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1759-1762 1764-1779 










7' ^ 


OiO. H. ELlia CO., PfMNTtRt, KMTON. 


These extracts from the Letters and Diary of my 
great-great-uncle, John Rowe, are printed, because it 
seemed that such valuable records of life in Boston 
nearly one hundred and fifty years ago, ought to be 
put beyond the possibility of loss ; and also, that 
they might interest a larger public, than that which 
listened to M' Pierce's paper, and the vevy few who 
have had the privilege of readmg the original man- 

Exeter Place called for his early home in England, 
Rowe Place and Rowe's Whar f, bring his name 
down lo the BohIoii of to-<1ay, and there <iro ni<iny 
Uvmg who remember Rowe Street, and the last of 
RoAve's Pasture. 

I wish to thank D' Joseph Rowe Webster, M' 
C. W. Amory, M" Charles Amory, Miss Sutermeis- 
ter, and Mess" Houghton, Mifflin & Co. for permis- 
sion to copy photographs of family portraits and 
houses, and the Miissiichusetls Historical Society 
for allowing me to reprint from their "Proceed- 
ings " parts of M' Pierce's paper, all of which add 
greatly to the value of the book. 

Anne Rowe Cunningham. 

MUtmij Mass.y 
November, 1902, 



JoHK Rows Frontispiece 

From portrait owned by Dr. Joseph Kowe Webster. 

Mb8. Rows: Hahkah Spbakmah 4 

From portrait owned by Mrs. Charles Amory. 

FiBB Bucket, 1700 74 


By i>ermi8sion of Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin A Co. 

Mbs. Johk Linzbb: Susanna Inman 197 

lUi.rn Jnman 220 

Capt. John Linzkb 228 

All tliree froui portraits owned by Mr. C. W. Amory. 


]3ought of Gk)y. Belcher's Heirs in 1781. (8ee Letters of 
James Murray, pages 252-8.) By permission of Miss Suter- 

Mbs. Ralph ^tman: Susannah Spbaxman 807 

From portrait owned by Mr. C. W. Amory. 










Chuckly should be Checkly. 

Canes " " Caner. 

Oatum " *• Occam. 

Barker " " Barber. 
171, 186, 190, 226, 253, 290, 824. Johnnot should 

be Johonnot 
267. Boutman should be Boutineau. 





TiiK Diary of John Rowe, a BoRton merchant^ in- 
cludes the period from Sept. 8, 17G4, to July 15, 
1779, with three breaks in it, — one from Aug. 17, 
1765, to April 10, 1766, another from June 1, 1775, 
to December 24 of the same year, and the third from 
Nov. 11), 1776, to Aug. 12, 1778. The missing vol- 
ume which makes the second break was, accordiiig to 
his memoranduiu in the next vohune, " mislaid or 
bdcen out of his store "; the other two breaks are 
supposed to have occurred suice his death. The Diary 
is paged conthiuously, the last page being numbered 
2493 ; and as this page completes a volume, it is 
likely that later volumes havQ dissippeared. 

At the time Rowe's Diary begins, — in September, 
1764, — the British government was just puttuig in 
force its scheme of taxing the Colonies for the pur- 
pose as avowed of ^Mefraying the expenses of 
defending, protecthig, and securing the same." The 
Sugar Act, which imposed duties not only on sugar 
and molasses but on other ai*ticles hitherto exempt. 

2 JOHN HOWE, BOSTON mehchant 

had been passed the previous spring. Otis's pam- 
phlet on " The Rights of the British Colonies as- 
serted and proved " had been issued. In May and 
during the summer and autumn, protests agsiinstthe 
new policy were being made by the Boston town- 
meeting and the General Coiu*t. The Stamp Act 
was to follow the Sugar Act in less than a twelve- 
month. Rowe's Diary thus opens at the initial stage 
of tlie Revolution. 

The Diary comprises the period of the imposition 
of the new and hated taxes, the passage and repeal 
of the Stamp Act, the Boston massacre, the throwing 
overboard of the tea, the beginning of civil war at 
Lexington and Concord, the siege of Boston, the 
evacuation by the British troops, and the visit of the 
French fleet to the town. The battle of Bunker Hill 
occurred during the period included in a lost volume. 

Boston was, at the period covered by the Diary, a 
town of sixteen thousand inhabitants, — about the 
present population of Noi'thampton, or Quincy, in 
this Sbite, and Concord, New Ilampshiro, or Bui^ 
lington, Venuont. 

John Rowe was born in Exeter England Nov. 2T^ 
(Nov. 16"' Old Style) 1715 died in Boston Feb. 
jyth irjgrj jj^ ^^g ^Yxe oldest of the eleven chil- 
dren of Joseph & Mary (possibly llawkor) Rowe & 
grandson of Oliver Rowe, Clerk, who in his will 
dated 25^** Feb'y 1706, leaves all his lands to his 
" eldest son John & his Heirs forever." Three of 
the sons of Joseph & Mary Rowe emigrated to 
America, John, Jacob and W"" Syntal. " John was 


here as early as 1736, when he was only twenty one 
years old, as he purchased that year a warehouse on 
Long Wharf. This early purchase indicates that he 
brought considerable means with him ; and besides 
he continued to own property in his native city till 
his death, bequeathing it to the sons of his brother 
Joseph who remained behind/' Jacob came to 
America some seven years later as we learn from a 
letter of their sister Rebecca (Rowe) Robins dated 
" Exon June 1"' 1784." Writing to Jacob, but re- 
ferring to John, she says " What a pleasure would it 
be to see a Bro. after seven & forty year " ! & 
iulds " You have been wanting forty year." In a 
much earlier letter before her marriage dated 
"Exon Aug. 20"* 1751 " she writes "In our early 
days we were indeed blest beyond measure. But 
then how soon was it blasted. I never, I thank God, 
set my miud on Riches." W"* Syntiil Rowe Ciuue to 
Boston in 1749 or 50 but only remained on a visit 
to his brothers, sailing thence to Oporto where he 
went into business. Jacob moved later to Quebec 
& became asst. commissary-general. After his 
brother John's death he returned to Boston. His 
descendants, through his son Jolm, the " Jack " of 
the Diary are the only members of the family known 
to be in this coimtry. 

Jolm Rowe and his wife were doubtless buried 
(though no record of interment is preserved) in his 
vault under the first Trinity Church, a wooden 
building; and the vaidt is not supposed to have 
been disturbed by the subsequent construction of 


the stone edifice. The vaults were being cleared 
at the time of the fire of 1872; and the rcmiaiiiH 
found in llowe*s are probably among the "un- 
known " which were then removed to the Trinity 
Church tomb in Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

John Bowe was married in 1743 to Hannah 
Spealanan^ who survived liim eighteen years, dying 
July 9, 1805, at the age of eighty.^ Her sister was 
the first wife of Ridph Inman, the Cambridge 
Loyalist, with whose family Rowe continued always 
to be very intimate. The sisters are said to have 
Jbeen twins. Rowe bought in 1764 the estate on 
the north side of Pond Lane, now Bedford Street, 
where he lived till his death, and where his widow 
remained till her death. The year after his pur- 
chase he pulled down the house he found standing 
there on the north side of the lane, and built a new 
one, into which he moved Oct. 16, 1766. This 
house with grounds about it was sold in 1817 by 
Rowe's heirs to Judge William Prescott ; ^ and here 
he and his son the historian lived. It was de- 
molished m 1845. Rowe owned a considerable 
tract, measuring nearly three acres, known as 
" Rowe*s Pasture." Without attempting to define 
its limits accurately, it may be said in a general 
way that it extended from Bedford Street to Essex 
Street, with Washington (then Newbury) and 
Kingston streets as western and eastern limits, not, 

1 A portrait of Mrs. Rowe is in the possession of Mrs. Giiarles 
Amory, Jr., of Boston. 

^Shurtleff's Topographical and Ilistorical Description of Bos- 
ton, p. 400. 



however, toucliiug Washington Street at any point, 
.ind small lots belonging to other people perhaps 
jutting in here and there. On this ample tract he 
raised, as his Diary shows, crops of hay and vege- 
tables, and pastured sheep and cattle. He owned 
houses and lots on the south side of Essex Street as 
well as in other parts of the town ; and one of his 
wharves still bears his name. He owned property 
in other towns, — Dighton, Plymouth, Maiden, 
Medford, Gloucester, Milton, Hardwick, Stough- 
ton, Grafton, Shelbunie, Deerfiold, and also in 
riartford and Woodstock, Connecticut. 

Itowc bewimc one of the foremost merchants of 
Boston. The " Massachusetts Centinel," in noting 
his death, calls him ^^ an eminent merchant of this 
place." John Adams ^ names him among the very 
rich men with whom he had been acquainted m the 
way of businesH, placing him among ilioso who had 
acquired wealth by their own uidustry, — unlike 
Hancock, Bowdoin, and Pitts, who had acquired it 
by descent or marriage. His ships traversed the 
ocean, and ran along the coast. One of them 
carried Josiah Quincy, Jr., to Charleston, South 
Carolina, in February, 1773. 

His imported merchandise was miscellaneous, 
meeting the wants of the j)eople of that day. We 
get glimpses of what it was hero and there. On 
May 31, 1765, his " warehouse fell in with fish." 
He dealt largely in salt. On July 3, 1767, a 
quantity of silk stockings, ribbons, Spanish silk, 

1 Works, ii. 200. 


and Indian and English taffetys were stolen at night 
from his store. The British troops, when evacuat- 
ing Boston in March, 177C, took from hini " linens, 
checks, cloths, and woolens," goods of the value of 
2260 pounds sterling. Mrs. Commodore Hood 
visited his store, Dec. 8, 17G8, and bought twenty- 
four yards of superfine silk. 

A vessel (probably Rowe's) arrives, July 22, 17G7, 
from Madeira with seventy pipes of wine. Gover- 
nor Hutchinson's accounts ^ show a purcliase, July 
19, 1770, of Rowe of a quarter cask of port-wne 
for eight pounds. He was the owner of one of the 
tea-ships, though in history less is said of his cargo 
than of Francis Rotch's, which arriving first was the 
first to be dealt with. Until the conflict betweeii 
the Colonies and the mother country became one of 
force, he was largely purveyor for the English fleet, 
which was rarely absent altogether from the harbor. 
He was one of the Proprietors of Long Wharf, — 
that ancient corporation in which leading merchants 
like Hancock, Winslow, Oliver, Wells, and Boutineau 
were shareholders. He was also one of the Pro- 
prietors of Point Shirley. 

Rowers sentiments in relation to the controversy 
with Great Britain were those of a moderate, hold- 
ing in this respect the same position as that of his 
relatives, intimate friends, and the mass of his fellow- 
merchants. He was a public-spirited citizen, and 
wished well to his town and colony, no one more so. 
He was as strongly opposed as any to the new 

1 Diary and Letters, i. 77. 


restrictions ou tnide which the parent country had 
put in f orce, <and generally he was not in sympathy 
with its repressive policy.^ He served on committees 
appointed by the town or by merchants to set forth 
the grievances of the Colony, sometimes willingly 
and sometimes not so willingly. He was a member 
of a conniiittoo, Sept. 18, 17G5 (Otis, chairman), to 
express the thanks of the town to Conway and Barre 
for " their noble, generous, and patriotick speeches " 
in Parliament, and served on similar committees, 
April 21, 17GG, Dec. 4, 1767, and March 14, 17G8, 
— the last being appointed for a recognition of John 
Dickinson's "Farmer's Letters." He served on a 
committee, Dec. 18, 17G5 (Samuel Adams, chairman), 
to protest against the shutting up of the couits ; on 
conmiittees, Nov. 20, Dec. 17 and 21, 17G7, and 
June 15 and 17, 1768, to instruct the representa- 
tives ; ou a committee, Oct. 28, 1767, of which he 
was chairman, to prevent importations, particularly 
of foreign super Unities, and encourage domestic pro- 
duce and manufactures; on a large committee, June 
14, 1768, to wait on Governor Bernard with a 
petition for the redress of grievances; and on a 
committee, September 12 of the same year, to wait 
on the Governor and inquire as to the reported 
coming of troops to Boston, and to recommend 
me<isures required in the emergency. He signed, 
Sept. 14, 1768, as one of the selectmen, an address 

IS. U. Drake, in his "History of Boston," p. 057, states Howe's 
sifrnntiire In a petition U} (lie (ieneral Court as early as Dec. 17, 
I7(il^ rli.'ir^Hif: tiie Crown ollicers with appropriating to their own 
use money ilerivcd from forfeitures. 


to other towns, protesting against Bernard's dissolv- 
ing the General Court and against the taxes levied 
by Parliament. He was chairman of a committee, 
in Jime, 1779, to fix the prices of merchandise, and 
to bring to punishment offenders against the Act 
proliibiting monopolies and forestaUing.^ As chair- 
man of a merchants' committee, he signed, June 22, 
1779, in its behalf a communication to Congress, 
testifying tlieir patriotic devotion, and reprobating 
the attempt of " sordid and unprincipled wretches " 
to depreciate the paper currency by which indepen- 
dence had been almost secured, and ^^to force a 
currency of gold and silver on its ruins." This 
document also expresses " anxiety for the security of 
that important sbvple, the fisheiy," as the main sup- 
port of the future commerce of the Northern States. 
Congress, on receiving the petition, passed a resolu- 
tion of thanks, July 27, 1779, which was commimi- 
cated to the committee by Elbridge Gerry, James 
Lovell, and Samuel Holten, then members from 

Rowe, however, while considering the conduct 
of the British government impoUtic and harsh, was 
indisposed to carry opposition beyond argiiment, 
appeal, and protest ; and at no time did ho favor 
measures looking to forcible resistsmce and inde- 
pendence. His position is misconceived when he is 
classed with the "Patriots," — the party who sup- 
ported separation from the mother country, and 
had in view the use of force outside of law to pro- 
1 Independent Chronicle, June 24, 1770. 


mote that eud.^ Ue did not join the patriotic ex- 
odus from Boston when the siege began, preferring 
to remain in order to protect his property.^ This 
may have counted against him with the Patriots ; 
for when after the British evacuation he proposed 
U} join in the ceremonies for the intenneiit of Dr. 
Warren, a brother Mason, he encountered rude 
tresitment from the populace, and found it prudent 
to withdraw. His close relations with the family of 
Captain John Linzee, an English navy officer, must 
have made him an object of suspicion. The popu- 
lar feeling was, however, sootlied in time by his 
amiable manners, the good offices he freely dis- 
tributed among his townsmen, his active service on 
a relief committee, and his general usefulness as a 
citizen ; so that before peace was reached he was 
elected a representative to the General Court. The 
looting and pillaguig attending the close of the 
British occupation, in wliich he was a sulferer, must 
have sensibly cooled his attachment to the country 
of his birth. 

The words " who knows how tea will mingle with 

1 This error Is found in Frothingham's " Siege of Boston," p. 23; 
Jolin Adams's Works, ii. 158, note ; F. S. Dralco's " Tea Leaves," p. 
<n. (tordon in Ins History, i. 20!), says llowo was "a niorcliant wlio 
Ii:mI bvvu active on (lie side of lilierty in matters of Inwle,"— a 
statement wliicli, limited to "matters of trade," is true enoiigli. 
S. G. Drake's "History of Hoston,** p. 700, note, citing an anony- 
mous memomndum, gives currency to tlie absurd imputation tliat 
Howe led tlie mob in tlie assault on Ilutclnnson's house. Hutchin- 
son idmself may iiave tiiought (Diary and Letters, i. (i7) that tlio 
class of mercliants to wliom Uowo belonged had stirred up violence 
;igsiinst (he Crown ollicers. 

<lle stMnns, liowever, toliavo applied, April 28, 1775, for a pass 
to go out with his orfecls, which was for some reason refused. 


salt water?" said to have been spoken by Rowe 
in the Old South Meeting House on the evening of 
Dec. 16, 1773, with a view to instigate the destruc- 
tion of the tea, must, in the light of his Diary, be 
regarded as apochryphal. 

Rowe was childless ; but his house was well filled 
with young people, — his wife's nephews the Speak- 
mans, her nephew George Inman (and his cousin John 
Inman) and her nieces Samh and Susjinna Tninan. 
The last-named was adopted by him, and called 
familiarly " Sucky " in his Diary.* Born March 23, 
1754, she married, Sept. 1, 1772, at the age of 
eighteen. Captain John Linzee, then commanding the 
British warship " Beaver," brother of Captain, aftei^ 
ward Rear-Admiral, Robert Linzee, and also of 
Admiml Siimuel Hood's wife.^ lie had been an 
Juzhitue for three years at Rowe's house, where she 
was living. Rowe was very fond of her, and the 
day after her marriage gave her husband written 
authority to draw on him every New Year's Day for 
twenty pounds sterling ; and his will, as well as his 
wife's, provided liberally for her and her children. 
Three days after her wedding he records : " Capt. 

1 Sarah died, Sept. 14, 1773, after a brief illness. George's career 
is olsowlioro noted. 

2 Uowo's Dhwy states tliat iiobert and..loIin wore broUioi*s. See 
also "The Dictionary of National [KnglishJ Uiography" nnder 
'*Saninel Hood, Adniind ViscounL" It should l>c niouMoiHut, how- 
ever, that the triulitions of Captain John Linzeu's Taniily do n4»t 
agree with the statement of Rowe's Dituy that he was the brother 
of Admiral Robert Linzee. 

The late William Amory, of Boston, owned the portraits of 
Captain John and Mrs. Linzee, his grandfather and grandmother, 
and also of Mrs. Linzee's parents, Mr. and Mi*s. Ralph Inman ; and 
they remain witli the Araory family. 


Liuzee sailed tliis forenoon and carried my dear 
Sucky with liini ; I wish them happy together." 
Absent for nearly three years^ they arrived in Boston 
Easter Sunday, April 16, 1775, in the " Falcon," 
wliich he was then commanding, bringing with them 
their first-born, Samuel Hood Liiizce, the future 
admiml, born Dec. 27, 1773. liowe brought the 
three to his house the same day. Linzee was just in 
time to take part in the first armed conflict of the 
Revolution. On April 19, 1775, Rowe records: 
" Capt. Linzee and Capt. Collins in two small armed 
vessels were ordered to bring off the troops to Bos- 
ton, but Lord Percy and Generall Smith thought 
proper to encamp on Bunker Hill this night." The 
fact of this order has escaped the attention of his- 
torians. Linzee had also on the 20th an engage- 
ment with the American troops below Cambridge 

Mrs. Linzee and her child remained for the next 
nine months with Rowe, or with her father then 
Uving in town, — her husband while active on duty 
being with her from time to time. He was at Rowe's 
house at dinner and for the evening on the day be- 
fore and the day after the battle of Lexington, and 
was there each day till liis next saiHng, May 1, from 
Boston ; and now and then till after the siege his 
presence at Rowe's house is recorded.^ He com- 
manded, June 19, the ^^ Falcon," one of the six 
vessels which cannonaded the American works on 

iLinsce's name appears as being at Rowe's April 17, 18, 20, 21, 
22, 23, 24, 25, »}, 27, 28, 29, 30, Dec. 27, 28, 1775 ; Jan. 2, 7, 11, 14, 1770. 
liowe's Diary from May ;K), 1775, to Doc. 26, 1775, is missing. 


Bunker HiU. He saUed, Jan. 20, 1776, in the 
" Falcon " for England, taking his wife, his son, and 
infant daughter Hannah, horn in Boston, and also 
his hrothoMU-law George Inman. Ijsiter he eoni- 
manded the " Pearl " ; and after the war, as com- 
mander of the " Penelope," he was in Boston Harbor, 
Sept. 9, 1790, and applied to Governor Hancock for 
permission to enter the harbor with his ship, offering 
to fire a salute and expecting one in return. Ihm- 
cock's answer is not known, but it was certainly one 
of consent ; for it appears that the " Penelope" sailed 
from Boston, September 17, leaving, however, its 
commander behind, " lying very dangerously ill of a 
fever at his house in this town." * He recovered, 
and resumed his command. His wife with her 
children about this time made her way to Boston, 
and occupied a house on Essex Street, bequeathed 
to her by Rowe, subject to his wife's life estate, 
whence, according to a letter of her husband, still 
preserved,^ there was an open walk across the lield 
to Mrs. Howe's house on Pond Lane. liiizee re- 
signed his commission in 1791, and joined his wife 
in Boston. She died a year later, at the age of 
thirty-nine, the mother of nine children. He re- 
moved to Milton, to a house near the bridge over 
the Neponset River, where, according to tradition 
and Stimuel Breck's "Recollections," he lived an 
eccentiic and lonely life, dying, in 1798, at the age 
of fifty-six. His eldest son, the admiral, has de- 

1 Massachusetts Centinel, Sept. 18, 1790. 

* Some of Captain Linzee's letters are in the possession of his 
grandson John W. Linzee, of Boston. 


sccndauts in England^ not however bearing his 
n<ime. Ilis other children remained in this coimtry ; 
and some of tlieir descendants bearing his name 
live in or near Boston. From Captain Linzee's 
eldest daughter, bom in Boston, descended a branch 
of the Boston Amorys, one of whom became the 
wlfo of William J I. rrescott, grandson of Colonel 
Willuim Prescott; and tlms in the historian's de- 
scendants is luiited the blood of combatants on 
opposite sides on the memorable June 17, 1775. 
Tlicir swords crossed are a possession of this So- 
ciety. (Mass^^ Hist. Society.) 

After the marriage of Sucky Inman Mr. Rowe 
adopted Jack, son of his brother Jacob at Quebec 
& we quote some parts of a letter in which he 
announces the boy's arrival at Boston. 

noSTON, Oct 25^, 1772 

Dii BiiOTUBR, — The Beginning of last week 
Cap^ Truman ariiv'd here & Brought nice your favor 
of the 24*** September — he also handed mee your 
son Jack who is very well & a Meriy Smart little 
fellow. I shall take care of him & M" Rowe seems 
well pleased with him. 

He is to go to School on Tuesd.ay to M' Hol- 
brooke I dont think to let him stay longer there 
than this winter but that will depend on Some 
Progrefs a Clergyman M' Nicholls is making in a 
New School. 

M" Rowe is now very well but has been Rather 
Didl in Parting with lier niece Sucky Inman who is 


married to Cap^ John Linzee^ who commands the 
Beaver Man of WaiT & is gone to England. 

Our United Affection & Good Wishes attend you 
your Spouse & Family & you shall hear from mee 
from time to time Letting you know how Jack goes 
on & 

I Remain yr affectionate Brother 
& hum Serv 

J RowK 

Jack went to Rev. M' Nicholls school at Salem 
and later (that school being broken up soon after 
the battle of Lexington) removed to tlie scliool of 
Rev. Pliillips Payson at Chelsea. 

Rowe held various trusts and offices. lie was 
treasurer of the Charitable Society, and spent many 
evenings at its meetings. From 1750 (his connec- 
tion with the order began some years earUer) till his 
death he held high offices in the Masonic fraternity, 
and in 1768 became Grand Master of the order in 
North America. The lodge in Boston suspended 
its regidar meetings April 19, 1775, till it wiis called 
together in 1787 to attend liis funeral ; and a few 
months afterwards it resumed its sessions. 

Rowe often served by the choice of town-meet- 
ings on important business committees (Aug. 26, 
1765; Jan. 7, May 7, 1766); was once at least 
modemtor (March 30, 1774) ; served as one of the 
lire-wards, whose meetings he often mentions ; was 
sometimes overseer of the poor ; and was selectman 
for the years 1766, 1767, and 1768, declining a 


re-election iu Marcli^ 1769. He was a candidate 
for Representative at the election in May, 1765, 
when he failed, receiving 238 votes, — James Otis, 
who was chosen, receiving 388, and the other suc- 
cessfid candidates, Thacher, Gushing, and Gray, a 
still larger number. At the special election in 
September, 1765, for filling the vacancy caused by 
tlie death of Oxenbridge Thacher, there was no 
choice on the first ballot, — the vote being Samuel 
Adams 247, Rowe 137, John Ruddock 110, and 
John Hancock 40. Adams was chosen on the next 
ballot, and this was the begiunhig of his legislative 
ciireer. The next May, Rowe, who had 309, was 
defeated by Hancock, who had 437, — Otis, Gush- 
ing, and Adams receiving each between six and 
seven himdred.^ The story is, as told by Gordon 
in his History,^ that Adams promoted the election 
of Hancock, saying, when Rowe's name w«as men- 
tioned for tlie place, and pomting at tlie Oiime tune 
to Hancock's house, "Is there not another John 
that may do better ? " This piece of gossip, which 
has been much copied,' is quite untrustworthy. 
It is not unliliely, however, that Adams threw his 
iiHhience against Rowe, not thinking him earnest 
enough for the work in hand, or perhaps piqued by 
his rivalry at the special election. Rowe was again 
unsuccessful in 1767, when he received only 134 

1 Drake's "History of Boston," p. 719, is iu error in stating 
Uowtrs nioclion at this timo. 

a 1. 142. 

•Jolin Adams's Worlcs, ii. 168, note; Wells's "Life of Samuel 
Adams," i. IIU. 


votes ; and he was not afterwards a candidate for a 
considemble period. He was, however, chosen a 
member for the years 1780-1784. As a member 
in 1780 (being chosen also at the election in Octo- 
ber), he took part in the inauguration of the State 
Constitution. He failed of a re-election in 1781, 
when there were several candidates, Samuel Adams 
heading the list; but Adams, already chosen a 
Senator, elected to go to the higher chamber, and 
at a special election (Jime 12) Rowe received 300 
out of 394 votes cast.^ Why Adams, chosen a Sen- 
ator a few weeks before, was placed on the Repre- 
sentative ticket, particidarly as his subsequent choice 
between the two offices shows that he did not wish 
to go to the House, is not easily undci-stood. 

Rowe was greatly interested in Trinity Church, 
connecting himself with it somewhere between 1741 
and 1744, — probably in 1743, at the time of his 
marriage, when it was only eight years old.^ Late 
in that year he bought pew 82, as appears by the 
records. His wife's relatives the Speaknians ap])ear 
to have been coiuiected with it from the lirst. The 
subscription list, open from 1741 to 1744 for its 
organ, bears his name with twenty pomids annexed 
to it. He was chosen a vestryman in 17G0, and 
continued to he one till his dcaith, except for one or 
two years (177G-1777), when he was warden. He 
became a communicant in 1766. He was from the 

1 Adams's biographer, Wells, does not refer to this double elec- 
tion, only mentioning his election as Senator. 

^Tlic manusciipt records of Trinity Ghiiroh have assisted in 
filling out the Diary as to Uowu's connection with it. 


first a generous giver^ and for most of the time of 
Ids connection >vitli the clinrck he contribnted a 
larger sum to its funds than any one else. He was 
rarely absent from both Sunday services^ except 
when ill; or troubled in spirit, or the barber failed 
to come ; notes sdways the text, which he copies at 
length ; roMows ch^soly the scnuons, wliich ho re- 
marks upon as " very clever," " very elegant," 
"most excellent," "deUghtfid," "sensible," "se- 
rious," "very polite," "pathetic and moving," 
"metaphysical," or "well deUvered." He has 
much to say of parish affairs, — Mr. Banister's 
ejectment suit against the church (Dec. 31, 17G4 ; 
Jan. 2, Feb. 18, March 19, 17G5), being appointed 
(Jan. 6, 1765) on the church committee in relation 
to it ; the cracking of the church's bell (March 6, 
1774), which was given a few monUis later (October 
2) to a sister church in Norwich, Conn. ; tlie collec- 
tions for the poor at Christmas (<£400 88., old 
tenor, Dec. 25, 1773) ; the raising <if the minister's 
salary (April 5, 17G5 ) ; the new organ in 1770 
(October 5 and December 9) ; Uie proposed altera- 
tion of the church (July 26, 1772), as to which 
he regrets to see tlie gentlemen so indifferent ; the 
convention of the Episcopal clergy (Jmie 17, 1767) ; 
iiie death of Rev. William Hooper, who expired in- 
staiiianeciti^ty in ht3 gudea, April 14, 1767, " to 
the great grief and sorrow of his people and the loss 
nf lib family/^ whom Rowe calls his own " most 
v;iliiaJili; ami wurtliy and never U) be forgotten 
ii*iMl *"; aitcl die ctmlrilMitioii of X25^> for "gotxl 



Rowe was the intimate friend of the succesaive 
ministers^ Hooper, Walter, Parker, and of their 
families as well. Tlieir evenings, particularly Sun- 
day evenings, were often passed at his house. He 
" smoaked a pipe," June 11, 1765, with Mr. Hooper. 
Mr. Parker, in recognition of his uniform kindness, 
named a son for him ; and Rowe, in recognition of 
the friendship, bequeathed a legacy to the &ther 
and an estate on Pond Lane to the son, his name- 
sake. He was a peacemaker, composing differences 
between ministers, as when Mr. Walter on one 
occasion took umbrage at some behavior of Mr. 
Hooper (July 13, 16, 1765). The clergy would 
have a sunnier life if all parishioners were as 
friendly critics of their sermons as was he, — when, 
for instance, he wrote, Aug. 15, 1773, " Mr. Wallier 
shines more and more in his preaching," and, a 
week later, ^^he is so good a man tliat my pen 
cannot describe his virtues." 

Now and then a stranger clergyman appears. On 
June 9, 1765, " The Rev. Mr. Cooper, President of 
the CoUedge at New York, preached." The record 
for May 10, 1772, is, " Mr. Thompson of Scituate 
read prayers and preached [in the morning and the 
afternoon]. . . . Both these sermons were honestly 
designed but very lengthy." 

Nearly a year after Mr. Hooper's death, April 4, 
1768, Rev. William Walter was chosen unanimously 
his successor,^ with a salary of 156 pounds sterling, 

1 The ** Memorial History of Boston," iii. 128, implies an imme- 
diate succession. A. n. Cliester's "Trinity Church/' published in 
1888, contains a similar error. 


and a gratuity of 50 pounds sterling for the year 
to Mrs. Hooper. 

Bowe took especial interest in the calling of new 
ministers, and a good voice seems to have been an 
essential requisite in a candidate. Dec. 7, 1777, 
a " young gentleman from Andover," who had been 
recommended for assistant, ^^read prayers in the 
church this morning to several of us that we might 
judge of his voice, and I think he has a pleasant and 
agreeable voice." Oct. 5, 1773, Rev. Samuel 
Parker of Portsmouth read several chapters privately 
in the church to " the gentlemen of the vestry " 
to show what his voice was. He was found to 
have " a good voice," and to read " with propriety " ; 
^^ was much liked," and the wardens and vestry 
^' were all of them for him " as assistant (October 
7, 10). He sailed for England, Nov. 6, 1773, for 
ordiutition, and arrived liomo May 16, 1774. 
llowe's record for May 22 is that he then " preached 
for the first time from 123'' Psalm and the 1'* verse 
a sensible, good discourse, and very well delivered 
for his first time of preaching." 

The parting of the ways was at hand. Mr. Parker 
infonned the wardens and vestry, July 18, 1776, 
that he could not with safety perform the entire ser- 
vice as before, that he was interrupted the previous 
Lord's Day when reading the prayers for the King, 
and that he had received threats of interruption and 
insult in case of a repetition, and was fearful of 
damage to the church ; and he desired counsel and 
sidvice. The wardens and vestry decided (the pro- 


prietors concurring)^ as the only alternative for 
shutting up the cliurch, m view of the temper and 
spirit of the people, to request the muiister to omit 
the part of the liturgy wliich related to the King ; 
and Mr. Parker acted accordingly. 

Mr. Walter left for England in 1776. Tlie pro- 
prietors, April 10, 1776, invested Mr. Parker, the 
assistant minister, for one year with all the powers 
of incumbent minister. Three years afterwards they 
voted, June 13, 1779, after correspondence with Mr. 
Parker, that ^Hhe church has not an incumbent 
minister, 12 yeas, 4 nays.** Two of the proprietors, 
Colonel Hatch and Mr. Bethune, withdrew before 
the vote. A week later Mr. Parker was chosen in- 
cumbent mhiister at a sjilary of three ])OundH stcirling 
a week ; and after some reflection on the propriety 
of taking the place in view of his friendly relations 
with Mr. Walter, he accepted, JiUy 25.^ Some idea 
of the condition of the church shortly after the siege 
had ended may be had from Rowe's entiy May 2(5, 
1776 : " Mr. Parker preached a well adapted and 
good discourse. I stiiid at the Siicmmont this day, 
about fifty communicants.'' The proprietors of 
King's Chapel proposed, April 4, 1776, in view of 
the flnanciiil diiliculty in keeping both churches 
open, a united service at the Chapel for both 
cluu*ches, with Mr. Parker as the minister; but 
Trinity Church (Rowe being chairman of the com- 
mittee) decUned to suspend their own services. 

iTho "Memorial Ilistoi-y of Boston," iii. 129, says that "Mr. 
Parkor became rector soon after the war," which is not strictly 
correct A. 11. C1iestei*'s "Trinity Church," p. 11, has tliu same 


Kowe^ while a loyal Episcopalian, was observant 
of wliat was going on in other denominations, some- 
times attending their special services, as tlie installa- 
tion of Rev. Samuel Blair, in Dr. Sewall's Meeting 
House, Nov. 19, 1766, where Mr. Pemberton prayed 
and Mr. Blair [^cached; tlie ordination of llev. 
Simeon Howard at the West Church, May 6, 1767, 
where Dr. Chauncy preached, and " before and after 
the ceremony there was an anthem sung''; the 
preaching of an Indian minister, Mr. Occum (Aug. 
22, 1773), at Mr. Moorheiid's, the Presbyterian 
chui-ch in Long Lane, afterwards Federal Street; 
the election sermon of Rev. Mr. Shute of Hingham 
(May 25, 1768), — ^^ a very long sermon, being an 
hour and forty minutes." The entry July 9, 1766, 
is : " Tliis morning about five of clock the Rev** Dr. 
Mayhew died much lamented by great niunbers of 
people." These seem to have been the best days 
of the Qiutkers in Boston, who had had a place of 
worship in the toAvn for nu)re than a Iiundrcd yciii-s. 
Rowe notes, Jidy 21, 1760 : " This afternoon 
Mrs. Rachel Willson, the famous Quaker preacher, 
preached in Faneuil Hall to at least twelve hmidred 
jjeople ; she seems to be a woman of good under- 

A vciy uiteresting religious event of this period 
in Massachusetts was the visit of the most renowned 
evangelist of modern tunes, George Whitefield. 
These were his last days; he was to sleep in the 
land he loved so well ; and his sepulchre is where 
his voice was last heard calluig sinners to repent- 


ance. He came to us in the midst of great excite- 
ment on public affairs ; and it is pleasant to think 
of him that our fathers had his sympathies, and that 
in the last letter he is known to have written, just a 
week before his death, he said feelingly: "Poor 
New England is much to be pitied, Boston most of 
all. How falsely misrepresented!'' Whitefield 
came from Wrentham to Boston Aug. 14, 1770. 
Ho preached at the old North Cluirch the J 5th, at 
Dr. Sewall's the 16th, at Dr. Eliot's the 17th, at 
Mr. Femberton's the 18th, at the New North 
(Dr. Eliot's) the 20th, at Dr. Sewall's the 2l8t 
and 22d, at the New North the 2.3d, at Dr. Sewall's 
the 24th, at Cambridge the 27th, at Charlestown the 
28th,^ at the Old South the 2J)th, at the New North 
the 30th, at Jamaica Plain the 31st, at Milton Sep- 
tember 1st, at Roxbury the 2d, at the Old South 
the 3d ; and on the 4th he set out for Portsmouth. 
The Diary does not give a record of services on 
August 10th, 25th, and 26th.^ Howe \\Gi\n\ him 
twice, on August IGth and 24th, and notes the text 
on both occasions, saying of the first sennon (text 
Zechariah ix. 12, 1st clause), ^^ I Uked his discourse," 
-and of the second (text St. Matthew xxii. 11-13), 
" This was in my opinion a clever discourse." His 
entry Sunday, September 30, is, "The ReV* Mr. 
Whitfield died suddenly this morning at Newberry, 

J Tyerman's "Life of Wliltcficld," ii. 502, rovorsos ilio dates at 
Cambridge aiid Cliarlcstowu. 

3 His biographer, Tyerman (ii. 592), says that he preaclied at 
Maiden the 19th and at Medford on the 2(itli. Neither he nor the 
Boston newspapers take note specially of his preacliing on the 25th. 


much lamented." His death was at 6 a.m., probably 
oi aiujina pectoris ; and a special messenger must 
have been despatched to carry the intelligence to 

Among the pageants of the town, funeral cere- 
monies were the foremost. Tliose of eminent clergy- 
men and lawyers and of civil or military officers drew 
a midtitude of spectators. Rev. Dr. Mayhew was 
buried July 11, 1766, — a day when the thermom- 
eter stood at 90^. Besides a long procession of 
men and womon on foot, preceding and following 
the remains, were fifty-seven carriages, of wluch 
sixteen wore coaches and chariots, — Dr. Chaimcy 
making the prayer and many clergymen attending. 
Similar rites accompanied, April 17, 1767, "the 
mournful funeral of Rowe's worthy and much 
lamented friend," Rev. Mr. Hooper, with " a great 
concourse and multitude of people attending the 
solemnity hardly to be conceived, ... so great at 
the [Trmity] church that a great many gentlemen 
and ladies could not get in. . . . Rev"* Mr. Walter 
preached a very pathetick and moving discourse." 
" A great concourse of people attended the f imeral " 
of the Rev. Mr. Moorhead, Dec. 6, 1773. The 
funerals of Captain Hay of the warship " Tamar," 
March 23, 1773, and particidarly of lieutenant- 

* Some of the clergymen were not well aflected towards Wliite- 
field's theology and methods. This was the case with Rev. Nathan- 
iel llobbins of Milton, who refused to admit Whitefield to his 
church; and the latter preached in tlic o]>cn air on Milton Hill, in 
front of the house whicli wtvs tlu) former liomo of William Koyc, 
provincial tresisurcr, under an elm which sU)od till the storm of 
1851. Tcclo's "llistory of Milton," pp. 11(5, 117. 


Governor Andrew Oliver, March 8, 1774, combined 
civic and military pomp, — coaches, chariots, solemn 
music, Hancock and his Cadets, the iii-ing of 
minnte-^ins, and the presence of ollicisils of Iiigh 
rank. Henry Vassall's funeral at Cambridge, 
March 22, 1769, is described as " a very handsome 
funeral and a great number of people and car- 
riages." But the most august rites in honor of the 
dead accompanied, Sept. 12, 17G7, the burial of 
Jeremiah Gridley, the great lawyer of the Province, 
father of the bar of Boston, master and guide of 
John Adams in legal studies, Grand Master of the 
M.isons (Rowe being then Deputy Gmnd Mjvster). 
Preccduig the remains were the ollicers of bis regi- 
ment and one hmidred and sixty-one Masons in full 
regalia and bearing the symbols of the order ; and 
following them were the Lieutenant-Governor, the 
judges and James Otis as bearers, then relatives, 
lawyers in their robes, gentlemen of the town, a 
gi*eat many coaches, chariots, and ch.aises, with 
^^ such a multitude of spectators as Rowe had never 
before seen since he had been ui New England." 
After the interment the procession returned in the 
same order to the Town House, whence the body 
had been taken at the beginning. Rowe remarks of 
the display : ^^ I do not much approve of such parade 
and show ; but as it was his and his relations' desire, 
I could not well avoid giving my consent." 

Rowe was a leader in all sociiil ail'airs. Every 
colonial mansion was open to him. As merchant, 
Mason, member of clubs, an officer of Trinity 


Church; a citizen <ictive iii puhlic concerns, a leader 
in public and private festivities, he knew every one 
in the town who was not altogether obscure. In 
his Diary all the principal personages pass agam 
and again before us, whether official persons or 
conspicuous citizens, — Bernard, Hutchinson, Otis, 
llancock, Bowdoin, Cushuig, the Quincys, Adamses, 
Olivers, Gridleys, Boylstons, Auchmutys, Grays, Vas- 
salls, Pitts, Inches, Phillips, Brimmer, Apthorp, 
Boutineau, Goldthwait, Swift, Hallowell, Timmins, 
Amory, all the leading clergymen and physicians, 
and a hundred more beiiruig familiar names. 
When the British evaciuited Boston at the end of 
the siege, many of his best friends and some 
of his kinsfolk left also; and their names appear 
in Sabine's ^^ Loyalists," and in Hutchinson's and 
Curwen's journals, and in the records of confis- 
entod ostat(^s whicli wo could wish our fathers had 
not left us as subjects of explanation and apology. 

The amount of gaycty and fwisting in lioston in 
the period preceding the Revolution appears promi- 
nently in Rowe's Diary. It is safe to say that noth- 
ing like it exists to-day in any American town of less 
than twenty thousand inhabitants. The hour of 
dining was in the early afternoon, and that of the 
supper in the evening. Rowe records a great 
niuuber of private meals, with names of guests, — 
friends, relatives, officers of the army and navy, or 
visitors from other Colonies or from Europe. We 
get only glimpses of the menu. French novelties 
had not yet come into vogue ; and the dishes were 


substantial, mostly English. We hear nothing of 
soups; but turtle (how served it is not stated), 
venison, and salmon seem to have been the choic- 
est dishes which could be set before guests. The 
only vegetable named is green peas, picked from 
his own garden (June 16, 1767). Of the fruits 
which now complete a dinner or give relish to a 
breakfast or tea, nothing is said except that at In- 
man's one afteraoon (Jidy 6, 1768) there was at 
tea "a fine desert of cherrys and strawberries," 
the last doubtless growing wild. ^^ A good large 
plumb cake " accompanied, June 5, 1769, ^^ a fine 
ball and excellent music in Faneuil Hall." 

The Diary suggests the beverages of the time. 
Then, as in more modern periods, Boston peo})le 
delighted in Old Madeira. Hutchinson, in his alma- 
nac for 1770, notes : " July 19, paid John Rowe 
for a qr. cask of Port, £8." At a dinner at 
Rowe's, July 5, 1765, " Christo. Minot was very 
wroth with Mr. Inman for introducing some sterlg. 
Madeira on his new coat from one of the Leghorn 
glasses not well managed." May 1, 17()6, " After 
dinner came Capt. Solo. Davis and Mr. H. Bethune 
to drink Welch ale." At the dinner on the Queen's 
birthday at Concert Hall (Jan. 18, 1771) there was 
" very good dancing and good musick, but very bad 
wine and punch." At Mrs. Cordis's tavern (March 
25, 1767) her patrons " regulated the price of wine 
and punch with her, twenty shillings a double bowl 
punch, thirty shillings a bottle Madeira." March 7, 
1767, ^^ we went to Capt. Bennets and drank a bottle 
of Madeira with Lewis Gray and Capt. Doble. 


The private dinners at which Rowe was host or 
guest bring before us the principal citizens of 
Boston at that time. One misses altogether^ in 
the repeated lists of names, Paul Revere, and 
finds only in a very few instances Samuel Adams 
sliaring in tlie conviviaUty. The last-named, with 
IIaiic<H*k and Cushiiig, dines with Rowe May 5, 
1707, and again Feb. 15, 1774, in company with 
Colonel James Warren of Plymouth, and other 
guests, not of Boston, bearing militaiy titles. 
Rowe meets Adams at a dinner at Henderson 
Inches's, Jan. 7, 1775, in company with the 
clergymen Hunt and Bacon, Ezekiel Goldthwait, 
Gushing, and Arnold Wells. Otherwise Samuel 
Adams is not traced at dinners and clubs, except 
at the Fire Club. 

Rowe's relations as friend and chent with John 
Adams seem to have boon very cordial, and the 
latter wsis as often in Boston life as his residence 
at Quincy much of the time permitted. Rowe 
meets " Mr. Adams of Braintree, lawyer," at 
Bracket's, the tavern, Jan. 28, 1765, in company 
with gentlemen nearly all bearing military titles. 
At a missing point in Rowe's Diary, John Adams 
enters in his, Dec. 20, 17G5:/ "Went to Boston; 
dined with Mr. Rowe in company with Messrs. 
Gridley, Otis, Kent, and Dudley." Rowe has at 
dinner, Sept. 4, 1766, " Mr. Addams of Braintree, 
lawyer," in company with " Mr. Payne of Taun- 
ton," and also has Adams to dine Feb. 24, 1767. 

1 Works, ii. 158. 


He notes, March 6, 1769, a dinner at Major Cun- 
ningham's with him, " liis two sons, all his officers 
of his company, the Rev. Dr. Elhot, Mr. Hender^ 
son Inches, Mr. John Adams, lawyer," and otiiers. 
June 16, 1769, Rowe's guests were James Otis, 
Mrs. Otis, Mr. Walton and Mr. Dennison of New 
York, Brigadier-Genenil Brattle, John Adams, Mr. 
Dana the lawyer, Mr. Benjamin Kent the lawyer, 
Mr. John Timmins, Captain Solomon Davis, Thomas 
and William Apthorp. Adams records in his own 
Diary, Feb. 26, 1770, calling at Rowers house to 
warm himself, and their going out togetlier to 
attend a funeral. Adams, as appears by Rowe's 
Diary Aug. 19, 1766, June 17, Nov. 2, 3, 1772, 
had law business in Taimton and Ipswich in which 
Rowe was concerned as client or witness. 

Rowe had pleasant relations with James Otis, and 
they met from time to time in a social and friendly 
way (July 6, 1768 ; June 16, 1769). Rowe dined, 
April 1, 1767, at Otis*s, where were Mrs. Otis, 
Jeremiah Gridley, Mr. Grant of Halifax, Mr. 
Hughes, Aiulrew Belcher, Mr. Amiel, and John 
Dennie. He was also in friendly intercourse with 
John Hancock. 

Some entertainments given by Rowe may be 
noted: Jan. 9, 1770, "Dined at home with his 
Honor, the Lieut.-Govern*^, his brother l^^oster 
Hutchinson, Esq., Colo. Dalrymple, Capt. Cald- 
well, Mr. Nicholas Boylston, Mr. Inman, Mr. John 
Lane, Mrs. Rowe." Aug. 6, 1770, "I dined at 
home with Colin Campbell, Esq., and his lady. 


Colo. Daliyuiple and Capt. Mason of the 14"' regi- 
ment, Capt. Robertson and his son, Capt. Rob^ 
Liuzee/ Capt. Bellew, Capt. Porter, Mr. Inman, 
Mrs. Rowe, and Sucky." Feb. 23, 1774, the party 
consisted of John Hancock, Josepli Ilawley, Rob- 
ert Treat Paine, John Pickeiing, Jedediah Preble 
of Falmouth (Portland), I«uic lijithrop of Plym- 
outh, William Sever of Kingston, Gorham of 
Charlestown, and the Lmicins. Frequently before 
the war Rowe gave dinners to the British oilicers, 
mihtary and naval (Oct. 19, 1770; Feb. 25, Nov. 
15, 1774; Feb. 15 and AprU 13, 1775), and, after 
the British evacuated, to Americiin oilicers (Sept. 4, 
177G). " A genteel dance " was given for " Sucky " 
Inman, Feb. 21, 1770, at which miUtary officers were 
most prominent, — among them Captain Preston, who 
was shortly to become an historical character. 

There were dinners which Rowe attended, — at 
Governor Bernard's, Nov. 23, 1704, where were 
Boutineau, Pitts, Erving, Hancock, Samuel Went- 
worth, and Dr. Chamicy ; at the Surveyor-General's 
(John Temple) Feb. 2, 1767, where were the Secre- 
tary (Andrew OUver), Mrs. Robert Temple, Colonel 
Gorham, Dr. Bidfinch, Rev. Mr. Walter, Rev. Mr. 
Troutbeck, and "Miss Alice Whipple, the fair 
Quaker " ; at Governor Hutchinson's, Dec. 30, 
1772, where were the families of himself and 
Lieutenant-Governor OUver, Dr. Gardner, the 
clergymen Caner, Byles, Walter, «ind Troutbeck ; at 
Nicholas Boylston's, whose smnptuous furniture im- 

< Ariorwsii'fls Mvsiv A<linira1, brotlior or Capiaiii .folin Tjinzco. 



pressed John Adams ^ (Jan. 2, 1768 ; Jan. 4, Oct. 31, 
1760 ; May 16, 1770), and at whoso entortainnionts 
the distinguished people of the town were to be found; 
at Hancock's, Aug. 8, 1766, where were James Pitts, 
Treasurer Gray, James Otis, Thomas Gushing, and 
Benjamin Gerrish, and Dec. 12, 1772, where were 
" Madam Hancock, Solo. Davis, Judge Read, Thos. 
Brown, Thos. Brattle, Tuno. Mtch, Tuthill Hub- 
bard and James Perkins " ; and " the fattest veni- 
son " which Rowe had ever seen was served. 

Rowe recoimts the guests at numerous dinners he 
attended, — as at Ezekiel Goldthwait's in Roxbury, 
Aug. 23, 1766 ; Thomas Mucker's, April 16, 1773 ; 
Ralph Liman's in Boston, JiUy 13, 1776 ; Tutliill 
Hubbard's, Aug. 7, 1776 ; and Mrs. Coffin's, Nov. 
19, 1778. 

Rowe kept open house for friends from the 
country, and he notes their dining with him, — 
Tristram Dalton of Newberry (July 16, 1765 ; May 
16, 18, 1766; Aug. 19, 1772; March 30, 1774; 
Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 1776; Feb. 14, 19, 1779); Epps 
Sergeant of Gloucester (Aug. 1,7, 1768 ; March 
22, June 17, 1772); Captain Thomas Gerry 
of Marblehead (Sept. 13, 1769), and his son El- 
bridge, then rising to distinction (May 26, 1767 ; 
June 29, 1770) ; Robert Treat Paine of Taunton 
(Feb. 8, March 1, 1767) ; Colonel John Climuller of 
Worcester and Colonel John Murmy of Rutland 
(March 1, Jime 8, 10, 1767 ; Dec. 3, 5, 1769) ; and 
General Timothy Ruggles of Hardwick (March 1, 

1 Works, II. 17», 


1767). He had (Sunday, Jan. 10, 1768) General 
Winslow of Mjirshfield to dine witli hiin ; and after 
ckurcli he spent an hour at Mrs. Bracket's, the tav- 
ern, with General Winslow, General Ruggles, Colo- 
nel Bradford, Mr. Sever of Kingston, and Major 

Occasionally there were guests from other Colo- 
nies, — an Izzard, Burrows, and Powell from South 
Carolina, or a Livingston, King, and Mercer from 
New York (July 15, Aug. 21, 1767 ; Aug. 6, 7, 8, 
Sept. 6, 7, Oct. 15, 19, 21, 23, 1776) ; visitors or 
tnulcrs from the West Indies (Aug. 27, 1772 ; Sept. 
6, 1776) ; Mr. Conner of Madeira and Mr. Conner 
of Teneiiffe (Nov. 16, 1772) ; occasionally French- 
men and Spaniards (July 16, 1772) ; and English- 
men who came for trade or curiosity (Oct. 12, Nov. 
23, 1772), now and then bearing titles, as for in- 
hUuico Tj4)rd and Tjjidy William Campbell (Oct. 25, 
30, 1771 ; Jidy 4, 1772). The English officers, civil 
and military, were much ui social request ; and some 
of them had to seek Bowe's good offices to relieve 
them from arrest for debt or other difficidties, as in 
the cases of Sii' Thomas Rich of the "Senegal" 
(Nov. 7, 1771), and Captam John Linzee (Aug. 26, 
27, 28, 31, 1772). Rowe often notes the sailing or 
arrival of passengers, both EngUsh and American, 
to or from England ; and there seems to have been 
more communication between the town and the 
mother country than between the town and the Col- 
onies lying southward. It is thus easy to mider- 
stand how Boston at an early day acquii'ed a dis- 
tinctively English stamp. 


A romantic character appears transiently in Rowe's 
pagesy — Lady Frankland (Aj^nes Surriage), bom in 
172Gy a Marblohead girl, celebnited in Holmes's 
ballad, who attracted the eye of Sir Charles Henry 
Franldand, great-grandson of Frances Cromwell, the 
daughter of the Protector.^ He had come to Bos- 
ton as royal collector in 1741. Though closely 
identified with King's Chapel as vestryman in the 
yeara 1743-44 and 1746-54, he was a benefactor of 
Trinity Church, giving, as appears by its records, 
a subscription for its first organ which was exceeded 
only by the amounts contributed by Peter Faneuil 
and Henry YasSiiU. Besides his city house next to 
Ilutchhiscm's, he bought, as is well known, an 
estate in Ilopkinton, now Ashland, whore he pLu;ed 
his mistress, whom several yejirs af tei*wards he mar- 
ried at Lisbon, in gratitude for her having rescued 
him at the time of the earthquake in 1755. Sir 
Henry and I^ady Frankland were again in Boston in 
175G, and they entertained the Rowes and Inmans 
Jan. 20, 1757. They left the country Feb. 23, 

Once or twice more Fmnkland came to Boston, 
and returning to England died near Bath, Jan. 11, 
17G8. He was accompanied by Henry Cromwell, 
sjiid to be his natural son, born in February, 1741, 
before his acquaintiineo with the Marblehead girl 
whom he took Avith him to Boston and Hopkinton. 

1 Sir Clinrlos lIoiii*y Fmnklaiul, by Klias Nasoii ; Foote's Aniuils 
of Kiii{;^s Chapul, i. C15-518. Frankland did not conio to his titlo 
till thu death of his niiclo in 1747. llis memorandum book or jour- 
nal is proserve<l in thu cabinet of this Society. 


A few mouths after her husband's death Lady 
Fnuiklaud aud Henry Cromwell sailed for Boston. 

Lady Frankland and Cromwell were of a party at 
Menotomy Pond Aug. 28, 1773 ; and they disappear 
at this date from Rowe's Diary. Lady Frankland 
probcibly left shortly after for her estate in Hopkm- 
ton. She and Cromwell remauied tliere till 1775, 
when after some obstruction they were allowed by 
the Provincial Congress to go to Boston, and not 
long after sailed for England, never to return.^ The 
curious history of Agnes Surriage is only pursued 
thus far in order to illustrate llowe's Diary. It 
may be added that she married in 1782 John Drew, 
a banker of Chichester, and died, Apiil 23, 1783, at 
the age of fifty-seven. The only glimpses of her 
sojourn m Boston after her return as a widow are 
now for the first time obtained from Rowe's Diary. 

Henry Cromwell's orighi is involved in obscurity. 
Sir Charles Henry Frankland is usually named ais 
his puliitive father, but the history which comes 
nearest the time makes him the natiutil son of Sir 
Thomas Frankland, Sir Charles's uncle and immedi- 
ate predecessor in the title.^ No writer makes any 
suggestion as to his maternity. He entered the 
English navy, rose to be a capUiui, and was with 
Adinii*al Kempenfelt in an action off the French 
coast Nov. 14, 1781. He is said to have been liv- 

1 Memorial Ilistory of Hostou, iii. 77. 

< Nobh^'s Monioirs of Uio lloiiso of Cromwoll, ii. 4'A 424. Noble 
makes (.wo inisUkos,— Rivhif? Af?iies*s iiaitio as ** Hrowii/' and giv- 
ing "CoIcbi'sU^r" iiisLoad of Ohichustcr as the pljvce where she 
psissod the latter part of her life. 


ing and to have had a family in Chichester in 1796. 
Nason makes a statement which is not trustworthy, 
— that, ^^ being imwilling to fight against Iiis native 
country, he retired from the service previous to tlie 
close of the Ilevolution." There is no evidence of 
his American birth, and the dates indicate an Eng^ 
lish birth. It appears by Steel's " list of the Royal 
Navy," page 20, that his first commission was in 
1781, and that, instead of leaving the ujivy, he was 
still in it in 1797, with the rank of captain. 

Weddings were the occasion of good cheer and 
gayety. Rowe mentions, Nov. 8, 1764,. "Mr. 
Thos. Amory married Miss Betty CoflRn this even- 
ing ; there was a gresit company at old Mr. Coflhrs 
on the occasion, and a grciit djUHte." ' lie records, 
Jan. 13, 17G7, "a wedding froUick" at John Ei-v- 
ing, Jr.'s, where he " had the pleasure to dance with 
the bride." Feb. 2, 1768. "This morning Miss 
Polly Hooper was married in Trinity Church to Mr. 
John Russell Spence by the Rev** Mr. Walter; a 
great concourse of people attended on the occasion. 
Dined at Mrs. Hooper's with her, the new bride- 
groom and bride." A large number of guests were 
present, — Hallowells, Apthorps, Murrays, Green- 
leafs, and others, — remaining to tea and joining in 
the evening in a dance. " We were merry, and 
spent the whole day veiy clever and agi-eciible." 

There were once in two weeks in the winter and 
spring, beginning with the first of January, dancing- 

^ The bride's portrait belongs to the family of the late William 
Amory of Boston. 


assemblies at Concert Hall. The Governor and mil- 
itary and naval oSBicers quite often attended tkem^ 
and Rowe describes them many times as " very brill- 
iant." The number of gentlemen and ladies in 
attendance was usually rather more than a hundred, 
and sometimes it rose to two himdred. Feb. 10, 
17G8. " Spent the evening at the assembly, wliich 
was a very brilliant one, the Govemour and Lady, 
all the conuuissioners, Mr. Harrison, and too many 
to enumerate." March 15, 1769. "Spent the 
evening at the assembly with the Govemour, Com- 
modore, General, Colo. Kerr, Colo. Lesly, Major 
Furlong, Major Fleming, Major Fordyce, a great 
nimiber of oflicei'S of the navy and army and gen- 
tlemen and ladies of the town, that it was a brill- 
iant assembly and very good dancing." 

There were several political clubs in Boston in 
llowe's lime, but he belonged to none of them. 
He was however an habitual visitor at clubs social 
or coimuercial, gomg almost every evening to one 
or another. More often than any other he sought 
the " Possee " ; but what was its bond of fellowship 
is not known. It had a limited number of mem- 
bers, as follows: John Avery, Jolni Box, Willmm 
Collin, Senior, Samuel Demuig, Deacon Thomas 
Foster, Benjamin Greene, Bufus Greene, William 
Henshaw, Francis Johonnot, James Richardson, and 
John Rowe. Samuel Swift, the lawyer, usually met 
with them, though perhaps rather as a guest than 
as a member. Occasionally a member introduced a 
guest who lived in the coiuitry. 


The Fire Club, meeting at Mrs. Corclis's or at 
Tngei'soirs, was made up of George Betliuiie, Mela- 
tiah Bourne, James Boutine^iu, Nichohis and Thomas 
Boylston, John Brown, John Dennie, Solomon Davis, 
Benjamin Faneuil, Samuel Fitch, Thomas Flucker, 
Harrison Gray, Capt. Jerry Green, Joseph Green, 
Dr. William Lloyd, Master John Lovell, William 
Molineux, and William Sheaffe. Rowe's first meet- 
ing with them was Sept. 5, 1768. On the same 
page where he states this fact he ¥rrites, ^^The 
word. Ask more," which may have been the pass- 
word. Joseph Green, who was present Sept. 4, 
1769, is mentioned as " the poet." 

Rowe attended, Nov. 7, 14, 1764, the Wednesday 
Night Club, probably having no connection with the 
Wednesday Evening Club of a later date. He also 
mentions, July 4, 1767, meeting the " No. 5 Club," 
made up of prominent citizens whom he names. 

The chief rendezvous of the leading citizens was, 
however, at Mi's. Cordis's, — "the British Collee 
House in the front room towards the Tjong wharf 
where the Merchants Club has met this twenty 
years." ^ Lawyers as well as merchants came hither, 
probably every evening. In 1767 the meetings 
were at Mrs. Cordis's ; but about 1772 they were 
held at Colonel Joseph Tngei*soirs Bunch of Gmpes 
in King Street, and when he left lioston, at Captsiin 
Marston's, either in King Street or Merchants' Row. 
The names of persons whom Rowe met at these 
resorts — some on one evening and some on an- 
1 John Adams's Diary, Works, ii. 290. 


other, and all of them recurriug again and again in 
his pages — are John Amiel, George Apthorp, Nat. 
and George Bethune, Joshua Blanchard, Mela- 
tiah and William Boiu'ne, James Boutineau, John 
and Nicholas Boylston, Thomas Brattle, Edward, 
Solomon, and William Davis, John Dennie, Joseph 
Dowse, John Erving, Samnel Fitch, Thomas Mucker, 
Ezekiel Goldthwait, Thomas Gray, Treasurer Harri- 
son Gray, John Hancock, Samuel Hughes, Nat. 
Hide, Henderson Inches, Joseph Jackson, WiUiam 
Molineux, James Otis, Edward Payne, James Per- 
kms. Dr. William Lee Perkins, Samuel Quincy, 
Joseph Scott, John Thnniins, Jcimes Warden, Ed- 
ward Wendell, and Joshua Wuislow, and the law- 
yers Gridley, Sewall, and Swift. 

The habit of frequenting insurance offices for 
reading newspapers and heaiing gossip belongs to a 
latc^r date; but llowe reciuds, Aug. 22, 17G8: 
" Spent the evening at the Nortli Insiuance office 
with James Otis, Solo. Davis, John Erving, Thos. 
Brattle, Capt. Vernon, Nat. Barber, Andrew Clark, 
and John White." 

Club life as well as public festivities were mostly 
suspended after the battle of Lexington, except on 
special occ^isions like the visit of the French fleet. 

The usual drives in the coimtry were round 
Jamaica Pond or in Roxbury and Dorchester, some- 
times " over the Neck round the little Square " 
(July 20, Aug. 10, 1774), and sometimes ixs far as 
Milton (April C, 17G0). Rowe often drove to Rox- 
bury to see his old friend and relative Robert Gould, 


an invalid^ till the latter's death early in 1772 (May 
5, June 22, 17G5). In the summer of 1771 he 
used to drive to Savin Hill, " a very agp*eeable rural 
spot," to a place which his friend Thomas Brattle 
had hired, where an agreeable company sometimes 
gathered for afternoon tea (May 16, June 3). The 
drive we may presimie was often in a chaise ; but 
sometimes Mrs. Rowe ^^took an airing in the 
cliaiiot " (Sept. 2, 17GG). The drives were to the 
south, as communication with the north was so cir^ 
cuitous. For instance, a party set out, Nov. 10, 
1772, in Paddock's coach for Salem (Howe's chaise 
accompanying it). "We went all round through 
Cambridge and dined at Martin's ; we got to Siilem 
about four of clock." 

The suburbs of Boston were attractive in those 

as in later days. At Milton lived Thom<is Hutchin- 
son, in a house standing till 1872, which looked out 
on river and ocean in front and the Blue Hills in 
the reJir, — a house then filled with sons and daugh- 
ters. He loved that home on Unquity Hill, p<arte<l 
from it with deep regret, and sighed in exile to 
return to it. Rowe drove to Hutchinson's mansion 
to make calls, and sometimes on official business 
(June 16, Sept. 11, 1766 ; July 13, 1773). He had 
friendly reUtions with Daniel Vose, the merchant 
of the place, at whose house ^^ at the Milton Bridge," 
still standing near the railway station, the Suffolk 
Resolves were passed ; and dined there, May 6, 1769, 
in company with Dr. Catherwood, Joshua Winslow, 
Jr., and others. But the house in Milton which 


he sought the most was that of James Smith on 
Brush Hill, still standing, and for a long period the 
home of tlie late James M. Bobbins. Smith, who 
died in 1769 at the age of eighty, was a wealthy 
sugar-refiner, and owned an estate of one hiuidred 
and seventy-one acres running to the Neponset 
River.^ lie liad also a fann at Watertown, where he 
gave a distingiushed dinner-party JiUy 15, 17G7. 
His second wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, bom 
Murray, was of a Scotch family; and her maiden 
name is found in the middle names of her descend- 
ants, the late Mr. Robbins, and others who are still 
living in Milton. She became by a third mai^ 
riage Kowe's kinswoman.^ He records ui a quauit 
way the courtship of herself and his brother-in- 
law Inman: July 22, 1771. "After dinner [at 
Howe's] Mr. Inman introduced his design to Mrs. 
Smith." August 16. " Afternoon Mr. Inman and 
Mrs. liowe paid a visit to Mra. Smith over to Gold- 
thwait's. Mr. Liman came lionic well piciised and 
agreed on his plan of matrimony." Howe notes 
the publication of banns at King's Chapel, Septem- 
ber 1, and the marriage " at the seat of Mr. Ezekiel 
Goldthwait," September 26, followed by a dinner cit 
Tnman's, where Rowe passed the evening Jiiul the 
night, liowe was often at this Brush Hill house, 
once at least taking a sleigh-ride there (Jan. 30, 
1765) ; and once Mrs. Rowe was badly bruised (Aug. 

1 Pictures of the Ilutckinsoii, Vose, and Smith liouses are in 
Teole's" History of Milton." 

*Sho and Iter second liusband, James Smith, are buried at 
King*s Clia|>ol. 


18, 1767) by her carriage being upset as she was 
driving there. It was Rowers stopping-place as he 
was returning from fishing or business exciu'sions 
(July 20, 17G5; July 22, 1766). Under this roof 
often gathered gay dinnei'-companies, where were 
James Murray and wife ; his daughters Anna, Bet- 
sey, and Dorothy ^ (the last afterwards the wife of 
Rev. John Forbes) ; old Madam Belcher, the Gov- 
ernor's widow, and Mrs. Belcher, widow of Andrew 
Belcher, who was both Madam's daughter and 
daughter-in-law; the Hoopers, Inmans, Yassalls, 
Amiels, Auchmutys, Goulds, Temples, Hallowells, 
Goldthwaits, Miss Blowers, Rev. Edward Winslow ; 
and Milton neighbors, the Pmtts and Clarks (March 
28, July 10, 20, 1765; July 24, Oct. 2:i, 176(5; 
Aug. 18, 1767; Feb. 7, 25, 1760). Howe writes 
of the dinner, March 16, 1773, "We were very 
merry." These luippy days at Brush Hill were then 
coming to a close, the gp*eater number of the festive 
company sharing the fate of Jjoyalists and exiles. 
The Murray ladies succeeded in savuig the estate 
itself from confiscation by remaining upon it and 
keeping very quiet during the war.^ 

There were then attractive houses at Cambridge. 
Rowe records festivities at seveml of them, — at 
Colonel Thomas Olivers (Dec. 0, 1766; Feb. 22. 
1768; Aug. 17, 1760), where were the Brattles, 
Temples, Yassalls, Byards, Phippses, Van Homes 
Edward Winslow, and Richard Lechmere; and at 

1 8ho is buried at King's Chapel. Her poi*ti*ait is in tlio posses- 
sion of hergrandson, John M. Forbes, of Milton. 
« Teele's "History of Milton," pp. 17a, 174, 421, 422. 


Jolm and Henry Vsissairs, where were similar com- 
panies (Feb. IG, 17G5; Dee. 12,1700; Feb. 17, 
1708). Ilis record for Feb. 20, 1708, was of a din- 
ner at Ten Hills (Mr. Robert Temple's), where were 
" Mrs. Temple, Mrs. Eliz*** Hubbard, Miss Henrietta 
Temple and 4 daughters of Mr. Temple's, also 
Colo. James Otis, his son James Otis, Mr. W"* Bay- 
ard, Major Robt. Byard, Mr. Lavicount, Mr. Dewar, 
Capt. Sheaffe of Cliarlestown, Colo. Saltonstall of 
Haverhill.*' A dinner at Colonel David Phipps's 
(July 7, 1708) has been noted elsewhere. 

In no house in or about Boston were there more 
lavish entertammeuts than at Ralph Inman's in 
Cambridge, a house the site of which is just behind 
the present City Hall. No buildings then interven- 
ing to obstruct the view, it looked out on the 
Charles River and Boston beyond. Noble trees 
stood in the spacious grounds cibout it.^ Rowe as a 
lunsman was often here for family and friendly 
gatlierings, some of which have been elsewhere 
noted (Oct. 18, 1704; June 21, Aug. 2, Oct. 23, 
1771; Aug. 25, 1773). 

The entertainments at Inman's and at College 
rooms on Commencement Day surpass anything 
since known in that renowned home of cultiue and 
hospibility, except perhaps "the class spreads" 
given in recent years at the Hemenway Gymnasium 
and Beck Hall. Rowe makes these records : July 
17, 1705. " Commencement Day. Went to Cam- 

1 l>rakc's " ITistoric Fields and Mansions of Middlesex/' p. 187, 
i;ivcs » description and picture of tlie liouse. 


bridge, Mrs. Rowe, Polly Hooper, and Sueky ; dined 
at Edward Winslow's room, a very large company ; 
went to Mr. Hooper's room, also to CoL Taylor's/* 
Young Winslow was to die an exile in Now Bnins- 
wick. The next day there was a dinner at Mr. 
Hooper's (probably Robert Hooper of the Class of 
1765), " with a very large company " ; and in the 
evening a dance at the Town House given by young 
Nathaniel Sparhawk, another of the Class of 17G5, 
at whose request Rowe ^^ officiated as master of the 
ceremony." Sparhawk and probably Hooper be- 
came Loyalists. A similar festivity is recorded July 
16, 1766. Again, Jidy 20, 1768 : " I went to Cam- 
l)ridge, stopped at Mr. Tninan's, dined with a very 
large company at Jos. Henshaw's, paid a visit to 
Tutor Hancock's, mot the liov'* Mr. liarnard of 
Marblehead, afterwards paid a visit to Mrs. Green's 
where were a very large company, too many to enu- 
merate." July 21. " A very hot day. I came to 
town this morning and returned to Cambridge; 
dined with Mr. David Greene, with a very large 
company, spent the evening there. We had a dance. 
I was master of the ceremonies; slept at Mr. 
Inman's." Greene of the Class of 1768 became a 
Loyalist. July 17, 1771: "I went to Cambridge 
and dined with Mr. Inman, Polly Jones, and Sally 
Inman ; after dinner I went to Colo. Murray's room 
in the New CoUedge,^ where there was a large com- 
pany, tlie Governour, Councill and too many to enu- 
merate. I staid till six." Colonel John Murray 
1 nomsnaii. 


and his son Daniel of the gi*adiiatiug class^ also his 
son Samuel of the class of the following year, be- 
came Loyalists. 

The fullest record of festivities at Cambridge is 
in July, 1772. On the 15th Rowe dined at Samuel 
Murray^s room, where were Colonel Murray the 
father. Colonel Siiltonstidl, Judge Sewall, Colonel 
Oliver, Samuel Quincy, Major Yassall, and many 
other guests whose names are given. Rowe adds : 
" After dinner we were visited by the Governour 
and Council, Admirall Montague and many other 
gentlemen too many to enumerate. I paid a visit 
to Mr. Jonathan William*s son and also Dr. Whit- 
worth's son, both which took their degree." The 
record of the next day is as follows : " I went early 
to Mr. Liman's, who made the genteelest entertain- 
ment I ever saw on account of his son George tak- 
ing his degree yesterday, lie had three hinidred 
forty-seven gentlemen and ladies dined, two hun- 
di-ed and ten at one table, amongst the company the 
Governour and family, the Lieut-Governour and 
family, the Admirall and family, and all the remain- 
der gentlemen and ladies of character and reputa- 
tion ; the whole was conducted with much ease and 
pleasure, and all joyned in making each other 
happy ; such an entertainment has not been made 
in New England before on any occasion." A ball 
at the Town House in Cambridge followed, where 
" all were veiy happy and cheerful " and Rowe slept 
at Inman's. George Innian, whose college life 
closed so meiTily, left his home three years later to 


join the British army, and died at Grenada in the 
West Indies in 1789. 

These annual festivities were approaching a sus- 
pension; and Rowe records, Jnly 20, 1774, that 
" the distressed situation of the town and Province 
prevents Commencement Day being kept publick 
as usual/' Inman's house became General Putnam's 
headquarters during the siege of Boston, — an event 
which is commemorated by an inscription on a stone 
slab placed on its site by the city of Cambridge. 
The building itself, removed twenty and more years 
ago, is now a double tenement house, recently be- 
reft of its piazza, numbered 64 and GG on Brook- 
line Street in that city, and maldng the southeast 
comer of Brookline and Auburn streets. 

Ralph Liman's estate escaped confiscation, and he 
returned to live and die upon it, and to bequeath it 
by a will proved in July, 1788. He has posterity 
other than the Linzees Uving in Boston, New York, 
and Philadelphia, descending from the daughters of 
his son George, who came wth their mother from 
Grenada to Massachusetts soon after their father's 
death, and who were liberally provided for in the 
wills of their grandfather and of Hannah Rowe. 

Another well-known suburban house was that of 
Isaac Royall at "Mystick," or Medford. There, 
May 3, 17GG, besides Rowe, were " Miss Polly and 
Miss Betsy Royal, General Brattle, Treasurer Gray, 
James Otis, Esq., Thos. Cushion [Gushing], Esq., 
and Mr. Nathl. Sparhawk." There also, July 22, 
1768, were " the Govemour and Council, Danforth, 


Gray, Flucker, Bowdoin, Isaac Royal, Mr. Pepper- 
ell." This company were to be scattered a few 
years later, the hosts and the larger number of 
guests becoming Loyalists. Royall is gratefully 
remembered by juiists for the professorship 
founded by him at Cambridge. 

Howe attended, Aug. 23, 1773, a large dhinei'- 
party at " Mallden ** given by Captain Haskins, 
where were several whose names have ah-eady aj)- 
peared in other connections in these pages. 

All the notible houses in the Province were open 
to Rowe, — tliose of the Speakmans, his relatives 
in Marlborough ; Colonel John Murray at Rutland 
(May 21, 23, 17G6) ; General Tunothy Ruggles at 
Hardwick (May 21, 22, 1766); Colonel John 
Chandler at Worcester (May 12, 1767); Robert 
Treat Pauie and Captain Cobb at Taunton (May 8, 
Jidy 3, 1766; Jidy 30, 1767); Edward Winslow 
at Plymouth (May 2, 1765; April 28, 1768; 
April 27, 1769; AprU 30, May 21, 1770; April 
24, 25, 1771); Nathaniel Ray Thomas (May 1, 
1765; April 28, 1769) and General Winslow 
(April 29, 30, 1767 ; April 25, 26, 1769 ; May 1, 
2, 1770; April 23, 1771), both at Marshfield; 
Major Goldthwait's country home at " Westown *' 
(Mciy 13, 1767) ; those of several friends in &ilem, 
among them Colonel Pickman and Joseph Dowse 
(Oct. 1, 1767) ; Captam Thomas Gerry at Marble- 
hcjul (July 31, 1765 ; July 28, 1776), where were 
his sons Thomas, John, and Elbridge ; and of 
Tristram Dalton at " Newberry Old Town," where 


Rowe dined, July 26, 1776, when returning from 
Portsmouth. Of Dalton's place he writes : " This 
seat of Mr. Dalton's is most delightfully situated, 
and has the most extensive prospect I ever saw, 
particularly of the River Merrimack and the sea 
beyond, Newbenyport and Hampton Beach." 

One gets the impression from tliis Diary that in 
the days before the Revolution_there was a country 
Jife in New England in large houses remote from 
Boston (not summer cottages only) more interest- 
mg and having greater social vitaUty than anything 
like it in those or similar localities in our time. 

The public feasting in Boston at this time was 
beyond anything now seen in places of tlio ssuiie 
population. There were mercliants' dinners, St. 
Fati-ick dinners, chaiitable society dinners, Masonic 
dinners, artillery election dinners, dinners on board 
vessels of war and commerce,^ dinners at Faneuil 
Ilall to celebnitc the dose of the school yoair, with 
clergymen and official or eminent pei*sons as guests, 
dinners of the Proprietors of Long Wharf, dinners 
on Spectacle, Rainsford, and Noddle's islands, and 
at the Light House. There were dinners, often 
with dancing, to celebrate tlie King's accession to 
the throne, and the King's and Queen's birthdays, 
and to express the public joy at the repeal of the 
Stamp Act. Rowe was present at all these, often 
serving as chairman or toastmaster; and he de- 
scribes with much zest the entertainments as ^^ gen- 
1 April 21, 1774, on board Rowe's own ship, the " Montagu." 


teel." He seemed to enjoy more than any the 
Masonic dinners which came twice a year, in June 
and December, and he always gives the names of 
the brethren present. Dec. 27, 1764, he wrote : 
** I don't remember St. John, as long as I have 
belonged to the fraternity, has been celebrated 
with more decoriun and more pleasure." The 
merchants' duiner at the Coffee House, Dec. 2, 
1766, Rowe presiding, to Capt. John Gideon, com- 
mander of the warship ^^ Jamaica,'' just before 
sailing, was a notable festivity. Here were all the 
principal merchants and citizens, uicluding Hancock, 
Otis, Edmund Quincy, Cushhig, the Boylstons, 
Auiorys, and Hallo wells, liowe says : " And a 
very genteel entertainment it was." A committee, 
of which Rowe was a member, had been appointed 
the day before by the town to express its thanks 
to Csiptiiui Gideon for his conduct while stiitioned 
at Boston. 

Sometiiucs our ancestors feasted on a roasted ox, 
or " barbikue," — ^^ the ox being carried through the 
streets in triumph " the day before, — at the Turk's 
Head, on the Common, at Faneuil Hall, and Dennis 
Isknd (Sept. 28, 1764; Aug. 13, 1765; Aug. 1, 
17(K> ; Aug. 16, 1768 ; May 29, 30, 1770). These 
were not occasions for the masses only; but the 
leading people, ladies as well as gentlemen, — 
Hutchinsons, OUvers, Grays, Belchers, Sheaffes, 
Auchmuty 8, Swifts, and Goldth waits, — took part. 

The places for feasting when the company was 
very large were Faneuil Hall and Concert Hall, — 


the latter resort situated on the south comer of 
Court and Hanover streets, and Rtsmding till a 
modern period,^ — but considerable parties were 
entertained^ at Mrs. Cordis's Coffee Ilouse ; Colonel 
Joseph Ingersoll's Bunch of Grapes in King Street 
(Captain Marston was his successor there, 1775- 
1779) ; Bracket's, Gardner's, and King's Amis on 
the Neck ; the Peacock, Greaton's (the Greyhound), 
Riehards's, and Blany's in Roxbury; Kent's and 
John Champney's (the Turk's Head) in Dorchester ; 
Coolidge's "at Watertown Bridge"; Weatherby's 
at Menotomy Pond, and places of refreshment at 
Fresh Pond and Spot Pond. These festivities in- 
cluded a pleasant suburban drive of ladies and 
gentlemen round Janiaicai Pond (in winter in 
sleighs), a dinner and tea and a dance in the even- 
hig, joined in not by the young only, but also by 
middle-aged people of foremost rank in the town. 
Sometimes each paid his own score, but at other 
times one of the party was host and the rest guests. 
The French consid was the host at Marston's Feb. 
27, 1779 ; and Colonel Dalrymple, Fi-ancis Waldo, 
and John Lane on other occasions at the Peacock 
(July 10, Aug. 20, Oct. 30, 1771). 

Eighty gentlemen, "a high campaign," went, 
Aug. 11, 17()7, to witness a launch at Weymouth. 
An excursion to a i-emoter point may bo chronieleil 
in this connection, Aug. 6, 1772 : " This morning 
Mr. Hancock, Dr. Cooper, Mr. Brattle, Mr. Tuthill 
Hubbard, Mr. Saml. Calef, Mr. Winthrop of Cam- 
1 It was Anally domolished in IWK). 


bridge^ Mr. Nicho. Bowes and Capt. Hood went 
from Boston in the Providence packet to visit the 
eastern parts of this province and also on a party of 
pleasure. My servant Henry Smith and Davis the 
barber's man went with them as attendants." The 
party returned August 22. 

There wore a sneeession of enjoyable innsjin the 
highwsiys leading from Boston southward to Plym- 
outh and Taunton, and also to the east and west. 
Most sought by Rowe was Doty*s,^ in Stoughton, 
now Canton, just beyond the Blue Hills, standing 
till it was burned in December, 1888, its site now a 
nujoHJourse. Here met ui 1774 the " County Con- 
gi'ess," with Warren at the head of the Boston 
delegation, by which at an adjourned meeting held 
at the house of Daniel Vose in Milton were passed 
the famous Suffolk Resolves. Here during the 
siege hved Ezekiel Price, who drove often to Milton 
to leani the news and observe from the hill the 
movements of the British ships in the harbor. 
Rowe had occasion on fishing-excursions or journeys 
to Dighton on business (the affairs of Ebenezer 
Stetson, an insolvent debtor), to stop often at this 
tavern, and he managed whenever he could to pass 
the night there. Once when returning from 
Dighton, May 9, 1766, he wrote : " We supped and 
slept there, and I set it down as an extraordinary 
house of entertainment, and very good beds.'' 
Other country taverns which he frequented were 

1 An sicconut of tliis tavern, with a picture, is given in lluntoon's 
"History of Ciuilon," pp. 3;«KV4l. 


Brackett^s in Brajntree^ Deacon Cushing's in Hing- 
ham, Elisha Ford's in Marshfield, Spears's and HalFs 
in Pembroke, Rowland's in Plymouth, Nowcomb's 
in Sandwich, Stone's in Stonghton, Widow Noyes's 
in Sharon (then Stonghtonham, where one of the 
Edmnnd Quincys seemed to be an hahiUie), How- 
ard's and Kingman's in Easton, McWhorter's in 
Taunton, Tapley's, Johnson's, and Norwood's in 
Lynn, Goodhue's in Salem, ^^a good tavern and 
good lodgmg" (Oct. 1, 1767), Treadwell's in Ips- 
wich, Widow Ames's and Woodward's (both being 
the same) ^ and Gray's in Dedham, Mackintosh's in 
Needham, Pratt's at Needham Bridge, and Fisher's 
on Charles River in the upper part of tluit town, 
Bullard's in Natick (where Rowe dined July 3, 
1765, "on fish which Mrs. Bullai*d dressed very 
well "), Mann's in Wrentham, and Bryant's in Sud- 
bury. These wayside inns, sometimes the resort of 
parties of gentlemen and ladies driving from Boston, 
appear attractive in Rowe's pages ; but John Adams 
docs not give so favorable an aceoinit of them.*-^ 

Fresh-water fishing was a great sport in those 
days, and Rowe was one of the joUiest and most 
expert fishermen. We read in John Adams's Diary 
(II. 238) a note, June 2, 1770, from Goldthwait to 
Adams, who was to start the next day for Ports- 

1 Tliese taverns were in Dedham village. Mrs. Ames was the 
mother of Fisher Ames, and married Woodwaixl for her second 
husband. At Woodward's the "County Congress," which after- 
wards passed the Suffolk Resolves at Milton, met. 

s Works, ii. 12^1, and elsewhere. 


mouth on a professional errand : " Do you call to- 
morrow and dine with us at Flax Pond near Salem. 
Rowe, Davis, Brattle, and half a dozen as clever 
fellows as ever were born, are to dine there under 
the shady trees by the pond upon fish and bacon 
«and pease, &c. ; cand as to Madeir<i, nothing can 
come up to it. Do you call. We'll give you a 
genteel dinner and fix you off on your journey." 
Rowe took care to provide himself with all a fisher- 
man's needs, as imported rods (June 11, 1765) ; 
sometimes " lost several fine hooks and snoods " 
(Sept. 10, 1768), once lost " the top of his rod line 
and hooks by a very Lirge pickerell" (Sept. 17, 
1764), and once left behind his " fishing rod and 
leather dram bottle" (Oct. 2, 1767). His com- 
panions on these excui*sions were often Samuel 
Calef or Henry Ayres, and sometimes his clerical 
friciids. In the ciirly part of the Diary he Wcis 
fishuig mostly hi Flax Pond in Lynn, and in the 
latter part mostly in Charles Uiver at Dedham and 
Needham, keeping a boat at Dedham, which he 
sent up the river, June 12, 1776, and stopping 
sometimes at Kendrick's or other taverns in the 
town or vicinity, but oftener at Richards's (prob- 
ably Timothy Richards), who, though not a tavern- 
keeper, received him in a friendly way. Other 
fishing-resorts frequented by him were Menotomy 
Pond, with Wyndship's tavern near by ; Fresh 
Pond; Spot Pond; Jamaica Pond; Ponkapoag 
Pond (Doty's tavern near by), and perhaps Hough- 
ton's in the vicinity (Aug. 2, 1766) ; Mossepong (or 


Massapoag) Pond (July 30, 1767) in Sharon ; ponds 
or streams in Natick and Wronthani ; " tlio Great 
Worster Pond " ^ in Shrewsbury, where he was 
entertained at " Mr. Furnaces " and fished at 
"Worster Bridge" (May 12, 13, July 6, 1767); 
and a pond " at the upper end of Mallden '' (July 2, 
1767). To the south were sheets of water inviting 
the fisherman, — in £[ingham, Taunton, Duxbury, 
Pembroke, and Plymouth ; and with all these Rowe 
was familiar. 

Sometimes the luck was poor, but generally it 
was very good. Pour or five dozen was an ordi- 
nary catch ; but often the fisliing-party brought 
back ten or even twenty dozen, — sometimes pick- 
erel two feet long and weighing nearly four pounds 
(one caught Jime 29, 1770, weighing four and a 
quarter pounds); perch fifteen, sixteen, and eigh- 
teen inches long, and weighing three and a half 
pounds ; and trout eighteen inches long. 

Ladies were sometimes of the pcirty, and passed 
the night at the tavern near by ; but they do not 
appear to have joined in the spoi*t. At Kendrick's 
on Charles River, July 27, 1765, Pitts, Bowdoin, 
Boutineau, Bourne, and Flucker were accompanied 
by their wives for the day, and Nicholas Boylston 
was of the party. At Doty's tavern in Stoughton 
the fishing-party was joined, Aug. 21, 1776, by 
"the two Mrs. Belchers, Miss Clark, Miss Dolly 
Murray, Mrs. Jones, Miss Blowers, Miss Amiel, 
Mr. Hutchinson, and Mr. Waller." At Flax 
1 Long Pond, or Lako Quiiisigamoiifl. 


Pond, June 29, 1770, the ladies of the Weudell, 
Gk>ldthwait, Wells, Gerry, and Winslow families 
joined the party. June 8, 1773. Admiral Monta- 
gu's wife and other ladies were at Mann's tavern 
in Wrentham for the night, when Rowe and the 
Admiral were fishing there. Aug. 28, 1773. At 
Menotomy Pond were Montagu and his wife and 
daughter. Lady Frankland and Henry Cromwell, 
the ladies Lechmere, Simpson, Inman, Mucker, 
several miUtary and naval officers. Commissioner 
Hulton, and Collector Harrison. " We were very 
jolly. The Admuull, Capt. Williams, and I had 
very poor luck, the fish very small." 

Rowe, when visiting Plymouth for business or 
pleasure, did not fail to take advantage of ponds 
and brooks in that town and vicinity, — at Dux- 
bury Mills, April 28, 1767, where five dozen trout 
were caught; at Pembroke, May 20, 17G9, April 
30, 1770, and May 5, 1773, each time catching 
fifty, fifty-eight, and sixty trout; at South Pond, 
Plymouth, Aug. 12, 1766, where he " caught a 
very large perch, measured 18 inches and weighed 
three pounds and half " ; and May 31, 1771, when 
he had very good sport, afterwards dining at Mr. 
Richman's. " We were veiy merry ; some young 
ladies came there a fishing and to pay a visit, par- 
ticularly Miss Polly Brmihall of Plymouth and two 
daughters of Mr. Richman." 

TTie hooldng of titles is sometimes recorded, — 
one at Fresh Pond, Jiuie 25, 1765, weighing thirty 


pounds. Except " trying for some smelts '* once or 
twice (Oct. 5, 18, 1764), Rowe says nothing of salt- 
water fishing, although the harbor of Boston 
within the memory of living people Ihos been good 
fishing-ground. He records, June 19, 1765, a 
strange apparition in our waters : " This morning 
our fishermen caught a large fish in the shape of 
a shark twenty foot long; his teeth were different 
from a shark's teeth." The next day's record is : 
*^ They cut up the fish, and filled two large hogs- 
heads with his liver.^' 

We have sports which were unknown to our 
fathers; but they had fishing-resorts within 
one or two hours' drive from Boston which we can 
only have by long journeys to the Rangeley Lakes 
and the Adirondacks. 

In the period immediately preceding the Revolu- 
tion, the port of Boston was a lively scene. Wal^ 
vessels were leaving for or coming in from Halifax 
or the South or England, or gomg out on short 
cruises. The_ sailing and arrival of merchant ves- 
sels, several in a day, were town topics of keen in- 
terest. April 19, 1765. " Above thirty sail of ves- 
sells arrived from the Vineyard this afternoon." 
Rowe mentions the clciiring of ships for Nova Sco- 
tia and New Brunswick, the West Indies, Lisbon, 
Oporto, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Alicante, Madeira, Suri- 
nam, Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Plymouth, Whit- 
by, London, or their arrival from those ports, Liv- 
erpool not having then attained the prominence 
it has since held. Passages between English ports 


and Boston ranged from five to eight weeks; 
but Captain Bruce made the run from London 
(arriving Oct. 20, 1764) to Boston in twenty- 
six days, which Rowe mentions as ^Hhe shortest 
passage ever known." ^ Later he records a still 
shorter passage, April 20, 1769 : " This afternoon 
Capt. Post arrived from Glasgow in a short passage 
of twenty-two days." Another sliort passage is 
noted May 8, 1767: "This day arrived Capt. Del- 
ano from London in 27 days passage." 

Rowe notes the arrival, May 11, 1774, of a ves- 
sel from Scotland, with upwards of a hundred pas- 
sengers, — the only instance of a hody of immi- 
grants mentioned in the Diary. 

The town was not without commercial panics; 
and a serious one occurred in January, 1765. On 
the 16th Nathaniel Wheelwright "stopt pjiyment 
and kept in his room. A great number of people 
will suiTer by him. . . . The tnidc has been much 
alarmed." That evening at Mrs. Cordis's the con- 
versation was on his affairs ; and Mr. Inman went to 
the Assembly probably to start legislative action. 
"A general consteniation in town occasioned by 
Uiese repeated bankruptcies. That the General 
Court which are now sitting determine to make an 
act for the rehef of insolvent debtors, — whicli will 
be very seasonable." The General Court, in con- 
sequence of the apphcation, passed the Act of March 
9, 1765, wliich was approved by the Privy Council, 

1 Province Acts and Resolves, iv. 777-781, VXy-im. 


though such an act had been disallowed eight years 
before. Scollay's and Wheelwright's estates were 
distributed under the new Act.^ 

Arbitration was usually resorted to by merchants 
for adjusting disputes which arose in the way of 
trade. Rowe and merchants of his standing often 
sat on such boards, which met usually at the Coffee 
House or Colonel Ingersoll's tavern. His records 
of such sessions are so frequent that it is not worth 
while to give the dates. 

Rowe's Diary discloses a great number of fires in 
Boston at this period. They started in many in- 
stances from foul chimneys and bakehouses. " 'Twas 
a terrible foul chimney/' is a record he sometimes 
makes (Feb. 2, 1765). The citizens, it must bo sjiid 
to their credit, worked with energy and organiza- 
tion, and generally got the better of the fire before 
it spread beyond the building where it started (Oct. 
12, 1767). There were as early as 1768 as many 
as six fire-engines, and John Hancock gave another 
in 1772.^ Rowe commends ^*the dexterity and 
clever behaviour of the South End Engine men" 
(Jan. 24, 1765). On April 2, 1768, when there 
were several alarms, " one poor man lost his life by 
falling oft* a ladder." The fire-wards were substan- 
tial citizens Uke Samuel Adams, Hancock, Ca})tain 
Adino Paddock, Captain Thomas Dawes, John Scol- 

1 There were shorter passages going eastward: Richard Clarke 
made one in twenty-one days (S. Curwen's Journal and Letters, p. 
43); General Burgoyne made one "in less than twenty-four days" 
(Hutchinson's Diary and Letters, i. 687). 

s Memorial History of Hostou, iii. 151. 


lay, and Rowe, who got excused from further ser- 
vice March 9, 1772. There was a Fire Club, al- 
ready mentioned, which was composed of the most 
substantial citizens. Rowe went to the fires and 
fought them vigorously, coming home afterwards 
" much wet and tired," and going to bed (Jan. 18, 
17G5; June 15, 17GG). Ilis Iwitheni bucket, 
marked, in large letters, " John Rowe, 1760," is still 
in the possession of his great-grand-niece. 

The most disastrous fire of the period was on 
Feb. 4, 1767, breaking out in " a baker's warehouse 
and spreaduig round about the neighborhood, that 
it consumed more tlian twenty houses, among which 
were Mr. Jonatliau WiUiams's dwelling-house, sev- 
eral houses of Mr. John Hancock, several be- 
longing to Capt. Ball; it began at ten of clock 
and continued until three in the morning." FubUc 
<and private charity was invoked in behalf of the 
sufferers, forty of whom were reduced to extreme 
poverty. The selectmen promptly sent a petition 
to the General Court asking for a grant of reUef 
for the sufferers, and that body voted £400 to be 
paid to the selectmen for the purpose. The select- 
men (Rowe being one) received a statement of 
losses, and distributed the fund March 6, 10, 12, 
27. They addressed a letter to the churches, ask- 
ing for contributions April 5. In Trinity Church, 
May 17, there was a collection for the sufferers by 
the late fire. "Mr. Walter behaved extremely 
clever on tliis occasion, and urged his congregation 
to their usual benevolence." The selectmen also 


distributed the fund which came from the churches 
(June 5, 12). A collection was taken, Aug. 7, 1768, 
in Trinity Church for sulferora by iiro at Montreail. 
It is pleasant to note how the well-tcnlo people of 
Boston at that day were sympathetic, as they have 
been ever since, with others, near or remote, who 
were afflicted with misfortune. 

