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Full text of "A letter, whearin part of the entertainment untoo the Queenz Majesty, at Killingwoorth Castl in Warwick Sheer, in this soomerz progrest 1575, iz signified"

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L E T 4 ' T E R: 

W H E A R I N, 

Part of the ENTERTAINMENT untoo the 


A T 

Killingwoorth Cafll in Warwick Sheer, 


Soomerz Progrefl 1575, 


From a freend Officer attendant in the 
Coourt, unto his freend a Citizen and 
Merchaunt of L N I) JV. 

De Regina noftra illuftriflima. 
Dum laniata ruant vicina ah rcgna tumultu, 
Laeta, fuos inter, genialibus ILLA diebus 
( Gratia Diis,) fruitur: Rumpantur & ilia Codro. 

Printed by and for J. S H A R P, and Sold by 
, "MESSRS. RIVINCTON'S St. Pauls Church Yard. LONDON'. 

[ Price E i c H T E N-P E x c E. ] 

Untoo my good freend, Matter 

Humfrey Martin, MERCER. 

AFTER my hartie commendations, 
I commend me hardly too yoo. 
Underftande yee, that fins throogh 
God and good freends, I am placed at 
Coourt heer (as ye wot) in a woormipfull 
room : Whearby I am not onlie acquaint- 
ed with the moft, and well knoen to the beft, 
and every Officer glad of my Company : But 
alfo have poour, adayz (while the Councell 
fits not) to go and too fee things fight wor- 
thy; and too bee prezent at any Sheaw or 
Spe&acl, only whear this Progrefs repre- 
zented unto her Highnefs : And of part of 
which Sportez, having takin fum notez and 
obfervationz ( for I cannot bee Idl at ony 
hand in the World ) az well to put fro me 
fufpition of Sluggardy, az too pluk from yoo 
doout of ony my forgetfulnefs of Freendmip: 
I have thought it meet to impart them unto 
yoo, as frankly, az freendly, and az fully as 
As I can; 

[ 4 ] 

I can: Well wot yee the blak Prins waz 
never ftained with difloyaltee of ingratitude 
toWarde ony, I dare be his warrant hee will 
not beginee with yoo that hath at his hand 
fo deeply dezerved. But -heerin the better 
for concey ving of my minde and inftruftion 
of yoors, ye muft gyve mee leave a littl, az 
well to preface untoo niy matter, as to 
difcoors fumwhat of Killyngwoorth Cafll. 
A territory of the right honorabl, my 
fingular good Lord, my Lord the Earl of 
Leyceter: of whooz incomparabl cherrying 
and enterteynment thear, untoo her Majejly 
noow, I will mew yoo a part heer that coold 
not fee all ; nor had I feen all, coold well 
report the hallf. Whear Thynges for the 
Parfons, for the Place, time, Coll, devifez, 
ftraungnes, and Aboundauns of all that ever 
I fawe (and have I been, what under my 
Mafter Bomjied, and what on my oun affayres, 
whyle I occupied Merchaundize, both in 
Fraunce and Flaunders long and many a 
day, ) I faw none ony where fo memorabl, 
I tell you plain. 

The Cafll hath name of Killingwoorth, 
but of truth grounded upon feythful Storie 
KsnclwDortk : It ftonds in Wdnoykfliyre, a 


L 5 J 

Ixxiiii myle north-weft from London, and 
az it were in the Navel of England, fourc 
myle fumwhat South from Coventree a pro- 
per Cittee, and a lyke diftaunce from War- 
-wyk, a fayre Sheere toun on the North : 
In Ayr fweet and hollfum, raifed on an eazy 
mounted hill, iz fette eevenlie coafted with 
the froont ftraight intoo the Eaft, hath the 
Tenaunts and Tooun about it, that pleafant- 
ly fhifts from dale too Hyll fundry whear 
wyth fweet Springs burfting foorth : And 
iz fo plentifullie well forted on every fide in- 
too Arabl, Meads, Pafture, Wood, Water, 
and good Ayrz, az it appeerz to have need 
of nothing that may perteyn too living or 
pleazure. Too avauntage hath it, hard on 
the Weft, ftill nouriftit with many lively 
Springs, a goodly Pool of rare beauty, 
bredth, length, deapth, & ftore of all kinde 
frefh water fifh, delicat, great and fat, and 
alfo of wild fooul byfide. By a rare fitu- 
acion & natural amitee fcemz this Pool con- 
joynd to the Cajllz that on the Weft layz the 
head az it. wear upon the Cajllz boofom, em- 
braceth it on either fide Soouth and North 
with both the Anns, fettlz it felf az in a 
reach a flight (hoot brode, ftretching foorth 
body and legs a myle or too Weft-ward : Be- 

I 6 J 

tween a fayre Park on the one fide, which 
by the Brayz is linked too the Cajll on the 
South, fprinckled at the entraunce with a 
feaw Coonyez, that for colour and fmall- 
nes of number, feem to be fuffered more for 
pleafure than commoditee: And on the 
oother fide, North & Weft, agoodlie chafe; 
Waft, wyde, large, and full of red Deer and 
oother (lately Gamez for hunting: Beautified 
with many deleclabl frefh and umbragioous 
boowz, Arberz, Seatz, and Walks, that with 
great Art, Coft, & diligens wear very plea- 
fauntlie appointed : Which alfo the natural 
grace by the tall and frefh fragrant treez 
and foil, did fo far foorth commend, az Diana 
her - felf myght have deyned thear well 
enough too raunge for her Paftime. 

The leaft Arm of this Pool North-ward 
had my Lorde adoourned with a beautifull 
bracelet of a fayre tymbred bridge, that iz 
of xiiii foot wide, and a fix hundred foot 
long ; railed all on both fidez, ftrongly 
planked for paffage, reaching from the Chafe 
too the Cofll: That thus in the midfthath 
clear profpeft over theez pleazures on the 
back part; and forward over ailtheToun, 
and mooch of the Countree befide. 


; c. ? "i 

Heertoo, a fpeciall commoditee at hand 
of fundrie quarriez of large building {lone, 
the goodnefs whearof may the eazlyar be 
judged, in the building and auntienty of the 
Cajil; that ( az by the name and hyftorie*, 
well may be gathered ) waz firft reared by 
Kenulph, and his young Sun Kenelm : born 
both indeed within the Ream heer, but yet 
of the race of Saxons : And reigned Kings FioriUge 
of Marchlond from the year of our Lord 
798, too 23 yeerz toogyther, above 770 
yeer ago. Altho' the CaftL hath one Auncient 
ftrong and large Keep that iz called Ceazarz 
Tour, rather (az I have good cauz to think) Gml 
for that it iz fquare and high, foormed after llb - 
the maner of Cezarz Fortz then that ever he 
bylt it. Nay noow I am a littl in Mafter 
Martin ile tell you all. 

This Marchlond thatftoryes call Mercia, 
iz numbred in their Bookes the foourth of 
the feaven Kingdomes that the Saxons had 
whilom heer divided among them in the 
Ream: Began in Anno Dom. 616, one 
hundred and thirtie nine yeer after Horfins 
And Hengift; continued in the race of 17 
Kings, 249 yeers togyther, and ended in 
Ann. 875. Reyzed from the reft, ( fayz the 
A4 book ) 

C 8 ] 
book ) at firft by Penda'z prefumption: ovcr- 

throun at lad by Buthred's Hafcardy, and 
* ^ to tne khigdoom of the Weft-Saxons. 
And Marchlond had in it London, Mildelfex, 
heering a Bifhoprik. Had more of S/iyrez: 
Gloceter, Woorceter, and Warwik, and heer- 
ing a Biihoprik. Chejler ( that now we call 
Chejhyre ) Darby and Staff oord, whereuntoo 
one Bilhop that had alfo part of Warwyk and 
Shrewfbery, and his See at Coventree that 
was then aforetime at Lychfeeld. Heretoo: 
Hereford, wherein a Bifhoprik that had more 
too Jurifdiftion, half Shreujbury, part of 
Warwyk and alfo of Gloceter, and the See 
at Hereford. Alfo had Oxford, Buckingham, 
Hertford, Huntingdon, 8c halfe of Bedforde ; 
and too theez, Norhampton, part of Leyceter, 
and alfo Lincoln, whearunto a Bifhop: Whoz 
See at Lincoln Citee that fumtime before was 
at Dorchefter, heerto the reft of Leyceter and 
in Nottingham, that of old had a fpeciall 
Bifliop, whooz See waz at Leyceter; but 
after, put to the charge of the Archbifhop 
of Yorke. 

Now touching the Name, that of olid 
Recordes I underftand, and of Auncient 
Writers I find, iz call'd Kenelworth; Syns 


C.9 ] 
moft of the Worth's in England {land ny un- 

too like lakes, and ar eyther fmall Ilandz, 
fuch one as the Seat of this Caftl hath been 
and eazly may bee, or is lond ground by Pool 
or River whearon Willoz, Alderz, or fuch 
like doo gro: Which Althamerus writes^" 



precizely that the Germains cal flHCffc: Joyn- The Germans 
i-:^- thefe too togither with the nighnefs *ti& 
of the Woords and fybred of the toongs. I 
am the bolder to pronoouns, that as our call 
Engl.Jh Wow/h, with the reft of our Auncient 
:gage, was leaft us from the Germains ; 
eeven To that their Werd and our Woorth iz 
all one thing in fignfiaunce, common too us 
both, e'en at this day: I take the cafe fo 
; that I fay not az mooch az I moought. 
1 1i's Preface ye with the Preface; and nowe 
to the Matter. 

ON Saterday the Nyenth of July, at long 
Ichington, a Toun & LordPnip of rny Lord's, 
within a feaven Myle of Killingwortk', his 
Honor made her Majejly great cheer at Din- 
ner, and pleafaunt Paitime *n Hunting by thtf 
way after, that it was eight o' Clock in the 
Evening ear her Highnefs came too Killing- 
-worth : Whear in the Park, about a flight 
(hoot from the Brayz and firft gate of the 
fi Ca/lt, 

C 10 1 

z.b-k. Cajll, one the ten Si In I Is, that (we reed ) 
wear all Fatidicce and IhcubaltK, (as p 
and privy too the Gods gracious goo I 
( cumly clad in a Pall of whire Sylk 
nounced a proper Poezi in Englilh RIP 
Meeter: Of effect hoow great glad :-.~ is her 
goodneife prezenze brought into eyerie fteed 
whear it pleazed her too cum and fpecial 
now into that place that had fo long, longed 
after the fame : Ended with prophecie cer- 
tain, of mooch and long profperitie health 
and felicitee: This her Mzjjlie beningly 
accepting, paffed foorth untoo the next 
gate of the Brayz, which for the length, 
largenes and ufe, (as well it may fo ferve) 
The Porter, they call now the Tylt-yard, whear a Porter, 
tall of Perfon, big oflim and (learn of 
coountinance, wrapt alfo all in Sylke, v. ith 
a club and keiz of quantitee according, had 
a rough fpeeeh full of Paflions in meeter 
aptly made to the purpofe: Whearby (az 
her Highnes was cum within his warde) hee 
burft out in a great pang of impatiens to fee 
fuch uncooth trudging .too and fro, fuch 
riding in and out, with fuch dyn and noiz 
of talk within the charge of his Offis : 
Whearofhee never faw the like nor had any 
warning afore, ne yet coold make too him- 


-.uze of the matter : At laft upon 
\ and avifcment, az hee preaft too 
r, confefTing anon that hee found 
3 reed at theprezens of a perfonage 
: ! y exprefling an heroicali Soyerain- 
II 'he whole Eftates, and by degreez 
Vrfr, callm'd his ftoniz, proclaims 

; and free paflage to all, yedds 
'-, his Keyz, hiz Office and all, 
z kneez humbly prayz pardon of 
hiz ;rauns and impaciens: which her 
ncfs graciouflie graunting, he cauz'd 
petoourz that flood uppon the wall 
of the gale tl:ear, too foound up a tune of 
: Which, befyde the nobl noyz, 
was fo mooch the more pleafaunt too behold, 
beqaus theez Trumpetpours, beeing fixe in 
number, wear every one an eight foot hye, 
in due proportion of Parfon befyde, all in 
long garments of Sylk fuitabl, cache with hiz 
fylvery Trumpet of a five foot long, foorm- 
ed taper wyfe, and flraight from the upper 
part untoo the neathere eend : Whear the 
diameter was a 16 ynchez over, and yet fo 
tempered by art, that being very eazy too 
the blaft, they cafl foorth no greater no 
nor a more unpleazaunt foound for time 
and tune, than any oother common Trumpet, 
B2 bee 

[ 12 ] 

bee it never fo artificially formed. 
armonious blailerz, from the forefide of the 
gate at her highnefr en f rai,cp wbear they 
began: M'alking upon the Wallz untoo the 
inner: had this Muzik main'eined from them 
very deleclably, while her Highnef-i all along 
this Tylt-yard jode unto the inner g^te 
next the bafe Coourt of the Cvjll: where 
The La* of Ae Lady of the Lake, (famous in King 

tut, Luke. ' ' ' v 

Arthurz Book ) with too Nymphes waiting 
uppon her, arrayed all in Sylks, attending 
her Highnefs comming: From the midil of 
the Pool, whear upon a mpovabl Hand, 
bright blazing with Torches, fhe floting to 
Land, met her Majefty with a well penned 
meeter and matter after this fort : viz ] 
Firft of the Auncientee of the Cajll, whoo 
had been ownerz of the fame e'en 'till this 
day, mpft alweys in the hands of the Earls of 
Leyceter; hoow fhee had kept this Lake 
finz King Arthurz Dayz; and now under- 
{landing of her highnefs hither cumming, 
thought it both office and duetie, in humble 
wize to difcqver her and her Eftate ; offer- 
ing up the fame, her Lake and Poowr there- 
in, with promife of repayre unto the Coourt. 
It pleazed Jier highnefs too thank this Lady, 
and too addwithall, we had thought indeed 


C '3 J 
the Lake had been oourz, and doo you call 

it yourz now? Well, we will herein com- 
mon more with yoo hereafter. 

THIS Pageant was cloz'd up with a de- 
Je&abie harmony of Hautboiz, Shalmz, Cor- 
nets, and fuch oother looud Muzik, that 
held on while her Majefde pleafauntly fo 
pafled from thence toward the Caftl gate; 
whearunto from the baze Coourt a dry 
valley caft into a good foorm, waz thear 
framed a fayr Bridge of a twenty foot wide, TJ I( 
and a feaventy foot long, gravel d for tread- 
ing, railed on either part with feaven PoPts 
on a fide, that flood a 12 foot a funder 
thickned betweene with well proportioned 
Pillars turn'd. 

