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Full text of "[Letter] To George Whithead George Fox and George Rofe [manuscript]"

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Jo.'- TO END! COT. « 



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DtW Brethren of hke EueHaJ+m^ Co uenant& ^ruanb o/iheMo/thi^h/frChiL 
dren of theLiutngGod, whofe dreadfull mimt & eternal! power is with you^hoth^ fub- 
duingj of all youre-nemies,^ wifhyoii ; to the gathering in oj many info hhe^foldand:: 
ire/^of 6"o d Replace ojf his aboade, $< re jtin^ place jWeuer; v^ho/e-JranoUrd » slic- 
ed & li/h'nc^/poaer adl nations, 3s the Enji'^ne of the L«r.dGoi eg hca/fs/.s held and 
h«Ut\ue, forth ha atf n;\Hon$,fc;hnht~hey m^ <iJ behold thegtory o/fhe Son oj^ 
God; hheTVumf eh o^ the Lord (iod 14 sounded forth abt^nd ,& an &Wu.m in- 
hhe Eares o/thelnhhlufAufs of He £.irfh, to brt^are to meeVtheL,ord bysp e - 
clyRepenfance.^Hiahhhey' may find mlrcic in hhisday/o/tne Lords Aj^eat- 
Alice 4 Qhlmy Bear Brethren o/fhe JmmorhaH /^eed; piiiGod knowesl am : 
refreshed at the wrifihg, of this i?ntro you.,1 am ful 0/ ieue, my ttnderh owe/Is ^ 
cloth fiow out vara you; oh.' /eel me. at- thefountaine o/holyneJs,ahtheRiuer o/a 
cur (rod. Where wee drink abundanfly & areJaWs/yed, at the Table o/theJLorcUj 
kingdom of God, where our .Souls fake delig,ht in the Presence o/God foteuett 
Ph.'yee my Brethren,! am one with yoiyhyour Ioyes Kreioycin^, ft§i©ry kdomi- 
mo)i,Quer Hie powers of darknefs; Asl amone wifh/ow. m yourj^ujferm?^, try- 
alls ^temptations, trauels fcfafeours, which bef air vsfcr He J*eed .Sake, for which we 
are £tuen vp mho the wi// of the Lord, to Worke in his vin^ard > fc blabour with 
the Lord^for the Redemption 0/ the •feg<4,4 hhe gathering m thereof/ rem 0/ all 
the barren mountains, Info Hve s~heepfo!d . ho perrake w'»hh vs 0/ the Dew of He*: 
uen, wherby wee are UeptjVe/h as He Morning,, % plants o/theLords planKng,ev 
Wherby he hakes deii?,httodo Mi good * oh-' ->'urely ; though i am iep ernfed J-rom you 
in the body, oucr .fetxs , yet Jure ly I am Jealed vnto you,&* am with you now m thejVmt 
whertn we can rvot be Jeperated, as we abide with theLord .* God knowe* how c 
dear you are. vnh> me; l,whoa>m one <?/ the leajf among, my Brethren, yzt iurely- 
the power oj the Lord God, gf/frength o/the Allmighty is withme\ Who hath V\>> 
Mden my head m the time of tryaU.&s hours of o^r-eat temntaKonjVom which 
mhisteixdermerc'te^louin^ his Arme he hath kept me,fc hathofb 
Cn DeWuered m<2 ; And appeared with me, to the terror of Jycms ovrre/sor^ » oh.' tho- 
ugh I be rKe <ea/t among mM\y,yetthe Lord knowe^ my heart is vyri^Wr,^ am^faif-ht 
/ull Hhtm, who hath caUed me.whohath £a\4,<re wit) not ltaueme,norj-or/ake mc ; 

