas 
Assistant Professor of 

Dr. Ann Livingstone takes time to help a 
student with a paper. 

Dr. Thomas busily grades papers. 

Cynthia Jayne 

Professor of Languages and 

Department Chair 

Julie Glosson 
Instructor of Languages 

Jean Marie Walls 
Associate Professor of 

The Language Department encourages students to study for- 
eign languages, not only to fullfill academic requirements, but to in- 
crease cultural awareness and sensitivity. The world is culturally di- 
verse and for students to accomplish their goals, they should learn 
about other cultures. 

The Language Department has technical support to increase 
students abilities to learn the languages. Many devices are used in- 
cluding audio visual and various computer resources. Advanced stu- 
dents are able to set their own pace, and work closely with lower level 
students. They are allowed to explore different career opportunities. 

To increase knowledge of the language, the instuctors planned 
on adding several new courses to the curriculum offered. Phonetics 
and Grammar courses are being worked on so that the students will 
learn the base and history of the language, not just the spoken and 
literary sides. This will also enable for easier transition from elemen- 
tary studies to upper level studies. 

Dr. Walls gives the proper French pronunciation of some French words. 


The mathematics curriculum provides study which 
leads to an undergraduate major in mathematics in either 
the B.S. or the B.A. degree program. The offerings for 
the major will provide a basic foundation for beginning 
graduate study in mathematics, for entry into work in 
fields relating to mathematics, and for teaching 
mathematics at the secondary level. 

The department offers three separate plans of 
study: a Computer Science major, a Computer Science 
minor, and a Computer Information Systems minor. 

Dr. Lunsford plans Mathematica problems for his Calculus classes. 

Dwayne Jennings 
Associate Professor of 
Mathematics and Computer 
Science, and Department Chair 

John Barham 
Instructor of Computer 

Troy Riggs 

Assistant Professor of 


G. Jan Wilms 
Assistant Professor of 
Computer Science 

Pat Laffoon 

Assistant Professor of 

Computer Science 

Matt Lunsford 
Assistant Professor of 

Shirley Wong 
Assistant Professor of 
Computer Science 

Nancy Wyatt 
Assistant Professor of 
Computer Science 

Andrew Roby Professor of 
Music and Department Chair 

The Music department is promoted to the Jackson com- 
munity and other communities from other states in several ways. 
One of the top promotional tactics is direct recruiting. Potential 
Union students are invited for auditions by professors of the de- 
partment. Union University Singers and Proclamation sing in 
churches and schools in the Tennessee area, giving several con- 
certs each semester. Proclamation sings about 20 times a se- 
mester, and the Singers take a 1 0-day tour each year. Ads fea- 
turing Union's Music department are placed in the Jackson Sun 
on a regular basis. 

The department emphasizes a focus on ministry, seen in 
the trip to Germany this past summer. While giving several per- 
formances, the students witnessed to the members of their host 
families and also to other students. 

Dr. McClune and Dr. Roby are the distinguished gentlemen of Union 


Joseph Blass David Dennis 

University Professor of Assistant Professor of 
Music Music 

Dianne Gatwood 
Instructor of Music 

Terry McRoberts 
Associate Professor of 



Michael Penny 
Assistant Professor of 

:^. — - 

Georgia Wellborn 
Associate Professor of 

Edyth Worthy 


Lytle Givens 

Professor of Sociology and 
Acting Chair of the Department 
al 1 

The purpose of Union's psychology department 
is to encourage insightful self exploration of students. 
The department tries to give students a better under- 
standing of human relations and individual adjustments 
by applying psychological concepts to their personal 
living. Dr. Teresa West is the department head, the 
1 995-96 term being her first in this chair. The quality 
of Union's psychology faculty makes it easier for the 
students because the faculty show care and concern 
for the individual student. Union's psychology depart- 
ment is more teaching oriented. The staff prepares 
for their classes in detail which helps the students bet- 
ter prepare for graduate school. 

of Sociology and Social Work 
Sociology is designed to help prepare students 
to understand human relations and structure of society. 
Social Work, on the other hand, prepares student to work 
as professionals with individuals, families, groups and 
communities. Social Work also includes hands-on expe- 
rience during the students' Senior year. 

The department of Sociology and Social Work is 
different from other schools because many Sociology 
students at Union are also interested in the ministry or 
at least hope to share the love of Christ through their 
work. Also, in Social Work, field placement internship 
provides great opportunities for on-the-job training. 
Union's Social Work department also has an active So- 
cial Work club, FIT, Facilitators in Training. 

Jinni Leigh Blalack 
Assistant Professor of 

Diana Rowan 
Assistant Professor of 
Social Work 





^Hfej, ii_. 




~-^s^'''-V///.V^» * » ' 

»V*.', ;/' • " ' '»>■* ' \ 


.,.,..,t,ii; ...»• 

Roslyn Wilson 
Instructor of Social 

Mrs. West enjoys watching her class 
during discussions. 

Carla Sanderson 

Associate Professor of Nursing 

and Dean of the School of 


Linda Barber 
Associate Professor of 

Pauline Bridger 
Georgia Wilson 
Distinguished Professor 
of Nursing 

Three organizations branch from the Nursing department, the Na- 
tional Student Nurse's Association (NSNA); Nu Lambda, a chapter of Sigma 
Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society; and the Baptist Nursing Fel- 

The Nursing department is promoted to the Jackson community 
through the students' clinical rotations at a variety of community agencies: 
St. Mary's Manor, a residential home for the elderly, Jackson Madison County 
Public Schools, and the Good Samaritan Health Care Center, a clinic for the 
working poor. Sometimes students are assigned to the Public Health De- 
partment of their own community, only if located in the West Tennessee 

Some of the courses offered include spiritual care in addition to physical 
and psychological care and preparation for missionary nursing opportuni- 








■* -/ 


Sandy Brown 
Associate Professor of 

Gail Coleman 
Instructor of Nursing 

Dana Cunningham 
Instructor of Nursing 

Cynthia Fish 
Instructor of Nursing 

Nancv Freeman 
Associate Professor of 

Tharon Kirk 

Assistant Professor of 



Donna Latham 
Assistant Professor of 


Melanie Matthews 
Assistant Professor of 

Joyce Montgomery Cathy Parrett 

Associate Professor of histructor of Nursing 

Donna Webb 
Assistant Professor of 

Gail Coleman keeps a pleasant attitude while she sorts 
through her stack of papers. 

Linn Stranak 

Professor of Physical Education 
and Health, Coordinator of 
Campus Recreation and Depart- 
ment Chair 


The physical education and health department strives 
to teach students about living a healthy, active lifestyle so 
that the quality of their lives will be improved. The depart- 
ment offers a variety of classes and opportunities with a Chris- 
tian focus. The professors try to gain a personal relationship 
with each student and take interest in their lifestyles. 

Department faculty set up a program to compliment 
the addition of the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is 
under the direction of Gary Johnson, who is also Aquatics Di- 
rector. Julie Powell, a new face in the department, is in charge 
of sports information and is the new Intramural Director. 

The P.E. and health department offers several majors. 
There is a teaching and non teaching p.e. and health major, 
and in conjunction with the Religion Department a Church Rec- 
reation major. 

Coach Turner calls some formations from the sidelines during a game. 

Brice Bishop 
Instructor of Physical 
Education and Sports 
Information Director, 
Men's Tennis Coach 

David Blackstock 
Professor of Physical 
Education and Helath, 
Director of Athletics, 
Women's Basketball 

Ralph Turner 
Instructor of Physical 
Education and Health, 
Men's Basketball Coach 


^-.^^s .^v 


Dr Hyran Barefoot 

University President 

of Religion 

Susan Hopper 
Director of Student 
Academic Services 

Shari Douglas 
General Ledger 

Gary Carter 
Vice President for 
Business Affairs 

Jackie Bobbitt 


Linda Baker 



Beverly Vos 

Don Morris 

Assistant Vice President 

Peggy Donaldson 
Secretary of Student 

I I 

Judy Holloman 

Sandra Pyron 
Accounts Payable 

Keith Currey 
Assistant Director of 
Public Relations 

Tracey King 

Tommy Sadler 

Katrina Bradfield 

Director of Public 

Director of Corporate 

Director of Research 



and Records 

Beverly Fisher 
Support and Public 

Doris Gee 



Carroll Griffin 
Assistant Vice Presi- 
dent and Director of 



Sandy Rich 

Paul Veazey 
Director of Denomi- 
national Support 

Sheri Evans 

Loiuse Lynch 

Kathy Bragg 

Secretary/Alumni . . ^. ^ r^. . . , 

Affairs and Denomi- Assistant Director of Director of Alumni 

Alumni Affairs Affiars 

national Support 


lw^ *=■ " 

Jane Geggus 

Lynn Gibson 



Robert Graves 



Trent Presley 





Kevin Stoope 



Teresa Nethery 
Secretary of 

Diane Lambert 
Secretary of 

Karen Miller 
Secretary of 

John Adams 

Ian Bun tain 

Shcrri Buntain 

Terri Kozlowitz 

Joanna Moore 

Vice President of 

Missionary in 

Missionarv in 

Assistant to BSU 


Religious Affairs 






3 -\- 



Paul Williams 
Director of Inservice 

Suzanne Barham 
Assistant Director 
for Career Planning 
& Placement 

Anna Brothers 

Phyllis Davenport 
Cooridinator of 

College Activities 

Charles Fowler 
Vice President for 
Student Affairs 

Carol Headen 
Student Affairs 

Margaret Lillard 
Director of 

Judy Maxwel 
Director of 

Dan Patterson 
Director of Campus 

James Baggett 
Dean of the College 
of Arts and Sciences 

Charlotte Van den Bosch 
Secretary to the Dean 
of Arts and Sciences 

Helen Butler 
Secretary to the Dean 
of Education 

Judy Leforgec 
Secretary to the Dean 
of Business 

Patricia Coleman 
Director of the Hurt 

Rhonda Waldo 
Assistant Director of 
Hurt Complex 



David Oran 
Director of Waters 

Max Blackman 
Assistant Director of 
Waters Complex 

Johni Morgan 
Assistant Director of 
the McAfee Complex 

Kathy Southall 
Director of the 
McAfee Complex 

Steven Baker 
Reference Services 

Anita Llewellyn 
Library Assistant 

Beth Lvnn 




Mary Piatt Nancy Sellers 

Cataloging Authority Technical Services 
Librarian Technician 


Beverly Wheeler 
College Nurse 

Oliver Dossmann 
Assistant Network 



[ «> T^ 



I *^' 








Melissa Moore 
Circulation and 
Media Librarian 

Cam Tracy 

Media Coordinator 



Susan Forman 
Computer Services 


Pat Morris 

Bill Van den Bosch 
Post Office 

Ryan Mason 
Computer Services 




Curt Parish 
Library Systems 




Gary Johnson 
Assistant Director of 
Campus Recreation 



David Porter 



Wanda Calvert 
College Services 

Juanita Cotnei- 
College Services 

Marjorie Richard 
College Services 

Linda Taylor 
College Services 

George Blanton 
Safety and Security 


Denise Murray Larry Ross Don Adams 

Safety and Security Safety and Security Buildings and 


Cookie Collomp 

David McBride 
Buildings and 

Brad Sargent 
Buildings and 

Robert Cox 
Buildings and 


Keith MuUins 
Buildings and 




Danny Scott 
Buildings and 

Kenny Graves 
Buildings and 


J.H. Patterson 
Buildings and 

- '% 


Lavon Stone 
Buildings and 

Donnie Alford 


Frances Hobson 

Helen Pirtle 

F7 ■ 

Ethel Weddle 

Kenneth Coleman 
Buildings and 

\^ V 

Richard Mathews 
Buildings and 

Robert Rowan 
Director of Buildings 
and Grounds 

Jonathan Wilson 

ASTiNG Impressions 


2>UMM<^ head JiiMt Unio- Uve wc^dd, the Senior o^ f996 luwe. 
m<iAe, cut im/p/ieMAJ04^ cw* tlUi ae^^venxitio^^. ^Ue lutu^ie H L^Axxlit 
OA^ UveAe, iZudenti a/ie ■ioatt to- L& uxUkina, cun044<i, the uMAe, necuia to- 
tcJie OH, ci4'ViiiJ'vi4n<i tkai oomM. tkein. iAUUi. Hheii, Ai^Uoe. lo^ e/xx^ell&f'ux. oA, tUeA4, ^/Mwe, cw* ii^ tUe. 
jouAned^ ojj tile, jaie^nted, amAtdtUiMi,, oelooecl...lciAilna memo^Ue^ oi tlv& f996 Be^^Uo^ ClaAA,. 

The Word of God echoes throughout the room. The words 
are spoken by the Lord through Jason Dukes, a senior reUgion ma- 
jor. He gave his first sermon when he was 12 years old. He surren- 
dered to the preaching ministry when he was 17. Today his greatest 
passion is sharing the love of Christ through preaching God's word. 

Throughout his college career, Dukes has held the position of 
youth minister at three different churches and has been blessed to 
speak at numerous others. He obtained the position of youth minis- 
ter at First Baptist in Dyer, Tennessee where he presently serves. He ' 
wants the Lord's name, not his own, to be recognized in his work. . 
Dukes is not concerned with the number of young people he reaches, 
but only their lives and the decisions they make. 

When Dukes prepares the sermon, he lets the scripture guide 
his heart to the message he will bring. His two main themes are 
God's love and surrendering to Him. Many people have influenced 
Duke's life including his parents, his brother. Dr. Guthrie, and most ' 
importantly. Jesus Christ. Dukes contuinues to pray that God will ■ 
allow him to preach His Word for the rest of his life. 

Tamara Abraham 
Scott Alexander 
Rita Allen 
Ray Ammons 
Rebecca Anderson 

Shawn Bailliez 
Betsy Baker 
Greg Baker 
Michelle Baldwin 
Gina Barden 

Michael Barnes 
Michelle Bamett 
Angle Baseler 
Holly Black 
Sherry Blackford 

Corrie Bledsoe 
Jason Blick 
David Boatright 
Brian Boles 
Aconda Bond 

Amy BoLigher 
Angela Brothers 
Brandy Brown 
Thomas Brown 
Steven Buback 

Kenneth Buie 
John Biiller 
Laena Builer 
Kim Burk 
Richard Butler 

Christ! ByrcJ 

Carol Ann Caldwell 

Christy Caldwell 

Margaret Capp 

Rachel Caipenter 

Jennifer Carter 
Danny Cates 

Heather Cheek 
Melissa Childress 
Stephen Chisholm 

Angela Clanton 

Kristina Cole 

Allison Coleman 

Kris Conn 

Amy Conrad 

Grace Cooper 

Cindy Cozail 

Lesli Crawford 

Kim Crews 

Ginger Crommett 

Bryan Culberson 

John Cunningham 

Mindy Custer 

Jason Davis 

Jill Davis 

Michael Davis 
Rebecca Davis 
Sheila Denson 
Terri Deshazier 
Betlye Doss 

Students Teaching Students 

Student teaching is an integral part of life for many educa- 
tion majors at Union. It enables the students to utilize all the "book 
knowledge" they have gained in the classroom. However, for Kevin 
Foxworth, student teaching at Jackson Middle School is much more. 
"Student teaching means teaching the kids, being there for them, 
and being an authority figure as well as a friend," explains Foxworth. 
Foxworth teaches the same lessons to six classes. This 
does not bother him because "each class has its own personality.." 
In order to meet the needs of these various personalities, he feels 
his personality must be diverse. 

According to Foxworth, one important aspect of student 
teaching is classroom management. He believes being in charge of 
the classroom to teach the students is imperative. "Every student 
can be reached; sometimes I have to give in a little, but they all can 
succeed if I find a way for them to," he emphasizes. 

Seeing kids succeed is Foxworth's reason for wanting to be 
a teacher. He feels he can be a good role model for them by having 
a good attitude, joking around with them and most of all pointing 
them to Jesus Christ. He accomplishes this by being full of the 
Lord so the students will see God through him. 

Jason Dukes 
Gregory Duncan 
Annette Dungey 
Molly Durrance 
Tim Ellsworth 

John Elmer 
Rebecca England 
Larry Escue 
Rachel Escue 
Stephanie Exum 

Rhonda Fell 
Roxie Fields 
Susan Fitzhugh 
Vadessa Flack 
Barry Flippo 


Natasha Smith, a Senior Communitcation Arts major, was 
chosen to be on the Oprah Winfrey show, just days after writing to 

"I didn't expect it at all. I was really surprised," Smith said. 

Smith's letter to Oprah noted the lack of quality programming 
for teenagers. She thought that Oprah, having wealth and prestige, 
could do something to remedy this situation. When Oprah producers 
called her, they asked Smith to be on a show about children whose 
parents work. 

When Smith arrived at the studio, Oprah's producers went over 
the questions she would be asked. She did not even meet Oprah until 
she was on stage. 

"It was strange to have Oprah Winfrey asking questions and 
listening to me," said Smith. 

"It was cool to see how the audience got really involved," 
Smith recalled. Some audience members apparently had strong opin- 
ions about working parents. 

Oprah briefly spoke backstage with Smith and her friends af- 
ter the show. "She was eating a cookie and she patted us on the 
shoulder. She told us we did a good job. I was very impressed with 
her," said Smith. 

Smith's experience allowed her to see how a television show 
was produced and run. " Because of this I decided to go into journal- 
ism," Smith admitted. "I want to bring news to people." 

Jamie Forester 

Kevin Foxworth 

Jenni Fuller 

Shawn Gierling 

Susan Gonzalez 

Eric Gottschalk 

Michelle Gray 

Ahsley Greathouse 

Julie Green 

Shane JJall 

Traci Hammer 

Kelly Hampton 

Heather Hanirick 

Adam Harris 

Peggy Harris 

Rae Harris 
Angela Hart 
Linda Hayes 
Virginia Hayley 
Sliawn Hendricks 

Wendy Hendrix 
Beth Henning 
Bradley Henson 
Stephanie Henson 
Benjamin Hickey 

Terri Higdon 
sarah Hillman 
Marian Hinson 
Mark Hoesel 
Jaina Hollifield 

Deborah Holmes 
Heather Holmes 
Kerri Holmes 
Kimberley Holmes 
Stephanie Holt 

Cindy Hooker 
Kathy Hopper 
Christy Hughes 
Brian Hume 
Kelly Humphrey 

Bobby Hurt 
Kimberley Inmon 
Beth Jackson 
David Jackson 
Misha James 

Joshua Jenkins 
Billy Johnson 

Laura Johnston 

Jada Jordan 

Karen Joyner 

Robert Kanavel 

Cliff Kelley 

Jennifer King 

Daniel Lackey 

Michael Laffoon 

Scott Lamb 
Jennifer Land 
Dorie Lane 
Dustin Lane 
Tina Lanier 

Laura Latham 

Amy Leach 

Dawn Lee 

Amber Legereit 

Chad Lewis 

Marti Lewis 

Tanya Lewis 

Margie Lowe 

MeHssa Mann 

Melanie Marcom 

Leslie Mathews 

Michelle Mattox 

Lori Mays 

Maronda McCain 

Theresa McCay 

"•^^ *f fa %f 


fzu^ <^\i 


A friend introduced them through a blind date, but God 
brought them together. Vadessa Mason and Steven Flack got 
married on June 24, 1995. A very special day in the lives of 
their family and each other. This is not just any ordinary man 
and wife, however. Aside from holding jobs, the Flacks are also 
full-time students. Vadessa's week is divided between 16 aca- 
demic hours and 1 5 hours of work. Steven is employed full time 
and takes 15 academic hours. They are also involved in Kappa 
Delta and Lambda Chi Alphga. Steven graduates in May, and 
Vadessa hopes to graduate next December. 

Vadessa knew that Steven was who she was looking for 
on their second date. Steven asked if they could pray together. 
They quickly became best friends, and now they joyously share 
the bond of marriage. 

Vadessa doesn't regret her decision to marry Steven while 
still in school, even with all her responsibilities. "It is tough 
sometimes, but worth it. I would do it again." 

"There are more responsibilities now that we are in our 
parents' shoes as married adults and in student's shoes at the same 
time," Steven reflected. 

Terri McCusker 
Chris McNeece 
Jonathan Meyer 
Nicole Middleton 
Sheila Millburs 

Jonathan Miller 
Sam Mizell 
Robin Moore 
Lori MoiTis 
Bill Myatt 

Jennifer Neal 
Kim Neisler 
Bryan Nelson 
Donna Nelson 
Robert Nelson 

Silent ^rt 

The child understands, but he doesn't hear a word. A stroke of 
purple aligns the canvas followed by a stroke of green. His teacher smiles 
as she watches the picture take shape. "Good job," she says inaudibly. 
The child, watching her hands, understands, but will never hear the voice 
that says it. 

Cammmie Vos, a senior Art Education major, hopes to be that 
teacher. Vos, who is also a member of Hands for Jesus, plans to be an art 
teacher at a schoool for the deaf. As a child, Vos realized that art was her 
life, but didn't know until she was s sophomore in college that sign 
langugage would be a part also. 

She had always been interested in sign language, however. "My 
aunt teaches at a school for the deaf and I've always admired my aunt." 
Aside from learning sign language, Vos also learns about the culture. "I 
learn more about it every day... [The deaf] look at the world differently. 
They come together because they're all deaf. They made their own cul- 
ture within groups, but they can still relate with people that hear. Their 
perspective is completely different." 

Vos had planned to be an architect. She hadn't considered teach- 
ing until after a trip to New Orleans with Hands for Jesus. "God called 
me in a different direction." With a new calling and a few math classes, 
Vos is excited about her teaching career. 