UPON the firft payr of Pofts were fettoo 
cumly fquare wyre Cages, a three foot long, 
too foot wide; and hye in them live Bitters, 
Curluz, Shopvelarz, Hearfheawz, Godwitz, 
and fuch like deinty Byrds of the prezents 
of Sylvanus the God of Foul. On the fecond Syhtww. \ 


payr, too great fylver'd Bollz, featly apted 
too the purpoze, filde with Applz, Pearz, 
Cherriz, Filberdz, Walnuts, frefh upon their 
traunches, and with Oranges, Poungarnets, 

Lemmans ? 

f 14 ] 

Lercrrrans, end Pipinz, all for tl-~ giftzrof 
Pomona, a. Pomona, Goddes ofFruitz. 1 r.e third ^ if 
of Pods, in too fuch fylver'd Bollz. bad 
( all in earz Green and Old ) Wheat, Barly, 
Cer. 3. Q otZj Beans and Peaz, az the gifts of Ceres. 
The fourth PoR on the leafthand, in a like 
fylvered Boll, had Grapes in Clufters wh'yte 
and red, gracified with their vine leavez: 
The match Pod againfl it had a pnyre of 
great whyte fylver lyvery Pots for Wyr.--: 
and before them too Glaffjz ofgoodcap:iciti", 
fill'd full; the t'on with whyte \Vine, the 
two other with Claret; fo frefh of cooler, 
and of look fo lovely, fmiling to the Eyz of 
many, that by my feith mee thought, by 
their leering, they could have foound in 
their harts (az the evening was hot.) to 
have kift them fweetlie, and thought it no 
Sin : And theez for the potencial prezents of 
Bacchus. 4. Bacchus the God of Wine. The fift payr had 
each a fair large trey ftreawd with frePn grafs; 
and in them, Coonger, Burt, Mullet, Frefh 
Herring, Oiflers, Samon, Crevh, and fuch 
tpvtuns. 5. like from Neptunus, God of the Sea. On the 
fixth payrof Poftswear fe t two ragged Stavez 
of fylver, as my Lord givez them in Armz, 
beautifully glittering of Armour thereupon 
, depending, Bowz, Arroz, Spcarz, Sheeld, 


C '5,3 

H^d-pees, Gorget, Corfelets, Swoords, Tar- 
gets, and fuch like, for Mars Gifts the God Mars - 6 - 
of War, And the aptlyer (methought.) wzz 
it that tfooz ragged Staves fupported theez 
Martial prez^hts, as well becauz the-z Haves 
by their tines feem naturallie meete for the 
bearing of Armoour, as alfo that they chief- 
ly in this place might take upon them princi- 
pal 1 protection of her Highnefs Par Ton, that 
fo benignly pleazed her to take herbour. 
On the feaventh Pods, the lafl and next too 
the C'ijll, wear thear pight to fa?r Bay 
bra nnches of a four foot hy, adourned on 
ail i.cies with Lutes, Viol lz, Shallmz, Cornets, 
Flutes, Recorders, and Hatpes, azthepre- 
zrnrs of Phoebus the God of Muzik for re- pkctbw. 7. 
joici!-'.; the mind, and alfo of Phiz ik, for 
l.^ahh to the Body. 

1 - Cjftl Gate was there faflencd a 

lly garniflit aboove with her 

u~ ns, and featl'e with Ivy wreath z 

boorded aboout, of a ten-foot Square: The 

ground blak, whearupon in large white Cap-' 

nail Roman fayr written, a Poem mencion- 

ing theeze Gods and their Gifts, thus pre* 

zented untoo herHighnefs : Which, becauz 

It remained unremooved, at leizure and 

pleaze I took it oout, as foloeth. A D 


Jupiter hue certos cernens te tendere greflus 
Ca:licolas PRINCEPS a&utum convocat Omncs: 
Obfequium praeftare jubet TIBI quenque bcnignum. 
Unde fuas Sylvanus Aves, Fomonaque fruttus, 
Aima Ceres fruges, hilarantia vina Liaeus, 
Ncptunus Pifces, tela et tutantia Mavors, 
Suave Melos Pkcebus, folidamque longamque rafutem. 
Hoc TIB i, cum Domino, dedit fed werda KEN ELMI. 

All the Letters that mention her Maje/ly, which 
heer I put capitall, for reverens and honor wear 
thear made in Golld. 

But the Night well fpentj for that theez 
Verfez by torch light coold eafily bee read, 
by a Poet thearfore in a long ceruleoous 
garment, with a fide and wide fleeves 
Venecian wize drawen up to his elboz, his 
dooblett fleevez under that, Crimzen, noth- 
ing but Silke ; a Bay garland on his head, 
and a (kro in his hand, making firft an hum- 
ble Obeizaunce at her highnefs cummyng, 
and pointing untoo everie prezent as he 
fpake ; the fame were pronounced. Thus 


C '7 '1 

viewing the Gifts, az fhepaft, and how the 

Fofts might agree with the fpeech of the 
Poet, at the eend of the bridge and entree 
of the Gate, waz her highnes received with 
a frefh delicate Armony of Flutz, in per- 
fourmauns of Phoebus Prezents. 

So pafling intoo the inner Coourt, her 
Majcfty (that never rides but alone) thear 
fet doun from her palfrey, was conveied up 
to Chamber: When after did folio fo great 
a peal of gunz, and fuch lightning by fyr- 
work a long fpace toogither, as Jupiter 
woold (heaw hirnfelf too bee no further be- 
hind with hiz welcum then the reft of hiz 
Gods: and that woold hee have all the 
Countrie to kno: for indeed the noiz and 
flame were heard and feen a twenty myle 
of. Thus much Mijler Martin (that I re* 
member me) for the firft daiz Bien venu. 
Be yee not wery, for I am fkant in the midft 
of my matter. 

On Sunday the forenoon Occupied, az for Sunday-, 
the Sabot day, in quiet and vacation from 
woork, and 'in divine fervis and preaching 
at the Parith Church : The Afternoon in 
excelent Muzik of fundry fwet Indruments, 
C and 

and in dauncing of Lordes and Ladiez, and 
oother woorfhipfull degrees, uttered with 
fuch lively agilitee and commendable grace 
az whither it moought be more ftraunge too 
the eye, or pleazunt too the minde, for my 
part indeed I coold not difcern ; but exceed- 
ingly well was it, methought in both. 

At night late, az though Jupiter the lafl 
night had forgot for bizinefs, or forborn for 
curtefy and quiet, part of his wellcoom un- 
too her highnefs appointed, noow entnns at 
the fyrfl intoo hiz purpoze moderatly ( az 
mortallz doo ) with a warning peec or too, 
preceding on with incres; at 1 aft the Altito- 
nant difpleaz me hiz mayn poour; with blaz 
of burning Darts, flying too and fro, leams 
of flarz corufcant, ftreamz and hail of fine 
fparkes, lightninges of wildfier a water and 
lond, flight & (hoot of thunderboltz, all with 
fuch countinauns terror & vehemencie, that 
the Heavins thundred, the Waters foourged, 
the Earth fhooke; and in fuch fort furly, az 
had we not bee alfured of the fulmieant de- 
itee waz all hot in Amitee, and could not 
otherwize witnefle his wellcoraming unto 
her highnefs ; it woold have made mee, for 
my part, az hardy. az I am, very Veangeably 


C 19 ] 

afeard. This a doo lafted while the Mid- 
night waz paft, that well waz mee foon after 
when I waz cought in my cabayn : and this 
for the fecund day. 

Munday was hot, and thearfore her high- Mwidey 
nefs kept in a till a five a Clok in the eeven- 
ing: what time it pleazz'd her too ride 
foorth into the Chace too hunt the Hair ^.2 
fors: which foound anon, and after fore/ - 
chafed, and chafed by the hot purfuit of the 
hooundes, was fain of fine fors, at laft to 
take foil. Thear to beholld the fwift fleet- 
ing of the Deer afore with the (lately Cariage 
of his head in hiz fwimmyng, fpred (for the 
quantitee) lyke the fail of a Ship: the 
hounds harroing after, az they had bin a 
number of fkiphs too the fpoyle of a Karvell: 
the ton no leffe eager in purchaz of his pray, 
then waz the other earned in favegard of hiz 
life: fo az the earning of the hoounds in 
continuauns of their crie, the fwiftnefs of 
the Deer, the running of footmen, the gallop- 
ing of horfez, the blafting ofhornz, the hal- 
loing and hewing of the huntfmen, with the 
excellent echoz between whilez from the 
Woods and Waters in Valleiz refounding; 
mooved Paflime deleclabl in fo hye a degree, 
C2 az 

C > 3 

az for nny pir r on to take pleasure by rnooft 
fenfez at onez, in mine opinion, thear- can 
be none ony wey comparable to this : and 
fpeciall in this place, that of nature is foorm- 
ed fo fytt for the purpofe; in feith Mafic? 
Martin if ye coold with a "Wifh, I woold 
ye had bin at it: Wei the Hart waz kild, 
a goodly Deer, but fo ceaft not the game 

For .about nien a Clock, at the hither 
part of the Chafe whear torch light attend- 
ed, oout of the Woods, in her Majeftiez re- 
turn, rooughly came thear foorth Hombre 
The Savage Scilv.agio, with an Oken plant plucl up by 
the roots in his hande, himfelf forgrone all in 
Mofs and Ivy; who, for parfonage, gefture, 
and utteraunce befide, coountrnaunft the 
matter too very good 1 iking ; and had fpeech 
to effect: That continuing fo long in theeze 
wilde Waftes, whearin oft had he fared both 
far and neer, yet hapt he never to fee fo 
glorioous an Affemble afore: andnoowcaft 
intoo great grief of mind, for that neyther 
by himfelf coold he gefs, nor knew whear 
elfe too bee taught, what they fhould be, 
6r whoo bare eft ate. Reports fum had he 
hard many itraunge things, but brooyled 


C 2 3 

thearby (b mooch the more in defire of kno* 
ledge. Thus in great pangs bethought he, 
and call'd he upon all his familiarz and 
companionz, the Fawnz, the Satyres, the 
Nymphs, theDryades & the Hamad ryades; 
but none making aunfwear, whearby his 
care the more encreafing, in utter grief and 
extreem refuge, call'd he allowd at laft, after 
hiz olid freend Echo,, that he wift would 
hyde nothing from him, but tell him all, 
if fhe wear heer. Heer (quoth Echo.) Heer, 
Echo, and art thou thear? ( fays he, ) Ah 
hoow mooch haft thou relieved my care- 
ful fpirits with thy curtezy onward. A my 
good Echo, heer is a marveiloous prezenz 
of dignitee ; what are they I pray thee, who 
is Soverain, tell me I befeech thee, or elze 
hoow moought I kno? I kno (quoth (he.) 
Knoefl thou, fays he? marry that is ex- 
ceedingly well : Why then, I dezire thee, 
hardly to (ho mee what Majcftie, ( for no 
mean degree is it) have we heer: a. King 
or a Queen? (quoth Echo.) A Queen/ fayez 
hee? Pauzing and wifely viewing a while, 
noow full certeynlie feemes thy tale to be 
true: And proceeding by this maner of 
Dialog, with an earned beholding her high- 
nefs a while, recounts he firft hoow juftly 


C 22 ] 

that foormer reports agree with his prefent 
fight, toouching the beautifull linaments of 
coountinauns, the cumly proportion of body, 
the Prinfly grace of prezenz, the graciouz 
giftz of nature, with the rare and (ingular 
qualities of both body and mind in her Majefiy 
conjoyn'd, and fo apparent at eye. Then 
ihortly rehearfing Saterdaiz A6les, of Sibil's 
Talutation, of the Porter's proportion, of his 
Trumpetoours Muzik, of the Lake Ladiez 
Oration, of the feaven Godz feaven Prezentz, 
Hee reporteth the incredibl joy that ail eilatez 
-in the land have allweyz of her hignes whear- 
foever it cums: eendeth with prefage and 
prayer of perpetuall felicitee, and with hum- 
ble fubjaclion of him and hizzen and all that 
they may do. After this fort the matter went 
with littl difFerens I gefle, faving only in 
this point, that the thing which heer I report 
in unpohiht Proez, was thear pronounced in 
good meeter and matter, very wel indighted 
in rime. Echo finely framed moft aptly by 
anfwerz thus to utter all. . And I {hall tell 
yoo Mqfler Martin, by the mafs, of a mad 
Adventure: As this Savage for the more 
fubmiflion brake hiz tree afunder, and Kaft 
the top from him, it had almoft light upon 
her higlmes hors hedd: whearat he ftartld, 


C '3 3 

the gentlman much difmayd. See the be- 
nignitee of the Prins ; az the footmen lookt 
well too the hors, and hee of generofitce 

foon calmd of himfelf " No hurt, "No 

hurt, quoth her highnels. Which Words 
I promif yoo wee wear all glad to hear; 
and took them too be the bell; part of the 

Tuifday, pleazaunt pafling of the time with Tuifday, 4. 
Muzik and dauncing; faving that toward 
night it liked her Majejly too walk a foot 
into the Chafe over the bridge : whear it 
pleafed her to ftand, while upon the Pool 
oout of a Barge fine appointed for the pur- 
poze, too heer fundry kinds of very dele&abl 
Muzik; thus recreated, and after fum wallk 
her highnes returned. 


Wednfday, her Majefty rode intoo the irednfday, $. 
Chafe, a hunting again of the Hart offers. 
The Deer, after his property, for refuge took 
the foyl : but fo mafter'd by liote purfuit 
on al parts, that he was taken quick in the 
Pool: The Watermen held him up hard by < "" 

, '> pardoned. 

the lied, while at her higlmes comaundment 
he loft hiz earz for a raundfum and fo had 
"pardon for lyfe. 


t *4 3 

Thurfday, 6. Thurfday, the foourteenth of this 

and the fyxth day of her Majeflyez cumming, 
a great fort of Bandogs whear thear tyed 
? Jfarz. in the utter Coourt, and thyrteen Bearz in 
the inner. Whoofoever made the pannell, 
thear wear inoow for a Queaft, and one for 
challenge and need wear. A Wight of great 
wizdoom and gravitee feemed their forman 
to be, had it cum to a Jury: But it fell 
oout that they wear cauzd too appeer thear 
upon no fuch matter, but onlie too aunfwear 
too auncient quarrell between them and the 
Bandogs, in a caufe of controverfy that 
hath long depended, been obftinatly full 
often debated with (harp and byting argu- 
ments a both fydes, and coold never be 
decided grown noow too fo marveyloous a 
mallys, that with fpitefull obrayds and un T 
charitabl chaffings alweiz they freat, az any 
whear the ton can heer, fee, or fmell the 
toother: And indeed at utter deadly feud. 
Many a maymd member, (God wot) blody 
face & a torn Cote hath the quarrel coft be- 
tween them, fo far likely the leffeyet noow 
to be appeazd, as thear wants not partakers 
too bak them a both fidez. 

