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Levering Family 


BY Col. JOHN Levering, of LaFayette, Indiana, 

Associate ><f the Victoria Institute, or Pliilosorhical Society of Great Briuin ; Companion <.f th- 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States ; Author of Personal Recollections 

of the War of the Rebellion, etc.; Member of the Indiana Historical Society ; 

Member of the Indiana Academy of Science. 

'Lihe leaves on trees the race of man hjoinui. 

^ow green in youth, now witheriuir ou the pvinui: 
knottier race the following Spring supplies; 

Thevfall succejfive, and succejjive rise." 







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3W Yorlc Public Library, 

v'iiberforce Zamca, 

New York N.Y. 

3ar Sir:- 

In- reply to your esteemed fc 

led in 1901. 

send you today by American Express c 
do not doubt but that my father woul 

tie u'ork in the Libraty. 
send it v/ithout any cost except the 

rice of the volume Is '^5.^0 



(ki»»' l«'''i i»« Tllrfen '/ 

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Now, 1 have reached the " Preface," which, in book making, is 
always written last. This compilation has been a " labor of 
love" for the family LEVERING. To them., individually and 
collectively, and to the children's children, I dedicate it. 

It is an aggregation of personal annals and sketches, carefully 
woven, woof and warp, that makes a family history. History is fact ; 
other than fact is not history. The collection of family events is not 
fiction, nor is it fulsome epitaph, though some inflated persons, whose 
plebeian origin may be seen by a glance backward, without climbing 
a hill, or even a ladder, would have "family dignity " emphasized. 

This volume appears to be supplemental to " The Levering Fam- 
ily," as compiled and published in the year 1858, by my boyhood friend, 
Horatio Gates Jones, of Roxborough (then called Leverington), Phil- 
adelphia. When inaugurating my work, I contemplated an easy start 
in the genealogical feature, by beginning where he ended, save sup- 
plying the poverty of dates which characterized his publication. I 
found this a difficult undertaking. A third of a century had elapsed 
since he gleaned the field. A generation had passed away, and the 
scent had become cold. Notwithstanding these disadvantages the 
emendations must be undertaken, as his work needs clothing. 

So, my first labor was expended in dusting old bibles and family 
registers. Many of these revealed a condition in the publication of 
1858, that 1 had not anticipated, viz. : Want of names, as well as dates. 
Members of families, and whole families of lineal descent, had been 
omitted. As instanced in my circular of February 22, 1893, not one 
descendant appeared to No. 68 ^''2 . Mary Levering, of the fifth genera- 
tion, of Roxborough, Philadelphia, and she, being designated by a half 
number, in the consecutive order, indicates that Mary "came within 
(the half of) one", of being omitted altogether. After months of 
labor 1 have credited Mary with more than 400 lineal descendants ; of 
these, about one-half were eligible to representation in " The Levering 
Family." Like remarks will apply to his No. 5, Anna Catharine'' Frey, 

6 THE LKVhi-.Ncl FA.MIL^. 

.iiul N«». I V V, ! "I" No. 17, Anic-iia' Shoemaker, to 

wl ' ;;. .111 400. 250 .inJ 1,100, IC'SpeCti\L'l\'. 

. , , ;>, t.imilii-s wiTc in tht* samt- catc-*!')ry, unt'or- 

tuii.iti !v s... • .f timi- Ji-strii\rJ all tract-, to sonic of them. 

> tbf ! mv whilom trienci and relatiw — whose 

n-viiit IS of immt-asurahle value to me as a pointer 

in his formulary. I louU use it only as material, 

'■I- straw ", in the ^lenealoj^ical structure I iia\e built, 

 Mme have obliterated some of the data, 
a> .i:s.!i;u.«. ii-u.ii .iu"i iiineiits. should ha\e ^'raced the plintii 

The i:!'<torical feature of the publication of 1858 was of local 

.innah mil quite limited in this respect. Notu ithstandin^ the 

short-. of the compilation, the meed of praise is due its author 

A family unitw and rendered the clan Lexerint:, a 

Hut for his pride in his maternal ancestry, no history of 

ti;«. i.i ht ha\f been written. 

"^ >i ,,iiii-\\s : " H\ery writer is necessarily indebted 

 .. s, and to his predecessors." With this license 

^e, I may use, to some extent, the statements of my 

ul. aiul not K- charjieable with " buildin<i upon another man's 

Hrom the time I learned of the existence of the ancient tow n of 
!  n. in Cambridgeshire, tnuland, I have been impressed that 

1 t" the first or earliest families of the name LEV- 

' •■■1^ with the Levering: Historical Association to 

• ••, " "f a family history, my early efforts were 

i towarddetei; . that relation. Of course, the initial steps 

ry must K- taken in. or near to the tow n. Happily, my brother, 

H. l-everin;:. was a member of the literary association known 

u- Victoria Institute of Loiuhm, Hn^land. He placed me in com- 

with the Honorable Secretary of that or<:anization. w ho, 

•'- for local correspondents of skill, as iiis- 

irchers. Fortunatel\-, the rector of the 

;, |al Church at Leverin^ton, Rev. C. B. 

I ):.iki . ... i;;-, ••>•.■ the " LeNerin^ton ReCtory," was commended as an 

^pt'rt. M s have proven very valuable to me: dili^^ent in 

Ji and punctual in correspondence. 

Resp. ' my request for an exhaustive examination uf all 

for the family name, he performed the labor and 

t'..u the Re;!isters of the Parish, which ha\e been 

, ed for li,...,; jienerations, nor the Rolls of the Manorial Courts 


of the town, back to the timt- of their establishment in the reign of 
Edward IV (1461-83), contained the family name, LEVERING. He 
informed me, however, that the Rolls, also the surviving tablets in 
and about the venerable church of the town, contained names of fam- 
ilies which had become extinct in the neighborhood. Verifying, " The 
places that knew them shall know them no more." 

It became patent to me, at once, that the appellation of the town, 
proved to be the most enduring memorial, and has kept green the 
memory of the object of my quest, while the material cenotaph 
attests, "old things are passed away." The corroding rust of 
antiquity is irresistible. 

Hugh Miller states that the oldest monumental epitaphs known 
in the English language, are found in a church yard at Oxfordshire, 
England. The language, he says, is almost obsolete, and the letter- 
ing scarcely legible from decay. Some dates are in the latter part of 
the fourteenth century. 

If the archives mentioned preserved other family names, and not 
ours, then the latter must be older than the Manorial Rolls — older 
than the tablets and existing monuments, which the erosions of time 
are obliterating. 

An appeal was taken to the British Museum, where tomes of the 
long-ago are gathered together and preserved with jealous care. A 
few pounds sterling proved an "open sesame" to the searchers 
employed. The result of their labor was of considerable interest, 
though neither the family name nor the origin of the town designation 
was discovered. 

Undaunted, 1 reached out for other sources of information. What 
of hidden secrets in the ancient towns of York, of Chester, of Lincoln, 
which in almost pre-historic times were walled against invasions by 
Visigoths and other semi-barbarians.? What of ancient Ely, but a 
Sabbath day's journey from our family town, and which has been a 
geographical feature upon the face of every map from earliest Anglia 
to modern England.? Aye, as will appear in subsequent pages, the 
muniment rooms of this literary fortress, shared her stores with us, 
and we here learned of Leverings three hundred years before ROSIER, 
who had been the rock upon which we built our family structure. 

This discovery, from records preserved so near to Leverington, 
indicated the supposed relation between the family and the town. 
Still, the origin of the town was undetermined. Resort was had to 
reading all authorities upon early settlements and analogous subjects. 
The volumes of Freeman were closely scanned, feeling that the Nor- 
man Conquest may have had added strength from the Levering 

.,ly, of Hii I (dlouinu this, Umci upon 

/ Surnjnit'y. «.«inMilti J. 

It M..- this .luthnr quoted from Vcistiyan (IS50- 

if,;;). I authors. fspt.-cially fr«)m CainJLn (1551- 

if,.-;). ohirati- his aruument upon the origin ot 

hi^ultus plainly shcuvth, that WlBb'RTON 

, . . nanu-il." ftt.-. Hiirckj ! Wiio was hi- 

■.it proliiK souroo of inforination, tlK- Encyclo- 

ii-il him as hi^ult of Croyland ( lo^o-i 109), 

\\\v< u to William till- ConquL-ror at tlK- timt- of tlic 

id, in loC/). And was Leffrin^ton (Lev- 
r<| Ivi-'u- tint date? This added two and a iiaif ten- 
; Uu I.   !  

I : '  INN -c II \" tindin^ the record or writin;: of ingulf, 

>''- ' .....iuiscnpt, as printinti was not in\ented, nor were 

lour hundred \'ears later. It was an interesting in- 

V. hut my learned triend. He\'. iJrake,- was equal to tlie demand 

ai. He ohtaiiu'il access to the old record, and furnished a 

,al i-\pression hy Camden, to w hicii a line ahove 

I he U-\l i»» in medie\ al Latin, so ohsolete in idiom as to re- 

•r\iceot .1 learned Professor in the Uni\ersit\' of Chicago, 

■'. which t.iithfully done, and the result was an 

. .1 fi-\el.ilion, as is sh(»wn in this \olume : proving; 

I . in mi»dern orthography, Le\erin^ton* — to ha\e heen 

iiK'ouswith Princi- Aljiar and his favored Uniyhts, of the 


hreeman, in his ^ work. The S'ornuii Couqiicsi, referring to matter, sa\'s : " There are many points in 

: is i: le to yet beyond Conjecture." I believe my 

' ' >:ii ii-m these pa^es that I lia\e reduced some conjec- 

! !., .  f litifies. and haw established a reliable foun- 


Will. I have di^^covered record evidence of the existence i»f Lev- 

the time of Rosier, it is matter for serious rejzret to me, 

t'»at I i ered the missin;: ^enealoai^:;|||i^|<s which should 

n. It may Ix* that a more exhaustive search in the pos- 

'•<ure. would reveal secrets of }j;reat value 

' .. , i.iiiniN i< ..n 1 ->hould Complain that more thorough scru- 

t -s not made, to bridge Ix-tween John de Levervn^ and Rosier, 

It he wa-i not a contributor to the means. 

' " was •.; minalolv. with the lettiT " V," hav- 

'»C «»»' •  ff." In t I Fnullsh and Weish lanpuaKes 


The pursuit of information, both historical and genealogical, has 
cost several years of labor in extensive reading and correspondence, 
which has been intensely interesting at times, especially when some 
"foot-prints in the sands of time," have been half revealed to me, 
nor was I discouraged in earnest pursuit of my main purpose, when, 
after a tiresome chase for some object in the dark, 1 discovered the 
illusive light an ignis fatiiiis. 

The facts which I have collated have, in many instances, come 
to me as grains of gold from mountains of sand, worked over with 
untiring scrutiny, because they are gold, to the family. 

I feel under lasting obligations to some persons, who, with an 
appreciation of the enterprise, lent willing hands and time, in gleaning 
and giving such information as 1 sought. Even authors of valuable 
historical publications gave personal attention in answering questions 
as to sources of information. Here I may name Hon. Douglas Camp- 
bell, author of "The Puritan in Holland, England and America," and 
Professor Hoppin, author of "Old England," also Professor Dexter, 
of Yale, and Professors Lawrence and Henderson, of the University 
of Chicago, and 1 repeat obligations to Rev. C. B. Drake, of Lever- 
ington, England, whose attentions consumed more than two years. 
Adding George R. Howell, Esq., of Alba.ny, N. Y., Archivist of the 
New York State Library, and Hon. Jones Detwiler, of Montgomery 
County, Pa., Historian of Whitpain Township, who assisted me 
greatly in determining the new location of pioneer Gerhard Levering, 
in the year 1731. Henry S. Dotterer, Esq., author of History of 
Boehm Church, in the same neighborhood. Abram H. Cassel, the 
extensively-known antiquarian, of Harleysville, Pa. Mr. T. B. Drew, 
Librarian of Plymouth Society, Mass., and Hon. John Slingluff, Pres- 
ident of Montgomery National Bank, Norristown, Pa. 

And in genealogical researches among the family connections, I 
must recognize assistance from Hon. John C. Levering, of Levering, 
Ohio, corresponding Secretary of the Levering Historical Society, 
Mrs. Kate Levering Bradshaw, of Germantown, Philadelphia, who 
caused the old bibles of some unwilling owners to be dusted while she 
waited. Colonel T, Ellwood Zell, of Philadelphia, the well-known 
author and publisher, whose insistence in his branch of the family 
added many to the aggregation. Hon. Charles S. Keyser, of Phila- 
delphia, author of " The Keyser Family," who aided greatly in devel- 
oping one of the most numerous branches of the Levering connections. 
Hon. Eugene Levering, of Baltimore, who contributed extensively to 
his part of the household, which maybe repeated in tribute to Walter 
George Smith, Esq., of Philadelphia. 

.., THli LEVERINCi I-A.MI1.^. 

Uish<ip Jost-ph Mi.rtiiiHT l.twiin^, of Bctlik^licni, Pa., whose re- 
^i-arthes for the liisioiy ot his tireat-<ireat-iirandfatlier, " Rev." John 
l.e\erin;:. aJJeJ material e\ ideiuv to dissipate the ima^nnar\' line of 
.1 •• Na/areth hiaiK-h " of the family. Hon. T. Guilford Smith, chair- 
man of the Board of Regents of the Universit\- of the State of New 
York. Mrs. Abb\ J. Hol;iate Hanford, of Seattle, Wash., who labored 
Ion;: and industriousK with Miss Clementina Gilbert, of Philadelphia 
(recentlN- deceased), t(» re;:iain tlu' lost slieep of the fold of Hoj^ate, 
left scattered b\- the author of " The Lexerino; Famil\-." 

Mi->. Caroline II. Rone\ , of Hu^ene, Orejzon (recently deceased), 
who (lathered an extensive famil\' from several States, into her report, 
.IS a hen ^athereth her chickens under her vvin^is. M. Louise Harper, 
of Phil.idelphia, who, as censor of the press, in my behalf, suffered no 
item rel.itin^ t«» tlu' famil\- to escape her scrutinw Mr. Silas J. Lev- 
ering, of Philadelphia (recentl\- deceased), who by careful approach 
u|-H>n the blind side of several indifferent individuals, secured informa- 
tion. l)r. J. Ciilbert ^'oun^, of Philadelphia, o;enealoo;ist of the Hol- 
^ate famil\-. who furnished me considerable data relatin*: to that 
branch. Hon. Joseph Sater, of Preston, Ohio, w ho ably assisted Mr, 
Jones, prior to iSvS, and, as a repository of Sater History, shared his 
stores of information with me. 

The \enerable Rew Eujj;ene P. Greider, of Lebanon, Pa., whose 
mind is stored with famil\- annals relatinji to his branch of the house- 
hold, was generous in ^i\in^ aid to me, and similar acknowledgment 
is due Mrs. Kate H. Ke\ ser Fracker, who is spending the sunset of 
her busy life at Zanes\ ille, Ohio. 

Though m\- acknowledtiments ma\' be tedious to the jieneral 
reader, I must express obligations t(» others who have been helpful in 
niy task. Allow me to name Miss tmily Harris Leverin^i, Perry Lev- 
vruv^ Anderson, l)r. Hdward Augustus Levering: and Gapt. Abraham 
LeM-iin;:, Assistant (Juartermaster-General of the Department of 
IVnns\l'.ania, (j. A. R. of Philadelphia. 

AKo, |)r. Hdward A. Maris and Mr. Geor«j:e Wentz, of Baltimore ; 
Mrs. I.ydi.i R. Hinle\-. of Pass C>hristian, Miss. (recentl\- deceased) ; 
.Mrs. Minnie J. Oawford, of Wapakoneta, Ohio; Mrs. Lizzie Smick 
Liveze\-. of Aberdi-en. Md.; Mrs. S. Jennie Hoffman, (»f Sadsbury- 
\ ille. Pa.; Miss Celia Oeed, of Lancaster, Ohio ; Mrs. Carrie E. 
Hilty. of Imperial. Pa.; Mr. Charles A. Brad\-, of Buffalo Forjie, Va.; 
Mr. Saxton R<>bbins, «.f Cincinnati, Ohio; Mr. Le\i L. Leserin*!, of City, Mo.; Mr. Bland S. Le\erin^, of Piqua, Ohio; Mr. Silas 
Ci. Ho|;:ate. of Duluth, Minn.; Professor Alex. A. Brooks, of Corpus 
Christi, Texas ; Mr. John t. Le\erin^, of Wray, Colo.; Lillie E. 


Waggoner, of Iberia, Ohio; Mr. Oliver M. Evans, of Lansdale, Pa.; 
Jas, Y. Heckler, Esq., of Hatfield, Pa.; and for collecting the most 
numerous branch — the Shoemaker family — lam indebted to Mr. Benj. 
H. Shoemaker, Thos. H. Shoemaker, Harold E. Gillingham and Daniel 
Pastorius Bruner, of Philadelphia, also, to Miss Susan Stroud, of 
Haverford, Pa., not omitting Howard M. Levering, who industriously 
gathered remnants of several branches in the valley where 1 failed to 
stir the dry bones of ancestral indifference, which henceforth shall 

Adversely, there are others whom I might name, but who should 
be grateful to me for the several return postage stamps which each 
absorbed. When 1 addressed educated, cultured persons, 1 felt sure 
of a prompt return, but my very numerous letters of inquiry exposed 
the existence of some mere bas-reliefs in the connection ; lacking indi- 

in all well regulated families there are persons, who, when weaned 
as calves, have Topsy's idea of parentage. The Bible says of such : 
"For he beholdeth himself and goeth his way, and straightway for- 
getteth what manner of man he was." 

1 might dip my st\dus in gall and draw pen pictures of a few, but 
perhaps I had better don't ! 

Some who were addressed, depended upon their sisters, as cus- 
todians of the family Bible, to furnish information, but the latter, dear 
souls, thought to conceal a wrinkle, or to efface the crowsfeet which 
had crept upon them unawares, by preserving the stamp. 

if a few of the " waxed fat" find more rings on their horns than 
the almanac entitles them to, it is no fault of mine. The proud-flesh 
of the family — of which there are two kinds — has been a source of 
irritation to me. 

Miss Mulock, in one of her admirable literary productions relates 
similar quandary as to the pedigree of her hero : " This is all 1 ever 
knew of the boy's parentage ; nor do 1 believe he knew more himself. 
He was indebted to no forefathers for a family history ; the chronicle 
commenced with himself and was altogether of his own making. No 
romantic antecedents ever turned up ; his lineage remained uninves- 
tigated, and his pedigree began and ended with his own name — JOHN 

A like obscurity is accorded to a few, who seemed to prefer dark- 
ness rather than light. Daniel Webster, in a speech upon an impor- 
tant occasion, said : " Men who are regardless of their ancestors and 
of their posterity, are very apt to be regardless of themselves. 


In April, 1892. the acciJiiital discovery was inadt- that the Lev- 
ering family name had been assuinetl. as a surname, by a family of 
full hltKKled Indians of the Omaha tribe. 

A vouth named Louis Le\erin;i, was a pupil in the Government 
Sch'Hil for Indians, at Carlisle. Pa. In answer to in^iuiries made of 
him. 1 was referred t<i his uUKr brother, Levi Levering, formerl) at 
Carlisle, who was then in the more advanced Government School, 
known as Bellevue College, at Beilexue, Nebraska. 

Corres|-«»ndence with the latter showed iiim to be quite intelli- 
gent and well advancv-d in school education. I learned from him tiiat 
he was the original Indian Levering, so named b\- a former teaciier, 
but he could not explain w hy tliis Adam, called him, LEVERING. "And 
what.s<K'ver Adam called e\ers creature, that was the name thereof." 

Levi informed me that he had an uncle in Nebraska who was 
iiii):..t for hitti. The oii|\ instance made known to me of a senior 
tion Ivin^ " named after " a junior. In letter of November 23, 
|K<)6. Ml. L. informs me that he is employed as a teacher in the Gov- 
ernment Indian School, at Wort Hall, Idaho. 

I make note of this, lest the scattered descendants of these na- 
ti\es ma\ sometime attract the attention of a future family historian, 
n.«\ assume that he lias disco\ered evidence of prehistoric or 
... Mi^inal existence of the famil\ name in America. 

While I ha\e been \er\- paiiicuiar in requesting properl\- spelled 
n.unes and legible dates, fr(»m correspondents, I ha\e had to wrestle 
with much careless writin;:, and ha\e been compelled, in some 
instances, to .isk such writers to repeat. 

I u\ .ill a report received from a man of business experience, who 
listed and n.uned ei^;ht children, three ()f whom he reported as born 
within two years, at single births, and his youn}j;est. as ha\in,u been 
! -ri^ two months atti-r tin- date ;:i\en. of its mother's decease. 

Criticism of d.ites and names has cost much labor and man\' cor- 
ri-ctions. When .» two-\ear-o|d has been reported as named 
" t)u ki-\ ." I ha\i- felt compi-|li\l tosa\e the matured man from mortifi- 
i iti'ii by substitutin;: KuhAi\i. In like maniu-r I ha\e transformed some 
mother's "Hilly" int<» ll'i//i,iiii. But, when confronted with 
Puss Thomas Uoe. I preferred to write back, than to translate it 
Thom-Cat. which would, at Ivst, leave the >:ender in confusion. 

I Ivpe t<» escape typo^raphical errors in this publication, but, 
wl stakes of name, or of date, are observed, they may, fre- 

qvu ,;,. , iH' charged to the person who furnished them, jnsf js tlu'v are, rather than blame the .types. 


In " The Levering Family," at page 145, may be seen three sep- 
arate births in one family as having occurred from March 24 to October 
17, in the year 185 1. 

The errors may be typographical, but 1 have had just as reckless 
dating in "letters from home." 1 could not, however, admit them 
so, to my record. 

In the arrangement of the genealogical display of the work, 1 have 
formulated the descendants of Wigard, and of Gerhard, respectively, 
in families, under the succeeding generations, assuming that Rosier, 
who was the direct source of the family in America, is entitled to be 
recognized as of the first generation. The breach between Rosier 
and John de Levering being too wide to bridge over. 

As the Leverings of Bethlehem and Nazareth, Pa., are the de- 
scendants of Gerhard, there is no distinctive " Nazareth Branch " (as 
designated by Mr. Jones), to pedigree. 

I have often been attracted by the similarity of our family sur- 
name to that of the family Levering, resident, notably, in Boston, 
and the New England States, and lia\e entertained the opinion that 
our familes were of the same origin. 

Local pronunciation often changes the spelling of a name. It is 
known that some related families in Ohio, accepted the prounciation 
and adopted the spelling as Levering, and this form prevailed gener- 
ations ago in England, in collateral branches, as evidenced by an old 
Encyclopedia Heraldica, by Sir Bernard Burke, C. B., LL. D. 

Mr. Jones directs attention to the Lovering name, on page 16, of 
The Levering Family. States that he conferred with Joseph S. 
Lovering, then of Philadelphia, and learned from him "that his an- 
cestors were of English descent, and settled originally in Boston, 
Mass.," and so determined that no relation existed. 

But Mr. Jones was adhering to the unstable tradition that Rosier 
Levering was of French nationality ; basing his conclusions thereon. 

in my correspondence with Hon. William C. Lovering, of Taun- 
ton, Mass., he stated : "I have quite an extensive account of the an- 
cestry of my family. They were among the first to appear in the early 
colonial history of Massachusetts, dating back in the early part of the 
seventeenth century. My early ancestry in this country were in the 
old Colonial Army. One of my ancestors, direct, having been Aide- 
de-Camp to General Wolf at the Battle of Quebec. I am not aware 
that the two names are in any way connected, although they are 
singularly alike." 

As 1 will show upon the following pages, little doubt exists, that 
Rosier Levering — probably with his father — was of the band of 



Separatists, u ho left Scroohw in Nottiniihamshire, England, in 1608, 
and settled temporarily at Lcyden, in Holland; that a part of that 
band came to America in the Ma\' Flower ; that others followed later, 
and some came not at all. I am impressed that the primogenitor of 
the Loverinys was, as stated. " amon^ the first to appear in the early 
Colonial History of Massachusetts," while the primogenitor of the 
Leverings in America, was of those who "came not at all." 


THE Levering Family, of the United States of America, may 
be traced to an individual source. 

As the children of Israel were of one fatherhead, so the 
present representatives of the name LEVERING, and connections of 
other surnames, related by consanguinity, are the lineage of a common 
progenitor, ROSIER. 

Tradition ascribed to him French origin, and related him to the 
heroic band of religious devotees that expatriated themselves from 
their native land, the better to serve their Lord and Master. We 
have even accepted this traditional, this intangible testimony, unto a 
belief that the family name was derived from the French language, 
having a French definition, if not derivation. 

I, myself, accepted this family creed, as most persons accept 
the dogmas of their parent church, with unquestioning, faith, until 
investigation has shaken my belief. 

When the Levering Historical Association imposed upon me the 
task of providing a family history, 1 felt that 1 could not accept 
hearsay evidence as a foundation upon which to build, it is hay, 
stubble and straw, and will be consumed by the fire of reasonable 
criticism. The question, What proof have we of Huguenot origin.-' 
presented itself. I could find none. Even circumstantial evidence 
as learned from family annals is testimony in rebuttal of the theory. 
The oldest record evidence we possessed — that furnished by Wigard 
Levering, in his well written family register — related his parents to 

Though his father was named by Wigard, without specifying his 
domicile, he recorded of his mother and of his wife that they were of 
the old cities of Wesel and Leyden, respectively, in and near to 
Holland. Wigard was born in Germany. By his family register, 
and other records, we know his language was Teutonic. What 
evidence have we that Rosier was not of the same mold.^ 1 believe 

l6 THH LLXtRINCi l-AWll.^. 

This exposed me to an open field of inqiiii\': to searcli all thinjis, 
pr(i\ e all thin*is, and liold fast <tnl>' to that uhii."ii is i^ood. 

Is Le\eiin<: a French surname ? As 1 had not ^i\en the question 
any serious thou<:ht, and hein^ unskilled in tamil\' nomenclature, I 
accepted it as such, hecause others had said so, until the representa- 
tive of the French government at our national capitol, in answer to 
an inc]uir\' maJi- of him, su<:;:ested other orthographical construction, 
"as," he wmte, "French surnames do not i.'n^.\ in ///;'." 

In m\ desire to "pro\e all thinjzs" I made dili^ient search through 
several publications relating to surnames. The work most prolific of 
information, allied to m\- quest, is that entitled Hii_ir/is// SurihiDU'S, by 
Mark Anton\- Lower. Notwithstanding the \'<»lumes purport to dis- 
cuss Hn<r/is// Surnames, the Author treats of all famil\ names repre- 
sented in Fn^lish domain, inckidin.u those of Teutonic and Norman 
origin. He presents in his publication 5,360 surnames, from these 
and other sources, of which but 2^ ( 1 in 233) end with iiitr. 

In a ^enealo<iical work by II. R. Co(»ke, iS.Sc), entitled. "The 
Driver Familx," appears a roster of the troops that accompanied 
William of Normand\- to Fn^^land (1066). as copied from the Roll in 
the Church of Dives, a \ illa^ze in Calvados, Normandw The name 
of Levering does not appear, nor other name which could be con- 
strued into it, nor does any one of the names end with /;/;'. 

In the roll of the survivors of the battle of Hastin^js, or Senlac 
(1066), as contained in Battle Abbe\-, Leland lists two hundred and 
flfty-sexen names, and in a roster of the same sur\ ixors, by Hollins- 
head, embracing six hundred and lifty-three names, but one of the 
entire number ends with /;/;', and an explanation or foot-note of doubt 
is appended to this. 

Leland further states as to the endinji of names, " The termina- 
tion villi', — equivalent to our ow n Fn^ilish ton, — was a prevalent one 
amonjz the Normans," and Noble, ^i\-es a ijeneral rule for determin- 
incj the localit\- from which French names originated, \\/..: "The 
Norman names end chiefly in vi//r ; those of Anjou, in /(•;•(,• those in 
Guienni.' and the bank's of (larronne. in >/(", and those of Picardy, in 

As to French, oi' purely Norman surnames, this disposes of a 
tradition that there were Lewrin^s or Le \erin<is in the Norman 
army of invasion. 

hi contrast with this, Teutonic surnames are considered. Kem- 
ble sa\s, " iuiz, in^ie, or in<zer, is found in the sense of proy;eny or 
offsprinji, in the most of Teutonic lan«i;uay;es." addin;i: " in^ in mod- 
ern Cennan, is a Ntiuni: man." B\ wa_\- of illustration he states, 


that "in the early part of the ninth century, we find Eadgarm^, or 
the son of Eadgar ; Esniuo-, or the son of Esne." 

These citations tend to support a theory of ancient Teutonic 
origin for our family name. The Teutonic conquests of old Anglia 
(subsequently England), occurred in the fifth and sixth centuries. 
The Celtic inhabitants called the invaders Saxons, while the con- 
querors called themselves Angles, or English. 

Freeman, in his "Norman Conquest," Vol. 1, p. 6, states: 
"The Norman invaders in the eleventh century found in the Isle of 
Britain, three nations, speaking three languages — English, Welsh 
and Gaelic. Then as now, the dominant Teuton knew himself by 
no name but that of Englishman, and was known to his Celtic neigh- 
bor by no name but that of Saxon." 

I have not, however, disposed of the subject. 

The idiosyncracies of a family reasonably indicate origin. A 
study of half a century, directed to descendants of the family, in many 
localities, including the propagating ground where the seed of Rosier 
was first implanted in the year 1685, tends to convince me, that the 
perseverance of the English, and stability of the Teuton, rather than 
the mercurial tendencies of the French, characterize the family, and 
the physical developments in mature manhood, point in the same di- 

Professor Matthews wrote, "French human nature is not like 
the English or German human nature ; it is human nature elaborated 
and adorned by art," adding: " Give an Englishman a home and he 
can easily forego society. Even the solitude of the wilderness has no 
terrors for him, and he is happy on the very borders of civilization. 
The French, on the other hand, have failed almost utterly as colon- 
izers, because of their intense, social instincts." 

Ergo: These distinctions appear to determine, that the diligent, 
assiduous, enterprising attributes, which characterize Levering man- 
hood and womanhood, indicate clearly, a more substantial origin than 
we have heretofore claimed, and entitle us to Anglo-Saxon birth- 

While members of the family may ni)t have attained fame or pop- 
ularity, it can truthfully be said they have not aspired to such dis- 
tinction, but their brain and brawn is felt in any community where 
their lot may be cast. A sturd\' and worthy ancestry has, through 
many generations, been honored b\' industrious and frugal descend- 
ants ; none hanging around public cribs ; no mendicants ; no plebeians 
or parvenues ; no rumsellers ; no criminals ; none ashamed of toiling 
ancestors. There are very few drijnes in Levering hives. 


If the history of one of the families of "the 400," of our )j;reat 
metropolis was beino; written, and it should he stated that the original 
settler once carried a pack and retailed small v\-ares — in short, was a 
peddler — it would be stating fact, hut it would not dishonor his de- 
scendants, who would rather dishonor themselves, if they suppress 
the fact of humble origin. Elihu Burritt was a blacksmith, Hugh 
Miller, a stone mason. Rittenhouse was a clock mender, and Grant 
a tanner; Webster a farmer and Lincoln a laborer, while "me lord 
Tomnobody was son of an Earl." Better an aristocracy of learning and 
mechanical skill, than of coon skins and beaver pelts, or even of green- 
backs, as seems to prevail in this countrv. Labor, mt-ntal and phys- 
ical, has ever been the indestructible mud-sill upon which true 
American character, or aristocracy, if vou will, has been built, and in 
these ranks LEVERINGS are found. The old Jewish saying, " He who 
does not teach his children a trade, trains them to steal," appears to 
be exemplified in the accumulations of most of the rich of the present 

1 have stated upon other pages, my conviction, that the ancient 
town of Leverington, in Cambridgeshire, England, was related to 
our family surname. Judging by the practice in this country, 1 as- 
sumed that the town was named for the family, but, after much 
epistolary argument with my learned correspondent in England, and 
extensive reading of old publications upon the subject, I was con- 
vinced against my will. 

Camden (1551-162^) — who first published his Bn'tJiiiiiiT, about 
the year 1586, and his Auglia Nonnannica, in 1603 — wrote: 
"Whereas therefore these local! denominations of families are of no 
great antiquitie, I can not see why men should thinl<e there ancestors 
gave names to places, when the places bare those very names before 
any men did their surnames." 

Lower said : "There is a vulgar error that places borrowed their 
designations from families, instead of to the contrary," and further 
on he qualifies the brusque remark, viz.: "While on this subject 1 
would remind the reader that the practice of borrowing the designa- 
tions of places from personal* names has prevailed in various ages 
and countries." 

Freeman, a more modern authority, states: "The main divisions 
of the country, the local names of its mass of towns and villages, 
were fixed when the Normans came, and thev have survived, with 
little change, to our daw The map of England, now, differs little 
from the map in the reign of William," and as to language, he wrote: 

* /. f., Christian names, not surnames. 


"The conquered did not become Normans, but the conquerors 
did become En<^lishmen," addin^i, "In speakin^j; of the Teutonic 
inhabitants of Britain, 1 use the word EnglisJi, never the words Saxon 
or Anglo-Saxon; we should call nations as they call themselves." 

Camden maintained that surnames first occurred in the Domes- 
day Book, say 1086, whilt- Lower offers evidence of old MSS., that 
there were some dual names before that period, or before the Norman 

The practice in this age and country of naming geographical 
areas and towns from family surnames, excludes us from imbibing 
the "vulgar errors" imputed by Lower. There are in the United 
States twenty-three Camden postoffices, with six cities, or county 
seats of the name, all of which, are, no doubt, designated for the anti- 
quarian, who disclaimed such baptismal origin for place appellations. 

By way of further illustration of the practice in our country: In 
the State of Indiana there are ninety-two counties, all but fourteen 
of them bear the surnames of persons or families. In Iowa there are 
ninety-nine counties, all but twenty-eight of them bear similar desig- 
nations, while of the twenty-eight there are twenty individual and 
tribal Indian names. Even in the old State of Pennsylvania, thirty- 
nine of the sixty-seven counties bear family surnames. 

Following the theories laid down by Camden, and having dis- 
covered that the family name existed centuries before Hosier's time, 
1 pursued a line of inquiry for the advent of the ancient town, Lever- 
i!!,!>ton, about which, as I have stated, were associated names of fam- 
ilies which had become extinct in the locality, verifying another 
statement by Camden, viz. : "It may also be prooued that many 
places which now have lords denominated of them, had owners of 
other surnames and families not many hundred yeeres since," adding, 
" 1 know, never-the-lesse, that albeit most townes haue borrowed 
their names from their situations and other respects, yet some with 
apt terminations have their names from men, as Edwardston, and Al- 
fredstone. But, these were forenames or christian names, and not from 
surnames. For Ingulfus plainly sheweth that Wiburton and LeffrUigton 
were so named because two knights, Wiburt and Leofric there some- 
time inhabited. But, if any one should affirme that the gentlemen 
named Lefferington and Wiburton gave names to the places so named, 
1 would humbly, without prejudice, craue respite for a further day 
bffore 1 belieued him." 

Here was revealed the object of my search, with a chronological 
indication to the time of birth, as the Ingulfus referred to, must be 
Ingulf, Abbot of Crowland or Croyland (1030-1109), the historian. 


and reputed author of The Chronicles of Croyland Abbey, who was 
contemporaneous with William, Duke of Normandy, and was Secre- 
tary to William, as stated by his biographer. The trend of this indi- 
cated the existence of Leverin.gton prior to the Norman Conquest 

While the manor of Wisbech, in which the town is situated, was 
mentioned in Domesday, that famous survey omits Leverino;ton, and 
other towns which were k'nown to have existed in the fens, so, the 
famous manuscript*, Tlic Clirouiclcs of Croyhiiid, was appealed to, 
and the statement of Ingulfus, referred to by Camden, was found and 
copied by my scholarly correspondent. 

As 1 have stated herein, the translation of the medieval latin text 
was made by Professor Chandler of the University of Chicay;o. It 
reads: " At length, in the year 870 of the Lord's incarnation, in the 
month of September, the most energetic Count (Earl) Algar, and the 
two Knights, Wiburt and Leofric, his seneschals, gathered together 
all the youth of Holland : t from the names of which knights, the 
country people, and the old men dwelling there, have given to the 
towns in which they (the k'nights) lived (which still retain their 
names) the (present) appellatic^ns, to wit: calling them respectively, 
Wiburton (/. c, Wiburt's town) and Lefrinkton (/. c, Leofric's 

The construction of this statement inferentially admits the ex- 
istence of these towns at the time they so received their respective 
baptismal names and the record was made — probably in the beginning 
of the twelfth century, as the author died 1 109 — more than two hun- 
dred years after the convocation of "the country people and the old 
men," shows they " still retained their names." 

The historiographer builded better than he knew, as the lapse of 
eight centuries has not obliterated the record he made, nor extin- 
guished the names he graved upon the imperishable tablets ; and even 
that dead past is linked to the present by tangible memories which 1 
may show in place. 

in England no public record is made of land titles and of town 
plats, as in the United States. Their titles are preserved by 
documents handed down from father to son, in entailed or inherited 
estates, or b\- transferring such papers, from grantor to grantee, in 
event of a sale. Titles are regarded as of -immemorial growth, and 

*For the preservation of these invaluable papers, the Chronicles were printed in 1885, but, as only 
one hundred copies were made, the book is costly and rare. 

t A district of country in the south end of Lincolnshire, near by was called Holland, as is shown in 
the maps of England, of the eighth century, and to this lime. 


records, when they exist, are found in the possession of landed fam- 
ilies, or in the libraries of various learned societies. The j;;reat 
Magna Charta of 121 5, which accorded constitutional rights to British 
subjects, is jealously preserved by the people, and is a notable ex- 

Freeman, in his "Old England," states: "The origin of our 
most ancient towns is shrouded in utter darkness. All that we can 
say is, that if London and York, Colchester and Lincoln were con- 
tinuously inhabited from Roman times, the\- had no political succes- 
sion. * * * * j^ collection of houses grew up on 
the manor of some lord or prelate, or at the gate of some castle or 
monastery. The settlement grew into a town, and as the town in- 
creased in importance it received some privilege from its lord — the 
grant of a market, perhaps, hi other cases where the burghers were 
pushing, the town grew into an immemorial city." 

It is said of London, that one may trace evidences of the ancient 
Landurum of the Roman occupation, with its walled fortresses, near 
to the present London bridge. 

Stow, the standard authority for London history, is uncertain 
how the city took its name. There are many versions as to the 
origin. So early as the year 839, London was destroyed b\' the 

Accepting the insistance of Verstigan, Camden, and other anti- 
quarian genealogists, that families were named for towns, and not 
"to the contrary," and in view of the fact, that Lefrington (now 
Leverington) was so called two centuries before any surnames were 
invented or adopted, we must admit the seniority of the town, and 
accept it as the primary source of our family name. 

Consulting more recent, or modern authorities. Freeman, in his 
Norman Conquest, Vol. V, page 378, asserts: "In England before 
the conquest there is no ascertained case of a strictly hereditary 
surname. At the time of the Norman invasion of England the 
practice of hereditary surnames seems still to have been a novelt\- in 
Normandy, * * *." At page 384, he states: "The nomencla- 
ture of the Flemish district of Pembrokeshire, and a part of tlte 
peninsula of Gower, is as Teutonic as that of Kent itself. The wit- 
ness of language shows that the driving out of the Britons must have 

or? ^ 

been complete. And the new lords, whether their own blood was 
Norman, English or French, gave to their settlements names which 
were coined from their own personal names after a purely English 
pattern, and the ending is always the distinctl)- English ton. 


The same author, in his "Old English History," says: "In 
England nearly all tow n names are either English or Danish, that is, 
they are nearly all Teutonic names of some kind." 

The gentry of Wales bore no hereditary surnames, until the 
time of Henry the Eighth ( 1 509-1 547). That Monarch recommended 
the heads of Welsh families to conform to the usage long before 
adopted by the English. 

Lower, wrote, that the unsettled state of surnames in those early 
times, renders it a difficult matter to trace the pedigree of any family 
bev(jnd the thirteenth century, as in some cases the younger branches 
of a famih-, laving aside the name of their father, took their names 
from the places of their residence. Sometimes the sons (jf a family 
would each assume a different surname. 

So, in France, in that period, it was not unusual for the eldest 
sons to take their father's surnames, while the younger branches 
assumed the names of estates allotted to them, and in England, the 
same practice prevailed. Camden cited an instance : " Hugh, of Sad- 
dington, gaue to his second sonne his mannour of Fridon ; to his third 
Sonne his mannour of Pantley, and to his fourth, his wood of Albdy. 
The sonnes call themselves DePrydon, DePantley and DeAlbdy, and 
their posterity remooved the De." 

hi these, and similar instances, a " local habitation and a name" 
were acquired. 

Lower, wrote: "Although the practice of adopting hereditary 
surnames from manors and locations originated in Normandy, we are 
not therefore to conclude that all those names that have De prefixed 
were of Norman origin, for many families of Saxon lineage copied the 
example of their conqueror, in this particular. If the Normans had 
their DeWarrens, DeMortimers and DeEversuxes, the English, like- 
wise, had their DeFords, DeAshburtons and DeNewtons." 

Rev. Dr. Lathrop, in a biography of Samuel Appleton, wrote: 
"Tracing Samuel of Little Waldingfield, directly to John Appleton, 
who died in 141 2, and making it probable that he was descended from 
William de Appleton, who died in 1326. The name Appleton, signi- 
fying Orchard, is of Saxon origin and is found applied to places before 
the Norman conquest ; after that event, it is found applied to persons, 
but always with a Norman christian name, such as William, Henry, 
etc., prefixed." 

As the ancient town of Leverington — obviously, our "patria," — 
now becomes an object of earnest concern to our family, a reference 
to it, or even a detailed description of the municipality, may be ex- 
pected of me. 


Levt-rin.Liton is situated in the north end of Camhrid^eshire, 
Eni^land, in the very midst of that naturally protected area of marsh 
lands commonly called the fens, or overflowed lands, which embraced 
all the northerly part of the shire, and laru;e portions of five counties 
adjoinin^:, caused by the reaction of the flow by the North Sea, in 
resisting the currents of the Nen and Ouse rivers. 

Many islands diversify the face of the waters, the most important 
being the Isle of Ely, which extends about twenty-eight miles in 
length and twent\ -fi\e miles in breadth, and embraces several impor- 
tant towns and villages, as Ely, Wisbech, Whittlesv, U^'ilbiirtou, Ut- 
criiiifton, Newton, March, etc. 

When William of Normandy, in the year 1066, made conquest ot 
England, regarding his success over King Harrold in the battle of 
Hastings, as an accomplishment of his purpose, he found resistance 
from the sturdy inhabitants of these islands. His want of a navy, 
.md their strategic surroundings rendered their acquisition a difficult 
problem. The Danish rovers, who plundered and destroved Peter- 
borough, also the Minster of Crowland, in the year 1070, contributed 
to the Norman conqueror's efforts and did much mischief among the 
islands, which were regarded as desirable residences in those days of 
conflict. The Isle of Ely, which was the center of patriotic mo\-e- 
ment, offered stubborn resistance and endeavored to remain inde- 
pendent English ground, but in the month of October, 107 1, William, 
by attacks upon both sides of the Island, overcame the loyal forces, 
and the conquest of England was complete. 

It is written that William, in person, reached Ely on October 27, 
107 1. That when he entered the stately church building, the monks 
were indulging their appetites in the refectory. Because of the influ- 
ence they had exerted, William punished them for treason, and it cost 
them man\' of the valuable ornaments of the church to appease the 
conqueror's displeasure. 

After the reduction of this formidable stronghold, William con- 
structed forts upon the island which he garrisoned to hold the people 
in subjection. 

The citv of Ely is an important municipality, and its jjrand 
cathedral, built 1083 to 1534, is, with all its appointments, one of the 
finest in allot Europe. Professor Hoppin, writing of it, said: "It 
is frozen history, as well as frozen music." As its archives protect 
documents of great interest to our family, as well, a wealth of En- 
glish history — superior in some respects to the repositories of the 
British Museum, 1 may add some remarks as to its ecclesiastical 
character. There is a well preserved printed list of its bishops. As 


in those of other English catliedials, they are named in the chrono- 
logical order of their succession and service; the bishops of the Re- 
formed period being joined upon the tenure of the Roman CatlKjlic 
prelates. The order of service for several generations being a form 
of Anglicanism hardly distinguishable from Roman practices. 

The ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the parish is widespread, even 
embracing Cambridge, the great seat of learning, in its fold. 

A recent writer states of the cathedral : "Of all the old churches 
in England, this one exhibits indications of the greatest modern care 
and thought bestowed upon it. it glows with new stained glass 
windows, splendid marbles, exquisite sculptures and bronze work. 
Its western tower is two hundred and sixty feet in height, with tur- 
reted spires. its length five hundred and seventeen feet, with a 
vast, irregular bulk above the town at its foot, make it a commanding 
object, seen from the plain." 

Next in importance to Ely is the ancient town of Wisbech. Its 
history extending to A. D., 664, when a charter by Wulfhere gave 
the place recognition. After the subjugation of the Isle of Ely, 
William erected strong fortifications also, at Wisbech, with ample 
forces to hold the district in check, as well to prevent foreign inva- 
sion, as the place guarded the harb(.)r as effectually as does the for- 
tress of Alcatraz, in our western Golden Gate. 

The hundred of Wisbech (Wisbece), in which Leverington is 
situated, is mentioned in Domesday, as held under the jurisdiction of 
the Abbey of Ely. The landholders in Cambridgeshire, as named 
in Domesday, numbered forty-four, and were, mostly, titled persons 
and ecclesiastics. 

The vast area known as the fens, was, measurably, reclaimed 
by artificial means, commenced ab(nit the year 1649, under direction 
of the Earl of Bedford, and has, since, been called the Bedford Level. 
Well's History of Bedford Level, London, 1830, 2 Vols., states, that the 
lands of Wisbech, sometimes called Wisbech Hundred, contain about 
seventeen thousand, seven hundred acres, and embrace the towns of 
St. Giles, Leverington, Newton, Wilburton, and others, and are 
managed under a commission. 

Leverington occupies a central location, being in the midst of the 
fen country, hence, enjoyed an enviable protection, when wars and 
rumors of wars, prevailed. 

The British Gazetteer, published in London, 1852, said of 
Leverington : " It is a parish in the hundred of Wisbeach, Isle of Ely, 
on the Wishead, or Nen River. It includes the chapelry of Parson 
Drove ; is ninety-nine miles north from London, two from Wisbeach ; 


Northern and East Coast Rail to Wisbeacii. London letters delivered 
at 9:30 A. M. A school at Parson Drove is endou^ed with land. Ac- 
cording to Tanner, there was formerly an hospital here. Four of 
the schools at Leverington are supported by the rents of the crown 
lands, which produce about ^235 a year. The living (St. Leonards 
and St. John the Baptist), a rectory in the diocese of Elv, is \alua- 
ble ; population, 1849, about 2,240." 

Watson's History of Wisbech, Manor of Richmond, isle of 

Ely, says: " Leverington is a large village, two miles north nf Wis- 
bech, l)'ing in the hundred and dt-anery of Wisbech. It is divided 
into two townships, called Leverington St. Leonards, and Levering- 
ton Parson Drove. In Bloomfield's collection, there is menti(»n made 
of a special license for celebrating divine service in the chapel of 
Richmond Manor, in Leverington, granted in 1390. Of Richmond 
Manor there is no further information until 1632, when it belonged to 
a family of the name of Carvill. The estate became, afterwards, 
the possession of Major Mason, who sold it in lots, when the manor 
with the principal farm was purcliased by Mr. George Johnson, tn 
whom it now (1827) belongs." (It since was acquired, and is now 
(1894) in possession of Hon. Alexander Peckover of Wisbech.) 
" There are certain lands in the parish applied for the purposes of 
charity, and vested in feofees, one of whom, who undertakes the 
management for the year, is called the town bailiff. The annual \alue 
is at this time (1827) ^290. Out of the rent of these lands, a 
salary of ^30 is given to the schoolmaster for educating poor chil- 
dren. Other parts of these rents are applied toward maintenance of 
poor persons in the almshouses, and in keeping such buildings in re- 
pair, and the residue for general purposes, relating to the benefit of 
the poor. 

" There is an ancient building in the parish, not far from the old 
church, which shows some works of antiquity, called the Guild Hall, 
in wiiich, probably, the public business of the parish was formerly 
transacted. This is now converted into tenements and used as alms- 
houses, and occupied by parish paupers. 

"There is a tradition of an hospital having once existed in this 
parish, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, of w hich. however, no trace 
now remains, nor even is the site known. 

" A decoy for catching wild fowl used formerlx to Ix- kept in thi>< 

"The manor of Filton, adjoining, is supposed to have been an- 
ciently held by a family of that name, though there is no record of it 
now. Afterwards, it passed successively, to the Hordes, Lawrences 


and Buckvvoiths, the latter of whom were possessed of it to 1632. 
An old-fashioned bricl< building still (1827) retains the name of Filton 
Hall. All faniilies are extinct in the neighborhood." 

Watson, in his history, records of the old church, St. Leonard's: 
"The church is a noble and beautiful structure, havin^i an antique, 
square tower at the west end, finely proportioned and chastely orna- 
mented, on which is placed a lofty spire of stone, of the heiiiht of one 
hundred and sixty-two feet, in the whole ; admired as one of the most 
elegant in the isle and country. On each corner of the tower is a 
pretty considerable roimd turret, which has a !j;ood effect, in the 
tower is a chime of musical bells. The naye is spacious, as is the 
chancel, with two side aisles and a chapel at the end of the south 
aisle, all of which are leaded, (/. c, the roofs are coyered with sheet 
lead). Here, also, is a beautiful south porch, built entirely of stone, 
with a priest's chamber oyer it, about twelve feet square, roofed, also, 
with free stone, and adorned with spire work. The church is exempt 
from the Archdeacon's jurisdiction, and is under that of the bishop 

" A saint's bell han.i^s at the east end of the church by a small 
turret on the south side." (This used to be runu; in pre-Reformation 
times, at the eleyation of the Host. The bell is still (1894) in place, 
a silent reminder of the church practices of Romish administration.) 

"The altar is on three steps, railed in. Elegant arches of diyi- 
sion separate the chancel from the south chapel, wherein are escutch- 
eons to the family of Swaine (also extinct) and seyeral mural mon- 
uments to them, and the family of Cross. 

"The naye is divided from the chancel by a handsome arch. 
Fiye pillars on each side divide the aisles, and three pillars, the south 
chapel from the chancel. 

"At the west end is a singing gallery (removed about 1840), 
over which are the royal arms. At the bottom of the middle aisle at 
the west end, stands the foiit ; it is octagonal, in the gothic styl-e, 
richly (jrnamented with tracery, and has niches round it, in which 
are sitting figures of bishops, etc., and is enriched with pinnacles, 
crotchets and roses. It is ascended on the west side by three stone 
steps and a platform." 

Emerson, in verse, extolled — 

" The hand that rounded Peter's dome, 
And groined the aisles of Christian Rome." 

But, Sir Christopher Wren did not yet exist (born 163 1) when 
this handsome memorial pile was erected. Freeman says: "Before 


the twelfth century had run its course, the fully developed, pointed 
architecture had reached its perfection." Four centuries later, Sir 
Christopher applied the device of leaded roof to the j^reat Cathedral 
of St. Pauls in London, built 1675 f^> 17 10. 

Watson continues his description: "One of these ancient 
crosses, formerly so general, used to stand at the extremity of the 
parish, where the hamlet or township of Parson Drove commences, 
which went by the name of Peter's Cross, but many years since 
was removed." 

Crosses were, in pre-Reformation times, set up as boundary 
marks, to define the limits of various tenures or precincts. Many 
of them were destroyed by the Puritans in the seventeenth century. 
The bases of three such crosses are still (1894) in existence at, and 
near to Leverington. 

Cole's MSS., in the archives of the British Museum, of date 
1760, contains many interesting particulars about the fabric and 
ornamentation of the church, St. Leonards, and its appurtenances, 
also lists of the rectors of Leverington and the chaplains of the 
chantry at Filton, but the family name of Lt^vering is not mentioned, 
nor does it occur in Brock Rand's MSS. in the Library at Cambridge, 
which contains extracts from the Bishops' Registers for se\'eral 
• centuries past. 

hi connection with the old church, St Leonards, \\ hich is sup- 
posed to have been constructed about A. D. 1260, stands the " Lev- 
erington Rectory," which was originally built more than three hun- 
dred years ago. The rear portion was modernized a few years ago, 
as shown by a photographic likeness which I caused to be taken. It 
is occupied by the Rector, Rev. Drake, w ho wrote regarding the ex- 
tinguishment of the Levering name : " Much of the old painted glass 
in the church and other tablets, were destroyed, both at the time of 
the Reformation, and during the conflicts of the last century, and 
there can be no doubt that monumental records have thus perished, 
probably records of the Leverings amongst them. The omission of 
the name is no proof that Leverings did not in earliest times reside 
in this locality." 

Rev. Drake added: "As our correspondence leads to the con- 
nection of your family name with this place, 1 feel fully rewarded for 
my labor. It is time to think of a memorial in the church to com- 
memorate, or restore, the attachment of the old famil\- f" the nid 


Tliou.uh Luther died in 1546, liis suul, lil<e that uf John Brown, 
went "marching on," until the purpose of his life was accomplished, 
not only in religious reform, but in inaugurating an era of sound learn- 

The antiquity of Leverington, and the industrial interests are 
rendered evident, by the well preserved remains of an old Woad 
Mill, said to have been the only one in the country. The Woad, or 
Isatis, was a plant which furnished the blue dye with which the 
ancient Britons — in semi-barbaric days — used to paint their bodies. 

It is observed a "decoy for catching wild fowl" used form- 
erly to be kept at Leverington. The importance of this is obvious, as 
a source of great revenue afforded by the natural surroundings. The 
fens abounded in aquatic fowls and fishes. In olden times, quit rents, 
in kind, were paid annualh' t(^ the lords of the manor, and even the 
crown demanded tribute of the harvest from the bordering seas. 
During many generations thousands of fishes and eels were annually 
accorded the crown from the product of the fisheries in the fens. 

The existence of a Guild Hall testifies the once meclianical im- 
portance of the town. Centuries ago fraternities called Guilds were 
organized and maintained throughout Europe, especiall\- in France 
and the Teutonic countries. They embraced benevolent, social, 
political and business features. Each trade or calling, and even the * 
so-called learned professions,. preserved its individuality, and evidence 
of practical skill in each trade was a pre-requisite to membership. 

Campbell states: "Out of the Germanic guilds, formed for 
mutual protection, insurance and social purposes, grew the Anglo- 
Saxon hundreds, where each member was responsible for the actions 
of all the others. From the same source came the social guilds, 
which, before the Reformation, were numerous in England." 

So powerful an influence in politics and municipal government 
was exerted by these guilds, that distinguished persons, even royalty 
itself, sought membership — such applicants, in lieu of mechanical 
skill, us\n<^ guilders, as a persuasive for admission. 

This condition of things prostituted the designs of the orders, 
and sowed seeds of discord and weakness among them. They became 
obnoxious and matter of public complaint in most parts of Germany. 
The influences exerted in the work of the Reformation abolished 
many organizations, and where maintained, they were restored, in 
great measure, to th.eir normal objects and usefulness. These Guilds 
were most prosperous during the middle ages. For more than a cen- 
tury past they have ceased to exist. Their history is written in the 
volumes of many centuries. Their insignia and armorial bearings 


Astor, Lenox anrf TUden , 



are yet to be seen boldly sculptured in many public edifices and old 
churches. These have become their monuments. 

The nearness and commercial advantages possessed by the town 
of Wisbech detract from Leverington, its source of growth. The 
present dwellers in the locality are employed in the culture of fruits 
and the production of agricultural seeds. So extensive is the raising 
of mustard seed, that a mustard market is held each autumn for tile 
disposal of the crop. 

Though the family name LEVERING was, manifestly, derived 
from that of this ancient town, we do not know certainly, at this 
remote period, what individual first bore the surname and started 
it down the declivity of time. 

A search, which 1 caused to be made in the muniment rooms of 
the Episcopal palace at Ely, in April, iHc)^, discovered the name of 
Robert, son of John de Leveryng, as tenant of the Wisbech Barton 
Manor, in the eighth year of the reign of Edward 11, of England: say 
1 3 16. The hyphenated name, suggests John of Levering-ton, after 
the manner of acquiring family surnames, subsequent to the Norman 
conquest, and this definition suggests origin of family name. 

The orthographical construction of the name in the substitution 
of the vowel '•y,"4'or the "i," as fust used b\- Ingulf, was, after 
the manner of the times. Wickliffe (then Wyckliffe, 1320-1384), 
who was an authority in learning, in his time, wrote, " Th\ Kvng- 
dom come," in rendering the Lord's prayer. 

The old song contributed to Wallace-^a name dear to the Scotch 
people, as a leader against Edvvard 1, at the end of the thirteenth cen- 
tury — ran 

" His Fadyr was a manly Knyght, 
His Modyre was a Lady brycht." 

And notwithstanding the Chronicles of Croyland use the letter 
"f," in the first syllable, and the letter "k" as a terminal for the 
name, in one instance, still there is a harmony of sound and meaning 
which clearly identifies, and like the fossils in Hugh Miller's n.cks, 
they "tell a true story." 

It was not until the middle of the fourteenth centur\ , that the 
English language obtained official recognition as a language. About 
the year 1350, John Cornwall, as a " mayster of gramere. chaunged 
Freynch into Englysch." 

Various historians assert that at the time of the ascension of 
Elizabeth to the throne (iSS^^). but few of the peers of the realm 
could read and write, and but little advancement in educational ad- 
vantages was made during her long reign of fort\-fi\e ^  ■"■v. In 


modf in times no other lano;uao;e has made so rapid progress in con- 
struction as the l£njj;lish, nor equaled it in its spread. It is estimated 
that no less than one lumdred and titteen millions of people now 
speak the Eno;lish lan;^ua<j,e. 

A sin^ile remnant of the blood — in the persons of Franz Levering 
and famih' — still, ma\- be found in old Gemen, in German)'. When 1 
first learned of him (icS83), he spelled his name Leferin.g, but with 
characteristic German flexibility, he readily substituted the letter 
" \- " for the "f," aiui now writes it properly. 

In thus determining the famil\- to be of English — it may be, of 
Anglo-Saxon or ancient Scandinavian origin — we run upon the apparent 
obstruction of French, or Huguenot source. At best, that was unsta- 
ble tradition, and the reasons and characteristics hereinbefore given, 
appear to dispel the French derivation. If we descend from the an- 
cient Teutonic Briton, all the better material are we, as 1 have shown, 
and the leopard may not change his spots. 

Shak'speare, Bacon, Milton and Newton were English, so were 
Adam Smith and David Hume, also James Watt and Lock, as well 
Cowper and William Carey. 

It appeared an especial gratification to DuChaillu to believe that 
the old Norse Vikings, rather than their kinsmen, the Angles and 
Saxons, were the ancestors of modern Englishmen, and why not we 
share the honor .'' 

1 prefer to contemplate John de Leveryng as having shared in 
the battle of Bannock'burn, helping to establish Bruce upon the 
throne, or that his son Robert was of the nati>onal forces of Edward 111 
in the wars which gave vain-glorious French chivalry its death blows, 
than to hug the traditional falsehood that any Leverings shared in 
the invasions from Normandy or ancient Gaul. 

Having established the family name, and its unquestionable 
origin, we may here raise an Ebenezer as a bench-mark or date- 
stone by making note of the armorial bearings which were ascribed 
to the name and its ton, Being found in an English publication — an 
early edition of Burke — is further evidence that it was born of the 

"Three hares en pale, upon an azure shield," was the interpre- 
tation gix'en me a half century ago, by a skilled heraldic engraver in 
Philadelphia, who first called my attention to the insignia, and 
engraved for me a seal, which 1 have carefully preserved. 

While the country tributary to the Ouse was the home of the 
immortal Cowper, whose three hares, Puss, Bess and Tiny, were 
his inseparable companions and figured in his verse, may we not 


assume that tlie earliest Leverincr fostered similar pets and fossilized a 
memory <'f them hy hlazoninii; on armorial shit-ld? 

Lower, who was an autiiority, wrote in relation to licraidic 
charges: "The most incurious observer must have noticed that 
very many heraldic bearings coincide with the surnames of the 
families to which they appertain. Thus, the Herons, bear herons; 
the Beevors, a heaver ; the Corbets, a raven, and the Hoggs, a boar. 
When the surname was first ado-pted the arms, in a great majority 
of instances, are a mere play or pun upon it." hi an illustrated 
appendix to his volumes it is observed that three colts upon a shield 
are ascribed to the Colt family, while seven acorns symbolize the 
family of Sevenokes, and the leading features of the shield to tht- 
name of Cartwright, as appears in this genealogy, are three cart- 
wheels. Here is a reasonable suggestion that similar caprice con- 
tributed three leverets (hares) to distinguish the Levering name and 
individuality, after the practice of the times, although such distinc- 
tion is greatly cheapened, and justly so, in democratic America, 
where the "New Nobility" needs no distinguishing shields. 

The same volume of Burke which promulgates the abow 
armorial escutcheon, contains bearings accorded to what appears a 
collateral branch of the family Levering, in that the orthographical 
construction of the name differs in one vowt-l only. They are as 
follow : 

"Lavering, ar 2 chevronels, Sa, in chief as many hart's heads, 
chevronel ^//, Crest, A shepherd's flute in pale, ppr." 

"Lavering, Ar, 2 chevronels, sa, between 3 hart's heads 
cabossed ^//." 

"Lavering, Ar, a li(in pass sa, a borduce engr. of the last." 

1 am now confronted by a great desert ; sterile of famil>- name 
or annals ; a breach of time and distance, from the beginning of the 
fourteenth century to the middle of the seventeenth, consuming, at 
least, twelve generations. Like the great " Lost River " in Southern 
Indiana, the offspring of John de Levering, or of his son, Robert, 
have disappeared from sight, and following subterranean channels 
through generations, as through counties, again emerges in full \igor, 
in Rosier, our heretofore known progenitor, from whence the stream 
is unbroken. Disappears in England, reappears in Holland and Ger- 
many. Can this be accounted for.'' Yes! 

After earnest search through several years past, 1 ain convinced 
that the family was not prolific in the old countries. 


Like other families, tlie name lias become extinct at Leverin^- 
ton. nor does it now appear in the directories of London and adjacent 
municipalities. It is serious regret to me that the finances of the 
family association will not warrant the employment of exhausting 
researches in the libraries of Hly, of Cambridue and Peterborough, 
as well, the catalogues of their educational institutions. Also, the 
archives at BustDn, Nottingham and Scrooby, and the repositories of 
the (lid walled towns of York', Chester and Lincoln, in England; 
following the scent across the North Sea into Holland, not omitting 
Amsterdam, and leaving no stone unturned at ancient Leyden, where, 
1 feel impressed, that there are Levering footprints. 1 can not dis- 
pel the conviction that there are at least fossil remains of family ex- 
istence at one or more of these places. 

When (in 1882-84) 1 was pursuing researches upon my own 
bent and expense, 1 caused thorough search at Wesel, also at Mulheim, 
Munster, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Bremen, Brunen, and especially, at 
Gemen, where mv impressions, as at Levden, amounted to intuition, 
and I dug deeper into the mwsteries, even after my searchers dis- 
couraged the expenditure. The result is made known in this work. 
Here, also, was found a single representative of the family name. 
The recent death of Dietrich Henry Levering, aged ninety years, a 
veteran of the Napoleonic wars of i8n-is, extinguished his genera- 
tion. The onh' li\ing member of his unprolific famih', being his son, 
Franz Levering, then aged fort\'-one vears, who with a handsome 
wife, named Adele, aged thirt\-six vears, and six wholesome looking 
children, Theodore, aged sixteen ; John, aged thirteen ; Josephine, 
ten ; Emma, eight; Joseph, four, and Anthonv, one and a half vears. 
1 caused the family to be photographed ; the picture, at my request, 
showing the lost manuscript church record, wdiich 1 had caused to be 
pursued and found, and from which were extracted all the genealog- 
ical items hereinafter copied. 

WhL'ther the scarcity of Leverings in foreign lands was due to 
barren fields or to the iron hand of fate, 1 know not, but 1 may record 
of the family of Franz Lex'ering, of Gemen, that since my first inter- 
course with him, his apparentl\- Nigorous wife, Adele, died on July 
6, 1881;, also of the children, that Theodore, the eldest, died in De- 
cember, 1886; Emma, in April, 1887; Joseph, in January, and An- 
thon\-, in February, 1888. Franz married again in 1888, and this 
wife died October i, 1893. It is noticeable that the second son, John, 
was spared as a prospectiw soiu'Ce of fanfilv name, but he had suf- 
fered hemorrhages of the lungs. A son borii in 1884 was also named 
John Franz, in compliment to the writer, who was honored, also, in 


the baptismal ceremonial, with the relation of ^rod-father ; an t-quiv- 
ocal attitude for a horn-and-brt'd Baptist. From present indications, 
this scion of lineal descent may be the sole dependence for perpetu- 
ating^ the family name upon Teutonic soil, and, possibly, the name will 
become a memory, as at Leverin^ton. 

As has been already stated, the ancient church and Jiiemorials at 
Leverin^iton suffered violence, both at the time of the Reformation 
(1 517-1555), and durinu; the conflicts of the last century. This 
grand, old, ecclesiastical pile was a mute witness to religious dissen- 
sions and to ph)'sical strife, engendered in an earnest desire to serve 
the Master. 

While in all generations, even to pre-hisUnic times, there ha\e 
been men imbued with pure principles, who encouraged reforms of 
existing religious methods, especially of the empty ceremonials of 
the church, it was the enlightening era of the Reformation which 
produced the Purist, or Puritan, who imbibed a fixed religious faith 
and insisted upon its enjoyment. The underlying principles of this 
faith first took hold in Holland and Germany, and its spread embraced 
the English dissenters. 

Assuming, as we may, that the primogenitor of the Levering 
family emanated from the personnel of the early Teutonic invaders of 
England, we can imagine the predilections of the offspring to imbibe 
the pure faith, and accept the new conditions of ecclesiastical go\'- 

Although Elizabeth, who acquired the crown of England in 1^5'^. 
and held it for forty-five years, was called, by some historians, "The 
Defender of European Protestantism," it was during her reign, and 
soon after her accession to the throne, that persecutions of the Sep- 
aratists, and of the Puritan churches, were commenced. These in- 
flictions were practiced during several years. A statute, passed in 
1593, made Puritanism an offense against the laws, and placed the 
punishment of the dissenters into the hands of the common law- 
judges. This drove many to expatriation. 

At the death of Elizabeth and succession of James I (1603), the 
Puritans anticipated favors. A petition, signed by several hundred 
of their ministers asking support, was presented to that monarch, 
but the appeal availed them nothing. As their religion was born of 
humility and taught peace and good will, they sought relief in turn- 
ing toward the hospitable doors of republican Holland. Douglas 
Campbell, in his valuable production entitled. " The Puritan in Hol- 
land, England and America," states that thousands of English Puri- 
tans flocked to Holland during the reigns of Elizabeth and the first 



two Stuarts. This implies individual expatriations; but the most 
noted mio;ration was that of the Scrooby band, or conj^re.tiation of 
Separatists, or Independents, from the north of Nottin^jhamsliire, in 
1608. Scrooby was within walkinij; distance of Leverino;ton, and 1 
am persuaded that a Levering — probably the father of Rosier — was 
of that band. 

While many more were, practically, driven from En.iiland under 
Elizabeth, it was the policy of James to restrain immi.^ration, so, 
obstacles were placed in the way of the Scrooby movement. They 
were arrested and imprisoned at Scrooby, also at Boston, in Lin- 
colnshire, which is on the coast near to Leverin^i^ton. 

From tj-ie "History of Plymouth Plantations," by William 
Bradford,* who was t)ne of the leaders of the Scrooby band, 1 make 
extract : 

"But these thin.y;s could not lon.Li continue in any peaceable 
condition ; they were hunted and persecuted on every side, so as 
their former afflictions were but as flea-biting in comparison of these 
which now came upon them. For some were taken & clapt up in 
prison, others, had their houses besett & watcht nijj;ht & day, & 
hardly escaped their hands; and ye most were faine to tlie & leave 
their bowses & habitations and the means of their livelehood. Yet 
these and many other sharper things which affterward befell them, 
were no other than the\' look-ed for, and therefore were ye better 
prepared to bear them by ye assistance of Gods ^race &spirite. 
Yet seeing themselves thus molested and that ther was no hope of 
their continuance ther, b\' a joynte consente they resolved to jJoe 
into ye Low-Countries, wTier they heard was freedome of Reli.iiion 
for all men; as also how sundrie from London & other parts of ye 
land, had been exiled & persecuted for )'e same cause, & were .^one 
thither, and lived at Amsterdam & in other places of ye land. So 
after they had continued to^ieither aboute a vear (as a "distinct 
church") and k'ept their meetin,us every Saboth in one place or 
other, exerci/in,^ tht.' woiship of (iod amoimst themseh'es notwith- 
standing all ye dilli^ience & malice of their adverssaries, they seeing 
they Could no lon.uer continue in yt condition, they resolved to get 
over into Hollad as they could, which was in ye year 1607 & 1608. 

* William Bradford, who was one of tht; Maytlower emig-rants, and was the second Governor of 
the colony, wrote a history of the organization, trials and struggles of this religious band: their 
escape from England, their emigration to America, and the colonization ot Massachusetts, which he 
called Plymouth Plantation. The old manuscript, after more than two centuries of preservation, was 
found in an old library near to London (believed to have been surreptitiously taken from Boston. Mass.), 
where it was copied and a limited number printed. It has been my good fortune to peruse one of these 
volumes. The original MSS. has recently (May, 1S97) been recovered to the City of Boston. 


"Beino; thus constrained to leave their native soyle & countrie, 
their lands & livincrs, and all their friends & famillier aquaintance, it 
was much, and thought marvelous by man\-. But to go into a 
countrie they knew not, hut by hearsay, wher they must learne a 
new language, & get their livings they knew not how, it being a 
dear place and subjects to ye misseries of warr, it was by many 
thought an adventure almost desperate, a case intolerable & a misserie 
worse than death. Espetially seeing they were not aquainted witli 
trads nor traftlque (by which yt countrie doth subsiste), but had 
only been used to plaine countrie life, & ye inocente trad of 
husbandry. But these things did not dismay them for their desires 
were sett on ye ways of God & to enjoye his ordinances; but they 
rested on his providence & knew in whom they had beleeved. Yet 
this was not all, for though they could not stay, yet were ye not 
suffered to goe, but ye ports & havens were shut against them, so 
they were faine to seeke secrete means of conveance & to bribe & 
fee ye mariners & give extraordinarie rates for their passages. And 
yet were they oftentimes betrayed and both they & their goods 
intercepted & surprised, and therby put to great trouble & charge 
of which 1 will give an instance or two & omitte the rest. 

" Ther was a large companie of them purposed to get passage 
at Boston, in Lincoln-shire, and for that end had hired a shipe wholy 
to them selves & made agreement with the maister to be ready at a 
certaine day, and take them and their goods in, at a conveniente 
place, wher they accordingly would all attende in readiness. So 
after long waiting & large expences, though he kepte not day witli 
them, yet he came at length & tooke them in, in ye night. 

"But when he had them & their goods abord, he betrayed 
them, haveing before hand complotted with ye serchers & other 
officers so to doe; who tooke them, and put tliL-m in open boats & 
ther rifled & ransaked them, serchingthem to their shirts for money, 
yea even ye women furder than became modestie ; and then carried 
them back into ye towne & made them a spectackle & wonder to ye 
multitude, which came flocking on all sides to behould them. Being 
thus first, by the catchpoule officers, rifled & striped of their money, 
books, and much other goods, they were presented to ye magestrats, 
and messengers sente to inform ye lords of \'e Counsell of them ; 
and so they were comited to ward. Indeed ye magestrats used them 
courteously, & shewed them what favour they could ; but could not 
deliver them, till order came from ye Counsell-table. But ye issue 
was that after a months imprisonmente, \'e greatest parte were 


clismistf & sent to _\-l- places tr(im whence they came ; but 7 of ye 
principal! were still kepte in prison, and boLind o\'er to ye Assises. 

"The nexte sprintr after, ther was another attempte made by 
some of these & others, to tret o\ er to another place. And it so fell 
out, that they lijiht of a Dutchman at Hull, havin.iz a ship of his owne 
beion.Lnniz to Zealand : the\- made a^reemente with him, & aquainted 
him with their condition, hoping to find more faithfuUness in him, 
then in ye former of their owne nation. He bad them not fear, for 
he would doe well enou;ih. He was by appointment to take them in 
betweene (}rimsbe & Hull, wher w-as a lar^je comone a good way 
distante from any towne. Now against the prefixed time the women 
& children with ye goods, were sent to ye place in a small barke, 
which they had hired for yt end: and ye men were to meete them 
by land. But it so fell out, that they were ther a day before ye 
shipe canu', & ye sea being rough, and ye women very sicke, pre- 
vailed with ve seamen to put into a creeke hard by, wher they lay 
on ground at low water. The nexte morning ye shipe came, but 
they were fast & could not stir till aboute noone. In ye mean time 
ye shipe maister, perceiveing how ye matter was, sente his boate to 
be getting ye men abord whom he saw ready, walking aboute ye 
shore. But after ye first boat full was gott abord, & she was ready 
to goe for more, the mr espied a greate company, both horse & foote, 
with bills and gunes, and other weapons ; for ye country was raised 
to take them. Ye Dutchman seeing yt, sw-ore his countries oath 
" sacremente," and ha\ing \'e wind faire, waiged his Ancor, hoysed 
sayles & away. But ye poore men which were gott abord, were in 
great distress for their wives & children, which they saw thus to be 
taken, and were left destitute of their helps; and themselves also, 
not having a cloath to shifte them with, more then they had on their 
baks, & some scarce a peney aboute them, all they had being abord 
the barke. It drew tears from their eyes, and anything they had 
would have been given to bv a shore againe ; but all in vaine, ther 
was no remedy, they must thus sadly part. And afterward endured 
a fearfull storme at sea, being 14 days or more before yey arrived at 
their porte, in 7 w hereof, they neither saw son, moone nor stars, & 
were driven near ye coast of Norway ; the mariners themselves 
often despairing of life ; & once with shrik's & cries gave over all, as 
if ye ship had been foundred in ye sea & they sinking without re- 

"But when mans hope & helpe wholy failed ye Lords power 
& mercie appeared in their recoverie ; for ye ship rose againe & gave 
ye mariners courage againe to manage her. And if modestie woud 


suffer me, I mi,u;ht declare with what fervente prayres they cried 
unto ye Lord in this great distres, espetialy some of tiiem, even 
without any great distraction, when ye water rane into their mouthes 
& eares ; & the mainers cried out : ' We sinke ! We sinke !' They 
cried (if not with mirakelous, yet with a great hight or degree of 
.devine faith), 'Yet Lord, thou canst save. Yet Lord, thou canst 
save,' with sluich other expressions as 1 will forbeare. Upon which 
ye ship did not only recover, hut shortly after ye violence of ye 
storme begane to abate, & ye Lord filled their afflicted minds with 
shuch comforts as every one canot understand, and in ye end brought 
them to their desired Haven, wher ye people came flocking admiring 
their deliverance, the storme having ben so long & sore, in which 
much hurt had been don, as ye master's friends related unto him in 
their congrattulations. 

" But to returne to ye others wher we left. The rest of ye men 
yt were in greatest danger, made shift to escape away before ye 
troope could surprise them ; those only stayed yt best might, to be 
assistante unto ye women. But pitifull it was to see ye heavie case 
of these poore women in this distress, what weeping & crying on 
every side, some for their husbands, that were carried away in ye 
ship as is before related ; others not knowing what should become of 
them & their little ones ; others againe melted in teares, seeing their 
poore little ones hanging aboute them, crying for feare, and quaking 
with could. 

" Being thus apprehended, they were hurried from one place to 
another, and from one justice to another, till in ye ende they knew 
not what to doe with them ; for to imprison so many women & inno- 
cent children for no other cause (many of them) but that they must 
goe with their husbands, seemed to be unreasonable and all would 
crie out of them ; and to send them home againe was as difficult, for 
they aleged, as ye trueth was, they had no homes to goe to, for they 
had either sould, or otherwise disposed of their houses & livings. To 
be shorte, after they had been thus turmoyled a good while, and con- 
veyed from one constable to another, they were glad to be ridd of 
them in ye end upon any termes ; for ail were wearied & tired witli 
them. Though in ye meantime they (poore soules) indured miserie 
enough ; and thus in ye end necessitie forste a way for them." 

Impressed that these judicial proceedings might haw been held 
in local courts, of record, 1 have made effort to disco\-er some tran- 
script which would disclose names of those detained. After failures 
to make such discovery, by correspondence at Scrooby and Notting- 
ham, I received encouragement in reading " Old England." bv 


Professor Hoppin, of Yale, who had visited Scrooby, and wrote in re- 
lation to the villa(re: "As the judicial books of the neighborhood 
still show, many members of this congre^iation refused to obey the 
oppressive ecclesiastical laws of Hlizabeth, and of James 1, even at 
the cost of fine and imprisonment." 1 felt that in this I had a clew 
to my quest. On my request of Professor H. for means of access 
to such "judicial books" he could not recall the source of his in- 
formation. A suggestion of " M'j/'s Piiritiiiis," as the probable 
source, induced me to pursue the five volumes, but no reference to 
such court dockets was made by the author. 

Knowing that the Plymouth Society of Massachusetts has an 
immense accumulation of literary and historical matter relating to 
the initial efforts of the Separatists, who subsequently became the 
Pilgrims to the shores of New England, 1 sought information from 
the Archivist of that organization. After examination he stated that 
he knew (jf no such judicial dockets or records, nor names of the 
Scrooby immigrants. 

it is known that when the Scrooby Independents, under the lead 
of Rev. John Robinson and Elder William Brewster, left their home 
in a body in i6o8, they west first to Amsterdam, in Holland. 
While there, as sojourners, they determined to remove to the city of 
Leyden, which contained, perhaps, one hundred thousand inhabi- 
tants; a city of religious indulgence, and known as a seat of learn- 
ing; the University, established in 1574, being regarded as in ad- 
vance of most scholastic institutions on the continent. 

To exemplify the character of these home-seekers, I will quote 
from an interesting paper by the Rev. Henr\' M Dexter, D. D., who 
visited the ancient city some years ago, and made search for foot- 
prints of his ancestors, in which he was successful. He wrote: " hi 
one of the stately folios, still in their place on the shelves of the 
archives in the Sfad-liiiis of Leyden, we find the entry (jf which the 
following is a translation, viz.: 

"To the Honorable, the Burgomasters and Court, of the city of 
Leyden: With due submission and respect,/?// Robarflise, minister 
of the Divine Word, and some of the members of the Christian Re- 
formed Religion, born in the Kingdom of Great Britain, represent 
that they are desirous of coming to live in the city by the first of 
May next, and to have the freedom thereof in carrying on their 
trades, without being a burden in the least to any one. They, there- 
fore, address themselves to your Honors, humbly praying that your 
Honors will be pleased to grant them free consent to betake them- 
selves as aforesaid." 



This appeal is without date or si^inatures, but the action of the 
authorities upon it, written in the margin, bears date, and is as fol- 
lows : 

" The Court, in makin;j; a disposition of the present iiifmorial, 
declare that they refuse no honest persons free in<i;ress to come and 
ha\e their residence in this city, provided that such persons behave 
themselves and submit t ) the law s and ordinances ; and therefore 
the coming of the memorialists will be agreeable and welcome. Thus 
done in their session at the Council House, 12 February, 1609. 

"(Signed) 1. VAN HOUT." 

The removal was accomplished and the hospitality enjoyed ; as 
promised, however, they were industrious and self-reliant. An area 
of land having been secured, they built houses and occupied them. 
There were hat-makers, fustian-makers, masons, clock-makers, 
linen-\\(irkers and printers, as well, carpenters, coopers, wool-carders 
and weavers. 

Elder Brewster, who was educated at Cambridge, became a 
teacher of Latin, etc., so that "many gentlemen, both Danes and 
Germans resorted to him, some of them being great men's sons." 

As to Reverend Roberthse (Robinson), he established his church, 
in which his people enjoyed religious liberties. He even became a 
disputant upon biblical questions and a teacher in the great Uni- 
versity, enjoying its emoluments, which included in those days a 
generous supply of beer and wine, exempt from municipal and State 

Dr. Dexter stated that these English Independents became 
merged in citizenship ; that their names appear upon various town 
records as far back as 16 10. He mentions carefully kept marriage 
proclamation records, also registries of citizens paying poll-tax, the 
Book of Citizens, where the names of William Bradford, Isaac Aller- 
ton and others appear, as having been admitted to citizenship ; the 
Registries of Deeds and Securities, the books of the University, Reg- 
istries of Burials, etc. 

There were accessions to the congregation and communit>- until 
they numbered two hundred and fifty to three hundred souls. Feel- 
ing that their future was circumscribed by the municipal control of 
those who spoke an idiom foreign to theirs, with customs and practices 
at variance, they felt unsettled, and the discontent resolved itself into 
a determination that a minority of their household of faith should 
emigrate to some country where they might lay " some good founda- 
tion for ye propagating & advancing ye gospel of ye Kingdom of 
Christ in those remote parts of ye world. ' 


A^ain referrinci to Governor Bradford's history, 1 <^"'>ry : " The 
place they had thoughts on was some of those vast & unpeopled 
countries of America, which are fruitfull & fitt for habitation, being 
devoyedof all civil! inhabitants, vvher ther are only salvage & brutish 
men, which range up and downe, little otherwise than ye wild beasts. 
This proposition being made publike and coming to ye scaning of all, 
it raised man\- \ariable opinions amongst men, and caused many 
fears & doubts amongst themselves. Some, from their reasons & 
hops conceived, laboured to stirr up & encourage the rest to under- 
take & prosecute ye same ; others, againe, out of their fears, ob- 
jected against it & sought to diverte from it, aledging many things, 
and that it was a great designe, and subjecte to many unconceivable 
perills & dangers ; as, besides the casulties of ye seas ; the length 
of ye voiage was such as ye weake bodys of women and other per- 
sons worne out with age & traville could never be able to endure. 
And yet if thev should, the miseries of ye land which they should 
be exposed to, would be hard to be borne; and lickly, some or all of 
them together, to consume & utterly to ruinate them. For ther they 
should be liable to famine, & nakedness & ye wante, in a manner, of 
all things. The chang of aire, diate & drinking of water, would in- 
fecte their bodies with sore sickness and greevous diseases. 

"And also those which should escape or overcome these difficul- 
ties, should yett be in continual! danger of ye salvage people who are 
cruell, barbarous & most trecherous, being most furious in their rage 
& merciles wher they overcome; not being contente only to kill & 
take away life, but delight to tormente men in \'e most bloodie man- 
ner that may be ; tleaing some alive with ye shells of fishes, cutting 
of ye members & joynts of others by pees meale, & broiling on ye 
coles, eate ye collops of their flesh in their sight whilst they live; 
with other cruelties horrible to relate. It was further objected, that 
it would require greater sumes of money to furnish such a voiage, 
and to fitt them with necessaries, then their consumed estats would 
amounte too, and yett they must as well looke to be seconded with 
supplies, as presently to be transported. Also many presidents of 
ill designes were easie to be found and not forgotten to be aledged ; 
besids their owne experience, in their former troubles & hardships in 
their removal! into Holand, and how hard a thing it was for them to 
live in that strange place, though it was a neighbour countrie & a 
civil! and rich comone wealth. 

" It was answered, that all great & honourable actions are 
accompanied with great difficulties & must be both enterprised and 


overcome with answerable courages. Their calling was lawful! & 
urgente; and therefore they might expecte ye blessing of God in 
their proceding. 

"And first after humble praiers unto God for his direction & 
assistance, & a generall conference held hear aboute, they consulted 
what perticular place to pitch upon & prepare for. Some (& none 
of ye meanest) had thoughts & were ernest for Guiana, or some of 
those fertill places in those hott climats; others were for some parts 
of Virginia, wher ye English had all ready made enterence & begin- 
ning. Those for Guiana aledged yt ye countrie was rich, fruitful! 
& blessed with a perpetuall spring, & a flourishing greenes, so it must 
needs make ye inhabitants rich, seing less provisions of clothing & 
other things would serve, then in more coulder & less fruitful! coun- 

They held a " soUemne meeting and a day of humilliation to 
seeke ye Lord for his direction. After which they concluded both 
what number and what persons should prepare themselves to goe ye 
first; for all yt were willing to have gone could not gett ready, had 
ther been means to has transported them all togeather. Those that 
staled, being ye greater number, required ye pastor to stay with 
them; and indeede for other reasons he could not tlien we!! goe, & so 
it was ye more easilie yeelded unto. The other then desired ye 
elder, Mr. Brewster, to goe with them, which was also condescended 
unto, it was also agreed on by mutual consente and covenante that 
those that went should be an absolute church of themselves, as we!! 
as those yt staid. It was allso promised to those yt wente first by 
ye body of ye rest, that if ye Lord gave them life & meas & oppor- 
tunitie, they would come to them as soone as they could." 

These preparations were concluded in the \'ear 1620, after twe!\'e 
years of temporary dwelling in Holland. Their inquiry as to the 
most desirable location for their future home, was conducted with 
great care. They even sent two of their number back to England 
to investigate offers made to them from there, but which appeared 
tinctured with selfish designs b\' such persons as would profit b\- 
their necessities. 

It is known that one hundred and two of the congregation, under 
the lead of Elder Brewster, Miles Standish and William Bradford— 
who subsequently became Governor of the Pl\mouth Co!on\- — after 
several adverse efforts, set sail in the Ma\-fiower at Delft Ha\en 
(fourteen miles from Leyden), to which place the congregation liad 
accompanied them, and they became the Pilgrim Settlers of New 
England in America. 


As was determined amonjj; them, the majority remained at 
Leyden " to keep a place for tlie out^oers should they be discomfited 
and driven back." Subsequently some of the flock' followed their 
friends to the New World, but most of them remained in their 
adopted dwelling place: thouiih it is written of them that they finally 
dissolved their communitw l)r. Dexter states : " B\- the year 1655, 
while William Bradford and Miles Standish still lingered in their last 
years at Plymouth, all traces of the presence of the Scrooby men 
disappear from Leyden records and history, and its people began to 
forget that such exiles for conscience sake had ever walked their 
streets and shared their industries." 

That this relation, though apparentlv irrelevant, is a revelation 
of a part of our history, 1 am fullv convinced, and here we find the 
circumstance from which emanated the tradition that Rosier Levering 
was a religious refugee. He, or his father, measuring the span of 
time, possibly both, were of the Purists or Separatists of England, 
not of the Huguenots of France. 

It is our good fortune, that the long submerged stream of lineal 
descent, reappeared in Teutonic soil, as here, — differing from Eng- 
land — it was the custom of the country, in the exercise of both, 
political and ecclesiastical government, to record annals and e\ents, 

Hallam wrote of Holland : "At the end of the sixteenth century, 
and for many years afterwards, it was pre-eminently, the literary 
country of Europe," and Douglas Campbell savs of Holland, at the 
same period, that it was two centuries in advance of England in local 
government, maintaining records, etc. 

Because of these advanced customs we have availed of the 
records, and have an unbroken genealogical chain to this time. 

Observe the chronology of events : The English Separatists were 
in Le)'den 160Q to 1620, when a minority left for America. Of the 
majority remaining, Dr. Dexter states that they had scattered from 
Leyden by the year 1655. Now, Wigard Levering, the son of 
Rosier, was born in Gemen, in 1649. 

Wigard, in his family register, in his still preserved Bible, writ- 
ten after his immigration to America, in 1685, stated : 

" 1, Wigard Levering, was born in German\', in the principality 
of Westphalia, in the district of Munster, and town of Gemen. My 
father's name was Rosier Levering. My mother's name was Eliza- 
beth Van de Walle, who was born in Wesei. In the twenty-third 
year of my age 1 was married to my beloved wife Magdalena Boker, 
who was also born at Leyden." 



These statements show relation to Ley den, contemporaneuusly, 
witli the events I have enumerated. Van df Walle was a family 
name in Leyden, Wesel, the home of Hlizahfth at the time of her 
marriage with Rosier, was close upon the frontier line, while Gemen 
is but six miles away. A copy of record following will show, that 
notwithstanding the birth of Magdalena occurred in Lexden (say 
1650), her residence, at time of her marriage to Wigard, was in 
Essen,* a few miles north from Gemen. In this locality, perhaps at 
Leyden, Rosier probably was born. It is not likely that he was 
forty years senior to his son Wigard. It is more lil<elv that he was 
born even later than the removal of the mincjrity of the Puritans to 

The English propensity to roam was made manifest in him ; 
also in his sons, as we shall learn from his family register that 
Wigard removed from Gemen to Mulheim, after the birth of his first 
child, and in a few years later, with his familx', to America, his 
brother Gerhard, unmarried, accompanying him. 

I have related, in other writing, which appears in a family pub- 
lication, of my efforts, by correspondence, during the years 1882-4, 
to learn the nativity of Rosier. 1 had until then (1891) accepted the 
tradition recognized by Mr. H. G. Jones, and strengthened by my 
linguistic friend and correspondent, Zurcher, then in Switzerland, but 
a study of the matter led me to seek other foundation than intangible 
statements. 1 have given the result of it. 

As to the discovered records of family genealogy. There was 
no statutory requirement that pastors and priests should make record 
of marriages, births, deaths, etc., among the people of their respective 
charges. It was, however, a practice among them. When made, 
their records might be regarded as private property, and were so 
treated in the long ago. This became apparent as the searchers 
employed by me in 1882-4, reported no records on tile in their 
respective places, so old as 1 inquired for. For instance, Mulheim — 
from which place I had hopes, as the once residence of Wigard — 
reported no records beyond 17 13. From Essen, the home of 
Magdalena at- the time of her marriage, no records beyond 1695. A 
similar reply was received from Gemen, where my e\pectatit)ns had 
centered. But, months after, pastor Clemen, who had searched 
perseveringly, learned of and reported that a preacher who had left 
the parish many years before, had carried a xolume away which was 
older than any in his archives. 

*The present place of manufacture of the celebrated Krupp truns. 


I ha\e stated in the publication referred to, my urging to recover 
the lost volume, and the success. The thanks of the church were 
mine for restoring it to them. 

As 1 ma)- not introduce the information gleaned from that lost 
and found volume, into the genealogical part of this work, 1 will place 
it here. The abstract, consisting of nineteen items, with foot notes, 
was made by the proper officer or custodian of records of the church 
at Gemen, to which thefamiK' belonged, certified under his signature 
and seal. It is as follows : 

" \n the chin-ch books of the Evangelical Parish at Gemen, 
Germany, are found the following inscriptions concerning the family 
Levering or Lefering. Latin records interpreted. 







No. I, Sunday Occuli, of the year '74, for the first time is pro- 
claimed, John Wigard Levering, Hosier's son, with the 
chaste virgin Magdalena Bokers, of Essen, 

(Note.— Occuli: Fourth Sunday before Easter, in 1674, was 
March 22d, according to the Churchman's Almanac, by Wm, A. 
Whitworth, M. A,, published in London, in 1882. J, L,) 


No. 2. Anno., 1675, o" the i6th of January, the parents Wigman- 
Rosier, and Magdalena Bokers, have caused their young 
female child to be brought to holy baptism. 
Witnesses, godfathers and godmothers were Anne de Walle, 
daughter of the Bramfrow,* Anne Sophia Bokers and 
Erndt-Rosier. The child was given the name ANNA 

* A dealer in merchandise, or wares. 



No. 3. On the 2ist Sunday after Trinity for the first time pro- 
claimed, Eberhard Lefe-ning (Rosier's son), with Mechtoid 
Schmullino;, Gerhard's dauj^hter. 


No. 4. The parents, Enerdt-Rosier and Mechtoldt Schmulling, have 
brought their young son to lioly baptism. 

Witnesses had been the Right Honorable Earl and Lord, 
Lord Hermann Otto, Earl of Limburg and Brunkhorst, 
Gerdt Schmulling and Anna Fork, 

The name of the child, Hermann Otto, 

ANNO., 1680. April 14. 

No. 5. The parents, Mester Enert Levering and Mechelt Schmull- 
ing, have caused their little daughter to be brought to 
holy baptism. 

Witnesses had been the wife of the pastor, Margaretta 
SchoUer, Anna Tilik and Matniss Tilik. 

The child was given the name of Anna Magaretta Gerdrut. 


No. 6. The Rev. Bonnihenius, pastor at the place, baptized the 
little son of the parents, Enert Levering and Mechelt 

Witnesses had been Wigert Levering, Brimo B<)l\en, and 
Elizabeth Levering, 

The child's name was Rosier Wensall. 

ANNO., 1683. NOVEMBER 12. 

No. 7. The parents, Master Enert Levering and Mechelt Schmull- 
ing, have caused to be brought to hol\' baptism botli of 
their children, one son and one daughter. 
Witnesses for the little son had been William Levering, John 
Robert and Anna Catharine Schmulling, and tor the little 
daughter Euge Schmulling, Alche Levering and Henr>- 

The name of the little son was William Jdm Ueitrich. "vl 
the little daughter Anna Elshen. 

46 the levering family. 

Anno., 1686. February 24. 

No. 8. The parents, Master Enert Levering and Mechelt SchmuU- 
ing, have caused both their children, whom God had 
given them at once, to be brought to holy baptism, 

WitnessfS had been Sophia Frank Nottelik, Frau Sibilla 
Toerman, Enge Tempelesmann, Burgomaster Berendt 
Nilant and John Henry Schmulling. 

Names of the children, Anna Sophia and Gertrut Sibella. 

Anno., 1687. April 26. 

No. 9. The parents, as Enert Levering, have caused to be brought 
to holy baptism thfir little son. 
Witnesses were Arndt Pollhoff, Dierch Liedecker and Eliza- 
beth Nilant. 
The child's name was Dietrich Arnholdt. 

Anno., 1688. May 17. 

No, 10. The parents, as Mr. William Levering and Grete Nilant, 
have caused to be brought to holy baptism, their little 

Witnesses had been Berndt Nilandt, Mr. Enert Levering and 
Lizabeth Levering. 

The child's name was Rosier Gerhardt. 

ANNO., 1689. February 6. 

No, II, The parents as Enerdt Levering and Mechelt Schmulling, 
have caused to be brought to holy baptism, their young 

Witnesses were Margareta Luning, wife of the pastor, 
Margareta Nilandt and Berndt Tilkin. 

The child's name, Catarina Elizabeth. 

ANNO., 1692. June 20. 

No, 12. The parents, as William Leverink and Maria Velts, have 
caused to be brought to holy baptism their little daughter. 

Witnesses were Berndt Schmulling, Mechelt Schmulling, and 
Clara Kufferschmidt. 

Name of the child Elschen Christina Gertrudt. 

whence caaie we? 47 

Anno., 1693. June 23. 

No. 13. The parents William Leverino; and Maria Velts, have caused 
to be brought to holy baptism their little son. 
Witnesses were William Viger, Ian Dirich Brunner and 

Anna Sibilla Kufferschmidt. 
The child's name, William Dirich. 

Anno., 1695. March 17. 

No. 14. William Rosier has sent his young daughter to hol\- baptism. 
The child's name, Florentina Lizabeth. 

Anno., 1696. October 28. 

No. 15. William Rosier has brought his little son to holy baptism. 
The child's name is Ian Daniel. 

ANNO., 1698. September 21. 

No. 16. Wilhelm Rosier and his wife Mary caused their little daughter 

to be baptized at home. 
Witnesses were the Right-achte, Miss Sophia Charlotte, Miss 

Weida and John Wefer. 
The child's name Charlotte Weida. 

(The following ante date former items, but succeed them in the abstract. 

J. L.) 

ANNO., 1662. October 6. 

No. 17. Has Rosier sent his child to be baptized. 

The godmothers Alschen Grambtings and Elsche Scheren- 

The child's name, (Continuation is failing. — Abstracter.) 

(It is a provoking circumstance that the only item of recorded evidence 
found, that Rosier, himself, sent a child to baptism, should ha\ e the 
name obliterated. It could not have been Wigard, as he was mar- 
ried twelve years later "in the twenty-third (?^ year of his age." 
It could have been Gerhard, and he have attained twenty-two and 
a half years of age when he emigrated with Wigard in 1685. It 
may have been William, or, more probably, one of the daughters, 
Alche or Elizabeth, as godmothers only, appeared. 

In all other cases reported, the statement, whether son or daughter, is 
noted. It is observable that no wife or mother is mentioned. As 
this extract is of a record made many years prior to others herein 
copied, it may be that the formula then used differed from later 
years.— JOHN LEVERING.) 

48 the levering family. 

Anno., 1669. September 27. 

No. 18. Berendt Nikindt and Anna de Walle have caused to be 
broutrht to holy baptism their little son. 
Witnesses were the burgomaster Gerdt Nilandt, Henry Ni- 
landt and Jeneke de Walle. 
The name of the child, Gerhard William. 

Anno., 1671. June 17. 

No. 19. Bfrndt Nilant and Anna Fork, married couple, have caused 
to be brou^iht to baptism their little daujihter. 

Witnesses were Anne Heistkamp, Alche Rosier and Gerdt 

The child's name was Anna Elizabeth. 


170Q. Januar\- 3, Wilhelm Lex-erin;^. 
171 1. September 5, Eberhard Levering. 
For correctness and verbally copy of extracts, 

Hugo Luhl, Churchmester. 
Gemen, January 12, 1883. 

[CHURCH SEAL.] Certified: CLEMEN, Pastor. 

(Foot notes by Hugo Luhl, Churchmaster.) 

" From a comparison of the notices of proclamations of mar- 
riages, of births and respective baptisms, it results with certainty 

The names of Lefering, Levering and Rosier are equal. 

The names of Wigard, Wigman and Wigert are equal. 

The names Eferhard, Enerdt and Enert are equal. 

Further — 

The names of Wilhelm, Willmen and William are equal. 

" That Wigard, Eferhard and Wilhelm Levering, Elizabeth Lev- 
ering and Alche Lefering or Alche Rosier were all five brothers and 

"That Everhard Lex'ering had nine children — four sons and five 
daughters — and among them, twice, twins. 

" Wilhelm Lefering was married twice, the first time with Grete 
Nilant, the second time with Maria Velts. 

" That Anna de Walle and Anna Fork was the same person, and 
that a kindred relation existed between her and the wife of old Rosier 


Lt'verin<j,, born Van de Wallc, because Anna de Walle, with Anna 
Sophia Bockers and Erndt Rosier, were ^fodmothers and jicxlfather by 
Wigard Rosier. 

" In every case there must have existed a kindred relation be- 
tween the burgomaster Berndt Nilandt, such as there is with brothers 
and sisters-in-law, and the family Levering, because he (No. 10) 
was assisting as godfather by the baptism of the child Rosier Ger- 

" It is to be remembered that the register of baptisms of the 
Evangelical Parish here — Gemen — begins with the year 1661, and 
reaches till 1700, and from that time were failing until 17^4. Up from 
this year until now they are complete." 

it is noticeable that Churchmaster Luhl names "tlve brothers 
and sisters" as comprising the offspring of Rosier Levering. He 
omits Gerhard, obviously, because no item of record was found in 
which he was an actor or subject, hi item 10 of the abstracts, 
William appears to have named a son for Gerhard (three years after 
he had left for America) and his father, as ROSIER GERHARDT, and 
in No. 8, Berndt Nilant names a son GERHARD WILLIAM. 

From the foregoing records we may safely infer that the tradition 
which placed father Rosier within the pale of the Baptist Church is 
not corroborated. By item N(\ 17, we learn, that " Rosier sent his 
child to be baptised," which allied him to the " Presbytery of the 
Evangelical Church," whose archives contain the record. 

It is unfortunate that item 17, of "Anno. 1O62. October 6," 
omits the name of the mother of the child. In all others the 
"maiden" name is preserved and noted. It would have been partic- 
ularly gratifying to have found the name of Elizabeth Van de Walk- 
added, as confirmatory of Rosier's identity. 

There appears an indiscriminate use of names, and of spelling 
names. In one baptismal service the daughter of Rosier appears as 
Alche Levering, in another, as Alche Rosier, without adding the 
family surname. Very much the same practice as to parent's 
Christian names becoming surnames for the children, as still obtains 
in the " Land of the Midnight Sun." 

It is noticed that persons of official distinction and of high social 
standing were participants in the baptismal ceremonies. The Lord 
Herman Otto, who is named in one extract, was doubtless, lord of 
the manor, at the date noted, Gemen being the official seat of this 
local governor. The manor house which was then occupied, still 
stands. See illustration of it. It appears a fortified structure. 
enclosed within high walls, loop-holed for small arms; ornamented 



by turrets and battlements, and is surrounded by a moat for defense 
against assault. This is spanned by a drawbridge, movable at 
pleasure, as in modern, military forts. 

I was surprised during my correspondence, to learn that the old 
family homestead, where Wigard, Gerhard and others named, were 
born, is still standing. A quaint, old, stone structure, with charac- 
teristic Dutch gables. Of course, 1 caused a photograph of this, also, 
to be taken. A cut is shown. 

This home place suggested ownership, and the possible existence 
of conveyance deeds, or a record of them. After employing the 
custodian of such public records to make a carL^ul examination of his 
volumes, "between the years 1640 and 1675," ^I'l^' learning his 
charge for the service, which 1 advanced, he informed me officially, 
that nothing couki be found relating to Rosier Levering, as he had no 
title records earlier than i/c)^ in his office — more than a century after 
the period which he had agreed to scan. 

I have mentioned the genealogical register contained in the family 
Bible of Wigard Levering. As a portion relates to history made in 
Germany, in the births of several children, and as there are serious 
discrepances between some dates given, as compared with the items 
copied from the original records at Gemen, 1 will insert it here. 

"Geburth Register meiner Wigard Levering Kinder," i.e., 
Family Register of Wigard Levering. 


1, Wigard Levering, was bom in Germany, in the Principality 
of Westphalia, in the District of Munster, and town of Gemen. My 
father's name v\as Rosier Levering, and my mother's maiden name 
was Elizabeth Van de Walle, who was born in Wesel. In the 
twenty-third year of my age, 1, Wigard Levering, was married to 
my beloved wife, Magdalena Boker. Her father's name was William 
Boker, and her mother's maiden name was Sidonia Williams Bra- 
viers, of the city of Leyden, in Holland. The above said Magdalena, 
my wife, was also born in Leyden, and God hath blessed us with 
the following children, to wit : 

The first born, JOANNA SOPHIA, born in Gemen, in the year of 
our Lord 1672, in March, and died in the third week. 

The second, ANNA CATHARINE, born in Mulheim on the Rhur, 
in March, 1673. 


The third, Maria Elizabeth, horn in July, 1676, and died in 
the eighteenth weei< of her age. 

The fourtli, WILLIAM LEVERING, was born the 4th day of May, 

The fifth, AMELIA ANNA SOPHIA, was born in the middle of 
July, 1682. 

The sixth, ANNA SlBELLA, was born in the middle of Septem- 
ber, 1684. 

The above named children were all born in Mulheim on the 
Rhur, in Germany, and the following six children were born in North 
America, in the province of Pennsylvania : 

The seventh, HERMAN, was born the i8th of November, 1686, 
and died in the fourth year of his age, in May. 

The eighth, ELIZABETH, born the 7th of January, 1689, and 
died in the fourteenth year of her age, in September. 

The ninth, SiDONIA, born the 23d of April, 1691. 

The tenth, JACOB LEVERING, born the 21st of January, 1693 

The eleventh, Magdalena, born the 13th of January, 1695, 
and died in the third week of her age. . 

The twelfth, Magdalena, born the 4th of June, 1696. 

The last, after the perfect number of twelve, was ; untimely 

God, who is the father of all that are called children, in heaven 
and on earth, have mercy on my children who are still in the land of 
the living, that they, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
may be born again, and registered with their children in heaven ; 
that they, after they are taken from this vain world, the parents 
with the children, and the children with the parents, may rejoice 
before God in a blessed and happy eternity. Amen." 

It is noticed in the copies of original church records at Gemen, as 
heretofore given, that but two items relate to Wigard, viz.: Thf 
proclamation of his marriage, March 22, 1674, and the birth of Anna 
Sophia, his first child, on January 16, 1675. This, because of his 
removal to Mulheim soon after. 

Comparing these dates with those given in his family gister, 
discloses the discrepancies before named. Wigard states the birth 
date of Anna Sophia as March, 1672. That, we see, was two years 
before his marriage. If original records of other children followii.g 
Anna Sophia existed and could be availed of, similar errors would, 
doubtless, be observable. 


The contract entered into between Wi.uard Le\erinu and the 
agents of the Frankfort Companw dated March 20, 1685, to trans- 
port himself and famil\- to America, is, 1 believe, the m^st reliable 
written testimonx', as to a,ues of the respective members of the 
family, existing. In that Wizard states his own a^e as "old ^6 or 
37 years," and of his wife Magdalena " 36 years," and .^i\•es the names 
and ages of the children, viz.: Anna Catharine, Q x'ears ; William, 
5 ; Amelia, 2'-, and Sibella, Vn. 

As other parents, thev knew the ages of their several young 
children, and they — especially the mother — could answer without 

Now, if the birth date of Anna Catharine was stated correctly 
in the familv register in the Bible, she would have been over 12 
vears old at the date of the shipping contract, and William would 
have been nearly 8, instead of 5 \'ears old. 

The fact is, the contract statements are correct. Wigard and 
Magdalena were married in March, 1674. Anna Catharine was born 
in March, 1676 (instead of 1673), and uv/.s" just 9 wiien she came to 
America, and William was not born until 1679. As to Amelia and 
Sibella, the birth years appear correctly stated. 

The first child, Anna Sophia, born in January, 1675 ("^^t in 
March, 1672), sustains the characteristic ante-nuptial charm accorded 
to her mother, as asserted by the chronicler of her marriage alliance. 

Further than this: Wigard asserted that he was married "in 
the 23d year of his age." There being no doubt of his haxing at- 
tained 36 years when he came to America fixes his birth year 1649, 
and he was in his 215th year when married in 1674. Can these 
erroneous dates, as stated, manifestly by Wigard himself, be ex- 
plained ? Easih', I believe! 

An examination of the family register in the Bible, which is 
written in the German language, shows b\' the consecutive listing of 
names, and expressions relating to each, that it was written after all 
the children were born, and after the eighth child had attained 14 
years of age and died, say, in 1703. 

The volume is a verx* large folio, bound with leather, has metal 
clasps ; was printed in Germany, in the year i6c)3 — eight years after 
Wigard, with his famiU', and his brothei' (jerhard, came to America. 

Another telltale featuri' is disclosed in the chirography of the 
register. It is written in the same "hand," with the same pen and 
ink, and manifestly all, including the invocation, written at the same 
time — the kindly service of some friend, as Wigard could not 



In Simpson's "Lives of Emint-nt 
I'hiladelphians" the statement is made: 
" Christoplier Sower (oriu;inall\' Saur) 
came to Germantovvn in 1724. In the 
spring of 1725 he removed to Lancaster 
County, but returned to Germantown in 
1 73 1. He k-ept up correspondence with 
friends in German)' ; represented the 
destitute condition of the people in re- 
spect to books, especially Bibles. Large 
numbers were consigned to him to be 
sold at cost," etc. Here was the proba- 
ble opportunity for Wigard to purchase a 
Bible, which he took advantage of, but 
not until he was Ocvr eighty years of atrc. 

When some good penman undertook 
the service of amanuensis for Wigard, he, 
of course, had to rely upon the data the 
old pioneer furnished, and failimr memory 

WIGARD LEVERING'S FAMILY BIBLE. , ui -^i j.i " ' , ' 

was chargeable with the errors made. 

Rosier Levering had other sons than John Wigard and Gerhard, 
as is shown by the copies of church records at Gemen, where the 
family increase for a time, appeared to maintain their domicil, and 
where they have been reduced, as already shown, to a single family, 
which also appears to be in natural process of decay. 

A writer, signing himself John Roehl, addressed me in the vear 
1883, from Gemen, saying that he was the son of a sister to Franz 
Levering, which the latter, in subsequent correspondence, neither 
affirmed or denied. 

In this connection I may introduce a letter furnished me b\- Hon. 
E. Francis Riggs, of Washington, D. C., which was written to his 
father, George Washington Riggs, by a friend in German\-, who 
signs it "C. K." It is without date, but was penned, infereiitially, 
about the vear i860. It bears evidence of the great interest mani- 
fested by Mr. Riggs in his maternal, or Levering, ancestry. It reads : 

" It appears that the family name of Levering has gradually 
changed in this country, first into Leverink and further to Lefferinck, of 
which latter name there are survivors now to be found in the vicinity 
of Munster and Gemen. On applying to one of them, a boot maker. 
Lefferinck, at Munster, who is an intelligent man, 1 became satisfied 
that the surxixing Leffricks are identical with and originate from the 


former Lt-Nerincks, while I Uaw not been able to trace the name of 
Levering in an\' of the town records or church registers as far back 
as 1700.* 

"The oldest Leverinck I ha\ e been able to discover in m\ searches 
of parish records is August Jitseph Leverinck, who lias probablx im- 
migrated into Minister from Cienien or Mulheim, as his nativity is 
not recorded. He was a member of the Protestant Church of St. 
>Egidius, at Munster (still existing), and a distinguished oft"icer in 
the seven \ears' war — 1756-63 — under King Frederick the Great of 
Prussia, against the tmpress of Austria. Of him I found recorded 
in the records of St. /Egidius Church the following children : 

"Maximilian J(»seph Maria, son of August Joseph Le\erinck and 
Clara Elizabeth Scheffer, born 1761, December _'i. and christened 
same day. Witnesses, Max Franz Adier and Maria Theresia Ger- 

" Catharina Gertrud Ludovica, daughter of August Joseph Lev- 
erinck and Clara Hlizabeth Scheffer, born 1769, September 12, 
christened September 19. Witnesses, Catharina Gertrud Schlott 
and Bernard Ludwig Lammerdinck, all of the city of Munster. 

" There is an old famil\- portrait in the possession of the boot- 
maker, representing an officer in the Prussian army, in the costume 
of the seven years' war, — jus/ oiw limuircJ ycjis Jifo, — which, no 
doubt, represents the identical August Joseph Le\erinck'. This led 
me to the belief, that the present Lefferincks are offsprings of the 
former Leverincks, and \er\- probably, therefore Le\erings. 

" 1 shall endeavor to find out from the records of Mulheim, — 
where Wigard Levering resided in 1676. and had several children, — 
how the name is spelled there, [No records of that period are there. 
J. L.] and if an\' of his sons remained behind in Germany [No.] 
when Wigard emigrated to America, w ho might have been the grand 
father of August Joseph. Or it might be, that Rosier Lexering, 
father of Wigard and Cjerhard, had other sons besides these, and 
that one of them was the ancestor of August Joseph. If \-ou can 
find any mention to this effect in your Genealogical Book', please 
communicate it to me, and it will facilitate searches. After I become 
convinced of the identity of the Leverincks, w ith the ancestors of the 
Leverings in America, 1 shall procure photographic views of St. 
>Egidius Church, etc., and of the portrait of August Joseph." 

*The church records at Gemen did not date earlier than i7?4. until I caused an older volume 
to be recovered to their archives, nor are there earlier records at Mulheim than 171 j, as I learned in 


1 am informed that no subsequent correspondence has been 
found, which 1 regret, as Mr. "C. K." was an intelligent searcher, 
and he was, manifestly, on the right trail of family history. 

It is noticeable in the copied items of family data from the 
recovered church record at Gemen, that the Levering name was 
already being corrupted into Leverinck, which was chargeable to the 
tangent of pronunciation, by a foreign tongue, under the hand of a 
clerk, who was a stranger to the family. 

1 have no doubt, that the August Joseph, written of, was a 
descendant of either Eberhard or William, sons of Rosier, who are 
frequentlv mentioned in the Gemen records. 


1 have, in furtiier compilation of annals and history, to do with 
Wigard and Gerhard, only, as they alone, came to America. 

• William Penn, of English parentage, who, said Douglas Camp- 
bell, was " half a dutchman," had acquired his landed estates on the 
sylvan shores of the Delaware, by patent in i68i, comprising the 
territory which is now the State of Pennsylvania, and they, Wigard 
and Gerhard Levering, in common with the civilized world, had 
heard of it. 

Penn was an enterprising man. \n his efforts to realize the 
most from the domain, so patented to him by Charles II, of England, 
he traveled through parts of Holland and Germany, among the most 
enterprising of their people, as, he k'new of them. He even circu- 
lated advertisements to induce immigration to his new country. A 
statement made by Penn in his autobiography, shows, that he visited 
Wesel and Cleves, also Mulheim, while Wigard Levering was a 
resident there. We can readily understand that Wigard was an 
interested listener to the inducements held out, to become a denizen 
of the far away new settlements, and most likely, the younger 
brother, Gerhard, shared in the interest. 

Cassel wrote of those people : " The seed from the sowings of 
Menno, wafted across from the Rhine to the Thames, were planted 
on English soil by George Fox, and were brought by William Penn 
to Pennsylvania, where no man has ever been molested, because of 
his religious convictions. Three times did William Penn, impelled 
by a sympathetic nearness of faith and methods, go over to Holland 
and Germany to hold friendly converse and discussions with these 
people, and it was very fitting that when he established his province 
in the wilds of America, he should urge and prevail with them to 
cross the ocean to him. The settlement of Germantown had a 


higher import then than that thirtc^'n families found new homes, and 
that a new buriih, destined to fame thouo;h it was, was built nn the 
face of the earth. It has a wider sio;niticance even than that ; here 
was the he<j;innino; of that immense emigration of Germans, who 
have since flocked to these shores." 

There appears to be an additional, probably a paramount in- 
ducement for the immigration of the two brothers, in that their uncle 
— as 1 believe he was — Jacob Van de Walle, was a prominent share- 
holder in the landed estates under Penn. This, at least, appears the 
influence which led them to settle at Germantuwn. 

An old map of the \icinitv of Philadelphia shows a large area 
designated " Germantown — Jacob Van de Walle and Company." 
This compan\', formed in Germany, was called "The Frank'fort 

hi a history of the Mennonites, bv Daniel K. Cassel, of German- 
town, the author stated: " hi November, 1682, we find the earliest 
reference to the enterprise which resulted in the formation of the 
Frankfort Conipan}-. At tliat date Pastorius heard of it for the first 
time, and he, as agent, bought the lands when in London, between 
the 8th of May and the 6th of June, 1683. (See Pastorius MSS. in 
the Hist. Soc. of Penn.) The eight original purchasers were Jacob 
Van de Walle, Dr. Jolian Jacob Schultz, Johann Wilhelm Uberfeldt, 
Daniel Behagel, and four others named. Before November 12, 1683 
— on which day, in the language of the Manatawny patent, they 
formed themselves into a companx' — the last four had withdrawn, 
and their interest taken b)- Francis Daniel Pastorius and six others 
named. Up to the 8tli of June, 1683, the\' seem to have bought 
fifteen thousand acres," and Mr. Cassel added: "Of the eleven 
members, five of them lived at Frank-fort, kco in Wcscl, &c., no one 
of its members except Pastorius ever came to Pennsylvania." 

Of the "two in Wesel," Jacob Van de Walle was, doubtless, 
one of them. 

The Francis Daniel Pastorious named, was a learned man, be- 
longing to a family of prominence and influence in Germany. As he 
subsequently became collaterall\' related to the Levering family, he 
will be better introduced in place. Hi' was a friend and co-worker 
with l^enn in colonizing the newly acquired domain. He organized 
the Frankfort Company, to induce emigration and sell lands to set- 
tlers. In August, 1683, he arrix'ed in Philadelphia in the ship 
America, with the pioneer band, from Frankfort-on-the-Main, and on 
October 12th, following, he used the little band, which consisted of 
thirteen men, with their families, thirty-three persons in all, in 



founding Germantown, under the name of German iovvnship, wnicn 
it retained for more than one hundred years. 

The recent writer of an historical account of tliis settlement 
stated: "These colonists inspired fresh accessions to tiieir ranks, 
and, in 1684-5, numbers of vvealthv and influential emigrants arrived 
from \arious parts of Germany. The first German emigrants were 
few in numbers, but tliey were an energetic, industrious and perse- 
vering people. They were Christians, and being without cinirches 
they united with the Quakers and worshipped with them," adding: 
" Pennsylvania owes much to her German sons and daughters for 
her religious libert)', her agricultural wealth and her present rank 
among the sisterhood of States." 

Relevant to this subject, 1 again quote Mr, Cassel : " The Men- 
nonites held their first religious service in the house of Tonis Kunders 
(afterwards called Conrad, and later Cunard), in i6S^. From that 
time the Mennonites date their organization. Some historians call 
them the German Friends. As soon as the (English) Friends settled 
in Germantown, thev frequently worshipped together, until in 1705, 
the Friends, or Quakers, built a meeting house of their own, but the 
Mennonites continued worshipping in private houses until the year 
1708, when they built their first meeting house. TIk' Dunkards 
came to Germantown in 17 19." 

Wigard and Gerhard Levering were of the "fresh accessions to 
the ranks in 1684-5," the\' having arrived before the month of 
August, 1685. 

As has been stated, the Frankfort Company was engaged in the 
transportation of persons desiring to remove to their colony. The 
written contract entered into by Wigard Levering with the local 
agents at Wesel, Dr. Thomas Van Wylick and Johannes Le Brun. 
for transportation of himself and famil\' to Philadelphia, dated 20th 
of March, 1685, is still preserved, it was possessed by Mr. H. G. 
Jones, and among the papers willed by him to the Historical Society 
of Pennsylvania. I have seen it. The instrument stipulates that 
"We, the subscribers, do acknowledge and confess by these Pres- 
ents, that we have contracted and agreed together, that Doctor 
Thomas Van Wylick and Johannes Le Brun, in behalf of the Penn- 
sylvania Company, in which they, and other friends of Frankfort 
and other parts, are engaged, to t'JVGept or receiw me, Wigard Lev- 
ering, old 36 or 37 years, and Magdalena Boeckers, old 36 years, and 
four children, Anna Catharine, William, Amelia, and Sibella, re- 
spectively y2, 2y2, 5 and 9 years, to and for the service of the afore- 
mentioned Company, to transport by shi-pping out of Holland or 


Ingland, to PennsyKania, upon their cost," etc. On arrival in 
Pennsylvania, they agreed to report themselves to Francis Daniel 
Pastoriiis, who was general agent tor the company. 

This indicates that, at the time of its execution, Gerhard had 
not determined to emigrate, as there is written upon the margin of 
the instrument an agreement to include "the Contractor's brother, 
Gerhard Levering." It is regretted that his age was not given, as 
were specifically noted of the others. We have no data relating to 
Gerhard's age, nor is he mentioned, except incidentally in the Ger- 
man records. I believe him to have been the youngest brother in 
the familv. 

The next documentarv eviilence of the brothers is contained in 
a recorded dtt-d, executed in August, 1685. As stated by Mr. Jones, 
"On the tenth of that month and x'ear, Francis Daniel Pastorius, as 
the attorney of Jacob Van de Wallit' and others, forming the Frank'- 
ford Company, conveyed to Wigard Levering a lot in Germantown 
containing fifty acres of land. The deed is in the German language, 
and closes as follows: 'So done in Germantown, on the loth day 
of the 6th month (August), in the year of Christ 1685, in the six- 
teenth year of the reign of King James the Second of England, and 
in the fifth year of the reign of William Penn.' "* 

Gerhard Levering also purchased a lik'e area of land. 

Cassel, already named, relates as to the laying (jut and disposal 
of lands to the new settlers, viz.: "The town lots numbered 55, 
and were divided into 27 ,'2 on each side (.)f the main road (now Ger- 
mantown Avenue). The original settlers cast lots for the ground in 
the cave of Francis Daniel Pastorius in Philadelphia. t Immediately 
after the division they began to dig cellars and build the huts in 
which, not without much hardship, they spent the following winter." 

This relates to the first emigrant settlers. Cassel furnishes a 
list of the owners of these lots, as held m 1689, and of the owners of 
the same twenty-five years later, say 1714, by which it appears that 
lot numbered 10, on the " east side of the main road," was acquired 
(by "lot" in 1683) by Dirk Kolk, who transferred to WlGGERT 
Levering (no date), and that James Delaplaine owned the lot in 
1 7 14. The lists show also that Gerhard Levering owned lot 12 in 
1689, and that he conveyed to Henry Sellen, who sold to John 
Doeden before 17 14. 

*There appears error in relating the regnal years of James II, also of William Penn, as the 
reign of the former commenced on the death of Charles II, February 6, 1685, and the patent of title 
to Penn was made March 24, 1681. 

t Many of the first dwellers of the city, for want of means and building facilities, lived in under- 
ground excavations, on the sloping banks along the river Delaware, until they could afford better shel- 


These lots were, apparently, allotted to the persons listed, and 
by them transferred to others without actual deeds of conveyance, as 
I have already shown that Agent Pastorius executed a deed in 
favor of Wigart Levering on August lo, 1685, covering the same lot 
10, and in existing records it is shown further that in i6(;3, tlif 8th 
day of the 6th month (August), "Francis Daniel Pastorius, as at- 
torney, etc., delivered unto Wigart Le\'ering a deed of enfeofment, 
containing 50 acres in Gerniantown," and that "Wigart Levering 
delivered unto James de la Plaine a deed of sale, containing the now 
mentioned 50 acres in Germantown," which had been previously 
bargained to him. 

This dual conveyance may be explained as confu'matory of the 
first transfer. The land was laid out and allotted as shown, but as a 
patent from William Penn was not delivered until 1689, the action of 
1693 conveyed a better title than was held in 1685 bv ttoe Frankford 

In " Rupp's Collection of 30,000 Names of Emigrants in Penn- 
sylvania," which has been by many regarded as a standard refer- 
ence for early settlers, his first edition does not mention Wigard and 
Gerhard Levering, manifestly because they were not of the class 
listed by Rupp from shipping registers made under a special statute 
of the State, but in his revised edition (1876) among the "first set- 
tlers of Germantown from 1683 to 1710" appear the names of Wigard 
Levering and Gerhard Levering. ' 

In this catalogue the names of all who were " naturalized by an 
Act of Assembly, 1708- 1709," are designated, but the names of 
Wigard and Gerhard Levering, are not so marked, because — as 
shown in "Watson's Annals of Philadelphia" — they, with several 
others, had been naturalized "on the 7th of the 3d month, [May] 
1691, by Thomas Lloyd, being Deputy Governor." The record 
shows: "They having solemnly promised faith and allegiance to 
William and Mary, and fidelity and lawful obedience to William Penn, 
as Proprietary, it is declared and granted to them to be henceforth, 
Freemen in Law," etc. 

Both Wigard Levering and Gerhard, were now entitled to be 
freeholders, as well as free men, and in this they exercised their 
rights, as Wigard acquired five hundred acres of land by purchase, 
and Gerhard bought one hundred acres, adjoining. These tracts 
reached from the Wissahickon Creek to the Schuylkill River, and 
embraced a considerable portion of Roxborough, (formerly known as 
Leverington) where the family name is still conspicuously used ; the 
old "Leverington Hotel" being preserved and conducted, also 


" Leverino;ton Cemetery," so known under special charter from the 
State of Pennsyhania. The " Leverin^i Grammar School" is a 
commanJin^j; biiiklin^i;, erected and supported under control of the city 
School Board of Education. 

These ownerships embraced, also, the suburban manufacturing 
town of Manayunk', also Wissahickon, Manatawn\-, and reaching 
down to the Falls of Schux'lk'ill, taking in a great portion of the grand 
Fairmount Park', the pride of Philadelphians. 

Leverington Cemeter\' occupies a portion of Wigard Levering's 
purchase of more than two centuries ago, and is upon or near to the 
spot occupied by the old pioneer as a dwelling place. His remains 
repose in the oldest portion of this Peace Yard, set apart b_\' himself. 
He is surrounded b\' hundreds of his posterit\- and the silent congre- 
gation is being increased from \-ear to \-eai'. The grounds are well 
kept and are adorned with man\- line monuments, conspicuous among 
them, an artistic soldier's monument, a tribute to the participants in 
the war of the rebellion. 

Horatio Gates Jones, author of "The Le\'ering Family," 1858, 
was recognized as one of the owners of the cemetery grounds in the 
State charter mentioned ; he, and his brothers and sister, hax'ing in- 
herited the possession from their mother Deborah'', daughter of 
Nathan'"' Levering, in line from Wigard. 

As these lands and matters in conn^'Ction tluMeto, written of, 
covered the place of Mr. Jones' birth, and of his whole life, 1 will let 
him tell the story of the pioneer adxancements, experiences and 
achievements, by extracting from his publication, as follows: 

" How long Wigard Levering remained in Germantown can not 
now be ascertained with certaintw but it is probable that he removed 
to Roxborough in 1691 or i6t)2, as, on the 2Qth of Februar)', 1691, 
he bought from Thomas Hill, of the City of Philadelphia, Merchant, 
and Rachel, his wife, for the sum of sixty-eight pounds, a tract of 
two hundred acres of land situated in Roxborough. In this deed he 
is designated as " Week'hard Libering of Germantown." The land 
is described as follows : 

"All that tract of land situate, l_\'ing and being upon Schoolkill, 
"beginning att a corner marked Hickory tree, thence bv the lands 
"of John Jennet ti\e hundred and thirty perches, east, North East 
" to a post for Corner standing on the East side of Wischikon Creek. 
" Thence by the lands of Germantowne township North west and by 
" North, Seaventy perches to a post standing by a large White Oak 
" markt for another Corner; thence, b_\' the land of Marv Fincher, 
" West South West, five hundred and fifteen perches to a White 


"Oak standing by the Schoolkill ; thence, by the Schoolkill, the 
" several courses thereof to the first mentioned marked Hickory tree, 
"containing by estimation two hundred acres (little more or less). 
" To^iether with a Mansion house and all other buildin,L!;s, Orchards, 
"Gardens, Apple Trees &c. &c." 

" It is hiizhh' probable that this was the period of his settlement 
in Roxborou^h, as his name does not appear in Germantown after 
this date. 

" Well satisfied with his new position as a landed proprietor, and 
doubtless havin^i an eye to the future, we find that on the 5th of 
July, 1697, our pioneer made another purchase of three hundred 
acres adjoinin,Li; his former tract. 

" This tract was conveyed for the sum of sixty pounds current 
money, by ' Christopher Sibthorp, of Philadelphia, Brazier, and 
Mary his wife, late widow of Francis Fincher,' to ' Wickert Levering 
of the county of Philadelphia, Yoeman,' and is described as follows: 

"All that tract of land situate on the east side of Schoolkill, in 
"the county aforesaid, beginning at a White Oak on the River 
"Schoolkill; thence by the land now in the tenure of the said 
"Wickert, east-north-east, five hundred and thirty perches to a post 
"standing in the line of Germantown land; thence North-West and 
"by north, by the said Germantown land, ninety one perches to 
"another corner post; thence West South-West, by the land late of 
"James Claypoole, five hundred and fifteen perches, to the said 
"Schoolkill, and then down the several courses thereof to the place 
"of beginning, containing three hundred acres of land." 

" By this latter purchase Wigard Levering became the owner of 
five hundred acres of land in one entire body. This had originally 
been patented by William Penn to Francis Fincher, by a warrant 
dated April 25, 1684, and confirmed to Fincher, by a Deed from 
Penn's Commissioners, dated November 4, 169 1. 

" The residence of the Pioneer settler has, by common consent, 
been fixed in the valley, northwest of Roxborough Baptist Cluirch, 
(former site) on the northerly side of Ridge Avenue, and nearly- 
opposite the end of Green Lane. The original house which stood 
there has long since disappeared and nothing remains of it, except 
the lower part of the mainstack' of stone chimneys. 

" Mrs. Clement, of Ohio, who has treasured numerous traditions 
concerning her family, writes as follows : ' I heard my uncle, Nathan 
Levering, say that the old stone house on the Tan Yard lot was 
where the family first settled. It had a large fire-place in the base- 
ment, with seats in the corner ; they had some antiquated chairs. 


willow lU't back, with arms, and a curious cabinet with man\' 
drawers. 1 had a piece of lead for a Ion;,' tinu-, that came out of a 
window in my trreat grandfather's house, in Roxborou^^h. The 
panes of u;lass were set in lead ; there were two sashes, and they 
slid in a frame aside the walls.' 

" It is now (1858) owned and occupied b\- William' Levering, a 
great, great, great grandson of Wigard. More recently, however, it 
has been suggested that Wigard's residence, was in a field on the 
southwestern side of the Ridge Road, (now A\enue) nearly opposite 
the Lexerington Hotel. Within the memorv of the writer there was 
a very old stone house in that fit-ld, (the site now — 1858 — occupied 
by the dwelling of Jacob Skinkie) and it fell to decay some twenty 
years since. It was here that Wigard's son William'', lived and died. 
A lease dated Februar\' 7, 1745-6, is still in existence by which 
William'*, leased to his son Benjamin*, his Plantation of about one 
hundred and fifty acres, reserving the dwelling house, cellar &c. for 
the use of said Willianr': during his natural life. William'^ died in 
September 1746, and after devising, bv a Will pre\'iousl\- executed, 
to his son, William*, certain lands, described b\- metes and bounds, 
gave all the residue of his estate, to his son Benjamin', and charged 
the same with the support of his aged father Wigard", and also of his 
own wife Catharine. It is well known that Benjamin* inherited this 
land on the southwesterly side of the Ridge Road down as far as the 
river Schuylkill, and hence it is probable that the aged settler died 
at this house. The two statements mav be reconciled, by supposing 
that Wigard as he advanced in ytars, remoxed from his first residence 
to the place where he subsequenth' died. Hither spot was at that 
time a desirable abode, and thus surrounded by the primeval 
forests, and rich lands, the cultivation of which yielded him all the 
necessaries of life, he could be well termed a Patriarch ; for, as far 
as the eye could reach, were the houses and lands of his children and 
grand children. 

" But he was not destined to remain in the enjoyment of quiet 
for a very long time. When he made the contract with Dr. Van 
Wylick and John Le Brun to come to Pennsylvania he had obligated 
himself, both on his own account and that of his brother, to render 
service under the direction of Pastorius, so as to repay the Frankford 
Company the advances made to him and his brother. How long 
they remained in the employ of the company does not appear, but 
Wigard was soon engaged in business on his own account, and evi- 
dently regards himself as free from any liability to the company. 
Doubtless he was frequently dunned by Pastorius, until at last, to 


rid himself of so troublesome a neighbor, he resorted to the law, and, 
although unacquainted with our language, he succeeded, according to 
Pastorius' account, in getting the better of that celebrated* man and 
the entire Frankford Company. 

"The whole transaction is best explained in the following curi- 
ous document, which 1 fortunately discovered in September, 1856, 
and which now (1858) appears in print for the first time. 

"To the Proprietary & Gov'r of Pi:?nnsylvania & Territories 
thereof in Councell mett. An humble Petition of Francis Daniel 
Pastorius, in the behalf of the German Company, Sheweth, That 
whereas, the said company above 14 years ago transport Wigard 
Levering his wife, four children & brother into this Pro\'ince and 
lent unto him at Wesel 16L. 4S. & further disbursed on his account 
for transportation of him and his family, 57L. 18S. iid. expecting 
that all this sum should be deducted here of the said Wigard and his 
brother. He instead of deducting, sued the said Gomp. as debtors to 
him, & to deprive me, the now Agent of the sd Gompany of all ad- 
vice & assistance in Law, employed all the Attornevs in the Coun- 
try, who pleaded that he the sd Wigard, his wife & 4 children, are 
not to disaccount anything for this Transportation, obtained Judgmt 
in the last Gounty Gourt against the said Gompy for 32L. 16S. lod 
Now, supposing the said German Gompany had Intended to trans- 
port the sd Wigard his wife & children gratis or free, as 1 have proofs 
to the contrary. Yet seeing his Brother's part of the 57L. 18S. i id. 
(well lie besides the aforementioned 16L. 4S. lent unto him in Ger- 
many allows to be defalkable) comes to 12L, 17S. 6d. the said Gomp. 
cannot owe him but 29L. 16S. lod. 

"Therefore your Petitioner in behalf of the sd German Gomp. 
humbly entreats you to grant to have the cause tried again (a thing 
he thinks not so unheard of as that a Plaintiff should employ all the 
Lawyers to impede & hinder the Defendants to get any). And to 
the end that a Just Gause may not suffer by my unskillfuUness in 
pleading & notorious want or defect, to express myself sufficient! \- in 
tho English tongue to the full understanding of a Jury ; Mav it please 
the Govr & his Gouncill to appoint a Person learned in the Law to 
patronize or manage the same. And as your petitioner requests 
these things only for Justice and Truth's sake, so (he hopes) it will 
tend to the preventing both of others, who being transported by the 
said Company's disbursmt may probably follow the steps of Wigard ; 
as also to the allaying of dissatisfaction of several honest hearted 
people in Germany and especially oblige your petitioner. 

" F. D. Pastorius." 


On tht' back of the petition is the followino; endorsement : 
"At a council lielJ at Philadelphia die Lunoe 15th April, 
1700; Present, William Penn, Pro'r. & Gov't. 

Edward Shippen, Thomas Bedwell, 

Griffith Owen, John Hill, 

David Lloyd, Saml. Preston, 

John Donaldson, John ffenwick. 

" Upon reading of the Petition in respect the Petitioner was but 
Agent for the (jerman Company, who are strangers & absentees, it 
was the Opinion and Resolve of the Cjijv'r. & Councill that the Peti- 
tioner & the within Wigard Levering appear before the Gov't & 
Council the 24th inst. with a friend with each of them, that under 
stands the German & Dutch Languages & to bring with them all 
papers & accts relating to the said difference, when the cause shall 
be heard extrajudiciallv and if the Gov't and Council shall see cause 
thereafter to hear & decide it Judicially they will do so. And that 
the Secretary acquaint the said Daniel Pastorius, and he the said 
Wigard Lewring herewith. 

Signed by order. PAT. ROBINSON, Secr'y.* 

"Of the merits of this celebrated case we know nothing, ex 
cept what is stated in the petition and order of the Ct)uncil. One 
thing is quite evident, that Wi^arLi understood the x'alue and import- 
ance of retaining gentlemen learned in the law — and to mak'e assur- 
ance doubly sure — supposing if it was a good thing to have one law- 
yer, it would be better to ha\e more, 'he cinplovi'd jll tlw Attorneys 
in tlic Conntry' a ver\- gra\e and serious offense, at least in the esti- 
mation of Pastorius. It is much to be regretted that no record of the 
final decision of the Governor and Council can be found. 

"On the 4th of March, 1701, ' Wichert Le\-ering of the County 
of Philadelphia, Yeoman,' sold to Peter Conrats 160 acres of his 
large tract of land, on the Northeast (?) side of Wissahick'on Greek. 

"On the 23d of March, 1703, he bought 100 acres at Summer- 
hausen, which was part of the upper end of Germantown, adjoining 
Cresheim. This was conveyed to him bv ' Daniel Falckner and 
John Jarret, the now agents of the Frank'ford Company.' This 
tract he sold for ^60, on the igth of October, 1706, to John 
Am. Wegg. In the deed he describes himself as 'Wigard Levering, 
of the County of Philadelphia, Carpenter. 

■'This paper appears to be a copy rather than an orig-inal instrument. Watson's Annals. First 
Edn. Vol. ir, p. 47, says the original paper was found at Steiiton, near to Germantown, the country 
seat of James Logan. 


"At a subsequent period he sold lOO acres of the North-West- 
ern part of liis plantation to J(jhn Henry Linderman, and in 1738, 
October 4, Wigard and his son William, styled, ' his eldest son and 
heir apparent,' confirmed the said tract to the children of John 
Linderman, the deed recitinii; that the former deed had been lost. 
The witnesses to this deed are Andrew Robeson and Jacob Levering. 
" Wigard Levering had onl_\' two sons who reached maturity. 
The older son, WILLIAM, was born at Mulheim, May 4, 1677 (the 
year should be 1680), and the younger, JACOB, was born January 
21, 1693, at Roxborough, it is supposed. These sons, no doubt, 
li\ed with their parents at the family mansion in Roxborough, until 
the}' married, and it is probable they assisted their father in his 
various occupations, as was customary then, and is, still, in different 
parts of the country. But when the father was seventy years of 
age, the younger son, JACOB, married, and desirous to advance the 
young man in life, the father conveyed to him as ' Jacob Levering, 
Joiner,' a tract of eighty-five acres of land on tlie Schuylkill, for the 
sum of ^50. The deed is dated February 20, 17 16-17. The 
grantors are described as ' Weeckart Levering, of Roxborrow town 
ship, in the County of Philadelphia, Joiner, and Magdalena, his 
wife.' The witnesses to the deed were John Henry Hogeman and 
Garret Levering. 

" The description of the land is as follows : 
"A certain tract of Land scituate in the aforesd township & 
County, beginning at a hickorv tree standing on the bank of the 
ri\-er Schuylkill, thence North sixtv six degrees forty eight minutes 
East, one hundred and eleven perches and a half, by the land of 
Henry ffrey, to a corner stone ; thence North, twenty three degrees 
forty-eight minutes West, one hundred perches by the land of 
William Levering, to a stone sett up ffor a corner ; thence South, 
sixty-six degrees fortv eight minutes West, one hundred and sixty 
perches and a half by the said William's land, to a large gum tree 
mark'ed ffor a corner, standing on the bank of the sd Skulkill ; 
thence, along the sd river. South Fifty degrees East, one hundred 
and eleven perches to the place of beginning. Containing eighty 
ffive acres of land. &c. (Being part of Two Hundred acres con- 
veyed to Weekart Levering by Thomas Hill & wife.) As also, 
free egress and regress to or from the hereby bargained tract 
through the said Weeckart and William's other land as ffar as the 
Plvmouth road. Provided always, the said Jacob Levering his 
heirs and assigns do forexer allow a passage or way, through the 
herein purchased tract, unto the sd. William his heirs and assigns, 



"so, Nevertheless that it shall be lawfull tor the sJ Jacob, and his 
" aforewritten, to ffeiice in all said tract, k'a\ing a tjate ot Barrs or 
" shut rails. 

" 1 have given the grant of the 'right of \va\' ' in the words of 
the deed, as I have every reason to suppose f/iis is the origin of the 
present important street known as Green Lane, whose tortuous coiu'se 
over the steepest hill between the Ridge Road (now Avenue) and 
the Schuv'lk'ill River, has given rise to main- a querw Wigard lived 
in the house which stood opposite the end of Green Lane, on the 
northerly side of the Ridge, and it seems probable, at least, that the 
passage way was to lead from Jacob's house, up to the Ridge, so as 
to enable his father to visit him, and he \-isit his father. 

" On the first of November, 1717, Wigard conveved to his older 
son, William, all the residue of his lands that remained unsold, con- 
sisting of about one hundred and tiftv-five acres. He describes him- 
self as ' Wichert Levering of the Township of Roxborrow, in the 
Countv' of Philadelphia and Province of Pensilvania, Yeoman.' 
After recitiiig the title, the deed states: "And the said Wichert Lev 
" ering hath since sold several parcels of the said Fi\'e Hundred acres 
"of Land, Now know Ye, That the said Wichert Le\-ering as well 
"for and in consideration of the sum of Fix'e shillings &c. as for and 
"in consideration of his natural Love and Affection which he has 
"and beareth towards his said son William" &c. 

He then grants William, "All and ever_\- such part and parts or 
"parcels of the aforesaid Five Hundred acres of Land, which now 
" remains unsold, and whereof the said Wichert Levering now stands 
"possessed, and invested in the lawful Right of, &c." This deed is 
signed b\' Wigard Levering, onl\-, which suggests the decease of his 
wife Magdalena, since Februarx' of the same _\'ear, when she joined 
in a deed to Jacob If such is fact, she was ab:)ut sixty-eight years 

" Adx'anced in wars, the pioneer felt that his latter Llax'S ought 
to be less laborious than his earlier had been, and we ma_\' imagine 
him as enjoxing the otiitin eiini Jii^nitate of life, if that were possible 
in those times. His sons and daughters were married, and had 
settled around him ; some on parts of his own plantation, and others 
in contiguous neighborhoods, which he, the patriarch, \-isited in turn, 
comforting, cheering and encouraging them in their battle with life. 
He made his home with liis older son William, and died there." 

Wigard Levering lived to very adx'anced age. When his death 
occurred it xvas announced in the city papers as that of more than 
centenarian. The Pennsylvania Ga:^ette of February 12, 1744-45, 


stated : " Last week died not far from this city Mr. Wichart Lever- 
ing, aged 109 years." 

Watson's Annals of Philadelphia records the event as the de- 
cease of a first settler, in Ft-bruary 1744 (O. S.). ;^nd gave his age 
as 109 years. 

In the patriarch's biblf — hereinbefore described — the record is 
made that he "departed this life February 2, 1744-45,* ^^g^d, 
according to his account, 107 \ears." 

This is Certainly erroneous. As has been already shown, he 
was aged " 36 or 37 years" when he emigrated to America in 1685. 
Conceding the higher figure, he could not have been more than 97 
years old when he died. As his family register and some additional 
entries in his bible were made "according to his account," it must 
be again charged that failing lueiiiorv was responsible. 

Wigard had experienced a rugged life, mainly of hardship. 
Contending with the " iron circumstances " which environed him, he 
toughened as an oak, and, doubtless, dead at the top, as an oak, he 
died. His contemporary, Dryden, exemplified the going out in his 
tribute : 

"Of no distemper, of no blast he died ; 
But fell like autumn fruit that mellowed long, 
Even wondered at, because he dropped no sooner. 
Fate seemed to wind him up for four score years, 
Yet freshly he ran on ten winters more, 
Till, like a clock worn out with beating time. 
The wheels of weary life at last stood still." 

As Germantown was the birthplace of American Leverings, it is 
due the locality and earh' settlers that the coming generations shall 
k'now of what stuff the\' were made. 

Originally they appear to have possessed broader views, re- 
ligious as well as political, than the settlers of other localities, as I 
have already quoted from Cassel, " Here no man has ever been 
molested because of his religious convictions." 

The Rev. Mr. Bm-nab)-, an English divine, who visited this 
country nearly a century and a half ago, remarked "of the northern 

* It is noticeable that apparently conflicting-, or dual years, are stated in connection with 
Wigard's death, also, in former chronological notings, and calling August the sixth month. This be- 
cause the new year was then accounted from the 25th day of March. The Julian Calendar was intro- 
duced in the year 44 B. C. The Gregorian Calendar — by Pope Gregory XIII — in the year 1582 in some 
European countries. Because of religious prejudices, it was not recognized in England and in this 
country until 1752. With us the adjustment of time was made by calling the day following September 
3, 1752, September 14. This was for a long time designated New Style (N. S ) , as against the Old 
Style (O. S.). The decease of Wigard Levering, which occurred in February, 1745, was, therefore, 
noted as in 1744-45, because prior to March. 


colonies in creneral, they are composed of people of different relio;ions 
and different lan^iuajies. In Pennsylxania was found the most enter- 
prising people (in the continent." 

If Mr. Barnaby's visit had occurred a half century still earlier, 
he might have limited the characteristics of the people in the most 
northern colonies, to a single language and religion, as New England's 
coast gave domicile to an intolerant people, who came there to enjoy 
serving the Lord in the freedom of their oicii gospel views and con- 
science, and were disposed to compel all comers to act in concert with 

George Eliot had such in mind when she remarked of a phase of 
English protestantism, in "The Mill on the Floss," viz.: 

" Their religion was of a simple, semi-pagan kind, there was 
no heresy in it, — if heresy properK' means choice, — for they didn't 
know there was any other religion, except that of Chapel-goers, 
which appeared to run in families, like asthma." 

Of still different material were the settlers of the South land. 
Mr. Campbell, whose great work has alread\- been adverted to, said 
of this locality : "While New York was settled b\- Hollanders, and 
New England largeK' by Puritans from England, tinctured with Dutch 
ideas, Virginia had a different class of colonists. It is absurd to speak 
of them, as of better blood than the settlers in the North, for the 
latter came from the best old Anglo-Saxon stock, and the\- were made 
up of the most intelligent, as well as the most sturd_\- and virtuous 
of their race. But Virginia was settled from a different class of the 
community. Her colonists when not conx'icts or indentured servants, 
were mostly, average Englishmen, opposed to all innovations in the 
church or state." So it came about that in 167 1, Sir William 
Berkeley, the Governor of X'irginia, could write to England : ' I thank' 
God, there are no free schools, or printing, and I hope we shall not 
have them these hundred years, for learning has brought heresy and 
disobedience and sects into the world, and printing has dix'ulged them 
and libels against the best government. God keep us from both.' 

Here is found the vicious sentiment that propagated and main- 
tained slawry ; for these autocrats heki to the creed. Keep a man 
landless and \-ou mak'e him dependent; Keep him in ignorance and 
you mak'e him subser\-ient. 

Mentioning the intolerant spirit which pervaded New England, I 
am reminded of the efforts of a prominent Dixine of the period, to 
maintain the purit\' (?) of liis religious sect, as shown b\' a letter, 
preserved, it is said, in a Book of Records, dating earl)' in 1600 to 


1749, kept in the archives of an old Quaker Meeting in Rhode Island. 
As printed in the New York Learner and Teacher, it is as follows: 

"September ye 15, 1682. 
Toyc aged and Beloved, 

Mr. John Higginson. 

There be now at sea, a ship called the Welcome, which has on 
board an hundred or more of the heretics and malignants called 
Quakers, with W. Penn, who is the chief scamp, at the head of 

The general court has accordingly given secret orders to Master 
Malachi Huscott, of the brig Porpoise to waylay the said Welcome, 
slyly, as near the cape of Cod as may be, and make captive the said 
Penn and his ungodly crew, so that the Lord may be glorified, and 
not mocked on the soil of this new country with the heathen worship 
of these people. 

Much spoil can be made by selling the whole lot to Barbadoes, 
where slaves fetch good prices in rum and sugar, and we shall not 
only do the Lord great service by punishing the wicked, but we shall 
make great good for his minister and people. 

Master Huscott feels hopeful, and I will set down the news when 
the ship comes back. 

Yours in ye bowels of Christ, 

Cotton Mather." 

The Domine appears to have anticipated a share of the "spoil," 
and might not have objected to taking a distributive portion "in 
kind." Ten years later he was an enthusiast in the delusion of 
witchcraft, and his name was associated in the history of the trage- 
dies at old Salem, where innocent blood was shed. To save the 
reputation of the exiled Pilgrims, it is fair to state that the reverend 
gentleman was born in Boston and educated at Harvard, 

It may be said that not all the people of Massachusetts approved 
of banishing or executing Quakers and Baptists. The atrocity of 
such acts caused a revulsion of feeling. 

While they had suffered adversity and persecution, and their lot 
was now cast in unpleasant places, among the untutored Indians and 
wild beasts, they retained memories of generous hospitality in the 
foreign land and many were willing to accord equal rights to those 
who might differ with them in religious sentiment. Religious intol- 
erance in the old country was the seed of religious tolerance in 
the new. 


There was common interest in subJuin^: the barbarians and re- 
claiminji; the wilds about thc-m. Lik'c children in the dark the_\' mag- 
nified their exposures until a feeling of unrest robbed thorn of con 

Among the curiosities in the library of tht- noted antiquarian, 
Abram H. Cassel, near l^hiladclphia, are some pages of a small xol- 
ume called NEW ENGLAND'S PROSPECT, printed in London in 1639. 
In an article relating to America, i-ntitled "Concerning Lions," as 
contributed from the New England settlement, w^' find : "1 will not 
sa\- that 1 saw any myself, but some assure me that ihe}- have seen 
a lion at Cape Anne, which is not above six leagues from Boston; 
some, lik'ewise, being lost in the woods, have heard such terrible 
roarings as haw made them much aghast, which must I'ither be 
dex'ils or lions, there being no other creature which used to roar, 
saving bears, which ha\-e not such a terrible kind of roaring. Be- 
sides, PU'mouth men ha\e traded in lion sldns in former times. But 
sure it is that there be lions on that continent, for the Virginians saw 
an old lion in their plantation, who (.'') hax'ing lost his jack'al, which 
was wont to hunt his prey, was brought so poor that he could go no 
further. For bears, the\' be common, being a great black' kind of 
bear whicli be most tierce in strawberry time, at which time it (?) 
has voung ones. At this time, likewise thev go upright like a man 
and climb trees and swim to the banks, which if the Indians see 
there will be more sportive bear-ba)'ting than Paris Garden can 

The Bible teaches that the de\il as a roaring lion walk'eth about 
seeking whom he ma\' dexour. 1 am impressed w ith the belief that 
he was found in some New England pulpits, rather than abroad in 
their forests, as some innocent old woman of Salem discoxereel to 
their dire cost as hereinbefore suggested. There were no such quad 
rupeds or bipeds in tlu' Philadelphia settlements. 

it is well that " W. Penn, the chief scamp," had other desti 
nation in \iew than Iw thi' Cape of Cod. His mission was " Peace 
on earth, good will to men," and the hand of Prt)\idence guided his 
ship into a haven that was designed for the Cradle of Libertx', both 
religious and political. The City of BrotherU' Low had its birth in 
the debarkation of the good ship Welcome. 

How different the denizens of the Delaware from those of the 
ocean's coast. 1 ha\e alread)- stated that the disciples of Menno 
Simons — who had been persecuted from country to country — estab- 
lished their church in 1683, in Germantown, now an important resi 
dential part of Philadelphia. That when the Friends or Quakers 


came soon after, they worshiped God together. This fraternal and 
tolerant spirit cliaracterized the various religious sects that settled 
Philadelphia, and an incense of peace has ever floated over their 
descendants. The unwriten law of brotherly love and justice pre- 
\ailed. Their dwelling together in unity has exerted an influence for 
good over the whole land. Still, there were occasional tares to he 
found among the wheat. In the northern suburbs of the city is the 
substantial stone church building of Trinity Church, Oxford. Con- 
structed in 171 1, on the site of a wooden meeting-house built years 
before b\- the Friends or Quakers. It is surrounded by an ancient 
grave}'ard in which I have read sculptured epitaphs dated before the 
beginning of the eighteenth century. There is one quaint marker 
or headstone showing where an incorrigible Anglican went down " in 
ye year of our Lord God, 1708," with her colors flying. Her sculp- 
tured epitaph assuring us — 

" Here by these lines is testify'd 
No Quaker was she when she dy'd, 
' So far was she from Quakerism 

That she desired to have baptism," etc. 

The attributes of really godly men could not be restrained, as 
was attested by this people. The founders of the first church were 
the first advocates of temperance, and the organization of temperance 
societies followed. Attracted by the slave traffic in Virginia, and its 
spreading into other localities, they became remonstrants against the 

We have the evidence of their last wills and testaments that the 
two sons of Wigard Levering, after the manner of the country, held 
slaves. We can readily understand that the principles and religious 
tenets of the old pioneer father were averse to such holdings. 

The minds of the first settlers of the Province were so imbued 
with a sense of freedom that they viewed with abhorrence even the 
limited holding of slaves then indulged in Peiin's Sylvania. The first 
written protest against slavery was penned in Germantown, and 
signed by Francis Daniel Pastorius, and by several of these sturd\' 
yeomen, early as April, 1688 In this they "fired the shot heard 
round the world," and their descendants kept alive this spark of 
Emancipation, although more than one hundred and forty years 
elapsed before organized effort was born through the heroic efforts of 
immortalized Garrison of Puritan Ancestry, it seemed fitting that 
in the City of Brotherly Love should be inaugurated the American 
Anti-Slavery Society, which gave at once moral courage to British 


philanthropy in the abnlishmcnt of slaver\- in the \\\-^t hidies in 
18^4, and, after years of commendable persistence, sij^nalized success 
in securing the patent of freedom applied for in the establishment of 
our constitutional rights. From thence the "land <if the free" 
ceased to be a misnomer. In the bloodv conflict fi'r final victory 
were found many of the sons of sons of Wigard and Gerhard Lever- 
ing, even of the seventh and eighth generations. Inspired by inher- 
ited regard for human rights, the ''Dm it Amor R7fn\r" which char- 
acterized the forefathers was upon their shields. 

Nor did these early inowrs in the abolishment of slavery suffer 
the blight to exist in their midst, as PennsyKania, in 17S0, provided 
by statute for the gradual c-mancipation of all such bondmen in her 
domain, and the "ordinance of 1787" excluded the institution from 
thi' Northwestern Territories. 

1 have made comparison between the pioneers of Penns)i\'ania 
and of New England's coast. In contrast with New York the former 
were far adx'anced in religious tolerance. When Gox-ernor Fletcher 
assumed authorit)- o\-er New York', in i(x)2. he promulgated the^ in- 
structions of WilliiDU jiiJ Mjir. under which he exercised control. 
A stipulation to regulate religious practices, provided: "You shall 
take especial care that God Almighty be devoutly and duly served 
throughout your government, and that the 'Book of Common Prayer, 
as it is now established, be read each Sunday and holy day, and the 
blessed sacrament administered, according to the rites of the Church 
of Bngtand, and provide a maintenance for the minister, * * * 
and that no school-master be henceforth permitted to come from Eng- 
land to keep school within our Province of New York, without license 
of the Bishop of London." 

This governor undertook to exercise some authorit\- in Penns\'l- 
vania. He made a journey to Philadelphia. For want of results, his 
return trip was performed with less of pomp and circumstance, than was 
displayed on his coming. The religious practices about Philadelphia 
offended his hide-bound principles. Hc' found there the religious 
fraternity which characterized the Meiinonites, and other sects. 

After his return to New York, in March, 1695-6, he granted 
license to build Trinity Church, conformably with his defined creed. 
It still exists, — a religious Autocracy, where no mendicants need 
apply, while the Mennonites, in Germantown, are still heeding the 
Master's charge, "For ye have the poor always with you." This 
church has been a symbol of earnest piet_\' and usefulness, e\'er since 


its organization. The congregation still worships in the unosten- 
tatious little "meetinghouse," which was huilt in 1770, upon their 
former site. 

The earliest generations of the Levering family, and their con- 
nections, have closer relation to the old Baptist Church of Roxborough 
(Leverington) and the older Mennonite, or German Baptist Church, 
than to any other, in this latter, the Rev. Peter Keyser officiated 
as pastor, for half a century, as will appear in his biography, further 
on. The Keysers are one of the most numerous, lateral branches of 
the Levering family. The burial ground connected with this old 
church is a picturesque spot, and contains scores of those who have 
"gone before," as recorded in this volume. 