"If I had a choice to be deaf or blind, I'd be deaf. I'm an artist and 
I couldn't cope without vision," Vos laughs. 

Roger Niccum 

Nivah Norman 

Martha Oliver 

Bobby Owensby 

Susan Parks 

Shirley Parrish 

Michael Patterson 

Pamela Pearce 

Scott Pearl 

Becky Penrose 

Jennifer Pettigrew 

Shephanie Popejoy 

Bradley Powers 

Shannon Powers 

Richie Preslev 

Trisha Rednour 
Brad Replogle 
Anna Richardson 
Renee Robbins 
Tracy Rogers 

Devonna Rowland 
Eric Rowland 
Kathy Russell 
Lee Sanders 
Kimberly Scott 

Pamela Scott 
Misty Self 
Dawn Sherill 
Heidi Shouder 
Lori Simons 

Jennifer Smallwood 
Kellie Smith 
Michelle Smith 
Natasha Smith 
Tiffany Spain 

Lome Spickard 
Melissa Stark 
Teresa Stehl 
Jennifer Stokes 
Kellye Sullivan 

Betsy Swindell 
Wendy Taliaferro 
John Terry 
Jennifer Thompson 
Michelle Thompson 

The black tipped tail of an English mastiff disappears into the 
water. It is followed by a splash as a cockerspaniel dives into the inky 
blue river behind the mastiff. Another older cockerspaniel lies on the 
bank watching carefully as the second dog disappears into the water. 

Terrie Deshazier, a senior Art major, has recently become inter- 
ested in dog breeding. She currently owns three pedigree dogs: an 
English mastiff. Arcineaga's Lady Monarch Ritz (Horse), and two 
cockerspaniels named Snuggles and Jake. Deshazier plans to become 
more invovlved in breeding after she graduates. 

Horse is Deshazier's most prized animal. The mastiffs blood- 
line includes over twenty championship dogs. "I really want to show 
Horse, but I don't have time to [train] her while I'm in school. I want to 
do the same with the others, but I have to graduate first." 

She is currently trying to breed the mastiff, and is also looking 
for more dogs. "There are so many things to look for. I have to be 
careful about breeding Horse becasue she is a beautiful dog. You have 
to look at the size of the paws, coloration, the legs, the teeth, the eye set 
. . . I can only breed Horse three times in her life, so I'm being extra 

Deshazier's past time and future career, making stained glass, 
has often intertwined with her dogs. One of her pieces is of Snuggles 
and Jake playing. 

Kevin Trowbridge 

Phillip Tummins 

Susan Twilla 

John Vasquez 

Angela Vincent 

Camela Vos 

Brad Vose 

Kelley Waddey 

Alex Walker 

Kimberly Walker 

Cynthia Wardlow 

Jay Wardlow 

Susan Waif 

Kelly Webb 

Ruth Weisbrod 

■ la i 

G(UiAAae>i the hlcuneleiA, OAyie^we. 
tUe. U/pA4XiM.; tnene ii. a lutwie 
lo^ tUa i*ia*i oi ■aeaoa. 

Pixdm 37:37 

Holly Wells 
Angelica Welty 
Tim White 
Dana Wilkins 
Jason Williams 

Kim Williams 
Leslie Wilson 
Roger Wilson 
Joyce Woods 
Jody Wysor 

Charlotte Young 
left" Young 
Patricia Young 

Life's a Srage 

Christina Hobbs, a Senior Communication Arts major, is 
now a professionsal actress, after two summers in summerstock 

Growing up, Hobbs was surrounded by art, "My mother 
was a theatre director and have always been involved in the arts." 
Hobbs began her venture into stage performance as a dancer. She 
found herself being attracted more and more to acting. Without 
stopping there, Hobbs began to sing. Hobbs auditioned for the 
Tennessee Theatre Association in her sophomore year. They gave 
her a number to continue to the South Eastern Theatre Conference 
auditions. She was given a job by Theatre West Virginia and re- 
turned there the next summer. 

These two summers gave her entrance into the Actor's Eq- 
uity Association. Hobbs is now able go to union and non-union 
auditions. "I have my foot in the door," explained Hobbs. 

This spring Hobbs went to the spring SETC, for profes- 
sional actors and actresses, and received eight call backs. "I am 
up in the air waiting," she said. "I don't know when I will be 
called back, I may hear something tomorrow or next year." 

She is considering moving to Chicago or New York - the 
'hubs" of the theatrical community. "I know I can make a living in 
the Midwestern circuit." The only disadvantage is that she would 
be forced to move from job to job instead of having stability. 

Rita Yvonne Allen; White House, Tn. 
B.A. Psychology/ EngHsh 

Alpha Chi 3,4; BSU 1,2,3,4; Feria Hispanica 3(judge; Hands 
for Jesus 2,3; Homecoming Committee 1 ; Lest We Forget 
3(section editor); Resident Assistant 1,2,3,4; Senior R.A. 
2,3,4; Street Safety Captain 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; Rutledge 
Honorary History Club 2,3,4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4(trea- 
surer); Box Office Manager 2,3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Union 
Broadcasting Society 3 

Rebecca Jean Andersen; Richland, Wa. 


Kappa Deltal,2,3,4;SlFE 3,4;Student Foundation 2,3;Kappa 

Mu Epsilon 2,3,4;Sigma Zets 2,3,4; Phi Beta Lambda 

2,3,4;Alpha Chi 3,4 

Klay Andrew Aspinwall; Oviedo, Fl. 
B.A. Religion 
Ministerial Association 5 

Preston G. Atkinson; Brownsville, Tn. 
B.A. Religion /Psychology 
BSU 1,2,3,4; FC A 3,4 

Gina Michelle Barden; Jackson, Tn. 

B.A. English 

Chi Omega l,2,3(secretary),4(Panhellenic secretary); Sigma 

Tau Delta 2,3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 2,3,4; Rutledge Honorary 

History Club 2,3,4; Alpha Chi 3,4; Senate 3; Who's Who 4 

Michael Wayne Barnes; Morris Chapel, Tn. 

B.S. Finance 

Phi Beta Lambda 4, Alpha Chi 4 

Angela Diane Baseler; Bartlett, Tn. 

B.S. Biology 

SAC 3; Hurt Complex Dorm Counsel 3; 

Student Foundation 3; Zeta Tau Alpha 3,4; Lest We Forget 

4(photography executive; Art Union 4 

Holly Ann Black; Jackson, Mo. 

Elementary Education, CAT 1; SAC 4(vice president of 

weekend activities); STEA 2,3; SPOTS 2,3 

Sherry McClanahan Blackford; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

Student Nurse Association 3,4(president) 

Jason Daniel Blick; Russellville, Ky. 
B.A. Spanish 

Hands For Jesus 1; Lest We Forget 3; Sigma Zeta 2,3,4; ACS 
3,4; Alpha Chi 3,4; Residence Complex Council 3,4; Hondu- 
ras Mission Trip 3,4 

Michael David Boatright; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Chemistr\' 

American Chemical Societv2,3,4; Student Foundation 2,3,4; 

Sigma Zeta 2,3,4; Prexy Club 3,4; Alpha Chi 4 


Brian Jeffrey Boles; Memphis, Tn. -™-™- -. 

B.S. B.A. Accounting 

Phi Beta Lambda l,2,3-4(president);SIFE 2,3,4(president); 

Institute of Management Accountants l,2(social 

chair),3(treasurer); FOCUS 2,3,4; :Lambda Chi Alpha 

l,2,3(treasurer),4;SGA 2-3(class treasurer),4(class president); 

Prexy Club 3,4 

Stephanie Mays Bolton; Ripley Tn. 

B.S. Elementary Education 

BSU 3,4,5; Chi Omega 3,4,5; STEA 3,4,5 

Ginger Suzanna Booth; Chattanooga, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 


Lester Paul Bragg; Brighton, Tn. 

B.S. Religion 

PC A 1,2,3,4; BSU 2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3 

Angela Lea Brothers; Carrier Mills, 111. 

Special Education 

Student Foundation 4; Youth Town Ministry 3,4,5; STEA 4- 

5(chairperson for community service projects) 

David A. Brown; Jackson, Tn. 
B.S. Business 

Stephen Michael Buback; Jackson Tn. ;-„,„ 


Alpha Psi Omega 1,2,3,4; UBS 2-3(vicepresident),4 (presi- 

Kimberly Dawn Burk; Millington, Tn. 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Christy Ann Caldwell; Paris, Tn. 

B.S. Education 

Sonshine Puppetts l,2,3,4(director),5; STEA 3,4,5; BSU 3; 

Student Ministry Council 4 

Phara Lyn Cantrell; Bells, Tn. 
B.S. Learning Foundations 
STEA 3,4; Alpha Chi 3,4 

Jennifer Dawn Carter; Medina, Tn. 

B.S. Biology/Math 

Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Sigma Zeta 2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 

2,3,4; Alpha Chi 2,3,4; Dorm Council 3; Cardmal & 

Cream 1 

Melissa Dawn Childress; Memphis, Tn. 

B.S. Sociology 

Sonshine Puppets 5; Facilitators in Training 5 

Stephen Major Chisholm; Pontotoc, Ms. 
B.A. Art 

BSU 3,4; Art Union 3,4 

Stephen Keith Claybrook; Hendersonville Tn. 

B.A. Music 

UU Singer 1,2; Proclamation 2; Botany Club 2,3,4(president) 

Allison Liann Coleman; Jackson, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 

National Student Nurses Association 1,2,3,4; Union Univer- 
sity Singers 1,2 

Wesley Wade Comer; Parsons, Tn. 
PE. /Health 


Cindy Lewis Cozart; Lexington, Tn. 

B.S. Special Education 

Prexy Club 4; STEA 2,3,4(president) 

Lesli Ann Crawford; Bolivar, Tn. 

B.S. Psychology 

KD 1,2,3,4; Dorm Council 1,2,3,4; College Republicans; 
Rutledge Honorary History Club; ACS 3,4; Resident Life 
Board 3,4; Prexy Club3,4; Senator 2; BYW 1,2,3,4 

Nedra Jain Crawford; Jackson, Tn. 
B.A. English-Journalism 

HSA 2,3,4; The Torch 2,3,4; Cardinal & Cream 2,3; Sym- 
phonic Band 2; Sigma Tau Delta 4 

Melinda J. Custer; Horseheads, NY 


Vision Clown Team 1; Art Union 1,2,3; Hands For Jesus 2,3; 


Terri Annette Deshazier; Savarmah, Tn. 

B.A. Art 

Art Union 2; Alpha Chi 3,4 

Bettye J. Doss; Jackson, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 

Student Nurse's Association 3,4; Tennessee Nurse's Associa- 
tion 5 

Lori Beth Dozier; Greenbrier, Tn. 

B.S. Special Education 

Cardinal & Cream 2; ZTA 2,3,4,5; HSA 1-5; Panhellenic 

Council 4,5; Homecoming Committee 3; STEA 5; BSU 

1,2,3,4; On-Campus Committee 1; SPOTS 1,2,3; Intramurals 


Gregory A. Duncan; Paducah, Ky. 

B.S. Chemistry/Math 

McAfee Dorm Council 3-4(vice president);McAfee Judicial 

Board Chairman 3,4; ACS 3,4; Sigma Zeta 4 

Jason Cristofer Dukes; New Orleans, La. 

B.A. Religion 

BSU 1,2,3,4; Ministerial Association 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1-4; 

SAG 1,2,3,4 

Annette Rae Dungey; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Psychology 

Pi Gamma Mu,4; Sigma Tau Delta, 4; Psychology Dept. 

Molly Elizabeth Durrance; Selmer, Tn. 

B.S. Mathematics, Secondary Education 

Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; SAC 1,2,3,4; SGA 3,4; STEA 3,4; 

Panhellenic 3 

Tim Ellsworth; Benton, 111. 
B.A. Communication Arts/ Religion 
Cardinal & Crea l-2(sports editor),3(editor),4; Lest We 
Forget 1 (photo editor),2 (photo & sports editor); Alpha Chi 
4(president); On-Campus Ministry Committee 4; College 
Republicans 1,2; UBS 3,4; Prexy Club 3; Church Related 
■Vocation 3,4; Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges 4; Ministe- 
rial Association 3; Southeastern Journalism Conference 3,4; 
SPOTS 2,4 

Rachel Elizabeth Escue; Milan, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

Student Nursing Association 5 

Stephanie Ann Exum; Jackson Tn. 

B.S. Elementary Education 

Revival Teams 1; BSU 1,2,3; Baptist YoungWomen 


Michael Brent Fronabarger; Huntingdon, Tn. 
B.S. PE./Health 

Jennifer Raye Fuller; Mt. Vernon, 111. 

B.S. Mathematics 

Singers 1,2; Witness 1; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4; Sigma Alpha 

lota 3,4; STEA 4; Senate 4; Alpha Chi 3,4 

Susan Elizabeth Gonzalez; Hyde Park, NY 

B.A. Communication Arts 

ZTA 1,2,3,4; SAC 2,3,4; Alpha CHi 3,4; Rutledge Honorary 

History Club 1,2,3; PR Society 3,4; SIFE 3; BSU 1,2,3,4; 

Cardinal & Cream 3,4; Lest We Forget 4; Dean's List 1,2,3,4 

Michelle Lee Gray; Columbia, Tn. 
B.S. Psychology 
Hands for Jesus 4,5 

Julie Ann Green; Mayfield, Ky. 

B.S. Elementary Education 

College Republicans 1; Yemma 1,2; Hands for Jesus 1; 

SPOTS 1,3; On-Campus Committee 1; Student Foundation 

2-3(vice president),4; Alpha Chi 3,4; STEA 3,4; SPOTS 3; 

Revival Teams 2 

Jane Rae Harris; Adamsville, Tn. 

B.A. Art 

Art Union l,2(secretary/treasurer),3,4; Hands for Jesus 1,2; 

SPOTS 2; Lest We Forget 2,4; Dean's List 

/1 50- 

Beth Susanne Henning; Jackson, Tn. 

B.A. Art 

Alpha Chi 3,4;Kappa Deha l,2(Sgt. at Arms, SET leader, 

Rush party co-chairman, 3 (VP Standards, Scholarship 

Committee, Records Chairman,4(VP Public Relations, SET 

leader); Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Public Relations Society 3 

Leigh Ann Haltom Henson; Jackson, Tn. 
B.S. Elementary Education 
STEA 5; BSU 1,2,3,4,5 

Terri Ann Higdon; Kevil, Ky. 

B.S. Nursing 

U.U. Players 1; Missions Committee 1; SPOTS 1,2,3; EC A 1,2; 

SGA 1 (class secretary); Homecoming Committee 2; Alpha 

Psi Omega 2,3; Who's Who Among Students 

in College 5; CRV 2,3,4,5 

Pamela German Hill; Somerville, Tn. 
B.S. Business Administration 

Marian Elisabeth Hinson; Linden, Tn. 

B.S. Business Adminstration 

Spanish Club 1; SGA 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Phi Beta 

Lambda 3,4; Alpha Chi 4 

Jaina Marice HoUifield; Gallatin, Tn. 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Zeta Tau Alphal,2,3,4; Singers 1,2; Proclamation 1,2; Student 

Foudation 2; SAC 2; UBS 2,3,4; Alpha Chi 3,4; SIFE 3,4; 

Senate 4 

Christina Carol Hughes; Reagan, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 

Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Student Foundation 2,3; Ministry Lead- 
ership Conference Steering Committee 2,3,4; SNA 3,4; 
Baptist Nursing Fellowship 4 

Bobby J. Hurt; Dresden, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

SNA 3,4; Tennessee Nurses Association 5; Sunshine 

Chariperson RN to BSN, 5 

Beth Ann Jackson; Vandalia, 111. 

B.A. Religion 

Hands for Jesus 1,2; Revival Team 1,2 

Angela Gallimore James; Paris, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

Zeta Tau Alpha 1,2,3,4; Hands for Jesus 1; SNA 3,4; SAC 2,3; 

Alpha Chi 3,4; S.P.O.T.S. 1,2; Summer missions 1; Revival 

Team 1 

Misha Lee James; Atoka, Tn. 

B.S. Biology 

Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; Sigma Zeta 2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 

2,3,4; ACS 3,4; Student Foundation 4; Who's Who 4 

Heather Dawn Keller; Middleton, Tn. 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Cardinal & Cream 1 (Assistant Editor), 3-4(Senior Staff 

Writer ); Lest We Forget 4 

Thomas Steven Killingsworth; Stantonville, Tn. 

B.S. History 

Phi Alpha Theta 5; STEA 4,5 

Jennifer Jo King; Alpharetta,Ga. 
B.S. Education 

Hands for Jesus 1; Lest We Forget Staff 2;STEA 3; SGA 
4(Senator);BYW l,2,3,4(President); Prexy Club, 4; Ministry 
Leadership Conference Committee,4; BSU Council 4; Re- 
vival Teams Pianist l,2,3,4;S.PO.T.S. Teams,2,3 

Walter Scott Lamb; St. Louis, Mo. 
B.A. Religion 

Jennifer Rebekah Land; Franklin, Tn. 

B.S. Learning Foundations 

Chi Omega l,2(Songleader),3,4(Public Relations); STEA 3,4; 

National Dean's List 2,3,4;Dean's List 2,3,4 

Mary Kristen Langford; Tupelo, Ms. 

B.S. Mathematics 

BSU 1,2,3,4; Impact 1,2; SIFE 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4; STEA 

3,4; BSU Executive Council 4(vice president); Who's Who 4 

Tina Michelle Lanier; Middleton, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

Alpha Chi 3,4; SNA 3,4(Treasurer); RutledgeHonorary 

History Club 1,2,3,4 

Amy Carol Leach; Milan, Tn. 
B.S. Elementary Education 
Alpha Chi 3,4; STEA 3,4 

Marti Leigh Lewis; Counce, Tn. 

B.S. Education 

Sonshine Puppets, l,2,3,4;Hurt Dorm Council 2(secretary),3- 

4(vice-president); Chairperson Hurt Complex Judicial 


Malcolm Frederick Lower; Humboldt, Tn. 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Alpha Psi Omega 1,2,3,4; Scrappy Vagabond Funny Fun 

Performers 3,4 

Christina H. Lynn; Trenton, Tn. 

B.A. Communication Arts 

Union Broadcasting Society l,2,3,4(Secretary); "Union After 

Hours' 23/4(Senior Producer); Cardinal and Cream 1,2,4; 

Lest We Forget 4 

Melanie Marcom; Jackson, Tn. 

B.M. Organ/ Sacred Music 

Alplia Chi 1,2,3,4; Sigma Alplia Iota l,2(Editor),3,4(Editor) 

Lori AUyson Mays; Jackson, Tn. 
B.A. Psychology 

Alpha Chi 3,4; Who's Who 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; Kappa 
Delta 1 (Project Excellence Chairman, 2(guard),2-4(Shirt 
design); National Dean's List 1,2,3,4; CRV 3,4; FCA 2,3; Art 
Union 1; Special Recognition in Sculpture 1,3; S.P.O.T.S. 2; 
BYW 1; Habitat for Humanity 1,3; Foreign Missions in Brazil 
2; Inner city missions 3; Church Summer staff 3; Mission 
Church volunteer 3; World Vision sponsor 2-4 

Angela Katherine Bishop McDaniel ; Bolivar, Tn. 
B.A. Art 

Art Union l,2,3(president),4;Torch Staff 2,3,4; Alpha Chi 
3,4;Homecoming Committee 3 

Nicole Denise Middleton; Enville, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 

SNA 4,5 

Jonathan Allen Miller; Bethel Springs, Tn. 

B.S. Computer Science/ Mathematics 

Association for Computing Machinery 1,2,3,4; SAC 2; 

Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4; SGA 3(Senator),4(Attorney General); 

Alpha Chi 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4 

Samuel Courtney Mizell; Florence Al. 

B.S. Music 

UU Singers 1-4; Jazz Band 1-4; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1-4; 

Witness 1; SAG 

Lori Borders Morris; Ripley, Tn. 
B.S. Elementary Education 
ZTA 3,4,5; STEA 5; BSU 3,4,5 

Kimberly Darlene Neisler; Wildersville, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

NSNA 3; Sunshine Friend 3,4 

Shirley Sue Parrish; Lexington, Tn. 
B.S. Early Childhood Special Education 
STEA 12,3,4 

Pamela Camille Pearce; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Psychology/ Religion 

Vision Clown Team 1,2,3; Baptist Young Women 1,2,3; 

YEMMA 3,4; Union University Singers 1,2 

William Scott Pearl; Bolivar, Tn. 
B.A. Religion 

CAT 2,3(president); Ministerial Association 1-5; Student Supervi- 
sor Activities Center 1-5; B.S.U. 1-5; Art Union 3,5 

Rebecca Anne Penrose; Memphis, Tn. 

B.S. Biology 

Union Cheerleading l,2(co-captain),3; Sigma Zeta 2,3,4; ACS 3,4; 

Alpha Chi 3,4; Rutledge Honorary History Club 2,3,4; Sigma Tau 

Delta 3,4; Kappa Delta l,2(scholarship chair), 3(philantropy 

chair),4(social chair) 

Lisa Renee Garner Perrigo; Finger, Tn. 
B.S. Biology 
Honduras 3 

Bradley Stephen Powers; Scotts Hill, Tn. 