Curiously enough, Rowe, who was keen in noting 
fires, makes no reference to that in Fish Street, 
Aug. 10, 1774, attended with loss of life, which is 
mentioned in Thomas^Newell's Diary ; but he notes, 
October 6 of the same year: "A large fire hap- 
pened at Salem last night ; Dr. Witaker's meeting 
house and eighteen houses were destroyed." 
_ The Ughting of the streets of London, the sig- 
nificance of which inspired a well-known passage 
of the third chapter of Macaulay's History, took 
place in the last year of Charles the Second's 
reign. Somewhat less than a century later this 
reform was introduced into Boston; and Bowe 
was one of its leaders, quite likely its originator. 
Thomas Newells Diary mentions only the firat 
lighting, and also his beginning (Jan. 8,1774) to 
make the tops of the glass lamps ; but Bowe gives 
in detail the progress of the enterprise, which occu- 
pied liis attention for a year.^ 

Pope's Day, November 5, with its rival North 
End and South End processions, and their con- 
test or " battle," sometimes at Mill Bridge on Han- 

1 Rowe does not mention the loss of the first lamps sent from 
England by the ¥rreck of a tea-ship off Cape Ck>d in December, 
1773,— a fact stated in John Andrews's letters. 


over Street, is described by Bowe. In 17G4: the 
sheriff, justices, and militia undertook to destroy 
the figures, but the populace was too much for 
them. Several thousand people were in attend- 
ance, and there was a fatal injury. This " foolish 
custom," as Rowe calls it, became in later years, as 
in 17G9, 1773, and 1774, less of an affair, and 
then died out altogether. 

The lottery still existed in this Puritan commu- 
^^} legalized for public objects. Bowe bought, 
March 19, 17G7, seven tickets of John Ruddock, 
and sold one, kept two for himself, and gave the 
rest to Mrs. Rowe and the Limans. 

The fashion of duelling still lingered, Feb. 23, 
1765 : ^^ Colo. Bourn of M'head and Jerahmiel 
Bowers challenged each other with sword and 
pistoU yesterday about the excise." 

Rowe gives incidents of crimes and punish- 

Boston docs not seem to have been the orderly 
and well-governed town which our fathers some- 
times proclaimed it to be. There was no con- 
stabulary force which amounted to anything when 
such a force was required. The mobs of Pope's 
Day, as ah*eady seen, had their own way, defying 
even the militia. The populace arrested at pleas- 
ure the infliction of public punishments judicially 
ordered, and sometimes superadded discretionary 
pelting of their own (Sept. 11, Oct. 4, 1764 ; Jan. 
11, 1770 ; March 28, 1771). When the political 
troubles came, they sacked and destroyed the 


houses of unpopular citizens and magistrates. 
They stripped the offender naked, covered him 
with tar, decked him with feathers, and transported 
him in this plight, without hindrance, through the 
main thoroughfares as a spectacle for a jeering 
multitude (Oct. 28, 1769; May 18, 1770; March 
9, 1775). One cannot help asking where at such 
times were the selectmen, the twelve constables, 
the militia, ELancock and his Cadets, and the princi- 
pal citizens who were so effective when fires were 
to be extinguished or patriotic enterprises to be 
executed. On the whole, Boston is now a safer 
place to live in for one who asserts the right to 
differ with liis neighbors than it was in those 
good old days. 





Journal begins Sept. 8, 1764, 

Sept. 10. Rose very early this morning & 
settled with Capt. Jarvis. Wind So. West. Cap* 
Jarvis put off the Long Wharf about twelve of 
Clock — in him went passengers M' Apthorp of 
Cambridge M' Burning of Halifax Mother Douglass 
& neice^ Yoiuig Siuu Wentworth & M' Kunball. 
Dined at homo with M*^ Bannister & M"^ Inman. 
Was much diverted in the Common, being Training 

Sept. 11. Very damp morning. Wind North 
East. Cap* Jarvis in Nantasket Roads. The regi- 
ment appciired in the Common this afternoon. One! 
of the soldiers behaved saucily to his Captain upon I 
which they called a Court Martial and ordered him I 
to Ride the Wooden Horse, but^^e^nuib _gjot_fou^ I 
of the wooden horse & broke it so that the Fellow j 
csc;iped. ^pcnt the cve'ng at the Coffee House 
with M' Treasurer Gray, M' Gridley the Lawyer, 


M' John Boylston & Cap' Davies. Also M' Ezek' 
Golthwait. Found by M' Golthwait & the Treas- 
urer tliat Fletcher's bond d'ld & was sworn too 
yesterday & that he had given Rec** for £G300 — d 
paid the Treasurer £1300 — this information pleased 
me very much. 

Sept. 12. Went after dinner to Fanouiell & heard 
Clement Jackson, W" Tyng, Lewis Gray young 
Jarvis, young Welsh & M' Archibald Neale tryed 
for assaulting Fletcher. 

Sept. 13. Went to Court, the Jury bro* in their 
Verdict against Clement Jackson, W" Tyng & 
young Jarvis. the Rest they acquitted. Went to 
Court this afternoon, heard the Trial between 
John Bannister & M*" Henderson the Judges summed 
up in favour of M*^ Bannister. 

Sept. 14. The storm abated, the Sun Shining & 
a fair morning. Cap^ Jarvis sailed this morning 
from Nantasket Roads. The Jury bro^ in their 
Verdict in favour of M' Bannister. 

Sept. 15. A beautifid moiiiing. went a fishing 
at Jamaica Fond, had poor luck. 

Sept. 17. Rose very early before six, went with 
M"* Rowe to Flax pond in comp^ with M' Inman & 
S. M' Jon* Simpson & the Rev*' M' Walter, were 
Joyned by John Lane & Henry Ayres & Cap* Tracy 
of Newberry, had very Good Sport, in the after- 
noon I lost the Top of my Rod Line & Hooks by a 
very large Pickerell. 

Sept. 18. Dined this day at John Champney's on 
M' Inman*8 Pigg which proved Tuff & the Com- 

DIARY — 1704 63 

pany as follows. Surveyor General M' Boutineau, 
M' Hale, M' Wentworth, M' Paxton, Solo. Davis 
Na' Bethune, Benj" Hallowell junr M' Butler, M' 
Inman M' Lane, M' Heniy Ayres, J. Rowe. 

Sept. 19. Capt Tilghman arr**. In the afternoon 
met the Committee about M"" Hancock's donation 
to the Town. Spent tlio eve*ng on board Cap'' 

Sept. 21. Went to Flax pond at twelve of Clock 
arr"^ there at four in the afternoon. Rained very 
fast, had tolerable good luck, went from there 
to Johnson's on Lynn Plain, when I came there 
found young M"^ Lewis & Sheriff had taken up two 
people that had stole Goods from Colo. Lee. Spent 
the eve"" at Johnson's with Sam Calef & slept 

Sept. 22. Rose early this morning, went to 
Flax pond, fished with M'' Sam* Calefy had great 
sport, wiiight two Pickcrcll one was two foot long 
& weighed three })ounds & three quarters & about 
four dozen large Pond Perch, one measured fourteen 
inches. Cap* Lessly arrived this day from a Cruise 
& Got no Prizes. 

Sept. 23. Did not go to Church this forenoon 
occasioned by the Barber not coming to shave me. 
Cap* Antrobus arr** in Nantasket in the Maidstone, 
Man of War. Just after dinner Cap* Bishop & 
Cap* Gidyion came to our house & got a piece of a 
Round of Beef. Was well pleased they stayed all 
the afternoon & drank tea. 

Sept. 24. Rose vei*y early this mornmg & 


settled a mistake with Cap^ Brown. Cap^ Brown 
sailed this day. Old M' Gould sent for me & 
told me he had some thoughts of making his 
will^ upon which desire I called Mr Golthwait, 
who took from him minutes on that affair which 
I thought were very Just. The first was that 
after his dehts etc were paid M"^ Troutbeck was to 
have her fortune & the Rest to be divided be- 
tween M** Troutbeck & W" Gould & John Gould's 
Children, all the Furniture to M** Troutbeck ex- 
cepting the plate which is to be divided between 
W" Gould & her. M' Gould has given four 
Legacies his two sisters a hundred pounds sterling 
each, his Brother fifty pounds ster'g & M** Shaw 
twenty pounds & his third part of tlio House. 
Spent the eve"' at tlie Coffee House with the 
Merch** Committee. 

Sept. 25. M' Lane set out for New York with 
M' Thos Palmer. Cap* Pring sailed this day for Cape 
Fear. M' Harrison, Collector of New Haven came 
to town. Went in the afternoon to see old M*^ 
Gould who still continues ill of the Gout. 

Sept. 28. Dined at the Turk's Head on a Bar- 
becue with James Smith & wife, IVf John Jones and 
wife, M"^ Arnold Wells & vrife, M"^ Waldo & wife, 
Ezekiel Golthwait & wife, M*" Inman, M' Ayers, 
Madam Belcher & Daughter, Miss Oliver, Miss 
Blowers, myself & M" Rowe. 

Sept. 29. The Black Act takes place this 
day. _M^ Cockle suspended from his office yester- 
day at Salem, which the people at that place 

DIARY— 1764 65 

Rejoiced at, by Firing Guns, making Bonfires, 
Entertainments, &c & the Surveyor General 
much applauded by the merchants in the Town 
of Boston for his Good & Spirited Behaviour. 
Enterd at the Custom House Cap^ Ashbum & 
Cap^ Barthlet. Took a Ride this afternoon with 
M"* Rowe. 

October 2. Went to the Collectors and Surveyor 
General's about . jliLe^Molasses Act who agreed the 
Advocate General slioidd determine the method of 
gauging molasses, whether should be Winchester 
nicsisiu-e or Wine Measure. Spent the eve"" at 
the Poseo. Settled the arbitration between Elisha 
Doane & M' Whitney. 

Oct. 3. Spent the evening at Wednesday night 
Club. _ 

Oct. 4. Went after dinner upon Boston Neck 
& saw John & Ann Ricliardson set on tlie Gallows 
for Cruelly & Willfully endeavouring to starve 
their Child, the man behaved in the most \ 
audacious manner so that the mob pelted him ^ 
which was what he deserved. Spent the eve"' at 
the Charitable Society with Jos. Dowse Esq, Cap* 
John Hammock, M^ W"' Coffin Sen* M' Dan* Hub- 
bard & M"^ Robert Jenkins — gave away Charity 
about twenty dollars — Cap* Brownot took away 
his Bug to Kiiil for Bristol this afternoon. 

Oct. 6. The post brought me letters from Mess" 
Ijano & Booth per packet dated 11*** August. 

Oct. 9. Intended to have met M'' Henry Ayres 
at Flax pond but my Business woidd not permit 


Oct. 10. Cap* Coffin arr* yesterday from London. 
Cap' Dashwood arr* from London, also Capt Calef 
arr** from London, & Ccap' Mallard in the ma'rt 
sliip from Lisbon, went in the afternoon to M' 
Rob's Funeral & was one of the Bearers. 

Oct. 12. Spent the evening at Colo. Jugendts' 
on the Arbitration of Clement Jackson & the Un- 

Oct. 13. Went with Henry Ayres to Monomy 
pond, had very bad sport, came to M" Liman's & 
dined (with a numerous company) 

Oct. 17. Spent the evening at the Merchnts 
Meeting Cap* Grardner arr** from Bristol & Cap* 
Hugh Montgomerie from Glasgow. 

Oct. 18. Went a fishing for Smelts with M' Fen- 
ton butjgot none. 

Oct. 19. Cleared out Cap' Barthlet, entered m 
Cap* Robert Montgomerie. The General Court met 
this day. 

Oct. 20. Cap* Jacobson & Davis sailed this 
morning for London. Cap* Bruce arr** this eve"" in 
Seventy Six days from Ijondon, the shortest piissago 
ever known & bro* News of Hunter's arrival. 

Oct. 21. Cap* Bennet brought me word the Gov* 
had stopped Barthlet which made me very Angry. 

Oct. 23 M' Stetsn's Brigg arr** from Lisbon 
& Cap* Barnes from Cadiz. Spent tlie evening at 
Colo. Ingersoll's with M' Doane & Henderson 
Inches on the Arbitration between Clement Jackson 
& the Underwriters. 

Oct. 25. The King's Accession to the Throne. 

DIAllY — 1764 67 

The Troop & Cadets mustered in King's St. Cap^ 
James Montgomerie sails this day. Cap^ Marshall 
arr* from London. 

Oct. 26. Went after dinner to see a Show at the 
White Horse wh was a very faint Representation of 
the City of Jerusalem, in short 'tis a greiit Lnposi- 
tion on the Pubhek. I dont Remember to have 
seen so much Rainfall in so short a time. 

Oct. 28. Stopt at Church with the Church 
Warden & Vestry on W Bannister's affair they 
chose a Committee, namely M' Doane M" Rufus 
Greene, M' lioutinesiu & M" Simpson. 

Oct. 31. Didl & heavy weather. A snow arrived 
yesterday with Dr. (jardner's settlers for Kenne- 
beck. This day half after twelve Cap* Dashwood's 
Brigg caught on fire occasioned by the Tar boiling 
over the Caboose. 

November 2. Went to the Coffee House m the 
afternoon on an Arbitration between M'' Jn** Chip- 
niJin & M'^ W"* Davis, & Joseph Greene Esc], Solo. 
Davis & myself sat & finished it. Spent the eve'ng 
at the Masters' Lodge. 

Nov. 4. Took a walk after church with M'' Erv- 
ing & found Cap* Sherrard arr** from Newcastle & 
Cap* Cockran from Newfoundland. 

Nov. 5. A sorrowfid accident happened this j 
forenoon at the North End. the wheel of the car- / 
riage that the Pope was fixed on run over a Boy*s I 
head & he died instantly. The Sheriff, Justices, j 
Ollicers of tlie MiUtia were ordered to destroy both 
S" & North End Popes. In the afternoon they got 


the North End Pope pulled to pieces, they went to 
the S^ End but could not Conquer upon which the 
South End people brought out their pope & 
went in Triiunph to the Northward and at the Mill 
Bridge a Battle begun between the people of Both 
Parts of the Town. The North End people having 
repaired their pope, but the South End people 
got the Battle (many were hurt & bruised on 
both sides) & Brought away the Nortli End pope 
& burnt Both of them at the Gallows on the Neck. 
Several thousand people following them, hallow- 
ing &c. 

Nov. 6. Cap* Rob* Caldwell arr* from St Jubes 
with a cargo of salt which I bouglit at eight shil- 
lings sterUng p hhd. M*^ Rich"^ Smith told me he 
had secured about one hundred half Barrels of Gun- 
powder belonging to Gilbert Berkley of Phila. 
Spent the eve'ng at the Coffee House. 

Nov. 7. Entered Cap* Robert Caldwell, took 
out a register for Cap* Mitchell, gave bond for him 
& also for Cap* Ashbum's Mediterranean pass. 
Spent the ove'ng at the Wednesday night Club. 

Nov. 8. Bought the salt out of M' Gould's 
ship this day. Spent part of the evening at the 
Coffee House. M' Thos. Amory married Miss Betty 
Coffin this evening there was a great company at 
old M^ Coffins on the occasion & a gi*eat Dance 

Nov. 12. Cap* Ashbume sailed this forenoon 
for AUcante with a fair wind. Spent the eve'ng at 
the Coffee House with Treasurer Gray, Solo. Davis, 
James Perkins John Boylston & Nicholas Boylston 
& James Warden. 

DIABY— 1764 69 

Nov. 17 Agreed for M' Thompsons Estate this 
day at £415. Law money. 

Nov. 19. A great number of vessels from 
Phila. Maryland, North Carolina, Providence & two 
from Surrinam arr** this day — also six from Nan- 

Nov. 20. Ccip* Scot arrived hi Nautasket from 
London having the small pox on board. Spent the 
eve'ng at the Posee Club. 

Nov. 22. Dined at the Govern" with W Bouti- 
neau M' Pitts, M' Ervmg, M' Jn^ Hancock, M' Sam. 
Wentwortli, tlie Govern' & Lcidy & Dr Chauncy. 
Li the evo'ng wius at an Arbitration between M' 
Arnold Wells & young M' Austin of Charlestown. 
The Arbitrators were M' Nicho' Boylston M' Tho. 
Gray & myself. 

Nov. 23. Spent part of the evening at the Cof- 
fee House on an Arbitration between James Russell 
& John Avery Esq" against M' Aaron Porter of 
Halifax. The arbitrators were M' Thos. Gray, 
Mitabiah Bourne Esq & myself. 

Nov. 24. About half past six old M' Palfrey's 
Chimney got on fire — made a most Terrible Blaze 
— the Town was much alanned & there was some 

Nov. 29. Thanksgivuig Day. Went to the 
warehouse this forenoon & was veiy glad to be 
alone to examine my Books. Cap^ Mitchell sailed 
tliis morning ab"* Eight of Clock & also Cap^ Logie. 
Both bound for London Went after dinner to Rob* 
Goulds & Old M' Goulds found him much indis- 


posed. M' Inman & George slept at our house to- 

December 3. Spent the eve*ng with the Coin- 
niittee of Merch^ & others about tlie Txiaf Sugar, 
present Jos. Winslow Escj' M' Thos Gmy, M' 
Treasurer Gray, M^ Edw** Paine, M"^ Richard Clark, 
Ezek Golthwait, M' James Warden, M' Thos. Ivers, 
Cap' Solo. Davis, M' John Dennie, M' Mitabiah 
Bourne. Voted that M*^ Ivei'S Bring an Action at 
this Court against the Collector for asking the duty 
of five Shilling sterling pr hundred on Loaf Sugar 
cleared out at his office 

Dec. 7. Major Rogers was Committed to Goal 

Dec. I). Sunday. The Vestry met after church 
& made Choice of Stephen Greenleiif & James 
Boutineau Esq** to be a Conunittee to defend the 
Law Suit M'' Banister has Commenced against the 

Dec. 10. Cap' Diamond sailed this day for Lon- 
don. Cap' Valentine sailed this day for SiuTinam. 
Wrote a letter to John Bannister on the affairs of 
the Church. 

Dec. 13. Went with Nat Wheelwright, Dr 
Gardiner to Old M*^ Goulds & came to an agree- 
ment ab** Cap' Phillips Cargo. 

Dec. IG. M' Wentworth was sent for by the 
Goveniour & Interrogated by him concerning a 
dispute between him & the Surveyor GeneniU. 
Have had a sore throat three or four Days. 

Dec. 17. Got my Letters by the packet from 

DIARY— 17G4 71 

Mefs"* Booth & Lane. Cleard out Cap' James 
Oliver & dispatched him this day for Madeira. 

Dee. 18. Was much out of order with a Cough 
& sore tliroat in the night, begins to snow & held 
tell nine of Clock. The Fortune Sloop Cap* Bishop 
arrivd tliis day from Hallifax 

Dec. 19. Continued very cold all the whole Day 
— dind at home could not go to Cambridge for the 
severity of the Weather. Spent the evening at 
the Free Mason's Lodge with thirty Brethren. 

Dec. 21. My acquaintance M' J"** Morley died 
this morning. 

Dec. 22. Very cold, have been very Unwell in 
the Night the snow falls very fast, went with M*^' 
Rowe a Slayuig. Cap' Scot in M' John Han- 
cock's Briggatine sailed for London. 

Dec. 24. Went to Town Meeting this afternoon. 
M' Sampson Salter was Chose a Collector of 
Taxes in the Room of M' Harris who could not 
attend througli Infirmity of Body. The Surveyor 
General & the Collector had a warm dispute this 

Dec. 25. Christmas Day. Went to Church. 
M' Walter read prayers & M' Hooper preached 
from !•' Chap, of the Gospel of St John & 17'*^ 
Verse. I was much pleased with the Discourse. 
A great number of people at Church. M' Hooper 
sent the Box to me to collect for the poor. Dined 
at home witli C«ip* Bishop, M' Inman, Cap* Bruce, 
Cap* Montfj<micry, Cap* Blake, M"" Jonas Clark. 
M" Rowe & Sucky Stayed at home all the after- 
noon with the above company. 


Deo. 27. Dined with the Brethren of St John's 
Lodge being the anniversary of the feast of St 
John's Lodge at which were present the following 
Brethren Jerry Gridley Esq, W"' Ponrvier, Jn" 
Jay, Hugh M^'Daniel, Ph. Dumaresque, J. Wheel- 
wright, Seth Blodget, Edm"^ Qiiincy, J. Box Jr, 
John Bryant, Lewis Gray, Sam Quincy, George 
Gardner, James Jackson, Sam Fitch, Christo' Clark, 
W" Jackson, Shubael Iliissoy, Jn" Amiel, W"' 
Perkins, Thos. Dawes, Elias Dupee, John Perkins, 
And. Lapier, Jn** Blake, Henry Price, J. Rowe, 
Rob* Jenkins, Rich* Gridley, Archi*" McNeal, 
Abram Savage, J. Cutter, Jn** Box Sen', Jn** Gard- 
ner, Edm* Quincy Jr, W~ Tyng, And. Johnnot, 
Jos. Golthwait, James Charity. With the aforesaid 
company we spent the day very agreeably & very 
joyfully. I dont remember St John as long as I 
have belonged to the Fraternity has been celebrated 
with more decorum & more pleasure. 

Dec. 30. M' Charles Apthoqi came to Town 
last night & Brough an acc^ of M' Rice's oiu* late 
Organist arr'd at N. Y. in Cap' Lacy. 

Dec. 31. Had a great deal of Talk with M' 
Bannister about his Lawsuit with Trinity Church 
& find him very Obstinate however he made the 
following proposal which I Record for Fear he 
should forget it, that if the Church would give him 
a pew & pay one hundred & fifty Ounces of Silver, 
besides the Charges on that amo', he would on 
these Conditions g^ve them any discharge & sign 
any Deed that they shall g^t drawn, this is as 
near what he said as can be. 

DIARY— 1705 73 


Jan. 1. New Years day. Diued at borne with 
Capt. George Phillips, M' Inman, Christo Minot 
M" Rowe & Siicky. Went in the afternoon to 
young Thos. Brinley's Funemll. Bruce endeavored 
t4> go tliis day but was stopped by the Ice. 

Jan. 2. Went the forenoon to M' Rob' Auch- 
mootys, with M' Rufus Greene, M"^ Boutuieau & M' 
Stephen Greenleaf to consult him on Bannister's 
action against the church. 

Jan. 8. Capt Shillings arrivd this day from 
London after a passage of nine weeks. 

Jan. 9. Cap' John Skimmer came passenger in 
Shillings & bro' me a letter from Jarvis. Settled 
the affair between M*^ John Denim & M'' John 
Spooner this forenoon. The General Court met 
t4)day & made a house. 

Jan. 11. Went after dinner to the Court & 
lieard the Tryal between M' Ivera & M' Hale rela- 
tive to the Duties on Loaf Sugar. Very warm De- 
bates on both sides but the Jury found for the 
plaintiff M' Ivers, which was generally thought a 
good verdict. 

Jan. 12. Was called by M' Henderson Liches & 
Cap* Jn^ Blake. Went to the warehouse & settled 
with them. Cap' Blake sailed from Hancock's 
Wharf about twelve of Clock with a fair wmd. 
Cap' Dunn in Rob' Gould's Snow sailed just before 
Blake for So Carolina. Mess'' Ben^ & Edw'' Davis' 
Brigg sailed for Bristol. 


Jan. 14/ Still very cold. The Harbour almost 
froze over. 

Jan. 15. The Trade has been much alarmed this 
day. M' Wheelwright stopt payment & kept in his 
room. A great nmnber of people will suiter by 
him. Spent the eve'ng at M" Cordis*, the Con- 
versation of the eve'ng was on Nat Wheelwrights 
affaire. M' Inman went to the Afsembly. 

Jan. 18. Spent the eve'ng at M' Collector 
Hale's at his lodgings with M' Rob' Temple, M' 
Sam* Wentworth, M' Inman, M' Steward Collector 
of New London, M' Roberston Collector of New- 
port, M' Thomas of Marshfield & the Comptroller 
of Halifax — also Cap* Bishop Comnf of the Fortune 
Sloop of War. About half an lu)ur after nine of 
Clock the Town was alarmed by the Cry of Fire 
which happened in an Out-house of M' Af'Neal the 
Baker, did some damage but was Reduced in about 
an hour & half, got myself much wet. 

Jan. 10. Very bad *acc'' M' John ScoUay shut 
up. M' John Dennie shut up & Peter Bourne at 
tlie North End. Am like to be a large sufferer by 
Scollay. Extream bad & slippery walking. 

Jan. 20. Was much out of order today occa- 
sioned by the Distress the Town is in, occasioned 
principally by the failure of M*^ Wheelwright. Was 
sent for this forenoon on My Friend tlos. Scot's 
affairs, he seemed greatly distressed. Wiis sent 
for by Sherilf Greenleaf on John ScoUay's affairs. 
Did not go to Church, my mind too much dis- 


DlAUY—nce 76 

Jan. 21. M' Ciidworth the Sheriff came here 
on ItnsiiioHK & M' (vary on the Affairs of W" Has- 
hing & C" who shut up this mornuig as did my 
Friend Joseph Scot. A General Consternation m 
Town, occiisioned hy these Repeated Bankruptcies. |c/ 
That the General Court which are now sitthig de- 
termine to make an Act for the ReUef of Insolvent 
Debtors, which wiU be veiy seasonable at this 
time. Spent the eve'ng at the Royal Exchange 
with the Gi*and Committee of Charity. 

Jan. 24. Sent M' Mallet to the H after Jn** 

ScoUay schooner. Spent the eve'ng with the Doc- 
tors & the Proprietors of Point Shirley, namely 
Dr Gardiner, Dr Gardiner Jim', Dr Sprague, Dr 
Bullfinch, Ezk' Golthwait Esq', M' Inman, M' Nat 
Holmes, M' John Hancock & M' Pitts, as M' In- 
man & I came home a fire happened at the So En 
ill a I)iit(1i Bake lloiisiMvliich Burnt it down but bv 
tlie Dexterity & Clever Behaviour of the South En 
Engine men it did not spread. 

Jan. 25. Madame Hutchinson buried this after- 

Jan. 26. M' Arthur Savage fell down in an 
Apoplectick fit & soon expired, this happened 
yesterday in the afternoon at M' Kent the Lawyer's 
office. Spent the afternoon at M"^ Henderson 
Inches on the affairs of Clement Jackson & the 

Jan. 30. These hist four days have been the 
coldest of any for 12 years past together, the 
Harbour froze in. 


Febry 2. Heard of M' Henry Bromfield's 
Snow being cast away at Cape Ann the night before 
last. About eight this eve'ng vnxa alarmed by Fire 
which proved to l)e the Clunmcy of the Great TToiiso 
at the Head of Long Lane. The two South End 
Engines were there, twas a Terrible Foul Chim- 

Febry 7. Cap' AfKinstosh & others tryed before 
M' Justice Dana & Justice Storey for the 5"* of 
Nov. affair. 

Febry 12. Spent the eve'ng at M" Cordis' with 
the Committee from the General Court on the Ex- 
cise Act, namely James Otis Esq' M" Tho' Gushing, 
Thos. Gmy M' StiunderB of Capo Ann, M' Txio oF 
Cambridge M' Crocker of Barnsbiple, Sam' Wells 
Esq', M' Bourne of Marblehead, Uob' Hooper of 
ditto, W~ Story, W"* MoUineaux, Nich' Boylston, 
Sam' Sturgis, W"* Coffin Sen', Jos. Henshaw, W"* 
Richardson, Solo. Davis, John Erving Jim', Joshim 
Winslow Esq' & several others, proceeded to the 
Choice of Managers when M' Wells, M' Hooper 
& M' Justice Story were Chose. 

Febiy 13. This Forenoon I appeared with the 
Petitioners on ace* of the Excise on the floor of the 
House & was heard on that subject. Spent the 
eve'ng at Solo. Davis' with the Firew«irds. 

Febry 18. Met M' Banister, M' Boutineau M' 
Jn** Simpson & M' Greenle;if on tlic affairs of 
Trinity Church & agreed the plan of settlement. 
M' Reed the Lawyer is ordered to prepare the writ- 

DIAEY— 1766 77 

Febrj 21. The General Court are still ou the 

Febry 23. Colo. Bourne of M'head & Jeramiel 
Bowers challenged each other with sword & pistol 
yesterday ab' the Excise. 

Febry 26. Went after dinner before the Council 
& was heard on the floor, relative to tlie Excise 

Mar. 4. Dined this day with Cap' James Cun- 
ningham at his house with Gen. Winslow, M' 
Byles the minister, ^am* Wells Joshua Henshaw 
Francis Wells & the olHcers belonging to Cap' Cmi- 
ningham's Comp^ also Deacon Elliot. 

Mar. 11. Made a Great Struggle about the 
Warden Act but could not prevail. 

Mar. 13. B' Cap' Potts cargo of Salt this day. 
went in the evening over to Gardners to see the 
Orphan acted which was miserably performed, ab' 
2 10 persons tlierc. 

Mar. 15. M" Inman & M" Bannister went to 
Brush Hill & dind with Jemmy Smith. 

Mar. 19. Went to the Superior Court this fore- 
noon & heard the learned Debate before the Judges 
ui the Case of John Bannister & others, came 
home to dinner & went after dinner on Cap' Jn** 
Phillips Arbitration, adjourned till tomorrow ten of 
Clock. Set on Clement Jackson's affairs with M' 
Douse & M' Henderson Inches and came to a Reso- 
lution to give ui our Award, went in the eve'ng & 
heard more argument on John Bannister's Affair, 
both M' Auchmooty & M' Otis behaved very well 
& I was pleased with M*" Dana in this argument. 


Mar. 20. M' Inman had fine Lamb today for 
dinner^ the whole weighed 28 lbs. this is the first 
Lamb I have tasted this season. 

Mar. 23. Went to Fanewill Hall in the afternoon 
there met the Committee on M"" Hancock's Dona- 
tion, M"^ Otis, M' Nat. Bethune, M' Tho* Flucker, 
M' John Ruddock, M' Sam* Sewall, M' John Barnat, 
M' Esek* Goldthwait & myself. Voted that The 
Town accept of the Donation & that a proper piece 
of Ground be laid out in the Common for that use. 

Mar. 24._ A very heavy storm all night & this 
mor ning snow & rain very fast. The weather so 
very bad that M" Row & I stayed at home from 
Church this forenoon — high water about half after 
one — the Highest Tide I have known since I have 
been in New England accompanied with the Great- 
est Storm, so the Damage it has done is almost 
incredible, almost every Wharf in Town has suf- 
fered, mine in particular. A number of vessels drove 
from their Anchors & many lost their masts. One 
sunk at my whai*f. Went down to my whai'f & 
several others & w<as amazed to see the destruction, 
my damage will not be Repaired for two thousand 
pounds, old tenor, but as it^s the Providence of God, 
Lam con tent about it. Visited all the Stores I hire 
& have not found so much Salt &c washed away as 
I expected. 

Mar. 25. Lady Day. Town meeting. Went to 
my wharf & found a great deal of damage done. 
Went to town meeting & got the Vote accepted for 
M' Hancock's donation. Dined at M' Rob* Auch- 

DIARY — 1766 79 

iiiooty's with tlie Surveyor General M' Hale, M' 
Paxton, M' Hallowell, the Comptroller M" Geo. Ap- 
thorp & Chris. Muiot. Snow'd all night & the face 
of the Ground appears as much winter as ui the 
midst of it. 

Mar. 28. Last eve*ng the Creditors of M' Wheel- 
wright met & heiird the Report of their Committee 
who advised them to take up with M' Charles Ap- 
thorp's proposal. Dined at Brush Hill with James 
Smith & wife, M' Hooper & wife, Miss Dolly 
Murray, Miss Polly Hooper, M" Rowe Sucky & 
M*^ Inman. 

Apr. 2. Cap' Edward Forbes arrivd in Town 
this day from Liverpool by way of Plymouth in 
Colo Warren's Schooner. 

Apr. 5. Good Friday. After church the vestry 
met on M*^ Walters affairs & unanimously agreed 
to add fifty }>ounds Stei** P Annum to his Salary. 

Apr. 7. Found myself a little Lame occasiond 
by wearing a pair of Shoes that pinched my Right 
foot & obliged me to stay at home. 

Apr. 9. Easter Monday. Went to church in the 
forenoon & chose the Wardens, Stephen Greenleaf 
& Rufus Greene. Also Vestrymen, myself, James 
Houtinoaux, Jona. Simpson, W"* Coflin Sen', John 
Erving Jun', John Gooch, Thos. Greene, Joseph 
Douse, Benj"" Greene, James Perkins, Sam* Hughes, 
GiDam Phillips. Voted the Rev^ M' Walter fifty 
poimds Sterluig to be added to his Salary & taxed 
the Pews g pt on the floor, the Gallery Pews 


Apr. 10. The Charitable Society met this day at 
M** Cordis' & dined, as usual, had a Genteel dinner 
& twenty three dined there, made choice of officers 
for tlio Year ensuing — .as follows — J. Rowe 
Treasurer, Dr. Silvester Gardiner Deputy Treas', 
M' W"* Price, M' W" Coffin, M' Rob' Jenkins, 
Cap* John Hammock, M' Dan' Hubbard & M' Tho' 
Greene Tnistees. 

Wind N E. it has Continued in this quarter 21 
days, all but one halfday. 

Apr. 20. Agreed with M' Eben Lewis to build 
me a Schooner forty four foot Keel, seventeen foot 
Beam & seven foot i in the Hold a £19.10 p 
ton to have a long Quarter deck. Went after 
dinner round by Jamaica Pond came back to 
Greatons & spent an hour with James Otis, Nath 
Bethune, Solo. Davis, Colo Rich** Gridley, Sam' 
Hughes & Tho' Gray. 

Apr. 22. This morning M' Longly & Parker 
began to pull down my House in Pond Tjane. 
Went to Fanewill Hall & met the Committee about 
the Town Affairs. M' Tho' Cushion, M' Tho* 
Flucker, M' James Boutineaux, M' Tho' Gtay, M' 
Ed. Payne, M' W" Phillips & myself. 

Apr. 23. Sold the Schooners Cargo this fore- 
noon at Publick Vendue & I think very well. 

Apr. 30. M' Pickering sent me a dozen fine 
large Trout. Set out after dinner from Boston for 
Plymouth in company with the Rev** M* Walter, M*^ 
Sam Calef, Major Vassall, Joshua Loring jun*" & 
Edw** Winslow Jr. Stopt at Bracketts, Bmintree. 
reached Cushing's & spent the eve'ng & slept there. 

DIARY— 1766 81 

May 1. Set out early this morning, reached 
Pembroke went fishing had bad luck, began to 
Rain which was much wanted. got to Dux- 
bury Mills, went a fishing, had tolerable luck, 
dined at M' Nath. Ray Thomas on a mess of Trout, 
spent the eve'ng & slept there. 

May 2. Set out early this morning for Plym- 
outh, called at Silas Mortons. Reached Plym- 
outh at ten in the forenoon. I went about my 
Busmess. dined at M' Edw** Winslow's with him, 
M" Winslow, Mi^s Penny & Miss Sally Winslow, 
Major Vafsiill, Jos. Loring, Edw** Winslow Jr. M' 
Walter, M^ Calef & M' Pelham Winslow. Spent 
the eve'ng at the same place with the same com- 
pany & Miss Joanna White. Slept at Cap* White's 
— engaged fish from several people this afternoon. 

May 3. Brealcfasted at Capt Whites. Went a 
fishing with M' W'" Watson, had very good sport. 
1 caught one very large Trout & seveml other 
very line ones. Dined at Colo. Geo. Watson's with 
M' Walter, M' Calef, M' Watson & daughter. Set 
out after dinner for home. Stopt at Pembroke at 
Spears & got in the eve'ng to Cushmgs. there met 
M' Gill of Boston, spent the eve'ng & slept there, 
heard of Whitmarsh sailing. 

May 4. Hingham. Breakfasted at Cushings 
stopt at Bracketts, there settled the reckoning. 
Reached home between 10 & 11 in the forenoon. 

May 6. Two Gentlemen came f r Newberry to 
sell a Cargo of Coals which I Bought. 

May 10. Went in the evening to Concert Hall 


at an entertainment of the Officers of the Army & 
Navy. A Great Number of Gentlemen & Ladies 
there & a Genteel pretty entertainment. 

May 11. Went (ishing at Manotomy Pcmd with 
Sam* Calef had very good Sport, dined at Winship's, 
the tavern there & fished there in the afternoon had 
also very Good Sport, we caught at least ten doz" 
of Pond Perch & several Pickerel, came home & 
spent the evening at the " Possee." 

May 14. This day the Town of Boston chose 
Representatives namely 

James Otis 


388 Votes 

Oxna Thatcher 




Thus' Gushing 




Thus' Gmy 




I myself had 238 votes. The number of votes was 

May 16. Cap* Edwards arrived from the Isle of 
Wight in fine weeks. He came out in Conip"^ with 
Jarvis. A Brigg from Salter also arr'd. 

May 19. Cap* Hunter sailed early this mornmg 
from below, this forenoon arr*d two vessels from 
Bristol, Cap* Southcot in a Snow & Cap* Canidge in 
a Brigg both consigned to M' James Giiffin. Col. 
Henry Vassall sailed this afternoon in Cap* Pliillips 
for Antigua. Cap* Logie came ashore after church 
with Cap* Marshall from London. Cap* Davis is 
also arr'd fr London. 

May 24. Went to Lynn after dinner with M' 
John Lane & spent the eve'ng at Tapley's with 

DIARY — 1766 83 

M^ Hale, M' Lane & M' Geo. Apthorp. Stayed at 
Tapley's all uight. 

May 25. Rose very early, went to Flax Pond & 
breakfasted there with Miss Becky, went a fishing, 
had great sport, dined with Miss Becky, M' Hale, 
M*^ Geo Apthorji, M"^ J. Tjiuio & M*^ Iinnan — canio 
home witJi M" Ualo & spent the evening with the 
Rev** M' Walter found Old M" Graves dead. 

May 29. Colo. Chandler chose Comicillor in 
the Room of M' Hancock. Went to Fresh Pond 
& dmed with M* Benj" Fanewill Sen' & wife, M' 
Geo. Bethune & wife. Major J"** Vafsall & wife 
M' W'" Sheaff & wife, M' J"^ Coffin & wife M' Frol- 
let, M'* Cutter & Solo. Davis. 

May 30. Went to Doctor SewalFs meeting & 
heard Dr Chauncy preach. Went in the eve'ng at 
Blodgets with a Number of the General Court 
where they were Shoehig Colts — that is, the New 
Members that are Chosen treat the Comicil & House 
of Representatives. 

May 31. This day my Warehouse fell in with 
fish. Went to Town Meeting this afternoon, ad- 
journed till this day Week. 

June 3. Artillery Election — Went to the Brick 
Meetuig & heard M*" Gad. Hitchcock of Pembrooke 
preach from the 21"' Chapter of St. James & 1"' 
Verse. Went in the afternoon to old M' Letch- 
mere's fimeral. 

June 4. Kuig's Birthday. Went early in the 
morning with W*" ShealT & Sam' Calef to Manotomy 
pond, had very Good Sport lisliing — were joyned 


by Solo. Davis & Geo. Bethune — we all dined 
together at Wyndships — M' Sheaff & I went fish- 
ing at Fresh Pond in the afternoon. 

June 5. Dined at home on a trout that meas- 
ured 18 inches with Ezek^ Golthwait, Cap' Bob' 
Jarvis & M'* Rowe It has rained all day which 
was much wanted & came by the providence 
of God in Good Time. Spent the eve'ng at the 
Charitable Society. 

June 10. M" Miller began to mow the Land 
next the Bam. 

June 19. This morning our fishermen caught a 
largo fish in the shape of a Shark Twenty foot long, 
liis Teeth were different from a Shark's teeth — 
Went after dinner to Jamaica pond with Cap' 
Jacobson, had pretty good Sport. 

June 20. This day they cut up the Fish & 
filled two large hogsheads with his Liver. Went 
in the afternoon to Fresh Pond with Sam^ Calef • 

June 23. Dined at home with M" J Lane, M"* 
Rowe Sucky W" Speakman & Cap' Buddicome that 
arr*^ from London last night, in whom ciime passenger 
M' Arthur Savage who is appointed Comptroller of 
Falmouth, Casco Bay. 

June 25. Went after dinner to Fresh Pond with 
Sam. Calef & Geo. Apthorp, found M' James Per- 
kins & Lady there — had pretty sport. I hooked 
a Turtle to the best of my Judgement must weigh 
30 pounds. 

June 27. This afternoon M' David Wheeler 
tryd his New Engine & it play'd very well. 

DIARY — 17C5 86 

June 28. I went to Marblehead about Ten of 
Clock & dined at Major Keed's with Cap* Southcote 
& two Frenchmen. Paid a visit to several of my 
Friends & came away about six got to Flax Pond 
alias Gravesend & there met M*^ Sam* Calef . wee 
fished & supped & sbiycd there all night — very 
agreeably cnterUiined. 

July 2. Paid a Visit to W" Gould & found 
his Affairs under a Cloud. 

July 3. Rose very early this morning & went 
with M' Sam* Calef to Natick Pond, was obliged to 
stop three hours at Pratt's at Needham it rained so 
hardy however wee had very good sport. Dined 
at BiUlard's on Fish which M" Bullard dressed 
very well. In the afternoon came Colo. Brattell, 
Colo. Danforth, Col Watts on affairs of the Gov- 

July 5. Dhied at home with M" James Welsh, 
M' Edward Wtilkcr, Cap^ Jacobsou, Christo Minot, 
M' Inman, Sam Calef, M" Rowc & Sucky. Christo 
Minot was very wroth with M' Inman for Introduc- 
ing some ster^ Madeira on his New Coat from one 
of the Leghorn Glasses not well managed. 

July 9. M' Inman had an unlucky Fall in get- 
ting on his horse wh Bruised him. this eve'ng M" 
ScoUey's Creditors met at the Coffee House & made 
Choice of W'" Phillips, John Ervuig & myself to 
act as Trustees in his affairs. 

July 13. Rose very early this morning, went to 
Mouotomy Pond with the Rev'* M' Auchmooty & 
M" Sam Calef had great sport, we caught above 


sixteen doz° of jpond & sea perch — made a Rough 
Day of it & came home in the evening & 8[)eiit it 
at home with the Rev** M' Walter who had fciken 
umbrage at M' Hooper's behaviour which I en- 
deavoured to Reconcile & hope shall be able to 
effect it. 

July 16. The Rev** M' Walter & John Erving 
Jun' came to breakfast. A misunderstanding hav- 
ing happened between M' Hooper & M" Walter was 
very happily made up this forenoon. 

July 17. Commencement Day, went to Cam- 
bridge. M" Rowe Polly Hooper & Suky — dined 
at Edw** Winslows Room, a vci-y Large Company. 

July 18. Went to Town early this morning, 
staid till noon, went to Cambridge & dined at M" 
Hooper's with a very Large Company after dinner 
visited Col. Fowler, Colo. Stoddard M' Ed^** Wins- 
low. In the evening went to the Town House to 
a Dance with a very Large Company. Colo. Spar- 
hawk's Son made it, he desired me to officiate as 
Master of the Ceremony which I did to Oblige him. 

July 19. Set out with the Rev'* M' Auchmooty & 
Sam* Calef for M'^ Prat's at Milton. (Welles house. 
Seals & afterwards Brook's house, now moved to 
E. Milton, M" P. M' Auchmooty's daughter & 
lier d.iughter Bella married Sam* Wells.) 

July 20. Rose very early this morning. M*^ 
Calef, the ReV* M* Auchmooty & myself went to a 
pond beyond the Blue Hills & put up at M' Joseph 
Gooch — went fishing — had very fine Divei-sion — 
the weather very hot — came from thence to M' 

DIARY— 17G5 87 

James Smiths' & dined with liim & wife, the Rev*^ 
M' Winslow the Rev'* M' Auchmooty & his Daugh- 
ter Bellii, M' Kob' Auchmooty & wife — M*^ Kob' 
Temple & wife — M' luman, M'' Rowe — M'' Prat 
Polly Overing & Miss Bella Prat & M' Sam* Calef . 

July 24. This afternoon spent on Benj'" & Edw'* 
Davis' arbitration — M' Gerry ciiinc to Town & 
brought an ace* of the Niger, Man of War, taking 
three Schooners out of the Ilarbour of St. Peters, 
one belonging to his Father & two to Epps Sargent. 

July 27. Rose very early this morning, went 
with M Sam* Calef to Cap' Kendrick's on Charles 
River a fishing — had veiy good sport — dined 
there with James Pitts & wife, James Boudom, Esq. 
& wife, James Boutineau & wife, Melabiah Bourn 
& wife, M' John Erving Jiin',M' Geo. Erving, Tho' 
Flucker & wife, M' Nicho. Boylston, M' Sam* Calef, 
Miss Hannah Fhicker — Wont to M' Innian's ivfter 
dinner — there I met M"* Rowe, M' Sam* Hughes 
& wife — drank tea there, ciime home & spent the 
evening at home. 

Aug. 5. Was much alarmed m hearing Cap* 
Forbes in bad circmnstances. went to the CoflFee 
House on Arbitration between Cap* Geo. St Barb & 
Cap* Rob* Robms with Nat. Bethune & Melabiah 

Aug. 6. Cap* Forbes shut up his shop this day 
— am much grieved for him, as he is An Old Ac- 
quaintance & Friend. Spent the eve'ng at M'* 
Cordis' with Jerry Gridley, Bro. Daniel, Bro. Jen- 
kms, Bro. Cutter, Bro. Box Sen', Bro. Joseph Gard- 


ner, Bro. Fitch, Bro. Stavage, Bro. Qnincy — they 
came to the choice of a Treasurer in Room of Gii[}^ 
Forbes — they unanimously chose myself. 

Aug. 11. Cap' Harlow arrived from Bristol & 
brought the Good News that M' Pitt was again in 
the Ministry. 

Aug. 12. Dined this day on board the Jamaica, 
Man of War with Cap* Gidoin, Cap' Bishop, The 
Surveyor General, M' Temple, M' Paxton, M' Hale, 
M' HalloweU Sen', M' B. Hallowel Jun', M' Jordan, 
a gentleman from Barbadoes, Major Vafsall, Colo. 
Phipps, M' Inman, M' Tho' Pahner, Tho' Apthorp, 
Geo. Apthorp, M' Peet Lieut of the Jamaica, 
Christo Minot & M' Sam Wentworth — came ashore 
about six of Clock & spent the Evening at the 
Coffee House with Treasurer Gray, Nicho. Boylston, 
John Boylston, James Otis, Melabiah Bourn, M" 
W" Mollineaux & Solo. Davis. 

Aug. 13. Dined at the Turk's Head on a Bar- 
bikue with the following pei*sons — James Otis Esq*^ 
& wife, The Treas. Gmy & wife. The Hon***" Foster, 
Hutchinson Esq & wife, M*" Sam. Hughes & wife, 
M" James Perkins & wife. Cap' Solomon Davis & 
wife, M' W*" Sheaff & wife, M' John Armiel & wife, 
M' Ralph Inman & M** Rowe — Cap* Freeman, M*^ 
Wontworth's vessell & Job Prince's Brigg all three 
sailed for London this day. 

Aug. 14. A Great Number of people assembled 
at Deacon Elliots Comer this morning to see the 
Stamp Officer hung in Effigy with a Libel on the 
Breast, on Deacon Elliot's tree & along side him a 

• DIARY— 17CG 89 

Boot stuired with representation, which represented 
the Devil coming out of Burk — this stamp officer 
hung up all Day — at night they cut him down, 
layd him out & carried in Triumph amidst the ac- 
clamations of many thousands who were gathered 
together on that occasion. They proceeded from 
the S" End down the Main Street, through the Town 
House & Round by Oliver's Dock — they pulFd 
down a New Building which some people thought 
was building for a Stamp Office & did some Mischief 
to M*^ Andrew OUver's house (which I think they 
were much to blame). 

Aug. 16. Heard that M" Andrew Oliver had re- 
signed his Commission in Form on which there was 
great Rejoicing the last evening m Boston. 

Vol II of the Diary from Aug 16"* 1765 to April 
11^* 1766 (pages 186 to 323 inclusive) is missing. 


1766, April 11. A fine soft morning — dind at 
home with M' Inman M" Rowe & Suckey. M' 
John ScoUeys Creditors met at M" Cordis this 
afternoon I was obliged to attend some other 
Business so could not be there — in the Evening I 
went to Dr Sewalls Lecture & heard M"" Blair preach 
a very serious Discourse. 

April 12. Wet & rainy — In the afternoon fin- 
ished with Cap*^ Rowland and went over to Gardner's 
with Cap*^ Davis where we found M*^ John Boylston, 


M' James Perkins, M' Sam* Calef and M' Tho' 
Gray — who wee stayd with an hour. 

13 April. Sunday. Capt George Rolland sailed 
for Antigua in Cap^ Briico*8 Ship. T went to 
Church in the forenoon. M" Walter reiid pmyers 
and M" Hooper Preached — this I think was a very 
Judicious discourse. When I came home I heard 
of an Express being Brought to town giving an 
acc^ of the Repeal of the Stamp Act, which I ex- 

amined into & found the greatest probability of its 
being true & passed by the House of Commons on 
Feb*y the 8*** last by a great majority, which appear** 
by a letter of that date from Mess" Day & Son to 
M' Maxwell their Correspondent in Petaxion River, 
Maryland, in the afternoon I went to Church. 
M' Hooper Read prayers & M' Walter preached — 
this was a very elegant Discourse — and much ad- 

April 14. The Selectmen met this forenoon to 
consider & fix on a Day for Rejoicing. 

Apr. 15. Cap* Dobson arrM last oven'g from 
Newcastle consigned to me, belonging to M' Jonas 
Brown of Whitley. Cap' Calef arrived from Lon- 
don this afternoon — he left the Downs the 20 
febry. He Brought good news ah** our American 
Aifaira, but no certainty of the Repeal of the Stamp 
Act. I spent the afternoon with the Select Men — 
Colo. Jackson, John Ruddock, John Hancock, W*" 
Phillips & Timothy Newall. We let Deer Island to 
the Pratts at forty pound p annum for seven years 
& Boston Neck to Gideon Gardiner at sixty poimds 
p annum. 

DIARY — 1766 91 

Apr. 16. Cap^ Cahoon arr'd from Glasgow & 
brought ace** that correspond with Capt. Calef's. 

Apr. 17. The Select Men met this morning & 
appointed Monday next to be a Town Meeting. 

Apr. 18. Cap* McCleau arrived from Ireland & 
confirms the ace* of the Stamp Act being repealed, 
ill the afternoon I took a walk over the neck with 
M' John Timmins & M' Tho' Gray. 

April 19. Cap* Jacobson arrived in Nantasket 
from London. 

Apr. 21. A Town Meeting this Forenoon toj 
agree on a method of Rejoicing & Illuminations. y 

Apiil 22. I went this morning with M'^ Coor to 
M*" Foxci*aft's at Cambridge about some Business & 
Returned to dinner. In the afternoon I went as a 
Relation to the funeral of M" Edward Chiu-chs 

Apr. 23. M' Willijun Marlet came this morning 
to take his leave of me & go for New York this 
forenoon. Cup' IJryant sailed from Nantasket Road 
this morning in the Sloop Chagford for Antigua. 
Spent the eve'ng at Cap* Cunnmgham's with the 
Firewards. The Select Men met this afternoon at 
Fanueil Hall. 

April 24. Thursday — went to Cambridge this 
Forenoon & Rode my Colt for the first Time — 
went to Church & heard M' Agar Read prayers & 
preach, duied at M" Iiiman*s with the Surveyor 
Generall M' Rob* Temple, M' Henry Loyd & M' 
George Apthorp who set out after dinner for New 
York. c;uno home & went to see M*^ W"' Vivfsall 


ab"" his Brother Henry* Affairs. This day was Ap- 
pointed by the Gov' & Council for a fast Day — 
which is generally appointed once a year. 

Apr. 25. Spent tlie eve'ng at M' Blodgetts with 
the Grand Lodge — this eve*ng a Committee from 
St. Andrews Lodge presented a Memorial to the 
Grand Lodge upon which they appointed a Com- 
mittee to meet them on Monday eve'ng & adjourned 
to next Friday eve*ng. 

27 April, went to Church in the afternoon. 
M' Hooper Read prayers and M' Walter preached 
this discourse of M' Walters I Esteem'd much and 
think it is a very Beneficial & excellent sermon and 
was admired by all his Hearers. After Church I 
went and p*^ a visit to see Rob^ Gould who has got 
the Gout pretty Smartly. 

28 April. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmens 
Chambers being, the last Monday, with Colo Jack- 
son, John Hancock) Samuel Sewall, Deacon Newall 
& W" Phillips. 

29 April. I went this moniing witli W" Vafwill 
Esq^ to Cambridge & stopt at Fmncis Foxcrafts 
Esq' where wee finished the signing of M' Dinely' 
Papers — din*d at Major Vaf sail's. 

Apr. 30. The Select Men met this forenoon & 
gave orders for a Town Meeting next Tuesday. Tn 
the afternoon I went to M*" Chukly's meeting to 
the ordination of M" Bowen. A Country minister 
prayed — Dr. Chauncy preached, The Rev** M' 
Chukly Sen' gave the Charge & the Rev** M' Cooper 
the Right Hand of Fellowship. 

DIARY— 1766 93 

May 1. Diiid at M' Rob' Goulds with him & 
M" Gould Betty & Sally Gould. The Rev** M' 
Hooper, M' Inmau & M"" Kennedy — after Dinner 
came Cap' Solo Davis & M' N. Bethune to drink 
Welch Ale. Cap' Davis saild for London the fore- 
noon by whom 1 sent M' Foxcrofts papers. 

May 3. Dined at the Hon'***" Isaac Royal Esq at 
Medford with him & Lady. Miss Polly & Miss 
Betty Royal, Gen. Biattle, Treas' Gray, James Otis 
Esq', Tho' Gushing Esq' & M' Nath. Sparhawk. 
Spent part of the eve'ng at the Possee & the re- 
mainder at home. 

May G. Town Meeting tliis forenoon for the 

Choice of Representatives for the Year ensuing. 

The niunber of Voters were 746 — the Town made 

Choice of James Otis 573 

M' Sam* Adams 691 

Tho' Gushing 622 

Jn** Hancock 427 

1 had 301) votes. 

May 8. About half-past eleven I set out from 
our house with M' Benjamin Davis for Taunton — at 
two of Clock we reached Stones at Stoughton, we 
dined there & went forward through Easton Woods 
& stopped at Howards & reached Taunton at seven 
of Clock. Spent the eve'ug at M' Rob' Treat 
Paine' s, the Lawyer & Slept at M^'Quarter's. 

May 9. Went with M' Ben^" Davis to see M' 
Stetson at Dighton, found him in great Confusion, 
after 1 had discoui*sed witli him on his affairs 1 came 
back with M' B. Davis & dined at M' M^'Quarters 


at Taunton where I met a number of my acquaint- 
ances, namely Colo. White, Col. Richmond & his two 
Sons, Colo. Leonard & many others ab"" half after 
two we set out from M^Qimi-ters for Boston & stopt 
at M*" Heingman's at Easton who lives on Colo. Brat- 
tles Farm — we set out from thence ah"* five of 
Clock & stopt at Colo. Doty's at Stoughton. We 
supped & slept there & I set it down as an extraor- 
dinary house of Entertainment & very Good Beds. 

May 10. We breakfasted at Colo. Doty*s & I 
met M^ Abel Puffer who hves hard by, who tells 
me that he understood the Cure of a Bite by a 
Rattle Snake. About nine of Clock we set out 
from thence & called at Colo. Oliver's at Dorchester 
& reached home about twelve of Clock. In the 
afternoon I went over to Roxbury Vluin whore 1 
spent two hours with M' Troutbeck & wife & Cap^ 
Jacobson. M*^ Auchmooty came there, I had some 
conversation with him ab^ the nature of attachments 
on the Bankrupt Act. 

May 13. Rose very early this morning & set out 
for Ilopldnton on my old mare — got to Wood- 
bums at nine of Clock & reached Colo. Jones at 
Hopkinton at twelve — I went to the Brook with 
Charles & caught a fine Red Trout — measured 14 
Inches & several other Fish. Dined at Colo. Jones 
with him & vdfe, M"* John Nazro & Colo. Jones 
daughter, after dinner came Deacon Russell, 
Thomas Milieus & wife & James Milieus — after 
many debates we adjusted their acc^ & settled 
them. Slept there. 

DIAllY — 1766 96 

May 14. Roes early. I went & tryed to get 
some trout but could uot. Came away from Colo 
Joues after breakfast & stopt at Cap' Drury's at 
Framingham as it rained hard — got to M' Inman's 
(at Cambridge) at two in the afternoon. 

May 16. Cap' Shubael Coffin arr'd from London 
ab" 11 of Clock & bro' tlie Glorious News of the 
total Repeal of the Stamp Act wliich was signed by 
his Majesty King George the 3** of Ever Glorious 
Memory^ which God long preserve & his Illustrious 

May 18. This being Whit Sunday M' Walter 
read prayers & M' Hooper preached. Cap* Blake 
& Cap' Strand both arr'd from London this fore- 
noon. Went to church in the afternoon, M' 
Hooper read prayers & M' Walter preached. Both 
M' Hooper's & M' Walter's discources were much ad- 
mired — after church the Vestry met ab° cleaning 
the Organ & voted it to be cleaned. 

May 19. This day is the Joyf idl Day indeed fojp\ 
all America & all the people are to Rejoice this day 
for the Joyfid News Bro' their vessels from London 
that the Stamp Act is Repealed. Dined at Colo 
IngersoUs with Twenty Eight Gentlemen — we 
diunk fifteen Toasts & very Loyal they were & 
suited to the Occasion. In the evening there was 
very Grand Illuminations all over the Town. In the 
Common there was an Obelisk very beautifully 
Decorated & very grand fire works were displayed. 
M' Hancock behaved very well on this occasion & J 
trciited every Person with Clieerf idiiess. I contrib- 


uted as much to the General Joy as Any Person. 
The whole was much admired & the day Crowned 
l^with Glory & honour. 

May 20. Set out early this morning for Haul- 
wick with M' Sam* Calef . Reached M' Woodburn's 
before nine^ then joyned Major Golthwait, from 
thence we got to Sudbury at Bryant's & from thence 
to Sister Speakman's at Marlborough. There wee 
dined with M' Henry Barnes, M" Speakman, M** In- 
stant & Miss Betsy Leddell. After dinner wee set 
out for Shrewsbury & Reached Pumef s* at six. M' 
Calef & I went to the Great Worcester pond & 
caught Two doz° of fine Perch which wee Brought to 
Furncfs* & siipp*' (ni Slept thoro & got iiji oiirly & 

May 21 ptissed through Holdeii. Ueitched Dr. Pai^ 
kers at Rutland at eigiit of Clock called on Colo. 
Murray. Passed through Oakum & a part of New 
Braintree & crossed Ware River got in Hardwick 
at Cap^ Paul Mendall's at One. Dined at Brigadier 
Ruggles with a very large Company, after dinner 
went to Vendue where M' Thomas' things were sold. 
Spent the eve'ng at Bngadier Ruggles* with him, 
Colo. Murray, M' Abram Savage, M"" Joseph Blake 
M' Sam* Calef & Major Golthwait. 

May 22. Breakfasted with the Brigadier & went 
to Hardwick Fair where there were a large company 
of People. Dined at Brig' Ruggles with a very 
large Company among them M' Joseph Spooner & 
Lady which I much admired also Miss Betty Rug- 
gles. In the afternoon I attended the Vendue — 
had some conversation with M*^ Asa Hatch & M'* 

DIARY— 1706 07 

Hatch who I concluded should remain on the 

May 23. After doing my Business Major 6ol- 
thwait M' Calef & I set out for Rutland from Hard- 
wick We reached Colo. Murray's & dined there 
with him & lady — M" Bliss, Miss Betty Murray 
& Miss Ohrissy Green — iifter dinner we went & 
caught a mess of Trout. In the evening they had 
Great Rejoicings at Rutland — they behaved very 
well, had a large Bonfire & many sky Rockets which 
I put them in a way to fire — there was a Genteel 
cntertivinment at ye Tavern, afterwards wee re- 
turned to Colo. Murray's where there was a Grand 
Supper & entertainment prepared & Many Loyal 
Healths drank. We then retired to bed. 

May 24. Wee rose early this morning & break- 
fasted with Colo. Murray & set out for home ab^ 
nine in tlic morning. Wee stopt at Shrewsbuiy at 
Furnefs' & Reached Marlborough at two. We 
dined at Sister Speakman's. Ab"" 4 of Clock wee 
set out & Reached Sudbury at six & proceeded to 
Woodburn's, Reached it at eight — set out at nine 
& reached home at eleven. 

May 28. Election Day. M' Otis was chosen 
speaker of the House, but negatived by the Govei> 
nour M** Sam^ Adams who had a great zeal for 
Liberty was chosen Clark of the House by one vote 
I went to meeting & heard M' Barnard of Havei> 
hill preach the Election Sennon from the 5^** Chap. 
Nehemiah & the IJ)"* Verse I think this a sensible 
discourse & very Politic. I dined with the Gover- 



nour^ Council &c at Fanewill Hall. The following 
Gentlemen were Chose of his Majesty's Councill — 
&W Dauiforth, Isaac Royal, John Erving Son', W"' 
Brattle, James Boudoin, Tho" Ilubhard, Israel 
Williams, Harrison Gray, James Bussell, Tho" 
Flucker, Nath. Ropes, Timothy Paine, Royal Tyler, 
Andrew Belcher, John Chandler, Joseph Gerrish, 
James Pitts, Tho' Saunders — Gam. Bradford, James 
Otis Sen', Sam* White, Jerahmiel Bowers, John 
Hill, Nat. Sparhawk, John Bradbuiy, Jery Powell, 
Benj" Lincoln & Sam* Dexter Esq". 

May 29. M' Tho' Cushing was chosen Speaker 
in the room of M' Otis who the Govemour approved 
of. This day the Governour negatived six Coun- 
cillors viz Colo. Otis — Colo. Sparliawk, Colo. Ger- 
. rish of Newberry, Colo. Bowers of Swanzey, M' 
I Dexter of Dedham & M' Saunders of Gloster — this 
occasions great murmurings in some & rejoicings in 
) others. Spent part of the afternoon with the House 
of Representatives in Shoeing Colts. 

Jime 2. Artillery Election — Went to Meeting 
this forenoon the Rev'* M' Brown of Cohassct 
preached from the 5^ Chap, to the Ephesians & 
13** Verse. Dined by invitation with the Gov' & 
Council at Fanewill Hall & spent part of the after- 
noon at M' Jn** Hancock's. 

Jime 4. The King's Birthday & a great Holli- 

Jime 5. Was summoned to Comi; on a Dispute 
between Arnold Wells & Cap' Christo. Prince — 
Heard the tryal between Colo. Brattle & Colo. Mur- 

DlAllY— 1760 99 

r.iy — the Jury found tliirty pounds damages for 
Colo. liraktle. In the afternoon was obliged to At- 
tend Court again — heard the tryal between Charles 
Ward Apthorp & Co. & M' Rich^ Pattershall 
which went in fav' of M' Rich'* Pattershall. Spent 
the eve'ng at Colo. IngersoUs with the Charitable 

June 6. In the afternoon I went to Court & 
heard the tryal between the Commissioners of the 
Land Bank & the Heirs of Rentham which was a 
perplexed Cause & was in favour of the Land Bank 
Commissioners. Spent the eve'ng at the Possee. 

June 7. I went this forenoon to Needham a fish- 
ing with M' Sam' Calef, M' Tho' Knights, M' John 
Stevenson & M' Archib** McNeal — we had middling 
hick — there is a Trout Brook empties itself into 
Charles River ab** a mile & half beyond Dedliam 
Island Crossway — dined under a largo apple tree & 
lished again. 

June 8. heard of the Death of M' Nat Wheel- 
wright at Guadaloupe. 

June 10. Gen. Ruggles & M' Otis had some dis- 
putes & hard language this day on the Floor of the 
Town House We had this eve'ng the bad news of 
Colo. Malbone's fine house on Rhode Island being 
burnt down on Saturday last. 

June 12. Rose early this morning & landed 
some casks out of an Eastern sloop. Colo. Bowers 
& I went to liis honour the Lieut. Governoiu: & got 
a statute taken out against Eben"^ Stetson. 

Jmie 15. About half after six a fire broke out at 

100 JOHN llOWE, BOSTON mehchant 

the North End & consumed Dr Clarks bam & 
several other houses took fire but by the Dexterity 
of the people wee soon extinguished it. I was 
much wet & tired & came home & went to bed. 

June 16. Rose very early & went to the Lieut. 
Governor's at Milton & got him to appoint Trustees 
for Eb. Stedson's affairs — namely Colo. Bowers, 
Colo. Job. Winslow & myself. 

17 June. This morning Cap^ Hunter arr** from 
London in a short passage. The wind SouthEast 
& a splendid Rain, which was very seasonable, at 
this time being very Dry din'd this day on a Tor- 
tois, at M' W" Sheaffe — Cap' Duncan Ingiam ai^ 
rived from Surrinam last evening. 

18 June. A plentiful Riiin & the wcstther Cold. 
I spent the afternoon with the Selectmen & the 
evening at the Coffee house. Cap' Geueste anived 
from Liverpool. 

20 June. Cap' Brayley amved from Biddef ord 
this mornuig. I paid the Normans a visit & heiud 
of the lofs of Cap' Gwynn's ship on the Isle of 

21 June. Went with M' Sam* Calef to Mono- 
tomy Pond, din'd there & went fishing, had veiy 
Good Spoilt, caught seven doz" of Perch. 

23 June. Cap' Birney sailed for London this 
morning. After dinner I went to Monotomy Pond 
with Archib'* M' Neal & M' Knight had pretty 
Good Sport. 

June 24. St. John's Day. Dined at M' John 
Greatons at Roxbury with Jer'y Gridley Esq' & 

DIAllY — 17C6 101 

thii-ty uiue other Brethren of the Fraternity, there 
was an elegant eiitci'tiiiiniient. Spent the eve'ng at 
the Merch^ Meetmg & adjourned until that day 

June 25. The Select Men, Oyerseers of the Poor 
& a Number of the Ministers of the Town & 
Country with a Number of other Gentlemen went 
& visited the schools of this Town & we found them 
in Good Order, the Number of Scholars in the 
North writing School are 251. In the South 
writing School 263. m M"^ Lovells Latin School 
130. hi the North Latin School — We all dined 
together in Fanewill Hall where there was a Gen- 
teel Entertainment and everything went on with 
Pleasure &c — among the company I invited M' 
Luis, a young gentleman from London. 

June 26. Cap^ Jacobson & I Rose very early & 
went to Bullards at Natick where 1 sent for M' 
Louis ab^ some Inch & Quainter Oak Boards & 
agreed with him for as many as he & his neighbours 
Could Bring. We went fishmg at Natick Pond & 
had very good sport. Dined at Bullard*s with 
Cap* Jacobson went down to Charles River & fished 
there, wee had very Good Sport. 

June 28. We got in all our hay. I spent two 
hours with Cap* Jacobson on Jamaica Pond, wee 
had poor Luck. 

July 2. Rose very early this morning & set out 
for Tjiunton. Stopt at Colo. Doty's at Stoughton. 
wiis joined there by Tim** Folger, & M' Swauie & 
Kennedy, went on to Kingman's at Easton & from 


thence passed by Winnisconnet & Seadding Ponds 
& Reached Taunton at two. Dined at M^Qiiartei-s 
with Cap^ Folger, M' Swain, M' Rob' Jenkins & 
M*^ Isaacs of Swanzy. I went to Eben. Stedsons at 
Dighton spent the eve'ng with him & slept there. 

July 3. Colo. Bowers & Colo. Winslow Tnistees 
of Stedson came & wee went to Colo. Richmond 
the Sheriff & showed his son the Judges warrant & 
Got him to read my Bill of Sale for the Briggatine 
Abigail, before the said Bowers & Winslow. this 
was the young gentleman the Sheriff, for the Colo, 
was gone out, for in my way from Taunton I met 
the old Colo. & agreed to meet him at Taunton on 
Monday week following. din*d at Cap' Cobbs with 
him & wife & in the afternoon reached Colo. Doty's 
at Stoughton & slept there. 

July 4. Rose very early & set off. It rained so 
hard that I was obliged to stop at Milton & at 
Kent's at Dorchester & Greaton's, when I came 
there found a Tjarge Compjiny was going to dine on 
Turtle. I stayed there to accompany them. 

5 July. After Dinner 1 went to old M" Gould's 
with M"* Rowe to see M' Wentworth who I found 
very weak & Low. Spent ab* an hour a fishing 
with Cap* Jacobson, had Little Sport. 

6 July. Cap' Gwynn arriv'd from the Tsl** of 
Sables in a schooner belonging to Cap' Soamer. 

July 7. A schooner, Cap' Forbes from S** Caro- 
lina put in here in distress & valued himself on me. 

July 8. Rose very early & went with M' Armiel 
to Fresh Pond. Had very poor Sport, caught but a 

DIARY — 1700 103 

dozen of Perch. Dined at Prentice^s with a very 
large company. 

Jidy 9. This morning at five of Clock the Rev* 
Dr. Mayhew died much lamented by Great Numbers 
of people. 

July 10. Gave M' Lander £8415 Connecticut 
money to exclijinge — the interest thereon 21-5-9. 

July 11. A very hot day — the thennometer up 
to mnety. In the afternoon I went to the funeral 
of Dr. Mayhew which was a very large one. The 
Corps was proceeded by the Gentlemen of his Par- 
ish being fift y-seven Couple of Gentlemen then fol- 
lowed the Corps. The Beiirers were M' Appleton, 
M' Gay of Hingham, Dr. Chauncey M' Pemberton, 
M' Elliot & M' Cooper. Then the mourners, then 
the Ladies & women of his Parish, then the Clergy 
& Gentlemen of the Town & fift y-seven carriag es 
among them sixUuM) Coa^thcH & Chariots. Dr. 
Chauncey prayed in the Meetinghouse before the 
coi|)s was carried out. 

July 14. Rose very early & sent Kennedy to 
Taunton. Cap^ Giddins arriv'd from Halifax last 
night also Cap* Cathcart & Cap* Sherrard from S 
Carolina M' Nathan Jones arrived from Goldsber- 
ough this morning & Cap* Atwood from Halifax. 

Jidy 16. Commencement Day. I went to Cam- 
bridge with M"* R. & dined at the Hall with the 
Governour & Council, President, Tutors &c. After 
dinner I went & visited M' Sparhawk, Colo. Pitman 
M' Douse, M'' Epps Sergeant, Colo. Jai-vis Cap* 
Cobb. Spent the evening at M*^ Inmans and slept 


July 17. Came to Town & got Cap* Jn** Skinner 
clear at the Custom House. I went to Cambridge 
& visited the same gentleman as yesterday, was very 
merry, in the eve'ng Colo. Sparhawk had a Gen- 
teel Ball at the Townhouse. M' Fepperell desired 
me to officiate as Master of the Ceremony. The 
whole was conducted very clever. Slept at M' In- 

July 19. After dinner I went over to the Gov- 
emour's to get Cap* Dobson's Lumber Certificate 
signed. Cap* Bennet arr'd from Madeira. 

July 20. Sunday. I went down my wharf & 
sent away the Cap* Skinner for Oporto, & Cap* 
Dobson for Whitby. Cap* Calef also sailed for 

July 21. Set out early this morning, ro^iched 
Colo. Doty's at Eight of Clock. Got to the Wid*' 
Noyes at Stoughtonham at half past nine. Stopt at 
Kingman's & reached Taunton at one. Dined at 
M^'Quarters. After dinner M' Sheriff Richmond & 
I spent two hours at Colo. White's about Eben Sted- 
son's affairs. From thence I went to M*^ Stedson's 
& arrived there with Colo.* Job Winslow till eight. 
Called at young CoP Richmond's & spent an hour 
with him M' Crook of Newport. Then I returned 
to Taunton & slept at M^'Quarters. 

22 July. Rose very early & set out for Boston 
with Kennedy — got to the Widow Noye's at nine 
o'clk began to be extreme hot weather — got to 
M' James Smiths & dined there with him & wife & 
Miss Dorothy Murray. 

DIARY— 17GG 106 

Jiily 23. Cap^ Robert Montgomerie Cleared this 

July 24. Thanksgiving Day. I went with M" 
R. to Brush Hill & dined there with James Smith 
& wife, M' Murray. 

July 25. Cap' Montgomery sailed this day. I 
spent the afternoon with the Creditors of Eben' 
Stedson at Cordis' tlie Creditors made choice of 
Joshua Winslow Esq., Colo. White of Taimton & 
Myself. I was called as an Evidence on the Tryal 
between Scollay & Dunn. I was very sorry the 
Jury dismissed Cap^ Dunn's action & think he has 
been vilely used. 

26 Jidy. I settled with Cap* Thomas Forbes 
who sailed for London. Cap* Robertson arriv'd 
from Gibraltar in a Ship belonging to M" Lane, 
Cap* Farr. After dinner I went to see M' Went- 
worth who thinks he is on the mending hand. 

27 July. Cap* Ashburn arriv'd from the 
Straights. The Fortime Man of War, Cap* Bishop 
sailed this forenoon, with a fair Wind in Whom 
went passengers Charles Paxton & M' Tho' Palmer. 

July 28. I went with Cap* Jacobson to M'head. 
Dined at Martin's & reached Marblehead at dark. 
Spent the eve"* at Cap* Gerry's. 

July 29. Cap* Jacobson & I went to Flax Pond, 
had very Good Sport. Caught twelve dozen Perch 
in two hoius. Dmed at Flax Pond & stopt at M' 
Joseph Gould's at Lynn — from thence came home. 

30 Jidy. Attended the Tryal of Keen for steal- 
ing the Barrell of Molasses — he was found Guilty. 

106 JOHN HOWE, BOSTON mehchant 

1 Aug. A hot Day din'd at Jn** Champney on 
a Barbekue. 

2 Aug. I went this morning with Cap^ Jones 
to the Lieu^ Governour ab"" Stedsons affairs. Aftei*- 
wards to a pond ab** a mile from Colo Dotys with 
M' John Lovell jun' & Sam* Calef. wee had Good 
Sport & caught a gi*eat* many fish tho they were 
small. M" Rowe has been imwell but is growing 
much Better. 

3 Aug. M" Rowe continues very unwell. 

4 Aug. A very hot morning. M" Rowe took 
a Ride. 

Aug. 5. M"* Rowe very imwell. The Tryal 
about Ridgeway's Plate was heard this day & the 
Jury found in favour of the Creditors. 

Aug. 6. M" Rowe stiD imwell. There was an 
Eclipse of the Sun yesterday. Met the Selectmen 
in the afternoon — they were all present. 48 peo- 
ple apply'' for License, 4 new ones approbated & 
five that had been Retailers before. 

Aug. 11. M"* Rowe a little better. Set out this 
morning for Plym* in comp^ with Cap* Ashburn. 
Stopt at M" Bracketts in Braintrce & at Deacon 
Cushings at Hingham at Dr Hall's at Fembrooke — 
there wee dined. Set out & Reached Littles at 
Kingston & from thence to Plymouth — we put up 
at Ilowlands. Spent tho eve'ng at Cap*^ Gideon 
White's with him & wife & Miss Joanna — & slept 

Aug. 12. Went with ComeKus White, Ed^** 
Winslow, & Young Bradford also Cap* Ashburn to 

BIABY — 17G6 107 

South Pond a fisliiug — had very good sport. I 
caught a very hirge Porch — lueasiucd 18 niches 
& weighed three pouuds & a half. Diued at Ed"^*^ 
Wiuslows with him & wife & Two Daughters. 
After dinner we set out for home. Reached Hall's 
at Penihrooke where wee Stopt & from thence to 
Cushing's & Bnickct's where we lodged that night. 
Colo. Ephraim Leonard^ M** Justice Williams, & M' 
Justice Elisha Toby who was tliis day moved into 
his office, also M"* Justice Fales who is Clerk of the 
Court — had some conversation with Colo. White & 
M*^ Adams on the affairs of Ebenezer Stedson with 
B & Ed"^ Davis & gave M' Adams a Guinea as a 

13 Aug. Rose early this morning & set out & 
got home to Boston & found M'* Rowe much Bet- 
ter, found Cap^ Dashwood come in from St Kitts 
having sprung his uKists. Li the caf tcnioon I went 
to M" Forbes Funeral & was one of the Bearers. 

Aug. 15. 1 went to dinner on Spectacle Island. 

18 Aug. M" Rowe still unwell. After Dinner 
M' Sam* Calef, M' J. Amiel, W" Speakman & my- 
self set out for Taunton. We stopt at Colo. Doty's 
Pond & caught Eight Dozen of Perch. 

Aug. 20. After I had done my Business M*^ 
Laughton & I set out for to come home. We over- 
took M' Calef, M' Armiel, & W"' Speakman at 
Winnesconnet Pond — they had caught a great 
many Fish which wee dined on at Howard's at 
Fiiiston. Sot out from thence & re^ichod Col. 
Doty's & slept there. 


21 Aug. Wee Rose early this morning and went 
a fishing had Good Sport. We were joyn*d hy M" 
James Smith & wife, Two M™ Belchers, Miss Clark 
Miss Dolly Murray M" Jones Miss Blowers Miss 
Amiel M' Hutchinson & M' WaUer. We all Din^d 
at Colo Doty's. in the evening I came home & 
found M" Rowe very unwell. 

22 Aug. M" Rowe still unwell, had a very 
Restless night My Lord Hope arrived here from 
Halifax last on a snow. 

23 Aug. M" Rowe no sleep tonight, din'd at 
M' Ezek^ Golthwaits at Roxhury with him & wife 
& three Daughters, M** James Smith & wife Both 
M" Belchers, M" Jones & M' Waller, went in the 
afternoon to Jamaica Pond & lishcd there with 
Cap^ Jacohson had pretty Good Sport M* Went- 
worth lies dangerously 111 at Roxbury M' Cope- 
land took his Face this afternoon. 

26 Aug. M" Rowe growing Better, very hot 

27 Aug. The weather still very hot. M* Amiel 
& I went to Mystick & din*d there at Jones, aftei^ 
wards we went to Spot Pond & caught a Good many 
small Perch & Returned in the evening. The 
weather changed, the wind Easterly & very Cold. 

29 Aug. M" Rowe not as well as yesterday. 

Aug. 30. Mr. Core came early this morning & 
we went to Cap* Kendricks a fishing, wee were 
joyned by Major Golthwait, M' Anniel & M' Calef. 
wee all dined there & a very elegant Dinner Par- 
tridges for the first time this season. The Garland 

DIARY— 1766 109 

maiin of War sailed this day on a Cruise. Cap* St 

Aug. 3V\ M" Rowe (thank God) much Better. 

2 Sept. M" Rowe took an auing in the Chariot 
this forenoon for the first time since her Illness. 

4 Sept. Rose very early this morning & settled 
with Cap* Dashwood who siiiled ah** Ten of Clock 
Came home & took a Ride Out with M"* Rowe. 
dhiM at home with M"^ payne of Taunton Lawyer 
& M' Addams of Braintoee jLawyer and Miss Sucky. 
Spent part of the afternoon with the Creditors of 
Cap* James Forbes. 

Sept. 6. Tho" Oliver sent for my Sorrell Mare 
this morning for which he is to give me a hundred 
dollars or retiun me the Mare again in the Spiing 
safe & sound, if any accident happens to her it's 
at his Risque by agreement. I went this forenoon 
with Cup* .la<u)l>s()n to Gov' Barnard's to get his 
despatches but they were not Reddy. Cap* Mar- 
shall has arr'd in Nanbisket from London having 
the small-pox on board. 

Sept. 7. I met the Selectmen this morning about 
Cap* Marshall's affairs and sent him some provisions 
<;tc. I went to the Charitable Lecture at Fanewill 
Hall & heard the Rev'^ M*^ Elliot [ireach a sensible 
Discourse Cap* Freeman arriv'd from London this 

Sept. 9. Set out with John Nazzro for Dighton. 
Stopt at Col. Doty's & at the Wid" Noyes at 
Stoughtonham & dined at the Wid"* Godfrey's at 
Norton. Rciiched Taimton at three of Clock, met 


Colo. White & went with him to Dighton. old 
Colo. Richmond was not at home, wee went to 
Eben Stedsons & stayed there all night. 

Sept. 10. Old Colo. Richmond met iis & de- 
livered all Stedson's effects as pr inventory in 
presence of John Nazzro & Eben Stedson to Colo. 
White & me. After dinner I set out with Colo. 
White & drank tea at his house with M" White & 
her two daughters which appeavr very neat &c. 

Sept. 11. Set out of Taunton for home, stopt 
at Howard's & at the Wid* Noyes where I met Edw'* 
Quincy Jun' & breakfasted there, wee set out for 
Colo Doty's Reached his home at Eleven of Clock. 
M' Quincy & I went a fishing, after dinner set out 
for home & stopt at his honour the Lieut Gover- 
nour's & I d'ld his Daughter the Sheriff Richmond's 
Return on Stedson's affairs with the Inventory 

Sept. 12. Sold my Ship — Cap' Hatch — to Cap' 
Taylor & M' Rider — in the 'afternoon I went to 
the Funeral of my old Friend Sam* Wentworth. 
Spent the eve'ng in part at home & the remainder 
at the Coffee House. 

Sept. 14. Sunday. The Rev* W Walter was 
Published to Miss Lidia Lynds this forenoon. Cap*^ 
Oman arrived from London this morning. 

17 Sept. Mot the Selectuion in the afternoon — 
at six of Clock met the Creditors of Eben Stetson at 
the Coffee House. 

18 Sept. Cap^ Marshalls snow came up from 
Nantasket yesterday in the afternoon. I went to 

DIABY — 1766 111 

M' Smith's Farm at Watertown M' Fessendens 
Brother & dined there with M' James Smith & wife 
M' Muiray & wife, Two M** Belchers M' Lmian, M' 
Walter Colo Henry VafsaU & wife M' TroUet, M" 
Cutler M' J. Amiel & wife & Miss Chrifsy, Cap' 
Biintin & Two French Gentlemen from Guadalope. 

20 Sc[)t. Cap*^ Freeman arr'd from Bristol in 
him came M' John Powell. Cap* Ashburn also ar- 
rived from Liverpool. 

21 Sept. Sunday — Both M' Hoopers & his (M' 
Walter's) were good & sensible Discourses but a 
Httle Metiiphisicsil. 

23 Sept. Cap* Daverson Sen' arrived from Lon- 
don. I went to Fresh Pond & din'd there on 
Turtle with Henry Vafsall & wife & (a large com- 

Sept. 24. The Custom house attempted to seize 
some wine out of Malcom's cellar but were liuidered 
from it by about two hundred people makuig their 
uppeiimnce in the street. The Governour & Coun- 
cil met on the affair of the Seizure but they could 
make nothing of it. 

Sept. 25. The Governour & Council met again 
on this affair, & examined many Evidences, but 
could make nothing of it. 

Sept. 26. M' White moved into my house on I 
Monday, the 22" Sept at £8 p annum — this house J 
adjoumes to M*^ Amiel's. 

Sept. 29. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmens 
Room. I 

30 Sept. Rose very early this morning & went 


a fishing with James Perkins & Sam^ Calef wee 
din'd together under a tree on the Causeway he- 
yond Dedham Island. Wee had very great sport. 

2 Oct. Cap' Sheppard in Briggs Ilalloweirs 
Briggantine sailed for London. 

3 Oct. The Selectmen met & ordered a Town 
Meeting on Wednesday next. 

Oct. 5"*. Cap' Coppinger arr'd at Cape Ann & 
came to Town, from Martiuico & gives an ace' of 
Ninety Sail of Vessels being lost there in a Hurri- 
cane in August. 

Oct. 7. P* Green 7 Dollars for horsehire etc go- 
ing to Bridgewater. 

Oct. 8. Town Meeting this forenoon. The 
Town Voted that the Sufferers liere have Compen- 
sation made them provided they apply in a parlia- 
mentary way. Yesterday in the afternoon M' 
Samuel Holbrook was buried. 

Oct. 10. Met the Selectmen at Fanewill Hall 
this morning. This afternoon I met the Committee 
on Cap' Dan* Malcom's affair — James Otis, Sam 
Adams, myself Edw** Quincy — John Hancock, 
Joshua Henshaw & Edw"* Payne. Spent the eve'ng 
at the Possee. 

Oct. 13. M"* R. much hurried in removing from 
one house to the other Met the committee on Cap' 
Malcolm*s affaiir. 

Oct. IG. Slept this night for the first time in 
our new house which is a Very Good, Handsome & 
Convenient house. Went to Little Cambridge on 
business The Rev^ M" Hooper went into the House 
I came out off this day. 


DIARY— 1700 113 

Oct. 15). Siuulay. Stayed at home with Andrew 
Bruniiier on bnsiness — I went to church hi the 
afternoon M' Hooper read prayers & M' Walter 
preached from 3"* Chap. Proverbs & 6** Verse — 
this was a clever sensible discourse. 
- Oct. 20. Dined at home with Cap* Harris 
Hatch — set out with him for Dighton jit two of 
Clock — wee stopt at Colo. Doty's & from thence 
reached M" Noyes' Wee spent the evenuig there 
with Eihii'* Qiuncy Jun" & a Dartmouth Man & 
slept there. 

Oct. 21. Wee put on to Howards at Easton, 
there breakfasted & from thence to Taunton — wee 
stopt at M'Quarters & thence to Dighton. There 
wee dined at Eben Stedson's — after dinner wee be- 
gan to sell M*^ Stedsons thmgs Cap* Hatch b° the 
Brigg" Abigail appurtenances & cargo for me at 
six hundred & ten poumls lawful money — John 
Nazro sold part of the Household Furniture. 

Oct. 22. WiHi rose very early this mornuig & 
examined the Brigg — sent for the Joyner & several 
other Tradesmen. M*^ Stedson had agreed with the 
Joyner for 34 DolLirs for his work & Stedson to 
find the stuff. After duiner wee begun the Vendue 
& cournuied until dark — from M' Stedson's, Capt 
Hatch & I went to Colo. White's. 

Oct. 23. Set out for Boston. We breakfasted 
at M*'Quarter's & from thence to Howards & from 
Howard's to the Wid"* Noyes' & from thence to 
•lames Smith's at Brush Hill, there we dined with 
him & Lady. Old Madam Belcher & M" Belcher 


her Daughter, M** Jones, M' Inman, M' Cutler Mifs 
Blowers, Miss Anna Clark, Miss Dolly Murray & 
Miss Betty Murray, 

Oct 24. Spent the afternoon at the Coffee 
House on an Arbitration between Joseph Rhodes & 
Geo. Stacy & Cap^ Brown of Marblehead. the 
Referees Jos, Winslow Esq', M' John Pidgeon & 
myself. Met the Arbitrators on Rhodes & Stacy 

Oct. 25. Spent an hour at Normandy. 

26 Oct. This morning Cap' Jarvis arrived from 
London having a Long Passage of Eight Weeks & 
three Days. I paid a visit to Old M' Gould who I 
found very 111 in the Gout. 

27 Oct. Cap* Hunter ssiilcd from Nantsiskct 
Road, in the afternoon I went to the Select mens 
Room and attended there. 

30 Oct. Cap* Young arriv'd from London. After 
dinner I went & p** a visit to M' Harrison Our new 
Collector & spent tlie evening at the ColVee House. 

1 Nov. Spent my time this forenoon with M' 
John Pidgeon on Sbicy & Rhodes affali's. 

Nov. 4. The House of Assembly tried for a 
Compensation for the Sufferers this afternoon but 
did not obtain — there were 51 against it & 4IJ 
for it. 
''^'^^Nov. 5. This is a Day of Confusion in Boston 
occasioned by a foolish Custom of Carrying about 
the pope & the Devill &c on a large carriage thro* 
the streets of this Town, indeed three very large 
\^ ones made theii* appeai'ance this day. Finished the 
affair between Rhodes, Stacy & Brown. 

DIARY— 1766 115 

Nov, 12. Diiied at M*^ Francis Johaunot's with 
him & wife & three daughters, M' Craddock, An- 
drew Belcher & Byfield Lyde. The Select men met 
this afternoon. Wee did a Good Deal of Business 
Capt Coflin arrivM from London in M' Hancock's 

Nov. 13. Tliis day the General Couil; was ad- 
journed for three weeks. Spent the afternoon with 
John Scolly's Creditors. 

Nov. 19. I went to Dr. Sewall's Meeting house 
to see the Rev*^ M' Blair Installed. A great many 
People wore there. M*^ Pcmberton pniyed & M' Blair 
prcju^hed from 11" Chap, to the Romans 13 verse. 

Nov. 20. Went on business to M' Otis & gave 
him a Guinea for a fee on M' Rob^ Cook's business 
in the Admiialty. 

Nov. 22. Last night I sent my negro Cato to 
Bridewell for a very bad fault. 

Nov. 25. Spent tlie afternoon with the Commit- 
tee of the General Court, M*^ Speaker, M' Otis, M' 
Stephen Hall, M' Adams, M' Hancock, M' Dexter. 
A number of Merchants were there. Am in hopes 
wee shall get Redress in our Trade. 

Nov. 20. Rose very early & went & paid a visit 
to M' Jos. Harrison & Gov"^ Barnard. Got Cap^ 
Robertson's aifairs thro'. Met the Selectmen at 
their room in the afternoon. A Transport Sliip 
arr'd bound from Halifax to Quebec but could not 
get up the River. She has seventy people belonging 
I/O the Royal Train of Artillery on board, forty-three 
women & nineteen children. The master Cap* 
Smith values on me. 


27 Nov. Thanksgiving Day. This day is my 
Birthday being now entering into my fifty second 

28 Nov. Met tlie Committee of the Genenil 
Court this afternoon. 

29 Nov. Cap' Smith in M' Sam Hughes Brigg 
arriv'd from London this day. Received two letters 
from M' Peter Hubbert dated at Manticoke River 
Maryland November 4\ 17G6. The Gent'" Belong- 
ing to the Train agreed witli Jn** Bryant for Beef 
& Archibald M^Neal for Bread. 

Dec. 2. The Merchants made a Dinner for Cap* 
Gideon at the Coffee house & a very Genteel Enter- 
tainment it was. The Company did me the Honour 
to Preside & the Company consisted of the following 
Gentlemen, myself Cap* Gideon M' Peele Docf^ 
Pettigrew. Joshua Winslow Esq James Pitts Tho" 
Flucker Jam* Botineau Rob* Hooper Esq of M'ble- 
head. M' Inman M' John Erving Jun*. M*^ Joseph 
Green. M' James Otis M"^ Nich. Boylston. M' John 
Boylston M"^ Aniold Wells M*^ ICcV^ Puiue W Edw" 
Davis. M*^ Stephen Greenleaf M*^ J"" Anu)ry M"^ 
Jonathan Amory M' Ezek. Golthwait M*^ Sam 
Hughes M' Ezek* Price M' Benj" Hallowell Sen' 
M' Briggs Hallowell. M' Rob* Hallowell. M^ Tho" 
Cushing M' Jolin Hancock. M* Henderson Tnclu^s 
M^ John Timmins M' James Perkins M' Tho' 
Brattle M' John Powell M' George Irving M' Mur- 
ray M' W" MoUineaux M^ Henry Loyd. M"^ Geo. 
Bethune Rich'* Clark Jona. Simpson Edm'* Quincy 
Rob* Gordon. 

DIAHY— 1760 117 

After Diuiier the follo\ving Toasts were Drank 
1. Tlie King 2. The Queen & Royal Family 3 
The Parliament of Great Britain 4 His Majesty's 
Ministry 5 The Earl of Chatham 6 Lord Chan- 
cellor 7 Gen* Conway 8 Earl Sherburne 9 
Duke of Gi-afton 10 Duke of Newcastle 11 The 
Earl of Chestcrfieia 12 Duke of Richmond 13 
The Chancellor of the Exchequer 14 The Right 
Hon'ble Sir Arthur Onslow 15 Gen* Howard 16 
Colo* Barre 17 The Patrons of the British Colo- 
nies 18 The Lords of Trade 10 The Lords of 
the Admiralty 20 The Army & Navy 21 The 
Extension of Trade & Commerce. 22 The United 
& Inseparable Interest of Great Britain & Her 
Colonies 23 May the True Interest of Great 
Britain & Her Colonies be Never Hidden of their 
Eyes 24 Sir Edw^* Hawk 25 My Lord Colvil 
20 Prosperity of N** America. 27 A Good Voy- 
age to the Jamaica. Capt W" Robertson in Cap' 
Fair's ship sailed this forenoon for London 

Dec. 5. This Day the Court voted Compensation 
to the Sufferers The Treasurer's wife, M" Gray 
was buried this afternoon Dined on board the 
Thames with him Rev M*^ Walter, M' John Hancock 
(& others) 

Dec. 7. A fire broke out ab° four of Clock this 
morning in our Lane & burnt M' Snow's potash 
house down vntli the Buildings Adjoyning. Went 
to Church this forenoon M*^ Walter preached a 
sensible Discourse & historic^d 

8 Dec. Town meeting this forenoon. Settled 


with Cap* Geneste & he saii'd for Lond** ab** five of 

9 Dec. Cap^ Jarvis set out for Providence. I 
p'* him £200.2/ hiwf uU money to pay M' Brown 
this day a Brigg* arrived from Bristol 

11 Dec. Cap* Morrison sailed this day for the 
Straights Met the Creditors of John Scollay Esq 
this afternoon 

12 Dec. Din'd at Major John VafsalFs at Cam- 
bridge with him & wife (& ten others) After 
Dinner Miss Penny & Edw** Winslow set out from 
thence for PlymouUi came home with Major Byard, 
of New York, in his Phaeton. 

17 Dec. Settled with Decon Foster & wife 
about the Tron works. Spent the afternoon with 
the Selectmen Colo Jackson M" Sam' Sewall M*^ 
Ruddock, Deacon Newall, Deacon Phillips & John 
Hancock Esq & the eve'ng at M" Cordis*. 

