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in 2013 




}. R. BEARCE. 


Beam V Glifforfl Construction Coipj. 

Estimates given on Large or Small Contracts of 

Masonry, Earth Excavating 

Railroad Work, Water Works and Sewerage. 

We also make a specialty of 

Heavy Trucking. 

We are fully equipped with 
Steam Shovels, 
Steam Derricks, 
Steam Drills, 
And Holsters. 
Telephone Connection. 

Lewiston, Me. 


Manufacturers of 


■ Tablets, Curbing, &c. 

Water Power Polishing Works. 

ds. 12 & 14 BATES STREET, 

Near Upper M. C R. R. Depot. 

timates furnished for every de- 
cription of Cemetery and Build- 
ing Work, from Light, Dark 
and Ked Granite, Ameri- 
can or Italian Marble. 





— Manufacturers of— 

Leather Belting 


And Dealers in 

Wilson's Belt Hooks, Etc. 

Main St., near the Canal, - - Lewiston, M| 












Wood Mantles to Order. 


Correspondence Solicited. 






Window and Door Frames, Kiln Dried Lumber. Patent Common 
Sense Dryer, Southern Pine and Hard Wood Flooring. 

Planing Mill and Lumber Yard, foot of Gross Canal. 

m.j™»an.J LEWISTON, ME. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

mi mm m w, m m ui mm. 



GAS FIXTURES we kq direct from the Manufacturers and sell at their prices. 



Main Street, ..... Lewiston, Me. 


The MiuEft Instance Agency. 


General, Fire, Life and Accident Insuran 





Manufacturing Confectione 


223 Main Street, - - - Lewiston, Maine 

I always have on hand a large assortment of all kinds of Candies, and eonsta 
getting up something new. Particular attention is paid to home made and the \ 
class of Confectionery. Picnics and parties supplied at wholesale prices. 

Manufacturer and Dealer in j 

Carriages and Sleighs 


Turner, Junction of Pleasant St., Auburn, IV 



R. UK. SYEES <£ CO., 


54 Lisbon Street, 


Fancy Groceries, Fine te 

Spices, Canned Goods & Patent Medicines. 

The Best Brands of Flour. 


Agent fjr Fleischman & Co.'s Compressed Yeast. 

Apt for all First-Class Steamers. 

Passengers booked to or from all parts of the world. - 

Drafts on any part of the World for sale 
at lowest rates. 

213 Park Street, Lewiston, Maine. 

Russell S. Bradbury, 

First Class Teams 
Furnished at all Hours. 
3>To. 1 Court Street, -A.TJL"fc>uirxL, Me, 




Babbitt Bros., the Twin Clothiers, Props. 




Gledhill & Maney, 





Next Door Above 1$. IPeolt's. 

Steel Dies of this Trvde Mark, in JOHXATHAN MUNYAN, President * 

three sizes, furnished free to Lessees. S. V. A. HUNTER, Treasurer. 

Main Office, Xo. 158 Summer Street, Boston, Mass. Factory, Xo. 
398 Federal Street, Boston, Mass. 


Tbe Goodyear Sboe Machinery Co., 





Fine Clothing, Hats & Gents' Furnishings. 







Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles, Cigars, &c 
10 Lincoln Street, 




Bargains in Diamonds, Watches, &c» 

Elegant Goods and lowest prices. Agt. for " Victor " Bicycles. 

79 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me. 


(Successors to Isaac S. Tapley.) 




Elegant Cabinet Photographs, $2.50 per doz. Also, enlarging and copy- 
ing done to order. Orders for life-size Crayon and India Ink work promptly 
attended to. Finest Cabinets, $2.50 per doz. Finished from two positions. 


H. W m PIPER, 


l \ £p. £££• &l£s, 

*9k$ T si$ "%W 

83 Main St., Lewiston, Me. 

Agents wanted in every city and town to handle first-class articles. 



Daily, from Lewiston and Auburn for Portland and Boston, 
connecting with Expresses for all points South and West. 


On all trains, and good* delivered 

promptly and at reasonable rates* 

•211 business entrusted to our 

care will receive prompt 


Leave Lewiston for Portland at 7 A J. and 1.30 
P.M., for Boston at 4 P.M. 

Good Stage Connections 

For Turner, Livermore, Lisbon 
and Mechanics Falls. 

Lewiston Office .29 ASH STREET. 

Auburn Office (S. B. Smith's Drugstore), , . 2(i COURT ST. 

Portland Office. 103 EXCHANGE ST. 

Boston Offices, 91 KTLBY, 105 ARCH 


Charles River Iron "Works. 




Plate Iron Work of all Descriptions. 

Nos. 72 to 86 Main Street, . . , Cambridgeport, Mass. 




AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS for Extinguishing Fires. 
GAS MACHINES for Lighting Public Buildings, Hotels, Factories.Residences, &c. 


Steam Pumps, Boilers and Engines, Steam and Water Gauges, Die 

Plates, Pipe Tongs, Pipe Wrenches, &c, Hydrauts, 

Stand Pipes, Fire Hose, Fire Pails, 

And a general assortment of supplies for Steam, Gas and Water. 




General Express Fortarta, 

North, South, East and West. 


F. It. STAPLES, Agent. 

Principal Office, 67 Franklin Street, Boston, 

■"■"■■■'■■"■"■■■ ll "^"^"""""''"" l,IM ™'"" ll, "" , ~'""'"«™' l ^^^""""i"«i^Hii^ 


Arcade Malleable Iron Co., 





WASHINGTON SQ., opp. Union Passenger Station, WORCESTER, MASS. 

T T^ T TT I\" T At C" 1 C^ 



Submarine Work of all kinds where Divers are required, such as raising: sunken 
vessels or cargoes, preparing: foundations for piers, abutments, seawalls, 
wharves, dams, etc. Submarine Drilling-, Blasting and removing ob- 
structions. Examinations and repairs on Marine Railways, Docks, 
and Ships' Bottoms. Particular attention paid to the recovery 
of drowned persons, through the ice or otherwise. 

Also, Dealers in 

Old Iron and Metals, Manila Rope and Canvas, Second-Hand Anchors and Chains. 


No8. 9 and 10 Union Wharf, - - PORTLAND, ME. 



(Of the Massachusetts and United States Bars.) 



Secured in thin and all patent granting eountriet, and Patent 
and Trade .Hark Sni/a Pronecnted and MPefettded. 

" A leading: position in the profession." — Manufacturers' Gazette. 

M Has had remarkable success." — Boston Traveller. 

" His familiarity with the Patent Office rules, in connection with his long experi- 
ence as a Patent Solicitor, renders him thoroughly qualified to act as the attorney 
of inventors." — Boston Journal. 

" One of the most successful in the profession." — Boston Post. 




Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright suits prosecuted and defended. Proceedings 
in Accounting for Profits and Damages conducted. Opinions as to Validity, Scope 
and Infringements of Patents. Interferences in the Patent Office prosecuted. 

IPatexits Solicited in all Countries. 

Trade Marks and Labels Registered and Copyrights Entered. 

*' Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing WELL. 9 - 

Solicitor of Pa UffTS, 

And Expert in Patent Causes. 


All Branches of Patent Business Attended to. 


(Successor to C. & F. L. HOUGHTON), 








3,4,5 &6 Haymarket Sq., 


Manufacturers of and Dealers in 

Plain, Galvanized and Rustless 



And all Goods used in connection 
with Steam, Gas or Water. 

Contractors for Heating: all kinds 

of Buildings with Steam 

or Hot Water. 

Branch Office, 

7 Washington Square, 

Worcester, - - Mass. 

I Roberts 
Iron * Works • Co 


I. H. BEiS, President. 
G. B. ROBERTS, Treas. 

Plate and Sheet Iron Work 



FROM 3 TO 125 H. P. ON" HAND 

Boiler Makers, Machinist 




43 a -2 TE c L ia f B °^bGE. CAMBRIDGE-PORT, MASS., U. S. I 

Tubular Flue, Locomotive and Yacht Boilers, Tanks, Digesters, 
and Smoke Slacks. 





Crystal Fountain Bottling Co, 

Manufacturers and Bottlers of 

Carbonated Beverages. 

Charging Soda Tanks 


Pure Spring Water 

a specialty. 

Ottawa Beer 
and all other flavors 
in soda Tanks. 


27 Miller, Basement of 118 Main Street, AUBURN, ME. 

»^ ^ »m»^— J— —J— — MM I I .III MM .I W l lMi^ — ■— ■— ^— 

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Company, 



Manufacturers of 

"No Seam" Rubber Belting. 

"O.K." Cotton Mill Hose. 
" Bob Roy " Linen Hose. 

Send for Catalogue. 

G. F. SWIFT, President. E. C. SWIFT, Treasurer and General Manager . 

S. IIENRY SKILTON, Asst. Manager. 


Puckers and Clivers of 

Pork, Beef, Lard, Hams, Bacon, 


33 and 34 North Market Street, 

BOSTON, U. 63. A. 
P. O. Box, 5'i41. Cable Address, North. 




Main St., Lewiston, opp. the Lower Maine Central R. R. Station. 

100 rooms, furnished new throughout. The best beds to be bought with money. 

Electric lighted, electric bells, bath rooms, and room en suite. Fine 

sample rooms for commercial travelers. Nearest all the depots, 

horse cars and convenient for both Lewiston and Auburn. 


H. A. WALLINGFORD, . . ... . Manager. 

JOHN C. CURTIS, ........ Clerk. 


Tlxe Great Temperance iDrinJk: Appetizer. 




Lewiston, ........ Maine. 


Manufacturer of 







Soda Water, Syrups, Tonics, 

Bottlers of Ale, Porter, Cider and Lager Beer, Bass & Co.'s Ale, Guinness' Stout. 


SODA and SARATOGA WATERS in patent block-tin lined Steel Fountains and 
Siphous, Sole Agents for D. G. Ym-ngling, Jr.'s Extra 
Fine New York Lager. 
- C* S. GOVE. i, - A. P. EELLEY. 



E. S. PAUL & CO., 


Cloaks, Dress Goods, Sis and Ms. 


And a full line of 

174 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Me. 


S. M. PAUL. 


E. O. WOOD, 

Ticket Agent Maine Gentral Railroad. 

Tickets to all Principal Points Sonth aiid West, via all routes, for sale at 


Pullman Berths secured iu advance. Baggage checked to destination. 

E. C. WOOD, Ticket Agent, - - - Auburn, Me. 


TRUE'S pin worm ELIXIR. 


Harmless and Effective. Expels all Worms from Children or Adults. 

It has no equal as a laxative, reg- 
ulating the Bowels, and assisting 

True's Pin Worm Elixir cures In- 
digestion, Billiousness, Constipation, 
Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Dis- 
ordered Liver, Dizziness and Piles. 
It is a reliable remedy for the ordi- 
nary diseases of children, such as 
Feverishness, Sour Stomach, Cos- 
tiveness, Indigestion, Etc. Send for 

Prices, 35 cents, 50 cents and $1.00. 


DR. J. F. TRUE & CO., 











/ ail 



No. 97 Oliver Street, Boston. 


For Sale by 


Entered according to Act of Congress in the j-ear 1891, by W. A. Gkeenough 
& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. 

PRICE, - - - $2.00. 



Presg of W. A. Greenough & Co. 




Drugs, Patent Miciies, Fine Perfumes 


208 Lisbon St., cor. of Pine, - - LEWISTON, MAINE 

No. 51 Lisbon Street, 


Ezra H- White, D.D.S. F. L. Leavitt, D.D.S 


Boston Variety Store 


Crockery, Glassware, Tinware, JVoodemvare, 
Lamps, Toys and Novelties. 

The best place in the City. No old goods, everything* first-class 


No. 41 Lisbon Street, RILEY & ROBINSON, Prop's. 

A. L. & E. F. GOSS, 

Manufacturers of and Dealers in 

Stoves, Ranges, Kitchen Furniture 


Dairy and Agricultural Implements. 

Warerooms, 41 & 43 Lower Main Street, cor. of Lincoln, 



In presenting to our patrons and the general public, the Lewis- 
ton and Auburn Directory, for 1891-92, No. 11 in the regular 
series. We would express our thanks for the generous patronage 
and unusual courtesies received. We sincerely believe that the 
work will satisfy every reasonable demand and expectation. We 
may say that we have spared no pains or expense to make it wor- 
thy of our house. Suggestions looking towards still further im- 
provement will at any time be gratefully received. 
Synopsis : 

1889 1891 Increase. 

Names in Lewiston, 7,242. 8,4-15. 1,203 

Names in Auburn, 3,654. 4,993. 1,339 


Compilers, Printers and Publishers. 
97 Oliver St., Boston. 





.?#.# l.VE CMSJVTie*aL,>. 

Through Tickets to California, Colorado, Montana and all poii 
West and South, via all routes at Lowest Kates. 


CHAS. C. BENSON, Ticket Agent, MX.R.R. (Upper Statior 

Dr. Emery B/\iUy, 


Well made Artificial Teeth, fron 
$5.00 to $15.00 a Set. 

Journal Biosk, 2D Lisbon Street, - - LEWISTOM, MAIN 


Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces, Tin and Wooden Ware, Pockc 
and Table Cutlery, Kitchen Furnishing Goods, etc. 


lobbing in Tin, Slteet Iron, Zinc and Copper, Promptly Attended to and Warranted. 

191 Lisbon Street, - UEWISTON, MAINE* 



Shafting, Pulleys, Steam Engines, Pulley Turning Lathes, 


And Dealer in 

Job Work and Repairing promptly done. 

Special attention given to repairing Woolen Marltinery. 

Boiler Repairing, Tubes Set ami Sewing Machines Repair 

3G Canal St., rear Music Ilall, LEWISTOJ\\ M. 





21, 23 and 25 Faneuil Hall Market, 39 and 40 North Market Street, 


Packers, Curers and Wholesale Dealers in 

mm * ■£&&*> 



Wsi€<Bw d#B. MsiMS» 






JOHN H. VOSE, Eastern Agent, 

235 Commercial St., Portland, P. 0. Box 1613, and Penobscot Exchange, Bangor. 





Safest, Surest and Best 



^tf^ff"l ^^ f% The Safest Match 
in use. Spaces between 
the heads prevent igni- 
tion in the pocket or 
package by rubbing to- 
gether, are made in 
sheets, thus avoiding 
the annoyance and dan- 
ger of scattering about 
loose matches. 

No Explosive Parlor 
Match Heads to flash 
up and set fire to car- 
pets or curtains. No 
box to knock over. 
FOR EXPORT they excel all others, and pack in one-third less 
space, with a proportionate saving in freight. 

Portland Star Match Co., 



Sole Owners and Manufacturers. 

JAS. C. JORDAN, Treasurer and Manager. 



American Legion of Honor 

Androscoggin County Officers 

A. A. S. R . 


B.iil Commissioners 

Banks .... 

Bates College 

Business Directory 

Business Directory of Patrons 



City Government 


Daughters of Rebekah 

Directory ...» 

Fire Department 

Grand Armv of the u-epihlic 

Halls, Buildings, Bloks, Etc 

Improved Order of Red Men 


Justices of toe Peace 

Knights of Honor 

Knights of Pythias 

Knights of The Golden Eagle 

Masonic .... 

Mi htary 

Municipal Court 

Northern Mutual Relief Association 

N. E. O. of Protection 

Notaries Public 

Odd Fellows 


Order of the Scottish Clans 

Patrons of Husbandry 

Police Department 

Post Offices 


Private Schools 

Public Library 

Public Schools. 

Pvthian Sisterhood 

Railroad Stations 

Rates of Postage 

Royal Arcanum , 


Sons of St. George 

Sons of Veterans. 


Streets, Courts, Etc 

Temple of Honor 

Temperance Societies 

United Order of Pilgrim Fathers 

U. O. of the G ol len Cross 

U. O. of I. O. L 

Ward Boundaries 

Woman's Nat. Relief Corps 

Womatis State Relief Corps 








560 C 































560 F 















560 F 








560 D 














560 C 















Fine Millinehy. 

27 Lisbon Street, 


Ready- Made Clothing 


j\lercliant Tailors. 

Every Line of Goods of the Best Quality. 




200 to 208 Haymarket Square, Lewiston, Maine, 

#'. it mi s I. I I /.' # I, EJfMPIjEJfMEJYVS, JLi.UMi, MIT, CE*1ME.W, 8t{ 


Lewiston Five Cent Store 










Abbott C. A 271 

Allen D. & Co front cover 

Allen & Co 576 

Androscoggin County Savings 

Bank 275 

Androseoggi i Mills 341 

Anthoine A. W 9 

Avon Mnfg. Co 349 

Babbitt Brothers 8 

Bailey C. B 496 

Bailey Emery 20 

Baldwin James Co. (The) 202 

Bates Mnfg. Co 342 

Bearce & Clifford 3 

Beliveau J 2 

Benson Charles C 20 

Blake L. L. & Co 570 

Blake, Spear & Co 565 

Boardman & Dodge 571 

Booth Samuel 568 

Bradford, Conant & Co 569 

Bunker Wi 'dam B 2 

Callahan George A 562 

Carman & Thompson 201 

Carver& Spearrin 271 

Catland T. li 561 

Chamberlin & Little 293 

Chandler Benjamin 276 

Chase J. II 20 

Columbia Mills 346 

Conant A. P 566 

Conant F. A 293 

Continental Mills 345 

Coombs CM 272 

Couture & Guilbault 562 

Cowan Woolen Co 348 

Crafts Storer F 577 

Craig & Scott 141 

Crane F. E. & Co. 570 

Cressey David B 561 

Cummings S. A 6 

Davis M. J 565 

Day Brothers 564 

Day Joseph H 575 

Deejardins P. It . 572 

Dickey H. H. & Son 4 

Douglass & Cook 276 

Doyle Bros 24 

Drew & ltoberts 295 


Ferguson W. B 15 

Fernald J. M back cover 

Field Edwin F 20 

First National Bank 275 

Franklin Company 344. 

Furbush George VV 568 

Garner John 7 

Gay, Woodman Co 497" 

Gerrish E. H 271 

Gledhill & Maney 8- 

Goss A. L. & E. F 18 

Gould Brothers 575 

Greenleaf Levi 295v 

Guav Brothers 576< 

Hall William J 572 

Hall & Knight Hardware Co... 571' 

Ham J. B. & Co 565 

Ham O. S 24 

Hammond I. L. & Co 9 

Hanley James.... 201. 

Harper & Googin.... ; 142. 

Hayes J. L. & Co 564 

Hildreth C. A back cover 

Hill Mnfg. Co 343 

Hodgkins, Foss & Co 564 

Hodgman J. C 141 

Hotel Atwood 15- 

Howard & Carver 142 

Hoy t Frank L. & Co 566 

Hutchn.s E. H 567 

Johnson James A 561 

Jordan, Frost &Co 5 

Jordan J. M 142 

Kabatchnick Jacob 577 

Kelly Thomas & Co 346 

Lane George \V 272 

Lawrence J. E 2 

LeBlanc Joseph 561 

Le Messager 562 

Lewiston Bleachery & Dye 

Works " 347 

Lewiston Gas Light Co 56i. 

Lewiston Journal 572 

Lewiston Machine Co 573 

Lewiston Mill Co 348 

Lewiston Monumental Co 3. 

Lewiston Steam Dve House... 561 

Litchfield B. & Co 567 

Little Androscoggin Water 

Power Co 319 




Long D. F 573 

Lown George E. & Sons 272 

Maine Centra] R. R 594 

Manfrs. National Bank. « 275 

Mayo Stephen W 571 

McDonougfa & Desjardins 575 

McNamara Thomas 

Merchants 9 Express Co 10 

Mercantile Mutual Accident 

Asso 400 

Morrell 0. () 561 

Munroe W. F o(')5 

Murphy James 3 

Murphy J. P 3 

Neal C. A. Miss 141 

Nealey & Miller 5<i7 

Newman Oliver & Co 573 

New England Live Stock Insur- 
ance Co 490 

N. E. Despatch Co 11 

Noble Frank L 21)5 

Norton O. A 202 

Page George R 24 

Tallin I). E 56(5 

Paul E. S. & Co 16 

Payne F. G 503 571 

People's Savings Bank 275 

Perreault Eugene 574 

Pbaneuf M. & Co 575 

Pin^ree 11. C. & Co 4 

Fiper II. \V 9 

Prager Clothing Co 8 

Pratt B. Frank 503 

Pressey M. L 570 

Raymond Geo. W back cover 

Read II. A 574 

Riker Warren E 18 


Riley & Robinson 18 

Roak Geo. M 228 

Robbins I. L 202 

Roberge Louis & Son 201 

Robie S. P front cover 

Rogers M. J. & Co 227 

Savage & Oakes 295 

Sawyer D. B front cover 

Scruton John Y. & Son 24 

Skinner H. B. & Co 202 

Smith E. K 508 

Smith John B. & Co 5 

Stanton & Skinner 15 

Stetson J. H. & Co 571 

Stevens I. D 504 

Svkes R. M. & Co 7 

Talbot A. L 270 

Tibbetts & Goodrich 500 

Union Band 570 

Union Printing Co 503 

Vaughan Thomas 570 

Wade & Dunton 572 

Walker Bros 508 

Wallingford IT A 15 

Watrous E. E 577 

WebbT. W 507 

Weeks W. H 48 

White & Carter 490 

White & Leavitt 18 

Whitney John H 270 

Wiggin I). W. & Co 577 

Windsor Mineral Spring Co.. . • 141 

Wiseman Robert J.. 572 

Wood John N front cover 

Wright Frank A 574 



Alden Burt L. & Co 228 

American Banking and Trust 

Co " 490 

Atwood & Lowell 683 

Auburn Drug & Chemical Co.. 228 
Auburn Marble & Monumental 

Works 227 

Auburn Savings Bank 495 

Auburn Stove Foundry Co . . . • 588 

Auburn Trust Co 490 

Balentine Nellie M 583 

Ballard S. K 583 

Barker C. I 8 

Bearce, Wilson & Co.. .front cover 

Bradbury R. S 7 

Bradford, Conant & Co 509 

Bridge & Smith 48 

Briggs C. II 578 


Brock wav Mnfg. Co 579 

Cobb John F. Shoe Co 497 

Conant T. R. & Co 583 

Conant & Andrews 228 

Coombs J. E 580 

Cornish Elbride 588 

Covell C W. & Co 587 

Crystal Fountain Bottling Co.. 14 

Cmdnnan Ara, Company 497 

Decker Hartwell B...." 531 

Desmond T. F 580 

Dinglev John & Co 581 

Doten H. E 584 

Dunham L. C 141 

Edwards Jonas 587 

Emerson S. L 531 

First National Bank 495 

Foster S. C 2 




Fowles A. W. & Co... 581 

Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. . 8 

Gowell H. A 587 

Guild & Sawyer 578 

Haley A. C 586 

Haskell L. W. & Co front cover 

Haskell R. C 580 

Heutz Jean 579 

Holway Oscar & Co 585 

Huston T. A. & Co 582 

Hutchins H. Wesley 498,499 

Ingersoll, Whitman & Co 588 

Jordan N. 1 582 

Kilbourne Gee. E 14 

Kinsley I). W. , Jr. & Co 578 

Knight J. H 588 

Leader R. F 584 

Lewiston Soda Beer Co 580 

Little Androscoggin Water 

Power Co 3-19 

Lovejoy S. H 580 

Maine Benefit Asso front cover 

McCann & Verrill 584 

Mc Walters George C 531 

Mechanics Savings Bank 495 

Merchants' Express Co 10 

Merrill & Webber 587 

MiMer Insurance Agency (The; G 

Miller & Owen 6 

Morse Mark 502 

National Shoe & Leather Bank. 495 


Nevens C. T 6 

Park House 141 

Peables & Garcelon 581 

Penley Albert M 581 

Philoon & Brewster 585 

Pray-Small & Co 497 

Provost & Vincent 580 

Roak George M 228 

Roak & Plummer 28 

Roberts John G 578 

Sawyer John A 585 

Shaw H. M 201 

Smith H. R back cover 

Stearns & Reed back cover 

Stevens D. B 586 

Stevens Edwin T. Co. (The;.. 581 

Storah F. H. & Co 584 

Taylor Bros 579 

Thomas Elmer I 272 

True J. F. Dr. & Co.... 16 

Verplast & Penney 585 

Verrill A. J. & Co 227 

Verrill J. Wesley 579 

Verrill & Hutchinson 531 

Walton Ambrose 582 

Whitman Agricultural Wks 586 

Wills Geo. E 582 

Wood E. C 16 

Wood, Robinson Co front cover 

Wood & Walker 578 

York C. L. & Son 584 



iEtna Life Ins. Co 593 

Allen & Co back cover 

Bennett H. B 590 

Burgess, Fobes& Co 590 

Clifford William H 592 

Dewey A. G. & Co 593 

Equhable Life Assurance Soc. . 593 

Fassett F. H 594 

Fitzpatrick J. W 593 

Foss V. Richard 593 

Ingalls Brothers 592 

Loring, Short & Harmon, back cover 

Lunt L. E. & Co 11 

Maine Central Liailroad 594 

Merchants Express Co 10 

Merchants Hotel 591 

Milliken, Tomlinson Co 589 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y-. 593 
New England Mutual Life Ins. 

Co 593 


Phillips F. F 593 

Portland Star Match Co 22 

Portland Steam Packet Co 591 

Portland Trust Co 595 

Shaw F. L 271 

Shaw, Hammond & Carney.... 590 

Squire John P. & Co 21 

Stevens John Calvin 594 

Swan & Barrett 593 

True D. W. & Co 589 

Union Mutual Life Insurance 

Co .back cover 

Verrill Elgin C 592 

Vose John H 21 

Watson George E 591 

Wescott W.N 589 

Woodbury & Moulton. « 595 





Androscoggin Mills 

Arcade Malleable Iron Co 11 

Bates Mnfg. Co 342 

Boston Belting Co 339 

Boston Lasting Machine Co 516 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., 501 

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber. 

Co n 

Branian, Dow & Co 13 

Bride William J 501 

Bureau of Credits 502 

Charles Liver Iron Works 10 

Clarke & Raymond 12 

Columbia Mills 34G 

Continental Mills 345 

Curtis Regulator Co 500 

Cushman Ara Company 497 

Davis & Waitt 50G 

Dennison Mnfg. Co 508 and on 

back binding 

Dunn, Green & Co 505 

Emerson George W. & Co 510 

If lagg Mnfg. Co 516 

Gav, Woodman Co 497 

Globe Buffer Co 517-518 

Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. 

The 512 

Gove diaries S. & Co 15 

Hamilton, Martin & Co 504 

Heliotype Printing Co opp. 114 

Hill Mnfg. Co 

Tlorton Walter & Co 504 

Houghton F. L 12 

Howard S. F. & Co 510 

Keck, Mosser & Co 504 

Kelly T. & Co 346 

Kendall Edward & Sons 10 

Kistler, Lesh & Co 504 

Lacing Stud Co. (The) 511 

Leeson J. II. & Co 507 


Little Androscoggin WaterPow- 

er 349 

Martin T. & Bro. Mnfg. Co 506 

McKay & Bigelow Heeling Ma- 
chine Co 515 

McKay Metallic Fastening Asso. 514 

Merchants Express Co 10 

Morrisville Calf Skin Co 505 

Morley Bennett Button Sewing 

Machine Co 511 

National Sewing Machine Co... 519 
New England Despatch Co.... 11 
New England Shoe and Leather 

Association 502 

New York Woven Label Mnfg. 

Co 507 

Nickerson & Glidden 506 

North Packing and Provision 

Co 14 

Page Belting Co front cover 

Patten C. A . & Co 503 

Pfister & Vogel Leather Co ... . 505 

Pope A. W. & Co 506 

Kice Kendall Co 502 

lioberts Iron Works 13 

Rockingham Machine Co 513 

Sharp, Clarke & Co 505 

Spalding & Bliss 503 

Spencer A. II 12 

Squire J. P. & Co 21 

Stiles & Winslow 503 

Tapley Machine Co. /The) 520 

Tripp Giant Leveller Co. (The) 518 

Tyler G. C. & Co 503 

Union Edge Setter Co 516 

Union Heel Trimmer Co 509 

Walworth Mnfg Co 10 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., 

Worcester 340 

White W. B. & Son 509 

Williams Henry W 12 


Undertakers, Embalmers and Funeral Directors. 

Dealers in 


- No. 151 Pleasant St., Auburn. 

- No. 48 Wood St., Lewiston. 

- No. 67 Union St., Auburn. 

f A. M. ROAK, 

Residence, a.s.plummer, 

(. WM. FROST, 

All Call* by day 

night Promptly attended to. 

Connected by Telephone. 

Rooms, Turner St., opp. County Building, AUBURN, MAINE 




Ale, Porter, Etc. 

Ingalls Brothers, 17 Preble, Port- 
land (see page 592) 

- Architects, 

Stevens John Calvin, 185 Middle, 
Portland (see page 594) 

FassettF. H., 47 Exchange, Port- 
land (see page 594) 

Automatic Fire 
Sprinkler 8. 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see page 10) 



Bennett H. B., 401 
(see page 590) 


Bale Ties. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 340) 


Portland Trust Co., Portland, Me- 
(see page 595) 


Woodbury & Moulton, 176 Middle, 
Portland (see page 595) 

Barb Fencing. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass, (see opp. 340) 


Boston Belting Co., 25G Devon- 
shire, Boston (see page 339) 

Boston Woven Hose and Rubber 
Co., 226 Devonshire, Boston (see 
page 14) 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq., Boston (see p. 13) 

Page Belting Co. ? 17 Federal, Bos- 
ton (see front cover) 

Blank Book Mnfrs. 

Loring, Short & Harmon, 474 Con- 
gress, Portland (see back cover) 

Boiler Makers* 

Roberts Iron Works Co., 92 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see page 13) 


Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 to 92 
Main, Cambridgeport (see p. 10) 


Loring, Short & Harmon, 474 Con- 
gress, Portland (see back cover) 

Boot and Shoe Cemen- 

Fla ig Mnfg. Co. , 1 10 Lincoln, Bos- 
ton (see page 516) 



Boot and Shoe Flexible 
I it, soles. 

Globe Buffer Co., 1 10 Lincoln, Bos- 
ton (see pp. 517-518) 

Boot and Shoe Heel 
B (ti'ii ish tag Mu- 
ch inert/. 

Rockingham Machine Co , Exeter, 
N. II., and 57 Lincoln, Boston (see 
pa i^e 513) 

Tapley .Machine Co. (The), 220 
Devonshire, Boston (see p. 520) 

Boot and Shoe Heeling 

McKay & Bigelow Heeling Machine 
Asso., 108 Summer, Boston (see 
page 515; 

Boot and Sitae Heel 

Rockingham Machine Co., Exeter, 
N. II., and 57 Lincoln, Boston 
(see p. 613) 

Union Heel Trimmer Co., 114 Lin- 
coln, Boston (see p. 509) 

Boot and Shoe Lacing 

Lacing Stud Co. (The), 55 Lincoln, 
Boston (see p. 51 1) 

Boot and Shoe Lasting 

Boston Lasting Machine Co., 110 
Lincoln, Boston (see p. 51(!) 

Boot and Shoe Ma- 

Boston Lasting Machine Co., 110 
Lincoln, Boston (see p. 516) 

Emerson George \V. & Co., 533 
Wash'n. Lynn, and 302 Devon- 
shire, Boston (see p. 510) 

Elagg Mnfg. Co., 110 Lincoln, Bos- 
ton (see p. 516) 

Globe Buffer Co., 110 Lincoln, Bos- 
ton (see pp. 517-518) 

Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. (The) 
158 Summer, Boston (see p. 512) 

Howard S. F. & Co., 29 Lincoln, 
Boston (see p. 510) 

Lacing Stud Co. (The), 55 Lincoln, 
Boston (see p. 511) 

McKay & Bigelow Heeling Associa- 
tion, 108 Summer, Boston (see 
page 515) 

McKay Metallic Fastening Associa- 
tion, 108 Summer, Boston (see 
page 5U) 

Morley- Bennett Button Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 205 Congress, Boston 
(see p. 511) 

National Sewing Machine Co., 124 
Pearl, Boston (see p. 519) 

Rockingham Machine Co., Exeter, 
N. 1L, and 57 Lincoln, Boston 
(see p. 513) 

Tapley Machine Co. (The), 220 
Devonshire, Boston (see p. 520) 

Tripp Giant Leveller Co. (The), 
493 Union, Lynn, and 302 Devon- 
shire, Boston (see p. 518) 

Union Edge Setter Co. ,110 Lincoln, 
Bostou (see p. 516) 

Union Heel Trimmer Co., 114 Lin- 
coin, Boston (see p. 509) 

Boot and Shoe Mnfrs. 

Gay, Woodman Co., 91 Bedford, 
Boston (see p. 497) 

Boot and Shoe Mnfrs, 

Nickerson &Glidden, 48 South (see 
p. 506) 

Boot and Shoe Metallic 
Fastening M a eh ines. 

McKay Metallic Fastening Associa- 
tion, 108 Summer, Boston (see 
p. 514) 



JBoot and Shoe Pat- 

White William B. & Son, 90 South, 
(see p. 509) 

Boot and Shoe Sewing 

Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. (The) 
158 Summer, Boston (see p. 512) 

National Sewing Machine Co., 124 
Pearl, Boston (see page 519) 

JBoot and Shoe Stam%>s 
and Stencils. 

Davis & Waitt, 31 South, Boston 
(see page 506) 

Boot and Shoe Trim- 

McKay & Bigelow Heeling Machine 
Association, 108 Summer, Boston 
(see p. 515) 

Union Heel Trimmer Co., 114 Lin- 
coln, Boston (see p. 509) 

Boot and Shoe Woven 

New York Woven Label Mnfar. Co., 
262 Canal, N. Y. (see p. 507) 


Ingalls Bros., 17 Preble, Portland 
(see p. 592) 

Brass and Iron Bipe 
and Fittings. 

Braman, Dow & Co... 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq.,Boston (see p. 13) 

Brass Valves, Cocks 
and Gauges. 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Olive 
Boston (see p. 10) 


Swan & Barrett, 186 Middle, Port- 
land (see p. 593) 

Woodbury & Moulton, 176 Middle, 
Portland (see p. 595) 

Broom Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Buffing Machines. 

Emerson Geo. W, & Co., 533 Wash- 
ington, Lynn (seep. 510) 

Globe Buffer Co., 110 Lincoln, Bos- 
ton (see p. 517-518) 

Rockingham Machine Co. , Exeter, 
N. H., and 57 Lincoln, Boston 
(see p. 513) 

Bureau of Credits. 

New England Shoe and Leather 
Asso.,116 Bedford, Boston (seep. 

Burnising Machines. 

Rockingham Machine Co., Exeter 
N. H., and 57 Lincoln, Boston 
(see p. 513) 

The Tapley Machine Co., 220 Dev- 
onshire, Boston (see p. 520) 

Business College. 

Shaw F. L., 507£ Cony, Portland 
(see p. 271) 


Button Sewing Ma- 

Morley Bennett Button Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 205 Congress, Boston 
(see page 511) 

Calf and Kip Skins. 

Morrisville Calf Skin Co., 2G4 Pur- 
chase, Boston (see p. 505; 

Tyler G. C. & Co., 101 South, Bos- 
ton (see p. 503) 

Card Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., 
Worcester, Mass. (see p. 340) 


Arcade Malleable Iron Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 11) 

Cigars f etc. ( Wholesale.) 

Milliken, Tomlinson Co., 311 Com- 
mercial, Portland (see page 58$) 

Clothes Line Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 


Allen & Co., 201 Middle, Portland 
(see back cover) 

College ( B us in ess . ) 

Shaw F. L., 507-} Cony,. Portland 
(see p. 271) 

Copper Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. 
Worcester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Cornice Mnfr. 

Wescott W. H., 482 Fore, Portland 
(see p. 589) 

Corset Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see 340; 

Cotton (Absorbent.) 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 508 and 
under back title) 

Cotton Hose. 

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 
226 Devonshire, Boston (see page 

Crinoline Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Cutting Dies. 


Patten C. A. & Co., 257 Causeway, 
Boston (see p. 503) 

Damper Regulators 
for Steam Boilers. 

Curtis Regulator Co., G3 Beverly, 
Boston (see p. 500) 



Dies {Cutting,) 


Patten C. A. & Co., 257 Causeway, 
Boston (see p. 503) 


Lunt L. E. & Co., 9 and 10 Union 
wharf. Portland (see p. 11) 

Edge Setting Machines 

Roekingnam Machine Co., Exeter, 
N. H., and 57 Lincoln, Boston 
(see page 513) 

Union Edge Setter Co., 110 Lincoln, 
Boston [see p. 516) 

Elastic Webs 
Goring s, 



Martin T. & Bro. Mnfg. Co., 
Bedford, Boston (see p. 506) 

Pope A. W. & Co., 45 High, Boston 
(see p. 506) 

Engineers 9 Supplies. 

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 
226 Devonshire, Boston (see 
page 14) 


Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see p. 10) 


Bennett H. B., 401 Fore, 
(see p. 590) 



Merchants Express Co., 91 Kilby 
and 105 Arch, Boston (see p. 10) 

New England Despatch Co., 67 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 11) 

Eye Shades, 

White William B. & Son, 90 South, 
"Boston (see p. 509) 

Eyelets and Eyelet 

Lacing Stud Co. (The), 55 Lincoln, 
Boston (see p. 511) 

Fancy Goods, 

Loring, Short & Harmon, 474 Con- 
gress, Portland (see back cover) 

Fence Wire, 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co. 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 



North Packing & Provision Co., 33 
and 34 No. Market, Boston (see 
page 14) 

Fire Dept. Supplies, 

Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 
226 Devonshire, Boston (see 
page 14) 




Milliken, Tomlinson Co., 311 Com- 
mercial. Portland (see p. 589) 

Shaw, Hammond & Carney, 209 
Commercial. Portland (see page 

True 1). W. & Co., 217 Commercial, 
Portland ^see p. 5S9) 



Milliken, Tomlinson Co., 311 Com- 
mercial, Portland (see p. 589) 

Shaw, Hammond & Carney, 209 
Commercial, Portland (see page 

True I). W. & Co., 217 Commercial, 
Portland (see p. 589) 

Furniture Spring 

Washburn & Moen Mnfsf. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Galvanized Iron and 

Copper Gutters. 

Westcott W. H., 482 Fore, Portland 
(see p. 589) 

Galvanized Wive. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Gas Machines and 

Walworth Mnfg. Co,, 10 Oliver, 
Boston (see p. 10) 


Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see p. 10) 

Gents' Furnishing 

Allen & Co., 204 Middle, Portland 
(see back cover) 

Ginger Ale. 

Ingalls Brothers, 17 Preble, Port- 
land (see p. 592) 

Grease Separators. 

Curtis Regulator Co., G3 Beverly, 
Boston (see p. 500) 

Grain & Split 
Leather . 

Dunn, Green & Co., 30 and 32 
South, Boston (see paire 505) 

Sharp, Clarke & Co., 134 Lincoln, 
Boston (see p. 505) 

Stiles & Winslow, 00 High, Boston 
(see p. 503) 

Grocers ( Wholesale.) 

Milliken, Tomlinson Co., 311 Com- 
mercial, Portland (see p. 589) 

Shaw, Hammond & Carney, 209 
Commercial, Portland (see page 

True D. W. & Co., 217 Commercial, 
Portland (see p. 589) 

Gutter Mnfr. {Iron & 

Westcott W. II., 482 Fore, Portland 
(see p. 589) 





Nickerson & Glidden, 48 South, 
Boston (see p. 506) 

Hand Grenades. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq., Boston (see page 

Harness Sewing Ma- 

National Sewing Machine Co., 124 
Pearl, Boston (see p. 519) 

Heel Seeding Ma- 

Tapley Machine Co. (The), 220 
Devonshire, Boston (see p. 520) 

Heel Burnishers. 

Rockingham Machine Co., Exeter, 
N. H., and 57 Lincoln, Boston 
(see p. 513) 

Taplev Machine Co. (The), 220 
Devonshire, Boston (see p. 520) 

Heel Scouring Ma- 

Emerson George W. , 533 Washing- 
ton, Lynn (see p. 510) 

Heel Trimmers. 

Union Heel Trimmer Co., 114 Lin- 
coln, Boston (see p. 509) 

Heliotype Printers. 

Heliotype Printing Co. (The), 211 
Tremont, Boston (see opp. 114) 

Hogs, Live and 

North Packing and Provision Co., 
33 and 34 No. Market, Boston 
(see p. 14) 

Hoisting and Mining 

Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see p. 10) 


Boston Belting Co., 256 Devonshire, 

Boston (see page 339) 
Boston Woven Hose and Rubber 

Co., 226 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 



Merchants Hotel, 154 to 23 Temple, 
Portland (see p. 591) 

Hydrant Hose. 

Boston Belting Co., 256 Devonshire, 
Boston (see page 339) 


Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq. Boston (see p. 13) 

Insurance Agents. 

Dewey A. G, & Co., 30 Exchange, 
Portland (see p. 593) 

Fitzpatrick J. W., 183 Middle, Port- 
land (see p. 593) 

Foss V. Richard, 85 MiJdle, Port- 
land (see p. 593) 

Phillips F. T.,9i Exchange, Port- 
land (see p. 593) 



Insurance Companies* 

Aetna Life Insurance Co., A. G. 
Dewey & Co., agents, 30 Ex- 
change, Portland (see p. 593) 

Equitable Life Assurance Society of 
N.Y..F. F. Phillips. 9:5 Exchange, 
Portland (see p. 593) 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N. Y. 
J. W. Fitzpatrick, agent, 183 
Middle, Portland (see p. ">'.):») 

X. K. .Mutual Life Insurance Co. of 
N. Y. Richard Fose, agent, 85 
Middle, Portland (see p. 593) 

Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., 
Portland (see back cover) 

Investment Securities. 

Portland Trust Co., Portland, Me. 
(see p. 595) 

Swan & Barrett, 156 Middle, Port- 
land (see p. 593) 

Woodbury & Moulton, 176 Middle, 
Portland (see p. 595) 

Iron Founders. 

Arcade Malleable Iron Co., Wor- 

coster, Mass (see p. 11) 

Iron Pipe and Fit- 
tut ys. 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver 
Boston (see p. 10) 

Iron Pipe Gal., Plain 
and Bustless. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Hay market sq. Boston (see p. 13) 

Iron Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., 
Worcester, Mass. (see page 340) 

Jewelers 9 and Drug- 
gists Boxes. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co.. 26 & 28 Frank- 
lin, Boston (see p. 508 and under 
back title) 

Lacing Studs. 

Lacing Stud Co. (The), 55 Lincoln, 
Boston (see p. 511) 

Lard Oil. 

North Packing and Provision Co., 
33 and 34 North Market, Boston 
(see p, 14) 

Vo-e John, 235 Commercial, Port- 
land (see p. 21) 

Lasting Macliines. 

Boston Lasting Machine Co., 110 
Lincoln, Boston (see p. 516) 

Law Blanks. 

Loring, Short & Harmon, 474 Con- 
gress, Portland (see back cover) 


Clarke & Raymond, 32 Pemberton 
sq., Boston (see p. 12) 

Clifford W. II., 42i Exchange, 
Portland (see p. 592) 

Houghton Fred L., 15 State, Boston 
(see p. 12) 

Verrill E. C, 424 Exchange, Port- 
land (see p. 592) 

Lead Pipe and Sheet 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co.. William J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress, Bos- 
ton(see p. 501) 



Lead Wire and Lead 
Window Weights. 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see p. 501) 


Dunn, Green & Co., 30 atad 32 

South, Boston (see p. 505) 
Emerson Geo. & Co., 153 Summer, 

Bostom (see p. 510) 

©rton Walter 

Boston (see p. 504) 
Keck, Mosser & Co., 84 and 86 

High, Boston (see p. 504) 
Kistler, Lesh & Co., 97 and 99 

Soutfe, Boston (see p. 504) 
Pope Arthur W. & Co., 43 and 45 

High, Boston (see p. 506) 
Sharp, Clarke & Co., 134 Lincoln, 

Boston (see p. 505) 
Spaulding & Bliss, 68 High, Boston 

(see p. 503) 
Stiles & Winslov/, 66 High, Boston 

(see p- 503) 

Linen Thread Mnfrs, 

Leeson «T. R. & Co., 
shire, Boston (see p. 

Nickerson & Gliddeu 
Boston (see p. 506) 

298 Bevon- 
, 48 South, 


Heliotype Printing Co. (The), 211 
Treraoni, Boston (see opp. p. 114) 

'Machinery Castings. 

Arcade Malleable Iron Co., Worces- 
ter, Mass. (see p. 11) 

Machinery Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 


Braraan, Bow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq. , Boston(see p. 13) 

Eoberts Iron Works Co., 92 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see p. 13) 

Malleable Iron Cast- 

Arcade Malleable Iron Co., Warces- 
ter, Mass. (see p. 11) 

Mnfg. Companies. 

Columbia Mills, T. Kelly & Co., 
89 Chauncy, Boston (see p. 346) 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Market Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Match Mnfrs. 

Portland Star Match Co., West 
Commercial, Portlund (see p. 22) 

Mercantile Agencies. 

New England Shoe & Leather As- 
sociation, 116 Bedford, Boston 
(see p. 502) 

Merchandise Tags and 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see page 508 
and under back title) 

Metal Sky Lights. 

Westcott W. H., 482 Fore, Portland 
(see p. 589) 



Mill Supplies, 

Braman Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Hay market sq, Boston (see p. 18) 

Curtis Regulator Co. (The), 63 
Beverly, Boston (seep. 500) 

Mineral Water. 

Ingalls Brothers, 17 Treble, Port- 
land (see p. 592J 

Morocco 9 Kid and Goat. 

Pope A. W. & Co., 43 and 45 High, 

Boston (see p. 500) 
Spalding & Bliss, 68 High, Boston 

(see p. 503) 
Stiles & Winslow, 66 High, Boston 

(see p. 503) 

Music Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Needle Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Oil {Lard.) 

North Packing and Provision Co., 
33 and 34 North Market, Boston 
(see page 14) 


Boston Belting Co..2»6 Devonshire, 

Boston (.<ee p. 389) 
Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 

226 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 

Tacking (Rubber.) 

Boston Woven Hos: & Rubber Co., 
226 Devonshire, Boston (see 
page 14) 

Painters' Supplies. 

Burgess. Eobes & Co., 106 Com- 
nitreial, Boston (see p. 5 ( J0) 

Paints and Oils. 

Burgess, Eobes & Co., 106 Commer- 
cial, Boston (see p. 590) 

Paper Boxes. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 
Franklin, Boston (seep, 
under back title) 

and 2S 
508 and 

Paper Dealers, 

Rice,Kendall Co. (The) ,91 Federal, 
Boston (see p. 502) 

Pap e r Ha n gin gs. 

Loring, Short & Harmon, 474 Con- 
gress, Portland (see back cover) 

Paper Makers Sit im- 

Boston Belting Co. ,256 Devonshire, 

Boston (see p. 339) 
Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 

226 Devonshire, Boston (s*e 

page 14) 

Patents (Solicitors of.) 

Clarke & Raymond, 32 Pemberton 
sq., Boston (see p. 12) 



Patents {Solicitors of.) 

Houghton FredL., 15 State, Boston 

(see p. 12) 
Spencer A. H., 28 State, Boston(see 

P- 12) 
Williams Henry W. , 131 Devonshire, 

Boston (see p. 12) 

Photo- Lithographers, 

Heliotype Printing Co. (The), 211 
Tremont, Boston (see opp. p. 114) 

Plate and Sheet Iron 

Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see p. 10) 

Polishing Powder. 


Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 508 and 
under back title) 

Por7c f Lard and Hams* 

North Packing and Provision Co,, 33 
and 34 North Market, Boston ^see 
page 14) 

Vose John H., 235 Commercial, 
Portland (see p. 21) 

Pork Packers. 

North Packing and Provision Co., 
33 and 34 North Market, Boston 
(see p. 14) 

Vose .John H., 235 Commercial, 
Portland (see p 21) 

Printers {Heliotype.) 

Heliotype Printing Co. (The), 211 
Tremont, Boston(see opp. p. 114) 



Milliken, Tomlinson Co., 311 Com- 
mercial, Portland ^see p. 589) 

North Packing and Provision Co., 
33 and 34 North Market, Boston 
(see p. 14) 

Shaw, Hammond & Carney, 269 
Commercial, Portland (see page 

True D. W. & Co. ,2 17 Commercial, 
Portland (see p. 589) 

Vose John H., 235 Commercial, 
Portland (see p. 21) 

Pump Pressure Reg- 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see p. 500) 

Pumps, Copper and 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., Wm. J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see p. 501) 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket square, Boston (see 
p. 13) 


Maine Central, Portland, Me. (see 
page 594) 

Red Lead and Lith- 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., Wm. J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress, Bos- 
ton (see p. 501) 



Reducing Valves. 

Curtis Regulator Co., G3 Beverly, 
Boston (see p. 500; 

Return Steam Traps. 

Curtis Regulator Co., G3 Beyerly, 
Boston (see p. 500) 

Rivet Wire* 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Rolling Mills. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Round Iron* 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340; 

Rubber Retting. 

Boston Belting Co.,25G Devonshire, 

Boston (see p. 339) 
Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 

220 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 

Rubber Goods. 

Boston Belting Co., 256 Devonshire, 

Boston (see p. B89) 
Boston Woven Hose ft Rubber Co., 

22G Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 

Rubber Hose. 

Boston Belting Co. ,256 Devonshire, 

Boston (see p. 339) 
Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 

226 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 

Rubber Mats. 

Boston Belting Co. ,256 Devonshire, 

Boston (see p. 339) 
Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 

226 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 

Rubber Stamps; 

Bennett H. B. 
(see p. 590) 

401 Fore, Portland 

Rustless Iron Pipe. 

Braman Dow & Co., 3, 4. 5 and 6 
Hay market square, Boston (see 
p. 13) 

Safe Deposit Co.'s* 

Portland Trust Co., Portland, Me. 
(see p. 590) 

Sausage Mnfrs* 

North Packing and Provision Co., 
33 and 34 North Market, Boston 
(see p. 14) 

Vose John H., 235 Commercial, 

Portland (see p, 21; 




ShawF. L., 507£ Cony, Portland 
(seep. 271) 

Seal Engravers. 

Bennett H. B., 401 Fore, Portland 
(see p. 590) 

Sewing Machines. 

Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. 
(The), 158 Summer, Boston (see 
p. 512) 

Morley Bennett Button Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 205 Congress. Boston 
(see p. 511) 

National Sewing Machine Co., 124 
Pearl, Boston (see p. 519) 

Shafting, Hangers. 
Baileys, Etc. 

Emerson George W. & Co., Wash- 
ngton, Lynn (see p. 510) 

Sheep Skins, Skivers, 

Emerson George & Co., 153 Sum- 
mer, Boston (see p. 510) 

Stiles & Winslow, 66 High, Boston, 
(see p. 503) 

Shipping and Mer- 
chandise Tags. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (^see p. 508 and 
under back title) 

Shoe Gorings. 

Martin T. Bro. Mnfg. Co., 140 Bed- 
ford, Boston (see p. 506) 

Shoe Labels. 

New York Woven Label Co., 262 
Canal, N. Y. (see p. 507) 

Shoe Laces and Webs, 

Nickerson & Glidden, 
Boston (see p. 506) 

48 South, 

Shoe Mnfrs. Goods. 

New York Woven Label Mnfg. Co., 
262 Canal, N. Y. (see p. 507) 

Nickerson & Glidden, 48 South, 
Boston (see p. 506) 

Pope Arthur W. & Co., 43 and 45 
High, Boston (see p. 506) 

Shoe Stencils and 

Davis & Waitt, 31 South, Boston. 
(see p. 506) 


Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Bride, treas., 162 Congress; Bos- 
ton (see p. 501) 



Sole Leather. 

Hamilton Martin & Co., 51 High, 

Boston (see p. 504) 
Horton Walter & Co., 107 South, 

Boston (see p. 50+) 
Keck, Mosser & Co., 84 and 86 

High, Boston (see p. 504) 
Kistler, Lesh & Co., 97 and 99 

South, Boston (see p. 504) 
Tfister Vogel Leather Co., 161 

Summer, Boston (see p. 505) 

Sole Molding Machi- 

Tripp Giant Leveller Co. (The), 
302 Devonshire, Boston, and 493 
Union, Lynn (see p. 518) 

Solicitor of Patents. 

Verrill E. C, 42£ Exchange, Port- 
land (see p. 592) 

Spring Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see page 340) 

Stamps and Stencils. 

Davis & Waitt, 31 South, Boston 
(see p. 506) 


Loring, Short & Harmon, 474 Con- 
gress, Portland (see back cover) 

Stationers' Specia Ities. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 508 and 
under back title) 


Portland Steam Packet Co., Port- 
land, Me. (see p. 591) 

Steam Boilers. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Hay market sq., Boston (see p. 13) 

Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 to 85 
Main, Cambridgeport (see p. 10) 

Roberts Iron Work Co., 62 Main, 
Cambridgeport (see p. 13) 

Steam Engines. 

Braman Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 

Haymarket square, Boston (see 

page 13) 
Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 Main, 

Cambridgeport (see page 10) 
Roberts Iron Work Co., 92 Main, 

Cambridgeport (see page 13 J 

Steam Fitters Supplies. 

Braman Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Havmarket square, Boston (see p. 

Steam, Gas and Water 
Pipe Mnfrs. 

Braman Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket square, Boston (see 
page 13) 



Steam and Gas Fitters. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymayket sq., Boston (see page 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see p. 10) 

Steam and Gas Fitters 9 
Tools and Supplies. 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (seepage 10) 

Steam Heating. 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see page 10) 

Steam Heat in g 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq., Boston (see page 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see page 10) 

Steam Jacket Kettles. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq., Boston (see page 

Steam Packing. 

Boston Belting Co., 256 Devonshire, 

Boston (see page 339) 
Boston Woven Hose and Rubber 

Co., 226 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 14) 
Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 

Haymarket sq., Boston (see page 


Steam Pressure Regu- 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see page 500) 

Steam Pumps, Boilers 
and Fnignes. 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see page 10) 

Steam Radiators. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket square, Boston (see 
page 13) 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see page 10) 

Steam Separators. 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see page 500) 

Steam Traps, Floats 
and Fxtensions. 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see page 500; 



Steam Valves, 

Braman, Dow &, Co.. 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Hay market sq., Boston (see page 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see page 500) 

Steel Castings. 

Arcade Malleable Iron Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass (see p. 11) 

Steel Drill Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mufsr. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Steel Wire. 

Wasbburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Stencils and Stamps, 

Bennett H. B., 401 Fore, Portland 

(see p. 55)0) 
Davis ft Waitt, 31 Soutb, Boston 

(see p. 50(1) 

Submarine Divers, 

Lunt L. E. & Co., 9 and 10 Union 
wharf, Portland (see p. 11) 


Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 508 and 
back title) 

Tanks i 

Kendall Edward & Sons, 72 Main, 
Canibridgeport (see p. 10) 

TankPump Governors, 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see p. 500) 

Targets for Rifle 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 508 and 
under back title) 



Teas, Coffees* JEtc. 

Milliken, Tomlinson Co , 311 Com- 
mercial, Portland (see p. 589) 

Shaw, Hammond & Carney, 269 
Commercial, Portland (see page 

Telegraph Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 


Leeson J. R. & Co. (mnfrs.), 298 
Devonshire, Boston (see p. 507) 

Nickerson & Glidden (linen), 48 
South, Boston (see p. 506) 

Tinned Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass, (see p. 340) 

Tissue Paper 

Dennison Mnfg. Co,, 26 and 28 
Franklin, Boston (see p. 508 and 
under back title) 

Trust Companies, 

Portland Trust Co., Portland, Me. 
(see p. 595) 


Nickerson & Glidden, 
Boston (see p. 506) 

48 South, 

Valves and Gauge 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Hay market sq., Boston (see page 

Watch Spring Si 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co.,Wor« 
cester, Mass, (see p. 340) 

Water Pressure Regu- 

Curtis Regulator Co., 63 Beverly, 
Boston (see p. 500) 



Water, Steam and Gas 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Haymarket sq., Boston (see page 

Wax, Calf and Kip 


Morrisville Calf Skin Co., 264 Pur- 
chase, Boston (see p. 505) 

Weaving Wire, 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co , Wor- 
cester, Mass. see p. 340) 

White Lead and Zinc. 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., William J. 
Bride, treas., 1G2 Congress, Bos- 
ton (seep. 501) 

White Lead Mnfrs. 

Burgess, Fobes & Co., 106 Commer- 
cial, Portland (see p. 590) 

Wire Mnfrs. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Wire Mope. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Wor- 
cester, Mass. (see p. 340) 

Wood Engraver. 

Bennett H. B., 401 Fore, Portland 
(see p. 590) 

Woven Labels* 

New York Woven Label Mnfg. Co., 
262 Canal, N. Y. (see p. 507) 




Lunt E. L. & Co , 9 and 10 Union 
wharf, Portland (see p. 11) 

Wrought Iron Pipe 
and Fittings. 

Braman, Dow & Co., 3, 4, 5 and 6 
Hay market sq., Boston (see page 

Walworth Mnfg. Co., 16 Oliver, 
Boston (see p. 10) 






Compilers and Publishers of 





W *^j|^»''ft- 


Directories of all the principal cities of the United States 
kept on hand for reference. 





13 and 15 TREMONT ST, BOSTON. ! 




Besides a complete assortment of articles intended for the exclusive use of the Medical and 
Dental professions, have always in store, at the lowest prices, a great variety of the following 
article.-, suited to the wants of the generafpublic : 




A large assortment of best patterns from which to select, to meet the requirements of each 
case. If convenient, persons requiring Trusses should call at our establishment, where they 
can liave a suitable Truss carefully fitted by a competent and experienced uerson familiar with 
the anatomy of hernia. "When a call in person is impracticable, a careful description should be 
sent, stating whether the rupture is on the right or left side; also the measure around the 
person, two inches below the top of the hip bone. If the rupture is at the navel, the measure 
should be around the body at the navel. N. B.— Ladies attended by those of their own sex. 


For Varicose Veins. Swollen Limbs, and Weak Joints. Of these goods we have several classes 
of silk and cotton, possessing different degrees of elasticity ; the stout silk being usually the 
most satisfactory. The sizes are full length (of leg), thfree quarters, half or knee hose, knee 
caps, and anklets. Unusual sizes made to order. AloO, 

Elastic and Spring: Abdominal Supporters, Shoulder Braces, Suspensory 
Bandages, Apparatus for Weak Ankles, Bow-Begs, Club-Feet, etc. 
Also, Crutches of various and most improved kinds; Syringes' 
Kubber Urinals to wear on the person day or night, 
for Males and Females; Galvanic Batteries, 
Hearing Trumpets, Auricles, and Con- 
versation Tubes for the Deaf. 

Together with many other articles for the use of the SICK and INVALIDS. Also the largest 

and best assortment of 

Atomizers and Nasal Douche, 

To r.e found in the United States. A GOLD MEDAL has lately been awarded us by the 
Middlesex Mechanics Associatian, as will be seen from the following report, signed by a leading 
New England Surgeon and Physician: 

" 15(«. Co dm ax & SHURLTKFF, Boston, Mass. One Case Surgical Instruments and 

"The Committee have no hesitation in awarding for this superb exhibition the highest 

fremium * * * The various other instruments for inhalation of a'omized liquids, and for 
lOOaJ Anesthesia, were nl l apparently faultless, both in design and workmanship. The exhibi- 
tors are regarded as more especially deserving of the highest token of merit for having pro- 
duced nothing except their own manufacture. 
VOLD MEDAL. (Signed). GILMAN KIMBALL, M. D. Chairman." 


■ ■ 



W. H. Weeks 





















And every variety of Job Printiug 

for Social and Business Purposes. Estimates 

given by Mail. 

Satisfaction guaranteed. 


Next to the B.idge, [ . . . . AUBURN, MAINE. 



Ash, from 68 Canal to 188 Sabattus 
Avon, next north of Winter to Holland 
Bardwell, from Skinner to opposite 88 Russell 
Barkerville (sometimes called Barker's Mills) , Main, two 

miles from Haymarket square 
Bartlett, from 49 Sabattus across Birch 
Bates, from Maine Central R. R. depot to 72 Maple 
Birch, from 400 Lisbon to 155 Pierce 
Blake, from 265 Main to 81 Maple 
Blake street place, from 195 Blake 

Bleachery Hill, Lisbon road, east of Lewiston Bleachery 
Bradbury road, from Sabattus road to No Name Pond 
Bridge, from opposite 82 High to Winter 
Burnt Woods, in rear of Lewiston Bleachery 
Canal, from 147 Main to Lisbon road, parallel with the 

Canal-street alley, between Canal and Lisbon streets from 

rear Opera House to and beyond Cedar 
Cedar, from 373 Lisbon to the bridge 
Central avenue, from 188 Sabattus to beyond Russell 
Chadbourn road, from Grove to Sabattus road 
Chapel, from 192 Main to the river 
Chestnut, from Oxford to 149 Park 
Clay, from Sabattus, south 
College, from 6Q Blake to beyond Russell 
College road, continuation of College to Greene line 
Cottage, from 20 Elm near R. R., to 42 Riverside 
Cross, from 4 Oxford to Hines alley 
David, from opposite 211 College to Oak 
Davis, from opposite 193 College to Oak 
Davis Corner, Sabattus road, corner East avenue 
Dwelley road, from Old Lisbon road to Webster line 
East avenue, from next beyond 68 Lisbon road to beyond 

Elm, from M. C. R. R., crossing Main at 408, to 170 Col- 
Farwell, from 290 Webster to Sabattus road 
Farwell Court, from next 117 Oak 
Franklin, from 203 Main to 54 Pine 
Friend, from 373 College to Central avenue 
Frye, from 457 Main to 226 College 



Gareelon Ferry road, from Lisbon road to River road 
Goddard, from River road near the Hospital to Town 

Farm road 
Golder, from 270 Sabattus to Skinner 
Greene road, from Thornes corner to Greene line 
Grove, from next beyond Sabattus road, Thornes Cor- 
ner, to Webster line 
Hammond, from 284 Main to 82 High 
Haymarket square, Main between Chapel and Middle, 

Park and Hates 
High, from 3G4 Main to Middle 
High street avenue, from 49 High to M. C. R. R. 
Hines alley, from 21 Cross to 74 Cedar 
Hogan road, from Montello, o. Montello Heights, to Main 
Holland, from Avon, crossing Main, at 377 to 44 Nichols 
Horton, from Go Sabattus to beyond Walnut 
Howe, from 77 Sabattus to 77 Walnut 
King, from 72 Walnut to Ash 
Knox, from 9 Spruce to 52 Maple 
Lincoln, from 25 Main to River road 
Lincoln-street alley, from 5 Cross, across G. T. R., to 54 

Lisbon, from 154 Main to Lisbon road 
Lisbon road, continuation of Lisbon to Lisbon line 
Locust, from Canal at Androscoggin mills to Lincoln at 

Avon manufacturing Co. 
Lowell, from 35 Chapel to opp. 19 High 
Lowells Corner, junction Main, Sabattus, Blake and 

Hammond streets 
Main, from Auburn bridge to Greene line 
Maple, from 18 Hill corporation, Canal to beyond Blake 
Mechanic, from Lisbon at bleachery to East avenue 
Merrill road, from College, near Greene line to Main, n. 

Greene line 
Middle, from 238 Main, to M. C. R. R. 
Milk lane, from 49 Lowell 
Mill, from Main to Lincoln Mill and from Bates Mill 

storehouse, crossing Chestnut at 36 to Dorman's 

coal yard 
Montello, from Thornes Corner, Sabattus road to next 

north G57 Main 
Mountain avenue, from 497 Main to College 
Nichols, from 128 Sabattus to Skinner 
No Name Pond road, from Chadbourn road across Sabat- 
tus road, and from Sabattus road at Tarr's Corner, 

joining, Sabattusville 
Oak, from 48 Franklin across Sabattus to 11 Frye 
();ik-street place, from opposite 89 Oak 
Old Lisbon road, from Webster to Webster road 
Old Webster road, from Crowley's Junction to Webster's 



Orange, from 98 Webster to opp. 318 Sabattns 
Oxford, from 3 Cross, parallel to lower canal, to Cedar 
Park, from 189 Main to 38 Maple 
Pettengill, from 561 Main to College (extended) 
Phillips, from Avon to residence of Nelson Howard 
Pierce, from Main to 80 Birch 
Pine, from Canal to opposite 318 Sabattns 
Pleasant, from near 41 East avenue to Lisbon road 
Prescott, from 349 Main to beyond Oak 
Railroad alley, from 51 Main to Cross Cut Canal 
Rand road, from Lisbon road, Crowley s Junction, to Gar- 
celon Ferry road [Grove 

Randall road, from Sabattns road, at Thornes Corner, to 
Reservoir, from Webster, beyond East av. 
River road, from end Lincoln, at Cumberland Mill, to 
Lisbon line [tery 

Riverside, from 476 Main to Summer, at Riverside ceme- 
Riverside place, from 63 Riverside 
Russell, from 535 Main, to Sabattns road 
Sabattus, from Main, junction of Blake, to East av. 
Sabattusville, a settlement in the north west 
Sabattus road, continuation of Sabattus street from East 

av., to Webster line 
Shawmut, from Ash, to 92 Walnut 
Skinner, from 247 College, to 160 P^ast avenue 
Spring, from West Bates, opp. Lewiston Machine shop, 

to 68 Riverside 
Spruce from Park, corner of the park, to Bates 
Strawberry avenue, from 604 Main 
Strawberry Patch, rear 33 Lisbon road, to River road 
Summer, from West Bates, next beyond Lewiston Ma- 
chine shop, to Riverside at the Cemetery 
Switzerland road, from Main, Barkerville, to Greene line 
Tarrs Corner, Sabuttus road, junction No Name Pond rd. 
The Island, lower end Oxford 
The Patch, east end Lincoln, near Gas Works 
Thornes Corner, junc. Sabattus, Greene and Randall rds. 
Town Farm road, from River road, to Lisbon road 
Union, from 337 Main, to 106 College 
Vale, from 193 College, to 86 Nichols 
Vine, from 67 Lisbon road, near East av., westerly 
Wakefield, from 466 Main, to opp. 54 Cottage 
Walnut, from 208 Bates to Shawmut 
Water, rear Lincoln, on bank of river 
Webster, from Sabattus junc. Ash, toward Lisbon line 
Wellman, from 98 Russell, to beyond Friend 
West. Bates, from M. C. upper depot, to the river 
West Blake, from 276 Main, to 53 Lowell 
Whipple, from 418 Main, to next 136 Summer 
Winter, from Bridge, to Riverside 
Wood, from 82 Sabattus, to 15 Skinner 



Advent Hall, Central block, 159 Main 
Almshouse, on Town Farm road, off River road 
Androscoggin Corporation blocks, corner Lisbon, Canal 

and Maple 
Baker Block, Bartlett, near Sabattus 
Balkam's Block, 105 to 111 Blake 
Caledonia Hall, 1G3 Main 

Callahan Block, 276 to 290 Lisbon, corner Chestnut 
Centennial Block, 291 to 297 Lisbon 
Central Block, corner Lisbon 
City Hall, Pine, corner Park 

College Block, 250 to 274 Lisbon, corner Chestnut 
Continental Block, Lincoln, corner Chestnut 
Continental Corporation, Oxford, opposite Continental 

Dominican Block, 141 and 143 Lincoln 
Five Block, 69 to 89 Lisbon 
Five Block, 178 to 190 Main, corner Chapel 
Golden Cross Hall, Union Block, Lisbon 
Grand Army Hall, Pilsbury's Block, Pine, cor. Lisbon 
Grand Army Hall, Main, corner Lisbon 
Hathon Hall. Bates College 
I. O. G. T. Hall, Main, Barkerville 
Jones Block, Main, opposite Union 
Journal. Block, 14 to 22 Lisbon 

Lewiston Grange Hall, Webster rd.,n. Crowley's Juuction 
Lincoln Block, 84 Main 
Lyceum Block, 49 to 53 Lisbon 
Lyceum Hall, 51 Lisbon 
Masonic Hall, 215 Lisbon, corner Pine 
Mechanics' Block, 341 Main and 6 and 10 Union 
Mendelsshon Club Hall, 149 Lisbon 
Mitchell Block, 359 to 367 Lisbon, near Birch 
Music Hall, Frve's Block, 69 Lisbon 
Music Hall Block, 69 to 89 Lisbon 
Nichols Hall, Bates College 
Odd Fellows' Block, 182 to 188 Lisbon 
Odd Fellows' Hall, Odd Fellows' Block, 18G Lisbon 
Parkers Hall, Bates College 
Pilsbury Block, from 196 to 208 Lisbon 
Provost Block, Chestnut 
Pythian Hall, Lisbon Block, 256 Lisbon 
Sands Block, 124 and 126 Lisbon 
Savings Bank Block, 213 to 221 Lisbon, corner Pine 
Scruton Block, 199 to 203 Lisbon 
Smalls Block, 158 to 166 Main 
Stanley Building, Park, between Ash aud Pine 
Tarbox Hlock, 37 and 39 Union 
Thompson's Block, Birch, corner Knox 


Tracy Block, 230 to 234 Lisbon 

Union Block, 17 to 31 Lisbon 

Union Hall, 25 Lisbon 

Union Hall, Main. Barkerville 

Waldron's Block, Lower Main, near the bridge 

Washington Temple of Honor Hall, 198 Lisbon 

Wiseman Block, 142 and 144 Lincoln 

Withee Block, 339 Main and 6 to 10 Union 


City Clerk's office, City Hall 
City Collector's office, "CUv Hall 
City Marshal's office, City Hall 
City Treasurer's office, City Hall 
Superintendent of Public School office, City Hall 


Catholic, River Road 

Clough burying ground, Lisbon road, Crowley June. 

Golder burying gtound, east part of the city 

Herrick burying ground, Barker's Mill Village 

Mt. Hope (Catholic), Lisbon road 

Riverside, Summer, foot of Riverside street 

St. John Baptist (French), Barker's Mill Village 



Bounded as follows : Commencing at the junction of 
Sabattus and Main streets ; thence northerly by the cen- 
ter of Main street to the Jepson brook ; thence westerly 
by the brook to the river ; thence northerly by the river to 
the town of Greene ; thence easterly by the line of Greene 
to the town of Webster ; thence southerly by the line of 
Webster to the Sabattus road ; thence westerly by the 
center of Sabattus road to the first mentioned bound. 


Bounded as follows : Commencing at the junction of 
Sabattus and Main streets ; thence northerly by the cen- 
ter of Main street to Jepson brook ; thence westerly by 
the brook to the river ; thence southerly by the river and 
canal to Main street ; thence easterly by the center of 
Main street to the first mentioned bound. 


Bounded as follows: Commencing at the junction of 
Horton and Sabattus streets ; thence westerly by the 
center of Sabattus and Main streets to the main canal ; 
thence by the canal to the guard locks ; thence southerly 
by the river to the outlet of branch canal number one ; 


thence easterly by the center of saii canal and center of 
Ash street to Horton street ; thence northerly by the cen- 
ter of Horton street to the first mentioned bound. 


Bounded as follows: Commencing at the junction of 
Ash and Bates streets ; thence westerly by the center of 
Ash street and cross canal number one to the river ; 
thence southerly by the river to the branch canal number 
three ; thence easterly by said canal to lower canal ; 
thence northerly by said lower canal to Chestnut street ; 
thence easterly by the centre of Chestnut street and Com- 
mon to Bates street; thence northerly by the center of 
Bates street to the first mentioned bound. 

ward v. 

Bounded as follows : Commencing at the junction of 
Cedar street and the lower canal ; thence by the center of 
lower canal to Chestnut streets thence easterly from 
lower canal by the center of Chestnut street and Common 
to Bates street ; thence northerly by the centre of Bates 
street to Ash street ; thence easterly by the center of Ash 
street to Horton street ; thence southerly by the centre of 
Horton street to Birch straet ; thence westerly by the 
center of Birch street to Lisbon street ; thence northerly 
by the center of Lisbon street to Cedar street ; thence 
westerly by the center of Cedar street to the first men- 
tioned bound. 


Boumded as follows ; Commencing at the outlet of the 
brook south of the Androscoggin Mills ; thence easterly 
by said brook to Horton street ; thence northerly by the 
center of Horton street to Birch street ; thence westerly 
by the center of Birch street to Lisbon street ; thence 
northerly by the center of Lisbon street to Ceder street ; 
thence westerly by the center of Cedar street to lower 
canal ; thence northerly by lower canal to branch canal 
number three ; thence westerly by said canal to the An- 
droscoggin river ; thence southerly by the river to the 
first mentioned bound. 


Bounded as follows: Commencing at the outlet of the 
brook south of the Androscggiu Mills ; thence easterly 
by said brook to Horton street ; thence northerly by the 
center of Horton street to Sabattus street ; thence easterly 
by the center of Sabattus street to the line of the town of 
Webster ; thence by the line of the towns of Webster and 
Lisbon to the Androscoggin river; thence northerly by 
the river to the first mentioned bound. 





Ab., above; agt., agent; asst., assistant; av., avenue; b. or bds., boards; bet., 
between; bldg., building; blk., block; com. mer., commission merchant; c. 
or cor., corner; ct., court; Corp., corporation ; G. T. R., Grand Trunk Railway; 
h., house, lab., laborer; L. & A. H. R. Co., Lewiston and Auburn Horse Rail- 
road Company; L. & A. R. R., Lewiston and Auburn Railroad; L. W. W., 
Lewiston Waterworks; mkr., maker; M. C. R R., Maine Central Railroad; 
mnfr., manufacturer; n., near; opp., opposite; pi., place; P.O., Post-office; 
pres., president; r. rear; rd., road; Rev., Reverend; st., street; sec, secretary; 
sq., square; supt.. superintendent; treas., treasurer; (U.S.A.), United States 
Army; (U. S. N.), United States Navy; whol., wholesale; whf., wharf; wid., 

Where the name of a corporation or factory appears immediately after the 
name, it indicates the place of business. 
After the name of the street the word street is omitted. 

ABBOTT ANSON W., section hand, bcls. 159 Pine 
Abbott Carrie, widow of Charles, h. 52 Lisbon 

ABBOTT CHARLES A., druggist, Main, corner- 
Lisbon, h. 160 Tine (see opp. Apothecaries) 
Abbott Charles O., teamster, h. 8 Vale 
Abbott Grafton St. L., treas. and manager, Union Water 

Power Co., 116 Park, h. 316 Webster 
Abbott Hull F., picture framer, 29 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Abbott Laura Mrs., rooms 279 Bates 
Abbott Lyman P., agricultural editor, Lewiston Journal, 

house 10 Pleasaut 
Abbott Randall B., watchman, Union Water Power Co., 

house 86 College 
Abbott Tressellian K., waiter, 195 Lisbon, rms. 256 Blake 
Abbott Ulysses V., com. agent, 51 Lisbon, b. 86 College 
Abel Francois, operative, h. 154 Lincoln 
Ablet William, teamster, 49 Walnut, h. 145 Bartlett 
Acheson George, everseer, dye room, Lewiston Dye 

Works, house 69 Birch 

58 LEWISTON [^] 


Aclieson Robert, elver, Lewiston Bleachery, h. 61 Birch 

Acorn William C, machinist, h. 25 Middle 

Adams Byron S., carpenter, h. Old Lisbon road, Crowley 

Adams Elery C, carpenter, h. 217 Park 
Adams Emma Miss, dressmaker, 95 Lisbon, b. 9 Union 
Adams Forrest L., drug clerk, Sabattusville, h. do. 
Adams John Q., clergyman, house 114 College 
Adams Leslie, teamster, h. 169 Park 
Adams Lida A. Miss, house 37 Lisbon 
Adams Nellie A. Miss, clerk, 9 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Adams William B., door mnfr., Cross Canal, h. at Auburn 
Adell Abbie M., widow of Elbridge T., h. 7 Lowell 
Adell Fred C, messenger, Trust National Bank, 157 

Main, bds. 7 Lowell 
Adell Maria S., widow of Cornelius, bds. 7 Lowell 
Adkins Charles P., teamster, h. 108 Winter 
Advocate Publishing Co.,D. W. Smith, business manager, 

32 Main 
Ahearn Michael, operative, h. 76 Knox 
Akey Joseph, operative, bds. 34 Lisbon 
Akin William, clerk, 255 Lisbon, h. 159 Pine 
Alaire Joseph, laborer, boards 14 Lincoln 
Albee Edward C, second hand, Androscoggin Mills, h. 

Lisbon road, cor. Ham road 
Albee John, hostler, L. & A. H. R. R., rms. 5 Chapel 
Ablee William H., overseer, dressing-room, Androscoggin 

Mills, house 23 Pleasant 
Albert Aurellius, operative, house 43 Mill 
Albert Joseph, operative, bds. 110 Hines Alley 
Albert Raluste, carder, Bates Mill, bds. 43 Mill 
Alden Stephen S., house 71 College 

ALDRICH HENRY L., JR., agent Continental 
Mills, rms. 194 Bates (see Miscelaneous dept.J 
A lie Horace, weaver, boards 158 Oxford 
Allaire Gregorie, laborer, h. 19 Railroad alley 
Allen Abbie Mrs., boards 46 Bates 
Allen B. Viner, carpet cleaner, bds. 54 Spring 
Allen Calmon H., painter, 95 Park, house do. 
Allen Charles, shoemaker, h. 40 Whipple 
Allen David, section hand, Bates Mill, h. 81 Shawmut 

ALLEN D. & CO.' (Charles F. Safford) , furniture, 
etc., 225 Lisbon (see front cover) 
Allen Emma Mrs., house 171 Park 
Alleu Etta L. Mrs., house 30 Ash 
Allen Frank, painter, 225 Main, h. at Auburn 
Allen Frank E,, painter, rms. 108 Lisbon 
Allen George P. Mrs., nurse h. 160 Holland 
Allen James, laborer, house 18 Horton 
Allen James, section hand, Bates M. Co., bds. 18 Horton 
Allen John, laborer, boards 350 Lincoln 


Allen John P., teamster, E. W. Gross, house 10 Farweli 

Allen Mehitable, widow of Rufus, h. 166 Pine 

Allen Rufus D., carpet cleaning, 63 Spring, h. 54 do. 

Allen Thomas, laborer, house 15 Bartlett 

Allen Timothy, laborer, house 350 Lincoln 

Allen Timothv, Jr., laborer, bds. 350 Lincoln 

Allen William H. C. (Allen & Co.), clothing, 85 Lisbon, 

house 103 Goff Auburn 
Allen W. C, salesman, 126 Lisbon, house 182 Oak 

ALLEN & CO.( William H. C. Allen) , clothing, 85 
Lisbon (see page 576) 
Almshouse, John M. Gillicudy, supt. Town Farm road 
Ambrose Augustine, surveyor, R. C. Pingree & Co., h. at 

Ambrose Jennie E. Miss, registry and stamp clerk, Post- 

Office, boards 376 Main 
Ambrose Julia D., widow of Robert S., house 376 Main 

agent, 65 Main and 181 Lisbon 
Ames Laura Mrs., rooms 1 Middle 
Ames William A. (Ames & Merrill), grocers, 187 Main, 

house 70 Elm 
Ames Winslow N., farmer, house 52 Summer 
Ames & Merrill(William A. Ames and Elmer E. Merrill), 

grocers, 187 Main 
Amyotte Phebe Mrs., dressmaker, house 38 Ash 
Amyotte Pierre, butcher, house 24 Knox 
Antil Alpha, operative, house 231 Blake 
Antil Cilfrid, elevator man,Lewiston Bleachery, 256 Park 
Antil Thomas, laborer, house 418 Lisbon 
Anderson Bertha E., clerk, bds. 40 Sabbattus 
Anderson Bridget, widow, house 268 Lincoln 
Anderson Channing, shoemaker, bds. 40 Sabattus 
Anderson Edward, upholsterer, 155 Lisbon, b. at Auburn 
Anderson Emeline, widow of Joseph, house 49 Sabattus 
Anderson Emma, widow, house 100 Horton 
Anderson Fred operative, bds. 268 Lincoln 
Anderson James F., clerk, bds. 63 Bartlett 
Anderson John C, carpenter, Avon Mill, h. 83 Shawmut 
Anderson Joseph E., conductor, M. C.R. R., h. 160 Pine 
Anderson Nellie Miss, weaver, Avon Mill, rms. 256 Park 
Anderson Silas H., conductor, M. C. R. R., h. 106 Pine 
Andrews Everett C.(E. C. Andrews & Co.), hats and 

caps, 72 Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Andrews E. C. & Co. (Everett C. Andews),hat manufac- 
turers, 72 Lisbon, 
Andrews Harry E. (Nelson Dingley Jr. & Co.) editor, 

Lewiston Journal, 16 Lisbon, house 68 Pine 
Andrews Herbert A., clerk, 181 Main, h. 38 Nichols 
Andrews Russell E., clerk, 208 Lisbon, b. 8 Orange 


Andrews Samuel M., night watchman, Bates Mill, house 

5G6 Main 
Andrews Stella Mrs., house 91 Park 
Andrews William, machinist, 48 Main, rms. 46 Park 
Andrews William, machinist, rms. 14 Park 

BANK, Cyrus Greeley, pres., J. Frank Booth- 
bawtreas., Central block, 10 Lisbon(see opp. Banks) 

ANDROSCOGGIN MILLS, mnfrs. cotton cloth 
and seamless grain bags, George W. Bean, agent, 

Canal, corner Lisbon (see Miscellaneous Department) 
Angell Carrie Miss, clerk 126 Lisbon, bds. 66 Park 
Angell Heury H., engineer, Coniinental Mills, h. Q6 Park 
Angell Thomas L., Prof, of Modern Languages, Bates 

College, house 226 College 
Angell Willis A., weaver, B. M. Co., h. 141 Holland 
Angers Joseph, teamster, house 50 Lincoln st. Alley 
Angers P. Xiste, lawyer, 295 Lisbon, h. 135 Horton 

ANTHOINE ALFKED W., jeweler, 79 Lisbon, 
(see page 9) 
Anthony Alfred W., Prof, of Greek, Bates College, house 

15 Skinner 
Autie Joseph A., carpenter, bds. 374 Lisbon 
Antoine J. Fred, moved to Somerviile, Mass. 
Antoine Albert F., millman, 136 Main, h. 23 Whipple 
Antoine Nelson, carpenter, 136 Main, house 45 Whipple 
Armour David M., operative, house 9 West Blake 
Armstrong Byron W., clerk, 97 Lisbon, h, 35 Frye 
Armstrong Edward D., studeut, bds. 29 Frye 
Armstrong George D. (Oswald & Armstrong), dry goods, 

95 to 105 Lisbon, house 29 Frye 
Armstrong John, operative, L. B. & D. W., h. 288 Bates 
Arno Emma J., weaver, Bates M. Co., rms. 92 Lisbon 
Arnold Charles, laborer, house 27 Railroad Alley 
Arnoldey Lorenzo, police, house Birch 
Arris Aleander B., painter, house Switzerland road, 

Barkerviile [ville 

Arris Ann P., widow of Win. P.,b.L.D. Parker's, Barker- 
Arris Charles, stone mason, house Main, n. Greene line 
Arris Daniel S., laborer, house Main, near Greene line 
Arris Frank A., hostler, bds. L. D. Parker's, Barkerviile 
Arris John S. B., painter, 42 Bates, house 8 Chapel 
Arris Robert J., farmer, li. Montello, n. East ave. 
Ashtou Ernest, overseer, carding and spinning, house at 

New Auburn 
Ashtou James, hairdresser, 219 Main, bds. 182 Oak 
Ashton James, mule spinner, house 123 Pierce 
Ashtou Samuel M., dyer, Cumberland Mill, rms. 190 Park 
Ashtou William, weaver, bouse Sabbattusville 
Asselin George, laborer, house 63 Lincoln 
Asseliu Jean B., laborer, house 143 Oxford 


laborer, bds. 143 Oxford 
Asylum of Notre Dame De Lourdes, 318 Sabattus 
Atkins Eliza J., widow, boards 120 College 
Atwood Abram, provisions and fish market, 159 Lisbon, 
Atwoocl L. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 9 Lisbon, 

rooms 70 Pine 
Atwoocl Sidney C, clerk, 159 Lisbon, also Atwood and 

Wallingford, props. Hotel Atwood, 100 Main, bds. 

at Auburn 

S. C. Atwood, aud H. A. Wallingford, props. Hotel 

Atwood, 100 Lower Main (see page 15) 
Aube Joseph, laborer, house 100 Lincoln Alley 
Anbe Louise, widow of Francois, house 100 Lincoln Alley 
Aubert Etienne, operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Aubert Francois, operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Aubert Joseph, operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Aubert Theophill, laborer, house 5 on the Island 
Auclair Louis, laborer, house 112 Lincoln 
Auclair Francois, laborer, honse 62 Lincoln 
Auclair Simeon, laborer, bds. 112 Lincoln 
Auclair Xavier, laborer, bds. 112 Lincoln 
Auger Alphonse(A- Auger & Co.), grocer, 35 Chestnut, 

and boots and shoes, 37 do., house at Auburn 
Auger Alphonse & Co. (A. Auger and Victor Tourigny), 

groceries and provisions, boots and shoes, 35 aud 37 

Auger John P., grocer, 198 Lincoln, house at Auburn 
Aurel Aurellie, widow of Hermidas, h. 41 Pierce 
Austin Abraham, machinist, house 186 Blake 
Austin Anna E., compositor, Journal office, h. 40 Spring 
Austin Charles O., laborer, house 53 High 
Austin Henry M., clerk, 239 Main, house 54 Pierce 
Austin Orrin, farmer, house 818 Main, Barkerville 
Austin Richard W., hairdresser, 33 Ash, rms. 40 Spring 

AVON MANUFACTURING- CO., mnfrs. quilts, 
etc., A. D. Barker, agent, Lincoln, cor. Locust 
(see Miscellaneous Dept.) 
Awls Josephine, widow, bds. 179 Park 
Ayer Minnie Miss, rms. 54 Ash 
Ayotte Frank, laborer, bds. 37 Knox 
Ayotte Joseph, brickmaker, h. 534 Main 
Ayotte Joseph, carpenter, h. 37 Birch 

BABB GEORGE G., farmer, h. 20 Orange 
Babb Perley, laborer, h. 37 Union 

BABBITT BROS. (Geo. D. and J. Frank Babbitt), 
clothing, etc., 134 to 140 Lisbon (see p. 8) 
Babbitt Geo. D. (Babbitt Bros.), clothing, 134 to 140 
437 Main 

62 lewiston [B] nraEcrroiY 

Babbitt J. Frank (Babbitt Bros.), clothing, 134 to 140 

Lisbon, bds. 437 Main 
Babcock Byron D., hairdresser, 33 Ash, h. 67 do. 
Babcock Charles C, mason, h. 7 Orange 
Babcock Henry R., carpenter, bds. 5 Continental Corp. 

Babcock Ora Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 67 Ash 
Babcock Percy W., clerk, 213 Lisbon, h. 82 College 
Babine Helene, widow of Albeit, h. 113 Lincoln 
Babine James, teamster, 244 Main, h. 113 Lincoln 
Backus Alice P. Mrs., dressmaker, 36 Ash, h. do. 
Bacon Joseph, blacksmith, R. C. Pingree & Co., house 

78 Franklin 
Badger Webster L., farmer, house 597 Main 
Badlam Annie Miss, prin. training school, rms. 376 Main 
Bage Joseph, laborer, house 198 Lincoln 
Baglev Sewall H., second hand, Bates Mill, h. 338 Pine 
Bagnall John T., operative, bds. 68 Knox 
Bagnall Mary, widow of James, h. 68 Knox 
Bagnall William F., shoemaker, house 68 Knox 
Bailey Augusta A. Mrs., cook, 59 Park, house 35 do. 
Bailey Chandler B., janitor Horton street school, house 

211 College 

BAILEY CLEMENS B., Small Block, 158 Main, 
bds. 94 Ash (s^e p. 496) 
Bailev David H., operative, house 24 Orange 

BAILEY EMERY, dentist, 20 Lisbon, house at Au- 
burn (see page 20) 
Bailev George G., card grinder, house 22 Orange 
Bailey Hiram H., fireman, Cumberland Mill, h. 234 Park 
Bailey Howard C, carpenter, h. Main, beyond Barker- 

Bailev John E., section hand, Androscoggin Mill, house 

244 Blake 
Bailey Joseph, operative, Hill Mill, house 16 Orange 
Bailev Mary H., widow of John, house 27 Blake 
Bailey M. E. D., house 59 Pierce, cor. Pine 
Bailey William A., clerk, 30 Bates, house 94 Blake 
Bailey William, shoemaker, house 94 Blake 
Bailly Joseph, weaver, boards 98 Lincoln 
Bailly Victor, laborer, house 90 Hines alley 
Baird William, painter, house 54 Ash 
Baker Adelbert, driver, L. & H. 11. R., house at Auburn 
Baker Belle M. Miss, compositor Journal office, boards 

Main, Barkerville 
Baker Charles E., candymaker, house 32 Middle 
Baker John C, market gardener, house Main, Barkerville 
Baker John C, Jr., printer Journal office, h. Main, be- 
yond Barkerville 
Baker Shubael A., building mover, College road, beyond 
Moutello, h. do. 


BALDWIN JAMES CO. (THE), bobbin mnfrs., 
H. B. Skinner, manager, 1 Cross Canal (see opp. 0. 
A. Norton's name) 
Ballard Eben H., clerk 229 Lisbon, bouse at Auburn 
Ballard James E., carpenter, house 103 Winter 
Ballard Linda S. Miss, house Sabattus road, beyond No 

Name Pond road 
Ballard Lucinda M. Miss, pastry cook, DeWitt House, 

boards do. 
Ballard William H., rms. 55 Franklin 
Ballon, see Belleau 
Ballou Agues B., widow of John, bds. 814 Main, Barker- 

Balsam Charles, painter, rooms 233 Park 
Bancroft Francis M., printer, 86 Lisbon, bds. 5 Conti- 
nental Corp. Oxford 
Bane Atwell E., carpenter, house 293 Webster 
Bane Calvin M., carpenter, house 287 Bates 
Bangs John S., watchman, Androscoggin Mills, house 11 

Bangs Judson, grist mill, (Webster), house Sabattusville 
Banks James, mule spinner, house 182 Blake 
Barbour Albion E., clerk Granite National Bank (Augus- 
ta), bds. 168 Bates 
Barbour Charles E., farmer, house Old Lisbon road, near 

Webster road 
Barbour P'red E., at bleachery, bds. 4 Hill Corp. Canal 

BARBOUR HORACE W., apothecary, 268 Lis- 
bon, h. 168 Bates (see reverse side of insert opp. 

Barclay Amos, driver, house 27 Spring 

Barclay James L., river driver, house 48 Winter 

Bard Zephirin, weaver, house 120 Oxford 

Baril Adeiard, operative, bds. 142 Oxford 

Baril Hercule, laborer, bds. 142 Oxford 

Baril Ovide, teamster, house 142 Oxford 

Baril Puilhpe, box maker, bds. 142 Oxford 

Barker Alva D., agent, Avon Mnfg. Co., Lincoln corner 
Locust, house 408 Main 

Barker Albert A., supt. Columbia Mills, h. at North Yar- 

Barker Charles V., pattern cutter, Bates M. Co., h. 292 

BARKER CYRUS I., president Avon Mnfg. Co. 
and People's Savings Bank, agent Lewiston Mills 
Co., also pres. Lewiston Marlime Co., h. 318 Main 
Barker Mark, dver, house 148 Bartlett 
Barker William; h. 182 Blake 
Barlow John, h. 134 Pierce 

Barlow John B. belt maker, 136 Main, h. 131 Pierce 
Bailow Josiah, peddler, boards 133 Pierce 


Barlow William. overs2ei\ Cont'meutel Mills, h. 134 Pierce 

Barnes David A. carpenter, h. 47 Summer 

Barnes James W., shoemaker, h. 22 Bartlett 

Barnes William, laborer, house 10 Blake 

Barr Charles M., weaver, h. 76 Park 

Barras Michael, house 223 Lincoln 

Barrett Daniel, laborer, li. 237 Park 

Barrett John, Mrs., house 17 Horton 

Barrett Michael, mule spinner, bds 8 Androscoggin Corp. 

Barrett Michael D., laborer, bds. 80 Summer 

Barrett Nellie J. Miss., house 237 Park 

Barrett Patrick H. clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 17 Horton 

Barrett Thomas, operative, bds, 80 Summer 

Barrett Thomas, operative, bds. 237 Park 

Barrett William, laborer, house 80 Summer 

Barron Chandler H., yard master, lower M. C. R. R. li. 

24 Middle 
Barry John, weaver, Bates Mill, bds. 193 Blake 
Barry Mary, widow, h. 193 Blake 
Barry Mary, Miss., clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 79 Maple 
Barry Patrick, laborer, Crowley station M. C. R. R. house 
Bartlett Alonzo M., carpenter, house 34 Park 
Bartlelt Charles E., overseer, Hill Nnfg. Co. house 20 
Bartlett Charles F., wood moulder, 136 Main, house 827 

Main Barkerville 
Bartlett Edwurd W., letter carrier, P. O. h. 68 Blake 
Bartlett E. W., h. 68 Blake 
Bartlett Fred A., mill hand, h. 8 Chapel 
Bartlett George F., shoemaker, h. 811 Main, Barkerville 
Bartlett Horace B. tripe manufacturer, Pleasant, near 
East avenue, h, 142 East avenue 

Bartlett Miles, head waiter, De Witt House, h. 71 Blake 
Bartlett Nathan A., compositor, bds. 34 Park 
Bartlett Orren M., operative, h. 56 High 
Bartlett Silas, driver, 36 Chapel, house 24 Union 
Bartlett S. Mrs., milliner, 47 Lisbon, h. 24 Union 
Bartley Miles, waiter, DeWitt house, house 71 Blake 
Basinet Alfred shoemaker, h. 8 Birch 
Basinet Charles, shoemaker, h. 2 Birch 
Basinet Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 2 Birch 
Basinet Napoleon, shoemaker, bds. 19 Spruce 
Basinet Phillip watchman, Bates No. 2. bds. 2 Birch 
Bassett Harry C (Fassett & Bassett) , crayon artist, 124 

Lisbon, fa. 70 Howe 
Batchelder Dora Mrs., seamstress, h. 78 Ash 
Batchelder George, teamster, bds. 167 Hollaud 
Batchelder llattie Miss., weaver, h. 70 Canal 
Batchelder Lewis D., painter, h. 78 Ash 
Bates College, College cor. Skinner, Oren B. Cheney, pres. 
Bates Frances, widow of Alfred C, house 101 Park 
Bates George, machinist, bds. o'3 Middle 


Bates John B., shipping clerk, R. C. Pingree & Co. house 

Bates cor. Ash 
Bates Lewis E., blacksmith, 168 Main bds. 38 Bates 
Bates John B., wood worker, h. 90 Blake 

BATES MNFG. CO., H. L Pratt, agent, Canal, 
foot of Pine (see Miscellaneous Dept.) 
Bates Rosie Miss., teacher of music, 171 Lisbon, bds at 

Bates Street Shirt Co. (David S. Waite and Henry Sabine) 

256 Lisbon 
Bates William W., laborer, fa. 40 Colledge 
Batley Edwin, weaver, houes 178 Blake 
Baxonie Charles, filer, bds, 12 Chestnut 
Baxter Alice Miss., h 100 Chestnut 
Baxter Edward 0., spinner, h. 6 Mill 
Beal Alice A., teacher, bds. 349 College 
Beal Charles B., shoemaker, house 8 Farwell ct. 
Beal Howard W., student, bds. J. D. Beal's River road 
Beal Joel D., dye house and bleachery, 105 Main, house 

River road 
Beal Leonard H., sewing-machine agent, h. 349 College 
Beal Margaret J., dyer, 105 Main, bds, River road 
Beal Parker P., teacher, boards 349 College 
Beals Alfred, gardener, house 518 Main 
Beals Llewyian H., machinists, bds 183 Main 
Beals Rufus W., foreman, 64 Main, h. at Auburn (ave 
Bean Anuie L., student, Bates College, bds. 8 Mountain 
Bean Charles, boards 604 Main 
Bean George, pattern maker, fa. 161 College 

BEAN GEORGE W., agent, Androscoggin Mills, 
house 208 Bates 
Bean George W. Rev., house 604 Main 
Bean Lula A. Mrs., dressmaker, 122 Lisbon, h. do, 
Bean Sarah P. Mrs., h. 224 Pine 
Beane Nelson S., (Beane & Lynch), Merchants Express, 

29 Ash, house at Maiden, Mass. 
Beane & Lynch (Nelson S. Beane and Daniel Lynch), 

proprietors Merchants Express Co. 29 Ash 
Bearce Augusta F. Miss., seamstess, boards 72 Blake 
Bearce George B. (Bearce & Wilson), lumber man, and 

(Bearce Wilson & Co.), coal, wood and lumber, office 

138 Main, also (Oliver Newman & Son) ice 36 Chapel, 

house 617 Main 
Bearce Samuel R., (Bearce & Clifford), 244 Main, boards 

at Auburn 

BEARCE & CLIFFORD (Samuel R. Bearce and 
J. D. Clifford), contractors and truckmen 244 Main, 
(see page 3) 
Bearce & Wilson (George B. Bearce and Charles C. Wil- 
son), lumbermen, 138 Main 



Bearce, Wilson & Co., Geo. B. Bearce, Chas. C. Wilson, 
and Charles L. Furgeon, wood, coal and lumber, 138 
Beattv August, weaver, house 149 Pierce 
Beattv George, house 37 Lincoln 
Beatty Isaac, shoemaker, bds. 37 Lincoln 
Beaubas Napoleon, second hand, Androscoggin Mills 
Beaucage Absolon, hairdresser, house 75 Lincoln 
Beaucage Albert, card grinder, house rear 2 Hill Corp. 
Beaucage Alfred, teamster, 142 Bates, house 28 Knox 
Beaucage Joseph, operative, bds. 11 on the Island 
Beauchene Alfred, second hand, house 27 Mill 
Beauchene Am<klee\ weaver, house 35 Mill 
Beauchene Joseph laborer, bds. 100 Lincoln-st. alley 
Beauchene Thomas, laborer, house 58 Hines alley 
Beaudette Charles, house 23 Main 
Beaudette Philogene, police, house 249 Sabattus 
Beaudette Napoleon, operative, house 63 Hines alley 
Beaudette Pierre, blacksmith, 221 Lincoln, house 2 Spring 
Beaudette Victor, carpenter, house 23 Main 
Beaudoin Cyprieu, laborer, house 163 Lincoln 
Beaudoin Francois, laborer, house 36 Lincoln 
Beaudoin Gaudias, at box shop, bds. 36 Lincoln 
Beaudoin George, at bleachery, bds. 5 Continental Corp., 

Beaudoin Godfroi, at bobbin shop, bds. 36 Lincoln 
Beaudoin Godfroi, laborer, house 198 Lincoln 
Beaudoin Henri, laborer, house rear 99 Ash 
Beaudoin Jean, weaver, house 86 Hines alley 
Beaudoin Marie, widow of Onesime, house 36 Lincoln 
Beaudoin Onesime, weaver, bds. 86 Hines Aaley 
Beaudoin Staimslaus, operative, bds. rear 99 Ash 
Beaudry Joseph, operative, bds. 103 Blake 
Beaudry Napoleon, shoemaker, bds. 103 Blake 
Beaudry Narcisse, carpenter, house 103 Blake 
Beaulieu Augustine, operative, house 170 Lincoln 
Beaulieu Edward, weaver, rooms 324 Lisbon 
Beaulieu Felix, laborer, house 59 Lincoln 
Beaulieu Felix, laborer, house 63 Lincoln 
Beaulieu George, operative, house 203 Lincoln 
Beaulieu Joseph, brickmaker, house 201 Lincoln 
Beaulieu Louis, carpenter, house 420 Lisbon 
Beaulieu Maxime, hackman, house 324 Lisbon 
Beaulieu Pierre, laborer, house 87 Lincoln 
Beaumier Prosper Cyprieu, physcian, apothecary and den- 
tist, 92 Lincoln, house 90 do- 
Beaumont Jane, widow of Richard, house 127 Bartlett 
Beaumont William H., mule spinner, house 129 Bartlett 
Beaumont Wright, house 35 Walnut 
Beaumont Wright Jr., bds. 35 Walnut 
Beaumont Wright 2d, shoemaker, bds. 127 Bartlett 


Reaupre Francois, laborer, bds. 198 Lincoln 
Beaupre Clara, Miss, dressmaker, bds. 115 Lincoln 
Beaupre Marie, Miss, dressmaker, bds. 115 Lincoln 
Boaupre Jean B., mason, house 115 Lincoln 
Beauregard Eugene, (Provost & Beauregard), wood 

dealer, 32 Oxford, house do. 
Bebeau Samuel, freight hand, M. C. R. R. lower depot, 

house 17 Railroad 
Bechard Henri P., 293 Lisbon, house 105 Blake 
Bechard Irene, Mrs., house 105 Blake 
Bechard Napoleon, weaver, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Beck worth Charles, painter, bcls. 1 Continental Corp., 

Bedard P^sther, Mrs., house 99 Blake 
Bedard Joseph, clerk, 194 Lisbon, house 99 Blake 
Beede Willis W., laster, house 5 Cottage 
Beedy Arthur, engineer, M. C. R. R., bds. 73 Blake 
Beedy Clarence E., clerk, 239 Main, house 132 Oak 
Begert Daniel, operative, bds. 175 Pine 
Begert Sophia, widow of William, house 175 Pine 
Begin Alphonse, clerk, 94 Lincoln, house 31 Chestnut 
Begin Desire, operative, house 144 Lincoln 
Begin Edgar, clerk, 146 Lincoln, bds. 31 Chestnut 
Begin Nazaire, clerk, 146 Lincoln house 31 Cedar 
Belaire Jean B., laborer, bds. 64 Lincoln 
Belanger Alcide, brickmaker, bds. 144 Lincoln 
Belanger Andre, teamster, house 163 Lincoln 
Belanger Emelia, dressmaker, 104 Chestnut, house do. 
Belanger Eugeiue, M. L. Miss, clerk, 293 Lisbon, bds. at 

Auburn [coin 

Belanger George, laborer, canal gate house, h. 148 Lin- 
Belanger Gilbert, operative, bds. 143 Oxford 
Belanger Jean B., baker, 305 Lisbon, house 301 do. 
Belanger Jean B., operative, house 143 Oxford 
Belanger Joachim, mason, house 349 Pine 
Belanger Louis Mrs., house 15 Railroad alley 
Belanger Marie C, clerk, 174 Lisbon, bds. 39 Knox 
Belanger Octave, weaver, bds. 163 Lincoln 
Belanger Pierre, carpenter, house 37 Knox 
Belanger Pierre, weaver, bds. 7 on the Island 
Belisle Eugene, mason, house 5 on the Island 
Belisle Ferdinand, laborer, house 26 Lincoln st. alley 
Belisle Magloire, weaver, house 28 Lincoln st. alley 
Beliveau Albert H.. pressman, 16 Ash, and leader, Union 

Band, 159 Main, house 219 Blake 
Beliveau Antoine, baker, 189 Lincoln, house 118 do. 
Beliveau Calixte, laborer, house 84 Hines allev 
Beliveau Charles, clerk, 193 Lincoln, bds. 118 do. 
Beliveau Eleanor, widow of Gedeon, house 149 Lincoln 
Beliveau Emerril, clerk, 189 Lincoln, bds. 118 do. 


Beliveau Francois, clerk, 189 Lincoln, bds. 43 Pierce 

Beliveau George, stone cutter, house 14 Knox 

Beliveau Joseph, hairdresser, 3G4 Lisbon, bouse 2 Birch 

BELIVEAU JOSEPH, groceries and provisions, 
189 Lincoln, bds. 118 do. (see p. 2) 
Beliveau Oelide, operative, house 76 Hines alley 
Beliveau Odilon, operative, bds. 149 Lincoln 
Beliveau Zoel, laborer, bds. rear 2 Hill Corp. 
Beliveau Severin, clerk, 238 Main, house 104 Ash 
Belleau Arthur, laborer, bds. F. X. Belleau's, East ave. 
Belleau Alma, Miss, clerk. 184 Lisbon, bds. 97 Ash 

BELLEAU FRANCOIS X., attorney at law, rra. 
4, College block, 256 Lisbon, h. East ave., beyond 

Belleau Simeon, bds. F. X. Belleau's, East ave. 
Beilelile Prudent, Mrs., house 6 Androscoggin Corp. 
Bellelile Wm., weaver, house 6 Androscoggin Corp. 
Bellnle Andre, house 6 Androscoggin Corp. [ton 

Belt George W., experimenter, Bates M. Co., h. 90 Hor- 
Belyea George, roll cover, 136 Main, bds. 8 Bates Corp. 
Belzill Michael, brickmaker, bds. 5 Cross 
Bendix Paul, operative, house 10 Milk lane 
Benner Catherine, widow, rms. 46 High 
Benner William V., salesman, R. C. Pingree Co.'s, house 

at Auburn 
Bennett Frank, teamster, h. 142 Canal st. Alley 
Bennett Nelson, jobber, house 198 Lincoln 
Bennett Stephen M., clerk, 181 Main, bds. 183 do. 
Bennett Thomas, laborer, house 37 Lisbon road 
Benoit Adolph, photographer, 134 Lincoln, b. 39 Cedar 
Benoit Damase, operative, house 39 Cedar 
Benoit Damase, 2d, laborer, house 116 Knox 
Benoit Pierre, shoemaker, bcls. 124 Lincoln 
Benoit Tousaint, shoemaker, bds. 124 Lincoln 

BENSOX CHARLES C, station agent, M. C. R. 
R., upper depot, b. De Witt House (see p. 20) 
Benson Ellen, widow of John, house 183 Park 
Benson Lucy A. B. Mrs., bds. 317 Main 
Berdine Andrew, wood carver, house 62 Pierce 
Berger Pauline, widow of Octave, house 73 Park 
Bergeron August, laborer, bds. rear 298 Lisbon 
Bergeron Calixte, millman, h. 7 on the Island 
Bergeron David, laborer, house 80 Lincoln 
Bergeron Fred, hairdresser, 177 Lincoln, bds. 70 do. 
Bergeron Jean B., operative, house 144 Lincoln 
Bergeron Jerome, laborer, house rear 296 Lisbon 
Bergeron Joseph, baker, house 196 Park 
Bergeron Joseph, blacksmith, house 91 Blake 
Bergeron Joseph O., laborer, house 58 Maple 
Beriault John, section hand, Lewiston Mill, h. 360 Lisbon 
Berkinfield Godfrey, weaver, house 131 Pierce 


Berman Herman I., peddler, house 110 Hines alley 
Bernard Alphonse, hairdresser, bds. 199 Lincoln 
Bernard Charles, laborer, house 60 Lincoln* 
Bernard Desire, apoothecary, 400 Lisbon, h. 56 Maple 
Bernard Dorrique, laborer, house 199 Lincoln 
Bernard Klener, apothecary, house 49 Cedar 
Bernard Gideon, clerk, 189 Lincoln, bds. 49 Cedar 
Bernard John A., tinsmith, bds, 25 Lowell 
Bernard Joseph, mason, house 84 Hines alley 
Bernard Luther, apothecary, 193 Lincoln, h. 49 Cedar 
Bernard Mary J., widow of Edward, house 56 Maple 
Bernard Timothy, teamster, house 29 Milk lane 
Bernatchez Amede, driver, 36 Chapel, house College 
Bernatchez Amede, laborer, house Hogan road 
Bernatchez Odilon (Provost & Bernatchez), boots and 

shoes, 26 Chestnut, house 39 Cedar 
Bernier Calixte, carpenter, house 18 Oxford 
Bernier Charles, laborer, house 110 Lincoln 
Bernier Edward, baker, house 24 Knox 
Bernier Eli, operative, b. 10 on the Island 
Bernier Fred, painter, bds. 27 Birch 
Bernier Godifroy, laborer, bds. 110 Lincoln 
Bernier Joseph, brickmaker, 110 Lincoln 
Bernier Pierre, brickmaker, house 4 Oxford 
Bernier Samuel, laborer, house 118 Canal st. alley 
Bernier Victor, laborer, bds. 110 Lincoln 
Berrian Luke, operative, house 24 Blake 
Berry Daniel, upholsterer, bds. 1 Farwell ct. [ct. 

Berry Daniel, S., upholsterer, 155 Lisbon, bds. 1 Farwell 
Berry Forrest, shoemaker, rms. J52 Lisbon 
Berry Ira L., engineer, bds. 3 Continental corp., Oxford 
Berry Jacob, carpenter, house 76 Elm 
Berry John, clerk, 240 Main, b. 178 do. 
Berry John, teamster, bds. 178 Main 
Berry L. May Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 76 Elm 
Berry Osborn R., blacksmith, 35 Park, h. East avenue, 

beyoud Russell 
Berthold Frederick A., wool sorter, h. 136 Blake 
Bertrand Jean B., laborer, house 75 Lincoln 
Bertrand Volence, laborer, h. 106 Lincoln st. alley 
Berube Emile, weaver, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Berube Evariste, house 27 Birch 
Berube Joseph, laborer, house 52 Lincoln st. alley 
Berube Joseph, weaver, bds. 27 Birch 
Berube Napoleon, laborer, bds. 27 Birch 
Berube Thomas, mason, bds. 121 Hines alley 
Berube Xavier, operative, house 119 Lincoln 
Besse Constantine D. Mrs., house 250 Park 
Besse Ezekiel H. Mrs., dressmaker, 203 College, h. do. 
Besse George, teamster, bds. 6 Franklin 
Besse Willard M., fanner, h.717 Main, n. railroad crossing 


Besse William G., overseer, carding, Lewiston Mill Co., 

house 250 Park 
Best George, teamster, 244 Main, rms. Franklin House 
Bete August, weaver, house 149 Pierce 
Bete Louise Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 149 Pierce 
Bewley William, stitcher, L. B. & D. Works, house 348 

Bibber Izetta M. Miss, box maker (Auburn), rms. 29 High 
Bibber John A., stage machinist, Music Hall, h. 31 Ash 
Bibber John W., cutter, b. 82 Park 
Bibber Marshall, roach, apprentice, b. 30 Union 
Bibeau Alfred, operative, h. 7 on the Island 
Bibeau Alphonso, operative, bds. 7 on the Island 
Bibeau Bartholomie, operative, h. 7 on the Island 
Bibeau Napoleon, operative, bds. 7 on the Island 
Bibeau Samuel, laborer, M. C. R.R., h. 13 Railroad alley 
Bickford George P., farmer, h. College rd., byd. Moutello 
Bickford Minnie L. Miss, shirt maker, h. 130 College 
Bierer Fritz, weaver, bds. Julius Teuber's, River road 
Bigelow Irving, foreman, box dept., Bate M. Co., house 

23 Horton 
Bigelow Lysander, at L. B. & D. Works, house Grove, 

next Sabattus road 
Biggins Edward, laborer, house 278 Lincoln 
Biggins Edward, Jr., clerk, bds. 278 Lincoln 
Biggs Eliza A. Mrs., boarding house, 183 Main 
Billett Richard S., carpenter, house 40 Spring 
Billings Royal T., clerk, 248 Lisbon, h. 31 Union 
Billington Richard, laborer, b. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Billy Hermenegilde, laborer, house 202 Park 
Billy Napoleon, weaver, bds. 202 Park 
Bilodeau Alfred, carpenter, house 121 Hines Alley 
Bilodeau Cyrill J., operative, house 148 Oxford 
Bilodeau George, laborer, rms. 3 Bates, corner Canal 
Bilodeau Jacques, laborer, bds. 242 Park 
Bilodeau Joseph, carpenter, house 135 Oxford 
Bilodeau Joseph, laborer, bds. 148 Oxford 
Bilodeau Louis H., shoemaker, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Binette Archille, weaver, housa 5 Cross 
Binette Pierre, carder, bds. 5 Cross 
Bird Fred A., teamster, 200 Main, house 33 Chapel 
Bird Horace, teamster, 200 Main, bds. 33 Chapel 
Birmingham Mary Miss, house 198 Blake 
Biron Clovis, millman, bds. 1 Mill 
Biron Edward, shoemaker, bds. 23 Mill 
Biron Philias, laborer, house 23 Mill 
Biron Rormuald, stone cutter, bds. 420 Lisbon 
Biron Ulric, laborer, bds. 23 Mill 
Bisbee Forrest E., supt.. Electric Light Co., h. G9 Ash 
Bisbee Orville V., operative, bds. 10 Hill Corp., Caual 


Bishop Gertrude I. Miss, compositor, Journal office, bds. 

76 Spring 
Bishop Joseph, laborer, house 91 Blake 
Bishop Joseph, Jr., mule spinner, bds. 91 Blake 
Bisson Alfred, clerk, 195 Lincoln, bds. 31 Chestnut 
Bisson Joseph, operative, house 36 Lincoln 
Bissonnette Etienne, laborer, house 197 Lincoln 
Bissonnette Pierre, laborer, house 68 Mill 
Bixby Fred E., bds. 100 Nichols 
Bixby George L., machinist, house 100 Nichols 
Black Isaac S., laborer, honse 9 Horton 
Blackden William D., conductor, M. C. R. R., house 327 

Blackinton Howard, weaver, bds. 4 Continental corp., 

Black well Augusta M. Mrs , rooms 320 Lisbon 
Blackwell Esther I. Miss, house 72 Blake 
Blackwell Marietta E. Miss, dressmaker, house 72 Blake 
Blackwell Ruby J. Mrs., boarding house, 320 Lisbon 
Blair Cora L. Miss, clerk, 117 Lisbon, bds. 154 Pine 
Blais Arthur, teamster, Jordan, Frost & Co., bds. 110 

Blais Desire, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Blais Francois, house rear 249 Park 

Blais Joseph, operative, bds. 18 on the Island [Island 
Blais Louis, laborer, Cowan Woollen Co., house 18 on the 
Blais Modeste, widow of Joseph, bds. 145 Oxford 
Blais Philomene, widow of Xavier, house 203 Park 
Blaisdell Field E., salesman, 201 Lisbon, b. at Auburn 
Blaisdell Sadie, teacher, Main street primary, b. 43 Chapel 
Blaisdell Samuel A. Rev., pastor, Pine street Free Bap- 
tist church, house 137 Pine 
Blaisdell Uriah H., trav. salesman, house 43 Chapel 
Blake Ada S. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 51 Summer 
Blake Etta A. Mrs., bookkeeper, 235 Main, h. 70 Pine 
Blake Frank H., hairdresser, 102 Lisbon, rooms 70 Pine 
Blake Fred G., clerk, 43 Main, h. Sabattus rd., n. Thorn's 

Blake Granville (Bradford, Conant & Co.), furniture, 201 

Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Blake Harry C, clerk, 16 Lisbon, bds. 149 Oak 
Blake I. Martin (Blake, Spear & Co.), grocer, 209 Main, 

house 149 Oak 
Blake Lothrop L. (L. L. Blake & Co), furniture, 155 Lis- 
bon, house Main, corner High 
BLAKE L. L. & CO. (Lothrop L. Blake), furniture, 
etc., 155 Lisbon (see page 570) 
Blake Roscoe E., carpenter, 51 Summer, house at Auburn 

BLAKE, SPEAR & CO. (Isaac M. Blake, Cass 
Spear, and William E. Webster), grocers, 209 Main 
(see p. 565) 


Blanchard Ada Mrs., house 1(52 Bates 

Blaoehard Celia M. Miss, house 110 Franklin 

Blanchard Charles C, second hand, Continental Mill, rms. 

8 Hill Corp., Canal 
Blanchard Edgar Franklin, student, Bates College, bds. 
Nichols Hall, do. [ford 

Blanchard Elizabeth Miss, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Ox- 
Blanchard George W., student, bds. 113 Lowell 
Blanchard Isidor, laborer, house 39 on the Island 
Blanchard Israel, operative, house 3 on the Island 
Blanchard Wesley, grocer, 238 Main, house 113 Lowell 
Blanchet Amiable, laborer, house 5 on the Island 
Blauchet Charles A., operative, bds. 5 on the Islaud 
Blanchet Edward, laborer, house 5 on the Island 
Blanchet Emilie, widow of Charles, bds. 5 on the Island 
Blanchet George, laborer, house 5 on the Island 
Blanchet Zachee (Blanchet & Co.), grocer, 396 Lisbon, 

house 394 do. 
Blanchet & Co. (Zachee Blanchet), grocers, 396 Lisbon 
Blethen Dexter, house Lisbon road, Crowley junction 
Blethen Joseph, farmer, h. Webster rd., n. Webster line 
Blethen Lydia H., widow of George, house 205 Park 
Blier Ignace, operative, house 7 on the Island 
Blier Joseph, operative, bds. 7 on the Islaud 
Blier Pierre, weaver, house 151 Lincoln 
Blondeau Thomas C, apothecary, 275 Lisbon, h. 90 do. 
Blossom May, clerk, 96 Lisbon, bds. 223 Sabattus 
Blouiu Andre, weaver, bds. 143 Oxford 
Blouiu Adam, operative, house 43 Mill 
Blouin Hector J., shoemaker, house 150 Lincoln 
Blouin Hubert, operative, house 15 on the Island 
Blouin Hubert Mrs., dressmaker, 15 on the Islaud, h. do. 
Blouin Joseph N., shoemaker, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Blouin Joseph W., horse shoer, 8 Franklin, house 170 

Blouin J. Baptiste, weaver, bcls. 143 Oxford 
Blouin Napoleon, shoemaker, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Blouin Paul, dyer, L. B. & D. Works, bds. 143 Oxford 
Blouin Zephirine (Blouin & Lapointe), grocer, 378 Lisbon, 
boots and shoes, 374 do., and (Blouiu & Hebert), 
76 do., house 47 Pierce 
Blouin & Lapointe (Zephirim Blouin and Flavien La- 
pointe), grocers, 378 Lisbon, and boots and shoes 
374 do. 
Blouin & Hebert (Zepherine Blouin and Ovila Hebert), 

boots and shoes, 76 Lisbon 
Blue Store (The), S. A. Isaacson & Co., props., cloth- 
ing, etc., 152 Lisbon 
Blunt Leon G., clerk, 239 Main, house 256 do. 
Board man George L., carpenter, L. B. & D. Works, h. 
1 Lisbon road 


Boardman George W. (Boardman & Dodge), painter and 
paper hanger, 266 Main, house 512 do. 

BOARDMAN & DODGE (George \V. Boardman 
and Ira M. Dodge), painters, 266 Main (see p. 571) 
Boclge Charles A., student, bds. 72 Canal 
Bodge Peter A., house 72 Canal 
Bois Alfred, carpenter, h. 7, on the Island 
Bois Desire, baker, bouse 8 Birch 
Bois Edouard, laborer, house 10 on the Island 
Boisvert Alexander, weaver, bds. 148 Oxford 
Boisvert Joseph, laborer, house 80 Ash 
Boivin Marguerite, widow of Pierre, h. rear 63 Lidcoln 
Boland Belle J. Miss, bookkeeper, 40 Main, b. 315 Bates 
Boland Clara G. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. 315 Bates 
Boland John, spinner, house 49 Cedar 
Boland Louise H. T. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. 315 Bates 
Boland William J., weaver, bds. 49 Cedar 
Bolduc Alcide, weaver, bds. 144 Lincoln 
Bolduc Augustin, laborer, h. 13 Hines alley 
Bolduc Edouard, weaver, bds. 13 Hines alley 
Bolduc Guy, clerk, bds. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Bolduc Jean B., operative, bds. 47 Hines Alley 
Bolduc Joseph, operative, bds. 108 Lincoln 
Bolduc^Joseph, operative, bds. 57 Hines Alley 
Bolduc Magloire, laborer, house Oak, near Main 
Bolduc Magloire, salesman, h. 71 Park 
Bolduc Napoleon, clerk, house 113 Lincoln 
Bolduc Napoleon, weaver, bds. 67 Lincoln 
Bolduc Octave, weaver, bds. 13 Hines alley 
Bolduc Xavier, hairdresser, 25 Chestnut, boards 118 Ca- 
nal street alley 
Bolduc Zotique, clerk, bds. 227 Lincoln 
Bolduc Zotique, farmer, h. Grove, next Webster line 
Bolduc Zotique C, clerk, 81 Lisbon, b. 227 Lincoln 
Bolger Anthony, laborer, bds. 34 Lisbon 
Bolier Pierre, helper, 191 Lisbon, h. 123 Lincoln 
Bolser Charles, operative, house 210 Park 
Bolster Asahel C, hostler, 103 Park, h. 298 Lisbon 
Bolton Daniel A., clerk, h. 84 College 
Bolton Ella C. Mrs., dressmaker, 84 College, h. do. 
Bolton William H., clerk, Cross canal, bds. 88 Howe 
Bonaventura Peter, assistant, Marist Bros, school, 254 

Bond Elson, boards 42 Riverside 
Bond Emilie, widow of Zephirm, h. 5 Cross 
Bond George G., laster, h. College road, bey. Montello 
Bond Hannah, widow of Ellery, h. 42 Riverside 
Boud Paris, farmer, h. Greene rd., n. Greene line 
Bondy Edouard, clerk, bcls. 11 on the Island 
Bonnallie George, farmer, house 657 Main 
Bonnallie George, Jr., clerk, 140 Lisbon, bds. 178 Oak 


Bonnallie George, Jr., clerk, 140 Lisbon, b. 178 Oak 

Bonnallie Jerry, plasterer, house 99 Ash 

Bonnallie Matilda Mrs., house 178 Oak 

Bonneau George, asst. supt., Met. Life Ids. Co., 256 

Lisbon, room 8, house 64 Cedar 
Bonneau Jean B., house 4 Oxford 
Bonnev George B., clerk, bds. 178 Oak 
Bonnev Frank, shoemaker, bds. 178 Main 
Bonnev Frank J., dentist, 8 Lisbon (Central block), h. 

at Auburn 
Bonnev Perley L., spinner, Columbia Mill, house 157 East 

Bonnev William, machinist, bds. 10 Spring 
Bowville Alfred, boarding house, 6 Franklin 
Booker Sarah F., C. Mrs., weaver, Hill M. Co., house 36 

Booth Frank, operative, house 122 Pierce 
Booth John, house 148 Bartlett 
Booth John, shoemaker, house 261 Sabattus 
Booth John Edward, weaver, bds. 146 Bartlett 
Booth Maggie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 186 Blake 
Booth Richard, house 61 Walnut 

BOOTH SAMUEL, groceries and provisions, 
157 Lincoln, house 80 Birch (see p. 568) 
Booth Samuel H., weaver, boards 4 Continental Corp., 

Boothby Edward, shoemaker, rooms 35 Ash 
Booth!) v Emeline Mrs., h. 262 College 

BOOTHBY J. FRANK, treas., Androscoggin 
County Savings Bank, 10 Lisbon, h. 262 College 
Boothby Oren Cheney, student, bds. 262 College 
Boothby William H., shoe finisher(Auburn),h. bo Winter 
Borschdorf Fred, weaver, house 12 Lowell 
Bosse Francois, brickmaker, house 60 Maple 
Boss& Francois, operative, bds. 135 Oxford 
Bosse Jean B., operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Boss& Louis, shoemaker, bds. 135 Oxford 
Bosse Marie L., widow of Maxime, h. 112 Lincoln 
Bosse Pierre, shoemaker, bds. 135 Oxford 
Boston Frank E., machinist, h. 8 Hill Corp. Canal 

BOSTON TEA STOKE, D. E. Parlin, prop., 18 
Lisbon (see p. 5^6) 
Bouchard Charles, teamster. Jordan, Frost & Co., boards 

74 Hine^ alley 
Bouchard Covis, carpenter, h. 121 Cedar 
Bouchard Honore, operative, bds. 143 Oxford 
Bouchard Isaac, operative, bds. 266 Park 
Bouchard Joseph, laborer, house 266 Park 
Bouchard Joseph. Jr., operative, bds. 266 Park 
Bouchard Louis, clerk, 96 Lincoln, bds. 118 do. 
Bouchard Octave, weaver, bds. 227 Lincoln 


Bouchard Tedd, operative, bds. 266 Park 

Boucher Angele Miss, dressmaker, bds. 120 Oxford 

Boucher Casimer, shoemaker, bds. 167 Lincoln. 