B.S. Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda 3,4(chaplain); Accounting Club 2,3,4(secretary/ 

reasurer); Alpha Chi 3,4; Dean's List 1,2 

Shelly Kay Reynolds; Savannah, Tn. 
B.S. Elementary Education 
STEA 4,5; SPOTS 3 

Chris Rowland; Jackson, Tn. 
B.S. Biology 

SGA 1 (class president), 2(class president), 3(treasurer), 4 
(president);SAEl, 2(scholarship chairman, 3(recorder/vice presi- 
dent), 4(president); Alpha Chi 3(vice president),4; SIFE 4 

Kathy Diane Russell; Watertown, Tn. 

B.S. Elementary Education 

ZTA 2,3,4; SoftbaU 3; S.PO.T.S. 1,2; National Dean's List 2,3,4; 

STEA 2,3; FCA 1,2; BSU 1,2,3,4; BYBC 1,2; Alpha Chi 3,4 

Heather Nicole Sanders; Alamo, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

SNA 4,5; Alpha Chi 4,5 

Fancher Paul Sargent; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Business Administration 

Accounting Club l,2,3(social chairman), 4(president); SIFE 3,4; 

Phi Beta Lambda 1,2,3,4 

Dawn Rae Sherill; Fredaonia, Ky. 

B.A. Religion/Psychology 

Religion Department Graders Club 3,4; BSU 1-4 

Kimberly Elaine Scott; HoUadav, Tn. 


Kappa Delta 1-5; Who's Who 1; Phi Beta Lambda 5; Resident 

Assisstant 2-,5; Hands For Jesus 2,3; U. U. Chorus 1,2; FCA 1,2 

Jennifer Ann Smallwood; Toone, Tn. 
B.S. Psychologv 
Lest We Forget 1 

Kellie Jean Smith; Finger, Tn. 


Phi Beta Lambda 4 

/1 52- 

Mary I. Smith; Henderson, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 
SNA 3,4 

Melissa Lynelle Stark; Trimble, Tn. 

B.S. Business Adminstration 

Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; FOCUS 2,3,4; Sigma Zeta 1,2; Phi Beta 

Lambda 2,3,4; Accounting Club 2,3,4; SIFE 3,4 

Jennifer Dian Stokes; Inverness, Fl. 

B.A. Psychology 

Dorm Council 1,2,3; Senate 1,2,3; FCA 3; Missions 3,4; 

Impact 4 

John F. Taylor; Halls, Tn. 
B.S. Biology 

Michelle Lynne Taylor; Jackson, Tn. 

NSNA 3,4(vice president) 

Jane Terry; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

SNA 3; Nursing Class president 3,4 

Colleen Ann Thompson; Inverness, Fl. 
B.A. Psychology/Spanish 

Michelle Lynne Thompson; Memphis, Tn. 

B.S. Biology 

ZTA 1,2,3^4; SAC 2,3,4; American Chemical Society 2,3,4 

Kevin Scott Trowbridge; Horse Cave, Ky. 
B.A. Communications Arts 

Cardinal & Cream l(news editor),2(assistant editor)4, 
(editor); Lest We Forget 1 (campus life section 
editor),2(assistant editor),3(editor); Associated Collegiate 
Press 4; Society for Collegiate Journalists president 3,4; 
Tennessee Speech Communication Society 4; UBS 
l,2(president),3(executive producer); Upperclassmen Com- 
mittee for Communication Arts 3; Student Publications 
Editorial Advisory Board 3,4; Prexy Club 2,3,4; Student 
Foundation 2,3(vice president); Senate 4; SIFE 2,3; U.U. 
Players Photographer 4, public relations coordinator and 
house manager 2; BSU 1; Senior Resident Assistant 3,4 

Natalie Denise VanEman; Middletown, 111. 

B.S. Management/ Marketing 

Hands for Jesus 2; CAT 2; Student Foundation 3; SAC 4 

Angela Michelle Vincent; Bolivar, Tn. 

B.S. Special Education 

STEA 4,5; Alpha Chi 4,5; National Dean's List 4,5; Dean's 

List 4,5 

Kelley Leya Waddey; Franklin, Tn. 

B.S. Elementary Education 

Hands for Jesus 1; Ministry Leadership Conference 2,3,4; 

STEA 3,4; Eaton Club 2,3,4; BYW 4; Religion Department 

Graders Club 2,3,4 

Kathryn Kimberly Walker; Germantown, Tn. 

B. A. Religion 

SNA 3; ZTA 3,4; Lest We Forget 4 

Sherrie Ann Walker; Martinez, Ga. 

B.S. Psychology 

BSU 3; Disciple Now 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4 

Ruth Vivian Weisbrod; Houston, Mo. 

B.S. Nursing 

Hands for Jesus 2,3; SNA 3,4 

Catherine Ann Wells; Franklin, Tn. 

B.A. English 

Chi Omega 1,2; Backyard Bible Club 1; Youth Town 3,4(di- 


Holly Heather Wells; Walls, Ms. 

B.S. Nursing 

ZTA 1,2,3,4; SNA 3,4; Rutledge Honorary History Club 


Angelica Bibiana Lkeity; Selmer, Tn. 
B.A. Spanish 

Doris Ann Watkins West; Hornsby, Tn. 
B.S. Elementary Education 

Jeruiifer Hope Wheatley; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Nursing 

Cl-ii Omega 1,2,3,4; SNA 3 

Dana Ann Sparks Wilkins; Bath Springs, Tn. 

B.S. Business Administration 

Plii Beta Lambda 3; Accounting Club 4; National Dean's 

List 4 

John Jason Williams; Jackson, Tn. 

B.S. Biology 

Alpha Chi 2,3,4; Sigma Zeta 2,3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; Prexy 

Club 4 

Sandra Sue Wilson; Medon, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 

SNA 3 

William Joe Wysor; Memphis, Tn. 

B.S. Physical Education 

BSU 1,2,3,4; LXA l,2(social chairman),3-4(vice president); 

lifeguard 3,4 

Jeffrey Walter Young; Bethel Springs, Tn. 
B.S. Nursing 
TSNA 3,4,5 


J he JH/uvlo^ ciaAA, will o^e, tke liAAi cla^ to- o^iaAiAXiie uynden, the. 
leculle/iMuyp, ojj a new- i2A^eiide44i,. Pn^/pxiAinXf, jpA. Uve Uaae ol %^. lia/ieloot, 
tUe ju*u<i^ oIgM, 'pAjcuUdea. tUeiA. 04m^ ita^'uilci/iclU oi e^ce^/e^ice. *7Aa^ e^xx^eUed 
ut acxuHem^oi, (fXUieAM^^in^eMt, tke a^iiyi, cu^ ut iAxiA/ut. "(JtuAnat^, e/x>ceUe*'ice. i^teat^i 
*ixdU i*t<^l l/ii^UeM. Vt uwaJzA, uUtli the c<mA,e^ oi Qod, " wAjote C>uA4AuAeA, in tUe. 
Bi/iypypiiaMi Wo^'PieM, in, 42f f^.G. '^hcd p^eoAX o^ oMAxUxi'm Uoidi tn^Ae, todcui, a44xi, it cga^ Le iAui- 
miAea, in tUe eti^e^voM, a^na ^lecuiUteM, oi tUe Qunio^ GloAA oi i^^6. 

Krista Adams 
Lori Albright 
Jennifer Allen 
April Allison 
Sarah Allison 

Terri Ammon 
Suzanne Aslin 

Stephanie Annis 
Brent Attaway 

Michael Attaway 

Dee Dee Babcock 

Chad Bailey 

Donnita Baker 

Alicia Barger 

Saia B;mietl 

Jill Bassham 
Cindy Beaird 
Lee Ann Bell 
Amy Binkley 
Monica Biter 

Tami Bogue 
Shannon Bomar 
Charlotte Bond 
Jenay Bonner 
Jonathan Boord 

Shani Boston 
Summer Bowen 
Amy Bragg 
Tony Bradley 
Andy Brink 


for X 


Melanie Layne, an Elementary Education major, was not 
prepared for the thirty new pets her family acquired in February 
1993. Layne's father became interested in starting his new 
business after he found a magazine article on emu birds. Emus 
are prehistoric ostrich-like birds from Australia. They are five to 
six feet tall, weigh between 1 00-1 25 lbs., and can travel in speeds 
up to 40 mph. They are mainly used for breeding stock, which 
means they are sold after they are bred as slaughter birds. 

One of the most popular uses of emus is to use the fat 
on their backs to make emu oil which treats sore muscles and 
skin diseases. The red meat, which has the fat and cholesterol 
of chicken, can also be eaten. The hide is used for purses and 
billfolds, and their feathers and eggs are used for crafts. When 
Layne's dad became involved in emus, they sold for $5000 to 
$7000. Even when the market has decreased, the birds are still 
worth quite a bit. 

Layne's favorite birds are Daddy Longlegs, Miss Muffett, 
and Bucky. You'll be able to recognize her by the emu license 
plate on her car! 

Kyle Brown 

Michelle Brown 

Brad Bruhn 

Melony Bryan 

Milly Bullington 

Judith Burchett 

William Burkhead 

Laurel Burrough 

Keri Carter 

Ben Clark 

Carla Coello 

Vany Coello 

Heather Colwick 

Linda Cooper 

John Cordwell 



Home . . . It's a word that a lot of us take for granted, even while 
in college. Some even try to leave their college home, but do eventually 
come back. Matt Kennedy, a Coinmunications Arts major has found his 
college home, and has returned. After attending Union University for a 
year, Kennedy transfeixed to the University of Memphis where he spent 
another year. This year, Kennedy returned to Union. 

Matt Kennedy came back to Union for several reasons. One was 
the extreme difference in the student teacher ratio. Kennedy did not like 
existing only as a number as he did at the University of Memphis. He 
also returned because he knew that the opportunity to be active in cam- 
pus organizations would increase and improve his resume. He missed 
the Christian environment and wanted to pursue a church related voca- 
tion at Union. 

Kennedy said goodbye to the University of Memphis to return to 
his college home. Union has become his family. 


Carrie Cossey 
Karyn Crabtree 
John Cross 
Eugene Crowell 
Jamie Crowell 

Julie Crowley 
Krystal Cruse 
Caroline Cullum 
Jeff Cupples 
Bryan Currie 

Lee Darby 
Jennifer Davis 
Laura Defew 
Andrea Denman 
Timothy Dill 

Pamela Donald 
Susannah Dunlap 
Amy Edwards 
Stephen Eldridge 
Heather Englert 

Laura Ernest 
Melissa Farmer 
Jennifer Fisher 
Kara Foster 
Scott Foster 

Denise Francis 
Shonda French 
Rhonda Gardiner 
April Gilchrist 
Robert Greer 

Charles Gregory 

Ray Gregory 

Alison Grigg 

Robert Grisham 

Alison Hansbrough 

Tiffany Harmon 

Timothy Harmon 

Kristi Hart 

Emilie Hawkins 

Carissa Hayes 

Jason Hayes 

Kelly Hayes 

Jennifer Hefner 

John Highsmith 

Heather Hildebrand 

Tom Hilliard 
Christina Hinson 

Kevin Hinton 
Rebecca Hobson 

Brian Hoesel 

Matthew Holmes 

Julie Houchins 

Lisa Howell 

Valerie Howell 

Jennifer Hudgins 

Marquetta Hunt 

Carol Hurley 

Patricia Hurt 

Jeffrey Hutcherson 

Stephanie Hyatt 

<>it U^r Dro? 

Only one percent of seventy five percent of all water is fresh wa- 
ter. Soon, this water will be virtually undrinkable. Soil erosion. ..Clear 
cutting... Wildlife extinction ...We have heard about these dangers many 
times before, and may have ignored them, but one student made sure 
that people remembered them, and searched for solutions. 

Carissa Hayes, a Learning Foundations major, started teaching chil- 
dren about environmental stress in October 1 994. Hayes is an Americorp 
member and worked under the Chickasaw-Shiloh RC&D Counsel. 

Often disguised as Sammy Soil, Hayes taught children from pre- 
school through eighth grade about environmental hazards and their solu- 
tions. She explained the importance of soil conservation, recycling, water 
quality and pollution, and solutions to the problems they will face in the 
future. "[The Americorp program] tries to start at an early age because 
they are the one's that are going to have to deal with it." 

Not only did Hayes teach the children, she also learned a great deal 
herself from the program. "I think I've learned more about how important 
things on Earth are. We should take care of what we have." She also 
found herself more aware of the problems when she crossed them. 

Aside from classroom instnjction, Hayes participated in Earth day 
and Arbor Day functions. Her program tried to set up more recycling 
centers in Jackson, and asked people to volunteer their time to save the 
environment in programs such as Earth Teen Volunteers. 

"People need to become more aware of what they're doing," Hayes 
said. "Children need to be educated outside of this program, and so do 
many other people. We can't take our world for granted any longer." 

Amy Jacobs 
Danyel Johnson 
Ashley Jones 
Nicole Jones 
Ben Kallal 

Brandy Keith 
Paula Kellough 
Matt Kennedy 
Cheryl Kerr 
Christy Key 

Benny King 
Gina Kinney 
Tara Lampley 
Mary Lane 
Jeremy Langston 


On the edge of being a radio celebrity Jeremy "Moose" l_angston, 
broadcasts Inis opinion into hundreds of homes once a week on Sports 
Talk . Along with fellow "sports junkies," radio personalities Drew Baker 
and Coach Holloway from Parkway Middle School, Langston informs the 
public on the latest in sports and call in trivia. 

Langston volunteered his voice and sports knowledge in the spring 
of 1 995, and filled in at least on a week for Holloway in the fall of 1 995. 
Langston is an Art minor and is considering a Communication Arts or 
Marketing major. He knows, however, that if he continues on his trip to 
radio stardom, he will have to work on his accent. "A Dyer accent just 
doesn't project over the radio right," he said. 

Langston has also been given valuable experience through the 
show. He has received many press passes for different games. After 
an NFL exhibition game between the Jetts and the Eagles, Langston, 
with his press pass in hand, conducted interviews with several players 
including Randal Cunningham and Boomer Esiason. During an interview, 
Langston accidently bumped into one of sports heroes. "I got to say 
'Excuse me' to Joe Namath!" he said. It was one of the most memorable 
weekend trips he had ever taken. 

Kimberly Larkin 

Rick LaRue 

Amy Laubach 

Melanie Layne 

Dan Leatherwood 

Angela Lee 

Nathan Lee 

Randy Leaonard 

SheiTy Lin 

Gail Littlejohn 

Kelley Long 

Sheri Lovett 

Adam Major 

Phyllis Malone 

Lori Martin 


Libby Mason 
Brad Matheney 
Carolyn Mather 
Kristy Mathis 
Keli McAlister 

Mac McCaleb 
Dexter McLeod 
Chris McNatt 
Heather McQuay 

Mark McSwain 
Morrow McWhorter 
Todd Meise 
WilHam Menezes 
Annette Miller 

Carl Miller 
Genus Miller 
Vanessa Miller 
Tina Moore 
Amy Morgan 

Elizabeth Morgan 
Jacquelynn Morgan 
Bill Myatt 
Blake Neeley 
Carisa Nixon 

Tabitha Norwood 
Rick Nute 
Misty Oakley 
Jama Ogle 
Cindy Osburn 

Michelle Osmanson 

Nikki Overton 

Melanis Owens 

Amanda Pack 

Fred Palmer 

Ashley Parker 
Brian Parker 
Holly Parker 
Tonya Parker 
Jennifer Parr 

Utkala Patel 

Amy Patton 

Amy Pentz 

Jonathan Pettigrew 

Julianne Phillips 

Stephan Phipps 

Suzanne Piersiak 

Darryl Piatt 

Susan Pokomy 

Kimberly Poole 

Ernest Pope 

Patrick Powell 

Lisa Ann Presson 

April Pruitt 

Tiffany Purdum 

Jason Pyron 

Chris Raines 

Jason Rank 

Jayme Reaves 

Jimmie Reynolds 


Michele Rohde 
Jeffrey Rushing 

Shirley Rushing 
Carrie Sanders 
Michael Schemer 
Jason Schultz 
Oliver Shulz 

Joy Sellers 
Jeff Shelton 
Leslie Shelton 
Alexandra Smith 
Courtney Smith 

After three days of flying, Carrie Whitmer, an English major, 
finally arrived in Keniebay, Mali, West Africa where she would devote an 
entire month of her summer to aiding these people and sharing the 

In temperatures extending well above 1 25 degrees during the 
day, Whitmer taught English in the underprivileged school system of 
Mali. Most of her students knew only French and their tribal languages, 
which made it very hard for her to teach . To break the barrier, 
Whitmer used flannel boards to illustrate her words. 

Aside from teaching, she also took time every night to tell Bible 
stories geared towards their culture and presented the tribes with 
puppet shows. She was amazed that the people were happy even 
though they had nothing. The only thing they concerned themselves 
with was food. "It changed the way I think about material things - they 
don't matter. The only thing that matters is who you can tell about the 

However, the tribes would never pass up the chance to improve 
their lives. Whitmer befriended a young girl named Fanta. She spent a 
lot of time with Fanta, and told her about America. Fanta was leaving 
to live in the capital city, and asked if she could visit Whitmer. Fanta 
showed up later, suitcase in hand, to live with Whitmer. Her parents 
were willing to give her up because they knew she would have a better 

"I will carry these people in my heart always," Whitmer said. She 
remarked how people there had never heard of the Lord, but were open 
to the entire message. People here have the chance to have a relation- 
ship with him, but they still reject him. 

Leandra Smith 

Susan Smith 

Jason Snipes 

Tracy Snyder 

Johna Stanford 

Connie Stanley 
Leslie Stames 
Kristen Steele 
Tiffany Stehle 

Christy Stewart 

Jackie Street 

Rebecca Streeter 

Tammie Strickland 

Paula Sullivan 

Kenneth Sutherland 

A Few Good Men 

For a year now, Jason Rank has been a part of a dream 
that he has had since he was a child. He joined the Marines. 
Jason applied to Officer Candidacy School, and upon entering last 
summer spent three months in training. Boot camp was an expe- 
rience for Jason, and he tells his stories of long hours spent in 
classes, on the rifle range, and much physical exercises. He is 
now a part of the active reserves stationed in Memphis. One 
weekend a month, Jason travels to Memphis for further training. 
The marines help pay for school, and Jason receives a regular 
salary as well. 

So what made this Orlando junior double majoring in reli- 
gion and philosophy decide to jin the Marines. He said, "My dad 
was in the navy, so I was exposed to the military all my life. Ever 
since I was a child, I wanted to be in the Marines, but I planned to 
go to college also. When I heard of the reserves, I saw it as an 
opportunity to combine my two dreams." Upon graduating from 
Union, Jason will be commissioned as a Second Lietuenant and 
must serve four years of active duty wherever the military chooses 
to send him. He is still deciding whether or not he plans to ac- 
cept this commission. He would like to involve himself in some 
sort of archaeological work and is researching the subject until 
he reaches a decision. Until then, he will continue to serve his 
country as an enlisted member of the United States Marine Corps. 


Through the dizzying beat of the drum, she smiles. She has 
the hands of a doctor, and the heart of a missionary. Joi Mitchell, 
a pre-med student, is a fairly visible student on campus. She is a 
member of the Hurt Dorm Council, Black Christian Fellowship, and 
she works in computing services. You may also find Mitchell sitting 
behind a drum set. Mitchell is the part time drummer for a band 
known as Aposticide, which was started in the fall of 1995 by a 
group of Union students. 

Mitchell decided to study medicine after a mission trip to 
Jamaica. She had always wanted to be a doctor, and it was in 
Jamaica that she received her calling to become a missionary. 
Mitchell realized that medical missions would fulfill both her dream 
and her calling. "I plan to attend medical school somewhere. After 
I am finished, I would like to be a medical missionary to either 
Australia, Zimbabwe, or Jamaica," Mitchell said about her plans for 

Kim Sutherland 
Jason Tate 
Ike Thomas 
Kim Thompson 
Rebecca Thompson 

Rachel Tiedemann 
Jennifer Townsend 
Amy Travis 
Curt True 
David Vanpelt 

Robert Walker 
Suzanne Wallis 
Jonathan Washburn 
Jennifer Watts 
Alisa Webb 

Nancy Webb 

Lynn Weems 

Kelly White 

Carrie Whitmer 

Sherry Wiggins 

Heather Wiggins 

Heather Wilkins 

Christy Williams 

Nathan Willingham 

Rebecca Wiltshire 

Danell Wooden 

Ashley Worrell 

Emily Wright 

Rachel Wright 

Leslie Yarbrough 

Lee Anne Young 
Stephanie Young 

LI044, 4^eed to- ■neAAeoeAe. ia tltcU udie*i. tfcm. 
Uaoe. do*ie the. uUil ol Qoa, ifOM. uMl le- 
ceitie, umat Ue- Uai, pAOinliea.. 

J^eUeuJA. 10:36 

"Lord, please help me pass Spanish!" Curt True prays 
as he tries to impress the teacher with a sombrero. 


Juniors Suzanne Wallis, Valerie Howell and 
Beth McGregor make use of their time by 
studying, while others (John Highsmith and 
Brian Curry) goof off. 

J3r ^Ykf^ ^ ^aa/* 

"Did you know that Jesus died for you? He went tiirougii a lot of 
pain for us. They whipped Him and beat Him, then hung Him on a cross 
of wood and killed Him. He let them do it because HE LOVED US SO 
MUCH. This cross is just a piece of wood. It won't save you or make 
your life easier. As a matter of fact, it won't do a thing for you. One day 
it will break and fall apart, the nails will rust, this cross will pass away. 
But Jesus will never pass away. He will always be there for you. This 
cross is just a reminder that wherever you go and whatever you do, He's 
always there for you. He knows how it feels to be left out and lonely, and 
He knows how it feels to be on top of the world. He's just waiting for 
you to reach out to Him and HE WILL CARRY YOU!" This is the 
message Jack Cordwell, a Communication Arts major, shares with people 
as he gives them wooden crosses. 