18 Dec. One Joseph Andrews, a Portugese was 
taken at Marblehead & brought here & put into 
Goal for Piracy. 

20 Dec. It has snowed all night & is very deep 
after Dinner put the Horses in the Sleigh but 
could not get over the Neck the snow very very 
much drifted. 

Dec. 21. No post in. 

23 Dec. Spent the afternoon & evening with 
the Committee of Merchants namely M*^ Edw"* 
Payne M' John Ei-ving, M' Tlio' Gray & M' Sam 
Hughes at Colo. Ingersolls (Bunch of Grapes 

DIAUY — 17G7 119 

24 Dec. M" Speakinan went out of Town this 
morning Ch|)* Scott arrived from London Cap* 
Bryce is also arriv'd from London. 

Dec. 20. I sent Andrew Brimmer to Salem this 
morning on BuiTams affaii*s Spent the eve'ng with 
the Free Masons Committee of Charity. 

Dec. 30. Spent tlio eve'ng at Colo. Ingersolls 
with JeiTy Gridley & ahout 40 Brethren. Another 
snowstorm blows veiy hard. 

Dec. 31. A very cold Day the Ink freezes as 
I write. 


Jan. 7. Went to Town Meeting in the after- 
noon & spent the evening at M' Cordis' at a very 
Genteel Entertainment & Dance where I presided. 
This eve'ng Cap*^ Willijims of the 3J)th Regiment 
was Jirrcstod by Shorilf Grcenlcaf ou the suit of 
M*^ .lohn Spoonor, which occ;isioned much noise &c 
in Town. 

Jan. 8. The Gov' Sent for me this morning. I 
was bound for Cap' Williams. Met the Proprietors 
of Point Shiiley at the Coffee House. Ezek* Gol- 
thwait, M*^ Pitts, M^ John Hancock & M' Nath. 
Holmes & spent the eve'ng at M" Clappam's. 
Dined at Cap' Solo Davis on Venison. 

Jan. 13. Spent the evening at M** John Erving 
Jun' at a wedduig ProUick — this was an agreeable 
Frollick & T had the pleasure to dance with the 
Bride M" Stewart. 

Jan. 17. Dined at M™ Cordis' at the invitation 


of Cap* Willson. Cap* Henry Smith in the Trans- 
port Sailed this day. Cap* Jarvis was ready but 
Sprang a Leak. 

Jan. 20. Colo. Gorham & Lady arrived in Cap* 
Soames from Halifax. Dined at Af Clappam's by 
Invitation from Cap* Williams with him & Gov' 
Barnard, Major Byard, Major Butler, Cap* Will- 
iams, M' Gregory Townsend & Lieu* CarghUl. 

22 Jan. Begins to snow. Spent the evening at 
Cap* Matchet's at the North End with liim (several 
other gentlemen) & Cap* Clark a Stranger who di- 
verted us much in playing the slight of hand. 

23 Jan. This morning the Cause between 
Charles Ward Apthoi-pe & M' Deblois came on & 
lasted the whole day Spent an hour with the 
Grand Lodge & the evening at the Colfee House. 

24 Jan. After dinner I took a Ride with Major 
Byard over the Neck very good Sleighing. Spent 
the evening at the Pofse. 

Jan. 26. Met the Selectmen at tlie Representa- 
tives Rooms. Joshua Winslow Esq' one of the 
Court of Sessions met us, but no other of the Jus- 
tices. Spent the afternoon at M"* Cordis* on a Ref- 
erence between Dr. Gardiner & M" James Flagg, 
M' Paine, Henderson Inches & Sam Hughes were 
the Referees — it was a Publick Hearing & a Great 

Jan. 29. Was alanned early this morning by the 
Cry of Fire — two Times two Thieves set the Goal 
on fire & got away — it did not do much damage. 
The General Court met yesterday — I met the 

DIAHY — 17C7 121 

Creditors of Cap* James Forbes, we agreed to allow 
him 10 p cent on the Simi he collected. Spent 
the evening at the Coffee house at a Dance. Cap* 
Jarvis sail'd for London. 

Febry 2^ M" R. & I paid a visit to the Surveyor 
General & Lady where we found tlie Governour's 
Lady, the Secretjiry, lady & three Daugliters, 
Sheriff Greenleaf, lady & Miss Nabby, M" Rob' 
Temple & two Daughters, Colo Gorham & lady, 
Madam Apthorp, Dr. Bulfinch & wife, M' Pitts & 
Lady, & Miss Betty, M' Armiel & wife, M' Inman, 
the Rev'' M' Walter & wife, the Rev'* M*^ Troutbeck 
M" Sheaffe & Miss Sally, Cap* Phillips & wife, M" 
Boudoin, Miss Howard, Miss Alice Whipple the 
fau' Quaker & Miss W*" PhiUips. Spent part of 
the afternoon with the Selectmen & a Committee of 
the Sessions, Sam Wells Esq, Rich** Dana Esq, 
Joshua Winslow Esq & Foster Ilutchhison. 

Feb. 3"*. Set out for Salem with M*^ Sam. Calef — 
dined at Norwood's at Lynn — csiUed on M' Goidd. 
Reached Salem at three of Clock. I went to see 
Friend Buffam, had a great deal of Conversation on 
his Affairs — visited M' Jos. Douse, M' Fisher also 
M"^ Pyncheon the Lawyer. Spent the eve'ng at 
Col. Pickuian's — Slept at tlie Tavern. 

Febry 4*^. After Breakfast set out for home & 
upon the Road heard of a great fire hi Boston 
which broke out in Bray the Baker's Warehouse & 
spread round about the Neighborhood, that it Con- 
Kiuiicd more than Twenty liouses among whicli was 
M' Jonatlian WiUiams Dwelling House several 


houses of M^ John Hancock's, several Belonging to 
Cap* Ball — it Begun at ten of Clock & continued 
until Three in the morning when it was stopt. 
Spent the afternoon at the Selectniens Room. 

Febry 6. Spent the afternoon & evening at the 
Selectmen's rooms with the Committee of the Ses- 
sions & the Committee of the Town about the Sale 
of the Townhouse. Sam. Wells Esq, Jos. Winslow 
Esq, Jerry Gridley Esq, Poster Ilutchinmm Esq & 
Rich** Dana Esq — Joseph Jackson Esq, M' Sjim* 
Sewall, Deacon W" Phillips, Deacon No wall & my- 
self. We also drew a petition to the General Court 
in Behalf of the Sufferers by Fire. Gave M" Kent 
Cap* Barker's bond to Sue. 

Peb'iy 7. A very cold night. My pump in the 
front yard froze. After dinner 1 went Sleighing in 
Bmcketts sleigh with M*^ Paine of Taunton, John 
Amory, Johnathan Amory, Henry Hill, Edm*' Quincy 
Tertius, Sam* Quincy, Dr. Jos. Gardner, Dr. Oliver 
Wendall & James Lovell. We went round Jamaica 
Pond & Stopt at Gideon Gardners on the Neck 
where we were Joyned by W"* Taylor, Nat. Taylor, 
Gregory Townsend & Frank White & Bart** 

Feb'ry 9. The two Committees of Town & County 
mot the Committee of the Generjil Court ah** the 
Townhouse — for the General Court Cap^ Edw'' 
Sheaffe, M' Stephen Hall — for the County Sam' 
Wells, Jos. Winslow, Jerry Gridley, Foster Hutch- 
inson & Rich** Dana Esq"* — for the Town Colo. 
Jackson, M' Sam* Sewall, W" Phillips, Deacon 

DIARY— 1767 123 

Newall & myself. The Justices of the Town of 
Boston, the Ovei^seers of the Poor & the Select Men 
met this afternoon to fix a time for a general Visi- 

Feb'17 10. Attended the Tiyal between Dr. Gar- 
diner & M' Flagg. 

14. Feb. It has snowed all night — in the after- 
noon Major Byard called on me & wee took a Ride 
in his Sleigh & stopt at Gardners where wee found 
a Good Company. 

Feb'ry 19. In the afternoon met the Creditors of 
M' John Wennid at Colo. IngersoUs & afterwards 
met the Creditors of M' Jn** Nichols at the Coffee 
House. Spent the evening at home with the Fire- 
wards. Dined at home with Colo White of Taun- 
ton, Major Leonard of Norton, his son-m-law, Colo 
Payne of Worcester, M"^ Stephen Hussey of Nan- 

Feb'ry 20. This day let M' Pipon half the Brick 
House in this Lane at ten pound lawfuU money p 
anum. Cap^ Hatch sailed this morning for Lon- 

Feb'ry 24. This morning the Lawyers finished 
their Debates on D' Gardiner & Flagg's affaii*s & 
tlie Court adjourned until the 2'* of March to give 
their Opinion. 

Feb'iy 2G. The House of Representatives have 
been all day on the Land Bank scheme. I met the 
Creditoi-8 oF M*^ Hope. 

Feb'17 27. I sign'd the Deeds for Cap' Forbes' 
Houses — at four met the creditors of Sam. Buifam 
at the Coffee House. 


Mar. 6. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmens 
room. The Sufferers by Fire Brought in their 
ace** of what they had lost at the Fire the 3"* 
feb'ry — wee went tlirough the whole «icc^. 

7 March. After Dinner Cap^ Davis M'' Inman & 
I paid a visit to Robert Gould who wee found laid 
up with the Gout — then wee went to Cap^ Ben- 
nets & drank a Bottle of Madeini with Lewis Gray 
& Cap' Doble. 

Mar. 9. Town Meeting today on which I at- 
tended all day. 

Mar. 10. Spent the afternoon with the Select- 
men, the same as last year, on the distribution of 
tlie money given by the province to tlie sufferers. 

Mar. !!• The Superior Court set yesterday. 
M' Benj"* Austin M' J"** Timmins & I sat on an 
Arbitration between Levi Stedson & W"' Ilayden 
& finished our Report & carried it in this forenoon. 
Afternoon met the Selectmen at their Room. 

Mar. 12. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmen's 
room in Disti*ibuting money to the sufVorers by 
Fire. M' Jolm Pidgeon & I met the Ccmnnittee 
of the General Court at M' Blodgets on Jos. Rhodes 
& Geo Stacey's affairs. 

Mar. 13. The General Court chose Commission- 
ers to treat with the Government of New York 
about the Line between them & us — The Lieut. 
Governor, Colo. Brattle & M' Sheaffe of Charles- 

Mar. 14. Still exceeding cold & sharp. It froze 
almost as far as the Castle tonight. Went to Court 

DIARY — 1707 126 

this forenoon on an Action depending between 
Colo. Gridley & Andrew Hall. 

Mar. 17. St Patrick's Day. Dined at Cap' 
Moses Bennet's with the Sons of St Patrick — M' 
FoiTest, Cap' Malcom, old M' Malcom, two Bry- 
ants, Cap' W" Nichols, Cap' McDonald, Cap' 
Macikay, Avch'' McNeal, IMio" lionnct, Janios 
Thompson, W" Thompson, Cap' Tho" Mitchell, Cap' 
Moses ]}cnnet. Cap' Matchet, M' W" Bowers, James 
Otis Esq, M*^ Lewis Gray, Cap' Hopkins, M' Nath' 
Spear, Dr Cast & a great many others I did not 
know. In the aFlernoon 1 went to C<mrt — they 
voted M*^ Dehort two hnndrcd ponnds st'lg for a 
ycjir's sjilary. 

Mar. 18. This is Anniversary Day when the 
parliament of Great Britain re])ealed the Stamp Act. 
I dined at Col. IngcrsoU's with the followuig Gen- 
tlnnuMi. Colo. JnrviH, Siini' Qnin<^y, .los. Scot, Jos. 
Winslow jun', Grcg<ny Townsoiid, M*^ Forrest, 
Tho" Amory, Jos. Blanchard, Dan^ Ilnhhard, Peter 
.lohannot, Tho" Brinley, Tim^ Folgee, Edn/ Qnincy 
Tertius, M*^ Trnmhall of Lebanon, The* Apthrop 
Rob' Ilallowell, John Timmins, M*^ Smith from Lon- 
don, Tnthill Hubbard, W" Coffin jun', Dr W" Lee 
Perkuis, VaW^ Davis, &ini. Calcf, M' Joslah Quincy, 
M^ Sam* Treat Pauie of Taunton, M' W"' Davis & 
M' Tho" Brattle. We had a very Genteel Dinner. 
After dinner they desired me to be Toast Master on 
the o(»,(yision. The following Toasts were Drank. 
The King— The Queen & Royal Family— The 
Parhament of Grciit Bribiin — His Majesty's Minis- 


try— The Earl of Chatham — The Lord Chancellor 
— General Conway — Duke of Grafton — Mavcjuis 
of Uockingham — The Chancellor of the Excheti- 
uer, Gen. Howard — Colo. Barry — Su* W" Mer- 
dith — The Five Dissenting Lords — The Patrons of 
the British Colonies — The Lords of Trade — The 
Lords of the Admiralty — The Army & Navy — 
The Extension of Traded Commerce — The United 
& Inseparable Interest of Gr. Britain & Her Colonies 
May the True Interest of Great Britiiin & her Colo- 
nies be never off their Eyes. Prosperity to the 
Province. May the 18** Day of March 1766, the day 
the Stamp Act was repealed be ever had in memory 
by all True Britiiius & Ameriwins — Prosperity 
to the Sons of Liberty — Prosperity to the Town of 
Boston. At four of Clock in the afternoon I was 
obliged to attend at Fanueil Hall, where there met 
a great Concourse of People to Drink the King's 
Health &c prvote of the Town & the same Toasts 
were drank as above. The Hall was ilhmiinated also 
Liberty Tree & sundry other Gentleman's Houses. 
I never saw more Joy than on this occasion. 

Mar. 10. I attended the Selectmens room this 
forenoon. After met the Committee of the Affairs 
of M"^ Ebenczer Perry. Bought of John Ruddock 
Esq 7 Lottery Tickets. 

N" 10;{8 Gave M'* R. 

" 1039 " Sukylnman 

" 1040 " Sally Inman 

" 1041 " George Inman 

" 1042 Kept myself 

DIA11Y--1707 127 

N^ 1043 Kept myself 

" 1044 Sold James Kennedy. 

Mar. 20. I was called on by Cap^ Daws to view 
the Land by the Fortification. Spent an hour at 
Bi*ackets on business with Judge Danforth, General 
Ruggles, Colo Bradford, Tho' Cobb. 

Mar. 25. There was a General Council this fore- 
noon. The Gov' appointed M*^ Trowbridge, a Judge 
of the Superior Court, oiu* Friend Jerry Gridly, 
King's Attorney General, M' Sewall, special Attorney 
to act in the absence of M' Gridley. Several other 
promotions. Spent the evening at M" Cordis'. This 
night wceUegulatod the price of wine & punch with 
M' Cordis. Twenty Shilluigs a double Bowl Punch. 
Tliiity Shilluigs a Bottle Madeira. 

Mar. 27. Spent the afternoon & evening with 
the Select men at Fanewill Uall where we made a 
Division of the Remainder of tlie money to the Sid- 
ferers by Fire. 

Mar. 28. Dined at J"° Champney's at the Tiulcs- 
head on a wager of a Rump & Doz" — lost by 
Tho* Brattle. 

Mar. 31. Town meeting this forenoon. I was 
on an arbitration between Cap* Glover of Mhead & 
the Underwriters at M' Pidgeons ollice. The arbi- 
trators were five — namely Foster Hutchinson Esq, 
Nat. Betliiuie, Isiuic Smith, Sam G Hughes & my- 

3 April. The Governor & liis Son ciime to see 
our New House this afternoon. 

April 5. After church there was a Vestry to 


consider of the Selectmen's Letter ab** a Contribu- 
tion for the Sufferers by Fire. 

7 April. Met the Creditoi-s of M*^ John Cotton 
anil adjourned untill Pryday. 

Apr. 8. Spent the aftenioon with the Justices 
& Selectmen ab** laying out a New Street in Paddy's 

10 April. Attended tlie Tryal between Charles 
W Apthoi*pe & M*^ Deblois. 

Apr. 14. Between 10 & 11 of Clock my most 
valuable & worthy & never to be forgotten Friend 
the Rev** M*^ Hooper fell down in his Garden & ex- 
pired instantaneously to the Great Grief & Sorrow 
of his People & the Loss of his Family. Met the 
Church Wardens & Vestry at three of Clock to con- 
sult on M*^ Hooper's Funenil. My Sloop Chagford 
went a whaling this day. 

April 15. Met the proprietors of Long Wharf 
at M™ Cordis this afternoon, also attended the Se- 
lectmen, also the Funeral of M" Jeffries. Also met 
the Church Wardens & Vestiy of Trinity Church. 

10 April. Met the Justices and Selectmen at the 
Hall & finished the alfair of the street. 

Apr. 17. I attended the mournfull funeral of 
my worthy & much Lamented Friend the Rev** M*^ 
Hooper. The Great C(mcoui'se & Multitude of 
People that atteiuled this Solemnity is hardly to be 
conceived His bearers were the Ilev'' Dr Chauncey, 
Dr Byles, M*^ Thompson of Scituate, M' Winslow of 
Braintree M"^ Troutbeck & M^ Walter, the Throng 
was so great at the Church that a great many Gen« 

DIARY— 1767 120. 

tleiTieu & Ljidies coiild not get in to the church. 
M*^ Troutbcck roiid the Burial Service on this oc«i- 
sion & M*^ Walter preached a very Pathetick & mov- 
ing Discourse from 14^*" Chap Revelations & 13" verse. 
After church returned to the House of mourning 
& I endeavoured to give Comfort to the distressed 
family. I inteiul to be their friend. 

Apr. 20. I went to Trinity Church this fore- 
noon for the Choice of officers the ensuing year. 
M' Greenleaf & M' W*" Coffin sen*^ were chosen 
Church Wardens & 12 vestrymen. 

Yesterday M' Murray, M' Donn & mee went to 
the tludgo of Probate to prove M' Hoopers will. 

Apr 2JJ. Dhied at E/xjk' Goldthwait's with huu 
& wife, Cap*^ Michael Dalton & wife, M™ Hooper of 
Marblehead, M" Lewis, M" Cummmg, Miss Patty 
Goldthwait, M' Inman & Miss Goldthwait. M" 
Hooper went to Copley to have lier Picture drawn 
!us (lid Ca[>^ Dalton & wife. 

Apr. 26. Sunday. After church there was a 
gathering for to make the expense of the Fmiei-al of 
M' Hooper. They collected seventy two pounds. 

Apr. 27. Set out for Plymouth in Company with 
M' Sam Calef & M^ Tho" Knights. Stopt at 
Bracketts, Braintree dined at Cushings at Hingham, 
lleached Dr Hall's at Pembroke ui the afternoon & 
stayed there all Night 

Apr 28. Set out early from Halls & got to Dux- 
buiy Mills. Stopt there & fished, had very Good 
Sjjort. cuught live Dozen Trout. Duied at Dr 
Harlows. Reached Plymouth. I see all my Friends. 
Slept at Cap' White's 


Apr. 29. Went to my Forge with Cornelius 
White, Pelham Winslow, Edw** Winslow jim'. did 
what business I liad to do. After diuner set out for 
Marshfield stopt at Kingston at M' Little's, had 
some conversation witli Miss Lydia Little. Wee 
set out from thence & Reached Duxbury Mills, fished 
there & caught ab** a Dozen Trout. In tlie evening 
wee went to Gen. Winslow's, Marshfield & slept 

Apr 30. We went to Duxbury Brook, had very 
good sport. Returned to the General's & dined 
there. Set out from the General's, Reached Hall's 
& then for Cushing's. 

May 1. Set out for home. Stopt at Brackets, 
got home ab" ten of Clock 

May 4. Met the Selectmen & finished the War- 
rant for Town Meeting. 

May 6. I went to the West Church to the Ordi- 
nation of M' Simeon Howard. The Rev** M'^ Pei^ 
kins of Bridgewater Began with Prayer, The Rev** 
Dr Chauncey preached from, 1^ Chap. Acts & 2** & 
3*^* verses. The ReV' M* Gay of Hingham pmy'd 
& gave the Charge. The Rev** M' Sam Mather 
pray'd also & the Rev** M" Appleton of Cambridge 
gave the Right of Fellowship. Before & after the 
ceremony there was an anthem sung. 

May 8. Town Meeting today for the Clioicc of 
Repi*csentatives the four old ones were chose. 

James Otis Esq' 574 votes. 

John Hancock 618 " 

Tho' dishing 557 " 

DIAliY — 1767 131 

&im* Adams 574 votes, myself 134. 

The whole number of votes was ab*" G48. 

This day arr'd Cap^ Delano from London, in 
27 days passage. 

May 11. I set out for Worcester with John 
Greene, John Nazro & Kennedy. Stopt at Wood- 
burn's & Ueaclied Hows at Marlborough stiiyed & 
slept there. 

May 12. Rode thro' Marlborough, called at M" 
Speakman's. Reached Martin's at Northborough, 
breakfasted there, Reached Furnace's, stopt at the 
bridge & got half a Doz" Trout, got to Worcester 
& dined at Colo. Chandler's. Met Gen. Ruggles 
there, examined the Commissioner's Retui-n on 
Isaac Thomas' Estate, did my Business. Drank 
tea with M" Chandler & Miss Dolly Chandler, spent 
the even'g & slept there. 

May 13. Finished what I had to do, sot out 
with M' John Greene for home, called at Worcester 
Bridge, caught one Trout & Iialf a Dozen perch, 
went forward and stopt at a Brook two miles this 
side of Shrewsbury, caught ten Trout. Reached 
M" Speakman's at Marlborough dined there. P** 
M™ Barnes a visit, drank Tea there. Set out from 
thence & got to Westown. Spent the eve'ng at 
Major Goldthwaits & slept there. 

15 May. M' Iligguis carried off Polly yesterday 
from the Coffee House. 

May 17. Sunday. After church there was a 
Collection for the Sufferers by the late fire. M' 
Walter behaved extremely clever on this Occiision 


& urged his Congregation to tlieir usual Benevo- 

18 May. This day M' Innian set out with James 
Smith & wife & other company for Sherburne & 

May 23. About Ten of Clock I went with M' 
Timothy Fitch to Medford & paid a visit to the 
Rev** M' Turrell & agreed vrith him for his piece of 
Land by my old house for four hundred (hdlars. 
Afterwards dined at M" Benj" Hall's at Medford. 
Wee set out after dinner for Spot Pond & fished 
there. We had but poor Sport. Wee caught ab*" 
4 dozen of small perch, a few pickerel & three 

May 25. I went with the Selectmen to view the 
pavement by the fortification. Spent the afternoon 
at the Selectmen's room, being Dmuglit Day. 

May 26. Went with Deacon Sewall & Dea. Phil- 
lips about pavuig the Road by the Poi-tification. 

May 27. Election Day. I waited on the Gov- 
ernor & Council to the Town House, aftei-wards T 
went with M*^ Tho* Bmttle to Cap^ Kcndricks & 
dined there. When I came home I found the follow- 
ing Gentlemen wei*e Chosen Councillors — first 18 
Sam* Danforth Escp-s Tho" Flucker 
Isaac Royal James Rufsell 

John Irving Sen' Nath. Ropes 

W"* Bi-attle Tim** Paine 

James Boudoin Royal Tyler 

Thos. Hubbard And. Belcher 

Harrison Gray Jn" Chandler 

DIAllY — 17C7 133 

James Pitts Tho* Saunders 

Jos Gerrish Jn° Worthington 

For the Late Colony of Plymouth 
Gamaliel Bi-adford Sam* White 

James Otis Sen*^ Jemhmiel Bowers 

For tlie Tjjite Province of the Main 
John Hill, Nath. Sparhawk & John Bmdbury Esqs. 

For Sagadohock — Jeremiah Powell Esq. 
At Large. 
Benjamin Lincoln, Sam Dexter Esqrs. 

May 28. The Govenr negsitived five Councillors 
this morning The Ilon**'*^ James Otis, Joseph Ger- 
rish, Thos. Siiunders .leramiel Bowers & Sam' Dex- 
ter Esqrs. 

20 May. Cap^ Hunter arriv'd from London in 
37 Days Passage 

May 30. Dined at the Club at M' Williams by 
Pieii)oint's Mills with Peter Johannot, Major Jn** 
VjissiUl M*^ John Timmins, M*^ Forrest, George Brin- 
ley, Tho" Brattle, Dr W" Lee Perkhis, Tho" Ap- 
thoq} M' Spencer & M*^ Dalrymple an officer Spent 
an hour fishing with Dr Calef & M" Bmttle on 
Jamaica Pond 

Jime 1. Artillery Election. Dined at Fjinewill 
Hall by invitation with the Company of Artillery, 
Govcrnour & Council &c & heard the Rev'* M' Shute 
of Ilingham preach a sermon to them from the 9*** 
Chap. Ecclesiastes & 18*^** verse, this was a sen- 
sible Discourse. After dinner M*^ Amiel & I set 
out & Uoa(*luMl in the cvc'ng M' Makintosh's Tav- 
ern at Needham. Wee were soon joyned by Cap* 


Jacobson, M' Sam Calef & M' Tho* Apthoi-p. wee 
spent tlie evening very eheerfully togetlier & slept 

Jime 2. I rose very early this morning & Routed 
up my companions & set out for Bullard's pond at 
Natiek, where went a fishing, had extraordinary 
Sport. We did not weigh the fish, I guess wee 
caught about Eighty weight. I caught 25} lbs 
weighed at Kendrick's. We came back & dined at 
Kendricks with Old Mad°* Apthorp Major Byard 
& Lady M^ Amiel & Wife M' Inman & M" Rowe M' 
Spence & Miss Sally Sheaffe Cap^ Jacobson Sam 
Calef, M' Thos Apthorp, M' Rob' Apthorp, Geo In- 
man & Jack Wheelwright. Wee were very merry 

3 June. Capt Oman sailed for London tliis af- 
ternoon. Spent two hours at M*^ Sam Hughes on 
an Arbitration between Cap* Glover of Marblehead 
and the Underwriters at the North Office. The 
Arbitrators were Foster Hutchinson Nat Bethune 
Isaac Smith, Sam Hughes & myself afterwards I 
went to the Funeral of Cap* Ruddocks Wife. 

June 4. High Training Day. Dined at Fan- 
ewill Hall by invitation from Ye Commissioned 
Officers with the Gov' Council etc. Spent the even- 
ing at the Hall in part & the remainder at home. 

June 5. Very hot. The House examined into 
Bottle Brown's affair ab** drinking in the Common 
with Mean Company etc. Spent the afternoon & 
evening at the Selectmens Chamber in Distributing 
money to the Suffers 

G June. Still very hot. I went to Monotomy 

DIAJIY — 17C7 135 

witli Sam' Calcf & diiiM at Newalls there, with him 
& Andrew Hall, after diuiier wee went a fisliiiig & 
Caught ab** 4 dozen of middling Perch. This even- 
ing it Lightened & thundered & Rained extream 
hard. I hardly ever saw a severer storm. 

8 June. About twelve of Clock I went with 
Capt^ Duncan Ingram to Cambridge & dm'd with 
him at Eben' Braddocks after dinner I went to 
Judge Danfoi*ths on Business & found him gone 
to Boston. Called on Heniy Vafsall & M*^ Trollet, 
spent an hour with them & then Cap*^ Ingmm & I 
went to Freshpond a fishing, had good Sport — 
came to Town & spent the eve'ng at the Pofse 

June 9. tliis forenoon met M' Nath* Bethune, 
M' Foster Hutchinson M' Isaac Smith & M' Sam* 
Hughes on the arbi. between Cap* Glover of Marble- 
head & the Insurers of the North Office. Lent 
Major Jos Goldthwait Twelve pouiuls and sent it 
pr his servant Aaron Richards. 

11 June. Last evening Gov*^ Wentworth arrived 
here from the Southward. I din'd at M' Greatons 
on Turtle with (twenty-eight other gentlemen) 

June 13. Rose very early this momuig for Na- 
tick Pond. On my way there the Horse took 
fright & run against a Rock which overset the 
Chaise — thank God I got no hann only broke my 
fishing Cane. 

June 15. Cap* Brow in Cap* Dashwood's Brigg 
sailed yesterday for St Christopher 

June IG. Dined at home with Cap* Hunter, 
Major Jos. Goldthwaite, M™ Rowe & Suckoy on 


Greenpeas out of our own Garden — in the after- 
noon W" Spcsiknian & I went to Janiuic^i Pond a 
iishing;, had poor Sport. • 

June 17. Convention Day with the Kpiscopal 
Clergy. I went to church this morning, M* Trout- 
heck read prayers & M' Gilchrist of Salem preached. 
There were present the following Clergymen — Dr 
Canes, M' Troutbeck, M' Greaton & M' Walter of 
Boston — M*^ Thompson of Scituate, M' Winslow of 
Braintree, M*^ Lyon of Taunton, M* Usher of Bris- 
tol M' Graves of Providence, M' Graves of New 
London, M' Faii*weather of Narragansett, M' Weeks 
of Marhlehcad, IVP Bayloy of Konnohock, M' Wis- 
wall of C21SCO & W Gilchrist of Salcni who prr^ichod 
'tw:is a Sensihlo Sermon. 

18 June. Rose vei*y early & bought a Quantity 
of Timber for my Wharff of M' Howard 

June 24. Dined at M' Greatons with forty three 
Brethren I presided. The Right Woi-shipful Bro. 
Gndley being sick. 

28th June. Very Dry Weather, the Countiymen 
complain for want of Rain. It has blown very hard 
all Day at the So East but no Rain. 

30 June. A little Rain in the night but Con- 
tinues very Dry — in the afternoon it began to Rjiin 
& it pleas'd God to give it us in good time. Cap^ 
Lyde arrivM from London. 

July 1. This day we visited the Charity Schools 
& dinod at Fanewil Hall, the Selectmen, the Over- 
seers of the Poor, M*^ Secretary Oliver, M*^ Treasurer 
Gray &c others, it was a Genteel Dinner — ab"* Six 

DIARY — 17C7 137 

of Clock M"* Rowe & I went to Cauibridge & speut 
the Evening at M*^ Inman's. 

July 3. When I came to the store I found it 
broke open I lost 4 ps English Taffatyes — 2 doz" 
Silk Stockings J4 ps India TalTaty 1 ps Spanish 
Silk, sonic llihhons & other tilings not known yet. 
J lave been Jiusy all Day in sciirching for my Goods^^'^,^, • 
but to no pui*pose. *C nuai^- 

G July. Set out for Worcester. Stopt at Major V*f^P'' 
Goldthwait's he went with me, wee din'd at M" ' 

Speakman^s at Marlborough. Set out after Dinner, 
M' W'" J. Thompson Joyn'd us at Colo WUhams. 
Wee llciiched M' Fimiaces at Shrewsbui'y. Wee 
caught a Good mefs of Perch supped & slept there 

7 July. Caught another mefs of Fish, got to 
Worcester at ten of Clock, held the Vendue at 
Twelve at M' Sterns — dinM there with General 
Ungglcs, M*^ lilakc Major Thompson, Major Gohl- 
thwailo & M*^ John Nazro the afternoon wee jvd- 
justed several acc^" 

8 Jidy. Set out for home with Major Gold- 
thwait. Wee stopt at Shrewsbury Pond, caught 
a Mefs of Perch & din'd at M*^ Barnes at Marl- 
borough. Set out for Sudbury fish'd there, had 
good sport, came to Major Goldthwaitt at Weston 
& slept there. 

I) July. Rose very early & got home to Break- 
fast, found All Well. 

15 July. Connnenccment Day. I went to Cam- 
bridge, stopt at M' Inman's & din'd at M*^ Smith's 
Farm at Watertown (with a company of thirty 


five which inchided) "Two Madame Belchers M' 
Jas Murray & wife & Miss Dolly Murray, M*^ liinian 

July 21. A most Delightful Rainy mornmg. 
God is very gracious to his People in this Dry time 
& all the People ought to praise His Holy Name. 

July 22. The Rain yesterday fell 5 1-2 Inches as 
measured in our cistern. M' Powells vessel arr'd 
from Madeira with 70 pipes Wine. 

July 23. Attended Court on Davis & Stetson^s 
affairs. The Court would not receive Stetson's 
affadavit & Davis got his cause. 

24 July. Went with M' Tim^ Fitch to Flax pond, 
had very Great Sport, caught upwards of Twenty 
doz" din'd there with MMohn Erving Cap*^ Solomon 
Davis, Cap* Duncan Ingraham, M' Jn" Brown, M' 
Timothy Fitch, Cap* Jacobson & M' Sam* Calef , wee 
spent the afternoon very merry & M*^ Calef & I 
went to Marblehead where I met Jerry Lee & Cap* 
Copmer on Businefs, when done wee spent the 
evening at M" Reeds & slept there 

2G July. After church I went & paid a visit to 
Old M*^ Gould who is very HI of the Gout in his 
Stomach. Cap^ Cummings in my Brigg** Nancy 
arr*d from Liverpool this day. 

July 28. This afternoon the Creditors of Eben' 
Stetson met & voted M*^ John Boylston & mo to go 
to Dighton. 

Aug 1. We went to Punkapong Pond & fished 
there caught 2G Dozen of Pond Perch before 
ten of Clock. (2 gentlemen, M" John Boylston & 

DIARY — 17C7 139 

himself) John Boylston is a Good Companion but 
very Fretful & Uneasy in his make. I should be 
very Glad to accompany him at any Time on a party 
of fishing, especially when the fish Bite fast. 

5 Aug. M" Rowe's Birth Day & forty two years 
old this day. 

12 Aug. While wee were sittuig a Great Rogue 
who calls himself Michael Hendly was brought 
before the Justices, for Breaking open a shop & 
was admitted to Goal. 

Aug 12. Yesterday there was a high Company 
at a launchmg at Weymouth of Clem* Jackson's, 
near eighty gentlemen went from Boston. Spent 
the afternoon with the Justices of the Sessions & 
Select Men on the affair of the Family of the Ty- 
ler's Petition, the Select Men also set upon Li- 

Aug. 14. This day the Colours were displayed 
on the Tree of Liberty & ab** Sixty People (Sons of 
Liberty met at One of Clock & drank the King's 

Aug. 17. After dinner wee went in quest of 
thieves & took up one Davidson a Peddler & Morris 
Morroiis. found one j/ Silk Stockings & one small 
Bit of English Taffaty. M' Wells committed them 
to Bridewell 

Aug 18. Dined at Brush Hill with James Smith 
& wife, M' Murray & wife, M' Amiel & Miss 
Crissy, M*^ Tninan & Miss Polly Hooper, M*^ Powell 
& Jacky Day — M" Rowe & Dolly Murray, M' 
Burgoin & lady was to have been there but they 


overset their Carriage & bruised themselves much 
which hindered them. 

Aug 19, Took up three thieves this forenoon, 
Lawrence & Mary M"Guire & Patrick Marra & sent 
them to Goal. 

Aug 22. Spent the afternoon at the Warehouse 
& at Ckrk's Wharf. M^ Hancock's Union Flag 
was hoisted for the first time. 

23 Aug. The ReV' M' Sargeants son died this 
day. M' W" Gould sailed. 

Aug. 27. This afternoon the Grand Lodge met 
on the affair of the Concert Room. Cap^ Geneste 
sailed for Bellisle. Cap^ Brass arrivM from Bristol. 

Aug. 29. I went with W'" Speakman to Ken- 
drick's. after dinner wee went fishing, coming 
home wee saw a Kite attack a full grown Duck, he 
struck his Tallons into her side which woidd have 
killed her, but did not cany her off being Pursued 
by the people. Cap^ Robson sailed for London this 
day, in whom M' Sears & Colo. Jarvis went paf- 

Sept. 1. This afternoon James Smith was try'd 
& found Guilty of Stealing my Goods. 
^ Sept. 2. A Negro Fellow belonging to the Town 
of Newton was tiy'd for killing a m<an. The Jury 
^ Brought in their Verdict not Guilty. 

Sept. 4. Dined at homo on 1\ntogii(5 M' 
Edw. Winslow of Plymouth, M' Zephaniah Lc;ined 
of Rainham, M' Eben" Stedson of Dighton, M' 
Trollet, Cap^ Solo. Davis, M" Rowe & Sucky 
Spent the eve'ng at the Grand Lodge with the 

DIARY — 1767 141 

Master Wardeus of the three Regular Lodges. I 
attended the Funeml of M' Peleg Wiswall. 

Sept. 11. Last iiight at eleven of Clock departed 
this Life Jerry Gridley Esq' Grand Master of 
Masons & King's Attorney. The Brethren met to- 
gether this afternoon to eonsidt about the Funeral 
procession of our Brother Gridley tomorrow. Sev- 
eral votes were past wliich will he Recorded in the 
Grand Lodge Book. 

Sept. 12. In the afternoon I attended the Fu- 
neral of our Right Worshipful Jerry Gridley Esq, 
Graiul Master, as Deputy Grand Master. The olll- 
ccMH ol* his lu»giniont marched in order (ii-st. then 
the Brethren of St. Andrew's Lodge, then the 
Stewards of the Grand Lodge, tlien the Brethren 
promiscuously two by two. then the Wardens of 
the Second Lodges, then the Wardens of the first 
Tiodgos. th(in the Wardens of the Master's Tjodge. 
then the tliree Masters of the three several Lodges, 
then the past Grand Ollicers & the Troiisurer. then 
the Grand Wardens, then myself as Deputy Grand 
Master, then tlie Tyler with the Grand Master's 
Jewels on a Black Velvet Cushion. The Corps 
the Bearers were the Lieut. Governour, Judge Trow- 
bridge, Justice Hubbard, John Erving Sen', James 
Otis and M' Sam^ Fitch, then followed the Rela- 
tions, after them the Lawyers in their Robes, 
then the Gentlemen of the Town & then a great 
many Coaches, Chariots & Chaises. Such a nudti- 
tude of Specliitors I never siiw at anything before 
since 1 have been in New England. After his Body 


was interred wee Returned in Form to the Town 
house (from whence his Corps was taken at the Be- 
ginning of the Procession) in the same order as wee 
first walked. I do not much approve of such 
parade & show but as it was his Relatives desire, I 
could not well avoid giving my Consent. I tliink 
the Number of the Brethren that attended was IGl. 
upon the whole it was as well Conducted & in as 
Good Order as the Nature of it would admit. 

Sept. 15. Spent the evening at Blodget's in see- 
mg Hinds the Balance Master pei-form — he is but a 
clumsey Hand. M' Inman M** Rowe & Sucky was 

18 Sept. M' Amiel & Gardner set out in quest 
of Powell this morning 

Sept 24. The Sun passed the Equinox about 
twelve of Clock last night. We had a very severe 
Storm, it blew as hard as I ever heard it, accom- 
panied with Thimder Lighting & very heavy Rain. 
M' Walter & wife had like to have been drowned 
at Peck's Wharf Cap^ Skinner arr'd from Ik'istol. 
M" Inman set out for Connecticut 

Sept 27. Afternoon I went to Church. M*^ Wal- 
ter Read prayers & preached from 103^** Psahn & 
19"* Verse. This was a very Pathetick & Good 
Discourse & very Appropriate to M' Walter's late 
Misfortune — in which wee all Rejoyce for God's 
Remarkable DeUverance of him & wife. 

Oct 1. Set out with Cap' Ashborne for Salem. 
Stopt at Flax Pond. I caught two dozen of fine 
large Perch & three Pickerell. Dined at Salem at 

DIARY — 1707 143 

M' Goodliews after dinner I paid a visit to several 
of my old Acquaintivuces & Friends. M' Sam Bar- 
ton, M' Douse, M*^" Epps & Spent the evening at. 
Colo. Pickman's. Slept at Goodliews. a good Tav- 
ern & good Lodging. 

Oct. 2. Went to M' West's Fish Fence. Bought 
his Fish, did some otiier Business — in my way home 
stopt at Flax Pond & Kshed there. Left my Fish- 
uig llod & Leather Dram Bottle there. 

Oct 5. I waited on the Select men this forenoon 
about calling a Town-meeting. Wee agreed on 

Oct 7. Dined at home with Stephen Hufsey, 
Abijah Folger jr Richard Coffin, Isaac Paddock, 
all four from Nantucket. Cap^ Robert Jarvis, Cap* 
Sam* Diishwood & M*^' Rowe Spent part of the even- 
ing at the Coflfee House with Treas. Gray, Tho' 
Gray & John Boylston & the remainder at Turner's 
Ball hi seeing the young Ijivdies Dance. 

Oct 12. About eight of Clock we were alarmed 
by the cry of Fire which proved to be Edes Bake- 
house at the North End. the wind was very high 
but by the Providence of God we soon got the bet- 
ter of it. Cap* Ilohne arriv'd from London. 

113 Oct. Rose very early M' Walter called on 
mee to go to Kendricks — but on Consultation wee 
thought the weather too Cold & therefore adjourn'd 
imtil Thursday. Cap* Copmer sail'd this day ab** 
one of Clock for Biddeford. 

15 Oct. Cap* Davis & Cap* Davison both from 
London arriv'd this afternoon. 


16 Oct. Cap' Wood in a Large Ship from St 
Christophers arriv'd consigned to mee. Cap' Hall 
arrivd from London in 4:5 Days. 

17 Oct. Cap' Calef arrivd from London. 

18 Oct. Cap' Scot arriv'd this day from London. 
23 Oct. Brealcfsisted with Cap' Wood at home. 

Wee set out for Richards wee fished at Dedliam 
Canfsway had good Sport come back to Richards 
& din*d with the Rev'' M"^ Townsond of Meil- 
way, Cap' Woods & W" Speakman. Cap' Ash- 
burn saild to Day. 

27 Oct. Arriv'd the Captains Freeman & Smith 
fi'om London. Spent the afternoon at the Coffee 
House with the Proprietors of Point Shirley — James 
Pitts Ezek' Goldthwtut, John Hsuicock & Nathaniel 

28 Oct. It has blown a veiy heavy Storm all 
Night & continued. Town Meeting this forenoon 
which I attended, in the afternoon Town Meeting, 
again I attended. 

Oct. 29. In the afternoon attended the Town's 
Committee at Fanewill Hall. Present, myself, M' 
Tho" Cushing, Melabiah Bourn, Sam* Austin, Hen- 
derson Inches, Jonathan Williams, Edw** Payne, 
John Ruddock, Joshua Henshaw & Solo. Davis. 
We coidd not agree & therefore adjoiu-ned until to- 
morrow, three of Clock. 

Oct. 30. Met the Selectmen this Forenoon. In 
the afternoon the Committee met by Adjournment. 
Present, myself, Thos. Cushing, Melabiah Bourn, 
Sam' Austin, Henderson Inches, Jonathan Williams, 

DIARY— 1767 145 

Edw'* Payne, John Ruddock, Joshua Henshaw, Solo. 
Davis, W" Greenkuif & 15<hu'' Qnincy tertius. We 
agreed to divide ourselves into six Chisses & to get 
what subscriptions we can. M' Bourn and mee for 
the 9"* & 10"* Wards. 

Oct. 31. After dmner I went over to the Gov- 
ernor's to get Jarvis's pasia signed. 

Nov. 2. Bad news from the back of the Cape. 
Several vessels on Shore. Green & Boylston's 
Brigg* M' Nat. Holmes' Brigg^ M' TuthUl Hub- 
bard's Brigg, Cap' Prince's Sloop, a Connecticut 
Slooj) & a grciit many others. Dind at Bidlards on 
Turtle with (nineteen other gentlemen). 

3"' Nov. M' Uob' Apthorp siiiled for Jamaica 
this day as did Cap* Scot for London. 

4'** Nov. Spent the afternoon with the Select- 
men. Cap' Watts arriv'd from London in whom 
Rcvend Gentlemen Paf sengers, Rob' Temple, Charles 
Paxton, M*" Ilollen & Twenty more names unknown 
to me, except M' Birch, M' Williams, M' Porter. 

5 Nov. A wet Rainy Day. Pope weather! 
Spent the afternoon at the Select men's Room & 
the evening at Colo. Ingersolls with M' Rob' Jen- 
kins & M' Daniel Hubbard, Gent" of the Charitable 

6 Nov. Cap* Jarvis saild for London & Cap' 
Scot & M' Nat Rogers. Spent the afternoon at 
the Selectmens Room. 

7 Nov. This afternoon Cap' Marshall arri'd at 
the pest house from London having the Smiall Pox 
on board. The Select men met & gave Hartly his 


9 Nov. Met the Select men this Forenoon with 
Cap^ Marshall. 

11 Nov. The Superior Court set yesterday & 
too Day. Spent the forenoon & afternoon with the 
Select men. All Present & the Town Clerk. 

12 Nov. M' Blake from Hardwick paid me 
a visit. Din'd at Colo. Ingersolls on Venison with 
(thirteen other gentlemen) got myself pretty mellow 
& came home & went to Bed. 

Nov. 15. M' Walter's child was Christened & 
named Lynde the Sponsors Stephen Greenleaf, Jona 
Simpson & wife. 

Nov. 16. This is my Birthday Old Style & am 
now 52 years old the 27"' Current. Attended the 
Superior Court all day on Eben' Stedsons affaii*s & 
spent the eve'ng at the Coffee House with the Pro- 
prietors of Point Shirley — James Pitts John Han- 
cock^ Ezek* Golthwait & Nat Holmes. 

Nov. 20. Attended the Trial of Thieves & the 
Town Meeting which was conducted with Great 
Propriety & Moderation. Cap^ Blalce arrived this 
avftei'uoon which sjvved the Freighters above three 
hundred pounds Lawful money — this being the 
Time fixed to pay the Duties on Glass, Painter's 
Colour's &c. An Imposition on America in my 
Opinion as Dangerous as the Stamp Act. 

Dec. 3. Thanksgiving Day. I went to Church 
this morning. M' Walter read prayers & preached 
from the 97"' Psalm & the 1*' Verse. This was a 
Clever Discourse & much approved. Spent part of 
the evening at Colo. IngersolFs with the Charitable 
Society & the remainder at Cap*^ Solomon Davis'. 

DIAliY— 17G7 147 

Dec. 4. Speut the afteruoon with the Commit- 
tee for giving Listructioiis to the Representatives, 
Rich'' Daua Esq M' Edw'' Payne, Dr Church, Hen- 
derson Inches & Ezek^ Price. 

Dec. 6. I went to Church both Forenoon & Af- 
ternoon. M' Wjilter read prayers & ])reached both 
Sermons fioni the 1 Jl)"' Psiihu & IGO'" verse. Both 
these Serjuons were MeUiphysic^vl but well pickt 
& iulapted to the present Season. 

Dec. 11. The Halifax Packet arr'd & Brought 
News of the Duke of York*s Death. 

13 Dec. The York Papers Brought acc^ of Colo 
Scots Death, Su* John Sinclairs & Dr Grants Ladys. 

14: Dec. Begms to snow & a gieat Storm. Din'd 
on board the Thames Cap*^ Watts with (fourteen 

15 Dec. This afternoon I attended the Funeral 
of 01(1 Madame Otis. 

17 Dec. Spent the afternoon with the Com- 
mittee of Instructions present Ricli'^ Dana, myself, 
M^ Payne, M' Henderson Inches, M' Ezek^ Price. 

19 Dec. Snows fast again. After Dinner I went 
in tlie Sleigh over to Gardners & spent an hour 
with John Erving Joseph Scot, M' Amiel, Solo 
Davis & Tho Brattle Brought them home. 

Dec. 21. Extreme cold. The Harbour froze in 
as far as the Castle. This Day the shortest in the 

Dec. 22. Snows very fast. Town meeting this 
forenoon — adjourned till three in the afternoon. 
Town meeting this afternoon. The town received 
Our lleport. 


Dec. 25. Christinas Day — very cold. I went 
to eliurcli tliiH forenoon. M" WulUjr rcwul pmyci-s 
& preiiched a very clever sermon from 2*' Cliap. St 
Lnke & 32'' verse. I appland M*" Walter's Heliavionr 
very much. 

Dec. 30. M' Barnes of Marlborough Breakfasted 
at onr House with M" Speakman. Dined at Coh)nel 
Ingei-soUs with the Free Mason's at tlie Celebration 
of St John. Present (49 Brethren) The General 
Court begins their Sessions this Day. 

Dec. 31. Spent the eve'ng at M" Cordis's where 
the Club had their Annual Supper. Present — 
Treas. Gmy, Thos. Gray, W*" Mollinenx, John Ei-v- 
ing, Solomon Davis, Nich** Boylston, Ezekiel Gol- 
thwait, John Dennie, James Warden, Melahiah 
Bouiii James Perkins & James Otis. 


Jan. 1 New Years Day. Still very cold. 

Jan. 5. The Inferior Court set to Day. Spent 
part of the eve'ng «it the Coffee House & the re- 
mainder at Joseph Harrison's Esq with him, M"* 
Harrison, Miss Betty, M' Richard Harrison, M' 
Inman & M* Mills of Newhaven who entertained us 
most agieeably on his Violin. I think he plays 
the best of any Performer I ever heard. 

Jan. 13. Town Meeting this forenoon to receive 
the Report of the Manufactory Conunittee. In the 
afternoon I went to the Funeral of M" Rufus 
Greene & was one of the Bearers with Stephen 

DIARY — 17G8 149 

Greeuleaf, James Ilill, Colo. John Chandler, ^P 
Jonathan Shupson & M' W" Coffin Sen'. Mrs. 
Rowe went to Assembly tonight. 

Jan. 20. Cap^ Blake sailed for Jamaica this fore- 
noon in whom I sent my Negro Boy Cato. 

Jan. 21. Ahont eight of Clock wee were alann*d 
by the Cry of Fire which prov'd to be M' Valleys 
Shop. Wee soon got the better of it. 

Jan. 26. A famous Tryal before the Court of 
Sessions this day against M*^ Kneeland for stealing 
a Silver Spoon from Dr. Baker; it continued all 
Day. The tlury brought ui their Verdict, not 

Jan. 27. Spent the evening at the Assembly. 
There were 27 Couple that drew. 

Feb'ry 2. This mornhig Miss Polly Hooper was 
married in Trinity Church to M' John Russell 
S|>cnco by the Ucv'' M*^ Walter. A great concourse 
of People attended on the Occasion. Dhied at M™ 
Hooper's with her, the new Bridegroom & Bride, 
M' Tho" Apthoi-p, M' Rob* Hallowell, Miss Nancy 
Boutineau, Miss Dolly Murray, Bridemen & Bride- 
maids, M' Murray, M" Murray, M' Stephen Green- 
leaf, M" Greenleaf, the Rev^* M' Walter, Major 
Byard, M" Bayard, M*" Rowe, M' Tho" Hooper, M' 
John Hooper, M" Eustis Nat'* Apthorp. In the 
afternoon wee were joyned by M' Inman, Miss Sidcy, 
John Apthorp Esq & lady, Dr Bidfinch & lady, M' 
Amiel, M' John Erving & lady. Wee all Drank 
Tea, spent the evening there, had a Dance, wee 
were merry & spent the whole day vei*y clever & 


Feb'ry 9. Spent the forenoon at the Court 
House hearing the Debates before the Gov* & 
Council & House of Representatives on the Land 
Bank Scheme. 

Feb*ry 10. Spent the eve'ng at the Assembly 
which was a very Brilliant One. The Governour & 
lady, all the Commissioners, M' Harrison & too 
many to enumerate were there. I rec** letters pr 
post giving an ace* of Geneste's arrival at Newport 
Rhode Island. 

Feb'ry 11. Spent the evening at the Coffee 
House & a Disagreeable evening it was. The 
Topick of the Discoui'so wiia about th(5 Seizure 
made by Cap* Polger & tlie reseizure of it af terwairds 
by Cap* HallowoU. M** MolHneux in his rejirosenta- 
tion & talk used the Surveyor General M*^ Temple 
most Cruelly and Barbarously ; he abused the Chai^ 
acter of said Gentleman most shamefully & ssiid 
that if M' Folger made any seizures or held this, 
that it would not be of any benefit to him, upon 
which one of the Company asked M' MolHneux, 
who then would receive the benefit of M* Folger's 
part as Informer & he replied " Why, are you at 
a Loss — Why, M' Temple, the Surveyor General, 
& further said that there was an agreement between 
the Surveyor General & Folger. Intimating that 
the Surveyor General gave Folger his Place with a 
view to get money by it & swore he believed it. 
M' MoUineux was asked by M' John Erving ^' Surely 
you cannot believe the Surveyor General guilty of 
so Base a Design & you have behaved very 111 in 

DIABY— 1708 151 

making the company think so " — his Reply was 
sevcrall Times " I do BeUeve it." Upon which M' 
Erving & Mollineux had some smart speeches with 
each other. Some of the company were very uneasy 
at these Doings, & mentioned the Commission that 
Folger had Received from the Surveyor General to 
bo Doubtfiill & not Authentic enough to make 
seizures. Upon which M' Otis said the Commission 
he thought, was very Good, but that there was one 
Expression in it that some People Hesitated about 
& Repeated the Sentence in the Comiuission which 
Runs thus — and in my liebalf to seize for his 
Majcisty^s Use — Upon repeating of tliis Sentence 
M' Mollineux " Now Gentlemen, you see that I am 
Right in what I said," & seemed to lay great Stress 
upon these words — in my Behalf — signifying that 
whatever seizures were made by Folger, he, the said 
Folger, was not to have the profit arising from such 
seizures but the Surveyor Genenil & that the Sui*- 
veyor General gave him his Connnission on these 
terms. I mentioned in the Course of this talk, that 
I had many times been in M' Mollineux* cqmpany 
but never heard him guilty of so great an Indiscre- 
tion before — Present — Solo. Davis, John Erving, 
Geo. Bethune, James Otis, W"' MolUneux, Tho' 
Gray, James Warden & myself. 

Feb'ry. 12. Spent the eve'ng at M" Cordis 
M' Mollineux was there & renew'd his Discourse 
on the Last evening but soon went away. 

15 Feb. The late Surveyor General M' Fenton 
pi j^r ^.n Mollineaux a Visit ab" Two of Clock. 

is'. 1 
as J 


17 Feb. I forgot to mention the meeting of the 
Justices, Select men & Overseers of the Poor yes- 
terday at Fanewill Hall to fix on a Day for a Gen- 
eral Visitation of the Town & they lixcl on Fryclay. 
Dind at Major John Vafsalls at Cambridge. I paid 
a visit to Colo. Henry Vafsall & Family where I 
found Dr Russell who was married to Miss Betty 
on Monday Last. 

19 Feb. Spent part of the Afternoon at the 
Funerall of M' John ScoUy's son who was most un- 
f ortimately Drowned. 

23 Feb. M' Inman came home this morning 
(from Connecticut) Cap* LcAvis Geneste avrivM from 
Liverpool & Cap* Blythe from Bristol. Spent the 
evening at Normandy. 

26 Feb. Attended the Select men this Forenoon 
ab^ a Brigg^ from Bristol Cap* Sargeant liaving had 
Small Pox. 

Feb*ry. 29. Attended the Court of Admiralty 
this forenoon. M' Folger's ciiuso wjis put olf until 

Mar. 1. Spent the eve'ng at the Merchant's 
Meeting. W" Phillips Esq was chose Moderator. 
There were 98 merchts present, they voted, that 
it is the Opinion of this Company that every Legal 
Measure for freeing the Country from the present 
Embarmssments should be ado})ted & among, the 
stopping the Importation of Goods from Great Brit- 
ain under Certain Limitations — then Chose a Com- 
mittee of nine to fix and Report to this Company 
on adjournment, the best measures for caiTying in 

DIARY— 17C8 163 

executiou the foregoing vote. The following Gen- 
tlemen were Chose — myself, W" Phillips Esq. John 
Hancock Esq, Arnold Wells Esq, M' Edw** Payne, 
M' Tho" Boylston John Erving jun", Melabiah 
Bourn, Henderson Inches, it was also voted that 
John Hjincoc^k Es(j he desired to procure a Copy 
of llio CoiinniKHioiis ol* tlio CoininiKsioiierH of the 
Customs & produce the siime at the next meeting — 
then the meeting was adjourned luitil Fryday eve- 

Mar. 2. I went with the Selectmen to view the 
new Eiiguie No 6. built by Dav'* Wheeler & ap- 
proved of it, it beuig a good one. 

Mar. 3. Spent the Forenoon with the Committee 
of Merchants. Spent the afternoon & part of the 
eve'ng with the Committee of Merchants, & part 
with the Charitable Society at Colo. Ingersoll's. 

Mar. 4. This day the Gov' Prorogued tlie As- 
sembly to the 13 April Spent the day with the 
same Committee of Merchants & in the evening wee 
reported to them as follows : 

The Committee of Merchants appouited at their 
meeting March 1"* 1768, having duly considered 
wliat they had in charge, do Report the foHowing 
Ucsolutions viz 

In consideration of the Great Swircity of money 
wliich for several years has been so Sensibly felt 
among us & now must be Rendered much Greater 
not only by the immense Sums absorbed in the Col- 
lection of the Duties lately Imposed but by the 
greiit checks given thereby to Branches of Tnwles 


f which yeilded us the most of our money & means 
of Remittance, — In considemtion also of the great 
Debt now standing against us, which if we go on 
Increasing by the excessive Import we Iiave Jbeen 
accustomed to while our Scources of Remittance are 
daily drying up, must terminate not only in Our 
Own & Our Country's Ruin but tliat of many of 
our Creditors on the other side of tlie Water — 

In considemtion fartlier of tlio Danger from some 
Late Measures of our losing many Inestimable 
Blessings & advantages of the British Constitution 
which Constitution we have ever Rever'd as the 
Basis & Security of all we enjoy in this Life, there- 
^ fore Voted 

1"' That we will not for one Year send for any 
European Commodities excepting Salt, Coals, Fisli- 
ing Lines, Fish Hooks, Hemp, Duck, Bar Lead, Shot, 
Wool Cards & Card Wire &c & that the trading 
towns in the province & other provinces in New 
England together vdth those in New York, New 
Jersey & Pennsylvania be Invited to accede 
hereto — 

2"** That we will encourage the Produce & manu- 
factures of these colonies by the use of them in 
Preference to all other manufactures — 

3"^* That in the Purchase of Such Articles {is we 
shall stand hi need of, wo will give a Consbuil^ref- 
erence to such Persons as shall subscribe to these 
Resolutions — 

4"* That we will in our Separate Capacitys inform 
our several Correspondents of the Reasons & point 

DIARY — 17G8 165 

out to them the necessity of witholding our usual 
Orders for their Manufactures — the sjiid Iinpedi- 
meut may be removed & Trade & Commerce may 
again flourish — 

5*** That these Votes or Resohitions be ObUga- 
tory or binding on us front & after the time that 
these or other Siiigular or tending to tlie sjune Siihi- 
tary Purpose be adopted by most of the Trading 
Towns m this & the neighboruig Colonies — 

C* That a Committee be appointed to Corre- 
spond with merchants in the lu^fore menticmed 
Towns & Provinces & forward to them the fore- 
going Votes, & tliat s''* Conuuittee be Impowered to 
call a meeting of the merchants when they tliink 
necessary — 

Mar. 9. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmen's . 
Room & the evening at the Merchants Meeting at 
the ColVee House. The s;iine Committee was ciiosen 
again & the Company voted some further Resolu- 
tions — 

Mar. 10. Spent the afternoon with the Select- 
men. We paid a visit to one Mary Phillips who 
was born Deaf & Dumb & has remained so ever 
since & is now upwards of 80 years of age. M' 
Fessenden Brought my Colt yesterday from Rut- 

Ma?. 11. Spent the whole day with the Merch^"^ 
Committee myself, John Hancock, Arnold Wells, 
Tho" Boylston, Henderson Inches, Fxlw'^ Payne, W*" 
PhUUps & Melabiah- Bourn. This Day Cap' Bin- 
ney arr'd & Brought an ace* of the Death of M" 
Scot at Dominico. 


13 March. After Church I paid a visit to M' 
James Smith who I found very weak & low, also to 
Old M' Gould who is also very III and full of Pain 
with the Gout. 

Mar. 14. Spent this Day at tlie Annual Town 
Meeting for the Choice of Officers — the Select men 
the same as last year. 

Mar. 15. In the afternoon met tlie Selectmen at 
Panewill Ilall to swear in ye Ollicei-s. 
y Mar. 18. The Anniversary of the Repeal of the 
Stamp Act. Dined at Colo. Ingersoll's with Treas. 
Gray, Harrison Gray jun', Henry Green, John 
Timmins, Solo. Davis, Ralph Inman, Joseph Scot, 
Tho' Brattle, Tho' Apthoi-p, Joshua Blanchard, 
John Spence, Goo Erving, Gregoiy Townsend, James 
Forrest & Roh^ Hallowel — wee had a Genteel Din- 
ner & Entertamment. After dinner the following 
Toasts were drank. 1. The King — 2. The Queen 
& Royal Family— 3 The Earl of Chatham — 4. 
Lord Chancellor — 5 Gen* Conway — G. Marquis 
of Rockingham — 7 Didce of Gi-afton — 8 Gen* 
Howard — 5) Con* Barry— 10 Sir W"' Meredith — 
11 The Extension of Trades & Commerce — 12 
The United & Inseparable Interest of G' Britain & 
her Colonies — 13 Prosperity to the Province — 14 
May the 18"* Day of March 1760, the Day the 
Stivinp Act was rcpcivled ho ever liad in Memory of 
all True Britcm & Americans — l/i Prosperity to 
All Sons of Liberty — IG Prosperity to the Town of 
Boston — After these the Company were very cheer^ 
f ul & Gay & broke up about Eight of Clock — A 

DIARY — 1768 167 

cousiderable Mob of young fellows & negroes got 
together this Evening & made greiit Noise & Hal- 
looing, ab'' Eight hiuidred appeiired in King St & 
at Liberty Tree & went to the North End to John 
Williams the Inspector General, but did him no 
Damage — whitrli tlie greatest part of the Gentle- 
men in 'I'own were very glad of. Tliere were two 
Efllgies on Liberty Tree tliis morning marked C. P 
& J. W. but were tiiken down again by W" Speak- 
man, Tho" Crafts & John Avery Jun'. 

Mar 20. Very stormy, I dont remember to have 
heard it blow harder than this morning — snows 
very fast — very high tides, much damage done 
among the Shipping & Wharfs — 

Mar 21. 1 spent the forenoon at the Court House v^ 
to hear the Tryal between Cap* Folger & Cap* Hal- 
lowell about the Seizure of Tea & after the whole 
morning dc^baies it was adjourned until next Siilur- 
day nu)rning Spent part of the afternoon with 
Towns Connnittee to draw a Letter 
the Fanner for his Ingenious Letters ■ 

Mar 22. Attended the Town Meeting all the 
Day, in which many Debates about M' Adams whose 
Friends were so warm in his favor that the Gentle- 
men could not get a lleconsideration of the vote 
passed on Monday last — 

Mar. 23. As soon as I got abroad I heard very 
bad news about M' Spence — whose affairs have 
been imi)rudently Treiited by M' Spooner — Li the 
afternoon attended the Funeral of the Rev** M' 
Sam^ Cheekly jun', afterwards with the Select men. 

nil next biilur- 
noon with tliel 
of Thanks to 


24 March. AT Davidson Returned this eve*ng 
from Scituate after having got Abiel Turner to atbveh 
M' Spence's Sloop for my acc*^ 

25"'. Ilave been this forenoon with M** Spooner 
on M*" Spenee affairs, this afternoon I attended 
M' Spooner again on M' Spences affaii'S — am in 
hopes to get them accommodated. 

26 Mar. Spent the afternoon on M' Spooner's 
affairs. This divy the Lawyers ple^id M' Folgei-s 
Case before the Judge of Admiralty. 

27 Mai\ This forenoon I paid M' Spenee a visit. 
Cap* Bromage arriv'd from St Kitts in 24 Days, 
this vessell was blown olf in December last coming 
from Leith bound here. 

30 Mar. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmens 
lloom & afterwards 1 met the proprietors of Long 
Wharf at the Coffee House 

Mar 31. Attended the proprietors of the Long 
Wharf at the Coffee House — Preasent — Joshua 
Winslow Esq — chosen Treasurer — M' Secretary 
Oliver, M' John Hancock, M' James Boutineau, M' 
Gillum Phillips M^ Arnold Wells, Caj)* Benj" Waldo 
M*^ John Powell, Cap* Job Prince, M* Abijah Savage 
M' John Savage, M** John Stevens, M' Jos. Hendei*- 
son M^ Sam* Hews, The Hon'**** John Eving Esci' 
We voted that the Stock in the hands of the Whar- 
linger be laid out in Repairing ihe wliarl' & be put 
into the Hands & under the Direction of a Commit- 
tee now chose viz. Cap*^ Waldo, M' Wells, M' 
Powell, Cap' Dalton & Jn** Savage 

Api-il 1. Good Friday. I went to church this 

DIARY — 1768 169 

forenoon. M' Walter read prayei^s & preached a 
very Patlietiek & moving sermon suited to the 
Solemnity of this day which was greatly admired 
from the 2'"* Chap. St Paulas first Epistle to the 
Corinthians & 2"'* Verse. 

April 2. The Town several Tunes alarmed this 
nuniiing by tlie Cry of Fire. One poor nmu lost 
his life by falling off a Ladder. 

Apr 4. This Forenoon the Wardens, Vestry & 
proprietors of the Pews in Trinity Church met 
according to their annual Custom to (^booso Ollicors 
&c for tlie ycjir ensuing but this day to choose a 
a Minister in the room of my Good Friend the 
llev'' M*^ Hooper there were 57 voters & the whole 
were in favour of the ReV* M"^ W'" Walter. They 
afterwards voted bun a Salary of one hundred 
fifty six pounds Ster'g p annum & forty poimds 
Ster'g more for his extra services the yeiir past — 
they also voted the Widow Hooper fifty pounds 
SU^r'g this pn\s<?nt ycjir. 

Apr. 7. The proprietors of Long Wharf met at 
the British Coffee House & voted to build a pier 
head & added M' Secretary Oliver & M' Boutineau 
to the former Committee. This day Antony Letch- 
mcrc signd liis Indentures. 

Apr. 8. Cap' Scot arr'd from London in M' 
Hancock's Brigg^ ; out eight weeks. The Select 
men visited M' Proctor's school. 

Apr. 10. I went to church both forenoon & 
afternoon. M' Walter read prayers & preached 
too very good Discourses on Prayer from the 2"** 


Epis. thessalonians 3"* Chap & 1"* Verse " Pray for 
us " wliicli seriiuniH wore well adajited U> liiin bciii}^ 
the lii*8t Sunday since he was unaninuHisly chosen 
our nnnister & Incunihent. 

14 April. Fast. 1 went to Camhridge Church 
this Forenoon. M'' Sergeant Read prayed & 
preached. Dhi'd at M' Innians with him & 
George, Sucky & Sally, M" Rowe, M" Eustis 
& M-^- Billy Gould. 

15 ApiH. Met M' Thos. Gray, M' John Erving 
& M' John Low'l at Colo IngersoU's on the said 
John Lowell's affairs. 

16 April. After Dinner I took a Ride Round 
Dorchester. Colon* Dalryniple caune to Town frcnu 
New York & sevenvl officers. 

22 April. Met the Committee of Mercli^ at the 
Coffee House. John Hancock, Melabiah Bourne, 
Arnold Wells, Henderson Inches, Edward Payne, 
W" Phillips & adjourned untill Monday. 

20 April. Settled with Caj)^ Lewis Gencste. 
After Dinner 1 Set out witli M"^ Sam* Calef for Ply- 
mouth, at Garduier wee met M"^ Tho" Knights who 
Joyn'd us. We stopt at Brackets at Bniinti*ee & 
from there Reachd Cushings at Hingham. Wee 
spent the evening & slept there. 

27 April. Reached Dr. Halls Pembrooke, wee 
Breakfasted there, from thence to Duxhury ; fished 
there & caught upwards five Dozen of fine Trout, 
wee din'd at Dr Harlows. Set out & called at 
Major Bradfords & from thence Reached Plymouth. 
I spent the evening and slept at Cap' White's. 

DIARY— 1768 161 

28 Apiill. Did what Business I had to do din'd 
at Edw** Wiiislow Esq with him M" Whislow, M' 
Edw** Wiuslow jim' Miss Dyer Miss Penny Win- 
slow M' Calef M' Knights M' Hooker one of the 
Inspectors arrivd at Plymouth with Attendance. 
About three of Clock wee Returned to Duxbury, 
had good Sport, I Caught about a Dozen fine 
Trout. Wee went to General Winslows spent the 
evening & slept there. 

29 Apiill. M' Pelham Winslow joynd us wee 
went a fishing had but poor Luck. Returned to 
Geiieralls & dind there with him M" Winslow Miss 
Massy Little Miss Polly Little W'" Sever Esq & 
Daughter M' Pelliam Whislow M*^ Nat Ray Thomas 
M*^ Knights M' Calef. After Dinner we set out 
from thence, stopt at Fords & at Dr Halls & from 
thence to Cushings & slept. 

J50 Apiill. Wee went to Cushings Brook. M' 
Knights caught the finest Trout T ever saw. After 
Dinner set out for home stopt at Brackets paid our 
Reckoning £7. 2. 6 Old Ten*^ pr man for the 
Journey. Stopt at Crampeys & came home and 
found all well. 

May 2. Met the Merchants at the Town House ♦ 
ui the Representiitives Room — agreed to the Reso- 
lutions of the City of New York — not to write for 
any Goods after the first of Jmie, nor Lnport any 
after the first Day of October, until the Act Impos- 
ing Duties on Ghvss, Paper &c be repealed — 

May 4. Town meeting for the choice of Repre- 
sentiitives — the following Gentlemen were choseu 


by a great majority, the whole number of vot- 
ers 441. 

James Otis Esq 


Tho* Cushing « 


John Hancock " 


Sam Adams " 


Din*d at M' James Otis with him, M" Otis, Sam' 
Adams (and others) 

9 May. Spent the aftemocm with the Selectmen, 
Present Colo Jackson M' Ruddock M** Sewall M' 
Hancock M' Newell M' Pliillips & myself & the 
Committee on M' W"* Coopers ace* James Pitts 
Esq^ Royal Tyler Tho' Hubbard Rich^ Dana & 
Tho* Plucker. M' Sewall M' Phillips M"^ Newall & 
myself Resignd. 

11 May. 1 went to Cambridge with M' Bouti- 
neau & dind at M*" liimans with him M*" Gregory 
Townsend & M" Townsend M" Hooper M" Rowe 
& Sally Inman. I went to the Dudleyan Lecture & 
heard M*" Barnard of Salem preach a most sensible 
Discoui*se. Came liome & foinul Cap* Jarvis arrM 
from London 

12 May. Spent the afternoon at the Select mens 
Room & the evening at the Merch** Meeting in the 

Representatives Room. 

14 May. Went with Gregory Townsend M' &im* 
Calef & W" Speakman to Dedliam Cofsway iisliing 
had Good Sport. 

18 May. Tlie Romny Man of War Cap* Conell 
arrivd yesterday in Nantasket & this day in King- 
road. M' Sam* Hughes depai*ted this Life Yes- 

DIARY — 1768 163 

May 23. Attended Town meeting this afternoon^ 
three of the Select men Resigned. M*^ Sewall, W 
Phillips M' Newall — three were chose in tlieir 
place Jos Heushaw, Henderson Inches & M^ Sam' 

May 24. Arr'd from London yesterday Cap* 
Rotch — arr'd from Liverpool this forenoon, Cap* 
Perkins. Arr'd from Cadiz this forenoon, M' Beth- 
une's Brigg. I b° her Cargo. Arr'd from London 
& HaUfax, Cap* Brown, & arr'd from Bristol M'' Cor- 
bet's Snow — all long Passages — Spent the after- 
noon with the Committee of Merchants. 

25 May. Election Day. I went to Meeting & 
lieard M' Shute of Hingham preach. This was a 
veiy long sermon, being one honr & forty minutes. 
In the afternoon they chose Councillors. M' Han- 
cock & Colo Ward new ones. I had fifty two votes. 

2() May. The Governor negatived the following,/^ 
(Jcntlcnnen Coh) Otis Colo Bowers Colo Gerrisli Colo 
Ward John Hancock & Thomas Saundei*s Escj. 

27 May. Cap* Skinner arrivd from Opoi*to & 
Ford from Hallifax 

28 May. Went a fishing with M' Tho" Knights 
& M' Sam' Calef at M' Days at Strawberry Hill in 
Springfield had but poor Sport, dind there with M'' 
Day & wife came home & spent the evening with 
M" Rowe & Sucky 

31 May. I went with the Select men to visit M' 
Ruddock & take a view of Winnissimmet Ferry 

First June. Went to Flax pond with M' Sam* 


Calef, Cap* Handlield M' Tho* Jackson Sen'. Wee 
had good Sport, wee were joynd by M' McKneal 
from Surrinam & Archibald McKneal Wee dind 
at M' Graves wee went to Salem, wee spent the 
evening at M' Goodhnes & slept there. 

2"** June. Wee breakfasted at Colo Higginsons 
Betumd to Flax Pond, had but Ordinary Sport — 
After Dinner we Returned to Boston Spent part 
of tlie evening at the Charitable Society & the re- 
mainder at the Coffee House. 

June 4. King's Birthday. Guns Firing, Drink- 
ing Healths etc 

June 6. Dined at the Coffee House with the 
Governour & Council, the Oflicoi's of the Artillciy & 
many other Gentlemen — M' Clark of Lexington 
preached a Sensible Discourse on the Occsvsion. 

June 7. My New Store Raised this Day. 

June 8**. Wednesday. A fine morning WNW. 
Capt Freeman arrived from Bristol in whom came 
Passengers Lady Frankland & Henry Cromwell. 
Dined at M"" Inman's with him, the Rev*' M' Brown 
of Portsmouth the Rev** Doct' Cooper Prcsi<lent at 
New York, The Rev** M' Troutbeck & wife, M^ 
Rob* Temple & wife. The Rev* M' Sargent of Cam- 
bridge, M" Rowe & Sucky came home & spent the 
evening with M" Rowe & Sucky. 

9 June. Thursday A fine morning Wiiul West- 
erly dined at home with M' Henry Cromwell Lady 
Frankland M' Inman Capt Solo Davis M" Rowe & 
Sucky. after Dinner M" Harrison & M"* Harrison 
paid us a visit spent the evening at home with the 
same company. 

DIARY— 1768 166 

June 10. Yesterday the Select Men viewed thev/ 
Ground for a Gun house & the North Battciy. A 
considerable mob tonight occasioned by a seissure 
belonging to W John Hancock. Some Damage to 
M' Harrison the Collector & his Boat Burnt. 

June 13. The Select Men waited on the Gov' & 
(/otiiHril about Cai^ Corner's pressing a man out of 
a Coaster — & the Affairs of the Town. 

June 14. The People Assembled under Liberty*^'" 
Tree from thence removed to Fanewill Hall — there 
it was proposed to have a Regular Town Meeting 
Hilled which was accordingly done — Afternoon the 
Town met at Fanewill Hall, the people were so many 
that M*^ Otis Ye Moderator proposed adjourning to 
Dr Sewall's Meeting — which was accordingly voted 
— & they met there — A Committee of Twenty One 
Gentlemen were Cliose to wait upon Gov' Barnard 
with a llmnble Petition — whicli Petition to him is 
on File & I think a very smart Petition. The whole 
Twenty One mot at MT .1"" Hancock's & proceeded 
ui form to Roxbury to wait on Gov' Barnard, M' 
Otis being Chairman introduced the Petition with a 
Genteel Speech. The Gov' rec'' us very cordially — 
spoke very sensibly to some parts of the Speech & 
Petition & promised an answer m the morning — 
The Committee returned to M' Hancock's in order 
as follows, M' Otis, M' Hancock first — 

M' Royal Tyler — M' Henderson Inches 

Myself— " Edw'* Payne 

M' Joshua Henshaw " Rich** Dana 

John Ruddock Esq " Sam* Quincy 


M"^ Tho* Gushing M"^ Melabiah Boiim 

M' Sam' Adams " Benj" Kent 

Colo. Joseph Jackson ^^ Josiah Qiiincy Jr 
M' Sam' Pemberton Dr Warren 

Dr Church, Dr Young & Cap* Daniel Malcolm, 
all in carriages — 

The Man of War the Romney unmoored this 

June 15. The Town met agcvin at Dr Scwavll's 
Meeting — 

y June 16. Spent the afternoon with the Towns 
Committee to draw Instructipns to the Represen- 
tatives on the Present Difficulties, tliat attend the 
Trade of this Town, myself. Dr. Warren, Dr. 
Church, M' John Adams, M' Dana & M' Henderson 
Inches. The Select men were ordered to attend 
tlie Gov' & Coimcil to hear the Report of their 
Committee & their Consultations with Cap*^ John 
Corner of his Majesty^s Ship, the Roundy. 

Jime 17. Spent the forenoon with the S<ame 
Committee as yesterday. Town Meeting in the 

'June 18. Went to M' Balkrd's at Natick 
Pond, there I met Cap' Jacobson & M' Sam. 
Calef, wee iished there, had Great Si)ort — we 
caught several Perch Fifteen Inches Long & one 
Sixteen Inches. Cap*^ Bellcw in his Majesty's Sh)()p 
Beaver arrivd yesterday evening from Ilallifax & 
Cap' Marshman arriv'd from Lisbon & Jamaica con- 
signed to me. 

20 June. Dmd at home with M' W"" Sheaff M' 

DIARY — 1768 167 

Iiimaii Cap^ Marslimau M" Rowe M" Speaknian & 
Siicky After Dinner wee went in Cap' Mai*sk- 
man's Boat to the Castle. Cap' Brett saild for 
London with Cap' Hallowell Pafsenger. 

22 June. Spent the afternoon with the Select- 
men Dismissed James Kennedy this D<ay. 

23 June. Begiui to mow our Pasture. Dind at 
Old M"^ Goulds at Roxbury on Turtle (with eighteen 

24 June. St Johns Day. Dind at M' Greatons 
at Roxbury with (fifty seven Brethren, names all 
given) Wee spent the afternoon very agreeably 

June 27. After dinner wee set out for Sher- 
burne, wee stopt at Natick & reached Sherburne. 
Wee supped & slept at M' Rich** Sanger's jun^ I 
bought a hundred tons of Oak Timber a 22/8 p ton 
of M' Sanger, for Cap* Marshman who was present 
also Cap' Jacobson. 

June •$(). This day the General Court behaved v/' 
very stejidily & according to the Approbation of 
most Good People who have any Regard for their 
Country & Posterity — that they would not Re^ 
scind their former Resolutions which the Earl of 
Hillsborough took offense at, vide Newspapers — 
number of voters in the House 109 — 17 Yeas. 92 
Nays, for my own satisfaction I record the seven- 
teen yeas, that were so mean spiiited to vote away 
their Blessings as Englishmen, namely their Rights, 
Liberty & Properties — — ^ 

1 Peter Fry Salem 2 Dr. John Calef Ipswitch 
3 Jacob Fowle Marblehead 4 Rich'* &iltoiistall 


Haverill 5 W J"^ Bliss Springfield 6 Israel 
Williams Hatfield 7 Jn^ Ashley jr Deerfield 8 
Cap^ Jos Root Sunderland 9 John Ashley Esq 
Sheffield & Great Bamnprton 10 Tira^ Rufjgles 
Hard wick 11 Josiah Edson Bridgewator 12 Jii*' 
Sayward York 13 Mathew Mayhew Chilmark 14 
W" Brown Salem 15 Chillingswoi-th Foster Har- 
witch 16 M' W" Farrigan or Journigan 17 M' 
John Chadwick Tirringham in the Co. of Berkshire 

Jidy 1. Yesterday the Gov' prorogued the Gen- 
eral Court to the 3** Aug. 
y July 4. Tliis Day (Jov' Barnard disolved the 
General Court. 

5 July. Tuesday A (luo nuu-uiug W at West 
Dined at Gnuitons at Iloxhury on Turtle with 
James Otis & wife John Tiimnins 

Solomon Davis & Wife The Wid** Gi-eene 
Joseph Scot & wife John Erving jun' 

James Perldns & wife Miss Bouchee 
William Sheaffe & wife Tho' Bmttle 
Henry Cromwell & Lady Miss Katy Wendall 

Sam F Allen Otis & wife George Bethune & wife 
Joshua Winslow jun' & Ben j" FanewiU jun' & wife 

wife M' Inman & myself 

Afterwaids we were Joynd by Two Mifs Perkins 
Miss Joanna & Miss Betty. We spent the Evening 
& had a Dance there veiy agi-eeable. 

July G. This Day the Select Men Visited the 
School & dined at Fanewill Hall with seventy Gen- 

DIAllY — 17G8 109 

John Erviiig Escf ^ ReV* M' Mather 

James liowdoiii " r Cowisdlors " Dr Byles 

Tho'Hubhard " J " Dr Cooper 

XT • r. .. 1 " M' Blaiu 

Hamson Gray " I Tf,e lirpre^n^fn- ,, „, t5,,^^„ 

IJio lUuckei J ,, M' Howard 

Tho S(^vc»n S(^K^<^t Moil, Tli« 12 Ov<5r8cci*s. Coh). 
Marshal, Major Cininingliam, Cap^ Dawes, Cap^ W*" 
Ilohnes, The Town Treasurer, Tlie Town Clerk, M' 
Sewall, M^ Astor, M^ PhUlips, M' Newall, M^ Scol- 
lay, M' Joseph Greene, all the sehoohnfisters & 
ushers & the l^>ys in the Mead form of Master 
Lovells school. 

After Dunier M*" James Otis & myself went to 
M' Inmans where we found Col. Phipps & wife, M'' 
John Apthorp & wife Capt. Solo Davis & wife, M' 
Cromwell & Lady Frankland, Miss Betty Debuke, 
Miss Katy Wendall, M*^ Tnman, M" Rowe, Suclcy 
& Sally Inman. We Drank Tea and had a line 
Desert of Cherrys & St i-a wherries. I c^vmc home 
& spent the Evening with the membei*s of the 
Charitable Society at Colo John Ingersolls. M'' 
Jenkins M' Dan Hubbard & M' John Box Sen^ 

7 Jidy. Thursday A Rauiy Morning W at S** 
Dined at Colo David Phii)i)S at Cambridge witli him 
& wife M"^ John Apthorp & Avife M*^ William Davis 
& Avife M*^ Henry Cromwell M' Inman Lady Frank- 
land M" Rowe Miss Betty Debuke Miss Katy 
Wendall. came home & spent the Evening at 
the Colfee house with Treasurer Gray Joshua Wui- 
slow Edw'* Payne W'" MoUineaux John Boylston 
Tho" Gray & James Otis. 


July 9. Saturday A fine morning. W S** West 
Dined at Ten HiUs with M' Rob* Temple & wife 
M' Cromwell Lady Frankland M' Stewart M' Fenton 
M" Fenton M' Inman M" Rowe Miss Bessy Tem- 
ple & M*^ Temple's 4 Daughters in the afternoon 
we were Joynd by^M^ John Temple the Surveyor & 
Lady. Came home and spent the Evening with 
M" Rowe. Miss Sucky gone to Marlborough. 

July 15. Went to Flax Pond, we fished there 
and had pretty good sport. We spent tlio evening 
at M" Graves* & slept at her daughter Becky's, 
v/ July 16. Rose early & went fishing, dined at 
M" Graves. Came home & M" Rowe told me of 
the Sons of Liberty visiting at M"^ Winiums the 
evening before & that he engaged to meet tliem 
ou the Change this day whicli he did & great nniii- 
bers, she says were present, he asked them what 
Questions they Iiad to ask him that he might answer 
them but no Person made him any Reply. 

July 20. Commencement Day. I went to Cam- 
bridge, dined with a very large (^oinpuiiy at .los. 
TIensliaws. paid a visit to Tutor Hancock's, mot 
the Rev'* M' Ikrnard of Marblehead, afterwards p'd 
a visit to M" Greene where were a very large com- 
p«any, too m.any to enumerate. 

July 21. Dined with M"^ David Greene with a 
very large Company. Spent tluj eve'iig tluiro. we 
had a Dance. 1 was Master of the Ceremonies. 
Slept at M'' Inman's. 

26 July. Tuesday A fine morning Wind at 
West Dined at home with M" Rowe Sucky & In- 

DIARY— 1768 171 

man Cap' Cliristo Priiico arrived from Loiulou 
Spent tlie afternoon witli Lady Frsvnklaud M" 
M^Neal M" W" Gould M" Rowe & Sucky & the 
Evening at M' James Ricliardsons with the Fii^e- 
wards. Present Joseph Tyler Cap* Waldo M' John 
Miso Wendall M' W" Cooper Colonel Marshall, 
James Uieliardson •lolm ScoUey Cap* IloUngs Cap* 
Gay & Cap* Paddock. 

28 July. Thursday A fine mornuig WS'^ West. 
Dined at home with Cap* Joseph Williams M' 
Henry Cnnnwell M' Tristram D.ilton M' Tnman M" 
liowe Sueky & George liunan. In the afternoon 
the Merchants met & adjourned mi till Monday. 
Spent the Evenhig at the Pofsee. Ruf us Greene 
Benj" Greene Francis Johnnot W'" Coffin James 
Richardson John Avery W'" Henshaw Tho" Foster 
& Sam Swift. 

July 29. This forenoon the Governour & Coun- ^ 
cil met on aiTairs of consecpience it is supposed 
Relative to the Introduction of Troops which has 
greatly alarmed the Inhabitants. 

Aug. 1. Spent the afternoon at the Generals/ 
Merchants Meeting at Fanewill Hall at which place 
there were present sixty two — sixty of which signed 
an agreement 1 have on File not to Import a ny 
Goods. Spent the evening at M' Barber's Insur-j 
ance Office & the Silver Bowl was this evening for I 
the first tune introduced, N*" 45. Weighs 45 ounces \ 
& holds 45 gills. Present 
John Hancock M' W"* Bowen 

Sam* Adams ^* John Marston 


Cap* Malcom M' John Welsh 

M"^ John Wliitc Tho' Gushing 

Cap* Cobb Myself 

AT Daniel Parker Cap* Vernon 

James Otis John Ruddock 

Major Doane M' Crane of the Vineyard & 

Cap* Mackay M' Nat. Barber 

Aug. 2. The Committee of Merchants met & 
got further subscriptions. 

Aug. 7. I went to church & M' Walter read 
prayers & preached from 14 Chap. St Luke & 14*** 
Verse, this was a most sensible^ charitable Dis- 
course being a Collection of Charity for the Suffer- 
ers by Fire at Montreal in the i)rovinco of (^noboitk. 

Aug. 8. The Mercli** met at Fanewill Hall pi-es- 
ent ab** 100. 

Aug. 10. I went with the following company to 
view Kainsford Island on the Province Ace*. Tho' 
Cushing, James Otis, Sam* Adams Joshua Henshaw 
Colo. Jackson John Ruddock John Hancock Sam* 
Pemberton Henderson Inches Benj" Austin Tho* 
Gray David Jelliies W'" Cooper Dr Channcey Dr 
Elliot Sam* Mathew Colo. Brattle & myself. Wee 
dined there, were very merry. 
n| Aug. 15. Dined at Greatons with a Nimiber of 
Gentlemen abinit one Hundred — who were very 
jovial & pleasiuit & in the forenoon a great Num- 
ber of People were at Liberty Hall where there wjis 
a variety of Good Musick exhibited & Great Joy ap- 
peared in every coimtenance, being the Anniversary 
Day of the Sons of Liberty — 

DIARY— 1708 173 

Aug. IG. I went to Dennis Island & dind there 
on a Barbicue with (23 others). 

Aug. 17. After Dinner I set out with Cap* Jacob- 
son & Sam* Calef for Colo. Doty's — wee fished on 
Funkapaud Pond — spent the eve'ng & slept at 
Colo. Doty's. 

Aug. 18. Wee wont again to fish — liad great 
sport, caught upwards of twenty dozen & some 
Large Pish — set out for home, were ciiught ui the 
Rain, and stopt at M' Clarks at Milton. 

24 August. Wednesday a Cold morning W at 
W. Dined at home with Colo Bourn of Mliead 
M"* Rowe & Sucky Spent the Evening at L«ady 
Frauklands with Her and his sister, M' Cromwell 
Madam Apthoq) Dr Bulfinch M" Bidfinch M' 
Inman M" Rowe & Sucky 

25 Aug. Our Wedding Day having been mar- 
ri(Ml twenty tlii*o<^ yo^irs. M*" D«'ivi<lson arrivd from 
the Island of St Johns this day. Cap*^ Folger saild 
for London. M*^ John Boylston went home pafsen- 
ger in hun. 

29 Aug. Poor W*" Speakman was taken in a fit 
& had doubtful Struggles for Life. 

30 August. Tuesday A fine Cold Mornuig W 
N West Superiour Court setts this Day — dhied 
at home say at M' Lavicount's at Cambridge with 
liim & M"* Lavicount M' Cromwell & Lady Fmnk- 
land M' W" Sheaffe & M" Sheaffe Colo Phipps & 
M" Phipps M' John Apthorp his lady and Miss 
Bettsy Greenleaf, Cap^ Solomon Davis M" Davis 
M' Inman Miss Sally Sheaffe & M" Rowe came 
home & spent the evening with M" Rowe. 


4 Sept. In the Begginning of the evening I 
went to the Quarterly Lecture at Fanewill Hall. 
W Adams of Roxbury preached a Good Sermon on 
the occasion 

5 Sept. Wee met on an Arbitration between M™ 
Eustice & M' W™ Bowes present M' Ezek Gol- 
thwait W Ezek^ Price M' Murray myself. Spent 
the evening at the Fire Club for the first Time 
The Word " Ask More '' 

^ 9 Sept. The Governour told mee in Conversa- 
tion Yesterday morning that he had Stav'd ofP the 
Introducing Troops as long as he could but could 
do it no longer. 

10 Sept. I went out to Richards with Sitni* 
Calef a fishing on the Cofsway — was very Lucky 
— caught many Perch & fine ones — Lost sevoniU 
fine Hooks & Snoods. 

11 Sept. After Church the Selectmen met 
about a Cask that was fix'd on the Saddle of 
the Beacon. 

16 Sept. Fryday A fine Morning W N^ West 
dined at home with Capt Jacobson M*^ Thos Brattle 
M" Rowe & Sucky. Spent the Evening at John 
M*Neal Esq at a Rout being his Birth Day with him 
his Lady son & Daughter M' Fen ton M' Archibald 
M^Neal & Two Daughters M' Robert Gould his wife 
Miss Bettsy & Miss &illy M' Phillip Dnmaresque 
& wife M' Gordon Doctor Gardiners I^ady & 
Two Daughters M" Lavicount & wife & M" Jn° 
Vafsall M"^ Edw^ Davis & wife M' Parsons M' 
Inman M" Rowe & Miss Sucky M' George Brinley 

DIARY— 1768 176 

his ^vife & M" Atkiiisou M' Griffin from Maryland 
M' Hartley M' Forrest M' Rob' Hallowell Dr Petti- 
grew M"* llardrigg M" W"' Gould & M' Cromwell. 

Sept. 20. Afternoon I attended the Select Men - 
& waited on the Council to consult about Barracks 
for the Troops that are expected. 

Sept. 23. King's Coronation Day. The Con- 
vention met at Fanewill Hall this day. 

Sept. 28. This forenoon came to anchor in Nan- 
tasket Roads six sail of Men of War supposed to 
have the 14^'* Regm' & 29"* Regm* on board. 

Sept. 21). Arr'd three more of his Majesty's . 
Slii])8 of War from Halifcix so that are now m our 
harboiu* — 
The Launceston Cap^ Gill 

" Romney " Comer 

" Glasgow " Allen 

** Mermaid " Smith 

" IJoiiellen " Wallace 

" Martin " Haywood 

" Senegall " Cookson 

" Beaver " Billings 

" St Lawrence Schooner armed Cap^ Dundafs 

" Magdalene " " " Callder 

" Giispce • Cap^ Allen 

" Hope " Dawson 

Oct. 1. This day the Troops came ashore — the> 
14^^* & 29^** Regm* and 2 companies of the 29^** with 
a company of Artillery — they marched into ye 
Common. Colo Dalrymple summoned the Select 
Men. they all met & did not think themselves 


obliged to take Cognisance for their being Quar- 
tered in Town so that the 29"* pitched their Tents 
in the Common the 14^** got into Fanewill Hall & 
part of the 59^^ at Rob' Gordons Stores. 
^yr Oct. 2. I went to the Coffee House to pay a 
/ visit to M' Edington & was most smartly ac- 
I costed by Cap' Dundass in the f ollowuig words — 
I " Ha John are you there — Dammy I expected to 
have heard of your being hanged before now, 
for Dammy You deserve it" upon which I made 
reply "Surely Cap' Dundafs, you're Joking" — 
upon which he answered "No" — Damn him if he 
was, for you are a Damn Incendiary & I shall 
see you hanged in your Shoes — & rc^pojittul the 
sjime — upon whicli I sjiy to him " Then you are 
in earnest are you, i was in hopes you were jok- 
ing" — "No" he repeated "Damn you, I am in 
earnest, I tell you. You are an Incendiary & I 
hope to see you hanged yet in your shoes." I took 
notice who were present as it was spoke about 
Twelve of Ch)ck at Noon. M' Forrest, M' Phillip 
Dumaresque, M" Geo. Brinley & seveml oi1icei*s of 
the Anny who I did not know in the Coffee Room 
& enti-y way — I thought it Prudent not to take 
any Notice of it just then but came home to 

t*t. 5. After Dinner a Comniiltee from tlie 
Grand Lodge Bro. Rich*^ Gridley, Bro. Jenkins & 
Bro. John Cutler — they Presented me the Com- 
mission from the Duke of Beaufort appointing me 
Grand Master of N"" America — afterwards I met 

DIARY— 1768 177 

the Select men & spent the evening at the Chari- 
tiible Society & an honr at the Coffee Ilonse. 