Well fyr, the Bearz wear brought foorth 


C *5 J 
jntoo the Coourt, the Dogs fet too them, 

too argu the point s eeven face too face ; they 
had learnd counfel alfo a both parts : what 
may they be coounted parciall that are re* 
tain but a to fyde? I ween no. Very feers 
both ton & toother and eager in argument : 
If the Dog in pleadyng woold p!uk the Bear 
by the throte, the Bear with travers woould 
claw him again by the fcalp; Confef? and a, 
lift, but avoyd a coold not that waz bound too 
the bar: And hiz Coounfell tolld him that 
it coold be too him no pollecy in pleading. 
Thearfore thus with fending and prooving, 
with plucking and tugging, (kratting and 
by ting, by plain tooth and nayll a to fide 
and toother, fuch expens of blood and leatner 
waz thear between them, as a moonths lick- 
ing I ween will not recoover: and yet re- 
main as far out az ever they wear. 

It was a fport very pleazaunt of tfreeze 
beaftz; to fee the Bear with his pink nyez 
leering after hiz enmiez approch, the nimbi- 
nefs and wayt of the Dog too take hiz a- 
vauntage, and the fors and experiens of the 
Bear agay n to avoyd the alfauts : If he wear 
bitten in one place, hoow he woold pynch 
in an oother too get free : that if he wear 
D taken 

I 26 J 

taken onez, then what (hyft with by ting witli 
clawying, with roring tofling and tumbling 
he woold woork too wynde hym felf from 
them: And when he was lofe, to (hake 
hiz earz twyfe or thryfe wyth the bind and 
the flaver aboout his fiznamy, waz a matter 
of a goodly releef. 

As this fport waz had a day time, in the 
Caftl, fo waz thear . abrode at night very 
ftraunge and fundry kindez of fier works, 
compeld by cunning to fly too and fro, and 
too mount very hye intoo they Ayr upward, 
and alfo too burn unquenfhabl in the Water 
beneathe ; contrary, ye wot, too fyerz kinde: 
This intermingld \vith a great peal of Guns, 
which all gave both to the ear and to the 
Eye the greater grace and delight, for that 
with fuch Order and Art they wear temper- 
ed, toouching time and continuaunce, that 
waz about too hours fpace. 

Noow within alfo, in the mean time waz 

thear fheawed before her hignes, by an 

Tumliin* of Italian, fuch feats of Agilitiee, in goinges, 

the Italian. turninges,tumblinges,caftinges, hops, jumps, 

leaps, fkips, fprings, gambaud, foomerfauts,. 

caprettiez and flights; forward, backward, 


fydewize, a doownward, upward and with 
fundry windings, gyrings & circumflexions ; 
allfo lightly and with fuch eazinefs, as by 
mee in feaw words it is not expreflibl by pen 
or fpeech I tell yoo plain. I bleaft me by 
my faith to behold him, and began to doout 
whither a waz a man or a fpirite, and I 
ween had doouted mee 'till this day, had it 
not been that anon I bethought me of men 
that can reafon and*talk with too toongs, 
and with too parfons at onez, fmg like Burdz, 
curteiz of behaviour, of body ftrong, and in 
joynts fo nymbl withall, that their bonez 
feem az lythie and plyaunt fyneuz. They 
dwel in a happy Hand ( az the Book tearmz 
it,) four moonths fayling Southward beyond 
Ethiop. Nay Majler Martin I tell you no 
jeft ? for both Diodorus Siculus an Auncient Diodor. 
Greek Hiftoriographer in his third book of E^ 

the AQs of the olid Egyptians; and alfo from Gia ' ** 3- 
him Conrad Gefnerus, a great learned man, 
and a very diligent Writer in all good Argu- 
ments of oour time, but deceafed, in the 
firft chapter of hiz Mithridates reporteth the 
fame. As for this fellow, I cannot tell what 
too make of him, fave that I may gefTe his 
bak metalld like a Lamprey, that haz no 
bone, but a lyne like to a Lute firing. - Well 
Ds fyr, 

r * j 

fyr, let him pafs and his feats, and this dayz 
paltime withal! , for hcer iz az mooch az I 
can remember mee for Ihurfdaiz entertain- 

Friday and Saterday wear thear no open 
fheaws abrode, becauzthe weather enclynde 
too fum moyfter ardwynde-. that very leaz- 
onably temperd the drought and the heat, 
cauzed by the continuans of fayr weather 
and funmyne afore, all the \vhyle fyns her 
Maj'jliez thither camming. 

A Sunday, opportunely the weather brake 
up again, and after divine Sen is in the 
Pariih Church for the Sabot day, and a 
frutefull Sermon thear in the forenoon: At 
Afternoon, in woorfhip of this Kenelwoortk 
Caftl, and of God and Saint Kendm, whooz 
day forfooth by the Calendar this waz ; a 
folemn Brydeale of a proper Coopl waz ap- 
pointed; Set in order in the Tylt-yard, too 
cum and make thear fheaw before the Caftl 
in the great Coourt, whear az was pight a 
Cumly Quintine for featz at Armz, which 
when they had done, too march oout at the 
North gate of the Caftl homeward again in- 
to the Tooun, 


C 29 l 

And thus were they marfhalld. Fyrft, all 
the luflie Lads and bolld bachelarz of the 
Parifh, futablie every Wight with' hiz blu 
buckerambridelaceupon a braunch of green 
Broom (cauz rozemary iz fkant thear) tyed 
on hiz leaft arme, ( for a that fyde lyez the 
heart,)^ and his Alder pole for a fpear in his 
right hand, in Marciall order raunged on a 
fore, too and too in a rank: Sum with a 
hat, fum in a Cap, fum a Cote, fum a jerken, 
fum for lightnefs in hiz dooblet and hiz hoze, 
Clean trull with a point afore : Sum botes 
and no Spurz, he Spurz and no boots, and 
he ney ther nother : One a Sadel, anoother 
a Pad or a Pannell faflened with a Cord, for 
gyrts wear geazon : And theez to the nurn^ 
ber of a fixteen wight riding men and well 
befeen: But the Bridegroom formoft, in 
,hiz fatherz tawny worfted jacket, (for hiz 
freends wear fayn that he fhoold be a Bryde- 
groom before the Queen) a fayr ftrawn hat 
with a Capitall Crooun, fteepl Wyze on his 
hed: a payr of harveft gloves on hiz hands, 
az a fign of good Hufbandry: A Pen and 
inkorn at hiz bak ; for he woold be knowen 
to be bookifh: lame of a leg that in his 
Yooth was broken at football : Well belov- 
ed yet of his Mother, that lent him aim Muf- 


f!ar for a Napkin that waz tyed too hiz gyrdl 
for lozyng. It was no fmall Sport too marke 
this Minion in hiz full apointment, that 
throogh good fcoolation becam az formall 
in hiz A&ion, az had he been a Brydegroom 
indeed ; with this fpeciall grace by the wey, 
that ever az he woold have framed him the 
better coimtenauns, with the woors face he 

Well fyr, after theez horfmen, a lively 
Morifdauns, according too the Auncient 
manner : fix Dauncerz, Mawdmarion, and 
the Fool. Then three pretty Puzels, az 
bright az a breaft of bacon, of a thirtie yeere 
old a pees, that carried three fpeciall Spife- 
.cakes df a bufhel of wheat (they had it by 
meazure out of my Lords backhoufe,) before 
the Bryde: Syzely with fet countenauns, 
and lips fo demurely fimpring, as it had been 
a Mare cropping of a thifll. After theez, a 
loovely loober woorts, freklfaced, red-head- 
ed, cleen truft in hiz dooblet and hiz hoze 
taken up now in deed by commifTion, for 
that hee waz fo loth to cum forward, for re- 
verens belike of hiz nue cot-canvas dooblet; 
and woold by hiz good will have been but a 
gazer, but found to bee a meet ador for his 


C 31 3 

Offis : That waz to beare the Bride-cup, 
foormed of a fweet fucket barrell, a faire 
turnd foot fet too it, all feemly be fylverd 
and parcell gilt, adourned with a beautiful 
braunch of Broom, gayly begilded for Rofe- 
mary ; from which, too brode Brydelaces of 
red and yelloo buckeram begilded, and 
galauntly flreaming by fuch wind az thear 
waz, for he Carried it aloft: This gentl 
Cup-bearer yet, had hiz freckld fiznemy fum- 
what unhappily infefled az he went, by the 
byzy flyez, that flocl: about the Bride-cup, 
for the fweetnefs of the fucket that it favor- 
ed on: but hee like a tall Fello, withflood 
their Mallis ftoutly, (fee what Manhood may 
do,) bet them away, kild them by fcores, 
flood to hiz charge, and marched on in good 

Then folloed the worfhipful Bride, led 
( after the Cuntrie maner ) between too 
Auncient Parifhioners, honeft Toounfmen. 
But a flale Stallion, and a well fpred, (hot 
az the Weather waz ) God wot, and ill 
fmelling waz me: a thirtie yeer old, of 
colour broun-bay not very beautifull in deed, 
but ugly, and foul ill favord : Yet marvey- 
loous fond of the Offis, becaufe fnee hard 


r s* 3 

fay fhee fhoold datms before the Queen, in 
which feat fhee thought (he woold foot it az 
finely az the beft : Well, after this Bride 
cam thear by too and too, a dozen damzels 
for bride-maides ; that for favor, attyre, for 
Lcion and cleanlines, were az meete for fuch 
a Bride az a treen ladl for a Porige Pot: 
Mo, (but for fear of earring all clean,) had 
been appointed but theez feaw wear inoow. 

As the Cumpany in this Order wear cum 
into the Coourt, marvelous w r ear the marcial 
Acls that wear doon thear that day, The 
Bryde-groome for preeminens had the fyrft 
Coors at the Quintyne, brake hiz fpear 
trelhardiment : but his Mare in hiz manage 
did a littl fo titubate, that mooch a doo had 
I; is Manhod to fit in his Sadl, and too Tcape 
the foyl of a fall : With the help of his 
hand, yet hee recooverd himfelf, and loft 
not hiz ftyrops (for he had none to his Sad* 
dl : ) had no hurt as it hapt, but only that 
hiz gyrt burft, and loft hiz pen and inkorn 
that he waz redy to wep for ; but his hand- 
kercher, az good hap waz, found hee fafe 
at his gyrdlt that cheerd him fumwhat, 
and had good regard it fhoold fyeld. 
For though heat and coolnefs upon fundry 


C.33 ] 

Occazions made him fum time too fweat, 
and fum time rumatick ; yet durfl hee be 
bollder too bio his noze and wype his face 
with the flapet of his fatherz jacket, then with 
his Mother's Muffler: 'tis a goodly matter, 
when Yooth iz manerly brought up, in fa- 
therlie loove and Motherly Aw. 

Now Syr, after the Brydegroom had made 
hiz Coors, ran the reft of the Band a whyle, 
in fum order; but foon after, tag and rag, 
cut and long tail ; whear the fpecialty of 
the fport was, to fee how fum for hiz flak- 
nefs had a good bob with the Bag ; and fum 
for his hafte too tpppl dooun right, and cum 
tumbling to the Poft: Sum ftryving fo 
mooch at the fyrft fetting oout, that it 
feemd a queftion between the Man and the 
Beaft, whither the Coors fhoold be made 
a horfback or a foot : and put foorth with 
the fpurz, then wold run hiz race by az 
among the thicken 1 of the Throng, that 
dooun came they toogyther hand over hed: 
Anoother, whyle he direcled his Coors to 
the quintine, his jumcnt woold carry him 
too a Mare amoong the Pepl : So hiz hors 
az- amoroos az him felf adventuroous : A- 
nother, too, run and mill the quintyne with 
E hiz 

C 34 1 
hiz ftafF, and hit the boord with his hed! 

Many fuch gay gamz wear thear among 
x .heez ryderz: who by and by after, upon a 
greater coorage leaft thear quintining, and 
ran at anoother. Thear to fee th^ fleam 
countenauns, the grym look% the coora- 
gioous attempts, the deiperat Adventurez, 
the daungeroous Coorvez, the feers en- 
coounterz, whereby the buff at the Man, 
and the counterbuff at the hors, that both 
fumtime cam topi ing to the ground. By my 
trooth Mafter Marty n twaz a lively pailime; 
I beleeve it woold have mooved fum man 
too a rigH meerry mood, though had it be 
toold him hiz Wife lay a dying. 

Tuifday And heerto folloed az good a fport, (me- 
'^^thooght,) prezented in an Hiftorical kue, 
by certain good harted men of Cuvsnh " ". 
my Lords Neighboors thear: who unde-r- 
(landing amoongthem the thing that coold 
not bee hidden from ony: hoow carefll i 
and fludious hiz honour waz that by ail 
pieazaunt recreations her highnes might beffc 
fynd her felf wellcom, and bee made glad- 
fum and mery ; ( the groundworke indeede 
and foundacion of hiz Lordihip's myrth and 


I/as 3 


gladneffe of us all,) made petition that they 
moought renue noow their Old StoriaJ 
Sheaw : Of argument how the Danez why- 
lorn heere in a troubloous Seazon wear for 
quietneffe born withall and fuffeardin Peas; 
that anon, by outrage and importabl in- 
folency, abuzing both Ethelred the King, 
then, and all Eftates everie whear by fyde; 
at the greevous complaint and coounfel of 
Huna the King's Chieftain in warz, on Saint 
Brice's night, Ann. Dom. 1012, (az the book 
fayz, that falleth yeerely on the thirteenth of 
November ) wear all difpatcht and the Ream 
rid. And for becauz the matter mencionetli 
how valiantly our Englifli Women, for love 
of their Countree behaved themfelves, ex-. y .<.-j R . s ^ 
preffed in A&ionz and rymez after their 
manner, they thought it moought moove 
fum myrth to her Majefty the rather. The 
thing, faid They, iz grounded in ftory, and 
for paftime woont too be plaid in oour Citee 
yearly: without ill example ofmannerz, 
papiftry, on ony fuperftition : and elz did fo 
occupy the heads of a number, that likely 
inoough woold have had woorz meditationz : 
had an Auncient beginning and a long con- 
tinuauns : 'till noow of late laid dooun, they 
knue no cauz why, onlefs it wear by the 

C 36 ] 

zeal of certain theyr preacherz ; Men very 
commendabl for their behaviour & learning, 
and fweet in their Sermons, but fumwhat 
too four in preaching awey theyr Paftime: 
Wifht therefore, that az they fhoold continue 
their good dotrine in Pulpet, fo, for mat- 
ters of pollicy and gbvernauns of the Citie, 
they woold permit them to the ' Mair and 
Magijlratez: and fayed by my feyth, M after 
Martyn,they woold make theyr humbl peti- 
cion untoo her highnes, that they might have 
theyr Playz up agayn. 