Boucher Emedile, widow of Jean, h. 245 Park 

Boucher Francois, operative, house 119 Lincoln 

Boucher John Hector, hairdresser, 256 Lisbon, house 220 

Boucher Joseph, laborer, house 17 Mill 
Boucher Joseph, weaver, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Boucher Jules, laborer, house 374 Lisbon 
Boucher Montcalm, blacksmith, h. 200 Park 
Bouilliard George, laborer, h. 307 Bates 
Boule Wilfred, weaver, bds. 13 Spruce 
Boulet Amedee, operative, bds. 5 Hines Alley 
Boulet Joseph, laborer, house 60 Lincoln 
Boulet Narcisse, operative, house 8 River 
Boulet Sarah, widow of Benj., h. 5 Hines Alley 
Boulet Zoe, widow of Joseph, h. 5 Hines alley 
Boulette Joseph, laborer, house 61 Lincoln 
Bourassa Joseph, weaver, bds. 14 Lincoln 
Bouvassa Olivine Mrs., h. Lincoln st. alley 
Bourbeau EM ward, bobbin maker, h. 8 pi. 
Bourbeau Olivier, boot and shoemaker, 338 Lisbon, bds. 

52 Pierce 
Bourdeau Jacques, operative, house 13 Spruce 
Bourgette Charles, laborer, house 41 Mill 
Bourgette Helene, widow of Ignace, h. 74 Hines Alley 
Bourgette Joseph, apothecary, 137 Lisbon, bds. 74 Hines 

Bourgette Joseph, clerk, h. 19 Railroad alley 
Bourgette Joseph, operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Bourgette Louis, operative, bds. 74 Hines Alley 
Bouigoin Alcide,sash maker, Gibbs & Dain, b.323 Lisbon 
Bourgoin Joseph, clerk, 378 Lisbon, bds. 323 do. 
Bourgoin S. Enouile, clerk, 378 Lisbon, bds. 323 do. 
Bourque Cordelie, clerk, 195 Lincoln, bds. 47 Knox 
Bourque Joseph, weaver, bds. 12 Androscoggin corp. 
Bourque Leander N., apothecary and physician, 191 Lin- 
coln, house at Auburn 
Bourque Nelson, operative, L. B. & D. Works, house 47 

Bourqne Rosalie Miss, bookkeeper, 96 Lincoln, b.47Knox 
Boussier Samuel, weaver, h. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Boutin Joseph, building mover, h. 163 Lincoln 
Bowers Charles, civil engineer, house 7 Mountain ave. 
Bowers Meliss Mrs., house 24 Chapel 
Bowes N. L. Mrs., dressmaker, 9 High, h. do. 
Bowes William A., clerk, h. 9 High 
Bowker Alauson S., ins. agent, h. 40 Cottage 
Bowker Anna C. Miss, compositor, Journal Office, house 
326 Main 


Bowker Geo. W., carriage maker, 35 Park, h. 36 Friend 
Bowker Jesse, teamster, bds. 127 Horton 
Bowker Joseph \\ r ., mule spinner, ii. 210 Park 
Bowker Josiah, clerk, 213 Park, bds. 127 Horton 
Bowker Mary E. Miss., compositor, Journal Office, house 

326 Main 
Bowker William, weaver, bds. 127 Horton 
Bowley Charles C, carpenter, house 75 Nichols 
Bowley Fred W., carder, bds. 230 Main 
Bowley Henry, carpenter, house 49 Lowell [Lisbon 

Boyle Bros. (Patrick E. and William, Jr.), clothing, 88 
Boyle Patrick E. (Boyle Bros.), clothing, 88 Lisbon 
Boyle William, Jr. (Boyle Bros.), clothing, 88 Cisbon 
Boynton Henrietta J. Miss, dressmaker, 138 Lisbon, 
Brackett Annie M., teacher, bds. 343 Sabattus 
Brackett Calvin C, student, Bates College, bds. 343 

Brackett Clarence C, second hand, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 

81 College [40 Middle 

Brackett Edward I., veterinary surgeon. 17 Chapel, house 
Brackett Elwin B., driver, L. & A. H. R.R., bds. 5 Bates 

Corp. . [Ferry road 

Brackett E. L., section hand, bds. A. Hunters ,Garcelon 
Brackett Harriet M., librarian, bds. 343 Sabattus 
Brackett Jeremiah C, starter, L. & A. R. R., house at 

Brackett J. Raymond, teacher, bds. 343 Sabattus 
Brackett Nancy J., widow of Rev. Levi, h. 343 Sabattus 
Brackett Oscar B., boarding house, 178 Main 
Brackett Winslow, driver, L. & A. St. Ry., bds. Canal 
Brackfield Samuel, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Brackiev Eli, farmer, h. River road, u. Garcelon Ferry 
Bradbury Avery B., stone cutter, house 32 Lowell 
Bradbury Elizabeth Miss, bds. S. Phillip's, Town Farm rd. 
Bradbury Henry N., teamster, house 111 Wood 
Bradbury Joseph, farmer, house Bradbury road 
Bradbury Julia F., widow of Nathaniel M., h. 48 Park 
Bradbury J. Henry, expressman, 179 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Bradeen Win. Leivett, student Bates College, boards 

Nichols Hall, do. 
Bradford Clara F. Miss, bds. 54 Pine 

BRADFORD, CONANT & CO. (Justus C. Brad- 
ford, Granville Blake and Lucy W. Couant), furni- 
ture, 199 and 201 Lisbon (see page 569) 
Bradford Edwin L., manager, 30 Main, h. at Auburn 
Bradford Hannah J. Miss, house 35 Middle 
Bradford Herbert C, physician, 54 Pine, house do. 
Bradford Justus C. (Bradford, Conant & Co.), furniture, 

201 Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Bradford Olie, clerk, 18 Lisbon, bds. 35 Middle 
Bradford William 11., student, bds. 54 Pine 


Bradford Winfield S., carpenter, 7 Main, rms. at Auburn 
Bradstreet Frank, watchman, Continental Mills, house 

Continental Corp. 
Bradstreet Taylor A., fireman, Continental Mills, house 

Montello, n. College 
Brady Lizzie Mrs., weaver, rms. 41 Birch 
Bragdon Charles E., shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Bragg Charles, laborer, house rear 37 Bates 
Bragg Charles A., section foreman, M. C. R. R., house 

Bragg Cora Mrs., house 73 Franklin 
Bragg Cyrus Mrs., bds. 10 Bates Corp. 
Branch Flora, widow of Charles, house 186 Main 
Brannigan James, shoemaker, house 9 Railroad alley 
Brannigan John, spinner, house 163 Bates 
Braun Hiram, section hand, Hill Mill, h. 13 Hill corp., Canal 
Brann Seldon, section hand, rms. 13 Hill corp., Canal 
Brault Benj., laborer, h. 11 Androscoggin Corp. 
Brawn Chester, laborer, bds. rear 318 Lisbon 
Brawn George W., hostler, bds. 33 Bates 
Brawn William, laborer, rear 119 Main, h. 33 Bates 
Breault Joseph, shoemaker and variety store, 464 Lisbon, 

house do. 
Breault Joseph, ins. agent, 293 Lisbon, h. rear 71 Knox 
Breen Henry, laborer, M. C. R. R., house 50 Lisbon road 
Breen Jeremiah, shoemaker, house 23 Water 
Breen Johauna, widow, house 33 Lisbon road 
Breen John, stone cutter, house 131 Oak 
Breen Mary Miss, house 40 Water 
Breen Mary, widow of John, house 2 Vine 
Breen Michael, apprentice, 14 Bates, bas. 2 Vine 
Breen Michael, laborer, bds. 40 Water 
Breen Thomas, stone layer, M. C. R. R., h. 69 Summer 
Brennau John, beamer, Bates Mill, h. 47 Spring 
Brennan Michael, laborer, house 287 Lincoln 
Breunan Michael, Jr., operative, bds. 287 Lincoln 
Brennan Michael, dyer, bds. 9 Bates Corp. 
Bresnahan John, laborer, house 25 Water 
Bresnahan Mary A. Miss, clerk, 95 Lisbon, b. 25 Water 
Breton C.asimir, laborer, bds. 21 Hines alley 
Breton Ferdinand, foundry man, house 158 Lincoln 
Breton Henri, box maker, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Breton Henri, house 158 Lincoln 
Breton Honore, bds. 158 Lincoln 
Breton Lin, boarding house, 12 Chestnut 
Breton Louis, laborer, house 58 Cedar 
Brett Benjamin C, bookkeeper, 43 Main, h. at Auburn 
Brett Carrie E. Mrs., compositor, Journal Office, house at 

Brett Eugene, weaver, Bates Mill, house 96 Bates 
Brett F. L., rms. 74 Blake 


Brett Ina G., bookkeeper i 43 Main, bvls. at Auburn 
Brewer Horace W. (Merrifield & Brewer,), grocer, 371 

Lisbon, house 302 Blake 
Brewster Charles, driver, L. & A. St. Ry., rras. 30 Chapel 
Brick Henry A., prop., De Witt House, Pine, cor. Park, 

house do. 
Bridgham Harry, machinist, bds. 32 Middle 
Bridgliam Ina E. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 32 Middle 
Bridgham Rose Mrs., bouse 39 Middle 
Bridson Jennie, widow of Tuomas, house 87 Winter 
Bridson Thomas E., shoe burnisher, rms. 82 Park 
Briggs Albion D., hairdresser, 93 Main, h. at Auburn 
Briggs Edgar M. (Swasey & Briggs), lawyer, 215 Lisbon. 

house 11 Mountain avenue 
Briggs George, teamster, L. B. & D. Works, bds. 1 

Androscoggin Corp. 
Briggs Julius K., farmer and butcher, h. Main, above 

Barkers Mills 
Briggs Ossian N., machinist, house 5 Ash 
Brillant Joseph, laborer, house 39 Cedar 
Brilliant Ellen, spinner, bds. 5 Hill corp., Canal 
Britt Chester L., carpenter, bds. 151 Nichols 
Britton Edward, mule spinner, bds. 4 Continental Corp., 

Britton Paul, laborer, house 308 Lisbon 
Brochu Magloire, clerk, 195 Lincoln, bds. 58 Cedar 
Brochu Magloire, laborer, house 143 Oxford 
Brodell Sweu P., weaver, house 67 Knox 
Broderick Dennis, laborer, house rear 73 Franklin 
Brodeur Alphonse, laborer, house 120 Oxford 
Brogan Bernard, weaver, boards 193 Blake 
Brogan Jolm, spinner, bds. 193 Blake 
Brogan Michael, laborer, house 193 Blake 
Brogan Michael H., clerk, bds. 193 Blake 
Brooks Amelia, widow of Joseph, h. 20 on the Island 
Brooks Frank, brick mnfr., 567 Main and off River road, 

house Pettingill 
Brooks Frank W., clerk, Main, c. Lisbon, h. 11 Sabattus 
Brooks Ham, auctioneer, house 38 Ash 
Brooks James, spinner, bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Brooks Panama, salesman, R. C. Piugree & Co.'s, house 

5 Chapel 
Brophy Mary, widow of Thomas, house 70 Lincoln 
Brown Andrew J., foreman, street department, house 48 

Brown Annie, weaver, boards 6 Continental Corps. Oxford 
Brown Charles A., painter, bds. 4 Hill Corp. Canal 
Brown Charles A. Mrs., house 88 Russell 
Brown Cheney C, bookkeeper, 48 Main, h. at Auburn 
Brown Elizabeth G. Mrs., seamstress, house 5 Bartlett 
Brown Hiram H., farmer, house No Name Pond road 


Brown Isaac H., house 11 Franklin 
Brown John, operative, boards 3 Hill Corp. 
Brown John, operative, rooms 160 Bates [College 

Brown Kilburn C. student, Bates College, rooms 150 
Brown Olive D. Mrs., house rear 74 Blake 
Brown Thomas C, engineer, house 48 Summer 
Brown Thomas N., agent, G. T. Railway station, Lin- 
coln, between Chestnut and Cross, house Grove, near 

Mineral Spring road 
Brown Wallace W., clerk, 15 Ash, boards rear 74 Blake 
Brown Walter EL, messenger, Merchants Express Co., 

29 Ash, house 108 Franklin 
Brown William, laborer, house Grove, near Sabattus road 
Brown William, shoemaker, 13 Ash, boards 54 do. 
Brown William R., operative, boards 76 Lincoln 
Brule Clavis, farm hand, boards Israel Brule's h. Grove 
Brule Eusebe, clerk, 43 Main, house 150 Lincoln 
Brule Israel, farmer, house Grove, near Chad bourn road 
Brule Wilfrid, operative, boards Israel Brule's 
Bruuelle Arthur, teacher of violin, boards 35 Spruce 
Brunelle Clara Miss, dressmaker, 9 Spruce, boards do. 
Bruuelle Lucia Miss, dressmaker, 9 Spruce, boards do. 
Brunelle Narcisse, baker, house 35 Spruce 
Bryant Albion K. P., porter, 126 Lisbon, house 403 Main 
Bryant Charles E., farmer, boards Roscoe A. Bryant's, 

Webster road [Webster line 

Bryant Roscoe A., farmer, house Webster road, near 
Bryant William, machinist, rooms 146 Blake 
Bubier Caroline Miss, boards rear 23 Sabattus 
Bubier Christopher, farmer, house No Name Pond road, 

near Sabattus 
Bubier Edwin, shoemaker, house 63 Birch 
Bubier Edwin F., teamster, 64 Middle, house 72 Lowell 
Bubier Fred G., farm hand, boards A. Hunter's, Garce- 

lou Ferry road 
Bubier George, Jr., laborer, house 94 Oak 
Bubier Hattie Mrs., dressmaker, 114 Ash, house do. 
Bubier John D., painter, h. Pleasant, near East avenue 
Bubier Lumbert, car inspector. M. C. R. R., h. 114 Ash 
Buck Anna Miss, boards 674 Main 
Buck George B., conductor, L. & A. H. R. R., boards 5 

Bates Corp. 
Buck George H., loom firer, house 90 Pierce 
Buck Lin wood, grocer, house 40 Bartlett 
Buck Lynn W., clerk, 259 Lisbon, house 40 Bartlett 
Buck Mary G., widow of Ambrose, house 694 Maiu 
Buck Michael T., laborer, house 264 Lincoln 
Buck Wallace W., packer, house 56 Ash 
Buckley Jennie Miss, operative, house 41 Franklin 
Buckley Jeremiah, mason, bds. 6 Continental Corp. Oxford 
Bucklev Jeremiah, mason, Louse 64 Lincoln 


Buckley Johanna, widow of Michael, house 299 Lincoln 

Buckley John, boards 299 Lincoln 

Buckley Michael, bridge builder, house 38 Main 

Buckley Michael, laborer. L. B. & D.W., bds. 299 Liucoln 

Buckley O. H. \V. A., insurance, 169, Lisbon 

Buckley Thomas, laborer, house 281 Lincoln 

Buckley Timothy, laborer, house 30 Blake 

Buckley Walter G., tinsmith, 43 Main, house at Auburn 

Buck nam Caroline W.. widow of Frank, house 436 Main 

Bucknam Lillian N. Miss, compositor, Journal Office, 

bds. 436 Main 
Bucknam Lydia H., widow of Amos W., house 118 Oak 
Bucknam Ralph, medical student, boards 118 Oak 
Baker Edward J., watchman, Continental Mills, h. 799 

Main, Barkerville 
Buker Jennie M. Mrs., house 211 Main 
Buker Josiah, farmer, house 171 Park 
Buker Noah J., at Continental Mills, boards 211 Main 

BUNKER WILLIAM B., plumber, steam, gas and 
hot water fitter, 49 Lower Alain, h. 69 Nichols (see 
page 2) 
Burbank Mabel Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 22 Hill Corp. 
Burbank Vesta L., widow of Alcanda, h. 75 East avenue. 
Burbank William F., shoemaker boards 75 East avenne 
Burgault Archie, hairdresser, 285 Lisbon, and (Burgault 

& Labranche), 291 Lisbon, h. 17 4 Blake 
Burgess Joseph S. Mrs., house 133 Pine 
Burgess Romanzo M., hairdresser, 93 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Burgess Sarah J., widow, house 7 Franklin 
Burgoyne Margaret, widow of John, house 22 Knox 
Burke Ada P. Mrs., shoe stitcher, rooms 40 Lisbon 
Burke Ann, widow of John, house 70 Lincoln street alley 
Burke Bridget, widow of Richard, house 84 Lincoln 
Burke Catharine, widow of Thomas, house 315 •Lincoln 
Burke Edmund, laborer, house 52 Maple 
Burke Edmund, laborer, L. B. & D. W., house River 

road. Strawberry Patch 
Burke Edmund J., operative, boards 79 Knox 
Burke James, boards 52 Maple [67 Knox 

Burke Jerry, box maker, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. rear 
Burke John, box maker, Lewiston Bleacherv, house rear 

67 Knox 
Burke John, operative, house 20 Knox 
Burke John J., card grinder, house 79 Knox 
Burke Martin, operative, boards 4 Hill Corp. Canal 
Burke Michael, clerk, 10 Lincoln, boards 52 Maple 
Burke Michael, cigar maker, o2 Canal, boards Edmund 

Burke's, River road 
Burke Thomas, laborer, bds. Edmund Burke's, River rd. 
Burke Thomas P., weaver, Bates Mill, boards 79 Knox 
Burke William, laborer, L. B. & D. \V\, boards Edmund 

Burke's, River road 


Burke William, operative, house 62 Knox 
But'kett Wilson H., carpenter, bds. 28 Bartlett 
Burnham Emily F. Mrs., clerk, 64 Main, h. 363 do. 
Burnham William J., supt., Hill Mnfg. Co.,h. 17 Walnut 
Burns James F.. dyer, house 147 Bartlett 
Burns John J., carpenter, bds. 244 Blake 
Burns Michael, laborer, boards 244 Blake 
Bums Patrick, laborer, L. B. & D. W., h. 80 Knox 
Burns Patrick, operative, boards 244 Blake 
Burns Patrick C, operative, boards 244 Blake 
Burns Rebecca Mrs., rooms 233 Park 
Burns Thomas, laborer, boards 302 Lincoln 
Burns Timothy, laborer, house 302 Lincoln 
Burns, see Byrnes 

Burriil Frank, machinist, Hill Mill, h. 90 Horton 
Burris James P., painter, bds. 30 Knox 
Burris John, laborer, house 30 Knox 

Burt Stephen O., operative, boards 4 Continental Corpor- 
ation, Oxford 
Burthood Maurice, weaver, Cowan Woolen Co., house 14 

Bussiere Frank, weaver, house 73 Knox 
Bussiere Frank, Jr., weaver, bds. 73 Knox 
Bussiere Michel, house 11 Androscoggin Corp. 
Bussiere Onesime, weaver, Androscoggin Mill, house 424 

Bussiere Raymond, laborer, h. 3 Androscoggin corp. 
Buteau Arthur, weaver, boards 76 Lincoln 
Butler Charles H. Mrs., house 264 Park 
Butler Henry, foundryman, bds. rear 117 Lincoln 
Butler James C, ship carpenter (Bath), h. 287 Bates 
Butler Jean F., bookkeeper, 163 Lisbon, h. 37 High 
Butler John W., stone mason, house 232 Park 
Butler Levi T., carpenter, house 66 Ash 
Butterfield George H., overseer, bleachery, Avon Mnfg. 

Co., house at Auburn 
Butterfield May L., widow of Henry C, h. 528 Main 
Byrnes Bridget E., bookkeeper, 284 Lisbon, b. 244 Blake 
Byrnes John J., carpenter, boards 244 Blake 
Byrnes Patrick C, laborer, L. B. & D. Works, boards 

244 Blake 
Byrnes Timothy, house 244 Blake 

CADORETTE PIERRE, operative, bds. 14 Chestnut 
Cahill John, operative, house 32 Hammond 
Cahoon Andrew, operative, Bates Mill, bds. 68 Knox 
Cahoon William, laborer, Bates Mill, house 68 Knox 
Caiiler Arsene, police, boards 202 Park 
Cain David, building mover, house 77 Sabattus 
Cain Frank (F. Cain & Co.), building mover, 77 Sabat- 
tus, house do. 


Cain F. & Co. (Frank Cain and Frank E. Clark), building 

movers, 62 and 77 Sabattus 
Cain John, teamster, boards 178 Main 
Cain William, laborer, L. B. & D. W. boards 1 Andros- 
coggin Corporation 
Cain, see Kane 
Callahan Catherine Miss, teacher, Bates st. intermediate 

school, boards 107 Bartlett 
Callahan Cornelius J., overseer, bag, cording and spiuning, 

Androscoggin Miils, boards 39 Lincoln 
Callahan Daniel C, shoemaker, house 28 Knox 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, house 213 Lincoln 
Callahan Dennis J., attoruey-at-law, 51 Lisbon, boards 

106 Franklin 
Callahan Eugene, lab., Lewiston Bleach ery, h. 59 Birch 
Callahan Eugene, pressman, 21 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Callahan Eugene A. (T. F. Callahan & Co.), trunks, etc. 

286 Lisbon, boards 106 Franklin 
CALLAHAN GEORGE A., book and job printer, 
\J Union block, 21 Lisbon, h. 1 Middle (see page 562) 
Callahan James, laborer, boards 213 Lincoln 
Callahan John, loom fixer, Androscoggin Mills, boards 

213 Lincoln 
Callahan John, mule spinner, house 106 Franklin 
Callahan John H., clerk, boards 39 Lincoln 
Callahan Louise M. Miss, teacher, Bates-st. primary 

school, boards 107 Bartlett 
Callahan Mary, widow, house 2Q Knox 
Callahan Mary, widow of Thomas, house 330 Lincoln 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 124 Lincoln 
Callahan Timothy, operative, house 39 Lisbon road 
Callahan Timothy F. (T. F. Callahan & Co.) , trunks, etc. 

286 Lisbon, house 106 Franklin 
Callahan T. F. & Co. (Timothy F. and Eugene A. Calla- 
han), trunks, hats, etc., 286 Lisbon 
Callahan Timothy O., house 107 Bartlett 
Callahan William, house 39 Lincoln 
Callahan W. Edward, insurance, bcls. 107 Bartlett 
Calvert Thomas E., prop. Auburn Gazette (Auburn), h. 

491 Main 
Cameron Emma Mrs., cook, 5 Continental Corp., Oxford, 

boards do. 
Cameron James, dyer, bds. 10 Hill corp., Canal 
Camire Celestin, operative, house 141 Lincoln 
Camire* Cleophas, millman, house 9 Mill 
Camire Godfois, laborer, house 3 Anrdoscoggin Corp. 
Camire Napoleon, operative, boards 141 Lincoln 
Camire Yitaline, widow of Andre, house 75 Lincoln 
Campagna Jean, laborer, house 163 Lincoln 
Campagna Joseph, shoemaker, b. 9 Androscoggin Corp. 
Campagna Octave, laborer, boards 163 Lincoln 


Campagna Theo., laborer, house 9 Androscoggin Corp. 
Campbell Ella Mrs., house 117 Main 
Campbell Frank W., teamster, rooms 28 Park 
Campbell Flossie Miss, cashier, 81 Lisbon, b. 74 Pierce 
Campbell George, ins. agent, house 55 Maple 
Campbell Isaac, operative, house 145 Bartlett 
Campbell Jeanette Miss, weaver, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Campbell John, house 204 Bates 
Campbell John, overseer, dye house, Bates Mill, house 

298 Bates 
Campbell John Z., clerk, 262 Lisbon, house 266 Bates 
Campbell Joseph, weaver, boards 3 Bates Corp. 
Campbell Lizzie S., widow of Otis T., h. 74 Pierce 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, boards rear 37 Bates 
Campbell Z. Josephine Mrs., millinery and hair goods, 

262 Lisbon, house 266 Bates 
Canal Gate House, Main, on the Canal 
Canham William, twister, Bates Mill. h. 137 Blake 
Canwell George A., lather, boards 28 Bartlett 
Can well Sewall F., carpenter, house 28 Bartlett 
Caouette Caliste, carpenter, 339 Lisbon, h. 335 do. 
Caouette J. A., insurance solicitor, rooms 78 Park 
Cappers Charles O., yard master, 64 Middle, house 44 

Cappers George W., wheelman, Bates Mill, house 7 Ash 
Carbonneau Clodias, widow of Joseph, bds. 133 Oxford 
CarbOnneau Ephraim, shoemaker, bds. 119 Oxford 
Carbonneau Jean, house 119 Oxford. 
Carbonneau Jean, Jr., laborer, bds. 119 Oxford 
Carbonneau Joseph, operative, house 1 Mill 
Card William, carpenter, bds. 10 Hill Corp. 
Carey Charles T., laborer, bds. 523 Main 
Carey Fred G., mason, house 518 Main 
Carignon Noe, brickmaker, bds. 47 Hines alley 
Carl James, jack spinner, house 316 Lincoln 
Carl John, driver, 126 Lisbon, house 10 Blake 
Carl John, shoemaker, bds. 316 Lincoln 
Carl Mary, Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 10 Blake 
Carll Edwin O., planer, 136 Main, rooms 111 Bates 
Carman William W. (Carman & Thompson), steam heat- 
ing engineer, 48 Main, house at Auburn 
'BARMAN & THOMPSON (William W. Carman 
\J and Geo., F. Thompson), steam heating engineers, 
48 Main (see reverse side of page opp. CI A. Nor- 
ton's name) 
Caron Alphonse, laborer, house 333 Lisbon 
Caron August, laborer, bds. rear 245 Park 
Caron Arthur, laborer, house 87 Lincoln 
Caron Elzard Mrs. house rear 245 Park 
Caron Eusebe, laborer, bds. 198 Lincoln 
Caron Joseph, baker, rooms 312 Lisbon 

84 LEWISTON [01 niRE'flTORY 

Carou Joseph, laborer, bcls. 245 Park 

Caron Joseph, laborer, bds. rear 245 Park 

Caron Joseph (Rousseau & Caron), iruit, 82 Lisbon, h. 
103 Blake 

Caron Louis, mason, bds. 64 Hiues alley 

Caron Louis, weaver, house 58 Cedar 

Caron Michael, river driver, bds. 333 Lisbon 

Caron Napoleon J., clerk, 140 Lisbon, bds. 103 Blake 

Caron Noel, carpenter, bds. 3 on the Island 

Caron Pierre, weaver, house 198 Lincoln 

Caron Theophill, brickmaker, house 9 Mill 

Carpenter Abbie, weaver, Bates Mill Co., rooms 66 Lisbon 

Carpenter Annie, Mrs., house 101 Park 

Carpenter William A., driver, L. & A. st. Rv., bds. 41 

Carpenter Joseph, plumber, 191 Lisbon, house 4 on the 

Carr Frank E., second hand, Lewiston mill, h. 82 Webster 

Carr James O., shoemaker (Auburn), house 98 Franklin 

Carrier Augustin, house 144 Lincoln 

Carrier David, laborer, house 3 Mill 

Carrier Pierre, baker, 109 Lincoln, bds. 144 Lincoln 

Carrie-re Elzear, house 187 Lincoln 

Carrier George, house 6 Androscoggin Corp. 

Carrigan Daniel, carpenter, bcls 87 Main 

Carrigan John E., grocer, 14 Lisbon road, house do. 

Carroll Bernard C, law student, 159 Main, bds. Pine 

Carrow Jeremiah, shoe cutter, bds. 481 Main 

Carroll John, at bleachery,bds. 5 Continental Corp., Ox- 

Carroll John, laborer, bds. 160 Bates 

Carroll Mary, carder, bds. 5 Continential Corp., Oxford 

Carroll Patrick, overseer, calander room, L. B. & D. 

CARTER SETH M. (White & Carter), lawyer, 
Central block, 159 Main, house at Auburn (see p. 496) 
Cartland Lindley H., teamster, 195 Oak, house do. 
Carver Edwin G., driver, Merchants' Express Co., 29 Ash, 

house at Auburn 
Carver Edwin H. (Howard & Carver), coal and wood, 

Main St., near lower M. C. R. R. depot, b. Ill Bates 
Carver James W. (Carver & Spearriu), boots and shoes, 

123 Lisbon, house at Auburn [tion 

Carver John G., farmer, house Lisbon rd., Crowlev June- 
pARVER & SPEARRIN (James W. Carver and 
\j William S. Spearriu), boots and shoes, 123 Lisbon, 

(see opp. Lewiston business directory) 
Carvill Alonzo G., market gardener, house Strawberry av. 
Carvill Alonzo G. Mrs., house 107 College 
Carville Althea C, teacher (Poland), bds. J. G. Carvill's, 

No. Name Pond road 


Carvill Christiania, widow of Otis, bds. Mrs. Addie Dow's, 

Garcelon Ferry road 
Carvill David W"., farmer, house Sabattus road, cor. No 

Name Pond road 
Carvill Edward, moulder, rooms 41 Middle 
Carvill Edward E., farmer, bds. Isaac T. CarvilPs, 

River road 
Carvill Elzada L. Miss, teacher, bcls. J. G-. Carvill's, No 

Name Pond road 
Carvill Ezra R., farmer, house Randall road, near Grove 
Carvill Henry, house Sabaitus road, cor. Green road, 

Thornes corner 
Carvill Ida, Miss, teacher, bcls. Milton Carvill's, off Main 
Carvill Isaac T., farmer and milkman, house River Road, 

cor. Town Farm road 
Carvill James, farmer, house Grove, near Chadbourn road 
CarviliJordan G., farmer, house No Name Pond road 
Carvill Lewis, farmer, h. Greene road, next Sabattus rd. 
Carvill Milton, farmer, house off Main, near Greene line 
Carvill Susie, Miss, teacher, Pine woods school, bds. Mrs. 

Addie Dow's, Garcelon Ferry road 
Carvill Willard, farmer, house Randall road, near Grove 
Carvill Willie S., farmer, bds. J. G. Carvill's, No Name 

Pond road 
Carvill William K., farmer, bds. I. T. Carvill's, River rd. 
Carver Edward, picker fixer, house 1 Continental Corp., 

Chestnut [road 

Casavant Adalard, farmer, bds. M. Casavant's, Webster 
Casavant Magloire, farmer, h. Webster, n. Webster line 
Casey Henry, shoe cutter, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Casey John, laborer, house rear 37 Blake 
Casey John, teamster, house rear 290 Lincoln 
Casey Patrick, operative, house 233 Park 
Casey Thomas F., bds. 266 Park 
Cash Albert, shoe cutter, 64 Main, bds. 178 Blake 
Cash Joseph, weaver, house 178 Blake 
Cash Washington, carpenter, house 25 Lowell 
Cashmau Margaret, widow, house 33 Lisbon road 
Cassidv John, loom fixer, bds. 3 Continental Corp., 

Casson John T., farmer, h. Webster, n. Vinnings Corner 
Casson Margaret, widow of Thomas, bds. 129 Pierce 
Casson Mary A., widow of John, bds. 139 Horton 
Caswell P. Wilbur, house 59 Franklin 
Cates Jenuie, widow, house 160 Bates 
Cates Willard, farmer, Grove, n. Mineral Spring road 
flATLAXD THOMAS K., gun and locksmith, 
\J 170 Lisbon, h. 106 Horton and 67 Walnut(see p. 561) 
Caughlin Thomas, shoemaker, boards 18 Oxford 
Caughlin, see Coughlin 
Cavauaugh Marv, widow of Maurice, house 293 Lincoln 


Cavanangh, see Kavanaugh 

Cavenej James, mule spinner, bouse 311 Lincoln 
Caviss Herbert E., clerk, 23 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Caver Matilda, widow og Arcule, bouse 242 Park 
Cbabot Delia Miss, tailoress, bds. L. T. Cbabot's, Oak 
Cbabot Hector, clerk, 378 Lisbon, bds. 381 do. 
Cbabot Joseph G., clerk, 113 Lisbon, bds. 22 Knox 
Cbabot Louis O., clerk, 152 Lisbon, bds. 75 Park 
Cbabot Louis T., clerk, 126 Lisbon h. Oak, cor. Prescot 
Chadbourn Augusta, farmer, bouse Cbadbourn road, 

near Sabbattus road 
Cbadbourn Edward, farmer, house Cbadbourn road, 

near Sabattua road 
Cbadbourn Erlon R., newspaper correspondent h. 507 Main 
Cbadbourn Everett, driver, bds. Edward Cbadbourn's, 

Cbadbourn road 
Cbadbourn Herman, machinist, bouse 21 Knox 
Cbadbourn James E.,farm band, bds. R. D. Cbadbourn's, 

Sabattus road 
Cbadbourn Leroy, mill operative, house Cbatbourn road, 

near Sabattus road 
Cbadbourn Rufus D., farmer, house Sabattus road, be- 
yond No Name Pond 
Cbadbourn Sylvanus, carpenter, bouse 507 Main 
Cbadbourn Varius G., farmer, bouse Cbadbourn road, 

near Sabattus road 
Cbadbourne Irene A., widow of William B., h. 107 Wood 
Cbadbourue Llewellyn P., machinist, bds. 107 Wood 
Cbadbourne Samuel B., teamster, 282 Main, h. 72 Lowell 
Cbadbourne William W., boot treer, bds. 107 Wood 
Cbadsev Grace G., Mrs., bcls. 56 Canal 
Cbamberlau.d Alexandre, harness maker, bds. 81 Lincoln 
Cbamberland Joseph, sboemaker, bouse 121 Hines 
Chamberlin'Alexis, harness maker, 213 Main, house 81 

Chamberlin Joseph, leather colorer, house Cedar 
Cbamberlin Luc, bouse 6 Androscoggin Corp. 
Chamberlin Sherman, weaver, bds. 8 Bates Corp., Canal 
Cbamberlin William M. (Chamberlin & Little), insurance 

agent, 79 Lisbou, bouse 48 Webster 
riHA3IBERLIN & JLITTLE (William M. Cham- 
\J berlin, and Horace C. Little) insurance agents, 79 

Lisbon (see opp. Insurance Co's.) 
Champagne Benjamin, operative, bouse 58 Cedar 
Champagne Edmond, weaver, bds. 115 Lincoln Alley 
Campagne Felix Mrs., bouse 119 Oxford 
Cbampoux Adelard, weaver, bds. 68 Lincoln 
Champoux Louis carpenter, house 59 Lincoln 
Cbampoux Pierre, operative, bds. 3 on the Island 
Cbamproux Zepbirm, Laborer, bouse 197 Lincoln 


CHANDLER BENJAMHNT,books and periodicals, 
100 Lisbon, house 380 Main (see reverse side of 

page opp. Banks) 
Chandler Charles B., carpenter, h. East av.,bey. Montello 
Chandler Clarence A., machine operator, 64 Main, rooms 

23 Park 
Chandler Frank, hostler, rooms 16 Park 
Chandler Herbert H., shoemaker, 64 Main, b. at Auburn 
Chandler Nelson, elevator tender, 64 Main, h. 5 Cottage 
Chandler Seth(Chandler & Cutler), Bates Remnant Store, 

231 Lisbon, house 71 High 
Chandler & Cutler(Seth Chandler and Henry O. Cutler), 

Bates Remnant Store, 221 Lisbon 
Chandonnet Joseph, clerk, 23 Chestnut, h. 23 Birch 
Chandonuet Joseph, watchman, rms. 23 Chestnut 
Channell Berdena A., Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, boards 

22 Pleasant 
Channell Frank A., second hand, Lewiston Mill, house 

79 Webster 
Channell H. Albert, overseer spinning, Bates Mill, house 

22 Pleasant 
Chapin Josiah L., physician, 162 Lisbon, rms. do. 
Chaplin Andrew M., bookkeeper, 301 Lisbon, boards 

172 Bates 
Chapman Charles, operative, bds. 11 Bates Corp., Canal 
Chapman Colin C. section hand, Bates Mill, h. 514 Main 
Chapman Daniel C, carpenter, house 82 Sabattus 
Chapman Frank, weaver, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Chapman George, machinist, bds. 53 Middle 
Chapman George A., second Hand Continental Mills, h. 

20 Blake 
Chapman George A. Mrs., dressmaker, 20 Blake, h. do. 
Chapman Lillian Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, h. 94 Franklin 
Chapman Lizzie Mrs., house 30 Birch 
Chapman L. M-, house rear 10 Chapel 
Chapman Trelawnev C. J., driver, 235 Lisbon, rooms 

109 Ash 
Chaput Existe, weaver, boards 114 Lincoln 
Charest Isai, laborer, house 39 on the Island 
Charest Ferdina, operative, house 198 Lincoln 
Charest Joseph, weaver, boards 39 on the Island 
Charest Louis, painter, boards 87 Main 
Charest Pierre, weaver, boards 39 on the Island 
Charet Elisse, weaver, boards 148 Lincoln 
Charland Francois X., laborer, h. 5 Androscoggin Corp. 
Charland Levi, weaver, boards 5 Androscoggin Corp. 
Charlton Peter, dyer, boards 6 Bates Corp. 
Charmont Bartholemi Rev.,asst. pastor, St. Peter's Cath- 
olic church, boards 113 Ash 
Charon Georgina, widow of William, h. 21 Hines Alley 
Chartrand Uiric, restaurant, 161 Lincoln, house do. 


Chase Albeit E., collector, boards Hotel Rockingham 
Chase Albert W., tinsmith, G5 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Chase Benjamin T., pension and patent solicitor, 215 

Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Chase David H., hostler, 46 Canal, boards 53 Park 
Chase Frank P., engineer, Lewiston Mnfg. Co., house 

115 College 
Chase Fred A., car inspector, M. C. R. R., h. 7 Bridge 
Chase George C, professor of Rhetoric and English Liter- 
ature, Bates College, house 16 Frye 
Chase George W., tinsmith, 43 Main, h. at Auburn [ford 
Chase Hannah Mrs., weaver, h. 2 Continental Corp.. Ox- 
Chase Hezekiah Mrs., house 380 Main 

CHASE JOHN H., hardware and plumbing, 191 
Lisbon, house 124 Pine (see page 20) 
Chase Judson, brake man, M. C. R. R., h. 82 Sabattus 
Chase Melvin E., music teacher, Public Schools, house 

159 Pine 
Chase M. E. Mrs.> manager, Western Union Telegraph 

Co., 14 Lisbon, house 159 Pine 
Chassigny Pierre, weaver, boards 3 Mill 
Chatelle Theodore, weaver, Bates Mill, house 76 Knox 
Cheetham Eliza, widow of Simieus, house 95 Hortoii 
Cheetham George B., clerk, boards 95 Horton 
Cheetham Joseph, overseer, house 93 Shawmut 
Cheetham Wm. H., printer, Journal office, h. 95 Horton 
Cheney Oren B., president, Bates College, h. 262 College 
Chevalier Jean B. A., asst. supt., Met. Life Ins. Co., 

255 Lisbon, room 8, house 63 Franklin 
Chevalier John B. A., ins. solicitor, house 63 Franklin 
Chevalier Ovide, mason, boards 117 Lincoln 
Chevalier Paul, .house 15 on the Island 
Chick Anna N. Miss, house 117 Ash 
Chick Charles W., dry plate maker, 14 Main, boards 

61 Franklin 
Chick Moses M., teamster, house 61 Franklin 
Guilds A. L., paper box manf., Mill, near Main, house 

at Canton 
Chipman Leroy A., section-hand, Androscoggin Mill, h. 

72 Walnut 
Chippindale Mark, plumber, 191 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Chouinier George, operative, house 47 Mill 
Chouinard Prosper, operative, house 114 Canal St. alley 
Chretien Andre, inillman, boards 201 Lincoln 
Chretien Gaspard, laborer, house 74 Cedar 
Chretien Victoire, widow of Xaner, house 201 Lincoln 
Church Charles R., truckman, boards 119 Lisbon [do. 

Church Wm., farmer, Joseph Bletheu's, Webster rd., bds. 
Churchill Edgar Whiting, student, Bates College, boards 
Cillis Robert, weaver, Bates Mill, house 25 Middle 
Cimou Ludger, carpenter, house 71 Maple 


City Commissioners office, Citv Hall 

CITY HOTEL, Storer F." Crafts, prop., 171 Main 
(see page 577) 
Citv Marshal's Office, Citv Hall, Pine 

CITY RESTAURANT, Chas. L. Saunders, mana- 
ger, 125 Main (see page 576) 
Clabby Patrick, dyer, house, 314 Lincoln 
Clappison James, laborer, boards 76 Lincoln 
Clappison John P., laborer, house 76 Lincoln 
Clark Charles, agent, rooms 160 Bates 
Clark Charles Y., livery stable, 48 and 50 Ash, h. 82 Park 
Clark -Delia Mrs., boarding-house, 82 Park 
Clark FAi B., painter, 225 Main, house 82 High 
Clark Frank E. (F. Cain & Co.), building mover, 62 

Sabattus, house do. 
Clark Harriet J., widow pf Edward, h. Lisbon road 
Clark Henry, lumber, house Lisbon road 
Clark James, house 62 Sabattus 
Clark James, weaver, boards 1 Androscoggin Corp. 
Clark James A., machinist, Lewiston Machine Shop, h. 

40 Central avenue 
Clark John P., brickmaker, house 566 Main 
Clark Kate Mrs., house 8 Neill 

Clark Minnie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. Ash, cor. Park 
Clark Randall W., apothecary, 258 Main, h. 170 College 
Clark Sarah P. Miss, teacher, Horton-st. grammar school, 

boards 170 College 
Clark Solon K., machinist, Bates M. Co., h. 405 Sabattus 
L lark 'Wallace VV. (J. T. Small & Co.), real estate, 166 

Main, rooms do. 
Clark William D., clerk, house 109 Pierce 
Clark William H., loom fixer, boards 6 Bates Corp. 
Clear William, lumberman, boards 6 Continental Corp. 

Cleary Mary, boards 44 Birch « 

Cleaveland Matilda, widow of John T., h. 109 Ash 
Clement Albert E., machinist, boards 227 Sabattus 
Clement Joseph, boards 119 Oxford 
Clement Nazaire, laborer, house 155 Lincoln 
Cliche Pierre, laborer, house 62 Lincoln 
Clifford John D. (Bearce & Clifford), contractor, 244 

Main, house 61 College 
Clinton Lewis Tenick Prince, student, Bates College, 

boards Nichols Hall, do. 
Cloud George K., elevator tender, Continental Mill, house 

278 Bates 
Clough Augustus J., farmer, h. Lisbon rd., Crowley June. 
Clough George A., operative, bds. 4 Hill Corp. Canal 
Clough Josiah S., farmer, h. Lisbon rd., Crowley Junction 
Clough Wm. W., farmer, h. Lisbon rd., Crowley Junction 


Cloutier Adelaide Miss., dressmaker, 283 Lisbon, bds. 58 

Cloutier Alfred, weaver, bds. 185 Lincoln 
Cloutier Alida Miss., clerk, 221 Lisbon, h. 217 Blake 
Cloutier Amede, laborer, bds. 135 Oxford 
Cloutier Augustin, house 39 Cedar 
Cloutier Charles H. (W. E. & C. H. Cloutier), grocer 28-4 

Lisbon, h. 78 Birch 
Cloutier C. H. Mrs., clerk, 221 Lisbon, h. 74 Birch 
Cloutier David, canvasser, h. 237 Park 
Cloutier Edmund, carpenter, h. 176 Blake 
Cloutier Ferdinand, operative, bds. 10 Lincoln 
Cloutier Ferdinand, shoemaker, 177 Lincoln h. 227 do. 
Cloutier Frank, shoemaker, h. 58 Franklin 
Cloutier Fred A., clerk, 284 Lisbon, h. 66 Knox 
Cloutier George, laborer, h. 31 Hines alley 
Cloutier George M., clerk, 284 Lisbon, h. 28 Knox 
Cloutier Jean, laborer, hou^e 73 Lincoln 
Cloutier Joseph, laborer, bds. 35 on the Island 
Cloutier Joseph, laborer, b. 75 Lincoln 
Cloutier Joseph E., carpenter, h. 217 Blake 
Cloutier Joseph E., shoemaker, h. 235 Park 
Cloutier Napoleon, shoemaker, h. 26 Birch 
Cloutier Samuel, hairdresser, 177 Lincoln, house do. 
Cloutier. Sylvain, laborer, h. 185 Lincoln 
Cloutier Urbain, h. 58 Franklin 
Cloutier Urbain, Jr., shoemaker, b. 58 Franklin 
Cloutier Wolf red E. (W. E. & C. H. Cloutier), grocer, 

284 Lisbon, h. 217 Blake 
Cloutier W. E. & C. H. (Wolfred E. and Charles H. 

Cloutier), grocers, 284 Lisbon 
Cobb Andrew W. P., clerk, Lewistou Mill Co. h. at 

Cobb Charles F., clerk, Bobin factory, Cross Canal, bds. 

157 Pine 
Cobb J< n dhan L. H., h. 363 Main 
Cobb Kezia widow of Chas. F. bds. 16 Pleasant 
Cobb Mary M., widow, h. 35 Oak 
Cobb Nathan G., shoemaker, h. 159 Pine 
Cobb Nathan H., moulder, h. 63 Riverside 
Cobb O. Llewellyn, clerk, J. B. Ham & Co., G. T. R. 

yard, house 52 High 
Cobb Pauline H., widow of Joseph F., clerk, 129 Lisbon, 

rms. 34 Sabbuttas 
Coburn Arthur, machinist, bds. 53 Middle fville 

Coburn Charles W., peddler, h. Switzerland rd., Barker- 
Coburn C. H., laborer, bds. 10 Hill Corp. Canal 
Coburn D wight J., shoemaker, h. 88 Wood 
Coburn Forrest G. (Coburn & Sous), architect, 135 Lis- 
bon, bds. 66 Ash 
Coburn Guv E., clerk, 54 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 


Cobnrn Jefferson L. (Coburn & Sons), architect, 135 

Lisbon, h. 66 Ash 
Coburn & Sons (Jefferson L. and Forrest G. Coburn), ar- 
chitects, 135 Lisbon 
Coburn Nelson, farmer, h. 814 Main, Barkersville 
Cochrane Granville W., messenger, Androscoggin Mills 
Cody Henry F., apothecary, 300 Lisbon, h. Burnt Woods 
Cody James, operative, h. 62 Lisbon road 
Cody John, laborer, h. 9 Horton 
Cody John E., folder, Bleachery, h. 55 Maple 
Cody John H., laborer, bds. 9 Horton 
Cody John T., operative, L. B. & D. Works, house 60 

Lisbon road 
Cody Margaret, widow of William, h. Burnt Woods 
Cody Patrick, bds. Mrs. Margaret Cody's, Burnt Woods 
Cody Patrick F., operative, L. B. & D. Works, bds. 62 
Coffey Daniel, folder, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
Coffey John H., cigar maker, bds. rear 45 Lowell 
Coffey Martin, laborer, 64 Middle, h. rear 45 Lowell 
Coffey Mary, widow, h. 38 Water 
Coffey Patrick, mason, house 34 on the Island 
Coffey Thomas, mason, house 6 on the Island 
Coffin Harry A. (Coffin & Jones), hairdresser, 198 Lis- 
bon, h. 70 Howe 
Coffin Joseph H., carpenter, 7 Main, h. 514 do. 
Coffin William H., dental student, 51 Lisbon, bds. at 

Coffin & Jones (Harry A. Coffin, and James A. Jones), 

hairdressers, 198 Lisbon, rm. 11 
Cohan Mar} 7 E. Miss., house 122 Lincoln 
Colard Pierre, laborer, h. 27 Railroad alley 
Colburn George, weaver, h. 154 Pine 
Colburn Ida F. Miss., clerk, 45 Lisbon, bds. 154 Pine 
Colbv Arthur E., asst. sec. Y. M. C. A., 24 Pine, bds. 206 

Colby David H., trav. salesman' (Portland), h. 35 Frve 
Colby Edward J., mason, h. 206 Oak 
Colby Emma M., bds. 163 Pine 

Colby William S., machinist, h. 114 Oak [Canal 

Cole Albert, overseer, yard, Bates Mill, bds 8 Bates corn. 
Cole Annie E. Mrs., seamstress, h. 31 Franklin 
Cole Charles, overseer, carding, Bates, M. Co. h. 35 

Cole Daniel, glazier, 34 Main, h. 9 Orange 
Cole El wood M., machinist, rms. 185 Main 
Cole Freeman, section hand, Androscoggin Mills, h. 71 
Pierce [Auburn 

Cole Horace A., second hand, Androscoggin Mills, h. at 
Coie James,, truckman, Hay market sq., h. 27 Sabattus 
Cole Levi P., section hand, Androscoggin Mill, u. 260 


Cole Linnie, h. 27 Sabattus 

Cole Luella Miss., weaver, h. 279 Bates 

Cole Samuel, job wagon, rear 98 Chestnut, h. r. 207 Park 

Cole Sumner H., farmer, h. Main, n. Merrill road 

Coleman Maggie, carder, bds. 6 Continental corp., Oxford 

Collar Pierre, laborer, h. 27 Railroad alley 

Collette Charles, laborer, bds. Lincoln 

Collette Jean B., laborer, bds. Lincoln 

Collier Silas C, laborer, M. C. R, R., lower depot, rooms 

54 Ash 
Collins Charles, at Bates M. Co., rms. 32 Horton 
Collins Charles, shoemaker, bds. 38 Blake 
Collins Charles E., compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 34 Bates 
Collins Dennis, gateman, M. C. R. R., upper depot, h. 43 

Collins Dennis, Jr., printer (Auburn), b. 43 Middle 
Collins Elizabeth, spinner, Bates M. Co., bds. 21 Blake 
Collins Frank, weaver, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
Collins H. Josie Mrs., dressmaker, house 117 Ash 
Collins James, city laborer, house 36 Blake 
Collins James, operative, L. B. & D. Works, bds. 43 

Collins Jeremiah, dyer, house 38 Blake 
Collins Johanna, widow of Michael, house 21 Blake 
Collins Henry, shoemaker, bds. 38 Blake 
Collins John, hostler, bds. 43 Middle 
Collins John, variety store, 25 Lincoln, bds. do. 
Collins John E., laborer, house 34 Bates 
Collins John T., operative, bds. 34 Bates 
Collins Mary, operative, house 48 Knox 
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 24 Water 
Collins Richard M., Jr., dresser, h. 28 on the Island 
Collins Samuel, carpenter, h. Goddard, n. Town Farm 

Collins Thomas, laborer, house 38 Blake 
Collins Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 38 Bates 
Collins William, sexton, Catholic cemetery, h. 25 Lin- 
Collins William., Jr., piper, house 25 Lincoln 
Colpitts Thomas R., (Colpitts & Co.) photographer, 

164 Main, h. at Auburn 
Colpitts & Co. (T. R. Colpitts), photographers, 164 

Colsom Carrie Miss, boarding house, 129 Main 

COLUMBIA 3ILLLS, A. A. Barker, supt., Thomas 
Kelley & Co. (Boston), props, mill (see Miscellane- 
ous Dept.) 
Colwell John, weaver, rms. 246 Lisbon 
Col well William, operative, bds. 4 Hill Corp. Canal 
Come Brother, director, Marist Brothers school, 254 Bates 
Comeau Marguerite Mrs., house 62 Hiues alley 


Coraeau Telesphore, carpenter, bds. 197 Lincoln 
Commercial Union Telegraph Co., John J. Hallowell, 
manager, 123 Lisbon 

CONANT ALFRED P., grocer, 235 Lisbon, house 
153 Pine (see page 566) 
Conant Annie R. Mrs., housekeeper, 805 Main, Barker- 

Conant Edgar F., clerk, bds. 62 Shawmut 
Conant Edward C, sole leather cutter, rms. 20 Horton 

CONANT FRANK A., insurance agent, 124 Lis- 
bon, house 62 Shawmut (see opp. Ins.- Agents) 
Conant Frank C, farmer, house G-arcelon, Ferry road 
Conant Grace P., student, Bates College, rms. 148 Nich- 
Conant Harry W., clerk, 116 Park, bds. at Auburn 
Conant Helen A. Miss, bds. 153 Pine 
Conant Henry F., clerk, 55 Bates, house at Auburn 
Conant Lucy W. Mrs., (Bradford, Conant & Co.), furni- 
ture etc., 201 Lisbon, house 7 Pleasant, Auburn 
Condon Daniel, laborer, house 6 Vine 
Condon Jeremiah, dyer, Bates Mill, house 44 Lisbon road 
Condon Johanna, widow of James, house 284 Bates 
Condon John, operative, house 219 Blake 
Condon Nellie Miss., tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds. 219 Blake 
Condon Richard, laborer, house 48 Lisbon road 
Conley Daniel, gateman, Continental mill, house Burnt 

Conlev Jeremiah J., clerk, 195 Lisbon, bds. Daniel Con- 
ley's, Burkwoods 
Conley John, farmer, house Garcelou, Ferry road 
Conley Peter, mason's tender, house 15 Lincoln 
Conley Sarah, widow, house 27 Bates 
Conley William, dyer, Lewiston Bleachery, h. 65 Knox 
Connell Josie Miss, bds. 3 Continental Corp. Oxford 
Connelly Cornelius, laborer, house 352 Lisbon 
Connelly Daniel Jr., laborer, house 35 Lisbon road 
Connelly Dennis, laborer, Bleachery, bds. Daniel Connel- 

ley's, Burnt Woods 
Connelly Edward, operative, house 126 Canal st. alley 
Connelly James, laborer, house 70 Knox 
Connelly Jeremiah, student, bds. Daniel Connelly's, 

Burnt Woods 
Connelly John, stone cutter, b. Daniel Connelly's, Burnt 

Connelly Mary Mrs., weaver, bds. 96 Spring- 
Connelly Michael, laborer, Bates M. Co., h. 11 Oak st. pi. 
Connelly Michael J., operative, Bleachery, h. 52 Maple 
Connelly Patrick, operative, bds. 13 Knox 
Connelly Peter, operative, bds. 126 Canal st., alley 
Connelly Timothy, overseer, White Can rm., Lewiston B. 
& D. Works, house Burnt Woods 


Connelly Valentine, laborer, house 14- L Bar tie tt 

Connor Daniel H., overseer, Lewiston Bleacherv, house 

10 Lowell 
Connor Margaret, widow of Michael, house 10 Lowell 
Connor Timothy, cigar maker, house 23 Chapel 
Connor William II., clerk, freight office lower M. C. R. 

R., house 17.3 Park 
Connors James, laborer, bds. 72 Knox 
Connors Timothy, laborer, house 32 Lisbon road 
Conroid Henry, operative, bouse 46 West Bates 
Constaiitine John, dresser Bates Mnfg. Co. h. 41 Water 
Constantine Margaret, widow of Donald, house 13 Bates 
nONTIXENTAL MILLS, H. L. Aldrich, Jr., 
\J agent, Oxford, cor. Chestnut (see Miscellaneous 

Conway John, operative, bds. 211 Lincoln 
ConwayMary, widow of Edward, house 211 Lincoln 
Conway William, operative, bds. 211 Lincoln 
Conway William, weaver, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 
Conwell William, mule spinner, house 290 Lincoln 
Cook Annie Mrs., weaver, house r. 78 Park 
Cook Cordelia Mrs., house 40 Middle 
Cook Edward bds. 50 Lisbon road 
Cook JohnH., hairdresser, 186 Lisbon, bds. 63 Winter 
Cook Maggie Miss, shirtmaker, bds. 63 Winter 
Cook Mary, widow, bds. 8 Oak st. pi. 
CookSarah, widow of Michael, house 63 Winter 
Cook Sarah J., Mrs., boarding-house, 180 Lisbon 
Cook Silas W house 133 College 
Cook Thomas, laborer, house 50 Lisbon road 
Cook Walter, machinist, bds. 40 Middle 
Cook William T. , painter, bds. rear 78 Park 
Cookson Mitchell, engineer, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Cooley Charles, student, rms. 3 Bates Corp. 
Coombs Alfred B., heel cutter, bds. 101 Park 
Coombs Alva E., painter, house ( J4 Spring 
Coombs Charles W., clerk, 28 Lisbon, bds. at Aub lrn 
Coombs Daniel W., furniture painter, 155 Lisbon, house 

9 Orange 
Coombs Delbert D., artist, 29 Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Coombs Elbridge L., tin plate worker, Qo Lisbon, house 

46 Pierce 
Coombs Frank L., carder (Auburn), house 190 East ave. 
pG03IBS GEOIiG-E M., architect, 215 Lisbon, h. 
\J 6 Pleasant (see reverse side of page opp. Business 

Coombs Henry A., painter, boards 512 Main 
Coombs Jessie S., painter and paper hanger, 175 Central 

avenue, house do. 
Coombs John A., painter, h. off Webster, n. the reservoir 
Cuombs Rachel A., widow of Nathaniel G., b. 46 Pierce 


Coombs Samuel, boards DeWitt House 

Coombs Vernon, drug clerk, rooms 46 Pierce 

Coombs William M., boom master, R. C. Piugee & Co.'s, 

bouse at Auburn 
Coon William, weaver, Bates Mill, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Cooper James, machinist, house 126 Horton 
Cooper Margaret L. Mrs., dressmaker, 6 College, h. do. 
Cooper Mary, widow, house 42 Pierce 
Co-operative Grocery Store, James Rowbotham, manager, 

49 Walnnt 
Corbett Henry, laborer, house rear 15 Bartlett 
Corcoran James, helper, 40 Main, b. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Corden James A., clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 181 Lincoln 
Corden Robert, shoemaker, bds. 181 Lincoln 
Corden Thomas, watchman, 126 Lisbon, h. 181 Lincoln 
Corey Fred L., shoemaker, house 8 Cottage 
Corey Joseph A., Rev., pastor, Hammond street M. E. 

church, house 3 Bridge 
Corey Judson A., porter, Exchange Hotel, boards do. 
Coriguen Henri, dyer, 141 Main, boards 139 do. 
Corliss Ann, widow, house 41 Bates 
Corliss* Edward S., house 47 Bates 
Corliss Eliza A. Mrs., house 215 Lisbon 
Corliss Fred O., clerk, 151 Lisbon, house 41 Bates 
Connie Theophilus, laster, house 11 Howe 
Cornish Adelbert D., Judge, Municipal Court, h. 477 Main 
Cornish Daniel E., tailor (Portland), house 22 Cottage 
Cornish John A., house 16 Cottage 
Coron Joseph, laborer, boards 245 Park 
Corriveau Joseph, mason, house 110 Lincoln 
Corriveau William, teamster, house 75 Lincoln 
Corron Joseph, baker, 205 Lisbon, rms. 312 do. 
Corson Rufus, farmer, h. Webster road n. Webster line 
Cosgrove Bernard, laborer, house 258 Lincoln 
Cosgrove Frank, at Lewiston Bleachery, house 175 Park 
Cosgrove Joseph, operative, boards 258 Lincoln 
Costello John, operative, house 288 Lincoln 
Cote Alphone, boards 49 Hines Alley 
Cote Aqnilas, operative, bds. 381 Lisbon 
Cote Charles, operative, house 47 Hines Alley 
Cote Daniel, machinist, 36 Canal, house at Auburn 
Cote Francois, laborer, house 140 Canal st. Alley 
Cote Frank, hairdresser, 218 Main, house 68 Lincoln 
Cote Hermenegede, sash maker, bds. 71 Park 
Cote Jean B., saloon, 95 Lincoln, house 97 do. 
Cote Joseph, laborer, boards 208 Park 
Cote Joseph, laborer, house 140 Canal st. alley 
Cote Joseph, operative, boards 47 Hines alley 
Cote Joseph, operative, boards 202 Park 
Cote Joseph, shoe cutter, house 198 Blake 
Cote Joseph Mrs., house Hill alley ,.;, 


Cote Marie, widow of Jacques, house 54 Cedar 

Cote Michael, laborer, bds. 61 Hines alley 

Cote* Napoleon, operative, bds. 51 Cedar 

Cote Napoleon, operative, house 202 Park 

Cote Pierre, operative, house 31 Lincoln 

Cote" Pierre, weaver, house 422 Lisbon 

Cote Samuel, laborer, house 21 L Park 

Cote Ulric, clerk, 379 Lisbon, bds. 381 Knox 

Cote Zavier, operative, house 128 Oxford 

Cotton Charles, carpenter, bds. 180 Lisbon 

Cotton Charles, lather, house 4C Bates 

Cotton David F., watchman, Avon Hill, house 258 Blake 

Cotton Fred E., salesman, 209 Main, bds. 258 Blake 

Cotton William J., watchman, Androscoggin Mills, house 

13 Riverside place 
Couchon Alfred, carpenter, house 106 Canal st. alley 
Coughlin Daniel, switchman, G. T. R., bds. 93 Lincoln 
Coughlin Dennis J., cigar maker, 52 Canal, b. 93 Lincoln 
Coughlin Jeremiah, house 13 Railroad alley 
Coughlin Johanuah Miss, housekeeper, 45 Lisbon road 
Coughlin John, shoemaker, house 26 Oxford 
Coughlin Mary E., widow of Dennis, house 93 Lincoln 
Coughlin, see Caughlin 
Couillard A., weaver, boards 361 Lisbon 
Couillard Joseph, shoemaker, house 99 Ash 
Coulombe Neree, shoemaker, house 424 Lisbon 
Coulomde Odile, widow of Raymond, house 208 Park 
Courtois Louis, laborer, house 7 Androscoggin Corp. 
Courtais Marie, widow of Alexis, boards 63 Lincoln 
Couture Ernest, operative, bds. 5 on the Island 
Couture Henri, laborer, house 5 on the Island 
Couture Honore\ laborer, bds. 5 on the Island 
Couture Jean B. (Couture & Guilbault), prop., LeMes- 

sager, 27 Chestnut, house 35 Spruce 
Couture Jean B. Mrs., dressmaker, 35 Spruce, house do. 
Couture Joseph, clerk, boards 113 Cedar 
Couture Joseph, proprietor, Maple Leaf Drug Store, 136 

Lincoln, house 43 do. 
Couture Louis, operative, bds. 5 on the Island 
Couture Pierre, mason, house 74 Lincoln 
pOUTURE & GUILBAULT (Jean B. Couture 
\J and Pierre Guilbault), proprietors, LeMessager, 27 

Chestnut (see page 562) 
Couturier Arthur E., shoemaker, 58 Cedar, house do. 
Couturier Bruno H., painter, house 28 Horton 
Couturier Cvprien, boot maker, house 123 Lincoln 
Couturier Elmire D. Miss, clerk, 174 Lisbon, b. 28 Horton 
Couturier Emilie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 28 Horton 
Couturier Emily, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 28 Horton 
Couturier Eva Miss, dressmaker, bds. 173 Lincoln 
Couturier Lucie Miss, clerk, 141 Lincoln, bds. 123 Lincoln 


Covell Charles W"., harness mnfr., 213 Main, h. 14 Lowell 
Covell Lucy M., widow of John W., house 16 Lowell 
Covell Walter H., trav. salesman, bds. Henry Carvill's, 

Sabattus road 
Cowan Addie M. Miss, boarding house, 78 Park 
nOWAN WOOLEN CO., Henry M. Dingley, 
\J treas.,Mill, n. Lincoln Mill (see Miscellaneous Dept.) 
Cox Ada C. Miss, cashier, 75 Park, bds. 179 Pine 
Cox A. F. & Son, wholesale boots and shoes, Robert M. 

Kershaw, manager, 162 Main 
Cox Orson, carpenter, house 179 Pine 
Cox William M., driver. L. & A. St. Ry., bds. Lisbon 
Coyne Cecelia, widow of John, house 37 Blake 
Covne Michael A., clerk, bds. 37 Blake 

CRAFTS STOKER F., boarding bouse, 3 Conti- 
nental corp , and prop. City Hotel, 171 Maiu, h. do. 
(see page 577) 
Crafts Walter D., painter and boarding house, 3 Conti- 
nental corp. 
Craig Archibald, foreman blacksmith, Lewistown Machine 

Co., house 69 Summer 
Craig George M., reed maker, 44 Canal, bds. 38 Park 
Craig James, operative, house 11 Knox 
Craig James (Craig & Scott), reed mnfr. 44 Canal, house 

38 Park 
Craig William P. (C. Farrar & Co.), dry goods, 204 Lis- 
bon, house G6 Howe 
CRAIG & SCOTT (James Craig and John W. 
Scott), reeds and combs, 44 Canal (see reverse side 
of page opp. Harper & Goodwin's name) 
Crane Frank E. (F.E.Crane & Co.), undertaker, 57 
Main, house at Auburn 

CRANE F. E. & CO. (Frank E. Crane), under- 
takers, 57 Main (see page 570) 
Crane Michael, laborer, bds. 296 Lincoln 
Crane Patrick, bds. 302 Lincoln 
Crane Thomas, mule spinner, Continental Mill, house 76 

Hines alley 
Crane Thomas, Jr., shoemaker, bds. 76 Hines allev 
Crawshaw Mary D. Mrs. (H. H. Dickey & Son), 136 

Main, h. 51 Eastav., near Pleasant 
Creart Robert, laborer, house No Name Pond road 
Creeden Annie Mrs., boarding house, 7 Bates rd. 
Creeden Daniel J., operative, Bleachery, bds. 44 Birch 
Creeden Dennis,, operative, house 41 Water 
Creeden Dennis, house 44 Birch 

Creeden Jeremiah J., police, bds. 122 Lincoln [Birch 

Creeden John F., cigars and tobacco, 354 Lisbon, bds. 44 
Creeden John J., laborer, house 334 Lincoln 

CRESSEY DAVID B., fruit and confectionery, and 
dining rooms, 167 Lisbon, house 561 do. (see p. 561) 


Critcherson Daniel F., agent, bds. 230 Main 

Crites John, machinist, bds. 9 Bates Corp. 

Crocker Elizabeth E., widow of Crosby N., h. 413 Main 

Crockett Annie E., widow of Joseph, house 125 College 

Crockett Charles S., engineer, bds. 152 College 

Crockett Ernest A., student, bds. 137 Pine 

Crockett Flora A. Miss., dressmaker, 125 College, h. do. 

Crockett George W. (Wood & Crockett), carpenter, 264 

Main, house 137 Pine 
Crockett Henry G., last maker, bds. 28 Park 
Crockett Mary E. Miss, shoe stitcher, house 28 Park 
Crockett Ralph W., law student, 25 Lisbon, bds. 137 Pine 
Cronin Cornelius, house 47 Mill 

Cronin Cornelius E., clerk, 284 Lisbon, bds. 47 Mill 
Cronin Dennis, bds. 47 Mill 
Cronin Dennis W., laborer, house 195 Blake 
Cronin Jeremiah, real estate, house 20 Lincoln 
Cronin John, watchman, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Cronin Patrick J., clerk, 152 Lisbon, bds. 317 Pine 
Cronin Thomas, clerk, 13 Lincoln, bds. 16 do. 
Crosby John, stone cutter, house 87 Spring 
Crosby John, Jr., shoemaker, bds. 87 Spring 
Crosby Joseph, stone cutter, house 87 Spring 
Crosby Patrick, laborer, house 35 West Bates 
Crosby Thomas, stone cutter, bds. 37 Spring 
Crosby Webster, trav. salesman, bds. 158 Pine 
Cross George R., mason, house 116 Holland 
Cross Ina C. Miss, bds. 205 Park 
Cross Jesse J., shoemaker, house 16 Russell 
Cross Sarah, widow, h. Randall rd., n. Thome's corner 
Cross Sarah J., widow of Norwell N., house 205 Main 
Crossley Joseph, loom fixer, Bates Mill, house 33 Walnut 
Crossman Harriet A., widow of Daniel, h. 480 Main 
Croteau Anisette, millman, house 13 Hines alley 
Croteau Archille, laborer, bds. 118 Lincoln 
Croteau Esdres, weaver, bds. 119 Oxford 
Croteau Eugene, second hand, Hill Mnfg. Co., house 

Croteau Ferdinand, laborer, house 119 Oxford 
Croteau George, hairdresser. 197 Lincoln, h. at Auburn 
Croteau Joseph, operative, bds. 112 Hines alley 
Croteau Levi, laborer, Jordan, Frost & Co., h. 99 Ash 
Croteau Marie, widow of Calixte, house 112 Hines alley 
Croteau Napoleon, operative, house 119 Oxford 
Croteau Noe, operative, bds. 112 Hines alley 
Croteau Olivier, laborer, house 18 Oxford 
Croteau Pierre, house 119 Oxford [Oxford 

Croteau Pierre, Jr., sash maker, Gibbs & Dain, bds. 119 
Croteau Thelesphore, teamster, house 328 Lisbon 
Croteau Thomas, painter, house 148 Lincoln 
Crouse Pamelia H. Mrs., boarding house, 59 Park 


Crowell Charles S., produce com. mar., 161 Main, h. cl 

Crowell Imbert, salesman, 161 Main, bds. 15 Middle 
Crowley Amos D., farmer, h. Lisbon road, near Crowley s 

Crowley Charles, operative, house 266 Lincoln 
Crowley Charles G-., farmer, boards Amos D. Crowley's, 

Lisbon road 
Crowley Cornelius, laborer, house 283 Lincoln 
Crowley Daniel, operative, L. B. & D. W., boards rear 8 

Lisbon road 
Crowley David J., clerk, boards 7 Mill 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, boards 56 Water 
Crowley Fred T., butcher, h. Webster rd., n. Webster line 
Crowley George W., clerk, 240 Main, bds. 178 Main 
Crowley James, house Webster road, n. Crowley junction 
Crowley John, box maker, house 116 Lincoln 
Crowley John H., manager, B. Peck Dry Goods Co., dry 

goods, 126 Lisbon, house 145 College 
Crowley Mary, widow of James, house rear 8 Lisbon road 
Crowley Nellie, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Crowley Thomas, drover, house Webster road, near Crow- 
leys Junction 
Crowley William, butcher, house Lisbon road, near 

Cloughs Corner 
Crowley William, Jr., farmer, boards Williams Crowley's, 

Lisbon road 
Crowther Sarah A., widow of Joseph, h. 45 Lowell 
Crush Charles, painter, 12 Franklin, house 99 Winter 
Crush Elizabeth A., widow of Samuel V., house 191 Oak 
Crush Frank, painter, 12 Franklin, h. 112 Holland 
Cumberland Mill, Libbey & Dingley, proprs., woolen 

goods mnfrs., end Lincoln, n. Androscoggin Mills 
Cummings Darinda Mrs., mill operative, h. Sabuttusville 
Cummings Frank M., bookkeeper, Jordan, Frost & Co., 

Cross Canal, boards 231 Sabattus 
Cummings Ida M. Miss, music teacher, b. 231 Sabattus 
Cummings John W., machinist, 22 Main, bds. 139 Oak 
Cummings Milford S., upholsterer, 201 Lisbon, house 231 

pUMMIJVGS SELDEN A., confectionery mnfr., 
\J 223 Main, house 19 Sabattus (see page 6) 
Cummings Sherman, shoemaker (Auburn), h. 5 Bartlett 
Cumner Edward E., machinist, house 417 Main 
Cunion Edward, laborer, house 204 Park 
Cunion John, laborer, L. B. & D. Works, boards rear 290 

Cunion John J., hairdresser, 336 Lisbon, h. 336 Lincoln 
Cunion Mary F. Miss, operative, rooms 35 Bates 
Cunion Patrick, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 283 Lincoln 
Cunion Rose E. Miss, operative, rooms 35 Bates 


Cunningham William E., house 12 Prescott 

Curran Dennis, fireman, M. C. R. R., boards 8 Bridge 

Curran James J. (Roche & Curran), grocer, 249 Main, h 

88 College 
Curran John, section foreman, M. C. R. R., h. 8 Bridge 
Curran John J., painter, house 10 Hortou 
Curran Maggie, compositor. 32 Main, bds. 10 Horton 
Currie Thomas, weaver, house Sabuttusville 
Currie William, weaver, house Sabuttusville 
Currier Barbara, widow of Hiram, house 87 Sabuttus 
Curiier Charles, weaver, bds. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Currier Ellsworth A., musician, boards 87 Sabattus 
Currier Elmer, hostler, L. H. R. R., house 47 Park 
Currier Louis, brick maker, house 42 Hines alley 
Currier Otis, carpenter, house 87 Sabattus 
Curtis Almon, farmer, house 518 Main 
Curtis Ann, widow of Thomas, house 69 Franklin 
Curtis Ardelia H. Miss, operative, Continental Mill, rms. 

232 Lisbon 
Curtis Cyrus W. (Curtis & Ross), photographer, 138 Lis- 
bon, and (Standard Drv Plate Co.), 14 Main, house 

182 Pine 
Curtis Ella M., compositor, Journal office, b. 182 Pine 
Curtis George H., hackman, boards 69 Franklin 
Curtis Harry M., dry plate maker, boards 172 Pine 
Curtis James A., hackman, boards 69 Franklin 
Curtis John Mrs., dressmaker, bds. Hotel Atwood 
Curtis John, livery and boarding stable, 230 Main, boards 

15 do. 
Curtis Johh H., upholsterer, 201 Lisbon, bds. 48 Wood 
Curtis John N., clerk, Hotel Atwood, boards do. 
Curtis Thomas, job wagon, house 55 Summer 
Curtis Wellington D., shoemaker, 64 Main, house at No. 

Curtis & Ross (Cyrus W. Curtis and Henry C. Ross), 

photographers, 138 Lisbon 
Cushing John, farmer, house Webster road, Vinings Cor. 
Cushman Fred, painter, 225 Main, bds. 119 Lisbon 
Cushinan Mary, widow of B. A., house 77 Lowell 
Cusson Frank, clerk (Auburn), h. 65 Sabattus 
Cutler Henry O. (Chandler & Cutler), Bates Remnant 

Store, 221 Lisbon, house 71 High 
Culler William E., overseer, weaving. Continental Mill 
Cutler Wiulield, rooms D. YV". Carvill's, Sabattus road 
Cyr Benjamin, operative, house 31 Mill 
Cyr Onezime, teamster, b. 41 Androscoggin Corp. 
Cyr Rosa Miss, clerk, 24 Chestnut, rms. G'd Franklin 
Cyr William, teamster, 244 Main 


DACEY MICHAEL F., machinist, Lewiston Machin, 

Co., house 49 Chapel 
Dacey Roger, second hand, Androscoggin Mills, boarde 

1 do-, Corporation 
Daggett Aaron, laster, rooms 332 Main 
Daggett Russell, clothes cleansing and dye house, 16 Ashs 

house at Auburn 
Daigle Louis, shoemaker, house 98 Lincoln 
Daigle Ovide, planer (Jordan, Frost & Co.)? house 4 on 

the Islaud 
Daigle Pierre, operative, house 119 Oxford 
Daigneau Eusebe, stone cutter, house 63 Franklin 
Daigneault Jean B., laborer, house 91 Blake 
Daigueault Joseph, teamster, boards 91 Blake 
Daigneault Pierre, weaver, boards 91 Blake 
Dain Wm. C. (Gibbs & Dain), sash mufr., Cross Canal, 

house at Auburn 
Daintree Robert H., physician, 78 Park, rooms do. 
Dakers Georgiana, teacher, Sabattus road school 
Dalcourt Amanda Miss, operative, house 244 Park 
Dalcourt Dennis, boards 244 Park 
Dalcourt George, operative, boards 244 Park 
Daley Hugh, granite cutter, house 16 Knox 
Daley Jane, widow of Patrick, house 16 Knox 
Daley Johanna, widow, house 235 Lincoln 
Daley John, laborer, h. River road, bey. Cumberland Mill 
Dalton Warren, student, Bates College, rms. 150 College 
Daly Lorenzo W\, bookkeeper, Bates Mnfg. Co., house 
Daley Timothy F., cigar maker, 64 Lisbon, boards John 

Daley's River road 
Damon Charles L., packer, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Damon Henry, conductor, L. & A. St. Ry. b. 48 Franklin 
Damon Joseph L., shoe cutter, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Damron Henry, street car driver, b. 12 Farwell court 
Damron Robert D., stone mason, h. 12 Farwell court 
Dana Charles H., overseer, carding, Continental Mill 
Dana Frank W". (Dana & Estey), lawyer, 19 Lisbon, and 

prop. Island Garden, also pres. L. & A. H. R. R., 

house 17 High 
Dana Hiram,' overseer, house 92 Howe 
Dana & Estey (Frank W. Dana and Williard F. Estey) 

lawyers, 19 Lisbon 
Danforth Charles, shoemaker, boards 5 Chapel 
Danforth Frank P., farmer, boards 82 Webster 
Danforth Jennie M. Miss, clerk, 29 Lisbon, boards 44 

Danforth Joel S., house 44 Riverside 
Danforth Lizzie F. Miss, millinery, 29 Lisbon, boards 

44 Riverside 


Danforth Oscar, pensioner, house 5 Chapel 

Danforth Warren J., treer, house 76 Spring 

Daniels George, laborer, house 22 Lake 

Daniels Henry T., second hand, Androscoggin Mills, h. 

49 Lowell 
Daniels Joseph, gate tender, Cedar street crossing, M. C. 

R. R., house at Auburn 
Daniels Louisa, widow of George, house East avenue, 

near Montello 
Darling Charles E. (Darling, Free & Co.), 145 Main, h. 

at Auburn 
Darling, Free & Co. (Chas. E. Darling and Henry Free), 

ventilator and rock lined pipe mnfrs., 145 Main 
Darrah Warren C, kid glove store, 117 Lisbon, house 

154 Pine 
Darrington Mary, doffer, b. 6 Continental Corp. Oxford 
Dauphinais Joseph, hairdresser, 285 Lisbon, boards 11 

Bates Corp. 
D'Auteuil Auguste, weaver, boards 148 Oxford 
Davenport Joseph, spinner, house 146 Bartlett 
Davenport Nellie Mrs., house 160 Bates 
Daviau Joseph, shoemaker, 9 Spruce, rooms do. 
Daviaux Leandre, shoemaker, house 13 Spruce 
Davies Rose Mrs., rooms 352 Maiu 
Davis Abbie, widow of Nathaniel 
Davis Albert F., h. Pleasant, n. Lisbon road 
Davis Amos, farmer, h. Old Lisbon road 
Davis Augusta Miss, teacher, Oak-st intermediate school 

rooms 94 College 
Davis Carrie, widow, boards A. G. Durrell's, Lisbon rd. 
Davis Charles C, printer (Auburn), h. 256 Main 
Davis Charles F., salesman, 145 Main, h. at Auburu 
Davis Charles H., clerk, 114 Lisbon, bds. 432 Main 
Davis David S., laborer, house 104 Nichols 
Davis Eliza S., widow of James F., bds. 376 Main 
Davis Ernest L., cigar maker, 182 Lisbon, b. 21 Bates 
Davis Ernest M., laborer, boards 202 Main 
Davis Etta M. Miss, teacher, bds. 263 Park 
Davis Everett B. (Judkins Laundry), boards 141 Pine 
Davis Frank, reed maker, 44 Canal, b. rear 67 Knox 
Davis George, shoemaker, house 8 Vale 
Davis George K., farmer, bds. S. Davis', Pleasant 
Davis Harry O., steam fitter, 48 Main, b. at Auburn 
Davis James B., shoemaker, boards 20 Hortou 
Davis John Mrs., house rear 67 Knox 
Davis John A., wood and coal, rear 43 Middle, house 

434 Sabattus 
Davis Joseph F., butcher, h. Sabattus, road bey. Russell 
Davis Joseph J., house 432 Main 
Davis Lewis E., overseer carding, Androscoggin Mills, 

house 269 Park 


DAVIS M ARCILL.US J., flour and grain, 86 Park, 
cor. Ash.h. at Auburn (see page 565) 
Davis Mehitable, widow of Aaron, h. Old Lisbon road 
Davis Moses W., operative, Bates Mill, h. 70 Canal 
Davis Oliver R., farmer, house between Randall road 
Davis Orrin D., carpenter, house 202 Main 
Davis Otis F.^carpenter, house Lisbon road 
Davis Otis H., teamster, boards 143 Main 
Davis Samuel, quiller, Bates Mill, house 190 Park 
Davis Stephen, carpenter, boards 148 Holland 
Davis Stephen, farmer, h. Pleasant, n. Lisbon road 
Davis Weston L., foreman, R. C. Pingree & Co., planing 

mill, house 234 Park 
Davis William E., teamster, h. 49 Franklin 
Davis William L., laborer, house 523 Main 

Davis , operative, bds. 154 Pine 

Dawes Addie F., widow, n. Frye, near College 
Dawes Bartell, operative, bds. 128 Blake 
Dawes Homer S., operative, bds. 128 Blake 
Dawes John F., house Frye, near College 
Dawes Seldeu, farmer, house 128 Blake 
Dawes William E., farmer, bds. 128 Blake 
|UY BROTHERS (William B. and Gilmore J.), 
JL/ contractors and builders, 158 Main (see p. 564:) 
Day Daniel H., clerk, 22 Lisbon, house 91 Elm 
Day Enos A., carpenter, house 37 High [College 

Day Fessenden I., boots, shoes, etc., 22 Lisbon, h. 134 
Day Fesseden L., medical student (N. Y. City), boards 

134 College 
Day Gilmore J. (Day Bros.), contractor and builder, 158 

Main, house at Auburn 
Day Isaac C, shoemaker, 121 Main, house do. 
Day Isabella, teacher, house 465 Main 
Dav John VV., shoemaker, rms. 103 Main 

DAY JOSEPH H., hardware, 235 Main, house 465 
do (see page 575) 
Day Kate Mrs., saloon, 103 Main, house do. 
Day Nursery, 85 Bartlett 

Day Thomas, engineer, Hotel Atwood, bds. do. 
Day Thomas F., house 3 Orange 
Day William B. (Day Bros.), contractor and builder, 158 

Main, house 264 Pine 
Day William E., carpenter, rms. 77 Franklin 
Dealy Owen, tailor, house 213 Blake 
Dealy Thomas W., clerk, Lewistou Bleachery 
Dean James F., waiter, 167 Lisbon, rms. 44 Park 

Dean John, cook, Exchange Hotel, bds. do. 
Deane James, bds. 44 Park 


Deane La urn E. Mrs., weaver, house 44 Park 
Dearborn Amos O., shoe laster, bds. Calvin W". Dear- 
bom's, Sabattus road 
Dearborn Calvin Willis, shoemaker, house Sabattus road, 

beyond Thome's Corner 
Dearborn Charles, carpenter, 7 Main, house 32 Cottage 
Dearborn Charles, shoemaker, house 88 Spring- 
Dearborn Charles, tinsmith, bds. 116 Bartlett 
Dearborn Charles H., shoemaker, h. Sabattus road, byd. 

Thome's Corner 
Dearborn Charles P., clerk, 191 Lisbon, bds. 16 Bartlett 
Dearborn John H., peddler, bds. rear 318 Lisbon 
Dearborn Joseph C, foreman, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Dealing Alphonso O., carriagesmith, house 23 Park 
Dealing Charles H., blacksmith, house 56 Sabattus 
Dealing Selden G., trav. salesman (B.), h. 56 Sabattus 
Decker George, loom fixer, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Caual 
Decker Llewellyn lv., watchman, L. & A. H. R. R., h. 

34 Sabattus 
De Cote Oliver, blacksmith, 81 Bates, h. 43 Knox 
Decoteau Joseph VV., car cleaner, bds. 6 Androscoggin 

Deehan Elizabeth Mrs., widow, house 195 Blake 
Deehau Henry, operative, Bleachery, bds. 195 Blake 
Deforge Joseph, mill hand, bds. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Deforge Phileome, hairdresser, 398 Lisbon, bds. 4 Andros- 
coggin Corp. 
Deforge Philip, weaver, bds. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Deforge Prospere, laborer, bds. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Defosse William, operative, h. 108 Canal st. alley 
Degre Joseph U., operative, Bleachery, b. 418 Lisbon 
Degre Pie- re, operative at Bleachery, h. 418 Lisbon 
Deianey Edmund, farm hand, house 181 Oak 
Delauey Matthew, house 181 Oak 
Delano George P., laborer, h. 55 West Bates 
Delano Jeptha, driver, rms. 10U Horton 
Delano Lydia Mrs., house 100 Horton 
Delano Margaret M. Mrs., tailoress, house 14 Park 
Deiarocheliere, Euclide, shoemaker, house 99 Blake 
Delcoeur Diendonne, operative, house 244 Park 
Delisle Aure, laborer, house 61 Lincoln 
Deiisle Stanislas, bds. 27 Mill 
Delorme Hubert, house 39 Cedar 
Delorme Oliva, operative, bds. 39 Cedar 
Delorme Telesphore, operative, bds. 39 Cedar 
Demands Charles, operative, bds. 148 Oxford 
Demarais Edward, operative, house 36 Lincoln 
Deiners Evangeliste, laborer, house 112 Hiues alley 
Deniers Francois, operative, house 23 Mill 
Deiners Joseph, blacksmith, house 108 Lincoln 


Demers Julien, bcls. 35 Mill 
Deiners J. Baptiste, carpenter, house 23 Mill 
Demers Napoleon, operative, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Demers Philias, weaver, bds. 148 Oxford 
Demers Theodore, laborer, house 110 Hines alley 
Demers V^ilbrod, operative, house I'd Park 

DEMPSEST JAMES, treas. and. manager, Lewiston 
Bleaehery and Dye VV"orks, Lisbon, h. 326 Bates 
Dennett Eveline Miss, bds. M. li. Jordan's, Webster 
Dennett Ida M. Miss, bookkeeper, 97 Lisbon, boards 

259 Park 
Dennett Menander, assistant pay master, Androscoggin 

Mills, house 259 Paik 
Dennison John, machinist, house 45 Mill 
Derrill Albion J., operative, house 239 Park 
Deschaeues Achille, machinist, h. 199 Park 
Deschaine Autoine, laborer, bds. 135 Oxford 
Deschene D. M., at bobbin shop, house at Auburn 
Deschene Joel, at bobbin shop, house at Auburn 
Deschenes George, laborer, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Deschenes John, mason, house 22 on the Island 
Deschenes Octave, laborer, house 140 Canal alley 
Descoteaux Albeit, mason, bds. 125 Oxford 
Descoteaux Alfred, operative, bds. 148 Oxford 
Descoteaux Arthur, laborer, bds. 146 Oxford 
Descoteaux Joseph, section foreman, G-. T. R., house 
146 Oxford [Knox 

Descoteaux M. L. Miss, dressmaker, 25 Spruce, o. 43 
Descoteaux Noi'bert, iaborer, bds. 146 Oxford 
Descoteaux Oiivea, blacksmith, house 43 Knox 
Descoteaux William, laborer, bds. 14.6 Oxford 
Deseiets Napoleon, laborer, house 53 Knox 
Deshaies Moise, weaver, bds. 16 Lincoln 
Deshais Antoine, bds. 249 Park 
Deshais Elmont, shoemaker, bds. 249 Park 
Deshais G-aspard, clerk, 126 Lisbon, house 249 Park 
Deshon Albert, painter, rms. 12 Hill Corp. 
Desjardins Alpiionse, hairdresser, 317 Lisbon, h. 315 do. 
Desjardins Autoine, laborer, bds. 65 Lincoln 
Desjardins Autoine, produce, house 6'y Lincoln 
Desjardins Beionie Mrs., Uouse 3d Birch 
Desjardins Charles, shoemaker, bds. 30 7 Bates 
Desjardins Damasse, laborer, house 363 Lisbon 
Desjardins Demerise, widow of Eabicu, h. 198 Park 
Desjardins Emediue, widow of Joseph, bds. 39 Knox 
Desjardins Etienne, carpenter, house 41 Hines alley 
Desjardins Eabien, weaver, bds. 128 Oxford 
Desjordins Florian (McDonongh & Desjardins) , under- 
taker, 41 Ash, House 103 do. 
Desjardins Francois B., shoemaker, 6 Birch, h.421 Lisbon 


Desjardins Joseph, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 

307 Bates 
Desjardins Joseph, section hand, Androscoggin Mill, h„ 

55 Knox 
Desjardins Marie Miss, dressmaker, house 198 Park 
Desjardins Nesine, widow of Joseph, h. 41 Pierce 
Desjardins Octave, laborer, bds. 119 Lincoln 
Desjardins Philip, operative, house 246 Park 

DESJARDINS POLYDRE R., apothecary, 140 
Lincoln, house 12 Birch (see p. 572) 
De jardins Samuel, bootmaker, 414 Lisbon, h. 198 Park 
Desjardins Xavier, farmer, house 307 Bates 
Desjardins William, clerk. 97 Lisbon, u. 97J Ash 
Desmond Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 295 Lincoln 
Desrochers Edmond, moulder, h. 609 Cedar 
Desrochers Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 75 Lincoln 
Desrochers Josaphat, laborer, bds. 128 Oxford 
Desrochers Leon, weaver, bds. 109 Cedar 
Desrochers Theodore, shoemaker, house 98 Lincoln 
d'Estimauville W. Etieune, reporter of La Messager, h. 

at Auburn 
Devoll M. A., Miss, teacher, Bates st. school, boards 

208 do. 
Devot Michel, carpenter, honse 112 Hines alley 
Dewey Lotta E., Miss, telephone operator, 198 Lisbon, 

rm. 33, boards 48 Wood 
DeWitt House, H. A. Brick, proprietor, Pine, cor. Park 

STABLE, H. A. Reed, prop., 101 Franklin (see 

page 546) 
Dewley Lottie, telephone operator, boards 48 Wood 
Dexter Edward N., wood moulder, house 30 Bartiett 
Dewing James EL, tireman, Androscoggin Mills, h. 238 Park 
Dezilet Alexandre, carpenter, boards 39 Cedar 
Dick Emil, siipt. Lewiston Mill Co., house at Auburn 
Dickens Richard C, weaver, Cowan W. Co., h. L36 Oak 
Dickey Fannie 11. Miss (H. H. Dickey & Son), 136 

Main, house 51 East avenue 

DICKEY 11. H. & SON (William and F. H. Dickey 
and M. D. Crawshaw), belt mnfrs. and roll coverers, 

136, near guard-locks (see page 4) 
Dickey William (II. H. Dickey & Son), 136 Main, house 

45 East avenue. 
Dickson John F., baker, 217 Main, house 62 Elm 
Dickson John F. Jr., baker, 217 Main, boards 62 Elm 
Dill Alonzo G-., milkman, house Garcelon Ferry road 
Dill Maiia, Mrs., weaver, rooms 3)6 Main 
Dill William G., farmer, house Pleasant, off Lisbon road 
Dillingham Abbie, widow, rooms 7 Chapel 
Dillingham John A., steam drille**, house 336 Main 


Dingley Albert G., boards 78 Horton 

Dingley Frank L. (N. Dingley Jr. & Co.), editor, Lewis- 

too Journal, Journal block, 16 Lisbon, h. Court, 

Dingley Harry M., treas., Cowan Woolen Co., Mill st., 

and (Libbey & Dingley), prop. Cumberland Mill, 

end Lincoln, boards 78 Horton 
Dingley Leonard G., farmer, h. Fine Wood school district 
Dingley Lester, card striper, boards 4 Continental Corp., 

Dingley Levi, farmer, h. River road, near Lisbon line 
Dingley Nellie, A., teacher, evening school, boards Wm. 

J. Dingley's, River road 
Dingley Nelson, Jr. (Nelson Dingley Jr. & Co.), editor, 

Lewiston Journal, 16 Lisbon, also representative in 

Congress, h. 78 Horton 

DINGJLEY NELSON JR. & CO., (Nolson Ding 
ley, Jr., Frank L. Dingley and H. E. Andrews), 
publishers and proprietors, Lewiston Journal, Jour- 
nal block, 16 Lisbon (see page 572) 
Dingley William J., carpenter, house River road 
Dinsmore Catherine, wiaow of George T., h. 88 Summer 
Dinsmore George H., operative, bds. 3 Bates, Corp. Canal 
Dinsmore George T., jeweler, boards 88 Summer 
Dinsmore Nathan C, tinsmith, 43 Main, h. at Auburn 
Dinsmore Nicholas C, house 112 College 
Dion Louise, widow of Jean B., house 117 Lincoln 
Dion Louis Onesime, canvasser, house, rear 374 Lisbon 
Dion Mary Mrs., dressmaker, house 374 Lisbon 
Dion Samuel, operative, house 37 Mill 
Dionne Adele, Miss, dressmaker, boards 199 Park 
Dionne Clophy, Mrs., clerk, 42 Lisbon, house 246 Park 
Dionne Diclier, weaver, house 126 Lincoln 
Dionne Elzear, laborer, house 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Dionne Exebert, spinner, house 37 Knox 
Dionne Henry, shoemaker, bds. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Dionne Honore, operative, house 144 Lincoln 
Dionne Justine, Miss, dressmaker, boards 199 Park 
Dionne Lende, clerk, 231 Lisbon, rooms do. 
Dionne Marcial, carpenter, house 101 Blake 
Dionne Ulric, clerk, 176 Lisbon, 206 Park 
Dixon Benson M., stoue mason, 35 Sabattus, house do. 
Dixon Edward H., clerk, 223 Main, boards 35 Sabattus 
Dixon Fred L., physician, 215 Lisbon, house 127 Pine 
Dixon John, baker, 217 Main, house 62 Elm 
Dixon William, overseer, spinning, Bates Mill,h. 296 Bates 
Dobson John, beamer, Lewiston Mill Co., bds. 35 Wellman 
Dobson John, loom lixer, Hill M. Co., h. Skinner, next 


Dockham T. Frank, section hand, house 32 Knox 
Dodge Alphonzo, harness maker, 213 Main, h. 538 do. 
Dodge Byron L., (Auburn) house 96 Spring 
Dodge Ira M. (Boardman & Dodge), painter, 266 Main, 

house 96 Spring 
Dodge Nelson A., wood turner, Jordan, Frost & Co., G. 

T. R. yard, house 41 Whipple 
Dodson Fred, clerk, 126 Lisbon, house Sabattusville 
Dodson Thomas, packer, house Sabattusville 
Doige George, teamster, house 99 Winter 
Doire Patrick, house 69 Lincoln 
Dolbier Hiram F., section hand, Bates Mfg. Co. 
Dolloft' Charles M., laborer, house 49 Franklin 
Dolloff Clara, Mrs., boards 59 Franklin 
Dominican Fathers, 113 Ash 

Donahue Elizabeth, widow of Jere., house, rear 71 Knox 
Donahue Ellen, house 10 Lincolu 
Donahue Jeremiah, operative, boards, rear 71 Knox 
Donahue John F., police, house 9 Railroad alley 
Donahue Timothy, edge setter, boards 10 Lincoln 
Donlan Annie, ^Mrs., tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds. 37 Whitney 
Dounell Asa S., hulled corn, 79 Elm, house do. 
Donnell B. Frank, wheelwright, 82 Bates, h. 139 Oak 
Donuelly Julia, Mrs., house 73 Blake 
Donnelly Patrick J., fireman, M. C. R. R., bds. 73 Blake 
Donnocker Delbert G. Rev., pastor, Free- Will Baptist 

church (Scarboro), house 141 Nichols 
Donoodiue Mary, widow of Jame3, house 74 Knox 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 12 Howe 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 277 Lincoln 
Donovan Daniel, shoemaker, boards 8 Milk lane 
Donovan James, laborer, house 245 Lincoln 
Donovan James, Jr., operative, bds. 245 Lincoln 
Donovan James C laborer, house 6 Chapel 
Donovan Jane, widow of Cornelius, house 65 Knox 
Donovan John A., physician, 215 Lisbon, h. 128 Pine 
Donovan Mary, widow of John F., house 101 Pierce 
Donovan Michael, operative, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 65 

Donovan Michael, operative, house 57 Birch 
Donovan Timothy, stone mason, house 11 Howe 
Donovan Timothy F., shoemaker, bds. 11 Howe 
Dorothy Marcia, Mrs., nurse, house 132 Oak 
Dorman Henry P. (H. P. Dormau & Co.), coal and wood, 

76 Cedar, n. Railroad, and 181 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Dorman H. P. & Co. (Henry P. Dorman), coal, wood, 

etc., 76 Cedar, near Railroad, 181 Lisbon 
Dorman Margaret C, clerk, 76 Cedar, bds. at Auburn 

Dore Jean B., laborer, house 72 Lincoln alley 
Don ington Fred, carpenter, rooms 117 Main 


Dostie Alfred, operative, bds. 65 Lincoln 
Dostie Eugene, operative, bds. 64 Lincoln 
Dostie Henri, operative, house 244 Park 
Dostie Joseph, second hand, house 99 A»h 
Dostie Olivier, laborer, house 64 Lincoln 
Doten Alvah, blacksmith, 19 Franklin, house do. 
Doten Herbert E., watchmaker (Auburn), bds. 59 Park 
Doten Zury R., milkman, house Garcelon Ferry road 
Doucet Amedie, mule spinner, house 63 Franklin 
Doucet Charles, laborer, bds. 6 Bates Corp., Canal 
Doucet Charles, laborer, house 22 on the Island 
Doucet Godfroi, carpenter, house 116 Canal st. alley 
Doucet Joseph, farmer, bds. at T. Reny's, Old Lisbon rd. 
Doucet JMoese, shoemaker, 314 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Doughty Frank H., loom fixer, house Hogan road 
Doughty John, second hand, Lewiston Mill, h. 35 Spring 
Doughty Samuel S., clerk, 243 Main, bds. 203 College 
Douglas Daisy H., weaver, Continental Mills, boards 8 

Farwell court 
Douglas Walter E., cloth room, bds. 4 Continental Corp., 

Douglas Warren P., overseer, No. 2 weaving room, Hill 

Mnfg. Co., house 16 Hill Corporation, Canal 
Douglass Gardner, bds. 163 Pine 

Douglass Jane, widow of Waitstill W., bds. 63 Riverside 
Douglass J. S., driver, 36 Chapel, house at Auburn 
Douglas Orlando K., carpenter, h. East ave.,c. Montello 
Douglass Oscar G. (Douglass & Cook), stationer and 

bookseller, 188 Lisbon, house 163 Pine 

DOUGLASS & COOK (Oscar G. Douglass), 
books, etc., 188 Lisbon (see reverse side of page 

opp. Banks) 
Dow Addie A. Mrs., teacher, house Garcelon Ferry road 
Dow Albert H., shoemaker, b. G. F. Dow's, Sabattus rd. 
Dow Fred N., shoemaker, b. G. F. Dow's, Sabbattus rd. 
Dow George P., farmer, house Sabbattus road, beyond 

Thome's cor. 
Dow Tobias, teamster, house 83 Bartlett 
Dow Willis M., farmer, Randall road, bds. G. F. Dows', 

Sabattus road 

Dow Mrs., house 137 Horton 

Dowd John, operative, house 122 Pierce 

Downes Isaac C, supt. Lewiston Water Works, house 

193 East avenue 
I>owney John F., mule spinner, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 37 Oak 
Downie Nellie, Mrs., house 139 Bartlett 
Downing Daniel, mason, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Doyle Agnes, Mrs., dressmaker, 28 Franklin, house do. 
Doyle Ann, widow of Michael, house 307 Lisbon 

DOYLE BKOS. (James and Patrick Doyle), variety 
store, 32 and 38 Lisbon (see p. 24) 



Doyle Daniel A., helper, 32 Lisbon, rooms 134 Pierce 
Dovle Frank F., stenographer (Washington, D. C), bds. 

108 Oak 
Doyle James (Doyle Bros.), variety store, 32 and 38 Lis- 
bon, rooms 1 12 Oak 
Doyle Lizzie B., Miss, clerk, 32 Lisbon, bds. 108 Oak 
Doyle Martin, operative, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Doyle Michael, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Dovle Nellie, Miss, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., 

" Oxford 
Doyle Nicholas, operative, house 20 Bridge 
Doyle Nicholas, Jr., operative, bds. 20 Bridge 
Doyle Patrick (Doyle Bros.), variety store, 32 and 38 

Lisbon, house 112 Oak 
Doyle Rose, Miss, house 108 Oak 

Doyle Sarah G., Miss, clerk, 32 Lisbon, bds. 108 Oak 
Doyle Sarah J. Mrs., weaver, bds. ( J7 Park 
Doyle Thomas, weaver, bds. 307 Lincoln 
Doyon George, laborer, house 21 Mines alley 
Doyon Leon, laborer, house 35 on the Island 
Dozois Felix, weaver, house 27 Mill 
Dozois Louis, clerk, 195 Lincoln, bds. at Auburn 
Dozois Napoleon, operative, bds. 27 Mill 
Drain Samuel R., operative, Bleachery, house 265 Blake 
Drain William C, loom fixer, Continental Mill, bds. 2(55 

Draine Michael, student, bds. 265 Blake 
Draine Samuel, at Bleachery, house 265 Blake 
Drake Cyril P., cigar mnt'r., 11 Chapal, house 13 do. 
Drake Frank E., painter, house 16 Prescott 
Drake George N., cigar maker, 11 Chapel, h. 68 Howe 
Drake Herbert F., cigar maker, 11 Chapel, bds. 13 do. 
Drake Hiram, cigar maker, 11 Chapel, bds. 13 do. 
Drake William W., foreman, box makers, L. B. & D. 

Works, house 66 Riverside 
Drapeau Olivier, laborer, house 133 Oxford 
Draper Hudson S., loom fixer, house 106 Chestnut 
Draper Oscar, bds. Hotel Rockingham 
Dreiue William, section hand, bds. 265 Blake 
Dresser Eben W. (It. Dresser & Co.), grocer, 181 Main, 

house 487 do. 
Dresser Herbert B. (Hawkins & Dresser), hairdresser, 60 

Lisbon, house 387 Main 
Dresser Rendall(R. Dresser & Co.), grocer, 181 Main, 

house 472 do. 
Dresser R. & Co. (Randall and Eben W. Dresser), gro- 
cers, 181 Main 
Drew Edna L. Miss, cashier, 54 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Drew Franklin M.(Drew & Roberts), lawyers, 215 Lisbon, 
house 377 Main 


Drew George A., jewelry and watches, 75 Lisbon, house 

75 Franklin 
Drew Nellie L. Miss, music teacher, bcis. 94 Franklin 

DREW & ROBERTS (Franklin M. Drew and 
Leonard G. Roberts), lawyers, 215 Lisbon (see 

opp. Lawyers.) 
Drinkwater Fred, operative, house 47 Bates 
Driscoll Catharine, widow of Patrick, house 71 Park 
Driscoll Daniel, laborer, house rear 3 Lisbon road 
Driscoll Ellen Miss, house 14 Lincoln 
Driscoll Hannah, widow of Timothy, house 11 Water 
Driscoll James, operative, bds. 6 Water 
Driscoll James M., mason, house 226 Park 
Driscoll John, operative, bds. 6 Water 
Driscoll Kate Miss, house 14 Lincoln 
Driscoll Mary, widow. house 261 Lincoln 
Driscoll Paarick, laborer, house 241 Lincoln 
Driscoll Patrick, teamster, 244 Main, house Water 
Driscoll Richard, house 6 Water 
Driscoll Richard, bleachery, house 38 Water 
Driscoll Timothy F., cloth folder, Bates M. Co., house 

rear 31 Lisbon road 
Drogin Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 45 Mill 
Drouin Belanie, laborer, house 75 Lincoln 
Drouin Docite, laborer, house 21 Cross 
Drouin Jean, laborer, house 112 Lincoln 
Drouin Joseph, laborer, bds. 75 Lincoln 
Drouin Joseph V., harness maker, bds. 135 Oxford 
Drouin Joseph, operative, house 31 Hines Alley 
Drouin Napoleon, laborer, bds. 75 Lincoln 
Drouin Olive, widow of Isaie, house 122 Oxford 
Drouin Oner, operative, house 21 Cross 
Drouin Thomas, laborer, house 21 Hines Alley 
Drouin Vital, shoemaker, 40 Chestnut, h. 155 Oxford 
Drown Allen B., carpenter, house 110 Bartlett 
Drown Henry, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 119 Bartlett 
Dube Antoine, laborer, house 198 Lincoln 
Dube Cleophas, laborer, bds. 97 Chestnut 
Dube Cleophas, special police, house 13 Spruce 
Dube Francis, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Dube Frank, carpenter, h. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Dube Jean B., shoemaker, house 7 on the Island 
Dubois Alberte, mill hand, bds. 12 Androscoggin Corp. 
Dubois Cyrille, house 12 Androscoggin Corp. 
Dodois Cyrille,Jr.,mill hand, bds. 12 Androscoggin Corp., 
Dubois E., cigars and tobacco, 100 Lincoln, h. do. 
Dubois Gaspard, clerk, 195 Lincoln, bds. 113 Cedar 
Dubois Joseph, laborer, house 7 Mill 
Dubois Modeste, mason, house 155 Lincoln 
Dubois Morbert, weaver, bds. 81 Main 


Dubois Wilfred, operarive, bds. 245 Park 

Dubruie Joseph, weaver, house 198 Park 

Ducasse Joseph, laborer, house 71 Lincoln 

Ducasse Leoutiue, widow of Achille, h. 27 Hines Alley 

Ducbarme Charles, mason, bds. 117 Lincoln 

Ducharme George, mason, bds. 117 Lincoln 

Ducharme Napoleon, foreman, Brooks brick yard, house 

River Road 
Ducharme Resaime, laborer, bds. 117 Lincoln 
Duchaussey Paul Rev., assistant pastor, St. Peters Cath- 
olic church, boards 113 Ash 
Duchette Baptiste, laborer, bds. 74 Hines Alley 
Duchette George, laborer, bds. 31 [lines Alley 
Duchette Israel, laborer, house 74 Hines Alley 
Duchette Jean B., operative, bds. 74 Hines Alley 
Duchette Joseph, laborer, house 80 Hines Alley 
Duchette Lestere, widow of Israel, h. 74 Hines Alley 
Dudley William, pensioner, rooms 32 Park 
Durf'eny Joseph, weaver, bds. 11 Bates Corp., Canal 
Dufoure Louis, operative, bds. 203 Lisbon 
Du^resne Joseph, teamster, house 32 Oxford 
Dugan Andrew, section hand, Continental Mills, house 

17 Horton 
Dugan Cormick, laborer, house 22 Knox 
Dugan Mich.iel, laborer, house 21 Water 
Dugas Hercule, tinsmith, 143 Lincoln, house 50 Lincoln 

street Alley 
Dumais Ferdinand, bds. 10 on the Island 
Dumas Frank, laborer, bds. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Dumais Joseph, teamster, house 113 Lincoln 
Dumais Julien, house 242 Park 

Dumais Ludger, clerk, 21) Chestnut, h. 144 Lincoln 
Dumas C. Francois, clerk, 72 Lincoln, h. at Auburn 
Dumas Ernest, laborer, house Ii)8 Lincoln 
Dumas Nellie Miss, dressmaker, 104 Chestnut, boards 

206 Park 
Dumas Pascal, weaver, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Dumond Aglae, widow of Alexis, house 244 Park 
Dumond Alphouse, brick maker, bds. 42 Lisbon 
Dumond Damase, operative, boards 10 on the Island 
Dumond Felix, weaver, boards 5 Cross 
Dumond Isidore, brickmaker, bds. 424 Lisbon 
Dumond jean B., operative, house 128 Oxford 
Dumond Telesphore, laborer, h. 118 Hines Alley 
Dumond Theodore, operative, boards 146 Oxford 
Dumont Alderic, laborer, boards 110 Lincoln 
Dumont Alex, operative, boards 242 Park 
Dumont Egbert, operative, boards 242 Park 
Dumont Emile, operative, boards 242 Park 


Dnmont Geneau, operative, boards 242 Park 

Dumont Leocadie Miss, dressmaker, b. 146 Oxford 

Dumont Pascal, weaver, b. 170 Lincoln 

Dumont Pierre, laborer, L. B. & D. W., h. 242 Park 

Dumont Sifroy, M. D., physician, 142 Lincoln, bouse 97 

Dumont Telesphore, laborer, h. 118 Hines Alley 
Dumont William, insurance agent, house 199 Park 
Dunbar Mary C. Mrs., hair and fancy goods, 131 Lisbon, 

house 11 High Tp^^e 

Duncan Archibald, electric light trimmer, house 7 Oak st. 
Duncan Bros. (John and William), painters, 42 Bates 
Duncan Calvin, teamster (R. C. Pingree & Co.), house 

48 Spring 
Duncan James R., painter, 42 Bates, boards 138 Blake 
Duncan John S., painter, 42 Bates, b. 138 Blake 
Duncan Margaret, widow of James, house 138 Blake 
Duncan William, painter, boards 138 Blake 
Dunham Charles T., hairdresser, 198 Lisbon, house 183 

Dunham Thomas E., teamster, house 10 Milk lane 
Dunn Augustine M., cigar maker, 11 Chapel, boards at 

Dunn Benjamin, plumber, 40 Main, boards 22 Blake 
Dunn Dennis, card grinder, boards 322 Lincoln 
Dunn Ellen, widow of Lawrence, house 56 Water 
Dunn Emily, widow of Robert, house 198 Lincoln 
Dunn Hattie F. Miss, bookkeeper, 225 Lisbon, boards 

182 Pine 
Dunn James, shoemaker, boards 56 Water 
Dunn John, card grinder, boards 322 Lincoln 
Dunn John, shoemaker, boards 66 Water 
Dunn Josie G. Miss, teacher, Lincoln Street School 
Dunn Maggie Miss, dressmaker, 111 Blake, honse do. 
Dunn Mary, widow of James, house 322 Lincoln 
Dunn Michael, house 56 Hines Alley 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, boards 56 Hines Alley 
Duun Robert, section hand, Bates M. Co., h. at Auburn 
Dunn Sarah B., widow of Josiah, h. 243 College 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, house 22 Blake 
Dunn William, operative, house 175 Park 
Duuton Eugene L. (Wade & Dunton), carriage mnfr., 29 

to 35 Park, house 148 Webster 
Dunton John, mason, house 148 Webster 
Dunton John R., principal, Horton-st. Grammar school, 

house 23 Wood 
Dunton Roswell E., janitor. Central Maine General Hos- 
pital, house 54 Spring 
Dupres Marcel, laborer, house Randall road, near Thome's 



Durgin Angeline H. Miss, dress and cloak maker, 54 Ash 

house do. 
Durgin David L., salesman, 127 Lisbon, h. 147 Holland 
Durgin Ebin F., painter, boards 31 Lisbon road 
Durgin Jennie Mrs., house 37 Birch 
Durgin Julia A., widow of John, b. 147 Holland 
Durocher Hector, ins. agent, rooms 4 College block, h. 

rear 41 Pierce 
Durocher Joseph, engine cleaner, M. C. R. R. 
Durell A. Granville, night watchman, Lincoln Mill, house 

Lisbon road, near Pleasant 
Durrell Walter C, at Bates M. Co., bds. W. P.Durrell's, 

East avenue 
Durrell William P., watchman, Androscoggin Mills, house 

East avenue, corner Russell 
Dussault Honore, boards 148 Lincoln 
Dussault William Jr., yard master, G. T. R., house 32 

Dusseault Anna, dressmaker, boards 109 Cedar 
Dusseault Jean, millmau, house 109 Cedar 
Dusseault Napoleon, sign painter, boards 109 Cedar 
Dusseault Onesime, millman, house 303 Lisbon 
Duston Harry E., bookkeeper, 136 Main, b. at Auburn 
Dutil Eugene, carpenter, house 2 on the Island 
Dutil Louis, clerk, 195 Lincoln, h. 3 on the Island 
Dutil Marguerite, widow of Louis, b. 135 Oxford 
Dutil Napoleon, carpenter, house 135 Oxford 
Dutil Octave, millman, house 68 Lincoln 
I) ut to n Caroline L., widow of Nathan W., house 9 High 
Duval Joseph, brickmaker, house 61 Lincoln 
Duval Philomene, widow of Joseph, h. 113 Lincoln 
Dwine Marcelle, weaver, boards 173 Lincoln 
Dwyer Annie Miss, house 43 Mill 
Dwyer David, house 352 Lincoln 
Dwyer Frederick, section hand, Bates Mill, h. 7 Ash 
Dwver James, laborer, boards 45 Mill 
Dwyer John, laborer, house 366 Lincoln 
Dyer Reuben R., farmer, house Rand road, n. Lisbon rd . 
Dyer Sarah H., widow of Christopher, h. 151 Wood 
Dyer William, shoemaker, rooms 332 Main 
EADON DANIEL, teamster, house 68 Summer 
Eadon George W., teamster, boards 48 Spring 
Eadon Thomas, job wagon, house 48 Spring 
Eagan Charles, driver, 88 Lincoln, boards 90 do. 
Eagan Joanna Miss, weaver, boards 3 Continental Corp. 

Eagan Michael, grocer, 88 Lincoln, house 90 do. 
Eagan Patrick, shoemaker, b. 3 Continental Corp. Oxford 

g£2>" v Established *i&j2*:~<&j(e} 

I^BopiE5 op ApcHiTecTURAL, Mechanical 
Scientific and other Drawing5~ 
Map^, Plans, Diagrams, Artistic Pr°~ 


*■ - Orders w\%%: ^ 

l# BACH • * 


Eagan Timothy J., hackman, Hotel Rockingham, h. 44 

Eames George W., laster, bds. 32 Middle [Middle 

Eames John S., checker, R. C. Pingree & Co., bds. 32 
Eames Mary, widow of John, house 32 Middle 
Eames William L., carpenter, house 190 Park 
Earl William, painter, bds. Leroy Chadbourn's, Chad- 
bourn's road 
Eastman Annie, Mrs., house 68 Bates 
Eastman Anson M., watchmaker, 65 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Eastman George C, inventor, house 47 Franklin 
Eastman Ivan E., machinist, bds. 95 Nichols 
Eastman Josiah N., poultry, 95 Nichols, house do. 
Eastman Stella, Miss, clerk, 177 Lisbon, rooms 40 Bates 
Eaton Ann, widow of John, house 28 Middle 
Eaton Cathariue C, widow, bds. Fred G. Blake's, Sabat- 

tus road 
Eaton Daniel P., engineer, M. C. R. R., house 28 Middle 
Eaton David P., baggage master, M. C. upper depot, h. 

44 Wood 
Eaton J. Oren. (Bath), bds. 28 Middle 
Eaton Mary J., widow of Ebenezer J., h. rear 217 Main 
Eaton Mary M., widow of Samuel, tailoress, 167 Main, 

house do. 
Edgecomb Albert A., farmer, house Chadbourn rd. 
Edgecomb Joseph, farmer, h. Sabuttus rd. 
Ed wards Addison S., carpenter, h. 58 Franklin 
Edwards Alden A., farmer, house Old Lisbon rd. 
Edwards Freeland H., hostler, bds. 28 Franklin 
Edwards Mary, widow of Calvin, house 185 Main 
Edwards Michael, laborer, bds. 35 West Bates 
Edwards William, laborer, house ICO Bates 
Eggers William 1)., operative, Bates Mill, bds. 33 Lowell 
Ehrenfried George, drv and fancy goods, 96 Lisbon, house 

28 Middle 
Ehrenfried Silas, clerk, 96 Lisbon, bds. 28 Middle 
Elder Charles S., asst. foreman, Journal office, house 

1 Bartlett 
Elder W. Erastus, carpenter, house 20 Elm 
Elder E. Webster, carpenter, house 76 High 
Elder George K., drug clerk, 258 Main, bds. 136 Oak 
Elder Janus G., cabinet maker, 155 Lisbon, h. 136 Oak 
Polder Joseph P., carpenter, bds. 136 Oak 
Elie Gedeon, shoemaker, bds. 146 Oxford 
Elie Joseph, laborer, house 146 Oxford 
Elie Joseph, Jr., shoemaker, b. 146 Oxford 
Elie Trefne, molder, bds. 246 Park 
Ellard George W.(G. W. Ellard & Co.), boots and shoes, 

178 Lisbon, bds. De Witt House 


Ellard O. W. & Co. (George W. Ellard and Thomas M. 

Holmes), boots and shoes, 178 Lisbon 
Elliot David H., shoemaker, h. 20 Elm 
Ellis Natt, hairdresser, 150 Main, h. 247 College 
Ellis Samuel T., stone cutter, h. 373 College 
Ellis William H., laborer, house, rear 32 Park 
Ellis Elvina, Mrs., dressmaker, 373 College, h. do. 
Ellis William EL, lumberman, 138 Main, rooms 51 do. 
Ellison Lewis A., steam fitter, 48 Main, h. at Auburn 
Ellsworth James, clerk, house 38 Walnut 
Ellsworth Ossian, second hand, Hill Mufg. Co., bds. 10 

Corporation, Canal 
Elms James C, clerk, 53 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Elwell Howard S., trav. salesman (Portland), house 150 

Emerson Carrie R.. widow of Charles W., b. 69 Ash 
Emerson Clarence V., clerk, Municipal Court, also law- 
yer, 2i)G Lisbon, room 3, rooms do. 
Emerson Elizabeth R. Mrs., house 58£ Park 
Emerson Frank E., clerk, 235 Main, h. 15 Sabattus 
Emerson George A., clerk, Journal, 16 Lisbon, house 126 

Emerson Henry I., law student, 186 Lisbon, bds. I. W. 
Emerson's, Webster [Reservoir 

Emerson Ivory W., farmer, h. Webster rd., above the 
Emerson John F., overseer, U. W. P. Co., h. 79 Webstes 
Emerson Julia E. Miss, compositor, Journal office, bdr. 

79 Webster 
Emerson Mary L. Miss, teacher, bds. Ivory W. Emer- 
son's, Webster 
Emerson Osgood, river driver, bols. 39 Middle 
Emerson Samuel H., house 39 Middle 
Emery Eugene A., operative, bds. 290 Bates 
Emery Frida, Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 80 College 
Emmington Susie, Miss, weaver, house 239 Park 
Emmons Edward A., house 68 Birch 

Emmons George P., physician, 147 Lisbon, and supt. 
Central Maine General Hospital, 296 and 310 Main, 
house do. 
Emmons Seward E., postal clerk, bds. 88 Howe 
Emmons Seward P., house 88 Howe 
Emmons William G., house 88 Howe 
Emond Francois X.. marble worker, h. Switzerland rd., 

at the Cemetery, Barkerville 
Emond Joseph, laborer, bds. 376 Lisbon 
Emond Joseph, laborer, house 83 Lincoln 
Emond Louis, operative, house 47 Hines alley 
Engleman August, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 2 Summer, 

next the river 
English Charles G., plumber, 40 Main, h. 117 Lowell 


Epstein Abraham, shoemaker, 34. Chestnut, house do. 
Epstein Simon B., boots and shoes, 177 Lincoln, house 31 

Erskine Betsey, widow of Alexander, h. 37 Franklin 
Estabrook Jane, widow of George, bds. 5 Bates corp. 
Estabrook Jane Miss., weaver, bds. 14 Hill corp.. Canal 
Estes Allen C, overseer, wood shop, Bates Mill, house 19 

Estes David, printer, 21 Lisbon, b. 19 Webster 
Estes George B., driver, Hose 2, bds. 187 Oak 
Estes Henry B., supt. Continental Mill, h. 196 Bates 
Estes Henry P., street corn. h. 187 Oak 
Estes Hudson, machinist, h. 188 Sabattus 
Estes Isaac H., 80 Lisbon, h. 69 East a v. 
Estes John C, printer, 21 Lisbon, b. 19 Webster 
Estes Joseph, sexton, Riverside Cemetery, h. 192 Summer 
Estes Nelson D., books etc., 80 Lisbon, b. 69 East av. 
Estey Williard F. (Dana & Estey), lawyer, 19 Lisbon, h. 

Nichols, n. Skinner 
Etna Adam, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 135 Bartlett 
Etna Lawrence, operative, bds. 135 Bartlett 
Euppes John, fireman, B. & M. C. R. R., rms. 16 Lowell 
Eustis T. Everett, treas., Gay Woodman Co., boot and 

shoe mnfrs., and pres Washburn Chair Co., 64 Main, 

house at Auburn 
Evains Mary, widow of Henri, dressmaker, 102 Chestnut, 

rms. 74 Knox 
Evains Sarah Mrs., dressmaker, 102 Chestnut, h. 74 Knox 
Evans Axel F., planer (Auburn), h. 44 Bartlett 
Evans Emmel N. filer. R. C. Pingree & Co., h. 41 Avon 
Evans George R., cloth room, Bates Mill, bds. 54 Beach 
Evans Magnus, second hand, Hill Mfg. Co., h. 129 Pierce 
EveleA. Johanna, widow, bds. Mrs. Addie Dow's, Gar- 

celon Ferry road 
Everett Hannah Miss. (J. & H. Everett), milliner, 156 

Lisbon, h. do. ]h. do 

Everett Jane Miss. (J. & H. Everett), milliner, 156 Lisbon 
Everett J. & H. (Jane and Hannah Everett), millinery, 

156 Lisbon 
Exchange Hotel, E. Murch & Son props. 16 Chapel 

F ARYAN GEORGE F., treas. Androscoggin Mills, 
h. at Brookline, Mass. 
Fahey Bernard, shoemaker, b. 33 Water 
Fahey Edmund F., hairdresser, 256 Lisbon, h. River road 
Fahey Henry, mason, h. 33 Water 
Fahey James, painter, bds. 57 Hines alley 
Fahey James V., druggist, 267 Lisbon, boards Rocking- 
ham House 
Fahey Mary Miss., h. 57 Hines alley 
Fahey Matthew W7, operative, h. 10 Milk lane 


Fahev Michael F., mason, h. 135 Bartlett 

Fahey Patrick, laborer, h. 40 Summer 

Fahev Stephen, laborer, bds. 40 Summer 

Fahey Thomas, laborer, h. 57 Hines alley 

Fahey William, laborer, bds. 40 Summer 

Fairbanks Joseph E., sale and boarding stable, 37 Park, 
h. 10 Hammond 

Fairbanks William E., conductor, L. & A. H. P. R., b. 
10 Hammond 

Fairfield Anna P. Mrs., dining room, 8 Park, h. 48 

Fairfield Daniel, shoemaker, h. 48 Franklin 

Fairgrieve Chas. R., Bates Mnfg. Co., rms. 192 Blake 

Fales Lorenzo W., lawyer, 25 Lisbon, bds. H. Fales'> 

Fallon Thomas, weaver, bds. 8 Androscoggin corp. 

Fardv James M., baggage master, lower M. C. R. R. sta- 
tion, h. at Auburn 

Farnham John, weaver, house 21 Lincoln 

Farnum Charles, spinner (Webster), h. Bradbury road 

Fair Blanche M. Miss., compositor, Journal office, bds. 
417 Main 

Fair Cora Mrs., bds. 101 Park 

Fair Eliza E. Mrs., bds. 44 Bartlett 

Fare FordyeeC, clerk, bds. 68 Wood 

Fair George H. (Richardson, Fan* & Co.), harnesses and 
boots and shoes, 30 Bates, h. 68 Wood 

Fare Henry, foreman, 64 Main, h. 16 Park 

Fair Henry, shoemaker, h. 16 Park 

Fare Henry, trunkmaker, h, 222 Pine 

Fare Hannah A. Mrs., clerk, 131 Lisbon, b. 222 Pine 

Fair John Converse, bds. 19 Webster 

Fare Mansel W., letter carrier, P. O., b. 417 Main 

Farr Nathaniel, shoemaker, house 29 Franklin 

Fair Reuben, carpenter, rms. 165 Bates 

Farr Warren B., band sawyer, h. 64 Park 

Farrar Alice E. Miss., boards 61 East av. 

Farrar Clarence D. (C. D. Farrar & Co.), dry goods, 204 
Lisbon, house 63 East av. 

Farrar C. D. & Co. (Clarence D. Farrar, William P. Craig, 
and William Sabouriu), dry and fancy goods, 204 

Farrar David, house 61 East av. 

Farrar Florence F. Miss., news, editor, Journal office, bds. 
61 East avenue 

Farrell Catherine, widow of Thomas, h. 45 Knox 

Farrell Dennis, painter, h. 16 Lincolu 

Farrell Francis, shoemaker, bds. 16 Lincoln 

Farrell Johanna, widow, h. Burnt Woods 

Farrington Carrie Miss., nurse, Central Me. Gen'l Hospi- 
tal, 296 Main, bds. do. 


Farrington Frank P., clerk, 187 Main, bds. 40 Sabattus 

Farrington Jessie A. Mrs., h. 40 Sabattus 

Farris Adelbert L., shoemaker, rms. 78 Park 

Farris Chester, rras. 352 Main 

Farwell YValden G., farmhand, h. 71 College 

Fassett Avlarez G. (Fassett & Bassett), photographer, 

124 Lisbon, h. 145 Pine 
Fassett George L., carpenter, h. 130 College 
Fassett Myra, widow, h. 102 Franklin 
Fassett & Bassett (Alvarez G. Fassett, and Harry C. 

Bassett), photographers, 124 Lisbon 
Faucher Frank A., apothecary, 366 Lisbon, rms. Cedar 
Faucher Marie Miss,, h. 58 Cedar 
Faucher Philias, ins. solicitor, bds. 42 College 
Faunce George E., letter carrier, P. O. house 80 College 
Faunce I. S., carriage and house painter, 57 Bates, near 

Main, house 80 College 
Feeley Jeremiah, laborer, house 30 Water 
Feeuey Andrew, laborer, house 24 Knox 
Feeney Bridget, widow, house 237 Lincoln 
Feeney Ellen, widow of Michael, house 66 Lincoln 
Feeney John, operative, bds. 237 Lincoln 
Feeney Nicholas, operative, bds. 237 Lincoln 
Feeney Patrick, operative, bds. 237 Lincoln 
Fellows Mary F., widow, house Main, Barkerville 
Felt Frank J., painter, house 107 Nichols 
Fenlason Devereaux H., carriage smith, 35 Park, bds. 