His ministry is called A cross the World. As of October 1995, he 
and his friends had made over 2,000 crosses. 

He began his ministry in high school. A friend asked about the 
handmade cross around his neck, and Cordwell shared his witness, gave 
him the cross, and told him to pass h on. By the end of the day, ten others 
wanted to pass the cross. "It is a ministry that God gave me that enables 
me to witness to people." 

Those who receive the gift of the cross are not to keep it for 
themselves, but to pass it on along with the story. 

SUaAuta tUein, eue/daAiUi<i, <mAIo41, uUtli the wo^dd, tke 
Soypivo4^im^ie. claM fdedcj^ Ixufciti^ to- Uve. JlanA and to- tkem, 
■ielu&i. "91 iAMAxmm, ujje/ie. oU^e/ved me uhUi tke 'pAJ04MAlo44, tluxt 9 
■iluo-uici hee4X it 'ikut m/o, cunxx, nehvaUn, j^vom, declciAA.i^ it, 9 iUould ^lej^t/iAe.. ihe^ie i, 
HO deiloAt in O'UMtu^ cu^udhUixz ut^AJ/ux^iecL, " wAxUe Senexxi, ut jHetten^ to JluciiUiA,. lUe 
■iofjixunone^ Ucnie -i/OAead tUein. udncyi a4m- gAjq leoA4iina to jjLi^. jlie*f, a/ve n^eaoUf, to iJ^ci/ve. udvat 
tU&a m'VO^uj. uutk ail umo iAdll liAtet^. 

Heather Abraham 

Catherine Ackerman 

Beth Acree 

Jessica Ada 

Andy Adair 

April Albritton 

Sarah Aldridge 

Steven Aldridge 

Aaron Armstrong 

Andrea Atwood 

Lisa Bailliez 
Amy Balthrop 
Chris Barnes 
Erika Baum 
Robin Beard 

Brent Beauman 
Vince Black 
Katie Biumer 
Anthony Bostic 
Carol Bowman 

Jennifer Boykin 
Angle Brown 
Nathan Brown 
Wayne Brown 
Max Bryan 

Jimmy Bryant 
Tim Buffaloe 
James Butcher 
Lucas Butler 
Amanda Campbell 

Sketches Brewing 

Jessica Ada, a sophomore art major, is a big fan of coffee 
houses and coffee. She has visited many different ones in the 
areas of Providence, RI; Birmingham, AL; Little Rock, AK; 
Memphis, TN; and Jackson. Ada looks into different aspects 
of coffee houses such as types of people, the conversations these 
people are involved in, and the basic atmosphere. 

Ada enjoys coffee and learning new things about coffee 
beans from the Internet. She has leamed about different types 
of coffee beans, where they come from, and how to store them. 
She owns an expresso machine which she uses to make her own 

Sketching the many people at coffee houses, Ada guesses 
about where they live and their lives by the expressions on their 
faces and the type of clothes they wear. Her purpose in visiting 
these coffee houses is to be exposed to many different types of 
people that she would not be exposed to otherwise and to gain 
insight. Her goal is to visit as many coffee houses as she can in 
her lifetime. 




Andrew Scales, a sophomore with a yet-to-be-declaned major, be- 
gan filming his own series of movies called Space Trip about one year ago. 
He makes his own models and special effects out of ordinary household 
items. His models are made of tic tac boxes, cassette cases, pencil lead 
boxes, plumbing fixtures, plastic forks, and even wood putty. Toothpicks 
become lasers and black strings and silly putty become flight modulators 
for spaceships. His homemade chai-actere include Jeny the Killer Donut, 
the Easter egg Machine of Death, and Bob (which is short for 
Robobatti-ansplastiformmu-Higadgetutilityman). Depending on the size 
of the model, each takes about 15 to 20 minutes, plus the time for inspira- 
tion. "I find stuff and if it fits together, I glue it," Scates said. 

"I always thought it would be neat to be involved in a Hollywood 
movie - special effects- and I thought this would be a good way to get 
started," said Scates. "fm going for the Plan Nine ik)m Outerspace type 
special effects, "ffyou can see the strings, it makes it all that better." Other 
inspirations include Star Wars and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. 

Beth Forsythe 
Rapheal Fowler 
Toni Franck 
Jennifer Gallimore 
Julie Ghenco 

Becca Gill 
Kimberly Gipson 
Molly Graves 
Jennifer Green 
Heath Green 

Dena Greene 
Aaron Grissom 
Kim Grooms 
Sarah Hackett 
Denny Hall 

Jennifer Hammond 

Stephen Hammond 

Amy Hammons 

Nicole Handy 

Tobie Hannah 

Amy Hardin 

Amanda Harper 

Tricia Harrell 

Heather Hanis 

Suzanne Haynes 

Tara Heath 

Michelle Hefner 

Corrie Hester 

Amanda Hicks 

Amy Hill 

•^^Ti^iwJf 'i 



Computers are the life of sophomore John Campion. An 
accounting major with a minor in computer information systems. 
Campion came to Union from Pennsylvania, because he liked the 
people and the dorms. Campion feels he is good with numbers, he 
likes computers, and he also enjoys the communication with people. 
He is asked several questions a day about computers and is always 
willing to help. 

Upon graduation from Union, he plans to be a Certified Pub- 
lic Accountant, and may possibly pursue his Masters in Business 
Administration. For three years, he has been programming out of 
his room for an accounting company in Virginia, giving him experi- 
ence in the field. 

In addition to 19 classroom hours. Campion is involved with 
the Sonshine Puppets. 

Holly Hill 
Regina Himes 
Greg Hodge 
Jenny Hollowell 
Sarah Hoover 

Shannon Hurt 
Greg Jackson 
Carol Jaco 
Vivian Janda 
Susan Jett 

Andrea Johnson 
Jennifer Johnson 
Manisha Jones 
Mary Ann Jones 
Jennifer Joyce 

Robert Kersey 
Sharon Kinstler 
Matthew Kirby 
Jessica Lackey 
Isaac Lake 

Stephen Lambert 
Christine Lankford 
Kama Larson 
Lyle Larson 
Stephanie Lee 

Richard Lewis 
Tammie Lewis 
Geoffrey Lindley 
Jason Logan 
Cindy Lucas 

(^o^ptm€n^tci<il /4nt 

Taking art classes in high school was all it took to peak the inter- 
est of Pedro Arriaga. A sophomore from Kenton, Kentucky major- 
ing in art, Arriaga heard about Union from a professor who visited 
his school. His uncle is also a Union graduate. 

His main emphasis is in graphic design, and he enjoys paint- 
ing as well. He plans to be a commercial design artist when he 

Arriaga takes 12 classroom hours and works for a lumber 
company when he is not in school. He also enjoys playing pool and 
has been involved in several tournaments. 

Amanda Luther 

Shantel Malan 

Eric Martin 

Jamie Martin 

Susan McClain 

Judith McCool 

James McFarland 

Brandon McWherter 

Shari Miles 

Lee Ann Mitchell 

James Moore 

Jennifer Moorefield 

Kevin Mudd 

Christina Mullens 

David Munday 


Jennifer Murrah 
Michael Murray 
Jason Muston 
Brandon Myhand 
Brandon Nix 

Stacy Nolen 
April Oliver 
Bradley Owens 
Fran Owen 
Krystal Page 

Stacy Pan- 
Timothy Patterson 
Kevin Peters 
Len Pledey 
Nick Powers 

Jason Pratt 
Lori Prine 
Charles Reed 
Scott Robbins 
David Roberts 

Candy Rogers 
Elizabeth Rogers 
Hope Ross 
Joseph Rowland 
Sandra Rowlett 

Amanda Russell 
Tim Sadler 
Erin Sandstrom 
B J Sanford 
Jessica Satterwhite 

Audra Scarbrough 

Amelia Schrepfer 

Penny Scott 

Michael Scrivner 

Paul Shannon 

Susan Shaip 
Beth Shaver 

Kristen Shaw 
Amber Simpson 

Smithy Sipes 

Stephanie Slough 

Elly Smallman 

Allison Smith 

Becky Smith 

Erin Smith 

Mandy Smith 

Josette Soard 

Melanie Stacy 

Amanda Stanley 

Annetta Story 

Kimberly Storey 

Susannah Stringfield 

Chad Taylor 

Laura Thompson 

Tony Traughber 

Lisa Tuck 

Alan Tucker 

Casey Vance 

Eric Vandiver 

Natalie Vaneman 

Jason Vasquez 
Anthony Vaughan 
Amanda Vinson 
Jonathan Vinson 
Susanne Walton 

Angela Ward 
David Ward 
Edie Ward 
Kristy Ware 
Heather Watkins 

Laura Watson 
Susan Weaver 
Jessica Weatherford 
Jenifer Welch 
Angela White 

For tfte 
Love of Cftif cf ren 

A sophomore from Hubler Heights, Ohio, Shantel 
Malen has dreams for her Ufe. As an elementary education 
major, Malenl plans to take her career into the mission field. 
Her love is with children and she would like to be a positive 
influence in their lives. Malen really "looks up to them" and 
feels that "they don't get as much love in the home today." 

With 17 hours of classroom study, Malen finds time to 
pursue other extracurricular activities. She plays soccer in the 
fall and Softball in the spring for Union, works at the activities 
center, and is involved in intramural sports. She is this year's 
SAC president and is an active participant in PowerSource. 

Elizabeth White 

Allyson Whitley 

Brent Weiland 

Joy Williams 

Julie Wilson 

Christine Wirey 
Brooke Worrell 
Michael Wright 
Jennifer Wyatt 






"My God is real, real in my soul! My God is real, for I 
can feel him in my heart " Bringing theWord of God to au- 
diences across 30 states, Stephanie Lee, an Elementary Educa- 
tion major, and her family have lifted their voices in praise for 
the past seven years. Lee, her mother, father , brother and sister 
make up the Lee family singers. Her mother plays the piano for 
the group while the other family members sing. 

When her parnts were on tour for two year, the children 
lived with theri grandparents. As the children joined their par- 
ents, they were enrolled in a satellite school. 

Now Lee travels with her family only winters and sum- 
mers on her breaks from school. Their group now consists of 
four because Lee's sister no longer sings with them. Lee has 
thoroughly enjoyed travelling and singing with her family in the 
past and looks forward to future travels. 


Sophomore Molly Graves praises the Lord 
during PowerSource. 

Cari Kingsbury studies while waiting for 
people to come register for classes in the 
computer lab. 

Waverly Foropoulos gets caught stealing a 
vaccum from the commons. 

"Brandon, what are you saying!?!" 

Sophomore Shatan Sutton doesn't like to 
be photographed... sorry, Shatan! 


*1luA, ifeoA, '4, ■yiedJuHcut claM ii tal&Hted In e4/e/uj, oAea, '^hetf, 
one. (yuM/MA^ u^ e<uen*f, w<uf, onA eoe^ufdcuf, Lcune micfivte'i ideo/ijjO^ ui^ 
lutuAe, oi 1/f 14404^. jUe/iA U. no- aouM tUat Qod, tU^uuioli i/ftn^o^i, iAjM tahe, 
tUeie, iiudeni^ gm<S. okoA^^ tlie4ii. U^io- tU& leadeAA ol tUe lutunA, Lut uteanudule, eaoU 
04i>e 4ajM oe teaclUna. ia^netklna oUlle/ie4^ ta l/fHio*t In tU&iA o^au^ uMUi, awi ai, a cloM.. 

1- ^ 'A^\ Jt^ 

Music Mcin 

The words are carefully etched onto the paper, followed by sev- 
eral chiming notes from the guitar in his lap. Returning to the page, he 
quickly scribbles down another verse before it is lost in his memory, 
following up with the harmony being sung by the guitar. His music fills 
the air outside, allowing all to hear the sweet melody. The words cover 
the page, allowing only himself to hear its message. 

Jonathan Hickey plays three instruments well-the guitar, tuba, 
and bass-and practices on several other instruments. "I love guitar be- 
cause it has an image, and so does bass. The tuba doesn't, but I've been 
playing it since highschool. I picked up the bass because I wanted to be 
in Jazz Band.," he explained. 

Of course, music has always been a part of his life. "My brother 
[Ben Hickey] and I have always been interested in music. Music has 
always sort of been there." So it was perfectly natural when Hickey 
enrolled as a music major with a vocal emphasis. 

Writing, however, is a different story. Hickey has won several 
awards for his writing, but still finds much room to criticize it. He has 
not written in a while because he is "trying to fmd a bit of originality. 
Something fresh and new. That makes it hard to write." He has won 
several awards for his writing, and plans to continue. 

"It's all a matter of what I can do. There's always the fear of not 
being good enough because writing and music aie highly competitive," 
Hickey explained. He does not do either for fame, but for personal satis- 


Amy Albert 
Jennifer Albert 
Jason Allison 
Sheixell Anderson 
Angel Anthamatten 

Beth Arbuckle 
Michael Atkisson 
Melissa Baldwin 
Meredith Bailey 
Molly Bargery 

Carmen Barmer 
Kelly Barnes 
Gina Bamett 
Jamica Beauregard 
Bradley Bell 

Kellee Berry 
Stacie Black 
Dixie Blackstock 
Mary Bomar 
Tracey Booker 

Jason Bounds 
Sara Bowlby 
Ankur Brahmbhatt 
Shawn Brawner 
Amanda Britt 

Amy Britt 
Kevin Bromley 
Allison Browning 
Robert BuUington 
David Burk 

Jill Burrows 

Jay Burton 

Krisha Butler 

Candace Byrd 

Amanda Cabanaw 

Corey Cain 

Christie Campbell 

Wendy Campbell 

Kari Cannon 

Grant Cantrell 

Teresa Capshaw 

Ray Carman 

John Carroll 

Christy Carter 

Scott Carter 

Leah Cashion 

Carrie Cates 

Jacinda Cates 

Jennifer Cates 

Shondra Chambers 

Jennifer Chappell 

Steven Chipman 

David Chisolm 

Eddie Coakley 

Brent Collier 

J.C. Cook 

Amy Cooley 

Frankie Cooper 

Joseph Cooper 

Jeni Copous 


a sweet voice 

A music education major from McEwen, TN, Keri 
Touchatt came to Union because she was impressed with the 
music department and the Christian atmosphere on campus. 
More importantly, she felt God's peace that this was the school 
for her to attend. Keri decided to major in music because of 
her musical background. She feels she has the talent to sing 
and has sung in churches and schools since she was young. 
Keri's mother sings at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. 

Keri is involved in several extracurricular activities. She 
sings with the Union University Singers, Chorus, and the 
PowerSource praise band. After graduating, she plans to be a 
secondary education music teacher while doing grad-work. 

Keri mentioned one of her most embaixassing moments 
while singing at one of her high school's football games. She 
began the National Anthem, finished halfway, and then forgot 
the words. With a bright red face, she had to start all over. 

Faralee Cox 
Annie Laurie Crane 
Nathan Crocker 
Donald Crouch 
Damon Daniel 

Amanda Davidson 
Jennifer Davis 
Jonathan Davis 
Lori Davis 
Michael Davis 

Christy Deberry 
Brian Denton 
Bridget Diggs 
Jenny Dixon 
Lindsay Dixon 

Rob Dixon 

Jason Douthit 

Scott Duck 

Angle Duncan 

Jeremy Duncan 

Suzanne Dunlap 

Mary Durham 

Angela Earl 

Mindi Edwards 

Michael Eldridge 

Angela Ellison 

Rachel Evans 

Tim Fain 

Christophe Farmer 

William Farmer 

Computer Whiz 

"I know friends who are in college as Computer Science majors and 
they don't know about mainframes," said Ankur Brahmbhatt, a Computer Sci- 
ence major from Nadiad, Gujarat, in India, explaining how technologically 
advance the United States are. Brahmbhatt moved to the U.S. when he was 14, 
and has learned about many other differences between his homes and himself. 

One of his favorite pastimes is photography. "I was trying out the high 
tech things when I moved out here, and bought many electronics. I bought a 
camera and found a way to take interesting pictures," he said. His favorite 
photographic subjects are nature scenes, but he also captures other images. 
"The hardest picture for me to take was when I was in India. [A group of 
friends] and I were having a photo contest. It was hard to photograph the 
slums in India and the way [the people] lived." He also hopes to one day use 
his photography skills in missionary work when he returns to India. 

Other than technology. Brahmbhatt found many other differences be- 
tween India and the U.S. He found that the U.S. culture is freer, but also 
people tended to be more judgemental, but he still wouldn't trade his experi- 
ences. "I'm glad I'm in the U.S. right now. It has helped me improve my life, 
even spiritually. I'm glad to be at Union. I'm glad to have great friends, and 
great roommates. They help me with everything I need." "I want to back to 
India as a missionary. I want to go as a Computer Science major so I can cany 
my knowledge back," he said. 

Jonathan Feiler 
Jason Fisher 
Lynn Fisher 
Jennifer Fitzgerald 
Amber Flynn 

Doug Forbes 
Rebecca Forrester 
Carrie Fortner 
April Frank 
Chanda Frank 

Patricia Fraser 
Suzanne Frost 
Chrissy Futrell 
Diana Joy Gabriel 
Quest Gambill 

Alberto Gandarias 
Paul Gandy 
Josh Gardner 
James Geary 
Alithia Geho 

Paul Gemand 
Melody Gipe 
Robin Gleockler 
Cherise Glover 
Jackie Godwin 

Dara Goodwin 
Ian Gorski 
Madlyn Gower 
Steven Gream 
Samuel Green 

Shanna Greene 

Jennifer Greenway 

Donald Griffin 

Lori Grissom 

Cory Grooms 

Jennifer Hailey 
Crystal Hall 

Brad Hambrick 
Suzanne JJamrick 
Dorothy Hartman 

Peter Hawkins 

Janna Hays 

Charles Heady 

Gina Heathcott 

Courtney Helton 

Genie Henley 

Christa Henning 

Jonathan Hickey 

Alicia Hill 

Jenne Hinton 

Dai Hodge 

Lisa Hoesel 

Stephanie Holdner 

Malcolm Holland 

Christy Holley 

Jennifer Holt 
Patti Hookway 
Matt Hoover 
Anna Horner 
Kyle Huggins 


Elizabeth Hume 
Joshua Hurlburt 
Jill Hutchison 
Ernie Jackson 
Shallyn Jenkins 

Julie Johnsey 
Jamie Johnson 
Jennifer Johnson 
Karri Johnson 
Lorrie Johnson 

Oaddys Uttle OM 

Kathy Lane, a freshman from Munford, TN, felt God call- 
ing her into music ministry the summer before her freshman year 
in high school. She is now beginning her studies as a music major 
here at Union. Kathy's decision to attend Union was easy to make, 
since her older sister Doric presently attends, as well as her parents 
in their college days. Upon graduating from Union, Kathy plans to 
either be a professional singer or a youth/children's music director. 
She is also considering attending seminary after her education at 

Kathy's extracurricular activities include Zeta, where she will 
be serving as the 1996 Music Chairman. She is also involved with 
the Union University Singers and Proclamation. 

Kathy loves her family veiy much and they have inspired 
Kathy throughout her life. Kathy adds, "I feel that my family is 
unique. My older sister is my best friend, and my whole family 
gets along very well. We are extremely close." 

Misty Yow, a Freshman pre-med student, has surrendered her life to 
God's call of going into medical missions. Yow went on a mission trip 
during the summer of 1 994 in Arlington, Texas, which influenced her to 
make missions her work after college. 

A few of the tasks she preformed while on this mission were to 
teach Bible study, sort clothes, clean out warehouses, and clean out freez- 
ers. One experience that Yow had was with a man who accidentally came 
upon one of the mission's Bible study groups. He was interested in the 
lesson and he came back each night during the week. The mission group 
prayed for him every night and he accepted Christ as Savior at the end of 
the week. 

Another influence the trip has had on her was working with inter- 
city kids who had bad attitudes. She felt compassion for the children and 
experienced a growth in her patience. Not only did the mission reach out to 
the people of Arlington, TX ,the mission brought Yow's group together closer 
and more unified. 

Yow plans to go on as many mission trips as she can to confirm 
God's call for her life. She is unsure whether she will be a home missionary 
or a foreign missionary, but leaves that up for God to decide. It is important 
to Yow that others see how God is working through her, not what she. Misty 
Yow, is doing. She feels that every Christian has his/her own mission -His 
work to tell others about Him and influence others lives. 