But aware, keep bak, make room noow, 
har they cum: 

Captain Cox. AndfyrRCaptinCox, an od man I pro- 
miz y'oo : by profeffion a Mafon, and that 

ft is alluding fo . J y J . . 

this Adventure 'right iKiliull ; very cunning in fens, and 
mini thlt'ztn. hardy- 'as Gawin; for his ton-fword hangs at 
3ohnfonnamet-ft lt ta | 3 j z eenc j : ^ reat overfiffht hath he in mat- 

one of hi* MaJ- & o 

j,wAir A waters of florie: For az for King Arthurz Book, 
^ Burdeaus, the foour fons otAymon, 
^^ The%^ of lo degree, 
Knight "o^ Courtefy, and the Lady Fagu- 
Frederik of Gene, Syr ' Eglamoour, Syr 

, Syr Lamwell, Syr Ifcnbras, Syr 
, . Olyvcr of the Caftl, Lucres and 
j. G. Eurialus, Virgil's life, the Caftl of Ladies. 


C 37.1 

the Wido Edyih, the King and the Tanner, 
Frier Rons, Howlcglas, Gargantua, Robin- 
hood, Adam Eel, Clim of the dough and 
William of Cloud/ley, the GW/ & the'JSwrrf, 
thefeaven wife M'afters, the -P$2/ lapt in a 
Morels Jkin, \htfakfuli of Nucz, theSearge- 
' aunt that became a Fryar, Skogan, Collyn 
Cloout, the Fryar and the 0)', Elynor Rumirb- 
ing, and the Nutbrooun Maid, with many- moe 
then I rehears heere; I beleeve hee have them 
all at his fingers endz. 

Then in Philo.fophy, both Moral! and 
Naturall, I think hee be as naturally over- 
feen; bende Poetrie and AJlronomie, and 
oother hid Sciences, az I may geffe by the 
Omberty of his Books ; whearof part, az I 
remember, The Skcperds Kalendar, The 
Ship of Fools, Danielz Dreamz, the Book of 
Fortune, Stans puer ad Menfam, The bye 
wey to the Spitl-hoiife, Julian of Erai-n ford's 
Tejlament, the Cajlie of Love, the Booget of 
Dewiaunds, the Hundred Mery Talez, the 
Book of Riddels, the Seaven SororzofWemen, 
Thcprooud Wives Pater-Nofter, the Chapman 
Q$3.PcniwoorthtfWit: Befide hiz Auncient 
Playz, Yooth & Charitce, Hikf/iorner, Nugize, 
- Impacient Poverty, & heerwith Doftor Boards 


C S3 1 

Breviary of Health. What fhoold I rehearz 
heer, what a bunch of Ballets and Songs, 
all Auncient; as Broom broom on Hil, So 
Wo iz me begon, trolly lo. Over a Whinny 
Meg, Hey di:ig a ding, Bony lafs upon a 
.green, My bony on gave me a bek. By a bank 
az 1 lay: and too more he hath fair wrapt 
up in Parchment, and bound with a Whip- 
cord. And az for Almanaks of Antiquitee, 
( a point for Ephemerides ) I ween he can 
fheaw from Jafper Laet of Antwarp unto 
Nojlradam of Frauns, and thens untoo oour 
John Securiz of Sal/bury. To flay ye no 
longer herein, I dare fay hee hath az fair a 
Library of theez Sciencez, and az many 
goodly Monuments both in Froze and Poe- 
try, and at afternoonz can talk az much 
without book, az ony Inholder betwixt 
Brainford and BagJJic.t, what degree foever 
he be. 

Befide thiz, in the field a good Marfhall 
at mutters ; of very great Credite and trufl 
in the Toun here ; for he haz been chozen 
Ale-cunner many a Yeef, when hiz betterz 
have ftond by; and ever quited himfelf with 
fuch eftimation, az ^et too taft of a Cup of 
Nippitate, hiz judgement will be t?iken a- 


C 39 3 
bove the bed in the Parifh, be hiz noze near 

fo read. 

Captain Cox cam marching on valiantly 
before, cleen trull and gartered above the 
knee, all frefti in a Velvet Cap (Mafter Gold* 
ing a lent it him,) floorifhing with hiz ton 
fwoord ; and another fens matter with him : 
Thus in the forward making room for the 
reft. After them, proudly prickt on for- 
moft the Danifh launce knights on hofbak, 
and then the Englifh: Each with their Al- 
der pole martially in their hand. Eeven at 
the firfl entree, the meeting waxt fum-what 
Warm; that bye and bye kindled with corage 
a both fidez, grue from a hot flkirmifh unto 
a blazing Battail: firft by fpeare and (hield, 
outragious in their racez as ramz at their rut; 
with furious encoounterz, that togyther they 
tumbl too the duft, fumtime hors and man, 
and after fall too it with fworde and target, 
good bangz a both fidez. The fight fo 
ceailing, but the Battaii not fo ended follo- 
ed the Footmen: both by the Holies ton a- 
fter toother; firft marching in ranks; -then 
Warlik turning; then fro ranks into fquad- 
pons; then intoo triangles; fro that into 
rings, and fo winding oout again. A valiant 

C 40 } 

Captain of great prowez az fiers az a fox 
affauting agooz, \vaz fo hardy to give the firfl 
{broke: then get they gryfly togyther, that 
great was the Aciivitee that day too befeen 
thear a both fidez : ton very eager for purchaz 
of pray, toother utterly floout for redemption 
of Libertie: thus, quarrell enflamed fury 
a both fidez : Twife the Danes had the bet- 
ter, but at the lafl conflict, beaten doun, 
overcom, and many led captive for triumph 
by our Engli/Ji Weemen. 

This was the effecl of this Sheaw; that 
az it waz handled, made mooch matter of 
good Pafiime: brought all indeed into the 
great Coourt, een under her highnes win- 
do too have feen : but (az unhappy it waz 
for the Bride) that cam thither too foon, 
(and yet waz it a four a Clok.) for her high- 
nes beholding in the Chamber deleclabl 
dauncing indeed, and heerwith the great 
throng and unrulinefs of the people, waz 
cauz that this folemnitee of Brideale and 
dauncing, had not the full mufler was hop- 
ed for ; and but a littl of the Coventree Pley 
her highnes alfo faw, commaunded therefore 
on the Tuifday folloing to have it full oout : 
az accordingly it waz prezented ; whereat 


C 41 3 

her Mfijejly laught well: They wear the 
Jocunder, arid fo mooch the more, becauz 
her highnes had given them too Buckes and 
five Marke in mony, to make mery to- 
gyther : l^bev prayed for her Majefly, long, 
happily to rign, and oft to cum thither, 
that oft they, moought fee her: and what, 
triumphing upon the good acceptauns, they 
vaunted their Play was never fo dignified, 
nor ever any Players before fo beatified. 

Thus, tho' the Day took an end, yet flipt 
not the night all fleeping awey : for az ney- 
ther Oflis nor obfequie ceafledatany time 
too the full, to perform the Plot his Honor 
had appoynted : So after fupper waz thear a 
Play of a very good Theani prefented but 
fo fet foorth, by the Aclours well handling, 
that pleazure and mirth made it feem very 
(hort, tho' it lafted too good oourz & more. 
But ftay Mafler Martyn, all iz not doon 

After the Play, oout of hand folloed a 
moft delicioous and ( if I may fo terme it ) 
an Ambrofiall Banket : whearof, whither I 
might more muzeat the deintyneffe, fhapez, 
and the coft; or elfe at the variete andnum- 
F ber 

[ 42 ] 

her of the disfhes (that wear a three hundred) 
for my part I coold littl tell them ; and now 
lefs I allure yoo. Her Majefly eat fir ally or 
nothing: which underftood; the Coorfez 
wear not fo Orderly ferved and fizely fet 
dooud, but wear by and by as diforderly 
wafted and coorfly confumed ; more courtly 
me thought than curteoufly : But that was 
no part of the matter; moought it pleaz and 
be liked, and do that it cam for, then was all 
well inough. 

Untoo this Banket thear was appoynted 
a Mafk: for riches of Aray, of an incredibl 
coft: but the time fo far fpent, and very 
late in the night now, was cauz that it cam 
not foorth to the fheaw : And thus for Son- 
dayz feafon, having ftayd yoo the longer, 
according to the matter, heer make I an 
eend : Ye maye breath yee a while. 

Munday t 10. Mundoy the eyghteenth of this July, the 
Weather being hot, her highnes kept the 
Cqftl for coolnefs, 'till about five a Clok, her 
Majefly in the Chafe hunted the Hart (as a- 
fore) of fors : that whyther wear it by the 
cunning of the Huntfmen, or by the natural 
defyre of the Deer, or els by both ; anon he 


C 43 ] 
gat him to foyl agayne, which reyzed the 

accuftomed delight: a Paftime indeede/o in- 
tyrely pleazaunt, az whearof at times whoo 
may have the full and free fruition, can find 
no more facietee { I ween) for a Recreation, 
then of theyr good Viaundes at timez for 
their fuftentation. 

Well, the Game was gotten; and her 
Highnes returning, cam thear, upon a fwim- 
ming Mermayd, (that from top too tayl waz 
an eyghteen foot long,) Triton Neptune s 
blatter: whoo, with his Trumpet foormed 
of a Wrinkld Wealk, az her Majefty waz 
in fight, gave foound very fhrill & fonoroous, 
in fign he had an Ambaffy too pronoouns. 
Anon her highnes was cummen upon the 
bridge, whearunto he made hiz Fifh to fwim 

the fwifter ; and he then declared "How 

" the fupreame falfipotent Monarch Neptune, 
" the great God of the fwelling Seas, Prins 
v of Profunditees, and Sooverain Segnior of 
" al Lakez, frefh Waterz, Riverz, Creekez 
" and Goolphs ; Underftanding how a cruel 
" Knight, one Syr Bruce Sans Pitee, a mor- 
" tal Enemy untoo Ladiz of eftate; had 
" long lien about the banks of this Pool in 
" wayt with his bands, heer to diftrefs the 
F2 " Lady 

C 44 3 

of the Lake, whearby (he hath been 
" refti ayned not only from having any ufe of 
" her Ancient Liberty & territoriez in theeze 
" parts; but alfo of making repayr and giving 
" auendauns unto yoo Nobl Queen (quo* he) 
" azfhewoold: fliepromift, and alfo (hoold; 
(S dooth therefoer fignify, and heerto, of yoo 
" az of his good Leag and deer freend make 
" this Reqaeft, that ye will deyn but too 
" (heaw yoor Parfon toward this Pool; 
" whearby yoor only prezens (hall be mat- 
" ter fufficient of abandoning this uncurtefs 
" Knight, and putting all his Bands too 
" flight, and alfo deliveraunce of the Lady 
" oout of this thralldom." 

Mooving heerwith from the Bridge, and 
fleeting more into the Pool, chargeth he in 
Neptune s name both Eolus with all his 
Windez, the Waterz with his Springez, his 
Fyfh and Fooul, and all his Clients in the 
fame, that they ne be fo hardye in any fors 
to flur, but keep them Calm and quiet while 
this Queen be prezent. At which petition, 
her Highnefs flaying, it appeerd ftraight 
hoow Syr Bruce became unfeen, his Bands 
ikaled, and the Lady by and by, with her 
two Nymphs floating upon her moovable 


L" 45 J 
Hands ( Triton on his Mermaid fkimming 

by,) approched toward her highnes on the 

Bridge ; as well too declare that her Ma- 

jefliez prezens hath fo graciouflie thus 
wrought her deliverauns, az allfo to excuze 
her not comming to Coourt az (he promift, 
and cheefly to prezent her Majeftie (as a 
token of her Duty and good hart ) for her 
highnefs recreation, with this Gift; which was 
Arion that excellent and famous Muzicien, 
in tyre and appointment flraunge well feem- 
ing too his Parfon, ryding alofte upon his 
old freend the Dolphin, (that from hed too 
tayl waz a foour and twenty foot long,) and 
fwymd hard by theez Hands. Heerwith, 
Arion, for theez great Benefhez, after a feaw 
well coouched woords unto her Majejly of 
thankfgiving, in fupplement of the fame; 
began a dele&abl Ditty of a Song well apt- 
ed to a melodious noiz ; compoounded of fix 
feveral Inftruments, all covert, cafting foound 
from the Dolphin's belly within; Arion, 
the feaventh, fitting thus finging (az I fay) 

Noow Syr, the Ditty in meeter fo aptly 
endighted to the matter, and after by Voys 
fo deliciooufly deliver'd; The Song, by a 


[ 46 ] 

fldlfull Artift into hiz parts fo fweetlie fort- 
ed ; each part in his Inftrument fo clean and 
fharpely touched; Every Inftrument agayn 
in hiz kind fo excellently tunabl ; and this 
in the Eeving of the day, refoounding from 
the Calmm Waters, whear prezens of her 
Majefty, and longing to liften had utterly 
damped all noiz and din ; the whole Armony 
conveyd in tyme tune and temper thus in- 
comparably Melodious ; with what pleazure 
(M after Martyn) with what (harpnefs of 
Conceyt, with what lively delighte this 
mought pearce into the hearers harts; I 
pray ye imagin yoor felf az ye may ; for fo 
God judge me, by all the Wit and Cunning 
I have, I cannot exprefs, I promis yoo_ 
" Mais ieo bien vieu cela Monfieur, que 
" forte grande eft la pouvoyr qu' avoit la 
" tres nobl Science deMufiquefur les efprites 
" hutnains. Perceive ye me? I have told 
ye a great matter noow : As for me, fure- 
ly I was lull'd in fuch liking, and fo loth too 
leave off, that mooch a doo a good while 
after, had I, to fynde me whear I waz. 
And take ye this by the way, that for the 
fmall Skyl in Muzik, that God hath fent 
me (ye kno it iz fumwhat) ile fet the more 
by my felf while my name is Laneham\ 


C 47 J 
and Grace a God, a Muzik iz a Nobl Art! 