10 Bates Corp. 
Ferguson Albert J., stone cutter, house 107 Summer 
Ferguson Alexander, designer, Cowan Woolen Co., house 

34 Vale [Wood 

Ferguson Chauncy C, student, Bates College, rms. 173 
Ferguson Lizzie, Miss, clerk 126 Lisbon, bds. 34 Vale 
Ferguson Thomas, laborer, house 39 Spring 

FERGUSON WILLIAM B., baker and confec- 
tioner, 177 Lisbon, bds. 83 Bartlett (see page 15) 
Ferland Francois, shoemaker, house 99 Blake 
Ferland Joseph, shoemaker, house 109 Cedar 
Ferland Joseph, Mrs., dressmaker, 109 Cedar, bds. do. 
Ferland Marie Seraphim, house 78 Birch 
Fernald Emily, Miss, compositor Journal office, house 164 

FERNALD JAMES M., books, stationery and 
periodicals, 71 Lisbon, house 15 Middle (see back 
Fernald J. M. Mrs., corsets, shoulder braces and support- 
ers, 71 Lisbon, house 15 Middle 
Ferris William, laborer, r. 322 Lisbon 
Fickett Arthur PI, shoemaker, house Greene road, near 
Greene line 


Fickett James T., second hand, Hill Mill, house 2 Hill 
Corp., Canal 

Fickett William P., hairdresser, house Webster road, opp. 

Fisher John, weaver, rms. 72 Park 

Field B. M. Miss, teacher No Name Pond school, bds. 
143 Oak 

Field Charles B., second hand, spinning room, Andros- 
coggin Mill, house 305 Bates 

Field Daniel A., carpenter, b. Henry C. Field's, Greene 

FIELD EDWIN F., machinist, 36 Canal, house do. 
(see page 20) [Park 

Field Esther A., widow of Barton A., boarding house 97 
Field Frank B., machinist, house 172 Holland [Bates 

Field Frank PI D.. overseer, Hill Mnfg. Co. house 164 
Field George H., carpenter, house Greene road 
Field Henry C, farmer, house Greene road 
Field Irvin L., carpenter, house 19 High 
Field James W., farmer, house Greene road 
Field Robert A., clerk, 200 Main, house Greene road 
Field Walter, machinist, 36 Canal, bds. 3 Continental 
Corp., Oxford [Park 

Field William A., second hand, Lewiston Mill, bds. 97 
Fielding William, spinner, house 180 Blake 
Fifield Frank, shoemaker, rms. 352 Main 
Files George B., brincipal High school, house 369 Main 
Filiault Alphonse, shoemaker, bds. 10 Lincoln 
Filiault James, shoemaker, house 14 College 
Filiault Joseph, operative, house 10 Railroad alley 
Filiault Louis, shoemaker, house 14 Lincoln 
Filiault Polycarpe, operative, house 10 Railroad alley 
Filiault Polycarpe, house 10 Lincoln 
Filiault Polycarpe, Jr., millman, bds. 10 Lincoln 
Fillion Ernest, operative, bds. rear 245 Park 
Filoon, see Philoon 

Finn IJaniel F., police, house 74 Knox 
Finn John A., student, bds. 74 Knox 
Finn William, sub. -carrier P. O., bds. #15 Knox 
1?IRST NATIONAL BANK, of Lewiston, J. Y. 
Jj fcjcruton, pres., Albert L. Templeton, cashier, Cen- 
tral block, Main, corner Lisbon (see opp. Banks) 
Fish Lucv J., Miss, telephone operator, 198 Lisbon, room 

33, bds. 60 Howe 
Fish Sadie Miss., weaver, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Ox- 
Fisher C. II. Miss, bds. 35 High 
Fisher Herman, weaver, Bates Mill, house 39 Spring 
Fisher Joseph II. (Lemont & Fisher), stoves, etc., 163 
Lisbon, house 34 High 


Fisher Walter B., shoemaker, house 11 Bridge 
Fisk Charles T., physician, 344 Main, house do. 
Fitch M. Helen, Mrs. house 798 Main, Barkerviile 
Fitch Nellie, Miss, shoe paster, rms. 18 Park 
Fitzgerald Daniel S., painter, Continental Mill, house 1 

Continental Corporation 
Fitzgerald Henry, dyer, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Ox- 
Fitzgerald James, shoemaker, house 247 Lincoln 
Fitzpatrick Michael, spinner, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Flagg Abel, farmer, house rear 13 Bates 
Flagg Jennie E., Mrs., house 91 Park 
Flaherty James, laborer, bds. 117 Oak 
Flaherty John, blacksmith, bds. 52 Spring 
Flaherty Michael, house 47 Middle 
Flaherty Patrick, engineer, house 30 Lincoln 
Flaherty Patrick J., overseer, Lewiston Bleacherv. 

bouse 233 Blake 
Flaherty Stephen, laborer, house 117 Oak 
Flanagan Edward, section hand, Lewiston Mill Co., bds. 

320 Lincoln 
Flanagan John, second hand, Androscoggin Mills 
Flanagan John, steam fitter, 48 Main, house 57 Park 
Flanagan Michael, mule spinner, house 332 Lincoln 
Flanders Alonzo, leather colorer and bleacher, 567 Main, 

house at Auburn 
Fletcher George, weaver, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Fletcher Herbert, weaver, bds. 230 Main 
Fletcher Richard F., painter, house 20 Elm 
Flewelling Edith L. Miss, compositor Journal office, h. 

80 Elm 
Flewelling Samuel G., laborer, bouse 80 Elm 
Flight Albert, operative, bds. 6 Bates 
Flynn Anna, widow of Owen, house 74 Lincoln st. alley 
Flight Albert, beamer, Bates Mufg. Co, h. 70 Summer 
Flynn Ellen, widow of Martin, house 320 Lincoln 
Flynn James D., mason, house 178 Oak 
Flynn Jennie Miss, carder, Continental Mills, house 320 

Elynn John, laborer, house 60 Canal 

Flynn John, spinner, Androscoggin Mill, boards 74 Lin- 
coln-street alley 
Flynn Patrick, painter, bds. 74 Lincoln-st. alley 
Flynn Patrick, iron moulder, house 24 Blake 
Flynn Patrick H., overseer, white finishing, Liwiston, B. 

& D. Works, house 58 Birch 
Fogg Alex M., clerk, 209 Main, house 134 Wood 
Fogg Alvin E., engineer, Jordan, Frost & Co., b. 106 Ash 
Fogg Bertell N., clerk, 7 Lisbon, house 106 Ash 

FOGG EDGAR J. (M. J. Rogers & Co.), medicine 
mnfr., 21 Lisbon, house 428 Main 


Fogg Edmund L., clerk, 243 Main, house 61 High 

Fogg John, clerk, 10 Park, boards 53 High 

Fogg Joseph, steam fitter, 48 Main 

Fogii Nathan L., farmer, house College, near Montello 

Fogg Nathan P., carpenter, house 368 College 

Fogg Philip A., clerk, Hotel Rockingham, 62 Franklin, 

boards do. 
Fogg Rosaline 8., widow of Rev. E. T., house 27 Winter 
Foley Annie, weaver, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Foley Anthony, cigar maker, 52 Canal, bds. 134 Oxford 
Foley Dennis, laborer, house 31 Prescott 
Foley Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 33 Lisbon road 
Foley Michael, laborer, bds. Jere. Foley's, Lisbon road 
Foley Peter, laborer, L. B. & D. Works, h. 304 Lincoln 
Foley Thomas E., operative, bds. 304 Lincoln 
Follen Patrick, weaver, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
Folsom Israel, slasher tender, house 90 Elm 
Fontaine Joseph, house 43 Hines alley 
Footman Fred, operative, boards 15 Knox 
Ford Robert, weaver, Bates Mill, bds. 290 Bates Corp 
Fortier Alfred, carpenter, house 211 Lincoln 
Fortier Eugene, teamster, house 137 Pierce 
Fortier Jean B., laborer, bds. 119 Oxford 
Fortier Joseph, laborer, bds. 67 Lincoln 
Fortier Laurent, operative, house 120 Oxford 
Fortier Ludger, weaver, bds. 211 Lincoln 
Fortier Napoleon, shoemaker, 76 Lisbon, bds. 13 Spruce 
Fortier Napoleon, weaver, bds. 2 on the Island 
Fortier Olivier, blacksmith, bds. 133 Oxford 
Fortier Patrice, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Fortier Philiare, operative, house 2 Birch 
Fortier Pierre, salesman, 75 Park, bds. 119 Oxford 
Fortin Adolph, weaver, boards 37 Knox 
Fortin Alfred, laborer, house 125 Oxford 
Fortin Edwin, pressman, 141 Main, bds. 6 Lisbon 
Fortin Gideon, weaver, boards 37 Knox 
Fortin Henri, weaver, boards 22 on the Island 
Fortin John B., weaver, boards 37 Knox 
Fortin Joseph, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 52 Lincoln-st alley 
Fortin Prudente, laborer, house 37 Knox 
Fortin Remie, laborer, house 208 Park 
Fortin Remie, Jr, operative, bds. 208 Park 
Foss Albert E., machinist, 48 Main, house 73 Franklin 
Foss Alvin, student, Bates College, bds. 145 Nichols 
Foss Annie L. Miss, weaver, rms. 232 Lisbon 
Foss Charles, shoemaker, boards 38 Bates 
Foss Clara Mrs., bds. 5 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Foss Edmond J., mason, house 111 Bates 
Foss Klmer \V\, laster, house 57 Park 
Foss Herbert L. (Hodgkins, Foss & Co.) , carpenter, 7 

Main, house at Auburn 


Foss John, carpenter, house 8 Vale 

Foss John F., shoemaker, bds. 180 Lisbon 

Foss Mary H., widow of Alvin F., house 46 High 

Foss Maurette, clerk, 116 Lisbon, bds. 127 Pine 

Foss Nathaniel, farmer, h. off Lisbon rd., n. Lisbon line 

Foss Uriah, carpenter, bouse 66 Blake 

Foss William S., farmer, h. off Lisbon rd., n. Lisbon line 

Foster Amos A., overseer, machine shop, Bates Mill, rms. 

16 Bates Corporation 
Foster Emma B. Mrs., house 36 Park 
Foster George, laborer, bds. 34 Lincoln 
Foster Mattie, widow of Charles E., rms- 117 Main 
Foster May J. Mrs., nurse, house'3 Bridge 
Foster Samuel Howard, section hand, Hill Mill, house 1 

Hill Corporation, Canal 
Fournier Alexandre, insurance agent, 256 Lisbon, rm. 8, 

house 198 Lincoln 
Fournier Alexaudre, operative, bds. 198 Lincoln 
Fournier Amede, weaver, bds. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Fournier Artimise, widow of Joseph, b. 52 Lincoln-st. alley 
Fournier Charles, blacksmith, M. C. K. R., h. 27 Mill 
Fournier Dennis, laborer, house 13 on the Island 
Fournier Elise Miss, bds. 17 on the Island 
Fournier A sarie, tinsmith, 65 Lisbon, bds. 361 do. 
Fournier He menegilde, laborer, bds. 13 on the Islaad 
Fournier Joseph, carriage painter, 35 Park, bds. 67 Oak 
Fournier Joseph, house 34 Chestnut 
Fournier Joseph, operative, bds. 113 Cedar 
Fournier Joseph, operative, house 202 Park 
Fournier Pamphile, carpenter, house 200 Park 
Fournier Samuel, operative, bds. 112 Hines alley 
Fournier Thomas, operative, bds. 32 Lincoln-st. alley 
Fournier Trefle, gardener, 318 Sabbatus, bds. do. 
Fowler Florence Miss, tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds. 91 Howe 
Fowler Samuel, loom fixer, house 104 Blake 
Fox Adam, weaver, bds. Daniel Moorehouse's, Sabattus 
Fradett Peter, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Franeis Brother, assistant, Marist Brothers school, 254 

Bates [ford 

Francis Albert, shoemaker, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Ox- 
Francis William P., shoemaker, house 178 Holland 
Frank Adrian J., shoemaker, bds. 38 Ash 

FRANKLIN COMPANY, Stephen Lee, agent, 
office under De Witt House, 112 Park (see Miscella- 
neous Department) 
Frasen Angelle, house 73 Lincoln 
Eraser Elinor, widow of Oliver, bds. 39 Cedar 
Eraser Henrietta Miss, dressmaker, 31 Chestnut, boards 

126 Lincoln 
Eraser John (Watson & Fraser), blacksmith, 51 Bates, 
house 14 Colder 


Fraser Joseph, laborer, h. 14 Lincoln st. alley 

F laser Olivier A., clerk, house 98 Lincoln 

Fraser Robert, second hand, Bates Mill, h. 18 Bates Corp. 

Frechette Delina, widow of Louis, house 198 Park 

Frechette Joseph, operative, house 202 Park 

Fredette Eugene, stonecutter, house 91 Blake 

Free Henry (Darling, Free & Co.), ventilators, rock lined 

pipes and door plates, 145 Main, house 74 College 
Free Henry A., treas., The B. Peck Dry Goods Co., 126 

Lisbon, rms. 340 Main 
Freeman Robert, box maker, bds. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Freese Arthur S., sectiou hand, Bates Mill, h. 129 Pierce 
Freese Paul D., house 129 Pierce 
French Albert Lincoln, physician, 32 Horton, h. do. 
French Charles K., driver," L. & A. H. R. R., house 126 

French George H., second hand, Hill Mnfg. Co., house 

22 Hill Corp. 
French Hannah L., dressmaker, house 145 Pine 
French John, police captain, rms. 367 Lisbon 
French Lottie A. Mrs., house 59 Pierce 
French May Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 145 Pine 
French Milton, agent, Merchants Express Co., 29 Ash, 

house at Auburn 
French Walter A., student, bds. 321 Pine 
Freve Angele, widow of William, h. 86 Lincoln 
Friend Asa, bds. 307 Bates 
Friend William, operative, h. rear 307 Bates 
Frisbee Ivory F., principal teacher of Latin and Greek, 

Nichols Latin school, bds. 247 College 
Frishette Francois, laborer, house rear 245 Park 
Frishette Olivier, laborer, house Spruce, cor. Knox 
Frost Albeit E. (Jordan, Frost & Co.), planing mill, G. 

T. R. yard, h. 476 Main 
Frost Amanda M., widow of Thomas J., h. 101 Chestnut 
Frost Frank L., bookkeeper, Jordan, Frost & Co., G. T. 

R, yard, house 12 High 
Frost George, clerk, 34 Ash, bds. 176 Lisbon 
Frost Henry, carpenter, house 133 Pine 
Frost Jennie T. Miss, house 108 Lisbon 
Frost John L,, clerk, O. S. Ham, Grand Trunk Yard, h. 

at Auburn 
Frost Mary, widow of Charles T., house 101 Park 
Frost Ruel W., canvasser, h. 108 Lisbon 
Frost Walter E., house 101 Chestnut 
Frost William, undertaker, 57 Main, h. at Auburn 
Frost William H., farm hand, bds. John W. Mitchell's, 

off East 
Frost Woodbury G., salesman, Jordon, Frost & Co., b. 

476 Main 
Frueau George H., laborer, h. 22 Summer 


Frve Jane T. Mrs., house 71 Blake 
Frye Joseph F., blacksmith, 168 Main, h. 76 Sabattus 
Frve Mary N. Mrs., dressmaker, 63J Lisbon, h. clo. 
Frye Sarah C. Miss, h. Frye, n. College [Main 

Frye William P., senattr (Washington, D. C), h. 457 
Fuller Bennett B., real estate agent, 215 Lisbon, house at 

Fuller Elbridge G., bds. 67 East av. 
Fuller Fred R., clerk, 127 Lisbon, rms. do. 
Fuller George W., shoemaker, h. 40 Bartlett 
Fuller Harry W., baker, 177 Lisbon, rms. 175 do. 
Fuller Isaiah, twister, Bates Mill, h. 108 Bartlett 
Fuller Simeon A., shoe cutter (Auburn), b. 58 High 
Fuller Spencer H., watch maker, 127 Lisbon, house 421 

Fullerton Cordelia J. Miss, b. 5 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Fullonton John, professor of Ecclesiastical History and 

Pastoral Theology, Bates College, h. 77 College 
Furbush Abram, painter, bds. 54 Oak [road 

Furbush Charles, farmer, bds. H. W. Furbush's, College 
Furbush Fred, farmer, h. College rd., n. Merrill road 

I71URBUSH GEORGE W., livery stable, 103 Park, 
; h. 69 Horton (see p. 568) 
Furbush Henry C, master mechanic, Lewiston Mills, h. 
at Auburn , [lege road 

Furbush Henry Frank, farmer, b. H. W. Furbush's, Col- 
Furbush Henry W., farmer, h. College rd., next Greene 

Furbush John W., hostler, 119 Main, house 54 Oak 
Furbush Nellie C. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. 118 Bartlett 
Furbush Warren, carpenter, house 13 Horton 

GABEL HERMAN, operative, h. 61 Walnut 
Gage Abbie A., widow of Ezra, house 137 Blake 
Gage Alice C. Mrs., nurse, house 44 Pierce 
Gagne Achille, operative, bds. 194 Lincoln 
Gagne Amede, plasterer, house 39 Hines alley 
Gagne Amedie, operative, bds. 198 Lincoln 
Gagne Aureie E., clerk, 194 Lisbon, house 101 Ash 
Gagne Caroline, widow of Frederic, h. 16£ Lincoln 
Gagne Dominique, clerk, 366 Lisbon, bds. 363 do. 
Gagne Francois, yardman, Bates Mill, h. 193 Lincoln 
Gagne Isaie, laborer, house 49 Hines alley 
Gagne Jean Evangeliste, books and stationery, 33 Chest- 
nut, house 349 Pine 
Gagne Joseph N., clerk, 204 Lincoln, b. 71 Park 
Gagne Louis, laborer, house 62 Hines alley 
Gagne Mirarcl, brickmaker, house River road 
Gagne Napoleon, operative, h. 64 Hiues alley 
Gagne Narcisse, house 103 Chestnut 


Gague Prospere, laborer, liouse 198 Lincoln 

Gagne Theodore N., apothecary, 275 Lisbon, and jewelry, 

272 do., house 422 do- 
Gagne Thomas, house 5 Cross 
Gagne William E., painter, house 103 Ash 
GagnoD Adele, widow of Pierre, h. 241 Park 
Gaguon Albert, apothecary, 140 Lincoln, bds. 40 do. 
Gagnon Alfred, clerk, 75 Lisbon, bds. 52 Pierce 
Gaguon Arnesse, laborer, M. C. R. R., liouse 29 Railroad 

Gagnon Caroline Miss, carder, b. 5 Hill Corp., Canal 
Gagnon Napoleon, laborer, house 135 Oxford 
Gagnon Ernest, engine wiper, house 31 Railway alley 
Gagnon Evangeliste, weaver, house 50 Hines alley 
Gagnon Gedeon, weaver, liouse 424 Lisbon 
Gagnon Hirose, weaver, bds. 144 Lincoln [alley 

Gagnon Isaac, stock fitter, 64 Main, house 14 Railroad 
Gagnon Lena, Miss, carder, bds. 5 Mill Corp., Canal 
Gagnon Magloire, dyer, house 50 Lincoln st. alley 
Gagnon Maxiine, house 52 Pierce 
Gagnon Mederic, laborer, bds. 74 Lincoln alley 
Gagnon Napoleon, laborer, house 58 Franklin 
Gagnon Napoleon, operative, house 135 Oxford 
Gagnon Philibert, clerk, bds. 14 Lincoln 
Gagnon Pierre, laborer, house Sabattus road, beyond 

Thorne'or cor er 
Gagnon Fierce, miliman, house, rear 73 Knox 
Gagnon Themppbi e, shoemaker, house 14 Lincoln 
Gahagan James F.. clerk, 249 Main, bds. 250 Lincoln 
Gahagan John, laborer, bds. 250 Lincoln 
Gahagan William, operative, liouse 3 Water 
Gahagan Mary, widow, liouse 250 Lincoln 
Gainey Patrick, laborer, liouse 39 Lisbon road 
Galarneau Joseph, laster, house 19 Main 
Gallagher Eunice, Mrs., house 339 Main 
Gallagher George, mach. apprentice, bds. 339 Main 
Gallagher James, clerk, rooms 82 Park 
Gallagher Sarah, weaver, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
Galvin Betsey, Miss, liouse 109 Pierce 
Gamache Eugene, painter, bds. 53 Knox 
Gamache Fortuna, operative, bds. 135 Oxford [dar 

Gamache Joseph, operative, Androscoggin, bds. 110 Ce- 
Gamish Peter, liouse 346 Lisbon 

Garnish Sarah C. Mrs., roots and herbs, 34G Lisbon, h. do. 
Gammon Charles E., laundry man, 252 Lisbon, rooms 

175 Park 
Gammon Charles J., overseer, spinning room, Androscog- 
gin Mills, house 38 Maple 
Gammon Cynthia A., widow of Joshua D., house 42 


machinist, house Sabattus road, 
beyond Russell 
Gammon Josie W. Mrs., dressmaker, 114 Bartlett, h. do. 
Garcelon Abram W., section hand, house 134 Blake 
Garcelou Alice M. Miss, house 11 High 
Garcelon Alonzo, surgeon, Sabattus road, cor. East ave. 

' house do. 
Garcelon Alonzo M., physician, 98 Franklin, h. do. 
Garcelon Daniel M., clerk, house 100 Blake 
Garcelon Frank J., driver, 235 Main, h. 16 Prescott 
Garcelon Fred A., overseer, spinning, Columbia Mill, h. 

157 East ave. 
Garcelon Fred M., overseer, Hill Mnfr. Co., h. 15 Hill 

Cor p., Canal 
Garcelon George F. (Soule & Garcelon), billiards, 121 

Lisbon, h. 142 Summer 
Garcelon Harriet R., widow of Henry M., h. Cross road, 

near Pine Wood school house 
Garcelon James, farmer, h. off River road, near Garcelon 

Garcelon John B., overseer, yard, Continental Mills, h. 

65 Pierce 
Garcelon Joseph S., farmer, h. Garcelon Ferry road 
Garcelon Lafayette, stock fitter, 64 Main, h. 12 Park 
Garcelon Leslie L.. shoemaker, rooms 31 Franklin 
Garcelon Lucy A. widow of Wm., F., h. 384 Main 
Garcelon Samuel D., farmer, bds. Joseph S. Garcelon's 
Garcelon. William F., teacher (Philadelphia), bds. 384 

Garcelon William H., letter carrier, P. 0., h. 58 Pierce 
Gardinni Charles, peddler, h. 403 Lisbon 
Gardner Almon J., mason, 86 Pierce, house do. 
Gargan Bridget, widow, house 19 Lincoln 
Gargan William, operative, house 35 Lincoln 
Garland Augusta E. Mrs., house 17 Franklin 
Garneau Joseph, laborer, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Garner Aaron, clerk, 97 Ash, house 69 Nichols 

GARNE R JOHN, groceries and provisions, 213 
Park, I ouse do. (see p. 7) 
Garner Minnie A. Miss, bookkeeper, 213 Park, bds. do. 
Garner W/7 am, spinner, b. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Garneau ElHuzippe, shoemaker, 148 Main, h. 103 Ash 
Garneau Gilbert, laborer, house 45 Walnut 
Gatchell Greenville, laborer, house 34 Lisbon [ville 

Gassett Charles A., butcher, house Main, beyond Barker- 
Gastonguay Joseph, house 148 Oxford 
Gastonguay Joseph, laborer, bds. 119 Park 
Gastonguay Jean B., operative, house 119 Park 
Gastonguay Pomela, Miss, dressmaker, 73 Franklin, h. do. 
Gastonguay Xavier, teamster, h. 73 Franklin 


Gaudette Gedeon, teamster, bds 30 Chestnut 
Gaudette Hector, teamster, bds. 109 Lincoln 
Gaudette Rebecca E. Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbou, bds. 249 

Gaucette Noel, laborer, house 30 Chestnut 
Gaudette Victor, teamster, house 109 Lincoln 
Gauthier A. Miss, dressmaker, 17 Spruce, house do. 
Gauthier Arsene, brickmaker, house 23 Mill [alley 

Gauthier Octave, laborer, water works, h. 118 Canal st. 
Gauthier Pierre, operative, house 39 Cedar 
Gauthier Samuel, teamster, house 148 Oxford 
Gauvin Bruno, laborer, house 422 Lisbon 
Guavin Elie, carpenter, house 360 Lisbon 
Guavin E., L. Ins. agent, 293 Lisbon 
Gay Albert, foreman, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Gay Charles, pres. (Gay, Woodman Co.), 64 Main, cor. 

Mill, house at Auburn 
Gav George, machine operator, 64 Main. h. at Auburn 

GAY, WOODMAN & CO., Charles Gay, pres., T. 
E. Eustis. treas., mnfrs. of Boots and shoes, 64 

Main (see page497) 
Gay see also Guay 

Gayton James, farmer, house Lisbon road, n. Lisbon line 
Geary Bridget, widow of John, house 260 Lincoln 
Geary Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 260 Lincoln 
Geary Michael, weaver, bds. 260 Lincoln 
Gee Alberto H., pay master, Gay, Woodman Co., house, 

261 Webster 
Genault Denis, carpenter, house 33 Franklin 
Gendron Amedee operative, bds. 135 Oxford 
Gendron Charles, operative, bds. 135 Oxford 
Geuest Thelesphore, laborer, L. B. & D. W., house 376 

Gent Charles, peddler, house 35 Union 
George James, loom fixer. Bates Mill, h. 135 Horton 
Gerard Eleonore, widow of Cerile, house 56 Maple 
Geroux David, carpenter, house 14 Knox 
Gerrish David T., carpenter, house 84 College 
Gerrish Lore n da W. Mrs. nurse, house 84 College 

GERRISH EDWIN H., apothecary, 145 Lisbou, 
also agent G. M. Rook, florist, house 56 Horton (see 
opp. Apothecaries) [burn 

Gerrish Fred A., carriage maker, 35 Park, house at Au- 
Gervais Ferdinand, millnian, house 181 Lincoln 
Gervais Joseph, laborer, bds. 211 Lincoln* 
Gervais Joseph, laborer, house 374 Lisbon 
Gervais Noel, weaver, bds. 181 Lincoln 
Getchell Christopher T., carpenter, house 50 Bates 
Getchell Colby, shirt cutter, 256 Lisbon, b. 12 Farwell ct. 
Getchell Delia Mrs., boarding house, 5 Bates Corp. 



Oetchell Ernest, loom fixer, Bates Mill, h. 5 Ash 
Getchell Ezra, second band, Hill Mnfr. Co., house 16 

Hill Corp. 
Getchell John, carpenter, bds. 195 Oak 
GetchellJosiah F., harness maker, 127 Main, house 780 

Main, Barkervill 
Getchell Kate Mrs., house 139 Blake 

Getchell Mark A., shoemaker, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Getchell Mary A., widow of Owen, bds. 80 Wood 
Getchell Phillip P., hats, caps, and furs, 110 Lisbon, h. 

18 High 
. bbs Charles H.(Gibbs & Dain), sash mnfr., Cross 

Canal, house at Auburn 
Gibbs Eugene J., draughtsman, 215 Lisbon 
Gibbs John, fireman, bobbin factory, 1 Cross Canal, house 

at Woburn 
Gibbs & Dain (Charles H. Gibbs and William C. Dain), 

sash mnfrs., foot Cross Canal 
Gifford Charles, sash maker, Gibbs & Dain 
Gifford Henry M., musician, bds. 87 Sabattus 
Gifford James N., river driver, house 65 Oak 
Gifford Joseph A., wood worker, Jordan, Frost & Co., 

Cross Canal, house 13 Howe 
Giguere Cesorine, bookkeeper, 143 Lincoln, b. 113 Cedar 
Giguere Gaodiose, tinman, 143 Lincoln, h. 108 Lincoln 
Giguere Isaac, operative, house 43 Knox 
Giguere Joseph, tinsmith, 163 Lisbon, b. 63 Franklin 
Giguere Phileas, letter carrier, Post Office, h. 113 Cedar 
Giguere Richard, laborer, house 119 Oxford 
Giguere Barthelemie, laborer, house 62 Lincoln 
Gilbert Caleb S., house 8 Pleasant 
Gilbert Alphonse, house 74 Lincoln 
Gilbert Arthur, laborer, house 61 Lincoln - 
Gilbert Ephrem, laborer, house 4 Oxford 
Gilbert Geo. E., filing steamer, Centinental Mills, house 
Montello near College 

lbert Herbert, laborer, rooms 48 Park 

lbert Jean, machine operative, h. 17 on the Island 

lbert Joseph, laborer, house 47 Hines Alley 

lbert Joseph R., harness maker, 179 Main, h. 36 Ash 

lbert Richard, gardener, 318 Sabbattus 

lbert Vital, gardener, house 191 Ash 

lbert Vital, Jr., laborer, bds. 101 Ash 

lbert William, operative, rms. Ill Blake 

ldard Henry, second hand, Bates Mill, bds, 14^ Bates 
Corp., Canal 

lden Sadie Mrs., house 102 Lisbon 

llan John, dyer, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 

llespie Michael B., river man, house 116 Summer 

lling Catherine, widow, house 61 Knox 


Gillis Joseph, weaver, bds. 14 Hill Corp. 
Gilman Adoniram J., boarding house, 4 Bates Corp. 
Oilman Anson, sign, fresco and portrait painter, 239 Lis- 
bon, house 17 College 
Gilman Charles A., clerk, 49 Lisbon, h. 161 College 
Gilman Daniel, teamster, 138 Bates 
Gilman Francis M., widow of Joseph A., h. 46 Pierce 
Gilman Napoleon, broom maker, 77 Lowell 
Gilpatric David M., overseer, yard, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 

11 Hill Corporation 
Gilpatric Fred, musician, house 26 Birch 
Gilpatric Harry, clerk, 110 Lisbon, b. 11 Hill Corp. 
Gilpatric Ralph W., harness maker, 127 Main, boards 11 

Hill Corporation, Canal 
Gilpatrick Albert, coachman, rooms 202 Main 
Gilpatrick Ann, widow of Eugene, bds. rear 75 Park 
Gilpatrick Charles, farmer, h. Lisbon rd., n. Lisbon line 
Gilpatrick Eugene, card grinder, Bates Mill, h. at Auburn 
Gilpatrick Miranda, widow, bds. James Gray ton's Lis- 
bon road 
Gilpatrick Orrin, carpenter, bds. 264 Pine 
Gilroy Peter, laborer, house 37 Water 
Gilroy Peter, Jr., laborer, bds. 37 Water 
Ginder Herman, operative, house 140 Horton 
Gingras Arsene, clerk 146 Liconln, house at Auburn 
Gingras Eugene, clerk, 146 Lincoln, bds. 78 Ash 
Gingras L. Napoleon (L. N. Gingras & Co.;, grocer, 146 

Lincoln, house 78 Ash 
Gringras L. N. & Co. (Louis N. Griugras), groceries and 

provisions, 146 Lincoln 
Girard Alexandre, operative, house 242 Park 
Girard Loren Mrs., dressmaker, 92 Chestnut, house 56 

Girardin Ignace, carpenter, house 17 Railroad Alley 
Girardin John, carpenter, boards 17 Railroad Alley 
Girouard Ambroise, laborer, h. 28 Lincoln st. Alley 
Girouard Joseph A., physician, 92 Lincoln, h. 228 Bates 
Given Albert H., overseer, Cowan Mill, h. 34 Park 
Given Fred A., teacher of the violin and leader of Given's 

Orchestra, Small's Block, 158 Main 
Given Henrietta A. Miss, teacher (Elsworth), b. 42 High 
Given John, house 42 High 

Given Helen L. Miss, bookkeeper, 239 Main, b. 52 High 
Given William H., teacher cornet and manager, Given's 

Orchestre, Small's block, 158 Main 
Given's Orchestra, William H. Given, manager Small's 

Gledhill Thomas H., insurance, house 110 Ash 
Gledhill Warren W. (Gledhill & Mauev), 120 Lisbon, bds. 
110 Ash 


GLEDHILL, & MANEY (W. W. Gledhill and 
Wm. A. Maney), gents furnishings, 120 Lisbon(see 
page 8) 
Glennon Mary Miss, Ms. 59 Park 
Glennon Thomas, operative, bds. 69 Park 
Glennon William H., operative, bds. 59 Park 
Glidden Harrison E., carder, boarding house, 230 Main 
Glidden Samuel S., overseer, Cowan Mill, h. 230 Main 
Glossop William, spinner,bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Godbois Marie, widow of Henri, bds. 81 Lincoln 
Goddard Mary, widow of Charles, bds. Samuel Collins' 

Godette Noel, laborer, house 30 Chestuut 
Godin Joseph, bookkeeper, house 4 Oxford 
Goding George H., roll coverer, H. H. Dickey & Son, 

house at Auburn 
Godwin Charles 0., operative, bds. 61 Birch 
Godwin Frank L. laborer, house 61 Birch 
Godwin Hattie, widow of Orrin, house 319 Bates 
Goff Cyrus, mill hand, house 8 Union 
Goff John, livery stable, 17 Park, house 19 do. 
Goff L. King, mason, rooms 119 Lisbon 
Goff Mary, widow of Michael, h. River road 
Goff Maurice M., farmer, h. River road 
Goff Maynard W., fish market, 307 Lisbon, h. 309 do. 
Goff Patrick H., laborer, h. River road 
Goggin John, house 170 Holland 

Golden Alice O. Miss, cashier, 184 Lisbon, b. 68 Birch 
Golden Edward B., clerk, b. J. B. Golden's, Strawberry 

Golden James, laborer, house 10 Water 
Golden James B., at Lewiston B. & D. Works, house 

Strawberry Patch 
Golden James J., clerk, 81 Lisbon, b. J. B. Golden's, 

Strawberry Patch 
Golden Thomas, marble worker, b. J. B. Golden's, Straw- 
berry Patch 
Golder Alfred H., tape dresser, house 68 Birch 
Golder Alice O., clerk, 184 Lisbon, b. H.A. Golder's 
Golder Charles, hostler, boards 252 Main 
Golder Edgar J., farmer, h. Sabattus rd., c. ^o Name 

Pond road 
Golder Elizabeth M., widow of Orrin S., h. Sabattus rd., 

cor. No Name Pond road 
Golder Ella F. Miss, dressmaker, 9 Bartlett, b. do. 
Golder Fred, livery, boarding and baiting stable, ^Frank- 
lin, house 9 do. 
Golder Henry A., house 68 Birch 

Golder Isaac S., livery stable, 18 Franklin, h. 252 Main 
Golder James J., house 9 Bartlett 


Golder John W"., butcher, Sabattus rd., beyond No Name 

Pond road 
Golder LillieM., teacher (Webster), b. J. W. Golder's, 

Sabattus road 
Golder Lnville, farm hand, b. E. J. Golder's, Sabattus rd. 
Golder Moses D. Mrs., h. 102 Franklin 
Golder Nathan I)., carpenter, house 99 Nichols 
Golder Sarah J., widow of Isaac, h. 1 7 Orange 
Golder Ulysses G., weaver (Webster), b. J. \V\ Golder's, 

Sabattus road 
Gonthier Arsine, laborer, h. 23 Mill 
Gonthier Philias, clerk, house 136 Oxford 
Goodrich Arthur D., belt maker, 136 Main, h. 153 Pine 
Goodrich Fred B. (Tibbetts & Goodrich), grocer, 97 Ash, 

house 109 do. 
Goodrich John, operative, rooms 13 Hill Corp. 
Goodkowsky Joseph H., dry goods, 171 Lincoln, h. do. 
Goodwin Charles H., boarding house, 172 Bates 
Goodwin Charles H., farmer, h. Pleasant 
Goodwin Charles H., cigar maker, 64 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Goodwin George, h. 172 Bates 
Goodwin George A., b. 172 Bates 
Googin Alton E., blacksmith, 83 Bates, b. 143 Main 
Googin Melvin J., blacksmith, 84 Bates, and (Harper & 

Googin), coal and wood, 138 Bates and 57 Whipple, 

h. 232 Webster 
Googins Edmund S., cook, M. C. R. R., h. 750 Main 
Gordon Benjamin F., machinist, b. 5 Continental Corp., 

Gordon Evora Mrs., boards 6 Bates Corp. 
Gordon George R., shoemaker (Auburn), h. 422 Main 
Gordon Reuben M., 74 Franklin 
Gordon L. M., mnfr. rubber stamps, 74 Franklin, house 

86 Lisbon 
Gore Henry, steam fitter, 48 Main 
Gore Laura M. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 51 Summer 
Gorman John, lumberman, b. 5 Bates Corp. 
Gorman Patrick, teamster, R. C. Pingree & Co.'s 
Goss Almon L. (A. L. & E. F. Goss), stoves, furnaces, 

etc., 41 to 45 Main, h. at Auburn 

GOSS A. L. & E. F. (Almon L. and Ellery F. Goss), 
stoves, furnaces, etc., 41 to 45 Main (see p. 18) 
Goss Charles F., salesman, 184 Lisbon, h. 60 Wood 
Goss Edwin L., bookkeeper, h. 173 Pine 
Goss Ellery F. (A. L. & E. F. Goss), stoves, furnaces, 

etc., 41 to 45 Main, h. at Auburn 
Goss Eugene W., tinsmith, 48 Main, b. at Auburn 
Goss Eva E. Mrs., h. 14 High street avenue 
Goss George W., teller, First National Bank, Central 

block, 157 Main, h. 157 College 
Goss Herbert A., salesman, 43 Main, b. at Auburn 


Goss John, house 53 High 

Goss John B., student, bds. 53 High 

Goss J. Elmore, farm hand, John M. Jackson, Main, 

boards do. 
Goss Lewis, machinist, rooms 56 Canal 
Goss Minnie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. 53 High 
Goss Viola S., widow of Moses D., h. 26 Webster 
Goss Walter A., clerk, Lewiston Water Works, City bldg 

house 26 Webster 
Gosselin Augustin, carpenter, house 23 Mill 
Gosselin Damase, laborer, h. 12 Hines Alley 
Gosselin Jean B., weaver, bds. 5 Cross 
Gosselin Joseph, clerk, bds. 361 Lisbon 
Gosselin Laurent, carpenter, h. 64 Cedar 
Gouch Louis, teamster, Bearch Wilson & Co. 
Goud ElvaB., widow of David Y., h. 66 Shawmut 
Goud George H., clerk, Lewiston Bleachery, boards 66 

Goulette Isidore, laborer, house 118 Oxford 
Goudreau Deocite, operative, house 23 Mill 
Goudreau Joseph, laborer, boards 197 Lincoln 
Goudreau Joseph, laborer, h. 11 Knox 

Goudreau , laborer, boards 23 Mill 

Gould A. L. Miss, teacher Grammar school, b. 3 Middle 

GOULD BROTHERS (Charles K. and George H. 
Gould), window and door screens mnfrs., Cross 

Canal (see p. 575) 
Gould Charles K. (Gould Brothers), screen mnfr., Cross 

Canal, rooms at Auburn 
Gould George H. (Gould Brothers), screen mnfr., Cross 

Canal, house at Livermore 
Gould Increase, farmer, h. Old Lisbon road, near meeting 

Gould John M., at bobbin factory, h. at Auburn 
Gould Lorenzo D., section hand, house 93 Howe 
Gould Welcome B., carpenter, 7 Main, h. 74 Russell 
Gould Willis C, trav. salesman, house 179 Pine 
Goulet Alphonse, saloon, boards 8 Birch 
Goulet Napoleon, operative, boards 8 Birch 
Goulette Gedeon, laborer, boards 185 Lincoln 
Gousse George, laborer, house 35 Hines Alley 
Gousse Honore, boots and shoes, 82 Lincoln, house do. 
Gouse Prosper, laborer, house 82 Lincoln 
Goutier James, brick maker, h. Pettengill, near Main 
Gouvan Edrnond, insurance agent, h. 97 Chestnut 
Gove Mary Mrs., house 123 College 
Govin Bruno, clerk, 183 Lisbon, h. 422 do. 
Goyette Annie, millman. bds. 167 Lincoln 
Gowell Edward C, farmer, h. Grove, c. Chadbourn rd. 
Gowell Ella Miss, house 175 Lisbon 
Gowell Nahum (Auburn), b. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 


Gowland William, dry plate maker, 14 Main, b. 44 Pierce 

Goyette Louis, operative, bds. 198 Lincoln 

Govette Antoine, operative, bds. 43 Mill 

Grady Mary Agnes Miss, rooms 16 Park 

Graff am Adam W., house 60 Ash 

Graff am Amanda F., widow of Rufus, bds. 45 Maple 

Graffam Annie, widow of Daniel, boards Amos D.Tarr's, 
Sabattns road 

Graffam Charles H., groceries, 43 Maple, h. 43 do. 

Graffam David (D. Graffam & Co.), carriage stock, 42 
Bates, house 49 High 

Graffam D. & Co. (David and William H. Graffam), car- 
riage stock, 42 Bates 

Graffam Fred W., clerk, 243 Main, bds. 49 High 

Graffam Frederick O., carpenter, house 21 Park 

Graffam William, boards 33 Bates 

.Graffam William H. (D. Graffam & Co.), carriage stock, 
42 Bates, house 49 High 

Graham Clemeth, operative, rooms 108 Lisbon 

Graham Edward, musician and shoemaker, h. 113 College 

Graham Frank, operative, rras. 108 Lisbon 

Graham John, operative, house 49 Knox 

Granquist Charles O., pressman, 44 Lisbon, boards 17 

Granquist Henry M., tailor, 44 Lisbon, b. 17 Franklin 

Grand Trunk Railway, station, Lincoln, between Chest- 
nut and Cross 

Granger Robert, dyer, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 

Grant Alton L., confectioner, 160 Lisbon, boards 1 Far- 
well court 

Grant Benson, house 1 Farwell ct 

Grant Edward E., police, house 114 Oak 

Grant Elizabeth S. Miss, dressmaker, b. 1 Farwell ct. 

Grant Lizzie Miss, forewoman, 75 Park, h. 73 do. 

Grant Louisa Miss, weaver, bds. 16 Bates Corp. 

Grant Nellie J., w r idow of Abiel, h. 11 Franklin 

Gravel Arsene, widow of David, h. 82 Hiues alley 

Gravel Henri, painter, bds. 199 Lincoln 

Gravel Hilaire, laborer, bds. 197 Lincoln 

Gravel Nere, painter, h. 197 Lincoln 

Gravel Noel, laborer, h. 13, on the Island 

Gravel Onesime, laborer, house 63 Lincoln 

Graves Fred, carpenter, house 102 Franklin 

Graves Robert W., overseer, cloth room, Hill mill, house 
at Auburn 

Graves Sherman I., student, Bates College, rooms 211 

Gray Caroline M. Miss, h. 31 Franklin 

Greeley John, laborer, house 77 Blake 

Greely Cyrus, builder, house 78 Bartlett 

Greeue David, carpenter, b. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 


Green John B., carpenter, also president Androscoggin 

County Savings Batik, h. 70 Nichols 
Green Robert, house 51 Middle 

Green Robert, carpenter, b. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Green Wilmer B., carpenter, bcls. 70 Nichols 
Greenberg Isaac, dry and fancy goods, 280 Lisbon, house 

97 Chestnut 
Greenberg Michael, drv goods, 196 Lisbon, house 108 

Greenberg Nathan, fancy goods, 33 Lisbon, h. 122 Oak 
Greenburg Joseph, house 39 Birch 
Greene Asa, house 75 Spring 
Greene Asa T., electrician, bds. 75 Spring 
Greene Eva T., nurse, house 70 Nichols 
Greene Frank A., boards 75 Spring 
Greene James, painter, house 49 Middle 
Greene Julia M. Mrs., weaver, B. M. Co., h. 77 Franklin 
Greenleaf George, wall paper, 160 Main, h. at Portland 

GREENLEAF LEVI, lawyer, 51 Lisbon, house 
403 Main (seeopp. Lawyers) 
Greenwood Charles (D. William & Co.), brick mnfr., 

Burnt Woods, house 170 Pine 
Greenwood Miles, student, bds. 170 Pine 
Greenwood Miles, student, bds. 170 Pine 
Greenwood Ralph, picker hand, h. No Name Pond road, 

house Sabuttusville 
Gregoire Alex, laborer, h. rear 1 Hill Corp. 
Gregoire George, operative, house 144 Lincoln 
Gregoire Joseph, city laborer, h. 2 Birch 
Gregoire Jules, drug clerk, 136 Lincoln, house 23 do. 
Gregoire Mary Mrs., dressmaker, 2 Birch, h. do. 
Grenier Mesmin, weaver, Bates Mill, b. 64 Maple 
Grenier Napuleon, laborer, house 39 Knox 
Grenier Pierre, laborer, house 108 Lincoln 
Grenier Pierre, Jr., operative, h. 59 Lincoln 
Grenier Simeon, laborer, house 141 Park 
Griffin Bridget, widow of Patrick, h. 151 Lincoln 
Griffen Christiana, widow of Timothy, b. 35 Middle 
Griffin Clara Miss, house 100 Chestnut 
Griffin Mary, widow of Dennis, h. 212 Park 
Griffin Rebecca D. Mrs., house 35 Middle 
Griffin Stella R.. widow of Loring, tailoress, 46 Lisbon, 

house 43 Bates 
Griswold G. S. & Co., bankers, 51 Lisbon, h. at Portland 
Grollean Alexes, Rev., house 113 Ash 
Groneman Phillip, weaver, house 35 Winter 
Gross Edward W., wholesale meats, G. T. R. Yard, h. 

at Auburn 
Grove Etta May Mrs., laundress, boards 1 Continental 

Corporation, Chestnut 
Grover Angus E., tinsmith, h. 104 Blake 


G rover A. L. Miss, teacher, Bates st. school, boards 247 

Grover Chester L., stitcher, Bates M. Co.,h. 8 Farweli ct. 
G rover Edwin, hairdresser and farmer, h. Grove, coiner 

Sabattus road 
Grover Henry, teamster, house 247 Blake 
Grover John, farmer, h. Webster, n. Vinings Corner 
Grover Lillian A., Miss, teacher, Bates st. primary school, 

boards 247 Blake 
Grover Margaret, widow, h. Grove, cor. Sabattus rd. 
Groves Alphonso, shoemaker, bds. 44 Park 
Groves Charles II., carriage mnfr.,25 Franklin, h. 24 Park 
Groves Charles P., blacksmith, 25 Franklin, h. 24 Park 
Groves Frank, stone cutter, house 1 Middle 
Groves Frank \\\, yard man, 64 Middle, h. River road 
Guav Alfred, weaver, boards 67 Lincoln 

GUAY AUGUSTUS", custom clothing, woolens, etc. 
258 Lisbon, house 103 Chestnut 
GUAY BROTHERS (Joseph and Octave Guay), 
livery stable, 217 Lincoln (see page 576) 
Guay Cyrille, laborer, boards 68 Lincoln 
Guay Irenee, blacksmith, house 62 Lincoln 
Guay Joseph (Guay Bros.), livery stable, 217 Lincoln, 

house 17 Knox 
Guay Marceile, house 67 Lincoln 
Guav Octave (Guay Bros.), livery stable, 217 Lincoln, 

'house 361 
Guay Pierre, laborer, house 59 Lincoln 
Guay Pierre, Jr., at bobbin shop, boards 59 Lincoln 
Guelarneau Jeffrey, shoemaker, house 63 Franklin 
Guerette Elyssee, laborer, house 135 Oxford 
Guertin Telesphore, laborer, house 119 Oxford 

GUILBAULT PIERRE (Couture & Guilbault), 
prop. Le Messager, 27 Chestnut, house 35 Spruce 
Guild Mary B. Mrs., house 3 Orange 
Guillette Antoine (Montreal & Quebec Furniture Co.), 

furniture, etc., 143 Lincoln, house 383 Lisbon 
Guilmette Cyrille, baker, house 104 Lincoln 
Guilmette Cyrille, laborer, house 126 Lincoln 
Guilmette Joseph, shoemaker, boards 126 Lincoln 
Guimond Charles, painter, house 27 Birch 
Guimond Louis, laborer, house 57 Knox 
Guimond Zephirin, section hand, Anddroscoggin Mill, 

house 262 Park 
Gulliver William, weaver, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Gunder Herman, operative, house 140 Hortou 
Guptill Daniel, boards 154 Pine 
Gurney Herbert L., engineer, R. C. Pingree & Co., h. 

8 i Avon 
Gurney Horace M., foreman, 64 Main, house 346 do. 
Gutmano Frank, house 130 Ash 


Gutmann Walter U., student, boards 130 Ash 
Gwilym David Vaughan Rev., rector, Trinity church, h. 
85 Horton 

HAAS HUBERT (Thomas & Haas), confectioner, 322 

Lisbon, 192 Blake 
Hackett Frank P., shoemaker, house 3 Webster 
Hackett Mary F., widow of Orison W., house 39 Union 
Hackett Rosaline, widow of Cyrus, h.818 Main,Barkerville 
Hackett William H., wheelwright, 86 Bates, u. 124 Holland 
Hadley Ellen Miss, news editor, Journal office, boards 

67 Howe 
Hadley Horace, house 67 Howe 
Hagerty Daniel, laborer, boards 34 Lisbon 
Hagerty Daniel, river driver, boards 13 Howe 
Hagerty Daniel F., operative, boards 31 Bleachery Hill 
Hagerty Daniel J., machinist, boards 31 rear Lisbon road 
Hagerty Daniel J., laborer, house rear 73 Park 
Hagerty Dennis, laborer, house 31 rear Lisbon road 
Hagerty Hannah, widow of Timothy, house 34 Lisbon 
Hagerty Jeremiah, polisher, 14 Bates, bds. 34 Lisbon road 
Hagerty John, laborer, house 17 Lisbon road 
Hagerty John C, 325 Lisbon, house 65 Lisbon road 
Hagerty John J. laborer, boards 31 rear Lisbon road 
Hagerty Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 13 Howe 
Hagerty Mary, widow of Daniel, house 6o Lisbon road 
Hagerty Olive, widow of Samuel, boards 10 High st. ave. 
Haggerty John, shoemaker, boards 102 Hill Corp., Canal 
Hahnel G. Fred, section hand, Bates Mill, h. off River rd. 

near hospital 
Hahnel G. Fred, Jr., farmer, h. River road, near hospital 
Haines Arsene, weaver, boards 5 Cross 
Haines William A., messenger, Mer. Ex. Co. ,164 Lisbon, 

h. 74 Lisbon 
Hale George H., cigar maker, house 38 High 
Hale John T., foreman, book and job room, Journal office 

16 Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Hale Nathan S., farmer, house 279 Sabattus 
Haley Addie, widow of Alonzo, house 43 Nichols 
Haley Ann, widow of Patrick, house 17 Main 
Haley Beriah W., blacksmith, 36 Canal, h. 172 Holland 
Haley Bridget, widow of John, house 32 Park 
Haley Charles H., farmer, h. 244 Webster, n. East ave. 
Haley Cornelius, laborer, canal gate house, bds. 32 Park 
Haiey Ellen, widow of William, house rear 74 Knox 
Haley George, hackman, house 190 Main 
Haley James J., cigar maker, 52 Canal, boards at Auburn 
Haley John, moulder, house 41 Water 
Haley John, shoemaker, boards 17 Main [Oxford 

Haley Julia Mrs., weaver, boards 3 Continental Corp., 
Haley Mary J., teacher, boards 244 Webster 


Haley May Miss, dressmaker, 27 Lisbon, house 2 Conti- 
nental Corp., 
Haley Robinson, machinist, boards 41 Water 
Haley Winnifred N. Miss, boards 244 Webster 
Hall Abbie M., widow of Henry D, boards 11 Frye 
Hall Addie Miss, weaver, boards 11 Bates Corp. 
Hall Ann E. Mrs. , weaver, Androscoggin Mill, bds. 49 Knox 

HALL FRED A., pres. Hall & Knight Hardware 
Co., hardware, 53 Lisbon, house 83 Howe(see p.571) 
Hall George S., operative, house Sabuttus 
Hall John, operative, house 94 Blake 

Hall Leonard, conductor, L. & A.St. Ry.,bds. at Auburn 
Hall Leonard D., conductor, L. & A. St. Ry. 
Hall Marv E., widow of Isaac R., boards 45 East avenue 
Hall Relief H., widow of William, house 171 Park 

ALL WILLIAM J., contractor and builder, Cross 
canal, h. 41 Orange (see p. 572) 
A. Hall, pres. and Willie A. Knight, treas., hard- 
ware, 53 Lisbon, (see page 571) 
Hallacy Daniel C, teamster, house 167 Holland 
Hallacy Michael, machinist, boards 11 Bates Corporation 
Hallahan Jeremiah, laborer, house 19 Bates 
Halle Edward, laborer, bds. 117 Lincoln 
Hallet William, loom fixer, boards 230 Main 
Halliwell John J., manager, Com. Union Telegraph Co., 

123 Lisbon, boards 123 Lincoln 
Halliwell Thomas, house 39 Hines alley 
Ham Albert B., clerk, 206 Main, house 57 High 
Ham Eben J. (J. B. Ham & Co.), grist mill, G. T. R. 

Yard, house 64 Hortou 
Ham Frank G.. house 40 Pierce 
Ham John L., farmer, house Pine Wood district 

HAM el. B. & CO. (Eben J. Ham), grist mill, 
Grand Trunk Yard (see page oGo) 
Ham Kate W. Miss, cashier, 184 Lisbon, boards 123 Pine 
Ham Lucinda, widow of Jacob, house 64 Horton 
Ham Melissa J. Miss, house 76 Blake 
Ham Nellie G. Miss, teacher, Horton street grammar 

school, house 76 Blake 
Ham Nelson, farmer, house off Garcelou Ferrv road 

HA3I ORLAND S., flour, etc., 200 to" 208 Main, 
and grist mill, G. T. R. yard, house Main, corner 
High (see page 24) 
Ham Percy, carpet layer, rooms 205 Main 
Ham Percy P., painter, 132 Lincoln, house at Auburn 
Ham Sarah J., widow of Geo. W., house 22 Horton 
Ham Seward L, painter, house 22 Horton 
Ham Walter B., clerk, 235 Main, bds. 57 High 
Hamel Alfred, laborer, house 12 Hines alley 
Hamel Exras, millman, bds. 148 Oxford 


Hamel Harmedas, weaver, house 46 Knox 
Hamel Phillipe, carpenter, house 148 Oxford 
Hamel Samuel, teamster, bds. 12 Hines alley 
Hamel Telesphore, operative, h. 17 on the Island 
Hamilton Clara L. Miss, bookkeeper (Auburn), boards 

488 Main 
Hamilton Emma Mrs., tailoress, 21 Lisbon, b. 46 Lowell 
Hamilton James, laborer, house 201 Blake 
Hamilton James, watchman, Bates M. Co., boards 8 An- 
droscoggin Corporation 
Hamilton John, clerk, rooms 210 Park 
Hamilton John, ins. agent, 256 Lisbon, room 8, boards 

201 Blake 
Hamilton Josephine, widow of Daniel H., h. 488 Main 
Hamilton Julia Mrs., shoe stitcher, bds. 38 Ash 
Hamilton Liudley L., shoemaker, bds. 46 Lowell 
Hamilton Minnie Mrs., cook, h. rear 54 Franklin 
Hamilton Patrick, laborer, bds. 201 Blake 
Hamilton Robert, ins. agent, 293 Lisbon 
Hamilton Robert, restaurant, 251 Lisbon, h. do. 
Hamlen George Henry, student, Bates College, boards 

Nicholas Hall, do. 
Hamlin William H., tin peddler, h. 440 Sabattus 
Hammond Clara, dressmaker, 162 Lisbon, h. do. 
Hammond Elias, mason, house 147 Park 
Hammond Fannie Miss, rooms 91 Park 
Hammond Fred L., photographer, 129 Lisbon, boards 

148 Holland 
Hammond George, mason, house 314 Lincoln 
Hammond Hattie H. Miss, dressmaker, 204 Lisbon, house 

188 Pine 
Hammond Charles E., photographer, 129 Lisbon, house 

191 Oak 

HAMMOND IRVING L. & CO., photographer 
and crayon work, 129 Lisbon, bds. 148 Holland (see 
see page 9) 
Handy Charles E., carpenter, house 23 Horton 
Handy Lillian E. Miss, boarding house, 119 Lisbon 
Handy Maggie A. Mrs., dressmaker, 119 Lisbon, h. do. 
Handv Maurice G., salesman, 91 Park, 225 Lisbon, house 
91 Park 

HANLEY JAMES, cigars and tobacco, 117 Lin- 
coin, house 115 do. (see reverse side of page oppo- 
site O. A. Norton's name) 
Hanley John, laborer, house 150 Bartlett 
Hannah u Patrick F., stone cutter, house 94 Blake 
Hannaford James M., mason, h. 744 Main, Barkerville 
Hannaford T. Jefferson, laborer, house 74 Blake 
Hannel Herman, operative, house 13 Horton 
Hannon Agnes, widow of Patrick, h. 246 Lisbon 
Hannon George G., shoemaker, bds. 246 Lisbon 


Ilannon John R., operative, bds. 246 Lisbon 
Hanscom Annie A. Mrs., house 43 Middle 
Hanscom Celia Miss, tailoress, 21 Lisbon, b. 116 Holland 
Hanscom Charles E., clerk, boards 43 Middle 
Hanscom Charles H., laborer, house 88 Russell 
Hanscom Edgar, student, Bates College, b. 151 Nichols 
Hanscom George M., shoe finisher, h. 41 Spring 
Hanscom Oscar, student, Bates Coilege, b. 151 Nichols 
Hanscom Sullivan K., broom maker, 77 Lowell, house 116 

Hanscom Thomas R., watchman, Lewiston Machine Co., 

house 86 Spring 
Hanscom Walter A., clerk, 49 Lisbon, bds. at Auburu 
Hansom Iris Mrs., boards 14 Hill Corp. 
Hanson Charles A., boards 68 Blake 
Hanson Charlotte, widow of Elisha, house River road 
Hanson Clarence, paymaster, Lewiston B. & D. Works, 

house 68 Blake 
Hanson Fred E., farmer, boards River road 
Hanson Henry H., station agent, Lower M. C. R.' R. de- 
pot, house at Auburn 
Hanson Isabell F., widow, house 245 Main 
Hanson Ivory C, shoemaker (Auburn), house 19 Bates 
Hanson Jeremiah, teamster, R. C. Pingree & Co., house 

534 Main 
Hanson Josephine S. Miss, boards 345 Main 
Hanson Mayuard D., crayon artist, studio (8 Bosworth, 

Boston), house 345 Main 
Hanson Milton P., shoemaker (Auburn), b. 345 Main 
Hanson Moses, shoemaker, boards 148 Oak 
Harding Anthony, laborer, house 19 Knox 
Harding Cora Miss, stenographer, also bookkeeper, L. & 

A. St. Ry. Co., 1 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Harding Martin, house 5 Water 
Harding Michael J., laborer, bds. 19 Knox 
Harding Thomas, operative, bds. 19 Knox 
Harding William, clerk, 159 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Hardy Mary, widow of Samuel, h. 135 Bartlett 
Harkins James, laborer, Bleachery, h. 147 Bartlett 
Harkins Michael, house rear 145 Bartlett 
Harkins Michael, Jr., laborer, water works, h. 291 Lincoln 
Harlow Adelbert E., confectioner, 58 Lisbon, and 260 do. 

house 23 Middle 
Harlow Betsey, widow, bds. F. E. Wilcox, East av. 
Harlow Elkanah B., carpenter and shoemaker, house 60 

Harlow James F., millman, rooms 23 Park 
Harlow Joseph B., clerk, 250 Lisbon, h. 15 Sabattus 
Harlow Sophia Miss, boards 53 Park 
Harmon Charles 1)., farm hand, boards Mrs. Addie Dow's 

Garcelou Ferry road 



Windsor Mineral Spring Water. 

The Windsor Mineral Spring is 
located on Montello Heights, near 
Lewiston. Me. The water is abso- 
lutely fre e ftora organic impurities. 
It is s-ligiitly alkaline, and as a 
medicinal agent for kidney, liver and 
bladder troubles, dyspepsia, rheu- 
matic affections, chlorosis, malarial 
poisoning and general debility, it is 
unsurpassed by any water yet discov- 
ered. It is highly recommended for 
diluting the food of bottle-fed in- 
fants, as it certainly relieves consti- 
pation and acidity, the cause of so 
much trouble in raising artificially 
nursed children. It is clear as crys- 
tal, free from organic matter, and has 
a delicious sift taste, making it a ta- 
ble water par excellence. The Wind- 
sor Water has for a longtime enjoyed 
a local reputation for the cure of those 
diseases for which Ave recommend it. 
Numerous physicians, after having observed its effects, have volunteered testimony fully justifying 
the high esteem in which the water was held by those first using it. As mentioned above, it is prop - 
erly classed among the alkaline waters, and possesses in as high a degree as anyjthe therapeutic ac- 
tion of that class, but we claim, in addition, perfect freedom fro m contamination of any kind. A 
strictly pure water. When we consider how many epidemics originate from, or are aggravated by 
water containing even a minute amount of infectious material, we feel that the Windsor Water which 
by no possibility can convey disease, will recommend itseli to the medical profession for drinking 
purposes, especially where there mav be a doubt as to the purity of the water supply. 
The water is sold in pint or quart bottles carbonated ; also, still by the gallon and barrel. 


Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, 


263 Main Street, Auburn, Maine. 

Next to Grand Trunk I>epot. 

L. C. DUNHAM, Prop. Terms, $1.00 to $2.00 per day. 

Horse Cars to any part of Auburn or Lewiston pass the door. 

This hotel has been repaired and arranged for the special comfort and convenience 

of the traveling public. 


ajtjLu rcnvi^s of 



Manufactured and Warranted by 


Reeds reset and repaired in the best manner at short notice. Orders Promptly Attended to. 



Magazines, Music, Etc., Bound in a Neat and Durable Manner. Ruling and Blank 
Book Work of Every Description Done to Order. 






^ WOOD ^ 



Bates Street, opp. Engine House. 


Whipple Street, near M. C. R. R. 

Orders by Mail or Telephone Promptly 
Attended to. 



Choice Flour, Groceries, Provisions, 


248 Lisbon Street, - - Lewiston, Maine. 

Dealers in 

Coal and Wood 


Wood fitted or unfitted. Hardwood of 

the best quality always on hand. 

Orders solicited. Satisfaction 



Near Lower Maine Central R, R. Depot, 


Harmon John, clerk, 238 Main, house at Auburn 

Harper John (Harper & Googin), coal and wood, 138 

Bates and 57 Whipple, house 381 Main 
Harper Nathan, millman, house 31 High 

HARPER & GOOGIN (John Harper and Melvin 
J. Googin), coal and wood, 138 Bates and 47 Whip- 
ple (see page 142) 
Harriman Herbert, operative, house 171 Park 
Harriman Josie L. Mrs., house 30 Ash 
Harrington Bridget, widow, house 72 Knox 
Harrington James, laborer, house rear 74 Knox 
Harris Chester, shoemaker (Auburn), b. 35 Lisbon 
Harris Dennis, card grinder, house 65 Sabattus 
Harris E. M., Goodyear operator, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Harris Frank, shoemaker, bds. 186 Main 
Harris George E., clerk, bds. Blake, cor. Pine 
Harris George H., machinist, h. Frye's block, 184 Main 
Harris John A., variety store, 350 Lisbon, h. do. 
Harris Walter Weston, student, Bates College, house 343 

Harris Walter W., teamster, rooms 11 Franklin 
Harris William W., river driver, house 72 Park 
Harris William W. Jr., bds. 38 Bates 
Harrison George E., clerk, 72 Lisbon, h. 120 Blake 
Harrison James, house 120 Blake 
Hart Frank, loom fixer, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Hart Frank, weaver, house 276 Bates 
Hart William, laborer, water works, h. 255 Sabattus 
Hartford George W., farm hand, h. Grove, n,Sebattus rd. 
Hartford William, carpenter, house Old Lisbon road, 

Crowley junction 
Hartford Willie R., carpenter, b. Wm. Hartford's, Old 

Lisbon road 
Hartley Alice A. Miss, bookkeeper, 239 Main, boards 

Leeds, corner Pine 
Hartley Ann, widow of James, h. Leeds, cor. Pine 
Hartley Charles E., compositor, Journal office, b. Leeds, 

cor. Pine 
Hartley John J., operative, bds. 204 Blake 
Hartley John W., clerk, 155 Lisbon, b. Leeds, cor. Pine 
Hartley Richard F., bookkeeper, 371 Lisbon, b. 204 Blake 
Hartley Thomas, mule spinner, house 37 Birch 
Hartley William, mule spinner, h. 37 Birch 
Hartley William, operative, house 204 Blake 
Hartley William J., bds. 204 Blake 
Hartshorn William H., Prof., Chemistry and Geology, 

Bates College, h. 235 College 
Hartwell George G., sign painter, 44 Lisbon, h.51 Winter 
Hartwell George W., janitor, College blk. h.108 Spring 
Hartwell Hiram, section hand, Avon Mnfg. Co., h. 288 

Bates . 


Hartwell Leslie L., liouse 276 Bates 

Hartwell Levi, blacksmith, R. 0. Piugree & Co., bds. 48 

Winter [Bates 

Hartwell William W., operative, Avon Mnfg. Co., U. 276 
Harvey Albion K. P., physician, 92 Pine, house do. 
Harvey Arthur W., clerk, 230 Lisbon, bds. 5 Continental 

Harvey Arthur W., driver, h. 114 Bartlett 
Harvey Colby J , shoemaker, bds. 36 Hammond 
Harvey Ira B., jeweler, house 36 Hammond 
Harvey Samuel M., carpenter, h. 692 Main 
Harville Edith Mrs., h. 74 Pierce 
Hasey Mary Mrs., h. 101 Park 
Hashey Joseph, laborer, gas house, h. 43 Knox 
Haskell Alfred E., truckman, Hay market sq., h.lllWood 
Haskell Chapen E., night operator, N. E. T. & T. Co., 

198 Lisbon, bds. 110 Ash 
Haskell Edward, clerk, 30 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Haskell George B., insurance agent, h. 110 Ash 
Haskell George E., teamster, A. E. Haskell, b.lll Wood 
Haskell Henry, janitor, 215 Lisbon, h. do. 
Haskell Henry G., shoemaker. 64 Main. h. at Auburn 
Haskell Jennie Miss, weaver, rms. 42 Park 
Haskell John W\, carpenter, Cross Canal, h. 40 Whipple 
Haskell Mary J. Mrs., boarding house, bS Middle 
Haskell Robert, driver, 30 Main, h. at Auburn 
Haskell Robie C, stone cutter, bds. 53 Middle 
Hassett Hannah, widow of Patrick, h. Blake, n. Oak 
Hasty John, house 69 Knox 
Hatch Charity, widow of Freeman, h. Cross road, Pine 

Wood district 
Hatch Clarella, widow of Freeman A.,h. Cross rd., Pine- 
wood district 
Hatch E. Judson, student, Bates College, rms. 349 College 
Hatch Jefferson J., saw filer, 148 Main, h. at Auburn 
Hatch Lester A., farmer, bds. Mrs. C. Hatch's, Cross 

road, Pinewood district 
Hatch Mary A. Mrs., proof reader, Journal office, house 

at Auburn 
Hatch Walter, farm hand, bds. Win. Viekery's, Garcelou 

Ferry road 
Hathaway Franklin B., house 209 Shawmut 
Hathawav Freeman K., machinist, Androscoggin Mill, h. 

252 Blake 
Hathaway Helen Mrs., cook, rms. 75 Park 
Hathaway Henry, shoemaker, rms. 75 Park [Blake 

Hathawav Herbert F., brakeman, M. C. R. R., bds. 252 
Hatton James T., operative, house 58 Pierce 
Hattou Richard, weaver, house 81 Shawmut 
Hawkins Ira, bds. 68 Howe [Bates 

Hawkins James F., hostler, L. & A. H. R. R., b.33 West 


Hawkins Thomas (Hawkins & Dresser), hairdresser, 60 

Lisbon, bds. 115 Winter 
Hawkins William, foundry man, h. 6 Spring 
Hawkins William, h. 115 Winter 
Hawkins & Dresser (Thomas Hawkins and Herbert B. 

Dresser), hairdressers, 60 Lisbon 
Hawthorne George E., trav. salesman (Portland), house 

254 Blake 
Hay Duncan C, dyer, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Hayden Carrie E., bookkeeper, 243 Main, h. at Auburn 
Hayden Charles E., stone mason, h. 71 Franklin 
Hayden Christina, widow of William J., b. 80 Walnut 
Hayes Benjamin F., professor of Psychology and Exe- 

getical Theology, Bates College, h. 8 Mountain av, 
Hayes Dennis J., shoemaker, h. 47 Nichols 
Hayes Edward, farmer, h. Bradbury road 
Hayes Edward, laborer, bds. 251 Lincoln 
Hayes Edward, machinist, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Hayes Edward C, student, h. 8 Mountain av. 
Hayes Ellen, widow, h. 251 Lincoln 
Hayes Frank B., sizing maker, Bates Mnfg. Co., bouse 

10 Farwellct. [ct. 

Hayes Frank B., jr., weaver, Bates M. Co., b.10 Farwell 
Hayes Isaac A., insurance agent, h. 17 Wellmau 
Hayes Jacob L. (J. L. Hayes & Co.), flour, lime, etc., 

282 Main, h. 10 Hammond 
Hayes James, clerk, 49 Walnut, h. at Auburn 
Hayes Jennie Miss, clerk, h. 254 Lincoln 
Hayes Jeremiah J., laborer, bds. 98 High 
Haves John, house 98 High 

HAYES J. L. & CO. (Jacob L. and Sylvanus B. 
Hayes), lime and cement, 282 Main (see. p. 564) 
Hayes Michael, stone cutter, house 26 Knox 
Hayes Nicholas, pattern maker, Lewistown Bleacherv, b. 

24« Blake 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, bds. 98 High 
Hayes R. Bradford, teller, Mnfrs. National Bank, 200 

Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Hayes Sylvanus B. (J. L. Hayes & Co.), flour, lime, etc., 

282 'Main, house 143 Oak 
Hayes Thomas, laborer, house 68 Lisbon rd. 
Hayes Thomas, operative, house 254 Lincoln 
Hayes Thomas, operative, bds. 28 Knox 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, house 28 Knox 
Haves William H., overseer, weaving, Bates Mill, house 

'314 Bates 
Hayford Charles F., hairdresser, 1 86 Lisbon, house 246 do, 
Hayford Everett, shoemaker, house 20 Horton 
Haynes Albert R., bds. 34 Lisbon 
Haynes Edward P., operative, bds. 172 Bates 
Haynes Edwin L., student, Bates College, bds. 363 Main 


Haynes George W., overseer, colored calander room, 

Lewiston Bleachery and Dye Works, h. 291 Bates 
Hay ward Charles, teamster, 136 Main, h. 63 Summer 
Hazlewood John, mason, house 97 Howe 
Hazel wood Sydney, mason, bds. 97 Howe 
Head Frank E., spooler, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 
Heald Edward, batter, 72 Lisbon, bds. 8 Corp., Canal 
Heald Fred, operative, bds. 8 Corp., Canal [Main 

Healy M. J., asst., St. Joseph's Catholic church, h. 253 
Heanue Ellen, weaver, house 49 Knox 
Heath Adelia M. Miss, house 56 Ash 

Heath E. Monroe, sewing machines and music, 171 Lis- 
bon, house at Auburn 
Heath James M., reporter, Lewistown Journal, h. at Auburn 
Heath William L., teamster, house 167 Holland 
Hebbard Charles H., jeweller, 212 Lisbon, house Greene 

road, near Sabattus road 
Hebbard Nellie C, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. Charles H. 

Hebbard's, Greene road 
Hebert Ovila (Blouin & Hebert), boots and shoes, 76 

Lisbon, house at New Auburn 
Hecker Henry, weaver, Bates Mill, house 237 Blake 
Heckler Louis E., driver, L. & A. St. Ry., h. 215 Lisbon 
Heffernan John, shoemaker, house 243 Lincoln 
Heldmann Fred, weaver, house 127 Horton 
Henderson Emoncl D., veterinary surgeon, 28 Franklin, 

rooms 38 Park 
Henderson Mary, carder, Bates M. Co., bds. 320 Lisbon 
Henderson Robert, carpenter, house Sabattus rd., beyond 

Heudley John, spinner, bds. 6 Continental corp., Oxford 
Hennessey Charles, operative, bds. 48 Knox 
Hennessey John, laborer, house 48 Knox 
Hennessey John, Jr., operative, bds. 48 Knox 
Hennessey Michael, machinist, bds. 11 Bates corp., Canal 
Hennessey Michael, operative, bds. 48 Knox 
Hense Arthur, harness maker, bds. 420 Lisbon 
Hense Christopher, laboror, house 420 Lisbon 
Hicks Peter, laborer, bds. 352 Lincoln [Park 

Herbest Thomas R., fine art store, 297 Lisbon, house 66 
Herbst Edouard, cigar mnfr., 52 Canal, house do. 
Herrick Frank, fireman, De Witt House, bds. do. 
Herrick George, watchman, Continental Mills, house at 
Auburn [Heights 

Herrick Harriet, widow, bds. I. C. Merrill's, Montells 
Hersev George S., hostler, 14 Franklin, h. 28 do. 
Hersey G. Edward, fireman, M. C. R. R., h. 74 Summer 
Hersev Leroy L., clerk, 239 Main, house at Auburn 
Hewett Lizzie, Mrs., Bates cloth hall, bds. 5 Continental 

Corporation, Oxford 
llewey John B., section hand, Bates M. Co., h. 76 Ash 


Hewey Robert, operative, house off Sabattus road, at 

Thome's Corner 
Hewins Julius A., boarding house, 145 Nichols [Nichols 
Hewins Maye Annette, student, Bates College, bds. 145 
Hibbert Fanny, 151 Lisbon, house 197 do. 
Hibbert John, fanner, h. Sabattus road, n. Thome's Cor. 
Hibbert John E., farmer, bds. John Hibbert's, Sabattus 

Hibbert Samuel, eating house, 195 Lisbon, house 197 do. 
Hibbert William J., asst. bookkeeper, First National 

Bank, 157 Main, bds. 195 Lisbon 
Hicks Peter, laborer, bds. 352 Lincoln 
Higgins Alfred, carpenter, Main, house at Auburn 
Higgins Almira S., widow of Charles, bds. 47 Park 
Higgins Edward, mule spinner, bds. 86 Lincoln alley 
Higgins Eliza C, widow of Andrew G-., bds. 6 Continen- 
tal Corporation 
Higgins E. H., carpenter, rooms 202 Main 
Higgins Fred, driver, 36 Chapel, house at Auburn 
Higgins Joel, laborer, bds. 6 Continental Corporation 
Higgins John T., laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 8 

Lisbon road 
Higgins Michael L., operative, house 61 Lowell 
Higgins Patrick, mule spinner, house 86 Lincoln st. alley 
Higgins Rosanna, Mrs., house 8 Lisbon road 
Higgins Thomas, laborer, house 4 Blake st. place 
Higgins William F., card grinder, Lewiston Mill, house 
55 Birch 

HILDRETH CHARLES A., pianos, organs, sew- 
ing machines and shirt and overall mnfr., 75 Park, 
house do. (see back cover) 
Hill Ada G. Miss, bds. 77 Lowell 

Hill Charles, elevator man, Bates, rms. 1 Bates Corpora- 
tion, Chestnut 
Hill Daniel, farmer, bds. 821 Main, Barkerville 
Hill Daniel W., farmer, house 821 Main, Barkerville 
Hill Edward H., surgeon aud physician, 118 Pine, h. do. 
Hill John H., house 111 Bates 
Hill John S., driver, 36 Chapel, house 46 Maple 
Hill J. Edwin, salesman, Gay, Woodman & Co., house at 

Hill Stephen, laborer, h. Main, near Green line 
Hill Walter S., clerk, 235 Main, bds. 38 Nichols 

HILL MNFG. CO., William D. Pennell, agent, Ca- 
nal, near Chestnut (see Miscellaneous Department) 
Hills Alma, weaver, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Hilt George W., provisions, h. East av., bey. Russell 
Hilton Abbie A. Miss, shoe stitcher (Auburn), boards 

770 Main 
Hilton Abbie F., widow of William F., house 770 Main 


Hilton Alfred O., sawyer, R. C. Piugree & Co., house 75 

Avon, near Steam Mills [Cottage 

Hilton Charles, foreman, Packard's Steam Mill, house 13 
Hilton Frank E., shoemaker, house 75 Avon 
Hilton Harry, clerk, lower M. C. R.R. freight office, bds. 

45 Hates 
Hilton Helen M. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 36 Friend 
Hilton Henry W., clerk, boards 75 Avon 
Hilton John F., iutern. Central, Me. General Hospital, 

296 Main, boards 13 Cottage [alley 

Hilton Mary A., widow of O. Everett, h. 32 Lincoln-st. 
Hilton Rose A. Miss, teacher, High school, b. 13 Cottage 
Hilts John, farm hand, bds. A. G. Durrell's, Lisbon rd. 
Hince Arsene, weaver, boards 5 Cross 
Hines Edward, farmer, house 120 Lincoln 
Hines Eunice, widow of John C, house 19 Park 
Hines Henry, house 30 Ash 
Hines James H., carpenter, bds. 19 Park 
Hinkley Andrew J., farmer, house Webster road, near 

Crowley Junction 
Hinkley Bertha M., teacher, Horton-st. grammar school, 

bds. A. J. Hinckley's, Crowley Junction, near do. 
Hinkley Charles H., carpenter, house 46 Bates 
Hinkley Edmund, harness maker, 179 Main, h. 3 Webster 
Hinkley Edwin, shirt cutter, 256 Lisbon 
Hinkley Eliza A., widow of Edmund, h. rear 47 Bates 
Hinkley Mehitable, widow, boards 125 Wood 
Hinkley Ralph, farm hand, Alonzo Garcelon's, Sabattus 

road, boards do. 
Hirst David, wool sorter, Cowan Woolen Co., h. 14 Wood 
Hitchcock Daniel W., fish, house 84 Wood 
Hitchcock Jennie, clerk, 160 Lisbon, bds. 157 Pine 
Hitchcock Margaret K. Miss, clerk, 29 Lisbon, b. 84 Wood 
Hitchcock Moses Mrs., weaver, bds. 9 Bates Corp. 
Hjulstrom Auguste, farm hand, at I. Covell's, River rd. 
Hoar Catherine, widow of John, house 13 Bridge 
Hobbs Rose E. Mrs., house 42 Pierce 
Hobiu Ann, widow, house rear 33 Lisbon road 
Hodgdon Eugene A., carpenter, bds. 440 Sabattus 
Hodgdon Fred, driver, boards 147 Park 
Hodgdon Isaac W., clerk, 108 Park, house 216 Main 
Hodgdon Persis M. Mrs., boarding house, 147 Park 
Hodgdon Samuel S., house 147 Park 
Hodgdon Samuel S., Jr., carpenter, bds. 147 Park 
Hodgdon Sarah, widow of F., house 10 Farwell 
Hodge Delia Miss, operative, boardsl48 Oak 
Ilodgkin Charles, farmer, house Garcelon Ferry rd., near 

Lisbon road [College 

Ilodgkin Forrest W., candy maker, 223 Main, house 203 
Ilodgkin Harriet H., widow of George, house 80 Elm 


Hodgkin Herbert D., stenographer, Bates Mofg. Co., h. 

80 Elm 
Hodgkin John P., carpenter, house 106 Pine 
Hodgkin Mattie B. Miss, teacher, boards John D. Hodg- 

kin's, Pine Wood Dist. 
Hodgkin Moses, farmer, house Garcelon road 
Hodgkins Alfred P. (Hodgkins, Foss & Co), carpenter, 

7 Main, house 36 Cottage 
Hodgkins Alton B., carpenters' apprentice, b. 36 Cottage 
Hodgkins Beujemin 8., carpenter, 7 Main, h. 54 Cottage 

HODGKINS, FOSS & CO. (Alfred P. Hodgkins 
and Herbert L. Foss), carpenters and builders, and 
doors, sash, etc., 7 Main (see page 564) 
Hodgkins Fred A., farmer, boards 54 Cottage 
Hodgkins Herbert A., glazier, 7 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Hodgkins John D., farmer, house near Pine Wood school 

house [road 

Hodgkins Joseph E., carpenter, h. Lisbon road, cor. Ham 
Hodgkins Joseph K., machinist, house 44 Bartlett 
Hodgkins J. Russell, candy maker, 58 Lisbon 
Hodgkins Philip S., photographer, bds. 54 Cottage 
Hodgman Abbott C, driver, Windsor Mineral Spring Co., 

bds. J. C. Hodgman's, Hogan road 
Hodgman Abram W., driver, Windsor Mineral Spring 

Co., bds. J. C. Hodgman's, Hogan road 
Hodgman Benjamin A., shoemaker, boards John F. Cas- 

son's, Webster 

HODGMAN JUSTIN C, snpt. Windsor Mineral 
Spring, Montello Heights, h. Hogan road, do. (see 
page 141) 
Hodgson Robert J., pay master, Continental Mills, house 

194 Bates 
Hodsdon Edward Y., house rear 26 Walnut 
Hodsdon Isaac W., clerk, 216 Main 
Hodsdon John A., house 61 Bridge 

Hodsdon Llewellyn F., hostler, 45 Park, h. 8 Oak, Corp. 
Hodsdon Mary Y., widow of Andrew F., tailoress, house 

9 Sabbatus 
Hodsdon Olive J. Miss, house 1 1 Sabbatus 
Hodsdon O. S. Mrs., dressmaker, 216 Main, house do. 
Hoffman Charles, weaver, house 51 Park 
Hogan Bridget E. Miss, shirt maker, h. 50 Maple 
Hogan Hannah Miss, weaver, house 50 Maple 
Hogan Joseph, brick maker, boards 35 Knox 
Hogan Timothy, fireman, Lewiston Gas Co., h. 43 Knox 
Hogan William H., clerk, 10 Chapel, house 50 Bates 
Holden Thomas, operative, house 43 Spring 
Holder Josiah B., cutter, 49 Lisbon, house 205 College 
Holgate Edward, at Lewiston Bleachery, h. 50 Lowell 
Holland Alice A. Mrs., dressmaker, 96 Blake, h. do. 



Holland Alice M. Miss, teacher, Jackson school, bds. 

157 College 
Holland Alphonso B., farmer, house 98 Blake 
Holland Daniel Mrs., bds. 134- College 
Holland Kmeline S., widow of John, h. 232 Webster 
Holland James, laborer, b. rear 122 Oak 
Holland John, operative, h. 119 Horton 
Holland John, house rear 122 Oak 
Holland Minnie H. Mrs., dressmaker, 95 Lisbon, bds. 

132 Blake 
Hollihan Julia, widow of William, h. 19 Bates 
Hollihan Patrick, laborer, h. 67 Eranklin 
Hollihan Thomas, operative, b. 19 Bates 
Holman D. Horace, ticket agent, Island Garden, house 

123 Lowell 
Holman William H., carpenter, h. 113 Holland 
Holmes Herbert E.. student, bds. 259 Sabbattus 
Holmes IraE., bookkeeper, 110 Park, h. at Woburn 
Holmes Joseph, operative, h. 80 Shawmut 
Holmes Joseph B., school supply agent, h. 24 Horton 
Holmes Michael J. boots and shoes, 32 Chestnut, house 

49 Chapel 
Holmes Thomas, house 41 Lincoln 
Holmes Thomas M.(G. W. Ellard & Co.), boots and 

shoes, 178 Lisbon, h. 259 Sabbattus 
Holmes William, operative, house 105 Blake 
Holrovd Joshua, spinner, b. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Bolt John, spinner, house 21 Knox 
Holt Sarah Jane, widow of John, h. 22 Knox 
Holt William H., weaver, Bates Mnfg. Co., bds. 4 Hill 

Corporation, Canal 
Hooley Catharine, widow, house 1 Water 
Hooper Geoige H. .station agt. (Webster), h.Sabbattusville 
Hooper Henry, spinner, bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Hooper Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, 31 Lisbon, b. 48 Main 
Hopkins Aaron, janitor, Bates street school, rms. do. 
Hopkins Charles, teamster, house 24 Water 
Hopkins John, steam fitter, h. 262 Park 
Hopkins Lulu Miss, clerk, 9 Lisbon, b. Shawmut 
Hopkins Margaret, widow of Charles, boarding house 6 

Continental Corp., Oxford 
Hopkins Michael, calenderer, L. B. & D.W., b. 8 Andros- 
coggin Corp. 
Hopkins, Patrick, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, house 62 

Horburv Charles, citv bill-poster, lessee and manager, 

Music Hall, h. 202 Blake 
Home Aaron h. 52 Lowell 
Home Albert, teamster, h. 7 West Blake 
Home Carrie A. Miss, music teacher, b. 52 Lowell 
Ilorr Elizabeth S., physician, h. 114 Pine 


Horr Oren A., physician, 114 Pine, h. do. 

Hour Stella F., widow of Eben H., house 17 Wood 

Horrigan Catherine, widow of Cornelius, h. 226 Lincoln 

Homo an Cornelius, laborer, h. 126 Pierce 

Horrigan Dennis, laborer, bds. 305 Lincoln 

Horrigan Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 305 Lincoln 

Horrigan Jeremiah, laborer, house 49 Cedar 

Horrigan John, laborer, b. 305 Lincoln 

Horrigan John, laborer, h. 45 Middle 

Horrigan John H., saloon, 16 Main, rms. do. 

Horrigan Julia G. Miss, clerk, 252 Lisbon, b.27 W.Bates 

Horrigan Timothy, laborer, b. 226 Lincoln 

Horrigan Wm., flagman, M. C. R. R., h. 27 W. Bates 

HOTEL AT WOOD., Atwood & Wallingford,props., 
Lower Main, opp. lower Main C. R. R. station 
(see page 15) 
Hotel Rockingham, L. P. Huntoon, propr., 62 Franklin 
Houde Abraham, baker, h. 82 Hines Alley 
Houde Moise, bds. 7 on tne Island 
Houde Pierre, baker, 147 Lincoln, h. 162 Lincoln 
Houghton Everett A., carpenter, h. 104 Blake 
Hould Allen, weaver, Lewiston Mill Co., bds. 73 Knox 
Honle George, brick maker, bds. 242 Park 
Houle John, laborer, h. 198 Lincoln 
Houle Ludger, operative, h. 176 Blake 
Houle Narcisse, laborer, h. 242 Park 
Houle Noa, weaver, b. 242 Park 
Houle Ovide, house 63 Frankiin 
Houle Pierre, baker, 146 Lincoln, h. 162 do. 
Houle Pierre, weaver, bds. 84 Hines Alley 
Houle Telesphore, laborer, h. 9 Androscoggin Corp. 
House Ernest L., painter, rms. 56 Ash 
House George W., carpenter, h. 35 Ash 
Hovev Albert R., trav. salesman, h. 108 Bartlett 

HOWARD BROS. (Charles N. and James C. How- 
ard), groceries, 40 Ash 
Howard Charles N. (Howard Bros.), grocer, 40 Ash, h. 

80 Walnut 
Howard Charles Z., blacksmith, 81 Bates, h. do. 
Howard Emery N., clerk, 40 Ash 

Howard Fred A., machinist, Bates Mill, h. 52 Summer 
Howard George R.. confectioner, h. 76 Pierce 
Howard James C. (Howard Bros.) , grocer, 40 Ash, h. 

80 Walnut 
Howard James W., laborer, h. 244 Lincoln 
Howard John L.( Howard & Carver), wood and coal, 

Main st. near Lower M. C. R. R. 
Howard Nelson, deputv sheriff, 18 Lisbon, h. .head of 

Howard Nelson W., student, bds. Nelson Howard's, head 

of Phillips 


Howard Wm. H., fanner, h. 470 Main, opp. Fair Grounds 

HOWARD & CARVER (John L. Howard, and 
Edwin II. Carver). coal and wood, Main st., near 

Lower Maine C. R. R. depot(see page 142) 
Howarth John, loom fixer, bds. 9 Bates Corp. 
Howatt Benjamin F., shoemaker, h. Sabbattusville 
Howe Franklin S., bobbin maker, h. 148 Holland 
Howe John, leather, bds. 147 Park 
Howe George M. Rev., pastor Pine st. Congregational 

church, h. 49 Pine 
Howe James A., professor of Systematic Theology and 

Homeletics, Bates College, h. 18 Frye 
Howe Freeland, insurance agent, Small's block, Main, 

house Norway 
Howe Percy R.. dentist, Auburn, 1). 18 Frye 
Howe Reuben E., carpenter, h. 17 Horton 
Howe William, section-hand. Hill Mnfg. Co., b. 225 Park 
Howe William S. Mrs., h. 135 Ash 
Howe William W., second hand, Hill mill, bds. 13 Hill 

Howland William L. Mrs. bds. 252 Blake 
Hoxie Frederick, weaver, rms. 23 Park 
Hoxie Fred, peddler, bds. rear 37 Bates 
Hoxie Nathan D., h. 90 Blake 

Hoy James S., spinner, b. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Hoy John, weaver, h. 128 Bartlett 
Hoy John C, weaver, house 128 Bartlett 
Hoyt Edgar B., machinist, house 19 Lowell 
Hoyt Frank L. (Frank L. Hoyt & Co.;, grocer, t 230 Lis- 
bon, house 92 Howe 

HOYT FRANK L. & CO. (Frank L. Hoyt and 
George C. Judkins), groceries and provisions, 230 
Lisbon (see p. 566) 
Huard Alfred, shoemaker, bds. 73 Franklin 
Huard Auguste, shoemaker, bds. 29 Railroad alley 
Huard Ferdinand, carpenter, h. 116 Oxford 
Huard George, laborer, house 285 Webster 
Huard Philibert, operative, bds. 35 Hiwes alley 
Huard Wm., laborer, h. 29 Railroad alley 
Hudson Amanda H. Miss, millinery, 234 Lisbon, house 

142 Pierce 
Hudson Ann, widow of James, h. 76 Lincoln 
Hudon Edouard, house 118 Lincoln 
Hudon Edward, laborer, bds. 117 Lincoln 
Hudon Elzear, laborer, house 98 Lincoln 
Huff Cyrus F., carpenter, b. Henry C. Fields', Green rd. 
Hughes Ann, widow of John, h. 46 Summer 
Hughcy Robert, operative, h. 62 Birch 
Hughes Thomas, stone cutter, bds. 46 Summer 
Humphreys Abigail, widow, h. 81 Bartlett 
Iluunewell Isaiah S., house 57 Middle 


Hunt Edward, blacksmith, h. Randall road, near Thome's 

Hunt Ellis L. R., bookkeeper, 64 Middle, h. 77 Horton 
Hunt Fred W. (Hunt & O'Neil), painter, 28 Main 
Hunt John O., optician, 76 Lisbon, h. 43 Bates 
Hunt & O'Neil (Fred W. Hunt and David W. O'Neil), 

sign and carriage painters, 28 Main 
Hunter Alexander, painter, h. off G-arcelon Ferry road 
Hunter William J., dresser, Androscoggin, h.14 Bates corp. 
Huntington Charles H., machinist, bds. 40 Bartlett 
Huntington Henry A., house 40 Bartlett 
Hunton Turner C, agent, h. Sabattus road, opp. Russell 
Huntoon Lowell P., proprietor, Hotel Rockingham, 62 

Franklin, house do. 
Huot Emma M. Mrs., dresscutting, 122 Oak, h. do. 
Huot Hubert, boots and shoes, 166 Lisbon, h. 122 Oak 
Hupe Henri, laborer, house 167 Lincoln 
Hurd George, spinner, house Sabattusville 
Hurd George M., spinner, house Sabattusville 
Hurd Josiah Albert, spinner, boards Joseph Thorpe's, 

Hurd Louis J., weaver, bds. 10 Bates Corp. 
Hurley Catherine, widow of Patrick, h. 61 Knox 
Hurley Ellen, wiclow of Michael, h. 189 Blake 
Hurley Hannah, widow of James, h. 8 Water 
Hurley James, laborer, house 189 Blake 
Hurley Julia, widow, house 22 Water 
Hurley Patrick J., polisher, 14 Bates, house Randall rd., 

beyond Thome's Corner 
Hussey Emeline Miss, boarding house, 16 Bates corp. 
Hutchins Ashel W., night watchman, Hill Manufacturing 

Co.. house 1 Hill corp., Canal 

HUTCHINS ELIPHALET H., grocer, 25 Main, 
house at Auburn (see p. 567) 
Hutchins Everett W., foreman, box shop (Auburn), house 

River road 
Hynes Edward J., river driver, h. 19 West Bates 

INGALLS ELMER H., farmer, h. College, near Greene 

Ingalls G. W. & Co., S. P. Irving, manager, boots and 

shoes, 113 Lisbon 
Ingraham Alice Miss, bds. 106 Bartlett 
Ireland Abbie S. Mrs., dressmaker, 113 Bates, h. do. 
Ireland Atwell M.(Lord & Ireland), blacksmith, 53 Bates, 

house S^j Webster 
Ireland Corydon G., machinist, h. 113 Bates 
Ireland Maurice, blacksmith, house 86 Webster . 
Ireland Ora, blacksmith, L. & A. H. R. R., h. at Auburn 
Irish Addison F., physician, 66 Franklin, h. do. 
Irish Daniel C. Mrs., house 35 Oak 


Irish Freeman, shoe cutter (Auburn), b. 86 Nichols 

Irish Henry C, shoemaker, bds. 146 Main 

Irish Margaret M., widow of Obadiah F., bouse 54 

Irving Arthur P., student, bds. 500 Main 
Irish Atwood, laborer, bds. 54 Franklin 
Irving James, weaver, bds. 119 Lisbon 
Irving John M., cigar maker, 164 Lisbon, rms. 94 Franklin 
Irving Lillie, weaver, Cowan M. Co., b. 180 Lisbon 
Irving Maud, weaver, Cowan M. Co., b. 180 Lisbon 
Irving William, clerk, 113 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Irving Sadie Miss, paper box maker, rms. 41 Franklin 
Irving Samuel P., manager, 113 Lisbon, h. 500 Main 
Isaacson H. Christopher, salesman, 152 Lisbon, house 

106 Holland 
Isaacson Isaac B. (S. A. Isaacson & Co.), clothing, 152 

Lisbon, house 317 Main 
Isaacson Sussell A. (S. A. Isaacson & Co.), clothing, 152 

Lisbon, house at Boston 
Isaacson S. A. & Co. (Sussell A. and Isaac B. Isaacson) 

clothing, 152 Lisbon 
Island Garden, Frank W. Dana, prop., off head of Lisbon 
Ivory Margaret Miss, house 101 Pierce 

Jack Edwin C, salesman, 155 Lisbon, b. 51 Pierce 
Jack Leroy W., trav. salesman (Portland), b. 51 Pierce 
Jack Mary K. Mrs., b. 51 Pierce 

Jackson Alonzo E., farmer, Ik Main, next Merrill road 
Jackson Andrew, shoemaker, 21 Main, h. 189 Summer 
Jackson, Benjamin overseer, repairs, Continental Mill, 

house 225 Park 
Jackson Betsey, widow, b. Main, next Merrill road 
Jackson Charles A., machinist, b. 189 Summer 
Jackson Charles E., farmhand, bds. A. E. Jackson's, Main 
Jackson Belinda A. Miss., h. Maiu, next Merrill road 
Jackson D. S., saw filer, b. rear 78 Park 
Jackson Elias II., teamster, 243 Main, h. 21 Bates 
Jackson Everett, machinist, bds. 53 Middle 
Jackson Fred J. house 189 Summer 
Jackson Frederick C. clerk, 7 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Jackson Freeman C, shoe treer, h. 102 Franklin 
Jackson Isaac II., truckman, boards 23 Bates 
Jackson John M., farmer, h. Main, cor. Merrill road 
Jackson John S. A., driver, L. & A. St, Ry., rms. 30 

Jackson Joseph J., farmer, bds. John M. Jackson's, Main 
Jackson Lemuel, house 23 Bates 
Jackson Levi M., tinsmith, house 20 Bates 
Jackson Walter, machinist, bds. 1 Continental corp. 
Jackson William, laster, h. 148 Oak 
Jackson William A., teamster, 14 Wood, h. do. 


Jackson William H., shoe packer, 64 Main 

Jacobs Sarah Mrs., bds. 70 Canal 

Jacques Alfred, laborer, h. 197 Lincoln 

Jacques Eugene, plasterer, house 11 on the Island 

Jacques Frederick, laborer, house 11 on the Island 

Jacques Joseph, weaver, h. 185 Lincoln 

Jacques Mathias, operative, bds 95 Lincoln 

Jacques Napoleon, brickmaker, h. 15 Cross 

Jacques Thomas, laborer, h. 227 Lincoln 

Jacques Thomas, operative, h. 170 Lincoln 

Jago Frank, moulder, h. 25 Milk lane 

James John, farmer, A. J. Clough's Lisbon road, bds. do. 

Janes Eron Mrs., h. 162 Bates 

Janes George W. H., iron founder, bds. 162 Bates 

Janes Lizzie A. Miss., music teacher, 162 Bates, bds. do. 

Jannelle Marcel, house, rear 245 Park 

Jannelle Phillip A., operative, Lewiston Bleacherv, bds. 

223 Blake 
Jean Francois X., tailor, bds. 78 Park 
Jeannelle Evariste A., clerk, 146 Lincoln, h. 57 Walnut 
Jeannelle Jean B., operative, Lewiston Bleacherv, bds. 

223 Blake 
Jeannelle Michel, laborer, h. 223 Blake 
Jeannelle Victoria A. Miss., book-keeper, 146 Lincoln, 

bds. 223 Blake 
Jeffrey Fred B., farmer and milkman, house Pleasant 
Jellerson Charles T., boards 387 Main 
Jenkins Albert, operative, bds. 4 Hill corp., Canal 
Jenkins James, operative, Lewiston Bleacherv, h. 70 Knox 
Jenkins John, house 17 West Bates 
Jenkins Thomas, laborer, bds. 19 West Bates 
Jenkins Walter, blacksmith, rms. 171 Park 
Jenkins William J., section hand, M. C. R. R., house QQ 

Jennev Sadie Mrs., rms 26 Horton 
Jennings Earl, clerk, 53 Lisbon, rooms 53 Franklin 
Je. nings Jane Mrs., clerk, 23 Lisbon, rooms 14 Union 
Jennings William, paiuter, h. 8 Union 
Jepson El wood, stone cutter, bds. 53 Middle 
Jepson Fred L., farm hand, bds. Leonard Jepson's Main 
Jepson John C, clerk, 97 Lisbon, h. 179 Spring 
Jepson J. Frank, gardener, bds. 480 Main 
Jepson Leonard, farmer, h. Main, n. Merrill road 
Jerrus Peter, hairdresser, rms. 252 Main 
Jewett John H., clerk, 71 Lisbon, rms. 172 Bates 
Jewett Nanc} 7 T., widow of John, h. 41 East av. 
Johnson Andrew, carraige maker, rms. 130 College 
Johnson Ar instead, hostler, 50 Bartlett, h, Park 
Johnson Arthur, section hand, Hill Mill, h. 125 Blake 
Johnson Charles E., sash makei, Gibbs & Dain, boards 

120 Holland 


Johnson Cora B., teacher, Barkerville, bds. do. 

Johnson Ebenezer S., eclectic phisician, Exchange Hotel, 

boards do. 
Johnson Edward H., overseer carding, Columbia Mills, 

honse Lisbon 
Johnson Edwin, mill overseer, rms. 16 Park 
Johnson Ella Miss., milliner. 39 Lisbon 
Johnson Everett, carder, Cumberland Mill, rms. 16 Park 
Johnson Frank H., overseer spinning, Lewiston Mill, h. 

65 Pierce 
Jolmson Henrv L., machine operator, 64 Main, h. 53 Park 
JOHNSON JAMES A., blind mnfr., Cross Canal, 
fj honse at An burn (see page 561) 
Johnson John W., wool dresser, h. No Name Pond road 
Jolmson Joseph A., carpenter, h. 120 Holland 
Johnson Ormstead, coachman, house 39 Park- 
Johnson Walter B., ticket agent, G. T. R. station, house 

at An burn 
Johnson Walter H., book-keeper, 136 Main, h. 174 Pine 
Johnson William laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, h. 284 

Johnson William H., painter, honse 294 Pine 
Johonuot Rodnev F. Rev., pastor, Bates st. Univ. church, 

h. 50 Wood 
Joliecoeur Joseph, laborer, bds. 74 Lincoln 
Joliecoeur Magloire, restaurant, 87 Main, h. do. 
Joliecoeur Victor, clerk, 87 Main, bds. do. 
John Adjutor, printer, 27 Chestnut, bds. 35 Spruce 
Jolin Alphonse, laborer, bds. 31 Hines a lley 
Jolin Louis, laborer, bds. 112 Lincoln 
Joncas Ferdinand, clerk, 198 Lincoln, bds. at Auburn 
Jones Abbie Miss, house 11 Oak-st. place 
Jones Abial M., house 340 College 
Jones Charles T. E., overseer, Cowan Woolen Co., house 

33 Bates 
Jones Edwin W., steam fitter, 48 Main, house at Auburn 
Jones Emma A. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 34 Sabattus 
Jones Emma C. Miss, artist, bds. 340 College 
Jones Eugene E., teamster. 64 Middle, house 211 Main 
Jones Frank J., shoe cutter, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Jones Fred A., bds. 340 College 
Jones Harry E., clerK, 169 Main, bds. 104 Wood 
Joues Herbert G., farmer, boards W. Augustus Jones' 

Lisbon road 
Jones James A. (Coffin & Jones), hairdresser, 198 Lis- 
bon, house 121 College 
JONES JOHN A.,"citv engineer, Citv Hall, house 
161 Wood 
Jones Lizzie H. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 340 College 
Jones Loring B., operative, bds. 6 Continental Corp., 



Jones Lucy Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 340 College 
Jones L. M. Miss, teacher Rose Hill school 
Jones Orestes F., bds. 114 College 
Jones Orvilie, carriage painter, 104 Wood, house do. 
Jones Sarah B., widow of David, house 78 Bartlett 
Jones Sarah G., widow of Everett, house 114 College 
Jones Stephen C, carpenter, 21 Spruce, house at Auburn 
Jones William E., milkman, house Lisbon road, near 

Jones William H., carpenter, 7 Main, house at Auburn 
Jones W. Augustus, farmer, h. Lisbon road n. Pleasant 
Jordan Alvah T., student, bds. Holman Jordan's, Lisbon 

Jordan Ann, Miss, house Webster road, n. Crowley June. 
Jordan Clara T., widow of Rev. Eben T., house 500 

Jordan Cyrus H., painter, h. Grove, cor. Chadbourn road 
Jordan Darius, farmer, A. Garcelon's, Sabattus . rd., bds. 

Jordan Darius, laborer, house 107 Wood 
Jordan Edgar W., farmer, house Grove, n. Webster line 
Jordan Etta M. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 39 Ash 
Jordan Francis M. (Jordan, Frost & Co.), planing; mill, 

Grand Trunk yard, house at Auburn 

JORDAN, FROST & CO. (Albert E. Frost and 
Francis M. Jordan), planing mill and lumber yard, 

Grand Trunk yard (see page 5) 
Jordan George, butcher, h. Libson road, Crowley June. 
Jordan George H., driver, bds. 141 Holland 
Jordan George W., farmer, house River road, near the 

Jordan Harris, farm hand, bds. at G.. W. Laughton's 

Town Farm road 
Jordan Harry VV., foreman, 22 Franklin, rms, do. 
Jordan Herbert, operative, house 81 Bartlett 
Jordan Holman, farmer, h. Lisbon rd., Crowley junction 
Jordan Isaac G., bds. 770 Main 

JORDAN JAMES M., grocer, 248 Lisbon, house 
at Auburn (see page 142) 
Jordan John, painter, house 127 Blake 
Jordan Lizzie Miss, clerk, 12 J Lisbon, bds. 323 Main 
Jordan Lois F., widow, house Grove, cor. Chadbourn rd. 
Jordan Lyman G., house 139 College 
Jordan Maria R., widow, boards 60 Park 
Jordan Mary E., widow of Albion W., house 323 Main 
Jordan Mary F., Miss, clerk, 27 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Jordan Philip, overseer can room, L. B. & D. works 
Jordan Rebecca, widow of Risworth, house Webster near 

Webster line 
Jordan Thomas H., house 239 College 
Jordan William H., clerk, 187 Main, bds. 413 do. 


Jordan W. Scott, truckman, Haymarket sq., h. 12 High 
street avenue 

Journcay Sadie, shoe seam closer, rms. 26 Horton 

Jontras Alex, laborer, house Pettengill 

Joyce Catherine, widow of John, house 293 Bates 

Joyce Edward, house 48 Birch 

Joyce James, loom harness maker, bds. 48 Birch 

Joyce John, boards 293 Bates 

Joyce Katie A. Miss (Joyce & Nelligan), millinery, 39 
Lisbon, boards 293 Bates 

Joyce Lawrence, laborer, house 35 Lisbon road 

Joyce Martin, laborer, Bleachery, house 13 Knox 

Joyce Mary D. Miss, teacher, Lincoln-st. sub-primary 
school, boards 48 Birch 

Joyce Patrick, mule spinner, house 15 Lisbon road 

Joyce Patrick W., harness maker, house 271 Bates 

Joyce Peter, supt., Electric Light Works, bds. 232 Park 

Joyce & Nelligan (Katie A. Joyce and Nellie T. Nelli- 
gan), millinery, 39 Lisbon 

Judge Bartholomew (Judge & McCarthy), fish, etc., 304 
Lisbon, bds. John Judge's, Burnt Woods 

Judge John, Mrs., house Burnt Woods 

Judge Patrick, laborer, bds. Mrs. John Judge's, Burnt 

Judge & McCarthy (Bartholomew F. Judge and Michael 
McCarthy), fishmarket, 304 Lisbon 

Judkius Charles A., bookkeeper, 138 Main, bds. 39 High 

Judkins George C. (F. L. Hoyt & Co.), grocer, 230 Lis- 
bon, house 39 High 

Judkins George C. (Judkins Laundry, 187 Lisbon, house 

185 do. 

Judkins Hattie Mrs., house 125 Blake 

Judkins Joseph G., lauudryman, bds. 125 Blake 

Judkins Laundry (Geo C. Judkins and Everett A. Davis), 

187 Lisbon 
Judkins Waldina L., bookkeeper, bds. 125 Blake 
Judkins Wilbur H. (Newell & Judkins), attorney at law, 

186 Lisbon, house 340 College 
Jumper Charles A., clerk, bds. 101 Wood 

Jumper Charles H., brass founder, 4 Ash, h. 101 Wood 
Jumper John Q. U., foreman of foundry, Lewistou Ma- 
chine Shop, house at Auburn 
Juneau Arthur, laborer, house 112 Canal st. alley 
Jutras C. Ramualid, weaver, Bites Mill, h. 424 Lisbon 

KABATCHNICK ANNIE, clerk, 141 Lincoln, b. 126 do. 

KABATCHNICK JACOB, dry and fany goods, 
clothing etc., 141 Lincoln, h. 126 do. (see page 577) 
Kane Agnes Mrs., house 48 Knox 
Kane Ann, widow, house 79 Maple 
Kane Catherine Mrs., house 7 West Blake 


Kane Daniel, operative, b. 7 West Biake 

Kane Geneva Miss, cashier, 126 Lisbon, bds. 80 Ash 

Kane Michael, painter, Lewiston B. & D. Works, house 

802 Lincoln 
Kane Nancy, widow of Patrick, h. 292 Lincoln 
Kane see Cain, also Caine 

Karius John J., section hand, Androscoggin Mills 
Kavanaugh Daniel, mason, house 229 Blake 
Kavanaugh Daniel, laborer, b. J. Kavanaugh's rear Lis- 
bon id. 
Kavanaugh George M. 5 clerk, 152 Lisbon, b. 219 Oak 
Kavanaugh James, rms.rear 31 Lisbon rd. 
Kavanaugh Maurice J., iron moulder, h. 42 Park 
Kavanaugh Michael J., police, h. 219 Oak 
Kavanaugh, see Cavanaugh 

Kearins John J., section hand, Androscoggin Mills 
Kearns Anne Mrs., h. River road, bey. the bridge 
Kearns Catherine, widow of Thomas, h. 235 Park 
Kearns John, laborer, house 9 Franklin 
Kearns Thomas, laborer, house 234 Lincoln 
Keating Michael, laborer, house 58 Water 
Kearn John, weaver, house 130 Pierce 
Kearns Ann, widow of Thomas, h, 46 Knox 
Kearns Joseph, laborer, house 46 Knox 
Keefe Margaret, widow of David, li. 33 Bates 
Keegan EvieMiss, tailoress, 46 Lisbon, bds. 126 do. 
Keegan William O., clerk, 243 Lisbon, h. 110 Bartlett 
Keene Cyrus M., shoemaker(Auburn),h. 597 Main 
Keene Everett A., driver, 201 Lisbon, h. Russell next 

East Avenue 
Keene Frank M., finisher, Avon Mill, rms. 256 Park 
Keene Harry, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. E. F. Keene's 

Keene Herbert S., yard master, M. C. R. R., rms. 23 High 
Keene Lewis, laborer, h. Main bey. Barkerville 
Keene O. Genie Miss, operator, W. U. Tel. Co., 14 Lis 

bon, house at Woburn 
Keene William, R., house College road, above Montello 
Keegan P>ie Miss, tailoress, 46 Lisbon, b. 110 Bartlett 
Keist Robert W., shoemaker, h. 195 Main 
Keith Martin, laster, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Kelleher Cornelius, weaver, b. 72 Knox 
Kelleher James, spinner, h. 22 Railroad Alley 
Kelleher Jeremiah, laborer, h. 268 Lincoln 
Kelleher John, laborer, b. 72 Knox 
Kelleher John, laborer, h, 275 Lincoln 
Kelleher Lawrence, mason, house 291 Bates 
Kelleher Michael, laborer, h. Sabbattus rd.opp. Russell 
Kelley Bernard, operative, house 54 Water 
Kelley Bryaut, grinder, Continental Mills, h. 27 Walnut 
Kelley Daniel F., tinsmith, 6o Lisbon, b, 203 Park 


Keiley David, at bleachery bds. 207 Park 
Keiley Edward, operative, h. 167 Lincoln 
Kellev Fred, treasurer, Lewistou Machine Co., house 

421 Main 
Kellev Harding A., manager, 171 Lisbon, h. 178 Holland 
Kellev Henry H., teamster, h. 119 Pierce 
Kellev James, hostler, house 26 Knox 
Kellev John, folder, Bates, bds. 203 Park 
Kellev John, operative, bds. 8 Bridge 
Kellev John G., supt. Bates Mill, b. De Witt House 
Kellev John H., laborer, house 8 Milk lane 
Kellev Kate, widow of John, b. Wm.Carvill's, Lisbon rd. 
Kellev Lizzie G. Miss, clerk, 174 Lisbon, b. 78 Lincoln 
Kellev Maggie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, h. 26 Kuox 
Keiley Mary, widow of John h., 207 Park 
Keliey Mary, widow of Martin, h. 273 Bates 
Keliey Patrick, fireman, Lewistou Bleachery, h. 203 Park 
Keiley Sarah Mrs., weaver, rms. 42 Park 
Keiley Steven, bds. 273 Bates 
Kellev Thomas, spinner, b. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 

KELLEY THOMAS & CO., proprietors,Columbia 
Mills, Mill(see Miseelaneous Dept.) 
Keiley Thomas F., bds. 78 Lincoln 
Keiley Thomas J., spinner, house 78 Lincoln 
Keiley Timothy, laborer, bds. 43 Knox 
Keiley William, operative, bds. 54 Water 
Kemp Anna M. Miss, weaver, bds. rear 12 Knox 
Kemp Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, h. r. 15 Kuox 
Kemp William, bds. rear 15 Kuox 
Kendall Thomas F,, carpenter, h. 126 College 
Kendriek Ads Mrs., rms. 185 Main 
Keniston Almon B., clerk, bds. 19 High 
Keniston Leroy J., foreman (Auburn), h. 19 High 
Kennedy Edward P., grocer, 412 Lisbon, b. do. 
Kennedy James, carpenter, house 47 Middle 
Kennedy James D., shoemaker, 64 Main, h. 72 Blake 
Kennedy John, laborer, h. 30 College 
Kennedy John, iron molcler, house 30 College 
Kennedy Patrick F. Mrs., h. 412 Lisbon 
Kenney Bertha V., compositor, 16 Lisbon, b. at Auburn 
Kenney Elijah, clerk, 174 Lisbon, bds. 252 Blake 
Kenney John, overseer dye room, Lewistou Bleachery, 

house 247 Blake 
Kenney Joseph L., machinist, bds. 247 Blake 
Kennev Katie A. Miss, bookkeeper, 249 Main, boards 

247 Blake 
Kennev Lawrence, operative, Lewiston Bleachery, house 

252 Blake 
Kenniston Almon B., clerk, 58 Lisbon, bds. 19 High 
Kenyon George 0.(G. O. & W. Kenyon), painter, 150 

Main, house at Auburn 


Kenyon William(G-. O. & W. Kenyon), painter, 150 
Main, house at Auburn 

Keor William, tinsmith, 65 Lisbon, bds. 4 Bates Corp., 

Kern John, painter, house 10 Horton 

Kern Peter, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 37 West Bates 

Kern, see Kearns 

Kernan Annie A. Miss, clerk, bcls. 38" Walnut 

Kernan Mary, widow of John, house 38 Walnut 

Kernan Patrick, laborer, Bates Mill, house 122 Pierce. 

Kerrigan Bartley, dry plate maker, 14 Main, bds. 9 
rear Lisbon 

Kerrigan James T., clerk, 14 Lisbon rd., bds. 9 do. 

Kerrigan Katharine, widow of Martin, house 9, rear Lis- 
bon road 

Kerrigan Thomas W., tinsmith, 191 Lisbon, h, 1 Lisbon rd. 

Kerrigan William S., tinsmith, bds. 9 Lisbon road 

Kerrigan, see Carrigan [Auburn 

Kershaw Lilian A. Miss, clerk, Smalls block, bds. at 

Kershaw Robert M., manager, 162 Main, house at Auburn 

Kershner Louis, loom fixer, h. Sabattusville 

Keyes John S., lightning rods, house 577 Main 

Keyes Lew E., bds. 577 Main 

Kiest Robert, shoemaker, house 195 Main 

Kilbowrn & Williams (Miss N. E. Kilbowrn and Mrs. L. 
R. Williams), dressmakers, 51 Lisbon 

Kilbowrn Nellie E. Mrs. (Kilbrown & Williams), dress- 
maker, 21 Lisbon, h. 227 Oak 

Kilburn Charles E., carpenter, house 227 Oak 

Kilgore Frank, hackman, 107 College, house do. 

Kilgore Freeman B., auctioneer and com. merchant, 356 
Lisbon, house 162 Bates 

Kilgore Harry, Mrs., house 180 Lisbon 

Kilgore John P., clerk, 267 Lisbon, house at Auburn 

Kilgore May Miss, clerk, bds. 162 Bates 

Kilgore Rollo, baker, rooms 160 Bates 

Kilroy Bridget, widow, house 35 Lincoln 

Kimball Charles H., blacksmith, Bates Mnfg. Co., house 
192 Blake 

Kimball Frances A., Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 
7 Lowell 

Kimball Ida Mrs., weaver, bds. 101 Park 

Kimball Lucretia, widow of Horace P., h. r. 23 Sabattus 

Kimball Nelson, operative, house 179 Park 

Kimball Otis W., 170 Lisbon, house at Auburn 

Kimball Otis W. & Co. (Thomas H. Kimball), drugs and 
medicines, 170 Lisbon 

Kimball Thomas H. (O. W. Kimball & Co.), apothecary, 
170 Lisbon, house 9 Sabattus 

Kiucaid Samuel L., cigar maker, house River road, near 
Garcelon Ferry 


King Abbot L., liouse 56 Horton 

King Alfred, card grinder, liouse 71 Knox 

King Arthur B., machinist. 22 Main, liouse at Auburn 

King A. D. Miss, teacher, Bates street school, bds. 348 

College [Corp. 

King Charles, cloth room, Lewiston Mill, bds. 5 Bates 
King Charles H., machinist, house East avenue, near 

King David L., belt maker, liouse 32.5 Pine 
King Edward, painter, house 14 Knox 
King Eva A. Miss, bookkeeper, 53 Lisbon, rms. 31 Chapel 
King Henry B., shoe cutter, house 82 College 
King John F., operative, house 51 Spring 
King Maggie Miss, house 47 Spring; 

King Matthew, watchman, G. T. R. station, h. 130 Oak 
King Mary T. Miss, dressmaker, 95 Lisbon, h. 130 Oak 
King Michael, laborer, bds. 51 Spring 
King Michael, clerk, 195 Lisbon, bds. 197 do. 
King Moses, Jr., farmer, liouse 348 College 
King Patrick, laborer, house 21 W. Bates 
King Royal S., hostler, 46 Canal, bds. 59 Park 
King Royal S.. laborer, bds. 12 Hine's alley 
King Thomas P., variety store, 8 Bates, house 10 do. 
King, see Roi 

Kirby Edward, mule spinner, b. 6 Continental Corp. 
Kirschner Ferdinand, house 3 Middle 
Kirschner Lewis, loom fixer, bds. Daniel Moorehouse's, 

Kirwiu Mary, Miss, house 50 Water 
Kiusuer Herman, clerk, 24 Lincoln, house at Auburn 
Knapp George, driver, 36 Chapel, bds. at Auburn 
Knapp George G., overseer, carding No. 2, Hill Mufg. 

Co., house 17 Hill Corp., Canal 
Knapp Orren, driver, 36 Chapel, bds. at Auburn 
Kneeland George Edgar, student, Bates College, bds. 

Nichols Hall, do. 
Kneipner Louis, weaver. Bates Mill, h. 27 W. Bates 
Knight Abby |j., operative, kt Hill", h. 120 Cedar 
Knight Daniel 8., plumber, house 35 Franklin 
Knight Charles L., teamster, 270 Main, h. rear 38 Bates 
Knight Hartley W., clerk, 53 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 

KNIGHT WILLIE A., treasurer (Hall & Knight 
Hardware Co.), hardware, 53 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Knight Nelson E., laborer, bds. 295 Lincoln 
Knight Riley, rooms 252 Main 
Knober Ernest, weaver, liouse 125 Pierce 
Knowles David A., millmau, house 29 High 
Knowles Henry W., postmaster and depot master, Crow- 
ley Junction, house at station 
Knowles H. W"., Mrs., asst. postmaster, S. Lewiston, 
house at station 


Knowles John, weaver, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Knowles Levi, weaver, bds. 55 Walnut 
Knowles Samuel, dresser, Bates Mill, h. 120 Summer 
Knowlton Albion K. P., attornev-at-law, 25 Lisbon, h. 

100 Elm 
Knowlton Eliza E. Mrs., housekeeper, Central Maine 

General Hospital, 296 Main, house 17 Middle 
Knowlton Isaac K., pensioner, rooms 37 Franklin 
Knowlton Mark L., overseer, Lewiston Mill Co., house 

57 College 
Kramer Caroline, widow, h. 125 Pierce 
Kramer Ernest Bruno, pattern maker, Bates Mill, bds. 

Hotel Rockingham [ave. 

Kreimer John H., tobacco and cigar mnfr., h. Strawberry 
Kyrovac Joseph, operative, bds. 141 Lincoln 

LABBE ADOLPHE, laborer, house 48 Hines alley 
Labbe Felix, laborer, house 75 Lincoln 
Labbe Eusebe, weaver, bds. 16 Oxford 
Labbe Joseph, house 202 Park 

Label Edouard, ins. agent, 294 Lisbon, bds. 6 Andros- 
coggin blk. 
Label John, painter, house rear 80 Knox 
Labeau Jean B., operative, house 53 Knox 
Labonte Archibald, waiter, City Hotel, rms. do. 
Labonte Clara Miss, clerk, 97 Libsou, bds- 217 Blake 
Labonte Delphis, shoemaker, bds. 87 Main 
Labonte Jean, operative, house 144 Lincoln [Blake 

Labonte Nettie Miss, bookkeeper, 84 Lisbon, bds. 223 
Labonte Simeon, mill hand, h. Merrill road 
Laborde Louis, laborer, house Hine's alley 
Labranche Charles (Burgault & Labranche), furniture and 

upholstering, carpets, etc., 291 Lisbon 
Labranche Cyrille, fruit, house 23 Knox 
Lablanche Joseph, boards 210 Park 

Labranche Joseph, cigars aud tobacco, 238 Lisbon, bds. 
Labranche Joseph, operative, house 47 Mill 
Labranche Olam, widow of Charles, house 67 Oak 
Labrecque Absolon, laborer, bds. 127 Oxford 
Labrecque Absolon, operative, bds. 13 Spruce 
Labrecque David, operative, honse 197 Lincoln 
Labrecque Pierre, laborer, house 13 Spruce 
Labrecque Pierre, operative, house 324 Lisbon 
Labree Nancy, widow of Charles M., house Sabattus rd., 

opposite Grove 
Labrie Martial, brickmaker, house 534 Main 
Labry Artimise, widow of Octave, h. 61 Hines alley 
Labry Francois, weaver, boards 143 Oxford 
Labiy Joseph, laborer, bds. 49 Hines alley 
Labry Julie, widow of Thomas, h. 140 Canal alley 
Labry Theophile, operative, house 8 River 


Lacasse Joseph, laborer, boards 12 Chestnut 
Lacasse Napoleon, brickmaker, house 74 Hines alley 
Lacev Edward, house 32 Preseott 
Lacev Edward. Jr., shoemaker, bds. 32 Preseott 
Lacev Mary Miss, dressmaker, 79 Chestnut, b. 32Prescott 
Lachance Edmond, weaver, house 56 Maple 
Lachance Louis, ins. agent, 293 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Lachance Louis, shoemaker, house 213 Main 
Lachance Samuel, brickmaker, house Petteugill 
Lachance Marcelle, laborer, boards 8 Birch 
Lachance Octave Mrs., dressmaker, house 376 Lisbon 
Lachapelle Joseph, farmer, h. College rd., bey., Hogan rd. 
Lachapelle Louis, laborer, 57"Whipple h. Ill Winter 
Lachapelle Willie, laborer, bds. Ill Winter 
Lacharitee William, laborer, h. 7 on the Island 
Lacombe Arthur, carpenter, bds. 3 on the Island 
Lacombe Charles, Jr., clerk, 140 Lisbon, h. 14 College 
Lacombe Francois, shoemaker, house 127 Oxford 
Lacombe Joseph, laborer, house 125 Oxford 
Lacombe Sifroid, operative, house 127 Oxford 
Lacourse Amedie, shoemaker, house 14 Lincoln 
Lacourse Josephine, widow of Olivier, bds. 16 Lincoln 
Lacourse Placide, laborer, house 9 Mill 
Lacourse Pierre, brickmaker, bds. 14 Lincoln 
Lacourse Victor, laborer, h. 6 Androscoggin Corp. 
Lacouture Edward, boards 64 Maple 

Lacouture Leandre, overseer, lower carding room, Andros- 
coggin Mills, house 64 Maple 
Lacroix Clovis, operative, bds. 143 Oxford 
Lacroix .lean B., shoemaker, house 135 Oxford 
Lacroix John, driver, S. F. E., No. 3, h. 63 Franklin 
Lacroix J. Baptiste, laborer, bds. 148 Oxford 
Ladrille Joseph, laborer, bds. 97 Lincoln 
Laffey Martin, house 4 Wood 
Laflamme Antoine, weaver, bds. 361 Lisbon 
Laflamme Edouard, job wagon, house 162 Lisbon 
Laflamme Louis, weaver, house Hogan road 
Laflamine Mary, weaver, rooms 162 Lisbon 
Lafleur Henry, operative, rooms 108 Lisbon 
Lat'osse Edouard, teamster, house 167 Lincoln 
Lafosse Henri L., millman, bds. 167 Lincoln 
Laf ranee Joseph, laborer, house 45 Water 
Laf ranee Julie, widow of Fabien, bds. 5 Cross 
Lafond Joseph, operative, boards 109 Cedar 
Lafountain Joseph, restaurant, 199 Lincoln, h. 17 Park 
Lagace Felix, laborer, house 76 Lincoln 
Lagasse Jean B., carder, house 31 Mill 
Lagasse Joseph, operative, house 31 Mill 
Lagasse Julie, widow of Michael, h. 4 on the Island 
Lagasse Thomas, operative, bds. 4 River 
Lagrange Napoleon, shoemaker, bds. 12 Chestnut 


Lahais Alec, moulder, house 43 Knox 

Lahais Louis, laborer, boards 303 Lisbon 

Lahais Oivier, millman, boards 19 Spruce 

Lahey Alexander, boarding-house, 5 Hill Corp., Canal 

Lahey Daniel, house 67 Lisbon rd., cor. Vine 

Lahey Lizzie Miss, spinner, bds. 6 Hill Corp., Canal 

Lahey Margaret Miss, house 42 Water 

Lahey Patrick, laborer, house 45 West Bates 

Lahey Patrick, Jr., laborer, bds. 45 W. Bates 

Lahey, see Leahy 

Laidlaw Robert M., driver, 36 Chapel, h. 188 Sabattns 

Lajeunesse Napoleon, mngr., 146 Lincoln, h. 31 Chestnut 

Lajoie Caliste, carpenter, house 376 Lisbon 

Lajoie Fidel, operative, house 148 Oxford 

Lajoie J. Baptiste, laborer, house 1.28 Canal-st. alley 

Lakin David, laborer, house 168 Lisbon 

Laliberte Albert, baker, 146 Lincoln, bds. 112 Hines alley 

Laliberte' Alphonse, baker, bds. 112 Hines alley 

Laliberte Arthur, operative, bds. 112 Hines alley 

Laliberte Emelie, widow, house 80 Hines alley 

Laliberte Felix, laborer, bds. 80 Hines alley 

Laliberte Joseph, laborer, h. 7 Androscoggin Corp. 