Kelly Jurina 

Ashley Kemp 

Ashley Kern 

Ryan Kirkbride 

Anne Kistner 

Jacob Kitchens 

Keith Knight 

Chadney Lamb 

April Lane 

Katherine Lane 

Jessica Lanphier 

Monique Larsen 

Jennifer Latch 

Elyzabeth Lawrence 

Christy Lawson 

^ \^.ml^ 

Corey Leathers 
Andy Lee 
Gina Lee 
Jennifer Lee 
Tara Lee 

Terri Ann Lee 
Melissa Lemmons 
April Lemons 
Candy Liddell 
Tony Lipford 

Kacie Littlejohn 
Ginger Long 
Christen Louallen 
Dan Lovland 
Kristina Luckett 

Jeremy Lunsford 
Jennifer Malloy 
Alicia Marlbury 
Stacy maroney 
Jennifer Martin 

April Mathews 
Billy Mauldin 
Stephanie Mayer 
Bruce McCartney 
Andrea McDaniel 

Stacy McDaniel 
Fan-ah McGee 
Shannon McGee 
Charles Meadows 
Casey Meek 

Bethany Melrose 

Ellen Melson 

Matt Melton 

Timothy Mercer 

Jennifer Middleton 

Ashley Miller 
Miriam Miller 
Steven Miller 
Rondell Minst 
Sherrus Moncrief 

Charity Moody 
Cristan Moore 
Joseph Moore 
Jarred Morgan 

Melissa Murley 

Michael Myer 
Jeanna Myracle 
Aaron Nachtigal 
Sarah Nachtigal 
Jennfier Naugle 

Damien Nethery 

Natalee Nicholson 

Kelly Nickison 

Joseph Nixon 

Ryan Nolon 

Michael Norton 

Diirren Ogilvie 

Eric Olexa 

Steven Owens 

Selena Pack 

Sarah Padelford 
Rebecca Pankey 
David Partin 
John Paschall 
Spencer Pate 

Kristine Peal 
Nathan Perkins 
Michael Persad 
Leanne Peters 
Ryan Pflasterer 

April Phelps 
Stephen Phillips 
Ron Picard 
Polly Pierce 
Sarah Pilon 

Old Joe 

A laid back guy that seems quiet and shy until getting to 
know him, Ryan Pflasterer is one talented guy. Like many fresh- 
men, he is undecided of a major, but enjoys the visual arts and wants 
to either major or minor in art. Pflasterer admires the artwork of 
Michaelangelo, especially his statues. 

Pflasterer's preferred instrument of art is his guitai". He has 
been playing since his freshman year in high school, when he first 
took guitar lesson. Pflasterer not only plays the guitar, but writes 
music as well. The first song he wrote was a Spanish song with no 
lyrics. "Old Joe" is the only song Pflasterer has written with lyrics, 
which he performed at the F.O.C.U.S. variety show in August. 

Pflasterer came to Union following his brother, Russ, who 
graduated last year. His brother has always been his best friend and 
introduced Pflasterer to different types of music. Pflasterer says he 
enjoys blues the most. However, the music he writes tends to sound 
more like folk music. "It just comes out that way and I enjoy play- 
ing it," Pflasterer said. 

His first year at Union has been a busy one. He is in Alpha 
Tau Omega, where he served as pledge president and also played in 
tennis and ping pong intramurals. 

Steve Poindexter 

Serene Pope 

Ben Prince 

Rebekah Provost 

Woody Pumphrey 

Mark Rager 

Jarrod Reece 

Shannon Reid 

Lance Respess 

Laura Reynolds 

Julie Rhea 

Angela Richerson 

Jared Richmond 

Laura Roberts 

Phyllis Robison 

Russell Rockett 

Wayne Rogers 

Meredith RoUyson 

Terica Rosebury 

Joseph Ross 

James Russell 

Melissa Sanders 

Nathan Savi'yer 

Brigham Scallion 

Barbara Scott 

Lee Scott 

Richard Scott 

Jessica Searcy 

Holly Seaton 

Fred Shackelford 


Jonathan Shearon 
Hannah Shelby 
Jeff Shands 
Billy Shelton 
Leah Short 

Ashley Silcox 
Charlene Simpson 
Alexis Slottje 
Jonathan Smart 
Amy Smith 

Sabrina Smithson 
Rachel Smothers 
Mandy Snow 
Valerie Snyder 
Robb Soapes 

Richard Solt 
Jason Sorrell 
Kimberly Sorrell 
James Stanford 
Tonya Steinman 

Ladonna Stephens 
Jay Stephenson 
Jonathan Stewart 
Crystal Stone 
Collie Strain 

Jeff Stroop 
Shelley Sturdivant 
Brian Sullivan 
Rebecca Summers 
David Sutherland 

Kelly Swain 

Amanda Taylor 

Brandon TeefTaller 

Lee Templeton 

Patrick Therrell 

Jennifer Thompson 

Shannon Thrash 

Bethany Thrower 

Holly Tignor 

Ashby Tillei7 

Matt Tipton 

Joshua Tirey 

Keri Touchatt 

Crystal Tucker 

Ashley Tummins 

Misti Tummins 

Cathy Vance 

Stacy Vandiver 

Amanda Vaughan 

Heather Veazey 

Chet Vemer 

Jim Vinson 

Andrew Vukadinovich 

Melody Wade 

Matthew Walker 

Wendy Walton 

Jennifer Waltz 

Jeffrey Wagner 

Jacqueline Warren 

Jason Warren 

/1 OA*r 

Brandi Watson 
Jay Watson 
Katrina Watts 
Brian Weatherford 
April Webb 

Britany Webb 
Jason Webb 
Nicole Webb 
John Weisbrod 
Matthew West 

Allen Whitt 
Stacy Wildes 
Dexter Williams 
Ginger Williams 
Hilary Williams 

Molly Williams 
Russell WilUams 
Tiffany Williams 
John Wills 
Emily Wiltshire 

Jennifer Witherspoon 
Aaron Wilson 
Lantana Wood 
Rita Wood 
Nikki Wood 

Jeremy Worth 
Lindsay Wright 
Amber Wyre 
Amy Young 
Thomas Young 

diAi^ncufectf jpA, 9 a^« t^jOH^/i Qod. 9 umM 'Unein<itke4d. 
ifou UeifL ifxu^: 9 iAPui u^pUiold ucui wMi Mif liaJ^- 
teoM^ fUaJ^ UcuiA. 

9'icUcdi 4i:i0 

Steven Chipman doing his best senior picture pose. 

Janna Hays works diligently on the yearbook. 


'^ l^^^l 






mi ^^V 


u ^m^ 


3 B^^k 



^^ ^^ ^ 

Melody Wade and other freshmen praise God during 

Genie Hinley looks sad because she's not tall enough 
to ride the registration ride. 




When you weighed 
eleven pounds at birth we 
knew you were destined for 
"BIG" things. Whatever 
you choose will "SUIT" us 
just fine. 

Commit to the Lord what- 
ever LjOLA do, and ujour 
plans will succeed. 
Prov. 16:3 

Robert Kaiiavel 

ijou will always 
be our "Cittle Qirl. " 
We are proud of you!! 

Rememlier, we love you arid will 
always be })rayingforyoii, 
and we will be behind yon 
100% in wliatever you do! 

^e lcu*e ifou, 

Dad and Mom 

Pnx)4A. 3:5-6 


Dear Amber, 

We are so proud . When we 
count God's blessing to us, we think; 
of you. Sometimes people spend a 
lifetime and never find peace or hap- 
piness. Already you have found the 
secret of putting God first in your life. 

Mcun and 







Dear Ray, 

Your 6rotfiers and. I are so very proucf of aff that you have accompfisfieif at Union University. 
We fiave seen ail the effort you have put into mafeincj yourself the best you can be. We have witnessecf 
Jirstfiancf the love you bring to your music and to your teaching. 

Even though these last 4 years have been a ehaiienge to you personafCy and ^^rofessionaiiy , we 
knov\' that the fiarcfest part is yet to come. As you enter the "Field of Com^^etition," you will be put 
to tite test eacfi anif every single day. The job you do will not only reflect on just yourself, but, it 
will reflect on your upbringing, family, community, Union University ancf, most importantly, to 
your students. Tfiis is a lot of responsiBifity; however, we know that you are up to tfie challenge. 
Your love has never failed us and our love for you will never fail. 


Motfier St Brotfters 
Betty Av(V(nons 
Mifee Amvdons 
NeaC AvdVfvons 
Barry Amnions 
Kevin Amnions 


3RD Place Conference Finish 
3RD Place Conference Tournament 

1ST ROW (L TO R)-Anna Richardson, Ginger Godwin, LeeAnn Bell, Gayla Watson, Cindy Hooker 

2ND ROW (L TO R)-Niki Pugh, Kathy Russell, Melissa Johnston, Jennifer Wiseman, Jennifer Hupson, Emma Hernandez 

3RD ROW (L TO R)-Jana Junakin, Terri Estes, Coach Reece, Kim Love, Lynde Capugreto, Coach Patterson, Emily Jones, Kasi Knott 

Congratulations from Carl & Kathy Russell p^arents of Kathy Russell 

To Karen 
with our love and appreciation 

Before you were born, we asked the 
Lord for you. You have been a joy and 
inspiration to us as we have watched 
you grow, learning to love, trust and 
seek God's will for your life. He has 
given you many talents. Always do your 
best- it will be sufficient! 

...Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, 

neither have entered into the heart 

of man, the things which God hath 

prepared for them that love Him. 
I Corinthians 2:9 

fCoAeM, Aiutette, 9<UfA'ie^ 

At 3 lbs, 12 oz you came into our 
world - not knowing whether or not you 
would survive. That is why we call you 
our Angel that God sent to us - you have 
brought so much joy and inspiration into 
our lives and we have learned so much 
from you. We are so proud of you and 
love you so very much. Whether you 
turn to the right or to the left, your ears 
will hear a voice behind you saying, 
"This is the way, walk in it." Isaiah 
30:21 . We know you have been able to 

see through God's eyes! 


Mom dz Dad 

'2(Je*td(f^ ^aU<t^enn<y 

©ear Cf)ris;tp, 

I Here you are ready to graduate and how can we possibly express our love for you in a 

way that will explain our innermost feelings for you. Our love and belief in you is so deep 
and we want you to know that as your family you have given us great love and joy. 

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished, and all you 
have become as Christ's child. You have worked and studied so hard to 
get where you are now. By not giving up or quitting you have shown 
determination to find God's will for your life. There is no greater peace 
for us than to know that you are in the center of God's will. Christ has 
blessed you greatly and it is our prayer that you will continue to seek 
and to serve the Lord every day of your life. 

But Seek first his kingdom and 
his righteousness, and ail these 
things will be given to ljoia as well. 
Matthew 6:35 mV 

As thoiA goest. thtj watj shall be 

opened up step bg step before thee. 

Proverbs ^:12 

Christy Isbell Curtis 

Daddy & Mother 


Ralph & Jennie 

Rodney & Debbie, Staci, Joshua, Caleb 


Mark & Kim, Laura 

Jerry & Pam, Bethanie 

Lee & Amy, Amber, Trent 

Christy & John Curtis 



You have your father's eyes 
But see the world in your own way. 

You have your mother's voice 
But sing separate songs. 

You have your sister's smile 
But may laugh at different things. 

In so many ways. 
We are the same. 

In so many differences. 
You are your own person. 

The bond between us is our love 
For each other and our love for Jesus Christ. 

You have great wisdom and have always worked hard 
To make the best of anything you set out to do. 

You have made your parents, your sister and your 
Husband very proud. We love you, Jaina. 

Dad, Mother, Giah, & Dave 

Jaina HoUif ield Hall 

Lydia Knorr 






Trust in the lord 
all thine heart 
lean not to thine 
understanding. In 
thy ways acknowl- 
Him and He will 

direct thy paths. 

Proverbs 3: 5-6 

To Our Loving Daughter 

You are a precious bless- 
ing to us and we love you very 
much! We are extremely proud 
and happy as you graduate from 
college and then marry the won- 
derful Christian young man of 
your dreams from high school 
days, Owen Keith Smith, this 
July 27th! May God bless your 
marriage as you always keep 
Him in the center of your lives 
and follow him. 

^y^ll Lyiir cJ~0['C, 

rl/lom ana .UJaa 

Owen Keith Smith 


Lydia Marlene Knorr 


The wonder of Christmas is always reflected in the 
eyes of a child. Many years have come and gone 
since the joy of those days. As Christmas is our 
reminder of God's gift to the world in Christ, He has 
also been gracious to gift our lives with a wonderful 

We are proud of all you have ''Blessed be thou of the 
accomplished and all that Lord my daughter..." 
Christ is yet to accomplish (Ruth 3:10a) 

through your life. 

Though Mom is in Heaven 
what joy and love she must feel 
as another of your dreams have 
come true. /.^^j yi ^ ^^ ^ \ 

i'^e^new^ t2:J<t) 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad and Ryan 


You have always been a 
source of joy and delight. 

We are so proud of you 
and the successful conclu^ 
sion of all your hard work. 
We pray that God will bless 
you ri^ 

Jlaiie. . . Mom,, 2>cui, (licUa/ui at^ Haokel 

(Proverbs 3:5-6) 


Like family members of the past. 

You press onward toward Christ's goals. 

You live as you believe. 

Embarking on your future from our family fold. 

We are blessed that we received you from the Father - 

for one of our own. 

We love you and are so proud of you. 

"Trust in the LxDrd with all thine heart, and lean not on thine 
own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He 
shall direct thy paths." 

Proverbs 3:5-6 


^/^^ - Dad, Mom, Nicole, Honey & Robert, 
Joe & Beemommie 

J-Je^u^ First 
O -OtLrs Second Third 



add So muck Minskinc until 
II our warm Smiiina lace, ^ke joii 
iiou hrina no one could erase 


made uou so Special, and its easu 
to See wlui uou re suck a t>iessina to 


tamilu . 

We love you very much, 

Mom an-r/ z^ar/ 



Jason Dukes 

Trust in the Lord with 
all thine heart; oncl 
lean not unto thine 
ouin understanding. 

In all thv ways ac- 
knowledge him, and 
he shall direct thy 

Proverbs 3: 5-6 

.i-' ~ - ~ .' , A#^-.^^!,' ^i^-i's'^^i'v ' 

ijXM, ue (yiJ04AM^ into- a IxweUi 
ijmuu^ wo^^nG4/i ^leadu to. 6^e^we> eJfi/i/n Ii/l wJ^vate^je^ umui cM^e oU^iecti. 
i4Je ^ie> da ^pAXHui ojj ucui c<t iixui cyiaxlUuite gmoL dta/it dow^^ a vl&w. 
pxitk 14/1 UjjQf cui/ui we> 'pAXA/ii> lo^ QojoL ta u^ ucui^ ''dpxi^Jzie " to- kH 

'^O^l/e... Mom , Dad, & Elizabeth 

Dear John, 

Congratulations on another great 
achievement in your Hfe! "If" you can 
take from this poem just one lesson to 
help you grow in life, you will have an 
asset. Kipling chose wise words but you 
must keep God first in order to better 
yourself. We are proud of you and we 
love you and will always be here for you. 

Mother and Amy 


Ir you can keep your neaa wnen all 
about you 

Are losing tneirs and blaming 
it on you; 

Ir you can trust yourselt wnen all 
men cl o u n t you, 

But make allowance ror their 
cl o u D t i n g too: 

Ir you can wait and not be tired by 

Or being lied about, dont deal 
in lies. 

Or being bated don't give way to 

And yet don't look too good, 
nor talk too wise; 

It you can dream - and not make 
dreams your master; 

Ir you can think - and not make 
thoughts your aim. 

It you can meet with Triumph and 

And treat those two impostors 
just the same: 

II vou can bear to hear the truth 
you ve spoken 

Twisted by knaves to make a 
trap ror rools. 

Or watch the things you gave your 
lire to, broken, 

And stoop and build 'em up with 
worn-out tools; 

II you can make one heap or all your 

And risk it on one turn ol 
p i t c h - a n d - t o s s , 

And lose, and start again at your 

And never breathe a word about 
v o u r loss: 

II you can rorce your heart and 
nerve and sinew 

To serve your turn long alter 
they are gone. 

And so hold on when there is nothing 
i n y o u 

Except the Will which says to 
them: "Hold on!" 

It you can talk with crowds and keep 
your virtue. 

Or walk with Kings - nor lose 
the common touch, 

It neither loes nor loving iriends 
can hurt you, 

II all men count with you, but 
none too much: 

11 vou can lill the uniorgiving 
m i n u t e 

With sixty seconds' worth oi 
distance run, 

^ ours is the Earth and everything 
that's in it, 

AntI - which is more - you'll be 
a M a n , m v son! 

Rudvard Kipling 


Nicole Harris 

We are so very 

proud of your 


We love you. 

Cindy & Adam, Colonel 

Mogel, Bear & Grey, 

Kenya Flopper 

Ruth Weisbrod 

May you always be as 
precious to those around 
you as you are to us. 

And that from a child thou hast 
known The Holy Scriptures, 
which are able to make thee 
wise unto salvation through 
faith which is in Christ Jesus. 
II Timothy 3:15 


Angle Brothers 

We always knew you 
would be a great teacher. 
I am so proud of you. 

- LoveMC)M 

Peace I leave with 
you my peace I give 
unto you. Let not 
your heart be 
troubled, neither let 
it be afraid. 

John 14:27 

To our Pride and Joy Maronda 

You will always be our "baby" 
girl even though you have reached a 
goal that you have always dreamed of 
reaching. We are proud of you. May 
God Bless You 

richly and keep 
you in His care. 
Let His love 
shine through, 
and always put 
Him first. 

thyself also in the Lord; 
and He shall give thee the de- 
sires of thine heart. " Psalms 
3 7:4 

Dad, Mom, Joshua, & MawMaw 

To Tim Ellsworth, 

It doesn't seem possible 
that your four years at Union 
are now history. We're so 
proud of you and thank- 
ful to God for all you 
have accomphshed. 

Mom and Dad 
3 John 2-4 






May you run with your eyes 
fixed on Jesus, your 
Strength, your Shield, the 
Author and Perfecter of your 

You have been a blessing 
since the moment God gave 
you to us. We love you & are 
so proud of you. 

Mom & Dad 

Congrats. Shawn! Thanks for being a lov- 
ing brother and an awesome role model. You 
deserve nothing but the best. I know you 
will go far using your talents and your 
knowledge and love for God. 1 love you. 



We are very proud of 
you and love you very 
much. May God bless 
you in all you strive to 

Mom, Dad & tori 


From your first day of school, 
to receiving your B.S.N, degree, you 
hove continued to "Better Your 

We praise God for your 
accomplisl^ments, and ask for his 
continued guidance in your future. 
Our Love and Prayers, 
Dad, IVIom and Betsy 




Nelson Willia 


All it takes to be completely happy and 

comfortable in this life is some common sense, a 

little tolerance, and a lot of good humor. 


Mom & Dad 






Since the day you were 

born you have always 

been a joy to us. May 

God continue to lead you. 

^<M<e, 'Tftoi^ OHcC ^<zd 

To our daughter Molly, 

We knew you wher^ you were 
two and always said, "My do it 
myself," that you would go far in 
life. Congratulations on your 
graduation from Union University. We 
are all so proud of you. 

Your Family - 

To our son, 
Michael W. Barnes, 

It seems as if it were only yesterday when 
you started kindergarden. Now you are a grown 
man ready to graduate from college. Through- 
out grade school, high school and now college 
you have made us so proud. Soon you'll start a 
life of your own. So always remember the way 
you were raised. Keep 
God in your heart. We 
love you and will always 
be here for vou. 


and Daddy 

Your loyalty and love for your family, friends, 
church, and most of all for God is an inspiration to 
everyone you meet. ^X"e have learned a lot from 
\'ou. Even' phase of \'Our life has been a joy. Now 
we pray that God will bless you as you graduate 
and through you life. 

We love you! 
Mommv and Daddv 




"Children are indeed a reward 
from the Lx)rd..." (Ps. 127:3), and each 
day we thank God for you. Con- 
gratulations on all your accomplish- 
ments, and may you continue to 
"trust in the Lord with all your 
heart and lean not on your own 
understanding" (Prov. 3:5). 

Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Joann, and 

Ckristy Caidwdi 

7{/e arte (A^fUf fruMd <^ e^ouf 

ep(^cc OH^ &ee^ e^<uc aicu^^ijcp^. 

We fove yoM, 
Mom, Dad & Scott 


We love you and are veiy proud of 

vou. We pray God's richest blessings as 

)'ou enter your chosen career. 

Lo\'e always, 
Mom and Dad 

"/// all iby ways (ickiioniedge Him. ciiicl He shall 
(liivcl ihy paths." 

Prorcrbs x6 


Dear Josh, 

God must love us a lot because 
He gave us you! From day one you 
have been a joy, a blessing and a 
constant source of pride, Your v\/on- 
derful spirit and sense of humor have 
brightened our days. May the fu- 
ture fulfill all your dreams. 

we /^/^^ f/^t^Mj 
Mom & Dad and the 
whole proud family 




Joshua Greenfield Jenkins 
(4 days old) 


%fe one 



Deuteronomy 31:8 


V^UED Impressions 



0\ix hitssino^s go with you as you 
serve our Lord. 

We love LjoiA, 

na ana ^UJaaai 



We love yoTUL very ]]iiiulc1i< 

Kevin Scott Trowbridge 


Words cannot express how proud we 
are of you. ..for your many accomplish- 
ments, the little boy you were and the 
young man you have become. 

We love you very much and we will 
always be here for you. May God bless 
you and keep you always. 

With love. 
Mom & Dad 

"Even youths 
grow tired and 
weary, and young 
men .stumble and 
fall: but those who 
hope in the Lord 
will renew their 
strength. They will 
soar on wings like 
eagles; they will 
run and not grow 
weary, they will 
walk and not be 

-Isaiah 40:30-31 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

V^' ft' '>^^^^^ 

2650 NorthParkway East 

Jackson, Tennessee 38301 - 8014 


1 - 800 - 955 - 4852 

Plunk Fr anlde 
Travel Service 

uuG spKinuze IN sGRvice 

All Travel Related Services 

Knowledge-Experienced 40 Years in Business 

201 S. Shannon 422-33401 




365 Wallace Road. Jackson, TN 


Sunday Worship- 10:00a.m.. 6:00p.m. 
Wednesday- 6:30p.m. 