A, flay a while, fee a fhort wit: by 
I had almoft forgot. This daye waz a day 
of Grace befide, whearin wear avaunced 
five Gentlemen of woorfhippe unto the de- 
gree of Knighthood; Sir Thomas Cecyl, fun 
and heyr untoo the right honorabl the Lord 
Treazorer, Syr Henry Cobham, broother un- 
to the Lord Cobham, Syr Thomas Stanhofi, 
Syr Arthur Baffet, and Syr Thomas Tre/ham. 
and alfo, by her highnes accuflumed mercy 
and charitee, nyne cured of thepeynfull and 
daungerous defeaz called the King's Evill; 
for that Kings and Queens of this Realm, 
withoout oother medfin (fave only by handl- 
ing prayerz) only doo cure it: Bear with 
me, tho' perchaunce I place not thoz Gentl- 
men in my recitall heer, after theyr eftatez ; 
for I am neyther good Heraud of Arnes, 
nor yet kno hoow they are fet in the Subfidy 
bookez: men of great woorfhip I under- 
fland they are all. 

Tuifday, according to commaundement, Tuifday, t \ 
cam oour Coventree men. What their mat- 
ter was, of her highnes myrth and good ac- 
teptauns, and Rewarde untoo them, and 


C 48 ] 

of their rejoyfing thearat, I flieawd you a- 
fore, and fo fay the lefs noow. 

Wednefd. 12. Wednefday m the forenoon, preparation 
was in hand for her Majefly to have fupt in 
No rait'd Wedgenall, a three Myle weft from the CaftL 
gjuejpr ^ goodly Park of the Queenz Majeftiez: 
For that cauz a fair pavilion, and other pro- 
vifion accordingly thither fent and prepared: 
but by meanz of Weather not fo cleerly dif- 
pozed, the matter waz countermaunded a- 
gain: That had her highnes hapned this 
daye too have cummen abrode, there was 
made reddy a Devife ot'GodfJfiz & Nymphes, 
which az well for the ingenious argument, 
az for the well handling of it in rime and en- 
dightmg, woold undooutedly have gaind 
great lyking and mooved no lefs delight: 
Of the Particulariteez whearof I ceas to en- 
treat, leaft like the boongling Carpentar, 
by miiforting the peecez, I mar a good frame 
in the bad fetting up ; or by my bad tempr- 
ing afore hand,embleami(he the beauty, when 
it fhoold be rear'd up indeed. A This Day 
allfo waz thear fuch earneft tallk and ap- 
pointment of remooving, that I gave over 
my Noteing, and harkened after my hors. 


C 49 3 
Mary fyr, I mufl tell yoo; Az all en- 

deavoour waz to moove mirth and Paflime 
(az I tolld ye:) Eeven fo a ridiculoous De- 
vife of an Auncient Minftrell and his Song, The 
waz prepared to have been proffer'd, if meete 
time and place had been foound for it. Ons, 
in a woorfhipful Company, whear, full ap- 
pointed, he recoounted his matter in fort az 
it mould have been uttered, I chaunfed to 
bee ; what I noted, heer thus I tell yoo. 

A Parfon very meet feemed he for the pur- 
foze; of a XLV years olid, apparelled part- 
ly as he woold himfelf : Hiz Cap of hiz hed 
feemly rounded tonfter wyze; fayr kembd, 
that with a fpoonge deintly dipt in a littl 
Caponz greas, waz finelye fmoothed too 
make it (hine like a Mallards wing, hiz 
beard fmugly fhaven ; and. yet his fhyrt after 
the nu trink, with ruffs fayr flarched, fleck- 
ed, and gliftering like a payr of nu fhooz : 
Marfhalld in good Order: wyth a (letting 
flick, and floout that every rufF flood up 
like a wafer. A fide gootm of Kendal green, 
after the frefhnefs of the year now ; gather- 
ed at the Neck with a narro gorget faflened 
afore with a white clafp and a keepar clofe 
"up to the Chin, but eafily for heat too un- 
O dco 

. [ 5 ] 
doo wlien he lift: feemly begyrt in a red 

Caddiz gyrdl ; from that, a payr of capped 
Sheffield knivez hanging a to fide: Out of 
hiz bozom draune foorth a lappet of his Nap- 
kin, edged with a blu lace, and marked with 
a truloove, a hart, and A. D. for Damian: 
for he was but a bachelar yet. 

His goounhad fydefleevez dooun to mid- 
legge, flit from the fhooulder too the hand, 
and lined with white Gotten. His dooblet 
fleevez of blak woorfted ; upon them a payr 
of poynets of tawny Chamblet, laced a long 
the wreafl wythblu threeden points; a weak 
toward the hand of fuflian anapes: a payr 
of red neather (locks: a payr of Pumps 
on hiz feet, with a Crofs cut at the toze for 
Cornz; not nu indeede, yet cleanly blakt 
with foot, and mining az a fhoing horn. A- 
boout his Neck, a red rebond futabl to his 
girdl: His Harp in good grace dependauntbe- 
JL fore ^ his wreaft tyed to a green lace and 
mer, or turn- hanging by: Under the gorget of his goound 
a fayr flagon cheyn of Pewter, (for Sylver; ) 
as a Squire Minftrel of Middilfex, that tra- 
vaild the Cuntree thys foomer feafon unto 
Fayrz, and woorfhipfull menz houzez. From 
hiz cheyn hoong a Schobchion, with met- 


C 51 "J 

all and cooller refplendant upon hiz bread, 
of the auncient Armes of IJlington: Upon 
. a queftion whearof, he, az one that wazwell 
School'd, & coold his lefibn parfit withoout 
booke too aunfwear at full, if queftion wear 
aikt hym, declared: '-'How the woorfhip- 
" full Village of IJlington in Middelfex, well 
" knoen too bee one of the moft auncient 
" and beft Toouns in England next London 
" at thiz day ; for the feythfull freendftiip of 
" long time fheawed, az well at Cookez feaft 
" in Alderfgate-Jlreete yeerely upon Holly 
" Rood day, az allfo at all folem Bridealez 
" in the Citie of London all the yeer after; 
" in well ferving them of furmenty for por- 
" age, not overfod till it be too weak: of 
" Mylk for theyr flawnez, not pild nor chalk- 
" ed; of pream for their Cuftardes, not froth - 
" ed nor thykned with floour : and of But- 
" ter for their Paftiez and Pye-pafte, not 
" made of well Curds, nor gatherd of Whey 
" in foommer, nor mingled in Winter witli 
" falt-butter watered or waiht ; did obteyn 
(i long ago thez Woorfhipfull Armez in 
" cooler and foorm az yee fee : which are 
" The Arms, A field Ardent, as the field and 

_ . P ' ; , _ IJlington Arms, 

li groound indeed whearin the Milk-wives 

'of this woorthy Tooun, and every man 

G2 " "els 

C 52 "J 

" els in his faculty, doth trade for his liv- 
" ing. On a fefs tenny three Platez between 
" three Milke tankerds proper. The three 
fc Milk Tankerds, az the proper Veflell 
* e whearin the fubftaunce and matter of their 
" trade is too and fro tranfported. The 
" fefs tenny, which iz a cooler betokening 
" dout and fufpition ; fo az fufpition and 
" good heed taking, as wel to their Markets 
" and Servants, as to their Cuflomerz that 
" they truft not too farre ; may bring unto 
" them Platez, that iz Coynnd Sylver ; three, 
" that iz fufficient and plentie; for fo that 
" Number in Armory may well fignifie. 

" For Creaft, upon a Wad of Ote ftrawe 

" for a Wreath, a boll of furmenty : Wheat 

" (az ye kno) iz the moft precious Gift of 

" Ceres; and in the midft of it flicking, a 

iht doozen of horn-fpdonz in a bunch, az the 

fiorn-Jjboons. l 

" Inflruments meeteft too eate furmenty por- 
" age wythall : a doozen, az a number of 
** plenty compleat for full cheere or a Ban- 
" ket ; and of Horn, az of a fubftauns more 
" eftimabl then iz made for a great deel; 
" beeing nether fo churlifh in weight, az 
" iz mettal ; nor fo froward and brittl to 
" manure, as (lone ; iior yet fo foily in ufc 


C 53 3 
" nor roough to the lips, as wood is ; but. 

" lyght, pliaunt, and fmooth ; that with a 
" littl licking, wool alweyz be kept az 
e: clen az a dye. With yoor paciens Gentle- 
" men ( quoth the Minftrel ) be it faid ; wear 
" it not in deede that hornz bee fo plentie, 
" Hornware, I beleeve woold bee more fet 
" by than it iz ; and yet ther arr in our parts 
{ that wyl not flick too avow, that many an 
" honeft man, both in Citee & Cuntree, hath 
" had his hooufe by horning well upholden, 
" and a daily freend allfo at need: And 
" this with your favoour may I further 
" affirm; a very ingenious Parfon waz hee, 
tc that for dignittee of the ftuff,,'coold thus by 
" fpooning devife to advauns the horn fo 
" neer to the Head. With great congruens 
" alfo wear theez horn-fpoonz put too the 
" Wheat; az a token and porcion of Cornu- Ovid - 

1 . morpn. Lib 

" copice, the horn of Achelous; which the 
" Maiades did fill with all good frutez, Corn 
" and Grain ; and after did confecrate unto 
" aboundauns and plenty. 

" This Shoochion with Beaftz, very aptly 
" agreeing both to the Arms, and to the trade 
" of the bearers ; gloriooufly fupported. Be- 
f: tween a gray Mare, ( a beaft meeteft for 


[ 54 ] 
" carying of Milk tankards) her pannell on 

"her bak, az alwaies reddy for fervis at 
"every Feaft and Brideale at neede; her 
" tayl fplayd at mod eaz ; and her filly fole, 
" fallow and flaxen mane after the fyre. 

" Inthefkro under-graven (quoth hee) iz 
" thear a proper woord, an Hemiflichi, well 
" fquaring with ail the reft, taken out of 
" Salerns chapter, of things that moofl 
Schola s G i>rni.< t noor ifh mans Body i Lac, Cafeus infans. 
" That iz, Good Milk, and young cheez. 
" And thus mooch, Gentlmen, and pleaz you 
" (quoth he) for the Armz of oour Woorfhip- 
" fbl Tooun:" and thearwithall made a 
manerly leg, and fo held hiz Peafe. 

Az the Cumpany pawzed, and the Min- 
ftrel feemde to gape after a praiz for hiz 
Beau parlea: and bicauz he had renderd 
hiz lefTon fo well: Saiz a good fello of the 
Cumpariy, "I am fory to fee how mooch 
" the poore Minftrel miflakes the matter; 
" for indeed the Armez are thus : 

" Three Milk tankerds proper, in a fielde 
'" of cloouted Cream, three green cheefez 
c - upon a fhealf of Cake-bread. The Fyr- 

" menty 

L 55 J 
" menty boll and horn fpoonz: cauz their 

" profit corns all by horned Beafts. Support- 
" ed by a Mare with a gald back, and thear- 
" fore ftill cooverd with a panniell, fifking 
11 with her tail for flyez, and her filly Fole 
" neying after the Dam for fuk. This woord 
" Lac, Cafeus infans, that iz, a frefli Cheez 
" and Cream, and the common cry that 
" theeze Milk-wives make in London flreets 
" yeerly betwixt Eafter and Whitfontide: 
" and this iz the very matter I kno it well 
" enough : and fo ended hiz Tale and fate 
'' him dooun again." 

Heerat every man laught a good, fave the 
Minftrell : that thoogh the fooll wear made 
privy, all waz but for {port, yet too- fee him- 
felf thus croft with a contrary kue that hee 
lookt not for, woold ftraight have ge'en 
over all; waxt very wayward, eager and 
foour: hoowbeit at lade, by fum entreaty, 
and many fair woordz, with fak and fuger, 
we fweetned him againe: and after hebe- 
cam az mery az a Py. Appeerez then a 
frem, in hiz ful formalitee with a lovely 
loock : After three lowlie coourfiez, cleer- 
ed his vois with a hem and reach, and fpat 
oout withal ; wiped hiz lips with the hollo 


C 56 j 

of his hand, for fyling hiz napkin, temperd 
a firing or too with his wreaft, and after a 
littl warbling on hiz Harp for a prelude, 
came foorth with a Sollem Song, warraunt- 
g Arthurs ed for ftory oout of King Arthurs A&s ; The 
firft booke, and 26 Chapter ; whearof I gate 
a Copy : And that iz this : viz. 

[ The MinJireWs Sonnett. ] 

So it befell upon a Pentecoft day, 

When King Arthur at Camelot kept Coourtrial, 

With his cumly Queen dame Gaynoourthe gay, 

And many bolld Barons fitting in hall; 

Ladies apparaild in Purpl and Pall. 

When Herauds in hukes herried full by 

Largefs Largefs Chevaliers trefhardy. 

A doouty Dwarf too the uppermoft deas 
Right peartly gan prik, and kneeling on knee, 
With fteeven full ftoout am ids all the preas, 
Said hail Syr King, God thee fave and fee; 
King Ryens of Northgakz greeteth well thee, 
And bids that thy beard anon thou him fend, 
Or els from thy jawz he will it of rend. 

For his robe of ftate, a rich (karlet mantel), 
With a leaven Kings beards bordred aboout, 
He hath made late, and yet in a cantell 


,[ 57 ] 

Iz leaft a place the twelth to make oout, 
Whear thien muft (land bee thou never fo floout; 
This mud bee doon I tell thee no fabl, 
Mawgre the poour of all thy round tabl. 

When this mortal Mefiage from hiz mouth waz paft, 
Great waz the brute in Hall and in Boour, 
The King fumed, the Quetn fhriked, Ladicz wear agaft, 
Princes puft, Barnz bluftered, Lordz began too loour, 
Knightz ftampt, Squirez ftartld az fteedz in a ftoour. 
Yeemen and Pages yeald oout in the Hall, 
Thearwith cam in Syr Kay of Senejhall. 