Oct. 7. Let one of my houses to Cap* Ohai^ot ? \o^^^ 
yesterday & the other this day to Major Furlong — \ 
both at £20 Ster'g per annum. 

Oct. 10. Last night some Villains cut the Frame v^ 
of tlie Gnard II<»ji8e so as to Ilonder it useless, 
some people make Light of this affair^ but I think 
the scoundrels that did it ought to be severely pun- 
ished & I wish they may be found out. 

Oct. 14. I went to the Funeral of Old M" 
Skinner & was a bearer. 

Oct. 15. General Gage arr'd from New Yorkv^ 
at Major Byards at Roxbury. The regiments were 
under aims & made a Good Appe^imnce. The 
General with his attendants came into Town ab^ 
four P.M. The Artillery saluted with 17 Guns. 
They ]kiss(m1 & niarclicd along the Front of both 
Ucgiincnts & Cap^ Wilsons two Companies who 
were formed in the Center. 

Oct. IG. This morning I waited on Colo. Rob- 
ertson who came with Gen. Gage. He received me 
very PoUtely. I had a full hour's discourse with 
him ab"* the troops. I find him to be a Gentleman 
of Great AbiUties & very cool & dispassionate. I 
took a walk & met Gen. Gage & Colo. Dalrymple. 
Gen. Gage engaged me to wait on him tomorrow 

Oct. 20. This day the Sheriff got into the 
Factory House. 

Oct. 22. Waited on Colo. Maitknd Adj't Gen. 


to provide a Division for the King's Gunpowder in 
the Magazine. This forenoon was held a General 
Court Martial on a soldier of the 34!" who deserted. 
Colo. Dalryniple sat a President. I also attended 
Gen. Gage & Colo Robertson. 

23 Oct. The Honble John Temple Esq Child 
was Christened this forenoon at our Church. The 
Sponsors were Gen* Gage, Rob* Temple Esq' & 
his Lady — by the name of Greenville. 

Oct. 28. Spent part of the evening with the 
Grand Lodge. They agreed to Install the Grand 
Master on Wednesday the 23"* of Nov. & ordered 
the Secretary to write a letter to our Brother the 
Rev** Mr. Rass of Newbury on the oco^ikiou. 

Oct. 21). This day the Troojis went from 
Fauewill Hall into the Barnicks. The Select men 
met about an affair of Cap* Wilson's, they were all 
present but referred it until Monday. 

1 Nov. Tuesday the first of November a fine 
morning WW Dined at home with M'. Inman 
M" Rowe & Sucky — this day Cap' Willson was 
carried before Justice Dana for some Dninken 
Behaviour & bound over to the Sessions Spent 
part of the Evening at the Coffee house with James 
Otis & John Ei*ving John Dennie, Henderson 
Inches Solo Davis Nich Boylston James Warden 
W'" Mollineux & tlie Remainder at Caj)' M'Neidls 
with him, his T^ady his Daughter General Gage Colo 
Robertson Colo Maitland Colo Dalrymple Colo Kerr 
Major Gambell Major Small Major Sheriff Cap' 
Kimball Cap' Matrin Cap' Preston M' Mills M' 

DIAKY — 1768 179 

Leigh M' Forrest M' Cromwell D' Pettigrew Cap* 
Moleswortli Major VafsjiU & Lady, M' Lavicoiuit 
& Lady — M' Dumaresq & wife M*^ Arch^ M Neall 
& wife & three Daughters — Two Miss Martins 
M" Rowe Siicky Liman Cap* W*" Handfield M" 
Ilaiulfield M" Billy Goidd Brigg' RoyaU Miss 
Polly lloyal & Miss Gardner. 

9 Nov. Wednesday A Dull heavy momg WS** 
dined at home with Cap* Molesworth of the 29*** 
Cap* Bracket & M' Leight of the W" M' Inman' 
M" Rowe & Sueky Spent part of the evenuig at 
tlie Coffee house with Joshua Wuislow Treasurer 
Gray Tho" Gray Edw** Payne Ezek* Goldthwait Geo 
Bethune Melachiar Bourne Will'" MoUuieux John 
Erving Nich° Boylston & James Otis And the 
Remainder at home with M" Inman M*^ Cromwell 
Lady Prankland her sister M" Rowe & Sueky 

Tis Reported the Commifsioners Came to Town 
this Day. 1 saw One of them M" Rohuison 

Nov 10. This morning Colo. Pomroy arr'd with 
part of the L-ish Regiments N"" 64 & 65 — This 
dixy also the famous Tryal between Mollineux & 
Cotton — Snow ab** Eleven of Clock. 

Nov. 13. The Commissioners & their officers all 
at church this day — & the first time they have 
appeared in PubUck — Dr Catlierwood arr'd on the 
Romney Man of War from Halifax — in her the 
Commodore & Lady — also Lord W™ Campbell 
& Cap* Gould — The Doctor gives tlie Commodor 
Hood a great character 

Nov. 18. When I got to my store this mornings 


foiind it Broke open & sundry Goods therein 
taken way to my g^eat mortification — Spent tlio 
evening at the Coft'ee House with the Grand Lodge, 
82 Brethren present 

Nov. 19. I carried a fellow before Justice 
Quincy to night on suspicion of theft, who called 
his name Tobin — alias Jacobs — who committed 

Nov. 23. I had the honour & pleasure of being 
Installed Grand Master of Masons for North 
America at Concert Hall this morning This was a 
vei*y solemn Ceremony After the Installation the 
whole Fraternity proceeded in Order & marched 
in Procession from Concert Hall round the Town 
House, accompanied with two Bmss Bands 
of musick, the 59"' & 04"' llegunentH, to Trinity 
Church, the Rev** M' Walter read Prayers & oiu* 
Worthy Brother the Rev** M' Bass of Newbury 
preached from the 21** Chap. St John & part of the 
20*** Vei-se After service wee returned in Procession 
to Concert Hall and duied on an eleg«uit Entertain- 
ment provided by a Conniiittce, appoliitiid by the 
Grand Lodge — there were one hundred thirty four 
Brethren present — wee spent the afternoon very 
cheerfully & in good order which did honoiu' to the 
Cmft I came home at Eight of Clock in the 
evening & spent the evening at home with D" 
Catherwood, M" Rowe & Sucky 

Nov. 24. Gen. Gage & Family went out of 
Town this morning. I took my leave of the Gen- 
eral who behaved very Politely &c. 

DIARY— 1768 181 

Nov. 26. I waited on the Commodore who Re- 
ceiv'd me veiy politely. 

Dec. 1. Thanksgiving Day — I paid a visit to 
Lord W" Campbell at M' Boutineaii's, who was 
going on Board (the Glasgow to sail for Halifax) 
Dined at M' Tninan's at Cambridge with Dr. Cathei'- 
wood, Capt O'hara, M"^ Rob' Temple, M" Rowe & 
Sucky, George & Sally Inman — came home & 
spent the evening at Cap' Solomon Davis' with 
him, M" Davis, Miss Betty Debuke Miss Katy 
Wendall, Kady Frankland, M' Cromwell, M" Swain, 
M"^ Sheatfe, M" Sheaffe, Miss Saky Sheaffe, M'' 
Skinner, Miss Penny Winslow, M"^ Thomas Brattle 
& M"^ Inman, also Dr. Catherwood. 

Dec. 5. Be it remembered that Sir Tho' Rich 
of the Senegal i)ressed all Cap' Dashwood's hands. 

Dec. 15. Cap' McNeal arr'd from Quebeck who 
broiig' me a liill on the Commissioners of tlie 
Cnstoms I attended with Cap' Watts from twelve 
till almost three on their High Mightinessesses — 
this Behaviour of theirs is not only very Insolent 
but not to be bom & for which they may hear 
more about. 

Dec. 25. Sunday & Christmas Day — I dined at 
home with M' Tho" Brattle, Sam* Calef, M" Rowe 
Sucky W"' & Gilbert Speakman & Anthony Lech- 
mere. 1 pd a visit to Old M^ Gould who is very 

Dec. 27. We celebi-ated the Feast of St John 
at Colo Ingersoll's where we had a very elegant 
dinner &> 4S present. 



Jan. 6. We searched M^^Vickers house & found 
some of my goods that were stole out of my ware- 
house in November — & sent Stoodly to goal — the 
other Vickers made his escape. Dined & supped at 
Commodore Hood's. 

Jan. 10. This day the King's speech came to 
hand. Spent the eve'ng at the PoCsco. wlien I 
came home found the Rev** M" Walter with whom 
I had two hours Conversation on the Times. 

Jan. 19. Queen's Birthday — three Regiments 
under arms on the Common 14**'— 29"* & G4*'* 
they made a fine appearance. Sj>ent tlie evening 
at the Assembly for the first time — too much Con* 

Jan. 31. Last night I was awakened by the cry 
of Fire it was the County Goal which was burnt 
down & the neighbourhood very much in Dan- 
ger. The officers & Army boliaved extremely 
clever on this Occasion & ought to have the Pub- 
lick thanks of this Town. I can truly say tliey 
were the means of saving it — I waited on Briga- 
dier Pomroy & Colo. Kerr & thanked them for 
their Behaviour. Attended the Selectmen on the 
affair of HoUidays. Attended the Funeral of 
Master Holbrook. this afternoon met the Advent- 
urers in the Whale Fishery at the Coffee House 

Febry. 1. Yesterday three of the Prisoners were 
examined before the Bench of Justices for the 
Sessions for setting fire to the Goal^ their names — 

DIAllY— 17C9 183 

Abel Badger of this Town, a Great Rogiie — one 
Donnelly, a soldier & one Man Michael — all very 
bad Fellows 

Pebry 2. The Rev^ M' Forbes married to Miss 
Dolly Murray this day at Brush Hill. 

Febry 7. I went to James Smitli Esq nt Brush 
liiU & dined there with him M" Smith, the Rev*' 
M' Forbes M" Forbes, M' Clark, M' Rob* Gould, 
M" Gould, Miss Betty & Sally Gould, M' Inman, 
M" Rowe & Sueky After dinner Mad'" Belcher & 
daughter [laid them a visit — 

Febry J). The harboiu' all froze in. People 
came from the Castle on the Ice. 

Feb. 14. I went this mornuig in the Sleigh to 
Cambridge & dui'd at M' Inman 

Mar. 6. Dined at Major Cunningham's, with 
him, his two sons — all his officers of his Com- 
pany, the llev'' Dr Elliot — M*^ ilonderson Inches, 
M' John Adams Liiwyer — M*^ Thomas Trot Sen' 
& juir M" George Trot & M' Baker. Spent the 
eve'ng at M" Cordis with the Fire Club. 

Mar 7. This forenoon Cap* M^'Kowan's ship 
was seized by the Custom House officers. 

Mar. 13. Town Meeting. I desired my Friends 
not to vote for me as Selectm<an & in Consequence 
was not Chose, but M' Jonathan Mjison was Chose 
in my Room. In the afternoon I went to Town | 
Meeting. M*" Sam^ Adams aifair came on & the 
prayer of his Petition Granted, which appears to 
be a very wrong step in the Town, & what they, 
I am afraid will repent. 


Mar. 14. This forenoon the Superior Court met 
in the New Court House & made a splendid ap- 

Mar. 15. Spent the evening at the Assembly 
with the Governour, Commodore, General, Colo. 
Kerr Colo. Lesly, Major Furlong, Major Fleming, 
Major Fordyce. A Great Number of Officers of the 
Navy & Army & Gentlemen & Ladies of the 
Town, that it was a Brilliant Assembly & very Gomi 

Mar. 16. Attended the Superior Court this 
afternoon ab^ M' Thomas's Brigg^ Hallowells' 
aifairs. Spent the evening at the Fife Major's 
Concert at Concert Hall — there was a large genteel 
Company & the best Musick I have hc^u'd performed 
there After I came home wee were alarmed by the 
cry of Fire which happened at Henderson Indies — 
but, Thank God, it did very little Damage. 

Mar. 19. Just heard of the death of my Friend 
Colo Henry Vafsall of Cambridge who died Fryday 

22. Mar. Wednesday very Cold l^lows hard 
N. West dined at M" Inman at Cambridge with him 
M' Cromwell Lady Frankland M" Harding Miss 
Mollie Wethered M" llowe & George Inman in the 
itftcrnoon 1 went to the Funeral! of Henry Vafsall 
Esq'. I was a Pallholder together with Geneml 
Brattle Colo Phipps Jos Lee Esq' Rich*' Tjctehmore 
Esq & Rob^ Temple Esq it was a very handsome 
Funerall & a Great Number of People & Carriages, 
came to Town in the Evening & spent the Evening 

DIARY —1769 186 

at the Pofsee with Rufus Greene Benj Greene Tho' 
Foster Sum' Swift Jn** Box James Richardson Will"* 
Henshaw Francis Johnnot W"* Coffin & John 

I laid a Wager of a Beaver Hat with Sam Swift 
that M' George Rnggles married his Present Wife 
after the year 1737 

Mar. 23. 1 sent out the Tickets to invite the 
Charitable Society this morning I sold my Schooner 
Suky to Capt. BilUngs This Jifternoon I attended 
the Superior Court M' Tho" Thomas' action .igsunst 
Briggs Hallo well came on & the Jury Brought in a 
Verdict £;J29.. 4.. 9 in favour of M Thonuis 

Mar. 20. M' Forbes of the 29"' Regiment 
preached a most excellent discourse This Mr 
Forbes is a most delightful & charmhig preacher. 

Mar. 28. Dined at Colo. Ingersolls with the 
Members of the Charibiljlo Society — Present John' 
liowe Treiis. His Excellency Gov. Barnard Colo. 
Pomroy, Connnodore Hood J"** Apthorp Stephen 
Greenleaf — W" Coffin Sen' John Greene Nath. 
Greene Jos Greene, Dan* Hubbard, Henry Loyd, 
Jon Simpson, M*^ Inman John Box Sen"^ Jolm Box 
jun^ The Rev'* M' Troutbeck, The Rev** M' Win- 
slow, The Rev* M"^ Walter, The Rev* M' Palmer & 
the Rev** M' Byles We had a fine Salmon for 
Diuner — 

Mar. 29. Spent the Evening at the Assembly 
which was a very Brilliant one. 

Apr. 2. I went to church both forenoon & 
afternoon & acted ns Warden for the first time. 


Apr. 6. After dinner I took a Ride to Milton^ 
came to Town & spent the eve*ng at Colo Tnp^orsolls 

Apr. 9. About eleven M™ liowe & I went to 
C.imbridge woo dined at M" VjissaH's with her, Dr 
Russell M" Fanewill Sen', Miss Polly Betume, W"' 
Vassall, his Lady, his Daughter, W Inman & Suky 
Inman In the afternoon wee went to church — M" 
Vassall M" Rowe & myself stood Sponsors for Dr 
Russell's child named renelopo After church wee 
returned to Mistress Vassall's & drank tea & 

Apr. 11. Dined at the CofPee House with the 
Proprietors of Long Wharff — Andrew Oliver Esq., 
Arnold Wells, M' Ilabejah Ssivage M' Jos. Ilen- 
dei*son, M' Gillam Phillips, John Phillips M' &un* 
Hewes, Cap* Benj'" Waldo, M' Oliver Wendidl 
Cap* Job Prince, D' Whitworth, M' Boutineau, 
Jos. Winslow Esq, M' J"** Powell, Rob* Jenkins 
Tho* Savage, Cap* James Dalton, John Hancock 
& myself. 

Apr. 12. Some letters of Gov' Barnard to the 
Earl of Hilsborough are sent over by M" Bollan 
which makes great noise & censure. Spent the 
evening at the Assembly, a very large Company — 
Gov' absent. 

Apr. 20. Cap* Parker arrivd from Glasgow in 
A Short Passage of Twenty two days. 

Apr. 21. Cap* Molesworth of the 29*** carried 
off Miss Suky Sheaffe to Hampton — I met the 
Merchants at Fanewill Hall this afternoon. 

Apr. 24. M" Hooper of Marblehead came to 

DIARY— 17C9 187 

town & brings the melancholly ace* of Lieut. Paxton 
being killed in endeavoiing to Press some hcinds of 
M' Hooper's Brigg, Cap' Poor fr Cadiz. 

May 6. Settled with M" Speakman ab** the 
Land near tlie Stillhouse — I went out of Town & 
called on M' & M" Payson & M^ & M" Jones 
& dined at M' Voses at Milton Bridge. 

May 7. I went again to see M' & M" Payson 
who I found in very deplorable circumstances. 

May 8'**. I sold my Stillliouse &c to Colo Jack- 
son for the sum of £880.13.4. 

May 14. After cliurch there was a contribution 
for the Widow of tlie Late llev'* M' Hooper, the 
sum was £319.13.9 equal to £42.13 & 3^» Lawful 
Money — this I think with Private Donations may 
be equal to the sum voted her last year, at least I 
hope so. 

May 31. Election Day. 

•Fune 1. Tlie Governour Negatived eleven coun- 
sellors — James Boudoin, Brigg** Brattle, Jos. Hen- 
shaw, M' Foster, M*^ Greenleaf, Colo. James Otis, 
Colo. Bowers, M' Saunders, Colo. Gerrish, & M' 
Walter Spooner. 

June 3. Went with M*" James Perkins & M' 
Sam' Calef to Spot Pond a fisliing — we were joyned 
by Major Vassall & M' Thompson of Medf ord — 
Wee had very great luck — I never saw such large 
Perch, before Caught there, many of them ab** 12 

Jime 4. King's birthday — All the Men of War 
in harbour iired 21 guns each. 


June 5. Washing day. Dined at Fanewill with 
the Govern' & Council & the Artillery Company. 
Spent the evening at the Concert Hall with a very 
Brilliant company of Gentlemen & Ladies — a fine 
Ball^ excellent Musick & a good large Plumb Cake. 

June 7. I rose very early & went to Cam- 
bridge with Colo. Robertson, Dr Catherwood, Major 
Golthwait, Lord George Gordon, M" Rowe & Sucky 
& breakfasted at M*" Inman's — Afterwards I went 
with the same Company to the College with M' 
Winthrop who was very obliging & shew us the 
Apparatus which is very Elegant, also the Library. 

June 10. Capt Hall arrivd from T^ondon. Great 

June 14. Sent for Dr. Loyd to have my Tooth 
drawn & had not Resolution to go thro' the Opera- 
tion. This day Power & others were on Tiyal for 
their Conduct on board the Rose Man of War. 
their Behaviour was very Couragious & I think 
very Right. 

June 15. The 14"' Rcgim^ were Reviewed hy 
Gen' McKay they Behaved extremely Clever & 
were much Admired & were much Approved by the 
General. The Gov' Adjourned the General Court. 
After dinner M"* R & I took a Ride round Jamaica 
Pond where wee had the Molancholly Sight of 
Maj*^ Byard's Ruius. 

Jime 19. Began to mow the Pasture. 

June 20. Let my Sloop St John for One Him- 
dred & Fifty Dollars to go to Halifax & back. 
This day the 29"' Regiment were Reviewed. They 
Really made A fine Appearance. 

DIARY— 1769 189 

June 21. Tis siiid tliat Gov" Barnard has dis- 
missed 6. Brattle from being Col. of his Regim*. 

Jiuie 24. St John's Day. Very hot. Dined at 
the Bang's Anns on Boston Neck with the Free 
Masons. A very Elegant Dinner. Present (41 

July 5. I waited on Commodore Hood to Visit 
the Schools ui Boston & dined with the Select Men 
Overseers of the Poor, The ReV" Dr. Byles, M' 
Mather, Dr. Elliot, M' Bowen, M' Walley M' How- 
ard, The Commodore, Colo. Brattle M' James Otis, ' 
Eze^ Golthwait, Mcaj'' Cunnuigham Colo. Marshall, 
M*^ Nich. Boylston, Major Lovell M' James Lovell, 
Master Hunt, Master Proctor Master Holbrook, 
Cap^ Job Prince, M' Ed'' Carnes M' Rob* Jenkins 
Jr & M' W" Ivers. A very Genteel Entertainment. 

July G. The Small Pox broke out in SeveraL^ 

July 8. When 1 wime home 1 found Cap* 
Rob*^ liyndsiiy at Our Hous being arrivd on the 
Vipers Sloop of Warr from N** Carolina, his brother 
Cap* John Lyndsay (& others). 

Jidy 15. Last night M' John Temple &' 
Flucker had a Quarrel attended with Blows in the! 
town-house ob" the Dialogues. 

July IG. The Governor Prorogued the General 
Court yesterday luitill the 10 Jan next. 

July 21. This afternoon M" Rachel Willson, 
ilie Fanu)us Quaker preacher, presiched in Fanewill 
Hall to at Leiist Twelve hundred people. She 
seems to be a Woman of Good Understanding. 


Spent the evening at home with M"" John Lyndsay, 
M" Rowe & Sueky. 

July 24. Met the Merchant's Committee at the 
Coffee Ilouse, present — Tho' Cnsliing, Jolm Han- 
cock, W" Phillips, Edw** Payne & myself. 

July 28. I went to M^ Charles Harrison's 

July 31. Rainy weather. Lightning & thunder. 
Two vessels sunk at Hancock's wharf. In the 
evening I went to hear M' Douglass Lecture on 
heads, he Performed well. 

Aug. 1. This forenoon Cap* Thompson in the 
Rippon, Man of War — for England & Gov' Bar- 
nard went home in him. The Vhig hoisted on 
Liberty Tree — the Bells Ringing — Great Joy to 
the People. A Great Bonfire in King St & on 
Fort Hill. 

Aug 2. I went with Cap* Caldwell, M' George, 
M" Rowe & Sucky in Cap' Caldwell's Cutter up 
Cambridge River — wee landed near the Bridge & 
dined at M" Inman's 

Aug. 4. Dined at John Chanipncy's on a Pigy 
with the following Company — John Hancock, 
James Otis, John Adams, W*" Coffin Sen', Rob* 
Anchmooty, Sam. Swift, Francis Johnnot, Hugh 
M'Daniel W"' Read, Henry Laughton, Benj Kent, 
Tutliill Hubbard, Henderson Lichcs, John Culler 
Thom' Amory & Peter Johnnot We sunk the Box at 
my Wharf tliis noon and were very Lucky — I at- 
tended the Merchants Meeting this afternoon who 
gave me a pretty tight Lecture ab** the Importation 

DIARY — 1769 191 

of some Porter on board Jarvis — I wish the Porter 
had not been Imported as tis like to make an 
Uneasiness Last evening died my Friend M** James 
Smith at Milton. 

Aug. 6. This morning died my old Friend Cap* 
James Forbes 

Aug. 7. In the afternoon attended the Fiuiemll 
of M' James Smith 

Aug. 8. I was a Bearer to my Old Friend Cap* 
Forbes together with John Erving Sen", James 
Murray Jonathan Simpson, Jolui Ervuig Ju' & M' 
Inman The Freemasons walk'd in form & made a 
very handsome Appearance 

Aug. 10. On Tuesday M' W" Collin Sen^ my- 
self & M" Rowe stood sponsors for M' Walter's 
Son William 

Aug. 12. 1 dined on invitation from Cap^ Cald- 
well of tlie Rose on Noddles IsLand 

Aug. 14. The Sons of Liberty met at Liberty 
Tree & dined at Robinson's at Dorchester — they . 
contained 139 Cariiages on their Return M' Han- 
cock preceeded the Company & M' Otis Brought up 
the Rear Spend part of the eve'ng at the Pof see & 
was greatly surprised to find when I came home my 
Old Friend M*" John Lane at Our house He came 
in the Nafsau very unexpected. 

Sept. 3'^ I paid a visit to M" Walter & my God- 
son this afternoon 

Sept. 5. I got up at two of Clock this morning 
to take a view of the Comet which hath made his 
Appciirance from twelve until three in the morning 


for five Nights preceeding — it appeared very 

Large & its Tail very Ijong In the eve'ng an A ffray 

\ happened at the Coft'eehouse between M** Robinson 

yy the Commissioner & James Otis Esq — it's said Otis 

1 is much bruised. 
C^ Sept. 6. I find the Inhabitants greatly alarmed 
\ at the Usage M' Otis met witli — tis genemlly 
\ thought he was very Rascally treated — this after- 
noon tlie Slieriff took W" Brown Esq fonnerly of 
Salem for being accessary in Beating M' Otis — 
he was Carried to Fanewill Hall & examined before 
Justice Dana & Justice Pemberton & followed by a 
Great Number of People — I believe about Two 
Thousand — M' Murray was there & used Rouglily 
by the People 

Sept. 8. A very Great Storm — it looks like the 
Tail of a hurricane 

Sept. 9. I rose early & foinul the Storm had 
done great damage among the Shipping, Wharfs & 
other parts of the Town. 

Sept. 18. M" Ifallowell Launcht his Ship this 

Sept. 25. This afternoon I attended the Pu- 
nerall of Miss Samh Calef & was a Bearer with 
Ti^easurer Gray Tho" Gray, Siim* Adams, Benj" 
Fanewill Jun' & M' Sam' Hews. 

Sept. 20. In the afternoon I attended M' Hen- 
derson Inches wife's Funeral & was a Bearer 
together with Tho' Cushing Esq', Dr. Sprague, M' 
Isaac Smith M' Johnathan Mason & M' Tho' Rus- 


DIAKY — 1769 193 

Sept. 28. Dijied at his honor tlie Lieu* Gov- 
ernor with hun, his two Daughters, liis two sons 
Thomas & EUsha, M*^ Harris a Gentleman from St 

Christopher's, M" & M' Faxton two of the 

Commissioners, for tlie first time since then* arrival 
1 have been hi tlieir Company & which 1 did not 
know now. 

Sept. 30. This day the Custom house officers 
made a large Seizure from Cap' John Homer who 
I tiike to be a very honest Good man & for which 
I am very sorry should liappen at this time. 

Oct. 3. This morning the Merchants met at 
Fanewill Hall to consider what measures should be 
tiiken about Cap' Bryants cargo. 

Oct. 4. This day there was a Town Meeting & 
the Transactions are agreed to be pubUshed to- 

Oct. 8. I did not go to Church tliis forenoon 
as 1 was obUg'd to attend Cap' Jacobson who sailed 
for Jjondon his Passengers M' Harrison, M" Snuth 
& Cap' Courance & Betty Murray. 

Oct. 9. Spent the afternoon & evening at M'* 
Cordis* with Rob' Goulds Creditors & M' J. Lane 
proposed to pay Rob' Goidds Cred'" after a Long 
debate 15/ in the Pound, payable in four ycjirs. 

Oct. 10. Dined at home on the finest Haunch 
of Venison I ever saw. My worthy Friend Jos 
Winslow Esq' died yesterday 

Oct. 14. M' Tol Brought me home a New Coat 
& Breeclies. 

Oct. 19. M*^ Jos. Loring mamed to Night by 
M' Walter to Miss Betty Lloyde. 



Oct. 24. An affray happened at the So' Guards 
between M' Ness of the 14*'** & M' Pierrepoint which 
has made some Considerable Noise about Town. 

Oct. 25. Kmg^'s accession of the throne & the 
Tenth Year of his Majesty's Reign. 

Oct. 26. The Vestry of Trinity Church met 
this day & settled all the Affairs of S** Church — 
liT* Rowe had the misfortune to sprain her ancle 
this day. 

^ Oct. 28. M' M Publiciition that appeared 

' to Day has Given Great uneasiness & tliis evening 
he was spoke to by Cap* Dashwood — Some people 
getting aroused he got into Ezek* Price's office & 
from thence fired a Pistol & wounded a Grenadier 
of the 29*'* Regiment in the Ami. W«ivmnts were 
Issued out to secure him but he couhl not be found. 
In the evening a large Mob Asseml)led & got hold 
of one George Greyer an informer who they stript 
naked & painted him all over with Tar & then 
covered him with Feathers & put liim in a Cart & 
carried liim thro' all the main Streets of the Town 
huzzaring &c and at nine dismissed liim — this matter 
occasioned much terror &c in some fearfiJl People 

I among the Inhabitants — When this happened I 

^was with the Pofsee. 

Nov. G. Monday — The People have behaved 
Well, being Pope Day. 

Nov. 21. The Superior Court met today. 
Judge Lynde gave the charge to the Grand 

Nov. 25. I sent Cato on board the Rose Man of 
War, this morning 

DIAKY — 1700 106 

Nov. 27. My Bii-tk Day being fifty four years 
old. Snows this morning for the second time. 

Dec. G. Afternoon at the Funerall of the Rev** 
M' Checkly & this evenmg at the Charitable So- 

Dec. 7. I attended the Funerall of my Friend 
Sjuu' Gary Esq*" wlio was buried from his Brother 
Kichards at Charlestown. I was a Bearer together 
with John Erving Sen' Esq John Avery Esq M' 
John Powell Cap* Henly of Charlestown & Rob* 
Temple Esq. Twas a handsome Funeral 

Dec. 18. Spent the evening at the Coffee Uouse 
with the Connnittee of Merch** Present Thos Cush- 
ing, Isiuic Smith Edwd Payne W"' MoUuieaux, 
Henderson Inches W" Greenlief Samuel Dashwood 
W" WhitweU W" Phillips John Barmt & Jon'' 

Dec. 19. Si>ent tlie afternoon at Colo IngersoUs 
with M' Blake & Savage ab** the Forge at Ilard- 

Dec. 22. This morning M' John Dennie of 
Ccimbridge lost his house by Fire for which I am 
very sorry. 

Dec. 27. St. John's Day. Dind at Colo Inger- 
soUs with the Brotherhood. 



Jan'y 1. Hiis afternoon the Coiuinittee of 
Merchants came to waite on me about M*^ W"' 
Sheaffe's affair. Deacon Phillips, W" Dennie, W" 
Greenleaf W*" Mollineaux & John Ruddock Esq. 
Tliis day we distributed the Poor's money — 

Jan'y 4. Spent the eve'ng at M' Rob^ Gould's 
to see tlie Celebration of the Maniage between M*^ 
John Baker Brimmer & Miss Betty Gould. 

Jan'y 9. Dined at home with His Honor the 
Lieut. Govern' his Brother Foster Hutcliinson Esq, 
Colo. Dahrymple Cap' Caldwell, M"^ Nich^ Boylston, 
M' Inman, M' John Ijane & M"* Itowe. 

i/ Jan'y 17. Spent the afternoon at tlie Merch** 
Meeting at Fanewill Hall & part of the eve'ng at 
the Coffee House This Day the Body of Mer- 
chants visited M' W"' Jackson 

•^ Jan'y 18. The Merchants met again this day 
& the whole Body as they are called visited the 
sous of liis Honor M" Tlieophilus Lillie, M*^ John 
Taylor, M' W" Jackson again & M' Nath. Rogers, 
they adjourned until tomorrow. Ten of Clock. 

Jan'y 19. The harbour froze in. The Mei^ 
chants met again to Day. Mess*^ Hutchinsons 
agreed to deliver up 

y Jan'y 23. The Trade met agaiin today at Fan- 
ewill Hall which highly disple;ised the Lieut. Gov- 
ernour who sent the SheriJf & ordered them to 
disperse which they took no notice of. Colo. Dal- 
rymple, I believe, ordered his Regiment to keep 

^^^^^^^^^^p .^mh^^I 





"iw -^S^^^^^H^^^^^^I 

H^:' '-'^9 

1 "JV 'V^^n^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 




: A .,K^4l^^^H 


wSfiB A ^^ ^l^fl 

ISvi^Hn^i^ ' V^^^^^l 


^m^HT- • ''m^^^^^B^mM 

lU^^^^^HIH^H^^I^^^^^^H^^^^^H .! 

("Sucky'* Inman) 

DIARY— 1770 107 

niuler Anns {ill night — the Body voted Siiid Colo. 
Dalryniple should be cashiered. 

Jan'y 25. The Harbour full of ice. I took a 
Ride over the Neck in the Sleigh. 

Jan'y 29. I went to Cambridge & dined at 
M' InniJins. M"^ J. T^ane Read us the Diverting 
Farce, the Mayor of Garrets. 

Feb'y 9. Spent the evening at Colo John 
IngersoUs on Arbitration between Hugh Tarbut & 
lienj Caldwell. 

Feb'y 21. M" Rowe to please Sucky made a 
Dance & euterbiinnicnt which was a Genteel One. 

Feb. 24. Snow & Hail. Smart Thiuuler & 
Lightning ab" Ten of Clock, very uncommon at this 

Feb. 26. This afternoon the Boy that was 
killed by Richardson was buried. I am very sure 
two thousand people attended his Funerall. -- 

Mar. 2. Spent the afternoon on a visit to M' 
licndcrKon Inches & liJuly, where we found M' 
Harrison of London M' Jsaac Smith M' Ed Payne 
M' John Timmins M' Inman M" Rowe & Sucky, 
M" George Brinley M" Louder Miss Betty Liches 
& two or three young Ladies whom I didn't know. 

Mar. 3. A (Quarrel between some of the 29^ 
Regun* & the Ropemakers — yesterday & today. ^ 

Mar. 5. This night the 29"' Regim' on Duty. 
A Quarrel between the soldiers & Inhabitants. 
The Bcills Rung A Great Number Assembled in 
King Street. A Tarty of the 29'" under the Com- 
mand of Cap' Preston fired on the People — they 


killed five — wounded several others, particularly 
M' Ed"^ Payne in his Rig^ht Ami. Cap' Preston 
bears a good Character — lie was tsiken in the night 
& Coiinnitted also seven more of the 21)"' — tlio 
inhabitants are greatly enraged & not without 

^ Mar. 6. Most all the Town in Uproar & Con- 
fusion. The Gov' & Council met. The Cryer 
went about to warn a Town Meeting at Eleven of 
Clock. The* Inhabitants met at Fanewill Hall, 
they chose a Respectable Committee to wait on his 
Honor the lieut. Govemour to desire the Troops 
might be removed from the Town — Upon which 
he Consulted Colo. Dalrymple & Colo. Kerr — the 
Lieut. Govemour Returned for answer that the 
29"* Regim' should go to the Castle & the 14"* 
Regim' Remain in Town. Afternoon the Tnhabi- 
tants met at the Old South Meeting House & after 
some Debate they unanimously Voted not to accept 
the Lieut Goveriiour's Propostils but Ch(»sc another 
Committee of Seven to wait on him .igain & Lisist 
on all the Troops Being Removed from the Town 
& without this is Complyed with it would not be 
Satisfactory to the Inhabitants. The Committee 
went & Returned that His Honor would Order both 
Regiments to the Castle & Colo. Dalrymple con- 
sented to it — this gave Great Joy to the Ldiabi- 
tants & I believe a General Satisfaction — so that 
they went from the Meeting very Peaceably to 
their Habitations. 

y Mar. 7. A Militaiy Watch tonight. 

DIAJlY—1770 109 

Mar. 8. I attended the Funeral of the four Un-l ^ 
Jiappy People that were killed on Monday last. 
Such a Concourse of People I never saw before — I 
believe Ten or Twelve thousand. One Corps with 
their Relations followed the other & then the 
Select Men & Inhabibints. A Military Watch] 
H<^aiu toniglit. 

Mar. 9. I went & paid a visit to Cap' Preston l^ 
in Goal who I found in much better spirits than I 
expected. Military watch. 

Mar. 10. Yesterday two Companies of the 29"* 
went to the Castle & fom* companies more went 
this day. Still a Milibxry watch. 

Mar. 15. This mornhig I settled a Long Dis- 
pute between Colo. Jones & M* Milluis. Spent the 
afternoon with the Town Committee, myself Chair- 
man John Ruddock Esq, Isiiac Smith, W" Dennie 
& M^ Tunothy Fitch. 

Mar. IG. M' Otis got into a miid Freak to night .^ 
h broke a great many windows in tlio Town House. 
All the 14"' Regiment are gone to the Castle the 
Last of them this day. Cap' Robson & Cap* Miller 
both sailed for London this forenoon, in Cap* 
Robson, M' Robinson one of the Board of Commis- 
sioners went Passenger 

Mar. 17. This afternoon another of the un-u^ 
happy Sufferers was Buried from F.'inewill Hall — 
The General Court sittuig at Cambridge which 
will be tlie Cause of a Quarrel between the Lieu* 
Governonr & the House of Represenbitives. 

Mar. 18. I was glad to lind the Colo. Dal- 


rymple was pleased with the answers to his Letters 
by Return of tlie Express. 

Mar. 19. Town meeting again today. The 
Town voted a vessel to be hired to <*4irry home 
dispatches & Cap^ Dashwood offered himself a 
Candidate to Carry them. 

Mar 21. This Day M' Lock was installed Presi- 
dent of Cambridge The Superior Court met ac- 
cording to Adjournment 

Mar. 23. In the evening I went to tlie Concert 
Hall to hear M' Joan read the Beggars Opem & 
sing the Songs. He read but indifferently but 
Sung in Taste, there were upwards oihj hundrcMl 
people there. 

Mar. 28. My Goddaughter Miss Bella Sheriff 

April 2. I attended the Funeral of my old Ac- 
quamtanee Brother Hugh M*'Daniel & was one of 
his Bearers The Brotherhood walked in Proces- 
sion before the Ccnps & made a handsome Ap- 

April 9. Dined on Boston Neck at Bmcketts 
with Ezek* Golthwait, Jos. Golthwait, Solo. Davis, 
Cap* Fenton, James Perkins, Joshua Winslow & 
M"^ Inman. Part of our Dinner was Buffalo Sbikcs 
which was very Tender. Sir Tlio" Ui<!h & John 
Allen Esq paid us a visit this afternoon. 

April 16. In the forenoon I attended Trinity 
Church Affairs as usual. 

April 17. Our Hannah dyed tliis day. 

April 18. M' Hancock was Chosen Speaker of 

DIARY— 1770 201 

the House pro Tempore & negatived by the Lieut 
Governour Colo. Warren was Chose in his Room 
& approved. 

April 19. I attended tlie Fuuerall of Hannah 
this afternoon. 

April 20. I attended the meeting of the Tmde 
«as it is Called — they passed a Vote I did not like. 
T he Infamous Richardson on Tryal today . 

April 21. Richardson was foun d^Jxuj lty by tii e 
im^^. I attended the Merchants Meeting this fore- 

April 22. This afternoon M" Otis behaved very 
madly, firing Guns out of his Window tlmt Caused 
a Liirge Number of People to assemble about him. 

April 24. Cap* Scot Brings an ace* of the Repeal 
of the Duties on Glass, Oyl Paper & painters Col- 
ours but the Duty on Tea still Remains. Tis siiid 
our Lieut Governour is made Governour — he nega- 
tived Cushing as Commissiiry Generall 

April 25. Men^Jiants Meeting. I attended. I 
was to my Great Mortification chose a Committee- 
man. Meeting adj'd. 

April 26. Attended Merchants Meeting. I did 
not approve much of their Proceedings — -think 
tliem too severe. 

Aprill 28. The Rev'* M' Walter's Child was 
buried this afternoon M' George Ei-ving's wife 
died last evening. 

May 8. This day the Town of Boston Chose 


The Hon"* James Boudoin Esq. 439 
" " John Hancock " 511 
Tho' Gushing " 510 
Sam' Adams " 510 
number of votes 513. 
May 9. This Day M' Adams of Roxbury 
preached die Dudleian Lecture — M' Bleners went 
to Woodstock this morning on business for me. 

May 10. Spent the evening at the Coffee House 
with the Proprietors of Point Shirley, John Han- 
cock Esq., J"** Baker, Nat. Holmes, Ezech' Golth 
wait & Tho' Golthwait. 

May 11. Dined at home with Sir Tho' Rich, 
M" Pashaw, a Gentleman in tlio Navy a Uiisliiaii 
M' Jolm Ijane, M*^ Inman, M" R. & Sucky — Spent 
tlie evening at the Coffee House with the Proprie- 
tors of Point Shirley, James Pitt Esq, John Han- 
cock, John Baker, Ezekl Golthwait, Tlio' Golthwait, 
Nat. Holmes, Dan* Hubbard & Cliarles Sigourney — 
agreed to go to tlie Point next Fryday. 
y May 17. This morning the 2!)"' Itegiiiiciit 

Marched from the Caftle to ProvideiHte. 
\/ May 18. Just as I was going to bed there was a 
very gi-eat Hallooing in the street & a mob of 
upwards a tlumsand people — it seems they liad got 
an informer & put him ui a Cart, covered witli Tar 
& Featliers & so exhibited him thro' the Streets. 

May 19. This morning James swept our Cliun- 

May 23. Sandwich — Wee rose early & set out 
for Mashby an Indian Town — Wee took a Guide, 

DIARY —1770 203 

one M' Fowler — wee reached Jos. Ashers, a Native. 
Wee fished there, found it a wild place — Wee had 
Good Sport — from thence wee went to M*" Crocker's 
the Tavern — wee dined there & wee were joyned by 
Cap' Solo. Davis, M' Calef, M' Brattle & the Rev- 
erend M' Hawley, the Indian Minister who I take 
to be a Clever man — there were two young Ladies 
Daughters of M' Crocker, Miss Betty & Miss Sally 

— veiy Clever & Genteel from this we Keturned 
to Sandwich — we spent the evening & supped at 
M"' Fessenden's — We slept at M" Newcombs — 
very Good Beds — We passed by the most Beauti- 
ful Pond, named Wakely. 

May 24. Wee Rose early & set out for Plymouth 

— Stopt at Ellis & from thence got to the monu- 
ment where we stopt at Isaac Jeffreys, an Indian & 
a preacher to the Indians — his Squaw had a neat 
Wigwam — I sle[)t an hour there. Wo dined tliere 
after dinner 1 went down to tlie River & Caught 
Ten Trout — The Largest 1 ever siiw several of 
tliem eighteen Inches in Length. From thence we 
returned to Plymouth & spent the evening at 
Edward Winslows. 

May 29. King's Restoration — Tliis afternoon 
an Ox was ciirried thro' the streets in Triumph to 
be exhibited tomorrow. 

May 30. Election kept at Cambridge. This 
day an Ox was Roasted whole on the Common — a 
Great many People attended & a Large Company 
dined at Fanewil Hall. 

M.ay J31. Convention of the Ministers today — 
Dr. Cooper preached at Dr Sewall's Meeting House. 



June 4. Artillery Election — dined at Fanewill 
Hall with the Lieut Govemour, his Majesty's Coiui- 
cil & the Gentlemen Officei'S of the Artillery & a 
Great Number of other Gentlemen — Afternoon 1 
went to M' Hancock's & saw the Ceremony of In- 
vesting the New Officers of the Artillery — Cap* 
Heath of Roxbiuy, Cap' Martin, Gay Lieut. & 
Jonas Clark ensign — the Company made a pretty 
appearance & exercised well — Spent part of the 
evening with the House of Representatives at the 
Province House in Drinking his Majesty's Health — 
A Great many Gentlemen attended this Publick 
mark of Loyalty to his Majesty & Family. 

June G. Town meeting. M*^ Jolin AdaiiiK was 
CliOHO a Member for the Town. 

June 14. In the afternoon J pd Tlie lieut Gov- 
ernor a visit at his seat at Milton. 

July 9. Yesterday was discovered the Black 
Caterpillar which devoiurs everything before it — 
they march from the North East direct S" West. 

July 10. Dry weather — The caterpillars in- 

July 18. This was the first Day the new Presi- 
dent mcade his appearance in Publick. 
J July 22. Cap^ Smith of the Nassau amved from 
London & gives an acc^ of tlie Prorogation of the 
Parliament the 20^** of May without llepealing the 
I Duty on Tea — the people I hope will have Virtue 
I enough never to make use of it as Long as the 
[Duty is demanded. 
/^ July 24. This afternoon " The Body " as they 

DlAliy—1770 206 

are called met & just before some of them Proceeded 
through the streets with Dr Young at theu* head 
with Three Flags Flying, Drums Beating & a 
f rench Horn — Tho" Baker carried one of them 
for which he is much Blamed by me — The meet- 
hig today will I believe prove very Predjudicial to 
the Mcrcliants & Trade of the Town of I^oston. 

July 2G. The Gov' offered mo the Colonial 
Commission — 

Aug 4. 1 & M" Howe paid a visit to Colui Camp- 
bell Esq & Lady 

Aug 14. The llev** M' Whitfield came to Towm/ 
this d«ay — A Ijarge Party of the Sons of Liberty 
dined tliis day at the House of Tho" Carnes at 

Aug. 16. M' Whitfield preached at the Old-^ 
North yesterday first Tune — after dinner 1 went to 
D*^ Sewairs mooting & heard M"^ Whitfield 
l>rcacli from the 5)" Chap, of Zachariah & 12 Vei-se 
" Turn Ye to the Strong Hold Ye Prisoners, of 
Hope I Uked his Discourse. 

Aug. 17. M' Whitfield Preached at (New 
North) Dr Elliots this morning. 

Aug 18. M' Whitfield preached this morning 
at M*^ Pemberton's. 

Aug 20. M' Whitfield preached at New North, 
Dr Elhots. 

Aug 21. M' Whitfield preached this morning 
at Dr Sewalls. 

Aug 22. M' Whitfield preached agam this 
morning at Dr Sewall's. 


Aug 23, M' Whitfield preached at New North. 

Aug 24. In the forenoon I went to Old Dr 
Sewell's meeting & heard M' Whitfield preach from 
22** Chap. St Matthews & 11. 12 & 13 Verses — 
this was in my opinion a Clever Discourse. 

Aug 26. I have been married twenty seven year 

Aug 28. M' Whitfield preached yesterday at 
Cambridge, tliis day at Cluirlestown. 

Aug 29. M' Whitfield preached at Old Soutli. 

Aug 30. M' Whitfield preached at New North. 

Aug. 31. M" Whitfield preached at Jamaica 

Sept 1. M' Whitfield preached at Milton this 

Sept 2. M"' Wliitfiold preached at lloxbury this 

Sept 3. M' Whitfield preached at Old South 

Sept 4. M' Whitfield set out for Portsmouth — 
I should have gone to Point Shirley with the pro- 
prietors but was very Busy. 

Sept 5. 1 altonded the Morcli^ Meeting at Pau- 
ewill Hall 1 attended the Funerall of M' Fitch 
Pool yesterday in the afternoon. 

Sept 10. This day the Council set & the Lieut 
Governour delivered up the Castle unto Colo Dal- 
rymple by express order from his Majesty in Coun- 
cil. I spent the evening at the Colfee House with 
the Merchants — Present 24. 

Sept 11. I spent the forenoon at the Coffee 
House with the Merchants, present 03 

DIARY — 1770 207 

Sept 12. I spent the eveuiiig with the Mer- i 
chants at the Coffee House, present 74. 

Sept 13. Spent the afternoon at Fanewill Hall 
with the Body as they are called — Cap' Scot 
arrivd from London 7 weeks passage 

Sept 14. I attended the Merchants Meeting this 
forenoon. Present 51. I spent tlie afternoon at 
Fanewill Hall with the Body as they are called. 

Sept 15. This forenoon I attended the Mer- 
chants Meeting at M" Cordis there were present 64 
I also attended the Body at Fanewill Hall & they 
came to a Conclusion to Forward a Letter to the \y 
Trade at riiiladelphia. 

Sept IJ). Young Thatciier was ordained this 

Sept 24. After Dinner I attended tlie Proprietors 
of Long Wharf. 

Sept 25. M' Inman sot out for Newport with 
Sucky & Katy Wendall. Spent the evenuig at the 
PofHoo all pr<;sent cxcjcpt J. Uicliardson who buried 
his Mother this afternoon. 

Sept 28. Sir Tho" Rich arrivd this day from 
HalUfax. The Viper Cap' Pointer Returad from a 
Cruise The St John Cap* Murmy from Hallifax 
Tlie Bristol Packet Cap*^ Skinner from St Jubes 
Cap* Fellows from London. 

Sept 30. The ReV' M' Whitfield died suddenly 
this morning at Newberry, much Lamented. Cap* 
Hussey arrivd from the Streights. 

Oct 3. This Day Council & house are to have a 
fast at Cambridge. M' Appleton & M' Cook are 
to preach. 


Oct 4. I attended the Funerall of Coll** Jarvis. 

Oct 5. Afternoon I went with M' John Cutler & 
viewed the Organ (of Trinity) & gave him the key 
of the Organ 

Oct G. M'' luman Ciune home from Newport to- 
day & brought Sally Winslow & Sucky 

Oct 9. I went on Board the Rose with Cap* 
Caldwell from thence to the Cafsell & from thence 
on board tlie Romney & dined with Comm" Hood 
his Lady, his Son, Major Butler of the GO'*, Major 
Powell of the 38'*, Dr Pei-tersby, M' Thomas & M' 
West. I returned & spent the evening with the 
Committee of Merchants at the Coffee House, Hen- 
derson Inches J"* Amory Ed'*' Payne, Isaac Smith 
& myself. Cap^ Joliu Linzeo arrivd in tlie Beaver 
from Hallifax. 

Oct. 10. This morning arrivd Cap' Davis from 
London & Comm** Gambier from England & Made- 
ria in the Salisbiu-y. I spent the afternoon with the 
Mercliants at the Codec House. 

Oct. 11. Spent ilie evening at tlie ColVeo Hoiikc 
on an Arbitration between Tlio" Flucker & M* 
Clark of Milton, W"* Phillips Jos Barrett & myself 

Oct. 12. I paid Comm"* Gambier a visit this 
morning & dind at home with Comm"* Hood & 
Lady, Cap^ J no Linzee M^ Innian M"* Itowe Sucky 
& Sally Inman & Cap' Bellew. Attended the 
Merch^ Meeting Present 72. 

Oct. 13. The Salisbury Man of War came up to 
the Wharff this Day. 

DIARY— 1770 209 

Oct. 14. The Boston Man of Warr Cap* Parker 
came up. 

Oct. 15. The Rose & Senegall came up the ELar- 

Oct. 16. I dined at home with Cap' John Lyn- 
zee, M" Gregory Townsend M" Bowe Sucky & 
Sally Inman & Antony Lotchmere & spent the eve- 
ning at home mth Cap* John Lynzee etc. The 
Gibnilter Man of Warr Cap* Bond arrivd from 

Oct. 18. Spent the evenuig at home with Cap* 
John Linzee M" Howe, Sucky and Sally Inman. 

Oct. 1!). T dined at home witli the foUowhig 
Company Cap* Barclay of the Sahsbury, Capt Hide 
Parker of the Boston, Cap* Benj" Caldwell of the 
Rose, Capt Bond of the Gibraltar, Sir Tho" Rich of 
the Senegall, Cap* John Lynzee of the Beaver, 
Colo. Dalrymple & Cap* Mason of the 14*" Reg*, 
M' Inmaii, M"* Rowe & Sucky Inman — Spent the 
afternoon & evening at home with the same com- 

Oct. 20. The Highest Tide I ever saw — it has 
done great Damages to the Wharffs, Storehouses & 
vast Quantitys of Lumber Wood &c a Drift — Quan- 
titys of Salt washed out. Several People have lost 
Sugars — Several vessels drove ashore from their 
Anchors. Even Storehouses set adrift After noon 
I paid a visit & found my Wharff & stores had es- 
(•4ipcd better tlian I expected. 

Oct. 21. Afternoon I went to King's Chapel — 
M". Troutbeck had his Daughter Christened. I 


Stood Godfather M" Gould & M" Rogers God- 
mothoi-s — tlie Cliild's name Eliziibetli.* 

Oct. 23. The Judges of the Superior Court met 
today and ordered the Trialls of Capt Preston to- 

Oct. 25. The King's Ascension to the Throne. 
The whole Fleet the Castle & Batterys iired on this 
Occasion, the Comm* first, then every Cap' accord- 
ing to Seniority — Cap' Preston still on TriiiU 
^•CrOct. 29. Cap' Preston Still oil Tryall. The 
A"^ \ Judges gave their Opinion in his favor. The Jurys 
Lxerdict not Guilty. 

Nov. 18. Great Talk of a Spanish War & of 
Report of the Plague heing Broke out in the Island 
of Hispaniola. 

Nov. 20. A Ship & a Schooner arrivd from His- 
paniola were ordered to perform Quarantine. 

^Dec. 5._ This Day The Tryall of the Soldiers 
ended (after five days trial in the Superior Coui-t) 
Six of them were acquitted & two were found 
Guilty of Manslaugliter. 

Dec. !). M' Propcrt^H jMiy coiiniu^ncc^s jts Organ- 
ist from this day at £40 SterP pr Annum. 

Dec. 12. Cap' Linzee Brought the Beaver into 
my Dock & graved her, the Commodore heing well 

Dec. 14. The Beaver got Docked & well out 
this evening. 

^ A niiiiiaturo of this Elizabotli Troutbeck, aftcrwanls 
Mrs. Bows, is in the possession of Mr. Howe's great-grand- 

DTAUY — 1771 211 

Dec. 25. Christmas Day — I^dmed at home 
with C.i[/ John Tiin7x;e M" Jolin Lane, Di* Miller 
Joseph Golthwait M' Inman, M" Kowe, Miss Lucy 
Flucker^ & Siicky Inman — The same Company 
staid & spent the afternoon & evening -^ &^j^ e were 
very Cheer full. 

Dec. 2(). Spent the evening at M*^ Lewis Dehlois 
with hun & his new wife & a very Large Company 
too many to enumerate — a very Genteel Entei^ 


Jan. 3. Spent the evening at Concert Hall where 
there was a Concert performed hy Hartley, Morgan 
& others — after the Concert a Dance the Com- 
modore & all the Captsiins of the Navy here, were 
there & Colo Dairy mple & fifty or sixty Gentlemen 
& the siime uinuh(u* of Ladies Present — 

Jan. 4. Spent the evening at the Concert Ro(nn 
at an Afsembly. A very Large & respectable 
afsembly it was. 

Jan. 18. The Queens Birth Day, fine weather, 
Gmis firing Jovial Day — Spent the Evening at 
Concert Hall with a very Grand Assembly, Gov- 
ernour, Lieut. Gov*^ Commodore, Colonel, Capbiins^ 
of the Navy & Army, Connnissioners, all the IJest 
I'eople in town — A Genend Coalition so that 
Harmony Peace & Friendship will on(*e more he I 

*AIisM liiicy Fhicker uiw ivftt^rwards tlio wife of Goiicral 



rEstaJbKshed^ 11^ Good Dancing & 

1 Good Miisick but very Bad Wine & Punch. 

Jan. 29. Spent an liour witli M*^ J.imes Otis 
who I foiuid in a gloomy way 

March 4. My worthy Friend Nat Bethiuie died 
this morning, also M" Inches.' 

March 6. I attended the Funerall of M" Sarah 
Inches & was a Bearer with Isaac Smith, Scam Austin 
Tho" RufscU Joua. Mason & Ebon'' Stoi-or. 

Mar. 7. I attended the Funerall of my worthy 
Friend Nat. Bethune & was a Bearer with James 
Boutineau Tho' Flucker Jos. Green Nich** Boylston 
& Solomon Davis 

Mar. 8. Arrivd from London Our Ship Bos- 
cawen Cap' Robson & the Marquis of Rockingham, 
Cap' Whitwood both from London 

Mar. 0. The Chaplain M' Mofsely of the Salis- 
buiy was taken in an Apoplectick fit yesterday 
which hindered him coming to oiur house. 

Mar. 11. Blustering weather Snow & sleet. 
Town meeting for the Choice of Oflicers — I at- 
tended on Purpose to oblige my Friend Ezek' 
Goldthwait Esq' 

Mar. 14. The Govern' Commission Read today 
also the Lieut. Govern" the Company that waited on 
the Govern' were Gentlemen of Reputation & the 
Best Fortunes — I spent the evening at the Assenddy 
which was veiy Brilliant 

^From the opening of the Diary Mr. Howe had passed 
every Sund ay ev eni ng, al most without exception, at Mr. Nat. 

DIARY— 1771 213 

March 15. Afternoon the Merchants met at the ^ 
British Coffee House to prepare an Address to the 
Governour — Present Rich'* Clark, Jos. Green, my- 
self, John Erving Geo. Erving, Tho" Gray, Hen- 
derson Inches, Edw'' Payne Melahiah Bourne, Dan* 
Hubbard, Ezek* Golthwait Jolin Dennie, John 
Ainory & Solomon Davis — & spent the evening 
there with most of the same Company — when I 
came home I found M' J. Lane & M' Propert 
who supped & diverted us all the evening by play- 
ing on Sucky's Spuinet & Joyned by M" J. Lane in 
shiging — Propert is a fine hand. 

Mar. 18. Tlie Merchants waited on his Excel- ^ 
Icncy, The Govenf with their Address — Present 

Mar. 19. I Launched my Brigg Sucky at 
Walker's this day. 

Mar. 28. This Day Tlic French Boy & a Cliar^ 
coal FoUow stood in the Pillory. The French Boy I 
was to have been whij^t but tlic Populous liindered] 
the Sheriff douig his duty. 

Mar. 30. A Brigg.* Cap* Hosey arrived this day y 
from Liverpool in 51 days brings an ace* that mat- 
ters were accommodated l)etween the Contending 
Powers. I had a letter from Quebeck that tells me 
of an Horrid Assasination on my Brother. 

Mar. 31. The News I Receivd ab^ My Brother 
prevented my Going out this Day 

April 1. I attended the Wardens & Vestry of 
Trinity Church this morning Afternoon the Fun- 
erall of General Shirley. 


April 2. Easter Tuesday. I dined ^Yitll tlie 
members of the Cliarital)Ie Society at Colo. Tng^er- 
solls in King Street. Present Myself, llalpli Inman, 
J"** Apthorp, Gov' Hutchinson, Commo. Gambier, 
M' J"* Lane, Rufus Greene, Nat Gi'eene, J"** Greene, 
Benj" Greene Joseph Greene, Dan Hubbard, Rob' 
Jenkins, J**** Box John Box J', W" Coffin, John 
Hjiskins, J"^ Cutler Gilb* Deblois, Rich^ Green, 
Stephen Greenleaf & the ministers — Dr Byles, M" 
Winslow, M' Walter M' Fogg & M' Mosely. 

April 3. Tliis day the Gen* Court meets at Cam- 
bridge. The Governour was met by the Gentlemen 
of Cambridge & escorted to the College where there 
was an Oration spoke in Latin by one of the stu- 

Aprill 7. After Church tlie Vestry met ab" Dr 
Byles affairs. Cap' Scot arrivd from London & 
brought the news of M" Eustis Death — who is 
gi-eatly Lamented Capt Airy arrivd from a Whal- 
ing Voyage has bad Luck 

Aprill J). This Forenoon Our Vestry met at Our 
liouse ab** Dr Byles aiTaii*s. 

Aprill 10. Afternoon I attended the Creditors of 
M' Caleb Loring at the Coffee House. I dind & 
suppd on Salmon for the first time. 

Aprill 16. The Wid^ Green M"^ Townsend M" 
Townsend M" Benj" Green junr M'^ Rogers Miss 
Betty Gould & the Rev'* M"^ Walter spent the 
afternoon with us. 

Aprill 18. The Boscawen Cap^ Robson saild for 
Hallifax this morning & Cap* Whitwood sailed for 

DIAKY — 1771 215 

Barbadoes in hiiu M"^ Sober & M** Sober went Paf- 

Aprill 19. Cap^ Stratsburg paid us a visit this 
afternoon & is a Chearfidl Old Gentleman. 

Aprill 25. (Plymouth) Set out for the Mano- 
ment Ponds Wee Reachd Isaac Jeffi*ys the Indian 
Parsons Wigwam wee were joynd by Pelham & 
Edw** Winslow junr' wee were disappointed in our 
Diversions, the water been very high & the Ponds 
not drawn off — wee stayd the Day & had but poo 

Aprill 21). I dind on board the Siihsbury Man 
of Warr with the Gentlemen of the Wardrobe. 

Aprill ;30. 1 attended M" Taylor's Funerall & 
met the Proprietors of Long Wharff at the Coffee 

May 3. Spent the Evening at the Afsembly a 
very Gniml oiu) Sixty-(Mght TiJidioH & forty-fivo 

May (J. 'V\h\ Jtoston Cap*^ Parker, the Mermaid 
Cap* Smith, tlie Rose Cap* Caldwell, the Senegal 
Ctip* Thompson & all the Transports arrivd from 
Hallifax with the 64'' & 65'' Regiments in this 

May 7. I attended Town Meeting for tlie / 
Choice of Representatives — M' Otis, M' Gushing, ^ 
M' Sam* Adams & M"^ Hancock were Chose by a 
Great Majority. 

May 9. I Rose very early this morning & found 
Cap' Hall arrived from London — Andrew Brimmer, 
Tlio" Palfrey, M"^ Grey came Passengers — they 


Bring an ace' of the Lord Mayor & Alderman 
Oliver being Pnt in the Tower — 

May 16. Afternoon I went over to Dorchester 
with M'' Brattle to a new place he has hird & I 
thuik a very agreeable Rural Spot. 

May 19. Cap* Barthlet arrivd in the St John 
from James River Virginia Royall Tyler Died — 
M' Price the Picture man died on Fryday 

May 21. I attended the Funerall of Old M' 
W*" Price — he was buried under Trinity Church. 

May 22. I attended the Funerall of Royall 
Tyler Esq' — his bearers were John Erving Esq' 
Generall Brattle^ James Rufsell Esq' Sam* Dexter 
Esq' John Ban-at & M' W" Whit^vell. 

May 26. Sunday — There was a Collection for 
M" Hooper the sum was jC21).7.1) Tjjiwfull money. 

May 27. Cap' John linzee arrivd in the Beaver 
from Antigua & paid us a Visit. 

June 4. King's Birthday — The Governour 
made a Dinner for the King's Officers at the Coffee 
house — Spent the evening at Concert Hall at 
Comm" Gambiev's Ball which Avas very Brilliant — 
A Great Company & very Good — too many to 
enumerate — 

June 10. I went to Needham with Greg Town- 
send, James Perkins Cap' Fenton & Harry. Wee 
Stopt & dind at Coolidges Watertown who keeps 
a Clean House from thence to BuUard's wee suppd, 
spent the evening & slept there. 

Jime 11. Wee fishd again no Great Sport — 
Wee din'd at BuUard's from thence came homo to 

DIAllY — 1771 217 

Uostoii, w«is Caught 111 «i vei*y heard Shower of Raiii 
imich Lighting & Thunder. Wet to Sldii. I was 
called up by Major Fleming on a Particular Affair 
between Cap^ Linzee & Lieut Shai*p Marine officer 
of the Salisbury 

June 12. They bcgjui to mow my Pasture yes- 

June IG. There were three seizures made, some t^ 
Tea at Plymouth, A schooner from St Peters with 
Brandy, Wine &c — anotiier Schooner that short 
entered her Cargoe of Molasses belonging to M' 
Forster of Cape Anne. These aiTairs give great 
Une^isiness & tis believed Avill Raise the Minds of 
the People. The mowers made an end of mowing 
my Pasture yesterday. 

June 17. Another Sloop was Seized this Day 
from St Peters by Cap* Parker of the Boston Man 
of War. 

Jmie 20. Cap* Brown saild for Oporto in my 
Now Briggjitine Sucky this morning. 

June 21. I dind at Ciunbridge at M' Liman's 
with him Govern' Hutchinson Conmio Gambier 
M" Gambier M" James Gambier Colo Pliipps M" 
Phipps, Major Vaf&all M" Vafsall Colo. Oliver M" 
Oliver M"" Itowe George & Sucky Inman & &illy 
Gould. Spent the evening at home with Capt 
John Linzee (& others) My Coachman was thrown 
from his horse & hurt himself. 

June 25. I dind at M"^ Brackets with the Free 
Masons ^at the Celebration of St John — present 32. 

Jidy 5. After Dinner 1 took a Hide over to 


Dorchester with M" Rowe. The Generall Court 
Prorogued this day. 

July 12. After Dinner I paid a visit to M"* 
Smith who Came to Town last Nijrht & wune Paf- 
senger in the Mast Ship two of her nieces came 
with her — afterwards I took a Ride to Dorchester 
with Cap* John linzee — Wee went to Savine Hill 
— wee met Miss Atherton a Smart, Clever Girl. 

Jnly 16. I dind at Brackets in School St with 
M" Williams of Maryland M' Glover of Leeds 
Yorkshire Henry Loyd, Bishop Barrett Tho' Amory 
John Amory Jonathan Amory M' Inman, Nat. 
Coffin & war Coffin junr. The Beaver Man of 
Warr, Cap* Linzee saild this day. 

July 17. Conunencement Day — I rose very 
early & wrote until I could not wiite any more for 
the Pain of my head. I went to Cambridge & dined 
with M' Inman — after Dinner I went to Colo. 
Miurays Room in the New College Avheve there was 
a Large Company, the Govern' Council & too many 
to enumerate — I staid till six. 

July 22. I waited on M' John Lane who sailed 

for London in the Ship Boscawen Cap' Robson, 

also M' Mills of Newhaven. I dind at home with 

Cap' Fenton M' Liman, M" Smith M" Rowe, George 

& Sucky Inman & Anthony Lechmere — after Din- 

. norM' Jnman Introduced his Design to M"* Sinitli. 

/ ^July 24. Ljist night the nu>h Routed the 

\ Whores at the House of Joseph Henderson at 

[Olivers Dock. 

July 25. Attended the Ti-yall between James 
Otis & M' Robinson 

DlAllY— 1771 219 

J uly 2G. Tlie Tryall of M' Otis agiiiiist M' Rob- w/ 
iiisoii finished the Jury found £2000 Stei*" damages 
in favor of the Plaintiff. 

July 27. I spent the evening at home with Cap* 
John Luizee who is just come in^ M" Howe & 

July 30. 1 went this nuirning about some Par- 
ticular Bufsiness with M' Shi-imp* Hutchinson & 
paid a visit to my Friend Old M' Gould who I 
foimd very 111. 

Aug. 6. In the afternoon I went on board the 
Commodore's 8hip the SaHsbury by Invibition from 
him with tho following Company (then follow 01 
names) Wee all spent the evenuig had a fine en- 
tertainment & the Genteelest supper I ever saAv. 

Aug. 9. The Tamar Man of Warr Cap' Charles 
Hay arrivd from England he came out in Company 
with the Captain, Adm* John Montague, the Lively 
& Swan Men of Warr 

Aug. 12. Admirall Monbigue in the Capbihi & 
Cap* Talbot in the Lively arrivd from England — 
I dind on board the Beaver with Cap* John Linzee, 
Cap* Caldwell, Colo. Dalrymple, Cap* Barckly, Cap* 
Blair & M' Holwell. The Commodore & all his 
Ca[>tsiins went on board the Admirall to jiay their 

Aug. 13. I went on board the Captain Man of 
Warr to pay a visit to Admiral Montague who Re- 
ceived me very PoHtely. 

Aug. 14. Cap* Sidnuiier arrivd from Lisbon hav- 
ing 8 weeks paf sage. 


Aug. 15. The Beaver Man of War, Cap* John 
Linzee sailed this day to find out Cashier's Ledge. 

Aug. 16. Afternoon M' Inman & M" Rowe paid 
a visit to M" Smith over to Golthwait's. M' In- 
num Clime home well pleased & agreed on his Plan 
of Matrimony — 

Aug. 17. I am very Busy in Sending Provisions 
ofE to the Ships. 

Aug. 19. I was taken very 111 in the Night I 
sent to Dr. Perkins who advisd me to stay at home. 
I did all Day. 

Aug. 24. Cap* Jarvis arrived from London & 
the Canso arm'd Ship in the Service of the Govern- 
ment under the Dii'ection of Sam* ITolland Esq" fr 
Plym** in England 

Aug 25. M' Burnet a Midshipman of the Beaver 
Brings an acc^ of Cap^ Jn"" Linzeos finding Ciishier's 

Aug 27. I had a Considemble Conversation 
Avith M' Atkinson the Admiralls secrebiry. The 
Beaver, Capt John Linzee lieturned from a cruise. 

Sept. 1. My Brother in Ijaw M" Tnman was 
Published this morning to M" Smith at the King's 

Sept 3. Young M' Gore died very suddenly 
this day. 

Sept 4. I dined on board the Bejiver, Cap^ John 
Linzee. The Beaver people made a Seizure for 
wh. I am sorry. 

Sep' 5 My Whale Sloop Polly, Cap' Aiiy ar- 
rived this day with 150 Barrells. 


DI All Y — 1771 221 

Sept 22. The Kings Accession to the Throne. 

Sept 2G. About eleven my Brother in Law 
Ralph Inman was married at the Seat of M' Ezek^ 
Golthwait to M" Smith, the Ceremony was Per- 
formed by the Rev** M' Caiier. after marriage we 
all went except Dr Caner toM^Inman's. We dined 
Ihere & wore .loyned by the Rev'* M' Serjeant, M' 
John Inman & M*^Tho" Hooper. The Company was 
very ChearfuU. I spent the evening there with M' 
Inman, M" Inman, George Sucky & Sally Inman 
M" Rowe & Sally Gould. We slept there. 

8ei»t 27. Came to Boston, Returned to Cam- 
bridge Avith Cap^ Linzee & dined at M" Inmans 
with him & M" Inman etc. 

Sept 29. I did not go to Church this mornuig 
beuig engaged with M' Mich* Everet who is just 
going to sea in the Viper. 

Oct U. The Reaver Man of War Cap' John 
Linzee sailed on a Cruise this day 

Oct. 20. Cap' Bryant cirrived from London in 
whom my Kuisman M' Jacob Rowe of Exeter came 

Oct 23. I went to Cambridge with Cousin Jacob 
Rowe & din*d at M' Inman's. 

Nov. 1. I dined at M*^ Henderson Inches'. After 
Dinner we went over to Brackets & see a Yorkshire 
man sbind upon a horse's Back & Gtillop him full 
Speed, afterwards upon two Horses & after that on 
Three, he endeavoured to make all them galloj) as 
fast as he could, then he mounted a single Horse 
& Run him full speed & while Running he Jumped 
off & on three several! times. 



Nov. 2. The Hope, Schooner arrived with her 

Nov 7. After dinner I was called upon to go to 
the Coffee house to see Sir Tho' Rich wlio was 
under arrest at the Suit of Cap^ Cookson for a pro- 
tested bill, 
/''^ov 16. The Printers of the Massachusetts Spy 
was sent for by the Gov' & Councill this day. they 
ordered the King's Attorney to Prosecute them. 
Our Henry Smitli left us yestenhiy. 

Nov 25. We took in oiu* wood: 20 cord of 
M' Hatch. 

Nov 27. This Day I am fifty six years of age. 

Nov 29. Yesterday morning died very suddenly 
my old Friend W" Slieaffe. The Connnissioners 
have appointed William Waterhouse in the lloom 
of M' Sheaffe. 

Dec 2. Spent the evening at the Fire Club at 
Colo. Ingersolls with Treas. Gmy, Master Lovell, 
Jos. Green, S(do. Davis Geo Itethune, Molabiah 
Bourne, Tho' Flueker, Benj* Fanewill John Dennie, 
M' Tnman. We voted in M' Tho' Boylston a 

Dec 7. M' Edward Payne had a Quantity of 
Malaga Wine seized in the Heron by Sheppard. 

Dec 11. John Dennie & Tim" Folger made Jus- 
tices yesterday. T attended the Fiinerall of M" 
Storer this afternoon. 
""^"^Dec 13. M' Thompson went into my house 
opposite me the 11'** Instant at JE30 p annum. 
" Dec 17. This Day M' Thompson took the House 


DIARY — 1772 223 

over the way at 100 Doll" pr Annum for six moutEs^ 
1 deliv'd hhn the key. '— ^ 

Dec 25. Christmas Day. excessive cold weather, 
the ink freezes — I went to Church this forenoon. 
We gathered <£318.G/ old tenor which was more 
than I expected being very Cold & few People at 

Dec 26. Still very cold — Capt Stei)hen Davis 
in my Sloop Polly sailed for Madeira tliis day — 
M' Henderson Inches was married this eve'ng to 
Miss Bettsy Brimner. 

Dec. 27. St John's Day— 1 dined at Colo. In- 
gorsolls with tlic Brctliren 41 Present. 


Prime Jany. I attended the Distribution of tlie 
Poor money at the Church. Din'd & Spent the 
evening at home with Cap*^ John Linzee M^ M" In- 
man, Siu.'ky & Sally Jnman also M'^ Kowe. 

Jany 8. 1 paid a visit to see Old M' Gould who 
is very 111. Cap* Linzee & Sucky gone to Cam- 

Jany 9. My Worthy Friend Old M' Gould 

Jany 13. I Attended as a Relation The Fimerall 
of my Old Friend M' John GoiJd, a Great Number 
of Gentlemen & others attended. 

Jany IG. Spent part of the evening at the 
Coffee House on an Arbitration between the Under- 
writers of the N" End & Pain Newman of New- 
berry, myself, John Avery & John ScoUay. 


Jauy 17. M' Inmans birth Day M" Rowe & 
Sucky gone to Cambridge. 

Jan 22. The Trial of W" Tyng came on this 
day for Treble Damages. 

Jan 26. M' Walter read prayei-s & preached. 
A most charming Disconrse. I spent an hour or 
two with Rob^ Gould & perused his Uncles' Last 
Will & Testament. 

Jan 27. Judge Auclimooty told in his Decree 
against W" Tyng. 

Jan 30. Spent the evening at the Assembly 
Present 44 Gentlemen 53 Ladies. 

Feby 2. Wee have Rec'd the Bad news Rob' 
Gould's Sloop was cast away on Plum Island Fiy- 
day night. 

Feby 5. M' Goltliwait told us of a Confei-cnec 
between him & MoUineaux, very extraordinary 
wanting M"^ G. to destroy Josiah Quincy & Benj" 

Feb'y fl. Several Vessells Blown olT are heard 
oft* at Antigua & Sbitia. 

Feb V2. 1 attended the Fuiierall of Miss Polly 
Wethered & was a Bearer together with Dr Gard- 
ner James Pitts Peter Chardon Shrimpton Hutchin- 
son & Major Vafsall. 

Feb 13. M' John Wendall was buried this 
afteriHMm. Spent the evening al the Al'seiiibly 
There was a Clever Company. 

Feb 15. I attended the Funerall of M" Miller 
Sister to W'" Vafsall Esq and was a Bearer 

Feb 16. I paid a Visit to Rob* Gould who has 

DIARY — 1772 225 

got the Gout ciiuie home & spent the evening with 
Cu]>* Solo. Davis Cap*^ Lin zee M" Rowe & Sucky. 
ah" Ten of Clock M" Davis & Katy Wendall came 
to Our house. 

Peh 17. Very Smart Cold. The Ink Freezes 
as I write. 

Feh. 11). The Superior Court met yesterday & 
made a Good Figure, they were attended by a 
Great Number of Gentlemen^ the Governor, Ad- 
miral & many more. 

Feb. 22. The Beaver's Gunner Quelch & Cap' 
Linzee's Cliirk have had an Affray, the Gunner has 
wounded the Chirk. 

Mar 5. A Town meeting this morning, they 
adjourned to Dr SewalVs Meeting house where there 
wjis an Oration spoke by Dr Warren on the memory 
of this day Two Year, tis said upwards of four 
iJiousiuul Veoplo were present. There was an Ex- 
hibition at M" Clappams in Kings Street this even- 
ing. A great many Spectators. 

Mar 7. The Treasurer's (Gray) Birthday, aged 
Sixty years, he says he was veiy Brisk this morn- 

Mar 9. Town meeting this day — The Petitions 
of the Lieu* Governour M' Hubbard & Dr Gardiner 
were Dismissed Also M' Payson's & M*^ Molli- 
neux. Two new Select Men Sam* Austin & Colo. 
Marshall in the Room of M' Liches & M' Mason. 
I got excused from Being a Fire Ward. 

Mar 10. 1 attended Town Meeting this Fore- 
noon. Liirge Debates on the affairs of M' Molli- 


Mar 26. I attended the Funerall of M' Ethoridge 
& was a Bearer with Francis Johnnot Cap' Par- 
tridge Cap* Dogget M' Hews & M' Ruggles the 
Carpenter. Tlie Gljwgow Man of Warr Caip* 
Maltby arriv'd from England. Last from Lisbon. 
M" Grace Gardner Buried too night. ^ 

Mar 27. Cap*Linzee saild in the Beaver. -(From 
Jan'y 1"* there is scarcely a day when the Diai-y 
does not record Iiis dining or spending tlie evening 
at M' Rowe's & oftener both). 

I spent the former Part of the Evening at Colo. 
Ingersolls with John Hancock, Treas' Gray Thos 
Gray Ezek* Goldtliwait Solo. Davis W" Davis, W" 
Coffin, jnn', Aniold Wells Tutliill Huldjard & Jos. 
Scot. The TrciiHurer told a story ah" Cap^ '*V"K 
sending his Irish man to buy cheese etc. The Ue- 
mainder at home with Cap' Linzee M" Rowe & 

April 1. This morning ab*" four of Clock The 
Town was alarmed by a fire which Broke Out in the 
Front Room of the British Colfee house — it was 
very lucky our Engines got the Better of it Soon. 

Aprill 2. Past Day. M^ Walter read prayers & 
preached a very Clever & pertnent sermon. After 
(dinner) Cap' Linzee Came in being Ueturn'd in 
the Beaver very Leaky. Cap' Higginson, Ccipt 
Callahan Cap' Jenkins arriv'd from London and a 
Great number of Other Vessels from Different parts 
it snows very fast & blows hard at North East. 

Aprill 3. Tho" Symms Shut up Yesterday. 

Aprill 4. Young Rob' Jarvis arrivd in Geo. 

DIARY — 1772 227 

Erviiigs Schooner from London, Ccip^ Folger in 
Tho" Boylston^s Ship from London, Cap* Wood m 
M*^ Hancock's Brigg" was Ciist away on Point Al- 
lerton & another Brigg" near the same phice from 
the West Indies both in the Storms yesterday. 

Aprill 0. Cap* .Tarvis arrivd in 27 Days from 
LoihIoii — Sir Tho** Rich Pjissengor in Jaivis. The 
Admirall visited the Fleet to Day. 

Aprill 8. The General Court met at Cambridge 
this day. M' Hancock is Chosen Speaker & ap- 

Apiill 11. Cap* Davis arrivd in my Sloop Polly 
from Madeira 

Aprill 17. The Treasurer, Commissary & Ln- 
port olHcer were Chose this day & the same as last 
Year — W Gray — M' Gushing — M' RusseU. 

Aprill 18. Lewis Turner died very Suddenly. 

Aprill 20. Monday. 1 went to Church this 
mornmg to Chose Chuicli olKcers wliich were the 
same as Lsist Year. 

Aprill 23. I attended the Merch** Meeting. 
Brigg' Brattle Major Hawley & John Hancock were 
Chose Commifsioners to Treat with New York 

May 7. The Representatives for Boston were 
Elected Yesterday John Hancock, Tho" Gushing, 
M^ Sam' Adams & M' W'" Phillips 

May 10. 1 went to church this morning M' 
Thompson of Scituate Read prayers & preached 
from G"* Chap, to the Romans IG*'* Verse After- 
noon I went to church. M' Thompson read 


prayers & preached from 6^"* Chap, of the Prophet 
Hosea & 6^^ Verse. Both these sermons were hon- 
estly designed but very lengthy. 

May 19. Old Dana the Lawyer was buned this 
morning. W" Shephard the Searcher died this 

May 27. The following Gentlemen wore IClected 
Counsellors for the ensuing year — 


Sam Danf orth 


Tho' Saunders 

W" Brattle 


Stephen Hall 

Harrison Gray 


J"^ Hancock 

Sam Dexter 


John Erving 

Benj Greenleaf 


Tho' Hubbard 

Tim^ Woodbridge 


James Pitts 

Isiiac Iloyall 


Artemus Ward 

James Boudoin 


Caleb Gushing 

James Russell 


Sam Phillips 




James Otis — W" Sever — Walt' Spooner & 
Jerahmiel Bower Es(|r. 


Nat Sparhawk, John Bradbury, Jeremiah Powell 


John Humphreys, George Leonard jun'r Esqrs. 

For Sagadahock — James Gowen Esq. The Gov- 
ernour consented to the Choice of all the 
Gentlemen except Jerahmiel Bowers. M' Hancock 
declined taking his Seat at the Board. 

DIARY — 1772 229 

Juue 4. Kings Birth Day. Colo. Erving made 
his appearance at the Head of his Regim* — the 
Grenadiers looked very well. Major Paddock's 
Company behaved very Clever. I attended the 
Goveruour &c at the Council Chamber. I spent 
the evening at Concert Hall where there was a Ball, 
a great Company there the Admiral & Gent"* of 
the Navy & too many to enumemte. 

June 5. I went to Richards with Tho" Knight, 
Jos. Green & J"** Williams wee fished wee had 
but middling Luck. Tho' Knight caught Twenty 
Two Trout. 1 sent the Admirall a Dozen of Trout 
& Perch. 

June 10. The Admiral told me that Cap^ Dunui- 
sin was woimded & his Vessel burnt at Providence. 

June 16. I rose very early & set out for Ips- 
witch with Sam* Calef & Jack Williams — on ace* of 
a Tiuw Suit T liavc with Nich" Tracy. Wo Stopt 
at Lynn & Salem & Reached Ipswitch before 
Dinner. VV(5 Dined at TreadvvcUs with Dr Smith 
& M' Miller both of Newbery Port. Afternoon I 
attended the Court & spent the evening at Tread- 
weUs with M' Marston of M'head & M' Calef. 

Juno 17. Atondcd Court, dined at Trc^ulweirR 
with Colo, l^ee oF M'liead, KppsSargeant of Glostor, 
M' Adams the Lawyer & M' Calef. 

June 18. I attended Court & agreed to Refer 
my Action to Benj" Greenleaf of Newberry Port, 
M' Tho" King of M'hwul & Job Prince in Boston. 

June li). Wee went to Flax Pond, wee fished 
there, wee liad the Best Sport I ever was at, wee 


caught very near a hundred Weight of Pish & the 
Largest Perch I ever saw there. 

June 24. St. John's Day. Dr Warren & his 
Lodge walked in procession to Dr Byles' Church 
where a sermon was Preached by M' Sam^ Fair- 
weather. I dined with the Lodges under my Care 
at Brother Bracketts. Present 38. 

June 27. Dr Church & others petitioned me to 
be set off to Another Lodge. 

June 29. I began to mow the Pasture this day. 

July 7. Colo. Hancock turned out this forenoon 
with the Cadet Company — they made a Good Fig^ 
ure & behaved very well throughout the wliole of 
the exercise. The whole Regiment appciived in the 
Common this uftovuoon, also Major Paddock's Com- 
pany — the whole belmved much Bettor than 

July 10. We were alarmed in the Night by the 
Turf in the Common behind the Powder House 
being on Fire. 

July 15. I went to Cambridge it being Com- 
mencement Day. I attended the Ceremony in the 
forenoon. I dined at Col. Murray's son's Room 
with Col^ Murray Col^ Saltonstall Judge Sewall, 
Colo. Oliver Sam* Quincy M*^ Pease of Newport, M*^ 
Rich** Letchmere, Major Vassiill M*^ Gooding of 
Salem, Dr Russell of Concord, M"^ Fbigg, M*^ Siim 
Fitch, M' Archer a Gen^ of Lisbon, M' Archibald 
M"^ Neal, M"^ Abram Savage, M' Balch, M' Phillip 
Dumaresque M' Jos. Russell, M*^ Forrest, M' Greg. 
Townsend, Cap^ Fenton M*^ Joseph Green, M"^ John 

DIARY —1772 231 

Cottou, M' Tho' Biiiiley & M' Dan' Murray. After 
Dinner wee were visited by the Governour & Coun- 
cill, Admiiall Montague & a Great many other 
Gentlemen — too many to enumerate. I paid a 
visit to M' Jona Williams* Son & also Dr Whit- 
worth Son, both which took their Degree. 

July IG. I went early to M' Innian's wlio made 
the Genteelest Entertainment I ever saw on ace* of 
his son George taking his Degree yesterday — he 
had Three hundred forty seven Gentlemen & Ladies \/ 
dined. Two hundred & Ten at one Table — 
amongst the Company The Gov' & Family, The 
Lieut Governour & Family, The Admuall & Fam- 
ily & all the Remainder, Gentlemen & Ladies of 
Character & Reputation. The whole was con- 
ducted with much E^ise & Pleasure & all Joyned in 
making each other Happy — such .an Entertiiinment 
has not been made in New England before on any 
Occasion. 1 came to Town sjiy Cambridge & went 
to the Bali at the Town House, where most of the 
Company went to Dance — they were all very 
happy & Cheerful & the whole was conducted to 
the General Satisfaction of all present. I retui*ned 
to M*^ Inman's & slept there. M' J"** Inman met a 
miHfortuue at Cambridge. 

July 2L This day ab" noon Sumners Shop was 
Burnt down. 

July 26. After church the Church Wardens & 
Vestry met about some alteration in Our Church. 
1 Avas sorry to see the Gentlemen so Indilferent 
ab** it. 


July 28. Dr. Heron came to look at my leg 
which I hurted on Saturday last. 

Aug. 6. This morning M' Hancock, Dr Cooper 
,M' Brattle, M' TuthiU Hubbard, M' &im" Calef, 
M' Winthrop of Cambridge M' Nicli** Bowes & 
Cap* Hood went from Boston in the Providence 
Packet to visit the Eastern Parts of tliis Province 
and also on a Party of Pleasure. My Servant 
Henry Smith & Davis the Barber Man went with 
them as attendants. This forenoon Cap* Jordan 
removed into the Foge Man of War from the 
Kingfisher & Cap* Lobb Resumed the Command of 
the King Fislier Sloop, the Guns of the Fleet 
were fired on this Occiision 

Aug 9. T dont go out being Confined liy tlie 
Wound in my Leg the Doctor cannot at present 
dry it up. 

Aug 10. Dr Peterson came with Dr Heron to 
see my Leg. 

Aug 11. Dr Peterson came with Dr Heron to 
see my Leg. 

Aug VI. Cjij)* LiuwM^ urrivfl in th(5 Beaver 
Man of Warr from Rhode Ishmd. Cap* Linzee 
came ashore to pay us a visit who staid the after- 
noon & spent the evening with M" Rowe myself & 

Aug 22. M" Severance Clarkson of New York 
paid me a visit also M" Rich** Swan wick of Phihi- 
delphia Sucky Inman gone to Cambridge with her 
father & her mother & Cap* Linzee 

Aug 23. I am still imable to go to church 

BIAKY— 1772 233 

altlio' the Doctor ssxys my Leg is muck better. M' 
Hancock & bis Party arrived bere yesterday from 
tbe Eastward 

Aug 25. Cap* Linzee's horse was Brought 
home last Saturday. Tbe Superiines Superior 
Court sat to Day. Dr Heron Drefsed my Leg with 
Tincture o£ Myrrh. 

Aug. 2G. Cap* Linzee was taken last night at 
M' Inman's at tbe Suit of Clark & Nightingale. I 
waited on M"" Reeves about this affairr. 

Aug 27. I have been much engaged ab** Cap* 
Luizee's business with the Board. I sent Tho* 
Hooper to Rhode Island on Purpose. My Leg 
much Better thank God & in a fair way. 

Aug 28. The Sheriff in Quest after Cap* Luizee 
& Col. Brattle was going to raise the MiUtia. Tbe 
Rising Sun Lodge consecrated. 

Aug 31. Cap* Linzee was arrested on the Mu- 
latto affair. 

Sept 1. I went to M' Inman's to see my Dear 
Sucky Inman married to Cap* John Linzee. the 
Rev** M' Walter performed the Ceremony. Present 
Tbe Admiral, M" Montague, M*^ George & Miss 
Sophie Montague, M*^ Lmuin, M" Limau George, 
Sucky & Sally Ininan. The Rev" M' Troutbeck, 
M" Troutbeck, The Rev" M' Walter, M" Walter, 
The Rev" M' Serjeant, Cap* Linzee, M' Rob* Goidd, 
M" Goidd, John biman, George Liman, Miss Polly 
& Miss Anna Murmy Miss Howard, Miss Hannah 
Speakman, myself & M" Rowe. Wee all dined 


Sept 2. I gave Cap' Linzee a Ijetter with 
Orders to draw on me every New Yeai-s Day 
Twenty Pounds Sterling, bdcing the money of 
Mess" Lane Son & Fmser for my acc\ 

Sept 4. Cap' Linzee saileil tliis forenoon & 
carried my Dear Sucky with him, I wish them 
happy together. M' Inman, M" Inman George & 
Sally went down in the Beaver as far as the Light- 
house with Cap' & M" Linzee & took their leave of 
Sucky. *tis a fair wind. My Leg is much better 

Sept 6. I sent Antony to Judge Sewall at Cam- 
bridge on business of Lnportance ab"* Cap' Linzee's 

Sept 23. My Negro Marcellns was Brought 
home this eve'ng much hurt. 

Sept 24. M' Tho' Palmer took my house this 

Sept 25. I got all the Fellows taken up that 
abused Marcellns & tryd thoni before Justice 
Quincy. the Justice ordered them to Goal. 

Sept 28. George Inman went to Herman & 
Andrew Brimmer's this day. 

Oct 1. I waited on W" Vafsall Esq' — about 
his son Henry. 

Oct 6. Cap' W"' Brown arr'd in the Sucky 
from Bristol. Cap' Airy in the Sloop Polly from 
Whaling having met Bad Weather & an unsuccess- 
full Voyage. 

Oct 19. After Dinner Cap' Freeman Brought 
in my Kinsman Jack Rowe Son of my Brother 

DIARY — 1772 235 

Jacob of Quebeck. he came in Cap^ Wies. I aiu 
glad he is coine. He is Upwards of seven Year 

Oct 26. Colo. Hancock with his Company 
appeared under Arms Yesterday being the King's 
Accession to the Throne & the 13"' Year of his 
Majesty's Ueign. 

Oct 28. Town Meeting to Day ab"* the Judges 

Oct 30. M' Murray & Family also Tho« 
Hooper sailed this day for Cape Fear. 

Oct 31. After Dinner 1 rode over to Bmckets 
where I spent an hour with Treas. Gray & John 
Cotton & we were Joyned by James Otis who hiid 
been to wait on Gov' Hutchinson as a Committee 
man from the Town of Boston. M' Propert sent 
me the Key of the Organ at Trinity Church. I 
sent for M*^ John Cntler & delivered him the Key. 

Nov 2. 1 attended M*^ John Adams this morning 
about Colo. Lee's affair. Town meeting this after- 

Nov 10. I set out in Paddocks Coach for 
Salem Avith Madame Apthorp, M' Gilb^ Deblois, M' 
Inman & M" Inman & M" Rowe & Cap^ Jacobson 
& Jack Rowe in my chaise. We went all Round 
thro Ccimbridge & dined at Martins, we got to 
Salem ab** four of Clock. We spent the Evening at 
the Rev'* M"^ Nicholls where we Avere Joyned by 
Old M' Nickolls, his Lady, his Son & Daughter, M' 
Fisher the Collector, M' Joseph Douse & Several 
Young Gentlemen under the Care of M' Nickolls'. 


Nov 11. We breakfasted at Goodhews & 
stoped at M' NickoUs I left my Kinsman Jack 
Rowe there to school. We set out for home we 
dined at Martins, we got to Cambridge, we left 
M' Inman, M" Inman & Cap* Jacobson there. We 
got safe to Boston. 

Nov 16. The Admimll sent for me this morn- 
ing & told me ab"* the Fresh Beef Contract extend- 
ing to New England & denmnded a supply for the 
Ships at Rhode Island. 

Nov. 17. We have an ace* of a Pirate on the 
Coast this day. The Lively Man of War is fitting 
to go in search of her. 

Nov 21. M' Bsvccni is come to Town from 
Barnsttiple & says the Man is in Goal ab^ the 
Piracy. The Stoiy is very Intricate. 

Nov 22. The man was Brought to Town from 
Barnstiiple this evening & examined before the 
Gov', Acbnircd Monbigue & othei*s Relating the Pi- 
mcy. they Committed him to Goal, Strong Suspi- 
cions against him. 

Nov 24. Cap* Jenkins an-ived from London & 
bro* news of the Beaver being safe arrived at Ports- 

Nov 27. My Birth Day I am this day Fifty seven 
years old 

Nov. 28. The Lively Cap' Talbot Returned from 
a Cruize into Nantsisket Roads. No Further ace* of 
any Pimte. 

Prime Dec. George Inman has got the measles 
& Jack Rowe has had them at Salem & got well 

DIARY— 1772 237 

Dec. 3. Tliauksgiviug Day. I dined at home 
with Ca|/ Jacobson & M" Rowe & S|)eiit the af- 
ternoon & evening at home with Cap* Jacobson, M" 
Rowe & Geo. Inman. 

Dec 7. I dined at home with the Rev* M' Walter 
& M' Sei'jeant a young Gentleman from Andover 
iJial's a CaiididaU^ for an AHHiHiaiit (»o M' Walter, 
he Rejid Prayers in the Church this morning to sev- 
eral of us that wee might Judge of His Voice & I 
thuik he hiis a pleasant & agreeable Voice. 

Dec 14. Geo Inman set out for Norwitch. A 
very Busy Day with mee this Day. 

Dec IG. The man that is supposed to have Com- 
mitted the Piiacy was arraigned this Day — ^before 
The Governour, Lieut Gov', The Secretary of the 
Province, The Admiiall The Judge of Admiralty, 
M' Fisher the Collector of Salem, M' Waldo, The 
Collector of Falmouth Ciisco Bay. 

Dec 18. Terry took my new Bhu^k Colt away to 
Day to break. 

Dec 24. This morning ab** one of Clock wee 
were ahirmed by Fii*e. it was a large Barn burnt 
down & M' Sam* Wells house much Damaged & in 
Great Danger. 

Dec 25. Christmas Day. M' Walter Read 
Prayers & preached a sensible metaphysical sermon 
for Christmas from 3"* Chap. Tmiothy 16'** Verse. 
We collected ab** four hundred pounds Old Teudr 
for the Poor. 