This old cemetery has been the subject of discourse by prominent 
persons. A special sketch, or monograph, was published years ago, 
by Hon. Abram H. Cassel, who has been named before in this work. 
Nor could Judge Pennypacker, of Philadelphia, withhold special and 
descriptix'e reference to it, in an address upon distinguished local 
subjects, before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

hi Whittier's "Snow Bound" may be found the lines: 

"Another guest that winter night 
Flashed back from lustrous eyes the light," &c. 

He refers to his earnest friend and co-worker, Harriet Livermore, 
who, 1 believe, sleeps in this peaceful spot. Her voice, in life, was 
frequently heard in the little church, as she went about doing good. 

In literary and educational advantages, the new Philadelphia 
excelled. Andrew Bradford published the American Weekly Mercury, 
early as 17 19. William Bradford was the first printer. His skill 
attracted attention, in 1693, Governor Fletcher of New York, b\' 
flattering offers, seduced him to that city, to become ofificial printer. 
His absence from Philadelphia was seriously felt, as printing was 
attended, for awhile, with varying success. 

By the year 1738, Christopher Saur, of Germantown, whom 1 
have already mentioned, procured a printing press and published a 
small "almanack" in August of that year. 1 believe he was not a 
practical printer, but he was a versatile genius, who could soon 
acquire some skill in any employment, and his generous inclinations 
to serve his measurably destitute neighbors, was his incentive to un- 
dertake various enterprises. In a year after his almanac appeared 
he commenced to publish a newspaper, it measured nine by thir- 
teen inches. At first it appeared quarterly, and, subsequently, was 


issued PKintlilw until tlic Near 1744, after whicii it became liebdom- 
aJar\', with the title of " Germantnwn Gazette," anJ was so con- 
tinued after the decease of Mr. Saur (in 1758) by his son Ciiristopher 
Sower,* Jr., until some time' durinij; the Revolutionary War. 

I ha\e mentioned the destitution of the early settlers for want 
of Bibles, and tiie importation of books by Mr. Saur, Sr. 

As this want continued, and, indeed, increased, by reason of 
enlarged population, Mr. Saur felt inspired to print and publish a 
Bible. After three years of arduous labor, he, in the year 1743, 
published a quarto edition of twelve hundred copies of the Bible, in 
the German language. The first Bible printed in America in an 
European language. 

The indomitable energy of the man is testified in the fact that 
he made his own paper, types and ink ; performed the printing and 
bound all the volumes. His act is believed to ha\'e been the initial 
step toward the first typi' foundrx' in this countr)'. 

Not so in paper mak'ing. This, also, had its beginning in Ger- 
mantown ; as William Rittenhouse, a Hollander, built the first paper 
mill in America about 1690, on or near the Wissahick-on Creek'. 
The site is well known. 

The success which attended the issue of the first edition of 
Saur's Bible encouraged the son to publish a second edition, in 1763. 
This comprised two thousand copies, and in 1776 he printed a third 
edition of three thousand. 

A peculiar fatality overtook' this last effort. The date points us 
to troublous times. B\- 1777, the American arm\-, in defense of 
Independence, had fared badly. They had lost New York forts, in- 
cluding Fort Washington, and had been defeated at BraiuKwine, 
also at Germantown, and had been obliged to retreat from Philadel- 
phia, which was immediately after occupied by the British forces. 

There were several dislo_\'a! citizens, who, as in tlu' late war of 
the Rebellion, felt assured that the money side would win ; hence, 
their sympathies were selfishly expended in that direction. Christo- 
pher Sower was one of these. His propert\' was confiscated on the 
charge that he was a Tory. L'nfortunately the title to our Mennonite 
church property was partK' in his name, and tons of his printed 
Bible sheets were stored in the attic of the building. The authorities 
levied upon the premises. The membership resisted, and I'xplaineei 
that the property was deeded to Sower and others only in trust, 
which sax'ed from confiscatifMi. But the Bible materials fared worse. 

*Il is noticeable that the son anglicized his surname. 


They were seized and thrown out, some of the paper was used for 
cartridges, some as litter for horses, and other wasteful piu'poses, so 
that this third edition was quite limited. 

Germantown produced several men of great talent and useful- 
ness, in theological, political, commercial, literary and scientific pur- 
suits. 1 may mention, conspicuously, Dax'id Rittenhouse, the great 
mathematician and astronomer. He was a great grandson of William, 
named as the first paper maker. His resources were as varied as 
those of the senior Saur. 

He calculated the transit of Venus, as early as 1769, and so 
contributed largely to the first accepted estimate of the distance ta 
the sun. He was employed in official surveys, etc., by the govern- 
ment ; among other services, in establishing the Mason and Dixon 
line. In all these achievements he used instruments invented and 
made b}' himself. 

Wendell Phillips, in an historic address, referring to Philadelphia 
and Pennsylvania, said : " Generations have passed over the stage 
and left us this great Commonwealth. Their creation : sober, pains- 
taking, serious, earnest men. We can not accept the creed which 
represents their religion, as carelessly taken up, loosely held, and 
only half understood. Great jurists, practical statesmen and scholars 

Philadelphia, with her million of people, and her two hundred 
and fifty thousand peaceful homes ; her hundreds of churches of all 
creeds ; her great marts and commerce, is the consummation of the 
initial life of which I have written. It is the political Mecca of Amer- 
ica. The star of promise which led the early voyagers made this 
site a Bethlehem. The manger, where religious and political liberty 
were born, may still be found in old Independence Hall. Penn's 
"holy experiment" has its fruition in the perfect peace and content- 
ment which pervades all. 

When the great strife which secured the autonomy of this coun- 
tr\' prevailed, Philadelphia was the storm center, which made her 
the historic center of America. The grandest chapters of our nation's 
history relate achievements in and about the old city, where the bul- 
let scars of British displeasure are numerous. Here the representa- 
tives of the thirteen colonies received the inspiration which demanded 
Independence and Union ; and here the constitution of inalienable 
rights was handed down as on tables of stone to all the people ; and 
here the American flag, the symbol of independence and assured 
rights, was designed and consecrated. 

76 TMT I > \HklNG FA.M1L^. 

Wi-. as a family. ha\r an cspfcial piiLlf in kn^'win^ that the 
city's history emhraa-s (nir early family historw and that a consiJ- 
erablf area of the municipality was once the personal Jumain of our 
pioneer ancestry. The ^leneratinns \-et unhorn, when dcKinj: in the 
tomes nf the past, to k-arn up m what rock their foundation of title 
rests, will find the name LliytRING fossilized, as the ferns in the 
Anthracite Measures, whi:h enriched the State. 

And, from whence tlh'ir title? m\- reader nia\- ask. I have already 
shown the royal *:rant hy Charles II of tn-:land to William Penn. 
Still, it appears that Penn felt called upon to quiet his title by satis- 
f\-in^ the older claimants. He paid a consideration for the land upon 
which Philadelphia was laid out to the Swedish settlers, wh) had, 
the\- averred, purchased from the Indians. 

The Swedes had st-ttled upon both sides of the Delaware Ri\er, 
below Philadelphia, from 16^2. The\-, and some earl\' Dutch navi- 
gators, contended for ri;:hts acquired by discovery or pre-emption. 
Both built forts alon;: the ri\'er, and man\- were the \ aliant tlireateii- 
intjs addressed to each other, followed by bloodless encounters, in 
their efforts to maintain their supposed territorial and riparian rights. 
Even a third partw the Governor of New .Amsterdam, whom Irvino; 
st\'led " Peter the Headstrong, " laid claim to the same lands as 
within his jurisdiction, and attempted to oust both. 

But the dou^ht)- Dutch general, Van Poffenbur^i, in his Fort 
Casimer, defied Peter, as well the Swedish Jan Printz, who styled 
himself Go\ernor of New Sweden, in his Castle of "Helsenburo;." 
As the" latter held the lowest fort on the ri\er, he took- the libert\- to 
" brin;: to" e\ery incoming Dutch ship, which excited the wrath of 
the defiant Van Poffenbur>i. 

This trianjiular contest was made quadranj^ular b\' the interven- 
tion of a fourth party — fufhrs — that not onl\- asserted their rights, 
but dared to maintain them ; for it came to pass that the marshy 
lands along the river raised an arm\- of nniSijiiifos, which was di- 
rected against the fortress commanded by Printz, compelling surren- 
der and e\acuation. The\- came as the band of Gideon against the 
Midianites, each with his own trumpet, and the h/tnc was effectual. 
History was repeated, as "the Dutch took Holland." 

The story of " Penn's treaty with the Indians" was told in the 
school readers of a centur\- and longer ago, and a picture of the as- 
sembly on the occasion, as ha\ing been held under the since famous 
elm tree, on the river's bank, is in man\- old portfolios, and is still a 
mural ornament in many old dwellings and public libraries in the old 


Penn, throu,uh his surve\'or, Thomas Holme, made a special con- 
tract with the hidians to quiet title to a much greater area of land. 
The tract agreed upon was set out in writing, viz.: "Whereas, I 
have purchased and bought of you, the Indian Kings and Sakamack- 
ers, for the use of Governor, William Penn, all your land from Pem- 
apecka Creek to Upland Creek, and so backward to Chesapeake 
Bav and Susquehanna, two days' journey ; that is to say, as far as 
a man can go in two days," etc. 

The "lay of the land," as will appear from examination of mod- 
ern maps, was not well understood, as the suggested boundaries 
define an uncertain direction. Still, both sides seem to have com- 
prehended what land was meant, so the contract, as still preserved 
in the Government land office, was entered into under signatures 
and seal. 

As will be noticed, the stipulated western limit was to extend, 
not so far as a man can -vcalk in two days, but so "far as a man 
can go." 

To let Mr. Watson, in his Annals of Philadelphia, tell the story, 
we learn that "the agents publicly advertised a fee of five pounds 
for the greatest walker for one day, and procured one Marshall, who 
ran over four times as much ground as the Indians expected." 

The Indians cherished a revengeful feeling against Marshall, and 
tried to find and kill him ; but, according to the contract, Shakahappoh 
and other hidian Kings, made conveyance, on the 30th day of the 
fifth month, called July, in the year 1685, as appears in the Book of 
Charters and hidian deeds, in the General Land Office, wherein the 
ceded tract is described as "between Macopanackan, alias Upland, 
now called Chester River, or Creek, and the River or Creek of 
Pemapecka, now called Dublin Creek. Beginning at a hill called 
Conshohockin, on the River Manaiunck, or Schoolkill ; from thence, 
extending a parallel line to the said Macopanackan, by a southwest- 
erly course, and from the said Conshohockin hill to the aforesaid 
Pemapecka, by the said parallel line northwesterly, and so up along 
the said Pemapecka, as far as the creek extends, and so from thence 
northwesterly, back into the woods to make up two full days' 
journey, as far as a man can go in two days, from the said sta- 
tion," etc. 

These boundaries will greatly interest those who have a general 
knowledge of the geography about Philadelphia. 

The consideration paid "to us in hand, well and truly, by Will- 
iam Penn, Proprietary and Governor of Pennsylvania and Terri- 
tories," comprised as follows: " 200 fathoms of Wampum, 30 fathoms 

78 THI-: 1 l-.VtRING FAMILY. 

of duffflls/ ^o mins. r)0 t.itii"m> of sti.iwvd waters, 30 kettles, 30 
shirts. 20 jiunhelts. 12 pairs slioes, 30 pairs stockings, 30 pairs scis- 
sors, 30comhs, 30 axes. v» knives, 21 tobacco ton^zs, 30 bars of lead, 
30 pounds of powder, ^oawls. ^o glasses, 30 tobacco boxes, 30 papers 
of beads, 44 pounds of red k-ad, 30 pairs of hawks bells, 6 draw in;: 
knives, 6 caps and 12 hoes. 

It is not improbable that some of the imperishable articles named 
ma\- still be heirlo(,ms in the old city, or ma\- be invaluable relics in 
the archi\es of the Historical Society of Penns\l\ania. 

Notwithstanding the apparent conclusion of this bar^iain and sale, 
the settlement of it appears t(t ha\e been a matter of controversy for 
years after, as so late as the Near 17:^7, one Nicholas Scull, Surveyor 
General,madeoath that he was present when James Yeates and Edward 
Marshall, together with some Indians, walked one and a half days 
back in the wo(»ds, from Wri^htstown ; that the\- walked but eij^hteen 
hours, and made tift\-fi\i- miles ; did not run, and that no objections 
were expressed by the Indians at the time. 

In Hastern PennsyK ania, tradition, and e\en written reference 
in titles to this no\ el method of measurement, has kept alive a mem- 
or\' of the occurrence, which has e\ er since been characterized as 
the " ^reat walk." The Indians measured time b\- "moons," and 
lands b\- "walks," but the white man's tactics of "double quick'" 
had not yet been re\ealed to them. Subsequently, when " Greek' 
joined Greek " as in the citv and surroundings, the estate was care- 
fully parci'lled out with rods and poles of standard len;j;th. 

While the existence tif the Leverin;: family in America is coe\al 
with the life of Philadelphia, as I ha\e described, but little more than 
two Centuries of time di-fmes the period ; durin.u: which se\en (fener- 
ations ha\ e run tlu'ir earthly course. Three of these passed before 
the birth of our Nation. The " Father of his Country" who made 
He\oUition "lilt of Rebellion, was not born until nearlx' half a centurx' 
after Wi«:ard and Gerhard LeN'erin*: came. 

What wondi'rful iinentions and chanu;es these generations ha\e 
witnessed! The p(»werof steam disco\ered, and its application de 
\eloped, from the earl\' efforts of Ste\enson to the present ponderous 
movements upon land and sea. From Indian trails and bridle paths 
in the forests, the C()untry has progressed into broad axenues of travel, 
and thousands of miles of railroads — e\en binding: ocean to ocean. 
While the powers of electricity are beiuLZ utilized to the surprise of 
the present jieneration. it may be kept in mind that the subtle ele- 
ment was first baited and subju^zated by a Philadelphia philosopher — 

♦Coars? woolen cloth. 


the immortal Frank'lin. It is useless for one pen, or one volume, to 
undertake the enumeration of \\ hat these generations have experi- 
enced and enjoyed. 

What of the former generations of the family? At a reasonable 
estimate, twelve successive steps, from sire to son, were descended 
between the JOHN DE LEVERING hereinbefore named, and ROSIER, 
the root of the American household. 

1 am of the opinion, that this JOHN was the first of the family 
surname ; the primo-genitor. At home, in Leverington, he was 
known as JOHN — after the manner of tlie times, and there, doubtless, 
was identified by a distinguishing appendage, as the teacher, the car- 
penter, or the miller, but, when away from home, as at Ely, he ap- 
pears of sufficient prominence, to be known as the John of Levering- 
ton, and the son, Robert, had his identification in the father, and be- 
came Robert Levering.- 

I can readily understand that if the Saul de Tarsus had descend- 
ants, they would have borne the local designation as a familx' surname. 

Free course must be gix'en to the customs, and education, as 
well, the practices and impressions of the times. Relating to his 
time, this same Saul said, "If a woman have long hair it is a glory to 
her," and if hoops had been worn by women in his dav, he might 
have included them also, and thus gix^en permanence to the inflated 
style of dress, as his commendation has assured to the hirsute adorn- 
ment, but 1 think he would have "drawn the line" on tight shoes 
and corsets. 

The days of John of Levering-ton are very remote. We have 
but limited conception of the period, unless by chronological compar- 
ison with familiar events, or notable persons. The fixed date of his 
presence, we have determined by a recorded lease of lands, to have 
been in the year 1316. At this time the Feudal system of tenures 
was beginning to fall, though it did not finallv disappear on the 
Continent, for nearly one hundred years thereafter. 

-/;/ his time. Magna Charta : The great Charter of English liberty, 
and without which there probably would have been no independence 
in this country, was scarcely one hundred years old. 

/;/ his- time, the English Parliament, was still in experimental 
existence, being only a half century old. 

f//.s" time, produced many eminent contemporaries, as Dante, 
Chaucer, Wickliff, while the immortal Shak'speare, was born two 
hundred and fifty vears later. 

*The " ton " was merely the English designation for a village or town, as we append " ville " or 
"' burgh." 



Until his tinw, no Maiiiu i 's Compass was uscJ. The moon and 
stars, scrvin*! as jiuidt-s tor tin- >hips wliich ufiit ddwii to sea. 

It was more than lialt a (.eiitui)' aftir //is time, that uun-powder 
was iiuc-ntej, and fin-arms t(»ol< the place of lances, halberds and 
hou-^iins, in battle. 

It was more than a century nftcr his lii)h\ that tlie art of printino; 
was introduced into Hurope, and fifty \ears were added, before 
Ciutenberj: invented movable types. 

It was more than a centur\- j/'Av his /iiiii\ that the world-w ide 
heroine, Joan (tf Arc, — who was born a peasant in Lorraine, and was 
reared to tend her father's sheep, in the forests of Uomrem>', — per- 
formed the ;ireat achievement. — the raisin^j; of the sie.ue of Orleans, 
— which immortalized her name. 

It was nearls- two centuries jffrr his tiiiic. that Columbus dis- 
covered America, so he must lia\e regarded the world, as comprised 
within turope, Asia and Africa. 

It was more than two centuries j/Ar his time, that Luther, 
defiantly, nailed his theses upon the door of the Schlosskirche, at 
Wittenber;:. which was the initial of the Reformation, and 

It was nearly two and a half centuries jftcr liis time, that the 
Commission of Bishops, under the bloody Mary, in their condemna- 
tion of "heretics," caused John Rollers to be burned at the stak'e, in 
Smithfield, and bishops Ridley and Latimer to suffer a like fate, at 

It was more than three centuries jftcr his time, that the historical 
"thirty years' war," which did so much to establish Protestantism, 
was prosecuted in Europe. 

It was nearly four centuries jftcr his time, that the ^reat city of 
St. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Hmpire. was'founded by 
Peter the ( ireat. 

It was four and a half centuries jftir his time, that Watt, 
patented his invention of the steam En-ine. which, w ith ponderous 
power, and rapid m.iyement.— controlled by the brain and bra\^-n of 
man, — mo\ t-s the commerce of the wctrld. 

It was more than five centuries j/7,t ///.s' //wc. that Morse per- 
fected the Electric Telegraph, by vv hich time and space are annihilated 
and all the world is made akin. 

And for three centuries .//"At ///x //;;/,•. the missin<: links in the 
family chain are wantiii;:. 



I HAVE shown that Gerhard Levering was a younger brother of 
Wigard Levering. That he came to America in the year 1685, 

witli Wigard and his familv. That he purchased fifty acres of 
land in Germantown, in August of that year, and, subsequently, 
sold it. That he purchased one hundred acres of land in Rox- 
bjrough, adjoining the five-hundred-acre tract owned by Wigard. 

The court records of Germantown show: " 1693, the 28th day 
or November, the Court being duly opened. The said Francis 
Daniel Pastorius delivered, in behalf of the said Frankfort Company, 
unto Gerhard Levering, a deed of enfeoffment containing fifty acres 
of land in Germantown." This was lot numbered 12: one of the 
55 allottments of like area laid out by the company. The long de- 
layed conveyance by the company is hereinbefore explained. 

Mr. Jones shows that on the first of October, 1692, Gerhard 
Levering acquired from John Jennett — one of the patentees of land 
in Roxborough — one hundred acres, in that township, which ad- 
joined his brother Wigard's purchase, of February, 1691, on the 
southeast. Jennett, having owned two hundred acres, sold the re- 
maining one hundred to Henry Frey, who married Wigard Levering's 
daughter, Anna Catharine, as will appear. It was, no doubt, at this 
time that Gerhard removed from Germantown to Roxborough. 

An ancient manuscript, in German, translated by Abram H. 
Cassel, relates to these adjoining ownerships. It reads: 

"1, George Jacobs, certify herewith, that I bought of Gerhard 
" Levering and Henrich Frey, all the land that they have beyond the 
"creek called Wessahika, (except 2 Rods in breadth along the creek, 
"which Henrich Frey reserved of his before conditioned) for 24 ^ 
" cur. on the terms that I pay the first half on the i6th of November 
" nt-xt, and the other half on the i6th of May, the year following. 
" And in case I should not pay within that time, then all said land 
" with whatever I may have improved thereon, shall fall back again 
"to the aforenamed Gerhard Levering and Henrich Frey, as its 
"rightful Lords. And whilst the usual rent (of 1 shilling per 100.) 
"has not \-et been paid, 1 obligate myself to pay as much of said 


Sj Tin- l.lAHklNCj FAA\IL^. 

" Ki'iit to tlu- Prof^rii-for as Kvoiiu-s m\- part of it, when demanded. 
" In testimnn\- of wliicli I lia\e undersi;j;ned m\- hand and name. 

George Jacobs. 

" Actium. in (jerhard Leverin^'s house 
" 1700. <' ■^o April. 

" .AltLSt Johannes Kelpius \ 
Glaus Rittin;ihuis J 

(Kelpius, will he reco^^nized as the philosopher, and " Hermit ol 
the Rid<:e." The manuscript is in his hand writinii;.) 

We ha\e no record evidence of Gerhard's marriay;e ; the person, 
or date, hut we learn from a deed of conveyance, in u hich she joined, 
that his wife's christian name was Mjiv. 

It is unfortunate that (jerhard did not purchase a famil\- Bihle, 
and inscrihe therein a register of his marria;^e, and of his children, as 
Wizard did, which would haw reduced our assumption as to his 
childrt-n, to certaint)'. 

For nearl\- fort)- \-ears Gerhard Lewrinij: resided in Ro.\borouo;h. 
durin<i which period his children were horn and reared. As appears 
from the Records of Philadelphia County, he sold his tract of land in 
Ro.\borou;^h, in the year 1730. He, and his wife, Mary, joined in a 
deed, on the 27th of .April, of that \ear, con\e\in^i the 100 acres to 
J. Selzar. In the deed he describes himself as a "Joiner." 

Referring: to this alienation of his land, Mr. Jones stated : " From 
this time I ha\e been unable to discover an\- trace of Garrett or liis 
wife; whether the\' lived and died in Ro.\ borough, or removed to the 
upper part of Philadelphia Count)', or went to another Province, is 

Harnest effort to discover them, especiallx' in the fortv vears ago, 
would have revealed to him, that Gerhard and his familv removed, — 
not out of the count)-, however, — but little more than a dozen miles 
awa)- from their former home, the)- settled in the midst of that part 
of Philadelphia Count)-, which became Montgomerv- Countv, in the 
year 17X4. 

The fact that " manv' of his posteritv were residing there forty 
years after the sale of his farm," as lelated b\- Mr. Jones, was a 
reasonable index to the place. With this supposition, 1 instituted in 
vesti<iation, and learned the actual spot upon which he located, as 
w ill appear. 

In " Rupp's collection of ^0,000 names," amonu; " 465 names of 
inhabitants of Philadelphia County, who owiied lands and paid Q\.\\t- 
rents prior to 17^." I find Jacob Levering, 100 acres, and Henry 


Leverino;, 100 acres, as in Whitpaine Township. Daniel is not men- 
tioned in this list. He must have heen inadvertently omitted, as will 
appear further on. 

Here is a corroboration of the statement made in 1855 by Mrs. 
Catharine Levering Heist (born 1789), a great granddaughter of 
Henry — as related by Mr. Jones, that she "remembered hearing 
her father say that Garrett (as Gerhard was often called) Levering 
had tlircc sons, viz.: HENRY, DANIEL, and JACOB, and one daughter, 
MaGDALENA. That Garrett purchased 300 acres of land in Whit- 
paine Township, which he divided among his three sons, and gave 
money to his daughter, Magdalena." 

This explains why Mr. Jones could not find, that subsequently to 
the sale of his land in Roxborough, Gerhard was ever " possessed of 
any landed estate." 

Calculation shows that if he was ten years younger than his 
brother Wigard, he had (in 1731, as 1 will show,) already outlived 
the biblical span of life allotted to man, hence his act was an equal 
distribution of his estate, and so each son received an area equal to 
his farm in Roxborough, the sale of that appears to have been made in 
contemplation of the settlement of his sons. ,. 

1 mentioned my investigations as to Gerhard's domicile in his 
last years. Realizing that no one was better informed than the 
widely known and aged antiquarian, Abraham H. Cassel, v/ho re- 
sides not very remote from Whitpain, and who aided Mr. Jones very 
greatly in his compilation of 1858, 1 addressed him at length, asking 
questions and suggesting possible sources of information, and not- 
withstanding his apologetic explanation of delay, saying: "Perhaps 
you don't know that my sight is failing — can only write a few min- 
utes at a time without resting my eye — tlie other is blind. 1 can not 
see the lines. I don't pretend to read any more," etc., the grand old 
man was stirred into effort, when some lost genealogical links were 
searched for, as is a superannuated hound at the sound of a fox-horn, 
and he must have devoted all da\- to my quest, judging by his volum- 
inous reply. 

To m\- request for names of persons who were best informed of 
Whitpain, he wrote : "A few years earlier 1 might have given you the 
names of several old settlers who took interest in matters of this 
kind, and who could have aided you in your researches, but they are 
all gone now, to their long homes. The onl}' persons now, who are 
likely to know anything about it, are the Hon. Jones Detwiler, a 
resident of Whitpain, and the author of a history of the township, 


and Ht-niA' S. Dcttcrer, who compiled a history of the old Boehm 
Churcli. where most likelv some Leverings are buried." 

I :i\aik-d of these pointers, promptly and earnestly, addressing 
hotii. Mr. l)L't\v iler responded soon after, furnishing much interest 
ing information, including some family data from old church records. 

He wrote further : " There is an old Reformed church in Whit- 
pain Township known as Boehms, named after its founder, A. D. 
1740. There is no doubt that the most of the Leverings, as you will 
notice herein, were members of this church. The Leverings, Boehm 
(the minister) and De Havens, all o\\ ned land adjoining each other, 
and \er>- near to the center of these tracts, the church now stands. 
Their settlement here gave rise to the founding of this church. Some 
years ago the earliest records of this church, as kept by Rev. Boehm, 
prior to the \'ear 1764, were destroyed by fire in a dwelling house." 

This I regard as a calamity. Doubtless the date of the death of 
Gerhard and his age were stated, which would have furnished the 
date of his birth, or an approximation to it; also the dates of decease 
of his sons, probabK' their marriages and other data. 1 regret that 
Mr. Jones did not pursue such inquiry forty years ago. 

Mr. Detwiler continued: "1 am inclined to think, from my re- 
searches, that the old Gerhard Levering first located upon what is 
now (1892) the celebrated Holstein stock farm owned by William M. 
Singerly, of tlie Philadelphia Record. This property is located at the 
intersection of the State and Morris roads. Here, an old stone house, 
fronting south, one story high, with a large chimney-stack in the 
center, built after the old Dutch style, stood until the property was 
purchased by Mr. Singerly. The lands of the sons adjoined each 

In a subsequent letter Mr. Detwiler wrote: "There are none 
of the Whitpain family of Leverings left in this locality. Dr. D. L. 
Heist, deceased, grandson of the Daniel Levering who died in 18 17, 
was the last. 

rile discussion excited in the neighborhood by my inquiries, and 
the kindly researches by Mr. Detwiler, in my behalf, caused the 
compilation and publication of an extended article in a local news- 
paper, entitled, "The Singerly Property at Franklinville— 
Tni-: Levering Fa.mily— The Old Tavern." From this 1 learn, 
in addition to the above, that Colonel Singerly acquired the lands in 
188^. pa>-ing Si 3.000 for certain 82 acres of it. That "it has been 
in the famous great barn, stables, hot-house and other buildings, that 
the wealth and taste of the present owner has chiefly altered the ap- 
pea-ance of the old Le\ering homestead." That when, in course of 


time, the premises of Henry descended to Catharine Leverin^j; Heist, 
before named, her husband, John Heist, built a large public house, at 
the main road crossing, which place has grown into Franklinville. 
That Mr. Singerly has remodeled this "Old Tavern" for a sum- 
mer residence, and that here, "on one summer Sunday of 1888," 
he entertained President Clex'eland. It was during his first term 
of office. 

As the evidence of Gerhard Levering's location, with his sons, 
had thus far been traditional, I sought to reduce it to certainty by 
corresponding with Colonel Singerly. My statement and inquiry ad- 
dressed to him August 5, 1892, were promptly referred to his attor- 
ney, with his " instructions to furnish all the information possible, 
which can be obtained from the title papers." The attorney wrote 
me: " After a thorough examination of all the briefs and perusal of 
the many recitals in the different deeds, 1 am enabled to furnish only 
a slight link in the family chain which you are endeavoring to form." 
But this " slight link " was the one 1 was searching for : J/ide et crede. 

By deed, dated June 16, 1731, Reese Thomas, Anthony Morris 
and wife and Ann Whitpaine conveyed to Jacob Levering, in fee, a 
certain tract of land: "Beginning at a post in the line of Daniel 
Levering's land. At a corner of Samuel Linderman's land ; thence 
by said Linderman's land N. W. 185 perches to a post in Reese 
Harry's land; thence N. E. 86>{ perches; thence by the land of 
the North Wales Company S. E. 185 perches to a post; thence by 
said Daniel Levering's land S. W. 86>4 perches to the beginning, 
containing one hundred acres." 

By will, dated January 28, 1793, Jacob Levering devises this 
tract to "My cousin (?) Daniel Levering, grandson of my brother 
Henry Levering, being my plantation, or tract of land containing one 
hundred acres." 

These items are suificient to confirm the statement made, and 
my convictions as to the home of Gerhard, in his latter days. The 
date of the deed recited, shows that he purchased these lands in the 
year (1731) following his sale in Roxboro, and the survey descrip- 
tion shows that Mr. Rupp omitted Daniel, as a land owner, as here- 
inbefore suggested. 

It may be of interest to know that the De Haven mentioned as 
one of those who were instrumental in establishing the Reformed 
Church before named, was Peter Indehaven (then so called), whose 
wife was SlDONIA, the ninth child of Wigard Levering. 

He appears to have joined in the land purchases, as Mr. Rupp 
shows that Peter hidehaven owned 100 acres in the same locality. 



He- was a s„n ct Evc-rts In Den Hoff (anglicized De Haven), who 
s..ttk-J in Wliitpamr Tou nship in 1706, when he "located " 200 acres 
..t land. Mr. lA-tuiler un.te of it: "A lineal descendant ot Evert's, 
\vX (iSt)2) owns a portion of it," 

The s,.ns n\ Clurhard Levering lixed to considerable age and 
held their lands. Mr. Uetwiler wrote : " In the list of taxables of 
Wliitpain Township for the \ear 1760-61 (an original copy in my 
possession) the following is found: 

" Jacob Le\-ering, farmer ; no children ; 100 acres ; 50 cleared ; 
6 acres sowed to grain ; ^ horses ; 60 sheep ; 3 cattle. 

" Daniel Levering, 4 children ; 100 acres ; 60 cleared ; 5 acres 
sowed ; 2 horses ; 6 sheep ; 5 cows. 

" Henr\- Le\ering, no children ; lOO acres ; 60 cleared ; 8 acres 

The notings as to children manifestl_\' shows the number at liome. 
Ml. h. adds: " Jacob Levering was the last of that name that held 
land in Whitpain." The sons, as will be shown, removed to the 
State of New Jersey, and from thence to Ohio. 

There is a tradition in the neighborhood, which is perpetuated 
in a histor\- of Whitpain Township, published some years ago, to the 
effect that Daniel, who was a smith as well as a farmer, during the 
"times that tried men's souls," and their patriotism, inspired by the 
rumors of war which excited the people prior to the Declaration of 
Independence, and animated with a desire to aid the infant colonies 
in prox'iding the munitions of war, manufactured a cannon in his 
shop, and in "proxing" the home-made artillery lost his coat-tails 
and the fullness of his trousers by the first shot, much to his surprise 
and discomfiture. How the bobtailment occurred is not explained, 
but I imagine that he attempted to restrain the ordnance, under trying 
circumstances a la equestrian, and that his garments interfered with 
the business end of the thing. 

B>' the evidence of their last wills, Daniel lived to June, 1776, 
and Henr>' to 1777, in which years the instruments were probated 
in Philadelphia. Jacob lived to 1793. His will, dated the 28th of 
January of that year, asserts that he was then "far advanced in 
age." It was proved August i, 170)3, in court at Norristown, — Mont- 
gomer\- County, ha\'ing been organized nine years before. No 
transcript of deeds, wills, etc., were ever taken from Philadelphia to 
Norristown for recording there. 

There has been a measure of uncertainty as to the children of 
Gerhard Le\ering and the order of their births. 


Catharine Leverino; Heist, crreat-<ireat-granddauti;hter of Gerhard, 
who resided in Whitpain all her lifetime, and died there in the year 
1872, aged 86 years, stated to Mr. Jones that "Gerhard Levering 
had three sons, Henry, Daniel and Jacob, and one daughter, Magda- 
h'na." We have found record evidence of these three sons, but 
have no other evidence of a daughter. The extinguished records of 
Boehm's Church, doubtless, contained her name. 

Mr. Jones's inquiries for descendants of the pioneers disclosed 
the Leverings residing at Bethlehem, Pa. \n answer to questions as 
to their ancestors, Mrs. Greider (born 1799) of that citv — a grand- 
daughter of John Levering — stated in a letter of March 30, 1856: 
" My great-grandfather, to my knowledge, was Abraham Levering. 
He was a son of Wigard, wIkj died, as much as 1 remember my 
father say, near Philadelphia. My father and mother went to his 
funeral. They then resided here at Bethlehem. He lived to be 109 
\ears old." 

While Mrs. G. is correct in the main, 1 observe that the tradi- 
tions are confused in her mind. Her father — who was also named 
Abraham, but of the fifth generation — could not have attended the 
funeral of the /)/o;/f£'r Wigard '^ who died at the reputed age of 109 
\-ears, as his funeral occurred a dozen years before her father was 
born. Her parents may have attended the funeral of another 
Wigard, a grandson of the pioneer, who died in 1782, as suggested 
b\' Mr. J(jnes. 

Judge Abraham Levering, (jf Monroe County, Pa., who was a 
brother of Mrs. Greider, concurred in her statements as to their 
ancestors residing at Philadelphia, and of attending funerals of rela- 
tions there. 

Mr. Jones wrote : " Abraham'' is presumed to have been a son 
of Gerhard." He might have stated, and correctly, too, that Abra- 
ham ■' -was a son of Gerhard. 

There were no other pioneer Leverings than Wigard and Ger- 
hard. The former in his family register listed "the perfect number 
of twelve" children; naming them all, distinctly. He had no son 
named Abraham. A grandson bearing the name (son of Jacob) was 
not born until 1717. More than forty years after his last child was 
born, Wigard named his children in a will, with the names of the 
husbands of his daughters. This will, though preserved, was revoked 
by a testament subsequently executed, and which was probated after 
his decease. In this he names his children again, but no Abraham 
appears in either instrument. 


Tlic attention of Mr. Jones himself was called to the discoveries 
made (nearly thirty years after "The Leverin.ii Family" was pub- 
lished) in the records of old Christ's Church, at Philadelphia, which 
convinced nf the once existence of this Abraham, to whom Mrs. 
("jrcick-r refers. 

The extracts made from these records are as follows : 

"John, son of Abraham and Ann Levering, born 29th September, 

1720, and baptized gth October, 1720." 
"John, son of Abraham and Ann Lexering, buried 20th Jul\^ 1721." 
" Randle John, son of Abraham and Ann Levering, born 19th Oct. 

and christened, 1722." 
"Burial, i72^No\-. 26. Abraham Levering's child." 
"Burial. 17^0 July 29th, Abraham, son of Abraham Levering." 

The name Randle, is an anomalous appellation in the Levering 
familw To my mind, it suggests the maiden name of the mother, 
Ann, doubtless of the old family, Randall. If named for John 
Randall, — perhaps the grandfather, — the church clerk' has transposed 
the names, after the manner of an alphabetical index. 

M\- readers will obser\-e that, Gerhard Lex'ering came to Phila- 
delphia in i6Ss, uuiihinicd. That in the thirt_\--tive years succeeding, 

he had married Mar)^ . That they had a son Abraham, who grew 

to manhood and married Ann , and a grandson John, was born to 

them. The measure of time sustains the relation. And this Abraham 
was destined to become "a father of many nations." 

In recording the children of (jerhard Levering, in " The Levering 
Family," Mr. Jones placed iJaniel fiy<.t, as born 2 Dec. 1704. (the 
only birth date noted in the family list.) He admits Abraham second, 
as a "presumed" son, upon the statement of Mrs. Greider. it will 
be noticed that Daniel, born in December, 1704, was less than 
sixteen years old when his brother Abraham, brought a child to 
baptism, hence the latter was the older, and, probably, was born 
before the end of the seventeenth century. 

I'his Abraham was unfortunate in the loss of his children ; both, 
John, and Randle John, having died in infancy, as appears by the 
record extracts copied, but he was destined to become the progenitor 
of numerous posterit\- through still another son, whom he also named 
hhn. born at Philadelphia, December 11 (O. S.), 1723, and whom 
Mr. Jones distinguishes in "The Levering Family" as the Rev. John 
Lri-critiiT, ancestor of what he designated the " Nazareth Branch." 


The Right Rev. Joseph Mortimer Levering, of Bethlehem, Pa., 
Bishop of the Moravian Church, — who is a great, great grandson of 
"Reverend" John, — furnished in April, 188S, the result of two years 
of search and investigation into the history of this old " soldier of the 
Cross." 1 extract : " His parents died when he was yet very young, 
and in consequence of this early bereavement, he experienced many 
hardships in his childhood. After the death of his parents he was 
taken in charge by a relative living near to Fredericktown (Whit- 
pain), and was by him apprenticed to a tailor. After learning his 
trade he traveled with his master from house to house, in the neigh- 
borhood, making clothes for the farmers, as was the practice in those 
days. On (Hie of these tours he came to the house of Henry Antes, 
of Fredericktown, where he heard the gospel preached by the 
Moravian Brethren, and was spiritually awakened. Soon after, i.e., 
in 1743, he visited Bethlehem, and applied for admission to the newly 
founded Moravian settlement," &c. 

1 introduce this just here for the purpose of identification ; the 
history of his subsequent, useful life is given further on. 

1 might be asked, as Gerhard, in June, 1731, purchased land for 
each of his sons, Henry, Daniel and Jacob, why not iox his oldest 
son, Abraham? This question precipitates a crisis in my story. He 
was dead ! 

1 read the last extract given from Christ's Church records, viz. : 
"Burial ; 1730, July 29, Abraham, son of GERHARD Levering." 

The first child, John, died in less than a year. The second, 
Randle John, followed. T/iere was no child AbraJiam born, to follow 
so soon after, so it was the fat/ier. This, when the third child, John, 
born in December, 1723, was six and a half years old. 

The careless entry by the Church Clerk, who was unacquainted 
with the family names, or the delay of some hours, or of a day, in 
making the entry, had left a confused memory in his mind. The 
very abbreviated condition of the record indicates carelessness. 
There appears nothing to distinguish infant from adult. It was 
doubtless their way of entering "The short and simple annals of 
the poor." 

The relation and histor}- ma\' be clearly inferred. Gerhard sold 
his 100 acres in Roxborough in April, 1730. His son Abraham died 
three months later. By June, 1731, the surviving family had re- 
moved to Whitpain Township, taking Abraham's only child, John, 

The system of apprenticeship by legal indentures, which was 
practiced in all mechanical trades in Pennsyhania at that period, and 


Jiirini; m>' youtlitul Jaws, as I well remember, su,L:,L{ested to my mind 
tliat the recctrJ ot Jolin's iiuleiitured relation to the tailoring trade 
mi^lht he tound. and therein the name of his father would appear. 
Hon. Ahraliam H. Cassel, whom 1 addressed upon the subject, an- 
swered tiiis part of m\- inquir\', viz.: "Yes, Montgomery County 
has had siicii a record of apprenticeships, where it was or in whose 
cust«H.l\- it formerl\- was I know not, but when I saw it, it was in pos- 
session of the old antiquarian and historian, M. M. Auge, the author 
of ' Hminent Men of Montgomery County.' He picked it up some- 
where, among old rubbish ; it was in a very dilapidated condition, 
but he prized it \-er_\' highly, and had numerous extracts from it pub- 
lislied in the County newspapers. He was nearly all his life a resi- 
dent in and about Norristown, but died in Philadelphia within the last 
>'ear. 1 called a few days ago, while in the city, hoping to find Mr. 
Auge's family, and to see the old Apprentice Manuscript, but learned 
that the\' broke up housekeeping directly after his funeral, so 1 have 
no clew to their whereabouts, and am extremely doubtful as to that 
old mutilated manuscript being preserved." 

In correspondence further with Mr. Henry S. Dotterer, an old 
resident of Whitpain, I failed to find evidence or record of John Lev- 
ering's apprenticeship. 

It appears that the lapse of a few years has deprived me of the 
sources of valuable record information, as to Gerhard Levering's per- 
sonal and earl\- family history, by the unfortunate destruction of the 
first records of Boehm's Church, and the loss of apprenticeship dock- 
ets has cost us corroboration of " Reverend " John's initial of a busy 
and useful life. They were within easy reach of Mr. Jones. I re- 
gret that his researches were not more extended. 




John DE LeverynG; born about the year A. D. 1250, at Levering- 
ton, in Cambridgeshire, England, and it is believed that he lived 
and died in that ancient town, w hich was so named in the year 
A. D. 870. Nothing is known of his family, except of his son 
named Robert. 

Robert, son of John de Leveryng ; born about the year A. D. 1280, 
at Leverington, England, We learn by records in the archives 
of the Episcopal Palace at Ely, in Cambridgeshire, England, that 
Robert, "in the eighth year of the reign of Edward II" (A. D. 
1 3 16), became a lessee of the Wisbech Barton Manor. I assume 
that his father may have been thirty years the senior of Robert, 
and the latter probably thirty-six years of age when he became 
an independent land-holder, as the young men of that period 
were not so precocious in marriage and business management as 
in modern times. Nothing is known of his family. 






RosiEI-? i,H\l-:RlNG'; was born in the early years of the seven- 
teenth centur\-. He is the known proLienitor of tlie Levering 
famiU' in America, hence 1 designate him as the zero, or 
bench-mark, from which to grade succeeding generations de- 
scending from him. It is believed that he was born in Hol- 
land, of ancient English or Anglo-Saxon parentage; exiled, 
because of persecution for their religious principles. He 
married Elizabeth Van de Walle, of Wesel, in Westphalia, in 
(jerman\-, near to the frontier of Holland. They settled in 
the same district, at Gemen, where several children were 
born to them, between the years 1648 and 1662. Tradition, 
preser\cd by the remnant of the family at Gemen, says they 
occupied the old Levering homestead in that town, and that 
they died there. 



Children of (I) Rosier' and Elizabeth (Van de Walle) Levering. 

2. 1. JOHN WiGARD -': born in 1648 or '49, in the town of Gemen, 
in Germany. In April, 1674, he married "the chaste vir- 
gin," Magdalena Bokers, of Essen. She was a native of 
Leyden, in Holland. They lived in Gemen until some 
time after the birth and decease of their first child, and 
then removed to Mulheim, where they remained until 
they emigrated to America, after the 20th of March, 1685, 
bringing their surviving four children. (9) 

He settled first in Germantown, Philadelphia, and re- 
moved from there a short distance west, into Roxborough 
Township, in 1691, where he bought a tract of five hun- 
dred acres of land, lying between and bordering upon 
both the River Schuylkill and Wissahickon Creek. Upon 
this estate he lived his remaining years with his family, 
and died there. 

His wife Magdalena died in the summer of 17 17, aged 
about 67 years. He died February 2, 1745, at the prob- 
able age of 97 years, and was buried upon his farm in 
a spot overlooking the romantic Wissahickon, which has 
become a part of the famous Fairmount Park of Phila- 
delphia. This spot subsequently became the churchyard 
and burial ground of the Baptist Church, organized in 
1789, which was greatly enlarged, and is now kncnvn as 
Leverington Cemetery, under a special charter from the 
State of Pennsylvania. This ground doubtless contains 
the remains of Magdalena. A gravestone marking the 
interment, in June, 1744, of their grandchild, Clement 
Levering, still stands, and points the place where repose 
the old pioneers, though no sculptured tablet was ever 
erected there to their memory. 

1 have copied Wigard's family register in another part 
of this volume, as taken from his bible, hereinbefore de- 
scribed, but which has lost its charm and specific value 
in some measure since the discovery of the original rec- 
ords in Germany, v\'hich relate to the same subjects, and 
expose its erroneous dates. His bible was in the pos- 
session of Mrs. Sarah Kirk, of Germantown, a great- 
great-great granddaughter of the old pioneer, until her 


.IcMth. in iS6;. ulK-n it passed to her granddaughter, 
Mrs. Lintun. \\ ho also died. Her husband probably has 

the relie. 

Wigard Lexrring left a will, dated August 23, 1742, 

whicli reads as toilows : 


I. Wiehcrt Lc\ering, of the Township of Roxborrow, 
in the Countv of Philadelphia, in the Province of Penn- 
s\-|\ania, Jovner, being in good health of bodv and of a 
sound and perfect mind and Memory, and calling to mind 
the frailt\- of this transitory life and that it's appointed for 
all flesh once to dye, Do make and ordain this my Last 
Will and Testament in manner and form following, re- 
voking, Disannulling and making utterly void and of none 
effect all other and former Wills by me at any time here- 
tofore made. 

Imps. I will that all m\' Just Debts and ffuneral ex- 
penses be paid and discharged by mv Executor hereinafter 
named with all conxenient speed after mv Decease. 

Ift'iii. I gi\e and Bequeath unto my Daughter Kathe- 
rine _\'e sum of tenn pounds lawful monev of Pennsylva- 
nia to be paid to her b\- my Executor hereinafter named 
within twehe months after my Decease. 

litiii. I gi\-e and Bequeath unto my Daughter Amelia 
the sum of tenn pounds lawful money af to be paid to 
her by my said Executor hereinafter mentioned, within 
two years after m\" Decease. 

//(•/;/. 1 gi\e and Bequeath unto my Daughter Sebilla 
the sum of tenn pounds lawful money af to be paid to 
her by m_\- s'' Executor within three years after my De- 

//(•/;/. 1 gix'e and Bequeath unto my son in law Peter 
lndeha\en ye sum of tenn pounds lawful money af to be 
paid to him by m\- s'' Executor within ffour years after 
m\- Decease. 

//<•///. I gi\'f and Bequeath unto my son in law Wil- 
liam Tunes \e sum of tenn pounds lawful money af^ to 
be paid to him b\- mv s'' Executor within ffive years after 
m\- Decease. 


Lastly. I j^ive and Bequeath unto my son William Lev- 
ering whom I hereby constitute ordain and appoint sole 
Executor of this my Last Will and Testament all other 
my Estate and Effects of what kind soever. 

hi witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and 
seal this twenty third Dav of August in the year of our 
Lord one thousand seven hundred and fforty two. 

WiCHERT W L Levering. 

Signed, sealed, published pronounced and declared by 
the said Wichert* Levering as his last Will & Testament 
in ye presence of us. 

William Levering, 
Hannah Levering, 
Thos. Yorke." 

This w ill was probated after the death of the testator ; 
on the 7th day of February, 1745, in Court at Philadel- 

A former will executed by Wigard on May 10, 1736, 
and which was revoked by the above instrument, con- 
tained the names of all his children, and of the husbands 
of his daughters. Its preservation as a relic, saved also, 
valuable history. 

Two sons; William, born at Mulheim, in Germany, 
and Jacob, born in Roxborough, survived the old pioneer. 
Jacob, on his marriage in 17 17, was made the owner of 
eighty-five acres, bordering on the river Schuylkill, of the 
home farm, by deed from his parents, dated February 20 
of that year. The signature of his mother, Magdalena, 
to this deed is the last record evidence we have of her. 

This deed provided aii easement for "free egress and 
regress to or from the hereby bargained tract thr(Uigh the 
said Wechart and William's other land as far as the Plv- 
mouth Road (now Ridge Avenue), nevertheless it shall 
be lawful for the s' Jacob, afore written, to ffence in all 

*The spelling of the Christian name by his attorney, suggests the pronunciation of W-i-g-a-r-d 
by the yet Teutonic neighbors. " His tnarl< " to this instrument, and to all other documents signed by 
him, was composed of large Roman letters W L, of peculiar form, with a distinctive mark upon the W. 
In his day " his mark" meant a scrawl which each man adopted as his signature, and the use of it by 
another was regarded a forgery. 


the saiJ tract Ifavinj:^ -i aate of Barrs or Shut rails." This 
rijiht of way became what is known as the steep hill 
street between Manaxunk and Ro.xborouLih, called Green 
l,ani-. it is now bordered by business houses and dwell- 
iii*is, many of them are fine residences. . 

On November i, 1717, Wi.^ard conveyed all the resi- 
due of his fi\-e hundred acres to his older son William, 
L'Stimatinu the area at 155 acres, in this deed no wife 
jdins, which suggests the death of Magdalena prior to the 
date noted. 

The inwntorv of Wigard's estate, as made by Matthew 
Houlgate and Isaac C(»ok, on the gth da\' of February, 
1744-45, ''^^^ household effects sufficient for one room 
only — except "one bible valued ^i. 10 and one singing 
book — shows that he had retired from actix'e life and v\'as 
" onl_\- waiting till the shadows a little longer grew"; the 
v\-hile, clinging to His Word as the beacon which would 
guide him safely "over the river." 

II. HberhaRI)-': born about 1652, in Gemen, Germany, where 

he married in 1677, Mechtold, daughter of Gerhard 
Schmulling, and dii'd there Sept. 5, 1711. (21) 

III. liLIZABETH'-': born about 1654, at Gemen. Her presence at 

the christening of her brother's children is testified in 
items Nos. 6 aiid 10 of the Gemen Church records, 
which see. We have no further knowledge of her. 

I\. Alche-: born about 1656 at Gemen. She appeared as a 
witness at the christening ceremony of her brother's 
tu-in daughter, at item No. 7 of church records, as certi- 
fied by the Cliiirclimcstcr. That she and her sister Elizabeth 
appeared in these vicarious relations attests the fact of 
their haxing attained the acceptable age for recognition 
b\' the church. 

\. William': bom about 1658 at Gemen, where he married 
about 10.S7 Cirete Nilant, who died. He married ^d about 
irxj, Maria Velts. of Gemen. He died there January :; 


\l. (.ERHARb-: born about 1660 in Gemen. He emigrated to 
America with his brother Wigard in 1685. He married 

Mary , after his arrix'al at Philadelphia. He died 

•n Whitpain Township. Philad. County, Pa, after the 
>t'ai 17^1. See his histor_\- in these pages. 


8. Vll. Daughter': bom September, 1662, in Gemen. The evi- 
dence of this is found at item No. 17, copied from cluirch 
records, wliich see. That !j;odmothers only appeared de- 
termines the "child" to have been a daimhter. 



Children of Wigard ' and Magdalena (Bokers) Levering. 

9. 1. Anna Sophia-': b. Jan., 1675, in Gemen, and died in in- 

10. II. Anna Catharine': b. March, 1676, in Mulheim, on the 
Rhur. She was brought to America in 1685 by her 
parents when aged "9 years," as stated in the contract 
of transportation. She married Henry Frey at German- 
town, April 26, 1692 (O. S.), of whom Cassel states: 
" Heinrich Frey and Joseph Blatenbach were the first two 
German emigrants who came to Pennsylvania. They 
emigrated in 1680 and settled in Philadelphia." Their 
marriage was among the first weddings which were con- 
tracted and solemnized in the province. The evidence of 
it still exists in the certificate and previous notice which 
was posted on the door of the meeting-house, as follows: 
Whereas, Henry Fry, of Altheim, in the province of 
Alsace, in High German, now inhabitant of Germantown, 
in the county of Philadelphia, bachelor, and Annie Cath- 
arine Levering, of the county of Bruck, lil\ewise in High 
Germany, a young woman, after due consultation with 
their respective parents, have produced a sufficient cer- 
tification of their clearness of all other engagements, 
under the hand of several credible persons, unto one of 
the Justices of the Peace, in the bailiwick of German- 
town, and have published and affLxed their intention of 
marriage in the meeting-house of the said tow n on the 
24th of the first month past. 

As no objections were filed the ceremony was per- 
formed, and This Certificate witnesseth that the said 
Henry Fry and Anna Catharine Levering have this day 
solemnized such their marriage by taking one another as 


I I 


hu.banJ a.vfu ite, accordincr to the law of this country, 
•uid before aiul in the presence of us, whose names are 
hereunder written at Germantown, the 26th day of the 

second mnntli (April), 1692. 

FRANCIS Daniel Pastorius, 

Justice of the Peace. 

mtnesscs: Wicrart Leverino;, Gerhard Levering, Maa- 
dalena Levering, Hans Peter Umstat, Arnold Cassel, 
Henrich Shellenherg, Jon Ponder, Andrew Supplee, 
Manigha May, Catein Tompkins, William Rittinghuysen, 
Henrk-h Zollern, Jacob Pfoutz, Henrich Bucholtz, Elias 
Tossen, Honnas Miller, Elizabeth Cassel, Herman Trap- 
man, Sara Hendricks, Anecki Supplee, Maria Bonus and 

111. Maria Elizabeth^': b. July, 1677 (?),t at Mulheim, and 
" died in the eighteenth week of her age." 

12. IV. Willia.W'': b. May 4, 1679, at Mulheim ; was brought to 
America by his parents in the year 1685, and shared the 
family experiences until of age. 

Mr. Jones stated of William: "He no doubt resided 
with his father at the old mansion in the valley, north- 
west of the present (1858) Baptist Church, and a short 
distance from the Ridge Road. In Nov., 1717, his father 
conveyed to him a large tract of land, being the residue 
of his Plantation that remained unsold. He carried on 
the farm thus bestowed upon him, and no doubt had some 
other occupation. His will shows that his aged father re- 
sided with him at the time of his decease. (43) 

He was a man of substance in those early days, and 
was the friend of JOHN SEHLEE, alias, SEELIG, a Her- 
mit, who, tradition says, lived on a part of his farm, in 

• This cerliticate is In possession of Abm. H. Cassel, of Harleysville, Pa., the antiquarian. As 
his .inii'slors arr^ar amonjj the witnesses, the old document is of special value to him. I have urged upon his di'Cease It should be deposited in the archives of the Hist. Society of Pennsylvania. 
Wizard's old bible should he there also. Such relics are of more than personal concern. I have seen 
this certlliiato. It is written in a plain " hand." upon a comparatively small sheet of paper, which is 
much discolored by age. Henry F-ry was the owner for many years of one hundred acres of land in 
RoxborouRh. adjolnlnK the tract of like area then owned by Gerhard Levering. The dates of their 
rcipccllve di-aths are not known. As appears by the will of her father, Wigard, Anna Catharine was 
living at the lime of its e.xecution. in 1742. In the unproved will of prior date, mentioned, she was rec- 
OKnl'cd as " Otharlne Ifrey " (}6). See biog. 

•In Ihe absence of record evidence to disprove the statements of date, made by Wigard in his 
Regisler. I will adopt his months or years as proper data. 


the vailey back of the present Leverington Cemetery, 
and a short distance beyond the dwelling of William Lev- 

This Hermit had been a pupil and follower of John 
Kelpius, a learned and pious scholar, who came from 
Germany in 1694, and settled on the banks of the beauti- 
ful and romantic Wissahickon. What was the precise 
relation existing between the Hermit Sehlee and Mr. Lev- 
ering is not known, hut it was a very intimate friendship. 
The death of the Hermit is thus noted in the Levering 
Family Bible : 

" John Sealy, hermit, died April 26, 1745, aged -j-j 

His will bears date 17th Sept., 1735, and in it he is de- 
scribed as " John Sehlee of Roxborough, in the county of 
Phila., gentleman." His name is written in English. 

He bequeathed the whole of his estate to " my ffriend 
William Levering, Senr., of Roxborough," and appointed 
him his Executor. 

The hiventory of his estate embraced wearing apparel, 
tools, I scale, with gold and silver weights, 5 bibles, 14 
books, 10 of Jacob Boehm's books, and 120 Latin, Dutch 
and Greek books." 

His manifest education and the scales with so delicate 
weights, suggest that Mr. Sehlee was a remnant of the 
assumed science of alchemy, which obtained for several 
centuries, but which faded out in the 17th century. 

Mr. Watson, the Annalist, says, there was a tradition 
concerning Sehlee to the effect that he had a divining 
rod, which he directed should be cast into water at his 
death. This was done, and the rod exploded with a loud 

William'' Levering m. Catharine . He died in 

Aug. or Sept., 1746. He left a will dated 20th Dec, 
1744. As this instrument was executed before the death 
of his father, Wigard, whom he names and makes pro- 
vision for, also names children and other relations, 1 can 
not omit it. 





" Be it rcnu-mbfred that 1, William Levering, of Rox- 
boruu-h, in the Count)- of Philadelphia, Yeoman, being 
in gcoj Health of Body and of sound and well disposing 
Wind and Memor\-, Blessed be the Lord for the same and 
all other his Mercies and Favours bestowed on me, and 
bfing mindful of m>' mortalit\- and willing to settle my 
VV«irldl\- Affairs in the best manner 1 can, DO make and 
declare mv Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all 
others in manner following. 

That is to sa\-. First \t is mv mind and will that my 
just Debts and Funeral expenses be duly paid and satis- 
tied. And I do gi\e and bequeath unto my eldest son 
William, All that piece of land (Part of m\' Plantation in 
Rox borough aforesaid) containing Thirty acres or there- 
abouts be it more or less, extending from the corner of 
his Orchard North West to the Upper corner of the same 
Orchard and thence continuing that Breadth East to 
Wessahickon, Together with the Appurtenances there- 
unto belonging. To hold to him my said son William 
Le\-ering his Heirs and Assigns forever. Paving unto my 
grand daughter Catharine Engle the sum of Ten pounds 
within one year next after mv Decease. 

.■^ihf as for and concerning all the Rest and Residue of 
my Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments whatsoever or 
wheresoever 1 gi\'e and devise the same unto my younger 
son Benjamin, Together with the Appurtenances, To 
hold to Him the said Benjamin Levering his Heirs and 
assigns forever. Under the conditions and Charges here- 
inafter expressed. That is to say on condition that he or 
his Heirs pa\- unto my eldest daughter Amelia the sum of 
fifteen pounds within one year next after my Decease 
and unto m_\- Daughter Elizabeth the like sum of Fifteen 
Pounds within two years next after my Decease and unto 
my Daughter Magdalen the sum of Twenty Pounds within 
three >'ears next after m\- Decease, And 1 do charge my 
said son Benjamin and the Lands and premises hereinbe- 
fore dexised unto him with the maintenance and support 
ot m)- Dear Father Wichert Lexering, providing him my 


said Father with all necessaries of Life, Comfort and At- 
tendance befittiny; his a^e and Condition in a tender 
Christian like manner. And with the maintenance and 
support of my Dear and Loving wife Catharine, Providing 
her my said wife with all necessaries of Life, Comfort 
and attendance befitting her Condition in a tender Chris- 
tian like manner. And I do release unto each of my 
children sons and daughters all moneys and things here- 
tofore given or lent them respectively. 

And 1 do give and bequeath unto my said dear wife 
Catharine all the residue of my moneys, goods, chattels 
and credits whatsoever or wheresoever. And 1 do nomi- 
nate and appoint my said dear wife Catharine, together 
with my cousin Jacob Levering, who is my uncle Garret 
Levering's son, to be the executrix and executor of this 
my last will and testament. 

In witness whereof, I, the said William Levering, have 
hereunto set my Hand and Seal the twentieth Day of De- 
cember, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hun- 
dred and forty-four, and I do give unto my daughters 
Amelia and Elizabeth the further sums of Five pounds 
apiece to be added to what is before given them. And 
unto my son Benjamin my clock, with my cart and team 
of five horses thereto belonging, with their harness. 

WiLLEM Levering, [seal] 

Witnesses : 

C. Brockden, 
Arthur Forster, Jr., 
Paul Isaac voto, Jr. 

This will was probated Sept. lo, 1746. The inventory 
filed amounted to ^70.13.6, and included "one servant 
lad named John Fox," who was appraised at ^10. 

It v\'ill be noticed his " Dear Father Wickert Leverino'." 
for whom he made provision in this will, died within sixty 
days after its execution, and the testator lived for a year 
and a half after. Further, that his "Executor," Jacob 
Levering, was a resident of Whitpain Township — since 
1 73 1 — a dozen or more miles away, but still within the 

13. V. AMELIA Anna Sophia': b. July, 1682, at Mulheim ; was 
brought to America by her parents in 1685, as shown in 


the contract of transportation cited. She married at 
Kd.xborou^h to Benjamin Morgan, a blacksmith, who died 
in Aiu'ust, 1706. Letters of administration on his estate 
were ^iranted to the widow on August 19, 1706. The in- 
ventory of the estate aggregated ;^75-09-3- ^s appraised 
bv Andrew Robeson and William Palmer. 

' Mr. Jones stated : "1 have seen a release dated March 
S. 1745-46 from Amelia M(jrgan to William Levering, 
txr. of Wigard Levering, deceased, for a legacy of ^10. 
1 think it probable that the shop was near to Robeson's 
Mills, at the Wissaliiccon. Mrs. Morgan d. Feb. 5, 1771, 
aged 88 years. I hax'e never met with any of her pos- 
terity-, but am informed that they reside in Whitpain and 
(jWN'nedd Townships, in Montgomery Co., Pa." 

14. \l. ANNA Sibella': b. Sept., 1684, at Mulheim ; was brought 
to America b\- her parents in the summer of 1685. She 
m. George Miller, who resided at Chestnut Hill, above 
Germantown. Mr. Miller died in Now, 1719. He left a 
will dated " Sommerhausen, 2ist of September, 1719." 
At the office of Register of Wills in Philadelphia, is re- 
corded " A translation of George Miller's will, the origi- 
nal being writ in Dutch. ' in the instrimient he pro- 
vides for his "wife Anna Sibella Miller, daughter of 
Wigard Lew-ring.'" Mention is also made of " sons and 
daughters," but none are named. Mrs. Miller was buried 
at the Concord Burial Ground, near to Chew's House,* 
(Germantown, where on a small headstone is the follow- 
ing inscription: "In Memory of SlBELLA MILLAR, who 
died August 17th, 1764, aged 80 \ears. (48) 

1;. Ml. Her.MAN': b. at Germantown, Pa., Now 18, 1686, and d. 
Maw iCk)i. 

K). Mil. liLlZABETH': b. at Germantown Jan. 7, 1689; d. Sept., 
170^, at 14 vears. It is probable that she was the first 
Lewring buried at Roxborough, in what is now the " Lev- 
ering^on Cemetery." 

17. IX. SiDOMA-': b. April 23, 1691 ; bore the euphonious name 
of her grandam. She m. Peter Indehaven, or De Haven, 
as subsequentl\- called— originall\- hiden Hoff. 


• ll was at Chew s House-a large stone dwelling, which is still well preserved-that the brunt of 
the ballli- ot Germantown was fought in 1777, and this cemetery was a scene of the conflict. 


In 1698 Evert Inden Hoff, with wife and three sons, 
Gerhard, Herman and PETER came to America and settled 
in VanBebber Tp., afterward called Skippack, in Phila- 
delphia County. In 1706 Evert acquired 200 acres of 
land. They were members of the Reformed Church ; 
the father a " Rulinjj; Elder" at Skippack Church, where 
he was buried after decease. The burial trround has been 
neglected and obliterated, and no record can be found. 
About 1730 E\ert sold a part of his land to his son Peter. 
1 have already mentioned the latter as an owner of land 
in Whitpain, adjoinin*^ the tracts purchased by Gerhard 
Levering for his three sons in 173 1. 

That Wigard Levering in his Will, dated 23d of August, 
1742, bequeathed "unto my son-in-law Peter Indehaven, 
ye sum of tenn pounds," suggests the death of Sidonia 
prior to the date of the instrument. 

Hon. Jones Detwiler, of Whitpain, in letter of Aug. i, 
1892 wrote me: "Peter De Haven died May 23, 1768, 
aged 82 years, and was buried in the old churchyard of 
Boehm's Church in Whitpain Tp." There is no doubt 
that Sidonia was interred in the same spot. The church 
was founded in 1740. Mr. Detwiler subsequently wrote 
me. In the month of May, 1894, "1 have received a 
visit from Baron Van Alten, a German nobleman, who 
came to this country to look after an estate of his wife, 
who was a De Haven. He gave me information, viz.: 
Peter Inden Hoff (alias Ten Heaven ; hiden Hoffen ; 
Hoven ; De Haven), born and baptised at Mulheim, on 
the Rhur, in Germany ; married Sidonia Levering ; 
born April 23, 1691, and had twelve children, whom he 
named. He afterwards married Sarah Hughes. 

[Mrs. A. M. Holstein, in her Holstein Family History, 
1892, states that Peter and Sarah (Hughes) De Haven, 
had an only son, Hugh, born 1750 who married Sarah 
Holstein in 1775.] 

18. X. Jacob'': b. Jan. 21, 1693, at Roxborough, which has be- 
come a part of the 21st ward of the city of Philadelphia. 
He was probably the first of the family name born in the 
place. He married Alice, or Alee, Tunes. (61) 

On Februar\' 20, 1717, his father conveved to him 85 
acres of land upon which he settled. The tract bordered 


upon the river Schuylkill, and embraced a large part of 
what since became the borough of Manayunk, and subse- 
quently a ward of the city. The area comprised all be- 
tween Washington and Levering Streets as now subdi- 
vided. Jacob lived in, probably, a log house in the 
meadow on the easterly side of Green Lane until 1736, 
when he built a stone house on the westerly side of this 
street. The date stone — which was an ostentatious em- 
bellishment in the architecture of those days — bears his 
initials, and is still preserved. His great grandson, Pere- 
grine Wharton Levering, during his lifetime and occu- 
pancy of the premises, enlarged the structure. Since 
his death, which occurred in 1888, his unmarried daughter, 
Eliza, demolished the old mansion and (in 1890) erected 
a modern dwelling upon the site. Ever since Feb. 29, 
1691, when Wigard purchased the land of Thomas Hill, 
it has been owned by some Levering, and since 1736, has 
the occupant of the dwelling site, ancient and modern, 
born the family name. 

Jacob owned, also, a considerable estate on the oppo- 
site side of the Schuylkill, now in Lower Merion Town- 
ship, in Montg. Co. This remained in family succession 
to and including his great-grandson John Levering ^ who 
died in 1878. 

His wife Alice died, as evidenced by documents, be- 
tween the dates of Jan. 15, 1750, and March 24, 1753, 
and he followed in October, 1753. He left a considerable 
estate. The inventory of personalty alone amounted to 

His will is dated December 22, 1752. In this he de- 
scribes himself as Jacob Levering, of Roxborrow Town- 
ship, in the county of Philada., Joyner. After providing 
for the payment of any debts and funeral expenses, he 
bequeaths : 

To his " Daughter Magdalen, who is married to Samuel 
Showier, and to her heirs or assigns mv Negro girl called 

To his "Three eldest sons, Abraham, Wigard and 
William Levering, and to each of them, the sum of five 
pounds, money of Pensilvania, apiece." 

To his "son Jacob Levering twenty-four acres of land 
in Roxborrow Township aforesaid between the Plymouth 


Road (now Ridge Avenue) and ScJiuUkill," as described^ 
"and the sum of Ninety Pounds l.avvful Money," etc. 

To his "son Anthony Levering all my Land in Merion 
Township, in the county aforesaid (then Philad.) hy com- 
putation fifteen acres, together with the Saw Mill, Build- 
ings, and timber Wheels, thereunto belonging," etc. 

To his "son Benjamin Levering, twenty-four acres of 
land along the side of the beforementioned piece given to 
my son Jacob" — described — "and the sum of one hun- 
dred and thirty pounds money aforesaid." 

To his "youngest son Septimus Levering, All that 
tract of land whereon 1 live, Together with all the im- 
provements and buildings thereon erected"; also, sundry 
articles of personal property, as listed, to which he adds, 
" and my Ne^^ro boy called Kit," and — 

Lastly. 1 do nominate and appoint my sons Abraham 
Levering and Septimus Levering to be my whole and sole 
Executors, giving them full power and authority to sell 
and dispose of all my other Land or Lands, Ground 
Rents, whatsomever, etc., and to Sign, Seal and Deliver 
any Deed or writing of confirmation for the same as ab- 
solute and fully as if 1 myself were Personally Present." 

And with the usual afterthought, he adds, "It is my 
will that my Executors Pay the sum of Ten Pounds 
above mentioned (?) to my above-named Daughter 
Magdalen, and that my son William shall have my large 
Iron Kettle which I have long since also promised to him, 
before my estate be divided as above." 

This will was proved October 22, 1753. Among the 
articles listed in the inventory of the estate were "A 
large Bible in the Germain tongue," appraised at ^, 
and "A large Dutch Bible," appraised at p^o. 15, and 
other books. 

Mr. Jones states: "None of these books can now be 
found." As the first bible was in German, and appraised 
at the precise valuation affixed in the inventory of his 
father's estate but a few years before, I believe this to 
have been Wigard Levering's old volume, which was 
handed down in the line of Jacob to Mrs. Kirk, before 

19. XI. Magdalena^: b. Jan. 13, 1695, '-^^ Roxborough, and d. 
when three weeks old. 


20. XII. MagDALENA-': b. June 4, 1696, at Roxborough. She mar- 
ried William Tunes, alias Tennis. She died prior to May 
10, 1736, as she is mentioned in the first will of her 
father, Wigard, as deceased. Mr. Jones states: "A 
Release, dated Feb. 13, 1751, recites that 'Samuel Ten- 
nis and J(.hn Tennis, grandsons of Wichert Levering," 
had received the Legacy of Ten Pounds bequeathed by 
Wichert Levering to his son-in-law, William Tennis. 
They are described as 'of Towamencin Township, in 
the County of Philadelphia. Nothing further has been 
discovered of her posterity.' " 

it will be observed in this volume that 1 have discov- 
ered and gathered numerous descendents to Samuel and 
other children to Magdalena. (69) 

Children of (3) Eberhard and Mechtold (Schmulling-) Levering, 







I. Hermann Otto-': b. in 1678, at Gemen, Germany. 

II. ANNA Margaretta Gerdrut": b. April, 1680, at Gemen, 


III. ROSIER Wensall-': b. Oct., 1681, at Gemen, Germany. 

IV. William John Deitrich': \ Nov., 1683, at Gemen, Ger- 

V. Anna ElSHEN': j many. 
\'l. ANNA Sophia": 1 

Ml. GERTRUTSIBELLA": /''^''•' '^^^^ '^'^ ^^^^"^^■^' Germany. 

\ 111. DIETRICH ArnhOLDT-': April, 1687, at Gemen, Germany. 
IX. Catarina LlizaBETH': Feb., 1689, at Gemen, Germany. 

Child of (6) William' and Grete (Nilant) Levering. 
30 I. ROSIER GERHARDT': b. May, 1688, at Gemen, Germany. 

Children of same and Maria (Velts) 2d "Wife. 




II. Hlschen Christina Gertrudt': b. June, 1692, at Gemen. 

III. William Dirich-': b. June, 1693, at Gemen. 

I\'. Florentina LizaBETH': b. Mch., 1695, 'It Gemen. 

\ . Ian Daniel': b. Oct., 1696, at Gemen. 

\ I. Charlotte Meida": b. Sept., 1698, at Gemen. 

As Gerhard" came to America, and had numerous pos- 
terity, his children are listed in their place. 



Children of (9) Anna Catharine (Levering) and Heinrich Frey. 

36. I. Jacob*: b. about 1694, in Roxborou^h, Philad. Co., Pa.; 

was removed by his parents, before 1709, to Towamencin 
Tp. in westerly part of Pliilad. (now Montgomer)') 
County, where his life was spent. The last will of Jacob 
Prey, of Towamencin, dated Feb. 28, 1782, was proved 
Jan. 7, 1785, at Norristown, county seat of the then new 
county of Montgomery. In his will he gives to his wife, 
Margaret, the household goods, and directs all other per- 
sonal estate to be sold and distribution made between " all 
my children, viz.: Jacob, Joseph, George, William and 
Henry." His farm of about 200 acres (probably the 
original homestead), he divided, one-half to Jacob, one- 
fourth to George and one-fourth to Joseph, and then made 
provision for equalization. (73) 

The date of probate of his will indicates an age of 90 
years. He was, doubtless, buried in the old Frey grave- 

37. 11. Henry*: m. Christiana . Mr. Heckler states : "Henry 

Fry and wife, Christiana, lived in the north corner of 
Towamencin Tp. He built a woolen mill on a small 
stream, which was disposed of and the mill taken down 
in the early part of this century. The remains of the 
dam and race are still (1896) visible. After selling, he 
bought a farm, June 10, 1763, in Lower Salford Tp. This 
he sold, Sept. 10, 1769, and no further trace is found." 

38. 111. John*: m. a Miss Keisler. There is record evidence that 

John Frey lived in Franconia Tp., Montg. Co., in 1734, 
and died there Oct, 23, 1766; was buried in the Mennon- 
ite Cemetery. (78) 

39. IV. George*: nothing is known of him. His signature is ap- 

pended as a witness to the written agreement between 
his parents and brother Jacob and sisters, dated October 
12, 1732, as copied into the biography of Heinrich Frey. 

40. V. Elizabeth*: m. prior to Aug. 18, 1735, to Johannes Miiller. 

See biog. of her father. 


41. VI. REBECCA^: Unmarried in Oct., 1732. Her history not 


42. \ll. AMELIA': b. July i, 1719. '^^ Skippack, in (tlien) Philad. 

Co., Pa.; m. June 10, i737. to Frederick Leinbach, of 
Oley, Berks Co., Pa., tailor and farmer, who was b. 
Jul\' 15, 1703, at Hockstadt, in the Wetteran, who, with 
two brothers and two sisters, arrived in Pennsylvania on 
Sept. II,' 172^, with their father, Jolm Leinbach, Sr. 
(organist), and his wife, Anna Elizabeth, who was a dau. 
of Adam Kleiss. 

Amelia' was baptized by Count Zinzendorf (then a 
bishop), at Germantown, Philad., May 6, 1842 — nearly 
five years after her marriage — thereby becoming related 
to the Moravian Church. She was the mother of seven- 
teen children, as will appear in place. With nine sons 
she contributed her share to creating what has been 
called "the immense family of Leinbachs" of Penna., 
N. Car. and other localities. (88) 

The recent (Nov., 1895) discovery of these family rec- 
ords in the old Moravian Church archives at Oley, Berks 
Co., Pa., by Bishop Levering, of Bethlehem, Pa., appears 
to explain the absence of local record information at Rox- 
borough, of Anna Catharine'' (dau. of Wigard Levering), 
and her husband, Henry Frey, after their marriage, at 
Germantown, on April (O. S.) 26, 1692, The birth of 
Amelia* at Skippack, 27 years after, suggests continued 
residence there of the family. 

The records of Oley, referred to, names Elizabeth as 
having married to Frederick Leinbach, but Abraham 
H. Cassel, the antiquarian, of Harleysville, Montg. Co., 
Pa., has legal documents of that period, signed by the 
parties, which show that Amelia married Mr. Leinbach 
and Elizabeth married Johannes Miller. Mr. Cassel, who 
is well informed as to Henrich Frey, states that he "had 
nine children by Anna Catharine, six sons and three 
daughters ; that four of the sons settled in Virginia, Jacob 
and John remained in Penna." 

As appears above, Henry also remained. 

[NOTE. -The apparent neglect of family registers by the early 
descendants of Anna Catharine ' and Heinrich Frey creates a doubt 
as to the numerical arrangement of the generations. The genea- 
logical information I have gathered came from various sources. 


While to each contributor the data sent appeared reliable, I find it 
difficult to relate persons named. The poverty of dates which char- 
acterizes the early lists renders family classification uncertain. 

Abraham H. Cassel — the well-known antiquarian — more than 
any other, has made effort to learn of Heinrich Frey, as the earliest 
pioneer of Germantown, Philad. Mr. C. has collected a number of 
legal documents relating to the family, from which much has been 
gleaned and confirmed, as the names of children, whom some of 
them married, etc. A biographical sketch of Heinrich Frey, in this 
volume, contains matter of interest. 

We have evidence that Anna Catharine' married Heinrich Frey, 
in April, 1692. It is fair to assume that their first child, said to 
have been JacobS was born in 1694. Another son, John*, was 
probably born about the year 1700. 1 am informed that he married 
a Miss Keisler; that they had nine children ; the first listed being 
Jacob"', b. Sept. 23, 1780. This indicates the father as 80 years old 
at the time of his birth, and suggests an intervening stirp. 

James Y. Heckler, historian of the locality embracing Frey's de- 
scendants, finds record evidence of some early members of the 
family. He writes me: "A John Fry (no doubt a son of Hein- 
rich) lived in Franconia Tp., Montg. Co., Pa., in 1734, and d. Oct. 
23, 1766. He had a son William, b. in 1724 (d. 181 1), who had a 
son John, b. 1762 and d. 1846. A preserved docket of Esquire 
Michael Croll, of that time records the marriage of Elizabeth Fry, 
on Aug. 14, 1787, to Jacob Dehaven. (She died about 1850. No 
chn.j Also the marriage of Anna Fry, on Mch. 31, 1789, to Jacob 
Freed." These names do not appear among data furnished me. 
Mr. Heckler adds: "Many of us old settlers knew Betty De- 
haven 50 years ago. At that time there were several Fry families 
living near to Evansburg, but all are gone now." it is matter for 
regret that Mr. Jones — who was collecting family history at that 
time — did not extend his inquiry for posterity of Anna Catharine'. 
As no family records can be found, the trail is lost. The repetition 
of names, or "naming after," in the absence of dates, renders rec- 
ognition almost impossible. Every family had a Jacob. "There 
were so many," says Mr. Heckler, "that other designations were 
resorted to, as big Jacob, little Jacob, old Jacob, smith Jacob, 
mason Jacob, farmer Jacob, carpenter Jacob, etc." 

Notwithstanding the suspected loss of a generation correspond- 
ing with grandchildren of Anna Catharine-', the subsequent gen- 
erations classified herein appear to correspond in birth dates with 
the same generations of other branches of Wigard's posterity.] 

Children of (J 2) William' and Catharine Levering. 

4^. I. William^: b. Au;j;., 1705, at Roxb.; m. May 4, 1732, Mrs. 
Hannah Clemens, whose maiden name was Harden. She 
was an English lady. (105) 

William was a considerable land owner and a citizen of 
active enterprise. He built the first Inn or Ta\"ern. as 


called in those days, in Roxborough. The date stone is 
inscribed, " Built by William and Hannah Leverin;^, 1731 ; 
Rebuilt by Nathan and Sarah Levering, 1784." It is a 
large stone building, on Ridge Avenue, a short distance 
above the intersection of Green Lane. It once bore 
the sign of "The Tun," and was changed to "The 
Wagon and Horses," but at present and for more than 
half a century has been knov/n as "The Leverington 

On the opposite side of Ridge Avenue, some distance 
below Green Lane, stands what used to be known as the 
Roxborough School House, which was founded by Will- 
iam Levering in 1748, and rebuilt, 1795. '^ '-"^ ^^ substan- 
tial stone structure, now modernized, and known as " The 
Levering Primary School," in distinction from "The 
Levering Grammar School," a recently built, imposing 
structure, which stands a few squares apart. As they 
are within the city of Philadelphia, they are under mu- 
nicipal control. 

Mrs. Elvira Levering Cartwright (lur Holgate) recently 
deceased, carefully preserved the surveyor's plat of the 
survey of the school house site as donated by William. 
It is designated, in flourishing penmanship, viz.: "Draught 
of the school house lott of 20 perches of land, scituate in 
Roxborro, given by Wm. Levering for ye use of a school, 
survey'' March Anno Dom' 1748." The deed by William 
and Hannah, his wife, dated April i, 1748, conveyed "for 
and in consideration of the love and regard they have 
and bear for the public good in having a school kept in 
their neighborhood" the land to Jacob Levering, Michael 
Righter, Benjamin Levering, Abraham Levering, Wickard 
Levering, John Houlgate and five other trustees named. 
By a deed of same donor, dated March 30, 1771, a con- 
siderable area was gratuitously added. 

The landed estate of William had increased at the time 
of his death to about 250 acres. He d. Mch. 30, 1774. 
His wife d. May 23, 1768, aged 59 years. They were 
buried in the Leverington Cemetery, near to their life- 
time home. 

The Lfverington Hotel remained in the family name 
until March, 1858 — a period of 126 years — when it was 
sold into stranger hands. 


11. Amelia': b. about 1708, at Roxb.; m. Men. 22, 1722, at 
Abinujton Friends Meeting, to Abraham Shoemaker, of 
Bristol Township, in Philad. Co., who was b. June 15, 
1697, and d. in Oct., 1753. His will, dated Sept. 21, 
1753, was proved at Philad. on Oct. 11, 1753. He left a 
considerable estate. He owned about 260 acres of land, 
which he devised to his children. She died Feb. 7, 1762, 
was buried in the " Sh(^emaker graveyard." (114) 

1 have had some correspondence with Mr. Benjamin H. 
Shoemaker, of Philad., in relation to this family. He 
informed me that this Abraham Shoemaker married a 
LiVEZEY (not a Levering), as shown by the records of 
the old Abington Mo. Meeting. While pursuing an inves- 
tigation, I discovered among some papers given me by Hon. 
H. G. Jones, a document, brown with age, which reads: 

"To all People to whom these presents shall come: 
Abraham Shoemaker of y" County of Philadelphia, mason 
and Amelia, his wife, one of the Daughters of William 
Levering late of Roxborrow in y** County af Yeoman, 
deceased, send greeting. 

Whereas the s'' William Levering by his Last Will and 
Testament bearing date the 20th of December A" D' 1744, 
Devised certain lands Tenements and Hereditaments unto 
his son Benjamin Levering, subject (among other things) 
to the payment of y*^ sum of twenty Pounds to the af* 
Amelia, a Legacy thereby bequeathed her. Now know 
yee that y'' said Abraham Shoemaker and Amelia his wife 
do hereby acknowledge to have this day received of the 
s*^ Benj"' Levering the said sum of twenty Pounds. And 
Therefore do thereof hereby acquit iind forever discharge 
the s" Benjamin Levering, his heirs Exec^ and admts, and 
y'* premises charged therewith. 

in Witness Whereof they the said Abraham Shoemaker 
and Amelia bis wife have hereunto put their hands and 
Seals the twenty sixth day of October in the Year of our 
Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty seven. 

ABRAHAM Shoemaker, n (wax 
Ameley Shoemaker. Q seals) 

Sealed and Delivered, ye words 
(certain lands) being first inter- 
lined in the presence of us. 

Hans BucHER (in German). 

Patrick Hase. 

I I.' THH LI-\HRING FA\\I1.^. 

I sent this instiimunt t<» Mr. Shofinakci, \\^\v^ acknovvl- 
fii}:c-il it (Ffh. 2, iSiX>) 'IS "fixing: abs(.lulLl\ the parent- 
aye of Ahrahain SIxtemaker's wite," and his descent from 
a Leverini.' ; hut, askinj: uitli apparent i.<iiKern, "What 
ot tile reoirJ ot Ahinyton Meeting"? I must answer: 
it is not till- first erroneous church record whicii 1 ha\e 
met with. V. S. I lia\e since (Au^., i<Sc;6,) been in- 
formed that tlie earliest of this "Wetting" record was 
written from mem(»ry. 

-4;. III. 1:I.IZARI-:th*: b. about ijuat Roxb.; m. Jnhn Cleaxer, of 
Philad. Count)-, who was a wea\er, as shown by a paper 
dated Sept. 6. 174S. Nothin;i is knnwn of her posterity. 

46. I\ . WacjdaLENA*: b. about 171^ at l^^^xb.; ni. Matthias Maris, 

of (R'rmantown, who was a paper-maker. He had a mill 
on the Wissahickon Creek, and died there on May ly, 
1747, lea\iny a will dateei \Jvl. 2<S, 1746. 

Mr. Jones states: " The name is often spelled Meuris. 
Mrs. M.. after her husband's death, went to Philad. with 
her children, and subsequently remowd to Ro.xborou^h, 
to the old (Wi^iard's) homstead, west of the Baptist 
Church. She was kni>wn amon^j; her relati\es as 'Aunt 
Madeline.' or ' Aunt Maudlin." " ( 120) 

47. \'. Benjamin^: b. about 172^ at Roxb.; m. Au^^ 22, 174s. in 

Christ's Church. Philad.. to Hlizabeth Jones, of the 
Cireat \'alle\-, Chester Co., Pa. He li\ed in Ro.xb. on 
the southerly side of the Ridiie Road — now Ridtie Avenue 
— in a stone dwelliiiji that stood in a field, nearh" opposite 
the Le\erin^^ton Hotel. He was a sadiller. ( 123) 

A preser\ed instrument of lease, dated Feb. 7, 1745, 
Mr. Jones states, was (iSv"^) in possession of Mr. 
Shields, (tf Mana\unk. B\- it the father, William ' Le\er- 
in«:, leased to Benjamin 1 so acres of land in Roxborouu[h, 
but reser\ed " the dwellin^^ house of the said William, 
and the cellar therein, and all rooms in the said house, atthe 
<iarret therein, and the garden before and near the said 
house, and a part of the \ard southwestward of the said 
house, and sufficient stabling for one horse, two cows and 
six sheep, and ail the yard between the said dwellinn house 
and the <!arden, to and for the use of the said William 
Levering, durin^ his life. This property- was subse 
quently bequeathed to Benjamin, and charged with the 


support of the aged Wigart Levering*, the grandfather of 
Benjamin. The inference, therefore, is that William'* was 
living there, and that there he, his father, Wigard, died. 
Hence some have supposed that that was the first resi- 
dence of Wigard, but the older tradition is that he first 
lived near to the present (1858) Baptist Church. The 
query has often been asked, Why was Benjamin Lever- 
ing's house built so far back in the field ? The reply has 
been that the Ridge Road formerly passed close by that 
house, and entered the present road (1858) below the 
house of Abraham Shalkop. 

Benjamin died Mch. 17, 1763, and was interred in Lev- 
erington Cemetery. Relating to the settlement of his 
estate, which appears to have been delayed for a long 
time, Mrs. Kate Levering Bradshaw has an original, offi- 
cial relic, which reads as follows : 

"Philadelphia, October 22, 1770. 

Sir — You are hereby summoned to meet me at the 
house of William Levering, in Roxborough Township, on 
Thursday, the twenty-fifth day of October, instant, at 
eight o'clock in the morning (if the weather permits, 
otherwise on Monday, the twenty-ninth day of October, 
instant, at the aforesaid hour), as a juryman for the par 
tition or valuation of the estate, late of Benjamin Lever- 
ing, dec'd. 

JUDAH Foulke, Sheriff. 

To Mr. Nicholas Rittenhouse. 

Children of (14) Anna Si Bella ' (Levering) and George Miller* 

48. 1. Wigard*: b. in 17 14, at Sommerhausen, one of the original 
tracts into which the township of Germantown was 
divided, and afterward known as Chestnut Hill. He m. 

Barbara , who d. March 23, 1747-48, aged 26 

years. He m. 2d Cliristiana Hesser, who d. Feb. 4, 1824, 
aged 73 years. He d. Oct. 4, 1795. He left a will dated 
March 5, 1795. He was a blacksmith and had consider- 
able property. He donated means for a public school, 
and gave a legacy to St. Michael's Lutheran Church of 
Germantown, of which he was a member, and in whose 
grounds he was buried. ( 128) 

* There appears error, or discrepancy of date in this statement, as Wigard died five days before 
the date of lease noted, and a " subsequent " bequest, widens the breach. 


I 1.4 THf: LI-.\I-:RING FAMin'. 

In this coniuxtion Mr. Jones states: "There were, 
doubtless, a nunilvr of chilJren, as the will of Mr. Miller 
mentions sons anJ Jaiiyliters, hut I have not been able to 
Jisc()\er anv except Wizard." 

Children of (17) Sidonia (Levering) and Peter DeHaven. 

49. I. HhWARI)': cordwainer ; 6 children; 56 acres; 2 horses; 

5 slieep ; 3 cattle. 

50. II. William': tarmer ; so acres; 2 horses, etc.; ni. Hannah 

. They had a daughter named Phoche ; all are dead 

and buried at Bot-hm Churchyard. 

51. 111. .WoDLIN": 

52. 1\ . J( )HN ' : died youn*i. 

S^. \. 1M;tLR': tarmer; three chn.; 40 acres, etc. 
!;4. \ 1. Hlizabi-:th ' : 

55. \ 11. Sa.MUHL': b. in 172^; 'n- Susanna Spauldino, ; 7 chn.; 50 

acres ; d. Feb. 19, i.Si 5. 

56. \ 111. (iKRMARI)' : 

57. 1\. MaI^V: 

5S. X. John': farmer; 4 chn.; 100 acres ; horses, etc. 
t^(). \\. Jacc )B' : 

(¥3. Ml. ABRAHAM': 

As stilted elsewhere, the names of these children were 
made known in 1894 by Baron Van Alten, of Germany, 
whose wife was a DeHa\'en. The list was manifestly 
funiished to the relatives in the old countrv. 

The d:ita. as to children, area of lands, horses, etc, 
are taken from a preserved Whitpain township assessor's 
record of 1760-61, by lliui. Jnncs Detwiler. Such lists 
usuall)- note only the number of children j/ //ddu'. 

In this connection I repeat my regret because of the 
loss ot the earliest records of old Boehm Church, of which 
Peter l)eHa\en was a constituent membei' and one of the 


Children of (18) Jacob' and Alice (Tunes) Levering^. 

61. 1. MaGDALENA*: b. about 17 16, in Roxb.; m. Sept. 27, 1740, 

Samuel Showier. They removed to Lancaster County, 
Pa., where he died prior to 1809. It is not known when 
Mrs. L. died. (135) 

62. 11. ABRAHAM*: b. in May, 1717, on Green Lane, in Roxb.; m. 

Nov. 14, 1745, Anna Thomas, who was born in 1726. 
She was a daughter of Griffith and Margaret Thomas, 
who came from Carmarthenshire, in Wales, and was a 
cousin of the great hymnologist. Rev. Isaac Watts, D. D. 


Both he and his wife were notably pious persons. The 
records of the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia, 
which is now (1894) situated on the northwest corner of 
Arch and Fourteenth (Broad) Streets, show that both 
Abraham and Anna Levering were baptised in the river 
Schuylkill, on September 11, 1756. Subsequently they 
became constituent members of the Roxborough Baptist 
Church, which was organized August 23, 1789, and he 
was made the first Deacon, having been chosen to that 
office on March 27, 1791. Until that time, since the or- 
ganization, the pastor or supply officiated in the service 
of communion. 

The office of Deacon in this church has been continued 
in his family to this time. His son, John Levering % was 
chosen on Dec. 22, 1792; his son Anthony"^ on Sept. 22, 
1800; his grandson, Peregrine W.'', on Aug. 18, 1832; 
his great grandson, Anthony D.', on June 15, 185 1 ; his 
grandson, Enoch", on Jan. 22, 1866. While of his imme- 
diate relations, descending from brothers, Charles'' was 
chosen on March 24, 1821 ; Thomas'', on May 27, 1837; 
George B. ^ on Feb. 16, 1874, and Morris', on Jan. 7, 

Mr. Jones states of Abraham*: In early life he lived 
on the Ridge Road, below the 6-mile stone (measured 

*The church, as first constituted, consisted of 32 members, of whom n were Leverings and 2 were 
married women who liad borne the name. The old " meeting house," as first erected in 1793. stood in 
the midst of the present Leverington Cemetery. The approach from Ridge Avenue was between two 
long lines of Lombardy Poplar trees, while the building was surrounded by large Elms. These were 
consumed by fire, which destroyed the building. It was rebuilt in 1830, and like destruction compelled a 
third building in 1870, which also followed in tlames in April, 1876. This third loss determined the con- 
gregation to remove to a new site, which was selected close against Ridge Avenue, a few rods east of 
the entrance gate to the long-used location. 

Il6 THE Ll-.M-.RING FA\\1L^. 

from St*c<ind and MarUtt Street), where, about the year 
1746, he huilt a larjie stone house upnn land adjoining 
that of his brother Wizard, and opposite to that of his 
brother Jacob. 

L)urin<: his later \ears lie li\ed on Green Lane, at the 
old homestead of his father. Before a meeting: house 
was built in Ko.xborough his dwellin;: was often used as a 
preaching place. He was a constant attendant at church, 
and usuall\- carried a large cane. He a peculiar dis- 
like for dogs in the meeting house, hence, w henever he 
found one there he caned it out. 

Mrs. l,e\'ering died Aug. 1, 1799. He survived her 
several years. At the time of his death, which occurred 
on Oct. 31, 1S04, he was a x-eiu-iabk' lodk-jng man with 
white, flowing locks. 

His estate embraced a large tract of land, upon which 
a part of Manayunk is now built. His w ill, dated Aug. 
20, 1798, was pro\(.-d in Philadelphia on Dec. 15, 1804. 
Both were interred in Le\erington Cemetery. 

6^. 111. VVlGARD*, or WECHARL)': b. in 1719 at Ro.xb. He was 
m. twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Sturges, who 

died. His second, Elizabeth . She also died, in 

Oct., 181;, aged 81 years, and is buried in Le\-. Ceni. 
She left a will, dated August i ;. 1812, which was proved 
at Norristown, Oct. 12. i8n. (148) 

Mr. Jones states: "He owned several tracts of land 
in Roxborough. OiU' contained 88 acres, which he 
bought in 1753, and which he sold in parcels to \arious 
persons. Several of the deeds for this land, signed by 
Wechard and his wife, I ha\e seen. To recover this 
land one of his grandsons brought an action of ejectnK nt 
in the vear 1854 and another in i8s7. He also owned a 
farm on the northerlv side of the Ridge Road, at the 
corner of Hermit's l.ane. and on it erected a large stone 
house similar in ili;it of liis biother Abraham. The date 
stone marked W'L., 1742, is now in possession of Enoch" 
Levering, who uses it as a bacl< to his fireplace in order 
to keep it safe. Ha\ ing sold all his lands in Roxborough. 
Wechard removed to Plymouth Township (then in 
Philad., now in) Montgomery Co., where he bought a 
large tract of land," etc. 


The farm at the " corner of Hermit's Lane " Wechard 
sold and transferred to his nephew, John'^ Levering, who 
lived in the house described, and died there July 28, 
1832. His son Hnoch'' succeeded to the ownership, and 
lived in the premises until he died, in June, 1775, ^^^d 
79>^ years. All the children of John'', from the year 
1778 to 1795, including Enoch*, were born in this house. 
It is now numbered 3905 Ridge Avenue, Philad., being 
north of 3900th Street, formerly Hermit Street. It 
is still (1894) occupied by Sophia, widow of Enoch, and 
their uamarried daughter Sarah ^ S., who will succeed to 
the title, by provision of the will of her father, on the 
death of her mother, who is now 86 years old. 

During February, 1884, 1 again visited the old home- 
stead, and slept in the room where " all the children " — 
including my father Abraham ^ — were born. Since the 
death of Enoch the house has been enlarged and much 
improved. The old "date stone," referred to by Mr. 
Jones, is still preserved in an upper room (not "fire- 
place"). It is of hard soapstone, measures 16 by 24 
inches, and is 4 inches thick. It is carved distinctly with 
sunken letters and ornamental scroll work. The inscrip- 
tion is W L, 1843 (not 2, as Mr. Jones notes). 

Wechard died July 6, 1782, and was buried in Lev. 
Cem. His will, on record in Philadelphia, is dated May 
24, 1782, and was proved July 22, 1782. His signature 
to this will is written WECHARD Levering, a corruption 
of Wigard, and spelled as his pronunciation sounded. 

64. IV. William*: b. at Roxb. in 1721 ; m. May 16, 1751, by 
Rev. Peter Peterson Vanhorn, a Baptist minister, to Mar- 
garet Lohrmann, who was born May 23, 1729, in Schwei- 
gen. Publication of the marriage was made at the Lower 
Dublin Baptist Church, at Philadelphia, as shown by the 
original certificate of marriage, which was preserved by 
(333) Abraham Levering". It bears the signatures of 
the following Leverings : Elizabeth Levering, Jacob Lev- 
ering, Hannah Levering, Anthony Levering, Benjamin 
Levering, Septimus Levering, Jacob Levering, Alice Lev- 
ering, Abraham Levering, Anna Levering, Wechard Lev- 
ering and Elizabeth Levering. 

Mr. Levering d. Nov. 7, 1785, and Mrs. L. d. Nov. 18, 
1805, aged 79 years. Both are interred in Lev. Cem. 


lis THH LH\l-:kING FAMin'. 

ThfV had no children. He k-tt a will dau-d S, 1785, 
which was pruvid at Nnrristown, iV\(»nt;i<imcr\' Ci»., Pa., 
on N«iv. 16, 17S;. Hf ;:avf a Lf^ac\- ct " Tliirty pounds 
t<» p<K»r and distri-ssi-d persons of the Methodist Society," 
and bequeathed the residue of his estate amonji his 
brothers and sisters and tlieir children. His widow , Mar- 
garet, left a will dati-d in iSoj. which proven in 
Court at Norristown on Dec. 1 i. 1S05. 

It is known that they resided at Pixinouth. Their re- 
mo\ to that part of the Count\- was made subsequent 
to their rnarriatze, as indicated b\- their certificate of mar- 
ria<:e having ...■.nn,-,! in f^hilad. 

6q. \. Jac:()H': b. about i7_s. in Ho.xb.; in. Elizabeth . He 

d. prior to 1807. Mr. Jones sa\s of him: " He built, in 
1755, a house on the tract of land de\ ised to him b\- his 
father, situated on the south side of the Ridj^e Road; it 
is now (JS5.S) owned and occupied by Charles Rijihter. 
Amonj: the witnesses to his brother William's marriage 
Were Hlizabeth antl Jacob Le\ ering, and 1 hence infer that 
the\' were this Jacob and his wife. 1 think' he afterwards 
resided in Philadelphia." (160) 

66. \l. ANTHONY': b. at Ro.xb. about 172=;; m. Dec. u. 17^1, 
Agnes Tunis. The original marriage certificate, which 
was preser\i'd b\- his grandson. John Levering'', states 
that the marriage ceremon\- was performed by Joseph 
Bonsall, a Justice of the Peace, for the Count\' of Ciies- 
ter. I"he w itnesses, whose signatures appein- upon the 
Certificate, embr;ice Jacob LiAering, Benjamin Le\ering, 
Septimus Levering, Elizabeth Levering and Hannah Lev- 
ering. He inherited from his father a tract of land and a 
saw-mill in Lower Merion, opposite Manayunk. He died 
in 17SS. He left .1 will dated Feb. 2^, i7>^7, which was 
proven in Court at Norristown, Mch. j6, 17S8. He and 
his w ife weri' buried at Merion Friends Meeting grounds. 

^ 67. \ll. Blnja.MIN': b. .It Roxb. Sept. i^;. 1728; m. Apl. 2, iHs4, 
at Swede's Church, I'hilad.. to Catharine Righter. Mr. 
Jones states : "He resided on the Ridge Road, opposite 
Samuel (iorgas. The farm wlure he lived was once 
owned bv John Bald. I'Ikic was a two-storv lotf house. 
which was pulled dow n years ago. A stone house was 


also on the place, and that was pulled down in 1857. 
He d. Feb, 25, 1804. Mrs. L. d. Nov. 14, 1808, aged 76 
years. Both are interred at Lev. Cem. (^72) 

68. VIU. Septimus*: b. at Roxb. about 1731. His Christian name 
was given him because he was the seventh son. He m. 
Mary Thomas. He inherited the old homestead on Green 
Lane, Roxborough, which was subsequently owned by 
Peregrine W. Levering'', and now (1894) by Eliza^ 
daughter of the latter. Both were baptised June 25, 
1757, as members of the Great Valley Baptist Church, 
in Chester Co., and were dismissed to the Philad. Church 
July I, 1761, indicating removal into the city at that time. 
He became a Deacon of the church Sept. 7, 1761, but 
resigned Oct. 5, 1765. The Minutes of the Church for 
Feb. 6, 1775, state: "Our Bro. Septimus Levering, in- 
tending to go to Virginia, has requested a Letter of 
Recommendation, which the Church agree he shall have." 
He removed to Loudon Co., Va. It is not known when 
or where he died. Mrs. Levering d. June 16, 1794, aged 
64 years, and was buried at Lev. Cem. As her monu- 
mental stone describes her as "widow of Septimus Lev- 
ering," he d. earlier. 

Pierre de Simitiere's Mss. in Penna. Library, states: 
"Septimus Levering was one of the few persons who 
kept a carriage in Philadelphia in the latter part of the 
eighteenth century." (i79). 

Children of (20) Magdalena' (Levering;) and William Tennis. 

69. 1. JOHN'': died in early manhood, as appears. 

70. 11. Samuel^ : m. Morgan ; d. in March, 1803, in Towamen- 

cin Tp. He left a will dated Nov. 27, 1802, in which he 
describes himself as a "yeoman, advanced in years." The 
wnll was proved at Norristown, Pa., Apl. 5, 1803. T^^ 
bequests made to children and grand children indicate a 
considerable estate, both real and personal. The names 
of these beneficiaries furnished me clews to his descend- 
ants. (184) 

71. 111. Anthony': 

120 THl. l-l:\LKlNtj lAMIl.^ 


1\. ABkAMAM': 

Thf will .>t \Vi-;irJ' Levering Ix-qufathcJ " unto m\ 
vm-in-l.iw William Tunes," a sum <>t m<'nc\- tor which 
"Samui-I Tt-nnis and John Tennis. ^ranJsuns of Wizard 
l-f\frin^;," rt-a-ipti-d on Feh. i ;, 17^1. which suo;o;ests 
tlu- decease of their father prior {<> tluil date. The sons 
were. d(»uhtli-ss. horn after 1720. Wh\' the\- changed 
the spellin;i of their surname is not known. They Vwi^i} 
in Towamencin Township, in Phiiadelpliia C<iunt\-, wliich, 
in 17S4, hecame a part ni Mont^onu-ry County, Pa. 


Children of (36) Jacob' and Margaret ( ) Fry. 

7^ 1. IaCOB'': h. Oct. :;, 17S6; m. ,V\ar;iaret Springer, who was 
h. (3ct. ^1. 1 70s. and d. D^'C. 22, 1835. He d. Feh. 26, 
1S44. (191) 

74. 11. JoSBPH': h. about ijCk); m. Susanna (^odshalk. He left 
a will, dated .Au^. 3. 179^. which was proved at Norris- 
town, Pa., Sept. 6, 1793, su^jiestinti his death between 
dates. His widow suhsequentl\' married Samuel Will- 
iams, (198) 

7v 111- CiHc)R(jI£'': b, \\a\ 12. 176:;; m. Mar^iaret Bean, who was 
b. .Au'i. 6, 177s. ;nid d. Au^:. 21, 18^5. He d. Jan. 22, 
iS;^ ; was burii'd at Mennonite Cjraxeyard at Skippack, 
Pa. (201) 

76. 1\. WILLIA.M': b. abniit 1767; d. unmd. 

\. Ill-NR^' (W. 1).): m. Elizabeth Shoenber^er. He d. about 
1S4.S; was buried in tiie old Fry ;j:ra\e\ard at Skippack, 
Pa. Historian Ht-ckler wrote me of him : "1 remember 
[)]. Hi-nry Fry. I beliew he was the father of Dr. 
Cieor<:e Fry. The Frys had a prexeiitive and cure for 
hydrophobia, which was a secret in the famih , handed 
down from one ;:eneration to another. Dr. Henr\- ex- 
perimented with electricit\- in early da\ s."' (207) 

llnn. Louis M. Childs, of Norristitwn, Pa., wrote of 
him: "IK- was famous for many \ears as the only 
person who could cure the effect of a bite b\- a rabid 
doo." 1 ;im informed that the specific is still known to a 
fa\-ored inherit<tr in the family. 

/ / 


Children of (38) John' and (Keisler) Fry. 

78. 1. JaCOB'"^: b. Sept. 23, 1780; m. Elizabeth Beard, who was b. 
Jan. 30, 1778, and d. March i, 1825. He d. April 10, 
1852. . (210) 

80. 11. Henry': lived in Chester Co., Pa. 

81. 111. JOHN": lived at Hssecks, Montg. Co., Pa. 

82. IV. Joseph': m. Mary Getty; lived at Trappe, Montg. Co. 

83. V, Amos': lived at Pottstown, Montg. Co. 

84. VI. Polly': m. George Girstock. 

85. Vll. Anna': m. James Miller. 

86. Vlll. Hannah': m. John Dismant. 

87. IX. BETSY': m. George Erb. 

(Children of (42) Amelia* (Frey) and Frederick Leinbach. 

88. 1. JOHN': h. in 1738; d. Jan. 10, 1746. 

89. 11. Henry': b. Feb. 2, 1739 

90. 111. Jacob': b. April 2, 1740. 

91. IV. Benjamin': b. Sept. 20, 1741. 

92. V. Elizabeth': b. April 7, 1743. 

93. VI. Anna': b. Jan. 11, 1745. 

94. Vll. Johanna': b. Feb. 9, 1746. 

95. Vlll. Stillborn': b. June 17, 1747. 

96. IX. JOSEPH': b. Aug. 25, 1748. 

97. X. Maria': b. March 3, 1750. 

98. XI. MaGDALENA': b. Aug. II, 1 75 1. 

99. Xll. John': b. June 21, 1753. 

100. Xlll. ROSINa': b. March 9, 1755. 
loi. XIV. Catharina': b. Jan. 8, 1757. 

102. XV. Frederick': | 

y b. March 23, 1760. 

103. XVI. DANIEL': J 

104. XVll. Samuel': b. July 25, 1762. 

All were born at Oley, Berks Co., Pa., as shown by 
records of the old Moravian Church at that place. 

122 THE Ll-\LklN(j FAMILY. 

Children of (43) William' and Hannah (Clemens) Levering. 

los. 1. l:LIZABtTH*': h. Ihc. i2. i/U', at Hn.\h.. where slie m. 
Jdlin Hinkle. Tluir subsequent histnrx' is not known, 
thou^'h some nlJ tainil)' bible ina\' be liidin^ valuable 
j!t'nealoyical information. Tlu-\- had a son named WILL- 
IAM'', who was referred to in the will of his }:irandfather ; 
also a son Anthonw who was recorded by Mr. Jones, in 
his C(»mpilation. as a S(in 'A William ; in- was, in fact, a 
brother. (217) 

106. 11. WILLIAM': b. Jan. S. 17^4. at Ko.xb.; m. Ma\- 17, 1759, 
Martha l)ea\es. Hmm their marria^ie certificate, which 
was preser\ed by their ^randdaujihter, Deborah lA'\er- 
injz ', the\' appear to haw been married after the manner of 
the Friends' ceremonw without the intervention of ci\il 
or. ecclesiastical benediction. J'he instrument reads: 
" WhHREAS, William La\erin*.'. Junr., of Rocksborouo:h, 
in the Counts' of Philadelphia, and Province of Pennsyl- 
vania, and Martha lJa\es, Daughter of Thomas Daves 
of the same place, ha\in^ Published their Intention of 
Marria;:e with each other, accordin;j; to a Law in that case 
Provided, and nothing appearin^i to obstruct their Pro- 
Ceedinjis, Did appear at the House of William Laverini£, 
in Rocksborou^h afd.. on the seventeenth day of May, in 
the year of our Lord one thousand seveii hundred and 
fifty-nine, in an assembly for that occasion met: And 
the said William Levering taking the said Martha Daves 
b\' the hand. Did in a solemn manner openlv declare 
that he todk her to be his loving wife, promising b\' the 
Lord's Assistance to be untt» her a faithful and lovin<j; 
Husband until Death should separate them: And there 
anii then in the said Assembly the said Martha Daves 
l)id in like nianner openl\- declare that she took the said 
William Levering to be her husband, promising in like 
manner to bv unto him a Faithful and Loving Wife until 
death should separate them. And there and then the 
.said William Laverin>: and Martlia Daves, she according 
to the custom of Marriage, assuming the name of her 
Husband as a further Confirmation thereof. Did to these 
Presents put their Hands, and wee whose names are 
hereunder w ritten, being present amongst others at the 


solemnization and superscription in manner aforesaid as 
witnesses thereunto, have also set our hands the Day 
and Year above Written. 

Wm. Levering, Junior, Isaac Deaves, 

Mr. Levering, John Cunrads, 

Wm. Levering, Barbary Cunrads, 

Hannah Levering, Jacob Cooke, 

Aaron Levering, Susana Cooke, 

Nathan Levering, Enoch Levering, 

John Hinkle, John Colp, 

Elizabeth Hinkle, Derick Keyser, 

Peter Keyser, Wm. Dewees, 
Hannah Keyser." 

The certificate appears to have been written by 
some one who was unacquainted with the spelling of 
either of the family surnames, or that of the township in 
which the ceremony was enacted. The bride's first at- 
tempt at writing MRS. LEVERING furnishes evidence of a 
bad spell of nervousness. 

While the parents of the groom furnish proof of their 
"presence and consenting," those of the bride appear 
conspicuously absent. 

Mr. Jones, in an article entitled, " Roxborotigii cuui the 
Revoliitio}iaiy War," published in the Manaynnk Sentinel, 
July 6, 1882, testifies to having seen an original military 
muster roll, containing names of enlisted men, under date 
of August I, 1776, which did not appear upon the rolls of 
the Penna. Archives. This roster shows that William 
Levering, the subject of this sketch, was Captain nf the 
company, which formed part of the First Ritle Battalion 
of Philadelphia County, under Colonel Matlack. 

Mr. Jones states : "He inherited from his father the 
smith shop, tools, etc., opposite the Leverington Hotel, 
where his grandfather Wigard died ; also owned the house 
and small farm below the shop, now (1858) owned by 
G. W. Hippie. Upon the partition of his father's estate 
he received a tract of land above the hotel, and extending 
from Leverington Avenue to the line of John Gorgas' 

He d. June i, 180O. Mrs. L. d. Sept. 10, 1828, aged 
86 years. Both are buried at Lev. Cem. (219) 

IJ4 THH i.i;vi:ping family. 

107. III. Hannah'': I-*. Jnh ;. 17V. -'t Rn\i\; m. Muy 5, i/sG, 
Prti-r Kf\ MT. "t ( KTiiiaiit<>\sn, who \v;is b. Au^. 18, 
i/^j. Mr. J"iu > ^tatfs: "He was a tanner and of 
hutch Jestciit. Mr. I\'ter A. Keyser, of Phila., says of 
liis ancestors : "iJirk Ke\'ser came imm Amsterdam to 
(iiTinantoun \ ia New York in 1688. with one son named 
Peter DircU, tiu-n eleven >-ears old. Peter Dirck married 
<tii Sept. 4. 1700. Marjiaret Sieple, and had a sun Dirk, b. 
1701, d. 17S''>. \vlio married Alice Neus, now written 
Nice. The\' h- ' ' '" sons, \iz., John ; PETER, b. 1732 ; 
Derick. Michai-i luo dau^hters, one of whom, Eliza- 
beth, m. Andrew Wood, of Roxb. (228) 

riu- KeN'ser C(»nnection with the LeverinLi family is 
one of the most numerous, as an anal)'sis of this work 
will disclose. The history of "The Keyser Family," 
as compiled by Hon. Charles S. Kevser, of Philadelphia, 
and published in 1888, shows the Leverin^; relation. 

Mrs. Hannah Lev'erin^:; Keyser d. Auo;. 19, 177^ In 
1787 Mr. K. m. Mary Mechlin. He d. March 11, 1818. 
Both are buried in the German Baptist Church ^^rounds 
in Germantown. 

laS. I\. Aaron  (Colonel): b. iXx. 7, 1739, at Roxb.; m. May 
19. 1763, Hannah Ri^hter, daughter of Peter Rio;hter, of 
" Ri^hter's Ferrx," Roxborouj^h. Mr. Jones said of him : 
" He was a currier. His father, ainono; other things, de- 
\ised to him 'the currxin^ shop' on the Ridoje Road, 
abo\e Green Lane. When the Re\-olutionar\- War broke 
out, Mr. Le\erin*i; joined the American armw He was 
appointed in the early part of Jul\-, 1776, one of the 
Captains nf the Flyin«^ Camp, and was commissioned as 
Major Jul\- 31, 1776. He was in the battle of Brandy- 
wine, and at the defense of Mud Fort and Fort Mittlin. 
He was honorably discharged with the rank of Colonel at 
Perth Amboy. About the \ear 1780, or later, he removed 
with his famil\- to the cit>' of Hahiinore, MJ. His sister 
Sarah and brother Enoch also removed there, and became 
the founders of the Leverin.ii families of Baltimore, where 
Colonel Le\erin,g engaged in mercantile business, :\nd 
was quite successful. He died in B. Oct. 14, 1794. Mrs. 
Levering d. Sept. 6, 1806, aged 65 years, at the home of 
her daughter, Marv Clement, at Salem, New Jersey, 


where she was buried in the ;j;r()unds of the Baptist 
Church. (233) 

They had fifteen children ; but two survived three 
years of age. 

109. V. Enoch •^: b. Feb. 21, 1742, at Roxb.; m. Apl. 10, 1765, 
Mary Righter, a sister of liis brother Aaron's wife. He 
was the owner of a large Tannery in R., and carried on 
the business for many years. He removed with his fam- 
ily to Baltimore, about the year 1774. Here he engaged 
in the wholesale grocery business, under the firm name 
of Levering & Barge. His wife died Feb. 21, 1794, aged 
52 years. He followed her Oct. 21, 1795. Both were 
interred in the burial ground of the First Baptist Church 
at B., of which congregation they were prominent mem- 

Their sons erected a monument at their graves, which 
bears inscription as follows: "In memory of ENOCH 
Levering and Mary, his wife, whose bodies lie interred 
here. They lived respected and died lamented by their 
relatives and friends, and left seven sons to bemoan their 
departure, who have erected this iiKtnument to perpetuate 
the memory of their beloved parents. The character of 
the true Christian was affectingly displayed in the last 
hours of their lives ; they saw and met the approach of 
that scene, the most trying to human nature, with calm 
and dignified composure, with serene and pious resigna- 
tion, and a devout and steady confidence in the mercy of 
that God whose summons they are about to obey." 


no. VI. Clement"*: b. May 25, 1744, at Roxb.; d. June 27 of the 
same year. 

III. VII. Nathan": b. May 19, 1745, at Roxb.; m. Mch. 11, 1784, 
Sarah Rubicam, of Germantown, daughter of Justus 
Rubicam. (244) 

He was grandfather of Mr. Jones, who wrote of him : 
" He resided with his father at the homestead on the 
Ridge Road (the present Leverington Hotel) ; ministered 
to his wants and helped to cheer his declining years. 
The. old homestead was devised to him bv his father. 

126 THH LH\l-.kl.N(i lAWll.^. 

"Ill tlu- pr<ic(.'«.*Jin*zs ot thf Cominittfo ot Safety for 
PhilaJi-lpliia Cnunt>- for August i. 1776, Natlian l.e\er- 
inji was appojuti-J <mk' of tlu- iuinih(.'r <>i [vrsons 'to Jis- 
trihuti' inonev for tlu- support oi poor woiiifn and cliil- 
drcn who arc left destitute by means of their luisbands 
and fathers beinj: n(»w in actual ser\ iee.' 

"The same \ear that Nathan was married he rebuilt 
the old homestead, lie was en^a^ed in e\ery public 
mo\ement in R. Hi- kept the Hotel for many years, and 
it was the frequc-nt resort of his relatives from Baltimore. 
Before the Koxbomu^h Baptist Church was built, relijj;- 
ious meetin^zs were often held at his house, and ' Father 
Kleeson,' the blind preacher, who officiated for the Church, 
li\ed for many \ears vs ith him. He was a liberal con- 
tributor to the Church ; was the Treasurer of the Board 
of Trustees; ^a\e the land for the Meetin^^-house, and 
superintended its erection. The minutes of the Church 
for 27 March, ijtp, state that 'Brother Nathan Le\erin^ 
;:a\-e a lot of ground in fnmt of the ;^ra\eyard to build 
the Meetin^i-house on, and a lane from thence out to the 
^ireat road.' (Rid^e Road.) ()n s Feb., 1794, he e.xe- 
cuted to thirteen trustees a deed for J2 perches of land, 
including: the old ura\eyard, and on 24 April, 1804, he 
^ave T,7 perches more, which, together, formed the old 
Roxborou^h ^ra\e\ard,* in which the \enerable ancestor 
of the Le\erin^ family, and scores of his posterity are 

" He was also one of the early Clerks of the Church, 
and was e\er its constant friend and liberal benefactor. 
Both he and his w ife were anions the constituent mem- 
bers of the Church. He was also a Trustee of the Rox- 
borou^h School-house, and ua\e liberalK' to the erection 
of the two-story house in 179V He was instrumental in 
or^anizinji the Rid^e Turnpike Road in 1S11-12, to which 
Roxborou^lh is so much indebted. He was a man of taste, 
and there ne\er was a wurk' of an\" importance L!;oing on 
that he was not entj:a,-j;ed in. The beautiful a\enue of 
Lombard)- poplars leading from the Church to the Ridge 
Road, was planted under liis direction, and at one time 
he had a similar row planted and growing on the northerly 

'Since embraced within. i large area of lanJ.anJ Chartered by the State as the " Leverington Cem- 


side of the Rid^e Road, from the Hotel to the Church 
lane. Only one of these trees remained in 1857. 

" Mr. L. died of a cancerous affection of the breast, 14 
June, 1812, at^ed 68 years, and is buried at the Roxbor- 
ough graveyard. A flat marble tombstone covers his 
grave, and has the following inscription from the pen of 
his son-in-law, the Rev. H. G. Jones: 

"'Sacred to the memory of NATHAN LEVERING. He 
lived an example of usefulness to his fellow men. As a 
Christian and a Patriot, he distinguished himself. Tem- 
ples of God and Seminaries of learning rose and flourished 
under his fostering hand. To wipe the tear from the 
widow, the fatherless and the stranger, and to promote 
the national interests of AMERICA, engaged his incessant 
and successful endeavors. He died in hope of a glorious 
resurrection, resigning his SOUL into the hands of the 
"FRIEND OF Sinners," on the 14th day of June, 1812, 
in the 68th year of his age " Blessed are the dead who 
die in the Lord." ' 

"Mrs. Levering d. 4 March 1820, aged 61 years, and 
is buried by the side of her husband, and has a similar 

112. VIU. Deborah^': b. May 2, 1749, at Roxb.; m. John Streeper, 
of Plymouth, Montgomery Co., Pa., who was born 
March 9, 1745. She d. Aug. 16, 1777. He d. Oct. 18, 
1817. (251) 

ii^v IX. Sarah': b. Nov. 12, 175 1, at Roxb., where, on April 16, 
1771, she married John Brown, a native of Belfast, Ire- 
land. Mr. Jones states: "After marriage they removed 
to Baltimore, Md., and Mrs. Clement states it was 
through his influence that Aaron and Enoch Levering re- 
moved to that city. He amassed quite a fortune in the 
tannery business, and was also engaged with William 
Wilson and Mathias Maris in the shipping business. He 
was an active citizen, and was a member of the Commit- 
tee of Vigilance of Baltimore during the Revolution. His 
name is found among the list of the Republican citizens 
of Baltimore, who signed a copy of the Declaration of 
Independence at the court house in Baltimore in 1776. 



I-'S THF. Lli\EklNC] FAN\IL^. 

Both wtri- nu-mlvrs (»t the First Pit-sbx t<. i laii Church 
(»t Bait. Ml. B. died N<>\-. i, 1794, a^eJ 49 \eais. Mrs. 
B. il. Sc-pt. 6. iS^j. All their cliilJrcn were- Unn in 

Children ot l44 ) Amelia' 'L<:vering) and Abraham Shoemaker. 

114. 1. Sarah ': 1\ in ijjj; in. "in a public nu-t-tin^i at German- 
town, Anno. 174-'.;, the 2vi of \ c- 12th month, called 
Februar>-," to Uaniel Pastorius, who was b. Dec. 22, 
1717, and d. Jan. n, 17S4. She m. jd, about 1757, to 
L)aniel Mackenet, who d. Oct. 19. 1761, at Germantovvn, 
where she also d. Feb. ;, 179^. All were buried in 
Friends' (jround, Germantow n, Saraii reposin^i between 
her husbands. 

L)aniel Pastorius was son ot John Samuel Pastorius, 
and ;ir. son of Francis Daniel Pastorius, who is mentioned 
in the historical part of this work as prominent in makin^i 
the early history of Philadelphia. Srr hio!{. (262) 

1115. II. (iHC)RGE'': b. ab(»ut 172s; m. Feb. 2^, 17^4, ;it Abin^iton 
Friends' Meeting:, Pa., Martha, daughter of Jonathan 
Livezey. It is k'nown that he owned a farm in Chelten- 
ham, near Philad. I ha\e not learned further concerninoi; 
him. (270) 

116. III. BENJA.MIN'': b. in 172S, at Cheltenham, Pa.; m. Feb. 28, 

1753, at Christ's Church, Phila., Mar\- Comly, dau. of 
Robert and Jane (Cadwalader) Comly, nf B\ berrv, near 
to Phila. She d. Mch. 17, 1793. He d. Mch. 16, 18 10. 
They were b. in the Shoemaker ,ura\eyard in Cheltenham, 
near to Phila., and near to their home farm. {277) 

117. I\. William'': b. about 17^0; m. Sept. 21;, 1752, at Abin^- 

ton Friends' Meeting, then in Phila. Counts', Susanna 
Richardson, who d. June 22, 1782. He m. 2d, Juh' 9, 
1795, Hannah Tompkins, a widow. No chn. b\ her. 
He d. Jan. 8,1814. ( 291 ) 

Susanna was dau. ^^i Aubre\- and Sarah (Thomas) 
Richardson, and ^r. dau. of Jud^ie Sainiul Richardson, a 
member of the Government Council, 1688 t(t 1695, also 
a member of the Colonial Assembly, 1694, 1698, 1700 
and 1701 ; was a Judicial officer in 1692. 


U.S. V. ABRAHAM ■■■: m. June 3, 1762, at Gwynedd Friends' Meet- 
ing, then in Philad. Co., Lydia Daws. He lived in the 
family mansion, on a farm in Bristol Township, near 
Philad., his mother, Amelia, occupyinK with him until her 
decease, a few months prior to his marriage. Mr. Benj. 
H. Shoemaker says of him: "1 am inclined to believe 
that Abraham died early. Letters were granted on the 
estate of Abraham Shoemaker in 1767. That is about 
five years after our Abraham married Lydia Daws." 


119. \'l. Catharine"': it is not known that she ever married. The 

father, Abraham, devised farms in Cheltenham Township 
to his several sons, and provides in the Will that William 
shall pay "to my dau. Catharine the sum of four pounds 
a year during her natural life." George was likewise 
required to pay to her two pounds, and Benjamin four 
pounds, annually. Further, "all the rest and residue to 
my wife for support of our dau. Catharine, and if it should 
happen that mv wife die before our said dau. Catharine, 
1 will that mv wife shall place such funds in safe hands," 
etc. 1 infer that Catharine was an in\-alid. 

Children of (46) Magdalena * (Levering) and Matthias Maris. 

120. I. William': b. in Germantown ; m. Mary Nice and d. about 

1787. He was buried at the grounds of the Baptist 
Church at Lower Dublin, Philad. Nothing is known as 
to children. (303) 

121. II. Catharine"': b. in Germantown about 1745. Supposed to 

have died young. 

122. 111. Matthias"': b. May 19, 1747, in Germantown. Dates 

given show that his father died the day he was born. He 
lived for many years in Roxborough with his aged mother. 
Late in life he m. Margaret McDowell, of St. Thomas, 
Franklin Co., Pa., who d. Feb. 17, 1853, aged 88 years. 
They had no children. Mr. Jones wrote of him : "He 
was a man of considerable natural talents, and became a 
skillful land surveyor. He was also a teacher of the 
Roxborough school. On the death of his mother he re- 
moved with Mr. Brown — who married his cousin, Sarah 
Levering — to Baltimore, where he carried on business 



uith William Wilxni, under the tirin nani< ^t Wilson & 
Maris. Ik* was a sucvessful merchant, an.i >'ion acquired 
an ample turtune. He purchased a farm <>r 200 acres of 
land in Franklin Co.. Pa., near to Chamhersburg, to 
which he moved and made his residenci-. Here he de- 
\oti'd himself !<• agriculture and the improxement of his 

" Althou;:h he had lony been absent from Roxborou^h, 
\et he alwa\s had a friendl\- regard fur his relatives, and 
occasionally \isited them. He did not forjjiet them in his 
will, for he bequeathed iiilcr jHj as follows: M give 
and bequeath to Mathias, the son of my cousin, Benjamiii 
Le\eriny, of Ro.xborou^h Township, Pliiladelphia County, 
the sum of four hundred dollars.' Mr also gave his 
cousin, Catharine SmicU, of the same place, three hun- 
dred dollars, and he remembered the Baptist Church, 
founded by his maternal relati\es. 'Item. 1 do also give 
and Ivqueath to the Trustees of the Baptist Congregation 
on the Ridge in Roxborough Township, Philadelphia 
Countw the sum (»f six hundred dollars, to be b\- them 
loaned out at interest or \ ested in some other public 
securit\'. the interest of which is to be given or distrib- 
uted annuall)- on the first da\- of e\er\' \'ear between the 
poor widows who are members and in full communion in 
the said Baptist Congregation.' 

I he name of this good man is still remembered in 
Roxborough, and it is preserxed in several Levering fam- 
ilies as a Christian name, while it is borne in full by his 
great nephew, who was his chief heir." 

Mr. Maris d. Oct. c). iSi 1, and was buried in Waddell's 
Gra\e\ard. in Peters Township. Franklin Co., Pa. 

Children of (47) Benjamin' and Elizabeth (Jones) Levering. 

12^ I. I.HVI': b. in 17^^ at Roxb., where he d. Aug. 12, 17:59. 

124. II. RaCHHL': b. April. 1741). at R<.xb., where she m. Louis 
Smick. a farmer and wheelwright. He built a large 
house on the south side of the Ridge Road. Mr. Jones 
states: " Wlien the British occupied Philadelphia and 
the Hessians had a redout at Wissahickon, predatory 
bands used to \isit the farmers and r<ib their barns and 
gardens, and on nne occasion they assaulted Mrs. Smick." 


Mr. S. d. Oct. g, 1821, aged 80 years. Mrs. S., who 
survived her liusband, was entirely blind for several years. 
She d. Feb. 9, 1829. Both are buried in Lev. Cemetery. 


125. 111. Katharine": b. in 1750; m. John Sands. She d. Oct. 

14, 1814; buried at Lev. Cem. (322) 

126. IV. Elizabeth": b. Dec, 1751, in Roxb., where she d. Oct. 

14, 1768. 

127. V. Benjamin": b. in 1853, in Roxb.; m. (170) Abigal Lever- 

ing". He owned a large tract of land, which extended 
from the Ridge Road, above the Leverington Hotel, to the 
River Schuylkill. He built the second large stone house 
in what is now Manayunk — a ward of the city — on the 
brow of the hill, on the northwest side of Washington 
Street. He d. in 1846. Mrs. L. d. in Dec, 1824, aged 
57 years. Both are buried in Lev. Cem. (316) 

Children of (48) Wigard * and Barbara ^ and Christiana 

(Hesser) Miller. 

128. I. John": bom at Germantown ; d. y. 

129. IL Catharine": bom at Germantown ; d. y. 

130. ill. Mary": b. at Chestnut Hill, Germantown ; m. John Wise, 

of Roxb., who was b. April 15, 1774, and d. Dec. 7, 1839; 
b. at St. Michael's Lutheran Churchyard, in Germantown. 
Mr. Jones says: "They left a large family." As they 
lived in his neighborhood, " The Levering Family " should 
have recorded them. 

131. IV. Hannah": b. in Germantown. 

132. V. Elizabeth": b. in Germantown. 

133. Vl. Joseph": b. in Germantown; m. Miss Paul, and li\-eJ 

at Jeffersonville, in Montg. Co., Pa. " He is dead and 
has left issue," Mr. Jones states. 

134. VII. ANNABELLA": b. in Germantown. 

n2 THK lh\i:ring family. 

Children of ' t\ < Magdalcna' 'Lcvcrinsft and Sanvucl Showier. 

nv I. (iAHRiKi/: b. ah. lit 1741. 

n6. II. JaBOB'": b. abdiit 1743; m. blizalx-th Sn\ Jer ; was mar. 

twice. (324) 

I ^>7. ill. Hhn.ia.WIN': h. ahi'ut 174s. 
I ^S. I\ . .)( )||N •: h. about 174.S. 

M*;. \. SawL'EL": b. about 1750. 

All wc-rc pr<»babl\' born and \\\\x\ in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

Children of (62 ) Abraham' and Anna (Thomas) Levering. 

140. I. Jacob'': b. Sept. iS. 1746, at Roxb.; was m. April 17, 

1769, by Rl'\ . Mor;:an HJwarJs, to Mary Brownfield. 
He was a mi-nibL-r of the Hirst Baptist Church, of Philad. 
After the War of the Re\-olution, in which he took an 
acti\e part, he remo\ ed to North Carolina, where he died, 
but the date is not know 11. (326) 

His father, Abraham, in his will, dated Aujz. 20, 1798, 
;^a\e to him a le^zacy in money, which indicates that he 
was living at that date. 

See sketch of his military career in Appendix. 

141. 11. .\\aRCJaR1:T-': b. June 20, 1748, at Roxb.; m. Paul Conner. 

Mr. Jones says : " She d. at Reading, Pa., Iea\in.ij; issue," 
but he names none. 

I4-- 1"- John • (Major): b. April 2^, 17^0; m. Jan. 8, 1778, by 
the Celebrated Re\-. V. A. Muhlenberg, D. D., to Hannah 
Howell, who was b. Dec. 30, 1752, and was of Welsh 
parentajie. Her grandfather, David Howell, m. Mary 
Reading, who was a cousin to the izreat hymnoloo;ist, 
Re\-. Dr. Isaac Watts. Their son, John Howell, b. Auli;. 
8, 1721, was the father of Hannah. She died Oct. 28, 
1820. Major Levering d. July 28, 1832. Both were 
buried in Le\-. Cem. (329) 

Major L. was an actixe partisan and soldier in the 
Re\dlutionar\- War, and was a commissioned ufticer in 
that campai^zn. 

He was active and prominent in the Baptist Church at 
Ro.xb., of which he was a constitueni member and 






























































































^AJ^fr, Lsno* ini Tildsn ', 



deacon, and was named first in the Board of Trustees, 
in the charter granted by the Supreme Court of Penna., 
in the year 1791. He was baptized June 9, 1772, by the 
Rev. William Rogers, into the First Baptist Church of 

See biog. in Appendix. 

143. IV. ANTHONY': b. July 5, 1752, at Roxb.; m. Mary, dau. of 
Captain Joseph Sterne, of Roxb. Both were constituent 
members of the Roxb. Baptist Church, on dismission from 
the First Baptist Church of Philad. and he was a deacon 
of the former from Dec. 22, 1804, until his decease. He 
lived on Green Lane, in (now) Manayunk, in the large 
stone house where his father and grandfather had lived. 
He owned a large tract of land where Manayunk now 
stands, extending on both sides of Green Lane. He also 
was active in the War of the Revolution, sharing with 
his brothers Jacob and John in many scouting expedi- 
tions and in hairbreadth escapes, as their home was in 
the heat of the conflict and under British possession for a 
part of the time. Being so located' they were detailed on 
special service, and divided risks and responsibilities as 
scouts with each other. 

He d. Aug. 8, 18 18. Mrs. L. survived her husband 
many years, and was awarded a pension by the Govern- 
ment for the valuable military services rendered by her 
husband. She was well versed in family history and 
tradition. She d. Feb. 17, 185 1, aged 86 years. 

Both were buried in Leverington Cemetery. (338) 

144. V. Mary"': b. Jan. 13, 1755, at Roxb.; m. Mch. 29, 1781, 
Cornelius Holgate, of Roxb., who was b. Jan. 27, 1758. 
He d. April 14, 1829, near to Wilkesbarre, Pa., wiiere he 
was buried until 1876, when his son Griffkh had his body 
removed to the Lev. Cem. and buried beside that of his 
wife, who d. Aug. 20, 1843, at Leverington, Philad. 

Mrs. H. was a woman of strong intellect and culture. 

Her writings were regarded with great favor bv her 

friends. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Abby J. H. Hanford, 

still preserves the original script of a poem entitled 

"Death and Eternity," which was w^ritten by Mary at 

the age of 70 \-ears. 

I \.\ THU Ll-\1 .-"LNO lAAMLI 

I  'rfn-J I-. \'.'. .tnJ Mr. Ht)lu;itf in ni\ ^'iicularot 
\ . |S<)V .IS luiun;: bct-n passed in " fhc Levering 

• «i( iS;s. uithoiit a date relating i" them, and 
.1 ly •• Kit nunuTous issue ;" none Kin:^ named. In 

lhi> %\iirk m.i\ K- traced more than 4<.x-) u.nsanguineuus. 
,1 ' . Ivlie\ed tn re.side in Illinois, are 

I I. i ni N .uv the posterit)' lit (1072) Mary 

(1 ,, ;.. ) and John C"l. m ni. and tailed to respond. 

US. M. MA(il)AUiNA': b. (\\. iS. i;^;. in Kd.vh.; d. y. 

1.4(1. \ II. anna': h. M.iN j. 17O1. at Ko.\l\ Mr. Junes furnishes a 
ti.idition c<»iuvrnin^ her as lulluus: " iJinin^ tlie occu- 
pation oi Philadilphia hy the British, a part\- of Lee's 
\ I TriMtpers, who were h<»\erin;: around the British 

pii .\i i>. stopjvd o\er ni;:ht at the house of .Andrew Wood, 
on the Hid;:e, ahtut one mile and a lialf abo\e the-Wissa- 
hkUon. Till) occupied the barn, and while asleep, were 
surpriM-d In a parts' of Tories, wlio killed a large num- 
ber and set lire to the barn. Some who escaped and 
wiTe b.idl\' Wounded, took refuge at .Al^raham Levering's. 
His daughter .ANNA l^iund up their wounds, and then took 
them dt>wn to tlu- ri\er Schuylkill and rowed them across 
in a can(»e on their way to \alle\ Forge." 

The Andrew Wood barn was rebuilt with the same 
wall>. I remember it as a "pointed" stone structure, 
with loop-holes for ventilation. Anna died in a few years 
after the occurrence related. 

147. Mil. Sa.MIHL': b. l)ec. n>, \J(^■^, at Ro.xb.; m. Rebecca Rob- 
erts, of l^lymouth ; b. Aug. i^. i7().S. He was baptised 
in the SchuNlkill .Mch. ^, 17S;. His wife followed in the 
religious ordinance before their marriage. They were of 
the constituent members (tf the Ro.xborough Baptist 
Clhurch when organized. (356) 

The\- li\ed at the lower end of Mana\unk, on w hat is 
now Un<.wn as Shur's Lane. He subsequently bought 
the premises of Andrew Wood, where the barn was burned 
by the Tories. 

Mt. J<ines relates of him : " When he buried his first 
born child, he had a headstone placed at the grave, with 
the followinii inscripti(»n engraved upon it: 

posterity of wigard levering. i 35 

"The First born 

Amongst Many 


This to an unnanieJ infant suggested confidence in the 

Samuel d. Nov. 5, 1823. Mrs. L. d. March 25, 1854. 
Both are buried in Lev. Ceni. 

Children of (63) Wickard ' and Elizabeth (Sturges) Levering:. 

148. 1. JOSEPH'^: b. April 25, 1748, in Roxb.; m. Oct. 25, 1785, 

Abigal Ramsey, who was b. July 20, 1762, in Whitemarsh 
Township, Philad. Co. (366) 

149. 11. Jacob': b. about 1750; m. Nov. i, 1771, Mary Able, as 

shown by the records of St. Michael and Zion Church, 
Philad. (374) 

150. ill. Elizabeth^: b. about 1753; m. to Joseph Tyson and re- 

moved to Reading, Pa. Inquiry failed to find any pos- 
terity. (376) 

151. iV. BENJAMIN': b. 1754, at Roxb.; m. Sarah Spencer. They 

lived at Plymouth, Montg. Co., Pa. Mrs. L. died June 
25, 1816, aged 62 years. His will, dated Sept. 20, 181 5, 
was proved at Norristown, July 5, 1816, indicating that 
they died about the same date. They had no children. 
He bequeathed "the Baptist Meeting of Roxbury " a 
legacy of fifty dollars. Both are buried near to this 
church, in Lev. Cem. 

152. V. WiGARD"': b. 1756; lived at Plymouth; never married. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He d. in 
Feb., 1785. He left a will dated 21st of 2d mo., 1785,, 
which was probated at Norrist(nvn, March i, 1785. In 
this he bequeathed his property to his brothers Joseph 
and Benjamin. 

Children of Same and Second Wife, Elizabeth ( ) Levering. 

153. Vl. Mary": b. in 1762; m. John Razer. (378) 

154. Vll. Peter': b. Jan. I, 1764; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob 

Righter. She d. July, 1796. He m. 2d, Hannah Linna- 
bach. He d. Feb. 8, 1807, leaving a will dated Nov. 17, 

n6 rm-: liislping family. 

iS«V», uhich \\;i^ prnveJ Hch. i6. 1S07. at Nonistown, 
>. iii:i him l<> h.i\i- bct-n a resiJc-nt ttf .\\iinr;:i. Co., Pa. 

His witi- J. sonn atu-r, aiiJ h<»ih arc buried in Lev. 

1;;. \ III. MAI^dAkllT*': h. in 176:; ; m. Mi. roller, and d., leavino; 
1 yiiim^ son. 

i>6. l.\. Ull.l.lA.M'*": h. in 1767, at Pl\ nmuili ; m. June 8, 1794, 
(l.nhariiu- WolNtrJ. They renio\id to Philad., where he 
d. Mch. 2^ 182.S. She J. .Nov. 4. 1S4J. Both b. at Lev. 
C:eni. (395) 

iv. \. \\A(il)Al.KNA'': b. Mch. 12, 1768; m. J<iiin Kin^i. They 
lived in Mont;:. Co., Pa. (402) 

1^8. \1. ALICE'': b. in 1771 : m. Feb. i, 1798, at St. John's Pint, 
lipisoipal Church, PerUiomen, Pa., to John Cox. They 
li\ ed at PKniouth. (411) 

i;«). \ll. Hannah ■; i\ Lk-c. 20. 177^ The records of the oLI 
Swi'df's Church, Philad.. show the infant christening: of 
botii Hannah and Ma'jdek-na, notin;:; their birtli dates. 

Children of ib5i Jacob and Elizabeth ( ) Levering-. 

irw. I. Jl:i<"i:MlAli : ^."iit 1766, in Pliilad. His historv is not 

know n. 

In the records of the Supreme h".\ecuti\e Council at in Minutes (»f April 7. 1781. appears: "The 
Board takin;: int(^ consideration tlie case of Jeremiah 
l.i\rrin*!, a child of 14 ..r 1:; years of a^f, who has been 
thn-r \ears enlisted as a soldier in CoL Proctor's Regi- 
ment, but not tau^zht to beat the drum or blow the fiife, 
and beini: of small stature and wvakly habits ; Rc'sohrJ, 
That it is the opinion ..f this Board that he should be dis- 
ci . .md that Colonel Proctor be directed to discharge 
him accordin^l)-." Hr was li\inu in 1807. 

Kn. I . ZtCHARlAH'-: b. in Philad.. and li\xd and died there Dec. 
27. 181Q. NothinL' Is now 11 turthrr. 

162. III. ISRAKL : b. in Philad.; in. Au.u. J4. 17.S4. Hli/abeth Pe 
kins. He d. pri." f.. 1807; b. 1a\. Cem. (415) 


Children of (66) Anthony* and Ag:nes (Tunis) Levering. 

163. 1. Abraham-': b. Feb. i, 1753. Mr. Jones stated of him: 
" He was possessed with a spirit of adventure and went 
to the western country, where he met Col. GeorgC 
Rogers Clarl\, who was k-nown in history as "the Wash- 
ington of the West," and was doubtless engaged in some 
business at the Falls of the Ohio, the site of the present 
city of Louisville, Ky. He joined Colonel Clark in an 
expedition against the Indians, was wounded in the head, 
and died Aug. 1, 1780. 

" The following letter to his father, Anthony Levering, 
from (122) Mathias ^varis■\ gives the particulars of his 
death : 

"'Baltimore, Oct. 27, 1780. 
" 'To Anthony Levering : 

"'Esteemed Cousin— The purport of this is to in- 
form you that 1 have seen Jacob Moyers, the Bridge 
builder, who says he is well acquainted with you, and is 
lately come in from Kentucky. He informs me that your 
son Abraham, whom he was well acquainted with, set 
out from the Falls of the Ohio with Colonel Clark ow an 
expedition against the savages ; that he, with several 
others, went out to kill Buffaloe and were surprised by a 
party of savages, on which they fled to their boat, but, 
unfortunate for Abraham, he received a wound in his 
head by a tommahock ; after which he saved three of his 
companions, who were wounded, and made his way good 
to the falls, and was in a likelv wav to recover, but un- 
fortunately he applyed to a surgeon to have his wound 
dressed. His scull was fractured by the stroke, and the 
surgeon probed the wound and opened the fracture. The 
consequence was that his brains worked out, and he be- 
came delerious and shortly after died. 

" ' He enquired for Moyers before his death, but he did 
not come till three days after his death, which was the 
ist of August. 

" ' One Patrick' Jordan has his effects in possession, 
and lives within 7 miles of Herodsburg. Moyers informs 
me that Abraham had cash and goods to the amount of 
about Eighty Pounds in Specie and two Warrants for 
Land. If you can send an order or Power of Attorney to 

n8 I Hi: .; < "-'' • MIIN. 

M<»\.Ts at H. .'• .!s !...i;^. lit- N.iys hf will setU'- nis effects 
.Hi .. iU- sets nut aj^ain iH-xt \. Lck. Ahra 

ham iiMvi > :  - 'iiii receiving his wnuiiJ. This ac- 
lUvily ti(»iihle you, but I thnu-lit it my 

•• ' I',, .. , , in\ KfS|X'Cts to all cnquiriii;z Friends, 

aiiil t.. \-..iiT !.unil\ in particular, and \<'U will ()bliu;e, 

" ' "I'ours in sinceritx-, 

" -.W.' Maris.' " 

i()4. II. MaPY': h. Mch. 2(\ 17^'^, in Lowt-r Merion, tht-n in Philad. 
Co.; d. 

K)!;. III. Hannah': \\ M.i\- >, 17^7; m. 10 mn. 23d, 1783, at 
.N\i-ri..n Mn-tin-:. to Jao.h ZlII. as b. in 1756. Their 

marriai^i- artiruMte is prt-scrwd b\ Miss Hannah Ann 
Zi-ll. .It ( irrmantown. It is signed by numerous Lever- 
in^s as witiu-^ses. This whole famiK' were Friends. 

Hi- d. 2 nio. :;th. 1807; b. at Lower Merion Friends' 
Meet 111;! House ;:rounds. 

ir/) l\ . ANTHONY': b. Jan. 1 1, i7!;9, in Lower Merion ; m. Sarah 
Howi'll, a sister of Hannah Howell, who became the wife 
of (142) John Le\erin^. Hed. Mch. 24, 1826. Mrs. L. 
il,; hith are b. in Lew Cem. He left a will dated Dec. 
n. iSo;, which was prt»\ed at Morristown, Pa., on April 
i<). 1826. (424) 

He was a miller and manufacturer, and owned a large 
property with mills, in Lower Merion, on the right bank 
of the Sclui\ll<ill, opposite to .\\ana\ unk'. 

If)/. \. LM)IA^: b. Mch. k). 1761, in Lower Merion. where she 
died ; unmd. 

1O8 \l. Hl.lZABLTH': \\ April -,, 176^; m. Ma\- 14, 1783, at 
Swevle's C^hurch. Philad., to John Amos. She d. May 

2\. IS42. (4-, I) 

lU). \II. MaPCiARUT-': b. Aug. 14, i7()^, in L. M.; m. Isaac Bond, 
and d. without issue. 

170. \lll. ABKiAL': b. Nov. 11, 1767, in L. M.; m. (127) Benja- 

min' Levering, of Ko.xb. She d. in Dec, 1824. Both 
are b. at Lev. Cem. (316) 

171. 1\. SARAH': b. M.iy iS. 1770, m L. M.; m. Jacob Lobb. 



Children of (67) Benjamin* and Catharine (Righter) Levering. 

172. 1. Catharine-^: b. April 13, 1756, at Roxb.; m. April 20, 

1778, John Tibbt-n, of Roxb., who was b. Feb. 12, 1755. 
She d. Aug. 2, 1821; he d. Feb. 12, 1826; b. at Lev. 
Cem. (448) • 

173. 11. Susannah'': b. Nov. 25, 1758; m. Mch. 15, 1780, Peter 

Weidner, of Roxb., who was born April 18, 1759, and d. 
April 30, 1822. She d. Oct. 17, 1845, in Chester Co., 
Pa. . (458) 

Mr. Jones lists five names, without dates, as the chil- 
dren of Susannah. I have found evidence of 11 children, 
with posterity numbering 256, more than 90 of whom 
were eligible to " The Levering Family." 

174. ill. MICHAEL: b. May 6, 1765, at Roxb.; m. May 26, 17S9, 

Mrs. Catharine Moyer (iiee Tibben), who was b. Oct. 2, 
1763, and d. April 20, 1817. He d. April 3, 1846. Both 
are b. at Lev. Cem. (469) 

Mr. Jones said of Mr. L.: " He was a very useful citi- 
zen, and for a long time was a Manager of the Poor for 
Roxborough. Died much lamented." 

175. IV. Alice '^: b. Sept. 27, 1766, at Roxb.; m. Feb. i, 1794, 

Rudolph Bartle, who d. April 3, 1806. She m. 2d in 
Dec, 181 1, Reese Davis, but had no children by him. 
She d. Sept. 2, 1856, aged 90. All are b. at Lev. Cem. 

Mr. Jones says of Mr. Bartle: " He was in the Revo- 
lutionary War. When the British marched from Phila- 
delphia and Germantown to attack LaFayette at Barren 
Hill, Mr. B., who obtained news of the fact, hastened 
across the country and gave the alarm to Gen. LaFayette, 
who was thereby saved from being captured by the 

176. V. Joseph'': b. Jan. 6, 1767, at Roxb.; m. Mary Weidner, 

who d. Sept. 5, 1828, aged 67 years, He d. Dec. i, 1839. 
Both are interred at Lev. Cem. (481) 

177. VI. Mary"': b. about 1769; m. David Moyer, of Roxb. Mr. 

Jones states they "had at least one son named JOHN, 
who m. and had issue — SuSAN, RACHEL, REBECCA, and 
several sons." As they were of his neighborhood, I can 
not understand why Mr. J. did not collect and collate the 

140 THU LtM !'>lN'(i lAWlL^. 

m-nc i d.u.i ! lilts tainily bianch, as might have 

bt-cn done halt .i antury ag»). (4^0 

17S. \II. MAk(iARI:T*: l\ .ih.'iit 1771; m. J(.hn Stritzcl, of Roxb. 
Ot tht-m Mi. I"iu-s sa\s they " It-tt numerous issue." 
AttiT tv ^ ..t iiKiuii)-, I h;ue -aUicieJ some of the 

children. My nciurse was c-onfiiud t(» old persons of 
R<.\h.. \vh..>e \eidiLt "d<in't kiinw u hat become of 
tiu-m"— uleriin^ u> cliildreii's cliilJren — was discourag- 
ing:. The lv>ri/un «>f memor)- having been passed, 
Tim r nbsciires them. (4^6) 

Children of ' bS ' Septimus' .ind Mary (Thomas) Levering. 

I7«). 1. (iRirrmi"': h. in I J !>■>,. in Rn\b.; m. Oct. n, 1776, Han- 
nah (iiiscnm, nf Philad. Mr. Junes states: " He carried 
i»n the business ot a sliipwright in Phiia. He joined 
the Phila. Baptist Church Jan. 4. 177^. but became a fol- 
|(>\\iT<»t Hlhanan Wincliester. the celebrated Universalist, 
who had bei-n pastor df that church. On that account 
he. with man\- others, was excluded on March g, 1781. 
He d. at I'hila. Aug. 20, 1788, and is buried at the Free 
(^)uaker*s gra\e\*ard. on Fifth Street, above Spruce." 

As the (iriscom famil\' were prominent Quakers, or 
Friends, the s«.-lecti<»n of a burial place was doubtless de- 
termined by the widow, who followed him "over the 
r\^ .•- •• I ), ^•. 21^ 18^6, aged over 80 vears. 

iSo. II. Al.i<,L : r. .April 2S, I7><'). in Philad.; m. June 23, 1779, 
.It I.ei-sburg. \a.. to James Lawrason. 01 Alexandria, 
I). (^., who was b. in Sussex Co.. N. J., of English 
p.irentage, on Dec. 2. 17'<^t,. She d. April j:;, 1821. Mr. 
I., d. April 18, 182^. in Alexandria. ( Soo) 

iSi. III. SHPTIMfS': b. in I7v8. at Philad.; m. Flizabeth Ferrill. 
He -ea captain, and lixing in 1808. Nothing 

is known of their de.scendants. 

IS THOMAS': b. Dec. i), 1761, at Philad. He d. Aug. 5, 

i.Sos. unmd.; b. at Lev. Gem. 

iS?. \. Mary-': b. in 1772, at Philad.; m. Seth Cartwright, of 
Alexandria, D. C, where he d. in 18 ij. Mrs. C. resided 
with her son, Seth, near to \\'a\nes\ ille, in Warren Co., 
Ohio, where she d. Oct. K), 1862. (511) 



Children of (70) Samuel' and 

(Morgan) Tennis. 



I. MaGDALENA^: m. to Jones 


II. William': m. Mary Wilson. Lived at Lower Salford, 

Montg. Co., Pa. (527) 

III. LaviNA'"^: m. to 


IV. Catharine': m. to John Lukens. 

V. Samuel"': unniarried. 

VI. Hannah": m. Mordecai Davis. 


VII. Israel': b. in 1750; m. in 1772, Jane Meredith, who 
was b. 1754, and d. in 1826. He d. Aug. 9, 1790. Lived 
in Hatfield Tp., Montg. Co., Pa. (535) 


Children of (73) Jacob' and Margaret (Springer) Fry. 





I. JOHN": b. in 1789; d. young. 

II. Margaret'': b. Dec. 16, 1791 ; m. to Frederick Be 


stresser. Tliey d. in Wis. 


III. Anna": b. Jan. 16, 1793; m. to Garret Godshalk. She 

d. Feb. 15, 1859. (547) 

IV. Daniel": b. Sept. 21, 1794; m. Ann Allebach, who d. 

He m. 2d, Sarali Ottinger (553) 

V. Barbara'' 




 b. Aug. 20, 1800; - 

m. to Joseph Cassel, who 
d. Feb. 16, 1863. She 
d. Nov. 16, 1863. No 

d. young. 

m. Rebecca Ruth. He 
d. in 111. about 1888. 

14-' Tin. l-l-.i i'lNG lAMlLV. 

Children of (74) Jos<:ph and Susanna (Godshaiic) Fry. 

it>S. I. Jacob*: \\ Aiu. \\. 17^7^ "i- M'>'> ^^■"^'^•""'i"'''- Hl- a 
April I. iH(^\. <5(^7) 

190. II. MAR(iAkKT*: b. Oct. Ji. I7<X>; ""• I" J^''-^eph Hallman. 
Slud. iKc. .•-•. 1.S55. (S70) 

200. III. .!< )si:ph* : \\ Au^. i, 1793. (In the will of Joseplr', 
(JatfJ Aiiu. %, 171)3. iH- names children Jacob, Margaret 
aiui "a snii neul\- hurn." subsequentl\- named Joseph.) 
He m. Cathaiiiu- Lederach, who d. July 21, 1880, aged 
So. He d. Feb. -'8. 18O8. (5/8) 

Children of '75") George' and Margaret (Bean) Fry. 

201. 1. KLIiliCCA": b. April 11, 171)4; m. to (iabriel Kline. She 

d. Sept. S. 1S40. He d. Jan. 30, 1866, aged 80. (581 ) 

202. II. SrSANNA'': b. Jan. 28, i7(X); m. to Abraham Swartz, who 

d. Sept. 20. 1S32. Shed. Sept. 26, 1861. (585) 

203. 111. John'': b. -. I7»)8; m. Mary Stong. No issue. 

204. 1\ . MaI.'^^': b. Feb. — , 1800; m. to Dr. George'' Fry, son of 

l)r. Henr\'' Fr\-. 

205. \'. Sarah*: b. March n. iScV); m. to Philip Stong. She 

d. April »), 18^4. No issue. 

206. \'l. Sophia*: b. Feb. 4. 1816; m. to F^hilip Stong, who d. 

She is still ( i8(X)) li\ ing at West Point, Montg. Co., Pa. 


Children of (77) Dr. Henry and Elizabeth (Shoenberger) Fry. 

207. I. CiHopfil-*: (M. 1).) b. bepi. >s, 1788; m. Mary Fry, who 

d. He 111. 2\.\ Miss (jodshalk', who d. without issue. He 
m. 3d Catharine, whod. March 23, 1881. He 
d. Oct. 22. 1877. (5Q7) 

20.S. II. Sl'SANNA*: b. Dec. 10. 1791; m. to William Godshalk. 
She d. May 18, 1878. No issue. 

20f). III. FlizaBUTH*: b. Jan. i. 1802; m. to Michael Hoot, who 
d. March 20, 188O. Sl;e d. March 27, 1844. (603) 


Children of (78) Jacob' and Elizabeth (Beard) Fry. 

210. I. Jacob": b. June 10, 1802, at Trappe, Montg. Co., Pa.; 

m. in 1827, Mary, dau. of Hon. Samuel Gross. He was 
a member of Congress, 1835-9; member of the Legisla- 
ture of Penna., 1854-5 ; Auditor-General of the State, 
1856-59. He d. Nov. 28, 1866. (609) 

211. II. JOHN^ b. Feb. 14, 1805 ; m. Fredericka L. Miller. He d. 

in 1889. 

212. 111. Samuel'': b. Oct. 20, 1806; m. Ann Kelter. He d. about 


213. IV. Mary Anna'': b. Apl. 25, 1810; d. young. 

214. V. David': b. Nov., 1811; d. young. 

215. VI. Daniel": b. Apl. 21, 1813; m. Mary Buckwalter. He 

lived at the Trappe, Montg. Co., Pa., until 1850; the 
while published TJie Watchman at Norristown, the county 
seat. Later he held a position in the U.S. Custom House 
in Philad., where he d. June 7, 1872. 