Laliberte Louis, blacksmith, house 112 Hines alley 

Laliberte Louis, clerk, 195 Lincoln, bds. 112 Hines alley 

Laliberte Napoleon, gardener, bds. 163 Lincoln 

Lalonde Jean B., ins. agent, 256 Lisbon, h. 149 Lincoln 

Lamare Alfred, operative, bds. rear 207 Park 

Lamare Eugenie, widow of Charles, h. 294 Lisbon 

Lamb Algernon B., carpenter, bds. 139 Oak 

Lamb Aphia, widow of Russell, h. Main, bey. Barkerville 

Lamb, Benjamin F., city carpenter, house 139 Oak 

Lamb Joseph A., blacksmith, 688 Main, house 692 do. 

Lamb Joseph G-., shoe sorter (Auburn), house 820 Main, 

Lambert Adeline Miss, boards 73 Lincoln 
Lambert Benjamin, laborer, bds. 227 Lincoln 
Lambert Demerise Miss, dressmaker, bds. 148 Lincoln 
Lambert Flavien, shoemaker, house 148 Lincoln 
Lambert Georgiua, widow of Alcide, bds. 148 Lincoln 
Lambert Joseph, weaver, bds. 148 Lincoln 
Lambert Julien, clerk, boards 148 Liucolu 
Lambert Louis, brickmaker, house 199 Park 
Lambert William, boards 199 Park 
Lambert William B., law student, rms. 4 College block 
Lamey Cornelius, house 75 Blake 
Lamey John, operative, house 45 Middle 
Lamey Michael, iron moulder, bds. 75 Blake 
Lamkie Ellen, widow of William, house 24 Chapel 
Lamkie Jessie Miss, tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds. 24 Chapel 
Lamkie Mary Miss, tailoress, 46 Lisbon, bds. 24 Chapel 
Lamkie William G., spinner, bds. 8 Androscoggin blk. 


166 LEWISTON [Xj"| directory 

Lamonde Charles, shoemaker, house 29 Knox 
Lamontagne Alfred, shoemaker, house 24 Lincoln st. allev 
Lamontagne Charles, shoemaker, 242 Main, h.l 1 8 Lincoln 
Lamontagne Eloi, clerk 79 Lisbon, boards 112 Lincoln 
Lamontagne Joseph, boot and shoe repairer, 114 Lincoln, 

house 112 do. 
Lamontagne J. Bapiste, tailor, 140 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Lamontagne Lena Miss, milliner, boards 112 Lincoln 
Lamontagne Leopold, operative, boards 112 Lincoln 
Lamontagne Seraphin, operative, boards 111 Lincoln 
Lampron Joseph, weaver, Bates Mill, house 424 Lisbon 
Lancaster Bradford S., teamster, rooms 25 Lowell 
Lancaster Elijah M., farmer, house Pine Wood district 
Lancaster Everett B., farmer, house Pine Wood district 
Landers John H. Mrs., laundry, 111 Main, house do. 
Landry Alexander, laborer, house 30 Knox 
Lindry Franco is, operative, house 135 Oxford 
Landry Michel (Marcotte & Landry ), furniture, 132 

Lincoln, house 1 Knox 
Lane Augustus K., machinist, h 53 Lowell 
Lane Eben, carpenter, house 41 Bates 
Lane Edwin A., overseer, yard, Lewiston Mill Co., h. at 

Lane George W. (George W. Lane & Co.), contractor, 

90 Pierce, house do. 

LANE GEORGE W. & CO. (George W. Lane), 
contractors and builders, 90 Pierce (see reverse side 

of p. opposite Business Directory) 
Lane Harry E., clerk, boards 41 Bates [Auburn 

Lane Henry S., overseer, dressing, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. at 
Lane Hiram, farmer, bds. E. J. Golder's, Sabattus road 
Lane Lovina B. Miss, drawer in H.M.Co., rms. 75 Wood 
Lane Lucv M. Miss, teacher, Horton st. grammar school, 

bds. 67 High 
Lane Ransom D., shoemaker, house 83 Elm 
Lane Viora G. Mrs., house 67 High Lowell 

Lane William N., laborer, G. T. R. freight depot, bds. 53 
Lange Alvis, clerk, 152 Lisbon, bds. Frye House 
Laugelier Adelard, weaver, h. 91 Blake 
Langelier Charles, operative, bds. 91 Blake 
Laugelier Etienne, moulder, house 146 Oxford 
Laugelier Joseph (Marcotte & Langelier), hairdresser, 

242 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Langelier Joseph, weaver, bds. 35 Spruce 
Langelier Louis, moulder, h. 39 Spruce 
Langelier Nathaniel, operative, house 108 Lincoln 
Langelier Thade, laborer, h. 91 Blake 
Langevin Angie, Mrs., dressmaker, 42 College, h. do. 
Langevin Ludger L. (L. L. Langevin & Co.), baker, 109 

Lincoln, h. 383 Lisbon 


Langevin L. L. & Co., (Ludger L. and George Leclair), 

bakers, 109 Lincoln (see p. 538) [College 

Langevin Napoleon, second hand. Bates Mfg. Co., h. 42 
Langevin (Mill Miss, bds. 209 Park 
Langevin Telesphore, oard grinder, house 209 Park 
Langlais Alec, laborer, house 227 Lincoln 
Langlais Alec, Jr., laborer, bds. 227 Lincoln 
Langlais Alfred, operative, bds. 227 Lincoln 
Langlais Philip, weaver, Bates Mill, bds. 420 Lisbon 
Langlais Jacques Jean B., hairdresser, 28o Lisbon, also 

shooting gallery, rms. 4 Continental block 
JLanglois Zaphirin, operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Langmaid Alonzo W., caterer and confectioner, 37 Ash, 

house 35 do. 
Lanigan John, bds. 314 Lincoln 
Lanigan Katharine, widow, h. 314 Lincoln 
Lanigan Patrick, painter, house 62 Lisbon road 
La Pearl, Joseph, weaver, boards 11 Bates Corp., canal 
Lapeirre Frank, carpenter, rooms Oak, cor. Bates 
Lapham Frank A., laborer, Bates Mnfg. Co., b. 41 Birch 
Laphara Joseph C, laborer, h. 41 Birch [Birch 

Lapham Joseph EL, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 41 
Lapham Thomas L., mason, bds. 106 Chestnut 
Laplante Eusebe, laborer, h. 64 Cedar 
Laplante Louis, laborer, h. 30 Lincoln 
Laplante Napoleon, operative, bds. 121 Hines alley 
Laplante Ovide. operative, bds. 30 Lincoln 
Laplante Paul, operative, boards 154 Lincoln 
Lapointe Alexandre, laborer, house 4 on the Island 
Lapointe Alfred, operator, boards 22 Chestnut 
Lapointe Flavien (Blouin & Lapointe), grocer, 378, and 

boots & shoes, 375 do., house rear 374 do. 
Lapointe Florien, operative, boards 110 Hines alley 
Lapointe Gregoire, laborer, house 22 Chestnut 
Lapointe Ludger, operative, boards 22 Chestnut 
Lapointe Ulderic, clerk, 378 Lisbon, house 49 Knox 
Lapointe Pierre E., watchmaker, 362 Lisbon, house do. 
Laporte Napoleon, operative, h. 106 Canal alley 
Lapriese Frank, loom fixer, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 39 Park 
Lata Ernest G., moulder, Jordan, Frost, & Co., G. S. 

yard, bds. 125 Wood 
Lariviere Rosalie, widow, boards 41 Knox 
Larkin James H., beamer, house 26 Knox 
Laroche Felix, physician. 25 Cedar, bds. 137 Pierce 
Laroche Jean B., laborer, h. 3 Cross 
Larochelle Hy polite, hairdresser, bds. 104 Canal st alley 
Larochelle Pierre, laborer, bds. 54 Cedar 
Larocque Henri, photographer, 277 Lisbon, house do. ' 
Larocque Jean, photo printer, house 103 Blake 
Larocque Joseph, laborer, house 103 Blake 


Laroeque Jean, artist, house 103 Blake 

Laroeque Joseph, house 103 Blake 

Larocque Joseph, operative, bds. 1 1 on the Island 

Laroeque Philip B., weaver, Bates Mill, h. 3 Androscoggin 

LaPoe Samuel D., manager, Singer Mnfg. Co. 84 Lisbon, 

house 41 East ave. 
Laroque Tanis, laborer, house 3 Cross 
Larabee Abraham L., cigar maker, rooms 214 Main 
Larose Louis, clerk, bds. 126 Lincoln 
Lanabee Byron, machinist, rooms 16 Lowell [ville 

La rra bee Isaac, farmer, house off Main, beyond Barker^ 
Larrabee John H., farmer, b. Philip Larrabee's, Webster 
Larrabee Philip, farmer, house AVebster. near Reservoir 
Lanabee Samuel G., cloth hall. Bates INI ill. house 54 Birch 
Larrabee Stephen, farmer, b. Philip Larrabee's, Webster 
Larrabee Winfield S. (Odlin & Larrabee), detective, 293 

Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Laskey Charles, machinist, 22 Main, bds. 139 Oak 
Latham Cain, weaver. Bates Mill, house 51 Knox 
Latham Carrie P. Mrs., dressmaker, 13 Lisbon, house at 

Latham Ina, Miss, type writer, 64 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Laughton Flora I. Miss, teacher of music, 84 Lisbon, bds. 

at Auburn 
Laughton George W., farmer, house Town Farm road 
Laughton Lora L., widow of Preston S., house 824 Main, 

Laughton Maria W., teacher of elocution, rms. 346 Main 
Laughton Nelson J., pianos and organs, 84 Lisbon, house 

at Auburn 
Laughton Sarah E. Miss, teacher of elocution, bds. 824 

Main, Barkerville 
Laughton Warren P., farmer, house 824 Main, Barkerville 
Laverdiere Adelaide, widow of Janvier, house 195 Lincoln 
Lavertu Francois, grocer, 379 Lisbon, house 381 do. 
Laverty Henry, emp. Lewiston Mill Co., h. 35 Wellman 
Lavigne Ferdinand, weaver, house 89 Lincoln 
Lavoie Arsene, laborer, house 135 Oxford 
Lavoie Elz'ear, carpenter, house 135 Oxford 
Lavoie Evangeliste, weaver, house 136 Oxford 
Lavoie Joseph, operative, bds. 113 Cedar [Knox 

Lavoie Ludger J., photographer, 134 Lincoln, rooms 35 
Lavoie Marcial, carpenter, house 133 Oxford 
Lavoie Napoleon, carpenter, bds. 13 on the Island 
Law Albert II., farmer, house 826 Main, Barkerville 
Lawing Robert E., coachman at 316 Webster, bds. do. 
Lawless Henry, wood yard, R. C. Pengree & Co', bds. 

25 Blake' 
Lawless Joseph, driver, 36 Chapel, bds. 25 Blake 
Lawless Michael, laborer, house 25 Blake 


Lawless Michael, driver, Hose, I. house 7 West Blake 
Lawless Patrick, plumber, 40 Main, rooms 70 Ash 
Lawlor Morris, laborer, h. Kiver road, Strawberry Patch 
Lawlor Morris, Jr., coachman, 326 Bates house 44 Knox 
Lawlor Thomas, laborer, house 303 Lincoln 
Lawlor Thomas, Jr,, laborer, bds. 303 Lincoln 
Lawrence. Charles E., heeler, bds. 71 Pierce 

LAWRENCE J. EDWARD, general insurance 
agent, 26 Pine, Pillsbury blk. h. 6C^ Blake (see p. 2) 
Lawrence Mary E. widow of Edward, house 71 Pierce 
Lawrence Wilbur, engineer, M. C. R- R., house 42 High 
Lawrence William, weaver, bds. 18 Bates Corp. 
Lawrv Albert A., foremau stain shop, R. C.Pingree & Co., 

house 108 Blake 
Lawton Edward, mason, house 15 Bartlett, [lett 

Lawton Mamie, Miss, compositor, 32 Main, bds. 13 Bart- 
Leader Daniel, mason, bds. 65 Lincoln 
Leader Ellen, widow of John, house 71 Knox 
Leader John J., clerk, bds. 65 Lincoln 
Leader Julia, Miss., clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Leader Kate, Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Leader Richard F., bottler (Auburn), bds. 65 Lincoln 
Leader William, mason, house 65 Lincoln 
Leader William A., apothecary, 123 Lincoln, h. 55 Park 
Leahy Johanna, widow of John, house 72 Knox 
Leary Jeremiah, laborer, house 49 Park 
Leary Johannah, widow of Cornelius, h. rear 37 Bates 
Leathers George W., carpenter, house 129 Wood 
Leathers Joseph B., house 129 Wood [Wood 

Leathers Joseph Wesley, student, Bates College, bds. 129 
Leavitt Chase F., edge tool maker, 8 Franklin, house 56 

Leavitt Clara A. Miss, tailoress, house 167 Main 
Leavitt Fklwin M., last mnfr., north of Cross Canal, h. 

at Auburn 
Leavitt Fred, rooms 107 Blake 
Leavitt Fred A. Leavitt & Waterman, Island Garden 

Spa, rooms do. 
Leavitt Fred L. (White & Leavitt), dentist, 51 Lisbon, 

house at Auburn 
Leavitt Mary A. Miss, tailoress, house 167 Main 
Leavitt Mary E. Miss, teacher, Oak st. intermediate 

school, bds. 56 Summer 
Leavitt & Waterman (Fred A. Leavitt & Samuel G. Wa- 
terman), Island Garden spa., Island Garden 
Lebbe Albert, laborer, house 243 Park 
Lebbe Narcisse, laborer, house 243 Park 
Lebbe Telesphore, operative, bds. 243 Park 
Lebel Joseph, millman, bds. 90 Lincoln 
Lebel Louis, operative, house 7 on the Island 
Lebel Napoleon, millman, bds. 13 Hines aliey 


Lebel Olvmpe, widow of Timothy, house 90 Lincoln 

Lebel Ovide, operative, bds. 64 Hines alley 

Lebelle Edward, laborer, house 6 Androscoggin Corp. 

Leblanc Archie, laundry man, 330 Lisbon, bds. do. 

Leblanc Archie, shoemaker, bds. 420 Lisbon 

Leblanc Eusebe, weaver, house 243 Park 

Leblanc Eusebe, jr., operative, bds. 243 Park 

Leblanc Fardius, student, bds. 330 Lisbon 

Leblanc James, farmer, house Hogan road, near College 

LeBLANC JOSEPH, dye house, 141 Main, house 
do. (see p. 561) 
Leblanc Rosaline, Mrs., laundry, 330 Lisbon, house do. 
Leblond Damase, laborer, house 148 Oxford 
Leblond Joseph, operative, house 53 Knox 
Leblond Joseph, operative, house 14 Lincoln 
Leblond Napoleon, operative, b. rear 15 on the Island 
Leblond Onesime N., teamster, house 104 Ash 
Leblond Philibert, shoemaker, bds. 99 Ash 
Leblond Pierre, laborer, house 135 Oxford 
Leblond Raymond, operative, bds. 135 Oxford 
Lebourdais George, laborer, house 59 Lincoln 
Lebourdais George jr., boxmaker, bcls. 59 Lincoln 
Lebourdais Joseph, laborer, bds. 59 Lincoln 
Lebruu Alexis, millman, house 13 Hines alley 
Lebrun Alexis, Jr., weaver, bds. 13 Hines alley 
Lebrun Antoine, weaver, Bates Mnfg. Co., b. 306 Lisbon 
Le Brun Albert B., cook, house 312 Lisbon 
Lebrun Eugene, shoemaker, house 324 Lisbon 
Leclair Albert, shoemaker, house 13 Railroad alley 
Leclair Albert, 2nd, laborer, h. 13 Railroad alley 
Leclair George (L. L. Langevin & Co.), baker, 109 Lin- 
coln, house 200 Park 
Leclair Isaac, shoemaker, bds. 13 on the Island 
Leclair Isaac N., clerk, 174 Lisbon, h. 197 Blake 
Leclair John, painter, house 31 Lincoln 
Leclair Joseph, laborer, bds. 11 on the Island 
Leclair Mathieu, shoemaker, house 75 Lincoln 
Leclair Xenopha, baker, 109 Lincoln, h. 311 Lisbon 
Leclerc Albeit, shoemaker, bds. 44 Lincoln 
Leclerc George, baker, h. 200 Park 
Leclerc Hubert, shoemaker, h. 44 Lincoln 
Leclerc Joseph, carpenter, h. 36 Lincoln 
Leclerc Joseph, operative, bds. 74 Lincoln 
Leclerc Louis, bds. 48 Hines alley 
Leclerc Marie, widow of Daniel, b. 43 Hines alley 
Lecoute Eugene, operative, b. 5 on the Island 
Ledoux Pierre, laborer, h. rear 148 Oxford 
Ledux Joseph Come, operative, h. 63 Hines alley 
Leduc Louise, widow of Hilaire, b. 62 Knox 
Leduc Napoleon Mrs., b. 43 Knox 
Leduc Nazaire, brick maker, house CI Knox 


Leduc Severe, laborer, h. 76 Hines alle} T 

Lee Edward C, treasurer, Lewiston Gas Light Co., 116 

Park, h. at Philadelphia 
L.EE STEPHEN, agent, Franklin Co., 112 Park 
Lefevre Adolphe, shoemaker, bds. 124 Lincoln 
Lefevre Roger, shoemaker, bds. 119 Oxford 
Legare Pierre, painter, house 123 Pierce 
Legendre Alfred, operative, b. 4 on the Island 
Legendre Edmond, laborer, house 4 on the Island 
Legendre Gustave, police, h. 10 on the Island 
Legendre Seraphim, loborer, h. 143 Oxford 
Legha Sophia Miss, weaver, rms. 38 Ash 
L'Henreux Francois, operative, h. 125 Oxford 
Leighton Fred A., belt maker, 136 Main, rms. 3 Bates 

Lemaire Eugenie Mrs., h. rear 296 Lisbon 
Lemaire Guillaume, blacksmith, h. 91 Blake 
Lemaire William, shoemaker, bds. r. 296 Lisbon 
Lemay Adolphe, operative, bds, 58 Cedar 
Lemay Eugene, laborer, h. 58 Cedar 
Lemay Ferdinand, laborer, bds. 203 Park 
Lemay Joseph, blacksmith, 83 Bates, h. 91 Bates 
Lemay Joseph, teamster, h. 142 Oxford 
Lemay Lazare, laborer, h. 75 Lincoln 
Lemay Louis, laborer, bds. 75 Lincoln 
Lemay Napoleon, operative, bds. 203 Park 
Lemelin Adelard, operative, bds. 148 Oxford 
Lemelin Edmond, artist, h. 148 Oxford 
Lemelin Marie, widow of Theodore, bds. 148 Oxford 

LE MESSAGER (French) (Couture & Guilbault), 
props., 27 Chestnut (see page 562) 

Lemieux Andre P., laborer, h. 141 Park 

Lemieux Charles, mason, h. Pettengill, near Main 

Lemieux Claude, house 148 Cedar 

Lemieux David, mason, h. Pettengill, near Muin 

Lemieux Edouard, mason, house 5 Cross 

Lemieux Thomas, laborer, house 141 Park 

Lemieux Thomas, laborer, house 374 Lisbon 

Lemont Charles D. (Lemont & Fisher), stoves, etc., 163 
Lisbon, h. 35 High 

Lemont J. T. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 117 Lis- 
bon, house 35 High 

Lemont & Fisher (Charles D. Lemont and Joseph H. 
Fisher), stoves, etc., 163 Lisbon [Auburn 

Leonard Addie L. Mrs., bookkeeper, 247 Lisbon, h. at 

Leonard Hauorah, widow of Patrick, h. Burnt Woods 

Leonard John, operative, house 78 Knox 

Leonard John Jr., police, bds. 79 Knox 

Leonard Patrick, laborer, h. Burnt Woods 

Leonard Wm. P., clerk, Lewiston Bieachery, h.239 Blake 


Leonaret Norman, harness maker, 127 Main, b. 4 Con- 
tinental Corp. 
Lepage Regis, operative, bds. 144 Lincoln 
Lepage Thomas, teamster, b. rear 245 Park 
Leroux Francois, laborer, h. rear 73 Knox 
Leslie Agnes L. Mrs., matron. Day Nursery, 81 Bartlett 
Lessard Alfred, laborer, h. 5 Cross 
Lessard Augustin, operative, house 18 Water 
Lessard George, laborer, house 95 Liucoln 
Lessard Philemon, restuarant, 185 Liucoln, h. do. 
Lessard Vital, laborer, h. 3 Cross 
Letourneau Alfred, laborer, h. 99 Ash 
Letourneau Aseor, carpenter, bds. 167 Lincoln 
Letourneau Ferteu, weaver, bds. 142 Oxford 
Levasseur Anselme, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, house 

307 Bates 
Levasseur Charles, house 197 Lincoln 
Levasseur Henrietta Miss, house 39 Knox 
Levasseur Remie, millman, bds. 68 Lincoln 
Levesque Andre, laborer, house 13 Spruce 
Levesque David, laborer, h. 3 on the Island 
Levesque Ignace, laborer, house 133 Oxford 
Levesque Joseph, carpenter, house 3 on the Island 
Levesque Louis, laborer, bds. 49 Hiues alley 
Levesque Luc, laborer, bds. 133 Oxford 
Levesque Michael, laborer, bds. 124 Lincoln 
Levesque Napoleon, laborer, bds. 133 Oxford 
Levesque Philias, laborer, bds. 3 on the Island 
Levesque Stanislas, mail agent, M. C. R. R., h. 23 Knox 
Levesque William, laborer, house 414 Lisbon 
Lewis Albert C, loom fixer, Bates Mill, house 68 Canal 
Lewis Ann, widow of George, house 182 Blake 
Lewis Annie Miss, teacher, Crowley's school 
Lewis Charles E., overseer, cloth hall, Continental Mills, 

house 157 Park 
Lewis James 8., job wagon, Hayraarket sq., h. 116 Wood 
Lewis Jennie S. Miss, dressmaker, 31 Lisbon, bds. 239 

Lewis Joseph, mason, house 182 Blake ' 
Lewis Samuel, laborer, house 141 Bartlett 
Lewis Samuel, laborer, house 3 on the Island 

James Dempsey, treasurer and manager, Lisbon, 
onp. Androscoggin mill (see Miscellaneous Dept.) 

ter, secretary, 17 Lisbon 
son, leader, P. G. Payne, conductor aud agent, 108 
Park (see page 576) 
Lewiston Co-operative Store, James Rowbotham, mngr., 
49 Walnut 


Dinglev Jr. & Co., props., Journal block, 16 Lis- 
bon ^see page 572) 
treas., office under DeWitt house, Park, cor. Pine 
(see page 563) 

agent, Middle, cor. West Bates, opp. M. C. upper 
depot (see page 573) 

LEWISTON MILL CO., Cyrus I. Barker, agent, 
Frank W. Parker, treas., Oxford, near G-. T. R. R. 
depot (see Miscellaneous Dept.) 
Lewiston Music Hall, Charles Harburg, manager, 67 and 

69 Lisbon 
Lewiston Water Works, W. A. Goss, clerk, City Hall 

Dinglev, Jr. & Co., props., Journal block, 16 Lis- 
bon (see page 572) 
Lewiston <& Auburn Horse Railroad Co., Theodore M. 
Varney, clerk and treas., office and waiting room, 1 
L'Heureux Francois, house 125 Oxford 
L'Heureux Napoleon (M. Phaneuf & Co.), grocer and 

baker, 96 Lincoln, house 126 do. 
Libbey Edward, teamster, 14 Howe, rms. do. 
Libbey Esther L., widow, bds. 52 Wood 
Libbey E. Stanley, carpenter and builder, 127 Oak, h. do. 
Libbey Winfield IS. (Libbey & Dinglev), propr. Cumber- 
land mill, house 128 Sabattus 
Libby Addie J., weaver, rms. Ill Bates 
Libby Andrew, carriage maker, house 1 Continental 

Corp., Chestnut 
Libby Cora M. Miss, bds. 59 Park 
Libby David Rev., clergyman, house Old Lisbon road, n. 

Baptist church 
Libby Edgar A., shoemaker, 83 Main, house 347 Main 
Libby Edwin, teamster, bds. 97 Park 
Libby Edwin A., boots and shoes, house 347 Main 
Libby Frank W., livery stable, 119 Main, h. 53 Lowell 
Libby George F., engineer, M. C. R. R., b. 50 Franklin 
Libbv Herbert D., machine operator, 64 Main, h. 23 Mid- 
Libby Horace, brick mnfr., 544 Main, house do. 
Libby Lorin F., box maker, rms. 232 Park 
Libby Samuel M., soap mnfr., 27 Orange, house do. 
Libby Silas C, harness maker, 213 Main, h. 23 Middle 
Libby Theophilas, shoemaker, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Libby Walter, fireman, B. & M. C. R. R., rms. 16 Lowell 
Libby William A., mason, rear 26 Pine, house 204 Web- 
ster, near East avenue 


Libby Willis A., farmer, bcls. Rev. David Libby's, Old 

Lisbon road 
Libby & Dingley (Winfield S. Libby and Harry M. Ding- 
ley), props., Cumberland mill, end Lincoln 
Lincoln Albeit P., farmer, b. Levi Lincoln's, River road 
Lincoln Levi, farmer, house River road, near Lisbon line 
Lindsey Moise, weaver, house 173 Lincoln 
Lindsey Winfield S., shoemaker, house 62 High 
Linnehan Andrew, laborer, house 312 Lincoln 
Linnehan Cornelius, operative, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
Linnehan Hannah, widow of John, house 281 Lincoln 
Linnell Diana M., widow of Jacob T., bds. 207 College 
Linney Alice Miss, teacher, Webster road school 
Liuney James, overseer, Hill Mufg. Co., h. 16 Hill Corp., 

Linscott Albert H., foreman, Gay, Woodman Co., house at 

Linscott Dora A., widow of Daniel, house 39 Birch 
Linscott Elmira Mrs., shoe stitcher, house 106 Pine 
Lisperness Charles R., carriage smith, house 373 College 
Litchenberg Charles, loom fixer. Bates M. Co., house 356 

Litchfield Anson E., machinist, house 314 Main 
Litchfield Benjamin (B. Litchfield & Co.), grocer, 243 
Main, house 43 High 

LITCHFIELD B. & CO. (Benj. Litchfield), gro- 
ceries and provisions, 243 Main, cor. Bates, (see 
page 567) 
Litchfield Charles A., clerk, 10 Lisbon, bds. 43 High 
Litchfield Clarence M., bds. 23 Sabattus 
Litchfield P^phraim S., laborer, house 565 Main 
Litchfield Francis E., harness maker, bds. 23 Sabattus 
Litchfield Frank P., hairdresser, 194 Main, house 48 Park 
Litchfield Hester A. Mrs., dressmaking, 31 Lisbon, housa 

314 Main 
Litchfield Millie Mrs., music teacher, 171 Lisbon, house 

at Auburn 
Litchfield Noah, farmer, house Garcelon Ferry Road 
Litchfield Varsel E., truckman, 23 Sabattus, house do. 
Litchfield William E., machinist, house 118 Bartlett 
Little Charlotte A. Mrs., house 32 Frye 
Little George EL, salesmau, 48 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Little Horace C. (Chamberlin & Little), insurance, 79 

Lisbon, house 506 Main 
Little Jacob R., student, boards 506 Main 
Little Mary A. Miss, librarian. Manufacturers and Me- 
chanics Library, boards 84 Bartlett 
Littlefield A bra in A., carpenter, house 8 Orange 
Littlefield Erastus, city teamster, rms. 11 Franklin 
Littlefield John B., gunsmith, 14 Main, h. 36 do. 
Littlefield Nathaniel L., carpenter, house 28 Bartlett 


Littlefield AViiliam, operative, Cowan Woolen Co., bouse 

6 Union 
Lizotte Abel, clerk, boards 100 Pierce 
Lizotte Annie E. Miss, clerk, 196 Lisbon, b. 100 Pierce 
Lizotte Henry E., shoemaker, house 100 Pierce 
Lizotte Joseph, janitor, house 100 Pierce 
Lizotte Maximillian L., law student, bcls. 100 Pierce 
Lizotte Olive Miss, clerk, boards 100 Pierce 
Lizotte Ozite, clerk, boards 100 Pierce 
Lizotte X. Joseph, clerk, boards 100 Pierce 
Lochhead James, dyer, Cowan W. Co., h. 7 Bartlett 
Lock wood Bros. (Edward B. and Frederick W. Lock- 
wood), dentists, 163 Main 
Lockwood Edward B. (Lockwood Bros.), dentist, 163 

Main, house at Portland 
Lockwood Frederick W. (Lockwood Bros.), dentist, 163 

Main, boards 23 High 
Lombard Benjamin, machinist, rooms 33 Chapel 
Lombard George H., police, house 34 College 
Lombard Irene P. Miss, clerk, 204 Lisbon, b. 34 College 
Lombard James L., clerk, 204 Lisbon, b. 34 College 
Lombard Samuel W., carpenter, house 274 Pine 
Lombard, see Lumbert 

LONG DANIEL F., dining rooms, 57 Lisbon, h. 
do. (see page 573) 
Long George A., laborer, boards 178 Main 
Long John D., clerk, 57 Lisbon, rooms do. 
Longley Allen, farmer, h. at River road, Lisbon line 
Longley George S., supt. of letter carriers, P. O., house 

337 Main 
Longley Josiah B., harness maker, 179 Main, h. 177 do. 
Longley Josiah P., harness mnfr., 179 Main, h. 331 do. 
Longley Thomas H., harness maker, 179 Main, h. 337 do. 
Lord Chester M., blacksmith, 86 Bates, house 117 College 
Lord Eben C, pattern maker, Bates Mill, h. 84 Horton 
Lord Edward J. (J. C. Lord & Son), grocer, 34 Ash, b 

355 Main 
Lord James C. (J. C. Lord & Son), grocer, 34 Ash, house 

94 College 
Lord Jeremiah B., loom fixer, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Lord J. C. & Son (James C. and Edward J. Lord), gro- 
cers, 34 Ash 
Lord Louville G. (Lord & Ireland), blacksmith, 53 Bates, 

house at Auburn 
Lord Rufus, furniture, etc., 173 Main, h. 192 Webster 
Lord Rufus A., bookkeeper, First National Bank, 157 

Main, boards 192 Webster 
Lord & Ireland( Louville G. Lord and Atwell M. Ireland), 

blacksmiths, 53 Bates 
Losier Joseph, brickmaker, b. N. Ducharme's, River road 


Lothrqp Alson, overseer, cloth weaving room, Androscog- 
gin Mills, house 38 Maple 
Lothrop Aubrey G. (Lotlirop Bros.), hairdresser, 186 

Lisbon, room 2, house b2 Wood 
Lothrop Bros. (Aubrey G. and \V r arren L. Lothrop), 

hairdressers, 186 Lisbon, room 2 
Lothrop Edward L., cigar maker, 11 Chapel, b. at Abburn 
Lothrop Effie M. Miss, clerk, 131 Lisbon, b. 38 Maple 
Lothrop Warren L., pianos, 186 Lisbon and (Lothrop 

Bros.), hairdresser, do., room 2, house 30 Sabattus 
Love Harry, weaver, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Love John, teamster, house 108 Winter 
Lovejoy Dora Mrs., shirt maker, house 62 Lisbon 
Lovejoy William, laborer, b. 814 Main, Barkerville 
Lowe Anna A., widow of George A., h. 54 Pierce 
Lowe William H., billing clerk and telegrapher, M. C. R. 

R., upper depot, boards 51 Pierce 
Lowell Alma, widow of Mark, house 19 Hammond 
Lowell Arthur W., dry plate maker, 14 Main, b. 185 do. 
Lowell Benjamin P., driver, rooms 25 Lowell 
Lowell Charles, house 8 Union 
Lowell Clara B. Mrs., house 8 Union 
Lowell Daniel W., cigar mnfr.. 1«2 Lisbon, h. 64 Park 
Lowell Edward M., clerk, 114 Lisbon, h. 19 Hammond 
Lowell George Lumau, student, Bates College, boards 

Nichols Hall, do. 
Lowell Henry (Lowell & Lowell), dry goods, 184 Lisbon, 

house at Auburn 
Lowell Marcia E. Miss, bookkeeper, 238 Main, boards 

113 Lowell 
Lowell Philip G. (Lowell & Lowell), dry goods, 184 Lis- 
bon, house 73 East avenue 
Lowell Samuel, farmer, h. Saoattus road, beyond Thornes 

Lowell & Lowell (Henry and Philip G. Lowell), dry and 

fancy goods, 184 Lisbon 
Lown Daniel C. (G. E. Lown & Sous), carpenter, 268 

Main, house 6 Union 
Lown Geneva C. Miss,, 16 Lisbon, boards 

34 Sabattus 
Lown George E. (G. E. Lown & Sons), carpenter, 2GS 

Main, house 34 Sabattus 

LOWxV GEORGE E. & SONS (George E. and 
Daniel C. Lown), carpenters, 268 Main (see reverse 
side of page opp. Business Directory) 
Lowry Maggie Miss, clerk, 138 Lisbon, b. 19 Knox 
Lowry Margaret C. Miss, clerk, boards 19 Knox 
Lowry Mary, widow of William, house 19 Knox 
Loze Cleophas, brickmaker, house 148 Oxford 
Lucas Daniel, carpenter, house q(5 Pierce 
Lucas John N., machinist, rooms 2d Lowell 


Lufkin Albert, driver, L. & A. St. Ry., bds. at Auburn 

Lufkin Fred T. Mrs., house 34 High 

Lufkin Laura Miss, house 37 Franklin 

Luke Andrew J., machinist, house 35 Birch 

Luke Emma Mrs., house 35 Birch 

Lumbert Nancy, widow, boards 32 Horton 

Lunt Cvrus M., foreman, Lewiston Machine Shop, house 

Lunt Fred W., mailing clerk, P. O., bds. 48 High 
Lunt Grace A. Miss, teacher, Oak-st. intermediate school, 

house 48 High 
Lunt John F., carpenter, house 55 Park 
Luques Orlando, foreman of round house, M. C. R. R., 

upper depot, house at Auburn 
Lurvey A., watchman, Bates Mnfg. Co..h. at Auburn 
Lurvey Lucinda, widow of Richard, h. 184 Main 
Lurvey William, teamster, 34 Main, h. 213 Oak 
Lurvev William H., driver, h. 213 Oak 
Lusader Elida Mrs., seamstress, bds. 82 Park 
Lussier Cyrille, laborer, h. rear 209 Park 
Lutton Joseph, spinner, bds. 24 Hill Corp., Canal 
Lydston Charles L., bookkeeper, 138 Bates, b. 125 Ash 
Lydston John P2., shoemaker, h. 227 Sabattus 
Lydston Linwood L., bcls. 227 Sabattus 
Lydson William, real estate, 247 Lisbon, h. 125 Ash 
Lyford Frederick D., clerk, 138 Main, h. 3 Cottage 
Lyford Harry P., yard man, M. C. R. R., h. at Auburn 
Lynch Daniel(Beane & Lynch), Merchants Express Co., 

29 Ash, h. at Boylston Centre, Mass. 
Lynch George, loom fixer, b. 175 Oak 
Lynch James, weaver, Cowan Woolen Co., b. 175 Oak 
Lynch John, farmer, Greene road, h. 175 Oak 
Lynch John, laborer, house 22 Summer 
Lynch John, Jr., loom fixer, b. 175 Oak 
Lynch John H., oiler, Bates Mnfg. Co., rms. 70 Ash 
Lynch Kate L. Miss, teacher Horton st. grammar 

school, bds. 17 Oak 
Lynch Margaret, widow of Michael, h. 35 Blake 
Lyon Charles, operative, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Lyons Hannah, widow of Patrick, h. 246 Lincoln 
Lyons Michael, laborer, b. 247 Lincoln 

MACLAUCHLAN FRANCIS H., compositor, Journal, 

bds. 18 Middle 
MacLauchlan George S., machinist, h. 18 Middle 
Madden Eugene, operative, Lewiston Bleacherv, bds. 

238 Park 
Madden James, overseer can room, Lewiston Bleachery, 

house 260 Park 
Madden Thomas, at Lewiston Bleachery, h. 238 Park 
Madden Thomas Jr., apothecary, 331 Lisbon, h. 22 Kno x 


Madison Arthur E., insurance and real estate, 26 Pine, 

house GO Wood 
Madison Eliza, widow of Richard E., h. 60 Wood 
Maerz Bernard, shoemaker, bds. 179 Oak 
Maerz Dora, clerk, 96 Lisbon, bds. 179 Oak 
Maerz Elias D., wig maker, 179 Oak, h. do. 
Maerz George, laborer, b. 179 Oak 
Maquet Felix, mason, bds. 22 on the Island 
Maguire Hannah, widow of John, h. 39 Water 
Magnien Marie, widow of Joseph, h. 41 Pierce 
Mahanev Jeremiah, laborer, b. 4 Blake st. place 
Mahaney Johanna, widow of John, h. 383 Lincoln 
Mahanev John, teamster, R. C. Piugree & Co., house 4 

Blake st, place 
Mahaney Julia, widow of Dennis, h. 286 Lincoln 
Mahaney Margaret, widow of Jeremiah, h. 124 Summer 
Maner Mary Miss, clerk, 117 Lisbon, b. Oak cor. Bates 
Maher Fred J., clerk, 297 Lisbon, b. Oak, cor. Bates 
Maher Philip, contractor, house Oak, cor. Bates 
Maher William E., clerk, 97 Lisbon, b. Oak cor. Bates 
Mahoney Bridget, widow of Daniel, h. Burnt Woods 
Mahoney Charles, laborer, h. Burnt Woods 
Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 4 Blake st. place 
Mahoney John, compositor, b. Mrs. B. Mahonev's, Burnt 

Mahoney John, teamster, h. 4 Blake st. place 
Mahoney Julia, widow of Dennis, h. 289 Lincoln 
Mahoney Michael, laborer, b. Mrs. B. Mahonev's, Burnt 

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, b. 237 Park 
Mahoney Richard, laborer, b. Mrs. Bridget Mahoney's, 

Burnt Woods 
Mailhiot Adolphus, wood yard, 71 Lincoln, h. 63 do. 
Mailhoit George, laborer, h. 203 Lisbon 
Mailhiot Joseph, weaver, bds. 148 Oxford 
Mailhoit Leopold, clerk, 24 Chestnut, h. 35 Knox 
Mailhiot Louis, weaver, bds. 148 Oxford 
Maillot Dennis, laborer, h. 27 Lincoln-st. alley 
Maillet Alfred L., clerk, 87 Lisbon, h. 198 Blake 
Maillet Joseph, painter, house 420 Lisbon 
Maillet Philippe, operative, h. 17 on the Island 
Maillette Alfred W., clerk, 68 Lisbon, h. 27 Birch 
Maillette Felix, carpenter, h. 127 Oxford 
Maillette Francois, shoemaker, 368 Lisbon, h. do. 
Maillette Francois X., clerk, 132 Lincoln 
Maillette Philippe, laborer, b. 368 Lisbon 
Maillette Phiilippe, yardman, Jordan, Frost & Co., bds. 

rear 1 7 on the Island 
Maillette Thomas, painter, h. 27 Birch 
Maillotte Alfred, laborer, bds. 115 Lincoln alley 
Maillotte Delphis, teamster, h. (jo Lincoln 


Maillote Jean B., saloon, 82 Lincoln, h. 13 Hines Alley 

Mailotte Ludger, operative, h. 115 Lincoln 

Mailotte William, shoemaker, h. 80 Lincoln 

Mailriot Joseph, carver, bds. 148 Oxford 

Maine Central R. R., Charles C. Benson, station agent, 

upper depot 
Maine Conservatory of Music, G-. Lowell Tracy, Pres., 

149 Lisbon 
Maine State Fair Grounds, 729 Main 
Maines C. Fred, clerk, 140 Lisbon, h. 40 Cottage 
Malia Bartholomew, city laborer, h. 8 College 
Maley John, h. 69 Franklin 
Malcolm Rollin, laster, bds. 6 Franklin 
Malaufont Bruno, laborer, h. 78 Lincoln 
Mallin Edward, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Malo Louis, carpenter, h. 38 Cedar 
Maloney Fred M. J., cigar maker, 11 Chapell, bds. 47 

Maloney Rose Mrs., b. 49 Knox 
Maltais Joseph, laborer, h. 109 LinColn-st. alley 
MaL/ey Cohan Mrs , house 29 Water 
Maney Matthew, laborer, house River road 
Manev William A. (Gledhill & Manev), gents furnishings, 

120 Lisbon, hi. 73 Park 
Manley Stillman, shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Mann Bernard F., dry plate maker, 14 Main, Auburn 
Manning Catherine, widow of John, h. 58 Franklin 
Manning Daniel, shoemaker, bds. 27 Water 
Manning Dennis, laborer, bds. 27 Water 
Manning Ellen, widow of John, house 27 Water 
Manning James, police, bds. 27 Water 
Manning Patrick, shoemaker, house 33' Water 
Manning Samuel, farmer, house 650 Main 
Manning Stephen H., farmer, house 632 Main 
Manning Thomas J., time keeper, Lewiston Mill Co., h. 

11 Oak st. place 
Manser Eliza Mrs., h. 137 Blake 

Manser Harvey, stenographer, 159 Main, b. 137 Blake 
Mansfield Lavina D. (T. & L. D. Mansfield), millinery 

etc., 63 Lisbon, house 61 do. 
Mansfield Patrick, laborer, bds. Thomas Mansfield's, bey. 

Strawberry Patch 
Mansfield Thomas, laborer, h. beyond Strawberry Patch, 

next Railroad 
Mansfield Thomas (T. & L. D. Mansfield), millinery etc., 

63 Lisbon, house 61 do. 
Mansfield T. & L. D. (Thomas & Lavina D. Mansfield), 

millinery, etc., 63 Lisbon 
Mantor D. E. Mrs., boarding house, 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Man tor Sydney, operative, Bates Mnfg. Co., house 4 Hill 

Corp., Canal 


Mantor Wallace C, bookkeeper, Bates Mufg. Co., bds. 4 
Hill Corp., Canal 

John M. Bobbins, president, Addison Small, cash- 
ier, 200 Lisbon (see opp. Banks) 
Maple Leaf Drug Store, Joseph Couture, proprietor, 136 

Mara Catherine, widow of Dennis, h. 95 Lincoln 
Mara George, stone cutter, house rear 95 Lincoln 
Mara Thomas, city laborer, h. rear 95 Lincoln 
Mara William, printer, bds. 95 Lincoln 
Mara, see Marrow, also Merrow 
Maranda Louise Miss, h. 3 Mill 
Marat George, shoemaker, bds. 95 Lincoln 
Marble Andrew L., pay master, Lewiston Mill Co., house 

GO Howe 
Marc Aurel Narcisse, laborer, h. 142 Canal alley 
March Addie E. Miss, telephone operator, 198 Lisbon, 

rm. 33, bds. 157 Pine 
Marchand Charles, clerk, 70 Lisbon, h. 127 Oxford 
Marcotte Francois, electrician, h. 27 Walnut 
Marcotte Francois, laborer, h. 202 Park 
Marcotte Francois X. (Marcotte & Landry), furniture, 

132 Lincoln, h. 21 Knox 
Marcotte Joseph P. (Marcotte & Langelier), hairdresser, 

242 Lisbon, h. 57 College 
Marcotte Juiia, operative, h. 57 College 
Marcotte Matilda Miss, dressmaker, h. 57 College 
Marcotte & Landry(F. X. Marcotte and Michael Landry), 

furniture, stoves, etc., 132 Lincoln 
Marcotte & Langelier (Joseph P. Marcotte and Joseph 

Langelier), hairdressers, 242 Lisbon 
Marcoullier Arthur, weaver, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Marcous Augustin, machinist, h. 22 Chestnut 
Marcous Jean B., operative, h. 73 Lincoln 
Marcous Stanislaus, grocer, 274 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Mariner Burnett, painter, bds. 178 Main 
Markson Abram, peddler, h. 110 Hines alley 
Markson AbelT., peddler, h. 110 Hines alley 
Marquis Alphee, operative, bds. 39 Knox 
Marquis Florien, laborer, h. 58 Hines alley 
Marquis Louis, weaver, Bates Mill, h.East av.,u.Montello 
Marquis Octave, operative, h. 39 Knox 
Marquis Pierre, laborer, h. 17 on the Island 
Marr John B., gardener, Alonzo G. CarvilPs, Straw- 
berry av., bds. do. 
Marr J. Mandell, mason, h. 158 Pine 
Marr Lora L. Miss, dressmaker, 35 Ash, h. do. 
Marrow Samuel H., farmer, h. Main, n. Merrill road 
Mars George, cutter, 64 Main, h. 179 Oak 
Marsden James, section hand, Bates Mill, h.12 Hammond 


Marsden John, weaver, house 33 Hammond 

Marshall Bros. (John H. and James C), grocers, 259 

Marshall Charles, hostler, 45 Park, bds. 43 do. 
Marshall Clara Mrs., weaver, bds. 5 Continental Corp., 

Marshall Henry, watchman, Columbia Mill, h. at Auburn 
Marshall James C. (Marshall Bros.), 259 Lisbon, house 

at Auburn 
Marshall John, house 30 Walnut 
Marshall John C, sexton, Tine st. Congregational Church, 

and janitor, Board of trade, h. 182 Oak 
Marshall John H., carpenter, bds. 86 Pierce 
Marshall John H., section hand, b. 5 Bates Corp. 
Marshall John H. (Marshall Bros.), 259 Lisbon, bds. 5 

Bates Corp. 
Marshall Joseph, livery stable, 45 Park, h. 43 do. 
Marshall Joseph, river driver, h. 14 Lincoln 
Marshall Joseph, Jr., hostler, 45 Park, b. 43 do. 
Marshall Mary, widow of John, bds. 78 Knox 
Marshall Mary E. Miss, bds. 78 Lowell 
Marshall Patrick, house 28 Bartlett 
Marshall Thomas, stock fitter, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Marson Fred A., music teacher, h. 130 Blake 
Marston Charles C, cigar maker, h. 100 Horton 
Marston George Elwell, brakeman, M. C. R. R., lower 

depot, bds. 178 Main 
Marston Gertrude M. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, house 

24 Birch 
Marston Josiah M., carpenter, h. 24 Birch 
Marston Katie, carder, Continental Mills, b. Oak, c. Bates 
Martel Adelord G., hairdresser, 33 Ash, b. 137 Pierce 
Martel A. Oliver, dentist, College block, 256 Lisbon, bds. 

137 Pierce 
Martel Barthelemi, weaver, h. 206 Park 
Martel Charles, house 38 Horton 

Martel Joseph, brick maker, h. off Pettengill, n. Main 
Martel Leou, baker, h. 209 Park 
Martel Leon, Jr., baker, 96 Lincoln, bds. 209 Park 
Martel Louis, hairdresser, h. 137 Pierce 
Martel Louis 8., physician, 134 Lincoln, h. 89 Pine 
Martel Peter, bake/, 322 Lisbon, bds. 303 do. 
Martel Samuel, teamster, house 213 Main 
Martin Aleck, operative, h. 32 Walnut 
Martin Bartholemie, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 56 Maple 
Martin Catherine, widow of John H., h. 56 Canal 
Martin Cordelia Mrs., house 179 Pine 
Martin Delia, widow, h. 5 Androscoggin Corp. 
Martin Edwin, operative, b. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Martin Ernest, weaver, Lewiston Mill Co., b. 320 Lisbon 
Martin Francois, millman, house 208 Park 



Martin Francois P., carpenter, b. 241 Park 

Martin Francoise, widow, h. 5 Androscoggin Corp. 

Martin Frank, teamster, h. rear 245 Park 

Martin Frank W., clerk, 140 Lisbon, h. 173 Pine 

Martin Joseph, weaver, Lewis ton Mill Co., b. 320 Lisbon 

Martin Regis, operative, bds. 39 ou the Island 

Martin George W., asst. supt. Lewiston Water Works, h. 

270 Sabuttus 
Martin Henry P-, weaver, bds. 4 Bates corp. 
Martin Joseph, teamster, house 376 Lisbon 
Martin J. E., compositor, 27 Chestnut, h. 293 Bates 
Martin Kate, widow of Patrick, h. 247 Lincoln 
Martin Patrick E., tailor, house 149 Pierce 
Martin Peter S., clerk, 54 Lisbon, bds. 149 Pierce 
Martin Robert, shoemaker, bds. 5 Androscoggin corp. 
Martin Robert, weaver, bds. 376 Lisbon 
Martin Thomas, house 247 Lincoln 
Martin William, starcher, Lewiston Bleacher} 7 , boards 247 

Martinbault Joseph, operative, h. 420 Lisbon 
Martindale Abram, calenderer, Lewiston Bleachery, h. rear 

205 Park 
Martyn Alex, laborer, house 3 Androscoggin corp. 
Marty n Basile, mill hand, bds. 3 Androscoggin corp. 
Martyn John, watchman, Cowan Woolen Co., boards 3 

Androscoggin corp. 
Marvell Walter E., freight checker, M. C. R. R., boards 

at Auburn 
Mason Almonzar, jeweler, bds. 208 Park 
Mason Ernest F., photographer, 172 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Mason Ezra M., painter, 278 Main, bds. 157 Holland 
Mason Henry, card grinder, house 219 Park 
Mason James, operative, bds. 14 Hill corp., Canal 
Mason Louis, jeweler, bds. 208 Park 

Mason Thirza Mrs., weaver, b. 5 Continental corp., Ox- 
Masse" Eugene, laborer, h. 13 Cross 
Masson John, beamer, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 80 Birch 
Mather James C, weaver, honse 69 Pierce 
Matte L. E. Napoleon, physician, 134 Lincoln, h. 47Pierce 
Mattews John, laborer, bds. 38 Lowell 
Matthews Maxim, mason, bds 63 Lincoln 
Matthews Samuel W., carpenter, house 38 Lowell 
Matthews William W., teamster, IS. W. Mavo's, rooms 

175 Park 
Maxfield Napoleon, operative, h. 17 on the Island 
Maxfield Wallace W. (Maxfield & Shaw), hairdresser, 20 

Lisbon, house 120Bartlett 
Maxfield & Shaw (Wallace W. Maxfield and Resolve 

Shaw), hairdressers, 20 Lisbon 
Maxwell Howard W., honse 82 Ash 


Maxwell Isaac S.( Maxwell & Nevens), produce, 10 Park, 

house 131 Oak 
Maxwell Mary, widow of James, h. 163 Pine 
Maxwell Mary E., clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 172 Pine 
Maxwell Sally, widow, bds. 82 Ash 
Maxwell & Nevens (Isaac S. Maxwell and Plummer R. 

Nevens), produce etc., 10 Park 
Mav Ellen J., widow of Samuel E., h. 68 Pine 
Mav John W., counselor, 59 Main, h. at Auburn 
May S. E. & Co. (Frederick B. Wheelock), brokers, 17 

Maybury E. M., engineer, 48 Main, h. at Auburn 
May be w Cornelius D., farmer, h. Town Farm road 
Maynard Adolph, carpenter, bds. 33 Franklin 
Mayo Barney C., second hand, Hill Mafg. Co., h.31 Ash 
Mayo Charles A., operative, h. 21 Hill corp., Cedar 
Mayo Crosby, compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 14 Bates 
Mayo Lois Mrs., clerk, 97 Lisbon, h. 155 Pine 

MAYO STEPHEN W., coal and wood, Canal st. 
alley, cor. Chestnut, h. 171 Park (see p. 571) 
Mayo Webster C, trav. salesman (Auburn), b. 31 Ash 
McAlister Augustus J., finisher, Cumberland Mill, house 

at Auburn 
McAlister Charles W., salesman, Edward W.Gross, G.T. 

R. yard, house 30 Vale 
McAlister Mary E., widow of Jeremiah R., b. 30 Vale 
McAllaster Edgar, bookkeeper. 259 Lisbon, h. 44 Nichols 
McAllister Stephen C, shoemaker, house 18 Park 
McAviu Elizabeth Mrs., house 27 Milk lane 
McAviu James, hostler, 230 Main, bds. 27 Lowell 
McBride Joseph, operative, bds. 15 Bates corp. 
McBride Robert, operative, house 15 Bates Corp. 
McBrine Joseph, section hand, house 7 Water 
McCallan James, weaver, b. 8 Androscoggin corp. 
McCann Edward, operative, bds. 28 Knox 
McCann Emma Miss, house 175 Lincoln 
McCann Frank, spinner, house 19 Hines alley 
McCann Susan, widow of John, h. 28 Knox 
McCann Thomas, mill hand, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 76 Ash 
McCann William, operative, bds. 28 Knox 
McCann William H., teamster, 76 Cedar, h. 163 Bates 
McCarron Frank, teamster, 136 Main, h. 35 Hammond 
McCarron C. Harry, cigar maker, 182 Lisbon, boards 35 

McCarty Bridget, widow, house 296 Lincoln 
McCarthy Charles, foreman, yard, L. B. & D. Works, h. 

284 Bates 
McCarthy Cornelius F., overseer, Lewiston Bleachery, 

house 32 Knox 
McCarthy Daniel, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, h. 35 Birch 
McCarthy Daniel, watchman, bds. 126 Canal st. alley 


McCarthy Eugene, house 62 Knox 

McCarthy John, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, b. 65 Knox 
McCarthy John, marble cutter, 14 Bates, b. at Auburn 
McCarthy Michael, stone cutter, 14 Bates, h. at Auburn 
McCarthy Michael (Judge & McCarthy), fish,304 Lisbon, 

boards 284 Bates 
McCarthy Owen, laborer, house 295 Lincoln 
McCartney Elizabeth, weaver, Bates M. Co., h. 23 Howe 
McCartney Margaret, h. 23 Howe 
McCarty Alexander, bd». 56 Water 
McCarty Catherine, widow of Dennis D., h. 80 Knox 
McCarty Cornelius, stone cutter, bds. 80 Knox 
McCarty Daniel, boards 334 Bates 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 334 Bates 
McCarty Dennis, mason, house 71 Maple 
McCarty Ellen, widow of John, h. 26 Blake 
McCarty Jane, widow of Michael C, h. 223 Blake 
McCarty Jeremiah, blacksmith, bds. 223 Blake 
McCarty Jeremiah, brick layer, bds. 334 Bates 
McCarty John, gardener, house 13 Blake 
McCarty John, hack driver, 101 Franklin, h. 43 do. 
McCartv Kate A., bookkeeper, 140 Lisbon, b. 80 Knox 
McCarty John, clerk, 213 Park, bds. 32 Knox 
McCartv John, laborer, L. B. & D. Works, house Burnt 

McCarty John, spinner, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
McCarty John A., machinist, bouse 21 Howe 
McCarty John W., hairdresser, 21 Main, bds. at Auburn 
McCarty Margaret, widow of Dennis, h. 31 West Bates 
McCarty Mary Miss, tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds. 223 Blake 
McCarty Michael B., clerk, 85 Lisbon, house 32 Knox 
McCarty Michael, operative, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
McCarty Michael, variety store, 43 Lincoln, house do. 
McCarty Nora, doffer, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
McCarty Thomas, dyer, bds. 2 Bates Corp. 
McCartv Timothy, moulder, house 124 Summer 
McCausland George, shoemaker,* bds., H. McCausland's, 

East avenue [sell 

McCausland Hazen, farmer, house East ave., beyond lius- 
McCansland, William, clerk, 100 Lisbon, bds. Hazen 

McCausland's, East ave. 
McCloud see McLeod 

McClure Alphonse, operative, bds. 374 Lisbon 
McClure Arthur, operative, bds. 374 Lisbon 
McClure George, plumber, bds. 51 Main 
McClure Joseph, operative,, house 374 Lisbon 
McClure William, clerk, bds. 374 Lisbon 
McClure Tharsille, widow of Alexis, house 276 Lisbon 
McConon Henry, house 264 Park 

McCormick Frank, driver 36 Chapel, house 103 Winter 
McCullough Patrick, operative, house 247 Lincoln 


McCusker Henry W., overseer bleachery, Bates Mill, h. 

320 Bates 
McDonald Alexander, stone mason, house 52 Water 
McDonald Frank, helper, 40 Main, rooms do. 
McDonald James, Mrs., web drawer, bds. 9 Bates Corp. 
McDonald John, teamster, house 71 Blake 
McDonald John, plumber, bds. Thomas McDonalds, 

River road 
McDonald John, hostler, bds. 97 Park 
McDonald Michael, laborer, house 2 Water 
McDonald Robert, operative, house 132 Pierce 
McDonald Robert, operative, house 135 Bartlett 
McDonald Thomas, laborer, house River road 
McDonnell Alex., laborer, bds. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
McDonald William A., laborer, rooms 23 Park 
McDonough Anthony E. (McDonough & Desjardins), un- 
dertaker, 41 Ash, bds. 63 Bridge 
McDonough Catherine Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 4 

McDonough Hannah, widow of Lawrence, house 4 Wood 
McDonough Jacob, operative, Lewiston Bleachery, house 

19 Lisbon road 
McDonough James, laborer, 40 Main, bds. 240 Lincoln 
McDonougli James T., piper, bds. 240 Lincoln 
McDonough John, laborer, house 240 Lincoln 
McDonough Joseph, bds. 19 Lisbon road 
McDonough Katie Miss, house 4 Wood 
McDonough Mary, widow, house 8 Lisbon road 
McDonough Michael, laborer, house 3 Blake st. place 
McDonough Michael, clerk 152 Lisbon, bds. 240 Lincoln 
McDonough Michael, clerk, bds., 240 Lincoln 
McDonough Michael, painter, 225 Main, h. 9 Milk lane 
McDonough Patrick, laborer, house 12 College 
McDonough Patrick, overseer Lewiston B. & D. Works, 

bds. 8 Androscooggin Corp. 
McDonough Stephen, laborer, bds. 12 College 
McDonough Thomas, farmer, house 21 Bleachery Hill 
McDonouge Thomas Jr., granite cutter, bds. 21 Bleach- 

erv Hill, 

McDonougli and Florian Desjardins), undertakers, 

41 Ash (see p. 575) [lege 

McFaclden James, couductor, L. & A. st. Ry,, bds. Col- 
McFadden James B., student, Bates College, bds. 134 

McFaddeu Martha J. wid3w of James, house 134 Wood 
MeFarland David, house, 83 Bartlett 
McFaiiand Elmer, truckman, 191 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
MeFarland John, washer, 46 Canal, rooms do. 
MeFarland Louisa P. widow, bds. 434 Sabattus 
MeFarland Peter, operative, house 8 Water 


McField Napoleon, weaver, house, rear 15 on the Island 

McGawley Betsey, widow of Brian, house 58 Birch 

McGawley John B., paver, house 58 Birch 

McGawley Mary, widow, house 58 Birch 

McGawley Matthew, City Marshall, City Hall, b. 58 Birch 

McGawley Michael J., paver, bds. 58 Birch 

McGee Bridget, widow, house 24 Water 

McGee Mary, widow, bds 18 Water 

McGee Michael, laborer, house 49 Water 

McGee, Richard, operative, house 36 Water 

McGee Richard, mule spinner, house 36 Water 

McGibbon George F., shoemaker (Auburn), h. East ave., 

beyond Montello 
McGibbon James H., shoemaker, house East ave., beyond 

McGibbon William R., shoemaker, house East ave., near 

McGillicuddy Daniel J. (McGillicuddy & Morey), lawyer, 

8 Lisbon, bds. 317 Main 
McGillicuddy Dennis, supt., poor farm, house do. 
McGillicuddy Edward F., painter, house 278 Bates 
McGillicuddy Jeremiah, house 9 Knox 
McGillicuddy John, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 9 

McGillicuddy John, house 317 Main 
McGillicuddy John T., teas and coffees, 194 Lisbon, bds. 

317 Main 
McGillicuddy Julia, widow of Patrick, house 31 Water 
McGillicuddy Kate Miss, cashier, 87 Lisbon, bds. City 

McGillicuddy Mary, widow of Daniel, h. 274 Tine 
McGillicuddy Mary, Mrs., house 9 Knox 
McGillicuddy Michael P., painter, house 42 Lowell 
McGillicuddy Patrick, house 60 Ash 
McGillicuddy Patrick laborer, bds. 9 Knox 
McGillicuddy Timothy, carpenter, rooms 70 Ash 
McGillicuddy Timothy, laborer, bds. 31 Water 
McGillicuddy & Morey (Daniel J. McGillicudy and Frank 

A. Morey), lawyers, 8 Lisbon 
McG ill vary Kate Miss, house 190 Main 
McGolder Henry, stone cutter, house 17 Water 
McG rath Coleman, lamplighter, bds. 300 Lincoln 
McGrath Cornelius, dyer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 61 

McG ratli John, laborer, h. 15 Bates 

McGrath John, teamster, bds. 4 Continental Corp. .Oxford 
McGrath Mary, widow of Thomas, house River road 
McGrath Mary, widow, house River road 
McGrath Peter, shoemaker, house 16 Water 
McGrath Timothy, laborer, house rear 295 Lincoln 


McGraw Alex., farm hand, bds. Henry McGraw's, No 

Name Pond rd. 
McGraw Charles, shoemaker, house 195 Main 
McGraw Henry, farmer, house No Name Pond rd. 
McGraw Henry, farm hand, bds. Henry McGraw's, No 

Name Pond road 
McGraw John, teamster, 244 Main, h. 424 Lisbon 
McGraw Louis, house 5 Androscoggin Corp. 
McGraw Napoleon, farm hand, boards Henry McGraw's, 

No Name Pond rd. 
McGuire Bridget Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, boards 71 Ash 
McGuire William, laborer, boards 1 Androscoggin Corp. 
Mcllhearn Edward, operative, 285 Lisbon, b. 119 Lincoln 
Mcllhearn James, clerk, 284 Lisbon, boards 119 Lincoln 
Mcllhearn Mary, widow of Terence, house 119 Liucoln 
Mclntire Angus, at Bleachery, boards 7 Bates Corp. 
Mclntire Danville L. (Mclntire & Mersereau) hairdresser, 

189 Main, h. 207 College 
Melntire Peter, spinner, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Mclntire Walter, laborer, bds. 192 Summer 
Mclntire & Mesereau (Danville L. Mclntire and Rufus 

W. Mesereau) hairdressers, 189 Main 
McKay William, fixer, Cowan Woolen Co., h. 32 Spring 
McKenna Bernard, wood worker (Auburn), bds. 293 Bates 
McKenna Edward, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, house 

20 rear 68 Lisbon road 
McKenna George J., marble worker, boards 6 Bates 
McKenna James J., marble worker, 276 Main, h. 6 Bates 
McKenna L. A. Miss, teacher, Lincoln st. school boards. 

276 Main 
McKeuney William A., mason and teamster, 14 Howe, 

house at Auburn 
McKenney William H., clapboard sawyer, R. C. Pingree 

& Co., Avon, house 37 do. 
McKenney William M., clerk, 49 Lisbon, house 117 Wood 
McKenzie Alexander, operative, house 132 Pierce 
McKenzie Jennie Mrs., house 15 Bates 
McKenzie Emma, beamer, Bates Mnfg. Co.,rms. 71 Blake 
McKnight Margaret, widow of John, house 192 Oak 
McLauchlan Hattie F. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, h. 

18 Middle 
McLaughlin Lewis A., foreman stables, R. C. Pingree & 

Co., house 43 Winter 
McLanghliu Nellie Mrs., house 119 Cedar 
McLean John, weaver, bds. 11 Bates, Corp., Canal 
McLeavy John, dyer, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
McLellan Fidelia C. Miss, boards 154 College 
McMahon James, steam piper, 40 Main, h. 123 Lowell 
McManus Elizabeth, widow of William, h. 221 Park 
McManus James, trimmer, Electric Light Co.,h. 221 Park 
McManus Michael, operative, boards 221 Park 


McManus William, operative, h. 229 Blake 
McMullen Hugh, boards 18 Oxford 
McMullen Mary J. Miss, h. 18 Oxford 
McNamara P. J., overseer dye house, Lewiston Mill Co., 
Ii. at Auburn 

MCNAMARA THOMAS, apothecary, 10 Lincoln, 
house River road (see p. 9) [Lisbon rd. 

McNarney Thomas, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 14 
McNeil Catherine, widow of John, h. 9 West Blake 
McNeil Daniel, bds. 9 West Blake 
McNeil John S., shoemaker, bds. 9 West Blake 
McPhee James, dyer, Bates Mill, h. 130 Pierce 
McPherson Etta, beamer, Bates Mnfg. Co., rms. 417 Main 
McPherson Lydia. widow of Roderick, h. Ill Lisbon 
McQuade Peter, teamster, r. 98 Chestnut, bds. 97 Park 
McQuestion William H., milkman, h. 63 Riverside 
McShane Hannah, widow of William, h. 169 Park 
McSherry John, baggage master, G. T. R. station, house at 

McVey Catherine, widow of Edward, h. 17 Knox 
McVey John P2., clerk, 267 Lisbon, house 210 Blake 
McVey Kate A. Miss, teacher. High School, bds. 17 Knox 
McVicar George, stone cutter, bds. 33 Bates 
McWiggin Thomas, stone mason, bds. 115 Winter 
McWilliams Bridget, widow of Alexander, h. 47 Water 
McWilliams Thomas P., apothecary, 46 Lincoln, b. 44 Water 
Meader Amos S., planer, h. 90 Elm 
Meader Tobias, farmer, h. River rd. 
Meaney Matthew, laborer, h. River rd. 
Meaney Lizzie Miss, h. 12 Lowell 
Mears William D., boot treer, 64 Main, house 89 Oak 
Meddleson Albert, peddler, h. 116 Oxford 
Median William, laborer, h. 273 Bates [Auburn 

Melcher Arthur S., boots and shoes, 81 Lisbon, house at 
Melvin Mary 8. Mrs., h. 290 Bates 
Melvin Seldon C, weaver, boards 290 Bates 
Menuealy Thomas B., laborer, h. 108 Nichols 
Merand Pierre, h. 84 Lincoln 

MERCHANTS' EXPRESS, CO., 29 Ash, (see 
p. 10) 
Mercier Antjine. weaver, h. 10 Androscoggin Corporation 
Mercier Joseph, laborer, boards 143 Oxford 
Mercier Joseph, laborer, boards 110 Lincoln 
Mercier Joseph, second hand, Androscoggin Mills, bds. 

10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Mercier Pierre, operative, h. 198 Oxford 
Mercure Euphensie Miss, dressmaker, 44 Knox, bds. do. 
Mercure Ozithe, widow of Louis, h. 44 Knox [Oxfoiv 
Merriam Ida L. Mrs., weaver, bds. 2 Continental Corp 
Merrifield Charles N., house 369 Lisbon [Corporation 

Merrifield Fred S,, watchman, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 7 Hill 


Merrifield William E. (Merrifield & Brewer), grocer, 321 

Lisbon, h. 166 Webster 
Menifield & Brewer (William E. Merrifield and Horace 

W. Brewer), grocers, 371 Lisbon 
Merrill Abner, mason, boards 85 Fierce 
Merrill Agnes Mrs., stenographer, 193 Lisbon, boards at 

Merrill Albert F., manager, Portland Kerosene Oil Co., 

45 Riverside, h. at Waterville 
Merrill Alice C, Miss, clerk, 27 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Merrill Charles W., painter, h. 109 Blake 
Merrill Curtis O., teamster, rms. Oak, cor. Franklin 
Merrill Edward H., watch repairer, 90 Lisbon, b. 151 Wood 
Merrill Elias J., painter, 201 Lisbon, h. River road, near 

Town Farm 
Merrill Elmer E. (Ames & Merrill), grocer, 187 Main, 

rms. 23 High 
Merrill Emma Mrs., rms. 7 Franklin 
Merrill Eunice Miss, house 184 Webster 
Merrill Frank L., laborer, h. 38 Nichols 
Merrill Fred D., hairdresser, 219 Main, h. 30 Lowell 
Merrill Fred H., janitor, Bates College, h. 151 Wood 
Merrill Fred H., asst. manager, 45 Riverside, h. 183 Oak 
Merrill Fred N., student, bds. 165 Bates 
Merrill Freeman H., carpenter, h. 165 Bates 
Merrill Harriet N. Mrs., h. 10 Union 
Merrill Henry N., teamster, h. 85 Pierce 
Merrill Isaac C, nurseryman and thill bearer mnfr., house 

Montello Heights, Montello 
Merrill Isaiah, painter, 225 Lisbon, h. 165 Bates 
Merrill Israel V., painter, Hill Mill, house River road, n. 

the Town Farm 
Merrill John H. (Merrill & Webber), painter, 88 Main, b. 

165 Bates 
Merrill John L. (Richards & Merrill), 49 Lisbon, house 

at Auburn 
Merrill Julia A. Mrs., cook, house 109 Blake 
Merrill Lizzie E. Miss, teacher, Main st. primary school, 

boards 61 Shawmut 
Merrill Lucinda T., widow, tailoress, h. 61 Shawmut 
Merrill Olive Mrs., house 38 Nichols 
Merrill Thomas, operative, house 21 Lincoln 
Merrow Emma Miss, rooms 31 Franklin 
Merrow John, clerk, 97 Lisbon, house 141 Holland 
Merrow John, teamster, boards 141 Holland 
Merrow Thomas. Jr., waiter, 167 Lisbon, rms. 70 Ash 
Merrow William E., teamster, house 141 Holland 
Merry Agnes B., widow of Tnomas T., h. 8 Cottage 
Merry M. Calla Miss, correspondent, house 8 Cottage 
Mersereau Rufus W. (Mclntire <& Mersereau), hairdresser 

189 Main, house 10 High-st. avenue 


Meserve Dennis M., blacksmith, house 26 Orange 
Meserve George W., ovsrseer of cloth, Bates Mill, house 

58 Shawraut 
Meserve Silas, watchman, Bates Mill, h. 8 Orange 
Meserve Uann E., student, Bates College, rooms 148 

Metayer Arline, widow of Zacharie, house 143 Oxford 
Metayer Grede"on, laborer, house 26 Oxford 
Metcalf Frank R., dyer, bds. 104 Blake 
Metcalf George W., deputy city marshall, rms. 127 Oak 
Metcalf George \V. Mrs., house 32 Hortou 
Metcalf Hannah, widow, house 270 Bates 
Metcalf Mary, widow of F rauklin, h. 104 Blake 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Nazaire Payette, supt., 

256 Lisbon 
Meunier Theodore, brickmaker, h. 49 Hines alley 
Michaue Aclele, widow of Amable, house 64 Cedar 
Michaud Alexander, laborer, house 13 Spruce 
Michaud Alphonse, laborer, house 108 Lincoln 
Michaud Alphonse, laborer, house 58 Maple 
Michaud Andre, laborer, h. 30 on the Island 
Michaud Andre, Jr., laborer, bds. 24 on the Island 
Michaud Charles, laborer, house 5 on the Island 
Michaud Emile O., clerk, bds. 102 Lincoln 
Michaud Epiphane, brickmaker, h. 158 Lincoln 
Michaud Fred O., printer (Auburn), h. 60 Summer 
Michaud Fred O., variety store, 102 Lincoln, h. do. 
Michaud George B., harness maker, 289 Lisbon, h. 323 do 
Michaud Israel, laborer, bds. 158 Lincoln 
Michaud Jean B., operative, bds. 376 Lisbon 
Michaud John, laborer, bds. 24 on the Island 
Michaud Joseph, weaver, boards 136 Oxford 
Michaud Louis, laborer, boards 143 Oxford 
Michaud Napoleon, weaver, boards 195 Lincoln 
Michaud Octave, operative, h. 112 Lincoln-st. alley 
Michaud Philomene, widow of Eusebe, h. 118 Lincoln 
Michaud Pierre, operative, bds. 143 Oxford 
Michaud Pierre, operative, house 30 Walnut 
Michaud Pierre O., clerk, 102 Lincoln, house do. 
Midland Proudere, weaver, boards 27 Birch 
Michaud Rameault, clerk, house 193 Lincoln 
Michaud Samuel, clerk, 267 Lisbon, rooms do. 
Michaud Wilbrod, clerk, 140 Lisbon, b. 102 Lincoln 
Milette Joseph S., bookkeeper, Roberge & Son, boards 42 

Milleken Amelia Mrs., bds. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Miller Allice G. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, b. 36 Cottage 
Miller Belle Miss, boards 70 Pine 

Miller Carrie E. Miss, cashier (Auburn), b. 36 Cottage 
Miller Charles II. (Nealey & Miller), grocer, 239 Main, 
and boarding stable, 75 Bates, house ('• Frye 


Milieu Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, house 36 Cottage 
Miller Gertrude W. Miss, teacher, Main st. intei mediate 

school, boards 43 Chapel 
Miller Joseph H., blacksmith, house 30 Chapel 
Miller Josephine W., widow of Simon W., h. 43 Chapel 
Miller J. Wesley, shoemaker, bds. 36 Cottage 
Miller Kate, widow of John, house 70 Pine 
Miller Ralph A., shoe packer, bds. 10 Bates Corp. 
Miller Sadie R. Miss, boxmaker (Auburn), b. 36 Cottage 
Miller Samuel A., moulder, house 23 High 
Miller S. E. Mrs., boarding house, 9 and 10 Bates Corp. 
Miller Willard A., shoemaker, bds. 7 Bartlett 
Miller William H., shoemaker, bds. 30 Chapel 
Miller William R , draughtsman, b. 43 Chapel 
Millett Asa R., laster, house 387 Main 
Millett Ellen Miss (E. & M. S. Millett), millinery and 

fancy goods, 13 Lisbon, boards 16 Frye 
Millett E. & M. S. (Ellen and Martha S. Millett), millin- 
ery and fancy goods, 13 Lisbon 
Millett Fraucois, shoemaker, house 8 Birch 
Millett Joel, boards 16 Frye 

Millett John R., butcher, bouse Main, Barkerville 
Millett Joseph, carpenter, house 42 College 
Millett Martha S. Miss (E. & M. S. Millett), millinery 

and fancy goods, 13 Lisbon, boards 16 Frye 
Milliard Edouard, weaver, bds. 49 Hines Alley 
Milliard Joseph, weaver, boards 49 Hines alley 
Millow Alex., overseer, bag twisting, Androscoggin Mills, 

house 99 Chestnut 
Mills Audis, slasher tender. Bates Mill, h. 68 Canal 
Mills Joseph M., conductor, L. & A. St. Ry., h. 124 Blake 
Mills Nathan E., carpenter, house 101 Wood 
Mineau Sophie Miss, dressmaker, house 202 Lincoln 
Minahan Edward, boards 59 Park 
Minahan Patrick, cardgrinder, h. rear 35 Lisbon road 
Minahan Patrick, dyer, Bates Mill, h. 277 Lincoln 
Minahan Patrick, laborer, rooms 26 Blake 
Miuihan Patrick, operative, h. 27, off Lisbon road 
Minihan Patrick, house 28 Blake 
Minihan Patrick, Jr., laborer, bds. 28 Blake 
Minihan Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 28 Blake 
Minihan Timothy, machinist, bds. 28 Blake 
Minihan Timothy, oiler, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 3 Lincoln 
Minnough Joseph, mill hand, bds. 7 Androscoggin Corp. 
Minot Fred, weaver, bds. 2 Bates Corp. 
Minoty Charles, sewing machine canvasser, h. 77 Knox 
Missotel Emma Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 174 Blake 
Missottelle Phelix, house 174 Blake 

Missottelle Theophile, clerk, bds. 174 Blake [Russell 

Mitchell Alfred E., farmer, house Sabat.tus road, bevond 
Mitchell Amansel A., foreman, D. B. " Stevens', Cross 
Canal, house Montello, near Main 

192 LEWISTON [}[] 


Mitchell Charles R., postal clerk, bils. 84 Walnut 
Mitchell DauielT., overseer, Hill Mnfg. Co., house 8^ 

Mitchell Elmer E., fanner, h. Sabattus id., near Brad- 
bury road 
Mitchell Emma J. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 34 High 
Mitchell Henry J., shoemaker, house do Franklin 
Mitchell Hezekiah C, h. Sabattus rd., opp. Russell 
Mitchell Israel, house 34 Higli 
Mitchell James R., lumberman, house 51 Main 
Mitchell James \V., weaver, Bates Mill, bds. 10 Bates 

Corp., Canal 
Mitchell John \V., farmer, house East ave., bey. Russell 
Mitchell Josie A. Miss, teacher, Bates st. intermediate 

school, bds. A. E. Mitchell's, Sabattus road 
Mitchell Lillian E. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 52 

Mitchell Lizzie, widow of Granville, h. 294 Lisbon 
Mitchell Luciuda M., widow of Alpheus C, h. 332 Main 
Mitchell Sherman, carpenter, bds. 52 Bark 
Mitchell Simon D., house 111 Bates 
Mitchell Wallace, shoe cutter, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Mitchell Willard H., pressman, Journal office, h. 81 Liowe 
Mobbs Charles, plumber, 49 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Molloy John, at Lewiston B. & D. Works, h. 8 Howe 
Monbleau Narcisse, clerk, 318 Lisbon, h. Sabattus road, 

beyond East av. 
Mongeau William, operative, house 45 Walnut 
Monk Henry, house 342 Main 
Monk R. Henry, clerk, bds. 342 Main 
Montague Joseph, shoemaker and saw filer, 114 Lincoln, 

house 112 do. [place 

Montgomery Thomas F., iron molder, bds. 7 Oak-street 
Montgomery William, iron molder, house 7 Oak-street 

Montreal & Quebec Furniture Co. (Antoine Guilmette, 

Arthur T. and Horace Reny), furniture, etc., 143 

Montreuil Edouard, operative, Lewiston Bleachery, house 

143 Oxford 
Montreuil Julie, widow of Edouard, bds. 143 Oxford 
Moody Dora B., teacher, Hortou street grammar school, 

bds. 256 Blake 
Moody George, laborer, house 48 Franklin 
Moody Hattie A. Miss, teacher* Bates street primary 

school, bds. '2b(j Blake 
Moody John, operative, house No Name Pond road 
Moody Nathaniel, line man, house rear 534 Main 
Moody Wilson, foreman, carpenter shop, Lewiston Bleach- 

erv, house 2i)ij Blake 



Moonev Maud G. Miss, compositor, 16 LisboD, bds. 98 

Moore Clara Mrs., weaver, B. M. Co., bds. 113 Bates 
Moure Frank, roller coverer, bds. 74 Franklin 
Moore Frank B., boarding house, h. 10 Hill Corp. 
Moore George W\, shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Moore John E., manager, 3 Mill, h. 11 Mountain ave. 
Moore Lydia T., widow of Calvin, house 214 Main ' 
Moore Oscar C, foreman, 136 Main, h. at Auburn 
Moore Robert, loom fixer, house 74 Franklin 
Moore Sarah, widow, bds. 147 Park 
Moore Stephen A,, machinist, house 11 High 
Moore William, cigar maker, 182 Lisbon, bds. 330 Mian 
Moore William S., wheelwright, house 6 Bates Corp. 
Moore W. S. Mrs., boarding house, 6 Bates Corp. 
Moore, see Mower 
Moorehouse Annie L. Miss, dressmaker, 105 Lisbon, bds. 

227 Blake [Blake 

Moorehouse Arthur B., clerk, Lewiston Bleachery, b. 227 
Moorehouse Daniel, weaver, h. Sabattusville 
Moorehouse John, loom fixer (Great Falls, N. H.), house 

227 Blake 
Moors Stephen, foreman machinist, Cowan Mill, h. High 
Moquin Medard, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 61 Lincoln 
Morard Thomas Rev., pastor, St. Peter's Catholic church, 

house 113 Ash 
More Green Grove, grocer, 807 Main, Barkerville, house 

796, rear 798 do. [Barkerville 

More Green Grove, Jr., clerk, 807 Main, bds. 796 do., 
Moreau Anathol, laborer, house 10 on the Island 
Moreau Charles, carpenter, house 39 on the Island 
Moreau David, laborer, house 209 Park 
Moreau Ferdinand, laborer, house 58 Cfidar 
Moreau Modeste (Moreau & Wiseman), jeweller, 23 

Chestnut, house do. 
Moreau Theophile. weaver, bds. 143 Oxford 
Moreau William, laborer, bds. 209 Park 
Moreault Alphonse, operative, bds. 10 on the Islaud 
Moreault Trefel, laborer, bds. 10 on the Island 
Morel Pierre, laborer, bds. 86 Hines alley 
Morency Charles, operative, house 223 Lincoln 
Moreucv J. Charles, ins. agent, 256 Lisbon, room 8, bds. 

Morency Michel, clerk, 396 Lisbon, house 73 Park 
Morey Frank A. (McGillicuddy & Moreyj, lawyer, 8 Lis- 
bon, house 163 Pine 
Morgan Abby D., widow of George C, house 32 Middle 
Morgan Agnes, widow of Michael, h. rear 97 Main 
Morgan Bertha E., milliner, bds. 32 Middle 
Morgan Bridget, widow, house 25 Knox 


Morgan Charles H., wood turner, bds. Oak, cor. Bates 

Morgan George W., driver, bds. 167 Main 

Morgan Henry, hostler, bds. 97 Park 

Morgan James, billiards, 97 Main, bds. do. 

Morgan James B., helper, 191 Lisbon, house 25 Knox 

Morgan James H., shoemaker, rms. 82 Park 

Morgan James S., teamster, house 190 Park 

Morgan Julia, widow of John, house 167 Main 

Morgan Lizzie L. Miss, dressmaker, 175 Lisbon h. do. 

Morgan Lucy N. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 35 Ash 

Morgan Rufus J., machinist, h. 40 Whipple 

Morgan Thomas F., weaver, bds. 190 Park 

Moriarty Ellen, widow of Patrick, h. 19 Water 

Moriatv Henry P., shoemaker, bds. 19 Water 

Moriarty James L., clerk, bds. 19 Water 

Moriarty John, laborer, bds. 320 Lisbon 

Moriarty John F., lineman, N. E. T. & T. Co., house 42 

Moriarty Michael J., chief engineer, fire dept., and line- 
man, N, E. T. & T. Co., h. 71 Ash 
Moriarty Nellie C. Miss, clerk, 41 Lisbon, bds. 19 Water 
Moriarty Patrick E., cigar maker, b. 17 Bates 
Moriarty Patrick, mason, bds. 6 Franklin 
Moriarty Timothy, section foreman, M.C.R.R.,h.l7 Bates 
Morin Archide, operative, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Morin Arthur, carder, Bates Mill, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Morin Francois, laborer, bds. 211 Lincoln 
Morin Isaie, laborer, house 158 Lineoin 
Morin Isaie Jr., weaver, bds. 158 Lincoln 
Morin Jean B., weaver, bds. 144 Lincoln 
Morin Joseph, carder, bds. 158 Lincoln 
Morin Joseph, mason, house 1 Mill 
Morin Joseph, weaver, bds. 163 Lincoln 
Morin Joseph, laborer, bds. 10 on the Island 
Morin Leon, operative, bds. 381 Lisbon 
Morin Marie Miss, dressmaker, bds. 59 Liucoln 
Morin Michel, laborer, h. 13 Railroad Alley 
Morin Onezime, carpenter, h. 170 Lincoln 
Morin Pierre, brickmaker, bds. 197 Lincoln 
Morin Philias, operative, bds. 303 Lisbon 
Morin Philias, laborer, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Morneau Charles, iron molder, h. 104 Ash 

MOURELL CHARLES O., boots and shoes, 7 
Lisbon, h. 184 Bates(see page 561) 
Morrell Clara, widow of Beujamin H,, house Webster, 

near Webster line 
Morrell Fannie J., widow of Charles, rms. 1 Hill Corp. 
Morrell Fred, shoemaker, h. 6 Farwell pi 
Morrell Fred I., letter carrier, P. O., h. 15 Sabattus 
Morrell Hiram, Jr., overseer dving room, Bleacherv, h. 
122 Webster 


Morrell James B., section hand, house 196 Park 
Morrell Lizzie P., widow of Henry H.. h. Sabsttas road, 

beyond no Name Pond road 
Morrell Llewellyn B., shoemaker (Auburn), bds. 122 

Morrell Stephen, wool, 612 Main, house do. 
Morrill Arthur, bds. 60 Webster 
Morrill Charles, second hand, Androscoggin Mills, house 

at Auburn 
Morrill Charles E., salesman, 191 Lisbon, bds. 78 Ash 
Morrill George W., glazier, 139 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Morrill Hiram A., engineer, M. C. R. R., h. 60 Webster 
MorrillJames E., dresser, Bates M. Co., h. 78 Ash 
Morrill Philip, laborer, bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Morrill Samuel, hostler, rms. 164 Bates 
Morrisette Joseph, laborer, bds. 119 Oxford 
Morris Isabel Mrs., domestic, 17 Hill Corp., Canal 
Morrisette Octave, laborer, h. 197 Lincoln 
Morrisey Peter, machinist, house 14 Union 
Morrisin Alice, teacher, River Road school 
Morrison Angus, weaver, bds 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Morrison Benjamin, teamster 160 Holland, h. do. 
Morrow Alice Mrs., cloth finisher, rms. 38 Park 
Morse Albro, clerk, 43 Maple, bds. 239 Park 
Morse Alfred J., house 154 College 

Morse Charles M., teamster, 57 Whipple, h. 86 Park 
Morse Coney W., sash maker, foot Cross Canal, rms. 1 

Morse Dellie C. Miss, type writer(Bostou),b. 154 College 
Morse Henry B., bds. 154 College 
Morton Alice L., widow of Alonzo D., h. 179 College 
Morton Arthur W., medical student, rms. 73 Franklin 
Moseley Ellen Miss, music teacher, b. 279 Bates 
Mosia Mat, teamster, 244 Main, h. 113 Lincoln 
Mosman Ellen A., Miss, bookkeeper, Continental Mills, 

bds. 88 Ash 
Mothon Alexander Rev., house 113 Ash 
Mottram George E., section hand, Bates Mill, house 127 

Mottram George, mule, spinner, h. 198 Blake 
Mottram John J., fish market, 24 Liucoln, h. do. 
Mottram Peter, house 188 Blake 
Mottram Samuel, overseer mule spinning, Lewiston Mill 

Co., house 194 Blake 
Mottram Samuel, pressman, Webster Woolen Co. (Web- 
ster), house Sabattusville 
Mottram Samuel, 2d, spinner, bds. 188 Blake 
Mottram William, mule spinner, h. 142 Bartlett 
Moulton Daniel, laborer, house 100 College 


MOULTON DANIEL P. (Daniel W. Wiggin & 
Co.), druggist, 213 Lisbon, h. 100 College (see p. 
Moultoo George A., overseer, card room, Lewiston Mill 

Co., house 84 College 
Moulton John Bates, house Sabattusv.ille 
Moulton Lucy F. Mrs., dressmaker, 172 Pine, h. do. 
Moulton Mary E. Miss, bookkeeper, Pillsbury block, bcls. 

100 College 
Mountfort Hanson, farmer, h. River road, n. Lisbon line 
Mower Fred C, clerk, 54 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Mower Archie D., clerk, 112 Park, b. at Auburn 
Mower George C, carpenter, h. 192 East ave. 
Mower see Moore 

Moves Joseph A., snpt., Androscoggin Mills, h. 2G3 Park 
Moyette Leopold, insurance agent, h. 39 Knox 
Mulhearn Thresa Miss, laundress, bds. 293 Bates 
Mulkearns Julia, widow of Michael, li. 41 Lisbon road 
Mulkearns Michael, stone cutter, 14 Bates, house 44 Lis- 
bon road 
Mullaney Charles J., foreman machine shop, L. B. & D. 

Works, and boarding house, 8 Androscoggin corp. 
Mullaney John J., laborer, house 51 Middle 
Mullaney Michael, overseer mule room, Androscoggin 

Mill, house 75 Maple 
Mullaney Patrick, second hand, Bates Mill, h. 16 Lincoln 
Mullaney Peter E., dyer, Bates Mill, h. 67 Maple 
Mullaney Thomas F., machinist, bds. 16 Lincoln 
Mullen John, laborer, house 72 Spring 
Mullen Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 72 spring 
Mulligan Thomas, at Bleachery, b. 6 Continental Corpor- 
ation, Oxford 

MUNROE WILLIAM F., commission merchant, 
210 Main, h. at Au )urn (see p. 565) 
Murch Albert L., clerk, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 306 Bates 
Murch Eben (E. Murch & Son), Exchange Hotel, b. do. 
Murch E. & Son (Eben and Harry T. Murch), props., 

Exchange Hotel, 16 Chapel 
Murch Harry T.(E. Murch & Son), Exchange Hotel, 
Murch Thomas W., overseer yard, Bates Mill, house 306 

Murphy Adam E., operative, bds. 21 Bleachery Hill 
Murphy Bartholomew, machinist, h. 77 Blake 
Murphy Catherine, widow of Martin, h. 21 Lincoln 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, bds. 279 Lincoln 
Murphy Cornelius W., clerk, 259 Lisbon, b. 239 Lincoln 
Murphy Daniel, house rear 61 Lisbon road 
Murphy Daniel, operative, bds. 239 Blake 
Murphy Daniel, shoemaker, bds. 21 Lincoln 
Murphy Daniel £., house 179 Park 


Murphy Daniel J., stone cutter, 14 Bates, h. 2 Vine 
Murphy Dennis, laborer, house 239 Lincoln 
Murphy Dennis, operative, house 239 Blake 
Murphy Ellen, widow of James, h. 301 Lincoln 
Murphy Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 279 Lincoln 
Murphy Ellen, Kate and Mary Misses, h. 23 Knox 
Murphy Helen Miss,, cashier, 126 Lisbon, b. 109 Ash 
Murphy James F., hairdresser, 115 Main, h. 230 Lincoln 
Murphy James P. (J. P. and James P. Murphy), granite 

worker, 14 Bate, housse 12 do. 
Murphy Jeremiah, city laborer, rms. 16 Park 
Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, house 10 Vine 
Murphy Jeremiah T., mule spinner, bds. 239 Blake 
Murphy Johanna, widow of Patrick, h. 26 Water 
Murphy John, salesman, 137 Main, h. 78 Franklin 
Murphy John P., loom fixer, house 305 Bates 
Murphy John P. (J. P. & James P. Murphy), granite 

worker, 14 Bates, house 244 Sabattus 

and James P. Murphy), Lewiston Monumental 
Works, 14 Bates (see page 3) 
Murphy Margaret, widow of Edw., h. 77 Blake 
Murphy Mary, widow of Dennis, h. 49 Chapel 
Murphy Michael, laborer, house 60 Lisbon road 
Murphy Michael, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, house 88 

Hines alley 
Murphy Michael, laborer, house 230 Lincoln 
Murphy Michael, Jr., operative, b. 60 Lisbon road 
Murphy Michael A., mason, house 42 Knox 
Murphy Nellie Miss, variety store, 370 Lisbon, h. 23 Knox 
Murphy Patrick, fireman, L. B. & D. Works, house 33 

rear Lisbon 
Murphy Patrick F., painter, Lewiston B. & D. Wks., h. 

rear 33, rear Lisbon road 
Murphy Peter H., salesman, 184 Lisbon, h. 135 Oak 
Murphy Peter J., hostler, 617 Main, h. 135 Oak 
Murphy Peter W., billiards, 288 Lisbon, h. 310 Lincolu 
Murphy Peter W., stone cutter, 14 Bates, bds. 10 Vine 
Murphy Thomas, ins. agent, 256 Lisbon, rm. 8 
Murphy Timothy, dyer, house River road 
Murphv Timothy J., hats, caps, etc., 68 Lisbon, house 

98 Russell 
Murphy Winifred, widow, h. r. 33, rear Lisbon road 
Murray James, upholsterer, bds. 85 Oak 
Murray Kate Miss, tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds. 85 Oak 
Murray Marv J. Miss, harness mender, Androscoggin 

Mill, bds. 237 Park 
Murray Patrick, laborer, house rear 31 Lincoln 
Murray Patrick, laborer, house 85 Oak 
Murray Simeon H., farmer, house 292 Sabattus 
Murray William, operative, house 10 Water 



Music Hall, Charles Horbury, manager, 69 Lisbon 

Muzzy Hattie L. Miss, dressmaker, 39 Ash, h. do. 

My rand Edmond, laborer, house 9 Mill 

Mvrand Joseph, music teacher, b. 84 Lincoln-st-alley 

Mvrand Pierce, operative, h. 84 Lincoln-st-allev 

Myrick E. M., ins. agent, N. Y. Life Ins. Co., house at 

Myrick Frank A., horse trainer, h. 348 Main 

NADEAU ALP:XANDER, carpenter, house 108 Lincoln 

Nadeau Alfred, blacksmith, house 39 Knox 

Nadeau Alfred, tinsmith, 191 Lisbon, bds. 276 Lisbon 

Nadeau Arphile, laborer, bds. 64 Cedar 

Nadeau Edward, laborer, bcls. 187 Lincoln 

Nadeau Francois, laborer, house 64 Cedar 

Nadeau Jean B., laboror, bds. 187 Lincoln 

Nadeau Jean, weaver, house 24 Knox 

Nadeau Joseph, laborer, house 187 Lincoln 

Nadeau Joseph, laborer, house 112 Canal street alley 

Nadeau Joseph, laborer, house 155 Lincoln 

Nadeau Onesime, operative, Androscoggin Mill, house 

414 Lisbon 
Nadeau Pierre, laborer, house 41 Hines alley 
Nadeau Remi, millman, bds. 201 Lincoln 
Nadeau Theodore F., grocer, 72 Lincoln, house at Auburn 
Naricon F. Allen, clerk, Continental Mills, bds. 2 Con- 
tinental Corp.. Oxford 
Nash Charlis J., house 414 Main 
Nash David, building mover, house rear 38 Bates 
Nash Esther Mrs., cook, City Hotel, house 205 Lisbon 
Nash Frank, carpenter, bds. 119 Lisbon 
Nash Fred A. carpenter, bds. 119 Lisbon 
Nash Julia A., widow of Ammi R., house 227 College 
Nash Matilda, widow of John, house 75 Wood 
Nason Ambrose, operative, house 12 Hill Corp. 
Nason Edward T., painter, house 6 Farwell court 
Nason Flora Miss, clerk, 27 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Nason Fred E. driver, 239 Main, house 23 Elm 
National Advocate Office, 32 Main 
Naylor George, section hand, rins. 102 Franklin 
Neal Alton J., clerk, 87 Lisbon, rms. 691 Main 
"VTEAL C. A. MRS., bookbindery, Journal Block, 
Xi Lisbon, house at Auburn (see page 141) 
Neal Ella F., widow of Alvin T., house 691 Main 
Neal Hattie F. Miss, bds. 691 Main 
Neal John, section hand, bds. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Neal Oscar F., steam fitter, 48 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Nealey Albert B. (Nealey & Miller), grocer, 239 Main, 

and boarding stable, 75 Bates, house 10 Frye 
Nealey Franklin II., teamster, house 108 Bartlett 


NEALET & MILLER (Albert B. Nealey and 
Charles H. Millet-), grocers, 239 Main, and board- 
ing stable, 75 Bates (see page 567) 
Nedeau Maria Mrs., house 170 Lincoln 
Needham Patrick, house rear 35 Lisbon road 
Needham Patrick, laborer, house 25, off Lisbon road 
Nelan Martin, shoemaker, house 186 Blake 
Nelligan Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 63 Bridge 
Nelligan, Kate Miss, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Nelligan Nellie T. Miss (Joyce & Nelligan), millinery, 

49 Lisbon, bds. 63 Bridge 
Nelligan Thomas F., travelling salesman (Auburn) bds. 

63 Bridge 
Nelson Alonzo, operative, house River road 
Nelson Corydon B., laborer, 168 Lisbon, house 27 Bates 
Nelson Edwin S., packer, Avon Mfng. Co., house at 

Nelson Franklin B., student, Bates College, bds. 145 

Nelson Lena, widow of Adolph, house 137 Blake 
Nelson Nathan A., spinner, house 31 Hammond 
Nero William, fireman, Bates Mfng. Co., house 39 Park 
Neuchten Reinhold, operative, house 45 Walnut 
Nevens Amos, house 494 Main ♦ 

Nevens Eben R., hackman, house 47 Bates 
Nevens Emma R. Miss, cashier. 92 Lisbon, b. 494 Main 
Nevens Ezra A., clerk, 116 Lisbon, house 146 Oak 
Nevens Ira, carpenter, house 188 Oak 
Nevens Ira L., travelling salesman (Portland), house 

150 College 
Nevens John P., farmer, house Main, beyond Barkerville 
Nevens Maria A., widow of Chales H.. house 792 Main 
Nevens Plummet" R., (Maxwell & Nevens), produce, 10 

Park, house 57 High 
Nevens Tamson Mrs., house 146 Oak 
Newbegin Charles M., shoemaker (Auburn), house 822 

Main, Barkerville 
Newbegin Ella, weaver, Cumberland Mills, house Sab- 

battus road, near Tarr's Corner 
Newbegin John P., stone mason, house No Name Pond 

road, at Tarr's Corner 
Newbegin Winifred, widow of John, house Sabattus road, 

near Tarr's Corner 
Newell Nathan C, laborer, house Switzerland road, Bar- 
Newell Nina K. Miss, nurse. Central Maine General Hos- 
pital, 296 Main, bds. do. 
Newell William H. (Newell & Judkins), attorney-at-law, 

186 Lisbon, house 149 College 
Newell & Judkins (William H. Newell and Wilbur H. 

Judkins, attorneys- at-law, 186 Lisbon 




131 Staples, agent, 179 Lisbon (seepage 11) 

Newman Oliver (Oliver Newman & Co.), ice, 36 Chapel, 

house 80 Wood 
T^pEWMAN OLIVER & CO. (Oliver Newman, 
jji Geo. B. Bearce and C. C. Wilson), ice dealers, 36 

Chapel, near Lowell (see page 573) 
New England Telephone and Telegraph Co., Walter I. 

Noyes, manager. 198 Lisbon 
Newton Charles L., machinist, house 186 Oak 
Newton Charles L. Mrs., dressmaker, 186 Oak, house do. 
Newton Mark T., physician, Sabuttusville, house do. 
Newton William, piper, bds. 2 Bates Corp. 
New York Life Insurance Co., term department, H. P. 

Bechard general agent, 293 Lisbon 
New York Shoe Store, C. H. Smith, manager, boots and 

shoes, 239 Lisbon 
Nichols Frank, carriage painter, 35 Park. bds. at Auburn 
Nichols Herbert A., carriage painter, 35 Park, house at 

Nichols John H., porter, M. C. R. R. upper depot, house 

Central ave. 
Nichols Ruth, widow of Daniel P., h. Garcelon Ferry rd. 
Nichols S.. Alfonzo, sawyer, R. C. Pingree & Co., house 

44 Winter 
Nicholson George W.. spinner, house 170 Holland 
Nichol&on John, plumber, 49 Main, bds. 5 Water 
Nicholson Richard, mule spinner, boards 4 Continental 

Nickerson Alexander M., carpenter, house 56 Spring 
Nickerson Annie L. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 164 

Nickerson Charles, teamster, 36 Chape), rms. 39 Middle 
Nickerson James 0., watchman, Lincoln Mills, house 117 

Nickerson Nelson, driver, 36 Chapel, bds. 38 Bates 
Nickerson Richard, spinner, bds. 4 Continental Corp., 

Nicol William S., clerk, 127 Lisbon, house 487 Main 
Niles Charles, house Sabbattusville 
Niles Hiram, house Sabattusville 
Niles Oscar, carpenter, house Sabbattusville 
Niles William L. (Auburn), rooms 190 Park 
Nixon Felix, shoemaker, boards 180 Lisbon 
Noble Eleazer R., police, house 11 Frve 

NOBLE FRANK L., lawyer, 2o Lisbon, house 11 
Five (see opp. Lawyers) 
Noble Harry W., weaver, cloth room, Lewiston Mill Co., 

house at Auburn 
Noble John A., shoe channeler, house 192 Summer 
Nolan Ellen, widow of Patrick, variety store, 28 Lincoln 




Manufacturers and Dealers in 



Steam, Water, and Gas Pipe Fittings and Engineers Supplies. 



Ladies' Gents' Misses' and Children s' 




Having- had 32 years' experience manufacturing Boots and Shoes, I am prepared 
to guarantee satisfaction and warrant perfect fits. 

146 MAIN STREET (Up one flight) , - - AUBURN, MAINE. 
Custom tippers of alt hinds .Hade to Order. 



Dealers in 

Coal and Wood, 

Office, Cedar at Cross Canal, 





No. 117 Lincoln Street, - - Lewiston, Me. 







65 Ash Street 


30 Elm Street 


Between Elm and 
Holland Sts. 

On Line of M. C. R.R 


Orders by Mail and Telegraph Promptly Filled, 



Hard and Soft Wood and Coal 




Successors to 


Bolus, Spools ni Skewers, 

North of Cross Canal, 

H. B. SKINNER & 00,, 

Dealers in 


Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to. 



Nolan James, shoemaker, boards 49 Middle 

Nolan Sarah, widow of Michael, house 49 Middle 

Nolaud Martin L., at Bates M. Co., house 34 Bartlett 

Nolin Cyrille, foundryman, house 91 Lincoln 

Nolin Francois, carpenter, house 35 Hines alley 

Nolin George, weaver, boards 12 Chestnut 

Nolin Jean B., laborer, house 84 Lincoln 

Nolin Joseph, mule spinner, boards 84 Lincoln 

Nolin Pierre, laborer, house 5 Hines alley 

Norman John, house 83 Chestnut 

Norman John, variety store, h. 9 Androscoggin Corp. 

Norcross Phebe S. Mrs., house 71 Franklin 

Norcross Winfield S., physician, 168 Lisbon, rms. do. 

Normandin Alphonse E., clerk, house 66 Knox 

Norn Pierre, painter, boards 97 Chestnut 

Norris Lizzie A. Miss, dressmaker, boards T. B. Norris', 

Main, Barkerville 
Norris Thomas B., carpenter, house Main, Barkerville 
Norton Anthony, laborer, house 273 Bates 
Norton Charles E., physician, 30 Lisbon, rms. do. 
Norton John, Jr., laborer, house 40 Lowell 

NORTON OREM A., coal and wood, 65 Ash, house 
30 Elm (see opp.) 
Norwood Fannie Miss, house 100 Chestnut 
Novas Edward, telephone foreman, rms. 70 Ash 
Noyes David F., shoe crimper mnfr., 63 Bartlett, h. do. 
Noyes Eliphalet C, shoemaker, house 714 Main 
Noyes Fred A., operative, house 92 Walnut 
Noyes Frank E., sale stable, 17 Chapel, h. at Auburn 
Noyes Lucretia, widow of Albion, house 92 Walnut 
Noyes Walter L, manager, N. E. T. & T. Co., 198 Lisbon 

room 33, house 63 Bartlett 
Nnchten Reinholdt, weaver, house 11 Knox 
Nutall William, weaver, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Nute William H., shoe mnfr. (Auburn), house 326 Main 
Nutter Fred E., farmer, house Pleasant 
Nutting Charles R., engineer, M. C. R. R., h. 78 Lowell 
Nye Fred, car driver, boards 6 Park 
Nye William H., trav. salesman, house 264 Pine 

OAKES HENRY W. (Savage & Oakes), lawyer, 
215 Lisbon, house at Auburn (see opp. Lawyers) 
Oakes John, sexton, Park st. M. E. church, h. 45 Bates 
Oartel Adolph, weaver, house 32 Walnut 
Oates James, job wagon, Haymarket sq., h. 11 Horton 
O'Brien Daniel, laborer, house 266 Lincoln 
O'Brien Daniel P., clerk, 284 Lisbon, 249 Lincoln 
O'Brien Hanora, widow of John, house 17 Wakefield 
O'Brien James, mule spinner, Androscoggin Mill, house 

69 Knox 
O'Brien James, salesman, boards 59 Park 


O'Brien James, shoemaker, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 
O'Brien James A., inspector, L. W. W., bds. 290 Lincoln 
O'Brien Johanna, widow of John, house 249 Lincoln 
O'Brien Johanna, widow of Jeremiah, house 24 Water 
O'Brien John, laborer, bds. rear 15 Lincoln 
O'Brien John, loom fixer, Bates Mnfg. Co., b. 90 Pierce 
O'Brien John, operative, boards 160 Bates 
O'Brien John, river driver, house 71 Winter 
O'Brien John, watchman, Bates Mill, h. 274 Lincoln 
O'Brien John F., iron moulder, boards 290 Lincoln 
O'Brien John J., operative, house 238 Lincoln 
O'Brien John J., shoemaker, bds. 26 Water 
O'Brien John J., 2d, dyer, boards 249 Lincoln 
O'Brien John M., machinist, bds. 45 Lisbon road 
O'Brien Lawrence laborer, house 26 West Bates 
O'Brien Mary, widow of James, house 26 Water 
O'Brien Mary, widow of Daniel, h. 290 Lincoln 
O'Brien Maurice, bricklayer, house 45 Lisbon road 
O'Brien Michael, millman, boards 342 Lisbon 
O'Brien Michael T., student, bds. 45 Lisbon road 
O'Brien Nellie Miss, box maker (Auburn), b. 17 Wakefield 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, Lewistou B. & D. Works, house 

342 Lincoln 
O'Brien Patrick, operative, boards 18 Water 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
O'Brien Patrick, teamster, 76 Cedar, house at Auburn 
O'Brien Peter, billiard clerk, Hotel Rockingham, rooms 

119 Lisbon 
O'Brien Thomas, fireman, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 19 Canal 
O'Brien Thomas, fireman, Bates Mill, house 74 Canal 
O'Brien William, laborer, house 248 Lincoln 
O'Connell Bridget, house 32 Water 
O'Connell Cornelius, clerk (Auburn), h. 14 College 
O'Connell Daniel, laborer, house 34 Bartlett 
O'Connell Dennis, machinist, bds. 40 Bartlett 
O'Connell Ellen, widow of Timothy, house 46 Water 
O'Connell Hannah, widow of Cornelius, grocer, 28o Lin- 
coln, house do. 
O'Connell James, laborer, house 136 Summer 
O'Connell Jeremiah J., marble works, 137 Main, house at 

O'Connell Johanna, widow of Morris, h. 328 Lincoln 
O'Connell Kate Miss, clerk, 26 Lisbon, bds. 14 Bridge 
O'Connell Maurice, laborer, house 294 Lincoln 
O'Connell Michael, cigars, 31 Lincoln, bds. 46 Water 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, house 46 Water 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, house 43 Water 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, boards 46 Water 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, house 28 Water 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, house 40 Bartlett 
O'Connell Nicholas, Laborer, bds. 328 Lincoln 


O'Comiell Patrick, clerk, 137 Main, boards 8 Androscog- 
gin Corporation 
O'Connell Patrick, laborer, house 295 Lincoln 
O'Connell Patrick, marble cutter, b. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
O'Connell Patrick H., police, house 32 Water 
O'Connell Susan Mrs., cigar store, 11 Main, house do. 
O'Connell Thomas E., clerk, bds. 285 Lincoln 
O'Connell Timothy, Jr., conductor, construction train, M. 

C. R. R., boards 14 Bridge 
O'Connor John, laborer, bds. rear 31 Lincoln 
O'Connor John, shoemaker, b. 34 Blake 
O'Connor Mary, widow, h. 226 Lincoln 
O'Connor Mary E. Miss, teacher, College road school, 

bds. at Greene 
O'Connor Maurice, printer, 32 Main, b. 34 Blake 
O'Connor Michael, laborer, h. 34 Blake 
O'Connor Michael, operative, bds. 226 Lincoln 
O'Connor Patrick, telegrapher, bds. 34 Blake 
O'Connor Thomas, laborer, h. 34 Blake 
O'Connor Thomas, variety store Pittsfield, h. 34 Blake 
Odlin Frederick L., deputy sheriff, h. 112 Webster and 

(Odlin & Larrabee), 290 Lisbon 
Odlin F. L. Mrs. dressmaker, 112 Webster, h. do. 
Odiin & Larrabee (Fred L. Odlin and Winfield Scott 

Larrabee), detectives, 293 Lisbon 
O'Doniull Honora, widow of William, h. 181 Blake 
O'Donnell Kate, widow of Patrick, h. 57 Lincoln 
O'Donnell Michael, carder, bds. 4 Continental Corp., 

O'Donnell Olney, weaver, Bates Mill, rms. 246 Lisbon 
O'Donnell Queenie A. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 181 

O'Donnell Theresa E., clerk, 126 Lisbou, b. 181 Blake 
O'Donnell William M., clerk, 140 Lisbon, b. 181 Blake 
O'Donnell Winnie G. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 181 

Oertel Adolph, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 32 Walnut 
O'Gara John, dyer, Bates Manfg. Co., h. 58 Franklin 
O'Hara James, laborer, h. 256 Lincoln 
O'Hara Michael, laborer, h. 256 Lincoln 
O'Hearn James, boxmaker, h. 88 Hines alley 
O'Hearn Peter, boxmaker, bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
O'Kane Henry, laborer, L. B. & D. Works, h. 284 Bates 
O'Kane James, overseer, colored finishing, L. B. & D. 

Works, h. rear 14 Lisbon road 
O'Kane James Jr., operative, Bleachery, bds. 260 Park 
O'Keefe Timothy, laborer, bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Oldham Albert C., carpenter, h. East av., beyond Russell 
Oldham George, woolen finisher, h, 91 Wood 
Oldred James, laborer, h. 48 Franklin 
O'Leary Arthur F., machinist, bds. 26 College 


O'Leary Daniel, ins. agent, 256 Lisbon, bds. 7. Ash 

O'Leary Ernest, wood moulder, rms. 125 Wood 

O'Leary Lawrence, operative, h. 2 Water 

O'Leary Timothy, machinist, h. 26 College 

Olfene Ernest A., paymaster, Cowan Mill, b. 119 Pine 

Olfene Frederick, b/ll9 Pine 

Olfene William, b. 119 Pine 

Oliver George A., engineer, M. C. R. R., h. 61 Shawmut 

Oliver George B.. steamfitter, 48 Main, bds. at Auburn 

Oliver Benjamin, laborer, h. 3 on the Island 

Oliver Polycarpe, laborer, bds. 30 Chestnut 

Ollerhead Thomas, teamster, h. 43 Spring 

O'Malia Bartlett, laborer, h. 8 College 

O'Malia John, teamster, 69 Franklin 

O'Malia John, variety store, 292 Lisbon, h. 8 College 

O'Malia Martin, mule spinner, b. 8 College 

O'Malia Patrick, b. 8 College 

O'Malia Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 8 College 

O'Neal James, dyer, Bates Mill, b. 126 Canal st. alley 

O'Neil Charles, lineman, 126 Canal st. alley, bds. 75 Oak 

O'Neil Daniel J., printer, Journal office, b. 3 West Blake 

O'Neil David W. (Hunt & O'Niel), carriage painter, 28 

Main, h. Oak cor. Bates 
O'Neil Henry, clerk, 123 Lincoln, rms. 55 Park 
O'Neil Henry P., printer, 16 Lisbon, b. 3 West Blake 
O'Neil Jeremiah F., overseer belt shop, Bates Mill, house 

12 Birch 
O'Neil Joanna, widow of Jeremiah, h. 358 Lincoln 
O'Neil John, agent, bds. 230 Main 
O'Neil John, operative, bds. 74 Knox 
O'Neil John E., bds. 3 West Blake 
O'Neil John H., teamster, R. C. Pingree & Co., house 3 

West Blake 
O'Neil John J., laborer, b. 358 Lincoln 
O'Neil John W., photographer, 129 Lisbon, bds. 230 Main 
O'Neil Mary, widow of John, h. 75 Oak 
O'Neil Mary, widow of Martin, h. 74 Knox 
O'Neil Michael, finisher, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 74 Knox 
O'Neil Patrick Henrv, compositor, 16 Lisbon, h. 3 West 

O'Neil Rosanna, widow of Francis, h. 126 Canal st. alley 
Ordwav Irving A., assistant paymaster, Continental Mills, 

h/ll4 Ash 
Ordwav Susan P., widow of Albion A., h. 114 Ash 
Orldini Anthony, cook, Hotel Atwood, h. rear 38 Bates 
O'Rourke John, weaver, Avon Manfg. Co., h. 336 Lincoln 
Osborn John, farmer, h. Pleasant n. Lisbon road 
Osborn Nancy L., widow of Addison J., h. 167 Holland 
Osborne William H., cigar maker, h. 66 Lisbon 
Osborne William II. Jr. mill operative, bds. 66 Lisbon 


Osgood Charles H. (H. A. Osgood & Son), and (H. A. 

Osgood & Co.), 127 Lisbon, h. 190 Bates 
Osgood Ernest E., student, Bates College, rms. 173 Wood 
Osgood Hattie M., student, Bates College, bds. 145 Nichols 
Osgood Henry A. (H. A. Osgood & Co.), and (H. A. 

Osgood & Son), 127 Lisbon, h. 190 Bates 
Osgood H. A. &Co. (Henry A. and Charles H. Osgood), 

watches, jewelry, etc. 127 Lisbon 
Osgood H. A. & Son (Henry H. and Charles H. Osgood), 

jobbers of watches, jewelry, etc., 127 Lisbon 
Osgood Mary A. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 100 

Osgood Silas B., carpenter, h. Garcelon Ferry road 
Osgood Warren H., farmer, h. Sabattus rd. bey. No Name 

Pond rd. 
Osgood William G., b. S. B. Osgood's, Garcelon Ferry rd. 
Oswald & Armstrong (George 1). Armstrong), dry goods 

95 to 105 Lisbon 
Otis Ida M. Mrs., rms. 52 Lisbon 
Ouellette Auelius, laborer, h. 5 Mill 
Ouellette Adjutor, brickmaker, bds. 2 Birch 
Ouellette Arthur, shoemaker, h. 12 L Hines Alley 
Ouellette Clementine, widow of Cyprien, h. 376 Lisbon 
Ouellette Cyprien, painter, bds. 86 Hines alley 
Ouellette Ephrem, laborer, h. 116 Canal st. alley 
Ouellette Etienne, laborer, h. 123 Oxford 
Ouellette Fabian, house 376 Lisbon 
Ouellette Francois, laborer, honse 11 Mill 
Ouellette Henri C, clerk, 198 L ; ncoln, h. 15 on the Island 
Ouellette Israel, at Bleachery, h. 2 Birch 
Ouelletle Israel Jr., brickmaker, bds. 2 Birch 
Ouellette Jean, laborer, h. 190£ Lincoln 
Ouellette Joseph, laborer, h. 108 Canal st. alley 
Ouellette Josephine, widow of Arthur, bds. 181 Lincoln 
Ouellette Leonce, weaver, bds. 424 Lisbon 
Ouellette Octavie Miss, dressmaker, bds. 206 Park 
Ouellette Philomene, widow of Fabian, h. 17 Lincoln 
Ouellette Vital, boxmaker, bds. 17 Hines alles 
Ouelletta William, masonf bds. 121 Hines alley 
Ouellette see Willett 

Owen Catherine, widow of John. h. 160 East avenue 
Owen Griffith P., lather, bds. 160 East avenue 
Owen John Jr., photo engraver, h. 231 Ash 
Owen Robert P., overseer, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. !0 Golder 
Owens O. Henry, cutter, 556 Lisbon, h. 71 Birch 

PACKARD ALICE MISS, teacher, Sabattus school 

Packard Fannie E. Miss, house 21 Park 

Packard Frank H., treas., Avon Mnfg. Co., Lincoln, cor. 

Locust, h. 87 Bartlett 
Packard Henry E., compositor, Journal office, h. at Auburn 


Packer Malvina Gr. Mrs., bds. E. M. Lancaster's, Pine 

Wood district 
Page Chellis M., carpenter, rms. 1 Bartlett 
Page Edward, trav. salesman (Auburn), h. 95 Wood 
Page Elijah F., house 61 Nichols 

PAGE GEORGE K. 9 millinery and fancy goods, 
27 Lisbon, house at Auburn (see p. 24) 
Page Harry E., clerk, 174 Lisbon, bds. 23 High 
Page Jerusha K., widow, h. 24 Union 
Page Napoleon, carder, h. 3 Androscoggin Corp. 
Page Noel, carder, h. 3 Androscoggin Corp. 
Page Parker J., publisher, rms. 16 Lowell 
Page William, weaver, bds. 10 Bates Corp. 
Paige Fannie H. Miss, millinery, 47 Lisbon, b. 24 Union 
Paige William B., cigar maker, 164 Lisbon, rms. 3 Bates 

Paige William W., weaver, bds. 290 Bates 
Paine Daniel C, house 23 Wakefield 
Paine Jeremiah S., laborer, house 416 Sabattus 
Paine Melvin G., carriage painter, bds. 86 Pierce 
Paine, see also Payne 
Palanci Alfonzo, peddler, h. 150 Cedar 
Palmer Benjamin, spinner, h. 23 Birch 
Palmer Charles B., shoe cutter, h. 72 Lowell 
Palmer Edwin N., printer, 32 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Palmer Helen Miss, shoe stitcher, house 50 Bates 
palmer Joseph F., boarding house, 5 Continental Corp. 
Palmer Nancy H. Miss, milliner, h. 50 Bates 
Palmer Thomas F., pressman, 16 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Palmer William, operative, bds. 23 Birch 
paquette Napoleon, weaver, h. 148 Lincoln 
Paquette Napoleon, weaver, bds. 5 Hill Corp. 
paquette Phiionise, widow of Jean B., h. 208 Park 
Paquin Frank, weaver, house 36 Park 
Paquin Joseph, laborer, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Paquin Joseph, moulder, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Paquin William, laborer, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Paquin, see Perkins 

Par ad is Auguste, laborer, h. 109 Lincoln 
Paradis Alfred, operative, house 209 Park 
Paradis Elzear, operative, h. 142 Canal alley 
Paradis George, laborer, h. 119 Oxford 
Paradis Godfroi, operative, h. 112 Hines alley 
Paradis Joseph, operative, bds. 112 Hines alley 
Paradis Joseph, operative, Androscoggin Mill, house 195 

Paradis Joseph Jr., laborer, bds. 195 Lincoln 
Paradis Leocadie, widow of Etienne, h. 135 Oxford 
Paradia Louis, operative, bds. 135 Oxford 
Paradis Maxime, operative, bds. 135 Oxford 
Paradis Narcisse, bds. 195 Lincoln 


Paradis Odilon, operative, bds. 204 Lisbon 

Paradis Thomas, laborer, bouse 13 on the Island 

Paradis Thomas Jr., laborer, bds. 13 on the Island 

Paradis Thomas, operative, house rear 245 Park 

Paradise Joseph, operative, bds. rear 245 Park 

Paradise Joseph, operative, bds. rear 245 Park [Knox 

Paradise Joseph O., weaver, Androscoggin Mill, bds. 73 

Paradise Thomas, laborer, h. rear 73 Knox 

Pare Adolphe, laborer, bds. 198 Lincoln 

Pare Cyrilie, laborer, house 62 Lincoln 

Pare Thomas, weaver, house 60 Lincoln 

Pare Marceline, widow of Seraphin, h. 99 Ash 

Pare Pierre, laborer, house 91 Blake 

Parent Alexis, laborer, house 151 Lincoln 

Parent Alphonse H., painter, 364 Lisbon, h. 27 Birch 

Parent Benjamin, hostler, bds. 37 Bates 

Parent Elizabeth, widow of Jacques, h. 61 Hines alley 

Pareut Etienue, brick maker, bds. 5 on the Islend 

Parent Francois, laborer, house 104 Canal st. alley 

Parent Jean, operative, bds. 5 on the Island 

Parent John, mule spinner, b. 14 Hill Corp., Canal 

Parent Joseph P., carpenter, h. 37 Bates 

Parent Josephine L. Miss, clerk, 184 Lisbon, b. 47 Mill 

Parent Louis, planer, Jordon, Frost & Co., h. 61 Hines 

Pareut Napoleon, laborer, h. 57 Hines alley 

Parent Noel, teamster, house 99 Ash 

Parent Omer, shoemaker, house 99 Ash 

Parent Olive, widow of Treffle, house 47 Mill 

Parent Vitalene, widow of Joseph, bds. 75 Lincoln 

Parker Charles C, farmer, h. No Name Pond road 

Parker Clinton E., farm hand, b. Lorenzo D. Parker's, 

Switzerland road 
Parker Elvert E., clerk, 200 Lisbon, b. 488 Main 
Parker Ellen B., widow of Publius R., house 488 Main 
Parker Frank, carriage maker, 35 Park, h. at Auburn 

PARKER FRANK W., treas., Lewiston Mill Co., 
and National B. K. Examiner state of Maine, office 
at mill, h. 184 Webster 

Parker George, laborer, house 23 Horton 

Parker George A., house 193 College 

Parker Henry J., overseer, Cowan Woolen Co., house 78 

Parker John, laborer, house 231 Ash 

Parker Joseph W., supt. wood dept., Lewiston Machine 
Co., house 32 Spring 

Parker Leon, shoemaker, bds. 5 West Blake 

Parker Lemuel C, shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Greene 

Parker Lorenzo D., painter, h. Switzerland road, Barker- 

Parker Martha P. Miss, matron and supt. of nurses, Cen- 
tral Maine General Hospital, 296 Main, bds. do. 


Parker Walter G., clerk, 239 Main, bds. 32 Spring 
Parkin Benjamin, fixer, Bates Mill, house 182 Blake 
Parkinson Richard, roll coverer, house 72 Walnut 
Park man Esther Mrs., saleswoman, 174 Lisbon, h. 68 Howe 
Parkmau Lailaud E., sash maker, Gibbs & Dain, h. 45 

Parkman Malcom K., sash maker, rms. 42 Bates 
Par km an Simon A., house 68 Howe 

PURLIN D. ED WIS, teas and groceries, 18 Lis- 
bon, house 123 Pine (see page 066) 
Parlin Warren T., wood yard, rear 119 Main, h. do. 
Parsons Cora B. Miss, forewoman, 256 Lisbon, h.90 Howe 
Parsons Ellen Miss, housekeeper, 2 ( J7 Main, bds. do. 
Parsons Henry, sawyer, Jordan, Frost & Co.,b. 157 Pine 
Parsons Lillie E. Miss, teacher, Bates Street sub-primary 

school, bds. 90 Howe 
Partridge Brothers (James R. and Henry M.), boots and 

shoes, 21 and 193 Main fdo. 

Partridge Fred E., farmer and milkman, Hogan road, h. 
Partridge Henry, cloth room, Lewistou Mill Cj., bds. 5 

Bates Corp. 
Partridge Henrv M. (Partridge Bros.), boots and shoes, 

21 and 193 Main, house 68 Wood 
Partridge James R. (Partridge Bros.), boots and shoes, 

21 and 193 Main, rms. 160 Holland 
Patras Francois, painter, house 333 Lincoln 
Patry Francois K., clerk, 396 Lisbon, bds. Joseph Cotes' 
Patry Telesphore, shoemaker, house 13 on the Island 
Patten Addison W., clerk, 187 Main, house 95 Summer 
Patten Ferdinand W., second hand, Bates Mill, house 38 

Patten Lois A. Mrs., house 111 Lisbon 
Patterson Archibald, carpenter, 7 Main, house 119 Pierce 
Patterson Carrie Miss, weaver, Cumberland Mills, rms. 