Sylens my fuffrainz quoth the courteyz Knight. 
And in that ftoound the chearm becam flill, 
The Dwafs dynner full deerly waz dight, 
For wine and waftell hee had at hiz will; 
And when he had eaten and fed hiz fill, 
One hundred peeces of coyned gould, 
Wear given the Dwarf for hiz meflage bolld. 

Say too Syr Ryens thou Dwarf quoth the King, 

That for his proud meflage I him defy, 

And fhortly with bafins and panz will him ring 

Oout otNorthgakz, whearaz hee and I 

With Sweards and no razerz (hall utterly try 

Which of us both iz the better Barber : 

And thearwith, he fhook hiz fword Excalaber ! 

H At 

C 58 ] 

At this the Minftrell made a pauz and a 
curtezy, for primus paftus. More of the 
Song iz thear, but I gat it not. Az for the 
matter, had it cum to the Sheaw, I think the 
Fello would have handled it well ynoough. 

Her Highnefs ' tarryed at Kyllingwoorth 
tyll the Wednefddy after, being the 27 of this 
July, and the Ninteenth (inclufive) of her 
Majeftiez cumming thither. For which feven 
daiz, perceyving my notez fo flenderly 
aunfwering, I tooke it lefs blame too ceas, 
and thearof to write yoo nothing at al, then 
in fuch matterz to write nothing likely: 
And fo mooch the rather, (az I have well 
bethooght me) that if I dyd but ruminate 
the dayz I have fpoken of, I (hall bring oout 
yet fumwhat moor meet for yoor appetite, 
(thoogh a deinty tooth have ye) which I be- 
leve yoor tender flomach will brook well 

Whearof part iz fyrfl hoow according to 
her highnes name Elizabeth, which I heer 
fay oout of the Hebru fignifieth (amoong 
mother) the Seaventh of my God: diverz 
Jungs heer, did foojuflly in number fquare 
with the fame. Az fyrft, her highnefs hither 


.[ 59 3 
camming in this feaventh moonth: then, 

prezented with the feaven Prezents of the 
Seaven Gods: And after, with the Melody 
of the feaven forted Muzik in the Dollphin, 
the Lake-Ladiez gyft. Then too confider, 
how fully the Gods (az it feemed) had con- 
fpyred moft magnificently in aboundauns 
too beftow theyr influencez and gyfts up- 
on her coourt thear to make her Majefty 

Sage Saturn himfelf in parfon (that by- 
cauz of hiz lame leg coold not fo well flur) 
in chayr thearfore too take order with the 
grave OfficerzofHoufehold, holpen indeed 
with the good advife of hiz prudent Nees 
Pallas: That no unruly body or difquiet dii- 
turb the nobl aflemblee, or els be ons fo 
bolld too enter within the Caftl gatez. Awey 
with all rafcalls, captivez, melancholik, wai- 
ward, froward, Conjurerz, and Ufurers, and 
to have laborers and underwoork men for 
the beautifying of oney place, alwey at hand 
az they fhoold be commaunded. 

Jupiter ferit Parfonages of hy honor and 

dignitee: Barons, Lords, Ladies, Juges, 

Bifhops, Lawyer z, DoElors: With them, 

Vertu, Noblnefs, equitee, Liberalitee, and 

H2 compaffion j 

f_ 60 ] 

compaflion: due Seazon, and fayr weather : 
faving that at the petition of hiz deer lifter 
Ceres, he graunted a day or two of fum fweet 
fhoourz, for rypening of her Corn that waz 
fo well fet, and too fet forward Harveft. 
Heerwith, beftoed he fuch plenty of pleazaunt 
Thunder, Lightning, and thunderbolts, by 
his halting fun and fyermafler Vulcan, ft ill 
frefh and frefli framed: alweyz fo frequent, 
fo intellabl, and of fuch continuauns in the 
fpending (az I partly tolld ye) confumed, 
that furely he feemz to be az of Poor in- 
eftimabl: fo, in ftore of municion, unwaftabl; 
for all Ovid's cenfure, that faiz 

Si quoties peccant homines fua fulmina mittat 

Jupiter, exiguo tempore inermis erit. 

If Jove fhoold fhoot his Thunderbolts az oft az men offend, 
Affure you iz Artillary wold foon be at at an end! 

What a number of Eftatez and of Nobilitee 
had Jupiter aflembled thear, gefs ye by thys, 
that of fort woorfhipfull thear wear in the 
coourt dayly aboove fourty, whearof the 
meyeneft, of a thouzand mark yeerly revenu, 
and many of mooch more. This great gyft 
byfide, did hiz deitee caft upon her highnes, 
too have fayr and feazonabl weather at her 
ooun appointment; According whearunto 
her Majefly fo had. For her gracious pre- 
2ens thearfore with this great gift indewed. 


L 61 J 

Lichfeeld, Worceter, and Middelton, with 
manye places mo, made humbl fute untoo 
her hignes too cum : too fuch whearof az 
her Majefty coold, it cam, and they feazon 

Phoebus, bifide his continual! and moft Phxbu - 
delicious Muzik, '(az I have toold yoo) ap- 
pointed he Princes too adourn her highnes 
Coourt 3 Coounfelerz, Herauds, and fanguine 
Youth, pleazaunt & mery, coftlye garments, 
learned Phizicianz, and no need of them. 

Juno, Golld Cheynez, Ouchez, Jewels jun. 
of gret price and rich attire, woorn in mooch 
grace, and good befeeming, without pryde, 
Or emulacion of ony. 

Mars, Captainz of good Conduct, Men Mars. 
fkylfull in feats of Armz, pollitik in ftrata- 
gems, good Coorage in good Quarelz, Val- 
iant and Wizehardy : abandoning pikquar- 
rells and ruffians : appoynting alfo purfy- 
vaunts, Currars, and Pofts, (till feeding her 
highnes with Nuze and intelligencez from all 

Venus, Untoo the Ladiez & Gentlwemen, v m us. 
Beauty, good favor, Cumlinefs, galant at- 
tyre, dauncing with cumly grace, fweet vois 
in fong & pleazaunt talk, withexprefs com- 
maundment and charge untoo her funn on 


C 6a ] 

her Bleffing, that he ihoot not a {haft ii 
the Coourt all the while her highnes remayn- 
ed at Killingwoortk. 

. Mfrcuri. Mercury, Learned men in Sciences, Poets, 
Merchaunts, Painterz, Karverz, Playerz, 
Engynerz, Devyferz, and dexteritee in hand- 
ling of all pleazaunt attempts. 
tuna. Luna, Callm nights for quiet reft, and 
fylver moonmine, that nightly in deed (hone 
for mod of her Majeftiez beeing thear. 

Plutus. Blind Plutus, Bags of Moony, CufLumerz, 
Exchaungers, Bankers, ftore of riches in 
Plate and in Coyn. 

Bacchus. Bacchus, Full Cups every whear, every 
oour, of all Kynds of Wyne. Thear waz 
no deintee that the Sea coold yeeld, but 

Neptune. ^leptune (thoough his Reign at the neereft 
ly werl ny a hundred mile of) did dayly fend 
in great plenty, fweet and fream. As for 
freafh-water fifh, the ftore of all forts waz 

Ceres. And hoow bountifull Ceres in provizion 
waz, gefs ye by this, that in lytel more then 
a three dayz fpace, 72 tunn of Ale and Beer 
was pyept up quite : what that mighte whilfl 
with it of Bread befide Meat, I report me to 
yoo: and yet Mafler Controller, Ma/ler 
Coferar, and diverz Officers of the Coourt, 


r 6 3 ] 

fum honorabl, and fundrye right woorfhip- 
full placed at Warzuik, for more rooum in 
the Caftl. But heer waz no ho Majler Martin 
in devoout drinking allwey; that brought 
lak unlookt for ; whiche being knoen too the 
Woorfhipfull my Lords good Neighboorz, 
cam thear in a too dayz fpace,, from fundry 
friendz, a releef of a XL Tunn, 'till a nu 
fupply waz gotten agayn: and then too oour 
drinking a frefhe az faft az ever we did. 

Flora, Abrode and within the hooufe, 
miniftred of Flourz fo great a quantitee, of 
fuch fweet Savoour, fo beautifully hued, 
fo large and fayr proportion, and of fo 
flraunge kindez and fhapez, that it waz 
great pleafure too fee: and fo mooch the 
more., az thear waz great (lore yet counterfet, 
and foorined of featherz by Art ; lyke glo- 
rioous too the fheaw az wear the naturall. 

Portheus, Hiz Tumbler that coold by 
nimblnefs cafl himfelf into fo many foorms 
and facionz. 

Pan, His merry morrys dauns with theyr Pan 
Pype and taber. 

Bdlona, Her Quint ine knights, and pro- ^^ o 
per Bickerings of the Coventree men. 

Polyphemus, Neptuncz fun and heyr : (let 
him I pray, and if it be but for his father's 


L 64 : 

fake, and for hiz good will, be allowed for 
a God,} with his Bearz, his Bearwhealps and 

jEoius. SEolus, Holding up hiz Windz, while her 
Highnes at any tyme took pleazure on the 
Water, and flaying of Tempefts during a- 
bode heer. 

Sylvanus. Sylvanus, Befide hiz plentiful! provizion 
of fooul for deynty Viaunds, his pleazaunt 
and fweet finging Byrds : whearof I will 
fheaw yoo more anon. 
Echo. Echo, Her well endighted Dialog. 
Faunus. Faunus, His Jolly Savage. 
Genius loci. Genius loci, His tempring of all things 
within and without, with apt time and place 
to pleazure and delight. 

ciarites. Then the three Ckarites: [or Graces: ] 
Aglaia, with her lightfum gladnes. Thalia, 
her flooriming frefhnes, Euphrofync, her 
cheerfulnes of Spirite, and with thefe three 
Concord i*i 9 with her Amiteeand good agree- 
ment . That too hoow great effefts their 
p r ,ours wear pooured oout hear among us, 
iet it bee judged by this, that by a multytude 
thus met of a three or foour thoufand every 
day : and diverz dayz more, of fo fundry 
degreez, profeffionz, Agez, Appetytz, dil- 


C 6 5 ] 

pozitions and afFeftionz; fuch a drifte of 
tyme waz thear paffed, with fuch amitee, 
loove, paftime, agreement, and obediens 
whear it fhoold ; and without Quarrell, jarr- 
ing, grudging, or (that I coold hear) of yll 
woord between any. A thing Mafler Martin 
very rare and ftraunge, and yet no more 
ftraunge then tru. 

The Par ex, ( as earft I fhoold have faid ) The Panx 
the firft night of her M<^V/?zVz cumming, they 
heering and feeing fo precioous ado heer at 
a place unlookt for, in an uplondifh Cuntree 
fo far within the Ream : preafling intoo e- 
very fteed whear her highnes went, whear- 
by fo duddld with fuch varietee of delyghts, 
did fet afide their Hufwifrye, and coold not 
for their harts tend their Work a why t. But 
after they had feen her Majefty a bed, gat 
them a prying into every place : Olid Hags ! 
az fond of Nuelltiez, az yoong girls that had 
never feen Coourt afore: but neyther full 
with gazing, nor weary with gadding; leaft 
off yet for that time, and at high midnight 
gate them gigling, (but not a looud) into 
the prezens chamber : minding indeed with 
.their prezent diligens, too recompens their 
former (laknes. 

I So, 

L 66 ] 

So, fetting themfelvez thus dooun too 
their woork, Alas! Sayz Atropos, I have 
loR my Sheerz : Lachefi.s laught apace and 
woold not draw a threed : And think ye 
damez that ile hoold the diftaff, whyle both 
ye fit idle? why no, by my Moother's foil 
quoth Clotho. Thearwith fayr lapt in a fine 
lawn the Spindel and rok, that waz dizend 
with pure purpl fylk, layd they fafely up 
toogyther: That other Majejliez diftaff, for 
an eighteen dayz, thear waz not a thread 
Spoon I aflure you. The too Syfters after 
that ( I hard fay ) began their woork again 
that long may they continu: but Atropos 
hard no tyding of her Sheers, and not a man 
that moned her lofs. Shee iz not beloved 
furely ; for this can I tell yoo, that whither 
it bee for hate too the Hag, or loove to her 
Highnefs, or els for both ; every man prayz 
God (he may never find them for that woork, 
and fo pray I daily and duly with the de- 

Thus partly ye percey ve now, hoow great- 
ly the Gods can do for mortals, and hoow 
mooch alwey they loove whear they like: 
that what a genti Jove waz thys, thus cur- 
teoofly too contrive heer fuch a treyn of 


C 6 7 ] 

Gods? Nay then rather Mafter Martin (to 
cum oout of oour Poeticaliteez, and too talk 
no more ferioous tearms,) what a magnificent 
Lord may we juftly account him, that cold 
fo highli caft order for fuch a Jupiter and 
all hiz Gods befid: That none with hiz 
influens, good property or prezent wear 
wanting; but alweiz redy at hand, in fuch 
order and aboundans for the honoring and 
delight of fo high a Prins, oour moft 
gracious Queen and Soverain. A Prins ( I 
fay) fo finguler in preeminence, and worthi- 
nes aboove al other Princez and digniteez 
of oour time : thoogh I make no comparifon 
too yearz paft/ to him that in this point, 

either of ignorauns, ( if any fuch can be,) 

or els of malevolens woold make any doout ; 
fit liber Indez (as they fay) let him look on 
the matter, and aunfwer himfelf, he haz not 
far to travel I. 

Az for the amplitude of his Lord/hips 
mynde, albeit that I poor foil can in conceit 
no more attain untoo, then judge of a Gem 
whearof I have no Ml: ye, thoogh dayly 
worn and refplendant in myne Ey: Yet 
fum of the Vertuze and propertiez thearof, 
'in quanthee or qualitee fo apparaunt az can- 

C 68 3 

not be hidden but feen of all men, moought 

I be the boolder to reaport hereunto yoo: but 
as for the valu, yoor jewellers by their carrets 
let them caft and they can. 

And fyrft* wh tnat confiderz untoo the 
W. 1 ' Stately feat of Kenelwoorth Caft I 9 the rare 

dcfcril> d. J . J 

beauty of Bilding that hiz Honor hath a- 
vaunced; all of the hard quarry ftone : every 
room fo fpacioous, fo well belighted, and fo 
hye roofed within: fo feemly too fight by 
due proportion without: a day tyme on 
every fide fo glittering by glaffes ; a nights, 
by continuall brightneffe of Candel, fyre, 
and torch-light tranfparent thro the lyght- 
fom wyndoz, az it wear the Egiptian Pharos 
relucent untoo all the Alexandrian Coaft: 
or els, (tootalke merily with my mery freend,) 
thus radiaunt, az thoogh Phoebus for hiz eaz 
woold reft him in the Caft I, and not every 
night fo to travel dooun untoo the Antipodes. 
Heertoo fo fully furnifht of rich Apparell and 
Utenfilez apted in all pointes to the bed. 