216. VII. Hannah": b. July 28, 1819; m. Mch. 16, i84i,to Manas- 

sah Boyer, who d, Feb. 11, 1892. She resides at New 
Berlinville, Pa. (612) 

Children of (105) Elizabeth' (Levering) and John Hinkle. 

217. I. Anthony": b. Nov. 30, 1754, in Roxb., Phiiad., where he 

m. Salome Leckner, who was b. Aug. 6, 1759. She was 
the dau. of George and Salome Leckner of Philad. They 
removed to Bait., where she died Sept. 15, 1828. He 
subsequently removed to Hanover, Pa., where he d. about 
1847, and was b. in the Lutheran churchyard. (619) 

218. II. William": b. in 1756 in Roxb. His history is not known. 

"The Levering Family," of 1858, classed him as the 
father of Anthony. I find he was his younger brother. 
William was named in the will of his gr. father William,* 
executed in 1772. 

144 IHH LI :\l WING lAMlLV. 

Children of ^ JOo) and Martha (Deaves) Levering:. 

.'i«>. I. Hannah*: \\ M.i\ -><. i7fJO. i" Ho.\b.. wlure she d. in in- 

jj... il. William*: h. Ikv. iS. 1761. in R(..\l\; m. Martha Mc- 
\;ui;:h. Tlu\ li\rJ un tiK- KiJizc RoaJ, nearly opposite 
tin- l.i-viTinut"n Hotel, until iSii. when they moved into 
the vity. where he d. in Oct.. i.S:?4. She d. May 6, 18^7, 
.i;:ed()? M-.irs. They were buried in Le\ . Cem. (628) 

jji. III. Hawaii*: h. lO. 1704. in Koxh.; m. CXt. 7, 1784, 
t<» .I'iseph Sater, of near Bah., Md. Joseph Sater, of 
Preston, (">.. i^i-m-alo-iist of his familx', states: "Henry 
Sater came from tn;iland and located in Baltimore about 
the \ear 170). He married there about the year 17^9. 
The) (i ciiildren ; the \ dun^iest, named Joseph, was 
b. l)ec. jq, I7>^ He married Hannah Levering. He a hatter, and worked at that business. They li\ed 
in Bait. Clo., Md., until iSi 1. when they moved to Ham- 
ilton Co., (),, near to Cincinnati, ()., where they lived 
and died." (634) 

Mr. Sater d. Oct. 27, 1833. Mrs. Sater d. Apl.9, 1854, 
.i;:ed <)0 \ears. 

222. I\ . Martha*: b. Mch. 27, ijCiC), and d. Sep. 29, 1770, in Roxb. 

22-!,. \. Mary'': b. Aug. 12, 1768; m. Lnoch Da\is, of Roxb., and 
d, there, " lea\in;: issue, NATHAN and others," says Mr. 
Jones. I can get no clew to tlu-m. 

224. \ 1. I HOMAS'": b. Juni' 1 1. 1771. in i^ixb.; m. Mch. 28, 1793, 
Hann.ih Stott, of .V\ontg. Co., Pa., who was b. Apl. 9, 
1771. Mr. Jones .states: "He was a black'smith, and 
tlien a farmer." (641) 

They li\ed on tiie Rid^ie Road, abo\e the Leverington 
Hotel. Both were members of the Roxb. Baptist Church, 
of wliicli Mr. L. was a Deacon for fifteen years. He had 
a rich and full bass voice, and lo\ed to engage in the sing- 
mg services ai tlie Sanctuarv," 

He d. May 26, 1852. Mrs. L. d. Sept. 9, 1829. Both 
wi-re interred in Le\'. Cem. 

22:,. Ml. AARON*: b. Feb. 28, 1774. in Roxb.; m. iK-c. 1, 1796, 
Letitia Oliver, who was b. Sept. 8, 17CX;. Mr. Jones 
says of him, " He was a smith and maker oi augers, in a 


shop on the Ridjie Road, wliich ht- built, hi i/t/j, he also 
built the house in which the writer (H. G. Jones, 1858) 
now lives ; the first above the 7 Mile Stone, on the north 
side of the Ridge Road, and which he occupied as a Hotel 
under the name of 'The Washington.' (The present 
writer knows the premises well, and has often been enter- 
tained there, both in youth and mature years, when visit- 
ing my birth place.) 'Aaron subsequentl}' kept "The 
Leverington Hotel " (on the same side of Ridge Avenue, 
a short distance below), and was appointed the first Post- 
master of Roxborough. Postoffice established June 23, 
1823, which was afterwards changed to Leverington P. O.* 
It W'-as then kept at the Leverington Hotel, and for many 
years after.' " 

He d. April 7, 1829. Mrs. L. d. Aug. 21, 1835. Both 
were buried in Lev. Cem. (651) 

226. Vlll. Nathan'': b. Sept. 27, 1778, in Ro.xb. ; m. (328) Mary 

Levering-', who d. March 14, 1821, aged 44 years. He 
was a Tanner, and owned the house and farm, at the 7 
Mile Stone, between "The Washington" and "The 
Leverington Hotel." He was prominent in matters of 
public interest. 

He d. Aug. II, 1838. Both are buried at Lev. Cem. 


227. IX. Charles" : (Judge) b. Dec. 8, 1783, in Ro.xb. ; m. Sept. 

24, 1812 (338), Hester'' Levering, who was b. Julv 25, 
1790. He was a Deacon in the Roxb. Baptist Church. 
He served in the War of 18 12 with Great Britain, and 
was Captain of the Roxborough Volunteers, hi early life 
he was a mechanic, and later a storekeeper in Philad. 
In the year 1834, they removed to Wapakoneta, Auglaize 
Co., Ohio, where he bought a farm. In 1838 he was 
made Judge of Court, of Auglaize County, which office 
he held for ten years, hi later years he visited his child- 
hood home and was much interested in the encroachments 
of the city, and the improvements made in what he re- 
membered as farm lands. Manayunk, where he once 
lived, had become a citv in itself. (663) 

He d. March 21, i860. She d. Sept. 2, 1869. They 
were buried in " Two-Mile" Cemetery, near their home. 

* Other postoftkes designated by the family name, are Leverins: P. O., in Knox Co.. Ohio, and 
Levering P. O., Emmet Co., Mich. 


I4^ IHh l.l M.i'-ING »A\\m. 

Children of (107; Hannah (levering;) and Peter Keyser.* 

j.'S. I. William*: h. \hx. .h). i7S7. ;'t (nrmantown; m. Sept. 
-»l, i/Si. B.irlMia l.i-ilvrt. wlio was 1\ Mch. 5, 176^. Ho 
J.Vvh. -M. 1.S4J. Shi- il. Jan. 18. 1.S4J ; b. at German 
Baptist Church Om. in C3er. (67 S ) 

2>h;. II. iJHkICK*: \\ M.h. 2.S. i7<'>o. •'< ^^'^ ^ '"'"'• ^P'"' -^' '7^-' 
|-:ii/alvth CU-im-ns, who d. He in., 2J, in 1S21, Rebecca 
Brown. He J. Heh. J4, iS:?(), in Baltimore. (683) 

In a letter dateJ Mch. 8. i8c)^. from Charles if. Robins, 
hsq.. he furnished me an interesting reminiscence of 
"the last of earth " t<i this sainti\- nki man, as follows : 
•• One ot mv earliest recollections is. that of being taken 
to tin- house and bedside of m\- great-grandfather, Derick 
Keyser. in Baltimore, while he la\- d\ing. 1 w as six years 
old. but remember it as if it were \esterday. 1 see the 
d<)orwa\- and some features of the house, but most of all, 
the emaciated old man l\ing on his bed ; nearly seventy- 
nine >ears of terrestrial life behind him, and his cheerful 
manner, as he greeted me, and said, ' Well, ni\- little boy, 
\-ou are just entering into life, as I am going out of it.' 
He said other words which the thoughtless boy forgot, 
and the gra\' haired man wishes now he could remember. 
He a good man w ho had at least, the \irtue — as Car- 
l\le puts it — to ^et nearly nine years more than David's 
allow. mce of i-arthl)' da\ s. The next day, 1 was told that 
ms griMt-gr.uidfather Kesser w as dead, and 1 remember 
the funeral." 

2%o. III. l:Ll/.AliLTH'": b. ^o, 176^, at ("i.; m. Jan. 29, 17S4, 
Benjanun l.i-hman, of Ci.. who was b. Jan. 14, 1760. 
Thev li\ed .ind died in ("iermantow n. She, on Sept. 24, 
iSjf). Mi. I., on Jan. 7. 1840. Thex- were buried in 
tlu- grounds of the (ierman Baptist Church, of which 
the\ were for many \ears consistent members. (695) 

• Th*- KcyMT connn'llon l» v^onj to ihe mn>t numenms br.inct) of the Leverinjj family, and 
rcviprocally. I mjy aJd. Ilial Ihr Irvcflnj* arc .1 branch of the Keyser family. A bicenten- 
nial annivcrvir%- of the arrival of rurtk k'cy»cr in (icrm.inlown on October 10. 1688, was held on the 
%»mr iaic In 1WI8. In the nlj Mrnnnnlle Cliurch. which w.i> built In 1770. On that occasion a history 
of"  -as rc.i J by its author. Hon. Charles S. Keyser, of Philad. Hon. 

M ' ; (ho relation of the Keyser and Leverinjj families, followed by 

Dr Niml. W. Prnnypaiker, 1,1.. l».. who related his family association with tlu- Keyser name. 






231. IV. Peter" (Rev.): b. Nov. 9, 1766, at G.; m. Mch. 30, 1790, 

Catharine Clemens, of Horsham, Montg. Co., Pa., who 
was a sister of Derick's wife. For more than fifty years 
he was pastor of the German Baptist Church at German- 
town. He d. May 21, 1849, and Mrs. K. followed June 
6, 1854, aged 84 years. They were buried near to the 
church where he had officiated so long. See Biog. (703) 

232. V. Sarah": b. June9, i77i,atG.; m. in 1794 Joseph Gorgas 

of G., b. April 24, 1773. She d. Aug. 5, 1835. ^r. G. 
d. May 8, 1S50. They are buried at the German Baptist 
Church, to which they belonged as members. (715) 

Children of (108) Aaron' and Hannah (Righter) Leverm§f. 

Mr. Jones states: "They had 15 children, but all, 
except 2, died under the age of 3 years. Ten are buried 
side by side in the Roxb. (Levering) graveyard. Only 
2 lived to reach full age." 

233. XIV. Mary": b. Nov. 23, 1782, in Bait.; m. in 1803, Joseph 

Clement, of Salem, N. J., who was b. July 15, 1777. 
Mr. Jones states : "All her children were born at Salem. 
They removed to Royalton, Fairfield Co., Ohio, and 
finally to Lancaster, Ohio. Mrs. C. always kept up 
acquaintance with her relatives in Roxb., both by corre- 
spondence and personal visits. Her latest visit there was 
in 1857, at the age of 75 years." She d. at Lancaster, 
where Mr. C. d. Jan. 25, 1864. (722) 

234. XV. Aaron Righter" (Captain): b. Sept. 22, 1784, at Bait.; 

m. Sept. 3, 1807 (504) Ann Butcher" Lawrason. Mr. 
Jones states : "In Bait, he became engaged in various 
business operations with the sons of his Uncle Enoch. 
During the War of 18 12, he was in active service, and 
was Captain of the Independent Blues of Baltimore. He 
was in the battle of North Point, in 18 14. Captain L. 
removed to Georgetown, D. C, in 1821, and from thence 
to Spottsylvania Co., Va., where he remained until 1828, 
when he returned to Bait., and subsequently established 
the firm of A. R. Levering & Sons. In 1842 he was 
chosen a member of the City Councils, and in 1843 was 
elected to the Legislature of Marvland. Late in life he 


j(»int\l the Sevfiith B;iptist Church, (if Bait., and was 
chnsfii a Ji-acon. H*.- J. June 22, 1852, and was b. in 
(irt'i'M .NAount Ci-ni. Mrs. L. tdiloucd st'\Lial years later. 


Children of (109) Enoch and Mary (Righter) Levering. 

2^S- I- PlilHI''": h. Feb. 4, 1766. at H...\h.; ni. .V\a\' 22, 1798, Han- 
nah Wilson, daii;:hti'r of William and Jane Wilson, of 
H.ili. Hoth were meiiihers of tiie First Baptist Church of 
tiiat cit\', to which he renio\ed with his parents about the 
year 1774. (743) 

He was e.\tensi\ely en^^a^ed in the shippini^ and com- 
mission business of Bait., at first under the firm name of 
Le\'erin^ & Nelms, and subsequenth' as Peter Leverino; 
& Sons. He d. I)ec. 7, 1843. Mrs. L. d. Apl. 30, 1854, 
a«jed nearly 75 wars. 

236. 11. JlssE*: b. Au<:. 14, 1767, at Ko.xb., where he d. Sept. 7, 

2\-. III. KNOCH": b. Jul\- 4, 1769, at Roxb.; m. Jan. 28, 1800, to 
(21^4) Hannah'' Brown, his cousin. At ti\e years of ao;e 
he was taken b\- his parents to Bait., where, in mature 
years, he was enjia^ed in business with a brother, under 
the firm name of Enoch & Jesse Levering. He d. Feb. 
-V. 1828. (-5;-) 

In 1829 Mrs. L. removed with her sons to Fairfield Co., 
Ohio, and purchased a farm near to the cit\- of Lancaster, 
u here she d. Mch. 20, 18^6, aged 80 \ears. She was a 
member of the First Bapt. Church of Bait., but at Lancas- 
ter, for want of a church of the same gospel order, she 
associated with the Presbyterian Church. 

2^8. IV. Nathan": b. Ma\' 10, 1771. at Roxb.; at three years of 
age he was taken by his parents to Bait., where, on attain- 
ing his majoritw he m. Susanna Dent, of that citw She 
died Apl. I, 1823. (762) 

Mr. L. was engaged for man\' \-ears in manufacturinjj 
and shipping, and, like his brothers, conducted an exten- 
sive business. Mr il. in Ma\-, 1834, and was buried be- 
side his wife in the grounds of the First Bapt. Church. 


239. V. Jesse ^: b. May 27, 1773, at Roxb. In bis infancy was 

taken to Baltimore by bis parents, on their removal to 
that city. He m. Dt^^c. 5, 1793, Ann McLaughlin, who d. 
Oct. 20, 1799. He m. 2d, Jan, 20, 1803, to (256) Sarah'' 
Brown, who was a woman of strong character and remark- 
able powers. During the bombardment of Fort McHenry 
and the battle of North Point she remained in Bait., attend- 
ing her husbarjd and other wounded soldiers and their 
families. (769) 

Jesse was in the War of 1812, and a member of Capt. 
Samuel Sterrett's company, of the 5th regiment of Mary- 
land Volunteers. He was wounded at the battle of Bla- 
densburg. As many others of the family connection have 
done, he sacrificed business to serve the country at a time 
of need for strong, intelligent men. He was actively 
engaged in mercantile business, first, with his brother 
Enoch, and later with his sons, as Jesse Levering & Sons. 
His grandson, Hon, Joseph A. Gilpin, says of Jesse : 
" He was a merchant of considerable note. He was, 
during the Napoleonic wars, deprived of several vessels, 
captured by the French, who were ordered by their Em- 
peror to seize all merchantmen that were encountered 
that traded with the English." (Berlin and Milan De 
crees.) Congress still debates upon these "Spoliation 
Claims," which have not been paid. 

Mr. L. d. of cholera, Sept. 12, 1832. In 1841 Mrs. L. 
and family removed to EUicott's Mills, about ten miles 
from Bait., where she d. Feb. 28, 1847, aged 65 years. 
She and others of the family were buried at Green Mount 
Cem, at Bait., about the iiKMiument erected to the hus- 
band and father. 

240. VI. JOHN": b. Oct. 22, 1775, at Bait.; m. Feb. 13, 1802, Anne 

Lawrason. They were members of the First Bapt. Church 
at Bait. He was of the business firm of John & Aaron 
Levering. He was enlisted in the War of 18 12, and was 
wounded in the battle of North Point. He d. in Oct., 
1820. Mrs. L. d, Sept. 16, 1832. They are buried at 
Bait. (785) 

241. VIL Aaron": b. June 11, 1778, at Bait.; m. (502) Mary" 

Lawrason, who d, Aug. 13, 18 10. He m. 2d Nov, 29, 

iqo THH l.HM-.RING FA.Min'. 

I.SI4, Ann HIiza C.i\ c, <»f Virjiinia. Ht- was a commission 
mt-rchant in husint-ss with liis hrcther John. Died at 
Bait., thf datf n..t knnu n. (797) 

242. Mil. WILLIAM': \\ in Bait., wlu-rc he J. Feb. 28, 1800 
li IS sakl that Ik- was hiind tor Sf\«.Tal xcais, in conse- 
qiiiMKc of imprudent bathin;:. 

24 '^. l\. lAMHS': h. Apl. iS and d. Jul\ 4. 17S:?, at Bait. 

Children of 'llli Nathan and Sarah 1 Rubicam) Levering;. 

244. I. I:\(k:h'-: I\ Im 11. i-S:, 1! R... t\ , and d. Mcll. g, 1790. 
245;. II. Hannah": W Jan. 1. 17«.S. .uui .1. Apnl n;, 1789. 

246. III. hLBORAH'': h. Jan. I. 1791. at Ro.xb.; m. April 9, 181 1, to 

Rf\ . Horatio Gates Jones, of Roxb., Past(jr of the Lower 
Merion Baptist Church, who was b. Feb. 11, 1777, in 
Tred\'ffrvn rownsiiip. Chester Co.. Pa. She was the 
m<«ther of H<«n. H. (j. Jones, author of THE LEVERING 
FA.^\IL^. published by him in 1858. Shed. Sept. 9, 1823, 
at their home at Ri^hter's Ferr\-, on the ri\er Schuylkill, 
below wh;it h:is since ;iro\\n into Manayunk, an extensi\e 
suburb of the cit\- of F^iiilad. (808) 

Mr. Jones d. in Roxb. [Jec. 12, iS:;^, aiied 77 years. 
.SV(' /'/(»</. 

247. I\. Nathan": 1\ and d. Wcii. n. 1793. 

245. \ . Jl LIANNAH": b. \\a\ 1. a\k\ d. June 2, 1794. 

24(). \ I. Sarah': b. Jul\ n, i7(,)!;; d. .\\a\- S, 1796. 

2i,o. \ll. SrSANNAH": b. Ma\ (), i7()7; in. Feb. 21, 1816, George 
W . Riter, ,V\. I)., o| Rm\|\, wiv) was a successful and 
popular ph\sician. Me was pri)minent in social and offi- 
ci;d relations. He was Recorder of Deeds for Philadel- 
phia Cit\- and (^(»unt\- ; ;dso. Na\al Officer of the Port 
ot Philadelphia, and was a Member of the Convention 
which re\isi\l the Constitutitm of the State of Pennsyl- 

Mrs. R. died Feb. 14, 182^, at Roxb. Dr. R. subse- 
quentl)- married Matilda Cjilbert, by whom he also had 
issue. He died Max 4, 1841, aged 47 years. They were 
b. at Lew Cem. (814) 


Child of (n2) Deborah' (Levering) and John Streeper. 

251. I. Sarah": b. Jan. 9, 1776; m. Nov. 15, 1796, Thomas 

Shepard, of Plymouth, Montg. Co., Pa., who was b. 
Sept. 16, 1768. They resided at Plymouth, where Mr. 
S. d: Oct. 14, 1821, and Mrs. S. d. Aug. 20, 1822. 


Children of (113) Sarah' (Levering) and John Brown. 

252. 1. James'': b. Oct. 29, 1772; d. Nov. 6, 1795; unmd. 

253. 11. William'': b. Oct. 21, 1774; m. Jan. 12, 1797, Ann 

Loughridge. They resided near to Carlisle, Pa., where 
he died. (829) 

254. 111. Hannah": b. Feb. 19, 1777; m. Jan. 28, 1800, to (237) 

Enoch Levering''. See his record. She d. at Lancaster, 
O., March 20, 1856. (757) 

255. IV. John": b. April i, 1780; d. unmd. 

256. V. Sarah": b. Dec. 4, 1782; m, Jan. 20, 1803, to (239) 

Jesse Levering". She d. Feb. 29, 1847. He d. Sept. 12, 
1832, in Bait. (769) 

257. VI. Thomas Jamison® : b. Dec. 18, 1785.; d. Oct. 3, 1802. 

258. Vll. Jesse": b. May 14, 1788; d. Jan. 27, 1790. 

259. \111. Mary": b. Nov. 12, 1790; d. Nov. 14, 1790. 

260. IX. Margaret": b. Nov. 14, 1791 ; d. Aug. 14, 1792. 

261. X. Joseph Mathews": b. July 6, 1794; d. July 3, 1796. 

Children of (114) Sarah' (Shoemaker) and Daniel Pastorius. 

262. 1. Hannah": b. Nov. 17, 1743; m. Oct. 18, 1765, to William 

CoUaday. Shed. Julv 11, 1794. He d. Nov. 28, 1823, 
aged 85 years. (§37) 

He was Lieut. -Colonel of 3d Battalion of Militia in the 
cit\' of Philadelphia, Pa.; appointed June 28, 1779. 

263. 11. Abraham"; b. Oct. 10, 1745; m. April 20, 1769, Eleanor 

Leech, who d. Feb. 28, 1779; b. at Oxford Churchyard. 
After the Revolutionary War he removed to Canada, and 
was lost sight of. Memo, in the Hist. Society of Penna. 
shows that he died in 181 5 at New Orleans, La. (842) 

i;j THK l.KVhkING l"A\\m'. 

2(14. III. SaMIEL*: I\ N".. I ^. 1747; m. N«)\-. 2S, 1771, Sarah 
Lincoln. He J. m i7i).S. (^47) 

_»6s. 1\ . iJAMIiL*: h. in 174'); in. April 19, 17X6. Hlixabetli Mech- 
lin, who J. Si-pi. I, iS^o. He- J. on l-\t\ 4, iS^i. 


Children of same and 2d husband, Daniel Mackenet. 

X)6. \. CMAkLLS*: 1 f m. No\ . 17, 1779, Ra- 

chel Irwin. He d. 
 b. April 17. i7vS; i Jan. 25, i8:;4. 
267. \ I. \\AU\-. j d. Oct. 12, 1827. 

j ( Unmd. 

26S. \I1. l>AMi:i/': died iinmd. 

2(*). \ III. CHARLliS'''; m. N<t\., 1779, Rachel , who d. Oct. 

7. 1S22. No issue. 

Children of ( IJ5» Georgfe and Martha (Livezey) Shoemaker. 

270. I. J( )NATIIAN' : 

271. II. OiHORCjI^/': m. Now 26. 1801, Sarah Bird, of Abington, Pa. 

Ik- d. Jan., 1806, lea\ing a Will, whicii was proved at 
Norristoun, Pa. No chn. His widow m. Comly Shoe- 

272. III. Isaac'': 

271. I\ . l:STIIl-:iv' : 

274. \'. Tacv": in. .\o\ . 17, i7i)(), lo Richard Roberts of Abing- 
ton, Pa. (86^) 

27 V \l. Sarah": 

27(i. \11. MaIvtha'': 

Children of 1 JIbi Benjamin and Mary ( Comly I Shoemaker. 

2JJ. 1. LliVI' : b. Jan. (), \j'^4. 

27S. II. R()nnPT': b. Uec. 29, i7c;4; m. in 1780, at Trinity 
Church, O.xford. Philad., Martha Leech. He d. on Oct. 
8, 1796, in Philad. : b. in Friends' ground, corner Fourth 
and Arch Streets. (865) 


279. 111. Nathan'': b. July 16, I7I56;' m. May, 1792, Sarah Miller. 

He d. Nov. 7, 18 1 7. (868) 

280. IV. Abraham'': b. Nov. lo, 1757,111 Cheltenham, near Philad. 

281. V. Benjamin'': b. Sept. 10, 1759; m. Nov. 16, 1784, at Bris- 

tol Friends' Meetinj^ (recorded at Falls Meeting, Bucks 
Co., Pa.), Jane Allen. He d. Oct. 22, 1793. (877) 

282. VI. AM^''': b. May 6, 1761 ; m. to Benjamin Harper, of Frank- 

ford, Philad.' (882) 

283. VII. Mary'': b. Nov. i, 1763; m. Sept. 8, 1785, at Abincrfon 

Meeting, to Thomas Shoemaker, her 2d cousin. She d. 
Mch. 17, 1793. He d. Feb. 11, 1837, aged 75 years. He 
passed his life at Shoemakertown, Montg. Co., Pa., and 
was a prominent country squire. (883) 

284. VIII. Samuel": b. Jan. 2, 1765 ; d. in 1793 in Philad. of yellow 

fever. Unmd. 

285. IX. Eli'': b. July 25, 1766; m, Nov. 29, 1787, Rachel Comly, 

of Byberry, near Philad. He d. Aug. 9, 1798, in Philad., 
where he had become a prominent merchant. (886) 

286. X. Jane'': b. Oct. 30, 1768; m. June 17, 1793, to Anthony 

Hallowell, of Abington, Pa. (888) 

287. XI. Jacob'': b. Aug. 4, 1770. 

288. Xll. Rebecca": b. Dec. 16, 1771 ; m. Oct. 6, 1796, to Atkin- 

son Rose, of Bucks Co., Pa. She d. April 5, 18 10. He 
d. Oct. 30, 18 19. (893) 

289. XIII. James": b. July 19, 1773. 

290. XIV. COMLY": b. May 28, 1776; m. Sept. 17, 1807, at Abing 

ton Meeting, Sarah Shoemaker (mv Bird), widow. He 
d. June 23, 1843. Resided Philad. No chn. 

Children of (i\7) William' and Susanna Richardson Shoemaker. 

291. I. Abraham": b. Dec. 3, 1753; m. Mch. 3, 1780, by Bishop 

White at Christ's Church, Philad., to Deborah Musgrave. 
He d. May 27, 1818. (899) 

292. II. Daniel": b. Dec. 14, 1755; m. Ann Bartram. (911) 

293. III. Jesse": b."Sept. 15, 1757; m. Catharine Howell. 

294. IV. Sarah": b. Jan. 11, 1760; d. unmd. 


295. \. William': l\ Sept. S. 1761; m. Snr-.ih Bownum. (919) 

2(Xj. \1. I.MJIA*: h. M..h. 4, i;0^; J. Juiu- is, 1-^4^. unnui., at 
Stroiulsbiir;^. I'a. 

297. \ II. losiil'H': 1\ I. 111. Ju, 1701;; in. Mar\- I'icict'. (926) 

29.S. \lll. Si'SANNa": h. .IuI\ ;. i7rx;; 111. to WaLuhi Fislier. (933) 

2c>;. I\. WaLaCHI*: h. .Ian. s. 1772; in. Miss ShaettVr. 

300. \. hLIZAULlH'': l\ Juiu- IS, 1774; in. June, 1792, to Daniel 

Stroikl, ni Stroudshur;:. Pa. She J. Oct. 27, 1809. (939) 

301. \l. .^^A1<'^ ': b. Feb. 10. 1776; in. tn James Upde^iraff, d. s. p. 

Child of ( nSi Abraham and Lydia (Daws) Shoemaker. 

302. 1. Sa.WL'HL'': b, about 176^ at Cheltenham, near Philad. 

Children ot (120 William and Mary ( Nice ) Maris. 

303. 1. (iLORGL": b. April 25, 1776, at Philad.; removed to Bait., 

where he m., Dec. 9, 1797, Elizabeth Dunwoody, who 
was b. May K). 1774. and d. Jan. 19, 1817. in Au^i., 
181S. Mr. M. m. Mai\- Dea.vian, of Bait. He d. there 
Oct. ^o, i8s9. She d. also. (958) 

304. 11. JaNH": m. Ml. Jel't'ers, aiul d. in 1847, lea\ injj; one or two 


30s. 111. Sai^'AH": m. a. Doabe, and is dead. (950 

3o('). 1\ . William": died at s^a. 

307. \. NaIIIAN": d.; was buried at Lower Dublin Baptist Ch., 


308. \ I. MaTIIIAS": d.; was buried at Lower Dublin Baptist Ch., 


3a). Ml. I-.LIZA': b. about 1787; m. Ma\- 10, 1813, William 
Shearer, of Bustleton, Philad. Co., who was b. Dec, 5 
1776, and d. in 1840. Mrs. S. d. since. (953) 

310. MIL Mary": b. In 1858 she lived with a son on Hudson 
River, N. Y. 


Children of (J 24) Rachel ' (Levering) and Lewis Smick. 

311. 1. ElizaBATH'': b. in 1768, at Ro.xb.; m. Samuel Nio[htlinger, 

of Philad., who d. in Richmond, Va., in 1802. She m. 
2d, in 1803, John Naylor, of Richmond. He d. in 1806. 
She m. vi, in 181 1, Jesse Castner, of Montjj;. Co., Pa., 
who d. April 26, 1828. Mrs. C. d. Nov. 8, 1848. 


312. 11. Catharine'': b. in 1772, in Roxb., where she lived with 

brother George W. Mr. Jones said of her : " She was a 
member of the Ro.xb. Baptist Church. She had a great 
traditional k'nowledge of the Levering family and fur- 
nished many facts to him for his compilation of 1858. She 
d. Oct. 30, 1849; unmd. Buried in Lev. Cem. 

313. 111. Caspar'': b. in 1774, at Roxb.; m. Elizabeth Lloyd. He 

d. Sept. II, 1821, and was b. in Lev. Cem. Mrs. S. d. 
since. (969) 

314. IV. Benjamin'': b. in 1775, at Roxb.; m. (318) Elizabetlf 

Levering, who d. April 26, 1828. He d. Oct. 5, 1857. 
They were b. in Lev. Cem. (979) 

315. V. George Washington": b. Oct. 8, 1778. Mr. Jones 

relates of him : "He and Mr. Samuel Gorgas built the 
first flour mill at Manayunk. It was below Hippie's Lane, 
now called Fountain Street, and on the canal bank, and 
for many years carried on business as Smick & Gorgas. 
He was a Representative in the Assembly of Pennsyl- 
vania from Philad. Co. He became feeble in body and 
mind, and in August, 1856, proceedings in lunacy were 
begun by two of his nephews, and the Court of Common 
Pleas of Philad. Co. appointed Joseph H. Hoffman and 
Samuel H. Slingluff committee of his person and estate. 
He resided at the ()ld mansion on the Ridge Road, and 
was quite wealthy. He never married. He d. Oct. g, 
1857, and was b. in the Lev. Cem. His estate was 
inherited b\' his nieces and nephews. 

Children of (127) Benjamin^ and (170) Abig^aL' Levering. 

316. 1. Joseph": b. at Manayunk; m. Miss Latch; was blind; 
kept a store. (986) 


;i7. II. Aaron': h. at unk, mk\ d. tlu-re uiiinJ. 

^iS. III. HLIZABIiTH*: l\ in 1776; in. ( ^^ 14 ) Benjamin" Smick. She 
il. April 20. iSjS. (979) 

;it). I\. UBBORAH*: in. .)«»hn Kinjiston and lemoxed to Ohio, 
wluTi- Ik- JuJ. Siie in.. 2d. ;i Mi . Bcaxer. and had two 
i-hildrt-n. (988) 

U<). \. MaIMIas MaI^IS'': h. iiiKoxh.; in. l^rK'L\a, dau. of William 
T. MilliT. nt c:iK-sttM- Co., I'.t. Mi>. L.. after the death 
o| her hushaiul, remained several years in Roxb. Later 
she had domitil witli her dauuliter, Hmma C. Simpson, 
in Norristown, Ta.. u liere siie d. Mch. 8, 1893, ai];ed 88 
\ears. (989) 

U'l. \ I. ANTIK^NV*: h. Mcii. JO, 1807; m. Caroline, dau. of Ben- 
j.uiun Williams, of Mont.u. Co., Pa. She d. Feb. 20, 
18^7. Ml- d. .V\.i\- 21. i8v). (99O 

Children of (I25i Katharine (Levering) and John Sands. 

^22. I. Nathan": b. about 177;; at Roxb. 
UV II. loiiN^ b. about 1778 at Roxb. 

Children ot i J 36 1 Jacob and Elizabeth (Snyder) Showier. 

324. I. I' «"v'- i\ i'l R.'xb.; m. Hli/a Blank'. (994) 

U'v II. SAWl l.L: b. in Roxb. Haw no histor\- of him. 

Children of (140) Jacob and Mary (Brownfield) Levering. 

12(k I. Sarah*: h. in 176c; at Roxb.; m. Tlv.mas Mathias, of 
Rhihid.. and d. .\\a\- 27, 1821. (996) 

',27. II. llANN'Air': b. abt.ut 1772 in Roxb.; m. Barnabas Coulston. 
Both d. and are buried in Le\ . Cein. (1003) 

^^28. III. Mary": b. in 1777; m. (22O) Nathan " ke\erin;i, Junior. 
She d. Mar^-h 14. 1821. He d. Auy. 11, 1838, aged 60 
years. Both were b. in Le\ . Cem. (656) 


^^''*^ Lenox an,i hid^^ // 





Children of (142) John ' and Hannah (Howell) Levering. 

329. 1. Jonathan HaGER": b. Nov. 7, 1778, at Roxb.; m. Sept. 2, 

1802, Elizabeth, dau. of Mark Rhoads, of Philad. She 
was b. Sept. 15, 1784. They resided in Philad., where 
both died; he on Jan. 25, 1834; she on Feb. 5, 1850. 
They were b. in Lev. Cem. (loi i) 

330. 11. David": b. Dec. 8, 1780, in Roxb., where he d. in infancy. 

331. III. Ann*: b, Sept. 23, 1783; m. Dec. 24, 1807, Samuel 

Stearne, of the Great Valley, Chester Co., Pa., where 
they resided from 1829. He d. Dec. 18, 1847, *a,iied 69 
years. Mrs. S. left the farm and purchased a home in 
Germantown, which she occupied until her death, which 
occurred on Feb. 7, 1871. They were b. in Lev. Cem. 


332. IV. John Howell": b. Dec. 12, 1785; m. Mch. 3, 1814, 

Margaret, dau. of Daniel and Mary Magdalena Hagy, of 
Montg. Co., Pa. She was b. Aug. 9, 1792. He d. May 
16, 1825. Mrs. L. lived in their homestead — which ad- 
joined the premises where her husband was born — in 
widowhood, for 44 years, and d. there, Apl. 12, 1869. 
Both were b. in Lev. Cem., near to the church she at- 
tended for a generation of years. (1023) 

333. V. Abraham'': b. Nov. 19, 1787; m. April 2, 1814, Catha- 

rine, dau. of William and Catharine Hagy, of Lower 
Merion. She was b. May 26, 1792, upon premises which 
had descended from her grandfather, Jacob Hagy.* it 
consisted of a large farm and paper mill, on Mill Creek, 
where this stream empties into the Schuylkill River, on 
its right bank, above Manayunk, This property is still 
owned in the family. (1026) 

Abraham removed from Roxb. to Lower Merion before 
their marriage. Both were baptized by Rev. H. G. Jones, 
and joined the Lower Merion Bapt. Ch., in which he was 
made a Deacon on May 3, 1828. Mrs. L. subsequently 
was ordained a Deaconess. She officiated, as an attend- 
ant to the Pastor, when women members were received, 

■Jacob Hagy was a skilled paper maker when he emigrated from Switzerland to America. He, 
at first, settled upon a small stream near to the left bank of the Schuylkill, opposite and about one 
mile above the mouth of Mill Creek, where he erected one of the earliest paper mills built in the colo- 
nies, and operated it until after he acquired the above described property. 

I5vS THK LH\1:K?ING lAMll."^. 

after baptism. h\' ilu- " lax-ing on -it lianJs," into full 
fellowship <if tlu- tluirch, as the writer well remembers. 

hi i.S>4 th.\ i.inn\L-J West, witli tlie unmarried part 
of the family. t<>ll<>win;i their sons — the u riter and (1032) 
William H.— tn, Indiana, where he acquired 
considerable pr<>pt.-rt\-. and d. Oct. 7. 1S66. Mrs. L. d. 
Nov. ji, iSS^. in her i)2d year. Both were taken to and 
b. in 1-ev. Cem. 

334. \I. Hannah*: b. Sept. 26. 1789; m. Mch. 4, iSio, John 
ll.ij\-. a brother t(t above-named Catharine. Mr. H. was 
.1 Presbyterian, and was instrumental in or^anizino; and 
biiildin<: the church of that faith in Upper Roxboroueh, 
w here they liM-d. 

Mrs. H. was a member of the Ro.xb. Bap. Church from 
her jiirlhooil, and remained in that fellowship. He d. 
.March 26, 1S64. She followed on January 20, 1876. 
The\- wc-ri- I t\ . Cem (1037) 

?^>. \ll. Hl.lZAHHTM': b. Sept. 6. 1791 ; d. in infanc\-. 

3V). \lll. SAkAH': b. April 10. 1793; m. Oct. 18, 1817, Samuel 
Slin;iluff. w ho was a teacher, and for many years was a 
c«Mne\'anc«.-r and a Justice of the Peace in Roxb. He 
was b. .Au^. 26, i7()i, and d. April 12, 1858. After his 
decease his witlow li\ed with her brother Hnoch, in the 
house in which she was born, and d. there Nov. 30, 
1873. She was for many years a consistent member of 
the Roxb. Bapt. Church. They were b. in Lev. Cem. 


3^7- l>^- Hnoch'': b. [x-c. 7. 179s; m. April 6, 1823, Sophia 
Irullin^ier. He was a member of the Roxb. Bapt. Church, 
and t<»r several \ears a deacon. During; his life he occu- 
pied the house (hereinbefore described) in which he and 
all his brothers and sisters were born, and there he died 
on June 24, 187;. 

" A Kcntie, guileless, childlike man, 
Content to live where lite began." 

His widow still occupied the premises w ith her unmd. 
daughter, Sarah, in whom the title \ests. She d. Oct. 
28. i8i)6, a;:ed 89 years. 8 months; b. in Leverino;ton 
Cem.. Philad., beside her husband. (1046) 


Children of (143) Anthony and Mary (Sterne) Levering. 

338. 1. Esther'': b. July 25, 1790, at Manayunk; m. Sept. 24, 

1812, to (227) Charles'' Leverinti. They removed in 
1834 to Wapakoneta, Ohio, where he d. March 21, i860. 
She followed Sept. 2, 1869. They were b. at "Two- 
Mile Cem.," near to their home, (663) 

339. 11. Jesse": b. July 5, 1792, and d. Oct. 7, 1804, at Mana- 


340. 111. ABRAHAM'': b. Sept. 19, 1794; d. Jan. 20, 1800. 

341. IV. Silas Gilbert'': b. Dec. i8, 1796; m. Sept. 23, 1819, 

Susannah, dau. of Joseph and Mary Rittenhouse, of 
Germ. They lived in Manayunk for many years. A 
letter written by him to Mr. Jones, dated Baltimore, 
April 7, 1856, not only relates his experiences, but is so 
valuable, historically, that I copy it. He wrote: "I 
built the first stone house in Manayunk, and kept it as a 
hotel for five years. It is now owned by James Bramble. 
The only houses built there before it was named Mana- 
yunk were my father's (on Green Lane, now owned by 
Perre. W. Leverino;) the two Tibbens', Stritzell's, Benja- 
min Levering's and his son ' Blind Joe,' as he was called, 
who had a little store, which he built on the same ground 
where Samuel Eckstein built his paper mill. These, 1 
believe, were all the houses before Manayunk was com- 
menced. 1 can well remember when there was nothing 
but a cow-path from Green Lane, on the banks of the 
Schuylkill, to Righter's Ferry, and also from Green Lane 
up the river. 1 was merchandizing in M., until 1838, 
when I removed to the corner of Green Lane and Ridge 
Road, in Roxborough. In May, 1850, together with my 
family, 1 removed to Southeastern Virginia, Gloucester 
Co., near to Yorktown. I remained there until 1852, 
when 1 moved to Baltimore." 

Mr. L. d. at Bait. Mch. 29, 1857. His body was 
brought, and b. in Le\'. Cem. In the same year Mrs, L. 
and her family removed back to Roxb., where she d. 
July 30, 1879, and was b. beside her husband. 



^4J. \. Titus VUlvKUS': l\ m I7t>; .it Man;i\unk; in. Waria, dau, 
..t FVUt Bivhtfl. He d. Ma\' lo. 1835 ; b. m Lew Cem. 


?43. \ I. IM-RI-.GRINE Wharton' : b. May 20, iSoJ. at M.; m. June 
2\, iS.'^. tli/abetli Streejx-r at Hisinu Sun, Montji. Co., 
Pa. He (iwneJ. and lived all his life, in the old Leverintr 
mansion, built in 1736 upon Wi<:aid-lA\ erini: land, on 
(Ireen Lane, opposite the present Wood Street. Here he 
d. on Dec. 17. iSSS. His u ite died Auli. H. 1865. They 
were buried in Lev. Cem. StV hio,^. (1058) 

7,44. \11. Hannah*: b. Au<:. 9. 1805. at W.; ni. Feb. 25. 1836,10 
Joseph H. Hotfman, ot Ro.xb., who was b. No\-. 30, 1807, 
and d. Oct. _'i, |8(X). Mr. H. was an active and useful 
citizen, and in reli;:ious work. He ser\ed tiom 1857 as 
an Alderman ot I'hilad., and was a Representative in the 
Li'uislature of Penna. 

He possessi'd a remarkably clear \-oice, and excelled as 
a sin;ier. For more than t'ltts' \ears he was leader of the 
choir <»f the Roxb. Bapt. Church, not ceasinti until his 
\oice was stilled by death. (1063) 

Mrs. H. still occupied the old homestead on Ridj^e 
Avenue, near to the old home of the late H. G. Jones, 
where she died on. N(t\ . ^o, 189^ 

She was born in the first house built in Manayunk', 
now a part of the cit\- or Philadelphia. At the time of 
her death she was the oldest member of the Roxboroujih 
Baptist Church, which sIk' joined when quite \oun^, and 
in which she san;: w ith her husband for man\' x'ears. 1 
knew her from my early childhood. More successful 
than Juan Ponce de Leon, 1. supp(»sed that she had dis- 
co\eri-d the fountain of perpetual youth, which eluded 
till' Spanish explorer, whom she outlixed the span of a 
"iiieratinn. Tliex- wcrr buri( J in l.e\erin,uton Cemetery. 

Children of MM' Mary 'Levering) and Cornelius Holgate. 

^4;. I. JOHN": b. March 12, 1782; in. Jan. 28, 1813, M\ra Gil- 
bert, h. April I, 1788. He was a deacon in the Roxb. 
Bapt. Churcii. He d. April 2H, 1854. She d. Feb. 7, 
1857: h. in Le\ . Cem. (1064) 

\4h. II. William "■■: b. Dec 2H, 1783; d. unmd. on Sept. 14, 1805. 







347. 111. Abraham": b. Sept. 19, 1785; d. Nov. 30, 1786. 

348. IV. Anna'': h. Jan. 5, 1788; m. Thomas Bartolt-tte. They 

emigrated from Philad. after marriage to Darrtown, But- 
ler Co., Ohio. She d. Jan. 18, 1857, at Harrison, Ohio. 
Thomas went to their dau., Mary Coleman, in 111., where 
he d. Aug. 10, 1857. (1072) 

349. V. Jane'': b. July 27, 1789; m. Jan. 7, 1813, Israel Gilbert, 

b. July 14, 1789. He was a deacon in the.Bapt. Church 
at Chestnut Hill, Philad., and was a soldier in the war of 
1812. He d. March 4, 1852. She d. Nov. 4, 1854. 


350. VI. Abraham Levering'': b. March i, 1791 ; m. March 26, 

1818, in Pittsburgh, Pa., to Elizabeth Jones, who was 
h. April 20, 1796, in Milford, Conn. From Pittsburgh 
they removed to Cincinnati, and thence to Van Buren 
Co., Iowa, where he died Nov. 8, 1847. His widow and 
children removed to Seattle, in the Territory of Washing- 
ton, Where she d. Jan. 22, 1880. Sec biog. (1087) 

351. Vll. Griffith'': b. Nov. 2, 1792 ; m. Feb. 28, 1822, Elizabeth 

Rose, b. Feb. 13, 1796. He was a soldier in the war of 
1812. Was a merchant in Haddington', a suburb of 
Philad., from 1821 to 1834, when he moved to a farm 
in Darby Tp., Delaware Co., Pa., where he remained 
until the death of his wife, April 29, 1866, whea he ac- 
cepted domicile with his daughter, Elvina Levering Cart- 
wright, at Oswego, N. Y., where he died on Jan. 5, 1881. 
He was a lifelong member of the Baptist Church, a type 
of Christian consistency and of business integrity. Both 
were buried at Mt. Moriah Cem., near Philad. (1096) 

352. VIIL Sarah'': b. Nov. 20, 1794; m. Dec. 13, 1818, Alexander 

Brooks. He was born Nov. 21', 1796, in Danbury, Conn.; 
went from there when 20 years of age to Berwick, Pa., 
where he became acquainted with Sarah. After their 
marriage — 1826 — they removed to Factoryville, New 
York, where he bought a woolen factory and manufac- 
tured cloths. He was a deacon in a Bapt. Church there 
for many years, and was the main financial support of 
the church. 

Prof. Alex. Atwood' Brooks wrote of his mother, Sarah : 
"My natural abilitv and my success in life I owe to my 

1(J2 THH l.i;\i:i<'IN(J FAMILY. 

niotlK-r. Shf u;i> a woman oi superior qualities of botli 
head aikl ht-art, and nt exalted clnuacter in all the walks 
of Ilk-." 

Both d. at \Va\erl\-, N. V.; she <tii Jan. 2, 1840, and 
he on Auj:. u. 1S76. On Julv 24. 1841, he mar. 
Mar^.iret I'en Hmnk, of Waveil\-, uhnd. March 1, 1S93. 


^;^ l\. IH()A\AS*: h. March (). 1796; died Au^. 12, 1797. 

^^4. \. .WaI^-Ia'': h. l)ic. s. i7y)7\ "i- J-m. 10, 1819, Kandal Fen- 
ton, h. Mch. <), i7()2,andd. Dec. 10, i86s. She d. Sept. 
1 . 1874. near Philad. ( 1 1 lO) 

^;;. XL MSANNAfl'': b. iJec. 21, 1800; m. Jan. 4, 1830, Jona- 
than Scout, h. Ma\- 14, 1807, and d. July 12, 1881. She 
d. May 6. 1877, near Philad. (1121) 

All the above children were born in Roxb., Philad. 

Children of (147) Samuel' and Rebecca (Roberts) Levering^. 

^;r). I. HLIZABETH": " bom without life Feb. 4, 1793." 

;;;. II. Jacob": b. April 24, 1794; m. Au^. 11, 1814, (999) 
F'lizabetlv Mathias. The\' resided in Philad., where Mr. 
L. was an extensi\e importer and dealer in coffee for 
man\- \ears. He d. June 8, 1853. Mrs. L. d. July 24, 
i8v8. in her 60th year. They were b. in Lev. Cem. 
The\- were members of the Bapt. Church. (1124) 

^^v8. III. I.i:\l": b. April 8. iji/^; d. Au^. 27, 1797. 

^>;>). 1\. MAk(Mki:T": b. No\. 7, 1797; m. Sept. 17, 1817, Hzekiel 
Shur. b. Jul\ 8, 1704. Res., Mana\Lmk. He d. Mch. 
27. iH()T,. She d. .No\ . 5, 1 88s. Belonged to Baptist 
Church. (1 133) 

V)(\ y. hiiliOkAII": b. Sept. T). \j()^); d. Jul\- 2, 1800. 

V)\. \1. 1)A\II)": b. Dec. 28. 1800; d. Feb. 23, 1802. 

V)2. Ml. ANNA": b. J;m. 17. 180:?; d. Sept. 16, 1803. 

Vn. Mil. Mar^ ANN": b. Feb. s. 1803; m. Feb. 18, 1824, Wil- 
liam Shur. of Roxb.. who d. Jan. 29, 1859, in his 58th 
year. She d. Au^. 1, 1882. They were members of 
the Bapt. Ch.; b. ;it Le\ . Cem. (1141) 


364. IX. Rebecca": b. Oct. 15, 1807; m. Joseph Bitting, of Ohio. 

365. X. Samuel'': b. Dec. 24, i8oq; m. Oct. 27, 1831, Mary Ann 

Boyer, who d. Feb, i i, 1834. He m. 2d, Elizabeth Sloan. 
They were related to the Roxb. Bapt. Church. He d. 
Jan. 30, 1872. She d. Mch. 4, 1880. All are b. in Lev. 
Cem. (1148) 

All the above were born in Roxborough. 

Children of (148) Joseph' and Abigal (Ramsey) Levering;. 

366. 1. Benjamin'': b. May 10, 1786; m. Elizabeth Goodman, b. 

Feb. 25, 1786. Lived in Roxb. He d. Aug. 13, 1842. 
Shed. Dec. 26, 1846; b. in Lev. Cem. (1151) 

367. IL WiGARD'': b. Aug. 27, 1788; d. unmd. in Sept., 181 3; b. 

Lev. Cem. 

368. III. Rebecca-': b. July 20, 1790; m. Henry Guilinger, who d. 

in the War of 18 12. She m. 2d, John Thompson, who 
d. She d. April 14, 1882, at Norristown, Pa. (1157) 

369. IV. Ann'': b. Nov. 16, 1792; m. Andrew Kitler, who d. at 

Norristown. She m. 2d, Robert Milligan. She d. April, 
1855, at Washington Co., W. Va. He d. there also. 


370. V. Mary'': b. Mch. 11, 1796; m. Joseph McClellan, who d. 

She d. in 1861. (1165) 

371. VI. Francis Ramsey'': b. Nov. 20, 1798; m. May 20, 1822, 

Sarah Guthrie. He d. Jan. 215, 1866, in Phila. She d. 
Nov. 4, 1871. Both b. at Mt. Peace Cem., Philad. 

(1 169) 

372. VII. Eliza'': b. Oct. 26, 1801 ; m. Allen Fisher. She d. at 

Bloomington, 111.; no chn. 

373. Vlll. Hannah'': b. May 17, 1805; m. William Noble, who d. 

July 30, 1884; she d. Dec. 20, 1890. They were b. at 
Odd Fellows' Cem., Philad. ' (1173) 


Children of (149) Jacob and Mary (Abel) Levering.* 

374. 1. AHKL*: \\ Di-c. iS. 177;. Ill the archives of the old 
Swede's Church, at Phihui., is recordeJ amoncr baptisms, 
" 1774, Oct. ^O. ABKL, son of Jacob and Mai y Levering, 
born Dec. iS, 177;." It is said lie died at Reading, Pa., 
about iS2^. 

^75. II. IJ.IZAHHTM": b.; in. . 

Children of (ISO) Elizabeth (Levering;) and Joseph Tyson.* 

^76. I. KlizahLTH*: 
377. II. loilN": 

Children of (153> Mary (Levering) and John Razer. 

37S. I. BhNJA.MIN": who U\es in Philad. 

379. 11. I'RIAM": 

^.So. III. Aaron": 

:;Si. l\ . 1'i:ti-:r": 

382. \ . \\ ll.lJA.M' : 

^S^. \ 1. I:i.izabi:th": 

^84. \ II. WarV: 

^Sv \ 111. Catharine''': 

Thesi' appear t<i lia\e been born in Montg. Co., Pa., as 
listed by Mr. Jones. 1 have been unable to get any clew 
to them. 

Children of (154) Peter and Elizabeth (Righter) Levering. 

380. I. Sarah": b. 17.S.S, in Roxb.; m. Mr. Kitchingman and died 

Oct. 27. iS:;r). Nil chn. 

^87. II. Jacob": b. about \ji)\ ; m. Margaret Blank. 

;8S. III. I<)SI;rh": b. in 1 7(>,) ; d. Jan. is, 1827; unmd. 

^80. I\. Hi:NiA,MlN": died in infancN-. 

liy. \. \N\ 1:LIZABBTH": m. John Rudd\-, of Pittsburgh. 

°l have written repe-itedly during two years past to A. H. Tyson, of Reading, Pa., for genealogi- 
cal in(«irniation o( the descendants of both .lacub and Elizabeth Leverlnp. He made promise, but I 
received n<> report. 


Children of Same and Hannah (Linnabach) 2d Wife. 

391. VI. Williams.'': b. in Mi )nt^. Co., Pa., after i8oo; removed 

to Bait., and there m., in 1826, Susan Hall. He d. in 
July, 1835, ^it Bait. (1182) 

392. VU. Matthias": m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel White, and 

lived in Lower Merion, Montg. Co., Pa. It is not known 
where and when he died. (1188) 

393. Vlll. JOHN'': b. in Sept. and d. in Nov., 1804. 

394. IX. Samuel'': b. ; m. Mary Ann, dau. of John I. Hess, 

of Chester Co., Pa. (hqO 

He lived at Plymouth, Montg. Co., Pa., and d. there in 
June, 1859; b. in Lev. Cem. 

Children of (156) William and Catharine (Wolford) Levering. 

395. 1. Charles*^: b. Apl. 9, 1795, at Plymouth; he removed to 

Philad., and there m. on Apl. 9, 1817, Hester Hulings of 
that city, who d. Oct. 25, 1859, and was b. in Monument 
Cem. Hed. Aug. 5, 1870, and was b. in Lev. Cem., to 
which the remains of his wife were removed. 


396. II. Benjamin": b. July 9, 1796, at Plymouth; m. Mary Hol- 

loway, and removed to Louisville, Ky., where he d. May 
27, 183 1. His widow remained in that city, where she 


397. 111. Maria": b. Oct. 3, 1798. 

398. IV. William Wigard": b. Jan. 8, 1801. 

399. V. Eliza": b. July 7, 1803. 

400. VI. MariaNN: b. July 16, 1806. 

401. VII. Harriet": b. June 5, 1807. 

Children of (157) Magdalena ' (Levering) and John King. 

402. I. Mary": b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; m. Mr. Korn. 

403. II. Ann": b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; m. Mr. Wiley. 

\(i(y TMH I IIMI^-ING FA.Min'. 

404. III. Martha*: h. in. Mnnt;:. Co., Pa.; m. Mr. Price and iiad 

^ chiklrfn. 

40>. I\. I:I.IZA*: h. in Mont;:. Co., Pa.; ni. .V\i . Fi^ht ; d. prior to 

40f), \ . l^i:m;cCA*: b. in M^nt^. Co., Pa.; ni. M. Rfiie\- and d. 

407. \ I. Harriet": h. in Mont;:, Co., Pa.; 111. Mr. Stackiand and 
d. childless. 

405. Ml. loHN": l\ in Mont;:. O... Pa. 
4cx;. \lli. CHARl.l-S": l\ in Mont^. Co., Pa. 

410. i\. WlLUAA^': b. in Mont.u. Co.. Pa. 

TIk- abow bcin;: ;:i\-t'n upon statement of Mr. Jones, 
ivin;: without date or location, I l"ia\e been unable to get 
cleu to tlU'in. 

Children of ( 158 i Alice (Levering) and John Cox. 

411. I. ( Jii.'isK )i'iii-k' : b. about 1799 at Pi\niouth. Pa. 
41J. II. Charles": b. about i.Soi at Plymouth, Pa. 
4nv III. .loHN": b. about 1S04 at Plymouth, Pa. 

414. I\. MaR^ AW': ni. S\l\ester Hough. 

Children of <Ib2i Israel and Elizabeth (Perkins) Levering-. 

41 5. 1. William": b. in i7,s^ m Philad. 

416. II. IHO.MAS": b. about 17SS, in Philad. 

417. III. Israel": He Ii\-ed tor a while in Roxb. 

.\\i . loncs says all were Ii\ing in 1807. 

Children of '1 65) Hannah (Levering) and Jacob Zell. 
41S. 1. John": died in intancw 
4i<). II. l)A\il)": died in intancw 

4J0. III. ANTHONY": ni. Susan Thomas, who d. 4 mo. 7, 1857. 

4-1. I\. \\\RGARET": b. I mo. 1, 1789. and d. unmd. 


422. V. Thomas'': b. 12 mo. 26, 1792; m. i mo. i.S, 1815, Han- 

nah Ogden, b. 2 mo. 19, 1789. He d. 9 mo. i, 1848, at 
Burlington, N. J. Shr d. 4 mo. 27, 1873, at German- 
town. (1206) 

423. VI. Hannah'': m. Joseph Trasel, of Lower Merion. (121 1) 

All were Friends, and born in Lower Merion, adjoining 
Philad. The deceased of the family were buried in the 
Friends' burial ground at Merion Meeting. 

Children of )166) Anthony and Sarah (Howell) Levering. 

424. I. Hannah'': b. Oct, 6, 1786; m. April 4, 1802, to Andrew 

Anderson, of Lower Merion, who was b. Nov. 15, 1777, 
and d. Oct. 30, 1845. She d. Oct. 22, 1858. Are b. at 
Lev. Cem. (1223) 

425. II. Hester'': b. Jan. 22, 1787; d. Young. 

426. 111. Mary'': b. Dec. 10, 1787; m. Silas Jones, of Lower 

Merion, and d. Jan. 14, 1858. He d. May 6, 1850, aged 
58. (1226) 

427. IV. John'': b. Oct. 18, 1789; m. Martha Trasel. Mr. Jones 

wrote of him: "He received a liberal education, and at 
one time owned the estate and mills of his father, in 
Lower Merion, opposite Manayunk. In later years he 
devoted his time to surveying, and has acquired a wide 
reputation for exactness. He has furnished me many 
valuable documents, and has taken a deep interest in this 
Genealogy." (1231) 

I can corroborate Mr, Jones' expressions from a personal 
acquaintance with him. With my parents, visiting in 
their' handsome home opposite what became Manayunk as 
the years grew apace. He was the author of a carefully 
delineated map of Lower Merion, made from his own 
surveys. I remember him also as a director, visiting the 
schools, when failing sight compelled him to wear two 
pairs of spectacles at the same time. He d. Nov. 13, 
1878, in his 90th year ; buried in Lev. Cem. 

428. V. Elizabeth''; b. Aug, 27, 1791 ; m. Nathan Lewis, who d. 


She was for many years during widowhood a consist- 
ent member of the Lower Merion Bapt. Church. She d. 
Oct. 23, 1873, ^1'""-! ^'^'^^ ^' in the churchxard. 








I6S THK l.i;\l l-'ING FAMILY. 

421). \|. AMHDNV*; h. Jul\ _hj. 170>; J. ><'un;z, 

4^o. \ll. ABIMHAM"; h. Sept. 14. 179=;; J. youii-. 

All tlu- ;ih<>\i- uiTc born in Lowtr Mcrion, and lived 

Children of 1 tbSi Elizabeth ( Levering; I and John Amos. 

I. Hannah' ; b. 17.S4 in IMiihul.; d. 

II. ANTHONY''': d. 

1\ . \lU-:i/'; d. 
\ . WaLTKIv'^^: 
\1. Jacob': d. 
\ll. AcJNliS'': 

These are as listed by Mr. Jones. 

Children of '171 ) Sarah (Levering) and Jacob Lobb. 

4;S. 1. ,\\aR^ '■ : b. about 179-'. 

4^;. II. CaTHARINH": 

440. 111. lADIA": 

441. 1\ . Sarah ": 

442. \ . Si SAN'' : 
44 ^ \l. JaNI:": 
444. \ll. A(iNi:s": 
44v \ III. Ki:i;si-:": 

446. 1\. (iKORGH": 

447. \. liDWAWD": 

[These are as listed by Mr. Jones, w ithout dates. He 
furnishes no clew by localities or otherwise. 1 believe 
both the .Amos and Lobb families were residents of Rox- 
borou;:h, and within his easy reach. He shows a knowl- 
ed^ie of the names of the 6th ^zeneration. I have been 
unable to learn of them, though tried sexeral supposed 
sources of information.] 


Children of (172) Catharine' (Levering) and John Tibben. 

.448. I. Daniel'': b. April i6, 1779, at Roxb.; m. Henrietta Proc- 
tor, b. Feb. 15, 1785, and d. Sept. 7, 1840. He d. May 
12, 1848. Tiiey lived in Roxb., and were b. in Lev, 
Cem. (1245) 

.449. II. JOHN": b. July 23, 1780; m. Elizabeth Detwiler, b. Sept. 
26, 1783. He d. Nov. 5, 1814. She d. Mch. i, 1861. 
They were b. in Lev. Cem. (1257) 

450. III. BENJAMIN'': b. May 2, 1782; m. June 13, 181 1, Elizabeth 

Grow, who was b. May 26, 1787, and d. Aug. 16, 1832. 
He d. Feb. 7, 1859. (1262) 

451. IV. Michael'': b. July 6, 1784; m. Dec. 15, 1808, Hannah 

Detweiler, b. Sept. 27, 1788. He d. July 13, 1854. She 
d. Aug. 2, 1872. (1269) 

452. V. Susannah'': b. Mch. 31, 1786; d. Sept. 8, 1821. 

453. VI. Henry": b. Jan. 5, 1791 ; d. Feb. 23, 1791. 

454. VII. Henry'': b. Jan. 30, 1792; d. Feb. 9, 1797. 

455. VIll. Anna": b. Dec, 14, 1793; m. 1816, Battis Whiteman, 

b. April 26, 1792, and d. Oct. 16, 1864, She d. July 2, 
1874. (1277) 

456. IX, Henry": b, Oct. 10, 1797; d. Dec. 30, 1808. 

457. X. Catharine": b. April 30, 1800; m. Mch. 4, 1821, Thomas 

Clarkson, of Roxb,, who d. Mch. 9, 1827, in Lower 
Merion, where he was a farmer. Mrs. C. removed to 
Darby (now Lansdowne), Del. Co., Pa., where she d. 
Nov. 20, 1847. (1281) 

Children of (J 73) Susannah' (Levering) and Peter Weidner. 

458. I. Henry": b. Aug. 30, 1781, at Roxb; m. Oct. 7, 181 3, 

Sarah Derumple. He d. on 'Feb. 5, 1846, in Chester 
Co., Pa, ( 1321) 

459. 11, Charles": b. Sept, n, 1783, in Roxb,; m, Ann Derumple, 

a sister of Sarah, He d. Dec. 11, 1871, at Brandy wine, 
Chester Co., Pa, (1329) 

460 111, Elizabeth": b, Aug, 6, 1785, at Roxb., and died within 
that year. 

I-O THE l.i:\t:RINfi FAAMLY. 

461. 1\ . THTER'': h. Srpt. .4. 17.S6, and J. in 17SS. 

46_'. \. I'LTliR*: h. R-h. 6. ijSg; in. Feb. 1. iSif), Jane Gwin, 
who was h. .Iinu- 2, i7<)4, anJ J. Max M, 1830. He m. 
2nd Hfh. -'4. iS;?, Elizabeth GtHid. He J. in 1876, at 
Rt-adin;!, Pa. Siu- d. April 4, 1884, a^cd 72 years. 


4()7,. \1. John": h. Juiu- 22. 17*)! : d. unmd. (m Jan. 31. 1870, at 
Sadsbiir\\ ilk', Chester Co., I^a. 

464. \ll. M/MvciARHT'': b. Feb. 17. 1794; m. March 8, 1814, Jolin 
Keiidi^. She d. Sept. i), 1S77, at Sadsburyville, Pa. 


46:;. \lll. |-;i.I/aB1-;tii": b. Jul\- 26, 1796; died unmd. April 5, 
1822, at Hrandxwine, Pa. 

466. IX. SI'SANNa": b. Jan. n. I7<)9: d. 1800. 

467. X. Susan''': b. Oct. 2s. 1801 ; m. March 29, 1829, Samuel 

Armstron;:, w Im d. Jan. 3, 1870. She d. Dec. 21, 1892. 

( i3;i) 

4O8. XI. CaTHAWINH": b. Oct. 2H, 180^; d. unmd. Jan. 21, 1893, 
at Sadsbur\\ ille, Pa. 

Children of (J 74) Michael and Catharine (Moyerj Leverin§f. 

4(ri). 1. Benja.MIN'': b. Oct. :;i, 1789, at Ro.xb.; m. March s, 1814. 
Sophia Rebecca H\ans, and d. April i. 1826. She d. 
Jul\- ^o, i82v They were b. in Lew Cem. (1282) 

470. 11. John'': b. Nn\ . 1, 171)1; m. Jan. 1, 1816, Maria, sister of 
Samuel Ste;une, who m. (1,7,] ) Ann Lexerin^:''. He was 
a serjieant in the War of 1812, and serxed until its close. 
He lixed the ;:reater part of his life at Roxb., xvhere their 
ei^ht children xxvre born. He be^^an life xx'ith limited 
means, but by prudence and economx' soon acquired a 
competencx', which he enjoxed for manx' x'ears with his 
^ood wife at Barren Hill, Philad., to xxhich place they 
nioxed from Ro.xb. After the death of his wife, xvhich 
occurred Sept. 12. 1872, in her 84th year, he removed to 
Norrist(»\\n, Pa., where he d. March 12, 1876. Both 
were Presbyterians, and xxere interred in the o;rounds of 
the Ro.xb. Presb. Church. The following tribute to Maria 
Le\-erin;i's worth appeared in the 5//;/</jr Republic : "As 


a wife, mother and frit- nd, and as a member of the cliurch, 
she was lovin^ and faithful. To her the House of God 
was the very gate of Heaven. Her heart and hand were 
ever ready to respond to the wants of the poor and dis- 
tressed. Her end was perfect peace. ' Precious in the 
sight of the Lcjrd is the death of his saints.' " (1286) 

471. 111. Susannah'': b. Feb. 28, 1794; m. Jacob H. Smith, of 

Mount Airy, Philad., where she d. on Sept. 15, 1828. 
He d. March 21, 1864. They were b. in Lauref Hill Cem., 
Philad. (1294) 

472. IV. Deborah': b. Sept. u, 1796; d. Nov. 14, 1799; b. in 

Lev. Cem. 

473. V. Michael'': b. June 16, 1799; m. Sarah Hergesheimer. 

They lived in Philad. She d. July 2, i860, aged 62 years. 
He died Nov. 2, 1866. B. at Laurel Hill Cem. (1298) 

474. Vl. Daniel'': b. June 14, 1802; m. May i, 1824, Esther 

Barndollar, who was b. May 10, 1805. She d. July 10, 
1866, and Daniel d. on Aug. ist of the same year. They 
resided in Roxb., and were b. in Lev. Cem. (1300) 

Children of (175) Alice' (Levering) and Rudolph Bartle. 

475. 1. John": b. in Boxb.; is dead. 

476. 11. ANN'': b. in Roxb.; is dead. 

477. 111. Rudolph": b. in Roxb.; is dead. 

478. IV. Gladman'': b. in Roxb.; lived unmd. 

479. V. Charles'^: b. in Roxb.; lived unmd. 

480. VI. Bartholomew": b. Aug. 21, 1805; m. Sept. 13, 1829, 

Ann B. Everman. (1305) 

Children of (J 76) Joseph' and Mary (Weidner) Levering. 

481. 1. Catharine": b. Dec. 14, 1788; d. Aug. 10, 1806; b. Lev. 


482. II. Elizabeth'': b. May 2, 1791 ; m. Thomas Holbert, of 

Roxb. She d. May 28, 1867. (1316) 

483. III. Joseph": b. Feb., 1794; m. Mary Streeper, who d. May 

9, 1862, aged 82 years. He d. May 5, 1865 ; b. Lev. 
Cem. (131 3) 

i;j THH Lr\l-PING FA.MII.>'. 

4S4. I\. .\\ai<'Y' : t\ 0.ct. :;i, 1S02; m. in i.Sjj, SamiiL-1 Carpenter, 
(It Roxb.. \\ Ma\- 5, 1797. and d. in June. 1879. She d. 
Oct. IJ, iSSo; b. l,c\'. Cem. (1^17) 

Child of (177) Mary (Levering) and David Moycr. 
4S>. I. John''': b. in Roxb.; m. and had issue. (MS7) 

Children of (J 78) Margaret (Levering) and John Stritzel. 

4X6. I. Alice": b. in Riixb.; ni. Hcni\- Bartk-. 

4S7. II. Pi".T1-:r": b. in Roxb.; ni. Sarah Dctwiler. (1360) 

4SS. III. Catharine'': b. in Roxb.; in. Michael Righter. 

4,S(j. I\'. John'': b. in Roxb.; not known. 

4«>j. \. Bi-:nja.\\1N": b. in Roxb.; m. Hliza Bo\crs. 

4()i. \l. l:LIZABETH'': b. in Roxb.; m. Samuel Shuster. 

49J. \ II. War^'': b. in Roxb.; m. John Bloom; no chn. 

Children of (179) Griffith and Hannafi (Griscom) Levering. 

41)^ 1. hLIZABETH": b. June 115, 1776, at Philad.; d. youn^i. 

4i>4. II. Sa.WIEL": b. Sept. n, 177S. Was a ship carver. He re- 
mo\ ed West, and was conspicuous in a treaty with the 
Indians. He d. at Kask'aslcia, Illinois, in iSii. Si'C bioi>\ 

49S. III. Rebecca": b. May 28, 1780. and d. Jul\- 28. 1881. 

4(/). W. Tho.MAS": b. Oct. q, 1781, at Philad.; m. Dec. 12, 1814, 
Rachel Ann Sch(»Uield, at Washington, I). C. Mr. Jones 
said of him: "He resided in Philad. until 1808, in the 
employ ot William Woodward and Matthew Carey, book- 
selkas. He then went to Washington, where he lived 
until 18^2. He last resided at Bennington, Morrow Co., 
Ohio. When quite N'oung, he joined the Societv of 
Friends at Philad. 'from convincement,' and remained a 
member of that Society. He has afforded the waiter 
much \ aluable aid, especially in preparing the genealogy 
of his branch of the family." 

He d. June II. 1857, at Lanthol, the residence of his 
son Criffith, Delaw are Co., O. He was b, in the Friends' 


Cemetery, on the east bank of Alum Creek, in Morrow 
Co., Ohio. His widow removed with her son Samuel, 
in II mo., 1882, to Marysville, in East Tennessee, where 
she d. at the home of her granddaughters, Mary Annette 
and Ehna Levering, 11 mo. 5th, 1885, aged 96 vears. 


497. V. Mary'': b. Jul\- 14, 1783; d. Jan. 14, 1810, unmd, at 


498. VI. Deborah '': b. May 13, 1785; d. Jan. 15, 1817, unmd, at 


499. VII. Hannah": b. Oct. 29, 1788; m. March 26, 1808, to 

Captain Nathaniel Franklin, by the eminent Baptist 
divine. Rev. William Staughton, D. D., of Philad. She 
d. in 1842, and he in 1850. They were b. in Trinity 
Church yard, on Catharine street, Philad. (i375) 

Children of (180) Alice' (Levering) and James Lawrason, 

500. I. Thomas'*: b. Mch. 29, 1780; m. Elizabeth Carson. He d. 

June 7, 1819, at Alexandria, Va. She d. Apl. 11, 1851, 
•in New Orleans, La., in her 60th year. (i379) 

501. 11. Elizabeth": b. Sept. 28, 1781; m. Hezekiah Smoot, who 

died. She m. 2d, John Paradise, who d. She d. Mch. 
16, 1821, at Alexandria, Va. Was a cultured woman, 
learned in the Greek and Hebrew languages, and a mas- 
ter of her own. (1384) 

502. 111. Mary Miller": b. Feb. 17, 1783; m. (241) Aaron'' Lev- 

ering, of Bait. She d. Aug. 13, 1870. He m. 2d, Nov. 
29, 1814, Ann Eliza Cave, of Virginia. He d. at Bait. 

503. IV. John Butcher": b. Mch. 15, 1785; d. Dec. 17, 1786. 

504. V. Ann Butcher": b. Feb. 14, 1787; m. Sept. 3, 1807, 

(234) Aaron Righter" Levering. They li\ed at Bait. 
Shed. ini86i. (73^) 

505. VI. William": b. June 13, and d. Oct. 23, 1788. 

506. Vll. Mercy Ann": b. Oct. 24, 1789, in Alexandria, Va.; m. 

May 29, 1 8 10, Romulus Riggs, of that city, who was b. 
Dec. 22, 1782, in Montgomery County, Md., of English 
parentage. They removed to Philadelphia, where Mr. 

174 THH l.lMiRINd l"A\\ll.Y. 

R. was, tctr iii;m\ scars, a successful mercliant, and where 
he d. Oct. 2. iS4<). Wis. H. d. Sept. u, 185^. Tliey 
were h. in Laurel Mill Cem., Philad. (n^9) 

S07. \ III. AI.ICH*: h. l-'ih. 2S, 1792. in Alexandria, Va.; 111. Sept. 
17. 1.S12, HIislia Ri^tzs, a brother <>\ Romulus. Mr. R. 
hecame a prominent merchant in the cit\' of New York, 
where lied. Au;:. ^, 18^^. Mrs. R. lI. April 16. 1817, at 
(leor^etown, h. C. (i39^) 

50.S. I\. SrSANNAH'': 1\ Mch. _'4. 1794; d. in 1800. 

Sa). \. JamHS'': b. Mch. 1;, 171/); d. Feb. 14. 1.S14. 

Hio. M. Hi;n.)a.n\IN S.'': b. June 4, 1799; d. in Nov., 1800. 

Children of ( J53> Mary (Levering:) and Seth Cartwright. 

SI I. I. J()NATHAN"': b. in 171)1; m. Nanc\- Grimes, who d. with- 
out issue; m. jd, HIi/a Scott, who also d. childless. He 
li\ed in .Alexandria, \'a., where he d. in 18^7. 

j;i2. II. Tho.Mas'': b. in 1794; m. Mary Treen, who d. Ma\- 2^, 
18^7, in Hn^land. He m. 2d, Mary Pengeily, who d. 
Au;:. 22, 18.S1, childless. He d. Au^. 21, 1882, in En^;- 
land. (1400) 

51 ^ III. ALICH": b. in 1 71)8 ; m. Thomas Waterhouse, of Ale.x- 
andria. She d. in i8:io, at Washino;ton, I). C. He d. 
in 18^4. in Ww York. (1410) 

^14. I\. Shtii": b. in i8to; in. Sarah Sinclair, of D., Col., b. in 
1804. 'I'he\- li\ed near to Waynes\alle, Warren Co., 
Ohio, when- she d. in 1873, and he in 1887. (1412) 

qi;. \'. lil.lZAHHTH': b. in 180C); m. Allen Brown, of Warren 
(".".. (\ Shi- d. in i8vS, and he in 1888. (14 18) 

SK). \l. Si;ni,\us": b. in 1808; m. in 18^7, .V\rs. Elizabeth Bone. 
Resided near .Xeiiia, O. (1419) 

^17. \ II. WlLUA.M": d. Nounu. 

S18. \ III. .WaIv^ ''•: d. \-oun<i. 

5i«). I\. Iambs': d. \<tun.ij,. 


Children of (184) Magdalena (Tennis) and Jones. 

520. 1. Amos'': m. Miss Clayton. 

521. II. Samuel'': m. Miss Clayton. 

522. 111. Israel": bom in Monty:. Co., Pa. 

523. IV. William'': bom in Montc^. Co., Pa. 

524. V. Catharine": born in Monto;. Co., Pa. 

525. VI. Hannah'': born in Mont^i. Co., Pa. 

526. Vll. Hugh'': m. Miss Bartleson. 

Children of (185) William' and Mary (Wilson) Tennis. 

527. I. Ann'': b. in Mont^. Co., Pa.; m. to Enos Liikens. 


528. 11. Sarah": b. in Mont.o;. Co., Pa; m. to John Hughes. 


Children of (186) Lavina ' (Tennis) and Lukens. 

529. 1. Sarah'': b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; m. to Prizer. 

530. 11. Catharine": b. in Monty. Co., Pa.; m. to Coulter. 

Children of (187) Catharine ' (Tennis) and John Lukens. 

531. 1. Samuel": b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

532. 11. GWENNIE": b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; m. Yocum. 

533. 111. Lavina": b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; m. Brooks. 

534. IV. ABRAHAM": b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of (190) Israel' and Jane (Meredith) Tennis. 

535. 1. William'^: b. in Montg. Co., Pa.; m. Rebecca Williams. 

Removed to Ohio, with children. (1432) 

536. 11. Rachel": b. March 30, 1778; m. Isaac Hughes. Shed, 

April 24, 1848. (1439) 


5^;. III. MaW^": I\ in 17S0; in. in 1804 to Owen Jenkins, who 
d. in i8s6. Slu-d. in 1874. (1456) 

They livc-J in liatliiKI T]\, M^nt,-. d., i^a. 

:;^S. 1\. John*: \\ \n M.'iu-. O*., Pa.; m. a Miss Allen. 


;V). \. SaMIKL'': \\ HI W.Hit-. Co., Pa.; m. \\ar\- Ladenbuiii. 


540. \ 1. IskAHl/ : h. in Mont;!. Co., I'a.; m. Elizabeth Hii^hes^ 
Res. Lancaster Co., Pa. (MS' ) 

bnJ of Sixth Ck-neration. 


Children of (I'*2) Margaret (Fry) and Frederick Bergstresser. 

;4i. I. Jac:()R': b. , ; m. Elizabeth Font. Remo\ ed 


S42. II. BARBARA': b. . ; m. to Mahlon Keeler. Remo\ ed 


54^. 111. Sll.F-NA' : b. , ; m. to Hiram Keeler, who d. July 

1, 1S8S, in the West. 

544. 1\ . ANNIl-': b. Jan., iSii; m. to Jaeob Kreanier, who J. 
Ma\- 26. iSC)C); ni. 2i.i, Au^., 1S71. to Re\-. iJavid Bergey, 
who d. July I, 1SS8. Is li\in^ with her dau., Mrs. Eme- 
line Sehwenek. (1463) 

S4!;. \. W ARciARl-T' : , ; m. to Joseph Johnson. Re- 
moved to Wisconsin. 

S46. \l. Wii.i.lAW' : b. , ; m. Miss Bradford. Removed 


Children of (J<'3) Annie' (Fry) and Garret Godshalk. 

!;47. I. [)AMHI.': b. Peb. f), 1S17; m. An.Lieline Wea\er, who d. 
Ma\- 12. 1S71;, aged 4.S years. (1470) 

^48. II. Jonas F.': b. No\-. 10, 181S; m. Susan Help. He d. Jan. 
^. .md she Jan. 22, 1804. (I472) 


549. III. Margaret': b. Sept. 3, 1820; d. July 30, 1858; unmd. 

550. IV. MARY': b. Dec. 10, 1823; m. to Henry Kratz. Shed. 

Aug. 5, 1895 ; no chn. 

551. V. WILLIAM': b. Dec. 5, 1826; m. July 27, 1867, Mary 

Price; he d. Sept., 1885. (1481) 

552. VI. BARBARA' : b. Oct. 4, 1830; m. to Charles Roop, who d. 

Oct. 28, 1855, at Kulpsville, Pa. (i486) 



Children of (194) Daniel" and Ann (AUebach; Fry. 

I. Jacob a.': b. Sept. 4, 1820; m. Eliza Bruner, who d. 

April 30, 1881. He lives at Pottstown, Pa. (1489) 

II. MARGARET': b. Oct. 4, 1822; m. to Philip Sto^.^; both d. 

ill. David A.' : b. Dec. 27, 1823 ; m. Catharine Boyer ; both d. 


l.V. FRONICA a.': b. Jan. 9, 1825; m. to James Umstead, 
who d. She d. June 9, 1895. (1505) 

V. William A.': b. Feb. 25, 1826; m. Rosalinda Piexotto. 

He d. April 27, 1874. (1508) 

VI. Mary A.': b. Feb. 3, 1828; m. to Jesse Sl<)u,^h. Res., 

Daytona, Fla. 

VII. Elizabeth A.': b. Dec. i, 1834; m. to Jacob Garges. 
She d. Feb. 4, 187 i. (1509) 

VIII. Daniel O.'.: b. April 30, 1838; m. Elizabeth S. Fry, 
who d. Mch. I, 1865. He m. 2d, Anna Swartz. 


Children of (197) John and Rebecca (Ruth) Fry, 

561. I. JACOB': b. about 1823; m. Barbara Rosenberger. Lives 

in 111. 

562. II. WILLIAM': b. Mch. 15, 1825; m. Sarah Hendricks. He 

d, Sept. 25, 1892; no chn. 

563. 111. George R.': b. June 20, 1827; m. Elizabeth Keisen. 

He d. Mch. 21, 1895. (1520) 

564. IV. MARGARET': b. about 1829 ; m. to William Deltra. Res. 

Malvern, 111. 

i;,S THH LI:\i;K'ING FAMin. 

^c-;. \. .loSHF*H': l\ iihout iS^i ; m. Ann Wismer. He d. in HI. 

\ 1. HAkHAkA' : \\ .\\.i\ II, 1S34; in. ti) Abialiam Springer. 
Ki-s.. kulpsvilk-. I'a. , (1522) 

Children of ( I*?5l Jacob and Mary (Godshalkl Fry. 

;67. I. l:LI-: 1\ An-. 17. 1S14; m. Mch. 7. 1X^7. Anna Essick. 
Still livin;;. iS(/). (1526) 

;()S. II. SlSANNA-: l\ Lav. ->. 1S16; d. May 30, 1895. Unmd. 

^Cm). III. Mary : 1\ April iS. iSjij. Unmd. 

Children of (I99» Margaret' (Fry) and Joseph Hallman. 

i;7o. I. Sophia: b. Jan. q, 1S17; m. to Israel Sholl. Shed. Feb. 

-M. i''!')^- (1531) 

vi. 11. SUSANNA': b. i.SiS; m. Feb. 13, 1842, to John Willouer, 

who is dead. She lives Colle,^e\iile, Pa. (1532) 

';';2. Ill jAf:(^B F.': b. Oct. 10. 1820; ni. Jan. 14, 1849, Elizabeth 
W'lbei. (1542) 

v^. I\. MAkciARliT' : b. 1823; m. to Washington S. Grater, who 
d.; 111. 2i.\ to C)li\'er Z. Nace. She d. on July 17, 189^. 


S74. \. (..AliiAWlNL : b. Nov. 24, 182s; m. Dec. 9. i848,toCapt. 
VVm. 11. l)a\is. wlio d. June 2, 1887. (1552) 

v^. \ I. Sarah  : b. Dec. 18. 1.S28; m. Sep. ^o, 1854, to Jonathan 
Hunsber^er. She d. .V\a\- i, 188^. He resides Phila- 
delphia. (>S<jO 

^-(). \\\. Joseph F.': b. Jul\- ^. i8;i ; m. Feb. 9. 1856, Cath- 
arine Staulfer. (i 566) 

v7. \lll. William F.' : b. Jul\ 11, 18:14; m. Dec. t,\, 1865, 
Sarah Zie^ler. ( i SZJ) 

Children of (200) Joseph'' and Catharine (Lederach) Fry. 

v-8. I. John L.= : b. Oct. 12, 1821 ; m. Esther S. Keely, of Ches- 
ter Co.. Pa. Res. Philad. ' (1586) 

v".). II. MarV': b. Oct. K), 1.S25; 111. to Alfred D. Briggs. Res. 
Norristow n, Pa. (i593) 

vSo. 111. ANGHLINH': b. No\-., 1833. Unmd. 


Children of (201) Rebecca' (Fry) and Gabriel Kline. 

581. I. MAGDALENE': b. Mch. 12, 1816; m. to Abraham Reed. 

She d. Sep. 2, 1874. (i59^) 

582. 11. SAMUEL': b. Oct. 10, 1818; m. Matilda Samel. He d. 

Feb. 25, 1892. (1603) 

583. 111. MarY': b. Mch. 11, 1820; m. to Abraham Reed. Shed. 

Au,u;. 20, 1850. No. chn. 

584. IV. ELIZABETH': b. about 1822; m. to Dillman Bean. 


Children of (202) Susanna' (Fry) and Abraham Swartz. 

585. 1. JOHN F.' : b. July 2, 1816; m. Susanna Hendricks, who 

d. He m. 2d Mch 4, 1855, Esther Fouts, Lives since 
1852 in Carroll Co., Ind. (1616) 

586. 11. George F.': b. Oct. 26, 1818; m. Mary Moyer. He d. 

Feb. 15, 1875. She lives at Cerro Gordo, 111. 


587. HI. CATHARINE': b. Sept. 26, 1820; m. to Jacob Hendricks, 

who d. She m. 2d Feb. 23, 1845, to Martin Kulp. She 
d. April 9, 1864. (1625) 

588. IV. MarY': b. Sept. 13, 1822; m. Feb. 15, 1843, to Martin 

Kulp, and d. Dec. 10, 1843. (1628) 

589. V. ELIZABETH': b. Feb. 10, 1827; m. to Edward Thompson, 

Removed west. She d, Aug. 6, 1857. (1629) 

590. VI. Sarah ANN': b. Feb. 24, 1829; m. to William R. Christ- 

man. Removed West, where she d. Jan. 19, 1865 ; b. in 
Skippack (Pa.) Cem. (1631) 

591. Vll. ABRAHAM': b. Mch. 21, 1832; m. in 1855 Catharine A. 

Siegfried, who d. in 1873 i m- 2d in 1882 Mary C. Swartz. 
Resides at Blooming Glen, Bucks Co., Pa. (1636) 

Children of (206) Sophia' (Fry) and Philip Stongf. 

592. 1. George F.': b. Dec. 3, 1836; m. Susan Groff. Lives 

near Worcester, Montg. Co., Pa. Extensive farmer. 



S*;^. II. l-kllDl-lviCK : h. All;:, ^o. 1.S40; m. Sarah C. Weidensaul 
Hi- il. Mrs. S. rrsiJfS at Pnttstown, Pa. (1648) 

5()4. III. JoHN': l\ .N\.i\ S. 1.S4; ; in. Hlizabetli Printz. Lives near 
Bi-lfry. Mum-. C.. Pa. (1654) 

59S. 1\. WapgarHT': I\ h\-h. ig. 1848; d, No\ . 10, 1855. 

51/). \. MaIv^ JaM:': h. Mcli. 30, 18^7; 111. to Jefferson Custer, 
uhii J. (1655) 

Child of ( 207 ) Dr. George" and Mary ( Fry ) Fry. 

597. I. IlLNR^ F.": b. June 17, 1822; m. Eleanor J. Hisenber^er, 
who J. Feb. 17 and he May 24, 1892. (1656) 

Children of Same and Catharine (Schwenck), 3d Wife. 

598. II. (,i:c)kGH S.': b. . ; m. Hmeline Sax. Moved 


59(). MI. CHAPLtS S.': b. , ; unmd. Sur^^eon-dentist, 

Readin-. Pa. 

OCMK I\. FlizaBI-TH': b. Meh. 30, 1832; m. to Daniel O. Fry. 
Shed. Mch. I. 1865. (1660) 

Ooi. \. Sl'SAN": b. Jul\- 30. 1837; m. to Benjamin Frederick. 
Shed. N<i\. ij, 1876. (1 661) 

O02. \l. \VlLLlAA\': b. i\o\. 18, 1839; m. Mar\- Fuss. (1664) 

Children of (209) Elizabeth' (Fry) and Michael Hoot. 

60;. I. SIMON': b. April 18. 1822; m. Susanna Godshalk, whod. 
(Kt. 1^,. 1872; bed. Jan. 2, 1887. (1666) 

604. II. \\\.SU\ F.' : b. Oct. II. 1824 ; m. Sophia Kepler, who d. 

rx)q. III. Mary AW: b. April 3. 1827; d. No\-. i<), 1839. 

606. I\. I.ANANNA F.': b. Feb. 1, 1830; ni. to Jacob Campbell, 
who d. ( 1674). She m. 2d Oct., 1885, to Christian Wie- 
land. No chn. 


607. V. JOHN': b. May 26, 1833; m. Nov. 14, 1863, Elizabeth 

Kolb. Res. Telford, Pa. (1676) 

608. VI. Susanna F.': b. Ma\- 30, 1843; m. Dec. 31, 1861, to 

Henry Hankele. (1680) 

Children of (210) Jacob" and Mary (Gross) Fry. 

609. I. BENJAMIN': b. Mch. 13, 1828; J. in 1831, at the Trappe, 

Montg. Co., Pa. 

610. II. Samuel Gross' : b. Jan. 24, 1832; m. in 1858, Josephine 

Cassaday, of Va. He d. Mch. 15, 1876. (1689) 

His widow m. his cousin, Charles H. Gross, of Philad. 

611. 111. JACOB' (D. D.): b. Feb. 9, 1834, at the Trappe; m. 

Sept. 13, 1855, Eliza J. Wattles, of Gettysburg, Pa. 
They reside at Reading, Pa. See biog. (1693) 

Children of (216) Hannah'' (Fry) and Manassah Boyer. 

612. I. Matilda F.': b. Jan. 6, 1842; m. April 26, 1873, to Jacob 

A. Gruber. (1702) 

613. II. Augustus F.': b. June 21, 1843; d. Mch. 29, 1844, at 

Bechtelville, Pa. 

614. HI. Albert F.': b. Oct. 18, 1844; d. July 30, 1846, at Bech- 

telville, Pa. 

615. IV. William F.': b. Sept. 13, 1847; m. Dec. I, 1866, Susan 

E. Yoder. Res., Boyertown, Pa. (1704) 

616. V. Jacob F.': b. July 6, 1850; d. Aug. 22, 1885 ; unmd. 

617. VI. Henry F.': b. Nov. 23, 1852; m. Dec. 21, 1872, Amanda 

Smith. (1712) 

618. VII. MaRYF.': b. Jan. 14, 1856; m. June 8, 1878, to Robert 

S. Gottshall. She d. Sept. 2)^, 1893. (1713) 

First four born at Bechtelville, Pa., other three at New 
Berlinville, Pa. 

Children of (2J7) Anthony'' and Salome (Lechner) Hinkle. 

619. 1. JOHN L.': b. about 1780; m. Catharine B. Wentz. 


620. II. William": b. about 1782; m. Susan B. Wentz. 

lS2 nil: Ll;\ l.h'iMi lA.WIL^'. 

6ji. III. HlizaHI-TH • : l\ 17S4; 111. to Abraham TmiK/. 

6_'j. 1\. SAkAH L. : \\ ijy>(t: 111. to John B. WL-ntz. They hved 
and i.iii\i lu-ar to HaiioM-i, Pa. (1719) 

6j^ \. JlLIAl..': b. 17.SS; m. t«i M. H\ster. 

G24. \ I. \\aU\ I..': b. \7^)0\ 111. to Jacob Fhckin^fr. Li\ed at 
Hano\iT, Pa., wluTt* tlirir descendants reside. 

O21;. \ II. I.VDIA I,.' : b, Jan. 30, 1792; m. Auu^ is. 1809, to Peter 
Hoftman. who was b. Sept. i, 1779. She d. Now 22, 
1S4S. Hf d. in Aul;., 1S64. (1722) 

The\- liwd and died at Paper Mills, near to Hoffman- 
\ille. Bait. Co., Md. Mr. H. manufactured at his mill 
the first writin;: paper that w as produced in the State of 
Maryland, and carried it on horseback to Annapolis for a 

C26. \111. MARGARET': b. in 1793; m. to Le\i Ruhlman. 

627. 1\. ANTHONY': b. about 1795; m. Catharine . Li\ed 

at Hano\er, Pa., where lie kept a store, and d. about 
1S46 ; was burifd in the old Dutch Lutheran Church\-ard. 
He had a son, a Dr. Hinlxlu, who married twice ; had two 
children by first wife, and several b\- the second. A 
daughter, Kate, m. to Theodore Trone, 1 am informed, 
and that both are dead. 

It is believed that the above nine children were born at 
Ro.xb., Philad. 

[During two yeais, 1 have made effort to learn of the Weiitz 
and Hinkle connections in York Co., Pa. Wrote twice to Bertha 
Wentz ; to John G. Wentz, twice; wrote Annie and Emma Hinkle— 
spinsters, i believe. A Mrs. Snyder was written to. and last to V. 
R. Wentz. all to no avail. Tiiey mi^ht have employed an amanu- 
ensis. The names were furnished me by friends in Baltimore.] 

Children of ( 220 i William' and Martha ( McVaugh ) Levering. 

62.S. 1. W'li.LiAW : b. Mch. S, 179:?, at Roxb.; m. in i8iq Frances 
L)ildine. Hv went to sea, it is said, and was killed at 
Pensacola, HIa., in 1.S31, his wife having died in 1829, at 
Portsmouth, \a. (1725) 

62(). 11. JlLlA ANN^: b. April 2s. 179s; m. Sept. 17, 1816, John 
F. Clark, who d. in 1825. She m. 2d Skinner Tavlor, 
who d. Au;:. 17, 1844. a^ied 45 years. She d. in Philad. 
April s, 1859. Buried in Lew Cem. (1726) 


630. 111. Sarah ': b. in 1797, in Roxb.; d. young. 

631. IV. Curtis GILBERT' : b. in 1799, in Roxb.; d. youno;. 

632. V. Matthias Maris': b. in 1801, in Roxb.; d. young. 

633. VI. NATHAN': b. Aug. 31, 1804, in Roxb.; m. June 6, 1824, Eliz- 

abeth Ravvlings, of Phila., where they resided. They re- 
moved for a wliile to the State of Tennessee, but returned 
to Philad., where he d. Jan. 21, 1861. She d. Mch. 21, 
1884, in her 77th \'ear, at the home of her son, William 
A. Levering, in Philad.; b. in Lev. Cem. (1729) 

Children of (221) Hannah" (Levering:) and Joseph Sater. 

634. 1. MARTHA': b. Jan. 13, 1786; m. Henry Sater, and d. Aug. 

6, 1812. (1741) 

635. 11. HENRY': b. May 5, 1788; d. April 5, 1810. Unmd. 

636. IIL JOSEPH': b. Feb. 20, 1790; m. Jan. 20, 1820, Elizabeth 

Pottenger, and d. Sept. 2, 1834. (i744) 

637. IV. WILLIAM': b. Sept. 17, 1793; m. Sept., 181 3, Nancy 

Jones, and d. Jan. 30, 1849. (i75i) 

638. V. DORCAS': b. Oct. 31, 1796; m. Henry Kilburn, and d. 

July 18, 1839. No chn. 

639. VL THOMAS': b. Jan. 12, 1800; m. June 3, 1824, Eleanor 

Pottenger. He d. Oct. 31, 1885, at New London, lovva. 


640. VII. Mary Ann': b. Mch. 5, 1805; m. Feb., 1825, Stout 

Atherton, and d. April 27, 1835. (1772) 

Children of (224) Thomas" and Hannah (Stott) Levering. 

641. 1. Mary': b, Jan. 6, 1794, at Roxb.; m. Mch. 16, 181 5, John 

Ricketts, who d. June 10, 1830. She d. Aug. 10 of the 
same year. They were b. in Lev. Cem. (1776) 

642. 11. ENOCH' : b. Nov. 25, 1795 ; d. Sept. 8, 1798. 

643. 111. FleeSON': b. June 23, 1798; m. May 6, 1823, Elizabeth 

Smith. They removed in 1835 to Piqua, Ohio, where he 
d. July 8, 1849, and she on Oct. i, 1864. (1782) 

lS4 THU l-I^MklNG FA.Min . 

644. I\. William-: \\ O.t. 10. iSoi ; m. Auji. 22, 1.S22, Maiga- 

ift. Jan. <>l S;iimicl Hlmxct, nt Gcimantnw 11. He was a 
mfiiilvrot the (^iiiniiinii Council of Phihui. tor the \ear 
|J<S=;. represfiitin;: the 2ist Ward of tlie chy. He owned 
anJ lived in the old famil\- mansion wiieie the pioneer 
Wizard lived in his time, and died there on April 14, 
1X64. She d. Jan. 2. 1SS4; b. Lev. Cem. (1791) 

645. \. I )i;ii( )I-?AH  : \\ .W.h. 24, iSo^. in Roxh.. where she li\ed 

and died. Mch. iS. 1SS7; b. Lew Cem. Was unmd. 

646. \ I. JOHN': b. Heb. 20. iSo:; ; d. in March, 1806. 

647. \11. CLLA\I-:nT': b. Mch. 2j, 1S07; m. Mcli. 25, 1838, Mary, 

dau. of Thomas R<ine\', of Manayunk. They remo\'ed 
to Washiiijjton Ip.. Camden Co.. N. J. He d. Oct. 22, 
1869. She d. Auu. ^o. 1881. (1799) 

648. \lll. MARciARBT': b. June 2S, i8a); d. Au;j;. 18. 1821. 

.{J49. l.\. Martha': b. Oct. u). iSii; m. April 5, 1832, Richard 
Kell\', of Roxb. in the year 1839 they removed to Piqua, 
Ohio, where lu- d. in 1847. She d. in 1867, at A\'ers- 
ville. O. (1803) 

650. ,X. SaRAH': b. Oct. 19, iSii, a twin with Martha, and d. 
Dec. I ;. iS 14. 

Children of (225) Aaron" and Letitia (Oliver) Levering^. 

651. I. Sarah ': b. Dt:^^:. 20, 1797, at Roxb.; m. in 1820, George 
Omensetter, who d. Ma\- 10, 1861. She d. Dec. 16, 
hSCx;. The\- were b. in Le\ . Cem. (1808) 

6^2. II. Martha : b. Feb. 1. and d. April 8. 1799. 

65;. III. HU-FKRSON' : b. in 1801, and d. Mch. 20, 1802. 

6154. I\. l:LiZA': b. April 8, 180^; d. Jul\- 17, 1810. 

655. \ . KoBLRT K.- : b. Jul\- 18. 1809. at Roxb.; m. Dec. 17, 1839, 
l:llen H. (^ua\-. b. Au;i. 14, 1820, at Wilmino;ton, Del. 
He was the first Postmaster w hen the Roxborou<Th P. O. 
was changed to Leverin^ton, Philad. In February, 1836, 
lie removed to Cincinnati. O., where he entraj^ed in the 
hotel business. He kept the "Cincinnati Hotel" until 
Feb.. 18^9. when he remoxed to Piqua, O., and bouu;ht 


a farm, which he occupifJ until May, 1841, when he re- 
turned to Cincinnati and purchased and kept the "Man- 
sion House." He subsequently kept the Rail Road Hotel 
until May, 185 1, when he removed again to Piqua, but 
continued his interest in the hotel until 1862. hi Aug. 
1866, he removed his family to Lima, Ohio, where he 
managed a hotel for four years, when he again returned 
to Piqua, where he resided until his death, Jan. 16, 1888. 
During his bus\' life he held several offices of public trust, 
and was ever a member of the Baptist Church. His 
widow and children reside at Piqua. (1817) 

Children of (226) Nathan" and (328) Mary" Levering. 

656. I. Eliphas DazeY': b. Oct. 16 and d. Oct. 26, 1800. 

657. 11. CHARLES': b. Sept. 5, 1801, at Roxb.; m. May 14, 

1826, Susannah Rextine, who was b. May 16, 1804, and 
d. Jan. 19, 1852, He m., 2d, Dec. 31, 1856, Mary Slem- 
mons, who d. Sep. 10, 1866. He d. July 28, 1875. ^^^ 
are b. in Lev. Cem. (1824) 

658. III. MARTHA': b. July 16, 1803, at Roxb.; m. Apl. 20, 1821, 

William Renshaw. She d. on June 16,1868, and was b. 
in Lev. Cem. (1835) 

659. IV. SARAH': b. Dec. 8, 1804; d. Apl. 28, 1856, unmd ; b. in 

Lev. Cem. 

660. V. Eleanor': b. Oct. i8, 1806; m. David Mayhew, who d. 

Jan. 26, 1870. She d. July 12, 1892. They were b. in 
Lev. Cem. Had no chn. 

661. VI. Maria' : b. Sep. 10, 1808; m. Joseph Kuen, who d. Nov. 

I, 1875. She resides at Oak Lane, a suburb of Philad. 


662. VII. NATHAN': b. Oct. 14, 1814, at Roxb.; m. Sep. 3, 1846, 

Susannah R. Jones, who was b. Jan. 14, 1820, and d. 
Nov. 24, 1884. He resided in Philad., where he d. Jan. 
25, 1897; b. at Leverington Cem. (1838) 

iS6 THE i.i;\i:i''iNri family. 

Children of ( 227 i Charles' and (338) Elsther Levering^. 

(i()7,. 1. CAkoLIM: II. : 1\ ,)ul> 20, i8n, at Roxb.; m. Thomas 
HniU'\' Mch. j^, iS^4. anJ rt-niovcJ in the same year to 
Wapak'iineta, ()hu>. in 1870 they lemnwJ to Gallatin, 
in l)a\ies Co., Mo., anJ in 1878 to Lost Creek', Lane 
Co., Oregon, wlure he J. March 7, i88t;. Mrs. R. re- 
sided at Hii^ene, Urej^on, where she d. Jan. i, 1897. 


664. II. ANTHONY' hI£AVRS': h. Au^. 17. 1 8 14, at Roxb. In 1834 
Ik- renio\ fd with his parents to Wapakoneta, O., where 
hi- m., in Uec, 1839, Mar\- J. McKee, who d. June 25, 

184-4. ' (1853) 

He 111., 2i.\, Mrs. Maria Medbur\-, in Oct., 1846. She 

d. All;:. 16. 1847, a'^ed jg years. He returned to Roxb. 
in 1848, where he ni., 3d, on June 5, i8i;s (808) Sarah 
Leserin;:' Joik-s, oldest daughter of Rev. Horatio Gates 
Joni'S, by his second wife (246) Deborah Levering'''. 

In 18:; I he was elected a Deacon of the Roxborouy:h 
Baptist Church, which otifice he held until his decease. 
In 1 872-3 he was a member of the State Legislature of 
PennsyKania. He was for many years engaged in the 
lumber business on the Schuylkill Ri\er, below Mana- 
>'iink. Failing health compelled him to retire from busi- 
ness. He died Jul)' i(), 1889. at Cresco, Monroe Co., 
Pa., whither he had gone hoping for benefit of mountain 
air. Mrs. L. d. Dec. 14. i8():;. Both were b. at Lev. 
(^em. In these ;:rounds Mrs. L. shared ownership by 
inheritance from her mother. 

r/)^. III. MALl.NDAMAkV: b. Mch. ^, 1S16, at Roxb.; m. Nov. 22, 
18^6, John P. Shackleton, who was b. in Lngland June 
30, 1804. She d. April 17, 1866, at Wapakoneta, O., 
where the\' then resided. He d. Ma\- 25, 1876, at Con- 
way, Ark'. His body was transported to Wapakoneta for 
burial beside his wife. (1855) 

r//). 1\. Horatio (MTHS' : b. Mch. O, 1817; d. Mch. t;, 1824. 

C^^j. \. LSTHHk ANN": b. April 20, 1819; m. June 16, 1836, 
Richard Methean\'. of Ohio. He d. June 22, 1879, at 
Lima, O., where Mrs. M. resides, honored by several 
sons, who bear tribute to her guiding hand. Sec biog. 

(I 86 I) 


668. \1. Charles Reuben': b. May 22, 1820, at Roxb.; m. 

Oct. 5, 1841, Elizabeth Milnes, b. Dec. 6, 1823, in Hud- 
dersfield, England. A ^randdau. of Rev. James Aston, 
D. D. 

Mr. L. was removed at 14 years of age with his parents 
to Ohio. After marriage lie Hved for awhile in Indiana, 
but in 1857 he returned to Manayunk. in the summer 
- of 1858 he removed to Eaglesmere, Sullivan Co., Pa., 
where he had ministerial charge of a Baptist Church as a 
licentiate of that denomination. They subsequently re- 
moved to Granville, Bradford Co., Pa., where he d. 
Sept. 28, 1887. Mrs. L. d. Aug. 5, 1889. They were b. 
at Granville. (1873) 

669. VII. Maurice Maulsby': b. April 18, 1822, at Roxb., where 

he was m. Sept. 29, 185 1, to Mary Ann Russell of Mana- 
yunk, They were prominent members of the Roxb. 
Baptist Church. He d. Oct. 10, 1867; l"^- in Lev. Cem., 
near to which Mrs. L. still resides. (1882) 

670. Vlll. Hannah SatER': b. Nov. 18, 1824; m. April 22, 1841, 

Michael J. Wegner, who was b. in July, 181 2, in Ger- 
many, and d. Dec, 29, 1845, in Wapakoneta, O. She 
m, 2d Oct, 20, 1849, to Thomas Williams, b, Oct, 10, 
1803, in Westmoreland, Co., Pa. hi March, 1853, they 
removed to Dexter, in Oregon, where they still reside. 
They are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. W,, in 
his active years, was a prominent architect. (1883) 

Mrs, Williams has taken interest in this work. In a 
letter dated Jan, 27, 1893, she relates experiences of early 
days in the West, Of the difficulties attending travel she 
wrote : " We started from Cincinnati, O,, on March 22, 
1853, for Oregon Territory, and arrived here (Dexter) 
October 31, being over seven months on the way by 
slow transportation of ox teams. The distance traveled 
was over 3,000 miles. By following a guide who claimed 
to know a shorter route through, we were lost for three 
weeks in the Cascade Mountains, and were reduced al- 
most to starvation when found bv those who came to our 

671. IX, William Augustus': b. Aug. 15, 1826; m. Nov. 28, 

1852, Phylena King, in Ohio, In the spring of 1870 he 
removed with his family to Coffee Co,, Kansas. He was 

l88 THH l.i;\!.i^lNG FA.Min. 

.1 solditT in tlu- I :;oih Ohin l<e<iiment in the war of the 
Rflvllion. aiul ua> li">iiniabl\' Jischar^ieJ at its close, but 
with hc-alth so iinpaireil In 'in exposuie in the service that 
he died Jan. iS. iSj:?, in consequence. His widow and 
children reside in 0>ltee Co.. Kas. (1892) 

67J. \. I-RANKLIN' : h. Sept. 20 and d. Sept. 21, i<S28, in Roxb. 

67^. Xl. Spencer CONE': b. Sept. 14, i<S:;o; m. May 28, 1852, 
Ann J. me Hastin;:s. in Ohio. Tiiey removed to Hamil- 
t(»n, Kansas, where tlK\' reside. (1897) 

674. Mi. liNOCH': b. .nid d. .V\ch. 29, 1834, in Roxb. 

Children of 1 228 • William ' and Barbara ( Leibert ) Keyser. 

67;. I. JOHN': b. June 2=;, 1782; d. Oct. 12, 178=;, in German 
town, Philad. 

676. II. n-TER': b. Oct. :;o, 1783; d. Sept. 28, 1788, in German- 

town, Piiilad. 

677. III. Sarah  : b. Jul\ 17, 1786; m. Feb. 20, 1803, Robert 

Wm. Kirk, ot tlie District of Columbia, who d. Mch. i, 
181 I, a^ed 29 years. Mrs. K. resided, durino; a widow- 
hood I't more tiian iialf a centurv, at Cjermantown, 
Rhilad., where she d. Mow 28, 186^, and was b. in the 
cem. of tlie German Baptist Church, wiiich was as 
lar^el\- supported by the f\\ySi'rs as the Roxborough 
Baptist (Church b\- L'Vti-iiios. (1906) 

Mrs. K. during her last years held the old family Bible 
of Wigard Levering, which has been described herein as 
handed down by her grandmother, Hannah Levering". 
Its chiel \alue was based upon the genealogical record or 
register it contained. Since the discovery that this reg- 
ister is unreliable as to dates, the volume has been held 
in less esteem. 

On the tieath of Mrs. K. the book was passed to her 
descendants as an heirloom. Probably is in the family 
of her dau.. Sallie Linton. 

678. I\. S\AU\ : \\ Feb. <). 1788; m. Aug. 11, 1806, Dr. Joseph 

1 . IlK.mas. (1907) 


679. V. WILLIAM': b. Jan. 16, 1790. He d. Apl. 12, 1825, it is 

believed, unmd.* 

680. VI. JOHN' : b. Nov. 8, 1791 ; d. Sep. 24, 1793. 

681. Vll. LEIBERT': b. May 20, 1794; d. young. 

682. Vlll. KESIAH' : b. May 20 and d. June 22, 1794. 

Tliese last were twins, as will be observed. 

Children of (229) Derick'' and Elizabeth (Clemens) Keyser. 

683. 1. ABRAHAM': b. May 9, 1783; d. Aug. 18, 1829, unmd. 

684. 11. GEORGE': b. Sep. 17, 1784; m. Feb. 18, 1802, Elizabeth 

Chenowith, of Bait. Co., and by her had five children, 
who died in infancy, the mother following them. He m. 
2d, May 13, 1822, Ann Frances Walter, of Bait. Co. He 
d. Sep. 19, 1837. (1912) 

685. ill. HANNAH': b. Sep. 13, 1786; d. July 29, 1787. 

686. IV. PETER': b. Aug. 25, 1788; d. Sep. 2, 1789. 

687. V. Sarah": b. Dec. 16, 1789; m. Jan. 22, 1805, Asahel 

Hussey, of Bait., where he d. Apl. 15, 1851, aged 68 
years. Shed, in 1858. (1920) 

688. VI. RACHEL': b. Apl. 19, 1791 ; d. June 19, 1796. 

689. Vll. PETER': b. Feb. 8, 1793; d. Oct. i, 1814, unmd. 

690. Vlll. William W.' : b. Jan. 20, 1795 ; '"'''• J^-i'}' 9' ''^i^- ^''z- 

abeth Fort, who d. in July, 1830. He d. in 1863, at 
Bait. (1924) 

691. IX. KETURAH': b. Mch. 29, 1797; m. Nov. 14, 181 5, Robert 

Benson, of Baltimore, who d. there. Mrs. B. resided in 
Bait, and d. there in 1867. She was a woman of re- 
markable intellect and self-reliance ; prominent in good 
works. They had no children. 

•In "The Levering Family" Mr. Jones states that " 388 William"," son of William" and Bar- 
bara Leibert Keyser, "married Elizabeth Fort, of Bait.," and had four children by her, naming them. 
This is erroneous. It was his "400 William'," son of Derick** and Elizabeth Clemens Keyser, who 
m. Elizabeth Fort and was the father of her children, one of whom, Mrs. Keturah B. Keyser Fracker, 
corroborates my solution of the confusion by writing . " Yes. My gr. father was Derick Keyser ; my 
lather, William, was his eighth child, and my mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Fort." 

IQO THK LL\i;i-'lNG FAA\m. 

692. X. CHARLlis Maris : h. iXv. 6. fjgc); m. June 22, 1831. 
Mar\' Ann Arnisti..n;:. nt B;ilt.. who d. He ni., 2d, iV\ar\' 
Kliza. Jan. ..t William Wilson, of Bait. Mr. K. d. Au.^. 
2, 1.S74. SIk- d. Oct. _M, 1S92. Thc\- were b. at Bait. 
5<r /'/•.;'. (1928) 

6c;^ XL Tho.Mas-: h. and d. Oct. 7, i<So2. 

6c)4. Xli. Ja,\\1-S = : h. hec. 1;. iSc^T). at Bait.; m. Jul\- i. 1829, 
Kleanor Cecilia WcNulty. He d. in 1.S63. (i937) 

Children of (230) Elizabeth (Keyser) and Benjamin Lehman. 

6()v I. William : b. Feb. 4. ijS:^; m. Nov. 28, 181 1, Mary 
Brin-luiist. b. Au^. 24, 17S7. The\- resided at North 
Lebanon. Pa., where he d. Sep. 17, i860. She d. Jul\- 
28, 1871. Both were buried in ^'rounds of the German 
Baptist Church at Cermantown, Philad. (1948) 

Gc/:). 11. 1M:tlr K. : b. June 16, 1787; m. May 27, 1813, Mary 
Crean. Resided in Philad., where he d. Nov. 17, 1846. 
She d. June •^o, i8qo. They were b. in Christ's Church 
Cem., corner of Fifth and Arch Streets in Philad., near 
to the ^ra\e of Benjamin Franklin. (i953) 

Mr. L. was one of three founders of the Philad. Collei^e 
of I'harmacw 

Gt)/. ill. B1-:n,IA.\\IN' : b. Au^. 22, 1789; m. Dec. 24, 1825, Cath- 
arine A. Rex, and li\ed at Cermantown, where he died. 
Shed, in ,Au«i. i8()i. a^ed 81 years. They were b. in 
the grounds of the Cierman Baptist Church. (1959) 

6<>S. I\. HAWAII': b. Oct. 30, 1791 ; she li\ed unmd. in a tine 
old mansion upon the main street, where the (jerman- 
town Bank now stands, and d. there. 

69f). V. Hliza': b. May 8. 1794; m.l)i.c. 12, 1819, Piscator Lan.y;- 
stroth, of Philad., who d. Au;^. 14, 1861, She d. Jan. 
2T,, 1877. Boili b. ill Cierman Bapt. Ch. .urounds. 


700. \ I. JOSEPH': b. Oct. 8, 179C); d. unmd. about 1826, in New 

( )rleans. La. 

701. \ll. Iaa\HS': b. May 2;. i7()v); d. Dec. 9, 1801. 

702. Mil. SVLVANUS-: b. Feb. 28, 1805; d. Oct. 3, 1835, unmd. 

All were born in Germantow n, Philad. 


Children of (23 J) Rev. Peter' and Catharine (Clemens) Keyser. 

703. 1. Elhanan WINCHESTER' : b. Feb, 23, 1791 ; m. Dec. 21, 

1819, Maria, dau. of Michael Fox. They lived in Philad. 
where she d. April 1, 1834. He d. Feb. 7, i860. Both 
were b. in the German Bapt. Church yard, in German 
town. (1964) 

704. 11. Mary': b. Jan. 16, 1793; m. Nov. 18, 1818, Christopher 

S. Langstroth, b. Mch. 16, 1789, and d. April 12, 1849. 
She d. May 27, 1870; buried same. (1971) 

705. 111. Nathan Levering': b. April 8, 1795 ; m. Nov. 21, 1822, 

Maria, dau. of John Geyer, ex-Mayor of Philad. Mr. K. 
represented the i ith ward of the city in the Select Coun- 
cils of Philad. in 1854-5. He d. May 12, 1869. She d. 
Dec. 31, 1883, aged 80 years. Both were b. in the Ger- 
man Baptist grounds at Germantown. . (1972) 

IV. CHARLES'; b. June 29, 1797; d. July 12, 1798. 

V. ELIZABETH': b. Sept. 9, 1798; m. Oct. 24, 1825, Benja- 
min Urner, of Cincinnati, O., where he d. July 3, 1857, 
and she, April 4, 1878. Both b. in Spring Grove Cem. 
at Gin. ( 1977) 

Mr. Urner was one of the early settlers of Cincinnati. 
He became a prominent merchant and was universally 
esteemed for his liberality and integritv, also for his 
sympathy with and participation in all reforms which 
promised to be useful to humanity. His wife was a 
worthy helpmate in all his undertakings. 

VI. HANNAH': b. Dec. 10, 1800; m. Aug. 18, 1825, John 
Riehle, of Germantown, where she d. Dec. 12, 1856, and 
he, Dec. 24, 1871, aged 53 years. They were b. in 
Laurel Hill Cem. (1984) 

VII. CLEMENTINE': b. Sept. II, 1803; m. Mch. 31, 1825, 
Michael Keyser Lynd, who d. Nov. 17, 1832, aged 30 
years. She d. Oct. 21, 1889. They were b. in German 
Bapt. grounds, Germantown. (1989) 

\'III. SUSANNAH': twin to Clementine; m. Aug. 15, 1826, 
Frederick R. Backus, of Philad. She d. July 8, 1856. 
He d. Aug. 9, 1867. (1991) 

,.,.. I hi; Ll.\UklNG FAMILY. 

I I 

l\. I'tTliP Mf.iviis-: h. Si-pt. ^. iSos ; m. Au.u. 9, 1832, 
,\Viril'..i. < K". H>i"f, of Kensington. Philiid. Mr. 

K. r.-rftst-ntiJ tlu- I -'til Ward of tlic cit\ in the Select 
( IMiil.kl. in iSq4-v He d. Mch. 2, 1869.; b. 

in ti .in H.ipt. Cem. (i995) 

71.'. \. William I-dwaivI)' : h. Nov. i, 1807; d. ixc. 3, 1844, at 
I', tt .lu l*riiui-. iiniiKl. 

7n. M. SAkAH \N\': \\ Oct. 31. iSio; d. June 13, 1813. 

714. Ml. N\Ak(.AKLilA=: \\ Apl. 10, i8n; m. Sep. 12, 1830, C.iiu-dn. of (luiidalajara, Mexico. Mrs, C. died 
at «»ea on lui passa;:e from \'era Cruz to Philad. on June 
I. 1S4S. Mr d. Apl. 25, 1850, in the Cit\- of Mexico. 


Children of ' 232 1 Sarah iKcyser) and Joseph Gorgas. 

71!;. I. PHTI-.k kl•.^Sl■lv■: \\ Jan. 9. 1793; m. Mch. 10. 1822, 
l.\di.i l.ini/ \Vea\er,of (ieimantown, who was b. No\-. 
;o. 171)7. l"iu-\ lived in Philad., where lied. June 13, 
|S;;f). She d. I)ec. ^O. 1872. (200I) 

716. II. MAkTMA': h. Oct. !0, I7()6: d. No\ . n. 1S30, unnid. 

717. III. CHAlvLLS': b. Mch 6. 1799; d. Au^. 26, 1800. 

715. I\. WlLLlAW': b. Jul\ 17. iS(^i ; d. Jul\ 7, 1803. 

7i«). \. Hannah k. : b. Ma\- I, 1804; m. Ulx. 2, 1826, Adolphus 
hill. <>t Hichmond. \a., who d. Auu. n, 1867. She d. 
I )ec. 12. 1878. Mr. I), was a gentleman of large means 
.iiivi was niu' ot the most prominent and worthy citizens 
■'! HkliMiond. (2010) 

J20. \l. Pa<:hhL': b. Jul\- 24. 1S07; m. June 7, 1834. Dr. John 
l-.-uik Bullndv. ut Kcadm;:, Pa. She d. Feb. 28, 1849, 
in ( lerni.intowii. He d. in Sept., 1836, in Mexico. 


721. Ml. LLIZABl-TM': b. N..\ . S. iSii ; m. (1948) Lorenzo Lev- 
« rin^ Lehman, of Lebanon, Pa., who d. Sep. 25, 1858. 
She ii. JuK- 2. 1888. (2018) 


Children of (233) Mary" (Levering) and Joseph Clement. 

722. I. Aaron Levering': b. Api. 27, 1806; d. unnul. 

723. II. Thomas ROLFE': b. Jan. 15, 1807; d. Apl. 13, 180Q. 

724. III. Thomas Rolfe (M. D.)': b. Mch. 27, 1810, at Salem, 

N. J.; m. Apl. 8, 1847, Rebecca B. Elwell, of Pittsgrove, 
N.J. He was graduated in medicine at the University 
of Penna. at Philad. in the class of 1832. He d. Oct. 6, 
1889, in Philad., where his widow resides. (2022) 

725. 1\'. JOSEPH': b. Sep. 10 and d. Dec. 4, 1812. 

726. V. CHARLES' : b. Apl. 29, 1814, at Salem, N. J.; removed in 

1825 to Ohio, where he m. Apl, 6, 1843, Martha Welch, 

who was b. Jan. i, 1824, in Royalton, O. In 1845 they 

removed to Oakland, Illinois, where they reside. 

( 2029 ) 

727. VI. Elizabeth Ann": b. Oct. 30, 1816, at Salem, N. J.; m. 

Oct. 25, 1836, George Creed. They removed to Chilli- 
cothe, O., in 1840, where Mr. C. d, Aug. 29, 1845. ^'^ 
1846 Mrs. C. removed to Lancaster, O., where she m., 
2d, Sep. 26, 1854, James M. Pratt, of that city. She d. 
there on May 7, 1889. (2039) 

728. Vll. William Wilson': b. Mch. 23, 1819, and d. Oct. 19 

of same year. 

729. \'lll. William LaVv'RASON': b. Dec. 19, 1822; removed to 

Ohio, where he m., Sep. 19,. 1848, Pauline Reber, b. 
Aug. 21, 1824, in Fairfield Co. He was for several years 
postmaster at Royalton, O., and d. there Feb. 14, 1885. 


730. IX. JOSEPH Wood": b. Nov. 2, 1824, at Salem, N. J.; re- 

moved to Ohio; m., Jan. 31, 1849, Maria Paul, who d. 
Sep. 27, 1854. He m., 2d, Sep. 7, 1856, Lucy Drake, 
of Wapello, Iowa. (2050) 

Mr. C. had checkered experiences in life. He removed 
to Ohio in Oct., 1825. In July, 1837, went to live with 
his uncle, Aaron R. Levering, in Baltimore. In 1839 and 
'40 he followed the sea ; reached Marseilles, in France, 
and other foreign ports, returning to Ohio, where he 
attended Greenfield Academy for improved education. 
In 1846 he was engaged in merchandizing, with his 

I(>4 THH l.i;\ lll'-INU lA.UlL^. 

hrotlKM Willi. mi. .u K.i\ ilton. O., where he fust married. 
In tlu- t.ill ot iS^^ rciiii>\fd to Port l.ouis:i, Iowa, where 
he continued mercantile business until his wife died. In 
the sprinii ot iS>; he remo\ed to Wapello, Iowa, where 
he married his _>d u ite au^^ en^a^ed in farming. On 
Auii. I-'. 1.H62. he enlisted in the igth Iowa hifantry. 
Was in the battle of Prairie (irove and Van Buren, Ark.; 
in the sie^e and capture of Vicksbur^i and Yazoo Cit\-, 
Miss. Near to \\or;:an/.ia. La., in Sept., 1863, he was 
captured while on picket, with others, and was held a 
prisoner of war until e.\chan;j;ed at the mouth of Red 
River, in Jul\\, 1X64. Went thence to New Orleans. In 
August to Pensacola, Fla., Fort Gains, Ala., and was at 
the siejie and capture of Spanish Fort and Mobile. Here 
he was honorabl\- mustered out of military service with 
his re^iiment, on Jul\- 2^, 1865, and returned to Iowa, 
hi March, 1870. removed to Kansas, taking a land claim 
in the Kaw Keser\ation in Wabaunsee County, which 
he occupied until 18S;, when he removed into Topeka, 
remaining there until Oct., 1887. Since that date he 
has resided in (Juenemo, Osage Co., Kas. During his 
residence in Kansas Mr. C. has tilled several important 
local office^. 

731. X. Sawihl HuthsoN': b. Nov . 26, 1826. 

Children of (234. Aaron Rig^hter' and (504) Ann' (Lawrason) 


JT,2. 1. l:l.I/ABl£TH' : b. Julv 18. 1808, in Bait., where she m. Jan. 
24, 1831. (7C)4) Madison Levering. Thev lived in Bait. 
Shed. Sept. K). iSrx). lied. Oct. 23. 1882. (2054) 

733. II. I.AWIVASON': b. Nov. 6, 18a;; m. Jan. i, 1833, Sarah 
.Ann Bianard of Spottsylv ania Co., \a., who d. Sept. 5, 
183!;, aged 2/. lie m. 2i.\ Sept. 27, 1837. Brianna Spain 
of heland. who survives, residing in St. Louis. Mr. L. 
removed in 1834 to Springfield, III., and subsequentlv to 
St. Louis, .NAo., where he was in business for several 
vears with Mr. Lawrason Riggs, under the firm name of 
Higgs & Levering. 

He d. Sept. 20, i88y. (2056) 


734. 111. George Clinton': b. Oct. lo, 1811; m. June 25, 

1839, Jane Rogers Burnet of Georgetown, D. C. They 
resided in Bait., where he d. Aug. 23, 1869. No chn. 

735. IV. Charles WARREN' : b. March 9, 181 3 ; m. Oct. 8, 1840, 

Susan Washington Bernard of Va. They resided in St. 

Louis, where he d. Mch. 21, 1864. She d. since. 


736. V. Alice Ann': b. June 15, 1814, in Bait.; m. (790) Ben- 

jamin Franklin' Levering. They resided at Hannibal, 
Mo., where he d. July 25, 1870. Mrs. L. survives and 
lives in the family of her dau., Mrs. Annie E. Bower, at 
Paris, Mo. (2062) 

737. VI. Aaron Clement': b. Jul>- 29, 1816; d. May i, 1817. 

738. VII. Mercy Ann RlGGS": b. Nov. 21, 1817, in Georgetown, 

D. C; m. in 1841 in Bait, to James C. Conkling of 
Springfield, ill., where they have resided for many years, 
and where Mrs. C. d. in Oct., 1893. She was b. in Oak 
Ridge Cem., near to that city. Mrs. C. was an exemplary 
member of the Presbyterian Church and prominent in acts 
of benevolence. Mr. C. has been a member of the 
Springfield legal profession. Has been Mayor of the city 
and held other official positions. (2068) 

739. VIll. Mary Clement': b. Nov. 27. 1819, in Georgetown, 

D. C; m. Mch. 23, 1841, Andrew Fuller Crane of Bait. 
They were Baptists. She d. Feb. 23, 1863. He m. 2d 
in June, 1864, Elizabeth Woods of Bait., who d. July 5, 
1894, without issue. He d. Jan. 11, 1885. All were b. 
in Greenmount Cem. (2074) 

740. IX. ANN': b. Aug. 14, 1822, in Alexandria, Va.; m. Mch. 

15, 1849, Robert McEldowney of Bait. She d. June 27, 
1858, at St. Louis. He d. July i, 1861, at Bait., aged 47 
years. (2083) 

741. X. LOUISA': b. Mch. 29, 1824, in Alexandria; m. Jan. 12, 

1847, Charles Ferguson, of Bait. Mrs. F. was for many 
years an active member of the Baptist Church, and d. in 
the prime of usefulness, Sept. 26, 1865. (2084) 

742. XI. Virginia LUCINDA' : b. Sept. 22, 1826, in Spotsylvania 

Co., Va. ; m. Jan. 2, 185 1, Benjamin Griffith Latimer, of 
Bait., b. Jan. 2, 1826. They reside at San Luis Obispo, 
Cal., and are Baptists. • (2085) 

U/) . IHU l.l M.i^'lNti lA.WIl.^. 

Children of <235) Peter And Hannah (Wilson) Levering-. 

74^. I. S\au\ Jam-: \\iLSt:>N': b. Max- 22, ijcx), in Bait.; m. Oct. 
28, 1S17. l.f<»n;irJ M;ittlK'\vs, of B., b. Dec. 27, 1786. 
Hf wa.s c-n;:;i^fJ in business successivt'ly in Baltimore, 
New York- anJ Nl-w Orleans. He d. Jan. 10, 1854, at 
Pass Christian, Miss. Mrs. M. J. Au;:. 22, 1874, at same 
place. (2091) 

744. II. W'lLLIA.M WILSON': b. Jan. 18, 1801 ; 111. April 2/, 1826, 
HIiza Corlin;^, of l\'tcrsbur<i, Va., where he J. Jul\- 17, 
i82<). and Mrs. L. tnllnweJ in 1840. No chn. 

74>. III. I.H<.)NII)AS' : b. Sept. lO, 1802; d. Au^. 6, 1804. 

746. I\. IlloWAs WILSON": b. June 8, 1804; m. Oct. 2S, 1828, 

Martha Burrou;:hs Stump, of Bait., where she d. June 20, 
1878, and he, on Jan. 7, 1888. Mr. L. was for many 
years a promiiuiit merchant of Baltimore. (2098) 

747. \. I.^DIA KLBLCCA'; b. .\d\ . ;. 1806; m. Aujj;. 4, 1824, 

Frederick Harrison. She d. on Nov. 4, 1834, without 

748. \ 1. KHHLCCA^ b. 1-eb. 4. 1S08; d. 29, 1809. 

749. \ll. I.HOMDAS': b. Jan. ^. 1810; d. Oct. 28, 1849. 

750. \lll. l-I^HDLI^iCK AUGUSTUS : h. May 3. 1812; m. April 22, 

1844, Martha \i. Johnson, a ^rand niece of the first Go\-- 
ernor of Mar\'land. The\ were Baptists. Mr. L. was a 
1 )eacon of the 7th Baptist Church of Baltimore for man\- 
\-ears. He was a member of the mercantile firm of 
i.e\erin^ & Co. Hr d. Jul\ :?. 1866. Mrs. L. d. April 
10. 1877. (2108) 

7^1. I,\. ( M.IVLR Hazard Phpr>  : b. No\ . s and d. No\ . 7, 181 3. 

752. X. JaWLS JLI-FERSON (M. I).): b. Oct. 7, 1815. He was 
;:raduated in medicine at the University of Mar\ land, and 
practiced thi- profession in New Orleans. He returned 
to Bait., and d. there Mch. 18, 18152; unmd. 

7^3. ,\1. Louisa SOPHIA' : b. Sept. 12. 1817; m. Ma\- 21, 1839, 
(i;8i) William Wils(»n' Lawrason, of Bait,, who d. in 
Xir.uinia. Jan. 7. 1870. Mrs. L. d. in Florence, Italy, 
Fi'b. 10, 1880. They were members of the Baptist 
Church, (21 12) 







754. XII. EUGENE': b. Oct. 24, 1819; m. Oct. 4, 1842, Ann, dau. 

Joshua and Mary H, Walker, of Bait. They were prom- 
inent members of the Baptist Church. Mr. L. was one 
of the leading merchants and importers of the city of 
Baltimore. He d. June 19, 1870; b. in Greenmount 
Cem. See biog. (21 17) 

Mrs. L. resides in their homestead. 

755. Xlil. Hannah Maria': b. Feb. 20, 1823; m. May 19, 1846, 

John R. Magruder, of Bait. She d. Jan. 14, 1852. She 
was a Baptist. Mr. M. resides in Bait. (2129) 

756. XIV. Maryland Virginia': b. July 3, 1824; m., May 21, 

1846, Robert W. Chew, of Bait., where she d. Sep. 7, 
1863, childless. She was a Baptist, Mr. C. d. about 

All the above were born in the city of Baltimore. 

Children of ( 237 ) Enoch" and ( 254 ) Hannah' ( Brown ) Levering. 

757. I. JOHN Brown': b. Dec. 27, 1800, in Bait. In 1829 re- 

moved to Fairfield Co., O., where, on Nov. 21, 1833, ^'^^ 
m. Mary Ann Smith, who d. June 27, 1872, in the city of 
Lancaster, in said county, and Mr. L. d. Nov. 18, 1874. 


758. II. HENRY': b. Dec. 27, 1802; m., Mch. 13, 1834, Jane 

Work, of Fairfield Co., O., who d. June 13, 1836. He 
m., 2d, Sep. 14, 1837, Ann Prospect, who d. Oct. 30, 
1850. In Sep., 1852, he removed from Ohio to Medway, 
Hot Springs, Ark., where he was postmaster. 

In the autumn of 1865, during my military service as 
Adjt.-Gen'l of the Dept. of Arkansas, with headquarters 
at Little Rock, 1 was visited by a young man bearing a 
letter from Henry Levering, introducing the bearer as his 
stepson, Wm. Hughes. Having seen my name frequently 
in official publications by the Little Rock newspapers, he 
desired to make himself known, assert his loyalty and 
inquire concerning me. I learned that he had married a 
third time, to a Mrs. Hughes, whose son was his messen- 
ger. I have made effort in this work to learn further of 
him. Answer reported him dead and the family removed. 
I (2139) 

19S THK l.l^M.klNti lA.UILY. 

759. 111. KoBEki t. H. : \\ N"v. 22, 1805. Ht- was a printer 

and journalist tor scseral years in Cincinnati, O.; was 
iinniarric-J. In ni> starcii tor liim, Mrs. Hannah Lever- 
ing Harheart ansuered: " M\- uncle Robert died at my 
father's h(»use in Lancaster. O., on Feb. 15, 1865. He 
was a hachelor ; was a poet and writer. Was writing a 
hool< entitled 'Social \'ulgarisms' at the time of his 

760. 1\. MARIS': b. Jan. 21. 1S08; ni. June 2, 1834, Eliza Jane 

Wright, of Muskingum Co., O., who Was b. in 181 1 and 
d. June 2(). 1S49. He d. in June, 1862, at Lancaster, 
().. where both were buried. (2145) 

7O1. \. LoilS': b. Sept. 26, iSio; m. at Columbus, O., Jan. i, 
1839, to Cordelia Hite, of Hummelstown, Penna. They 
lived at Lancaster, O., until 186^, when they removed 
to Beaman. in Pettis Co., Mo., where he was appointed 
Post Master in the same year, and served until his death, 
Dec. 26. 1876. Hiswifed. Mch. 1, 1871. Both were b. 
in Salem church\ard at Beaman, Mo. (21 S2) 

All the abo\e wc-re born in Baltimore. 

Children of ( 238 • Nathan' and Susanna (Dent) Levering. 

762. 1. ANN MaRIA' : b. Jan. g, 1804; d. in Sept.. 1822, in Bait. 

763. II. Hthelinda': b. June 22, 1807; m. Feb. i, 1827, Jefferson 

Schultz. The\- resided in Bait., where she d. Mch. ic), 
1841. lie d. Oct. 3, 184Q. (2160) 

764. III. MADISON': b. Dec. 10. 180S; m. Jan. 24, 1831. (732) 

Llizabeth Levering, who d. Sept. 16. i86c). in Bait. He 
d. there also Oct. 2^. 1882. " (2054) 

765. 1\. KlGIITER': b. June IS, 1812; m. Jan. s, 1833. Mar\- 

Ste\-enson, of Harper's Ferr)-. \a., who d. June 5, 1840 ; 
m. 2d, Mch. 2^, 1844. Hugenia Anderson. He resided at 
H\ans\ille. liul. He d. Jan. 23, 1885. at St. Louis, Mo.; 
was b. there. Mrs, L. res. at Washington, D. C. 


766. \. LleaNOR JaNE': b. Ma\- 2S, 1814; m. Hemy Beadel, of 

Bait. She d. Feb., 1837. J~he\- had nine children ; all 
dii-d \oung. 


767. \'l. DECATUR': h. J;in. 11, 1816; m. Jan. 31, 1837, Eliza A. 

Aken, of Bait., who d. Nov. 5, 1867. He d. Jan. 30, 
1891 ; b. at Louden Park. (2171) 

768. \11. AUGUSTA VIRGINIA': b. Auo;. 16, 1818; m. Dr. Steven- 

son, of Harper's Ferry, Va. They had six children, who 
died young. 

All the above were born in Baltimore. 

Children of (239) Jesse'' and Ann (McLaughlin) Levering:. 

769. 1. RIGHTER  : b. Oct. 19, 1794; d. July 10, 1795, at Bait. 

770. 11. ENOCH' : b. Feb. 24, 1796; d. Jan. 28, 1797, at Bait. 

771. 111. PETER': b. Jan. 3, 1798; d. unmd. at New Orleans. 

IV. Mary ANN': b. Oct. 12, 1799. Lived in Harford Co., 
Md., where she d. Mch. 7, 1880; unmd. 


Children of same and (256) Sarah" (Brown), 2d wife. 

773. V. Eliza Brown ■: b. Feb. 8, 1804; d. Dec. 18, 1855 ; unmd. 

774. \1. DAUGHTER': b. Sept. 15, 1805; d. young. 

775. VIL Edward JESSE': b. Oct. 12, 1806; m. Sept. 12, 1831, 

Amelia, dau. of William Martin, of Lancaster, Pa. Res. 
at Bait., where he d. Nov. 15, 1874. (2174) 

776. Vlll. George Washington': b. Feb. 18, 1809; m. Ann E. 

Miller, of Bait. In 1836 they removed to the West, the 
locality unknown to the family. (2184) 

']']']. IX. MarGARETTA Sarah ' : b. Aug. 14, 1811. Have been un- 
able to get her history. 

778. X. Olivia H. Perry': b. Nov. 7, 1813; m. April 24, 1834, 

to Dr. J. p. Smith. She d. May 5, 1886, in Harford 
Co., Md. (2185) 

779. XL ANDREW JACKSON': b. Sept. 15, 1815. Res. in Bait. 

Mr. Jones acknowledged valuable services rendered by 
him in gathering material for "The Levering Family," 
prior to 1858. He d. unmd., Nov. 10, 1887, near to Falls- 
ton, Harford Co., Md. 

780. Xll. ANN Maria Moore •: b. Jan. 7, 1818; d. Nov. 21, 1821, 

at Bait. 

200 THt l.i;M;klNG FA.MILV. 

7.S1. Mil. ALLXANDHk THi:< )!)( )|«'l-:' : l\ Sept. IJ. iSjo; J. Juiif I. 
1SS7, in HaitoiJ Cm., .\\J.; unmd. 

jSj. .\1\. Charlus Krancis Marion ■: b. N(»\-. o. 1S22; d. .No\-. 

17. I.S77 ; uiuild. 

7i<^. XV. Sarah Kuhkcca': 1\ April 12, 1.S25 ; unmJ. Res. near 
Fallston. MJ. 

7.S4. Wi. Howard C:()RRIN AMOS': h. June 7, 1827; unmd. 
Kis. near Hallst-in, Md. 

All the aho\e were born in Baltinmie, Md. 

Children of (240) John' and Anna (Lawrason) Levering;. 

7S5. I. William I.awrason' : b. April 11, iSo:;; d. Sept., 1S21. 
786. II. tNoCH R|(}HTI-:R': b. Jul\ K), 1.S04 ; d. Oct.. 1832, unmd. 

757. III. KlizaJan1£': b. Oet. I I. 180s ; m. Oct. 25, 1851, William 

Haw kins, of Mi>., u Im d. April 10, 1876, at Hannibal, Mo. 
No ehn. 

758. I\'. Mary Rk^hTKR': b. Au-. 14, 1807; m. Jul\- 4, 1826, to 

John Matthew s, of Hannibal, Mo. She d. Jul\-, 1888, in 
St. Louis, Mo. ' (2187) 

789. \. MUROANN': b. June IS, i8cx;; in. Thomas E. Palmer, of 
Mo. She'd. Sept. n), i8t;2, at Alexandria, Mo. 


7<>0. VI. BIZNJA.MIN FRANKLIN': b. Mch. g, 181 I ; ni. June 14, 1836 
(736), Alice Ann' Levering. Tlu\- li\ed at Hannibal, Mo., 
where he died Jul\' 25, 1870. Mrs. L. resides with her 
daiL, Mrs. Annie H. Bower, at Paris, Mo. 

791. \11. l-;i)\viN': b. Ma\- 7. i8ij; J. Sept.. i8-,9. unmd. 

792. Mil. John LlwiS': b. Jul\ 24, 1814; d. Au.u. 20, 1886, at 

Hannibal, Mo. 

793. I.\. Sa.MULL': b. May 24, 1816. Mr. Jones stated of him: 

" Belon^ied to ' iVjIhci's Rciiioyrs ; ' was wounded, and died 
in Mexico." 

794. .\. Hhnrv Stanton HarlE': b. Dec. 26, 1817. Supposed to 

ha\e died in Texas in 1841-2. 

795. XI. ALIC1-: RKiGS' ; b. No\-.r). 1819; m. Dr. George Ale.xander, 

of Hannibal, Mo., where she d. Auu. 19, 1883. (2208) 

202 THK l.l-:\lifVlN<i FAAMLV. 

SIk- cI. lh\. 14, iSt)^, thf last nifmlxi nf her tamil\-. 
Was hiiric-il m l.i-\<.-rin^t<)ii Cemetfr\-, w liich is opposite 
her home. .N(t chn. 

Sa). II. CmaRI.I-S rno.MSON': b. Jan. 10, 1S14; m. Mars- 
VVa\ne. dan. >>\ (ie..r;ie Weest, of Lower Merion. He 
ocvupiej se\eral otiicial positions of trust. He was for 
inanv \ears a Justice of tlie Peace. Was a member of 
the first Select Council after the consolidation of the city 
and suburbs of Philadelphia, in 1854-5. Was also a 
member of the Common Council of the city in later 
years. He was for a lon^; time a Deputy Register of 
Wills, and at the time of his decease was President of 
the State Penitentiar\- Commission. He had a penchant 
for militar\- training. Was Captain of the Roxborough 
\'olunteers and of the Penna. Dragoons of the State 
Militia. He d. Jan. 24. 1887. Mrs. J. d. Aug. 10, i8»8. 
They were b. in Le\ . Cem. (2226) 

Captain Jones was named for the first Secretary to the 
C(tntinental Congress, who was a personal friend of his 

810. III. Nathan LBVERING': b. Aug. t,, 1816; m. April 4, 1844. 
Margaret H., dau. of Jolm and Helen Struthers, of Philad. 
He was for man\- vears a Director and Controller of 
the Public Schools of the city, and a Director of the Bank 
of Germantown, also a Deacon of the Lower Merion 
Baptist Church, of which his father was pastor for nearly 
' half a centurw He was prominent and useful in all good 
works of the church or State, and held many offices of 
trust in the citw one being that of President of the City 
Cas Works at the time of his decease. For many years 
he conducted the lumbering business. 

He d. .April -19, 1879, at his home in Roxb., where his 
widow resides, with a family of children, who reflect the 
culture of their parents. (2231) 

Sii. 1\'. 1)A\II)': b. Jan. n, and d. Jan. n), 1819. 

Sij. \. SUSANNAH': b. Feb. 7, and d. Sept. 24, 1820. 

Si^. \ I. HORATK) CjATES': b. Jan. 9. 1822; m. Ma\- 27, 1852, 
Caroline Elizabeth Vassar, dau. of Re\ . Rufus Babcock, 
1). 1).. a prominent Baptist clergyman of Poughkeepsie, 
\. ^ ., where slie was buried. She died on Mch. 14, 


c'^OV^ ba ^fcti^ Ji^uJt^^ 


1889, at ht-r homt" in Roxb. Had no chn. Both were 
prominent and devoted members of the Baptist Church. 

As has been mentioned herein, Mr. Jones was the 
author of The LEVERING Family, issued in 1858, which 
is tile first published record of the family in this country. 
1 have frequently copied his expressions in this work, in 
the present tense, feeling, as 1 do, that "he being dead 
yet speai<eth." As we grew up near to each other, and 
maintained a close friendship until his death, his voice is 
a fresh memory with me. It was at his repeated, earnest 
solicitation that 1 undertook this family history and gene- 
alogy. See Biog. 

All the family, of which he was the youngest, were 
born at the old Righter (first wife) mansion, on the left 
bank of the river Schuylkill, above the mouth of the 
romantic Wissahickon Creek, now a part of the famed 
Fairmount Park of Philad. His mother died when he 
was twenty months old. When three years old the fam- 
ily removed to the homestead of his mother, on Ridge 
Avenue, in Roxborough, where he spent his life, and died 
Mch. 14, 1893. 

He was buried in Leverjngton Cemetery, which was 
laid out and incorporated by him and others of the family, 
upon land inherited from their mother, Deborah** Lever- 

Children of (250) Susanna' (Levering) and Dr, George W. Riter. 

814. 1. Catharine Elizabeth': b. Feb. 12, 1818, at Roxb.; m. 

Oct. 6, 1836, to Gen. John Sidney Jones. She d. Nov. 3, 
1852, Mr. Jones was b. in Philad. Aug. 27, 1812. He 
was a prominent merchant and manufacturer. For many 
years took an active part in military affairs, and was ap- 
pointed Brigadier General of the Third Brigade, First 
Division, Pennsylvania Volunteers, in 1849. He received 
successive appointments as Brig. Gen. until 1864, He 
was a man of marked characteristics and of distinguished 
ability. Was a descendant of Dr. Thomas Wynne, first 
Speaker of the Assembly of Pennsylvania and Justice of 
the Supreme Court. He d. Jan. 4, 1883, in Philad. 


815. 11. George W.': b. 1819, at Rnxb. History not known. 

204 THr. l.l.\i:i''IN(i FAA\ILY. 

Si6. III. \A1I1A.N l.i:vi;klN»i : \\ [he. k), iSk); d. Jan. 28, 1854. 
I 'miul. 

S17. I\. Sarah l.EVlil^INtr : b. 1.S21, at Roxb.; m. to Thomas 
Kitz-iLTaki. i'Jit<»r «if the O/r Ifrni, Pliihul. 

.S18. \. Michael W. : b. Ft-b. s, i-'^^^^: m. Jan.4, 1S46, Elizabeth 
Goorjiianna C:akl\VL-ll, nw Jan. of Andrew Caldwell, an 
officer in thi- War of the Revolution and one of the origi- 
nal members of the Penns\-l\ania Society of the Cincin- 
nati, at Philad. She is dead. (2250) 
Mr. R. is a retired merchant of Phikid. 

819. \l. William Fahnestock' : b. about 1824; d. Au^^ 3, 1828. 

Children of (251 ) Sarah' (Streeper) and Thomas Shepard. 

820. 1. LjBBORAH- b. Ma\- 21, 1797; m. Oct. 2, 1827, to Henry 

Zern. Li\ed at Peru, Ind., where he d. Jan. 21, 1868, 
and she LX-c. 8. 1875. (2257) 

821. II. CllARLLS': b. Feb. 4, 1799; d. July 7, 1803. 

822. 111. John": b. Mch. i;, 1801; m. Apl. 5, 1822. Harriet 


82^ 1\. Sarah  : b. Apl. 28, 1803; d. Aug. 4, 1804. 

824. \. rnc),MAS': b. Mch. 23. 1805; in. Feb. 28, 1828, Eliza 

Francis. He d. Dec. 19, 1847; left two chn.; both d. 
Mrs. S. m., 2d, Mch. 15, 1854, to Perer Streeper. She 
is d. 

825. \ I. StrllpeR': b. June 26, i8a) ; d. May 6, 1815. 

826. \ II. SARAH ANN  : ) She d. Oct. is, 1822. 

b. Max 0. 1812. 

827. Mil. CHARLES': I m. Dec. 15, 1842, Ann 

C. Brower. Resided in Norristown, Pa., where he d. 
June 7, 1884. Shed. Mch. 18, 1892. (2261) 

828. IX. JESSE': b. Sep. ^.o, 1814; m. Apl. 5, 1838, Harriet Y. 

Schultz. Li\ed near to Phmouth Meetiny;, Montg. Co., 
Pa., where she d. after 18^4. He d. Dec. 2, 1887. 



Children of (253) William" and Ann (Lougfhridge) Brown. 

829. 1. JOHN CONYNGHAM': b. ill 1798 ; m.; d.; no chn. 

830. 11. Sarah ANN': b. ;ibout 1800; m. Mch. 25, 1823, to Charles 

Crook, of Bait. (2268) 

831. ill. Thomas J.": b. 1802; m.; had chn. (2279) 

832. IV. James': b. ; m. (2284) 

833. V. WILLIAM': b. ; m. (2286) 

834. VI. LEVERING': b. ; m. 

835. Vll. Hannah Levering': b. ; d. youn^;. 

836. Vlll. ABRAHAM': b. ; m. Lived near Bait. 

Children of (262) Hannah' (Pastorius) and William Colladay. 

837. 1. ABRAHAM': b. July 31, 1766; m. Dec. 27, 1790, Hannah 

Rakestraw, who d. May 16, 1842. He d. on Sep. i, 1848. 
They were buried at North Laurel Hill Cem., Philad. 


838. 11. ANN': b. Dec. 9, 1769; d. Oct. 26, 1861. Unmd. 

839. 111. Daniel': b. Apl. 25, 1772; d. Jan. 6, 1852. Unmd. 

840. IV. WILLIAM': b. Sep. 5, 1774; d. Dec. 13, 1805. Unmd. 

841. V. Juliana': b. Dec. 14, 1789; m. Dec. I, i82i,to Jonathan 

Yerkes, who d. May 17, 1866. She d. Jul\^ 23, 1878. 
Both buried at Southampton, Bucks Co., Pa. (2299) 

Children of (263) Abraham" and Eleanor (Leech) Pastorius. 




I. Eleanor': b. Jan. 8, 1772. 

II. Charles': b. Feb. 15, 1774. 

III. Daniel': b. Dec. 7, 1776. 

IV. Margaret': b. Oct. 4, 1777, 

V. Eleanor': b. Feb. 28, 1779. 

20^) THI-: l.l-.\i;klNn FA.Min'. 

Children of ' 264 > Samuel and Sarah (Lincoln) Pastorius. 

847. I. SaivaH' : b. MJi. ;. i;;^ ; "ii. in 1793, td J<»hn Tull, who J. 

Dec. 4. iS^q, aofj 6<S. SIk- J. Junt- 11, i8s8. (2302) 

848. II. KIMNCIS 1)aM1-:L': b. in 1773; ni. M;i\ 14, 1798, Martraret 

Mit-rokk-. \vli(. J. Api. 26. 1848. He d. Ftb. 10, 1802. 
He was tor soiiu- N-cars a captain in CDmmand of one of 
Stephen ("iirard's meicliant \essels. (2312) 

849. III. MaRV: b. in 177^; 111. t<i John St()\- ; had two chn. 

850. I\. J()H\': b. ( )ct. 4, 1777, at Germantown, Piiilad., during 

the great battle. He also was a sea captain in Girard's 
service. Died Feb., 1865. unmd. 

8si. \. HBSTHR': d. in her 6th \ ear. 

852. \ I. AHF^AHA.M': m. .V\a\' 30, 1816, Charlotte Wilson, who d. 
.April 21, i8Sf). He commanded Stephen Girard's ship, 
"Angouria." Lost at sea in 1825. (2213) 

8=; 3. \'II. SA.Ml'liL ■: m. HIiza ; no chn. He was wounded 

in battle defending the city of Baltimore in 181 3. 

854. \lll. RaCHHL': died in 8th Near. 

855. IX. ANN': m. to John Allen. (2317) 

856. \. HANNAH': d. when 3 months old. 

857. \l. Charles Macknht': b. Feb. is, 1795; 'ii- i^^'l""- ^l 

1828. Ann Kea Horter. who d. Sept. 30, i88t;. He d. 
Aug. 1^, 1862, at (K'rmantown, Philad. (2318) 

Children of ( 2b5 1 Daniel' and Elizabeth (Mechlin) Pastorius. 

858. I. WaRV': b. Sept. s. 1788; m. June 20. 181 1, to John Reiff, 

who d. .April IS. i8ss. Shed. June 13, 1868. (2323) 

8s9- II- LHTITIA': b. Dec, 0, 171^; m. to Jonathan Thomas. She 
d. Sept. S. 181 ;. . (2330) 

860. III. JoSHPH': b. Mch. 7. 179^; m. Margaret Brandans, who 

d. April 4. iSiS. lied. [)cc. 14, 1843. (2331) 

861. I\ . CHARLES': b. Sept. s. and d. Oct. s, 179S- 

862. \'. DaNILL': b. Aug. 2, 1797; m. Oct. 9, 1821, Tacy Styer, 

who d. Feb. 2, 1838. He d. Mch. 14, 1S64. (2332) 


Children of (274) Tacy' (Shoemaker) and Richard Roberts, 

863. I. George S.' : b. about 1797, at Abington, Pa. 

864. II. CHARLES': b. about 1799, at Abington, Pa. 

Children of (278) Robert' and Martha (Leech) Shoemaker. 

865. I. Richard M.': b. Dec. 6, 1783; m. Feb. 13, 18 16, Sarah 

Cleaver, who d. He m. 2d, Mch. 8, 1827, Mrs. Amelia 
Hallowell (nee Bird). He d. Jan. 20, 1870, at Chelten- 
ham, Pa. (2341) 

866. II. Martha L.': b. Aug. 5, 1788 ; m. April 4, 1820, to Ezekiel 

Cleaver, who d. May 16, 1871. 

867. 111. REBECCA': b. Jan. 14, 1793; m. May 15, 1817, to John 

B. Ackley. She d. April 14, i860. 

All were born in Philad., as evidenced by Friends Meet- 
ing Records. Nor, Dist, 


Children of (279) Nathan' and Sarah (Miller) Shoemaker. 

868. 1. SAMUEL': b. Mch. 28, 1793; m. Martha B. Lukens. He 

d. Aug. 10, 1845. She d. Dec. 2, 1883. (2349) 

869. II. Elisha': b. Oct. 13, 1794; m. Mary Hergesheimer. He 

d. May 16, 1865. (2358) 

870. 111. Lydia': b. Sept. 5, 1796; d. in 1831 ; unmd. 

871. IV. JOSEPH': b. and d. June 9, 1798. 

872. V. MaRY': b. Nov. I, 1799; d. Mch. 10, 1802. 

873. VI. BENJAMIN': b. Aug. 23, 1802; m. Jan. 21, 1834, M. 

Maria Woodward, who d.; m. 2d, April 2, 1841, Alice 
Frame. He d. July 1 1, 1889. (2368) 

874. VII. RACHEL': b. June 16, 1805; m. Nov. 4, 1835, to Milton 

Conard. She d. Nov. 30, 1881 ; he Feb. 8, 1882. 


875. \ III. REBECCA': b. May 4, 1809; m. Mch. 5, 1834, to Thomas 

Conard, who d. Feb. 12, 1874; she Aug. 5, 1895. 


876. IX. Sarah ': b. June 14, 1812; m. Jul\' 8, 1834, to John 

Carter. She d. Jul\- 9, 1858; he on June 3, 1877. 


20S rut li:\l:kING FANMLY. 

Children of « 2St • Benjamin and Jane ( Allen i Shoemaker. 

>ij7. I. ALLEN': b. Si-pt. 24. IJ-'^S. in PliilaJ.; m. June 5. 1809, 
TiKv Kirk. IK- J. Sept. 24, 1869, and she on Oct. 31, 
1870. at liaiiH-spoit, N. J. Botli b. in Friends' Cem., 
Fairhill. Pliilad. (2398) 

S7S. II. HlizabHTH': b. Jul\ 27, 1787; ^i- >J"v- 14. i8s8; unmJ. 

879. 111. AAU : b. lune 24. 1789; ni. Dec 3, 1810, to Collins P. 

l.ippinLutt. who J. Mch. 4. 1841. Shed, on May 2, i8s9- 


880. I\. AcJNES': b. Oct. ^, 1791 ; n-i. Nov. 26, i8i2, to Restore 

Lippincott. Shed. Now 14, i8=;i. 

881. \. BliNJA.WIN': b. Sept. 20. 179^; d. Sept. 3, 1797- 

Child of (282) Amy (Shoemaker) and Benjamin Harper. 

882. 1. AAW': m. to Seth Hallowell. Shed. Nov. ii, 1862. 


Children of ( 283 ) Mary ( Shoemaker ) and Thomas Shoemaker. 