256 Park 
Paul Ether S. (E. S. Paul & Co.), dry goods, 174 Lisbon, 

house at Auburn 

PAUL E. S. & CO. (Ether S., William A. and Sam- 
uel M. Paul), dry and fancy goods 174 Lisbon, (see 
page 16) 

Paul Joseph, laborer, house 3 Cross 

Paul Oliver P., house 58 High 

Paul Samuel M. (E. S. Paul & Co.), dry goods, 174 
Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 

Paul Victor, weaver, bds. 14 Hill Corp., Canal 

Paul William A. (E. S. Paul & Co.) , dry goods, 174 
Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 

Pause August, weaver, Lewiston Mill, house 37 Spring 

Payette Eugene J., manager Provident Savings Life As- 
surance Soc. of New York, 165 Lisbon, rms. do. 


Payette Nazaire, superintendent, Met, Life Ins. Co. 256 
Lisbon, room 8, house 268 Bates 

PAYiVE FRED G. (Union Printing Co.), and mana- 
ger Payne's Orchestra, 138 Lisbon, house do. (see 
page 563) 
Peabody Agnes L. Miss, teacher, Oak st. school, bds. 9 

Riverside place 
Peabody Asa F., trav. salesman, house 9 Riverside place 
Peabody Daisy B. Miss, proof reader, Journal office, bds. 

9 Riverside place 
Peabody Jean L., clerk, 169 Main, bds. 125 Wood 
Peabody John L. (J. L. Peabody & Co.), grocer, Cen- 
tral block, 169 Main, house 125 Wood 
Peabody J. L. & Co. (John L. Peabody), grocers, Cen- 
tral block, 169 Main, 
Peacock William, yard hand, Hill Mnfg. Co., house 149 

Peare Nathaniel E., teamster, house 107 Main 
Pearson Edward E., machinist, house 87 Summer 
Pearson Herbert J., bds. 87 Summer 
Pearson Richard R., house 87 Summer 
Pearson William W., teamster, 244 Main, house 82 

Peck Bradford (B. Peck Dry Goods Co.), dry goods, 126 

Peck B. Dry Goods Co. (The), Bradford Peck, pres., 
John H. Crowley, manager, H. A. Free, treas., dry 
and fancy goods, 126 Lisbon 
Peck Vesta C, widow of Lewis C, house 340 Main 
Peckham Frederick H., clergymau, house 14 Pleasant 
Peirce Arion C, foreman, press room, Journal office, 

house 171 Pine 
Peirce Augustus F., house 23 Wakefield 
Peirce George A., physician, 171 Pine, house do. 
Pellerin Desire, weaver, bds. 148 Oxford 
Pellerin Theodore, laborer, house 146 Oxford 
Pelletier Auguste, shoemaker, 178 Lisbon, house 12 An- 
droscoggin Corp. 
Pelletier Beloni, laborer, bds. 170 Lincoln 
Pelletier Christine, widow of Pierre, house 227 Lincoln 
Pelletier Damase, heel maker, house 52 Winter 
Pelletier George, clerk, house 90 Hines alley 
Pelletier Hilaire, driver, 36 Chapel, house 90 Hines alley 
Pelletier Isaie, brickmaker, house 170 Lincoln 
Pelletier Jacques, laborer, house 113 Lincoln 
Pelletier Jean, shoemaker, 1 Spruce, house 11 Canal 
Pelletier Joseph, carder, bds. 376 Lisbon 
Pelletier Joseph, foundryman, house 119 Lincoln 
Pelletier Joseph, operative, house 201 Lincoln 
Pelletier Joseph, operative, Bates Mill, house 420 Lisbon 
Pelletier Joseph, operative, Bates Mill, bds. 201 Lincoln 


l J elletier Luke, foundryman, bda. 376 Lisbon 

Pelletier Marcel, teamster, house 54 Cedar 

Pelletier Pierre, weaver, house 420 Lisbon 

Pelletier P. Maximin, bookkeeper, 96" Lincoln, house 9 

Androscoggin Corporation 
Peltier Alfred, operative, bda. 376 Lisbon 
Peltier Blanche Miss, dressmaker, bds. 9 Androscoggin 

Peltier Emill, operative, bds. 128 Oxford 
Peltier Ferdinand, laborer, bds. 187 Lincoln 
Peltier Francois, laborer, house 71 Lincoln 
Peltier Frank, groceries and bakery, 27 Cedar, house do. 
Peltier Jaques. operative, bds. 118 Lincoln 
Peltier John, shoemaker, house rear 21 Knox 
Peltier Joseph, foundryman, house 376 Lisbon 
Peltier Joseph, Jr., operative, bds. 376 Lisbon 
Peltier Louis, trapeze professor, bds. 23 Cedar 
Peltier Louis C, clerk, 27 Cedar, bds. do. 
Peltier Marie Mrs., bds. 112 Lincoln st. alley 
Peltier Merrill, pedler, house 2-13 Park 
Peltier Paul, box maker, bds. 54 Cedar 
Peltier Tadde\ laborer, house 120 Hines alley 
Peltier Telesphore, brickmaker, bds. 98 Lincoln 
Peltier Vital, teamster, 284 Lisbon, house 19 Spruce 
Pemberton Annie, widow of Charles, house 55 Auburn 
Pemberton, Levi, police, house 190 Blake 
Pendergast Mary, widow of Michael, house 70 Lincoln 

street alley 
Pendexter George J., trav. salesman, house 77 Nichols 
Pendexter Olive B. Miss, bds. 78 Park 
Pennell Richard C, clerk of Corporation, Continental 

Mills, house 425 Main 

PENNELL WILLIAM D., agent Hill Mnfg. Co., 
house 70 Horton 
Penney Charles L., shoemaker, house 52 Sabattus 
Penney Charles M., trav. salesman (Boston), boards 132 

Penney Henry J., carpenter, house 123 Holland 
Pennev Isaphene R. Miss, bookkeeper, 110 Lisbon, boards 
123 Holland 

president, Edward C. Wellinan, treasurer, 200 Lis- 
bon (see opposite Banks) 
People's Tea Co., John T. McGillicuddy, proprietor, 194 

Pepin David, brickmaker, bds. 180 Lisbon 
Pepin Michel, boards 23 Mill 
Pepin Pierre, laborer, boards 74 Lincoln 
Pepin Telolfie Miss, dressmaker, 94 Chestnut, b. 23 Mill 
Perham Edward S., brick maker, house 20 Bates 


Perkins Edward, shoemaker, b. 4 Continental Corporation' 

Perkins Eliza A. Mrs., dressmaker, 62 Lisbon, h. do. 
Perkins Henry C, shoemaker, house Randall road, 

Thome's corner 
Perkins Louis, weaver, house 4 Birch 
Perkins Ruel E., cigar maker, 64 Lisbon, h. 71 Maple 
Perkins Samuel, operative, rooms 108 Lisbon 
Perkins Thomas H., laundryman, 252 Lisbon, h. 125 Pine 
Perkins, see Poquin 

Perteault Albert, foundryman, house 12 Lincoln 
Perreault Alexis, laborer, house 110 Hines alley 
Perreault Augustin, baker, 96 Lincoln, house 122 do. 

PERRAULT EUGENE, livery stable, 45 Cedar, 
house 122 Lincoln (see page 574) 
Perrault Francois, boards 193 Lincoln 
Perrault Jean, baker, 96 Lincoln, bds. 122 do. 
Perreault Jean, operative, boards 193 Lincoln 
Perrault Julie, widow of Zoel, house 61 Lincoln 
Perreault Pierre, brick mason, h. 9 Androscoggin Corp. 
Perrier Barthelemie, laborer, bds. 91 Blake 
Perron Achille, laborer, bds. 121 Hines alley 
Perron Charles, hostler, boards 6 Main 
Perron Edward, shoemaker, bds. 7 Androscoggin Corp. 
Perron Felix, shoemaker, bds. 11 Androscoggin Corp. 
Perron Georgie A. Miss, bookkeeper, 76 Cedar, boards 

237 Park 
Perron Hilaire, engine wiper, h. 25 Railroad alley 
Perron Joseph H., shoemaker, 6 Main, house do. 
Perron Joseph P., carpenter, M. C. R. R., h. 37 Birch 
Perron Philamon, widow of Felix, house 11 Androscoggin 

Perron Perron, laborer, house 9 Androscoggin Corp. 
Perron Zoel, weaver, house 12 Androscoggin Corp. 
Perry Alfred, teamster, house 40 Union 
Perry Fred A. (J. W. Perry & Son), jewelry, 90 Lisbon, 

house 481 Main 
Perry John W. (J. W. Perry & Son), jewelry, 90 Lisbon, 

house 481 Main 
Perry J. W. & Son (John W. and Fred A. Perry), jewel- 
ry, 90 Lisbon 
Perry Nellie Miss, weaver, house 35 Ash 
Peterson Africa H., farmer, house off River road, near 

Lisbon Line [bon 

Peterson Benjamin F., paper hanger, 225 Main, h. 40 Lis- 
Peterson Charles H., carpenter, house 26 Elm 
Peterson Fred A., operative, bds. 6 Bates Corp. 
Peterson Harry H., apprentice (Auburn Daily Gazette), 

boards 26 Elm 
Peterson Luella M. Mrs., dressmaker, 40 Lisbon, h. do. 
Petit Elzear, operative, boards 128 Oxford 


Pettengill Ann Miss, boards 40 Central avenue 
Pettengill B., widow of William H., house 113 Holland 
Pettengill Carrie I., widow of Frank, house 30 Ash 
Pettengill Edgar R., cashier, G. T. R., freight depot, h. 

at Auburn 
Pettengill Enoch H., laborer, house 46 Lowell 
Pettengill George S., boards 535 Main 
Pettengill John H., house 535 Main 
Pettengill Lawrence, musician, house 190 Oak 
Pettengill Mary I. Miss, teacher, Horton st. grammar 

school, house 113 Holland 
Pettengill Victor C, driver, 36 Chapel, house at Auburn 
Pettengill Wilder, bookkeeper, R. C. Pingree&Co., plan- 
ing mill, house 279 Bates 
Phaneuf Angie H., widow of Masloire, h. 106 Pine 

PRANEUF M. & CO. (Arthur T. Reny and Napo- 
leon L'Heureux), grocers and bakers, 94 and 96 Lin- 
coln (see page 575) 

Phenix Charles B., hairdresser, 33 Ash, h. 166 Pine 

Phenix Maxime, laborer, house 420 Lisbon 

Phenix Nina Miss, house 100 Chestnut 

Philbrick Gideon A., shoemaker, 254 Main, rms. 26 Park 

Philbrick Nathaniel F., driver, Merchants Express Co., 
29 Ash, house 44 Pierce 

Philbrook Eva Miss, dressmaker, rooms 40 College 

Philippon Alphonse, operative, h. 13 on the Island 

Phillips Amelia M., widow, house 195 Oak 

Phillips A. Henry, freight cashier, M. C. R. R., upper 
depot, boards Main, cor. High 

Phillips Dyer M., missionary, house 247 College 

Phillips Herbert B., farmer, boards 8. Phillips', Town 
Farm road 

Phillips Sidney, shoemaker, house Town Farm road 

Phillips Thomas, carpenter, house 24 Birch 

Phillips Washington, State Constable and farmer, 179 
Lisbon, house Webster, beyond Reservoir 

Phillips William G., clerk, 36 Chapel, house 33 do. 

Phinnev Edward, shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 

Phinney Helen, widow of Michael, house 70 Lincoln 

Picard Jules, city teamster, house 76 Ash 

Piche Alfred, weaver, boards 60 Lincoln 

Pich6 Ferdinand, laborer, house 60 Lincoln 

Piche Joseph, operative, house 148 Lincoln 

Pich6 Jules, laborer, house 13 Cross 

Pich6 Jules, laborer, house 68 Lincoln 

Pickels John, spinner, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 

Pickering J. Frank, clerk, 18 Lisbon, h. 70 Pine 

Pickering Lizzie Mrs., milliner, house 70 Pine 

Pickett Belle Mrs., boards 146 Chestnut 

Pidgin William A., Journal office, 16 Lisbon, house 84 


Pierce Edwin F., student, Bates College, b. 370 College 

Pierce Frank A., machinist, house 108 Main 

Pierce George W\, mason, boards 270 Bates 

Pierce Samuel, mason, house 270 Bates 

Pierce Sylvester G., machinist, house 370 College, and 

Garcelon Ferry road 
Pike Albert R., taxidermist, 172 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Pike Elsie Miss, clerk, 64 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Pilsbury G. Edward, machinist, h. Webster, n. Reservoir 
Pinard Joseph, operative, bds. 158 Lincoln 
Pinette Francois, boots and shoes, 204 Lincoln, h.202 do. 
Pinette Roraain, house 201 Lincoln 
Pinette Samuel, laborer, house 201 Lincoln 
Pingree Ellen M. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 266 

Lisbon, boards 486 Main 
Pingree Margaret, widow of William H. L., house 17 

Pingree Page, house 846 Main 
Pingree Ranson C. (R. C. Pingree & Co.), lumber, 136 

Main, house 311 Main 

PINGREE R. C. & CO. (Ransom C. and Samuel 
R. B. Pingree), lumber, mouldings, doors, sash, etc., 
136 Main (see p. 4) 
Pingree Samuel R. B. (R. C. Pingree & Co.), 136 Main, 

house at Auburn 
Pingree Valentine, clerk, bds. 486 Main 
Pinkham Elvin C, teamster, 142 Bates, house 26 Franklin 
Pinkham Fred N., sash maker, Gibbs & Dain, h. 49 Bates 
Pinkham William F., carpenter, house 151 Nichols 

PIPER HARRY W. 9 agent for novelities, 83 Main, 
bds. at Auburn (see p. 9) 
Pitman Burton L., clerk, 248 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Pitman William F., baggage master, M. C. R. R., house 

18 Farweil 
Pitman William L., brakeman, bds. 18 Farweil 
Pitre Narcisse, laborer, house 189 Lincoln 
Pivain Joseph, restaurant, 183 Lincoln, house 64 Cedar 
Ploude Joseph, laborer, house, rear 245 Park 
Ploude Louis operative, bds. 5 Cross 
Ploude Napoleon, operative, bds. 5 Cross 
Ploude Pierre, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Plourde Eugenie, widow of Paul, house 110 Hines alley 
Plourde Francis, ins. agent, 226 Lisbon, room 8, bds. 23 

Plourde Georgina, widow of Thomas, h. 124 Oxford 
Plourde Octave, foundry man, house 49 Hines alley 
Plummer Abbie Mrs., boarding house, 9 Bates Corp. 
Plummet* Albert S., upholsterer, 201 Lisbon, h. 48 Wood 
Plummer C. Moses, dry plate maker, 14 Main, b. 91 Park 
Plummer Ella T., bookkeeper, 174 Lisbon, house 91 Ash 
Plummer Emily D. Miss, boarding house, 8 Bates Corp. 



Plummer Ernest H., clerk (Auburn), house 94 Ash 
Plummer Harry L., photo printer, 138 Lisbon, bds. 91 

Plummer Helen F., widow of George S., house 326 Main 
Plummer Theodore Mrs., house 94 Ash 
Plummer William M., house 9 and 10 Bates Corp., and 

house College, near Montello 
Poirier Calixte, laborer, house 77 Knox 
Poirier Ernest, operative, bds. 103 Blake 
Poirier Evarisae, laborer, bds. 119 Oxford 
Poirier Ulric, operative, bds. 3 Lincoln 
Poisson Joseph, millman, house 43 Hines alley 
Poisson Joseph, operative, bds. 148 Oxford 
Poisson Telesphore, operative, bds. 63 Lincoln 
Poisson Zephirm, mason, bds. 155 Lincoln 
Poitras Francois, painter, 364 Lisbon, house 333 do. 
Poliquin Joseph A., agent Met. Life Ins. Co., 256 Lisbon, 

house 199 Park [Lincoln 

Poliquin Narcisse, laborer, M. C. R. R., house rear 63 
Polk Loran E., foreman, bds. 71 Pierce 
Pollard John L., house 48 Franklin 
Pollister Christopher K., farmer, h. Sabuttus road, bey. 

No Name Pond road 
Pollister Edward H., butcher, house Sabattus road, cor. 

Pollister William, bds. C. K. Pollister's. Sabattus road, 
Pollock Robert, wool sorter, house 30 Union 
Pollock Ruth Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, h. 30 Union 
Pollock Thomas, dyer, house 27 Walnut 
Pollock William, shoemaker, bds. 30 Union 
Pomeroy Alice, widow of John, house 76 Blake [av. 

Pomeroy Eugene E., watchmaker, 84 Lisbon, h. 84 East 
Pomeroy Hattie E. Mrs., compositor, 16 Lisbon, house at 

Pomeroy Lettie J., dressmaker, 95 Lisbon, bds. 76 Blake 
Pomeroy Luther S., stock fitter, house 34 Spring 
Ponbrant John shoemaker, house 18 Main 
Pond Mary A. Mrs., bds. DeWitt House 
Pond William H., clerk, DeWitt House, bds. do. 
Poole Fred, shoemaker, house 33 Hammond [ford 

Porter Alexander T., cigar maker, 52 Canal, h. 134 Ox- 
Porter Henry A. shoemaker, house 17 Hortou 
Porter James Albert, house 10 Union 
Porter Jane, widow of Lewis, house Oak, cor. Blake 
Porter Susan B. Miss, house 32 Park 
Portland Kerosene Oil Co., Albert F. Merrill, manager, 

45 Riverside 
Post Office, 217 Lisbon [Main 

Potter Alden S., trav. salesman (Portland), house 535 
Potter Herbert, operative, Avon Mill, rooms 256 Park 


Potter Noel B., treasurer, Androscoggin County (Auburn), 

rooms 256 Park 
Potter Octavius, house 80 Wood 
Potter Ralph W., pav-master, Bates Mnfg. Co., house 

196 Holland 
Pottle George, house 274 Pine 
Potvin Eugene, laborer, house 128 Oxford 
Potvin Joseph, brickmaker, bds. 198 Lincoln 
Potvin Jules, weaver, bds, 128 Oxford 
Potvin William, laborer, house 60 Lincoln 
Pouillotte Henri, operative, bds. 108 Canal st. allev 
Poulet Francois, laborer, bds. 244 Park 
Poulin Adele, widow of Joseph, house 5 Mill 
Poulin Alexis, laborer, house 4 Oxford 
Poulin Archelas, clerk, 374 Lisbon, bds. 200 Park 
Poulin Charles, laborer, house 143 Oxford 
Poulin Charles Cyrille, clerk, 126 Lisbon, house 249 Park 
Poulin Julia Mrs., dressmaker, house 170 Lincoln 
Poulin Octavie, widow of Joseph, house 84 Lincoln alley 
Poulin Olivier, laborer, house 200 Park 
Poulliot Alcidore, operative, bds. 418 Lisbon 
Poulliot Joseph, operative, bds. 420 Lisbon 
Powers Michael, mule spinner, Hill Mnfr. Co., bds. 13 

Powers Thomas F., Hill Mnfg. Co., house 13 Blake 
Prager Benjamin A., president Prager Clothing Co., 87 

Lisbon, bds. DeWitt House 

PRAGER CLOTHING CO., Benj. A. Prager, 
president, 87 Lisbon (see p. 8) 
Prager Frederick H., clerk, Prager Clothing Co., 87 Lis- 
bon, bds. DeWitt House 
Prager Philip, treas. Prager Clothing Co., 87 Lisbon, h. 
at Boston 

PRATT B. FRANK, job printer, 86 Lisbon, house 
33 Prescott (see p. 563) 
Pratt Elam, bds. 78 Ash 

PRATT HERBERT L.,, agent Bates Mnfg. Co., 
house 50 Bartlett (see Miss. Dept.) 
Pratt Horatio D., carpenter, house 33 Prescott 
Pratt Samuel C. carpenter, house 232 Park 
Pratt John S., conductor, G. T. R., house at Auburn 
Pratt T. Llovd, stoves, hardware, etc., 183 Lisbon, house 

270 Bates 
Pratte Livin, laborer, house 82 Hines alley 
Pratte Hermengilde, brickmaker. bds. 82 Hines alley 
Pratte Sinaie, weaver, house 82 Hines alley 
Pray Adelbert,, shoemaker, bds. 98 Oak 
Pray Alcandor B., clerk, 197 Main, bds. 6 Park 
Pray Charles F., shoemaker, bds. 56 High 
Pray Edward W., carpenter, house 56 High 
Pray Fred L., plumber, bds. 98 Oak 


Pray George EL, magician, bouse 98 Oak 

Pray Hattie E., widow of Benjamin F., house 6 Park 

Pray Willie E„ clerk, bds. 56 High 

Prentiss Leander P., concrete paver, 472 Main, house do. 

Prescott Addie L. Miss, weaver, bds. 91 Lisbon 

Prescott Albion S., clerk, 238 Main, h. 12 Hammond 

Prescott Augusta Miss, teacher, High School, bds. at 

Prescott Daniel W., clerk, 85 Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Prescott Edward, operative, rms. 23 Chapel 
Prescott Lyman, foreman, saw mill, R. C. Pingree & Co., 

130 Main, house at Auburn 
Prescott Mvra, widow of Alpheus, house rear 10 Chapel 

PRESSEY MELZAR L.., upholsterer, 201 Lisbon, 
also manager Union Band, 3 Middle, house do. (see 
pnge 57G) 
Preston James W., carpenter, h. 335 Sabattus [Water 
Price Thomas, teamster, Jordan, Frost & Go's., house 23 
Pride Nathan H., mason, house 47 Park [Canal 

Primeau Louis, weaver, Bates Mill, bds. 18 Bates Corp., 
Prince Elmer E., baker, 203 Main,h. 115 College 
Prince Frank, box maker, bds. 48 Park 
Prince Leelan L., bds. 84 Wood 

Proctor Emma Miss, bds. 46 Bates [Auburn 

Proctor George W., carpenter, Continental Mills, h. at 
Proctor Henry L., teamster, J. B. Ham & Co., bds. 53 

Proctor John W., head waiter, U. S. Hotel (Portland), 

bds. 53 Franklin 
Proctor William H., house 53 Franklin 
Proteau Pierre, watchman, Lewiston Mill Co. ,h. 26 Walnut 
Provan James, blacksmith, bds. 54 Ash 
Provanche A ken, operative, bds. 243 Park 
Provanche Zepheriue, operative, h. 424 Lisbon 
Provancher Alfred, box maker, house 35 Mill 
Provancher Charles, laborer, b. 82 Lincoln st. alley 
Provancher John, hairdresser, 25 Chestnut, bds. 15 Mill 
Provancher Napoleon, weaver, bds. 202 Park 
Provencher Napoleon, weaver, house 242 Park 
Provancher Onezime, operative, house 39 Cedar 
Provancher Pierre, laborer, bds. 197 Lincoln 
Provost Arzalie Miss, dressmaker, 31 Chestnut, bds. do. 
Provost Eusebe (E. Provost & Fils), grocer and bakers 
195 Lincoln (Provost & Beauregard), wood, 32 Ox- 
ford, and (Provost & Bernatchez) , boots and shoes, 
26 Chestnut, house 31 do. 
Provost E. iSc Fils (Eusebe, Louis, Pierre and Regis Pro- 
vost), grocers and bakers, 195 Lincoln 
Provost Louis (E. Provost & Fils), grocer and baker, 195 

Lincoln, bds. 31 Chestnut 
Provost Lucia, dressmaker, 31 Chestnut, house do. 


Provost Pierre (E. Provost & Fils), grocer and baker, 195 

Lincoln, bds. 31 Chestnut 
Provost Regis (Provost & Vincent) (Auburn), and (E. 

Provost & Fils), 195 Lincoln, bds. 31 Chestnut 
Provost & Beauregard (Eusebe Provost and Eugene Beau- 
regard), wood, 32 Oxford 
Provost & Bernatchez (Eusebe Provost and Odilon Ber- 

natchez), boots and shoes, 26 Chestnut 
Pulsifer Isa A. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, b. 200 Blake 
Pulsifer James D., shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Pulsifer Woodbury, stenographer (Wash., D. C), b. 425 

Pulverman William, house 88 Franklin 
Purington Alfred J., second hand, cloth room, Andros- 
coggin Mill, rooms 234 Park 
Purington Clarence E., painter, house 100 Elm 
Purinton Henry T., machinist, 48 Main, rooms 56 Ash 
Purinton Isaiah G-., shoemaker, bds. 101 Park 
Putnam John F., asst. postmaster, P. O., h. 517 Main 
Putnam John F., Jr., compositor, 16 Lisbon, b. 517 Main 
Putnam William H., student, bds. 517 Main 
Putnam William P., foreman, 75 Bates, house 73 do. 

QUEENY WINIFRED Miss, carder, bds. 5 Continental 

Corp., Oxford 
Quigley J. Charles, carpenter, bds. Robert Henderson's, 

Sabattus road 
Quigley Michael, night watchman, 64 Main, h. 19 Knox 
Quigley Thomas, laborer, bds. 19 Knox 
Quimby Aaron, laborer, house 51 Sabattus 
Quimby Angie L. Bliss, dressmaker, 165 Oak, house do. 
Quimby Carrie G. Miss, bds. 52 Sabattus 
Quimby Frank L., janitor, Main st. school, h. 40 College 
Quimby Fred W., bookkeeper, 49 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Quimby James L., painter, house 38 Union 
Quimby John, operative, bds. 98 Franklin 
Quimby Royal, clerk, De Witt House, h. do. 
Quimby William A., farmer, h. off Main, r. Jackson School 
Quimby William L., house 165 Oak 
Quinlan Catharine, widow, house 226 Lincoln 
Quinn Edward, operative, bds. 126 Canal st. alley 
Quinn Ellen Mrs., boarding house, 1 and 2 Androscog- 
gin Corp. 
Quinn John, carder, bds. 126 Canal st. alley 
Quinn John W., mule spinner, house 62 Bates 
Quint David A., overseer bag finishing, Androscoggin 
Mills, bds. 2 Androscoggin Corporation 

RABY ANTOINE, laborer, house 68 Lincoln 
Rackley Almira, widow, bds. J. K. Briggs, Main, beyond 


Rackliff Alice E., shirtrnaker, rms. 31 Union 

Rafferty Thomas, operative, h. 49 Knox 

Rafus William, river driver, bds. 6 Franklin 

Railey John, foreman, rooms 146 Blake 

Rairden William A., teamster, 36 Chapel, h.9 Lowell 

Ramsey Emma Miss, spinner, bds, 14 Hill Corp., Canal 

Ran court John, brick maker, b. Frank Brooks', Pettengill 

Rancourt John, stone cutter, 14 Bates, bds. 13 Lincoln 

Rancourt Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 149 Lincoln 

Rancourt Phillias, laborer, house 170 Lincoln 

Rancourt Louis, janitor, Dominican block, h. 149 Lincoln 

Rand John, door maker, house 16 Horton 

Rand John H., prof, mathematics, Bates College, house 

28 Frye 
Rand Laban M., mason, house 86 Pierce 
Rand Laura A., widow of John, house 17 Middle 
Rand Nathan 8., boots and shoes, 254 Main,h. at Auburn 
Rand W. Clarence, machinist, house 17 Middle 
Randall Bert W., clerk, Bates Mnfg. Co., boards 194 

F^ast ave. 
Randall Edwin E., watchman, bds. 41 Park 
Randall FredE., shoe cutter, 64 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Randall Foster Lee, house Randall road, n. Thornes Cor. 
Randall George B., hostler, 48 Ash, rms. do. 
Randall Hattie E. Miss, compositor, Journal office, bds. 

50 Bates 
Randall Isaiah, farmer, b. I. N. Spofford's, Sabattus id. 
Randall James S., carpenter, house 50 Bates 
Randall Jesse N., farmer, h. Montello, n. College rd. 
Randall Leon, farmer, h. Randall rd., bey. Thornes Cor. 
Randall Levi E., truckman, bds. 51 Park 
Randall Mabel, teacher, Davis Corner school, house 194 

East avenue 
Randall Nathan W., painter, h. 25 Middle 
Randall Sarah M., widow of Benjamin, boarding house, 

41 Park 
Randall Ulysess G., folder, Bates Mill, h. 8 Union 
Randall Zelotes, carpenter, h. 47 Russell 
Randall William M., carpenter, h. 194 East ave. 
Raudlett Charles Mrs., weaver, b. 5 Continental Coip., 

Rankins Charles, painter, house Old Lisbon road, uear 

Crowley junction 
Rankins Charles W., painter, house Old Lisbon rd. 
Ranks George W., section hand, Lewiston Mills, house 

Lisbon road, Crowley junction 
Rasch Robert, weaver, house Sabattusville 
Ratcliffe .James, laborer, h. 25 Railroad alley 
Ratclift'e Samuel E., section hand, house 42 Maple 
Ratigan James, operative, bds. 48 Knox 
Ratigau Peter, sfjne cutter, house 48 Knox 


Rawson Charles EL, musician, house end Central ave 
Rawstrcm Sarah, widow of James, h. 30 Lineoln-st. alley 
Ray Delia M. Mrs., house 39 Union [ville 

Ray Edgar E., laborer, bds. Ralph Greenwood's, Sabattus- 
Ray Eld.iidge W., teamster, house Sabuttus ville 
Ray Melissa Miss, bds. 164 Wood 
Ray Samuel, farmer, house 41 Spring 
Raymond Adelord, weaver, bds. 27 Birch 
Raymond Alfred, farmer, h, College rd., cor. Merrill rd. 
Raymond Desiere, weaver, boards 27 Birch 
Raymond Edward F., house 215 Lisbon 
Raymond Ephraim, laborer, house 19J Lincoln 
Raymond George F„, veterinary surgeon and stable, 22 
Franklin, house 48 Park 

RAYMOND GEORGE W., paper bags, twine, 
etc., 15 Ash, bds. 48 Park(see back cover) 
Raymond Georgianna Miss, dressmaker, 104 Ash, h. do. 
Raymond James EL, draughtsman, 215 Lisbon, rms. 150 Pine 
Raymond Joseph E., laborer, house 26 Birch 
Raymond Joseph, weaver, boards 27 Birch 
Raymond Thomas, millman, house 122 Canel st. alley 
Rayner Nelson, laborer, house 107 Summer 
Read Abbie J. Mrs., boarding house, 12 Park 
Read Clark S., foreman, 101 Franklin, rms. do. 
Read Frank A., carpenter, house 12 Park 

READ HENRY A., livery stable, 101 Franklin, 
house do. (see page 574) ' 
Read Isaac M., bds. 12 Park 

Read John, car inspector, G. T. R., house 16 Water 
Read Lemuel, house 44 Winter 
Read Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, 95 Lisbon, house 53 

Read Mary S. Miss, house 53 Sabattus 
Read Ralph R., house 30 Avon 
Read Sarah J. Miss, house 53 Sabattus 
Read William H., house 12 Park 
Reade Charles B., deputy sergent at arms (Wash), house 

18 Wakefield 
Reade Eugene O., expressman, house Sabattusville 
Reade John, secretary, O. F. Mut. Relief Association of 

Maine, house 18 Wakefield 
Reade John L., newspaper correspondent,!). 18 Wakefield 
Ready Michael, second hand, house 2 Blake st. place 
Reagan Honora, widow, house 38 Water 
Reagan Michael, carpenter, house 97 Pierce 
Reagan Timothy E., clerk, 274 Lisbon, bds. 97 Pierce 
Reardon Dennis, laborer, house 270 Lincoln 
Reardou Dennis Jr., laborer, bds. 270 Liucolu 
Reardon Edward J., manager, 160 Main, bds. 270 Lincoln 
Reardon John H., clerk, bds. 412 Lisbon 
Reardon William R., laborer, boards 270 Lincoln 


Record Anna C. Mrs., bouse 199 Oak 

Record Harriet E., widow of Albion A., h. 377 Main 

Record Maud, button sewer, house 199 Oak. 

Record Solomon, furniture, stoves, etc., 54 Main, house 

at Auburn 
Record William IT., foreman, Jordan, Frost & Co., Cross 

Canal, house at Auburn 
Redburn Ernest, shooting gallery, bds. 129 Main 
Redfei'D Annie Mrs., house rear 139 Bartlett; 
Reed Anson, wood yard( Auburn), house 8 Bates Corp. 
Reed Arthur W., clerk, National Shoe and Leather Bank 

(Auburn), bds. Jacob W. Reed's, Grove 
Reed Charles E., machinist, 14 Main. rms. do. 
Reed Frank H., teamster, 138 Bates • 

Reed George, laborer, house 304 Lisbon 
Reed Jacob W., farmer, house Grove, n. Randall road 
Reed Lincoln A., clerk, 235 Lisbon, house 39 Ash 
Reed Oscar L., farmer, house Greene rd. near Greene line 
Reed Peter B., inspector, h. 16 Water. 
Reichel Fred, cigar-maker, 164 Lisbon house 175 Park 
Reichel Fred, weaver, Bates Mill, house 131 Bartlett 
Remick Edward, mule spinner bds. 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Remind Elie, tailor, 308 Lisbon, boards 276 do. 
Renaud Joseph, tailor, 308 Lisbon, h. do. 
Renaud Olivier, operative, 276 Lisbon 
Renaud Zoel, brickmaker, bds. 276 Lisbon 
Reny Horace (Montreal & Quebec Furniture Co.), furni- 
ture, 143 Lincoln, house at Auburn 
Reny Hugh, clerk, 31 Hines alley, house at Auburn 
Reny Hugue, clerk, 95 Lincoln, bds. Old Lisbon road 
Reny Marie, widow, bds. rear 23 Bleachery Hill 
Reny Arthur T. & Co. (A. T. Reny, dry and fancy 
goods, 24 Chestnut, and also grapery, old Lisbon 
road, b. do. (Montreal & Quebec Furniture Co.), 
furniture, 143 Lincoln, and (Phaneuf & Co.) grocer, 
96 do. 
Reynolds Fred Elmer, lab. h. 34 Park 
Reyrolds George F., machinist, boards 21 Bridge 
Reynolds George S., hostler, h. 118 Bartlett 
Reynolds Lyford N., carriage-trimmer, 35 Park, h. at 

Reynolds Marv A. Miss, weaver, bds. 91 Park 

REYNOLDS ROSCOE C, agent, Lewiston Ma- 
chine Co., West Bates, opp. M. C. R. R. upper 
depot, house 21 Bridge 
Reynolds Samuel L., caipenter, boards 68 Blake 
Rhodes Estelle Miss, house Russell, near East a v. 
Rice Jane Mrs., house 9 Milk lane 
Rice Nellie S. Mrs., millinery, 45 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Rice Oliver, laborer, bds. 9 Milk lane 
Rice Ruel A., carpenter, h. rear 20 Bates 


Rice Sevelar B. Mrs., house 44 Bartlett 

Rice Thomas C, house 47 Orange 

Rich Benjamin, clerk, 159 Lisbon, house 16 Wood 

Rich Charles W\, clerk, 159 Lisbon, house 16 Wood 

Rich Eugene, saw filer, 5 Main h. at Auburn 

Rich Mary E., widow of Edwin W., h. 32 Lowell 

Rich Thomas H., Professor of Hebrew, Bates College, h. 

17 Frye 
Richard Adolph, shoemaker, h. 52 Pierce 
Richard Aisene, laborer, h. 84 Hines alley 
Richard Alexis, laborer, h. 121 Hines alley 
Richard Arthur, weaver, house 33 Mill 
Richard Charles, laborer, house rear 75 Park 
Richard Elie, brickmaker, h. 123 Lincoln 
Richard George, laborer, h. 146 Oxford 
Richard Joseph, laborer, n. 123 Lincoln 
Richard Joseph, brickmaker, h. 198 Lincoln 
Richard Justice H., hack-driver, 101 Franklin, h. 26 Park 
Richard Napoleon, shoemaker, house 3 Cross 
Richard Narcisse, moulder, h. 26 Knox 
Richard Paul, laborer, house 100 Lincoln 
Richards David O. (Richards & Merrill), 49 Lisbon, h. at 


I)ICHAKDS DEXTER N., treasurer, Bates Mnfg. 
\i Co. (200 Devonshire, room 3, Boston) 

Richards Frederick, shoe-cutter, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 

Richards Katie F., compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 231 Col- 

Richards Lucy, widow of John, h. 27 Hines alley 

Richards Mary A. Miss, h. 61 Franklin 

Richards William, laborer, bds. 54 Cedar 

Richards & Merrill (David O, Richards and John L. Mer- 
rill), merchant tailors, 49 Lisbon 

Richardson Albert R., dry plate mnfr. 14 Main 

Richardson Elbert L., carpenter, bds. 31 Chapel 

Richardson, Farr & Co. (Joseph L. Richardson and 
George H. Farr), harnesses, boots and shoes, 30 
Bates, and 244 Lisbon, h. 68 Wood 

Richardson Henry, carpenter, 138 Main, house 160 Wood 

Richardson Joseph T. (Richardson, Farr & Co.), har- 
nesses, boots and shoes, 30 Bates and 244 Lisbon, h. 
68 Wood 

Richardson Joshua G., farmer, h. Main, Barkerville 

Richardson Willard A., rms. 52 Park 

Richardson William H., engineer, B. & M. C. R. R. rms. 
16 Lowell 

Richer Frank, operative, bds. 130 Pierce 

Richer George, laborer, h. Green road 

Richer Mary Mrs., house 130 Pierce 

Ricker Edgar J., blacksmith, h. 169 Pine 

Bicker George H., clerk, h. 327 Main 


Ricker Melville, watchman. Webster Woolen Co. (Web- 
ster), h. Sabattusville 

Ricker Richard Russell, physician, 81 Pine, house do. 

Kicker Silas B., shoemaker, 64 Main, house at No. 

Ricker Warren P]., druggist, h. 169 Pine 

Kicker William, slasher tender, Androscoggin Mill, h. 
239 Park 

Hideout Fred, hostler, L. & A. St. Ry. h. 30 Chapel 

Hideout George F., blacksmith, house 35 Ash 

Kideout Walter T., shoemaker, bds. 108 Lisbon 

Ridley Albion P., carpenter, h. 67 Howe 

Ridley Alexander, second-hand, Bates Mufg. Co., h. 146 

Ridley Alice E. Miss, cashier, 126 Lisbon, house 67 Howe 

Ridlev George E., farmer, h. Montello next Thornes Cor. 

Ridley Howard G., finisher, Cowan W. Co., h. 6 College 

Ridley Lida Miss, weaver, rms. 225 Park 

Ridley May Miss, weaver, rms. 225 Park 

Ridley Sarah Miss, house 24 Chapel 

Ridley William, section hand, L. M. Co., bds. 6 College 

Ridley William H., clerk, 76 Lisbon, h. 40 Middle 

Rio-os Frank H., blacksmith, rear 276 Main, h. 76 High 

K C 1KEK WARREjV E., apothecary, 208 Lisbon, h. 
169 Pine (see p. 18) 
Riley Cornelius, apothecary, 132 Lisbon, b. 49 Park 
Riley Edward, laborer, house Greene road near Greene 

Riley Hartley, beamer, h. 277 Sabattus 
Rilev Isabell Mrs., weaver, h. 294 Lisbon 
Riley James, stereotyper, Journal office, h. 123 College 
Rilev James T. (Riley & Robiuson), variety store, bds. 

59 Park 
Riley Jennie Miss, seamstress, bds. 49 Park 
Rilev John, laborer, house Burnt Woods 
Rilev John, variety store, 13 Lincoln, house 49 Park 
Riley John, overseer, Cowan Woolen Co. h. 9 Middle 
Riley Joseph, overseer, Cowan Woolen Co. h. 9 Middle 
Rilev Lizzie A. Miss, bojkkeep^r, 2o'd Lisbon, b. 49 Park 
Riley William, teamster, house 339 Main 
Rilev William, weaver, bds. 7 Bates Corp. 

RILEY & UOBINSON. (Jas. T. Riley and Thomas 
Robiusou), variety store, 41 Lisbon, (see p. 18) 
Rill Alphonse, laborer, bds. 95 Lincoln 
Ring Charles, student, 124 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Riopelle Ovila, operative, bds. 14 Lincoln 
Rioux Adele, widow of Jerome, bds. 123 Lincoln 
Rioux Alphonse, laborer, h. 148 Oxford 
Rioux Joseph, laborer, h. 148 Oxford 
Rioux Louis, dyer, boards 276 Lisbon 
Rioux Marie O., widow of Etienue, bds. 148 Oxford 


Rioux Odilon, laborer, h rear 314 Lisbon 

Rioux Odilon Jr., at L. B. & D. Works, bds. rear 314 

Rioux Philomene, widow of David, bds 136 Oxford 
Rioux Zenon, laborer, h. 136 Oxford 
Rivard Charles, laborer, bds. 43 Mill 
Rivard David, weaver, boards 43 Mill 
Rivard Fred, laborer, Bates Mill, h. 46 Knox 
Rivard George, weaver, bds. 43 Mill 
Rivard Gilbert, laborer, h. 128 Oxford • 
Rivard Hubert, laborer, house 43 Mill 
Rivard Simeon, operative, bds. 113 Cedar 
Rivard Thomas, laborer, bds. 13 on the Island 
Rivard Thomas C, apothecary, 29 Chestnut, h. 30 Walnut 
Rivard Xavier, operative, house 13 on the Island 
River Frank, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Roach, see Roche 

Robbins Christopher C, McKay operator, bds. 320 Lisbon 
Robbins Fred E., sawyer, h. 86 College 
Robbins Fred L., clerk, 270 Main, bds. 154 Cottage [Pine 
Robbins George W., overseer, Lewiston Mills, h. 62 

BOBBINS ISAAC L., coal and wood, 142 Bates, 

X h. 7 Bartlett (see p. 202) 

BOBBINS JOHN M., president Manufacturers, 

X National Bank, 200 Lisbon, h. 1 High 

JOBBINS JLUCIUS C, coal and wood, 270 Main, 
_ X bcls. 154 College 

Robbins Ned L., band sawyer, h. 42 Bartlett [nut 

Roberge Alfred, police, also boarding house, 14 Chest- 
Roberge George O. (L. Roberge & Son), Cedar, at Cross 

Canal, h. 55 Maple 
Roberge Israel, brickmaker, bds. 241 Park 
Roberge Jacob, laborer, house 16 Lincoln 
Roberge Joseph, brickmaker, bds. 241 Park 
Roberge Louis (L. Roberge & Son), coal and wood, Cedar, 
at Cross Canal, h. 97 Ash 

ROBERGE L. & SON (Louis and Geo. O.) coal 
and wood, Cedar, at Cross Canal (see page 201) 
Roberge Lucv Miss., weaver, bds. 3 Continental corp., 

Roberge Leontine Miss., warp fastener, bds. 63 Franklin 
Roberge Mazelie, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 97 Ash 
Roberge Napoleon, operative, Androscoggin Mill, house 

100 Lincoln-st-alley 
Roberge Zuaid, h. 143 Park 
Roberts Leonard G. (Drew & Roberts), lawyer, 215 

Lisbon, h. 316 Main 
Roberts Thomas EL, bookkeeper (Auburn), h. 82 Elm 
Roberts William, driver, 36 Chapel, h. at Auburn 
Robertson John, slasher, bds. 9 Bates corp. 


EOBIE SIIiVANUS P., gents' furnishing goods, 
116 Lisbon, h. 62 Sliawmut (see front cover) 
Robinson Abbie P., widow of William, h. 43 Chapel 
Robinson Alinon, farmer, h. Webster n. Viniugs corner 
Robinson Catharine, widow of Alex., h. 41 Water 
Robinson Chas. A., clerk, Am. Ex. Co., bds. 130 Russell 
Robinson Fred A., weaver, bds. 12(5 Bartlett 
Robinson George, clerk, 97 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Robinson Herbert W., driver, Am. Ex. Co., bds. 130 

Robinson Henry A., delivery clerk, 239 Main, h. Russell, 

next Central av. 
Robinson Hiram A., mach. Bates M\ Co., h. 130 Russell 
Robinson Mary Mrs., h. 124 Bartlett 

Robinson Robert, musician, rrns. 69 Ash [Bates carp. 
Robinson Samuel A., watchman, Lewiston Mills, h. 3 
Robinson Sidney C, weaver, bds. 126 Bartlett 
Robinson Thomas J. (Riley & Robinson), variety store, 

41 Lisbon h. '25 Knox 
Robiuson William, farmer, h. Webster n. Viniugs Corner 
Robinson William, operative, h. rear 11 Knox 
Robinson William, second hand, Androscoggin Mills, h. 

at Auburn 
Robitaille George, laborer, h. 198 Lincoln 
Robitaille Napoleon, laborer, h. 120 Hines alley 
Robitaille Paul, laborer, h. 118 Hines alley 
Robitaille Thomas, hairdresser, 25 Chestnut, h. at Auburn 
Roche Bridget Miss., dressmaker, 165 Lincoln, boards 18 

Roche Edmund J. (Roche & Curran), grocer, 249 Main, 

house 18 Middle 
Roche Edward, brakeman, M. C. R. R., bds. 146 Oak 
Roche James, stone cutter, h. 39 Middle 
Roche Jolin, clerk, 88 Lisbon, bds. 18 Middle 
Roche Mary, widow of John, house 18 Middle 
Roche Michael, moulder, house 2 Bates 
Roche Thomas, marble polisher, 137 Main, h. 362 Lincoln 
Roche & Curran (Edmund J. Roche and James J. Cur- 
ran), grocers, 249 Main 
Rocheleau Damase, hairdresser, h. 36 Lincoln 
Rock George H., loom fixer, h. 2 Continental corp. Oxford 
Rodick William J., constable and collector, 135 Lisbon, 

h. 350 Main 
Rodrick Dennis, laborer, h. 7 West Blake 
Rod rick William EL, hairdresser, 22 Pine, h. 172 Blake 
Rogers Angeline H., widow of Miller J., h. 428 Main 
Rogers John A., spinner, u. 12 Chapel 
Rogers Martha, widow, h. 48 Franklin 

1)OGEKS 31. J. & CO. (Edgar J. Fogg), mnfrs. 
\ Rogers Medicines, 21 Lisbon (see opp.) 



Can be Cured by the Use of 




Use Rogers Cough Lozenges. 




M. J. SOGERS & CO., 


The Only Marble Monumental Works in Auburn 


lOl TTJn-iKnESIR. t&TJEUElttT. 

(Nearly opposite County Buildings.) 
"We have at atl times a large stock of 


Also, Plumbers' and Printers' Slabs. 

Personal attention given to every order. Write for prices. 



212 Court St., ^LixtouLrix- 







Livery, Feed and Sale 


Heavy Jobbing of all kinds attended to. 


«*nmnan~"frn frr'lr^gr Near the Court House, AUBURN, ME. 


H. C. PACKARD, Treasurer. 



The new and wonderful combination of Tar, Blood- root and Wild Cherry. 

The three old time domestic remedies for Bronchial and Lung Diseases. 

Void of all nauseating properties, it comes to you as an elegant syrup. containing all the essen- 
tial qualities of these valuable drugs and may be relied upon as a friend in need, cleansing, healing, 
and soothing. TRY IT. 35 cents. 





Drugs, Medicines and Toilet Articles. 

Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully prepared, try a 
Registered Druggist;. 

27 BROAD STREET, Barker Mill Dist., - - AUBURN. 

^liife CEORCE Nl. ROAK, 

Flowers Made in all Forms at Short Notice 
i^yC^ and Reasonable Rates. 


Kfcjt Greenhouses, OMce and Residence, 

*^$i$f 152 HIGH ST. 124 HIGH STREET, 




Rogers Nellie F. Miss., forewoman, stitching room, 64 

Main, bds. at Auburn 
Rohieder William, weaver, h. 125 Pierce 
Roi Alfred, weaver, bds. 2 Birch 
Roi Gilman, laborer, h. 2 Birch 
Roi Joseph, weaver, house 51 Knox 
Roi Philemon, laborer, h. 2 Birch 
Roi see Roy, also King 
Rollins Charles F., painter, h. 85 Nichols 
Roncourt Albert, laborer, bds. 71 Park 
Roncourt Bernard, laborer, house 71 Park 
Rondeau Joseph, moulder, bds. 12 Chestnut 
Ross Daniel B., picker. Bates Mill, h 22 Webster 
Ross D wight B., machinist, bds. 22 Webster 
Ross Fremont, shoe maker, Merrill road, n. the Railroad 
Ross Henry C. (Curtis & Ross), photographer, 138 Lis- 
bon and (Standard Dry Plate Co.), 14 Main, house 
90 Ash 
Ross Leland A., student, Bates College, rms. 211 College 
Ross Olive Miss., weaver, bds. 11 Bates corp. 
Rouillard Celestine, operative, Androscoggin Mill, rms. 

241 Park 
Rouillard Ceiina M. Miss., operative, b. 51 Knox 
Rouillard Helene, widow of Francois, h. 51 Knox 
Rouillard Joseph, card grinder, Bates Mill, bds. 51 Knox 
Rouillard Malvina Miss., boards 51 Knox 
Rouillard Napoleon, student, bds. 51 Knox 
Rouleau Lucas, laborer, h. 112 Lincoln-st. -alley 
Rouleau Napoleon, spooler, h. 4 Androscoggin corp. 
Rouleau Thelesphore, bds. 4 Androscoggin corp. 
Rousseau Epiphane, brickmaker, h. 68 Lincoln 
Rosseau George, at Bleachery, h. 34 Chestnut 
Rousseau Joseph, bds- 7 Mill 
Rousseau Joseph ( Rousseau & Caron), fruit, etc., 82 Lisbon 

house 86 do. 
Rousseau J. E. Octave, portrait artist, 175 Lisbon, rms. do 
Rosseau Michel, operative, h. 7 Mill 
Rousseau Michel, Jr., operative, bds. 7 Mill 
Rousseau Theodore, laborer, house 14 Lincoln 
Rousseau & Caron (Joseph Rousseau and Joseph Caron), 

fruit, etc., 82 Lisbon 
Routier Philomene Miss, house 67 Lincoln 
Roux Alade, second hand, bds. 333 Lisbon 
Roux Alcidas, second hand, Androscoggin Mills 
Roux Archile, operative, bds. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Roux Althanase, weaver, h. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Roux Charles, mill hand, b. 7 Androscoggin Corp. 
Roux Desiere, laborer, h. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Roux Existe, weaver, bds. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Roux Joseph, h. 7 Androscoggin Corp. 
Roux Mederic, weaver, bds. 7 Androscoggin Corp. 


Roux Napoleon, brick maker, bds. 163 Lineoln 

Roux Napoleon, laborer, house 363 Lisbon 

Rowan Jennie Mrs., house 26 Knox 

Rowbottham James, manager, Lewiston Co-operative 

store, 49 Walnut, house 132 Pierce 
Rowe Alvin J., section hand, Hill Mufg. Co., house 2 

Hill Corporation 
Rowe Clement P., carpenter, h. 811 Main, Barkerville 
Rowe C. Albert, teamster, Jordan, Frost & Co., boards 

at Auburn 
Rowe Ernest, salesman, Jordan, Frost & Co., G. T. R. 

yard, house at Auburn 
Rowe Ethel M. Miss, teacher, Thornes Corner School, b. 

811 Main, Barkerville 
Rowe Fred E., salesman, Jordan, Frost & Co., house at 

Rowe George L., Bates Mill, bds. 17 Bates Corp. 
Rowe Joseph W., farmer, h. River rd., n. Garcelon rd. 
Rowe Lewis W., engineer, Bates Mill, h. 17 Bates Corp. 
Rowe William H., painter, Bates M. Co., h. 347 Main 
Rowe W. Fred, dentist, house 154 Central ave. 
Rowell Edwin W.. nurse, house 61 Nichols 
Roy Alec, carpenter, bds. 135 Oxford 
Roy Alfred, mule spiuner, house 21 Cross 
Roy Arsene, mason, bds. 64 Hines alley 
Roy Auguste, operative, bds. 122 Oxford 
Roy Augustin, carpenter, house rear 124 Oxford 
Roy Augustin. Jr., mason, house 146 Oxford 
Roy Benoit, operative, house 128 Oxford 
Roy Cyrille, operative, h. 116 Canal alley 
Roy Damase, laborer, house 71 Lincoln 
Roy Elie, stone mason, house 33 Knox 
Roy Gregoire, carpenter, house 122 Oxford 
Roy Gregoire, Jr., operative, bds. 122 Oxford 
Roy Henry F., music teacher, 266 Lisbon, house do. 
Roy Hermidas, laborer, h. 82 Lincoln-st-alley 
Roy Hermine, widow of Louis, h. 15 Mill 
Roy Hyacinthe, laborer, h. 135 Oxford 
Roy Jean B., operative, h, 199 Park 
Roy Jean B., weaver, bds. 15 Mill 
Roy Joseph, carpenter, bds. 200 Park 
Roy Joseph, carpenter, house 25 Birch 
Roy Joseph, farmer, h. 14 Lincoln 
Roy Joseph, Jr., shoemaker, bds. 14 Lincoln 
Roy Joseph, laborer, house 39 Cedar 
Roy Joseph, mason, bds. rear 124 Oxford 
Roy Joseph, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 51 Knox 
Roy Jules, weaver, house 30 on the Island 
Roy Louis, weaver, bds. 15 Mill 
Roy Narcisse, operative, h. 198 Lincoln 
Roy Olivier, laborer, h. 3 on the Island 


Roy Philemon Mrs., house 414 Lisbon 

Roy Philias, mason, house 80 Lincoln-st-alley 

Roy Thomas, laborer, honse 3 Cross 

Roy Urbain, house 27 Birch 

Royal Ann, widow of Thomas, b. 304 Lincoln 

Royal Elmer E., clerk, 145 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 

Royal William H., section hand, Androscoggin Mills, h. 
41 Birch 

Royal, see Ryal 

Ruest Charles, laborer, h. 35 Hines alley 

Ruet Jean B., laborer, h. 108 Canal alley 

Russell Cornelius, card grinder, house 356 Lincoln . 

Russell Dana, clerk, bds. 184 Bates 

Russell Ernest W., physician, 215 Lisbon, h. 73 Pierce 

Russell Frank B., teamster, bds. 14 Cedar 

Russell Fred, McKay operator, 64 Main 

Russell George, machine operator, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 

Russell Ira F., machinist, 36 Canal, boards at Auburn 

Russell Ira M., cigars and tobacco, 197 Main,h. 76 Spring 

Russell Isaac J., house 62 Park 

Russell John, second hand, Androscoggin Mills, house 40 

Russell Lena, widow of Jeremiah, h. 92 Wood 

Russell Minnie Miss, stenographer, 53 Lisbon, boards 73 

Russell Morton S., overseer vard, Androscoggin Mills, h. 

265 Park 
Russell Rowland T., painter, bds. 92 Wood 
Russell Thomas, hairdresser, 10J Lineoln 
Russell William, carpenter, rooms 19 Franklin 
Ryal Mary, widow of Thomas, bds. 18' Bridge 
Ryal Patrick, section hand, M. C. R. R., h. 18 Bridge 
Ryal see Royal 

Ryan Ann, widow of Edward, h. 175 Lincoln 
Ryan Charlotte C. Miss, house 44 Park 
Ryan Daniel, weaver, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 98 Oak 
Ryan Edmund, laborer, house 66 Knox 
Ryan Henry, compositor (Auburn), h. 175 Lincoln 
Ryan James J., laborer, bds. 62 Lisbon road 
Ryan James, freight checker, M. C. R. R., upper depot, 

boards 84 Summer 
Rvan John J., vard foreman, R. C. Pingree & Co., rms. 

70 Ash 
Ryan Lawrence S., clerk, 132 Lisbon, h. 56 Blake 
Ryan Lucinda Miss, house 44 Park 
Ryan Mary Mrs., house 24 Vine 
Ryan Thomas, laborer, honse 84 Summer 
Ryan William, boards Oak, cor. Blake 
Ryerson Charles T , house 123 Holland 
Ryder Lucy Ann, widow, b. C. A. Simond's, College 


SABIN EMMA E., dressmaker, b. 434 Sabattus 

Sabin John, trav. salesman, h. 108 Franklin 

Sabine Henry (Bates Street Shirt Co.), 256 Lisbon, bds. 

De Witt House 
Sabine Timothy H., weaver, bds. 166 Pine 
Sabourin Charles, farmer, Old Lisbon road, n. Webster 
Sabourin Eli, fish market and sporting goods, 318 Lisbon, 

boards 142 Pierce 
Sabourin Leocadie Miss, clerk, 204 Lisbon, b. 142 Pierce 
Sabourin Marie Miss, clerk, bds. 142 Pierce 
Sabourin Norbert, boots and shoes, 314 Lisbon, house 

142 Pierce 
Sabourin Richard, teamster, b. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Sabourin Telespuore, clerk, 229 Lisbon, b. 142 Pierce 
Sabourin William (C. D. Farrar & Co.), dry goods, 204 

Lisbon, bds. 142 Pierce 

S AFFORD CHAS. F. (D. Allen & Co.), furni- 
ture, 225 Lisbon, house at Wood fords 
Safford Ella M. Mrs., 136 Lisbon, house at Auburn 
Saillaut Edouard, operative, bds. 14 Chestnut 
Saillant Eugene, operative, bds. 23 Mill 
Saillant Edouard, weaver, bds. 424 Lisbon 
St. Clair Joseph, laborer, house rear 245 Park 
St. Clair Vital, river driver, house 363 Lisbon 
St. Cyr Napoleon, laborer, house 36 Lincoln 
St. Cyr Pierre, junkman, house 43 Hines alley 
St. Cyr Phileas, dyer, house 148 Oxford 
St. Cyr Theophile, farmer, house 19 Spruce 
St. German William, laborer, house 32 Oxford 
St. Hilaire Hilaire, operative, bds. 424 Lisbon 
St. Hilaire Joseph, slater, bds. 424 Lisbon 
St. Ludger Van, carder, house 41 Hines alley 
St. Laurent Francois, laborer, house 67 Lincoln 
St. Onge Ambroise, teamster, house 118 Canal-st. alley 
St. Onge Cleophas, weaver, bds. 4 on the Island 
St. Onge James, clerk, 244 Lisbon, bds. 118 Canal street 

St. Onge Joseph, operative, house 4 on the Island 
St. Onge, Joseph, teamster, house 30 on the Island 
St. Onge, trape weaver, bds. 4 on the Island 
St. Onge Thomas, teamster (Bearce, Wilson & Co.), bds. 

Canal street alley 
St. Onge Simeon, weaver, house 35 on the Island 
St. Onge Zoel, weaver, house 39 Cedar 
St. Piene Alexander, laborer, house 1 Mill 
St. Pierre Abraham, laborer, house 10 on the Island 
St. Pierre, Catharine, widow of Francois, house 12 An- 
droscoggin Corp. 
St. Pierre Edouard, operative, house 227 Lincoln 
St. Pierre lleloise, widow of Germain, house 75 Maple 
St. Pierre Isadore, laborer, house 69 Lincoln 


St. Pierre Joseph, laborer, bds. 10 on the Island 
St. Pierre Jean B., operative, house 122 Canal alley 
St. Pierre J. Baptiste, clerk, 204 Lisbon, bds. 75 Maple 
St. Pierre Michel, carpenter, house 69 Lincoln 
St. Pierre Napoleon, weaver, bds. 69 Lincoln 
St. Pierre Octave, laborer, Bag Mill, bds. 69 Lincoln 
Sampson Arthur C, news agent, rms. 202 Main 
Sampson Charles W., bobbin maker, bds. 5 Continental 

Corp., Oxford 
Sampson Frank W., bobbin maker, bds. 5 Continental 

Corp., Oxford 
Sam Lee, laundry, 296 Lisbon, house do. 
Sampson Osgood M., machinist, house 4 Continental 

Corp., Osgood 
Samson Henry, laborer, Bates Mfng. Co., house 8 Horton 
Samson Jean, laborer, house 237 Lincoln 
Samson Joseph, operative, bds. 23 Mill 
Samson Napoleon, clerk, house 39 Mill 

Samson Obeline, widow of Augusten, house 422 Lisbon 

Sanborn Angelia H., widow of Rufus W., house Sabut- 
tus road, near Sabattusville 

Sanborn Charles M., farmer, bds. Mrs. A. H. Sanborn's, 
Sabuttus road 

Sanborn Eugene W., sash maker, Gibbs & Dain, house 
157 Pine 

Sanborn Eugene, woodworker, bds. 157 Pine 

Sanborn Loretto J., widow of Dudley F., h. 50 Franklin 

Sanborn Nahum T., house 38 Sabattus 

Sanborn Edward W"., shoe laster, house 192 Lisbon 

Sanborn Sarah P. Mrs., dressmaker, 192 Lisbon, h. do. 

Sanborn William W., lawyer, 215 Lisbon, bds. 59 Pine 

Sanders George, woodworker, bds. 153 Pine 

Sanders William, spinner, house 67 Maple 

Sanderson Maggie Miss, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 

Sands Daniel, clerk, 42 Main, house 524 do. 

Sands Frederick B., paymaster, Hill Mnfg. Co., house 
19 Walnut 

Sands James, house 98 Webster 

Sands Jeremiah B., junk dealer, 42 Main, h. 524 do. 

Sands Jonas, clerk, 42 Main, house 38 do. 

Sands Nancy E., widow of Francis O., h. 128 Blake 

Sansoucie Edmond, laborer, house 41 Knox 

Sargent Benjamin G., peddler, house 21 Bates 

Sargent Charles F., farmer, house East ave., beyond 

Sargent Elsie Mrs., rms. 38 Ash 

Sargent William E., stone cutter, rms. 74 Lisbon 

Satin Isaac, brickmaker, bds. 201 Lincoln 

Saucier Baptiste J., house 1*21 Hines alley 

Saucier Chrysologue, carpenter, house 3 on the Island 

Sauceir Joseph, carpenter, house 3 on the Island 



Saucier Joseph, carpenter, house 6 on the Island 
Saucier Joseph, millman, house 3 on the Island 
Saucier Jean, carpenter, bds. 3 on the Island 
Saucier Samuel, carpenter, house 10 on the Island 
Saucier Thomas, carpenter, house 418 Lisbon 
Saunders Charles L., manager, 125 Main, house 123 do. 
Saunders Ernest, market gardener, bds. 574 Main 
Saunders Samuel W., gardener, house 574 Main 
Savage Albert F.. warp dresser, house 95 Park 

SAVAGE ALBERT R. (Savage & Oakes), lawyer, 
215 Lisbon, house at Auburn (see opposite Lawyers) 
Savage Asher M., horse trainer, boards 691 Main 
Savage Ellen, widow of Patrick, house rear 37 Bates 
Savage Hiram, farmer, h. Cross Road, near Webster 
Savage Nellie, widow of Daniel, house 186 Main 

SAVAGE & OAKES (Albert R. Savage and Henry 
W. Oakes), lawyers, 215 Lisbon (see opp. Lawyers) 
Savage Patrick, laborer, house rear 37 Bates 
Savage William K., farmer, house No Name Pond road, 

near Tarr's corner 
Saville Ann, widow of John, house 50 Lowell 
S iwtelle Willard H., pianos, etc., house Moutello, near 

East ave. 
Sawyer Alice M. Miss, bookkeeper, 4 Ash, l'ms. 331 


SAWYER DAVID B., M. D. (truss fitting a 
specialty), 147 Lisbon, h. 144 Pine (see front cover) 
Sawyer George W., grocer (Webster), h. Sabuttusville 
Sawyer Harry L., teamster, house 294 Pine 
Sawyer James H., overseer cloth finishing. Androscoggin 

Mills, house at Auburn 
Sawyer Joseph M., grocer, 37 Lincoln, h. at Auburn 
Sawyer Levi C, teamster, house Oak, cor. Bates 
Sawyer Rebecca L. Mrs., operative, house 108 Lisbon 
Sawyer Warren D., machinist, house 23 Chapel 
Sawyer Wilbert, clerk, house 141 Pine 
Scaunell Andrew, operative, bds. Mrs. Harriet Wilson's, 

No Name Pond road 
Scannell Daniel J., iron moulder, house 12 Horton 
Scaunell David, house 48 Sabattus 
Scannell David A., clerk, 209 Main, house 12 Horton 
Scannell Jeremiah M., clerk, 87 Lisbon, b. 48 Sabattus 
Scheibner Ernest, weaver, house 99 West Bates 
Scheibner Gustav, section hand, h. 92 Pierce 
Schofield George, weaver, boards 127 Horton 
Sclater Thomas H., clerk, G. T. R. freight, h. at Auburn 
Scott Charles W., loom fixer, house 115 Bartlett 
Scott Christopher, second hand, Bates Mill, h. 143 Horton 
Scott Hannah, widow of John, h. 90 Lisbon 
Scott Herbert II., loom fixer, b. 139 Horton 


Scott H. F. Miss, teacher, Lincoln st. primary, b. 90 Lisbon 

Scott James, laborer, h. 62 Ctmtral ave. 

Scott James A., operative, rms. 42 Pierce 

Scott James E., clerk, 40 Main, h. 147 Oak 

Scott John W\, overseer, Lewiston Mill, rms. 42 Pierce 

Scott John W. (Craig & Scott), reed mnfr., 44 Canal, 

h. 133 Pierce 
Scott Joseph, weaver, bds. 131 Bartlett 
Scott Joseph H., weaver, b. 143 Horton 
Scott Samuel, blacksmith, b. 62 Central ave. 
Scott Walter, loom fixer, house 296 Bates 
Scott William, machinist, bds. 62 Central av. 
Scott William, overseer. Lewiston Mill Co., h. 139 Horton 
Scott William F., overseer weaving, Webster Woolen 

Co. (Webster), b. Dau'l Moore's, house Sabbattusville 
Scott William M., supt. Lewiston Gas Works, office, 116 

Park, h. 75 Maple 
Scribner Alonzo C, boarding and sale stable, 46 Canal 

h. 53 Park 
Scribner Blanche Miss, cashier, 98 Lisbon, bds. 46 Maple 
Scribner E. W. Mrs., dressmaker, 31 Chapel, h. do. 
Scribner Henry L., stairbuilder, h. 31 Chapel 
Scribner Samuel B., market gardener, Maple, opp. Knox, 

h. 46 Maple 
Scrimgeour Charles E., master mechanic, Bates, Mill, h. 1 

Bates Corp. [97 Howe 

Scrimgeour William E., machinist, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 
Scruton Edwin F. (John Y. Scruton & Son), clothing, 

23 Lisbon, h. 30 Sabuttus 
Scruton Herbert A., iron moulder, h. 144 Oak 
Scruton John Y. ( John Y. Scruton & Son) , clothing, 23 

Lisbon, pres. First Nat. Bank, h. 297 Main 
OCRUTON JOHN Y. & SON (John Y. and Edwin 
O F.,) clothing, 23 Lisbon, and pres. First Nat. Bank 

(see p. 24) 
Scruton Stephen, farmer, h. 391 Main 
Scruton William F., clerk, 23 Lisbon, b. 297 Main 
Scruton William H., farmer, h. 223 Sabattus 
Sears Hiriam D., laborer, h. 22 Horton 
Sears John, F., quarry man, h. 48 Water 
Sears Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 48 Water 
Sears Thomas, U. S. N., b. 48 Water 
Seavey Annie Mrs., boarding house, 38 Bates 
Seavey Harry, hostler, bds. 59 Park [Blake 

Senior Abraham, operative, Lewiston Bleachery, h. 229 
Sennott Martin, laborer, h. 65 Oak 

Sevigny Eleonor. widow of Edward, h. 1 12 Canal st. alley 
Sewall Daniel, driver, Hook and Ladder No.*l., Franklin, 

h. 55 do. 
Seymour Pierre, variety store, 198 Lincoln, h. rear do. 


Shackford William A., watchman, Bates Mfg. Co., house 

08 Webster 
Shannon Evie Miss, weaver, rms. 66 Ash 
Shapen David, peddler, h. 112 Hines alley [Knox 

Sharp Frederick, mule spinner, Audroscoggin Mill, h. 49 
Sharpe George E., h. 30 Birch [Oxford 

Sharpleso William, loom fixer, bcls. 4 Continental Corp., 
Shaughnessy James H., painter, b. 12 Chapel 
Shaw Frank, clerk, 22 Lisbon, h. 31 Union 
Shaw David, carpenter, b. 23 Horton 
Shaw George, carpenter, b. 119 Lisbon 
Shaw George, laborer, h. 25 Lincoln 
Shaw James, porter, City Hall, bds. do. 
Shaw Lizzie, spooler, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Shaw Mary, carder, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Shaw Mav L. "B. Miss, teacher, Horton st. grammar school,. 

bds. 18 High 
Shaw Resolve (Maxfield & Shaw), hairdresser, 20 Lisbon, 

h. at Auburn 
Shaw Shepard S., lineman N. E. Tel. & Tel. Co., 198 

Lisbon, h. 106 Ash 
Shaw Stephen O., manager G. S. Griswold & Co., 51 

Lisbon, house at Portland 
Shea James, fireman L. B. & D. Works, h. 23 Blake 
Shea John, iron moulder, h. 67 Oak 
Shea John, stone cutter, h. rear 33 Lisbon rd. 
Shea Kate, widow of Michael, h. 45 Lowell 
Shea Mary, widow of Henry B., house 95 Main 
Shea Michael J., helper, bds. 45 Lowell 
Shea Pious A., stone cutter, b. 30 Blake 
Shea Sarah, widow, h. r. 33 Lisbon rd. 
Shea Thomas, stone cutter, h. r. 33 Lisbon rd. 
Shea Walter, laborer, h. 30 Blake 
Shedd Ward N., farmer, h. Main, Barkerville 
Sheehan Ann, widow of John, h. 18 Knox 
Sheehan Daniel B., shoemaker, b. 31 Milk lane 
Sheehan Honora, widow of Patrick, house 58 Water 
Sheehan James, river driver, bds. 38 Water [Oxford 

Sheehan Jeanette Miss, weaver, b. 5 Continental Corp., 
Sheehan Johannah, widow of Dennis, h. rear 80 Knox 
Sheehan John, operative, h. 38 Water 
Sheehan John J., painter, house 16 Knox 
Sheehan John J., river driver, bds. 38 Water 
Sheehan Mary A., widow of Daniel, h. 30 Bartlett 
Sheehan Nora, widow of Patrick, h. 58 Water 
Sheehan William F., laborer, h. 31 Milk lane 
Sheehy John, operative, bds. 241 Park 
Sheehy Julia Mrs., h. rear 315 Lisbon 
Sheehy Mary, widow of John, b. 241 Park 
Sheehy Patrick, second hand, Bates Mill, h. 241 Park 
Sheffield William C, plumber, h. 92 Lisbon 


Sheffield William T., harness maker, 179 Main, house 40 

Mountain ave. 
Shepard'Ciara Miss, operative, rms. 35 Birch 
Shepard Edward W., laborer, b. 76 Park 
Shepard George, teamster, h. rear 172 Holland 
Shepard James, operative, h. 4 Bates Corp. 
Shepard Leonard, driver, 36 Chapel, h. at Auburn 
Shepard Lyman, teamster, Bearce, Wilson & Co., bds. 

76 Park 
Shepard William P., laborer, h. 76 Park 
Sheperd Sarah, widow of Nathaniel, b. Wm. P. Pickett's,- 
Sheridan Johanna, widow of David, house 28 Water 
Sherman Crosby M., h. 22 Bartlett 
Sherman James M., painter, 96 Chestnut, h. 74 Pierce 
Sherman James F., cloth hall, b. 11 Bates Corp., Canal 
Sherry Thomas, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Shields James, laborer, house 36 Water 
Short Henry, weaver, Bates Mnfg. Co., bds. 139 Oak 
Shultz Herman, operative, house 125 Pierce 
Shuman Susan Mrs., rooms 73 Bates 
Shuman Wellington, lather, rooms 46 Bates 
Shurileff Arthur W., student, boards 101 Pine 
Shurtleff Ellen M. Mrs., house 101 Pine 
Shuttle worth Lawrence, overseer dressing, Bates Mill, 

house 304 Bates 
Sias Lydia Mrs., boards 16 Cottage 
Siemon Henry, weaver, Home Mill, house 71 Winter 
Silloway Walter H., foreman, belt and roll shop, Andros- 
coggin Mills, house 190 Park 
Silmser Angus, beamer, Bates Mill, house 80 Birch 
Simard Aclele, widow of Joseph, house 110 Lincoln 
Simard Charles, operative, house 376 Lisbon 
Simard Irene, operative, house 376 Lisbon 
Simard Louis, laborer, boards 97 Lincoln 
Simard Octave, laborer, house 97 Liucoln 
Simard Pierre, house 198 Lincoln 
Simmons Thomas O., laborer, house 30 Knox 
Simoneau Alfred, operative, boards 203 Lisbon 
Simonds Charles Andrew, farmer, h. College, bey. Russell 
Simonds Rose Mrs., dressmaker, 76 High, h. do. 
Simpson David, shoemaker, 179 Lisbon, h. 18 Whipple 
Simpson Nathaniel Knox, student, Bates College, boards 

Nichols Hall, do. 
Simpson Nellie M. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 18 Whipple 
Sing Lee, laundry, 193 Main, house do. 
Singer Mnfg. Co., sewing machines, S. D. LaRoe, mana- 
ger, 84 Lisbon 
Singer Thomas M., secretary Y. M. C. A., 24 Pine, rms. 

243 College 
Sirous Charles, laborer, boards 13 Spruce 
Sirois Francois, operative, boards 121 Hines alley 


Sirois Hubert, teamster, 284 Lisbon, h. rear 254 Park 

Sirois Jean B., laborer, boards 10 on the Island 

Sirois Marie, widow of Archille, h. 60 Hines alley > 

Sirois Ulderic, millrnan, boards 201 Lincoln 

Skillin Frank M., carpenter, house 307 Bates 

Skillings Laurinda, widow of James, house Greene road, 

near Sabattus road 
Skillings Willis, shoemaker (Auburn), h. 1G Prescott 
Skinner Charles H. (Stanton & Skinner), beer mnfrs., 6 

Ash, house do. 
Skinner Henry B. (H. B. Skinner & Co.), wood and coal, 

1 Cross Canal, house 150 Pine 

SKINNER H. B. & CO. (Henry B. Skinner), 
wood and coal, 1 Cross Canal (see page 202) 
Skolfield Alice J. Mrs., music teacher and organist, house 

60 Howe 
Skolfield Hannah Mrs., house 60 Howe 
Skolfield William S., clerk, 126 Lisbon, h. 60 Howe 
S lattery Bridget, widow of John, house 75 Oak 
Slattery Helen Mrs., house 67 Franklin 
Slattery Johanna, widow of Michael, h. 51 West Bates 
Slattery John J., laborer, boards 51 W r est Bates 
Slattery Margaret, weaver, boards 75 Oak 
Slattery Thomas, weaver, boards 5 Bates Corp. 
Sleeper Charles M.. farmer, h. off Merrill rd., n. M.C.R.R. 
Sleeper Eben H., operative, house 307 Bates 
Sleeper Forrest, farmer, C. M. Sleeper's, off Merrill road, 

boards do. [Montello 

Sleeper Frederick L., machinist, house College road, bey. 
Sleeper John P., watchman, Cumberland Mill, house 820 

Main, Barkerville 
Sleeper Nathaniel H., farmer, house off Merrill road, near 

*M. C. R. R. 
Sleeper Sarah N., widow of Eben H., h. 326 Main 
Sleeper Sumner, painter, house 770 Main, Barkerville 
Sloat Dora, widow of Benjamin, house 22y Park 

SMALL ADDISON, cashier, Manufacturers' Na- 
tional Bank, 200 Lisbon, house 173 Wood 
Small Amelia A. Miss, music teacher, boards 56 Park 
Small Annie Mrs., b. Frederick L. Sleeper's, College rd. 
Small Daniel, farmer, h. off Main, above Barkerville 
Small Edward M., clerk, 174 Lisbon, bds. 338 Pine 
Small Edward S., watchman, M. C. R. R., h. 71 College 
Small Fred, operative, boards 62 Birch 
Small Hattie S. Miss, tailoress, 16 Ash, house at Auburn 
Small Herbert L., trav. salesman, bds. 338 Pine 
Small James T., county coroner and auctioneer, and (J. T. 

Small & Co.), real estate, 166 Main, house College, 

corner Frye 
Small John M., physician, 58 Park, house 56 do. 


Small J. T. & Co. (James T. Small and Wallace W. 

Clark), real estate agents, 166 Main 
Small Nathaniel C, clerk, 64 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Small Orrington L., trav. salesman, house 338 Pine 
Small Roscoe A., student, Bates College, b. 173 Wood 
Small Sanford W., carpenter, h. 22 Hill Corporation 
Small Sarah A., widow, house 56 Sabattus 
Small Stephen A., teamster, 76 Cedar, h. at Auburn 
Small William B., physician, house 173 Wood 
Smardon Annie M., widow of Samuel, house 20 Elm 
Smiley Annie M. Mrs., house 108 Lisbon 
Smart William T., postmaster, P. O., 217 Lisbon, house 

323 Main 
Smith Albert B., teamster, house rear 318 Lisbon 
Smith Albion F., tinsmith, 191 Lisbon, h. 116 Bartlett 
Smith Carrie V. Mrs., dressmaker, 91 Lisbon, h. do. 
Smith Charles H., manager, N. Y. Shoe store, 239 Lis- 
bon, house 316 Main 
Smith Charles R., section hand, house River road 
Smith Christie F. Miss, boards 4 Bates Corp. 
Smith Clara, shoe shop employe, rooms 40 College 
Smith Cora Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, boards at Auburn 
Smith Daves, operative, bds. 14 Hill Corp., Canal 
Smith Dexter W., editor and manager National Advocate, 

32 Main, house 414 do. 
Smith Edwin, proof reader, 16 Lisbon, bcls. at Auburn 

SMITH EDWIN K., baker, 203 Main, house 154 
College (see page 568) 
Smith E. Willis, shoemaker, boards 129 Main 
Smith Elmer E., hostler, L. & A. H.R.R., rms.41 Middle 
Smith Eugene F., student, Bates College, b. 54 College 
Smith Eva Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Smith Fannie C. Miss, stenographer, 169 Lisbon 
Smith Flora, shoe shop employe, rms. 40 College 
Smith Frank, salesman, bds. 160 Bates 
Smith Frank E., hostler, h. 47 East av. 
Smith Fred, cloth room, Lewiston Mill, b. 5 Bates Corp. 
Smith Fred, fireman, M. C. R. R., h. at Auburn 
Smith Fred E., shirt cutter, 256 Lisbon, b. 316 Main 
Smith George L., clerk, 32 Maiu, bds. 414 do. 
Smith George W., cabinet maker, 24 Main, rms. 43 Bates 
Smith Harvey J., boots and shoes, 247 Lisbon, house at 

Smith Hattie A. Miss, compositor, Journal office, boards 

at Auburn 
Smith Henry, farmer, h. Pine Wood School District 
Smith James, laborer, h. Webster, near Reservoir 
Smith James H., reed maker, 44 Canal, h. at Aubarn 
Smith John, Bates Mill, h. 15 Bates Corp. 
Smith John B., shoemaker, rms. 98 Oak 


Smith John B. (John B. Smith & Co.), steam and gas 
fitter, 40 Main, h. 315 Bates 

SMITH JOHN B. & CO. (John B. Smith), steam 
ami gas fitters, 40 Main (see p. 5) 

Smith John C, planer, bds. 53 Middle 

Smith Josie Miss, clerk, 174 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 

Smith J. Forrester, steam fitter, 40 Main, h. 140 Oak 

Smith Kate L. Mrs., h. 225 Park 

Smitn Linus, farmer, h. 13 Skinner 

Smith Mary M. Mrs., house 86 Lisbon 

Smith Peter, river driver, bds. 34 Lisbon 

Smith Sarah Mrs., house 35 Walnut 

Smith Seth E., bds. 62 Walnut 

Smith Susie M. Miss, rms. 232 Lisbon 

Smith William J., harness maker, h. 544 Main 

Smith William J., steam fitter, 48 Main. bds. at Auburn 

Smithson William A. P., upholsterer, 14 Farwell 

Snell Angeline A., widow of Walter E., h. 26 Franklin 

Snell Charles S., shoemaker, bds. 26 Franklin 

Snell Frank Winchester, student, Bates College, house at 
North Auburn 

Smith Jason W., cloth hall, Continental Mill, bds. 5 Con- 
tinental Corp., Oxford 

Snell Jesse L., shoemaker, bds. 26 Franklin 

Snow Charles C, shoe cutter, house 10 Lowell 

Snow George W., student, bds. 748 Main 

Snow Lillian, weaver, Bates Mnfg. Co., b. 6 College 

Snow William S., house 748 Main 

Soret Napoleon, operative, h. 80 Hines alley 

Souci Alfred, watchmaker, 272 Lisbon, h. 324 do. 

Souci Arthur, laborer, bds. 13 Spruce 

Souci Jean B., shoemaker, house 220 Park 

Souci Joseph, carpenter, h. 360 Lisbon 

Souci Joseph, laborer, h. 13 Spruce 

Souci Louis, operative, bds. 3 Lincoln 

Souci Noel, house 3 Lincoln 

Souci Noel jr., blacksmith, bds. 3 Lincoln 

Souci Philip, brickmaker, bds. N. Dncharmes, River rd. 

Souci Thomas, laborer, h. 22 on the Island 

Souci Vital, laborer, house 220 Park 

Souci, see Sansoucie 

Soucier Frank, carder, b. 3 Continental Corp., Canal 

Soucier Joseph, house 119 Oxford 

Soucier Samuel, carpenter, house 8 on the Island 

Soule Asbury E. (Soule & Garcelon), billiard hall, 121 
Lisbon, h. 477 Main 

Soule Elmer W., section hand, Androscoggin Mills, house 
248 Blake 

Soule & Garcelon (A. E. Soule and George F. Garcelon), 
billiards, 121 Lisbon 

Spaulding Henry M., painter, house 54 Franklin 


Spaulding John R., sawyer, house 183 Main 
Spanieling Sherbourn, painter, h. 33 Bates 
Speakman Jaraes E., loom fixer, Bates Mill, h. r.80 Knox 
Spear Cass (Blake, Spear & Co.)? grocer, 209 Main, h. 

82 Elm 
Spearrin William S. (Carver & Spearrin), boots and shoes, 

123 Lisbon, h. 35 Middle 
Speiro George, driver, 36 Chapel, h. at Auburn 
Spencer George, calenderer, Bates Mnfg., h.r.318 Lisbon 
Spencer George E., laborer, h. 96 Blake 
Spencer Hiram, second hand, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 24 Blake 
Spencer John A., shoe cutter, rms. 9 Bartlett 
Spencer John, weaver, house-146 Bartlett 
Spencer Joseph, second hand, Hill M. Co., h. 28 Blake 
Spencer Richard W., boarding house, 14 Hill Corp., Canal 
Spencer Warren P., shoemaker, b. 14 Hill Corp., Canal 
Spillane Kate E. Miss, teacher, Lincoln st. intermediate 

school, bds. 58 Lincoln 
Spillane Maurice, house 58 Lincoln 

Spillane Nellie G. Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. 58 Lincoln 
Spillane Thomas C, law student, b. 58 Lincoln 
Spinney George, milkman, h. 777 Main, Barkerville 
Spinney Zina H., house 124 Blake 
Spofford Isaac N., farmer, house Sabattus road, beyond 

No Name Pond road 
Spofford Laura Miss, examiner, shirt factory, h.lll Blake 
Spofford Nellie, shirt maker, rms. 77 Franklin 
Sprague Anslem W., photograper, h. 352 Main 
Sprague Arthur C, pay master, 136 Main, h. at Auburn 
Sprague Ella Miss, sewer, Webster Woolen Co. (Webster) 

house No Name Pond road, Sabattusville 
Sprague Minnie M. Miss, clerk, 174 Lisbon, b. 352 Main 
Sprague Vesta Miss, sewer, Webster Woolen Co. (Web- 
ster), h. No Name Pond road, Sabattusville 
Springer Aurelia Miss, physician, 215 Lisbon, h. do. 
Spruce Thomas, loom fixer, rms. 6Q Ash 
Standard Dry Plate Co. (Cyrus W. Curtis and Henry C. 

Ross), dry plate mnfrs., 14 Main 
Standard Music Co., 138 Lisbon 
Stanford Alvin, farmer, h. East av., cor. Montello 
Stanford George H., travelling salesman (Boston), house 

176 Pine 
Stanford Joseph D., supt. Maine TelephoneCo. (Portland), 

h. East av., cor. Montello 
Stanley Charles H., clerk, 97 Lisbon, h. 17 Orange 
Stanley Ellen B., widow of Richard C, h. 32 Five 
Stanley John W., mule spinner, bds. Lisbon rd. 
Stannard George W., painter, h. 48 Maple 
Stanton Augustus R. (Stanton & Skinner), beer mfrs., 6 

Ash, house do. 
Stanton Delia, widow of John, h. 336 Lincoln 


Stanton Jonathan Y., professor, Greek and Latin, Bates 

College, h. 410 Main 
Stanton Sarah W. Miss, house 500 Main 
Stanton William C, clerk, Citv Hotel, bds. do. 

STANTON & SKINNER (Augustus R. Stanton 
and Chas. II. Skinner), hop beer nafrs. 6 Ash (see 

page 15) 
Staples Annie J. Miss, 196 Lisbon, bds. 11 Sabattus 
Staples Arthur G., city editor, Lewiston Journal, 16 Lis- 
bon, h. at Auburn 
Staples Charles, boxmaker, bds. 4 Hill, Corp., Canal 
Staples Frank R., agent, N. E. Despatch Co., 179 Lisbon, 

house 9 Sabattus 
Staples Mary J., weaver, bds. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Staples Sarah A., widow of Russell, h. 11 Sabattus 
Starbird Frank L., fireman, R. C. Pingree & Co., bds. at 

Starbird Samuel S., house 316 Main 

Stark Kate Mrs., weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Stearns Charles, baker, bds. 113 Bates 
Stearns Charles P., operative, Barker Mill (Auburn), h. 

113 Bates 
Stearns Daniel M., operative, h. 287 Bates 
Stearns Edmund C, shoemaker, bds. 113 Bates 
Stearns Joanna, widow, h. 184 Main 
Stearns Nathan K., carpenter, h. Lisbon rd. 
Steele William, spinner, h. 130 Pierce 
Stephenson Joseph, spinner, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 
Stetson Andrew J., farmer, h. Hogau rd. n. College rd. 
Stetson Charles, machinist, 36 Canal, bds. at Aubnrn 
Stetson Edward S., clerk, 65 Lisbon, bds. 119 Ash 
Stetson Elisha, farmer, h. Hogan rd. n. College rd. 
Stetson Emily Mrs, Bates cloth room, bds. 5 Continental 

Corp. Oxford, 
Stetson Frank P., farmer, h, College rd. beyond Montello 
Stetson George B. (J. H. Stetson and Co.), stoves, etc. 

65 Lisbon, h. 91 Elm 
Stetson Harry, milkman, b. E. Stetson's Hogan road, 
Stetson John, student, bds. 119Ash 
Stetson Joseph H. (J. H. Stetson & Co.), stoves and tin 

ware, 65 Lisbon, house 119 Lisbon 

STETSON J. II. & CO. (Joseph H. and George B. 
Stetson), stoves and tin ware, 6o Lisbon(see p. 571) 
Stetson Maria L., widow of Charles B., h. 276 Pine 
Stetson Sylvester B., farmer, h. Sabattus road, bey. No 

Name Pond road. 
Stetson William K., clerk, h. 20 Chapel 
Stevens Addie B. Miss, teacher, Main-st. primary school, 

house 314 Main 
Stevens Albert, driver, 36 Chapel, h. at Auburn 
Stevens Albert K., shoemaker, bds. 21 Hammond 


Stevens Annie H. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. &S 

Stevens Arthur, laster, 64 Main, h. 38 Howe 
Stevens Arthur E., shoe laster, h. 38 High 
Stevens Benjamin F., farmer, house Pine Woods District, 

near Lisbon line 
Stevens Charles E., teacher, bds. 270 Sabattus 
Stevens Charles W., farmer boards David H. Stevens, 

Sabattus road 
Stevens Daniel B., laborer, boards David H. Stevens, 

Sabbattus road 
Stevens Danville B., carpenter and builder, also doors, 

sash and blinds, 34 Main, and Cross Canal, h. 374 Main 
Stevens David H., blacksmith, house Sabattus road, near 

Stevens Edwin J., keeper, Canal Gate House, house 270 

Stevens Emile A., clerk, Columbia Mills, bds. 68 Pierce 
Stevens Etta Miss, house 314 Main 
Stevens Ferdinand K., shoe cutter, house 31 High 
Steven Florence David, teacher (Lisbon), bds. Ben. F. 

Stevens, Pine Woods District 
Steveus Fred P., machinist, h. 61 Summer 
Stevens George E., vapor baths, 40 Sabattus h. do. 
Stevens Isabel, teacher (Lisbon), bds. Ben. F. Stevens, 

Pine Woods District 

STEVENS IVORY D., coal and wood, 380 Lisbon, 
h. 205 Park (see page 564) 
Stevens John, painter, boards 157 Holland 
Stevens John O., hostler, 17 Chapel, h. 122 Holland 
Stevens Joseph A., engineer, pumping station, house 21 

Stevens Joseph E., shoemaker, bds. 21 Hammond 
Stevens J. Foster, painter, house 32 Cottage 
Steveus Lura L., librarian, Young Women's Reading 

Rooms, 198 Lisbon, bds. 270 Sabattus 
Steven Mary Mrs., widow, h. 20 Chapel 
Stevens Mary A. Miss, teacher bds. 374 Main 
Stevens Rufus S., machinist, h. 21 Elm 
Stevens Selata A., widow, bds. Arthur Fickett's, Greene rd. 
Stevens William, second-hand, Bates Mill, h. 319 Bates 
Stevens William R., secretary and cashier, 116 Park, b. 

21 West Elm 
Stewart Albert, fish peddler, h. 85 Shawmut 
Stewart Allen, Bates cloth room, b. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Stewart Amazish F., farmer, house College road, beyond 

Merrill road 
Stewart C. Bert, bds. 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Stewart David B., farmer, h. Pleasant n. Lisbon rd. 
Stewart Frank M., watchman, Lewiston Machine Co., h. 

at Auburn 


Stewart Joseph, mule spinner, boards Robert Stewart's, 

Sabattus road 
Stewart Joseph \V., tripe maker, h. 53 Birch 
Stewart Martin, carpenter, Pleasant n. Lisbon rd. 
Stewart Rebecca, widow, h. 142 Bartlett 
Stewart Reuben R., farmer, house Webster, beyond the 

Stewart Robert, farmer, h. Sabattus rd. n. Thornes Cor. 
Stewart Robert Jr., mule spinner, h. Sabbattus road, n. 

Thornes Corner 
Stewart Samuel, mule spinner, boards Robert Stewart's, 

Sabattus road 
Stewart Thomas B., watchman, h. 79 Pierce 
Stewart William, farmer, house off Webster, rear Win. 

Stewart William H., printer, 32 Maiu, b. 85 Shawmut 
Stimson Emily Mrs., h. 124 Pine 
Stinchfield Eben P., clerk, 85 Lisbon, h. 8 Union 
Stinchfield Walter P., engine cleaner, G-. T. R., boards at 

Stinson Melissa Miss, clerk, bds. 74 Pierce [av. 

Stiuson Wilmot K., folder, Bates Mill Co., bds. 182 East 
Stocks Archie, weaver, bds. 11 Horton 
Stocks Mary Mrs., house 11 Horton 
Stockbridge Arthur L., clerk, bds. 140 Holland 
Stockbridge Napoleon B., shoemaker, house 140 Holland 
Stockdale Frank weaver,, bds. 8 Bates Corp., Canal 
Stockman Annie M. Miss, compositor, Jouanal office, 

bds. at Auburn 
Stoddard Charles J., shoemaker, 81 Lisbon, h. 339 Main 
Stokes Michael J., apothecary, 50 Lisbon, rooms 41 

Stone George W., carpenter, h. Cross rd., n. Lisbon line 
Stone John, mule spinner, house 366 Lincoln 
Stone Joseph , teamster, R. C. Pingree & Co., house 23 

Milk lane 
Stone Leon, weaver, bds. 4Continental Corp., Oxford 
Stone Peter, weaver, house 318 Lincoln 
Stone Ruels, operative. Continental Mills, h. 126 Blake 
Stone Samuel B., watchman, R. C. Pingree & Co., house 

31 Sabattus 
Stone Thomas, laborer, L. B. & D. Works, h. 303 Lincoln 
Stone Willard A., stone driller, house 368 College 
Stone see Laroche 

Stover Lucy A., widow of Archibald H., h. 110 Franklin 
Straw John B., house 124 Pine 
Straw John S., bds. 124 Pine 
Strout David B. Mrs., house 154 Central ave. 
Strout Frank II., baker, bds. 31 Franklin 
Strout Jonas W., machinist, house 185 Main 
Strout Will M., clerk, 238 Main, house 26 Horton 


Stuart Ada Miss, spooler, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Ox- 
Stuart Amaziah N., farmer, bouse College road, beyond 

Merrill road 
Stuart Giles A., superintendent public schools, office, 

City Hall, house 67 East ave. [ton 

Stubbs Burton L., loom fixer, Bates Mngf. Co., h. 16 Hor- 
Stubbs Timothy, State Constable, 179 Lisbon, house 20 

Stuebing Carl F. A., supt. Cowan Mill, house 125 Pine 
Sturges Alonzo W., foreman composing room, Journal 

office, 16 Lisbon, house 139 Pine 
Sturgis Agnes E. Miss, compositor, Journal office, bds. 

266 Bates 
Sturgis Albert H., supt. Island Garden, h. 266 Bates 
Sturges Leigh F., student, bds. 139 Pine 
Sturgis Ralph A. student, bds. 139 Pine 
Sturtevant Alice Miss, clerk, 9 Lisbon 
Sturtevant George, shoe finisher, 64 Main, bds. at Auburn 
Sugrue Bridget, widow of Maurice, house 15 Lincoln 
Sugrue Nellie F. Miss, bds. 15 Lincoln 
Sullivan Alice C, teacher, Lincoln st. primary school, bds. 

317 Main 
Sullivan Bernard D., druggist, 123 Lincoln, house do. 
Sullivan Bessie Miss, carder, bds. 3 Continental Corp., 

Sullivan Cornelius, overseer starch room, L. B. & D. 

Works, house 65 Franklin 
Sullivan Daniel laboror, house 52 Spring 
Sullivan Daniel laborer, house 266 Park 
Sullivan Daniel J., overseer grav room, L. B. & D. 

Wobks, bds. 262 Park 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, bds. rear 

32 Lisbon road 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house, r. 33 r. Lisbon road 
Sullivan Denuis, shoemaker, h. 50 Lowell 
Sullivan Dennis E., dyer, Bleachery, house 19 Knox 
Sullivan Ellen, widow of Daniel, house r. 33 r.Lisbonrd. 
Sullivan Pollen, widow of Maurice, h. rear 32 Lisbon rd* 
Sullivan Ellen, widow of Owen, house 15 Lisbon road 
Sullivan Emma, cloth inspector, Bates M. Co., rooms 66 

Sullivan Eugene, laborer, house 10 Horton 
Sullivan Fanny, widow of Jeremiah, house 288 Lincoln 
Sullivan Florence, house 262 Park 
Sullivan Florence, laborer, house 75 Knox 
Sullivan Hanora, widow of Timothy, house 65 Franklin 
Sullivan James, bricklayer, bds. rear 32 Libson road 
Sullivan Jeremiah, house 77 Horton 

Sullivan Jeremiah F., letter carrier, P. O., bds. 75 Knox 
Sullivan Joanna E., widow of Jeremiah A., h. 293 Bates 


Sullivan Johanna, widow of Timothy, h. 20 Lisbon road 
Sullivan John, mule spinner, house 65 Franklin 
Sullivan John F., hostler, 17 Park, bds. 19 do. 
Sullivan John F., operative. Bates Mill, house 70 Knox 
Sullivan John J., clerk, Bates Manufacturing Co., rooms 

73 Franklin 
Sullivan John J., laborer, bds. 61 Lisbon road 
Sullivan John L., clerk, 57 Main, bds. 12 Water 
Sullivan John M., fireman, L. B. & D. Works, h. 34 

Bartlett [road 

Sullivan Joseph E., carpenter, College road, cor. Merrill 
Sullivan Kate, widow of Stephen, house 8 Vine 
Sullivan Maggie C. Miss, teacher, Bates st. primary school, 

bds. 262 Park 
Sullivan Margaret Mrs., house 41 Lincoln 
Sullivan Margaret, widow of Timothy, house 29 Blake 
Sullivan Mary, widow, bds. 61 College 
Sullivan Mary, widow of John, house 4 Water 
Sullivan Mary, widow of John, house 8 Milk lane 
Sullivan Mary, widow of Michael, bds. 48 Water 
Sullivan Mary, widow of Patrick, house 94 High [do. 
Sullivan Michael J., second hand Androscoggin Mills, h. 
Sullivan Nora, widow of John, house 61 Lisbon road 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer Lewiston Bleachery, bds. rear, 

32 Lisbon road 
Sullivan Patrick F., moulder, house 94 High [Park 

Sullivan Patrick J., clerk, Lewiston Bleachery, b. 262 
Sullivan Thomas, laborer, house 44 Knox 
Sullivan Thomas, laborer, bds. CI Lisbon rd. 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house Burnt Woods 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house rear 28 Lisbon road 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house 12 Water 
Sullivan Timothy Jr., laborer, bds. Timothy Sullivan's, 

Burnt Woods 
Summerbell Martyn Rev., pastor, Main st. Free Baptist 

Church, house 431 Main 
Sumner Charles A., teamster, 65 Ash, house 25 High 
Sumner Josie Miss (Lewiston Mill), rooms 50 Main 
..Supovitz Moses, house 121 Hines alley 
Sutton Walter T., bottler, house 29 Franklin 
Svanberg Emil, carpenter, house 9 Androscoggin Corp. 
Swan Charles Herbert Jr., student. Bates College, 

bds. 262 College 
Swan James M., river man, house 28 Bates 
Swan Julia Miss, boarding house, 1 and 2 Androscoggin 

Swasey John P. (Swasey & Briggs), lawyer ,193 Lisbon, 

house at Canton 
Swasey & Briggs (John P. Swasey and Edgar M. Briggs), 

lawyers, 193 Lisbon 
Sweenev Hannah Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 19 Lowell 


Sweeney John, teamster, house Sabattus rd.,bey. Thornes 

Sweeney John, laborer, house 360 Lincoln 
Sweeney Margaret, widow of Michael, house 19 Lowell 
Sweeney Mary, shirt maker, bds. 19 Lowell 
Sweeney Terence P., laborer, bds. 358 Lincoln 
Sweeney William, Clerk, bds. 48 Franklin 
S wetland James W., driver, Portland Kerosene Oil Co., 

bds. 163 Bates 
Swett Anna M. Mrs., dressmaker, 155 Park, house do. 
Swett Benjamin, teamster, Continental Mills, h. 2 Conti- 
nental Corporation 
Swett Charles E., clerk, 81 Lisbon, rms. 94 Franklin 
Swett Harry C, painter, bds. 155 Park 
Swett Samuel, boarding house, 4 Continental Corp. 
Swett William B., student, bds. 2 Continental Corp., 

Swift Otis J., compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. 100 Horton 
Swift Rodney J., civil engineer, house 34 Vale 
Swift Sprague E., printer, house 100 Horton 
Sykes James R., house 72 Canal 
Sykes John, weaver, Bates Mill, house 72 Canal 
Sykes Robert M. (R. M. Sykes & Co.), clothing, 54 Lis- 
bon, house at Auburn 
SYKES R. M. & CO. (Robert M. Sykes), clothing 
and furnishing goods, 54 Lisbon (see page 7) 
Symonds Daniel, operative, rms. 21 Hill Corp., Cedar 
Sylvere Brother, asst., Marist Brother's school, 254 Bates 
Symonds Hiram W., hostler, 17 Chapel, rms. 90 Franklin 
Symonds H. Louville, livery, boarding and exchange 

stable, 17 Chapel, house 90 Franklin 
Syphers Sanford W., carpenter, house 27 Elm 

TACKERBERRY ROBERT D., operative, house 46 

Tainter Frank E,, sewing machines and music, 42 Lisbon, 

house at Auburn 
Talbot Adolph, clerk, 72 Lincoln, house 27 Walnut 
mALBOT ARCHIE Lu, gen. agent, Provident Life 
X and Trust Co. of Philadelphia, 19 Lisbon, h. 157 Pine 

(see' Reverse side of page opp. Banks) 
Talbot Jc|iah, bds. r. 318 Lisbon 
Talbot Lewis B., jeweler, house 285 Webster 
Talbot Louis B., missionary, house 185 Webster 
Talcott Alvah W., shoe laster, h. Oak, cor. Bates 
Talon Eugene, laborer, house 361 Lisbon 
Tancraile Ozios, laborer, Hill Mnfg. Co., h. 128 Oxford 
Tanguay Cirille, weaver, bds. 242 Park 
Tanguay George, laborer, h. 48 Hines alley 
Tanguay Joseph, operative, h. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Tanguay Philip, weaver, Bates Mill, h. 244 Park 


Tapley Betsey H., widow of Joseph, h. 233 Park 
Tapley Isaac S., photographer, house 233 Park 
Taplev John S., upholsterer, 173 Main, house 380 do. 
Tapley William, beamer, Bates Mill, house 176 Oak 
Tapley William, shoemaker, rooms 23 Park 
Tarbox Cynthia, widow of William H., house 163 Bates 
Tarbox Daniel Jr., lawyer and pension agent, 106 Col- 
lege, house do. 
Tarbox Harriet M. Miss, h. 154 East ave. [Uuion 

Tarbox James T., overseer, Lewiston Machine Co., h. 29 
Tarbox Nathaniel W., salesman, house 215 Lisbon 
Tarbox Wallace, hackman, bds. 147 Park 
Tardif Alfred, laborer, bds. 303 Lisbon 
Tardif Alfred, moulder, house 74 Lincoln 
Tardif Alfred Mrs., dressmaker, 74 Lincoln, house do. 
Tardif Arsene, weaver, house 29 Knox 
Tardif Arsene, weaver, house 39 Knox 
Tardif Clara Miss, dressmaker, bds. 69 Birch 
Tardif Eulalie Miss, dressmaker, bds. 69 Birch 
Tardif Elie, foundry man, house 69 Birch 
Tardif Daniel, house 170 Lincoln 
Tardif Francois, weaver, house 15 on the Island 
Tardif Francois, foundryman, house 154 Lincoln 
Tardif Malvina Mrs., dressmaker, 154 Lincoln, house do. 
Tardif George, operative, bds. r. 15 on the Island 
Tardif George, weaver, house 39 Knox 
Tardif Hermengilde, weaver, bds. 5 Hines alley 
Tardif Jacques, blacksmith, 212 Lincoln, house do. 
Tardif Joseph, weaver, bds. 39 Knox 
Tardif Joseph, loom fixer, rooms 102 Lisbon 
Tardif John, mule spinner, rooms 102 Lisbon 
Tardif Joseph P., clerk, bds. 71 Franklin 
Tardif Louis, laborer, h. 71 Franklin 
Tardif Octave J., clerk, 141 Lincoln, bds. 148 do. 
Tardif Onezime, operative, bds. 108 Canal alley 
Tardif Philippe, weaver, bds. 227 Lincoln 
Tardif Theodore, operative, h. 159 Lincoln 
Tardy Narcisse, operative, bds. 35 Knox 
Tardy Emil, weaver, rooms 312 Lisbon 
Tardy Joseph, molder, bds. 35 Knox 
Tardy Peter Mrs., house 35 Knox 

Tarr Amos D., farmer, h. Sabattus rd., n. Tarr's Corner 
Tarr David EI., farmer, h. College rd., beyond Montello 
Tarr Fernando C, house 256 Park 
Tarr Fred L., driver, N. E. Dispatch Co., h. College rd., 

beyond Montello 
Tarr Isaac, farmer, h. Webster, n. Webster line 
Tarr Milton C, clerk, 80 Lisbon, bds. 256 Park 
Tarr William A., asst. road master, M. C. R. R., house 7 

Tate Annie Miss, teacher, bds. 321 Pine 


Tatterson Elizabeth F. Miss, bds. 384 Main 
Tarreil Julia Miss, house 35 Ash 
Taylor Albert L., silver plater, h. 3 Bartlett 
Taylor Alice, widow of James, h. Main, bey. Barkerville 
Taylor Elmer, laborer, house 36 Blake 
Taylor George R. Mrs., rms. 48 Franklin 
Taylor George W., shoemaker, house 34 Bartlett 
Taylor Jerusha D., widow of Asa P., bds. Wm. Crow- 
ley's, Lisbon road 
Taylor Lpttle W. Mrs., clerk, 184 Lisbon, house 110 

Taylor Lou, cigar maker, 11 Chapel, rms. at Auburn 
Taylor Mirriam Miss, nurse, bds. 110 Franklin 
Tavlor Nathan S., violin mnfr., 247 College, house 108 

" Park 
Taylor Russell S., hairdresser, 22 Pine, h. 110 Franklin 
Taylor Thomas, pensioner, rms. 37 Franklin 
Taylor Thomas, operative, house 182 Blake 
Taylor Sadie Mrs., weaver, Cowan Woolen Co., house 42 

Teague Greenleaf, trader, house 60 Webster 
Teague Howard A., carriage painter, bds. 90 Webster 
Teague William H., cigar mnfr., 164 Lisbon, h. 48 Wood 
Teale Arthur H., laborer, house 347 Main 
Teasdale Elizabeth Mrs., house 374. Lincoln 
Teasdale William, laborer, Gas House, h. 374 Lincoln 
Teel Henry C, farmer, house No Name Pond road, near 

the pond 
Teel Herbert E., clerk, 152 Lisbon, house 279 Bates 
Teel H. Arthur, farmer, boards Henry C. Teel's, No 

Name Pond road 
Teel Jonathan, farmer, house No Name Pond road 
Telephone Office, W. I. Noyes, manager, 198 Lisbon, 

room 33 
Temple Everett, mason, house Greene road, near 

Thornes corner 
Temple Leonard, mason, bds. 59 Park 
Temple Willard M. (Temple & Co.), clothing, 70 Lisbon, 

rms. 91 Park 
Temple & Co. (Willard M. Temple), clothing, 70 Lisbon 
rpEMPLETON ALBERT L.., cashier, First Na- 
X tional Bank of Lewiston, Central block, 157 Main, 

house 76 Webster 
Templeton Alice J. Miss, house 68 Webster 
Templeton Emma J. Miss, teacher, Bates st. sub-primary 

school, bds 68 Webster 
Templeton William H., dyer, Bates Mill, house 37 Bates 
Tenney Anna E. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, bds. at 

Tenuey Charles E., optician, house 54 Franklin 
Tesier Joseph, operative, bds. 163 Lincoln 



Teuber Annie, widow, house River road, near cemetery 
Teuber Julius, weaver, Bates Mill, house River road near 

Tewksburv Samuel S., overseer weaver, Cumberland 

Mill/house 48 Maple 
Thayer Edward O. Rev., pastor, Park st. M. E. church, 

house 98 Ash 
Tha\er William H., bds. 98 Ash 
Therien Francois, carpenter, house 17 Railroad alley 
Therinen Adelard, laborer, bds. 47 Hines alley 
Therrien Jean, blacksmith, M. C. R. R., house Spring, 

cor. Whipple 
Therrien Henri, laborer, house 80 Lincoln st. alley 
Therrien Hilaire, engine cleaner, M. C. R. R., house 84 

Hines alley 
Therrien Joseph, hairdresser, 81 Chestnut, house do. 
Therrien Medrick, widow of Maximen, house 80 Lincoln 

st. alley 
Therrien Narcisse, carpenter, house rear 318 Lisbon 
Thibadeau Pierre, mill operative and boarding, house 

318 Lisbon 
Thibault Arline and Diana Misses, dressmakers, house 

38 Ash [house do. 

Thibault Cleophas, fruit and confectionery, 36 Chestnut, 
Thibault Elzear, clerk, 96 Lincoln, house at Auburn 
Thibault Florian, laborer, house 10 on the Island 
Thibault Joseph, clerk, bds. 125 Oxford 
Thibault Joseph A., clerk, b. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Thibault Pierre, weaver, house 119 Park 
Thibault P. F., operative, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Ox- 
Thibeault Alphonse, bds. 81 Lincoln 
Thibeault Arlene A. Miss, dressmaker. 55 Franklin, h. 

Thibeault Joseph, house 21 Cross 
Thibeault Joseph, bill poster, bds. 81 Lincoln 
Thibeault Louis, laborer, house 81 Lincoln 
Thibeault Louis, operative, bds. 21 Cross 
Thibeault Philias, base ball player, bds. 81 Lincoln 
Thibeault Thomas, laborer, bds. 81 Lincoln 
Thibodeau Gideon, operative, bds. 148 Oxford 
Thibodeault Marguerite, dressmaker, 104 Chestnut, h. do. 
Thimer Michel, laborer, house. 5 Androscoggin Corp. 
Thoits Charles R., beamer, Bates Mill, house Sabattus 

road, beyond Thornes' comer 
Thomas Alvin E., teacher, bds. 192 Blake 
Thomas Elbridge G., mason, house Sabattusville 
Thomas Elmer I., architect (Auburn), h. 150 Sabattus 
Thomas Evans N., confectioner, 160 Lisbon, h. 23 Park 
Thomas George II. (Thomas & Haas), baker, 322 L - 

bon, house 192 Blake 


Thomas James H., carder, bds. 192 Blake 
Thomas Sarah, widow of Edwin, house 192 Blake 
Thomas Sylvanus D., mason, house 150 Sabattus 
Thomas William H., pattern maker, Lewiston Machine 

Co., house 125 Wood 
Thomas William H., house 67 Sabattus 
Thomas & Haas (George H. Thomas and Hubert Haas), 

bakers and confectioners, 322 Lisbon 
Thomes Fred, wheelman, Union Water Power Co., house 

270 Sabattus 
Thompson Aaron, driver, 36 Chapel, house at Auburn 
Thompson Annie L. Miss, shirt maker, 256 Lisbon, bds. 

90 Franklin 
Thompson David T., bds. 12 Webster 
Thompson D. Frank, gate keeper, house 12 Webster 
Thompson Ernest, shoemaker, bds. 211 Main 
Thompson Frank C, student, Bates College, bds. 120 

Thompson P^lbridge, farmer, house Chadbourn road, near 

Sabattus road 
Thompson Elbridge G. fireman, Hill Mill, h. 6 Hill Corp. 
Thompson El-bridge G-., clerk, 243 Main, h. 35 Summer 
Thompson Eva Miss, dressmaker, 90 Franklin, rms. do. 
Thompson Fannie D. Mrs., house 116 Wood 
Thompson Frank J., teamster, house 123 Spring 
Thompson George F. (Carman & Thompson), steam 

heating engineer, 48 Main, house at New Gloucester 
Thompson Herbert L., messenger, N. E. Despetch Ex. 

Co., house at Auburn 
Thompson James W., planer, Jordan, Frost & Co., G. 

T. R yard, house 582 Main 
Thompson Mabel, Miss, clerk, 97 Lisbon, b. 6 Hill Corp. 
Thompson Mabel B. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, boards 

200 East avc. 
Thompson Mary H. Miss, house 24 Chapel 
Thompson Mary A., widow of Louis, h. 90 Franklin 
Thompson Norah H. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 90 Franklin 
Thompson Samuel T., house 193 College 
Thompson Thomas, operative, bds. Chas. R. Smith's, 

River road 
Thompson William, operative, bds. 27 Walnut 
Thompson Wm. H., hatter, 72 Lisbon, bds. 82 Park 
Thorne Aaron D., farmer, house 268 Bates 
Thorne Benjamin W., mason, house Greene road, near 

Sabattus i o id 
Thorne Byron O., mason, rooms 40 College 
Thorne Eliza Mrs., house 75 Park 
Thornton Fred, police, house 91 Sabattus 
Thornton Israel A., shoemaker, house 88 Spring 
Thornton James E., iron moulder, h. 71 Blake 
Thornton James W., shoemaker, bds. 55 Maple 


Thornton Martin, house 16 Blake 

Thornton Michael, shoemaker, house 16 Blake 

Thornton Richard F., plumber, b. 91 Sabattus 

Thorpe George, marble worker, house 36 Main 

Thorpe Joseph, weaver, house Sabattusville 

Thurlow Charles H., laborer, house 295 Lincoln 

Thurlow Clarence E., foreman, Cumberland Mill, house 

14 Walnut 
Thurlow Paschal M., house 14 Walnut 
Tibbetts Addie Miss, house 190 Main 
Tibbetts Alfred S., shoemaker, house 9 Orange [block 
Tibbetts Alice M. Miss, tailoress, 21 Lisbon, bds 2 Bates 
Tibbetts Elmer J., shoemaker, rooms 38 Ash 
Tibbetts Erastus, loom fixer, bds. 10 Bates Corp. 
Tibbetts Frank H., shoemaker (Auburn), b. 320 Lisbon, 
Tibbetts Frank L., farm hand, at 8. G. Osgood's, Gar- 

celon Ferry road 
Tibbetts George A., blacksmith and horse shoer, 168 

Main, house 91 Wood 
Tibbetts George H. (Tibbetts & Goodrich), grocer, 97 

Ash, house 46 Pierce 
Tibbetts HattieMrs., bds. 5 Hill Corp., Canal 
Tibbetts Isaac, shoemaker, rooms 160 Bates 
Tibbetts Lynn, operative, house 92 Pierce 
Tibbetts William E., section hand, Continental Mill, bds. 

60 Maple 
Tibbetts William O. Mrs., house 60 Maple 

TIBBETTS & GOODRICH(George R. Tibbetts, 
and Fred B.Goodrich), grocers, 97 Ash (see page 566) 
Tibbitts Erastus I., weaver, bds. 9 Bates Corporation 
Tierney John H., mule spinner, bds. 16 Blake 
Tierney Martin, laborer, house 16 Blake 
Tierney Patrick A., painter, house 16 Blake 
Tighe Michael J., junk and rag dealer, h. 236 Lincoln 
Tilch August, section hand, house River road 
Tilton John P., overseer weaving, Bates Mill, house 13 

Bates Corporation 
Tinkham Frederick A., watchman, M. C. R. R., lower 

depot, rooms 17 Chapel 
Tirrell Jane, widow of Salmon, house 43 Orange 
Tondreau Ambroise, weaver, house 75 Knox 
Tondreau John, operative, bds. 75 Knox 
Toner Charles F., clerk, freight office, lower M. C. R.R. 

depot, house at Auburn 
Todd Abbie M. H. Mrs., house 148 Nichols 
Todd Louisa M. H., student, Bates College, house 148 

Toomey Jeremah, carder, bds. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Torsey Alonzo C, wood worker, (Auburn), rms.22 Bates 
Torsey Frank, laborer, house 28 Park 


Torsey Henry A., salesman and accountant, 64 Middle, 

house at Auburn 
Toulouse Joseph, laborer, bds. 13 Hines alley 
Toulouse Pierre, laborer, house 13 Hines alley 
Tourigny Achille, weaver, house 14 Knox 
Tourigny Alice A. Miss, clerk, 184 Lisbon, b. at Auburn 
Tourigny Edmond, clerk, 212 Park, b. do. 
Tourigny Louis, laborer, house 127 Oxford 
Tourigny Malvina, dressmaker, bds. 212 Park 
Tourigny Victor(A. Auger & Co.), groceries and boots 

and shoes, 35 and 37 Chestnut, h. at Auburn 
Toward William, electrician, bds. 109 Blake 
Towers J. Stillman, wood moulder, bds. 180 Lisbon 
Towle Arthur B., shoemaker, bds. 20 Elm 
Towle Calvin T., teamster, 157 Holland, house do. 
Towle Etta M, Miss, clerk, 58 Lisbon, bds. 23 Middle 
Towle Frank F., compositor, Journal office, bds. 20 Elm 
Towle Frank H., teamster, bds. 157 Holland 
Towle Fred, cutter, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Towle George H., painter, Androscoggin Mill,h. 257 Park 
Towle Hannah, widow of Benjamin F., house 20 Elm 
Towle Myra M. Miss, compositor, 16 Lisbon, house 20 

West Elm 
Towle Susie M. Mi»s, dressmaker, 198 Lisbon, room 10, 

rooms do. 
Towle Walter C, teamster, house 157 Holland 
Towne Fannie E. Mrs., dressmaker, rooms 111 Bates 
Towne George E., treasurer, Continental Mills, house at 

Towne Charles, second hand, Bates Mill, h. 312 Bates 
Towns John, weaver, bds 3 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Tozier Fred, shoemaker, rms. 78 Park 
Tozier Fred H., stock fitter, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Tracy Annie J., shirt maker, house 130 College 
Tracy Bridget, widow of John, house 30 Hammond 
Tracy Ferdinand, canvasser, house Nichols Hall, Bates 

Tracy James, furniture and undertaker, 227 Main, house 

30 Hammond 
Tracy John A., variety store, 26 Lisbon, b. 30 Hammond 
Tracy Mary A. Miss, clerk, 26 Lisbon, bds. 30 Hammond 
Tracy Michael E., variety store, 231 Main, h. 178 Holland 
Tracy Sylvia J. Mrs., matron, Nichols Hall, Bates Col- 
lege, house do. 
Trafton Waterman, house 805 Main, Barkerville 
Trask Betsy A., widow of P. Bradford, h. 40 Lowell 
Trask James, sashm iker, house 261 Webster 
Trask Osborn, shoemaker, h. Main, near Green line 
Trask Willie M., farm hand, bds. Osborn Trask's, Main 
Trembley Alexis, laborer, bds. 121 Hines alley 
Tremblay Cvrille, laborer, boards 135 Oxford 


Tremblay Francois, shoemaker, b. 146 Oxford 

Tremblay Joseph, laborer, boards 135 Oxford 

Tremblay Philippe, shoemaker, bds. 35 on the Island 

Tremblay George, operative, h. 35 on the Island 

Tremblay Stanley, clerk, bds. 97 Chestnut 

Tr£panier Napoleon, weaver, bds. 47 Hines alley 

Trepanier Thomas, laborer, house 109 Lincoln 

Trial Isidore, laborer, honse 27 Birch 

Trial Louis, laborer, house 109 Lincoln 

Trimback Charles, operative, bds. 44 Spring 

Trim back Henry, operative, house 121 Fierce 

Trimback Julius, weaver, house 44 Spring 

Trimback Maud Mrs., bds. 106 Chestnut 

Trimback Oscar, weaver, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 

Trimback Richard, operative, h. 121 Pierce 

Trimback Richard, 2d, weaver, bds. 44 Spring 

Tripp Edwin, farmer, bds. Mrs. H. R. Garcelon, Pine 

Wood District 
Tripp Luther, shoemaker (Auburn), h. 32 Lowell 
Trotier Alfred, operative, h. 17 on the Island 
Tro tier David, boards 106 Ash 
Trotier Joseph, laborer, house 106 Ash 
Trudel Luger, clerk, 378 Lisbon, h. 181 Blake 
Trudel Velzimia, widow of Antoine, h. 181 Blake 
True Clara P. Miss, house 190 Main 
Truit Charles, elevator man, Continental Mills, boards 5 

Continental Corp., Oxford 
Tryon Fred, driver (Auburn), rms. 64 Park 
Tschaniler Joseph, baker, 322 Lisbon, bds. 320 do. 
Tucker Samuel, laborer, bds. 9 Milk lane 
Tufts Alvan V., painter, 43 Main, h. at Auburn 
Tufts Claude E., shoemaker, bds. 24 Chapel 
Tufts George W., clerk, 23 Lisbon, rms. 32 Middle 
Tufts John B., painter, house 24 Chapel 
Tufts John F., painter, bds. 24 Chapel 
Tufts Levi B., steam fitter, 191 Lisbon, h. 13 Whipple 
Tullis Mary, widow of Adam, house 10 Spring 
Tupper Clara Miss, boards 418 Main 
Tupper Daphne, widow of James, h.418 Main 
Turcotte Andre, laborer, house 58 Cedar 
Turcotte Angele, widow of Charles, h. 110 Hines alley 
Turcotte Auguste, operative, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Turcotte Ignace, laborer, bds. 104 Lincoln 
Turcotte Mark, cigars and confectionery, 104 Lincoln, h. do. 
Turcotte Napoleon, weaver, bds. 110 Hines alley 
Turcotte Philippe, shoemaker, h. 99 Blake 
T urge on Albert E., yard foreman, R. C. Piugree & Co., 

and (Ttirgeon Bros.), house 53 Wellman 
Turgeon Bros. (Frank H., Albert E. and Charles L. Tur- 

geon), fruit and confectionery, Main, cor. Lisbon 


Turgeon Charles L. (Bearce, Wilson & Co.), coal and 

wood, 138 Main, and (Turgeon Bros.), h. at Auburn 
Turgeon Eliza, widow of Luke, house 53 Wellman 
Turgeon Frank H., supt., L. & A. H. R. R., Lisbon, b. 

53 Wellman 
Turgeon George V., clerk, 79 Lisbon, b. 53 Wellman 
Turgeon Henry W., clerk, Main, cor. Lisbon, b. at Auburn 
Turgeon Joseph, laborer, house 142 Canal alley 
Turman Vital, laborer, h. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Turmen Vital, weaver, h. 10 Androscoggin Corp. 
Turner Arthur, watchman, Hill Mnfg., Co., boards 21 

Hill Corp., Canal 
Turner Benjamin, farmer, h. Webster, n. Webster line 
Turner Centre Dairying Association, Edwin L. Bradford, 

manager, 30 Main 
Turner Elsie Mrs., h. 21 Hill Corp., Cedar 
Turner Ernest L., conductor, L. & A. H. R. R., boards 

at Auburn 
Turner Fred, farmer, bds. 90 Blake 
Turner George C, shoemaker, b. 5 Continental Corp. 
Turner George F., baker, 203 Main, h. 81 College 
Turner James, insurance agent, 293 Lisbon 
Turner John E., farmer, bds. Benjamin Turner's, Webster 
Turner Kate I. Miss, tailoress, bds. 90 Blake 
Turner Leonard N., carriage painter, 35 Park, h. 21 High 
Turner Lucia A. Miss, teacher, Bates street intermediate 

school, bds. 94 Ash 
Turner William, farmer, house 90 Blake 
Turner William, loom fixer, bds. 147 Park 
Turpe Julius, weaver, house 10 Milk lane 
Tuttle Allie Mrs., house 50 Main 
Tuttle Alton M., nursery agent, h. 194 East ave. 
Tuttle Charles W., laborer, bds. 1 Blake street place 
Tuttle Cornelius A., weaver bds. 1 Blake street place 
Tuttle Edward H., operative, bds. 1 
Tuttle Harry C, blacksmith, 86 Bates, h. at Auburn 
Tuttle Henry, clerk, rooms 67 Walnut 
Tuttle Julia A., widow of Edward C, h. 1 Blake 
Tuttle Julia A., widow of Hezekiah, b. 117 College 
Tuttle Willard B., shirt cutter, 256 Lisbon, b. 155 Park 
Tuttle Willard W., livery stable, 8 Ash, h. do. 
Twohey John, card grinder, h. rear 31 rear Lisbon road 
Tyndall William A., carpenter, h. 40 Union 

UNDERWOOD WILLIAM P., engineer, M. C. R. R., h. 
106 Holland 

UNION BAND, A. H. Beliveau, director, M. L. 
Pressey manager, 167 Main (see p. 576) 
UNION PRINTING CO., F. G. Payne, manager, 
job printers, 138 Lisbon (see p. 563) 


Union Water Power Co., G. St. L. Abbott, treas., and 

manager, office under DeWitt House 
Unsworth James, driver, 235 Lisbon, h. 38 Walnut 
Urbanie Joseph, laborer bds. 159 Lincoln 
Urbanie Lucie, widow of Urbane, h. 159 Lincoln 
Urbanie Omer, operative, bds. 159 Lincoln 
Upton Alfred, teamster, 57 Whipple, h. 28 Prescott 

VACIION ALFRED, insurance agent, h. 45 Walnut 
Vachon Archie E., insurance agent, 256 Lisbon, rm. 8, b. 