Juny 5. I Hpeiit the ufternooii with llic Proprie- 
tors of Long Wliurf at the Coffee House. Present. 
^ The LieutrGovernoiu- M' Oliver, M' Arnold Wells, 
M' W" Powell, Cap* Dalton, M' And' PhiUips M' 
Jolin Savage, Deacon Grant, John Hancock Esq & 
Job Prince. 

Jan 7. A Fire hroke ont at the FootoF the Rope 
Walk, it Consnmed M' Rnssell's honse, M*^ Cidfs* 
Tanhonse & a Carpenter's Shop, also other Dam<ige 
to the Neighbourhood. James Richardson called on 
me ab*" the affair of Tho* Symms, which I signed. 

Jan 18. The coldest night this seaison. The 
Queens Birthday I spent the evening at Concert 
Hall at a very Brilliant Ball, np wards of Two hnn- 
dred Gentlemen & Ladies. 

Jan 21. The House voted the Judges Salary this 
Day Chief Justice £300 p anii, the others c£250. 

Jan 22. The House Read an Answer to the Gov- 
ernour's Speech Twice this Forenoon, a very lengthy 

Jan 2G. I sold the Hannah, Cap* Jarvis to Tho" 
Russell & Cap* Dunn for nine hundred Guineas this 
day — The Sessions set this day on the Petition ab*" 
Our Goal. 

Jan 31. After church M' Erving, young M"^ Loi^ 
ing, M*^ Walter & myself had a long talk ab*" the 
Rev** M^ Coombs of Philadelphia Jis an Assistiuit 
for us. 

Feb 3. I went to the Concert at the Coffee 

DIARY — 1773 239 

House of M*^ Propert's — very tine Musiek & Good 

Feb'y 8. This moruing my Brigg sailed for So 
CiU'olina Cap^ Skinner, young Josiali Qiiincy went 

Feb 17. Spent tlie Evening at the Coffee House 
with a Gro^'ii; nuniher of Goiitleiuen & Ladio^ behig 
M*^ Poperts Concert. 

Fehry 18. I attended all Day at the Superior 
Court to hear the Tryall between the Proprietors of 
the Ijong Wharf & Geo. Minot — The Proprietors 
lost their Cause. 

Febry 21. A fire Broke out this morning be- 
tween two & three of Clock in M' Sumner's Shop at 
the Bottom of Cole Lane — it Biu-nt several Dwell- 
ing Houses & Shops. The Coldest Day this win- 
ter — the Ink & everything else freezes. The 
wciither so very cold M' Walter did not preach this 

Febry 22. The coldest night ever known. New 
Moon — 

Feb'ry 24. After Dinner M' Ezek Golthwait 
came to Oiu- house ab** the settlement of Jack Liu- 
zee's ailciirs. 

March 1. ATtcrnoon I spent at Fanouill ILdl with 
tlie Committee ab" Lighting the Lamps. Present 
myself, Ilendei-son Inches, W"' Phillips, Benj" 
Austhi & M*^ Appleton. 

March 5. Dr Church performed an Oration at 
Dr Sewall's meeting. The Judges say to Great 
Acceptance — This evening an Exhibition in M" 


Clapham's Balcony. A Great Concourse of People 
in King's St of all sorts & a large Niunber to re- 
member the 5*** of March 1770 assembled at M" 
Claphams — 

March 8. Town Meeting for the Choice of Offi- 

March IG. I went to Brush Hill & dined with 
M' & M" Inman Madam Belcher, M'' Belcher, M" 
Jones, Sally Inman, Cap' Jacobson, M"* Howe, Ezech' 
Golthwait, M" Golthwait, Anna & Betty Murray — 
Wee were vei-y merry. 

March 19. Antony went to Newport this morn- 
ing in Browns Stage. 

March 20. The Lieut Govcruour's Ijjtdy wiis 
Buried this evening. 

March 22. Afternoon the new Court house took 
Fire but did no Great Damage. 

March 23. I attended the Funeral of my Friend 
Cap' Hay of the Tamar Man of War. The order of 
Procession ais follows 

Tlie Band of the 64 Regiment. 

The Officers & the Marines of the Navy. 

The Clergymen of the Town. 

The Doctors Peterson & White — full mourn- 

The Corps & Bearers — Cap^ Loring, Talbot, 
Symonds, Jordan, Ilowe & Crosse — 

The Admirall, The Governour, M*^ Atkinson, 

The Commissioners M' Hulton, M"" Paxton, M' 
Birch, M' Hallowell 

DIARY — 1773 241 

Lieutenants of the Navy Two & Two 

Oflicers of tlie Aniiy " " " 

The Midshipmen " " " 

The Warrant Officers " " " 

The Gentlemen Inhabitsints of the Town — The 
Coaches Chariots & other Carriiiges — Such a Mul- 
titude & Concourse of People I never saw before to- 
gether. The Corps wjis preceded Avith Solemn 
Musick to tlie Chapel & after service was performed 
was Interred under the Chapel — 

March 28. The King's Chapel wjis shut up this 
Day. the Rev** Dr Caner & M' Troutbeck are both 

Ai)ril 4. A lire Broke out at the North End & 
burnt two shops & Sandiman's Meetuighouse. 

April 5. Several Stores on tlie Long Wharff 
Broke Open on Satui'day night & Last night. 

April G. 1 went to see an Ox at Diniojul More- 
tons which was Bred by M' Baker of Westborough 
wliicli weighed 2587 pounds — 5 foot 8 niches 

April 15. The Swan Man of War Cap' Aiken 
arr'd from Rhode Island & this day a Court Martial 
was held on board the Captain Man of War to Try 
the Lieutenant of the Cruizer for Neglect of Duty, 
dismissed the Service. 

Aprill 17. This morning 1 was Uiken very 111 
& obUged to send for Dr. Perkins. I Continued in 
Great Pain all Day & all Night. 

Aprill 18. 1 still contuiue in Great Pain, the 
Doctor \\ixB made an Apothecary Shop in my Stom- 


Aprill 19. I have still much Pain & continae So 
all Day 

Aprill 20. Still in Pain & grown wesik 

Aprill 21. 1 felt Better tliiB morning l>nt liavo 
yet a Little Pain. & I eat a Little Veal for the 
First time, am not yet quite Well. I am much 
obliged to numbers of my Friends who have been 
kind enough to visit me in this Sickness. Ezek' 
Goldtliwait Jos Goltliwait M' Meredith Grog. Town- 
send W"* Coffin John Coffin Solo Davis, Tutliill 
Hubbard, The Rev** M' Walter, Colo. Erving, Cap' 
Jacobson Cap' Jarvis, M' Ingersol, Rich"* Greene 
Nath' Barber Bro. Fitch. I slept Tolerable to 

Aprill 22. Am still in Great Pain, after dhiner 
I took a Ride in the Carriage Round the Little 
Square, when I Returned found much Pain. I 
took a Little Geneva of mint ab** Ten of Clock, it 
Relieved me 

Aprill 2«1 1 Rode out & felt much Better but 
still weak. I dind Below for the Rrst Time 

Aprill 25. Being still unwell 1 did not get 
Abroad this Day 

Aprill 29. After Dinner I went to settle the 
Town Trejisurers acc^^ present Tho' Gray J"** 
Amory Major Davis myself. 

Aprill 30. 1 duid at home with M' Meredith, 
M' Inman M" Rowe Geo Inman & Anthony — wee 
had a Pike w^ 5^^' 10~ — very fine. 

Primo May. 1 went to Chapell this morning & 
stood Godfather for M' Gib* Deblois Son together 

DIARY— 1773 243 

with M" Rowe & M*^ Liman. It was Baptized by 
the Rev** M' Faiiweather and Named Ralph. I 
dind at M' Deblois with him M" Deblois his three 
Sons Stephen WiU" & Jack — The Rev*" M' Fair- 
weather M' Inman M" Inman Geo Inman Madam 
Apthorp M" Snow & M" Rowe. 

May 2. I dind at home with The Rev** M' Sar- 
jent of Cambridge on Calf. 

May 4. M*^ Meredith went ont of Town today. 
This afternoon wee met ab° the Lamps Present my- 
self Deacon Phillips M" Henderson Inches M' Ap- 
pleton Deacon Storer Benj™ Austm. 

May 5. M' Townsend & myself caught five 
dozen & eight fine Trout (at Pembroke.) 

There was a Town meetuig this day at Boston 
the four Old Representatives were Chosen. John 
Hancock, Tho" Cashing, Samuell Adams & W"' 

May 8. Wee had vciry fine Trout which I Caught 
at Pcndn-ook for Dinner. I sent M" Montague Six 
Large Ones. 

May 10. I met the Committee ab** the Lamps, 
at the Coffee house Present myself, W" Phillips, 
Ben ]"'" Austin M' Storer & M' Ai)pletou. 

'Hiis day 1 let my house over the way for 
<£26.13.4 pr anniun he to paper the Rooms at his 
Own Expense. 

May 11. I attended Town meeting — my Old 
Bookeeper James Perkins was buried this aftei^ 

May 13. I waited on the Committee ab** Light- 
ing the Lamps. 


May 14. Town meeting this afternoon I at- 

May 18. Attended the Committee ab** fixing tlie 
Lamps — We finislied the North part of the Town 
No 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 — 5 Divisions. Present myself , 
Deacon PhiUips Deacon Storer, Tho' Gray, M' Ap- 
pleton, Major Daws to which were tlie Gentlemen 
of the Several Wards M*^ J"*^ Brown, M' John Leach 
M' Paul Revere M' Ecr Procter M^ Tho* Hitchmn. 

May 19. The Rev** M' How was ordained at the 
late M" Cheeklys meeting this afternoon. 

May 22. I went with James Perkins, Henry 
Tjanghton & Sam* Calef to Natick Pond — wee were 
Joyned by Tntliill Hnbbard & Josluia Ulanchard & 
wee fished there wee h<id Good Sport — Wee canght 
npwards of Ten doz" Piekei-ell & Perch — the itoals 
in very Bad order & Leaky — Our Commissioners 
Returned home last night from the Congress of 
New York — ab** the Line which was held at Hart- 
ford — they have adjusted the aflFair to the Satisfju!- 
tion of the Coverumeut. Gov' llutchiuson, Gen* 
Brattle, Colo Hancock & Major ILiwley. 

May 23. After church M' Walter desired a Con- 
versation with me & M' Erving about M" Pickering 
of Portsmouth. 

May 24. This day I went witli the Committee 
ab° the Lamps to view the Wards N^ G, 7 & 8 
which we finished. Present myself, M' Storer, 
Henderson Inches, W*" Phillips, Benj" Austin, Nat 
Appleton also John Basset Cap* Bradford Joseph 
Jackson, Cap* John Homer Cap' Job Prince & in 

DTAHY — 1773 245 

the afternoon Dan* Hubbard John Amory Major 
Paddock, Deacon Church, John Sweetzer & Tho' 

May 26. General Election. The following Gen- 
tlemen were Chose his Majesty's Comicil. 
Sam* Danforth Esq Sam Phillips Esq 
James lioudoin " John Whithrop " 
&im Dexter " John Adams " 

Caleb Cusliing " John Erviiig " 

Humphrey Hobson " James Pitts " 

WiUiam Phillips " Benj" Greenleaf " 
Isiiac Royall " John Hancock " 

James Uussell " John Whitcomb " 

Artemas Ward " 

Colony of Plymouth 

James Otis, W" Sever, Walter Spooner, Jeremiah 

for Sagadohock, W"* Bi-attle Esq 
for the Province of the Mayne 

•leremiah Powell, Jedediah Prcbble James Gowan 

At Lkirge. James Himiphreys, Geo. Leonard jun' 

The Governour negatived W*" Phillips, John 
Adams & Jerahmiel Bowers — Jn** Hancock & John 
Whitcond) declined going up. 

May 27. Two of the Commissioners were very 
much abused yesterday when they came out from 
the Publick Dinner at Concert Hall, M' Hulton & 
M*^ Hallowell. W'" MoUineux, W'" Dennie, Paul 
Uovere & several others were the Principal Actors. 

May 28. 1 attended the Select Men hi order to 
get my Sloop St John up. 


May 29. I rose very early this morning in order 
to get Hunter away, afterward I went to Richards 
a fishing with Tiithill Hubbard, James Perkins, 
Sjuu* Calef & W" Davis. After T cyuue lionu) T 
heard of his Majesty's Store Ship liaving Caught 
fire & was burnt with all the Stores in her. it put 
the Inhabitants of the Town Into Great Consterna- 
tion for Fear of a Large Quantity of Powder being 
on board. They tow'd her to Noddles Island. 

Capt Hood arrivd from London with the Small 
Pox on board 

June 4. King's Birthday aged 35. Colo. Han- 
cock & Company of Cadets, Major Paddock & 
Artillery, Colo. Erving & the Regiment, Colo. 
Phipps & C<mipany all nuido their appe^inuute in the 
Common — Such a Quantity or liather Multitude 
of People as Spectators I never saw before, they 
behaved very well. 

June 8. I rose very early & set out with Duncan 
for Wrentluun on a Party with Adniirall Mont^iguo. 
I stopt at Ricliards & at llobiirs Wailpolo <& at 
eleven I reached Wrentham. I went a lisliing with 
the Admiral & Cap* Jordan. Wee caught a great 
many but very small. I dined at Mann*s T<avern 
with Admiral & M" Montague, Cap' & M"* Joi- 
dan. Cap* George Montague Miss S<)i>hia Monfcigiie, 
Maj' Musgrave, Miss Blake. Wee spent tlie aftei'- 
noon & evening, wee all slept there. 

June 9. I rose very e<arly & went afishing with 
the Admiral. The Admiral caught 173 Percli. 

June 12. Letters from Sucky. 

DIARY — 1773 247 

June 19. I got iii Most Part of my Hay to Day 

Juno 24. I attended tlie Rretliren at their Fesist 
at Bmcketts on Boston Neck. Present myself, The 
worshipfidl Dr Warren who favoured the Lodges 
with his Company (& 46 Brethren) We spent the 
Day agreeably & very Chearfull. 

July 5. J""* Innian went to Mcudon after the 
Willders — both villains. 

Jidy 7. The Select Men & other Gentlemen of 
the Town were to visit tlie schools. 

July 13. I went to Milton & paid a visit to 
Gov' Hutchinson. 

July 25. The Rev*" Dr Cooper's Meeting House, 
Built new, was Preached in for the First time this 

July 28. Went with M" Rowe to Salem — We 
stopt at Newalls Lynn from thence to Flax Pond — 
I fished there. T liad very good sport — We rciiched 
Salem, we dined at Goodhew's Tavern — Afternoon 
we paid a visit to liev'* M' NichoUs & Jack Rowe. 

July 29. Went with M' Inmau & Duncan to 
Flax Pond — When we came there we found James 
Perkins & Sam* Calef — We dined under the Trees 
there & were joyned by M" Inman, Sally Inman, 
M" Rowe, the Rev* M^ Nicholls, JacJc Rowe, Jiu;k 
Coffin & Lewis Deblois — We were merry there — 
On our way home we met M" Fisher of Salem & 
Miss Peggy Douse at Lynn — The Ladies Nicholls 
drank Tea Together — Yesterday Ansell Nicker- 
son's Triall for Piracy begiui, not yet over — his 
Judges are the Gov*^ M" Hutchinson. Lieut Gov' 


Andrew OUver Esq^ Admirall Montague Secretary 
of this Province M' Plucker, M' Dudley Collector 
of Newport, M' Fisher Collector of &ilem llob^ 
Auchmooty Esq' Judge of Admiralty, Geo Jefrey 
Counsellor New Hampshire. 

Aug. 6. The Tryall of Ansell Nickerson was 
over this forenoon. He was acquitted contmry to 
Generall ex])ectation. 

Aug 14. This day the Sons of Liberty held 
their Annual Feast at Koxbuiy in the Tmining 
Field by John Williams — there were upwards of 
four hundred that dined there. 

Aug 15. M' Walter read Prayers & Preached. 
A very Serious Good Discourse — M" Walter Shuies 
more & more in his preiiching. 

Aug 22. After dumer 1 went to church — M" 
Walter read prayers & preached a very moving & 
Pathetick Discourse from the 32 Chap. Book of 
Deut. & 29** Veree — this sermon was occasioned by 
the Death of four of his Parishioners viz^ Charles 
Hammock, M*^ Mortimer, his Wife, his Brother — 
who all Died in this week — M*^ WalUir is so Good 
a man that my Pen cannot Describe his Virtues — 
M' Lynch, M" Lynch & M" Rowe went to hear the 
Indian Minister Oatiun preach at M' Moorhead's 

28 Aug. Saturday 1 rose very cnrly Ihis morn- 
ing & went with Admiral Monbigu Cap^ Williams 
of the Advice & Duncan to Menotomy Pond — 
Wee dind at the Tavern M"^ Weathersbys & wee 
were Joynd by the following Company — M" Mon- 

Dl AH Y—177S ^9 

fagu, Miss Montagu George Monfagii James Mon- 
faigii Lady Fraiikland M' Cronnvell, liickd Lctch- 
inere M" Letclimere Miss Letehmere M' Jouatlian 
Simpson M'* Simpson Miss Simpson M' Inman 
M" Inman Geo Inman Sally Inman Commifsioner 
Ilulton M" Hulton Secretary Plucker M" Flucker 
Miss Fliickcr Lucy Fluduu- Sally Fluekor M' Ilai^ 
rison the Collector of the Customs Cap' Tho' 
Symonds Commandor, the Captain Cap' Campbell 
that Commands the Marines Major Musgrave of 
the 64"* Regiment^ Miss Bettsy Coffin Daughter of 
Nath Coffin Dr White Surgeon of the Ilospitall, 
M" Kowe & W Atkinson who made this Entertain- 
ment — Wee were veiy Jolly I Came home & 
spent the Evening at home with M" Rowe & Geo 
Imnan Miss Mary Green Daughter of Ruf us Green 
died this mornuig much Lamented — The Admi- 
rall Cap' WilHaiiis & 1 had very Poor Luck the fish 
very small. 

Sept 2. Yesterday wius Suckys Wedding Day. 
Jack Rowe came to Town Yesterday. 

Sept 7. I attended the Town's Committee at 
Faneuill Hall on the Lamp Affair — Present myself, 
W"™ Phillips, Benj" Austin, Ehen Storer, Henderson 
Inches & Nat Appletou. M"* Rowe went to Cam- 
hiidge, Sally Inman being much out of order with 
a v<n*y had Throat, Ulcerated. 

Sept 8. This afternoon M' Bates performed for 
the first Tiuie horsemanship — A great m<any Peo- 
ple attended hun. 

Sept 10. Sally Inman is very 111. 


Sept 11. The Packet arrivd Letters from 
Siicky. Sally Inman continues very 111. 

Sept 13. The Doctor gives my Dear Sally Inman 
over. I staid all night there witli M"^ Rowe. 

Sept 14. Wee are all in Great Affliction. The 
Dear Sally Inman Departed about One of Clock this 
morning. She is gone to the Realms of Joy. I 
came to Town & met M' & M" Deblois & Brought 
them back to consult about Sallys Funorall. 

Sept 15. I went this day witli Gresit Sorrow to 
M' Inman 's to attend the Funerall of my Dear Sally 
Inman who was biu*ied in the afternoon ab** four of 
Clock, attended by a Great Number of Friends too 
many to enumonite with upwards of Forty Cai'- 
riages & abundance of Spectatoi-s. She was a most 
Amiable Girl & belov'd by All — her Bcjirors wore 
Sam Perkins, Antony Letcbmere, Jonathan Willuims 
W" Coffin, young Borland & yoimg Fenton. 

Sept 21. Went with Cap* Robertson & Duncan 
to Dedham, IVP Woodwards afishing — we fished 
there had very Great Luck wo caught upwards 
Twenty Dozen of TiJirgo Porch. John Inman wjih 
married this evening to Cap* llaskins Daughter 
Miss Sally — a veiy Clever Young Lady. 

Sept 22. King's Coronation — Colo. Erving & 
Regim^ made tlieir ap[iearan(te, Colo. Hancock & 
Co & Major Paddock — I dined at Deacon .loneH on 
Turtle by Invitation. 

Sept 24. Spent Part of the Afternoon at Fane- 
will Hall with the Town Committee ab** the Lamps. 

Sept 26. M*^ Walter read pmyers & preached 

DIARY — 1773 261 

from 34"* Psabn & the 11"' 12^** 13"^ & 14^%er8es. 
This scnnon was adapted & directed to the Youth 
& I think very cleverly haudled. 

Oct 4. I visited the Admiral this morning & 
settled the acc^ for July & August Navy Matters 
with M' Atldnsoji. 

Oct 5. This morning the Gentlemen of the 
Vestry belonging to Trinity Church met at my 
house & also M' Parker from Portsmouth — Pres- 
ent Stephen Greenleaf Jon* Simpson^ Dan Hubbard, 
Geo Bcthunc John Cutler Henry Liuighton, Rufus 
Greene, Ueiij" Green, myself & Johnson Jackson — 
wc went to Church & lie^ird M' Parker Uciul sev- 
eral Chapters which he did with Propriety & had a 
Good Voice — he was much liked — Afternoon 
M*^ Parker M" Rowe & myself went to see Bates 
Perf onnance in Horsemanship t'is a smart, active & 
strong man & does every thing to General Accej)- 
tance — The Vestry adj"'* too Thursday 10 of Clock. 

Oct. 7. Dr Bundle from Hopkinton came to 
Our house ab** the Little Farm there that was Cap* 
ElUs' — he says he pays eighteen Pounds a year for 
it & offered me three hiuidred & Ten pounds for 
it — The Church Wardens, Vestry & Heii*s of M"" 
llio" Greene Deceased met Jiccording to Adjourn- 
ment about the Choice of M^ Parker — they were 
all of them for him. M*^ Goldthwaits Son in Law 
Williams dyed this night. 

Oct 10. We had a Vestry meeting after Sei*vice 
ab" tlie settlement of M' Parker — There was a 
Duel fought between Caj)^ Maltby of the GLisgow 



Man of War & Lieu' Finney of the Marines on 
Noddles Island Yesterday — Lien' Finney is wounded 
in the Breast & t'is thought mortally. 

Oct. 18. M' Finlay from Quebeck paid me a 

tOct 21. Levi Ames was hanged tliis afternoon 
— many Thousand Specfaitoi-s attended the Execu- 
tion — I dind at home witli M' Finlay of Quebeck. 

Oct 25. Kings Accession to the Throne — The 
Cadets Under Arms — General Muster at Cam- 

Nov 2. This morning the ReV* M' Walter & M' 
Parker paid me a visit on afTaii*s of our Church — 
When I got abroad I found an advcrtisenutnt stuc^k 
up at almost every Corner as Ftdhiws 

"To the Fi'eemen of this & the neighboring 
I Towns Gen"'", you are desired to meet at Liberty 
Tree tliis day at Twelve of Clock at noon, then & 
there to hear the Persons to whom the Tea is 
sliipped by the Ejist India Company, make a pub- 
lick Resignation of their Oflice as Consignees upon 
Oath & also swejir that they will re-ship any Toji 
that may be Consigned to them by said Company 
by the first Vessell sailing for London." Boston 
Nov. 3'** 1773 — 0. C. Secretary. 
f Nov 3. This day the Inhabitants of the Town 
are alarmed Occasioned by the advertisement of 
yesterday — The Gentlemen to whom the Tea was 
Supposed to be Consigned did not obey the Sum- 
mons & make their Appearance at Liberty Tree, 
upon which the Sons of Liberty appointed a Com- 

DIARY— 1773 253 

uiittee to go & wait on tliein to know their Detemii- ^ 
nation^ upon which the Committee Avith a large 
Concourse of People went from Liberty Tree to the 
store of M" Rich** Clai-k & Sons at the Bottom of 
King Street where they found M' Rich*^ Clark, 
M" IJenj" Faucuil the Governour, two Sons, M' 
J OK Winslow of Marshricld who are the Gentlemen 
These Teas are supposed to be Consigned to. 
There were several of their Friends there with them, 
Colo. Hatch of Dorchester, Judge Lee of Cam- 
bridge, M' Nat Cary, M" Tho' Laughton, & many 
others — M*^ Mollineux as Chairman of this Com- 
mittee Read to them a Paper & produced another 
which they Required them to sign &c — M' Rich** 
Clark & the other Gentlemen gave them for answer 
— they would not Comply with theu* Request or 
words to that pui-pose — this was an Unexpected 
answer to them & has given them much Displeasure 
The principal People that accompanied M' Molli- 
neux were as Follows — M" Sam* Adams, M*" W'"!^ 
Deniue, M' John Pitts, Colo. Heath of Roxbui-y, Dr I 
Church, Dr Warren, Dr Young, Cap* J"*^ Matchet, 1 
Cap' Hopkins, Nat Barker, Gabriel Johnnot, Ezek* / 
Cheever & about five hundred more as near as I 
could guess — The same pieces was posted up this day 
as yesterday with this addition — Shew me the Man 
tbat dare fcUce this down — I spent the evening at 
the Bmich of Grapes, Colo. Ligersoll Avith Treas. 
Gray, Tho" Gray, James Warden, Nat Caiy, Geo. 
Erving. Melabiah Bourne. Jos. Scot, Jos. Blanch- ^ 
ard Tho* Brattle, Tuth. Hubbard, Jos. Wmslow, ^ 


Jos. Golthwait John Cotton, Solo Davis, Edw* 
Davis, W"* Davis & Sam* Quincy. 

Nov 4. The Town very Quiet this day — T dined 

at Bnujketts on Boston Neck on Turtle & Spent the 

evening at the Possee. Tho" Palmer Esq liad his 

Ball to Night at Concert Hall. 

^ Nov 5. Tliis day there is to he a Town Meeting 

— M' P<almer's Ball was very Brilliant, there were 
Upwards of Two liundred Gentlemen & Liulies — 
Very quiet for a Pope Night, 

Nov G. Town Meeting again this forenoon. 
Nov 11. The Geese flew to the S**ward yesterday. 
/ Nov 12. The Gov' sent Colo. Hancock an order 
for Him to hold his Company in Ueadiness. 

Nov. 17. This morning Cap^ Scot amved from 
London he Brings advice that Hall, Loriiig, Collin 
& Bruce are to Bring tlie Tea from the Eiist India 
Company — this a measure that is Generally dis- 
approved & will Remain a Great Occasion of Dis- 
agreeniQut hetween England & Amenca. 
^^^^Nov. 18. TiJist niglit a Considerahle Body of 
/ People paraded thro' the Streets & attsu^kiul the 
I House of M' Uich^ Clark One of his Family lired 
a Gun from tlie House but luckily did not Hurt — 
they Broke all his Windows & Window Fmmes — 
hut very little other Damfige — This morning a 
Town Meeting was Cidled on this & the Tea Altair 

— Another Committee Chose — the Gentlemen to 
whom the Tea is Consigned are still Resolved to 
Pursue such orders .as they m«ay receive. 

Nov. 19. This day the Gentlemen to whom the 

DIARY— 1773 266 

Tea is Coiisifrned Petitioned the Governoiir & Coun- 
cil llelativo their ulTairs. 

Nov 21. Letters from Dear Sucky luman. 

Nov 23. The Governonr & Coimcil met this 
morning on the Teii Matters. 

Nov 25. Thanksgiving — M"* Walter reiid prayers 
& preached a most charming Sermon Sidbiblo to 
this Order of Government from the 92"" Psahn 2V' 
22'^ Verses. 

Nov 27. This day is my Bii-thday — I am fifty 
eight years old — I am at present very hearty & 
strong — bnt in my knees — Riither Feeble. I 
bless God for all his Mercies to me. 

Nov 28. Sunday — This morning was Bro* me 
a tlireatening letter Signed Determined which is on 
File — This agitated my mind & I did not go to 
Churcli — Cap*" Hall arr'd f r. London — Greiit 
Noise ab" the Tea on board Cap* Hall. 

Nov 2!). This morning there were Papei's stuck wx 
lip to the following Pni|)OKe "Friends, ]irethren, 
Countrymen! "That worst of Plagues The JOe- 
testable Tea, ship'd for this Port by the East India 
Comjjany is now arriv'd in this harbour*, the Hour 
of Destruction or manly Opposition to the Machina- 
tions of Tyranny Stares you in the Face: every 
Friend to his Country to himself & to Posterity is 
now c;dled upon to meet at Fanewill Hall at nine 
of Clock this Day (at which time the Bells will 
begin to Ring) to make a United & Successful 
Resistance to this kst worst & most Destructive 
Measm-e of Administration." 

Boston Nov' 29, 1773. 


In consequence of the above notification about 
one thousand People met at Faneiiill Hall where 
they past a Vote th at they w ould at all events 

Return^ this Tea — from Faueuill Hall they ad- 

journ'd to the Old South Meetuig. Afternoon they 
met again & adjourn'd imtil the morning — there 
were in the meeting this afternoon ab** Twenty five 
hundred People as near as I coidd guess. 

Nov 30. The Body met again this morning. 
The Gov'^ sent them a message advising them to 
depart on their Perill — they took but little notice 
of the message — they met again this afternoon. 
I told them that I had purchased a Cargo for Cap' 
Bnice' Ship, that it was on the whavil' & that Ca})' 
]h*iice when he arrived would <'vi>[>Iy to the ]{ody & 
that I would endeavour to prevail on him to act 
with Reason in this Affair & that I was very sorry 
he had any Tea on Board — & which is very True 
for it hath given me gi'eat Uneasiness. I staid 
some time at the Meeting & was Chose a Committee 
Man much against my will but I dare not say a 
word. AfUu' Dinner T was sent for by tlu^ Body 
by Two Messengers John Ingersoll & Jos. Eyi*es. 
This was at the motion of M' Hancock. I wish he 
had Omitted it. 
^ Dec 1. Met the Committee, present &im Adams, 
J"** Hancock, Jonathan Williams & myself. 

Dec 2. Cap' Bruce arriv'd this morning from 

Dec 3. This morning Cap* Bruce & I were sent 
for by the Committee Relative the Tea on board 

DIARY — 1773 267 

kini they ordered liiiii to Griffius Wliarff & gave 
liiiii the same Directions as to Cap^ Hall. 

Dec G. Spent the evening at Col. Ingersoll's 
with "The Five Club " Present, Dr W" Loyd, M' 
Geo Bethune, M' Timo Fitch, M' Secretiiry Flucker, 
M' Trejis. Gray, M' Tho' Boylston, Colo. Solomon 
Davis, M' Melabiah Bourn, myself & M*" Inman. 
M' John Brown Voted a member. The Rev** M' 
Morehead was buried this afternoon his Bearers 
were, Dr Pemberton, Dr Elliot, M' Bacon, Dr 
Mather, M' Stillman, M' Lathrop. A Great Con- 
course of People attended tliis Funeral. 

Dec 7. Afternoon I attended the Funeral of M' 
llob^ Jenkins he being a Brother w^is Buried in 
Form, the Miisons of the Several Lodges walking in 
Procession with their Jewels & White Aprons. I 
was Pallholder with Bro. Price, Bro. Warren, Bro. 
Box, Bro. Cutler & Bro. McJ^eal. 

Dec 8. Caji^ Collin arrived in Nanbisket Road 
with the Small Pox & part of the Tea. 

Dec 11. This forenoon a Conunittee Avas sent to \/ 
me ab** Bruce's Ship, Dr Warren, W"* Mollineux, 
John Potts, to know when she would be unloaded 
& many other Questions. 

Dec 14. The Body of the people met at Dr 
Sewall's meeting. 

Dec 15. An ace* came this evening that Young 
Cap* Loring was cast away on the Back of Cape 
Cod last Friday. 

Dec 10. I being a little Unwell staid at home ^ 
all Day & all the evening. The Body meeting in 


the Forenoon adjourn'd until afternoon. Broke up 
at Dark. Several Things passed between M" Rotcli 
& them. A number of People <appesu*ing in Indian 
Dresses went on board the three Ships Hall, Bruce 
& Coffin^ they opened the Hatches, hoisted out tlie 
Tea & flung it overboard — this might I believe 
have been prevented. I am sincerely sorry for the 
Event. Tis said near two thousand People were 
present at this affair. 

Dec 17. I am still unwell & staid at home all 
day. My New Ship, the Montague, was launched 
this day at Walker's Yard. 

/ Dec 18. Miss Betty Inches was buried tliis af tei^ 
noon. The allair of Destroying the Twi makes 
Great Noise hi the Town. Tis a Disiistrons Afl'air 
& some People are niucli Alarmed. 1 e^iii truly 
say, I_know nothing of the Matter nor who were 
concerned in it. I woidd i*ather have lost five hun- 
dred Guineas than Bruce should have taken any 
of this Teii on board his Ship. 

Dec 20. My nei)hew Jack came to Town from 
Salem this afternoon. 

Dec 25. Christmas Day. I went to Church this 
morning. M' Walter vend prayers & preached a 
most excellent sermon. We collected in old tenor 
£400-8/ for the Benefit of the Poor. 

Dec 2G. Exceeding windy & stonny — its Blown 
down many Turrets & done Damage among the 
Shipping at Long Wharff & Tillstons & Blown off 
the Tiles from my house. 

Dec 27. St John's Day. I dined at Colo. In- 

DlAliY— 1774 259 

gersoll's with tdie Bretlireu Free Masous under my 
Jiiri8<1i(;ti()ii (Present JM) 

Dec 31. The People of Charlestowu collected 
what Tea they could find in The Town & burnt it 
in the View of a thousand Spectators. There was 
found in the House of One Withington of Dor- 
cheater ahout half a Chest of Tcii — tlie People gath- 
ered together & took the Tea, Brought it into the 
Common of Boston & Burnt it this night about 
eleven of Clock This is supposed to be part of the 
Tea that was taken out of the Ships & floated over 
to Dorchester. 


Jan'y 7. I paid Admiral Montague a visit this 
morning & found hun very Angry, I tliink without 
Reason, be that as it may if he is Angry he may be 
pleased again &c. I wisli the Good Wishes of All 
Mankind — & should Esteem his Favour but as for 
his Business — that dont give me any Concern ho 
has taken it away with" Just Cause. 

Jan. 8. I met the Committee about the Lamps. 

Jan 9. Cap*^ Hall sailed this day for London. 
Passengers Francis Rotch John Whitworth Billy 
Threcr & Young & Willson. 

Jan 15. Afternoon I went to Church. M' Wal- 
ter read prayers & preached a most Delightful Dis- 
course & exceedingly well delivered. 

Jan. 17. I dined at Childs' in Roxbury at the 
Pciicock. The Inferior Court sat this day. 

Jan. 1!). I attended the Carpenter & Blacl^mith 


in marking out the places the Lamps are to be 

Jan 20. This Forenoon the Selectmen & tlie 
Committee for the Lamps met at Faneiiill Hall. 



John ScoUay Tho' Marsliall 

Saml Austin Tim'' Newall 

Oliver WendaU John Pitts 


John Rowe Henderson Inches 

Benj" Austin Tho' Gray 

W" Phillips Tho' Dawes 

Eben Stores 

We considted on the method of lighting tlieiu & 
had a long Conference with M' Smith for that Pur- 

Jan 21. We Received Letters from Sucky this 
day by Cap* Agness who has been arr'd from Lon- 
don a month, rec'd letters from my Bro Jacob 
Rowe & M" Meredith from Quebec pr Cap* Huter 
McKneil who came over the Lakes. 

Jan. 23. Simday. Severe cold. The Ink 
Freezes as I write — very Bad Tmvelling — no Post 
in. I did not go abroad this forenoon. Afternoon 
I went to Gliurch. M' Walter road ])rayors & 
preached. M*^ Walter handled this Subject with 
Great Propriety & made a very Good Sennon. Tlie 
People say that Last night was the Coldest of any 
for thirty years past — it froze all the way from the 

DIARY— 1774 261 

South End down to Ciistle WillLim, also almost the 
whole harbour. 

Jan 24. A Little snow fell in the Night. After- 
noon I drove M" Foster Round the Little Square. 

Jan 25. John Maleom having done some vio- 
\vi\vo. to a man witli a Sword, enrjiged the Multi- 
tude that they took hun & put him into a Cart, 
Tarr'd & feathered him — carrying thro' the princi- 
pal Streets of This Town with a halter about him, 
from thence to the Gallows & Returned thro' the 
Main Street making Great Noise & Huzzjiing. I 
did not sec the numbers attenduig but tis supposed 
by the People that did, there were upwards of 
twelve hundred people — tis said that Maleom be- 
haved with Great Fortitude & Resolution. This 
was looked upon by me & every Sober man as an 
act of outrageous Violence & when several of the 
Inhabitants apply ed to a particidar Justice to Exert 
his Authority & su}>press & they would support 
hlni in the execution of his Duty, he Refused. 

Jan 2G. A Great Concourse of People were in 
Quest of the Infamous Richardson this night — they 
could not find him, very lucky for liim. 

Jan 27. The General Court met yesterday. The 
Govenioiu-'s speech much admired. 

Jan 28. I spent the Evening at Colo. IngersolFs 
with the Brethren of the Several Lodges in Boston 
under my Direction, being on a veiy amiable & good 
Design so .as to make the Fraternity more Uniform 
& Reputiible. Pi^esent Myself G. M. Ileniy Price 


P. G. M. Abram Savage S. G. W. Sam Fitch 
J. G. W. Tho' Brown G. Seciebiry John Box 
T. G. W. John Cutler P. G. W. (& thirty Breth- 

We adjourned to this day fortnight & chose a 
Committee to prepare a Draft. 

Feb 1. I met the Lamp Committee this forenoon 
at the Selectmen's Room. 

Feb 2. The Charitable Society meeting this 
evening. No person but Nat Greene & myself. 

Feb 3. The General Court went thro' the Choice 
of Officers for the ensuing Year tliis Day. I met 
the Lamp Committee this forenoon. 

Feb 7. I met the Lamp Committee this foi*e- 

Feb. 8. The Judges of the Superior Court Re- 
tiirned their Answers to the House this dsvy. 
Judge Trowbridge Judge Ropes, Judge Foster 
Hutchinson & Judge Gushing are willing to Receive 
their Salaries as Granted them by the Geneml 
Court & relinquish their Grants fnnn the Crown. 
The Chief Justice Peter Oliver Es(j*^ has Received 
Part of his money as Salary gitinted him by the 
Crown already & will not Relinquish that Grant, 
therefore the House voted his Answer not satisfac- 
tory. The Rev'* Dr Cooper of this Town was yes- 
terd.ay Chosen President of the College. 

Feb 10. The Corpor<ation of the College at Cam- 
bridge met this forenoon in the Council Chamber 
to fix on Dr Cooper as their President but he 
refused accepting the Choice as President of that 

DIARY— 1774 263 

College — to the great Joy & Satisfaction of his 

Feb 11. I spent the Beginnuig of the evening 
at Colo. Ingersolls with the members of the Grand 
Lodge. Present Myself 6. M. John Box P. G. W. 
Abmm Savage S. G. W. Sam. Fitcli J. G. W. 
ThoiiKis Brown Grand Secrcbiry, our Brother Brat- 
tle of Cambridge (& 25 Brethren). 

The House of Assembly passed several Resolves^ 
against the Conduct of the Chief Justice Peter 
Oliver Esq which mjiy be fully seen in the Fleets 
& Edes & Gills Papers — & tis my opinion they'l 
Uepent of their Resolutions — they are in Direct 
Opposition to Government at home. 

Feb. 15. The Superior Coni't met & adjourned 
untill this day week upon the Acc^ of the Chief 
Justice Peter Oliver. I dined at home with the 
following Gent'" Colo James Warren of Plymouth 
M"^ Nat. Graham of Charlestown Colo. Willuvm Tyng 
of Falmouth Casco Capt W"' Heath of Roxbury 
Major David Ingersoll of G* Barringtcm M' Sam* 
Adams of Boston Cap' Tho" Gardner of Cambridge 
also M" Rowe & Geo Liman. After Dinner I took 
a ride with M" Rowe over the Neck. Very good 

Feb. 19. Yesterday the whole House presented 
in a Body a Remonstrance to the Gov' Relating to 
the Chief Justice M*^ Oliver. 

Feby 21. M" Hubbard buried this afternoon. 

Feb. 22. This d«ay the Superior Court adjourned 
too tlune which has given Great Uneasiness. Old 
M' Boylston buried this afternoon. 


Feb 23. I dined at home with The Hon'ble 
John Hancock Esq. Major Joseph TIawley of Nortli- 
anipton, M' Roh^ I. Paine of Taunton, M' John 
Pickering of Salem, JededLah Prebble of Fahn** 
Casco Bay, M' Isaac Lathrop of Plymouth The 
Hon'ble W" Sever of Kingston, M' Gorham of 
Charlestown M' & M" Inman, M"* Rowe & Geo. 

Feb 25. I spent the Evening at Colo. Ingersoll's 
with the Brethren of the Grand Lodge over special 

Feby 27. Jack Clark his wife & Miss Curtifs 
are in Town f Providence. 

Mar. 3. Tjiist evening The Lam})s were Lighted 
for the first time — they Bunit Tolemble Well. 

His Honour the Lieu^ Governour Andrew Oliver 
Esq died this morning — Anno Estatis 68. 

Mar 5. M' Hancock delivered An Oration this 
day at Dr Sewalls Meeting house to the Greatest 
Number of People th<at ever met on the Oeccosion. 
I tryd to get in but could not. Some Gentlemen 
spe^dc of the Omtion with Great Apjdausc. 

Mar 6. Cap* Gorham arr'd in the Brigg Fort- 
une from London having nine weeks Passage. Our 
Bell on Trinity got crjicked this day. 

Mfir 7. This night Jin Exhibition wjis Put on M"* 
Clappam's Bahtony whi<;h drew tlio attention of 
most of the Lihsibi taints. 

Mar 8. Last evening The Tea Brought by Cap' 
Gorham in the Brigg Fortune was destroyed. This 
afternoon his Honour the Lieu* Governour An- 

DIARY — 1774 266 

drew Oliver Esq was Biuied as Follows. Colo. 
Hancock with liis Company of Cadets & Colo. 
Erving with the officers of his Regim* preceded tlie 
Corps — Colo. Hancock's Comp^ under Aims. The 
Bearera were — Judge Danforth, Judge Hutchin- 
son, Treasurer Gray James Russell Esq, M' Secre- 
l;uy Fhickor, Foster Hutchinson Esq. Then Fol- 
lowed the Family, next m order should have 
the Council & house of Assembly but thro some 
Blunder the Admmill & his Core followed the 
Family & Relations, next them Colo. Lesly of the 
G4 Regiment & his Core, then the Gentlemen of 
this & the Neighboring Towns which Avere very 
few. Then followed the Coaches & chariots 
amomiting to Twenty, then the Chaises amount- 
ing to Ten. Minute Gims were fired from the S** 
Batteiy. Such a Concoiu*se or rather Multitude of 
Spoctatoi-8 I never sjiw at any Funeral here before. 

Thro some misundei-standing or Blunder the Gen- 
tlemen ot* the Councill did not attend this Funerall 
& very few of the House of Representatives. There 
was, after Colo. Hancock's Company had fired & 
the Fimerall over, as the Relations were Returning, 
Some Rude Behavioiu*. 

Mar 10. The Governour Prorogued the General 
Court yesterday to the 13*** April next. 

Mar 12. Cap*^ Solo. Davis & I had a few words 
ab** Trifles — he was wrong. I took liim up a little 
too Quick. I am sorry, as I believe him honest but 
too Volatile. 

Mar 13. Afternoon I went to Church. M' 


Walter read prayers & preached a very Sensi- 
ble Discourse & well delivered. Dr. John 
Green Lord Bishop of Lincohi treats on this 
Subject very delightfully in his Trejitise under 
the Title of Improvement of the Mind. 

Mar 14. Town Meeting this day. 

Mar 15. Town Meeting again this day. I 

Mar 16. I spent the evening at Bro. Prince 
Lodge with him, Bro Salter, Bro Benj Jackson 
his Wardens (& 21 Brethren). 

Mar 21. The Gentlemen of the Lamp Commit- 
tee met this morning at Faneuill Hall. 

Mar 22. I spent the evening at Faiioiiill with 
tlio CommittcH) & a Number oF McrcliuiitH. 

Mar 24. The Committee ab" the Lamps met 
this morning. We finished our Drafts. 

Mar 25. I attended the Committee for Filling 
up the Town Dock. 

March 20. T bad a TiOng Ccmvorsjition with 
Ti-istram Dalton on the insurance alFaii's. 

Mar IJO. Town Meeting this morning. T wjis 
Chose Moderator. We delivered in Our Reports 
Respecting the erecting & fixing up the Lamps 
in the Town. Accepted. The Town agreed 
with Garvin Brown for the Clock on the South 
Meeting house. 

Mar 31. This <afternoon my Brother Jacob 
Rowe came to town from Qucbeck. 

Apr 3. After church the Gentlemen vestry 

DIARY— 1774 267 

Apr 4. The Church Wardens Vestry & Pro- 
prietora of Trinity Church met this forenoon on 
alfairs of the Church. Present, Myself, John Erv- 
ing, Esq, James Boutineaii, Dan. Hubbard, M' 
Rufus Green, W*" Coffin, James Perkins, Johnson 
Jackson, John Cutler, Richard Greene, Stephen 
Greenleaf, John Head, Daniel Crosby, M' And. 
Fane' Phillips M' Ervmg & M*^ Hubbard were 
Chose Wardens. 

Apr 7. I met the Gent" Proprietors of Long 
Wharf at Colo. Tngersoll's. Wc did the Usual 
IJusiness of the Meeting & Chose Cap' W"' Fleet 
WliarRngor for tlie ensuing yciir. 

8 Aprill. I Rose early & went down to my 
Wharff & there had a Long Conversation with 
Admirr* Montague. After Dinner I attended 
Town Meeting. Cap* Hood hi M' Hancock's 
Ship willM ynsU^nlay for London. 

10 Aprill. ]Jro Jacob & Little Jack gone to 
Cambridge. After Church a Vestry. Present M' 
Erving & M*^ Hubbard tlie Wardens, M' Boutman 
M' Geo Bethune M' Rufus Greene M*^ Johnson 
Jackson, M' W" Coffin M' Jon* Simpson M' Henry 
Lauglilin M' James Perkins M' John Cutler The 
Rev'' M-^ Walter myself. 

11 Aprill. My Bro Jacob & Jack Rowe gone to 

14 Api-ill. M' M" Inman were God Father & 
God Mother for John Head's Child. Christened 
tins aft(n*noon. 

Apr 15. The Famous Dr Latham wlio has been 


at Salem innoculating came to Town last evening. 
My Brother Jacob got home this evening from Cape 

Apr 17. After church M' Henry Knox & Miss 
Lucy Plucker paid us a visit. 

Apr 18. This day the Admirall made his son 
George Montague Post & gave him tlie Conunand 
of the Foye in the Room of Cap* Jordan who has 
Liberty to go home, he also made old M' Thoni- 
borough Master & Commander. The Court Martial 
set this day to Try Lieu' Rogers on board the 
Active the Cap** as Follows, Cap' Talbot of the 
Active President Cap* Tho" Simonds of the Captain, 
Cap* Jordan of the Foye Cap* Ayscough of the 
Swan & Cap* Geo. Monbxgne of the Kingfisher. 
The Result we shall soon know. 1 dind at home 
with Dr Latham, Commodore Loring etc. 

Apr 19. The Result of the Court Martial on 
Lieu* Rogers is Severe — he being Broke & Dis- 
missed the Service. Cap* Folger aravd from Lon- 
don in six weeks. 

Apr 24. The Post, M*^ Peter MumpFord brings 
an ace* that the Tea Ship is arr'd from Antigua to 
New York last Monday at Sandy Hook. The Swan 
Man of War Cap* Ayscough sailed from hence this 
morning for New York. 

Apr 28. 1 met the Committee ab" the Granary. 
Present M' Ezeck* Golthwait, Ed"** Payne W"* 
Whitwell & myself. M"" Thos. Lee paid me a visit. 

Apr 20. The Committee on the AflPair of the 
Granary met tliis morning. We were attended by 

DIARY— 1774 269 

Col" Leverett & M' David Jelliies Mess'' Willders 
paid me a visit this morning. 

Apr 30. After Dinner came to our house M' 
Willson a Gentleman from Sheffield in Yorkshire 
who has heen taken in Grossly by Edm** Quincy. 
This evenmg the York Paper Brings an accoimt of 
the Destruction of Eighteen Boxes of Tea belong- 
ing to Cap* Chambei*s. 

May 3. My Brother Jacob went to Cape Ann 

May 8. Letters from M" Linzee pr. the Post 
that came by the Packet. 

May 10. The Annual Town Meeting, the four 
old Ue})reKcnUitives were Chosen, &un^ Adams, John 
Hancock, W"* Phillips & Tho' Gushing, they were 
ahnost unanimously chosen. The Harmony Cap* 
Shayler arrived from London & brings the Severest 
Act ever wjus Penned against the Town of Boston. 

May 13. Town Meeting this day reUiting to the 
Distressing Situ<ation of this Town occasioned by a 
Late Act of Parliament for Blocking up the Har- 
bour of Boston which is & Avill be a Great Evill — 
at present there is no Describing the Circumstances. 
The Lively, Man of Warr, Cap* Bishop is arrived 
tliis day & has Brought out Gen* Gage, oiu* New 
Goveiiioiu*. God Grant his Instructions be not 
severe as I think him to be a Very Good Man. 

This day I rec'd a Large Pacquet by Cap* Smith 
from Liveipool from the proprietors of Campo 
BcUo, John Lyon, Walter Kerfoot, Roger Roger- 
son, Siun' Johnson, Rowland Himter. 


May 14. Spent most part of tlie Day with the 
Town Committee at the Representsitives Room. 
Present, Sam* Adams, Myself, John Adams, Tho' 
Gushing, W" Phillips, Henderson Inches, W" Mol- 
Ihienx & Dr Warren. 

15 May. After Church M'' Robins Purser of the 
Lively, with M' McKinnerly Master of the Lively 
and his wife & Child came to pay us a visit, they 
being Recommended by Cap* Jn*" Linzee & Sucky. 

May IG. I spent Both parts of the Day with 
the Towns Committee at the Town House. Pre&- 
sent, Sam* Adams, John Adams, Josiah Quincy jun"", 
W~ Phillips, Henderson Inches, W"* Mollineux, 
Thos' Cushing, Myself. Cap* Hall arrM fi-oni 
Ijcnulon — in him came Piisseugei-s, Our AHKistsuit 
the Rev** M' Piuker, M*^ Fnincis Rotch & M' 
Will'" Palfrey. 

May 17. This morning Gen* Gage Our New 
Governoiu* landed from the Castle after having 
breakfasted with Admiral Monbiguc on board the 
Captain Man of Warr — he was siiluted by the 
Castle & the Captain Man of Warr & Rec'd at 
the Long Wharf by Colo. Hancock's Company of 
Cadets. The Regiment was under arms in King 
street. The Company of Grenadiei's made a good 
appeiu-ance. Cap* Paddock's Com])any of Artillery 
& Colo. Pliipps Cimipany of Guards were also under 
amis in King street. He came to the Town House, 
had his Commission Read by the Secretary & 
took the Usual Oaths — from thence he was es- 
corted to Faneuill Hidl where a good Dinner by 

DIARY— 1774 271 

his Majesty's Council. There were but very few 
Gentlemen of the Town asked to dine there. 

May 18. I waited on Gen* Gage tliis moiiiiug 
who Received me very Cordially. The Town met 
by adjournment this day. I was so Busy I coidd 
not attend. 

May 21. On my way home I met with M' Will- 
son who desired me to go to Henry Quincy's which 
I did, ab"* his affairs & found he had been treated 
vei-y 111. 

May 22. Afternoon I went to Chiu-ch. M' 
Walter read Prayers & M' Parker preached for the 
first Time from 123"' Psalm, 1"' Vei'se. A sensible 
Good Discourse & very well delivered for his 
Fiist Tune of Preaching. After church Henry 
Knox & Lucy Flucker paid us a visit. 

May 24. The Merchants met at the Town 
House on Business of Importance. 

May 2«5. General Election. I atteiuled & went 
to Meeting this morning. Tlie Kev** Gad Hitch- 
cock of Pembroke preiiched a high Discourse 
suitable to his Pai-ty fr Proverbs 29^** v. 2"^ The 
Following Gentlemen were Chose his Majesty's 
Council for the year ensuing. 


Sam' Danforth Esq B^nj Greenleaf Esq 

John Erving " Caleb Gushing " 

James Bowdoin " Sam* Phillips " 

James Pitts " Artemas Ward " 

Sam* Dexter " J"" Winthrop " 


♦W^PhiUips Esq ♦Rich*' Derby jun' Esq 

♦John Adams " ♦Mich* Farley " 

♦James Prescott " ♦Benj Austin " 

*Tho' Donaldson " ♦Morton Qnincy " 


James Otis, Walter Spooner 

W"* Sever, ♦Jeremiah Bowers Esq' 


Jeremiah Prebble, ♦Enoch Freeman Esq' 

Jedediah Prebble, 

For Sagadathock — ♦Benj"* Chatboiirne Esq'. 

At Large — George Leonard jun' Esq. ♦Jedediah 

The Gentlemen with this (*) mark were not of 
the Conncil hist yesir. Bef(n*e the Election 
of Connselhirs Letters were Received from the 
Hon^*" Ismic Royall & James Gowan Esq" Resign- 
ing then* Seats at the Board. The List of Coun- 
sellors chosen yesterday being this day agrecjible 
to the Direction of the Royal Charter presented 
to his Excellency the Governour — his Excellency 
was pleiised to Consent to the Election of the 
Gentlemen aforementioned except, James Boudoin 
Es(i, W"' Phillips, Esq, Tho' Donaldson, Esq. Jer.ih- 
miel Bowers, Sam* Dexter, John Adams, Michael 
Farley, Enoch Frecnian, John Winthrop, James 
Prescott, Benj" Austin, Jedediah Foster. 

May 29. The Kings Restoration. The Admirall 
has now Stationed all his Ships. 

The Tartar behind the Castle. Cap' Meadows. 

DIARY — 1774 273 

The Mercury iii Naiibiskct. Capt M*'Cartiiey 

Tlie Tdiiiar at tlie Mouth of Broad Sound. 
Cap^ Thoruborough. 

The Lively at the Chauuel of Gov" Islaud. Cap* 

The Magdalen at Point Shirley. Cap* Collins. 

Tlic Cancesiux between the Two Ferrys, Whuiis- 
simet & Chailestown. Capt. Mowat. 

The Halifax at Winnissimmet. Cap* Heath. 

The Captain between Long Wharf & Hancock's 
Wharf. The Flag Ship. 

Tlie St Jolin Cap* Grant at — 

May 30. I paid the General a visit this morning. 
Town Meeting. Nothing done but Hamngue. 

May 31. The Minerva Cap* Calahan is gone 
Below to Uike in Gov*^ Hutchinson^ his Son Elislm 
Hutchinson & his Daughter Miss Peggy Hutch- 
inson who are going Passengers as is Miss Polly 
Miuiay. My Bro^ & Jack Rowe gone to Salem. 

June 1. This is the last day any Vessel can 
enter this Uarboiu* until this Fattd Act of Parliar 
ment is Repealed. Poor Unhappy Boston. God 
knows only thy wretched Fate. I see nothing but 
misery will attend thy Lihabitants. 

June 2. I met the Gentlemen Merch** at the 
West Side of the Coiu't House in Boston. While 
wee were in the Meeting Cap* Williamson amved at 
Marblehead from Bristol! & Brought with him An- 
other Act of Parliament for the Better Regulating 
The Province of the M^issachusetts Bay which Act 
strikes tlie very Charter Granted to this Province 


by King William & Queen Mary — & is, or will be, 
productive witli many Evils to tlie advancement of 
this, his Majesty's Province & sour the minds of 
most of the Inluibibints thereof. I am afniid of 
the Consequences that this Act will Produce. I 
wish for Harmony & Peace between 6i*eat Britain 
Our Mother Country & the Colonies — but the 
Time is far off. The People have done amiss & no 
sober man can vindicate their Conduct but the Re- 
venge of the Ministry is too severe. 

June 3. Spent the evening at Deacon Jones' 
with the Following Merchants — John Amory, 
Jonathan Amory, Sam* Barrat, Henderson Inches, 
Jolm TinuuiUH, Ebcn' Storer, W" Whitwcll, VaW 
Payne, Henry Bromfield & myself. We adj"* untill 
Monday eve'ng 

June 6. Ai-tillery Election. Brigg' Brattle did 
/the Honours of the Day in the Absence of his Ex- 
cellency Gov' Grage. 

June 7. There was a Grand Ball at Salem last 
Evening as an Enterbiinment to Gen* Gage, his 
Officers, the Commissionei*s of the Customs & many 

June 8. The Committee of Merchants waited on 
Gen* Gage with their addi-ess. 

Treas' Gray, Tho' Gray, J**^ Erving, Geo. Ei-ving, 
^ Rich** Lechmere, Jolin Timmins, Jos. Whish>w, 
Frank Green, James Forest, James Anderson. 

June 10. The Transports vntli tlie 4"* Regiment 
are arrived from Southampton this morning. M" 
Atkinson & M" Williams tlie Storekeeper are arrivd 
in the Sally Schooner from Hallifax. 

DIARY— 1774 275 

June 12. Af teruoon I went to church. W Weeks 
of Marblehead read Prayers & M' Parker preached 
from 4*** Chap. Book of Exodus & 11'** Verse, this 
was most sensible Discourse & extremely well de- 
livered, being the Second Sermon M' Parker 
preached in Our Church since his arriVtil. After 
cluirch I walked Round the Wharffs. tis unpossible 
to describe the Distressed Situation of this Poor 
Town — not one Topsail Merchantman to be seen. 

June 14. This is the Last day any vessel can 
depart this Harbour. Boston, thy Fate is veiy dis- 
tressing ! The Fourth Regiment Lmded this morn- 
ing & pitched their Tents in the Common by the 
Pound — a number of Specbitors to see them. 

June 15. The forty third Regiment Landed this 
morning & pitched their Tents in the Common near 
the Workhouse on that Plain. This evening the 
TradcRuion of the Town met to Consult on the Dis- 
tn\sH of this lMa<!e. There wore upwards of eiglit 
luiiHlnul at lliis nu^oting. tlicy did nothing being 
much Divided in Sentiment. 

June 16. I went this morning to see my kins- 
man Jacob Rowe who I found very 111 and very 
Dangerous. After dinner I spent an hour with J"** 
Adams & Josiah Quincy Jun'. 

June 17. A General Town Meeting this fore- 
noon, they Chose Mee Moderator. I was much 
engaged & therefore did not accept. The People 
at ])roaent scHJin very av<^i*Re to Accommodate Mat- 
tors. 1 tliiiik they will Repent of their Behaviour, 
sooner or later. The Governour Disolved the As- 


sembly this day. The Gen' Court Chose a Commit- 
tee of five to go to the General Congress — James 
Bowdoin, Jn° Adams, Sam* Adams, The Speaker & 
M' Payne of Taunton. 

June 19. I went to see Jacob Rowe at the North 
End who I found very ill. 

June 21. My kinsman Jacob Rowe died last 
night between ten & eleven of Clock in a convid- 
sion Fit — tliis morning I attended about his alfaiira. 

June 22. Afternoon I attended the Funeiid of 
my kinsman Jacob Rowe, he was buried under Trin- 
ity Church in my Tomb. One of the Transports 
with part of the 5'** Regim* on Board arrived here. 

June 23. I began to mow our Pasture yestoi^ 
day & this day. 

June 27. Town Meeting, the Hall so full they 
adjournd to the Old South Meeting — the Debates 
were for & against the Committee of Correspond- 
ence very warm on both sides, it lasted all day & 
adjournd until tomorrow 10 of Clock. The 
Speiikers in behalf of the Committee wei*e Sam' 
Adams, Dr Warren, W™ MolHneux, Josiah Quincy 
jun', Dr Young, Beuj" Kent. The Speakers iigsiinst 
the Behaviour of the Committee were Treas*^ Gray, 
Thos Gray, Sam' Elliot, Sam' Barrat, John Amoiy, 
Edw*' Payne, Francis Greene, Ezeck' Golthwait. 

June 28. The Town met again at the Old South 
Meeting. The Debates veiy warm on both sides — 
I think are wrong. I mean the Committee are 
wrong in the matter. The Merchants have tiiken 
up against them, they have in my Opinion exceeded 

DIABY— 1774 277 

their Power & the Motion was Put that they 
should be dismissed, the Gentlemen that made & 
supported this Motiou coidd not Obtain their Vote, 
the Majority were four to One against them, this 
aifair will cause much evil one against the other. I 
wish for Peace in this Town I fear the Consequences. 
I dind at the Pejicock on Tm*tlc with (43 La- 
dies & Gentlemen) Wee spent the afternoon veiy 
agreeably & were very merry. 

July 1. The Preston Man of Warr with Admirall 
Gmves came into this harbour this day, as did sev- 
end Transport Ships with the Uenuiinder of the 5*' 
& 38'* Regiments on board. Lord Percy is with 

July 4. The 38** Regiment Landed this day & 
pitched their Tents in the Common. I paid Admi- 
rall Montague a visit this morn*. 

July 5. The 5** Regiment landed this day & 
pitched their Tents in the Common. Admiral Mon- 
tiigue Liidy & Miss Sophie Montague paid us a visit 
tliis morning & took leave of us being just on their 
depai-ture for England. 

Jidy 6. M' Humphreys left my house this day & 
Major Clerk of the 43"* Regiment went into it at 
100 DoUai-s p' annum. 

Jidy 7. The Captain Man of Warr with the Ad- 
miral on board saluted Admu'all Graves but the 
wind died away they did not sail. The Generall 
visited the Troops in the Common this Forenoon. 

July 8. I heard of the Bad Behaviour of the 
People of Marlborough, its said that the Speak- 


mans were Concerned, if it Proves so, they have not 
only behaved HI but contrary to my Sentiments & 
forfeited my Regard in future for them. 

July 9. Cap^ WilP" Brown of my Rrijfg Sucky 
came to Town this evening from &ilem. lie iwnvd 
there from London a few days ago. 

Jidy 10. I went to Church this morning. M' 
Parker Read Prayers & M' Walter Preached. A 
very Good & Serious Discourse & well adapted to 
our Present Situation. Colo. Cleveland that com- 
mands the Train of Artillery came to Town from 
New York. 

Jidy 12. Last Night M" Skinner Dyed, she was 
a Good Woman, much TiSuneutcHl, a Grc^sit Tjosh to 
her Disti'csscd Children being Ten in Number & 
most of them very Young. Cap' Dove arr*d from 
S"* Carolina at Salem with Rice as a present from 
Sundry Gentlemen there for this Place. 

July 13. Attended the Funerall of M" Skinner 
& was a Bearer. 

July 14. This Day a fast is Recommended by 
Some of the Ministers on Ace* of the Miserable Sit- 
uation of this Town. I cannot Reconcile this 
measure & should much Rather the People would 
do Justice & Recommend the Payment for the Tea 
instead of losing a Day by fasting. 

July 15. I called on Tho* Goltliwait & went 
with him & David Duncan to Salem. Wee Break- 
fasted at Newall's Lynn. I did my Business at The 
Town of Salem. I dined with the Rev^ M* Nicholls* 
& his 14 Scholars, he Keeps them under strict or- 

DIARY— 1774 279 

dcr & Decorum. After dinner I stoped at Flax 
Pond & caiiji^Iit Two dozen of Perch from the Rocks. 
I Returned to Town & found my Dear M" Rowe in 
a most mehuichoUy & distressed Situation. She 
with M" Inman had been to the Funeral of Gilb' 
Deblois Child & Retui'ning home in the Carriage the 
Hoinses took Fright & Run away, oversett the Car- 
riage, I Believe has Bruised them veiy much. M" 
Rowe is so much frightened & so very much Over- 
come that she does not know the Event & at Present 
is in a very Dangerous State. Dr Lloyd & Dr 
Chui'ch attend her. I am in Good hopes she will 
soon mend. Our Iiouse is full of yiaitoi*s on the 
Occasion — tw^is very lucky I Returned this evening. 
M-^ Inman, M" Inman, Dr Lloyd & M" Gould 
stay all night. We are in Great Trouble & dis- 
tress. God Grant she may be better in the 

July 16. My Deiir M™ Rowe I think is somewhat 
Better, tlio' still very 111, her Cjisc is veiy hazaidous. 
Dr Lloyd gives great attention to her — he is very 
good. My Friends are very kind & attentive to 
my Dear Dear M" Rowe, I keep home all Day, I 
cannot leave her. Miss Patty Green watches with 
her tonight — at Ten of Clock the Doc*' thinks she 
is Better, ab'' six The Dr gave her some annodine 
Drops. She was before that very weak. 

July 17. Dr. Lloyd thinks my Dear M" Rowe 
much better. Slie has had a tolemble night. I 
staid at home all day. Oiu* house much Crowded 
with Company to see my Dear M" Rowe — this 


afternoon she appears to Grow Better. M" Cutler 
is kind & watches witli M" Rowe this u\fr\\t. 

July 18. I think M" Rowe not so well this morn- 
ing. She is very wesik & Feehlo altlio' she seenie^l 
to sleep well to night. I staid at home all Day. 
M" Rowe continues very weak, altho' Dr Lloyd 
thinks her much better. I rec** a letter from M' 
Rich"^ Letchmere dated this day giving an acc^ of M' 
TroUet's Death at Lancaster, also heard of my Old 
Friend Cap* Tho* Gerry of Marblehead being Dead. 
M" Inman is so kind & obliging as to watch with 
M" Rowe tonight. 

July 19. My Dear M" Rowe is very weak this 
morning her Medicines are too Strong for her 
feeble Constitution. I think her still hazsu-dous. 
M" Rowe much better this afternoon. Teggy 
Cragin watches too night. 

July 20. This day is the Annual Commence- 
ment Day but the Distressed Situation of the 
Town & Province prevents it being kept Publick 
as usual. M" Rowe has luul a Good Night & is 

July 22. M" Rowe growing Better for which I 
& all her Friends Rejoice. I dined at home with 
her alone. She eat some Dinner with Appetite. 

July 23. M" Rowe grows better by Degrees but 

July 25. M" Rowe gi-owing Better. After Dm- 
ner My Bro' Jacob set out for Quebeck. 

July 27. A Quarrel happened last night between 
some of the Towns People & some Officers of tho 
Ai-my. Town Meeting yesterday I did not attend. 

DIARY — 1774 281 

July 29. Dr Lloyd & Dr White paid M" Uowe 
a visit. Afternoon 1 went with M" Rowe over the 
Neck Round the Little Square. 

July 30. After Breakfast I went again with 
M"* Rowe in the Carriage over the Neck Round the 
Little Squai-e. 

Aug 7. The Scarborough Man of Warr, Cap* 
J. Cluvdds arr'd yesterday from England. She left 
Plyni^ the last Port. A letter from Sucky to M" 
Rowe by M' Holt who is Lieu* of the Scarborough. 
The York Transports are arrived & the Regi- 
ment of Welsh Fusileers on boai*d them. The 
Transports from Halifax with the 59"* Regiment 
are also arr'd & the Tamar Sloop Cap* Thornboi^ 
ough, theii' Convoy. 

Aug 8. M" Rowe g^*owing better dayley. 
When I came to the Store I Found my Friend M' 
Meredith from Quebeck. My Friend Joe Jackson 
died this morning. 

Aug 9. This morning the 23"** Reguuont or 
Royal Welsh Fusileers Landed & encamped on 
Fort Hill — they made a very Good Appearance. 

Ten of his Majesty's Council were Sworn in yes- / 
terday at Salem. ^ 

Tho" Oliver Esq Lieu* Gov' & President of the 
Council John Eving jun' Esq. James Boutineau 
Esq. Foster Hutchmson Esq. Harrison Gray Treas' 
of the Province Isaac Winslow Esq of Roxbury 
Joseph Lee Esq' of Cambridge Joshua Loring, 
Capt* in his Majesty's Navy. M' Pepperell of 
Roxbury, Tho" Flucker Secretary of the Province. 


Aug 10. Tlie Artillery from New York landed 
tliis moiiiing & encamped on the Common. I 
went to the Fnnerall of Joe Jtickson & was a 

Aug 17. The foUowmg lu a list of the Gentle- 
men appointed by his Majesty Capt Counsellors of 
this Province agreeable to the late Act of Parlia- 

Tho* Oliver Lieut Gov' Tho* Flucker Secretary 
of the Province. 

Peter Oliver Chief Justice of the Province. 

Foster Hutchinson Judge of the Superior Court 

Tho' Hutcliinson " " " Inferior " 

Harrison Gray, Treas' of the Province. 

Sam^ Danfovth Es^j Judge of Probate. 

James Russell Impoi*t Officer. 

Timothy Ruggles, A Salary from the Crown. 

Jos. Lee Judge of the Inferior Court, Mid- 

Will'" Rrown " " 

Andrew Oliver " " 

Josiah Edson " " 

Joshua Loring Cap* of his Majesty's Navy. 

Jerry Powell Judge of the Inferior Court, 

John Erving jun*^ Isa^ic Winslow, Israel Williams 
Geo Watson, Nat Ray Tliomas, Timothy Wood- 
bridge William Vassall, Joseph Green, Jam' Bouti- 
neiui Rich** Letchmere, John Worthington Timothy 
Paine, W"' Pepperell, Jo*** Simpson, John Murray, 




" Essex 


" Plym- 

DIARY— 1774 283 

Daniel Leonard^ Tho* Palmer, Isaac Royall, Rob' 
Hooper, Abijah Willard, John Erviug sen'. 

Aug 21 A Vessel aixived from Falmouth at 
Marblehead brings advice of Gov' Hutchinson's ar- 
rival in England, havmg a short Passage from 

Aug 22. A Report that Daniel Leonard Esq one 
of the Counsellors at Taunton was obliged to leixvc 
the Town of Taunton. On Thursday last the fol- 
lowing Gentlemen were sworn in his Majesty's Coun- 
cil & took the Oaths Requisite to Qualify them for 
then- seiits at the Council Board — 

Samuel Danforth Esq of Cambridge. 
Peter Oliver " of Middleborough 

Richard Letchmere " " Boston 
Jonathan Simpson " " " 
Josiah Edson " " Bridgewater 

Natli' Ray Thonuw " " Marshfield 
Tim" Ruggles " " Uardwicke 

Tun" Paine " " Worcester 

Abijah Willard " " Lancaster 

Tho* Hutchinson jmi' " " Milton 
John Murray " " Rutland 

Daniel Leonard " " Taunton 

Geo. Watson " " Plymouth 

Sept 1. This morning a Letter was picked up 
wrote by Gen* Brattle to Gen* Gage & the Gen' in 
Consequence sent a Party of Two hundred men 
under the Command of Colo. Mattison & took the 
Giuipowder belonging to the Province from the 
Arsenal on Quarry Hill & brought it from thence 


in the Transport Boats to the Castle. This Letter 
has exasperated the Conntry People against Brattle 
so tliat he now t^ikcs Refuge in lioston. 

Sept 2. A Great Number of People from tlie 
Country are Collected at Waltham, Watertown & 
Cambridge Occasioned as tis Reported from the 
Behaviour of Gen* Brattle. The People seem to be 
Frightened & afraid of its Consequences. The 
General Inis Reinforced the Entmnce at the Neck. 
Commissioner Hallowell has been Insidted in his 
way through Cambridge — he fled for shelter to 
this Town. This evening appeared a FUmsey Re- 
cantation from Gen* Brattle. 

Sept 3. The People at Cambridge mostly dis- 
spersed & gone home The General sent four field 
pieces to Boston Neck. 

Sept 4. This morning M*" Parker read Prayers & 
Preached from 25th Chap. St. Matthew & 29"* 
verse & afternoon from 65th Chap. St. Matthew & 
part of the 9*** verse — both these Discourses were 
very Clever & much liked. Several Gentlemen of 
Distinction were at Our Church — Peter Oliver Esq 
Cliicf Justice, Judge Brown of Salem, Jon* Sewall 
Esq Attorney General, W" Pepperell Esq & a great 
many others too many to particularize. 

Sept. 5. The Lively at her Moorings above 
Charlestown Ferry The Canieoaux at her moorings 
in Gallows Bay. 

Sept. 6. The Diligence, Schooner, Cap' Knight 
arrived from England with Dispatches for the Gen* 
& Admirrall. Seven sail of Transports sailed for 

DIARY — 1774 286 

Quebeck & Three or more for New York & Phila- 
(lelpliL'i. Joiiii Iiiinau goes to Salem tliis morning. 

Sept. 7. The General has Doubled the Guards 
at the Neck & I believe designs to Fortify it. 

Sept. 9. This morning a Soldier of the 65*** Reg- 
iment which had three times deserted was shot in 
the Connnou. 

Sept. 10. The 59"* Regim* came from Salem & 
encamped on the West Side of Boston Neck. 

Sept. 14. Church Convention. I went to Cliapel, 
Dr Caner Read Pmyers & M' Serjeant of Cambridge 
])re;iched a sensible Short Sermon on the Occasion. 
The General & Ins Aide de Cami)S, tlie AdmiravU & 
Lkady & the Cap*^ of the Preston with the Navy 
Officei-s of the Day, The Commissioners, many of 
the Council the High Sheriif & many other Gen- 
tlemen & Ladies attended. This night some of the 
onicers of tlie Navy vnuw. & 8})iked u[) the Guns of 
the North Battery. A Ridiculous Manojuvre. 

Sept. 22. Tliis day is the Annivei-sjuy of his 
Majesty's Accession to the Throne. I went to the 
Councill Chamber with the Govern', Admirall & 
many other Gentlemen to drink the King's Health 
& many other Loyal Toasts. 

Oct. 2. Sunday. The Proprietore met after 
Church & gave Our Old Broken Bell to the Min- 
ister & Cliurch Wardens of Norwitch Church in 

Oct. G. A Large Fire hap'ned at Salem last 
Night. Dr Whitaker's Meeting house & eighteen 
houses were Destroyed. 



Oct. 11. A niunber of Deputys met at Concord 
this clay. Gipt Callahan ari-ivd from London at 
Salem. Sevemll Passengera among the Rest Geo. 

Oct. 13. Cap* Wallace arrived this morning in 
the Rose, Man of Warr fi-om Newfonndland & 
Bronght Two Companys of the 65"* Regiment with 
him Cap* Sinclair & Cap* John McKay. 

Oct 18. This day an Andacions Vilkin attacked 
Colo. Cleveland & Cap* Montrasor Snapped Pistolls 
at Both of them & wounded Colo. Cleveland with 
liis Own Ranger. 

Oct 10. The Fellow that attacked Colo. Clevcv- 
land & Cap* Montnisor w:i8 hrought from Cam- 
hridge & Committed to onr Goal — his name is 

Oct 22. M' Mollineaux died suddenly this 

Oct 23. Gen* Huldimand arr'd here from New 
York with the 47*'* Regiment & part of the 
Royal Irish, the 18*'* Regim* this morning with 
some Ofliccrs of Distinction. There was a Vestry 
after Church ab*" altering the Time of Morning 
Service & admitting the 59*** Regiment to come to 
Church as also the 5*** Regim*. 
(^ Oct 24. This afternoon Will"* Mollinoux was 
hiiricd — ho has been famous among the Sons of 
Liberty. Many Things arc attributed to him & 
tis believed he was first Leader of Dirty Matters. 
J^ A Great Concourse of People tattended his Funeral — 
his Bearers were Old M' Erving, M" Jam' Bowdoin, 

DIARY —1774 287 

M^ Pitts, M' Tho" Boylstou, Capt^ Jolui Bradford & 
M^ W" Dennis. 

Nov. 2. Yesterday Brother Box died. 

Nov. 3. I attended the Funeml of Brother Box 
& was a Bearer together with Jaines Pitts Esq, 
Dr Silv' Gardiner M' Chardon, M' Henderson Inches 
& M' Gilbert Dohlols. It wjus a handsome Fnnerall. 
Tlie Free Msisons walked in Proper Form. 

Nov. 5. The pope made a Poor Appeiimnce to / 
Day. The people Behaved well. The Inscrip tion / 
was Unity & No Popery. 

Nov. 9. Our Dclogjites Returned to Town from 
Phi1ado1|»hia. 1 went to Ssdeni this morning & did 
my Business there. 

Nov. 15. The 47"* Regunent & part of the Royal 
Irish landed this day & the Regun^ from the Com- 
mon went in BaiTacks. Little Jack Rowe went to 
Salem yesterday with M' Nicholls. 

Nov. 17. My Worthy Friend Tho" Gray Esq 
died at Ilingham of the Wounds he Rec'' from his 
Fidl sometuue Piist — this day ah" Twelve oClock. 
Cap^ Sheppard arrived from London & hrings ad- 
vice that the Parliament was disolved & writs Issued 
for a New Parliiunent to meet the 24^*" Novemher. 

Nov. 11). I attended the Funerall of my Worthy 
Friend Thos. Gray Esq". 

Nov. 27. This is my Birth Day & I am fifty 
nine yeai-s Old. I am Thank God pretty well in 

Dec. 4. Cap^ Brown is just arrived from Lon- 
don at Salem in the Sucky 


Dec. 5. I rose early this morning & went to 
Salem with M' Edw** Chui*ch & Duncan — we stop'd 
at Lynn at Newhalls & dined at Goodhew's Tavern, 
Ssdem. The Conunittee attended me ah*' ]h'owii8 
CargoC; after some Conversation we Settled the 

Dec. 6. Veiy Bad Travelling on the Sidem 

Dec. 17. The Asia & Boyne, Men of Warr ciune 
this morning up against the Town & anchored be- 
tween the Long Wharff & Hancocks. I attended 
the Funeral of AT Maturiu, the Generall's Secretary. 

The Procession as Follows 

first part of tlie 4"' Regiment Under Arms 

then the Band of Musick 

then the Clergy — then the Coi-ps 

then the Generall & his Family 

then the 4^** Regiment without Aims 

then the Officei-s of the Anny & afterwards tlie 
Gentlemen of the Town. 

Dec 18. A Serjeant of the 47^'' Regiment wjis 
buried this evening — lie Being aMiison tbere were 
152 Brethren followed the Coi-jis & the whole 47^** 

Dec 27. St John's Day. I celebrated the Feast 
at Colo. Ingersoll's with the Following Brethren 

DIARY —1776 


9 Jan'y. M' Inman M" Inman gone to Marl- 

10 Jau'y. Cap* Maltby of the Glasgow Man of 
Warr wivs try'd tliis day by a Court Mai'tial on boai*d 
the Somei-set & suspended. 

11 Jan^y. Jack Rowe went to M' NichoUs to 
School this day. 

14 Jan'y. M' Lyell came to Town tliis day from 
Nantucket being Landed there out of a Brigg he 
Came in Passenger from London. 

Jan'y 18. This being the Queens birthday it was 
Celebrated by Drinking their Majesty^s Health at 
the Town house. The Picquet Guards from all 
the Regiments fired three voUies. The Castle & 
Batteiies & idl the Fleet Fired a Royal Salute. 
Geo Iiniuin was taken ill this day & keeps his 

Jan 21. An Affray happened between the Ofl&- 
cers & the Town House Watch last evening which 
makes Great Uneasiness in Town. 

Jan 24. A Detachment from each Regim^ went 
on board Cap^ Tho" Gmves & are bound to Marah- 
field imder the Command of Cap* Ballf our of the 4"* 
Regiment in order to keep the People there Quiet & 
Peaceable. This morning also was a Court of En- 
quiry about the matter of the Affray between the 
oflicers & the Watchmen — the Court adjourned 
imtil tomorrow morning 


Jan 27. This day the Smallpox was discovered 
at the House of John Bsvrthlet the Taylor. 

Jan 31. This day the King's Speech is come to 
Town from Marhlehead in a Vessel of M' Omes from 
Fahnoiith. he takes notice of the Behaviour of the 
Colonies & particularly this Province — his Remarks 
are very Just. 

Feb'y 12. M" Lysle the Solicitor in the Customs 
died at M" Arthur's. 

Mar 6. This Day Dr Warren dl'd an oration at 
Dr SewalFs Meeting. I did not hear him. 

March 8. Frank Johnnot died this morning. 

Mar. 9. This morning a Coimtry Fellow who 
had Bought a Gun from one of the Soldiei-s wais 
pimished by them in the Modern Taiste of Tarring 
& Feathering & Ciirried in a Cart through tlie main 
Streets of the Town. 

Mar 15. This day an Oration was delivered by a 
Dirty Scoundrel from M" Cordis' Balcony wherein 
many Characters were Unftiirly Represented & much 
abused & mine among tlie Rest. 

Mar 16. This day is kept by many People as a 
Publick Fast, which gives Great Umbrage to a Great 
Many People which do not pay any Regard to it & 
I think they are not Right because they say the 
Order does not originate under the Direction of 
Good Government, yet it can no harm. 

Mar 17. This Being St Patiick's the officers in 
Number ab*" Sixty walked in Procession with a 
Chosen Band of Musick to Kings Chapel where a 
Sermon was Preached by tlie Rev** M' Nicholls. 

DIARY— 1775 291 

They Returned iii the same maimer & Dined at 
Coh). Ingersoll's in King Street. 

Mar 18. The Letters by the Jan'y Packet came 
to hand. 

Mai- 20. A Quarrel between W" Davis & Will" 
Bowes this day. 

Mar 25. Afternoon the Genendl sent for me to 
see a letter I received from Tho" Griffith. 

Aprill 3. Lieu* Jackson of the 5*** Reg"' was 
buried this day. 

April 16. After Dinner I went down Chu'k's 
Wharir to meet Cap* Linzee & Sucky who aiTived 
from Spitliead & Falmouth in the Falcon Sloop. I 
brought them home & theii* little Son Sam^ Hood 

Aprill 17. Our house full of visitors all day. 

April 19. Last night the Grenadiers & Light 
Coin]>anics belonging to the several Regiments in 
this Town were feriy'd over Charles River & landed 
on Phipps Farm in Ciunbridge from whence they Pro- 
ceeded on their way to Concord, where they arrived 
early this day. On their march they had a Skirmish 
with some Countiy People at Lexuigton. The First 
Brigade commanded by Lord Percy with Two pieces 
of Artillery set oil from this Town this morning 
about Ten of Clock *i8 a Reinforcement which with 
the Grenadiers & Light Infantry made about eightr 
een hundred men. The People in the Country had 
notice of this movement eavly in the Night. Alarm 
Guns were fired thro' the Country & Expresses sent 
oir to the Different Towns so that very early this 


morning large Numbers from all Parts of the Coun- 
try were Assembled. A General Battle ensued 
which from what I can learn was Supported witli 
Great Spirit on both Sides & continued imtill the 
Kings Troops got back to Charlestown which was 
near Sunset. Numbers are killed & wounded on 
Both Sides. Cap^ Linzee & Cap^ Collins in two 
Small Armed Vessels were ordered up Charles River 
to Bring off the Troops to Boston but Lord Percy 
& General Smith thought Proper to encamp on 
Bunker's Hill this Night — this Unhappy affair is a 
Shocking Introduction to all the Miseries of a Civil 

April 20. The General sent some more Troops 
to Charlestown last night & this morning, so that 
Lord Percy & the Troops under his Command Re- 
turned to Town. This night some People ah** Two 
hundred Attacked Cap^ Linzee in the Armed 
Schooner a little Below Cambridge Bridge, he gave 
them a Warm Reception so that they thought 
proper to Retreat with the Loss of some men. Tis 
said many thousands of Country People are at Rox- 
bury & in the neighborhood. The People in Town 
are alarmed & the entrenchments on Boston Neck 
double Giuirded M" Linzee din'd at the Admirall's. 

April 21. The Reinforcement that was sent to 
Charlestown by the Gen' are Returned too & the 
64'^ Regim* that was at the Castle are now in Boston 
Town House. All Business at an end & all Com- 
munication Stop'd between the Town & Country. 
No Fresh Provisions of any kind brought to this 

DIARY — 1776 293 

market so that Boston is in a most Distressed Con- 
dition. This afternoon Several Gentlemen met with 
the Selectmen to Consult on Our Situation & chose 
a Conmiittee to draft a Memorial to Gen' Gage — 
viz*^ — The Selectmen, James Bowdoin, Henderson 
Inches, Alex Hill, Edward Payne & Jos Barrett 
— they adjouni'd until tomorrow Ten of Clock. 

April 22. The Same Company met & Reported 
upon which the Inhabitants were called together. 
After much Debate & some Amendments they Passed 
two Votes which were presented to the General by 
the Siime Committee & on deUvery they asked the 
General to Grant their Prayer — he in somemeasui^e 
Complyed but imide some other Proposalls. M' 
Nicholls sent Jack home last night & Broke up his 

April 23. The Inhabitants met again this morn- 
ing & after some Debate they came into the Gen- 
eniirs Meiisures — which was to deUver up their 
Arms to be de[)ORited in the hands of tlie Select 
Men & such of the Inhabitants as had a mind to 
leave the Town might go with their Effects. This 
evening news was Brought that Cap* Brown was 
Stop'd at Charlestown in his way by the Country 

April 24. I Rose very early & got away M' 
Nun, John Inman, M' Sparks, Tho" Knights, Jos. 
Taylor & John Head on board M' Sheriff's Sloop for 
Salem. Between one & Two Cap* Brown got to 
Town. I soon despatched him. This day the In- 
habitants carried in their Arms. The number 2674 


Geo Inman had two very Severe fits too night, I 
thought very dangerous. 

April 2G. John Inman is come to Town & tells 
me that my Brigg" Sucky sailed from Marhlehead 
yesterday towards night — in her went the follow- 
ing Passengers Lieut Nun, M' Sparks, Jos. Taylor, 
Tho' Knight, John Ileadt, M' Sherlock, Yoiuig Paine 
of Worcester, M" Brown & her Child. M' Sheriff 
sent upwards of 40 Sheep into Our Pastures this 

April 27. The General has given Leave for All 
People to leave the Town that Choose with their 

April 28. This day I apply'd to get a Pass to go 
out with my Effects but could not prevail. 

April 30. I went to churcli tliis morning. M"^ 
Parker read Prayers & M' Walter preached a very 
serious Discourse on Our Present Distressing Situa- 
tion from the 7^^ Chap. Ecclesiastes & part of the 
14*** Verse " In the Day of Adversity, consider." 

May 1. Cap* Lin zee & Sucky & Little &iui* 
Hood sailed this morning in the Falcon Sloop. 

May 2. The post is in. Bad News from New 
York. Dr W"' Sam^ Johnson & Colo. Wallcot are 
Come to Town on Special Business with the Gen- 
erall from the Colony of Connecticut. 

May IJ. M' Lniian wont to the Lines to sec M"* 
Liman — he Imd some Convei*S{ition with her. 

May 5. The Inhabitants Flocking out of Town. 
Some Transports arrived from Halifax with four 
Companies of the 65'** Regiment. 

DIARY — 1776 296 

May 10. William Vassall & all his Family, to- 
gether with Tim^ Fitch & family, Tho" Brattle & 
many others went off this morning. 

May 17. About eight of Clock a Terrible Fiie 
Broke Out in the Banacks on Treat's Wharf Occu- 
pied by the G5"* Regiment — it was Occasioned by 
Accident or rather from Grciit Carelessness — it de- 
stroyed 33 Stores on Dock Square. Mine was in 
Great Danger, I thought it so & therefore removed 
great part of my Effects from thence — it con- 
tinued until half past One with Progress. The 
OJlicers Behaved very well. The Clothing of 4 
Companies behmging to the 47"* Regiment was 
burnt & some Fu*e Anus Lost. 

May 18. The People in 6enei*al very Busy in 
Collecting the Effects that were Saved out of the 

May 21. A Party was sent under the Connnand 
of M' Jarvis of the 43"' to Grape Island to Bring 
off some Cattle & ILiy, the Country People being 
very nmnerous kept a Biisk Fire on them so that 
they were Obliged to Return without Effecting their 
design. One Marine wounded. Two Transports 
from Deptford with Recruits & one with Marines 
from Plym** arrived this day. 

May 24. Yesterday the Merlin Sloop of War, 
Cap* Duddington arr^d & Some Transports with 
Part of the 14*** Regim* & one Transport with 
Light ITorso. 

May 25. The Ceberus Man of War, Cap' Chad 
arrived from Spithead — in this Ship The Generals 
Bourgoyne, How & Clynton came Passengers. 


May 28. A Continual Firing aU night on Nor- 
tons Island between the Provincials & Marines & 
Sailors. Severall Marines & Ssiilors killed & 
wounded & tis supposed the Provincials lost many. 
The Diana Schooner^ Cap^ Tho' Graves, is Bui*ut. 

May 29. Twenty Sheep & Lambs have been 
killed this night in my Pasture. 

May 30. Last night the Country People Burnt 
one House & several Barns on Norton's Island — 
& the Dwelling House & Store this forenoon. 

Our Two Girls Peggy & Becky went away this 

(Vol. Xn. of the Diary is missing and inside the 
cover of Vol. XIII. is written : — 

^* from June to Decemb' is mislaid or taken away 
out of My Store " ) 

Dec. 25. Christmas Day. M' Walter read 
prayers & M" Parker preached a very Good Sermon 
from 2" Chap. St Luke's Gospel & 14^** Verse. 

The money g«athered for tlie Use of the Poor of 
this Church am" to Sixty Dollars. 

Dec. 27. I dined at Home with Cap^ Lin zee, M" 
Linzee Little Sam* Hood who is two years old this 
day, M' Inman M" Inman Geo Inman M" Rowe & 
Jack Rowe 

Dec. 29. The Busy Body Acted tonight. 

Dec. 30. Admiral Shouldham arrived in Nan- 
tasket Road in the Chatham, Man of Warr, Cap' 
Rayner Several Ships with part of the 17"' Regim' 
from Cork arrived in the harbour. The Scar- 

DIARY— 1776 297 

borough Cap^ Barclay & severall Transports are 
sailed today on a Secret Expedition. 

Dec. 31. Thus endeth the Year 1775, a most 
fatal year for this Part of America. 

The Niger, Mann of Warr, Cap^ Talbot is arrived 
in Nanbiskot Road & has brought the Kuig's Speech 
daited the 2G October. 

to meTl 


7 Jany. Cap* Linzee behav'd very cruelly 
1 shall not forget it. 

12 Jan'y. I paid Adm' Shouldham a Visit thiT 
morning who is a Genteel man & Received me Po- 
litely. Duied at home with M" Rowe Jack Rowe 
& Little Sammy 

13 Jany. This morning a Soldier of the SO*"* 
Regm* was hang'd for Thieving 

Jan. 17. I sold my 13rigg, Bristol Packet to 
Cap* Gnuit this morning f(n' ,£400 Ster'g Bill for 
ace* of 2 Gent'" in London. 

Jan. 18. M"* Linzee & George paid us a visit & 
took their Leave — perhaps Forever. 

The Centurion, Man of Warr, Cap* Brathwait ar- 
rived in Nantasket from England. 

Jan. 19. The JuUus Caesar sailed for England 
In this Ship M" OUver & Family M" Wentworth & j 
some others went Passengers. 

Jan. 20. This day The Falcon, Cap* Linzee, 
sailed — he took with him M" Linzee, Little Sam & 
Hannah. I sincerely wish theii* Prosperity & Hap- 


piness. With the Falcon sailed the Mercury^ in 
her 6en^ Clynton is Passenger & M' Reeves the 
Gen*" Secretary Several Transi>oi-t8 went with 
them with tlie Light Infantiy of the 4"' & 44"* 
Regiment. They are Gone on some Expedition to 
the Southward. 

Jan. 21. Some Good Person Put in AT Parker's 
hands, a Quantity of Provisions, Wood & Coals 
to be distributed for the Poor of Trinity Church. 

Jan. 22. This evening The Tragedy Tamarlane 
to which was added the Blockade of Boston was 
performed at Faneuill Hall. 

Jan. 24. Its Generally believed that Gen* Carle- 
ton has given Montgomery & Arnold a very severe 
Drubbing at Quebeck. 

Jan. 25. Two Vessolu are said to be taken tliis 
day in Our Bay & carried into Plymouth. 

Feb. 1. The Preston Man of Warr, under sail. 
Also The Canceaux& Trident, Transport — in this 
Ship Sir W"' Pepperell & Family were Passengers. 

Feb. 2. Tis Reported that Cup^ Dawson has de- 
stroyed the Schooner Privateer, Cap*^ Manley, tliat 
was fitted out at Plymouth — Admir^ Graves left 
Nan tasket this morning with his Fleet. 

Feb. 4. Cap^ George Montague of the Fewey, 
Man of Warr sent in a Sloop from Dartmouth 
Laden with Wood for Marblehead — veiy Accept- 

Feb. 5. The Troops at Charlestown got four 
Cattle this morning which were sent out for a 
Decoy they lost one man & had another very much 

DIARY — 1776 299 

Wouiided Sir Henry Callder Commanded. M" 
Rob' Gould much out of order. 

Feb. 9. Tis Reported that Cap' Banks has 
hoisted the Broad Pendant on board the Renown 
Man of Warr. 

Feb. 11. Some pkn for an Expedition was pro- 
jected last night, tis Supposed the Altemtion of the 
Weather put a stop to it. M" Goidd continues 
very ill. 

Feb. 14. This morning a party of the King^s 
Troops burnt the Houses on Dorchester Neck & 
brought olF seven prisoners. 

Fob. 17. C«ip' Dawson has brought in several 

Feb. 23. Poor M" Gould died this morning. 

Feb. 24. Last Evening The Wonder of Won- 
ders was acted & generally approved of. I waited 
on Gon' Howe this mornhig ab° Spooner & Chui'ch's 

Feb'y 26. Attended the Funerall of Dear M'* 
Gould. Her Bearers were Dr Loyd Henry Laigh- 
ton Greg. Townsend Eze*" Golthwait Dan^ Hubbard 
& James Perkins. 

Mar. 1. Blows fresh. My Brigg Sucky went 
down in Order to Proceed to Oporto. 