883. I. ANN': b. Sept. 2, 1786; m. April 14. 1808, at Abino;ton 

Meeting, Pa., to Bartliolomew Mather. She d. Nov. 19, 
1844. (2422) 

884. II. Nathan '(M. h.): b. Sept. 4. 1788; m. May 14, 1811, at 

Franktord Meeting. Philad.. Frances M. Kirkbride. He 
d. June 11. 1868, in Philad. He was an eminent physi- 
cian, and a minister of the ;jospel in the Society- of 
Friends. (2426) 

88s. Ill- MARTHA': b. Mch. 6. 171)0; m. Oct. 26, 1826, at Abing- 
ton Meeting, to Hugh Foulke. Shed. April 11, 1868, at 
(A\-\nedd, Montg. Co., Pa. (2435) 

Children of (285) Eli' and Rachel (Comly) Shoemaker. 

886. I. KaCHEL' : b. about 1790, in Philad.; m. to Caleb Maule. 


887. 11. F-LI': b. Feb. 28, 1795; "-I- '^'^Y 29, 1796. 


Children of (286) Jane' (Shoemaker) and Anthony Hallowell. 

888. I. James S.': b. in 1794; m. Mch. 14, 1816, at Abinaton 

Meeting, Pa., Amelia Bird, of Philad. He d. Sep., 1820, 
She m., Mch. S. 1827, to Richard M. Shoemaker. 


889. II. BENJAMIN': b. Aug. 17, 1799, at Cheltenham, Pa.; m. 

Oct. 13, 1824, Margaret Hlgar Farquhar, of Pipe Creek, 
Md. He d. Sep. 7, 1877, at Sandy Springs, Md. 


890. HI. Mary S.': b. June 23, 1801, at Shoemakertown, Pa.; m. 

Apl. 30, 1829, at Abington Meeting, Pa., to Isaac Lippin- 
cott, of Burlington, N. J. She d. Apl. 18, 1888, at Cam- 
den, N. J. (2456) 

891. IV. CALEB': d. in infancy. 

892. V. JOSEPH': b. and d. in 1808. 

Children of (288) Rebecca' (Shoemaker) and Atkinson Rose. 

893. I. JOHN S.': b. Nov. 8, 1797; m. Nov. 5, 1820, Esther Wal- 

ton. He d. Dec. 19, 1844. (2461) 





II. BENJAMIN': b. Dec. 14, 1798; d. Apl. 18, 1799. 

III. JAMES': b. Apl., 1800; d. \oung. 

IV. ELI S.': b. Nov., 1803; d. in Cuba, W. 1. Unmd. 

V. ATKINSON': b. Nov. 27, 1805; d. Mch. 11, 1806. 

VI. Samuel S.': b. Jan. 30, 1807; d. in New Orleans, La. 

Children of (291) Abraham'' and Deborah (Musgrave) Shoemaker. 

899. I. JOSEPH': b. and d. in 1781. 

900. II. Susan ': b. In 1782; m. May 10, 1804, to Fishbourne 

Wharton. She d. Nov. 3, 1821. (2478) 

901. III. DEBORAH': b. Dec. 18, 1783; m. Aug. 13, 1804, to 

William Moore Wharton, who d. Aug. 14, 1816, and she 
in July, 185 1. (2470) 

902. IV. ABRAHAM': b. in 1785; m. Hannah Huddell. No. chn. 


()(V>. \. William Wall: ; . .md J. 1788. 

<)CM. \l. HsTHI-R': h. in i;*)! : m. t<> Lewis Viinuxm. (2489) 

i)0^. \n. l.tWiS': b. in 17');; m. Hiizabeth Allen. He d. Feb. 3, 
iS^S. at Matan/.i. W. I. (2495) 

(Xi<'). \111. 1 kANCiS': b. in 171/); m. in 182^ .V\ar\- Twells. 


i/)7. 1\. llLNpy-: b. in I7«>S; J. unmJ. 

ooS. X. 1-LI/AliUTH- : b. and J. in 1800. 

i/». M- ^^ARV ANN": b. in 1804; m. Jan. 20, 1832, to Fishbourne 
Wharton, widower of Susan'. She d. No\-. 4, 1858. 


910. XIl. loSLPHlNK' : b. in 180s; d. youno;. 

Children of *( 2''2 i Daniel and Ann ( Bartram I Shoemaker. 

911. I. Martha: m. Dr. Pender^rass. No chn. 





91 s 

II. Mary^: 

III. SrSAN^ : 

1\ . DaNILL' : li\ed at Lo^anspoit, Ind. 

\. LM)1A ANN': m. Willis. 

\ 1. Tlir.RESA': li\ed at Lo^ansport with Daniel. 
\ II. TllNRZA' : li\ed at l.o^ansport with Daniel. 
\ 111. PHNDKRdRASS' : 

Children of ( 2'^5 ) William and Sarah (Bowman) Shoemaker. 

92 J 

I. Thomas B.- b. Dec. 20, 1800. 

II. William D. : b. ,\\ch. 10, 180^. 

III. Wm-RS': b. .^(.N-. 2:,, i8ov 
l\ . I:1)\VARI)' : b. Jan. 17. 1X07. 
\ . JoSllL'A' : 






Children of (297) Joseph" and Mary (Pierce) Shoemaker. 

I. HANNAH': m. to Morducai L. (jardon. Had chn. 

II. REBECCA': m. to Daniel R. Kelley. (2498) 

III. ELIZA' : m. to Abel S. Trude. No chn. 

IV. JOSEPH': m. Mary Stiles. (2499) 

V. MaRY': m. to Lewis Roper. No. chn. 

VI. Lydia' : m. to George H. Steever. No chn. 

VII. JANE': rn. to Henry Ornisby. (2501) 

Children of (298) Susanna' (Shoemaker) and Malachi Fisher. 





I. WILLIAM': m. and had chn. (2503) 

II. DANIEL': m. and had chn. (2504) 

III. ABRAHAM': m. and had chn. (2505) 

IV. Susan ' : m. Hallowell. Had a child. 

V. Lydia' : m. John Goodwin. (2514) 

VI. MARY': m. Brooke. (2515) 

Children of (300) Elizabeth'" (Shoemaker) and Daniel Stroud. 

939. 1. CHARLES' : b. Apl. 9, 1793 ; m. June 10, 1819, in Friends' 

Meeting, Richland, Bucks Co., Pa., Susan Burson, who 
d. May 4, 1870. Mr. S. was possessed of strong charac- 
ter, and was prominent in the Society of Friends. He d. 
May 10, 1867, at Waynesville, O. (2518) 

940. II. Elizabeth MacdOWEL' : b. May 25 and d. June 20, 1794. 

941. III. George Macdowel' : b. Oct. 12, 1795; m. Aug. 7, 

1828, Eleanor Hallowell. He d. June 29, 1875, at Ger- 
mantown, Philad. She d. Mch, 9, 1892. See biog. 


942. IV. WILLIAM': b. Aug. 19, 1797; m. Oct., 1823, Mary Paul 

Robeson. He d. Aug. 4, 1826, at Stroudsburg, Pa., where 
he had been a prominent merchant and a popular man. 
His early death was considered a public loss. (2534) 

THE l.i:\!:i"*ING FAMILY. 

94 V 



\ 1 





I. Sa.wlUL llAkKl^k : 

II. SrsAN': b. Well. ^^ 

94^ \. Jacob D.-. b. -'-S. \799\ >n- Oct. 20, 1825, Mary 
Nfwhokl Rich;!i\i>"'n. at Friends' Mt-etiiiii, Middletown, 
Bucks O... Pa. Hr d. Ft-b. 13, 1832. A man of rare 
bu.siness qiialificatiniis. His decease^ put an end to bright 
prc.spects. (2S^6) 

944. \ I. Ja\\i;s H()li.insiii;ai)' : [ d. Apl. 18, 1877. 

I b. Aucr. 3, ^ Unmd. 
1802; ScY hioo-. 

d. June 28, 1804. 

804; d. Wch., 1878, at Rahway, 
\. I. Inmd. 

< iliORGf: b. and d. Apl. 4, 1805. 

Sl.MPSON': b. Jul\- 31. 1806; m. Now 28, 1827, Tacy Ann, 
dau. of Judge Morris Robeson, of Oxford Furnace, N. J. 
Resided at Stroudsburg, Pa., wiiere he d. Jan. 30, 1833. 
He was a talented man, tilled with spiritual zeal. He had 
just entered the University when stricken with disease, 
c< infracted u hile oft'iciating at a funeral, which terminated 
fatall)'. Mrs. S. d. Jul\' 10, 1871. (2540) 

949. \i. HlizabETH': b. Jan. 5, 1808; m. Nov. 10, 1840, to Joseph 

P. Robeson, of Oxford Furnace, N. J. They lived at 
BeKidere, N. J., where he was engaged in merchandise 
and lumber. The\' subsequently removed to Philad., 
where he d. Sep. 20, i86q. She d. June 23, 1887, at 
l)o\\ningto\\ n. Pa. (2543) 

950. Ml. AdaL'' : b. and d. Sep. 21, 1809. 

All Were born at Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Children of (305) Sarah' (Maris) and M. Doabe. 

9c; 1. 1. Map>  : l\ near Philad. 

952. 11. John" : b. near Philad. 

Children of (30^) Eli;a' (Maris) and William Shearer. 

953. I. CAROLINE' b. Sept. 6, 1814, at Bustleton, Philad. Co.; Pa.; 

is d. 

954. 11. ANNA': b. Aug. 16. 1817; was lixing in Ijec, 1854. 


955. 111. Ellen': b. Mch. i6, 1822; d. 

956. IV. Eliza': b. Jan. 26, 1824; m. William Ashton. (2546) 

957. V. George M.': b. Mcb. 4, 1829; d. 

Children of ( 303 ) Gzorgc " and Elizabeth ( Dunwoody ) Maris. 

958. 1. Sarah Ann": b. Sept. 17, 1798; m. John Bankson, who d. 

in 1822. She m. 2d, Nov. 24, 183 1, Alexander D. 
Mackay ; no chn. 

959. II. MATTHIAS': b. Dec. 16, 1800 ; m. May 19, 1840, Sarah 

Ann Maxwell. He was employed for 33 years in the 
office of the hisurance Company of North America in 
Philad., and for several ^■'ears was Secretary of the Co. 
Resided in Germantown, where he d. in 1888. His wife 
died also. They were b. in Laurel Hill Cem. No chn. 

960. 111. ELIZABETH': b. Jan. 11, 1807; d. Oct. 7, 1828, at Wil- 

mington, Del. 

961. IV. MARGARET': b. Nov. 27, 1810; m. Sept. 13, 1832, Ed- 

mund B. Vaughan, who d. April 17, 1882, in Camden, N. 
J., where Mrs. V. resides.  (2549) 

962. V. George W.' (M. D.): b. May 9, 1814; m. May 25, 1837, 

Elizabeth Ann Motter. He was a graduate of the Balti- 
more Medical College, and at the time of his death was 
the last surviving member of his class. He practiced his 
profession in Middletown, Md'., previous to his removal, 
in 1847, to Columbus, Ohio, where he continued practice 
for many years. During the war of the Rebellion he 
was one of the Post Surgeons at Camp Chase, in Colum- 

Mrs. M. d. Julv 17, 1867. 


bus. He d. Oct. 20, 1892. 


VI. AUGUSTA': b. 1817; d. y. 


VII. Elmira': b. ; d. y. 


VIII. REBECCA' : b. ; d. y 

Children of same by Mary (Deagan)^ 2d Wife. 

966. IX. CHARLOTTE': b. June 19, 1819; m. Oliver J. Boyd, of 
Boyd, Cummins & Good, Merchants, in Philad. She d. 
Feb. 2, 1893. He died also. They were b. in South 
Laurel Hill Cem. (2564) 

•I.J THh l.l:\i:i''ING 1 A,MI1.>. 

X. bUWAkDA. (W. h.): 1\ Au-. 19,1820; ni. Dec. 22, 1S53, 
Kllt-n A. r.i.Kin. I\ \h\. 14. 1831. Dr. M. was a stu- 
lUiit fi ih. Acll-kiiow n 1)1. Jolin BuckltT, deed. After 
tiill ouirM '-^ ;^iaduak'J in the Medical Department 

of tlu- CniMTMtx- nf Ma r\ land. He resides in Baltimore, 
.uid still pi;ictices his profession. Mrs. M. d. Au;^. 15, 
1S7C.. (2565) 

gbS. W. Lhwis : b. < )ct. i<). iSji ; m. Jan. 23, 1849, Gratien 
Fr.inces Carrull De la C^helle, of Bait., where they re- 
side'. (2568) 

Children of (3I3> Caspar' and Elizabeth (Lloyd) Smick. 

• /m). I. Hl.l.KN': h. in 1803; dead. 

<)7<). II. KachhL' : b. Dec. 11, iSo^; m. William Barclay, who d. 
She m. jd, Isaac l\<ir\ , \\ lio died also. She m. 3d, John 
Slaii^zh, by u hom she had no chn. Shed. Jan. 14, 1S88, 
in f'hilad. (2575) 

<)7i. III. l.l.OVl)': b. in 1807; in. Margaret Bullock. He d. Au}J. 
2. 18^4. No chn. 

i)72. I\. SaIMH': b. Mch. 17, 1X12; ni. April 30, 1836, Ethelbert 
A. l.obb, of Darby, near Philad., where they resided. 
She d. June 21, 1882. He d. Dec. 8, 1879. (2580) 

Children of (311 I Elizabeth (Smick) and Samuel Nightlinger. 

073. I. l:LIZAHHT»r : b. Dec. 23, 1794; m. Adam Stull. of Philad., 
who d. Jul\' 22, 1861 ; she d. Feb. 26, 1875. (2594) 

• )74. II. SA.MlHL': b. MJi. 18. i79(); m. Hannah Di^ht, who d.; 
m. 2^], Mar\- Ann Beattw He resided in Monto;omerv 
Co.. Pa. (2585) 

<)7s. III. SrsAN': 1\ 1798; m. John Coi»per, who d. She m. 2d, 
William C3ilbert, by whom she had no chn. (2592) 

970. 1\. I()H\": b. about 1800; m. Mar\- Shepard, who d. June 
X. 1874. ii;^^^ <*^6 years. He died previously. (2695) 



Child of same and 2d husband, John Naylor. 

977. V. HENRY': b. Dec. 11, 1805; m. Rebecca Barnitz, who d., 

1850, in Darke Co,, O.; m. 2d, Feb. 20, 1859, Mary 
Bechtel, of Phi lad., b\- whom he had no chn. Resided 
at Collinsxille, ill. (2610) 

Child of same and 3d husband, Jesse Castnen 

978. VI. JESSE': b. May 3, 1812; m. Mch., 1837, Parthena Shive, 

who d. May 9, 1882. He d. Sept. 15, 1883, at Gwynedd, 
Montg. Co., Pa., where he resided. (2613) 

Children of (3I4).Benjamin"and (318) Elizabeth" ( Levering) Smick. 

979. 1. Mary Ann': b. June 25, 1812 ; m. Dec. 25, 1843, John 

Mackay, of Philad., who d. in Aii^i., 1890; b. in Lev. 
Cem. (2617) 

980. II. JOHN WISE': b. Sep. 16, 18 16; m. Mch. 8, 1849, Caro- 

line Fredericks, wlio d, Apl. 15, 1888. He d. Apl. 25, 
1891. (2622) 

981. 111. LEWIS': b. Jan. 31, 1818, at Roxb.; m. May 8, 1861, 

Mary Miller, of Darby. No chn. He d. June 25, 1890; 
b. in Lew Cem. 

982. IV. CHARLES': b. in 1820; d. Oct. 8, 1844; unmd. 

983. V. SARAH': b. in 1822; d. May 22, 1856; -unmd. 

984. VI. RACHEL': b. May 10, 1-824; J- July 22, 1885; unmd. 

985. VIL ELIZABETH': b. in 1827; d. July 19, 1848; unmd. All 

b. in Lev. Cem. 

Children of (3J6) Joseph" and (Latch) Levering. 

986. I. FlaviuS JOSEPHUS'; b. 1811; removed West; histor>- 

not known. 

987. II. Sylvania': b. Au^. 10, 1813; m. Jan. 15, 1832, Charles 

Roney, b. Feb. 27, 1809. They resided in Wapakoneta, 
Ohio, where he d. May 4, 1893. Mrs. L. still lives in 
the homestead. (2629) 

I 111. i.i- * 1.1- i'<' ' I ^ ^\IL^■. 

Child ot i3I<'' Deborah i Levering; ) and John Kingston. 
oSS. I. BENJA.MIN l.l-:\i:i''iN<; : l\ in Ohio, whfit^ lif spent his life. 

Children of (320) Matthias M. and Rebecca (Miller) Levering. 

i)S(). I. VaI'^oN .W. : l\ iS^4 ; m. Hmma Shrivel- ; resided in Philad.. 

while he d. Apl. 2f), iScp. She d. since. No chn. 
i»i)i>. II. ANNH L' : b. h'eh. lo, iS^6; m. James Gamble. Shed. 

(Vt. O. iS;;. (2637) 

Children of i32l • Anthony' and Caroline (Williams) Levering. 

• Ml. I. ISARI-LLA': b. Jui\' 2, iS^^; m. [Jcc. i'-,, 1S50, John Hin- 
Ule. of Roxb. Shf d. April s, iS6i ; was b. at the Roxb. 
Pn-sb. Chuivhyard. (2639) 

</)j. 11. (iHORcil- W. : 1\ W.h. 7, 1S35 ; d. Jan. 28, 1836. 

<x);. III. CaROLINH \V. : b. Jan. 20, 1837; d. Jan. 20, 1840. 

Children of < 324 » John and Eliza Showier. 

i)i)4. 1. l.liONARl)' : b. in 1783, in Roxb.; m. Rebecca . His- 
tory not iNiiown. 

.m;. 11. HlJZAHHTII • : b. in 17S:;; m. George Nagle, of Philad. 
She d. in April. 183O. and he on April 4, 1838, aged 58 
years. (2642) 

Children of (326) Sarah' (Levering) and Thomas Mathias. 

()</). I. HANNAH': b. about I78(), in Philad.; d. young. 

()«)7. II. ANN MaRIA' : b. about 1791, in Philad.; m. John Andrew 
Young. Shed. Jan. 17, 1881. (2646) 

(f.)^. 111. lillZABI-.TH  : d. in infancw 

i»f). I\ . HlizaBHTH  : b. in i7()<); m. (357) Jacob""' Levering, of 
Philad., who d. June 8, 1853. She d. July 24, 1858. 
The\' ut-re b. in Le\-. Gem. (1124) 

1000. \. HHNJAMIN': b. about 1801 ; m. Hannah Thomson, who 
d. without issue. He d. Feb. 18, i8,So, at Northumber- 
land. P'. 


f'ueLic library) 

^ Aster, LwM anrf Bldon 





looi. VI. Samuel': b. about 1804, in Pbilad.; J. unmd. 

1002. Vll. REBECCA': d. young. 

Children of (327) Hannah" (Levering) and Barnabas Coulston. 

1003. 1. SaraH': b. Dec. 31, 1792, at Roxb.; m. James S. Dil- 

dine. (2649) 

1004. II. WILLIAM': b. Mch. 28, 1795. 

1005: 111. MarV': b. Mch. 18, 1798; m. Thomas Brice, of Philad. 


1006. IV. Nathan Levering': b. Sept. 15, 1799; m. May 27, 
1829, Eliza Heyl, who d. April 7, 1865. He d. April 5, 
1880. Both b. in Cedar Hill Cem., Philad. (2653) 

io®8. V. Susanna': b. April 5, 1803. in Philad. 

1009. VI. JanE': b. Mch. 31, 1805; m. April 24, 1828, John C 
Davis. Both are d. (2659) 

loio. VII. Louisa Ann': b. Auo-. 23, 1811. 

Children of (329) Jonathan H.' and Elizabeth (Rhoads) Levering* 

loii. 1. Mark RhoadS': b. Nov. 23, 1803; m. Mary Fulwiler, of 
Philad., who d. Dec. 25, 1837, and was b. in Cem. at 
nth and Washington streets. He m., 2d, Mrs. Paul {nee 
Goff). Mark was an architect and builder. While tem- 
porarily at Carlisle, Pa., engaged in building, he d. Apl. 
14, 1858 ; was. b. in Lev. Cem. (2664) 

1012. II. JOHN H.': b. Oct. I, 1805, in Philad., where he d. Aug. 

30, 1827, unmd ; b. in Lev. Cem. 

1013. III. Eliza': b. Aug. 2, 1808; m. John Bryden, of Philad., 

where she d. Mch. 28, 1850. He d. June 18, 1856. They 
were b. in Woodlands Cem., Philad. (2662) 

1014. IV. Emily MiffliN': b. Oct. 9, 1810; m. Oct. 19, 1835, to 

Jacob Reese Eckfeldt, who d. Aug. 9, 1872, in his 70th 
year and was b. in family vault at St. John's Lutheran 
Church, Philad. See biog. Mrs. E. resides with her son, 
Jacob B., at Conshbhocken, Pa. (2669) 

1015. V. George Armitage' : b. Apl. 12, 181 3 ; m. Sep. 2, 1843, 

Anna Reinboth, b. May 7, 1825 and d. May 7, 1881. B, 
in Lev. Cem. Mr. L. resides in Philad. (2675) 

.!> 1111. il\r.RIN<i FAMllA' 

1, |, 

\l. I'HRkN HAZZAkl) : h. J;in. i8, 1.S17; 111. Maria Louisa 
Di-it/. Hf J. M.h. -•>!. i'"!*)!- Shf J. Mch. 10, 1893, in 
(jerniantow n. .i_:i\l S4 \ cars. B. in L<.\ . Ctin. 


1017. \ll. CaTMAI^INH : h. Juiu- 2. i.Sk); m. Sep. lO. 1845, Ed- 
imiiul H.".th. She- J. Nn\ . 11, 186S. (2683) 

All uiir hiiiu in Mhihul. 

Children of (331 ) Ann (Levering;) and Samuel Stearne. 

1018. I. loHANNAH': b. .\n\. 27. 1808; m. Dec. 25, 1828, Peter 
I/. Latch. ul)(. J. Feb. 2\. 187:;; b. in Le\-. Cem. Mrs. 
L. still lives in the homestead at De\<»n, Chester Co., 

Pa. (2684) 


loK). II. c:ATHAklNi:' : b. Oct. 28, 1810; m. Francis H. Latch. 
Resided in l<o\b.. wliere he d. on Dec. 20, 1883, a;j:ed 90 
\ears. She d. Feb. 11. 1894. at the home of her dau<:^h- 
ter. Mrs. Linton, in West. Philad. The\- were b. in Lev. 
Ci-m. (2687) 

in2o. 111. AHRAHAM Ll-:\ IiMNCj ' : b. Ma\- 10, 1812, and d. Oct. 12, 
1S49, unmd., in f.hester Co., Pa. B. in Lev. Cem. 

IU2I. I\. Sai.oMI;': b. Oct. 17. 181:;; resided in Philad, where 
she d. Ft'b. 2, i8»)q, unmd. 

1022. \. 1-.I.I/arI-:tH' : b. Jul\' 16. 1820; ni. Dec. 28, 1858, to 
Peter H, Hinkle, ot ( iermantown, Philad., where she d. 
Sep. 20. i8.S(), and he in June, 1896. No chn. B. in 
Iw Hill Cem. 

All were bom in Lower Merion, Mont.u:. Co., Pa., 
where the tamil\- resided until 182c). when thev removed 
to .1 lar^e farm in Chester Co., which is still in the 
tamiK', owiu-d b\- a grandson. 

Children of '332) John Howell' and Margaret (Hagy) Levering. 

102;. L Jonathan HaG[-:R': b. Jan. i;. iSi;, at Roxb., where he 
m. Oct. I. 1844, Rosanna Hippie, b. Feb. 16, 1825. He 
resided all his lite-time on Rid^ze Avenue, near 39th Street. 
He d. Feb. ?s. iS'k^; i\ in Le\-. Cem. Mrs. L. resides 
in Philad. (2695) 


1024. II. Sarah 'ANN': h. April 19, 1819; m. John Markie, of 

Roxb., where they resided, and she d. Mch. 27, 1883; b. 
in Lev. Cem. He d. Mch., 1896. (2699) 

1025. ill. MARY': b. June 3, 1824; m. June 27, 1847, Albert 

Reo;er, of Germantown. They resided for many years 
in Frank'fnrd, a suburb of Philad. They now live in 
Germantown. (2704) 

Children of (333) Abraham" and Catharine (Hagy) Levering. 

1026. 1. ELEANOR': b. Feb. 25, 1815 ; m. April 30, 1840, Charles 

Ku;j;ler, of Ardmore, wJio was a member of the Legisla- 
ture of Penna., and filled many local offices of trust. 
She d. April 20, 1845 ; he in 1880. They were b. in the 
Cem. of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, at Ardmore. 


1027. 11. DEBORAH': b. May 30, 1817. In 1854 removed with 

her parents to LaFayette, Ind., where she d. Dec. 25, 
1892 ; unmd. B. in Spring Vale Cem., near LaFayette. 

1028. III. Joseph Hagy' (M. D.): b. Jan. 22, 1819; m. Dec. 25, 

1839, to Mary J., dau. of Edward Siter, by Rew H. G. 
Jones. He was graduated in Medicine at twenty years 
of age by the Jefferson Medical College of Philad. He 
d. Feb. 13, 1866, at Bryn Mavvr, Pa.; b. at Lower Merion 
Baptist Church. Mrs. L. lives in Philad. (2712) 

1029. IV. HANNAH': b. Feb. 11, 1821 ; m. Oct. 16, 1842, Christo- 

pher H. Garden, of Philad., where she resides. (2716) 

1030. V. Catharine HaGY': b. July 17, 1823; m. May 31, 1846, 

to David Morgan, of Lower Merion, by Rev. H. G. Jones. 
They reside near to Overbrook Station, Philad. (2724) 

1031. VI. JOHN': b. April 19, 1826; m. Dec. 23, 1847, to Eliza- 

beth Wucherer, dau. of Thomas and Catharine Forman, 
of Bryn Mawr, Pa. In March, 1849, they removed to 
Cincinnati, O., and one year later to LaFayette, Ind., 
where she d. on J^hanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, 1887; b. 
in Spring Vale Cem. He m. 2d, Jan. 12, 1889, Anna G., 
dau. of Joseph M. Ewing, formerly of Philad., and later 
of Piqua, O., where he m. Julia, dau. of Judge Moses 
G. Mitchell. Reside at LaFayette. See bioir. (2727) 

J_>0 TM1-: Li:\l-RINCJ l-AAILV. 

lo;?. \ II. WILLIA.M llA(i^': h. April 19, 1826 — a twin with John; 
m. July 4, 1S4.S. hciu- Smith, of Bryn Mawr, Pa. Re- 
mM\i\l in Di-ci'inlvi . 1S51, to LaFayette, liul., where she 
J. Jiim- 18. i8;4 ; h. in Spring Vale Cem. He m. 2d, 
Oct. ;o. i8q>. Anna Ta\l<ir, of LaFax'ette, who d. Oct. 
24, 1867. Me ni. vi. Anna l.atch, of Philad., on Sept. 
8. i8rK). Ri-sidf at LaHawtte. Sir Iv'og. (2731) 

lou. Mil. HlnjaMIN Fi^aNKLIN': h. Jan. 23, 1828; d. Mch. 13. 
1S29 ; h. in Li'\ . Clin. 

10^4. I\. ANN MaRIA' : b. Apl. 24, 1830; removed in 1854 with 
her parents to LaFayctte, Ind., wliere she d. Nov. 29, 
186;, unmd. Was b. in l.e\-. Cem., Philad. 

I03v X. AHIMIIAM': b. Fib. 24, 18^3; m. Feb. 27, 1856, Amelia 
Frances Kii-ss, i»f Lower Merion, near Philad. He re- 
mo\t.'d in i8:;4 to LaFa\ette. Ind., where he enga^^ed in 
tlu' uhok'sak' and retail of iiats, furs, etc., which he still 
carries on extensively, his trade extending into several 
States. (2736) 

lo^O. XL IlloMAS JHF-l-[iRSON' : b. July 4, 1837; m. July 7, 
1864, Mary F., dau. of Thomas G. Lodge, of Lower 
Merion, near Philad., b)' Re\ . F. F. Arnold. Removed 
t<» LaFayette, Ind.. in i8i;4, where he is engaged in mer- 
cantile business w ith his brother .Abraham. (2739) 
All the abo\e were born at Ardmore, a suburb of Philad. 

Children of (334) Hannah' (Levering-) and John Hagy. 

10^7. I. Catharine": b. Jan. 22, 1811; m. Feb. 20, 1831, to 
Charles Fo.\, of Philad., where they resided. She d. 
Apl. 1;, 1848. He d. Ma\- 19, 1853, aged 50 years. 

1038. II. SAMlIiL': b. Apl. II. 181 3; m. Jan. 23, 1838, to Mary 
ViMl<le, who was b. Now 7, 1818. in Springfield, Montg. 
Co.. Pa. The\' resided on Ridge A\enue, in Upper 
Ro.xb.. where she d. Feb. q. 1892, and he on Mch. ir, 
i8()4. Buried in Roxb. Presb\-. Cem. (2749) 

1059. I". Rm:HEN': b. Sep. 30. 181;;; 111. Catharine Hitner, of 
Montg. Co., Pa., who was b. Mch. 18, 1821. He d. Apl. 
8, 1868. Shed. Sept. 21. 1879. B. at Lev. Cem. No 


1040. IV. FRANKLIN': b. Jul\- 18, 1818 ; d. ALl,^. 25, 1819. 

1041. V. AMANDA': h. Mch. 13, 1820; m. Sep. 14, 1841, by Rev. 

Stephen H. Tyn^, D. D., to Alfred Crease, of Roxb., 
who was b. Aujj;. 22, 181 5, in the parish of Islington, 
county of Middlesex, England. Came to the United 
States in June, 1828. He was a member of the Common 
Council of the City of Philadelphia for several years, 
and filled other offices of trust in Church and state. He 
was a manufacturing chemist. He d. Oct. 20, i860. 

Mrs. C. resides in the homestead on Green Lane, 
Roxb. (2756) 

1042. VI. William Franklin': b. Dec. 23, 1821 ; m. Apl. 13, 

1847, to Miriam Moyer, who was b. Feb. 20, 1820. He 
d. Mch. 13, 1867. She d. Feb. 27, 1871. Buried at 
Ley. Cem. (2762) 

1043. Vll. Mary Ann': b. in 1823; d. Sep. 7, 1832. Buried at 

Lev. Cem, 

1044. VIII. JOHN LEVERING': b. in 1831 ; d. Sep. 12, 1832. 

Buried at Lev. Cem. 

All the above were born on Ridge Avenue, in Upper 

Child of (336 ) Sarah ' ( Levering^ ) and Samuel H. Slingfluf f . 

1045. I. Clarissa HOVVELL' : b. Nov. 18, 1818, in Roxb., where 
shed, on her tw^enty-tlrst birthday, Nov. 18, 1839; unmd.; 
b. in Lev, Cem. 

Children of (337) Enoch" and^ Sophia (Trullinger) Levering. 

1046. I. HANNAH': b. Feb. 21, 1823; m. April 2, 1848, to Reuben 

Wunder, of Germantown, who served as an Alderman of 
the 22d Ward of Philad., for several years, and held an 
important official position in the United States Customs 
office at Philadelphia for many years. She d. childless, 
on Dec. 19, 1888, and was b. in Lev. Cem. 

1047. II. Esther R.' : b. May 20, 1825, and d. unmd., Oct. 18, 

1848 ; b. in Lev. Cem. 

■>■> > 

IHl-; LH\i:kl\G FA\\ILY. 

104.S. 111. Mary ANN : 1\ ( ).i. 10, 1.S29; m. Now c), 1849, Charles 
Sailor. Ki-siJi- in ['(•its\illf, Pa., uiit-rr, fur many \ears, 
Mr. S. '^  'x-i-n i-iiua;i(.-J in the liiinbcr business. 


1049. IV. Sarah Sophia : 1\ Nn\. iS, iS:?2, unnKl. She resides 
in tin- tiM l.iMrin^ huniesteacl. on Riddle Avenue, above 
^9th Strt-et, in Koxb.., which she inherited, and 
in which sIk- and others of the tamiK' were born. 

Children of '341) Silas G. and Susanna (Rittenhouse) Levering. 

I0«;o. I. ANTHONY CHARlJiS": h. Feb. 23, i<S2i ; d. Feb. 4, 1837; 
b. in Lt.'\ . Ccni. He was the first male child born in 
what lias since been know n as Manayunk, and is incor- 
porated w ith Philad. 

io:;i. II. Sklina H: : b. No\-. 14. 1X24; unmd. Resides in Roxb. 

^^-^ III. SrSANNA MaTILIM': b. Au^'. iS. 1829; d. unmd. May 
!<;, lSi)4 ; b. in Le\ . Cem. 

ior>. I\. Sa.NU'HL (iOR(iAS': b. Feb. 3, 1831; d. Oct. 3, 1832. 

10^4. \. SILAS JONI-S': b. Ma\- S. 183O; m. Aug. 22, 1865, to 
Hmma 1).. dau. of William and Flizabeth Rose, formerly 
of (lermantow n, Philad. Resided in Roxb., where he d. 
April 14. iS.)3; b. in Fe\ . Cem. Mrs. L. and familN- 
reside (»n (ireen Lane, Roxb. (2768) 
All the abo\e were born in Mana\-unk. 

Children of (342' Titus Yerkes and Maria (Bechtel) Levering. 

loqq. I. Phti:R': b. Sept. 4, i,S20: m. June 15, 1847, to Christi- 
anna Morrison, of Manaxunk. The>- reside in Philad. 

iO!;6. II. CHAki.HS': b. 1828; d. \<.un<:. 

io;7. 111. AlMLlNlM b. about 1830; m. Au-. 5. i8c;2, John An- 
drew Marklex-. of Roxb., where the\- reside. (2772) 


Children of (343) Pereg^rine W.'' and Elizabeth (Streeper) Levering^. 

1058. I. ALBERTS.': b. May 12, 1827; d. May 29. 18^2. 

1059. 11. HDVVINCONE': b. Sept. 17, 1829; d. Juilf 29, 1838. 

1060. 111. JohnMiltoN': b. April 12, 1834; -m. Mch. 29, 1857, 

Sarah Widner, who d. Sept. 17, 1866. He m. 2d, Nov. 
24, 1868, Annie E. Pharoah, of Manayunk, where they 
reside. {^yyj) 

1061. IV. Hliza': b. Oct. 16, 1837; unmd. Resides on the site 

of the old Levering homestead, built in 1736, on Green 
Lane, in Manayunk, which has been in the family con- 
tinuously since. The present dwelling is a costly modern 

1062. V. ANNA': b. May 17, 1839; m. June 2, 1868 (1866) Albert 

M.** Metheany, of Lima_,jQ^ She d. Aug. 17, 1883. 

All the above were born in the old homestead referred 
to at iV, and the dead were interred in Lev. Cem., with 
the Ancestral occupants. 

Child of (344) Hannah'' (Leveringf) and Joseph H. Hoffman. 

1063. 1. Esther ATHELIA' : b. Dec. 30, 1837 ; unmd. Res. Roxb., 


Children of (345) John" and Myra (Gilbert) Holgate. 

1064. I. CORNELIUS': b. Jan. i, 1814, at Philad., where he d. 

May 6, 1875 ; unmd ; b. Lev. Cem. 

1065. 11. Silas GILBERT' : b. Mch. 14, 1816; m. Jan. 26, 1841, 

Elizabeth Hodgson, who was b. May 21, 1819. They re- 
side at Duluth, Minn., where he d. Dec. 2, 1895. (2785) 

1066. HI. ELIZA': b. July 14, 1818, at Wilkesbarre, Pa.; m. Dec. 

4, 184 1 , William Alger Lain, at Factoryville, near Waverly, 
N. Y. Both d. at Waverly. She on No\-. i, 1868, and 
he on Sept. 26, 188 1. (2793) 

1067. IV. HARRIET': b. Diic. 25, 1819: m. No\-. 19, 1846, John 

McCurdy Simpson, of Turnersville, Pa., where she d. 
Jan. 20, 1858. He m. again in 1864, and d. Mch. 15, 
1888. (2803) 

224 IHK LKVIilvING FA^\IL^■. 

106.S. \. Chakul> i.t-\hkiN«i : h. April 26, 1822, .<i Wilkesbarrc. 
and d, Si-pt. 9. i>^(k\ .It Muiu\ . Pa. ; uiimJ. 

io(*). \ I. hSTHUk': l\ .1.111. iS. 1.S24; m. Jiil\' 20, 1847, Henry 
Wain iJrinkii. \\h<. J. Oet. g, 1866, at Clifton, Pa., in 
his 80th war. Slu- vi. April 20. 1872, at Kilbourn, 
Wis. (2808) 

Mi. 1). was a mhi of Hlizabt-th Drink-tT, whose interest- 
in;: iliarw <>r i<iurnal "i cwnts in Philad. from 1759 to 
1S07. covi-rin^ thf prrmJ of \hv Kt'\ <ilutinnar\- War and 
or^ani'/atinn i>i mir ("inx t-rnnient, was published in i88c). 

1070. \II. LliVl-K-INci' : b. M..h. ;. 1826. at Wilkesbarre,' Pa.; ni. 

No\-. I. i8r/). k.ite Murph\-, of Cin., O. He removed 
with liis famil\ in 18:^6 to Minnesota. When the. War of 
the Rebellion broke out he enlisted in the 8th Minn. Reg- 
iment and ser\ed to the close of the war. He received 
wounds in tht- serxice which tlnall\' caused his death. 
He was a nu-mbi-r of the (jrand Army and of the Knijihts 
of Pytiiias ; was also prominentlx' identified with the 
Masonic Ordi-r, bein.Li a Past Master of his lodge. He 
resided for many years at Hlk' Rixer, Minn, but the last 
ei^ht years of his life he li\ed in the cit\' t)f Minneapolis, 
when- his widow ;ind children reside. He d. Jul\- 2j, 
|8()2. (2816) 

1071. \ III. CaRolinh': b. Jan. 2j, 1828, at Dalexille, Pa., where 

slie d. (Xt. ^, 1884 ; unmd. 

Children of (345) Anna' (Holgate) and Thomas Bartolette. 

1072. I. MAk>  : b. .\d\ . (). 1814; m. John Coleman. The\- re- 
mo\rd to l.awrencr Co., III., wluMe their descendants 
n-sidc. (2820) 

107;. II. CHAI^Ll-s : b. about 1817; m. 1840. Nancy Van Sickle, 
near to New Baltimore, in Hamilton Co., O. She d. in 
1867. at Harrison. (). Hr d. in 1880 at Cincinnati, O., 
and was b. at Cummings\ ille, a suburb of the city. He 
was a pr(»minent and useful member of the "Christian" 
Church. frec|uentl\- preachin.e, though not ordained to the 
ministr\-. (2830) 


1074. 111. SaRAH': b. i\'(»\-. 8, 1819, in Hamilton, O ; m. in June, 

18^8, to Joshua Izor, in Winclu'ster, O. She was a dil- 
igent worker in the "Christian Commission" during the 
War of the Rebellion. They removed to Milton, Ind , 
where she d. Juh' 2^, 1871, and he in 1876. 

1075. '^ • Elizabeth H.' : b. in 1821, at Miami, Hamilton Co., O., 

and d. there in Aug., 1832. 

1076. V, HANNAH': b. Dec. 12 182s; m, Sep. 19, 1841, John 

Cox, who d. May 28, 18^1. in Miamitown, O., and she 
d. at same place Feb. 4, 1888. They resided during 
married life in White Water and Miami Tps., Ham. Co., 
O. (2835) 

1077. \I. ANN': b. Jan. 16, 1826, in Hamilton, O.; m. Feb. 2j, 

1848, John L. Shipman, of same place. They removed 
in 1849 to Auglaize Co., O., where he was a farmer and 
miller. He d. Nov. 19, 1881. (2842) 

Children of ( 349 ) Jane' ( Holgate ) and Israel Gilbert* 

1078. I. JONATHAN': b. July 7, 1814; d. Aug. 23, 1837. He was 

a physician. 

1079. 11. Maria ANN': b. May 16, 1816; m. Jan. 7, 1836, Rev. 

Robert F. Young, a prominent Baptist clergyman of the 
" Philad. Association," who was b. at Coatesville, Pa,, 
Sept. 4, 1810. While in the pastoral charge of a church 
at Haddonfield, N. J., he died Jan. 5, 1884. His widow 
resides at Haddonfield. (2846) See biog. 

1080. 111. JESSIE': b. Mch. 17, 1818 ; d. Nov. 4, 1819. 

1081. IV. Clementine M.': b. May 3, 1820; resided at Chestnut 

Hill, Philad., where she d. July 31, 1893; unmd. 

1082. V. Dedemiah Virginia': b. Jul\- 20, 1822; m. April 10, 

1844, William D. Miller, who d. May 3, 1844. Mrs. M, 
resides in Haddonfield, New Jersey. (2852) 

1083. Vi. ISRAEL': b. Oct. 21, 1824; d. Sept. 13, 1825. 

1084. Vll. Curtis J.': b. Dec. 29, 1826; m. Anna F. Graver, b. 

Oct. I, 1830. Reside at Washington, D. C. He d. Oct. 
19, 1895, at Ballston. Va., was b. at Barren Hill Cem., 
Philad. (2853) 


Jjf) I ML l.l W.l'I.Nu i A WILY. 

loSv \ III. Al.HHWT WlLl.iAW : 1\ April 24. iS^o: .i. Ma\- i^., i.S:;o. 

1086. I.\. JOSKPHI S CokMlLll'S' : b. Jan. _>o. iSu'; m. Oct. 2 J. 
1.%^. Caiuliiu- (,)uiL:;:. who was b. Au-. 12, i83cS, and d. 
Jan. S, iStp. Ill' was a pli\ sician nt considerabU' pmni- 
im-na-, and pi.iciiLt'd the pioffssion for many years at 
ClU'stnut Hill. Pliilad. He entered the arm\- in 1861 as 
Asst. Sur;:eon <it the 24th l\nna. Vols., and served dur- 
ing till- war. He has been a member of the Poor Board 
and of the School Board for many years, and in 1868 was 
elected a member of tile Common Council of Philad. and 
ser\eJ ei;:ht sears. He d. Oct. 26, 1895, at Chestnut 
Hill. ' (2857) 

Children of 1 350 ) Abr.iham Levcring^ and Elizabeth (Jones I Holgate. 

roS;. I. Hannah N.': b. Feb. 24. 1819, in Pittsburj^h, Pa., and d. 
Au;:. 12, 1820, in Cin. O. 

loSS. II. Nathan JoNHS' : b. Mas- 14, 1S22, in Cin. O.. and d. 
there Oct. 14. 1823. 

loSi). III. \\\\^\ .]. H.': b. Oct. M. 1824. in Lebanon, O.; m. Dec. 
4, 184^, in \'an Burcn Co., Iowa, t(» Edward Hanford, 
who was b. Jan. 10. 1807. in Cin. O., and d. Sept. 2^, 
1884, in Seattle, Wash., whence the\' removed in 1853, 
and where Mrs. H. still resides. Slie is the last of her 
family sur\i\in^. (2860) 

10/). I\'. \\au\ ANNA': b. .Well. T,\, 1827, in Lebanon, O., and d. 
July 2/, 1827, in lienton, O. 

I. Ml. V. John CORNKLIl'S' : b. Oct. IS, 1828. in Trenton. O., 
and d. Mch. 2^. i8f)8, in Silxer City, Idaho. Sl'c bha;. 

i<*)2. \ I. OLIVIA': b. April 9, iS^i, in Trenton. O.; m. June 5, 
|8;6. to Hdmund Carr in Seattle. Wash., where she d. 
Sept. 16, 1881. He was b. .Way 5, 1824, in Buck Port. 
.Wr.. and d, Nov. lO. 1886, in Seattle. (2869) 

ior>- Vn. LK.MUEL JONtS': b. Oct. K). 18:14. in Trenton. O.; d. 
Oct. 21. i8i)2, unmd., at Kent, Washiniiton, where he 
resided since 18^4. \\v was a constituent member, and 
for twehe \ears a Deacon in the First Baptist Church at 
Seattle, and for twd years a Deacon itf the church at 




\ As'«r, I. 
\ FottxJationi. // 


'^M ^ / ^ :fu,^ 








1094. VIII. ABRAHAM LEVERING': b. Oct. ly, 1837, in Winches- 

ter, O., and d. tlHTc Oct. 14, 1838. 

1095. l'"^- Milton (jILBERT': b. ApL 8, 1840, in Van BuiL-n Co., 

Iowa, and d. Jan. 26, 1856, at Seattle, Wasli. Ter., in a 
battle, defending; the town against huiians. 

Children of (351) Griffith' and Elizabeth (Rose) Holgate. 

1096. L Elvina LEVERING': b. June 26, 1824, at Haddington, 

Philad.; m. Nov. 21, 1848, William Cartwright, of Philad., 
b. ApL 16, 1822. They resided in Philad. until 1859, 
when Mr. C. accepted appointment in the line of his pro- 
fession as Supt. of the Gas Works at Oswego, N. Y., 
remaining in this charge until 1889, when they returned 
to Philad., where Mrs. C. d. Aug. 31, 1893. She was a 
cultured, Christian woman, of more than ordinary intel- 
lectual force, and skilled in tine arts. (2875) 

1097. II. Almira Rose': b. July 12. 1827, and d. July 10, 1828, 

at Haddington. 

Children of (352) Sarah" (Holg^ate) and Alexander Brooks. 

1098. I. John HOLGATE' : b. Dec. 19, 1819; d. Jan. 8, [820. 

1099. II. WILLIAM': b. Mch. 28, 182 1 ; m. Jan. 4, 1842, Philura 

Cunningham, who d. Feb. 21, 1844. He m. 2d, Jan. 14, 
1846, Matilda C. Stone, at Waverly, N. Y. They reside 
in Oakland, Cal. (2879) 

iioo. III. Susan HOLGATE': b. Aug. 6, 1822; m. Aug. 29, 1842, 
at Waverly, N. Y., to Jonas Green French, b. July 30, 
1817, at Milford, Conn. She d. at Athens, Pa., Jan. 8, 
1854. Mr. F. was a teacher by profession for many 
years. (2885) 

iioi. IV. THOMAS' : b. May i, 1824; m. Jan. 27, 1848, at Athens, 
Pa., to Lois B. Ovenshire, b. Mch. 10, 1824. No chil- 
dren. The parents of Mr. B. removed from his birth- 
place — Berwick, Luzerne Co., Pa. — to Factoryville, now 
Waverly, N. Y., in 1826. At the age of 21 years he was 
admitted as a partner with his fathei' in woolen manufac- 
turing. Their establishment was destroyed by tire in 
1853. During the succeeding three years he was engaged 


in nuTcaiitilf hiisiiu-ss in lSii>()kl\n, N. V., and Newton, 
N. J. In April. iS!;6, Ik- rmi<:rateJ to Kochester. Olm- 
NtcaJ Co., Minn., u line hv resides, c-n^iaiied in banking; 
and otnductinu .1 lar.uc- farm. He served the Government 
in the Quartermasters' hrpartment from March, 1864, to 
April. 1.S6!;. Was cmplnxed in the L'. S. Treasur\- De- 
partment at Washinutnn, I). C, from April, 1881, to No- 
vi-mlvr, iSS:;. Was i-k-eted Rejj;istt^r of Deeds in 1869, 
and served fniir \ears. and subsequently served six years 
as a C(>unt\- ConunissioiH-r, and fi)ur years on the Bn:nd 
of Trustees tnr Hospitals f<ii- Insane in his State. 

1 102. \. SaPah HoLCiATK' : b. Mch. 20, 1826; m. Auo;. 29, 1850, 
Thiimas Bristol, of Milford, Conn., who was a shoe mer- 
chant in Nfw York C^it\- from 1846 to 1883; since retired. 
Thf\- resided at Danbur\', Conn., w liere he d. Mch. i, 
iS<)7. ' (2889) 

All the abo\f wi-re born at Berw ick, Pa., the followin*! 
at Fact(»ry\ilk-, .\. Y. 

iio^ \ I. ALtXANDl-lk ATWOOI)' (Ph. D.): b. Auu. t,, 1827; m. 
Au^. c), 1 8:;^, C^lara Lauretta Brown, at Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Ik- w as ;i:raduated at tlu- University of Rochester, 
\. Y., in tlu- class of 18:; i. He was Professor of Lan- 
^iua^ii-s in Howard Colk'<2;e, Marion, Ala., 185 1-2. In 
i8q6 Ik- remo\ed to Texas, to accept the Presidency of 
(^jnnzales College, which ottice he tilled until 1873. From 
that year until i88q he presided o\-er Goliad College. He 
resides at Corpus C^hristi. Texas. (2891) 

1104. \ll. ANDkiiw I Unlock- b. Jan. 11. 1829; d. Sept. 9, 


1105. \ III. Mary-: b. April 3. and d. April 12, 1831. 

iioT). I\. (".iLHLin': b. Sept. 24, 1832; m. Oct. i, 1858, at Lyons, 
|ou;i. to Adalint- H. Brow n. b. Ma\- 10, 1836. Reside at 
St-attle, Wash. Mr. B. was an engineer on the N. Y., 
L. H. & W. R. R.. in the State of New York from 1863 
to 1887. (2895) 

1 107. ,\. John LL\i:iviN(i '■ -. b. ( )ct. 2, 18^.4 ; d. at Brandon, Miss., 
Sept. 17, i8i;8; unmd. A sister wrote of him: "He 
was li\-ing at Mobik-, Ala.; went to Brandon to marr\- ; 
took yellow fever, and died three days after his arri\ al. 
He was buried on Dr. Brandon's farm. ' 






A -0 •'< ,\ 

PUBLIC L'B-A,-(y;| 

. "Ion* 


1 108. XI. ANN HlIZA': b. Jan. 19, 18^7; d. Sept. 6, 1838. 

1109. MI. Cornelius HOLGATE': b. and d. Jan. 2, 1840. Buried 

with his motlier. 

Children of (354) Maria" (Holgate) and Randal Fenton. 

1 1 10. I. Mary Jane ': b. Oct. 24, 1819; m. Oct. 10, 1849, Sam- 

uel McBride, b. Mch. 10, 1816. She d. May 7, 1886; he 
d. Feb. 21, 1890 ; no chn. 

nil. 11. MARTHA': b. Feb. 11, 182 1 ; m. in Sept., 1848, to Joseph 
Keyser Wolf, b. May 27, 18 18. She d. Oct. 10, 1891. 


1112. 111. Eliza F.' : b. Feb. 7, 1823; m. Feb. i, 1844, Abraham 

Lightkep, b. Sept. 29, 181 5, and d. Feb. 4, 1885. Re- 
sides at Jarretstown, Montg. Co., Pa. (2900) 

1113. IV. Susan M.': b. Nov. 21, 1824; unmd. Resides at Jar- 

retstown, Pa. 

1 1 14. V. URSULA': b. Feb. 24, 1826; m. Oct. 8, 1854, Henry 

Sheetz, b. Nov. 24, 1829.  Res. in Philad. (2908) 

1115. VI. Sarah ANN': b. June i, 1828; m. Oct. 12, 185 1, Wil- 

iam M. Eisenbrey, b. Dec. 9, 1828. They reside at Bel- 
fry, Montg. Co., Pa. (2914) 

1 1 16. Vll. RANDALL': b. July 20, 1830; m. Oct. 25, 1854, Mar- 

garet J. Harper, b, April 29, 1833. Reside at Pittsville 
Philad., Pa. (2917) 

1 1 17. VIII. Charles Levering': b. May 28, 1832; m. Jan. 9, 

1859, Elizabeth Ann Fisher, b. April 2, 1833. Reside 
near Bogard, Carroll Co., Mo. (2920) 

1 1 18. IX. JOHN': b. in 1834; d. young. 

iiiQ. X. ADELAIDE': b. in 1836; d. voung. 

J 120. XI. Emma Maria ■: b. Oct. 31, 1839; m. Oct. 29, 1859, to 
William Thomas Wilson, b. Sep. 15, 1838. Reside at 
Tyler, Smith Co., Texas. (2922) 

j^i) nil: i.i.\i;i''iNci i-AMin'. 

Children of ( 355 i Susannah ( Holgfate i and Jonathan Scout. 

M-'i. I. Sarah Jam:-: 1\ Frb. 2<^, i.S^i ; m. No\ . _>;, i,Sc;i, Napo- 
Ifi.n B. Aii.-h;mil\iult, nt Philad., \\ lu-ic the\- ivsided. 

Shi- J. Nov. 7. iSSv (2Q26) 

iijj. II. WaRIA': h. Fi-b. 17, iS^:^ ; uiimJ. Rt-sidL-s in Philad. 
ii_'^ III. l:l)\MN T. : 1\ An-. J4. i.S^S. Unnul. 

Children of I 357 1 Jacob' and ( 999 1 Elizabeth' ( Mathias ) Levering:. 

1124. I. Ll-Ml'F-.l. S.': b. Oct. 16, 1.S16; J. i\\a\' 11, 1868, tinmd.;- 
b. Ia-\ . Ct-ni. Ik' was a merchant. 

ii.'v 11. ChaRLHS' : b. N(i\ . iS, 1818; m. Miss Stoddart. Hi- d. 
Jaii. _H), i8so; b. Ia\. Ccm. "Sn dm. 

1126. III. Sarah \NNA' : b. |-\-b. 15, 1821 ; ni. Jan. 2^, i8:;8. M. H. 

Mi'Hwan. Slif d. Auu. 8. 1840; b. l.fv. Cem. 


1127. I\ . AM)Rl-:\V': b. Jan. 24, 1824; m, Julia H. (iardiner. 

Hf was a ^raduatf of the Univcrsit\' of l^i^nnsxlx ania, 
and rt-sidt-'d at St. P. ml. Minn., at the time of the break- 
in;: "Ut nt the War nt the RebelHiin (it 1861. He was one 
anions tiie first to xoiunteer in the militarv ser\iee. Hn- 
listed as a private in the ist Minnesota \'ols., and subse- 
quently was appointed a Lii'Utenant. He was for a time 
an Aide-de-Canip ttt (leneral Alfred Sull\ . He died in 
the serx'ice on Dee. lO, 186^, and was buried in Lev. 
Cem.. Philad. No children. 

! I 'X. \'. l-.DWARl) : b. Oct. 26, 182s; d. Jan. 2, 1864; unmd. 
Me w as a Philad. merchant. 

ii2<). \ 1. (,()RNLL1a : b. Apl. 2S, 1828; d. Jul\- 29, 1852; unmd.; 
b. Lev . Cem. 

I MO. \ll. Howard": I\ Feb. 10. 18^1; d. Jul\ 17, 183:;; b. 
Le\ . Cem. 

Il^l. \lll. I;M,\\A': l\Sep. 21, l8r.; d. l)ec. 22, 1843; b. Le\ . 


IM2. IX. CONSTANCE': b. Jul\- 2, 1835; ^i- J^ui. (j, 1845; b. Lev. 

All wcrf born and resided in Pliilad. 

Meta (adopted): b. Apl. 15, i8c;i ; m. James M. Baker 
in Philad. Res. Peoria, 111. 

Children of (359) Margaret" (Levering;) and Ezekiel Shor. 

1133. I. Rebecca ANN': b. Nov. 20, 1818; m. Mcli. 10, 1835, 

Samuel Gillin^iham, w ho was a soldier, and was wounded 
at Gettysbur,Lzh ; d. in 1864, a_^ed 56 years. Mrs. G. 
res. at Manayunk, Phila. (2928) 

1134. 11. ANN MaRIA': b. Feb. 16, 1821 ; m. Meh. 23, 1837, James 

E. Dun^^an, who was b. Oct. 27, 1808, and d. Nov. 4, 1888. 
Mrs. D. resides at Manaxunk-, Phila. (2940) 

1135. 111. RACHEL': b. Feb. I, 1823; m. John Faries, who d. She 

m. 2d, Laurena F. Breyer, by whom she had no chn. 
She res. at Roxb., Phila. (2953) 

1136. IV. Samuel LEVERING' : b. Nov. 17, 1824; m. Sarah Shank. 

He d. in 1876. Mrs. S. li\es in Phila. (2955) 

1137. V. Margaret Adaline': b. Mch. 21, 1827; d. Oct. 10, 

1828 ; b. Lev. Cem, 

1138. VI. Mary CAROLINE' : b. April 2, 1829; m. John Faries, 

and d. soon after. Mr. F. subsequently m, Rachel 

1 1 39. \11. Ei\\\L\ LEVERING': b. Ma\' 28, 183 1 ; m. Feb. 20, 1851, 

Jacob L. Warner. She d.;. 23, 1875 ! '^" '-''""''• 

1140. Vlll. Ellen J. Hall' : b. Auij;. 28, 1835; m. Sept. 30, 1851, 

Joshua Jones. Res. Manayunk, Phila. 

Children of ( 363 ) Mary Ann' ( Levering; ) and William Shur. 

1141. 1. Eliza Rebecca': b. April 1, 1825; m. Feb. 14, 1849, 

Peter Roberts. She d. May 7, 185 1 ; b. Le\'. Cem. 


1142. 11. Sophia Helena': b. June 2, 1829; m. Mch. 28, 1850, 

Samuel Lexerinu; Burness. She d. July 10, 1858. 


ii4<. III. ALI-khli ; .. WJi. 2^, i.S:?_'; m. Mch. _'<S. 1853, Hsther 
Ami Caklucll. KfS. Phila. (296s) 

1144. I\. JOHN": b. Jan. S. anJ J. Jul\- 11, 18^6. 

114;, \. Hr.N.lANMN liMNKl.lN': b. JuiK- 12, 1837; 111. 

ii4(). \l. S.-\,N\l LL LH\l:I^IN(i' : b. 1-Vb. 17, 1841; m. Dec. 15, 
1.S67, Fannie Buwers. b. Feb. 5, 1841. Res. Manayunk. 

1147. \li. WaI^V ANNA': b. Max- 17. 1844; m. 

Child of ( 3b5 I Samuel and Mary Ann (Boycr) Levering'. 

1148. 1. MORRIS' : b. Jul\- 29, i8:?2, at Roxb.; m. April 9, 1856, 
(308O Matikia X." Anderson, of Lower Merion. Reside 
in Ro.xb. (2972) 

Children of same, and Elizabeth (Sloan), 2d wife. 

1 14<). II. Sarah ANN': b. Jan. 16, 1838; d. Jan. 27, 1839; b. [,e\-. 

il!;o. III. (iH()R(JL W.' ; b. .Nu\-. 19, 1840; d. Sept. 30, 1882; 

Children of (366 1 Beniamin and Elizabeth (Goodman) Levering-. 

m;i. I. ALH.\an1)1;R' : b. Aw^. 14. 1812; J. in 1831 ; unmd; b, 
Le\'. Gem. 

\\^2. II. HiiN.lA.MIN' : b. Mch. 14, 1814; m. in 1841 Sarah Bau^h. 
I,i\ed in \\ana\-inik', Philad. Both are dead; b. in Le\ . 
Gem. (2979) 

11:^3. 111. Sarah Ann- b. Jan. 14. 1817; m. Claxton Comstock, 
of Mont.i:. Gi)., Pa. She d. on Feb. 18, 1852, and was 
h. at St. David's Churchyard, Manayunk. (2984) 

11^4. 1\'. HLLUN ANN : b. June 17. i8i(); d. younii. 

11;;;. \. Mary ANN': \\ \ov. 20, 1823; m. James Ghidester, b. 
in 1824 and d. Oct. 11, 1893. Mrs. C. lives in Mana- 
>unk. (2986) 


1 1 56. VI. ALLEN FISHER': b. Mch. 2, 1830; m. Sept. lO, 1857, 
Amanda M. Sintrer, b. June 2. 1837. Mr. I,, served as a 
soldier during the War of the Rebellion. He enlisted in 
Co. A, 119th Penn. lutantry, Aug. 13, 1862. Served in 
the Army of the Potomac. Was in the battles of Fred- 
ericksburg, Chancellorsxille, Mayre's Heights, Salem 
Church, on the Rappahanock ; also. Brandy wine Station, 
Gettysburg and Hagerstown, On the second day of the 
battle of the Wilderness' he was severely wounded. 
After several months of treatment in the hospitals at 
Washington, D. C, and Philadelphia, he was still inca- 
pacitated for field dut\', so was transferred to the 
Veteran Reserve Corps on his own request, where he 
served until honorably mustered out of service at Phila- 
delphia on July 8, 1865. He d. June 23, 1886, and was 
buried in Le\ . Cem., where he shares the merited tribute 
of a fine soldier's monument. His widow and family 
reside on Mitchell Street,. Roxb. (2988) 

Children of (368) Rebecca' (Levering) and Henry Guilinger. 

1 1 57. I. Mary': b. about 1813 ;m Joseph Lacy ; lived near Read- 

ing, Pa. 

1158. 11. Hannah': b. about 1814; m. Nathan Dodge. She d. 

May, 1855. He d. Jan. 13, 1880. (3004) 

1159. IIL ANN': b. about 1816; m. John Foxhill ; is d. 

1 160. IV. LOUISA': b. Feb. 14, 1818, at Norristown, Pa.; m. Mch. 

23, 1841, to Allen Fisher, b. 1797 in New Hampshire, and 
d. June, 1869, at Ottawa, 111. She lives at Reading, Pa. 


Children of same and 2d husband, John Thompson. 

1161. V. Elizabeth": b. in 1840; m, Alexander Watkins, and d, 

in 1859. (3016) 

1 162. VI. Alexander': b. in 1849; d. in 1889. 

27.4 IHl-: l.i:\l:lvlNG FA.WILY. 

Children of < 3t)'' » Ann (Levering:) and Andrew Kitler. 

iiO^. I. JOSEPir : ; in. ;iiul icinowJtn Washington Co., Pa. 

H64. II. S\.\u\ : — ; li\ in.ii in .\'l-\\ Voik. 

Children of (370) Mary (Levering) and Joseph McClellan. 

1165. I. Sa.MI'EL- : h. Jan. 19, 1816. 

1166. II. ARKiAl,': 1\ \)cc. iS. 1S17; ni. Peter AlJriJ^e. 

1167. 111. 1:LIZA' : h. [)vc. iS. 1819; ni. Auli. 28, 1848, to Wil- 

liam F. Younji. Res. Phila. (3021) 

1168. I\. Ki:/IAII': h. Dec. I, T824. 

Children of ( 37J » Francis R." and Sarah (Guthrie) Levering-. 

i\(%). 1. .V\ary • : b. Feb. 16, i8_>:5; in. Dec. 25. 1849, to Abram H. 
Phillippi. She J. N()\-. 5, i860. He lives at the Masonic 
Hiiinc, PhilaJ. (2996) 

1170. 11. llARkiliT': b. Jul>- J9, 1829; J. Auii. 17, 18^. 

I 171. III. ANNIE E." : b. July t;. 18^^; m. Apj. 2^, 18:^4, to Fienrv 
I.. FJ^ar. ( ^000) 

1172. I\'. Joseph-: Srp. 12, !8:;6; d. Jan. 25. 1871. I'nmJ. 

Children of ( 373 1 Hannah ( Levering ) and William Noble. 

117^ I. Fliza : b. Ma\ k), 1829; m. Ma\- 14, 1848, B. W. Fleet- 
woiid, who was a wtfian soldier in the War of the Re- 
bellion. He d. Si'p. 9, 1886. Mrs. F. res. at Rosenhayn, 
N- -I- (3027) 

1174. II. FpaNCIS 1..-: b. Au.-. 2, i8:;i ; d. June 13, 183s. in 

ii7v III. SaPaii-: b. Apl. :;. 1834; d. Jul\- ^, 183^ in Philad. 

1176. I\. Hhnp> S.- : b. Ma\ 17 and d. Au-. 1 :;. 1836, in Philad. 

1 177. \ . WiLLiA.M 11.^ : b. Sep. 8, 18^7. He was a soldier durin.iz 

the late war, and was honorably discharged. Li\es at S. 
Bethlehem. Pa. 


1178. VI. JAMES': b. Apl. 2-], 1840; m. Jan. 20, 1868, Helen 

Sayre. Res. Philad. He was a member of the famous 
Corn Exchange Regiment in tlie War of the Rebellion, 
and rendered distinguished service in scouting. Was one 
of the small remnant <if the command that survived the 
war. (3033) 

1 179. Vll. Joseph L.': b. Dec. 15, 1842; d. Ma\' 24, 1844. 
ii-8o. Vlll. JOHN W.': b. Now 14, 1845; d. Feb. 13, 1846. 

1 181. IX. Hannah L.' : b. Apl. 29, 1848 ; m. Aug. 20, 1880, to B. 

W. Alexander, who d. May 14, 1883. (3034) 

Children of (391 ) William S." and Susan (Hall) Levering. 

1 182. I. SUSAN': b. Oct. I, 1827, in Bait.; m. in 1845 Charles H. 

Catez, who d. She m. 2d S. L. Jones. Live in Bait. 


1 183. 11. ANN MARIA': b. Jul\' 17, 1829; m. Aug. 16, 185 1, John 

L. Bromley. Res. Oakland, Cal. (3038) 

Mr. B. is a member and President of the Society of 
Veterans of the Mexican War for Alameda and Contra 
Costa Counties, Cal. 

1 184. 111. Frederick Hall': b. Nov. 28, 1830; d. unmd. 

1 185. IV. William Wallace ' : b. Feb. i, 1833; m. Jan. 23, 1865, 

Mrs. Sarah Stevenson, of England. Res. Bait. 

( 3049) 

1 186. V. George Washington ' : b. May 14 and d. May 25, 1834. 

1 187. VI. Samuel Matthias': b. May 25, 1835; m- ''^ ^^^^^ ^^-'tf 

Myers, of Bait., where they live. (3054) 

Children of (392) Matthias' and Elizabeth (White) Levering. 

1188. 1. HARRIET': d. unmd. in Upper Merion, Montg. Co., Pa. 

1 189. II. WILLIAM': d. unmd. in Upper Merion, Montg. Co., Pa. 

1 190. 111. SUSANNA': m. and left Merion. Can learn nothing of 


Child of (394) Samuel" and Mary (Hess) Levering. 

1 191. I. Sarah Jane ' : Her history not known. 

JV) IHl- l.liXUklNfi lAWILV. 

Children of ' 3^5 • Charles and Hester ( Hulings I Levering;. 

I u;j. I. HHNJA.WIN WaSIIINCjTON' : h. Kcb. 22, 1818, in Philad. 
HciiKtvcJ t«» Cold Spring, N. Y., about 1836, where, ten 
\-ears later, he 111. Mar\- Ann Crossen. In 1859 they re- 
turned to Philad., where he d. .V\<.-h. 18, 1873. She d. 
Feb. 20. i8()4. Both are buried in Lev. Gem. (3056) 

1193. II. C^AROUNli': b. in Sep., 1820; unmd. Res. in Philad. 

1194. 111. .\\i:i.lSSA LiniV BROWN': b. Dec. 16. 1822, in Philad.; 

d. unmd. Jul\- I. i8()o; b. Le\ . Cem. 

iiij^. 1\. SaLIJI: C.': b. Sep. 26, 1831 ; d. Apl. 19, 1853; b. Lew 
Cem. Wr. Jones said of her : " She was quite a gifted 
\'ounu lad\-, and during: the years 185 1-2 contributed the 
1. 4 poetic effusions to 'The Christian Chronicle,' 

ot Philad.. viz.: Mo<>c<i on Mount Nebo, Tlic Loving Heart, 
ir/zt'iv is tiappinrss ? TJie BiiiijI of DcSoto, and 77/*' Litttc 

I u/). \. Martha Anna- b. Now 2. 18:54, in Philad., where she 
rL-sides ; unmd. 

Children of i S'^b i Benjamin' and Mary (Holloway) Levering. 

1197. I. CiiARLHS William : b. Ma\- 23, 1828; m. Feb. 26, 1851, 

Belle Oliver. He d. Apl. , 1864. No chn. 

1 198. 11. BliN.IA.MIN  : b. in 1830 and d. a^^ed 11 months. 

IK/). 111. MaRVBLN': b. Jan. 17, 18^2; d. Dec. 2, 1852. Unmd. 

Children of (420) Anthony' and Susan (Thomas) ZelL 

1200. 1. J(itiN TllONiAs ; d. 

12(11. 11. Saiami I iiowas • : d. 

1202. 111. Jacob Li-:vi-:rin(]' : d. xounii;. 

120^. 1\'. I'IIO.MAS M.' : m. Anne Sloan. No chn. 

1204. \. Hannah LnvBRiN(i': m. (1236) Edmund' Le\erinjj; ; 
the\- removed to Minneapolis, Minn., where he d. May 
2;, 1879, and she on Dec. 14, 1881 ; b. at Lakewood 

/■ NEW vOaK \ 

". Astor, Lenex and Tildan , 
Foui dation*. 




1205. VI. William ANTHONY' : m. Hetty Fcltwell, and has issue 
William Thomas'. 

[ The above -except as to V. Hannah, obtained from another 
source — is as appears in "The Levering Family." Effort was 
made for more specific data, but failed.] 

Children of ( 422 ) Thomas " and Hanna ( Ogden ) Zell. 

1206. 1. Jane MinG': b. lo mo. 22, 1815; d. I mo. 10, 1875, 

Linmd ; b. at Lower Merion Friends' Meeting' grounds, 
Montg. Co., Pa., wiiicli was established in 1695. 

1207. II. MarGARETTA H.': b. 10 mo. 18, 1817; m. 12 mo. 4, 1838, 

Penlberton Smitli, w lio d. in 1872, in Phila., wliere Mrs. 
S. resides. (3061) 

1208. 111. Hannah ANN': b. i mo. 17, 1820; unmd. Res. Ger- 

mantown, Philad. 

1209. IV. iV\AR\' DOROTHEA': b. 4 mo. 12, 1822; m. 12 mo. 16, 

1845, John Barron Colohan, who was b. May 18, 181 5, 
in County Galway, Ireland. Res. in Philad., where Mr. 
C. is a mt-mber of the Philad. legal fraternity. (3062) 

1210. V. T. EllwOOD': b. 6 mo. 26, 1828; m. 6 mo. 29, 1865, 

Mrs. Florence Bostick — nee Clayton. Reside in German- 
town, Philad., and at Zellwood, Florida, in winter; no 
chn. See Bio*:. 

Children of ( 423 ) Hannah'' ( Zell ) and Joseph Trasel. 

1211. 1. Mary MatlaCK': b. Oct. 30, 1821 ; m. Apl. 22, 1841, 

Sigmund Pancoast. She d. December 17, 1891. 


1212. II. MarGARETTA ZelL' : b. Feb. 24, 1823 ; d. June 25, 1864, 


121 3. III. Hannah ZELL' : b. July i, and d. July 26, 1824. 

1214. IV. WILLIAM' : b. Aug. 20, 1825 ; d. Jul\- 29, 1827. 

121 5. V. CHARLES' : b. Jan. 2, and d. Jan. 8, 1828. 

1216. VI. Hannah M.': b. Jan. 24, 1829; d. Jan. 8, 1833. 

jvs rill-; Li;\i:i<'iNG fa.mily. 

1217. \I1. loilN l.KVKklNfi- : ^. J^'ii. 10, \S^o [ m. Feb. 2, 185^, 
Hli/a VV. Ulilc. Hi- J. St-p. i. 1881. Ho was a siildier 
in t Ik- War "t iho Krlx-llidii ; was sc\ctcI\' wounded in 
tlif first da\'s hattk- at GetU'sburo; b)' a musket ball, 
wliich he (.-arried h> his 'ira\e. (^072) 

i.'i.s. \ 111. KnwARl) (il-ORGK': b. Mch. ^o. i8:;i ; 111. Apl. 7, 1864, 
k.iuise tllen ka^iuereiiiie. He d. Dec. 9, 1891, at Ha\- 
ertord, Pa. (3075) 

IJI9. I\. KaCHEL' : b. Jul\- ^o, and d. Auu. 10. 18^2. 

1220. \. I:MMA I..': b. Jul\ 14. and d. Oct. 2^, 18^:;. 

1221. \1. IIIINR^': b. Well, ^.o, iS:;:^, and d. Jul)- 17, i8:;8. 

1222. \ll. Wartiia L.' : b. Sep. n, and d. Oct. 13, 1836. 

All were born in Lower Merion, near Philad., Pa., and 
tile dead w ere buried at the Merion Friends' Weetinij; 


Children of ( 424 I Hannah' (Levering;) and Andrew Anderson. 

122^ I. WTHONV LEVERING': b. Jan. I, 1803; m. Susan Latch. 
He d. June 22, 1864, and was b. in Leverin;j;ton Ceme- 
tery until Ma\-, 1876, when his bod}' was remowd to the 
West Laurel Hill Cemetery, which had been laid out upon 
his old home farm, on which he was born, in Lower Me- 
ritin, near to Philad. Mrs. A. d. Jan. 2, 1876, a;j;ed 70 
\ears; was b. at West Laurel Hill. (3082) 

1224. IL LlizaBETI! : b. Jan. 24, 1807; m. Joseph Hoffman, of 
Bala., l.ouei' Meiion, where she d. on Oct. 30, 1874, and 
he d. Jul\- 10, 1880, a^^ed 7^ years. Both b, at West 
Laurel Hill Cem. (3089) 

I22v III. Sarah • : b. June 12, 180;;; unmd. Li\es at Pencoyd, 
Lo\wr Merion. 

Children of (426j Mary (Levering) and Silas Jones. 

1226. L John LI-X'ERING' : b. 1810 in Lower Merion, and d. \■oun,^. 

1227. IL CHARLES': b. 1812 in Lnw^r Merion, and d. yount)'. 

1228. III. l-LiZAlU-TH': b. in 1814 in Lower Merion; died Jan. 29, 

1872. unmd. ; b. Merion Friends' Meeting. 



1229. IV. JONATHAN': b. Dec. 7, 1816; ni. AmaiKhi, Jan. of 

Samuel Rnhcson of Lower Merion ; b. Dec. 25, 1820, and 
d. Ma\- I I. 1885 ; b. at West Laurel Hill Cem. 


1230. V. Sarah ANN': b. Jan. 11, 1820; ni. Benedict Leedom. 

Lived in Lower Merion, near Manayunk, where she d. 
Apl. 22, 1881 ; b. at Merion Friends' Meeting grounds. 

Children of (427) John'' and Martha (Trasel) Levering. 

1231. L Hannah TraSEL'; b. Jan. 22, 1814, in Lower Merion; d. 


1232. IL Hdnuind H. ' : b. Feb. 16, 1816, in Lower Merion; d. 


1233. 111. William S.  : b. Sep. 26, 1818; m. Hllen H. Many. 

Resided in Philad., where he d. on Feb. 18, 1870; b. in 
Woodlands Cem., Philad. (3098) 

1234. IV. Milton ' ) 

f b. June 7, 1821 ; both d. young. 

1235. V. Clarissa 'J 

1236. VI. EDMUND': b. Apl. 2, 1823; m. (1204) Hannah Lev- 

ering' Zell of Philad. They removed to Miuneapolis, 
Minn., about 1850, where he d. May 23, 1879, and she 
Dec. 14, 1 88 1. (3100) 

1237. VII. JOHN': b. Sep. 24, 1825; d. young. 

1238. VIII. CLIFFORD': b. July 25, 1828; unmd. ; d. May 10, 

1885, in Philad., where for many years he was engaged 
in the business of conveyancing. 

1239. IX. John HOWELL': b. Nov. 23, 1830; m. Sep. 10, 1857, 

Caroline McLenaghan of Philad. They lived in Mana- 
yunk, where he d. July 30, 1885 ; b. in Lev. Cem. Mr. 
L. was for many years and at the time of his death em- 
ployed in the surveying and cixil engineering departments 
of the city of Philad.  (3104.) 

All the above were born in Lower Merion, near Philad. 

Children of (42oi Elizabeth' <Lcvcnn^) and Nathan Lewis. 

1J40. I. Sarah H. : l\ M^h. ■<'), 181 5; unmJ. Res. Lower 
Mt.-ri(»n. iu*;ir Pliil.ul. 

IJ41. 11. John Ll:\Ul^lN(i' : b. in 1S17; J. Jul\- 6. 1S47 ; unmd. ; 
l\ ;it LouiT Mi'iion B;iptist Ciuirclnard. 

1242. ill. Isaac R.': b. U.t. 1, 1819; unmd. Kcs. Ldwer Meriun. 

124^ l\ . ANTHONV': b. in 1S21 ; d. \<)un^. 

1244. \. \HRAHAN\ Ll-:\l-l<'lN(] : b. in 1824; d. Vduni:. 

Children of 1 44S ' Daniel and Henrietta 1 Proctor ) Tibben. 

I24v I. C^ATHAWINH': b. Ihc. 12. iSo^; m. M<»ses Durham, b. 
Aii^. 27, ijgS, in Bait. Tlit\- resided in NOrristow ii, Pa., 
whi-rc lu- d. Au-. 7. 1S7S. and slu- d. Dec. ^1, 1881. 
Both wert- b. at Le\-. Cc-m., Philad. ( >i M) 

1246. 11. JOHN': b. Meli. 20, 180^; m. Oct. 13, 1831, f:lizabeth 

Randall, wim was b. C^ct. 2^. 181 1. and d. Jan. i. 1847. 
Hi- Ml. 2i.\ on May 20, i8q7, Anna B. McCrea, of Roxb., 
who died. Hf d. Dre. 2. 1800. (3117) 

1247. III. WAlt-lA': b. Au.Li. 26, 1807; ni. Sep. 2:;, 1831, Charles 

A. Dai^rr, b. June 22, 1811, and d. Feb. 2, 1864. She 
d. July i(), 1886. Both b. at Barren Hill. Montii. Co., 
I'.i. (3119) 

1248. I\. Hhnr^ ■: b. Au2. 28. iScx;; d. Jli1\- 16, 1810. 

I24«). \. CHARLliS': b. Jan. 27. 181 1 ; m. Ann Omensetter. He 
d. Way 16, 1840. ( 31-2) 

i2^o. \ I. (iH()R(iH': b. July 21. i8m; m. Maruaret Stritzel.- He 
d. Meh. ^, i8;(), ,11 K-i.\b. X.. chn. 

\2'^\. Ml. Sa.MI'HL': b. April 16. and d. Ndw 6, 1816. 

1252. \lll. Il I lA ANN': b. M.h. 21). 1818; m. April 2. 1840, 

Jacob T. Sheldraki'. She d. Meh. 14. 1883. He. d. 
Jan. 26, \^H(). rhe\- were b. at Lew Cem. (3123) 

1253. IN. WaRCarhT': b. Oct. 18, 1820; in.Ma\-2i. 1843. Samuel 

B. Riuhter, wh<. was b. June 8, 18 19. and d. Mch. 17, 
1893. Mrs. R. resides in Ri.xb. (3130) 


I2c;4. X. Albert G.': b. Feb. 17. 1824; m. Mch. 7, 184S, to Mary 
A. Root, b. Feb. 10, 1824. They reside in Roxb. 

121^5. XI. Almira': b. Mch. i, 1826; d. Feb. 1, 1827. 
1256. Xll. SaNFORD': b. Jul\- 17, and d. Au^. 5, 1828. 

Children of (449) John'' and Elizabeth (Detweiler) Tibben. 


I. Susannah =: b. Dec. 28, 1806. 

II. Sarah ': b. July, 1808; d. April 16, 1827; unmd. 

III. CATHARINE': b. Au^. 1810; m. L)a\id Omensetter. 

IV. BENJAMIN': b. Sep. [5, i8i2. 

V. JOSEPH': b. Oct. 5, 1814; d. in 1821. 

Children of ( 450 ) Benjamin ' and Elizabeth ( Grow ) Tibben. 

1262. I. Mary ANN': b. Jan. 11, i8n; d. Feb. 24, 1871. 

1263. II. George G.': b. Sep. 14, 1814; d. Auu. 6, 1884. 

1264. III. Elizabeth G.': b. Oct. 20, 1816; d. Auo. 31, i8;8,6.. 

1265. IV. Margaret': b. Jan. 3, 1819; d. Nov. 27, 1841. 

1266. V. Catharine W.': b. Sep. 19, 1821 ; d. June 8, 1872. 

All the above were b. in the Lutheran Cem., Ardniore^ 

1267. VI. JOHN S.': b. Oct. 28, 1824; m. Oct. 8, 1851, Eliza 

Fuiforth, who d. Jan. 16, 1891. He d. Nov. 4, 1852, 
Both were b. at Germantown, Philad. (3143) 

1268. VII. Samuel B.': b. Nov. 9, 1826; m. May 30, 1876, Mary 

E. Murphy, b. April 13, 1841, who died. He m. 2d, 
Mch. II, 1861, Mary E. Titus, who d. Nov. 11, 1870, and 
was b. at Lutheran Cem., Ardmore, Pa. No chn. bv 2d 
marriaiie. (3144) 

Children of (451 ) Michael' and Hannah (Detweiler) Tibben. 

1269. '• ANNA': b. Sep. 28, i8a;; m. Joseph Rinker, of Roxb., 

who d. Mch. 26, 1867. She d. April 8, 1874. Both b. 
Lev. Cem. (3147) 


_'4- THH ■u:\i-:ring fa wily. 

IJ/O. II. Sak-ah aw : l\ Jiiiu' 14. 1S12; m. Jul\' 2, 1S41, in 
M;ina\'iinl< t<» Clunks Harkison, wild was b. Aui:. 13, 
\X<^). in l.anak. ScntlanJ. He came t<i America in iS^o. 
Alter marriage tluy rem<i\eJ to Potter s Mills, Center 
Cn,. Pa, In iS4^ the\ remoxed to Penn's Valley, in the 
same coimt\ , wlK-ie ,V\r. H. owned and operated a woolen 
mill, in iS^O tlk-y returned to Roxb., ;ind remained 
there until 1S71, wheii the\' removed with famil\- to 
Omaha, Neb., where Mrs. H. d. iJec. Ji, 1884. ( ^152) 

1271. 111. Wll.l.lA.W : b. Oct. K), 1S14; m. hec. 7, 1837, Hester 

Holloway, b. Aul:. 2,, 1S17. He was a deacon in the 
Ro\b. Baptist Chinch for many years and until his death 
Dec. 27, 1882; b. l,e\. Cem. No chn. 

1272. I\. \\AkV AW: b. April 21. 1817; d. Oct. 8, 1818; b. 

Le\ . Cem. 

127^ \. k )llN H.': b. Oct. ^,1, 1819; d. April 26, 1822; b. Lew 

1274. \ I. CATHAklNL-: b. No\ . I, 1824; d. Oct. ^1, 1826; b. 
I.e\ . Cem. 

127;. \ll. SrSAN l.i:\kklN(i': b. Sep. 14, 1827; m. Reuben 
Shupard, who was b. June 7, i8k;, and d. Mch. s. 1876. 
Shed. Mch. 26. 189:?. Both b. Lew Cem. (^156) 

1276. \111. AMANDA R.': b. June 4, 183^; m. Oct. 15, 1834. 

J"liii W. Ayeis, ot Wanayunk'. ']die\- removed to Potts- 
tow n. I\i.. where she d. April 26, 189^, and was b. there. 
Ml'. .\.. who sur\i\-es, served nearh' lour yt'ars in the 
War ot the Rebellion, a member of the 53d Regiment of 
Peiina. \dls. (^164) 

Children of (455) Anna' ( Tibben) and Baltis "Whiteman. 

1277. 1. MaR^ : b. Feb. 14. 1818; d. Au.u. 11, 1819. 

1278. II. CATilAklNB': b. Sept. 27, 1820; m. Dec. 5, 1839, to Will- 

iam Sible>-. b. Jul\- lO, 1810; d. June 22. 1896. 


i^\-«). 111. liioWAS': b. Sep. 20, 182:;; m. Mch. ^o, 1848, Hannah 
1'. Printz. (3169) 

I28n l\. JA,\11-S A. = : d. Mch. 22 1828 ; m. Dec. 8, 1852, Mar- 
garet H..od. (3174) 


Child of (457) Catharine' (Tibben) and Thomas Clarkson. 

1281. 1. Susanna Tibben': b. Jan. 4, 1822: m. Mch. II, 1845, 
William Pyle. b. Oct. 18, 1820. Mr. P. is operating the 
Harriton Mills ucay Brvn Mawr, Pa. (3177) 

Children of (469) Benjamin'' and Sophia (Evans) Levering. 

1282. I. CATHARINE': b. Apl. 27, 1815; m. Sep. 9, 1847, Joseph 

McCorkle, who was b. June 7, 1807, and d. Jan. 7, 1877, 
at ChampaiLi;n, HI., where he was b. in Mt. H(jpe Gem. 


1283. 11. Rebecca Jolly ' : b. Sep. 6, 1817 : m. Mch 4, 1841, to 

David Mattis, of Roxb., where he still lives. Mrs. M. d. 
Dec. 28, 1886; b. at Lev. Cem. (3187) 

1284. III. Michael': b. Feb. n, 1819; d. Ma\- 12, i8ig. 

I28v 1\'. Elisha Evans ■: b. Sep. 10, 1821, in Roxb. He re- 
moved to Louisville, Ky., where he m. June 20, 1849, 
Henrietta Taws, b. Dec. 25, 183 1. (3192) 

He was engaged in the book publishing business in 
Louisville for several years. In 1869 he purchased and 
removed to a large farm near to Chatsworth, 111., where 
he d. Apl. 13, 1872, and was b. in local cemetery. While 
a resident of Louisville, Mr. L. in Sept., 1859, was ap- 
pointed and commissioned by Governor Beriah Magotfm 
of Ky. as an diifr to the Govcnmr, with the nominal rank' 
of Golonrl. 

Children of (470) John' and Maria (Stearne) Levering. 

1286. 1. Susanna Smith': b. Now 10, 1816, at Roxb.; m. April 

10, 1878, James Wood, a retired merchant of Norristown, 
who was b. in Whitpain Tp., Montg. Go., Pa. He d. Jul\' 
9, 1884. No chn. 

1287. II. Hiram ABIFF': b. Mch. 20, 1819; d. Jul\-ii, 1837, while 

a student in Brown's Pharmacy at Philad.; b. Lev. Gem. 

24-4 "11: ^.i.\i:klNC] l-AMILY. 

uSS. 111. .John-: b. Au-. i<). 1.S20; m. Ma\' _'S. 1S51, to Mar\-, 
Jan. nt llrm\- Sluiizard, an old resident of Mt. Airy, 
Philad. Ml" was a prominent doctor of dental surjjierv 
until about 1S70. when he retired, moxin-^ to Mt. Air\-, 
where he still nsides. (^202) 

i_'S«). 1\. C:aTMARIN1-:': b. Sep. 22, 1822; m. Jan. i. i<S44, tojohn 
Slreeper, of Roxb., who d. Ma\- 11, 1891. Mr. and Mrs. 
S. were f;i '' " ' iitd prominent members of the Roxb. 
Presb. Chu,.,,. She d. Jan., 1897. (3205) 

ij»)(X \'. SaIMH SMITH': b. Au.u. ^. 1824; m. No\ . 21, 1844, to 
Reuben I'itlou . who d. Feb. 12. 1858. Mrs. T. resided 
in Roxb., a de\(-ted member of the Presb. Church. She 
d. Feb. 6. i8t)7. (3210) 

1291. \1. Joanna SALo.Mli' : b. April 11, 1827; m. Sep. 26, 1849, 

Lewis Bowman, who d. in April, 1875, leaving no chn. 
She m. 2<i, May 12, 1881, John Eynon. They reside at 
Norristowii, Pa. No chn. 

1292. \ll. Francis Latch ■: b. Nov. 20, 1829; m. in 18152 Amanda 

Lambert. He d. Ma\- 28, 1888, interred at Laurel Hill 
Cem. For man\- \'ears he was financial manager of the 
\w\\ known iewelr\- house of Bailey, Banks & Biildle, 
Philad. He was esteemed b\' all who k'new him, for his 
sterling integrit\- and personal merit. (32n) 

1293. \111. A.MtLlA Maria': b. June 7, 1832; m. Mch. 29, 1863, 

S\'I\ester Cressman, whod. Oct. 2, 1882, in Norristown, 
Pa., where the\' resided. Mrs. C. survives. (^216) 
All the abo\e were born in Roxb., Philad. 

Children of '47 J) Susanna (Levering) and Jacob H. Smith. 

I2()4. 1. 1 Ri;1)1;rick Ll-:\liRlN(i' : b. Mch. 29, 1817; m. Aug. 22, 
1841, Sarah Young, wlut was b. Ma\- 11, 1823, and d. 
April 16, 1888. He d. Jan. 28, 1893, b. at Ivy Hill Cem., 
(n-rmantow n. Pa. (3221 ) 

i29v 11. Franklin L. : b. Ih-c. 20, 1821; m. April 28, 1857, 
Amanda Ottinger. No chn. 

i2tXj. 111. MichaHL': b. in 1823; d. 

1297- IV. WiLLIA.M L.': b. June i^, 1825; m. April 19, 1864,, 
Flizabeth Idell, b. Sep. 19, 1829. (3229) 


Children of (473) Michael" and Sarah (Hergesheimer) Levering;. 

1298. I. Caroline': b. Feb. 20, 1824; m. Oct. II, 1855,. Jere- 

miah Willets Leeds, of Phila., a prominent member of 
the Society of Friends. He d. Sep. 2, 1891. She d. Apl. 
6, 1895; b. Laurel Hill. (3^30 

1299. IL LOUISA': b. Feb. i, 1826; m. Dec. 12, 1844, Edward T. 

Tyson, President of the Northern National Bank of 
Philad. She d. Dec. i, 1878; b. Laurel Hill Cem. 


Children of (474) Daniel" and Esther (Barndollar) Leveringf. 

1300. L SUSANNA': b. May i, 1825; m. Nov. 17, 1843, Miles 

Keely, who d. Oct. 19, 1865, in Roxb., where Mrs. K. 
resides. (3239) 

1 301. 11. LOUISA': b. Feb. 22, 1827; d. Dec. 12, 1830; b. Lev. 


1302. 111. George B.': b. Sep. 16, 1828; m. Dec. 8, 1853, 

Louisa Wenner, b. Jan. 9, 1830. (3248) 

1303. IV. Michael B.": b. Jan. 8, 1830; d. Dec. 7, 1832; b. 

Lev. Cem. 

1304. V. Charles Augustus': b. Feb. 4, 1837; m. May 9, 1859, 

Jane M., dau. of Geo. Rex of Roxb. He d. at German- 
town, Dec. 7, 1888 ; b. in Lev. Cem. Mrs. L. li\es in 
Phila. (3254) 

Children of (480) Bartholomew " and Ann (Everman) Bartle. 











: d 












2^6 THH l.l M-K'INC' l-A.MILY. 

mi. \ II. Jackson : 

i^ij. \ 111. Sa.MIHL': il. 

[The above as copied from THE LEVERING FAMILY. I have 
tried several sources >;iiRKested to me, for genealogical information, 
uithout success. ThouKh they were a Roxborough family, Mr. 
Jones appears to have had a limited knoA'ledge of them, and now 
the scent is colder bv a third of a century.] 

Children of (483) Joseph" and Mary ( Streeper) Levering:. 

I ^1 ; 

1. .\\Ak^ ANN STRH1-:pHR': b. April 27, iSji ; m. Feb. 6, 
184!;. (n-.M-oL' DcJaktT, <«t Roxb. (3257) 

ni4. II. Josiil'll STlvEliPUW: b. hVb. 11, 1X2^; 111. in i<Ss3, Sarah 
M..\c-r. b. Mch. ^., iSVv He d. July :;, 1889. (^264) 

\^\\. III. \NN I:L1ZA': h. Sep. 3, 1825; m. William Springer. 


Child of (482) Elizabeth" (Levering;) and Thomas Holbert. 

\\\U. I. SAA\ri:l.' : b. Dee. IT. 1821. Miss Chambers writes: 
" \\'< .iin ;:et no further information of Samuel." 

Children of 484) Mary Ann (Levering:) and Samuel Carpenter. 

i:;i7. 1. CHRISTIANNA' : b. Jan. 28, 182S; m. in 1848 Joseph 
Chambers, .-f Lancaster. Pa. lliex' reside in PhilaJ. 


1^18. II. I()Si;i'ii Ll:\i:RlN(r : b. Sep. 14. i8:;o; m. in i8si Mary 
Kea\er, ^A ( Kamantow n, where the\- reside.. (3276) 

\\n). 111. l:LI/AHi;!H  : b. June :;, i8:;4; lI. in Au,^., 18^4. 

n20. I\. MaR> MATILDA' : b. Feb. 14, 18^7; unmd. 

Children of (458) Henry' and Sarah (Derumple) Weidner. 

\M\. I. SlsaN': b. Meh. ^o, 1817; m. Robert Peneman. Shed. 
Iul\' 14. 1888. (3281) 

\-i,22. II. l-iLiZABLTH' : b. Oct. 7. 1817; unmd. 

\\2\. III. MarcjARET': b. Sep. 21, 1820; m. Dec. 12, 1839, 
William Cruw, wbo d. Sep. 21, 1883, in Chester Co., Pa. 



1^,24. W. B. FRANKLIN': b. Au<i;. 24, 1823; m. Mch. 2, 1848, 
Sarah A. MtMidenhall. She d. Auji'. 19, 185 1. He m. 
2iS, Mch. 29, 1855, Sarah Mendenhall Spencer. Resided 
in Chester Co., Pa., where he d. Mch. 13, i860. 


1325. V. ANN': b. Mch. 27, 1825; d. June 14, 1870, at Guthrie- 

\-ille, Chester Co., Pa. 

1326. VI. PHEBE': b. Dec. 23, 1826; m. April 19, 1849, Eli 

Toland. (3 300) 

1327. VII. Sarah ' : b. April 16, 1831 ; unmd. 

1328. \II1. J. SharplesS': b. Nov. II, 1833; d. unmd., Oct. 7, 

1880, at Ocean Grove, N. J. 

Children of (459) Charles'' and Ann (Derumple) Weidner. 

1329. 1. ELLEN': b. Mch. 13, 1815; m. Nov. 30, 1848, John 

Keimer. Resided near Coatesville, Pa., where she d. 
Mch. 23, 1890. (3306) 

1330. 11. MarY': b. July 21, 18 17; m. Apl. 5, 1840, Joseph Nor- 

hrey, who d. Apl. 27, 1890, in Roxb. (33 13) 

1331. 111. JOANNA': b. in 1819; m. Sep. 11, 1845, to James M. 

Hammond, who d. Sep. 5, 1865. (3319) 

1332. IV. JOHN': b. in 1823; m. Mary A. Johns. They d, in 

Ohio. (3327) 

Children of (462) Peter " and Jane (Gwinn) Weidner <, 

1333. 1. JONATHAN': b. Nov. 28, 1816; d. Apl. 3, r8i7. 

1334. 11. ESTHER': b. June i, 1818; d. Jan. 6, 1820. 

1335. IH- CHARLES' : b. Ma\' 19, 1821 ; d. May 11, 1859, 

1336. IV. MalCOMB G,' : b. June 19, 1824. 

1337. V. JOHN': b. Dec. 25, 1826. 

j^s Tin: i.H\i-:wiNG i-a\\ilv. 

Children of same, and Elizabeth (Goodi, 2d wife. 

1^8. \l. I:LIZAHHTH JaNK ' : b. Dcc. lO, 1833; m. Apl. 18, 1867, 
William H. Slunnan. She d. Dec. 25. 1872. He d. 
Mch. S. i88(). (^330) 

n^i). Ml. Sl'SAN C. : h. Di'C. i;. 183s; m. Apl. 2S, 1859, 
Ihomas M. (3332) 

1^40. Mil. Mary ANN": b. Jan. 29, 1838; m. Dec. 31, 1854, 
C:aleb Kuth. Kes. C(>nsh<>lv)cken, Pa. (333S) 

1^,41. I\. I'HTKR': b. Dec. 2^. 1840; d. Feb. 26, 1852. 

1^42. X. (iliORCjK D. : b. Sep. 23, 1844. 

n4^ \l. .N\A(i(ili: KliNDIG': b. Feb. 7, 1849 ; m. Dec. 24, 1868, 
(km,. Hail, who died Dec. 25, 1887, ao;ed 47 \ears, 
Mrs. H. and tamil\' reside in Reading, Pa.  (333^) 

Children of (464) Margaret' (Weidner) and John Kendig. 

! ^44. 1. SUSAN': b. Jan. ^1, 1819; m. William Bair. (3344) 

\7,4^. II. [-AAZA-. b. Jul\- 22, i8ji; d. Apl. 21, 1858, unmd., at 
Sadsburyville, Pa. 

n46. HI. Flvina': b. Jan. 6, 1824; m. Joseph Pine. She d. 
Aug. 4, i,S:^i, at Sadsburvsille, Pa. (3350) 

n47. I\. John': b. Apl. 9. 1826; m. Ann Wiley. He d. in 
Philad. (3355) 

1^48. W A. Jackson- b. Oct. is, 1828; m. Eliza Reese, Hed. 
in March. 1888. (3358) 

I ?4<). \ 1. MAR^■■ : b. Ma\ is, 18^1 ; m. John Kerlin. Shed. June, 
1887, at Sadsburyville, Pa. (3362) 

i;;(T. \ II. I.OL'ISA': b. Au.ii. 24, iS^^; m. Judson Reese, who 
d. in 1877. (3370) 

Children of (467) Susan (Weidner) and Samuel Armstrong;. 

u;i. 1. Sl'SAN J.': b. Mch. 2. 1830; m. Feb. 13, 1866, Thomas 
Huffman, whn d. June is. i88s, in Chester Co., Pa. 

l^^S2. 11. Wll.lJAM': b. Jul\ 8, 1832; unmd. 


1353. III. JOHN': h. Jan. 26, 1834; was a soldier in the War of 

the Rebellion. He d. July i, 1864, at Lincoln Hospital 
from wounds suffered in battle at Petersburo;, Va. 

1354. iV. MARGARET': b. May 27, 1837; unmd. 

1355. V. ANNIE': b. Nov. 21, 1839; m. May 2, 1865, S. Johnson, 

who d. in 1867. She m. 2d, in 1881, Edward Yohn. 
No chn. 

1356. VI. ELLEN': b. Sep. 7, 1842; m. Jan. 26, 1873, James 

Clark. (3378) 

Children of (485) John" and Moyer. 

1357. 1. SUSAN' : 

1358. 11. RACHEL': 

1359. 111. REBECCA': 

[These, as noted in THE LEVERING FAMILY. They were a Roxborough 
family. I have been unable to learn more of them.] 

Children of (487) Peter'' and Sarah (Detweiler) StritzeL 


1. ELIZA': 

1 361. 



111. Margaret 




V. JOHN': 






Vlll. ALBERT' 

[Peter was one of the "numerous issue" remarked by Mr. Jones on page 
52, item loi, THE -LEVERING FAMILY. 1 have the names of his children from 
two sources, as listed, but no further information.] 

2SO 1H1-: I i;\i:i''iNG i-awily. 

Children of < A^b * Thomas' and Rachel ( Scholf ield ) Levering. 

nr).S. I. CiPin-ilM : 1\ S mo. lo. iSiS, at VVashinuton, D. C; 
111. (} ni". 4, 1S40, Esther Lancasti-'r Benedict. He 
remn\fj tn Moimw Co., Oliio, wliei'e he lived and died 
I) nn». j:;. \Sy7,, nil liis tarin, called Lanthol ; was b. in 
the Hrii-nds C^i-ni. "n Alum Creek. Esther d. 9 mo. 28, 
1.S77, at Cameron, \\o., whither she had .Lj;one seekin^j; 
lu-alth. (3380) 

]X(*). 11. l()Slil'H': h. 3 mo. 11, 1S21, and d. 9 mo. 2, 1823, at 

n/O. III. Tllo.WAS': b. 7 mo. 27, 1823, and d. 11 mo. 22, 1825, at 

i;7i. I\. .Wauv": b. q mo. 21, 1826, and d. 5 mo. 24, 1830, at 

I ^72. \. bA.wriiL': b. 91110. 22, 182S, at W.; m. 11 mo. 20, 1852, 
Phoelv Reynolds Hathaway. The\- resided near to Ben- 
nington, Morrow Co., (3hio, until 11 mo., 1882, when 
the\' remowd to Mar\s\ille, Tenn., where the\' now li\e. 

1^7^. \ I. SrSANNA': b. 12 mo. 2i^, i8:?o at W.; d. 10 mo. 19, 
iS^S, in helawarc Co., Ohio. 

i^>74. \ll. HANNAH': b. 4 mo. 8, 18^4, in Del. Co., O.. wht-re 
sIk- d. 10 mo. 2j, i8^S. 

It will be obser\'ed that the tamil\- rcmo\ed from 
Washington, I). („.. in Delaware Co., Ohio, in or before 
18^0. That the\' wen.' /■'ririufs b\- reli^ious persuasion is 
manifest !\\- their metlmd of expressinii dates. 

Children of (4^9) Hannah' (Levering) and Capt. Nathaniel 


i^^7;. I. \UU\ l.i;\l£RlN(i': b. about 1812; m. Edward Franklin, 
of I'hilad., where she d. on Jan. 9, 1874, aued 61 vears. 

IV'>- II- William Hhnr^": b. 1814. in Philad.; d. 

I'^77. 111. Hannah C:L()TILnA': b. 1S17; d. in 188s, unmd. 

i^v""'^- IV. IHO.WAS LEVERING' (l<e\.): b. April 10, 1820; m. Jan. 
12. 1S44, Ellen Milnor Klapp, of Philad., b. Jan. 8, 1820, 
and d. Au;:. 18, i8c;j. He m. 2,\ Ma\- 5, 1859, Adelaide 
Marion Cooke. Mr. F. is a Protestant Episcopal minister, 
residing in Philad. (3402) 


Children of (500) Thomas" and Elizabeth (Carson) Lawrason. 

1379. 1. Samuel Carson  : b. Oct. 8, iSoy; was a sur^t-on in the 

United States Navy. He d. Jul\- 14, 1849, at Pensacola, 
Fla., Nav\- Yard, llnmd. 

1380. 11. James THOMAS' : b. July 28, 181 1. Can get no turthtr 


1381. 111. William Wilson': b. Feb. 4, 1814; m. Ma\^ 31, 1839 

(753), Louisa Sophia Levering, who d. Feb. 19, 1880. 
He d. Jan. 7, 1870. He was a useful member of the 
Franklin Square Baptist Church of Baltimore, and leader 
of the choir for man\' \'ears. 

1382. IV. George CarsoN': b. Jan. 5, 1816; m. Now 4, 1850, 

Zelia Henderson McCutcheon, who d. near Barcelona, 
Spain, on July 6, 1864, and w^as buried there. (3413) 

He m. 2d, Sarah Sterling of West Feliciana Parish, La. 
He d. Feb. 3, 1874, at New Orleans. Mrs. L. d. since. 
They were buried at Pass Christian, Miss. 

Mr. L. was a leading business man of New Orleans, 
and was Collector of the Port during the administration of 
President Fillmore, in i860, he, with his family, went 
to Europe, remaining there until 1865. 

1383. V. ANNIE CARSON': b. Mch. 9, 1818 ; m. in 1865 to Dr. 

Ephraim K. McLean of Carroll Co., Miss. She d. in 
1868 at Water Valley, Miss. 

Children of (50 J) Elizabeth' (Lawrason) and Hezekiah Smoot. 

1384. I. ELEANOR': b. in 1799; d. in infanc\% at Alexandria, Va. 

1385. 11. James HENDLEY' : b. June 1801 ; m. Barbara Briscoe of 

Va. He d. in 1840. He was a scholarly man, and en- 
gaged in literary pursuits. (34i6) 

1386. 111. Susan WILSON' : b. Aug. 23, 1803; m. June i, 1820 to 

Samuel McLean. She d. Sep. 11, 1852, at Galena, ill., 
to which city the\- removed in Sept., 1838, from Alex- 
andria, Va. Subsequently — during several vears — he was 
U. S. Consul at Cuba. After the death of his wife, as 
noted, he married a Mrs. Johnston of La., and removed, 
after the war, to Philad., where he died on Apl. 19, 1881, 


2;_' THli i.i:\i:i''iNt] J"A\\m. 

Children ot same. And 2d husband, John Paradise. 

uS;. |\. John AlxioiUlAN' : \\ iSi_', :it Alexandria, Va.; d. in 
]S7,7, al Philad. I'nmd. 

nSS. \. WiLUA.W S/: b. Dec. 2^, 1.S14; m. Sarah Crow of 
l.ouisvilk-. K>-. He- J. in 1.S50. while travelincr, on a 
steamer in the Mississippi ri\er. 

All ti\ e children were born at Alexandria, Va. 

Children of 1 506 ) Mercy Ann' (Lawrason) and Romulus Rigfgs. 

nik). 1. SaWI l-.l. jA.WtS' : b. Sep., iSi 1 ; m. Sep. 24, 1835, to Me- 
dora Cheatem, of Naslnille, Tenn.. where he d. Jul\- 4, 
1S47. Mrs. R. subsequentl\- married James S. Thayer, 
of New York Cit\-. 

U()0. 11. AWHLIA DOkSi:^': b. ab. uSn; m. Jan. 8, 1834, James 
r. lirskine. of Quinc\ , 111. (342i) 

n()i. 111. Al.lCH ANN': b. ab. iSi:;; m. Mch. 24, 1836, to James 
W . H.u-on. M. h.. of Philad.. where she d. Feb. 21, 1839. 


I3«)j. I\'. Ja.MKS LawrasoN': b. ab. 1S17; m. Mary Charlotte 
.Napier, of Teiin., who el. Ik- m. 2^\ Matilda King, of Tenn., 
whu d.. and m. 3d Marietta Francis, of Springfield, 111. 


1393. \. MlikC^' .ANN': b. ab. iSk); d. Nov. 12, 1821, in George- 
town. I ). C. 

I3<M- \'- N^ARV l:lJZABinH': b. ab. 1821; m. July 2, 1844, at 
Philad., to Robert Colgate, of New York-. (3429) 

13«)!;. \ll. Hl-INRIinTA : b. ab. 1823; m. Now 8, 1843. at Philad., 
to Samuel (i. Battle, of Mobile, Ala., who d. Mrs. B. 
resides in Philad. (3433) 

i3tX). VIII. Julia MaNDI-.VILLH' : b. ab. 182s ; m. May 20, 1844, to 
(leorge H. Boker. of Philad., who d. Jan. 2, 1890. (See 
Biug.) Mrs. B. resides in Philad. (3436) 

I3<)7. I.\. ILLINOIS': b. ; m. Mch. 30. 1847, Charles H. 

(jraff, of I'hilad., who is dead. Mrs. G. resides at Vine- 
land. New Jersey. (3438) 



Children of (507) Alice'' (Lawrason) and Elisha Riggs. 

ngS. I. George WASHINGTON' : b. July 4, i<Sn, in Georgetown, 
D. C.; m. June 23, 1840, Janet M. C. Shedden. He, 
with Mr. Wm. W. Corcoran, in 1840, established the' since 
famous banking house of Corcoran & Riggs, now Riggs Nat. 
Banlv', in the City of Washington, D. C, wliich has ever 
been the custodian of government funds, and in current 
account with the departments. 

He d. Aug. 24, 1881, at liis country seat, Greenhill, 
Md., near to Washington, D. C. See Biog. (3440) 

1399. 11. Lawrason ': b. Now 22, 1814, in Georgetown, D. C.; 
m. Feb. 4, 1840, Snphia Crittenden, who died in 184 1 
without issue ; m. 2d in 1843, Frances Behn Clapp, who 
d. on Jan. 4, 1849; m. 3d on Feb. 24, 1859, Mary Bright. 
He d. Oct. M, 1884, at Bait. (3449) 

Mr. R. lived for many years in St. Louis, Mo., where 
he was associated in business with his cousin, Lawrason 
Levering, under the firm name of Riggs & Levering. He 
mo\-ed to New York in 1858, and to Baltimore in 1868. 

Children of (512) Thomas" and Mary (Treen) Cartwright. 

140 1 




I. Mary Elizabeth': b. Aug. 5, 1818; d. June 10, 1819. 

II. Mary LawliSON' : b. Aug. 15, 1821 ; unmd. 

HI. Henry Thomas': b. Mch. 25, 1823; d. Mch. 30, 1824. 

IV. Alice Sarah ': b. Sep. 6, 1824; unmd. 

V. Septimus LEVERING' : b. July 2, 1826; drowned at sea 
in 1845. 

VL Thomas Levering': b. May 2, 1828; d. Feb. 25, 1833. 

VII. EliaS WaTERHOUSE' : b. Sep.6, 1829; d. Mch.4, 1833. 

VIII. Elizabeth Emily': b. Aug. 25, 1831; m. Dec. 23, 
1 86 1, George Young. (3462) 

IX. GeORGIANNA': b. June 17, 1833; m. Dec. 21, 1859, 
George Fred'k Chappell. She d. Mch. 2, 189^. (3467) 

X. ANN CHARLOTTE' : b. April I, 1835; 'Ti- Dec. 24, i860, 
Edmund Greenaway. (3474) 


2^4 THI-: Li:\l-R1NG FAMILY. 

Children of ( 5J3 i Alice ( Cartwrig-ht ) and Thomas Waterhouse. 

1410. 1. \\\u\ Al.lcj-:': h. .N')\'. 29, iXio; m. Au^. 29, 1839, John 
M. Sinclair, "t Wancn Co., Ohio. They ifmoxcd t 
Bcaiichaiiip. Washington Co.. 11!., where he d. Feb. 22, 
icSO/. Mrs. S.. with her three sons, removed in 1870 to 
Caledonia. Mm., where she d. Mch. 8. 1885. (M^o) 

141 I. 11. .lAWliS Thomas': b. about 1822; m. Feb. 25, 1852, 
Almira B, Lonu, w im died. He m. 21] Oct. 20, 1871, 
Mrs. Nanc\- S. Bottorti". (3475) 

Children of (514) Seth and Sarah (Sinclair) Cartwright. 

1412. I. John W.': b. June 1. 1831. in Washin^jton, D. C; m. 
Uec. 3, 1837, Hannah Mullen, of Warren Co., O. He 
enlisted in 1861 in 34th Ohio Zouaves. At end of one 
year was commissioned as ist Lieut, and made Quarter- 
master of the re;:;iment. In 18O3 he took command of 
Co. A. and was promoted to Major in the same \ear. In 
the ixittle of Winchester. Va., in Oct., 1864, — while in 
Command of the sk'irmish line, — he fell, mortalh' 
wounded, and died one month after. His widow married 
John Reichel. Thex- reside in Davton, O. (3486) 

141;. 11. \\aU\ JaNH': b. Oct. s. 18^2, in W. Cit>- ; m. Nathan 
Jones. Res. near Waynesxille, O. (34^9) 

1414. 111. Tho.WAS': b. Sep. ;, iS:;4; d. in i8s3, near Wavnes- 
ville, O. 

141;. 1\. KACHlii. Klizabi-:th* : b. June 11, 1836, in W. City; 
m. in 1877, J. H\an Ke\-s, of Wax'nesville. O. No chn. 

1416. V. Sarah AI.ICH': b. Oct. 18, i8:;8, in Wa\ne Co., O.; 

unmd. Res. near Waxiiesxille, O. 

1417. \l. M;rH l.l-:vHRlN(i' : b. Mi\ i;;. 1842. in Wayne Co., O.; 

m. in 1808, Hmma F. Merritt, of Waynesville, where 
they n-side. (3493) 

Son of (515) Elizabeth (Cartwright) and Allen Brown. 

1418. I. DAVID': b. JuneC. 1844; m. Au.-. 15, 1867, Mary Haines. 

Res. Waynes\ille. O. (3495) 


Child of (516) Septimus'' and Elizabeth (Bone) Cartwright. 

141Q. 1. Hmma Alice • : b. June 23, 1858; immd. 

Children of (527) Ann'' (Tennis) and Enos Lukens. 

1420. I. MARIA' : b. 1803; ni. to Charles Shoemaker, M. D. 


142 1. II. HlizaBETH': b. 1805; Israel Tennis; d. in 1895, ''^ 

Lancaster Co., Pa. 

1422. 111. Sarah ■: b. i8o5; m. to Jesse Shoemaker. Lived and 

d. in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

142^. IV. William T.' : b. 1808; m. Maria Kulp ; d. in 1882 in 
Mont.^. Co., Pa. (3499) 

1424. V. ABRAHAM T.': b. 1810; m. Esther Williams. He d in 

1895, at Lansdale, Pa., where she res. (3 500) 

1425. VI. HANNAH': b. 1813; m. to Benjamin Penrose. Lived and 

d. in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

1426. Vll. MARGARET': b. twin; m. to Joseph Penrose. Lived 

and d. in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

1427. VIII. EnosT.': b. 1815; m. Sarah Ruth. He d. in Hatfield, 

Montg. Co., Pa. (35 10) 

Children of (528) Sarah" (Tennis) and John Hughes. 

1428. I. OWEN' : d. unmd. 

1429. II. WILLIAM': m. Margaret Yocum. 

1430. III. ANN': m. to Eli McGlathery. 

1431. IV. MaR^': m. to Robert Kenderdine. 

Children of (535) "William " and Rebecca (Williams) Tennis. 

1432. I. JANE': 











All born in Penna. and removed with parents to Ohio, 

2:,h illK l.l-\Hl''ING FAWILV. 

Children of (536) Rachel' (Tennis) and Isaac Hughes. 

14V). I. loilN': h. Jul\ H). 170, in TowanunLin. Pa.; m.; d. 
Ma\- jn, 1S4 I ; no i.'lin. 

1440. II. 1:LIZA': b. Mcli. 2/, 1800, in Inwamcncin, Pa.; unmd.; 

J. April I), iSj:;. 

1441. III. IaNH': I\ liiiH- 4, i.SoS, in iDwamencin, Pa.; m. to 

Jnsi-ph Siippliv. Kl'S., West Point, Mont^i. Co., Pa. 
Had 7 chn.. > of ilu-ni d. (3512) 

144J. 1\. ()\\i:n : 1\ UfC. 20, 1815; m. Tac)- Bates. He is d. 
Had 6 c-hn. 

Children of (535) John and (Allen) Tennis. 

144^ 1. SAN\ri;i. : 

1444. II. ALLKN : ; m. .War\- Mover. 

i44v III. I( )IIN- : 

There was a bequest to Samuel, son of John, in the 
last will of Samuel' Tennis. 

Children of (53*^) Samuel' and Mary (Ladenberg) Tennis. 

1446. I. Bai^BaI^A' : 

1447. II. Ill/A': ; in, t,, I, ,1,11 Kaiiison. 

1448. 111. IskAEI.': ; 111. hlizabeth Lukens. Res. at Dru 

mofr. Lan^.,^'^u■l Co., Pa. It is said the\- had 1 i chn. 
I have tried to learn of them. 

1441;. IV. Mary" ; m. Cio\d. 

I4nO. \. IaNK': ; m. ist to Marpole. _>lI to Buckhaus. 

Kes., Germantnwn. Pa. "Is the onl\ one of her family 
living," \\r«»te Mrs. Jane Supplee. 


Children of (540) Israel' and Elizabeth (Hughes) Tennis. 

1451. 1. JOHN': 

1452. 11. Lamanda' : 

1453. HI. JANE': ; m. to Bowman. 

1454. IV. ISRAEL': 
I45S- V- SAMUEL': 

Effort to learn of these proved fruitless. 

Children of (537) Mary" (Tennis) and Owen Jenkins. 

1456. 1. Jane ' : b. April 12, 1805; "i. Feb. 5, 1829, to Jonathan 

Evans, M. D., who d, in 1852. She d. June 3, 1882, at 
Lansdale, Montg. Co., Pa. (35 17) 

1457. 11. JOHN M': b. Feb. 18, 1807; d. Oct. 25, 1879, at Colma, 

Montg. Co., Pa.; unmd. 

1458. 111. ISRAEL': b. July 14, 1809; d. Dec. 5, 1810, at Colma, 

Montg. Co., Pa. 

1459. IV. ELIZABETH': b. Sep. 12, 1811; d. Mch. 28, 1879, '^t 

Colma, Montg. Co., Pa.; unmd. 

1460. V. Sarah ■: b. Oct. 29, 1814; m. Aug. 27, 1838, to John S. 

Lungren, who d. in 1877. She d. Aug. 13, 1894, at 
Ogontz, near Philad, (3514) 

1461. VI. RACHEL': b. June 22, 1817; unmd. Res. at Colma, Pa. 

1462. Vll. MARY': b. Sep. 12, 1820; m. Oct. 23, 1862, to Rev. 

George Higgins, who d. in 1862, at Hatfield, Pa, No chn. 
Rev. H. was pastor of Montgomery Baptist Church, of 
Montg. Co., Pa., for many years. A former wife was 
Eleanor, oldest dau. of Rev. Horatio Gates Jones, of Rox- 
borough, Philad., by his first wife Esther Righter, who 
was a daughter of John Righter, who was a brother to 
the wives of Enoch and Aaron Levering. Eleanor had 
no chn. 




Children oi ( 544 ) Annie ( Berg:stresser ) and Jacob Kreamer. 

146^ I. .loSHPH B/: h. Mcti. -'(), i.Su; m- l^t-c. 14, 1861, Barbara 
VVisnur I'. ( ). CrcanK-r\-. Pa. (35i9) 

14^)4. II. \\ai^(-,ari-:t\ \\ June 7. 18^6; d. Sep. 21, 18^- 

14();. III. N.AO.WI B.\ h. April 20, 1838; m. Feb. 17, 1872,10 John 
K. Wurtz. wlin J. Sep. 6, i8go. Mrs. W. resides at Nor- 
ristown. Pa. (3530 

i4C)(). I\'. HMtLlNH": b. Auu. 13, 1840; m. Oct. 21, 1871,10 Enos 
S. Schwenck. P. O. (jraterstnrd, Pa. (3S3<J) 

1467. W FREDERICK ^ b. Dec. 16, 1842; d. Jan. 2Q, 1844. 

1468. \ I. Jacob ^ : b. Jan.. 1844 ; m. , P. O. Green Spring, 

Cumb. Cn., Pa. 

I4(yi). Ml. HH^•R^^ b. .Nov. w, 18^1 ; m. , P. O. C^een 

Spring, (>uinb. Co., Pa. 

ANN!!-:  liad no chn. by 2A husband. Rev. Ua\id Ber^jey. 

Children of (,547) Daniel and Angeline ("Weaver) Godshalk. 

1470. I. I. W'liLLINCiTON" : b. ; m. Drucilla Lukens. 

1471. 11. .Wary Fa\MA^ : b. ; unnid. 

Children of (545) Jonas F. and Susan (Delp) Godshalk. 

1472. I. CHARLKS 1).': b. Jan. 21, 185 1 ; m. Anna Moyer. Res. 

l.ansdale. Pa. (3543) 

147^. II. Harry': b. in i8:;v, unmd 

1474. III. (lUORGH D.': b. iniS:;s; m. Matilda Ellis. Res. Kulps- 
ville. Pa. (3549) 

147;. i\'. J(^NAS I).': b. N<i\-. 14, i8:;6; in. Emma Romio;, who d. 
Au;:. 10, l88(). Fie d. Jul\- 8, 180)4. (3554) 

1476. W Anna": b. Sep. 30, 1858; m. to John T. Troxel. Res. 
Kulps\ille, Pa. (3560) 


1477. VI. Emma": b. ; m. to Davis Stover. Res. Lansdale 

Pa. myo) 

1478. VII. Amanda'': d. young. 

1479. Vlll. Milton": d. younn. 

1480. 1.x. Susan": unmd. 

Childfen of (551) William' and Mary (Price) Godshalk. 

1481. I. Estella": b. May 5, 1868; m. to William Ensley. Res. 


1482. II. ANNIE": b. Dec. i, 1869. Lives at Kulpsville, Pa. 

1483. III. Laura": b. Eeb. 4, 1872. Lives at Kulpsville, Pa. 

1484. IV. Harry": b. Sep. 14, 1875. Lives at Kulpsville, Pa. 

1485. V. Sallie": b. May 12, 1883. Lives at Kulpsville, Pa. 

Children of (552) Barbara (Godshalk) and Charles Roop. 

i486. I. Anna": b. Sep. 8, 1852; m. to John Kendi^, merchant, 
Kulpsville, Pa. She d. April 21, 1879. (3574) 

1487. II. SylvanIA": b. Nov. 6, i8t;3 ; m. to James M. Hallman. 

She d. Dec. 25, 1873. 

1488. III. Sallie": b. Sep. 21, 1855; m. to John Kendio, widower 

of Anna. (3575) 

Children of (553) Jacob A. and Eliza (Bruner) Fry. 

1489. I. Daniel B.": b. Jan. 3, 1850; d. Feb. 22, 1873; unmd. 

1490. U. Mary Ann B.": b. Oct. 27, 185 1 ; m. to William Quinn. 

She d. Feb. 4, 1880. He d. (3580) 

1491. III. AMANDA B.": b. July 18, 1853; m. to Oliver B. Hains. 


1492. IV. Jacob B.": b. July 18, 1855 ; d. Sep. 4, 1856. 

1493. V. Sarah Ann B.": b. Mch. 29, 1857; m. to Jacob Bean. 

No chn. 

1494. VI. William B.": b. Jan. 10, 1859; d. Mch. u, 1873. 

1495. VII. Ephraim B.": b. Nov. 24, i860; d. Mch. 12, 1873. 

1496. VIII. Charles B.": b. July 20, 1863; m. Elsie Goodman 

Familv lives at Pottstown, Pa. (3582) 

26o THK l.r.\l-:kl\G 1-AMILY. 

Children of (554) Margaret (Fry) and Philip Stong. 

1407. I. Barbara ANN": ; unmd. Res., Nmth Wales, Pa. 

i4i)S. II. IJ.MIRA": ; J. unmd. 

I4()t). III. I-ANNIH": : in. to Si^nus Auij;usta Clausfelder. 

iqoo. I\'. Cornelius": ; m. Amanda Bockhamer. 

Children of (555) David A. and Catharine (Boyer) Fry. 

i^oi. I. ABRAHA.M": ; m. Sarah Swenk. Li\e in Philad. 

ii;o2. II. l.oi'lSA": ; m. to John Dehaven. They moved 

to \'iri:inia. 

i^ov III. Joseph WaRRHN': ; m. Ann Beer. He d. 

1^04. I\. I)A\'1I)': ; d. unmd. 

Children of (556j Fronica A. (Fry) and James Umstead. 

I SOv I. I-IHTTa": h. in i<S:;6; m. to Ahner Cassell. 

it;o6. 11. ANNaWaRIA': ; unmd. 

i^o;. 111. Morris": ; m. Nettie Ray. 

. Child of (557) Williani A/ and Rosalinda (Piexotto) Fry. 
i!;o<S. 1. IiNGLEBERT Piexotto': Li\es in New Jersey. 

Children of (55*?) Elizabeth A." (Fry) and Jacob Garges. 

15a;. 1. KaHI:': h. Nov. 7, i8s('; unmd. 

IS 10. 11. hANIEl/: ; m. Hannah Reitf. 

i^ii. III. ISAIAIT: ; m. Hlizabeth Heckler. 

Child of (560) Daniel O. and Elizabeth S. (.Fry) Fry. 

i^ij. I. WaliNDA Kl.MIRa": b. Oct. 4, 1S61 ; m. to Frank Price. 
Res. Harlewsville, Pa. 


Children of same and Anna (Swartz), 2d wife. 

i5n. II. Ambrose S.': b. Feb. 4, 1868; m. Vinnie Heckler. 

1514. III. ALVINS.': b. April 12, 1870; m. Hannah Henning. 

1515. IV. ANNORA': b. June 12, 1871 ; unmd. 

1 5 16. V. Catharine': b. Mch. 14, 1873; unmd. 

1 5 17. VI. HlizaBETH": b. Jan. lo, 1876; unmd. 

1 5 18. VII. Sarah Jane': b. Dec. 22, 1878. 

1519. VIII. Martha": b. July 20, 1882. 

Ctiildren of (563) George R. and Elizabeth (Keisen) Fry. 

1520. I. Anna**: b, about 1848; m. to James B. Edwards, Res. 

Lansdale, Pa. (3584) 

1 52 1. II. Rebecca'; ; m. to Isaac B. Moyer. Res. Philad. 


Children of (566) Barbara (Fry) and Abraliam Springer, 

1522. I. JOHN Wesley': b. Jan. 12, 1859; unmd. Res. Kulps- 

ville, Pa. 

1523. II. William Morris': b. Sept. 13, i860; m. Maria Boorse. 

Res. Kulpsville, Pa. 

1524. III. James Monroe': b. in 1864; m. Lena Wambold. Res. 

Lansdale, Pa. 

1525. IV. Benjamin Franklin': b. Dec. 31, 1865; m. Emma 


Children of (567) Eli' and Anna (Essicfc) Fry. 

1526. 1. Mary Emma': b. Dec. 20, 1857; m. to Christian A. Wis- 

mer. Res. near Gratersford, Pa. (3587) 

1527. II. Alice': b. May 18, 1859; Lewis B. Wismer. Res, 

near Gratersford, Pa, (3589) 

1528. 111. Clement': b. Jan. 7, 1868; m. Flora Lachman. 


1529. IV. Susanna': b. Sept. n, 1869, 

1530. V. Jacob': b. Aug. 12, 1871. 

262 THH I. i:\r.klNG FA.MILV 

Child of (570) Sophia F. cHallman) and Israel Shell. 

i^>i. I. l.oi'ISH H/: b. Sc-pi. 6, 1.S42; m. Sept. 4, 1862, to Rfiff 
Gottshalk. Ki-^. h<>nbiicl^X', l';i. (3593) 

Children ot (57 J ) Susanna (Hallman) and John Willouer. 

i^U\ I. MAkV ANN': b. Au^. 2. i<S4^; in. Mch. 19, 1859, to Ben- 
jamin K. Bikkwaltir, who J. Au.u. 21, 187s. (3596) 
She ni. 2 J to J. Stearly. 

1;;;. II. WaRGARET" : b. [)vL. I,, 1844; m. to Adani 1-oidam. She 
.1. N..\. 28, 1874. (3605) 

i;^4. 111. Sophia': b. No\ . 7, 1846; J. in infancy. 

1;;;. I\ . Jacob": b. Oct. 12, 1848; d. in infancy. 

\^T,(). \. John": b. May 22, i8si; m. Jan. 13, 1883, Lizzie 
.Vlowr. Re.s. Iionbiid^e, Pa. (3606) 

15^,7- \ I- Josiil'H': b. Au^. 8, i8s3; ni. Kate Bean. Kes. Skip- 
pack, Pa. (3607) 

i;^8. \ll. l:i)\\ARl)': b. Jan. 12, \H-^() \ m. in 1880 Matilda Shuler. 
Kos. Monl Clare. Pa. (3608) 

1^39. \ III. CHAlvLHS": b. Au,2. 6. i8s9; unnid. 

1 S40. i.\. AMANDA': b. Now 21, 1862; d. in infancx'. 

i;4i. .\. Wll.LlAW': b. Ma\ 28, 186s; unmd. 

Children of (572) Jacob F. and Elizabeth (Weber) Hallman. 

i>42. I. ClAl^oLINt": b. Auu. 22, 18:;^ 

i^4V 11. AN(il-:LINH'": b. Oct. 20, 1838. 

134-4- I" WlLl-lA.W : b. Oct. 10. i860 

IS4;. I\ . I )A\I1)'': b. Sep. 6. 1862. 

i;4^. \. \MANl)A': b No\ . 1:;, 1864 

1^47. \ I. Al,HliWT": b. Jan. 1, 1867. 

is48. \ll. Sarah': b. Ndw \(), 1871. 

Famih- rt-side in Canada; all unmarried. 


Children of (573) Margaret' (Hallman) and "Washington S. Grater. 

1549. 1. ADALJ": d. youno;. 

1550. II. Isabella": b. Nov. i8, 1S44; m. to Jacob S. Geller, who 

is e\tensi\el\' enniijied in merchandizing at Lansdale, 
Montg. Co.. Pa. (3617) 

1551. HI. Amanda": m. tn I.e\i Rosenberger, whod. i8g3. (361S) 

No issue by 2d marriage with O. Z. Nace. 

Children of ( 574 ) Catharine ' ( Hallman ) and Capt. Wm. H. Davis. 

1552. I. Annie': b. Aug. 24, 1850; m. Mch., 1873, to Henry Nuss. 


1553. II. Jerome H.': b. Oct. 6, 1852; m., in 187s, Mary Ann 

Johnson. He d. Sep. 18, 1885. No chn. 

1554. 111. William FR^': b. May 26, 1854; m. Oct. 13, 1877, 

Sarah Elizabeth Kline. (36^0) 

1555. IV. LIZZIE H.^ b. Oct. I, i8s6; m. Oct. 23, 1875, to Wil- 

liam W. Kline. (3634) 

1556. V. Eugene S.': b. Mch. 24, 1858; m. Oct., 1879, Amanda 

W. Kline. (3638) 

. 1557. VI. Kate H.': b. Jan. 24, i860; m. Mch., 1879, to Jacob 
Rapp. (3641) 

1558. VII. Bella C: b. Nov. 12, 1861; unmd. 

1559. VIII. MAR^' ALICE': b. Jan. 17, 1866; m. Sep. 13. 1884, to 

Oilman H. Gottshalk. (3643) 

1560. IX. Ida H.': b. Dec. 5, 1867; m. Feb. i, 1890, to William 

Keely. (3648) 

Children of (575) Sarah (Hallman) and Jonathan Hunsberger. 

1561. I. William H.': b. Mch. 26. 1855; m. July 11, 1874, Mary 

Ann Hendricks. (364c)) 

1562. II. ISRAEL H.': b. Feb. 9, 1857; m. Nov. 9, 1878, Josephine 

Goldsmith. Res. Ironbridge, Pa. (3615) 

1563. III. ANNIE Jane': b. Mch. 10, 1861 ; m. Dec. 15, 1883, to 

Henry B. Sell. Res. Ironbridge, Pa. (3612) 

264 THl£ LBVliRING FAMin'. 

1564. I\. fzLLA": iininJ. Res. Philad. with her father. 

1565. \. 1:.M.MA': uhmkI. Kes. Pliilad. with her father. 

Children of (576) Joseph F. and Catharine (Stauffer) Hallman. 

1566. I. MllJON": b. Jan. 10, 1857; m. Oct. 25, 1879, Elizabeth 

Reiff. (3653) 

1567. II. ( iARkl-yr' : b. .\'i)v. 12, ICS58; m. Maud (jlatchley. 

iq68. 111. .loSHPH S.': b. Dec. lo, i860; m. Ellen Heist. 

iS6c). 1\. Hhttv Ann': b. June 28, 1863; m. to Dr. Da\id H, 

IS70. V. Margaret': b. Mch. 6, 1865; m. Oct. 14. 1885, to J. 
Montjiomery Raysor, who d. Nov. 6, 1893. 

i^-i. \1. Catharine': b. Auu. 18, 1867; m. Oct. 17, 1888, to 
Har\ey Buckwalter. 

is72. \ 11. William": b. Dec. v, 1869; m. Feb. 25, 1893, Sallie 

i^7V \lll. Si;SAN': b. Jan. 11, 1872; unmd. 

IS74- 1>^- IRWIN': b. Sep. 8, 1874; unmd. 

iS7v >^- Amanda': b. Nov. 15, 1876; m. in 1895 1^** Jacob Buck- 

1576. -Xi. H\a': b. June 23, 1879. 

Children of (577) William F. and Sarah (Zicglcr) Hallman. 

IS77- I- Howard M.^ b. Oct. 14, 1866. 

1^78. 11. JOSEPH Elmer': b. l)ec. 14. 1867; d. May 21, 1868. 

IS7')- III. LIZZIE Minerva': b. July 25, and d. Sep. 15, 1870. 

iq8o. 1\'. Laura May': b. May 10, and d. Sep. 29, 1873. 

J 58 1. \. Clara Z.': b. Dec. 27. 1874. 

1582. \1. W'lLLLAM Perry': b. Au^. 15, 1876. 

iv8v ML Calvin Penrose': b. Jan. 17 and d. July 26, 1878. 

1584. \1II. Waid ACiNES': b. Jan. 14, 1883. 

isSs. 1\. Sallie Blanche': b. April 15, 1884. 


Children of (578) John L: and Esther (Keely) Fry. 

1586. 1. JOSEPH H.\ b. Dec. 8, 1849; m. Mary Long. Res., 

Philad. (3661) 

1587. 11. Emma": b. April 19, 1851 ; m. to Charles H. Veghte. 

Res., New York. No chn. 

1588. 111. Clara": b. Oct. 19, 1854; m. to William F. Erichson. 

Res., Philad. . (3662) 

1589. IV. Catharine': b. April 17, 1858; m. to John W. Crater. 

Res., Easton, Pa. (3666) 

1590. V. John P.": b. Sep. 21, 1859; m. Tillie A. Keyser. Res., 

Phoeni.wille, Pa. (3670) 

1591. VI. David K.': b. Nov. 16, 1863; unmd. 

1592. Vll. William R.': b. April 25, 1865; unmd. 

Children of (579) Mary' (Fry) and Alfred D. Briggs. 

1593. I. Milton': b. Aug. 25, 1848; m. in 1873 Maggie Ridge. 


1594. 11. Kate': b. Ju1\- 3, 1849; m. in 1870 to Minot L. Christ- 

man. (3677) 

1595. 111. Anna': b. Jul\- 30, 1850; unmd. 

1596. IV. Alfred J.': b. Mch. 9, 1852; m. in 1880 Anna Pan- 

coast. (3679) 

1597. V. Louisa': b. Nov. 13, 1861 ; unmd. 

Children of (581) Magdalene (Kline) and Abraham Reed. 

1598. I. Gabriel': 

1599. 11. Dillman': 

1600. 111. Samuel': 

160 1. IV. Abraham': 

1602. V Mary Ann': All d. in infancy. 


Children of (582) Samuel and Matilda (Samel) Kline. 

lOo^ 1. Sarah': b. Fib. ^. iSt;o; m. to James Wilkr. Res. Al- 
leiitown. P.i. (S68i.) 

i<')04. II. Fihnna": b. . i.S:;j; m. to Ltwis Sheverv. She J. 

' (3682) 
\(X)y. 111. Al.Ka:": b. Dec. S, i.S:;:?; m. to AUvrt Zfllnt-r. Rrs. 
Aik-ntou n. Pa. (3684) 

1606. I\ . \VlLLIA.\r: b. Oct. 22, i8t;8; m. Anna Kennin^er, who 

J.; ni. _\i, Kate- ReniuT,. P. O., Mainland, Pa. (3694) 

1607. \'. Jacob": ; immd. 

1608. \ I. III. 1. WAN": ; m. Susan Christman. Res. Hmaus, 

Pa. (3701) 

iTxx). \11, MACJDALliNH": ; J. Nounii. 

1610 \ 111. John': b. Oct. is. 1S66; m. Anna Bressent. Res. 
.Allcntown, Pa. (370S) 

if.ii. I.\. CJHARLIZS': ; in. hllcn Sholl. Res. Allentown, 

1^1. (3707) 

Children of (584) Elizabeth (Kline) and Dillman Bean. 

iC)\2. 1. William": b. N'o\'. 27, 1849 ; m. Mar.oaret Dettra, who d. 
No chn. He m. jd Sallie l)ettra. Res. Lederachxille, 
Mont;:. Co., Pa. (3709) 

i6n. II. SAkAll": b. in i,S:;i ; d. Oct. 2, i8s7. 

1O14. 111. I:STHBR": ; m. to Seixias Kline. Res., Philad. 

( v-iO) 

i6iv l\. RtBECCA": ; m. to Mathias Dettra. Res., Am- 

l">ler, Pa. (3722) 

Children of (585) John F. and Susanna (Hendricks) Swartz. 

K)if.. I. HlizaHHTH": b. Oct. 25 and d. .\'o\ . 17, 1X43. 

1617. II. Salomh": b. May 27, 184^; m. Jan. 17, 1869, to Aaron 
R<»ot. Li\e near Pyrmont, Ind. 

iCiS. III. Isaac": b. Jul\- 17, 1850; m. Au^. 9, 1874, Catharine 
Studebaker. Live. Pyrmont, Ind. 

Children of same and Hsther (Fonts) 2d wife. 


1619. IV. ANNA": b. Jan. 11, 1859; m. Feb. 23, 1888, to William 

A. Stewart. Li\e near Heath, Ind. 

1620. V. John": b. Mch. 24, 1863; m. April 6, 1887, Laura 

Widener. Live near Pyrmont, Ind. 
Family live in Carroll Co., Ind. 

Children of (586) George F, and Mary (Moyer) Swartz. 

162 1. 1. Susanna': 

1622. II. Sarah": 

1623. 111. ABRAHAM': 

1624. IV. Mary': 

Family live at Cerro Gordo, 111. 

Children of (587) Catharine (Swartz-Hendricks) and Martin Kulp. 

1625. I. ABRAHAM': b. Sept. 11, 1846; d. Oct. 8, 1864. 

1626. II. Susanna': b. Dec. 15, 1853; d. Sept. 17, 1854. 

1627. III. HENRY': b. Feb. 13, 1856; m. Feb. 10, 1877, Susan 

Benner. (3725) 

Child of (588) Mary' (Swartz) and Martin Kulp. 

1628. 1. Mary'; ; m. to Joseph Godshalk. Li\e near Iron- 

bridge, MontLi. Co., Pa. 

Children of (589) Elizabeth' (Swartz) and Edward Thompson. 

1629. I. Theodore F.': b. Dec. 24, 1850; d. Jui\- 7, 1853. 

1630. II. Johns.': b. about 1852. 

Children of (590) Sarah A.' (Swartz) and William R. Christman. 

1631. I. ABRAHAM Franklin':) fd. Aug. 20, 1855. 

[b. May 13, 1855;^ 

1632. II. William Henry': J (d. Sep. 25, 1855. 

1633. ill. Hmma a.': b. Feb. 24 and d. \u<^. 9, i860. 

1634. IV. Ida Amanda': b. Nov. 5, 1863; d. July 5, 1865. 

1635. V. Francis L.': Lives in Philad. 

20.S nil-: Li;\HRiNG family. 

Children of (59J ) Abraham F. and Catharine (Siegfried) Swartz. 

16^6. 1. Susanna l.oriSA": b. Feb. u, 18^6; m. in 1879 to 
HiMirx B. Lapp. I', n., f-ricks. Bucks Co., Pa. 


16^7. II. \\AIt'^■'■: b. Sept. 2^, 1857; m. in 188^ to Isaac B. Beide- 
niaii. P. ().. Nonitoinille, iWontjj;. Co., Pa. (^7^8) 

1638. 111. Isaac Franklin": b. April 27, i860; m. in 1885, Amanda 

Flizabcth Bishop. 

1639. '^ • '(MIX S.': b. April 1- , 1864; d. June 2, 1866. 

1640. V. ABRAHAM Lincoln': b. June 2-], 1866; ni in 1889, 

Amanda Crouthamel. 

1641. \1. W'lLLiA.W FlENR^': b. May ^i, i868 ; d. April 15, 1878. 

Children of same and Mary C. (Swartz), 2d wife. 

1642. \11. Norman S.': b. Oct. 12. 188^. 

1643. VIII. Maurice S.': b. Dec. 10, 1884; d. Mch. 27, 1885. 

Family li\e at Blooming Glen, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Children of (592) Georg-e and Susan (Groff) Stong. 

1644. 1. SaLLIL': 

1645. 11. John": 

1646. 111. IlLNR^": 

1647. 1\'. Xl-VIN': 

All unmarried. 

Children of (593) Frederick and Miss (Weidensaul) Stong-. 

1648. 1. William Flmlr'': -; m. Caroline Wells. 

1649. II. Sallih^ ; spinster. 

1650. 111. I:L1ZAHHTH': ; m. to Baum. 

i6e;i. 1\. John": ; m. Hmma . 

1652. \'. Charles': ; m. 

i6s^. \1. ANNA": ; d. \dunii. 


Child of (594) John and Elizabeth (Printz) Stong. 

1654. 1. Anna Mary': ; spinster. 

Child of (596) Mary Jane' (Stongf) and Jefferson Custer. 

1655. 1. Hannah': b. in 1880. 

Children of (597) Henry F.' and Eleanor (Eisenberger ) Fry. 

1656. I. George E.': ; m. Mary Roney. Teacher, 

Camden, N. J. 

1657. 11. JOHNE.": ; m. Carrie . 

1658. 111. Kate E.': ; m. to Sanford Stevens. 

1659. IV. William E.': ; Amanda Kerns. Res. Philad. 

Child of (600) Elizabeth' (Fry) and Daniel O. Fry. 

1660. I. Malinda Elmira': b. Oct. 4, 1861 ; m. to Frank Price. 

Res. Harleysville, Pa. 

Children of (601 ) Susan' (Fry) and Benjamin Frederick. 

1661. I. Alice': b. Jan. 18, 1863; m. to Albert R. Place, Atty- 

at-law, Lansdale, Pa. 

1662. II. Kate': b. Sept. 28, 1864; Linmd. 

1663. 111. George F.': b. Oct. 7, 1870; unmd. 

Children of ( 602 ) William ' and Mary ( Fuss ) Fry. 

1664. I- Wilson': ; d. young. 

1665. II. Irwin': b. Jan. 23, 1864; m. Ellen Knight. Res. Lans- 

dale, Pa. 

270 THE LliVERING 1-A\\1LV. 

Children oi 1 1)03 i Simon and Susanna (Godshalk) Hoot. 

1666. 1. HH^'R^■ (i/: b. about i84<S; m. Catbarinc K. Detweiler, 

wiin J. June 4, iSgo. (3745) 

1667. IL WlCHAHL Ci.': b. June 9, 1850; in. Dec. 17, 1870, Mai\- 

Kelsh. Rfs. Pbilad. (3747) 

1668. 111. A WANDA": b. Jul\ 14, 1857; m. tn CbcUics (icigcr, and 

J. \\a\- ^\, i88v 

i66t;. I\ . J(JSlAir: b. ,N(t\ . 28, 1859: d. Sept. 10, 1885; uiimd. 

Children of (604) Henry F. and Sophia (Kepler) Hoot. 

1670. I. John K.' : ; m. Sarali Cressman. Res. Brancb- 

tnwn, Pliilad. 

1671. II. IfLIZABETH': ; m. to Irwin Latcbaw. Re.s. 

Pi«ttstnwn, Pa. 

1672. \\\. WiCHAHLK.'; ; m. 

167^ I\. 1:DWARDK.': ; unmd. 

Children of I 606 • Lavanna F. < Hoot ) and Jacob Campbell. 

1674. I. Mii.roN^ b. Jul\- 20, 1859. Res. Norristow n, Pa. 

i67v II. Jacobs b. Ma\- 2c;. 1861; m. in 1887, Mary Kreamer, 
uhn d. in May, i8()2. Res. iNdiristown. Pa. (3750) 

Children of (607) John and Elizabeth (Kolb) Hoot. 

ih7(K I. Lu\r: b. Sept. 8, 1864; d. Jul\- u, 1865. 

1677. II. Jacob': b. Oct. 12, 1876. 

1678. III. Wiltons b. Feb. 21. 1880. 

1679. I\. Marian b. Sept. 6. 1882. 

KamiK- li\e at Telford, Pa. 


Children of (608) Susanna F. (Hoot) and Henry Hankele. 

1680. 1. Susanna': b. Oct. i6, and d. Oct. 18, 1862. 

168 1. 11. George Henry': h. Feb. 7, 1864; m. Mch. 18, 1886, 

Emma L. VaiiScoter. (3752) 

1682. 111. ADAM William": b. Nov. 25, 1865; d. Sept. 20, 1869. 

1683. IV. Christian Augustus': b. Dec. 20, 1867; d. Sept. 29, 


1684. V. Edwin Frederick': b Max- 19, 1870; d. Dec. 19, 1887. 

1685. VI. LILLIA': b. Dec. 19, 1872; d. Feb. 4, 1873. 

1686. VII. Elizabeth Margaret': b. Nov. 7, 1874. 

1687. Vlll. Ida': b. July 3, and d. July 25, 1877. 

1688. IX. Ella Mary': b. Feb. 7, and d. April 8, 1884. 

Children of (610) Samuel G.' and Josephine (Cassaday) Fry. 

1689. 1. Jacob': b. Sept., 1859; d. June 3, 1867, at the Trappe, 

Mont^. Co., Pa. 

1690. 11. William H.': b. Oct. 5, i860; d. JuK- i, 1861, at the 

Trappe, Montg. Co., Pa. 

1691. 111. Samuel G.': b. Jan. 2, 1865; m. Annie M. Blakely. 

Res. Trappe, Montg. Co., Pa. 

1692. IV. Lily': b. Feb. 17, 1875; unmd. Res. at Philad. 

Children of (611) Rev. Jacob and Eliza J. (Wattles) Fry. 

1693. 1. Charles L.' (Rev.) : b. Oct. 21, 1858 ; m. in 1891, Laura 

Housekeeper, of Phila. He is now (1896) pastor ot 
Trinity Lutheran Church, at Lancaster, Pa. (3756) 

1694. 11. Mary G.': b. about 1859; unmd. Res. Reading, Pa., 

with parents. 

1695. HI. Kate W.': b. about 1861 ; unmd. Res. Reading, Pa., 

with parents. 

i6cX). IV. ANNaG.': b. about 1863; m. in 1889 to P. C. Zieber, 
Atty. at Law, Reading, Pa. (3758) 

'>7 "> 



l6t)7. \'. 1-IMNKLIN 1 .' (Ki . . ) : b. N"\ • I. I-S64. Is now (1896) 
pastor of (iracf LiitlK-ran Church, BethUhcm, Pa. 

i6c>S. \1. .lOSEPHINH C:.': h. ahniit 1.S66; m. in i88<S to William 
Bcnhow, U-achc-r <^\ music. ReaJiuLi. Pa. (3760) 

i6qq. \il. I.ITHHW*: b. ahiut 186S; J. in intanc\-. 

1700. \ III. JliNNV': h. about 1870 ; unmd. Res. at home. 

1701. l.\. I.LLibW.': J. in chilJhoiid. 

Children of (bl2) Matilda (Beyer) and Jacob A. Gruber. 

1702. I. John B.~: i\ .\\a\ 26, 1874; m. Dec, 24, 1895. Ellen W. 


170;. II. tli;Mv> B.' : b. Sept. 29, 1876; unmd. 

Children of i6l5i William F. and Susan ( Yoder I Beyer. 

1704. 1. HENRY Y.^ b. Mch. 17, 1868, at Oley, Berks Co., Pa.; 
d. Mcli. 8, 1882. 

170^. II. LlLLIE": b. Jul\- 2^. 1869, at Boyertown, Pa. ; m.Oct.6, 
1888, to Wilson Gei.Lier ; ^ chn., d. y. 

1706. III. MaNASSAH Y.': b. Mch. k). i87i,at Boyertown, Pa.; d. 

in int'ancw 

1707. \\. Sallii-: Y.^ b. Well. 2j, 1872, at New Berlinville, Pa.; 

m. to Williani Keyes. Res. Lancaster, Pa. 

1708. \. l:l)GAk Y.': b. Auji. 7, 1873; m. Mch. 11, 1893, Laura 

Stephan. Res. Bo\-erto\\n, Pa. (3762) 

17CX;. \l. 1:1.1ZA1U-111 Y.\ b. Ma\- 6. and d. 17, 1875, at New 
Berlinville, Pa. 

1710. \11. Mawil ^■.■'': b. Au-. 10, 1878, at Boxertown, where she 
li\ es ; unmd. 

171 I. \lll. IkiiNE Y.': b. Mch. .). 1880. at Bowrtown, where she 
li\es ; unmd. 

Child of (5l7t Henry F. and Amanda (Smith) Beyer. 

1712. I. Miranda^ b. N..\. 14, 1873, -it New Berlin\ille, Pa.; 


Children of (618) Mary' (Boyer) and Robert S. Gottshall. 

171 3. I. William B/: b. Nov. 23, 1878. 

1714. II. Laura B.' : b. Jan. 29, 1881. 

1715. 111. GERTIE": b. Jli1\ 4, 1883. 

1716. IV, Clarence': b. Mch. 15, 1887. 

1717. V. Raymond': b. Oct. 22, 1889. 

All N.rn at Mew Berlimille, Berks Co., Pa. 

Child of (619) John L.' and Catharine (Wentz) Hinkle. 

1718. 1. George W.' (M. D.): b. and d. in York Co., Pa.; m. 

Delia, dau. of Christian Wirt. (3763) 

[Epistolary efforts to secure genealogical information of the 
Weniz and Hinkle families of York County failed to elicit response. 
The Baltimore branches made intelligent reports.] 

Children of (622) Sarah L. (Hinkle) and John B. Wentz. 

1719. 1. Samuel Hinkle': b. Auu. 16, 1807; m. Mch. 10, 1829, 

Mary Ann Bi.xler, b. Feb. 10, 1809. Mr. W. was b. in 
York Co., Pa, ; rfmoved to Baltimore in 1829. He d. 
there on Oct. 23, 1886, (3765) 

1720. II. Jesse H.' : b. in 1809 ; married and died in York Co,, Pa. 


1721. III. Amos': b. about 1812. Nothing learned of him by 


Children of (625) Lydia L. (Hinkle) and Peter Hoffman. 

1722. 1. William Hinkle': b. May 14, 1810; m. Margaret Shunk-, 

of York, Pa., who d. in 1868, aged 56 years. He d. in 
1888. (3782) 

Mr. H. succeeded his father in the manufacture of 
paper at Hoffmansville. He operated four large mills 
until within a few years of his decease, when his sons, 
in turn, relieved him of the extensive business. He 
owned large areas of land, and served his district in the 

Legislature of his State. 


274 THi- l.i:\i:i<'lNG FAMILY. 


I. Sarah SaI.oMI-": 1\ V\:i\- j;, 1812; in. to Dr. James 
Gerry, ot Shifwsbui)-. P;i. Slie d. Junr 14, i<S4:!. Dr. 
(i. u;is .1 Kfpics(.-nt;iti\c in C()no;rt'Ss Jurinji two terms. 
He a.. ;i;:ea ;ibnut So \e:irs. (^775) 

1724. 111. Susanna^ h. May 26, 1S17; m. t.> John Michael, of 
MiJJletown. MJ.. who was b. July 3, 1796. She d. Jan. 
30, I.S40. He d. Sept. 9, 1865. Both were b. in the 
"oldtamil\ ^ra\e>-ard," at Hoffmans\ille, Md. Mr. M. 
was a merchant for 40 \'ears • was also postmaster and 
farmer. He was a soldier in'fft War of 1812. (3779) 

Child of ( 62o ) William" and Frances ( Dildine ) Levering^. 

172;. 1. HlizaBLTH ANN': ni. to Sudden Randall, who d. in 1852. 
She m. 2d to William B. Murrell. She d. in Philad.; was 
buried in St. Paul's Churchvard. (3790 

Children of < b29 1 Julia Ann (Levering) and John F. Clark. 

1726. I. )()HN LtVEklNG": b, Jul\- 28, 1819; d. at sea, Sept. 25, 


1727. II. I-kANCES .ANN': b. Jul)' 20, 1821 ; d. Dec. 27, 1823. 

Child of same and 2d husband Skinner Taylor. 

1728. 111. William IIlnrV: b. in Philad.; d. \-oung. 

Children of (633) Nathan' and Elizabeth (Rawlings) Levering-. 

1729. 1. Hannah': b. Apl. 26. 182s, at Philad.; unmd. 

1730. II. IlLlA ANN': b. June 10 and d. Jul\ s. 1827. 

17:51. 111. Martha': b. Jul\- 18 and d. Au^. 2, 1829. 

1732. 1\. liLIZABHTH ANN': b. Oct. 28, 1830; m. Au^. 20, 1846, 
11. R. Brockway, of Naslnille, Tenn., who d. Mch. 30, 
1862. In 1864 she returned to Philad., where she now 

I7>^. \. AMANDA': b. Oct. 18, 1832; d. Dec. 29, 1835. 





1734. VI. Lydia Martha': b. Oct. 7, 1835; m. Nov. 21, 1867, 

Henry H. Kiiisman. Reside at Oak Lane, a suburb of 
Philad. . (3792) 

1735. "V"- William ASHTON': b. Juneg, 1838; m. Feb. 25, 1869, 

Josephine Carpenter, of Centreville, Dei. They reside 
in Philad. He was baptised at twelve years of age and 
admitted into the First Baptist Church, of Philad. Was 
promoted to deacon's orders in March, 1872. He was 
treasurer of the church for 19 years, and has been a 
trustee from 1866. He is a leading wholesale lumber 
merchant. He succeeded CJmrles B. Levering, of Ohio, as 


1736. Vlll. George Washington': b. Apl. 3 and d. Oct. 8, 

1841, at Philad. 

1737. IX. JOSEPHINE": b. Nov. 19, 1842; d. June 22, 1843, at 


1738. X. Emma Palmer': b. Feb. 24, 1844; m. Aug. 15, 1872, 

Augustus A. Spencer, who d. Oct. 26, 1884. (3801) 

1739. XL Mary Anna': b. Oct. 28, 1845; unmd. Res. in Philad. 

1740. XII. Clara Parkins': b. May 25, 1848; m. Apl. 10, 1875, 

Alonzo De Ogeta Rossiter. Res., Philad. (3802) 

Children of (634) Martha' (Sater) and Henry Safer. 

1741. I. Hannah': b. Sep. 18, 1806; m. M. Cloud; removed to 

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where she d. and "left a family". 

1742. 11. Henry': b. Jan. 4, 1808 ; m. He d. near Connersville, 


1743. HI. Joseph': b. Mch. 19, 1810; m. He d. in 1835, near 

New Orleans. 

[My correspondent on this family did not, I believe, exert himself 
to learn their history.] 

_>76 THi-: li;\i:ring'. 

Children of ( 636 > Joseph and Elizabeth (Potteng^er) Sater. 

174-4. 1. hAMl HLPoni-NciHk^ b. No\. 17, i<S2o; m. Oct. 22, 1840, 
Kk-aiinr Burkr. \.\w at Middletown, Iowa, where slie d. 
Jan. JS. 18SCJ. (3806) 

174^. II. lOSHPH Li;VHRlN(i^ b. Feb. 27, 1822; d. Nov. 10,1843; 

1746. III. Sl'SAN": b. Jan. i. 1824; m. Oct. 24, 1849, James H. 

Smith. Shi- d. Now iS, 1886, at Sacramento, Cal. 


1747. I\. Isaac Nhwton': b. Au^. 25, 182s; ni. Oct. 1, iS^i, 

Philena C«>ne. Res. Puc'blo, Colo., where he d. sud- 
denl\- on Dec. I, 1893. (3^"^^ 3) 

1748. \. iHdWAS JKFFERSON': b. Oct. 2, 1827; m. Ma\- 12, 

18^7. Am\- H. Phares, Butler Co., O. . (3^32) 

1749. \l. James Whthero': b. Au.u- 20, 1829; d. Oct. 12, 1830. 