A Church in the Heart of Jackson ii'itd jncfe-Hin on its Heart 


Stuart C. Irby Co. 

Wholesale Electrical Supplies 

Located In Casey Jones^illage 
901 ;664-8^580 

Party Trays Gift Boxes and Baskets for All Occassions 

We Deliver Anywhere in the United States 

The Absolute Word 

Unique Christian Bible, Book, & Gift Shop 

Monday-Friday 10-6 
Saturday 9-5 

1495 South Highland 






4355 HV\/Y. as NORTH 

JACKSON, TN 38305 

(901) 664 - 1 123 


Ralph McLemore, Owner 


19 19 Hwy. 45 By-Pass 
Jackson, TN 38305 


Congratulations Graduates ! 





Snacks for 
Bvcry tastes 

Graham Snack Foods, Inc. 
Jackson, Tn. 

^0H^n^ztuCatco4t^ Seacon^^l 

1889G Hollywood Dr.~ Jackson, Tennessee~38305 



a p h i c 

Bret Christensen 

180H Old Hickory Blvd 

Jackson, Tn 38305 

(901) 664-7493 

(Located in the Galleria) 

Carl Perkins' 


^(^ ^cc6CcC<^<^ / 





PHONE (901)668-7426 FAX (901)668-0754 



Telephone (901) 668-1223 


FAX (901) 664-TOUR (8687) 

FAX (901) 668-6889 (Office) 

tttle Caesars prepares 


for the real world. 

s^^ \ 

Well, you finally made it. You worked hard and stud- 
ied well to make it this far in your academic life. 
Now it's time to do your math. While you are plan- 
ning your future you have to eat and you have very 
little money. Your stomach is telling your brain to 
use your education and do the math. You can get 
two pizzas at Little Caesars for one low price. 

Your brain now notifies your stomach of this thought 
process, thanks you and leaves you alone long 
enough to spend you small budget on a lot of food. 
What's this, upon arriving at Little caesars your stom- 
ach tells your brain that Little Caesars also has sub- 
marine sandwiches, chicken wings, spaghetti and 
more!! Your stomach is making an attempt to fur- 
ther your education. 

Your folks will be proud to know that you are eating 
well on a shoestring budget and you have found that 
it pays to do your math. Little Caesars is proud to 
be a part of your education. 





First Tennessee Bank 

is pleased to support 

Union University. 


Here fur yoa 

Englewood Baptist Church 

Deep End 

"W hen lie iiad finished speaking, he said to Simon, 'Put out into 
deep watei", and let down the nets for a catch.'" Luke 5:-i 

Englewood Baptist Church 

2239 N, Highland Ave. 

Jackson, TN 38305 





"1 am woman . . . Hear me roar." coaxed Catwomaii in the movie Balman. 
Ms. Jinni Leigh Blalack. Assistant Professor of Psychology, may feel the same 
the way, but is a little softer with her roar Blalack is roaring with delight from 
two successful careers and an even more successful marriage and family life. 

"As a therapist at the Behavioral Health Clinic, and a teaching psycholo- 
gist at Union I have the big picture of both sides of the coin." said Blalack. 

She has been teaching at Union for the past five years, and has been a 
therapist for the past twelve years. She uses her experiences as a therapist to teach 
her, which not only enhances the students' learning capabilities, but also 
makes the class more interesting. 

"I enjoy the interactive relationship with the student body. I appreciate 
their genuineness and loving concern for others. 1 hope to motivate them, and 
help them to become healthy, well-integrated personalities," Blalack said. This 
does not mean that her classes are easy. "I have a basic philosophy for my therapy 
and teaching work. I cannot work harder than a client is working to get healthier 
nor a student is working for grades. 1 can't give away mental health or academic 

Her work is not the only enjoyment she receives from life. Blalack was 
married on June 16, 1993 in Jamaica. Her husband, Jeff Lavelle, was a teenage 
sweetheart. After 12 years of noncommunication, their paths crossed and a year 
later they were married. "For the past two years, I have integrated the roles of 
wife, therapist, professor, and stepmother of two children." At the time of this 
interview, Blalack was expecting her first child - a boy- w hich was due on Christ- 
mas Day. 

Blalack graduated from Union with a psychology and sociology major 
and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Masters in Clinical 
Psychology. She is cuirently completing a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psy- 

One Proud 

Four years ago. Ste\ c and Rebecca Beveriy began the tedious pro- 
cess of adoption. They attempted to adopt a child through private agencies 
and then decided to try to adopt through the state of Tennessee. 

After having thier information put into a state wide computer and 
ha\ ing thier profile matched to two sisters in east Tennessee, a five month 
series of visits began. 

"We first were told abotii Holly and Melod> the week before 
Chirstmas." Steve Beverly said. 

Their first meeting was in east Tennessee where the Beverly's took 
the girls. Melody, age II, and Holly, age 6, out to lunch and to a park. 

"We were crazy about the girls the first day," Beverly said. 

After seven visits over a five month period, the Be\ erlys knew the 
girls were meant to he in their lives. "We met them there in their hometown 
and had an adoption ceremony." Bexeriy said. "It was an oxcrwhelming 

In the candclight ceremony, each lit candles and then togehter lit 
one single candle. As with any family, the Beverlys have had to make sac- 
rifices, but the girls are "a very rewarding part of our lives," Beverly said. 

"You realize you are writing a new chapter of teh book each day," 
Beverly said. "Despite every expert in the world, you haven't experienced it 
with vour children vet." 


Like most sisters, Mrs. Barefoot and Ms. Brothers share 
many secrets. 

"It's just the two of us, now," Anna Brothers, .secretary for Stu- 
dent Affairs, said of her sister, Joyce Barefoot, wife of Union President 
Hyran Barefoot. "To have a blood relative, there's .something unique about 

Joyce and Anna Camp were raised outside of Calhoun, Louisiana 
by two loving parents. The Camp family was one of stability and respect 
for one another, until it came to the mail. 

See. Joyce is ten years older than Anna. When the mail ran and 
Joyce was expecting a letter from a boyfriend, Anna would get the mail 
before Joyce. 

"We didn't have telephones," Anna said, "so I'd get the mail and 
run. Joyce would me until momma would make us stop." 

Despite the age difference, they were close growing up. 

Joyce taught Anna to drive the family's Model A Ford. "It was 
old then," Joyce said, "and it was embarrassing! Momma hated it. too." 

"We lived off the highway." Anna said. "I was driving back to- 
ward the house and Joyce was leaning back all relaxed when Daddy came 
out [of the house] all beside himself. It scared him to death that I was 
driving! Come to find out, the only thing he was scared of was that I 
couldn't stop the car" 

Joyce soon went off to college to get a degree in education. Her 
mother called her home for a special event, the church's young preacher 
was to be ordained and Joyce needed to be there. 

"Momma made me come home," Joyce said. "1 had a date that 
Saturday night, so I caught the train home Sunday morning." 

That young preacher just happened to be Hyran Barefoot. 

After she graduated from college. Joyce and Hyran were mar- 
ried. Anna was in the wedding. 

"It was an exciting time in the family." Anna said. "I had never 
been in a wedding before and Hyran had taken me under his wing. He 
took me target shooting when Joyce was at school and just really looked 
after me." 

"And Daddy took the family to my wedding in that Model A." 
Joyce said. "Momma was worried that I'd get my dress dirty, so Daddy 
put a sheet across the seat and off we went." 

Since those days in Calhoun. Louisiana, the Barefoots have had 
three daughters and six grandchildren. Anna also married and came to 
Jackson four years ago at the urging of the Barefoots. 

"We are very fortunate to be together," Joyce said. 

David Robinson has 

been part of the Union 
family for three years. 
Robinson is a cook in the 
cafeteria and the voice 
behind the grill. 

Food for 

Robinson explains that his line in the cafeteria 
may be slower than others, but "I like to give students 
fresher foods and try to wait to the last minute to cook 
the food so it is fresher when the students eat it." 

For those students who go through his line with 
a frown on their face, Robinson says he tries to cheer 
them up. "I like to make the students laugh," Robinson 
said. "I just try to make everyone smile." 

As for his job, Robinson said he enjoys working 
here at Union and serving the students fresh food. 

Robinson has two daughters, Tomeka and 

college is also about milking lifetime friends. 

breakin* out 
of the office 

"He puts Mississippi State up against anybody, and then 
wonders why he has to take so much abuse when they loose," an 
anonymous source in the Student Affairs office said in reference to 
Dr. Charles Fowler, vice president for student affairs. 

Fowler, a confessed Mississippi State fan and avid ping pong 
and pool player, returned to Union after graduating with a Bachelor's 
of Music in vocal performance. He and his wife, Sandra, have one 
daughter, Anna, five. 

"When I left here as a student," Fowler said, "I hoped the 
Lord's plan would include me coming back to Union." 

That hope came true when Dr. Brewer retired last summer 
and the position came open. 

"The hardest thing for me so far is finding the time to do 
everything I want to do," Fowler said. "Trying to juggle between 
being in the office and still being involved with campus life and 
building a rapport with the students has kept me busy." 

Fowler says he enjoys interacting with students by either 
grabbing a coke in the snack bar, playing a game of pool or ping 
pong, or just sitting down to talk. 

"I want students to feel like I am a person they can have fun 
with." Fowler said. "I really don't believe as vice president for 
student affairs that I can represent student interests and be an advo- 
cate if I don't know what the students feel and want. I can't achieve 
that if I don't build these relationships." 

As for the discipline end of the job. Fowler says, "The stu- 
dents have already made that decision for me if they get caught." 

But, Fowler did live on campus during his Union years ... 
Adams 8 to be exact. "I remember what it was like to fail room 




10. Music Theory 

9. New Testament 

8. American Foreign Policy 

7. Organic Chemistry 

6. Fitness for Health 

5. Organizational Communication 

4. Graphic Design 

3. Drawing 

2. Greek 

1. CLU 

Ashley Parker looks like she is having a blast in band. 


10. Christmas 

9. Christmas 

8. Christmas 

7. Christmas 

6. Christmas 

5. Christmas 

4. Christmas 

3. Christmas 

2. Christmas 

1 . Easter 

Kevin Peters looks intenth- at papers before leaving for Christmas break. 




10. Marisa Tomei 

9. Sandra Bullock 

8. Mary Stewart Masterson 

7. Nicole Kidman 

6. Anna Nicole Smith 

5. Julia Roberts 

4. Annette Benning 

3. Wynona Ryder 

2. Demi Moore 

1 . Meg Ryan 


10. Al Pacino 

9. Val Kilmer 

8. Tim Allen 

7. Jim Carey 

6. Brad Pitt 

5. Tom Hanks 

4. Harrison Ford 

3. Tommy Lee Jones 

2. Kevin Costner 

1. Christian Slater 


10. Seven 

9. While You Were Sleeping 

8. Apollo 13 

7. Legends of the Fall 

6. Bed of Roses 

5. Dead Poet's Society 

4. Dumb and Dumber 

3. Speed 

2. The American President 

1. Forrest Gump 

Brian Curry and Laura Latham goof off between class, 
imagine that! 


10. Tears in Heaven 
9. Love Song for a Savior 
8. Favorite Song of All 
7. Jesus Freak 
6. Kiss from a Rose 
5. Come Down 
4. Thank You 
3. Sweet Days of Grace 
2. Standing on Top of the World 
1. What If I Stumble 

Rae DeRung opens her mailbox to dust out all the cobwebs. 







ESPN Sportscenter 


Home Improvement 


Weather Channel 


Walker, Texas Ranger 


Days of Our Lives 







10. Whitney Houston 

9. Phillips, Craig, and Dean 

8. Van Halen 

7. Bush 

6. REM 

5. Michael Jackson 

4. DC Talk 

3. Journey 

2. Point of Grace 

1 . Jars of Clay 

Keith Felton stops to get a gumball. 


10. Coke 

9. Pepsi 

8. Cherry Coke 

7. Sprite 

6. Caffeine Free Diet Coke 

5. Dr. Pepper 

4. Diet Coke 

3. Ginger Ale 

2. Quibell 

1. Water! 

Chris Hartfield has the hairiest toes I've ever seen. 


10. Outback 

9. O'Charley's 

8. Los Portales 

7. Chick-Fil-A 

6. Subway 

5. Rafferty's 

4. Red Lobster 

3. Catfish Galley 

2. Krystal 

1. Perkin's 

Angie Baseler looks in the newspaper to tind a eareer (or a 

Marked Images 


Abraham, Heather 91 168 
Abraham, Tamara 91 137 
Accounting Club 68 
Ackerman, Catherine 168 
Acree, Beth 86 168 
Ada, Jessica 168 169 
Adair, Andy 168 
Adams, Don 133 
Adams, Krista 58 60 154 
Aden, Christy 70 75 
Administration 129 
Albert, Amy 181 
Albert, Jennifer 86 181 
Albright, Lori 78 82 154 
Albritton, April 91 168 
Aldridge, Sarah 52 55 67 

Aldridge, Steven 58 61 100 

Alexander, Andrea 71 
Alexander, Scott 137 
Alford, Donnie 133 
Allen, Casey 64 
Allen, Jennifer 52 62 154 
Allen, Joel 77 85 
Allen, Rita 61 70 71 78 137 
Allen, Rob 53 
Allison, April 154 
Allison, Jason 181 
Allison, Sarah 49 53 75 78 

86 154 
Alpha Chi 78 
Alpha Psi Omega 66 
Alpha Tau Omega 80 
American Chemical Soci- 
ety 73 
Ammon, Terri 56 57 75 82 

Ammons, Ray 137 
Andersen, Becky 68 69 78 
82 137 

Anderson, Sherrell 60 181 
Annis, Stephanie 154 
Anthamatten, Angel 82 

Arbuckle, Beth 91 181 
Armstrong, Aaron 57 168 
Arriaga, Pedro 174 
Art Department 114 
Art Union 66 
Aslin, Suzanne 154 
Association Of Comput- 
ing Machinery 72 
Atkinson, Preston 61 
Atkisson, Michael 181 
Attaway, Brent 154 
Attaway, Michael 154 
Atwood, Andrea 56 82 168 


Babcock, DeeDee 52 58 73 

Baggett, Gillian 70 
Baggett, James 131 
Bailey, Chad 56 89 154 
Bailey, Meredith 181 
Bailliez, Lisa 57 67 168 
Bailliez, Shawn 57 137 
Bain, Saundra 72 
Baker, Betsy 137 
Baker, Donnita 57 154 
Baker, Greg 52 137 
Baldwin, Melissa 61 181 
Baldwin, Michelle 137 
Balthrop, Amy 13 168 
Baptist Student Union 58 
Baptist Young Women 61 
Barden, David 64 
Barden, Gina 70 78 86 137 
Barger, Alicia 75 91 154 
Bargery, Molly 181 
Barmer, Carmen 181 
Barnes, Chris 60 63 168 
Barnes, Kelly 181 
Barnes, Michael 137 

Barnett, Gina 91 181 
Barnett, Michelle 137 
Barnett, Sara 63 154 
Barto, Jennifer 59 
Baseball team 101 
Baseler, Angle 55 91 137 

Bassham, Jill 61 65 155 
Bates, Keith 78 
Baugher, Amy 61 
Baum, Erika 11 168 

Beaird, Cindy 155 
Beam, Greg 78 
Beam, Tim 77 
Beard, Robin 59 78 168 
Beauman, Brent 169 
Beauregard, Jamica 60 181 
Beck, Mark 61 
Bell, Brad 64 181 
Bell, Lee Ann 155 
Bennett, Michele E. 65 
Berry, Kellee 55 63 86 181 
Betz, Mike 89 
Binkley, Amy 155 
Biology department 116 
Biter, Monica 52 59 155 
Black Christian Fellow- 
ship 60 
Black, Holly 56 137 
Black, Stacie 181 
Black, Vince 66 169 
Blackford, Sherry 71 137 
Blackstock, Dixie 56 62 91 

Blanton, George 132 
Bledsoe, Corrie 137 
Blick, Jason 73 78 137 
Blue, Kelley Sullivan 71 
Blumer, Katie 169 
Boatright, David 52 73 137 
Bobbitt, Jonathan 24 49 53 

Bogue, Shannon 155 
Bogue, Tami 55 57 65 67 
Boles, Brian 49 53 68 69 85 

Bomar, Mary 181 
Bomar, Morgan 82 
Bomar, Shannon 73 
Bond, Aconda 137 
Bond, Charlotte 50 155 
Bonner, Jenay 155 
Booker, Tracey 181 
Boord,Jon49 50 64 85155 
Bostic, Anthony 169 
Boston, Shani 155 
Bougher, Amy 137 
Bounds, Jason 65 181 
Bowen, Summer 155 
Bowlby, Sara 76 181 

Bowman, Carol 169 
Boykin, Jennifer 169 
Bradey, Trey 69 
Bradfield, Katrina 129 
Bradley, Tony 50 155 
Bragg, Amy 155 
Bragg, Kathy 130 
Brahmbhatt, Ankur 181 

Bramlett, Brian 100 
Brashier, Trevor 81 
Brawner, Shawn 181 
Brents, Matt 89 
Brink, Andy 155 
Britt, Amanda 77 181 
Britt, Amy 86 181 
Bromley, Kevin 181 
Brooks, Preston 85 
Brothers, Angela 75 137 
Brown, Angle 52 169 
Brown, Brandy 137 
Brown, Daniel 66 
Brown, Kyle 50 72 73 156 
Brown, Michelle 156 
Brown, Nathan 169 
Brown, Ryan 81 
Brown, Thomas 137 
Brown, Wayne 169 
Browning, Allison 181 
Bruhn, Brad 59 60 156 
Bryan, Max 169 
Bryan, Melony 156 
Bryant, Jimmy 169 
Buback, Steven 66 137 
Buck, David 61 
Bueller, John 137 
Bueller, Laena 68 69 137 
Buffaloe, Tim 169 
Buie, Kenneth 137 
BuUington, Milly 65 156 
Bullington, Robert 85 181 
Burchett, Judith 156 
Burgher, Tina 86 
Burk, David 181 
Burk, Kim 137 
Burkhead, William 156 
Burlew, Kendra 94 
Burrough, Laurel 63 156 
Burrows, Jill 91 182 
Burton, Jay 85 182 
Bush, Jay 50 81 
Business department 115 
Buster Bulldog 111 
Butcher, James 169 
Butler, Chad 89 
Butler, Krisha 182 
Butler, Lucas 169 
Butler, Mark 53 89 
Butler, Rick 61 
Byrd, Candace 63 182 
Byrd, Christi 35 138 

Cabanaw, Amanda 56 86 

Cain, Corey 65 182 
Caldwell, Carol Ann 78 86 

Caldwell, Christy 62 138 
Campbell, Amanda 82 169 
Campbell, Christie 59 63 

Campbell, Wendy 77 182 
Campion, John 62 68 170 

Cannon, Kari 51 62 182 
Cantrell, Grant 65 182 
Capogreco, Lindey 98 
Capshaw, Teresa 182 
Cardinal & Cream 54 
Carman, Ray 85 182 
Carpenter, Rachel 138 
Carroll, John 24 49 50 89 

Carter, Christy 182 
Carter, Dixie 50 
Carter, Jenny 73 86 138 
Carter, Keri 156 
Carter, Scott 182 
Carver, Ryan 70 
Cashion, Leah 34 61 63 

Castles, Jonathan 85 
Gate, Jeff 117 
Gates, Brent 81 
Gates, Carrie 77 182 
Gates, Danny 138 
Gates, Jacinda 182 
Gates, Jennifer 91 182 
Cavage, Thomas 62 
Chambers, Shondra 182 
Ghappell, Jennifer 82 182 
Chavies, Jeff 68 69 
Cheek, Heather 138 
Cheerleaders 110 
Chemistry and Physics 

Department 116 
Chi Omega 86 
Childers, Eddie 51 170 
Childress, Melissa 75 138 
Ghilds, Rich 81 
Chipman, Steven 182 196 
Chisholm, Stephen 66 138 
Ghisolm, David 81 100 182 
Chiu, Joseph 66 
Clanton, Angela 53 138 
Clark, Ben 59 76 77 156 
Clark, Martha 170 
Clark, Tiana 61 62 170 
Claybrook, Stephen 53 11 
Clifford, Robyn 52 56 170 

Coakley, Eddie 182 
Coello, Carla 68 156 
Coello, Vany 156 
Colbalt, James 89 
Cole, Kristina 138 
Coleman, Allison 138 
College Republicans 51 
Collier, Brent 65 81 182 
Collins, Jim 34 52 58 
Colwick, Heather 156 
Communication Arts De- 
partment 118 
Conn, Kris 138 
Connell, J.D. 81 
Connor, Kimberly 170 
Conrad, Amy 138 
Cook, J.C. 100 182 
Cooke, Christy 91 
Cooley, Amy 23 63 86 182 
Cooper, Annette 63 
Cooper, Frankie 182 
Cooper, Grace 138 
Cooper, J.J. 78 
Cooper, Joseph 182 
Cooper, Linda 156 
Copeland, Jamie 61 
Copous, Jenni 82 182 
Cordwell, Jack 156 167 
Cossey, Carrie 61 68 157 
Cotner, Julie 170 
Cox, Faralee 183 
Cozart, Cindy 75 138 
Crabtree, Karyn 157 
Crane, Annie Laurie 183 
Crawford, Lesli 51 57 138 
Crawford, Nedra 55 67 78 
Crews, Kim 138 
Critser, Shane 49 50 53 66 