My D^ivr Brethren .itwould rejresh my tender BoweWs to receiue aj^ew — 
\ynts from you , to hkkf o/H>€. Work -of the Lord inHat Is^Land ojr En2,land,and 
garden o/God^wher^e.^he -LUties §row ; ^ plea/anf Jmell aj/endi vp-vntothiW; 

lam broken m peues with the R erne mbranceo/you^vhoav-e as Ai"ea\ vpcnmy 

Breajt, jeel me^h'/e'cl mc )n your own iuus,ginenvpj-or fhe jeruUeo^hhelord, 

f>r Vhc ^ which the God of heauen haVh Ye^ar-d fo; my Ltfe is Xdcrij-yced vp> 


And laid downe in the will of Gad.jfor the Redemption of the Jeed « chlij- Ineuey 
Sec yourJ*ac<;s mare, m the outward man, the- wiii of God be done, fat lam gvuen* 
freely pfrmy Life hoLay downe at this TWne of Bo/Wi or theirf BLOO ~ 

DY-LAWE5", t» BREAKE * ■'■■• ' 

Dear Brethren^herej-clUw-etH an Accaunt-o/Jome parages of'the Jeruanfjoj? 
the Lordfn his work in th ejt g^Hs!; Labouring in Hiejtrerigth 5s fower of* the. 
Almighty God, for the gathering, in. oj"hhe/eed, & re/forine, of the Creature and 
nature, info its former Courje a game; to bring He Creature tofeej rvf4erGod,8$ 
hole Xencal>\€ ojf its lojre, that hemay b e redeemed out- ©/HafjVa^m to Bi*V~ 
whicn makefh mAni/e/tthe Ljie/* rejl-ores the Ufa S keep of J-Whouje crfflb 
l^el, to him, who teioyceficuQY it, after it is rejWd, fcf°*nA • : 
ouk Dear ^ijter^ handmaids, ^rAU6 y tbbenfud€J J Arf4cloaVo/ the Boc^y r 
8s f mi/kedher he/rimon/ in His Country; who h&Hle£ agood J«ta«wk jVeet/mell be = 
km<k her /or Generations will call her blej}€d,wh<jisiaide down in He Life, fe/vwd-. 
\owedt>p into thefounfaW^CTcot m the K»«gomo/K€nvien,ft,l>o/om -of the father* 
1 Came lately from Virginia with ny Brethren KobeY+ / H©do 5 sho^hnJfop/ierHoV : 
der, $ William Ledra^f which place I was about 14 Monfhes in Jerui<e,fc hard tra-. 
uels through the Cuntr-y,£or the vSWd Jake, which is JcAH-ered abroad »'n thefe = 
we/tern parb ofYhe world, where people huey with oat A skeep heard* But ma-, 
ny hhere *re,thaf are come m the/e Gu n tries, to WihWj/ fcknbw He Jheepherd- 
kBifhy o/ there fouler, for there are many Con umced in Virginia, frJomeWwd- art 
come tobe^fincabVe c/the powerof' (jod,^J^mitof truth. 

I w-aj a Prifoner " m Vi*r%efu'a about 6" months-,' there is muck Work & Xeruice hobedene 
m ^before He JVed be al g^therd Biere; Wee |of> our dearly Beloued Thomas 
Thurjron, APri/onerfn the Prouince of Mary-Land, nere ViVgenU, he was Imprr 
Jbned for aycare Q a day, but he had much Liberty outwardly • wee Came ho Roade 
Island on the s* of the 4^ Month -, where wee mett with two o/our Brethren^ Peter 
Per/on & Marm^duke JteuenfWn Whom Wee Were ref relied, they Came lately 
from Barbadoes, they had dra wrings for Barmudoes, buHt was not there Loft to 
be Landed there, although they J"aw it, /or theMaJrer oj tKe yc/re II wouldnot 
Venter* in, becauje he did not know the Way going, info if, And if »s A very dan - 
g^erouj} place, kcau/e of Rocks ; Jo they le/t it, S5 the>r were Landed tvtRoadc 
Island, wKere.atthatt\me i*araK G»^V>ens wa^, but J"one ^fter departed oat of- 
the Body • 

Friends- at Read Island were e^d m heartto SZtvs, & thete m tooke Courrae,^^ 
Nuchas had been Uke to/aint, was J^e/Ve/hed ;fe gathered Jtrength aejame ; and 
j*tood \>pot\ there /eeVe^ kzgins to walk" )K the name o/'the-LordourGod; and- 
strength they h^\e receiued to with/tnnd y & to bcare with him who haue been 
cf along, time ABurden to them .; 