414 Lisbon 
Vachon Charles H., clerk, 396 Lisbon, b. 109 Cedar 
Vachon Hubert, bookkeeper, bds. 109 Cedar 
Vachon Jule, laborer, bds. 420 Lisbon 
Vachon Pierre, laborer, bds. 112 Lincoln 
Vachon Pierre, shoemaker, h. 414 Lisbon 
Vachon Thomas, foundry man, h. 420 Lisbon 
Vaillancourt Celestin, laborer, h. 3 on the Island 
Vaillencourt Cleas, weaver, bds. 68 Lincoln 
Vaillancourt Amede6, operative, bds. 144 Lincoln 
Vaillancourt Joseph, spinner, bds. 144 Lincoln 
Vaillencourt Jean B., weaver, bds. 10 on the Island 
Vaillencourt Josaphat, weaver, bds. 10 on the Island 
Vaillencourt Louis, operative, bds. 3 on the Island 
Vaillencourt Pierre, laborer, h. 10 ou the Island 
Vallee Francois, operative, bds. 148 Lincoln 
Vallee Joseph, laborer, boards 181 Lincoln 
Vallee Joseph A., canvasser, bds. 23 Birch 
Valliere Amanda Miss, dressmaker, h. 104 Chestnnt 
Valliere Xavier, laborer, house 69 Lincoln 
Vallieres Xavier, laborer, n. 69 Lincoln 
Valve Fred, farmer, at Joel D. Beal's, River rd., b. do. 
Vance Patrick, laborer, house 108 Winter 
Vanier F. Philias, physician, 29 Chestnut, h. 67 Maple 
Varney Clara, widow of Olney, h. 44 Whipple 
Varney Ida. shirtmaker, bds. 23 Horton 
Varney William H., weaver, bds. 4 Hill Corp., Canal 
Varney Zac, job wagon, house 69 Birch 
Varnuin Elbridge E., clerk, Exchange Hotel, boards do. 
Vaughan Bernot, clerk, 230 Lisbon, bds. 37 Mill 
Vaughan Chailes, student, rooms 3 Bates Corp. 
Vaughan James, mule spinner, house 37 Mill 
Vaughan James, Jr., operative, boards 37 Mill 
Vaughan -lames W., clerk, 231 Lisbon, bds. do. 
Vaughan John, laborer, bds. 41 Middle 
Vaughan Marv E. Miss, bookkeeper, 231 Lisbon, b. do. 

VAUGHAN TH031AS, furniture, 231 and 233 
Lisbon, house do. (see page 570) 
Vaughan William, clerk, 82 Chestnut, bds. 37 Mill 
Vaughn Thomas, student, boards 37 Mili 
Veilleux Belome, laborer, house 101 Ash 


Veilleux Cyprien, laborer, house 30 Lincoln-st. alley 

Veilleux Ferdiua, weaver, bds. 242 Park 

Veilleux Joseph, laborer, house 80 Lincoln 

Veilleux Joseph, laborer, boards 148 Oxford 

Veilleux Napoleon, operative, Androscoggin Mill, rooms 

241 Park 
Veilleux Paul, millman, boards 99 Ash 
Veilleux Philias, millman, house 99 Ash 
Venapps Alexander, laborer, house 13 Bates 
Verill Richard, clerk, boards 172 Bates 
Verreault Edouard, hostler, house 74 Lincoln 
, Verreault Hubert, second hand, Androscoggin Mill, house 
67 Lincoln 
Verreault Louis, laborer, house 47 Lincoln 
Verrette Charles, laborer, boards 414 Lisbon 
Verrette Charles, laborer, bds. 114 Canal-st. alley 
Verrette Godfroy, laborer, house 414 Lisbon 
Verrette Gustave, jeweller, 191 Lincoln, h. 86 Hines alley 
Verville Horace H., house 26 Oxford 
Verville Joseph, wood yard and teamster, 60 Lincoln, 

house 62 do. 
Verville Octave, weaver, boards 22 on the Island 
Verville Trefle, laborer, house 41 Mill 
Vezina Theophile, clerk, 70 Lisbon, bds. 174 Blake 
Vickery Etta L. Mrs., clerk, 42 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Vickery William K., farmer, h. Garcelon Ferry road 
Vickery W. Edward, clerk, 239 Main, h. at Auburn 
Viens Jean B., laborer, boards 202 Park 
Vierge Ferdinand, operative, house 142 Oxford 
Vincent Cleophas T., clerk, 140 Lisbon, h. 137 Pierce 
Vincent Sabin (Provost & Vincent), soda and mineral 

water mnfr., Auburn 
Vining Appleton, farmer, h. Webster, n. Vinings Cor. 
Vining Fred B., student, b. J. Vining's, Webster 
Vining James, farmer, h. Webster, n. Vinings Corner 
Vinton Cnarles D., stone mason, house 122 Lisbon 
Violette Florence, laborer, h. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Violette Isaac, salesman, 75 Park, rooms do. 
Violette Joseph, laborer, bds. 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Violette Odule, boarding house, 4 Androscoggin Corp. 
Violette Odule, Jr., elevator tender, boards 4 Androscog- 
gin Corporation 
Virgin James M., clerk, 54 Main, h. at Auburn 
Voisine Alexandre, operative, house 39 Cedar 
Vose Fannie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn. 
Vosmus Edwin W., machinist, house 7 Cottage 
Vosmus Frank A., messenger, Am. Ex. Co., h. at Auburn 
Vosmus James, shoemaker, 64 Main, house at Auburn 
Voyer Adeline Miss, clerk, 41 Lisbon, bds. 23 Knox 
Voyer Achille, painter, boards 361 Lisbon 
Voyer Anthony, wheelwright, house 83 Bartlett 


Voyer Flora A. Miss, clerk, 32 Lisbon, b. 83 Bartlett 
Voyer Joseph, clerk, 97 Lisbon, h. 349 Pine 

WADDELL ALEX., boot binder, house 53 Franklin 
Wade Catherine, widow of William, house 15 Knox 
Wade Charles E., mule spinner, bds. 15 Knox 
Wade Gordon E., watchman, Union Water Power Co., h. 

14 Lowell 
Wade Harry, switchman, M. C. R. R., rms. 14 Lowell 
Wade Harry, yardman, M. C. R. R. 
Wade Thomas W. (Wade & Dunton), carriage mnfr., 29 

to 35 Park, house 158 Pine 

WADE & DUNTON (Thomas W. Wade and Eu- 
gene L. Dunton), carriage mnfrs. and dealers, 29 
to 35 Park (see page 572) 
Wads worth Herbert 8., carpenter, house 31 Hammond 
Wagg Alphonzo, loom fixer, bds. 4 Hill Corporation 
Wagg Frank P., student, b. G. G. Wagg's, Pine Wood 

Wagg Fred C, farmer, bds. G. G. Wagg's, Pine Wood 

Wao-g Greenleaf G., farmer, h. n. Pine Wood school 
Wall Sing, laundry, 220 Main, house do. 
Waite David S*(Waite & Sabin) (Bates Street Shirt Co.), 

shirt mnfr., 256 Lisbon, house 429 Main 
Waite & Sabine (David S. Waite, Henry Sabine), Bates 

St. Shirt Co., shirt mnfrs., 256 Lisbon 
Wakefield Brothers (Seth D. and Edwin Wakefield), 

apothecaries, 114 Lisbon 
Wakefield Edwin (Wakefield Bros.), 114 Lisbon, rms. do. 
Wakefield Ezekiel, carpenter, house 84 Horton 
Wakefield Flora M. Miss, bookkeeper, 79 Lisbon, boards 

ut Auburn 
Wakefield Helen Miss, boards 452 Main 
Wakefield John, house 355 Main 
Wakefield Lizzie A., widow of Isaiah, h. 31 Chapel 
Wakefield Sarah, widow of Archibald, house 452 Main. 
Wakefield Sarah Alice Miss, boards 452 Main 
Wakefield Seth D. (Wakefield Bros.), apothecary, 114 

Lisbon, house 466 Main 
Waldron Arthur, teamster, Hay market sq., h. 16 Lowell 
Walker Arthur E. (Walker Bros.), fish, etc., 55 Bates, 

house 422 Main 

WALKER 15ROS. (Arthur E. Walker), fish, etc., 
• bo Bates (see page 568) 
Walker Charles, house 28 Spring 
Walker Charles, laborer, boards 34 Park 
Walker Charles T., trav. salesman (Portland), house 123 

Walker Edward P., shoemaker, rooms 78 Pierce 
Walker Elmer Lee, laborer, boards 40 College 


Walker Fred S:, clerk, 97 Lisbon, bds. 428 Maia 

Walker Hannah Jane Mrs., house 121 College 

Walker John, fireman, R. Pingree & Co., bds. 34 Park 

Walker Lillian A. Miss, boards 121 College 

Walker Samuel, house 67 Walnut 

Walker Samuel H., laborer, Lewiston Bleachery, house at 

Walker Solomon, overseer bleaching, L. B. & D. Works, 

house 2 Lisbon 
Wallace Hannah, widow, house 31 Lincoln 
Wallace Thomas, spinner, b. 6 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Wallace Thomas H., pastor, St. Joseph Catholic church, 

house 253 Main 

Wallingford), prop, and manager, Hotel Atwood, 
100 Main, house 120 College (see page 15) 
Walls Eurania, widow of Nathan, house 7 Bartlett 
Walsh Catherine, widow of John, house 79 Summer 
Walsh Fred, laborer, boards 8 Androscoggin Corp. 
Walsh James A., supt., Lewiston Bleachery and Dye 

Works, house 323 Bates 
Walsh John, machinist, house 185 Main 
Walsh John, spinner, Webster Woolen Co. (Webster), 

house Sabattusville 
Walsh Joseph, beamer, house 75 Summer 
Walsh Martin, house 47 Knox 
Walsh Martin jr., laborer, bds. 47 Knox 
Walsh Michael, operative, bds. 60 Summer 
Walsh Patrick, laborer, house 60 Summer 
Walsh Peter J., stone mason, house 51 Knox 
Walsh William, stone mason, house 65 Knox 
Walstenhulme William, weaver, house 131 Pierce 
Walton Annie Mrs., tailoress, h. 94 Franklin 
Walton Charles, section hand, h. 117 Bartlett 
Walton David, sectiou hand, b. 10 Hill Corp., Canal 
Walton Herbert E., student, Bates College, rms. 173 Wood 
Walton Jacob, singer, Lewiston Bleachery, h. 122 Blake 
Walton Robert, h. 115 Bartlett 
Wandtke William, operative, h. 125 Pierce 
Ward Charles H., wheelman, Hill Mnfg. Co., house 12 

Riverside place 
Ward Charles E., box maker, bds. 239 Park 
Ward Clarence W., miller, J. B. Ham & Co., G. T. R. 

yard, house 135 Oak [bds. do. 

Ward David, farm hand, at James Garcelon's, River rd., 
Ward Edmund, mill operative, house 15 Knox 
Ward Henry, second hand, Bates Mili, h. 83 Shawmut 
Ward Henry B., operative, bds. 15 Knox 
Ward James J., bookkeeper, house 71 Ash 
Ward John G., cook, house 88 Webster 
Ward Martin A., section hand, Bates Mill, h. 67 Ash 


Ward Mary Miss, weaver, Continental Mills, rms. 252 

Ward Michael A., cigars and tobacco, 28 Ash, h. 34 College 
Ward Michael A., telegraph operator, bds. 71 Ash 
Ward Nicholas S., clerk, house 239 Park 
Ward Sarah A., widow of Miah, bds. 67 Ash 
Ward Thomas, tailor, rms. 86 Lisbon 
Ward Thomas S., medical student, bds. 34 College 
Wardvvell Elorace B., pictures, frames, etc., 29 Lisbon, 

bds. at Auburn 
Ware BenjaminL., machine operator, 64 Main. h. at Auburn 
Ware Charles N., shoemaker, 64 Main, h. 164 Bates 
Ware George F., machinist, h. 23 Horton 
Ware Levi S. Jr., brick maker, n. 16 Russell 
Ware Lewis, farmer, h. No Name Pond road 
Ware Lewis A., farmer, bds. Lewis Ware's, No Name 

Pond road 
Ware Reginald S., shoemaker, bds. 164 Bates 
Warhurst Annie W. Miss, clerk, 95 Lisbon, b.93Shawmut 
Warhurst Edward, spinner, Bates Mill, h. 93 Shawraut 
Warner Hiram, shoemaker (Auburn), rms. 4 Hill Corp. 
Warren Catherine, widow of Samuel, h. 75 Nichols 
Warren James, laborer, bds. 75 Nichols 
Warren Lazarus R-, house rear 54 Franklin 
Warren Mary, widow of Charles, house 119 Cedrr 
Warren William A., laborer, h. rear 13 Bates 
Wasgatt Eliza Mrs., house 62 High 
Wasgatt Willie L. A., shoemaker, bds. 62 High 
AVashburu Chair Co., furniture, 110 Park 
Washburn Edgar W., secoud hand, Bates Mnfg. Co., h. 

107 College 
Washburn Jefferson, peddler, house 63 Birch 
Washburn Thomas C, operative, bds. 63 Birch 
Washburn Wentworth F., house 40 Hammond 
Washburn William H., carpenter, house 120 Cedar 
Waterhouse John M., hairdresser, 284 Lisbon, h.154 Pine 
Waterhouse L. Mrs., dressmaker, 154 Pine, house do. 
Waterman Hiram, operative, bds. 10 Bates Corp. 
Waterman Samuel G. (Leavitt Waterman), Island Gar- 
den Spa, Island Garden, rms. do. 
Watkins Dorcas M., widow of Charles A., house 60 Park 

WATROUSEDWARDE., agent, N. Y. Life 
Ins. Co.. College block, rms. 139 Oak (see p. 577) 
Watson Daniel C, clerk, 23 Lisbon, bds. at Auburn 
Watson Fred O., lawyer. 215 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Watson John (Watson & Eraser), blacksmith, 51 Bates, 

house Sabattus road, cor. Russell 
Watson William, Bates Mill, bds. 7 Ash [Blake 

Watson William, operative, Lewiston Bieachery, h. 229 
Watson & Eraser (John Watson and John Eraser), black- 
smiths, 51 Bates 


Waybrant Clark, clerk, De Witt House, bds. do. 
Weaver Mary J. Mrs., h. Webster, n. Vinings Corner 
Webb Albert E., machinist, house 49 Lowell 
Webb Edward, machinist, house 124 Holland 
Webb George H., blacksmith, Bates Mufg. Co., house 
26 Union 

WEBB THEODORE W., restaurant, 125 Main, 
h. 123 do. (see p. 567) 
Webb Thomas, cook. De Witt House, bds. do. 
Webb William, blacksmith, house 37 Bates 
Webber Adelaid, widow of Elias, house 413 Main 
Webber Alice C. Mrs., compositor, 16 Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Webber Charles, laster, 64 Main, b. 13 Bates Corp. 
Webber Charles E., printer, bds. 254 Blake 
Webber Charles H., shoemaker, h. 146 Blake 
Webber Charles M., teamster, 244 Main, h. 48 Franklin 
Webber Daniel G., teamster, 282 Main, h. 5 West Blake 
Webber Daniel W., messenger, Am. Ex. Co., h. 39 High 
Webber Elias Mrs., house 413 Main 
Webber Ellen Miss, rms. 50 Main 

Webber Erastus, trav. salesman, 10 Park, h. at Auburn 
Webber Frank S., carriage washer (Auburn), bds. 5 

West Blake 
Webber Frank M., shoemaker, house Lisbon road 
Webber George C, gate keeper, Island Garden, bds. at 

Webber Herbert E., farmer, bds. S. J. Webber's, Pine 

Wood school district 
Webber John W., painter, house 183 Summer 
Webber Levi H., carpenter, house 88 Wood 
Webber Otis, stone cutter, b. 5 West Blake 
Webber Samuel J., farmer, house Pine Wood school 

district, near Lisbon line [340 do. 

Webster Francis C, agent, Am. Ex. Co., 65 Main, bds. 
Webster Gertrude P. Miss, delivery clerk, P. O., b. 377 

Webster William E. (Blake, Spear & Co.), grocer, 209 

Main, h. Oak cor. Prescott 
Wedgwood Milton C physician, 101 Pine, house do. 
Wedgwood Newton J., physician and surgeon, 94 Ash, 

house do. 
Weed Randolph, clerk, 13 Lincoln, bds. 14 Hill Corp., 

Weeks Anna M., house 164 Bates 

WEEKS WILLIAM H., book and job printing, 
32 Main, house 200 Blake (see page 48) 
Weeman Ella Miss, teacher, bds. 70 Pine 
Weeman Richard E., woodworker, Continental Mill, house 

72 Lowell 
Weir Archibald, second-hand, Bates Mill, h. 79 Shawmut 
Weir John, laborer, house rear 80 Knox 

262 lewiston ["W] directory; 

Weisner Charles, asst. designer, Bates Mill, b. 109 Blake 

Welch Aaron A., tool sharpener, h. 18 Park 

Welch Charles A., shoemaker, bds. 18 Park 

Welch Charles O., harnessmaker, 213 Main, h. 41 Middle 

AVelch Delbert G., upholsterer, 54 Main, h. 182 Horton 

Welch Daniel D., at Lewiston B. & D. ^Vorks, house 5 

Lisbon road 
Welch George A., harnessmaker, 213 Main, h. 41 Middle 
Welch Masrgie Miss, weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., 

AVelch Mary, widow of James, housekeeper, Jas. Garce- 

lons. River road 
AVelch Oliver, house 10G Franklin 
AVelch Pearl M., teamster, bds. 18 Park 
Welch Sarah Mrs., weaver, bds. 3 Continental Corp., 

AVellehan James A., laboier, house River road 
AVellman Carrie M. Mrs., boarding house, 2 Bates Corp., 

AVellman Charles H., carpenter, h. 174 Central av. 
AVellman Charles F., clerk, 53 Lisbon, house 87 Howe 
AVellman Charles P., master mechanic, Hill Mfng. Co., 

h. 18 Hill Corporation 

WELLMAN EDWARD C, treas. People's Sav- 
ings Bank, 200 Lisbon, house 86 Hortou 
AVellor Frank, weaver, house rear 122 Pierce 
AVentworth Daniel, fruit and confectioner} 7 , 147 Main, 

house 210 Park 
AVentworth Edmund R., special delivery clerk, P. 0., 

bds. Union [Union 

AVentworth Fannie G., widow of Cyprien M., house 9 
AVentworth Florence I. Miss, bookkeeper, 209 Main, bds. 

9 Union 
AVentworth Hannah, widow of Arnold, h. 210 Park 
AVentworth Jerald P., overseer winding room, Bates 

Mill, house 322 Bates 
AVentworth Jennie M. Mrs., operative, Hill Mfng. Co., 

rms. 52 Lisbon 
AVentworth Nellie M. Miss, stenographer and typewriter, 

Lewiston Bleachery, bds. 9 Union 
AVescott Herbert L., carpenter, h. 120 Blake 
AVescott, H. L. Mrs., dressmaker, 125 Blake, h. do. 
AVescott Lorinda, housekeeper, Hiram H. Brown, No 

Name Pond road 
AVesley George, galvanic battery operator, bds. 14 Canal 
Wesley George, laborer, bds. 14 Hill Corp., Canal 
Wesson Robert, weaver, bds. 9 Bates Corp. 
West Delia A., widow of Charles, bds. 10G Pine 
AVest Carrie Miss, artist, bds. 276 Pine 
AVest John \V., insurance agent, h. 276 Pine 
AVest Stephen H., mason, house 130 College 


Westcott Etta, widow, house 74 Canal 
Western Union Telegraph Co., Mrs. M. E. Chase, mana- 
ger, 14 Lisbon 
Weston Camilla Miss, house 94 Franklin 
Wetherell Eliza, widow of Daniel, house 10 Golder 
Weybrant Hannah E. Miss, h. 30 Ash 
Wevmouth Charles H., second hand, Androscoggin Mills, 

" bds. 265 Park 
Weymouth Charles H., teamster, 206 Main, house 108 

Weymouth Francis P., master mechanic, Androscoggin 

" Mills, house 265 Park 
Weymouth Fred S., second hand, Continental Mills, h. 

Sabattus road, next beyond East av. 
Wevmouth Hattie C. Miss, bds. 418 Main 
Weymouth Rachel T. Miss. bds. 418 Main 
Weymouth Sarah J., widow of Jesse, h. 418 Main 
Weymouth S. Lizzie Miss, bds. 418 Main 
Whalen Patrick, teamster, 244 Main, house 67 Franklin 
Wheeler Archer E., salesman, bds. 541 Main 
Wheeler Charles, carpenter, h. rear 514 Main 
Wheeler Elijah E., farmer, house 541 Main 
Wheeler Grace M., teacher (West Stockbriclge, Mass.), 

bds. 541 Main 
Wheeler N. G., sub. master, High school, h. 163 Pine 
Wheeler Orren L., farmer, h. Lisbon rd., n. Lisbon line 
Wheelock Frederick B. (S. E. May & Co.), broker, 17 

Lisbon, h. at Auburn 
Whelpley George, police, rms. 94 Franklin 
Whitcher Joseph A., clerk, h. 116 Bartlett 
Whitcomb Francis V., hostler, h. Webster road 
Whitcomb Harr} 7 R., machinist, bds. 72 Summer 
Whitcomb Horace V., marker, h. 72 Summer 
White Albert W., bds. 9 Bartlett 
White Albert W., cigar maker, bds. 38 Sabattus 
White Albion P., shoe mfnr. (Auburn), house 603 Main 
White Clifton N., harness maker, 213 Main, bds. 11 

Bates Corp. 
White P>nest L., clerk, 118 Lisbon, h. 56 Horton 
White Ezra H. (White and Leavitt), dentist, 51 Lisbon, 

house 603 Main [Main 

White Fred H., merchant tailor, 44 and 46 Lisbon, h. 501 
White George, livery stable, rear 87 Main, h. 9 Bartlett 
White Hattie E. Mrs., boarding house, 11 Bates Corp. 
White John C, house 56 Elm 
White Mary A., widow of John, bds. 457 Main 
White Robert, operative, bds. 35 Blake 
White Robert, Jr., section hand, h. 35 Blake 

WHITE WALLACE H. (White & Carter), law- 
yer, Central block, 159 Main h. 457 do. (see p. 496) 


WHITE & CARTER (Wallace H. White and Seta 
M. Carter), lawyers, 159 Main (see page 496) 
WHITE & LEAVITT (Ezra H. White and Fred L. 
Leavitt), dentists, 51 Lisbon (see page 18) 
White, see Wight 

Whitehead David H., machinist, house 24 Chapel 
Whitehead John V., spinner, bds. 4 Continental Corp., 

Whitehouse Abby A., widow of Jessie W., h. 86 Horton 
Whitehouse Samuel, spinner, bds. 4 Continental Corp., 

Whitehouse William, laborer, bds. rear 10 Lisbon rd. 
Whiting Roscoe, weaver, bds. 5 Bates Corp. 
Whitley George A., hairdresser, 198 Lisbon, rms. Oak, 

cor. Bates 
Whitley Gustavas B., bds. 30 Lowell 
Whitman Annie S. Mrs., dressmaker, 30 Cottage h. do. 
Whitman Annie W. Miss, clerk, 27 Lisbon, b. at Auburn 
Whitman Eugene Z., clergyman, house Wellman 
Whitman Gerald B., music and musical instruments, 145 

Lisbon, rooms do. 
Whitman George H., foreman, 57 Whipple, h. 30 Cottage 
Whitman Oscar F., shoemaker, 64 Main, h. 76 Cottage 
Whitman Scott, shoemaker, 64 Main, h. at Auburn 
Whitmore J. Eugene Rev., student, Bates College, house 

151 Nichols 
Whitney Alvin, farmer, house Greene road 
Whitney Annie A. Mrs., dressmaker, Pine near Bartlett, 

house do. 
Whitney Charles H., house Webster, beyond Reservoir 
Whitney Emeline, widow, bds. 46 Bates 
Whitney Frank R., electrician, and supt. fire alarm, h. 

106 Bartlett 
Whitney Herbert A., rooms 78 Lisbon 

WHITNEY JOHN H., apothecary, 28 Lisbon, h. 
184 Bates (see page 276) 
Whitney Lida S.Mrs. bookkeeper, 85 Lisbon, rms. 9 Union 
Whitney Lizzie Mrs., clerk, rooms, 74 Pierce 
Whitney Martin V. B., farmer, house Sabbattus road, 

next Bradbury road 
Whitney Rachel Miss, boards 7 Ash 

Whitney Tharon, painter, house Sabattus road, next Brad- 
bury road 
Whitney Thomas O., carpenter, house 29 Sabattus 
Whitney Wallace, machinist, rms. 3 Bates Corp., Canal 
Whittaker Elizabeth, widow of Isaac, h. 127 Horton 
Whittemore James O., postal clerk, M. C. R. R., house 

61 High 
Whittemore Mary, widow of Charles H., h. 61 Nichols 
Whittemore Mary L. Mrs., rms. 29 Franklin 
Whitten John F., machinist, bds. 36 Spring 


Whitten Joseph L., foreman, erecting dept. Lewiston 

Machine Co., house 22 Bates 
Whitten Llewellyn N., hairdresser, 194 Main, h.47 Summer 
Whitten Marshall L., shoemaker, bds. 36 Spring 
Whitten Roscoe E., carriage painter, 85 Park, h. 50 do. 
Whitten William M., carpenter, h. 36 Spring 
Whittier Everard B., clerk, 191 Lisbon, h. 92 Pine 
Whittier Evindar A.,trav. salesman, ( Auburn), h. 381 Main 
Whittier Frank W., clerk, 201 Lisbon, b. 172 Bates 
Whittier Luther S., carpenter, h. 373 College 
Whittle Olin P., card grinder, Bates M. Co., h. 13 Union 
Whittum Abbie C, widow of Wm. H., h. 239 College 
Whittum Harry W., driver, Rodney Whittum, 794 Main, 

boards do. 
Whittum Rodney, soap maker, h. 794 rear 792 Main, 

Whittum Sarah, widow of Sargent, h. 323 Main 
Widdall William, mule spinner, house 55 Walnut 

WIGGIN DANIEL W. & CO. (D. P. Moulton), 
druggist, 213 Lisbon, h. 88 Ash (see page 577) 
Wiggin Ralph L., shipper (Auburn), bds. 88 Ash 
Wignt Anson O., window frame maker, Jordan, Frost 

& Co., Cross Canal, house 16 Elm 
Wight Charles E., brakeman, M. C. R. R., h. 146 Oak 
Wight Fred C.,box maker, Jordan, Frost & Co., G. T.R. 

yard, boards 16 Elm 
Wight James A., planer, Jordan, Frost & Co.,G. T. R.yd. 

boards 16 Elm 
Wilbur Mary Mrs., b. 11 Bates Corp., Canal 
Wilbur Wm"., cloth folder, Bates M. Co., rms. 162 Lisbon 
Wilcox Frank E., carpenter, h. East av., beyond Russell 
Wilcox George E., overseer ring spinning. Continental M. 
Wilkins Adelaide, seamstress, rms. 331 Main 
Wilkins Charles, laborer, h. 793 Main, Barkerville 
Wilkinson Edgar F. L., compositor, Journal office, h. 374 

Wilkinson Harry C, draughtsman, 215 Lisbon, b. 62 Birch 
Wilkinson Mary Ann, widow, rms. 82 Sabattus 
Wilkinson Samuel, h. 62 Birch 

Wilkinson Thomas, plumber, 49 Main, b. at Auburn 
Wilkinson William, weaver, b. 4 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Willet George, machinist, house 174 Blake 
Willet Lizzie Miss, clerk, 126 Lisbon, b. 174 Blake 
Willet see Ouellette 
Willy Etta A. Mrs., bds. 35 Middle 
Williams Alice Mrs., shoe stitcher, rms. 76 Ash 
Williams Alphonso, clerk, 167 Main, b. 9 Lowell 
Williams Betsey Mrs., boards 53 High 
Williams David (David Williams & Co.), brick mnfr. and 

mason, Burnt Woods, house 183 Park 



Williams David & Co. (David Williams and Charles 

Greenwood), brick mnfrs., Burnt Woods 
Williams Elie, laborer, h. 246 Park 
Williams George W., weaver, b. 11 Bates Corp., Canal 
Williams John, brickmaker, b. 1 Androscoggin Corp. 
Williams John B., sash and blind maker, h. 1 Bartlett 
Williams John H. T., machinist, 48 Main, h. 21 Howe 
Williams Leonard 8. Rev., pastor, Free Will Baptist church 

So. and No. Monmouth, h. 141 Nichols 
Williams Llewellyn, bobbin maker, house 9 Lowell 
Williams Louisa R. Mrs. (Kilbourn & Williams), dress- 
maker, 51 Lisbon, h. 227 Oak 
Williams Rebecca, widow of Luther, h. 336 Bates 
Williams Sumner G., machinist, house 336 Bates 
Williams William, boards 78 Park 
Williamson George, teamster, rms. Franklin cor. Oak 
Wills Arthur, clerk, 213 Park, bds. 183 do. 
Wills Elmer E.,molder, 136 Main, rms. 183 Park 
Wills Fred I., clerk, 213 Park, h. 166 Blake 
Wills Isaac, carpenter, rooms 37 Franklin 
Wilson Alexander, mason, bds. 59 Park 
Wilson Charles C. (Bearce & Wilson), lumberman, also 
(Bearce Wilson & Co.), coal etc., and Oliver New- 
man Co., ice, 36 Chapel, house 138 Main 
Wilson Frank, operative, b. 6 Bates Corp., Canal 
Wilson Frank C, weaver, Bates Mill, b. 13 Bates Corp., 

Wilson George C, carpenter, h. 117 Ash 
Wilson George M., clergyman, h. 39 Orange 
Wilson Harriet, widow of John, house No Name Pond 

road, opposite the pond 
Wilson Horatio Ellsworth, student, Bates College, house 

86 Webster 
Wilson Hugh, weaver, bds. 4 Bates Corp. 
Wilson James W., carpenter, house 80 Russell 
Wilson John 8. T. H., clerk, rms. 76 Blake 
Wilson Lizzie A. Mrs., nurse, h. 110 Franklin 
Wilson Seth, city laborer, h. 16 Park 
Wilson Sophronia M., widow of Daniel J., h. 120 Bartlett 
Windle Henrv, mule spinner, house 32 Walnut 

C. Hodgman, supt. Hogan road, Moutello Heights, 
(see page 141) 
Wing Frank W., slasher tender, bds. 55 Birch 
Wing Hannah J., widow, h. 74 Blake 
Wing Horace A., slasher tender, h. 55 Birch 
Wing Rufus A., boards 260 Park 
Wing John H., asst. supt., Lewistou Bleachery, house 

315 Bates 
Winship Lewis V., clerk, 188 Lisbon, h. 58 Shawmut 


Winslow Allen P., paymaster, Androscoggin Mills, house 
271 Park [271 Park 

Winslow Allen L., paymaster, Barker Mill (Auburn), b. 

Winslow Newell F., laborer, h. 25 Lowell 

Winstanley John, mule spinner, boards G. H. Jordan's, 
Lisbon road 

Wise Alice Miss, shirt maker, rms. 8 Cottage 

Wise George, laster (Auburn), h. 26 Elm 

Wiseman George A., boards 317 Main 

WISEMAN ROBERT J., clerk, HO Lincoln, b. 
30 Walnut (seep. 572) 
W r issmuller George, ba^er, 322 Lisbon, bds. 320 do. 
Witham Belle Miss, bds. 5 Continental Corp., Oxford 
Witham Benjamin, house 126 Blake 
Witham Benjamin C, cnrriagemaker, house Cross road, 

near Lisbon line, near Webster line 
Witham Charles L., agent, bds. 52 Park 
Witham Edwin L., bds. 52 Park 
Witham Fred M., farmer, boards B. C. Witham's, Cross 

road, near Lisbon Hue 
Witham Lizzie M., Widow of Charles C, h. 52 Park 
Witham Marshall W., salesman, 225 Lisbon, h. 200 East av. 
Witham Robert Mrs., spinner, h. 118 Lisbon 
Withee David P., house 349 Main 
Withee George, operative, Bates Mill, h. 41 Middle 
Wood Annie Miss, spooler, rms. 162 Lisbon 
Wood Daniel, crockery, glass and china, 151 Lisbon, h. 

618 Main 
Wood Edwin C, ticket agent, M. C. R. R. depot (Au- 
burn), house 67 Wood 
W^ood Elizabeth Miss, spooler, rms. 162 Lisbon 
Wood George W., teacher, boards 112 Wood 
Wood Henry, farmer, h. East av., bey. Montello 
Wood Henry E., trav. salesman, h. 159 Pine 
Wood Isaac, oiler, Bates Mill, h. 131 Bartlett 
Wood James, house 112 Wood 

WOOD JOHN N., coal and wood, and storage, 64 
Middle, h. 497 Main (see front cover) 
Wood Oswald, farmer, boards Henry Wood's, East av. 
Wood Robert, mule spinner, h. 186 Blake 
Wood Warren E., overseer weaving, Avon Manf. Co., 

h. 150 Pine 
Wood William F. (Wood & Crockett), carpenter, 264 

Main, h. 40 Wood 
Wood William W., h. 67 Wood 
Wood & Crockett (Wm. F. Wood and Geo. W. Crockett), 

carpenters, 264 Main 
Woodbury Eliza C. Mrs., house 39 Birch [Holland 

Woodbury Joseph W., hackman, 101 Franklin, house 148 
Woodburv Nathan, dentist. 168 Lisbon rms. 6, house 169 



Woodburv Roland, farm hand, rms. 71 College 
Woodbury William J., tinsmith, 43 Main, h. at Auburn 
Woodcock Charles E. Rev., house River road, on Garce- 

lon Ferry id. 
Woodman Austin S., section hand, h. Garcelon Ferry rd. 
Woodman George W. (Gay, Woodman Co.), boot and 

shoe manfr., 64 Main, h. 427 Main 
Woodruff Walter N., machinist, bds. 46 Continental Corp., 

Woodside Calvin P2., boards 1 Pleasant 
Woodside Edwin, grocer (Webster), h. Sabattusville 
Woodside Elbridge G., tax-collector, office, City Hall, 

h. 1. Pleasant 
Woodside S. Luella, clerk, 126 Lisbon, bds. 28 Bartlett 
Worthing Nellie E. Mrs., fa. 102 Lisbon 
Worthley Dora Miss (Lewiston mill), bds. 50 Main 
Wortfiley William G., photographer, Pllsbury block, 198 

Lisbon, h. 76 Webster 
Wright Albion F., farmer, h. No. Name Pond road 
Wright Albion S., locksmith, 201 Main, h. 14 Park 
Wright Alfred S., jeweler, 229 Lisbon, h. 89 Pine 
Wright Elizabeth, widow, house 67 Walnut 
Wright Elezer G., carpenter, h. 5 Middle 
Wright Fannie 1)., widow of John C, h. 31 Sabattus 
Wright Frank, shoemaker, house 80 Ash 
Wright Frank, teamster, bds. 5 Middle 
WRIGHT FRANK A., Manfr. Wright's Elec- 
YV trifier, 43 Orauge, h. do. (see p. 574) 
Wright Fred A., clerk, 116 Lisbon, rooms 98 Franklin 
Wright Hattie M. Mrs., h. River rd., near Town farm rd. 
Wright Jefferson V., carpenter, house 321 Pine 
Wright Leroy A., mason, house 101 Elm 
Wright Lyman H., painter, rooms 135 Lisbon 
Wright Mary A., widow of Winfleld S., h. 207 College 
Wright M. Gertrude, student, Bates College, h. 207 

Wright Noel R., shoemaker, house 87 Elm 
Wright Olive Miss, bds. 314 Main 
Wright Olive T. Mrs., h. 43 Orange 
Wright Phineas, farmer, h. No Name Pond road, next 

the Pond 
Wright Reuben C, laborer, h. 87 Elm 
Wright Robert, junk, 362 Lisbon, h. 31 Horton 
Wright Thomas J. Mrs., h. 95 Wood, bds. Nichols Hall do 
Wvman Drew T. Rev., pastor, First Baptist church, h. 

224 Pine 
Wyman Ebin H., clerk, 206 Main, b. 230 do. 
Wyman George, clerk, bds. 131 Blake 
Wyman George A., clerk, Lewiston Bleacher} 7 
Wyman Grace, widow of Sylvanus, h. 131 Blake 
Wyman Herbert Elmer, student, Bates College 


XAVERINS BROTHER, assistant, Marist Brother's 
School, 245 Bates 

YATES HERBERT A., supt. stables, L. & A. H. R. R., 

rms. do. 
Yates John Lee, marble worker, h. 73 Franklin 
Yeaton Augustus Mrs., cook, h. 32 Park 
Yeaton Laura Mrs., h. 26 Park 

Yeaw Wilmarth B., half dime lunch, 2 Park, h. 25 Middle 
Yetten Ida A. Miss, teacher, Main st. sub. primary 

school, bds. 355 Main 
Yetten Relief M., widow of James A., h. 355 Main 
York Geo. L., hostler, 18 Franklin, rms do. 
York Levi P., furniture, crockery, etc., 243 Lisbon, h. 

30 Birch 
York Louis, weaver, h. 31 Lincoln 
York Nathan N., second hand, Bates Mill, bds. 9 Bates 

York Samuel, phvsician, 25 Middle, h. do. 
Youland William E'., clerk, 126 Lisbon, h. 182 Pine 
Young Arche, shoemaker, house 241 Park 
Young C. Allen, sign and ornamental painter, b. 78 Park 
Young Ezekial J., engineer, house 48 Winter 
Young Frank E., clerk, 181 Main, house 60 High 
Young Fred, mill man, boards 48 Winter 
Young Lillian A. Miss, telephone operator, 198 Lisbon, 

room 33, bds. 116 Bartlett 
Young Men's Christian Association, Thomas M. Singer, 

sec, 24 Pine 
Young Nathaniel H., driver, 36 Chapel, h. 29 Spring 
Young Seth H., millman, house 326 Main 
Young Ulric, clerk, boards 246 Park 
Young William, weaver, bds. 6 Bates Corp. 
Young Women's Reading Room, room 8, 198 Lisbon 

ZEIGLER AUGUST, house 144 Bartlett 

Zieglar Eliza Mrs., house 180 Blake 

Zeigler Fred, farmer, h. off Greene road, n. Greene line 

Zeigler William, weaver, house rear 34 Blake 





A Classified "List of all Trades, Professions and Pnrsuits in the 

CITY of LEWISTON.for the year 1891, arranged Alphabeti- 

eall for each Trade, thus exhibiting: at a glance the full 

address and Speeial Business of her Citizens. 

Agent for Novelties. 

PIPER H. W., 83 Main (see p 

Agricultural Imple- 

CHASE J. II., 191 Lisbon (see 

p. 20; 
DAVIS M. J., 108 Park (see p. 

DAVJ. II., 235 Main, (see p. 

GOSS A. E. & E. F., 41 to 45 

Main (see p. 18) 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon fsee p. 

HAITI O. S., 20G and 208 Main 
(see p. 24) 

Albums and Scrap 


Lisbon (see p. 276) 



Main, cor. Lisbon (see opposi 
Barbour H. W., 2(58 Lisbon 
Beaumier P. C 92 Lincoln 
Benard D., 400 Lisbon 
Bernard Luther, 193 Lincoln 
Blondan T. C, 275 Lisbon 
Bonrgette Joseph, 137 Lisbon 
Bourque L. N., 191 Lincoln 
Clark 11. \V., 258 Main 
Cody Flenrv F., 300 Lisbon 

Lincoln (see p. 572) 






Fancy Goods, Brushes and Sponges 

Toilet Articles, ^|jjE^ Cigars, Etc. ' 




Oppti the entire year. Is the only one in 
New England which hasits Theory and Prac- 
tice in separate apartments, conducts a La- 
dies' Department, and refuses to accept pay- 
ment in advance. Rond for Catalogue. 

F. JL. SHAvV, Principal. 



Ladies', Gent's and Children's 



No. 123 Lisbon Street, . . Lewiston, Me. 


ure Drugs, Chemicals, 


Fancy Goods, Perfumeries, Crutches and Elastic Stockings. 

Agent for Geo. M. Boak's Greenhouses. 

145 Lisbon Street, . . . Lewiston, Me. 



268 Main St., Lewiston, Me. 






No. 215 Lisbon Stree 


G-IESO. X\7\ Hi^LISTE! c*3 OO-, 

(Successors to GARDNER & LANE), 



Of all kinds done at short notice and on reasonable ten 

Bricks, Lime, Cement and Calcined Plaster constantl 
on hand and for sale at market prices. 
#3~Persoual attention given to orders entrusted to ourcs 

90 Pierce St., residence, 85 Pierce S 




Fahey J. V., 267 Lisbon 
Faucher F. A.. 366 Lisbon 
Gagnon Albert, 140 and 142 Lincoln 
Gagne F. NT.. 275 Lisbon 

Lisbon (seep. 271) 
Kimball 0. W. & Co., 170 Lisbon 
Leader W. A.. 123 Lincoln 
Maple Leaf Drug Store, Joseph 

Couture, pror., 136 Lincoln 
Madden Thomas Jr., 331 Lisbon 

Lincoln (see p. 9) 
McWilliams John P. 46 Lincoln 

Lisbon (see p. 18) 
Rivard T. C. 29 Chestnut 
Stokes M. J., 50 Lisbon 
Wakefield Bros., 114 Lisbon 
WIGGIN I>. W. & CO., 213 

Lisbon (see p. 577) 
WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 

(see p. 276) 


Coburn & Son, 135 Lisbon 
COOMBS GEORGE ill., 215 

Lisbon (see p. 272) 


Coombs D. D. 29 Lisbon 

(photographic, crayon and India 

ink work), 129 Lisbon (see p. 9) 

Hansom M. Belmont (crayon) 345 

Jones Emma C Miss, 34 Sabattus 
Rocesseau J. E. O., 175 Lisbon 
West Carrie E. Miss, 276 Pine 
Worthley W. E. G., 198 Lisbon 

Artists* Colors and 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, cor. 
Main (see p. 271) 
lark R." W., 258 Mnin 
t ERR IS XI E. II., 145 Lisbon 
(see p. 271) 
Wakefield Bros. 114 Lisbon 

Artists' Materials. 

bon (see pasje 276) 

Lisbon (see page 276) 


Fuller 'B. B. 215 Lisbon, 
Kilgore Freeman B., 356 Lisbon 
Small J. T., 166 Main 


Belanger J. B.,305 Lisbon 

BELf VEAU J., 189 Lincoln(see 
p. 2) 

Dickson John F., 217 Main 

FERGUSON W.B., 177 Lisbon 
(see page 15) 

Langevin L. L. & Co., 109 Lincoln 

Peltier Frank, 27 Cedar 

PH ANEUF M. & CO., 95 Lin- 
coln (see p. 575) 

Provost E. & Fils, 195 Lincoln 

SMITH EDWIN K., 203 Main 
(see p. 568) 

Thomas & Haas, 322 Lisbon 


Given's Orchestra, W. H. Given, 
manager, F. A. Given, leader, 158 

BAND., H. N. Johnson, leader, 
F. G. Payne, conductor, 108 Park 
(see Index) 

138 Lisbon, (see p. 563) 

UNION BAND, Albert H. Bel- 
liveau, leader, M. L. Pressey, busi- 
ness manager, 159 (see p. 576) 

Bankers {Collateral.) 

Griswold G. S. & Co. ,51 Lisbon 




Greely, pres. ; E. S. Paul, vice 
pres., J. F. Boothby, treas., Cen- 
tral block, 10 Lisbom'see opposite) 

OF LEWISTON,.!. Y. Scru- 
ton, pres., A. L. Templeton, cash- 
ier, Central block, Main, cor. Lis- 
bon (see opp.) 

Rabbins, pres., Addison Small, 
cashier. 200 Lisbon (see opp.) 

BANK, Cyrus I. Barker, pres. ; 
E. C. Wellraan, treas., 200 Lisbon 
(see opp.) 

Base Ball and Lawn 
Tennis Goods. 


Lisbon (see page 276) 

DOYLE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 
bon (see back cover) 

H1LDRETH & CO., 75 Park 

(see back cover) 

Bath Booms. 

Stevens Geo. E. (vapor)40 Sabattus 



Lishon(see p. 570) 

Beer Manufacturers. 

6 Ash (see p. 15) 

Belting Mnfrs. and 

DICKEY II. II. & SON, Main, 
near Canal, (see p. 4) 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 


ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisboi 

(see p. 9) 

Lisbon (see p. 276) 
Heath E. M. 171 Lisbon 
Littlefield J. B., H Main 
Perry J. W. & Son, 90 Liebon 


& Wallingford, props (see p. 15) 
Murphy Peter W., 288 Lisbon 
Soule & Garcelon, 121 Lisbon 

Bill Poster. 

Horbury Charles, 69 Lisbon, and 20: 

Bills of Exchange* 

GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see p. 7) 

Blacksmiths . 

Beaudette Peter, 221 Lincoln 
Boucher M., Canal 
Doten Alvah, 19 Franklin 
Fortier O., 212 Lincoln 
Googin M. J., 83 Bates 
Groves Charles EL, 25 Franklin 
Howard C Z., 81 Bates 
Lamb J. A., 688 Main 
Lord Chester M., 86 Bates 
Lord & Ireland. 53 Bates 
Riggs F. H.. rear 276 Main 
Tibbetts G. A., 168 Main 
Watson & Eraser, 51 Bates 

Blank Book Mnfrs* 


Lisbon (see p. 276) 

bon (see p. 8) 

Blank Books. 


bon (see p. 276) 

Lisbon (see p. 276) 

Lisbon (see back cover) 




County Savings Bank. 


CYRUS GREELY, President. J. P. BOOTHBY, Trejas. 

Interest commences on the first (lay of each month. 

Dividends Payable May and November First. 

The First National Bank ol Lewiston. 

CAPITAL, $400,000. SURPLUS, $200,000. 

J- Y. SCRUTON, President. F. H. PACKARD, Vic e- President. 

A. L. TEMPLETON, Cashier. 

Board of Directors. 

John N. Wood, Seth D. Wakefield, Chas. Walker, David Farrar, J. Y. Seruton. 

E. G. Piogree, Cbas. H. Osgood, W. H. White, F. H. Packard. 

Discount Days.— Mondays, and Thursdays of each week, at 11 o'clock, A- M. 

Manufacturers' National Bank, 


JOHN M. BOBBINS, President. C. I. BAKER, Vice-President. 


CAPITAL, $200,000^ ^SURPLUS, $38,500. 

Board of Directors. 
■S. M. Robbing, O. I. Barker, .lames Munroe, T. E. Eustis, 

Oliver Newman, L. I. Blake, ' W. H. Newell. 

Discount Day, Monday at 10.30 A. M. 

People's Savings Bank, 


Banking Rooms in Pilsbury Block. 

I % I. BARKER, President. E. C. WELLMAN, Treas. 

Interest on Deposits will commence the first day of each, month. 

Open ea"h day, except Saturday, from 9 to 12 a.m., and from 2 to 4 p.m. 
Saturday hours from 9 a.m. tu 2 p.m. 
Open Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 o'clock. 
" Saturday " " 6.38 to 8 o'elock. 

Dividends declared First; Monday of April and October. 




Books, Stationery, Paper Hangings 




Provident Life and Trust Co 

Incorporated Third Month, 22d Day, 1865. 

INSUKANCE IN POKCE, - - - $79,000,001 

It has never appeared in Court to contest a death claim. 

Grants Annuties and issue Life, Endowment, Term and Partnership Policie 

A. L. TALBOT, General Agent, 



Books, Stationery, Periodicals, k 

Also, Paper-Hangings, Window Shades, Picture Frames, 
Artists* Materials, Wrapping Paper, Etc. 


The "Lewiston and Auburn Directory may be found for sale only at 






Physicians 9 Prescriptions a Specialty 



Bleacher ies. 

Beal J. D , 105 Main 

J. Dempsey, treas., Lisbon opp. 
Androscoggin Mill (see Miscella- 
neous Dept.) 

Bleaching and Dyeing. 

AVON MNFG. CO., River road 
(see Miscellaneous Dept.) 

Blind Mnfr. 

Canal (see p. 561) 

Boarding Houses. 

Biggs Eliza A. Mrs., 183 Main 
Blackwell Ruby J., 320 Lisbon 
Bonville Fred 6 Franklin 
Brackett Oscar B., 178 Main 
Breton Sin, 12 Chestnut 
Clark Delia Mrs., 82 Park 
Colsom Carrie Miss., 129 Main 
Cook Sarah J. Mrs., 180 Lisbon 
Cowan Addie M., 78 Park 

Continental Corporation (see p. 

Crouse Pamelia H. Mrs., 59 Park 
Field E. A. Mrs., 97 Park 
Getchell Delia Mrs., 5 Bates corp. 
Handy Lillian Miss, 119 Lisbon 
Haskell Mary J. Miss, 53 Middle 
Hewins Julius A., 145 Nichols 
Hodgdon Persis M., 147 Park 
Hussey E. Miss. 16 Bates Corp. 
Lahey Alex, 5 Hill Corp. 
Mantor D. E. Mrs., 4 Hiil Corp. 
Moore W. S. Mrs., 6 Bates Corp. 
Miller S. E. Mrs., 9 &l(j Bates Corp. 

Mullaney Charles J, 

gin Corp. 
Palmer Joseph F., 

Plummer Abbie Mrs.. 

Plummer E. D. Miss, 

8 Androscog- 
5 Continental 

9 and 10 Bates 

8 Bates Corp. 
Quinn Ellen Mrs., 1 and 2 Andros- 
coggin Corp. 
Randall Sarah M. Mrs., 41 Park 
Read Abbie J., 12 Park 
Roberge Alfred, 14 Chestnut 
"eavey Annie Mrs., 38 Bates 

Spencer R. W., 14 Hill Corp. 
Swett Samuel, 4 Continental Corp. 
Thibadeau Pierre, 318 Lisbon 
Wellman Carrie M. Mrs., 2 Bates 

White Hattie E. Mrs., 11 Bates Corp. 

Bobbin Mnfrs. 


(THE),H. B. Skinner, manager, 
North of Cross Canal (see p. 202) 

Book Bindery. 

NEAL C. A. MRS., Journal 
Block, Lisbon (see p. 141) 

Books, Stationery ■, Etc. 

bon (see page 276) 

Lisbon (see page 276) 
Estes N. D., 80 Lisbon 
FERNALD J. M., 71 Lisbon 

(see back cover) 
Gagne J. E., 33 (Catholic) Chestnut 

Boot and Shoe Mnfrs. 


Eustis, treas., 64 Main (see p. 497) 

Boots and Shoes. 

Auger Alphonse & Co., 35 and 37 

Blouin & Herbert, 76 Lisbon 
Blouin & Lapoint, 374 Lishon 

123 Lisbon (see p. 271) 
Cox A. F. & Son (wholesale), 162 

Day F. I., 22 Lisbon 
Ellard G. W. & Co., 178 Lisbon 
Epstein S.B., 177 Lincoln 
Gousse Honore, 82 Lincoln 
Holmes M. J., 82 Chestnut 
Huot Hubert, 166 Lisbon 
Ingalls G. W. & Co., 113 Lisbon 
Melcher Arthur S., 81 Lisbon 
Montague Joseph, 114 Lincoln 



Hoots and Shoes,— Con. 


7 Lisbon (see page 501) 
New York Shoe Store, C. H. Smith, 

manager, 239 Lisbon 
Partridge Bros., 21 and 193 Main 
Perron Joseph II., Main 
Pinette Francois, 204 Lincoln 
Provost & Bermitchez, 20 Chestnut 
Rand N. S., 254 Main 
Richardson, Farr & Co., 30 Bates 

and 244 Lisbon 
Babourin Norbert, 314 Lisbon 
Simpson David, 175) Lisbon 
Smith H. J., 247 Lisbon 

Boot and Shoemakers 
and Repairers* 

Basinet Charles, 344 Lisbon 
Blouin & Hebert, 70 Lisbon 
Bourbeau Oliver, 33a Lisbon 
Brown William, 13 Ash 

123 Lisbon (seepage 271) 
Couturier A. E., 58 Cedar 
Davian Joseph, 9 Spruce 
Day I. C, 121 Main 
Desjardins Francois X"., 6 Birch 
Desjardins Samuel, 414 Lisbon 
Drouin Vital, 40 Chestnut 
Garneau E., 148 Main 
Holmes M. J., 82 Chesnut 
Lamontaigne Charles, 342 Main 
Lamontaigne Joseph, 114 Lincoln 
Libbey E. A., 83 Main 
Mailette Francois, 308 Lisbon 
Melcher Arthur S., 81 Lisbon 
Miller E. , 179 Lisbon 
MORBELL C. O., 7 Lisbon 

(see page 5<>1 ) 
Partridge Bros., 21 Main 
Pelletier Jean, 1 Spruce 
Band N. S., 2f>4 Main 
Sabourin N., 314 Lisbon 
Simpson David, 170 Lisbon 
Smith Harvey J., 247 Lisbon 


Harrison James, 385 Lisbon 

(Auburn) (see page 580) 

Ash (see p. 15) 

SPRING CO., Justin C. Hodg- 

nian, supt., Ilogan rd., Monteilo 

Heights (see page 141) 

Bracket Mnfrs. 


Grand Trunk yard (see p. 5) 
Morse O. B., foot of Cross Canal 

130 Main (see p. 4) 
Stevens D. B., 34 Main 

Brass Founders. 

Jumper C. H., 4 Ash 

CO., B. C- Reynolds, agent, Mid- 
dle, cor. West Bates, opp. M. C. 
upper depot (see page 573) 

Bread Stores. 

coln, (see page 568) 
SMITH E. K., 203 Main and 

322 Lisbon Qsee page i>(jS) 

Brick (Fire.) 

HAYES J. L. & CO., 282 Main 

(see page 504) 

Brick Mnfrs. 

Brooks Frank, 507 Main 
Libbv Horace, 544 Main 
WILLIAMS D. & CO., Burnt 



PeabodyJ. L., 109 Main 


GriswoJUl G. S. & Co. 51 Lisbon 
May Samuel E. & Co., 17 Lisbon 

Broom Mnfrs* 

Hanscom S. K., 77 Lowell 



Brooms, Brushes and 

HAITI O. S., 206 and 208 Main 

(see page 24) 

Brushes and Sponges. 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, cor. 

Main (^seepage 271; 
GERRISH E. H., 145 Lisbon 

(see page 271) 


LOWN G. N. & SON, 268 
Main (see page 272) 

Building 3Iovers. 

Baker S. A., College, beyond Mon- 

Cain David, 77 Sabattus 
Cain F. & Co., 62 and 77 Sabattus 


Crowley William, Lisbon road, near 

Clough's Corner , 

Davis Joseph E., Sabattus road 
Golder John VV., Sabattus road 
Gross E. VV., G. T. R. yard 
Pollister E. H., Sabattus road 

Butter and Cream. 

Turner Centre Dairying Asso. 30 

Cabinet Makers. 

Smith George VV., 24 Main 

Canned Goods. 

BELIVEAU J., 189 Lincoln 

(see page 2) 
BLAKE, SPEAK & CO., 209 

Main ^see page 565) 


coin (see page 568) 

E. Parlin, prop., 18 Lisbon (see 

page 566) 
CO IVAN I 1 A. P., 235 Lisbon (see- 
page 560) 
GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see page 7) 
HO¥T F. L. & CO., 230 Lis- 

bon(see page 566) 
HUTCHINS E. H., 25 Main 

(see page 567) 

Lisbon(see page 142) 

234 Main(see page 567) 
Nadeau T. E., 72 Lincoln 

Main(see page 567) 
PARLIN D. E., 18 Lisbon(see 

page 566) 
PHANEUF M. & CO., 94 

Lincoln(see page 575) 
RICH, 97 Ash(see page 566) 
WALKER BROS., 55 Bates 

(see page 568) 

Carpenters and 


244 Main (see page 3) 
Caouette C. 339 Lisbon 
DAY BROS., 158Main(see page 


Canal(see page 572) 
Greeley Cyrus, 78 Bartlett 
Haskell John VV., Cross Canal 

7 Main(see page 564^ 
Libbv E. Stanley, 127 Oak 

Eierce'see page 272) 
LOWN G. E. & SONS, 268 

Main (see page 272) 
Steven D. B., 34 Main, 
Sullivan J. E., College rd. corner 

Merrill lroad 
Wood & Crockett, 264 Main 

Carpet Cleaning. 

Allen R. D., 63 Spring 
LOWN G. E. & SONS, 268. 
Main (see page 272) 



Carpet Lugs. 

Ceiling Decorations. 

ALLEN D. A CO., 22 Lisbon 


(see front cover) 

2G6 Main(see page 571) 

ill ,U! L. L. & CO., 155 Lis- 

bon (.see page 57U) 


CO., 199 and 201 Lisbon (see p. 

Cement 9 Lime and 



Lisbon (see page 570) 

HAM O. S., 206 and 208 Main 

(see page 24) 

HAYES J. L, A CO., 282 Main 

(see page 564) 

Carriage Dealers. 

Groves Cbarles H., 25 Franklin 

WADE A DUiVI'OJV, 29 to 35 

Chicago Dressed Beef. 

Lark(see page 572) 

Gross E. W., Grand Trunk Yard 

Carriage Hardware. 

DAY J. II., 235 Main(see page 


WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 57 J) 

Carriage Mnfrs. 

Groves Charles H., 25 Franklin 
WADE A: DUNTON, 29 to 35 

Lark (see page 572) 

Carriage Painters. 

Jones Orville, 104 Wood 

WADE A DUNTON, 29 to 35 

Lark (see page 572) 


WADE A DUNTON, 29 to 35 

Park (see page 572) 

Carriage Stock 

GrarTam 1). & Co., 42 Bates 


Langniaid Alonzo W., 37 Ash 

Cigar Mnfrs* 

Drake Cyril P., 11 Chapel 
Hatch John C, 64 Lisbon 
Kerbst Edward, 52 Canal 
Kreimer J. H., Strawberry av. 
Lowell D. W., 182 Lisbon 
League W. H., 164 Lisbon 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, cor. 

Main (see p. 271) 
Barbour H. W., 268 Lisbon 
Clark K. W., 258 Main 
Creeden John F., 354 Lisbon 
CUMMIN GS S. A., 223 Main 

(see page 6) 

Lincoln (see p. 572) 
GERR1SH E. H., 145 Lisbon 

(see page 271) 
coln (see p. 201) 
Hatch John C, 64 Lisbon 

243 Main (see p. 567) 
LONG D. E., 57 Lisbon (seep. 

Lowell D. W., 182 Lisbon 

Lincoln (see p. 9) 
O'Connell Michael, 31 Lincoln 
O'Connell Susan Mrs., 11 Main 
RIMER W. E., 208 Lisbon (see 

page IS) 
Tracy John A., 26 Lisbon 
WALKER BROS., 55 Bates 

(see page oGS) 



Ward Michael A., 28 Ash 
Wentworth Daniel, 147 Main 
WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 

(see page 276) 
WIGGIN ». W. & €0., 213 

Lisbon (see p. 577) 

Circulating Libraries. 

bon (see p^ge 276)' 
Estes N. D.. 80 Lisbon 

Civil Engineer. 

JONES JOHN A., City Hall 


Adams John Q. (F. B.), H4 Col- 
Bean George W. (F. B.), 604 Main 
Corey Joseph A. (M. E.), 3 Bridge 
Donnocher D. G. (Bap.), 141 Nichols 
Eales Horace, East aveuue 
Healey M. J. (R. C.), 253 Main 
Howe George M. (Cong.), 149 Fine 
Johonnot R. F. (Univ. ), 50 Wood 
Libby Almon (F. B.), 112 Webster 
Morard Thomas (R. C), 113 Ash 
Mothon Alexander (R. C), 113 Ash 
Beckham F. H. (F.B.,, 14 Bier sant 
Summerbell M. (F. B.), 431 Main 
Talbot Louis B., 185 Webster 
Thayer E. O. (M. E.), 98 Ash 
Wallace Thomas H. (R. C), 253 

Whitman E. Z., Wellman 
Whitmore J. E., 151 Nichols 
Williams L. S. (Bap.), 141 Nichols 


ANT HOI NE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see page 9) 

Clothes Cleaned and 


Main (see p. 561) 

Clothes Cleansers. 

Beal J. D., 105 Main 

Daggett R., 16 Ash 

Eastern Dye House, J. D. Beal, 

prop., 105 Main 

Main (see page 561) 


ALLEN & CO., 85 Lisbon (see 

page 576) 

134 to 140 Lisbon (see p. 6) 

Boyle Bros., 88 Lisbon 

Guay Augustin, 258 Lisbon 

Isaacson S. A. & Co., 152 Lisbon 

141 Lincoln (seep. 577) 

61 Lisbon (see p. 8) 

Richards & Merrill, Lyceum bldg. , 
49 Lisbon 

SON, 23 Lisbon (see page 24) 

S*I4ES R. M. At CO., 54 Lis- 
bon (see page 1 ) 

Temple & Co., 70 Lisbon 

Coal and Wood. 


138 Mam (see front cover) 
Davis John A., rear 43 Maple 
Dormant H. R. & Co., lb Lisbon, 

and 76 Cedar 

Bates, and 57 VVhipple(see p. 142) 

Main, near lower M. C. R. R. de- 
pot (see page 142) 
MAIO S. W., Canal st. alley 

(see page 571) 
NORTON O. A., 65 Ash (see 

page 202) 

Bates (see p. 202) 


Cedar, at Cross Canal (see p. 201) 
SKINNER II. B. <fc CO., 1 

Cross Canal (see p. 202) 

Bark (see page 564) 

10 Troy (see p. 585; 
WOOD J. N., 64 Middle (see 

front cover) 



Cocoanut Grater Mnfr. 


(see page 20) 

Coffins, Caskets and 

ALLEN D. A CO., 225 Lisbon 

(see front cover) 
BLAKE L. L. & CO., 155 

Lisbon (see p. 570) 
CRANE F. E. A; CO., 57 Main 

(see page 570) 

DINS, 41 Ash (see p. 575) 

Lisbon (see p. 570) 

Collection Agency, 

Rodick Wm. J., 135 Lisbon 

Combs and Heeds for 
Cotton Mills, 

CRAIG * SCOTT, 44 Canal 
(see page 141) 

Commission Mer- 

Crowell C. S. & Co., 161 Main 
Guay Augustine (clothing, etc.)>258 

Kilgore Freeman B., 356 Lisbon 
Maxwell & Nevens, 10 Park 

240 Main (see p. 5G5) 

Concrete Pavers. 

Prentiss Leander P., 472 Main 



Lisbon (see p. 5(il) 

CUMMINGS S. A., 223 Main 
(see page 6) 

FERGUSON W. B., 177 Lis- 
bon (see p. 15) 

Grant Alton L., 1G0 Lisbon 
coln (see p. 201) 
Harlow A. E., 58 Lisbon and 260 

Howard George R., 61 Main 
Langmaid Alonzo W\, 37 Ash 
Murphy Nellie Miss, 370 Lisbon 
Thomas & Haas, 322 Lisbon 

Confectionery Mnfrs. 

CUMMINGS S. A., 223 Main 

(see page 6) 
Harlow A. E., 58 Lisbon 

Contractors and 

{See also Railroad Contractors. ) 


244 Main (see p. 3) 
DAY BROS., 16H Main (see p. 

Greely Cyrus. 78 Bartlett 
HALL W. J., Cross canal (see 

p. 572) 

7 Lower Main (see page 564) 

90 Pierce (see p. 272) 
Libby W. A., rear 26 Pine 
Stevens 1). B., 34 Main, near the 

Wood & Crockett, 2G4 Main 

Copper and Galvan- 
ized Iron Work. 

STETSON J. II. &; CO., 65 

Lisbon (see p. 571) 

Cordage and Twine. 

DAY J. H., 235 Main(see p. 575) 
HAITI O. S., 206 and 208 Main 

(see p. 24) 
SlETSON J. If. &. CO., 65 

Lisbon (see p. 571) 


Hoop Skirts, 



Lisbon v see back cover) 



Cotton Goods Mnfrs. 


Canal, c. Lisbon(see Miss. Dept.) 
AVON MNFG. CO., River rd. 

(see Miss. Dept.) 
BATES MNFG. CO., Canal, 

cor. Pine (see Miss. Dept.) 

Oxford, cor. Chestnut (see Miss. 

HILL MIVFG. CO., Canal, c. 

Chestnut (see Miss. Dept.) 

Cotton Seed Meal. 

HA HI J. B. & CO., Grand 

Trunk Yard (see p. 565) 
HAM O. S., 206 and 208 Main 

(see p. 24) 

Cotton and Woolen 
Machinery . 

CO., Middle, cor. West Bates 
(see p. 573) 

Cough Lozenges Mnfrs 

ROGERS M. J. & CO., 21 

Lisbon (see p. 227) 

Country Produce. 

BLAKE, SPEAR & CO., 209 

Main (see p. 565) 

E. Parlin, prop., 18 Lisbon (see 
page 566) 

CON ANT A. P., 235Lisbon( 9 ee 
page 566) 

Dresser R, & Co., 181 Main 

GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 
(see p. 7) 

HOYT F. L. & CO., 230 
Lisbon (see p. 566") 

HUTCHINS E. II., 25 Main 
(see p. 567) 

bon (see p. 142) 

Nadeau T. P., 72 Lincoln 

Main (see p. 567; 

PARLIN D. E., 18 Lisbon (see 
page 566) 

PHANELF M. & CO., 94 Lin- 
coln (see p. 575) 


Turner Centre Creamery, E. S. 
Bradford, manager, 30 Main 

Crockery , China and 
Glass Ware. 

CONANT A. P., 235 Lisbon (see 
page 566) 

DO¥LE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 
bon (see page 24; 

GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 
(see p. 7) 

GOSS A. E. & E. F., 41 to 45 
Main (see p. 18) 

Lisbon (see p. 142) 

PHANELFM. <& CO., 94 Lin- 
coln (see p. 575) 

Lisbon (see page 18) 


Barbour H. W., (mfnr.) 268 Lis 

GERRISHE.H., 145 Lisbon 

(see page 2/1) 

Cut Flowers. 

CRANE F. E., 57 Main (see p. 


CATLAND T. R., 170 Lisbon 
(see page 561) 

CHASE J. H., 101 Lisbon (see 
page 2U) 

DA If J. H., 235 Main (see page 

WARE CO., od Lisbon (see 
page 5/1) 


BAILEY E.,20 Lisbon(see p. 20) 
BEALMIErt P. C.,y2 Lincoln 
Bonney P. ,)., 8 Lisbon 
Lockwood Bros., 163 Main 
Martel A. 0., 256 Lisbon 

Lisbon (see page 18) 
Woodbury N., VJ6 Lisbon, room 6 




Odlin & Larabee, 293 Lisbon 

Diamonds and Pre- 
cious Stones. 

ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 
(see page 9) 

Dimension Timber. 


Grand Trunk yard (see page 5) 

Dining Hooms. 




Lisbon (see pasje 56 1) 
Fairfield A. P. Airs. , 8 Park 
Hibbert Samuel, 195 Lisbon 
LONG DANIEL F., 57 Lisbon 

(see page 573) 

Main (see page 567) 
Yeaw W. B., 2 Bark 

Door Plate Mnfrs. 

Free Henry, 145 Main 

Doors , SasJies & Blinds 

Adams Wm. B. (doors), Cross 


7 Lower Main (see page 564) 
JOHNSON J. A. i blinds), Cross 

Canal (see page 561 ) 
PINOREE B. C. & CO., 136 

Main (see page 4) 
Stevens 1). B., 34 Main 

Door and Window 

Canal (see page 575) 

Drain and Sewer Pipe* 

DAY J. H., 235 Main (see page 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 

HAVES J. L. & CO., 282 Main 

(see page 564) 


BLAKE L. L. & CO., 155 Lis- 
bon (see p. 570) 

CO., 199 and 201 Lisbon (see p. 

Draughtsman . 

COOMBS O. M., Lisbon (see 
p. 272) 


Belanger Emelia, 104 Chestnut 
Desjardins Marie Mrs., 198 Bark 
Mionne Misses, 199 Bark 

Dress and Cloak Mak- 

Amyotte Bhebe Mrs., 38 Ash 
Backus Alice B. Mrs., 36 Ash 
Bean Lula &. Mrs., 122 Lisbon 
Besse E. H. Mrs., 203 College 
Blouin Hubert Mrs., 15 on thelsland 
Bolton Ella C. Mrs., 84 College 
Bowes N. L. Mrs., 9 High 
Boynton H. J. Miss, 138 Lisbon 
Bubier Hattie Mrs., 114 Ash 
Collins H. J. Mrs., 117 Ash 
Cooper Margaret L., 6 College 
Couturier Eva Miss, 123 Lincoln 
Crockett Flora A. Miss, 125 College 
Deseoteaux M. L. Miss, 2a Spruce 
Doyle Agnes, 28 Franklin 
Lion Mary Mrs., 374 Lisbon 
Dumoiit Loeadie Miss, 146 Oxford 
Durgio A. H. Miss. 54 Ash 
Ellis Elvina S. Mrs., 373 College 
Evaina Sarah Mrs., 102 Chestnut 
Ferland Joseph Mrs., 109 Cedar 
Frye Mary N. Mrs., 63£ Lisbon 
Gannon Josie W. Mrs., 114 Bartlett 
Gastanguay P. Miss, 73 Franklin 



Gauthier A. Miss, 17 Spruce 
Gerard Loren Mrs., 93 Cliestnut 
Golder Ella F. Miss, 9 Bartlett 
Hammond Clara, 162 Lisbon 
Handy M. A. Mrs., 119 Lisbon 
Hodsdon O. S. Mrs., 216 Main 
Ireland Abbie S. Mrs., 113 Bates 
Kilbourne & Williams, 51 Lisbon 
Lacey Mary Miss, 79 Chestnut 
Langevin Angie Mrs., 42 College 
Latham Carrie P. Mrs., 13 Lisbon 
Litchfield H. A. Mrs., 31 Lisbon 
Marcotte Matilda Miss, 57 College 
Marr Lora H. Miss, 35 Ash 
Mercure Euphemie Miss, 44 Knox 
Morgan L. A. Miss, 175 Lisbon 
Mitchell Emma J. Miss, 34 High 
Morin Marie Miss, 59 Lincoln 
Moulton L. F. Mrs., 172 Pine 
Muzzv H. L. Miss, 39 Ash 
Newton C L. Mrs., 186 Oak 
Norris Lizzie A. Miss, Main, Barker- 

Odlin F. L. Mrs., 112 Webster 
Paul E. S. & Co., 174 Lisbon 
Perkins E. A. Mrs., 62 Lisbon 
Peterson L. M. Mrs., 40 Lisbon 
Poulin Julie Mrs., 170 Lincoln 
Provost Arzalie Miss, 31 Chestnut 
Quimby Angie L. Miss, 165 Oak 
Kaymond Georgianna, 104 Ash 
Read Mary A. Miss, 95 Lisbon 
RenyA. T. & Co., 24 Chestnut 
Roche B. Miss, 165 Lincoln 
Sanborn Sarah P. Mrs., 192 Lisbon 
Simonds Rose Mrs., 76 High 
Smith Carrie V. Mrs., 91 Lisbon 
Swett A. M. Mrs., 155 Park 
Tardiff Alfred Mrs., 74 Lincoln 
Tardiff Malvina Mrs., 154 Lincoln 
Thibault Misses, 38 Ash 
Thibeault A. A. Miss, 53 Franklin 
Thompson Eva Miss. 90 Franklin 
Towle Susie M. Miss, rm. 10, Pills- 
bury block, 198 Lisbon 
Towne Fannie E., Ill Bates 
Waterhouse L. Mrs., 154 Pine 
Westcott H. L. Mrs., 120 Blake 
Whitman Annie S. Mrs., 30 Cottage 
Whitney Annie A. Mrs., Pine, near 

Dress Cutting. 

HuotEmmaM-, 122 Oak 

Drugs and Chemicals. 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, or. 
Main (see page 271) 

DESJARDIftS P. K., 140 

Lincoln (see 572) 
ttERRISH E. H., 145 Lisbon 

;see page 271) 

Lincoln (seepage 9) 
HIRER W. E., 208 Lisbon (see 

page 1^) 
"WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 

(see pa<*e 276) 
WIGGIX ». W. & CO., 213 

Lisbon (see p. 577) 

Dry Goods. 

Bates Remnant Store, 221 Lisbon 
Ehrenfried George, 96 Lisbon 
Farr r C. D. & Co., 204 Lisbon 
Goodkowsky J. H., 171 Lincoln 
G-eenberg Bros., 196 Lisbon 
Greenberg Isaac, 280 Lisbon 
Greenberg Nathan, 33 Lisbon 

141 Lincoln (see p. 577) 
Lowell & Lowell, 184 Lisbon 
Oswald & Armstrong, 95 to 195 

PAUL E. S. & CO., 174 Lisbon 

(see page 16) 
Peck B. Dry Goods Co., 126 Lisbon 

Dye Houses. 

BealJoel D., 105 Main 

Daggett R., 16 Ash 

Eastern Steam Dye House, J. D. 
Beal, prop., 105 Main 

Main (see p. 561) 


J. Dempsey, treas., Lisbon, opp. 
Androscoggin Mill (see Miss. 

Eating Houses. 

Lisbon (see p. 561) 




B. F,, 57 Lisbon (see p. 

Eclectic Physician. 

Johnson Ebenezer $., Exchange 
Hotel, Chapel 



Edge Tool Maker. 

Leavitt Chase P., 8 Franklin 

Electric Clocks. 

ANTIIOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see page 9) 
Drew George A., 75 Lisbon 

Engineers {Steam and 



48 Main (see p. 201) 

Engravings and Oil 

Wardwell H. B., 29 Lisbon 


American Express, E. C. Webster, 
as:ent, 65 Main and 181 Lisbon 

CO., Beane & Lynch, prop., 29 
Ash (see p. 10) 

SPATCH CO., F. R. Staples, 
agent, 179 Lisbon (see p. 11) 

Fancy Goods. 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, cor. 
Main (see D. 271) 

ANTIIOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 
(see page 9) 

Barbour H. W., 268 Lisbon 

(see page 276) 

Clark R. W.,258 Main 

DESJARDINS P.R., 140 Lin- 
coln (see page 572) 

Lisbon (see page 27(1) 

Dunbar M. C. Mrs., 1:!1 Lisbon 

Ebrenfried George, 96 Lincoln 

Farrar C. 1). & Co. 204 Lisbon 

GERRIS1I E.H., 14o Lisbon 
(see page 271) 

Greenberg Isaac. 2S0 Lisbon 

Greenberg N., 33 Lisbon 


141 Lincoln(see page 577) 
Lowell & Lowell, 184 Lisbon 
PAGE G. R.,27 Lisbon(see page 

PAUL E. S. & CO., 174 Lisbon 

(see page 16^ 
Peck B. Dry Goods Co., 126 Lisbon 
Ringree E. M. Mrs., 266 Lisbon 
Renv A. G. & Co.. 24 Chestnut 
It IK ER W. E., 208 Lisbon (see 

pa-e 18) 
ROBIE S. P., 116 Lisbon (see 

front cover) 
Tracy J. A., 26 Lisbon 
Ward well PL B., 29 Lisbon 
WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 

(see page 276) 
WIGGIN D. W. & CO., 213 

Lisbon fsee page 577; 
Wood Daniel (crockery and glass), 

151 Lisbon 

Fancy Goods ( Whole- 

DOUGLASS * COOlt, 188 

Lisbon(see page 276) 


HAM J. B. & CO., Grand 

Trunk Yard(see page 565) 
HA 91 O. S., 206 and 208 Main 
(see page 24) 

Fire Works. 

DOYLE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 
bon (see page 24) 
Judge & McCarthy, 304 Lisbon 

Fish Dealers. 

Atwood Abram, 159 Lisbon 
Goff W., 307 Lisbon 
HUTCH1NS E. H., 2; 

(see page 567) 
Mottram John J., 24 Lincoln 
Reabody L., 169 Main 
S ib >urin Eli, 318 Lisbon 
WAL14ERBRt>S., 55 

near Main (see page 568) 





Five, Ten and Twenty- 
Five Cent Store. 

DOYLE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 

bon(see page 24) 

Lisbon(see page 18) 



Gerrish, agent(see page 228) 
Scribner S. B., Maple opp. Knox 

Flour 9 Grain. Meal, 
Feed, Ftc. 

Auger John, 198 Lincoln 
BELIVEAL J.,189 Lincoln(see 

page 2) 

209 Main (see page 565) 
coln (see page 568) 

E. Parlin prop., 18 Lisbon (see 

page 566) 
CONANT A. P., 235 Lisbon(see 

page 566) 
DAVIS M. J., 108 Park(see page 

GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see page 7) 
HAlfl J. B. & CO., G. T. R. 

Yard (see p. 565) 
HAM O. S., 200 to 208 Main (see 

page 24) 
HAYES J. L. & CO., 282 

Main (see p. 564) 
HOYT F. L. & CO.,230 Lisbon 

(see p. 566) 
MUTCHINS E. II., 25 Main 

(see page 567) 

Lisbon (see p. 142) 

243 Main (see p. 567) 
Nadeau T. P., 72 Lincoln 

Main (see p. 567) 
PAKLIN D. E., 18 Lisbon (see 

page 566) 
PHANEUF M. «fc CO., 94 

Lincoln (see p. 575) 

97 Ash (see p. 56iy) 
Wood J. N. (storage), 64 Middle 

Flowers (Cut.) 

CRANE F. E. & CO., 67 Main 

(see p. 570) 

Lisbon (see p. 228; 


Jumper C. H. ''Brass), 4 Ash 

CO., R. C. Reynolds, agent,Mid- 
dle, cor. West Bates (see p. 573) 

Fruit and Confection- 

CRESSEY D. B., 167 Lisbon 

(see p. 561) 
CUMMINGS S. A., 223 Main 

(see pa^e 6) 
Hamilton Robert, 251 Lisbon 
Labranche Joseph, 238 Lisbon 
Leavitt & Waterman, Island Garden 
Michaud F. O., 102 Lincoln 
Thibeault C, 36 Chestnut 
Turgeon Bros., Main, cor. Lisbon 
Wentworth Daniel, 147 Main 

Fruit (Wholesale.) 

MUNROE W. F., 240Main(see 
page 565) 

Funeral Directors. 

CRANE F. E. & CO., 57 Main 

{see p. 570) 

Mcdonough & des- 

JARDINS, 41 Ash. cor. Park 
(see p. 575) 


ALLEN D. & CO., 225 Lisbon 

(see front cover) 

BLAKE L. L. & CO., 155 Lis- 
bon (see p. 570) 


CO., 199 and 201 Lisbon (see 

page 569) 
Labranche Charles, 291 Lisbon 
Lord Rufus, 173 Main 
Marcotte & Landry, 132 Lincoln 



Furniture, — Contin'd. 

Montreal & Quebec Furniture Co., 

143 Lincoln 
Record S., 5+ Main 
Tracy James, 227 Mnin 

Lisbon (see p. 570) 
Washburn Chair Co., 110 Park 
York L. P., 243 Lisbon 

Gas Fitters. 

BUNKER Will. B., 49 Main 

(see p. 2) 
SMITH J. B. & CO., 40 Main 
(6ee p. 5) 

Gas Fixtures, 

BUNKER WJfl. B., 49 Main 

(see p. 2) 
SMITH J. B. & CO., 40 Main 

(see p. 5) 

Gas Light Company. 

CO., Edward C. Lee, treas., De- 
Witt House, Park, cor. Pine (see 
page 5G3) 

Gents 9 Furnishing 

ALLEN & CO., 85 Lisbon (see 

page 576) 
BABBITT BROS., 134 to 140 

Lisbon (see page 8) 

Getchell P. P., 110 Lisbon 

Lisbon (see page 8) 

Murphv T. J., (>ti Lisbon 

87 Lisbon (see page 8) 

Richards & Merrill, 49 Lisbon 

HOBIE S. P., 116 Lisbon (see 
front cover) 

23 Lisbon (see page 24) 

SYKES R. M. & CO., 54 Lis- 
bon (see page 7) 

Ginger Ale. 


Chestnut (see page 580) 
SPRING CO.,Justin C. Hodg- 
man, general manager, Hogan rd. 
Montello Heights (see p. 141) 

Glass (Plate and Win- 

WARE CO., 53 Lubon (set 
page 571) 


ROBIE S. P., 116 Lisbon (se< 
front cover) 

Gloves and Mittens. 

ROBIE S. P., 116 Lisbon (se. 
front cover) 

Granite Workers. 

AL WORKS, 12 and 14 Bate 

(see page 3) 


ROAK GEO. M., E. H. Gerris 
agent, 145 Lisbon (see p. 228) 

Grist Mills. 

HAM J. B.&CO.,GrandTrun; 

Yard (see page 565) 
HAM O. S., 200 Main (see pag 


Auger Alphonse & Co., 35 and 3 

Auger John P., 198 Lincoln 

Lincoln (see page 2) 



M., 248 Lisbon 

BLAKE, SPEAR & CO., 209 

Main (see page 565) 
Blanchard Wesley, 238 Main 
Blanchet & Co., 396 Lisbon 
Blouin & Lapoint, 378 Lisbon 
coln (see page 568) 

Lisbon (see page 566) 
Carrigan John E., 14 Lisbon road 
Cloutier W. E. & C. H., 284 Lisbon 
CONANT A. P., 235 Lisbon 

(see page 566) 
Dresser R. & Co., 181 Main 
Eagan Michael, 88 Lincoln 
OARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see page 1) 
Gingras L. N., 146 Lincoln 
Graffam C. H., 43 Maple 
Howard Bros., 40 Ash 
HOYT F. L. & CO., 230 Lisbon 

(see pae^e 566) 
HUTCHINS E. H., 25 Main 

(see page 567) 

(see page 142) 
Kennedy E. P.* 412 Lisbon 
Lavertu Francois 379 Lisbon 
Lewiston Co-operative Store, 49 


243 Main (see p. 567) 
Lord J. C. & Son, 34 Ash 
Marcous S., 274 Lisbon 
Marshall Bros.. 259 Lisbon 
Merrifield & Brewer, 371 Lisbon 
More G. G., 807 Main, Barkerville 
Nadeau T.F.,72 Lincoln(see p. 539) 

Main (see p. 567) 
O'Connell Hannah Mrs., 285 Lincoln 
PARLIN D. E., 18 Lisbon v see 

p. 566) 
Peabody J. L. & Co., 169 Main 
Peltier Frank, 27 Cedar 
PHANEUF M. *CO.,94Lin- 

coln(see p. 575) 
Provost E. & Fils, 194 Lincoln 
Roche & Curran, 249 Main 
R1CH, 97 Ash (see p. 566) 
Sawyer J. M., 37 Lincoln 


CATLAND T. R„ 170 Lisbon 

(see p. 561) 
Sabourin E., 318 Lisbon 

Guns and Pistols. 

CATLAND T. R, 170 Lisbon 
(see p. 561j 





Grand Trunk yard (see p. 5) 

Hacks and Carriages. 

Filgore Frank, 107 College 

bon (see p. 576) 

Cedar ( see p. 574) 
READ H. A., 101 Franklin (see 

p. 574) 

Lisbon ^see p. 570) 

Ha ir dressers. 

Beliveau Joseph, 364 Lisbon 
Blake Frank ti., 102 Lisbon 
Boucher J. H. , 256 Lisbon 
Burgess R. M., 93 Main 
Cloutier Samuel, 177 Lincoln- 
Cote F. X., 218 Main 
Coffin & Joneg, 198 Lisbon 
Croteau Geo., 197 Lincoln 
Cunion John J., 336 Lisbon 
Desjardins Alphonse, 317 Lisbon 
Ellis Nath., 150 Main 
Fahey E. F., 256 Lisbon 
Hawkins & Dresser, 60 Lisbon 
Langlois J. B., 285 Lisbon 
Lothrop Brothers, 186 Lisbon 
Marcotte & Langelier. 242 Lisbon 
Maxfield & Shaw, 20 Lisbon 
Mclndr; & Mesereau, 189 Main 
Merrill Fred D.. 219 Main 
Murphy James F., 115 Main 
Pheriix Chas. B., 33 Ash 
Russell Thomas, 10 Lincoln 
Taylor Russell S., 22 Pine 
Terriers Joseph, 81 Chestnut 
Waterliouse J. M., 294 Lisbon 
Whitten L. N., 194 Main 

Hair Goods. 

Campbell Z. J.. 21 Lisbon 
Dunbar M. C. Mrs., 131 Lisbon 




Hardware and 

CHASE JOH \ II., 191 Lisbon 
(see p. 20) 

DAY JOSEPH II., 235 Main, 
(p. 575) 

WARE CO. ,53 Lisbon (see p. 

Pratt T. Llovd, 183 Lisbon 

STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 
Lisbon (see p. 571) 

Harness Mnfrs. 

Covell Cbas. W., 213 Main 
Getchell J. F., 127 Main 
Longlev J. P., 179 Main 
Michaud Geo. B., 289 Lisbon 
Richardson, Farr & Co., 30 Bates 

Hat and Bonnet 

Beal.T. D., 105 Main 

Main (see page 561) 

Hats, Caps and Furs. 

ALLEN & CO., 85 Lisbon (see 
p. 57(1) 

Andrews E. C. & Co. (mnfrs.), 72 

134 to 140 Lisbon (see page 8) 

Callahan T. F. & Co., 286 Lisbon 

Getchell P. P., 110 Lisbon 

Murphy T. J., G8 Lisbon 


CO.,, 87 Lisbon (see page 8) 

SON, 23 Lisbon (see p. 24) 

SYKES R. HI., & CO., 54 Lis- 
bon (see page 7) 

Hay and Strata. 

DAVIS UI. J., 86 Ash, c. Park 

(see j). 565) 
HAITI J. B. * CO., G. T. . 

Yard (see p. 565) 

'06 and 208 Ma: 
& CO., 282 Ma: 
A., 32 Ash (sc 

HAM O. S., : 

(see p. 24) 

(see p. 5fi4) 

p. 202) 
Bobbins L. C, 270 Main 
STEVENS I. D., 205 Park (sc 

p. 564) 
WOOD JOHN N., 64 Midd: 
(see front cover) 

Hop Beer Mnfrs. 


6 Ash (see p. 15) 

Horse, Cattle and 
Poultry Food. 

HA ITI O. S., 206-208 Main (see] 

Horse Shoers. 

Berry & Frye, 168 Main 
Blonin Joseph A., 8 Franklin 
Doten Alvab, 19 Franklin 
Googin Melvin J., 83 Bates 
Groves Cbarles H.. 25 Franklin 
Howard Cbas. Z., rear 81 Bates 
Lord & Ireland, 53 Bates 
Watson & Fraser, 51 Bates 



120 Lisbon (see p. 8) 


CITY HOTEL, S. F. Craft 

prop., 171 Main (see p. 577) 
PeWitt House, H. A. Brick, prop 

Pine, cor. Park 
Exchange Hotel, E. Murch & Soi 

props., 16 Cbapel 

& Waliingford, props., 100 Mail 

opp. M. C. R. R. station (see ] 

Hotel Rockingham. L. P. Huntooi 

prop., 62 Franklin 







Compilers and Publishers of 



)irectories of all the principal cities of the United States 
kept on hand for reference. 


Hot Water Heating. 

BUNKER W. B., 49 Main, 

. (see p. 2) 

48 Main (see p. 20) 

40 Main (see p. 5) 

House Finish. 


Grand Trunk Yard (see p 5) 
PINGREE R. C. &CO., 136 

Main (see p. 4) 

Hailed Corn 

Donnell Asa S., 79 Elm 



CO., 36 Chapel, n. Lowell (see 
p. 573) 

Ice Cream. 

CRESSEY D. B., 167 Lisbon 

(see p. 561) 
FERGUSON W. B. , 177Lis- 
bon v 'see p. 15) 

Infants 9 Clothing, 

Darrah \V. C. 117 Lisbon 



Insurance Agents. 

BAILEY C. B., Smalls block, 

Lisbon (see p. 4!)0) 
Bechard II. P., 250 Lisbon 
Buckley O. II. and \V. A., 1G9 Lis- 
TLE, 7!) Lisbon (see opp.) 
CON A NT F. A., 124 Lisbon 

(see opp.) 
Davis Emery P., 30 Eranklin 
Durocher Hector, 25(5 Lisbon, rra. 4 
Fuller B. B.,#15 Lisbon 
Gledhill Thomas H., 110 Ash 
Howe, Freeland. Smalls blk., Main 
LAWRENCE J. E., general 

agent, 20 Pine (see p. 2) 
Lyston William, 247 Lisbon 
Met. Life Ins. Co., 250 Lisbon 
Payette E. J., 109 Lisbon 
Payette N.. 250 Lisbon 
Small J. T. & Co., 100 Main 
TALBOT A. L., 19 Lisbon (see 

page 270) 
WATROUS E. E., College 
block (see p. 577) 

Insurance Companies. 

Represented by 


79 Lisbon (see opp.) 

Hartford, Conn. 


TED), of London, England 


New York 

of New York 

CO., of Hartford, Conn. 

HO II E INS. CO., of New York 


INS. CO., of New York 

of New York 

INS. CO., of Philadelphia, Pa. 

P HE NIX, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

PHOENIX, of Hartford, Conn. 

ROYAL INS. CO., of Liver- 
pool, England 



Hartford, Conn. 

Represented by 

C. B. BAILEY, Smalls bloc 
(see p. 490) 



Represented, by 

F. A. CON ANT, 124 Lisbo 

(see opp.) 



New York 
GIRARD, of Philadelphia 


of London, England 


cester, Mass. 

Hamburg and Bremen 


LANCASHIRE, of England 

of England 
MERCHANTS, of Newaik, 1 

MERIDEN, of Meriden, Conn. 
NATIONAL, of Hartford, Conn 
ORIENT, of Hartford, Conn. 
QUEEN, of Liverpool. England 

VANIA, of Philadelphia 
TRADERS', of Chicago 


Represented by 

A. L. TALBOT, 19 Lisbon (se« 

page 270) 

TRUST CO., of Philadelphia 





Fire, Life & Accident 


Music Hall, Block, 

79 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me. 


iEtna, California, Franklin, Green- 
wich, Home, Hartford, Hanover, 
Phenixof Brooklyn, Travelers' 
Life & Accident, Phoenix 
of Hartford, Pennsyl- 
vania, Commer- 
cial Union, 
Liverpool & London & Globe, Royal, 
Lloyds' Plate-Glass Insurance Co. 

Insurance placed on all clauses of Hazards. 
Management of Real Estate a Specialty. 

Wm. M. Chamberlin. Horace C. Little. 


Real Estate 


Insurance Agent, 

124 Lisbon Street, 

Aggregate Assets of Companies §28,473,926. 

Representing: some of the most Relia- 
ble Companies. 

American Fire, of Philadelphia. 

Buffalo German, of N. Y. 

Continental, of N. Y. 

Fire Association, of Phila. Pai 

First Nat. Fire Ins. Co., of Worcester, Mass. 

Ins. Company of North America, Phila. 

Lancaster, England. 

Merchants, of Newark, N. J. 

Meriden, of Meriden, Conn. 

Orient, of Hartford, Conn. 

Queen Ins. Co., of England. 

Hamburg Bremen, of Germany. 

London & Lancashire, England. 

National, of Hartford, Conn. 

United Firemens, Pa. 

Iron Founders, 


CO., Middle, cor. West Bates 
(see page 573) 

Iron Pipe and 

BUNKER W. B., 49 Main 

(see page 2) 

48 Main (see p. 201) 
STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see p. 571) 

Iron and Steel. 

DAY J. H., 235 Main (see page 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 

Jewelry and Watches, 

ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see page 9) 
Drew Geo. A.., 75 Lisbon 
Hebbard C H., 213 Lisbon 
GagneT. N., 272 Lisbon 
Marcous S., 141 Lincoln 
Moreau Motlest, 23 Chestnut 
Osgood H. A. & Co., 127 Lisbon 
Perry J. W. & Son, 229 Lisbon 
Vervette G., 191 Lincoln 
Wright A. S., 50 Lisbon 

Junk Dealers. 

Sands J. B., 42 Main 

Tigbe Michael J., 536 Lincoln 

Wright Robert, 362 Lisbon 

Justices of the Peace. 


Lisbon (see page 295) 
NOBLE FRANK L., 25 Lis- 
bon (see page 295) 



Kalsomining and 

Last Manufacturers, 


Leavitt E. M. , 1 Cross Canal 


BO Pierce (see page 272) 


Kerosene Oil {Whole- 

Jadkins Laundry, 187 Lisbon 
Landers John H. Mrs., Ill Main 


Leblanc Rosalie Mrs., 330 Main 

Sam Lee, 296 Lisbon 

Portland Kerosene Oil Co., 45 Riv- 

Sing Lee, 193 Main 


Wah Sing, 220 Main 

Kid Gloves. 


Darrali Warren C, 117 Lisbon 

Angers P. X., 295 Lisbon 

ROBIE S. P., .116 Lisbon (see 

Belleau F. X., 256 Lisbon 

front cover) 

Callahan D. J., 51 Lisbon 

Cornish A. D., City Building 

Dana & Estev, 19 Lisbon 


Kiln Dried Lumber. 

Lisbon (see opp.) 

Emerson Clarence V., 256 Lisbon 


Fales Lorenzo W. . 25 Lisbon 

Grand Trunk Yard (see page 5) 


bon (see opp.) 

Knowlton A. K. P., 25 Lisbon 

May John W., 59 Main 

Kitchen Furnish ing 

McGillic-uddy & Morey, 8 Lisbon 


Newell & Judkins. 186 Lisbon 


GOSS A. E. & E. F., 41 to 45 

bon (see opp.) 

Main (see page 18) 

Sanborn W. W., Savings Bank blk 

Lemont & Fisher, 163 Lisbon 

215 Lisbon 

STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 


Lisbon (see p. 571J 

bon (see opp.) 

Swasey & Briggs, 193 Lisbon 

Tarbox Daniel Jr., 106 College 

Watson F. 0., 215 Lisbon 

Ladies 9 Furnishing 



Main (see page 496) 


141 Lisbon (see p. 577) 

Lowell & Lowell, 184 Lisbon 
PAUL E. S. A; CO., 174 Lisbon 
(see p. 16) 

Lead Pipe and Sheet 

STETSON J. H. & CO., ( 

Lisbon (see page 571; 

Lamps and Fixtures. 

CONANT A. P., 235 Lisbon 

Ijeather Belting. 

(see page 666) 

l>0 \ 1 I BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 


bon (see p. 24) 

Main near Canal (see page 4) 



Lisbon (see p. 18) 

WARE CO., od Lisbon (s< 

Wood Daniel, 151 Lisbon 

page 571) 







Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 


51 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine. 

a. n, savage, ri. If*,, 

Notary Public. Notary Public. 


Attorneys & Counsellors at Law 

Room 7, Savings Bank Building, 
215 Lisbon St., opp. Post Office, LEWISTON, MAINE. 












Leather Bleaching and 

Flanders Alonzo, 567 Main 

Leather Belting Mnfrs. 

DICkEY II. II. & SON, 136 

Main, n. Guard Locks (see p. 4) 

Lightning Rods, 

Keyes John S., 577 Main 

Lime, Cement and 

HAM O. S., 206 and 208 Main 

(see p. 24) 
HAYES J. L. A CO., 282 

Main (see page 564) 

Linseed Heal. 

HAM J. B. & CO., Grand 
Trunk Yard (see p. 565) 

Livery Stables, 

{See also Stables.) 



170 Lisbon (see p. 561) 
Littlelield, J. R. , 14 Main 
W right A. S., 201 Main 


Looking Glasses. 


Lisbon (seepage 5 70) 

Loom Picker Sticks 
( Ma n af'actarers.) 


(THE), H. B. Skinner, mana- 

ager, Cross canal (see page 202) 


Bearce. Wilson & Co., 138 Main 

Grand Trunk Yard (see page 5) 
PINGKEE K. C. <fc CO., 136 

Main, near Guard Locks (see page 

Lunch Room. 


coin (see page 201). 




48 Main (see p; 201) 
CATLAND T. R., 170 Lisbon 

(see page 561) 
FIELD ED%VIN F., 36 Canal 

(see page 20) 
King Arthur B., 22 Main 

CO., Middle, corner West Bates 

(see page 573) 

Mantels, Fire Places 

and Grates {Slate and 


WARE CO , 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 

Manufacturers 9 Suj>- 
p lies. 

HAY J. II., 235 Main, cor. Bates 
(see page 575) 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 

Mnfg. Companies. 


George W. Bean, agent, Canal, 
cor. Lisbon (see Miss. Dept.) 

Barker, agent. Lincoln, corner 
Locust (see Miss. Dept.) 




Pratt, agent, Canal, opp. Pine 

(see Miss Dept.) 

H. L. Aldrich, agent, Oxford, cor 

Chestnut (see Miss. Dept.) 

Mill (see Miss. Dept.) 
FRANKLIN CO., Stephen Lee 

agent, office under DeWitt House, 

112 Park, cor. Pine (see Miss. 


64 Main (see page 497) 

Pennell, agent, Canal (see Miss. 



Lisbon, junction Canal (see Miss. 


CO., 116 Park (see page 563) 

CO., Middle, cor. West Pates 

(see page 573) 

W. Parker, treas., Oxford, next 

G. T. R. (see Miss. Dept.) 

Manufacturing Con- 

CUMMINGS S. A., 223 Main 

(see page 6) 

Marble and Granite 

TAL WORKS, 12 and 14 

Bates ^see page 3 J 
McKenna James J., 276 Main 
O'Connell J. J., 137 Main 

Market Gardener. 

Maple, oppo- 

Scribner Samuel B 
site Knox 


242 Main (see p 
Dixon Benson M., 




35 Sabattus 

Gardner Almon J., 86 Pierce 
Hannaford j. M., 744 Main 

90 Pierce (see p. 272) 
Libbey W. A., rear 26 Pine 
McKenney W. A., 14 Howe 
Pierce Samuel, 270 Bates 
Thomas G. D., 150 Sabattus 


Jeffery Fred B., Plea4ant 

Jones William E., Lisbon road, near 

Partridge Fred E., Hogan road 
Spinney George, 777 Main 
Stetson Harrv, Hogan road 

Mill Supplies. 


(THE), H. B. Skinner, mana- 
ger, bobbins and spools, North of 
First Cross Canal (see p. 202) 

CKAIG & SCOTT, 44 Canal 
(seep. 141) 

Main, near Canal (see p. 4) 

STETSON J. II. & CO., 65 
Lisbon (see p. 571) 


Atwood L. Mrs., 9 Lisbon 
Campbell Z. J. Mrs., 262 Lisbon 
Danfortli Lizzie F. Miss, 29 Lisbon 
Everett J. & H. Misses, 156 Lisbon 
Hudson A. Mrs., 234 Lisbon 
Joyce & Nelligan, 39 Lisbon 
Lemont J. T. Mrs., 117 Lisbon 
Mansfield T. & L. D., 63 Lisbon 
Millett E. & M. S. Misses, 13 Lis- 
Paige Fannie H. Miss, 47 Lisbon 
PAGE G. R., 27 Lisbon (see p. 

Pingree E, M. Mrs., 266 Lisbon 
Pace Nellie S. Mrs., 45 Lisoon 

Mineral Spring. 

SPRING CO. , Justin C. Hodg- 
man, Supt. Hogan rd., Montello 
Heights (see page 141) 



Mineral Spring Water. 

Auburn Mineral Spring Co., 79 Lis- 

(Auburn) (see page 580) 

SPRING CO., Justin C.Hodg- 
nian, Supt. IJogan rd., Montello 
Heights (see p. 141) 

Monuments, Etc. 

AL WORKS, 12 and 14 

Bates (see page 3) 



Grand Trunk Yard (see page 5) 

Music and Musical 

GagneT. N., 272 Lisbon 
Heath E. M., 171 Lisbon 
Laughton Nelson J., 84 Lisbon 

138 Lisbon 
Tainter Frank E., 42 Lisbon 
Taylor Nathan (violin mnfr.), 108 

Whitman G. B., 145 Lisbon 

Music Teachers. 

Bate Rosie Miss, 171 Lisbon 
Cummings Ida M. Miss, 231 Sabat- 

Drew Nellie L. Miss, 94 Franklin 
Gifford H. M., 108 Bark 
Given Fred A., 158 Main, Small's 

Given W. II. , 158 Main, Small's 

Home Carrie A. Miss, 52 Lowell 

and 171 Lisbon 
Janes Lizzie A. Miss, 162 Bates 
Laughton Flora I. Miss, 84 Lisbon 
Litchfield Millie Mrs., 171 Lisbon 
Marson Fred A., 130 Blake 
Moseley Ellen M., 279 Bates 
PAYNE I RED (Jr., 138 Lisbon 

(see p. 503-571 ) 
Roy lleiuy F., 250 Lisbon 

Small Amelia A. Miss, 56 Park 
Tracy Agnes W. Mrs., 145 Lisbon 
Tracy Geo. Lowell, 145 Lisbon 
Whitman G. B., 145 Lisbon 



BAULT, 27 Chestnut(^see page 


Lisbon (see p. 572) 

National Advocate (weekly), D. W. 
Smith, editor, and manager, 32 

LE MESS AGER, weekly 
(French), Couture & Guilbault, 
props, and publishers, 27 Chestnut 
(see page 562) 


JOURNAL, Nelson Dingley 
Jr. & Co., props, and publishers, 
Journal block, 16 Lisbon (see p. 

JOURNAL, Nelson Dingley 
Jr. & Co., props, and publishers, 
Journal block, 16 Lisbon (see p. 

The Y.M. C.A. Reporter (monthly), 
198 Lisbon 

Newspapers and 

BARBOUR H. W.,268 Lisbon 

100 Lisbon (see p. 276) 
Estes N. D., 80 Lisbon 

Notaries Public. 

CARTER S. M., 159 Main 

Dana h\ W., 19 Lisbon 

Know Hon A. K. P., 25 Lisbon 

Roberts L. G., 215 Lisbon 

NEWELL WM. II., 186 Lis- 

SAVAGE & OAKES, 215 Lis- 
bon v see p. 295) 

Templeton A. L., 157 Main 

Watson Fred (_)., 215 Lisbon 




Allen Geo. P. Mrs., 160 Holland 
Dorothy Marcia Mrs., 132 Oak 
Foster Mary J. Mrs., 3 Bridge 
Gage Alice C. Mrs., 44 Pierce 
Gerrish Lorenda W. Mrs.. 84 Col- 
Greene Eva T., 70 Nichols 
RowellF. W., 61 Nichols 
Taylor Mirriam B., 110 Franklin 

Nurseryman . 

Merrill T. C, 6 Montello Heights 

Oil Cloths and 

ALLEN D. & CO., 225 Lisbon 
(see front cover) 

Optical Goods. 

ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see p. 9) 


ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see p. 9) 
Drew Geo. A., 75 Lisbon 
Hunt John 0., 76 Lisbon 


(See also Pianos and Organs.) 

Ill I imB 9 II C. A., 75 Park 

(see back cover) 
Laughton Nelson J., 84 Lisbon 

Overall and Shirt 


Park (see back cover) 


Oysters and Shell Fish. 

WALKER BROS., 55 Bates 

(see p. 568) 

Painters (House, Sign 
and Fancy.) 

Allen C. H., 95 Park 

266 Main (see p. 571) 
Clark E. B., 225 Main 
Coombs Jessie S. 3 175 Central av. 
Crusn Frank, 12 Franklin 
Duncan Bros., 42 Bates 
Duncan John S., 42 Bates 
Faunce I. S., 57 Bates 
Gilman Anson, 239 Lisbon 
Hartwell G. G., 44 Lisbon 
Kenyon G. O. & W., 150 Main 
Mason E. M., 278 Main 
Parent Alphonse, 364 Lisbon 
Rosseau J. E. O,, 175 Lisbon 
Sherman J. M. 96 Chestnut 
Webber John W., 183 Summer 

Faints, Oils and Var- 

DAY J. H., 235 Main, cor. Bates 
(seepage 575) 

VtARE CO., 53 Lisoon (see 
p. 571) 

PHANEUF M. & CO., 94 Lin- 
coln (see page 575) 

Faper Bags and 


Ash (see back cover) 

Faper Box Mnfr. 

Childs A. L., mill, n. Main 

Faper Hangers. 


276 Main (see p. 571) 
Faunce I. S., 57 Bates, near Main 
Sherman J. M., 96 Chestnut 

Faper Hangings. 


100 Lisbon (see p. 276) 

Lisbon (see p. 276) 
Greenleaf Geo., 160 Main 



Passenger and Ex- 
change Agent. 

GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see p. 7) 

Patent Medicines. 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, corner 
Main (see p. 271 ) 

DESJARD1NS P. R., 140 

Lincoln (see p. 572) 
GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see p. 7) 
GERRISII E. II., 145 Lisbon 

(see p. 271) 

(see page 9) 
RIKER \\. E., 208 Lisbon 

(see p. IS) 
ROGERS M. J. & CO., 21 

Lisbon (see p. 227) 
WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 

(see p. 276) 
WIGGIN D. W. & CO., 213 

Lisbon (see p. 577) 

Wright's Electririer, 43 Orange 

(see p. 574) 

Pattern Maker. 

FIELD EDWIN F., 36 Canal 
(see p. 20) 

Pension Agent. 

Tarbox Paul, Jr., 106 College 

Pension and Patent 

Chase B. T., 215 Lisbon 


ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon corner 

Main (see p. 271 ) 

Lincoln (see page 572) 
GEBRISH, E. II., 145 Lisbon 

(see p. 271) 
HIKER W. E., 208 Lisbon 

(see page 18) 

WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 

(see p. 276) 
WIGGIN D. W. & CO., 213 

Lisbon (see p. 577) 



100 Lisbon (see page 276) 
FERNAL.D J. M., 71 Lisbon 
(see back cover.) 

Ph o tog rap h ers. 

Colpitts & Co., 164 Main 
Curtis & Ross, 138 Lisbon 
Fassett & Bassett, 124 Lisbon 
HAMMOND I. L. & CO., 129 

Lisbon(see page 9) 
Lavoie Ludger J., i34 Lincoln 
Larocque Henry, 277 Lisbon 
Mason E. P., 172 Lisbon 
Wortbley YV. E. G., 198 Lisbon 

Photographers, Drg 
Plate 3Infr. 

Standard Dry Plate Co., 14 Main 


Those Physicians marked * are memhers 

of tiia Androscgogin County Medical 


Beaumier Prosper Cyprien, 92 Lin- 
Bourque Leander N., 191 Lincoln 
Bradford Herbert C (bom.), 54 Pine 
Bonney S. G., 112 Lisbon and 506 

Chapm JosiabL., 162 Lisbon 
Daiutree liobert H., eclectic, 78 

♦Dixon F. L. 215 Lisbon and 127 

♦Donovan J. A., 215 Lisbon and 128 

Dumont Sifroy, 142 Lincoln and 97 

Emmons George P., 147 Lisbou 
French A. L., 32 Horton 
Fusk Charles T., 344 Main 
♦Garcelon Alonzo, Sabattus, corner 

East Avenue 
♦Gareelon Alonzo M., 98 Franklin 
Girouard J. A., 92 Lincoln 



Harvev A. K. P., 92 Pine 
•Hill Edward H., 118 Pine 
•Horr E. S. 114 Pine 
*HorrOrinA., 112 Lisbon 
Irish A. F., 66 Franklin 
Johnson E. S. (electrical) (Wednes- 
days), Exchange Hotel 
Laroche Felix, 25 Cedar 
Peirce Geo. A. (magnetic), 171 Pine 
•Martel L. J., 131 Lincoln 
•Matte L. E. N., 134 Lincoln 
Newton M. T., Sabattusville 
Norcross Winfield S., 168 Lisbon 
•Norton Charles E., 30 Lisbon 
•Ricker R. R., 81 Pine 
•Russell Ernest W., 215 Lisbon 
•SAWYER D. B., 147 Lisbon 
an 1 144 Pine(truss fitting a spec- 
ialty) (see front cover) 
•Small John M.,58 Park 
Small Wm. B., 147 Lisbon 
•Springer A. Miss, 215 Lisbon 
Vanier F. Philias, 29 Chestnut 
•Wedgewood Milton C, 101 Pine 
•Wedgewood Newton J., 94 Ash 
York Samuel, 25 Middle 

Pianos and Organs, 

(See also Music and Musical 
Instruments. ) 

Gagne T. M., 272 Lisbon 
Heath E. M., 171 Lisbon 
HILDREIH C. A ., 75 Park 

(see back cover) 
Laughton N. J., 84 Lisbon 
Lothrop W*. L., 186 Lisbon 
Tainter F. E., 42 Lisbon 

Pictures and Frames* 


Lisbon (seepage 276) 

Picture Frames, Ftc. 


100 Lisbon (see page 276) 

Lisbon (see page 276) 
FERNALD J. JJI., 71 Lisbon 

(see back cover) 
HerbestT. R., 297 Lisbon 

Pipe Mnfrs. 

Darling, Free & Co., 145 Main (as- 

Planing and Mould- 
ing Mills, 


Grand Trunk Yard (see p. 5) 
Morse O. B. & Co., foot Cross Canal 

Main, near Grand Locks (see p. 4) 

Plans and Specifica- 

COOIflBS G. HI., Lisbon (see 
page 272) 



90 Pierce (see page 272) 


BUNKER WM. B., 49 Main 

(see page 2) 
Pratt T. L., 183 Lisbon 
SMITH JOHN B. & CO., 40 

Main (see page 5) 
STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see page 571) i 

Plumbers' Materials, 

BUNKER Will. B., 49 Main 

(see page 2) 
SMITH JOHN B. & CO., 40 

Main (see page 5) 
STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see page 571) 

Poult rg, 

Eastman J. N., 95 Nichols 



Powder and Shot, 

DAY J. II., 235 Main (see page 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 

Printers {Book and 

block, 21 Lisbon (see p. 562) 

Estes N. I)., 80 Lisbon 

HOUSE, Nelson Dingley Jr., 
& Co., proprs., 16 Lisbon (see 
page 572) 

ING HOUSE, Couture & 
Guilbault, proprs., 27 Chestnut 
(see pasre 562) 

Lisbon (see paore 572) 

PRATT B. FRANK, 86 Lis- 
bon (see page 563) 

Lisbon (see page 5(53) 

WEEKS Witt. H., 32 Main 
(see page 48) 



E. Parlin, nropr. , 18 Lisbon (see 

page 566) " 
MUNROE WM. F. (wholesale), 

240 Main (see page 565) 
PARLIN D. E., 18 Lisbon (see 

page 56G) 


Ames & Merrill, 187 Main 
Atwood Abrani, 159 Lisbon 
BELIVEAU J., 18!)Lincoln(see 

page 2) 
Blanchard Weslev, 238 Main 
BLAKE, SPEAR & CO., 209 

Main (see page 565) 
coln (see page 568) 
CON A NT A. P., 235 Lisbon 

(see page 566) 
Dresser R. & Co., 181 Main 
GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 
(see page 7) 

Goff M. W., 307 Lisbon 

HOYT F. L. & CO., 230 Lis- 
bon ''see page 566) 

HUTCHINS E. H., 25 Main 
(see page 567) 

Lisbon (see page 142) 

243 Main, cor. Bates (see p. 567) 

MUNROE W. F., 210 Main 
(see p. 565) 

Nadeau T. F., 72 Lisbon 

Main, cor. Bates (see p. 567) 

Peabody J. L. & Co., Central block, 
160 Main 

PHANEUF Iff. & CO. ,94 Lin- 
coln (see p. 575) 

Provost E. & Fils, 195 Lincoln 

RICH, 97 Ash (see p. 5G6) 



B ENSON C. C. agent, M. 
R. depot (see p. 20)" 

Grand Trunk Railway, Thomas N. 
Brown, gen. agent, Lincoln, near 

Lewiston & Auburn Horse Railroad 
Co., 165 Main 

ROAD, C. C. Benson, agent, 
office at depot (see p. 594) 

Ileal JE state Agents. 

Campbell George (broker), 258 Lis- 

79 Lisbon (see p. 293) 
Clark Wallace W., 166 Main 
CONANT F. A., 124 Lisbon (see 

page 293) 
Fuller Bennett B., 215 Lisbon 
Lydston \V., 247 Lisbon 
Madison A. E., 26 Pine 
Small J. T. & Co., 1G6 Main 

Heed and Comb Mnfrs 

CRAIG & SCOTT, 44 Canal 

(see page 141) 




GOSS A. E. & JE. F., 41 to 45 

Main (see p. 18) 


STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see p. 571) 

Repellant Mnfrs. 

Libbey & Dingley, River road 


(See alsj Dining Booms.) 

Chartrand Ulric, 161 Lincoln 

Lisbon (see p. 561) 
Day Kate Mrs., 103 Main 
Hamilton Robert, 251 Lisbon 
liibbert Samuel, 195 Lisbon 
Joliecoeur M., 87 Main 
Lessard P., 185 Lincoln 
LONG DANIEL, F., 57 Lisbon 

(see p. 573) 
WEBB T. W.. 125 Main (see 

p. 567) 

Ribbons and Flowers. 

PAGE GEORGE R., 27 Lis- 
bon (see p. 24) 

Roll Cover ers. 

Main, near Guard Locks(see page 



STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

L?sbon (see p. 571) 
St. Hilaire Charles, 74 Cedar 

Roots and Herbs. 

Garnish Sarah C. Mrs., 346 Lisbon 

Rubber Goods. 

(Main, near Canal (see page 4) 

MORKELL C. O., 7 ^Lisbon 
(see page 561) 

SMITH JOHN B. & CO., 40 
Main (see page 5) 

Rubber Stamp Ilnfr 

Gordon L. M., 86 Lisbon 


HAM O. S., 86 Lisbon v see p.24) 

Sash, Doors and 

Gibbs & Dain, foot Cross Canal 
JOHNSON J. A. (blinds), Cross 

Canal (see page 561) 
Stevens D. B.\ 34 Main 

Savings Banks. 

Cyrus Greeley, pres., E. S. Paul, 
vice pres., J. F. Boothby, treas., 
Central block, 10 Lisbon (see p. 

BANK, Cvrus I. Parker, pres., 
E. C. Wellman, treas., 200 Lis- 
bon (see p. 275) 

Saw Filers. 

Hatch J. J., 148 Main 
Rich Eugene, 4 Main 

Saw 31ills. 


Cross Canal (see page 5) 
PINGREE R C. 43k CO., 136 

Mill, near Gaurd Locks (see p. 4) 



Sawing and, Planing. 


Grand Trunk Yard (see p. 5) 


DAY J. II. (Fairbanks), 235 
Main (sec p. 575) 

WAKE CO. (Fairbanks), 53 
Lisbon (see page 571) 

Screens ( Window and 

Canal (see page 575) 

Second-Hand Boohs. 

FERNALD J. RE., 71 Lisbon 
(see back cover) 

Seed Stores. 

DAVIS RE. J., 108 Park (see p. 

HARE O. S., 206 and 208 Main 
(see page 24) 

Sewing Machines. 


(see page 20) 
Heatb E. M., 171 Lisbon 

75 Park (see back cover) 
Singer Mnfg. Co., S. D. LaRoe, 

manager, 8-1 Lisbon 
Sai nter F. E., 42 Lisbon 

Sewing Machine Re- 

FIELD ED WIN F., 36 Canal 

(see p. 20) 
HILDRETIIC. A., 75 Park 

(see back cover) 

Shafting, Pulleys, 
Hangers, Etc. 

FIELD EDWIN F., 36 Canal 

(see p. 20) 

Shirt Blnfrs. 

Bates Street Shirt Co., 25(5 Lisbon 

Park (see back cover) 
ROBIE S. P., 116 Lisbon (see 
front cover) 

Shirts and Drawers. 


Lisbon (see p. 8) 

SON, 23 Lisbon (see p. 24) 
SYIiES R. RE. & CO., 54 Lis- 
bon (see p. 7) 

Shirt Patterns. 

ROBIE S. P. (custom), 116 
Lisbon (see front cover) 

Silks and Velvets. 

PAUL E. S. «& CO., 174 Lisbon 

(see p. 16) 

Silver Plating. 

Dirigo Gold and Silver Plating 
86 Lisbon 


Silver and Plated 

ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lis- 
bon (see p. 9) 
Drew Geo. A., 75 Lisbon 

Skewer dlnfrs. 


(THE),-H. B. Skinner, manager 
north of 1st Cross canal (see page 





Lisbon (see p. 571) 

& CO., 65 

Soap Maker. 

Libby Samuel M., 27 Orange 

Soda and Tonics. 


(Auburn) (see p. 580) 
SPRING CO., Justin C. 
Hodgman, supt., Hogan road, 
Montello Heights (see page 141) 

Spool Mnfrs. 


(THE), H. B. Skinner, mana- 
ger, North of 1st Cross Canal 
(see page 202) 

Sporting Goods. 

CATLAND T. R., 170 Lisbon 
(see page 561) 

Stables (Livery, Sale 
and Boarding.) 

Clark Charles Y., 48 and 50 Ash 
Curtis John, 230 Main 
Fairbank J. E. (sale), 37 Park 

Park (see page 568) 
Goff John, 17 Park 
Golder Fred, 14 Franklin 
Golder Isaac S., 18 Franklin 

Lincoln (see p. 576) 
Knight R. M., 16 Franklin 
Libbey F. W., 119 Main 
Marshall Joseph. 45 Park 

and boarding), 75 Bates (see page 

Noyes Frank E. (sale), 17 Chapel 

rear 49 Cedar (see p. 574) 
Raymond G. F., 22 Franklin 



Franklin (see p. 574) 
Scribner A. C, 46 Canal 
Symonds H. L., 17 Chapel 
Tuttle W. W., 8 Ash 
White George, rear 87 Main 

Stair Posts, Hails and 


Grand Trunk Yard (see p. 5) 
P1NGREE R. C. * CO., 136 

Main (see page 4) 



100 Lisbon (see page 276) 

Lisbon (see p. 276) 
Estes N. D., 80 Lisbon 
FERNALD J. Iff., 71 Lisbon 

(see back cover) 
Gagne J. E., 33 Chestnut 
Wardwell H. B., 20 Lisbon 

Steam Fitter. 

BUNKER W. B., 49 Main 
(see page 2) 

Steam and Gas Fitters. 


49 Maiu (see page 2) 
SJJIITH J. B. & CO., 40 Main 

(see page 5) 
STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see page 571) 

Steam Engine Build' 

FIELD EDWIN F., 36 Canal 
(see page 20) 



Steam Heating Ap- 

BUNKER W. B., 49 Main 

(see p. 2 N 

48 Main (see p. 201) 

40 Main (see p. 5) 

Stencil Cutter. 

CATLAND T. R., 170 Lisbon 
(see p. 561) 


WOOD JOHN N., 64 Middle 
(see front cover) 

Stoves, Manges, Tin- 
ware, JEtc. 

GOSS A. L. & E. F., 41 to 45 

Main (see p. 18) 
Lemont & Fisher, 163 Lisbon 
Pratt T. L., 183 Lisbon 
Record S., 54 Main 
STETSON J. H. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see p. 571) 
York Levi P., 242 Lisbon 

Street Watering . 


244 Main (see p. 3 ) 

Survey pr (Land.) 

JONES JOHN A., City Hall 

Tailors (Merchant.) 

Guay Augustin, 256 Lisbon 
Benaud Joseph. 308 Lisbon 
Richards & Merrill, 49 Lisbon 

23 Lisbon (see p. 24) 
White Fred II. , 41 and 46 Lisbon 

Tailor esses. 

Delano M. M. Mrs., 14 Park 
Eaton Mary M. Mrs., 167 Main 


Pike Albert R., 172 Lisbon 

Teas, Coffees and 

BELIVEAU J., 180 Lincoln 

(see p. 2) 

BLARE, SPEAR & CO., 209 
Main (see p. 565) 

coln (see p. 568) 

(wholesale), D. E. Parlin, prop., 
18 Lisbon (see p. 566) 

CONANT A. P., 235 Lisbon(see 
page 566) 

GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 
page 7) 

HOYT F. L. & CO., 230 Lis- 
bon (see p. 566) 

HUTCHINS E. H., 25 Main 
(see p. 567) 

Lisbon (see p. 142) 

243 Main (see p. 567) 

Nadeau T. F., 72 Lincoln 

Main (see p. 567) 

RICH, 97 Ash (see p. 566) 

PARLIN D. E. (wholesale), 18 
Lisbon (see p. 566) 

People's Tea Co., 194 Lisbon 

PHANEUF M. & CO., 94 
Lincoln (see p. 575) 

Telegraph Offices. 

Commercial Union Telegraph Co., 
E. O'Neil, manager, 123 Lisbon 

"Western Union Telegraphh Co., Mrs. 
M. E. Chase, manager, Journal 
block, 14 Lisbon 

Telephone Exchange. 

Portland Division, N. E. Telephone 
& Telegraph Co., W. I. Noyes, 
manager, rm. 33, 198 Lisbon 




Music Hall, Charles Horbury, man- 
ager, Lisbon 

Thill Bearer Mnfrs. 

Merrill I. C. & Co., Montello Heights 

Ticket Agents. 


office Maine Central depot (see p. 
GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see page 7) 

Tiles (Floor and 

WARE CO., 53 Lisbon (see 
page 571) 

Tin Plate and Sheet 
Iron Workers. 

GOSS A. L. <& E. F., 43 Main 

(see p. 18) 
Lemont & Fisher, 163 Lisbon 
Pratt T. Lloyd, 183 Lisbon 
STETSON J. II. & CO., 65 

Lisbon (see page 571) 

Tin Ware. 

DOYLE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 
bon (see page 24) 

Lisbon (see page 18) 

Toilet Articles. 

ABBOTT C. A., Lisbon, cor. 
Main (see pa^e 271) 

CREAM CO., Geo. A. Wise- 
man, agent, 140 Lincoln 

Lincoln (see page 572) 

GERRISH E. H., 145 Lisbon 
(see page 271) 


Lisbon (see page 9) 

BIKER W. E., 208 Lisbon 
(see page 18) 

ROGERS m J. & CO., 21 Lis- 
bon (see page 227) 

WHITNEY J. H., 28 Lisbon 
Csee page 276) 

WIGGIN D. W. & CO., 213 
Lisbon (see p. 577) 

Top Moll Coverers. 

DICKEY H. H. & SON, Main 
near Canal (see p. 4) 

Toys and Notions. 

DOYLE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 
bon (see page 24) 

Lisbon (see page 18) 

Transportation Agents. 

BENSON C. C, office, M. C. R. 

R. depot (see p. 20) 
GARNER JOHN, 213 Park 

(see page 7) 


Guay Augustin, 256 Lisbon 
PAUL E. S. & CO., 174 Lis- 
bon (see p. 16) 

Tripe Mnfr 

Bartlett Horace B. 
East avenue 

Pleasant, near 

Trucking, Jobbing, Etc. 

{See also Job Wagons.) 


244 Main (see p. 3) 
Cartland Lindley H., 195 Oak 
Cole James, 27 Sabattus 
Cole Samuel, rear 98 Chestnut 
Curtis Thomas, 55 Summer 
Eadon Thomas, 48 Spring 



Trucking, Jobbing Etc. 



57 Main (see p. 570) 
FROST WM., 57 Main 

Haskell Alfred E., Hay market sq. 

Mcdonough & i> e s 

Holland Benj., 1G0 Holland 

J ARDINS, 41 Ash (see p. 575) 

Jackson Wm. A., 14 Wood 

Tracy James, 227 Main 

Jordan W. Scott, 10 High st. av. 


Litchfield Varsel E., 23 Sabattus 

Lisbon (see page 570) 

McKenney W. A., 14 Howe 

BOBBINS L. C„ 270 Main 

Towle Calvin T., 157 Holland 

Varney Zac,69 Birch 


ALLEN D. & CO., 225 Lisbon 

(see front cover) 

Trunks and Valises. 

BLAKE L. L. Sc CO., 155 Lis- 

bon fsee page 570) 

Callahan T. F. & Co., 286 Lisbon 


Covell C. W., 213 Main 

CO., 199 and 201 Lisbon (see p. 

Getchejl P. P., 110 Lisbon 


KABATCHNICK 241 Lincoln 

Smithson \V. A. P., 14 Farwell ct. 

(see page 577) 

Lonley J. P., 179 Main 

Murphy T. J., 68 Lisbon 

Richards &, Merrill, 49 Lisbon 

Variety Stores. 