1750. \ II. Martha Hllen": b. Oct. 21, 1831; d. Sep. 12. 1853, 


Children of (637) William and Nancy (Jones) Sater. 

I7;i. 1. John Jones': b. June lo, 1814; m. Feb., 1834, Nancy 
Larrisnn. (3^39) 

1752. 11. Hannah": b. Jul\- 16 and d. Jul\- 29. 1816. 

17^3. 111. Hliza Ann": b. Jan. 8, iSiS; m. Juh', 1843, William 
R. Hill. (^>S:;0 

17^4. I\. Sarah": b. Dec. 19, 1819; m. Feb. 7, 1843, James 
Ci\valtne\-. (3856) 

1755. \. VVillia.M": b. Sept. 2, 1822; m. Mch., 1844, Sarah Jane 

Skillman. He d. April 4. 1852. (3865) 

1756. \1. l()Sl-:i'ir: b. Now 20, 1S24; m. Wch. 29, 1849, Hliza 

Ann Hedges. Res. Preston, O. (3868) 

1757. \ 11. ()1.i\1-;r": b. June 20, 1829; m. Au^. 18, 1850, Maria 

Foster. (3872) 

1758. \ 111. IHO.MAS F.": b. No\-. 2. 1831 ; m. Dec. 19, 1855, 

Mar\- Fllen Pottenjier, who d. May 25, 1858. He m. 2d 
Sept. 22, i860, Mar\ (iwaltnew Res. Preston, O, 



11 NEW vQFtK 



Astor, Len»« anrf fiiden // 
Four datidns. 


Children of (639) Thomas and Eleanor (Potteng^er) Sater. 

1759. 1. Hannah": b. Oct. i8, 1825; d. Au.u. 11, 1826. 

1760. 11. Susannah': b. Dec. 18, 1826; m. in 1848, Owen 

Blacker; d. Aug. 8, 1850. (3880) 

1761. 111. Elizabeth Jane': b. June 28, 1829; m. William Ham- 

ilton. Res. Guernsey Co., O. (3881) 

1762. IV. Phoebe Ann": b. Jan. 30 and d. April 30, 1831. 

1763. V. Martha ANN': b. Mch. 9, 1832; d. Feb. 17, 1833. 

1764. VI. James W. P.': b. Jan. 30, 1834; m. Feb. 15, 1863, 

Sarah J. Parriott. Res. New London, Iowa. (3886) 

1765. Vll. Thomas P.': b. Mch. 30, 1836; m. Mch. 6, 1862, Mary 

J. Withrow. No chn. 

1766. Vlll. Samuel P.': b. Nov. 24, 1837: d. Nov. 23, 1 891, at 

New London, Iowa. 

1767. IX. Mary Eleanor •' : b. Jan. 5, 1840; d. June 18, 1841. 

1768. X. John Richard': b. May 5, 1843; m- April 13, 1870, 

Laura Belle Brice. Res. Lenox, Iowa. (3890) 

1769. XL Margaret R.': b. Mch. 12, 1845 ; m. April 27, 1875, to 

Thomas J. Yount. (3895) 

1770. XII. Joseph Newton': b. Aug. 25, 1847; d. Aug. 15, 1850. 

1 77 1. Xlll. William Henry': b. Oct. 5, 1849; m. Oct. 5, 1871, 

Elizabeth E. Thompson. Res. New London, Iowa. 


Children of (640) Mary Ann' (Sater) and Stout Atherton. 

1772. I. Charles Levering': b. Feb. 7, 1826; d. Sept. 13, 1840. 

1773. 11. JOSEPH M.': b. July 6, 1828. History not known. 

1774. III. Aaron S.': b. July 13, 1830; d. Dec. 12, 1846. 

1775. IV. DOREAS Ann': b. Feb. 12, 1832; m. Dec. 10, 1854, to 

Francis M. Bilby ; b. June 5, 1830. Res. Connersville, 
Ind. (3900) 

27.S THI-: l-li\tl^lNG FAMin. 

Children of (t54I ) Mary (Levering:) and John Ricketts. 

\;j(k I. Thomas l.l-XHRlNci": b. Ft'b. 7. 1816; in. Junt- i, 1837, 
at ln(.iianap<>li>. Sarali Jaiu- Robinson, who d. Now 28, 
iSSc). Ill- a. Jan. 17. 1890. (^910) 

Mr. K. Iftt Ko.xboroLi^h, liis biithplaoe, in 1832, settling 
in Ohio. anJ slioitl\' after to Indiana. In the fall of 185 1 
reni(»\'ed from Indianapolis to Oregon, Holt Co., Mt),, 
wluae lu' resided until 18:;^. w hen he renioxed to Browns- 
\ille, Neb. in the spring of 1864, removed to St. Joseph, 
.\\o., whi-re he li\ed until his death, and with his wife, 
was buried there, in Oakland Gem. 

1777. 11. Sarah": b. No\ . 9, 1818; unmd. Li\es in Roxb. 

1778. 111. Sl'SAN': b. Feb. is, 1820; m. Jul\- 21, 1843, to Fred- 

erick I). Jordan, b. iSii, in Bait. (3920) 

Siie remo\ ed from Roxb. to Dayton, O., with her 
aunt, Martha KlJIx', in 18^4. After marriage, remo\ed 
to Piqua. O., where he d. June 12. 1885. and where she 
still li\ es. Mr. J. was a graduate of Emmitsburg College. 
He held man\' important public offices which he filled ac- 
ceptably and wa^; a leadt^r in Christian work. 

1779. I\. WILLIA.M': b. Oct. 13, 1823; d. Dt'C. 10, i860, at 


1780. \. CllARlJiS': b. Jan. 12. 1826. Last heard from in 1876 

in California. 

1781. \ I, John B()\\1-:n': b. Sept. 22, 1828; m. Rebecca Vanhorn. 

Ke^. Rhilad. ( 3924) 

All the abo\e were born in Roxb., Philad. 

Children oi ( b43 1 Fleeson and Elizabeth (Smith) Levering. 

1782. I. Wii.i.iA.w Smiths b. Sept. 2^, 1824; m. May 11, 1848, 

Martha Patterson, who d. Aug. 26. 1854, at Piqua, O., 
aged 27 >'ears. He m. 2^, April 29, i8i;8. Matilda Ma\'s, 
who d. D^^c. 9, 1882, at i'iqua,, where Mr. L. resides. 


i7S^.. II. lHO.N\ASC()LHMAN\ b. Sept. 2 1 , 1826 ; m. May 16, 1862, 
Sarah J. Kindell, who d. April 7, 1874, at Piqua, O. 

He m. 2<.\, June 29, 1876, Kate Kindell. Res. Coving- 
ton. O 


1784. 111. Hannah": b. Oct. 2, 1828 ; d. in Roxb. ; b. Ltw Cem. 

1785. IV. Aaron FheodoRE': b, Nov. 23, 1829; m. Au;j;. 11, 

181; S, Caroline Hunter. Res. Piqua. (3933) 

1786. V. Amanda": b. July 11, 1832; d. in Roxb.; b. Lev.Cem. 

1787. VI, Dyer Nichols**: b. July 19, 1833; m. Mch. 10, 1854, 

Elizabeth Patterson, of Piqua, who d. at Wapakoneta, O. 

I (3939) 

He m. 2d, Maria Burns, of -Piqua. Res. Union City, 


1788. Vll. Benjamin Franklin': b. July 18, 1836; m. Julia Car- 

son of Piqua. They resided at Buckley, 111. Mr. L. was 
employed in mining contracts at Alters, in Franklin Co., 
- Ark., where his wife died during temporary stay, on Mch. 
12, 1893; buried at Piqua. (3942) 

1789. Vlll. Robert Clement': b. Mch. i, 1840, in Miami Co., O. ; 

m. June 22, 1861, Mary Hart, who d. Jan. 29, 1879. 

He m. 2d, Feb. 10, 1887, Mrs. Lydia Hart {ncc Chris- 
tian). Removed to Kansas in March, 1887. 

1790. IX. Howard Fleeson': b.Mch. 10, 1842, at Piqua, O.; m. 

Feb. 9, 1864, Mary J. Dunham, who d. May 24, 1871. 
He m. 2d, April 21, 1873, Mrs. Ellen O. Bretz (formerly 
Heap), who was b. April 17, 1839, in Dayton, O. They 
reside St. Marys, O. (3946) 

Children of (644) William' and Margaret (Reaver) Leverin§> 

1791. 1. Ann": b. May 27, 1823 ; m. Charles Righter. Shed. April 

23, 1894; b. Lev. Cem. He res. in Roxb. (3952) 

1792. 11. Sarah": b. Oct. 6, 1825; m. Sept. 23, 1847, to Charles 

R. Keeley. Res. Lyceum Ave., Roxb., where he d. Aug. 
30, 1896. (3959) 

1793. 111. Caroline": b. Jan. 25, 1828; m. William Graham. 

Res. W. Philad. (3962) 

1794. IV. LOUISA": b. Nov. 29, 1830; m. George Maguire. Res. 

Roxb. (3964) 

1795. V. Clement": b. July 3, 1833; m. Mary Gregar. Res. 

Cemetery Ave., Roxb. (3970 

28o THi: i.i;\i-:kiNG fawilv. 

I7(/.. \1. I:I.IZAHI-TH': b. Ma\ 17, 18^,5; d. Sept. S, 1836. 

17()7. \ 11. Hannahs \\\h-^-. ^.i. i'^4o; unmJ. Kcs. Dupont street, 

179S. Mil. CHARl.HS": b. July q. 184V. m. Sept. 14, 1866, Lydia 

A. bnuTN-. Kis. in Koxb., where he J. Jan. 21, 1876. 

She J. Jan. -•^.. i-SSc). Both b. at Lev. Cem. (3977) 

Children of (647) Clement and Mary (Roney) Levering. 

1790. I. AMANDA": b. Ma\- 31. 1839; ni. May 3, 1835, Moore 
rweed. ot Camden Co., N. J., who d. June 23, 1863, 
a^ed 40. She ni. 2d Sep. 26, 1866, Michael Eldridfie, of 
Sicklert..\\ii. N. J.. \vh<) d. Apl. 16, 1877. Mrs. H. res. 
at Clayton. N. J. (3980 

1800. II. ANN A.WtLIA': b. Ma\ 16, 1841 ; unmd. 

1801. 111. JA.WliS Whitkhead': b. Jul\- 31, 1843 ; d. Apl 24, 1862. 

1802. I\. Cornelia Ronev': b. Auo;. n, 1845; m- Sep. 12, 

18C7, Richmond Babcock, of Camden Co., N. J. 


Children of (649) Martha (Levering) and Richard Kelly. 

1803. 1. Martha Hlizabeth": b. Feb. 14, 1836, at Philad.; m. 

Jan. 8, 1836, at Piqua, O., to Louis 1). Blue. In 1858 
the)' remo\ed to near Ayersville» O., where they reside. 
Mr. B. was a soldier in the Union army during the War 
of the Rebellion. (3993) 

1804. 11. William Ni-:ls()N': b. Apl. 26, 1838, in Philad.; m. Oct. 

1 ;, iS()7, Martha Llizabeth Burns. Res. near to Xenia, O. 
.\\i . K. was amonni the first soldiers in the war to resist 
rebellion. He was mustered into the three months' 
service at Columbus, O., on April 18, 1861. At the 
expiration of the time he re-enlisted for three years. He 
was seriousl\- wounded in battle at Chickamauga. 


1805. 111. ROBERT Francis": b. Dec. 10, 1840, in Piqua, O.; d. 

Au*i. II, L'^41- 

1806. 1\. ADA Clarissa": b. Jul\-25, 1842, in Piqua, O.; d. July 

4. '849- 


1807. V. Hannah Frances': b. Jan. 2-j, 1846; m. Oct. 17, 1868, 

Alfred C. Henry, who was a faithful soldier in the war 
which suppressed rebellion. He is a merchant and post- 
master at Aversville, O. No chn. 

Children of (65J ) Sarah (Levering) and George Omensetter. 

1808. 1. Aaron Levering": b. Mch. n, 1821, at Roxb.; d. by 

drowning;, Jan. 23, 1829; b. Lev. Cem. 

1809. II. Catharine": b. Oct. 25, 1822. Resides in Philad. 

1810. III. Alexander": b. Feb. 3, 1824, at Roxb.; m. Nov., 1869, 

Louisa Hauptman. Resided in Philad., where he d. Jan. 
8, 1894. (3997) 

The Philad. Public Ledger, in announcing his decease, 
said: "After receiving a common school education, Mr. 
Omensetter arranged with a mill owner in Kensington to 
learn the various branches of textile manufacturing, but 
finding it uncongenial he abandoned it and entered the 
wholesale dry goods store of Smith, Murphy & Co., on 
Market Street. After acquiring a knowledge of the busi- 
ness, he opened a retail dry goods store on the southeast 
corner of Ninth and Race Streets, where he continued 
several years, and then started the wholesale business at 
No. 239 Market Street, from which he retired Dec. 31, 
1892. He was a Republican, and represented the Tenth 
Ward in Common Councils, and served several terms as 
a School Director. A prominent Baptist, and a faithful 
Odd Fellow. A wife and one daughter survive him." 

181 1. IV. JOHN H.": b. Aug. 6, 1826, at Roxb.; m. Apl. 5, 1857, 

Mary R. Hawkins, of Chester, Pa., who d. Oct. 26, 1888, 
in Philad.; b. at Mount Peace Cem. Mr. O. resides in 
Philad. with his daughter ; he served in the army during 
the War of the Rebellion. (3998) 

1812. V. Robert Levering": b. Sep. 9, 1828; m. in 1855 Cath- 

arine Hoffman, who d. Aug. 9, 1857. He m. 2d in 1867 
Rachel Ogden, who died. He m. 3d in 1879 Amelia 
Grosswich. They reside in Philad. Mr. O. served in 
the Potomac Fleet in the U. S. Nav\' during the War of 
the Rebellion. (3999) 

1813. VI. Eliza ANN^ b. Nov. 11, 1829, at Roxb.; d. Aug. 22, 

1832 ; b. Lev. Cem. 

282 mn i.i-\r.kiNG>'. 

1S14. \ II. SaNFOIi'I)'': h. Kfh. 24. i<S^^. at Roxb. Rt-siJes in 

iSk. \ III. ( iHORCll-: WASHlNcm^N': b. Mch. C). iS^4, at Mana- 
\ unk ; 111. Oct. 20. i.SOs, Annif L. Hucstes, win* J. July 
IS, i87»;. Hf siTXfd in the U. S. Naxy- tor 27 \-ears. 
During tin- War i)t the Rebellion he was in numerous 
efi;:a;:eiiients, iiotablx' Hort Fisher, Cliarleston ; also at 
Hampton RoaJs. Was on the ironclad Congress when 
she was attacked by the Merrimac, actin^: as gunner, and 
was instrumental in saxing the vessel from being blown 
up. He d. Jan. 29, i8gi, at the Soldiers' and Sailors 
Hoiiif ;it Hrie, Penna. Was b. in Lew Cem., Philad. 


1X16. 1\. CiiAkLFS Lhvbring': b. July 17, 1837; d. April 27, 
1868; b, Le\-. Cem. He Served in the U. S. Navy 
during part of the War. Was honorably discharged as 
an inxalid. 

Children of (655) Robert F. and Ellen (Quay I Levering-, 

1817. I. I-ANMH A.^ b. Sep. 23, 1842, in Cin., O.; m. Ma\- 8, 

i86t;. John M. Hart. She d. Oct. 14, 1895. (4002) 

1818. 11. William W.^ b. Apl. 17, 1845, ''i Cin., O.; m. Mch. 6, 

1879. Elizabeth M. Gustin. Res,, Piqua, O. (4008) 

In a letter of Feb. u, 1893, '^i'- L. wrote of himself: 
"M\- name is William Wigard. I enlisted in Co. K, ist 
Ohio \()1. Inf.. Aug. 17, 1861 ; was discharged with my 
compan\- Sep. 8, 1864; was absent from my regiment 
but three days during that time. I was but 16 years old 
when 1 enlisted. 1 was in fifteen hard-fought battles, 
among them Shiloh, Stone River, Chickamauga, Lookout 
Mountain. Mission Ridge, Resacca, Kenesaw Mountain, 
Peach Tree Creek", etc.. and in about tiftv skirmishes, 
and receixed no hurt. My age disqualified me for com- 
mission. I had the pleasure [.'] of meeting our historian, 
Col. John Lexering, on the battlefield of Chickamauga. 
1 have been with the Adams Express Co. 11 years." 
[Some of New York's dandy "400" who are seeking 
i^\\KW (Oniniissioiis at the hands of their Goxernor, in the 
militia of the State, might enx >• that "soldier boy" his 
record as a "prixate."] 


1819. HI. E. TlLLOTSON": b. Mtii. 16 and d. Mch. 19, 1848, in 

Cin., O. 

1820. IV. ROBERT Quay': b. Au.u. 2, 1849; d. Any,-. 19, 1850, in 

Cin., O. 

1821. V. James Gorman': b. Au.u. n, 1851, at Piqua, O., and 

d. there June 18, 1885. 

1822. VI. Bland Sherman': b. April 20, 1855, at Piqua, O.; m. 

April 23; 1883, Catharine M. Stewart. They reside at 
Piqua, where Mr. L. has been for many years exten- 
sively engaged in carriage making. (401 1) 

1823. Vll. Mary Bicknell': b. May 24, 1857; m. Feb. 11, 1885, 

Lines S. Johnston, who d. Nov. 13, 1892. (4014) 

Children of (657) Charles' and Susannah (Rextine) Levering. 

1824. 1. Nathan Hilyer': b. Mch. 25, 1827; m. Sep. 25, 1848, 

Mary Ann Walker, who d. April 6, 1877. He m. 2d July 
31, 1885, Mary Alice Ginkiner. Res. in Philad. 


1825. 11. Mary Ann': b. July 25, 1829; d. Jan. 13, 1830. 

1826. 111. JOHN Rextine': b. Jan. 23, 1831 ; m. Mch. 29, i8s9, 

Mary A. Weir. Res. Philad. She d. July 30, 1895. 


1827. IV. Charles Jefferson': b. Mch. 24, 1833; m. Aug. 7, 

1856, Eliza Hess, who d. Feb. 24, 1867, aged 34 years. 

He m. 2d Nov. 28, 1878, Anna Duffy. Lives in Philad. 
No chn. 

1828. V. Martha Renshaw': b. Oct. 8, 1835; 'T"- J^"""^ 25, 1857, 

Cornelius N. Bucknum, who d. Aug. 18, 1885. (4028) 

1829. VI. Franklin': b. in May, 1837; d. May 15, 1839. 

1830. VII. Anna Maria': b. July 6, 1840; m. Jan. 21, 1862, 

William T. Weir. Res. Philad. (4034) 

1831. VIII. Emily Harris' : b. Jan. 27, 1843 ; unmd. Res. Philad. 

1832. IX. Susannah': b. June 29, 1845; d. July 4, 1846. 

1833. X. Rosier Jones': b. Oct. 4, 1847; m. April 6, 1876, 

Ella V. Goldsmith. (4039) 

284 THH Ll:\KRING FA\\IL^'. 

Child of same and Mary (Slemmons), 2d wife. 
1834. XI. SaIami H/: b. Sep. 14, 1858. Resides I'liihui. 

Cfiild of (658) Martha (Levering) and William Renshaw. 

183s- 1- Map^ Lkvering": b. Sep. 26, 1823 ; m. Dec. 27, 1846, 
CieoiM'c Yea*'er, of Pliilad., who d. Mch. 10, 1887. She 
d. Au^. 29. i8St;. (4041) 

Children of (661 ) Maria' (Levering) and Joseph Kuen. 

1836. I. IJAMU S.': b. Dec. 23, 1844; m. Mch. 25, 1873, Annie 

E. Weir. Res. Pliilad. (4046) 

1837. 11. Charlhs LE\ERING': b. Nov. 24, 1847; m. Oct. 15, 

187^, Sarah A. Mander. Res. Oak Lane, Philad. 


Children of (662) Nathan and Susannah (Jones) Levering. 

1838. 1. JOSHPHIM- L.': b. June 12, 1847; m. Nov. 27, 1873, 

James \V. Gannon, who d. July 9, 1887. Mrs. G. re- 
sides witli lier father in Philad. 

1839. II. H.W.WA CliClilJA": b. Jul>- 16, 1849; m. Feb. 27, 1879, 

Thomas P. Ross. Res. Philad. (4052) 

1840. III. Wary Klla' : b. Feb. 27, 1859; unmd. Res. with her 

father in Philad. 

Children of (663) Caroline H. (Levering) and Thomas Roney. 

1841. I. J<)ll\S.': b. Aii.u. 27. 18^3; in. Hxaline Harris at Wapa- 

kuneta, O. Res. Gallatin, Mo. (4053) 

1842. II. Wary Hsther': b. Oct. 17, 1S36; d. Aug. 30, 1838, at 

Lebanon, O. 

184^ III. Charles Silas': b. April 4, 1838; m. Anna Haywood 
at Wapakoneta, O. Res. Indianapolis, Ind. (4060) 

1844. I\. Charloitl': b. Jul\' 23, 1839; m. Thomas Harris at 
Wapakoneta, O. Res. Gallatin, Mo. (4062) 


1 847 






V. Emily": b. Aug. 25, 1841 ; m. Rasmus Rasmanson, of 
Indianapolis, where they reside. (4067) 

VI. Henry Clay': b. Mch. i-j, 1843; m. Ad^i Haywood at 
Wapakont'ta, O. Res. hidianapolis. (4070) 

VII. William': b. Oct. 4, 1844; m. Mao;gie Warner, of 
Columbus, O. Res. Indianapolis. (4072) 

VIII. Thomas': b. May 8, 1846; m. Jane Wheeler, of 
Wapakoneta, O. Res. St. Louis, Mo. (4074) 

IX. Anthony Levering': b. Oct. 8, 1847; m. Clara Hun- 
siker, of Lane Co., Oregon, where they live. (4076) 

X. Edwin': b. May 7, 1851 ; d. Sep. i, 1878; unmd. 

XL L. Nelson': b. Sep. 2, 1853; m. Avilla G. Humphrey 
in Lane Co., Oregon, where they live. (4077) 

XII. Ella S.': b. April 2, 1856; m. Joseph Williams, and 
d. Oct. 23, 1888, at Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon, without 

Children of (664) Anthony Deaves and Mary (McKee) Levering. 

1853. I. Emmaretta Frances': b. Oct. 30, 1840, in Ohio; d. 

Feb. 2, 1872, unmd., in Roxb.; b. in Lev. Cem. 

1854. II. Perry Wharton' : b. April 15, 1844, at St. Mary's, O.; 

removed to Philadelphia when 13 years old; m. Nov., 
1867, Margaret Sheehan, of Hempstead, Long Island, N. 
Y. Mr. L. has been in the drug business in Jersey City, 
N. J., for a quarter of a century. His son, Charles 
Wharton Levering, being novv- associated with him. 


Children of (665) Malinda M.' (Levering) and John P. 


1855. 1. Infant son': b. and d. in 1837. 

1856. II. Infant dau.': b. and d. in 1838. 

1857. III. Edgar Levering' (M. D.): b. Apl. 22, 1839; m. Nov. 

5, 1868, Uretta Quintillia Lyttle, who d. May 6, 1878, at 
Allburn, Ca!., where they resided. He d. there Jan. 22, 
1882. See Biog. (4079) 

j86 THI-: l.l.\UK'ING FAA\m. 

185S. 1\ . IvMWA l.AlRA^ b. Feb. J4. ^^4^ i 'i'- J'''^- lO- 1862, John 
Cutk-r. Hf>. Sniithson, Ark. (4081) 

i85(;. v. John ALBKRT^ b. Jul\- S- ^^4>' m- ^^^^''t- '7, 1875, 
Maikic Sli.ML-. (4091) 

i860. \l. WlNNIH J()Sl£PHINl£^: b. Au^. 2^, 18^-'; m. April 26, 
1870. tn Williiim H. CniwtoiJ, of Xenia. O. Reside in 
Wapakoneta. O. (4092) 

Children of (667) Esther Ann (Levering^) and Richard Metheany. 

1S61. I. (:haRLI£S AMIiONA': b. Au^;. I, 18^7; 111. Sep. 22, 1858, 
Mar\- L. Harper. Res. Lima, O. (4096) 

1862. 11. John Milton": b. Feb. 26, i8^q; m. iNov. 15, i860, 

Mar\- A. Harper, \\h<> J. .Nov. 14, 1863. He d. Dec. 18, 
1889. At the time of his death, and for 15 years, Mr. M. 
was Superintendent of the Grand Rapids and Indiana 
R. R. Was b. at Woodlavvn Gem., Lima. O. (4100) 

1863. ill. F.W.MA Fliza': b. ApL 15, 1840; m. Oct. 21, 1863, 

Gharles A. L\nch, uho d. Sep. 2, 1871. (4102) 

1864. 1\. JaNH AUGUSTA': b. Mch. 1, 1842; d. April 25, 1871 ; 


186^. \. \\au\ ShlENa": b. Nov. 14, 1843; m. Jan. 11. 1865, 
Gel. 1. v. Mnore. Reside in Lima, O. (410s) 

1866. \l. A1.P.1-:rt Maurice': b. June 24, 1845; m- June 2. 1868. 

(ioCj2) Anna Le\erin:j., of Manayunk, Philad., who d. 
Auu. i;, 1883. He m. 2^.] Now 19, 1884, Florence F. 
Mar\in. Res., (^ilion, O. (4113) 

1867. \11. ANNlilTA Fstiiur': 1 i m. Nov. 8, 1869, John 

H, Osborn ; res., 

b. Sep. 12, (KU'dner, Kansas. 

1848; '■ (41 1 o 

immd.; res., Lima, O., 
with her mother. 

i86c;. IX. liLDON Lh:vERIN(J' : b. Dec. 3, 1830; m. June 20, 1878, 
Louise VVelk"en. In Februar\'. 1877, he remoxed to 
Gadillac, Mich., where, in Apiil, 1880, he was elected 
Alderman and served two years. In April, 1882, was 
elected Maynr of the city and a member of the Board of 
Education, and re-elected to the latter office in April, 1883. 


1868. \ 111. Clarissa Ann' 


Continued in ojfice and was re-elected Mayor, in April, 
1891. He has managed the affairs of the Grand Rapids 
and Indiana Railroad at Cadillac since Feb., 1.877. 


1870. X. WlLLlAAl LaytON': b. Oct. 23, 1852; unmd. 

1871. XI. Richard ROLLISTON": b. Feb. 4, 185s; m. June 11, 

1874, Elizabeth Bradford. Mr. M. has been in tht- 
Auditor's department of the Or. R. and Ind. R. R., at 
Grand Rapids, Mich., f(^r several years. (41 iq) 

1872. Xll. Ada Louise': b. Feb. 15, 1859; m. Api. 22, 1883, 

Ursinus Melancthon Shappell. Mr. S. was installed into 
the office of Clerk of the Courts of Allen Co., O., in Sept., 
1894. (4123) 

[In a letter of Oct. 19, 1887, from John Milton Metheany, he 
explained to me: "LEVERING Station (and P. O.) on the G. R. 
and Ind. R. R. was named soon after the road was extended to 
Mackinaw, when I was going over the road on a special trip, named 
as a compliment to the family."] 

Children of (668) Charles Reuben ' and Elizabeth (Milnes) Levering. 

1873. I. Esther Martha": b. Mch. 26, 1843, in Allen Co., O. ; 

m. Jan. 24, 1864, Hiram Crayton. They reside at Gran- 
ville, Bradford Co., Pa. (4127) 

1874. 11- Maurice Maulsby": b. Feb. 12, 1845, ''^ ^"^'n Co., O. ; 

m. Dec. 6, 1865, Sarah M. Bradley. They reside in 
Bath, N. Y. Mr. L. was a volunteer soldier in the late 
war. (4133) 

1875. •'!• Mary Jane": b. Mch. i, 1847, at Piqua, O. ; m. Nov. 

16, 1868, Guy Talada. Res. Athens, Pa. (4135) 

1876. IV. Charles Spencer': b. Feb. 12, 1849, in Troy, O. ; m. 

Emma Pratt, of Canton, Pa., who died. He m. 2d Jan. 
16, 1 88 1, Hannah Williams, of Durham, Eno;land. Res. 
Jolliet, ill., where Mr. L. is engaged in the milling 
business. (4142) 

1877. V. ANTHONY TheoPHILUS"; b. Aug. 14, 185 1, in James- 

town, Steuben Co., Ind. ; m. Aug. 14, 187 1, Rosa Carr. 
He d. Dec. 31, 1874. No chn. 

28<S THU LL\Hl^l\n TAWm'. 

iSjS. \ 1. \\NAHi:i.LA" : b. Juiif 12. i8s3, in Jamestown, Ind. ; 
ni. .V\a\ I, 1S70, J"t.-1 1.. Porter, who J. Dtc. 6, 1890. 
Slu- Ml. 2i.i .)ul\- J. iSi)i, Stt'plit-n Baker. Res. Granville, 
P:>. (4149) 

1879. \11. Ida Clara': h. CXt. 22, 1858, in Sullivan Co., Pa.; 

ni. .)ul\- 21, 1 88;?, Stephen \ouo:ht, of Waverly, N. Y., 
where they are living. He J. Feb. 2, 1894, a^ed 70 
\ears. She in. 2d Jiil\- 21, 1895, to Adelbert L. Smith. 


1880. \lll. H()lt'ATl() (iATHS': b. Oct. 26, 1861, same place ; m. 

I 1 1\ t;, i8.Ss, Alice Ciilespie. Res. Sayre, Pa. (4156) 

18S1. IX. Wharton W.': b. ,V\a\- 13, 1865, in Bradford Co.. Pa.; 
m. Jan. 24, i8()2. Sarah McNultw Res. Cleveland, O. 

(4" 59) 

Child of ( bb'* I Maurice Maulsby and Mary (Russell) Levering;. 

1882. I. R( )BI£RT Malricl^ b. Feb. 6, 1853, at Roxb. ; 01.(2640) 
Flla^ Hink-le. (4160) 

Children of (670) Hannafi Safer (Levering) and Micfiael J. 


188^. 1. liSTHHR .WaTILDa': b. Au"'. 22, 1842, in Wapa, O. ; m. 
Auu. 26, i8s8, John N. Johnson, of Penna., in Dexter, 
i.ane Co., Ore^(tn. where the\' reside. (4163) 

1884. 11. PHILIP Al'Gl'STLS': b. Jan. 6, 1844, in Wapa, O. ; m. 

( >et. 21, 187s, Jessie M. Miner, at Camp Creek, Lane 
iln., Ore^ion, where they reside. (4172) 

Children of same, and Thomas Williams, 2d husband. 

1885. 111. Hlla \1sta^ b. Sep. 16. 1850, in All,^laize Co., O., 

where she d. Sep. 4, 1851. 

1880. 1\. Hllis^ b. Feb. 29, i8s2, in Auglaize Co., O., where 
he il. ( )ct. (), i8t;2. 

1S87. \ . li.LNA Malinda' : b. Dee. 23. 1853, in Lane Co., Oregon ; 
m. Feb. 25, 1870, (ieorge W. Whitbeck, a native of N. Y. 
They res. at Isabel, Lane Co., Ore. (4175) 


1888. VI. Charles I.EVERING': b. Mch. 2, 1856; m. Jan. 22, 

1879, Ella Olive Addin.uton, who d. April 24, 1889. He 
m. 2d May 13, 1891, in Dalles, Oregon, Whonata Elda 
Winkleman, b. in CalitVirnia. They reside at Summer 
Lake, Lake Co., Ore. (4184) 

1889. Vll. William': b. July 2, 1858; m. Feb. 6, 1881, at Dexter, 

Ore., Bertha Melissa Parvin, who d. Apl. 12, 1884. He 
m. 2d, Oct. 6, 1889, Idress Parvin, at Dexter, Ore., 
where they live. (4188) 

1890. Vlll. EFFIE': b. Nov. I, i860; m. July 5, 1885, William 

Henry Fenton, of Iowa, at Dexter, Ore., where they are 
living;. (4192) 

1891. IX. Robert L.': b. May 28, 1863; unmd. Resides with his 

parents at Eugene, Ore. 

Children of (671 ) William Aug, and Phylena (King) Levering. 

1892. 1. Spencer T.': b. Mch. 31, 1854; unmd. He and his 

brother, William S., are in business at Gridley, Kan., as 
farmers and live stock' shippers. 

1893. •!• Charles K.'^ (M. D.): b. July 24, 1856; m. Jan. 14, 

1877, Nancy J. Cox. He is a practicing physician and 
real estate dealer, at Burlington, Kan. (4193) 

1894. ill. Ida G.': b. Oct. 24, 1858; m. June 17, 1882, Augustus 

F. Shotwell, who is a graduate of a classical school and a 
successful teacher. (4199) 

1895. IV. ANTHONY Maurice': b. May 21, 1862; d. Sep. 17, 1863. 

1896. V. Williams.': b. Nov. 23, 1865; unmd. 

Children of (673) Spencer Cone' and Ann (Hastings) Levering. 

1897. I. ROSANNA': b. about 1853, at Two Mile, Ohio; d. voung. 

1898. 11. William Anthony': b. about 1856, at Two Mile, Ohio; 

d. young. 


1899. ill. JOHN Edgar**: b. Oct. 31, 1858, at Two Mile, Ohio; 

d. Oct. 21, 1872, at Gallatin, Mo. 

1900. IV. Esther Emmaretta': b. Aug. 30, i860; m. Aug. 25, 

1875, Thomas Elmer Downing, who was b. Nov. 21, 
1852, near Lima, Ohio. (4201) 


2(jo THE l.i:\HRIiNG 1 AMILY. 

iipi. \'. CHAkl.llS KoHl-kT^: \\ J->n. 26, 1863; m. Jan. 7, 1884, 
Waiiiir J. Salin-, b. Kfb. 22, 1866, in Miami Cm., Kan. 
Ni» i"lin. 

iiX)2. \1. Al.lii:i^l WllAM'ON": b. Jul\- 27, i86s ; uniiKJ. 

1905. \ll. MiNNli: JANir: b. Mav. 15, i80y; in. Au^. 20, 1887, 

Jost-pli M. Gordon, b. Mch. 3, 1866, in Jefferson Co., 
InJ. (4206) 

1904. \lll. CLORGi; .\LLS()N^ b. Dec. 8, 1871. 
190;. !\. riKTMAS loNHS': b. Apl. 4, 1875. 

All born at Ywo Mile. O., except the last two, born at 
Willow Vallew m Creenwood Co., Kansas. 

Child of (677) Sarah (Keyser) and Robert William Kirk. 

1906. 1. JA.MES": b. Jan. 20, 1804; m. . Lived at Ger- 

niantown, Philad., and d. there Oct. 9, 1844; b. at Ger- 
man Baptist Churchward. (4209) 

Children of ^ 678 ) Mary (Keyser) and Dr. Joseph L. Thomas. 

1907. 1. \VIL1.1AA\ Kli\SLiR': b. June 21. 1807. 
KpS. 11. JaWHS Kirk": b. Dec. 16, 1808. 

1909. 111. GlSTAMS LlilliliRT': b. Sept. 29, 1810. 

1910. IV. Ja.MKS KHVSliR^: b. Apl. 11. 1818. 
ii;ii. \. JosiiPH": b. and d. Au^. 7, 1821. 

Children of (,6o4) George and Elizabeth (Chenoweth) Keyser. 

191 2 

19 10 

1. ANN Maria': b. Jan. 24, 180^; d. Au^. 24, 1812. 

II. ADAl ' ; b. and d. in i80v 

III. 1:1. 1/A Caroline'*: b. June 7, 1807; d. Jan. 13, 1811. 

I\. ADAiJNH Sophia': b. Dec. 19, 1810; d. June 2, 1820. 

\. (iEORCjH VVaRRBN': b. Nox . i, 1812; d. July I, 1816. 
Childreii of same, and Ann (Walter), 2nd wife. 

1917. \'l. Philip Walter': b. Apl. ii, 1824; m. Amelia Shoe- 
maUei', w h(» died. 


1918. VII. Benjamin Howard': b. July 3, 1827; dead. 

1919. Vlll. Charles Augustus": b. Nov. 9, 1829; m. Dec. 6, 

1865 ; (1928) Mar)' E.", daughter of Cliarles Maris Key- 
ser, of Baltimore. (421 1) 

Children of (687) Sarah' (Keyser) and Asahel Hussey. 

1920. 1. Elizabeth Keyser': b. Feb. 15, 1806, in Bait., where 

she m. Aug. 5, 1828, Edward Crow. (4212) 

1921. II. Jane** : b. Feb. 5, 1807, in Bait.; m. Dec. 20, 1831, in Zanes- 

ville, O., to Ephraim Robins, of Cin., O., where they 
resided. He was b. Mch. 29, 1784, in Suffield, Conn. 
He d. Feb. 12, 1845. She d. Oct. 17, 1885, in Zanes- 
ville, O., to which place she removed in 1846. (4220) 

1922. III. Hannah Saxton': b. Feb. 21, 1810; m. Oct. 9, 1827, 

Isaac Dillon, at Zanesville, O., where they reside. 


1923. IV. Edith": b. Oct. 16, 1812; d. unmd., Nov. 21, 1832, at 

the residence of Ephraim Robins, in Cincinnati, O. 

Children of (690) William' and Elizabeth (Fort) Keyser. 

1924. I. Derick W.'': b. May 26, 1819; m. Feb. i, 1844, Laura 

A. McComas. He d. Aug. 5, 1890, in Cleveland, O. 


1925. II. Charles Clinton": b. June 25, 1821; m. Nov. 15, 

1866, Anna E. Callow. He d. May 17, 1867. She d. 
with infant son, Oct. 15, 1867. 

1926. III. KETURAH BENSON'': b. Feb. is, 1824, in Bait. ; m. May 

7, 1840, John Tileston Fracker, of Zanesville, O., where 
he d. Feb. 2, 1880, and where Mrs. F. still resided and d. 
Feb. 8, 1897. (4229) 

Mrs. F. has been verv helpful in gleaning her famih' 
field for this compilation. 

1927. IV. Elizabeth Fort'; b. Jan. 16, 1827; m. Sep. 4, 1851, 

John V. Smeltzer, of Zanesville, O. He d. on Mch. 7, 
1 89 1. No chn. 

292 nil: 1I.\K1^ING FA.^\il-^. 

Children of ( b92 ) Charles Maris and Mary (Armstrong) Keyser. 

1()2.S. 1. ,\\A1^^ lil.l/AHHTll^ \\ Jul\- ^.I, 1832; 111. UeC. 6, 1865, to 
(lyu)) CIkuIl-s a/ Kc\scr, wliich set-. She d. iWa\- 14, 

1929. II. AkWSlkc )Nr.'': b. aiui d. same Jay, 1834. 

Children of same and Mary (Wilson), 2d wife. 

1930. ill. Wai^tha Wilson': b. Au^i. 12, 1846; m. (2119) \hm. 

J..shua' Lexfiin.u. <»t Bait., where she d. May i6, 1888. 

1931. I\. ANNA Smith': b. Jan. 17, 1848; m. James R. Edmunds. 

nt Bait. (4^39) 

1932. \. WiLS(^N': b. Sep. ii, 1849; unmd. 

1955. \l. Margaret IrklaNI^^ b. June 14, 1851; m. Mch. 23, 
1892, tn (JiK)) linn. Joshua Leverinii;, of Bait. 

1934. \11. CHARLliS Maris, Jr.': b. Jan. 11, 1954; m. Julia A. 
Pculsun. (4245) 

193s. Mil. Newberry Allen Smith': b. Jan. 16, i860; m. 

Louise C. Altuater, of Bait. They reside in Harford 
Co., Md. (4247) 

1936. IX. Grace Gil.MORE'": b. Au^;. 23, 1862; m. Frank E. Mc- 
Intire, of Philad., where thev reside. (4-^4^^) 

Children of (694) James and Eleanor i McNulty ) Keyser. 

1937. I. Elizabeth Cle.mens': b. Apl. 6, 1830; m. Apl. 8, 1856, 

Martin I.. Fink, of Wheelinj:;. Va., who d. She m. 2d 
Dec. 15, 1867, VValden Worle\-, by wliom she had no 
chn. (4250) 

1938. II. ("iKORGE^: b. Jan. 2/, 1832; d. July 19, 1866; unmd. 

1939. 111. Charles DERICK': b. Jan. s and d. Jul\- 8, 1834. 

1940. 1\. William Wilson': b. June 8, 1835; \n. June 14, 

1862. Aliee Walker. Reside Bait. (4251) 

194 1. \. Sarah Husse^": b. Oct. is, 1839; m. Oct. 15, 1859, 

John C. Ha\ . (4256) 


1942. VI. KETURAH Benson": b. Dec. 5, 1841 ; m. Dec. 4, i860, 

Edwin Walker. (4263) 

1943. Vll. James Robert": b. Nov. 20, 1844; m. Oct. 15, 1870, 

Louisa Kino;. (4271) 

1944. VIII. Charles Maris": b. Au^. 27, 1847; d. Sep. 2, 1871. 


1945. IX. Edward Crew': b. April 8, 1850. 

1946. X. Richard Fuller-': b. April n, 1853; m. June 15, 1881, 

Virginia Clark Raborg. (4276) 

1947. XI. Martin Fink": b. Sep. 18, 1855. 

Children of (695) William' and Mary (Bring^hurst) Lehman. 

1948. 1. Lorenzo Levering': b. Sep. 25, 1812; m. (721) Eliza- 

beth' Gorgas (see her for children). He d. Sep. 25, 1858, 
at Lebanon, Pa. She d. July 2, 1888. 

1949. 11. Elhanan W.': b. June 26, 1815; d. Nov. 2, 1820, in 

Germantovvn, Pa. 

1950. 111. Benjamin B.': b. Sep. 8, 1818; m. Oct. 10, 1839, Sus- 

anna, dau. of Ebenezer Mustin of Philad. She d. Oct. 
29, 1864 (4279). He m. 2nd Nov. 10, 1868, Eliza W. 
Gideon, who d. Jan. 8, 1871. He d. Sep. 9, 1891. All 
are b. in Lebanon, Pa., where they lived. 

1951. IV. Susannah E.-': b. Aug. 10, 1821 ; m. Jan. 31, 1849, Dr. 

Robert S. Woodrop of Charleston, S. C. She d. June 
13, 1850. No chn. 

1952. V. Samuel B.': b. Feb. 8, 1824; m. Nov. 13, 185 1, Eliza- 

beth D. Goodman. In his early childhood Mr. L's parents 
removed from Germantown to Lebanon, Pa. After a res- 
idence there of more than half a centurv, he returned in 
1885 for residence in Philad., his present home. (4289) 

Children of (696) Peter K. and Mary (Crean) Lehman. 

1953. I. JOHNC*: b. Aug. 15, 1814; m. Elizabeth C. B. Solms. 

He d. in June, 1854. 

1954. IL Edwin W.': b. Nov. 17, 1817; m Oct. 9, 1844, Eliza- 

beth Troutman of Philad. He d. Nov. 2, 1895. (4296) 

294 THI-: i.i:\i-:ring i-a.mily. 

I'hihid.. uhcTf slir d. nn April 24, 1894. No chn. 

1956. I\. Mary ANN': b. Ma\ iS. 1821 ; m. Au^'. 7. 1848, Hymen 
1.. LipiiKin. wlv \\;is b. Mch. 20, 1817, and d. Now 4, 
1S93, in Mhilad.. where Mrs. L. d. Oct. 2, 1894. (4297) 

19^7. W IJH'ISA H.": b. No\-. 22, 182^; m. June 4, 1846, James 
Wauii. uh.) d. ,\\a\ 4. 187^. She d. on Jan. 10, 1886. 


1958. \1. JA.Mlis A.": b. Au;z. 19. ''^26; d. Feb. 28, 1891; unmd. 

Child of (697) Benjamin and Catharine (Rex) Lehman. 

1959. I. Hannah K.': b. in 1835; m. in 1861 Stephen Benton who 
was b. Jul\ 4. 1830, and d. Oct. 26, 1866, in German- 
town, Phiiad., wiiere Mrs. B. and her unmd. daughter 
reside. (4303) 

Children of (699) Eliza (Lehman) and Piscator Langstroth. 

k/kd. 1. Bi:nja.MIN': b. Auli. 27, 1820; m. Jan. 5, 1850, 
Margaret Maull. He d. May 6, 1874. (43o6) 

k/ji. II. 1:L1ZAB1£TH': b. Oct. 20, 1822 ; m. Sep. 3, 1847, Fortu- 
nato Joai.|uim Figueira, of Phiiad., who was a native of 
the Island of Madeira, b. Oct. 25, 1809. He is dead. His 
title was Baron da Conceicao. (4^07) 

kX)2. 111. Ia.MES Fasset': b. Ma\- 31, 1824; m. Oct. 26, 1848, 
Harriet, dau. of Dr. Theodore Ashmead, of Germantown, 
Phiiad. He d. Jan. 8. 1893. (4309) 

1963. I\. Hannah Jane': b. Jan. 14, 1826; m. in Sep.. 1854, 

Francis A. Dre.xel, of Phiiad.. b. 1824. Shed. Dec. 30, 
i8t;8. He m. 2<\ Fmma M. Bou\'ier, who d. Jan. 29, 
1883. Mr. D. d. Feb. 15, 1885. He was the extensively 
known banker of Phiiad. Sir lv'oi>\ (43' 3) 

Children of ( 703 1 Elhanan W. and Maria (Fox) Keyser. 

1964. 1. KAiiiAkiNi-. Frances': b. Oct. 20, 1820; m. Feb. iC, 

1843. Dr. William Henr>- Wallace. She d. Mch. 18, 1888. 
Dr. W. and famil_\- reside in Phiiad. (4^1^) 

THE "^ 
.PUBLIC library'^ 
i* i 

Astor, Lenex and Tilden^ 

W Fou/idafjons, 





1965. II. George Fox": b. Jui\ is, 1H22; m. Feb. 7, 1850, Mary 

Elizabeth Kinime\-, who d. Oct. i, 1884. He d. Oct. 20, 
1890. (4319) 

Mr. K. resided in Philadelphia. In 1850, and for years 
after, he was extensively enjj;ao;ed in the lumber business. 
He was appointed one of the first Deputy Collectors of In- 
ternal Revenue, in war time. For seven years he was 
Register of the Water Works Department of the city ; 
was President of the School Board of his Ward for manv 
years, and was connected with the Board of Health at the 
time of his death. He was ever prominent in charitable 
organizations. A strong man among men. 

1966. III. Emily': b. July 29, 1824; d. Feb. 20, 1826. 

1967. IV. Frank'*: b. July II, 1826; m. Louisa Calvert, who died. 

No chn. Mr. K. res. in Philad. 

1968. V. Sally Ann": b. May 6, 1828; m. Dec. 26, 1854, John R. 

Savage. She d. Mch. 12, 1886, and was b. in the grounds 
of the old Oxford P. E. Church, at Philad. (4320) 

1969. VI. Harry': b. Sep. "6, 1830 ; m. Feb. 1 1, 1863, Isabel Ross. 

Res. near Bridgeton, York' Co., Pa. (4324) 

1970. VII. Benjamin Urner': b. Aug. 22, 1832 ; m. Oct. 25, 1859, 

Esther A. Todd. He d. Feb, 12, 1891. Mrs. K. and 
unmd. children reside in Washington, D. C. (4328) 

Child of (704) Mary' (Keyser) and Christopher S. Lang-stroth. 

1971. 1. Clementine L.': b. Sep. 27, 1819; m. Nov. 20, 1851, 

W. D. Fobes, of Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. F. is President of 
the Buffalo Historical Society. No. chn. 

Children of (705) Nathan Levering' and Maria (Geyer) Keyser. 

1972. I. Sarah Elizabeth": b. Sep. 18, 1823; m. May 5, 1842, 

John D. Blanchard, of Philad. (4334) 

1973. II. William Geyer': b. Sep. 29, 1825,; d. Aug. 12, 1848; 


1974. III. Peter Augustus': b. Aug. 24, 1827; m. Oct. i, 1848, 

Martha Thomas. He d. Nov. 7, 1874, ^^t Philad. 



2C)6 rm-: i.i;\i:wing family. 

ii)j-^. W. InnN (IHYHR^ b. Oct. 26. 1829; m. Jul\ 8, 1858, Mary 
A. HaiiK-s. Krs. Phihid. Mr. K. is a representative of 
tlK- A^AWA Litf InMiraiKc Co., with oftlces in the Drexel 
Buiidin-. (4341) 

1976 \'. Kathaivim: Clhmkns': b. Apl. 9, 1832 ; m. Apl. 29, 1861, 
riionias K. Ak-.\andc-r. of Philad. They removed in 1871 
to Baltimore, where Mr. A. represents tile ^tna Life Ins. 
Co. (4344) 

Children of (707) Elizabeth (Keyser) and Benjamin Urner. 

1977. 1. Catharine': b. Sep. 15 and d. Sep. 20, 1826; b. Spring 
(^jro\e Cem., Cincinnati, O. 

197S. II. i'LTLk KEYSER": b. Dtc. 9, 1827; d. Nov. 4, 1850, at 
S:icram(.-nto. Cal.; b. there. 

1979. III. HE^•R^• CLA^ ^ b. Jan. 29, 1830; m. Maria Harley. Mr. 

Urner is a hii^hly esteemed citizen of Cincinnati, O. He 
was United States Marshal of the Southern District of 
Ohio durin^^ President Cleveland's first administration, 
and has tilled other important positions of trust and re- 
sponsibility. He was for several years President of the 
Cincinnati C^hamber of Commerce, and is now President 
of the i\atinn;il Insurance Company of Cincinnati. 


1980. W. Benjamins b. Sep. 9. 1832, in Cin., O.; m. Au^. 8, 

i8t;2, Abby Spring, dau. of George B. and Lydia Spring 
Arnold. Kesiile at Fanwood. \. J., where lie d. May 10, 
1896. Mr. U. was an Alderman of Elizabeth, N. J., for 
several \ears. Was President of the New York Mercan- 
tile Exchange. Was candidate for Governor of New Jer- 
sey and Member of Congress, receiving an aggregate of 
\otes which testified his personal esteem and popularity. 


1981. V. Edward Hall': b. Aug. 13, 1834; d. July 25, 1836; b. 

Spring Cjro\e Cem., Cin., O. 








1982. VI. Nathan Dane": b. Jan. 12, 1838; m. Feb. 24, 1866, 

Annie Rizer, of Philad. No cbn. He d. in New York 
City Feb. ig, 1893 ; b. in Greenwood Cem. Mr, U. was 
a journalist of considerable prominence in New York. 
Was at one time city editor of tbe Tribune. He was 
amanuensis to Horace Greeley when writing the History 
of the Great American Conflict. 

1983. VII. Edward ChanNING": b. Jan. 12, 1838, a twin to Na- 

than Dane. He d. Mch. 1, 1882; b. in Spring Grove 
Cem., Cin., O. 

Children of (708) Hannah (Keyser) and John Riehle. 

1984. 1. Edith": b. July 14, 1826; m. Charles S. Corfield of 

Philad. " Had one daughter, who died many years ago." 

1985. 11. Catharine': b. Mch. 14, 1828; d. Apl. 10, 1832. 

1986. III. J. SlEGMUND': b. Oct. 27, 1831 ; m. Feb. 6, 1854, Anna 

M. Barber. Res. Merchantville, N. J. (4354) 

1987. IV. Henry**: b. Nov. 26, 1833; m. Mary Raphun. Res. 

Philad. (4356) 

1988. V. Clementine Keyser': b. Nov. 24, 1835 ; d. Apl. 8, 1858, 

unmd.; b. Laurel Hill Cem., Philad. 

Children of (709) Clementine (Keyser) and Michael Keyser Lynd. 

1989. I. James, Jr.': b. Mch. 10, 1826; m. Mch. 3, 1853, Margaret 

H. Smith of Bridgeton, N. J., who d. (4357). He m. 2d 
her sister, Caroline Smith, who d. in 1861. He d. June 

30, 1876. They were b. at the German Baptist church- 
yard in Germantown. Mr. L. was President of the 
Select Council of Philad.; also City Solicitor. In Oct., 
1870, was elected one of the Judges of the District Court 
of Philad. Resided in West Philad. 

1990. II. Peter Keyser^: b. Nov. 24, 1827; m Susanna Brown, 

who d. Oct. 23, 1881, aged 47 years. He m.. 2d Aug. 

31, 1884, Lavina Post, of Towanda, Pa. Res. Camden, 
N.J. (4361) 

29S Till-. l-i;\l-:i<'lNtJ FAA\ILY. 

Children of i 710) Susannah (Keyser) and Frederick R. Backus. 

i(>;i. I. William Rodmans 1\ .I;in. 15. 1828; J. Jan. 24, 1872, 

K)Q2. II. CaTHARINH Clk.WRNS": b. Sep. 21, i8^,i; m. Oct. i, 
18^0. JosL-ph B. Slu'wcll. wlio J. Jan. 25, 1864, in Ger- 
mantnw n. Siie m. 2d Mr. Price, President of the Mont- 
^omer\- National Bank, at Norristown, Pa. She d. Aug. 
26. 1886. (4367) 

199^. 111. l-RLDliRlc:K Bayard^: b. Dec. 27, 1833; m. June 8, 
i8s8, Caroline Harris Moore, and lived in Brookl\n, N. 
v., w here she d. in Aug., i860. He m. 2d, Dec. 19, 1867, 
Amanda, dau. of Dr. Charles W. Noble, of Philad. 


U)i)4. W. Mary lil.lZABl-Tir : b. Mch. 8, 1838; m. Oct. 17, 1857, 
William Stexenson Noble, who d. Apl. 15, 1867. She m. 
2d June 2. 1870, Dr. T. 1-. l.eavitt, by whom had no 
issue. Pes. in ( jermantown. (4377) 

Children of (711 ) Peter Augustus and Martha (Eyre) Keyser. 

\^y^)-^. I. HyrE': b. Jul\ I, 1833, at Philad. 

i(»6. II. PETtR DlRCK (M. 1).)': b. Feb. 8, 183s; m. Feb. 25, 
18^8. Sallie H., dau. of Jacob Steiner, of Phild. Dr. K. 
entered the Union armv in 1861 as Captain in Co. C, Qist 
Penna. \'ols. Resigned in Sep., 1862. Went to Europe 
and graduated in his profession at Jena University in 
1864. Returned home and re-entered the army as sur- 
geon, with rank of Major, and remained in service to the 
L^Ui] of the War. (43^0 

Children of (7J4) Margarctta (Keyser) and Cipriano Canedo. 

n>;7. 1. CIRRIANC)': b. May 2, iS:;i; uiinid. Res., Gaudalajara, 

i()(;8. 11. MargarBTA YsadoRa': b. Jan. 7, 1833; m. Dec. 24, 
i8!^6, in the city of Gaudalajara, Mexico, to Juan Ygnacio 
Matute, of that cit\-, w here they reside. (4382) 









1999. 111. Catharine": b. April 30, 1835; m- Sept. 23, 1852, 

Samufl B. Bond, of Philad., who d. Oct. 7, 1877. She 
d. Aug. 10, 1881. (4389) 

2000. IV. Louis': b. July 9, and d. Sept. 26, 1840. 

Children of (715) Peter Keyser and Lydia (Weaver) Gorgas. 

2001. 1. WlLLIAA^ Weaver': b. Dec. 8, 1822; d. June 5, 1842; 


Eliza Jane': ) 1 d. Jan. 28, 1821;. 

y b. Nov. 28, 1824; - 
Sarah Ann': j I d. Jan. 29, 1825. 

Emma Matilda Thomas': b. Mch. 3, 1826; m. Jan. i, 
1846, Daniel Charles Elliott Brady, who was b. Mch. 9, 
1821, and d. May 27, 1878. She d. Jan. 13, 1883. Mr. 
Brady resided in Philad., where he was a member of a 
large importing dry goods firm, in 1857 he removed to 
Buffalo Forge, Va,, where he engaged in manufacturing 
bar iron. They d. there. (4393) 

2005. ^- Cornelia Hart': b. Feb. 28, 1828; m. Nov. 12, 1850, 

Thomas Forrest Fraley, b. Oct. 3, 1834, and d. Mch, 5, 
1862. She m. 2d Apl. 27, 1865, Theodore Trewent, b. 
Feb. 18, 181 1, and d. Dec. 12, 1883. No chn. by 2d m. 
Mr. Trewent was b. in Germany. He was an extensive 
iron manufacturer at Conshohocken, Pa. He d. in 
Philad., where Mrs. T. has since resided — at Stratford 
Hotel. (4405) 

2006. VI. ANNA Thomas': b. Nov. 10, 1829; m. Dec. i, 1853, 

James Manderson, who was b. Jan. 16 18 12, and d. 
Dec. 24, 1886. No chn. Mr. M. dealt largely in lumber, 
and was engaged in the improvement of real estate. 
Mrs. M. resides in Philad. 

2007. Vll. Sarah Keyser': b. Dec. 9, 1831 ; m. May 13, 1851, 

John Hanson Michener, now president of the Bank of 
North America, Philad., and a trustee of the (}irard 
estate. She d. Jan. 6, 1885. (4406) 

2008. Vlll. Charles Keyser': b. Nov. 26, 1833; I'tmoved to 

Boletourt Co., Va., where in Aug., i860, he m. Ann 
Sisson, who d. in 1885. Mr. G. d. Oct. 22, 1862. No 

2009. IX. JOSEPH': b. April 10, 1836; d. April 5, 1842. 

3CX) THI-: i.i;\i-:i''iNG family. 

Children of HX^) Hannah K. (Gorg^as) and Adolph Dill. 

2010. I. JOSHPH (ic)W(]AS': h. Nn\ . i6, 1827 ; d. Sep. 7, i886, 

iiniiHl. He was an cxtcnsiw tobacco dealer and manu- 
facturer at Ki(.iiino]id, \'a. 

201 1. II. ADOl.lMl, .IP.': h. ,\\a\- 22, 18^0; d. Oct. 26, 1831. 

2012. 111. Sarah (jORciAS': h. May 18, 183^; m. Oct. 24, i860, 

Frederick- L. Ballault', Prussian Consul, who was b. Feb. 
10, 1822, and d. June 11, 1866, (4413) 

20n. I\'. l:LI/Am:Tll Ll-H.MAN": b. Sep. 7, 1838; d. Sep. 5, 1839. 

2014. \. ADOLPH, Jr.": b. Sep. 1, 1840; m. Feb. 9, 1871, 

HIizabeth W. VVeidman, of Lebanon, Pa., b. U^^c. 19, 
1848. (4415) 

2015. \'l. Hannah Klvshr': b. July 2, 1843; ni. Edward \'. 

Breeden, of Richmond, \a., wlio d. Feb. 12, 1884. All 
the Dill families reside in Richmond, Va. Adolph is a 
large dealer in tobacco. 

Children of (720) Rachel (Gorgas) and Dr. John F. Bullock. 

2016. 1. JOSLPH GORGAS': b. Sep. 12, 1835; ^1- Oct. 26, 1864. 

He was marrieii and had one son, Charles. 

2017. II. Charlls Kbyser': b. Feb. 25, 1837; m. Feb. 14, 1861, 

Anna Matilda Bowman, b. Sep. 11, 1840. (44^6) 

Children of (721) Elizabeth (Gorg-as) and (J948) Lorenzo 

Levering' Lehman. 

2018. I. Sarah OORGAS': b. n<)\-. 27, 1845, at Lebanon, Pa. ; m. 

May 23, 1872, John H. Yin.ust. She d. Sep. 6, 1873, ^^t 
Lebanon. He d. since. They had no chn. 

2019. II. Clara Hlizablth': b. Sep. 18,1847. Res. at Lebanon, 

Pa. Unmd. 

2020. III. F.M.MA Matilda": b. July 1, 1849. Res. at Lebanon, Pa. 


2021. I\. MaR>': b. Nov. 3. 1851, at Germantown ; d. July 27, 

i8:;q, at Lebanon. 


Children of (724) Dr. Thomas Rolfe' and Rebecra (Elwell ) Clement. 

2022. 1. JEROME': h. Feb. 23, 1848; d. Oct. 6, 1888, unmd., at 

Philad. ; b. at Ct-m. in Daretown, N. J. 

2023. 11. Mary Levering' : b. June i8, 1849; d. Api. 28, 1868, 

unmd. J at Pittsgrove, N, J. ; b. at Cem. in Daretown, 
N. J. 

2024. 111. Annie B.': b. Feb. 8, 1851 ; d. Dec. 8, 1893, at Philad. 

Buried at Daretown, N. J., Presb. Cem. 

2025. IV. Arabella': b. Sep. 23, 1853; unmd. 

2026. V. Howard E.': b. Dec. 27, 1857; m. June 2, 1886, Ella 

White Russell. No chn. 

2027. VI. Thomas Rolfe': b. Mch. 15, 1868; m. Feb. 22, 1893, 

Ella Victoria DeLany. Res. Philad. (4421) 

2028. VII. Samuel DeWitt Clinton': b. Jan. 15, 1869. Unmd. 

Children of (726) Charles' and Martha (Welch) Clement. 

2029. I. Aaron Levering': b. July 3, 1844, at Royalton, O. He 

was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion and died in the 
service Sep. 16, 1862, at Washington, D. C. 

2030. 11. Wahala': b. Nov. 18, 1845; m- '^'-ig. 8, 1871, Albert 

Ferrell. After marriage, in 1871, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell 
removed to Decorah, Iowa, where they lived until he 
died, in 1884, when Mrs. F., with her children, returned 
to Oakland, 111., wliere they reside. (4422) 

2031. III. JOSEPH William': b. Aug. 4, 1849; m. Apl., 1875, 

Mrs. Mary E. Stewart (nee Smith). (4429) 

2032. IV. Mary Elizabeth': b. June 13, 1851 ; m. Oct. 28, 1879, 

Henry S. Cash. Res. Oakland, HI. (443o) 

2033. V. Sarah Ellen': b. Aug. 26, 1853; d. Mch. 20, 1855, at 

Oakland, 111. 

2034. VI. Charles': b. Oct. 8 and d. Oct. 30, 1856, at Oakland, 


2035. VII- Francis': b. July 14, 1858; d. young at Oakland, 111 

2036. Vlll. Clinton': b. May 13, 1861 ; unmd. Res. at Oak- 

land. 111. 

302 THH l.liM-RlNG FAA\1LY. 

20^7. I.\. (jEOkCli CWLIih' : h. Ma\ i, 1864; J. at Oakland, HI. 

20^.S. \. Flora Low": b. June- i-j , 1867: unnui. Res. at Oak- 
land, 111. 

Children of (727) Elizabeth (Clement) and George Creed. 

2039. '• < •liORdK' : 1\ Jul\ 19, 1838, at Lancaster, O. ; m. Dec. 

6, 1864. Alicr H. Pi-tcrs. in Rt)yalton, O., where the\' 
reside. (443^) 

2040. II. MaR^' LliVKRlNci": b. Jan. 17, 1840. in Lancaster, O. ; 

m. l)cc. 12, 1 8^7. in Marysville, Cal., to Frederick Ferdi- 
nand Ij)\\ , will) was born at Frankfort, Me. They lived 
in San Fiancisco, Cal., where he d. July 21, 1894. Sec 
biiuy. (4437) 

2041. 111. John Marshall': b. Apl. 30, 1842, at Chillicothe, O. ; 

ni. .\()\'. 24, 1871, in San Francisco, Cal., to Mar\' SuUi- 
\an, "f Ware, Mass. They live at Berkle\-, Cal. 


2042. 1\. CharlLS Hopkins': b. Max- 20, 1844, at Chillicothe, 

O.; m. Jan. 2^, 1868, Louisa A,Lj;atha Mithnff, at Lancas- 
ter. O.. whcrr thf\- reside. (4444) 

Children of same and 2d husband, James M. Pratt. 

204^ \. ARTHUR Francis^ b. Nov. 6, 1857, at Lancaster, O.; 
in. Lduisa Newman, at Eureka, Nevada. They live in 
Chicago. 111. (4453) 

2044. \l. JLNNIK CrlhI)^ b. Sept. 8, 1859; m. Feb. 22, i88i,at 
(iran\ille, ().. James \'. Collette, who d. in Sept., 1888. 
No. chn. 

Children of ( 729) William Lawrason and Pauline (Reber) Clement. 

204;. 1. John Rhblr^: b. hec. IS, 1849, in Royalton, O.; m. 
l.ettie Westenhaxer. Res. Columbus, O. (4454) 

2040. 11. \\AR^ A.\ b. Sept. 1^. 18^1. in Roxaltcn, O.; m. Mr. 
Mays. (4455) 

2047. III. CHARLtS": b. April 0, 185^, ni R(.\alton. O.; supposed 
l<' be dead. 


2048. IV. William LawraSON": b. Max- i6, 1855, in Royalton, 

O.; m. Marv Hile, of Lancaster, O. 

2049. V. George": b. in 1858, in Royalton, O. 

Children of (730) Joseph W. and Maria (Paul) Clement. 

2050. 1. Creed Paul': b. Nov. 20, 1849, at Royalton, O.; m. 

Jan. 31, 1878, Isabfl Sherman. Tht-y live at Quenenv), 
Kansas. (4456) 

2051. II. Charles Rolf' (M. D.): b. May i, 1852, at Green- 

castle, O.; m. Sept. 25, 1879, Elizabeth Freed; no chn. 
Dr. C. is a graduate of medicine at Lon^i Island College 
Hospital, at Brooklyn, N. Y., of class of 1878. Res. 
Groveport, O. 

Children of same and Lucy (Drake) ^ 2d wife. 

2052. ill. Clinton Levering': b. May 10, 1858. Res. Wapello, 


2053. IV. JOHN Drake': b. April 21, i860. 

Children of (732) Elizabeth' (Levering) and (764) Madison' 


2054. 1. Jaa\ES Lav^RASON': b. April 10, 1842; m. Laura Pearson, 

of Bait., who d. 8th Sept., 1868. He m. 2d Lily Sweet, 
of Bait. Mr. L. is a gentleman of culture and of literary 
attainments, and manifests concern in family history. 
Resides at Wilsonia, Grant Co., W. Va. (4462) 

2055. 11. ANNIE Louisa': b. Julx- 22, 1844; m. Sept. 18, 1867, 

Charles T. Crane, of Bait., where they live. (4472) 

Children of (733) Lawrason' and Sarah (Bernard) Levering. 

2056. 1. Thornton Bernard': b. Nov. 26, 1833, in Bait.; d. Nov. 

5, 1835, ''"> Springfield, ill. 

2057. 11. Aaron Righter': b. May 18, 18^5, in Springfield, 111.; 

m. Jan. 6, 1858, Jennie P. Stratton, of Lexington, Mo. 
He d. about 1872. He left a dau., Lillie, who li\es in 

^04 nil-. l.l.\i:i''lNG FA WILY. 

Children of same, and Brianna (Spain), 2d wife. 

205cS. III. A.N.N [..A\SIMS« )N^ \\ .lul\' i6, iS^t). in Springfield, 111.; 
in. Hrt'Ji-rick A. Churchill, <'t St. Louis. (4475) 

2059. 1\. C.AlllARIM: Sl'AlN": \\ JuIn' 4. •''^41 '- 'l^- ^"^■. -> I<*^60, 

H.»K-it Hhiekufll Whittt-mniL', of Astoria, Lonu; Island, 
.N. V. rhr\- li\c at St. Lnuis, .V\n. (4479) 

2oC)0. \. Sarah Ai.ici-:': b. .\'o\-. 22, 184:;; d. \nung. 

Child of (735t Charles Warren and Susan (Bernard) Levering. 

20C)\. 1. Susan l-AWRASON' : h. in St. Louis, whcit- she d., unmd., 
about iSvS. 

Children of ( 736 1 Alice Ann (Levering) and ( 790 » B. Franklin' 


206j. I. WILIJA.W LawrasoN": b. Apl. ^o and d. Aug. 21, 18^7. 

2oC)T,. 11. Clinton Wi:BSTF.R': b. ,V\a\- 26, 18^8 ; d. Au.g. 20. 1847. 

2064. III. Aaron KKjliriiR' : b. Sept. 26, 1839; m. Dec. 4, i860, 
Hlla Porter. Mr. L. is cashier of the Farmers and Mer- 
cliants Bank- of Hannibal, Mo. 

206=;. I\. ANNH-: f:LIZABinTC: b. June 21, 1841 ; m. Feb. 6, 1878, 
( .. M. Bower. Res. Paris, Mo. (4488) 

206C). \'. Franklin': b. Au;j;. ^o, 184^; d. Auu. 2, 1844. 

2oC)7. \l. W.WA \n^(JINIA': b. Apl. 0, 1845; m. Oct. 15, 1863, 
John I'. H(iline. She d. Mch. ^1, 1890, at Hannibal, 
Mo. (4490) 

Children of (738) Mercy R. (Levering) and James C. Conkling. 

2068. I. Ja.WL.s LawrasoN': b. Jul\- 24, and d. Sep. 29, 1842, in 
Sprinutield, ill. 

206c;. II. CLINTON L.^ b. Oct. 16, 184^; m. Mch. 12, 1867, Geor- 
uie Barrell. Pes. Sprin.Lifield. 111. (4495) 

2070. III. Charles": b. Jul\- i, 1848; unmd. Sprinutleld, III. 

2071. 1\. Ja.MLS": b. Jan. 4, 1850; m. Mch. 13, 1870, Fannie 

Lo\\r\-. Pc-s. Franklin, Neb. (449^) 


2072. V. ANNIE V/: b. July 2, 1853; m. Nov. 2^, 1875, Nathan 

S. Wood, who d. Mch. 1 I, 1879. She m. 2d Jan. 4, 1882, 
Frederick L. j\vatthe\vs, who d. Dec. 24, 1801. She has 
no chn. Res. Spriniifield, 111. 

2073. VI. Alice': b. Apl. 25, 1856, at Springfield. Unmd. 

Children of (739) Mary C (Levering) and A. Fuller Crane. 

2074. 1. William": b. June 11, 1842, in Bait.; m. Sep. 28, 1872, 

Florence Bangs, of Washington, D. C. He d. May 2, 
1883, at Georgetown, D. C. She d. Nov. 21, 1887, at 
Hyattsville, Md. They were prominent members of the 
Prot. Epis. Church. (4504) 

2075. 11- Mary Clement': b. Jan. 4, 1844, in Bait.; m. Mch. 2, 

1865, Rev. William Rogers Devries, of Bait. (4509) 

2076. III. ANDREW Fuller': b. Apl. 19, 1846, in Bait.; m. Dec. 

18, 1878, Ellin Hoffman Gilmore, of Bait., where she d. 
Jan. 17, 1887. No chn. Mr. C. res. in New York City. 

2077. IV. Charles Campbell': b. May 21, 1849; m. June 3, 1869, 

Maria Virginia Zell, of Bait., where she d. Oct. 22, 1891. 
Mr. C. is a devoted Baptist. Res. in Bait. (4512) 

2078. V. Florence Dorset': b. July 29, 1853 ; m. Nov. 8, 1876, 

•George Norbury Appold, of Bait., who d. Jan. — , 1892. 
Mrs. A. is an adherent to Baptist faith. (4520) 

2079. VI. Alice Levering': b. Aug. 28, 1856; m. June 2, 1880, 

George H. Bayne, of Bait. They reside in New York 
City, and are prominent in Baptist circles. (4521) 

2080. VII. Jean M.':^ rd. June 26, i860, in Bait. 

I b. May 8, I 

2081. VUl. James": J ^^^°' Id. June 29, i860, in Bait. 

2082. IX. Elizabeth Ann': b. Feb. 17, and d. Aug. 5, 1863, in 



306 nil. L1:\I:WIN(J l-AVMLY. 

Child of (740 1 Ann (Levering;) and Robert McEIdowney. 

20S;. I. KoBliRr : h. Sep. ^.o. iS:;o, in B:ilt.; m. Oct. i, 1872, to 
1:11a, J. ui. ol Talhott Dcnmead. He was adopted by his 
uiK-Je (7^^4), Clinton Le\ering, and took the name of 
Robert l.eveiinii, which was confirmed by an act of the 
General Assembly of Maryland at its January session in 
1S6:;. Mr. I., is a leading merchant of Bait. (45-2) 

Child of < 741 ) Louisa (Levering) and Charles Fer8:uson. 
20S4. 1. Charles': b. Feb. 10, i<S49, at Bait., where he d. unmd. 

Children of (742) Virginia L. (Levering) and B. Griffith Latimer. 

2085. 1. Bknja.WIN (iRIFFITH^ b. Oct. 25, 1851, in Bait.; m. May 

4, i8()2, Helen Hstella Bromlew No chn. 

2086. II. \ IRCJINIA HlizabHTH^: b. Apl. i^, 1 854, in San Francisco, 

Cal.; m. Ma\- 1;. 1S7:;, Christopher C. Call. (4^27) 

2087. 111. LENERING^ b. Feb. 8, 1856, at San Francisco, where he 

d. Feb. 24. i8()i. 

2088. IV. Catharine Ann": b. Aug. 31, 1858, at San l-rancisco; 

m. No\ . 6, 1881. (jeorge Blais. (4529) 

2089. \. LOUISA LEVERING': b. June 5, i860, at San Francisco; 

m. Aui:. 14. 1886, James Monroe Reid. (45^n 

2CK/). \ I. F\A KNIGHT' : b. Feb. 12, i86<), at San Francisco ; unmd. 

Children of ( 743 ) Mary Jane Wilson Levering and Leonard 


20»)i. 1. \\.\U\ JaNI;": b. Apl. 2. i8i(); m. Dec. 13, 1843, Hugh Wil- 
son, of New Orleans, where she d. Feb. 10, i8()i. 

2a;2. 11. Leonora Sophia': b. Sep. 8, 1820; d. June 20, 1831. 

2a;3. 111. LVDIA Rebecca": b. Jan. :;o, 1822; m. Dec. 11, 1838, 
Lewis A. Finlex-, of New Orleans. He d. DiC. i, 1878. 
Mrs. F. resided at Pass Christian, Miss., where she d. 
June 4, |8()6. (4537) 



'public l b.-.ARY 

\\ ^jlor, Lenox ani Tiiden ^ 


2094. IV. William Wilson': b. Mcli. 4, 1824; m. Oct. 23, 1851, 

to Isiibrl L. Bowman, of Louisiana. Tliev lived near 
Bayou Sara, [.?.., wlKTr lie d. Jul>- 31, 1895. (4546) 

2095. 'V- Hannah Maria': b. Jan. 28, 1827; d, Au^. 4, 1828. 

2096. VI. James Calhoun": b. Nov. 20, 1828; d. Oct. 21, 1829. 

2097. VII. Pauline Christy': b. Oct. 24, 1836; m. Nov. 14, 

1866, Hdward Toby, of New Orleans. (4554) 

Children of (746) Thomas Wilson' and Martha (Stump) Levering. 

2098. 1. Samuel Stump': b. Oct. 15, 1829 ; m. May 22, 1854, Vic- 

toria L. Wright, of Bait., where they lived and died. He, 
on Apl. 27, 1870. She, on Sep. 22, 1889. (4556) 

2099. II. Martha Burroughs': b. Feb. 10, 1831 ; m. May 3, 

1854, to H. S. Condon, of Perrysville, Cecil Co., Md. 


2100. III. Lydia Rebecca': b. Nov. 10, 1832; m. Aug. 4, 1854, 

to Frederick Harrison, who d. Nov. 4, 1854. She d. Sep. 
14, 1874. 

2101. IV. Peter Wright': b. Feb. 16, 1835; ^^' M^"'^- 25, 1870. 


2102. V. Thomas Henry': b. Jan. 3, 1837; m. Susan L. Singer, 

who d. Sep. 25, 1885, at Bait. He d. in Apl., 1894, at 
Toledo, O. (4566) 

2103. VI. Mary': b. Mch. 23, 1839, at Bait. Unmd. 

2104. VII. Ellen': b. July 6, 1841, at Bait. Unmd. 

2105. Vlll. Florence': ] fd. Juiv 8, 1844. 

Vb. Jan. 18, 1843.-] 

2106. IX. ESTELLE': J [d. Aug. I, 1843. 

2107. ^- Nina': b. Dec. 4, 1844; m. Samuel Smith. Resided at 

Bait., v\here she d. Mch. 20, 1888, and he, on Apl. 9 of 
samt' year. (4570) 

Children of (750) Frederick Aug. and Martha (Johnson) Levering. 

2108. I. Hannah Maria': b. Jan. 24, 1853 ; m. George Bailey, who 

d. Mch. 16, 1880, at Bait. (4572) 

2109. 11- Frederick Johnson': b. Dec. 21, 1854. Unmd. 



J no. 111. I.ons KlCHAkl)': b. Jul\ 15, 185O; m. (4559) P^iuline 
M. LfVfiin-. Kcs. Bait. (4574) 

2111. I\. Cl.AI^HNCE": b. Nov. 3, 1.S60. Uiimd. 

Children of (753) Louisa S. (Levering:) and (I38I) William W. 


2ii_\ I. ^\AR^ !.(^l'IS[£': b. Ma\' 14, 1840; m. June, 1870, Wm. 
JuJsiiii Blown. Slu' J. N<)\-. 11, 1877. (4581) 

211^. II. IsaBI-:l'*: b. Jul\ 22. 1S41 : J. July 22, 1842. 
2114. 111. ANMI-: HLIZABETH': b. Jan. 16, 1844 ; in. Aua. 29, 
i8C)6. Thomas Taylor. (4585) 

21 i^. 1\ . Hannah LKVERING': b. Jan 7, 1846; m. Auj^. 28, 1879, 
Wm. Judson Brown, of Bait. No chn. 

21 16. \. ALICE": b. Oct. 17, 1849; m. June 4, 1872, Charlt-s 11. 

Fitz.iZt'rald, .if Bait. (45^7) 

Children of (754) Eug:ene' and Ann ("Walker) Levering. 

2117. 1. WlLLlA.M Tho.MAS": b. Jul\' 7, 184:^. at Bait.; m. Carrie 

Brooke. He is a leadin.u mercliant in Bait. (4590) 

21 iS. II. tLGLNE": 

2 1 19. 111. JOSIILA": [ b. Sep. 12. 184S. \ 

m.Marx' Armstrong. Res. 
Bait. (4595). Sec Nog. 

m. (1930) Martha W. 
Kevser, who d. May 
lO, 1888, at Bait. 


He m. 2nd, Mch. 23, 1892. (1933) Mart]5aret Ireland 
Kex'ser, who d. Auy. 27, 1891;. These twin brothers are 
the distiiijzuished merchants and importers of Bait. St'e 

2120. 1\. MaR^' HLIZABHTH": b. Mch. 26, 1847; d. Mch. ^, 1868, 

unmd.. at Bait. 

2121. \. Frederick AL'GL'STLIS': b. Au.o;. 19, 1849; m. Catha- 

rine Webb. (4605) 

2122. \ 1. l.LONIDAS": b. Nov. 12. 18^0; m. Annie R. Keys. He 

is an acti\e member of the mercantile firm of E. Lexerinji 
& Co., of Baltimore, composed of four brothers. 


/ THE 


'\ Astor. Lei'ox dnfl fiid^n / 


\;^ Fnui d.itions. 



ty^^ c/^f'^'^^'' 


2123. Vll. Wilson": b. Jan. 24 and d. Feb. 3, 1852. 

2124. VIU. Edwin WaLF'ER": b. Nov. u, 1853; m. Mary Gould, 

of Bait. (4615) 

2125. IX. Leonard Matthews': b. Oct. 23, 185s; m. Oct. 18, 

1893, Ella B. Ober, of Bait. 

2126. X. Annie Eugenia': b. Nov. 20, 1857; m. James E. L, 

Holmes, who d. Dec. 5, 1891, at Savannah, Ga, 


2127. Xi. Franklin Wilson**: b. June 30, i860; m. Mary Bull. 


2128. Xll. Martha': b. Dec. 12, 1864; d. Jan. 2, 1865. 

Child of (755) Hannah M. (Levering) and John R. Magruder. 

2129. I. Eliza Rebecca' : b. Oct. 26, 1848 ; m. Thomas J. Clark. 


Children of (757) John B. and Mary (Smith) Levering. 

2130. I. William Enoch': b. May 9 and d. July 22, 1834, in 

213T. 11. Jesse': b. June 29, 1835; "ti- '^'-ig. 14, 1862, Mary C. 
Gallagher, of Shelbyville, HI., at which place she d. Feb. 
7, 1888 (4624). Mr. L. was in mercantile business in 
Shelbyville for many years, and until July, 1891, when 
he removed to Terre Haute, Ind., and engaged in the Dry 
Goods trade. He m. 2nd Jan. i, 1890, Mrs. Jennie E. 

2132. Hi. Sarah Brown': b. Nov. 8, 1837; m. Mch. 28, 1861, 

Chr. Graybill of Lancaster, O., where the}- live. 


2133. IV. John Brown, Jr.': b. Mch. 2, and d. May 10, 1840. 

2134. V. George Washington': b. June 4, 1841; m. Dec. 5, 

1870, Clara Turner, of Shelbyville, ill. They reside at 
Holiday, Shelby Co., 111. Mr. L. was a volunteer soldier 
during the entire civil war in active service. Shared 
Sherman's march to the sea. He was honorably mus- 
tered out with his regiment. (4635) 


ji^^v M- MaI''^ l-;LIZAl5r:Tll': b. Feb. 4, 1S4; ; m. Auu. 12, 1874, 
JaiiK^ iJyariiKiii "t l^aiuasttr, U. riu-\- live at Pleas- 
ant\illc-, 6. (4648) 

2136. Ml. Hannah Brown' : b. May 0. ^^4^- m. April 6, 1871, 
bu.ufiK.' Summcilin, who d. Auu. 26, 1880, at Lancaster. 
( >. Mrs. S. d. Jan. 25, 188s, at Shelbyville, HI. 


2i^^7. \111. l-lMNCliS JaNH^ b. Au;^. 8, 18^1 ; m. April 4, 1876, 
1-. J. Fraker. Res. Shelbyville, HI., where Mr. F. is en- 
irajieLl in the Dry Goods business, and is a large land 
owner. (4655) 

2138. 1\. FUGENIA Howard': b. Feb. 3, and d. Mch. 21, 1854. 

Child of (.758) Henry and Jane (Work) Levering. 

2139. 1. JOSHF^H ROWLAND': b. Dec. 7. 18^4; d. 18^6, unmd., at 

Circle\ ille, O. 

Children of same and Ann (Prospect), 2nd wife« 

2140. 11. FLIZABETH PROSPECT": b. Dec. 27, 1838 ; m. Fdward 

Davis of Arkansas. Is d. 

2141. 111. HENR^' FNOCH': b. Dec. 2, 1840; d. 

2142. IV. Hannah Brown': b. Jul\- 19, 1843. 
214^. \'. CfiARLES Fdward': b. Auti;. 3, 1847; d. 
2144. \1. Martha Ann': b. April 25, 1850; d. 

1 Efforts for more specific information were made tiirough several 
supposed sources, but nothing further was learned of the family, 
except that all but Hannah B. are dead.] 

Children of ( 760 1 Maris' and Eliza Jane ( Wrig:ht ) Levering. 

214;. I. .IohN Wright': b. April 18, 183s ; unmd. Fixes at 
Arrapahoe, Neb. 

2146. II. William Suwner": b. Feb. 22, 1837; d. Sep., 1862, at 

Lancaster, O. 

2147. 111. Hannah BRt^WN": b. Feb. 23, 1839; d. Nov. 4. 1841. 

2148. 1\ . Fnc^CH LiiWIS': b. Ma\- 18, and d. Au,>i 19, 1841. 

2149. \ . Iani- Wright': b. Dec. 28, 1844; d. Au,^. 4, 1845. 


2n;o. \I. Rosier Maris"*: b. July 26, 1846; m. Api. 17, 1871, 
Minerva Raplee Whiteside, of Wabash, hul. Res. at Los 
Ano;eles, Cal., where Mr. L. is engaged in tlie Commis- 
sion business. (4659) 

2151. \11. Albert Williamson': b. Api. 28, and d. Jul>- 18, 1849. 

Children of i76i ) Louis and Cordelia (Hite) Levering. 

2152. I. Hannah Margaret": b. Feb. 9, 1840; m. Mch. 13, 1872, 

at Beaman, Mo., to Joseph D. Earhart. They now live 
at Montrose, Henry Co., Mo. (4662) 

Mr. E. enlisted in the War of the Rebellion, Apl. 17, 
1861, in the ist Ohio Infantry, for the three months' 
service, during which he was in the battle of First Bull 
Run. He re-enlisted Aug. 7, 1861. He was in the mili- 
tary campaigns in Kentucky and Tennessee. Was in 
many battles, the most famous were Stone River, Chick 
amauga. Lookout Mountain, and Mission Ridge. He 
re-enlisted as a veteran in 1864. Shared in the campaign 
and battles before Atlanta, and went with "Sherman to 
the sea." He was in the marches through the Caro- 
linas, and, "when the cruel war was over," participated 
in the Grand Review in Washington City. He was 
commissioned a captain of infantry before leaving the 
service. A severe wound suffered in the battle of Kene- 
saw Mountain resulted in a few years in the loss of his 

2153. II. ANN Eliza': b. Apl. 10, 1842; m. Jan. 12, 1870, at 

Beaman, Mo., to John Cook, of Jacksonville, 111. She 
d. at Beaman, June 14, 1873. (4664) 

2154. III. Mary Ann": b. Feb. 22, 1844; m. Mch. i, 1869, at 

Beaman, Mo., to Samuel McClery, of Lancaster, Ohio, 
They live at St. Marys, Kansas. (4666) 

2155. IV. Alice Maria': b. Sep. 15, 1846; d. Jan. 13, 185 1, at 

Lancaster, O. 

2156. V. Clara America': b. Feb, 28, 1849; d. Mch. i, 1868, at 

Beaman, Mo. 

2157. VI. Kate Louisa *': b. Sep. 10, 1851; d. Dec. 23, 1863, at 

Lancaster, O. 

:51_' THi; l.|-;\liPING FAMILY. 

jivS. \ II. I. K. NUVADA': b. JiiiK- 20,' 1857; m. in 1880 to John 
M. Jolinsf.n, and d. Mch. 12, 1887. (4671) 

jiV). \lll. I.OUIS lllTI-:': b. Nov. 2S, 1859; d. Oct. 10, 1877. 

Children of (763) Ethelinda (Levering) and Jefferson Schultz. 

21O0. 1. CINCINNATLIS-: h. MlIi. io, 1828 ; m. Miss Chapman at 
San Francisco, Cal., and d. soon after. 

2161. II. JKFFKRSON": b. .V\a\- ly, 1829; resided in Bait., where 

lie d. unmd. in 1894. 

2162. 111. SrSAN ANN": b. Jan. 6, 18^1, in Bait.; m. George Y. 

VVellinuton. Res. in Boston. 

216^. I\ . Hleanor Augusta": b. Sep. 14, 1834, in Bait. ; m. M. 
iNegle\-. Res. Cincinnati. 

2164. \'. William Wirt": b. 1836; d. x-oung, in Bait. 

2i6v \ I. ANNETTE': b. Sep. 29. 1838; m. Theo. P. Baldwin, of 
Cincinnati, O. Both are dead. No chn. 

Children of (765) Rigtiter and Mar\ (Stevenson) Levering:. 
216C). 1. ANN Dent': b. [)vc. 10, 1834; d. Feb. 12, 1833. 

2167. II. Charles Fisk': b. Mch. 16, 1836; d. young. 

2168. III. Fdvvari) McDonald': b. Jan. 10, 1838; d. Feb., 1840. 

Child of same and Eugenia (Anderson), 2d wife. 

2\()i). W. liLlZABETll DENT': b. Ma\- 12, 1857; m. Wm. Pinkney 
Anderson. Fixed at St. Fouis, where she d. Mch. 29, 
1879. (4672) 

217U. \. Charles Clinton": b. May 30, 1862; d. unmd. Sep. 
23, iS8^, at F\ans\ille, Ind., to which cit\' he removed 
from St. Louis in the fall of 188 1. He was a student of 

Children of (767) Decatur' and Eliza (Akin) Levering. 

2171. 1. Helen Mar^': b. Ma\ 8, 1838; m. Nov. 9, 1859, Capt. 
James Kean, of Bait. She d. in May, 1865. (4674) 
Capt. Kean was a mariner ; commanded vessels sailing to 
and from Smith American ports for several }ears. He is 
now engaged in the brokerage and commission business 
in Baltimore. 


2172. II. Sarah Hthelinda': b. Mch. 22, 1840; m. Now 10, 1867, 

Capt. JanK\s Kean, of Bait. (4676) 

2173. HI. Eliza Gertrude': b. Max- ig, 1843; unmd. Lives in 


Children of (775) Edward Jesse' and Amelia (Martin) Levering. 

2174. I. ANN Elizabeth' : b. Sept. 22, 1832 ; m. William R. Scott, 

Res. in Bait. (4679) 

2175. II. Sarah Brown': b. Dec. 30, 1833; m, Dec. 30, 1862, 

Gideon J. Gilpin. Live at Sandy Spring, Montgomery 
Co., Md. (4684) 

2176. III. Jesse": b. Jan. 7, 1835; m- Mary Wolf. Live near 

Bait. ', (4689) 

2177. IV. Mary ANN': b. July 15, 1838; d. July 5, 1845. 

2178. V. Eleanor Jane': b. Aug. 15, 1840; m. Philip Dietz. 


2179. VI. Eliza Caroline': b. June 7, 1842; d. unmd, Nov. 12, 


2180. VII. Sarah Margaretta': b. Dec. 30, 1844; m. Ernest 

Aug. Wahaus. Res. Relay, Md. No chn. 

2181. VIII. Alexander': b. Mch. 22, 1847; d. June 22, 1850. 

2182. IX. George LOWERY': b. Oct. 21, 1849; d. unmd. Mch. 

2, 1875. 

2183. X. Edward Jackson': b. Feb. 15, 1852; m. Mildred Jack- 

son. Live near Wetheredville, Md., where he d. Dec. 
30, 1890. (4717) 

Child of (776) Georgfe W, and Ann (Miller) Levering. 

2184. I. ANNA Maria': b. about 1840; m. J. McVickers, of Mo, 


^14 THH 1.1: \ HIVING FA WILY. 

Children of (7781 Olivia H. P. (Levering:) and Dr. J. P. Smith. 
_'i.Sq. I. JLSsii l.i:\i:iviNCi^ b. Juiit- 7, 1836; J. Oct. 24, 1838, at 

F:iirru-ij. s. c:. 

J186. II. .\\Aki< )N ISABHl. l.liNKPING': \\ June 8, 1846, at Ellicotts 
Milh. Mil.; in. [he. 16. 1880, t<> Lewis Bolixar Robinscm. 
Kes. hallstitn, Harlord Co., MJ., where he d. on May 9, 

is*/). (4724) 

Children of ( 7oo • Mary Righter' ( Levering: ) and John Matthews. 

J1S7. I. loHN LliVI:RIN(i/ (M. [).): b. Ma\- 8, 1827, in Bait. In 
Oct., 1S4;. lu- reiiiiived to Hannibal, Mo., where, on Apl. 
^, 1849. he m. Martha McDowell, b. Oct. 8, 1828, at 
Steiibeinille, ( ). They subsequently resided in St. Louis 
and in Krank'lin Co., Mn., until the \ear 1883, when they 
remo\fd tn Little Rock, Ark., where they now live. Dr. 
M. w as ^raduateii in medicine and practiced the profession 
for se\fral years. He has se\eral farms in the north- 
e.istern part nf Arkansas, and is en.uaued in mercantile 
business at H<irners\ille. Dunklin Co., Mo., where he 
sptMuis a considerabk' pnrtiim of his time. (4727) 

J188. 11. Lli( JNAkD": b. 1)<.'C. 17, 1828; m. Oct. 2, 18O1, Mary 
Spnttswoode Nisbet. Reside in St. Louis. Mr. M. is re- 
tired from business. Is an e.\emplar\' and influential 
memlx-r ot the Presbyterian Church. (4736) 

-•iSo 111. ANNA": b. Apl. 12, and d. Nn\ . g. 1831, in Bait. 

ju/j. w. WiLLiAW Henry": b. Dtc. 1, 1832; m. Au^. 31, 1871, 
Mar\' Campbell Ci\en. Mr. M. removed with his parents 
in 1841 from Bait, to Mo. In 1848 he entered the dru^; 
business at St. Louis, which he continued till 1865, w^hen 
he rem(»\ed to New Orleans, and en^ia»ied in the «[rain 
Au>.\ tlour tradr. which lie still pursues. Mr. M. is an act- 
ivf and prominent officer in the First Presb. Church of 
New Orleans, and tor nearly twent\- years has been the 
efficient superintendent of the Sabbath School of that 
con;:re;iation. (4744-) 

2191. V. Mary': b. Apl. 4 and d. July 2, 18^5, in Bait. 




As I or, Lenox ani TiWen 
Four datiofls. 



2192. VI. Edmund ORVILLE," (Rear Admiral) : h. Oct. 24, 1836; 

m. May 22, 1878, Harriet Robinson Hammond, of New- 
port, R. 1.. who d. Feb. 26, 1883, at Charlestown, Mass. 
He m. 2d Nov. 5, 1884, at Newport, Alzaida Roslyn Ham- 
mond, a sister to his first wife. They reside in Washin<2;ton, 
D. C, where Admiral M. has a command in the U. S. 
Navy. See biog. (4746) 

2193. \ll. Leonora": b. Nov. lo, 1838; m. Jan. 23, 1867, in St. 

Louis, to James Brison Woods. They removed to New 
Orleans, where she d. Jan. 14, 1887. Mr. W. and family 
reside in N. O., where he is engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness. (4751) 

2194. VIIL Mary': b. May 7, 1841 ; m. May 7, 1863, Archie 

Woods, of St. Louis, where they lived, and she d. Jime 
14, 1885. (4759) 

The above were born in Baltimore, tlie following in 

2195. IX. Isabel': b. July 13, 1843; J- •'"> 1859 in St. Louis. 

2196. X. Flora': b. Aug. 17, 1845 ; m. Dec. 22, 1864, David C. 

Gamble. Res. St. Louis. (4766) 

2197. XI. James': b. Mch. 25 and d. Sep. 26, 1849. 

2198. XII. George Bernard': b. Dec. 3, 185 1 ; m. July 16. 

1874, Rosa Adele Martin in New Orleans, where he has 
been in mercantile business since 1867. (4779) 

Children of (789) Mercy Ann' (Levering;) and Thomas E. Palmer. 

2199. 1. John': b. Oct. — , 1832; m. Hester Shannon. 

2200. 11. Anna': b. Aug. — , 1834; d. Aug. — , 1855, unmd. 

2201. 111. Mary': b. Apl. — ,1836. 

The above were born in Bait.; the following in Mo. 

2202. IV. ALICE': b. Feb.—, 1838. 

2203. V. Edward': b. Dec. — , 1840. 

2204. VI. Mercy Ann': b. Dec. — , 1842. 

2205. VII. Eliza Jane' : b. June — , 1846. 

2206. VIIL William P.': b. Feb. 22, 1849. 

2207. IX. Flora': b. June — , 1851. 

^\(} THK Li;\l-:WING FAMILY. 

Child of I yS I Alice Ri??.s ( Levering: i and Dr. George Alexander. 

220.S. I. Catharine Hanson': \\ Dec. 29, 1846. 

Children of ( 300 t Thomas Lawrason and Julia (Forster) Levering. 

22(:)i). 1. f-RANCIS AARON': b. in iS;;; d. Apl. 19, 1844. 

2210. II. Mary Millhi/: h. .V\a\ — . and d. Aua. i6, 1839. 

2JII. ill. Sarah Aski:w\ b. 1840. Res. St. l,ouis. 

2212. I\. Wary .Alice": b. in 1842; unmd. Res. St. Louis. 

22n. \. KRANCES LLIZABETH": b. in 1849; m. May 12, 1879, l^'- 
,1. B. (llancies. ot St. Louis. (4785) 

Children of (8031 Cave and Catharine (Vonfelden) Levering. 

2214. I- Mary Lllen": b. .Wcii. 2, 1847; m. Sep. 17, 1867, J. 
Robert Carver. (4788) 

221 ;. H. Ulnry C": b. Jan. i, 1849; m. Nov. 6, 1872, Julia 
(^hattert'in. (4793) 

22i(). 111. Aaron": b. Mch. 22, 1851; unmd. Res. Bait. 

2217. I\'. James Thomas': 1\ Au^. 21. 1853; m. No\-, 8, 1877, 
Harriet M. Rule. (4796) 

22I.N. \. JOHNCi.': b. [\\\ IT., 1855; d. \'(iun^. 

22i«>. VI. ANN Lliza": b. Dec. 7, i8t;6; m. Oct. 26, 1887, Lester 
S. Rednion.' (4798) 

2220. \ II. CaN'E": b. Apl. i:;, i8^(); d. x'oun^. 

2221. \lll. Cave": b. Sep. 28. 1861 ; unnid. 

222:. W. Charles Ldwari)': b. Oct. 31, 1864. 

2'-;. X. Harve M.": b. Di.^c. 13, 1866; m. Au.ii. 28, 1889, Celia 
Combs. (4800) 

•'•}• M. Maggie": b. Jul\- 7, 1869. 

All li\in;^ in Petersburg;, 111., e.xcept Aaron. 

Child of I o07 ) Aaron and Mary (Matison) Levering. 
2221;. L Mary": b. in Bait. Can not learn iier history. 


Children of (809) Charles Thomson and Mary (Weest) Jones. 

2226. 1. Mary Wayne': b. Nov. i, 1838; d. Mch. 15, 1840; b. 

I.ev. Gem. 

2227. 11. Mary Wayne': b. May 10, 1840; m. May 15, 1 86 1, to 

Frank J. Cornman, of Roxb., who d. July 16, 1877, in 
the prime of a very useful and consistent life ; b. Lev. 
Cem. Mrs. C. and family reside in the homestead on 
Ridge Avenue. (4801) 

2228. 111. Charles Thomson, Jr.": b. May 28, 1843 ; m. May 28, 

1866, to Sarah Smith, of Sullivan Co., Pa. (4806) 

2229. IV. Adele**: b. Aug. 4, 1845; "^I'lmd. 

2230. V. EloiseL.'*: b. Oct. 19, 1847; unmd. 

Misses Adele and Eloise are at home in the family resi- 
dence, which is a stately mansion, surrounded by ca- 
pacious grounds, situated on Ridge Avenue, in Roxbor- 
ough, Philad. 

Children of (8J0) Nathan Levering and Margaret (Struthers) 


2231. 1. Helen Struthers': b. April 16, 1845; m. Sept. 23, 

1869, to Edward L. Brown. {4813) 

2232. 11. Margaret Struthers': b. June 7, 1847; d. July 29, 

1848 ; b. Lev. Cem. 

2233. III. Sallie Levering': b. Ma\' 24, 1849. 

2234. IV. Mary Struthers': b. Feb. 28, 185 1; m. Re\-. John 

Jay Joyce. (4817) 

2235. V. HETTIE Ann': b. Aug. 28, 1853; m. Oct. 21, 1875, to 

Horace Brook Burt. (4819) 

2236. VI. Nathan Levering, Jr.': b. June 24, 1856; m. Nov. 

15, 1893, Minnie La\alctte Lewis. 

5lS THK 1. i:\LRING ^-A^\ILY. 

Children of '8t4' Cath.^rinc E. iRiter) and Gen. John Sidney Jones. 

j.Sj. I. John Sll)M■^. -ll''.': h. Aii^ n. i.S^j, in I'hilad.; d. Jan. 
f.), iSOi ; iinnul. 

_>.MS. II. KaTMPVN Riti-R": \\ Hfb. i-'^. i83Q,in Philad., wlu-re she 
liNJiifS ; uiiiiui. 

JJV). 111. SaMIHI- Moss' : b. Au;i. 24, T.S41, in Phihul. h'lst ills 
liU- in tin.' C;i\ il War ; unmJ. 

2240. |\. (U'M-:k T.": h. Oct. 29, I.S44, in Philad.; m. Dec. 21, 
iSSO. Theitjdsia Aslinu-ad. of Pliilad. He was educated 
near B'"st(.n, Mass. Wlien 18 years of age, enlisted in 
Cn. H. ^^d Penna. Re.Liiment ; was severely wounded at 
Ha;:erstnwn. Md.. a few days after the Battle of Gettys- 
burg. SubsequentK , was one of the organizers of the 
tirni of .\\. S. Shapieigh & Co., of Philad., one of the 
most pmniinent liiun houses in the country. His repute 
as a merchant is the highest. Was a man of mar\'elously 
comprehensiw mind ; universally respected and lo\-ed by 
his friL'iKis. He died June 2/, icSHj, at Philad., from un- 
healed wounds, leaxing a considerable fortune. (4(S24) 

J241. V.' Sl'SAN LHVERIN'd' : b. April IQ. and d. Nov. 16, 1847, in 

> > I > 

4J. VI. ZaCHARV Ta^LOR^: b. .Nov. 8, 1848, at Philad. Was 
educated near Boston. Is engaged in tlK' manufacturing 
business in New York. Unmd. 

224V \ll. JosiiPII Lkxhring'*: b. July 26, 1851, in Philad.; m. 
Oct. 26. 1887, Hli/.abeth Mercer Maclean, of Philad., 
where they reside. (4<S2s) 

Ml. Jon(.-s uas educated near Boston. In 187s gradi.1- 
ated from thr Law h^'partment of the Uni\^ersitv of 
PennsyKania. Since that time, has practiced the pro- 
fession of the law in his nati\ e cit\-, being the senior 
member of one of the most prominent law firms. 

His acumen in financial affairs has rendered his ser- 
\ices valuable, and in demand b\- moneved corporations. 
His visits to this cit\- (LaFayette, Ind.) in the interest of 
Philadelphians, who own the extensive electrical street 
car lines which we enjoy, ha\e afforded me pleasant ac- 
quaintance with him. 


Children of (8J7) Sarah Levering (Riter) and Thomas Fitzgerald. 

2244. I. RlTER': 

2245. II. Harrington': m. May 4, i<SSi, Mar)- Wells, of Norris- 

town, Pa. 

2246. 111. Thomas Hill' : 

2247. IV. Gilbert': d. Dec. 12, 1886. 

2248. V. Robert": 

2249 VI. Sarah Levering Shulze": 

This list from "The Levering Family." Effort has failed 
to elicit further information. 

Children of (818) Michael M.' and Elizabeth G. (Caldwell) Riter. 

2250. I. James Caldwell': b. Oct. 29, 1846; d. Jan. 15, 1853, 

at Philad. 

2251. II. William GUSTAVOUS': b. July 29, 1850; unmd. Is a 

merchant in Philad. 

2252. ill. ANNIE Elkinton": b. Dec. 5, 1852; m, Mch. 30, 1882, 

David Rupp, of York, Pa., where they reside. Mr. R. is 
an extensive manufacturer. (4829) 

2253. IV. Frank Miller': b. May 20, 1855; unmd. He is a 

member of the Philadelphia legal bar, and at present 
(1895) represents the city in the General Assembly of 
the State. Since (1896) was made Director of the De- 
partment of Public Safety of the city of Philadelphia, and 
has charge of the Police, Fire, Health, Electrical, Building 
and Boiler Inspection and City Property Bureaus. 

2254. V. Elizabeth Georgiana': b. Nov. 5, 1858; d. Ma\- 13, 

1859, at Philad. 

2255. VI. Charles Jones': b. Dec. 29, 1859; m. Dec. 6, 1888, 

Clara Mileabelle Hovey, of Newark, N. J. Mr. R. is a 
merchant in Philad. (4831) 

2256. VII. Michael Miller, Jr.': b. Aug. 5, 1864; unmd. Is a 

merchant in Philad. 

All were born in Philad. 

;20 I HI- l.i:\ HIDING KAWILY. 

Children of ( 820 • Deborah (Shepard) and Henry Zern. 

J2S/". I. JKSSK*: h. M^li. ^'. I'^^^S; '11- '-'^t^^'- i8' ''"^St- Caroline 
TriU'sJc-l. Kl-s. at Peru, liui., where he has tilled the 
urtia-s ut C:ierk nt Cant and Ma\-(.r <>i the cit\' ; d. 1896. 

(48:52) • 

22!;S. II. CaIvoum-:': i\ ahnin iS-,;; m. Charles Fnote, who was 
b. Jiil\' I, 1817. and d. at Peru. Ind.. Oct. 25. 1862. She 
in. 2d Frank 1 ).>u.uhert>'. who d. also. She lives at Peru, 
Ind. (48M) 

22^i). III. Al.Rl-WT": b. about 1840; in. Rachel Bell. He d. in 
i8()^. Shc> li\es at Peru. (4839) 

22(0. W. MlRA": b. about 1842 at Peru; m. John Wilson. Both 
are dead. Siie d. Feb. i , 1874. (4840) 

Children of (827) Charles and Ann (Brower) Shepard. 

22(u. I. John": b. Feb. 23, 1844; d. Feb. 13, 1865, Norristown, 

2262. II. Tllo.W.AS': b. June 28, 1845; m. Now 26, 1884, Lulu M. 
P\le. Res. Norristown, Pa. No chn. 

Children of ( o2o » Jesse and Harriet (Schultz) Shepard. 

22()^. I. Saimh .a.": b. Dec. 24, 1858; d. unmd. at Pl\mouth, Pa. 

2264. II. ANNA KLIZa": b. Au>:. 2;?, 1842; m. Sep. i^, 1863, A. A. 
^'eakle, of Norristown, Pa., wliere he d. Now i, 1888, 
a;:ed (;8. She d. Jan. i, 1889. (4845) 

226!;. III. Hi:Nk^ Sc:iirLTZ': b. Mch. 16. 1846; in. Mary Steiner. 

22(yC^. W . CHAkLliS Hdwin': b. Ma\- 15, 1848; unmd. Res. Pl\- 
mouth Meeting, l*a. 

22(t7. \. Johns.': b. Ma\ 15, 1854; m. Miss Eckert. Res. Col- 
le-e\ille. Pa. 


Children of (830) Sarah Ann (Brown) and Charles Crook. 

2268. I. Mary Ann"*: b. Mch. i, 1824; m. Dr. Joseph H. Craggs. 


2269. II. William Brown': b. Oct. 9, 1825. 

2270. III. Charles': b. May 19, 1827; m. Miss Gardiner. 


2271. IV. Isaac': b. Oct. 17, 1828; d. April 4, 1829. 

2272. V. Sarah Jane': b. Feb. 2, 1830. 

2273. VI. George W. M.': b. Nov. 13, 1831. 

2274. VII. Christian A.': b. Jan. 13, 1835. 

2275. VUI. James L.': b, Oct. 26, 1836. 

2276. IX. Cornelia L.': b. Feb. 13, 1839; d. ApL 17, 1840. 

2277. X. Clementine E.': b. Jan. n, 1841; d. Mch. 14, 1842. 
2278 XI. Thomas Hood': b. Aug. 23 and d. Dec. 26, 1842. 

Children of (831) Thomas J, and Brown. 

2279. 1. Margaret': 

2280. II. Mary Ann': 

2281. III. George': 

2282. IV. Elizabeth Jane': m. and had issue. 

2283. V. John': m. and had chn. 

Children of (832) James' and Brown. 

2284. I. Mary Ann': 

2285. II. William': They live near Carlisle, Pa. 

Children of (833) William' and Brown. 

2286. I. Jane E.': 

2287. II. George': 

2288. III. Rebecca': 

2289. IV. Mary Ann' : 


22i)0. \. \\AHAi;i.": 

J291. \ I. SaIvaM ANN": in. ;iiui Ii\t's near Caiiisle, Pa. 

[The Above Bnnvris are taken from The Levering Family. 1 
have m.ideeltorts tlirough several sources, including the Postmaster 
at Carhsle, Pa. where they are supposed to live— without success. 
Judge Henderson, ot Carlisle, wrote March, 1895 : "A George 
Brown died here about fifty years ago. By his will he owned real 
estate in Baltimore, and a farm adjoining Carlisle. Nothing is now 
known of his family."] 

Children of (337) Abraham and Hannah ( Rakestraw ) CoUaday. 

229J. I. J<)Si:iMi': 1\ .\"\ . J I, 1791 ; <\. uiiind. 

229^. II. William": b. ,V\a\- q, 179^; m. Sfi\ ly, 1833, Elizabeth 
Petit, will' J. Au;i. 14, i<S69. He d. May 22, 1870. 


22(>4. 111. Hannah Pastorius': b. Sep. 10, 1795; d. Sep. lO, 
1S64, unnid. 

2295. 1\. KaCHLL UGILBV: b. Dec. 17, 1797; d. Feb. 27, 1S77, 

22<.)b. \ KLBHCCA Ann": b. Jan. 2S, 1799; d. July 12, 1880, 

2297. \I. Chaivlhs': b. Ma\' 16, 1802; m. iWa\- 9, 1826, Hmil\- 

KittenhoLLse.* He d. Feb. 3, 1863. She d. Jan. 20, 
i8Sq. (4860) 

2298. \11. ^A\\ll•:L Kaklsiraw': b. May 27, 1806; m. Amanda 

W. Sellers. He d. Feb. 12, 1886. She Dec. 16, 1891 
No chn. 

Children of (o4t ) Juliana (CoUaday) and Jonathan Yerkes. 

22t>;. I. WiLLlA.M C:.\ b. Oct. 6. 1823; m. Hannah Lesher. 
Lives at Nottingham, Chester Co., Pa. (4867) 

2300. 11. DaNILL": b. IX'C. 13, 1828; m. Jan. 3, 1856, Emily 

Heaton. Res. Southampton, Bucks Co., Pa. (4869) 

2301. 111. ANNaC": b. Apl. 17, 1831; d. June i, 1884, unmd. 

•Umlly was J.iu. of Hi-nj. Rlltcnhousc. a JesconJent of Willem Ritfinghuysen, the first Mennonite 
preacher In Amoric.i. »hu came t" Gerin.ini.>wn. I'hilaJ., in 1688, and in 1690 built the first paper 
mill in America, on a br.inch of Wisi.ihickon Creek, In Roxborougli Township. 


Children of (847) Sarah (Pastorius) and John Tull. 

2302. I. Samuel P/: b. 1794; M. Lydia Leatherburg. Lived in 

Philad. (4874) 

2303. II. James'*: b. 1796; m. Sophia Hunt, who d. m. 2nd Mch. 

13, 1834, Mary Shallus. He d. Oct. 16, 1853, at St. 
Louis, Mo. (4875) 

2304. III. Sarah': b. 1798; m. to John Hay. (4887) 

2305. IV. Susan Pastorius': b. July 24, 1800; m. Apl. 20, 1820, 

to Joseph Rudolpli, who d. Apl. i, 1863. She d. Aug. 22, 
1884. (4888) 

2306. V. Francis Daniel': b. Feb. 22, 1803; m. Sep. 30, 1824, 

Hester E. Jones, who d. Nov. 12, 1891, aged 88 years. 
He d. July 14, 1887. (4897) 

2307. VI. John Pastorius': b. Mch. 6, 1808; m. Aug. 30, 1831, 

Mary Riffert. He d. June 3, 1894. (4907) 

2308. VII. Rebecca Ann': d. young. 

2309. VIII. Caroline R.': b. Jan. 28, 181 1 ; m. Jan. 20, 1828, to 

Wm. Baker Slater. She d. Mch. 10, 1894. (4918) 

2310. IX. Ann Rebecca': m. to Moses Wright. Still living, 1896. 


231 1. X. Amanda M. ': b. Oct. 31, 1817; m. in 1838 to Joshua 

Morton, who d. Sep. 12, 1889. She d. Oct. 30, 1891. 

Family live in Moreland Tp., Montg. Co., Pa. 

Child of (848) Francis Daniel' and Margaret (Mierckle) Pastorius. 

2312. I. ANN Eliza': b. May 28, 1800; m. in 1829 to Lawrence 
Shuster. She d. Sep. 6, 1866. (4932) 

Children of (852) Abraham' and Charlotte (Wilson) Pastorius. 

2313. I. Washington': b. Jan. 4, 1818; m. Aug. 8, 1854, Mary 
Wunder Wolf. He d. Mch. 14, 1880, and she on May 7, 
1894 (4934) 


2314. II. .WARGARinT.V: h. July 9, 1820; m. Jan. 20, 1845, at 

Baltimore-. I" Hlt^-n Rc^iers. Slie J. Mcli. 31, 1849; L^- 
W....JlanJ Ccm.. Philad. He d. Mch. 30, 1885; b. at 
Sak-m. N. J. • (4941) 

2315. III. JoHN^ \\ 1S22; J. 2 weeks old. 

2316. 1\. l"RANc:iS lMNll-:i/: b. May i, 1825; d. young. 

Child of iS55i Ann (Pastorius) and John Allen. 

2317. 1. ADAr": 111. Mr. i'laekett; no clin. 

Children of ( 557 1 Charles M. and Ann Rea ( Horter ) Pastorius. 

2318. I. KACHliL MACKKNliT': b. Aug. 29, 1829; m. Oct. 7, 1851, 

to Lemuel Zell, who d. July 24, 1893. Mrs. Z. resides 
at Philad. (4943) 

2319. 11. Jacob Mackenht': b. Ma\' 29 and d. Oct. 11, 1832. 

2320. 111. ANN LoriSA': b. Aug. 16, 1833. Li\ingi896; unmd. 

2321. 1\. CllARLliS Mackbnht': b. Oct. 5, 1^37; m- l^c-c. 9, 

1862. Hannah Nice. He d. Sep. 28, 1870. (4949) 

2322. V. HUNRV Cla>-^ (Re\-.) : b. Feb. 7, 1850; m. June 3, 1874, 

Mary U. Smith. Res. Manheim, Pa. (4953) 

Famil\- residence, Germantown, Philad. 

Children of (858) Mary' (Pastorius) and John Reiff. 

2323. 1. 1 )ANniL Pastorius': b. Apl. 12, 1812; m. Api. 6, 1840, 

Hlizabeth Conrad, who d. June 23, 1880. He d. Sep. 9, 
1 88 1. (4958) 

2324. 11. Jacob Pastorius": b. Jan. s, 1814; m. Mch. 4, 1841, 

Mar\- llarlew He d. Oct. 20, 1889. She li\ing. 


2325. 111. 1:LIZABETH Pastorius': b. Dec. 31, t8ts; d. Dec. 14, 

1886; unmd. 

2326. I\'. l.r.TriF. Pasr^RIUS": b. Dec. 14, 1817. Is living (1896); 


2327. \'. William Pastorius": b. June 28, 1821 ; m. Apl. 6, 

1847, Hannah B. Evans. He d. Nov. 6, 1863. (4966) 

232S. \'l. Susan Pastorius' : b. Aug. 21 1823. Is living; unmd. 


2329. VII. Charles Pastorius': b. Apl. 24, 1825; m. Mch. 20, 

1865, Deborah Yerkes. He d. Dec. 3, 1881. Mrs. R. 
lives at Norristown, Pa. (4968) 

Family home in Montgomery Co., Pa. 

Child of (859) Letitia' (Pastorius) and Jonathan Thomas. 

2330. I. Letitia E.': d. unmd. 

Child of (560) Joseph' and Marg^aret (Brandans) Pastorious. 

2331. 1. ANN'': b. Mch. 25, 1818; m. Apl. 25, 1847, to Enoch Tay- 

lor. She d. Feb. 6, 1879. He d. Apl. 6, 1888. Mr. T. 
was a lawyer, and once Sheriff of Philad. 

Children of (862) Daniel ' and Tacy (Styer) Pastorious. 

2332. 1. Myra**: b. June 12, 1823; d. Nov. 28, 1824. 

2333. 11. John": b. Nov. 28, 1824; d. Aug. 28, 1878. Unmd. 

2334. III. Mary Mackenet': b. Sep. 2, 1826; m. Aug. i, 1849, to, 

Davies Evans Bruner, of Columbia, Pa., who d. May 4, 

1864. Mr. B. was graduated from Dickinson College, in 
class of 1 84 1, and was a member of the legal bar, at Lan- 
caster, Pa. (4971) 

2335. IV. Elizabeth Sheppard': b. Feb. 20, 1829; m. Dec. 28, 

1865, to Rev. John Cromlish. No chn. 

2336. V. Daniel**: b. Jan. i, 1831 ; d. Feb. 4, 1836. 

2337. VI. Francis Daniel': b.Nov. 13, 1834; m. Fanny Beaver, 

who d. No chn. 

2338. VII. Daniel': b. Mch. 6, 1836 ; m. Jan. 31, 1866, Clara A. 

Dalzell. (4975) 

2339. VIII. Tacy": -| ^ ^^^ ^ rd. July 5, 1838.-^ Family reside 

' 18^8"' 1 r Germantown, 

2340. IX. Joseph':] ^ Id. June6,i838. J Philad. 

Children of (865) Richard M. and Sarah (Cleaver) Shoemaker. 

2341. I. Robert': b. Feb. i, 18 17; m. Nov 25, 1837, Elizabeth 

Moore, who d.; m. 2nd Dec. 15, 1858, at Christ's Church, 
in Alexandria, Va., Ann Sumers. Res. Philad.; d. Dec. 
17, 1896. See Biog. (4977) 

326 THH Ll£\Hh!lNG FAMILY. 

2^2. II. bLIZABl-TH': 1\ Oct. 17. '•'^iS; ni. Apl. 9, 1845, to At- 
kinson H. W;ili.m. She d. Mch. 30, 1.S50. (4990) 

234^ III. Kl.lJS C": b. Au;i. 11, 1820; d. Now 10, 1841 ; unmd. 

2344. i\. KUHliCCA A.^ h. Nov. 28, 1822; m. Dec. 27, 1853, to 

James McCiirter. Kes. Bucks Co., Pa. (4990 

234v \. KlCHAkl) C.^ b. .Well. 4. I'^^^S; m- ^'^'''- '7. 1848, Anna 
Shallcross, wlm d. Mcli. 27, 1876. He m. 2nd Feb. 14, 
1S78, Martha l.ukens. Res. Jarrettovvn, Muntg. Co., Pa. 


Children of same and Amelia (Bird-Hallowell) and wife. 

234O. \1. Bi:n.IA.\\1N H.': b. Dec. 27, 1827, at Shoemakeitown, 
Pa.; m. Mcii. 4, 1856, Susan Brinton Trump, at Phikid. 
M(i. Meeting. For nK^e than 40 years an importer of 
plate and other glass. Located at 4th and Race streets, 
Philad. (4999) 

2347. Ml. CHARLIES B.': b. Aug. 13, 1829; m. Feb. 15, 1855, 
Anna M. Foulke, ot Gwynedd. Res. at Lansdowne, near 
Philad. (5004) 

2345. Mil. Co.MLY B.'': b. Nov. 22, 1838; m. Mch. i, 1876, Mar- 

tha L. Baile\-. He is President of the Glasgow Iron and 
Steel W<.rks. Pottstown, Pa. (SOio) 

Children of 1 8b5 i Samuel and Martha ( Lukens ) Shoemaker. 

2341;. I. Hdwin': b. Mch. jS, 1817; d. Mch. m, 1S43 ; unmd. 

2350. II. S. LrKHNS": b. May 19, 1819; m. Jan. 4, 1844, Ann H. 
P.uil. He d. June 2, 1891. (5018) 

23; 1. 111. l-.l-Ll-.N' : b. Apl. 16, 1821 ; d. May 14, 1842; unmd. 

2352. 1\. I:LIZA1U:1H': b. [)vc. 7. 1822; m. Feb. 23, 1848, to 

Idw iiseiid W. F\ans. (5025) 

2353. V. CiHRALDlNli': b. Feb. 25, 1824; m. Feb. 26, 1846, to 

Coml\- Wood. (5033) 

2354. VI. ALGERNON": b. Apl. 28, 1826; m. June 23, 1853, Susan 

C. Rex. (5041) 

2355. \ll. Nathan": b. Jan. 21. 1829; m. Jan. 11, 1855, Caroline 

Fenton, who d. He m. 2nd Jan. 7, 1864, Mar\' P. Lip- 
pi ncott. (5044) 













N6 .^ O^K 


2356. VIll. Isaiah L.': b. July 9, 1831; m. Feb. 21, 1884, Sarah 

E. Murphy. (5052) 

2357. IX. Sarah •': b. Mch. 18 and d. Oct. 9, 1835. 

Children of (869) Elisha and Mary (Hergfeshimer) Shoemaker. 

2358. I. Elizabeth': b. May 16, 1818; d. Oct. 26, 1824. 

2359. 11. Samuel H.": b. Mch. 15, 1820 ; m. Arieta Hampsen. He 

d. July 17, 1874. (5054) 

2360. 111. Sarah': b. Mch. 10, 1822; d. Nov. 6, 1824. 

2361. IV. Elisha': b. Dec, 8, 1825 ; m. Mary Mosser. Hed. ApL 

7, 1876. (5059) 

2362. V. Benjamin': b. Aug. 19, 1828; m. June 30, 1863, Martha 

L. Hurd. (5066) 

2363. VI. Mary E.' : b. Sep. 9, 1830 ; m. Feb. 8, 1854, to Thomas 

J. Beans. (5070) 

2364. VII. Nathan': b. Feb. 29, 1832; d. June 3, 1862; unmd. 

2365. Vlll. Elizabeth': b. Mch. 15, 1835; d. in 1839. 

2366. IX. Joseph C: b. Oct. 18, 1836; m. in 1866, Catharine 

Smitli. He d. Nov. 9, 1873. 

2367. X. Harry': b. Oct. 17, 1839; m. Dec. 18, 1867, Annie M 

Jfffries. (5075) 

Children of (873) Benjamin' and Mira M. (Woodward) Shoe- 

2368. I. J. HOWARD': b. May 16, 1835; J- i" 1858. 

2369. 11. MiRA Maria': b. Sep. 25, 1837. 

Children of same and Alice (Frame), 2d wife. 

2370. 111. Reginald H.': b. Mch. 18, 1842; m. Jan. 24, 1866, Eliza 

Fanny Buzby ; 2d Oct. 9, 1878, Susan F. Wooley, and 
3d Oct. 10, 1887, Amelia M. Dey. (5078) 

2371. IV. Alice Mary': b. Nov. 19, 1843. 

2372. V. Benjamin': b. Jul_v 19, 1845; m. Oct. 10, 1872, Lucy 

Ray. (5083) 

328 THH Li:\liRINrj l-AMILY. 

2VV VI. Charles^ h. .W.h. lo, 1847; d. Feb. i, 1S72. 

2374. Ml. liLIZAHlMH I'Ria-:^ b. Apl. 25, 1849; m. Jan. 25. 1883, 

l(. BiodUs S. Mollis. (5084) 

Children of ( 874 ) Rachel ' ( Shoemaker) and Milton Conard. 

2375. 1. Sarah Ann": b. Au.u. 26, 18^6. 

2376. 11. MlRA Maria": b. Nov. 8, 1837; m. May 3, 1861, to Jo- 

seph Pyic-. (5087) 

2377. III. JESSE": b. Jul\- 12. 1839; d. June 4, 1843. 
z-^/H. IV. Martha': b. Feb. 17, 1842; d. Sep. 10, 1843. 

2^9. V. Nathan Shoemaker': b. Sep. 14, 1843; d. June6, 1844. 

2380. \ 1. Isaac': b. Au^. 10, 1845 ; m. \)tc. 16, 1868, Emma W 

Wallace. (5090 

2381. \11. Sa.MI EL S.': b. May 26, 1847 ; m. Oct. 13, 1877, Louisa 

F. Miller. (5094) 

2382. \ 111. lllO.MAS FllwOOD": b. Now 26, 1848; m. Feb. 16, 

1870, Anna F. Robertson. (5097) 

Children of (875) Rebecca' (Shoemaker) and Thomas Conard. 

2383. 1. ALI-REl) F.": b. Feb. 3, 1835; m. Dec. 20, 1862, L)-dia C. 

Hughes. N<1 chn. 

2384. II. Sarah Ann': b. Au,:i. n and d. Auu. 14, 1836. 

2385. HI. Sarah Carter': b. Feb. 5, 1838; m. Nov. 8, i860, to 

Geor;:e F. Satterthuaite. She d. (5100) 

2386. I\'. Thowas TENNINCiTON': b. Jan. 26, 1840; m. Mch. 23, 

18O4, Rebecca S. Baldwin. He d. (5108) 

2387. V. Nathan Shoe.maker': b. Aue. 29. 1847; d. Apl., 1848. 

Children of (o7b) Sarah C. (Shoemaker) and John Carter. 

23fiS. 1. Rebecca": b. Au,^. 17. \^t,^ ; m. Jan. i, 1868, to William 
Fvans. (51 12) 

23S9. 11. Mary": b. Oct. 12, 1836; d. Sep. 21, 1837. 

23t)0 111. JOHN E.": b. Feb. 25, 1838; m. Feb. 4, 1862, Caroline 
W. Cadbury, who d. June 27, 1867. He m. 2d Jan. 12, 

1871, Mar\- Ann Cope, who d. Dec. 29, 1871. No chn. 
He m. 3d Mch. 13, 1879, Fann\- W. Pirn. (5 118) 


2 392 

2 394 

2 395 

2 397 


IV. Alice H.': b. June 17, 1839. 

V. JOSEPH S.': b. Nov. 15, 1840; d. Jan. 18, 1845. 

VI. William H.': b. May 12, 1842; d. Apl. 28, 1843. 

VII. Charles S.': b. Nov. 30, 1843; m. May 6, 1869, 
Elizabeth Cope. {5124) 

VIII. Sarah S.'^: b. July i, 1845. 

IX. George H.': b. Nov. 12, 1846; d. Aug. 9, 1848. 

X. Hannah F.'^: b. Apl. 13, 1848. 

Children of (877) Allen and Tacy (Kirk) Shoemaker. 

2398. I. Benjamin Allen': b. Mch. 17, 1810; m. Dec. 27, 1832, 

Charlotte W. Pettit. He d. Mch. 26, 1867. 

2399. 11. William K.": b. Sep. 22, 181 1 ; m. June 10, 1840, Jane 

Burrough. He d. Aug. 3, 1888. 

2400. III. Mar\' K.': b. Oct. 12, 1813; m. Aug. 24, 1852, to 

Joseph Burton. She died Nov. 17, 1894. 

2401. IV. COMLY': b. Dec. 26, 1816; d. Nov. 11, 1869. 

2402. V. Jacob*': b. Dec. 27, 1817; d. June 10, 1820. 

2403. VI. Elizabeth**: b. Aug. 16, 1820; m. Sep. 25, 1839, to 

Thomas Edgar Morris, who d. Aug. 19, 1867, at Haines- 
port, N. J., where he lived many years and had a hand- 
some country seat. Was b. at Laurel Hill Cem., Philad. 
Mrs. M. now (1896) resides with her son-in-law, F. C. 
Gillingham, at Germantown. (5129) 

2404. VII. Tacy Ann': b. Feb. 10, 1823; m. Oct. 26, 1840, to 

George W. Appleton. 

2405. VIII. George': b. Mch. 17 and d. Aug. 2, 1826. 

2406. IX. Rebecca K.': b. July 25, 1828. 

2407. X. Sarah B.': b. Feb. 14, 1831 ; d. Aug. 10, 1832. 

Children of (879) Amy' (Shoemaker) and Collins P. Lippincott. 

2408. I. Elizabeth.' : 

2409. II. Mary.': 

2410. 111. John S.': 

241 1. IV. Jane S.": 

330 THI-. LllMil^-lNG FAMIL^-. 

Children of ( 332 i Amy (Harper) and Seth HallowelL 

-MI 2.' 1. ALLIIN": 

2413. II. WaIvv": : 111. to Daxid Dean ; d 

2414. III. Ii;ssi;": ; m. Mar\- Griffith ; J. 

24IV l\. SaI^aH": ; 111. ,V\a\- 15, 1834, to Thomas Jeans. 

2416. \. Rachhl": 

, a. 

2417. \ I. l.iinriA": ; 111. tn HJward Miller. 

241S. Ml. lisTlll-R": ; d. 

2419. \lll. MAkGARliT' : ; d. ; unmd. 

242(^. I\. Janh:': 

2421. .\. BENJA.MIN': d. ; unmd. 

Children of i 833 1 Ann (Shoemaker) and Bartholomew Mather. 

2422. I. Tno.MAS": b. \'()\'. 16, 1810; m. Feb. 16, 1832, Mar\- C. 

Jones ; J. ( 5J 34) 

2423. 11. PHNROSE": b. Sep. 12, 1812; m. Nox . 12, 1846, L\dia 

Shoemaker ; d. ( 5M0 

2424. 111. Kaciihi/: b. Oct. 1, 1814; m. AWh. 4, 1844, to Charles 

Shoemaker ; d. (5142) 

2425. 1\. MAkV^ b. MlIi. 18, 1817; m. .Apl. 6, 1843, to Jacob 

Txson ; d. (5148) 

Children of (884) Nathan and Frances (Kirkbride) Shoemaker. 

2426. I. .N\ARV k.^ b. ,\\cli. 14, 1812; m. Oct. 2, 1834, to John 1. 

White. She d. June 3, 1853. (5150) 

2427. II. Sarah .ANN^ b. .Au;:. 24, 1813; m. Nov. 26, 1833, to 

Har\e\ I.. Sellers. She d. May I, 1845. 

242S. 111. LLlZABliTH Paul": b. June iq, and d. Au.iz. 20, 1816. 

2429. 1\. Frances Maria": b. June 27, 1817; m. July 2, 1838, 
to Israel Peterson. She d. Jul\- 2, i860. Mr. P. was a 
\\ealth\- manufacturer of Philad., and a director of sev 
eral financial in.stitutions. (5154) 


2430. V. Martha Paul': b. Mch. 28, 1819; m. May 5, 1842,10 

Joseph T. Williams. She d. Oct. 29, 1891. Mr. W. 
was a lumber merchant, and a director of the Penn 
National Bank, and other moneyed concerns. (5160) 

2431. VI. Thomas Chalkley': b. Oct. 18, 1821 ; d. Auo;. 15, 

1842 ; unmd. 

2432. VII. JOSEPH K.': b. Feb. 16, 1824; d. Nov. 23, 1825. 

2433. VIII. Franklin'*: b. Aug. 22, 1826; m. Mch. 30, 1848, Mary 

Howard Williams. He d. Sep. 2, 1878. He was manager 
of Germantown Savings Fund and of Swarthmore College. 
Was a prominent member of the Societv of Friends. 


2434. IX. Harriet': b. July 30, 1828; d. Oct. 25, 1836. 

Children of (885) Martha' (Shoemaker) and Hugh Foulke. 

2435. I. Hugh': b. Oct. 13, 1827; d. May 31, 1828. 

2436. II. Thomas': b. Feb. i, 1829; m. May 24, 1855, Phebe W 

Shoemaker. He d. Apl. 10, 1884. No chn. 

2437. III. Hugh': b. Jan. 13, 183 1; unmd. 

2438. IV. Samuel T.': b. Nov. 7, 1832; d. Aug. 3, 1833. 

Children of (886) Rachel (Shoemaker) and Caleb Maule. 

2439. I. Edwin': b. Jan. 26, 1817. 

2440. II. Margaret': b. Apl. 27, 1818. 

2441. III. Elizabeth': b. Oct. 8, 1819. 

2442. IV. Caroline': 

2443. V. Edward': 

Children of (888) James S.' and Amelia (Bird) Hallowell. 

2444. I. Margaret': b. Feb. 17, and d. Apl. 16, 1817. 

2445. II. Caleb S.': b. Jan, 10, 1818 ; m. Anna Reece, who d. 

Aug. 27, 1877. He d. Feb. 7, 1870. 

2446. III. James S.': b. Feb. 7, 1821 ; m. Margaret Stabler. He 

d. July 12, 1886.. 

3;._. THt LLVtl^lNG I-AWILV. 

Children of ( So'' » Benjamin and Marg:aret E. (Farquhar) 


2447. 1. Ja.MHS': \\ ; .1. Jul>-9, 1831. 

244S. II. CMAl^LliS": 1\ ; ^1- Jli1\- 17, iS:;i. 

244*;. III. IIHNWV C:i.AV^ )b. Junu 16, (m- '•"' ^^57, Sarah Miller. 

24:50. 1\. Mary Jam; ^ > ^^-9- lei. April 6, 1831. 

2451. V. Carolina': 1\ Au-. 20, iSm : ni. in 1852, to Francis 

Wil! r. SIk- J. 

2452. \1. HHN.iAMIN^ \\ ; J. in infancy. 

2455. \li. .lollN 1:L(]AR^: \\ Feb. 8, 1836; m. Feb., 1856, Anna 
11. TdwnscnJ. He J. Ma\-, 1863 ; she d. 

2454. Mil. Bhn.iamIN^ b. Jan. 16,1838; m. Oct. 15, 1862, Lydia 

S. I'lw nsi-nJ. 

2455. '•'^- •^^'^'^''' S-': t'- Sept. 6, 1839; m. in 1862 to William S. 

Brooke. She d. .V\a\-, 1864. 

Children of (.o'^O) Mary S. (Hallowell) and Isaac Lippincott. 

2456. 1. Sa.MLEL": 

2457. II. HlLMAMlN": 

2458. 111. JANli S.": 
24^9. IV. JaA\ES'' : 

2460. \'. Mar(]ari-:t VV.': 

Children of (8^3) John S. and Esther (Walton) Rose. 

2461. I. Rhrecca": b. Feb. 12, 1821 ; m. ,V\ch. 11, 1847, to Henry 

S. Harper. She d. 

2462. II. ATKINSON^: b. Oct. 30. 1822; d. Feb. 2, 1858, in St. 

Jaj^it, I )a Cuba. 

2463. III. Tacv ANN': b. July n, 1S24; d. 

2464. I\. IIi:nrii-tta'": b. Ma\- 21, 1826; d. 

2465. \'. Sarah': b. Feb. 22, 182S; d. 

2466. \ 1. John": b. June 10. 1830; d. June 13, 1843. 


2467. Vll. Emma': b. July 5, 1832; d. 

2468. Vlll. WILHELMINA': b. April 18, 1834; d. Feb. 6, 1835. 

2469. IX. Elizabeth W.': b, Jan. 12, and d. July 14, 1836. 

Children of (90 J) Deborah (Shoemaker) and Wm. Moore 


2470. I. Mary Moore': b. May 25, 1805; d. July, 1868; unmd 

2471. II. Deborah MUSGRAVE': b. April 29, 1806; d. July, 1871 ; 


2472. III. William Moore': b. June 10, 1807; d. unmd. 

2473. IV. Daniel Clark': b. July 9, 1808; m. Anna W. Moro;an. 


2474. V. John HalloWELL': b. July 9, and d. July 26, 1809. 

2475. VI. Sarah NORRIS': b. Feb. 11, and d. July 5, 181 1. 

2476. VII. Kearney': b. Mch. 4. 1812; d. Feb. I, 1843; unmd. 

2477. VIII. Elizabeth Shoemaker': b. June 16, 1813; m. to 

Commodore William J. McCluney, U. S. N. * (5181) 

Children of (900) Susan' (Shoemaker) and Fishbourne Wharton. 

2478. I. Thomas': b. May 4, 1805; d. Mch. 7, 1830; unmd. 

2479. II. George Mifflin': b. Dec. 26, 1806; m. June 4, 1835, 

Maria Markoe. He d. Feb. 5, 1870. She d. Feb. 12, 
1873. (5167) 

Mr. W. was a prominent member of the Philad. Legal 
Bar. See biog. 

2480. III. Fishbourne': b. Feb. 13, 1809; d. Jan. 3, 1842; unmd. 

2481. IV. Henry': b. Dec. 24, 1810; d. young. 

2482. V. Joseph': b. Mch., 1812; d. Aug. 30, 1838; unmd. 

2483. VI. Deborah': b. Feb. 29, and d. Dec. 28, 1816. 

2484. VII. William': b. Nov. 14, 1817; d. young. 

2485. VIII. Edward': b. Jan. 25, 1819; m. Jane G. Shippen. 


2486. IX. Elizabeth Fishbourne': b. Jan. 14, 1821. 

Family residence, Philadelphia, Pa. 

554 TH1-: l.i:\l-KING FAMILY. 

Children ol ( ^0« ) Mary Ann (Shoemaker) and Fishbourne 


24S7. 1. SrSAN": b. April (). iS^j: unmd. 

2488. 11. Pllll.Lli> l-ISHHOl RM:^ \\ April 30, 1841; unmd. 

Children of (904) Esther (Shoemaker) and Louis Vanuxen. 



I. l.HWis': Res. Phihul. 

II. Francis": Res. PhilaJ. 

III. HHIT^": m. to John Sparhawk. 
I\ . \ iRdlNlA': m. to Rulx-rt Tweed. 
\. llHNkV." 

\1. FRIiDKRICK" : m. HIizabcth Kennedy, of Knoxville, Tenn. 

Child of (^'OS) Lewis' and Elizabeth (Allen) Slioemaker. 
249v I- l:LIZAHl-:Tir : b. 1839. 

Children of (''Ob) Francis and Mary (Twells) Shoemaker. 

240. 1. ,N\ar> ' : b. about 1826; m. to Henry Neiman. 

2497. II. Francis': m. Miss Ord. Res. Philad. 

Child of (927) Rebecca (Shoemaker) and Daniel R. Kelley. 

2498. I. .Worgianna." 

Children ot ( '^2'^ ) Joseph and Mary (Stiles) Shoemaker. 

2491). 1. Ll-Wis*: Res. Piiilad. 
2500. II. Joseph^ Res. Philad. 

Children of ('^32) Jane (Shoemaker) and Henry Ormsby. 

2sOi. I. Wary." 

2502. II. CiEORGE': Res. Philad. 


Child of (933) William' and Fisher. 

2503. 1. Joshua.' 

Child of (934) Daniel' and Fisher. 

2504. 1. Sarah": m. William Unruh. 

Children of (935) Abraham' and Fisher. 

2505. I. Mary Eliza'': ; m. to Joseph Sperry. 

2506. 11. MalacHI'': ; m.; had a son. 

2507. 111. Rebecca': ; m.; res. Philad, 

2508. IV. Susanna': ; d.; unmd. 

2509. V. Daniel' : ; unmd. 

2510. VI. Sarah': ; m. to Houpt; one child. 

2511. Vll. Amanda': ; unmd. 

2512. Vlll. William': m.; has 8 chn. 

2513. IX. ElwOOD': ; m.; has 3 chn. 

Child of (937) Lydia ' (Fisher) and John Goodwin. 

2514. I. John': ; res. Philad. 

Children of (938) Mary' (Fisher) and Brooke. 

2515. 1. James**: 

2516. 11. Joseph': 

2517. 111. Isaac': 

Children of (939) Charles ' and Susan (Burson) Stroud. 

2518. I. Eliza D.': b. Mch. 7, 1820; m. June 9, 1841, at Spring- 

boro, O., to Edwin Johnson. She d. Nov. 5, 1893, at 
Indianapolis. (5183) 

2519. II. Lydia Burson': b. Sept. 9, 1821 ; m. April 28, 1847, 

to John T. Bateman. She d. Mch. 11, and he on Dec. 
4, 1877 at Cincinnati. (5185) 

336 THli LL\ERING FAWm'. ' 

2520. 111. S\.\U\ I'AL'l/: 1\ M.i\- I. 182:; ;m. Ap-. :;i, 1853, toBrooks 
Jolmson. Slie J. M;i\ 26. 1893, at Cin., O. (5191) 

J521. !\'. SaLI.^ ANN": b. April 22, 1825; m. April 22, 1846, to 
Benjamin VViiLilu. Res. Indianapolis, where they cele- 
brated their ( inklcn WeLkliniZ anniversar\\ (5i93) 

2522. \'. (iHol^il- MACDOWliLl/ : b. Mch. 10, 1827; m. June 26, 
i8so, l)ebniah Anna Jordan, at Pittsbur.iih, Pa. They 
remn\i-d t<> ()re;j'in in i8vS. (520^) 

252^. \'l. H\'HLINA HlkSON': b. Now 26, 1829, at Stroudsbur^, 
Pa.; d. .V\>.-ii. 17. 1892 ; unmd. 

2524. \11. Carolini-; B.': b. Oct. 2, i8;i ; ni. Dec. 28, 1854, to 
Ur. AI;:ernoii Sidne\- Ste\ens. Res. Krij^s Mills, Warren 
Co., ()., where Dr. S. practices liis profession, (5214) 

252V \111. l:l)\VAkl) BlRSON': b. \\a\- 30, 1835; d. Aw^. 15 

Children of (*^4n Hon. Georg-e M.' and Eleanor (Hallowell) Stroud. 

252O. 1. RliBI-CCA Hallow HLL' : b. Jan. 29, 1830; unmd. Res. 
( lermantown, Philad. 

2527. 11. J(_)iiN Hallowell': b. Apl. 3, 1832; d. Juh^ 7, 1880. 

2528. III. DaNIHL': b. Apl. 2 and d. Jul\- 11, 1839. 

2529. i\'. SL'SAN': b. Jan. 18, 183^; m. to Lewis D. Vail. Res. 

(K-rmantown. Philad. (5216) 

2530. V. (iEORGH Daniel' (Rew): b. Mch. 21, 1841 ; m. Annie 

Orme. He was a lawyer of note. Was a Captain in 
the War of the Rebellion, and since an Episcopal clergy- 
man; d. June 29, 1887. (5227) 

2S?i. y\. (:ma1''LI-:s Ja.MES": b. JuK- 27, 184:;; unmd. 

2S3-'. Ml. \\.\U\ HELEN': b. Dec. 23, 1845; d. Apl. 8, 1882. 

253^>. Mil. liMMA^ b. Mch. 7, 1850; d. Mch. 27, 1853. 

Children of (^42) William and Mary P. (Robeson) Stroud. 

2t;^.4. 1. Mc^RRls Robeson': b. July 30, 1824, at Stroudsburg, 
Pa.; m. Ma\- 25, 1848, at Chillicothe, O., Mary Ann 
Skerritt, who d. June 17, 1857, at Philad. He m. 2d 
Nov. 15, i86o, Marie Louise Bailey, widow of Joseph 


Bailey. She d. Meh. 21 and he on Apl. 21, 1882, in 
Philad., where he was a prominent merchant. I knew 
him well during his maturing years, while he was a stu- 
dent at Haverford College, near Philadelphia. Generous, 
talented, considerate, scholarly. (5232) 

2535. 11. William Daniel": b. Oct., 1825, at Stroudshurg, Pa.; 
m. Charlotte Wistar Beesley, who d. in Dec, 1875. 

He m. 2d Mrs. Mary (Whipple) Eliot. He d. in Sept., 
1883, in Piiihid. He also was a graduate of Haverford 
College and of the medical department of the University 
of Pennsylvania. Practiced his profession for several 
years until failing health compelled retirement. During 
impaired health he engaged in the life insurance business, 
but was disabled from this pursuit. 

Children of (943) Jacob D.' and Mary (Richardson) Stroud. 

2536. 1. Rebecca Richardson': b. in 1826; m. to Norman Mac 

lean Kerr, a Philad. merchant. She d. at Germantown, 
Philad. (5237) 

2537. II. Joseph Richardson**: b. in 1828; m. Mary Baker. He 

was a soldier in the late war. (5242) 

2538. 111. Eliza J.': b. Oct., 1829; d. July 5, 1894; unmd. 

2539. IV. Emma Elizabeth': b. about 1831; m. to Rynear Wil- 

liams, Jr., of Philad. (5243) 

All were born at Stroudshurg, Pa. 

Children of (948) Simpson' and Tacy A. (Robeson) Stroud. 

2540. I. Anna Maria': b. Sep. 14, 1828; d. Dec, 1876; unmd. 

2541. 11. Simpson R.': b. Apl. 22, 1830; m. Harriet Skerritt. He 

d. in 1861 at Camden, N. J. He was Lieut. -Col. of the 
4th New Jersey Regt. in the three months' service of the 
War of the Rebellion. At the expiration of the term he 
was appointed Lieut. -Col. of the 6th New Jersey three 
years' Regt. Ill health, contracted in the first service on 
the Potomac, prevented his accompanving the latter regi- 


iiK'iU to IIk' tic-kl. He JifJ ^i^nn after. He was a man of 
rare s-'. i >' ittainmeiits, and was educated for mercantile 
life. (S247) 

2^42. 111. KlTllANNA": l\ .Ian. 26, 1S32; m. lo Hdward Mason, a 
merchant of niilad. She d. Nov., 1869. (5248) 

AlU\ere born at Stroudshur^^h, Pa. 

Children of (94*^) Elizabeth (Stroud) and Joseph Paul Robeson. 

254^ I. hANIIil. Slkori)': b. All-. 13, 1S41, at Belvidere, N. J.; 
m. Sep. 28, 1864, Jane C. Martin. Res., Philad. 


254V.-. II. S\aU\ Tai L": b. Ma\- 5, 1844; m. Sep. 22, 1869, at 
Friends' Meeting, Philad., to Coleman L. Nicholson, a 
lumber merchant of Philad. and later secretary and treas- 
urer of the Ciiesapeake & Delaware Canal Co. Res., 
Ha\'erford, near Philad. (5258) 

2^44. III. SL'SAN STROIIV: b. Jan. 17, 1848, at Belvidere. N. J.; 
unmd. Res., Ha\erfi>rd, Pa. 

2:;4^. I\. WaRTHA Snorwi-LL': b. July g, 1852, in Philad.; m. 
Oct. T,, 1877. at Rahwa\-, N. J., to Arthur VVm. Howell, 
of Philad. In shipping business, of firm of Brockie & 
Welsh. (5262) 

Children of (956) EIi:a" (Shearer) and William Ashton. 

2^4r). 1. \\1LLIAA\^: b. Au-. 23, 1842. 
2^47. 11. 1:N\A\A': b. Ma\- 26. 1846. 

2548. III. \I)i:klNr/: b. Mch. 4, i84(). 

Children of (96l ) Margaret (Maris) and Edmund B. Vaughan. 

2549. I. CllAkLi;s RicilAkD': b. about 1832; d. youu.^. 

2550. II Ahl-:i.Aini-": b. about 1834; d. in Oct., 1837. 

2331- 111. CLAIAa^: b. about 1836; in. to H. H. Ewin^, of Elkton, 
Md. Shed. Uec, 186:;. (5281) 

2332. I\. CEORGt Maris': b. about 1838; m. Margaret Curtis. 
He d. in Jan., 1892. (5267) 


2553. V. Anna E/': b. about 1840; d. Dec. 8, 1892; unmJ. 

2554. VI, Eliza L.': b. Feb. 2, 1842; m, to Lewis M. O\vino;s. 

Live at Columbus, C). (527O 

2555. VIL Helen Devereux': b. about 1844. Lives with her 

mother at Camden, N.J. 

Children of (962) George W.' and Elizabeth (Motter) Maris. 

2556. L George Motter': b. June n, 1838; m. Oct. 3, 1865, 

Adaline Myers. Live at Cojumbus, O. (5272) 

2557. IL Charles Clifton": b. Mch. 19, 1840; unmd. Isacivil 

engineer. Res Evans, Colo, 

2558. IIL EFFIEJ.": b. April 18, 1842 ; unmd. Res. Columbus, O. 

2559. IV. Mathias': b. Oct. 28, 1844; unmd. Res. Oakdale, 


2560. V. Nannie': b. Sep. 15, 1847; d. Mch. 16, 1851, at Colum- 

bus, O. 

2561. VL LOUIS LOWE': b. Oct. 6, 1850; m. Mch. 15, 1880, 

Caroline B. Hanson, of Yellow Springs, O., where she d. 
Aug. 8, 1890. Mr. M. lives at Columbus, O. 

2562. VIL Alfred A.': b. Mch. 10, 1853 ; unmd. Lives at Wheel- 

ing, W. Va. 

2563. VIIL Elizabeth DUNWOODIE': b. Jan. n, 1856; unmd. 

Res. Columbus, O. 

Child of {966) Charlotte' (Maris) and Oliver J. Boyd. 

2564. L Mary**: b. April 14, 1840; d. in 1862 at Philad ; b. in 

South Laurel Hill Cem. 

Children of (967) Edward A.' and Ellen (Peterkin) Maris. 

2565. 1. ANNE Peterkin': b. Nov. 15, 1854; m. May 3, 1888, 

Capt. Wm. Carmichael Spencer. She d. Feb. 7, 1890, 
in Bait., where they resided. Buried in Greenwood 
Cem. (5275) 

2566. II. George Peterkin': b. Feb. 12, 1858; d. Oct. 13, 1889; 


2567. 111. Mary Beall Peterkin': b. Sept. 10, i860; unmd. 

Res. New York City. 


Children ot ( ''bS ) Lewis and Frances (La Chelle) Maris. 

2S6.S. 1. Wll.l.lAM-: \\ Oct. JS. i<^49; m. Feb. 2, 1870, May 
Fisher. Re>. ai Halt. (5276) 

2569. II. HHWHIT^ h. ,lul\ 27, iSs2; m. Dec. 10, 1877, Mary 

Dell. Kes. at Halt. (5279) 

2570. III. \I)HLH": b. Sept. 10, 1X^4; d. Aw^. 23, 1856, at Bait. 

I\ . \\Al)l-:i.lNI-: LOL'ISE': b. (Xt. 1. 1856; uniiKl. Res. Bait. 

\. I ANMl: .\hi:LI-:^b. M.ii. 11, 1859; d. Feb. 3, 1879. 

\l. Mary HlizabLTH": b. Meh. 8, 1864; unmd. Res. Bait. 

Ml. CHARLOTTl-: ROSHLLE': b. June II, 1868; m. JuW 11, 
|8():^, ( K'or^e (haham Billmire. Res. Bait. 





Child of (970) Rachel iSmickj and William Barclay. 

2vv 1. \\ 11-I.1AA\': b. about 1822; m. Martha Goslin. (5290) 

Children of same and 2d husband, Isaac Ivory. 

2576. 11. MaRY^ b. 1828; (ieor^e J. Slauo;h, of Utah; both dead. 

2^,/-. III. MAnHHW" : b. in 1830; m. Susan Ford. He d. in 1854. 

2v8. 1\'. riEORGE": b. in 183^; m. Mar.uaret Bell, who died ; m. 
2d Sarah Blank. (5296) 

2:^79. \. Sarah H.': b. in 18^6; m. April 2S, 1859, William Cum- 
niin;:s, wlm d. Dec. 16, 1886, in Philad., where Mrs. C. 
resides. (5 303) 

Children of (972) Sarah (Smick) and Ethelbert Lobb. 

2580. 1. r.EORGE W. S.MICK": b. Feb. lo, 1845; "t- J^^'^- '6, 

1879, Jane McCartney. No chn. 

2581. II. Margaret S.': b. June 4, 1847; m. Jul\- 26, 1867, 

James W. Stroud. Res. Mt. Air\-, Philad. (531 

2582. 111. W'll.l.lAW' : I / m. Sarah Rinker. Res. 

1 rw ^ . , , , Mt. Air 

/- b. Oct. 16, 1848. < 

2v83. 1\. lit )RATI()'' : I ' d. in infancy. 

d. in infancy 

1584. \'. Sarah": b. in 18^0; d. in infanc}-. 


Children of (974) Samuel' and Hannah (Dight) Nightlinger. 

2585. I. George": b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

2586. 11. LEWIS': b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

2587. 111. Hmeline": b. in Montg. Co., Pa, 

Children of same, and Mary (Beatty), 2d wife. 

2588. IV. Casper'*: b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

2589. V. Susanna': b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

2590. VI. Franklin': b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

2591. Vll. Samuel': b. in Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of (975) Susan ( Nightling^er) and John Cooper. 

2592. 1. Mary.' 

2593. II. Susan.' 

Children of (973) Elizabeth ' (Nightlinger) and Adam Stull. 

2594. I. George W.': b. Nov. 15, 181 5; m. Rebecca Delaney. 

He d. Oct. 26, 1894, at res. in PhilaJ. (53i6) 

2595. 11. Susan': b. Oct. 10, 1817; m. Edwin K. Gatchel. She 

d. Nov. 22, 1843, in Philad. (5323) 

2596. 111. Elizabeth': b. Dec. 28, 1819; unmd. Lives in Philad. 

2597. IV. Mary Ann': b. Dec. 28, 1821 ; m. Jacob Updike. Res. 

Philad. (5324) 

2598. V. Sarah': b. Jan. 20, 1824; m. Samuel Knox. Res. Philad., 

where she d. Feb. 25, 1894. (5328) 

2599. VI. Caroline': b. Jan. 28, 1826; m. John Collins. Live 

at Berlin, N. J. (5333) 

2600. Vll. John a. C: b. April 17, 1828 ; m. Catharine Wyand. 

Res. Philad. (5334) 

2601. Vlll. Catharine': b. Aug. 24, 1830; m. Jesse Jones. She 

d. Sept. 24, 1850. He d. Nov. 10, 1857, in Philad., 
where they resided. (5342) 

;4J IHl- Ll-:\l£l''ING FAMILY. 

jCjoj. IX. 1)ANU-:l': l\ iJi-^". ''^. i-^^^i ; 'i"i- Amanda Emmons. He 
(.1. Ffh. 12, i.S6^. at OKI I^iint Comfort, \a., of pnt-umo- 
nia, c-MUracitil uliilc in arin\- SLTvice. No chn. 

2(hj^,. X. ClIlviSTlANA^ l\ Kb. 17, i''!?4; ni. Cliaiies C. Kiny. 
Kc-s. Niuark, Ivl. (5344) 

jr)04. XI. A.MANDA": 1\ -hnu' ^ ■■'^V'^; m- K"b^it Wilson. Rt-s. 
I'hilaJ. (5345) 

All the ahuw were born in Philadelphia. 

Children of (976) John' and Mary (Shepard) Nightlinger, 

j6os. I. ANNA": b. about iSio; m. .\\r. Bel\ ille. 

2()oC). 11 . SaPau": 

2(k)j. III. CathaRINH": m. a Mr. Warren. 

2rx)S. 1\. lil.lZABHTir : m. a Mr. Werxine. 

26cx;. \. ^\Ak^■': m. a .\\r. Piper. 

Children of (977) Henry and Rebecca (Barnitz) Naylor. 

2610. I. C:haRLHS A.': b. Jul\ I, 1841. 
2(>\\. II. (iHORCil-: W.': b. C\t. 2.S, 1S45. 
2612. 111. KoBHkT L.^ b. Jul)- i.S, 1848. 

Children of '978» Jesse and Partliena (Shive) Castner. 

261;. I. (J )NRAl) SlllNi;' : b. Auu. 12, 18^9; unmd. 