Mar. 3. This Night The People from the Bat- 
tery at Phipps Farm threw Many Shells in Town 
which put the Inhabitants in great Fear & they 
have done Damage to many Houses Particularly 
Sherburn Fitch's Goo Ervuig's & Courtney's the 


Mar 4. All the Preceding Night the Town 
had been fired at by the People with** from Every 
(jiiartor I dont hear of nuich Damage being done. 
The Gnns from Cobler's Hill on CharleKtown side 
have thrown their shot the farthest in Town, one 
of them struck Wheatley's in King's Street. 

Mar 5. This morning wee Perceived a Battery 
Erected on the Hill on Dorchester Neck — this 
has alarmed us very much — ab** 12 the Generall 
sent off Six Regiments — perhaps this day or 
tomorrow determines the Fate of this truly dis- 
tressed Place. All night Both sides kept a Con- 
tinuall Fire. Six men of the 22°* are wounded 
in a house at the S"" End. One Boy lost his Leg. 
A very Severe Storm it Blew down my Rail Fences 
Both sides the Front of the House. 

Mar 6. This Morning the Country People has 
thrown a Strong Work — on another Place on the 
Neck at Dorchester Neck. Gen* Howe has ordered 
the Troops ashore again & tis now out of Doubt 
that Gen* Howe will leave this Town with his 
Troops &(; — which has put The Inhabitants of 
this Town into Great Disorder, Confusion & much 
Distress. The Firing has ceased this day. 

Mar 7. The Troops & Inhabitants very Busy 
in Getting all the Goods & Effects on board the 
Shipping in the Harbour — tis Impossible to de- 
scribe the Distress of this Unfortunate Town. 
Gen* Robinson pd mee a Visit 

Mar 8. My Situation has almost Distressed me. 
John Inman, Archy McNeil & Duncan are deter- 

DIARY— 1776 301 

miued to Leave me. God send me Comfort in 
my Old Age. I try to do what Business I can but 
am Disappointed & nothing but Cruelty & Ingrati- 
tude falls to My Lot. I spend the Day & Evening 
with my Dear M" Rowe Rich* Green & John 

Mar 0. This dtiy Gen^ Robinson pressed the 
Ship Minerva into the Service — nothing but 
hurry & Confusion, every Person striving to get 
out of this Place. A Great Deal of Firing on 
both sides this night. 

Mar 10. Cap* Dawson is Returned with Two 
Vessels — he lias had a severe Brush with four 
Privateers. A Proclamation came out from Gen* 
Howe this day, a very severe one, on some People. 
John Inman went on board this day with his 
Wife — he has in his Possession three Watches 
of mine & sundry Pieces of Checks which were to 
be made mto Shirts — Jos. Golthwait, M" Winslow 
went on board — he has carried off Cap" Linzee's 
hoi*se with'' Paying for him. 

Mar 11. This morning I Rose very early & 
very luckily went to my warehouse — when I 
came there I found M*^ Crian Brush with an Order 
& party from the Gen* who were just going to 
Break Open the Warehouse which I prevented 
by sending for the Keys & Opening the Doors. 
They took from me to the Value of Twenty Two 
hundred & Sixty Pounds Sterling according to 
the best Calculations 1 could make, in Linens, 
Checks, Clotlis & Woolens. This Party behaved 


very Insolently & with Great Rapacity & I am 
very well Convinced, exceeding their orders to a 
Great Degree. Tliey stole many things & 
plundered my Store. Words cannot Descrihe it. 
This Party consisted of M' Blasswitch who was 
one of the Canceaux People, M' Brush, The pro- 
vost M' Cunningham, a Refugee, M' Welsh the 
^ Provost Deputy — a man nam** Hill & ab*" fifteen 
Soldiers with others. I Remained all day in the 
Stoi*e but could not hinder their Destruction of 
my Goods. This day I got a piece of Bread & 
one Draft of Flip. They are making the utmost 
Speed to get away & carrying Ammunition, Can- 
non & everything they can away, taking all things 
they meet with, never asking who is Owner or 
whose Property — making havock m every house 
& Destruction of all lands of Furniture. There 
never was such Destruction & Outrage committed 
any day before this. Many other People have 
suffered the same Fate as wee, Particularly M' 
Sam^ Austin, M' John ScoUay, Cap' Partridge, 
Cap' Dashwood, M*^ Cynis Baldwin, The Widow 

Mar 12. A Continual Fire from Both sides this 
night. They are hurrying off all their Provisions 
& destroying & mangling all Navigation, also Tiarge 
(^uaukilyu oi* Salt & other things they heave Into 
the Sea & scuttle the stores. ^J'lie Inhabit^ints are 
greatly terrified & alarmed for Fear of Greater Evils 
when the Troops leave this distressed Place. I got 
Crean Brush' Rec' for the Goods taken from me but 

DIARY — 1776 303 

dont expect much Good from it tlio* several Gentle- 
men say they w'dl be my Friends in tliis affair. 

Mar. 13. The Confusion still continues & Plun- 
deruig of Houses &c Increasing. Gen' Robinson 
paid me a visit & eat a morsel of Provisions together 
with Rich" Green, M" Rowe & Jack. The Sailors 
from the Ships have Broke open my stores on my 
wharir & plundered them, this was done at Noon 
this day. This mommg a house was bui'ut at the 
North End, whether set on Fire on Purpose or from 
accident seems uncertain. A Considerable Number 
of Cannon fired in the night from Both Sides. 
The Country People throwuig up more entrench- 
ments &c on Dorchester Neck. 

Mar 14. This night much damage has been done 
to Many houses & stores in this Town & many val- 
uable articles stolen & Destroyed. Stole out of W" 
Perry's Store a Quantity of Tea, Rum & Sugar to the 
value of £120 Sterling. M' Sam* Quhicy's house 
broke & great Destruction. The Rev*' M' WalterV^ 
also the Rev** Dr Caner's & many others ^ 

Mar 15. This night my store on the Long 
Wharff broke open & almost a hhd of sugar & a 
hogshead of ware stole. Twas expected The Troops 
would have embarked this night but they still Re- 
main in Town — after dinner Cap* Haskins gave me 
Notice that several oflicers were in M" Hooper's 
House committing Violence & breaking everything 
left, they Broke a Looking Glass over the Chim- 
ney which cost Twenty Guineas — such Barbarous 
Tre^itment is too much for the most Patient man to 


Mar 16. The Troops are getting everything in 
order to depart. My store on Long Wharff broke 
open again this night — the Behaviour of tlie Sol- 
diers is too bad — tis almost Impossible to beheve 
it. Two officers of the 5"* came to me for Wine, 
they wanted to be Trusted, I refused them — since 
I have heard nothing only they Damned me & swore 
they would take it by Force. One of them nam'd 
Russell of the 5^^ Regiment, the Other I dont 

Mar 17. St Patrick's. The Provincials are 
throwing up a Battery on Nook Hill on Dorchester 
Neck which has occasioned much Firing this night 
This morning the Troops evacuated the Town & 
went on board the Tmnsports at & about Long 
Wharif. they Siiilod & got most part of them into 
King Road. About Noon Gen^ Putnam & some 
Troops came into Town to the Great Joy of the In- 
habitants that Remained behind. 

Mar 18. The Town very quiet this night. 
Several of my Friends came to see me from the 

Mar 19. Numbers of People belonging to Bos- 
ton are daily coming in. Gen^ Washington & his 
Retinue were in Town yesterday, I did not hear of 
it otherwise should have paid my Respects & waited 
on him. This afternoon the King's Troops burnt 
the Blockhouse at the Castle & the Continental 
Troops are throwing up a Battery on Fort Hill — 
most all the Ships are gone from King Road into 
Nantasket Road. 

DIARY— 1776 305 

Mar 20. They Burnt the Barracks & houses 
at the Castle this afternoon & destroyed every- 
thing they could on the Island & blew up the 
Fortifications all around it. 

Mar 22. I dined at home with Gen' Putnam, 
Gen' Greene, M' Inman, M" Inman, M" Forbes, M" 
Rowe & Jack after Dinner Colo. Gridley, M"^ Chase, 
Both M' Webbs & several other oificei-s came to the 

Mar 23. Some Fire below Nantasket Road 
I take it to be a Transport set on Fire to destroy 

Mar 24. Afternoon I went to Chiu'ch. M' 
Parker Read prayera & preached a very Good 
Seiinon & considering the distressing Time a 
Good Many People at Church. A Transport was 
burnt last night in the Lighthouse Channel. 

Mar 25. The Fleet still in Nantasket Road. 
A Great Many of the Ships ui Nantasket sailed 
this aFlcnioon. 

Mar 26. I waited on Gren' Greene this morning 
with M' Baker ab"" some Iron on my Wharflf. 
After dinner I went with Mr. Parker & paid My \ 
Respects to Generall Washington who Received us \ 
very Pohtely. 

Mar 27. This afternoon all the Fleet sailed 
from Nantasket Road but three which is sup- 
posed to be Men of Warr. 

Mar 28. This day The General Court made a 
handsome Entertainment at Cap^ Marston's that 
now Uves ui Colo. Ingersoll's house, for Gen' 


Washington & the other Generalls of the United 
Colonies & the Rev"^ Dr. Elliot preached at Dr. 
Chauneey's meeting a Sermon on the Occasion 
giving a History of what has hapind in Town 
during the Siege. I dined with Twenty four 
Gentlemen at Watermans Tavern in Boxbiiry all 
Free Masons by Invitation. 

Mar 29. A Town Meeting this day at Dr. 
Champney's Meeting house. The old officers of 
the Town were chose. M' Thos Bufsell & his 
Brother paid me a Visit this afternoon M' Bich** 
Greene's wife came to Town. 

Mar 31. I gave Gen^ Washington an Invitation 
to dine who Ueturnod mo a very Polile AiiBwer. 
Severall Begimonts under orders to march to the 
Southward from Prospect & Winter Ilills. 

Apr 4. A Town Meeting this day at Dr. 
Champney's Meeting House. M' Kent Modera- 
tor. M' Parker slept in his house this night. 
He gives me £20-1 13-4 P Annum. 

Apr .5. Gen^ W.ashington & Lady & Family 
set Out Yesterday also Gen^ Gates to the South- 
ward. News of Jolly Allen being ashore at Cape 
Cod & Twenty six Other Passengers. 

Apr 6. Cap' Manley is come to Town & brings 
the ace' of his Taking Crean Brush, W*" Jackson 
& Seventy other Passengers in a Brigg bound with 
The Fleet. This Vessell tis said has Twenty five 
Thousand pounds Sterling on board in English 
Goods & other Merchandise — among the Prison- 
ers is a Serjeant & 12 men of the King's 

DIARY— 1776 307 

Apr 7. M" Hooper came to Town. She is in a 
most Distressed Situation. The Proprietors of 
Trinity Church met after Church. Present Twelve 

April 8. I attended the Church Meeting this 
morning & was Chose Warden with Dan^ Hubbard. 
Afternoon I went by invitation of Brother Webb 
to attend the Funeral of the lleniains of Dr.""\ 
Warren & went accordingly to the Council Cham- 
ber with a Design to Attend & Walk in Proces- 
sion with the Lodges under my Jurisdiction with 
our Proper Jewells & Cloathing but to my great 
inortllicjitioii was very much liiKultod by some 
furious & hot Persons with" the Least Provocation 
one of Brethren thought it most Prudent for me to 
Retire. I accordingly did so — this has caused 
some Uneasy Reflections in my mind as I am not \ 
Conscious to myself of doing anything Prejudi- I 
cial to the Cause of America either by will or deed. 

The Coi-j)S of Dr. Warren was Carried into 
Chapell Dr. Cooper prayed & M' Provoz Moi-ton 
delivered an Oration on the Occasion. There was 
a handsome Procession of the Craft with Two Com- 
panies of Soldiers. 

There is a Confirmation of Crean Brush & W*" 
Jackson being taken & also my Negro Fellow 

Apr 10. I attended the proprietors of Trinity 
Church this morning on M' Parker's affairs. I see 
M' Jos. Wontworth & had some Conversiition with 
him ab" Cap* Mauley's Capture. My Worthy Friend 


Benj Green was taken Out of this Troublesome 
World this afternoon. 

Apr 12. This morning came an acc^ of Brymers 
Brigg being taken in the Bay by some Whale Boats 
under the Command of Cap^ Fletcher & carried into 
Hingham Tis said the vessel taken by Thatcher is 
very Valuable & belongs to Bristol. Crean Bi'ush 
& W" Jackson are Brought to Boston. 

Aprill 13. Martin Brimmer & M' Dalton of 
Newberry Port paid us a visit 

Apr 14. I staid at home all Day Our Church 
shut up M' Parker gone to Newberry Port & M' 
Bass expected to Town who Disapointed him. 

I had a long Conversation with M' Miimpford 
ab"" my affairs at Newport. 

Apr 17. Several People taken up this day & 
carried to Goal. Dr Whitworth, his Son, W" Perry 
one Edwards & others. 

Apr 18. This morning The persons that were 
taken up were carried over to Dorchester & there 
examined by a Court appointed by the Geneml 
Court for that Pmi>080 they examined W'" Perry 
& Edwards & ordered them to Goal the Rest they 
kept all night there. M" Handing bmied this 
afternoon. Her Bearers were Sam* Austin Henry 
Bromfiekl Tutthill Hubbard, Oliver Wendall & Dea- 
con Stores. 

Apr. 19. Dr. Whitworth examined this day & 
admitted to Bail. 

Apr. 24. My Old Friend Cap* Solo Davis came 
to Town & pd me a visit. 

DIARY — 1776 309 

May 1. My Dear Little Fellow & Kinsman Jack 
taken very ill. 

May 2. The Justices are still sitting — Jack 
still unwell. 

May 3. Dr Whitworth & Son Committed to 
Close Goal My Dear Little Jack very 111. 

M«iy 4. Jack very 111. Dr Lloyd is afraid of 
kirn. The Justices adjourned imtil Wednesday 

May 7. Jack growing Better & I hope out of 
Danger. Severall Parties have been for Severall 
Days on Noddles Island throwing up Breastworks 
&c for a Fort. 

May 8. This morning M' Hammonds Plough 
began to Plough up the Pasture. Two Briggs, one 
from Cork, the other from tlie Western Islands 
taken by Cap* Tucker in Mauley's Schooner & cai*- 
ried into Lynn. Jack growmg Better 

May 15. This day the Justices met again as ad- 
journed, they summoned Geo Lush, Dr Danforth, 
M' Prout & Hopestill Capan. 

May 16. A poor Woman was found drown'd at 
the foot of the Common — a melancholly Specta- 
cle. A daughter of M' Grant's. 

May 17. Tliis is a Fast Day appointed by the 
Continental Congress throughout the Colonies. 
This morning was Brought into this Harbour thro 
Point Shirley Gut a Large Ship loaded with Ord- 
nance Stores — 1500 whole & 4 half Barrels Gun- 
powder, 1000 Stands of Anns, a large Quantity of 
Entrenching Tools & many other Stores — this Ves- 


sell came last from Cork under the Direction & Con- 
voy of the Greyhound Man of Warr, Cap' Dixon — 
she was taken by Cap' Mugf ord in a Schooner from 

May 21. Bad News from Quebeck. Some 
Boats from the Men of Warr in Nantasket Road at- 
tacked Cap' Mugf ord — they were obliged to quit her 
— Mr Mugford & another man was killed, tis sup- 
posed several were lost out of the Boats — one 
Marine found Dead & one Barge with Ten Oars 

May 22. The Army from Quebeck is Retired 
from before it. the ace' Imperfect. 

May 23. Town Meeting for the Choice of Rep- 
resentatives they Chose Twelve — 

W"* Phillips J"*^ Brown Beuj" Austin 

W" Cooper John Pitts W*" Powell 

Oliver Wendall Nat Appleton Arnold Wells 

David Jeffries Jos. Gardner Caleb Davis 

May 24. They Chose two Representatives in the 
Room of Arnohl Wells Esq & W'" Powell viz' 
Henry Hill & Sam* Allen Otis. DiuM at homo with 
M^ & M" Inman, M" Forbes M^' Rowe & Jack. 

May 27. Town Meeting again this Morning. 

May 28. Town Meeting again this Morning. 

May 31. Jack went to M*^ P.ayson yesterday 

June 2. Tis said Dr Church came to Town Ijist 

June 4. Dr Church was confined this evening. 

June 8. One of the Men of Warr has Brought 
into Nantasket the Privateer Brigga** Yankey Hero 

DIARY— 1776 311 

commanded by Cap' Tracey who Behaved veiy well. 
Some Privateers from Marblehead have Brought, 
in a Ship from England with 95 Soldiers Cloathing 
& Provisions. Mostly Highlandei*s, Scotch. 

June 9. One Ship from Jamaica Bro* into Dart- 
mouth, another from thence into Cape Ann. Both 
of these Large Ships & Valuable. 

June 11. A Flag of Truce went from Town on 
board the Renown, — M' White of Marblehead & 
M^ Martin Brimmer. Comm'' Banks treated them 
very Politely. 

June 12. A hand Bill is sent about containing! 
Interesting news from the Contuiental Army ui) 

June 14. An expedition went forward against 
the Ships in Nantasket Road — three separate Bod- 
ies are on Long Island, one on Pedruk's Island & 
another on Nanbifket. they have driven the Ships 
from Nantafket Road. Comm^ Banks its said 
Burnt the House on Georges Island the Lightliouse 
& the House on Lighthouse Island. 

June 15. I have been very busy all this morning" 
in finding out some Persons that have wickedly & 
Maliciously spread a false Report about me & have 
had them before J ustice Hill & have got tlie first of 
them to Acknowledge it to be a lye & she hath 
signed a Declaration which I hope will Satisfy & 
Clear my Innocence. 

Jime 17. Two Ships with Highlanders taken 
by the Privateers, among them is Colo. Campbell. 

June 18. Another Ship with Highlanders taken. 


June 22. The Continental affairs appear in Can- 
ada very unfavourable 

June 23. There have been Twelve Sail of Ships 
in Our Bay this day^ one of them is Judged to be a 

June 24. Thirteen Ships have been in the Bay 
again this day. they stand oft* & on & about four 
Leagues distance from the Light house. 

June 25. I dined at Cap^ Mai-stons with the 
Brethren of the Lodges under my Direction. Pres- 
ent 13. Bro. Marston gave us a Good Dinner. 
The Ships still in the Bay & plying from N" to S^ 
as yesterday. The Highland officers & Soldiers are 
sent out of Town to Mendon Beading & Lunen- 

June 29. No Sight of the Ships This morning. 

July 7. Cap^ Henry Johnson has sent in a Ship 
from Jamaica a Three Decker very Valuable & 
another from Antigua with Bum — 419 hogh'ds. 

July 8. I attended the Committee ab"* the Goods 
Retaken by Cap' Manly. 

July IT. Young Shaw Brought Ten Lidians 
from the Misimiche & St John's Tribe, they are 
come to negotiate some Business with the General 
Court & are the Head men of their Tribes. A Re- 
port in Town that Lord Howe has been spoke with 
— lis said liis Designs are to seltle Ihe present Un- 
happy Disputes that subsist between G. Britain & 
the United Colonies. 

July 13. I attended the Gentlemen Sufferers by 
Crean Brush Tis said by M' Mumpford the Post 

DIARY — 1776 813 

that Independency was declared the 4:^^ Instant at 
Philadcphia A Generall Inoculation in This Town 
for the Small Pox. 

July 17. There is an ace* from New York of 
Two Men of Warr & some Tender being got up be- 
yond the City. The Phoenix, Cap* Parker & Rose, 
Cap* Walhice. 

July 18. Tliis day Independency was Declared 
in Boston from the Balcony of the Council Cham- 
ber. A great Confusion in Town. 

July 20. This Evening Advertisements were 
put up for the Inhabibuits to meet on Monday 
uoxt at Ten in the morning in the Common. 

Jidy 21. I went to Church this morning. M' 
Parker omitted the petitions in the Liturgy for the 
King & Royal Family thinking it Prudent. 

July 22. I Rose very early & went with M' 
Parker, Phillip Jarvis & Turner for Portsmouth. 
Wee stopt at Lynn at Newalls from thence wee 
Reached Danvers, we dined at Piemonts with 
Sam* Ruggles, his Bro*^ & John Lovell — from 
thence to Ipswitch wee Stopped at Treadwells 
from thence thro' Newberry & over the Ferry 
thro' Salisbury & to Hampton Falls. Wee put up 
at Sandburns, we supp'd & slept there. This 
house I Recommend for Good. The People very 
Obliging. Wee were smoak'd at Charlestown 
Ferry but passed at Newberry Bridge. 

July 23. Wee Rose early, wee Breakfasted, 
wee set out from Sandburns. Wee went through 
Hampton & thro' North Hills from thence to 


Greenland & from thence to Portsmouth. Wee 
put up at M' Slaver's — afternoon wee went to the 
store to look after Our Goods & went & visited 
the Man of Warr & several other Places — particu- 
larly the Port. I have met many of my Old Ac- 
quaintances. Wee met Cap^ Nat Douse on the 
Road this morning. 

July 24. After Breakfast wee set about dividing 
our Goods & were very Diligent. I dined at Old 
Judge Parker's with him^ his Son, the Sheriff his 
son, the Rev* M' Parker his Daughter M" Hale, 
his Grand Daughter Miss Adams & Colo. Leveret. 

July 25. We Rose & attended the Division of 
Our Goods wee were very Diligent — after Dinner 
the Claimants for their Goods Met M' Wentworth 
their Agent at Tilton's & discoursed about the 
further pursuit of this affair. M' Wentworth 
behaved well. 

Jidy 26. Wee set out from Portsmouth — 
wee reached Sandburn's — wee Brealcfasted — wee 
set out from thence to Salisbury Point — wee 
crossed the Ferry — woo wont to Tristniii DalUnrs 
Esq at Newberry Old Town — wee dined with 
him, M" Dalton & Miss Becky Hooper. This 
Seat of Mr. Dalton's is most Delightfully situ- 
ated & has the most Extensive Prospect I ever 
saw particularly of the River Merrimack & the 
Sea beyond Newberry Port & Hampton Beach. 
Wee set out from M' Daltons & stopt at M^ Jack- 
son's where wee met many Old Friends — from 
thence wee went thro Rowly & W Ipswitch. We 

DIARY — 1776 316 

stopt ut Treiulwells — wee went from thence & 
called on Judge Lynda «it Ipswitch Hamlet & 
from thence to Piemonts at Danvers — we supp'd 
spent the evening & slept there — a Good House. 

July 27. Wee set out & Beached Newall at 
Lynn. Wee Breakfasted there & were Joyn'd 
by M' Brick of Dartmouth — wee set out from 
Newall's wee passed thro' Mallden, Medford & 
Charlestown & got home ab** Ten of Clock, after 
a Pleasant Journey. 

July 30. I dined at home with Cap^ Annet 
who Buns in here & was tiken in the Ship 
Queen of England belonging to my Friend Jos. 
Squires of Plymouth laden with Provisions for 
the Gen* How's Army 

Primo Aug. This day is appointed by the Con- 
gress as a Fast to be Observed throughout the 

Aug 4. This is M" Bowe's birth Day. She is 
this day 51 years old & veiy hearty & well. 

Aug 5. Bichard Green set out this morning for 
Brookfield for 4 Months Exile 

James Perkins for 4 Months to Medfield 

" Dedham 

Nat Cary « « 

John Timmins ** 2 

Tho' Amory « 2 

W" Perry " 4 

NatBrinley " " 

" Waltham 

" Medfield 
" Framingham 

Aug 9. A Ship Brought in Portsmouth from 
Tortola & another sent in here from the Granades 
both very 


Aug 10. The Owners of the Goods met at the 
Royal Exchange this day. 
(T Aug 11. After service M"^ Parker Read the 
HProclaraation of Independence. 

Aug 14. This day the Sons of Liberty kept the 
Remembrance of it at John Marston's in King's 

Aug 17. After Dinner M' Warner & I set out for 
Poi-tsmouth over the Ferry, from thence to Newalls, 
Ljmn, from thence to Piemonts. 

Aug 18. Wee went through Beverly, Wenham 
Ipswich, from thence to Rowley — wee Stopt at 
Paysons, wee Reached Newberry Port, stopt at 
Davenport's & dined with M*^ Nat Tmeoy. Wo 
went to Church & heard M" Bass Preach — after 
Church I paid a visit to Colo IngersoU & went over 
the Ferry thro' Salisbury, over the Line & Reached 
Sandbunis at Hampton. Wee had the Pleasure of 
the Company of M' Ware president of the Councill 
who is a man of understanding. 

Aug 19. Set out from Sandbiu-ns, wee stopt at 
Greenland at M' Fidsoms, from thence to Ports- 
mouth. I paid a visit to seveml of my Friends 
particiUarly Mark Wentworth & his lady & M" 

Aug 20. We expected our Tryall this morning, 
put off untill tomorrow A Large Sliip from tlie 
Bay of Honduras is sent in here. 

Aug 21. This morning Our Tryall came on. 
after Dinner I attended the Court. Our Attorney 
M" Lovell deserves Praise & is a Gentleman of Merit 

DIARY — 177G 317 

& SO is M' Pickering who pleaded as Advocate for 
the Captoi*s & Against us They had not time to 
finish & adjourn'd untill the morning. 

Aug 22. Our Tryall came on again. The 
Cause was given to the Jury by Dr Brackett who 
is Judge of Admiralty. This afternoon the Jury 
Brought m theu* Verdict in Oiu' Favour — viz' that 
the Capture was not within the Act & that the 
Claimants ought to have their Goods Restored. 
This Verdict is disUked by Cap* Manly &c & 
therefore he intends to move for an Appeal. I 
dined at my Worthy Friend Mark W entworth*8. 

Aug 23. I with tlie Rest of the Claimants have 
try'ed to settle this aitair with the Agent & Cap* 
Manly but to no Purpose 

Aug 26. Yesterday was our Wedding Day — 
we have been married thirty Three Years. 

Aug. 28. M' Sam' Adams & Colo. Whipple of 
PorLsiiioulli ciunc to Town from Philadelphia this 
morning. The Claimants met this Forenoon, they 
chose a Committee to Report their Cause to Sam' 
Adams Esq — Myself, M' Sam* Austin Cap* Sam* 

Aug 31. The post says tliat General Howe 
hiis landed some of his Troops on Long Island near 
Flat Bush & that some Skirmishes had taken 

Sept 4. Jack Rowe went to Chelsea this morn- 

Sept 5. I attended the Court of Admiralty in 
Boston Judge Pickering Severall skirmishes be- 


tween the Two Annies at Long Island. Lord Ster- 
ling & Gen^ Sullivan are missing. 

Sept 7. Tis said the Continental Ti-oops have 
left Long Island. 

Sept 8. Several West India men carried into 
Providence by the Continental vesssels. 

Sept 14. Tis said by the Post, M' Mumpford, 
that the Continentals have appointed three Gentle- 
men from their Body to hold Conference with Lord 
Howe & his Brother Generall Howe, viz^ 
Benj" Franklynn Esq Philadelphia 
M' Butledge of S"" Carolina 

M' John Adams of Massachusetts Bay in New Eng^ 
land Braintree. 

Sept 17. Yesterday the Tnde])endent Company 
made their appearance in the Common under the 
Command of Colo. Jackson & were Reviewed by 
some of the Council & Gen* Ward & a Niunber of 
other Gentlemen 

Sept 20. Tlie Continental Troops evacuated New 
York on Sunday 

Sept 21. The Post confirms the account of tlie 
Army evacuating the City of New York. 

Sept 24. Went to Wat^rtown with Cap* Jos. 
Cunningham, M' Parker & M' Warner. I had some 
Business with the Council I dined at M" Cool- 
idge's with twelve Gentlemen Very Bad News 
from Gen* Washington. The Connecticut MiUtia 
behaved very badly & much to their Discredit in an 
action that hap'ned at harlem in New York the 16'** 

DIARY — 1776 819 

Sept 25. Rob* Temple is come to Town by him 
we hear from Geo Inmaii Cap* Linzee M" Linzee 

Sept 29. People from New York bring Ace*" of 
One third part of that City being destroyed by Fire 
on Fryday night the 20*^ September — tis not yet 
ascei*tained how it hap'ned 

Oct 4. A Sliip with Light Horse on board is 
sent into Salem by Cap* Lowter 

Oct 6. I sent my Old Mare to M' Beals Pasture 

Oct 13. A valuable prize is sent into Casco Bay 
by Cap* Lee out of Newberry Port. 

Oct 15. Tlie Post says that three Men of WaiT 
& some tenders are passed by Fort Washington hav- 
ing taken severall GaUies on their Way. 

Oct 24. Tis said the King's Troops have lauded 
at Frogs Point near Westchester. 

Oct 27. Sunday. The Rev'* M' Parker was 
PubUshed this day to Miss Nancy Cutler for the first 

Nov 4. A very valuable prize brought in here 
bound from London to Hallifax 

Nov. 17. Turner came from Portsmouth & 
Brought three Waggon Loads of Goods with him. 
I went to Church tliis morning. M' Parker 
preached. A good sermon & suitable to the 
Solemnity of the Occasion — bemg Sacrament Day. 

(Vol. XIV. of the Diary from Nov. 18, 1776, to 
Aug. 13, 1778, is missing.) 



Aug 13. An English Fleet appeared oflF Rhode 
Island. The French Admiral Count D'Estang is 
gone in Quest of them this hap'ned on Tuesday. 

Aug 14. M' Payson Brought Jack home this 
morning — a sad accident hap'ned unto him. 
Some Boys were out a Sliooting one of tlieni 
named Barthlet's Gun went off accidentally & shot 
Jack thro' his Coat & Lodged at Least thirty shot 
in his Right Arm — tis a Great Mercy he escaped 
with Life. 

Aug 15. Great Damages in the Countiy & 
Town by the late Storm especially to the Com, 
Fruit & Apples. Count P'Estang's Fleet not 
Returned this morning. 

Aug 17. This is M' Parker's birth Day, he 
being now 33 years old. 

Aug 20. This day Count D'Estang's Fleet Re- 
turned to their Sfcition off Newport — tis said 
they have taken a Friggate & a Bombketch. 

Aug 22. A French Man of Warr of 74 Guns is 
got into Nantasket having had a Brush with an 
EngUsh 64 Gun Ship. The French Captain is 

Aug 24. An ace' of Count D'Estaiig's Fleet 
leaving Newport harbour bound to Boston on 
Saturday last. 

Aug 26. Gen* Hancock Returnd. 

Aug 28. This morning the French fleet came 

DIARY — 1778 821 

to an anchor in Nantasket Road Some of them 

Aug 30. The Count D'Estang came with his 
Retinue on Shore yesterday & dined with Gen^ 
Hancock. Two Friggates seen in Our Bay this 
afUu'uooii, supposed to be English 

Aug 31. An Express from Plymouth this 
morning giving an ace' of a Fleet of Twenty 
Sails in our Bay. Several Frizes are arrived also 
Cap' Skimmer's Brigg from a Cruise — poor 
Skimmer was killed the 3"* this month in an 
Engagement with a Letter of Marque Brigg which 
they made a Prize of. 

Prime Sept. The Fleet appearing again in Our 
Bay has alarmed the People that the whole of the 
Militia are Ordered under Arms. Gen* Sullivan & 
his whole Army have Retii'ed from Rhode Island 
having had a smart engagement with the British 
troops there imder the Command of Gen' Peggot. 

Se[)t 2. Several People tiiken up & put on 
board the Prize Ship, Particularly M" Shirley & 
Cap' Callahan The Militia under arms again 
twice this day & a Constant Guard kept up. I 
met the Proprietors of Point Shirley this day. 
The French Admiral wants to be accoumiodated 
with the Houses for an Hospitall for his People 
upwards of 700 being sick of the Scurvey. 

Sept 7. The English have sent a Party to Bed- 
ford & Burnt it on Saturday night together with 
the Shipping & Stores in that harbour. Jack 
Rowe went to Chelsea this morning. 


Sept 10. I dined at home with the Hon^^* Jery 
Powell President of Our Council & M" Rowe. 

Sept 11. High Training this day. Gen* Han- 
cock Treated the Council & all his officers, many 
other Gentlemen at Cap^ Marston's. The Dinner 
was very Clever I dined there. 

Sept 13. The Rev* Dr. Elliot dyed this morn- 
ing, much lamented. 

Sept. 20. M*^ Parker preached a very Serious & 
Good sermon — he mentioned the Character of that 
Good & Worthy man the Rev* D' EUiot. 

Sept 22. We have heard this Day from George 
Sucky & the Children who are well at New York. 

Sept 23. The Count D'Ksbing with his officers 
&c made a Grand Appeaimnce yesterday — they 
paid a visit to the General Court & were escorted 
by a Committee from Both Houses on their Landing 
at the Long Wharf. 

Sept 25. The Count DEsfcing dined with the 
Coimcill & house this day 

Sept 26. Count D'Estang din'd with Gen* Heath 
this day. 

Oct 3. This afternoon I Purchased a pair of 

Oct 6. I dined at home with the ChevaKer 
DeBorde, Mons' Gondclose, Admiral's Secretary, M' 
Holkor, Colo. Baddock & M" Uowe. We have 
try'd our New Horses they prove very well. 

Oct 13. Many Prizes arriv'd here at Salem & 
Newberry Port. 

Oct 20. Colo. Revere Bro^ me a Letter from 

DIARY — 1778 823 

Sam* Gould who is arrived in a Cartell from N ew 
York. Tills morning my Negro Murcellus made / 
his appearance in our Kitchen & a very Frightf ull I 
one it was. -^ 

Oct 24. I dined at M' Holkers — with him Cap' 
Landy of the Alliance, Cap' IngersoU of the Dean, 
Colo. A<lain IJahcock M' Tho" Ciisliing, M' Tho' 
Cushing jun'', Geneml WaiTen & M' Martin Brim- 
mer. M' Inman M" Inman & M'* Haskins set out 
for Providence. 

Oct 29. Gen' Hancock Invited all the Gentlemen 
of the Fren<?h Fleet to a Gmiid Ball at Concert Hall. 
Many Gentlemen & Ladies of the Town were there 
& made a Good Appeanince. 

Oct 30. The Council with a Number of Other 
Gentlemen dined on board The Languedock, Count 

Nov 1st. My Negro Man Marcellus died this! 

Nov 5. The Count DEstang sailed yesterday 
from this Port. A Good Deal of Snow fell this 
day. This Evening came news that the Somerset 
Man of Warr was cast away on the back of Cape 

Nov 6'^. Gen* Gates came to Town this day from 

Nov 7. The Brigg Peace & Hai-mony sail'd yes- 
terday & return'd. 

Nov. 8'\ Sunday. M' Selby had a Collection 
this afternoon, it amounted £97. very handsome. 
I went to pay my Compliments to Gen* Gates this 


Nov 10, M' & M" Inman & M" Haskins re- 
turned from their Journey & spent the evening 
with us together with Betty Murray. 

Nov 12. A Gentleman & an Indian came from 
Quebeck tliro — the Eastern Country by Laind & 
bro* me a letter from my Bro' Jacob. 

Nov 14. A great Number of the Somerset's 
Men are come to town from Cape Cod. 

Nov 17. Town Meeting this day ab*" Cap' Pep- 
per & Young Francis Johnnot. 

Nov 25. Wee had a Vestry this afternoon at M" 

Nov 29. A Seaman by name Herring belonging 
to ChagFord in England auuo to our ]u)uho & told 
me many things about my Relatives & Friends there, 
which pleased me. 

Dec 3. I saw Dr Watson of die Somerset that 
was Cast away on the Back of Cape Cod. he is 
very much out of health 

Dec 5. M' Sandford from Bedford brings us 
the Bad News of Our Brigg Peace & Ilannony, 
Cap* Lawrence being taken & by Chance is got into 

Decem 7. Cap* Solo Davis & M' Warner Re- 
turned from Portsmouth having bought the Brig- 

Dec. 1). Our New Brigg got ashore & overset 
coming round from Portsmouth, on the Devil's 

Dec. 19. A notification appeared yesterday at 
the Town House threatening some People which 
Bo' flour at Vendue. 

DIARY— 1779 326 

Dec 25. Christmas Day. The Coldest morning 
as by the Thermometer for 40 years — a thin Con- 
gregation. The Collection for the Poor at our 
Church was £154. 

Dec 26. A very heavy Storm of Snow all day — 
it has boon colder for these l^ust five Days tlian at 
any one time a Great uuuiy Years. 

Dec 28. A Seimon was Preached this day by 
M' Howard at the Old Brick at the Request of St 
Andrew's Lodge & the money Collected given to 
the Poor. 

Dec 29. In a storm last Saturday four oxen, 
one man & one Horse were froze to Death on Bos- 
ton Neck & Sunday other Persons in different 

Dec 31. The General Arnold Privateer is lost in 
the late Storm at Plymouth & upwards of eighty of 
the crew Perished also the General Starks Priva- 
teer at Nantucket & upwards of Twenty of their 
Crew Perished 


Jan 10. A very melancholly affair hap'nd last 
evening. M' Benj" Andrews, a worthy Good Man 
Shot himself by mere accident. 

Jan 13. A Town Meeting this morning. The 
Inhabitants of this Town are in Great Distress for 
want of Corn, Flour &c A Committee of Nine were 
Chosen to consult the best methods to be taken for 
then* Lumediate Uelief. John Brown John Uowe 


Tho' MaUey W" Foster, W" Cooper Nat Appleton 
Nat Noyes Sam* Barrett & Tho' Wallace With 
Eze' Price. 

Jan 16. Town Meeting again this morping. A 
Committee of Eighteen were Chosen to provide 
Com, flour etc for the Poor & distressed Inhabi- 
tants of This Town. We met this afternoon & 
adjourned until Monday 11 of Clock. 

Jau'y 18. I attended tliis morning the Com- 

Jan 20. I attended Town Meeting this morn- 
ing. The calling in two emissions of money oc- 
casions much uneasiness. 

Jan*y 27. Town meeting tliis morning. M" 
Allyn Otis was buried this afternoon. 

13 Feby. Jack Bowe came from Chelsea this 

16 Feb'y. M' Payson came to see me on Jack's 
affair. I am very imeasy about it. I din'd at 
M' Cottons by invitation of Colo. Badcock. 

19 Feb'y. The Committee for purchasing Flour 
met this afternoon at Fanewill Hall. 

21 Feb'y. A contribution at Church 643 Dolls 
John Temple's Child was Christened this afternoon 
by the name of Angela. 

24 Feb'y. Tho Committee met this morning & 
apply 'd to Government ab° the Distressed Situation 
of this Town. 

27 Feb y. I din'd at Col. Marstons by Invita- 
tion of the Sieur Duvaluais Consul of France 
with 54 Gentlemen The Committee sat all Day. 

DIARY— 1770 827 

Prinio Mar. Jack Kowe went to Chelsea. The 
Committee sat all day. The Geuer* Court ad- 
joum'd this Day. 

Mar 5. Town Meeting this morning. M' Tudor 
d*ld • ^n oration at the Old Brick Meeting — after- 
noon I attended the Committee. 

Mar 6. I attended the Committee all this 
morning — a Considerable Skirmish in the Jerseys 
between a Party sent out from New York & Gen- 
erall Maxwells the advantage in favour of Gen^ 

Mar 7. My store was broke open last night & a 
Considerable Quantity of Goods Stolen to the value 
of ah"* Two Thousand Poiuids as near as I can 

Mar 8. Sam^ Gould & James Liswall watched at 
my Store this Night. Annual Town Meeting. 

10 March. Town Meeting all Day 

12 March. M' Moore & his wife came yesterday 
to live at our house. 

16 March. The Rev'* M' Payson paid us a visit 
this morning. 

22 March. This is Sucky Lin zee's birth Day 25 
years old. 

2*3 March. Colonel Badcock married to Miss 
Polly Hubbard this evening. 

26 March. Many vessels Cast away in the late 
Stonns & severall taken in the Bay. 

27 March. The Committee met this morning. 
Mar 21). The Thief Uihcn up that stole my 

Sails & Committed. 


April 6. Tuesday. I went to Church this morn- 
ing & stood Sponsor for John Haskins Son — is 
named Ralph. The Charitable Society met at my 

Aprill 10. M' Parher*s Child was Christened by 
the name Elizabeth. Sponsors W Greenlcaf^ M** 
Inman & M" Amory. 

Apr 16. The Continental Priggate Warren, 
Cap' John Hopkins arrived in Port. She in Com- 
pany with the Queen of France & Ranger have 
taken bound from New York to Georgia. 
The Ship Jason, Cap* Potterfield 20 Guns 150 Men 
Ship Maria 16 ^^ & 84 " 

Privateer Scliooner Hil)ernian 8 " & 45 " 

Briggs Patriot, Prince Frederick, Ratchelor & 
Schooner — Transports — all Lsideu with Stores. 

A Bonfire & Great Rejoicings on this Occasion. 

May 1. I din'd at Martin Brimmers with him 
M" Brimmer Herman & Andrew Brimmer Rich** 
Green & M' Inman. 

May 5. This Day Town Meeting, the following 
Gentlemen were Chosen Representatives — 

John Hancock Sam^ Adams, Thomas Dawes, 
Tho' Walley, W" Tudor, Caleb Davis & Gustavus 

May 6. M' Van Ranselear paid me a Visit this 

May 26. Election Day. I went to Meeting this 
morning. M" Stillman preached. The Choice of 
Councillors not finished this evening. 

Prime June. I dined at Stephen Cleverly's with 

BIAllY — 1779 829 

him, Miss Sally & Young Stephen Cleverly, M' 
Parker, Cap' Haskins & Rich** Green — they all 
went with M' Parker a Haymaking. 

June 13. Sunday, After Church the Proprie- 
tors met — they voted our Church Vacated by M' 
Walter — 12 Yeas 4 Nays 

June 15. I began to mow my Pasture this morn- 
ing Merchants Meeting 

June 19. Merchants Meeting Dissolved. Every 
day this week my Time has been taken up with the 
Merchants part of the Hay got in. 

June 20. Sunday. M*^ Parker was Chosen the 
Incumbent Mmister of Trinity Church this after- 
noon. Voters Present 23. 

June 22. Good News from the Southward. I 
got all my Hay in yesterday 

June 24. St John's Day I dined at Deacon 
Jones with the Free Masons their Number 46. I 
spent the Day very Cheerfully. 

June 20. The Catei'pillars appear in Our Pasture 
& all over the Pastures in Boston. 

July 2. The Caterpillars are most of them gone 
Out of the Pasture 

July 8. Bad Accounts from New Haven in 
Connecticut Sfcite. M" Howe din'd at Brush Hill. 

July 9. Town Meeting this morning Sam* 
Adams Moderator Several Prizes arr'd yesterday 
at Salem & Marblehead. 

July 11. Sunday. M' Parker Read the Address 
of Congiess. 

July 12. A Furious Press this morning to Man 


the Fleet. The Delegates from the Trading Towns 
met this morning. 

July 13. Bad Intelligence from Connecticut. I 
devoted my Whole Time this day with the Delegates 
f r. the Trading Towns. 

' July 15. A Body meeting this Day. Dr Rand 
(before them & Examined. The Remainder of the 
Fleet got into Nantasket Road this day so that 
they are now Ready for Sea. 

All knowledge of John Rowe's private life ends 
with the Diary. 

He was a member of the House of Representa^ 
tives in 1784, and the following entry is copied 
from the Journal of the House, March 17 of that 
year: — 

^^ M' Rowe moved the House that leave be given 
to hang up the representation of a Cod Fish in the 
room where the House sits, as a memorial of the 
importance of the Cod-Fishery to the welfare of 
the Commonwealth as had been used formerly. 
The said motion liaving been seconded, tlie ques- 
tion was put, and leave given for the purpose 

It is probable, though no positive record has 
been found, that, when in 1785 the town of Mery- 
ficld (my rye field) changed its iiaiiie to Uowe, the 
change was made in honor of John Rowe. Tradi- 
tion says that he promised to give the town a bell 
on that occasion, which promise was never fulfilled, 
perhaps because at that time there was nowhere to 

DIARY — 1779 331 

hang the bell, and his death followed two years 
after. In Meet's Almanack and Register for 1787 
is the foUowing: "J. Rowe Esq obt 17"* Feb 1787 
Etat ansB — 72 — Gratitude demands a Tear." 


At a meeting of members of the Grand Lodge 
at Brother Sam Dunns house Feb 17, 1787 


R. W. Richard Gridly D. G. M. 

" John Cutler S. G. W. 

W. Nathaniel Patten M. M. Lodge 

" Charles Sigourney G. S. 

" Samuel Dunn M. St (John's) Lodge 
" Joseph Coolidge & Sam Gridly Wardens 

" MungoMackay ) p^st G. Officers 
Samuel Farkman ) 

Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to take 
hence our dear & well beloved Grand Master John 
Rowe Esq' the G. Lodge desirous of Manifesting 
their Respect & Affection for him agree to Attend 
his funeral in due form and that the several Lodges 
of this Town & Charlestown be Livited to Attend 
on the same sorrowful Occasion and 

Voted that Wp Brother Cutler, Gardner & Pat- 
ten be a Committee to wait on M" Rowe to know if 
tis ajn'eeable to her that The Free Masons walk in 
Procession at the funeral and Voted, That they to- 
gether with Brother Price Mackay & Dunn be a 


Committee to Arrange & Superintend the Funeral 

Voted, That the Committee furnish Two doz 
Aprons Two dozen Pair Gloves which the Treasurer 
is directed to pay for. 


M" Rowe & M' John Rowe (nephew) present 
their most respectful Compliments to M' Cutler & 
the other Officers & Brethren of the Grand Lodge 
& beg them to accept their most grateful ac- 
knowledgements for tlieir respect sliown at tlio 
interment of M' Rowe tlieir late Grand Master 
& to assure them they retivui a gnvteful sense of 
Their attention to his memory. And as M"* 
& M' Rowe have not the pleasure of an acquain- 
tance with the Masters & Officers of the other 
Lodges that attended at the funeral they beg the 
favour of M*^ Cutler that lie will be so kind as to 
communicate to them in their names their particu- 
lar thanks for the polite & respectful Behaviour 
shewn by the Brethren on this mournful occasion ; 
& they request that M' Cutler will do this in the 
manner he thinks most proper. 

roND Strket 22ni> Feb. 1787 

Hougiit from i$o\. Belcher's Heirs in 1 78 1 



SEPT 1759 — 1762 MAY 

> To M" John Amibl Boston Sept 7* 1760 


We have Rec'd sundry Letters fi"Om you Belatr 

ing to Cap* Doggett's Voyage. Inclosed is the 

ace*** Relating to the same, pr Good Management 

there was but old Tenor Sunk, besides the 

Goods wo sent you, for your acc^ I hope you'l have 
IJetter Liu^k in Time to Come — especially sis we 
have now a good Prospect. 1 refer you to the 
Bearer for News ; at Present tis Uncertain whether 
Gen* Wolff will force the french to a Capitulation 
at Canada, if he dont all their whole Country will be 
Destroyed; both Upper & Lower Towns at 
Quebeck was Destroyd when the Last Yefsell 
came away. The Consequence will be Worse to 
them than their Keeping Possession of their Inland 
Country. M'" Amiel is well but Trollet has the 
Gout, all your friends Iicre are Glad tliat you have 
so Good a Prospect before you. I hope your 


friends will Continue their Business. Believe me 
that I will Continue your Real Friend 


^ To Dr Tho" Wood Boston Sept 11^ 1769 

Rev* Sir 
I Received your favot of the 9^^ last month & 
note its Contents & find that you got your dis- 
charge from all your Debts by act of Insolvency in 
England; how far a Debt that was Contracted in 
the plantations, will take effect, by said Insolvency 
or take place, I leave you to Judge. ... It seems 
tliat providence will again take place in y*^ favor & 
by your attention to Industrious application to 
Business you will Iiavo it in your power pretty 
soon to discharge your debts & pay your Cred- 
itors. I wish with you that happy period may 
arrive, as your disposition by your Letter, will 
operate in their behalf and be no doubt the Great- 
est Satisfaction to an Honest mind. • dont tivke 
this as advice but only to Remind you that the 
money we lent you was, at that [time] a Good 
act of business to you, and tliat it had not the 
Expected design, it was not the Loss then Esteemd 
by you, and we are sorry the Event prov'd not so 
favorable to you, this we think is Just Reasoning 
& we Cannot help thinking we ought to stand the 
first in your thoughts — and no doubt you will be 
of our opinion and make us payment as soon as 
your ability will let you. 


To be sure it will give us pleasure to see you & 
Congratulate you on your smiles of Fortune and as 
far as prudence directs, we shall on all Occasions be 
Ready to do you any Good OflBce. In the mean- 
time we wish you the success of your Labours & 
Remain with Compliments to M" Wood, Your very 
Iiumble Servts 

JOHN HOWE for himself & ^(P* Inman 

To Jacob Rowb Boston Sept 20* 1769 

D' Brother 

I liad your letters of the 3'* 9*** & 11*** Jime to all 
which I gave answer. I hear fr Cap* Barthlett you 
are well at your station iu the Camp & I hope you 
wiQ make it worth your attention & when you have 
fixd with M' Goldthrop please to acquaint me. I 
Endciivorod to got a Camp Bed to send but in short 
did not know where to send it nor where yom* situ- 
ation was — Jia soon iis you are lixt for the winter 
Quarters anything you wish for I'll Send you. I 
will send you two Quintails of the Best Fish to the 
Care of M' William Clark pr first Opportunity after 

If you winter at Louisburg, let Cap* Sam : Mackay 
of Gen* Hobsons Regiment know you are my 
Brother, he writes me, I may expect Letters from 
M' Shay the Contractor, which I shall be glad off ; 
if you have any acquaintance with him give my 
Compliments & tell him any of his Conmiands will 
be Executed with Great pleasure. ... I send you 


Inclosed the last Newspapers they are of no Con- 
sequence. Whether Gen' Amherst will make any 
further progress at present seems very uncertain. 
M" Rowe M' Inman & wife are all well & wish you 
Success, no letters from the West of England since 
you went away — nor have I been yet able to ex- 
amine or go to Cape Ann on your affairs but In- 
tend it) as soon as the next Convoy for England is 
gone. I Remain 

Y' affectionate brother 

Sly Compliments to M' Goldthrop. 

Boston Sopt 20^ 1760 
Rev** Sir 

1 have your favour of the 7^** July last & thank 
you for your favouring me with Such Intelligence. 
I hope we shall be able to Maintain our Ground up 
the River & 1 doubt not, but M' Amherst goes for- 
ward, altogether Succeed — jvh soon as the Situation 
of my affairs will enable me, I will do the piece 
of Sei^vice you Requird which will take place 
before the departure of our fleet for England, 
meantime I Remain 

Y' most hum. Servt 



Boston Sept 24th 1769 
To M** Philip Cuylbr, New York 
I have your favour of the 17*** pr post — observe 
what M' StillweU says, as yet 1 have no Letters, but 
whenever 1 see Cap* Stoddard depend ont Til make 
liini pay botli them FeHows hallance of their Shares. 
If you had sent the Skins pr Wimble who arrivd 
yesterday they would have Sold Immediately no 
pei*son has any in town but M' Rhoades & his are 
very Ordinary. I will speak to M' Trumbel this 
day for the frames you Ordered & also for the Rid- 
ing Chaise which I Guess may be handsom for 
twenty five pomuls York money, both these I will 
Get made with all Speed Mess" Watts & Moss 
were unluckily taken pr a privateer mannd with 
Montreal French that came out of the Gut of 
Canso. I am very sorry for them, they have noth- 
ing Insiu'od — they are both gone in two privateers 
(illod oiil at UalliFax, tlioy write me they intend 
to go to tlie Head Quarters where these French 
Rascalls came from & Endeavor to at least get their 
own property. I wish them Success & think they 
stand a Tolerable Chance. I wish you Joy of the 
Glorious News Obtained by prince Ferdinand over 
the French near the Borders of Hanover. I refer 
you to prints for particulars tho they are not alto- 
gether compleat — this action hapen'd to be gain'd 
in the most Critical time & is more Consequence to 
our ailairs tlian anything that hsis taken place this 
Ward, for had the french Succeeded all the Elec- 


torates of Hanover Hessee etc would have remained 
in possession of them or destroyed ; wee are to have 
Great Rejoicings here on the Occasion & I wish 
we may have another Occasion on the Surrender of 
Quebeck. I remain Sir 

Your very humble Serv* 


To M" Phillip Cuylbb Boston Jan' 5 1760 

Inclos'd is bill lading for the Riding Chair I 
have got made for you pr AT Paddock, I wish it 
may get safe to your hands & prove to your Like- 
ing. I dont know tlie expense of it yet but I 
shall send it with the cost of the Frames which will 
come pr Wimble. . . 

The bearer Cap' Jarvis belongs to me & if you 
can do him any Services 'twill oblige me. I wish 
you the Compliments of the Season & am 

Sir your Friend & humb*" Sev' 


To James Otis Esq* Boston Oct i"* 1759 

As you are going to plym** have tiiken the 
Liberty to Inclose you perez Tillson Ace' by wliich 
you'l see the Ballance in my favour is £387.9. 
Lawful money, this ought to have been discharged 
by him some years past. As I tliought the money 


ill his hands was Secure have omitted urging pay- 
nieiit, now I begin to doubt Iiis abiHty, therefore 
by the favour you'l get as niueh as you Can & if 
possible security for the Remainder, which he can 
by no means think hard in me to Insist on, as the 
Time he has akeady had is too long . . . your pru- 
dence will du*ect you in what method to proceed ; 
by Enquiring of your Brother M' Warren how his 
affau's stand & whatever you do will be Justify *d by 
Sir your very hum* Servt 


P.S. Trejisury notes will do as well as money. 

Boston Oct 30* 1769 
To Cap' Edw^ Cahill London 
As the french have Lost Quebeck & m Conse- 
quence of tliat Canada must fall, its now become 
the General Opinion that peace will take place, 
if you Continue your Resolution of seeing Boston 
& intend to keep in the London Trade I shall hold 
any part of a ship with you m comp^ with Mess** 
Lane & Booth. I think 1 have no Occasion to tell 
you that if there is any Oyl or freight going I 
have Literest enough to get it — pr this Convoy 
1 have two Vessells, Namely Hunter I own all my- 
self, any good offices you do him will be Idndly 
Receiv'd, also the principal part of Diishwood & 
your good offices will also be acceptable to him. 


M" Rowe has wrote you at Large & I dont know 
whether I am indebted or not for sundrios sent 
M" Rowe if I am you must caU on Mess" Lane & 
Booth for payment. I wish you all Lnaginable 
Happiness & Remain 

Yr assur'd friend 


Boston Oct 30^ 1769. 
To Cap' Samuel Dashwood 

You have already Received Orders from Jno 
Rowe Relative to your proceeding in the Sliip this 
is to tell you that pr Case you should miss of your 
Convoy (which you must at all events keep witli if 
possible) & should be taken, you have our Liberty 
to Ransom the Vessell & Cargo for any siun short 
of Eighteen hundred pounds ster* & even that sum 
Rather than omit it, but no further & this shall be 
your Justification 

from your friends 

JOS & WM ROTCH, far 
Themselves ^ Timothy Folger. 

A copy of the above I have rec** wliicli I promise 
to follow 

Sam^*- Dashwood 


To M* Samuel Horner Boston, Jan'y 4u» 1760 


I wrote you pr Capt Binney advising that my 
Brother Bowe had Chartered his Vessell from New 
York to some port in Ireland & have now given 
a few lines to Cap^ Jarvis who goes master (by the 
Desire of Brotlier Rowe) who writes you by same 
conveyance, to Desire you will Render him all the 
good ofBices in your power for the good of the 
Voyage & as you mention'd you Could give a Ves- 
sell freight to America she will be in good season 
for it i>rovided tlie Master Tliiuks it will be i)refer- 
alile to a Ijoad of Salt from Liverpool, who is to 
consult you upon it — what money you supply the 
Master with his Bills will be Honour'd & your good 
Service to him. 

Shall be gratefully acknowledg'd by 
Your Esteem'd friend & Serv* 


Boston Jan'y 11th 1760 
To Cap"' Michael Dalton Newbury 
Upon Receipt of your Letter of 3"* Curr* I waited 
on Cap* Pryce who immediately got into a passion 
& produced a Letter from Admiral Saunders' Sec- 
retary Relating to Cap* Pryce* Cable & anchor, 
upon wliich I produced the Certificate, who swore 
he would not Receive it, upon which I went away 
— another interview much to same purpose & once 
more — nothing done. 


This morning I went again, Cap^ Gwynn hapn'd 
to be present & after some bilk wee settled it & I 
hope to yonr approbation, he Insisted on the Cable 
to be value at 257 wliich Cap* Gwynn & [I] con- 
sented too & so tis settled & I have pd him as pr 
his Receipt 19.15.1***' When I came to pay him 
your Guineas he ask'd if they were weight. I told 
him they were the Guineas Rec"^ from you they 
hapen'd to prove very deficient, that set him a swear- 
ing again. Says he, ^^ FU be damnd if Dalton has 
not pickt up all the light Guineas he coidd find in 
Newbury &c " — however enough of this — on the 
Back of this stands a memorandum of what I pd & 
what I rec*'. I assure you liad it not been to have 
served you, he should not have made me run after 
him so often. 1 cannot at present secure a Certifi- 
cate neither do I expect it, he seems very angry with 
Cap^ Pike for telling him, as he says, Lies. I shall 
always endeavor to serve you but hope on no such 
occasion again 

& Remain Sir 

Yr Friend & very hiun* Serv* 


Bos'mN 4 Peby 1709 

To M" David Vaniiounk at New Youk 
... As to the note of hand I Got of M' Benj" 
Ri-andon on your acc^ it was George Mills note, 
which I have now in my Possession he is gone from 


heuce Sometime in the Service of the Govenimeut 
but at i^hat place I caunot exactly tell, so that there 
is no hope of Getting any Mahogany Tables or 
Desks on acc^ of that not till he Returns & I fear 
but Little or nothing when he does, he is very Poor 
has no Stock nor I believe any Tools, however Fll 
keep a look out for him — & get anything I can 
for you . . . 

To M" Mary Toloher Boston 23rd Feb'y 1760 

Dear Sister 
I wrote you sometime ago pr the purser of 
the Man of Warr who belongs to plymouth wherein 
I told you of my health & which thank God Con- 
tinues. I also wish You Joy & happiness in your 
new State of Life which I hope your prudence will 
always Contribute too. As it pleas'd God to take 
our Dear parent from us & the Iiouse is now the 
property of us all, you seem desirous to know what 
is to be done with it. Brother Robins wrote me 
he could obtain a hundred pounds for it. I 
thought it so Inconsiderable a price, that I wrote 
him I would give that price or more for it & 
ordered my Friends in London to pay you three 
parts on a proper Deed being Executed to me & 
when compleated for Bro. Robins to take care of 
it on my acc^ but I Confess I could not Lnagine he 

had for it himself especially at that price, not 

that I c;ire much about it but 1 Dont like this small 
price — nor will I part with my own or Bro' 


Jacobs' which is now my property, the first Leisure 
I have I will write to Uncle Hawker my full senti- 
ments about it. I think Bro' Robins might have 
answer'd my letter on tliis ace* pmy g^ve my love 
to him & Sister Robins. It will always give me 
pleasure to hear from you & every other Relative, 
shall Be Glad to know if imcle John is still alive. 
Brother Jacob is now at Quebeck & in Good Busi- 
ness being assistant to Daniel Weir Esq' Commis- 
sary General. Pray give my Compliments to your 
Husband & I remain with Esteem, Dear Sister, your 
very affectionate Brother. 

Boston March 1st 1700 
To Fribnd Christo Hussey at Nkwburyport 

I must desire you to Send me pr very first good 
opportunity, Two Quintals of the Largest & best 
fish you Can get, it is for a particular friend & I 
must beg your Care about it . . . please to tell 
your Bro' Obed that 1 have got M"^ Fitch to sign 
their Charter party which they Sent up & please to 
ask M" Barker & him how they come not to let me 
know that they had sent the old Sloop Hannah to 
the mount. I hear she is arriv'd there, but dont 
know whether she is Coming or not, so that if I 
had <an Inclination to Insiuo my ])art, I am at a 
Loss about, if they had mentioned it tSvoud have 
[been] more agreeable. 

I Shall be glad to hear from you ab** this old 
Sloop whether She is coming direct back or not & 


any Service I can do for you please to give notice 
to Y' Friend 


Callo; in my Snow is cast away Hunter Dash- 
wood Jacobson are arrivd & I believe the other 
Ships that went with that Convoy. 

To Capt Cahill Boston Mar d^ 1760 

Dear Sir 
I Confinn the proceeding copy of my Last & 
have Notliing farther to say on that Head. M' 
Greens Snow is arrived, but Sherrard nor Bradford 
dont yet appear ; be Kind Enough to purchase for 
me, a Book wrote pr Cap* Gardner Giving a par- 
ticular ace* of the expedition to Martinico & Gua- 
daloiipe. all your friends here are Well. 
I Remain 

Dr Sir your veiy humb' Serv* 


To Colo Preble Boston March I7th 1760 

I Rece'd your Letter of the 5^^ March & see the 
Indians have an Inclination to make tenns of Peace, 
I dont know what directions you'l have from the 
Government but guess t'will be peaceable News for 
the Indians. I have sent the Articles you wrote 
for & sliall at any time be glad to send any Articles 


I have or you may want & any orders you send I 

will fuUfill 

I Remain Sir yr friend & very liumb'" Serv* 

to Command 


To M* Pbtbb Hubbbbt Boston Mar 24^ 1760 


P.S. We have had the Preeeeding Week Such 
Terrible Fires: the News Paper will give you an 
ace*, the Last of which was very Terrible Indeed. 
Such Devastation in so short a Time wiis hardly 
ever known. I am a Sufferer among the Rest, but 
thank God, not so much as to Give mee any Un- 
easiness, it has Consum'd upwards of Two hun- 
dred Houses, Stores & Shops 

Boston April 15* 1700 
To M" Phillip Cuylbr Nbw York 
I have your favour of the 31'* March pr Cap* 
Wimble. As to the Frames they are not yet done, 
M' Cumber promises you shall not fail of them pr 
Return of Wimble, as to Tea it is now worth 
from a Dollar to 51. ... The Calamity that has 
hapen*d to the Town by fire is very gi-eat. I lost 
some Goods at my Store at Oliver's Dock, but 
nothing of Consequence to make mee uneasy. 
This will be delivered you pr M' John Goidd who 


takes New York iu his Way to England. Shall 
Esteem it a favour you make him free of your City. 
I shaU on all Occasion Shew you^ I am 

Sir, your very hum Serv* 


To Jacob Rowe Boston April 21»t 1760 

Bro' Jacob 

I Rece'd your favour of the 6"* Sept & 1'* Nov 
Last, am very glad you have got into Business with 
M' Wyer. I wrote you many Letters pr Sundry 
Vessells that Retiu*n'd here again. 

I would have put in hand a vessell for your place 
had I any Vessell of my own at home, but as I had 
not, did not care to charter any & I am much 
afraid the Gentleman that has order'd this Cargoe 
pr Cap^ Cushion will not find his Ace* in it, There 
are at Least Tliii'ty sail gone & going from hence 
& a Croat Quantity from all other places on the 
Continent. I have sent you one Cask of oporto, 
one Cask of Lemons & one Barrell of W. I. Rum 
& I have wrote M' Wyer an answer to his Letter & 
offered him my Services here, I Cannot at present 
say Any Thing particular ab** yoiur affaii's as I have 
not been at Cape Ann, but as there will be Oppor- 
tunity you shall hear — no news from the West of 
England, nor from London — we have had a 
Terrible Fire hapenM at Boston in which I was a 
Sufferer at Oliver's Dock, the Newspapers will fully 
acquaint you the Situation of what was bui'nt, such 


a Melancholy & Dismal Burning was never yet 
seen in any part of this Continent The wind blew 
very hard at North West and the Fury of die 
flames is beyond Conception ; I have been oblig'd 
to pay Quincy your Obligation ab*" two months 
past I shall pay M' Webb & M' Beachiun W 
Sherburne & Jos. Rhodes are yet unpaid, why did 
you not mention these afPaii*s I suppose you forgot 
it — as there will be opportunity now from Quebeck 
let me hear from you & I shall do you all the Ser- 
vice in my power ; the Bearer, Cap* Cushion, Cap* 
Forbes & myself have Chartered for Ace* of M' 
Ogilvy, if you can do Cushion any service t*will not 
be amiss. 

I send the Coppy for Cap* Nickolls & Remain 
Your very affectionate Brother 


To Cap' Cushing Boston April 24th 1700 

The Sloop Charming Molly which we have 
Chartered, Being Ready to Sail, its Our desire you 
proceed immediately to Hallif ax — you are then to 
apply to M" Jeremiah Condy Russell & take from 
him Such Goods as he shall put on board you & 
proceed Immediately to Quebeck and there Deliver 
your Cargoe to M' James Ogilvy Merch* Thei-e. 
If M' Russell should Be departed from Hallifax, 
you are then to proceed Immediately to Quebeck 
with** him & there deliver your Cargo to said M' 


James Ogilvy & when you are unloaded, then you 
to follow such orders as you Receive from him for 
your proceedings afterwards. 

We wish you a Good Voyage & am 
Yrs Friends 

Jam Forbes 

To M" Francis Robins Boston May 17C0 

D' Brother 

A few days ago, came to hand your Letter of the 
first of October via Loud" pr Capt' Sherrard who 
was blown of the Coast & had a Long Passiige — 
the Contents thereof I duly note. 

Please to Look into your former Letters Respect- 
ing the House & you'l find that you tell me you 
were olTerM a hundred pounds for it, which price 
I Could by no means consent to take & in Conse- 
quence thereof 1 told you I would bike it myself at 
that Rate, & I supposing you Consented thereto, 
then Mess" Lane & Booth were to pay you & my 
Bro Joseph & M" Tolcher your Shares on a deed 
being properly accredited by you all & Left in their 
Care ; now I perceive by your Letter, that you ai-e 
willing to part with your Three Shares for thirty 
pounds sterl'g each & if my Sister M" Tolcher will 
part with her share, then you may get a deed exe- 
cuted properly by yrself, Bro. Jos & her, under 
the Direction of Uncle Hawker. Ijct it be done 
Authentick & tlien Lodg'd with Mess"" Lane & 


Booth Mercb^ in London, who have orders when 
this is done, to answer yonr bills on them for my 
ace*, namely axty pounds sterl* to you for yours & 
Brother Joseph's Shares & thirty ])ound8 more to 
M' Tolcher for sister Mary's share — please to 
observe that Bro' Jacob is now at Quebeck with 
Daniel Weir Esq' Commissary General, this place is 
worth him Two Hundred pounds sterl' per annum, 
nothing lias given me more pleasure than to be able 
to assist him in procuring this place & many other 
Good ofKces &c Cap* Thomas Farr, is the Bearer 
of this to London, I hope he will arrive in safety 
as he is a person of your acquaintance, I thought 
proper to Show him a power Jacob Left with me 
to settle this affair, so that you have no Occassion 
to trouble yi-self, only in executing a deed in my 
name for your three shares & send me a copy that 
I may get his executed here at his Return as the 
Redemption of his Lies without Dispute in me. I 
think M*' Tolcher can liave no objection & I do it 
on no other Acct than to keep it in the Family, 
Rather than it shall be sold to a Stranger — when 
this is compleatedLet W Brown the present Ten- 
nant Remain in it & you take the care of it the 
same as if it was your own & Receive from him the 
Rent as Usual, only Let it be done in my name & 
for my Acc^ T liavo drawn a l)ill on my Bn/ 
Joseph for thirty three pounds six shillings & 8** 
being for Jacob's share of the Legacy Left him 
pr his Aunt Bradford which now is become due 
& which I presiune he will pay. ... 1 think he 


might have had Opportunitys enough to give me a 
Line on tlic ail*aii's of the Family there*s no excuse 
for him because he was taught to write before 1 
left home. ... I am very sorry to hear you are so 
great a Sufferer by Geo. Conde I Fancy that Spark 
has troubl'd his heart more ab^ Religious PoUticks 
than Business. I see a scandalous Pamphlet of his 
which has made great noise & Clamour here — being 
well adapted for this Meridian — the Gentleman M' 
Sylvester that had the care of Grace Knowling' 
money is now dead & his executers live on 
Shelter Ilend. I will when there is any oppor- 
tunity write to them on her Ace* & you may de- 
pend ou't if I succeed will Remit it to her imme- 
diately & as soon as I know ab* it, will advise you 
in Course. I cant now give M" Wilcocks any In- 
telligence ab* her Son's Family but next post I will 
mention to my friend M' Vanhorne at New York 
& get him to Enquire ab* them I think they are in 
some Remote town in the Jersey Government. 
I am glad to hear your little Family are well & 1 
thank my sister for her many Lettei*S9 you will make 
my Love & Compliments Acceptable to her — you*l 
please to show my Uncle Hawker this Letter to 
whom I have wrote on this occasion & Correspond 
with Mess"^ Lane & Booth thereon. 

M"* Rowe Joyns with me in Sincere Love & affec- 
tion to you & Sister & 

1 Remain y^ Affectionate Bro' 



Boston May S^ 1760 
To John Hawkeb Esq Exetbb 
Hon* Sir 
It is a Long time since I had the pleasure to write 
you & having not a Line from you you'l please to 
excuse it. I often Tr/d to get AT Jos Grerrish to 
do some what in the affair of M' Upcolis but Could 
not prevail, he had nothing then to pay, & went off 
to Hallifax in Debt he is now there & store Keeper 
to his Majesty's Navy & by the best advices, he is 
in a good way so that if he Returns you may yet 
stand a Chance to get something, should he Return 
depend ont I will Oblige him to settle this Account. 
I have lately Rece'd a Ijetter twm Bro' Robins, ho 
tells me he is willing to part with his share & my 
Bro"" Joseph in the House Left us per Our decesis'il 
Parents, in Consequence of which I have wrote him 
that I will take it & give him his Price & I will also 
take my Sister Molly's at the same rate & for duit 
purpose have order'd my friends Mess" Lane & 
Bootli of Loud** to pay him for his two shares & my 
Sister Molly for her shai*e ais soon as tlie writings 
are compleiited & lodg'd in the aforesaid Gentle- 
mens' hands & therefore this Conveyance cannot be 
Regularly made without your assistance, which I 
must desire you to see done in a Right & Authen- 
tick way. Bro' Jacob is now jissistjuit to Daniel 
Wyer Esq'' Commissary General] at Quebeck & his 
place is in worth at Least Two hundred pounds 
Sterl* per annum, it gives me Great Satisfaction that 
I have been able so well to Provide for him ; he has 


left me his power of attorney to settle this affair 
which I have shown to Bearer of this Capt Farr 
who is an Exeter Man & who will, if you should 
not be otherwise Satisfy' d, Convince you thereof, 
so that there is no Occasion of his naine in the 
Deed or Release. I shall on all occasions be glad 
to hejir from you & of your Familys welfare, in the 
me^intuue pleiise to accept of my best lleg[u*ds & 
give my compliments to my Aunt & Cousins. I 
Remain, Hon'' Sir 

Your affectionate Eonsman 

& very hum* Serv* 


To M» Alex* Cobdbn Boston May 12th i760 

Your favour of the 5**" Curr^ is now before me, 
1 am much Obligd to you for the Care of M' Bar- 
rons Letter, it gives me pleasure to tell you, that 
M' Bari'ons was Restored to his office without any 
Solicitation thro' his friends &c, a footing that no 
moves of M' L. ill nature will effect him & I guess 
the old Gentleman will Repent his Cruel Treatment 
Your very hum Serv* 



Boston May l^ 1760 
To TUB Hon"" Brig* Gkn'^'''' Burton at Qukbkok 
... I have a Letter dat** 8*"* March from Ix)ndoii 
& from a Gentle" well acquainted in Govemm^ 
affairs, he says a peace is at no great Distance, all 
parties seem to be tired of the expense of tlie warr 
& the King of Prussia affairs seems not to be in that 
favorable state, we would wish them. You have 
Enclosed the latest Newspaper from New York 
which Contains what news the Packett Brg* from 
England. . . . 

I am. Sir, your very Hum'* Serv* 


To Mbbs" Reed & Pbttit Boston May 10* 1760 


... to come pr any other Vessels & then Stop in 
y' hands till you hear further from mee for Wee have 
very Disjigieeable Ace'* from Quebeck & the Chance 
of Loosing it is very Great God Grant it may be 

I much fear a General Battle took place between 
Mons' Lane who Commanded eleven thousand 
French Canadians & Indians & our Commanding 
officer Mj' Miirmy tlic 28"' Lust Month, lu^ had but 
twenty seven hundred — this Small Body made the 
French give Way but they were Caught & a Great 
Many Men Kill'd & Wounded. I KnoAv of hardly 
one Officer of ours that Avas Engaged birt Received 


Wounds or Were Killed. Among the last is Coll. 
Hufsey, a brave Good OflBcer this was a fatal 

affair — had the G 1 kept in his Lines There 

could have been no Danger or if Lord Colvil is 
not up before the Town by this tinie or Before, 
its GeneraQy thought its Gone. Tis a Melancholly 
affair that Such Brave Fellows Must Submit, if you 
hear nothing more of this affair Let it be only Com- 
municated to Your Best Friends & You'l Oblige 

Your Very Hum^ Serv* 


Boston May 29th 1760 
To Friend Jos. Rotoh New Bedford 
I am now going to Load the Snow Devonshire, 
Hugh Hunter for London, it will much oblige me 
for Your Friendship in assisting me with Fifty Tons 
of Oyl on Freight and I shall also be Glad if you 
Can purchase me a hundred Barrells. I will pay you 
to your Content what you Generally have from other 
people. I Remain 

Y' friend to Serve 


To Alex* Cobden Esq* Boston May 26* 1760 

I have youi^s of the 19*^ I am obligd to you for 
putting my Letters directed to Mess"* Lane & 
Booth into the Tourists Bagg. 


As to the sentiments of the Commissioner of the 
Customs in Regard to the Conduct of their Officer 
in America ab^ Clearing Sugar from tlic mount &c, 
he is silent about but I Conchide when he says 
every Matter will be settled to his Satisfaction, that 
that affair will be Included for I have good Reason 
to think the Surveyor General has wrote to the 
Commissioners on that very Subject, at the Depart- 
ure of M' Barrens which was Like to have made 
some puzzle at home ; as I expect to have a Larger 
& better Ace* from him pr Cap* Evers who is 
dayley expected, it may then be in my power to 
Satisfy you more Clearly in this matter. As soon 
as I have it you shall hear further from 

Sir, Your very hum Serv* 


Boston June 2^ 1760 
To Cap' Edw^ Cahill London 

I have your favour of 29*** March & W April 
pr Cap* Watts & Cap* Willson. Am very glad to 
find your Business of Such Consequence & that it 
Avill prevent your further Progress on the Risque of 
the Seas & when anjrthing offers that I can Con- 
tribute to your Business I shall do it with Pleasure. 
I thank Fortune who has been kind to my Endeav- 
ours that I shall not enlarge or even wish for more 
Business than I have at present & a Great Deal of 
what I do on my own Ace*, I shall Cut short by 
degrees. Am sorry there is like to be any difficulty 


about Sam' Marskalls Bills but be it as it will, I 
sliall be Contented. I sliall send the Devonshire 
Cap^ Hunter for London, by whom I shaU again 
write you. I shall on all Occasions, Show you I 


Your Friend & Hum Serv* 


M" Rowe is much obligd to you for the Care of 
her Stays etc. 

Boston June 2^ 17C0 
To Mbbs" Lanb & Booth [his London Corre- 
. . . M' Hooper is much obligd to you for the 
Care of his Teeth & if he should have any farther 
Occasion, he will follow your directions. ... I am 
much surprizd to find Cap^ Browns Bill protested — 
he is now gone to Qeubeck, I hope he may escape 
the fate of Warr, if so I am safe, But as our pres- 
ent Situation in that Quarter is vei*y precarious, I 
look on it an Equal Chance whether an Officer 
Lives or Dies. A Great Uavock of Both Officers & 
men has lately taken place there ; however I thank 
you for taking the Bills up & paying it for my 
honor . . . nothing I think occasions more at 
present, save only that I Remain & am on all occa- 
sions — Dr Sirs 

Your assured Friend & hum Serv* 



To Major CurRIB Boston June S^ 1760 


According to Your Expectation & my Own Cap* 
Arthur Brown's bill is protested & I have now In- 
closd it for My Namesake M' Roe the Change 
thereof is at foot of this. I must beg your Care 
to get this Settled. His other bills of one hundred 
& twenty will also be protested & what he has in the 
Agents hands is only about Forty pounds. How he 
could be so Imprudent to draw bills & have no Effects 
& never give Advice is a mystery to mee. 

I shall always be glad to Render you or Friends 
any Good Offices & Remain 

D' Sir, your very hum Serv' 


I had almost forgot to tell you that M' fisher is 
appointed Agent for the 28^^ Reg^ this Advice is 
from my Friends Mess" Lane & Booth of London 
the 12*^ April 

To Mbss»« Rrbds & Petit Boston June iftth 17«0 
I am just Returned from a Journey so that have 
only time to tell you I found your several favoura 
. . . Every hour wee expect an Ace* from the River, 
tis high time that some of the trading vessells Re- 
turn'd I am in hopes We shall have good news 
but I must confess I am still afraid If anything 
Occurs you shall hear further 
from Gent'" 

Your very hum Serv' 



Boston June 30*^ 1700 

To David Wieu Esq at Quebeok with the 


... It gives me Great pleasure to find my 
Brother's Behaviour has merited your approbation 
& that you have given hun piu't of yom- Profits, 
be assur'd Sir, I will always with Gratitude en- 
deavour to Return you Such Good offices as lies in 
my Power here meantime I Remain, waiting your 
further Commands D' Sir 

Your very hum Serv' 

The Invoice of Garden Seeds 
is Inclos'd 

To Capt Wm Dunbar Boston July 24 1700 

Dear Sir 
I Rec* your favour of the 23'* May ... I have all 
along taken Care of Serjeant Bell's Children & 
shall follow his further directions Relating to them 
... I rejoice with you in the Success of the Garri- 
son the officers that were taken on the 23** April 
are all Returned in a flag of Truce from Montreal 
to Albany except Colo. Young who is StiU at Mon- 

I Remain, your very hum Serv' 



To Jacob Rows Boston July 3^ I7d0 

D' Brother 
I Received both your Letters of the 30^** April 
pr the Racehorse & if M' Anderson had Come here 
I should have Shown him all the CiviUties I could 
both on his & your Ac6^ ... I thank you for your 
Advices about Both Battles & am Glad your fears 
are at an End, as yours of the l?'*" & 18'*" May ad- 
vises — the Friends of W" Fayerweather Return 
you their thanks for your advice about him, as to 
John Malcolm the method of his Behaviour seems 
not to be much Regretted. By the Best Acc^ I can 
get of the Brittannia is that She was one of the 
Five Ships sent down the River, at the Beginning 
of the Siege last year & in Consequence therof 
burnt, but this may prove a Mistake & if it should 
& you should find her Claim her for my Ace* & this 
shall be your Justification I have made your Re- 
spectfull Compliments acceptable to your friends 
who all are very glad to hear of your welfare. . . . 
It will always give me pleasure to do you any good 
office as I have wrote you pr Capt Cusliion & in the 
course of this year it may suit my affairs better to 
advance than at the Juncture; I will fullfill any 
orders that you send in Conjunction with M" Wier 
& you may see I will advance the easli which T pay 
every shilling down for in Molasses. I dare say M*^ 
Wier will not let me Remain long out of it. Tis 
Great pleasiu'C to me to hear your good behaviour 
has merited your friends Esteem & Countenance. 
Let me beg you to Continue Stedfast in your good 


Progress & my good offices shall be always a pleas- 
ure to you & myself. ... I shall take care of Ser- 
jeants' Bells Children, which at present are very 
well & I have ever since the Death of their mother 
put them into good Care, one of them is at M' Coil- 
sons my Neighbour and the other under the care 
of M*" Serjeant who I pay 40/ a week for his 
Board. I Believe M' Hawkings will go to Quebeck, 
if so I shall send them both by him & write M^ Bell 
at Large. ... I every day expect Bartlett from Bris- 
tol, its very probable I shall send him up with a 
Cargoe from hence for its Lnpossible to persuade 
any of these people to take any Live Stock on 
Freight. . . . M'* Rowe Joyns with me in Sincere Re- 
gard & I Remain 

Yr affectionate Brother 


To Mbss" Lane & Booth Boston July 4th noo 

... I have just Rec'^ the first Bills for Quebeck 
for three himdred pounds ster* which I shall send 
pr Cap* Hunter & I hope a Considerable Sum more, 
that Garrison is now out of Danger the Enemy 
having Rais'd the Siege from Before that place & 
gone off with the Loss of all theii* Anmiunition, 
Stores & all Utensils. 

Being all that offers at present from 

Gent^" your very hum Serv* 



Boston July 14*»» 1760 

Cap* Hunter as it will oblige you, you may bring 
me from your young Milliner a fashionable round 
Cap handerehief & RufSes of fine plain Muslin & a 
Cheap India mount fan. 

Things to be Brought for M" Rowe (pr Cap* 

2 Doz** of Blue & White China plates 
1 p' Black Sattm Shoes 

1 pair Pink Sattin Shoes 

2 pounds of Green Tea 
2 Long Brushes 

2 Baskets of Ssilt 

One Glass Lamp to fit the top sent 

2 Shillings worth of French Chalk. 

Boston 1&^ 1760 
To Cap^ Edw^ Cahill London 

. . . Our Old Friend Gunter is at Rest, he has 
Left the Bulk of his Estate to Charitable Uses in 
the City of Gloster which is Some Chagrin to Some 
of his Friends. All the Rest of Our Friends are at 
present well & a Great many going this day to 
Commencement which you know is a high Frollick 
in this Country. I shall make One of the party 
with M" Rowe who Joyns with mee in Sincere 

I am 


Boston July 26ti> 1760 

To Dav" WiBu Esq with tiie Foucbs in Canada 

... A young fellow from Quebeck from Louis- 
burg brings an Ace* of Sundry Yessells being 
taken going to Quebeck which has started the 
premio of Insurance to 10 pr Cent which I was 
ObUg*d to give on this Vessel! & hope you*l ap- 
prove therof as I could not on any Terms get it 
done Cheaper. I shall send Ten Hogsheads more of 
Molasses & a Quantity of Corn if to be had, at 
present its veiy Deai' & Scarce. I hope you'l ap- 
prove of my dividing your Interest in Seveml Ves- 
seUs — at present there's nothing new here. Gen' 
Amherst was at Oswego when the last advice Came 
from thence^ which is now about a fortnight past. 

I shall on all Occasions of Service Shew you 
I am, D' Sir 

Your very hum Serv* 


Boston August 5^ 1760 
To Mess" John Jamieson & Son 
. . . Building at present seems to be dear, which 
is in some part Occasioned by our Carpenters going 
with the Army to Build Vessells Battoes &C, so 
that I dont advise you to be concerned this year, 
if we Should Succeed in our further Operations in 
Canada, tis probable the Warr here will Cease & in 


Consequence the people will then get Steady at 
their Labour which will be of Great Service to the 
Article of Building. . . . 

Scotch & English goods are at present very Dull, 
but its a Season of the year that Our Trades gen- 
erally Slack. . . . 

I shall g^ve Attention to y' Interests & I Remain 
Your very hum Serv* 


To Mess" LAirai & Booth Boston August B^ 1760 

... I think you are very Right in not Sending^ 
any goods very Late & especially in Friggate Built 
Ships, they Cannot Beat to Windward Like a small 
Galley Built Ship which are the only Vessells to 
Come on this Coast. If I Can get one of them 
built to my mind, I dare say she shall answer the 
purpose designed 

Gov" Bernard has a Son in London wliich is 
to Come out with Cap' Hunter. I shall esteem it 
a favour you'll Shew him any Civilities & Recom- 
mend it to Cap* Hunter to have a Regard to him 
& Treat him as a Gentleman. 

Our fears ab' Qucbeck for this year, arc at au 
End — & I belive Gen^ Murray is now at Montreal, 
if he is not, he has got a Second Drubbing. 

I must beg your Attention to Send the Devon- 
shire out in the FaU. I am not afraid of her going 


off the Coast; the Cap^ is ^ell acquainted and Such 
Vessells as his are vastly Preferable to Such Ships 
as Bradford's & Sherrard's. This is at present what 
offers from Gentlemen 

Your very hum Serv* 


To THE Same Boston Aug. 9^ 1760 

. . . Please to send me a pair of Netts for Horses^ 
Let them be Large. 

& You'l ObUge, Gent»" 
Your very hum Serv* 


To Cap* Ezbkibl Gushing Boston, Aug 27th 1760 

We are very sorry to hear of Your Misfortune in 
being Uikeii, its very inilucky both for you & 
ourselves. Wee desire you*U Lnmediately Send 
Us your protest that Wee may Recover what In- 
surance Wee have made on the Gen*^"'* Ace* Wee 
Loaded you for. 

Wee desire you'll not fail doing this as soon as 
you Receive this Letter & forward it by a good & 
safe hand & you'll oblige 

Your hum Serv** 



To Boston Aug 31* 1760 

Worthy Sir 
I have taken the Liberty to write you Several 
Letters which have been forwarded as Opportunity 
Offer'd — have now taken the Liberty to tell you 
that Our prospect in Canada is Great. Gen* Mui^ 
ray Since he Left Quebeck, has had a Battle & has 
got the Best of it & is at Troy River. Colo. Havi- 
land who went from Crown point is Landed on one 
part of Nut Island with all his Troops, he Lost 
Cap^ Legg & seven others of the Train in Land- 
ing — no other of the Troops Suffered much. Gen* 
Amherst Certainly Left Oswego in the Divisions. 
The Hon* the Colo Haldimau with the first, the 
7^** this Month, Marched the Tenth with the main 
Body & was followed by Colo Gage the Eleventh — 
and there's a Report he was within a few days 
march of Montreal. Some people among us be- 
lieve it & the time may admit of it, if there's no 
Obstructions in his way Wee every day expect to 
Iiear that tlieir Country is surrender'd as soon as 
the Happy Event Comes, you shall be sure to have 
as Early Intelligence as I can give you & at all 
times Shall think myself happy in giving you 
pleasure being, D" Sir 

Y' Most Obed* hum Serv' 



To M* Sam Shbppard Boston Sept liu. 17(K) 

. . . We are in great Spirits here expecting all 
Canada will Submit to his Majesty's Arms. Our 
Generalls are far Advane'd into the heart of the 
Enemies Country. 

I Bemaiu Sir 
Your most hum Serv' 


To Jacob Rowe Boston Sept 14th 1700 

Dear Bro' 

... I wish Cap' Cushing had arriv'd that you 
might have had the things I sent you but he 
was taken & earned into the Bay of Chalons & 
is just come home. You may depend on my tak- 
ing the Greatest Care of your uUaii*s at Cape 
Ann, but my Business has not yet pennitted me 
to Look very Closely into them I purpose a 
Journey there very soon & shall then fix a Method 
to bring the people you have to do with, to do 
you Justice. Some of your Debts, I know I shall 
Receive. As it's probable Canada must Surrender 
you'll send me as early as you can, a memoi-an- 
dum of what will answer & I will Endeavor to send 

I hope as you are gone with the Army that God 
will protect you & Return you in Safety. Let mo 
hear from you by all opportunity & give my Com- 


pliments to M'Wier. I shall write you again pr 
Cap*. Y' affectionate Bro' 

M** Bowe is well & desires 
to be kindly Remember'd 

To Dan** Gibbs Esq Boston Sept loth 17^0 

I just have Rec*d yours of the 29*'* past & have 
waited on M' Prat whose Opinion is that Yessells 
& men ought to pay what Damage is Sustained 
partially, as a fishing Voyage is on a different 
Situation than a Merch** Voyage however upon the 
whole I would Advise You to Settle this Affair 
Amicably, as all tliese Cases depend on the Temper 
& disposition of One Man, say — Judge of Ad- 
miralty & by Enquiring among M' Bethune & 
other friends about your Case, they seem to think 
otherwise than M' Prat has Advis'd you & me, & 
think that all Accidents must faike then* Fate — it 
Avill be necessjiry for Cap^ Haskell & Crew, if they 
go to Sea, to Leave a power with you or some other 
friend — if you purpose to pursue it. I shall 
always be glad to Serve You & Remain D" Sir 

Yr assur'd Friend 


Boston Sept 14th 1760 
To Friends Joseph & W Rotch New Bedford 
The Oyl you are to Ship on board the John 


Galley, Cap' Jarvis for London, together with Two 
hundred Barrels I am to have of you, I shall be 
glad to have it as soon as possible & the Quantity 
on my Ace*, I desire it may be of the Pale Sort or 
Bank Oyl. The Reason I desire this to be soon 
up, will be a Benefit to Both you & myself, for 
there is a Convoy appointed for the mast fleet 
which will be here in this month & may depart 
from Portsmouth by the Middle or Twentieth of 
Oct so that your Insurance will make a great sav- 
ing by Proceeding with this Convoy — which is 
his Majesty's Ship the Crown, Cap' Mead, of 40 
Guns. 1 am with Esteem 

Y' Friend to Serve 


To Francis Robins Exbtbr Boston Sept I6th 1760 

Bro' Robins 

This I send by our Townsman Cap* Jam" Luke 
who I hope will arrive with you in Safety. I have 
taken the Liberty to Send you a Doz° Bottles of 
West India Rum which I beg your Acceptance of. 
Bro' Jacob is now in Canada, Commissary of his 
Majestys detachment imder Generall Murray, his 
Behaviom* hsis gain'd liim the Esteem of the officers 
of that Body & M' Wier the Commissary General 
writes me very much in his favour, so that I hope 
he is Avell provided for his place is worth at Least 
Two hundred pounds Sterl' per Ann. Our forces 


are now in possession of all Canada which is a 
Glorious Conquest & I pray God, if a peace it maj 
not be Restored to the French if it should We 
Shall always, on this Continent, be under Continual 
Alarms from the Villanous Canadians & Barbarous 
Indians. I thank God am Well & so is M** Rowe 
who Joyns with me in Sincere Regard to you & 
Sister Robins. Let me hear from you as Oppoi^ 
tunity Presents & you'll oblige. 

Your affectionate Friend & Bro" 


Boston Sept 19 17^0 
To M* Harry Rob at Qubbeok 

This day I Rec'd your favour of the 18*** Aug & 
am much oblig'd to you for your Intelligence of the 
Situation of tlic Ai-my & am glad you got uj) Safe, 
altlio you had a Long Passage. Pi-ay give my Com- 
pliments to M" Peggy Lydiiis & assure her that any 
Commands of hers will be Cheerfully & faithfully 

I am sorry the Tobacco Turned out so poorly but 
twas the best could be had in Boston. Indeed 
there was no other at that time. It will always give 
me pleasure to send anything for yourself or yoiu' 
Regiment. I sent Brigg' Burton a hlid of very good 
Beer for Cap* Harris in the Armed Schooner who I 
hear is arrived at Quebeck; as to the Cyder it was 


Really forgetf ullness but as soon as I Know where 
your Regiment is fix*d for the Winter, you Shall 
have the Barrell with Interest. You'l please to let 
me hear from you as often as opportunity offers & 
if you should See Jacob my Bro' I hope you'll get 

We have News over the Lakes thcit Montreal & 
all Canada Surrendered the 8^** this month tho' it 
dont come authenticated, yet tis Generally Believ'd. 
Who Knows if this be True but your Regiment may 
Winter in Boston Which will give mee pleasure. 
You*l ple^iso to give my Compliments to Gen* Bur- 
ton & tell him I am always Ready to fiUliill his 
Commands & I Remain with Sincere Regards 
D' Harry 
Your affectionate Friend & hum Serv* 


To M» John Holmes Jun* Boston Sept 22 1760 

Last Night the post from New York brought me 
y' Letter of the 10*** July. I am Very Sorry you 
have Lost y' Bro' in Law, M' David Hillman jun' 
but you must content y'^self as all mankind must 
Sooner or Later pay the Sam Debt tis of Great 
Comfort to you that M" Hillman Keeps up her Spir- 
its in So Extraordinary a manner. I take notice 
that you carry on Business with M' John James 
Herts in the woolen way . . . when you think proper 
to favour me with your Commands Fll execute them 


with pleasure but I Cant at Present Say there's any 
Great prospect for the Sale of Woolens from the 
West of England in this ]Kirt of America, :is Csuiadu 
is now in possession of the English if We still hold 
it, I mean when peace is Concluded, I Guess it 
will be of Great Consequence to Your Business. 
This I thought Necessary to mention to you & if 
any vessel is bound to Quebeck from Exeter or 
Topsham, — you cannot fail of a market. My 
Bro Jacob Rowe is there & Commissary of Provi- 
sions, he will be able to dispose of them for you & 
will be Ready to Receive y' Commission on your 
telling him I Recommend you to him— or if you 
Should Conclude to send any here, I'll Endeavour 
to do my Best for you, at present I have a great 
Quantity of goods on liand & more Business than I 
can well manage that I dare not venture many 
on my Ace' ... I am glad you & your Spouse 
have got over y" Indisposition & hope you'll Con- 
tinue your Health. The Bearer Cap' Luke is Just 
on Departiu*e that you'l excuse my Adding at pres- 
ent anytliing more 

only that I am — Sir 

Your very hum Servant 


To Boston Sept lli»» 1760 

Worthy Sir 
Annext is a Coppy of what I wrote for Cap' 
Bartlett via Bristol. According to my Promise I 


now You that Gen* Amherst has taken Lego- 
let, but was oblig'd to wait Six days before that 
Small Garrison Surrendered ab^ five hundred are 
made prisoners of warr which are now at Albany 
the Last Acc^ from Gen' Amherst are^ that he was 
at the Rapidsy which I take to be ab"* 30 Leagues 
from Montre^il Cap^ Loring Lost his ship in En- 
gaging the fleet at Legolet & seven himdred men, 
himself shghtly wounded. 