The Garden. Untoo thiz, hiz honorz exquifit appoint- 
ment of a beautiful Garden, an Aker or 
more of quantitee, that lyeth on the North 
thear: \yhearin hard all along the Caft I 


r % ] 

wall iz reared a pleazaunt Terras of a ten 
foot hye, and twelve brode; eeven under 
foot, and frefh of fyne Grafs; az is alfothe 
fyde thearof toward the Gardien, in whiche, 
by fundry equall diflauncez : With Obelifks 
and fphearz, and white Bearz, all of ftone 
upon theyr curioous bafez, by goodly (hew 
wearfet: too theez, too fine arbeis redolent 
by fweet trees and floourz, at ech end one, 
the garden plot under that, with fayr alleyz 
green by grafs, eeven voided from the bor- 
derz a both fydez, and fum ( for chaunge) 
with fand, not light or too foft or foilly by 
duft, but fmooth and fyrme, pleafaunt too 
walk on, az a fea-fhore when the Water iz 
availd: then, much gracified by du pro- 
porcion of four eeven quarterz : In the midfl 
of each, upon a bafe a two foot fquare, and 
hye, feemly borderd of it felf, a fquare, 
pilafterrizing pyramidally of a fyfteen foot 
hye: Simmetrically peerced through from 
a foot beneath, untill a too foot of the top : 
whearupon, for a Capitell, an Orb of a ten 
inches thik : Every of theez, ( with hiz 
bafe,) from the groound too the top, of one 
hole peece ; hcawen out of hard porphiry, 
and with great art and heed (think me) thy- 
.ther conveyd and thear ere&ed. Whearat ? 


C 70 ] 

further allfo, by great caft and coft, the 
fweetnefs of favoour on all fidez, made fo 
refpiraunt from the redolent plants and frag- 
rant earbz and floourz, in foorm, cooler, 
and quantitee fo delicioufly variant; and 
frute treez bedecked with their Applz, Peares 
and ripe Cherryez. 

And unto theez, in the midft, agaynft the 
Terres, a fquare Cage, fumptuoous and 
beautifull, joyned hard to the north wall 
(that a that fide gards the Garden, as the 
Gardein the Caftl) of a rare form and ex- 
cellency was reyzed : in hey th a twentye 
foot, thyrty long, and a foourteen brode. 
From the ground flrong and clofe, reared 
breaft hye, whearat a foyl of a fayr moold- 
ing was coouched all aboout: from that 
upward, foour great Wyndoz a froont, and 
too at each eend, eveiy one a five foot wyde 
az many mo eeven above them, divided on 
all parts by a trarrfam and architrave, fo 
likewize raunging aboout the Cage. Each 
Windo arched in the top, and parted from 
oother eeven diftauns by flat fayr bolteld 
Columns, all in foorm and beauty like, that 
fupported a cumly cornifh couched al along 
upon the bole fquare. Which with a wire 


C 7' ] 

net, finly knit, of malhez fix fquare, an incfi 
wide (az it wear for a flat roof) and like- 
wyfe the fpace of every Windo with great 
cunning and cumlinefs, eeven and tight waz 
ail over-ftrained. Under the Cornifh again, 
every part beautifyed with great Diamons, 
Emerauds, Rubyes, and Saphyres: poynted, 
tabld, rok and roo, and garnilht with their 
golld, by fkilful hed and hand, and by toile 
and penfil fo lyvely expreft, az it mought 
bee great marveil and pleazure to confider 
how neer excellency of Art could approch 
untoo perfection of Nature. 

Bear with me good cuntreeman, thoogh 
thingez be not fheeawd heer az well az X 
wooid, or az well az they (hoold. for in- 
deed I can better imagin and concey ve that 
I fee, then well utter or duly declare it. 
Holez wear thear al fo and caverns in order- 
ly diftauns and facion, voyded intoo the wall 
az well for heat, for coolnes, for rooft a 
nightz and refuge in weather, az allfo for 
breeding when tyme iz. More, fayr eeven 
and frefhhollye treez for pearching & prom- 
ing, fet within, tooward each eend one. 

Heerto, their diverfitee of meats, their 


[ 72 ] 

fine feveral veffels for their water and fundry 
grainz ; and a man fkilful & diligent to looke 
to them and tend them. 

But {hall I tell yoo the filver foounded 
Lute, withoout the fweet toouch of hand : 
theglorioous goollden cup, withoout the frefh 
fragrant wine, or the rich ring with gem, 
without the fayr feawtered finger; is nothing 
indeed in his proper grace and ufe: even 
fo his Honor accounted of this Manfion, 
'till he had plaft thear tenauntes according. 
Had it thearfore replenifhte with lively 
Burdz, Englifli, French, Spanijh, Canarian, 
and (lam deceaved if I faw not fum ) Afri- 
can. Whearby, whither it becam more de- 
lightfum in chaunge of tunez, and armony 
too the Eare; or els in differens of coolerz, 
kindez, and propertyez too the Ey, He tell 
yoo If I can, when I have better bethought 

TU Gardiner. One day (Mafter Martin) az the Gardin 
door waz open, and her highnes a hunting, 
by licens of my good freend Adrian, I cam 
in at a bek, but woold (kant oout with a 
thruil : for fure I waz loth fo foon to depart. 
Well may this (Mafter Marty n) bee fumwhat 


t 73 1 
too magnitude of mynde, but more thearof 

az ye fhall kno, more cauz ye mall have fo 
to think : heer out what I tell yoo, arid tell 
me when we meet. 

In the Center (az it wear) of this goodly 
Gardein, waz theer placed a very fayr 
Foountain, caft intoo an eight fquare, rear- Tfie Fountain. 
ed a four foot hye; from the midft whear- 
of a colum up fet iri ffiape of too Athlants 
joined togeather a back half; the toon look- 
ing Eaft, toother Weft, with theyr hands 
upholldihg a fayr formed Boll of a three foot 
over; from wheance fundrye fine Pipez 
did lively diftill continuall ftreamz intoo the 
receyt of the foountayri, maiteyned ftill 
too foot deep by the fame frelh falling Water: 
whearin pleazaunly playing too and fro, 
and round about, Carp, Tench, Bream, and 
for Varietee, Pearch and Eel, fim fayr lik- 
ing all, and large: In the top, the ragged 
Staff; which, with the Boll, the Pillar, and 
eyght fidez beneath, wear all heawen oout 
of rich and hard white rharbL A one fyde, 
Neptune wyth hiz Tridental Fufkin triumph- 
ing in his Throne, trayled into the Deep by 
his marine horfez. On another, Thetis in 
"her Chariot drawn by her Dolphins. Then 
K Triton 

[ 74 J 

Triton by hiz Fifhez. Heer Protheus herding 
hiz Sea buls. Thear Doris and her doughterz 
folacing a fea & fandz. The Wavez foourg- 
ing with froth and fome, entermengled in 
place, with Whalez, Whirlpoolz, Sturgeonz, 
Tunneyz, Conchs, and Wealks, all engraven 
by exquifit devize and fkill, fo az I maye 
Metam. 2. thinke this not much inferioour untoo Phcebus 
gatez, which ( Ovid fayz) and peradventur 
a pattern to this, that Vulcan him felt dyd 
cut: whearof fuch waz the excellency of 
Art, that the woork in valu furmoounted the 
fluff, and yet wer the gatez all of clean 
mafiy fylver. 

Heer wear thinges ye fee moought inflame 
ony mynde too long after looking : but whoo 
fo was found fo hot in defyre, with the 
wreaft of a cok waz fure of a coolar : water 
fpurting upward with fuch vehemency, az 
they fhoold by and by be moy fined from top 
too toe ; the Hee's to fum laughing, but the 
fhee's to more fport: This fumtime waz 
Occupied to very good paflime. 

A Garden then fo appoynted, az whear- 
in aloft upon fweet (hadoed walk of terras, 
in heat of foomer, too feel the pleazaunt 


C 75 3 

whifking wynde above, or deleftabl coolnes 

of the foountain fpring beneath : to tafte of 
delicious Strawberiez, Cherryez, and oother 
frutez, eeven from their flalks: too fmell 
fuch fragrancy of fweet Odoourz, breathing 
from the plants, earbs and floourz : too heer 
fuch natural melodioous muzik and tunez of 
burdz : to have in Ey, for myrth fumtime 
theez underfpringing ftreamz: then, the 
Woods, the Waters, (for both pool and 
chafe wer hard at hand in fight,) the Deer, 
the Peepl (that oout of the Eaft arber in the 
bafe Coourt, alfo at hande in view) the frute 
trees, the plants, the earbs, the floowers, 
the chaunge in coolerz, the Burds flyttering, 
the fountain dreaming, the Fyfh fwymming, 
all in fuch dele&abl varietee order dignitee; 
whearby, at one moment, in one place, at 
hande, without travell, to have fo full fruition 
of fo many God's bleffinges, by entyer de- 
light unto all fenfez ( if al can take ) at once : 
for Etymon of the woord woorthey to bee Paradifus. 

(j rcKc. 

calld Paradys : and though not fo goodly as Hortus 

n T r r i r T " >. amcenifh . ant 

as Paradis for want of the layr Rivers, 

better a great deel by the lak offo unhappy 
a tree. Argument moft certein of a right 
noble mynde, that in this forte coold have 
thus all contrived. 

K 2 But 

C .76 1 

But Mafter Martin, yet one wyndlefs muft 

I featch, too make ye one more fayr coorz 

The Number anc [ j can: an( j cauz I fpeak of One, let me 


tell yoo a littl of the dignitee of One-hood ; 
whearin allweys al by Deitee al Soveraintee, 
preeminens, principalitee and concord with- 
oout poflibilitee of difagreement is conteyn- 
ed: As One God, One Savioour, One 
Feith, One Prins, One Sun, One Phoenix; 
and az One of great Wizdom Sayz, One 
hart, One Wey. Whear One-hood reinz, 
ther quiet bears rule, and difcord fliez a pafe. 
Three again may fignify cumpany ; a meet- 
ing, a multitude, pluralitee ; fo az all talez 
and numbrings from two unto three, and fo 
upward, may well be counted numberz, 
'"till they moount untoo infinitee, or els too 
confufion, v/hich thing the fum of two can 
never admit; nor it felf can well be coount- 
ed a number, but rather a freendly con- 
junclion of two Ones ; that keeping in a 
fynceritee of accord, may purport untoo us 
Charitee each too Other; mutual Love, agree- 
ment and integritee of freendmip without 
Diflimulation. Az in theez : The two Tefla- 
ments; the Two tables of the Law; The 
Two great Lights, Duo luminaria magna, 
the Sun and Moon. And, but mark a littl 

I pray 

[ 77 ] 
I pray, and fee how of all things in the 

World, oour toongs in talk doo alweys fo 
redily trip upon Two's, Payrs, and Couples: 
Sumtymez az f things in Equality, fumtime, 
of Differens, Sumtime of Contrariez, or for 
Comparyzon, but cheefly for the moft part, 
of things that between themfelvez do well 
agree, and are faft linked in Amitee: Az 
fyrft for Paftimez Hooundz and Hawks; 
Deer red and fallo ; Hare and Fox ; Part- 
rich and Fezaunt ; Fifh and Fooul ; Carp 
and Tench. For Wars, Speer and Sheeld; 
Hors and Harnefs ; Swoord and Buckler. 
For Suftenauns, Wheat and Barley; Peas 
and Beanz; Meat and Drink; Bread and 
Meat; Beer and Ale; Applz and Pearz. 

But leaft by fuch Dualiteez I draw you 
too far; let us here ftay and cum neerer 
home. See what a fort of freendlie Biniteez 
we oour felvez do confift and ftond upon: 
Fyrft our Two feet, Two Legs, Two kneez, 
fo upward: and Above, Two Shoolderz, 
Two Arms, and Two Hands. But cheefly 
oour principl Two; that iz, Body and Soil: 
Then in the Hed, whear all our Senfez meet, 
and almoft all in Two's: Two Nozethrills, 
TWO Earz, and Two Eyz : Sp ar we of 


C 78 ] 

freendly Two's from top to toe. Wei, to 
this Number of Biniteez, take ye One mo 
for an Upmot, and heer an eend. 

The 2 Dials. Two Dials nye unto the Battilments are 
fet aloft upon two of the Sydes of Ctzfars 
Tower; one E aft, the oother South ; for fo 
ftond they beft to iheaw the Hoourz to the 
Tooun and Cuntree : both fayre large and 
Unt Bife. r ich, by byfe for ground, and Goold for 
letters, whearby they glitter confpicuous a 
great wey off. The Clok-bell that iz good 
and {hrill, waz commaunded to Silens at firft, 
and indeed fang not a note all the while her 
Highnefs waz thear, the Clok flood allfo 
ftill withall. But mark now, whither wear 
it by chauns, by conftellation of Stars, or by 
fatal appoyntment (if fatez and Starz do 
deal with Dialz) thus waz it indeed: The 
handz of both the tablz ftood firm and faft, 

/^aS a ^ we 7 s pointing at two a Clok. Which 
thing beholding by hap at fyrft ; but after 
ferioufly marking in deed, enprinted into me 
a deep fign and argument certein: That 
this Thing amoong the reft, waz for full 
Signifiauns of his Lord/flips honorabl, frank, 
freendly, and nobl hart towards all Eftates : 
which whither cum they to flay and take 


C 79 3 

cheer, or flraight to return: to fee, or to 

be feen : Cum they for Duty to her Majefiy, 
or loove too his Lord/liip^ or for both : Cum 
they early or late: for hiz Lordfliips part, they 
cum allweyz all at two a Clok, een jump 
at two a Clok : that iz to fay, in good harte, 
good acceptauns, in amitee and freendlye 
wellcoom : who faw els that I faw, muft fay 
az I fay. For fo many things byfide Majler 
Humphrey, wear heerin fo confonant unto 
my conftru6tion, that this pointing of the 
Clok (to my felf) I took in amitee, as an 
Oracle certain. And heer is my wyndlefs, 
like yoor coorfe az pleaz ye. 