2f»i4. II. (iHc)R(.i; W. Smick': b. Dec. 2. 1840; ni. Sarah A. 
Khoads. Live at G\wned, Pa. (5347) 

261V III. LoIISA": b. Au;i.9, 1842; m. .Abraham Wentz. Reside 
at Norristown, Pa. (5351) 

2616 |\. L.L1/AB1-TH S.' : b. Sept. i, 1847; unmd. 

Children of (979) Mary Ann ( Sm'ck ) and John Mackay. 

2617. 1. CHARLliS": b. June 25. 1846; m. Anna Walton. 


2618. II. ANNHTTE-^ b. Jul)" 18, 1848; d. Sep. :;, 1850. 


2619. III. Miriam': b. June 17, 1850; d. May 28, 1857. 

2620. IV. Franklin': b. May 27, 1853; d. Feb. 27, 1854. 

2621. V. George': b. July 15, 1855; d. Sep. 15, 1882, unmd. 

Children of (980) John W.' and Caroline (Fredericks) Smick. 

2622. 1. Elizabeth': b. Mch. 17, 1850; m. Isaac W. Livezey. 

Res. Aberdeen, Md. (5356) 

2623. II. Anne': b. Oct. II, 1851 ; unmd. Res. Roxb., Philad. 

2624. 111. Caroline': b. Dec. 17, 1853; d. Dec. 1854. 

2625. IV. John Wise, jR.':.b. Feb. 4, 1856; m. Lizzie Jeffrey. 

Res. Roxb., Philad. (5 360) 

2626. V. Lewis': b. Dec.6, 1858; m. Jennie Stout. Res. Roxb., 

Philad. (5362) 

2627. VI. Mary B.': b. Jan. 31, i860; m. Amos Border, who was 

killed Jan. 11, 1893, at Roxb., by the explosion of a 
steam boiler; b. Lev. Cem. (5365) 

2628. Vll. George': b. May 17, and d. June 21, 1863. 

Children of (987) Sylvania ' (Levering) and Charles Roney. 

2629. I. JOSEPH Levering': b. Dec. 31, 1832; m. Elizabeth 

Barr, who d. He m. 2nd Feb. 14, 1868, Elizabeth Mc- 
Donald. They reside at Lima, O. (5366) 

2630. II. Malinda Mary': b. Nov. 31, 1835; m. Sep. 6, 1855, in 

Ohio, to Oliver Edman. Live at Pottersville, Mich., 
since 1868. (5373) 

2631. 111. William Johnson': b. June 21, 1838; m. Anna 

Warner. Res. Lima, O. (5375) 

2632. IV. George Harrison': b. Apl. i, 1841 ; m. June 12, 

1885, Fannie Cooley. Res. Uniopolis, O. No chn. 

2633. V. Silas Charles': b, July 19, 1844; m. June 21, 1874, 

Althina Bigelow. Res. Buckiand, O. He was a soldier 
in the War of the Rebellion. Served in Co. K, 99 Ohio 
Vol. Inf. from Aug. 7, 1862, to honorable discharge with 
his regiment July 18, 1865. (5382) 

2634. VI. ALICE LOUISE': b. Mch. 3, 1847; m. Dec. 21, 1865, 

Ambrose H. Bates. Res. Bowling Green, O. (5387) 

-44 THli l.llVHRING FAWILY. 

.'6^:;. \ll. WaUWICH LHVKRlNG': b. .\"V. 8, i<S4(); m. Now ii, 
iSSi. Hlla SpykcT. Rus. Wapakoneta, (J. No chn. 

2()V). Mil. l:VKLI:Nl£ AMELIA^ b. Au^. 8, 1852 ; m. Oct. 28, 
187^, John B. Briiik-r. Res. Wapakoneta, O. 


Children of (''^0) Anne L. (Levering-) and James Gamble. 

26^7. I. HlMNK LHVHkiNcr : b. Oct. 27, i860; m. Hannah Isett. 

26^8. 11. li.MMA C." : b. Oct. iS, 18O2 ; m Edward D, Simpson. 
Rfs. Nonistown. Pa. . (5396) 

Children of (9'^l i Isabella (Levering:) and John Hinkle. 

2639. I. (iLcjlAjt Al'GUSTrs': b. Oct. 31, 185 1 ; m. Mch. 2, 1875, 

Hannah Catharine Holloway. (539^) 

2640. 11. Hlla': b. Au:i. 7, i8s6; m. May 29, 1878 (1882) Robert 

.W. Lexerinu. Res. Roxb., Philad. 

2641. 111. CAROLlNli^ b. April i^, 1858; d. Ma\- 28, 1867. 

Children of {^'^5) Elizabeth" (Showier) and Georg:e Nag:le. 

2642. I. C~;ei)RGL LEONARD' : b. June 20, 1804; m. iWar\- Good- 

hart. Res. in Philad., where he practiced dentistry. 


264",. 11. HlJZABBTH': b. 1807 ; m. James Pennington, of Bait., 
and has chn. 

2O44. 111. Mary MaGDALHN': b. iSii; m. I. evvis H. Reynolds, of 
New Orleans. 

264s- 1^- S( )PlliA Sarah ' : b. Nov. 12, 1816; m. George R. Kress- 
W-y, of Philad. and d. Feb. 29, 1852, (5407) 

Children of i^^7 ) Ann M. ( Mathias) and John Andrew Young. 

2646. 1. MaPV": b. at Roxb., Philad.; d. 

2647. II. HaNNY^ b. at Roxb., Philad.; d. 

2648. 111. AKil'STA': b. at Roxb., Philad.: d. 

After the death of .Augusta Mrs. Young adopted Mary 
Macartne\' as her dau. 


Children of (1003) Sarah (Coulston) and James S. Dildine. 

2649. I- James S., Jr.": b. Dec. 29, 1814, at PhilaJ. 

2650. 11. William': b. Sept. 21, 18 16, at Philad. 

Children of (1005) Mary' (Coulston) and Thomas Brice. 

2651. 1. Thomas K.': b. Mch. 3, 1824. 

2652. II. Mary Ann': b. July i, 1826; m. Silas Emory, of Philad., 

where she died. 

(Efforts to secure further information of the Coulston 
families through Mr. Emory, to whom 1 was referred, 
were unsuccessful.) 

Children of (1006) Nathan Levering^ and Eliza (Heyl) Coulston. 

2653. I. Thomas Philip' (Rev.) : b. Nov. 30, 1831. Unmd. Res. 

in Philad. 

Rev. Coulston graduated from Bucknell University in 
the class of 1859. Studied theology at Hamilton, New 
York. Was ordained to the ministry in 1862, and settled 
with the Frankford (Philad.) Baptist Church in the same 
year. Received the degree of D. D. from Bucknell Uni- 
versity in 1886. Was very successful as a pastor to the 
Frank-ford Church ; increased its membership from 237 
to 605. In 1889 he was compelled to retire from the 
pulpit because of deafness. 

2654. II. William Heyl' (Major): b. April 26, 1834; d. Oct. 24, 

1891, in Chicago. Was buried there. 

Major Coulston entered military service at the begin- 
ning of the Civil War, 1861, as sergeant of the 23d 
Penna, regiment, in which command he was promoted to 
Lieutenant. He was severely wounded in battle in the 
Army of the Potomac, which compelled his resignation. 
Soon after he recovered from the injury, he re-entered 
the service as 2d Lieutenant of the 3d Maryland Cavalry, 
and before mustered out at the end of the war he became 
a field officer of the regiment. 

2655. III. Mary Eliza': b. Oct. 9, 1836; unmd. Res. in Philad. 

^46 TH1-: Li;\liRlNG 1•A^\1L^■. 

jO^f). l\. ( JlAkl.llS": 1\ ( ''.l. S aivUl (^ct. 30. i.S:;g, in Phihid. 

j6^7. \'. CatHAWINH": h. N<'\ . 1;. 1.S40; J. Oa. 17, 1847, in 

2658. \l. Nathan I. l-M-klNG": b. Sep. 4, 184-. ; d. Auu. 22, 1844, 

in I'hihiJ. 

Children of ( 100'' I Jane (Coulston) and John C Davis. 

2()^i). \. l.oilSA': b. Ffb. 2^, 1829; d. Au.iZ. 21. 1830. 

2^)60. II. Ll-.MLT-l/: b. Jan. :;o, i8:;i ; d. . 

2C)C)i. 111. William': b. in 1833; married. Res. unknown. 

Children of (J0I3) Eliza (Levering) and John Bryden. 

2«}2. I. Catharine': b. in 184^; d. .V\a\- 7, 1870, in Pliilad. ; b. 
Woodland-^ Clem. 

2(/)^. II. HMHA^ b. in 1849; d. Feb. 26, 1855, in Pliilad.; b. 
W'l Midlands C>em. 

Children of 'JOU ) Mark Rhoads and Mary (Fulwiler) Levering. 

26r)4. I. HLIZARF.Tt?': b. 182^ in Philad., where she d. a^ed 16 
years ; b. Lev . Cein. 

2^/)^. II. CaPOLINK': b. Au.ii. 22, 1827; m. June 22, 1846, to Wil- 
liam Hnoth, ani.i d. Sept. 26, i8s9; b. Le\-. Cem. 

Children of Same and Sarah Paul, 2d Wife. 

y/.^'. 111. JoNAlllAN': b. in 1840; d. about 1858 in Pliilad; b. 
Lew Cem. 

2(r(^j. I\. V\IUU\ W:-. b. Dec. 0. 1842; m. June 2, 1866, Anna 
iJorotli)- Wa;ier, who was b. Aue. 6, 1832, in Warberii, 
(jermanw He d. June 7, 1893, at his home near Norris- 
toun, Pa., and was b, at Barren Hill Cem. (S418) 

2r/.S. \'. Samit-l SlincilI'I-F": b. Ma\- 18, 1844, in Philad.; m. 
Jan. 2, 1862. to I'lieresa Steele, who d. Jul\- 16, 1889. 
He m. 2d Sept. IS, 1890, Charlotte Consoer. Pes. Read- 
ing, Pa. (5417) 


Children of (I0I4) Emily Mifflin ' (Levering) and Jacob R. Eckfeldt. 

2669. I. Adam Penn': b. Dec. 12, 1838; m. Feb. 9, 1882, to Mag- 

gie A. Thomas, of Haddington, West Philad., where they 
resided, and he d. Feb. i, 1893. She died May 22, 1897. 
No chn. 

2670. II. Frederick': (M. D.) b. Mch. 19, 1840; m. June 17, 

1875 (2710), Catharine H.'* Kugler, of Ardmore, Pa. He 
was a graduate of medicine, and practiced liis profession 
in Washington, D. C, where he d. April 10, 1884; was 
buried at the Lutheran Churchyard, near to Ardmore, 
Pa. ' (5412) 

2671. 111. Harry BaUSCH': b. Aug. 10, and d. Dec. 25, 1843. 

2672. IV. Jacob BauSCH': b. Feb. 12, 1846; m. Oct. 28, 1869 

(2692) , Jeannette R." Latch, of Roxb. They reside at 
Conshohocken, Pa. Mr. E. has been Assayer of the 
United States Mint at Philadelphia for more than 30 years, 
and is said to be one of the best assayers of tine metals 
in the world. His father and grandfather were assayers 
in the same Mint, dating back to the time of its estab 
lishment. (54i3) 

2673. V. William Dubois': b. July 6, 1849. 

2674. VI. John Wiegand': (M. D.) b. Jan. 29, 1851; m. April 

30, 1878, Elizabeth W. McComas, of Bait. Res. at Had- 
dington, W. Philad., where Dr. E. has practiced his pro- 
fession successfully for several N'ears. (5416) 

Children of (1 01 5) George A.' and Anna (Reinboth) Levering. 

2675. I- William Meredith': b. and d. Dec. 25, 1844, in Philad. 

2676. 11. Joseph Reinboth': b. Jan. i, 1846; d. Sept. i, 1870; 

was studying law in Philad., with promises of a bright 
future, when fatal disease prostrated him ; b. Lev. Cem. 

2678. HI. Paul GODDARD': b. April 2, 1849; d. Feb. 21, 1882; 

unmd. Was in business in Philad. 

2679. IV. Emily Eckfeldt": b. Dec. 25, 1852; m. Oct. i, 1876, 

Theodore Fletcher Pidjeon, Cashier of the Philad. and 
Reading R. Road. Res. Chestnut Hill, Philad. (5422) 

34<'> THI-: l.H\tRING FAMILY. 

2650. \. lll:M^^ WAkhl.i;': b. Mch. ^, 1SS4; 'ii- M^iy 6, 1882, 

Mar\- l,fttc'iiini(.-i , nt PliilaJ., where they resided. He d. 
April 22. iSi;^; h. Ia-\ . Cem. (5425) 

2651. \|. \N\A Wharton ^ h. Ma\- 7, 1861 ; m. Mch. 4, 1892, 

William II. Ziiiiiiierinan. Res. Philad. 

Child of ( I0I6) Perry H. and M. Louisa (Deitz) Levering. 

2652. I. WiLl.IA.M I.Oi-iS": b. about 1842, in PhilaJ.; d., a^ed 4 

years ; b. Lv\ . C^em. 

Child ot I 1017 I Catharine (Levering) and Edmund Booth. 

26S^ I. 1. 01 ISA kATB^: b. Sept. 18, 184O; m. May 26, 1870, John 
M. Ydun;:, ot Philad. (5428) 

Children of ( JOIS) Johannah (Stearne) and Peter R. Latch. 

268^. I. Sa.WI'HL Stearnk'': b. Feb. 1-,. i8:?o; d. Dec. 2, 1856, 
unmd.. at the home of his parents in Chester Co., Pa.; 
b. at Lev. Cem.. Philad. 

268v II. William Rogers^ b. No\-. 27, 1831; d. Nov. 2, 1856, 
unmd., in Chester Co., Pa. 

2686. III. .\i)()\iRA,\r: b. Jan. 10, 1842; m. Mch. 12, 1873, to 

\'ir-inia Campbell. Reside at the parental homestead at 
De\-on, Chester Co., Pa. No dm. 

Children of llOJ^i Catharine (Stearne) and Francis H. Latch. 

2687. 1. A.NnopA": b. in 18^4, in Roxb.; d. Sept. 30, 1836; b. 

l-ev. Cem. 

2688. II. I-RANCIS": b. Jan. 8. 1X37; d. Oct. 10, 1856; b. Lev. 

Cem. He had graduated with honor at the Philadelphia 
Hi^h School, and commenced the stud\- of Medicine, when 
he died after but short illness. 

2r,8(,. 111. AnnaL.^ b. April 13. 1838; m. Sept. 8, 1869, to (1032) 
William H. Le\erinu. <>f LaPa\'ette, Ind. A woman of ex- 
ecutixe ability, and de\-oted to benevolent and Christian 
work. No chn. 



2690. IV. Abraham S.': b. Sep. 12, 1839; m. June, 1863, to 

Emma V. Sunderland. Resides in the Great Valley, 
Chester Co., Pa. (5430) 

2691. V. MaryS.': b. Mch. 16, 1842; m. Now 26, 1864, Samuel 

B. Linton. Res. W. Philad. (5434) 

2692. VI. Jeannette Rose': b. Mch. 6, 1844; m. Oct. 28, 1869, 

to (2672) Jacob B." Eckfeldt. Res. at Conshohocken, 
near Philad., Pa. 

2693. VII. Edward Howell': b. Mch. 2, 1846; m. Dec. 25, 

1868, to Amanda J. Linton. Res. Philad. (5442) 

2694. VIll. Alfred Howard': b. July 31, 1850; m. Feb, 6, 

1895, to Nellie M. Stager. Res. Philad. 
All were born in Roxborough, Philad. 

Children of (1023) Jonathan H. and Rose (Hippie) Levering. 

2695. •• JOHN Howell': b. June 3, 1845; m. in 1865. No chn. 

2696. II. Samuel SlINGLUFF': b. Mch. 4, 1850; m. April 20, 1872, 

Elizabeth Kinsey, who was b. Sep. 14, 1850, and d. Feb. 
6, 1890, in Roxb. ; b. Lev. Cem. 

2697. III. RODNEY King': b. Sep. 13, 1853; m. in 1878 Amanda 

Alexander; b. in i860. He d. Feb. 21, 1895. 


2698. IV. Augusta Claudine': b. Jan. 3, 1866; m. Feb. 4, 1S91, 

to George W. Arnhold, (.)f Philad., where they reside. 


Children of (1024) Sarah Ann' (Levering) and John Markle. 

2699. I. Mary Levering': b. Oct. 18, 1845, in Roxb.; d. Sep. 

18, 1879 ; b. Lev. Cem. 

2700. II. Ella C: b. in 1847, in Roxb., where she lives; unmd. 

2701. III. JOHN': b. July 13, 1852; d. Dec. 31, 1868, from acci- 

dental discharge of his gun. 

2702. IV. JOSEPH': Cm. Rebecca Boone, who d. Jan. 

14, 1883, aged 23 ; no chn. 

2703. V. Rebecca': ^ ^^- 1854; ^ p^^ j^iiy -^ i^j^g^ Alexander M. 

Patton, of Philad. Res. Roxb. 
No chn. 

350 THI- l.l-:VliRING FAMILY. 

Children of i 1025) Mary (Levering) and Albert Reger. 

2704. I. LHONAWI) Ll-\i:i^lN(i': b. Oct. 14, 1848; m. Jul\- 13, 
l.St>D. l-«'iiis;i II. Slir;kkT nf l):ivenport, Iowa, where lie 
tl. N<t\-. 30. i8i>o; b. Lev. Cem. Miss S. was a .^radu- 
ate (it the Hi-h and Normal Scliools at Davenport, and 
siibse^liientl\- nt Hnieison Colle<ie of Oratory at Boston, 
Mass. She a.^ain m. on June 14, 1894, to Charles F. 
Weber, of Philad. 

270V II. Kdwin Lhxi-WNG': b. June 16, 1851 ; d. May 23, 1855. 
b. Le\ . C^'Mi. 

2706. 111. ALBERT HITLHR': b. Jan. 12, 1853; m. Oct. 29, 1874, 

tn Sarah .Allen. Res. Philad. (5450 

2707. 1\ . IIORACK Ha(]V': b. Jan. 21, 1857; m. Feb. 13, 1884, to 

Margaret Creamer. (5452) 

2708. \'. Ill-.NR^' HRrM:R': b. Sep. 2^, 1859, in Philad. 

Children of (J02b) Eleanor (Levering) and Charles Kugler. 

2709. 1. .WaR^": b. April i, 1841, at Ardmore, near Philad ; d. Oct. 

3, 1848; b. Lutheran Cem. 

2710. 11. CAlMARlMi H.': b. Jan. 3, 184^; m. June 17, 1875, to 

(2670) Ur. Frederick"' Fckfeldt. Li\ ed at Washington, 
1). C, where he d. .April 10, 1884. 

2711. 111. I:1,1-:aN()R LL\LRING': b. Mch. 3, 1845; d. Jan. 19, 

1832, at Ardmore. 

Children of 0023 ) Joseph H. and Mary (Siter) Levering. 

2712. I. AliRAHAW': b. Ma\- :; i , 184:;; m. Auii. i, 1864, to Mary 

\. We^ione^al, n! Bryn Mawr ; li\e in Philad., where she 
d. Au;^. 3. i8i):5. On the breakin,!:; out of the War 
of the Rebellion Mr. L. enlisted in the fust call for 
troitps in Co. K.. 4th Penna. Vol. for three months. On 
the e.xpiration of that term of ser\ ice, he re-enlisted for 
three _\ears in Co. 1, 15th Penna. Cavalry. Since the 
war he has been conspicuous and useful in "Grand Army" 
circles. Was commander of the "Col. Fred. Taylor" Post 
of Philadelphia, in 1883. He represented the Post in all 


Department Encampments. Served on the Staff of Com- 
mander-in-Chief, and of Department Commander. Was 
Inspector of the Dept. of Penna. in 1890, and since that 
time he has tilled the office of Asst. Quartermaster-Gen- 
eral of the State, in which he is quite popular. In Feb., 
1895, was elected a member of the Common Council of 
Philad. (5455) 

2713. II. Sarah SiteR'^: b. May 20, 1845; m. May 2, 1865, Wil- 

liam Augustus Hagy, of Philad., where he was in mer- 
cantile business, and d. Nov. 18, 1884. She d. June 30, 
1895. (5456) 

2714. ill. Catharine Hagy': b. Jan. 10, 1853; m. July 16, 1884, 

Thomas Bolster, of Philad., who was born April 15, 1848, 
at Mallon, Ireland. His ancestors came from Holland 
with William of Orange. They res. at Ardmore, near 
Philad. ^ (5459) 

2715. IV. Mary Jane': b. in 1856; d. in March, 1864, at Bryn 

Mawr, near Philad. 

Children of (1029) Hannah' (Levering;) and Christopher H. Garden. 

2716. 1. Anna ESTELLE': b. Sept. 5, 1843; m- Dec. 12, 1867, to 

George E. Slocum, of New York, v^-ho d. June 30, 1873. 
She m. 2d on Nov. i, 1875, George W. Kidd, of New 
York City, where they reside. (5462) 

2717. II. William Morton': b. Dec. 30, 1844; unmd. Is a 

merchant in Philad. 

2718. III. Helen Virginia': b. Sept. 16, 1846; m. Nov. 21, 1867, to 

Herman G. Vetterlein, of Philad., where she d. Dec. 8, 
1892. (5463) 

2719. IV. Alfred Levering': b. Aug. n, 1848; unmd. Lives 

with his mother in Philad. 

2720. V. Celina': b. Jan. i, 1851 ; m. Oct. 16, 1879, to Henry 

L. Herbert. Resided in New York City, where she d. 
July 31, 1886. (5464) 

2721. VI. Clara Sylvia': b. Oct. 31, 1852; m. Mch. 7, 1877, to 

Raymond de Murias, President of the Banco Industriale, 
of Havana, Cuba, where she d. Mch. 25, 1890. (5465) 


2722. Ml. Lai IM lUGHMA^: b. Stp. 26, 18^4; J. DeJ. 15, 1856. 

272^^. Mil. FloRHNCH \aL1-ERV': b. July 28. 1859; m. \o\-. 28, 
1882. tM lui-;ii R\ Jcr (it New York. 

Children ot ( 1030) Catherine H. (Levering;) and David Morg:an. 

2724. I. I:.M.\\A ClORMil.lA': b. Oct. 28. 1847; m. Dcl. 31, 1868, 
tn \\'illi;iin Sinipsnn, Jr., <if Pliihki., who d. Apl. 24, 1896. 
hi ;ui (ibitu:u\- nuticf, a i:it\- paper stated, Mr. Simpson 
was one of Philadelphia's most successful merchants, 
succeeding hi^ father several \ears ago as President of 
the Hddxstone Manufacturing Company, and head of the 
commission firm <>f Wm. Simpson, Sons & Co. In busi- 
ness he was clear and painstaking. As a friend he was 
constant and true. He had traveled throughout the Old 
World, as well as the new, and thus added many treas- 
ures to his observant mind. He wielded a ready pen, 
and often contributed to the press able articles upon 
financial topics. He left a \er\' considerable estate, in- 
cluding one of the finest suburban residences. (5467) 

2/2!;. II. Fannie Forrester': b. June 7, 1849; d. unmd. May 
30, 187:;, near Philad.; b. at West Laurel Hill Cem. 

2726. 111. Davids b. Feb. 28 and d. Mch. 3, 1858. 

Children of (1031 i John and Elizabeth (Forman) Leveringf, 


. Frank Howard' (Rev.): b. Oct. 6, 1848, near Philad.; 
m. May S, 1878, (hace I). Danforth of Inilianapolis, Ind., 
where they resided until Nov. i, 1887, when thex^ re- 
moved to Denver, Colo., where she d. Sep. 13, 1891 ; b. 
in Fairmount Cem., at Denver. No chn. He is a mis- 
sionarv unier the Amer, Bapt. Miss. Union, in the 
Madras Presidency, India, where he m. 2nd July 19, 
1894, Ida Faye, M. I)., of Matawan, N. Jersey, a gradu- 
ate of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, at 
Philad., w ho preceded him in mission service. See bios'. 

2728. II. H.MMA Walter': b. Mch. 16, 1851, near LaFayette, Ind.; 
m. May 24. 1871, to Ralph D. Moore, of LaFayette, 
formerly .if Butler Co., Ohio. Resided at LaFayette, 
where he d. Apl. 5, 1895 i ^- ''"> Spring \'ale Cemetery. 
>■'■'• /'/".;r. (5468) 



2729. 111. William Morton": b. Oct. 14, 1856, in LaFayette, 

Ind., whfi-f ht' d. Au;i. 5, 1858 ; b. Spring Vale Cem. 

2730. IV. Frederic Rosier": b. Oct. i, 1858, in LaFayette; 

m. Aug. 24, 1880, Emma Nevius of Ohio. Removed to 
Louisville, Ky., in i88g, and subsequently returned to 
LaFayette, ind. (5470 

Children of (1032) William H.' and Irene (Smith) Levering. 

2731. L Mortimer*": b. April 25, 1849, near Philad. Removed 

in 1853, with his parents, to LaFayette, Ind., where, on 
Oct. 4, 1872, he married Julia L. Henderson. They re- 
side at LaFayette, where Mr. L. is engaged in the real 
estate and loan business, and is officially connected with 
several live stock enterprises. (5472) 

2732. 11. Ellen Lulu': b. Jan. 5, 1852, near Philad.; m. May 

14, 1873, to Rev. Charles Richmond Henderson, then of 
LaFayette, hid., now one of the professors of the Univer- 
sity of Chicago. See biog. (5473) 

Children of same, and Anna (Taylor), 2d wife. 

2733. 111. William Howell': b. July 21, 1858, at LaFayette, 

ind. ; d. Sep. 26, 1865 ; b. Spring Vale Cem. 

2734. IV. ANNIE May': b. Nov. 2, i860, at LaFayette, Ind.; m. 

Nov. 2, 1882, to Alfred Diver, of LaFayette, formerly of 
Cleveland, O. Mr. D. is extensively engaged in lumber 
manufacturing and interior building decorations. 


2735. V- Rosier Malcom': b. May 27, 1867; d. Mch. I, 1870; 

b. Spring Vale Cem. 

Children of (1035) Abraham and Amelia F. (Kiess) Levering. 

2736. I. George Kiess': b, Dec. 27, 1856, at LaFayette, Ind., 

where he m. Nov. 16, 1881, Jennie Wilson. He was 
socially prominent, and a successful merchant, but died 
in the prime of usefulness on Oct. 10, 1890; b. Spring 
Vale Cem. (5476) 



.'j;;. 11. JKSSIH 1-RANCHS^ b. Feh. 17. 1866; m. Nov. 23. 1892, 
to Prank M. Gary. «)t LaFa\ctte, liui. (5477) 

J73S. 111. ( .1^ IM-RO AHkAHA.M': b. Nov. 16, 1876. Is now 
(1S97) a stikkiU in the L'ni\ersity of i^enna. 

Children of ( t03b) Thomas Jefferson' and Mary (Lodg:e) Levering. 

2739. I. Sl;san I.odgh": b. July T3 and d. Sep. 6, 1865, at La- 

Fa yette, Ind. 

2740. li. WaBHLCLAIRF/: b. Feb. 11, 1866; m. June 13, 1888, to 

Henr>- H. \intnn. <>f LaFa\ette, Ind., where he is a mem- 
ber of the le.i:al bar. (5478) 

2741. 111. kATHARINF NATALIE': b. Jan. 14, 1872, at LaFayette, 


2742. I\ . I.IL^ LODGL': b. Oct. 2S, 1881, at LaFayette, hid. 

Children of (1037) Catharine' (Hag:y) and Charles Fox. 

274:;. I. Sall>- ANN': b. Jan. 24. 1832; m. Oct. 26, 1854, Charles 
H. Aari.nsnn, of Philad.. who d. Feb. 26, 1883, aged 55 
years; b. South Laurel Hill Gem. Mrs. F. res. in Phila 
delphia. (5479) 

2744. 11. Hmilv LLVLRING': b. Feb. 26, and d. Dec. 26, 1834. 

274v III. ( .HORC.I---: b. April 12, 1836; d. Feb. 25, 1838. 

2746. IV. Hannah Li;\i-RiN(i': b. Sept. 17, 1838; m. D<:ic. 15, 
1859, to 1)1. Andrew Lindsay, then of Marple, Delaware 
Go.. I'a.. now res. at Br\'n Mawr, near Philad. (5482) 

2747. \. GaIIIARINH llA(i^•': b. ,V\ch. 18, 1841; m. Oct. 8, 1868, 

'  l-hn \\. Chestnut. No chn. 

2748. \ 1. ANNA .Warcarhtta' : b. April 18, 1844; m. April 30, 

i8(')i, to James Wa\-ne Meredith, who d. in New York 
City, N<tv. 27, 1868, in his 26th year (5483)- She m. 
2d Feb. 13, 1875, to John H. Strickler, of Philad. She 
d. Jan. 26, 1888; b. at Monument Gem. No chn. by 2d 


Children of (1038) Samuel and Mary (Yeakle) Hagy.^/ 

2749. 1. Clarissa Slingluff'; b. Au^. 23, and d. Nov. 5, 1839, 

in Ro.xb. 

2750. 11. AMANDA Regina': b. Sept. 13, 1^41; d. Muy 29, 1850, 

in Ro.xb. 

2751. ill. Catharine Fox': b. Aug. 23, 1843; m. Oct. 23, 1873, 

to Lambert L. Grow. Res. Lower Merion. (5484) 

2752. IV. John Franklin": b. Aug. 28, 1846; m. Catharine 

Amanda Cole. Res. Manayunk, Philad. (5486) 

2753. V. Emma Charlotte": b. April 22, 1850 ; m. June 15, 1871, 

to William F. Dixon. Res. Roxb. Mr. D. is (1894) a 
member of the Common Council of Philad. She d. Nov., 
1895. (5498) 

2754. VI. BusHROD Washington": b. Mch. 20, 1852; m. April 

22, 1880, to IWary E. Coler. Res. Roxb. (5503) 

2755. VII. Mary Flora": b. Nov. 10, 1854; m. Nov. 10, 1879, to 

James A. Ritter. Res. Philad. (5504) 

Children of (I04I) Amanda' (Hagy) and Alfred Crease. 

2756. 1. Mary Louisa**: b. Dec. 10, 1842; m. Mch. 16, 1865, to 

Col. John Harper, of Philad., who was born in London, 
England. He was of the firm of McCallum, Crease & 
Co., of Philad., for several years. He d. in Roxb. Sept. 
22, 1875. (5505) 

2757. II. ANN Constant": b. June 23, 1845; d. Jan. 7, 1846. 

2758. III. Harold FELTON": b. May 29, 1847; d. June 30, 1848. 

2759. IV. AMANDA Constant": b. Feb. 12, 1850; unmd. Res. 

Roxb., Philad. 

2760. V. Emma Matilda": b. Dec. 15, 1853; unmd. Res. Roxb., 


2761. VI. Caroline Madden": b. June 14, 1859; unmd. Res. 

Roxb., Philad. 

356 THli Ii:\l-:W1NG FAMILY. 

Children of (10-12 ) Wm. Franklin^ and Miriam ( Moyer ) Ha§:y. 


2762. I. l:LLA AlGl-STA': b. N"\ . i6, 184.S ; m. May 22, 1873, to 
Josrpli H. Fot-rin^, "f Phikid. (55°^) 

2765. II. ADA': l\ All-, i), 1X54; d. Dec. 26, 1874, in R.ixb.; 

2764. 111. ColvNULIA': b. June 27, 1S57; m. Dec. 21, 1880. to 
( U29) Jdhn r.^ Sheldrake, of Roxb., where they reside. 


Children of ft 048) Mary Ann (Levering) and Charles Sailor. 

276:;. 1. Fnoch LliNERING': b. Sept. 2, 1850, at Roxb.; m. Aug. 
10. 1877. to Miss Blank, at Williamsport, Pa., where he 
is enga;:ed in the lumber business. (55^0 

2766. 11. Clara Cordelia^ b. Oct. 2, 1852, at South Ha\en ; 

m. Sept. i;. 1876. to Frederick H. Gleim, Cashier of the 
West Branch Nat. Bank at Williamsport, Pa. (5512) 

2767. 111. ANNA ALGLSTa': b No\-. 17, 1854; d. Feb. i860; b. 

at Le\ . Cem. 

Children of ( 1054) Silas ]. and Emma (Rose) Levering. 

2768. I. Morion (icJRGAS': b. Ma\- 20, 1866; m. Oct. 15, 1896, 

Ciertrude A. Hendricks. Res. Roxb. Philad. 

2769. II. Ralph IRNING': b. July 30, 1875; unmd. Res. Roxb., 


Children ot ( 1055) Peter and Christiana (Morrison) Levering. 

2770. I. IlLNRY": b. . in Philad.. where he li\es ; unmd. 

277!. II. Ja.M1;s Morrison": b. ; was in business in Buffalo, 

N. ^ . He d. in Philad., unmd., on Feb. s, 1895. 

Children of ( 1057) Adaline (Levering) and John A. Markley. 

2772. I. Clara": b. Ma\- 29, 1853; m. June 22, 1876, Charles 

Mitchell. ' (5515) 

2773. 11. Hhnr^'": b. April 5, 185s; m. April 28, 1886, Bessie 

Robinson. (55i^) 


2774. 111. Emily': b. April IS, 1857; d. May 20, 1861 ; b. Barren 

Hill Cem., Philad. 

2775. IV. Lizzie': b. June 30, i860; d. April, 1861; b. Barren 

Hill Cem., Philad. 

2776. V. Sue': b. Mch. 26, 1863; unmd. Res. Roxb. 

Children of (1060) John Milton and Sarah (Widner) Levering. 

2777. 1. Edwin Wharton': b. Nov. 17, i860; m, Aug. 8, 1881, 

to Amelia AUabaugh, of Norristown, Pa., where they re- 
side. No chn. 

2778. 11. LILLA Elizabeth' : b. Dec. 2, 1862 ; unmd. Res, Mana- 

yunk, Philad. 

2779. 111. Albert Metheany': b. Aug. 17, 1865; m. Oct. 28, 

1890, to Kate O. Wagner, of Manayunk, where they 
reside. Mr. L. is engaged in civil engineering and city 
surveying. (5 520) 

Children of same and Annie (Pharaoh), 2d wife. 

2780. IV. Harry Milton': b. Oct. 17, 1869; m. May 24, 1892, 

Cora May Rittenhouse. 

2781. V. Silas Gilbert': b. May n, 1871 ; m. June 26, 1892, 

Maude Stickle. (5 521) 

2782. VI. Ida FloRINE': b. Sep. 5, 1872; m. Sep. 12, 1893, 

Clarence L. Smith, of Mt. Vernon, Philad. 

2783. Vll. ANNIE Mary': b. May 26, 1874; unmd. Res. Mana- 


2784. VIII. Clara Jane': b. June 11, 1876; unmd. Res. Mana- 


For child of (1062) Anna Levering, see (\S66) Albert M. Metheany. 

Children of (1065) Silas Gilbert ' and Elizabeth (Hodgson) Holgate. 

2785. 1. Eleanor Margaret': b. Oct. 29, 1841 ; m. Feb. 26, 

1866, to John Riley Hungerford, of Springville, Pa. In 
1869 they removed to Tunkhannock, Pa., where she d. 
May 3, 1883. (5522) 

:>:;S THI-: i.i;\i:mng family. 

27S6. 11. MATmilw HoiH.soN^ b. April 11, 184^.; m. July 25, 
iSjq. l.i//i«.- H. Naull'Tii, whod. Feh. 28, 1876, at Dalt- 
villi-. Pa. He 111. 2d July 12, 1882, Mai\' Armenia Ed- 
wards, at Strantun, Pa., wluae tht\ li\f. (SS24) 

2787. 111. 1:STHI;R MA^ ^ b. May I, 1846; m. Nov. 8, 1871, to 

RnKii B. W'alhuv, at Ncwbur.uh, N. Y. Hl- d. Mch. 4, 
i8<p, at rii(-mson. Winn. Mrs. W. and tamil\- li\f at 
Duluth, Minn. (5525) 

2788. 1\'. JOHN ATWOOi)': b. and d. March 27, 1849. 

2j^i). \ . \l''ilHR Hodgson": b. April i, 1851 ; m. Jan. 22, i87(;, 
1 illian H. Rcxnolds, of Cjran^er, N. Y. Res. Duluth. 


27(p. \l. William Alger': b. April 6, 1854; m. Oct. is. 1884. 
Alice Belle Cdttin.^ham, at Kiethburi:, 111. (55^3) 

2791. Ml. MaR^ HlizaBHTH': b. Au-. 13. 1856; d. April 14, 
1S77, nnmd, at Dalexille, Pa. 

2J()2. \ 111. llARRlLT CaROLINH' : b. Dec. II, 1858 ; d. Sep. 9, 18C0. 

All the abo\e were born at Dale\ille, Luzerne Co., i^a. 

Children of (\066) Eliza' (Hol^ate") and Wm. Alger Lain. 

2793. 1. CoRNLLll S HoLCiATL": b. Sep. 18, 1842; m. June 9, 

1869, Frances M. Failinti. Reside at Canisteo, N. Y. 
No chn. 

2794. 11. Pa.mlla ANN': b. Feb. 20, 1X44; d. Oct. lO, 18C2, 


2795. 111. 1:A\ILV': b. Ma\- 6, and d. Jul\- m, 1S45. 

270. 1\. HaRRII-.T Fli/a': b. Jan. 10, 1847 ; m. Abner A. Haskins, 
111 CheniunLi, N. Y. Res. Free\ille, N. Y. (5535) 

2797. \'. ORISSA DLLL': b. Sep. 16, 1848; m. July 18, 1874, to 

Jeltersnn B. Sliter. Res. at Wa\erl\ , N. Y., where she 
d. May 2(j, 187C, childless. 

2798. \ 1. l:D\MN LL.WINL': b. Mch. i, 1850; m. May 27, 1882, 

tmma A. Smith, ot Canisteo, N. Y., where she d. May 
22. 1888. (5536) 

2j^)^). \11. ALICL CaROLINI-.': b. Jul\- 2^, i8s3; d. Au,^. 4, 1854, 
at Waverlv, N. Y. 


2800. Vlll. William Judson': b. Feb. 24, 1855; d. Aug. 13, 

1857, at Waverly, N. Y. 

2801. IX. Ida May": b. Aug. 8, 1856; m. Nov. 20, 1873, James 

H. Sanford, of Spencer, N Y., who d. Feb. 5, 1895. 
They resided at Danby, N. Y. She now lives at Elmira, 
N. Y. (5540) 

2802. X. Allie LUNETTIE': b. Oct. 17, 1858; d. Feb. 15, 1876; 


All were born at Waverly, N. Y. 

Children of (1067) Harriet' (Holgate) and John McC. Simpson. 

2803. 1. WINFIELD Scott" : b. Oct. 15, 1847; m. Dec. 22, 1880, 

Julia Anna Warner. Res. Towanda, Pa, (5540 

2804. 11. ORMOND LaGRANGE": b. Jan. 31, 1850; m. Oct. 26, 

1882; Elizabeth Leeds, at Philad., where they live. 


2805. 111. Marian Geraldine": b. Aug. 10, 1851; m. Sep. 15, 

1886, Eugene Walter Parry, at Turnersville, Pa., where 
they reside. 

2806. IV. William Henry': b. Oct. 22, 1853; unmd. Res. at 

Moscow, Pa. 

2807. V. Horace Greeley': b. Mch. 2, 1856; unmd. Res. at 

Turnersville, Pa. 

All were born at Turnersville, Pa. 

Children of (1069) Esther' (Holgate) and Henry Wain Drinker. 

2808. I. Clifton HOLGATE': b. May 20, 1848; m. Oct. 18, 1893, 

Minnie Smith, of Kilbourn, Wis. 

. 2809. II. George Fox': b. Sep. 9, 1849; J- Jan. 3, 1868, at 

Clifton, Pa. 

2810. 111. Annie Morgan": b. Nov. 14, 1850; unmd. Removed 

from Portage, Wis., to Philad. in 1895. 

2811. IV. Edward Cope': b. Jan. 28, 1852; d. April 28, 1875, 

unmd., at Philad. 

2812. V. JOHN Thomas': b. Nov. 4, 1853. Is in the drug busi- 

ness, at Merrill, Wis., unmd. 

^6o THI-: l.l-VERiNG FA Win'. 

_>8i^ \l. WlLLlAW Ht.NkV': h. .V\a\- S, 1855: d. J:in. 12, iSqS, at 
Clitt..n, l\i. 

J.S14. \ II. ChHSIHR BlTl.UR': h. June I, 1857; m. Mch. 18, 1896, 
Jt-nnii- S\. f-lciiiKT. Res. Piercefiekl, X. York". 

28iv \ 111. Haivriet Simpsons b. Dec. 12, 1859; d. Dec. 17. 
189^ ; umnd. 

In tile fall >>\ 1S70. after the death of her husband, Mrs. 
Hsther H. Drinker remi)\ed with her famih" to Kilbourn 
Cit\-, Wis., where sons of Mr. D. bv a former marriaue 

Children of ( 1070) Levering and Kate (Murphyj Holgate. 

2816. I. Harriet^ b. Dec. 7 and d. Dec. 21, 1868, at Elk River, 


2817. 11. Marian": b. .Nox . 2,. 1870; m. Nov. 24, 1887. to Robert 

Stuart. Res. Ra\niond, Minn. (5574) 

2818. III. C:arriu Ellen": b. No\-. i, 1873; unmd. Miss H. grad- 

uated in the class of 1892 of the High School of Minne- 
apolis, Minn., where she is now (i8c;4) a teacher. 

2819. I\ . Katie'*: b. Au;:. 19, and d. Aug. 22, 1875, at Hlk Riwr, 


Children of ( 1072) Mary' (Bartolette) and John Coleman. 

2820. I. .lACOJ^: b. about 1834. in Lawrence Co., ill.; d. unmd. 

2821. II. Harriet": b. about 18^6, in Lawrence Co., 111.; m. 

Henr\- Mills : both d. (5543) 

2822. 111. ANN l-iLIZABETH'*: b. Nov. lo, 1838, in Lawrence Co., 

111.; m. Daniel Abshere, who d. Now 9, 1880. Shed. 
May ^1, 1882. (5546) 

282;. I\. Martin": b. about 1840. in Lawrence Co., 111.; d. unmd. 

2824. \ . .!< )1IN riio.MAS": b. Jan. 21, 1842, in Lawrence Co., 111.; 
m. Aug. 14. 1S71. Mary Fieson. They live at Willow 
Hill, Jasper Co., 111. (5556) 

2H2-^ \1. James": b. about 1844; d. unmd. 


2826. VII. Mary B.': h. Au^. 12, 1846; m. Aug. 12, 1866, to 

Richard M. Hij^hsmith, who d. April 21, 1894, in Lawrence 
Co., 111., where Mrs. H. still lives. (5564) 

2827. VIII. Charles William': b. about 1848; d. unmd. 

2828. IX. Marion": b. about 1850; d. unmd. 

2829. X. Sarah Jane": b. about 1853; d. unmd. in Lawrence 

Co., 111. 

Children of (1073) Charles' and Nancy (VanSickle) Bartolette. 

2830. I. George': b. in 1844, at Miamitown, O.; d. May 4, 1890, 

at Cin., O.; b. at Harrison, O. 

2831. II. William T.': b. Sept. 25, 1846, at Harrison, O.; m. ' 

Sept. 21, 1871, Lucy Moore. Res. Harrison, O. 


2832. ill. Charles': b. in 1848; d. young. 

2833. IV. John': b. in 1852, at Harrison, O. Res. in Missouri ; 


2834. V. Thomas Benton': b. in 1856; d. in 1865. 

Children of (1076) Hannah (Bartolette) and John Cox. 

2835. I. George W.': b. Aug. 10, 1842; m. July 4, 1868, Mar- 

tha Brown. Res. Cleves, O. (5576) 

2836. II. Ellen': b. June 6, 1844; m. Feb. 22, 1866, to James K. 

Bailey. She d. May 20, 1872, in Miami Tp., Hamilton 
Co., O. Mr. B. res. in Cincinnati. (5 578) 

2837. 111. Andrew J.': b. Jan. 16, 1846; m. Sept. 8, 1878, Nancy 

Miller. Lives in Miami Tp., Ham. Co., O. (5581) 

2838. IV. ClarksoN W.': b. Aug. 10, 1848; d. Aug. 7, 1866, at 

Milton, Ind. 

2839. V. ANNA Belle': b. Jan. 3, 1850; m. June 16, 1872, to 

Casper Rininger. Res. Cleves, O. (55^7) 

2840. VI. JOHN': b. Oct. 3, 1851; d. Mch. 29, 1855, at Miami 

town, (). 

2841. VII. Emma': b. May 5, 1856; m. April 13, 1892, to William 

Morgan. Res. Cleves, O. (559o) 

All were born in White Water Tp., Hamilton Co., O. 

;62 THE l.i:\l£RING FA Win. 

Children of ( 1077) Ann (Bartolette) and John L. Shipman. 

2^42. I. .loilN N/: 1\ W.i\ 16, I.S41), near Cin., O.; m. Sept. 3, 
1X73, Anna l.nui^a Haas. He owns and occupies a farm 
near t.. St. Mar\s, O. (5590 

J.S43. II. William ril()A\AS^ \\ \nv. 6, 1850; m. Now 8, 1874, 
Alice Sillin. Me d. Jan. 28. 1886. (5599) 

2844. III. Harriet H.': \\ Wch. 7, 18^2; m. July 4, 1871, Lewis 

C. Brewer. (5604) 

284V l\. BRADIU'RV C: b. Sept. 27, 1854; J. Oct. 12, 1872. 

Children of (lO?'' ) Maria A.' (Gilbert) and Rev. Robert F. Young:. 

2846. I. 1:LIZA Jane' : b. ,\o\-. 20, 1836; J. Au.^. 5, 1839. 

2847. II. 1. ("ilLHERT" (A. M.. M. D.): b. June 21, 1840; m. May 

I. 1872. l-|orence Albertson, b. June 28, 1852. Dr. Y. 
is a graduate of the University of Penna., and practices 
his profession in Philad. (5610) 

2S48. 111. James Patterson' (A. M.): b. Au^. 8, 1842; d. Nov. 
3, i88^ He was a prominent member of the legal bar 
of New Jersey. 

2849. 1\. I'H(XMAS R.': b. Sept. 19, 1844 ; d. Dec. 2/, 1864. 

28^0. \. c:le,ment \V.\ b. Max- 13, 1848. 

2S;i. \l. WaRIA \IRGINIA': b. Sept. 2, 1850; m. June i. 1871, 
\\ar\in H. (iarrett. Res. Haddonfield, N. J. (5612) 

Child of ( 1082) Dedemiah V. (Gilbert) and William D. Miller. 
2S52. I. Willia.m I).. JR.~~: b. Jan. 18, 1843; d. June 22, 1865. 

Children of ( J084) Curtis J. and Anna (Graver) Gilbert. 

283^. I. |-;i.laJ.': b. April 3. 1855; unmd. Re>. Washington, D. C. 

2834. II. HoRACl-: B.': b. iJec. 13. 1856; unmd. Res. Washing 
ton. 1). C. 

28^3. 111. ANNA S.": h. Nov. 14, 1866; unmd. Res. Washington, 
h. C. 

28^r). I\. Cl'RTlS J.^ b. Feb. q, 1869; unmd. Res. Washington, 
1). C. 

/■-..,- ,1 


Children of (1086) Dr. Josephus C' and Caroline (Quigg) Gilbert. 

2857. 1. J. Travis': b. Jan. 28, 1867, at Chestnut Hill, Philad.; 


2858. 11. Virginia Murray": b. Nov. 8, 1868; m. Oct. 22, 1894, 

to Peter Francis Murphy, of Philad. (561134) 

2859. 111. JOSEPHUS C," Jr.: b. July 8, 1870, at Chestnut Hill, 

Philad.; unmd. 

Children of (1089) Abby J.' (Holgate) and Edward Hanford. 

2860. 1. Abraham Oliver': b. Sept. 4, 1846, in Van Buren Co., 

Iowa, where he d. Sept. 23, 1846. 

2861. 11. Thadeus': b. Dt:tc. II, 1847, in Iowa; d. Jan. 29, 1892, 

in Seattle, Washin^^ton ; unmd. See biog. 

2862. 111. Cornelius Holgate' (Judge): b. April 21, 1849, in 

Iowa ; m. Nov. 14, 1875, at Olympia, Wash., to Clara 
M. Baldwin, b. in that place, Sept. 6, 1856. Reside at 
Seattle, Wash. He is Judge of the United States Circuit 
Court. See Hog. (5621) 

2863. IV. Edward Hawley': b. Mch. 9, 1851, and d. Ma\- 14, 

1852, at Winchester, Iowa. 

2864. V. Frank': b. Jan. 9, 1853, in Iowa; m. Oct. 20, 1886, at 

Canby, Oregon, Anna Evelyn Wait, b. June i, 1863, at 
Portland, Oregon. Res. Seattle, Wash., where she d. 
July 15, 1894. Mrs. H. was the dau. of Hon. Aaron E, 
Wait, the first Chief Justice of Oregon, who crossed the 
plains in 1846. She was educated at Bishop Scott Semi 
nary and was an accomplished woman. Mr. H. was a 
member of the Legislature of the State of Washington in 
i895-€)6. (5629) 

2865. VI. ARTHUR ELWOOD': b. Mch. 7, 1855, at Seattle, and 

resides there ; unmd ; was admitted to the bar, 1886. 

2866. VII. Clarence': b. May 13, 1857, at Seattle; m. Dec. 5, 

1882, Eleanor Neff, who was b. June, 1863, at San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. Res. at Seattle. (5631) 


2867. \'lll. HLBIikT LEVERING': b. Au^. ii, 1861, in San Francisco, 

where he d. Fcl\ 2~ , 1862. 
2SO.S. IX. l:VEnN': h. June 7, 1871, in Seattle, wliere she d. Jan. 

ig. iS77- 

Children of ( \W2 ) Olivia' (Holgfate) and Edmund Cam 

I'Aiy^). 1. Francis LenERING': b. Apl. 14, 1857, at Port Townsend, 
Wash., and d. in Oct., 1871, at Renton, Wash. 

2870. II. FiLIZABETH HOLGATE": b. June 26, 1 8 59, at Seattle ; m. 

Oct. I, 1877, to Matthew Anderson of that place, and 
reside there. (5633) 

2871. 111. I'LRICK ABRAHA.M': b. May 1 , 1861 , at Seattle ; m. Dec. 

29, 1887, Ftta Reid. Thev reside at Kent, Wash. 


2872. 1\'. Carrie Maria": b. Oct. 5, 1864, at Renton, Wash.; m. 

Oct., 1889, to Thomas Brenton Hall, of Victoria, B. C. 
Reside in Vancouxer, B. C. (5644) 

287;. \. .WaR^' H\a': b. Apl. 28, 1869. at Renton ; d. Jan. 3, 1877, 
at Seattle. 

2874. \1. \BHii-; Bertha": b. Max- 15, 1871, at Renton; m. Apl. 
20, 1894, Thomas 1). Kelly. (5647) 

Children of ( 10%) Elvina Levering: (Holg;ate) and "William 


287;. I. MAR^ AINGE": b. Apl. 22, iJarby, Del. Co., Pa., 
and d. therL' No\ . 24, i8:;6. 

2S76. II. l-i.i.A Flizabeth': b. Mch. 19, 18153 ; at Darby ; m. June 
1:;, 187s, in Oswe;j;o, N. Y.. to Fdward Tyrrel Smart, of 
(Canada. She d. Sept. u>, 1875, at Brockville, Canada. 

1^-;:. 111. Wll.WER (iRlKElTH": b. Apl. 18, 1856, in Darby. Grad- 
uated June, i88j, as mechanical en<i;ineer, at Stevens in- 
stitute, Hobok-en, N. J., where he continued as assistant 
instructor, until the time of his death, Feb. 23, 1884, at 
Jersey Cit\ . N\ J. 

2878. 1\. \iRGINiA": b. Max- 2S. i8yS, in Del. Co., Pa.; m. Dec. 
30. 1880, in Oswe.uo. N. V., to William Lowry Welsh, 


who was b. Apl. g, 1849, in Vevay, Ind. Prof. Welsh, 
in 1889, succeeded his father-in-law to the charge of the 
Oswego Gas Works, remaining until 1892, when he re- 
moved his famil)' to Philad., where he has since been 
Principal in one of the important public schools. (5648) 
The deceased members of the family are buried in Mount 
Moriah Gem., Philad. 

Child of (1099) William and Philura (Cunningham) Brooks. 

2879. 1. Philura' : b. Jan. 21 and d. Feb. 25, 1844, Waverly, N. Y. 

Children of same and Matilda C. (Stone) , 2d Wife. 

2880. 11. William Edgar': b. Aug. 19, 1847; m. Sep. 2, 1881, 

Fanny S. Stillwagon. He is a dentist at Oal\land, Gal. 


2881. III. Fred Emerson': b. Dec. 5, 1848; m. Dec. i, 1885, 

Mary Emma Tregidgo. He is an author and poet. Also 
a dramatic reader of recognized ability. Resides in New 
York Gity. (5652) 

2882. IV. Frank Wilbur': b. Apl. n, and d. Sep. 14, 1852. 

2883. V. John HOTCHKISS': b. Aug. 15, 1855; d. Nov. 2, 1885. 

2884. VI. James Luther': b. July 5, 1858; m. Sep. 19, 1885, 

Mary Hankin. Res. Ghicago, (054) 

Children of (JIOO) Susan Holgate' (Brooks) and Jonas G. French. 

2885. 1. ANDREW Alexander': b. Sep, 23, 1843; m. Oct. 18, 

1864, Martha E. Sibell. (5655) 

2886. II. Ann Eliza': b. Dec. 25, 1845; "i- Prescot A. Blake. 

Res. Wallingford, Gonn. (5662) 

2887. ill. William Atwood': b. Jan. 3, 1848; m. April 24, 

1873, Emma Milne. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y.,. where she d. 
Dec. 13, 1888. (5665) 

2888. IV. Lydia Maria' : b. Aug. 24, 1849, and d. same day. 

Children of (1102) Sarah H.' (Brooks) and Thomas Bristol. 

2889. I. Walter Brooks': b. Dec. 10, 1859; d. July 9, i860, 

Dan bury, Gonn. 


2ik)0. II. Tho.MAS LEVERING': b. Au.:i. 31, 1863; m. July 7, 1891 , 
Nellie \\:\y PdiiKToN-, at Danbuiy, Conn, where a child, 
Phillis". was 1\ Sep. 22, 1895. (5667) 

Children of (Il03i Prof. Alexr. At wood and Clara L. (Brown) 


28<;i. 1. James Le\ERIN(]': \\ and d. Jan. 31, 1857, at Gonzales, 

2892. 11. l-RANK ATWOOl)': b. April 21, 1858; m. Sep. 21, 1886, 
Bessie A. Wii.^iht, of Oak Ranche, Texas. Mr. B. grad- 
uated at the University of Michi.t:^an in the class of 1878. 
He is a practical chemist and dru.Li.uist at Corpus Christi, 
Texas. (5668) 

289-^. HI. \VILL1AA\ Harney': b. Nov. 1, 1864; m. May 12, 1888, 
Susiu A. (jussetl. He is a graduate of Goliad College, 
Texas. Resides at Corpus Christi, where he is in busi- 
ness with his brother Frank A. under the firm name of 
Brooks Brothers. As a profitable diversion they have a 
ranche of 20,000 acres near the city. (5670) 

2894, 1\. Anna MaRGAREI': b. June 7, 1865; unmd. Res. Cor- 
pus Christi. 

All the abo\e were born at Gonzales, Texas. 
Children of ( UOb) Gilbert and Adaline E. (Brown) Brooks. 

289:;. 1. Walter Brown": b. Au^. u, i860; m. May 15, 1889, 
Ida f£. Ha\erl\-, at Overton, Pa. Mr. B. is engaged in 
the insurance business at Seattle, Wash. (5672) 

289r). 11. Sl'SlE Lois': b. Dec. 25, 1865; unmd. 

2897. 111. WMlliaM ARIlllR^ b. Aug. 14, 1867; d. Oct. 22, 1893, 
at Seattle, Wash. 

Children of (Mil) Martha (Fenton) and Joseph Keyser "Wolf. 

2898. 1. Mary Ann': b. July 4, 18^2; d. Oct. 8, 1889; unmd. 

2899. II. Waria Holgate': b. Mch. 23, i860; unmd. Res. Chest- 

nut Hill. Phikid. 


Children of ii\\2) Eliza F.' (Fenton) and Abraham Lightkep. 

2900. I. Mary Jane': b. Dec. 27, 1844; m. Mch. 27, 1869, Henry 

Firth. Res. PhikiJ. (5674) 

2901. 11. Maria H.': b. Jan. 12, 1847; m. Nov. 10, 1872, Gus- 

tavus Buckler. Res. Philad. (5677) 

2902. 111. Amanda E.': b. Oct. 6, 1848 ; m. Sep. 2, 1869, to Augus- 

tus Megargee. They reside at Martinsburg, Blair Co., 
Pa. (5681) 

2903. IV. Randal F.': b. Nov. 13, 1850; m. Mch. 5, 1885, Re- 

becca Shuman. Res. at Chandler, Lincoln Co., Indian 

2904. V. Adelaide W.': b. Sep. 22, 1852; m. Oct. 30, 1872, to 

J. Warren Carver. Res. at Eureka, Montgomery Co., 
Pa. . (5685) 

2905. VI. ANNIE Z.': b. April 23, 1855 ; m. Mch. 4, 1875, George 

B. Shaffer. Res. Dreshertown, Pa. (5692) 

2906. Vll. JOHN H.': b. Mch. 27, 1857; m. Dec. 27, 1882, Kate 

Anderson. Res. Dreshertown, Pa. (5695) 

2907. VIll. William R.': b. May i, 1859; m. Oct. 30, 1884, 

Annie Willard. Res. Jarretstown, Pa. (5697) 

Children of (1114) Ursula' (Fenton) and Henry Sheetz. 

2908. 1. JOHN H.': b. May 26, 1855; d. Mch. 22, 1857, at Philad. 

2909. 11. James H.': b, Nov. 9, 1856; m. July 29, 1883, Annie 

Webb, who d. Now 3, 1884. He m, 2d on Oct. 26, 1887, 
Amelia Moss. Res. Philad. (570i) 

2910. 111. William Levering': b. Dec. 12, i860; m. Julia Ber- 

wick. He d. Feb., 1889. (5703) 

2911. IV. Lizzie V.': b. Jan. 22, 1862; m. Aug. 15, 1889, to Ed- 

win Hoster. Res. Philad. 

2912. V. Charles F.': b. July 19, 1864; m. May 3, 1884, Annie 

Clark. Res. Philad.' (57o6) 

2913. VI. Maria F.': b. Oct. 30, 1866; d. July 18, 1867. 

36S TMK LliMilViNG lA.MiLY. 

Children of '1115) Sarah A. ( Fenton ) and "William M. Eisenbrey. 

Jc;i4. 1. CHARLHS H.^ b. UfC. 25, 1852; J. Dec. 22, 1856, in;:. Co.. P;i. 

Ji;i5. II. ADHI.AIDI- 1 .': h. Dec. 24, 18^4; m. July 4, 1.S76, to 
Saimiei J. HurJnck, b. 1.S51, and d. April 23, 1884. Mrs. 
H. ns. at Belfry, ,V\ont^. Co., F^a. (5708) 

2916. 111. Sol'HiA \\: : b. Jan. ly, 1858; d. Jan. 23, 1864. 

Children of (1116) Randal' and Margaret (Harper) Fenton. 

2917. I. Jhssh Harper': b. Sept. 26, 1855; d. Wch. 12, 1857, at 


2918. 11. Ci.ARA Marion": b. Oct. i, 1858; d. Oct. 22, 1882, at 


291C). HI. Hdwin Larrison": b. Nov. 11, i860; m. Oct. 21, 1884, 
Hllen S. Zellner. Res. Pittsxille, Philad. 

Children of (1117) Charles Levering ' and Elizabeth (Fisher) Fenton. 

2920. I. Charles Walton": b. Jui\- 10, i860; m. Jan. n, 1883, 

Hdna Josephine Da\is, b. Now 1, 1865, and d. July 8, 
1889. Res. Bogard, Mo. (5712) 

2921. 11. Lal RA MaRGARETTa': b. Aug. II, 1871. Res. Bogard, 


Children of (1 120 ) Emma M. ( Fenton) and Wm. Thomas Wilson. 

2922. 1. OLIVER FENTON^ b. No\-. 20, i860; d. Nov. 28, 1881. 

2923. 11. liL.WER Hllsworth": b. Aug. 27, 1862 ; m. April 4, 1885, 

Arissa Jahasa Bagget, b. Now 22, i86s, and d. Nov. 17, 
18.S8. He ni. 2y^\ June 13, 1890, Hdith D(.)lly Deaton. 
Res. at Pitts\ille, 22^\ Ward, Philad. (57i5) 

2924. 111. W 11. 1.1AM HoLCiATE": b. April 6, and d. July 17, 1868. 

292<;. I\. Susan Maria": b. Feb. 27, 1870; m. Oct. 4, 1892, to 
Nelson F. Mellington, b. 1866. The\- res. at Tyler, Smith 
Co., Te.xas. 


Child of (1121) Sarah J.' (Scout) and Napoleon B. Archambault. 

2926. 1. Clara': b. May I, i8t;^; m. Mav 19, 1884, to Frank 

Wellington Williams. Thf\' rt-s. in Philad.; no chn. 

Child of (1 126) Sarah Anna' (Levering) and M. H. McEwan. 

2927. 1. Howard': b. Aug. 8, 1840; d. Oct. 25, 1842, in Philad.; 

b. Lev. Gem. 

Children of (H33) Rebecca A.' (Shur) and Samuel Gillingham. 

2928. 1. Sarah Anna': b. Mch. 30, 1836; d. July 10, 1841, in 

Roxb.; b. Lev. Gem. 

2929. 11. James W.': b. May 16, 1838 ; m. Sept. 24, i860, Rocksie 

Mohlcr. Res. Georgetown, D. G. (5717) 

2930. 111. William P.': b. Sept. 2, 1839; d. April 3, 1867, unmd. 

in Roxb.; b. Lev. Gem. 

2931. IV. Walter T.**: b. May 31, 1841 ; m. Mch. 31, 1863, Ella 

G. Maxwell. Res. Alexandria, Va. (5720) 

2932. V. Sarah Wood': b. Dec. 10, 1842; m. Nov. 20, 1862, to 

Edward H. Paxon ; b. April 22, 1833. Res. in Philad., 
where she d. Nov. 25, 1871. (5727) 

2933. VI. Edward': b. Nov. 27, 1844; d. DidC. 15, 1862, in Roxb., 

unmd.; b. Lev. Gem. 

2934. Vll. Samuel': b. July 13, 1846; d. Sept. 14, 1847; b. Lev. 


2935. VIII. Gharles Levering': b. June 18, 1848; m. and lives 

at Golorado Springs, Golo. 

2936. IX. Samuel Shur': b. Mch. 28, 1850; m. April 24, 1873, 

Sallie Ida Harner, at Pottsville, Pa., where she was b. 
Mch. 12, 1853. They res. Manayunk, Philad. (5731) 

2737. X. Thomas W.': b. Mch. 17, 1852; d. April 14, 1857; b. 
Lev. Gem. 

2938. XI. Harvey': b. Mch. 11, 1854; m. Henrietta Whiteman. 


2939. ^11- Horace B.': b. Aug. 28, 1856 ; m. Lizzie R. Whiteman. 

All the above were born in Philad. 

370 THH li:\i:ring l■A^\ILY. 

Children of ( U34) Anna M. (Shur) and James E. Dung:an. 

2940. I. l;Ll/Alii;rn llAkoLD": b Feb. 14, 1838; in. Jan. 10, 185S, 
Kichaid K. Priest, b. Aw^. 20, 1831, in Mont^. Co., Pa., 
wIktc- lie J. Well. 1, 1887. Mrs. P. res. at Manayunk, 
PhilaJ. (5744) 

_H)4i. II. Sa,MLI:L': b. ^\i\\ 2, 1839; cl. April 3, 1854, in Ko.xb.; b. 
Lew Cem. 

2942. III. .WAkCiAkl-r SliUR': b. ,V\ch. 14, 1841 ; J. Feb. 25, 1863, 
uninJ.; b. Lew Cein. 

2()4;. 1\. UllBliCCA (jlLLlNCiHA.M' : b. May 18, 1842; m. Richard 
.Al(tnzi» Blundin, b. Feb. 25, 1839, at Georgetown, I). C, 
Res. Manaxunk. (575-) 

2944. \. \\.\W\ ANN": b. Jan. 28, and d. Feb. 7, 1844. 

2945. \1. AMANDA MtLVINiA': b. Feb. 22, 1845; "i- '^-^y '• ''*^70» 

tn Albert Mower. Res. Roxb. (57<JO) 

\ II. lAAU-:s': b. i\t)\-. 26, 1846; m. and both dead. 



\lll. 1:1.1.HN JaNI:' : b. Oct. lo, 1 S4S ; d. Aii^. 1, 1850; 
Le\ . C>elli. 

I\. John Ferris': b. Nov. 29, 1850, in Manayunk; m. 
May 20, 1873, HIi/.abeth Lord, of Wissahickon, who died. 
Famil\' res. at Washington, I). C. (5763) 

2949. X. 1:ZI-:kii:l Shir ' : b. Jan. 12, 1855; in. Li\e in Virginia. 

2950. XL J()Si;i'il l-oLWiiLL': b. Mch. 3, 1857; m. Maggie Mof- 

tett ; he d. 

29^1. XII. Rac:hEL Faries": b. Jan. 4, 1859; m. Harvey Rapine. 
Res. Roxb. 

2952. XIII. VVlNl-lELl) Scott' : b. Jul\- 7, 1861 ; m. Aug. 14, 1886, 
Luc\- \''ickery, who d. Se[M. i :;, 189^. (57^9) 

Hi- m. 2d Jan. 14. 1894, Mar\- McDermott. Res. Mana- 
\-unk, Philad. 

Child of (1135) Rachel (Shur) and John Paries. 

295^ 1. Fmma Louisa": b. Feb. 27, 1843; m. Aug. 17, 1862, to 
William Robinson, of Philad. She d. Oct. 4, 1871 ; b. 
Lev. Om. (5773) 


Child of (II36) Samuel Levering and Sarah (Shank) Shur. 

2954. I. Catharine': b. in Roxb.; died unmd ; b. W. l.aiirel Hill 

Children of (1140) Ellen J. H. (Shur) and Joshua Jones. 

2955. 1. Catharine S.': b. July i8, 1852; d. Junt- 11, 1869; b. 

Lev. Ceni. 

2956. 11. Margaret Shur': b. Nov. 7, 1855; d. July 17, 1856; 

b. Lev, Cem. 

2957. HI. Charles Schofield': b. Dec. 10, 1857; d. Mch. 23, 

1868 ; b. Lev, Cem, 

2958. IV. EZEKIEL Shur': b. Mch, 29, i860; m. Aug. i, 1880, 

Lydia, dau, of John and Sarah A, Wilson, b, Feb, 9, 1863, 
at Stubbinsvale, Lancashire, Eng, Res. Shur's Lane, 
Manayunk. (5776) 

2959. V. Ellnor': b. June 13, 1863; m. Aug. 19, 1885, William 

N, Davis, b. Apl. 24, 1863, in Maryland. They reside at 
Manayunk. (577^) 

Child of (IHI) Eliza R.' (Shur) and Peter Roberts. 

2960. 1. William Shur': b, Jan, 7, 1850; d, unmd. 

Children of (It42) Sophia H.' (Shur) and Samuel Leveringf 


2961. I. Samuel Levering': b. Dec. 22, 1850; m. Oct. i, 1874, 

Mary A, Crotsley, of Washington, N, J,, where they 
live, (5781) 

2962. II. Mary Ann': b, Jan. 29, 1852; m, William Henry Miller, 

Res, Roxb, (57^5) 

2963. III. Thomas Alfred': b. Mch. 15, 1854; m. Clara Car- 

mine. No chn. 

2964. IV, Joseph N. H, FOLWELL': b, Dec. 17, 1855; m. His- 

tory not known. 


Children of (1143) Alfred and Esther (Caldwell) Shur. 

2C)Cs. I. hDWAkl) l-ESI-.klNCj': b. L)tc. 6. 18S4; m- J^'Ht- 19, 1876, 
Berth;! H. Lehman, •>!' Wissahickon. Ris. Philad. 


2966. 11. Al.lkBD, Jk/: h. Oct. 24, i8t;Q ; m. Jan. 4, 1891, Mary 

jninliiison C^<i.\. N<i chn. 

Children of ( JI46) Samuel Levering; and Fannie (Bowers) Shur. 

2967. I. John BOVVERS' : b. Ml h. 7. 1869; d. July 2. 1893 ; unniJ. 

2968. II. f:L\\ooi) Levering': b. May i6, 1871; unmd. Res. 

Ma nay link. 

2969. 111. LbWARD Levering": b. Jan. 28, 1874; unmd. Res. 

Mana\ link'. 

2970. 1\'. HSTHER CaLWELL': b. Auji. 4, 1876. 

2971. \. ALFRED': b. June 24, 1879; d. Jan. 9, 1884; b. Lev. 


Children of (U48i Morris and (3085) Matilda V/ (Anderson) 


2972. I. Howard Malcol.W : b. Mch. 4, i8';7, at Nonistown, Pa.; 

m. Sept. 14, 1879, Hettie Caldwell Lippen, of Wissa- 
hickon, b. Sept. 13, 18^9; no chn. Mr. L. is a (graduate 
of pharmacy ; resides Manayunk, \\ here he is extensixely 
enuiijied in the druj: business and apothecar\- ; is a mem- 
ber of the Councils of the cit\^ of Philad. 

297-v 11. SalliE ANDERSON': b. Sept. 2, i860, at Roxb.; m. Nov. 
9, 1877, John S.\-l\ester Marks, of Roxb.; the\- reside in 
Philad. (5792) 

2974. 111. MA^'^ LaIRA': b. Sept. 4, 1862, at Roxb.; m. June 10, 

1891, to James Ldw . Lu\ett, of Bristol, Pa., where they 
reside. '' (5793) 

2975. 1\. L^DIA CoCj(ilNS': b. Feb. 16, 1865, in Lower Merion, 

Pa.; m. Dec. 2s, i8c)o, to Maurice Watst)n, of Borden- 
town, N. J. They li\e at Bristol, Pa. (5794) 

2976. \'. Sa.MI'EL': b. April 14, 1SO7, in Lower Merion; d. Jan. 

14, i86<), at Mana\-unk; b. Lew Cem. 



2977. VI. ANNIE Gallatti": b. June 30, 1869, at Manayunk ; died 

Oct. 15, 1869. 

2978. VII. LINDLEY Service": b. Oct. 21, 1870, at Manayunk; 

m. June 19, 1894, Gertrude Ella Mattis. 

Children of (1152) Benjamin and Sarah (Baugfh) Levering. 

2979. I. Francis': b. Aug. 10, 1842; m. May 16, 1866, Mary W. 

Louden. Living at Manayunk. (S796) 

2980. IL ANNIE Elizabeth': b. April 9, 1846, in Manayunk; m. 

Nov. 27, 1872, to James Critcheson, b. Nov. 27, 1844. 
Res. Roxb. (5803) 

2981. 111. Harriet': b. Mch, 15, 1848; unmd. 

2982. IV. William Henry': b. May u, 1849; unmd. 

2983. V. Albert': b. in 1856; d. Feb. 22, 1864. 

Children of (n53) Sarah Ann' (Levering;) and Clayton Comstock 

2984. 1. Mary Ann': b. Mch. 14, 1841 ; m. Aug. 9, 1865, at Man- 

ayunk, to Capt. George C. Brown, b. Feb, 23, 1828, at 
Mt. Holly, N. J. Reside Mnyk. No chn. 

Capt. B. enlisted as a private on Aug. 12, 1862, in Co. 
A, 119th Regiment, Penna. Vols.; was promoted suc- 
cessively to 2d and ist Lieutenant, and to Captain. Was 
honorably discharged at Camp Cadwalader, Philad., on 
June 19, 1865, with the remnant (18) of his company. 
During the war he was engaged in the first and second 
battles of Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Spotsylvania, Sa- 
lem Church, Cold Harbor, Kelley's Ford, Mine Run, Rap- 
pahanock Station and Gettysburg, and was wounded in 
the service. 

2985. 11. Harriet': b. June 6, 1843; d. Feb. 20, 1845, ^^^ Mana- 


Children of (1155) Mary Ann' (Levering) and James Chidester. 

2986. L JOHN Henry': b. in 1846; m. MaryT. McLaughlin, of 

Pencoyd. Res. Manayunk. (5815) 

2987. II. Mary Ann': b. in i860; m. to Samuel Birch. Res. 

Roxb. (5818) 


Children of • Itjbt Allen F. and Amanda (Singer) Levering-. 

jc>S8. 1. Marks/: 1\ J.m. 20, iS^S ; m. Ma>' iS, 1887, Hannah 
Noble, h. April _'<;, 1849. KfS. Vineland. N. J. 

298(). II. (■""iHOPGHW/: h. AuLi. 6, i860; unmJ. Kc^. Koxh. 

2990. III. Ja.n\i:s !".': 1\ 1-Vh. 8, 186:;; m. Dec. 20, 1888, Bertha 
hi. Shunter, b. \n\-. 20, i86(-). Res. Mana\'unk'. 


29*;!. 1\ . \l.l.l".\ F.': b. April 30, 1867; uninJ. Res. Roxb. 

291)2. \. William (i.": b. Sep. 9, 1869; m. Feb. 28, 1893, Caro- 
line 1). H. Ruehnilin.-, b. Oct. 11, 1872. They reside at 
Mauch Chunk, Pa. (581 1) 

291);. \ I. AMANDA H.': b. July 3, 1871 ; in. Jan. 14, 1889, to 
Walter RcuJenbush. Rc-s. Philad. (5812) 

29i;4. \ 11. C:Akt)LINL .W.': b. Jul\- 9, 1873; uniiul. Res. Ru.xb. 

2(/)^. \11I. MaR^' If.': b. Jan. 19, 1877; d. Apl. 25, 1878; b. Lev. 

Children of (1169) Mary (Levering) and Abram H. Phillippi. 

2(>/). 1. FRANCIS A.'": b. Dec. 27, 1850. 

29c;7. II. (il-ORGE": b. \(i\. 1, 1851. 

2c»S. 111. Harrys b. Oct. 6, i8t;5. 

2c)(X). I\. J. Howard': b. Au.u. 21, i860; m. June 29, 1887, 
Annie H. Lache. Res. Newark, N. J. (5821) 

Children of ( 1171 ) Annie E. (Levering) and Henry L. Edgar. 

3O0n. I. .WuRRISL.': b. April 6, 1855. 

3001. II. Howard": b. June 6, i8;7; d. June 13, 1838. 

3002. III. Sarah t.': b. Jul\ 3, i86o. 

3003. I\. I RANK H.': b. Jan. 2j, 1864; d. Jan. 25, 1892. 

They reside in Philad. 


Children of (1158) Hannah (Guilingcr) and Nathan Dodge. 

3004. I. SILVESTER": 

3005. II. Rebecca": 

3006. 111. Harry": 

3007. IV. George": 

Children of (1160) Louisa' (Guilinger) and Allen Fisher. 

3008. I. Rebecca Jane": b. Mch. 30, 1842, at Nashville, Tenn.; 

m. June 17, 1868, to Benj. L. Griftith at Ottawa, III. 
They res. DesMoines, Iowa, (5824) 

3009. 11. Francis A.": b. Feb. i, 1844, at Williamsburg;, N. Y.; 

m. July, 1867, Ellen Blish, at La Salle, 111. Reside at 
Sweetw^ater, Texas, where Mr. F. practices law. 


3010. 111. Louisa": b. Jan. 26, 1846; m. Feb. 4, 1869, to Wm. 

H. Lacey, a dry goods merchant of Galva, 111. 


3011. IV. Livinia": b April i, 1848; unmd. 

3012. V. C. ISABELLE": b. Feb. 2, 1850; m. Oct. 25, 1876, to 

Charles E. Smith, merchant, Ottawa, 111. (5832) 

3013. VI. Mary A.": b. Jan. 30, 1852; m. Dec. 21, i87i,toW.C. 

Lurtere, of Ottumwa, Iowa. (5833) 

3014. VII. George W.": b. Sep. 18, 1854; m. 1887, Catharine 

Hornish, at Denver, Colo. Mr. F. is in grocery business 
at Hollywood, 111. (5837) 

3015. Vlll. ADALINE": b. Apl. II, 1857; m. Nov. 18, 1879, 

to John G. High, Gen'l Passenger Agent at Los Angeles 
Cal. (5839) 

Children of (1161) Elizabeth' (Thompson) and Alexander 


3016. 1. John": 

3017. II. Rebecca": 

3018. HI. Ann": 

3019. IV. Sarah": 

3020. V. Kate": ; m. M. Starr, of Philad. 

^76 THi: Li:\r.RING lAMILV. 

Children of ' Uo7 ' Eliza (McClellan ) and William F. Young. 

^021. 1. HKNN'^ ": h. iih-iut 1.S49. 

^022. 11. Kl-:/lAll M/: t\ ahoLit 1851. 

^02^. III. William H.^ h. nhout iS;;:?. 

^024. I\. I< )SI:ph W.^ h. about i.Ssv 

^02 V \. ai)i:linl w:-. \\ abf.ut 1857. 

7,020. \l. DamdVV.': h. about 1859. Reside 1838 Hamilton Street, 

Children of (11731 Eliza^ (Noble) and W. B. Fleetwood. 

^027. I. William W: b. and d. June 6, 1849, at Mauch Chunk, 

3028. II. Charles a. M.': b. Sep. 2^, 1850; d. Mch. 25, 1851, at 

Mauch Cliunk, Pa. 

3029. III. Sarah .\.': b. Au^. 16, 1853; d. .Nov. 22, 1858, at 

.\Aauch Cliunk, Pa. 

3030. I\'. Hannah A.^ b. Feb. 25 and d. Sep. 20, 1855, at Mauch 

Chunk-, Pa. 

3031. \'. Sa.MLLL B.'': b. Mch. 25, 1856; d. Sep. 20, 1859; b. at 

Odd Fellows' Cem., Philad. 

3032. VI. WlLLIA.M": b. Au^. 23 and d. Au.^. :;o, 1862; b. at Odd 

Fellows' Cem.. Philad. 

Child of (1178) James" and Helen (Sayre) Noble. 

^>o33. I. William W.^: b. July 23, 1872; d. Feb. 2, 1874, at 

Child of ( nsn Hannah (Noble) and B. W. Alexander. 
30^4. 1. Ida May^ b. July 23 and d. Sep. 11, 1883, at Philad. 

Children of (1182) Susan (Levering) and Charles S. Catez. ' 

303^. I. CharlHS llLNRY^ b. June 8, 1846, in Bait.; m. and lives 

at Chicaiio. 
^0^6. II. JOHN B.": b. June 27, 1848, at Bait.; m. 
^0^7. ill. ANNA Waria-^ b. Jul\- :;o, 1850; d. Au.u. 17, 1855. 


Children of (1183) Anna M. (Levering) and John L. Bromley. 

3038. I. William Lewis': b. Ma\' 30, 1852, in Bait. ; d. July 16, 

1883, unmd., in Oakland, Cal. 

3039. 11. Thomas Levering': b. Feb. i, 1854, in Contra Costa 

Co., Cal. ; unmd. Res. Oakland, Cal. Civil En;j;ineei'. 

3040. 111. ANNA Catharine': b. April 17, 1855, in San Francisco, 

Cal.; unmd. Res. Oakland, Cal. 

3041. IV. Robert INNES' (M. D.) : b. Jan. 24, 1857, in Contra 

Costa Co., Cal. ; unmd. He is practicing his profession 
at Sonora, Toulumne Co., Cal, 

3042. V. Martha Maryland': b. Oct. 16, 1858, in Contra Costa 

Co., Cal. ; unmd. Res. Oakland, Cal. 

3043. VI. JOSEPH Hall': b. May 6, i860, in Contra Costa Co.; 

d. there Jan. 24, 1869. 

3044. VII. Ella Virginia' : b, Jan. 12, 1862, in Contra Costa Co. ; 

d. there May 20, 1864. 

3045. Vlll. Walter Frederick': b. July 6, 1863, in Contra Costa 

Co. ; d. there May 24, 1864. •- 

3046. IX. Marion': b. Mch. 22, 1865, in Contra Costa Co.; 

unmd. Res. with her parents in Oakland. 

3047. X. Virginia': b. Feb. 5, 1867, in Contra Costa Co. ; unmd. 

Res. with her parents in Oakland. 

3048. XL ROSCOE Palmer': b. May 29, 1869, in Contra Costa 

Co. ; m. July 18, 1894, to Emilie Alberta Braun, in Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Children of (1185) Wm. "Wallace' and Sarah (Stevenson) Levering-. 

3049. 1. Susan': b. June 3, 1866, in Bait., where she resides; 



II. Stewart Ely': b. Mch. 4, and d. Oct. 6, 1869, in Bait. 

III. Susan Parthinia': b. Aug. 14, 1870; d. Sep. 5, 1883, 
in Bait. 

IV. Annie Maria': b. Dec. 23, 1872. Res. Bait.; unmd. 

V. Emma Lavinia': b. Oct 6, 1877; d. Dec. 21, 1878. 


Children of (1187) Samuel M.' and Kate (Myers) Levering. 

;?054. 1. William Wallace': h. Mch. iS, 1862; m. in 1884, Celin 
KdChe, of Bait. (5819) 

3055. 11. Charles H. T.': h. anJ J. in 1864, -A'^ed 5 weeks. 

Children of ( 1192) Benj. Washington and Mary (Crossenj Levering. 

3056. 1. JOHN S.': b. Ma\- 14, 1848; m. June 29, 1893, Mary 

Rhoacis. Res. Noiristow n, l^a. 

3057. 11. Sarah Elizabeth': l\ Sept. 29, i8so; unmJ. Res. 


3058. HI. Charles Henr^': b. Oct. 23, 1852; m. Mcb.21. 1876, 

Mar^iaret Bean. Res. Norristow n, Pa. ( S840) 

3059. 1\ . Caroline": b. Jan. 27, 1856; m. Dec. 24, 1879, tu 

Harry L. Coryell. Res. Norristown, Pa. ( S848) 

3060. \. CEORGE": b. Nov. 26, 1859; m. 1890, Mar\ L. Bry. 

Res. Norristown, Pa. (5849) 

Child of (1207) Margaretta E. (Zell) and Pemberton Smith. 

;o6i. !. Tho.mas Guilford': b. Au;i. 27, 1839, in Philad.; m. 
Jul\' 14, 1864. Mary Stewart Ives. Res. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Mr. S. is prominentl\- identified with education in New 
York. StY hhii. (5852) 

Children of ( J209) Mary D. (Zell) and John B. Colahan. 

3062. 1. Thomas Zell': b. Oct. 10, 1846; d. July 9, 1847, at 

Burlin<.^on, N. J. 

3063. 11. John Barron, JR. ^ b. Ma\i8, 1848; ni. April 14, 1873, 

Mar\- O. Cowton. Res. Philad., where Mr. C. is prom- 
inentl\- identified with the lej^al professii^i. (S854) 

3064. 111. Charles Hllwood': b. Oct. 2s, 1840; m. April 19, 

1876. Harriet C. Miller, who d. May k, 1877. He m. 
2nd Sep. 22, 1886, Arabella Hensley, of Frankfort, Ky. 
He is an officer in the Lhiited States Na\\-. (5858) 

3065. 1\. ANNA": b. No\-. II, 1851 ; unmd. 





3066. V. Mary Dorothea": h. Oct. 27, 1853; m. Api. 10, 1872, 

Captain Louis E. Fao;an of the U. S. Marine Corps, who 
d. Jan. 3, 1894. Mrs. F. resides at Germantown, Philad. 


3067. VI. Katharine Elizabeth": b. Sep. 24, 1855 ; m. Apl. 25, 

1882, O.Liden Armstrong. She d. Dec. 6, 1890. 


3068. VII. AGNES": b. Apl. 21, 1859; m. Oct. 12, 1882. to 

Thomas S. Sullivant, of Columbus, O. They reside in 
Philad. (5868) 

Children of (T2II ) Mary M.' (Trasei) and Sigfmond Pancoast. 

3069. 1. Mary': b. Jan. 2, 1845 ; 'ii- Apl. 27, 1865, John Pritchett, 

of Philad. Res. Minneapolis, Minn. (5870) 

3070. II. Samuel Trasel": b. and d. Dec. 15, 1850, in Philad. 

3071. III. ANNA MarGARETTa" : b. Apl. 2, 1852; unmd. Res. 


Children of (1217) John Levering and Eliza (Uhle) Trasei. 

3072. I. Joseph Henry": b. Nov. 15, 1855; d. Feb. 20, 1872. 

3073. II. William Uhle": b. Feb. 12, 1857; unmd. 

3074. 111. Albert Edwin": b. Dec 12, 1866; m. June 26, 1889. 

Olivia Josephine Snyder of Wilkes Barre, Pa., where 
they reside. 







Idren of (1 21 8) Edward G.' and Louise (Laguerenne) Trasei. 

I. Sophie Margaretta": b. Feb. 5, 1865. 

II. Edward George": b. Aug. 27, 1866. 

III. Marie Louise": b. Dec. 4, 1867. 

IV. Louisa Laguerenne": b. Jan. 26, 1869. 

V. Joseph Laguerenne": b. Aug. 16, 1870; d. in April, 

VI. Virginia Agnes": b. Oct. 13, 1873; J. 

VII. Margaretta adele": b. April 10, 1876. 

All born in Lower Merion, near Philad. The\' reside 
at Haverford, Pa. 

38o THE li:\i:ring family. 

Children of (1223 • Anthony Levering and Susan (Latch) Anderson. 

3082. L H.WILV": b. Jiil\ 2, 1830; m. Sept. 22, 1853, Riciiard 

WetlitMill ot Hoxb.. who d. Jan. 30, 1865 ; b. in Lev, 
Cem. She m. 2J Jul)' 15, i8(39, William Hornb\-. Res. 
Roxb. (5873) 

3083. II. l^ERRY Lli\ERING': b. April 28, 1832; m. Mch. 19, 1868, 

Lwiia A. Rill;:; no chn. Res. Pencoyd, near Philad. it 
is the station on the Philad. and Reading; R. R. related to 
West Laurel Hill Cemetery, which was orio;inally laid out 
in 1870 upon 85 acres of land purchased in Nov., 1869, 
from Mr. Anderson. This land had been a succession in 
the Anderson family for about 80 years before beinji sold 
for cemeter\' purposes. 

3084. 111. Clinton': b. April 8, 1835; m. Jan. 18, 1859, Mary 

Wright, of Roxb., b. Sept. 25, 1840. He d. May 6, 1872 ; 
was b. in Lew Cem. (5879) 

3085. IV. Matilda \'.': b. Au*:. 17, 1837; m. April 9, 1856 (1148), 

Morris' Le\erin^, of Roxb. 

3086. y. Hannah Levering": b. Mch. 29, 1839; m. Nov. 20. 1862, 

William M. Morrison, of Roxb. She d. Mch. 9, 187 1 ; b. 
L(,\ . Cem. Mr. M. is a druggist; resides in Roxb. 


3087. \'I. JONATHAN C: b. Mch. 8, 1841 ; m. April 22, 1861, 

Amelia Ott. Res. Roxb. (5886) 

^088. \'ll. ANTHONY Levering': b. Sept. 16, 1844 ; d. at Pencoyd, 
Jan. ^o, 1868; unmd ; b. Lew Cem. In May, 1876, was 
removed to West Laurel Hill Cem.. which then occupied 
his home place. 

Children of (1224) Elizabeth (Anderson) and Joseph Hoffman. 

3089. I. ANDREW ANDERSON': b. Dec. 9, 1837 ; d. Aug. 27, 1843, 

in l.owc-r Merion ; b. Le\'. Cem. 

3090. 11. Sarah A.': b. Jul\- 10, 1844; m. Dec. 25, 1865, to Adam 

Sutton; no children. The\- reside at Bala., in Lower 

^cx)i. 111. Charles A.': b. Aug. 14, 1849; unmd. Res. at Bala. 


Children of (1229) Jonathan ' and Amanda (Robeson) Jones. 

3092. I. Silas"*: b. Oct. 3, 1847; m. Nov. 25, 1873, Mary, dau. of 

Thomas J. and Amanda M. Jeffries, of Philad. No chn. 
They reside in Lower Merion. Mr. J. is a member of the 
legal bar of Philad. 

3093. 11. JONATHAN R.': b. Nov. 17, 1851; m. Nov. 27, 1891, 

Marie Adele Wright. No chn. They live upon the home 
farm, in Lower Merion, which has descended through sev- 
eral generations of the name. 

Children of (1230) Sarah Ann (Jones) and Benedict Leedom. 

3094. 1. Mary Elizabeth': b. in Aug., 1842; unmd. Resides, 

Lower Merion, near Manayunk. 

3095. 11. William'': b. in 1846; unmd. Resides, Lower Merion, 

near Manayunk. 

3096. 111. Esther**: b. in 1848; d. young. 

3097. IV. Anne**: b. in 1850; m. in 1888 to Leedom Bejnard. 

No chn. 

Children of (J 233) William S.' and Ellen (Many) Levering. 

3098. 1. William Many**: b. Feb. 20, 1854; unmd. Res. Philad. 

3099. II. Florence Vicary**: b. Sep. 30, 1859; m. May 21, 1889, 

to Frank K. Fenton, of Jenkintown, Montgomery Co., 
Pa. (5889) 

Children of (1236) Edmund' and (1204) Hannah L/ (Zell) 


3100. 1. Samuel Warrington**: b. Nov. i, 1849; m. Dec. 25, 

1873, Elizabeth Graeff Jones, of Philad., who was b. Apl, 
28, 1849, and d. Aug. 23, 1889; b. Woodland Gem., 
Philad. Mr. L. and family reside at Minneapolis, Minn. 


3101. II. Anthony Zell**: b. July 2, 1851; m. May 5, 1875, 

Minnie Maria Dorchester, of Ripon, Wis., who d. June i, 
1876; b. Lakewood Gem., Minneapolis. He m. 2d Dec. 
3, 1879, Minnie Augusta, dau. of Hon. Gregor Menzel, of 
Minneapolis. (5895) 


T,io2. 111. Tll()\\\s W/: b. Au^. 29, i.Ssv, m. Dec. 24, 1879, 
Ncllif Hc-iJ. (.t Cin., O. (5897) 

310^. I\ . Sally ZI£LL': b. Jan. 26, 1856; d. June iS, 1868; b. 
Woodlawn Cum., Pliilad. 

Children of ( 123*^) John H. and Caroline (McLenagfhan) Levering. 

3104. I. Clara Hllln': b. Jul\- 6, 1858; m. Sept. 9, 1875, to 

Joshua StifcixT. Res. Green Lane, Roxb. (5898) 

3105. 11. Harr^ St. Clair': b. Oct. 11, 1859; d. Ma\ 10, 1880; 

b. Lc\ . Ccm. 

3106. ill. Edward Trasel": b. Oct. 13, 1862; d. Sept. 2, 1863; 

b. [^v\ . Ccm. 

3107. IV. BtRTHA ANML': b. Feb. 20 and d. June 22, 1864; b. 

Lew Ccm. 

3108. \. Rltta TrasEL": b. July 5, 1865; m. Sept. 10, 1890, 

William il. Shepherd. Live Trainer, Del. Co., Pa. 

31a;. VI. Annme Martha': b. Nov. 24, 1867; m. Dec. 21, 1888, 
to Robert Ca\enau(2;h. Res. Philad. (5904) 

3110. VII. Hdwin Sydney^ b. May 25, 1869; d. July 14, 1870; 

b. Le\ . Cem. 

3111. Mil. LlLLlE May': b. May 23, 1871 ; d. Feb. 17, 1891 ; b. 

Le\ . Cem. 

^112. IX. Laura Virginia": b. July 19, 1874; resides with her 
mother at Mana\unk. 

Children of ( 1245) Catharine' (Tibben) and Moses Durham. 

311;. I. Sa.MLEL': b. .N(.\-. 10, 1828; m. Martha Leach, of Philad. 
Res. Titus\ ille, Pa. No chn. 

3114. 11. JuilN^: b. Dec. 10, 1829; d. Feb. 24, 1857; unmd ; b. 
Le\ . (>em. 

^^11^. III. Hliza M.': b. April 7, 1833; unmd. Res. Norristown, 

3116. IV. Charles Tho.mas': b. Mch. 25, 1840; m. Mch. 24, 
1867, Elizabeth D. Saxlor. Res. Norristown, Pa. He 
enlisted in the Union .Army, under the first call for troops 


in 1861, and served throughout the war. Since the war 
has rendered public service in the Revenue Department, 
durin^i the first term of President Cleveland. (5905) 

Children of (1246) John' and Elizabeth (Randall) Tibben. 

31 17. 1. Adelia Randall': h. April 6, 1834; m. Jan. 20, 1859, to 

William H. Lewis, of Roxb. (59ii) 

31 18. 11. Emma Augusta' : b. April 28, 1837; m. George S.Moyer, 

of Roxb., where they live. (59i5) 

Children of (J247) Maria' (Tibben) and Charles A. Dager. 

3119. 1. AlmiRA T.': b. Feb. 20, 1833; unmd. Res. at Barren 

Hill, Montg. Co., Pa. 

3120. II. Daniel O.**: b. June 20, 1834; m. Jan, 3, 1856, Elmira 

Knouse, who was b, Sept. 11, 1834, and d. July 11, 1875. 
He res. at Barren Hill, Pa. (59i8) 

3121. 111. Martin Van Buren^: b. Jan. 14, 1836; m. Feb. 14, 1861, 

Emily M. Willard, b. June 22, 1840. They res. at Barren 
Hill, Pa. ' (5924) 

Child of (J 249) Charles' and Ann (Omensetter) Tibben. 

3122. 1. Catharine Omensetter': b. Oct. 28 and d. Dec. 16, 


Children of ( 1252) Julia Ann ' (Tibben) and Jacob T. Sheldrake. 

3123. I. George Proctor': b. Nov. 7, 1840; d. Aug. 2, 1841 ; 

b. Lev. Cem. 

3124. 11. Henrietta Elizabeth': b. Apl. 29, 1842; m. June 26, 

1865, to Rev. John Wm. Custis, D. D., at Roxb., where 
Dr. C. d. Mch. 6, 1888; b. Lev. Cem. Mrs. C. res. at 
Germantown, Philad. (5927) 

3125. 111. MelroSS': b. Dec. 22, 1843; d. Jan. 21, 1844. 

3126. IV. ANN Catharine': b. June 12 and d. June 24, 1846. 

3127. V. David Tyson': b. Oct. u and d. Dec. 12, 1847. 


:;ijS. \I. I-rank r/: h. I Jic. 11, 1850; m. No\ . s, 1874, Kate F., 
dan. (it Cjeor^^i- W. Wa.unt-r, of Roxb. She d. June 27, 
1877; h. L(.-\ . Crin. No chn. Hv m. 21! Au.Li. so, 1883, 
to (3n4) Ji-'li;' A." Ri^hter. No elm. hv luT. Rt-s. at 
Bala, Montu. Co., I'a. 

S120. \ll. John Tibbhn": b. Dec. 18, 1855; m- Dt-c. 21, 1880, 
to (jj()4) Cornelia' Hao;y. Res. Roxb. (5SO9) 

Children of ( 1253 ) Margfaret ' (Tibben) and Samuel B. Righter, 

3130. I. George T.'*: b Mch. 9, 1844; ni. Jan. 16, 1868, M. 
HIizabeth Mattis ; b. iV\a\' 27, 1845. I^t"^- in R"xb., 
where he J. Dee. 26, 1890; b. Lev. Cem. (59^2) 

5151- II. John F.^ b. June 3, 1846; d. Jul\- 29, 1847; b. Lew 

313^- III. C. Fdgar^ b. Jul)- 15, 1847; m. \o\-. 20, 187:;. Re- 
becca Wright, who was b. Ma\- 27, 1848, and d. Mch. 18, 
1881. in Roxb.; b. Lew Cem. (5936) 

3133. l\- Michael H.^ b. Mch. 12, 1849; m. Sep. 20, 1877, 
Fmmaretta Hinkle ; b. Dl^^:. 22, 1851. Res. Roxb. 

( 5940) 

31^4. \- Jl'LIA ANN^ b. \'o\-. 2S, 1850; m. All-. :;o, 1883, to 
(3128) Frank T.^ Sheldrake. No chn. 

SI S3. \l. ALBERT P/ : b. Ma\' 25, 1853, at Roxb.; immd. 

3136. Ml. Retta A.^ b. Oct. IS, 1854, at Roxb.; unmd. 

Children of ( 1254) Albert G. and Mary (Root) Tibben. 

SI 37. I. Catharine Henrietta^ b. Max- 6, 1849; ni. Apl. s, 1874, 
t(. Lamar S. Felten. Res. in f^hilad. (5943) 

3138. II. Susan Root^: b. Sep. 29, 1852; d. Jan. 10, 1857; b. 
Lew (^em. 

31^9- 111. Al.i:i.lA R/: b. All-. 16. 1854; unmd. Res. Roxb. 

3140. 1\ . CHARLES IIENRV^: b. June 29, 1857 ; d. Jan. 21, 1861 ; 

b. Lt"\-. Cem. 

3141. \. Jllia Flizabeth': b. Dec. 1, i860; m. Apl. 16, 1891, 

to Walter K. IJiomas. Li\e at Wissahickon, Philad. 



3142. \I. Albert M.": b, Aug. 31, 1864; m. Feb. 9, 1SS4, Frances 
Hanev. Res. Philad. No chn. 

Child of (1267) lohn S.' and Eliza (Folforth) Tibben. 

3143. 1. Samuel F.': b. July 2, 1852; m. May 10, 1877, K^itc M. 

Stadleman ; b. Jan. 15, 1852. They reside in Lower 
Merion, Montg. Co., Pa., near to Manayunk. (5948) 

Children of (J 268) Samuel B. and Mary (Murphy) Tibben. 

3144. I. George a.': b. June 14, 1877, in Lower Merion, Montg. 

Co., Pa. . 

3145. IL Elizabeth G.**: b. Apl. 12, 1879, i'^ Lower Merion, 

Montg. Co., Pa. 

3146. IH. Luther L.**: b. Aug. 25, 1880, in Lower Merion, Montg. 

Co., Pa. 

Children of (1269) Anna' (Tibben) and Joseph Rinker. 

3147. I. MaryB.^: b. Dec. 3, 1837; m. Geo. Slawson ; no chn. 

Res. Owego, N. Y. 

3148. II. Linda** : b. Oct. 24, 1839; m. Newman Bowen, who d. 

Oct. 10, 1884; no chn. Mrs. B. res. Philad. 

3149. III. Emma**: b. Oct. 10, 1842 ; d. June 6, 1876; unmd.; b. 

Lev. Cem. 

3150. IV. William H.'*: b. Jan. 23, 1845 ; m.MaryZane; no chn. 

Res. Philad. 

3151. V. Margaret E." : b. June 6, 1847; unmd. Res. Philad. 

Children of (1270) Sarah Ann (Tibben) and Charles Harkison. 

3152. 1. Charles Tibben': b. June 22, 1842, at Potter's Mills, 

Center Co., Pa.; m. Oct. 12, 1880, at Cheyenne City 
Wyoming Ter., to Mary G. Conner, of that place. Res. 
Denver, Colo. (595 

Mr. H. served for three years in the Union army dur- 
ing the War of the Rebellion, in Co. F, 114 Regt. of 
Penna. Vols. Was honorably mentioned for good con- 


Jikl aiui hr;i\ (.r\- in tlie face of the enemy. Was 
woiinJeJ and tals\n prisoner in the battle of Gettysburg. 
He has represented the city of Den\er and Arapahoe 
Count)', C(»l<irado, in their State Senate foi four years. 

?i;;. II. \\A\-t\ A.': b. .\n\ . 24, 1843, at Penn's Valley, Center 
Co., I'a.; ni. Jan. :; 1 , 1.S67, to David Reed, b. Dec. 18, 
1842, in Londonderr)-, Ireland, and came to America in 
i8t;_'. Res. Omaha, Neb. (5953) 

Mr. lict'i] enlisted April 30, 1861, in a Penna. Re.L^t., 
served three \-ears in the War of the Rebellion. Was in 
ele\ en battles ; taken prisoner of war at Gettysburg, 
Jul\- T,, 1863; was in Libby Prison and Belle Isle, at 
Richmond, Va,, for three months; was paroled and in 
Camp Parole until the expiration of his service. Re-en- 
listed Feb. 22, 1865, in Co. K, 3rd Regt., of Hancock's 
Veteran Corps. Was honorably discharged from the 
ser\'ice at Fort Snelling, Minn., Feb. 26, 1866. 

3154. 111. Hannah S.': b. Aug. 15, 1845, at Penn's Valley ; m. 
Sep. I, 1874, at Omaha, Neb., to Joseph Archibald, who 
was b. June 22, 1845, at Elgin, Scotland, and came to 
America in 1868. Res. Omaha. (59O4) 

31s;. I\'. Hester A.': b. Aug. 12, 1847; d. June 7, 18^4, at 
Penn's \'alle\-. Pa. 

Children of ( 1 275 I Susan Levering^ (Tibben) and Reuben Shupard. 

3136. 1. Kaih I'lBliliN': b. Mch. 1 :;, 1849; m. Jul>- 3, 1873, to 
James Clegg. who was b. Aug. 2, 1837, and d. Jan. 3, 
1879; b. West Laurel Hill Cem.; no chn. 

3157. 11. CLARA AI)I;lia\ b. in 1831, in Roxb. 

3158. III. WILLIA.M JMBBHN": b. Jan. 29, 1854; m. Fmily Esther 

Mennig, b. April 12, 18^3. I.i\e in Philad. (5972) 

3159. I\. ANNA ADA': b. in 1856; m. Jan.. 1893, to John F. Doan. 

Live in Philad. (5978) 

3160. \. HORACE Edgar': b. Sept. 13, 1859; m. Elizabeth A. 

Hendricks, b. Ma\- 22, 1864. Res. Philad.  (5981) 

31O1. \1. Ross BlNllNG': b. May 28, 1862; m. Sept. 11, 1887, 
Clara F. A. Hornb\- ; no chn. Res. Germantown. 


3162. VII. JOHN Fielding' : b. Nov. 22, 1864; unmJ. Res. Roxb. 

3163. Vill. Harry B.': b. Oct. 3, 1870; unnul. Res. Roxb. 

Children of (J276) Amanda R.' (Tibben) and John Wesley Ayres. 

3164. I. HORACE C: b. Aug. 21, 1856; d. Jan. 9, 1862. 

3165. II. Hannah Tibben': b. Aug. 23, i860; m. Feb. 21, 1880, 

to William Hoffman. Res. Pottstown, Pa. (5984) 

3166. III. Jennie M.**: b. Jan. 9, 1869; m. Jul\- 19, 1891, to Austin 

Longaker. Res. Pottstown, Pa. (5990 

Children of (J278) Catharine' (Whiteman) and William Sibley. 

3167. I. Thomas J.': b. Aug. 18, 1847; m. Jan. 20, 1870, Eliza- 

beth T. Orf, b. May 23, 1847. (5992) 

3168. II. Annie C: b. May 25, 1849; m. Nov. 12, 1868, to James 

B. Law, b. Feb. 8, 1844. He was a Representative in 
the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1876-78. (5998) 

Children of (J 279) Thomas' and Hannah (Printz) Whiteman. 

3169. 1. George': b. Jan. 17, 1849; m. Mch. 28, 1871, Jane 

Pester, of Roxb. 

3170. II. William T.': b. Sept. 2, 1853; m. April 27, 1878, Maggie 

Kane. (6007) 

3171. III. Jacob a.': b. Feb. 28, 1858; m. Nov. 28, 1889, Ellen 

V. Burns. (601 1) 

3172. IV. Anna': b. Dec. 11, 1859; unmd. 

3173. V. Kate': b. May 21, 1862: m. April 18, 1883, to Henry C. 

Kirk. (6012) 

Children of (1280) James A.' and Margaret (Hood) Whiteman. 

3174. I. LOUIS W.': b. Nov. 13, 1854. 

3175. II. JOSEPH A.': b. Aug. 2, 1856; m. April 10, 1890, Josephine 

S. Thorpe. (6015) 

3176. III. Baltis': b. Aug. 3, 1858; m. Mch. 17, 1 881, Kate Moore. 



Children of ( 1231 • Susanna T. i Clarkson ) and William Pyle. 

3177. 1. I 11« ).\\AS HLLWc H )i)\ b. .\(»\-. 21, 1846, at Darhy ; m. Apl. 

24, 1872, Cl;ir;i W. Ilumplireys, at Bryn Mawr, Pa., 
where he is eii^iaueJ in milliner. (6018) 

3178. II. H.MILir. KATf^ b. July 19, 1848; m. June 7, 1880, Wil- 

liam C. Wilson, who served three years in the War of 
the Rebellion, in the 26th Penna. Vols. Was wounded 
in ser\ic-e and d. Dec' 20, 1890. (6020) 

3179. 111. I.HWIS W.^ b. Apl. 20, 1850; m. Oct. 17, 1877, 

K..salba S. Hnochs, b. Feb. 5, 1856. (6022) 

3180. I\. 1:1. l.A \ .\ b. June 4, 1852, at Darby; m. Au^. 29, 

1882, at Haston, Pa., to William H. Vaughn. (C027) 

3181. \ . W. CaiaiN^ b. Jan. i and d. Feb. i, 1854. 

3182. \1. I.AIIM A.': b. Mch. 6, 1855; m. Nov. i, 1874, to Sam- 

uel W. Rawlins, b. Ma\- 4, 1845. at Philad., and d. Nov. 
9, 1881, at Radnor, Del. Co., Pa. (6030) 

3183. \ II. Robert P.': b. July 30, 1857, at Concord, Pa.; m. 

Oct. 30, i88s, at Philad., Hmma L. Paxitt. (6034) 

3184. \lll. .\\il.r()N M.': b. Oct. 23, 1859, at Concord, Pa.; m. 

Oct. 23. 1883. Mary Grant. (6035) 

3185. l.\. W. HORACE': b. Feb. 20 and d. Mch. 8, 1862, in Lower 

Merion, l^a. 

Child of (1282) Catharine (Levering) and Joseph McCorkle. 

3186. I. Ji'LiA Josephine': b. Jan. 21, 1849; m. June 5, 1872, 

to William A. Moore, b. No\'. 2, 1847. (61 51) 

Children of ( t2S3l Rebecca J. (Levering) and David Mattis. 

3187. 1. SoiMiiA Levering': b. Ul-c. 19, 1841 ; m. July 18, i860, 

to George Hds(Hi Hardy of Louisville, Ky., who d. Dec. 
19, 1864 ; b. at Lowell, Mass. She m. 2nd to Charles 
Rowill Woods. They reside at Cambridge, Mass. 


3188. 11. Benjamin Le\ering': b June 29, 1844; d. Sep. 16, 

1853, in Ro.xb.; b. Le\-. Cem. 


3189. 111. Ida': b. Oct. 7, 1846; m. July 29, 1872, to Clifford S. 

Warren. Res. Phihid. (6164) 

3190. IV. Ross Richardson': b. Feb. i8, 1849; m. May 4, 

1875, Mary E. McKlnley. He removed West from Philad. 
when 16 years of age. Is engaged in banking at Cham- 
paign, 111. (6165) 

3191. V. LEVERENE Evans'*: b. Sep. 20, 1856; m. May 29, 1888, 

to Charles Wm. Bacon. Res. Natick, Mass. (6169) 

Children of (1285) Elisha E.' and Henrietta (Taws) Levering. 

3192. I. Charles Taws': b. June 25, 1850; m. Apl. 9, 1883, 

Annie C. Kniriem. Res. Lansing, Mich. (6170) 

3193. II. Sophia Evans': b. Oct. 25, 1851; m. Oct. 2, 1883, to 

Arthur Van Vlissengen. Res. Chicago. Mr. Van V. is a 
native of Holland. Was educated in the naval schools, 
and was an officer in the navy before coming to America. 


III. Amelia Duncan^: b. Feb. 22, 1853; m. June 2, 1880, 
to Charles A. Wilson. (6176) 

IV. Edward Duncan**: b. Nov. 2, 1854; unmd. Removed 







V. Orlando Crease': b. Junes, 1857; unmd. Removeu 

VI. Lewis': b. Aug. 6, 1859; unmd. Removed West. 

VII. Crittenden': b. Feb. 8, 1861 ; d. Nov. 15, 1876, at 
Chats worth. 111. 

VIII. Katharine Rebecca': b. May 10, 1864, at Louisville, 
Ky., as were all the above. 

IX. HENRY': ] 

-. „ X fh- Sep. 30, 1870, at Chatsworth, 111.; both 

X. Benjamin I ^ ^ > / > > ' 

unmd. and in business in Chicago. 

Children of (1288) Dr. John' and Mary (Shugard) Levering. 

3202. I. Katharine Shugard": b. Mch. 13, 1852, atOermantown, 
Philad.; m. May 23, 1887, to Col. Cornelius G. Bradshaw, 
attorney at law, who was b. at Shelbyville, Ky. No chn. 
Above the initials " K. S. L." Mrs. B. has contributed in 

390 THb l.HXliklNG l-A.MILY. 

prosf and wrsi- tn \ ai iniis papers and periodicals. A few 
of her translations trnm the French and German have also 
been published. Anions the poems, " Tlirce Trejsiiirs," 
" Our l.iUlc Kiiiii." " 'Hie (JnySiiiitlicmu)ii," " The Golden 
KoJ." and iitluTs, ha\e been much admired. 

3203. 11. Flora Maria': b. Sep. 23, 1855, at Germantown ; m. 

Oct. <S, 1S79. ti) Thomas Bockius Hammer, a lumber mer- 
chant of Philad. Mrs. H. is a zealous worker in the 
Temple Baptist Church of Philad., near to which they 
reside. (6177) 

3204. 111. Francis Donelson': b. Feb. 18, 1862, at German- 

town. He removed to L)en\er, Col., in 1890, where he 
m., June 21, 1892, Mary Christine Hennig, a graduate of 
Kemper Hall, Kenosha, Wis. Mr. 1.. is president of the 
Central Trust Company of Denver. 

Children of (1289) Catharine (Levering) and John Streeper. 

3205. 1. FA\m'': b. Oct. 4, 1847; m. Sept., 1870, to James 

Vaughan. (61 Si) 

3206. II. Flla': b. Oct. 12, 1851; m. Jan., 1878, to Howard Ra- 

pine, who d. Aug., 1879; 'If* '-''I'"'- 

3207. 111. John': b. Feb. 22, 1855; d. Nov., 1856. 

3208. I\ . SlsaN 1..': b. Feb. 28. 1858 ; m. Aug., 1886, to Samuel 

Faust. (6184) 

3209. \. MAR^ F.': b. Jul\-2i, 1862. 

Children of (1290) Sarah S. (Levering) and Reuben Titlow. 

3210. I. John Milton": b. Sept. ^. 1846, at Norristown, Pa.; m. 

June 13, 1871, Faura \'. Harker, b. Aug. 21, 1848; no 
chn. Mr. T. was Asst. Ci\il Engineer, of Philadelphia, 
and Connected with the Sur\ey Bureau for about 25 years. 
Has contributed several \aluable papers to scientific 

321 1 11. ANNA M.' : b. Oct. 20, 1849, at Norristown, Pa.; m. Aug. 
22. 187 1, to George W. Foley, who, as a Civil Engineer, 
has been connected with the Phojnix Iron Works of 
Ph(eni.\\ille, Pa., for nearly 25 years. (6186) 


3212. HI. Mary E/: b. Sept. 10, 1853; m. Sept. 7, 1880, S. Nelson 
Wile\-, M. D. I.ixf at Norristown, Pa. (6189) 

Children of (1292) Francis L.' and Amanda (Lambert) Levering. 

3213. 1. John Hiram': b. Oct., 1853; d. Ma\- 22, 1858, at Philad. 

3214. n. Emilys.': b. July 31, 1858, in Philad.; m. June 25, 1891, 

Dr. William H. Barnes. 

3215. 111. Richard Mathias': b. in 1861 ; d. in 1863. 

Children of (1293) Amelia M. (Levering;) and Sylvester Cressman. 

3216. 1. Maria Levering': b. Oct. 17, 1865 ; m. Sept. 2, 1890, to 

Harry L. Kirk. (6191) 

3217. II. William Francis': b. Feb. 15, 1868; d. Mch. 16, 1872. 

3218. HI. Mary Edith': b. Jan. 23, 1871. 

3219. IV. Nelson Clifford': b. April 24, 1873. 

3220. V. Sara Amelia': b. Nov. 21, 1876. 

Children of (J 294) Frederick L.' and Sarah (Young) Smith. 

3221. 1. Jacob Penrose': b. Jan. 18, 1844; unmd. 

3222. II. William Alonzo': b. Sep. 23, 1845; m. Sep. 20, 1877, 

Mary C. Nuhrenberger, of Warren, O. (6192) 

3223. III. Mary England': b. Jan. 20, 1848; m. Oct. 30, 1878, 

to John W. Hesser. Res. Mt. Airy, Philad. (6195) 

3224. IV. Harry Clay' : b. June 19, 1851 ; d. Sep. 21, 1852. 

3225. V. Harr^- Clay': b. May 22, 1853; m. Dec. 26, 1877, 

Caroline Zeller, b. No\-. 15, 1853. (6197) 

3226. VI. LEWIS M.': b. Mch. 28, 1856; d. Aug. i, 1857. 

3227. VII. Sallie': b. June 14, 1859; m. June 24, 1879, to 

George W. Hesser. She d. Apl. 4, 1883. (6200) 

3228. Vlll. Amanda': b. Feb. 2, 1864; d. Aug. 13, 1865. 

3Q2 Till-; Ll-\ lilt'lNG I-A.MILY. 

Children of (12^7) William L. and Elizabeth ( Idell ) Smith. 

3229. 1. Susanna": h. .hin<.' jj, iSOs; d. Au^. 21. 1866. 

3230. II. CaRoLIM-: LliVHRiNCj^ ; b. Auti. 5, 1867 ; ni. June 30, 

1892. to A. HdwarJ iJuclph. 

Children of < t 2*^3 1 Caroline (Levering^) and Jeremiah W. Leeds. 

3231. I. Sarah Lhvering': h. Sep. 14, 1856; m. Sep. 2, 1880, to 

Hir:im Biusher. (6202) 

3232. 11. Michael Levering ': b. Jan. 8, 1858; d. Sep. 30, 1861, 

at Philad. 

3233. 111. Louisa Tyson': b. Dec. 16, 1859; d. Sep. 17, 1861, 

at Philad. 

Children of (1299) Louisa (Levering-) and Edward Tyson. 

3234. I. Caroline Levering': b. No\-. 25, 1845; ^^- May 10, 

1847, at Philad. 

3235. II. ANDREW Jackson': b. Sep. 14, 1848; m. Oct. 13, 1872, 

Hmma ( irini. (6205) 

3236. 111. La\,Ma': b. Au-. 20, 1850; m. Dec. 17, 1873, to John H. 

Hutchins. (6207) 

T,2^j. I\. Mary Clara': b. Apl. 12 and d. May 4, 1852. 

3238. \. Sarah': b. Dec. 6, 1859; d. Jan. 2, 1862. 

All were born in Philad. 

Children of ( I30D) Susanna (Levering) and Miles Keely. 

3239. I. AMANDA Louisa': b. June 10, 1847; unind. Res. Roxb. 

3240. 11. 1;i,mi;r Benton': b. April u. 1850; m. Dec. 25, 1871, 

Mar\ Di.\. (6209) 

3241. III. George Washington': b. July 31, 1852; m. July 3, 

187^, Mar\ L. Carl. (6213) 

3242. I\ . LSTHER Levering': h. Au^. 14, 18^4; m. Frank Harris, 

who d. in 1889. (6216) 


3243. V. Robert Alphonzo': b. Oct. 25, 1856; m. Oct. 23, 

1885, Catliariiu' Miller. (6217) 

3244. \'l. William Miles': b. July 29, 1858; m. June:- 3, 1882, 

Annif Firth. (6218) 

3245. \'ll. Adelaide Susanna': b. Jul\- 31, i860; unmd. Res. 


3246. VIll. Eugene Daniel': b. May 26, 1863; m. Sept. 16, 1888, 

Annie Brown. (6219) 

3247. IX. Celinda Jane': b. July 17, 1865; unmd. Res. Roxb. 

All were born in Roxborough. 

Children of (1302) George B.' and Louisa (Wenner) Levering. 

3248. 1. Charles Henry': b. Nov. 27, 1854; m. July 20, 1876, 

Elizabeth Hubbs. (6220) 

3249. II, Frank': b. July 4, 1857; m. Dec. 21, 1881, Sarah Shaw, 


3250. 111. George Washington': b. April 27, 1862; m. June 2, 

1882, Caroline Bartolett. (6227) 

3251. IV. Howard Daniel': b. May 18, 1864; m. June 15, 1890, 

Sarah Green ; no chn. 

3252. V. Esther': b. Feb. 24, 1866. Res. Roxb. 

3253. VI. Susanna': b. Sept. 14, 1870. Res. Roxb. 

All were born in Roxborousih 

Children of (1304) Charles A.' and Jane (Rex) Levering. 

3254. I. George Rex': b. Oct, 20, i860; m. Jan., 1882, Eliza 

beth Buechler. (6231) 

3255. II. Mary Esther': b. May 7, 1865; m. Feb. 18, 1885, to 

Harry S. Shubert, of Philad. (6232) 

3256. III. Ella Louisa': b. July 31, 1874. 

394 THE LE\l-:i^lNG FAMILY. 

Children of ( I3J3 i Mary Streeper (Levering) and George Dedaker. 

3257. 1. HllanE B.': b. N"\ . iS, 1.S45; m. Ndx . 18, 1866, to 

Richard All. (6235) 

3258. II. HlizaBHTH": h. Sep. 6, 1S47: iinmd. 

3259. III. Clara": b. .\ii\. 2s, 1849; died. 

3260. l\. George Washington": b. i\'u\-. 18, 1S51; m. 18, 

1884, H\a ( Jicninnt^r. (6242) 

32O1. \. WiLLlA.M": b. .Way 3, 1854; m. Susan Hamilton. 


3262. \ I. Saa\i i-:l' : 1 

, ,, », , rb. and d. June 30, 1857. 

3263. \ II. .WaTILDa": ) ^ 

Children of (1314) Joseph S. and Sarah (Moyer) Levering. 

^264. 1. Benja.miN Howard": b. .Apl. i, 1854; m. in 1879, Ellen 
Sla\in. (6245) 

3265. II. .AD131E Cecilia": b. Jan. 16, 1857; m. to Michael Mc- 

Hu.^h. (6246) 

3266. III. ()Li\ER Franklin": b. Jan. 31, i860; m. Ruth Hillick. 


3267. i\ . Bolton Winpennv": b. Dec. 29, 1863; unmd. 

3268. \. Joseph": b. Jan. 25, and d. Feb. i, 1872. 

326<). \l. Sadie": b. June 19. 1873; m. to John Wildonger. 

Child of ( 1315) Ann E. (Levering) and William Springer. 

3270. 1. Clara": b. Dec 28, 1850, at Ro.xb. 

Children of (1 31 7) Christianna (Carpenter) and Joseph Chambers. 

3271. 1. .Wary I:.": b. .Apl. 10, 1849; m., 1870, to Thomas L. Mc- 

NalK-. ni Philad. She d. May 23. 1878. (6254) 

^^272. 11. Ja.WES DOIGLASS": b. Jan. 12, 1852; d. Mcli. 14, 1853. 

U7^• HI. M.ATILDA J.": b. .Apl. js. 1834; unmd. Res. Philad. 

3274. 1\. S. i:.M.MA": b. Feb. 1, 1858; m. Now, 1893, to Charles 
i\ Linuo, of Philad. (6257) 

3273. \'. Sa.MUEL": b. Mch. 14, 1863, in Philad. 


Children of (J3J8) Joseph Levering and Mary (Reaver) Carpenter. 

3276. I. Ellen L.' : b. July 16, 1852; m. 1887 to M. Fillmore 

Jacobs. Res. Phil'ad. 

3277. 11. Isabella F.': b. Nov. 3, 1853; m. 1873 to Edmund B. 

Maxwell, nt Geimantown, where they live. (6261) 

3278. 111. LlNNlE": b. Nov. 4, 1855; m. 1874 to George Flavell, 

of Germantown, where they live. (6263) 

3279. IV. Elizabeth': b. Dec. 7, 1858; d. Dec. 7, 1861. 

3280. V. Emily Levering': b. Feb. 8, 1861. 

Children of (1 32 J) Susan (Weidner) and Robert Peneman. 

3281. I. Thomas': b. Dec. 26, 1834. 

3282. II. EllwoOD': b. in 1837; unmd. Was killed on the bat- 

tle field at Gettysburg, in the War of the Rebellion, on 
July 3, 1863. 

3283. III. Elizabeth': b. about 1839; d. in childhood. 

Children of (1323) Margaret' (Weidner) and William Crow. 

3284. I. Sarah Jane': b. Oct. 4, 1840; m. Oct. 26, 1865, to 

William Irwin, who d. Oct. 23, 1885. Res. Coatesville, 
Pa. (6039) 

3285. II. Davis W.': b. Apl. 15, 1842; m. May 15, 1879, Laura 

Glass. Live in Philad. No chn. 

3286. HI. ANNIE E.' : b. Oct. 12, 1845 ; m. Sep. 14, 1865, to 

Jacob D. Lemley. They res. at Chestnut Hill, Philad., 
where he d. Sep. 10, 1893. (6042) 

3287. IV. Harry P.': b. Oct. 3, 1847; m. Nov. 10, 1870, Marga- 

ret Swinehart, who d. Feb. 11, 1877. He d. Nov. 4, 
1879, at Downingtown, Pa. (6037) 

3288. V. Susan B.': b. Dec. 8, 1849; unmd. Res. Downingtown, 


3289. VI. William M.': b. Aug. 22, 1852; m. Dec. 14, 1882, 

Mary E. Bones. Res. Downingtown, Pa. (6048) 


;_HX). \||. I. 1-iMNK': b. Aii^. 21. 1854; m. Jan. 22, 1880, Isa- 
bella Davis. Kls. Wfst Chester, Pa. (6045) 

^291. \II1. KatI£ L.^ b. .Iul\- 20, 1856; m. Apl. 30, 1884, to G. 
Frank I-■a^all. Res. Wilmington, Del. No chn. 

3292. W. Sharpllss W.": b. Feb. 27, 1858; m. Nov. 29, 1883, 
Lillie W. (ioalon. Res. Phihul. (60^1) 

329:;. X. ChaRLHS F.': b. Jan. 3, i860; m. Apl. 3, 1881, DoUie 
Smith. Res. Ann\ille, Lebanon Co., Pa. 

3294. Xl. ALFRKl) L.': b. June 18, 1867; Linmd. Res. Down- 
ingtoun, Pa. (6052) 

All were burn in Brandywine and Cain Tps., Chester 
Co.. Pa. 

Children of ( 1324 ) B. Franklin and Sarah ( MendenhaU ) Weidncr. 

329:;. 1. Mary Flizabeth' : b. Feb. 6, 1849; m. Mch. 30, 1871, 
to Henr\- B. Sener. (6058) 

3296. II. Sarah Ann': b. June 23, 185 1 ; d. Feb. 21, 1889; unmd. 

Children of same and Sarah MendenhaU (Spencer ), 2nd wife. 

3297. 111. Addison William': b. Dec. 22, 1855; d. Oct. 7, 1857. 

3298. I\'. Frank Lawrlnce': b. Sep. 25, 1857; d. Jan. 8, 1859. 

32c/). \. Benjamin Franklin': b. Jul\- 2, i860; m. June 24, 
1884, Abbie L. Johnson. (6059) 

Children of (J 326) Phebe (Weidner) and Eli Toland. 

3300. 1. Wilson F.': b. Nov. iS, 1849; m. April 8, 1886, Flla 

Hoffman ; 110 chn, 

3301. 11. John Henry': b. Sept. 17, 1851; m. Kate Butler; no 


3302. 111. S. Fmma': b. Dec. 10, 1853; m. Jan. 19, 1893, to Syl- 

vester Taggart. 

330^.. 1\. Mar^' Louisa': b. Mch. 7, 1856; d. June 22, 1858. 


3304. V. Frank •*: b. June 10, 1859; m., in 1880, Laura Grouse. 

Res. Carlisle, Pa. (6061) 

3305. VI. Clara V.': b. Oct. 29, 1861 ; d. May u, 1884, uumd., 

at Sadsburyville, Pa. 

Children of (J329) Ellen' (Weidner) and John Keimer. 

3306. 1. Charles F.': b. Mch. 9, 1849; m. Nov. 30, 1876, Mary 

Harridan. Res. Wilmington, Del. (6062) 

3307. 11. ANN': b. about 1850. 

3308. III. Louis': b. about 1852. 

3309. IV. JOHN': b. about 1853. 

3310. V. Ellen": b. about 1855. 

3311. VL Sallie': b. July 26, 1857; m. Mch. 11, 1880, to James 

King, of Downingtown, Pa. 

3312. VIL William': b. April 14, 1859; m. Mch. 28, 1883, Etta 

Irwin. Res. Wilmington, Del. 

Children of (1330) Mary' (Weidner) and Joseph Norbrey. 

3313. L Charles'*: b. April 21, 1841 ; d. Nov. 28, 1842; b. Lev. 


3314. II. CONARD': b. July 31, 1843; m. Dec. 31, 1867, Mary 

Patton. Res. Roxb. (6071) 

3315. III. Charles': ") 

m. May 2, 1866, Mary 
Priest. Res. Roxb. 

3316. IV. Sallie'*: j 

y b. Dec. 10, 1845 ; -! (6075) 

d. Aug. 13, 1847, in 
Roxb.; b. Lev. Cem. 

3317. V. Frank': b. July 18, 1849; d. May i, 1875, i" Roxb.; 

unmd.; b. Lev. Cem. 

3318. VI. WESTLEY': b. Mch. 3, 1853; m. May 25, 1875, Joanna 

McFadgen. Res. Roxb. (6080) 

3C>S THH LliMiRlNL. FA.\\1L^. 

Children of ( I33t ) Joanna ( Weidner ) and James M. Hammond. 

3319. I. ANNli; WaR^": h. June 23, 1847; m. Uec. 21, 1865, to 

M;ittlu-u St;inU\- Cain. (6082) 

3320. 11. Ja.MI-s MaxTON': b. April 12, 1848; m. Mch. 22, 1871, 

Hannah H. Li.-iuctt. (6084) 

33J1. 111. Jt )llN W i;si.i;v': h. Au.^. 10, 1849; d. April 8, 1855. 

3322. i\'. I-:mil^ JaNH:': h. Feb. 21, 1851; m. Feb. 4, 1873, to 
.Warlin C<»nncll\' ; no chn. 

332^. \'. CHARLI-:S llr.NR^-^ b. Feb. 7, 1854; d. April I ^,, 1 85 5. 

3324. \l. John W'nni-.LAM)': b. Mch. 12, 1855; m., in 1878, 
L\dia Hoops. He d. Nov. 27, 1878. She res. Philad.; 
no chn. 

332v \ii. SlDNll^- ELLnN": b. Mch. 5. 1857; m. Dec. 13, 1873, to 
Benjamin Fisher, Chester Co., Pa. (^87) 

3326. \lll. JOSEPH NORBERRV': b. Nov. 17, i860; m. Jan. 22, 

1S88, Clara Sir^enson. (6096) 

Children of (1332 ) Jolin and Mary A. (Johns) Weidner. 

3327. 1. Fannie": bom in Ohio; ni. and d. there. 

3328. II. ANNIE": born in Ohio; ni. 

3329. 111. John': born in Ohio. 

Childrenof ( I338)EIi:abeth J. (Weidner) and William H.Sherman. 

3330. 1. I()ll\ W.^: b. Now 24, 1869. 
33^1. II. William Henry': b. Apl. :;, 1872. 

Children of ( 133^^1 Susan C. ( Weidner I and Thomas M. Wolfe. 

33^'. I. Malcom Weidner': b. May 20, i860; d. Oct. 19, 1861. 

33^^^ II. Mai^K 1IENR>': b. June 24, 1S62. 

3334 111. Laura Flizabeth': b. April 15, 1864; m. Jan. 27, 
1884, to John M. Kane. (6097) 


Children of (1340) Mary Ann (Weidner) and Caleb Ruth. 

3335. I. ANNIE E.': b. Nov. 29, 1858; m. Jan. 1879, P. H. Con- 

don, who was accidentalh' killed on the Penna. R. R., on 
Oct. 10, 1888. (6099) 

3336. 11. Jennie': b. Dec. 10, i860; m. June 25, 1891, to John 

Dowd. (6103) 

3337. 111. Kate": b. Oct. 31, 1862; m. Apl. 4, 1879, to William 

Davis. (6104) 

All reside at Conshohocken, Pa. 

Children of (1343) Mag:gie K.' (Weidner) and George Hart. 

3338. 1. Edith N.': b. Aug. 14, 1869. 

3339. II. HOWARD G.': b. Aug. 19, 1871. 

3340. 111. Minnie M.': b. July 15, 1874. 

3341. IV. Bessie M.': b. July 23, 1877. 

3342. V. Norman W.': b. June 23, 1879. 

3343. VI. Grant H.': b. May 22, 1885 ; d. Oct. 25, 1886. 

Children of (1344) Susan (Kendi§:) and William Bair. 

3344. 1. Margaret': b. Aug. 17, 1840; m. Dec. 2, 1865, to Ed 

win Wright. (6105) 

3345. II. JOHN' : b. Sep. 20, 1842 ; m. Aug. 8, 1870, Harriet Trego. 


3346. 111. Eliza': b. Oct. 14, 1844; m. Dec. 25, 1864, to Edwin 

Buckley. (611 1) 

3347. IV. Uriah': b. Oct. 5, 1847; m. Annie Shoemaker. 


3348. V, Jane**: b. Apl. 17, 1857; m. Jan. 29, 1875, to Amos Os- 

mond. Res. Newark, Del. (61 14) 

3349. VI. ALLIE': b. Mch. 31, 1861 ; m. to Howard Connell. Res. 

Sadsburyville, Pa. (61 16) 

400 THH LH\Hlv|NG l-AMILY. 

Children of (I34b) Elvina (Kendig) and Joseph Pine. 

^350- '• JOHN^ h. J. 111. J I, 1S41. He was a soldier in Co. K, nth 
Pcnna. Ca\ali\ , in tlu- late- war; died at RiLhmond, Va., 
on S\ch. 7, 1.S6:;, on his way home as a released prisoner 
of war. 

33!;i. II. JoSHPHlNE": b. Apl. S. i<S43; unmd. Res. Sadsburv- 
\ille. Pa. 

33S3. ill. CATHAlvlNt^ b. Mch. 27, 1846; m. Feb. 14, 1874, to 
HIlw.Mtd Scott. Res. Philad. (6121) 

33SV l\. ADDIE'*: b. Oct. 7. 1848; 111. June 1875, to William 
Collins. Res. Philad., where she d. Nov. 30, 1877. 

3^^4- \'- H.W.WA' : b. Mch. 5, 1851 ; m. Au.u.,1877, to Absalom Tretro. 
Res. Chester Co., I^a. (612^) 

Children of (1347) John ^ and Ann (Wiley) Kendig. 

3355- '• MAkV^ b. No\. 19, 1852; m. Oct. 17, 1875, to Sylvester 
Ta.--art. She d. Dec. 23, 1890, in Philad. No chn. 

3356. II. ANNIES b. Dec. 19, 1857; m. June 11, 1882, to Rev. 
Henry Franklin, of Philad. (6125) 

3557- III. Waggih-^ b. Sep. 25, 1865; unmd. Res. Shar.-n Hill, 
Ijelaware Co.. Pa. 

Children of (1348) A.Jackson and Eliza (Reese) Kendig. 

335''<- •• CORA^ b. Apl. 24, 1862; d. Jul\- 5, 1864. . 

33S9- II- CHARLES': b. Sep. 27, 1867; m. Jan. 12, 1893, Elizabeth 
Ramse\-. Res. Chester Co., Pa. 

r/)0. 111. JoiiN^ b. Au.L'. 27, 1871 ; m. in 1893 Mabel Walton. 

3361. 1\. CORA-^ b. Apl. 4, 1870; unmd. 

Children of ( I34'?i Mary (Kendig) and John Kerlin. 

3362. !. Harrys h. Auiz. 2C, 18^:;; m. Kate McCullou-h. Res. 

Philad. (6127) 

3363- II. WlLLlAAW b. Au-. 2S, 1855; m. Ada Powers. Res. 
Parksbur.u, Pa. (61 31) 


3364. III. Charles'; b. Apl. 13, 1858; d. May 30, 1863, at Sads- 

huryville, Pa. 

3365. IV. Mary': h. Apl. 7, 1861 ; d. Alio;. 12, 1863, at Sadsbury- 

ville, Pa. 

3366. V. Margaret": h. Dec. 20, 1863; m. Oct. 13, 1886, to 

Mark Connell. Res. Downingtown, Pa. (6132) 

3367. VI. Franklin'; b. Auo;. 22, 1866; d. May 18, 1868. 

3368. VII. Frank': b. Dec. 16, i870;.unmd. Res. Sadsbury- 

ville, Pa. 

3369. VIII. SaMZON': b. Aug. I, 1872; unmd. Res. Sadsbury- 

ville, Pa. 

Children of (1350) Louisa (Kendig) and Judson Reese. 

3370. I. Maggie': b. Oct. 23, 1859; m. Dec, 10, 1879, to Henry 

Shroder, Res. Germantovvn, Philad. (6135) 

3371. II. Mary': b. Aug. 25, 1861 ; m. to Francis Newlin. Res. 

Coatesville, Pa. (6140) 

3372. III. Kate': b. Apl. 8, 1864; m. Sep. 25, 1886, to George 

Bicking. Res. Philad. (6145) 

3373. IV. David': b. June 25, 1866; unmd. 

3374. V. John': b. Oct. 4, 1868; unmd. 

3375. VI. Lizzie': b. Dec. 27, 1870; m. June 16, 1888, to Walter 

Bicking. (6148) 

3376. VII. Addie': b. Apl. 26, 1875; unmd. 

Child of (J 35 1) Susan' (Armstrong) and Thomas Hoffman. 

3377. I. A. LEVERENE': b. Nov. 26, 1870 ; unmd. Res. Sads- 

buryville, Pa. 

Children of (1356) Ellen' (Armstrong) and James Clark. 

3378. I. S.Armstrong': b. Mcli. 7, 1874; unmd. Res. Ches- 

ter Co., Pa. 

3379. 11. Mabel Levering': b. Feb. 23, 1879. Res. Parks- 

burg, Pa. 


40-' THM Ll£\liRING FA.MILY. 

Children of (13b3i Griffith and Esther (Benedict) Levering:. 

3380. 1. Wary HlizabI-:th^ b. n mo., iS, 1843. Unmd. Lives 

at Knowillt.-, Wun. 

3381. 11. Rachel ANNI£TTH^: b. 12 mo., 3, 1846; m. 8 mo., 23, 

187' I" Ur. Clavtcn W. Townsend, who d. 6 mo., 1880. 


3382. 111. l.M)IA FlMNCINE'": b. I mo., 31, 1849; d. 3 mo., 23, 

1S72. • 

3383. 1\'. I:L.MA Catharine': b. 5 mo., 8, 1857; unmd. Res. 

knowille, Tenn. She is possessed of an advanced educa- 
tion, and lias inr se\eral years been a very successful 

Children of (1372) Samuel' and Phoebe (Hathaway) Levering:. 

33S4. 1. Rachel f:LLA' : b. g mo., 6, 1853. 

3385. 11. Thowas Henry": b. 2 mo., 5, 1855. 

3386. 111. S\AU\ ALICE': b. 9 mo., 23, 1856; d. 6 mo,, 14, 1S69. 

3387. IV. Clara Maria': b. 12 mo., 9, 1859. 

3388. V. LaLRA Lethia': b. 6 mo., 24, 1861 ; m. 8 mo., 22, 1882, 

to William fflmore Osborn. Res. in Morrow Co., O. 


3389. VI. Susanna Matilda': b. 3 mo., 20, 1863; d. 4 mo., 26, 


3390. \11. li:\NY Hva': b. 12 mo., 7, 1864. 

3391. \lll. HANN^• ffSTHER': b. i mo., 11, 1867; m. 6 mo.. 6, 

1888, to William II. Benedict. Res. Morrow Co., O. 

3392. l.\. Ralph (jRIEEith': b. 3 mo., 29, 1S71. 

3395. ,\. CEORGE Canp,^': b. 3 mo., 25, 1875. 

Children of (1375) Mary Levering (Franklin) and Edward 


3394. 1. TlK )MAS HENR^': 

339^. 11. Mary Alice': 

3396. 111. Hannah Clotilda': 


3397. IV. George Purnell*': 

3398. V. JOHN Edward': 

3399. VI. Ellen MiLNOR': 
34CX). VII. V^iLLiAM Henry': 
3401. VIII. Charles Lex': 

[This list is copied from "THE LEVERING FAMILY." 1 have 
written repeatedly, during two years past, to IV — who is said to be 
a doctor— in effort to secure geneological information of the family, 
but lost my labor.] 

Children of (1378) Rev. Thos. Levering' and Ellen (Klapp) 


3402. I. William Henry': b, June 9, 1845; m., 1870, Isabella M. 

Culver. He d. May i, 1877. 

3403. II. Ellen Milnor": b. Nov. 10, 1846; m. Dec. 16, 1876, 

to Edgar M. Bradenburg. Res. Washington, D. C. 


3404. III. Joseph Klapp': b. Mch. 28, 1848. Was married twice. 

No children. 

3405. IV. Thomas Levering': b. Aug. 29, 1849; d. Sept. 5, 1850 

3406. V. Margaret Rebecca': b. Mch. 26, 1851; d. Aug. 18 


3407. VI. Mary': b. April 22, 1852; unmd. 

3408. VII. Anna VERRON': b. Aug. 12, 1854; unmd. 

Children of same and Adelaide Marion (Cooke), 2d wife. 

3409. VIII. ADELAIDE Cooke': b. Aug. II, 1861 ; m. Sept. 22, 

1885, to George Jones Lincoln. (6279) 

3410. IX. Catharine Van Renselaer': b. Jan. 28, 1863; d. Oct. 

20, 1865. 

3411. X. Charles H. Carroll': b. Ffb. 8, 1867; unmd. 

3412. XI. Isabella Wood': b. Oct. 26, 1868; unmd. 

404 TflH LE MURING 1AA\1LY. 

Children of (1332 i George C and Zelia H. ( McCutcheon ) 


34n. 1. Sa.WI LI. .WcCl'TCllKON': b- July 31, 1852, at New Or- 
leans; m. Mc-h. 31, i<S75, Harriett Mathews, of West 
Feliciana Parisli, La. They reside at Bayou Sara, La., 
where Jud^e L. has presided over the courts and is a 
prominent jurist. (6282) 

3414. 11. (itokGL BRADIORD' ( M. U.): b. Jul\ 26, 1854, at 

Pass Christian, Miss.; in. Feb. 12, 1884, Octavia Blanc, 
who d. Feb. I, 1885; m. 2d Feb. 25, 1887, Margaret 
Bruns. (6291) 

iJr. L. was educated at Georgetown and Columbia 
Colleges, D. C, and at Staunton, Va. He next entered 
the Virginia Military institute, from which he graduated 
in 1873 with honor. He was subsequentl\- professor of 
Ph>'sics in the Institute. In 1875 he was engaged as 
engineer and chemist in the copper mines of Georgia. 
One \'ear later he was a professor and assistant com- 
mandant in the North Georgia Agricultural College. He 
returned to Louisiana and studied medicine in the Univer- 
sit>' of that State, graduating in 1883, after which he 
studied in New York' :\\^^] Philadelphia, returning to New 
Orleans in 1884, where he has since resided and practiced 
his profession, and is considered among the most scientific 
phs'sicians of the South. All this information I gleaned 
from his neighbors, for want of data direct, which was 
sought without avail. 

3415. 111. William Bitlhr": b. Oct. 21, and d. Oct. 26, 1856, at 

New ( )rl(.'ans. 

Child of < 1385) J. Hcndly and Barbara (Briscoe) Smoot. 

3416. 1. Sarah Llizablth": married a Mr. Parris, a native of 
Maine. Thex' had four children ; the youngest, Helen, 
marrii'd and is li\inu in the West. 


Children of (1386) Susan W.' (Smoot) and Samuel McLean. 

3417. 1. Alice Lawrason": b. ApL i6, 1821 ; m. Dec. i, 1839, 

to Frederick Stahl, who removed from Baltimore to St. 
Louis, and subsequently to Galena, HI., where he died 
on Jan. 8, 1892, and where Mrs. S. and family still re- 
side. (6295) 

3418. 11. LUCRETIA HODGEKINSON': b. Nov. 12, 1822; m. July 

3, 185 1, at Galena, HI., to William Henry Snyder, of 
Utica, N. Y. They reside at Galena. (6299) 

3419. 111. Alexander Kerr': b. Mch. 7, 1824; m. in 1862, An- 

nette Williams, of Louisiana. (6302) 

3420. IV. Virginia': b. June 12, 1827, at Charlotte, S. C.; d. 

Feb. 10, 1829, at Burlington, N. J. 

All, except the last, were born at Alexandria, Va. 

Children of (1390) Amelia D.' (Riggs) and James P. Erskine. 

3421. I. Mercy Ann**: b. Feb. 6, 1835; d. Aug. 7, 1855, unmd, 

Quincy, HI. 

3422. 11. Alexander Macdonald": b. Mch. 16, 1836. 

3423. 111. Romulus': b. Jan. i, 1842. 

Children of (J 39 1) Alice Ann' (Riggs) and Dr. James W^. Bacon. 

3424. 1. ROMULUS RiGGS': 

3425. 11. JOHN Philip': - 

3426. HI. Albert': 

3427. IV. Alice Riggs': 

Child of (1392) James Lawrason" and Marietta (Francis) Riggs. 

3428. 1. Alice': b. July 16, 1853; m. Sep. 3, 1874, at Peoria, 

HI., to Alexander G. Tyng, Jr., a grandson of Rev. Dr. 
Stephen Tyng, of New York. Res. Peoria. (6294) 

406 THI- 1.1:\1-:R1NG PA.Min'. 

Children of ( 13*^4) Mary E. (Riggs) and Robert Colg-ate. 

3429. 1. Sa.WL 1:1. jA.WliS^ 

3430. 11. I.AWRASON Rl(]f]S': ; d. 

3431. 111. ALiCl-; KlGGS": ; m. John D. Wood. 

3432. I\ . K( )1;i-:fvt'': 

Children of (I395,i Henrietta (Riggs) and Samuel G. Battle. 

^433. 1. JOHN MOORH': 

3434. II. K« )\\l LI S KiGGS': 

3435. 111. Harry": 

Children of ( H^b ) Julia M. (Riggs) and George H. Boker. 

3436. 1. CjEORGE': ; m. Dec. 27, 1871, (5173) Edith^ 

dau. of (It'o. W. Wharton. No dm. 

3437. 11. Charles' 

. '-I 

Children of (J 397) Illinois' (Riggs) and Charles H. Graeff. 

3438. I. NHTTA RiGGS': m. William F. Gilder of New York. No 


3439. II. ChaRLLS Frederic': m. Emily Blakiston, of Philad. 

No chn. 

Children of ( 1398) George Washington and Janet (Shedden) Riggs. 

^440. 1. ALICE LavvrasON": b. July 7, 1S41 ; unmd. Resides in 
Washington, L). C. 

^441. II. Katharine Shedden': 1\ Dec. iq, 1842; m. in 187210 
Louis de Geofro)-, of the French diplomatic service in 
Washin,:it(»n. I). C, where she d. in Feb., 1881. (6304) 

3442. III. Cecilia': b. June 20, 1844; m. Oct. 2, 1867, to Henry 

Howard, of Ikr Britannic Majesty's diplomatic service in 
Washin.uton, h. C (6306) 

3443. IV. Janet Madelaine': b. Au-. 16, 1845; d. Jan. 30, 1861. 


3444. V. Mar^' Griffith': b. Mch. 15, 1848; d. Au,u. 2, 1849. 
3444. VI. George Shedden": b. Dec. 25, 1849; d. May 20, 


3446. VII. Elisha Francis': b. Oct. 2, 185 1 ; m. Feb. 19, 1879, 

Medora, dau. of James S. Thayer, of New York City, and 
Medora, his wife (who was widow of (1389) Samuel 
James Rigjis). 

Mr. Riggs is the last of his name in the banl\ing house 
of Riggs & Co., now tlie Riggs National Bank, at Wash- 
ington, D. C, which succeeded the famous old bank of 
Corcoran & Riggs, which was established in 1840 by his 
father, who died in 1881, The institution has been a 
government depository coeval with its existence, and is 
still in current account with the State Departments. 


3447. Vlll. Jane Agnes**: b. Oct. 28, 1853; d. unmd. in 1894. 

3448. IX. Thomas Lawrason': b. Apl. n, 1858; d. Jan. 19, 

1888, unmd., at Washington, D. C. He was a member 
of the Banking House of Riggs & Co. 

Children of (J 399) Lawrason' and Frances (Clapp) Riggs. 

3449. I. Benjamin Clapp': b. Feb. 16, 1844; m. June i, 1874, 

Rebecca Fox. He d. Apl. 18, 1883, ^^'t Saranac Lake, 
New York. (6314) 

3450. II. Alice Lawrason': b. July 10, 1846; m. Dec. 2, 1873, 

to Riggin Buckler, M. D., of Baltimore. (6317) 

3451. 111. George Washington': b. Dec. 22, 1848 ; m. Oct. 8, 

1879, Catharine Cheeseman. (6322) 

Children of same and Mary T. (Bright), 3rd wife. 

3452. IV. Mary Bright': b. Jan. 5, i860; d. Apl. 7, 1862. 

3453. V. Lawrason': b. Oct. 17, 1861, in New York. 

3454. VI. Bright': b. Mch. 26 and d. Now 11, 1863. 

3455. Vll. William PICKERSGILL': b. Aug. u, 1864, in New- 


4o8 Tnii Li-:\i:kiNG family. 

3456. \1II. CLINTON LE\i:!''INCi'; b. Sep. 13, 1866, in New York; 
in. Oct. _M. iSm}, .\\:ir\ Kennedy CfDrnwell. 

54S7. IX. Ji:ssi". HkKiHl': \\ Heb. 3, 1870. in Bait.; m. Oct. 5, 
iS()3, C:iiarlt.tle Morris S\ inin^ton. (6328) 

3458. \. \i.ri-'i:i) I^ANDOi.Pir : b. ApL 19, 1871, at Bait. 

34St). \I. l-l^'ANCIS (IRAIIAMM 

'^^^ b. Nov. 29, 1872, at Bait. 

3460. Ml. Wv.WA (iRin-n'M' I 

3461. \111. llK )A\AS 1)1 DLL^": b. Jan. 28, 1875, at Ball. 

Children of (1407) Elizabeth E. ( Cartwrlght ) and Georg:e Young. 

3462. 1. H.WIL^ l-l.l/AP.i:iH' : b. Oct. 3, 1862. 

3463. 11. (jE()R(]L Tho.was': b. Mch. 31, 1864; m. Dt^c. 27/ 1886, 

Clarissa Payne. Res. Pen^e, England, (6329) 

3464. 111. Syunly CaRTWRIGHT': b. Sep. lo, 1866 ; m. May 20, 

1888. Beatrice Ada West. Res. Pen^e, England. (6333) 

3465. 1\. ALICLSaRAIC: b. Au.u. 14, 1868. 

3466. \'. FlorF-NCi: Bi;i^riiA': b. Apl. s, J87i- 

Children of (t40o) Georgianna ( Cartwright ) and George F. 


3467. I. MaR^ ALICE': b. April 2, 1861. 

3468. 11. Tllo.MAS CarTVVRIGHT": b. Au.g. 15, 1863; m. Au,u. 2, 

i8cp, Elizabeth A. Kinle\'. Res. London, Eng. (6337) 

346^;. 111. l-REDERICK (j.' : b. Ma\- 26, 1865; d. Ma\-. 1866. 

3470. IV. (}E()R(]IA\Na': b. Jan. 22, 1867; m. 1886 to William 

W. Baker, who d. Sep. 22, 1889. (6338) 

3471. V. (jEORCJE F.': b. Jan. 22, 1869; d. Feb., 1876. 

3472. \l. l-l.ORENCE A.': b. Aug. ii, 1871 ; d. April, 1872. 
347:;. \ 11. IlliRBERT A.': b. Aug. 11, 1875. 

Child of ( 1409) Ann C. (Cartwright) and Edmund Greenaway. 

3474. 1. Fd.MLM) I'HO.WAS": b. Jul\' 26, 1861 ; ni. Aug. 19, 1883, 
Susan Caroline Varndell. Res. Plough Road, Rother- 
hithe, S. E., England. (6339) 


Children of ( 1411 ) James Thomas and Almira (Longf ) Waterhouse. 

3475. I. Edward Augustus": b. Oct. 3, 1853; m. Juix'23, 1878, 

Linnie Helmick. Res. Troy, O. (6340) 

3476. II. James C*: h. July 7, 1856; m. Jan. 31, 1884, Eftle J. 

Havvke, who d. Oct. 24, 1885. He m. 2d Mcli. 11, 1889, 
Marv Sale. Res. East Waynesville, Warren Co., O. 


3477. 111. Sarah A.': b. Dec. 11, 1858; m. Nov. 9, 1879, to 

Horace W. Beedle. Res. Troy, O. (6348) 

347S. IV. Thomas C: b. Jan. 30, 1861. Whereabouts not 

3479. V. Celestia Elizabeth': b. Oct. 7, 1864; m. May 27, 
1886, to William C. Roney. Res. Troy, O. No chn. 

Children of ( J4I0) Mary Alice' (Waterhouse) and John M. Sinclair. 

3480. 1. Rachel Alice**: b. July 21, 1842; d. in i860 at Nash- 

ville, 111. 

3481. 11. Elizabeth R.': b. Auo;. 14, 1845; d. May 10, 1857, at 

Oscaloosa, Iowa.  

3482. 111. Luther Lee': h. June 8, 1849; m. Nov. 5, 1874, 

Justina J. Lucas. Res. Belleview, Mo. (6349) 

3483. IV. Seth Levering': b. July 27, 1852 ; d. Aug. I, 1883, at 

Caledonia, Mo. 

3484. V. Sarah Emma': b. Mch. 22, 1856; d. Nov. 21, 1857, at 

Oscaloosa, Iowa. 

3485. VI. Charles Thomas': b. June25, 1859. Res. not known. 

Children of (I4I2) John W, and Hannah (Mullen) Cartwright. 

3486. 1. Laura': b. Feb. 17, 1859; d. Sept. 12, i860. 

3487. 11. Lawrence': b. Mch. 15, 1861 ; m. May 15, 1887, Anna 

C. Felkley. Res. Dayton, O. (6354) 

3488. III. Maggie': b. Aug. 6, 1864; d. same day. 

4IO THK Li;\lil<'lNCj FA.MiL^. 

Children of (I 113) Mary J. (Cartwrlght) and Nathan Jones. 

3489. I. Sa.ML1:l T/: h. net. 12. 1853; m. Feb. 26, 1879, Eva 

Keys. Res. near Wayncs\ illf, O. (6356) 

3490. 11. LaI'RA J.^ h. ( )a. 22, 1855 ; m. Nov. 27, 1878, to Frank- 

lin /ill. Rf>. near Bellbrook, O. (6358) 

3491. 111. MlNNIH": h. All::. 2 anJ J. Au^^. 12, 1864. 

3492. I\. Joll.N W'.^ h. Aug. 29, 1866; ni. May 9, 1888, Anna M. 

GaiJ, of Oregonia, O. He d. Au^. 5, 1889. .No ehn. 

Children of ( 1417 ) Seth Levering and Emma (Merritt) Cartwright. 

3493. 1. CharLHS W.^ b. Now 12, 1869; unmJ. Was o;raduated 

at the Collejie of New Jersey, at Princeton, in June, 1894. 

3494. II. JohnO.': b. Jan. 25, 1872; unmd. Res. Da\ton, O. 

Children of (HIS) David and Mary (Haines) Brown. 

3495. 1. ANNA Elizabeth": b. May i6, 1868; m. June 9, 1885, to 

Wesley S. Haines. (6359) 

3496. 11. Jacob ALLBN": b. Jan. 9, 1870; d. Jul\-, 1 87 1. 

Children of (1420) Maria" (Lukens) and Dr. Charles Shoemaker. 

3497. I. MAklilA": ; d. unmd. 

349S. 11. ANNIH': ; unmd. Is Principal of the Friends' 

Central School, at Philad. 

Child of (1423 ) William T. and Maria (Kulp) Lukens. 
^4(>j. I. ENOS M.': ; Res. North Wales, Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of (1424) Abraham T. and Esther (Williams) Lukens. 

3500. 1. Charles": b. in 184^. Res. Kulpsxille, Montg. Co., Pa. 

3501. 11. A.MANDA': b. in 184s. Res. Lansdale, Montg. Co., Pa. 
T,z,02. 111. Sarah": b. in 1849. Res. Philad. 

3S0^^. 1\. Franklin": b. 101852. Res. Kulps\ille, Montg. Co., Pa. 


3504. V. William'*: b. in 1854. Res. Norristown, Montg. Co., Pa. 

3505. VI. Emily': b. in 1856. Res. Lansdale, Montg. Co., Pa. 

3506. VII. ADELINE': b. in 1858. Res. Lansdale, Montg. Co., Pa. 

3507. VIII. Cynthia': b. in 1861. Res. Kulpsville, Montg. Co., 


3508. IX. Maggie": b. in 1863. Res. Kulpsville, Montg. Co., Pa. 

3509. X. Henry': b. in 1865. Res. Lansdale, Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of (1427) Enos T,' and Sarah (Ruth) Lukens. 

3510. I. Enos': Res. Kulpsville, Pa. 

351 1. 11. Jacob': Res. Hatfield, Pa. 

Children of (I44I ) Jane (Hughes) and Joseph Supplee. 

3512. I. Laura': b. Sep. 29, 1844; m. to W. Henry Davis. Res. 

Norristown, Pa. (6361) 

3513. II. Leslie': b. Mch. 3, 1847; m. Virginia Singley. Res. 

North Wales, Montg. Co., Pa. (6364) 

Children of (1460) Sarah' (Jenkins) and John S. Lungren. 