Breault Joseph, 464 Lisbon 

DOYLE BROS., 32 and 38 Lis- 

Trusses, Etc. 

bon (see page 24) 

Pube" E., 100 Lincoln 


Harris John A., 350 Lisbon 

(truss fitting), 147 Lisbon and 144 

King T. P., 8 Bates 

Pine (see front cover) 

McCarty Michael, 43 Lincoln 

Murphy Nellie Miss, 370 Lisbon 

Nolan Ellen, 28 Lincoln 

Norrman John, 83 Chestnut 


O'Malia John, 292 Lisbon 


Riley J., 13 Lincoln 


Grand Trunk Yard (see p. 5) 

Lisbon (see p. 18) 

Eusselllra M., 197 Main 

Tracy J. A., 26 Lisbon 

Tracy M. E., 231 Main 

Twine, Etc. 

TurcotteM., 104 Lincoln 


15 Ash (see back cover) 

Velvets, Feathers and 


Umbrellas and Canes. 

{Cleansed and Dyed.) 

SYttES R, HI, & CO„54 Lis- 

bon (see page 7) 


Main ^see p. 561) 

Undertakers , 

Velvets and Laces. 

ALLEN D. A CO., 225 Lisbon 

(see front cover) 

Lowell & Lowell, 184 Lisbon 

BLAKE L. L. & CO., 155 Lis- 

PAGE GEO. R., 27 Lisbon (see 

bon (see page 570) 

page 24) 



Ventilator Mnfrs. 

Wedding Cake. 

Darling, Free & Co., 145 Main 

FERGUSON W. B., 177 Lis- 
bon (see page 15) 
SMITH E. K.., 203 Main (see 

page 568) 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Brackett Edward I., 17 Chapel 
Henderson E. D., 22 Franklin 
Kaymond Geo. F., 22 Franklin 

Violin Manuf. 


Donnell Benjamin F., 82 Bates 
Hackett Wm. H., 86 Bates 
Libbey A. J., 82 Bates 
WADE & DUNTON, 29 to 35 

Park (see p. 572) 

Taylor N. S., 108 Park 

Whitener and Colorer. 

Watchmakers and 

Sherman J. M., 96 Chestnut 

ANTOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 
(see page 9) 

Whitening and Tint' 


266 Main (see p. 571) 

Watch Repairers. 

ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see page 9) 
Drew George A., 75 Lisbon 
Lapointe P. E., 362 Lisbon 
Perry J. W. & Son, 90 Lisbon 
Wright A. S., 229 Lisbon 

Wig Maker. 

Maerz Elias D., 179 Oak 

Window Shades and 

Watches, Jewelry, Etc. 

ANTHOINE A. W., 79 Lisbon 

(see page 9) 
Drew George A., 75 Lisbon 
GagneT. N., 272 Lisbon 
Osgood H. A. & Co., 127 Lisbon 
Osgood H. A. & Son (wholesale;, 

127 Lisbon 
Perry J. W. & Son, 90 Lisbon 
Pomeroy E. E., 84 Lisbon 
Wright A. S., 229 Lisbon 

BLAKE L. E. & CO., 155 Lis- 

bon (see page 570) 

CO., 199 and 201 Lisbon (see 

page 569) 

100 Lisbon (see page 276) 

Lisbon (see p. 276) 

Lisbon (see page 570) 

Weavers 9 Meeds and 

CRAIG & SCOTT, 44 Canal 
(see page 141) 

Window and Door 


Cross Canal (see page 5) 
P1NGREE R. C, 136 Main 

(see page 4) 




{See also Coal and Wood.) 


138 Main (see front cover) 

244 Main (see p. 3) 
Dorman H. P. & Co., 181 Lincoln 

and 76 Cedar 
Ellis William IE, 81 Pine 

Hates ( Bee page 142) 

Main, near lower M. R. R. depot 

(see page 142) 
Mailhotte A., 60 Lincoln 
Marchaud Joseph, 45 Park 
MAYO S. W., Canal st. alley, 

cor. Chestnut (see p. 571) 
NORTON O. A., 65 Ash (gee 

page 202) 
Parlin W. T., rear 119 Main 
PING REE R. C, 136 Main 

(see page 4) 
Provost & Beauregard, 32 Oxford 

Bales (see page 202) 
Robbing Lucius C, 148 Bates 

Cedar at Cross Canal (see p. 201) 

north of 1st Cross Canal (see p. 


Park (see page 564) 
Verville Joseph, 62 Lincoln 
Wood J. A., Maple 
WOOD I. N., 64 Middle (see 

front cover) 

Wood Turners, 


Grand Trunk Yard (see p. 5) 

Wood Working Ma- 

FIEED EDWIN F., 36 Canal 
(see p. 20) 

Wooden Ware. 

CONANT A. P., 235 Lisbon 

(see page 566) 

DOYEE BROS., 32 to 38 Lis- 
bon (see p. 24) 

HAM O. S., 206 and 208 Main 
(see page 24) 

PHANEUF If I. * CO., 94 and 
96 Lincoln (see p. 575) 

Lisbon (see p. 18) 

Lisbon (see p. 571) 


Morrell Stephen, 612 Main 

Woolen Goods. 

PAUL E. S. & CO., 174 Lisbon 

(see page 16) 

Woolen Mills. 


near Main (see Miss Dept.) 

Henry M. Dingley, treas. (fancy 
cassimeres), Mill (see Miss. Dept ) 
Cumberland Mill, Libby & Dingley, 
props., end of Lincoln 

Wrapping Paper, Etc. 


Ash (see back cover) 

Wrench Mnfrs. 

FIELD EDWIN F., 36 Canal 

(see p. 20) 





City Election First Monday in March. 
City Government Organized Third Monday in March. 


W. H Newell. 


Louis J. Martel, President 

Ward 1- 
Ward 2- 
Ward 3- 
Ward 4- 
Ward 5- 
Ward 6- 
Ward 7- 

-S. B. Hayes. 
-C. M. Lunt. 
-Henry Hines. 
-A. M. Garcelon. 
-L. J. Martel. 
-C. W. Murphy. 
-W. A. Libby." 


F. X. Belleau. 



Cornelius O'Connell, Pres. 

Ward 1 — Samuel C. Leslie, Jr., George M.Kavanaugh, 
George W* Goss. 

Ward 2— M. P. McGillieuddy, George C. Judkins, 
Jacob L. Hayes. 

Ward 3— J. B. Longley, C. O'Connell, P. M. Doyle. 

Ward 4—C. Thibault, William Leader, Geo. Welpley 

Ward 5 — Regis Provost, John J. Sheehan, A. K. P. 

Ward 6— Frank Peltier, C. Russell, W.M. Scott. 

Ward 7 — Andrew L. Marble, David A. Scannell, A. C. 


A. B. McWilliams. 


Finance — The Mayor ; Louis J. Martel, Alderman ; 
C. O'Connell, A. K. P. Harvey, George W. Goss, Coun- 
cil men. 

Accounts — A. M. Garcelou, Alderman; Frank Peltier, 
M. P. McGillicuddy, Councilmen. 

Public Property — Louis J. Martel, Henry Hines, Alder- 
men ; P. M. Doyle, Cornelius Russell, A. L. Marble, 

Highways — The Mayor, Henry Hines, Alderman ; Regis 
Provost, \V. M. Scott, J. L. Hayes, Councilmen. 

Drains and Sewers — CM. Lunt, C.W. Murphy, Alder- 
men ; Frank Peltier, George Welpley, George C. Judkins, 

Street Lights — C. W. Murphy, Alderman ; John J. 
Sheehan, P. M. Doyle, Councilmen. 

Fire Department — Louis J. Martel, W. A. Libby, Alder- 
men ; C. Thibault, William Leader, S. C. Leslie, Jr., 

Schools and School Houses — A. M. Garcelon, Henry 
Hines, Aldermen; W. M. Scott, John J. Sheehan, David 

A. Scannell, Councilmen. 

Engrossed Bills — S. B. Hayes, C. W. Murphy, Alder- 
men ; William Leader, Regis Provost, A. L. Marble, 

Ordinance — W. A. Libby, Louis J. Martel, Aldermen ; 

B. Thibault, W. M. Scott, A. C. Pierce, Councilmen. 
Printing — A. M. Garcelon, Alderman ; Geo. Welpley, 

Geo. M. Kavanaugh, Councilmen. 


Commons and Public Squares — The Mayor; C. O'Con- 
nell, J. B. Longley, Councilmen. 

Water Supply — C. M. Lunt, Louis J. Martel, Alder- 
men ; Cornelius Russell, D. A. Scannell, A. L. Marble, 


Police — The Mayor, Hines, Lunt, Martel. 
Elections — Martel, Murphy, Libby. 
Licenses — Martel, Garcelon, Hayes. 
Liquors — Garcelon, Libby, Hines. 


Supplies — Martel, Lunt, Hines. 

Poor Farm — Garcelon, Hines, Hayes. 


Contingent Expenses — Harvey, Leader, Leslie. 
Election Returns — Peltier, Pierce, Kavanaugh. 




Judge of Municipal Court — Adelbert D. Cornish. 
Clerk of Municipal Court — C. V. Emerson. 


City Clerk— W. X. Belleau. 

City Treasurer— Seth D. Wakefield. 

Assessors of Taxes— G. G. Wagg, George Pottle, 
James Doyle. 

City Engineer — John A. Jones. 

City Physician — L. E. N. Matte. 

City Solicitor — F. A. Morey. 

Auditor of Accounts — Geo. Pottle. 

Street Commissioner — H. P. Estes. 

Truant Officer — William Collins. 

Board of Fire Commissioners— Charles Horburv, D. J. 
McGillicuddy, Frank W. Dana, George D. Armstrong, 
W. H. Newell, ex officio. 


Board of Water Commissioners — Joseph H. Day, chair- 
man ; William D. Pennell, John G. Kelley, Cyrus Gree- 
ley, Roscoe C. Reynolds, John B. Smith, and W. H. 
Newell, ex officio. ' 

Committee on Reduction of City Debt — W. H. Newell, 
Mayor; C. O'Counell, President of Common Council; S. 

D. Wakefield, Treasurer; Cyrus Greeley, John B. Smith, 
J. M. Robbins. 

Constables — William Collins, Byron A. Bearce, F. E. 
Wilcox, J. O. Nickerson, D. W. Cronin, Maurice Goff, 
Charles Horbury, Thomas W. Murch, F. L. Quimby, C. 

B. Bailey, Alfred Beauchane, F. R. Whitney, G. Legen- 
dre, M. J. Moriarty, J. J. Ryan, Wm. P. Laughton, 
James Harrison, E. R. Noble, John S. Bangs, G. Ver- 
rette, Matthew McGawley, George W. Metcalf, John 
French, M. J. Kavanaugh, Philogene Beaudette, Alfred 
Roberge, G. H. Leonard, P. H. O'Connell, Arsene Cail- 
ler, John P. Lombard, George Welpley, S. Meserve, H. A. 
Cole, John O'Brien, T. B. Stewart, James Hamilton, M. 
J. Doyle, Thomas Ward, Thomas Roach, N. Lajeunesse. 

E. J. Riker, M. Lezotte, D. P. Withee, John A. Bibber, 
Daniel Sands, Samuel Booth, R. F. Leader, Charles T. 
Jellison, P. Maloney, S. J. Kelley, W. J. Rodick, Daniel 
Finn, Levi Pemberton, James Manning, Fred Thornton, 
J. L. Arnoldy, J. J. Creeden, E. M. Grant, John Dona- 
hue, James Clark, E. G. Woodside. 

Measurers of Wood and Bark — T. W. Murch, Nelson 
Ham, John Harper, W. R. Randall, G. G. Moore, O. A. 
Norton, F. Lapointe, W. W. Harris, H. A. Torsey, 
John N. Wood, E. L. R. Hunt, Joseph Varville, W. 
H. Johnson, Louis Provost, Charles L. Turgeon, G. B. 
Roberge, F. D. Lyford, C. C. Wilsou, G. B. Bearce, M. J. 
Googin, I. L. Robbins, Henry Stearns. 

Surveyors of Lumber — W. W. Harris, F. L. Fiost, 

C. P. Wellman, L. P. Weymouth, D. A. Knowles, H. V. 
Whitcomb, A. C. Estes, Cnarles E. Scrimegeour, H. C. 
Furbush, John Eames. D. B. Stevens, Charles Hilton, 
W. R. Randall, W. Moody, G. B. Bearce, A. E. Frost, E. 
E. Rowe, W. F. Wood, A. E. Turgeon, Panoma Brooks, 
W. L. Davis, T. L. McGillicuddy, W. J. Dingley, J. B. 
Bates, A. Ambrose, Frank Martin, James Whittemore. 

Fence Viewers — Thomas Mansfield, O. K. Douglass, 
Edwin Carville. 

Sealer of Leather— D. H. Day. 

Culler of Staves — Charles Walker. 

Superintendent of Burials — A. E. McDonough. 

Pound Keeper — C. C. Benson. 

Sextons — J. S. Garcelon, Thomas Vaughan, Joseph 
Blethen, Joseph Marshall, James Garcelon, F. I. Day, 
James Tracy, John Goff, C. R. Rowe, Joseph Estes, Wil- 
liam Collins, A. E. Jackson, A. E. McDonough, Frank 
Kilgore, E. Perrault, Joseph Guay. 



J* resident of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen — Louis 
J. Martel. 

Regular Police Force — Matthew McGawley, City Mar- 
shal; George W. Metcalf, Deputy Marshal; John French, 
Captain ; P. H. O'Conuell, J. J. Creeden, M. J. Kava- 
naugh, Gus. Legenclre, Fred Thornton, Geo. H. Lom- 
bard, E. E. Grant, J. J. Manning, Alfred Roberge, Ar- 
sene Cailler, J. P. Leonard, Philogene Beaudette, Levi 
Pemberton. Specials. — Daniel Finn, John Donahue, 
Lorenzo Arnoldy, George Welpley. 

Special Police — James Driscoll, David Dyer, Herman 
Shultz, John Kern, George E. Sharp, C. H. McGillcuddy, 
Timothy Conley, James Roach, William Dunn, C. J. 
Stoddard, P. F. Flynn, Robert White, Jr., Modeste Mo- 
reau, James Vaughan, W. D. Crafts, Joseph Soucy, M. 
Stinson, B. F. Getchell, L. A. Blouin, Cyrille Poulin, 
Frank Blais, Joseph Bergeron, E. W. Furbush, Brian 
Kelley, Charles Hopkins, E. J. Riker, Francois Pinet 
Samuel Saucier, Louis Bouchard, Charles Laskey, Fleu- 
rent Violette, Thomas Stone, C. T. Jellerson, Noel Gra- 
vel, Louis Dutil, Napoleon Dutil, Herbert Verreault, Vic- 
tor Jolicoeur, Jule Picard, Pierre Bernier, John Mail- 
hoit, Frank E. Wilcox, O. K. Douglass, Patrick Lahey, 
Laureut Goselin, Delphis Mailhoit, John A. Hoclgdon, 
Ulric Chartrand, Arthur Lacombe, Joseph Lacombe, C. 
E. Hayes, John Marshall, Scott Jordan. 

Weighers — H. P. Dorman, O. A. Norton, E. L. R. 
Hunt, John N. Wood, W. P Leonard, G. M. Kimball, J. 
E. Whitman, John Harper, Clarence Hanson, J. B. Gar- 
celon, C. H. Weymouth, Henry A. Torsey, George W. 
Leathers, H. A. Cole, E. J. Ham, John Goff, R. W. 
Clark, C. C. Benson, C. O. Cappers, Charles McCarty, J. 
M. Given, Thomas W. Murch, George W. Beit, M. S. 
Russell, M. J. Googin, Charles L. Lydston. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures— F. X. Belleau. 

Keeper of Powder Magazine — Joseph H. Day. 

Inspector of Vinegar — E. B. Norton. 


Chief Engineer. — M. J. Moriarty. 
First Assistant. — John J. Ryan. 
Second Assistant. — M. P. McGillicuddy. 
Third Assistant. — Napoleon Lajeunesse. 
Fourth Assistant. — John A. Bibber. 
Superintendent of Fire Alarms. — F. R. Whitney. 
Driver of Hose Truck No. I, — Michael Lawle&s. 


Board of Overseers of Poor. 

Consists of the Mayor and Aldermen. 

Chosen by Board of Overseers of Poor. 

President — The Mayor. 

Clerk or Agent — Levi Greenleaf. 

Superintendent of City Farm — John McGillicuddy 

Water Commissioners. 
William D. Pennell, 
Joseph H. Day, 
John G. Kelley, 
Cyrus Greely, 
Roscoe C. Reynolds, 
John B. Smith, 
William H. Newell, 

Chosen by Water Commissioners. 
Clerk— Walter A. Goss. 
Superintendent — Isaac C Downes. 
Engineer at Pumping Statio7i — • 

Office hours 9 to 12 a. at., and 2 to 5 p. M.; Saturday 
evenings during January, April, July and October, from 
7 to 9 p. M. 

term exp 






















Matthew McGawley, City Marshall; George W. Metj 
calf, Asst. City Marshall; John French, Captain; Lev 
Pemberton, Alfred Roberge, George H. Lombard, Michael 
J. Kavanaugh, Edward E. Grant, Gustave Legendre, 
James Manning, Jeremiah J. Creeden, Fred Thornton, 
Patrick H. O'Connell, John P. Leonard, Arseue Caibler, 
Philogene Beaudette, Daniel Finn, Lorenzo Arnoldey, 
George Whepley, John Donahue, Policemen. 




Regular meeting the first Monday evening in each month 
at 7.30. 

T. H. Wallace, Pres.; G. A. Stuart, Sec. of the Board 
and Supt, of Schools. 


Ward 1 

1. F. Frisbee, 

term expires 




L. B. Jordan, 





Ward 2 

P. P. Getchell, 





A. E. McDowney, 





Ward 3 

T. H. Wallace, 

k i 




W. B. McMahon, 





Ward 4 

Geo. A. Drew, 






>. J. Callahan, 





Ward 5 

L. J. Martel, 





W. E. Callahan, 





Ward 6 

W. P. Leonard, 





John B. Smith-, 





Ward 7 

A. L. Talbot, 





A. W. Sturgis, 







Geo. B. Files, Principal; U. G. Wheeler, Sub-Princi* 
pal; Miss Kate A. McVey, Miss Augusta Prescott, Miss 
Rose A. Hilton, Assistojits. 


horton street — J. R. Dunton, Principal; Abbie L. 
Gould, R. M. Hinklev, Sarah P. Clark, Kate M. Lynch, 
Dora B. Moody, M. L. E. Shaw, Nellie G. Ham, I. M. 
Lane, M. I. Pettingill, L. A. Turner, Assistants. 


bates street — -1st Class, M. A. Divoll,Josie A. Mitchell 
Teachers; 2d Class, Catharine Callahan, A. L, Grover, 

Lincoln street— L. A. McKenna, Teacher. 

main street— 1st Class, M. E. Leavitt, Teacher; 2d 
Class, Gertrude W. Miller, Teacher. 

oak street — 1st Class, Augusta Davis, Teacher ; 2d 
Class, G. A. Lunt, Teacher; Sub-Primary, Agnes Pea- 
body, Teacher. 


bates street— 1st Class, Maggie C. Sullivan, Teacher; 
2d Class, Louise M. Callahan, Teacher ; 3d Class, Emma 
J. Templetou, Hattie A. Moody, Teachers; Sub -Primary, 
Lillie E. Parsons, A. D, King, Teachers 


college street — Sub-Primary, Ella Weeman. 

Lincoln .street — IstClass, Catherine E. Spillane,Teac7ier 
2d Class, K. C. O'Brien, Teacher; 3d Class, A. C. Sulli- 
van, H. F. Scott, Teachers; Sub-Primary, Mary D. Joyce, 
J. G. Dunn, Teachers. 

main street — 1st Class, Addie B. Stevens, Teacher ; 2d 
Class, Sadie Blaisdell, Teacher; 3d Class, L. E. Merrill, 
Teacher; Sub-Primary, Ida A. Yetten, Teacher. 

oak street — 1st Class, F. E. Russell 


oak street — A. B. Badlam, Principal; S. M. Jordan, 
M. M. Hartvvell, F. A. Jepson, M. M. Warren, E. H. 
Dresser, Addie Miles, A. T. Stevens, Sadie Proctor, F. 
T. Skillings,N. A. Dinoley,E. J. Ferguson, H. G-. Thomp- 
son, N. B. Towle, E. Webber, E. B. Allen, Assistants. 


Barkerville — H. C. Johnson, Teacher. 

College Road — Miss M. E. O'Connor, Teacher. 

Crowley — Miss Annie Lewis, Teacher. 

Davis Corner — Miss A. M. Tate, Miss Mabel Randall, 


Ferry — Miss M. B. Hodgkin, Teacher. 

Jackson — H. M. Holland, Teacher. 

Lisbon Road — Miss M. J. Haley, Teacher. 

No Name Pond — Miss B. M. Field, Teacher. 

Pine Woods — Miss S. J. Carvill, Teacher. 

River Road — Miss Alice Morrison, Teacher. 

Rose Hill — Miss L. M. Jones, Teacher. 

Sabattus Road — Miss G. S. Dakers, Teacher. 

Sabattusville — Miss Alice Packard, Teacher. 

Tiiorne — Miss Ethel M. Rowe, Teacher. 

Webster Road — Miss Alice Linney, Teacher. 

M. E. Chase, Teacher of Music. 

All applications for admission to the Public Schools of 
Lewiston, or for advice or supplies, are to be made to the 
Superintendent of Schools, who will refer all matters re- 


quiring the attention of the committee to the appropriate 
sub-committee having the same in charge. Sub-committees 
will report to the whole committee at any regular or spec- 
ial meeting 

Office hours of the Superintendent of Schools, 8 to 9 a.m. 
Saturday for teachers, 8 to 10 a. m., and 2 to 3 p. m., 
Office Citv Hall. 




318 Sabattus street. 

Sister Bernard, Superior ; Sisters M de la Frederic, 
Langlois, Michon, Pettier, Leblanc, Bouchard, Marg, 
Marie, Leduc, Ste. Anne, Fournier, du Sacre Coeur, 
M de T Incarnation, S. Jean Berchmaus, Bourgeois, 
S. Louis, Marie du Carmel, Assistants. 


2o4 Bates street. 


Brother Come, Director; Brothers Xaxerius,. Peter Bo- 
naventura, Francis and Sylvere, Assistants. 



Main, corner Bates street. 
Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Instructors. 


253 Main street. 

Mother Superior and eight sisters, Instructors. 400 



Dominican block, 145 Lincoln, corner Chestnut streets, 
Dominican Fathers and Sister of Charity of Notre 
Dames de Lourdes, Instructors. 



M. J. Moriarty, Chief, John J. Ryan, 1st Asst.; 
M. P. McGillicuddy, 2d Asst.; Napoleon Lojeunese, 3d 
Asst.; John A. Bibber, 4th Asst.; F. R. Wnitney, Supt. 
of Fire Alarm. 


House Ash Street, corner Bates. 

Engineer of Fire Steamers — Frank R. Whitney. 

Assistant Engineer of Fire Steamers— J. B. Lonslev, 
J. E. Littlefield. 

J. E. Thornton, Foreman; P. E. Mullaney, Asst. ; 
Pat'k. Lawless, Clerk; John Lacroix, Driver. 


House Ash Street, corner Bates. 

M. J. Holmes, Foreman; W. I. Noyes, Asst.. ; Jules 
Picard, Driver ; John Williams, Fireman; A. E. Foss, 
Asst. Engineer. 


M. J. Holmes, Foreman ; W. I. Noyes, Asst. Foreman; 
T. L. McGillicuddy, Clerk ; Michael Lawless, Driver No. 
1 ; Geo. W. Estes, Driver No. 2. 


House Park Street. 

P. S. Cronin, Foreman; Martin A. Ward, Asst. ; 
John Dillingham. Clerk; Daniel Sewall, Driver, 



No. 6. Androscoggin Mill (private). 

12. Barkerville, Upper Main St. 

14. Main Street, near George B. Bearce's. 

15. Corner of Russell and Bardwell Streets. 

17. Corner of Main and Frye Streets. 

18. Corner of Vale and College Streets, 

19. Corner of College and Sabbattus Streets. 

27. Corner of High and Main Streets. 

28. Lewiston Machine Shop. 

39. Corner of Holland and Winter Streets. 

34. Near Sands Building. 

35. Corner of Lincoln and Main Streets. 

36. Corner of Lisbon and Main Streets. 

37. Corner of Bates and Ash Streets. 

38. Corner of Bates and Main Streets. 

42. Lincoln Street, near John Brophy's. 

43. Corner of Chestnut and Lincoln Streets. 
45. Bates Mill (private). 

47. Corner of Pine and Lisbon Streets. 

53. Corner of Lisbon and Cedar Streets. 

57. Corner of Pine and Pierce Streets. 

62. Corner of Bates and Birch Streets. 

63. Corner of Park and Maple Streets. 

67. Oxford Street, south of Cedar Street. 

68. Lincolu Street, near Avon Mill. 

72. Corner of Webster and Pine Streets. 

73. Corner of Sabbatus Street and East Avenue. 

74. Corner of Webster Street and East Avenue. 


No. 8. Ara Cushman and Co. (Private.) 

82. Corner of Turner and French Streets. 

83. Corner of Turner and Union Streets. 

84. Corner of Pine and Oak Streets. 

85. Engine House, Court Street. 

86. T. M. C. A. Block, Court Street. 

87. Corner Pleasant and Drummond Streets. 
89. Corner of High and Academy Streets. 

92. Corner of Main and Laurel Streets. 

93. Comer of Pulsifer and Third Streets. 

124. Corner of Washington and Jefferson Streets. 

Two strokes, fire out ; 3 strokes, chief's call in Lewis- 
ton; 4 strokes, chief's call in Auburn ; 5 strokes calls 
Hook and Ladder No. 1 ; 9 strokes calls Steamer No. 4. 
Persons holding box keys, in changing residence, please 
return keys to F. R. Whitney, Superintendent. 




Key-holders, upon positive information of a fire, will 
unlock the box, and if the City Hall bell is not striking or 
the small bell in the box, pull the hook easily down to the 
end of the slide at once and let go immediately. Do not 
pull a box when the City Hall bell is striking. After 
pulling a box remain at the box, if possible, until the fire- 
men arrive to direct tbem to the fire. If you hear no 
clicking sound in the box after pulling the hook, go to the 
next box and give the alarm. No box in Lewiston should 
be pulled for a fire in Auburn. Never give an alarm for 
a fire seen at a distance. First locate the fire, then go to 
the nearest box to the fire and give the alarm. Never 
pull a box for a burning chimney. In no case is more 
than one box to be pulled for the same fire, and that box 
should be nearest to the fire. Key-holders changing their 
residence will please return their keys to the Superinten- 
dent of the line, and in no case leave them with new ten- 
ants. All complaints concerning the boxes or wires must 
be made to the Chief Engineer or Superintendent of the 
line. It will be the duty of the Police after an alarm from 
any box, between the hours of nine o'clock in the evening 
and six o'clock in the morning, to ring Main Street Free 
Baptist Church bell. 



Bates street, near Birch. 


Rev. Drew T. Wyman, Pastor; Stephen Davis, F. P. 
Weymouth, Alonzo Lathrop, A. P. Winslow, Clarence 
Hanson, Deacons; Clarence Hanson, Clerk; A. P. Wins- 
low, Treas.; E. H. Gerrish, Supt. S. S. 


Main street. 


Rev. Martvn Sumberbell, D. D., Pastor; A. M. Jones, 
W. L. Badger, S. W. Cook, G. L. Chase, Deacons; W. L. 
Badger, Clerk; A. K. P. Knowlton, J. Frank Boothby, 
Benjamin Chandler, Charles H. Miller, Parish Com. 
S. W. Cook, Supt. S. S.; F. A. Conant, Asst. Supt.; 
Benjamin Chandler, Librarian. 


Lisbon road, junction Old Lisbon road- 


No settled pastor. 


Pine street, corner Blake. 


Rev. S. A. Blaisdell, Pastor; William E. Youland, 
William Craig, Deacons; William E. Youland, Clerk and 
Supt. S. S. t 


Main street, corner Blake. 

built in 1870. 

Rev. Thomas H. Wallace, Pastor, Rev. M. J. Healey, 


Bartlett street, near Ash. 
built in 1872. 
Priest's residence, 113 Ash street. 

Rev. Thomas Morard, Pastor ; Rev. Dominican Fa- 
thers, Asst. Pastors. 


Pine street, corner Bates. 

Rev. George M. Howe, Pastor; Frederick B. Sands, 
Clerk; Charles Greenwood, Treas. ; Albert L. Templeton, 
S. H. Murray, Sylvanus B. Hayes, Francis B. Caswell, 
Deacons; Archie L. Talbot, Nathan C. Dlnsmore, Pru- 
dential Com.; Frederick B. Sands, Supt. S. S.; J. Otis 
Swift, Sec; Frank C. Thompson, Treas. 

Number of scholars 542. 


Bates street, corner Spruce. 



Rev. D. Vaughn Givilym, Rector; John Garner, Senior 
Warden; Edwin Byron, Junior Warden; Samuel Not- 
trara, Samuel Walker, Albert Stewart. George Byron, 
William Dixon, John H. Booth, Joseph Cash, L. M. 
Howe, Charles Scrimgour, Vestrymen, Sam'l. Walker, 
Vestry Clerk. John Gainer, Treas. ; Albert Stewart, Col- 
lector; Saml. Walker, Joseph Cash, Auditors. 



Rev. Joseph A. Corey, Pastor; H. A. Osgood, J. G. 
Richardson, H. B. Bartlett, R. C. Pingree, A. W. Sturgis, 
R. Dresser, C. J. Gammon, Trustees; A. W. Sturgis* 
J. W. Gerrish, C. J. Gammon, A. L. French. Lydia H. 
Buck man, Frances Sturgis, G. W. Leathers, Stewards; J. 
G. Richardson, Supt. S. S.; Henry Huntington, Sexton 
residence 40 Bartlett street. 


Park street, near Ash. 

Rev. Edward O. Thayer, Pastor; S. D. Thomas, 
Rufus Lord, D. B. Sawyer, E. W. Russell, John H. 
Marshall, H. M. Austin, W. G. Emmons, Otis W. Kim- 
ball, Nelson A. Dodge, Trustees; John Oakes, J. W. 
Thompson, A. J. Gardner, H. M. Austin, B. T. Emerv, 
A. A. Mitchell, D. T. Mitchell, John H. Marshall, S D. 
Thomas, C. H. Kimball, Rufus Lord, Thos. Catland, 
Steivards; C. H. Kimball, D. T. Mitchell, Class Leaders ; 
John H. Marshall, Treas.; M. E. Chase, Supt. S. S.; 
John Oakes, Sexton. 



Rev. R. F. Johonnot.Pasfor; T. L.Pratt, C. I. Barker 
Charles Howard, Trustees; E. C. Wellman, Treas. ; Her- 
bert H. Hodgkins, Supt. S. S. 

Number of scholars, 175. 



CHARTERED NOV. 5, 1860. 

. Albert Ring. W. M; Henry A. Torsey, S. W. ; Frank 
Johnson, ,/. W. ; Fred I. Morrell, Sec. ; R. C. Pingree, 
Treas.; Eugene Brett, J. D. ; Wm. Burnham, Chap.; 
Win. Stevens, Tyler. 


Regular communication, Monday evening on or before 
the full moon, in Masonic Hall, Savings Bank block. 


CHARTERED DEC. 28, 1868. 

Edwin K. Smith, W. M.; D. R. Stevens, S. W. ; W. 
H. Judkins, J. W; George F. Turner, Sec. ; Cyrus Gree- 
ley, Treas. ; F. I. Day, Fred Kelly, Trustees. 

Stated meeting in Masonic Hall, Savings Bank block, 
Wednesday evening succeeding full moon. Election of 
officers, at the stated meeting in September. 



E. K. Smith, H. P.; Wm. F. Wood, K. ; Hiram B. 
Warner, S.; Albert S. Plummer, See; W. J. Burnham, 

Stated convocation, second Friday in each month, in 
Masonic Hall, Savings Bank block. 


A. M. Roak, T. I. M; George A. Callahan, D. M. ; 
L. O. Brackett, P. C. W. ; John F. Putnam, Recorder ; 
J. H. Stetson, Treas. 

Stated meeting, second Tuesday in each month, in Ma- 
sonic Hall, Savings Bank block. 



Danville B. Stevens, Eminent Commander ; W. Free- 
man Lord, Generalissimo ;. Charles E. Libby, Captain 
General; Fessenden I. Day, Prelate; Elbridge G. Heath,' 
Senior Warden; Albert S. Plummer, Junior Warden; 
William J. Burnham, Treas. ; Horace C. Little, Recorder; 
Lavator 0. Morse, Standard Bearer ; Frank H. Johnson, 
Sword Bearer; Samuel Hibbert, Warder; Harry L. Has- 
kell, 3d G uard; Roscoe E. Attwood, 2d Guard; Eben 
W. Dresser, 1st Guard; Charles H. Jumper, Sentinel. 

Regular conclaves in Masonic Hall, Savings Bank block, 
first Thursday in each mouth. 


A. A. S. R. 


E. G. Heath, T. P. G. M. ; C. E. Libby, H. of T. D. 
G. M.; W. F. Wood, V. S. G. W. ; A. M. Roak, V. J. 
G. W.; W. F. Lord, G. 0.; Joseph H. Stetson, G. F. ; 
John Garner, G. S.; J. T. Tarbox, G. M. ofC; F. H. 
Johnson, G. C.oj C; Samuel Hibbert, G. H; C. H. 
Jumper, G. T. 

Meeting first Friday of each month in Masonic Hall, 
Savings Bank block. 


Seth D. Whitfield, Pres.; W. Freeman Lord, Vice 
Pres; Fred Kelly, Treas.; Nathan Woodbury, Sec; John 
Garner, A. K. Savage, F. W. Parker, Directors. 

Annual meeting 3d Thursday in January, in Masonic 


NO. 62. 


Isaac Goddard, N". G. ; J. C. Anderson, V. G.; Geo. 
H. Hale. U.S.; Chas. H. Kimball, P. S.; A. G. Loth- 
rop, Treas. 

418 members 

Meets every Wednesday evening at Odd Fellows Hall, 
186 Lisbon street 


CHARTERED SEPT. 26, 1873. 

F. E. Wilcox, N. G.; W. E. Webster, V. G. ; G. W. 
Goss, R. S; C. F. Goss, P. S; T. F. Palmer, Treas. 
Meets every Thursday evening. 267 members. 



A. F. Goss, C. P; L. W. Dalev, H. P; G. H. Hale, 
S. W; W. L. Niles, J. W; F. I. Morrill, Scribe; J. F. 
Pickering, F. S ; Semuel C. Leslie, Jr., Treas. 

Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month at Odd 
Fellows' Hall, 186 Lisbon street. 



INSTITUTED FEB. 16, 1886. 

Maj. J. O. Nickerson, Commandant ; Officers of Sec- 
ond Component — C. O. Morrell, Capt. ; James A. Scott, 
Lieut.; Fred J. Hodgkins, En.; Third Componet — I. B. 
Merrill, Capt.; F. H. Merrill, Lieut. ; M. Evans, En.; 
Sixth Component-E. G. Sprague, Capt.; J. L. Peabody, 
JAeut. ; V. B. Taylor, En. ; Seventh Component — B. L. 
Ware, Capt.; M. C. Huuton, Lieut. ; Eben Dresser, En.; 
J. M. Sherman, Clerk; L. W. Daly, Acct . 

Meets fourth Friday in each month at Odd Fellows 
Hall, 186 Lisbon street. 180 members. 




Miss Flora A. Crockett, N.O. ;Mrs. Horace W. Brewer, 
V. G.; Miss Hattie E. Crocket, Rec Sec. ; Miss Alice A. 
Hartley, Fin. Sec; Mrs. C. V. Barker, Treas. 

Meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 
Odd Fellows Hall, 186 Lisbon street. 

A. O. OF H. 


P. J. Cronin, County Delegate. 

C. J. Callahan, Pres.; Dennis Hurran, V. P.; Joseph 
L. Kenney, Bee. See.; John H. Callahon, Fin. Sec.; 
Wm. P. Leonard, Treas. 

Meets every Thursday evening at Union block. 25 Lis- 
bon street. 


T. M. Holmes, Pres.; J. S. Madden, V. P.; Thomas 
J. Robinson, Rec. Sec; Bernard Vaughan, Fin. Sec; P. 
M. Doyle, Treas. 

Meets every Tuesday evening at Central block, Main, 
corner Lisbon street. 

G. A. R. 




Frank A. Conant, Commander; W. G. Besse, Sr. 
Vice Commander ; C. B. Bailey, Jr. Vice; L. N. Bourque, 
Sarqeon; E. W.Elder, Chap.; S. W. Siphers, Adgt.; 
Daniel Guptill, Q. M.;,l. R. Gilbert, 0. of D. ; 8. H. 
Foster, 0. o/G.; W.H. Graffaw, Sergt.M.;J. O.Nicker- 
son.Q. M. S. 

Meets at G. A. R. Hall, Pillsbury block, Pine, corner 
Lisbon street, Monday evening of each week. 


R. R. Ricker, Communder ; Fernando C. Tarr, St, Vice 
Commander; A. B* Holland, Jr. Vice,; Charles H. 
Jumper, Surgeon; George B.Haskell, Chap.; William 
Baird, Agt.; Michael Murphy, Q .M.; Levi Webber, 0. 
of D. ; Horace Whitman, 0. of G. 

Meets at Hall,Cressy block, Monday evening of each 



Mrs. A. O. Bagley, Pres.; Mrs. Wealthy F. Murch, S, 
V. P.; Florence E. Cappers, J. V. P.; Miss M. Winnie 
Murch, Sec; Mrs. M. J. Bailey, Treas.. 

Meets in Grand Army Hall, Pine, corner Lisbon street, 
every other Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock. 



INSTITUTED JAN. 16, 1889. 

Mary N. Haskell, President; Abby M. Adell, Vice 
Pres.; Nellie G. Ham, Past Pres.; Mrs. Lizzie M. 
Elder, Sec; Mrs. Myra Besse, Treas. 

Meets alternate Wednesday evenings at 7.30 o'clock at 
G. A. R. (Knox Pest) Hall,*Cressey's block. 





George W. Kavanaugh, Prophet; M. C. Hunton, 
Sachem; F. Plfenu, Sen. S.; George Naylor, Jun. S.; 
Jerome B. Hunton, 0. of R. ; F. E.~Smith, Asst.C.ofR.; 
Noel B. Potter, K. of W. ; George A. Callahan, C. O. 
Morrell, Henry Grover, Trustees. 

Meets first and third Tuesday of each month at Hall 
31 Lisbon street. 




Solomon Walker, D. ; C. D. Lamont, V. D.; W. D- 
Pennell, Asst.D.; Arion C. Peirce, Rep.; Fessenden I. 
Day, Fin. Rep.; C. A. Abbott, Treas. 

Meets second Monday of each month at Odd Fellows' 
Hall, 186 Lisbon street. 



Meets first and third Mondays in each month, at Odd 
Fellows' Hall, 186 Lisbon street. 




Lewis C. Heckler, P. C; William F. Coombs, C. C; 
Wallace W. Buck, V. C; Lynn W. Buck, P.; Noel B. 
Potter, K. of R. and S.; Hiram F. Dolbier, M. of F. ; 
Henry T. Haskell, M. of E. ; Daniel C. Lown, M. at A.; 
Lewis E. Davis, /. G.; Adelbert Tarbox, 0. G. ; A. Lin- 
coln French, Edgar W. Washburn, Noel B. Potter, Grand 
Representatives ; Fernando C. Tarr, Charles H. Smith, 
Levi T. Butler, Alernates. 

Meetings every Tuesday evening at Pythian Hall, Col- 
lege Block, 256 Lisbon street. 


INSTITUTED FEB. 19, 1880. 

Albion K. P. Harvey, P. C; Elmer C. Teague, C. C; 
Howard A. Teague, V. C; Edward E. Grant, P.; Fred 
E. Smith, K. of R. and S.; George H. Little, M. of F. ; 
Fred A. Hall, M. of E.; George M. Kavanagh, M. at A. ; 


Albert E. Foss, I. G.; Coney W. Morse, 0. G. ; Samuel 
P. Irving, Fred E. Smith, Grand Reprsentatives ; William 
H. Holman, Edward Webb, Alternates. 

Meetings every Thursday evening at Pythian Hall, Col- 
lege Block, 256 Lisbon street. 


INSTITUTED AUG. 19, 1884. 

Fred A. Hall, S. K. C; Walter H. Brown, S. K. L. ; 
Fred E. Smith, S. K. H. ; Charles H. Smith, S. K. R. ; 
Harrison A. Coffiin, S. K. T. ; George M. Kavanaugh, 
S. K- G.; E. Stanley Libby, S. K. S. 

Meets first Monday evening of each month at Pythian 
Hall, College Block, 256 Lisbon street. 




Mrs. N. B. Stoekbridge, P. C; Mrs. F. A. Cappers, 
C. C; Mrs. H. V. Davis, V. C; Mrs. E. L. Wright, P.; 
Mrs. Lizzie Butler, K. of R. and S.; Mrs. S. C. Foster, 
M. of E.; Mrs. Lillian Walker, M. at A.; Mrs. George 
Fuller, Asst. M. at A.; Mrs. W. H. Hackett, /. G.; 
Mrs. Mary McCann, 0. 67.; Mrs. L. A. Fletcher, M. 0. 

Meets the second and fonrth Monday in each month at 
7.30 o'clock in Pythian Hall, 256 Lisbon street. 



Armory in Stanley building, 108 Park street. 
Gun House on Knox street. 

M. J. Moriarty, Senior 1st Lieut. Commanding ; J. L. 
Moriarty, Junior 2d Lieut. ; Henry Moriarty, 1st Sergeant. 
Number of members 40. 


Company G, 2d Regiment. 

Armory, Stanley building, 108 Park street. 

ORGANIZED FEB. 28 1888. 


Frank L. Hoyt, Captain; Edwin M. Smith, 1st Lieut.; 
Charles E. Hanscom, 2d Lieut. ; W. F. Paul, 1st Serg. 
Meets every Friday evening. Number of Members 54. 


Company B, 2d Regiment. 

Armory, Stanley building, 108 Park street. 


W. A. Goss, Captain; James A. Scott, 1st Lieut.; A. 
W. Garcelon, 2d Lient.; John W. Scott, 1st. Serg. 
Meetings Tuesday evening. Number of members 60. 



Edward C. Wellman, Pres. ; Miss Nancy H. Palmer, 
Sec; E. J. Stevens, Coll.; C. O. Morrell, Treas. 
Meets first Tuesday of each month. 



Instituted April 1, 1887. 

James S. George, Chief] James Craig, Tanest ; John 
Watson, Chap.; William Beard, Sec; James McPhee 
Fin. Sec; John Dixon, Treas.; Archibald Craig, Past 
Chief; Robert McDonald, Sen. H.; James Cameron, S ; 
Archibald Weir, G. 

Meets every other Friday evening in each month, at 
Clan Campbell Hall, 20 Lisbon street. 



INSTITUTED NOV. 23, 1877. 

Horace C. Little, R. ; D. O. Richards, V. R.; Emery 
Bailey, 0.; John W. Bibber, P. R.; S. D. Wakefield, 
Treas.; F. I. Day, Collector; Fred Kelley, Sec 

Meets first and third Wednesdays of every month, at 
Golden Cross Hall, Union block, Lisbon street. 



ORGANIZED. FEB. 13, 1889. 

William H. Wilkinson, P. Pres. ; Lewis W. Rowe, 
Pres.; Wright Beaumont, V. Pres.; Josiah Bowker, 
Sec; Samuel H. Booth, Asst. Sec. ; Daniel Sands, Treas; 
William Bowker, Messenger; William Abbott, Asst. 31.; 
William Widdall, Chap.; George Schofield, I. S.; John 
Barlow, 0. S. 

Meets first and third Wednesday evenings of each 
month, at Clan Campbell Hall, 20 Lisbon street. 


NO. 25. 

B. Frank Pratt, D. G. W. T. ; Gordon E. Wade, 
W. C. T. ; John Frost, W. Treas.; Roscoe E. Jordan, 
W. R. 

Meets first and third Mondays at Temple of Honor Hall, 
Pillsbury block. 


Meets every Monday evening at rooms 22 Lisbon street. 
Number of members about 50. 


South Lewiston. 

Henry Getchell, C. T. ; John B. Goss, L. D.; Charles 
Bryant, Sec; Wm. Adams, Fin. Sec; Genevieve Ran- 
dall, Treas. 

Meets every Saturday at Grange Hall. 

UNITED LODGE, NO. 13, I. O. G. T. 

ORGANIZED DEC. 10, 1860. 

E. Webster Elder, L. D.; A. W. Langmaid, C. T. ; 
Miss Maud Jeffries, Treas.; Miss Sawyer, Sec 

Meets Wednesday evening in Golden Cross Hall, Union 
block, 31 Lisbon street. 


H. W. BOLTON LODGE, NO. 15, I. O. G. T. 


J. G. Lamb, L. D.; Fred L. Jepson, C. T. 
Meets every Saturday evening at Good Templars' Hall, 
Main street, Barkerville. 

DIRIGO LODGE, NO. 137, I. O. G. T. 


B. Frank Pratt, L. D.; Arthur Harvey, C. T. ; Mrs. 

Kate Caswell, Treas. ; Mrs. Cora Harvey, Sec. 

Meets every Tuesday evening, at Good Templars' 
Hall, Cressy block, 169 Lisbon street. 


ORGANIZED MAR. 27, 1886. 

C. E. Cronin, Pres.; Jeremiah Garey, Vice Pres.; 
Thomas Mullen, Treas.; Stephen Kelley, Pec. Sec. ; John 
Slattery, Fin. Sec. 

Meets in Pillsbury block, Lisbon street, every Thursday 

U. O. OF G. C. 


INSTITUTED OCT. 16, 1879. 

Wm. J. Burnham, N. Com.; Mrs. Clara F. Fowle, Vice 
Com.; Orren M. Bartlett, Keeper of Records; William H. 
Roval, Financial K. of P.; John C. Anderson, H. ; Sam- 
uef Taylor,/. 67.; George H. Fowle, O. 67.; R. S. Teague, 
P. C; Frank A. Conant, Treas. 

Regular meetings first and third Friday evenings of 
each month, in Golden Cross Hall, Union block, Lisbon 



J. M. Fernald, N. C. ; Mrs. Lizzie M. Withum, V. 1ST. 
C; Lady Venner, Prelate; Mrs. H.Dunn, K. of P.; Mrs. 
C. B. Howe, F. K. of P.; Lady Brackett, Treas.; Lady 
Quimby, W. H. ; D. P. Eaton, Deputy. 

Meet second and fourth Friday in each month, at 31 
Lisbon street. 




W. Maxfield, Governor ; Miss Loana Atwood, Lieut. 
Govrnor; Lyman Prescott, Treas. ; Charles A. Ring, 
Sec; A. K. P. Knowlton, Collector; Mrs. Mary A. 
Syphers, Chap.; C. E. Toner, Sergt. at Arms ; Mrs. Alice 
Dickens, Dep. S. at Arms; Mrs. Lottie F. Wright, Sent, 
of I. G; J. V. Wright,#en«. of 0. G; C. F. Toner, Ex. 
Gov; H. C. Bradford, Med. Examiner. 

Meets at Pythian Hall, second and fourth Monday of 
each month, at 7.3 o'clock. 


Eldreth Arnold, Governor; Mrs. Williams, Lieut. Gov- 
ernor; Mrs. N. L. Tattle, Sec; N. B. Lord, Treas.; 
Nathaniel Haskell, Collector. 

Meets alternate Fridays of each month, at Pythian Hall, 
College block, 256 Lisbon street. 



145 Lisbon street. 
Henry W. Oakes, Pres.; Miss Etta R. Harlow, Sec 


186 Lisbon street. 

E. S. Chase, Pres.; T. E. Calvert, Vice Pres. ; F. B. 
Wheelock, Treas.; J. L. Reade, Clerk. 


E. F. Cunningham, Pres.; W. S. Parsons, Vice Pres; 
Miss L. M. H. Todd, Sec and Treas.; Miss E. M.Hunt, 
Mr. A. B. Hoag, and Miss M. A. Hewins, Standing Com. 


Carrie E. Miller, Pres.; Ralph A. Sturges, Agnes L. 
Peabody, Allice G. Miller, Maud Hartwell, Vice Prests.; 
Leigh F. Sturges, Sec; Edward Merrill, Treas. 


175 Main street. 

G. W. Raymond, Pres; A. E. Randall, Vice Pres. ; T. 
C. Spillane, TVeas.; P.J. Sullivan, Pec. Sec; W. W. 
Gledhill, Fin. Secretary. 

Meets first Thursday evening of each month. 


Napoleon L'Heureux, Pres.; S. Vincent, Sec. ; Regis 
Provost, Treas. 150 members. 

Meets first Thursday in every month at Dominican 


L. G-. Purinton, Pres.; R. L. Thompson, Vice Pres.; 
Miss H. M. Osgood, Treas. ; Miss E. M. Hunt, Herbert 
Lord, T. L. Leavitt, Ex. Com. 


120 Bartlett street. 

John Spencer, Pres. ; John Spencer, William Widdall, 
Joseph Crosley, Directors; Joseph Cash, Sec. 



Rooms 24 Pine, cor. Lisbon streets. 

E. H. Gerrish, Pres.; G. W. Bean, Vice Pres.; F. B. 
Sands, Treas.; Thomas M. Singer, Gen. Sec; C. O. 
Morrill, Rec Sec 

Reading and social room, open from 9 a. m. to 930 p.m. 
Sundays 2 to 6 p. m. 

. TION. 

ORGANIZED JAN. 1, 1880. 

John Garner, Pres.; A. M. Penley, Vice Pres. ; Geo. 
Pottle, Sec ; Charles H. Miller, Treas. 

Regular meetings the first Wednesday of each month, 
in City building. 



ORGANIZED AUG. 1, 1876. 

Randall Dresser, Pres.; A.M. Penley, Vice Pres. ; A. 
Atwood, Treas. ; W. E. Cloutier, Sec. 

Meetings are held yearly at Board of Trade rooms, 17 
Lisbon street. 



J. G. Chabot, Pres.; J. E. Cloutier, Vice Pres.; M. L. 
Lizotte, Sec. ; J. B. Bonneau, Asst. Sec; Charles Martel, 

Meets every second Tuesday, of each month, at College 
block, Lisbon street. 



City Hall, open every day and evening. 

The library contains some 11,000 volumes. 

Nelson Dingley, Jr., Pres.; George W. Bean, Vice 
Pres.; Horace Little, Treas.; John Garner, Pec. Sec; R. 

C. Peunell, Cor. Sec; William P. Frve, R. C. Pennell, 
W. A. Pidgin, Rev. Geo. M. Howe, N. Dingley, Jr., W. 

D. Pennell, H. L. Pratt, James Dempsey, Stephen Lee, 
H. L. Aldrich, jr., H. C. Little, John Garner, Geoge W. 
Bean, Prof. Lyman G. Jordan Board of Government ; 
Nelson Dingley, jr., Lyman G. Jordan, R. C. Pennell, 
Rev. George M. Howe, Library Committee. 


Wm. Sabourin, Pres.; Charles Moneau, Sec; Jean B. 
St. Pierre, Treas. 

Meets third Thursday in each mouth, at College block. 
Go members. 



113 Ash street. 

Rev. Alexander Mothon, Pres. ; Rev. Thos. Morard, 
Vice Pres.; Reu. Paul Duchaussoy, Treas.; Rev. Alexis 
Grolleau, Sec. 



P. X. Angers, Pres.; F. Desjardins, Sec. ;H. Durocher 

Meets first Tuesday of each month, at Dominican block. 
267 members. 


ORGANIZD OCT. 31, 1884. 

198 Lisbon street. 

Mrs. B. F. Hayes, Pres.; Miss Ida H. Fullerton, Sec; 
Mrs. H. E. Andrews, Treas. 

Reading room open from 1 to 9 p. m. 




Office 32 Main. 
D. W. Smith, Pres.; W. H. Weeks, Sec. and Treas. 


North Auburn, 

Music Hall block, 79 Lisbon. 

Organized Aug. 15, 1887. 

Wm. F. Mullen, Boston, Pres. ; Geo. H. Swazey, Bos- 
ton, Treas.; Horace C. Little, Sec. 

296 and 310 Main street. 

Opened July, 1891. 

J. L. H. Cobb, Pres.; J. R. Learned, Treas.; D. J. 
Callahan, Sec. ; Ara Cushman, Prof. L. G. Jordan, John 
F. Cobb, R. C. Reynolds, Geo. W. Wagg, D. J. Calla- 
han, B. F. Wood, John Garner, Cbarles W. Hill, Direct- 
ors; George P. Emmons, M. D., Supt.; Miss Martha P. 
Parker, Matron and Supt. of Nurses. 


Incorporated Sept. 1st, 1890. 
Capital Stock $150,000. 
Charles Gay, Pres.; T. E. Curtis, Treaa* [ 




17 Lisbon street. 

Organized March 29, 1887. 
Board of Management. 

C. I. Barker, Pre*.; T. E. Eustis, 2d Vice Pres.; S. 
D. Wakefield, 1st Vice Pres.; N. B. Potter, Sec; T. F. 
Callahan, Treas.; A. D. Barker, D. J. Callahan. J. H. 
Day, A. D. Frost, J. B. Smith, M. J. Googin. Member- 
ship about 250. 


Capital stock, $75,000. 

Office under De Witt House, Park street. 

Wallace H. White, Pres.; Edward C. Lee, Treas.; 
Randall Morgan, SamuelT. Bodine, E. C. Lee, W. H. 
White, Seth M. Carter, Directors; William M. Scott, 
Supt. ; Wm. R. Stevens, Sec. and Cashier. 


CAPITAL, $100,000. 

C. I. Barker, Pres.; James Dempsey, Vice Pres.; C. 
I. Barker, James Dempsey, J. W. Farwell, N. Dingley, 
Jr., L. L. Shaw, E. T. Gill, F. L. Richardson, Directors ; 
R. C. Reynolds, Agent; Fred Kelley, Treas. and Clerk. 


CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000. 

Office, 1 Lisbon street. 

Frank W. Dana, Pres.; Horace C. Little, Treas. and 
Clerk; J. L. H. Cobb, F. W. Dana, H. C. Little, J. N. 
Wood, N. M. Neal, Frank R. Conant, L. S. Ruggles, Di- 
rectors; Frank H. Turgeon, Svpt. 


Five and a half miles long, a part of the Grand Trunk 
Railway of Canada. 

B. F. Sturgis, Auburn, Pres,; I. B. Isaacson, Clerk; 
C. H. Osgood, Treas.; A. M. Penlev, A. R. Savage, B. 
F. Sturgis, Wm. H. Newell, Charles H. Osgood, A. M. 
Garcelon, J. M. Robbius, Heury Hines, L. J. Martel, Di- 



„***?■■. ' " 

'l^p^' , 



The OLDEST Company in the United States, with works the LARGEST in the World, 




Also, Steam Packing, Engine Hose, Steam, Tanners' and Brewers' Hose, 
and India Rubber Goods of Every Description. 


For Paper Makers' use, a SPECIALTY, made by a Process EXCLUSIVELY OUR OWN, arad 
SUPERIOR to any other make. 


We make a Specialty of LINING COTTON AND LINEN HOSE under James B» Forsyth's 
nts, which produces the very best results, and gives to the consumer the best Rubber-Lined Hose in the 
ket. Also, Rubber Hose for all kinds of uses, and the most Reliable Hose Manufactured. 

xm:i»eiiij^i^ stitoheo rubber belting. 

We have Manufactured this kind of Belting for more than Twenty Years. 



I Manufacturing Agent and General Manager. President. Treasurer. 



is i .1 isfisu i n MJY 18:$1. 

c.jpit.jl,, $2,000,000. 

Washburn & Moen Mnf'g Co., 





"slj^fltd -A-nsriD soft zdzr^^wust 
Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes. 

Galvanized Iron and Steel Telegraph and Telephone Wire. 




- © 

a £ 

* H 

3 « ^ 




Galvanised Iron If** re Rope for Ship's Rigging, ,Vr. Galvanised Steel 

Wire Cables for Suspension Bridges. Transmission and Standing 

Hopes, WMoistiny Ropes, Titter Ropes, Stritch Ropes, Copper, 

Iron and Tinned Sash Cord, Phosphor Rronse and Copper 

If*ire Rope, Wire Clothes Lines, Picture Cord, 

Galvanised Wire Seising. 

And all the Fixtures and Appliances required for Use with the foregoing. 

• Send For Price Lists, Circulars and Descriptive Pamphlets. 

New York Warehouse, 16 Cliff St. Chicago Warehouse, 107 & 109 Lake St 

San Francisco Warehouse, 8 and lO PINE STREET. 



Incorporated. I860. 

CAPITAL, . . . $1,000,000. 

o. lOO Summer Street, Boston. 

20. W. BEAN, Agent, 

ALLEN P. WINSLOW, Paymaster. 

MENANDER DENNETT, Asst. Paymaster. 

indies, • 62,000. 

oms, 1,559. 

males Employed, 640. 

les Employed, 420. 

ton Consumed per week, in pounds, 125,000. 



Summer Street, Boston, and 71 Thomas Street, New York. 


tide Sheetings, Shirtings, Satteens, Jeans, 
Seersuckers and Grain Bags. 

PAY-DAY, every other Thursday. 


Bates Manufacturing Comps 

Incorporated 185 

CAPITAL, $1,000,000. 

J, W. CLAHK, President. 


85 Devonshire Street, Boston, 

Ginghams, Shirtings, Damask Table Cloths, Quilts, 






RALPH W. POTTER, Paymaster and Clerk. 

Spindles, 60,248. Looms, 1,675. 

Hands Employed, 1,800. 


Dl ICC CADVAII 9 Pfl ( lOO Summer Street. BOS 

DLlOO, rAD I AH <X UU. \ 71 ThomasStreet, NEW 




CAPITAL, $ 1 ,000,000. 

F. L. RICHARDSON, Treasurer. 



M. 2>. BENJSTELL, Agent. 

FRED'K B. SANDS, Clerk. 






heelings, Shirtings, Twills, 

I Coutils and Satteens. 

SHDLES, 54,208. LOOMS, 1,238. 



Franklin Co 

Incorporated April 1854 

CAPITAL, - - $1,000,01 

This Company owns the Lincoln mill, the DeWitt Hous 
many other buildings. Also, several hundred acres of la 
and about the more thickly settled portions of the city. 







EDWARD L. WOOD, Treasurer. 



Corner of Chestnut and Oxford Streets. 

Incorporated 1864. Commenced Operations, 1866. 

CAPITAL, . . $1,500,000. 
GEO. E. TOWNE, Treasurer, - - - 31 Bedford Street, Boston, 


It. C. PENNELL,, Clerk, 

H. IL,. ^I^DMCH, JR., Agent. 








No. 31 Bedford St., Boston, 

No. 87 Worth St., New York. 

Ipindles, 77,601. Looms ,1.822* 

Hands Employed, 1,250, 


Columbia Mills, 






Thos. Kelly & Co., 


89 Chauncy St., Boston, Mass, 




CAPITAL STOCK, $300,000. 

Incorporated Jan.., 1S72. 



JAMES DEMPSEYJreas. and Gen. Manager. 



JAMES A. WALSH, Superintendent. 

JOHN WINN, Supt. Colored Dept. 




Capital, ■ ■ $75,000. 

Seth M. 3£illi7cen 9 Pres. H. 31. Dingley, Treas. 

Carl F. A. Staebing, Supt. 



79 Leonard St., New York. 

C I. BARKER, President. F. W. PARKER, Treasurer. 


CAPITAL, $300,000. 



Oxford St, near G, T. K. E. Depot, 








F. H. PACKARD, Treasurer. A. D. BARKER, Agent. 

Avon Manufacturing Co., 


INCORPORATED 1882. CAPITAL, $100,000. 



— AND— 






Looms, I££i5| ow ' Hands Employed, 50. 



Little Androscoggin Water Power Co. 


Little Androscoggin Water Power 



Mill Street, Auburn, Me. 

Treasurer's Office, - 81 Main Street. • 


CAPITAL, - - $340,000. 

A. M. Pulsifer, Treas. Wm. Hayes, Agent. 

SPINDLES. 21,776. LOOMS, 432 

Capacity, 4,000,000 yards per annum. 









145 Lisbon street. 


George Lowell Tracy, President; Gerald B. Whitman, 
Sec. and Treas. 


87 Lisbon street. 


Benjamin A. Prager, Pres.; Philp Prager, Treas.; 
Fred H. Prager, Clerk. 



Containing about 40 acres on the east bank of the 
Androscoggin river. 

George W. Bean, Pres.; F. I. Day, Sec. and Treas.; 
George Bean, J. P. Longley, William P. Frye, A. B. 
Nealey, Managers; Joseph Estes, Sexton; George W. 
Bean, General Agent. 


126 and 128 Lisbon street. 

CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000. 

B. Peck, Pres.; H. A. Free, Treas.; J. H. Crowley, 
Manager ; B. Peck, J. H. Crowlev, H. A. Free, Lewis 
Lombard, W. S. Nicoll, L. T. Chabot, W. E. Youland, 



Office 53 Lisbon street. 

Fred A. Hall, Pres.; Willie A. Knight, Treas.; Seth 
M. Carter, Secretary ; Fred A. Hall, Willie A. Knight and 
S. M. Carter, Directors. 



Office, under DeWitt House, Park street. 

Lyman Nichols, Pres.; G. S» L. Abbott, Treas. and 
Manager; S. A. B. Abbott, George F. Fabyan, Edward 
L. Wood, Jacob Edwards, William B. Frye, Lyman Nich- 
ols, Directors. 



CAPITAL STOCK, $50,000. 

87 Lisbon street. 
T. E. Eustis, Pres.; A. D. Parker, Treasurer. 



Rev. Oren B. Cheney, d. d., Pres.; Hon. James G* 
Blaine, ll. d., Augusta; Rev. Dexter Waterman, Car- 
roll, N. H. ; Abial M. Jones, Lewiston ; Hon. Alonzo 
Garcelon, m. d., Lewiston ; Rev. John A. Lowell, a. m., 
Danville, N. H. ; Hon. Nelson Dingley, Jr., ll. d., Lew- 
iston ; Enoch W. Page, New York City ; Hon. Henry 
Williamson, a.m., Starks ; Hon. Person C. Cheney, a.m., 
Manchester, N. H. ; Cyrus H. Latham, Lowell, Mass ; 
Hon. George F. Mosher, a. m., Hillsdale, Mich. ; Lyman 
G. Jordan, a. m., Lewiston ; Hon. Jonathan L. H. Cobb, 
Lewiston ; Hon. Moody Currier, ll. d., Manchester, N. 
H. ; George E. Smith, Esq., Boston, Mass. ; Lyman G. 
Jordan, Sec. 


Rev. Oren B. Cheney, d. d., Pres.; Jonathan Y. Stan- 
ton, a. m., Rev. Benjamin F. Hayes, d. d., Lyman G. 
Jordan, a.m., Thomas L. Angell, a.m., George C. Chase, 
A. m., John H. Rand, a.m., Jonathan Y. Stanton, a.m., 
Sec. and Librarian; Registrar. 

Number of students, 128. 



Rev. Oren B. Cheney, d.d., Presdent; Rev. John Ful" 
lonton, d.d., Rev. Benjamin F. Hayes, d.d., Thomas Hill 
Rich, a.m., Rev. Alfred Williams Anthony, a.m., Rev. 
James Albert Howe, d. d., Sec. 


Rev. James M. Bailey, d.d., Rev. C. E. Cate, a. m., 
Rev. T. H. Stacy, a.m., Rev. Martyn Summerbell, a, m. 

Nnmber of students, 26. 




Ivory F. Frisbie, a.m., Prin.< Teacher of Latin and 
Greek; A. C. Townsend, a. b., Teacher of Mathematics; 
W. F. Tibbetts, a.b., Teacher of Classical Geography and 
History; C. J. Emerson, Teacher of Rhetoric and Elocu- 
tion; E. W. Morrell, Asst. Teacher of Latin. 


Crowley Junction station, South Lewiston, Henry W. 
Knowles, station agent. 

G. T. R. station, Lincoln street, Thomas N. Brown, 
general agent, Walter B. Johnson, ticket a*ent, John 
McSherry, baggage master. 

Lower Depot, M. C. R. R., Main street, Henry H. Han- 
son, station agent, Frederick A. Tinkham, watchman. 

Upper Depot. M. C. R. R. Bates street. C. C. Benson, 
station and ticket agent, A. Henry Philips, freight cashier, 
William H. Lowe, telegraph operator, D. Perley Eaton, 
day baggage master, James Ryan, freight checker, Walter 
Marvel, night baggage master. 



[217 Lisbon street. 

Office open from 7.15 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

William T. Smart, Postmaster ; John F. Putnam, Asst. 
Postmaster ; Fred W. Lunt, Mailing Clerk; Miss Jennie 
E. Ambrose, Meg. Clerk; Miss Gertrude P. Webster, De- 
livery Clerk; George S. Longley, Sitpt. of Carriers; Ed- 
ward W. Bartlett, Fred I. Morrell, William H. Garcelon, 
Phileas H. Giguere, Jeremiah F. Sullivan, Mansell W. 
Farr, George E. Faunce, Carriers; William Finn, Sub- 


Auburn and Turner, 7.00 and 10.00 a.m., 12.45 and 
5.00 p.m. 

Bath and Lewistoa, 9.45 a.m., and 12.45 and 5.00 p.m 


Eastern, 2.20 and 10.30 p.m. 

Farmington, 9.30 a.m. and 2.20 p.m. 

Grand Trunk, 9.20 a.m., and 2.15 p.m. 

Sabatis, 2.20 p.m. 

South Auburn, 2.20 p.m. 

Western, 6.55 and 10.15 a.m., and 4.20 and 10.30 p.m. 


Auburn and Turner, 7.15 and 10.15 a.m, 1.00 and 
5.15 p.m. 

Bath and Lewiston, 9.15 a.m., and 3.15 p.m. 

Eastern, 10.35 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. 

Farmington, 9.30 a.m., and 4.40 p.m. 

Grand Trunk, 8.00 and 11.00 a.m. 

Sabatis, 11.25 a.m. 

South Auburn, 11.25 a.m. 

Western, 7.15 a.m., and 12.30, 2.45 and 6.30 p.m. 

All letters should be deposited in the Post-Office, fifteen 
minutes before the advertised time of closing mails. Let- 
ters going P^ast or West may be deposited in the letter 
box at upper station, Maine Central Railroad. Letters 
for Lewiston must not be put in this box. 

The latest collection is made from the street boxes at 
6.45 p.m., but mail going East or West will be mailed up 
to 10.30 p.m., if deposited in the Post Office. 


Crowley Junction. 

Henry W. Knowles, Postmaster; Mrs. H. W. Knowles, 
Asst. P. M. 


8.16 and 10.05 a.m. 3.02 and 5.28 p.m. 


8.16, 9 and 10.05 a.m. 3.02 and 5.28 p. m. 


See that your letters are sealed and stamped. 

Do not abbrevjate the address. Always use street address or box 
number when convenient. 

" Visitors " or " transients " should have mail addressed " in care 
of." etc. 

Place your address on upper left hand corner of envelope, and it 
will be returned if undelivered. 

Place your stamp in upper right hand corner. 

Nothing can be attached or pasted on postal card, except at letter 


Postmasters are permitted to read postal cards to prohibit the 
mailing of obscene literature. 

Second, third and fourth class matter must not be sealed against 

There is no limit of weight to first or second class matter or sin- 
gle books ; all other matter is limited to four pounds. 

Liquids can be mailed only in metal or wooden boxes. 

Persons sending postal cards and who write upon the address side 
of them "in haste," or other words unconnected with their delivery, 
subject them to letter postage, and they are held as unmailable. 


Letters, per oz. (fractions same), 2 cents; must be prepaid by 

Registered Letters and Packages, 10 cents each, in addition to 
regular postage. Postal Cards, one cent each. Circulars, 1 cent 
for two ounces or fraction thereof. 

Transient newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, when 
sent by other than a news agent or publisher, 1 cent for 4 ounces 
or fraction. Any other articles of printed matter, 1 cent for 2 
ounces or fraction, prepaid by stamps. Newspapers and periodicals 
to regular subscribers, when sent from office of publication or from 
news agent, 1 ct. a ponnd. Regular matter for local delivery when 
it is to be delivered by carriers, it can only be mailed for one cent 
each for newspapers (excepting weeklies), and periodicals not ex- 
ceeding 2 ounces ; and two cents each for periodicals weighing more 
than two ounces. 

All transient matter must be sent in a cover open at the ends or 
sides. There must be no word or communication written on the 
same after its publication, or upon the cover, except the name and 
address of the person to whom it is to be sent, and the name of the 
person sending same. There must be no paper or other thing in- 
closed in or with such printed matter. 

Parcel Postage. — All articles of merchandise (except poisons, 
explosive materials, etc., liable to injure the mails), 1 cent for 
every ounce, not exceeding 4 pounds. 

Postal Notes. — For any amount not exceeding $4.99, uniform rate 
of three cents. 


Letters to Great Britain, including Scotland and Ireland, and the 
Continent of Europe, British, Dutch, French, and Portuguese pos- 
sessions in the West Indies and Africa, Brazil, Argentine Republic, 
Peru, China, Japan, Java, St. Pierre, Miquelon, Egypt, Newfound- 
land, all parts of India, and the Straits Settlements, Nassau, Colon, 
Barbadoes, Bermuda, Uruguay, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Chili and 
Sandwich Islands, 5 cents per half ounce. Madagascar (except 
Tamatave and St. Mary's), British mail, 13 cents; French mail, 
21 cents. Bolivia, 5 cents. New South Wales, New Zealand, 
Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania, 12 cents. South Africa, 15 
cents. St. Helena, 15 cents. Canada, 2 cents. Mexico same as 
the United States, except that liquors cannot be sent. 

Newpsapers to Great Britain, including Scotland and Ireland, 
and the Continent of Europe, British, Dutch, French, and Portu- 
guese possions in the West Indies and Africa, Argentine Republic, 
Peru, Ecuador, Chili, China, Japan, Java, St. Pferre, Miquelon, 
all parts of India, Nassau, Barbadoes, and Newfoundland, 1 cent 
for two ounces. Canada, 1 cent for four ounces. Australia, New 
South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania, 
2 cents for each paper. Madagascar (except Tamatave and St, 
Mary's), British mail, 4 cents for each four ounces. Bolivia, 1 
cent for every two ounces or fraction thereof, South Africa and 



St. Helena, 4 cents each paper under four ounces, and Natal, 
South Africa, 4 cents for each paper under four ounces. Mexico, 
1 cent per four ounces. 

Postal Cards to all postal union countries where five cent letter 
postage prevails, 2 cents. Canada and Mexico, 1 cent. 


For any amount not exceeding $300 will be issued on deposits at 
this Office on payment of the following fees : On Orders not ex- 
ceeding$5, — 5 cents. Over $5 and not exceeding $10, — 8 cents. 
O ver $10 and not exceeding $15, — 10 cents. Over $15 and not 
exceeding $30, — 15 cents. Over $30 and not exceeding $40, — 20 
cents. Over $40 and not exceeding $50, — 25 cents. Over $50 and 
not exceeding $60, — 30 cents. Over $60 and not exceeding $70, — 
35 cents. Over $70 and not exceeding $80, — 40 cents. Over $80 
and not exceeding $100, — 45 cents. Lists of Money Order Offices 
may seen at P. O. 


Money Orders issued on the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, 
Switzerland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Hol- 
land, Austria via Switzerland, Belgium, Jamaica, New Foundland, 
New Zealand, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, 
Hawaiian Kingdom, Windward Islands, Panama, Leeward^Islands, 
Cape Colony, British India, and Portugal, Ceylon Straits Settle- 
ments, Cypress, Gibraltar, Tangiers, Morocco, Netherlands, Grand 
Duchy of Luxemberg, Constantinople, Bermuda, Falkland Inlands, 
Western Australia, Gambia, Mauritius, Natal, St. Helena, Trinidad, 
Malta, Beyreuth, Salonica, Smyrna, Hong Kong, Shaghai, Japan, 
Iceland, via Germany, Massowah, Assab, Zanzibar, Transvaal, 
British Beehuanaland Orange Free States, and Alexandria in Egypt. 
Eates 10 cents for every $10. 


Angers p. X. 
Bangs Judson 
Beecle Aaron 
Belleau F. X. 
Bonney A. L. 
Brigos E. M. 
Callahan D. J. 
Callahan W. Edward 
Carter Seth M. 
Chase B. T. 
Cloutier Joseph E. 
Conant F. A. 
C rouse J. M. 
Dana Frank W. 
Davis E. P. 
Dav Daniel H. 
Dovle Frank F. 
Drew F. M. 
Emerson C. V. 
Estey W. F. 


Merrill John F. 
Morev Frank A. 
Newell W. H. 
Noble F. L. 
Oakes H. W. 
Parker F. W. 
Pidgin W. A. 
Pingree R. C. 
Pulsil'er Woodbury 
Rodick W. J. 
Sabin John 
Sanborn W. W. 
Savage A. R. 
Small Addison 
Small J. T. 
Spillane T. C. 
Talbot A. L. 
Tarbox D., Jr. 
Torse v H. A. 
Wakefield Seth D. 



Fales L. W. 
Garner John 
Greenleaf Levi 
Irish A. F. 
Judkins Wilbur H. 
Knowlton A. K. P. 
Lvdston William 
McGillicuddv D. J. 

Watson Fred O. 
Webb Charles A. 
White W. H. 
Woodside E. 
Dana F. W. ^ 

Jones A. M. 
Knowlton A. K. P. [ 
Talbot A. L. | 

Watson Fred O. J 



Carter S. M. 
Chase B. T. 
Dana F. W. 
Knowlton A. K. P. 
Newell William H. 

Oakes H. W. 
Roberts L. G. 
Savage A. R. 
Small Addison 
Templeton A. L. 
Watson Fred O. 


Cornish A. D. Knowlton A. K. P. 

Belleau F. X., for Prov. of Quebec. 

v@ @ g9^- 







Compilers, Printers and Publishers, 


□ Entered according to Act oi Congress, in the year 1891. by W. A. 

GREENOUGH & CO., in the office of the Librarian of 
Congress at Washington. 







Academy, from 263 Main, to 50 Elm 

Adams, from First ave., next Minot ave., to the railroad 

Barker, from 5 South Main at the bridge, to Sixth, past 

Barker Mill 
Beacon avenue, from opp. 34 Lake, to opp. 77 Western 

Bearce, from 29 Manley 
Blake, from 290 Turner to 55 Winter 
Bolster, from 149 So. Main, to 178 Cook 
Briggs Corner, Turner road, beyond Mt. Auburn ave. 
Broad, from new bridge past old saw mill, to Haekett rd. 
Center, from next beyond 46 River road, to Turner road, 

at C. F. Curtis store, E. A. 
Charles, from 94 Goff to 54 Western Promenade 
Chestnut, from 47 Manley 
Coburn, changed to Hazel 

Cook, from opp. 54 Second, to Old Danville road 
Court, from the bridge over Auburn Heights to Stevens' 

Cross, from next 140 River road, to 131 Center 
Danville Corners' road, from Pownal road, opp. James T. 

Woodbury's, to Danville Corners 
Uavis, from 303 Turner to 76 Whitney 
Dennison, from 332 Turner to 17 Gamage avenue 
Dillingham Hill, east of the village of North Auburn 
Drummond, from 179 Main to Railroad 
Drummond court, from 88 Drummond, south 
Dunn, from 77 Second to Seventh 
Eighth, from Barker to next 99 So. Main 
Eleventh (projected), from Broad 
Elm, from 233 Main to Minot avenue 
Elm (East Auburn), from Oak to River road 
Fern, from 68 Lake to 33 Granite 
Fifth, from Barker opp. Barker Mill, to Dunn 
First, from 22 Broad to Oak Hill Cemetery 
First avenue, from opp. 267 Minot avenue, south to 234 

Fourteenth (projected), from Roak 
Fourth, from 30 So. Main to beyond Dunn 
French, from o(>o Turner to Center 
Gamage avenue, from junction Hampshire and Goff, to 

Lake, junction Park avenue 
Gill, from opp. 122 First to Fourth 
Goff, from '2^[) Court to junction Hampshire and Gamage 



Granite, from opp. 384 Court, to Orchard 

Grove, from 46 River road to Vernon 

Grove (Auburn Heights), changed to Summit 

Hackett road, from Old Danville road opp. the cemetery, 

to Broad 
Hampshire, from 68 Turner, to 1 Gamage avenue 
Harris, from 384 Court, southerly 
Harvard, from French towards Whitney 
Haskell, from 361 Court, junction Holhs, to 30 Lake 
Haskells Corner, junction Minot avenue, Merrow and 

Mmot roads 
Hazel, from opp. 106 Western avenue 
High, from 92 Court, to M. C. R. R. crossing 
Highland, from 352 Court, southward 
Highland avenue, from next 291 Court, to 54 Western 

Hill, from 329 Turner, to Whitney 

Holly, from 361 Court, junction Haskell, to across Fern 
Hutchius, from High, next M. C. R. R. crossing to H. 

W. Hutchius factory 
James, from 273 Court, to Charles 
Jefferson, from across Washington, to M. C. R. R. 
Jordan school road, from South River road, at Crockett 

school, past Jordan school and across Pownalroad to 

New Gloucester line 
Knight, from 95 Turner 
Lake, from next beyond 291 Court, to Old Hotel road, n. 

Youngs Corner 
Lake Auburn road, from Turner road, E. Auburn, past 

Lake Auburn, to No. Auburn, opp. the P. O. 
I Laurel, from 298 Main, to 1 Newbury 
Laurel avenue, from opp. 14 Laurel, to 358 Main 
Littlefield's Corner, Old Hotel road, junction Minot road 
Loring aveuue, from opp. 149 So. Main 
Madison, from opp. 284 Washington, westerly 
Main, from Androscoggin River, across Court at 23 to So. 

Main at the bridge 
Manley, from 74 Union, to beyond Walnut 
Maple, from nearly opp. 323 Court, southward (Auburn 

Maple, from 95 High, to 160 Pleasant 
Maple (West Auburn), from West Auburn road 
Martin road, from Old Danville rd.,next Carolus Gilbert's 
Mechanic Falls road, changed to Minot avenue 
Mechanics row, from 70 Court 
Merrow road, from Minot road, near Littlefilds Corner, to- 

Haskell's Corner 
Mill road, from Jordan school road at the schoolhouse, to 

Cross road to So. River road 
Miller, from 84 Main rear Phoenix and Roak block 
Minot avenue, from 222 Court, Minot line 


Minot road, from Littlefield Corner across Haskell Corner 
to Wilcombs corner 

Mount Auburn avenue, from Turner road, beyond Rowe, 
to West Auburn road 

Mount Gile, from end of Oak (E. Auburn) 

Myrtle, from opp. 58 Academy, to 50 Elm 

New Gloucester road, from Pownal road, at Mrs. Julia 
Eveleth's, to New Gloucester line 

Newbury, from 27 Laurel, to 364 Main 

Ninth, from 115 South Main 

Northern avenue, from 7 Cross, to River road 

North Auburn road extenson of West Auburn road past 
No. Auburn P. O. to Turner line 

Oak, from opp. 14 Pine to 36 Manley 

Oak (East Auburn), from the grist mill n. Elm to Mount 

Oakes road, continuation of Washington street to Dan- 
ville junction 

Old Danville road, continuation of So. Main bey. Bolster, 
to Danville junction depots, and across Railroads to 
New Gloucester line 

Old Hotel road, from 350 Minot ave., and from Young's 
Corner to a junction, then through Littlefield and 
Mars ton Corners to New Gloucester line 

Orchard, from 106 Lake, south 

Park avenue, from 487 Court, across Lake, to Mt. Au- 
burn avenue 

Parker, from 21 Winter, to 254 Turner 

Pearl, from 53 School, to 72 Hampshire 

Penley's Corner, So. River road 

Perkins Riclge road, from Youngs Coiner rd. over Perkins 
Ridge, to West Auburn 

Pine, from 14 Pearl, to opp. 2 Willow 

Pleasant, from 144 Turner, to 49 Elm 

Pleasant (West Auburn), from West Auburn road 

Poland road, from Old Hotel road, near Marston's corner, 
to Poland line 

Poland Spring road, from Old Danville road, at Danville 
junction, to Poland Springs 

Pownal road, from Old Danville road, at Rowe's Corner, 
past Plummer school, to Pownal line 

Prospect, from opp. 321 Court, southward 

Pulsifer, from Second, across So. Main, to Sixth 

Railroad, from 87 Drummond, to 186 Court 

River, from opp. 144 Eust, to Third 

River road, from 211 Turner, to Turner line 

Roak, from 105 Second, to 114 Seventh 

Rowe, from 404 Turner, to 177 Winter 

Rowe's Corner, Old Danville road, at the school house 

School, from 31 Spring, to 37 Got! 

to bevond Gill 


Second avenue, from opp. 277 Minot avenue, across Jef- 
ferson, to opp. 16 Madison 
Seventh, from rear 109 Broad, and opp. 79 Cook, to Oak 

Hill Cemetery 
Sixth, from 16 Barker, to beyond Dunn 
South, from 9 Minot avenue, to Auburn Heights 
South Goff, from 258 Court, southerly 
South Main, continuation of Main, from the bridge, to 

Danville Junction road 
South river road, continuation of First, to Durham line 
Splinterville, a neighborhood between Perkins Ridge and 

West Auburn village 
Spring, from M. C. R. R. opp. Troy, to opp. 64 Elm 
Spring st. extension, from 89 Union to Troy 
Sturgis road, from Old Hotel road, at Grand Trunk Rail- 
way, to Danville corner 
Stevens Mill road, from Minot avenue, to beyond West 

Minot road 
Summer, from next 168 Turner, to beyond Rowe 
Summit, from 430 Court 
Temple, from 11 Manley 
Tenth (projected), from Broad 
Third, from Pulsifer, to beyond River 
Thirteenth, from Roak to Barker 
Troy, from 29 School, across Hampshire to Spring 

st. extension 
Turner, from 71 Court, to Turner road 
Turner road, continuation of Turner street, through East 

Auburn and Auburn Plains, to Turner line 
Twelfth (projected), from Broad 
Union, from 239 Court, to 220 Turner 
Vernon, from 269 Turner, to Grove 
Vine, from opp. 214 Main, to opp. 83 High 
Walnut, from 67 Manley 
Washington, from 230 Minot avenue, to Grand Trunk 

West Auburn road, from Turner road, to West Auburn 
West Minot road, from Minot avenue, nearly opposite 

Walter Johnson's, to Minot line 
Western avenue, from 438 Court, to opp. 260 Minot av. 
Western Promenade, from opposite 9 Garnage avenue, to 

Beacon avenue 
Western View, from Lake to Holly 
Whitney, from 20 River road, across French, to 429 

Willow, from 65 Goff, to 66 Manley 
Winter, from 13 Wood to Rowe 
Wood, from 40 Summer, to 1 Winter 
Youno's Corner road, from Perkins ridge road, through 
Young's Corner, to Mt. Auburn avenue 



Aniory Building, Troy, between School and Hampshire 

Auburn Block, 60 to 70 Court 

Auburn Hall, 70 Court 

Auburn Steam Power Co.'s Block, 101 to 109 Main 

Beau's Block, 104 to 110 Main 

City Collector's office, 70 Court 

City Treasurer's office, 70 Court 

Clerk of Court's office, i County Building, Court 

County Building, Turner coiner Court 

Countv Treasurer's office, room 8, County Building 

G. A/R. Hall, 76 Main 

Goff Block, 69 to 73 Main 

Good Templars' Hall, 68 Main 

Elm Block, 31 and 33 Court 

Estes Block, Third, corner Pulsifer 

Estes Hall, Third, corner Pulsifer 

Haskell's Block, 178 to 184 Main 

Lasters' Protective Union Hall, 92 Main 

Masonic Hail, 81 Main 

Mayor's Office, 70 Court 

Mechanics' Savings Bank Building, 79 to 87 Main 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 34 Court 

Percival's Block, 101 to 107 Main 

Phoenix Block, 69 to 102 Main 

Pickard Block, 95 to 99 Main 

Pythian Hall, 53 Court 

Koak Block, 138 to 172 Main 

Symmes Block, Miller, rear 196 Maiu 

Y. M. C. A. Block, 51 to do Court 





Ab. above; agt., agent; asst., assistant; av., aAenue; b. or bds., boards; bet., 
between: bid., building; blk., block; com. met'., commission merchant; c. or 
cor., corner; ct., court; Gk T -R., Grand Trunk Railway; h., house; lab. .laborer ; 
L. & A. R. R., Lewiston & Auburn Railroad; mkr., maker; mnfr., manufac- 
turer; M. C.R.R., Maine Central Railroad; n., near; N. A. B. & S. Co., North 
Auburn Boot & Shoe Co., opp., opposite; pi., place; P. O., Post Office; pres. ; 
president; r., rear; Rev., Reverend; rd., road; st., street; sec, secretary; sq., 
square; supt., superintendent; treas., treasurer; (U. S A..), United States 
Army; (U.S. N.)> United Slates Navy; whf., wharf; whol., wholesale; wid., 

Where the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears immediately after 
the name, it indicates the place of business. 

After this name of the street, the word street is omitted. 

Abbott Alonzo A., clerk, 209 Court, bds. 156 Summer 

Abbott Alpbeus A., shoe treer, h. 156 Summer 

Abbott Fred H., picture-frame maker(Lewiston) ,h.l5 Oak 

Abbott Gustavus, spring beds, 29 Third, h. do. 

Abbott Helen E., widow of Ebeuezer, h. 45 S. Main 

Abbott Horace P., student, bds. 13 High 

Abbott Joseph B., shoemaker, b. 209 Turner 

Abbott Loriua P. Mrs., h. West Auburn 

Adams Alba S., widow, h. 263 Court 

Adams Carrie T. Mrs., weaver, house 34 Fifth 

Adams Howard B., student, Bates College, b. William D. 

Adams', Danville Junction 
Adams Isaac, carpenter, h. 53 School 
Adams William B., carpenter, house 53 School 
Adams William D., farmer, h. New Gloucester rd., Dan- 
ville Junction 
Adcliton Charles H., shoemrker, h. 2 Ql- Court 
Additou Fred T., clerk, 36 Court, rms. 75 Pleasant 
Adkins Henry C, last maker, 34 Railroad, h. 22 Manley 
Affleck James S., baker, 26 Main, house 70 Hampshire 


Ahern Edward, shoemaker, bds. 200 Main 
Ahem John, mason, h. 188 Main 
Ahern Nora, widow of Thomas, house 188 Main 
Albee Bros. (Fred W. and Charles P. Albee), liverv sta- 
ble, 94 Miller [Main 
Albee Charles P. (Albee Bros.), stable, 94 Miller, h. 35 
Albee Fred W. (Albee Bros.), stable, 94 Miller, h. rear 

10 Drummond 
Albee Susan, widow, h. 35 Main 
Albee William F., hostler, bds. 35 Main 
Alden Asa A., sole-leather cutter, h. 14 Pearl 
Alden Burt L. (Burt L. Alden & Co.), apothecary, 27 
Broad, h. 80 Dunn 

ALDEN BURT L. & CO. (Burt L. Alden), apoth- 
ecaries, 27 Broad (see page 228) 
Alden Burton L., cigar maker, 10 Court, bds. 7 Highland 
Alden Fred C, painter, h. 52 Hampshire 
Alden Herman C., cigar maker, bds. 7 Highland 
Alden Nelson H., foreman, stock room, 117 Main, h. 99 

Alden William A., cigar mnfr., 10 Court, h. 7 Highland 
Alden William E., carpenter, h. 7 Highland 
Alden William H., heel cutter, h. 58 Union 
Alden William H., sole cutter, h. Maple, West Auburn 
Alexander Judith B.,wid.,b.Orrin 8. Libby's, So. River rd. 
Alexander Thomas T., farmer, Turner rd., n. Almshouse 
Allen Alton H., teamster, b. Mrs.M. J. Alien's, E. Auburn 
Allen Alvira, widow of William S., h. 102 Goff 
Allen Bertrand W., McKay operator, b. 49 Gamage av. 
Allen Caroline, widow of Albion P., h. No. Auburn 
Allen Charies W., engineer, h. 27 Mechanics Row 
Allen Clarence C, blacksmith, 3 River rd., h. Elm, cor. 

Oak, E. Auburn 
Allen Clarinda S., widow of Dexter B.,h. Oak, E.Auburn 
Allen Elizabeth, widow of Ruel, h. 56 Pleasant 
Allen Emily C. Miss, b. Mrs. Clariuda S. Allen's, E. Auburn 
Allen Fiances M., painter, 82 Whitney, h. do. 
Allen Frank A., bds. 82 Whitney 

Allen Frederick A., postmaster, Auburn Plains, h. do. 
Allen George A., auctioneer, and furniture, 1G0 Main, 

h. 299 Turner 
Allen Hannah S. Mrs., housekeeper, 133 Court 
Allen Isaac A., pattern maker, Auburn Stove Foundry 

Co., High, h. at Biddeford 
Allen Jennie L. Miss, music teacher, 27 Laurel, h. do. 
Allen John B., gas litter, 109 Summer, h. do. 
Allen Luther L., baggage master, M. C. R. R., Danville 

Junction, h. near do. 
Allen Lydia B. Miss, bds. 132 Spring 
Allen L. Augusta Miss, dressmaker, 121 High, rms. do. 
Allen Martha A. Mrs., bds. 29 Hampshire 


Allen Mary J.,wid.of Stillman, Turner rd, E.Auburn 
Allen Pardon D., shoemaker, house 296 Turner 
Allen Sidney A., McKay operator, house 49 Gamage av. 
Allen Ulysses Grant, engineer, h. 27 Mechanics Row 
Allen Wilfred C, farmer, b. F. A. Allen's, Auburn Plains 
Allen William H. C, clothing (Lewiston), house 102 Golf 
Alley J. B., 2d, foreman of stitching, Pray, Small Co. 
Allison David, harness cleaner, 62 Turner, b. 46 Main 
Ambrose Augustus, lumber surveyor, h. 20 Eighth 

73 Main, W. W. Bolstsr, pres., N. F. Woodbury, 
treas. (see page 496) 
American Electric Light and Power Co., off Old Hotel 

road at Littlefield's Corner 
American Express Co., 55 Court, Joseph C. Haskell, 

American Shoe Manufacturing Co., Philip M. Bickford, 

treas., Albert A. Hutchins, pres., George W. Bum- 
pus, sec, 170 and 172 Mam 
Ames Fred E., foreman, finishing, 34 Troy, h. River rd. 
Ames J. Edwin, shoe sciver, house 143 Union 
Ames Paul A., carpenter, h. 50 Whitney 
Amuotte Charles, apprentice, 100 Main, b. at Lewiston 
Amnotte Peter, tinsmith, 100 Main, h. 49 Fourth 
Anctille Pierre, painter, house 46 Third 
Anderson James, laborer, bds. 80 First 
Anderson James li., farmer, h. Youngs Corner road 
Anderson Libby W., canvasser, boards J. R. Anderson's, 

Youngs Corner road 
Anderson Mary, widow of John, h. 80 First 
Andrews Charles (Conant & Andrews), livery stable, 62 

Turner, house 60 do. 
Andrews Charles A., prop., Maine Hotel, 133 Main 
Andrews Cyrus, boards 55 Manley 

Andrews Cyrus, house Poland rd., at G. T. R. crossing 
Andrews Delia VV. Mrs., rooms 272 Main 
Andrews Del lie P., farmer, boards Hiram Andrews', 

Marstons Corner 
Andrews Fred L., engineer, house 20 Myrtle 
Andrews George B., city physician, 32 High, ho do. 
Andrews George M., shoemaker, bds. 424 Court 
Andrews Hiram, shoemaker and farmer, house off Old 

Hotel road, Mars tons Corner 
Andrews Otis, shoemaker, house 55 Manley 
Andrews Roxo O., widow of George, h. 424 Court 
Andrews Walter D., shoe cutter, house 82 Union 
Andrews William, machinist (Lewiston), rms. 102 Court 
Andrews William G., shoemaker, h. Centre, bey. Cross 
Androscoggin House, E. C. Towne, prop., 46 Main 
Anthony John S., shoe mnfr. (Lynn, Mass.), and prop., 

Grand View House, W. A., house at Boston 


Arnold Eldreth, plumber, 11 Court, h. 186 Seveuth 
Arnold Frank A., carpenter, house 158 Seventh 
Arnold June C. Mrs., house 180 Seventh 
Arris Albert, section hand, M. C. II. 11., house Danville 

Arris Frank II., farmer, house Danville Junction 
Arris Nathan K., farmer, house road to Leavitt's Quarry 
Arris Willie A., section hand, M. C. R.R., boards Frank 

II. Arris', Danville Junction 
Ashe John E., shoe bottomer, h. 40 Pleasant 
Ashton Ernest, overseer, Cumberland Mill (Lewiston), 

house 13 First 
Ash worth Samuel S., farmer, house Old Hotel road, bey. 

Minot avenue 
Atherton Nicholas A., blacksmith, 143 Turner, boards 

110 Main 
Atkins Henry C, laborer, house 24 Manley 
Atkins O. Addie Miss, fancy goods and dressmaker, 23 

Third, boards 77 Fifth 
Atkinson Clara P. Miss, bookkeeper, 105 Main, rooms 57 

Atkinson House Furnishing Co., George A. Ulmer, man- 
ager, furniture, etc., 105 and 109 Main 
Attwood George B. (Attwood & Barrows), boots and 

shoes, 60 Court, house 65 Goff 
Attwood R. Elton, clerk, S. & L. Bank, 79 Main, boards 

65 Golf 
Attwood & Barrows (George B. Attwood and Charles F. 

Barrows), boots and shoes, and gents' furnishing 

goods, 60 Court 
Atwood Abigail T., wid. of John Q. A., h. 246 Court 
Atwood Abram, provisions (Lewiston), h. 19 High 
Atwood Arthur C, shoemaker, house 70 Spring 
Atwood Charles S. (Atwood & Lowell), grocer, 220 Court, 

house 72 Goff 
Atwood Clarence, shoemaker, h. Lake, next Old Hotel rd 
Atwood Effie E. Miss, asst. pastry cook, Elm House, b. do 
Atwood Emeline, widow of Harrison, h. 8 Blake 

ATWOOD JA3IES F., treas., Auburn Trust Co., 
33 Court, house 25 Hampshire (see p. 4 ( J6) 
Atwood Sidney C, clerk (Lewiston), bds. ID High 
Atwood Tascus, lawyer, 84 Main, h. 67 Manlev 

ATWOOD & LOWELL (Charies S. Atwood and 
Winchester G. Lowell), groceries and provisions, 
220 Court (see page 583) [room 1 

Auburn Aqueduct Co., N. I. Jordan, treas., 34 Court, 
Auburn Crvstal Spring Washington, n. G. T. Railway 

F. Merrill, president, Henry C. Packard, treas., 
and agent, William B. Kilbourne, sec, manufactur- 
ing chemists, 68 Court(see page 228) 


Auburn Foundry Co., A. M. Penley, pres., N. M. Neal, 
agent, office and works, 157 Washington 

Auburn Gazette Publishing Co., publishers. Daily and 
Weekly Gazette, and Turf, Farm and Home, 4 and 
6 Court, Thomas E. Calvert pres. 

Auburn House, Geo. F. Rollins, prop., 49 Court 

WORKS, George B. Smith, proprietor, 212 Court 
(see p. 227) 
Auburn Mineral Spring Co., William F. Mullen, pres., 
Geo. H. Swasey, treas., office (156 Devonshire, B.) 
Auburn Paper Box Co., (Wm. J. Damren, Horace Little, 
and Harry I. Jordan), paper box mnfrs., 16 Me- 
chanics row 
Auburn Public Library. 31 Court 

H. Brown, treas. (see p. 495) 
Auburn Spring Hotel, E. J. Freeman, manager, Lake 
Auburn, 1 North Auburn 

iron sink mnfrs., High, at M. C. R. R. crossing, 
Geo. W. McFadden, general agent (see p. 588) 

AUBURN TRUST CO., Samuel F. Merrill, pres., 
James F. Atwood, treas., 33 Court (see p. 496) 
Auger Alphonse, grocer (Lewiston), house 66 Third 
Auger P. John, grocer (Lewiston), house 41 Second 
Austin Barlow S., carpenter, house 31 Loring ave. 
Austin Edward, compositor (Journal office, Lewiston), b. 

15 Myrtle 
Austin Fred, shoemaker, h. Turner rd., n. Almshouse 
Austin Irving T., shoemaker, house 46 Winter 
Austin Leonard, shoemaker, house 381 Turner 
Austin Luther J., laborer, h. Marston's Cor., So. Auburn 
Austin Peter M., brick mnfr., Danville Junction, h. do. 
Austin Willis W., tin can maker, bds. Main Hotel, house 

9 School 
Averill Leonard, carpenter, bds. 85 Second 
Ayer Erastus W., insurance agent, 122 Goff, house do. 
Ayer Frank C, shoemaker, bds. 122 Goff 
Ayer Isaac S., carpenter, house 14 Barker 
Ayer Lyclia L., widow of Daniel F., bds. r. 109 Spring 
Ayer Oliu P., shoemaker, bds. 122 Goff 

BABSON JOHN, shoemaker, rms. 206 Main 
Bachelder Susan R., tailoress, 15 Court, bds. 51 High 
Bailey Benjamin F., h. River road, Woodman District 
Bailey Brothers (Elton D. and George O.), props., 
Auburn, Turner and Livermore stage [Auburn 

Bailey Carroll E., carpenter, bds. C. D. Bailey's, North 
Bailey Davis V., carpenter, house 129 Spring 
Bailey Elmer R., shoe laster, house 17 Winter 


Bailey Elton D. (Bailey Bros.), stage prop., b. O. D. 
Bailey's, North Auburn 

BAILEY EMERY, dentist (20 Lisbon, Lewistou), 
h. 97 Spring (see p. 20) 
Bailey Freeman, shoemaker, rooms 10 Pearl 
Bailey George O. (Bailey Bros.), stage prop., bds. O. D. 

Bailey's, North Auburn 
Bailey George W\, wood, 48 Railroad sq., h. 112 Spring 
Bailey Gilbert II., mill overseer (Lewiston), h. 225 Main 
Bailey Henry II., carpenter, house North Auburn 
Bailey Israel H., house 18 Goff 
Bailey Joseph II., shoemaker, house 24 Parker 
Bailey J. C, shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Bailey Lorenzo, shoemaker, house 59 Whitne} 7 
Bailey Mary J., widow, bds. 59 Pieasant 
Bailey Nahum. farmer, house North Auburn 
Bailey Oscar D., fanner, house North Auburn 
Bailey Sarah T., widow of John F., bds. Z. T. Neweil's, 

Turner road 
Bailey Timothy A., farmer, house North Auburn 
Bailey Wallace, shoemaker, rooms 10 Pearl 
Bailey William H., driver, Hose 2, 158 Court, h. 9 School 
Bailey William H., janitor, house 9 School 
Baird Ellen, widow, bds. 17 Beacon avenue 
Baker Adelbert B., street car driver, rooms 29 Court 
Baker Charles R. (C. R. Baker & Sou), hairdresser, 65 

Court, house 77 Winter 
Baker C. R. & Son (Charles R. aud Lem. W. Baker), 

hairdressers, 65 Court 
Baker Frank M., shoemaker, bds. 28 Myrtle 
Baker Jennie W. Miss, shoe lining stitcher, bds. 28 Myrtle 
Baker John, rooms 29 Court 
Baker Julia A. Miss, house 111 Spring 
Baker Lem W. (C. R. Baker & Son), hairdresser, 65 

Court, house 218 Minotav. 
Baker Susan D., widow of Almon, house 28 Myrtle 
Balentine Josie Miss, forewoman, 28 Railroad, bds. 143 

Balentine Martha Miss, box maker, b. 143 Pleasant 

BALENTEXE NELLIE M., dining roo.n, 54 
Court (see page 583) 
Ball Frederick A., shoemaker, house 8 Chestnut 
1)ALLARI) SANFOKD K., carpenter aud builcl- 
13 er, 103 Turner, house 33 So. Goff (see page 583) 
Bane Atwell E., carpenter, h. West Auburn road 
Bangs Charles E., livery stable, 29 Miller, Q. 58 Academy 
Banks Charles E., butcher, house Oak, East Auburn 
Banks Thomas, bds. rear 106 First 
Banks Thomas, Jr., mule spinner, house 106 First 
Barber Allen L., shoe finisher, bds. 49 Court 
Barbour Amanda J. Mrs., boarding house, 110 Main 
Barbour John W. B., bds. 110 Main 

Barbour Simon S., fisherman, house 110 Main [House 

Barker A. A., mill overseer (Lewistou), bds. Hampshire 


Barker Charles K., clerk. 38 First, b. 2 Oak 

BARKER CLARENCE £,., manager, The Goo'd- 
year Shoe Machinery Co., 82 Main, house at Naples 
(see page 8) 
Barker John H., carpenter, house 2 Oak [Turner 

Barker Leon A., Goodyear operator, 92 Main, bds. 257 
Barker Mill, cotton goods mnfrs., Barker, William Hayes, 

Barker Moses, farmer, Marston Cor., h. Old Hotel road 
Barker Oscar L., Goodyear operator, 92 Main, house 257 

Barker C'*s E., painter, bds. 32 Main 
Barker Sarah J. Miss, house 68 Pleasant 
Barnard Otis M., cabinet maker, house Oak, E. Auburn 
Barnard Sadie A. Mrs., h. 80 Miller 
Barney Hermau W , shoemaker, rms. 9 Pleasant 
Barney Lincoln H., ?hoe cutter, house 63 Summer 
Baron George, shoemaker, house 9 First 
Baron John, mule spinner and boots and shoes, 25 Broad, 

house do. 
Barrell Charles M., student, bds. 10 Harris 
Barrell Laura C, widow of Charles H., h. 10 Harris 
Barrie Louis, mill man, h. 9 First 
Barrows Benjamin K., shoemaker, h. 7 Drummond 
Barrows Charles, hotel manager, bds. 7 Drummond 
Barrows Charles F. (Atwoocl & Barrows), boots and 

shoes and gents' furnishing goods, 60 Court, h. Ill 

Barrows Elwood D., tinsmith, 64 Main, rms. 7 Drummond 
Barrows Hiram C, sorter, A. Cushman & Co., house 

258 Court 
Barry John J., compositor, 6 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Barttett Frank (F. Bartlett & Sou), dry goods, 46 Court, 

house 15 Hampshire 
Bartlett Frank L. (F. Bartlett & Son), dry goods, 46 

Court, bds. 37 Goff 
Bartlett F. & Son (Frank and Frank L. Bartlett), dry 

goods, 46 and 48 Court 
Bartlett George E., clerk, 46 Court, h. 17 Hampshire 
Bassett Forest, shoemaker, house 41 School 
Bassett Merrill, house 73 Winter 

Batchelder Mary J., widow of George, bds. 77 Spring 
Batchelder Susan Miss, tailoress, rooms 51 High 
Batchelder Susan A., widow, h. 451 Turner [Auburn 
Bates Fred, farmer, bds. R. Bates', Perkins Ridge, W. 
Bates Richmond, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge, W. Auburn 
Bates William F., painter, h. 29 Goff 
Bates William A., painter, house School 
Beach James, shoemaker, rms. A. H. Jones, Dennison 
Beal D. Webster, clothing (Norway), h. 254 Court 
Beal Frank A., carpenter, house 25 James 
Beal Mary E. Miss, house 254 Court 


Beal Walter R., shoemaker, bds. 25 James 

Beals B. Franklin, house 128 Hampshire 

Beals Charles A., shoemaker, h. Turner rd., n. Mt. 

Auburn av. 
Beals Charles E., shoemaker, b. W. H. Beals', Turner rd. 
Beais Edward F., machinist, M. C. R. R., h. 18 Hazel 
Beals Frank A., carpenter, h. 25 James 
Beals Frank L., clerk, 50 Court, b. 128 Hampshire 
Beals Fred W"., shoemaker, bds. 27 South Goff 
Beals Henry M., farmer, house Mount Auburn avenue 
Beals John, carpenter, house Martin road, off Old Dan- 
ville road 
Beals Rufus Wlnfield, shoe factory foreman (Lewiston), 

house 87 Winter 
Beals Winslow H., truckman, Turner road, n. Mt. Auburn 

avenue, house do. 
Beamish Horace S., shoe finisher, house 22 South 
Bean Ellery A., shoemaker, house 3 Pleasant 
Bean Furber O., shoemaker, rooms 12 Union 
Bean Henry W., shoemaker, boards 29 Knight 
Beane Herman, shoe cutter, house No. Auburn 
Bearce Etta Mrs., teacher, Gowell school, h. 12 Bearce 
Bearce George B. (Bearce, Wilson & Co.), coal, wood 

and lumber, 9 Miuot avenue, h. at Lewiston 
Bearce George H., shoemaker, house 13 Holly 
Bearce Lucy G., widow of Asa, house 29 Goff 
Bearce Persis A. Miss, house 29 Goff 
Bearce Sophinus H., shoemaker, h. 456 Court 
Bearce William C, supt., department C, 10 Railroad, h. 

30 Drummond 
Bearce William P., shoemaker, h. 67 School 

BEARCE, WILSON & CO. (Geo. B. Bearce, 
Charles C Wilson and Charles L. Turgeon), coal, 
wood and lumber, 9 Minot avenue (see front cover) 
Bearse Samuel R., contractor (Lewiston), rms. 57 High 
Beatty William, mill operative, house 6 Main h 
Beaudette Edward, packer, 105 Main, b. at Lewiston 
Beaulieu Alphonse, iron moulder, house 9 Broad 
Beauregard John B., section hand, Barker Mill, boards 

28 Broad 
Beede Joshua W., physician, 157 Court, house do. 
Beede J. Dustin, lozenge maker, 26 Main, h. 62 Elm 
Beede Millard W., shoemaker, rms. 68 Pleasant 
Belanger Ferd Mrs., house 22 Second 
Belanger Louis M., clerk, 2 Third, house 90 First 
Bellamy Robert H., last maker, 34 Railroad, bds. 115 

Benjamin Albert W., clerk, 108 Main, b. 49 Court 
Benner Abbie J., widow of Roscoe K., h. 274 Court 
Benner Willis V., glazier (Lewiston), h. 3 High 
Bennett Annie, widow of John, mill operative, h. 30 Fifth 


Bennett Archile, quarryman, house 46 Third 
Bennett Fred A., hack driver, r. 73 Main, h. 298 do. 
Bennett James EL, treer, house 10 Mechanics row 
Bennett Moses L., shoemaker, house 13 Winter 
Bennett Nathaniel L., farmer, h. Court, near Stevens 

Mill road 
Benson Henry C, shoemaker, h. 274 Court 
Benson Sarah A., widow, b. 56 Highland avenue 
Bent Lemuel E., shoemaker, house 424 Court 
Berdell Myra Mrs., shoe stitcher, rooms 120 High 
Berman Aaron, trav. salesman, house 262 Main 
Berrio Charles M., laster, h. 138 Pleasant 
Berrio James W., laster, bds. 138 Pleasant 
Berry Alanson B., city liquor agent, 71 Main, house 20 

Berry Albert S., shoemaker, bds. Oak, East Auburn 
Berry Ann Miss, house Turner road n. Mt. Auburn ave 
Berry C. Albion, farmer, house Oak, E. Auburn 
Berry Forrest, farmer, house Mill road 
Berry Herbert A., shoemaker, house Centre byd. Cross 
Berry James, hostler, 14 Miller, rooms do. 
Berry Olive M., widow of Charles, boards C. A. Berry's, 

East Auburn 
Berry Sarah H., widow of John, bds. 119 Hampshire 
Betts Andrew, shoemaker, house 103 Spring- 
Bibber Rotheus E., section hand, Barker Mill, house 75 

Bickford David, steam fitter, house 16 High 
Bickford Ira C, travelling salesman, h. 138 Pleasant 
Bickford Jesse H., trader, house 225 Summer 
Bickford John, shoemaker, b. Hampshire House 
Bickford Phillip M., treas., American Shoe Mnfg. Co., 

172 Main, house 68 Highland avenue 
Bickford R. Frank, engineer, rear 132 Main, h. 220 do. 
Bickford Sherman, hairdresser, b. 64 Newbury 
Bickford Walter, shoemaker, b. Hampshire House 
Bickford William H., shoemaker, h. 194 Washington 
Bickerton Edward H., shoecutter, b. William Bickerton's, 

Western avenue 
Bickerton Frank W., pressman, bds. William Bickerton's, 

Western avenue 
Bickerton William, city carpenter, h. Western avenue 
Bicknell Amanda Miss, house 36 High 
Bicknell Mattie B. Miss, house 36 High 
Bigelow Charles E., milkman, h. Lake near Old Hotel road 
Bigelow Charles Fred, shoemaker, rooms 28 Troy 
Bigelow Dawn A. Miss, dentist, 72 Main, h. 140 Lake 
Bigelow Frank B., dentist, 72 Main. h. 140 Lake 
Bigelow Harry, farmer, b. C. E. Bigelow's, Lake 
Biggins Edward, clerk, 15 South Main, b. at Lewiston 
Biggins Edward J., clerk, 15 So. Main, b. at Lewiston 



Billington Richard, laborer, bds. 8 First 

Bird Charles F., trav. salesman, 19 School, h. 112 Spring 

Bird Edward W., groceries and dry goods, North Auburn, 

house do. 
Bisbee Byron, shoe finisher, house 64 James 
Bisbee Daniel, E., driver. H. R. Bisbee, Turner road.b. do. 
Bisbee E. Fred, shoemaker, rooms 90 Court 
Bisbee Forrest E., supt., L. ■& A. Electric L. Co., Broad, 

house at Lewiston 
Bisbee George E., foreman, packing room, 10 Railroad, 

house 460 court 
Bisbee Hopestill R., farmer and milkman, h. River road, 

opp. Woodman school 
Bishop Jennie Miss, boards 15 Laurel 
Bissonnette Desire, laborer, h. 35 First 
Blackburn James S.. bookkeeper, 37 Knight, h. 27 do. 
Blais Jennie, laborer, house 41 Second 
Blaisdell Charles T., farmer, h. Oak, East Auburn 
Blaisdell D. Eugene, machinist, W. A. Works, boards 30 

Blaisdell James, physician, West Auburn, house do. 
Blaisdell Samuel L., blacksmith, W. A. Works, house 30 

Blak Roscoe E., carpenter, h. Lake, byd. Park avenue 
Blake David P., house 34 Hampshire 
Blake Fred L.. shoemaker, rooms 23 Spring 
Blake Granville, furniture (Lewiston), h. 103 Pleasant 
Blake John C, postmaster, office Goff block, boards 103 

Blake Nellie Miss, saleslady, 46 Court, b. 14 High 
Blake Sarah E., widow of Alfred A., b. 105 Hampshire 
Blanding Selden, boot finisher, house 22 Lake 
Blethen Charles H., shoemaker, house North Auburn 
Blethen Chester H., shoemaker, b. 109 Spring 
Blethen Elias J., carpenter, house 15 Oak 
Blethen Ira, carpenter, house West Auburn 
Blethen Zebulon B., house North Auburn 
Blue Ana E. Mrs., weaver, rooms 43 Dunn 
Board of Trade rooms, 83 Main 
Boies Ludlow W., shoemaker, house 61 Manley 
Boies Stillman I., marble cutter, house 76 Whitney 
Boisvert Archilie, laborer, house 19 Third 
Boisvert Joseph, painter, house 37 Third 
Bolster Betsey N., widow of Luther H., nurse, house 41 

Bolster Ralph E., shoe cutter, h. 41 Whitnev 

BOLSTER WILLIAM W„ lawyer, 81 Main, and 
president Barker Mill, and Amer. Banking and Trust 
Co., house 178 Cook 
Bolster Wm. W. Jr., student, boards 178 Cook 
Bond Houghton, boards Maine Hotel 


Bond Oland, shoe laster, rooms 12 Temple 

Bonney EbeoezerS., house 150 Whitney 

Bonney Edward W., letter carrier, house 8 Myrtle * 

Bonney Edward Weston, tacker on, house 8 Holly 

Bonney Frank J., dentist (Lewiston), house Cross load, 

from South River road at Penleys corner 
Bonney George, janitor, County buildings, house 6 

Bonney Sherman H., farmer, h. Park av., n. Court 
Booker Arthur W., telegrapher, W. U. T. Co., M. C. R. 

R. station, house 14 Pine 
Boomer Charles A., sole leather cutter, b. 49 Court 
Boomer Joel S., overseer, cloth room, Barker Mill, house 

133 Broad 
Boomer William H., printer, house 137 Broad 
Booth James, mule spinner, house 147 Main 
Booth John, mule spinner, house 140 First 
Booth John C, mule spinner, house 167 Second 
Boothby Ellen F. Mrs., shoe stitcher, rms. 90 Pleasant 
Boothby H. Wellington, blacksmith, N. Auburn, opposite 

P. O., house near do. 
Bornstein Emma Mrs., fruit and confectionery, 2 South 

Main, house do. 
Bornstein Nathan, junk collector, house 2 So. Main 
Bouchard Jean B., laborer, house 9 Broad 
Bouchard John, painter, boards 9 Broad 
Bouchard Joseph, painter, house 35 First 
Boudoin Mitchell, iron molder, bds. 186 Main 
Boulanger Elie, weaver, house 9 Third 
Boulet Telesphore, laborer, house 46 Third 
Bourque Leander G-., clerk (Lewiston), b. 44 Broad 
Bourque Leauder N., physician (Lewiston), h. 44 Broad 
Bowdon George E., shoemaker, house 67 Whitney 
Bowen Frances, widow of Wm. S., house 230 Seventh 
Bowen William W., shoe cutter, house 230 Seventh 
Bowers Alfred, weaver, house 69 Second 
Bowie Bertha R., shoe stitcher, bds. 64 School 
Bowie Derwin W., shoemaker, house 9 Gamage av. 
Bowie Emerson, grocer, Pownal rd., n. Durham line, h. do. 
Bowie E. Mrs., postmistress, South Danville, house do., 

South Auburn 
Bowie Ivory, shoemaker, house 80 Spring 
Bowie J. Alfred, corp. clerk, Pray-Small Co., Spring-st. 

extension, house 94 Goff 
Bowie Philip C, shoe heel burnisher, house 64 School 
Bowker Jennie Mrs., house 262 Main 
Bowker John, mule spinner (Lewiston), h. 62 First 
Bowl James A., iron molder, house 186 Main 
Boynton Granville M., carpenter, h. 202 Summer 
Brabson John H., foreman, finishing room, 117 Main, b. 

45 High 


Brackett A. Leslie, loom fixer (Lewiston), h. 82 Fifth 

Brackett Hannab E. Mrs., bds. 274 Court 

Brackett Herbert L., shoemaker, 160 Main, boards 147 

Brackett Jeremiah C, horse car conductor, b. 26 Fourth 
Brackett Lionel O., second hand (Lewiston), h. 41 Cook 
Brackett Lncinda P., widow of John O., house 25 West- 
ern Promenade 
Brackett Mav V. Miss, teacher, Chamberlain school, bds. 

274 Court 
Brackett Thomas R., shoemaker, house 147 Pleasant 
Brackett William H., shoemaker, bds. 46 Main 
Bradbury Albert D., shoemaker, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Bradbury Augusta M., widow of Ezekiel, house 33 School 
Bradbury Benjamin C, farmer, house River road, beyond 

the cemetery 
Bradbury Fred R., cigar maker, bds. 58 Drummond 
Bradbury George H. A., farmer, house Perkins Ridge rd. 
West Auburn [Court 

Bradbury Jabez H., express driver (Lewiston), h. 165 
Bradbury Mary A. Mrs., shoe stitcher, rms. 29 Court 
Bradbury Onesiphorus H., shoemaker, bds. 33 School 
Bradbury Persis L., widow of Silas S., house 18 Western 

Bradbury Roval J., farmer, house Oak, near Auburn 

BRADBURY RUSSELL S., livery stable, teams- 
ter and street watering, 1 Court, house 27 Charles 
(see page 7) 
Bradbury Samuel J., farmer, h. Turner rd., East Auburn 
Bradbury Willie L., boards 18 Western Promenade 
Bradford Benjamin A., house 121 High 

BRADFORD, CONANT & CO. (Justin C. Brad- 
ford, Lucy W. Conant and Granville Blake), saw 
mill and furniture factory, East Auburn (see p. 569) 
Bradford Justus C, furniture mnfr., East Auburn and 

(Lewiston), house 91 Pleasant 
Bradford Lorenzo D., farm hand, I. Pompilly's, River rd. 

boards do. 
Bradford Mary E., widow of Lewis, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Bradford William, butter maker ( Lewiston), b. 33 Whitney 
Bradford YV. Scott, carpenter, rooms 68 Pleasant 
Bradley Henry I)., farmer, h. Old Hotel rd. to Minot av. 
Bragdon Charles E., shoemaker, h. Old Hotel road 
Bragdon Sidney, farmer, house off Jordan school road, n. 

New Gloucester line 
Bragg Charles, shoemaker, b(4s. Hampshire House 
Bragg Charles 1. (Bragg & Hoxie), fish, 43 Main, house 

at Lewiston 
Bragg Ernest, peddler, house North Auburn 
Bragg & Hoxie (Charles I. Bragg and Fred E. Hoxie), 

fish market, 43 Main 
Brann Svlvanus, heel cutter, house 124 Spring 


Braiiu Walter F., shoemaker, bds. 124 Court 

Brann William F., farmer, house Park av., near Court 

Bray Alden B., farmer, house North Auburn 

Bray Bertha, shoe skiver, bds. 69 James 

Bray Ezra B., box maker, house 69 James 

Bray Ruth A. Mrs., house 274 Court 

Brennan Thomas, farmer, house Oakes road 

Brett Benjamin C, clerk (Lewiston), house 88 Goff 

Brett George W"., house 9 Myrtle 

Brett John R., foreman, stock room, rear 95 Main, house 

135 Spring 
Brett Simeon J., clerk, Munroes, Packard & Linscott, 

house 29 Whitney 
Brewster Elmer E., shoemaker, bds. 175 Whitney 
Brewster William D. (Philoon & Brewster), grocer, 49 

Hampshire, house 175 Whitney 
Briant Victor, operative, house rear 43 Third 
Brick House, Mrs. Mary D. Mc Walter, prop., 32 Main 
Bridge Charles A. (Bridge & Smith), 4 Court, house 34 


BRIDGE & SMITH (Charles A. Bridge and Ed- 
win M. Smith), job printers, 4 Court (see p. 48) 
Bridgham Calvin B., farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Bridgham John L., farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Bridgham Lorenzo Mrs., h. Perkins Ridge road 
Brigham Ruth, widow of Stafford S., h. 165 Court 
Bridgham William H., sewing machine agent, h. West 

Briery William, shoemaker, rooms 39 James 
Briggs Albion D., hairdresser, (Lewiston) house 396 

Briggs Ansel, farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Briggs Betsey J. Miss, house 67 Pleasant 
Briggs B. Franklin (B. F. & F. H. Briggs), horse dealer, 

Turner road, h. do. 
Briggs B. F. & F. H. (B. Franklin and Franklin H. 

Briggs), props. Maple Grove Farm and Stable, Turn- 
er road, bevond Mount Auburn av. 
BRIGGS CHARLES H., truckman, hay, straw and 
wood, 129 Turner, h. 24 Gamage avenue (see page 

Briggs Charles L., farmer, h. Turner rd., East Auburn 
Briggs C. Jones, farmer, boards John C. Briggs', East 

Briggs C. Nelson, farmer, house West Auburn 
Briggs Daniel, treas., Lewiston and Auburn Electric 

Light Co., house 83 High 
Briggs Darius, farmer, house Turner road, byd. Mount 

Auburn avenue 
Briggs Edson C, butcher, h. Turner rd., Auburn Plains 
Briggs Elizibeth, widow of Nathan, house 4 26 Turner 
Briggs Elton C, bookkeeper, rear Main, h. 2?0 Turner 


Briggs Frank II. (B. F. & F. H. Briggs), horse dealers, 
Turner road, beyond Mt. ' Auburn avenue, h. do. 
Briggs Frank \\ r ., trav. salesman, bouse 148 Cook 
Briggs Franklin A., farmer, bouse Perkins Ridge road, 

' W. A. 
Briggs Fred L., clerk, 209 Court, boards 24 Gamage av. 
Briggs llattie B. Miss, teacher, Webster grammar school, 

boards 246 Main 
Briggs Hiram C, house 212 Turner [Hill 

Briggs Hiram S., farmer, bds. Ansel Briggs, Dillingham 
Briggs John C, farmer, house Turner road, F^ast Auburn 
Briggs John T., milkman, h. Turner road, East Auburn 
Briggs Justus, farmer, house Dillingham Hill, No. Auburn 
Briggs Leonard C, shoe cutter, h. 108 Goff 

"DO ' 

Briggs Louisa E., widow of Leonard E., h. 108 Goff 


Briggs Martha A. Miss, teacher, Webster grammar 

school, boards 212 Turner 
Briggs Sanford H., farmer and milkman, house Turner 

road, East Auburn 
Briggs Seth, farmer, house off River road, near Turner 

line, E. A. [Auburn 

Briggs Willard C, butcher, boards John C. Briggs', East 
Briggs William, farmer, house West Auburn 
Briggs William H., farmer, house Dillingham Flill 
Brigham Eliza Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 54 High 
Brock Hannah, widow of Robert, house Pownal road, 

South Auburn 
Brock Leroy C, farmer, house Oak, East Auburn 

BROCK WAY MNFG. CO., Russell Daggett, pres. 
Isaac N. Haskell, treas., Wirt V. Daggett, sec, 

mnfrs. extension cases and shawl straps, 142 Main 

(see page 579) 
Brolon Willard R., watchman, Asa Cushman Co., h, 41 

Highland av. 
Brooks Edwin L., shoe laster, boards 13 High 
Brooks George B., hardware, etc., 8 Court, house 58 

Brooks Harriet A. Miss, house 81 Spring 
Brooks Harriet S., widow of Baker, house 81 Spring 
Brooks MaryJ. Mrs., dressmaker, 13 High, house do. 
Brooks Roxanna A., widow of Charles B., h. 56 James 
Brooks Theodore, teamster, 212 Court, h at Lewiston 
Brooks Wallace W., cigar maker, 2 Court, boards 56 

Brown Abbott, painter, h. North Auburn 
Brown Bertha M., teacher, Washburn school, bds. 82 

Man ley 
Brown Cheney C, bookkeeper (Lewiston) h. 1G Oak 
Brown David, farmer, h. Minot road, Haskell's corner 
Brown David, farmer, h. cross road, at R. R. crossing, 


Brown Delia A. Miss, boards 482 Court 

from New Gloucester rd. 
Brown Edwin, shoemaker, bds. 134 Spring 
Brown Florence Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 81 Spring 
Brown Frank E., foreman, work shop, Auburn Jail, bds. 

Maine Hotel 
Brown George H., treas. Auburn Savings Bank, 78 Main 
house ,107 Goff [ley 

Brown George I., bookkeeper, 9 Minot av., rms. 32 Man- 
Brown James F., stoue mason, h. Old Hotel rd., Mars- 
tons Corner 
Brown Leander, paper box maker, bds. 20 River rd. 
Brown Mary Miss, teacher, Webster grammar school, b. 
145 Hampshire [High 

Brown Nelson R., blacksmith, 260 Minot av., house 120 
Brown Olive L. Mrs., bds. Frank M. Cummer's, Haskell's 

Brown Oliver, house 82 Mauley 
Brown Oliver H., nurse, house 145 Hampshire 
Brown Orrel F , fireman, Barker Mill, house 81 Broad 
Brown Rhoda J., widow of William, h. Marstons Corner 
Brown Samuel J., beater out, rms. 19 James 
Brown Susan J. Mrs., house 134 Spring 
Brown Thomas C, engineer, Munroes, Packard & Linscott 
Brown Willard R., watchman, h. 41 Highland av. 
Bryant Emma L. Mrs., dressmaker, 163 Main, h. do. 
Bryant George H., insurance agent, 246 Main, h. do. 
Bryant Joseph Wallace, shoe-cutter, h. off Centre, beyond 

Bubier Wiiliam A., carpenter, house 30 Granite 
Buchanan M. Perry, shoem iker, h. 22 Whitney 
Buck Benjamin E., carpenter, bds. Maine Hotel 
Buck Octavia Mrs., h. 106 Main 

Buck Vertrude P., shoemaker, h. Sturgis road, Beach Hill 
Buck Wallace W., foreman, packing, 34 Troy, h. at Lew- 
is ton 
Buck William E., shoemaker, h. 287 Turner 
Buckley Horace, laborer, bds. 158 Cook 
Buckley James, farmer, h. Pownal rd., So. Auburn 
Buckley Walter G., tinsmith, (Lewiston) h. 158 Cook 
Buckman Charles, farmer, h. No. Auburn 
Buckman Eleazer R., carpenter, h. River road 
Buckman Samuel, farmhand, h. No. Auburn 
Buker Frank E., shoe laster, h. 171 Main 
Buker Frank E., shoemaker, h. 317 Main 
Buker Melvina A. Miss, house 21 Parker 
Bumpus George W., corp. clerk, Amer. S. M. Co., 172 

Main, h. 32 James 
Bumpus Horatio G., shoemaker, h. 62 Union 
Bumpus L. Insley, house rear 109 Spring 
Bumpus S. Perley, salesman, 101 Main, h. 261 Turner 


Bundgaard Peter, gardener, bds. 2 ( J0 Main 

Bunker Darius, fanner, house next school house, No. 