I I^wLeadrawento/RokdlslAndfhetenthof tfe4 MontbtoapiaceCcvllecU 
iandwich, where ike<re are man yfVlendfwhoyu/ers much mtherpo\ltne,o^Vhere 
fijoods; After thntthey had been there /ome time, tKey were taken prisoner* *nH 
are pri/oner/ at ATowne called Plimouth y 3o MiWs from £o/ton ^ my Deadly Be- 
loued. CHoUer did write me,/rom A?\*ce Called Jalem, is- Mil vs from Bo/hn; 


At Vhtvf Jalem Wewasonthe 2,3 day of the lajr Month, from Whence he is pajjrec| Vovv: 
t^c\s ,fand witch a§;vW,as J haue been boulcL where he htvbh hadf me AvutcC atnene, 
frvends,cmce Jf&s WL; Mf evke Impri/oned ; Tke Lord h^Vh kepr-hlmou* of rhe - 
hands of the enemie^katfeeks to hinder tt»e Worke of God/ TAeLord Gcd isw.fh 
V5,Hieref ore noc weapon that is formed a^tinjV vs ean prof per * 

RoberrHodgihon 1 U-fV at- Ro*\d Island. & came with my Companion Mar maduke - 
SteuenSon^onthe 1* o/the LajV-monHI ho Bo/km, m obedience to rheLordj-obeare 
our rejWmony a e,rv'mjV t here BLOCDY'LAW^ ^^ they hAUC nrvack, After Vhab- 
weK-td been Jo me hcures m rh^TowneAvee p^jred in>o yhuire m-eeHne,houje>?\nd De: 
cUrecTa^ainJh there Pnfnnctvfyed/ajf^hipocr^ieffor VhaV day was afijt wifh- 
fyferfv) bur they Soowt like Be^resLaid-e violent hands vpon pjr/& ky force hailecfw 
forrh ; &s ha\led V5 to Pr»jofl;on the cUy following wee were had before there ~ 
foiitfh where wee \Arere Examined, & many qutftions putro us, jeeKin^to tnjnv 
re, p.s in our words, bub bhe Lord fto»d l>y tuftsin his ilrengbh did t>phouU t>5, ft in his <► 
power 4 ; weire wee kept,$S bid, from the Vulteroujs Eye; And his name was wibhp.r.8$ 
Vpon % ft in his dread % Dominion did wee (Van-d , £> by the wijdom of the Lord, - 
were bkey Conjou&ded^ dvd 'Rae^fc were madd ; becaa/"el reproued HienliUrp- 
ly /& lavd there folly fc wicked n«JJ °pen; Kr in the Dominion of the Lord God 
AWmie^ylstooA ouerthem, &/r*ke ouer there heads ; JWajter tKey hMex: 
^mtned tv both, they .rent 1?/ to prf/on «^ine, % a/kr ajmal] time w^re had 
into rhe Court -ae^ine.^ Hen the Secretary read^ALsiw to y/, which tkeyhad 
made concernm^Batu/hine, o/jfr venditor (DEATH; to 4/o read Ike War; 
rank they made to -the keeper of the PriJon,-ro Keep iv CJ.o/e Prifon er/PnhlJ 
hhete CourY of Afs ifHwh (as they call It/ 1 which is as I did kearc inHt /^^ 
monU\ ne oct,fc then they \nVend to B*ny)\V;" P/?onDeAth ♦ 
Here is al/o A handmaide of HxeLord UJus.A Prifoner m fke (Joalerj t\o«Je~ 
ker name »s PaHencevTco^Af riendc daughter mtk is Country ,H\e Child is of 
A^ood vnder/Vanding,^ mduedfin mea/ureivviH fke \Arif4om oj~ (?od;Vhcprefr 
ence of rhe Lord is w»4-kker; J"ke 15 a\>ouke il or iiyccarcs of ^A^e; T^eRuVcrj 
Hereof when Hey examined her, vircre Aj\ro n iJhed ar Ker anjwer^fo H»er ? uejr 
Kons, ft rhe.r \AAifdom ww confoxinded,^ turned backwards, \AAhick madefkem^ 
madd ,fc fo ra^e^ S5 dCd g\ue outfome fpeeches fo -rhis effect; T^af ;f waj Jmpojsx- 
bU for Suck a cAi'/^<? aj- /Ac <i ofherSeifc t i-Q fp-eeMz foe zfjke J*<A; But that iWas 
Xome H^ing m her, more Hien Hie Creafure ,and S&iA ( for Vo Couer Vkeir ,foUy , be-- 
foreHie Ignorant-, butHiere weaknej^ h wicked nexf was seen by ifJlheJDeujll 
d\d fpeak in her, <5< Such words - ; And Joe Hiey manvfe/red rkem Je lues, -to be 
of 'Hia.4- Jeed ^ offspring ,9a o/fhaf GencraVion thaVJaid.ChrijV had ApeuiM; 
Jome x dayes- ajVer wree were examined, 1 was had before tke Gouernour 
tt Jecre Vary, K many cjviefKoni fhey a/ Concerning VWe Body ofCkrifrA 
.Cuch like ^uejfions-, 6X after many quejVi'onc ,tbc Secretary Jaid /Thar ]f I Did ReWn 
A game After I Were Bani/ked.That He Would Write AWarrenf W»'Vk H15 - 
Ovviie Hand.And .5end Me ToThe GallowesTo BcHancyd^AlJo Vke 6o i ^rm 
our /pake famtl/, for he was moderate aVrkaV Arime ; He Jaid.HaV Ke did ¥>£-- 
leiucfh^V if I came ae,ame I Would be Hanged ;BuVhe J"aid Ke beleiued+k^I 
wouU nok co me any mo re,-bke ItRe Hve Jeerefary ft< Goa.ler /aid ^Ijodkaf - 