77 85 170 
Crocker, Nathan 76 183 
Crommett, Ginger 138 
Cross, John 50 56 70 72 75 

78 157 
Crossnoe, Cande 55 56 
Crouch, Donald 183 
Crowell, Eugene 157 
Crowell, Jamie 157 
Crowley, Julie 60 78 157 
Cruse, Krystal 157 
Culberson, Bryan 85 138 
CuUum, Caroline 157 
Cunningham, Dana 126 
Cunningham, John 

Michael 56 85 138 
Cupples, Jeff 50 89 157 
Currie, Bryan 157 167 
Custer, Mindy 138 


Daniel, Damon 183 
Darby, Lee 157 
Darty, Amy 52 170 
Davidson, Amanda 183 
Davis, Clay 170 
Davis, Jason 81 138 
Davis, Jennifer 157 183 
Davis, Jill 26 70 86 138 
Davis, Jonathan 78 183 
Davis, Lori 55 86 183 
Davis, Michael 138 183 
Davis, Rebecca 86 138 
Davis, Shannon 91 
Davis, Tamara 52 86 170 
Deberry, Christy 183 
Defew, Laura 157 
Deming, Justin 89 
Denman, Andrea 157 
Dennison, Trent 81 
Denson, Sheila 138 
Denton, Brian 63 89 183 
Depriest, Tanya 170 
DeRung, Rae 228 
Deshazier, Terri 78 138 146 
Dickerson, Karyn 56 170 
Diggs, Bridgett 77 183 
Dill, Timothy 157 
Dismuke, Craig 22 89 
Dixon, Jenny 91 183 
Dixon, Lindsay 62 183 
Dixon, Rob 184 
Donald, Pamela 157 
Dossett, Scott 72 
Douglas, Shari 129 
Douglass, Amy 86 
Douthit, Jason 184 
Doyle, Kris 170 
Dozier, Lori 91 
Dubbaka, Vidusa 75 
Duck, Scott 184 
Duggin, Joshua 170 
Duke, Jimmy 52 
Dukes, Jason 136 139 
Duncan, Angle 63 184 
Duncan, Dee 86 170 
Duncan, Greg 57 139 
Duncan, Heather 66 170 
Duncan, Jeremy 59 184 
Duncan, Kathleen 71 
Dungey, Annette 139 
Dunlap, Susanne 91 157 

Dunn, Melissa 82 170 
Durham, Mary 184 
Durrance, Molly 56 86 139 

Earl, Angel 59 64 184 
Edmunds, Jeff 12 45 59 

Education Department 

Edwards, Amy 157 
Edwards, Mindi 184 
Eldridge, Michael 89 184 
Eldridge, Stephen 50 56 72 

89 157 
EUedge, Scott 62 170 
Ellis, Sandra 170 
Ellison, Angle 60 78 184 
Ellsworth, Martin 170 
Ellsworth, Tim 59 78 139 
Elmer, John 139 
England, Ashley 62 77 
England, Rebecca 71 139 
Englert, Heather 53 157 
English Department 120 
Ensley, Cassie 102 
Ernest, Laura 157 
Escue, Larry 85 139 
Escue, Rachel 139 
Estes, Sarah 61 170 
Estes, Terri 98 
Eubanks, Teresa 69 
Evans, Neal 56 170 
Evans, Rachel 78 91 184 
Evans, Sheri 130 
Exum, Stephanie 139 

Fain, Tim 61 77 184 
Faley, Shane 81 
Farmer, Christopher 184 
Farmer, Heath 85 
Farmer, Melissa 91 157 
Farmer, William 184 
Farrar, Aaron 170 
Faughn, Mark 76 
Faulkner, Margaret 71 

Feller, Jonathan 185 
Felton, Keith 229 
Ferris, Sarah 53 59 171 
Finley, Bridget 91 
Fischer, Tammy 171 
Fisher, Jason 185 
Fisher, Jenny 51 57 82 157 
Fisher, Lynn 185 
Fisher, Mark 171 
FIT 75 

Fitzgerald, Jennifer 185 
Flack, Steven 67 143 
Flack, Vadessa 22 52 56 82 

139 143 
Flemmons, Jennifer 91 
Flippo, Barry 70 139 
Flynn, Amber 185 
Fonville, Steven 171 
Forbes, Doug 185 
Forester, Jamie 77 140 
Forman, Susan 132 
Foropoulos, Waverly 52 

171 179 
Forrester, Rebecca 62 185 
Forrester, Stephen 81 
Forsythe, Beth 91 171 
Fortner, Carrie 86 185 
Foster, Kara 157 
Foster, Scott 157 
Fowler, Jonathan 81 
Fowler, Rapheal 171 
Foxworth, Kevin 139 140 
Francis, Denise 157 
Franck, Toni 171 
Frank, April 62 185 
Frank, Chanda 185 
Eraser, Patricia 185 
French, Shonda 157 
Fronabarger, Brent 100 
Frost, Suzanne 56 59 185 
Fuller, Jenni 50 72 75 76 

78 140 
Fullery, Ashley 77 
Futrell, Chrissy 185 

Gabriel, Diana Joy 185 
Gallimore, Jennifer 56 91 

Gallion, Gary 89 
Gambill, Quest 185 
Gandarias, Alberto 185 
Gandy, Paul 185 
Gardiner, Rhonda 157 
Gardner, Janna 75 
Gardner, Josh 185 
Gatwood, Dianne 124 
Geary, James 185 
Geary, Ronnie 89 
Geho, Alithia 63 185 
Gernand, Paul 185 
Ghenco, Julie 61 171 
Gierling, Shawn 140 
Gilbert, Tara 75 
Gilchrist, April 68 69 78 82 

Gill, Becca 171 
Gipe, Melody 63 185 
Gipson, Kimberly 171 
Gleockler, Robin 61 185 
Glover, Cherise 185 

Godwin, Jackie 185 
Gonzalez, Susan 55 56 91 

Goode, Stephanie 37 53 69 

78 86 
Goodwin, Dara 185 
Gordon, Robert 100 
Gorski, Ian 185 
Gottschalk, Eric 140 
Gower, Madlyn 185 
Grammer, Ed 100 
Cranberry, Schindel 60 
Graves, Kenny 133 
Graves, Molly 53 171 179 
Gray, Michelle 62 140 
Gray, Sydney 55 57 67 
Gream, Steven 77 185 
Greathouse, Ashley 21 56 

70 78 91 140 
Green, Heath 171 
Green, Jennifer 59 61 171 
Green, Julie 140 
Green, Justin 51 
Green, Samuel 185 
Greene, Dena 172 
Greene, Justin 89 
Greene, Shanna 82 186 
Greenway, Jennifer 61 65 

Greer, Robert 157 
Gregory, Chuck 63 158 
Gregory, Ray 66 158 
Grice, Eric 100 
Griffin, Donald 186 
Grigg, Alison 78 158 
Grisham, Robert 64 76 158 
Grissom, Aaron 56 73 172 
Grissom, Lori 186 
Grooms, Cory 62 77 186 
Grooms, Kim 57 172 


Hackett, Sarah 50 52 86 

Hailey, Jennifer 186 
Hall, Crystal 63 186 
Hall, Denny 60 64 71 111 
Hall, Jaina Hollifield 69 78 

91 141 
Hall, Jason 100 
Hall, Shane 140 
Hall, Stephen 100 
Hambrick, Brad 186 
Hamilton, Stephan 23 86 
Hammer, Traci 140 
Hammond, Amy 91 
Hammond, Jennifer 172 
Hammond, Stephen 172 
Hammonds, Jennifer 91 
Hammons, Amy 172 

i-brnptoD. Kelly 70 140 
Ha-nrick, BwdlOO 
Hainrjck, Heather 63 75 

Hamrick, Suzanne 63 64 

Hands for Jesus 62 
Handy, Nicole 77 172 
Hannah, Tobie 78 172 
Hansbrough, Alison 158 
Hardin, Amy 76 86 172 
Harmon, Tiffany 53 77 82 

Harmon, Timothy 89 158 
Harper, Amanda 172 
Harrell, Tricia 86 172 
Harris, Adam 89 140 
Harris, Heather 172 
Harris, Joanna 21 
Harris, Nichole 91 
Harris, Peggy 140 
Harris, Rae 55 141 
Hart, Angela 141 
Hart, Kristi 158 
Hartfield, Chris 15 59 229 
Hartman, Dorothy 186 
Hawkins, Emilie 68 82 158 
Hawkins, Peter 49 50 81 

Hayes, Carissa 158 159 
Hayes, Jason 158 
Hayes, Kelly 158 
Haynes, Suzanne 172 
Hays, Janna 50 55 68 186 

Heady, Charles 186 
Health Department 128 
Heath, Tara 52 56 63 173 
Heathcott, Gina 86 186 
Hefner, Jennifer 76 158 
Hefner, Michelle 173 
Helton, Courtney 15 82 

Hendricks, Shawn 50 54 

55 67 141 
Hendrix, Wendy 141 
Henley, Genie 34 63 66 

186 196 
Henley, Tina 60 
Henning, Beth 78 82 141 
Henning, Christa 82 186 
Henson, Brad 78 141 
Henson, Stephanie 78 141 
Hernandez, Emma 98 
Hester, Corrie6164 82173 
Hickey, Ben 141 180 
Hickey, Jonathan 76 77 

180 186 
Hicks, Amanda 173 
Higdon, Terri 141 


Highsmith, John 53 158 

Hildebrand, Heather 78 

Hill, Alicia 186 
Hill, Amy 65 173 
Hill, Holly 82 173 
Hilliard, Tom 158 
Hillman, Sarah 141 
Himes, Regina 173 
Hinson, Christina 158 
Hinson, Marian 141 
Hinton, Jenne 62 186 
Hinton, Kevin 77 158 
History Club 70 
History Department 121 
Hobbs, Christina 66 147 
Hobson, Frances 133 
Hobson, Rebecca 158 
Hodge, Dai 186 
Hodge, Greg 173 
Hoesel, Brian 68 89 158 
Hoesel, Lisa 186 
Hoesel, Mark 50 75 141 
Holdner, Stephanie 82 186 
Holland, Malcolm 186 
Holley, Christy 61 186 
Hollis, Michael 85 
Hollowell, Jenny 173 
Holmes, Deborah 141 
Holmes, Heather 141 
Holmes, Kerri 141 
Holmes, Kimberley 141 
Holmes, Matthew 158 
Holt, Jennifer 62 186 
Holt, Stephanie 141 
Honors Student Associa- 
tion 78 
Hooker, Cindy 141 
Hookway, Patti 186 
Hoover, Matt 186 
Hoover, Sarah 173 
Hopper, Kathy 141 
Horner, Anna 64 91 186 
Horner, Patrick 59 106 
Houchins, Julie 158 
Housman, Wes 85 
Houston, Lolly 52 53 86 
Howard, Stephen 100 
Howell, Lisa 75 158 
Howell, Valerie 50 54 55 

56 67 158 167 
Huddleston, Bradley 49 

69 85 
Hudgins, Jennifer 82 158 
Huggins, Kyle 89 186 
Hughes, Christy 86 141 
Hughes, Dax 78 
Hume, Brian 66 141 
Hume, Elizabeth 65 187 

Humphrey, Kellv 69 78 86 

Hunt, Marquetta 57 78 158 
Hurlburt, Joshua 77 187 
Hurley, Carol 158 
Hurt, Bobby 141 
Hurt Dorm Council 57 
Hurt, Patricia 158 
Hurt, Shannon 86 173 
Hutcherson, Jeffrey 158 
Hutchison, Jill 187^ 
Hyatt, Stephanie 73 158 

Impact 63 
Inmon, Kim 73 141 
Irby, Brad 85 

Jackson, Beth 141 
Jackson, David 141 
Jackson, Ernie 63 187 
Jackson, Greg 53 89 173 
Jaco, Carol 173 
Jacobs, Amy 91 159 
Jacobs, Becky 82 
James, Loren 78 89 
James, Misha 52 72 141 
Janda, Vivian 173 
Jazz Band 77 
Jenkins, Joshua 55 70 142 
Jenkins, Shallyn 187 
Jett, Susan 86 173 
Johnsey, Julie 86 187 
Johnsoian, Jill 77 
Johnson, Andrea 173 
Johnson, Billy 142 
Johnson, Danyel 159 
Johnson, Jamie 86 187 
Johnson, Jennifer 82 173 

Johnson, Joye 76 
Johnson, Karri 60 187 
Johnson, Lorrie 82 187 
Johnson, Stacey 187 
Johnsonius, Jill 187 
Johnston, Laura 142 
Johnston, Michael 69 85 
Jones, Ashley 75 86 159 
Jones, Jodi 86 187 
Jones, Lydia 187 
Jones, Manisha 173 
Jones, Mary Ann 56 91 173 
Jones, Nicole 159 
Jones, Tina 60 64 187 
Jordan, Jada 61 142 
JOY 65 
Joyce, Jennifer 173 

Joyce, Nathan 78 
Joyner, Karen 56 78 91 142 
Jurina, Kellv 66 188 


Kallal, Ben 5" 159 
Kallal, Penny 10 
Kanavel, Robert 142 
Kappa Delta 83 
Kappa Mu Epsilon 72 
Keel, Kimba 71 
Keith, Brandy 58 59 63 159 
Keller, Heather 55 
Kelley, Cliff 26 85 142 
Kellough, Paula 159 
Kemp, Ashley 91 188 
Kennedy, Matt 64 156 159 
Kern, Ashley 91 188 
Kern, Sam 81 
Kerr, Cheryl 159 
Kersey, Robert 89 173 
Kever, Jonathan 78 
Key, Christy 50 72 73 159 
Kiestler, Emily 57 
King, Benny 159 
King, Jennifer 58 142 
Kingsbury, Cari50 91 179 
Kinney, Gina 76 159 
Kinstler, Sharon 52 82 173 
Kirby, Matthew 89 173 
Kirk, Andy 100 
Kirkbride, Ryan 49 50 89 

Kistner, Anne 188 
Kitchens, Jacob 81 188 
Knight, Clarissa G. 60 78 
Knight, Keith 63 188 
Knipper, Jennifer 86 
Knott, Sammy 85 
Koffman, John 68 89 100 

Lackey, Daniel 56 72 89 

Lackey, Jessica 77 173 
Laffoon, Michael 37 50 72 

89 142 
Lake, Isaac 173 
Lamb, Chadney 188 
Lamb, Scott 142 
Lambda Chi Alpha 84 
Lambert, Diane 130 
Lambert, Stephen 173 
Lampley, Tara 59 64 159 
Land, Jennifer 86 142 
Lane, Alison 82 
Lane, April 188 
Lane, Doric 49 91 142 

Lane, Dustin 89 142 
Lane, Kathy 76 91 187 188 
Lane, Mary 159 | 

Lane, Nicki 82 
Langston, Jeremy 89 159 

Language Department] 
122 I 

Lanier, Tina 142 | 

Lankford, Christine 173 ] 
Lanphier, Jessica 78 188 | 
Larkin, Kimberly 62 160 
Larsen, Monique 188 
Larson, Kama 65 173 
Larson, Lyle 53 89 173 
LaRue, Rick 13 63 73 160 
Lassiter, Cheryl 86 
Lassiter, John 65 
Latch, Jennifer 77 188 
Latham, Laura 78 142 
Laubach, Amy 91 160 
Lawrence, Elyzabeth 86 

Lawson, Christy 60 64 188 
Layne, Melanie 58 155 160 
Leach, Amy 142 
Leaonard, Randy 160 
Leathers, Corey 189 
Leatherwood, Dan 73 78 

Lee, Andy 189 
Lee, Angela 66 160 
Lee, Cassandra L. 58 60 

Lee, Dawn 142 
Lee, Gina 189 
Lee, Jennifer 189 
Lee, Nathan 160 

Lee, Stephanie 53 65 173 

Lee, Tara 189 

Lee, Terri 75 189 

Legerit, Amber 78 142 

Leggett, Matt 89 

Lehman, Amy 66 

Lehman, Cole 66 

Lemmons, Melissa 189 

Lemons, April 50 55 86 

Leonard, Randy 73 78 81 

Lest We Forget 54 

Lewis, Chad 89 142 

Lewis, Marti 57 142 

Lewis, Richard 174 

Lewis, Tammie 174 

Lewis, Tanya 142 

Lewis, Todd 77 

Liddell, Candy 189 

Lin, Sherry 160 

Lindley, Geoffrey 70 174 

Lipford, Tony 189 
Littlejohn, Gail 160 
Littlejohn, Kacie 189 
Logan, Jason 50 73 77 174 
Long, Ginger 189 
Long, Kelley 160 
Louallen, Christen 189 
Lovett, Sheri 160 
Lovland, Dan 189 
Lower, Mac 66 
Lowry, Carla 86 
Lucas, Cindy 174 
Luckett, Kristina 189 
Lunsford, Jeremy 189 
Luther, Amanda 174 
Lynn, Beth 132 
Lynn, Christy 55 


Madison, Jobe 85 
Major, Adam 81 160 
Malen, Shantel 53 56 174 

Malloy, Jennifer 189 
Malone, Phyllis 160 
Mann, Melissa 48 54 55 66 

Marbury, Alicia 62 64 
Marcom, Melanie 76 142 
Maricle, Chad 100 
Marlbury, Alicia 189 
Maroney, Stacy 62 189 
Martin, Eric 51 174 
Martin, Jamie 44 174 
Martin, Jason 12 
Martin, Jennifer 189 
Martin, Lori 160 
Mason, Eric 12 
Mason, Libby 70 161 
Matheney, Brad 161 
Mather, Carrie 70 161 
Mathews, April 189 
Mathews, Leslie 142 
Mathews, Richard 133 
Mathis, Kristy 161 
Matthews, April 86 
Matthews, Emily 22 91 
Mattox, Michelle 67 82 142 
Mauldin, Billy 85 189 
Maxwell, Paul 89 
Mayer, Stephanie 189 
Mays, Lori 78 82 142 
McAfee Dorm Council 57 
McAlister, Keli 52 86 161 
McCaleb, Bruce 85 
McCaleb, Mac 161 
McCartney, Bruce 189 
McCay, Theresa 142 
McClain, Susan 66 174 

McCool, Judith 174 
McCusker, Terri 143 
McDaniel, Andrea 45 86 

McDaniel, Angela 66 78 
McDaniel, Stacy 189 
McFarland, James 174 
McGee, Chris 85 
McGee, Farrah 91 189 
McGee, Shannon 189 
McGlothlin, Amber 65 
McGregor, Beth 34 58 65 

McKee, Jeff 89 161 
McLeod, Dexter 49 69 85 

McNatt, Chris 71 161 
McNeece, Chris 63 143 

Millburg, Sheila 75 143 
Miller, Annette 50 52 75 

Miller, Ashley 190 
Miller, Carl 161 
Miller, Genus 100 161 
Miller, Jonathan 48 50 72 

73 78 143 
Miller, Miriam 68 86 190 
Miller, Steven 190 
Miller, Vanessa 161 
Mills, Landon 89 
Minst, Rondell 63 190 
Missions Committee 59 
Mitchell, Joi 57 165 
Mitchell, Lee Ann 174 
Mizell, Sam 11 143 
Moncrief, Sherrus 190 

Murley, Melissa 190 
Murphy, Michael 85 
Murrah, Jennifer 175 
Murray, Michael 59 70 175 
Murrey, Lori 82 
Music Department 124 
Muston, Jason 175 
Myatt, Bill 12 53 143 161 
Myer, Michael 190 
Myers, Todd 55 
Myhand, Brandon 100 175 
Myracle, Jeanna 91 190 

Norwood, Tabitha 161 
Nursing Department 126 
Nussbaumer, Timmy 61 
Nute, Rick 85 


Nachtigal, Aaron 64 78 

Nachtigal, Sarah 78 190 

McQuay, Heather 60 70 

McWherter, Brandon 89 

McWhorter, Morrow 161 
Meacham, Ann-Marie 50 

Meadows, Charles 189 
Meadows, David 60 11 
Meek, Casey 85 189 
Meise, Todd 75 161 
Melrose, Bethany 190 
Melson, Ellen 190 
Melton, Matt 100 190 
Menezes, William 161 
Mercer, Tim 59 190 
Metcalfe, Shane 66 
Meyer, Jonathan 143 
Middleton, Jennifer 190 
Middleton, Nicole 143 
Miles, Shari 174 

Moody, Charity 190 
Moore, Cristan 190 
Moore, James 175 
Moore, Joanna 130 
Moore, Joseph 190 
Moore, Robin 143 
Moore, Tina 75 161 
Moorefield, Jennifer 175 
Mopps, Rhonda 60 
Morgan, Amy 161 
Morgan, Elizabeth 50 52 

73 78 82 161 
Morgan, Jackie 68 82 
Morgan, Jacquelynn 161 
Morgan, Jarred 63 190 
Morris, Lori 143 
Mudd, Kevin 61 175 
Mullens, Christina 175 
Mullins, Jill 71 
Mullins, Keith 133 
Mundav, David 175 