3514. I. Margaretta': b. Oct. 4, 1839; m. July 6, 1867, to Mah- 

lon Evans. Res. Harrisburg, Pa. (6367) 

3515. II. Owen Henry': b. Nov. 4, 1845 ; m. Aug. 9, 1875, Clara 

Tillotson. Res. Germantown, Philad. (6368) 

3516. III. Mary Emma**: b. Feb. 28, 1848; m. Charles H. Macal- 

tioner. Res. Philad., Pa. 

Children of (1456) Jane' (Jenkins) and Dr. Jonathan Evans. 

3517. I. Oliver M.': b. in 1831 ; m. Ellie J. Jenkins. Res. Lans- 

dale, Pa., where Mr. E. is connected with the First Na- 
tional Bank of the borough. (6373) 

3518. II. Sallie Jane': b. in 1836; m. to John S. Jenkins. Res. 

Lansdale, Pa. (6369) 



Children of ( I4b3) Joseph B.~ and Barbara (Wismer) Kreamer. 

^519. 1. Jacob W.": b. Feb. 28, 1S63; m. Hlhi R<)\-cr. Res. 
Nia-town. IMiiiaJ. (6376) 

3520. II. CatHaRINH ": b. [\-c. 26, 1864; m. Au^. 23, 1890, to 

J..iin HiL'V. Res. Norristown, Pa. (6380) 

3521. III. I-RANKIJN": b. Moh. 29, 1866; d. Mch. 30, 1868. 

^22. IN. ^V.RV':l„^^^^,^^,^,^.(a.O0t. ,7, ,867. 

3S2:;. \.': I y 

3524. \ 1. anna'-': b. April 14, 1869; m. to Adam Koeiiiii. 

352s. \ II. Willia.m Henry"': b. April 30, 1870. 

3526. \lll. 1:L.\\ER'': b. Sep. 3, 1871. 

3527. I\. H,\\A\a": b. iV\a\- 11, 1873. 

3528. \. Ll/ZIE": b. Feb. 16. 1875. 

3529. XI. AcjNES": b. Mch. 16, 1876. 

3530. XII. ASON'-': b. Ma\- 27, 1880. 

Family iix'e near Creamery, Montij;. Co., Pa. 


Children of (t465) Naomi B/ (Kreamer) and John K. Wurtz. 


3:;^!. 1. ANNA K.": b. Sep. 16, i8; 
^3^2. II. Jacob K.': b. Now 14. 1873. 
^.:;;. 111. I< )iiN K.": b. Dee. s. 1873; d. Max- 10, 1889. 
33M- 'V. HNOS K.': b. Dec. 12, 1878; d. April 29, 1881. 
3:;^^;. \. Da\I1) k.": b. and d. Feb. 3, 1880. 
Famil\- li\e at Norristown, Pa. 

Children of ( 1466) Emeline ' (Kreamer) and Enos S. Schwenck. 

35^6. 1. ADAU": b. \\a\- 6. 1873. 

3537. II. JOHN": b. Auu. 10, 1874. 

35:58. III. ANNll-": b. N(.\. 15, 1875; d. Feb. 17, 1882. 


3539. IV. J. Warren": b. Feb. 26, 1878. 

3540. V. Franklin": b. Aw^. 3, 1879; cl. Feb. 7, 1882. 

3541. VI. Oliver": b. Dec. 13, 1880. 

3542. VII. RUFUS'-': b. Aug. 29, 1884. 

Reside near Gratersford, Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of (1472) Charles D." and Anna (Moyer) Godshalk. 





I. Elmer C": b. Sep. 24, 1875. 

II. Jonas M.": b. Mch. 6, 1879. 

III. Viola G." : b. Mch. 4, 188 1. 

IV. Charles M.": b. Feb. 5, 1883. 

V. Walter M.": b. Jan. 11, 1890; d. Mch. 30, 1892. 

VI. Mabel": b. Feb. 7, and d. Feb. 8, 1895. 

Family reside, Landsdale, Pa. 

Children of (1474) George D/ and Matilda (Ellis) Godshalk. 



I. Clara Ellis": b. Oct. 5, 1875. 

II. Viola Blanche": b. Jan. 16, 1878; d. Nov., 1879. 

III. Ellis Garfield": b. Apl. 16, 1881. 

IV. Harry Clayton": b. May 20, 1886. 

V. Raymond Percival": b. Sep. 19, 1894; d. Apl. 9, 1895. 

Family live at Kulpsville, Pa. 

Children of (1475) Jonas D/ and Emma (Romig) Godshalk. 


I. Matilda R.": b. May 17, 1879. 

II. Ernestine": b. Jan. 5, 1881. 

III. Sina R.": b. Dec. 13, 1882. 

IV. George R.": b. Feb. 14, 1885. 

V. IVA R.": b. June 19, 1887. 

VI. Emma Pearl": b. Aug. 9, 1889; d. 


Children of ( I17b) Anna (Godshalk) and John T. Troxel. 

3560. 1. HAini-V-': \\ Sep. 4. i^^i > -1- Mch. 16, 1883. 

3S6i. II. SlSIH G.': \\ Jan. 28, 1883. 

3562. III. I.I//II:": b. Au.ti. 23. 1884. 

356^ I\. LALikA'-': b. Sep. 21, 1885. 

3564. \. .!( )H\ Morris ": b. Jan. 7, 1887. 

356s. \ I. llARRV": b. ().-t. 2^, 18S8. 

3S6r). \ II. Jonas-': b. Mch. iC, 1890. 

3567. \1II. ANNA": b. Apl. 26, 1891. 

3568. I.\. Pl-ARi:': b. Feb. 24, 1894. 

3c;6c). X. NoR.MAN": b. Apl. 27, 1895. 

Family liw at Kulpsville, Pa. 

Children of lH77) Emma' (Godshalk) and Davis Stover. 

3570. I. l.iLi.iH Minerva": b. June I, 1878. 
3^71. II. Har\H^ (i.": b. Mch. 6, ]88o. 
3572. III. Ma.wie'-' 

b. Auy;. 30, 1 88 1 
357:; I\'. Susie'-': ' 

Famil\- reside at Lansdale, Pa. 

Child of (I486) Anna' (Roop) and John Kendigf. 
3c;74. I. Walter": b. Mch. ii, 1877, at KLilps\ille, Pa. 

Children of (U88) Sallie' (Roop) and John Kendig. 

3vS. I. Flla": b. Jul\- 20. 1883, at Kulps\ille. Pa. 

3576. II. LER0>": b. CXt. 29, i88s, at Kulps\ ille. Pa. 

3577. III. rilARL": b. June 8, 1887, at Kulpsville, Pa. 

3578. 1\'. John": b. Mch. 12, 1889, at Kulpsville, Pa. 

3579. \ . UL1\E": b. Auii. 12. 1892, at kulps\ille, Pa. 


Child of (1490) Mary Ann (Fry) and William Quinn. 

3580. 1. Elizabeth": b. in 1879. Lives at West Point, Montg. 

Co., Pa. 

Child of (I49I ) Amanda' (Fry) and Oliver B. Hains. 

3581. 1. Jacob'': b. Jan. 10, 1896, at Pottstown, Pa. 

Children of (1496) Charles B." and Elsie (Goodman) Fry. 

3582. I. Carl": b. Sep. 10, 1891, Pottstown, Pa. 

3583. II. Elizabeth": b. Nov. 21, 1893, Pottstown, Pa. 

Child of ( J520) Anna' (Fry) and James B. Edwards, 

3584. 1. Edmund'-': b. in 1876, at Lansdale, Pa. 

Children of (I52I ) Rebecca** (Fry) and Isaac B. Moyer. 

3585. 1. Edwin.'-' 

3586. II. Arthur." Res. at Philad. 

Children of (1526) Mary E/ (Fry) and Christian A. Wismen 

3587. 1. Eli": b. July 6, 1885. 

3588. II. Charles": b. Dec. 10, 1887. 

Family live near Gratersford, Pa. 

Children of (J 527) Alice' (Fry) and Lewis B. Wismer. 

3589. I. Ralph": 

b. Nov. 29, 1 88 1. 

3590. 11. Annie": J 

3591. III. Mary": b. Aug. II, 1884; near Gratersford, Pa. 

Child of (1528) Clement' and Flora (Lachman) Fry. 
3592. I. Mildred": b. Jan. 9, 1896. 

4l6 Till" ir.\l-;k!NG |-A,MI1.Y. 

Children of ( I53I ) Louisa H/ (ShoU) and Reiff Gottshalk. 

359^. 1. \l()l.A S.'': 1\ N"\. 6, 1863; m. Now 10, 1883, t*> Burns 
W. Jdlinsdii. No <.lin. 

3594. 11. (JSCAk S.': h. Ft-'h. 5, 1870; 111. LJlc. 19, 1888, Katie 

Schwandii. (6386) 

3595. ill. CLAkliNCL S.": b. Nov. 28, 1872; unmd. Res. Potts- 

touii, Pa. 

Children of I 1532 1 Mary Ann" ( Willauer ) and Benj. F. Buckwalter. 

359O. 1. Clinton": h. Mav 7, i860; m. Feb. 14, 1889, Louisa 
Wert. ' (6388) 




II. \\.\u\ Catharine'': b. Jul>- 21, 1862; d. July 7, 1875. 

III. Margaret": b. Now 21, 1864; m. Mavis, ''^83, Frank 
Bohn. (6391) 

1\ . Harris": b. Dec. 21, 1866; unmd. 

\. H.WANUEL": b. Jul\- 2, 1868; d. Feb. 11. 1870. 

\ 1. Susan": b. Au;:. 25, 1870; m. Nov. 2, 1889, to Joseph 
Stearly. (6394) 

\ll. SalLII-:": b. Apl. 21, 1872; unmd. 

\lll. Charles": b. Ma\- 2, 1874; unmd. 

l.\. Blnja.MIN": b. Jan. 21, 1876; unmd. 

No chiklren by 2i\ husband, J. Stearly. Li\e near 
Colle^e\ille, Mont^. Co., Pa. 

Child of ( 1533) Marg:areC (Willaur) and Adam Fordam. 

3605. 1. J< )liN": b. iJec, 1871. 

Child of ( 1536) John' and Lizzie (Moyer) Willaur. 

3606. I. Sti-;i.1.a": b. Oct. 24, 1887; d. Ma\- u. 1888. 

Child of (1537) Joseph' and Kate (Bean) Willaur. 

3607. I. W ll.LlA.M ARNOLD": b. Uee. 9, 1S79, at Skippaek, Pa. 


Children of (J538) Edward' and Matilda (Shuler) Willaur. 

3608. 1. Katie'-': b. about 1881, at Mont Clare, Pa. 

3609. U. Mary": b. about 1883, at Mont Clare, Pa. 

3610. III. Henry'-': b. about 1885, at Mont Clare, Pa. 

361 1. IV. Franklin'-': b. about 1889, at Mont Clare, Pa. 

Children of (J 563) Annie** (Hunsberger) and Henry B. SelL 

3612. 1. Russell Orlando": b. July 7, 1885. 

3613. 11. Hlla Gertrude'-': b. July 27, 1888. 

3614. ill. Pearl Viola-': b. Oct. 31, 1895. 

Family reside at Ironbridge, Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of (J 562) Israel H/ and Josephine (Goldsmith) Hunsbergfer. 

3615. 1. Fernando": b. July 2, 1880. 

3616. II. Ralph'-': b. May 8, 1889. 

Child of (1550) Isabella'' (Grater) and Jacob S. Geller. 

3617. 1. Maggie": b. Mcb. 31, 1873, at Lansdale, Pa.; unmd. 

Children of (1 55 1) Amanda** (Grater) and Levi Rosen berger. 

3618. I. Belle'': ; unmd. 

3619. II. Randall" (M. D.) : ; unmd. 

3620. 111. Walter": ; unmd. 

Family live in Philad. 

Children of (1552) Annie' (Davis) and Henry Nuss. 

3621. 1. W. LiNFORD": b. Nov. 15, 1872. 

3622. II. Laura": b. June 29, 1874; m. April 29, 1896, to Albert 

C. Ritcbie. 

3623. 111. Clarence D.": b. Nov. 5, 1876. 

3624. IV. Mary Alice": b. Mcb. 13, 1879. 

4lS 1H1-: l.i;\HRlNG FAMILY. 

^62s. \. llAkk^' JaS(:)N ": \\ Feb. ig, 1881. 

-,626. \1. U\i\S\-.U Hllis': t\ Oet. 8. 1883. 

3627. \ll. l-.KHiNH l.liROV": b. Mch. I, 1886. 

3628. Mil. l-:i)\A May": b. Sept. 17, 1888. 

3629. l.\. NoR.MAN B.": b. Junr 11. 1892. 

Children of (1554) Wm. Fry' and Sarah E. (Kline) Davis. 

3630. i. ARTI.MaS K.": b. AiiLi. 10, 1880. 

3631. 11. Bl-klHA K.": b. Mch. 9. 1882. 

3632. HI. Laira K.": b. Feb. 24. 1885. 

363^. I\'. l.lZ/11- K.": b. Apl. 8, 1894; d. 

Children of (1555) Lizzie H/ (Davis) and Wm. W. Kline. 

3634. I. Florence U.": b. AuLi. 12, 1876. 

3635. II. Jerome L).": b. Oct. 26, 1882. 

3636. 111. Katie D.": b. .V\a\- 23, 1878. 
3C37. 1\. Cal\1N 1).": b. Mch. 9, 1885. 

Children of (1556) Eug:ene S.' and Amanda (Kline) Davis. 

3638. I. StRLI.A K."': b. Ma\- 31, 1880; d. July 24, 188 1. 

3639. II. Harl K.'-': b. N()\'. 24, 1882. 

3640. 111. ORA K.": b. Feb. 12, 1887. 

Children of (t557) Kate H/ (Davis) and Jacob Rapp. 

3641. 1. Mamu;": b. Jan., 1881 ; d. in June, 1896. 
3O42. 11. Fr.MA": b. HI Maicli, 1883. 

Children of (J559) Mary Alice' (Davis,) and Oilman H. Gottshalk. 
3643. 1. F:lsie'': b. Jan. (). 1886; d. Oct. 7, 1887. 




II. Mar^ Lizzie'-': b. Sep. 4, 1888. 

III. liAR\i:>(:uFFORi)'': b. Nov. 2, 1889. 

IV. ARBOTT B>RO\'': b. Sep. 16, 1892 ; d. Apl. 7, 1893. 
\. FlllEL": b. Jan. 25, 1895. 


Child of (1560) Ida H: (Davis) and William Keely. 

3648. I. Edna": b. Apl. 2, 1894. 

Children of (I56I ) William H." and Mary (Hendricks) Hunsberg^er. 

3649. 1. Clarence H.": h. July i8, 1875; m. Oct. 17, 1895, May 


3650. II. ANNA Laura": b. Nov. 20, 1877. 

3651. 111. Mary Katie": b. Oct. 12, 1879. 

3652. IV. AINSWORTH": b. May 4, 1885. 

Children of (\566) Milton' and Elizabeth (Reiff ) Hallman. 




I. Emma": b. Mch. 16, and d. Mch. 20, 1885. 

II. Maggie": b. Jan. 19, 1886. 

III. Mary": b. Dec. 13, 1886. 

IV. Joseph": b. May II, 1888. 

V. Katie": b. July 24, 1889. 

VI. Milton": b. June 19, 1891. 

VII. Henry Raymond": b. Jan. 2, 1893. 

VIII. Jacob": b. Nov. 16, 1895. 

Child of (1586) Joseph E/ and Mary (Long) Fry. 

3661. I. Mary E.": b. Aug. 16, 1873, in Philad. 

Children of (1588) Clara' (Fry) and William F. Erichson. 

3662. I. Chas. F.": b. in April, 1879. 

3663. II. George E.": b. June 10, 1855. 

3664. HI. Harry A.": d. young. 

3665. IV. Clara P.": b. June 5, 1892. 

Family live in Pbilad. 

420 Tin: Li;\l-RING FAA\1LY. 

Children o{ (l5o'') Catherine^ (Fry) and John W. Crater. 

366C. 1. KLIZABHTH H.': b. m Ma\-, 1885. 

3667. II. BlanCiii: ': b. in May, 1887. 

3668. 111. Jt)llN': b. in .\.i\-. iSSy. 

366(> 1\. ^n^OTll^■ 1..": b. in Oct., 1892. 
Faiiiil\- livf at Haston, Pa. 

Children of (1590) John F/ and Tillie (Keyser) Fry. 

3670. I. Clara H.": b. June 29, 1882. 

3671. 11. Mar^' C": b. July i-', 1885, in London, En<i.; d. July 

29, 1887. in Philad., Pa. 

3672. HI. John H.": b. Jul\' 10, 1888. 

3673. 1\'. ANNA M.'-': b. Jan. 13, 1891. 

3674. \. HSTHHR E.": b. AuLi. 7, 1895. 

Family li\c at Phutnixville, Pa. 

Children of (t5^3) Milton' and Maggie (Ridge) Briggs. 

3675. 1. Charles": bom 1875. 

3676. 11. Mary": born 1880. 

Children of (t594) Kate' (Briggs) and Minot L. Christman. 

3677. I. Charles'-': born about 1872. 
367S. II. ULRTIE": born about 187C. 

Children of (\59b) Alfred J.' and Anna (Pancoast) Briggs. 

3679. 1. ALFRED": b. about 1883. 

3680. 11. Earl": b. about 1894. 

Child of ( t603i Sarah' (Kline) and James Miller. 

3681. 1. OLIMA": b. Apl. 3. 1883. Li\cs at Allentown, Pa. 


Children of (J604) Fienna' (Kline) and Lewis Sheyery. 

3682. 1. Calista": at Allcntown, Pa. 

3683. II. Ada'-': at Allentown, Pa. 

Children of (1605) Alice' (Kline) and Albert Zellner. 

3684. 1. Matilda'-': b. Feb. 3, 1873. 

3685. II. William": b. May 11, 1874. 

3686. III. Charles'': b. May 22, 1876. 

3687. IV. Sarah": b. Sep. 15, 1878; d. 

3688. V. Edwin'-': b. Apl. 3, 1881. 

3689. VI. Mary-': b. June 3, 1884. 

3690. VII. Ida": b. Oct. 7, 1886. 

3691. VIII. Hattie'-': b. Jan. 26, 1889. 

3692. IX. Mabel": b. Nov. 26, 1891. 

3693. X. LILLIE": b. Feb. 24, 1894. 

Family live at Allentown, Pa. 

Children of (1606) William'* and Anna (Kenninger) Kline* 

3694. I. Mary": b. Nov. 20, 1879. 

3695. II. William": b. Mcb. 3, 1882. 

3696. 111. Samuel^ b. Sep. 5, 1884. 

Children of same^ and Kate (Renner)^ 2d wife. 

3697. IV. JOHN R.": b. Apl. 4, 1888; d. Mch. 25, 1892. 

3698. V. Hannah": b. Nov. 4, 1890. 

3699. VI. Rachel": b. June 25, 1891 ; d. Mch. 8, 1892. 

3700. VII. James": b. Mch. 22, 1895. 

Family reside, Mainland, Pa. 



Children of ( 1 605) Tillman' and Susan (Christman) Kline. 

3701. 1. MaGCjIE": 

3702. 11. ALICE": 

3703. 111. SaLLIL": 

3704. 1\ . TILL.MAN": 

Li\c' lU'iir to Emaus, Pa. 

Children of ( IbJO) John' and Anna (Bressent) Kline. 

3705. 1. BLALLA": h. All-. 6, 1892, at AUeiitown, Pa. 

3706. 11. John 11.": b. Oct. 25, 1894, at AllL-ntown, Pa. 

Children of (1611) Charles' and Ellen (Sholl) Kline. 

3707. 1. William": l.i\f Allentown, Pa. 

3708. 11. Hllhn": Li\c AUentown, Pa. 

Children of (I6t2) William' and Sally (Dettra) Bean. 


1. LIZZIE": 


11. Rebecca": 

37 1 1 

111. Tillie": 


l\. Esther": 


V. Laura": 


\1. Ida": 


\ 11. Catharine": 


\111. William": 


. IX. Hstella": 


. X. Servias": 

Live at Lcdciachville, Montg. Co., Pa. 

Children of ( I6t4) Esther' (Bean) and Servias Kline. 

T,-jn). 1. William': ; d. 

3720. 11. Charles": 

3721. 111. Lizzie": 

Li\e in Philad. 


Children of (I6I5) Rebecca (Bean) and Mathias Dettra. 

3722. 1. Lizzie'-': 

3723. II. Esther'-': 

3724. III. Walter '•■: 

Live at Ambler, Pa. 

Children of (1627) Henry' and Susan (Benner) Kulp. 

3725. L Mary Alice'-': b. No\-. 29, 1877. 

3726. IL Alpheus**: b. Oct. 16, 1879; d. Nov. 1895, from an 


3727. in. ANNA'-': b. June 19, 1881. 

3728. IV. 'Warren'-': b. Nov. 17, 1882. 

3729. V. ABRAHAM'-': b. Oct. 28, 1884. 

3730. VI. Minerva'-': b. Au,^. 13, 1887. 

3731. Vll. Harry Floyd'-': b. Aug. 23, 1894. 

Children of (1636) Susanna L/ (Swartz) and Henry B. Lapp. 

3732. 1. Nelson S.'': b. July 28, 1880. 

3733. II. Stellas.'-': b. Mch 26, 1882. 

3734. HI. AGNES S.'-': b. June 25, 1883. 

3735. IV. Esthers.'-': b. Oct. 17, 1884. 

3736. V. Marthas.'-': b. June 5, 1887. 

3737. \"1. Walters.'-': b, Nov. 4, 1893. 

Family live near to Fricks, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Children of (J 637) Mary^ (Swartz) and Isaac B. Beideman. 

3738. 1. Frank'-': 




III. Harry-': 

IV. ALICE'-': 


VI. Raymond'-" 

VII. Edna": 

424 TH1-: l.i:\HRING 1-A.MILY. 

Children ot ( lobo) Henry G." and Kate (Detweiler) Hoot. 

^74:;. ' 1. Sa,\U1-:i. 1 ).'•'•. Li\x-s ;it linn Bridge, Mont,^. Co., Pa. 
V4O. II. -loHN h.": KiM-'S at lion Brid.^e, Mont.ii;. Co., Pa. 

Children ot ( lbb7) Michael G/ and Mary (Kelsh) Hoot. 

^747. I. I.II.LII-: Ma^ ': h. Jan. 11, 1875 ; ^^- J^''y 20, 1881. 

3748. 11. ^\AR^ l:LIZAP.Hm ': b. Nov. 19, 1878. 

374(). 111. HLliNORA": b. Aiii:. lo, 1880; d. Oct. 19, 1881. 
Family reside in Philad. 

Children of ( t675) Jacob' and Mary (Kreamer) Campbell. 

3750. 1. NciRAUN": b. June, 1888, at Norristown, Pa. 

371; 1. II. CliARLHS Sa.WLEL": b. in Ma)- and d. in Sept., 1892. 

Children of (1681) Georg:e Henry' and Emma (Van Scoter) 


3752. I. Hdwin WlLlUR": b. Jul\- 27, 1887. 

3753. II. Howard Frederick": b. Jan. 28, 1890; d. Oct. 16, 

I 8() I . 

37^4. 111. Lilian Margaret": b. Sept. 27, 1892. 
375s. IV. Clamon Henry": b. Jan. 25, 1895. 

Children of ( Ib'^S ) Rev. Charles L.' and Laura (Housekeeper) Fry. 

371^6. I. Hi:nr^ J.": b. Wax- 2, 1892. 

37:57. 11. CharLI:s'": b. Mch. 16, 1894. 

Famil\- now (1896) live at Lancaster, Pa. 

Children of ( t6^6) Anna G/ (Fry) and P. C. Zieber. 

3758. I. Catharine F.": b. Oct. 30, 1890. 

3759. II. .\NNaF.": b. Max- 22, 1892. 

l-aniil\- reside at Readin^i, Pa. 


Children of (1698) Josephine C/ (Fry) and William Benbow. 

3760. 1. David'-': h. Nov, 14, 1889. 

3761. II. LILIE": b. Dec. 24, 1894. 

Family reside at Readinj^, Pa. 

Child of (1708) Edgar Y/ and Laura (Stephan) Boyer. 

3762. I. CjUY'': b. Autf. 26, 1893, at Boyertown, Pa. 

Children of (1 71 8) Dr. George W/ and Delia (Wirt) Hinkle. 

3763. I. Annie'': born at and lives in Hanover, Pa. Unmd. 

3764. 11. Emma'': bom at and lives in Hanover, Pa. Unmd. 

Children of (1 719) Samuel H.' and Mary (Bixler) Wentz. 

3765. I. William Augustus'': b. Dec. 5, 1829; m. Dec 17, 1850, 

Charlotte S. Washabaucrh. Res. Bait. (6398) 

3766. II. AMELIA M.": b. June 24, 1833; m. June 19, 1856, to 

Ross Winans, Jr. She d. Dec. 30, 1858, at St. Peters- 
burg:;, Russia. No chn. 

3767. III. George W.'': b. Mch. 6, 1836; m. Oct. 3, 1878, Eliza- 

beth J. (Wright) Wilhelm. No chn. They reside at 
Catonsville, a suburb of Bait., Md. 

3768. IV. Caroline Virginia'': b. Oct. 19, 1838; m. Aug. 9, 

1859, to Josiah S. Hubbell, who d. 1863. She m. 2d 
Oct. 8, 1867, to Hiram D. Musselman. Res. Bait. 


3769. V. John Morris": b. Apl. 7, 1843; m. Feb. 10, 1871, 

Annie Anderson. Res. Bait. (6407) 

3770. VI. Kate Owings'': b. Mch. 9, 1850; m. Oct. 28, 1873, to 

John C. Wartman. She d. on Oct. 19, 1880, at her 
home in Bait. (6413) 

Children of ( 1 720 ) Jesse H.' Wentz. 

3771. 1. Sally'-': b. at Bait. ; m. Emanuel Doubs. 

3772. II. JOHNG.'-': m. Letty Kline. Lives at Hokes, York Co., 

Pa. (6414) 

3773. III. Margaret": m. to James Tracy. 

3774. IV. LaMANDA'-' : not known. 

426 THi;\l-:R1NC] FAMILY. 

Children of (1723) Sarah S. (Hoffman) and Dr. James Gerry. 

^^jj-^. 1. ^\A^'^ liLlZABinH": m. Dr. L)a\id C. Hbeihurt ; ha\e 
tun chn. 

3776. II. Ja.MES, Jr." (M. D-): m. Maima Hunter, of Wiseburg, 

Bait. Co., MJ. K<-S. Shrc\vsbur\-, Pa. 

3777. 111. f:LRRii)(,ir' (.W. \).): m. Belle McAbee. Res. Shiews- 

biir\-, Pa. Haw three chn. 

377S. 1\'. Susanna'-': d. in infanc}-. 

Children of ( 1 724 ) Susanna^ (Hoffman) and John Michael. 

3779. 1. \IRGIN1A ANN'': m. l)r. Hli W. Free, of New Freedom, 

Pa. He w as a member of the Lejiislature of Penna. in 
iS^i-2. Res. Bait. (6418) 

3780. 11. 1.M)1A Catharine'-': m. Thomas E. WantlanJ, of near 

iV\ar\-land Line, where he was eno;aged in merchandizing. 

37,Si. 111. Sarah JanH'': Died in her 23d year. 

Children of (1722) "William H.~ and Margaret ( Shunk ) Hoffman. 

3782. 1. LV13IA ANN'-': m. Rev. Martin L. Snyder, of the Central 

Pt-nna. Meth. Conference. (6423) 

3783. 11. (^jEORGE VV. S.'-': "m. three times." 1 can not learn to 

whom. (6426) 

3784. 111. Sarah dANE'-': "d. in girlhood." 

3785. 1\'. PHTHR": "d. in childhood." 

3786. \ . William Hmory": m. Mar\- Rieser ; had ^ chn. 

3787. \1. .Il-.NME": unmd. Res. Bait. 

378S. \ll. RoSlL": unmd. Res. Bait. 

3781). \lll. liUGENIA'-': unmd. Res. Bait. 

3790. IX. Caroline": m. Re\. Vandersmith, of Methodist Church. 
She is d. 

[It is manitest that the reporter of the above four families pur- 
posely suppressed genealogical data, though it was repeatedly 
requested. 1 give them a place, however, in evidence ot their 


Child of (J 725) Elizabeth A.' (Levering) and Sugden Randall. 

3791. 1. Julia Frances": b. Feb. 28, 1844; m. Capt. John w. 

Holbrook, who d. She d. Oct. n, 1884. They were b. 
at St. Paul's Cliurchvard, Philad. Had one child, who 
d. in infancy. 

Children of (1734) Lydia M." (Levering) and Henry H. Kinsman. 

3792. I. William Levering'': b. Oct., 1868. 

3793. 11. Richard Brockway": b. April 23, 1871. 

3794. III. Lizzie Nina": b. Alio;. 2, 1873. 

All born and live in Philad. 

Children of (1735) William A;^ and Josephine (Carpenter) Levering. 

3795. 1. Adele Carpenters b. Nov. 19, 1869. 

3796. 11. Elizabeth": b. June 23, 1872; m. Oct. 7, 1896, to Mor- 

ris James Loxley. 

3797. 111. William Wallace": b. July 2, 1878. 

3798. IV. Josephine": b. Mch. 23, 1880. 

3799. V. Edna": b. Mch. 6, 1885. 

3800. VI. Helen": b. Jan. 30, 1888. 

All born and reside in Philad. 

Child of (1738) Emma P."^ (Levering) and Augustus A. Spencer. 

3801. 1. Augustus Levering': b. July 29, 1873; d. Nov. 3, 1890. 

Children of (1740) Clara P.^ (Levering) and Alonzo DeO. Rossiter. 

3802. 1. Horace Levering": b. in 1875. 

3803. 11. William Apsley": b. Mch., 1881. 

3804. III. Frank Fisher": b. Sept., 1887. 

3805. IV. Helen Burk": b. Dec, 1890. 

All born and reside in Philad. 

428 THH li:\i-:ring family. 

Children of ( I741 i Samuel P." and Eleanor (Burk) Sater. 

3806. I. J()Si:i'H Li;\i:kl\(i': b. 3, 1841 ; m. Sept. 3, 1868, 

Mattic Philpott. Kcs. MiJdletowii, Iowa. (6427) 

3807. II. HLIZARI:th H( )SliLLH": h. July 15, 1843 ; ^1. Sept. 18, 1844. 

3808. HI. J.\.\U:> W.-': b. Oct. 14, 1845; in. Sept. 15, 1878, Emma 

Philpott. (6431) 

38a> l\. MARCiARin Ann": b. Now 17, 1847; m. Dee. 30, 1868, 
to Moses VansN'oe. (6433) 

3810. \'. \\aU\ JaNH'': b. April 25, 185 1 ; iiiiind. Res. Middle- 

town, Iowa. 

3811. \l. Royal Hastinc}": b. Jan. 14, 1854; m. Oct. 18, 1877, 

l.ila Wilson. No chn. 

^812. Ml. AMY AMANDA": b. Mch. 26, 1858. 

:?8n. \lll. I-E.MON BL'RK": b. Au,u. 23, 1865; d. Dec. 3, 1883, at 
Middletown, Iowa. 

Children of ( 1746) Susan' (Sater) and James H. Smith. 

3814. I. HRWIN J.": b. Mch 20, 1.8^1 ; m. Apl. 26, 1882, Charlotte 
H. Tiedeman. Res. Austin, 111. (6438) 

:;8iv II. HaRRILTM.": b. Oct. 3, 18^2; m. Sep. 8, 1886, to Dr. 
Isaac N. Busbw Res. Brooklyn, Iowa. No, chn, 

3816. 111. LE(]RAND Sathr": b. Mch. 8, 1854; m. Sep, 11, 1881, 
Julia A. ("ilines. Res. Selma, Cal. (6441) 

^817. I\. ARTlll R J. B.": b. Auo;. 12, 1855; d. Aug, 9, 1890, at 
Aspen, Colo. 

3818. \. Mar\HY Samill": b. Apl. 28, i8s7; m, Dec, 23, 1885, 

Mary Dobelbower, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Thev res. at 
(jraiul Bay, Ala. (6444) 

3819. \'I. LizziL RosLLLH^ b. Nov. 21, 1858; m. Oct, 7, 1884, 

to John Ja.iiLZer. They removed to Mo. from Aspen, Colo. 

^820. \ 11. I RANK Royal": b. Ma)- 8, i860 ; unmd. Res. Grand 
Bay, Ala. 

3821. \ 111. CIIARLLS ALBERT'-': b. Jan. 5, 1862 ; m, Oct. 16, 1887, 

Missouri F. Stoner. Res. Dan\ille, Iowa, (6448) 

3822. l.\. HmvLN Douglas'-': b, Dec. 9, 1863; d. Nov. 10, 1864. 


Children of ( 1 747 ) Isaac Newton' and Philena ( Cone ) Sater. 

3823. I. Mary E. B.": b. June 29, 1853. 

3824. 11. Harry B. E.": b. Mch. 5, 185s. Kt'S. unknown. 

3825. 111. Charles Sumner'-': b. Sep. 8, 1857; d. Feb. 15, 1858, 

in Rice Co., Minn. 

3826. IV. Francis ASBURY'': h. Jan. 24, 1859; unmd. Res. Den- 

ver, Colo. 

3827. V. Lena Idelette": b. Jan. 17, 1861 ; unmd. Res. Pueblo, 


3828. VI. Wilbur FlSK'-': b. March, 1863; unmd. Res. Tacoma, 


3829. Vll. FRANK'-': b. Dec. 9, 1866; d. Jan. 18, 1867, at Worth- 

ington, Minn. 

3830. Vlll. Martha Luella'': b. Mch. 13, 1869; unmd. Res. 

Pueblo, Colo. 

3831. IX. LILLITH Edna'-': b. Jan. 19, 1874; d. Feb. 26, 1875, at 

Worthington, Minn. 

Children of (1748) Thomas Jefferson' and Amy (Phares) Sater. 

3832. 1. Jane Ellen-': b. May 5, 1858; d. Sep. 13, i860, at Dan- 

ville, Iowa. 

3833. 11. ELIZABETH ANN": b. Oct. 3, 1859; unmd. Res. Dan- 

ville, Iowa. 

3834. 111. Joseph Edward": b. Nov. 2, 1861 ; d. Api. 22, 1864, 

at Danville, Iowa. 

3835. IV. George Chase'-': b. Dec. 23, 1863; m. Mch. 7, 1888, 

Zella Shephard. 

3836. V. Frank Phares": b. Mch. 17, 1866; m. Oct. 15, 1890; 

Alice Sottell. (6451) 

3837. VI. Thomas Benton'-': b. July 30, 1868 ; unmd. Res. Dan- 

ville, Iowa. 

3838. VII. Samuel HarLAND": b. Feb. 27, 1871 ; unmd. Res. 

Danville, Iowa. 


Children of (1751) John Jones' and Nancy (Larrison) Sater. 

3839. 1. AMOS": l\ \('\. 21, 1834; J. Jan. 5, 1S36. 

3S40. 11. William \.': \\ Sep. 18, 1836; m. Sep. 20, i860, H\a- 
liiK- Barnes, w Iv. J. Au^. 29, 1865. He m. 2nd on May 
;, 1867. Catharine Skillnian. Res. Be\is, O. 

3841. 111. Wary Ann': \\ Mch. 26. 1839; m. Jan. i, 1857, to 
Hdward \\Mr-;m. Kes. Hli/abethtown, hul. (6459) 

384J. W. JONATHAN L.": b. Dec. 30, 1840; d. Way 14, 1862. 

384:!. \. Martin \'an Blren": b. Nov. 16, 1842; m. N(i\ . 1, 
1864, Mary H. McHenry. Res. Sater, O. (6467) 

:;844. \ I. JaRLD": b. Jan. 6, 184s ; m. Oct. 12, 1865, Catharine 
McKni.Lilit, wlio d. Jan. 6, 1875. He m. 2nd Ma\' 23, 
1877, Hannah M. Gray. Res. West Lafayette, hid. 


3845. \il. Hannah H.": b. Mch. i, 1847; m. May 30, 1867, to 

Thnmas Pottin^er. Res. Sater, O. (6482) 

3846. Mil. Milton'-': b. April 2, 1849; m. Mch. 4, 1875, Clara 

iJunninu. He is an attorney at Cincinnati. (6487) 

3847. 1\. Jasper N.": b. Mch. 19, 18^1; m. No\-. 4, 1865, Hliza 

Carter, wlio d. Feb. 14, 1877. He m. 2nd Apl. 20, 1880, 
Nettie H. Snowden. He d. Oct. 9, 1888. Mrs. S. res. 
Buhald, Mo. (6488) 

3848. X. John Hlbert'': b. Jan. 16, 1854; m. Au^:. 2, 1876, 

Jennie Jones, who d. He m. 2nd Oct. 9, 1889, May 
L\'ons. He is an attorne\- at law, Columbus, O. 


3849. XL Ira": b. Sep. 14, 1856; d. Sep. 20, i860. 

38sO. XU. ANSON": b. Mcli. 26, and d. May 28, 1862. 

Children of ( J753) EIi:a Ann" (Sater) and William B. Hill. 

38:^1. 1. Sarah Ann": b. Sep. 27, 184s; m. Au^. 23, 1871, to 
Dennis Russ. Res. Hamilton, O. No chn. 

3852. 11. Willia.M Sater": b. June 29, 1849; m. Mch. 4, 1885, 
Laura Jones. Res. Hamilton, O. (6498) 


3853. III. BENJAMIN'-': b. Mch. 3, 1852; m. Dec. 26, 1883, Dolly 
Hodson. Res. Okeana, O. (6499) 

^854. IV. Nancy'-': b. July 4, 1854; m. Sep. 27, 1882, to Albert 
Bartlow. Res. Colle^2;e Comer, O. (6501) 

3855. V. Hannah'-': b. Dec. 5, 1857; m. Dec. 23, 1885, to Aaron 
Stout. Res. Bevis, O. (6503) 

Children of (1754) Sarah" (Sater) and James Gwaltney. 

3856. 1. Samuel": b. Feb. 10, 1844; m. Oct. 10, 1866, Mary 

Wakefield, who d. Sep. 26, 1874. He m. 2nd Mary E. 
Warwick. Res. Hamilton, O. (6504) 

3857. 11. Nancy": b. Jan. 15, 1846; m. April 7, 1864, to Joseph 

Smith, who d. She m. 2nd Wilson Rogers. Res. Mt. 
Healthy, O. (6506) 

3858. ill. Mary Eveline'-': b. Oct. 15, and d. Nov. 7, 1848. 

3859. IV. ASON": b. and d. Sep. 7, 1849. 

3860. V. Martha Eliza'-' : b. Aug. 1 5, 1850 ; m. Oct. 16, 1870, Caleb 

Parr. Res. Bismarck, N. Dak. (6512) 

3861. Vi. ANNis Evangeline'-': b. July 3, 1853; d. Mch. 18, 1856. 

3862. VII. James Buchanan'': b. Aug. 19, 1856; m. Feb. 12, 

1890, Tillie Agnew. Res. Preston, O. (6518) 

3863. VIll. Sarah E.-': b. April 10, 1859. 

3864. IX. ORPHA": b. Aug. 5, 1862; m. May 3, 1882, to Ellsworth 

Jones. She d. Nov. 28, 1882. 

Children of (1755) William' and Sarah (Skillman) Sater. 

3865. 1. AMANDA-': b. Mch. 29, 1846; m. Jan. 15, 1865, to Uriah 

Hoffner, who d. Apl. 13, 1881 (6519). She m. 2d July 
16, 1892, to John W. Poster. Res. Mt. Healthy, O. 

3866. II. Charles Levering'-': b. Feb. 12, 1848; m. Dtc. 3, 

1868, Elizabeth R. Crowell. Res. Chanute, Ks. 


3867. 111. Francis'-': b. June 25, 1850; d. Sep. 22, 1853. 

432 THL Ll:\UklNG FAMILY. 

Children of ( 1756 1 Joseph"^ and Eliza (Hedges) Sater. 

3868. I. Hannah JaNH": \\ Wch. ^o, :\\u\ d. June 28, 1850. 

3869. II. W'll.l JAM': \\ J;in. q. 1S52 ; d. Apl. 1. 1856. 

3870. III. (itOk(jl-: 1..": b. Apl. 20. and J. Dec. 22, 1853. 

;^S7i. I\. Mary 1:LIZa": b. Dec 20, 1856; m. Ju]\' 29, 1874, to 
John L. Waketieki. Res. Preston, O. 


Children of (J 757) Oliver" and Maria (Foster) Sater. 

3872. I. John E.MERY'-': b. Mch 30, 1852; m. Jul\-, 1879, Laurii 
Jones. Res. Oklahoma. 


387:;. II. William Tho.mas'-': b. Apl. 2, 18^4; J. Au.l:. is. 1878. 

3874. 111. (jEORGE Righter'': b. Mch. 9, 1856; m. Apl. 11, 1877, 

Hli/.abeth R.'ller. Res. San Francisco. (6^32) 

3875. 1\ . Oliver F.'': b. July 17, and d. Sept. 8, 1859. 

Child of (1758) Thomas E/ and Mary (Pottinger) Sater. 

3876. I. Ja.WES PoiTENCiER'': b. Nov. 14, 1856; m. Feb. 4, 1878, 

Elizabeth Crocker. He d. Oct 14, 1888, at Tacoma, 
Wash. Mrs. S. res. at Dainille, Iowa. (65 M) 

Children of same and Mary (Gwaltney), 2d wife. 

3877. 11. ()LI\T. M.'-': b. Oct. 27, 1861. 

3878. 111. I-LI/A A.": b. Feb. 4. 186^. 

3879. 1\. Joseph T.": h. June q. 1870. 

Child of (1760) Susannah" (Sater) and Owen Blacker. 

3880. I. Willis Wilson ": b. Sept. lo. 1849: m. Jan. 22, 1876, 

Susan F. Burjze. (6538) 


Children of (1761) Elizabeth J/ (Sater) and William Hamilton. 

3881. 1. JOSEPH'-': 

3882. II. ROSELL": 

3883. III. Thomas'-': 

3884. IV. ANNIE'-': 

3885. V. JETTlE'-': 

[Hon. T. J. Sater, who reports this family, has "been unable to 
get dates." I hesitate to give place to such starved looking lists.] 

Children of (1764) James W. P/ and Sarah (Parriott) Sater. 

3886. I. Thomas LawsON": b. July 23, 1866; unmd. 

3887. II. Ella May": b. May i, 1869; unmd. 

3888. HI. BELLE'-': b. Auu. 18, 1872; d. Sep. 23, 1875, at New 

London, Iowa. 

3889. I'V. Jennie": b. Au^. 6, 1874; d. Dec. 16, 1877, at New 

London, Iowa. 

Children of (J768) John Richard' and Laura B. (Brice) Sater. 

3890. 1. Harry Brice": b. Apl. 21, 1871 ; d. May.20, 1890, in 


3891. II. NETTIE P.'-': b. No\-. 12, 1874. 

3892. III. Hattie Belle": b. June 13, and d. Au^z. 5, 1876. 

3893. IV. John Eli": b. Jan. 12, 1879. 

3894. V. Harriet H.": b. Sep. 5, 1883. 

Child of (J 769) Margaret R.' (Sater) and Thomas J. Yount. 

3895. I. Thomas Raymond": b. May 5, 1876. Res. Burlington, 


Children of (1 771) Wm. Henry ^ and Elizabeth (Thompson) Sater. 

3896. 1. Willis Henry": b. Aug. 21, 1875, ^^t New London, Iowa. 

3897. II. Nellie Casander": b. Oct. 23, 1879, at New London, 


3898. III. Edna": b. May 22, 1886, at New London, Iowa. 

3899. IV. Ida ROZELL": b. Dec. 10, 1889, at New London, Iowa. 

434 rm; i.i:M:RiNG fa.wilv. 

Children of ( I775i Dorcas A/ (Atherton) and Francis M. Bilby. 

3900. I. C:nARLliS MAkioN": b. Sep. 15, 1855; m. Dec. 24, 1879, 

Catliariiu- Jaiir Haoklemaii. Res. Miiiicie, livl. 


3901. li. H.WliRSON ATHBRTON": h. Nov. 13, 1856; ni. Sep. 6, 

i.SSi, RhdJa Josephine Be\er. Res. Columbia, Ind. 


3902. III. FLORBNCt Jane"': b. Sep. 9, 1858; ni. Sep. 12, 1883, 

U> Al\a S. Hai\l\-. She d. Feb. 9, 1892, at Columbia, 
ind. (6547) 

390;. I\'. Clara (JLIVH": b. Sep. 2s. i860; unmd. Res. with 
her parents at Conneis\ille, Ind. 

3904. \'. Hlmor WlNFIHLD": b. Jan. 27, 1862; m. Sep. 29, 1885, 

Laura Jane Brown. Res. Connersville, Ind. (6550) 

3905. \'l. MaRIANNIA": b. Dec. 21, 1863 ; m. Sep. 10. 188:;, to 

HIisha Williams. Res. Glenwood, Ind. (6sS'i) 

3cp6. \'I1. ALVA Hllsvvorth": b. Sep. 23, 1865 ; m. Apl. 9. 
1890, Nora M\-rtle Ste\ens. Res. Conners\ille, Ind. 


3907. Vlil. MORTON Lhvhring'': b. Oct. 4, 1867. Res. Con- 

nersN'ille, Ind. 

3908. I\. PaLWLR TLNNYSON": b. June 18, 1870. Res. Conners- 

\ille, Ind. 

39a). X. ShER.MAN Fvan'-': b. AuLi. 13, 1872. Res. Connersxille, 

Children of (1776) Thos. Levering" and Sarah (Robinson) 


3910. I. Charlls VV'lsle^": b. Mch. 28, 1842. Went west 
unmd. in 186^. Not heard from. 

^911. II. Walinda Ann'-': b. Oct. 28, 1844; d. in infancy. 

3912. III. John BOWEN": b. June i, 184^): m. Jan. ^\, 1871, 
Susan Roll, w lio d. June 16, 1883. Res. St. Jt)seph, Mo. 



3913. IV. William Howlett'': b. Nov. <S, 1848; J. Mch. 22, 


3914. V. Thomas Levering": b. Jan. i, 1851 ; d. May 18, 1852. 

3915. VI. Thomas Levering'': b. Jan. 13, 18^3; unnul. Res. 

Pueblo, Colo, 

3916. VIL George Levering": b. Auo;. 19, 1855; m. July 19, 

1891, Missouri Murra\'. Res. near St. Joseph, Mo. 


3917. VIIL Mary Frances": b. Sep. 20. 1857; m. Dec. 31, 

1879, Charles S. Wilson. Res. St. Joseph Mo, 


Mr. W. is a practical and skilled electrician. Has been 
superintendent of several electric works, and railway 

3918. IX. Benjamin Franklin': b. Feb. 22, 1861 ; unmd. Res. 

San Antonio, Tex. 

3919. X, ROBERT Nelson": b, Nov. 8, 1863; unmd. Res. in 


Children of (1778) Susan' (Ricketts) and Frederick D. Jordan. 

3920. I. Sarah Ann": b. June 13, 1844; m. June 12, 1870, to 

James N. Daily, who. d. She res. Sidney, O. (6566) 

3921. II. Mary Frances": b. Jan. 25, 1848; m. June 21, 1866, to 

John J. Mitchell, who d. Nov. 11, 1888. No chn. 

Mr. M. was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion. 
Served for three years in Co. H, of no Ohio Infantry, 
and shared in its experiences. Mrs. M. res. Piqua, O. 

3922. III. Lavina Matilda": b. Nov, 27, 1850; m. May 25, 1878, 

to Wilson N. Beckel. Res. Piqua, O. No chn. 

3923. IV. Laura Bell": b. Nov. i, 1853; unmd. Res. at Piqua, 

with her mother. 

Children of (J78J) John Bo wen' and Rebecca (VanHorn) Ricketts. 

3924. I. JOHN Levering": b. Oct. 13, 186s. Unmd. 

3925. II. Clara": b. April 12, 1867. Unmd. 

43<-' THt Ll-VERING FAMIL\. 

Children of ( 1782 ) William Smith' and Martha (Patterson) Lev- 

3926. 1. HlizaBHTII J.": b. iJec. 31, 1849; unmJ. Lives iiear 

Piqiia, ( )., with Iut father. 

3927. II. ASON": b. Au.u. 23. 1853; d. Sept. 15, 1854. 

Children of Same and Matilda (Mays), 2d wife. 

3928. 111. Frank": b. April 6, 18^9, near Piqua, where he li\'es. 


3929. IV. William L.': b. Sept. is, 1861, near Piqua, where he 

li\es. Unmd. 

3930. V. Henry S.": b. Way 12. i86s, near Piqua, where he lives. 


Children of ( 1783) Thomas C."' and Sarah (Kindell) Levering. 

39^1. 1. ANMH B.": b. Sept. 20, 1864; m. Feb. 18, 1885, to 
Thomas T. Rike. Res. Co\in*iton, O. (6571) 

3932. II. Sarah L.": b. June 21, 1866; m. Sept. n, 1887,10 John 
Mowry. Res. Tippecanoe Cit\', O. No chn. 

Children of (1785) Aaron Theodore' and Caroline (Hunter) 


393;?. I. William Fl.HESON": b. Mch. i i. i8:;4 ; ni. twice at Piqua, 

3934. II. Fdwin": b. April 2, 18^6. UninJ. 

3935. 111. Hllln'-': b. near Piqua ; 111. Marion McMacken. 

39^''). W. Jl'LlA'-': b. near Piqua ; m. John Bair. (6574) 

39V. \'. JOSEF^H": b. near Piqua. Unnul. 
39^8. \ I. Ward": b. near Piqua. Unnul. 

U fmd two dates relating to this household in the l.e\ . Fam. 
General intorrnation troiii neighbors.) 


Children of (1787) Dyer M.' and Elizabeth (Patterson) Levering. 

3939.. I. Allen'-': "m. and has a farm in Wayne Co., InJ," 

3940. II. Charles'-': " Was sin.izle in 1892." 

3941. 111. Robert" "Was single in 1892." 

(Dyer helped his brothers. Have general information from rela- 

Child of (1788) Benjamin F/ and Julia (Carson) Levering. 

3942. 1. JOHN-': b. about 1868, at Buckley, ill. 

Children of (1789) Robert C and Mary (Hart) Levering. 

-3943. 1. Adda'-': b. Apl. 5, 1863; m. July 5, 1883, to John Rupple. 
Res. Piqua, O. (6576) 

3944. 11. Mary'-': b. Aug. 31, 1864 ; m. Aug. 8, 1888, to John Wm. 

Martindell. Res, Eureka, Ks. (6578) 

3945. 111. Milton Henry": b. June 27, 1865 ; unmd. Res. in the 

Cherokee Outlet, Ind. Ter. 

Children of (1790) Howard Fleeson'* and Mary (Dunham) Levering, 

3946. 1. Jennie Viola': b. Aug. 25, 1866; m. Sep. 22, 1887, to 

Edward Gurnett. (6579) 

3947. II. Caroline": b. Jan. 25, 1868; m. to William Oman. 

3948. III. Augustus': b. Dec. 25, 1870; unmd. Resides near 

Piqua, O. 

His mother having died at St. Mary's, Ohio, when he 
was five months old, Giissic, as he was called, was taken 
in charge by a relative of a different surname. When 
the excitement, which is well remembered, prevailed over 
the whole country, consequent upon the kidnaping of the 
little child, Charley Ross, at Germantown, Philad., and 
photographs of the stolen boy were extensively circu- 
lated, in the hope of finding him, searchers came upon 
Gussie Levering, who bore a marked resemblance to the 
lost child, and being known as an adopted child in the 


Imusc-holJ I't his protector, he was sie/ed upon, and under 
ordc-r of Court taken from Ohio to Philadelphia, in August, 
1S77, for reco;inition, but the parents of Charlie Ross dis- 
claimed him "U siuht. Durin^; an examination by the 
bereaved parents and others, our subject, then six years 
old, insisted, " M\- name is Gustus Leverin^i. 1 ain't got 
an\- other name." So he was relieved from the gaze of 
immense crouds, who leathered about the cars and other 
places, and was carefully returned to his foster-mother. 


Children of Same and Ellen O. (Bretz), 2d wife. 

1\. FOREST ATWOOD": b. May 13, 1874. Res. St. Mar\''s, 
(). Is a clerk in the postoftice. 

3Qt;o. \. HLODIE": b. Dt-c. 24, 1877; d. Aug. 22, 1878. 

5951. \ I. LHE LESLIE": b. May 13, 1880, at St. Mary's, O. 

Children of (J79I ) Ann' (Levering) and Charles Righter. 

395_'. 1. Rose 1:LLEN'': b. about 1847 in Roxb.; d. Mcli., 1856; 
b. Le\-. Cem. 

39^:;. 11. Hester'-': b. Aug. 16, 1849; m. Mch. 30. 1870, to Israel 
Green. Res. Roxb.. Philad. (6580) 

39S4. 111. Susan'': b. about 1852; m. David Flew. Res. Roxb. 

^()q;. 1\'. John'': b. about 181^5 ; d. aged 6 months. 

3956. \. WlLLlAW'-': b. Aug. 8, 1858; m. Sep. 7, 1881. Margaret 

Busb\-. He d. Aug. _'8, 1890; b. Le\-. Cem. (6591) 

3957. \1. Margaret G.'': b. Jan. 8, 1862; m. Ma\ ;i, 1888, to 

Hugh McAdoo. Res. Roxb. (6593) 

39yS. \ll. ANNS.": b. Max- 8, 1865 ; unmd. Res. Roxb. 

Children of ( 1792) Sarah' (Levering) and Charles R. Keely. 

39;9. 1. llr.NR^": b. Dec. 22. 1848; unmd. Res. Roxb.. Philad. 

3960. 11. Margaret Ann'": b. June 26, 1831; m. Oct. 8. 1871. 
William Bowman. No chn. 

39C)i. 111. I.AIRA J.": b. Aug. 22, 1864; d. June 4, 1888; uimid.; 
b. Le\-. Cem. 


Children of (I793> Caroline' (Levering) and William Graham. 

3962. 1. HSTELLA'-': b. Alio;. 13, 1850; m. Mch. 2-], 1886, to 

Barzilla McVau.^h. No chn. 

3963. II. ALLISON": b. Sept. 30, 1852; m. April 14, 1873, to 

William Lackew Res. W. PhilaJ. (659s) 

Children of (1794) Louisa' (Levering) and George Magiiire. 

3964. 1. William Levering": b. Sep. 25, 1852; m. Apl. 14, 1886, 

Susanna Shinkle, who d. Feb. 16, 1892, without issue. 
He m. 2d Nov. 22, 1893, Jane Smiley. Res, Roxb. 


3965. II. Susan": b. June 24, 1854; m. Oct. 26, 1873, to Charles 

Rambo. Res. Roxb. (6598) 

3966. III. Margaret L.": b. Au.ii. 25, 1856; m. Oct. n, 1874, to 

William Dawson. Res. Roxb. (6600) 

3967. IV. HlizaBETH": b. April 2, i860; m. April 29, 1886, to 

Andrew Ewinj^;. Res. Roxb. (6608) 

3968. V. Hannah L.": b. Dec. 28, 1862; unmd. Res. Roxb. 

3969. VI. AdeleJ.": b. Now 14, 1866; m. Mch. 6, 1887, to Charles 

S buster. No chn. 

3970. VII. George": b. Jan. t;, 1870. Unmd. 

Children of (1795) Clement'* and Mary (Gregar) Levering. 

3971. 1. Margaret Ann": b. Jul_\- 10, 1852; d. No\-. 30, 1856; b.. 

Lev. Gem. 

3972. 11. Samuel": b. Apl. 6, 1855; m. Feb. 8, 1876, Sarah Omen- 

setter. Res. Roxb. (661 1) 

3973. 111. William L.": b. May 29, 18^7; m. Au^i. 12, 1878, Ida 

Gorman. Res. Roxb. (6614) 

3974. 1\'. Catharine": b. Aug. 25, 1859; m. Dec. 24, 1876, to 

Joseph Swardley. Res. Roxb. (6615) 

3975. V. Mary F.": b. May 16, 1861 ; d. Auu. 31, 1863; b. Lev. 


3976. VI. Charles K.": b. June 30, 1872; d. Mch. q, 1875; b. 

Lew Gem. 


Children of ( I 798 » Charles R.' and Lydia (Emery) Levering-. 

3977. I. ROSH Rkjhter": b. Sept. 14, 1867, at Roxb. 

T,C)jS. 11. Ida ,\\ay": b. Au-. is aiul d. Nov. 4, 1S69; b. Lev. Gem. 

397(). 111. Lalim Klil£L^": b. Nov. 23, 1870; m. Jan. it;, 1891, to 
William H. VV\-nnc. (6618) 

3980. 1\. WlLLIA.M CHARLliS": b. Jan. 5, 187^. He is a Graduate 
Cadet of Cjjraid Colleiie of Philad. 

Children of ^799) Amanda' (Levering-) and Moore Tweed. 

^981. 1. .V\AR^ ANN": b. June 29, 1856; unmd. Res. Clayton, 
.\. J., with her mother. 

3982. II. James Levering": b. Jan. 7, 1858; d. Jan. 14, 1890, 

^98^. 111. 13AVI1) John": b. Sept. 16, 1859; d. Mch. 26, 1862. 

3984. I\'. Lemuel": b. Oct. 9. 1861 ; d. Mch. 28, 1862. 

39.SS. \. Clement MOORE": b. Mch. 3, 1863; m. Mch. 19, 1888, 
Emma McNeal, who d. Mch. 28, 1892. He resides at 
Olean, N. Y. 

Children of Same and 2d husband, Michael Eldridge. 

3986. \I. Emerson": b. June 24, 1867. Res. Everett, Bedford, 

Co., Pa. 

3987. \ll. LUWARD": b. (3ct. n. 1868; d. June 10, 1869. 

Children of ( 1802 ) Cornelia R.' (Levering) and Richmond Babcock. 

^988. 1. Meta Levering": b. Jul\- :;o and d. Dec. 12, 1869. 

3989. II. l.tvis Clement": b. Auo;. 29. 1871 ; m. Julv 12, 1891, 
Hattie Scoville of Bordentown, N. J., who d. May 3, 1892, 
ajied 19 \ears. (6619) 

3c»o. 111. Nettie': b. Oct. 14, 1876; d. July 14, 1877. 

3c»i. I\ . Linden Rosier": b. Apl. 26, 1878. 

3c»2. V. ALBERT F.": b. Ma\- 14, 1881. 


Children of (1803) Martha E/ (Kelley) and Louis D. Blue. 

3993. I. ANNIE Bell": b. Jan. 9, 1859; m. Sep. i, 1881, to 

George Rolin. Res. Ayersville, O. (6620) 

3994. II. Nelson Scott'': b. Jan. 26, 1862; m. Mch. 30, 1887, 

Henrietta Breakhill. He is a graduate of medicine and 
practices his profession at Pittsville, O. (6623) 

Children of (1804) William N."^ and Martha (Burns) Kelly. 

3995. I. Joseph Edward'': b. June 22, 1869, at Warrensburg, 

Mo, ; m. Mch., 1890, Nancy Edna Campbell. Res. 
Xenia, O. No chn. 

3996. 11. LOURETTA May": b, Dec. 31, 1872, at Piqua, O. ; unmd. 

Child of (1 810) Alexander' and Louisa (Hauptman) Omensetter. 

3997. I. Letty": b. May, 1871, in Philad. 

Child of (181 1) John H.' and Mary (Hankins) Omensetter. 

3998. 1. Adele": b. June 14, 1861, at Chester, Pa. 

Child of (I8I2) Robert Levering' and Catharine (Hoffman) Omen- 

3999. I. Millard Fillmore": b. Dec. 21, 1856; d. Jan. 23, 1857. 

Child of Same and Rachel (Ogden), 2d wife. 

4000. 1. SanFORD'': b. Apl. 2, 1868; m. in 1889 Ida Edwards. 
Live at Morton, Del. Co., Pa. 

Child of (J 81 5) George W.** and Annie (Huestes) Omensetter. 

4001. 1. Irene A.'': b. Aug. 21, 1868; unmd. Res. Philad. 

44-' THH LH\liWIN(i FA.\ML^. 

Children of ( JS17) Fannie A/ (Levering;) and John M. Hart. 
4002. 1. WlLLlA.M'': h. M>.h. 2^, 1867; ci, Auj:. 14. i<S6<S. 

400 s 

II. CaRRII-: BHLL': b. Jul\- 3, 1869; ci. Nov. 10, 1887. 

III. l^()Bi:i/I SaNFc)R13": h. Nov. 27, 1871. 

1\ . ( JIAF^LILS F.": ) 

- b. [)vc. 25, 1874; J. same day. 

\ . Bl.AM) S.": ) 

\ I. JaMKS ALBHRT": b. \\a\- 26. 1876. 

Children of ( I8t8) Wm. Wigard'and Elizabeth (GustinI Levering. 

4008. I. Flsie Miriam": b. Ma\- 27, 1880; d. Sept. 4. 1881. 
40CX). II. W'lLLlA.W Robeson": b. Jan. 17, 1883, at Piqua, (). 

4010. III. llARR^' (^lOR.MAN '■' : b. N<>\'. 2, i88s, at Piqua, O. 

Children of (1822) Bland Sherman and Catharine (Stewart) 


401 1. I. HllEN May'': b. Sept. 3, 188s, at Piqua. O. ' 

4012. II. James B.'': b. Jan. 3. 1888, at Piqua, O. 

4013. 111. PA^■MOND S.'-': b. Sept. g, 1891, at Piqua. (). 

Child of ( i823) Mary B.' (Levering) and Lines S.Johnston. 

4014. I. PlTli [..": b. Sept. 3.. 1892. 

Children of (1824) Nathan Hilyer~ and Mary (Walker) Levering. 

4013. I. Barbara ANN'-': b. kyxW 16. 1849; m. June 10, 1883. tn 
L)a\iJ Y. .Aiman. No ehn. 

401C. II. Charles EloN'': b. Meh, 24, and J. Sept. 23, 1831. 

4017. III. SrSANNA'-': b. Oct. 17. 1832. UnrnJ. 

4018. I\. .Nauian HmER'': b. Aun. 17, 1853; m. Jan. 23, 1880, 

kla May Bakfr. No ebn. 

40it). \. TiEoRCjE W.': b. Sept. 20, 1837; m. Oct. 7, 1878, Sallie 
L). Ste\enson. (6623) 

4020. \I. Charles Wesley": b. Au^. 26, 1871; d. Au^. 13, 


Children of (1826) John R/ and Mary (Weir) Levering. 

4021. 1. John W.'': b. Oct. 30, i860; m. April 25, jS.SS, .Wary A. 

Dennisoii. (6628) 

4022. II. Ella Mary'': b. Oct. 22, 1863; d. Dec. 27, 1864, in 


4023. 111. MaR^' H.MMA'-': b. D<^c. 13, 1865 ; m. to VV. Hciii\ Van- 


4024. IV. James Walter": b, June 29, i8(jk;; m. Oct. 29, 1895, 

Elizabeth Bainbridiie, of Philad. 

Children of (1827) Charles J/ and Eliza (Hess) Levering. 

4025. 1. James Hess'': b. Nov. 30. iHs? ; d. April 2^!. i860, in 


4026. 11. Charles J.": b. Oct. 27, i860; m. June 4, 1S89, Bar- 

bara M. Andrew. (6631) 

4027. 111. ANNIE Hess'-': b. April 30, 1863; unmd. An accom- 

plished woman. Has been a teacher in Straight L'nixer- 
sity at New Orleans, and in other schools. 

Children of (1828) Martha R.' (Levering) and Cornelius N. 


4028. 1. John R.": b and d. in 1858. 

4029. 11. Charles Levering'': b. 7 nn^l d. Oct. i, 1859. 

4030. 111. Hamlet": b. and d. Auji. i, i860. 

4031. IV. Alice Napheys'': b. Mch. 2, 1862; d. Mch. 6, 1877. 

4032. V. Cornelius N.'': b. Oct. 31, 1864; d. Jan. 31, 1887. 

4033. VI. Charles Levering'' : b. Au,L^ 22, 1867. Res. in Piiilad. 

Children of (1830) Anna M.^ (Levering) and William T. Weir. 

4034. I. Anna iV\AR^''■': b. Sep. 15, 1863; m. Jan. 21, 1892, to 

Andrew Curtain Keely. 

403s. II. William Thomson'': b. June 29, 1868; m. Dec. 15, 
1888, to Eleanor Popnell. (66^^ and 7399) 

444 THH i.i;\r:RiNG FA.wm'. 

40^6. 111. CHAIvLHS LEVHKIN(] ': h. Oct. 29, 187O. 
4017. I\. VVALTI-.h' i^OSIHR': b. Ma\- 24, 1873. 
40^.S. \'. JULllM .\\A^■": b. iJcc. 14, 1875. 

Children of ( 1833) Rosier J/ and Ella (Goldsmith) Leveringf. 

40^0. 1. • AI,B1-:rt .loNHS": b. June I, 1877. 

4040. II. Wma hJ-LA'': b. Sep. 27, 1879. 

Children of ( 1835) Mary Levering' (Renshaw) and George Yeager. 

4041. I. ALFRED Levering'-': b. Feb. i, 1848; m. Alio;. 9, 187s, 

MaiN' France.^ (jinther. (6634) 

404J. II. Charles ANTHO^'^■■': b. Dec. 25, 1849; m- J^^'""- n, 
1881, Sadie 1:. HamiIt(Mi. who d. Mch. 15, 1886. 

404^ III. Howard Malcolm": b. Aug. 7, 1853 ; m. Aug. 7, 1884, 
Mary Belle Aaron, b. June 30, i860. (6638) 

4044. IV. Martha F.MILY": b. Dec. 20, 1855 ; d. Jan. 11, 1856. 

404s. \. Fli A Marcjarht": b. Mch. 17, 1857; d. Apl. 23, 1882. 

Children of ( 1836) David S.' and Annie (Weir) Kuen. 

4046. I. \VlLl.IA,M 1-:.": b. June s, 1874. 

4047. 11. ANNA ALETTA': b. Jan. 27, 1879. 

4048. 111. Laura May": b. June 19, i8cj)o. 

Children of (1837) Charles Levering' and Sarah ( Mander ) Kuen. 

4049. 1. Joseph": b. Jul\- i^, 1874, in Philad. 

4050. II. Sarah Mander": b. Aug. 8, 1876, in IMnlad. 

40!;i. 111. CJIARLLS I. i:\LRlNG, JR.": b. Dec. 10, 1879, '■! Fbilad. 

Child of ( 183^) Emma C (Levering) and Thomas P. Ross. 
4OS2. I. Flla J.": b. Jan. 10, 1880, in PhilaJ. 






Children of (1841) John S.' and Evaline (Harris) Roney. 

I. Nina A'': b. Jan. 17, 1862, in Auglaize Co., O. ; d. 

II. Ulysses Grant'': b. Now 7, 1864, in Auglaize Co., O. 

III. William Thomas": b. Feb. 5, 1867, in Auglaize Co., O. 

IV. Clarence E.": b. Mch 11, 1869, at (jallatin. Mo. 

V. Evaline W.": b. Mcb. n, 1871, at Gallatin, Mo. ; J. 

VI. Ferdinand A.": b. June 29, 1874, at Gallatin, Mo. 

VII. Charles'-': b. Aug. 26, 1878, at Gallatin, Mo.; J. 

Children of (1843) Charles S/ and Anna (Haywood) Roney, 

4060. I. ALBERTUS'-': b. Feb. 11, 1866, at Indianapolis, Ind. 

4061. II. Ida'-': b. Jan. 6, 1873, ^^t Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children of (J 844) Charlotte' (Roney) and Thomas Harris. 

4062. I. AVAH J.'-': b. Jan. 24, i860, at Wapakoneta, O. Res. 

Gallatin, Mo. 

4063. II. Edward C": b. Nov. 24, 1864, in Paulding Co., O. 

Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

4064. III. Frank L.": b. Sep. 29, 1868, in Paulding Co., O. Res. 

Gallatin, Mo. 

4065. IV. Albert'*: b. Mch. 2, 1871, at Gallatin, Mo., and lives 


4066. V. Nettie": b. Jilly i, 1875, ^^t Gallatin, Mo., and lives 


Children of (1845) Emily' (Roney) and Rasmus Rasmanson, 

4067. 1. LlLLIE C': b. Apl. 3, 1871, at Indianapolis, Ind. 

4068. II. Willie'-': b. Dec. 4, 1873, ^^t Indianapolis, Ind. 

4069. 111. Harrie'-': b. Feb. 18, 1876, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children of (1846) Henry C and Ada (Haywood) Roney. 

4070. 1. LlLLIE May-': b. Feb. 10, 1867, at Indianapolis. 

4071. II. Ada": b. Sept. 18, 1869, at Indianapolis. 

446 \\i\i Li:\HRINCi FAWin. 

Children of (I847i William and Mag'g:ie ("Warner) Roney. 

407J. I. CHAlvi.iis l.r:\KRIN(i': h. Ot't. J-S, i.S6(). at Wapakoneta, O. 
407^. II. WlNMl-;'': b. Well. 4, 1.S76, at liuiianapnlis, Ind. 

Children of 1 1843 Thomas and Jane (Wheeler) Roney. 

4074. I. I.i;i:'': h. June 2(), 1.S70. at St, Louis, Mo. 
407^. II. Ill-NRIETTA": b. in 1SS6 at St. Louis, Mo. 

Child of (IS49) Anthony Levering' and Clara (Hunsaker) Roney. 
407^). 1. Kalkigh": b. Dec. J<S, iSSi, at Lost Vallew Oregon. 

Child of 'I85t ) L. Nelson ~ and Avilla (Humphrey) Roney. 

4077. I. dORDON': b. Mch. S and d. Auji. 10, 1890, at Lugene, 
( )ii.\Liiin. 

Child of ( 1854 ) Perry Wharton ' and Marg-aret ' Sheehan ) Levering;. 

4075. I. CiiARLtS Wharton": b. Ucl. 7, 1.S71, in Jersey City, 

N. J., wherf he is engaued in the dru^i business with his 
father; m. Jan. 3, 1896, Fredericka McCombs at Cin- 
cinnati, (). 

Children of I 1857) Dr. Edgar Levering ' and Uretta (Lytle) 


4079. 1. Mll.l)Ri:i) I.^TLl•:■': b. Aug. 6, 1869. Res. at Uelplios, O. 
40S0. II. \\Am;L Wai.KI'P" : 1\ June27, 1871. Res. at Delphos, O, 

Children of ' I858i Emma L.' (Shackleton) and John Cutler. 

40.S1. 1. JliNNIl-: Deans": b. No\ . 26, 1862; d. Apl. n, 1870, at 
Wapakoneta, ( ). 

4082. II. ioHN LdgaR": b. Jan. 2^\ 1866; m. Di^c. 26, 1894, 
Llecta May Hig^zins, ni Wapakoneta, O. 

408;. III. IJANIHL BOVDEN": b. Sep. 14, 1868; d. Mch. 20, 187O, 
at VVapak'oneta, C). 

4084. I\. MaR^ Ann": b. Nn\-. 28. 1870, at Wapakoneta, O. 



4085. V. Laura Alice": b. Dec. 25, 1872; d. Oct. II, 1888, at 
Smithton, Ark. ; b. there. 

Daniel Boyden": b. Apl. 8, 1876. 

. Charles Levering": b. July 10, 1878. 

L Dennis Denny": b. June 10, 1880. 

Minnie Pridden": 









4090. X. Maude Shackleton" 


b. Sep. 25, 

r d. July 25, 1886, 
at Smithton, 
Ark.; b. there. 

d. Sep. 10, 1884, 
at Prescott, 
Ark.; b. there. 

Child of (1859) John Albert' and Maude (Shore) Shackleton. 
40Q1. 1. Eugene Albert": b. Oct. 5, 1876. 

Children of (I860) Minnie J/ (Shackleton) and WiUiam H. Craw- 

4092. 1. Maynard Amyx": b. Feb. 3, 1871 ; m. Dec. 25, 1894, 

Mollie May Romshe. 

4093. 11. William Henry": b. Feb. n, 1872. 

4094. HI. Bessie Mildred Levering": b. Dec. 10, 1880. 

4095. IV. Kitty Lillian Fmmons": b. Mch. 3, 1890. 

All were born at Wapakoneta, Ohio. 

Children of (1861) Charles A.' and Mary L. (Harper) Metheany. 

4096. 1. Mary Esther": b. Jan. 22, i860; m. Dec. 13, 1882, to 

Ira R. Longvvorth. (6640) 

4097. II. Charles Francis": b. Sep. 15, 1861 ; m. Apl., 1893, 

Ida Morton, of Piqua, O. 

4098. 111. George Harper": b. Au,i^. 15, 1869. 

4099. IV. Allen Levering": b. July 21, 1872. 


Children of ( Io62 ) John M. and Mary A. (Harper) Metheany. 

4100. I. Fanny l,EVERIN(i": h. Ma\- 29, 1862; m. Oct. is. 1884, 

to Mari'Mi F. (Jii;iint:in<:e. (6643) 

4101. II. FuGAk Milton": b. .\i>\-. 1, 1863; m. Dec. 5, 1887, 

Julia Hn\ c'\ . 

Children of ( 1863 ) Emma E.~ ( Metheany » and Charles A. Lynch. 

4102. I. MaR^ FSTHER": b: St-p. 6, 1864; m. Oct. 18, 1886, to 

Isaac HJwin Awry, nf Lima, O. (6645) 

4103. II. Clara Metheany": b. Jul\- 20, 1866; m. Oct. 25, 1891, 

to Dr. Albert Wesle\- Kahle. Res. Lima, O. (6647) 

4104. III. Charles Fdwin": b. Apl. 2j, 1869; m. Oct., 1893, 

Olivf Fierron, nf Amelia, O. Res. Lima, O. (6648) 

Children of ( 1865) Mary S/ (Metheany) and Col. L T. Moore. 

4105. I. Stella Annette": b. June 16, 1866; m. Apl. 8, 1885, to 

(Charles F. Price. Res. Lima, O. (6649) 

410C. II. Harry Metheany": b. Now 20, 1868, at Lima, O. 

4107. ill. INA Selene": b. Now 21, 1871 ; m. Sep. s, 1890, to 
Frederick B. Alerter. Res. Lima, O. (6650) 

l\'. Nl-LLIE HSTflER": b. Jul\- 9, 1874; J. June 6, 1878. 

\. ROLLIE Clieford": b. ApL s. 1877 ; iL Ma\- 22, 1878. 

\l. Llizabeth": ) 

41 10 

l\ June 17, 1879, at Lima, O. 
\ II. Harriet": J 

\ III. Helen Baxter": b. Jan. 22, 1884, at Lima, O. 

Child of ( 1866 I Albert M. and ( i062) Anna (Levering) Metheany. 
411:;. I. LIDAE AlGliSTA": b. Feb. i8, 1871; d. N(.\ . 15, 1876. 

Child of Same and Florence I Marvin I, 2d wife. 
4114. II. ALDON MaRXIN": b. AuLi. 7. 188c;, at Gallon, O. 


Child of (1867) Annetta E/ (Metheany ) and John H. Osborn. 

4115. I. Laura Estelle": b. Mch. n, 1885, at (jardner, Kan. 

Children of (1869) Eldon Leveringf' and Louise (Walken) Metheany. 

4116. 1. Harry Milton": b. Sep. i6, 1881 ; d. June 10, 1883. 

41 17. 11. Eldon Rolliston'': b. Apl. 8, 1883, at Cadillac, Midi. 

4118. 111. Bessie Rachel'-': b. Nov. 13, 1888, at Cadillac, Mich. 

Children of (I87I ) Richard R/ and Elizabeth (Bradford) Metheany. 

4119. 1. Benjamin Bradford": b. Aug. u, 1876. Res. Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 

4120. 11. Richard Rolliston *•: b. Sep. 7, 1879. Res. Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 

4121. ill. Helen Levering": b. Jan. 8, 1881. Res. Grand Rap- 

ids, Mich. 

4122. IV. JOHN Milton": b. Aug. u, 1885. Res. Grand Rapids, 


Children of (1872) Ada L.' (Metheany) and Ursinos M. Shappell. 

4123. 1. Harold Metheany": b. Dec. 22, 1884, in Allen Co., O. 

4124. II. George Levering": b. July 5, 1886, in Allen Co., O. 

4125. 111. Richard Avery": b. Oct. 10, 1890, in Allen Co., O. 

4126. IV. Frederick BOWSHER": b. July, 1893, in Allen Co., O. 

Children of (1873) Esther M.** (Levering) and Hiram Cray ton, 



I. Herbert E.": b. May i, 1865; m. July 4, 1887, Rose 

Fleming. (6651) 

II. Walter M.": b. Sep. 3, 1867; d. Dec. 11, 1889. 

III. EDITH G.": b. Feb. 28, 1870. 

IV. Harry W.": | 

I b. Dec. 7, 1879. 

V. Hallie W.": i 

VI. Clarence L.": b. June 7, 1888. 

Reside Granville, Bradford Co., Pa. 




Children of ( 1 374) Maurice M." and Sarah (Bradley) Levering. 

41 v.. 1. C:ARklE Way": h. Sep. 7, 1866; d. Jan. 27, 1870, at Bath. 
iN. Y. 

4154. 11. IJZZIE Marion": b. June 27, 1869; m. Feb. 20, 1890, to 
William Moriiaii, of Sayre, Penna., where they !i\e. No 

41 ^^• 

41 V~- 
41 ^8. 



Children of ( 1875) Mary J.' (Levering) and Guy Talada. 

. 1. Charles H.": b. Now 28, 1869; m. Sep. 16, 1891, Axis 
W. Hawkin. Res. Sayre, Pa. (6652) 

II. Sarah t:.": b. Nov. 25, 1871 ; m. D^c. 21, 1889, to John 
Cjroatz. Res. Athens. Pa. He was killed on Alio;. 6, 
1895, by tall from R. R. train. (665^) 

III. Fred. F.'': b. Mch. 26, 1874; m. Aug. 5, 1892, Catha- 
rine Drake. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1\. Maud": 1 

[ andd. Oct. 29, 1876. at Athens, 

[ b. Oct. 28 I ^''^' 

V. MERTIE": I andd. Oct. 28, 1876, at Athens. 

J I Pa. 

VI. LfRoy G.": b. June 27, 1881. at Athens, Pa. 

VII. Ida B.": b. Nov. 28, 188^, at Athens, Pa. 

Children of ( t876) Charles S/ and Emma (Pratt) Levering. 

4142. I. EmmaL.": b. IJ^:^L. 16, 1871 ; m. Jul>- 4. 1889, to J )hn 
Hatlett. of Granville, Pa. 

414^ 11. JENMI-: A.": b. June, 1874. 

Children of same and H.innah (Williams), 2d wife. 

4144. 111. 1:THHL": b. Jan. ^o. 1882. 

414;. 1\. FLI/ABi-.TH": b. Api. 28, 1884. 

4146. \ . CHARLES Henry": b. and d. Aug. 4, 1886. 

4147. \ 1. Blanche'': b. Mch. 21, and d. Apl. 21, 1889. 

4148. \ii. Spencer C': b. Apl. 27, 1891. 

Reside at Joliel, 111. 


Children of (1878) Annabella' (Levering) and Joel L. Porter. 

4149. I. Carrie B.": h. Jan. 31, 1871 ; 111. Mch. 22, 1888, to 

Frank Packard. Res. Rallston, Pa. (6654) 

4150. II. WiLLARD M.'-': b. Feb. 23, 1873. 

4151. III. MOLLIS J.": b. Jan. 27, 1875. 

4152. IV. AMY G.": b. June 8, 1878.' 

4153. V. Floyd": b. May 21, and d. May 28, 1881. 

Reside at Granville, Penna. 

Children of ( 1879) Ida C/ (Levering) and Stephen Vought. 

41 54. I. Almeda a.": b. Jan 4, 1888, at Waverly, N. Y. 

4155. 11. Helen F.'': b. Jan. 28, 1893, at Waverly, N. Y., where 

she d. Aug. 26, 1895. 

Children of (1880) Horatio G.'' and Alice (Gillespie) Levering. 

4156. I. Harry E.": b. Apl. 9, 1886, at Sayre, Penna. 

4157. II. Bessie": b. Apl. 4, andd. May 4, 1891, at Sayre, Penna, 

4158. III. Mary Belle": b. Feb. 9, 1893, at Sayre, Penna. 

Child of (J88I) Wharton W.' and Sarah (McNulty) Levering. 

4159. I. Mary E.": b. Feb. 17, 1893, at Cleveland, O. 

Children of (1882) Robert M."* and (2640) Ella (Hinkle) Levering. 

4160. I. Maime Russell": b. Oct. 7, 1879, at Roxb., Philad. 

4161. II. Elsie Hinkle": b. Jan. 5, 1881, at Roxb., Philad. 

4162. III. Helen Maulsby": b. Sep. 20, 1884; d. Sep. n, 1885; 

b. Lev. Cem. 


Children of ( ISS3i Esther M/ (Wegener) and John N.Johnson. 
4163. I. Aaron": h. Aujj;. 3 :inJ d. Au^£. 4, 1859, in Lane Co., 

4164.. II. h:i)GAR JOHN": b. June 25, i860; uniiul. Res., Dexter, 
( )ieL'<'n. 

4165. III. Hannah JEANETTA"': b. Nov. 12, 1862; unmd. Res., 

iJe.xter, Ore. 

4166. I\. Hlizabeth CaRDILIA": b. Mch. 7, 1865; m. Au^:. 23, 

1885. to Horace GreelN' Fitch. Res., Grant's Pass, Ore. 


4167. \'. William Thomas": b. June u, 1868; d. Sep. 29, 1882, 

in Lane Co., Ore. 

4168. \ I. ROZELLA HSTHER": b. Mch. 25, 1871 ; m. Nov. 27, 1889, 

to Geor;^e F. Ritchie. Res., Camp Creek, Ore. 

4169. \'ll. Philip AUGUSTUS": b. Oct. 2, 1874. Res., Lane Co., 


4170. \Iir. Mary IlENA": b. May 20, 1878; J. Feb. 16, 1881. 

4171. l.\. ALBERT V": b. Oct. 17, 1882. 

All were born in Lane County, Oregon. 

Children of ( 1884) Philip Aug." and Jessie (Miner) Wegner. 

4172. L HdvviN Cecil": b. Aug. 28, 1876, in Lane Co., Oregon. 

4173. II. REETA": b. Jan. 24, 1878, in Lane Co., Oregon. 

4174. 111. Reuben Miner": b. May 7, 1885, in Lane Co., Oregon. 

Children of (I8S7) Ilena M.^ (Williams) and George W. Whitbeck. 

4173. 1. iRA AUGUSTUS": b. Dec. 6, 1870; d. Mch. 6, 187 1, in 
Lane Co., Oregon. 

4176. 11. Robert Otis": b. May 25, 1872. Res., Ihe Dalles, 


4177. 111. Llsih Li-tie ": b. Jul)- 18, 1874. 

4178. 1\. HLLa \ ISTa": b. June 18, 1876. 

4179. \. Lily Myrtle": b. Mch. 17, 1879. 


4180. V'l. Ruby ANNA": b. Feb. 5, 1881. 

4181. VII. Katie Orville'-': b. Apl. 9, 1884. 

4182. VIII. Myran ESTELLUS": b. Aug. 29, 1887. 

4183. IX. Earl Wayne": b. Mch. 26, 1890. 

All were born in Lane Co., Oregon. 

Children of (1858) Charles Levering' and Ella (Addington) 


4184. I. Barnie Ellis": b. June 21, 1881, in Lane Co., Ore. 

4185. II. PRANKIE": b. April ij 1884, in Lane Co., Ore. ; d. Dec. 

28, 1888, at Silver Lake. Ore. 

4186. III. OpalChristelle": b. July 25, 1886, in Lane Co., Ore.; 

d. Dec. 26, 1888, at Silver Lake, Ore. 

4187. IV. Charles Henry": b. April i, 1889, at Silver Lake, Ore. 

Children of (1889) William' and Bertha (Parvin) Williams. 

4188. I. Mabel Victoria": b. July 19, 1882. 

4189. II. Bertha Selena": b. April 12, 1884. 

Children of same and Idress (Parvin), 2d wife. 

4190. III. Alta Laurel": b. Nov. 13, 1890. 

4191'. IV. Carlton": b. May 8, 1892. 

All were born in Lane Co., Oregon. 

Child of ( 1890) Effie' (Williams) and William H. Fenton. 

4192. 1. Trevis": b. Nov. 6, 1887, at Eugene, Oregon. 

Children of (1893) Dr. Charles K.** and Nancy (Cox) Leveringf. 

4193. I. IdaE.": b. Nov. 15, 1877. 

4194. II. William E.": b. Jan. 20, 1880. 

4195. 111. DORA P.": b. Mch. 12, and d. June 15, 1882. 

4196. IV. Charles S.": b. Nov. 16, 1885. 

4197. V. ANNAE.;': b. Jan. 22, 1888. 

4198. VI. DORRIN": b. Dec. 30, 1890. 

AH were born at Burlington, Kansas. 

454 THE Li:\lIklNG FAMILY. 

Children of ( 15'^4 ) Ida G. < Levering:) and Augustus F. Shotwell. 

4199. 1. ( iKORGli Lb\HRIN(j": b. April 14, 188^, in Kansas. 

4200. II. Chcii. C": b. DfL. 22, 18S4. in Kansas. 

Children of ( 1900) Esther E/ (Levering: I and Thomas E. Downing:. 

4201. \. Carrie ^\^■PTLE'■': b. Juiu' 29, 1876, at Willdw \'alle\', 


4202. II. VVlNNIH \\A>": b. Si'p. 2T, 1878, at Burlinoton, Ks. 
420^. 111. ALBERT ALONZO': b, Mch. 1 1 , 1879, at Burliniitnn, Ks. 

4204. IV. Charles Fremont": b. Jan. 20, 1882, at Willi>\\ \al- 

ley, Ks. 

4205. V. Nellie'-': b. Jul\- 14, 1888, at Hamilton, Ks. 

Children of ( 1903 ) Minnie J/ (Levering) and Joseph M. Gordon. 

420C). 1. ( iEORGE Walter": b. May 30 and d. Dec. i. 1887, at 
Hamilton, Ks. 

4207. II. .Way Violet'': b. Ma\' 5, 1889, at Hamilton, Ks. 

4208. III. Hugh Leslie": b. Auu. 13, 1891, at Hamilton, Ks. 

Children of ( 1906) James' and ( ) Kirk. 

42a). 1. James William ": b. June 8, 1828; m. Annie K. Blank, 
who was b, Ma\- ii, 1832, and d. Mch. 11, 1857. Hi' J. 
Oct. 3, 1857. They lived, died and are buried in Cier- 
mantown, Pbilad. 

4210. II. Sallie'-': b. Junr 2^, 18^0; m. in i860 to James Linton, 

and d. Jul\- 2S, 1861. No chn. 

Child of ( I9I9) Charles A.' and (J928) Mary (Keyser) Keyser. 

421 1. I. Alverda": b. [J^^:. 28, 1866. 


Children of ( 1920) Elizabeth Keyser' (Hussey) and Edward Crow. 

4212. 1. Sarah Hussey'': b. Apl. 30, 1829, in Bait.; m. Jan. 6, 
1849, to William S. Paradise, a merchant of New Or- 
leans, who d. May 22, 1850, while traveling on the Mis- 
sissippi river, and was buried at Louisville, Ky. She m. 
2d, Sep. 14, 1854, Dr. Henry M. Bullitt of Louisville, 
founder of, and professor in the Kentucky. School of Medi- 
cine, and was the first Health Officer of that city. He d. 
Feb. 5. 1880. (6659) 

42n. 11. Ldward'-': b. Oct. 24, 1830; d. June 19, 1849, at St. 
Louis, Mo. He was the eighth of his name ; the eldest 
son of the eldest son. 

4214. 111. Edith Hussey": b. Dec. 30, 1832; d. July 20, 1833. 

4215. IV. Elizabeth": ) ( d. May n, 1834. 

^b. Mav 8, 1834; \ 

4216. V. Jane-': i ' ( d. Sep. 8, 1834. 

4217. VI. Hannah Maria'': b. Mch. 28, 1836; m. Sep. 2, 1861, to 

(4220) Charles Ephraim" Robins. 

4218. VIL Mary Elizabeth": b. Dec. 17, 1837; m. James M. 

Bodine, M. D., a distinguished physician, who is, and 
has been for more than a quarter of a century. Dean of 
the University of Louisville. (6672) 

4219. VllL Matilda H.": b. Jan. n, 1840; m. Thomas Great- 

hous Wilson of Louisiana. Res. Louisville. (6673) 

Except the first, the above were horn in the city of 
Louisville, and those deceased are buried in Cave Hill 
Cem. at that City. 

Children of (1921) Jane *" (Hussey) and Ephraim Robins. 

4220. L Charles Ephraim': b. Dec. 5, 1832, at Cincinnati; m. 

Sep. 2, 1 86 1, Hannah Maria Crow, the second dau. of 
Edward and (1920) Elizabeth** Crow, at Weston, Mo. 
They removed soon after to Louisville, Ky., where they 
resided, and where he d. Apl. 5, 1893. Was b. in Wood- 
lawn Cem. at Zanesville, O. (6665) 

4221. II. Sarah Elizabeth'': b. in 1836, at Cincinnati; d. Linmd. 

4222. III. Cornelia Jane'': b. in 1838, at Cincinnati ; d. unmd. 

456 THli ia-:Vl£RING FAMILY 

Children of ( 1^22 i Hannah Saxton' (Hussey ) and Isaac Dillon. 

4223. 1. ASAHHL HUSSBV": h. Oct. 9, 1828; J. May 25, i8c;i. at 

Hast Oran<j;c, N. .1. 

4224. 11. KoHLRr Fulton': b. Apl. 20, 1830; d. Nov. 21, 1851, 

at Baltimore. 

422;. 111. CHARLRS ClODDARD": h. Aug. 31. 1831; m. O.'t. 28, 
i8s4, Sarah N. Foster, at Iowa Citv, Iowa, who d. there, 
Dec. 19. 1863. He 111. 2d, Apl 5, i86t, Flizabeth C. 
.Adams, of Zanesville, Ohio, where thev reside. 


422O. IV. FdwaRD Crow'-': b. and d. in 1832. 

Children of (1924) Derick "W/ and Laura (McComas) Keyser. 

4227. 1. Mar^ FlizabETH": b. Nov. 24, 1844; ni. Dec. 19, 1867, 

to Theodore Cla\'ton (6682). 

4228. 11. Fllln FORT": b. Sep. 27, 1849. IJnmd. 

The\' reside at Baltimore. 

Children of (1926) Keturah B." (Keyser) and John Tileston Fracker. 

4229. IV. FLIZABLIH KEYSLR": b. Apl. 18, 1842 ; m. Oct. 26, 1865, 
to David A. Chambers. Res. Washington, D. C. 


42^0. 11. khturah Benson": b. Sep. 19, 1843; m. Now 2, 1880, 
to James S. Wheeler. Res. Zanesville, O. (6689) 

42;i. 111. Harry F.': b. Nov. 8, 1846; m. Mch. 2, 1883, kibble 
C. Miller. Res. San Antonio, Texas. He d. Feb. 24. 
1897, ''t Zanesxille, Ohio, while on visit to attend his 
mother's funeral. (6690) 

4232. 1\. Sarah Kauitaun": b. Jan. 3, 1848; m. Apl. 29, 1884, 
to Paul .Arnold, who d. Aug., 1888. Mrs. A. resides in 
Washington, D. C. No chn. 

42^^. V. JOHN I'lLESTON'': b. Feb. 24, 1850 ; m. Sep. 19, 1876, 
Emma Gibson. He d. May 27, 1890, at Zanesville, O. 





VI. Frank Fayette": b. June 16, 1852; m. Nov. 2, 1878, 
Frances Linton, who d. Julv 26, 1893, at Zanesville, O. 


d. Aug. 31, 1859. 




VU. Charles Derick 

VIII. Laura Keyser': 

IX. Mary Keyser'': 

X. Anna Hildreth": 

m. Dec. I, 1883, to 
h. Aug. 16, , John W. Macart- 
1859; ' ney. Res. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


funmd. Res. Zanes- 
b. Apl. 13, J ville, O. 
1862. ] 

[ d. July 24, 1862. 

All weif born at Zanesville, Ohio. 

Children of (1931) Anna S.^ (Keyser) and James R. Edmunds. 

4239. I. Mary K.'': h. Oct. 18, 1874. 

4240. II. Charles K.'': b. Sept. 21, 1876. 

4241. III. Anna S.': b. Jan. 9, 1878. 

4242. IV. Grace C": b. Sept. 3, 1879. 

4243. V. Helen-': b. Oct. 14, 1882. 

4244. VI. James R.": b. Apl. i, 1890. 

All b(^rn and reside in Baltimore, Md. 

Children of (1934) Charles Maris ^ and Julia (Poulson) Keyser. 

4245. I. Hannah Louise": b. Feb. 17 and d. Aug. 26, 1882. 

4246. II. Charles Maris'': b. Oct. 29, 1884. 

Child of (1935) Dr. Newberry, A. S." and Louise (Altvater) Keyser. 

4247. I. Allen DIRCK'': b. Mch. 16, 1891, in Harford Co., Md. 

Children of (1936) Grace G." (Keyser) and Frank E. Mclntire. 

4248. I. Margaret": b. Oct. 28, 1889, in Philad. 

4249. 11. Wilson K.": b. Jan. 28, 1892, in Philad. 

4SH IHH l.l-.\r.RING FA.MIL^'. 

Child of ( 1937 ) Elizabeth C (Keyser) and Martin L. Fink. 

4250. I. JaMI£S KI:VSI-:r": \\ HVh. JO, 1S57; m. Mch. 15, 1881, 
Francos M. Toiu 1. (6704) 

Hlizalvtli' luui 11" chiktieii by her 2d husband, WaldLMi 

Children of (1940) William Wilson' and Alice (Walker) Keyser. 

42s 1. 1. Alick": b. April 21, 1865 ; m. Dec. :; i , 1S90, to Edward 
M. Harnest, of Arcadia, Fla. 

42S2. II. 1:LLA": b. Now 25, 1S69, in Bait. 

4215^. III. MAR^■ Elizabeth": b. Jli1\- 29, 1871, in Bait. 

42";4. 1\. HiJZABETH Walker": b. Oct. 21, 1874, in Bait. 

42:^^. \'. Helen Linthicum'': b. Aujj;. 21, 1880, in Bait. 

Children of (I94I) Sarah H.' (Keyser) and John C. Hay. 

4256. 1. ROXANa'-': b. Jul\- 21. 1S60; ni. Nov. 24, 1880. to S. 

Clifford Mansfield. (6708) 

4257. 11. CiEORCiE Keyser": b. May 26, 1862; d. Jul>- 26, iso^ 

4258. III. HlEANOR": b. Ma\- S, 1864; m. Oct. 15, 1890. t(» 

Thomas L. Kin^;. (6710) 

4259. IV. Sarah Hlizabeth": b. Auji. 12, 1866; m. Jan. 14, 

1885, to Cieoriie R. Beinan. (6712) 

4260. V. JOHN Carroll": b. Sep. 21. 1868; d. Mch. 10, 1870. 

4261. VI. \Vll,LlAA\ l:L)\\ARl)": b. Sep. 7, 1870. 

4262. \ll. \\AU\ l.OLMSE": b. Auu. <S, 1872; d. Apl. 18, 1S74. 

Children of (1942) Keturah B/ (Keyser) and Edwin Walker. 

426^. 1. Charles Wagner": b. Nov. 29, 1863; m. Di^c. 3, 1883, 
Cornelia W. Dobles. 

4264. II. FDWIN": b. Au<i. 4, iSOC); d. Oct. 11, 1883. 

426v HI. Sarah Hay": b. Sep. 8, 1868. 

4266. IV. J(~)SHl'A": b. Jul\- 21. 1871. 

42O7. \. WILLIA.M Keyser": b. Oct. 6, 187^; d. July 31, 1874. 


4268. VI. JOHN Carrol": h. Sep. 29, 1875; d. Nov. 30, 1889. 

4269. VI 1. Kate Keyser'': b. Oct. 10, 1877. 

4270. Vlii. Eugene Levering": b. July 9, and d. July 14, 1879. 

Children of (1943) James Robert' and Louisa (King) Keyser, 




L William Robert": b. Mch. i, 1872. 
11. Lucy King": b. Feb. 24, 1874. 
ill. Barry King": b. June 12, 1876. 

IV. ANNIE Ruth": b. .4ug. 24, 1877. 

V. Hleanor Cecelia": b. Dec. 19, 1879. 

Children of (1946) Richard Fuller' and Virginia (Raborg:) Keyser. 

4276. 1. ROBERT Levering": b. Dec. u, 1884. 

4277. II. Helen Virginia": b. July 10, 1887. 

4278. 111. HORTENSE": b. June 15, 1891. 

Children of (J950) Benjamin B/ and Susanna (Mustin) Lehman. 

4279. 1. Mary BRINGHURST": b. Aug. 24, 1840. Unmd. Res. 

Lebanon, Pa. 

4280. 11. Gertrude": b. Dec. n, 1841. Unmd. Res. Leba- 

non, Pa. 

4281. III. Maria Mustin": b. Sep. 26, 1843; d. Feb. 5, 1851. 

4282. IV. Alice Howard": b. Mch. 26, 1845; 't^- J^^n- i. 1878, 

to Andrew J. Schindel. (6715) 

4283. V. EBEN Mustin": b. Nov. 29, 1846; m. Dec. 31, 1878, 

Minnie Stillman, who d. Sep. 11, 1882. He m. 2d July 
22, 1885, Cora C. Lacy. (6716) 

4284. VI. William": b. Dec. 9, 1848; d. Feb. 15, 1851. 

4285. VIL Ambrose Edwin": b. May 23, 1851; m. Feb. 5, 1880. 

Sallie V. MauU, who d. Apl. 12, 1888. (6720) 

He m. 2d Jan. 28, 1892, Emilie Y. Koehler. Res. 

4286. VIII. Charles Augustus^: b. Apl. 15, 1853. Unmd. 


4287. IX. EUGENH BRINGHL'RST": b. Mch. 12, 1855; m. Sep. 8, 

1880. Tani/in II. Cnok. (6723) 

4288. .\. (GEORGE MUSTIN": b. May 13, 1863; m. Nov. 12, 1891, 

Corinnic- M. Stockton. (6726) 

Children of 1 1''52 i Samuel B/ and Elizabeth (Goodman) Lehman. 

428LJ. 1. IIunrieha": b. Au-. iS, 1852; m. Feb. 21, 1884, to John 
Tabele Brown, a Philad. merchant. They reside at 
Chestnut Hill. (6727) 

4290. II. 1-LORENCE v.": b. Nov. 30, 1853; d- l^t-C. 19, i860. 

4291. 111. IaKIISE H.'': b. July 19, 1859; d. Mch. 21, 1871. 

4292. 1\ . HVELEEN'-*: b. No\-. 3, 1861 ; d. Oct. 8, 1863. 

4293. \. William (}.": b. Aug. 12, 1863; m. Dec. 15, 1892, 

Hlizabvth B. Duxitt. Res. Philad. 

4294. \1. HENRY A.": b. Jul\' 28, 1865. IJnind. 

4295. \ll. HRNEST W.": b. June 15, 1868. Unmd. Res. Pitts- 

burg, Pa. 

All were born at Lebanon, Pa. 

Child of (1951) Edwin W/ and Elizabeth (Troutman) Lehman. 

4296. I. Hamly": b. Nov. 10. 1849, in Philad. 

Children of (1956) Mary A.~ (Lehman) and Hyman L. Lipman. 

4297. I. aIaRY LEHiWAN": b. Dec. 30, 1849; m. Oct. 15, 1841, to 

William Watvrall. Res. Philad. (67^1) 

4298. 11. LEWIS Howard": b. Oct. 15, 1851 ; unmd. Res. Philad. 

4299. 111. ANNA f:LlZABETIl : b. April 18. 1855; unmd. Res. 


Children of < J957) Luisa E.' (Lehman) and James Maull, Jr. 

4:500. 1. Mary L.'': b. April 20, 1847; m. June 2, 1879, to William 
C. Pritchett. 

4:501. II. Sallie Virginia'-': b. June 5, 1853; m. Feb. 5, 1880, to 
Ambrose F. Lehman. She d. April 12, 1888. 

4:502. 111. Ja.mLS Lehman'-': b. Aug. 15, 1863; m. .lan. 2, 1889, 
Millicent Anne Howell. (6732) 


Children of ( 1959) Hannah** (Lehman) and Stephen Benton. 

4303. 1. Mary'-': b. about 1861 ; in. in 1888, to Henry Morris, of 
Chestnut Hill, Philad. No. chn. 

4304.- 11. Katie'': b. about 1862 ; d. aged 2 years and 5 mos. 

4305. 111. Bessie'-': b. about 1863; unmd. Res. with her mother 

in Germantown. 

Child of (J969) Benjamin L.' and Margaret (Maull) Langstroth. 

4306. 1. James HEIDEL": b. June 16, 1852; d. July 17, 1873. 

Children of (I96I ) Elizabeth' ( Langstroth ) and Fortunato Joaquim 


4307. 1. ANNA Joaquim'-': b. April 10, 1852, in Philad.; m. April 

27, 1869, in Madeira, to Antonio Julio Santa Martha, Vis- 
count da Andaluz, native of Portugal. Resides at Santa- 
rem, Portugal. (6733) 

4308. 11. Elizabeth Langstroth'-': b. June 27, 1855, in Philad.; 

m. Nov. 29, 1879, in Madeira, to Nuno Ferreira Jardin, a 
native of Madeira, b. Jan. 27, 185 1. Res. in Funchal, 
Madeira. (6737) 

Nuno F. Jardin's parents were Portugese ; his maternal 
grandmother was of the family of Scotts, of Scinton, in 
Scotland, and related to Sir Walter Scott. The Jardins 
are an ancient family of Madeira, " Morgados." 

Children of (1962) James Fassett' and Harriet ( Ashmead) 


4309. 1. Theodore Ashmead": b. Sept. 23, 1849; m. July 25, 

1873, Kate M. Souder, of Philad. Res. Germantown. 


4310. II. Eliza L.'': b. Nov. 2, 1850; d. Oct. 31, 1858. 

4311. ill. ANNAB.'-': b. Mch. 3, 1852; d. June i, 1857. 

4312. IV. Ella M.": b. Nov. 28, 1854; m. Oct. 26, 1876, to 

Charles M. Taylor, of Philad. No. chn. 

462 THl- I.HVKRING FAA\il.V. 

Children of ( \^bZ) Hannah J.' iLangstroth) and Francis A. Drexel. 

4^M. I. Elizabrtii LaNGSTROTH": b. Aug. 27, 1855, in Philad.; 
in. Hon. Walter (jcdr^ie Smith, of that city, wiiere she d. 
Sep. 26, 1890. Mo chn. 

4">i4. II. Catharine M.'': b. Nov. 26, 1858; unmd. Res. Philad. 
Her devotion and genei'Osit\- to her church are of world 
wide recognition. See biog. 

Children of ( 1^64 ) Katharine Prances'* (Keyser) and William Henry 


4^1 S. I- William Henry, Jr." (M. D.) : b. May 28, 1844; m. May 
28, 187^. Annie M. Linn. Res. Philad. (6745) 

4^16. II. Frldlrick Rodman": b. Sep. u, 1847; m. Oct. 17, 
1876. Elizabeth Todd Ashby. Res. Washington, D. C. 


4^17. III. h.WIL^ Frances": b. Jan. 13, 1856; unmd. 

4:11s. IV. Bertha": b. Mcb. 18, 1859; m. Dec. 15, 1888, to Henry 
Lee Tatnal. She d. July 2, 1892, at Wilmington, Del. 
Left no chn. 

Child of (J965) Georg:e Fox' and Mary (Kimmey) Keyser. 

43 K). I. Kate Fox": b. Oct. 7, 185 1 ; m. Oct. 6, 1875, Dr. Cicero 
Brodhead, who d. Feb. 7, 1884. (6750) 

Children of ( 1968) Sally Ann' (Keyser) and John R. Savage. 

4320. 1. JeaNNETTE": b. Aug 10, 18^6; m. to Robert Levick. 

Res. Frank-ford, i^hilad. 

4321. II. MahloN Levis": b. Feb. 7. i860; m. Maude Garsed. 

Res. Frankford, Philad. 

4322. III. Kate Wallace": b. Mcb. 22, 1864; unmd. Res. 

Frankford, Philad. 

4323. I\. John Richard": b. Apl. 17, 1869; unmd. Res. Port- 

land, Ore. 


Children of (1969) Harry' and Isabel (Ross) Keyser. 

4324. 1. HARRY Ross'': b. Dec. 30, 1863; d. July 23, 1864. 

4^25. 11. Rebecca Glenn'': b. Feb. 21, 1866; m. Oct. 12, 1892, 
to Rev. Craig B. Cross. Res. Lebanon, Pa. 

4326. 111. Elhanan Winchester': h. Oct. 27, 1867. Res. with 

parents near Bridgeton, York Co., Pa. 

4^27. IV. Katharine Wallace'': b. June 23, 1872. Res. with 
parents near Bridgeton, York Co., Pa. 

Children of (J 970) Benjamin Urner** and Esther (Todd) Keyser. 

4328. 1. William Balch Todd'': b. Sep. 7, 1862; m. Oct. 25, 

1892, Harriet A. Murphy. Res. New York City. 

4329. 11. ElhanaN W.'-': b. May 14, 1864. 

4^^o. 111. John Richard Savage'': b. Nov. 3, 1867; d. Sep. 19, 

4331. IV. Elizabeth Irving": ] 

\ b. Aug. 25, 1870. 

4332. V. Benjamin Urner": ) 

4333. VI. Gertrude Alice": b. Nov. 20, 1876. 

Children of ( '72) Sarah Elizabeth' (Keyser) and John D. 


4334. I. Maria 1--..',YSER": b. Apl. 21, 1843; m. Jan. 27, 1870, to 
Edward A. Landell. (6752) 

43^5. 11. Adelaii i-: B.'-': b. Oct. 26, 1844; d. June 30, 1886; 


4336. 111. Kath., NE": b. Apl. 2, 1847; in. July i, 1884, to C. 

Henr;,, IsOney. 

4337. IV. Sallu Geyer": b. Oct. 2, 1849. 

464 Tin: LLi\i:UlNCi FAMILY. 

Children of ( J'??-! ) Peter Aug^/ and Martha (Thomas) Keyser. 

4:?^S. 1. SALLIli (il£Yl£r-?'-': b. May 23, 1849; d. July 18, 1850; b. 
at Dunkard Church ^|■<)unds, Germantown. 

4339. II. iNATHAN LliVLRlNd": b. Nov. 27, 1850; m. Apl. 5, 1893, 

Marv Josephine McFillin. Res. Philad. 

4340. 111. ANNA Louisa'': b. Mch. 23, 1868; m. Mch. 14, 1892,10 

MarL-ellus E. Mc-Dowell, nf Philad. (67S4) 

Children of ( 1975) John Geyer' and Mary (Haines) Keyser. 

4:^41. 1. William GEYLP": b. Au.ii;. 6. t8s9; ni. Apl. 30, 1883, to 
hlla Ralison. He d. Nov. 19, 1887. No chn. 

4342. 11. John GL^LR": b. JuU- 3, 1864; m. Jan. 9, 1886. to 
Caroline Louisa Musso. Res. Philad. (675 S) 

434^. 111. Nathan LLVERING'': b. June 10, 1869; m. Nov. 17, 
1891. Minnie K. Kohler. Res. Philad. (6756) 

Child of (1976) Katharine C/ (Keyser) and Thomas R. Alexander. 

4344. I. TllOAUS A.": b. June 2, 1862; m. Oct. 2, 1890, Juliette 
Lo\e, of Meridian, Miss. (6757) 

Children of (J 979) Henry Clay' and Maria (Harley ) Urner. 

434s. I. ElOISE Stettinius": b. Nov. 6, 1874, at Cincinnati. G. 

4346. II. llLNR^": b. Oct. 2S, 1876, at Cincinnati, O. 

4347. HI. Martha Harley": b. Oct. 7, 1879, at Cincinnati, O. 

Children of ( 19S0) Benjamin' and Abby S. (Arnold) Urner. 

4348. 1. LLIZABETH Keyser'-': b. June II, 1853; d. June 19, 18^5. 

4349. 11. (iLORGL Pl-:Ti-:R": b. May 16, 1856; m. Jan. 5, 1892, 

Lois Gibbons. Res. Bi^ Timber, Park Co., Montana. 

4350. 111. Frank Gordon'': b. Sep. 30, 1858; m. Jan. 14, 1880, 

Clara Ca\an Doe. Res. Elizabeth, N. J. (6758) 


43c;i- IV. Benjamin, Jr.'-': b. Apl. 23, 1862; unmd. l^resident of 
the Melville Mercantile Company at Melville, Park Co., 

4352. V. Ethel'-': b. Auji. 7, 1865; m. June 8, 1887, to William 

Edwin Gibbs. Res. Fanwood, N. J. (6761) 

4353. \l. Edward Arnold": b. June 28, 1869; unmd. Res. 

Fanwood, N. J. 

Children of (1986) J. Siegfmund' and Anna (Barber) Riehle. 

4354. 1. Ida B.": b. Nov. 28, 1855, at Merchantville, N. J. 

4355. II. Albert SlEGMUND": b. Dec. 12, 1866, at Merchantville, 

N. J. 

Repeated requests failed to elicit further information. 

Child of (1987) Henry' and Mary (Raphun) Riehle. 

4356. I. Edith": b. in Philad.; m. Abraham Cox. Res. Philad. 

Children of (1989) James** and Margaret (Smith) Lynd. 

4357. I. James Frederick": b. Dec. 14, 1853; m. Nov. 14, 1888, 

Anna F. Smedley. (6762) 

4358. 11. Robert Smith": b. May 8, 1856; unmd. Res. Philad. 

4359. 111. Flora": b. Oct. 16, 1858; unmd. Res. Philad. 

4360. IV. Ernest": b. Sep. 22, 1870. 

Children of (1990) Peter Keyser' and Susan (Brown) Lynd. 

4361. 1. Harry KEYSER": b. June 15, 1853; m. Apl. i, 1875,10 

Emma Delia Lynd. Res. Chicago, where he d. in April, 

4362. 11. Laura": b. Oct. 9, 1855; m. Feb. 21, 1878, to Dr. Wm. 

B. Hill, who d. at Weldon, Montg. Co., Pa., Jan., 1883, 
aged 32 years; b. at Hatboro, Pa. Mrs. H. res. Mer- 
chantsville, N. J. (6764) 

4363. 111. Walter": b. Sep. 30, 1859; m. Sep., 1882, to Mamie 

Cott. Res. Omaha, Neb. (6766) 



4364. I\. PETBk Kl:^SHR": b. in 1S61. 

436s. \. Clementini-: KHNSHR': b. Oct. I, 1S63; unmd. Res, 

4366. VI. Ja.MI;s ( i." : h. Nn\ . 1 :;, i.S/o; unmd. Res. Fresno Co., 


Children of ( 1992) Catharine C. (Backus) and Joseph B. Shewell. 

4367. I. Hdith Dudley": b. June 26, 1851 ; m. in 1872 to George 

U. Meigs. Shf J. Mch. i, 1S76. No chn. 

4368. II. Kati- Rodman": b. Jan. 8, 1854; m. June, 1879, to 

James L. Patterson. (6767) 

436(). III. Helen Mary'': b. Apl. 7, 1856; m. Jul\-, 1882. to G. 
William Breck. She d. Apl., 1888. (6770) 

4370. I\ . \LICE'': b. Ma\- 25, 1861 ; m. Ihw, 1887, to Joseph 
Bailew (6771) 

Children of ( 1993) Frederick B.' and Caroline (Moore) Backus. 

4^71. 1. Frederick Rodman"': b. Mch. 3, 1859; d. Apl. 4, 1869. 

4372. 11. Caroline H.": b. in July, and d. in Aug., i860. 

Children of same and Amanda M. (Noble), 2d wife. 

4373. Ml. Charles'-': b. Jul\' n. 1868. 

4374. 1\. Helen'-': b. Dt-c. 25, 1869; d. Mch., 1876. 

4375. V. ADELINE Noble": b. Aug. 31, 1874; d. Mch., 1876. 

4376. VI. Philk^ Rodman": b. Feb. 7, 1877. 

Children of ( i994) Mary E.~ (Backus) and William S. Noble. 

4:;77. I. I'REDERICK CHARLES'': b. (Jet. 25, 1858 ; d. Aug. 26, 
1882 ; unmd. 

4378. 11. AGNES": b. Dec. 8, i8';9; d. Aug. 7, i860. 

4379. 111. William WOODBRIDGE": b. Jul\- lo, 1864; m. June 7, 

1888, Alice Bond Janney. 

4380. 1\. Maid": b. Jan. 9, 1867. 


Child of (J996) Dn Peter Dirck'^ and Sallie (Steiner) Keyser. 

4381. 1. Sallie Steiner'': b. Mch. 27, 1861 ; m. Apl. 26, 1886, to 
Louis Mardenbrough French, of Conn. (6774) 

Children of ( J 998) Marg^arita Y.' (Canedo) and Senor Juan Y. 


4382. 1. Margarita Y.": b. Nov. 5, 1857; unmd. Res. Guada- 

lajara, Mexico. 

4383. 11. Juan Jose": b. Mch. 31, i860; m. June 15, 1885, 

Teresa de la Toba. (6775) 

4384. 111. Arnulfo M.": b. Aug. 15, 1862; unmd. Res. Guada- 

lajara, Mexico. 

4385. IV. Catalina'-': b. Feb. 24, 1865; unmd. Res. Guada- 

lajara, Mexico. 

4386. V. Maria Eugenia": b. Nov. 5, 1867; d. Apl. 18, 1883. 

4387. VI. REGNALDA": b. Mch. 23, 1869; unmd. Res. Guada- 

lajara, Mexico. 

4388. VII. Elena": b. July 6, 1871 ; unmd. Res. Guadalajara, 


Children of (1999) Catharine^ (Canedo) and Samuel S. Bond. 

4389. 1. William Vinton": b. Aug. 31, 1853; m. Alice Saxton 

Goodyear. Res. Wilmington, Del. (6779) 

4390. II. CiPRIANO Canedo": b. in 1855; d. Oct. 10, 1880, in 

the Citv of Mexico. 

4391. 111. Henry Davis": b. about 1858; d. July 10, 1862, in the 

City of Mexico. 

4392. IV. Margarita": b. about i860; d. Feb. 8, 1869, in the 
* City of Mexico. 


468 THI-: 1. i:\HRING FA Win. 

Children of (2004) Emma M/ (Gorgfas) and Daniel Charles 

Elliott Brady. 

4393. 1. CoRNI-LIA": b. Au,-. 28, and d. Oct. 18, 1846. 

43Q4. II. ANNA GKRTRll)!:': b. Jan. ^., 1848 ; unmd. Res. Buffa 
For^e, Va. 

43915. 111. Charles Patrick Angus": b. May 29, 1850; m. June 
I, 1882, Marie Townscnd, of New York City, who was 
born there Jan. 18. 1852. (6783) 

4396. 1\ . Mary": b. Jan. 4, and d. Jan. 8, 1852. 

4397. \. William Wi:avlr': b. D^^c. 28, 1853; d. May 29, 1856. 

4398. \ I. William Wlaver'': b. and d. Au^. 30. 1857. 

4399. \\\. IHOMAS FOREST ": b. and d. LJec. 3, 1858. 

4400. \111. Sarah Elizabeth": b. Dec. 28, 1859; m. June 25, 

1884, to Frank Pierre Lynch, of W. Va. (6785) 

4401. IX. Emma Belle": b. Oct. 17, and d. Oct. 20. 1861. 

4402. X. WiLHELMiNA Weaver" : b. Apl. 17, 1863; m. ApL 30, 

1889, to Charles Shafer Updike. (6788) 

4403. XI. Elliot I'HOMAS": b. Jan. 8, 1865; m. Jan. i, i8i)i, 

Kathleen Vi\ian McNulty, of Dawson, Ga., b. Jan. \^. 
1872. Res. Marion, Smythe Co., Va. (6789) 

4404. XU. CiEORGE": b. Sep. 13, and d. Oct. 27, 1867. 

Child of (2005) Cornelia H/ (Gorgas) and Thomas Forest Fraley. 

440c;. 1. 1,M)IA GORGAS": b. May 29, 1854; d. Jan. 30, 1882; 

Children of '2007) Sarah Keyser' (Gor§:as) and John H. Michener^ 

44CT<). 1. Harry (iORGAS": b. Au^. 1, 1852; m. Nov. 15, 1877, 
Lydia Atherton Middleton. Res. Philad. (6790) 

.4407. 11. FRANK LESLIE": b. Feb. 10, 1854; ni. Mch. 25, 1879, 
Ella Hansel! Bullock. Res. Philad. (6792) 


4408. 111. JOSEPH CiORGAS'': 1 


d. Nov. 20, 1883, 
b. Nov. 28, Linind. 

4409. IV. Nelson Fitzgerald": I '^55-. ' j. Sep. 21, 1879, 

j I unmd. 

4410. V. William Weaver'': b. Nov. 30, 1857; m. Oct. 12, 1892, 

Adelaide Richards, of Erie, Pa. Res. Chicago. 

4411. VI. Charles GORGAS": b. Dec. 17, 1861 ; unmd. 

4412. Vll. John Hanson, Jr.'': b. June 13, 1865; m. Apl. 24, 

1889, Martha Salena Truitt, of Philad., where they 
reside. (6793) 

Children of (2012) Sarah Gorgas' (Dill) and Frederick L. Ballauff. 

44n. 1. Frederick L.'-': b. July 26, 1861. 

4414. II. Adolph Dill": b. Sep. 14, 1863. 

Child of (2014) Adolph, Jr.' and Elizabeth (Weidman) Dill. 

4415. 1. Joseph Murray'': b. Feb. 20, 1872. 

Children of (201 7 ) Charles Keyser ' and Anna M. (Bowman) Bullock. 

4416. 1. LILLIE GORGAS": b. June 16, 1863; m. Dec. i, 1887, to 

Henry Halderman Lentz. 

4417. 11. Anna Matilda'': b. June 16, 1867; d. Feb. 28, 1872. 

4418. 111. Charles Keyser": b. Oct. 18, 1873; ^1- J^''>' i^^. 1874. 

4419. IV. Mabel'': b. Oct. 13, 1875; d. Mar. 13, 1889. 

4420. V. Joseph Gorgas": b. Feb. 4, 1878. 

Child of (2027) Thomas Rolfe' and Ella (DeLany) Clement. 

4421. 1. Thomas Rolfe Levering'': b. Jan. 26, 1894, at Philad. 

470 THI- l.F-\T;PING FAWm'. 

Children of (2030) Wahala^ (Clement) and Albert Fewell. 
4422. 1. ALICH": b. Au^. 11, 1S72. 

44-' > 
44 -M 
44-' ^ 

11. ChaRLHS H.": b. Oct. 7, 1873. 

HI. Nona": b. N'A-. jo, 1874; d. at DeLiirah, Iowa. 

1\ . \Va1.T1-:r": b. .V\a\- 23, 1877. 

V. ALRliRT H.": b. Au.ii. 6, 1879. 

VI. Frkd. H.': b. Jan. ^i, 1881. 

VII. GeORGB ClewENT": b. Feb. 6, 1883. 

.All were bdin at Decorah, Iowa. Now living at (Oak- 
land, 111. 

Child of (2031 ) Joseph Wm.' and Mary (Stewart) Clement. 
442(). I. Cm AISLES W." : b. Feb. 21, 1876. 

Children of (2032) Mary E.' (Clement) and Henry S. Cash. 

4430. I. HVA Ma^ ■■': b. Jan. 9, i88s, at Newman, ill. 

4431. II. Flora ALTHHA": b. Mch. 31, 1890, at Kansas, ill. 

4432. 111. (GERTRUDE' : b. Awj.. 22, 1891, at Kansas, 111. 

Children of (2039) George' and Alice (Peters) Creed. 

44^3- I. Mary Low": b. Sep. 21 and d. Dec. 16, i86s. 
44^. II. Frank Peters": b. Sep. 2, 1866; unmd. 
44^^. 111. ANNE FlJZA": b. No\ . 15, 1871; unmd. 
44U). IV. Fannie": b. Jan. 1^, 1875. 

All were born in Ho\alton. Ohio. 

Child of (2040) Mary Levering' (Creed and Frederick F. Low.) 

4437, 1. Flora Creed": b. Dec. 4, 1858, at Marysville, Cal. Res. 
San Francisco, w ith her mother. 


Children of (2041 ) John M/ and Mary (Sullivan) Creed. 

4438. I. John Joseph'': b. Nov. i, 1872, at San Francisco, Cal. ; 


4439. II. George DOMINICK": h. Auy;. n, 1874, atSan Francisco, 


4440. 111. Ellen Elizabeth'-': b. Oct. 30, 1876, at San Francisco, 


4441. IV. Mary Agnes": b. Jan. 22, and d. Dec. 31, 1878, at San 

Francisco, Cal. 

4442. V, Elizabeth Ann'-': b. July 5, 1879, at Berkley, Cal. 

4443. VI. Charles BOROMEO": b. Mch. n, 1881, at Berkley, 


Children of (2042) Charles H/ and Louisa (Mithoff ) Creed. 






I. Celia Mithoff'-': b. Oct. 29, 1868; unmd. 

II. Mary Low'': b. June 10, 1870; unmd. 

III. Lizzie Clement-': b. Jan. 27, 1873; unmd. 

IV. Anna Mithoff'-': b. Oct. 22, 1874; unmd. 

V. Flora Low'': b. Sep. 22, 1876. 

VI. Louisa Mithoff-': b. Oct. 15, 1878. 

VII. George Mithoff": b. Aug. 13, 1880; d. Feb. 14, 1883. 

VIII. Jennie ": b. Sep. 26, 1882. 

IX. Charles Henry'': b. April 14, 1885. 

All were born at Lancaster, Ohio. 

Child of (2043) Arthur F.' and Louisa (Newman) Pratt. 

4453. 1. Elizabeth": b. Feb. 7, and d. July 8, 1890. Chicago. 

Child of (2045) John R." and Lettie (Westerhaver) Clement. 

4454. 1. Beryl'-': b. about 1873, Columbus, O. 

472 • THt L-hMiklNG l"A.Mm . 

Child of (204b) Mary' (Clement) and Mr. Mays. 
445s. I. William CLK.WKNT": b. about 1883. Columbus, C). 

Children of (20591 Creed P." and Isabel fShermin) Cleiient. 

44 '^^^ 

44 59 

I. IlLLLN 1.": b. Feb. 8, 1879. 

II. MarV: b. Auii. 7, 1881. 

III. John Pail": b. Oct. 2. 1883. 
I\ . Grace I.": b. Sept. 6, 1885. 
\. Way I:.': b. Ma\- is, i8go. 

\'l. ANN": b. Jan. 17, 1893. 

All were born at Quenenio, K:msas. 

Children of (2054) J. Lawrason' and Laura (Pearson) Levering. 

446J. 1. (iRACH": b. Feb. 5 aiiJ d. Feb. 17, 1863. 

446^. II. I.olmsa FLRGUSSON'-': b. Nov. 10, 1866; d. Jan. s, 1867. 

4464. 111. LaL'RA": b. Sept. i. 1868; in. June j6, 1889, to James 
W. (jarnett, of Mantapike, Va., where they reside. Mrs. 
G. is an exceptionalh' intellitient and culd\'at(.'d \\i>man ; 
prominent in iiood works. (6794) 

4 4'^' 5 


Children of same and Lillie (Sweet), 2d wife. 

1\ . I.ILV": died N'ounn. 

\. ClIARLHS WINSLOW": d. \ . 

\l. Ha\1LV FJJZABLTII": b. Auij,. 28, 1875; unmd. 

\ll. Nina (iRAHA.M": b. Meh. 5, 1878; unmd. 

\lll. F:llaNOR SWLET'': b. Oct. 27, 1880. 

I.\. l.AVVRASON'': b. Feb. 27, 1884. 

X. (JHARLOTTH FaXSON": died young. 

Family residence, Wilsonia, Grant Co., W. Va. 


Children of (2055) Annie L." (Levering:) and Charles T. Crane. 

4472. 1. Charles Levering": h. JliIv 9, 1868, in Baltimore, MJ. 

4473. 11. Robert Treat'': b. Juiu- 9, 1880, in Baltimore, Md. 

4474. 111. John ALDEN''; b. Dec. 2, 1885, in Baltimore, Md. 

Children of (2058) Ann L. ' ( Levering: ) and Frederick A. 


4475. 1. Alice LavvrasON" : b. at St. Louis ; m. Arthur P. Gareche. 

4476. 11. Creighton'': b. at St. Louis. Is an Ensi!j:n in U. S. 


4477. 111. Brianna": b. at St. Louis; m. Herbert Dix. 

4478. IV. Frederick A., Jr.": b. at St. Louis. 

Children of (2059) Catharine S.' (Levering:) and Robert B. 


4479. 1. Lawrason Levering"': b. Aug. 19, 1861. Unmd. is a 

merchant at St. Louis. 

4480. II. ROBERT BlaQKWELL": b. Jan. 21, 1863; m. Apl. 12, 

1889, Laura Edoi;ar. Is Sec. to Manuf. Co. (6796) 

4481. ill. Frederick Churchill'': b. Aug. 31, 1864; m. Nov. 17, 

1892, Elenore D. Englesing. Res. St. Louis, where he is 
engaged in the insurance business. / 

4482. IV. Louise'-': b. Oct. 31, 1866; m. June 10, i89i,to Harr\' 

G. Knapp. 

4483. V. Clinton Levering": b. June 16, 1869. Unmd. Is a 

clerk and salesman at St. Louis. 

4484. VI. JOHN REBOUL": b. May 16, 187 1. Is a graduate of 

Leland Stanford University of California, Is engaged in 
steam engineering. 

4485. VII. Allan Pendleton": b. Apl. 30, 1873. A graduate of 

Washington University, St. Louis. 

4486. VIII. Katharine Leigh": b. Oct. 20, 1876, at St. Louis. 

4487. IX. AUDENRIED": b. Jan. 26, 1881, at St. Louis. 

474 THH l.l^VKRING FA.Wm . 

Children of ( 20b5 ) Anne E/ ( Levering: ) and Gustavus M. Bower. 

448<S. 1. ALICt CATHAklNl-:": b. Oct. 23 and J. Oct. 26, 1S7.S, at 
Paris, iV\u. 

448g. II. KKiHTER LEVERING": b. Dec. 27, 1879; J. May i:;. 1880, 
at Paris, Mo. 

Children of ( 2067 ) Mary V." ( Levering ) and John T. Holme. 

44c)o. I. ALICE Levering": b. Au^. 2 and d. Auk. 23, 1864. 

44()i. 11. Frank Ha(3NER": b. Dec 14, 1865; d. July 7, i8t)0. 

4492. III. Nellie Porter": b. Dtic. 13, 1866; d. Jan. ^i, 1867. 

449:;. IV. John Tvvitchell": b. Oct. 13, 1868; m. Luna Ste\ens, 
(if Hannibal, Mo., where they reside. 

44()4. \ . PuiiiTHR Levering": b. Auii. 7, 1871 ; d. Apl. 23. 1872. 

Children of <2069) Clinton L." and Georg-ie (Barrell) Conkling. 

4495. 1. GEORGIE ": b. Oct. 2^, 1872, at Springfield, 111. 

4496. II. Katharine Levering": b. Dec. i, 1874, at Sprinotield. ill. 

4497. 111. ANNIE 1 )Ol'GLASS" : b. Ma\- i8, 1877 ; d. at Springfield, 111. 

Children of <2071 ) James' and Fannie (Lowry) Conkling. 

4498. I. James Lavvrason": b. Feb. 15, and d. Aug. 18, 1872. 
44c;c). II. May": b. May 21, 1873. 

4500. 111. Fannie Lavvrason": b. Jul\- 20, 1875. 

4501. I\ . ALICE MERCIE": b. Jul\- 19, 1877. 

4502. V. NoRaB.": b. ]Jvc., 1878. 
4SO^ \l. LELA": b. Oct., 1881. 


Children of (2074) William'* and Florence (Bang-s) Crane. 

4504. I. Florence Levering'': b. May 3, 1874, in Washington, 

D. C. ; d. Jan. 11, 1879, in Georgetown, D. C. 

4505. 11. Marguerite Wilson'-': b. July i, and d. Sep. 14, 1876, 

in Washington, D. C. 

4506. 111. Dorset'': b. Aug. 18, 1878, in Georgetown, D. C. 

4507. iV. LawrasON": b. Oct. 31, 1880, in Georgetown, D. C. 

4508. V. William Howell": b. June 6, 1883, in Georgetown, 

D. C. ; d. in 1885 at Hyattsville, Md. 

Children of (2075) Mary C/ (Crane) and Rev. William R. Devries. 

4509. 1. William Levering" (Rev.): b. Nov. 8, 1865, in Bait. 

Clergyman of the Prot. Episcopal Church. He is an 
alumnus of St. Paul's School at Concord, N. H. Subse- 
quently entering the Johns Hopkins University at Balti- 
more, he was graduated in the degree of B. A. in the Class 
of 1888 : as a Fellow in Greek in the Class of 1890, and as 
a Ph. D. in the Class of 1892. He is also a graduate of the 
General Theological Seminary, of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church of New York, Class of 1894. He was vested with 
Deacon's orders from the Bishop of Maryland, in St. Paul's 
Church at Baltimore, on May 20, 1894, and subsequently 
advanced to the Priesthood. He became a Missionary in 
the Marvland Diocesan Mission Field at Alberton, and 
supplied the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at Jonestown, 
Md., Dec. 6, 1896. Instituted Rector of the Pro-Cathedral 
Church of St. Mark, in Washington, D. C. 

4510. II. Mary Clement-': b. Mch. 13, 1870, in Bait. ; unmd. 

4511. 111. Lydia Dorset'-': b. Dec. 5, 1872, in Bait.; unmd. 

Children of (2077) Charles C and Maria V. (Zell) Crane. 

4512. 1. Bessie Virginia'-': b. Ma>- 7, 1870; m. Mch. 24, 1888, to 

Upton Heath Kempton, of Baltimore, where they reside. 
Members of Episcopal church. (6797) 

4513. 11. Charles Campbell, Jr.'-'; b. Sept. 27, 1871, in Balti- 

more, of Baptist relation. 

47^ THl-l LI:\UU1NG FA;M1LY. 

4^14. 111. Wai.THP'': 1\ Auu. iS, i<S7^; d. in infancy. 

4;i>. I\. .\\Ak^- Clh.mHM ' ; \\ N')\. II, 1.S74; l1. in infancy. 

45 lO. \. (JLUlik ZliLL": h. Ucc. 26, 1876. Res. in Baltimore. 
Is a Baptist. 

4qi7. VI. HLORl-lNCH Lli\i:RING": b. Now 5, 1878. Res. in Bal- 
timmc. Is an Hpiscopalian. 

4^18. VII. GEOR(]li .A.WOSZBLL": b. Jan. 6, 1881. Res. in Balti- 

4:;k}. \'I1I. ANDRliW Fl'LLCR'': b. Oct. 10, 1884. 

Child of < 2078 ) Florence D/ (Crane) and Georg:e N. Appold. 
4S-'0. I. Sarah Mackenzie": b. Nov. iS, 188:;. in Baltimore. 

Child of (2079) Alice Levering' (Crane) and George H. Bayne. 
4:;ji. I. (jEOR(]E Henry, Jr.": b. Jan. 29, 1881, in Baltimore. 

Children of (2083.) Robert' and Ella (Denmead) Levering. 
4:^22. I. 1:1-LA DEN.MEAD": b. Jul\-2l, 187^; d. Jul\ 11. 1874. 


4 5 20 

II. MaR^'-': b. Jan. 2^, 187s, at Baltimore. 

III. .ANNIE'-': b. Nov. 17, 1876, at Baltimore. 

I\'. TalBOTT Denmead": b. Jan. 2^, 188^, at Baltimore. 
\. M-LLIE": b. Oct. IS, 1885, at Baltimore. 

Children of (2086) Virginia E.' (Latimer) and Chr, Columbus Call. 

4s27. I. Benjamin George": b. Mch. 7. 1874. 

4528. II. \iR(]iNiA Levering": b. Nov. is, 1876. 

Children of (20881 Catharine A.' (Latimer) and George Blais. 

4529. I. Herbert Levering": b. Sept. 28, 1882. 

4530. II. Marcellius Louisa": b. Feb. i, 1884. 


Children of (2089) Louisa Leveringf"* (Latimer) and James M. Reid. 

4531. 1. James Latimer": b. Apl. i, 1887. 

4532. II. Virginia Matilda": b. Dec. 9, 1888. 

Children of (2091) Mary Jane' (Mathews) and Hu^h "Wilson. 

4533. 1. Hugh": b. Nov. 30, 1847, at New Orleans, where he 

lives; unmd. 

4534. 11. Leonard Mathews": b. July i, and d. July 7, 1849, at 

New Orleans. 

4535. in. Mary": b. Apl. 15, 1852, at N. O., and d. there. 

4536. IV. Alice Vernon": b. Feb. 22, i860; m. Feb. 19, 1881, 

to Lyman C. Josephs, of New York. (6798) 

Children of (2093) Lydia R." (Mathews) and Lewis A. Finley. 

4537. L Leonora": b. Sep. 2, 1839; unmd. Res. at Pass 

Christian, Miss. 

4538. H. Lewis Augustus": b. Sep. 17, 1841 ; m. E. L. Jones, 

of New Orleans. Lives at Pass Christian, Miss., where 
he d. Sept. 13, 1894. (6801) 

4539. IlL Leonard Mathews": b. Sep. 6, 1846; m. May 18, 

1876, Eliza S. Davis, of New Orleans, where they lived, 
and he d. June 7, 1894. See biog. (6802) 

4540. IV. Jane Mathews": b. Mch. 10, 1849; unmd. Living at 

Pass Christian, Miss. 

4541. V. Lydia Rebecca": b. Apl. 27, 1851; unmd. Living at 

Pass Christian, Miss. 

4542. VL William Wilson": b. Sep. 2, 1853; m. Oct. 16, 1883, 

Lillie V. Davis, of Natchez, Miss. See biog. (6808) 

4543. VII. RiDGELEY": b. Sep. 27, 1854; d. Aug. 26, 1873, at 

Pass Christian, Miss. 

4544. VIll. Mary Wilson": b. Sep. 25, 1856; m. John W. 

Chester, of Detroit, Mich. (6813) 

4545. IX. Isabel BOWMAN": b. Mch. 28, 1859. 

First five were born at New Orleans, La.; others at 
Pass Christian, Miss. 


Children of ( 20'?4 ) William W: and Isabel (Bowman) Mathews. 

4546. 1. KOBHRT BO\VA\AN": b. Oct. 5, 1852; m. Nov. 6, 1894, 
Rosalie Ll.)\d Bradford, of Washint,rton, D. C, where 
tlu\- rt-side. (6814) 

4^47. 11. COkA Sloco.mB": b. Aug. 18, 1854; m. to James E. 
Keclt-r, of LaSalle, ill. They res. at Allecrheny, Pa. 


4548. 111. l:l.l/A Bow .WAN": b. Nox'. 17, 1857; d. Feb. 14, i860. 

4549. I\ . Janb Wilson'': b. Oct. 12, 1S59; d. Mcb. 4, 1870. 

4S';o. \ . Leonard": b. Mch. 3, 1861 ; res. New Orleans, La. 

4t;^i. \ 1. 1,1 CY Lyons'': b. Oct. 23, 1863; res. Oakley Planta- 
tion. West Feliciana Parish, La. 

4^:;2. VII. Ida SloCOMB'-': b. Feb. 6, 1867; res. Oakle\- Planta- 
tion, West Feliciana Parish, La. 

4^5^. \lll. W'lLLlAW Wilson'-': b. Feb. is, i8rx); res. Washing- 
tun, I). C. 

Children of (2097) Pauline C/ (Mathews) and Edward Toby. 

4c;S4- I- Pauline Mathews'-': b. Nov. 26, 1867, at New Orleans, La. 
4S5v II. HdvvaRD Mathews": b.JuIx- 5, 1870, at New Orleans, La. 

Children of (2098) Samuel S.' and Victoria (Wright) Levering. 

45^6. 1. Llla': b. Feb. 17, and d. Aug. 21, 1855, in Baltimore. 

4SS7- II- Llize": b. April 9, 1856, in Paris, France; unmd. 

451^8. 111. Martha Burrows'': b. Nov. 28, 1857; m. to Harry A. 
Orrick. Res. Bait. (6817) 

4St;9. IV. Pauline Mathews'': b. June 28, 1859 ; m. (2110) Louis 
R.' Leverino;. Res. Bait. 


Children of (2099) Martha B/ (Levering:) and H. S. Coudon. 

4560. 1. anna'-*: b. May 27,1855, at Perrysvillc, Md. ; unmd. 

4561. II. Wilson Levering": b. Aug. 14, 1859; m. Anne H. 

North. (6821) 

4562. III. Joseph": b. Mch. 20, 1861 ; unmd. 

4563. IV. LYDIA": b. April 20, 1862; d. June 10, 1879. 

4564. V. Mary'-' b. Mch. 25, 1863 ; d. Mch. 25, 1874. 

4565. VI. Martha'-': b. Sep. 30, 1868; unmd. 

Children of (2102) Thomas H." and Susan (Sing^er) Levering. 

4566. 1. Agnes": b. Dec. 18, 1870; d. Dec, 1871, in Bait. 

4567. 11. Thomas Wilson": b. Jan. i, 1872, in Bait.; unmd. 

4568. 111. Ellen": b. Oct. 10, 1875 ; m. Oct. 17, 1894, to Norris S. 

Barratt, of Philad. Attorney at Law and Asst. Cit>- So- 
licitor of Philadelphia. 

4569. IV. Leroy": b. Jan. i, and d.. Aug. 10, 1877, ^f Bait. 

Children of (2J07) Nina' (Levering-) and Samuel Smith. 

4570. 1. Samuel W.": b. Oct. 3, 1876; d. Aug. 18, 1877, at Bait 

4571. II. Wilson Levering": b. Oct. 10, 1878, at Bait. 

Children of (2108) Hannah M." (Levering) and George Bailey. 

4572. I. Clarence Levering": b. July 7, 1878, at Bait. 

4573. 11. George": b. Mch. 25, 1880, at Bait. 

Children of (2110) Louis R.' and (4559) Pauline M.' (Levering) 


4574. 1. Victoria Wright": b. Mch. i, 1880. 

4575. 11. Louis Richard": b. Feb. 24, 1881; d. Oct. 5, 1889. 

4576. 111. Ella Lea": b. Dec. 8, 1883; d. Aug. 5, 1885. 

4577. IV. ANN Lavely": b. Oct. 25, 1885. 


457«. \. I'All loilNSON": b. Dec. 17. 1887. 
457c). \l. Pauline Dorothy " : h. May 26, 1889. 
4t;8o. NIL l:Li/i: W'l^KiiiT": b. June 24, 1894. 
All burn an J rc-sidi.' in Baltimore. 

Children of (2U2i Mary L.' (Lawrason) and Wm. Judson Brown. 

4581. I. Lawrason": b. Sep. 29, 1871. 

4582. II. William JuDSON": b. Sep. 28, 1873. 

4583. III. LoriSE": b. All-. 2 1. 187:;. 

4584. I\ . Charles Douglas'': b. Oct. is, 1877; d. Apl. ^. i8,si. 

Children of (2114) Annie E/ (Lawrason) and Thomas Taylor. 

4i;8i;. I. Hliza": b. July 13, 1869. Unmd. 
4^86. 11. Mary": b. Mch. 28, 1876. 

Children of (2116 1 Alice' (Lawrason) and Charles H. Fitzg-erald. 

4587. 1. ALICE Louise": b. Mch. 13, 1874, at Baltimore. 

4588. II. Richard B.'': b. IX-c. 26, 1876, at Baltimore. 

41589. 111. Marguerita": b. June, 1880, at Baltimore. 

All been living w ith their parents at Stuttgart, Germany, 
for several wars. 

Children of (,2U7) Wm. Thomas ' and Carrie (Brooke) Levering;. 

4590. I. William Thomas": b. Sep. i6, 1876, at Baltimore. 

4591. II. Harvey Brooke": b. Mch. 29, 1879, at Baltimore. 

4592. III. ANNETTE": b. Dec. 22, 1880. at Baltimore. 

4593. IV. FLORENCE Miller": b. Mch. 18, 1883, at Baltimore. 

4594. V. Frank Harvey": b. Nov. 18, 1884. 


Children of (2118) Eugene' and Mary (Armstrong) Levering. 

4595. 1. HUGENE'-': h. July 13. 1869; unmd. 

4596. II. Mary ARMSTRONG'-': b. Feb. 9, 1875. 

4597. 111. Hthel": b. June lo, 1878. 

All were born and reside in Baltimore. 

Children of (2119) Joshua' and Martha (Keyser) Levering. 




I. Wilson Keyser": b. Nov. 16, 1872; unmd. Res. Bait. 

II. Mary Grace'': b. Nov. 22, 1875. 

III. JOSHUA": b. May 4, 1878. 

IV. MarGARETTA ■' : b. July 11, 1879. 

V. Martha Wilson": b. May 18, 1881. 

VI. Ernest Douglas": b. Sept. 26, 1882. 

Vll. LOUISA ALEXANDER": b. July 21, 1885. 
All were born and reside in Baltimore. 

Children of (21 21) Frederick A.' and Catharine (Webb) Levering. 

460.5. 1. GeoRGIANNa": b. Mch. 13, 1878. 

4606. II. Frederick Augustus": b. Oct. 3, 1879. 

4607. III. Alice" :b. July 23, 1881. 

4608. IV. Catharine": b. June 13, 1886. 

4609. V. Webb": b. Sept. 8, 1887. 

4610. VI. Jefferson Schutz": b. Nov. 5, 1888. 

461 1. VII. Martha Keyser": b. Nov. 17, 1891. 

All were born and reside in Baltimore. 

Children of (2122) Leonidas" and Annie R. (Keys) Levering. 

4612. I. Rebecca NoRRis": b. Nov. 18, 1886. 

4613. II. Annie Eugenia": b. Nov. 30, 1888. 

4614. III. Leonidas": b. Auo[. 2, 1891. 

All were born and reside in Baltimore. 


Children of (2124) Edwin "Walker ' and Mary (Gould) Leveringf. 


I. HmviN Walker": b. Jan. 14, 1879, at Baltimore. 

II. .ANNIE HuciENIA": b. Nov. 17, 1879, at Baltimore. 

III. Mary Wilson": b. Au^. 29, 1882, at Baltimore. 

IV. Ja.MES a. (H)L'LI)'': b. Oct. 2, 1884, at Baltimore. 

V. Leonard Mathews": b. May 22, 1886, at Baltimore. 

VI. ARTHUR Benedict": b. Dec. i, 1888, ;it Baltimore. 

Child of (2126) Annie E/ (Levering-) and James E. L. Holmes. 

4621. 1. James Hllioit Lafayette": b. Jan. 28, 1891. 

Child of (2127) Franklin Wilson^ and Mary (Bull) Levering. 

4622. 1. Harold Wilson": b. Jan. 21, 1884, at Baltimore. 

Child of (2129) Eliza R.^ (Ma^ruder) and Thomas J. Clark. 

4623. 1. JOHN MaGRUDER": b. Dec. 4. 1882; d. July 24, 1883. 

Children of (2I3I) Jesse' and Mary (Gallag:her) Levering;. 

4624. 1. Dora Bell": b. Mch. 19, 1863; m. Mch. 24, 1886, to 

Milo Homri,uh(»us. Re.s. Tuscola, 111. (6823) 

4625. 11. JOHN BROWN": b. Oct. 12, 1864; m. Sep. 23, 1896, 

Estelle Hwart. Is a merchant at Terre Haute, InJ. 

4626. 111. Walter Hluah": b. Oct. 25, 1867; J. Aug. 23, 1868. 

4627. 1\ . 1:1. A\1-:r Jesse": b. Mch. 12. i8r)(;. In business with his 

father at Terre Haute, InJ. 

4628. V. Clarence": b. Feb. 15 and d. July 18, 1871. 

4629. \ 1. .Wary Bessie": b. Mch. 30, 1879. 

All were born at Shelbyvillc, 111., and removed with 
their parents in July, 1891, to Terre Haute, Ind., where 
the)' reside. 



Children of (2132) Sarah B." (Levering:) and Christian Graybill. 

4630. I. Mary Eugenia": b. Mch. 20, 1864, at Lancaster, Ohio. 

4631. II. Cora Elizabeth'': b. Sep. 5, 1866, at Lancaster, Ohio. 

4632. III. Frank'': b. Feb. 7 and d. Feb. 19, 1869, at Lancaster, 


4633. IV. Elmore Levering": b. Feb. 20 and d. Feb. 23, 1870, 

at Lancaster, Ohio. 

4634. V. John Wright" : b. Mch. 22, 1872, at Lancaster, Ohio. 

Children of (2134) Georgfe W." and Clara (Turner) Leveringf. 



I. John H.": b. Nov. 10, 1870. 

II. Cora D.": b. Mch. 11. 1872. 

III. Sherman E.'': b. Oct. 2, 1874. 

IV. Mary E.": b. Apl. 2, 1876. 

V. JENNIE": b. July 26, 1877. 

VI. Julia": b. Oct. 20, 1879. 

VII. FANNIE": b. Mch. 16, 1881. 

VIII. JOSEPH": b. June 16, 1883. 

IX. GOLDA H.": b. Feb. 3, 1885. 

X. CLARA A.": b. May 28, 1886. 

XI. Sarah A.": b. May 6, 1888. 

XII. James H.": b. Mch. 27, 1890. 

XIII. ROSA BROWN": b. Feb. 9, 1892. 
All born and reside at Shelbyville, 

Children of (2135) Mary E.' (Levering;) and James Dyarman. 

4648. 1. Charles Levering": b. Dec. 2, 1875. 

4649. II. Edna Leone": b. Feb. 27, 1878. 

4650. III. Mary E.": b. Feb. 17, 1881. 

4651. IV. JOE Rex": b. June 11, 1885. 

They reside at Pleasantville, Ohio. 


Children of (2136) Hannah B/ (Levering;) and Eugene Summerlin. 

4652. I. Claide Hligene ": h. July 24, 1872, at L^ancaster, O. 

4653. II. MaI'DE Leone": b. Dt^c. 7, 1874, at Lancaster, O. 

4654. IIL Winnie Ray'': b. Nov. 5, 1879; ^h June 26, 1880, at 

Lancaster, (). 

Children of (2137) Frances J/ (Levering) and F. J. Fraker. 

4655. 1. ("iUY CRONICE'': b. ApL 13, 1877. 

4656. IL Stella": b. Sep. 28, 1879; ^'- J^me 28, 1880. 

4657. IIL Max Levering": b. i-eb. 19, 1881. 

4658. l\. Kella Blanche": b. June 19, 1886. 

All born and reside at Shelby ville, ill. 

Children of (2150 ) Rosier Maris' and Minerva ("Whiteside) Levering. 

4659. I. Erwin WHIIESIDE": b. Aua. 5, 1875, at Cjilman, 111. ; ^1- 

Sept. 3, 1875. 

4660. 11. Llcy Buckingham": b. Nov. 6, 1876, at (^lilman, 111. 

4661. III. William Rosier Maris": b. June lo, 1889, at Los An- 

<ieles, Gal. 

Children of (2152) Hannah M/ (Levering) and Joseph D. Earheart. 

4662. I. Cordelia Blanche": b. July 18, 1873, at Beaman, Mo. 

4663. II. Gertrude Lorena": b. Mch. 27, 1876, at Beaman, Me. 

Reside at Montrose, Henry Co., Mo. 

Children of (2J53) Ann E." (Levering) and John Cook. 

4664. I. PETER": b. Nov. 25, 1870; d. Mav 13, 1871, at Beaman, 


4665. II. ALBERT Larson": b. June 20, 1872, at Beaman, Mo. 

Lives at Lancaster, Texas, with his father. 


Children of (2154) Mary Ann' (Levering) and Samuel McCIery. 

4666. 1. Clara Nevada": b. Mch. 9, 1870; m. Sept. 24, 1890, to 

Arcli Johnson. Lives at St. Mary's Kas. (6825) 

4667. 11. Frank'*: b. Apl. 21, 1872. 

4668. ill. Jennie Louise'': b. Sept. 3, 1874. 

4669. IV. James Levering'': b. Dec 3, 1877. 

4670. V. Walker": b. Jan. 10, 1885. 

They live at St. Mary's, Kansas. 

Child of 2J58) J. K. Nevada' (Levering-) and John M.Johnson. 

4671. 1. Herbert Levering'': b. Sept. 25, 1881. Lives at Gen- 

eseo, Rice Co., Kas. 

Children of (2169) Elizabeth D.' (Levering) and Wm. Pinkney 


4672. 1. Grace Levering": b. Feb. 7, 1875, '■^^ St. Louis. Res. 

with her grandmother, Mrs. Eugenia Levering, at Wash- 
ington, D. C. Graduated in class of 1896 of the high 
school of that city. 

4673. II. JOHN H. RICHTER': b. Dec. 20, 1877, at St. Louis. Is a 

telegraph operator and has charge of an office in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Children of (2t7J) Helen M.' (Levering) and Capt. James Kean. 

4674. I. Mamie": b. May 5, 1862; unmd. Res. Baltimore. 

4675. II. Stella": b. July and d. Aug., 1863. 

Children of (2172) Sarah E.' (Levering) and Capt. James Kean. 

4676. 1. Edmund Levering": b. Nov. 18, 1869, at Bait., where he 

lives ; unmd. 

4677. 11. Helene Levering": b. April 29, 1875, '^t Bait., where 

she lives ; unmd. 

4678. III. Estelle Clare Levering": b. Jan. 18, 1880, at Bait., 

where she lives ; unmd. 

486 TH{- I l-:\'F.RING FA.MI1.>'. 

Children of (2174) Ann E. (Levering) and William R. Scott. 

4679. 1. A.MHLIA': h. about 185^; in. George Stewart. Res. Co- 

lumbus, O. ; no elm. 

4680. 11. William K.': h. Oct. 9, 1855; m. Hmma Lance. He d. 

Widow and chn. rcs. Bait. (6826) 

4681. 111. Charles'': b. about iSsz; umnd. Kcs. California. 

4682. I\. Horace": b. about 1S59; d. \()ung. 
468^ \'. HLIZAl'.inil": b. about 1862. 

Children of (2175) Sarah B.' (Levering) and Gideon J. Gilpin. 

4684. 1. ANNA Matilda": b. Dvc. 24, 1863; unmd. 

4685. II. Howard Levering": b. Nov. 3, 1865; m. Oct. 28, 1893, 

Josephine Jones. Res. Sandy Spring, Md. (7102) 

4C86. 111. LL'O' Stabler": b. June 25, 1868. Is trained nurse at 
Johns Hopk'ins Hospital, Bait. 

4687. I\. Joseph AlbaN": b. Nov. 18, 1870. Res. Bait. 

4688. \'. Louise Painter": b. Sep. 24, 1873. Teacher in State 

School at Bait. 

All were born at Sandy Spring, Montg. Co., Md. 

Children of (2176) Jesse L."" and Mary (Wolf ) Levering-. 

4689. I. Mary Ann'': b. Sep. 28, 1867 ; m, Mch. 28, 1888, to Robert 

Marshall Goodrich. They res. at Carroll, Baltimore. 

4(x)0. 11. Jl^.sL L." : b. Jan. 7, 1869; unnid. 

46(;i. Ml. ANNA Jane'": b. Dec. 8, 1870; m. May 16, i89i,to Ed- 
ward Wood. Res. Brooklyn, Md. ' (7106) 

4(392. 1\'. Hlla'-': b. Mch. 24, 1872; d. Oct. 19, 1873. 

4693. V. AMELIA HlizaBETH": b. Oct. 29, 1873; m. Jan. 9, 1895, 

to George F. Arscott. Res. Mt. Winans, Bait. 

4694. \1. Clara X'irginia'-': b. Juh' 29, 1875; unmd. 

4695. \ 11. I Ri;i)ERiCK WaHL'": b. Ma>- 26, 1877; d. Sep. 26, 1879. 

4696. \111. L.M.Ma": b. Mch. 18. 1879; ^'- ^''^v. 17, 1882. 





IX. Ida-': b. Nov. 18, and d. Dec. 7, 1880. 

X. Maud": b. Feb. 16, 1882. 

XI. Howard Amos'': b. May 24, 1884. 

XU. Albert'-': b. Feb. 26, 1886; d. Dec. 30, 1888. 

XIII. Frank Wahl": b. Dec. 18, 1887; d. Dec. 30, 1890. 

XIV. Charles Lewis'': b. Feb. 19, and d. June 27, 1889. 

XV. Edward': b. May 24, 1890. 

XVI. Walter'-': b. Feb. 3, 1892. 

All were born and reside in and near to Baltimore, Md. 

Children of (2178) Eleanor J/ (Levering) and Philip Dietz. 






I. Philip": b. Oct., 1867; unmd. 

II. Emma Victoria"; b. May 5, 1869 ; m. Sept. 2, 1890, to 
Robert Edw. Clark, of Bait. (7108) 

ill. Robert Howard-': b. May 22, 1870; unmd. 

IV. John Lyon": b. June 17, 1872; unmd. 

V. Anna Laura": b. Jan. 20, 1874; J- Ji-ily 20, 1884. 

VI. William Alexander": b. Mch. 5, 1875. 

VII. Anson": b. June 20, 1877 ; d. young. 

VIII. PiNCKNEY Hammond": b. Feb. 5, 1878. 

IX. Sarah Rebecca Levering": b. Sept. 27, 1879. 

X. ANDREW Jackson Levering": b. June 28, 1881. 

XI. Edward Clarence": b. Aug. 12, 1882. 

XII. Ernest Augustus Wahaus": b. June 19, 1885. 

Family reside at Randallstown, Md. 

Children of (2183) Edward J/ and Mildred (Jackson) Levering. 

4717. 1. George Howard": b. Mch. 3, 1880. 

4718. II. Alexander Thomas": b. Aug. 21, 1882. 

4719. 111. Mabel Brown": b. Aug. 8, 1885. 