But noow Syr too cum too eend. For 
receyving of her Highnefs, and entertain- 
ment of all thoother eftatez. Syns ofDeli- 
catez that oney wey moought fewe or de- 
light; az of Wyne, Spice deynty Viaunds, 
place Muzik, Ornaments of hoous, rich 
Arras and Sylk (too fay nothing of the 
meaner thinges) the mafs by provizion waz 
heaped fo hoouge, which the boounty in 
fpending did after bewray. The conceit fo 
deep in cafting the plat at firft. fuch a wiz- 
dom and cunning in acquiring things fo rich, 
fb rare, and in fuch abundauns: by fo 


C 80 -] 

imminent land profufe a charge of Expens, 
whiche by fo honorabl fervis, and exquifit 
Order, curteizy of Officerz, and humanitee 
of all, wear fo bountifully beftoed and fpent ; 
what may this exprefs, what may this fet 
oout untoo us, but only a magnifyk minde, 
a fmguler wizdoom, a prinfly purs, and an 
heroical hart? If it wear my theam Majler 
Martyn, too fpeak of hiz Lord/hips great 
honor and magnificens, though it be not in 
mee too fay fufficientlie, az bad a pen-clark 
az I am, yet coold I fay a great deel mdre. 

But being heer now in magnificens, and 
matterz of greatnes, It falls well too mynd 
the great Tent, the greatnes of his Honor's Tent, that for 
her Majejlyez dining waz pighte at long 
Ichington, the day her Highnes cam td 
Killing-worth Caftl. A Tabernacl indeed for 
number and mift of large and goodlye roomz, 
for fayr and eazy Officez both inward and 
ooutward, al fo likefum in order and Ey- 
fight: that juftly for dignitee may be com- 
parabl with a beautifull Pallais; and for 
greatnes <& quantitee, with a proper Tooun, 
or rather a Cittadell. But to be mort, leafte 
I keep you too long from the Ryall Ex- 
chaunge uoow, and too cauz yoo conceyve 


[ 8i -J 

jnooche matter in feaweft woordes. The 
Iron bedfted of Og the king of Bafan (ye 
wot) waz foour yards and a halfe long, and Deut - 3 
two yards wide, whearby ye confider a 
Gyaunt of a great proportion waz he : This 
Tent had feaven Cart lode of Pynz pertein- 
ing too it: Noow for the greatnefs gefs az 
ye cara. 

And great az it waz (to marfhall oour 
matters of greatnes togither,) not forgetting a 
Weather at Grafion, brought too the Coourt, 
that for body and wool waz exceeding great; 
the meazure Itooke not: let me fheaw you 
with what great marvel a great Chyld of 
Leyceterjhire, at this long Icliington, by the 
Parents waz prezented: great (I fay) of limz 
and proportion, of a foour foot and foour 
inches hye ; and els lanuginoous az a lad of 

eyghteen yearz, being indeed avowd too 

be but fix yeer old; nothing more bewray- 
ing hiz age, then hiz wit ; that waz, az for 
thooz yeers fimpl and childiih. 

Az for unto hiz Lordfllip, having with fuch 
greatnes of honorabl modefty and benignitee 
fo paffed foorth, az Laudem fine Invidia & Termt, 
amicos pararit. By greatnefse of well doo- 
L ing 

C 8s ] 

ing, woon with all forts to bee in fuch re- 
$ laSt verens az De quo mentiri fama veretur : In 
fyncerkee of freendfhip fo great, az no man 
ivid. more devooutly woormips. Illud amicitias 
far>6him & venerabile nomen. So great in 
Liberalitie, az hath no wey to heap up the 
mafs qf hiz Trezure, but only by liberal gyv- 
ing and boonteoous bellowing hiz trezure: 
folding (az it feemez) that faw of Martial that 

Martial* Extra fortunam eft, quicquid donatur amicis; 

Quas dederis, folas femper habebis opes. 
A furer Trezure canft thou not have ever whyle thoou lyveft. 

what may theez greatnefles bode, but only az 
great honor, fame & renooun for theez parts 
heer awey, az ever waz untoo thoz two nobl 
Greatz : the Macedonian Alexander in Ema- 
thia or Grees, or to Romane Charles in Ger- 
many e or Italy? which, wear it in me ony 
way to fet oout, no man of all men by God 
( Mafter Martin) had ever more cauz, and 
that heerby confider yoo. 

It pleazed hiz Honor to beare me good 
wil at fyrft, and fo too continu. To have 
given me apparail eeven from hiz bak, to 
get me allowauns in the Stabl, to advauns 


r 83 i 

me untoo this woorfhipful Office fo neer the 
mofl honorabl Councell, to help me in my 
Licens of Beanz (though indeed I do not 
fo much uze it, for I thank God I need not) 
to permit my good Father to ferve the ftabl. 
Whearby I go now in my fylks, that elfe 
might ruffl in my cut Canves : I ryde now 
a hors back, that els many timez mighte 
mannage it a foot : am knoen to their honors, 
and taken foorth with the beft; that els 
might be bidden to ftand bak my felf: My 
good Father a good releef, that hee farez 
mooch the better by, and none of theez for 
my dezert, eyther at fyrft or fins, God he 
knoez. What fay ye my good freend Hum- 
phrey, fhoold I not for ever honor, extol 
him all the weys I can? Yes, by your leave, 
while God lends me poour to utter my minde. 
And, having az good cauz of hiz Honor, 
az Virgil had of Augujlus Ccefar, will I poet 
it a littl with Virgil, and fay 

Namque erit Ille mihi Temper Deus, illius aram .. 

Saepe tener noflris ab Ovilibus imbuet agnus. Edoz i 

For he fhall be a God to me, 'till death my life confumeSj 
Hiz Auterz will I Sacrifize with incens and parfumez. 

A fingular patron of humanitee may he be 

well unto us towarde all degreez : of Honour, 

toward hye Eftates, and cheeflye whearby 

we may learne in what dignitee, worfhip and 

Ls reverent 

r 84 i 

reverens her Highnes is to be efteemed, 

honored and received, that waz never indeed 

more condignly done than heer; fo az ney- 

ther by the Builders at firft, nor by the Edift 

of pacification after, waz ever Kenelwortk 

1266 more nobled, than by thys hiz LordJIiip's 

oMcn. 3-receiving hir Highnes heer now. 

But Jefu Jcfu whither am I drawen noow. 
But tallk I of my Lordonz, een thus it farez 
with me: I forget all my freends, and my 
jfelf too. And yet yoo, being a Mercer, a 
Merchant, az I am : My Cuntreeman born, 
and my good freend .withall 9 whearby I kno 
ye are compaffiond with me: methought it 
my part fumwhat to impart unto yoo, hoow 
it iz heer with me, and hoow I lead my life, 
which indeed iz this, viz. 

A Mornings I rize ordinarily at feaven a 
Clok : Then reddy, I go intoo the Chappell : 
foon after eyght, I get me commonly intoo 
my Lord's Chamber, or intoo my Lords 
prezidents. Thear at the Cupboord after I 
haven eaten the Manchet, ferved overnight 
for livery,- (for I dare be az bolld, I promis 
yoo, az any of my freends the Servaunts 
thear; and indeed coold I have frefh, if I 

wo old 

L" 85 ] 

woold tarry, but I am of woont jolly and 
dry a mornings :) I drink me up a good bole 
of Ale : when in a fweet Pot it iz defecated 
by al night's {landing, the drink iz the better, 
take that of me : and a morfel in a Morn- 
ing, with a found draught, is very holfome 
and good for the Ey-fight : Then I am az 
frem all the forenoon after, az had I eaten 
a hole pees of beaf. Noow Syr, If the 
councell fit, I am at hand ; wait at an inch 
I warrant yoo : If any make babling, "peas 
( fay I ) woot ye whear ye are ? If I take a 
lyftenar, or a pryer in at the chinks or at 
the lok-hole, I am by and by in the bones 
of him: But now they keep good order, 
they kno me well inough : If a be a freend 
or fuch a one az I lyke ; I make hym fit 
dooun by me on a foorm or a cheaft : let the 
reft walk a God's name. 

And heer doth my langages now and than 
frond me in good Red: My French, my 
Spanijli, my Dutch, and my Latten: Sum- 
time amoong Ambafladours men, if their 
Matter be within with the Councel : Sum- 
time with the Ambaffador himfelf, if he bid 
call his lacky, or afk me what's a Clok ; and 
I warrant ye I aunfwer him roundly; that 


C 8S ) 

they man/el to fee fuch a fellow thear: then 
laugh I and fay nothing. Dinner and Sup- 
per I have twenty placez to go to, and hart- 
ly prayd to: Sumtime get I to M'tjler Pin- 
ner; by my faith a wormipfull Gentleman, 
and az careful for hiz charge az ony her 
highnes hath: thear find I allways good 
Store of very good Viaunds ; we eat and bee 
merry, thank God & the Queen. Hirnfelf in 
feeding very temperat & moderat az ye fhall 
fee ony : and yet, by your leave, of a dim, 
as a Colld Pigeon or fo, that hath cum to 
him at meat more than he lookt for, I have 
feen him een fo by and by Surfit, az he hath 
plucl; off hiz Napkin, wyept his knife, and eat 
not a morfel more: lyke ynoough to flick 
in hiz ftomake a two dayz after: (fum hard 
meffage from the higher Officers; perceive ye 
me?) Upon fearch, hiz faithful dealing and 
diligens hath found him fautles. 

In afternoons and a nights, fum time am 
J with the right woorfhipfull Sir George 
Howard, az good a Gentlman az ony livez : 
And fumtime, at my good Lady Sid- 
nets Chamber, a Noblwooman that I am 
az mooch bound untoo, az ony poore 
man maye be untoo fo gracyoous a Lady: 


. [ 7 1 
and fumtime in fum oother place. But 

alwayez among the Gentlwemen by my 
good will ; ( O 3 yee kno that cum alweyez 
of a gentle Spirite : ) And when I fee cum- 
pany according, then can I bee az lyvely too: 
Sumtime I foote it with Dauncing: noow 
with my Cittern, and els with my Cittern, Guittarr. 
then at the Virgynalz : Ye kno nothing cums 
amifle to mee: Then Carroll I up a Song 
withali: That by and by they cum flocking 
about me lyke Beez too hunny : And ever 
they cry, anoother, good Langham, anoo- 
ther! Shall I tell yoo? when I fee Mifterz 

' ( A, fee a mad Knave ; I had almoft 

tollde all ! ) that fhe gy vez onz but an Ey, 
or an Ear: why then, Man, am I bleft; my 
grace, my corage, my cunning is doobled: 
She fayz, Sumtime, She likez it ; and then I 
like it mooch the better; It dooth me good to 
heer hoow well I can doo. And too fay truth; 
what with myne Eyz, az I can amorooufly 
gloit it, with mySpanifli Sofpires, my French 
Heighes, mine Italian dulcets, my Dutch 
hovez, my doobl releas, my hye reaches, my 
feyning, my deep Diapafon, my wanton 
warblz, my running, my tyming, my tuning, 
and my twynkling, I can gracify the matters 
az well az the prowdeft of them, and waz 


[ 88 1 

yet never ftaynd I thank God: By my troth, 
Cuntreman, it iz fumtim by midnight, e'er 
I can get from them. And thus have I told 
yemoftof my Trade, al the leeve longdaye: 
what will ye more, God fave the Queen, and 
my Lord. I am well I thank yoo. 

Heerwith ment I fully to bid ye farewell, 
had not this doubt cum to my minde, that 
heer remains a doout in yoo y which I ought 
(methought) in any wyze to cleer. Which, 
iz, Ye marvel perchauns to fee me fo book- 
ifh. Let me tell yoo, in few woords : I went 
to Scool, forfooth, both at Pollez, and allfo 
at Saint Antoniez: In the fifth foorm, pad 
Efop fabls, I wys, (and) red Terens, vos iftaec 
intro auferte, and began with my Vtrgill 
Tytire tu patulae. I coold my rules confter 
and pars with the befl of them fyns : Then, 
as partly ye kno, have I traded the feat of 
Marchaundize in fundry Cuntreys, and fo 
gat me Languages : which do fo littl hinder 
my Latten, az ( I thank God ) have mooch 
encreaft it. I have leizure fumtime, when 
I tend not upon the Councell; whearby, now 
look I on one book, noow on an other. 
Storiez I delight in : the more auncient and 
rare, the more like-fum unto me; If I tolld 

C 89 ] 

ye, I lyked William a Malmefbery fo well, 
bicauze of hiz diligenz and antiquitee, per- 
chauns ye woold confler it bicauz I love 
Mamzey fo well : But I feith it iz not fo : 
for fipt I no more Sak and Suger, (and yet 
never but with company,) then I &oMalmzcy 
I moold notblufh fo mooch a dayz az Idoo: 
ye kno my minde. 

Well noow, thus fare ye hartily well 
yfeith : If with wifhing it coold have bin, 
ye had had a Buk or two this foomer; but 
we {hall cum neerer fhortly, and then (hall 
we merreley meet and grace o' God. In the 
mean time, commend me I befeech yoo, un- 
too my good freends, almoft mod of them 
yoor Neighbourz : Mafler Allderman Pulli- 
fon, a fpecial freende of mine : And in ony 
wife too my good old freend Mafter Smith, 

Cuflumer, by that fame token, "Set my 

hors up to the rack, and then lets have a 
Cup of fak. He knoes the token well ynough, 
and will laugh, I hold ye a grote. Too 
Mafler Thorogood: and to my mery cum- 
panion (a Mercer ye wot az we be) Majler 
Denman, Mio fratello inChriflo: He iz 
woont too furnmon me by the Name of 
Ro. La. of the Coounty No/ingham Gentle- 
M man : 


man: A good Companion I feyth. Well, 

Onez again fare ye hartcly well. From the 
Coourt. At the Citee ofWorceter, the XX of 

Auguft '575- 

Yor Countreeman, Companion, & freend 
aflu redly : Mercer, Merchant aventurer, and 
Clark of the Councel Chamber door, and al- 
fo keeper of the fame : 

El 1'rencipe Negro, par me R. L. Gent. 

De Majeftate Regia benigna. 

CedantArma togse, Concedat laurea linguae, 

Jafclanter Cicero at juflius illud habe: 

Cedant Anna togse, Vigil & toga cedat honor! 

Omnia Concedant Imperioque fuo. 

Deo Opt. Max. Gratia. 
F I N I S. 

000 035 372 

1 "X ?