They beUiW th*t I would not come ae,A\a£;jfor theGoaler £ud, there were o = 
ther.s that dicV Jay.fhaV they woul4 n.oV<ooe away/yet are /led; he ment £ 
■fVien^thartWe Rulers here hath Bam/ked away vpon DciVk/rom there 
ouVwa^ hceiugS, within i^miles oj^Bo/kn/^r they are //ed the Go fir .And 
h<vthoiuen the Enemie Caitje foTViumph, 05 hath Caufed them he Jay, Hiaf f hey 
Will joe much, or Jay mucK r viU fry all o/£>€ath Cbme, burthen Hity $Uz ; TTius- 
haHsthey e,uten#^^^? Hie Enemy aduanfage, ft hath Caujed the Heathen 
to o^en Here MouHie^ -a^ain/t- JUclrHuf liue m fheTWith.whoje liu«5 arenot 
ciear vnto themjor the Truth, w^here 0/ they are macU y^rtakeri; on.'Gocl 
knowe* how acre ifmnf me .when Idi'«l heave oj rkereDcparrure / At\<4 alfo 
of there euivn^ou-^ juch WorJs, Of ConKnuine, »n there Places vWjaheuer the 
Enemy wras JujjFerd to doe imfo them ; Tneje Wo^sjf eakine, vvaj worfe Vhan 
theformer;Itr bedn^Joe that they are /M.0n th e jam € Day that i hearcl 
j:;t,The Lord laid ^onmtf.myUFE ^§iuc ^BOSTOHS-BLO: 
DY^LAWES *~° ^K? m y Dear Brethren yee may /eel me in your Jv 
own<?Liue<?,how Jmgly lam p^>en Pp, And aij*oe my Brother Ss Co rnpanyonr 
M^madukc^eue.i/on.our^/^^'^ *#»# at ^h,V r^ne 6 /Bo/hm r 
if tke Power fee m rkere handbrake our Uu^/rom ? / ♦ 
* M/ Companyon i« Xujferm^earty #A*^ ff * ., , 

J l/ : ■ your Brotker, Wl1UamRoWJon.; 

Ro(Von '("ntncwffn^An^/Hie 
illiy o/fKe tTAonYK 

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