4720. IV. Edna": b. Mch. 25, 1887; d. young. 

488 THi: 1J-:VBR1NG FAMILY. 

4721. V. ANDREW Jackson": b. Nov. 24, 1888. 

4722. VI, Edward Ti'Nis" : b. Apl. 21, 1890. 

All born aiui livf near Wetheredvillt-, MJ., with their 

Child of (2184 I Anna Maria' (Levering) and J. McVickers. 

4723. 1. George'' : married and lives in New York. 

Children of (2186) Marion Levcringf^ (Smith) and Lewis B. 


4724. 1. Jesse Levering": b. Dec. 5, 1881. 

4725. 11. Charles Carroll": b. May 23, 1883. 

4726. 111. ULIVIA S.V\ITH": b. Feb. 20, 1885. 

All were born and live at Fallston. Harford Co., Md. 

Children of (,2J87) Dr. John Levering' and Martha (McDowell) 


4727. I. Kate Bernard": b. Oct. 7, 1850, at Hannibal, Mo.; m. 

Jan. 4, 1872, to Georjie Sheetz. Shed. Feb. 15, 1877. 


4728. II. Mary Alice": b. Au.^. 20, 1852, at St. Louis, Mo. 

4729. 111. MaTTIE": b. Aii.u. II, and d. Au^. 17, 1854, at St. Louis. 

4730. IV. ALICE '••: b. June 12, 1857, in Franklin Co., Mo. 

4731. \'. (JeorGE McDowell": b. Feb. 28, 1859, in Franklin 

Co., Mo. 

4732. VI. ISABELLE": b. Jan. 31, 1861, in Franklin Co., Mo. 

4733. VII. MaTTIE": b. May 23. 1863; d. Aug. s. 1864, in St. 

Louis Co., Mo. 

4734. \'11I. JOHN": b. May 6, and d. May 9, 1865, in St. Louis 

Co., Mo. 

4735. IX. W. ALEX.": b. Mch. 9, 1871, in Marion Co., Mo. 

TheN- reside in the city of Little Rock, Ark. 


Children of (2188) Leonard' and Mary S. (Nisbet) Matthews. 





I. Mary": b. July 13, 1862 ; m. Feb. 3, 1883, to Charles L. 

Gage. Res. St. Louis, Mo. (71 13) 

II. Belle": b. Sep. 4, 1864; m. Apl. 14, 1886, to Saunders 
Norvellc. Res. St. Louis, Mo. (7115) 

in. Nina'-': b. Jan. 15, 1867; m. Nov. 6, 1889, to Percy 
Werner. Res. St. Louis, Mo. (7 117) 

IV. William Nisbet": b. July 9, 1869; unmd. Res. St. 
Louis, Mo. 

V. Edmund ORVILLE": b. Dec. 4, 1870; unmd. Res. St. 
Louis, Mo. 

VI. Leonard': b. July 16, 1873; unmd. Res. St. Louis, 

VII. Lucy": b. Dec. 4, 1875; unmd. Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

VIII. Claude Levering": b. Oct. 4, 1880. 
All were born in or near to St. Louis, Mo. 

Children of (2190) Wm. Henry' and Mary C. (Given) Matthews. 

4744. 1. Mary Given": b. Dec. 18, 1874, in New Orleans, La.; 


4745. II. Clara Augusta": b. Aug. 29, 1877, in New Orleans, 

La.; unmd. 

Children of (2J92) Adml. Edmund O.' and Harriet (Hammond) 


4746. 1. Arthur James": b. Apl. 30, 1879, ^^t U. S. Navy Yard, 

New York City. 

4747. II. Ethel Lillian": b. May 10, 1881, at Newport, R. 1.; d. 

Feb. 23, 1883, at Charlestown, Mass. 

4748. 111. Hattie Dorothy": b. Feb. 20, 1883, at Charlestown, 



Children of same and Alzuida R. (Hammond), 2d wife. 

4749. I\ . Lillian HdiTH": b. Au^z. 17, 1885, at Newport, K. I. 

4750. \ . HNID MIRRIAM ": b. Apl. 25, 1887, at Newport, K. 1. 

Children of (2 J 93) Leonora' (Matthews) and James Brison Woods. 

4751. I. Mary Matthews": b. Jan 12, 1869. 

4752. II. Al.lCH": b. July 8, 1870. 

4753. 111. James Brison'': b. June n, 1871 ; d. Sep. 24, 1873. 

4754. 1\ . FREDHRICK'-': b. July 26, and d. Au^. 5, 1872. 

4755. V. William Gayle"': b. Aujji. 31, 1873; d. Apl. 21, 1874. 

4756. \l. Leonora'-': b. Apl. 24, 1875. 

4757. \ 11. Rebecca Brison'': b. Sep. 8, 1876. 

4758. VIH. Edgar": b. Feb. 4, 1879. 

All were born and reside in New Orleans, La. 

Children of (2194) Mary^ (Matthews) and Archie Woods. 

4759. 1. Isabel": b. Mch. 14, 1S65; in. Mcb. 14, 1888, to Benja- 

min F. Fdwards. Kes. St. Louis. (7120) 

4760. 11. John Matthews": b. Au^. 11. 1867, in St. Louis, where 

he resides ; unmd. 

4761. 111. Lucy": b. Feb. 19, 1869, in New Orleans ; unmd. Kes. 

St. Louis. 

4762. I\. Archie, Jr.": b. Sep. 12, 1870; d. May 3, 1871, in 

New Orleans. 

4763. V. Andrew": b. May 28, and d. May 29, 1872, in New 


4764. \ I. Flora (Gamble": b. July 6, 1874, ''i N. O.; unmd. 

Kes. St. Louis. 

4765. \ II. Mary Rebecca": b. Junu 15. 1876, in Chica.iio. Res. 

St. Louis. 


Children of (2196) Flora (Matthews) and David C Gamble. 








I. MARY'-'C'Minnif"): b. Oct. 3. 1865; m. Dec. 11, 1889, 

to Frederick W. Abbot. Res. St. Louis. 

II. Hamilton Rowan '•': b. Oct. lo, 1866; unmd. 

III. John Matthews'': b. Feb. 28, 1868; unmd. 

IV. Flora May'-': b. Feb. 15, 1870; unmd. 

V. Leonora Woods'': b. Aug. 10, 1871 ; d. Mch. 13, 1875. 

VI. Maud-': b. Dec. 23, 1873; unmd. 

VII. David COALTER": b. July 6, 1875; unmd. 

VIII. Edna Miller": b. Apl. 10, 1877; unmd. 

IX. Walter Guy'': b. May 17, 1879. 

X. Clarence Oliver'': b. Aug. 26, 1881. 

XI. Esther Ray'': b. Aug. 31, 1883. 

XII. Allan Preston'': b. Mch. 31, 1885. 

XIII. Margaret'': b. May 9, and d. July 16, 1887. 

All were burn near to and in St. Louis, where they 

Children of (2198) George B.' and Rosa A. (Martin) Matthews. 




I. George Bernard": b. June 25, 1876. 

II. Martin Levering'': b. Mch. 28, 1878. 

III. Charles Railey": b. Apl. 6, 1880. 

IV. Adele Martin'-': b. Aug. 19, 1882. 

V. Mary Levering": b. Oct. 5, 1884. 

VI. William Henry": b. Apl. 6, 1887. 

All born and reside in the city of New Orleans. 

Children of (2213) Frances E.' (Levering) and Dr. J. B. Glancies. 

4785. 1. Julia'': b. June 7, 1885. 

4786. 11. Thomas Brooks": b. in 1887; d. young. 

4787. 111. John": b. Dec. 22, 1890. 

492 THH LH\'HR1NG l-A.Wm'. 

Children of (2214) Mary E.' (Levering) and J. Robert Carver. 

4788. 1. KaII-; l.liE'-': b. June 9, 1869. 

4789. 11. Nl:Ll.lli M.'-': b. Sep. i, 1870. 

4790. 111. CHARLHS 1).": b. Apl. 13, 1874. 

4791. 1\'. KniTH W.": b. Mcli. n, 1876. 

4792. V. Aaron 1,.": b. Feb. 2, 1882. 


Children of (2215) Henry C/ and Julia (Chatterton) Levering. 

4793. 1. PaULC": b. Mch. 31. 1874. 

4794. 11. ROVC.'': b. July 2-], 1878; d. younii. 

4795. 111. Harry C": b. Sep. 18, 1886. 

Children of {Tl\l) James Thomas' and Harriet (Rule) Levering. 

4796. 1. Nina Ellen": b. JuK- 28, 1878. 

4797. II. 1). Rule'-': b. May 22, 1880. 

Children of (2219) Ann E.' (Levering) and Lester S. Redmon. 

4798. I. Victor B.'': b. Au.^. 2, 1889. 

4799. II. RULIFF'': b. .Now 24, 1891. 

Child of (2223) Harve M.' and Celia (Combs) Levering. 

4800. I. Leigh C": b. Nov. 5, 1890. 

Children of ( 2227 ) Mary W.' ( Jones ) and Frank J, Cornman. 

4801. 1. Frank W,'': b. April 1, 1862; m. May 3, 1883, Flla Piatt, 

of Rnxb., PhilaJ. 

4802. 11. Irene VaSSAR'': b. April 7, 1864; m. April 2, 1884, to 

Robert Bruce Wallace, of Manayunk. (7123) 

4803. 111. Caroline Eloise": b. Sept. 28, 1865 ; m.Feb. 5, 1885, 

to John M. Moyer, of Roxb. ; she d. April 6, 1891. 



4804. IV. Mary Adele'-': b. Jan. 3, 1868 ; d. young ; b. Lev. Cem. 

4805. V. Deborah Estella'': b. Nov. 28, 1875. 

All were born in Roxborougli, Pbilad. 
Children of (2228) Charles Thomson' and Sarah (Smith) Jones. 

4806. 1. Charles Thomson'': b. Jan. 3. and d. Jan. 8, 1867. 

4807. 11. Sarah Wayne": b. Dec. 9, 1867; m. Dec. 11, 1890, to 

J. Allison Ott, Manayunk. 

4808. 111. Mary Adele'': b. Mch. 22, and d. Nov. 12, 1869; b. 

Lev. Cem. 

4809. IV. Charles Thomson": b. Jan. 17, and d. April 24, 1871 ; 

b. Lev. Cem. 

4810. V. HORATIO Gates": b. Feb. 27, and d. July 4, 1872; b. 

Lev. Cem. 

481 1. VI. Jessie ElOISE": b. Feb. 18, 1875, ''^ Roxb. 

4812. VII. ANNA Clay": b. May 15, 1878, in Roxb. 

Children of (2231 ) Helen S.' (Jones ) and Edward L. Brown. 

4813. 1. Margarets.": b. July 15, 1870. 

4814. II. William C": b. Aug. 26, 1872. 

4815. III. Francis Coron": b. Sept. 5, 1874. 

4816. IV. Elizabeth R.": b. May 22, 1876; d. June 6, 1887, at 


Children of (2234) Mary S.' (Jones) and Rev. John J. Joyce. 

4817. 1. Margaret S.": b. Jan. 26, 1878. 

4818. 11. JOHN J., Jr.": b. April 29, 1881. 

Children of (2235) Hettie A." (Jones ) and Horace B. Burt. 

4819. I. Alice": b. Mch. 17, 1877. 

4820. II. Horace brook": b. Jan. 17, 1879; d. b. Lev. Cem. 

4821. III. Maxwell Struthers": b. Oct., 1881. 

4822. IV. Nathaniel": b. Dec, 1883; d. Sep. 23, 1884; b. Lev. 


4823. V. Jean Theodora": b. Aug. 10, 1885. 


Child of (2240) Guyer T. and Theodosia (Ashmead) Jones. 

4824. I. I^ORA Ashmead": b. Oct. 24, 1887, in Philad. 

Children of (2243 I Jos. Levering' and Elizabeth M. (Maclean) 


4825. 1. GuYER Maclean": b. Mch. 8, 1890. 

4826. II. Donald Kitlr'': b. Au^;. 10, 1891. 

4827. in. Elizabeth Levering": b. Sep. 21, 1892. 

4828. \\. Margaret Wynne": b. Jan. 7. 1894. 

All were born on " Wissahickon Heights" at Chest- 
nut Hill, Philad. 

Children of (2252) Annie E' (Riter) and David Rupp. 

4829. 1. Michael Riter": b. Feb. 5, 1883, at York, Penna. 

4830. II. David": b. Jan, 28, 1884, at York, Penna. 

Child of (2255) Charles J.' and Clara M. (Hovey) Riter. 

483J. 1. Michael Miller": b. Oct. 13 1889, at Philad. 

Children of (2257) Jesse' and Caroline (Truesdell) Zern. 

4832. 1. Caroline E.": b. Apl. u, 1868, at Peru, Ind., where she 
resides. Unmd. Is a (graduate of the State Unixersity 
of Indiana, and a successful teacher. 

48:;3. II. Mary": h. Apl. 9. 1S75, at Peru, Ind. Res. there. 

Children of (2258) Caroline' (Zern) and Charles Foote. 

4834. 1. Charles": b. in 1856, at Peru, Ind.; d. in i860. 

4835. II. Joel": b. ui 1857, at Peru, Ind.; d. in 1858. 
48^6. 111. Jesse": b. in 1859. Res. Peru, Ind. Unmd. 

4837. I\'. Mary": b. and d. at Peru, Ind. 

4838. V. Rogers": b. and d. at Peru, Ind. 

[Repeated efforts through various sources failed to secure specific 
data upon tiiis and two succeeding famiies.J 


Child of (2259) Alberf and Rachel (Bell) Zern. 

4839. I. Lydia'-': m. Williiim Kunkell. Live near Peru, Ind. 

Children of (2260) Mir a' (Zern) and John Wilson. 

4840. 1. Sarah'-': b. at Peru, Ind., and d. there. 

4841. II. Edith'': b. at Peru, Ind., and d. there. 

4842. III. ROSE": b. at Peru, Ind.; unmd. Res. Peoria, 111. 

4843. IV. Charles": b. at Peru, ind.; m. Maggie Penner. Res. 

Peoria, 111. 

4844. V. Mary": b. at Peru, Ind.; m. to Cuvier Higgins. Res. 

Macon, Ga. (6832) 

Children of (2264) Anna E." (Shepard) and A. A. Yeakle. 

4845. I. Franks.": b. June 16, 1864; m. Jan. 10, 1894, Caroline 

B. Bennett, Res. Norristown, Pa. 

Mr. Y. is cashier of the Norristown Title, Trust and 
Safe Deposit Co. 

4846. II. J. MORRIS": b. June 23, 1867, at Norristown, Pa. 

4847. III. Harriet May": b. July 2, 1870, at Norristown, Pa. 

Children of (2265) Mary A/ (Crooks) and Dr. Joseph H. Craggs. 

4848. I. Elizabeth A.": b. at Bait., Md. 

4849. II. Sarah C": b. at Bait., Md. 

4850. 111. Mary G.": b. at Bait., Md. 

4851. IV. George": b. at Bait., Md. 

Children of (2270) Charles' and M. (Gardiner) Crooks. 

4852. 1. Charles W.": b. at Bait., Md. 

4853. II. Mary V.": b. at Bait., Md. 

4854. 111. Fannie E.": b. at Bait., Md. 

4855. IV. James W.": b. at Bait., Md. 

[Considerable correspondence failed to elicit further information 
of above two families.] 


Children of ( 22'>3 ) William^ and Elizabeth (Petit) Colladay. 

4856. I. Susanna Elizabeth'; h. Apl. 17, 1834; J. Dec. 8, 1851; 

unmd. , m 

4857. II. Charles Willia.w": b. Mch. 24, 1835; J. Jul\- 2, 1863. 

Hf was a member (if the Penna. Gray Reserves in the 
War (it tht^ R(.'bellinn, and was mortally wounded at Car- 
lislf, Pa., Jul\- I, 1863. 

4858. III. Clara Louise'': b. Sep. 3, 1838; d. June 28, 1839. 

4859. 1\. ANNA Louise'-': b.' Nov. 21, 1842; m. Mch. 5, 1865, to 

Thomas W. Braidwood. He was principal of the Phila- 
delphia School of Desi(j;n for Women for 21 years. Res. 
Rock-Bank-(in-Cl\de, Scotland. (6834) 

Children of (2297) Charles' and Emily ( Rittenhouse ) Colladay. 

4860. I. Frances'-': b. June 3, 1827; m. Oct. 8, 1846, to George 

B. Keen. She d. Feb. 4, 1893. He res. Philad. 


4861. II. Charles Robert'-': b. Jan. 15, 1829; d. June 3, 1831. 

4862. 111. Hannah RaKESTRAVV': b. June 3, 1831 ; m. Ma\' 2, 

1855, to Henry B. Rianhard. She d. Sep. 30, 1859. 


4863. IV. WiLLiAw Rittenhouse": b. Jan. 21, 1834; m. Oct. i, 

1863, Elizabeth I). Wiltberger. He d. Nov. 30, 1877. 
She d. June 14, 1895. (6846) 

4864. V. Charles Henry'-': b. Aug. 6, 1836; d. Sep. 14, 1847. 

4865. \I. Samuel RakestraW': b. Mch. 6, 1842; m. in 1870 

Sallie B. Harrison, who d. He d. Jan. 4, 1884. He was 
an ofticer in the U. S. Army. (6848) 

4866. \ 11. Mary Boon'-': b. No\-. 4, 1844; d. Sep. 5, 1847. 

Children of (22991 William C and Hannah (Lesher) Yerkes. 

4867. I. Jonathan IkjWARD'': Nottingham, Chester Co., Pa. 

4868. II. BENJAMIN'-': Nottingham, Chester Co., Pa. 


Children of (2300) Daniel' and Emily (Heaton) Yerkes. 

4869. 1. Albert'-': b. April 6, and d. Aug. 25, 1857. 

4870. MI. William H.": b. May 17, 1859; m. Oct. 25, 1882, Caroline 

B. Hogeland. ' (6855) 

4871. III. Julia'': b. Feb. 14, 1861 ; unmd. 

4872. IV. Walter C' : b. Nov. i, 1864; m. Jan. 4, 1893, Emily 

Hobensack. (6862) 

4873. V. Ella R.*': b. Nov. 14, 1867; d. Mch. 7, 1883. 

Family reside, Southampton, Bucks Co., Pa. 

Child of (2302) Samuel P.' and Lydia (Leatherburg) Tull. 

4874. 1. JOSEPH L.': ; m. Ann Wright. Lawyer, Philadel- 

phia Bar. (6864) 

Children of (2303) James' and Sophia (Hunt) Tull. 

4875. 1. James^ 

4876. II. George": 

4877. III. Charles": 

4878. IV. JOHN": 

Children of same and Mary (Shallus), 2d wife. 

4879. V. Francis Shallus": b. June 8, 1835. Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

4880. VI. Edward H.": b. Jan. I, 1837. Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

4881. VII. Marys.": b. Dec. 25, 1838. Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

4882. VIII. Adelia": b. April 12,1841; m. Dec. 24, 1863, to Edwin 

Jackson Haas. Res. Philad. (6865) 

4883. IX. William H.": b. Aug. 16, 1843; d. Sept. 15, 1844. 

4884. X. Matilda S.": b. Aug. 19, 1845. Rt?s. St. Louis, Mo. 

4885. XI. William o.": b. July 11, 1848; d. 

4886. XII. Helen N.": b. Sept. 30, 1850; m. John Pope. Res 


Family reside St. Louis, Mo. 



Child of ( 2303 ) Sarah^ (Toll ) and John Hay. 
48CS7. 1. JOHN": Has. Philad., Pa. (6866) 

Children of (2305) Susan Pastorius' (Tull) and Joseph Rudolph. 

4<S88. 1. Hannah": b. l-Vb. i. 1821 ; m. Feb. i, 1841, to William 
\ . McKran, cJiti.r nf the PiiNir L^'Jorr, i^hilad. (6868) 

4889. 11. HlizaBETH": b. July 13, 1822; m. to Samuel Boyd Polk, 

who d. .No\-. s, 18^9. (6871) 

4890. 111. Mar^'': b. June 20, 1824; m. Sept. 9, 1841, to Samuel 

Martin, who d. Sept. i, 1886. (6872) 

4891. 1\'. Joseph'-': b. Feb. 5, 1826; m. Jane Chapman, who d. 

April 26, 1896. He is d. (6877) 

4892. V. John": b. June 20, 1829; m. Ma\- 12, 1852, Annie 

Eckert. ' (6880) 

48()^ \1. Charles'-': b. .V\a\- 18, 1832; m. Nt)v. u, 1851, Sarah 
Johnson, who d. April, 1865. (6881) 

4894. \11. Susan": b. Mch. 29, 1837; m. Jan. 8, 1853, to Alfred 

Johnson, who d. June 20, 1890. (6884) 

4895. \'lll. Martha": b. April 14, 1839. Unmd. 

4896. I\. Henry M.": b. Mch. 17, 1845; m. June 26, 1867, Sarah 

Agnes Coniidon. (6887) 

Family residence, Pliiladelphia, Pa. 

Children of (2306) Francis Daniel' and Hester (Jones) TuII. 

4897. 1. ROSANNAR.": b. Aui:. 21, 1825; d.Feb. 21, 1841. Unmd. 

4898. II. REBECCA A.": b. Mch. 8, and d. Mch. 10, 1827. 

489<). 111. Hlizabeth J.": b. Mch. 4. 1828; m. to William Mitch- 
ener. She d. 1867, in Germantown. (6892) ' 

4900. 1\'. John W.": b. Au^. 21, 1829; m. Mch. 30, 1852, Hepsie 
Ann Heath, who d. No\-. 14, 187 1. He d. May 13, 1884. 


4C)oi. \'. HESTER A.": b.CXt. 26. 1831 ; m. Dec. 6, 1853, to George 
H. Bickley. ((3900) 


4902. VI. Francis a.": h. July 26, 1834; m. Ai\o. 26, 1855, Mary 

Haiman. He J. Jan. 27, 1862. (6907) 

4903. VII. LEVIS.'': b. Feb. 21, 1838; m. April 28, 1858, Sarah 

Nutz. (6909) 

4904. Vlll.. George B.": b. Feb. 15, 1840; m. Mary (Haiman) 

Tull, widow of Francis A.'' (6915) 

4905. IX. JOSEPH L.": b. Alio;. 23, 1843; m. Mar^raret Biadfield. 


4906. X. Charles P.'': b. Jan. 23, 1846; m. in 1867, Mary Mat- 

thews. Mr. T. enlisted in Sept., 1861, in Co. C, ist Del- 
aware Regt. Was on duty at Fortress Monroe during the 
naval engagement between the Monitor and Merrimac. 
His regiment was a part of the force that captured Norfolk, 
Va., and participated in the battles at Antietam, Freder- 
icksburg, ChancellorsvHle, Gettysburg and the Wilder- 
ness. In the last-named battle he was severely wounded 
— one eye destroyed — and left on the field for dead, but 
recovered consciousness after three days. After the war 
he was Postmaster at Germantown, Philad. (6925) 

Children of (2307) John Pastorius' and Mary (Riffert) Tull. 

4907. I. Sophia Hunt": m. Thomas Gaun, of Philad. She is d. 

11. Mary": unmd. 

491 1 

III. Andrevv' H.": d. in infancy. 

IV. ANDREW J.": m. Hmma Mathews. (6937) 

V. Susan F.": m. to Alfred H. Jenkins. (6938) 

VI. Emma": unmd. 

VII. ANNaR.": m. to Abraham Cummings. (6940) 

VIII. AdaliNE H.'': m. to Edward Hetzel. (6942) 

IX. Frances C": m. to Edward Fick. No chn. 

X. Hester S.": m. to George C. Marsteller. No chn. 


Children of (2309) Caroline R/ (Tull) and William Baker Slater. 

4918. 1. JuHN Tlll'-': b. Nov. 2S, 1829; m. Margaret Simpson. 

He d. June 15. 1895. One daughter. 

4919. II. A.WANDA M.'-': b. i\()\'. 16, 1832; d. July 25, 1894 ; unmd. 

4920. 111. Charles A.'': b. in 1835; m. Catharine Baker; both 

living. (6944) 

4921. 1\'. Caroline R.'': b. in 1837; m. to Charles Ridge, who d. 

She m. 2(.l to John Cod\-, whod.; m. 3d to Edwin Middle- 
ton ; no issue by him. (6947) 

4922. \'. Mar^' a.": b. July 18, 1840; m. Dec. 24, i860, to John 

Kellw (6950) 

4923. \1. William Baker": b. Feb. 14, 1842; unmd. 

Children of (2310) Ann Rebecca' (Tull) and Moses Wright. 

4924. 1. John'-': m. Li\es at Camden, N. J. 

4925. II. ANN'-': m. to Joseph L. Tull. (6951) 

4926. III. AMANDA": d. 

4927. I\'. Louisa": d. 

4928. \'. Francis D.": d. 

4929. \ I. Olin'': d. 

Children of (2311) Amanda' (Tull) and Joshua Morton. 

4930. I. Rebecca": b. Feb. 19, 1839; d. June 26, 1856, at Philad. 

4931. II. Sarah A.": b. in 1840; m. to Frederick Kramer, at 

Philad. (7388) 

For other children, see No. 7381. 
Children of (2312) Ann Eliza" ( Pastoj-ius ) and Lawrence Shuster. 

4932. 1. Margaret Pastori US'-': d. \-oung. 

4933. 11. ANN HLIZA PaSTORIUS": m. Apl, 17, 1856, to L. Shuster 

Smith. (6952) 


Children of (2313) Washington and Mary W. (Wolf) Pastorius. 

4934. 1. Henry WOLF": b. July 12, 1855; d. Aug. 11, 1869. 

4935. 11. Sallie Wolf": b. July 4, 1858; m. to Mr. Damon. 


4936. 111. Washington": b. June 7, 1861 ; d. Mch. 26, 1888; 


4937. IV. Francis Daniel": b. Sep. 27, 1863; m. (6957) 

4938. V. Charles S.": b. Apl. 27, 1866. 

4939. VI. Charlotta": b. Jan. 23, 1868; m. to Mr. Hayden. 


4940. VII. Horace Evans^: b. Sep. u, 1876. 

Family res. Colorado Springs, Col. 

Children of (2314) Margfaretta' (Pastorius) and Elton Rog-ers. 

4941. I. Charlotta P.": b. Apl. 21, 1846; m. June 7, 1870, to 

Theodore S. Hatch, who d. Aug. 4, 1884; m. 2d July 6, 
1887, to John W. Creighton. (6959) 

4942. II. Margaretta Ruth": b. Aug. 24, 1848; d. Aug. 6, 1868; 


They were born at Rancocas, N. J. 

Children of (23 J8) Rachel M; (Pastorius) and Lemuel Zell. 

4943. I. Amanda Melina": b. Apl. 19, 1853; m. to Charles Kin- 

sler, who d. (6968) 




II. Theodore": b. Nov. 29, 1856. 

III. Charles Andrew": b. July 16, 1859. 

IV. Ann Pastorius": b. Sep. 15, 1861. 

V. Rachel Mackenet": b. May 7, 1864. 

VI. Sarah J.": b. Nov. 30, 1866. 

Family res. Germantown, Philad. 

502 THK LHMil^lNG I-A.^\IL^. 

Children of (232i ) Charles M/ and Hannah (Nice) Pastorius. 

4949. 1. Sa.ML'EL MCi: ": b. Dec. 26. 1863. 

4950. 11. ANNA'-': b. N<'\. 15. ^^^S- 

4951. 111. Sarah Nice": b. Mch. 8, 1868; m. Dec. 8, 1887, to 

Hllwood Stfxtns. (6971) 

4952. 1\. IIM'': b. Dec. 3, 1870; unnKi. 

Children of (2322 ) Rev. Henry C/ and Mary (Smith) Pastorius. 

495 3 

40=; 4 



I. Cyris Tat.waN'': b. May 7, i875- 

II. HENRY Clay": b. Feb. 8, 1877. 

III. .V\AR>- Smith'': b. Sept. n, and d. Oct. 27, 1880. 
l\. Francis Daniel": b. April 17. 1883. 

\. Mald Lillian": b. Feb. 27. 1890. 

Children of (2323) Daniel P.' and Elizabeth (Conrad) Reiff. 

4958. 1. AMANDaV.": b.Sept. 24, 1841 ; m. Dec. 25, 1862, to Henry 

Howard. Res. Los Angeles, Gal. (6976) 

4959. 11. Mary C": b. June 15, 1843; ■'''>• M^''^- 31- 1867, to George 

\an \alkenburg. Res. Garson, Gal. (6979) 

4960. 111. JONATHAN G.": b. Oct. 31, 1845. 

4961. 1\. Daxid": b. and d. Sept. 2, 1847. 

4962. \. FleaNOR G.": b. Oct. 7, 1848; d. Jan. 4, 1852. 

Children of (2324) Jacob Pastorius' and Mary (Harley ) Reiff. 

4(/)3. 1. ANNA Mary": b. Mch. 26, 1844; m. Oct. 19, 1869, to 
Prot. Saml. M. Brunner, Principal of North Wales, Pa., 
Acadenn-. (6972) 

49r)4. 11. A.MANDA H.": b. Oct. 31, 1845; m- Mch. 5, 1868, to John 
H. Krat/. (6974) 

496=;. 111. F.M.MA H.": b. April 5, i8s4; ni. Mch. 12, 1872, to Albert 
L. Kulp. No chn. 


Children of (2327) William P.' and Hanna B. (Evans; Reiff. 

4966. 1. Mary": 

4967. II. Daniel'': 

Children of (2329) Charles P/ and Deborah ( Yerkes) Reilf. 

4968. 1. Sarah Y.": b. Nov. 9, 1866. 

4969. 11. Mary'': b. Mch. 9, 1868. 

4970. 111. John'': b. June 27, 1871. 

Children of (2334) Mary M.' (Pastorius) and Davies Evans Bruner. 

4971. \. Davies Evans": b. Sept. 2, 1850. UnmJ. Civil En- 

gineer of Philadelphia, Pa. 

4972. 11. Daniel Pastorius": b. *Mav 15, 1852; m. Nov. 10, 

1881, Helen Street Flemino;. Mr. B. was graduated by 
Lehigh University, in the class of 1872, as Civil En- 
gineer. He subsequently studied law and is a member 
of the Philadelphia bar. Resides at Germantovvn. He 
has assisted me generously in collecting and compiling 
the Pastorius branch of the family. 

4973. III. Rebecca TacY": b. Dec. 4, 1855; d. Dec. 30, 1856, 

4974. IV. Abraham": b. Jan. 9, 1859. Unmd. He graduated 

with the class of 1881, at Lehigh University as Mining 
Engineer. Is in charge of the interests of the Norfolk' & 
Western R. R. at Crewe, Virginia. 

Children of (2338) Daniel' and Clara A. (Dalzell) Pastorius. 

4975. I. Clara D.": b. Nov. 3, 1869. Res. Elizabeth, N. J 

4976. II. Berkley D.": b. July 31, 1871. 


Children of (234 J ) Robert ~ and Elizabeth (Moore) Shoemaker. 

4977. I. WiLLlA.W .WooRH": b. Aug. 25, i.S3<S; m. Abhy Haiie. 

4978. 11. RiCHARi:) Martin": b. Aug, 25, 1840; m. Nov. 30, 1863, 

.Amiir (Kiskill Hrss. is in the wholesalt- drug business 
in l^hihki. 

4979. 111. Sarah Cleaver'': b. Jan. 2, 1843; m. May 9, 1866, to 

Joseph l\ Brosius. She d. Jan. 9, 1896. 

4980. IV. ROBERT": b. Aug. 12, 184c;; d. July 21, 1846. 

4981. V. JOSEPH Moore": b. Sept. 22, 1847; m. Oct. 7, 1875, 

Anne Miller. Hv d. May 24, 1895. 

4982. VI. Frank": b. Jul\ i, 1850; d. Dec. 13, 1852. 

4983. \'ll. 1 llOMAS Harp": b. Nov. 26, 1852; m. Nov. 4, 1875, 

Lillic Tiiomas. Is engaged in wholesale drug business in 

4984. \I11. BENJAMIN Hall.OVVELL " : b. Feb. 1 5. 1 857; m. Feb. 

15, 1882, Laura C. Mills. In wholesale drug business. 

Children of same and Ann (Sumers)^ 2d wife. 

498s. IX. Ja.MLS JaNNEY": b. Sept. 16, 1859; m. \Jl'C. 5, 1883, 
Helen Reese. 

4986. X. Hlizabeth Moore": b. Apl. 16, 1861 ; d. Mch. 31, 1862. 

4987. XI. Roberta": b. May 9, 1864; m. Oct. 25, 1894, to 

Lewis Mann Silver, M. D. Res. New York City. 

4988. XII. Mary Anna": b. Jan. 7, 1866. 

4989. XIll. HllisC": b. Oct. 1, 1867; m. Oct. 16, 1894, Alice 


Child of (2342) Elizabeth' (Shoemaker) and Atkinson H. "Walton. 

4990. I. Rebecca": b. Ma\- 25. 1847; m. Oct. 7, 1875, to Edwin 
Thorp. Shv d. 


Children of (2344) Rebecca A' (Shoemaker) and James McCarter. 


4991. 1. Sarah'-': b. Oct. 2, 1854; m. Mch. 24, 1874, to J. Roberts 


4992. II. Elizabeth'-': b. Nov. 25, 1856. 

4993. III. Mary': b. Feb. 19, 1862; m. Dec. 22, 1881, to Ezra P. 

Carroll, Jr. 

Children of (2345) Richard C/ and Anna (Shallcross) Shoemaker. 

4994. I. EZEKIEL C": b. May 20, 1850; m. Dec. 17, 1874, S. 

Rebecca Larkin. 

4995. II. Thomas S.": b. May 25, 1852; m. Mch. 13, 1879, Anna 

M. Morgan. 

4996. III. Elizabeth': b. May 9, 1854; m. Dec. 25, 1877, to 

Harry Wilson. 

4997. IV. Martha": b. Jan. 14, 1856; m. Mch. 11, 1880, to Reece 

L. Thomas. 

Child of same and Martha (Lukens), 2d wife. 

4998. V. George Roberts": b. June 19, 1879. 

Children of (2346) Benjamin H.'' and Susan B. (Trump) 


4999. I. Robert, Jr.": b. Jan. 18, 1858; m. Apl. 27, 1882, Kath- 

arine Hallowell. (6981) 

5CXX). II. Maria BrintoN": b. Jan. 26, i860; m. Feb. 17, 1881, 
at Friends' Meeting, Germantown, Philad., to T. William 
Kimber, who d. Jan. 9, 1885, aged 29 years. (6983) 

5001. III. Samuel B." (M. D.): b. Sep. 6, 1861, in Philad.; m. 
Feb. 8, 1888, in Baltimore, Mary Dawson Tyson. He 
was a graduate of Haverford College and of the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania. Was resident physician and of the 
staff of the O. P. Department of the Penna. Hospital, 
and a member of the Philad. County Medical Society. 
He practiced medicine in Germantown, Philad., where he 
d. Apl. 2, 1893. (6985) 

=;o6 THli Ll-:\ BRING FA,\llL^. 

5002. IV. A.MELIA BiRh': b. Nov. 25, 1865, at Germantowii ; m. 

Fc-b. 14. i,S<Sg, til J. S. Loveriiiy Wharton, (»t Philad. 


5003. \. Bl:N.)AA\l.\ II.," jJ: b. Wch. 3, 1872. 

Children of 12347) Charles B. and Anna M. ^Foulke) Shoemaker. 

5004. I. Charles Francis": b. Oct. i, 1856; d. Mch. 13, 1876. 

5005. II. William F.": b. Feb. 1, 1859; d. .Au^r. 20, 1885. 

5006. 111. A.WELIA B.": b. Apl. 20, 1862; d. Oct. 26. 1863. 

5007. IV. Benjamin H.": b. Nov. 30, 1864. 

5008. V. Lewis F.'': b. July I, 1867. 

5009. \i. FllaF.": b. jul\- II, 1873; m. Oct. 4, 1894, to Thomas 

C. Satterthwaite. 

Children of (2348) Comly B/ and Martha L. (Bailey) Shoemaker. 

5010. I. ANNaB.": b. June- 23, 1877. 

5011. II. Marian (j.": b. Apl. 4, 1879. 

5012. 111. Maf^HA B.': b. July 30, 1881. 

5013. IV. Charles B.'': b. Sep. 28, 1882; d. Sep. n, 1883. 

5014. V. Richard W.'': b. June 25, 1884; ^1- Jan. 17, 1885. 

5015. VI. A.WLLIA B.'-': b. Jan. 21, 1886. 

5016. \Ii. COMLV B.": b. Mch. 4, 1888. 

5017. Mil. Susan W.": b. Dec. 24, 1889. 

Children of (2350) Samuel L.' and Anna H. (Paul) Shoemaker. 

^018. I. Martha Fllen'': b. Feb 27, 184s; m. Oct. 24, 1867, to 
Elwood Paul. 

5019. II. ARDLLLA M.": b. Oct. 26, 1846; d. Jul\- 12, 1851. 

5020. III. SaAU'EL'-': b. Jan. 31, 1849; d. Nov. 13, 1856. 

5021. I\. I.IXLRLI) A.": b. Sept. 13. i8so; m. Mar\- Hardin-. 

5022. \. I:I)\VIN": b. Sept. 23, 1853; d. Jan. 10, 1857. 

5023. \l. 1.M)Ia I'.": b. Dec. 8. 1857; m. \<.v. 17, 1880, to 

Thomas McMichael. 

5024. \ll. Walter W.'-': b. Apl. i, 1863. 


Children of (2352) Elizabeth' (Shoemaker) and Townsend W, 


5025. 1. Mary Elma'': b. Jan. 8, 1849; d. Mch. 25, 1877. 

5026. II. Nathans.": b. Oct. 20, 1850; d. Juiu^ 17, 1865. 

5027. 111. Anna P.": b. Nov. 10, 1853; d. Nov. 12, 1856. 

5028. IV. Augusta t£.'': b. June 30, 1855; d. June 23, 1856.- 

5029. V. Charles J.'': b. June 19, 1857. 

5030. VI. Walter P.'': b. May 19, 1859; m. July 19, 1881, Lydia 

J. Plumner. 

5031. Vll. ARD M.": b. Mch. i, 1863; d. Apl. 2, 1864. 

5032. Vlll. Bertha G.'-': b. Aug. 17, 1865. 

Children of (2353) Geraldine^ (Shoemaker) and Comly Wood. 

5033. 1. Howard S.'': b. Aug. 8, 1847; m. Mch. 14, 1877, Tacy 

Comly. No. chn, 

5034. II. Martha S.'': b. Oct 16, 1848; m. Mch. 20, 1873, to 

EUwood Conard. She d. Apl. 23, 1875. 

5035. III. Amanda'-': b. Sept. 29, 1851; d. Apl. 10, 1852. 

5036. IV. Newton E.": b. June 18, 1853; m. Mch 18, 18S0/ 

Elizabeth Reeder. 

5037. V. LlNDLY": b. July 14, 1856; d. July 26, 1858. 

5038. VI. Edwin'': b. May 23, i860; m. Mary K. Williams. 

5039. VII. Alfred C': b. June 17, 1863. 

5040. VIII. Ella": b. Dec. 12, 1870; d. Aug. 23, 1873. 

Children of (2354) Algfernon"* and Sosan C. (Rex) Shoemaker. 

5041. I. Mary Rex'': b. May 2, 1854; m. Apl. 14. 1881, to John 

W. Buckman. 

5042. II. Elizabeth Evans": b. Feb. 14, 1857; m. June 29, 1881, 

to Charles H. Buckman. 

5043. III. William Drayton": b. Jan. 26, and d. Now n, 1859. 


Children of ( 2355 > Nathan' and Caroline ( Fenton ) Shoemaker. 

5044. 1. Sarah C": b. Dtc. i, 1855; m. Mch. 7, 1878, to G. 

WynK'oop Rubinkam. 

5045. 11. ALFRED": b. June 14, 1857; d. Aug. 18, a858. 






Children of same and Mary P. (Lippincott ), 2d wife. 

111. Caroline'-': b. Api. 23, 1865. 

IV. CiERALDlNE M.': b. Dec. S, 1866. 

V. Samuel": b. Oct. ^o, 1870. 

VI. CO.WLV'": b. Sep. 12. 1872. 

VI I. ANNA K.'-': b. Oct. 5. 1874- 
Mil. Martha B.": b. Aug. 8, 1880. 

Children of (2356) Isaiah L,' and Sarah (Murphy) Shoemaker. 

5052. 1. Mary'-': b. Feb. 18, 1885. 

5053. 11. Mabel': b. Feb. 14, and d. Mcii. 7, 1889. 

Children of (2359) Samuel H.' and Arietta (Hampson) Shoemaker. 

5054. 1. Mary'-": b. Aug. 15, 1852; m. Oct. 7, 1875, to Godfrey 


5055. 11. Helen": b. Oct. 14, 1854; m. Apl. 22, 1875, to Stewart 


5056. HI. Susan'-': b. June 24, 1858; m, Jan. 20, 1877, to Frank 


5057. I\. WILLIAM": ] or f 

- b. Sep. 17, 1861 ; i 

5058. V. ANNIE': ) Id. in 1862. 

Children of (2361 ) Elisha' and Mary (Mosser) Shoemaker. 

5059. 1. Samuel M.": b. June 23, 1853; ni. Dec. 4, 1879, Eliza- 

betii Summers. 

5060. 11. William 11.': b. [ycc 27, 1854; d. Oct. 7, 1884. 


5061. HI. Mary L.'': b. Dec. 23, 1856; m. Dec. 24, 1878, to Ben- 

jamin Summers. 

5062. IV. EliSHA": b. in 1858; d. 

5063. V. Benjamin F.'': b. July i8, 1859; m. Dec. 21, 1882, to 

Alice McDivitt. 

5064. VI. Annie C": b. July 10, 1863; m. Mch. 3, 1883, to Carey 


5065. VII. ELISHA^ b. Aug. 6, 1866. 

Children of (2362) Benjamin' and Martha (Hurd) Shoemaker. 

5066. I. Harry B.'-': b. Apl. 7, 1864; d. Mch. 20, 1868. 

5067. II. Jennie McC: b. Sep. 5, 1866; d. Mch. 20, 1868. 

5068. III. Seth H.': b. Apl. 19, 1869. 

5069. IV. Mary BEANS": b. Mch. 18, 1877. 

Children of (2363) Mary E/ (Shoemaker) and Thomas I.^ Beans. 

5070. I. EllwOOD C": b. Jan. 17, 1855; d. July 3, 1874. 

5071. II. Harry S.^ b. Sep. 26, 1856; d. Dec. 20, i860. 

5072. III. LIZZIE ¥.■•': b. Sep. 28, 1858; d. Sep. 6, 1878. 

5073. IV. JOHNC": b. Feb. 3, 1861. 

5074. V. MaryS.'-': b. July 31, 1863. 

Children of (2367) Harry' and Anna M. (Jeffries) Shoemaker. 

5075. I. Warren": b. Feb. 9, 1870. 

5076. II. JOSEPH N.": b. Nov. 22, 1873; d. Dec. 25, 1889. 

5077. 111. Clara Bell": b. Mch. 12, 1882. 

Children of (2370) Regfinald" and Eliza F. (Buzby) Shoemaker. 

5078. I. Fanny": b. iNov. 22, 1866. 

5079. 11. R. Heber": b. July 14, 1868. 

510 THI-: Li:\l£RING FAMin'. 

Children of same and Susan F. ( Wooley », 2d wife. 

5080. III. Ja.WHS": 1\ .\\a\- 22, and d. July 24, 1880. 

5081. 1\ . Richard": b. July 1, 1881. 

Child of same and Amelia M. (Dey), 3d wife. 

5082. \'. BENJAMIN 1)HV": b. Oct. 26, 1889. 

Child of (23721 Benjamin"" and Lucy (Ray) Shoemaker. 

5083. I. ALICE Frame": b. Jul)- I, 1874. 

Children of (2374) Elizabeth P." (Shoemaker) and Brooks S.Morris. 

5084. 1. Charles Shoemaker'-': b. Apl. 9, 1887. 
508:;. II. Benjamin West": b. Feb. 25, 1889. 

5086. 111. Samuel Brooks": b. Aug. 24, 1890. 

Children of ( 2376 ) Mira Maria' ( Conard ) and Joseph Pyle. 

5087. I. Charles Sumner": b. May 12, 1862; m. Dec. 25, 1883, 

Hlla Anna Gregg. 

5088. II. ANNA Rachel": b. Ma\- 2, i86s ; m. Oct. 20, 1887, to 

Luman Beitler. 

5089. 111. Milton Conard": b. Mch. 20. 1868; m. Oct. 2, 1889, 

Hlla Heston. 

5090. l\. Wilbur Joseph": b. Oct. 17, 1870; d. Mch. 20, 1871. 

Children of (23S0) Isaac' and Emma W. (Wallace) Conard. 
5ck;i. 1. George Wallace'-': b. Oct. 19, 1871 ; d. Sep. 17, 1872. 

5092. II. Al.l-Rr.D F.": b. Sep. S, 187^ 

50)3. 111. MAR^• Reynolds": b. May 9, and d. Sep. 17, 1880. 
Children of (2381 ) Samuel S.' and Louisa (Miller) Conard. 

5094. 1. Flora May": b. May 18, 1879. 
5093. 11. Hthel Rachel": b. Apl. 25, 1884. 
509O. 111. Grace Louisa": b. June 15, 1888. 


Children of (2382) Thomas E/ and Anna (Robertson) Conard. 

5097. 1. ANNA Gertrude": b. Nov. n, 1870. 

5098. II. NORMANS,": b. July 10, 1873. 

5099. III. HORACE Pennington'-': b. Nov. 24, 1883. 

Children of (2385) Sarah C/ (Conard) and George T. 


5100. I. Earnest Harry": b. Oct. i, 1861 ; m. Mch. 25, 1886, 

Josephine Darlington. 

5101. II. Annie M.": b. Jan. 22, 1864; m. Mch. 13, 1890, to 

James E. Hamilton, 

5102. III. Edward": b. May 7, 1865; m. May 7, 1890, Evanetta 

P. Sharpless. 

5103. IV. ROLAND T.": b. Sep. 15, 1866. 

5104. V. Thomas C": b. May 24, 1871 ; m. Oct. 4, 1894, Ella 

F. Shoemaker. 

5105. VI. CjUY": b. and d. Jan. 14, 1873. 

5106. VII. Helen": b. June 26, 1874. 

5107. VIII. Alfred": b. Apl. 9, 1879. 

Children of (2386) Thomas P/ and Rebecca (Baldwin) Conard. 

5108. I. Caroline B.": b. Jan. 20, 1867. 

5109. II. Charles W.": b. Jan. 15, 1872.^ 

5110. III. Henrys.": b. Sep. 12, 1874. 

511 1. IV, Ralph W.": b. Jan. 20, 1879, 

Children of (2388) Rebecca' (Carter) and William Evans. 

51 12. I. JOHN C": b. Oct. 26, and d. Oct. 27, 1868. 


II. Charles": b. Sep. 29, 1870. 

III. Alice C": b. July 24, 1872. 

IV. Grace": b. Jan. 3, 1874. 

V. WILLIAA\ B.": b. July 27, 1875, 

VI. Ruth": b. Aug. 23, 1877. 

;,!_' THi; l.HXtRlNG FAMILY . 

Children of (2390) John E.' and Caroline (Cadbury) Carter. 

;iiS. 1. CAF^OLINt": b. Apl. 9, 1863. 
SI 19. II. Sarah": b. Apl. 15, 1865. 
:;i20. 111. Hl.l/ABinil": b. Dec. 11, 1866. 

Children of same and Fanny W. (Pirn), 3d wife. 
;i_'i. I\. John Pl.w": b. Jan. 9, 1880. 
si22. \\ MaRYB.": b. Oct. 18, 1882. 

si23. \l. Rebecca": b. D^c. 2, 1889. 

Children of (2394) Charles S." and Elizabeth (Cope) Carter. 





I. William": b. Oct. 30, 1870. 

II. HLLEN C": b. July 14, 1873. 

III. John D.": b. bee. 30, 1874. 

1\\ ALICE Mary": b. Feb. 26, 1878. 
\. Charles H.": b. Dec. 23, 1879. 

Children of (2403) Elizabeth' (Shoemaker) and Thomas Edgar 


5129. 1. Martha WlLLSON": b. Oct. 11. 1840; unmd. Res. Ger- 

mantown, Philad. 

5130. II. Tac^' Shoemaker": b. Sept. ^, 1842; m. Sept. 3, 1862, 

to Frank' C. Ciillinuham, at Haiiiespoit, N. J. Mr. G. is 
a lumber merchant in PhilaJ. (7098) 

;i:;i. 111. JOSIAH WlLLSON": b. Au.u. 7, 1844; m. Caroline Kem- 
ble. who J. He J. Sept. 18, 1880. No. chn. 

^n2. 1\ . Mary Shoemaker": b. Jan. i, and d. Nov. 23, 1848. 

313^ \. IhRJMAS Hdg/.R" : b. June 13, 1861 ; m. Amelia Williams, 
of Minneapolis, where they live. 


Children of (2422) Thomas' and Mary C. (Jones ) Mather. 

5134. 1. Franklin'-': b. Dec. i, 1832; J. June 28, 1834. 

5135. II. Emily'-': b. July 29, 1834; m. Oct. 8, 1856, to Calvin P. 

Marshall. She d. Jan. 26, 1875. (6988) 

5136. III. COMLYJ.": b. June 21, 1836; m. May 23, 1872, Eliza- 

beth Weaver. No chn. 

5137. IV. Caroline'-': b. July 15, 1838; m. June i, 1864, to Ed- 

win W. Roberts. (6993) 

5138. V. Thomas Penrose'-': b. Sept. 8, 1841; d. Feb. 15, 1870 

5139. Vi. Mary J.'-': b. Nov. 9, 1843; ^^' Ft^b. 11, 1865. 

5140. Vll. Anna'-': b. April 20, 1846; d. Aug. 13, 1862. 

Child of (2423) Penrose"* and E. Lydia (Shoemaker) Mather. 

5141. 1. Cynthia Shoemaker'-': b. .Aug. 18, 1847; m. Sept. 7, 

1871, to Robert C. Lippincott. She d. Dec. 6, 1880. 


Children of (2424) Rachel' (Mather) and Charles Shoemaker. 

5142. 1. ANN Mather'-': b. Feb. 2, 1845; m. April 10, 1867, to 

Samuel R. Elton. . (6995) 

5143. II. Thomas Mather'-': b. July 3, 1846; d. Oct. 7, 1847. 

5144. 111. Franklin A.'': b. Jan. 12, 1849; m. Feb. 10, 1870, Kate 

Richardson, who d. ; no chn. ; m. 2d Sept. 30, 1875, 
Fannie H. Moore. (6999) 

5145. IV. Charles B.": b. Jan. 30, 185 1 ; m. Christianna C, Dia- 

ment, who d. ; m. 2d Susan E. Davis. (7000) 

5146. V. Mary'-': b. Nov. 24, and d. Nov. 27, 1858. 

5147. VI. Edwin'': b. Aug. 15, 1861 ; d. Mch. 4, 1862. 

Children of (2425) Mary S." (Mather) and Jacob Tyson. 

5148. I. Sarah Ann'-': b. May 30, 1845; *-!• A*-'.!^- -7. i<^48- 

5149. II. ANNaS.": b. Jan. 27, 1849; unmd. 


Children of ( 242o i Mary K." (Shoemaker) and John J. White. 

5i!;o. 1. FraNCHS .V\. : h. Aii.u. 7. 1835; 'i"*- J>-""'f 5, 1856, b\' 
Frifiuls' (.•(-■ic'inonN-, to Nathan H. Sharpless. (7005) 

5151. II. JosiAH": h. W-h. n, 1S41 ; m. Oct. 2, 1862, Mary H. 

Allen, (.t Haddontiekl, N. J. (7006) 

5152. 111. Rhbecca Smith": b. Sept. 10, 1844; m. Feb. 23, 1871, 

to T. HI wood Bartram. (7013) 

si 5^. I\ . loilN ShoHMAKF.R": b. July 23, 1851 ; d. Feb. 23, 1877. 

Children of (2429) Frances M/ (Shoemaker) and Israel Peterson. 

5154. I. Nathan Shoemaker": b. June 20, 1839; m. Oct. 6, 1864, 

Mrs. Marion Y. Massey. No. Chn. 

5155. II. Hlizabeth Wilson": b. Mch. 6, and d. Sept. 5, 184^. 

5 1 56. III. John Alexander": b. Oct. 3, 1844; d, Jan. 17, 1847. 

u;;. I\. Mar^ kIRKBRIDE": b. ALl^. 26, 1846; m. April 26, 1869, 
to Michael Dallett, w ho, until his retirement, was a mem- 
ber of the shipping firm of Dallett & Co., of Philad. 
Mrs. U. d. April s, 1876. ' (7015) 

5158. \. 1:LIZA OURNEY'-': b. June 2, 1850; ni. Ma\ 31, 1892, to 

Michael Dallett, widower of her deceased sister. No. chn. 

5159. \ 1. I-RANCLS Maria": b. Sept. 20, 1851 ; d. Feb. 5, 1880; 


Children of (2430) Martha P.' (Shoemaker) and Joseph T. Williams. 

5irx). I. Howard": b. Ju1\- 10, 1843; d. July 1. 1844. 

5161. II. Francis Howard": b. Sept. 2, 1844; m. May 31, 1865, 

Mary B., dau. of William H. Houston, of Germantown, 
Philad. (7017) 

5162. III. Jl'LIA Pratt": b. Mch. 12, 1863. 


Children of (2433) Franklin' and Mary H. ("Williams) Shoemaker. 

5163. I. Frances Williams'': b. April i, andd. July 28, 1849. 

5164. 11. Thomas Howard'': b. May 12, 185 1. 

5165. III. Florence Maria": b. Aug. i, 1854; d. Mch. 21, 1866. 

5166. IV. Mary Williams": b. May 17, 1861. 

Children of (2479) George M.' and Maria (Markoe) Wharton. 

5167. I. Ellen M.'': b. July 15, 1837; m. Jan. 19, i860, to Robert 

Morris, who was subsequently Major of the 6th Regt. 
Penna. Volunteers, in the War of the Rebellion. He was 
captured by the enemy and confined in Libby Prison, at 
Richmond, Va., where he d. Aug. 12, 1863. Mrs. M. m, 
2d Oct. 22, 1867, to George M. Dallas, of Philad. 


5168. II. Agnes": b. May 31, 1839; m. June 5, i860, to Pember- 

ton S. Hutchinson, President of the Philad. Savings Fund. 
Mrs. H. d. May 4, 1896. The Philad. Evening Bulletin 
of 5th, said of her : " Among the many sad deaths which 
have occurred recently, none will be more widely felt and 
more deeply mourned by devoted friends than that of 
Mrs. P. Sidney Hutchinson, which occurred yesterday 
afternoon, at her residence, after a lingering illness. 
Mrs. H. was the daughter of the distinguished George M. 
Wharton, and a grand-daughter of Mr. John Markoe. A 
woman of rare mental accomplishments, to which were 
added all the virtues of domestic life. Her loss will be 
mourned among the poor and unfortunate, to whom she 
was a constant and liberal benefactress. For many years 
a member of St. James Church, she was associated with 
many charities." (7027) 

5169. III. Maria":' b. Nov. 26, 1840; m. to Thompson Lennig. 

She d. Dec, 1865. 

5170. IV. HITTY Markoe ^ b. Dec. 17, 1842; m. Mch. 29, 1865, 

to Dr. George Pepper, who d. Sept. 14, 1872. (7033) 
She m. 2d Oct. 7, 1876, to Prof. Ernest Zantzinger, LL. 
B. of University of Penna., 1875. No ohn. 


5171. \. HLIZABKTH'': 1\ [)cc. 12. 1844; m. Sept. 14, 1863, to 

Thomas McKran. nt Gcrmantown, Philad. (7036) 

5172. \ I. WiLLlA.M 1-lsllBOLlvNB ": b. Oct. 23, 1846; m. Oct. 10, 

1871, Fiaiict-'S Fisher. Mr. W. was graduated by the 
UniwrsitN of Peiina., in the class of 1865. Res. New 
York Cit\-. (7041) 

5173. \ll. hDllll": b. Au^^ 20, 1848; m. to (3436) George' Boker. 

No elm. Res. Philad. 

5174. \ 111. Cir.ORGl-:": b. Aug. 29, 1850; m. Oct. 23, 1873, Julia 

\. Duncan. Res. Philad. (7044) 

Child of (2485) Edward' and Jane (Shippen) Wharton. 
5175. I. LOIISE ": b. in Philad. 

Children of (24731 Daniel C/ and Anna W. (Morgan) Wharton. 

t;i70. I. ,V\AkV.V\.": b. Dec. is, 1843. 

5177. 11. ANNA ROTCH'-': b. .V\a\-, 27, 1845; m. Mch. 14, 1871, to 

Charles J. Churchman. Res. Philad. (7046) 

5178. 111. Helen ROTCH'': b. Sept. 2, 1847; m. April 22, 1874, to 

George Hmlen, of Philad. (7051) 

5179. 1\. WILLIA.W Moore'-': b. Aug. 25, 1848; m. Dec. 15, 1874, 

Hllen Clifton Wharton. He was of the class of 1868, 
graduated by the Uni\ersity of Penna. (7054) 

5180. \ . Daniel Clark": b. Sept. 2S, 185 1 ; d. Nov. 6, 1863. 

Children of (2477) Elizabeth S.^ (Wharton) and Com. Wm. J. 


5181. 1. DEBORAH Wharton ": b. Dl-c. 17, 1842; d. Aug. 3, 1848. 

5182. II. ARABELLA": b. Nov. 10, 1850; m. Feb. 7, 1877, to Stiles 

Huber. (7059) 


Children of (25J5) Eliza D." (Stroud) and Edwin Johnson. 

5183. I. Charles Edward'': b. Oct. 6, 1852, at Cin., O.; d. 

Jan. 30, 1853. 

5184. 11. EMILY": b. Feb. 7, 1854, at Cin., O.; m. Mch. 5, 1877, 

to George Elwyn Warden. Res. at Minneapolis, Minn. 

Children of (2519) Lydia B/ (Stroud) and John T. Bateman, 

5185. 1. MarIANNa'-': b. Feb. 29, 1848, at Sprin^yboro, O.; d. Oct. 

5, 1849, ^t Bellefontaine, O. 

5186. 11. Susan S.': b. Oct. 9, 1849, at Bellefontaine, O.; d. May 

2, 1850, at Springboro, O. 

5187. 111. Edwards.': b. Oct. 12, 1851, at Bellefontaine, O.; m. 

Aug. 28, 1882, Nellie Kennett. Res. Cin., O. 

5188. IV. Oliver H.^ b. A^ch. 17, 1854, at Bellefontaine, O. 

5189. V. Carolines.'-': b. Sept. 2, 1856, at Bellefontaine, O.: m. 

July 2, 1879, ^^t Friends Meeting, Cin., O., to Aired But- 
ler, a merchant of Bellefontaine, O., where they reside. 


5190. VI. Mary Ellen '■' : b. June 16, 1861, at Cincinnati, O. 

Children of (2520) Mary PauF (Stroud) and Brooks Johnson. 

5191. I. GeoRGEANNA": b. May 4, 1861 ; d. May 5, 1864, at Cin- 

cinnati, O. 

5192. II. Charles S.": b. Jan. 23, 1863; m. Oct. 19, 1884, Mar- 

tha Sterritt. He is a merchant of Cincinnati, O. 


Children of (2521 ) Sallie A.^ (Stroud) and Benjamin Wright. 

5193. 1. Susan S.'': b. Mch. i, 1847; m. Sept. 9, 1869, to Benja- 

min Morris, who d. about 1882. (7068) 

5194. II. Charles S.'-' : b. May 6, 1849; m. Sept. 12, 1876, Emily 

Bronson. He is a farmer in Texas. (7074) 

5i8 TH1-: Ll:\ BRING FA.Wm'. 

'^M)^. III. Hannah M.': b. May 5, 1851; m. Oct. 5, 187s, to 
KoK-rt W. Kurnas, of Indianapolis, Ind. (7079) 

S196. IV. Mary H.': I\ July 25, 1852; m. Oct. 19, 1876, to Albert 
VVhcck-r, nt Indianapolis, Ind. (7081) 

Sic)7. \'. O.EORGE": b. Mch. 15, 1855; m. Oct. 20, 1887, Anna 
Price, who d. Ma\- 19, 1891. He m. 2d Mch. 10, 1893, 
Idda FostiM. 

:;i98. \1. .IaNB p.": b. Jan. ^o, 1857; unmd. Res. Indianapolis, 

All born at Indianapolis, except Charles, born in Texas. 
5199. \ II. PaRVIN'-': b. Ma\- 12, i860, at Pullman, Wis. 
52CXD. \ 111. LVDIA H.": b. h\-b. 7, 1863, at Indianapolis. 

5201. IX. BENJAMIN C": b. Apl. 10, 1865, at Pullman, Wis. 

5202. \. ANNA Potts'-': b. Ma\' 8, 1868, at Indianapolis. 

Family reside at Indianapolis, hid. 

Children of (2522) George M/ and Deborah A. (Jordan) Stroud. 

5203. 1. Frank W.": b. Sep. 18, 185 1 ; d. Au.ti. 23, 1858. 

5204. II. Oertrl'DH anna" : b. Nov. 8, 1853, at Bellefontaine, O. 

5205. 111. FdwaRD J.': b. Feb. 27, 1856, at Bellefontaine, O. 

5206. 1\. Clifford D.'': b. Feb. 18, 1859, in Oregon; d. June 

21, 187O. 

5207. \ . HVA LOLMSA Graas": b. Mch. 19, 1S61, in Oregon. 

t;2o8. \1. Sally Belle'': b. Oct. 18, 1862; m. Oct. 16, 1880, to 
C. H. Harrison, of Portland, Oregon. (7083) 

15209. Nil. (jEORGE M.": b. Ja*n. 9, 1864; m. July 12, 1893, to 
Ida Ma\- Tolman. 

^2io. \ 111. ILORENCL M. " : b. Oct. 12, 18O6; m. Mch. 14, 1887, 
to J^. S. Hansen, of Portland, Oregon. (7085) 

5211. 1\. l:RNLSi Jordan'-': b. Apl. 10, 1868; m. Jul\- 2, 1894, 
to Sarah Ireland. 

521 J. \. c:()NSTiNE Joseph": b. Nov. 12, 1869; d. Mch. 9, 1873. 

q2i;. M. Beneta Ruth": b. June 6, 1872. 

Famil\- rt-side at Portland, Oregon. 


Children of (2524) Caroline B." (Stroud) and Dr. Algernon S. 


5214. I. Eveline Bruce": b. Oct. 14, 1855. 

5215. II. Charles J.": b. Jan. 8, and d. Jan. 22, 1857. 

Children of (2529) Susan' (Stroud) and Lewis D. Vail. 


5216. I. Charles Davis'': b. May 27, 1861. Lives tit his ranche 

in Wyoming. 

5217. 11. Eleanor Stroud'': b. July 13, 1862; d. Aug. 30, 1883; 

unind. Drowned near Ocean Grove, New Jersey. 

5218. ill. Mar\' HallOWEL": b. Dec. 31, 1863 ; d. Aug. 30, 1883; 

unmd. Drowned near Ocean Grove, New Jersey. 

5219. IV. George Stroud" (Rev.) : b. Apl. 29, 1865 ; m. June 

25, 1 89 1, Laura Mershon. Clergyman of the Reformed 
Episcopal Church. (7087) 

5220. V. Emily Rachel": b. Aug. 5, 1867. 

5221. VI. William Aubrey": b. Mch. 21, 1868. 

5222. VU. Louis De Pui": b. Sep. 18, 1870. Member of the 

Philadelphia legal bar. 

5223. Vlll. Ernest Macdowel": b. Aug. 16, 1872. 

5224. IX. Susan Mansfield": b. Feb. 3, 1874. 

5225. X. Frederick Clifton^: b. July 31, 1875. 

5226. XL Arthur Henry": b. Feb. u, 1878. 

Family reside at Germantown, Pa. 

Children of (2530) Rev. George D.'' and Annie (Orme) Stroud. 

5227. 1. Edward Mansfield": lb. Nov. i, ) 

5228. 11. Elizabeth Everton": J ^^^^' I d. Oct. 10, 1880. 

5229. 111. Eleanor Hallowell": b. Nov. 14, 1869. 

5230. IV. Rebecca h.": b. Feb. 2, 1872. 

5231. V. Mary Evelyn": b. May 12, 1876; d. May 23, 1896; 



Children of ( 3534 ) Morris R/ and Mary (Skerritt) Stroud. 

52^2. I. WaRcJarkt HLlZABliTH": b. Mch. 21, 1849, in PhilaJ.; ni. 
Oct. 1:;. 1S68. to HowarJ D. Thomas, now a merchant 
in Tacoma, Wasii. (70S8) 

^2V.. 11. WILLIA.M': b. Aiiu. 8. 1S51; m. Jan.6, 1876, to Caroline 
Franciscus. Mr. S. is eno;aged in the commission busi- 
ness in New Voil< Cit\-. (7091) 

q2:;4. 111. H.WlL^ ': J. in chilJhood. 

Child of same and Marie L. (Bailey)^ 2d wife. 
;2^;. 1\'. Morris Kobhson": b. Oct. 2, 1862. 

Child of (2535) William DanieP and Charlotte (Beesley) Stroud. 

523O. 1. MORRIS WiSTER": b. May 14, i860, in Philad.; m. Jan. 
19, 1887. Mar.tiaret P. Rutter. Member of the American 
Gas Co., of PliilaJ. (7092) 

Children of (2536) Rebecca R.' (Stroud) and Norman M. Kerr. 

5237. 1. \\ilmi;r Maclean'-': ; d. 

5238. II. H.W.MA": b. Nov. 8, 1851 ; unmd. Res. East Downing- 

town. Pa. 

S2^9. 111. Illia": 

5240. \\. Norman Maclean'' (Capt) : b. ; m. Anna M. 

Nelson. Capt. S. is an Asst. Quartermaster U. S. Army. 
Now (1896) stationed in California. (7094) 

5241. \'. Hliza Stroid'': ; j. 

Child of ( 2537 ) Joseph R.' and Mary (Baker) Stroud. 
524 J. 1. Ja.wls": 


Children of (2539) Emma E/ (Stroud) and Rynear "Williams, Jr. 

5243. I. NORMAN'-': b. June 20, 1857, at Philad. ; d, April 22, 


5244. II. Mary Stroud'': b. Jan. 22, i860, at Washington, D. C. 

5245. 111. Emma Stroud'-': b. Nov. 15, 1867, at Philad. 

5246. IV. KaTHERINE ShOTWELL": b. Jan. 27, 1870; d. June 17, 


Family reside in Philadelphia, 

Child of (2541) Simpson R/ and Harriet (Skerritt) Stroud. 

5247. I. David Skerritt": d. in infancy. 

Children of (2542) Ruthanna' (Stroud) and Edward Mason. 

5248. 1. William'-': d. in childhood. 

5249. II. Elizabeth Paul'-': b. Feb., 1855; d. Dec. 28, 1882, in 

Philad. Unmd. 

5250. 111. Edward": d. in infancy. 

Children of (2543) Daniel Stroud^ and lane (Martin) Robeson. 

5251. 1. Jacob Shotwell": b. Sept. 19, 1865, at Rahway, N. J. 

5252. II. Jane Irwin'-': b. June, 1867; m. Oct. 9, 1888, to J. 

Bayard Henry, atty. at law, Philad. (7096) 

5253. 111. Elizabeth Stroud^: b. in Rahway; d. in infancy. 

5254. IV. William Martin'-': b. in Philad. ; d. in infancy. 

5255. V. Katharine Morgan'-': b. Oct. 20, 1872, in Philad. 

5256. VI. Mary Paul'-': b. Jan. 20, 1874, in Philad. 

5257. VII. Adalaide Irwin": b. Oct. 19, 1878, in Philad. 

Children of (2543,'j) Mary P.^ (Robeson) and Coleman L. 


5258. I. Samuel Lindzey": b. Nov. 10, 1870; m. Nov. 9, 1892, 

Elizabeth S. Ecroyd. ^ (7097) 

5259. II. Edward Rhodes": b. in 1872; d. in infancy. 

522 THt l.L\Lkl.\(j I'AMILV. 

s26o. III. liLIZAhLill RoBllSON'-': b. Nov. 9, 1S74, at German- 
town. Phil;ul. ; 111. [K-c. 19, 1895, at Haxerford Meeting, 
to Jcvst'pli Rcniiiv^ton Wood, of Boston. He is a druggist 
at Brookl>n. N. V. 

S26i. I\. PKR(:i\al": b. Dec. 14, 1H82, in Phiiad. 

Children of (2545) Martha S/ (Robeson) and Arthur Wm. Howell. 

5262. I. .Waptiia PaI'L": h. Dec. 25, 1878, in Phiiad. 

5263. 11. ARTHUR'-': b. Jan. s. 1880, in Phiiad. 

5264. III. HaRRIKT": b. (Jet. 14. 1881 ; d. Jul\-, 1882. 

5265. IV. Mary KOBESON": b. (3ct. 14, 188C, at Overbrook, Pa. 

5266. \ . Joseph Robeson ": b. Jan. 24, 1892, at Wayne, Pa. 

Children of (2552) George M/ and Margaret (Curtis) Vaughan. 

5267. 1. hApAVETTE": b. 1879. 

5268. II. C3EORGE Maris'-': b. about 1881. 

5269. 111. MathiaS'': b. about 18S4. 

5270. 1\'. Helen": b. about 1886. 

Child of (2554) Eliza L.' (Vaughan) and Lewis M. Owings. 

5271. I. Hdna M.': b. May 23, 1840, at Columbus, O. 

Children of (2556) George M/ and Adaline (Myers) Maris. 

5272. I. ,\\aR^ hRL!SSILLA'': b. Awj.. 14, 1866; m. April 23, 1887, 

to Hdw in T. Butit-r, wlio d. She resides in New York 
City. (7127) 

527^ II. 1:1FIE Jean": b. Feb. 9, 1869; m. June 29, 1891, to Wm. 
Allen Sells. Res. Topeka, Kas. (7128) 

5274. 111. AlMLlNE LoriSA": b. Sept. 4, 1871 . I'nmd. Res. Co- 
lumbus, O. 

Child of (2565) Anne P. (Maris) and Capt. Wm. C. Spencer. 

^2j-^. I. hLEANOR CathaRIME": b. Oct. II. and d. Nov. 11, 1889, 
in Baltimore. 


Children of (2568) William' and May (Fisher) Maris. 

5276. 1. George Richards': b. Nov. 8, 1870; d. Jan. 31, 1889, 

in Bait. 

5277. II. Florence Adelaide": h.' June 27, 1874, ''■> Bait. 

5278. 111. Gilbert Lewis'': b. Nov. 8, 1880, in Bait. 

Children of (2569) Hewett' and Mary (Dell) Maris. 

5279. 1. Laura Madeline ^ b. Sept. 25, 1878, in Baltimore. 

5280. II. Carrie Graves": b. Aug. 25, 1885, in Baltimore. 

Child of (2551) Clara" (Vaughan) and E. E. Ewing. 

5281. I. Clara Vaughan": b. at Elkton, Md.; m. to George Bee- 

son. Res. Columbus, O. 

Children of (2576) Mary"* (Ivory) and George J. Slaugfh. 

5282. I. JOHN H.": b. in 1854; m. and has children. 

5283. II. Sarah E.": b. in 1856; m. to Edwanl Harris; have 6 

children. Live in Utah. 

5284. 111. Michael": b. in 1858; d. in 1862. 

5285. IV. Jacobs.": b. in i860; m. 

5286. V. Mary M.": b. in 1861 ; m. Frederick W. Fage. 

Children of (2577) Matthew' and Susan (Ford) Ivory. 

5287. I. Emma": b. in 1850; is dead. 

5288. 11. JOSEPH B.": b. in 1851. Res. not known. 

5289. III. Mary": b. in 1853. Res. not known. 

Children of (2575) William' and Martha (Goslin) Barclay. 

5290. I. Ida": b. in 1853; m. to George Myers; has 4 chn. 

5291. II. Emma": b. in iS^s; <-'. 

5292. III. Warren": b. in 1858; d. in 1859. 

^J4 "11^ Ll:\'l--RlNr, FA.MIl.V 

520^. I\. Cynthia": 1\ in i860; m. to Hcnr\- CupiJ ; 1 cliild, 

5294. \ . ANMH": b. in 1.S62 ; m. to Geor<j;e Sykes ; has 2 chn. 

t;2()S. VI. Cyril': h. in 1S69; m. to Geor^ie Koons ; has 2 chn., 
1 d. 

Children of (2578) Georgfe' and Marg:aret (Bell) Ivory. 






1. H.M.MA" ; ni. 

1!. GE()R(il-: W.": ci. in infancy 

111. Sallii- H.': 1 T- . 
W. WATTllliW': j T^^-"^- 

\. Wn^iA.w C.'-' 

VI. WALTliR A.^ 1 1- . 

Vll. Hlmhr S." J ""'^■^• 

Children of (2579) Sarah' (Ivory) and William Cummings. 

5303. 1. (jBORGE W.'-': b. Mch. 28, i860; d. Jan. 5, 1861, in 


5304. 11. MiRlA.W J.": b. Dl'C. 22, 1861 ; d. Apl. 28, 1865. 

5305. III. Hannah W.": b. Nov. 30, 1864; unmd. 

5306. IV. Harry C.": b. iWch. 23, 1867 ; m. Hmily Cassin of Ger- 

mantown, \\hfi\' thc\' reside. 

5307. V. Hdwina S.'-': b. Diic. 18, 1869; unmd. 

5308. \1. Sallie E:-': b. Mch. 6, 1872; d. Nov. 18, 1873. 
530(). \ll. Walter A.'': b. July 3, 1874; unmd. 

5310. \lll. Blrhia R.": b. May 6, 1876; unmd. 

Children of (2581) Margaret' (Lobb) and James W. Stroud. 

5311. I. \Vu,LlA.\\ L.": b. Au^. 26, 1868; unmd. Res." Mt. Airy, 


5312. II. Joseph C": b. Oct. 16, 1876; unmd. Res. Mt. Airy, 


5313. 111. John L.': b. May 26, 1880. 



puettr library! 


• ■■'•■e Tilden, 



Children of (2582) William' and Sarah (Rinker) Lobb. 

5314. I. George W.'': b. Junt 17, 1877, in Mt. Airy, Philad. 

5315. II. James G.": b. June 6, 1879, in Mt. Airy, Philad. 

Children of (2594) George "W." and Rebecca (Delaney) Stull. 

5316. I. ANNA Maria'-': b. May 22, 1841 ; m. to John H. Yearsley. 

Res. Philad. No chn. 

5317. II. George W.'': b. Apl. 25,^1844; m. Harriet Gorgas. 

He d. May 28, 1872. She d. Feb. 6, 1895. (7129) 

5318. III. JOHN T.": b. Apl. 6, 1846; d. May 28, 1872; unmd. 

5319. IV. Adam A.'': b. Sep. 15, 1848; m. Emily P. Yearsley. 

Res. Philad. Mr. S. is secretary and treasurer of the 
Commonwealth Title, Insurance and Trust Company, of 
Philad. (7130) 

5320. V. Elizabeth'-': b. July 21, 1850; m. to Pemberton B. 

West. Shed. Mch. 28, 1887. (7131) 

5321. VI. Mary Ann": b. Dec. 13, 1852; unmd. Res. Philad. 

5322. VII. Samuel'-': b. Jan. 31, 1856 ; m. Josephine Elliot. Res. 

Philad. (7133) 

All were born in Philadelphia. 

Child of (2595) Susan' (Stull) and Edwin K. GatchelL 

5323. I. Elizabeth C": b. Aug. 5, 1842; d. Apl. 17, 1844. 

Children of (2597) Mary Ann' (Stull) and Jacob Updike. 

5324. I. William": b. Mch. 13, 1848 ; m. Mary Fox. Res. Philad. 

He is d. (7134) 

5325. 11. Lizzie": b. Mch. 22, 1850; m. to Charles McCabe. Res. 

Philad. (7137) 

5326. III. Kate": b. June 18, 1852; m. to Richard T. Campbell. 

Res. Philad. No chn. 

5327. IV. George": b. Oct. 14, i860; unmd. 

All were born in Philadelphia. 


Children of ( 25'*8 ) Sarah' (StuII) and Samuel Knox. 

5328. I. bLWOOD": b. Dec. ^o, 1855; m. Katharine Neithammer. 

Res. Phihki. (7139) 

5329. II. ANNA": b. beb. 12. 1857, in Philad.; d. 

5330. 111. Samuel": b. Feb. 24, 1859, in Philad.; d. 

5331. 1\. H.M.Ma": b. Nov. 15, 1861, in Philad.; d. 
533J. \. Sarah'-': b. July 8, 1862, in Philad.; d. 

Child of (2599) Caroline' (Stull) and John Collins. 

5333. 1. Willia.M H.'-': b. Nov. 22, 1848; m. Rebecca Thackery. 

Res. Berlin, N. J. (ZMO) 

Children of ( 2600 ) John A. C: and Catharine ( Wyand) Stull. 

5334. 1. John a.": b. Jan. 11, 1851; m. Mary Bender. Res. 

Philad. (7143) 

5335. II. .War^' H.": h. July 23, 1853; m. tt) Morris Getz. Res. 

Philad. ' (7147) 

5336. 111. Catharine G.": b. Dec. 5, 1856; m. to William Holtz- 

scheider. Res. Philad. (7149) 

5337. 1\. ALLENA W.'-': b. Jul\- 31, 1859; unmd. 

5338. \'. GhaRLES K.'-': b. April 29, 1862; m. Marian Brewer. 

Res. Philad. (7150) 

5339. \ I. Ida a.'': b. June 30, 1867; unmd. 

5340. Vll. Sarah G.": b. Mch. 1 5, 1870; m. Howard Kcnna. Res. 

Philad. (71 5 1) 

5341. \lll. I-I1-L^ 13.": b. Au^. 12, 1873; unmd. 

All were born in Philad. 

Children of (2601 ) Catharine' (Stull) and Jesse Jones. 

5342. I. HlizaBETH": b. about 1848, in Philad.; unmd. 

534^. II. HaRR^'": b. about 1850, in Philad.; m. Garojine Riser. 


Child of (2603) Christiana' (Stull) and Charles C. King. 

5344. 1. Hlla": b. Oct. 5, [851 ; d. Oct. 17, 1861, at Newark, Del. 

Children of (2604) Amanda L/ (Stull) and Robert Wilson. 

5345. 1. Emma'-': b. Nov. 10, 1868; unmd. Res. Philad. 

5346. II. James": b. Sept. 14, 1871 ; unmd. Res. Philad. 

Children of (2614) George W. S.' and Sarah (Rhoads) Castner. 

5347. I. Jay Arthur'-': b. Oct. 27, 1870, at Gwynedd, Montg. 

Co., Pa. 

5348. II. Mary P.'': b. July 29, 1872; m. Jan. 31, 1894, to Lin- 

ford J. Christman, of Gwynedd, Pa. 

5349. III. Annie R.'': b. Sept. 14, 1877, at Gwynedd. 

5350. IV. BESSIE G."; b. Oct. 5, 1884; d. Aug. 28, 1889. 

Children 6f (2615) Louisa ** (Castner) and Abraham Wentz. 

5351. 1. Tyson'-': b. June 23, 1869; d. May 15, 1880. 

5352. II. Walter": b. Jan. 24, 1871 ; d. Feb. 19, 1875. 

5353. III. Chester-': b. May 22 and d. Oct. 28, 1872. 

5354. IV. EarlC.": b. Oct. 27, 1883. 

All born and resided at Norristown, Pa. 

Child of (2617) Charles' and Anna (Walton) Mackay. 

5355. I. Charles S.'-': b. Oct. 24, 1879. 

Children of (2622) Elizabeth" (Smick) and Isaac W. Livezey. 

5356. I. Bonnie P.": b. Nov. 16, 1876. 

5357. II. John Levering'-': b. April 30, 1878. 

5358. III. Anna Smick'-': 1, ... ^^ 

5359. IV. WILSON REX": J ^-^^l^- ^°'^^S4. 

Born and reside at Aberdeen, Md. 

5J8 THH 1.H\'ERING FA.Mll.^-. 

Children of (2625) John W/ and Lizzie (Jeffrey) Smick. 

5360. I. Bl£SSlli": h. A\l1i. -., 18S5, at Roxb., Philad. 
S36i. 11. r.HOPGK J.": 1\ May 6, 1888, at Roxb., Philad. 

Children of (2625) Lewis' and Jennie (Stout) Smick. 

5362. 1. HLIZAHI-;tii W.": b. Junf 10, 1886. 

5363. 11. I.r.WIS J.": b. WL-h. 20, and d. June, 1888. 
^364. 111. John W.': b. in 1891, in Roxb., Philad. 

Child of (2627) Mary' (Smick) and Amos Border. 
5365. I. Carrie S.': b. April 18, 1882, at Roxb., Philad. 

Children of (2629) Joseph Levering' and Elizabeth (McDonald) 


536O. I. Charles Levering": b. Aug. 10. 1870. 

5367. II. Jessie Svlvama'': b. Sept. 28. 1877. 

5368. 111. Thomas Lee'-' : b. June 20, 1881. 

They reside at Lima, O. 

Children of same and Elizabeth (Barr). 

5369. 1\. Lee": 

5370. V. LuELLA": 

5371. \l. Mar>": 

5372. \ 11. Belle": 

Children of ( 2630 ) Malinda ' ( Roney ) and Oliver Edman. 

5373. 1. BelvinaL.": b. Jan. 23, 1857; d. Dec. 13, 1859; b. in 

Shawnee Gem., Allen Co., O. 

5374. 11. FroniE-B.'': b. April 28, 1859, in Shawnee, O.; removed 

w ith her parents in 1868, to near Potterville, Mich., where 
"•n June 17, 1885, she was m. to D wight Backus. They 
reside at Potterville. No chn. 


Children of (2631 ) William J. ' and Anna (Warner) Roney. 









Charles '■•: 



Harley '' : 









. JOHN": 

Children of (2633) Silas C/ and Althina (Bigelow) Roney. 

5382. I. Zella G.": b. May 16, 1875; ^- Aug. 19, 1890,10 John 


5383. II. Charles L.": b. Dec. 9, 1876; d. May 9, 1877. 

5384. III. Clarence f.": b. Api. n, 1878. 

5385. IV. Carrie A.": b. Sep. 9, 1882. 

5386. V. Martin L.": b. Sep. 2, 1885. 

All born and live at Buckland, Auglaize Co., O. 

Children of (2634) Alice Louise' (Roney) and Ambrose H. Bates. 

5387. I. Cora Belle": b. Jan. 26, 1867; unmd. Res. Bowling 

Green, O. 

5388. 11. ESTELLA Belle": b. Nov. 10, 1870; m. July 30, 1885, 

to Washington Avery. Res. Bowling Green, O. 


Children of (2636) Evelene A." (Roney) and John B. Beutler. 

5389. I. Daisy a.": b. Apl. 4, and d. June 12, 1877, at Wapa- 

koneta, O. 

5390. H. ANSON": b. Dec. 31, 1882; d. Jan. i, 1883, at Wapa- 

koneta, O. 



Children of (2637) Frank L/ and Hannah (Isett) Gamble. 

c;:?Qi. 1. H.MMA C": b. Nnv. S, 1885. 

5392. II. FLORHNCH K.": b. St-p. 18, 1887. 

5394. 111. Mary W.": b. Dec. 20, 1889. 

5395. I\'. SaLLII-": b. [K\. 18, 1892. 

Children of ( 2638 ) Emma C/ (Gamble) and Edward D. Simpson. 

5396. I. l.oi ISA I.HVHRING'-': b. and d. young at Norristown, Pa. 
53C)7. II. Harlow C": b. Sep. 17, 1892, at Norristown, Pa. 

Children of (2639) George A.' and Hannah (Holloway) Hinkle. 



I. LUO' May'-': b. May 17, 1876; d. Nov. 19, 1882 

II. Wilbur CIordon": b. May 15, 1878. 

III. Hliza Ray": b. Jan. 17, 1881 ; d. Nov. 2, 1882. 
I\'. (^.i-:()RGE Hdwin": b. Dec. 2, 1886. 

\ . Hlttie Holloway": b. .4pl. 17, 1891. 

Children of (2642) George L.' and Mary (Goodhart) Nagle. 

5403. 1. Elizabeth Agnes": 

5404. II. George Washington Shuler": 

5405. III. .VlARY Josephine": 

5406. \\. CoRDLLLA Isabel": 

Children of (2645) Sophia S.' (Nagle) and George R. Kressler. 



I. Jerome": b. Dec. 14, 1844; d. 

II. Deborah": b. in 1846. 

HI. EllwoOD": b. in 1847. 

1\'. Clara": b. in 1849. 

\ . ClEORciE W.": b. June 2, 1851 ; d. 

[Have been unable to trace the Nagle families.] 


Child of (2670) Dr. Frederick' and Catharine H. (Kugler) Eckfeldt. 

5412. 1. EMILY'': b. Mch. 23, 1878. Res. Washington, D. C, 
witli her mother. 

Children of (2672) Jacob B/ and (2692) Jeannette' (Latch) Eckfeldt. 

5413. I. HOWARD-': b. Oct. 17, 1873. 

5414. 11. JOHN Jacob'-': b. Nov. 30, 1877. 

5415. 111. Frederick William": b. April 26, 1881. 

Reside at Conshohocken, Pa. 

Child of (2674) Dr. John W.' and Elizabeth (McComas) Eckfeldt. 

5416. 1. Harry McComas'': b. April 8, 1880; Res. Haddington, 

Child of (266S) Samuel S.' and Theresa (Steel) Levering. 

5417. 1. Lizzie H.'-': b. Sept. 22, 1886; unmd. Res. Philad. 
No children by second wife. 

Children of (2667) Perry H.'' and Dorothy (Wager) Levering. 

5418. 1. Elizabeth W.'': h. July 21 and d. Aug. 2, 1867; b. at 

Barren Hill, Pa. 

5419. II. LEWIS REED W.": b Feb. 11, 1868; m. Oct. 26, 1889, 

Emma G. Cutter, of Bridgeport, Montg. Co., Pa. 

5420. 111. Harry Perry'': b. Sept, 16, 1872. He is one of the 

exceptional giants of the famil\-. Before twenty years 
old he stood 6 feet, 2 inches, and was finely proportioned. 

5421. IV. EllwOOD WINFIELD'-': b. Dec. 10, 1875; d. Nov. 8, 1881; 

b. at Barren Hill, Pa. 

All were born in Ph'mouth, Montg. Co., Pa. 


Children of (267'?) Emily' (Levering:) and Theodore F. Pidjeon. 

5422. I. Dorothy I. i-\r.RiN(]": b. Feb. i, I877. 

5423. II. Helen McCiREGOR levering": b. Sept. 20, 188 1. 

5424. 111. LEVERING THOMSON": b. May 7, 1883. 

Born and reside at Chestnut Hill, Philad. 

Children of (2680) Henry W/ and Mary ( Lettenmeier ) Levering. 

5425. I. CiEORGE A.': b. Feb. 2, 1883, in Philad. 

5426. II. llARR^'': b. Mch. 2, 1886, in Philad. 

5427. ill. John Lettenmeier'': b. June i, 1888, in Philad. 

Children of (2683) Louisa K/ (Booth) and John M. Young. 

5428. 1. Hdmund Booth ": b. .April, 1872, in Philad. 

5429. 11. Mabel A.": b. July, 1876. in Philad. 

Children of ( 2690 ) Abraham S." and Emma ( Sunderland) Latch. 

5430. I. Francis H.": b. Feb. 28, 1864 ; d. Sept. 30, 1886. Unmd. 

5431. II. John Sunderland": b. Nov. 16, 1865. 

5432. III. ABRAHAM Levering" : b. Nov. 7, 1868. 

5433. IV. William Clarius": b. Jan. 17, 1876. 

Family home in the Great Valley, Chester Co., Pa. 

Children of (2691 ) Mary S." (Latch) and SamL Benton Linton. 

5434. I. Mary Ha.wilL": b. Mch. 26, and d. April i, 1866; b. Lev. 


54^S- "• ANNA Levering": b. Mch. 26, 1867; m. Dec. 24, 1890, 
to Abraham Dinkle. (71 54) 

!;436. 111. MaR^' Conrad": b. April 26, 1869; m. April ii, 1894, 
to Hlmer H. Stiteler, of West Pikeland, Pa. 

5437. 1\'. George Henson": b. April n. 1871. 


5438. V. William Benton": b. Sept. 24, 1872. 

5439. VI. Jeannette Rose'': b. July 31, 1874. 

5440. VII. Catharine Maria'': b. Mch. 19, 1876. 

5441. VIII. Emily Eckfeldt": b. Jan. II, 1882. 

All born and reside in Philad. 

Child of (2693) Edward H/ and Amanda (Linton) Latch. 

5442. I. Anita Linton'': b. June 29, 1873, in Philad. 

Children of (2696) Samuel S/ and Elizabeth (Kinsey) Levering. 

5443. I. MaryReger'': b. Dec. 9, 1872. 

5444. II. Sallie Kinsey'': b. Jan. 16, 1874. 

5445. III. Helen'': b. Jan. 13, and d. in Mch., 1876; b. in Lev. 


5446. IV. William Lewis": b. Sept. 6, 1878. 

5447. V. Ralph Kipper'': b. Aug. 7, 1886. 

5448. VI. Reuben Wunder": b. Dec. 15, 1889. 

All born and live in Philad. 

Child of (2697) Rodney K.** and Amanda (Alexander) Levering. 

5449. 1. Mabel Rose'': b. in 1881, in Philad. 

Child of (2698) Augusta C (Levering) and George W, Arnhold. 

5450. I. George Levering": b. Dec. 2, 1891, in Philad. 

Child of (2706) Albert Fitler' and Sarah (Allen) Reger. 

5451. I. Mary Allen": b. Aug. 4, 1875, in Philad. 

534 THt l.liXBRlNG hA.Mll.>. 

Children of (2707) Horace H/ and Marg:aret (Creamer) Reger. 

5452. 1. Horace Stanley": b. May 24, and d. Dec. 26, 1886; b. 

Lex'. Gem. 

5453. 11. Emma BrL'NER": b. Mcli. n, and d. July 17, 1887; b. 

Lev. Gem. 

5454. 111. ARTlllR L.": b. ,V\a\- 15, 1890, in Pliilad. 

Child of (2712) Abraham' and Mary (Meg:oneg'al ) Levering. 

5455. 1. \\. Edward": b. Jul\- 7, 1865; m. June 20, 1894, Lizzie 
jM. jV\et,ronegal, of Delaware Go., Pa. Reside in Philad. 

Children of (2713) Sarah Siter' (Levering) and Wm, Augustus 


5456. 1. Emma G.": b. May 20, 1866; d. April 10, 1867. 

5457. 11. Florence Lockwood-': b. Mch. lo, 1868; m. Nov. 20, 

1887, to Frank- H. Lockwood. (7155) 

5458. 111. Joseph Levering": b. Mch. 10, 1879, in Philad. 

Children of (2714) Catharine H/ (Levering) and Thomas Bolster. 

5459. 1. Richard Havvkes": b. April 9, 1885, at Lansdown. Del. 

Co., Pa. 

5460. 11. William Harris": b. Sept. 30, 1886, at Haverford, Pa.; 

d. July 25, 1887. 

5461. 111. Thomas Levering": b. D^-c. 1, 1889, at Haverford, Pa. 

Child of (2716) Anna Estelle' (Garden) and George E. Slocum. 
S462. 1. Grace": b. Jul\- u, 1871. in the city of New York. 

Child of (2718) Helen V.' (Garden) and Herman G. Vetterlein. 
:;40;. 1. (il'Y": b. Sept. 20, i868, in Philad. 


Child of (2720) Celina' (Garden) and Henry L. Herbert. 

5464. 1. Raymond L.": b. Oct. 27, 1880, in New York City. 

Children of (272 J) Clara S/ (Garden) and Raymond de Murias. 

5465. I. Ferdinand Henry**: b. Jan. 8, 1884, at Havana, Cuba. 

5466. II. Sylvia Angela^: b. Aug. 29, 1888, at Havana, Cuba. 

Child of (2724) Emma Cornelia*^ (Morgan) and William Simpson. 

5467. I. William Percy'': b. Aug. 21, 1870; m. Jan. 10, 1894, 

Jessie C, dau. of Joseph H. Seaver, of Philad. Res. 
near Overbroolc, Philad. 

Children of (2728) Emma Walter" (Levering) and Ralph D. Moore. 

5468. 1. Ernest Levering^.: b. Aug. 31, 1877, atLaFayette, hid. 

5469. II. Elsie Douglas*: b. Sept. 18, 1879, '-^^ LaFayette, huL 

5470. III. William Howard ** : b. Feb. 26, 1891 ; d. April 25, 1892, 

at LaFayette, Ind.; b. Spring Vale Cem. 

Child of (2730) Frederick Rosier** and Emma (Nevius) Levering. 

5471. I. Rosier": b. Aug. 6, 1884, at LaFayette, Ind. 

Child of (273i) Mortimer^ and Julia (Henderson) Levering. 

5472. 1. Richmond M.": b. June 15, 1881, at LaFayette, Ind. 

Child of (2732) Ellen Lulu** (Levering) and Rev. Chas. R. Henderson. 

5473. I. ALBERT Levering": b. May 27, 1877; d. Aug. n, 1880, 

at LaFayette, Ind.; b. Spring Vale Cem. 

Children of (2734) Annie May** (Levering) and Alfred Diver. 

5474. 1. Mortimer Levering": b. Dec. 2, 1887, at LaFayette, 


5475. II. Margaret": b. Feb. 28, 1892, at LaFayette, Ind. 


Child of (2736) George K." and Jennie (Wilson) Levering. 

5476. I. Ernest Wilson": b. Oct. 30, 1882, at LaFayette, Ind. 

Child of (2737) Jessie F; (Levering) and Frank M. Cary. 

5477. I. Frank Levering": b. Now 4, 1893, at LaFayette, Ind. 

Child of ( 2740) Mabel C (Levering) and Henry H. Vinton. 

5478. 1. Katharine Levering": b. Nov. 19, 1891, in LaFayette, 


Children of (2743) Sally A.'* (Fox) and Charles B. Aaronson. 

5479. 1. Clara BlaCK^: b. Oct. 8, 1856; m. Nov. 20, 1882, to 

Samuel C. Bartlett, of Philad., who d. Nov. 2, 1888, in 
liis 36th N'ear ; b. in South Laurel Hill Gem. 

5480. 11. AAW Taylor": b. Dec. 7, 1861 ; d. Feb. 15, 1866. 
■5481. 111. Charles Walter": b. Dec. 22. 1864, in Philad. 

Child of (2746) Hannah L.'' (Fox) and Dr. Andrew Lindsay. 

5482. 1. Catharine Fox": b. Ma\- 14, 1861 ; d. Jan. 2, 1867, at 

Marple. Del. Co., Pa. 

Child of (2748) Anna M.' (Fox) and James W. Meredith. 

5483. 1. Charles Edwin": b. Mch. 17, 1862; m. Feb. 8, 1885, 

Edith Lincoln Potts. He d. at Baltimore, Md., on Aug. 
19, 1896. Was b. at West Laurel Hill Cem., Philad. 


Children of (275J ) Catherine F.^ (Hagy) and Lambert L. Grow. 

5484. 1. Ea\A\a Dixon": b. Jan. 31, 1876, in Lower Merion, Pa. 

5485. 11. George Hagy": b. Mch. 15, 1878, in Lower Merion, Pa. 





Children of (2752) John F.** and Catherine (Cole) Hagy. 

I. Jessie Flora'': b. June 6, 1867; m. Jan. 17, 1889, to 

James Fleming. (7157) 

II. Newton Yeakle'': b. Aug. 21, 1868. 

III. Harold BUSHROD^: b. Dec. I, 1870. 

IV. Mary Daisy'': b. Oct. 24, 1872; d. Aug. 12, 1875. 

V. Samuel Emerson **: b. Aprils, 1875. 

VI. John Howard'*: b. Feb. 14, and d. July 27, 1877. 

VII. William Dixon": b. April 24, 1878. 

VIII. Kate Nina": b. Aug. 22, 1881. 

IX. Mary Jane": b. Jan. 22, 1884. 

X. Leroy": b. Aug. 13, and d. Oct. i, 1886. 

XI. Edna": b. Dec. 26, 1887; d. Aug. 7, 1888. 

XII. MORRIS": b. Sept. 10, 1890. 
Family reside at Manayunk, Philad. 

Children of (2753) Emma C/ (Hagy) and William F. Dixon. 

5498. 1. ANNA Mary": b. Feb. 27, 1873, ^^t Roxb., Philad. 

5499. II. Flora HaGY": b. Mch. 10, 1874, at Roxb., Philad. 

5500. III. Thomas James": b. Oct. 15, 1879, at Roxb., Philad. 

5501. IV. William Franklin": b. Oct. 15, 1882; d. Mch. 10, 

1885 ; b. Lev. Cem. 

5502. V. Edith May": b. May 24, 1887; d. June 13, 1888; b. in 

Lev. Cem, 

Child of (2754) Bushrod W.' and Mary (Coler) Hagy. 

5503. I. Bushrod Washington": b. Aug. 25, 1884, at Roxb., 


Child of (2755) Mary F.' (Hagy) and James A. Ritter. 

5504. I. Flora Hagy": b. April 4, 1883, in Philad. 


Children of (2756) Mary Louisa' (Crease) and Col. John Harper. 

5505. 1. OkLAMK) CkliASE": h. Feb. 19, 1866; J. Oct. 31, 1.S91 ; 

b. in St. Timot1i\'s Churchyard, Philad. 

5506. 11. ALI-lviil) CkEASl£": b. Oct. 31, 1867; J. Mch. 11, 1870; 

b. in St. Timothy's CInirchyard. Philad. 

5507. 111. lUkRY Ci.": \\ [\^c. 5, 1871, in Roxb., Philad., where he 

d. April 10, 1897 ; b. West Laurel Hill Gem. 

Child of (2762) Ella Aug." (Hagy) and Joseph H. Foering. 
!;5o8. 1. Joseph Hnhrhtt": b. Jan. 31, 1879, at Roxb., Philad. 

Children of (2764) Cornelia' (Hagy) and (3129) John T.' Shel- 

5509. I. HENRIETTA HLIZABETH": b. April 2, 1882, in Roxb., Philad. 

5510. 11. Jacob TYSON^: b. May 21, 1887, in Roxb., Philad. 

Child of (2765) Enoch Levering ' and M. ( ) Sailor. 

SSI I- I- C:lara Ma>'": b. in 1878, at Williamsport, Pa. 

Children of (2766) Clara C (Sailor) and Frederick E. Gleim. 

S512. 1. ANNA Augusta": b. about 1877, at Williamsport, Pa. 

SSM. II. Mary Florence"': b. about 1879, at Williamsport, Pa. 

SS14. 111. Charles Sailor": b. about 1881, at Williamsport, Pa. 
(Repeated letters to Charles Sailor tailed to elicit par- 
ticular data.) 

Children of (2772) Clara' (Markley) and Charles Mitchell. 

SSiv 1- Mary Ada": b. April 12, 1877. 
5Si6. 11. Fmiia Levering": b. Dc^:. 16, 1879. 

51517. 111. Alice.": b. June 20, 1885. 


ChiMren of (lllZ) Harry** and Bessie (Robinson) Markley. 

5518. 1. JOHN ANDREW": b. Aug. 12, 1887. 

5519. 11. Mary Adaline": b. Mch. 24, 1890. 

Child of (2779) Albert M.** and Kate (Wagner) Levering. 

5520. 1. ALBERT Morton **: b. Feb. 20, and d. June 17, 1892, at 

Manayunk, Philad. 

Child of (2781) Silas Gilbert' and Maud (Stickle) Levering, 

5521. 1. Clarence A.^: b. in Feb. and d. Dec. 30, 1893, at Mana- 


Children of (2785) Eleanor M.** (Holgate) and John R. Hungerford. 

5522. I. Elizabeth P.": b. April i, i868,at Springville, Pa., where 

she d. Jan. 25, 1885. 

5523. 11. Mary Frances'': b. Feb. u, 1871, at Tunkhannock, Pa.; 

m. Oct. 31, 1889, to John Thomas McAniff. They reside 
at Clifton Springs, New York. 

Child of (2786) Matthew H." and Mary A. (Edwards) Holgate. 

5524. 1. Paul Kingsley": b. Sept. 12, 1884, at Scranton, Pa. 

Children of (2787) Esther May' (Holgate) and Robert B. Wallace. 

5525. I. Esther Louisa'': b. April 25, 1873, '^t Dunning, Pa.; d. 

Nov. 7, 1875, '-^^ Hawley, Pa. 

5526. 11. Madge Eldridge": b. Dec. 3, 1875, ^^t Dunning, Pa. 

5527. 111. Jessie Elizabeth": b. Feb. 13, 1886, at Thomson, Minn. 

Children of (2789) Arthur H.' and Lillian (Reynolds) Holgate. 

5528. 1. Ruth Eleanor": b. Oct. 12, 1879, at Daleville, Pa. 

5529. II. Jay Daniel": b. Dec. 29, 1880, at Daleville, Pa.; d. 

Jan. II, 1884, at Philad. 


55^0. 111. JLbSexN HlNRV": b. April 10, 1885, at Kane, Pa. 

S5:;i. 1\. Mark DULUTH'': b. Feb. 25, 1887, at Dulutb, Minn., 
where he d. Sept. 9, 1887. 

5532. V. Alice Ma>'': b. Ma\- 26, 1890, at Duluth, Minn. 

Children of (2790) William Algfer'and Alice (Gottingham) Holgatc. 

5533. I. PHILIP C": b. Jan. 3, 1887, at Kane, Pa. 

5534. II. RUSSELL L^,\\AN■': b. June 23, 1890, at iJuluth, Minn. 

Child of ( 2796 ) Harriet E/ (Lain) and Abner A. Haskins. 

5535. 1. ANNA Hl.Wa": b. Oct. 12^ 1870, near Burkville Junction, 

Va.; unmd. Reside at Feeville, N. Y., with her parents. 

Children of (2798) Edwin L.' and Emma (Smith) Lain. 

5536. 1. William Alger': b. Ma\- 23. 1883, at Canisteo, N. Y. 

5537. 11. RO^AL Smith-': b. Jan. 24, 1885, at Canisteo, N. Y. 

5538. HI. Carrie Dell'*: b. July 14, 1886, at Canisteo, N. Y. 

5539. IV. LOTTIE Belle'': b. Jan. 5, 1888; d. Feb. 16, 1892. On 

the day of her mother's decease, she was adopted by her 
uncle, Cornelius H. Lain. 

Child of (2801 I Ida May' (Lain) and James H. Sanford. 

5540. 1. Hdvvin Lain": b. Jan. 12, 1880, in South Dandy, N. Y. 

Child of (2803) Winfield S.' and Julia (Warner) Simpson. 

5541. 1. \)(WA Hx'ELVN": b. Mch. 28, 1884, at Towanda, Pa. 

Child of (2804) Ormond L." and Elizabeth (Leeds) Simpson. 

5542. 1. Stanley Median^ b. Max- 15, 1890, in Philad. 


Children of (2821) Harriet' (Coleman) and Henry Mills. 

5543. I. John Wesley". 

5544. II. William Asa^ 

5545. III. Almelia": b. May 31, 1871 ; m. Oct. 9, 1888, to Jasper 

Albert Shearer. (7163) 

Children of (2822) Ann Elizabeth*^ (Coleman) and Daniel Abshire. 

5546. I. Mary Ellen": b. Feb. 4, 1861 ; m. to Green Smith. 

Lived Flat Rock, Crawford Co., 111. She d. Mch. 5, 
- . 1887. Had 3 chn. 

5547. II. Sarah Rosetta": b. May 9, 1862; m. Mch. 16, 1882, 

to Newton J. Shamley. They removed to, and live, at 
Hennessey, Oklahoma. (7165) 

5548. III. Dora Jane": b. April 9, 1864; m. Nov. 6, 1888, to 

William Wilson. (7170) 

5549. IV. Flora Bell": b. Feb. 12, 1866; m. Nov. 5, 1885, to 

John T. Mills. She d. Feb. 4, 1896. (7174) 

5550. V. Infant": b. Feb. 6 and d. 8, 1868. 

5551. VI. Cora Alice": b. July 7, 1871. 

5552. VII. William Carlton": b. Feb. 15, 1873; d. July i, 1874. 

5553. VIII. ADAU": b. Jan. 10, 1874. 

5554' IX. Genettie": b. Mch. i, 1876; m. to Charles F. Long- 
necker. (7177) 

5555. X. Ivy DELL": b. Jan. 8, 1881. 

All born and live, except as noted, in Lawrence Co., Ill, 

Children of (2824) John"^ and Mary (Fuson) Coleman. 

5556. I. JOHN Samson": b. April 25, 1872. 

5557. 11. Annie May": b. May n and d. Aug. 21, 1874. 

5558. III. Ellis": b. May 28, 1875; J- Sept. 7, 1877. 

5559. IV. Marion": b. Aug. 21, 1877. 

5560. V. Elmus": b. Jan. 8, 1880. 


5561. \ I. l:.\\.\\liT": b. Feb. 28, 1882. 

5562. \ll. (il:()R(]K": b. h\'b. 12, 1884. 

556^. Mil. Bl-RTiiA-': b. Dec. 22, 1S86. 

FamiK- \\w at Willow Hill. Jasper Co., HI. None 

Children of ' 2326 i Mary B." (Coleman) and Richard M. Highsmith. 

5564. I. LUTHliR": b. Jul\- 20 aiui d. July 21, 1867. 
556s. II. Laira": b. July 19, 1869; d. Oct. 29, 1870. 

5566. 111. ANNIK": b. Sept. 29, 1871; d. Nov. 6, 1881. 

5567. 1\ . Marion A.": b. Mch. 20, 1873; <-!• ^^^- 6, 1874. 

5565. V. James Herman^: b. July 13, 1875. He has been quite 

helpful in ^atherinLi the Coleman branch of the Holgate 
family. Resides at Birds, Lawrence Co., 111. 

5569. VI. N. Lindsay^: b. Sept. 10, 1878. 

5570. \ 11. H. Clinton": b. June 22, 1880. 

5571. Mil. /ii.i^HlA H.": b. Mch. 9, 1883. 

5572. I\. /ADlA H:': b. Dec. 24, 1884; 3. Dec. 2, 1887. 

5573. X. Harry k.": b. Auo;. 14, 1890. 

All honi in Lawrence Co., 111. 

Child of (2817) Marian' (Holgate) and Robert Stuart. 

5574. I. Marglrite Levering": b. Mch. 10, 1892, at Raymond, 


Child of (2831) William T." and Lucy (Moore) Bartolette. 

Svv I- Kate'': b. Sept. 2, 1872; m. April 17, 1890, to David B. 
I )icl<. Kls. Harrison, O. 

Children of (2835) George W." and Martha (Brown) Cox. 

5576. 1. ClaRKSON W.": b. Auu. 10, 1869, in Hamilton Co., O. 

5577. II. Jessie May": b. Aug. 7, 1873, in Hamilton Co., O.; m. 

Da\id Pattnn. Res. Cleves, O. (7159) 



Children of (2836) Ellen** (Cox) and James K. Bailey. 

5578. 1.' Fannie B.**: h. in 1867, in Hamilton Co., O. 

5579. 11. JOSHUA^: b. in 1869, in Hamilton Co., O. 

5580. in. Charles": b. in 187 1, in Hamilton, Co., O. 

Children of (2837) Andrew J.' and Nancy (Miller) Cox. 



July 15, 1885. 

1. John Burton^: b. Feb. 12, 1880. 
11-. Nellie E.»: b. June 16, 1882. 

III. Minnie M.'': 

IV. Lulu C": 

V. Sherman^: b. May 27, 1888. 

VI. Raymond": b. Aug. 25, 1891. 

All born in Miami Tp.. Hamilton Co. O. 




Children of (2839) Anna B.^ (Cox) and Casper Riningfer. 

I. Hattie": b. Dec. 2, 1867. 

II. Everette": b. Mcb. 11, 1873. 

III. Harry": b. Dec. 25, 1875. 
All born in Miami Tp., Hamilton Co., O. 

Children of (2841) Emma^ (Cox) and William Morgan. 

5590. I. Forester": b. Jan. 25, 1893, at Cleves, O. 



Children of (2842) John N.** and Anna (Haas) Shipman. 

I. Leonard H.": b. Oct. 23, 1874. 

II. ARTHUR B.": b. Sept. 16, 1876. 

III. Mildred A.": b. Mch. 8, 1878. 

IV. Herman W.": b. June 22, 1880. 

V. ADAU": b. Feb. 16, and d. Feb. 28, 1883. 

VI. WILLIAM P.": b. Feb. 17, 1884. 


5597. Ml. RA^.^\()^l) \ .": b. Sept. 17. 1888. 

5598. \lll. Ll-wiS Cass": b. St-pt. \2, 1890. 

All were burn near to St. Marys, O. 

Children of (2843) William T/ and Alice (Sillin) Shipman. 


I. HaRRIHT K.'': b. Feb. 21, 1876. 

II. Frank": b. Feb. :;, 1878. 

III. Cora": b. Apl. 10, 1879. 

IV. JESSIH": b. Jan. 30, 1880. 
\ . John I..": b. Oct. 12, 1882. 

Children of (2844) Harriet E." (Shipman) and Lewis C. Brewer. 



I. WILLSHIRE": b. Apl. 23, 1872. 

II. l.O^D ALBERTUS'*: b. Mch. i, 1875. 

III. \()N HaLLER": b. Aug. 2, 1877. 

IV. anna": b. Dec. 25, 1879. 

V. Charles Kirby": b. July n, 1883. 
\1. FtTIE": b. Ma\- 7, 1885. 

Children of (2847) Dr. I. Gilbert' and Florence (Albertson) Young 

5610. 1. Florence NM(]HTiNGALE": b. Apl. 27,and J. Jul\- 7, 1874. 

5611. 11. I.IZ/IE A.": b. May 26, 1875, in Philad. 

Child of (2858) Virginia M/ (Gilbert) and Peter F. Murphy. 
561 1,' J. I. Caroline Mary": b. Aug. 16, 1895, i'^ Philad., Pa. 

Children of (2851 ) Maria V.' (Young) and Marvin E. Garrett. 

5612. 1. ADA \IRGINIA": b. May 17, 1872. 

:;6n. II. Marvin Fastwood": b. Nov. 22. 1873. 

5614. 111. Robert F. Young": b. Oct. 20, 1876. 

5615. 1\. Maria Louisa": b. Oct. 4, 1878. 


5616. V. Florence young": b. June 22, 1880 ; d. Feb. 23, 1882. 

5617. VI. Helen May^ b. July 17, 1882. 

5618. Vll. Lydia Gilbert^ b. Oct. 21, 1884. 

5619. VIII. William Miller^: b. Mch. 10, 1888. 

5620. IX. Almira M. Perce": b. Mch. 9, and d. July 9, 1890. 

Family reside at Haddonfield, New Jersey. 

Children of (2862) Cornelius H.* and Clara (Baldwin) Hanford. 

5621. I. ADA Levering": b. Aug. 28, 1876. 

5622. II. Elaine Evelyn": b. Oct. n, 1877. She graduated in 

May, 1895, ^^'om the Conservatory of Music, in the Uni- 
versity of Washington, with distinguished honors. 

5623. III. Jessie Mabelle": b. Dec. 3, 1879. 

5624. IV. Edward Cornelius": b. July i, 1882. 

5625. V. Ralph Clement": b. June 25, 1884; d. June 29, 1896; 

b. in Lake View Cem. 

5626. VI. Anna Louise": b. July 4, 1886. 

5627. VII. William": b. June 27, 1888. 

5628. VIII. Harry": b. Feb. 9, 1891. 

All were born and reside at Seattle, Wash. 

Children of (2864) Frank' and Anna E. (Wait) Hanford. 

5629. I. Seymour Wait": b. April 13, 1888 ; d. Feb. 2, 1889. 

5630. II. Frank Wait Ropes" : b. Dec. 26, 1889, at Seattle, Wash 

Children of (2866) Clarence*^ and Eleanor (Neff) Hanford. 

5631. AIMEE L.": b. June 8, 1885, at Seattle, Wash. 

5632. II. Lauren N.": b. Nov. 6, 1889, at Seattle, Wash. 


Children of (2870) Elizabeth H.' (Carr) and Matthew Anderson. 

563 > 



I. LlLl.u: S\.W' : b. Ill 1.S78, at Seattle, Wash. 

II. Claim Oi.INIa" : h. in iXSo, at Seattle, Wash. 

III. l)Als^ R()/i:lla'': b. Sept., 1882, at Seattle, Wash. 
1\ . Hva 1-:." : b. Au^. 26, 1884, at Seattle, Wash. 

\'. CaRRII-: HlizaBETH": b. Jan. 15, 1887, at Seattle, Wash. 

\ 1. HITA A,\n " : b. June y, 1889, at Seattle, Wash. 

\II. BtRTHA HOLGATE": b. Sept. 26, 1891, at Seattle, 


5640. \1II. Hd.muM) Carr": b. Now 6, 1895, at Seattle, Wash, 

Children of (2871) Ulrick A." and Etta (Reid) Carr. 

5641. 1. KLTH C.-' : b. Mch. 12, 1889, in Kent, Wash. 

5642. 11. Claudia Holgate": b. Nov. 12, 1890, in Kent, Wash. 

5643. 111. Helen Olivia": b. Mch. 29, 1894, in Kent, Wash.; J. 

July 12, 18915. 

Children of (2872) Carrie M.'^ (Carr) and Thomas B. Hall. 

5644. 1. Lena Mabel": b. Oct. i, 1890. 
564s. II. Hdmund Lee": b. Jan. 7, 1892. 

5646. 111. llL'GH Douglas": b. Oct. 19, 1893. 

All born at Vancouver, B. C. 

Child of (2874) Abbie B.' (Carr) and Thomas D. Kelly. 

5647. 1. John liDAltiNn" : b. Sept. i^, 189s, at Vancouver, B. C. 

Children of (2878) Virginia'' (Cartwrig-ht) and Wm. Lowry "Welsh. 

5648. 1. HVERETT Cartwright" : b. Sept. 9, 1882, in Oswecro, 

N. Y. 

5649. 11. Raymond Wil.mer" : b. Dec. 21, 1883, in Oswego, N. Y. 


Children of (2880) Wm. Edgar ** and Fanny (Stillwagon) Brooks. 

5650. 1. Florence Hazel'^: b. Apl. 29, 1884; d. Jan. 31, 1885. 

5651. II. Clifton Edgars : b. May 15, 1886, in Oakland, Cal. 

Children of (2881) Fred. Emerson** and Mary (Tregidgo) Brooks. 

5652. 1. Jennie Stone ^: b. Feb. 26, 1887, in Oakland, Cal. 

5653. II. Marion TregidGO'-": b. May 22, 1892, in New York 


Child of (2884) James Luther' and Mary (Hankin) Brooks. 

5654. I. Mary Hankin'-*: b. Feb. 7, 1891, in Chicago. 

Children of (2885) Andrew Alex.' and Martha (Sibell) French. 

5655. I. William Sibell^: b. Sep. 24, 1865. 

5656. II. Frank Eugene^: b. Sep. 18, 1867; d. Sep. 24, 1882. 

5657. III. Susie Brooks**: b. Jan. i8, 1871. 

5658. IV. Edwin ATWOOD^: b. Jan. I, 1872. 

5659. V. Albert Alexander^: b. Oct. 3, 1874. 

5660. VI. Fred. Irwin^: b. Nov. 18, 1877. 

5661. VII. Mattie Eugenia**: b. Apl. 18, 1881; d. Aug. 23, 1882. 

All were born in Baltimore, Md. 

Children of (2886) Ann Eliza' (French) and Prescott A. Blake. 

5662. I. Alma AlMEE**: b. Feb. 5, 1881. 

5663. II. ANDREW Prescott**: b. July 10, 1882. 

5664. III. Cora Louise McFadden**: b. Oct. 4, 1883. 

Family reside at Wallingford, Conn. 

Children of (2887) William At wood' and Emma (Milne) French. 

5665. I. Harold Milne**: b. Feb. 24, 1884, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

5666. II. Vv^lLLIAM ATWOOD, Jr.**: b. Dec. 3, 1888; d. same day. 


Child of (2890) Thomas Levering'^ and Nellie (Pomeroy) Bristol. 

5667. I. Sarah Ruth'': b. Jul\- 22, 1893, at Danbmy, Conn. 

Children of (2892) Frank Atwood** and Bessie (Wright) Brooks. 

5668. I. THO.MAS ATWOOD": h. Sep. 29, 1887, at Corpus Christi, 


5669. II. William BOVD": b. Mch. 22, 1890, at Corpus Christi, 


Children of (2893) Wm. Harvey'^ and Susie (Gussett) Brooks. 

5670. I. (3RK)N GussBTT": b. A\ch. 12, 1889, at Corpus Christi, 


5671. li. Frank Brown'': b. July 8. 1890, at Corpus Cliristi, 


Children of (2895) Walter B.'^ and Ida E. (Haverly) Brooks. 

5672. 1. Harold Hanhrly-': b. Ma\' 16, 1890, at Seattle, Wash. 

5673. 11. Lois Levering": b. Nov. 3. 1892, at Seattle, Wash. 

Children of (2900) Mary J.' (Lightkep) and Henry Firth. 

5674. I. ^\AR^ Jane": b. Jan. 16, i<S70, in Philad. 
567:;. II. Charles H.": b. Mch. 30, 1871, in Phih-id. 

5676. 111. William C.-': b. Nov. 25, 1872, in Philad. 

Children of (2901) Maria H.' (Lightkep) and Gustavus Buchler. 

5677. I. John": b. Nov. 20. 1874, in i^hilad. 

5678. II. Sophia": b. Nov. 21, 1876, in Philad. 
^Gji). III. Ciiristianna": b. Jul_\- 16, 1880, in Philad. 
5680. ]\. Harry": b. Ma\- 17, 1889, in Philad. 


Children of (2902) Amanda E.** (Ligfhtkep) and Aug;ustus Meg;argfee. 

5681. I. Anna Z.»: b. Sept. 14, 1870, at Maitinsburg, Pa. 

5682. II. LILLIE E.^ b. Dec. 8, 1873; d. Feb. 19, 1881, at Mar- 

ti nsburg, Pa. 

5683. III. Emma M.^: b. Sept. 30, 1877, at Martinsburg, Pa. 

5684. IV. William L.«: b. Jan. 8, 1883, at Martinsburg, Pa. 

Children of (2904) Adelaide^ (Lig-htkep) and J. Warren Carver. 

5685. 1. Rachel E.**: b. Jan. 29, 1873, •i'' Montgomery Co., Pa. 

5686. II. Sallie a.": b. Dec. 2, 1878, in Montgomery Co., Pa. 

5687. 111. Warren'': b. Mch. 20, 1881, in Montgomery Co., Pa. 

5688. IV. Abraham Levering'': b. Jan. 15, 1883, in Montgomery 

Co., Pa. 

5689. V. Harry E.'': b. April 19, 1885 ; d. June 6, 1890, in Mont- 

gomery Co., Pa. 

5690. VI. Adelaide E.'': b. Feb. 5, 1890, in Montgomery Co., Pa. 

5691 . VII. HOWARD R. '* : b. Nov. 30, 1892, in Montgomery Co., Pa.. 

Children of (2905) Annie" (Ligfhtkep) and George B. Shaffer. 

5692. I. George L.**: b. Oct. 13, 1876, in Montgomery Co., Pa. 

5693. II. Nellie B.^: b. Dec. 10, 1877, in Montgomery Co., Pa. 

5694. III. RoyA.^: b. May] 17, ,1883; d. June 7, 1884, in Mont- 

gomery Co., Pa. 

Children of (2906) John H." and Kate (Anderson) Lightkep. 

5695. I. Randall F.«: b. Oct. 2, 1883; d. Aug. 17, 1884. 

5696. II. JOHNH.": b. July 9, 1885. 

Family reside at Dreshertown, Montg. Co., Pa. 


Children of (2907) William R/ and Annie (Willard) Lightkep. 

5697. 1. EMAUMA^■'■': b. Jul\- 19, 1885. 

5698. 11. BESSIE B.'': b. (\l. 3, 1887. 

5699. 111. Florence A.": b. Oct. 9, 1889. 

5700. 1\. ANNIE W.^ b. Oct. 16, 1891. 

Famil)' reside at Janettown, Montjj;. Co., Pa. 

Child of (2909) James H.' and Annie (Webb) Sheetz. 

5701. I. Maud v.": b. May 26, 1884, in Philad. 

Child of same and Amelia (Moss), 2d wife. 

5702. 11. HaP'/EV ROY": b. (3ct. 21, 1889, in Philad. 

Children of (2910) William Levering'' and Julia (Berwick) Sheetz. 

5703. 1. Harry A.-': b. Apl. 27, 1882, in Philad. 

5704. 11. Rachel B.": b. Feb. 18, 1884, in Philad. 
'5705. 111. Harriet": b. Feb. 28, 1886, in Philad. 

Children of (2912) Charles ¥J^ and Annie (Clark) Sheetz. 

5706. 1. Mabel*': b. May s, 1888, in Philad. 

5707. 11. Daisy": b. IXc. 19, 1889; d. May 5, 1890. 

Children of (2915) Adelaide'* (Eisenbrey) and Saml. J. Horlock. 

5708. 1. Maud H.": b. Jul\- n, 1877; d. Apl. 26, 1882. 

5709. 11. Mabel S.": b. Apl. 19, 1879; d. Feb. 24, 1893. 

5710. I... William": b. July 17, 1881. 

5711. 1\. Sophia M.": b. May 3, 1883. 

Family reside at Belfry, Montg. Co., Pa. 


Children of (2920) Chas. Walton' and Edna (Davis) Fenton. 

5712. 1. Charles LaFayette^: b. Oct. 14, 1883. 

5713. II. Mary Elizabeth'': b. Oct. i, 1886. 

5714. 111. Emma Nancy": b. Mch. 12 and d. July 25, 1889. 

Family reside at Bogard, Mo. 

Child of (2923) Elmer Ellsworth' and Arrissa (Bag^ett) Wilson. 

5715. 1. Letitia Beulah**: b. July 8, i8'86, in Philad. 

Child of same and Edith Dolly (Deaton)^ 2d wife. 

5716. II. Emma Linda": b. Aug. 27, 1891, in Philad. 

Children of (2929) James W.' and Rocksie (Mohler) Gillingham. 

5717. I. William": b. about 1861 ; m. Minnie Lewis. 

5718. II. Samuel M.": b. about 1863: m. Louisa Watson. 

5719. 111. Edward C": b. about 1865 ; unmd. 

All were born at Georgetown, D. C. 

Children of (2931) Walter T.' and Ella (Maxwell) Gillingham. 





I. George W.": b. Apl. n and d. Aug. 6, 1864. 

II. REBECCA v.": b. Mch. 3, 1867; m. Apl. 20, 1887, to 
Clayton R. ScuUin, of Hammonton, N. J. 

III. Frank P.": b. Jan. 3, 1868, at Millwood, Fairfax Co., Va. 

IV. JOHN Walter Levering": b. Nov. 2, 1870, at Fairfax 
Co., Va. 

V. Sallie a.": b. Nov. 12, 1873, at Millwood; m. Nov. 12, 

1894, to Frank Saffle. 

VI. Phebe Anna": b. June 6, 1876, at Millwood. 

VII. Margaret E.": b. May 20, 1878, at Millwood. 

Family reside at Alexandria, Va. 


Children of (2932) Sarah"" (Gillingham) and Edward H. Paxon. 

5727. I. CharlI:S (jILLINGHAM'': b. Aug. 16, 1863; m. Jan. 14, 

1885, N[:v^-y\c Woitz. RfS. Camden, N. J. (7160) 

5728. II. ANNA (^ilLLlNGHAM": b. July lO, 1866; d. May 11, 1869, 

in Pliilad. 

5729. 111. Ja.MES COGGlNS": b. Ali*^. 13, 1868; d. June 28, 1870, 

in Pliilad. 

5730. I\ . IfLLEN HESTON": b. Sept. lO, 1870; d. Au^. lo, 1871, 

in Pliilad. 

Children of (2936) Samuel S.^ and Sallie (Harner) Gillingham. 


57^1. 1. James WOOD": b. Jan. ig, 1874, at Pottsville, Pa. Res. 
Manayunk. Pbilad. 

5732. II. ANNA-': b. June 23, 1877, at Mana\'unk. 

5733. 111. Walter Brooks": b. Dec. u, 1885, at Manayunk, 

Children of ( 2938 ) Harvey^ and Henrietta (Whiteman) Gillingfham* 


I. Williams.": b. Ma\- 17, 1876; d. 

II. Mabel S.": b. Nov. 20, 1883. 

III. 1:D1T1I M.'': b. Oct. 25, 1887. 
ly. Harvey": b. Dec. 12, 1888; d. 
W LENA P.": b. June 8, 1889. 

VI. Howards.": b. Jul\- 3, 1891. 
Reside Ardmore, near Philad. 

Children of (2939) Horace B." and Lizzie (Whiteman) Gilling^ham. 

5740. 1. Mamie Whiteman": b. May 19, 1878. 

5741. II. John Whiteman": b. Sept. 22, 1881. 

5742. 111. Horace Ralph": b. Feb. 26, 1886. v 
574^. IV. L1ZZ11-: Wilson": b. Jan. 6, 1892. 

Reside Fairview, Lower Merion, Pa. 


Children of (2940) Elizabeth H.'' (Dungan) and Richard R. Priest. 

5744. I. GiRVEN Maree": b. Oct. 24, 1858; m. Oct. 25, 1885, 

Julia B. Adams; b. July 2, 1858. They res. in Mana- 
yunk, Philad., where Mr. P. is in the grocery business. 
No chn. 

5745. II. HORACE": b. Oct. 19, 1861 ; m. Oct. 19, 1884, Anna M. 

Martin. Res. Manayunk. (7178) 

5746. III. ANNA Elizabeth": b. May 2, 1867; d. Mch. 16, 1870; 

b. Lev. Gem. 

5747. IV. Ella H.": b. Dec. 5, 1868, at Heightstown, N. J.; m. 

Dec. 16, 1886, to George S. Inman, of Manayunk, where 
they reside. (7179) 

5748. V. Edwin R.": b. June 11, 1871 ; unmd. Res. Manayunk. 

5749. VI. Samuel Brown": b. Nov. 6, 1873; d. April 19, 1874. 

5750. VII. LillieAnn": b. May 13, 1875 ; unmd. Res. Manayunk. 

5751. VIII. Effie DUNGAN": b. Feb. 6, 1882; unmd. Res. Man- 


Except one, all were born at Manayunk, Philad. 

Children of (2943) Rebecca G.*^ (Dungfan) and Richard A. Blundin. 

5752. I. George Humes": b. Aug. 25, 1866; m. Jan. 23, 1890, 

Marion S. Thompson. Res. Philad. (7183) 

5753. II. Samuel Shur": b. July 17, 1868, at Plymouth, Pa.; m. 

Jan. 3, 1892, Anna E. Shepley. Res. Philad. (7188) 

5754. III. Sarah Shur": b. Aug. 17, 1870; d. Aug. 6, 1871 ; b. 

Lev. Gem. 

575'5. IV. Mary Elizabeth": b. June 7, 1872; m. Harvey A. 

5756. V. Margaret": b. June 7, 1874; d. Sept. 20, 1875. 

5757. VI. Fannie": b. and d. Feb. 17, 1876. 

5758. VII. Rachel Faries": b. Mch. 25, 1878. 

5759. VIII. AlONZO": b. Feb. 4 and d. May, 1880. 

All reside Manavunk. 


Children of ( 2945) Amanda M.' (Dungan) and Albert Mower. 

5760. 1. ADHLE J.": b. Oct. 15, 1873; d. Mch. 3, 1876. 

5761. II. Frank C": b. Juiu- 15, 1S77, in Roxb. 

5762. 111. AMANDA MELVINa'*: b. Mch. 26, 1881, in Roxb. 

Children of (2948) John F/ and Elizabeth (Lord) Dungfan. 

5763. 1. Blanche'*: b. Feb., 1874; d. Aug., 1875. 

5764. II. Frances^: b. in 1875. 

5765. III. James H.": b. Junf 7, 1877. 

5766. IV. John": b. in 1880; d. at 3 months. 

5767. \'. MaRYShur^: b. April 6, 1884. 

5768. VI. Maggie^ b. April 17, 1887. 

Reside at Washini^ton, D. C. 

Children of (2952) Winfield S/ and Lticy ( Vickery) Dungan. 

5769. I. JOSEPH": b, Sept. 15, and d. Oct. 15, 1887. 

5770. II. VVlNFIELD H.": b. Oct. 26, 1888; d. Jan. 12, 1889. 

5771. III. Bertha M.": b. Feb. 17, 1890, at Manavunk, Philad. 

5772. IV. MaRIC^N L.": b. May 24, 1892; d. Jan. 10, i8c}4. 

Children of (2953) Emma Louisa^ ( Paries) and William Robinson. 

5773. 1. George W.": b. Oct. i8, 1864; m. Dec. 23, 1886, Cath- 

arine Funk-, of Wissahickon, Philad. (7190) 

5774. II. Rachel Faries": b. June 23, 1866; m. George B. Ott, 

of Roxb., where they live. (7192) 

5775. III. Jacob W.": b. April 8, 1868 ; d. July 15, 1873 ; b. Lev. 



Children of (2958) Ezckicl S/ and Lydia (Wilson) Jones. 

5776. I. EllNOR Shur": h. May 17, and d. Aug. 10, 1881 ; b. Lev. 


5777. 11. Nevv'TON Wilson'^: b. Dec. 21, 1882, at Manayunk, 


Children of (2959) Elinor" (Jones) and William N. Davis. 

5778. 1. Norman J.": b. July 24, 1886, at Manayunk, Philad. 

5779. II. Marian Lorraine '■•: b. April 22, 1889; d. July 7, 1890; 

b. Lev Cem. 

5780. 111. ZETAOOLA": b. Jan. 27, 1891. 

Children of (2961) Sam'l Levering" and Mary (Crotsley) Burness. 

5781. I. HOWARD Levering'^: b. Jan. 15, and d. Mch. 30, 1876. 

5782. II. JOSEPH Wilson": b. April 8, 1877. 

5783. III. Robert": b. May 31, 1880. 

5784. IV. Annie": b. June 22, 1894. 

All born and are living at Washington, N. J. 

Children of (2962) Mary A.' (Burness) and William H. Miller. 

5785. I. Esther Ann": b. Mch. 24, 1875; m. Sept. 29, 1894,10 

Charles C. Ford. Res. W. Philad. 

5786. 11. Wilbur Alfred": b. July 2, 1877, in Roxb., Philad. 

5787. III. Owen Jones Wister": b. July 26, 1883, in Roxb., 


5788. IV. Cora Levine": b. June 21. 1887, in Roxb.. Philad. 

Children of (2965) Edw. Levering" and Bertha (Lehman) Shur. 

5789. I. Eva Marie": b. July 5, 1877, in Philad. 

5790. II. Emma Lillian": b. Dec. 5, 1879, in Philad. 

5791. III. Clara Jeanette": b. Sep. 26, 1881, in Philad. 


Child of (2973) Sallie A.' (Levering) and John S. Marks. 
5792. 1. I.ILIJAN": h. l-\'b. 14, 1878, in Philad. 

Child of (2974) Mary Laura** (Levering) and James E. Lovett. 
579^. 1. HOWARD LlNDLEY": b. Feb. 15, 1892, at Bristol, Pa. 

Children of (2975) Lydia C/ (Levering) and Maurice Watson. 

5794. I. George-': b. Mcli. 10, and d. Oct. 6, 1892. 
579c;. 11. John Russell": b. Nov. 6, 189^, at Bristol, Pa. 

Children of (2979) Francis** and Mary W. (Louden) Levering. 

5796. 1. Margaret A. L.**: b. Apl. 2, 1867; d. Auo-. u, 1869. 

5797. 11. Mary H.": b. Nov. 24, 1869; d. June, 1870. 

5798. 111. ANNIE E.": b. Nov. 27, 1871 ; m. Mch. 16, 1893, to 

Cbarles A. Grange. Res. Wissahickon. 

5799. I\'. Martha L.": b. iWay 3, 1875, '^t Manayunl<, Philad. 

5800. V. Eliza J.-': ) 

,,, , , , r b- D*-'^"- 16, 1877, at Manayunk, Philad. 

5801. VI. John L.": j ^ 

5802. Vll. Francis^: b. Apl. 28, 1886, at Manayunk, Philad. 
Children of (2980) Annie E.*^ (Levering) and James Critcheson. 

^^_ kl. Feb. 29, 1875. 

5803. I. FlizahlhI'*: b. Sep. 29, 1873 

5804. 11. Sarah Levering" 

5805. 111. Francis Allison'' 

5806. 1\. LOLMSA Jackson-': b. May 18, 1877 

5807. V. John": b. Jan. 10, 1879. 

5808. \ !. Raynor": b. Mch. 29, 1881. 

5809. \1I. Jennie Irene": b. Feb. 5. 1885. 

All were born in Roxb., Philad. 


Child of (2990) James F/ and Bertha (Shuster) Levering. 

5810. I. Bertha E.'': b. Feb. 6, 1890; d. July 15, 1891, at Mana- 
yunk, Pa. 

Child of (2992) "William G.** and Caroline (Ruehmlingf) Levering. 

581 1. I. JOHN W.-': b. Mch. 28, 1894, at Mauch Chunk, Pa. 

Children of (2993) Amanda E." (Levering) and Walter Roudenbush. 

5812. I. Harry E.**: b. Nov. 8, 1890, in Phikid. 

5813. II. George F.'': b. Nov. 10, 1892, in Philad. 

5814. III. EvaM.»: b. Aug. 12, 1894, in Philad. 

Children of (2986) John Henry** and Mary (McLaughlin) Chidester. 

5815. I. Edith Green-': b. Apl. 6, 1880; d. Nov. 16, 1884, at 

Manayunk ; b. W. Laurel Hill Gem. 

5816. II. Ella France^: b. Dec. 14, 1881, in Montg. Go., Pa. 

5817. III. John Henrys b. June 15, 1885, at Manayunk, Pa. 

Child of (2987) Mary A.** (Chidester) and Samuel Birch. 

5818. I. James Ghidester^: b. July 19, 1891, at Manayunk, Pa. 

Children of (3054) "William Wallace" and Celia (Roche) Levering. 

5819. I. Ella L.-': b. Oct., 1885 ; d. Dec. 25, 1887, at Bait., Md. 

5820. II. Ella L.-*: b. Dec. 22, 1887, at Bait. 

Children of (2999) J. Howard' and Annie (Lache) Phillippi. 

5821. I. ERMA Lache »s: b. Apl. 27, 1888, at Newark, N. J. 

5822. . II. Albert Lache ^: b. Apl. ij, i8c;o, at Newark, N. J. 

5823. III. Norman Lache": b. Sep. 19, 1891 ; d. Apl. 6, 1892. 

Family res. at Newark, New Jersey. 


Children of (3008) Rebecca' (Fisher) and Benjamin L. Griffith. 

5824. 1. Charles": 

5825. II. Nettie": 

5826. UK ADELLA'': 

5827. 1\'. Edna": 

Res. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Children of (3009) Francis A." and Ellen (Blish) Fisher. 

5828. 1. Charles J.": 

5829. II. Carrie": 

Kes. Sweetwater, Texas. 

Children of (3010) Louisa"^ (Fisher) and William C. Lacy. 

5830. 1. Gertrude": b. Feb. 17, 1870; m. Oct. 10, 1889, to 

George S. Peterson. Res. Galva, 111. (7189) 

5831. II. George": b. Sep. 5, 1872. In dry goods business at 

Galva, III. 

Child of (30J2) Isabelle' (Fisher) and Charles E. Smith. 

5832. I. Hlda LOLUSE": 

Res. Ottawa, 111. 

Children of (3013) Mary A.' (Fisher) and W. C. Lurtere. 

5833. I. ORVILLE": 

5834. II. William": 

5835. III. Ulster": 

5836. I\'. Walter": 

Res. Ottumwa, Iowa. 


Children of (3014) Georg^e W.** and Catharine (Hornish) Fisher* 

5837. 1. Louisa": 

5838. II. Harriett": 

Res. Hollywood, 111. 

Child of (3015) Adaline' (Fisher) and John G. High. 

5839. 1. Henry": 

Res. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Child of (3048) Roscoe P."^ and Emilie (Braun) Bromley. 

5839^4. I. Marion Levering": b. Feb. 2, 1896, at Livermore, Cal. 

Children of (3055) Charles Henry** and Marg^aret (Bean) Leveringf. 

5840. I. May": b. May 7, and d. Aug. 7, 1877. 

5841. II. Caroline": b. Nov. 22, 1878. 

5842. III. Gertrude": b. Aug. 20, 1880. 

5843. IV. Harry": b. Apl. 14, 1882. 

5844. V. Charles Henry, Jr.": b. Feb. 14, 1885 

5845. VI. George Beaver": b. Jan. 18, 1887. 

5846. VII. Thomas Bean": b. Jan. 26, 1889. 

5847. VIll. Katie Moore": b. Feb. 22, 1892. 

Born at Norristown, Penna. 

Child of (3059) Caroline" (Levering:) and Harry L. CoryelL 

5848. I. Walter L.": b. Apl. 20, 1881, at Norristown, Pa.' 

Children of (3060) Georg-e** and Mary L. (Bry) Leveringf. 

5849. I. John Franklin": b. Jan. 7, 1891, at Norristown, Pa. 

5850. II. Walter": b. Feb. 24, 1892, at Norristown, Pa. 

5851. III. George Elmer": b. Mch. 13, 1893, at Norristown, Pa. 


Children of (3061 ) Thos. Guilford' and Mary (Ives) Smith. 

5852. 1. PEMBERTON": h. June ^, 1865, in Mahanoy Plane, Schuyl- 

kill Co., Pa.; 111. Jan. 5, 1897, Edwina W. Winter. Res, 
Buffalo, [\. Y. 

5853. III. Chauncev PELTON-': b. Oct. 27, 1869, in Philad. 

Children of (3063) John B., Jr./ and Mary (Cowton) Colahan. 

5854. 1. \\AU\ O.": \\ Jan. 6, 1874, in Pliilad. 

5854. 11. Kathryn-': b. May 9, 1875, in Pliilad. 

5855, 111. John Barron, "3d: b. Au.u. 15, 1877, in Philad. 

5857. Arthur Cowton": b. July 6, 1881, in Philad. 

Child of ( 3064 ) Charles E.' and Harriet ( Miller ) Colahan. 

5858. I. Harriet Campbell": b. Apl. i, 1878. 

Child of same and Arabella (Hensley)^ 2d wife. 

5859. II. Charles Ellwood": b. July 5, 1890. 

Children of (3066) Mary D.^ (Colahan) and Capt. Louis E. Pagan. 

5860. I. John Louis": b. Jan. 17, 1873, at the U. S. Navy Yard, 

Kittery, Maine. 

5861. 11. Maurice Walsh": b. June 6, 1874, at the U. S. Navy 

Yard, New York. 

5862. 111. Mar^ UOROTHY": b. June 11, 1876, at Philad. 

5863. IV. I-LORENCE Zell": b. Jan. 27, 1879, at Florence, Italy. 

5864. V. Louis HSTELLE": b. Dec. i. 1S87, at Cn'rmantown, 


586s. VI. Thcxmas Ellwood Zell": b. juK- 28, 1890, at the U. 
S. Na\\' Yard, Boston, Mass. Is named for his great 
uncle, Colonel T. Ell\\'0(xl Zell, of Philad. 


Children of (3067) Katharine E/ (Colahan) and Ogden Armstrong. 

5866. 1. Mary Ogden'': b. Mch. 13, 1883. 

5867. II. Kathleen**: d. in infancy. 

Children of (3068) Agnes** (Colahan) and Thomas S. Sullivant. 

5868. I. Rodger Denny": b. Oct. 5, 1883, in Phiiad. 

5869. II. Caroline Eudora": b. Mch. i, 1890, in PhilaJ. 

Children of (3069) Mary' (Pancoast) and John Pritchett. 

5870. 1. Edward Kintzing": b. Au^. 10, 1866; m. Sept. 18, 1894, 

A. F. Kibler. Resides at Minneapolis, Minn., where he 
follows the profession of Civil Engineer. 

5871. 11. JOHN**: b. Nov. 22, 1867. Res. with parents at Minne 

apolis. Is a Ci\il Engineer. 

5872. 111. Harr^' Sigmund**: b. Nov. 18, 1869. In the hardware- 

business at Minneapolis. 

All were born in Philad. 

Children of (3082) Emily*" (Anderson) and Richard Wetherill. 

5873. I. George^: b. Aug. 10, and d. Sept. 3, 1854. 

5874. II. Ida**: b. Aug. 25, 1855; m. April 23, 1879, to Harry W. 

Ferguson, of Manayunk. Res. Roxb.; no chn. 

5875. III. Laura«: b. Oct. 20, i857'; d. July 15, 1858; b. Lev. 


5876. IV. ANTHONY A. Levering **: b. June 9, 1859; m. Sept. 14,. 

1884, Miriam Green, of Roxb., where they live. 

Children of same and 2d husband, William Hornby. 

5877. V. Walter MELVIN": b. Aug. 3, 1871 ; m. Mch. I, 1893, 

Marian Righter, of Roxb., where they reside. 

5878. VI. Jessie Estelle**: b. Sept. u, 1874; d. Nov. 15, 1875; 

b. Lev. Cem. 



Children of (30341 Clinton' and Mary (Wright) Anderson. 

5879. 1. Clara": h. D.v. 13, 1859; m. April 12, 1877, to Fred- 

erick Sheerer, of Falls of Schuylkill. Philad., wiio was 
b. in iS^v Shed. Oct. 11. 1882. (719'"^) 

5880. 11. Clinton, JR.": b. Oct. 21, 1861 ; unmd. Res. Rhilad. 

5881. 111. Marion": b. Sept. 14, 1863; d. Jan. 26, 1886; unmd.; 

b. Lew Cem. 

5882. IV. LIZZIL W.": b. Mch. 19, 1866; unmd. Res. Philad. 

Children of (3086) Hannah Levering' (Anderson) and Wm. M. 


5883. 1. James": b. April 12, 1864; m. Junf 22, 1892, Jennie 

Florence Keeley, of Roxb., where they live. (7200) 

5884. 11. Hmily MLLVIN": b. Sept. 29, 1865 ; unmd. Res. Roxb. 

5885. ill. Hannah Mabel": b. Mch. 7, and d. Oct. 5, 1871; b. 

Ll'\-. Cem. 

Children of (3087) Jonathan C and Amelia (Ott) Anderson. 

5886. 1. llARR^ HUDSON": b. Jan. 13, 1862; m. April 13, 1884. 

Mau;aif 1). Luckhart. Res. Manayunk. (7201) 

5887. 11. Hlla HESTON": b. Sept. 27, 1863 ; d. Mch. 22, 1867; b. 

Lt'\-. Cem. 

5888. 111. Mary WINPENNY": b. Feb. 18, 1867; m. April 19, 1886, 

to James Sheple\-. Res. Roxb. (7204) 

Children of (3099) Florence V.' (Levering) and Frank K. Fenton. 

5889. 1. FlEANOR HARVE^•": b. May 31, 1890, Jenkintown, Pa. 
$890. 11. Samuel Mann": b. Dec. 12, 1891, Jenkintown, Pa. 


Children of (3100) Samuel W/ and Elizabeth (Jones) Levering. 

5891. 1. Mary PRITCHETT": b. Nov. 15, 1874, at Philad. 

5892. II. ANNA Louisa'': b. May 26, 1877, at Philad. 

5893. 111. Elizabeth Graeff'': b. April lo, 1882; d. Nov. 18, 

1890; b. Woodlands Cem. 

5894. IV. EDMUND'': b. Jan. 17, 1885, at Philad. 

Child of (3 J on Anthony Z/ and Minnie (Dorchester) Levering. 

5895. I. Minnie May-': b. May 30, 1876, at Minneapolis, Minn. 

Child of same and Minnie A. (Menzel), 2d wife. 

5896. II. Emma Menzel^: b. Oct. 15, 1886, at Minneapolis. 

Child of (3102) Thomas M.' and Nellie (Reid) Levering. 

5897. I. Maude Reid": b. Oct. 7, 1880. 

Children of (3104) Clara Ellen'' (Levering) and Joshua Streeper. 

5898. 1. Walter Howell^: b. June 4, 1876, at Roxb., Philad. 

5899. II. Nellie Gertrude'': b. Oct. 15, 1881, at Roxb., Philad. 

5900. III. Harry Levering^: b. June 17, 1884, at Roxb., Philad. 

5901. IV. William Stokely'': b. July 6, 1888; d. Feb. 22, 1889; 

b. Lev. Cem. 

5902. V. Sydney Clayton": b. Feb. 28, 1890; d. Jul)- 13, 1894; 

b. Lev. Cem. 

Child of (3108) Retta T.' (Levering) and William C. Shepherd. 

5903. I. LILLIE May": b. Sep. 24, 1892, at Trainer, Del. Co., Pa. 

Child of (3109) Annie M.** (Levering) and Robert Cavenaugh. 

5904. 1. Wilda": b. Nov. 3, and d. Nov. 4, 1889; b. Lev. Cem. 


Children of (3116) Charles T." and Elizabeth (Saylor) Durham. 

5905. I. KaTE^: b. Max- 6, 1868; d. Nov. 17, 1871 ; b. at BaritMi 

Hill Ccni.. near PhilaJ. 

5906. II. Wary": b. Mch. 12, 1870; d. Dec. 5, 1871 ; b. at Barren 

Hill Gem., near Philad. 

5907. III. Sa.MUEL": b. Oct. 12, 1872. Unmd. Res. Norristown, 


5908. IV. E.WMA S.": b, Feb. 16, 1S74. Unnid. Res. Norristown, 


5909. \'. Sarah P.": b. Sep. 2, 1875. Unmd. Res. Norristown, 


5910. \1. Martha L.": b. Jli1\- 7, 1878. Unmd. Res. Norristown, 


Children of OH?) Adelia R.' (Tibben) and William H. Lewis. 

591 1. I. John Tibben": b. Jan. 29, i860; m. Oct. 26, 1887, Ella 

MuUin, (7206) 

5912. II. E.ViMA .-XDELIa": b. Oct. 3, 1861 ; m. Oct. 29, 1890, to 

lJa\id Siter Cornog. 

5913. III. William Jackson": b. Sep. 24, 1863. 

5914. 1\ . Winnie Lavalette": b. Feb. 9, 1866. 

Children of (3118) Emma A.^ (Tibben) and George S. Moyer. 

5915. I. John W.": b. at Roxb., Philad. 

5916. II. Edwin": b. at Roxb., Philad. 
^917. 111. Caroline": b. at Roxb.. Philad. 

Effort failed to elicit further information. 

Children of (3120) Daniel O."" and Elmira (Knouse) Dager. 

5918. I. .ANNIE": b. Apl. 16, i860; m. Mch. 8, 1883, to Walter 

Hetfinger, b. Mch. 8, 1855. Res. Mt. Airy, Philad. 


5919. II. LORING": b. Dec, 1861 ; d. Dec. 25, 1890; unmd. 


5920. 111. GEORGE B. M.": b. May 11, 1865; m. Aug. 8, 1887, 

Laura Speelhoffer, b. July 18, 1869. Res. at Lansdale, 
Montg. Co., Pa. (7212) 

5921. IV. Maria'': b. Oct. 14, 1867; m. July 21, 1892, to Charles 

Vogel, b. Feb. 19, 1871. Res. Mt. Airy, Philad. 

5922. V. Harry'': b. Oct. 23, 1869; m. June 10, 1891, Carrie 

Byerly, b. Aug. 5, 1872. Res. Barren Hill, Pa. 

5923. VI. Elmira'': b. Nov. 23, 1873; m. Jan. 1 1, 1893, to Harvey 

Shock, b. Dec. 21, 1871. Res. Chestnut Hill, Philad. 

Children of (3I2I) Martin Van B.*^ and Emily (Willard) Dager. 

5924. I. Charles O.'' (M. D.): b. May n, 1862; m. Apl. 14, 

1892, Sarah J. Fite, b. Mch. 3, 1863. Res. at Hatboro, 
Montg. Co., Pa. 

5925. II. Jesse W.'': b. Apl. 16, 1864; d. May i, 1872, Barren 

Hill, Pa. 

5926. 111. Martin V., Jr.": b. Sep. 16, 1867; m. May 6, 1891, 

Lilian S. Ely, b. Apl. 4, 1869. They res. at Asbury 
Park, N. J. (7214) 

Children of (3124) Henrietta E.' (Sheldrake) and Rev. John W. 


5927. I. Parke Gillette'': b. Mch. 29, 1866; d. Aug. 17, 1869; 

b. Lev. Cem. 

5928. II. Julia ROSE": b. Nov. II, 1867. 

5929. 111. William Jacob": b. Nov. 10, 1868. 

5930. IV. Edith May": b. May 23, 1872. 

5931. V. Jacob Trevor": b. Dec. 17, 1875. 

They res. at Germantown, Philad., with their mother. 

Children of (3130) George T.' and Elizabeth (Mattis) Righter. 

5932. I. George M.": b. Sept. 13, 1869, in Roxb., Philad. 

5933. 11. Blanche M.": b. June 28, 1871, in Roxb., Philad. 

5934. 111. Frank H.": b. Feb. 11, 187^, in Roxb., Philad. 

5935. IV. S. Earl": b. June 22, 1878, in Roxb., Philad. 


Children of (3132) C Ed^ar' and Rebecca (Wright) Righter. 

5936. 1. Hula MJ': \\ June 21, 1875. 

5937. 11. MaBHL F;-': b. Wch. 13, 1877: d. Nov. 11, 1881. 

5938. 111. C. HDGAR, JR.^ b. Ma\- 13, 1879. 

5939. 1\ . RETTIB H.": b. Feb. 27, and d. Jiil\- 23, 1881. 

Children of (3133) Michael H.' and Emmaretta (Hinkle) Righter. 

5940. 1. Howard M.": b. Nov. 5, 1881 ; d. Feb. 13, 1882. 

5941. 11. ALBERT P.^: b. Jan. 11, 1883; d. Aug. 30, 1884. 

5942. HI. HDITH M.": b. Aug. 28, 1885. 

Children of (3137) Catharine H/ (Tibben) and Lamar S. Felten. 

5943. 1. Miriam J.-': b. Sept. 2, 1876, in Philad. 

5944. 11. l.A.MAR REID": b. May 19, 1880, in Philad. 

5945. 111. ALBERT L.": b. Aug. 22, 1881, in Philad. 

5946. IV. Clara Tibben •': b. April 19, 1883, in Philad. 

Child of (3Hn Julia E/ (Tibben) and Walter K. Thomas. 

5947. 1. Margaret K.**: b. Oct. 16, 1892, at Wissahickon, Philad. 

Children of 3143) Samuel F.' and Kate (Stadelman) Tibben. 

5948. 1. FllaCRACE": b. June 16, 1878. 

5949. 11. Maud Edna": b. Dec. 10, 1881. 

5950. 111. iknvARD Algernon-': b. Mch. 14, 1888. 

Fainil\- reside Lower Merion, near Philad. 

Children of (3152) Hon. Charles T.*^ and Mary (Conner) Harkison. 

5951. 1. Robert Tibben": b. Oct, 18, and d. Oct. 20, 188 1, at 

Denxer, Colo. 

5952. 11. CHARLES VVlLLIA.W": b. Oct. 22, 1883, at Denver, Colo. 


Children of (3153) Mary A/ (Harkison) and David Reed. 

5953. I. Sarah Harkison^: b. Jan. 17, 1868; d. Dec. 26, 1870. 

5954. II. Robert RusHTON": b. Apl. 8, 1869; d. June 10, 1871. 

5955. 111. Charles Harkison-': h. Dec. 27, 1870; d. Apl. 5, 1876. 

5956. IV. George Hart'-': b. Aug. 27, 1872. 

5957. V. Jane Angeline'-": b. Sep. 15, 1874. 

5958. VI. David TiBBEN^: b. Apl. 29, 1876. 

5959. VII. Kate Field": b. Mch. 2, 1878. 

5960. VIII. JOHN HORBACH'^: b. Oct. 12, 1879; d. Dec. 30, 1880. 

5961. IX. Hannah Mary": b. July 31, 1881. 

5962. X. Jesse Eugene": b. May 23, 1883. 

5963. XI. Edwin Baker": b. Oct. 15, 1885; d. Jan. 9, 1886. 

Family reside at Omaha, Neb. 

Children of (3154) Hannah SJ* (Harkison) and Joseph Archibald. 



I. JOSEPH D.": b. Sep. 6, 1875. 

II. Charles T.": b. Dec. 5, 1876; d. Oct. 13, 1880. 

III. Mary H.": b. June 2, 1878. 

IV. JOHN A.": b. Nov. 8, 1879; d. Sep. i, 1880. 

V. Margaret C": b. Aug. 15, 1881 ; d. June 16, 1884. 

VI. ALLAN R.": b. May 2, 1884. 

VII. ANNIE I.": b. Sep. 4, 1885 ; d. July 2, 1886. 

VIII. ALICE J.": b. Feb. 20, 1888; d. Apl. 19, 1891. 
Family live at Omaha, Neb. 

Children of (3158) William T.' and Emily (Mennig) Shupard. 

5972. I. Florence L.": b. Nov. 1877; d. June 18, 1878; b. Lev. 


5973. II. Kate P.": b. May 21, 1879, at Roxb., Philad. 

5974. 111. Bertram St. Clair": b. Mch. 28, 1881 ; d. Dec. 22, 

1888 ; b. Lev. Cem. 


5975. IV. Ralph Raymond": b. Oct. 27, 1882, at Roxb. 

5976. V. Howard Walcom": b. Oct. 21, 1885, at Roxb. 

5977. VI. Ross B.": b. Oct. 6, 1890; d. Max- 21, 1891. 

Children of (315^1 Anna A/ (Shupard) and John F. Doan. 

5978. 1. J. Ross'*: b. Feb. 16, 1884; d. Jul)- i, i8c)o; b. Lev. 


5979. II. Ada LORETTa": b. in 1885, at Roxb. 

5980. 111. Kate Shupard": b. 1887, at Roxb. 

Children of (3160) Horace E."