Colo. Haviland has got possession of Nut Island 
the Grarrison under command of Boucanville de- 
Hertcnl it, IjCJiving everything behind them, it was 
well stocked with provisions & upwards a hundred 
head of Cattle, a vast Quantity of Ammunition, 
Storages & upwards of Seventy Cannon, Great part 
of them Brass, tis not Certain he is pass'd St 
John's but its Commonly Reported & by Numbers 
beUev'd. Colo. Thomas of the Provincials is Left to 
Garrison Nut Island with four hundred of General 
Ruggles Provincials The Rest are gone forward 
Gen' Murray is got up to Montreal & there is in- 
trencliing himself, Proposhig to wait the Junction 
of Both Gen' Amherst & Colo. Haviland which has 
no doubt taken place before now. So everything 
has a good Aspect & Some of our Boston Poli- 
ticians seem'd to think their whole country is Sur- 
rended. others think M' Levi will Risque a Battle 
first, tis Said he has Twelve to thirteen thousand 
men with him if so, they are Chiefly Canadians. 
This is at present what Occurs from Worthy Sir 
Your most Obed* Serv*^ 



To Dan"* Wibb Esq* Boston Sept 20 1760 

... I see Bro' Jacob was gone up the River & thank 
yon for yonr Clare of the things I sent him. We 
have an Acc^ here that 6en' Amherst has all Canada 
in Possession by Capitulation, its Generally Believ'd 
to be True — thank you for your advice. . . . 

To Jacob Rowb Boston Sept 22»d 1760 

D' Bro'. 
I wrote you at Large pr M' Jeffry & send dupli- 
cate pr Cap' Noble, since which I have your favour 
of the 29"* Aug"' Cap' Gay. as I have already wrote 
you I will give Attention to your Affairs & think 
you might have Spar'd your Reflection. I dare say 
you'l have it in your power to do every Body that 
Justice you Intend. I have wrote to England & 
every day expect an Answer & hope t*will be as I 
expect. Tt gives me great pleasure to hear yon 
meet the Approbation of the Army in General. 
Let me know your destination & I will Assist yon 
as much as possible. I conclude when my letters 
pr Gay, Harris & Bradford are got to hand You will 
not suspect I did not Intend any further Correspond- 
ence & I Cann't but say I'm a Little vex'd you 
should harbour Such a thouglit. ... M' Hancock 
will not pay the bills you sent mo, tlierefore you 
must get it of the person you had it off. ... I 
hear the Country has surrendered to General Am- 
herst. So you'l by all means Let me know your 
destination. . . . 


I must desire the favour of you to Enquire in 
what manner John Maleohn Left his Sloop, he says 
he Carried a Frenchman from Quebeek to St 
Bamaby with Permission for him from Gen' Murray, 
on which Occasion he has Stopt there ; if its so, he 
will [have] Some Grounds to Demand his Insurance 
but if otherways as tis Reported, that he went 
there to tmde, then he can have no demands, pray 
be as particular as you Can, as he is Esteem'd here 
not Altogether so Clever as he Should be, while he 
was on shore his Mate Bun away with his YesseU & 
was taken. I Intend to write you again pr next 
Conveyance, meantime I Remain 

Your affectionate Bro' 


To Mess" Lane & Booth Boston Sept 19 1760 



. . . Our Forces are now in Possession of all 
Canada which is a Glorious Conquest & I hope when 
a peace takes place it may not be Restor'd to the 
French, if it should we shall always on this Conti- 
nent, especially the Frontiers be under Continual 
Alanns from the Villauous Canadians & Barbarous 
Indians. Your Letter of the 12"* July pr the 
Harriet Packet with the Certificate of the Cattle 
Vessells Returned protested I have at hand, am very 
sorry. I Guess t'will be Sometime before Gen' 
Aiiilierst will be ubl<5 to give Attention to this 
Affair, his Goodness I know will do us Justice but 


Vynil take up Time he is now (I believe) at Montreal 
making the necessary disposition for winter Quarters. 
Instead of the Crown Man of WaiT, Lord Colville 
has appointed the Winchester & the Crown is 
to take a Load of Masts. 1 liemain with Sincere 

Gen*", you very hum. Serv* 


To Boston Sept 29^ 1760 

Worthy Sir 

I Confirm the preceeding Coppy of my Last in 
everything & have further to Add that Gen' Am- 
herst took possession of Montreal on the 8*'' this 
month hy Capitulation, the same day Gen* Muntiy 
Landed on the I'land & Colo Haviland encamp'd the 
9^** Regiment against the I'land So that the three 
Armies met all within a day but the Capitidation 
took place with Gen* Amherst before Gen* Murray 
Tjiuided, tho' he knew nothing of the Capitnlation. 

General Gage is to Remain at Montrcjil Govei*- 
nour Twenty five hundred Regulars — Gen* Mur- 
ray to Return to Montreal & Colo Haviland to 
Crownpoint. In coming down the Rapids Gen* 
Amherst Lost 85 men & one officer & upwards of 
50 at Legolot. Upon the whole the Conquest is 
made without much Loss of men — the Publick 
prints will give you the tei-ms of Capitulation, which 
is Generally Liked. God Grant that our Affairs on 
the Continent may prosper, that the Grand Con- 


quest may always Remain the property of Great 

M' P has Inflamed the CoUector by telling 

him you wrote home Letters against him & by what 
I Can find M' Barrons has wrote to know how it 
Stands — this I thought Convenient to advise you. 

It gave me great pleasure to hear of your Safe 
Arrival & I hope all your Affairs are Applauded & 
Still Remain 

Y" on all Occasions 


Boston Sept 30t«> 1700 
To Messrs John Jameson & Son 

Annext is a Coppy of what I wrote you Via Bris- 
tol. I have only now to Confirm the Same & wish 
you Joy of the Conquest of all Canada. Tliis is a 
most Glorious Event & I hope every Borough in 
the Kingdom will present Memorials to His Majesty 
tliat he will not Consent to its being delivered at 
the peace, whenever it Shall happen. 

I Say the Keeping this Country will be of more 
Service to the Manufactures of Great Britain than 
all the Host of the Trade of that Kind in the King- 
dom & that in the Course of Fifty Years. All the 
Trade from hence are Writing their Friends on the 
Occasion, So that I hope you'll excuse my Freedom 
— be AssurM Gentlemen, that any Commands of 
yours will be executed with Pleasure 

by Gen*" Your very hum. Serv* 



To Dan"* Wibb Esq* Bo8TONOct.2»ai7(jo 

... As there will be Communication over Land 
by Way of Crownpoint, I shall Esteem it a favour 
when you have any further Commands you'l write 
that way, especially when your River is Shut up. 

Here is Glonous news of Prince Ferdinand's 
gaining a Compleat victory over the French & is 
without all Doubt True. 

I Remain, Dr Sir 

Your very hum Serv* 


To Jacob Rowe Boston Oct 6»hl760 

D' Bro' 
On the other side is Coppy of my Last, Since 
with® any of your favours, I have the Less to add. 
. . . Next Monday I set out for Cape Ann & at 
my Return will write you tlie exact Situation of your 
affairs. M" Uowo is well & DosircH to lie ll^mioni- 
ber'd to you. 1 have no Letter from the West [of 
England] since my Ijast therefore cannot give you 
any Ace* Relative to y' affairs there. M' William 
Handfield is Come to town from Montre^il in Ten 
days, he tells me you were well & gone to Quebeck, 
so that I Guess this will meet you there. Let me 
hear from you by all opportunitys which will much 
Oblige me . . . 

Your affectionate Bro' 



To Mess"* Lane & Booth Boston Oct 6* 1760 

I was in hopes to have Compleated Cap^ Jarvis 
Ship lading to have come home with this Convoy but 
very Unlucky the Winds have Continued Easterly 
for three Weeks, which have Kept out the Nan- 
tucket men & brought the Man of Wan* from 
Hallif ax . . . 

. . . The Crown Man of War is now near Portsm** 
& is not to Come Home this Convoy but to take in 
Masts between Decks & have her upper Deck Clear, 
So that if She Departs in a month or thereabout 
Jarvis shall wait for her but if Longer, he shaU 
Come with** her. . . . 

I Remain Gent" 

Your very hum Serv* 


Cap^ Jacobson hjis two q^ of meat fish on board 
him directed for Lord BaiTington, pray be kind 
enough to Let one of your Servants See it Safe 
dehver'd & you'l oblige yrs as before. 

To Jacob Rowk Boston Doer 17G0 

Bro' Jacob 
... I have been Lately indisposed that' cannot 
Say anything certain as to Your Cape Ann 
affairs & had I been well have had no time to go 
there. I have this day been Talking with Your 
Friend Gibbs & I expect Daniel Rogers to Town 


every day, so that before I have another opportu- 
nity to write, I shall be able to give you a fresh Ace 

I have Coppy of Bro' Robins Letter to Mess'* 
Lane & Booth which I send you Enclose which 
deteimines the affair of the Bills & the house. As 
I expect Mess" Lane & Booth next Letters will 
bring me an Acc^ that the Deed is executed in my 
name, then I say I shall give Credit for your Share 

I am Really Surprised at Bro' Jos : Behaviour he 
has had not only the Benefit of the Estate of 
Uncle Jos at Chagford but also what Remain'd of 
Aunt Bradford's & most of Uncle Andrew's & for 
him to Refuse this Draft is very Cruel & I think he 
deserves no pity & such an unmannerly man I 
think I never met with, he has not even once 
thought of writing. I can never forgive him 
unless he has Lost the use of his Right hand. 

[Jacob Rowe's Son Jack later married Daniel 
Rogers's daughter Esther.] 

Boston Jan'y 30 1701 

To Francis Robins Esq Exeter 
D' Bro' 
I have Just at Hand your Letter of the 15 Sept. 
Last dated at Branscomb & Since that I have a 
Letter from Mess'^ Lane & Booth al)** the House 
wdth their Ace' of what they have p** thereon which 
I presume you have Rec** from them. I should 


have been glad of another Letter from you but 
suppose I am soon to expect it. I conclude the 
Deed &c are done Authentically & as they are in 
M' Lanes hands I will let them Remain there for 
the present. 

It Grieves me to have Such an Ace* of Bro' 
Joseph's Situation, if he was not Able Lnmediately 
to Discharge the Bill for Jacobs Ballance, I think 
he might have Said the bill was good & that he 
Intended to have paid it when in his power, as 
this is Bro" Jacob's affair & he Really wants this 
money, I must beg Your Intention either to get it 
p'' or get hiin to give Security for it to pay it with 
Interest at Some Distant time. Mess" Lane & 
Booth have still the Bill in their Possession. It 
gives me Pleasure to find you, my Sister & Family 
are in good Health. You will Let my Sister know 
tliat I Intend her a Long Letter, the first Leisure 
time 1 Can Conveniently Spare. I beg she'll now 
.iccept of my Kind Love & Compliments. I have 
wrote a Long Letter to Sister Tolcher m Answer to 
One from her I have sent it now Inclos'd to you 
Open that you may peruse it then Seal it & for- 
ward it to her at plymouth — as it Contains Some 
plan that may be Generally Beneficial to the Family, 
I was willmg you should see it. I cannot answer 
for what Effect may take place from it, but if it 
Could be Introduced by a person that has any 
Influence on Uncle John it might be of Service. I 
am siu*e tis Reasonable. 

I have been Blessed with a great Share of Health 


& as much Business as I can well Accomplish. 
Sometimes attended with Good & Sometimes bad 
Success^ upon the whole God has Blessed my At- 
tention & Endeavours. Let me now tell you that 
I am very well as is M" Rowe & both of us Jojne 
in hearty Wishes for Your own & Your Family's 
health & prosperity & that I Remain 
Your Sincere & affectionate Bro' & most hum Serv^ 


To M" Mart Tolohbr Boston Jan'y i&h 1761 

D' Sister 

I had the pleasure to Receive your favor of the 
17*** Nov' pr Cap* Hulmy a day or two ago, am 
Extremely Ghul to hear of your Ilciilth & welfare 
& that you are all pleased ab^ the House. God 
Knows whether ever I shall See it or not be that 
as it wiD, I hope it may Remain in Our Family. 
Bro' Robins will take care to see it kept in good 
Repair. I should have been pleased to have had a 
Letter from him. Jacob was well at Quebcck ab** 
a month [ago] & is now in a good way to malce a 
Good Deal of money I hope his Generous Disposi- 
tion may not get the Better of his prudence. 

I thank you for your Intelligence about the 
Friends at Chagford & Observe the Joy, that luis 
taken place there at Holly Street, I cannot say it 
gives me any pleasure that the Family Estate 
should be out of its Right Channels, as I find its 
Like now to do, I would have made a proposal to 


the Old Gentleman my namesake, Could I have 
Introduced it in person or even by a Friend of 
which — I'll Signify my Plan now to you & if you 
can be of any Service in this affair, I shall think 
myself Happy. I dont know a Better Man to 
Communicate it to do than the Rev** M' Hayter my 

I presume when my Uncle John was married to 
Miss Burdall some Settlement was made to her 
Advantage, which was I Guess some one of his 
Estates or More & as he now has a daughter mar- 
ried & a grandchild, provision no doubt must be 
made for th<at, notwithstanding this I say the Estate 
May Still be Kept in the Family who to be Sure 
have the Best & Legal Bight to it — for in Liew 
of what this Settlement was or is to be, only Let 
the Estate be Left progressively to the Family & 
not divided — I'll find the Money to pay the 
Widdow & the Heirs of Hers Let the Sum be 
more or Less, this is a proposal which I am sure 
M** Rowe nor none of his Friends can Object too. 
Unless my Uncle should take it in his Head to Cut 
the Family altogether off — now if this could be 
so Manag'd by any Person who has any Prevalence 
with my Uncle, it would be of Great Advantage 
to my Bro Jos Children &c, as to myself you may 
plainly Discover that I can have No Benefit by it, 
having no Children but my view is to Stop if Possi- 
ble the Ancient Esbite at Least of Holly Street 
from departing from the name of Howe — I shall 
only say that your Judgment & prudence in Con- 


ducting this matter may be of Service. I am sorry 
to hear Bro*" Joseph has had so much Trouble with 
my Uncle Andr^ Estate. I hope he will soon get 
the Better of it, its a hardship on him to pay JC50 
pr Ann to his Widdow, however, my Uncle 
Andrews Design was grood & well disposed to his 
Eonsfolks — all but myself who thank God dont 
want it however a Little Notice I think might have 
been Taken. Some of these Old Fogrums, who I 
may say only pursue a Gropish disposition, never 
Consider the Yivacitys of youth & nature & its 
when once they are Fix'd, I suppose tis Harder to 
Break their Views as tis to Stop a Hog that Runs 
Bight forward. We have Just Rec'd the Advice 
of the King's Death & as you Say Great Joy must 
fill the Bre^ist of Every Englishman to have a 
prince Bom among them to Sit on the throne. 

You'l please to give my Compliments to M*" 
Toleher & believe me that I Remain D' Sister 
Your affectionate Bro' 


P.S. Added the SO'"" 

I send this Inclos'd to Bro' Robins who I have 
the pleasure of a Letter from this Day. 

[Nearly one hundred years later, in 1852-3, about 
£800 of the above-mentioned estate would have 
come to the last surviving son and daughter of Jacob 
Rowe through the death of "Uncle John's'' grand- 
daugliter, Miss Southmead, who died unmarried; 


but they being both over eighty yeara of age, and 
having all that they needed, relinquished their 
share in favor of the cousins in England.] 

Boston Jan'y C^^ 1701 
To Caf' EbW** CAlIIIili LONJ)ON 

I wrote some Letters pr Cap* Hunter & Cap* 
Dashwood both which are taken its Unlucky for 
me to have them both taken altho' I Lose nothing 
in fact. Yet as the prospect was good tis a Disap- 
pointment . . . M" llowe gives her Ccnnpliments & 
will be glad to know if Mess" Lane & Booth have 
pd you for the Sundrys you have been so land as to 
send her fi'om time to time & I take it very kind 
your Sending the papers & Magazines, they Divert 
an hour or Two every week. I shall be glad to 
hear how Gov' PownaU is Like to Fare whether he 
goes to So CaroUna or what he is doing at Lond"*. 
1 shall always esteem yr Commands & am with 
Truth your Sincere Friend & 

most humble Servant 


To His Exobllbnoy Maj'* Gbn. Amherst 
M' Joseph Green Merchant & Owner of the Ship 
Squirrell employ 'd both years as a Transport in his 
Maj'^ Service being now a Bankrupt & absconded. 


having first appointed John Rowe Esq'' & myself 
Assignees to Receive & Dispose of his Effects for 
the Sole Benefit of his Creditors, Among other 
Effects Assigned & made over to us in Trust by 
a LawfuU Conveyance, his Certificate for hire due 
on his Ship Squirrell which M' Green expected 
from your Excellency & had desired you woidd be 
pleased to forward it imder cover to M*^ Rowe. 
We are now to Request that you would do his 
Creditors the favour of Transn^itting the Certificate 
for the hire due, to us pr post that they may have 
the Benefit of y' am^ in proportion to their Demand. 
We are with all possible Respects Your Excellencys 
most Obed^ & humble Serv^ 
Boston Feb 1(^ 1761 

To Thos Saul Esq' Boston Feb'y l«th 1701 


I was favour'd with yours from Worster pr Wier 
& Shall Let oiu- friends know the Contents I hope 
this will meet you at New York, after I suppose a 
Journey of Fatigue. 

Yesterday my Brigg"* arrived from Bristol in 37 
Days — the Cap' tells mee that the troops for the 
Grnnd Expedition were disembarked that is stopt at 
Least for the present — the King of Prussia has 
made Overtures to the Queen of Hungary which 
our prints will acquaint you. I am sorry to teU 
you that Charles Apthorp has stop'd Jos Greens 


Certificates from taking their due Course for the 
Mouey Supply'd M' Green hy Nat Wheelwright — 
if this matter cannt be Remov'd it will be a heavy 
Stroke to me. The Instrument is very Strong & I 
am satisfyed Authentick Enough to Compell any 
Person (but such Great men as Gen* Amherst to 
fullfill the Contmct) & twill bo the Greatest hard- 
ship for me to Suffer. I should think Charles 
Apthorp might be soften'd by tellmg him how 
matters are Circumstanced — the Real truth is I 
shall Lose Great part of the value of this Certificate 
if withheld & I know that Charles will never Let an 
Old friend Suffer for the Sake of tlie Contractors, 
Suppose his Demand be ever so Just you will please 
to think this as Opportunity presents, & as you 
find his Pulse Beat, please to Inform mee thereof. 
My Best Wishes attend you & your Companions to 
whom my Compliments & Believe me that 
I Remain D"* Sir 

Your very hum Serv* 


To Jacob Rowb Boston March l«t 1701 

D' Bro' 
I have already answer'd all yours but one at 
hand for post of the 27** Jan*y. Am sorry for the 
miscarriage of Swathridge, as its a Damage to mee, 
liis Owner Jos. Green is gone off & Consideralde in 
Debt to nie, nothing Insured on this Yessell. I 


have wrote M' Weir a few Lines & IncWd his 
Acc^ Ciirr\ the paying money down for molasses 
& only 5 pr Cent is a poor affair & I hope he will 
Remit the Ballance if not already done, as I assure 
you my Business Requires it. ... I am Sorry Maj' 
Currie Should make any Difficulty about Trifles, 
if he dont Chose to Settle it Amiably don't Insist 
on it. 

The Draft you Sent me for 850 Doll" on M' 
Apthorp & Co is very acceptable & shall be Bro* to 
your Credit as you direct. I wish you may move to 
Montreal as you expect, twill be much better, as I 
Imagine ... am Sorry the Last Madeira was Chilly 
it all came out of one pipe . . . 

There is a son born at Holly street, which Sister 
Molly writes me has Caus'd great Rejoicings, tis 
Christened John Rowe (Southmead) which is the 
Gentleman's name that married my Uncles Daugh- 

Bro' Joseph is in a poor way at Chagford Town 
he has Losst his wife, is in poor Circumsbinces & 
Cannot pay my Draft on your Acc^ for the Ballance 
of the Legacy due to you. 

I Beg you'l have a Strict eye over Cap* John 
Malcom who is a Troublesome Fellow & has Be- 
hav'd very 111 to me ... I have no letters from 
Colo. Burton nor Lieu^ Roe which I must Ad- 
mire at. . . . Your Share of the House in England 
will am' to near thirty pounds sterl* which I shall 
Credit you for exact in your Acc\ ... I think I 
have wrote you fully & shall again Early in the 


Spring, all your Friends are well & desire their 
Compliments &c & I Remain 

Your very affect" Bro^ 


To Mess"" Hill, Lomab & Hill 

Boston March S'd 1761 

The Bearer Cap* Proctor being to Return home 
if he should andve in Safety with you, I desire 
you'll Send for him on my Ace* on his Return Two 
pipes of the Best Madeira. Let one of them be of 
the Tale Sort & the other the Deeper Color pmy 
be Caref idl that they are the Best & draw on Mess" 
Lane & Booth of London for the am* & I shall give 
these Gentlemen Order to Answer your bills for the 
same, as usual or if that should not Suit you, you 
may then draw on me here in favour of Bro' Liman 
or any other person & your Draft shall be duly 

The Last two pipes you sent me were not so good 
as what I had from you before but Guess it was 
then owing to the Vintage. These now are ordered 
for the use of myself & Friends so that you'l be 
more Care full about them. 

My good offices here are at your Commands. 

Being Gent", your very hum Serv* 



To Mb. David Vanhobne, New York 

Boston March 81>t 1761 
I Returned home on Wednesday I^ast, thank God 
very well but had a Tedious Joiu'ney Occasioned by 
having Carriages in Company & Bad Roads — pleas 
Sir, to accept my Grateful thanks for your Civilitys 
to me when in New York & I hope M"* Vanhome 
& Miss Polly will accept my Compliments &c . . . 
I shall always execute any of your Commands or 
Friends with Great pleasure & I Remain D' Sir 
Your very hum Serv* 


To CoLLo. Williamson Hohwn, March n\^ 17«1 

Dear Sir 

I Return'd to Boston Last Wednesday after a 
very Tedious Journey the Rhodes being very bad. 
Upon my Return I enquired for M" Joy in Your 
Service but found him not in Boston so presmne 
he is gone — had any Letters been in the post 
office I should have taken the Liberty to have 
opened them according to Your directions. 

I have had an oppor^ to see M*^ Spencer who is 
at present not able to come out of his Room — he 
has had his neck open'd by the Surgeons several 
times occasioned by a Swelling that has taken place 
there this matter, I beHeve, has at present prevented 
his affair of Matrimony. You'l please Sir, to accept 
my most Gratef ull thanks for your Khid Civilitys 


to me at New York & depend out that Gratitude 
shall always be the Tenor of my Actions. I shall 
always esteem Your Commands & shall give Atten- 
tion thereto when you'l please to honour me with 
them, being D' Sir 

Your very hum Serv* 


To Jacob Rowb Boston, April IQh 1761 

Dear Brother 
Since my Last of the 1'^ March wliich I sent 
under Cares of M' Appy via New York, I have 
your favour of the 20** & 21"' Feb y — its not in 
my power to Send you Either port or Lisbon Wine 
being none at market at present — you hint to mee 
that the Molasses affair will be soon Settled which 
will Certiinly Give mee great pleasure as you well 
know five pr Cent is not equall to advance of money 
so long. ... I am but got home from a journey to 
New York which hinders me from Sending you 
some things which I imagine would answer well at 
Quebeck but I shall send you some Beer very soon 
which will be very Good & the Books you write 
for, if its possible to get them. John Malcom has 
Brought his Action against the Underwriters for 
his Suppos'd Lofs. Wee were credibly told here 
that he Carried a Frenchman from Quebeck & went 
ashore at St. Barnabus, there he Traded, by that 
means Lost his Vessel, if this is true he deviated 
from his Policy & in Consquence cann't obtain his 


demand but if otherways he will be paid — this 
matter wants to be clear'd up, which yon'l do if 
you can by first opportunity after Receipt of this. 

Inclos'd I Send you a Letter for Lieu* Roe open 
which please to Seal & deliver him, you may keep 
the ace* in your hands & if the paymaster of their 
Regm* will draw for Ster* money on their Agent in 
London you may Give a Discharge for the Same. 
I have Lost more than my Commission for staying^ 
so Long out of my money & am determined never 
to engage any more in Such Affairs. Lieu* Roe 
desires it may be settled & I Beg it may be done 
M" Rowe, M' Inman & M" Inman are well & desire 
to be Remember'd & I Remain, D' Bro 

Yr Affectionate Friend & very hum Serv* 


Boston April 10^ 1761 
To LiBUT Harry Roe of the 48" Regm*^ at St. 
Anne's Near Troy River Middle Canada 

Dear Sir, 
I had Your favour of the 5** Feb'y — that you 
mention to have wrote before never came to hand. 
I am very glad to hear of your Welfare & Health 
& hope you'l soon enjoy not only the Name but the 
AdvantiVge of a Cuptiiiii's CoiuiiiisHioii. You'] 
know long before now that General Burton has 
got a Regem' to be form'd from Independant Com 
panys & Lieu* Colo. Murray is appointed your Lieu* 


I ani very sorry you Should have oecasiou to 
make any Complaint ab*" the Stock'" for Sir James 
Coekburnes Company, You will Know I Bought 
them & paid the money & twill be a Great Hard- 
ship on me to have after so long a time a Demur 
about them. I must beg the favour the money may 
be paid by bill of Exchange dmwn by your pay- 
master on the Agent at home & deliver'd to my 
Bro' who will discharge the same for my ace* & 
send it to me . . . M"* Rowe, M' Inman & Wife 
desire their Compliments & I Remain 
Your ailectionate Friend 

& Very hum Serv* 


Boston May 4^ 17G1 
To Cap' Edw° Cahill London 
Dear Sir 

I have your favour of the 12"* Dec' now before 
me & Should have answered it Sooner had not my 
Business Call'd me to New York which prevented it. 

I see you are Great Sufferers in the Insuring 
Way by the French Privateers, they have not Spar'd 
mee, liavuig taken Last year Hunters Snow & Jar- 
vis Ship both my Own & Dashwoods Ship One 
half tho I Really Loose no Great by their being 
taken, yet tis the Loss of a Good Prospect. ... I 
write my Friends Mess" Lane & Booth by this Con- 
veyance to pay you Seventy pouiidH which I Guess 
is about what I owe you, if it's more I'll give an 


order for it. I thank you for your news, Wee are 
very fond of it here which you know, therefore 
Newspapers will he always accepbihle. My Busi- 
ness at present is as much as I can well Accomplish 
& shall not puzzle myself again in any Large Con- 
cern of Navigation. All your Friends are well ex- 
cept Good M" Inman who has heen in a poor State 
of Health Sometime. If peace should take place 
you have some thoughts of paying us a Visit — bo 
Assur"^ Sir, all Your Friends vrill be glad to see 
you, more especially M" Rowe & your sincere and 
affectionate Friend 


To Jacob Rowb Boston Juno priino 1701 

Dear Brother 

I have this post at hand your favours of 18^ & 
21'* April also yr" of 3**^ May pr Cap* Hoppes — if 
Swathridge has sav* anything & you or Cap* Phil- 
lips have the Care Keep it till you hear further 
from me or M" Wentworth. I am very Glad M' 
Wier has sent me the Remittance of £900 Sterlg 
which I am Convinced he could not do before. 
Shall be glad of the Remainder as soon as possible 

My stay & Bussiness at New York prevented my 
Sending you Some things but I Intend it at first 
Leisure ... I dont know how Affairs will operate at 
Hollystreet but it seems the Ancient Estate is not 
to Remain in our Family for which I am very Sorry 
& if I can prevent it, no money shall be wanting to 
Carry it into Execution. 


I thauk you for speaking to Cap^ Stabo — pray 
get him to forward the Letter as I advised, twill be 
of great Service to me & I Cannot well Recover the 
Demand on the Generall without it. However I 
will endeavour to find Lieu^ Hutchins & get one 
from him. 

I finish'd my Bussiness as well as I could expect 
at New York, though not altogether to my mind. 
Please take notice that partnerships are sometimes 
attended with Great Inconvenience, if you can do 
without a partner I should think it best unless the 
prospect is very Great. I hope soon to lieceive a 
Letter from you to M*^ Rogers — these Cape Ann 
Chapps are very Bad & nothing but Law & Goal 
will suit them. Cap^ George Darby Commands the 
Devonshire Man of Warr & is going to Quebeck. 
I advise you to pay your Compliments to him he is 
a very good man & Let him know you are my 
Brother & should he want anything his bills are 
very good. 1 am y' Affectionate Bro' 

J R 

To Du W" CatherwOOD Boston July 6 1761 

Dear Sir 
I have at hand yr favours of 21'* & 28*** June pr 
post & am very much pleas'd your Tour to the 
Jerseys & Philadelphia was so agreeable & that you 
Like the Country — pray give my Service to your 
Companion Major Hamilton & tell him any good 
office he has to be done in Boston, will be done on 


his Commands. I find you are now on a Paiiy of 
Pleasure, with Colo. Delaney at Springfield. ... If 
you go to Long Island to Spend your Summer^ I 
wish you may Spend it to your Content. 

We have no certain ace^ of the f uU possession of 
Belle Isle but its Generally BelieVd — The Eirl of 
Egremount, Lord Viscount Stormout & S' Phillips 
York are our Plenipotentiaries at the Congpress to 
be held at the Imperial City of Ausberg. God 
grant their negotiations may fill the Breast of 
Brittons with Joy. Tis a mistery to us what Gen- 
eral! Amherst is to do with the ships that have been 
and are now taken up here. I guess that Matter will 
be Determined at the arrival of the packet which was 
to depar^ from Falmouth ab"" the 20*' May so tliat 
she may be in New York by the time this lleaches. 

I made your Compliments Acceptable to Colo 
Vassall who is our Sundays man, where your Com- 
pany will always be thought a pleasure. I also 
made your Complhnents to M' Aniiel, also M" 
Newton who has t!ie pleasure of her husband just 
arrived from Quebeck, whi(;li I guess will be very 
agreeable after five months absence. 

Poor B. Barrons the Collector is Suspend'd by 
that Old Fogriun Tjctchmere, the most Malicious 
thing that perhaps ever was done. I have no 
Occasions to tell you, wlience this arrives. The 
poor man is not only destitute of £600 Sterlg pr 
anum but his peace of mind is Broke & his health 
much Impaired, he is now Selling all his goods 
& bound home again to get Restor'd & I assiu*e 

(Susannah Speaknian) 


you no Reason of Consequence given for Suspend- 
ing him. 

I must now be a Little More Sei-ious, being very 
sorry to tell you that Last Tuesday died Good M" 
Inman to the Inexpressible Grief of Her Husband, 
iis also her Sister M"* Howe & I can venture to Kvy, 
1 Greatly Lament her m a good woman & Friend — 
but tis the Road we all must go sooner or later & 
therefore we must Content our Selves. 

It will always give me pleasure to hear from you 
& any Commands will always be taken care off — 
by D' Sir, 

Your very hum Serv* 


My Compliments to M' Wallace 

Vessell arriv'd Yesterday ui five weeks from 
England, brings no ace* of the arrival of M' Saul. 
I hope he is not gone to learn French. 

To THE Same Boston July 27ih 1761 

I shoidd have answer'd your favour on the 13*** 
Curr* but was out of Town — the Two Trunks & 
Beddmg &c shall be sent pr the True Briton Cap^ 
Searl & they shall be Directed to the Care of Our 
Friend M' Hugh Wallace, the Charges theron shall 
let you know I am oblig'd to you for your Good 
Ollices to Major Hamilton and Oliver Delaney & am 


Glad to hear the Pittsburgh affair is not to be 
depended On. M' Barrows is Like to be a Siicrifico 
to the Resentmen* of Old Fognini & 1 civnnot yet 
prevtiil on him to buckle too. I Pity him — but tis 
some Measure his own Faidt . . . M' Inman Bears 
his Loss with fortitude & M^ Rowe seems more 
easy than I could expect. She is well & desires her 
Compliments The Packett is not come yet therfore 
I Conclude all things are at a stand. Hancock is 
still taking up Transports to send round to York — 
pray give my Service to Cap* McKay, also to Colo. 
ElHot & Lady, I should have sent Colo Eliot some 
Wine for his Journey, but M" Rowe, being at that 
time at M" Inmans with her Sister who was very 111, 
prevented it, which I hope he will excuse. If you go 
to Ilarlum, I hope you'l Spend your time Agi-eeable 
to your desire — M' Jonge is not yet married to 
Miss Cottnam but is to be very soon. Elliot of the 
Royal has taken a Tripp to Hampton with Byard's 
yoimgest Daughter & is married. Burns of the 
48"' has done the Same with Miss Hicks of Sailem, 
he has ab** fifteen hundred pounds Sterlg. I shall 
take care of your Machine that you left with Dr 
Crosier & Send it with the other things. Mean- 
time, I Remain D' Sir, &c 


To Jacob Rowk Bosax)N July 24»h 1761 

D^ Bro' 
I have already wrote you for this day pr this 
Conveyance, to which I refer you M^ Perry has this 


Instant did me your Letter of the IG^** June. 
Your Draft for 150 Dollars I will pay him to Oblige 
you & I hope your New Affair with M' Walker may 
turn out to your Satisfaction, as it will be a pleasure 
to me always to hear of your Welfare. I make no 
doubt but you will Reimburse me at your Return 

I delivered your Letter to M"" Tasker & forwarded 
both them to Cape Ann. I expect Daniel Rogers 
in Town in a day or two when I shall settle with 
him — that affair of the Warehouse is a perplext one 
& will be attended with some Trouble & Charge. 

We have lately Buried poor M" Inman therefore 
you may Judge of the Distress of him & her Sister 
& I am not a Little Troubled — it is a great Loss. 
The Inclos'd is from Exeter & your sister Mary was 
well ab** six weeks ago. 

You'l please to give my Compliments to M' 
Walker your partner, any services I axu do you here, 
shall be done with pleasure. 

I remain. Your affectionate Brother 


To Henry Newton Esq" Boston Sept 3^ 17gi 

Yesterday I Rec'd both your Letters of the 14*'' 
& 23'"* Aug**. I am oblig'd to you for your Re- 
gards for me & am glad you think I did as every 
Man ought to do in your Situation but no Argu- 
ments or Reason will turn a Hog from Running 


I have according to your Request p** your good 
Mother eighty Dollars. ... I will at all times Send 
you anything you order from hence, that I can get 
here & shall be veiy glad to Continue our friend- 
ship. M' Amiel is soon going abroad. I think his 
Prospect is good, if the providence Privateers do 
but Let him go in the Right path. 

I am on all Occasions, Dr Sir, 

Your Friend & very hum Serv* 


To Jacob Rowe Boston Sept 18th 1761 

D' Brother 
Since the foregoing am favor'd with yours of 8^ 
& 23** Jidy & Sept. As to Brandy it will fetch 
here a Dollar pr Grallon but if you Send any, it 
must be Regularly clear'd — as to M' Roe's Be- 
haviour, its not only Unjust but Cruel & Neglect- 
full, however as he is now at New York, I'll get 
him if possible to settle it there. M™ Rowe is well 
pleas'd with your present but it happen'd to Come 
just at the Death of her Sister which was Some- 
thing Unlucky. ... I am very glad to hear you are 
to Remain in the Victualling Office, I assure you it 
gives me pleasure. I bike notice what you Siiy 
ab" Bro' William's alfairs — as 1 have given them 
Gent*" he Liv'd with, a Smart Letter, I guess they'll 
be silent on his affairs in future. . . . tis very surpriz- 
ing Cap^ Phillips has not transmitted Swathridge's 
Ace* I Cannot Recover the Insurance on him with** 


it all but I sliall Run the Risque & Ti*ausmit you 
M*^ Wiers Acc^ in my Next. 

Our Sister Molly was well ab° ten months 
[weeks?] ago & so was all the Rest of the Family. 

Let me hear from you as often as Possible which 
will Oblige, D' Brother 

Yours alFectionately 

To Thos. Saul Esq* Boston, Oct 20h 1761 

Dear Sir 

I have but just Received your Letter of the 6*' 
June, am glad to hear you were so Lucky to get 
home Safe — thank you for your advices about 
Belle Isle etc. I think the British Arms have made 
a great figure this year which I Conclude will bring 
on the peace Quicker than expected. I wish M' 
Pitt &c may Iiold their Resolution & keep all North 
America — the Settlement of Nova Scotia goes on 
very fast & its my Opinion they'll have as much a 
share in the fishery of America as any other of the 
provinces & Cap* Sam* McKay of the 40** is Major 
of the 3'** Battallion of Royal Americans Dr Cather- 
wood was very well two posts since Twelve Regfi- 
ments are encamp'd on Stattin Island — the troops 
are very Healtliy & no person knows the Intention 
of the General. 

You will not be disappointed when I tell you 
that M' Benj" Barrons is again suspended by M' 
Ijctchmere, tis a Cruel hardship on him, I dont 
spe^ik as a party man, but Really as I think. You 


will make use of this Intelligence if you Continue 
your Design of trying for that Birth. Colo Vas- 
sall & all Friends & Acquaintances are very well & 
have desired me to make their Compliments ac- 
ceptable to You. I Assure you your good & 
Friendly offices to me shall always & on ail Occa- 
sions of Service be Sincerely Remembered 
by D' Sir, 
Your most hum Serv' 


Boston Oct 19»"» 1761 
To Colo Jbdediah Pbeblb at Falmouth [Port- 
I have now before me your Letter of the 2S^ 
Sep* Last. When I wrote you my Last Letter I 
did it out of Good will to you & did not know in 
what manner to tell you of it without & am fully 
Sensible you never Intended anything & which the 
Conimisary 1 beHeve is fully Convinced olT. I sluill 
at all times Render you any Service in my power & 
had I known of your Vessells Preceding to Phila- 
delphia I should have given some Freight but I had 
promised same to your Son before also some to An- 
other Friend therefore you'l Excuse it this time.^ 
I am Sir, your very hum* Serv* 


1 Jedediah Preble, secoDd, and Jacob Rowe afterwards married 
sisters Avis & Penelope Phillips, daughters of Captain John and 
Anne (Engs) Phillips. 


To Mess" Lank & Booth Boston Oct 18* 1761 
I must again Request your Attention with the 
Comm' of his Majesty's Navy Respecting the Loss 
of the Hunter Sloop, Cap^ Annis, for its out of my 
power to get the Master try'd by a Court Martial, 
he is gone from this place & where to find him at 
present I dont know & even if he was here, there 
are no Men of Warr nor Officers to Compose a Court 
Martial & I have try'd all possible means to get 
him here to go to Hallifax, but to no Effect, there- 
fore I must desire you make another appUcation to 
the Commissioners of the Navy & I dare say they 
must get over the Ceremony of Court Martial espe- 
cially as I have found Cap^ Stobo at New York 
who was Passenger on Board him at that time 
going Express from Generall Wolf to Generall Am- 
herst & I inclose you his Certificate of his Beha- 
viour which Corresponds with liis Protest, therefore 
as this is all the Proof I Can Come at, I hope the 
Commissioners will not delay the payment Longer. 
I am on all Occasions Gen'" 

your very hum Serv* 



These are to Certify all whom it may Concern 
that I Robert Stobo, Ca]>tain in his Majesty's Fif- 
teenth Regiment of Foot, Came Passenger with 
Cap^ Annis in the Sloop Hunter from Quebeck 


Express from General Wolfe to General Amherst, 
that on the Passage we were taken by some French 
Cruisers & Carried into Beaver Harbour from 
thence we came to Hallifax & that s^iid Captain 
Annis did all he Cou'd to Keep Clear & Defend 
said Sloop from being taken. Given under my 
hand in the Camp on Stattin Island 

this y"* of Sept' 1761 


To M* M" Robins Boston Oct 19H 1761 

D' Bro' & Sister 

I have your Tjetters of the 26** June & 1** July 
Last & find you had mine with One IncWd for 
Sister Tolclier — I did not mean to purchase aii 
Estate from Uncle John, all my view was, to pay 
any Sum he might have Engaged his Estate 
for to his prasent Wife, Tn order to presei*ve his 
Engagements & not let the Ancient Esbite go out 
of the Family Channell, hut if this Cannot be done 
Let it Rest as it shall please him. 

I am sorry to find Bro' Joseph's Affairs so En- 
cumher'd, Let me know what he has Left Unsold 
& the value he puts upon his Estate & I then Shall 
he some «Judge of his Designs & what his Intentions 
are, whether he will dispose of them or not. 

I have always thought of paying you a Visit but 
M'^ Rowe will not Consent to it & therefore I dont 
at present expect it. M" Rowe Returns her thanks 


to M' Tolcher & Spouse for Remembering her & I 
shall write them very sooii.^ 

If it should come peaceable terms I may venture 
to give you a Small order in your way but my ware- 
house is at present overstock'd with all Sorts of 
English goods so that I must at present defer it. 
1 am Sony for the Misfortune of M' Joseph Rowe 
& more so for his wife, who I was personally ac- 
quainted with. I Cannot venture to give him any 
Encouragement, please to give My Service to him 
& tell him, I would do him any Service or good 
Office in my power, but I Cannot pretend to 
Recommed him without bemg acquainted with 
his Abilitys. the Letter he Sent me is very 
Modest & humble, but tis Impossible as I have 
said above, to make an Agreement unless he was 
on the spott & that is a matter to him so uncertain 
that I should think he had better attempt some 
Employment among his Friends at home than come 

M" Rowe is very well & so am I but we have 
Lately Lost M" Inman who was Sister to my wife & 
the Loss is very great, being without any Exaggera- 
tion, a very good & Valuable Woman, therefore the 
Loss so much the Heavier; tliis is the tryall we 
all must Bear, but the Loss of a Valuable Friend & 
Relation sits Heavier, than a stranger Can well 

Pray Remember me to Aunt Bennet & Family & 

> Trobably ilio immiiiK of ilioir iiirnntilaiiKli(.4)r Iliiiiimh Tor Mi's. 


all other Enquiring Friends & be assured that I 

D' Bro' & Sister 

Your most affection Bro' 


To Joseph Woodmass Esq* Boston Oct 26th 1701 
D' Sir 
I have already wrote you by this Conveyance to 
which I Crave Reference & is the Answer to Your 
favour of the 4***. I am now to answer Your favour 
of the 19''' Delivered me this Minute by Cap* Deb- 
bege who arrived very Luckily Yesterday, for Last 
Night we have had a Violent Gale of wuid, the 
Hardest I ever heard, a good Deal of Damage is 
done at the wharffs, Many Chimneys, Barns Fences 
&c are blown down, 1 am afraid of the Conse- 
quences at Sea, which at present we Can Only 
Judge ab** 

I shall pay your bill to M' pantroe for 300 Dol- 
lars, also your Letter of Creditt to Cap* Hays in 
favour of M' William Vance. . . . 
I am, D' Sir 

Yr Very hum. Serv* 



To Lieu' Rob Boston Oct 26h 1761 


I have Repeated Letters from M^ Yanhorne ad- 
vising me you want to throw the goods Left at 
Quebeck on my hands, I protest I Could not have 
thought you Coidd have Attempted such a thought. 
You tell M' Vanhorne that you never see the 
goods that was put up for you, pray Sir, Recol- 
lect Your memory — was not these goods shipt in 
your sight in the true Britton, Cap* Searle, was 
they not by your Order put in the Ship Loose & in 
a Careless Manner & the Reason You AUedged for 
it was because he could not stow away the same in 
Casks — did not you then proceed to sea & after 
having foul we^ither Return back again m three or 
four weeks — was not the goods Brought again to 
my store Loose, was not some of them Missing & 
some of them Damaged, how can you be so unjust 
as to say you never saw them. 

Pray M' Roe liave a Little more Care of your 
Reputation, I must say I did not expect such Treat- 
ment from you, as I took much pains to serve & 
Oblige you. 

Cap* Nickolls told me you were wilUng to pay 
my demand when CalFd for, I am very sorry to 
find you have not done it, I must therefore Insist 
on your doing it, which will very much oblige 
Your very hum Serv* 



Prom Liku' Rob ^^ Aug I76i 

After a Long tedious Passage of 50 days we 
Arrived here (Quebeck) safe^ but to Our no small 
Mortification, found that all the Troops that could 
be spared from the Grarrison were form'd into Two 
Grand Divisions & had gone up the River a week 
before we Amv'd, the first under the Command of 
Brigga*'' Bm*ton, the Second, Murray, all the Par- 
ishes on the South Shore come into them, take the 
Oaths & Lay down their Arms ; 14 Days ago, the 
first Division pass'd Three Rivers, the Second Im- 
mediately Followed. Lord RoUo has since come 
up with Murray & the Troops from Louisburg — 
from our Last Ace" they were at Anchor at Isle a 
Issee (?) waiting a wind to cai-ry them up to M' 
Leal — they have a Noble Train of Artillery tho* 
the British Lyon Received his Drabing on the 
Twenty Eight of April, yet he has Recovered his 
Spirits & declares he'll never Couch to a disorderly 
Peasantry, unless they Ambuscade him, because the 
third time, our Troops are as eager for Battles as 
ever. A Market is established here to which the 
french bring in what the Country round produces 
& receive in Return, bread, beef flour & Salt. The 
English Mercli** here are not Admitted to tmde ixa 
yet with the french. Your Bro"^ 1 have enquired 
after, he is well but up the River — our paymaster 
was Gone up before wee arriv'd, which Occasions 
my want of Bills for Am^ of your Siun. I expect 
him shortly when I shall remit you. In my next to 


you 1 shall give you an Acc^ of the Compleat Con- 
cjuest of Canada, I hope so — pmy Present my best 
Compliments to M" Rowe, M' M" Inman & 
I am, D' Su- 
Your Very hum*" Serv^ 


To M* Peter Hubbbrt Boston Nov 12th 176I 

On the 8*** Instant I wrote you in Answer to 
yours pr post, since which have got Insurance on 
Cap* Telighnian for £475 a G pr Cent — he is now 
at Maiiins (?) Vineyard after having met with Very 
hard Gales of whid and had a Passage there up- 
wards of 30 Days. I Rec'd a Letter from him this 
morning, he has lost his Bowsprit & says he is 
afraid some of his Cargoe is damag'd. There are 
upwards of 40 Sail of Vessells at the Vineyard now 
waiting for a wind to Come Round You may de- 
pend ont I shall always Consider your Interest as 
my Own 

I am &c 

To Joseph Woodmass Esq Boston Nov 19th 1761 


... I now Inclose you a Letter for the Hon*'* 

M' Belcher which 1 have from Andrew Oliver Esq"" 

Secretary of Our Province & in it is IncWd a 


Mediterranean Pass No 2163 Sign'd by the three 
Lords of the Admiralty Namely Anson, Hunter & 
Forbes which I have Signed a Rec* for, which you 
must deliver to the Lieu' Govr" & get him to give 
you a Receipt, which you'l please Transmit to me 
here that I may Cancell my Rec' or otherways de- 
sire his Honour to Signify by Letter to our Secre- 
tary above nam'd tliat he has Rec"* it . . . This is a 
favour done for me & I hope its for Your Self or a 
particular Friend as I was Oblig'd to make Literest 
therefore — the other Necessary papers are Liclos'd 
with the Mediterranean. . • . 

To Hbioiy Newton Boston Nov 19th 17C1 


I have now before me Your favoiu* of the 22"* 
Oct' & have wrote my Friend at Marblehead to pur- 
chase me three Quarter Casks of Lisbon, none is to 
be had in Boston — when I get them come to hand, 
I will sent you two of them & the other one shall 
be sent to yoiu' good Mother who is very well. 

I have Ordered my Friend at Roxbury to Look 
out for Venison & had one hind Quarter purchased 
but was Oblig'd to make use of it, as the wind & 
weather has been so wet & damp that twas time it 
should be Eat. 

I am with much Esteem 

To M* BakNISTBB. Bo8Ton, Dec 7h 1701 

In the first place you'l give me Leave to Return 
your many thanks for your Civilityes at Rhode 
Island, but I acknowledge you'l say with good 
Reason, I should have done it before, hope you'l 
Excuse it &c. I now Inclose you a Coppy of the 
Invoice of M' Benj" Booth's Bed which I assuie 
you is a very Good One & in good order & am 
sure twill please M" Bannister to whom please to 
give my Compliments. We are very well & 
M" Rowe Joyns with me, with best Respects &c 
I Remain D' Sir 
Your most hum Serv' 


Boston Dec 7* 1761 
To M' David Vanhobnb at Nbw Yobk 
I Return you many thanks for your Endeavours 
to get me Justice done with M' Roe I hope that 
Spark may yet in some part or other of the world be 
still Obliged to do me Justice. Be so kind as to 
send me M' Roe's Original on his Acc^ & the Letter 
he wrote me from Quebeck. He says that his 
friends in New York would pay what he designed to, 
has he Left any Order with any person or was it 
Only a put oil. I should be glad to know who he 
m<ade his Correspondent at New York & whetlier he 
left any such orders or not. I have given Joseph 


Greenleaf 8 note of hand to M' Otis the Lawyer who 
will put it in Suit as you have Ordered 

I Remain, D' Sir 

Boston Dec 20>' 1761 
To Mess** Lank & Booth London 
... If Mess" Quarrells don't pay the Ballance of 
my Acc^ as its stated, you may let them know, Fli 
tiy it here where the proofs are & this they may 
depend on if it's not settled by your Next Answer, 
for my own Part I Cannot tell what they mean by 
such Shuffling ... T am very sorry for Edw* Quin- 
cy's detention at Bayonne as a Ransomer for the 
Ship Prince George, as to Cap^ Blake if he does suf- 
fer he may thank himself for it — it seems to me 
that the Gentlemen Concern'd might get that Ran- 
som Settled without making so much difficulty. 
We dont know how or in what Situation it Stands 
as there are no Letters from the Company of Mess" 
Kilby Barnard & Parker who were the Principal! 
Shippers ... I wish you the Compliments of the 
Ensuing Season & Remain with Sincere Regards, 

Your very hum Serv* 



To Jambs Otis Esq Boston, Dec 24th i76l 


I Rec"^ a Letter from M' Perez Tillson & he tells 
me that by your advice you have Brought a Writ 
in my name against Colo. Doty & him & he desires 
it may be carried on. I have no Objection to it 
provided it does not Literfere with my Design of 
M' Tillson, that can be imjust, if Colo. Doty is 
Obliged to pay one half the Debt that's due me. I 
dont see any Reason that he should not but whether 
he's Oblig'd or not M' Tillson best knows & if the 
action should fail he must Endemnify me for the 

I shall always Render you any Service in my Power 
& Remain your hum Serv^ 


To M" John Amibl Boston Dec 20th 17C1 

We have several of your Letters & are Glad to 
hear of your Safe Arrival & dare say you'l do the 
best you can for our Interests. We are very glad 
you have made a good Sale of the Cai'go & we shall 
Lisure the Briggatine home again but we hope She 
will arrive Safe that we may have an Opportunity to 
Return her to you. You may depend upon our 
pursuing your Schooner provided it becomes a Peace 
which will be very soon or otherways a Spanish 
Warr but 1 Iiope the first will take place. M" 
Amiel is in Good Health as are all the Family. 


ColP Inman Joynes in Compliments & I Remain in 
Behalf of M' Erwin & myself. Sir 

Your very hum. Serv* 


If it should be a peace we shall get the Schooner 
you propose built on Purpose for that Trade. 
There's now no Risque from the providence priva- 
teers they are all call'd in from molesting the Mount 

To Hbnry Nbwton Esq* Boston Pebr 13Ui 1702 


... I have p"* your Good Mama Newton one 
poimd five shillings & 4*" that she p* for Postage 
for your Ace' 

I Congratulate you on the Good Success of your 
Bro' Thomas. I spent the Last Evening with M"* 
Amiel & the Old Lady. M" Amiel will very soon^ 
I believe make another addition to your Family. 
The Last news from England seems to portend a 
Spanish Warr which will be no Service at present to 
this part of Americii, sliould it take place. Any 
further Commands Shall Always be executed with 
great pleasure by D' Sir 

Your very hum Serv* 



To Mess"" Lane & Booth Boston Febr 24«» 1762 


... I am not surprised at your prudence in Stop- 
ping your progress in Shipping so very Largely, 
therefore I am of a diffei'ent Opinion from some 
Sanguine people among us & that is, that the Trade 
here, especially Last year, had not heen Greatly 
overdrawn. I must think Othenvays & you form 
some Judgment hy your Remittances . . . 

I am sorry to see a paragraph of your Letter to 
our friend Tho' Green, Relatmg to the Dispute be- 
tween M' Letchmere & M' Barrons, it gives great 
Uneasiness to most of us to See the Usage & art, 
has been made use off to desti*oy, I must say, an 
honest man, however, I find truth & virtue cannot 
withstand the force of Power. Wee find the Merch** 
have been pretty Roughly handled in a Representa- 
tion from our Governour, as you have a Letter from 
our Conunittee you'l be able to form a Judgment 
from it, however, I sliall Esteem it a favour you 1 
do what's necessary to Support our Reputation & 
Lett me add to get a Coppy of the Governoui's Rep- 
resentation I Remain 

with Esteem Genf" 

To Jacob Rowb Boston March 29^ 1762 

D' Bro' 
This day is come to hand yours of the 16''' Feb'y 
wiUi your Acc^ of what has passed between us Since 


your Residence at Quebeck which I will Examine & 
if Right will note in Conformity. . . . Cap' Gibbs Our 
Mutual Friend died Suddenly about Ten days past. 
I dont Send your Ace* till my Next {is I Cannot tell 
how Matters Stand at Cape Ann & Nothing will 
do but Employing a Lawyer^ no purchase, no pay. 
As its now Warr with Spain I presume you'l not 
have Leave of Departure for Some Time & as yonr 
Situation at Quebeck Seems to be ho much to your 
Advantage I think your Own Prudence will deter- 
mine you to Stay as Long as you Can. It gives me 
g^reat Pleasure to Find M' Murray is your Friend. 
You will for your Own Reputation cultivate it & by 
no means trouble your Self in any disputes that 
may happen. As you purpose to go into Business 
with what you Iiave Acquired, Let me give you this 
Advice, give as Little Credit as Possible. 

Our Friend M' Tudor is dead & M' Freeman has 
given a bill on you for His Ballance which also 
please to send i)r First Opportunity. . . . 

M" Rowe Joyns with me in our Wishes for your 
further Success & I Remain, D' Jacob 

Your affectionate Bro' 


To Dr CathbrwOOD Boston April Oih 1702 

I had a Letter from our Friend Dick Willtshire, 
who tells me you were well & severall of my Fi*iends 


& tis great Joy to most of us that the Reduction of 
Martiuico was Accomplished in so Little time & so 
few men Lost. I send you by the Opportimity a 
Letter from Our Friend Woodmass which was des- 
tin'd to Reach you at New York. I had a Letter 
from M' Saul per Last Packett, he mentions nothing 
of seeing New England <igain. Hurd is expected 
in a Ship from London by whom I shall hear fur- 
ther from him. Yesterday Arrived a Vessell from 
Bristol, the Captain says Admiral Saunders has 
taken a Galloon worth half a Million, which is Con- 

The Empress of Russia is Dead. 

The Spaniards were Marching Three Armies in 
Three Divisions into the Kingdom of Portugall 
because the Portugese would not declare Warr 
against England & the Portugese have made a De- 
mand of Twelve Thousand Ljuid Forces & Twenty 
Sail — Men of Warr, from us for their Defense. 
This is a piece of Policy of our Friends The French 
who think themselves 111 Treated by our not Com- 
plying with theu' Terms of Peace &c The Certificate 
you got me from Cap^ Stobo *has had the Desired 

You'll be Kind enough to Remember me to all 
our Friends & believe me that I shall always be Olad 
to hear from you & of yoiu* welfare & 
I Remain D' Sir, 

Y' very hum** Serv* 



To Mbss" Lanb & Booth Bostoh April 8*1762 

. • . The Sudden & Unexpected News of the 
Spanish Warr lias Alann'd Us here & the Fisheiy 
will not go with the Same Spirit as before & we 
that have Large Demands on the Shoreman miist 
make the Best Settlement we Can. the West In- 
dies will take of Large Quantitys, & a g^eat deal 
more than Usual Since Martinico is in our Hands 
— the Orenadas, St Lucia St Vincent must of 
Consequence Submit. ... I have made your Sen- 
timents known to my Friends in the Fish Way & 
hope they'll Follow your Advice, tis Certainly the 
most prudent Way. I Remain vdth Sincere Esteem 

Boston April 9*^ 1762 
To M* John Instrow & Co 
. . . Your Demand on the Court of Admiralty 
is Still Unsettled Occiisioned by Andr"* Belcher 
Esq" the Reg^ter being now Sick & has been ever 
Since I had your Demand. As soon as he gets 
abroad, I shall get it settled . . . 
I am Gent*" 


Boston April 10*h 17G2 

D' Sir 

I am Much Obliged to you for your Letter of the 
25*** Feb'y & more particukrly of your Ace* of Mar- 
tinico which turns out pretty near as the General 
has wrote. I should hcive been Glad to have Em- 
braced the Opportunity to send you a Yessell but did 
not think Convenient to Engage in any Further 
Concern in Navigation especiaUy as the Spaniards 
have had Independence enough to Cause a Delara- 
tion against them & 'tis very probable they'll Re- 
pent of it. 

Our Navy is now so well train'd to Conquer that 
it seems very few of their Navigation can Escape 
us. I am very glad that M" Willtshire has got her 
health again at Bristol. M' Inman is well & desires 
his Compliments as does M" Rowe. 

The Last News from England brings Advice of 
the Empress of Russia being dead which is pre- 
sum'd will favour the King of Prussia. Seems as 
tis said, the Empress pursued her measures out of 
some personal Pique Shewn her by the King of 
Prussia & the Duke of HoUstein has always fav- 
our'd him as far as prudence would Admit. 

Admiral Saunders has taken a Spanish Galloon 
bound into Cadiz. 

The Eling of Spain seems to take his Revenge by 
Invading Portugall, this if it takes Effect will stop 
Ltirgc sums of Money being sent to England as 
usual & when money begins to be scarce in England 


twill be Difficult to maintain so Large a Body of 
Troops in Germany as are now in tlie pay of Gresit 
Britton, however the House of Commons promises 
to Support His Majesty & tlio, M*" Pitt does not 
Publiekly act, yet the Politicians Say his Schemes 
are pursued. If at any time I can serve you here 
I shall do it with pleasure, being with sincere Es- 
teem D' Sir 

Your very hum Serv' 


Boston April 7^ 1762 
To Mbss" Maynb, Bowrn & Maynb Lisbon 
. . . The Spaniards having published such a Man- 
ifesto has Oaus'd the Court of Great Brittain very 
justly to declare against them & I dont at all doubt 
but we shall make them Repent of their Insolence. 
Martinico is now in Possession of the English & the 
Troops that are now in America, may Easily Con- 
quer Hispaniola which if the Ministers should give 
Attention too, may make the Spaniards a little 
humbler. Whenever I see an Opportunity, I shall 
Venture a Cargo to Lisbon but at present there is 
a poor prospect. I Remain, Gent*' 


Boston April 7ti> 1762 
To Mess*' Lane & Booth 
. . . M" Rowe begs the favour you'll procure her 
One doz" of Common Table Cloths, Two pounds of 


Green Tea & Foiir Pair of Black Calamanco Pumps, 
the Same as the Last you sent from Ridout & Davis 
& Two pes of Sheeting of a Middling Price, not 
very fine nor very Coarse. ... I Remain, with much 


Yr very true Serv* 


Boston April 27«»> 1762 
To Cap' Joseph Dommett 
Yesterday Our Government Laid an Embargo on 
all Provisions & Gunpowder, which we thought 
proper to Advise you off that you may Regulate the 
Sales of your Cargoe. . . . 

Your Wife & Family are all WeU 

We are yoiu* very hum Serv^ 

(Henry Bbomfield) 

To Henry Newton Esq" Boston May 22nd 1702 

... I fancy the Spaniards will Repent their precip- 
itate Engagement with the French which has been 
the Mciins of us Breaking with them & the English 
Nation, I believe, was Right to Resent their Be- 


Admiral Peacock is certainly arrivd at Barbadoes 
with Lord Albermale & Six Thousand Troops, 
they are to take a Number more from Martinico 
with the ships that can be spar'd to proceed to Ha- 
vanna. As Havanna or Cuba is a Healthy Island, 
the Troops will not Run the Risque of the West 
Indies this Summer & Exercise will help their 
Health. Your Mamma & M" Amiel & Family are 
well — the Spanish Warr has Broke up M' Anders 
prospects at Monte Christo which I believe would 
have been very Beneficial. M" Rowe desires her 
Respects to you & M** Newton & I Remain on aU 
Occasions, D' Sir 

Your very hum Serv* 


One of M' Pococks Fleet took in her Passage 
out to Barbadoes a French East Indiaman home- 
ward Bound, very Rich 

Mess** Lank & Booth Boston May 30u» 17(U 

I have just time to tell you your favoui-s of the 
5'*" & 18** March have this day heen delivered mo 
pr Roger Hale Esq" our New Collector. Your 
Recommendation of him to me I much Esteem. I 
shall make it my Study to Show him any Civility I 
am Capable of & also do him any Good Offices in 
my Power. . . . 


I have wrote my Bro' Jacob to forward the Cer^ 
tificate wanted for tlie half to you & hope with 
your Application & mine, he will accomplish it to 
the end desired. . • . 

Your very hum Serv* 



Adams fanifHi^s, 25. 

Adams, Julin, 5, 27, 28, 'M\ no, 107, 
100; mombor of iowirs com- 
mittco to draw iiistriicUoiis 
for the representatives,^ 1(jG;_. 
IKl, 190; chosen a member for 

' the town, 204 ; 220, 2:^5 ;^chosen 
councillor ana negativcxlj 245;, 
town's committee, 270 ;~ re- 
chosen councillor and nega- 
tived, 272; one of committee 
of five (.o tlu* (}eueral (Jon- 
gross, 27(»; one of tliree ai>- 
|H)inted by the Continentals 
to hold conference witli Lord 
Howe and General llowe, 318. 

Adams, Miss, 314. 

Adams, Rev., of Roxbury, 202. 

AdaiDs, Samuel, chosen repre- 
sentative, 16; ICs 27; tire ward, 
56; chosen clerk of the House, 
97; 112: one of committee of 
General Court, 115; rechosen 
repress* ntative, ll»2: one f»f 
committee of twenty-one to 
wait on Gov. Hernanl, KKi ; 171, 
172; petition granted in town 
meeting, 183; rechosen repre- 
sentative, 202, 215, 227; waits 
upon consignees of tea with 
Sons of Liberty, 253; 263, 270; 
speaks for Committee of Cor- 
respondence in debate in town 
meeting, 276; 317; rechosen 
representative, .'{28. 

Affray between the oflicers and 
the town house watch, 289. 

Acar, Rev. Mr., 91, 

Aiken, Capt, of the Swan, man- 
of-war, 241. 

Airy, Capt., 214, 220, 234. 

Allen, .lohn, Ksq., 200. 

Ames, Levi. Iiange<l, 252. 

Amherst, Major-gen., 385. 

Amiel family, 40. 

Amiel, .lohn, :n, 72, 8«, 102, 107, 
108; and wife. 111, 121 ; i:t:t, I3S), 
142. 147. 149, ;«3, 396, 413, 422. 

Amiel, Miss, 52. 

Amory family, 25, 47. 

Amory, John, 116, 20R, 213, 242, 

Amory, Jonathan, 116, 122. 
Amory, Mrs., sponsor for Mr. 

Parkei-'s child, 32H. 
Amory, Thomas, M; marriage 

of, <»; 125, IW; two months' 

exile at Waltham, 315. 
Anderson, James, 274. 
Andrews, Henjamin, 325. 
Andrew.s, Joseph, 118. 
Annet, Capt., 315. 
Annis, Capt., 400. 
Antrobus, Capt., 6:1. 
Apiileton, Nathaniel, lo:t, 2.39, 

243, 244, 24!), 310. 326. 
Appleton, Rev. Mr., 130, 207. 

Appy, Mr., 371. 
Apthorp family, 25, .34. 
Apthorp, Charles Ward, 72, 120, 


Apthorp, George, 37. 83, 88, 91. 
Apthor))* John, ana lady, 149, 

17.3, 185, 214. 
Apthorp, Ikladam, 121, 1.34, 17.3, 

Aptliorp, Mr., of Cambridge, 61. 
Apthorp, Nathaniel, 149. 
Apthorp, Robert, 134, 145. 
Apthorp, Thomas, 28, 88, 125, 

133, 134, 149, 156. 
Apthorp, William, 2a 
Artillery election. 83, 98, 133, 

204, 274. 
Ashburn, Capt, 65, 68, 105, 106, 

142, 144. 
Ashers, Joseph, 4. 
Ashley, John, Ksq., 16a 
Ashley, Jno., Jr., 16a 
Assembly prorogued, 153. 
Astor, Mr., 160. 
Atherton, Miss, 21 a 
Atkinson, Mr., ailmirars secre- 
tary, 220, 240, 249, 251, 274. 
Atkinson, Mrs., 175. 
AtwocMl, Capt., m*. 
Auchmooty, Rev. Mr., 85, 86, 87. 
Auchmooty, Robert, judge of 

a<lmiralty, 73, 77, 79, 94, 224, 




Auchmu^ family, 2S, 40, 47. 
Austin, Benjamin, 243, 244, 240, 

2(i0, 272, »ia 
Austin, Mr., of Gliarlestown, UO, 

Austin, Samuel, 144, 22^ 260, 308, 

Avery, John, 35, 0!), 171, 105. 
Avery, John, Jr., 157. 
Ayescough, Capt., 26a 
Ajres, Henry, 51, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66. 

Babcock, Col. Adam, 323; mar- 
riage of, 327. 

Bacon, Rev., 27,236. 

Baddock, Col., 322. 

Badger, Abel, a great rogue, 183. 

Baker, Dr., 149, 183. 

Baker, Jno., 202. 306. 

Baker, Mr., of Westborough, 

Baker, Thomas, 205. 

Balch, Mr;. 231. 

Baldwin, Cyrus, 302. 

Balfour, Capt., of the 4th Regi- 
ment, 284. 

Ball, Capt., 122. 

Banks, Capt., of the Renown, 

Banks, Commmloro, .311. 

Bannister, Mr., ejectment suit, 

Barber, Nat., 37, 172, 242, 253. 

Barbers' insurance oftice, 171. 

Barclay, Capt., of the Salisbury, 
200, 210. 207. 

Barker, Mr., 344. 

Barnard, Rev., of Marblohead, 
42, 170. 

Barnard, Rev., of Ssiloni, 162. 

Barnard, Rev., of JlavcHnll,!>7. 

Baniat, John, 78. 

Barnes, Ciipt., iHl 

Barnes, Uonry, of Marlborough, 
131, 137, 148. 

Barr, Rev., of Newbury, 178, 180, 

Barrat, John, 105, 210. 

liarrat, Samuel, 276. 

Barrett, Bishop, 218, 

Barrington, Lord, :t70. 

Harrons, Mr. lionjaniin, IVtil, :U)6, 
377, aiMi, 401, 415. 

Barry, Col., toast to, 126. 

Bai-thlet, Capt., 65, 66, 335. 

Barthlet! John, the tailor, 200. 

Barton, Samuel, 143. 

Battery at Phipps' farm, 200. 

Battery on Cobler's Hill, 
Charlestown, 3ii0. 

Battery on Fort Dill, 304. 

Battery on the hill on Dorches- 
ter Neck, 300. 

Battery on Nook Hill, Dorches- 
ter Neck, 304. 

Bayley, Rev., of Kennebeck, 136. 

Beach um, Mr., 34a 

Ikuuifort, Duke of, commission 
from, 17a 

Beaver, Capt. Bellew, com- 
mander, 166; Capt. [Billings, 
commander, 175 ; Capt. Linzee, 
commander, 10, 210, 216, 218, 
210, 220. 221, 226, 232 J34. 

Becky, Miss, at Flax Fond, Sa 

Belcher, Andrew, 28, 116; 
chosen councillor, 132 ; 400, 417. 

Belcher, Mrs. Andrew, 40, 52, 64, 
lOa 111. 113. 138» 183, 240. 

Belcner. Madam, widow of Qov. 
Jonathan, 40, 52, 64, 108, 111, 
113, 138, 183, 240. 

Bell, Mr., 361. 

Bellew, Capt., of the Beaver, 

Bennets, Capt. Moses, 26, 66^ 104, 
124, 12a 

Bernard, or Barnard, Gov., 7, 8, 
25, 20, 100, 115, 120; petition 
to, 165; dissolves the General 
CouH., I(S8; lan, 186; prorogues 
the General Court. 180; sails 
for England in tne Rippon, 

Bethune, George, member of 
Fire Club, 3(i, 37, 83, 84, 116, 151 ; 
and wife, 168; 179, 222, 251, 257, 

Bethune, :Miss Polly, 18a 

iiothuue, Mr. 11., 20, 26. 
^ liuthiiius Nathaidel, Vu\ 78, 80, 
87, 127, i:U>, Kia; death of, 212. 

Billings, Capt., 176, 185. 

Binncy, Capt., Mi. 

Binning, Mr., of Halifax, 61. 

Birch, Mr., 145; commissioner, 

Bishop, Capt., 63, 71. 

Bishop, Capt., commander of the 
Fortune, man-of-war, 74, 105. 

Black Act, The. 64. 

Black caterpillar appears, 204, 

Hhiir, Capt., 210. 
Blair, Mr., 160. 

Blair, Rev. Samuel, 21, 80, lia 
Blake, Capt., 71, 73, 05, 146, 149. 
Blake, Joseph, 06. 
Blake, Jno., 72. 
Blake, Miss, 246. 
Blake, Mr., of Ilardwick, 187, 



Hlancliard, Joshua, 244, 263. 

Blany's tavern, Roxbury, 48. 

Blasswitch, Mr., 902. 

Bleners, Mr., 202. 

Bliss. Mrs., 97. 

Block house and barracks at the 
castle burnt, 306. 

Blodgets, Mr., 124, 142. 

Blowers, Miss, 40, 62, 64, 108, 114. 

Blvthe, Gapt, 162. 

"Body" The, meets, 106; votes 
Col. Dalrynipio to bo cash- 
iorod, I«.r7; 2IM, 207, 256. 

Bollan, Mr., 18a 

Ik>nd, Gapt, of the Gibraltar, 

Bonelten, The, Gapt. Wallace, 

Booth & Lane, Messrs., London 
correspondents, 71. 

Booth, Benjamin, 411. 

Borland, 260. 

Bost«>n Tea Party, 208. 

Honchce, Miss, KiH. 

Bourne, Ocil., of Marblehoad, 
tt>, 76, 77. 17:i. 

Bourne, Melatiah, member of 
Fire Glub, 36, 62, 60; one of 
committee about loaf sugar, 
70; and wife, 87: 88; meniber 
of town's committee, 144; one 
of committee of nine, 163; 166. 
160; one of committee of 
twenty-one to wait on Gov. 
Bernard, 166; 179; merchants 
prepare an address to the 
governor, 213; 222,253,267. 

Bourne, Peter. 74. 

Itoutiiiran, .lames, Surveyor- 

feneral, 6, 25, 21); member of 
'ire Glub. 36; 62, 63, 67, 69, 73, 
76; one of town's committee, 
80: 87, 116; one of the pro- 
prietors of Long Wharf, 168; 
169, 162, 181, 186, 212. 267; 
chosen one of his Majesty's 
councillors, 281. 

Itoutineau, Miss Nancy, 140. 

Boudohi, or Bowdoin, James, 
6, 25, 45, 52, 87, 1(^0: chosen 
councillor and negatived, 187; 
chosen representative, 202 ; re- 
chosen councillor, 228, 245, 271 ; 
one of the bearers at Mol- 
lineux's funeral, 286. 

Bowdoin. Mrs., 121. 

Bowen, Uov., JKJ. 

Bowen, William, 169, 171. 

Bowers, Gol., of Swanzev, 99, 
100, Kfi; three times cnoson 
councillor and negatived, 98, 
163, 187. 

Bowers, Jerahmiel, of Marble- 
head, 69, 77; chosen council- 
lor five times and five times 
negatived bv the governor, 
once being the only gentle- 
man negatived, 98, 133, ^S, 245, 

Bowers, WiHiam, 125. 

Bowes, Nicholas, 49, 232. 

Bowes, William, 174. 291. 

Box, John, member of the 
"l»oss<^e," 35, 72. 87, 16!», 185, 
214, 2(ri, 2(i:(. ]X»atli and funeral 
of, 287. 

Box. John, Jr., 72, 186, 214. 

Boylston families, 26, 47. 

Boylston, John, 37, 62, 68, 88, 89, 
116, 138, 139, 143, 169; saUs for 
England. 173. 

Boylston, Nicholas, 28, 29, 36, 37, 
52, (W, 69, 87, 88, 116, 148, 178, 
17!», 18!), IIHK 212. 

Boylston, " Old Mr.," funeral of, 

Boylston, Thomas, 36; chosen 
on committee at Merchants' 
meeting. 163; 166; made mem- 
ber of the Fire Glub, 222; 227, 
267 ; one of the bearers at Mol- 
lineux' funeral, 287. 

Street, 127, 

Bracket. Gapt^, 179. 
Brackers, in School 


Bracket's tavern at Braintree, 
27, 31, 60, 80, 81, 106, 107, 129, 
130, 160, 161. 

Urackett, Dr., judge of admi- 
ralty, 317. 

Bracketts', on Boston Neck, 200, 
217, 221, 230, 247, 254. 

Bradbury^ John, 98, 133; coun- 
cillor for the province of 
Mayne. 228. 

Braddocks, Ebenezer, 136. 

Bradford, *Gol., or Gapt., John, 
31, 127, 244, 287. 

Bradford, Gamaliel, 98. 

Brandon, Benjamin, 342. 

Brass, Gapt, 140. 

lirathwait, Gapt., of Genturion, 

' man-of-war, 297. 

Brattle, Brig.-gen., 28, 44, 184, 
187, 216, 244, 263, 274, 284. 

Brattle, Gol. G., 94, 98, 99, 124, 
172, 189, 296. 

Brattle, Thomas, 30, 38, 48, 61, 
116, 125, 127, 132, \X\ 147, 166, 
!(»), 174, 181. 20;^ 232, 253. 

Brattle, William, 98; chosen 
councillor, 132, 228, 245. 

Bray, the baker, 121. 

Brayley, Gapt., 100. 



Breck, Samuel, " Reoolleo- 

tions," 12. 
Brett, Capt., 1«7. 
Hiick, Mr., of Dart month, Sift. 
Brimhall, Miss Folly, ra 
Brimmer, A mire w, 26, 119, 215, 

2:m, ;«2h. 
Briiniiior, Herman. 32H. 
Brimmer, John Baker, marriage 

of, 196. 
Brimmer, Martin, 306, 811, 823; 

and Mrs. Brimmer, 328. 
Brimmer, Miss Betsy, marriage 

of, 223. 
Brinley, George, 133; and wife, 

174; 170. 
Brinley. Nathaniel, four months' 

exile to Framingham, 310. 
Brinley, Thomas, funeral of, 78. 
Brinley, Thomas, 231. 
British coffee house, Mrs. Oot- 

dis's tavern, 169, 213. 
Bromage, Oapt., from St. Kitts, 

in twenty-four days, 168. 
Bromfield, Henry, 76, 274, 306, 

Brown, Bottle, 131. 
Brown, Capt. Arthur, 368. 
Brown, Capt. William, 01, 163, 

217, 2:H, 278, 287, 29:<. 
Brown, (iarvin, the town 

agrees with, for the clock on 

the South Meetinff-house, 206. 
Brown, John, member of Fire 

Club, 3<K 138, 244, 267, 310, 326. 
Brown, Rev., of Cohasset, 98. 
Brown, Rev., of Portsmouth, 

Brown, Thomas, 30. 114. 202, 203. 
Brown, Williaiu, or Saloni, rep- 
resentative, 108, liri; judge of 

Superior Court, 282; 284. 
Bruce, Capt., 65, 71, 90, 264, 266, 

Brush, Crian, 301, 302, 306, 312. 
Brusli Hill, 39, 77, 79, 106, 113, 

139 240 
Bryant, Capt., 91, 126. 
Bryant. Jno., 110, 125. 
Bryanrs tavern, Sudbury, 60. 
Hryce, Capt., 119. 
HulTam, Samuel, 12:t. 
Hiilfnicli, i>r„2!); and wife, 121, 

149, 17a. 
Bullard, Mrs., 86. 
Bui lard's tavern at Natick, 60, 

86, 101, mi, 210. 
Bunch of ((rapes tavern (Col. 

Ingersoll's), 118, 119, 140, 16.% 

100, 186, 214, 220. 253, 268, 291 ; 

(Capt. Marston's) entertain- 

ment by the Oeneral Gourt 
for Gen. Washington and other 
generals of the UnitcMl Gol<»- 
nie.s.'M)R; 'M%:VAh 

Buntin, CsipL, 111. 

Bunlall, Miss,:tH:{. 

Burgoin, Mr., and lady, l.ia 

Burk, elii^y of, m, 

Burnet, Mr., midshipman, 220l 

Burton, Brig.-gen., letter to, 
364; 388. 

Butler, 63. 

Butler, nuijor of the 60th Regi- 
ment, 20a 

Byard, Major Robert, 41, 118, 130, 
12:i: andlaily,i:M, 149; 177, IIM. 

Byanl, William. 41. 

Byles, Rev. Mather, 29, 128, 169, 
186, 214. 

Byles, Rev. Dr., son of Rev. 
Mather, 230. 

Cadets, Hancock's, 24, 60, 246, 

282, 266.270. 
Cahill, Capt. Edward, 839, S4S, 

:v5(s :i02, :w, :rci. 

Galloon, CapL, 91. 

Calahan, Capt., of the Minerva. 
273; takes in Gov. Hutchin- 
s(Ui and fanuly, 286, :\£L • 

Caldwell, Capt. Robert, 28, 68, 
190, 191, 196, 209, 215, 219. 

Caldwell, Benjamin, 197. 

Calef, Capt., 60, 104, 144. 

Calef, Dr. John, of Ipswit-ch, 
133. 107. 

Calef, Miss Sarah, funeral of. 

Calef, Samuel, 48, 61, 03, 80, 81, 
8:i, 80, 87, !M), \Xi, 97, KM), 107, KM, 
112, 121, 125, 12i), i:(4, i:i5, 101, 
102, 103, IWJ, 173, 181, 187, 20:i, 
229, 244. 240, 247. 

Campbell, Colin, Esq., and lady, 

Campbell, Lord and Lady Will- 
iam. 31, 179, 181. 

Campbell, Col., 312. 

Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth, born 
Murray ; second marriage, 
James Smith ; thiixl marriage, 
Ralph Inman, 39 (see Mi*s. 
Klizahutli In man). 

Cancr, Rev. Dr., 2tl, KWi, 221, IMl, 
285, :»3. 

Capan, Hopestill, 309. 

Carghill, Lieut., 120. 

Carnes, Edward. 189. 

Cary, Nathaniel, 75, 25:i; goes 
into exile, 316. 

Cast, Dr., 126. 



Gathcart, Gapt, 103. 
Gatherwood,Dr., 38, 180, 181, 188, 

3{)5, 416. 
Geberus, The, man-of-war, Gapt. 

Ghad. 2»5. 
Genturion, man-of-war, 297. 
Ghadds, Gapt. J., 281, 2»5. 
Gbambers, Gapt., 269. 
Ghampney's, Dr., meeting- 
house, 306. 
Gliarapnoy's, John (the Turk's 
lleail), Dorchester, 48, (W, 106, 
VH, HH). 
Ghandhu*, Gol. John, of Woixses- 

Un\ :«), 45. «K <W, !:W, 149. 
Ghandlcr, Mrs. and Miss Dolly, 

Ohardon, Mr. Peter, 224, 281, 287. 
Gharitable lecture, 109. 
Gharitable society, 14, 65, 80, 84, 

\n\ 145, 146, 152, 1(», 185, 105. 
Gharity, James/72. 
Ghatham. The Karle of, 12(J, 156. 
Gliat.liaui, Tlu^, man-of-war, 21Ni. 
Ghaunooy, Dr., 21, 2<), 92, iu:i, 130, 

172, im. 
Gheckley, Rev., funeral of, 195. 
Gheckly, Rev. Samuel, Jr., fun- 
eral of, 157, 244. 
Gheever, Ezekiei, 253. 
Ghilds, Koxbury (the Peacock), 

250, 277. 
Ghilmark, Matthew Mayhew, 

Ghipnian, J no., 67. 
Trinity, Ucvs. Hooper, Walter, 
and Parker, 16, 20, 24, 32, :M, 
72, 76, 16J), 213, 329, etc. 
King's Gliapel, Revs. Trout- 
beck and Ganer, 20, 30, 209, 
220: shut up, 241. 
Old North (Ghrist Ghurch), Dr. 
])ylos, son of Rev. Mather, 
Now North, Dr. laiot, 22. 
Old South, Dr. Sowall, 22, 8:i, 

New South, Mr. Gheckly 

(Ghurch Green), 92. 
Old Brick Meeting (First 
Ghurch), Dr. Ghauncey, 83, 
Rev. John Moorhead's, in 
Long Lane, afterwards Fed- 
oral Street, now the Arling- 
ton Street, 257. 
Brattle Street, Rev. Dr. 
Gooper, rebuilt and 
preached in for the first 
time, 247. 

Ghurches (continued) : — 
West Ghurch, Revs. Jonathan 
Mayhew and Simeon How- 
ard, 21. 130. 
Hollis Street, Rev. Mather 
Byles, 230. 
Ghurch's, Edward, wife, funeral 

of, 91. 
Gliurch, Edward, 288. 
Ghurch, Dr., 230, 239, 253, 310. 
Ghurch, Deacon, 245. 
Glapnani, Mrs., 120, 225, 240. 
(Jlark, Andrew, 37. 
Glark, Christo]>lior, 72. 
Clark, Jack, and wife, 264. 
Clark, Jon{», 71. 
Clark, Miss Anna, 52, 108, 114. 
Clark, Rev., of Lexington, 164. 
Clark, Richard, 116; ft Sons, teas 

consigned to, 253; 254. 
Glark, William, 335. 
Clarkson, Severance, 232. 
Clergymen : — 
Adams, Rev., or Roxbury, 202. 
Agar, Rev.. 91. 
Appleton, Rev., 130, 207. 
Auchmooty, Rev., 85, 86, 87. 
Bacon, Rev., 27, 236. 
Barnard, Rev., of Marblehead, 

42, 170. 
Barnard, Rev., of Salem, Ui2. 
Barnard, Rev., of Haverhill, 

Bass, Rev., of Newberry, 178, 

180, 316. 
Bayley, Rev., of Kennebeck, 

Blair, Rev. Samuel, 115. 
Bowen, Rev., 92. 
Brown, Rev., of Cohasset^, 98. 
Brown, Rev., of Portsmouth, 

Bulfinch, Rev. Dr., 29, 121, 149, 

Byles, Rev. Mather, 29, 128, 169, 

185, 214. 
Byles, Rev. Dr., son of Rev. 

Mather, 230. 
Ganer, Rev. Dr., 29, 136, 221, 

241, 285, .303. 
Champncy, Rev. Dr., 306. 
Chauncy, Rev. Dr., 21, 29, 92, 

103, 130, 172, 306. 
Gheckly, Rev., 92, 195. 
Gheckly, Rev. Samuel, Jr., 157. 
Clark, Rev., of Lexington, 164. 
(;ook, Rev., 207. 
Coombs, Rev., of Philadelphia, 

Gooper, Rev. Dr., 48, 103, 164, 
203, 232, 247, 262, 307. 


Glergymen {continued): — 

ElRot, Key. Dr., 28, 103, 100, 183, 
180, 205, 257, 300, 322. 

Fairwcatlier, Ruv. Samuel, of 
Narragaiiselt, 230, 243. 

Fogff, Kev., 214. 

Forbes. Ucv. John, 183, 185. 

Gay, Rev., of Uingham, 103» 

Gilchrist. Rev., of Salem. 136. 

Graves, Kev., of Provioence, 

Graves, Rev., of New London, 

Groaton, Rev., of Rostou, ISO. 

llawley, Rev., an Indian min- 
ister, 203. 

Hitchcock, Rev. Gad, of Pem- 
broke, 271. 

now, RcVm 244. _ 

Howard, Rev. Simeon, 109, 326. 

Hunt, Rev., 27. 

Mather, Rev. Samuel, 130, 109, 
172, 180, 257. 

Mayhew, Rev., 21; deatli of, 
and funeral, 103. 

Moorhead, Rev., 21. 218; fu- 
neral of, 257. 

Nicholls, Rev., of Salem, l.'t, 14, 

Occum, Rev., 248. 

Palmer, Rev., 185. 

Parker. Rev., 19-329. 

Payson. Rev. Phillips, of Chel- 
sea. 14, 320. 320, 327. 

Peraberton, Rev.. 21, 115, 206, 

Perkins. Rev., of Bridgowater, 

Pickering. Rev., of Ports- 
mouth, 244. 

Sargeant, Ruv., of Cambridge, 
140, KW, IW, 221, 2:W.28:J. 

Sewall. Rev. Dr.. 21, 8:h, 80. 
116, 106. 100. 203, 206, 226, 239, 

Shute, Rev., of Uingham, 21, 

Stillnian, Rev.. 257. 328. 
Thalcher. U0V..207. 
Thompson. Kev.. of Scllnate. 

128, l.Mi, 227. 
Townsend, Kev., of Med way, 

Turrell. Rev., of Medford, 132. 
Usher. Rev., of Hristol. 130. 
Walter, Kev. William. 19-303. 
Weeks. Kev.. of Marblehcad, 

130, 275. 
Whitfield, Rev. George, 21, 22, 


Clergymen {continued): — 
Winslow, Rev. Edward, 40^ 45, 

87, 128, 130, 185. 
Wiswall, Rev., of Casoo, I.Ma 

Clerk, hlMor, of the 4:kl Regi- 
ment, 277. 

Cleveland, Col., 278; woundoti, 

Cleveriy, Stephen, dinner at, 328. 

Club, Fire, 30, 183, 222, 257. 

Club, Merchants', 30. 

Club, No. 6, 36, 207. 

Club, Wednesday Night, ao, 60, 


Cly iitoii. Gen., sails for Kngtaml, 

Cobb, Capt., 45; and wife, 102; 

Cobden, Alexander, 353, 365. 

Cockle^ Mr., suspended, 04. 

"Cockran^Capt., 07. 
Codfish, 330. 

Coffin, Capt. Shubael, 96, 116, 
264; arrived with part of the 
tea, 257; tea thrown over- 
board, 258. 
Coffin, Joiin. 243, 247. 
Collin. Miss KetUy, dauglitor of 

Natiiani<d, *.M9. 
Coffin, Miss lietty, marriage of, 

34 08 70. 
CofAn, Nathaniel. 218, 249. 
Coffin, Richard, 143. 
Coffin, William, Sr., 70, 80, 149, 
171. 186. 190, 191, 214. 218. 226, 
242, 260, 207. 
Coffin, William, Jr., 125, 218. 
Collins. Ca]>t.. 11. 
Collson, Mr.. .'HU. 
Comet api)earsSept. 1st. 1709, 191. 
Commissioners to treat with 
the Now York govt^'nnicnt, 
lirig. Hrattle. Major Hawley, 
John Hancock. 227. 
Committees: — 
Grand Committee of Cliarity, 

From the General Court on 

Kxcise Act. 70. 
Of General Court. 115. 110. 
Of Charity (Free Mas<His). 11!i. 
Of the Sessions of the town 
about the sivle of the town 
house. 121. 122. 
For giving instructions to the 
representatives on the pres- 
ent difficulties that attend 
the trade of this town, 147, 
Town's committees, 80, 122, 
144, 167. 270. 



Committees (continued) : — 
Of tweuty-oiie, " to wait upon 
Gov. Bernard with an hum- 
ble petition/' 165. 
Of seven, to wait ui>on Ilutoh- 
inson again, and insist that 
all the troops be removed 
from the town, 198. 
About the granary, 208. 
About the lamps, 239-204. 
For filling up the town dock, 

Of five, chosen by the General 
Court to go to the General 
Congress, 276. 
Of Correspondence, debates 

for and against, 276. 

Chosen by selectmen and 

other gentlemen to draft a 

memonal to Gen. Gage, 203. 

Of nine, for immediate relief, 

Of eighteen, to provide corn, 
flour, etc., 32(1, im. 
Concert II all, 2(J, ,15, 47. IW, 200, 
2:M, 245, 2M; ball by (Sen. iLan- 
cock to the French Fleet, 323. 
Conde, George, .151. 
Concll, Capt., llomney, man-of- 
war, 162. 
Conner, Mr., of Madeira, 31. 
Conner, Mr., of Teneriffe, 31. 
Conway, Gen., 7, 117, 126, 156. 
Cook, Rev., 207. 
Cook, KoborLll5. 
Coolidge's at Watertown Bridge, 

Coolidgc, .Tosepli. X\\. 
Coombs, lie v., of Philadelphia, 

Cooper, Dr., 4& ia3, 104, 203, 232, 
247; chosen President of Har- 
vard and refuses to serve, 262 ; 
Cooper, William, 162, 173, 310. 
Copeland, Mr., 108. 
Copley, 129. 

Copmer, Capt., 138, 143. 
Coppinger, Capt., 112. 
Corbet, Mr., 163. 
Cordis's, Mrs., tavern, British 
cofTce house, 2(n :MS, 48, 55, 61, 
67, 68, 09, 74, 80, 105, 110, 116, 
119, 120, 121, 127, 131, 148, 160; 
Merchants' meeting, 155; 158, 
160, 1(59, 179, 183, 186; Mer- 
cliants' Committee, 1!)0, 202; 
Merclianl4»* nuM)ting, 206; 213, 
22:«; (iro broko out, 2:w, 2:«>; 
2^13, 2!I0. 
C«iro, Mr., I(W. 

Corner, Capt. John, of the 
Roundy, 165. 

Cottnam, Miss, 398. 

Cotton, John, 128, 231, 236. 

County Congress, met at Doty's, 
Stoughton, 49. 

Craddock, Mr., 115. 

Crampey*s, 161. 

Crane, Mr., of the Vineyard. 172. 

Crocker, Miss Betty and Miss 
Sally, 203. 

Crocker's tavern, 2(Kl. 

Cromwell, Henry, 32, 33, 164, 168, 
169, 170, 171, 173, 179, 181, 184, 

Cromwell, Frances, 32. 

Crook, Mr., of Newport, 104. 

Cudworth, Mr., the sheriff, 75. 

Cummings, Capt., 138. 

Cunningham, Capt. James, 
dinner at, 77; 91, 31& 

Cunningham, Major, 28, 169; 
dinner at, 18,3; 189. 

Currie, Major, 358. 

Cushing, Caleb, elocteil council- 
lor. 228. 245; willing to relin- 
quish his grant from the town, 
262: elected councillor, 271. 

Cushing, Capt. Ezekiol, 348, 360, 
366, ;«67. 

Cushing' s, Deacon, in Ilingliam, 
50. 81. 

Cushing, Thomas, 15, 25, 27, 30, 
44, 47, 80; chosen representar 
tive, 82. WA; chosen speaker, 
98; recliosen representative, 
130; 144, 162; one of commit- 
tee to present petition to gov- 
ernor, 166; Merchants' Com- 
mittee, 172, 190; 192; rechosen 
representative, 202, 216: com- 
missary, 227; representative, 
243, 269; town committee rela- 
tive to Port Bill, 270; 323. 

Cutler, Mrs., HI, 280. 

Cutler, Mr. .!., 114, 176, 190, 235, 
251, 267, 262, 331, 332. 

Cutter, J., 72, 87. 

Cuyler, Philip, 337, 338, 346. 

Dalrymple, Col., 28, 29, 48, 1.%% 
175, 178, 196, 198, 199, 209, 211, 

Dalton, Capt. James, 186. 

Dal ton, Capt. Michael, and wife, 
120 168b 238. 

DaliAnrTristram, 46, 46, 171, 2(Mi, 
:mm, 314. 

Danji, Richard, lawyer, 28, 76; 
member of lown's com- 
mittee, 121, 122; member of 



committee to give instruc- 
tions to tlie representatives, 
147, 100; 1(Q; one of the i^n- 
tlonien clioscii U) wail on 
Gov. liernnnl, !<»; 17H, 1U2. 

Danforth, »Sanniol, 44; seven 
times cliosen member of liis 
Majesty's council. !«, 132, 228, 
245, 271, 282, 28:J. 

Darby, Capt. George, Devon- 
shire, man-of-war, 396. 

Dasliwood, Gapt. Samuel, 66, 67, 
107, 109, 136, 143, 191, 200, 302, 
340, 346, 393. 

Davenport's tavern at New- 
buryi)ort. 310. 

Djivtsrsou, ar., CiH>L, 111. 

liavison, Capt., 14:}. 

Davis, Beiij,, 7:t. m, 107. 138. 

Davis. Calob, IilO, ^tiia. 