Naugle, Jennfier 190 
Neal, Jen 53 68 69 82 143 
Neeley, Blake 20 48 50 55 

69 78 89 161 
Neisler, Kim 143 
Nelson, Bryan 12 49 68 69 

73 85 143 
Nelson, Robert 143 
Nethery, Damien 89 190 
Nethery, Teresa 130 
Niccum, Roger 72 144 
Nichols, Greg 81 
Nicholson, Natalee 65 190 
Nickison, Kelly 190 
Nix, Brandon 49 56 85 175 
Nixon, Carisa 161 
Nixon, Joseph 190 
Nolen, Clay 85 
Nolen, Stacy 76 175 
Nolon, Ryan 190 
Norman, Nivah 78 82 144 
Norton, Michael 85 190 


Oakley, Misty 161 

Off Campus Committee 

Ogilvie, Darren 190 
Ogle, Jama 161 
Olexa, Eric 89 100 190 
Oliver, April 175 
On Campus Committee 

Oran, Dave 89 
Osburn, Cindv 56 70 75 91 

Osmanson, Michelle 53 91 

Overton, Nikki 162 
Owen, Fran 175 
Owens, Bradley 89 175 
Owens, Melanie 162 
Owens, Steven 85 190 
Owensby, Bobby 144 

Pack, Amanda 56 68 82 

Pack, Selena 190 
Padelford, Sarah 191 
Page, Krystal 175 
Palmer, Fred 162 
Pan, Peter 11 
Pankey, Rebecca 191 
Parker, Ashley 77 91 162 

Parker, Brian 71 162 
Parker, Holly 162 
Parker, Tonya 162 
Parks, Susan 59 144 
Parr, Jennifer 162 
Parr, Stacy 175 
Partin, David 191 
Paschall, John 76 85 191 
Pate, Spencer 191 
Patel, Utkala 59 60 162 
Patterson, J.H. 133 
Patterson, Michael 144 
Patterson, Tim 48 50 89 

Patterson, Tina 78 
Patton, Amy 162 
Peal, Kristine 55 59 60 64 

Pearce, Pamela 144 
Pearl, Scott 144 

Penner, Carla 10 
Penrose. Becky 70 73 78 82 

Pentz, Amy 162 
Perkins, Nathan 89 191 
Persad, Michael 191 
Peters, Kevin 56 64 175 226 
Peters, Leanne 63 191 
Pettigrew, Jennifer 86 144 
Pettigrew, Jonathan 162 
Pflasterer, Ryan 66 81 191 
Phegley, Len 53 89 
Phelps, April 56 191 
Phi Beta Lambda 68 
Phillips, Julianne 50 75 86 

Phillips, Stephen 51 89 

Phipps, Steve 53 68 85 162 
Pi Gamma Mu 71 
Picard, Ron 23 60 66 191 
Pierce, Polly 191 
Piersiak, Suzanne 21 53 86 

Pilon, Sarah 62 77 191 
Piatt, Darryl 162 
Pledey, Len 175 
Poindexter, Steve 192 
Pokorny, Susan 162 
Pollack, Bryan 81 
Pollock, Thomas 23 81 
Poole, Kim 62 162 
Pope, Ernest 162 
Pope, Serene 192 
Popejoy, Shephanie 144 
Popplewell, Robin 85 
Popplewell, Tracy 85 
Potter, Todd 100 
Powell, Pat 106 162 
Powell, Tim 77 
Powers, Bradley 52 68 78 

Powers, Nick 50 73 175 
Powers, Shannon 64 72 

Praise & Worship Band 64 
Pratt, Jason 175 
Presley, Richie 89 144 
Presson, Lisa 36 56 162 
Prince, Ben 192 
Prine, Lori 52 53 175 
Proclamation 76 
Provost, Rebekah 82 192 
Pruitt, April 162 
Psychology Department 

Public Relations Society 67 
Pugh, Amy L. 60 
Pumphrey, Woody 192 
Purdum, Tiffanv 162 

Pvron, Jason 89 162 


Rager, Mark 192 
Raines, Chris 49 68 162 
Raines, Nathan 81 
Randall, Daniel 85 
Rank, Jason 66 162 164 
Ray, Rekkah Ann 61 
Reaves, Jayme 162 
Reece, Jarrod 192 
Reed, Charles 175 

Rochester, Micah 20 81 
Rockett, Russell 89 192 
Rogers, Allison 78 86 163 
Rogers, Bobby 70 
Rogers, Candy 175 
Rogers, Elizabeth 175 
Rogers, Tracy 145 
Rogers, Wayne 81 192 
Rohde, Michelle 82 163 
Rollyson, Meredith 192 
Rosebury, Terica 192 
Ross, Hope 62 175 
Ross, Joseph 192 
Ross, Keith 89 

Reid, Shannon 192 
Religion Department 117 
Respess, Lance 76 192 
Reynolds, Jimmie 76 162 
Reynolds, Laura 192 
Rhea, Julie 51 82 192 
Rice, Aaron 59 
Rice, Jane 86 
Rice, Jeramee 78 
Richardson, Anna 94 145 
Richardson, David 59 60 
Richerson, Angela 91 192 
Richmond, Jared 192 
Richmond, Lane 60 
Richmond, Zekeya 69 
Robbins, Paul 59 
Robbins, Renee 145 
Robbins, Scott 62 175 
Roberts, Brain 85 
Roberts, David 175 
Roberts, Laura 68 77 192 
Robison, Phyllis 61 192 

Rowland, Chris 24 48 50 

53 56 78 89 
Rowland, Devonna 75 
Rowland, Joseph 175 
Rowland, Michael 55 66 
Rowlett, Sandra 175 
Rushing, Jeffrey 163 
Rushing, Shirley 163 
Russell, Amanda 176 
Russell, James 192 
Russell, Kathy 78 91 145 
Ryder, Patrick 89 

S.TE.A. 75 
Sadler, Tim 176 
Sanders, Carrie 91 163 
Sanders, Lee 53 68 69 1'. 

73 78 85 145 
Sanders, Melissa 78 192 
Sanders, Scott 78 

Sandstrom, Erin 62 11 176 
Sanford, B.J. 176 
Sargent, Fancher 68 69 
Satterwhite, Jessica 66 78 

Sawyer, Nathan 61 100 

Scallion, Brigham 192 
Scarbrough, Audra 176 
Scates, Andrew 171 
Schemer, Michael 50 55 81 

Schrepfer, Amelia 176 
Schultz, Jason 163 
Scott, Barbara 192 
Scott, Danny 133 
Scott, Kimberly 145 
Scott, Lee 85 192 
Scott, Pamela 145 
Scott, Penny 176 
Scott, Randy 69 85 
Scott, Richard 192 
Scrivner, Michael 85 176 
Searcy, Jessica 192 
Seaton, Holly 56 86 192 
Self, Misty 77 145 
Sellers, Joy 163 
Sellers, Nancy 132 
Senate 50 
Shackleford, Fred50 6185 

Shagena, Megan 82 
Shands, Jeff 85 193 
Shankle, Chad 85 
Shannon, Jason 50 85 
Shannon, Paul 176 
Sharp, Susan 176 
Shaver, Beth 176 
Shaw, Kristen 86 176 
Shearon, Jonathan 193 
Shelby, Hannah 193 
Shelton, Billy 193 
Shelton, Jeff 163 
Shelton, Leslie 86 163 
Sherill, Dawn 145 
Sheron, Jonathan 77 
Short, Leah 77 193 
Shouder, Heidi 68 69 70 

77 78 145 
Shultz, Jason 85 
Shulz, Oliver 163 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 88 
Sigma Alpha lota 76 
Sigma Tau Delta 70 
Sigma Zeta 73 
Silcox, Ashley 193 
Simons, Lori 145 
Simpson, Amber 176 
Simpson, Charlene 55 59 


Sipes, Smithy 51 68 89 176 
Slottje, Alexis 193 
Slough, Stephanie 82 176 
Smallman, Elly 86 176 
Smallwood, Jennifer 145 
Smart, Diana 91 
Smart, Jonathan 100 193 
Smith, Alexandra 163 
Smith, Allison 176 
Smith, Amy 77 193 
Smith, Becicy 176 
Smith, Chad 61 
Smith, Courtney 163 
Smith, Erin 176 
Smith, Kellie 145 
Smith, LeAndra 78 164 
Smith, Mandy 59 91 176 
Smith, Michelle 145 | 

Smith, Natasha 140 145 j 
Smith, Stacy 56 65 j 

Smith, Susan 55 56 164 { 
Smithson, Sabrina 55 68 

Smothers, Rachel 91 193 
Snipes, Jason 81 164 
Snow, Mandy 193 
Snyder, Tracy 50 54 55 67 

69 77 78^164 
Snyder, Valeria H. 62 
Snyder, Valerie 193 
Soapes, Robb 193 
Soard, Josette 55 176 
Soccer team 106 
Society of Collegiate Jour- 
nalists 67 
Softball team 98 
Solt, Richard 56 193 
Sonshine Puppets 62 
Sorrell, Jason 85 193 
Sorrell, Kimberly 193 
Spain, Tiffany 145 
Sparkman, Jason 100 
Spickard, Lorrie 145 
Stacy, Melanie 176 
Staff 129 

Stanford, James 193 
Stanford, Johna 164 
Stanley, Amanda 176 
Stanley, Connie 86 164 
Stark, Melissa 69 145 
Starnes, Leslie 164 
Steele, Kristen 86 164 j 
Stehl, Teresa 64 145 j 

Stehle, Tiffany 58 164 i 
Steinman, Tonya 91 193 ' 
Stephens, Ladonna 193 
Stephenson, Jay 89 193 
Stewart, Christy 164 
Stewart, Jonathan 61 85 ' 

Stokes, Jennifer 45 59 63 

Stone, Crystal 193 
Storey, Kimberly 176 
Story, Annetta 52 65 176 
Strain, Collie 81 193 
Street, Jackie 164 
Streeter, Rebecca 164 
Strickland, Tammie 57 65 

Stringfield, Susannah 91 

Stroop, Jeff 89 193 
Student Activities Coun- 
cil 56 
Student Alumni Associa- 
tion 56 
Student Foundation 52 
Student Government As- 
sociation 48 
Student Nursing Associa- 
tion 71 
Sturdivant, Shelley 193 
Stutz, Shawn 14 56 
Sullivan, Brian 62 193 
Sullivan, Kellye 145 
Sullivan, Paula 164 
Summers, Rebecca 193 
Sutherland, David 85 193 
Sutherland, Kenneth 164 
Sutherland, Kim 86 165 
Sutton, Shatan 55 66 178 
Swain, Kelly 61 194 
Swindell, Betsy 145 
Symphonic Band 77 

Taliaferro, Wendy 64 70 78 

Tate, Jason 100 165 
Taylor, Amanda 194 
Taylor, Andrea 68 91 
Taylor, Chad 176 
Taylor, Jason 49 89 
Taylor, Michelle 71 
Teague, Aimee 57 86 
TeefTaller, Brandon 194 
Templeton, Lee 194 
The Torch 54 
Therrell, Patrick 194 
Thomas, Ike 165 
Thompson, Jennifer 45 66 

145 194 
Thompson, Kim 165 
Thompson, Laura 176 
Thompson, Michelle 73 91 


Thompson, Rebecca 82 

Thopson, Brady 100 
Thorburg, Michele 78 
Thrash, Shannon 194 
Thrower, Bethany 63 76 

Tickle, John 81 
Tiedemann, Rachel 52 75 

Tignor, Holly 86 194 
Tillery, Ashby 60 194 
Tipton, Matt 89 194 
Tirey, Joshua 194 
Touchatt, Keri 64 183 194 
Townsend, Jennifer 165 
Traughber, Tony 64 176 
Travis, Amy 56 91 165 
Tricoche, Melissa 82 
Trowbridge, Kevin S. 50 

54 55 67 146 
True, Curt 44 165 166 
Truex, Jessica 91 
Tuck, Lisa 177 
Tucker, Alan 177 
Tucker, Crystal 82 194 
Tuggles, Tim 100 
Tummins, Ashley 86 194 
Tummins, Misti 194 
Tummins, Phillip 57 146 
Turnbow, Sandra 82 
Twilla, Susan 146 



Van Horn, Erin 77 
Vance, Casey 61 64 177 
Vance, Cathy 66 194 
Vandiver, Eric 76 11 Ml 
Vandiver, Stacy 194 
Vaneman, Natalie 177 
Vanpelt, David 165 
Vasquez, Jason 177 
Vasquez, John 146 
Vaughan, Amanda 86 194 
Vaughan, Anthony 177 
Veazey, Heather 194 
Verner, Chet 85 194 
Vincent, Angela 78 146 
Vinson, Amanda 86 177 
Vinson, Jim 89 194 
Vinson, Jonathan 177 
Vision Clowns 63 
Vos, Cami 66 144 146 
Vose, Brad 146 
Vukadinovich, Andy 62 

Waddey, Kelley 146 
Wade, Melody 64 76 194 

Wade, Sabrina Moore 77 
Wadley, Sharon 71 
Wagner, Jeff 77 194 
Walker, Alex 146 
Walker, Bobby 20 68 69 85 

Walker, Kimberly 55 91 

Walker, Matthew 194 
Walker, Robert 165 
Wallace, Rick 85 
Wallis, Suzanne 53 69 78 

106 165 167 
Walton, Susanne 56 177 
Walton, Wendy 194 
Waltz, Jennifer 60 194 
Ward, Angela 177 
Ward, David 177 
Ward, Edie 86 177 
Wardlow, Jay 146 
Ware, Kristy 177 
Warf, Susan 146 
Warren, Jackie 86 194 
Warren, Jason 13 81 194 
Washburn, Jonathan 165 
Watkins, Heather 52 82 

Watson, Brandi 195 
Watson, John Jay 89 195 
Watson, Laura 178 
Watts, Jennifer 91 165 
Watts, Katrina 59 62 195 
Weatherford, Brian 63 195 
Weatherford, Jessica 178 
Weaver, Susan 178 
Webb, Alisa 165 
Webb, April 195 
Webb, Britany 195 
Webb, Jason 195 
Webb, Kelly 146 
Webb, Nancy 166 
Webb, Nicole 195 
Weems, Lynn 86 102 166 
Weisbrod, John 195 
Welch, Jenifer 76 178 
Wells, Catherine 59 
Wells, Holly 147 
Welty, Angelica 147 
West, Matt 89 195 
Westmoreland, Derrick 81 
Weyler, Ginny 11 
Wheatley, Amy 53 
Wheatley, Jenny 86 
White, Angela 56 82 178 

White, Elizabeth 61 64 178 
White, Kelly 69 70 166 
White, Tim 147 
Whitley, Allyson 91 178 
Whitmer, Carrie 53 78 91 

163 166 
Whitt, Allen 195 
Wieland, Brent 78 81 178 
Wiggins, Heather 166 
Wiggins, Sherry 166 
Wilder, TJ. 100 
Wildes, Stacy 62 195 
Wilkms, Dana 68 147 
Wilkins, Heather 75 166 
Williams, Christy 166 
Williams, Dexter 195 
Williams, Ginger 195 
Williams, Hilary 56 86 195 
Williams, Jason 73 147 
Williams, Joy 178 
Williams, Kim 82 147 
Williams, Molly 195 
Williams, Nelson 85 
Williams, Paige 91 
Williams, Russell 195 
Williams, Tiffany 195 
Williamson, Todd 100 
Willingham, Nathan 89 

Wills, John 195 
Wilson, Aaron 81 195 
Wilson, Jonathan 133 
Wilson, Julie 76 178 
Wilson, Leslie 147 
Wilson, Roger 147 
Wiltshire, Emily 82 195 
Wiltshire, Rebecca 68 70 

82 166 
Windham, John 11 
Wingo, Tad 81 
Wirey, Christine 178 
Witherspoon, Jennifer 195 

There are many impressions left on Union's cam- 
pus. Some are the ones seen everyday without 
really acknowledging them... 

Witness 65 
Witt, Brad 50 
Wolfe, Mickey 81 
Women's Basketball 94 
Women's Tennis 102 
Wood, Angle 86 
Wood, Camille 86 
Wood, Lantana 62 195 
Wood, Mark 100 
Wood, Nikki 195 
Wood, Rita 195 
Wooden, Darrell 166 
Worrell, Ashley 69 166 
Worrell, Brooke 178 
Worth, Jeremy 51 195 
Wright, Emily 59 166 
Wright, Lindsay 195 
Wright, Michael 59 89 178 
Wright, Rachel 52 78 166 
Wyatt, Jennifer 86 178 
Wyre, Amber 50 195 
Wysor, Jody 85 147 

Yarbrough, Leslie 166 
Young, Eddie 77 
Young, Jeff 147 
Young, Jeremy 50 66 81 
Young, Lee Ann 76 166 
Young, Patricia 147 
Young, Stephanie 91 166 
Young, Thomas 195 
Yow, Misty 49 50 56 62 188 

Zeta Tau Alpha 90 

/^/2,em a^/'leJ /.mu /'em am 

S^ r//^(/jnAi/c r'/' u^i/f!^/', a/? ////- 
/i/vV/f u/r/T aecc^me clear 

:^y /tarn/ /??^ eaz-ira.) e>^ /'cmc- 
/t/'jce/?.ee u/ctA a ^e/tue /la/te/ 
ei/ie/ mcm^ Aea/'t 

^cu u^ ca/t /-laJJ c^e^A'e m// 
^eJ, cw/ .^ dai^e lAe eda/tce /^ 
j/^/ a/ie/ M^/f. 

^A'Hi -^ (m'u A./i(?a/ u.Aa/^ u 
/^/7//f/ ///Yie/'/^a/tf M/ /ccm/i^ 

-r_7Aala/t rj/^uttcn. 



L ^ 

Dr. Barefoot retires from a busy day and many dedicated 
years of his lasting impression on Union University. 

Sie6&Ca/U¥l^ . . . .9Ie S'eJ^ 'We 
^^r^et -^t/z^ ^€^ii{^/ u/ie /^o e^^ef/ccafe t^Cif 

A-f':) co/ilcna,ef/ Jerrjelce a-^af cv/ti^rifiu.fe't?/ti) te^ 

re/'.ufj^, iae Aeyze i^ /?taa z'/i dc^/ne d/na.^ 

///^. ^A-e Jta/^ yZtraz^J fAtzt tA-e /-e^zza-m-- 
r/e/- e^ j/eu/-' d^ um'/(F fie J/te/tt in. /lea-eej 
Aa/'/7i/?Mj/j a./ztr/ cez^e /^r etu/' .tz^eri/. Me 

//la/z/t j^cm ^(^/?^ lAe zfi^fta/n^ <^< mz,/-" 

Q^e6^u>z£^€fn> . . . ^Ae 5fea 'M 

^(^rj^et ^jAfa^ (z,'r'(z/^^/ a./S(P^ /Me ta a/ezT&ezzfe 
tA(J /^e'z?/i /o tAe :liui/is/i£i o^ 2?^b/z. /c/i/- 
z^ez-Jz/j/.^. We A/yie /Aat ad jizz^u zMzm. 

fTfe'e^'n fAzJ azJ/& t^ ^i^^i^^'/ip-^ /A/'azz^A /ice- 
/MA-ed £i/tf/ i^'{?^'(/j, fAa-t /Ac e/fyt/'edduvid 
ii'('/T /ad/. S^^e/^ ma/i/iZ j/^eard, zz.'Acn y^a 
o/zce a^a/n lyzen /A/d /ooA z^ re^Xf/fec- 
//end, a'e A^zyie /An/ a// //r^zz^' A/zemr'/'/ed 
zi>///^ /e /rfz^f'yz-^, fl/zed, a/zW /Aa/ ^z^z//' cmr- 
/i^eddian- zz'/AJ^ /ad/ /A/'z^z/-^Az^z// /zy/ze z^/z- /Ae 
Aerzz-/} zy aA" ^z^z/z'e zzzz>/. 

As the year comes to a close, I look back on all the impressions that were to last-not only 
at Union, but in my life as well. 

God used support frorn my family and friends to carry me throughout this year. Without 
my dad's discernment, my mom's sense of humor and the friendship between me, my brother 
and sister, I wouldn't have been the yearbook editor. I want to thank them for being the best 
impressions on me and teaching me the power of hard work. 

"Thank you" to the people that helped with the 1996 Lest we Forggit!?yearbook. First a big 
"THANK YOU" goes out to the yearbook staff. I don't know if people xlGt directly involved with 
the yearbook really understand what is put into a publication such as this one. Angle, Kim- 
berly, Shatan, Charlene, Tracy, Lori, April, Christy, Janna, Heather, Cande, Sabrina, Todd, Rowland, 
Rae, Michael, Shantel, Kristine and Josette-thank you all for making your contributions and 
lasting impressions. Without you all the yearbook wouldn't have been a success. .^ 

I would also like to thank Dr. Mallard for keeping me on my toes and being a great friend 
with the responsibility of being the advisor (Can you believe it, it's DONE!?!), Mrs. Betrefoot for 
"keeping the secret" and lending us the many pictures of Dr. Barefoot, Chris Rowland for let- 
ting us borrow the bowtie eiround the bulldog's neck on the division pages, Kevin Trowbridge 
for the many "editor to editor" chats. I would also like to express my thanks to the people that 
let us borrow pictures. Without the support of people like you, the year would not only have 
been boring, but impossible. Thank you!!! 

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Dr. Barefoot, all the students, faculty 
and staff that took time out of your busy schedules to get your picture taken, have interviews 
for features or simply for saying "hi" when walking past the yearbook office this year. Thcink 
you for your support and lasting impression upon Union University. 

My prayer is that the Lest We Forget yearbook will be a continuing impression that lasts 
in all our hearts, with the memories unfolding each time a page is turned, not only this year 
but in the many yeeirs to come.