Davis, Capt* Solomon, tSi, 28, 30, 
30, 37, fil, m, Ci% 07, U8, m, 7ii, 

m, 8,% m, 88, 9:3* iin, laa, i4«, 

114, 145, 140, 14T, 148, 1M, ICH), 
IfH; niMl wlfi^, KSK, im», 17:1; 
178, anil wife, 181; UiM>, tjti:i, 
ai:j* tri'j, a-is, '^4l», i5fri, 2<iGi iwia^ 

Davis, Gapt. Stei)lien, 82, 8!), 124, 

Davis, Edward, Td, 107, 116, 126; 

and wife. 174, 264. 
Davis, William, 37, 67, 126, 246, 

Davidson, 158. 17.1. 
Dawes, Gapt. Thomas, 6G, ?2, 

127. 260, m 
Dawson, Gapt., 2«»8, 299. 301. 
Day. Mr., and wife. Kk'K 
Debbege. Gapt. . 406. 
Debert. 126. 
Dcblois, (Jilbcrt, 120. 214. 235. 24:t, 

250. 279. 
Deblois. Lewis, 211. 247. 
DeBorde. Ghevalier, 322. 
Debtors. Act for the relief of 

insolvent. 76. 
Debuke. Miss Betty, 169. 181. 
Delaney. Gol. Oliver, :R)(i, 397. 
Delano. Gapt.. 55, VM. 
Denim, .John, 73. 
Donnio, John. 28, :«». :t7. 69. 74. 

148, 178; house burned, 195; 222. 
Dennie, William, 19G, 245, 253, 

Dennison, of New York, 28. 
Derby, Uichard, Jr., 272. 
D^Estang, Count, French ad- 
miral, 320, 321, ,122, 323. 
Dewar, Mr., 41. 
Dexter, of Dedham, 98, 115. 

Dexter, Samuel , 96, 133, 228, 246, 

271, 272. 
Diamond, Gapt., 70. 
Dickinson's, John, "Kanuer's 

iMjtlns/' 7. 

lK»aiu:, Klt!i]i;ijiri, 172, 

Doblo. Cjii>t., 2«, 124- 

Dobs^m, Gapt., 90, lOi. 

DoKJl^t, Caiit., *^Mk :m, 

nutiitiiLat, C:Li>t. Joseph, 421. 

Dt»iialc*son, TUotnas, 2T3. 

Iktnation, Mr, Hancock's, 78. 

I>oty*s tavern, Stoughtoii, 48^ 
52, *W, 101, 102. 107, 108, 109, 110, 
IKt. 17:% 41,1. 

I>i)ni|lass, Mother, HI. 

Ikuinki, Miss i'^Bay, *i47, 

I>ove, Capt., 27«L 

D^wse^ Joseph, 37, 46^ 66, 77, 79^ 

Duddlngton, Oapt., Merlin, 
s)oo]>-of-war, 2U6. 

Dinlley, Mr., collector of New- 
port, 27, 24a 

Dunniresque, Philip, 176; and 
wife, 17S). 

Dunbar, Gapt. William, 389. 

Duncan, Gapt., i:<8. 

Du ndass, Gapt., armed schoouer, 
St Lawrence, 176, 176^ 

Dunn, Gapt. Samuel, 106, 288^ 

Dunnisin. Gapt., 229, 

Dup^ee, Elias, 72. 

Duties on t^lass, etc., 146; re- 
peal of, 201. 

Duval nais, Sieur, consul of 
France. :«2(». 

Dyer. Miss, 161. 

Rdes' papers, 263. 

IC4linKtou, Mr., 176. 

Edson, Josiah, judge Inferior 

Court, Plymouth, M, 283. 
Esremount, The Earl of, 396. 
Elliot of the Royal, marriage of. 

Elliot, Rev. Dr., 28, 103, 109, 

18:i, 189, 205, 257, 306, 322. 
Elliot's, Deacon, corner, 88. 
Kllis. Gapt., 251. 
Ellis's tavurn, Plymouth, 203. 
Epps. Mrs., 143. 
Erving, (iv*tr|^*%87, 116, 156, 213, 

226, 271, Jitfi; death of Mrs. 

George Erviu^', 201. 
Erving, Jului, '^.i, 37, 69, 76, 85, 

98, 118, UI8, 141, 148; and lady, 

149; 150, 15t, 109, 179, 191, 195, 

213, 228, 238, 242, 244, 246, 260, 

267, 271, 274, 28(5. 



Erving, John, Jr., 79, 80, 87, 116; 

" wedding Frollick"; 119; 163, 

Eustis, Mrs., death of, 214, 
Evacuation of Boston, 304. 
Ereret, Michael, 221. 
Eyres, Joseph, 256. 

Fairweather, Rev. Samuel, 230. 

Falcon, The, Gapt. Linzee, 11, 

Fauouil, Benjamin, and wife, 

168; 192,222. 
Faneuil, Mrs. Benjamin, Sr., 186. 
Farieiiil TTiUl, Hi, 41, §2, m, 01, 

m, 101, im, 113, I'ifi, 127, rA% 

134, ld4K H4, 152; petition to 
00V. Bernard, 16^; 168, ITl ; 
quarterly lecture, 174 ; 186, 1K8, 
192, 2W, 2rvj, aOfi, 'ZJJO; Olio tliou- 
S«nrl pf?o]ilp met nhoiit tho tt*!i, 
264)1 2fM), 266; mljonmod to 
Old Sou til Meeting-house, de- 
bates for and against the Com- 
mittee of Correspondence, 
276; 296,326. 

Farley, Michael, 272. 

Fayerweather, William, 360. 

Fenton, Capt., 200, 216, 230. 

Fenton, Mr., Surveyor-general, 
161; and Mrs. Fenton, 170; 174. 

Fenton. Son of, 260. 

Fessenaen's, Sandwich. 2a3. 

Finlay, Mr., of Quebeck, 262. 

Finney, Lieut., of the marines, 

Fire Club, 27, 36. 174, ia3. 222. 

Fisher, Mr., collector of Salem, 

Fisher. Mrs., of Salem, 247. 316. 

Fishers tavern on Charles 
River, Needham, 60. 

Fitch, Samuel, 87, 72, 88, 230, 242, 

Fitch, Sherbum, 299. 

Fitch^ Timothy, 30, 199, 267; and 
family, 296. 

Flngf^, James, 120, 12.'), 2:M). 

Flonnng, Major, 184. 

Fletcher, Capt.. 308. 

Flucker, Miss Ilannah, 87. 

Flucker, Miss Lucy, afterward 
wife of Gen. Knox. 268, 271. 

Flucker, Thomas, Secretary of 
the Province, 37,46; and wife, 
87; 116; is chosen councillor, 
I:P2; 162, 109, 208, 212,222, 2*18, 
267, 266; rechosen councillor, 
281, 282. 

Fogg, Rev., 214. 

Folger, Capt., 173, 227, 167, 168, 

Folger, Timothy, 101, 102, 126, 

Folsom'& Greenland, 316. 
Forbes, Capt. Edward, 79, 87. 
Forbes, Capt. James, 121, 128; 

death of, and funeral, 191; 

348, 349, 366. 
Forbes, Capt. Thomas, 102, 106. 
Forbes, Mrs. James, funeral of, 

Forbes, Rev. John, marriage of, 

to Dolly Murray, 183; 186. 
Ford's, Elisha, tavern in Marsh- 
field, 60. 
Fordyce, Major, 184. 
Forrest, Mr. James, 126, 166, 176, 

176, 178, 230. 
Foster. Chillingsworth, Har- 

Foster, Deacon, and wife, 118. 
Foster, Mrs., 261. 
Foster, The Honorable Thomas, 

88, 171. 185, 187, 
Foster, William. 326. 
Fowle, Jacob, Marblehead,'167. 
Fowler, Col.. 86. 
Foxcrafts, Mr., 91. 
Frankland, Lady (Agnes Surri- 

age), 32, 33, 63, 164, 168, 169, 170, 

171. 173, 179, 181, 184. 
Frankland, Sir Charles Henry, 

Frankland, Sir Henry, 32. 
Frankland, Sir Thomas, 33. 
Frankly nn, Benjamin, Philadel- 
phia, 318. 
Freeman. Capt., 88, 144; brlni 

'* Jack '' liowe from Quebec] 

Freeman, Enoch, 272, 416. 
Furlong, Major, 177, 184. 
Furness' tavern at Shrc 

97, 131, 137. 



Gage, Col., 366. 

Gage, (4en., 177, 178, 180, 271, 
274, 28;t, 376. 

Gardiner's. Gideon, tavern on 
Boston Neck, 89, 122, 123, 147. 

Gardner, Capt., 66; book by, 

Gardner, Dr., Jr., 76. 

Gardner, Dr. Joseph, 87, 122, 

Ganlner, Dr. Silvester, 29; set- 
tlors for Kennebec, iSJ; 70, 75, 
80, 120; lady and two daugh- 
ters, 174 : 224, 226, 287. 

Gaiilner, George, 72. 



Gardner, Jno., 72. 

Gardner, Miss., 170. 

Gardner, Mrs. Grace, buried, 

Gardner, Tliomas, of Cam- 
bridge, 263. 

Gates, Gen., 306, 323. 

Gay,Capt., 171. 

Gay, Rev., of Hingham, 103, 130. 

Gay's tavern in Dedham, fiO. 

Geneste, Gapt. Lewis, 118, 140, 
102, 160. 

Gerrlsli, Col. Joseph, of New- 
berry, 98, 133 M63, 187, 362. 

Gerry, Capt. Thomas, of Mar- 
blehcad, 30, 45, 87; doatli of, 

Gibbs, Daniel, 368, 379. 

Giddins, Capt., MX\, 

Gideon, Capt. .lolm, of the 
Jamaica, 47. 88, 110. 

Gill, Mr., of Boston, 81. 

Gill's papers. Fleet's, Kdes*, and, 

Glovor, Capt., of Marblehoad, 
i:m, i:«. 

Go<lfroy's, Widow, tavern at 
Norton, lOi). 

Goldthrop,Mr., XW. 

(Soldthwait, Kzckiol, 27, :)0, HO, 
02 ; and wife, 04 ; 70. 76, 78, 84 ; 
and wife and three daughters, 
108; 116, 119, 120, 144, 146, 148, 
174, 179, 189, 200. 202, 212, 213; 
Mr. Inman and Mrs. Rowe 
visit Mrs. Smith at. 220; 224, 
220, 2:i9- and wife, dinner at 
Brush Ilill. 240; 242, 268, 299. 

Goldthwait family, 2.5, 40. K\. 

(loldthwiiit, Major .losoi^h (NVrs- 
town), 45, 72, 90, 1»7, HW,, 
i:«, IM7, 188, 2(KI, 211, 242, 25.*, 

Goldthwait, Thomas, 202, 278. 

Gooch, Joseph, 86. 

Gooilhue's tavern, Salem, 60, 
14a. 164, 236, 247. 

Gooding, Mr., of Salem, 2:«). 

Gordon, Ix>rd George, 188. 

Gordon, Robert, 110. 

(Jorliani, Capt., in brig KorL- 
uno, (oa destroyed, 2<>1. 

Gorham, Col., and huly, 120, 

Gorham, of Charlestown, 29, 

Gould families. 40. 

Gould, John, children of, 64. 

Gould, Joseph, of I.ynn, 106, 121. 

Gould, liobert, 37, (H, 68, 70, 73; 
and Mrs. (}ould, 1«; 102, 114, 

124, 138; dinner at, on tartle, 
167 ; and wife, 174 ; 181 : cred- 
itors of, 103; death of, 223; 
death of Mrs. Gould, 299. 

Gould, Robert, nephew, 224; 
and wife, 233. 

Gould, The Misses Betty and 
Sally, 93, 174. Marriage of. 
Miss Betty, 196; Sally, 217, 221. 

Gould, William, 04, 86, 140; Mrs., 
William, 171; 176. 

Grant, Mr., of Halifaz, 28. 

Graves, Admiral, 277. 

Graves, Capt. Thomas, 289. 

Graves, Mrs., 104. 170. 

Graves. Mrs. (old), death of, 83. 

(J ray, Harrison, Treasurer of 
the Province, 30, 36, 44, 01, 68; 
and wife, 88; chosen member 
of his Majesty's council, UK, 
i:i2, 228, 281 : funeral of Jklrs. 
Gray. 117; 136, 143, 148, 160, 179, 
192, 222, 226, 263, 267, 266; one 
of the merchants to wait on 
Gen. Gage with nn address, 
274 ; 282. 

Gniy, Harrison, Jr., 160. 

(iray, I^ewis, 26,62, 72, 124, 125. 

(3 ray, Thonia.s :<7, (Ri, 70. 70, 80, 
91, 118, 148, 151, lU), KKI, 17!), 
li)2, 213, 226. 263, 200, 274; 
death of, at Hingham, 287. 

Greaton's, John (the Grey- 
hound), Roxbury, 48, 100, ice, 
136, 136, 167, 168, 172. 

Greatou. Rev., of Boston, 136. 

Green, Capt. Jerry, 36. 

(ireen, Frank, 274. 

(Jroon, llonry, 160. 

(iroon, .losopli, M, 07, 110, 1(K>, 
I8r>, 212, 213, 214, 222, 2;«), 2«2, 

Green, Miss CHirissy, 97. 
Green, Nathaniel, 186, 214. 
Greene, Benjamin, 36, 79, 171, 

186, 214, 261 ; death of, 308. 
Greene, David, 42, 170. 
Greene, (ien., 306. 
Greene, John, 131, 186, 214. 
Groene, Richanl, 242, 267, :ta't, 

3ir», :j2h :rj«). 
(h't^une, Mrs. Richard, .'MIO. 
(heone, Rufus, 35, 73, 79, 171, 

185, 214. 264, 267. 
Greene, Mrs. Rufus, 42; funeral 

of, 148. 
Greene, Miss Mary, daughter of 

Rufus, died, 249. 
Greene, Thomas, 79, 80; heirs 

of, 251 • 415. 
Greene, The Widow, 108. 



Greonleaf, Benjamin, 246, 271. 
Greenleaf family, 34. 
(Jreenleaf, Miss Betty, 173. 
Greenleaf, SlierifT, 74, 119, 121. 
Greenleaf, Steplien, 73, 76. 79, 

116, 146; and Mrs. Greenleaf, 

149; 185,187,251,328. 
Greenleaf, William, 145, 196. 
Gridley, Col. llicliard, 80, 176, 

Gridley, Jeremiah, 24, 28, 61, 
72, 87, 100, 119, 122, 127, 136; 
death of. an<l funeral, 141. 

(iridloy, Messrs., 26, 27. 

Gunter, 362. 

Gwynn, Capt, 102, 342. 

Ilaldiman, Tlie Hon. the Col., 

Uale, Mrs., daughter of Judge 
Parker, 314. 

Halo, UoRer, 422. 

Jhilr, Surveyor-Koneral, (KJ, 73, 
VX «:«, 88. 

1 1 all, Andrew, i:tf». 

Hall, Benjamin, Medford, 132. 

Hall, Capt., 188,215,25*). 

lialFs, Dr., tavern, Pembroke, 
60, 106, 129, 100, 161. 

Hall, Stephen, 115, 122, 228. 

Hallowell, Benjamin, Jr., 63, 
79 88. 

Haliowell, Capt., 150, 107. 

Uallowell family. 26, 34, 47. 

Haliowell, Mr. Benjamin, Sr., 
88, 116, 240, 245. 

Haliowell, liobert, 116, 126, 149, 
156, 175, 284. 

Hallowrll, Tlionuis Uri^KS H'-^t 
116, 184, l?rj. 

Hammock, Capt. John, 65. 

Hammock, Charles, death of. 

Hammond. Mr., 300. 

Hancock, John, one of the pro- 
prietors of Long Wharf, 6; 
Capt. Linzee applies to him 
as (Governor for permission 
for the Penrlope to enler 
(he harlM>r, 12; defeats John 
Howe as repres<»nlative, 15; 
27, 28; dinner at <Jov. Ber- 
nard's, 21»; :M), 47, 48; >,dves a 
fire engine, 56; 57; committee 
about Mr. Hancock's dona- 
tion, 63; dinner at the Grov- 
ernor's, 69; 71; proprietx)r of 
Point Shirley, 75; 78; de- 
feaUMl as eonnoillor, H:i: one 
or the selectmen, 90, \U ; chosen 
representative, !K1; repeal of 

the Stamp Act, 95 ; 98 ; one of 
committee on Capt. Daniel 
Malcolm's aifair, 112; one of 
committee of General Court, 
116; present at dinner to 
Capt. Gideon, 116; dines on 
board the Thames, 117; sev- 
eriU of his houses burned, 
122; selectmen's meetine, 118; 
proprietors of Point STiirley 
meet, 119,144; re-elected rep- 
resentative, 130; his Union 
flag hoisted for the first 
time, 140; Merchants' meeting 
chosen to procure the com- 
missions of the Commission- 
ers of Customs, 16.H; Mer- 
chants' Committee. 166; pro- 
prietors of Long Wharf meet, 
168 ; re-elected representative. 
162; chosen councillor and 
iiegativcHl by the governor, 
Kvl; a si^i/.ure belonging to 
him occasions a mob. 165; 
silver bowl used for first tiiiio ' 
at Mr. Barber's insurance 
ollice. 171; visits Uainsford 
Islauit on the province ac- 
count, 172; proprietoi"s of 
Ix)ng Wharf oine at the cof- 
fee house, 186; Meix^hants' 
Committee, 1!X); sons of Lib- 
erty dine at Bobinson's, 191; 
chosen speaker of the House 
pro tein.y and negatlvcnl by 
the lieutenant governor, 200; 
rechosen representative, 202; 
ceremony of investing new 
ollleers of the artillery, 204; 
226; chosen speaker and an- 
proved, 227; elected council- 
lor, 228 ; goes with a party of 
gentlemen to visit the east- 
ern pai*ts of the province, 232; 
one of the commissionei-s to 
the New York Congress, 244; 
rechosen councillor, 245; he 
and his cadets parade on tlie 
('omnion kiug*s birthday. 216; 
king's coronation^ 250; is or- 
dered to hold his company 
in readiness, 254; committee 
about the tea, 256; delivers 
an oration at Dr. Sewall's 
meeting-house, 264; he and 
his cadets do escort duty at 
Lieut.-gov. Andrew Oliver's 
funeral, 2t;5; rechosen repre- 
sentative, '2Hi\)\ he and his 
cadets receive (ieii. Gage, the 
new governor, at Long Wharf, 



270; S20; rechosen representa- 
tive, 328: gives a ball at Con- 
cert Tlall to the gentlemen of 
tbe French lleot, ;il23; ^74. 

Hancock, Madam, 30. 

Hancock, Tutor, 170. 

Haudfield, William, and Mrs., 
179: 378. 

Handing, Mrs., funeral of, 308. 

Hardrigg, Mrs., 176. 

Harlovrs, Dr., Duxbury, 129, 160. 

Harris, Cfapt., 370. 

Harris, Mr., collector of taxes, 

Harris, Mr., from St. Christo- 
pher's, lat. 

Harrison, Charles, funei*al of, 

Harrison, Joseph, 115, and wife, 
148: ISO; and wife, 164; 193. 

Harnson. Miss Betty, and Mr. 
Kichanl, 148. 

Harrison, Mr., collector of New 
Haven, 35. 84, 114, 165. 

Harrison. Mr., of liondon, 197. 

Hartley, Mr., 175. 

Haskell, Capt., 3G8. 

Haskins, Capt., 3129. 

Haskins. Mrs., im. 

Hatch, Asa, and Mrs., %. 

Hatch, Capt., 110, 113, 123. 

Haviland, Col., 373, 376. 

Hawk, Sir Edward, 117. 

Hawkes, John, Exeter, Bug., 
344. 349, 351. 

Hawiey, Joseph, 29, 244, 264. 

Hawley, Rev., Indian minister, 

Hay, Capt. Charles, of Tamar, 
man-of-war, 219. 

Ilayden, William, 124. 

llemi, .lohii, 2«i7, 21«, 2fVl. 

Heath, Cupt. William, of liox- 
bury, 203. 

Heath, Gen., 322. 

Heingman, Mr., at Easton. 94. 

Hencierson,^ Joseph, 62, 158, 186, 

Hemiley. Michael, l.'fi). 

Henly, Capt., of Chavlestown, 

llinisliaw, Joshua, 42, 112, Ml, 
145, 165, 170, 172, 187. 

llenshaw, William, ;i5, 185. 

Heron, Dr., 2:i2, 23,H. 

llernng, from Chagford, Eng., 

Herts, John James, 371. 

Hews, Mr., 226. 

Hicks, Miss, of Salem, 398. 

Hide, Nathaniel, 37. 

Higginson, Capt., 236. 

HiU, Henry, 122. 

Hill, John, 13:t. 

Hill, Lomar & Hill, Messrs., 3W>. 

Hillman, David, Jr., 871. 

Hillman, Mrs., 371. 

Hitchcock, Rev. Gad, of Pem- 
broke, 271. 

Hitchum, Thomas, 244. 

Hobson, Gen., 335. 

Holbrooke, Mr., 13, 182. 


Holland, Siamuel, from Ply- 
mouth in England, 220. 

Holmes, Nathaniel, 75, 119, 144, 
145, 146, 202. 

Holt, Lieut., of tbe Scar- 
borough, 281. 

Holten, Samuel, member of 
Congress, 8. 

Hood, Capt., 49, 232, 207. 

Hood, Commodore, 189, 208. 

Hood, Mi-s. Samuel, wife of 
Commodore. 6, 10. 

Hooker, Mr., insiieotor, 161. 

Hooper, John, 149. 

Hooper, Miss Becky, 814. 

Hooi>er, Miss Polly, 34, 42, 79, 
86; marrisige of, 149, 

Hooper,' Mrs., of Marblobead, 

Hooper, Mr., of Marblehead, 

Hooper, Rev. William, 17, 18, 

23, 71 ; and wife, 79; 86, 90, 92, 

93, 95, 111, 112, 113; death and 

funeral of, 128; 357. 
Hooper, Mi-s., gratuity £50 for 

the year, 159; 149, 162, :Wi\, 
Hooper, Robert, 42, 76, 116, 283. 
Hooper, Thomas, 149. 
Hope, Mr., crcdiiiirs of, 123. 
Hopkins, Capt., 125. 
Hopkins, Capt. John,^of the 

Continental frigate, Warren. 

Hoppes, Capt., 394. 
Horner, Samuel, 341. 
Hosey. Capt., 213. 
How, llev., ordained, 244. 
How s tavern, Marlborough. 131. 
Howard, (<(iii.,cliaiic(;llor <ir tlio 

cxcliuquor, 117, 126. 
Howard, Miss, 121, 2:«. 
Howard, Rev., 169, 325. 
Howard s tavern at Easton, 107. 

Howe, Gen., 317, 318. 
Howe, Lord, 312, 318. 
Howland's tavern, Plymouth. 

50, 106. 



Ilubbarcl, Datiiol, 80, 125, 145, 

101). 185, 202, 213, 214, 245. 267. 
II aboard, Justice, 141. 
Ilubbarcl, Miss Polly, marriage 

of, 327. 
Hubbard, Tliomas, 08, 132, 162, 

lOD. 225. 
Hubbard, Tutliill, 30, 48, 126, 

145, 190, 226, 232, 242, 244, 246, 

253 308 
Hubtcrti Peter, 346, 400. 
Hughes, Samuel, 37, 79; and 

wife, 8H; 110, 118, 127, KM, 135, 

158! de:it,liof, 102. 
Huldimaiid, Gen., 280. 
Hulton, Commissioner, 53, 240, 

245; and wife, 249. 
Humphreys, Mr., 228. 
Hunt, Rev., 27. 
Hunter, Capt., 133, 135, 367, 361, 

362. ;{64, 383, 393. 
Hunter, Rowland, 269. 

Hurd, , 417. 

Ilussey, 8tepluni, of Nantucket, 

123, 14:«. 
Hutchinson, ElisUa, 273. 
Hutchinson, Foster, 52; and 

wife, 88; 108, 121, 122, 127, I'M. 

i:V>, 190, 202, 2(Vi, 281, Judge of 

Superior (Jourt, 282. 
lIuiHiinson, lii(Mit.-(«ov. Thos., 

0, 28, 2t», :«, 100, no. n»3, nw, 

201, 2(M., 214, 217, 225. 235; 

Mrs. Hutchinson burieci, 240; 

made governor, 212 ; 247 ; sails 

for England witli his son 

and dangliU'r in the Minerva, 

Capt. Calahan, 273. 
Hutcliinson, Madam, funeral of, 

fhitrJiinson, Miss IVggy, 273. 
Hutchinson, Shrimpton, 224. 
Hutchinson, Thomas, judge of 

the Inferior Court, 282. 
Hutchinson. Thomas. Jr., of 

Milton, 283. 

Inches, family, 25. 

Inches, Henderson, 28, 37; on 
('lenient J^ickson's alTairs, 
75; 77; present at dinner to 
Capt. Gideon, 116; referee, 
120; member of "Town's 
Committee," 144; member of 
*• Committee of Instructions," 
147; member of "Committee 
of Nine," 163; member of 
•* Merchants' Committee," 
155; 100; chosen selectman. 
10.*!; nieniher of committee or 
twcniy-one, 1(J5; town's com- 

mittee, 160; dinner at Major 
Cunningham's. 183; fire at nis 
house, 184; dinner at John 
Champney's, 190; funeral of 
Mrs. Henderson Inches, 192; 
visit to Mr. Henderson Inches 
and lady, l\Y7 ; funeral of Mrs. 
Sarah Inches, 212 : dinner at, 
221 ; marries Miss Bettsy Brim- 
ner, 223; member of commit- 
tee about lighting the lamps, 
2:K>, 243, 244, 249; 270; bearer 
at John Box's funeral, 287. 

Inches, Miss Jietty, IW; funeral 
of, 258. 

Independency declared in Bos- 
ton, 313. 

Independence Proclamation 
read at Trinity Church, 316. 

Indians from the Misimiche 
and St. John's tribe come to 
negotiate business with the 
(General Court, 312. 

Ingram, Capt., i:y>. 

Inhabitants, The, carry in their 
arms to be deposited in the 
hands of the selectmen, 293. 

Inman, George, son of Ralph, 
10, 12, 70, 126, 181, 184; his 
father's second marriage, 221 ; 
takes his dcgi-ee, 2:n; mar- 
riage of his sister Susanna 
to Capt. Linzee, 233; enters 
Herman A Andrew Brimner's 
counting-room, 234; has the 
measles, 2.'J0; goes to Nor- 
wilch, 2:J7; 242, 249, 20:t; seri- 
ously ill, 294; sails on Fal- 
con with Capt. and Mrs. 
Linzee to join the British 
Army; dies at Granada, W.I., 
44 ; daughters of, 44. 

Inman, John, 10. 231, 233, 247: 
marriage to Sally, daughter or 
Capt. Uaskins, 260; 286, 293, 

Inman, Mrs. Elizabeth, born 
Murray, marries first Thomas 
(Campbell, second becomes 
second wife of James Smith, 
39: 105, 108, 111, 113, 139, 183; 
sails for England, 193; re- 
turns from England with two 
nieces. 218; third becomes 
secoiul wife of Ralph Inman, 
courtship and marriage, 218, 
220, 221; godmother to John 
Head's child, 267; in a car- 
riage accident with Mrs. 

ICowe, 279; siN>nsor to Itev. 
r. Parker's child Elizabeth, 




326; meets Mr. Inman at the 
lines, 201 ; goes to Providence. 
;t2:i. (See also *' Letters of 
James Miirnvy, TiOvalist.") 

Inman, Mrs. lUlpli, born Speak- 
man, first wife, 330, 303, 303. 
Deatli of 3ir7, 3!)9, 41fi. 

Inman, Ralpli, Cambridge, Loy- 
alist, 4 : numerous dinners at. 
30; lavish entertainments at 
house in Cambridge, standing 
lust behind the site of City 
Ilall, 41. Descendants, 44; 
dinner at Turk's head on a 
Darbocue, 04 ; Chnstinas, 1764, 
dines at Mr. llowe's, 71 : one 
of ilio ]>i*o])rietors of Point 
Shirley, 75; dines at lirush 
Hill with James Smith and 
wife, 79; falls in getting on 
his horse, 65 ; present at a din- 
ner given to Capt. Gideon by 
the Merchants, 116; goes to 
Sherburne and Marlborouffh 
with James Smith and wife, 
i:i2; at wedding of Polly 
Hooper. 140; returns from 
Connecticut, 153; dinner at 
Col. IngersoH's on the anni- 
versiiiy of the rcpciU of the 
Stamp Act. 156: dinner at 
Greaton's ot turtie.168 ; mem- 
ber of the Cliari table Society, 
185 ; dinner at Bracket's on Bos- 
ton Neck. 2a) ; goes to Newport, 
returns trom, 207, 208; Christ- 
mas, 1770, dines at Mr. liowe's, 
211 ; dines with the Charita- 
ble Society at Col. Ingersoirs, 
214; dinner to Gov. ilutchin- 
son, Couimo<lore (ianibier, 
and others, 217; courtship 
and inari'iaKO to Mrs. .lames 
Smith, born Miirniy, 218, 
220, 221 ; birthday, '224 ; enter- 
tainment at Commencement, 
when his son (jeorge takes 
his degree, 231 ; marriage of 
Susanna Inman to Capt. John 
Linzee, 23:i- goes in the Beaver 
lis far as the lighthouse, and 
lakes leave of '*Siicky,'' 2:M; 
sets out for Saluni in Pad- 
dock's coach. 2.15; stands god- 
father to (iilbert Deblois' son, 
named ** Ualph," 243: dinner 
at Flax Pond under the 
trees, 247: dinner at Menot- 
omy Pond, 218; death of his 
daughter "Sally," 250; pres- 
ent at "No. 5 Club," 257; 

Sies to Marlborough with 
rs. Inman, 288; soes to the 
lines to see Mrs. inman, 294 ; 
he and Mrs. (ninan diiio at 
Mr. Bowe's, 2ii6, ;MI5, 310; ho 
and Mrs. Inman set out for 
Providence, 323; return, 329; 
letter from. 341. 

Inman, Sarah. 10, 126, 181, 221, 
233, 234; illness and dfeath« 

Inman, Susanna (see Linzee). 

Inoculation in Boston for the 
small-pox, 313. 

Instant. Mrs., 06. 

Ivei-s, Mr. William, 70, 73, 180. 

Ivors, Tlionuis, 70. 

Jackson, Benjamin, 266. 
Jackson, Clement, 66» 75, 77; 

launching at Weymouth, 130. 
Jackson, James, 72. 
Jackson, Johnson, 267. 
Jackson, Joseph, Col., 37; one 

of selectmen, 00.122; 16& 244; 

death of 281 ; and funeral, 282. 
Jackson, Tliomas, Sr., 164. 
Jackson, William. 72; visited 

by the body of merchants, 

Jiuiobson, Capt., 06, 01, 101, 105, 

i;t4, il^, im, 1117, 174, 236, 242. 
Jarvjs, C]i]U » 01, 103, 118, 220, 

Til. 2:tti, '142. 
Jarvis. Br*beit,e2, 226. 
Jeffry, Mr., l\U. 
Jenkins, Capt., 226, 236. 
Jeukins, Mr. Robert, 65; fu- 

iieial of, 257. 
Joan, Mr., 200. 
Jolinson, I)r. William Samuel, 

Johnson, Sani'l, one of the pro- 

)>rietors of CaniiHi BoUo, 2011. 
Johnson's tavern on Lynii 

Plain, 63. 
Johonnot, Andrew, 72. 
Johonnot, Francis, member of 

the Possee, 35; dinner at, 

115; 171, 185; dinner at John 

Champney's ** on a Pigy," 100: 

226; death of, 200. 
JoluHiiiot, Young Francis, .Ti4. 
Johonnot, Gabriel, 253. 
Johonnot.Peter, 133. 
Jones, Col., 109. 
Jones. Mrs., 108, 114, 187. 
Jones, Mr., 187. 
Jones, Nathan, 103, 106. 
Jones, Polly, 42. 
Jonge, Mr., 308. 



Jordan, Capt., traiisforred from 
tlio KiiigiHslier to tho Foge, 
man-of-war, 232; and Mrs. 
Jordan. 246; 208. 

Jonlan, Mr., a gentleman from 
J^arbadocs, 88. 

Joy, Mr., 390. 

Keen, Trial of, 105. 
Kempenfelt, Admiral, 33. 
Kendrick's, Capt., tavern on 

Charles River, 52, 108, 132, 134, 

KiMil, linijaiiiin, 27, UK), 22^1, 270. 
Kent. Mr., (lie lawytT, 75. 
Kent's tavern at Dorchester, 

Kerfoot, Walter, one of the 

proprietors of Campo Bello, 

Kerr, Col., 35, 182, 184, 1!)8. 
Kimball. Mr., 61. 
King, Thomas, of Marblehcad, 

Kingman's tavern at Kaston, 

Knecland. Rartliolomrw, 122, 
Knighls, Thonuis, 9!), 100, 120, 

too, 161, 229, 29:«, 2iM. 
Knox, Henry, later Gen., 268, 271. 

Lacy, Capt., 72. 

Laighton, Iieniy, 299. 

Lamps lichted for the first 

time in Boston, March 2, 1774, 

Ijand iiank, Commissioners of, 

and the Heirs of llentham, 

trial between, 9J». 
Land Bank scheme, 12.3, 150. 
Lander, Mr., KKJ. 
Lane & Booth, Messrs., letters 

from, 65, 71 ; letters to, 357, 361, 

364, 375, 379, 400, 412, 415, 418, 

420, 422. 
Lane, John, 48, 0.3, 64, 82, 83, 84, 

191, 196. 197, 213. 
Lapier, Andrew, 72. 
Latham, Dr., 267, 268. 
Lathrop, Isaac, of Plymouth, 

Laughton, Henry, 261. 
Langhton, Thomas, 253. 
Jiavicount, Mr., and wife, 174. 
Leaned, Zephaniah, of Kainham, 

Leddell, Miss Betsy, 96. 
Lee, Col., 63. 
Lee, Jerry, i:w. 
Lee, Joseph, 76; judge of the 

Inferior Court, Midulesex, 282. 

Lcight, Mr., of the 14th Regi- 
ment, 179. 

Leonard, Col. Ephraim. 107. 

Leonard, Daniel, of Taunton, 
sworn in councillor, 28:). 

I^sly, Col., 35. 

Letclimere, Anthony, 181, 250. 

Letchmere, Mr., death of, 83. 

I^tchmere, Mrs. and Miss, 249. 

Letchmere, Richard, 249, 274, 
280; appointed councillor, 282, 

lieveret, (Jol., 2<a», .314. 

Iiewis, Khen, (13, 80. 

iii^wis, Mi-s., 129. 

Liberty, Sons of, meet and drink 
the King's health, 139; 172, 
205 ; annual feast at Roxbury, 
248; committee appointed by, 
to wait on consignees of tea, 
25.3; death of Mollincux of the, 
286; 316. 

Liberty Tree, l.'H); two efligies 
on, 157; U>5; Ihig hoisted on, 
when Gov. Bernard sailed, 190; 
meeting of Sons of Liberty at, 
and dinner at Robinson's, Dor- 
cliester, 191 ; consignees of 
tea called upon to meet at, 252. 

Lillie, Theophilus, 196. 

Lincoln, Benjamin, 98. 

Linzee, Capt. John, command- 
ing the Beaver, 10; death of, 
12; 14, 189, 208. 209; brings the 
Beaver into tlock and graves 
her, 210; 211; arrives in the 
Beaver from Antigua, 216; 
217; the Beaver sails, 218; 219; 
returns from a cruise, the 
Beaver peo^)le make a seizure, 
220; 221 ; sails on a cruise, 221 ; 
223 ; Beaver returns very leaky, 
226 ; arrives in the Beaver from 
Rhode Island, 232; is taken 
at the suit of Clark and Night- 
ingale, is arrested on the mu- 
latto affair, marries " Sucky " 
Inman, 2.'):); sails in the 
Beaver with his vrife, 2;H; 
arrives in the Falcon with 
his wife and little son Samuel 
Hood, 291; is ordered up 
Charles River to bring off the 
troops, 2i)2; sails with his 
wife and son in the Falcon, 
294: dines at Mr. Rowe's on 
little Samuel Hood's second 
birthday, Dec. 27, 296; 2i»7; 
sails in the Falcon with Mrs. 
Linzee, little Sam and Han- 
nah and George Inman, 297. 



Linzee, Rear-admiral Robert, 
10, 29, 189. 

Linzee, Susanna (Inman), wife 
of Capt. John Linzee, 10; H4; 
85; goes to (joinmciicement, 
86; 89, 109, 126, 135, 142, 163, 109; 
goes to Marlborough, 170; 
spends the evening at I^ady 
Frankland's, 173; 178, 179, 180, 
181; dines at Brush Hill, 183; 
dines at Mrs. Vassall's, 186; 
188; goes up Cambridge River 
in Capt. Caldwell's cutter, 
190; Mrs. Rowe gives dance 
for, 197 ; goes to Newport and 
returns, 207, 208; 209, 211, 217. 
218, 219; her father's second 
marriage, 221 ; 223 ; her father's 
birthday, 224; 225, 226; mai^ 
riage, 233; sails in the Beaver, 
234: letters from, 256, 260; 
arrives in the Falcon with 
her husband and little son 
Samuel Hood, 291 ; Sailsin the 
Falcon with husoand, little 
Sam and Hannah, 297. 

Liswallj James, 327. 

Little, Miss Lydia, 130. 

Little, Miss Massy, 161. 

Little, Miss Polly, 101. 

Little s tavern at Kingston, 100, 

Lock, Mr., installed President 
of Cambridge (Harvard), 200. 

Logie, Capt., 69, 82. 

Ix)ngly, Mr., 80. 

Loring, Caleb, 214. 

Loring, Capt., of one of the tea 
ships, 264, 267. 

Ijoring, Joshua, marriage of, 
193; sworn in councillor, 281. 

Ijouder, Mrs., 197. 

liouis. Air., 101. 

Ijovell, James, member to Con- 
gress from Massachusetts and 
one of three to present peti- 
tion to Congress, 8. 

Jx>vell, John, Jr., 100. 

Iiovell. Master John, member 
of Fire Club, ;KJ; 101, 313, 

lH>well. John. 100. 

lioyd, i>r. William, niombor of 
Fire (;iub, :W; 188, 27*J, 280, 281, 

Loyd, Henry, 110. 

Loyde, Miss Betty, marriage of, 

Lyde, Byfleld, 116. 

Lyde. Capt., 136. 

Lynch, Mr. and Mrs., 248. 

Lynds, Judge, at Ipswitoh Haib- 
let, 315. 

Lynds, Miss Lydia, lia (See 
Mrs. Walter.) 

Lyoii. John, one of proprietors 
of Oampo Bello. 269. 

Lysle, Mr., solicitor in the cus- 
toms, 290. 

McCartney, Capt., of the Mer- 
cury, 273. 

McClean. Capt., 91. 

McDaniel, Hugh, 72, 190; fu- 
neral of. 200. 

McDonald, Capt., 125. 

McGuire, Lawrence and Mary, 

McKa/, Capt. John, of the 65th 
Regiment, 286. 

Mackay, Capt. Samuel, 172, aS5, 

McKay, Gen., 188. 

Mackay, Mungo, 331. 

MoKinnerly. master of the 
Lively, wife and child, 27a 

McKintosh, Capt., 76^ 

Mackintosh's tavern. Need- 
ham, 50, 133. 

McKneil, Capt. Huter. 260. 

McKowan, Capt., ship seized, 

McNeal, Archibald, 62, rJ, 09, 
100, 116, 125, 164: and two 
daughters, 174 ; wife and three 
daughters, 179 : 230, 300. 

McNeal, John, Capt., wife, son. 
and daughter, 174; wife and 
daughter, 178 : 181, 257. 

McNeal, Mr., of Surrinam, 164. 

McNeal, Mrs., 170. 

McNeal, the baker, 74. 

McVickers, 182. 

McWli<»rU'r's or McQuartc^r's 
tavern, Taunton, 60, \K\, 104, 

Maitland, Col., Adjutant-gen- 
eral, 177, 178. 

Malcom, Capt. Daniel. Ill, 125; 
one of committee of twenty- 
one to wait on Gov.Bernarn, 
160; 172. 

Malcom, John, 2()1. 

M]ilcoiii, Old Mr., 126. 

Mallanl, Capt., 00. 

Mallet, 76. 

Malley, Thomas, 326. 

Maltby, Capt., of the Glasgow, 

Mauley, Capt., 306, 307. 312, 317. 

Mann's tavern, Wrentnam, 50, 



Marlet, William, 91. 

Marra, Patriclc, 140. 

Marshall, Gapt., 83, 109, 110, 146, 

Marshall. Col. Thomas, 160, 171, 
189; cnosen selectman, 225, 

Marshall, Samuel, 367. 

Marshman, Capt., 166. 167. 

Marston's, Cape., 48. (See Bunoh 
of Grapes tavern.) 

Mai'sl4in, .lolin, 171. 

Marston, Mr., f»r Marblohcml, 

Martin, Capt., 204. 

Martin's tavern, 236. 

Martin, The two Misses. 170. 

Mason, Capt., of the 14th Regi- 
ment, 29, 209. 

Mason, Jonathan, 183, 192, 212, 

Malchot, ('aitt. Jonathan, at 
tlio North ICml, 1120, 125, 26.X 

Malhor, \U\\. Sanniol, J.'M), i(K), 
172, !«», 267. 

Matriii, Canl., 178. 

Maturin, John, the general's 
secretary, funeral of, 288. 

Maxwell, Mr., 90. 

Maxwell, Gen., 327. 

Mayhew, Rev., 21; death of, 
and funeral, 103. 

Meadows, Capt., of the Tartar, 

Men-of-war in the harbor, and 
where statione<l, 272. 

Mendall, Cant. Paul. 96. 

Mercer, of Now York, 31. 

Merchants' meetings, about loaf 
sugar duties. 70; 101: choose 
committee of nine, 162; which 
reports, 163; agree to the re- 
solutions of the city of New 
York, 161 ; 162; present 62, and 
60 sign an agreement not to 
import any goods, 171; 190, 
\m, 1<V$, 1!10, 201, 206, 207, 208; 
prepare an a<hlrcss to the 
governor. 213; choose commis- 
sioners to treat with New 
York, 227: regulating act, 273; 
wait on Gen. Gage with ad- 
dress, 274; dissolved, 32!). 

Meredith, Mr., of Quebec, 242, 
243; letters from, 260; arrived 
in Host^n, 281. 

MonMlilli, Sir William, 166. 

Milieus, Thomas, and wife, 94, 

Milieus, James, 94. 

Miller, Capt., 19!K 

Miller, Dr., 211. 

Miller, Mrs., funeral of, 224. 

Miller, Mr., of Newburyport, 

Mills, Mr., of New Haven, 148, 
178, 218. 

Minerva, The. Capt. Calahan, 
in which Grov. Hutchinson, 
son, and daughter sail for 
Bngland, 273. 

Minot, Christopher, 79, 86, 88. 

Mi not, George, 239. 

Mitchell, Capt Thomas, 68, 09, 

Molesworth. Capt., 179, 1K(». 

Molineux, WiUiam, 36, 37, 76, 88, 
116, 148, 160, 161, 169, 178, 179, 
1%, 224; iietition dismissed at 
town meeting. 226; 246; chair- 
man of committee of Sons of 
Liberty to wait on consignees 
of tea, 263 ; 267, 276; death and 
funeral of, 286. 

MfNire, Mr., and wife como to 
live at llowe\s, ;R57. 

M<M)rliea(l, Itov., 21, 248; funeral 
of, 257. 

Montague, Admiral John, 43, 53, 
219; and Mrs. Montague, 233; 
236, 243, 246, 248; and Mrs. 249; 
269, 267, 270; with Mrs. and 
Miss, pays farewell visit and 
sails for England. 277. 

Montague, Capt. George, 233, 
246, 249; made post captain in 
command of tiie Foye, 268; 

Montague, James, 249. 

Montague, Miss Sophie, 233, 246. 

Montgomerie, Capt. James, 67, 

Montgomerie, Capt. Robert, 

Montrasor, Capt., 286. 

Morley, Jno., death of, 71. 

Mortimer, Mr., 248. 

Morton, Provoz, delivered an 
oration at the funeral of Dr. 
Warren, 307. 

Morton, Silas, 81. 

Mosely, chaplain of the Salis- 
bury, 212, 214. 

Mowat, Capt., of the Canceaux, 

Mugford, Capt., 310. 

Mumpford, Mr., the post, 268, 
306, 312, 318. 

Murray, Anna, daughter of Dr. 
John, 40 '2:ct, 240. 

Murray, Retsey, daughter of 
James, 40, 97; sails Tor Eng- 
land, 193 ; 240, 320. 

Murray, Dorothy, daughter of 



James, 40, 79, 104, 105, 138, 
lai), 149; marries Rev. Forbes, 


Miirniy, Capt., of tlie St. .loliii, 

Murray, James, ami wife, 40; 
1()5, 111, no, 12!); ami wife, 
138, i;«), 149; 174, 191; roughly 
used by the people at tlie time 
of llobinson and Otis affray, 
liri; with family sails for Cape 
Fear, 2:W. 

Murray, Col. John, of lintlaiid, 
30, 42, 43, 45, «.W, *.»7, IW, 218, 
230; chosen councillor, 282, 

Murray, Daniel, sou of Col. 
John, 43; 11. C. 1771,231. 

Murray, Samuel, sou of Col. 
John, 43; H. C. 1772, 230. 

Murray, Gen., 364, 360, 360, 373, 

Murray, Ijieut.-col., 392. 

Murray, Major, 354. 

Murray, Miss Polly, 233; returns 
to England, 273. 

Musgrave, Major, 240, 249. 

Nazro, John, 91, lOi), 131. 

Ness, Mr., of the 14th Regi- 
ment. 194. 

Newall's, at Menotomy Pond, 

Newall's tavern, at Lynn, 135, 
247, 313, 315, 316. 

Newall, Timothy, 00, 92, 118, 
122, 102, 16:^, 169, 200. 

Newcastle, Duke of, 117. 

Newcomb's tavmii. Sandwich, 

NnwolTs, TlionuMi, diary, fiS. 
Newman, l*aino, of Nr.wberry, 

Newton, Henry, letters to, 31R), 

Newton, Mi-s., 396. 
New York, evtvcuation of, by 

Coutinental troops, 318. 
Nicholls, Hcv., Salem, 13, 14, 

2;i.5, 247, 278, 287, 2«K). 
Nichols, (^upt. William, 125, 348, 

Nichols, Mr., wifc^ son, and 

diini^lilcr, 'llVt. 
Nickei'son, Anscll, tried for 

forgery, 247; acquitleil, 248. 
Nohlo, Oapt., 374. 
Norwood's tavern, fiynn, 50. 
Noyes, Nathaniel, 326. 
Noyes', Widow, tavern at 

Stoughtonham, 104, 109, 113. 

Occum, Rev., an Indian minis- 
ter, 21. 

Ogilvy, James, :t4^ :H9. 

(VliHia, Cap!., 177, 181. 

Oliver, Andrew, judge of the 
Inferior Court, Kssex, 2Hti. 

Oliver, Cant. James, 71. 

Oliver, Chief Justice Peter, 
declines to relinquish his 
srant from the Crown, 262; 
House of Assembly passes sev- 
end resolves agsdnst his con- 
duct, tlie whole House pro> 
sents a remonstmnce to the 
governor, relating to him re- 
apiK)inted chief justice, 2ti3; 
282 281. 

Oliver, ciol. lliomas, 40, 43, 109; 
and wife, 217; 230; lieutenant- 
governor, and president of 
the council, 281. 

Oliver, Lieut.-gov., Andrew, 
24; resigns his commission, 
89; secretary, i:)6; one of the 
proprietors of Ix>ng Wharf, 
158, 159, 186, 238; 248; deatJi of, 
264; funeral, 265; 409. 

Oliver, Mrs., and family sail, 

Oliver, Miss, 64. 

Oman, Capt., 1:M. 

Onslow, Right Hon. Sir Arthur, 

Otis. James, 15, 27; and Mrs. 
Otis, 28; 37. 41, 44, 47, 77; and 
wife, 88; chosen representa- 
tive, i)3: chosen speaker, i)7: 
one of his Majesty's council 
and noM::vlived,«IS; 99, 112, lin, 
110, 125; ret ■hose Uiis rep rest' Ill- 
ative, l.'tO; reehosen council lor 
and m^galivetl, i:U; 111, I4H, 
151; chosen I'cpn^Si'.iitativo, 
162 j^ dinner at, 162; chosen 
councillor and negativJBd, UiA; 
mo<lei*ator of town meeting, 
which mijourned to Dr. Sew- 
all's meeting, 165; chairman 
of committee of twenty-one 
to wait on (^ov. Barmml, 165; 
and wife, 1(W: 16S», 171, 178, 179; 
rechosoii and lu^galiviMl, l«7; 
189, UN); iissaiilted by lUdMii- 
S4>n, \\tl\ breaks wiiHh»ws in 
the town house, IIK); tires guns 
from his window, 201; 212; 
chosen representative, 215; 
trial between him and liobin- 
son, 218, 2l9j rechosen coun- 
cilFor, 22? ;~ waits on Gov. 
Hutchinson as committee- 



man for the town of Boston, 
1J:V»; recliostjn councillor, 24r», 
2?2; letters to, 338, 413. 

Otis, James, Jr., 41. 

Otis, Madam, death of, 147. 

Otis, Samuel Allen, and wife, 
1G8; chosen representative, 

Otis, Mrs. Samuel Allen, fu- 
neral of. :t3a 

Ovoring, Miss Polly, 87. 

r:uld(N!k, M:ijor ls;i:w., 1 13, 171, 
*i:«), 2-ir., '2 Ui, 'iTil), '270. 

I Vino, llolMul. Treat, *2!», :W), 45, 
113, 1U!», 1-21, 2ai; one of the 
committee of five U) po to tlic 
<4eneral Congress, '276» 

Paine, Samuel Treat, of Taun- 
ton, 125. 

Paine, Timothy, chosen, of his 
Maios(,v*s council, ?>8, i;«, 282, 

Paine, Young, of Worcester, 

Palfrey, Thomas, «», 215. 

Palfrey, William, 270. 

Palmer, Rev., 186. 

Palmer. Thomas, (M, 88, 105, 234; 

fives brilliant ball at Concert 
fall, 254; chosen councillor, 

Parker, Capt. Hide, of the Bos- 
ton, I8<;, 'M), 215, 217, of the 
Plnenix, 3i:». 

Parker, carpenter, 80. 

Parker, Daniel, 172. 

Parkcr^s, J)r., at liutland, m. 

Parker, Jud^e, falher of the 
Itev., of Portsmouth, 314. 

Parker, Rev., 18. 1». 20, 251, 262; 
returns from England and be- 
comes assistant at Trinity 
Church, 270; preaches for the 
first time, 271 ; 275, :«>5, .'W, :i08 ; 
omits petitions in the liturgy 
for the king and royal fam- 
ily, 313- .314; re:y1s Dedarii- 
tion of Independence at Trin- 
ity Church, 316; .318; banns 
published for the first time. 
310; .T20, 322; child christened 
"Klizabeth," ;r28; chosen in- 
cumbent minister of Trinity 
Church, the proprietors hav- 
ing voted the church vacated 
by Mr. Waller, :P2!). 

Park man, Samuel, .'{-'U. 

Partridge, Capt. Sanuiel, 226, 

Pjvshaw, Mr., of the Navy, 202. 

Patten, Nathaniel, 3:^1. 

Pat tershall, Richanl, i«i. 

I'axton, Charles, &, 79, 88, 106, 
146; death of , 187. 

Paxton, Mr., one of the com- 
missioners, 192, 240. 

Pavne (or Paine), Col., of 
Worcester. 123. 

Payne (or Paine), Edward, 37, 
70, 80, 112, 116, 118, 120, 144^ 145, 
147, 155, 100; one of committee 
of twenty-one 1^> wait on (Jov. 
Iternard, 165; UV\ 179, P.m, 195; 
>younde.d in right arm at time 
of •• lioslon Ahkssjicre," 198, 
20H, 213; his Malaga wine 
seized, 222; one of the com- 
mittee about the granary, 268; 
274, 276, 29;i. 

Payson, Mr., and Mrs., 187; 
petition dismissed, 225. 

Payson, Rev. Phillips, Chelsea, 
14, .320, 326, 327. 

Payson's tavern, Rowley, 316. 

Peacock. Admiral, 422. 

Pease, Mr., of Newport, 230. 

Peele, Mr., 116. 

Peet, Lieut., of the Jamaica, 

Pemberton, Rev., 21, 115, 205, 

Pemberton, Samuel. 163; one 
of committee of twenty-one 
to wait on (tov. Rornaifl, 166; 
172, \\r2. 

Pepper, Capt., :J29. 

Pepperell, Sir William, and 
family sail, 298. 

Pepperell, William, of Roxbury, 
45, 104; sworn in councillor, 
281,282; 284. 

Percy, Ijord, arrives, 277. 

Perkins, Dr. William I^e, 37, 
125. 133, 220, 241. 

Perkins, James, 37, 69, 79; 
and wife, 8H; ?K), 112, 116, 
148; and wife, 1(W; 187, 216, 
244, 24(i, 267. 2<I9; sets out for 
four montlis exile at Med- 
field, 315. 

Perkins, James, Rowe's book- 
keeper, funeral of, 243. 

Perkins, John, 72. 

Perkins, Rev., of Bridge water, 

Perkins, Samuel, 250. 

Perkins, The Misses Joanna and 
Betty, 1(W. 

Perry, Ebenezer, 12fi. 

Perry, William, store broken 
into by the soldiers, 303; is 



taken up and carried to Jail. 

d06: sets out for foar monthr 

exile at Medfield, Hlfi. 
Pertersby, Dr., 208. 
Peterson, Dr., 240. 
Pettigrew, Dr., 116, 176, 179. 
Pliillips, Andrew, one of the 

m^prietors of Long Wharf, 

Phillips, Capt., 82; and wife, 
121: 400. 

Phillips, Deacon William, 80, 
86, 90, 92, 122, 1:^2; moderator 
at Merchants' meeting, 162; 
one of committee of nine, 163; 
166, 1(K), 162, 163, 160, 190, 196, 
190, 208; representative for 
Boston, 227 ; one of lamp com- 
mittee. 239; 243, 244; chosen 
councillor and negatived, 246; 
249, chosen representative, 
269; 270; rochosen and nega- 
tived, 272; chosen represent- 
ative, 310. 

Phillips, Faneuil, 267. 

Phillips, Gillam. 79; one of the 
proprietors of Long Wharf, 

Phill'ips, John, 186. 

Phillips, Mary, 166. 

Phillips. Miss, daughter of Will- 
iam, 121. 

Phillips, Samuel, chosen coun- 
cillor, 228; rechosen, 246; 
councillor. 271. 

Phipps, Col. David, 41; and 
wife, 169, 173; 184; and wife, 
217; 270. 

Pickering, John, of Salom, 29, 
80, 2m. 

Piclcoriii^, Judge, of Mio court 
or adnn rally, :il7. 

Pickering, Uuv., of Portsmouth, 

Pickering, Mr^^ lawyer, 317. 

Pickman (or Pitman), Col., 46, 
103, 121, 143. 

Pidgeon, John, 114, 124, 127. 

Piemont's tavern at Danvers, 
313, 316, 316. 

Pierrepoint, Mr., 192. 

Pike, Cant., :VI2. 

Plpon, Mr., 123. 

Pitt, Mr., 401, 420. 

Pitt, Mr., again in the ministry, 

Pitts. James, 75; chosen of his 
Maiesty's council, 98, 116; 119; 
and wife, 121 ; rechosen coun- 
cillor, 133: one of proprietors 
of Point Shirley, 144, 140; l(i2. 

2QQ, 224; rechosen councillor, 
228,246,271; 287. 

Pitts, John, 263, 287; chosen 
representative, 310. 

Pitts, Miss Betty, 121. 

Pomrqy, Col., 179, 186. 

Pool, Fitch, funeral of, 206. 

Poor, Capt., 187. 

Port Bill, arrival of, and town 
meeting relating to. 269. 

Porter, Aaron, of BTalifax, 09, 

Porter. Capt., of the Viper, 207. 

Post, Capt., 66. 

Potterfiold, Capt., of the sliip 
Jason, :i28. 

Potts, Cant., 77. 

Potts, John. 267. 

Pourvier, William, 72. 

Powell, Jery, chosen of his 
Majesty's council, 96; rechosen 
and negatived, 228; rechosen, 
246; is made judge of the 
Inferior Court, York, 283; 322. 

Powell, John, 111, 116, 118, 138; 
one of the proprietors of Long 
Wharf. 168, 186: 196. 

Powell, Major, of the 88th Regi- 
ment, 208. 

Powell, William, one of the 
proprietors of Long Wharf, 
238; chosen representative, 

Pownall, Gov., 385. 

Prat, Mrs., 86, 87. 

Prat, Miss Bella, 87. 

Pratt, Mr., 368. 

Pratt's tavern at Needhani 
Bridge, 60, 85. 

Prehblo, Jeremiah, chosen coun- 
cillor, 271. 

Treble, Avis (IMiillips), wifo of 
Col. .luduiliali, 2d, and daugh- 
ter of Capt. John and Anne 
(Engs) Phillips, 402. 

Preble. Jededfah, of Falmouth, 
29; chosen councillor, 246 ; 264 ; 
rechosen councilllor, 272 ; let^ 
ters to, 346, 402. 

Prescott, James, chosen coun- 
cillor and negatived, 272. 

Prescott, Judge William, 4. 

Preston, Capt., 178; Boston > 
Msissacre,. 197, 198, 199; on 
trial, 210. 

Price, Ezekiel, 49, 116, 147, 174, 

Price, Henry, 72, 267, 261. 

Price, William, 80; death of, 216. 

Prince, Capt. Christopher, 98, 



Prince, Gapt. Job. one of the 
proprietors of Long Wharf, 
158, 186, 189, 238 ; 244, 266. 

Pring, Capt., 04. 

Proctor, Oapt., 389. 

Proctor, Edward, 244. 

Proctor, Mr., master of one of 
the schools, 169, 189. 

Propert, Mr., organist of Trin- 
ity, 210, 213, 235, 239. 

Prout, Mr., 309. 

Pryce, Capt., 341. 

Piifrer, Abel. iW. 

Piiliiam's, Gen., licadcjitiarters, 
44; enters lioston with some 
of the trooiis, 'M\ :««. 

PyHchcon, Air., lawyer, 121. 

Quelch, gunner of the Beaver, 

Quincy, Edmund, 47, 50, 72, 
112, 116,201). 

Quincy, Kdniund, Jr., ?J, 110, 

Quincy, Rdniiind, tertius, 122, 
125, 145. 

Ouincy, Henry, 271. 

Quincy, Josiau, 125, 224. 

Quincy, Josiah, Jr., 5; one of 
committee of twenty-one to 
wait on Gov. Bernard, 166; 
2.^; one of (x)wn committee, 
270; 275.270. 

Quincy, Morton, chosen coun- 
cillor, 272. 

Quincy, Samuel, .r?, 43, ?2, 122. 
125; one of committee of 
twenty-one to wait on Gov. 
Bernard, 105; 2:M), 254: house 
broken into and much dam- 
age done by the soldiers, 303. 

Rand, Dr.. examined before 

" The Body," 330. 
Rayner, Capt., of the Chatham, 

Head, Judce William, 30, 76, 190, 
Heed A Vet tit, Messrs., 354. 

Reed, Major, 85, 1.%. 
Reeves, Mr., 233, 298. 
Regulating act, 273. 
Resolutions of the city of New 

York, 161. 
Revere, Paul, 27, 244, 245, 322. 
Rhodes, Joseph, 114, 124, 337, 

Kice, orKimist at Trinity, ?2. 
Rich, Sir Tlionias, or the 8onc- 

cal. 31, 200. m2\ arrives from 

Ilalifax, 207; 20!), 222, 227. 

Richards, Aaron, 135. 

Ricliard's tavern, 174, 246. 

Richardson, who killed the boy, 
197; tried and found guilty, 

Richardson, James, 35, 171, 186, 

Richardson, John and Ann, 66. 

Richardson. William, 76. 

Richman, 63. 

Richmond, Col., 104, 110. 

Richmond, Duke of, 117. 

Rider, Mr. 110. 

Kidgoway's plate, 100. 

Robbins, James M., 39. 

RobeH^son, Capt., and son, 29; 
105, 115, 117, 178, 188. 

Robertson, collector of New- 
port, 74. 

Robins, Francis, brother-in-law 
to Rowe, 343, 344, 349, 352; let- 
ters to, 309, .380, 382, 404. 

Robins, Mr., i»urser of the 
Lively, 270. 

Robin's tavern, Walpole, 246. 

Robinscm, (Sen., .'H)]..10:(. 

Robinson, Mr. Jolin, commis- 
missioner, 179* assaults James 
Otis, 192; sails for England, 

Robinson's tavern, Dorchester, 

Robson, Capt., 140, 19i), 212, 214, 

Rockingliam. Marqids of, 166. 

Rogers, Daniel, 379, 398. 

Rogers, Jiieut., on boanl tlie 
Active, 268. 

Rogers, Nathaniel, 145, 196. 

Rogers, Mrs., 210, 214. 

Rogerson, Roffer, one of the pro- 
prietors of Campo Bello, 269. 

Root, Capt. Joseph, Sundei^ 
land, 168. 

Ropes, Nathaniel, chosen coun- 
cillor, 98, 132. 

Rotch, Francis, 258, 259. 

Rotch, Friends Joseph and 
William, 340, 355, 368. 

Rowe, "Jack,** son of Jacob, 
Quebec, 235; is left at Mr. 
Nicholrs school, Salem, 236; 
247, 249, 258, 267, 273, 287; sent 
home and school broken up, 
271 ; very ill, 309; goes to Rev. 
Phillip Payson's school at 
Chelsea, 310, 317, 320, 321, 326, 

Rowe, Jjicob, of Exeter, kins- 
man of John. 221, 275; death 
and funeral of, 276. 



Rowe. Jacob, of Quebec, arrives 
in America, 266, 267, 273; re- 
turns to Quebec, 280; letter 
to, 335; 344; letters to, 347, 
3<i0, 3«7, :I74, 378, 379, 387, 301, 
3!)4, :{mt, 415. 

Uowo, .lolni, birth and parent- 
age, 2; arrival in Jioston, 3; 
marriage, 4; becomes promi- 
nent member of Trinity 
Church, 16; member of 
Wednesday Night Club, 65; 
member of the Possee, 69; 
often on arbitrations, 67, 09, 
87, etc. ; on Merchants' Com- 
mittee about the ilnty on loaf 
sugar, 70; one of the proprie- 
tors of Point Shirley, 75; and 
of Long Wharf, 128; meets 
committee on the excise act, 
76; on committee about Mr. 
Hancocic's donation, and gets 
the vote accepted by the 
town, 78 3 treasurer of chari- 
table society, 80; is selectman 
for three years. 90; thev meet 
and appoint a ilay of rejoicing 
for the repeal of Stamp Act, 
95; fire ward, 91; moves into 
new house on Pond liane, 112; 
on committee for sale of the 
town house, 122 ; meets select- 
men and justices about laving 
out a new street in Pacfdy's 
Alley, 128; meets selectmen 
about paving the road by the 
fortfication, i:^; visits chai"- 
ity schools with selectmen and 
overseers of the ihxh*, who 
dine after at Kanenil Hall, 
130' member of No. 6 Club 
with John Timmins, Major 
John V assail, Uobert Ilaflo- 
well, Peter Johonnot, Thomas 
Brattle, Edward Quincy, ter- 
tius, Mr. Forrest, and George 
Brinley. Jul^ 4, 1767; on com- 
mittee tor giving instructions 
to the representatives, 147; on 
committee of nine chosen at 
Merchants' meeting about 
stopping importations, 15:): 
which passes resolutions and 
recommends that a commit- 
tee of correspondence be ap- 
pointed, 155; meets with the 
Merchants, who a^ee to the 
resolutions of the city of New 
York, IGl ; on committee of 
twenty-one to wait upon Gov. 
Bernard, 165 ; member of Fire 

Club, 174, 222; receives com- 
mission from Duke of Beau- 
fort, appointing him Grand 
Master of North America, 176, 
and is installed, 1H0; chosen 
committeeman at Merchants' 
nuH)ting, 2INI; is ofTeriMl the 
c<donia1 commission by the 

f;ovemor, 206; gets excused 
rom beine nreward, 220; 
present at Merchants' meet- 
ing, where commissioners are 
chosen to treat with New York 
government^ 227; on lamp 
committee, 239-264; present at 
Merchants' meeting itdative 
to the tesi, and is chostm C4>ni- 
mitteeman, 25(i; he and Capt. 
Bruce sent for by the commit- 
tee about the tea on boanl his 
ship, 266; on committee for 
filling up the town dock, 266; 
on committee about the gran- 
ary, 268; applies for a pass to 
leave town, but Is refused, 
294; warehouse plundered by 
the departing soldiers, 302; 
chosen warden of Trinity 
Church, 307; on committee of 
nine to consult U|Min the iHfst 
metliods for inime<liate relief, 
325 ; on committee of eighteen 
to provide com, flour, etc., 
326 ; member of the house, 330 ; 
town of Rowe supposed to be 
named for him, 'MO; death, 
and action of Grand Ixnlge rel- 
ative to funeral, XM, 

llowo, Josenh, of Kxel4»r, 
brother of Jolin, MM, :i5(», :t»0, 

Howe, Mrs. Hannah (Speak- 
man), wife of John Howe, 4, 64, 
71, 78, 84, 85. 86, 87, 88, 88, 89, 
102, 103; illness, 100-109; 112, 
121. 126. 137, 139, 141, 143, 162, 
164, 167, 109, 170, 173, 178, 179, 
180-186. 190, 191, 196; gives a 
dance to please ** Sucky," 197 ; 
202, 205, 208, 209, 21 1^ 217-223, 
226, 2:tt, 235, 237, 240, 242, 247, 
248, 250 ; in a carriage accident, 
279-281 ; 296, :«3, 310, 315, 322, 
329, 332, 336, 340, 351, 357, 361, 
362, 368, 370, 378, 382, 383, 383, 
397, 399, 405, 409, 416, 418, 420. 

Rowe, or Koe, Lieut. Harry, 358 ; 
letter to, 370; 388, 392, 407; 
letter from, 418. 

Rowe, Penelope (Phillips), 
wife of Jacob of Quebec and 



daughter of Oapt. John and 
Anne (Engs) Phillips, 402. 

Howe, William Syntal, 400. 

Rowland, Capt. Georee, 89, 90. 

Royal, Isaac, 45; and lady, 93; 
chosen councillor, 98, 132; 179; 
chosen councillor, 228. 245; 
resigns his seat at the lx>ard, 

Royal, The Misses Polly and 
BettSY, 44. 93, 179. 

Ruddock, John, 15, 69, 78, 90, 
118, 12G, 144, 145, 1G2, lat; ouo 
of committee of twenty-one to 
wait on Gov. Bernard, 165; 
172, 196, 199. 

Ruddock, Mrs. John, funeral of, 

Ruggles, Gen. Timothy, of 
Ilardwiok, 30, 31, 45, 96, 99, 
127, 131. 1.37, 108; appointed 
councillor, 2H2. 

RugKl(\s, Gouruo JK5. 

Rugglos, Mr., tlio carpenter. 22(>. 

RukkIcs, Samuel, and broUior, 

Russell, Dr., of Concord, mar- 
ried Miss Betty Vassal!, 152; 
child christened, 186, 230. 

Russell, James, 69, 94; chosen 
councillor, 98, 132; 216; re- 
chosen councillor, 228, 245; 
265; appointed import office, 

Kussoll, Jeremiah Condy, 348. 

Russell, Joseph, 230. 

Russell, Thomas, 192, 212, 227, 
'i.'W, ;wi. 

RuthMlg<s Mr., of South Oaro- 
lina, one of three appointed 
to confer with Lord Howe 
and Gen. Howe, 318. 

St. Barb, Capt. George, 87. 

St. John, Oapt., of the Gar- 
land, 109. 

St. John, Feast of, Dec. 27, 
dinner at Col. [ngcrsoU's 
(Huncli of Grapes). 181; din- 
ner at Col. Ingersolrs, present, 
41 brethren, 223; dinner at 
Col. Ingersoll's, present, 34 
brethren, 258. 

St. John's Day, June 24, din- 
ner of the lodge at Greaton's, 
167; dinner of the Free Ma- 
sons at Mr. Tiracket's, 217; 
dinner of tho lodgi^s at 
IJrothcr Unickot's, 2.(0; fesist 
sit Uracket's on Host/on Neck, 
247; dinner of the lodges at 

Capt. Marston's. 312; dinner 
at Deacon Joneses, 329. 

Salter, Sampson, collector of 
taxes, 71. 

Saltonstall, Col., of Haverhill, 
41, 43, 167, 230. 

Sanclburn's tavern at Hampton 
Falls, 313, 314, 316. 

Sandford, Mr., from Bedford, 

Sargeant, Capt., 162. 

Sargeant, Rev., of Cambridge, 
death of son, 140; 160, 164, 221, 
23.% 283. 

Sargent, Epps, of Gloucester, 
30, 103, 229. 

Saijeani, Mr., theological stu- 
dent from Andover, 237. 

Saul, Thomas, letter to, 386; 397, 
401, 417. 

Saunders, Admiral, 417. 

Saunders, Thomas, 7(>; chosen 
of his Majesty's council and 
negatived, !)8, l.'», 16.'t, 187; ro- 
clioson, 22H. 

Savage, Abijah, 158; one of 
proprietors of Long Wharf, 

Savage, Abram, 72, 230, 262, 263. 

Savage, Arthur, death of, 75. 

Savage, Arthur, appointed 
comptroller oi Falmouth, 
Casco Bay, 84, 88. 

Savage, John, 158 ; one of pro- 
prietors of Long Wharf, 196, 

Savage, Thomas. 186. 

Sanger, Ricliara, Jr., of Sher^ 
burne. 167. 

Say ward, J no., York, 168. 

Scollay, John, 56, 74, 85, 89, 105, 
115, 118; funersd of son, 152; 
160, 171, 223, 302. 

Scot, Capt., 145. 201, 214. 

Scot, Mrs., death of, at Domin- 
ico, 155. 

Scot, Col., death of, 147. 

Scott, .Joseph, 37, 74, 75, 119, 125, 
147. 156; and wife, 168; 253. 

Searl, CJapt., 397. 

Sears, Mr., 140. 

Selby, Mr., 323. 

Serjeant, Mrs., 361. 

Sever, William, of Kingston, 29, 
31 ; and daughter, 161 ; chosen 
councillor for Plymouth Col- 
ony, 228; rechosen, 245; 264; 
nM;1ioK(>n conncillor, 272. 

Sewall, .lonathan. Attorney- 
general, 284. 

Sewall, Judge Samuel, :<7, 43, 78, 



118, 122, 127, 132, 162, 168, 169, 

Sewall, Rev. Dr., 21, 83, 89, 116, 

1(», l(iU, 2a$, 206, 226, 23U, 

Sluui>i I'lt^ii^'i niarino oflicor of 

thu SMisbiiry, 217. 
Shaw, Mrs., 61. 
Shay. Mr., 336. 
Sheaife, Capt. Edward, of 

Charlestown, 41, 122, 126. 
Sheaffe, William, 36, 83, 84, 88, 

100, \m, 108, 173, 181, 196; death 

of, 222. 
Sheaffe, Mrs., 83, 88, 121, 168, 173, 

Sheaffe, Miss Bella, death of, 

Sheaffe, Miss Sally, 121, 134, 173, 

Sheaffe, Miss Suky, 188. 
Sheppard, Capt., 287. 
Sheppard, Samuel, letter to, 367. 
Sheppard, William, 222; death 

of; 228. 
Sherburn, Karl, 117. 
Sherburne, Mr., 348. 
Sheriff, Major, 178. 
Sheriock, Mr., 294. 
Sherrard, Capt. 103, 346. 349, 863. 
Ships of war (12) in the harbour, 

Shirley, Gen., funeral of, 213. 
Shiriey, Mr., 321. 
Shouhlham, Admiral, arrives, 

Shute, llev., of Ilingham, 21, 133, 

Siege of Boston. 200. 
Sigoiirncy, CIuuics, 2(^5, .'Kil. 
Simpson, Jonallmn, ra, 02, 07, 

70,70. 11<>' and wife, sin>iisoi*s 

for Mr. VYalter*s son Lyudc, 

140; 140, 185, 101; wife and 

daughter, 240; chosen coun- 
cillor, 282, 283. 
Sinclair, Sir John, death of, 147. 
Skinner, Capt. Jno., 104, 142, 

16:% 207, 210, 2:^0, :«i. 
Skinner, Mrs. (old), funeral of, 

Skinner, Mi*s., 181 ; death and 

funeral of, 278. 
Slaver's tavern at Portsmouth, 

Small, Major, 178. 
Small-pox breaks out in Boston, 

180. 200. 
Smith, Capt. Henry, 115, 120; 

of the Mermaid, 215. 
Smith, Dr., of Newburyport, 220. 

Smith, Henry, servant of John 
Rowe, 232. 

Smith, Gen., 292. 

Smith, Isiuic, 127, 134, i:i5, un, 
UK. 197, 20K, 212. 

Smith, Januis, a thief, 146l 

Smith, James, :«), 104, 105, 108, 
111, 113, 132, 137, 139, 165, 183; 
death of, 191. 

Smith, Mrs. James (see Mrs. 
Elizabeth Innmn). 

Smith, BIr., from London, 12S. 

Smith, Hichard, 68. 

Snow, Mr., 117. 

Snow, Mrs., 243. 

Soamos, Capt., 120. 

Sober, Mr., and wife, 216. 

Southcote, Capt., 86. 

Southmead, Miss, 384. 

Southmead, John Bowe, 388. 

Sparhawk, Nathaniel, 42, 44, 86, 
93; chosen of his Majesty's 
council, 96: negatived. 103; 
gives a ball, 104; rechosen 
councillor, l.*i3; rechosen for 
the province of May no, 228. 

Sparks, Mr.. 293. 

Speakman, Gilbert. 181. 

Speakman, Hannali (see Mrs. 

Speakman, Miss Hannah, 233. 

Speakman, Mrs., of Marlbor- 
ough, 96, 119, 131, 137, 148, 167, 

Speakman, William, 84, 107, 130, 
144, 157, 162, 173, 181. 

Spear. Nathaniel. 125. 

Spears tavern, Pembroke, 50, 

S|>enco, John Uussell, :M, i:VI; 
marriage of, to Miss Tolly 
lloopei. 140; I.TO, 157, 158. 

Spencer, Mr., l.'U, :{!M). 

Spooner, John, 119, 157, 158. 

Spoouer, Walter, chosen coun- 
cillor and negatived, 187; re- 
chosen, 228, 245, 272. 

Sprague, Dr., 192. 

Squires, Joseph, of Plymouth, 

Stabo, Capt., Bobert, 395, 400, 

Stacy, George, 114, 124. 

Stamp Act, reneal of, 90, 95. 

Stamp officer, hung in effigy, '88. 

State Street "Massacre," 197, 

Stedson, Levi. 124. 

Sterling^ Ixinl, 318. 

Sterns, Mr., 137. 

Stetson, or Stedson, Ebeneser, 



93, l>n, 100, 104, 106, 107, 110, 113, 
138, 140, 14(;. 

Stevens, John, one of the pro- 
prietors of Long Wharf, 168. 

Steyenson, John, 90. 

Steward, collector of New Lon- 
don, 74. 

Stewart, Mrs., 119. 

Stewart, Mr., 170. 

Stillmaii, llcv., 257, :W8. 

Stlllwell. Mr., 3:{7. 

Stoddarcl, ()apt., :»7. 

Stoddard, Cot., 8(5. 

Stone's tavern in Stoughton, 60. 

Storer, Ebenezer, 212, 243, 244, 
249, 274. 

Storer, Mrs., funeral of, 222. 

Storey, Justice, 76. 

Stormount, Lord Viscount, 396. 

Strand, Capt., 96. 

Stratsburg, Capt., 216. 

Sturgls, Samuel, 7G. 

Sullivan, den., 318; and his 
army retire from Khode 
Island, :t21. 

Sumner, Mr., shop at bottom of 
Cole Lane, 239. 

Sun, eclipse of, 106. 

Swain, Mrs., 181. 

Swathridge, 387, 400. 

Sweetzer, John, 246. 

Swift, Samuel, 36, 37, 171, 186, 


Sylvester, Mr., 361. 
Syinms. Thomas, 220, 2iW. 
Symonds, Capt. Thomas, of 
Captain, 240, 249, 268. 

Talbot, Capt., of the Lively, 2:UJ, 
240; arrives in the Niger, 2S)7. 
Tapley's tavern, Lynn, 60. 
Tarbut, Hugh, 197. 
Tasker, Mr.. 399. 
Taverns and Coffee Houses: 
Blany*s, Roxbury, 48. 
Brackett's, Braintree, 27, 31, 
60, 80, 100, 107, 129, i:», 100. 161. 
Brackett's, on Boston Neck> 

200, 217, 221, 230, 247, 264. 
Bracket t's, in School Street, 

127, 218. 
British coilee house (see Mrs. 

Bryant's, Sudbury, 60. 
Bullard's, Natick, 60, 86, 101, 

166, 216. 
Bunch of (irapes (Col. Inger- 
soll's), 118, 119, 146, 16.'?, 1(50, 
1«>, 214, 22($, 26:^, 268, 291 ; 
(Capt. Marston's) .H(I6, 312, 

Taverns and (Joffee Houses (con- 

iinncd): — 
Chamnney's, John (The 

Turk's Head), Dorchester, 

48. 62, 106. 127. 190. 
Child's (The Peacock), Rox- 

bury, 269, 277. 
Clappam's, Mrs., 120. 226, 240. 
Coolidge's, at Watertown 

Bridge, 48. 
CordisS Mrs. (British coffee 

house), 2(P290. 
Crampev's, 161. 
Crockers, at Sandwich, 203. 
Cushing's, Deacon, at Hing- 

ham, 60, 81, 160. 
Davenport's, at Newburyport, 

Doty's, at Stoughton, now 

Canton, 49, 62, 94, 101, 102, 

107, 108, lOi), 110, 113, 173, 413. 
Ellis's, at Plymouth, 203. 
Fessenden's, at Sandwich, 203. 
Fisher's, on Charles Uivcr, 

Needham, 60. 
Folsom's, at Greenland, 316. 
Ford's, Elisha, at Marshfield, 

Fumess', at Shrewsbury, 97, 

131, 137. 
Gardner's, Gideon, on Boston 

Neck, 8JJ, 122, 123, 147. 
Gay'.s, at Dedham, 60. 
Godfrey's, widow at Norton, 

Goodhue's, at Salem, 60, 143, 

164, 2.'W, 247. 
Greaton's, John (The Grey- 
hound), Koxbury, 48, 100, 

102, 136, l.W, 167, 168, 172. 
Hall's, I'embroke, 60, 106, 129, 

160, 161. 
Harlow's, Dr., at Duxbury, 

129. 160. 
How s, Marlborough, 131. 
Howard's, at Easton, 107, 113. 
Howland's, at Plymouth, 60, 

Johnson's, on Lvnn Plain, 6:1. 
Kend rick's, on Charles River, 

62, 108, l.Ti, l.M, 143. 
Kent's, at. Dorchester, 102. 
King's Arms, on Boston Neck, 

Kingman's, at Easton, 101. 
MacKintosh's, Needham, 60, 

McWhorter's, or Mc Quar- 
ter's, Taunton, 60, 93, 104, 

Mann's, at Wrcntham, 60, 246. 



Taverns and Coffee Houses (con- 
Marston's, Capt. Leo (see 

Bunch of Grapes). 
Martin's, 236. 
Newall's, Lynn, 135, 247, 813, 

315, 316. 
Newcomb's, Sandwich, 5a 
Norwood's, Lynn, 50. 
Noyes*, Widow, at Stoughton- 

ham, 104, 109, lia 
Payson's. Rowley, 816. 
Piemont's, at Imnvers, 813, 

815. 816. 
Pratt's, at Needham Bridge, 

Richard's. Roxbury, 174, 246. 
Robin's, Walpole. 246. 
Robinson's, Dorchester, 191. 
Sanderson's, Hampton Falls, 

818, 814, 816. 
Sl&ver's, Portsmouth. 814. 
Spear's, Pembroke, 50, 81. 
Stone's, Stoughton, 50. 
Tapley's. Lynn, fiO. 
Treadwell's, Ipswich, 60, 22<), 

313, 815. 
Waterman's. Roxbury, 306. 
Weathersby*s, at Menotomy 

Pond, 24«. 
Woodburn's, at Hardwiok, 94, 

Woodward's (Widow Ames), 

Dedham, 50, 260. 
Wyndshlp's, or Winship's, 
Menotomy, 51, 82, 84. 

Taylor, Col. William, 42, 110, 122. 

Taylor, John, 196. 

Taylor, Joseph, 294. 

Taylor, Mrs., funeral of, 215. 

Taylor. Nathaniel, 122. 

Telighman, Capt.. 409. 

Temple, John. Surveyor-gen- 
eral. 29, 88; and wife. 120: 150; 
and wife, 170* child christ- 
ened. 178; child christened 
" Angela,'* 326. 

Temple, Mrs. Robert, 29, 41, 121, 
164, 170. 178. 

Temple, Robert. 41. 74. 145, 163, 
170,178.181, 184. 195, :il9. 

Temple. Miss Hossy, 170. 

Temple, Miss Henrietta. 41. 

Temple, the four Misses, 121, 170. 

Thatcher, Oxna, chosen repre- 
sentative, 82. 

Thatcher, Uev. (young), or- 
dained, 207. 

Thomas, Col., of the Provin- 
cials, 373. 

Thomas. Isaac, estate of, 131 . 

Thomas, Nathaniel Ray. 45, 81, 
161, 208 ; chosen councillor, 282, 

llionias, of Marshfiold, 74. 

Thomiisou, Capt, of the 
Ripon, man-of-war, sails for 
England, in which Gov. Ber- 
nard goes passenger, 190. 

Thompson, Capt., of the Sene- 

Thompson, James, 125. 
Thompson, Mr., estate of, 09. 
Thompson, Mr., of Medford, 

Thompson, Roy., of Scituate, 

Thomnson, William J., 125. 137. 
Thornborough, Capt., of the 

Tamar, 273, 281. 
Threer, Billy, 259. 
Tillson, Perez, 838, 413. 
Timmins, John, 28, 37, 91, 116, 

123, 125. 133, 156, 168, 197, 274; 

sets out for two months' exile 

at WaUliam, :iin. 
Toby, Klisha, 105. 
Tol, the tailor, 193. 
Tolcher, Mrs. Mary, letters to, 

til3 349 t*i82 4(\5. 
Townseud. (iregory, 120, 122, l!»n. 

156; and wife, 162; 209; and 

wife, 214; 216, 230, 242. 248. 
Townseud, Roy., of Medway, 

Tracey, Capt., 311. 
Tracey, Nathaniel, of Newbury- 

port. 316. 
Tracy. Nicholas, 229. 
Treadweirs t-avern, Ipswich, 50, 

229, 313, 315. 
Trollet, Mr., Ill, 135, 140; death 

of, at Lancaster, 280; :i'V:t. 
Troops come ashoi*e, 175. 
Trot, Thomas, Sr., 183. 
Trot. Thomas. Jr., 183. 
Trot, George. 183. 
Troutbeck, Rev., 29; and wife. 

iM; 121, 128, 136; and wife, 

1(M: 185; child chHstened, 210: 

and wife. 2:Ui; King's (Miapol 

shut and he conliiied, 241. 
Trowhridgo. Mr.. :vp|M>in(e(l 

judge of Superior Court, 127; 

141, 262. 
Truman, Capt.. 13. 
Tnimbsill, or Lebanon, 125. 
Trumbel, Mr., 337. 
Tucker, Capt., 309. 
Tudor, Mr., death of, 416. 
Tudor, William, delivers an 

oration in Old Brick Meeting, 



.')27 ; chosen representative, 

Turner, Lewis, deatli of, 227. 

Turrell, Rev., of Medford, 132. 

Tyler family's petition, 130. 

Tyler, Joseph, 171. 

Tyler, Royal, chosen of his 
Majesty's council, 98, 132 ; 162 : 
one of the committee of 
twenty-one to wait on Gov. 
Bernard, 106; death of, and 
funeral, 216. 

TyiiR, Cant. William, of Fal- 
mouth, Casco, Ti, 224, 220, 203. 

llpcolis, Mr., 352. 

Usher, llcv., of Bristol, 130. 

Valentine, Capt., 70. 
Vanhorne, David, 40; letters to, 

;M2, .V>1, XX) 407, 411. 
Vanhorne, Mrs. and Miss Tolly, 

Van l^nselear, Mr., 328. 
Vassall, Col. Henry, 24, ;i2, 43, 

80,81, 82, 111, l.Vfi, iri2; death 

and f mitu'al of, 184. 
Vjvssall, Mrs., 18(i. 
Vjissjill, Major .Ino., a<, 88, 118, 

i;i3, ir/i, 17!», 187, 217, %W. 
Vassall, Mrs. J no., 83, 174, 179, 

Vassall, William, «2; wife and 

daughter, 180: death of his 

sister, Mrs. Miller, 224; 234; 

oliosoii council lor, 282; leaves 

Boston with his family, 2U0. 
Vcriion, (Jai)t., 37, 172. 
Voso, Daniel, of Milt^)n (Suitolk 

Resolves House), 38, 41K). 

Waldo, Capt. Benjamin, one of 
the proprietors of Long Wharf, 
168, 170, 186. 

Waldo, Francis, 48 ; and wife, 04. 

Waldo. Mr., collector of Fal- 
mouth, Casco Bay, 2:^7. 

Walker, Edward, 85, :m. 

Wallace, Capt, of the Rose, 
286, 313. 

Wallace, Thomas, 326. 

Wallace, Hugh, 397. 

Waller, 62, 108. 

Walley, Thomas, 180; chosen 
representative, 328. 

Walter, Rev. William. 19, 20, 2.^ 
2«», (52, 80. 81, 8:1, 80, JH), iri; 
banns pudHsIkmI for the first 
time, 110; 111, 117; and wife, 
121 ; 128, 131, l.'tO; and wife es- 
cape drowning, 142; 143; child 
christened **£ynde/' 146; 148, 

149, 169, 172, 180. 182, 186; son 
christened "William," 191; 
Itm; death of cliild, ^JOl; 214, 
224, 22fi, %\\ im, 2:m, 239, 242, 
244, 248, 250, 'if/I, 25*^, 268, 260, 
2fM), mi; 2!H, 2!ifi; house broken 
into by tlie soldiers, l¥J3, 

Waitfln, Mr.,28. 

Ward, Col. Artemus. chosen 
comicillor irnd neRQtived, 163; 
riH^hosen, '22^, 'Mr,, 271 ; 318. 

Warden, James, 37, 60, 70, 148» 

Ware, Mr., president of the 
council. 316. 

Warner, Mr., 316, 318, 324. 

Warren, Col. James, of Ply- 
mouth, 27, 79, 263, 323, 339. 

Warren, Dr. Joseph (Col.), one 
of committee or twenty-one 
to wait on Gov. Bernard, 166; 
2(»1; oration by, 226; 230, 247, 
263. 267; one of town com- 
mittee, 271; 276; funeral of, 

Washingt/on, Cen., in Boston, 
Mn, :u»5; entertained bv the 
(teneral Court at Capt. Mars- 
ton's (Bunch of Grapes), 306: 
si'.Us out to the soutliwara 
with wife and family, 306; 
bad news from, 318. 

Waterhouse, William, 222. 

Waterman's tavern, Roxbury, 

Watson, Col. (teorgo, 81; ap- 

Wi)ointcd councillor, 282, 283. 
atson. Dr., of the Somersett, 

Watson, Miss, daughter of 
William. 81. 

Watson, William, 81. 

Watts, Capt. of the Thames, 
146, 147, 181. 

Watts, Col., 86, 337. 

Weathersby's tavern at Menot- 
omy Pond, 248. 

Webb, Messrs., 306, 307, 

Weeks, Rev., of Marblehead, 
130 276 

Weir, Daniel, or David, 344, 347, 
360, 362; letters to, 369, 963; 
369, 374, 378, 388, 394. 

Wells, Arnold, 27; and wife, 64; 
69, 98. 116; one of the commit- 
tee ot nine, 163 ; 166 ; one of the 
proprietors of Long Wharf, 
158; 100, 18<1, 220, 2:t8; chosen 
representative, 310. 

Wells, Francis, 77. 

Wells, Samuel, 70, 86, 121, 122, 



Welsh, James, 82, 86, 302. 

Welsh, John, 172. 

Wendall, Dr. Oliver, 122, 186, 

260, 308; chosen representa- 
tive, 310. 
Wendall, John, 171 ; funeral of, 

Wendall, Miss Katy, 168, 160, 

181, 207, 225. 
Wennid, John. 123. 
Wentworth, Gov. Mark, 135, 

313; and wife, 316; 317. 
Wentworth, Joseph, 307. 
Wentworth, Samuel, 29, 63, 70, 

74, 88, 102, 108; funeral of, 110; 

386. 3(M. 
Wentworth, Samuel (young), 61. 
West, Mr., 208. 
Wethcred, Miss Mollle, or Polly, 

184; funeral of , 224. 
Wheeler, David, tries his new 

engine, 84 ; 153. 
Wheelwright, Jack, 72, 134. 
Wheelwriffht, Nathaniel, 55, 70, 

74; deatn of, at Guadaloupe, 

00; :W7. 
Whipple, Col., of PorUmouMi, 

Whipple, Miss Alice, 20, 121. 
Whitakor's. Dr., uiocling-liouse, 

destroycHl, 58. 28:t. 
Whitcomh, John, chosen coun- 
cillor, and declines (^ go up, 

White, Capt. Gideon, 81; and 

wife, 106; 129,160. 
White, Miss Joanna, daughter 

of Capt. Gideon, 81, 106. 
White, Col., of Taunton, 94, 104, 

ia5, no, ii.i, rj;j. 
WhiUs Cornelius, i:U). 
White, Dr., 241, 249. 
White, Frank, 122. 
White, John, :i7. 111. 172. 
White, Mr., of Marhleliead, goes 

with a flag of Truce to Com- 
modore Banks, 311. 
White, Samuel, chosen of his 

Majesty's council 9H; nega- 

tiveil, rechosen, i:i'i. 
Whitfield, Key. George, 21, 22, 

20.\ 200; sudden death of, 207. 
Whitmarsh, 81. 
Whitney, 05. 
Whitwell, William, 195,216: one 

of committee ahout the Gran- 

ai-y, 268- 274. 
Whitwoou, ('apt., of the Mar- 

miis of Rockingham, 212, 214. 
Vliitworth, Dr., 43, 186; son 

graduates, 231; and son 


arrested and taken to jail, 

Whitworth, John, 269. 

Widow Ames's, later Wood- 
ward's, Dedham, 50. 

Wies, Capt., 235. 

Wilcox's, Blrs., 351. 

Willard, Abijah, 283. 

Williams, Capt., 30th Regi- 
ment, 53, 119. 

Williams, Capt. Joseph, 120, 
171, 248, 249. 

Williams, Col., 137. 

Williams, Israel, chosen coun- 
cillor, i)8; of Hatfield, 168; re- 
clio.<keu, 282. 

Williams, Jonathan, 4:t, 57. 121, 
144, 157, 170, 22!>; son gradu- 
ates, 2:t0, 2-18, 250; one of com- 
mittee on tea alTair, 256. 

Williams, Mr., by Pierpoint's 
MiUs, 133, 145. 

Williams, Mr. Justice, 107. 

Williams, Mr., of Maryland, 

Williamson, Capt^, 273; Ck>1.. 

Willson, Capt., 121, 177, 178. 

WillstMi, Mr., of Shollidd, Yc»rk- 
shiit), 209, 271. 

Willson, Mrs. Kachel, Quak- 
eress. 21, 1K9. 

Wiltshire, Uichard, Uarbadoes, 

Wimble, Capt., 337. 

Winslow, Col. Job, 100, 104, 105. 

Winslow, E<lward, Jr., 80, 81, 

86, i;W), 161.215. 

Winslow, Kdwanl,'l2; and Mrs. 

Winslow, 81; KNi, HO; aiul 

wife, 161. 
Winslow, (Jen. Joseph, of 

Marshrield,31,45, 77, 102, 130, 

Winslow. Isaac, of Roxbury, 

sworn in councillor, 281, 282. 
Wiiishiw, Joshua, 37, 76, 114, 

1 1(5, 129, 121. 122; one of the pro- 
prietors of liOng Wluiif, 158; 

1(J9, 179, 186, 2(X), 214, 274. 
Winslow. .loshua, .Ir., :«, 125; 

and wire, KM; death of , 193. 
Winslow, Mrs., .151. 
Winslow, Pelham, 81, 130, 161, 

Winslow, the Misses Penny and 

Sally, 81, 118, 161, 181, 208. 
Winslow, Rev. Edward, 40, 45, 

87, 128, 136. 185. 
Winthrop, John, of Cambridge, 



49, 232. 246: rechoson council- 
lor ana negatived, 271. 

Wiswall, roleg, funeral of, 141. 

Wiswalh Rev., of Casco, 136. 

Wolfe, Gen., 333, 400. 

Wood, Capt., 144; cast away on 
Point Allerton. 

Wood, Dr. Thomas, letter to 

Woodbridge, Timothy, elected 
councillor, 228; recnosen, 282. 

Woo<1 bum's tavern at Hard- 
wlok, !M, !m;. 

W<MKliiiass, .Josopb, letter to, 
4UG, 40!), 417. 

Woodward's tavern, Dodham 
(see Widow Ames), 200. 

Worthinirton, Jno.. chosen 
councillor, 133; reciiosen, 282. 

Wyndship's, or Wiuship's, tav- 
ern, Menotomy Pond, 01, 82, 

York, Duke of. death, 147. 

York, Sir Phillips, 8o3. 

Young, Capt, 114. 

Young, Col., 360. 

Young, Dr., one of committee 

of twonty-onu to wait on Gov. 

l^rnard, 166, 200, 203, 209, 276. 


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