Bunker Flora R. Miss, teacher, Lincoln grammar school 

bds. 32 ( J Main 
Burgess Everett \V\, carpenter, house 220 Main 
Burgess Grace Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 81 Academy 
Burgess Ida Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. '2bb Main 
Burgess John, laborer, lids. 2L Pulsifer 
Burgess John, Jr., wheelman, Barker Mill, h. 21 Pulsifer 
Burgess Mark, shoemaker, bds. 66 Spring 
Burgess Romanzo M. , hairdresser. (Lewiston), h. 81 Third 
Burgin Thomas H., bakery, 164 Main, h. 163 do. 
Burke Cornelius, laborer, h. 20 Newbury 
Burke Thomas, mill operative, h. 2 Main 
Burkett Manning J., carpenter, rooms 42 Cook 
Burkitt Francis, shoe laster, li. 19 James 
Burleigh Gilman M., shoemaker, h. 72 James 
Burleigh Marcellus, farmer, h. 3 Pleasant 
Burlington Charles, shoemaker, rms. 143 Pleasant 
Burnham George, Jr. (Burnham & Morrill), corn can- 
ning, 74 French, house at Portland 
Burnham & Morrill (George Burnham Jr. and Charles 

Morrill), corn canners, 74 French 
Burns Rose Miss, dressmaker, 77 Union, h. do. 
Burr Charles F., shoemaker, h. Orchard, opp. Granite 
Burr David C, clergyman, bds. C. F. Burr's, Orchard 
Burr Howard L., clerk, 209 Court, boards C. F. Burr's, 

Bui rill Greene C, house 8 Spring 
Burrill John W., drug clerk, 68 Court, bds. 8 Spring 
Bussell Joseph, tinsmith, bds. Park House 
Buteau Alphonse, carpenter, h. 120 Third 
Buteau Godfroid, carpenter, bds. 120 Third 
Buteau Mark, house 120 Third 
Butler Cnlef P., farmer, h. Wilcombs Corner road, near 

Minot line 
Butler Charles H., shoemaker, 40 Court, h. 114 do. 
Butler Edward K., machinist (Lewision), h. 88 Spring 
Butler Fred E., edge trimmer, h. 112 Court 
Butman B. F., shoemaker, bds. Hampshire House 
Butterfield George H., overseer, bleachery Avon Mnfg. 

Co. (Lewiston), house 163 Summer 
Butterfield Guy L., mill hand, bds. 320 Turner 
Butterfield Lewis A., fare man machinist, W. A. AVorks, 

house 226 Minot avenue 
Butterfield Lin wood, shoemaker, bds. 32 Pine 
Butterlield William W., carpenter, h. 320 Turner 
Byron Edward, overseer, Barker Mill Yard, h. 120 First 
Byron Geoige, mule spinner, h. 126 First 
Byron Robert, operative, bds. 122 First 


CAIRSS HERBERT E., clerk (Lewiston), rooms 72 

Call Otis, Lodging house, 178 and 180 Main 
Callahan Eugene J., pressman, h. 5 First 
Callahan John H. (Chase & Callahan), grocer, 67 Court, 

boards at Lewiston 
Calvert Thomas E., editor, Daily and Weekly Gazette, 

and Turf, Farm and House, 4 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Campbell Addie A., widow of Charles W*., h. 30 French 
Campbell Charles A., tinsmith, bds. 30 French 
Campbell Cyrus, farm hand, h. N. Auburn, n. Turner line 
Campbell Horace A., harness maker, 152 Main, house 108 

Campbell Jane, widow, bds. 58 First 
Campbell John, house 254 Court 
Campbell Maria D. Mrs., house IS South 
Cantello Nellie M. Mrs., shoe stitcher, h. 11 Turner 
Carlisle Frank, shoemaker, rms. 217 Main 
Carlisle Walter, carpenter, rooms 217 Main 
Carl! Lizzie A. Mrs., dressmaker, 329 Main, h. do. 
Carman William W., plumber (Lewiston), h. Fairview av. 
Carnahan Joseph A., farmer, h. Fownal road 
Caron Joseph, laborer, house 9 Broad 
Caron Jule, operative, house 56 Second 
Caron Jules, teamster, 212 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Carpenter Peter, laborer, house 9 Second 
Carroll Andrew J., laborer, bds. 39 Newbury 
Carroll Mamie G. Miss, teacher, Third-st. Primary school 

boards 39 Newbury 
Carroll Paul, brickmaker, h. Cross road, from New Glou- 
cester road 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, house 39 Newbury 
Carroll Thomas H., laborer, bds. 39 Newbury 
Carter John, laborer, hi. over P. O., Danville junction 
Carter Seth M., lawyer (Lewiston), h. 17 Laurel ave. 
Carver Clarence A., painter, h. 34 Sixth 
Carver Edwin G., driver, Merchants Express (Lewiston), 

house 26 Laurel • 
Carver James W., boots and shoes (Lewiston), h. Turner 

road, near Mt. Auburn ave. 
Carver Nellie Mrs., house 4 Third 
Carver Preston J., shoemaker, house Turner road, near 

Mt. Auburn avenue 
Carver Seth, shoe laster, bds. 49 Court 
Carver Wilbert, card grinder, h. 28 Broad 
Carville Rose E. Miss, boarding house, 200 Main 
Gary Alice, teacher, Young's Corner school 
Cary Hattie, paper box maker, rms. 1 Oak 
Cary Henry, farmer, h. Cross road, from Sturgis road 
Cary Nellie, teacher, Perkins Ridge school 
Casey Henry G., shoemaker, h. 32 Spring 


Casey Michael, dyer (Lewiston), h. 105 Second 

Casey Robert, shoemaker, bds. 46 Main 

Cassavan George, mill operative, house Cross road, from 

New Gloucester road 
Caswell Augustus B., machinist, h. 47 Mauley 
Caswell Eda Miss, rooms 106 Pleasant 
Caswell Francis B., watchmaker aud jeweler, 84 Court, 

house 15 Temple 
Caswell Ruth 1 J . Miss, house 56 Drummond 
Cates Martha Ann Mrs., house 77 Eighth 
Cates Sarah, bds. 42 Cook 
Cayey Joseph, hostler, 62 Turner, rms. do. 
Chadbourne Darius, carpenter, house Minot avenue, near 

Stevens Mill 
Chadbourne John M., carpenter, boards D. Chadbourne's. 

Minot avenue 
Chadsey Charles, miller, 33 Knight, rms. 20 Spring 
Chadsey Lewis, teamster, 62 Turner, bds. 46 Main 
Chaffee Nathaniel ()., clergyman, h. 107 Pleasant 
Chamberlain Charles P., laborer, h. 155 Summer 
Chamberlain Duane M., shoemaker, h. 143 High 
Chamberlain Fred L., shoemaker, bds. 118 High 
Chamberlain John F., 130 Main, house 118 High 
Chamberlain Joseph, carpenter, bds. 133 Spring 
Chamberlain Rufus E., foreman finishing, Muuroes, Pack- 
ard & Linscott, h. 20 Highland avenue 
Chamberlain Stephen M., shoemaker, h. 159 Pleasant 
Chandler Alvin T\, foreman, wood worker, \V. A. Works, 

house 2 ( J Second avenue 
Chandler Charles L., shoemaker, h. 13 Bearce 
Chandler Cyrus, farmer, h. Old Hotel road, bey. G. T. R. 
Chandler Herbert H., house 65 Whituey 
Chandler Joseph P., house No. Auburn, next Turner line 
Chandler Matilda Mrs., mill operative (Lewiston), rooms 

3 Pleasant 
Chaney Eugene A., shoemaker, bds. 99 Centre 
Chapman Althea S. Miss, teacher, bds. 33d Turner 
Chapman Bradford E., shoemaker, h. 487 Court 
Chapman Ida Miss, teacher, Danville junction school, b. 

Mrs. Olive O. Robinson's, near do. 
Chapman Orville B., shoemaker, house 487 Court 
Chaput Existe, farmer, h. Jordan school road, bey. Pow- 

ual road . [do. 

Chaput Joseph, milkman, off Pownal rd., So. Auburn, h. 
Charon Moses, section hand, h. rear 43 Third 
Chase Albert \Y\, tinsmith, bds. 6 Court 
Chase Benjamin Tappan, claim agent, house 173 Cook 
Chase Bernard A., bds. 98 Spring 
Chase Catherine, widow of Peabody B., h. 8o Goff 
Chase Charles, waiter, Riverside House, bds. do. 
Chase Charles S., receiving clerk, 209 Court, h. So Goff 


Chase Clarence A., foreman of stitching, 209 Court, h. 61 

Chase Emily J. Mrs., house 94 Spring 
Chase Frank A., clerk (Lewiston), house 246 Court 
Chase George W., tinman, house 98 Spring 
Chase Homer N. (Homer N. Chase & Co.), nurseryman, 

81 Main, house 223 Main 
Chase Homer N. & Co. (Homer N. Chase), nurseryman, 

81 Main 
Chase Janet C, widow of George W., h. 173 Cook 
Chase John Arthur, shoemaker, h. So. River road 
Chase Josiah B., shoemaker, house 6 Court 
Chase J. B. Mrs., dressmaker, 6 Court, house do. 
Chase Lucy W. Mrs., house 22 Union 
Chase L. Frank (Ch'ase & Callahan), provisions, 67 Court, 

house 35 Pleasant 
Chase & Callahan (L. Frank Chase and John H. Calla- 
han), provisions and groceries, 67 Court 
Chatting Charles H., baker, 71 Court, bds. 284 Turner 
Chenell Frank, laborer, bds. 9 Second 
Chenell Gilbert, laborer, house 9 Second 
Chenery Clarence H., candy maker, 26 Main, bds. 180 do. 
Cheney Harry, clerk, 2 Third 
Cheney Harry I., clerk, bds. 107 Third 
Cheney Lizzie S., widow, house 107 Third 
Chesley Elizabeth W. Miss, tailoress, h. 59 Whitney 
Chesley John, farmer, h. Pownal road, next New Glou- 
cester line 
Chesley Joseph, farmer, house Jordan School rd., n. New 

Gloucester line 
Chesley Leonard A., farmer, bds. Joseph Chesley's, Jor- 
dan school road 
Child D. Clinton, shoe cutter, house 46 River road 
Childs Fred G., box maker, 16 Mechanics row, bds. 225 

Chipman J. Grunville. clerk, 86 Main, h.19 Drummond ct. 
Chipman Lewis, bds. 19 Drummond ct. [First 

Chippendale Cornelius, section hand (Lewiston), bds. 82 
Chippendale Mark, plumber (Lewiston), house 70 First 
Chippendale Peter, miil operative, house 20 Eighth 
Chippendale Richard, house 82 First 
Christian Willard B., butcher, 37 Knight, h. 25 do. 
Christiansen Hans, pressman, 52 Court, h. 8 Myrtle 
Church Celia, widow of David C, nurse, h. 142 Pleasant 
Church Herbert, city teamster, house 56 Pleasant 
Church Mary G., widow of Charles W., h. 142 Pleasant 
Churchill Minnie Miss, rms. 24 Vine 
City Clerk's Office, 34 Court, room 2 
City Liquor Agency, 71 Main 

Clark Abbie, student (Worcester, Mass*), bds. Mrs. M. 
Carrie Clark's, Danville junction 


Clark Benjamin F., laborer, h. 80 Drummond ct. 
Clark Benjamin F., shoemaker, house 19 Drummond ct. 
Clark Charles, bds. Revere House 
Clark Ellen Miss, shoe stitcher, h. 192 Main 
Clark Elmer E., shoemaker, b. Ralph A. Stevens', Stev- 
ens Mill road 
Clark Fannie M. Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 90 Pleasant 
Clark Henry S., butcher, 37 Knight, bds. Ferd. Penley's, 

So. River road 
Clark M. Carrie, widow of Warren, h. New Gloucester- 
road, Danville junction 
Clark Roscoe N., student (Worcester, Mass.), bds. Mrs. 

M. Carrie Clark's, Danville Junction 
Clark Royal S., machinist, Barker Mill, h. 16 Barker 
Clark Ruth C, widow, bds. 400 Court 
Clark Sarah J. S., widow of Sumner, h. 192 Main 
Clark William D., clerk, 64 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Clark Windsor L., stone cutter, house 98 First 
Clear Thomas, bds. 10 First 

Clement Alfred S., teamster, 33 Knight, h. 278 Main 
Clement Frank E., teamster, 16 Mechanics row, h. 225 

Clement Ora L., tinsmith, 64 Main, b. Hampshire House 
Clerk of Courts office, rm. 1, County bldg. 
Cliche Joseph, weaver, h. 9 Broad [av. 

Clifford Charles M., teacher, b. J. F. Clifford's, Mt. Auburn 
Clifford John F., farmer, house Mt. Auburu av. 
Clifford William H., shoemaker, h. 69 Gamage av. 
Clough David, bds. 17 Third 
Clough Edwin E., shoemaker, house 17 Third 
Clough Phineas, teamster, h. North Auburn 
Clough Sadie A. Miss, teacher, Mt. Auburu av. school, 

bds. P. Clough's, North Auburn 
Clough Wells, laborer, house 9 Second 
Cloutier Zoel, carpenter, house 29 Fourth 
Cluff Agnas, shoe stitcher, rms. 47 Pleasant 
Cluff Augusta A., shoe factory employee, rms. 47 Pleasant 
Clushner Herman, clerk (Lewiston), bds. 46 Main 
Coan Anna A. Mrs., bds. 201 Turner 
Coan Elisha S., physician, 68 High, house do. 
Cobb Addie S. Miss, teacher, Chamberlain Primary school, 
Cobb Andrew W. P., clerk, Lewiston Mill Co. (Lewiston), 

house 61 Goff 
Cobb Charles E., pres. John F. Cobb Shoe Co., rear 95 

Main, house 9 Maple 
Cobb Charles E., teamster, h. 181 Turner 
Cobb Fred A., foreman, cutting, 156 Main, h. 110 Pleasant 
Cobb George H. (J. H. Twombly & Co.), tailor, b'2 

Court, house 18 Winter 
Cobb George W., clothing, hats, etc, 57 Court, k. 93 Winter 
Cobb G. W., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 


Cobb John F., treas. John F. Cobb Shoe Co., rear 95 

Main, house 160 Pleasant 
nOBB JOHN F. SHOE CO., shoe mnfrs., r ear 95 

\J and 97 Main, salesroom (122 Summer, Boston), Chas. 

E. Cobb, pres. (see page 497) 
Cobb Josie L., teacher, Webster grammar school 
Cobb Lewis A., wood pump mnfr., 167 Washington, h. 

120 Pleasant 
Cobb Lizzie S., shoe factory employee, bds. 18 Winter 
Cobb Lucy J. Miss, teacher, Webster primary school, b. 

83 Hampshire 
Cobb Lucy W., widow of Otis C, house 332 Turner 
Cobb Mary E., widow of William A., h. 83 Hampshire 
Cobb Walter, farmer, house New Gloucester road, near 

school house 
Cobb Walter F., stenographer, 81 Main, b. 332 Turner 
Coburn Allen J., carpenter, house 147 French 
Coburn Arabella L. Miss, lining paster, b. 29 Hampshire 
Coburn Dwight J., shoe cutter, house 466 Court 
Coburn George L., mason, house 147 French 
Coburn Horace J., carpenter, h. 26 High 
Coburn Susan, widow of Freeman, h. 184 Turner 
Coffey John, shoemaker, bds. 32 Main 
Coffey John H., cigar maker, 2 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Coffin William, dentist (Lewistcfn), bds. 280 Main 
Colburn John C, farmer, house cross road, to Leavitt's 

Colby William I., operative, house 42 Cook 
Cole Addison G., house 38 Union 
Cole Albert, hostler, Maple Grove stable, Turner road, b. 

D. W. Watson's, do. 
Cole Albert, mill yard hand, house 97 Cook 
Cole Clara F. Mrs., house 111 Spring 
Cole Edgar H., foreman, sole leather room, Munroes, 

Packard & Linscott, house 198 Summer 
Cole George A., shoemaker, bds. 7 Manley 
Cole Harry G., shipper, School, house 38 Union 
Coleman Charles, shoemaker, bds. 51 Academy 
Coleman John, at W. A. works, house 51 Academy 
Coleman William O., shoemaker, house 200 Turner 
Collier Charles, elevator tender, Continental Mill (Lewis- 

tou), house 123 Second 
Collins Allen G., carpenter, house 134 Spring 
Collins Dennis E., compositor, 6 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Collins George M., carpenter, house rear 230 Seventh 
Collins John, hostler, Maple Grove stable, Turuer road, 

bds. at Lewiston 
Collins William H., milkman, house 170 Seventh 
Colpitts Thomas R., photographer (Lewiston), house 80 

Com'eau Joseph, laborer, bds. Riverside House 


Conant Albert H., bookkeeper, 165 Washington, boards 

146 Pleasant 
Conant Alexander B., shoemaker and farmer, house West 

Conant Charles II., fanner, house 515 Court 
Conant Charles L., student, bds. 146 Pleasant 

CONANT FRANK K., saw mill, lumber and wood- 
box mnfr., 163 and 165 Washington, bds. 146 Pleas- 
ant (see page 583) 
Conant Harry W., bookkeeper (Lewiston), boards 60 

Conant Henry F., farmer, house River road, beyond the 

cemetery, East Auburn 
Conant Herbert C, painter, bds. 293 Turner 
Conant Lucy W., widow of Benjamin, furniture (201 Lis- 
bon, Lewiston), house 146 Pleasant 
Conant Winslow H. (Conant & Andrews), livery stable, 

62 Turner, house 60 do. 
pONANT & ANDREWS (Winslow H. Conant and 
V_^ Charles Andrews), livery and boarding stable, 62 

Turner (see page 228) 
Coney Charles, at W. A. works, bds. 31 Pulsifer 
Coney Mrs., boards 31 Pulsifer 
Couley George, driver, 105 Main, bds. at Lawiston 
Conley John, laborer, house 22 Second 
Connell Bessie S., clerk, 87 Main, rms. 31 Vine 
Conner Elizabeth, widow, house 37 Main 
Conner William H., shoe finisher, bds. 37 Main 
Connor Dominic, section hand (Lewiston), h. 70 First 
Cook Everett, machinist, h. Old Hotel road, n. Marstou's 

Cook Lydia M., widow of Silas B., house 75 Pleasant 
Cook Otis J. (Smith & Cook), apothecary, 36 Court, h. 

139 Pleasant 
Cook Susan widow of Job M., house 139 Pleasant 
Cookson Mitchell, fireman (Lewiston), house 102 Main 
Cookson William W, printer, bds. 102 Main 
Coombs Charles W., clerk (Lewiston), b. 134 So. Main 
Coombs Delbert D., artist, bds. 75 High 
Coombs Edwin E., shoemaker, house 329 Turner 
Coombs Elisha S., bookkeeper, 104 Main, h. Broad, cor. 

So. Main 
Coombs Ellsworth P., shoemaker, house 89 Goff 

OOOMBS JAMES E., blacksmith and horse shoer, 
Mechanics row, house 134 So. Main (see page 580) 
Coombs Lida A. Miss, house 9 Bearce 
Coombs William A., mason, house Rowe, cor. Turner 
Coombs William F., mason, house 93 Goff 
^Coombs William G., blacksmith, house 75 High 
Coombs William M., lumberman, house River road, near 
Northern avenue 


Cooper Arthur H. (Wise & Cooper), boot and shoe ma- 
ker, 156 Main, house 21 Laurel av. 
Cooper Emory E., mill operative, house 37 Seventh 
Corey Chester C, house 86 Hampshire 
Corey Lydia A. Mrs., house 136 Spring 
Corliss Active H., shoemaker, house 233 Turner 
Corliss Philip S., boarding house, 64 Spring, house do. 
Cornish Charles F., tailor, 86 Court, bds. 110 Main 

CORNISH ELBRIDE, tailor, 15 Court, house 
106 Spring (see page 588) 
Corrigan John, slasher tender, house 78 Broad 
Corrigan William, plumber, 100 Main, bds. at Lewiston 
Corson Francis, shoe cutter, house 14 Highland 
Corson Wallace L., bds. 14 Highland 
Coston Henry C, farmer, house Old Hotel road, corner 

Stevens Mill road 
Cote Albert, operative, bds. 9 Broad 
Cot£ Alphonse, shoe packer, bds. 7 Third 
Cote Augustus Mrs., house rear 29 Broad 
Cote Daniel, machinist, bds. 90 First 
Cote Gustaf, operative, bds. rear 29 Broad 
Cote James, mule spinner, house 15 Second 
Cote Joseph, shoe cutter, 7 Third 
Cote Joseph, shoemaker, 5 Third, rms. do. 
Cote* Mary, widow of George, house 9 Broad 
Cote Peter, brickmaker, bds. Paul Carou's 
Cote Philip, shoe cutter, bds. 7 Third 
Cotton B. Frank, carpenter, house 95 First 
Cotton Esther S. Mrs., house 124 Second 
Cotton George E., shoemaker, h. 27 High 
Cotton Perley L., clerk, 36 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Coughlin John, shoemaker, bds. Riverside House 
County Commissioners' office, rm. 3, County bldg. 
County Treasurer's office, rm. 8, County bldg. 
Court House and County Jail, Turner, cor. Court 
Couture Ignace, laborer, house 5 Broad 
Couturier Israel, operative, house b6 Second 
Cox Winfield S., shoemaker, rms. 178 Main 
pOVELL C. W. & CO. (Charles W. Covell and 
\J George M. Fogg), harness manfrs., 90 Main (see p. 

Covell Charles W. (C. W. Covell & Co.), 90 Main, house 

at Lewiston 
Crafts Adoniram B., clerk, 49 Hampshire, h. 37 Mauley 
Crafts Alden B. Mrs, house West Auburn 
Crafts Alonzo, farmer, house West Auburn 
Crafts Augusta C, widow of Moses, h. 66 Western av. 
Crafts Clarence P,, shoemaker, h. Gamage av. n. Lake 
Crafts Elmer E., farmar, bds. Mrs. Zibaon Crafts', 

West Auburn 


Crafts Emules S., postmaster and grocer, West Au- 
burn, house do. 

Crafts E. Preble, farmer, house near grammar school, 
West Auburn 

Crafts Frank II., shoemaker (Lewiston), b. 98 Summer 

Crafts Frederick T., fanner, house West Auburn 

Crafts Justin, carpenter, house West Auburn 

Crafts Lucy D. Mrs., teacher, W. Auburn primary school, 
house near do. 

Crafts Milburv F., blacksmith, West Auburn, house do. 

Crafts Orville, gardener, bds. Fred T. Crafts, W. A. 

Crafts Patience, widow of Zibeon, h. Maple, W. Auburn 

Crafts Wilson P., clerk, bds. 37 Mauley 

Crafts W. D., painter, 46 Miller 

Cram Charles A., marble worker, 101 Turner, h. 284 do. 

Cram Fred, shoemaker, bds. 9 Drummondct. 

CRANE FRANK E., undertaker (Lewiston), house 
21 Spring (see page 570) 
Crawshaw John M., machinist, Mechanics' row, house 44 

Cripps Isaac, hostler, Maple Grove stable, Turner road, 

bds. U. W. Watson's, do. 
Crockett Charles H., laster, house 68 Turner 
Crockett Henry G., last maker, 34 Railroad, boards at 

Crouin Daniel, operative, bds. 54 First 
Cronin Patrick, house 54 First 
Crooker Emily, widow, bds. 23 Drummond 
Crooker Frank E. (Crooker & Wakefield), blacksmith, 

22 Miller, house 14 Granite 
Crooker Mercy A. Miss, shoe stitcher, b. 143 Pleasant 
Crooker Sarah D., shoe stitcher, rms. 71 School 
Crooker Willard J., shoemaker, h. 23 Drummond 
Crooker & Wakefield (Frank E. Crooker and Albert B. 

Wakefield), blacksmiths, 22 Miller 
Cross James W.,mill operative and hairdresser, 15 Broad, 

house S. Main, beyond Bolster 
Croston John, city laborer, h. 67 Third 
Croteau George, hairdresser, h. 5 Broad 
Croteau Joseph, teamster, 129 Turner, h. at Lewiston 
Crowley Priscilla H., widow of Jeremiah, h. 62 Western 

\J 27 Miller see page 14) 

Cummings Andrew P., teamster, and wood, 20 Pearl, h. do. 
Cummings Anthony, carpenter, h. 284 Main 
Cummings Charles H., photographer, 68 Main, h. 233 

Cummings Charles W. (Cummings & Young), ins. 81 

Main, h. 21 Pearl 
Cummings Harry F., laborer, bds. 233 Turner 
Cummings Johu C, veterinary surgeon, 4 Spring, h. do. 


[0] DIRECTORY 387 

Cummings J. Wesley, hostler, bcls. 4 Spring 
Cummings Samuel B., teamster, bds. 20 Pearl 
Cumminojs William Herbert, operative (Lewiston), bds. 

284 Main 
Cummings & Young (Charles W. Cummings and Delance 

Young), insurance, 81 Main 
CumUer Frank M., farmer, h. Haskell's corner 
\ Curran Grattan, weaver, bds. 2 Main 
\ Currier Calvin B., shoemaker, h. 105 Spring 
Currier Frank, shoemaker, bds. 87 Drummond 
Currier George W., shoemaker, h. 8 Drummond ct. 
Currier Herbert I., shoemaker, h. 77 Spring 
Currier Isaac C, carpenter, h. 87 Drummond 
Currier Lula M., shoe stitcher, rms. 12 Manley 
Curtis Albion G., shoemaker, rms. 298 Main 
Curtis Charles E., grocer and postmaster, Turner road, 

East Auburn, h. Oak, do. 
Curtis Charles H. (Jenkins & Curtis), livery stable, 143 

Main, h. 20 Hampshire 
Curtis David S*., shoe cutter, h. 43 Union 
Curtis Frank, stock cutter, 117 Main, b. Maine Hotel 
Curtis George W., shoe cutter, h. 9 Winter 
Curtis Henry P., travelling salesman, b. 42 Elm 
Curtis Herbert F., shoemaker, h. Center, bey. Cross 
Curtis John W., farmer and milkman, house near Stevens 

Mill road, next school house 
Curtis Levi M., h. Elm, East Auburn 
Curtis Lillian Miss, teacher, Eveleth school, bds. Domiui- 

cus Jordan's 
Curtis Lizzie, widow of John, b. 140 Washington 
Curtis Milford A. (M. A. Curtis & Co.), produce, 104 

Main, h. 139 Pleasant 
Curtis M. A. & Co. (Milford A. Curtis and George B. 

Johnson), produce, 103 Main 
Curtis Nettie M. Miss, teacher, Douglas school, h.43 Union 
Curtis Otis, farmer, h. N. Auburn, n. Minot line 
Curtis Paul, farmer, h. Turner road, n. Mt. Auburn av. 
Curtis Silas, farmer, h. off Mt. Auburn av. 
Curtis Wellington D., shoe machine operator and farmer, 

h. North Auburn 
Curtis William P., shoemaker, b. 32 Spring 
Curtis William P. Jr., shoecutter, h. 32 Spring 
dishing George, shoemaker, rms. 49 Union 
Cushing Mattie Mrs., bookkeeper, 117 Main, b. 471 Court 
Cushing Thomas M., salesman, 104 Main, bds. 182 do. 

CUSHIMAN ARA,pres.,Ara Cushman Co. ,203 Court, 
and National Shoe and Leather Bank, 79 Main, house 
235 Minot avenue 

CUSHMAN ARA CO,, boot and shoe manufactur- 
ers, 209 Court, and 10 and 22 Railroad, Ara Cushman 
pres., S. F. Merrill treas. (see page 497) 



Cushman Ara B., clothing and gents furnishings, 56 Court, 

h. 13 Madison 
Cushman Cephas IL, machinist foreman, 209 Court, house 

32 Goff 
Cushman Charles L., snpt., 209 Court, h. 239 Minot av. 
Cushman Cyrenus (Wilbur & Cushman), stable, rear 73 

Main, h. West Auburn 
Cushman Gideon, farmer, h. Oakes rd. n. Danville June. 
Cushman Henry L., bookkeeper, 209 Court, b.3 Minot av. 
Cushman Henry M., bookkeeper, Pray, Small Co., Spring 

st. extension, rms. 32 Manley 
Cusson Frank X., salesman, 105 Main, h. at Lewiston 
Cutler Charles F., shoemaker, h. 17 Manley 
Cutter Rebecca D., shoemaker, h. 7 Whitney 
Cutter Wm. E.; mill overseer (Lewiston), h. 77 Fifth 

DAGGETT AARON S. (U. S. A.), house 11 Maple,' 
Auburn Heights 

Daggett Alice S.,type writer, 81 Main, h. 11 Maple 

Daggett Fred I)., shoemaker, bds. 24 Union 

Daggett Horace, h. 65 Manley 

Daggett Royal B., student, bds. 11 Maple 

Daggett Russell, clothes cleansing (Lewiston), and presi- 
dent Brock way Mnfg. Co., 142 Main, h. 57 Cook 

Daggett Wirt V., secry. Brockway Mnfg. Co., 142 Main, 
house 57 Cook 

Dagneau Edward A., laborer, h. River road 

Daicy Benjamin B., shoemaker, h. 7 Manley 

Daicy Eliza A., widow of Geo. W., h. 24 Manley 

Daicy George C, shoemaker, bds. 24 Manley 

Daicy George W., died March 9, 1891 

Daicy John J., shoemaker, h. 14 Whitney 

Daicy Perley A., shoemaker, h. 78 Summer 

Daicy William, laborer, h. 36 Newbury 

Daigneault Jean, laborer, h. 3 Broad 

Dain William C.,sash mufr.( Lewiston), h. 20 Highland av. 

Dale William H., agent, Burnham & Morrill (Portland), 
h. 68 Turner 

Daly Benjamin F., farmer, h. River rd., bey. the cemetery 

Damon Abbie B., widow of Martin W., h. 11 School 

Damon Caroline E., widow, bds. W. P. Damon's, W. A. 

Damon Charles L., clerk, 186 Main, bds. 11 School 

Damon Joseph L., shoemaker, bds. 11 School 

Damon Mary A., widow of Alvah, h. 24 South 

Damon Trueman S., farm hand, Wilfred C. Allen's, 
Auburn Plains, bds. do. 

Damon William P., farmer, h. West Auburn 

Damren Charles L., h. 47 Highland av. 

Damren Frank E., carpenter, bds. 47 Highland a v. 

Damren Robert E., last maker, 34 Railroad, b. 180 Court 

Damren Samuel G., li. 1 Gamage av. 


Damren William J. (Auburn Paper Box Co.), 16 Mechan- 
ics row, house 121 Summer 
Dana James C, boards 32 Main 
Danforth Charles, house 98 Miller 
Daniels George A., teamster, 1 Court, bds. 4 Oak 
Daniels James B., carpenter, house 4 Oak 
Daniels Joseph, flagman, Cedar st., crossing (Lewiston), 

house 85 Second 
Danue Joseph, teamster, 9 Minot av., b. at Lewiston 
Dargie Antoine, mason, house 43 Third 
Darling Charles E. (Darling, Free & Co.) (Lewiston), h. 

rear 214 Main 
Darling John L., shoemaker, house 94 Summer 
Darling Samuel, farmer, house 85 Summer 
Dascomb Moody K., farmer, and hulled corn, house Minot 

ave., near Stevens' Mill 
Davee Joseph E , boot finisher, h. 88 Main 
Davee O. R., shoemaker, boards Maine Hotel 
Davenport Fred H., painter, bds. 69 James 
Davis Austin W., shoemaker, h. 30 So. Main 
Davis Benjamin F., medicines, 13 Pearl, h. do. 
Davis Charles C, printer, 4 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Davis Charles C, McKay operator, h. 18 Vernon 
Davis Charles F., shoe laster, h. Oak, East Auburu 
Davis Charles F., trav. salesman, raw. 63 Academy 
Davis Charles L., shoe pattern maker, bds. 7 Goff 
Davis Clarence A., shoemaker, house 451 Court 
Davis Delia, shoe factory employee, bds. 49 Court 
Davis Edwin S., shoemaker, house 214 Main 
Davis Elias N., shoemaker, bds. 109 Spring 
Davis Eliphalet W., shoemaker, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Davis Edward P., shoemaker, house 68 James 
Davis Esther A. Mrs., h. Old Hotel rd., n. Marstons Cor. 
Davis Fenelon T., foreman, 74 French, h. 253 Turner 
Davis Frank E., shoemaker, house 201 Turner 
Davis Frank W., section foreman, G. T. R., house Dan- 
ville Junction 
Davis Frank W., shoemaker, house 23 Pearl 
Davis Freeman George, shoemaker, house 16 Wood 
Davis George E., director, Ara Cushman Co., shoe mnfrs., 

209 Court, house 7 Cross 
Davis George W., painter, boards 13 Pearl 
Davis Greenfield T., machinist, h. 124 Washington 
Davis Harding, laborer, house North Auburn 
Davis Henry J., machinist, house 105 Spring 
Davis James A., carpenter, bds. 110 Main 
Davis Jasper L., farmer, bds. E. W. Davis', E. Auburu 
Davis Joseph D., physician, 78 Court, house do. 
Davis Joseph H., shoemaker, h. 12 South Goff 
Davis J. Mansfield Mrs., h. River rd., Woodman dist. 
Davis Lulia A., clerk, 06 Main, bds. 199 Court 


Davis Luther, boards C. F. McKenney's, "West Auburn 
Davis Marcellus J., grain (Lewiston), house 77 Western 

Davis Maude M. Miss, bookkeeper, 15 So. Main,b. 30 do. 
Davis Michael, laborer, house 10 Main 
Davis Nathan W., milkman, 226 Summer, house do. 
Davs Nathaniel (Davis & Merrill), laundry, 92 Court, 

house do. 
Davis Pearl G., lather, boards 30 So. Main 
Davis Robert W., foreman fitter, rear 95 Main, house 81 

Davis Samuel, boards 08 Jaines 
Davis Sarah A. Miss, house 96 Main 

Davis Solomon T., farmer, h. So. River id.. Penley's Cor. 
Davis Stephen H., janitor, Webster school, house 118 

Davis Sylvia M. Miss, shoe binder, house 96 Main 
Davis Walter C, shoemaker, bds. 30 So. Main 
Davis William, laundry man, bds. 92 High 
Davis William H., farmer, house South River road. Pen- 
ley's Corner 
Davis William II., house 29 Western Promenade 
Davis William L., carpenter, house 201 Court 
Davis William T., shoemaker, h. So. River road, Penleys' 

Davis & Merrill (Nathaniel Davis and Dennis D. Merrill), 

laundry, 92 Court 
Dawes Waiter E., shoe finisher, h. 104 Summer 
Day Frank M.. shoe cutter, house 58 Fourth 
Day George P., boarding house, 186 Main 
Day George P., carpenter, house 236 Seventh 
Day Gilmore J., carpenter, h. 82 Fifth 
Day Horace C, cashier, First National Bank, 78 Main, 

house 80 Dunn, cor. Sixth 
Dayon George, operative, house h. 21 Second 
Dearborn Abbie Mrs., boards 63 Newbury 
Dearborn Frank L., shoemaker, h. 27 So. Main 
Dearborn Hannah J., widow of Richard, h. 31 Spring 
Dearborn Joseph C, shoemaker (Lewiston), house 192 

Dearborn Thomas, teamster, bds. 110 Washington 

DECKER HARTWELL S., granite and marble 
works, 181 High, house 183 do. (see opp. Insurance 
Agents in Business Directory) 
DeCosta A. Guy, teamster, h. 1^4 Spring 
DeCosta E. B., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
DeCosIa James, at W. A. Works, h. 18 Highland 
DeCosta Vester W., shoe paster, bds. 25 Mauley 
Deering Edgar II., house Gamage aw, near Lake 
Demers Theodore, wood sawyer, 48 Railroad, house at 


Denbow L. E., iron molder, bds. Park House 
Denham Frank E., truckman, 222 Court, house do. 
Denning Abbie, shoe stitcher, rms. 201 Court 
Dennison Clifford M , shoe cutter, bds. 131 Pleasant 
Dennison Costello P., asst. post master, Goff block, bds. 

131 Pleasant 
Dennison John T., shoemaker, house 16 Union 
Dennison Parmenas, shoe finisher, h. 131 Pleasant 
DeRosie George A., shoemaker, h. 140 Broad 
DeRosie Levi, scale maker, house 46 Third 
Desharnais Phillias, laborer, house 14 Second 
Desjardins Alfred R., teamster, house 56 Second 

DESMOND TIMOTHY F., groceries and pro- 
visions, 15 So. Main, house 20 First (see page 586) 
D'Estemanville W. D., teacher of French, rms. 278 Main 
Dexter Charles W., farmer, house 425 Court 
Dexter Jesse G., station agent and postmaster, Lewiston 

Junction, house do. 
Dexter Julia M., widow of George M., b. 116 Summer 
Dexter Laura A. Mrs., house 73 Spring 
Dewey H. P. (The United Packers), corn canner, 64 

French, house at Portland 
Dick Emal, supt., Lewiston Mill(Lewiston) ,h. 12 Newbury 
Dicker Esther, widow of Nahum D., house 30 High 
Dickey Bertha, weaver, rooms 53 Fifth 
Dickey Etta, weaver, rooms 53 Fifth 
Dill Katie L. Mrs., house 89 Union 
Dill Maria H. Mrs., house rear 95 First 
Dill Phineas W., farmer, house River road 
Dill Samuel H., milkman, bds. P. Dill's, River road 
Dill Wallace, farmer, house River road 
Dill William R., farmer, house off River road 
Dillingham Charles Q., farmer, house Cross road, near 

River road, E. A. 
Dillingham Ernest A., blacksmith, 5 Knight, house 46 

River road 
Dillingham Frank W., carriage painter, 118 Turner, house 

14 Pearl 
Dillingham George H., farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Dillingham Herbert M., shoemaker, bds. 144 Spring 
Dillingham Mary, widow, bds. Geo. Dillingham's, Dilling- 
ham hill 
Dillingham Mellen V., shoemaker, h. 18 Western Prom. 
Dillingham Thomas, carriage mnfr., Lake Auburn rd., 

No. Auburn, h. do. 
Dillingham Walter, clerk, bds, 200 Main 
Dingley Abbie J. Miss, house 165 Whitney 
Dingley Annie L., teacher (Lyons, N. Y.), h. 291 Court 
Dingley Blauche, music teacher, 291 Court, h. do. 
Dinglev Bret Harte, student, (Amherst College), bds. 

291 Court 


Dingley-Foss Shoe Co., Jere Dingley, Jr., pres., Edgar 

G. Spragne, treas., shoe manufactuerers, 34 Troy 
Dinglev Frank L.. editor, Lewiston Journal (Lewiston), 

house 291 Court [line 

Dinglev Frank W., farmer, h. S. River rd., next Durham 
Dinglev Helen W. Miss, house 165 Whitney 
Dinglev Jennie L., teacher (Poughkeepsie, N. Y), h. 

291 Court 
Dinglev Jeremiah. Jr., pres. (Dingley-Foss Shoe Co.), 

shoe mnfrs., 34 Troy, and President First National 

Bank, 78 Main, house 49 Elm 
Dinglev John (John Dingley & Co.), grocer, 86 Main, 

house 165 Whitnev 

DINGLEY JOHN & CO. (John Dingley), grocer- 
ies and provisions, 86 Main (see page 581) 
Dingley Nelson, house 291 Court 
Dingley Park Gr. , reporter (Lewiston Journal), house 17 

Beacon avenue 
Dinglev S. P^lizabeth Miss, house 125 Summer 
Dingley Walter E., shoemaker, rms. 24 Spring 
Dingley William, farmer, h. S. River rd., n. Durham line 
Dinsmore Charles (Dinsmore & Son), carpenter, 24 Mil- 
ler, h. 23 Turner 
Dinsmore George A, (Dinsmore & Son), carpenter, 24 

Miller, h. 23 Turner 
Dinsmore Hiram (Dinsmore & Greenleaf), carpenter, and 

builder, 17 Mechanics row, house 95 High 
Dinsmore John Rev., clergyman, house 338 Turner 
Dinsmore Marietta Mrs., bds. 110 Pleasant 
Dinsmore Nathan C, tinsmith (Lewiston), b. 338 Turner 
Dinsmore & Greenleaf (Hiram Dinsmore and Charles 
Greenleaf), carpenters, and builders, 17 Mechanics 
Dinsmore & Son (George A. and Charles Dinsmore), 

carpenters, 24 Miller 
Dion Louise, widow of John, h. 21 J Broad 
Dionne John, painter, h. 100 First 
Dionnie Meteilde Mrs., dressmaker, 13 Broad, h. do. 
Dobson John, loom fixer, h. 13 Broad 
Dodge Edgar B., shoemaker, rooms 202 Main 
Dodge Elisha, laborer, house off Old Hotel rd., to Me- 
chanics Falls rd. 
Doe Charles E., shoemaker, h. 88 Drummond 
Doe Eugene S., shoemaker, bds. 88 Drummond 
Doe Howard L., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Doe H. Augusta Miss, night telegrapher operator, G. T. 

R., Danville Junction, h. near do. 
Doe Prince J., shoemaker, h. 12 Mauley 
Dolley William E., carpenter, h. 19 Granite 
Doloff Andrew, teamster, bds. 41 Cook 
Donlan Annie Mrs., tailoress, bds. 37 Whitney 


Donnell Elizabeth E., widow, bds. 58 Fourth 

Donnell Frank E., foreman, packing, 172 Main, mis. 274 

Donnolly Jeremiah, conductor, M. C. R. R., h. 62 Elm 
Donovan Dennis H., foreman, painter, 118 Turner, bds. 

9 Knight 
Donovan Jeremiah, house 9 Knight 
Donovan Patrick E., carriage painter, 118]jTurner, b. 9 

Dorman George B., clerk, h. 12 Union 
Dorman Henry P. (H. P. Dorman & Co.), wood and 

coal, office 144 Main, house 244 do. 
Dorman H. P. & Co. (Henrv P. Dorman), wood and coal, 

office 144 Main 
Dorre John, peddler, h. 50 Second 

DOTEN" HERBERT E., optican and jewelry, 83 
Main, boards at Lewiston (see page 584) 
Doten Joanna Mrs., nurse, house 59 Pleasant 
Doucett Alfred, mule spinner, bds. 5 Broad 
Doucett Alphonse, laborer, bds. 170 Seventh 
Doucett Leon, mule spinner, bds. 5 Broad 
D:>ucett Moase, shoemaker, h. 5 Broad 
Douglass Edwin C., farmer, h. West Auburn 
Doughty Alvin S., h. rear 133 Broad 
Douglass J. Sherman, iceman, h. 51 High 
Dow Addie A., teacher, Jordan school, bds. at Lewiston 
Dow Asa, teamster, 48 Railroad, h. do. 
Dow Jeremiah D., boards 125 Summer 
Dow Julia A., widow of Socrates, h. 125 Summer 
Dow Mary L., shoe paster, bds. 125 Summer 
Downing Charles M., carpenter, h. 177 Winter 
Downing Eliza A., widow of John, h. North Auburn 
Downing Richard, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Downing William W., baker, 71 Court, bds. 74 Pleasant 
Douglass Edwin C, farmer, h. West Auburn 
Doyle C. A., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Doyle Edward, inolder, house road from Danville Corner, 

to Mars ton's Corner 
Doyle Eugene, prop. Turner stage, house 197 Turner 
Dozois Louis, clerk (Lewiston), h. 7 Pulsifer 
Drake Ada W. Mrs., teacher, Washbarn school, house 

Drake Arthur E., sole leather cutter, house 10 Fern 
Drake Daniel shoemaker, boards 86 Union 
Drake Frank O., shoemaker, rms. 19 James 
Drake George, shoemaker, boards 86 Union 
Drake Henry S., shoemaker, house off Turner road, E. A. 
Drake James K., shoemaker, house 220 Turner 
Draper Hiram E., shoe trimmer, rms. 143 High 
Draper John L., shoe laster, house 35 Fifth 
Draper Nellie Mrs., dressmaker, 35 Fifth, house do. 


Drauin Isidore, laborer, h. 5 Broad 
Dresser Burt V., clerk, 40 Main, bds. 42 do. 
Dresser Elory L., shoemaker, house 17 Winter 
Dresser Fremont F., shoetreer, bds. 49 Court 
Dresser Richard, attorney, 68 Main, house 79 High 
Dresser Seth B. (Dresser & Millett), groceries and pro- 
visions, 40 Main, house 42 do. 
Dresser & Millett (Seth B. Dresser and Asa R. Millett), 

groceries and provisions, 40 Main 
Drew Edna L. Miss, clerk (Lewiston). b. 36 James 
Drew Franklin M., judge of piobate, office, Count}', bldg. 

h. at Lewiston 
Drew Freeman P., shoemaker, rms. 13 Bearce 
Drew Jacob M., shoemaker, 7 Turner, house 12 Bearce 
Drew James C, shoemaker, house 8 South Gorf 
Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, house 59 Newbury 
Driscoll Florence, laborer, house 71 Newbury 
Driscoll William, laborer, house 67 Newbury 
Duckworth Albert, overseer, spinning room, Barker Mill, 

house 75 Seventh 
Duffey John, laborer, house 6 First 
Dugan Edward, hostler, Maple Grove stable, Turner road, 

bds. D. W. Watson's, do. 
Dumas C. Francois, clerk (Lewiston), h. 86 First 
Dumphry Albert, teamster, bds. Guy F. Wormwood's, 

East Auburn 
Duncan Daniel, fruit, etc., 5 Turner, h. 48 Pleasant 
Duncan Hanford A., shoe cutter, h. 123 Spring 
Duncan Hiram W., shoemaker, bds. 48 Pleasant 
Duncan Sadie J., shoe stitcher, bcls. 48 Pleasant 
Dunham Emily C, widow, bds. 86 Sixth 
Dunham Frank E., stable, house 220 Court 

DUNHAM LUCIUS C, prop., Park House, 263 
Main, house do. (see p. 141) 
Dunlap Clark, night watchman, G. T. R., house Dan- 
ville junction 
Dunn Addie H. Mrs., dressmaker, 150 Pleasant, h. do. 
Dunn Augustine A., cigar maker, rms. 217 Main 
Dunn Charles, brick mnfr., 325 Washington, house 251 

Minot avenue 
Dunn Charles D., mason, h. 150 Pleasant 
Dunn Charles W., laster, h. 65 Summit 
Dunn Cyrus M., money order clerk, P. O., b. 51 Pleasant 
Dunn Cyrus T., shoemaker, house 93 Spring 
Dunn Edward W., shoemaker, h. 51 Pleasant 
Dunn Edwin C, clerk, boards 150 Pleasant 
Dunn Percy H.. boards 93 Spring 
Dunn Robert, operative, h. 110 First 
Dunn Ruby N., widow of Benjamin A., h. 296 Main 
Dunn West M. (Smith &. Dunn), grocer, 62 Spring, h. 
250 Court 


Dunn Winifred E., shoemaker, h. 438 Court 

Dunning Ada M. Mrs., copyist, registrar of deeds office, 

County bldg., house 67 Pleasant 
Dunning Angier C, shoemaker, h. Center, bey. Cross 
Dunning Rufus E., clerk, 203 Turner, rms. Pleasant 
Duplin Victor, farmer, house Old Danville road, n. New 

Gloucester line 
Dupon Elzord, shoemaker, h. 60 Second 
Duran Josiah, bootmaker, h. 16 Chestnut 
Durgin Benjamin R., farmer, house Old Hotel road, near 

Youngs Corner 
Durgin George W., shoemaker, h. 23 Drummund court 
Durgin Merrill M., shoemaker, h. 263 Court 
Durgin Melroy B., shoemaker, b. Benj. R. Durgin's, Old 

Hotel road 
Durgin Walter G.,farm hand, bds. Benjamin R. Durgin's, 

Old Hotel road 
Duroy John B., candy maker, 26 Main, b. Riverside House 
Durrell William F., hostler, 20 Miller, rms. do. 
Dusseault Firmin, house Fifth, cor. Dunn 
Dusseault Louis, weaver, h. Fifth, cor. Dunn 
Dusseault Paul, boards Fifth, cor. Dunn 
Dustin Charles, horse trainer, house Turner road, beyond 

Mt. Auburn avenue 
Dustin Levi, flagman, High-st. crossing, M. C. R. R., 

house at Lewiston 
Duston Ernest W., draughtsman, 31 Court, room 7, bds. 

1 Man ley 
Duston Fannie E., widow of W^m. P., h. 1 Manley 
Duston George A., clerk, 22 Railroad, b. 27 Spring 
Duston George L., machinist, 22 Railroad, h. 27 Spring 
Duston Harry E., clerk (Lewiston), boards bo Western 

Duval Joseph, teamster, 9 Minot av., bds. at Lewiston 
Dwyer John, laborer, house 15 Newbury 
Dyer Abbie F. Mrs., music teacher, rms. 83 High 
Dyer Charles, brick mason, house 15 Granite 
Dyer Daniel, city teamster, h. 5 School 
Dyer Emery W., shoemaker, house 129 Spring 
Dyer Ernest E. farmer, boards William Dyer's, South 

River road 
DyerGeorge, house rear 94 Spring 
Dyer James, farmer, house Cross road, from South River 

road, at Penleys Corner 
Dyer Joseph C, shoemaker, h. 7 Parker 
Dyer Seth A., shoemaker, h. 48 Summer 
Dyer William, farmer, house South River road, beyond 

Penleys Corner 
Dyer William P., farmer, house South RiVer road, next 

Crockett school 


EASTER SAMUEL, house 209 Turner 

Eastman Anson M., jeweller (Levviston), h. 290 Turner 
Eastman Mary E., dressmaker, 126 Main, h. do. 
Eaton Annie I). Mrs., shoe stitcher, bds. 68 Drummond 
Eaton John F., 40 Court, h. 277 Minot avenue 
Eaton Lillian Miss, bookkeeper, bds. 277 Minot ave. 
Eaton Lizzie, widow of Charles B., h. 96 Cook 
Eaton Rebecca D., widow of Benj. A., bds. 84 Lake 
Eaton Selina, widow, boards 277 Minot ave. 
Edgecomb Aaron, house Cook, bey. Bolster 
Edgecoinb Fred L., printer, 4 Court, bds. 59 James 
Edgecomb Sarah, widow of Thomas D., h. 59 James 
Edmunds Joseph Q., house North Auburn 
Edwards Charles, laborer, house Old Hotel road, n. New 
Gloucester line [Corner 

Edwards Chester, farmer, h. Merrow road, n. Littlefields 

EDWARDS JONAS, sale stable, QS Hampshire, h. 
62 Union, and farm Minot road, n. Littlerleld's Cor- 
ner (see page 587) 
Egan Redmond, iron moulder, bds. 186 Main 
Ela Calvin, shoemaker, bds. 6G Spring 
Elden Nellie, shoe stitcher, rooms 20 Spring 
Eldridge Amelia Mrs., shoe stitcher, h. 20 Temple 
Elie Charles iron molder, house 14 Second 
Eliott Andrew, piper (Levviston Mill), b. 128 Second 
Ellinwood Eugene D., shoe packer, bds. 20 South 
Ellin wood George A., clerk, 8 Court, bds. 20 South 
Ellinwood Ralph, supt., Oak Hill Cemetery, h. do. 
Elliott Olive A., widow, bds. 21 Spring 
Ellis Sylvester W., hairdresser, 4L Court, h. 71 High 
Ellis Willis L., mill operative (Levviston), h. 153 Second 
Ellison David, hostler, boards 46 Main 
Ellison Lewis A., steam filter, h. 25 Western Promenade 
Ellsworth William H., shoe cutter, h. 8 Union 
Elm House, W. S. & A. Young, props., 37 and 39 Court 
Elms James C, clerk (Lewiston), h. 229 Turner 
Elwell Laura, widow, b. Wm. H. Elwell's', So. River rd. 
Elwell Sumner J., farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Elwell William H., farmer, house South River road, bey. 

Crockett school 
Emerson A. W., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Emerson Charles S., junk, 130 Main, h. 26 Vine 
Emerson Henry, farmer, house Old Hotel road, near Lit- 

tlefield's tavern 
Emerson Roscoe, shoemaker, house 52 James 

EMERSOX SAMUEL L., livery and boarding sta- 
ble, 149 Main, h. 155 do. (see opp. Insurance Agts. 
in Business Directory) 
Emerson Thomas, shoemaker, rms. 202 Main 
Emerton Joseph B., cigar mnfr., and guns, fishing tackle, 
etc., 124 Main, h. 105 Hampshire 


Emerton J. Crosby, farmer, house Littlefield's Tavern, 

Old Hotel road 
Emery Benjamin T., boards 44 James 
Emery Clark, fireman, Barker Mill, h. 232 Seventh 
Emery Hermando N., bookkeeper, freight office, M. C. R. 

R., house 44 James 
Emery Marshall, ins. agent, h. Gamage av., n. Lake 
Emery N. Medora Miss, asst. Clerk of Courts, office 

County building, bds. 53 School 
Emery Ulysses S., section hand (Lewiston), h. 82 Fifth 
Emery William H., farmer, h. Park av., next Lake 
Estes Alfred L., carpenter, house Lake, next Park av. 
Estes Charles H., trader, bds. 59 James 
Estes Frank, station baggage master, M. C. R.R., house 

56 Pleasant 
Estes Nutban C, contractor and builder, h. 118 Second 
Estes Nicie E., shoe stitcher, bds. 59 James 
Eureka Hosiery Co., A. A. Waite, agent and treasurer, 

hosiery mnfrs., 103 Main 
Eustis May L. Miss, teacher, Danville cor. School, boards 

George W. Woodbury's, do. 
Eustis T. Everett (Gav, Woodman Co.) (Lewiston), h. 

107 Pleasant 
Eveleth Eben G., tax collector, office 70 Court, and treas. 

Maine State Agricultural Society, house Turner road, 

corner Alt. Auburn ave. 
Eveleth Ezekiel, farmer, h. Turner rcl., n. Mt. Auburn av. 
Eveleth Fred B., farmer, h. Pownal rd., So. Auburn 
Eveleth Joseph W., farmer, house New Gloucester road, 

near Pownal road [al road 

Eveleth Julia, widow, h. New Gloucester rd., June. Pown- 
Eveleth Mary E. Mrs., housekeeper, 20 Elm 
Everett Carrie, shoe stitcher, rms. 69 Hampshire 
Everett Charles F., foreman of cutting, Pray-Small Co., 

house 69 Hampshire 
Everett Sherman, farmer, house Mt. Auburn av. 
Extine William, iron molder, bds. 186 Main 

FADDEN JAMES D., laborer, bds. 21 Winter 
Fahey James A., compositor, 6 Court, b. at Lewiston 
Fairbanks Alcander, contractor of public works, house 

35 Academy 
Fairbanks Archie E., engineer, 117 Main, h. 180 Court 
Fairbanks A. (Turner & Fairbanks), stone contractors, 

33 Main 
Fairbanks George A., farmhand, boards Mrs. M. M. 

Fairbanks', W. A. 
Fairbanks George B., machinist, bds. 48 James 
Fairbanks Mary M., widow, house West Auburn 
Fairbanks M. E. Mrs., boarding house, 180 Court, h. do. 
Fardy Arthur, laborer, boards 15 Turner 


Fardv James M., baggage master, M. C. R. R. (Lewis- 
ton), house 15 Turner 
Farland Joseph, foreman, finishing room, 22 Railroad, h. 

at Lewiston 
Farnhain Calista B., widow of Jesse, h. 29 School 
Farnham Kudora M. Miss, teacher, boards Mrs. Samuel 

Fain ham's, Merrow road 
Farnham Francena D. Mrs., paper box maker, boards 90 

Farnham Freeman, farmer, boards Mrs. Samuel Farn- 

ham's, near Littlefields Corner 
Farnham Mattie R. Miss, piano tuner, b. 57 Drummond 
Farnham Samuel Mrs., h. Merrow rd., n. Littlefields Cor. 
Fair Edwin W., shoemaker, house 33 Pleasant 
Farrar Diantha, widow of Aratus, house 11 Turner 
Farrington Robert J., clerk, Hill Bros., bds. 51 High 
Farris Adelbert L., shoemaker (Lewistou), rms. 24 Vine 
Farris Willard, shoemaker, house 78 Broad 
Farrow Fred E., shoemaker, house 26 Vine 
Farrow Joseph S., engineer, house 26 Vine 
Fassett Calvin S., farmer, house Youngs Corner, W. A. 
Faunce Ernest L., shoemaker, house 48 Academy 
Faucher Phileous, insurance solicitor, h. 44 Broad 
Fay Newton M., portrait artist, house Stevens mill road, 

near Court 
Feero Emery L., shoemaker, house 68 James 
Feero Frank W., shoemaker, bds. 82 Fifth 
Feero Herbert, teamster, house 47 Pleasant 
Felker John M., farmer, house Old Danville road, beyond 

Martin road 
Fellows Frank H. (F. H. Fellows & Co.), machinist, 171 

Washington, rms. 143 High 
Fellows F. H. & Co. (Frank H. Fellows), machinists, 171 

Fenderson Frank J., shoemaker, house 18 Highland 
Ferguson Albert G., stonecutter, 23 Mechanics row, house 

at Lewiston 
Ferland Alfred, laborer, house 29 Broad 
Fernald John D., house 36 Railroad 

Fickett Charles, freight handier, M. C. R.R., b. 14 Laurel 
Fickett Enos H., shoe cutter, house 13 Pearl 
Fickett Ernest E., shoe cutter, bds. 13 Pearl 
Fickett Eva M., teacher, Plummer school, boards Loring 

C. Fickett's, South Auburn 
Fickett George, farmer, bds. C. Fickett's, So. Auburn 
Fickett Irene G., widow of Rufus S., h. 09 Spring 
Fickett John W., carpenter, boards Maine Hotel 
Fickett Loring C, farmer, house Libby Hill district, So. 

Fickett Merton Z., shoemaker, house 14 Laurel 
Field Charles, house 108 Seventh 


Field David P., farmer and milkman, River rd., h. do. 

Fieid Frank, at 142 Main, bds. 108 Seventh 

Field Ernest E., farmer, bds. D. P. Field's, River rd. 

Field George Alton, farmer, b. D. P. Field's, Rivei* road 

Field Granville H., cement drain pipe mnfr., rear 26 Lau- 
rel, house off Park av., north of Lake 

Field G. Harry", bds. Granville H. Field's, off Park av. 

Field Henry W., dentist, 90 Court, h. 46 Whitney 

Field James, house 18 Vernon 

Field James Phineas, farmer, b. D. P. Field's, River rd. 

Field Nathaniel C, shoemaker, h. 24 Vernon 

Field William H., clocks, etc., bds. 46 Whitney 

Field William K., laborer, bds. Granville H. Field's, off 
Park avenue 

Fifield Frank L., machine operator, h. 129 Spring 

Files Ralph E., student, Bates College, boards 133 

Finley Joseph, painter, house 78 Ninth 

Finnan John, spinner, house 3 First 

Finney Jane M., widow of Edward, bds. 49 School 

FIRST NATIONAL BANK, 78 Main, Horace C. 
Day. cashier (see page 495) 
Fisher Edwin F., packer, 26 Main, rooms 178 do. 
Fisk Joseph A., watchman, 117 Main, h. 44 Spring 
Fitz Amos G. ''Fitz Bros.), last mnfr., h. 60 Summer 
Fitz Brothers (Ira W. and Amos G. Fitz), last mnfrs., 

34 Railroad 
Fitz Ira W. (Fitz Brothers), last mnfr., h. 270 Turner 
Fitz Prudence, widow of Simeon P., house 60 Summer 
Flagg Alden M., carpenter, rooms 78 Court 
Flagg Charles, farmer, h. off Old Hotel road, near Little- 
field's corner [road 
Flagg Jonathan L., farmer, h. Cross road, from Sturgis 
Flagg Merritt, farmer, bds. Jonathan Flagg's, Cross road 
Flagg Rawson, carpenter, rooms 134 Minot ave. 
Flaherty James, porter, G. T. R. depot, h. at Lewiston 
Flaherty Matthew E., stenographer, 81 Main, rms. 118 

Flanders Alouzo, harness oil manfr., River road, h. do, 
Flanders Roscoe R., driver, 71 Court, h. 407 Turner 
Fletcher George B., farmer, bds. Luke Fletcher's, Has- 
kell's Corner 
Fletcher Jacob, mule spinner, house 99 First 
Fletcher Luke, farmer, house Haskell's Corner 
Flynn William H., operative, house 25 Fourth 
Fogg Charles A., shoemaker, house 142 Pleasant, 
Fogg Eva D. widow, house 31 Spring 
Fogg George M. (C. W. Covell & Co.), harness mnfr., 

^90 Main, bds. 142 Pleasant 
Fogg Joseph C, bds. 127 Hampshire 
Fogg Lizzie, shoe stitcher, bds. 49 Court 
Fogg Maurice R., shoemaker, house 381 Turner 


Fogg Nathaniel S., harness mnfr., 13 Turner, h. 147 

Fogg Nelson, carpenter, house 127 Hampshire 
Fogg Percy L., harness maker, 13 Turner, b. 147 Pleasant 
Fogg Walter C, shoemaker, bds. 142 Pleasant 
Folsom Alpheus S., driver, 63 Hampshire, h. 3G Manlev 
Folsom Daniel W., shoe packer, 209 Court, bds. 7 Goff 
Folsom Harriet A. N. widow of James C, h. 8 Union 
Folsom John H., shoemaker, bds. 274 Main 
Folsom Leighton J., keeper Mt. Gile Observatory, East 

Auburn, house 274 rear 272 Main 
Foote James L., shoemaker, house 13 Winter 
Footer Arthur H., hostler, 94 Miller, bds. rear 10 Drum- 

Ford James, farmer, h. Oakes road, n. Danville corner 
Fortin Alvine M., Mrs., dressmaker, 8 Second, h. do. 
Fortin Florin, operative, house 19 Third 
Fortin Frank X., ins. agent, house 8 Second 
Fosie Joseph, weaver, house 140 Broad 
Foss Albion C, teamster, 29 Hampshire, house do. 
Foss Arthur C, station agent, Danville Junction, M. C. 

R. R., house near do. 
Foss Benjamin B. Mrs., house 29 Hampshire 
Foss Elizabeth N. widow of Jeremiah, bds. 88 Academy 
Foss Herbert L., carpenter (Lewiston), h. 13 Wood 
Foss Horatio G., vice pres. (Dingley-Foss shoe Co.), 34 

Troy, house 88 Academy 
Foss James O., house 27 Laurel avenue 
Foss Leonard, farmer, house 121 High 
Foss Mattie E. widow of Rodney E., li. 90 Pleasant 
Foss, Packard & Co. (Wallace H. Foss, Henry M. Pack- 
ard, Royal M. Mason and Willis O. Foss), boot and 

shoe miifrs., 117 to 121 Main 
Foss Wallace H. (Foss, Packard & Co.), boot and shoe 

mnfr., 117 Main, house at Maiden, Mass. 
Foss Willis O. (Foss, Packard & Co.), boot and shoe 

mnfr., 117 Main, house 31 Laurel avenue 
Foster Amos P., machinist, Bates M. Co. (Lewiston), 

house Pownal road, So. Auburn 
Foster Annie E., widow of Roland A., house 52 School 
Foster Benjamin C, carpenter, h. 9 rear 11 South Main 
Foster Charles, shoemaker, rooms 40 Spring 
Foster Charles H., mill operative, house 82 Sixth 
Foster David K., farmer, h. Cross road, So. Auburn, off 

Hotel road, near Lewiston junction 
Foster Gertrude E., clerk, 66 Main, rms. 272 do. 
Foster Herman H., carpenter, house 470 Court 
Foster John N., house 4 70 Court 

I ROSTER SELDOX C, hairdresser, 54 Court, bds. 
; 202 Main (see page 2) 


Fowles Alvin W. (A. W. Fowles & Co.), dry goods, 87 
Main, bouse at 75 Pleasant 

FOWLES A. W. & CO. (Alvin W. Fowles), dry 
goods, 87 Main (see page 581) 
Fox Oscar, teamster, bds. 150 Minot ave. [line 

Frank A. Clinton, farmer, house Poland road, n. Poland 
Frank Howard C, shoemaker, house 46 Winter 
Frank Martha L. widow, h. Poland road, n. Poland line 
Frazier Henry, farmer, Jordan School road, near New 

Gloucester line 
Frazier John, farmer, h. cross road, n. M. E. Church, So. 

Freeman Edmund J., manager. Auburn Spring Hotel, No. 

Auburn, house at Boston 
Freeman Flora M. Miss, stenographer, 81 Main, rm. 7, 

rooms 21 Hampshire 
Freeman Frank W., shoemaker, house 86 Hampshire 
Freeman George, farmer, bds. Thomas J. Freeman's, off 

Poland road 
Freeman George E., farmer, bds. Thos. J. Freeman's, Po- 
land road [cor. 
Freeman John, farmer, 'h. off Old Hotel rd., n. Littlefield's 
Freeman John, tailor, bds. 86 Hampshire 
Freeman John Jr., h. off Old Hotel road, at Littlefield's 

corner [iston 

Freeman Robert, box maker, 16 Mechanics row, h. at Lew- 
Freeman Thomas J., farmer, h. Poland road, n. Poland 

Freeman William H., loom fixer, house 3 Loring ave. 
French Daniel W., shoemaker, house 9 Summit 
French David T., house 429 Turner 
French Effie M., bds. 74 Manley 
French Eva J., shoe stitcher, bds- 74 Mauley 
French Henry O, machinist, rooms 138 Pleasant 
French Lewis F., shoemaker, house 59 Court 
French Mellen A., shoemaker, rooms 246 Court 
French Milton, agent, Merchants' Express (Lewiston), h. 

128 Summer 
French Percis, widow, house Auburn road. North Auburn, 

Frost Jarius S., shoemaker, bds. 61 Goff 
Frost John L., miller (Lewiston), house 98 Cook 
Frost Warren, house 218 Summer 

Frost William, undertaker, 21 Turner, house 67 Union 
Frost William B., shoemaker, house 25 Manley 
Fuller Almaretta Miss, bds. 15 Myrtle 
Fuller A. Carroll, letter carrier, house 116 Summer 
Fuller Bennett B., auctioneer (Lewiston), h. 48 Academy 
Fuller Bethia, widow of Barnabas, h. 48 Academy 
Fuller Charles, teamster, 28 Railroad, bds. 57 First ave, 
Fuller Clinton E., clerk, bds. 82 Hampshire 


Fuller Edward P., farmer, h. West Auburn road 

Fuller Fanny, widow, bds. 74 Pleasant 

Fuller Fraut T.,shoe shank and counter mnfr., 171 

Wash., h. at Dorchester, Mass. 
Fuller George H., carpenter, house 82 Hampshire 
Fuller Henrietta W. Mrs., house 57 High 
Fuller Sarah E., widow of Isaac A., h. G8 Summer 
Fuller Simon A., shoemaker, rms. 226 Main 
Fuller Stella L. Miss, bds. 74 Pleasant 
Furbush Edward B., machinist, h. Stevens mill road, 

beyond school house 
Furbush Henry C, master mechanic (Lewiston Mills), 

house 82 Academy 

GAGNE ACHILLE, operative, house 45 Third 

Gagne Charles, blacksmith, 31 Second, h. 29 Broad 

Gagne Joseph, operative, house 9 Second 

Gagne Philomene, house 5 Broad 

Gaiuey John, city laborer, h. 2 Main 

Gamage Lucinda E., widow of Francis M., nurse, bds. 

William F. Brann's, Park av. 
Gammon Alfred T. (Hartwell & Gammon), painter, 17 

Mechanics row, h. 261 Turner 
Gammon Almina C. Mrs., bds. 142 Summer 
Gammon Elizabeth M. Mrs., nurse, bds. 261 Turner 
Gammon Elliott C., painter, bds. 55 Manley 
Gammon Levi, hostler, 63 Hampshire, h. 55 Manley 
Gammon S. Washington, farmer, h. Cross road, u. River 

road, E. A. 
Gammon Walter J., shoemaker, bds. 55 Mauley 
Gammon William H., at W. A. works, house 21 Laurel 
Garant Alfred, laborer, bds. 37 Third 
Garant Octave, laborer, bds. 37 Third 
Garcelon Arthur A. (Peables and Garcelon), grocer, 70 

Main, h. 223 Main 
Garcelon Asa Mrs., h. So. River road, Penley's Corner 
Garcelon Albert M., farmer, h. cross road, from South 

River road, at Penley's Corner 
Garcelon Charles E., real estate and auctioneer, 57 Court, 

house 28 James 
Garcelon Clifton J., shoe cutter, bds. 28 James 
Garcelon George F., billiards (Lewiston), h. 142 Summer 
Garcelon George P., teacher, banjo and guitar, bds. 57 

Garcelou Horatio G., book agent, h. 57 Drummond 
Garcelon John P., farmer, So. River rd., Penley's Corner 
Garcelon Justus P., house 142 Summer 
Gardner Alfred, horse shoer, 42 Second, house do. 
Gardner Joseph, shoemaker, house 60 Second 
. Gardner Lucie, widovy of Alphonse, h. 14 Second 
Gardner Peter, farmer, h. Minot av., bey. West Miuot rd. 


G-aiian&E. T., genl. secr.y., Young Mens C. Asso., 53 

Garland Pharcellus B., carpenter, h. Oak, E. Auburn 
Gasselt Foster W., shoe cutter, house 22 Union 
Gastonquav Pierre, carpenter, h. 35 First 
Gatchell David C.,'bds. 416 Turner 
Gatchell Emma W.. widow, h. 274 Court 
Gatchell Ralph B., shoemaker, bds. 274 Court 
Gaudroe Eusebe, mill operative, h. 5 So. Main 
Gaudette David, laborer, house rear 29 Broad 
Gautbier Philias, clerk, 31 Broad, h. at Lewiston 
Gauthier Samuel Mrs., house 11 Pulsifer 
Gay Albert, shoemaker, house 8 Laurel 
Gay Charles (Gay, Woodman Co.), boot and shoe mnfrs. 

(Lewiston), h. 64 Highland av. 
Gay George, shoemaker, near Littlefield's Corner, h". Old 

Hotel road, near Littlefields Corner 
Geddes Charles, shoe laster, bds. 49 Court 
Gee Albion B., manager, Grand View House, W.Auburn, 

house do. 
Gee Ernest L., clerk, 209 Court, bds. 47 School 
Gee Josie Mrs., house 47 School 

Gerrish Fred A., carriage maker, h. River road, Wood- 
man district „ 
Gerrish James W., house 84 Summer 
Gerrish Sarah E. Mrs., dressmaker, 84 Summer, h. do. 
Getchell Abbie, widow of Ezra, house 23 Spring 
Getchell Benjamin F., house 39 Union 
Getchell Etta Miss, bds. 23 Spring 

Getchell Herbert E., shoemaker, house Park av., c. Lake 
Getchell Mark A., shoemaker (Lewiston), h. 155 Winter 
Getchell Mary E. Mrs., shoe stitcher, b. Maine Hotel 
Getchell Sanderson, painter, h. Park av., north of Lake 
Getchell William E., shoemaker, h. rear 274 Court 
Gibbs Charles, shoemaker, rms. 143 Pleasant 
Gibbs Charles H., sash mnfr. (Lewiston), h. 5 Myrtle 
Gibbs Eugene J., draughtsman (Lewiston), b. 108 Court 
Gibbs John K., bobbin maker (Lewiston), h. 108 Court 
Gibhard Bell Miss, rms. 117 Spring 

Gifford George G., city clerk, and sec, Auburn Loan and 
Building Association, 34 Court, rm. 2, b. 40 Pleasant 
Giguene Alfred, carpenter, h. 120 Third 
Giguere Amos, stone cutter, bds. 120 Third 
Giguere Etienne, weayer, h. 124 Second 
Gilbert Albert M., carpenter (Lewiston), h. 16 Laurel 
Gilbert Carolus, painter and paper hanger, h. Old Dan- 
ville road, next Martin road 
Gilbert Ernest, operative, bds. 9 Broad 
Gilbert Nora, box maker, house 14 Second 
Gile Edwin T., real estate, house 185 Summer 



Gile Fred II.. pastor. E. Auburn Baptist church, house 

Turner road, next do. 
Gillander William, farmer, h. Park av., near Lake 
Oilman Fred L , shoemaker, house 61 Summer 
Gilman George W., cigar mnfr., 2 Court, house Gamage 

av., near Lake 
Gilman Stephen, shoemaker, bds. 46 Main 
Gilman Walter W., section hand, Continental Mill (Lew- 

iston), house 5 Hazel 
Gilmore William II., laborer, h. 25 Hutchins 
Gilpatrick Anna, widow of PhineasW., bds. 95 First 
Gilpatrick Eugene P., card grinder, house 95 First 
Gilpatrick William J., carpenter, bds. 95 First 
Given Dorcas W., widow of David, bds. 132 Winter 
Given Ezra R., farmer, house River road 
Giucn Fred A., violin teacher, bds. 81 Academy 
Given George A., shoemaker, bds. 93 Goff 
Given Judith A., widow of John R., house 93 Goff 
Given Martha, widow of Benj.,b.Ezra R. Given's, River rd. 
Given Robert, milkman, b. E. Given's, River road 
Given Sophronia A. Mrs., bds 40 Spring 
Given William H., manager, Given's Orchestra, house 81 

Gleason Frederick W., shoemaker, house 22 Harris 
Gleason Henrietta M., widow of Moss T,. bds. Z. T. 

Newell's, Turner road 
Glidden Erlon M., clerk, 87 Main, bds. 38 Whitney 
Glines Alice Miss, bds. 40 Railroad 
Glines William A., house 40 Railroad 
Goddard Elmer E., carpenter, bds. 131 Hampshire 
Goddard Isaac, dentist, 72 Main. h. 287 Turner 
Goddard Mary L., widow of Levi, h. 131 Hampshire 
Goddard Walter I., shoemaker, bds. 131 Hampshire 
Goding Daniel, bds. D. J. Goding's, cross road 
Goding Daniel J., farmer, h. cross road, to Leavitt's 

Goding Esther D., widow, bds. W. H. H. Goding's, Jor- 
dan school road 
Goding George H., roll coverer (Lewiston), h. 171 Main 
Goding Mary L. Miss, teacher, Marston's corner School, 

bds. 171 Main 
Goding Mary E., wicl. of Lovewell, h. Old Hotel rd. near 

New Gloucester line 
Goding William II. H., farmer, h. Jordan school rd., near 

New Gloucester line 
Goff Dana, house 7 Lae 

Goff George M., clerk, 94 Main, house 106 Goff 
Goff Horace gardener, house 128 Center 
Goff James B., clerk, 220 Court, bds. 128 Center 
Goff Ralph D., clerk, bds. 7 Lake 
Goggin John, bds. 82 Whitney 


Golder Virgil Miss, typewriter, 209 Court, b. at Lewiston 

Goodhue Mary A., widow, h. 44 Union 

Goodkowsky Hay man, h. 32 Broad 

Goodwin Charles D., carpenter, house 105 First 

Goodwin Charles H., cigar maker (Lewiston), house 37 

Highland avenue 
Goodwin Charles M., shoe cutter,' house 353 Turner 
Goodwin Clara E. Miss, boarding house, 46 High 
Goodwin John J., engineer, h. 42 Drummond 
Goodwin Joshua B., saw filer, h. off Old Hotel road, near 

Littlefield's corner 
Goodwin Lydia S., widow of Alonzo, h. 9 James 
Goodwin Mark, house No. Auburn 
Goodwin M. Jennie Miss, shoe stiteher, bds. 46 High 
Goodwin Sarah E., widow of Aaron, h. 46 High 
Goodwin Willis R., steam fitter, bds. 46 Hish 
VJ (THE) boot and shoe machines, 92 Main, C. L. 

Barker, manager (see p. 8) 
Gordon George W., shoemaker, bds. 156 Summer 
Gordon Grafton B., shoemaker, bds. 156 Summer 
Gordon R. Fremont, foreman, treeing room, 34 Trov, h. 

292 Court 
Gore Eugene, clerk, 10 Railroad 

Gore Stanley, mason, h. Poland road, near Marston's Cor. 
Goss Almon L., stoves, etc. (Lewiston), h. 124 Winter 
Goss Arthur D., shoemaker, h. 52 Hampshire 
Goss Charles Mason, clerk, G.T. R. depot, Main, h.21 Laurel 
Goss Charles M., peddler, h. 326 Turner 
Goss Dyer E.,farmer,h.New Gloucester road, near the line 
Goss Edith A. Miss, clerk, 87 Court, bds. 87 Hampshire 
Goss Edwin F., fruit and confectionery, 50 Court, house 

62 Western Promenade 
Goss Edwin L., salesman, 101 Main, h. at Lewiston 
Goss Ellery F., stoves, etc. (Lewiston), h. 115 Pleasant 
Goss Elmer E., shoemaker, bds. 326 Turner 
Goss Elmira D., widow of Sewall, house 52 Hampshire 
Goss Frank F., mail contractor, h. 132 Hampshire 
Goss George, carpenter, bds. 114 Pleasant 
Goss Herbert A., clerk (Lewiston), h. 115 Pleasant 
Goss Joseph, foreman, street department, h. 87 Hampshire 
Goss Marv, widow of William, h. 132 Hampshire 
Goss Melville E., clerk, 98 Main, h. 48 Goff 
Goss Orville P., shoemaker, house Danville Junction 
Goss Samuel, farmer, Old Danville rd., h. New Glouces- 
ter rd. 
Goss Sarah C., widow of Frederick, h. Danville Junction 
Goss Sarah P^., widow of Lemuel D., house 34 Whitney 
Goss Tristam S., farmer, h. Old Danville rd, Rowes Cor. 

South Auburn 
Goss William H., mail carrier, h. 365 Turner 


Goss William W., clerk. 200 Court, bds. 34 Whitney 
Gott Joseph G.,trav. salesman, 26 Main, h. at Monmouth 
Gould Augustus, teamster, Ara Cushman & Co. ,h. 13 James 
Gould Charles, at B.M. Co. (Lewiston).b. Hampshire House 
Gould Cbarles K., screen maker(Lewiston),rms. 217 Main 
Gould Emma E. Mrs., hat trimmer, h. 40 Spring 
Gould John M., bobbin maker, bds. 13 James 
Gould Ernest, shoe cutter, b. Park House 
Gould Samuel L. Rev., house 114 Seventh 
Goulding Emeline A., widow of James, h. Danville June. 
Gove Clarence U.(Littlefield & Gove), grocar, 186 Main, 

bds. 1 Drnmmond 
Gove Elias, bds. Riverside House 
Go well Alonzo A., shoemaker, h. 10 Grove 

GOWELL, HERBERT A., livery and boarding 
stable, 14 Miller, h. 289 Turner (see p. 587) 
Gowell John, 2d Mrs., h. Lake, bey. Park av. 
Gowell John 2d, farmer, cross rd, from road to Leavitt's 

Gowell Joseph, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge rd., W. Auburn 
Gowell Wallace I.,farmer,b.Mrs.John Gowell's, 2d, Lake 
Graffam Abbie M. Miss, h. 381 Turner 
Graham Alexander, laborer, house 28 Fruit 
Graham Elbridge, shoemaker, bds. 49 School 
Graham George, mason, bds. 46 Main 
Graham George, teamster, b. Mrs. Emma Turner's, Broad 
Grand Trunk Railway, passenger station, Main, next bey. 

Academy, freight depot, rear 290 Main 
Grant Ama'ziah, house 173 Main 
Grant William H., blacksmith, house' 105 First 
Grant Vernor C, shoemaker, house 106 Goff 
Graves Henry A., shoemaker, h. 155 Summer 
Graves Robert, mill overseer(Lewiston), h. 37 Fifth 
Gray Emma P., shoe turner, bds. 133 Hampshire 
Gray Fred C. machinist, rms. 82 Fifth 
Gray Melinda L., widow of William, h. 86 Hampshire 
Greeley George L., section foreman, M. C. & R. R., h. 

Danville Junction 
Green Benjamin F., shoe laster, 129 High 
Greene Leonard B. Rev., h. No. Auburn [schoolhouse 
Greenlaw H. Ulysses, farmer, b. Stevens Mill rd., beyond 
Greenlaw Willard S., farmer, and milkman, house Stevens 

Mill road, bey. West Mest Miuot road 
Greeley John J., groceries and fish, 17 Broad, h. do. 
Greenleaf Charles E. (Dinsmore & Greenleaf), carpenter, 

17 Mechanics row, house 95 High 
Greenleaf Elbridge M.. carpenter, house 24 Jefferson 
Greenleaf John A., carpenter, 121 Spring, house do. 
Greenleaf William M., teller, National Shoe and Leather 

Bank, 79 Main, house 15 Vine 
Greenleaf William T., house 28 Holly 


Greenwood Eddie, spinner, Barker Mill, house 52 Third 
Greenwood Jeremiah, city laborer, house 46 Broad 
Gregory John, mule spinner (Lewiston), house 62 First 
Grenier Frank, shoemaker, bds. 61 Manley 
Griffin Annie M. Miss, boards 78 Court 
Griffith Hannah H. Mrs., house 262 Main 
Griffith Louise M, Mrs., milliner, bds. 262 Main 
Gross Edward W., pork packer, and sausage mnfr., 148 
Main, and prop., Amer. E. L. & P. Co., Littlefields' 
Corner, house 13 Prospect, Auburn Heights 
Gross Maria L. Mrs., house 7 Pearl 
Grout Fred, laborer, boards 329 Turner 
Grover Edwin L., hairdresser, 50 Main, house 55 Manley 
Grover Lena, paper box maker, rms. 121 Summer 
Groves Daniel M., shoemaker, bds. 173 Main 
Guild Alpheus E. (Guild & Sawyer), carpet cleaning, rear 

176 Washington, house 339 Minot av. 
Guild Charles E., clerk, Naptha Laundrv, h. 339 Minot av. 

GUILD & SAWYER (Alpheus P. Guild ana Wil- 
bert P. Sawyer), carpet cleaning and laundry, rear 
176 Washington (see page 578) 
Gulley Mary J. Mrs., boards 9 School 
Gullifer Amos R., iron molder, rms. 120 High 
Gulliver James M., house 280 Court 
Gulliver Maude M., clerk, 34 Troy, house 280 Court 
Guptill Lucinda F. Miss, weaver, Barker Mill, h. 34 Sixth 
Gurney Frederick M., shoemaker, h. off Centre, byd. Cross 
Gurney Hiram H., nurseryman (New Canaan Conn.), h. 

Winter, corner Dennison 
Gurney Leander P., pastor, Congregational church, West 

Auburn, house do. 
Guthrie Daniel, section hand, house 14 Hutchins 
Gwynn Samuel, mill hand, bds. 46 Main 

HACKETT EDWARD E., driver, 26 Main, rooms 133 

Hackett P^lsie J. Mrs., house 133 Hampshire 
Hackett Emily Miss, house 148 Spring 
Hackett Flora A. Miss, teacher, Chamberlin school, bds. 

29 Knight 
Hackett Frank A., teamster, house 34 Fifth 
Hackett Franklin, millman, house Danville Corner 
Hackett George W., farmer, h. Hackett road, So. Auburn 
Hackett Lucius W., trader, house 29 Knight 
Hackett Margaret Miss, h. off Hackett road, S. Auburn 
Hackett Margaret J. Miss, nurse, rooms 217 Main 
Hackett Merritt L., clerk, 209 Court, bds. 29 Knight 
Hackett Moses M., shoemaker, house 147 Lake 
Hackett Orlando J., clerk, 34 Court, room 1, house 133 



Hackett Rufus P., farmer, house off South River road, bycl. 

Oak Hill cemetery 
Hadfield .Joseph, boiler maker, house 86 First 
Hale John T., foreman, Journal Office (Lewiston), house 

77 Hampshire 

HALEY ANDREW C, grocer, 174 Court, house 
350 do. (see page 586) 
Haley Clinton, farmer, house Mioot av., next Minot line 
Haley James, milkman, Perkins Ridge road, house do. 
Haley .Joanna, widow of Daniel, house 32 First 
HalTAddie F. Miss, paper box maker, bcls. 142 Pleasant 
Hall Arthur B., jewelry, etc., 55 Court, bds. 83 Cook 
Hall Calvin S., clerk, 8 Court, house 82 Hampshire 
Hall Charles B., florist and nurseryman, Old Danville rd., 

South Auburn, house do. 
Hall Charles F., watch repairer, 55 Court, bds. 83 Cook 
Hall Cyrus, farmer, house off River road, E. A. 
Hall Daniel, engraver, boards 83 Cook 
Hall Daniel G., watchmaker, 55 Court, house 83 Cook 
Hall Enoch L., laborer, house Oak, East Auburn 
Hall Ernest W., carpenter, house 17 Mauley 
Hall Frank D., fireman, H. W. Hutchins Box shop, bds. 

Charles B. Hall's, Old Danville road 
Hall Frank 8., farmer, house 15 Harvard 
Hall Frank S., shoemaker, house Brookville, W. Auburn 
Hall Lyman N., farmer, house West Auburn 
Hall Saba J., widow of Alden, bds. 36 High 
Hall William 2d, shoe cutter, house 5 School 
Hall William M., peddler, house North Auburn 
Ham C. H., laborer, boards Maine Hotel 
Ham Lizzie I. Miss, teacher, Webster grammar school, 

boards 41 Whitney 
Ham Louise, at 209 Court, boards 7 Goff 
Ham Maria N., widow of Joel, house 41 Whitney 
Ham Percy P., carpet layer, boards Maine Hotel 
Hamel Theodore, hairdresser, house 32 First 
Hamilton Clara L., bookkeeper, 101 Main, h. at Lewiston 
Hamilton Henry D., shoemaker, boards 33 Granite 
Hamilton Hiram, laborer, house West Auburn 
Hamilton Iva, shoe stitcher, boards 106 Goff 
Hamilton Theodore H., shoemaker, house 278 Court 
Hamilton W. Henry, shoemaker, bds. 280 Main 
Hammond Charles,' laborer, house 22 Main 
Hammond George Wallece, shoemaker, bds. 14 Hutchins 
Hammond John E., shoemaker, bds. 180 Court 
Hammond Joseph, shoe cutter, bds. 22 Main 
Hampshire House, Hampshire 

Hancock Annie E., widow of Charles H., h. 15 Mrytle 
llaulon Dennis, laborer, house 55 Newbury 
llanlon Edward F., mill operative, house 2 Main 


Hanscom Reuel W. (R. W. Hanscom & Co.), mufr. aud 
jobber of furnishing goods, 168 Main, house 15 Vine 
Hanscom R. W. & Co. (Reuel W. Hanscom and Walter 
S. Keene), mnfrs. and jobbers of furnishing goods, 
168 Main 
Hanscom Walter A., salesman (Lewiston), bds. 15 Vine 
Hanscom Warren W., bookkeeper, 168 Main bds. 15 Vine 
Hanson Fred, shoemaker, house 126 Spring 
Hanson George I., machine operator, house 22 Broad 
Hanson George W., farmer, house between 8. River and 

Mill roads 
Hanson Henry H., station agent, M. C. R.R. (Lewiston), 

house 250 Court 
Hanson Isaac W., attorney and Clerk of courts, room 1, 

County bldg., house 114 Pleasant 
Hanson Silas, farmer, house 30 Lake 
Harding Arthur, carpenter, bds. Riverside House 
Harding Elizabeth A., widow of Solomon, bds. 21 Hamp- 
Harding Fernando C, carpenter, house 21 Lake 
Harding Frank, shoemaker, rms. 202 Main * 

Harding Willis S., clerk (Lewiston), house 461 Court 
Harlow Charles H., shoemaker, h. 142 Hampshire 
Harlow Edward P., shoemaker, bds. 142 Hampshire 
Harlow Frank A., machine operator, h. 145 Lake 
Harlow H. Clifton, shoemaker, h. 24 Highland 
Harlow Joseph C, shoemaker and variety store, Spring 

st. extension, h. 48 Troy 
Harlow Lucille B., widow of Philomeu, h. 17 Manley 
Harlow Lucy P. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 133 Spring 
Harlow Lydia, widow of Jesse R., h. 133 Spring 
Harlow Norah, widow of Roscoe L., h. 24 Manley 
Harlow William E., foreman, cutting, 117 Main, house 

43 Union 
Harmon George H., shoemaker, house 65 Spring 
Harmon Isaac F., farmer, h. Cross rd., from Rowe's. cor. 
Harmon John G., clerk (Lewiston), house 149 So. Main 
Harmon William H., farmer, bds. Isaac F. Harmon's, 

Cross road 
Harradon Edward W., shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
Harradou Franklin W., shoemaker, h. Elm E. Auburn 
Harradon George W., shoemaker, h. Minot av., junction 

Harradon John A., shoemaker, house 18 South 
Harradon Shepard W., shoemaker, h. Centre, E. Auburn 
Harradon William, shoemaker, bds. F. W. Harradon's, 

East Auburn 
Harriman Ernestine B. Miss, teacher, Douglass school, b. 

Randall Harriman's, Old Danville road 
Harriman Randall, farmer, h. Old Danville road 
Harris Alice J. Mrs., dressmaker, 106 Pleasant, h. do. 


Harris Allen, clerk, 27 Court, bds. at Lewistou 

Harris Andrew J., carpenter, h. 106 Pleasant 

Harris Arthur G., fanner, b. Pleasant, W. Auburn 

Harris l)e Witt C, farmer, h. Pleasant, West Auburn 

Harris Edgar M., shoemaker, bds. Revere House 

Harris Frederick, driver, spring water wagon, house 78 

Western av. 
Harris Harriet A., widow of Nathan C, house 59 Spring 
Harris Isaac W., shoecutter, house 40 Summer 
Harris Jennie Miss, rooms 81 Spring 
Harris Julia B. Miss, bds. 21 Winter 
Harris Nathan W., lawyer and secretary and treasurer, 

Maine Benefit Assoc, 81 Main, rin. 6, h. 59 Spring 
Harris Wilfred, shoemaker, bds. 400 Court 
Harris William M, claim agent, 31 Court, house 400 do. 
Harris, see Arris 

Harrison David Mrs., house rear 29 Broad 
Hart Olive E. Miss, laundress, bds. 186 Main 
Hart William H., trav. salesman, 26 Main, h. at Detroit 
Hartford E. Lerov, box maker, 16 Mechanic's row, bds. 

40 Troy 
Hartley Bridget, widow of Thomas, house 14 First 
Hartley David, compositor, 6 Court, bds. 14 First 
Hartley John, weaver, bds. 14 First 
Hartshorn Frank, engineer, 22 Railroad, h. 7 Maple 
Hartwell Alexander, painter, h. 352 Turner 
Hartwell Charles, painter, house 354 Turner 
Hartwell Frank, shoe laster, bds. 50 Whitney 
Hartwell Harry (Hartwell & Gammon), painter, 17 

Mechanic's row, li. 116 French 
Hartwell & Gammon (Harry Hartwell and Alfred T. 

Gammon), painters, 17 Mechanic's row [istou 

Harvey Abbie C. Miss, compositor, 6 Court, bds. at Lew- 
Harvey Richard, mule spinner, house 10 Second 
Harvie Andrew J., loom fixer (Lewistou), h. 208 Cook 
Harwood Lena Miss, house 44 Railroad 
Harwood Nancy W., widow, bds. 14 Drummond ct. 
Haskell Albert "(L. W. Haskell & Co.), stoves, etc., 100 

Main, house 30 Vine 
Haskell Alice L. Miss, house 73 Spring 
Haskell Andrew G., farmer, h. Old Hotel road 
Haskell Anna B., widow of Isaac, house 99 So. Main 
Haskell Cecilia L. Miss, clerk, 209 Court, bds. 7 Goff 
Haskell Charles C, shoemaker, house 384 Court 
Haskell Charles H. Mrs., house 384 Court 
Haskell Charles W., shoe laster, bds. 22 Union 
Haskell Edward L., laborer, bds. 24 Manley 
Haskell Frank A., painter, 76 Miller, h. 99 So. Main 
Haskell Fred W., laundry man, bds. 21 Western Prom- 
enade [Spring 
Haskell Freedom, foreman, street department, h. 145 


Haskell George H., clerk, 55 Court, bds. 22 Lake 
Haskell Gertie A. Miss, teacher, Washburn school, bcls. 

358 Main 
Haskell Harry L.. street commissioner,, office 18 Troy, b. 

A. G. Haskell's, Old Hotel road 
Haksell Henry G., shoemaker (Lewiston), h. 361 Court 
Haskell Annie, widow of Isaac, h. Minot rd., n. Haskell 

Haskell Isaac Newton (I. N. Newton & Co.), grocer, 2 

Third, and treas., Brockway Mnfg. Co., 142 Main, 

house 130 Seventh 
Haskell I. N. & Co. (Isaac Newton Haskell and Alfred 

W. Miller, grocers. 2 Third 
Haskell Johanna S., widow of Marshall J., h. 370 Main 
Haskell Joseph C, fancy goods and agent Amer. Ex. Co., 

55 Court, house 22 Lake 
Haskell Julia A. Miss, house 155 Spring [rd. 

Haskell Lewis, farmer, bds. Mrs. Annie Haskell's, Minot 
Haskell Lewis W. (L. W. Haskell & Co.), stoves, etc., 

100 Main, house 370 do. 

HASKELL L. W. & CO. (Lewis W. and Albert 
Haskell), stoves, furnaces and ranges, 100 Main, 
(see front cover) 
Haskell Mary L. Miss, dressmaker, 384 Court, bds. do. 
Haskell Nathaniel, boot treer, bds. 22 Union 
Haskell Otis D., tinsmith, 100 Main, honse 374 do. 
Haskell Paine, driver, 38 First, bds. Park House 
Haskell Robert, salesman (Lewiston), house 7 Pearl 

HASKELL ROBIE C.,granite worker, 23 Mechan- 
ic's row, house at Lewiston (see page 580) 
Haskell Samuel F., boots and shoes, 40 Court, house 21 

Western Promenade 
Haskell Simeon H., horse dealer, house 358 Main 
Haslan John, carpenter, house 22 South 
Hastings Fannie Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 103 High 
Hastings Maria Miss, dressmaker, rooms 103 High 
Hatch Emma Miss, weaver, h. Broad, cor. South Main 
Hatch Gilbert C, farmer, h. Minot road, n. Haskells Cor. 
Hatch Jefferson J., clerk, 62 Spring, h. 78 Mauley 
Hatch Jefferson J., laborer, house 78 Manley 
Hatch John C, cigars (Lewiston), h. 138 Spring 
Hatch John E., shoe cutter, house 78 Manley 
Hatch Lydia, widow of Alvin P., boards Walter F. How- 
ard's, North Auburn 
Hatch Rosa M., widow of William, h. 5 Pearl 
Hathaway R. Ellis, wood worker, h. 21 Academy 
Hathaway Sadie Miss, teacher, East Auburn grammar 

school, bds. Wm. S. Hathaway's, Turner rd., E. A. 
Hathaway William S., farmer, house Turner road, East 


Hawkes Joshua L., farmer, lioase off Old Hotel road to 

Mechanics Falls rd. 
Hawkins Moses P., box maker, house 133 Lake 
Hawkins S. Melville, box maker, bds. 133 Lake 
Hayden Charles A. Rev., pastor, Elm-street Uuiversalist 

church, house 13 Lake 
Hayden Charles F.. bookkeeper, bds. 24 Uuioh 
Hayes Elizabeth, teacher, Penley Corner school, house at 

Leeds .Junction 
Hayes Frank C, shoemaker, house 65 Mauley 
Hayes George, farmer, house Old Danville road 
Hayes James, clerk (Lewiston), house 82 First 
Hayes Richmond B., bank teller (Lewiston), house 65 

Hayes Stephen, wheelwright, 96 High, h. do. 
Hayes William, agent, Barker Mill, h. 77 Seventh 
Hay ford Ellen B., widow of Cyrus, h. 184 Seventh 
Hayford John M., laborer, house No. Auburn 
Hayford Samuel (S. Hayford & Co.), eggs, etc., house 

51 Pleasant 
Hayford Sarah J., widow, house 208 Main 
Hayford S. & Co. (Samuel and Walter Hayford), pro- 
duce, com. mers., rear 208 Main 
Hayford Walter (S. Hayford & Co.), eggs, etc., 208 

Main, house do. 
Hayford Willard, machinist (Lewiston), b. 184 Seventh 
Hayford William I., farmer, house North Auburn 
Haynes Albert, hostler, 63 Western Promenade, b. do. 
Haynes Greenwood, laborer, house 70 Miller 
Heal Erastus, section hand, Barker mill, h. 16 Barker 
Heal Otis R., section hand, Barker mill, house Eighth, 

next Broad 
Heath Elbridge G., house 450 Court 

Heath E. Munroe, sewing machines, pianos, etc. (Lewis- 
ton), house 97 Winter 
Heath Fred E., boards 450 Court 
Heath George G., shoe packer, house 68 Pleasant 
Heath Irving, boards 450 Court 
Heath James Rev., missionary, house 96 Main 
Heath James H., reporter (Lewiston Journal), h. 96 Main 
Heath Lillian II., shoemaker, b. Hampshire House 
Heath Llewellyn, mason, house cross road, near Pownal 

road at the cemetery 
Hebert Avila, boots and shoes (Lewiston), h. 49 Fourth 
Helleu John J., at electric light station, rooms 268 Court 
Helms Fred R., millman, bds. 110 Washington 
Helms Nelson R., wood worker, h. 110 Washington 
Henderson George, teamster, house cross road, next the 

cemetery, on Old Danville road 
Hennessey Edward, house 209 Cook 
Henry Elva J. Mrs., house 14 Pine 


Heon Edmond, hairdresser, 27 Second, h. at Lewiston 

Herric.k Fred, boards 45 Broad 

Herrick Jonathan F., loom harness repairer, h. 45 Broad 

Hersey Apollos, farmer, house North Auburn 

Hersey Gyrus, farmer, h. cross rd., near Turner line, No. 

Hersey Fannie A., clerk, 81 Main, rms. 57 High 
Hersey J. Gilbert, trader, bds. Welcome Hersey's, North 

Hersey Leroy L., clerk (Lewiston), h. 83 Drummond 
Hersey Levi, shoe cutter, house 83 Drummond 
Hersey Samuel S., house 133 Court 

HEUTZ JEAN, groceries and provisions, 18 Second, 
house 20 do. (see page 579) 
Hewes Edward F.,- watchman, house 129 Spring 
Hewes Morrill R., salesman, bds. 129 Spring 
Hewey Caselton B., house 15 Walnut 
Hewey Etta C, shoe stitcher, rooms 33 Pleasant 
Hewey Evelina A. Mrs., house 33 Pleasant 
Hicks Alfred T., at 84 Court, bds. 150 Minot avenue 
Hicks Charles, trader, house off Old Hotel road, near G. 

T. R. 
Hicks Conant S., farmer, house Old Hotel road 
Hicks Erneline, widow of Winslow, h. Poland Spring rd. 
Hicks Henry, farmer, boards Erneline Hicks', Poland 

Spring road 
Hicks James, farmer, house Poland Spring road 
Hicks John A., farmer, house Poland Spring road 
Higo-ins Amos, stone cutter, 23 Mechanics row, house 120 

*" Third 
Higgins Edwin O., carpenter, house 43 Winter 
Higgins Frederick A., iceman, house 293 Turner 
Higgins George H., clerk, 203 Turner, b. 43 Winter 
Hildreth Carrie, spinner (Lewiston), bds. 46 Main 
Hildreth Henry A., boots and shoes (Portland), house 18 

Hill Almira, widow of Caleb, house 74 Spring 
Hill Benjamin J. (Hill Bros.), fancy goods, rear 15 

Turner, house 48 Goff 
Hill Brothers (Benjamin J. Hill), fancy goods and small 

wares (wholesale), rear 15 Turner 
Hill Charles W., trav. salesman (Portland), house 47 

Hill George, farmer, house Brookville, W. A. 
Hill Hannah Miss, house 30 Fifth 

Hill Samuel W., farmer, house Brookville, W. Auburn 
Hilton William A., section hand (Lewiston), h. 107 Third 
Hiltz Edward, laborer, house 24 Sixth 
Hiltz James, laborer, h. off Broad, bey. old saw mill 
Hines Augustus A., marble worker, house 70 Miller 
Hines Edward M., farmer, h. West Auburn 


Hitchings Sarah A., widow of Amos, h. 36 Spring 
Hobart Oscar B., trav. salesman, rms. 20 Spring 
Hobbs Elbert C, hostler, 41 School, rms. 28 Uniou 
Ilobbs Sedley, shoemaker, bds. Hampshire House 
Hodgdon Charles O., expressman, bds. 143 High 
Hodgdon Daniel, at W. A. Works, bds. 150 Miuot av. 
Hodgdon Frank, at W. A. Works, bds. 100 Miuot av. 
Hodgdon Geo. B., rms. 48 Pleasant 
Hodgdon Samuel R., house 143 High 
Hodgdon Winfield, at W. A. Works, bds. 150 Minot av. 
Hodge James \V. Mrs., h. 247 Washington, Park Hill 
Hodge Mary C. Miss, teacher (Lynn), b.247 Washington 
Hodgeman Walter, weaver (Lewiston), b. 182 Main 
Hodgkin Harriet N., widow of Ai B., h. 1 Gacnage av. 
Hodgkin William H., shoe cutter, rms. 1 Gamage av. 
Ilodgkins Charles M., pattern maker, h. 155 Spring 
Hodgkins Ebenzer, farmer, house Lake, bey. Park av. 
Ilodgkins Eugene H., shoemaker, bds. 32 Pine 
Hodgkins George, shoemaker, rms. 77 Winter 
Hod<>kins Jona Edward, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Hodgkins Samuel D., clerk, h. 72 Drummond 
Hodsdon Charles K., clerk, shipper, 21 Main, h. 8 Blake 
Holbrook Charles, farmer, h. North Auburn, n. Minot line 
Holbrook Charles P., shoe cutter, h. Lake, bey. Park av. 
Holbrook Clarence, farmer, boards Charles Holbrook's, 

North Auburn _ 
Holbrook Edwin B., shoe cutter, h. 85 Manley 
Holbrook Flora L. Mrs., dressmaker, 67 High, bds. do. 
Holland Edith Miss, teacher, h. 163 Summei: 
Holland Sarah J. Miss, teacher, h. 163 Summer 
Holman Grace T.,shoe lining paster, bds. 20 Manley 
Holmes Benjamin F. B., farmer, h. N. Auburn 
Holmes Dana B., foreman, Auburn Mineral Springs, h. 

North Auburn 
Holmes Ira E., manager (Lewiston), h. 29 Hampshire 
Holmes Oscar F. (Olfene & Holmes), grocer, 179 Main, 

rms. 28 Vine 
Holmes Wallace W., laborer, h. North Auburn 
Holmstead Timothy F., farm hand, Darius Briggs, Turner 

road, bds. do. 
Holway Charles O. (O. Holway & Co.), grain, 19 School, 

rms. 133 Court 
Holway Oscar (O. Holway & Co.), grain, 19 School, h. 

at Augusta 

HOLWAY O. & CO. (Oscar Holway, Frank E. 
Tobey, Geo. P. Martin, and Charles 6. Holway,) 
wholesale flour, grain and grass seed, 19 School, at 
railroad crossing (see page 585) 
Holway Fred, iron molder, bds. Park House 
Hood Nelson H., shoemaker, h. 12 Temple 
Hood Azel B., peddler, h. Young's Corner 


Hooper Ellsworth, bottler, bds. 27 Miller 

Hooper Ellsworth, machinist (Lewiston), rms. 116 Main 

Hopkins Emily, widow of Richard B., dressmaker, h. 21 

Horn John, shoe heel mnfr., Auburn Jail 
Home John F., mnfr. shoe findings, County Jail, h. 79 

Horrigan Cornelius, weaver, h. 3 First 
Horton Olive, weaver, Barker Mill, bds. 34 Sixth 
Houghton Hannibal H., carpenter, h. 62 Winter 
Houle'Joseph, clerk, 31 Broad, h. 8 Pulsifer 
House Zelton E., shoemaker, h. 17 South 
Howard Austin B., shoe cutter, bds. 104 Summer 
Howard Briggs H., shoe trimmer, h. 104 Summer 
Howard Charles H., bookkeeper, bds. 90 Pleasant 
Howard Charles H. Mrs., h. 90 Pleasant 
Howard Frank T., farmer, h. Centre, bey. Cross 
Howard Minnie Miss, bds. 160 Pleasant 
Howard Salome, widow bds. 34 Lake 
Howard Thomas J. Mrs., h. Centre, bey. Cross 
Howard Walter F., carpenter, h. North Auburn 
Howatt Edward, shoemaker, rms. 114 Court 
Howatt Louisa Miss, weaver, rms. 114 Court 
Howe Charles, farmer, h. Libby Hill dist, S. Auburn 
Howe Percy R., dentist, 34 Court, rm. 5, h. at Lewiston 
Howland Etta S. Miss, clerk, 87 Main, bds. 59 Summer 
Hoxie Fred E. (Bragg & Hoxie), fish market, 43 Main,h. 

at Lewiston 
Hubbard George A., tin can maker, bds, 225 Summer 
Hull Elizabeth C, widow of Wm. A., h. 159 Pleasant 
Hull Lena M. Miss, bds. 159 Pleasant 
Humphrey Charles L., trav. salesman, bds. 352 Court 
Humphrey Lottie, shoe factory employee, bds. 7 Goff 
-Humphrey S. Anna Mrs., dressmaker, 7 Goff, h. do. 
Humphrey William R., shoemaker, h. Merrow road, bey. 

Littlefields Corner 
Hunnewell Daniel, farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., near Dur- 
ham line 
Hunnewell George R., farmer and skins, h. Pownal road, 

bey. school house, S.A. 
Hunnewell George W., h. Pownal road, beyond school 

house, S. A. 
Hunnewell Godfrey G., farmer, h. Pownal road, bey. school 

house, S. Auburn 
Hunnewell Samuel, farmer, h. Pownal road, near Durham 

line, S. Auburn 
Hunnewell William, shoemaker, bds. 180 Court 
Hunnewell William H., carpenter, h. 278 Court 
Hunnewell Winfield S., farmer, h. Pownal rd., bey. school 

house, S. Auburn 


Hunt Charles P., foreman, cutting room, 22 Railroad, h. 

27 Pine 
Hunt Dolly W., widow of Zehina, h. 135 Pleasant 
Hunt Fred \V., painter, h. Old Hotel rd.,Marstons Corner 
Hunt Hiram, hotel clerk, bds. 57 Cook 
Hunt Maynard T., shoemaker, h. G-amage av., n. Lake 
Hunt Nancy \V\, widow of John ML, h. 16 Union 
Huuton Jerome B., real estate and insurance agent, 40 

Court, h. 79 Pleasant 
Hunton .Mary E. Mrs., h. 79 Pleasant 
Hunton Mellin C, shoemaker, h. 116 Goff 
Hurd Irena V. Mrs., h. 103 Spring 
Hurley James, cits 7 laborer, h. 16 Pulsifer 
Hurley Jeremiah, h. 36 Cook 
Hurley John, laborer, bds. 36 Cook 
Huse Wesley S., fireman, h. 63 Court 
Hussey Frank 8., peddler, h. 39 First 
Huston Tbomas A. (T. A. Huston & Co.), baker, 26 Main, 

h. 68 Loring av. 

HUSTOX T. A. & CO. (Thomas A. Huston and 
John N.Packard), bakers and mufrs. confectioners, 
26 Main (see page 582) 
Hutchius Albert A., pres., American Shoe Mnfg. Co. 172 

Main, h. Centre, bey. Cross 
Hutchins Edward N., supt., H. W. Hutchins, h. 6 Jefferson 
Hutchius Everett W., foreman, H. \V". Hutchins 
Hutchins E. Hopkins, h. 34 Lake, cor. Haskell 

HUTCHIIVS H. WESLEY, wood box mnfr., rear 
166 Washington, and pres., Auburn Stove Foundry 
Co., house 288 Court(see pages 498-499) 
Hutchins Lulu M. Miss, teacher, High school, b. 34 Lake 
Hutchins Nathaniel W., machinist, 146 Main, bds. Spring 
Hutchins Roscoe, shoemaker, rms. 178 Main 
Hutchinson Clifford, foreman, cutting room, rear 95 Main, 

house 80 Spring 
Hutchinson Fred W\, farmer, house West Auburn 
Hutchinson George, butcher, 37 Knight 
Hutchinson Henry H., clergyman, h. 68 Lake 
Hutchinson James P. (Verrill & Hutchinson), real es- 
tate and insurance, 83 Main, h. 165 do. 
Hutchinson John I., student, bds. 68 Lake 
Hutchinson Laura, widow of Joseph, h. 254 Court 
Hutchinson Richard Mrs., house West Auburn 
Hyson Thomas J. Mrs., rooms 78 Court 

INGALLS REUBEN, house 21 Manley 

Ingalls Samuel W., shoe cutter, house 93 Goff 

Ingersoll Addie W., bookkeeper, 64 Main, boards 63 

First avenue 
Ingersoll George E. (Ingersoll, Whitman &Co.), stoves, 
, hardware, etc., 64 Main, boards 131 Centre 


iDgersoll Grace Miss, teacher, Franklin school, boards 63 

First avenue 
Ingersoll Harriet W. Miss, telegraph operator, G-. T. R., 

Danville Junction, house near do. 
Ingersoll John H., freight clerk, G. T. R.,h. 63 First av. 
Ingersoll Nathaniel L., fanner, h. Danville Corner 
Ingersoll Sarah E. Miss, priucipal, Franklin school, bds. 

63 First avenue 
JL Ingersoll, Horace C.Whitman, and Harry C.Walker), 

stoves, hardware, etc., 64 Main (see page 588) 
Iott Joseph, carpenter, 17 Mechanics row, house at Lew- 

Ireland Alonzo, painter, house 22 Sixth 
Ireland- , horse shoer, L. & A. H. R. R. Co. (Lew- 

iston), rooms 178 Main 
Irish Benjamin R., section hand (Lewiston), house 77 

Irving Beulah Miss, shirt maker, rooms 53 Fifth 
Irving William, clerk (Lewiston), h. 53 Fifth 
Ivory Bernard E., carriage painter, 118 Turner, house at 


JACKSON FRED A., carpenter, h. 34 Pulsifer 
Jackson Fred C, clerk, rooms 28 Spring 
Jackson Freeman L., school house janitor, h. 36 Fifth ■ 
Jackson Marshall, shoe iaster, house G6 Spring- 
Jackson Mary A. Mrs., house 102 Second 
Jackson Mary E., widow of Jarvis, h. 93 Goff 
Jackson Nina Mrs., boarding house, 66 Spring 
Jackson Reuel G., shoe inspector, house 122 Goff 
Jackson Walter, carpenter, bds. 102 Second 
Jackson Willard E., operative, house 22 Sixth 
Jackson William, cloth printer, house 22 Sixth 
Jackson Willis J., shoemaker, bds. 102 Second 
Jacobs Benjamin, shoemaker, h. Perkins Ridge rd.,W. A. 
Jacobs Lucy S., shoe folder, rooms 31 Spring 
Jameson Daniel, gardener, house 481 Court 
Janelle Oliva, shoemaker, house 13 Pulsifer 
Jarvis Andrew J., shoemaker, bds. 72 Drummond 
Jelleson Albert, machinist, h. 9 Drummond ct. 
Jenkins Catherine, widow of Samuel, h. 80 Dunn 
Jenkins Charles H., laborer, h. Washington, next G.T. R. 
Jenkins Charles L. (Jenkius & Curtis), livery stable, 143 

Main, house 28 Spring 
Jenkins Clarence F., shoemaker, house 8 Spring 
Jenkins Samuel, lightning rods, 426 Turner, house do. 
Jenkins Willard B., police, house 118 Hampshire 
Jenkins & Curtis (Charles L. Jenkins and Charles H. 

Curtis), livery and boarding stable, 143 Main 
Jepson Levi D., carpenter, house 60 James 


Jerris Peter, hairdresser, 50 Main, h. at Webster 

Jennet Telesphore, laborer, house River road, beyond 

Northern avenue 
Jewett Jennie K. Miss, music teacher, bds. 99 High 
Jewett Larangro, shoemaker, boards 49 Court 
Jewett Ralph C, 19 School, house 99 High 
Jewett Susie M., music teacher, 261 Turner, bds. do. 
Johnson Abbie Mrs., boards 24 South 
Johnson Amasa, farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Johnson Andrew F., carriage wood worker, 118 Turner, 

house at Lewiston 
Johnson Benjamin A., shoemaker, h. 18 Main 
Johnson Charles C, shoemaker, house 136 Summer 
Johnson Charles E., farmer, h. 25 Pulsifer 
Johnson Charles W., river driver, h. 29 Manley 
Johnson Edward, mill overseer ( Lewiston), h. 226 Turner 
Johnson Edwin B., shoemaker, rooms 84 Court 
Johnson Eugene O., farmer, h. No. Auburn 
Johnson Fred H., bookkeeper, 34 Troy, b. 66 Winter 
Johnson George B. (M. A. Curtis & Co.), produce, 101 

Main, house 31 Academy 
Johnson Henry C, carpenter, house 66 Winter 
Johnson Henry H., farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Johnson Henry L., shoemaker, bds. 25 Pulsifer 
Johnson Horace N., shoemaker, h. North Auburn 
Johnson Isaac A., farmer, house 25 Pulsifer 
Johnson James A., sash and blind maker (Lewiston), h. 

214 Minot avenue 
Johnson James C, shoemaker, house 9 Myrtle 
Johnson Jennie A. Miss, rooms 10 Drummond 
Johnson Joseph, operative, boards 16 Third 
Johnson Marie, widow of William, h. 16 Third 
Johnson Mary N., widow of Simon, bds. 7 Whitney 
Johnson Nancy H. Miss, tailoress, h. 134 Spring 
Johnson Oscar, shoemaker, house 18 Main 
Johnson Phoebe N. Miss, tailoress, house 134 Spring 
Johnson Sarah Miss, boards 13 So. Golf 
Johnson Walter, iron molder, house Minot avenue, nearly 

opp. West Minot road 
Johnson Walter, ticket agent, G. T. R. (Lewiston), house 

192 Summer 
Johnson Willard A., shoe laster, h. 69 Hampshire 
Jonces Louis, blacksmith, house 41 Second 
Jonces Louis, Jr., machinist, house 41 Second 
Jones Albert H., foreman Goodyear dept. 117 Main, h. 

29 Granite 
Jones Alfred P., shoemaker, house 178 Winter 
Jones Alton H., shoemaker, h. Dennison, next the bridge 
Jones Barn urn, farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Jones Charles, milkman, bds. ooS Court 


Jones Charles G., foreman stitching, 117 Main, bds. Park 

Jones Christina Mrs., house 7 Highland 
Jones Daniel W., mason, h. 533 Court 
Jones Delia Mrs., mill operative, house 44 Fourth 
Jones Edmund, clerk, Charles F. Curtis, Turner, East 

Auburn, house Oak, do. 
Jones, Eugenia Mrs., dressmaker, rms. 135 Pleasant 
Jones Frank J., shoemaker, house Cross road, off Turner 

road, East Auburn 
Jones Franklin, house 119 Hampshire 
Jones Franklin, shoe skiver, h. 98 Hampshire 
Jones Fred W., shoemaker, house 14 Highland 
Jones George, engineer, 209 Court, house 80 Goff 
Jones George A., boot treer, 209 Court, h. 527 do. 
Jones George Edlon, clerk, 27 Court, bds. 80 Goff 
Jones George Fred, operative, h. 98 First 
Jones George J., painter, house 17 James 
Jones Harriet B., widow of John B., h. off Center, E. A. 
Jones Harry L., shoe cutter, boards 533 Court 
Jones Jefferson, shoemaker, house Old Hotel road, near 

Littlefields Corner 
Jones Lucretia A., widow of Lewis S., h. 371 Main 
Jones Mary L., shoe stitcher, rms. 58 School 
Jones Oscar W., clerk, 27 Court, bds. 128 Hampshire 
Jones Stafford B., shoecutter, house W. Auburn 
Jones Stephen, carpenter, h. 122 Seventh 
Jones William, edge setter, rooms 23 Turner 
Jones William H., carpenter, h. 177 Winter 
Jones William Heurv, bds. Barnum Jones, Dillingham 

Jones W. P., shoemaker, bds. 66 Spring 
Jordan Albert, farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., S. Auburn 
Jordan Alvah H., carpenter, h. 66 Hampshire 
Jordan Annie Mrs., nurse, house 69 Second 
Jordan Arad, farmer, h. W. Auburn 
Jordan Charles A., carpenter and builder, 63 Academv, 

h. do. 
Jordan Charles C, supt., 22 Railroad, h. 62 Western 

Jordan Charles P., farmer, house off New Gloucester road, 

near Pownal road 
Jordan Charles W., shoemaker, house 478 Court 
Jordan Clifford J., shoemaker, bds. 69 Second 
Jordan Deborah, widow, bds. 63 Academy 
Jordan Dominicus, mason, house Pownal rd., S. Auburn 
Jordan Ebenezer, farmer, h. Mill road 
Jordan Ernest, drug clerk, 68 Court, bds. 131 Center 
Jordan Farlancl L., clerk, 60 Court, bds. 478 do. 
Jordan Flavil R., painter, house 163 Winter 
Jordan Flavil R. jr., painter, h. 167 .Winter 



Jordan Frank B., house 451 Turner 

Jordan Florian, edge setter, house 15 South 

Jordan Francis M., pres. and plumber, Auburn Aqueduct 

Co., 34 Court, room 1, house 18 Laurel avenue 
Jordan George II., butcher, 37 Knight, h. at Lewiston 
Jordan George II., engineer, Auburn Aqueduct Co., 268 

Court, h. do. 
Jordan Harry E., bottler, .17 Third, h. 62 Academy 
Jordan Harry E., shoemaker, bds. 150 Whitney 
Jordan Harry I. (Auburn Paper Box Co.), 16 Mechanics 

row, bds. 8 Laurel av. 
Jordan Henry, farmer, h. Pownal rd. beyond schoolhouse 
Jordan Irvin M., shoemaker, house 226 Summer 
Jordan Ivory C, law student, bds. 167 Summer 
Jordan James, shoemaker, rms. 217 Main 
Jordan James M., grocer (Lewiston), h. 210 Cook 
Jordan James S., farmer, h. Old Danville road, beyond 

Loring avenue 
Jordan Jane, widow of John R., bds. 8 Myrtle 
Jordan John W., salesman, h. 482 Court 
Jordan J. P., treas., The United Packers, 64 French, h. 

at Portland 
Jordan J. William, shoemaker, h. Gamage av. near Lake 
Jordan Lelia A., widow of Roscoe E., bds. 17 Prospect 
Jordan Lizzie B. Mrs., h. W. Auburn 

JORDAN NATHANIEL I., insurance agent and 
treasurer, Auburn Aqueduct Co., 34 Court, rm. 1, h. 

8 Laurel av. (see p. 582) 
Jordan Orrin A. Mrs., house 104 Second 
Jordan Rebecca, widow of Foster, house 30 Whitney 
Jordan Roscoe G., trav. salesman, 19 School, house 167 

Jordan Rufus E., farmer, bds. Wm. A. Jordan's, South 

Jordan Theresa A., widow of Roscoe M., h. 17 Prospect 
Jordan Thomas C, farmer, bds. 131 Center 
Jordan William, market gardener, h. 131 Center 
Jordan William A., farmer, house Libby Hill dist., South 

Jordan William H., bridge builder, M. C. R. R., h. 150 

Joselyn Charles, carpenter, h. 94 Loring 
Josslyn JJatehelder H., mason, house 399 Court 
Josslyn Fred E., mason, house 18 Granite 
Judkins Charles A., clerk, 9 Minot avenue, boards at 

Judkins Charles E., shoemaker, h. 25 Gamage ave. 
Judkins Hannah A., widow of Charles P., h. 77 Union 
Judkins Joel, shoemaker, rms. 72 Pleasant 
Judkins Julia A., widow of Charles, h. 129 High 
Judkins Lilla Mav Miss, shoe trimmer, h. 77 Union 


Jumper John Q. A., foreman iron molder (Lewiston)' 

Turner road, East Auburn 
Jumper John 8., clerk, 10 Railroad, bds. J. Q. A. 

Jumper's, E. Auburn 

KANE JOHN, hostler 149 Main, rms. do. 

Kearns James, city laborer, house rear 211 Turner 

Keene Adin S., farmer, h. rear 235 Minot ave. 

Keene Adin S., Jr., farmer, bds. r. 235 Minot ave. 

Keene Blake, house 97 Summer 

Keene Fred W., carpenter, h. 39 James 

Keene Geneva Miss, telegraph operator (Lewiston), rms. 

57 High 
Keene Harry A., clerk, 179 Main, h. 32 Drummond 
Keene Ida F. Miss, boarding house, 68 Pleasant 
Keene Millard, shoemaker, house 102 Court 
Keene Orland S., sign painter, 25 Main, h. do. 
Keene Roland, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge rd., W. Auburn 
Keene Stephen, bds. M. S. Robinson's. Pleasant, W. A. 
Keene Walter S. (R. W. Hanscom & Co.), mnfrs^. and 

jobbers of furnishing goods, 168 Main, bds. Revere 

Keher John, mule spinner, h. So. River road 
Keist George A., shoemaker, h. 292 Main 
Keith Charles M., shoemaker, h. West Auburn 
Keith Emma Miss, seamstress, rms. 118 High 
Keith Frank C, shoemaker, bds. 9 Fern 
Keith George O., foreman, of cutting, 172 Main, h. 9 Fern 
Keith G. Frank, carpenter, bds. 471 Court 
Keith I. Sanford, farmer, h. West Auburn 
Keith James, house 119 Hampshire 
Keith Martin L., shoemaker, h. 202 Summer 
Keith Orland, shoe cutter, bds. I. S. Keith's, W. A. 
Keith Silence L., widow of Patrick H., h. 25 Pearl 
Keith Simeon P., bds. Geo. F. Stetson's, off Centre, E.A. 
Keith Watson H., shoemaker, 95 Main, h. 81 Union 
Kelleher James E., painter, 23 Pulsifer, bds. 17 do. 
Kelleher Patrick, laborer, house 17 Pulsifer 
Kelleher Patrick H., lawyer, 76 Main, bds. 17 Pulsifer 
Kelley Marietta, widow of John L., h. 110 Pleasant 
Kelly Bridget, widow of Edward, h. 36 Fifth 
Kelly JohnM., painter, bds. 36 Fifth 
Kelsey Mary A., widow of John B., h. 293 Turner 
Kendall Augusta A., widow, house 73 Court 
Kendall George R., shoemaker, bds. 73 Court 
Kendall Mary E., widow, bds. 20 Pearl 
Kendall Sadie E., shoestitcher, bds. 73 Court 
Kennedy James E., machinist, bds. 55 Manley 
Kennedy Peter, shoemaker, bds. 49 Court 
Kennison John M., painter, house 10 Main 
Kent Elizabeth T. Mrs., house 51 High 


Kenney Charles, night watchman, M. C. R. R.(Lewistou), 

boa ids 8 Laurel 
Kenney Charles F. Mrs., house 8 Laurel 
Kenney James, house 26 Cook 
Kenyon George, painter, boards 12 Broad 
Kenyon William, painter, house 12 Broad 
Kerr Nellie, button hole-maker, rms. 31 Spring 
Kershaw Ada M. Mrs., house 292 Court 
Kershaw Charles E., Jr., boards 292 Court 
Kershaw Robert M., salesman (Lewiston), h. 40 High 
Kestead Alvin. tin can maker, rms. 64 Summer 
Kevea Elizabeth H. Mrs., shoe stitcher, bds. 46 High 

K'lLBOURNE GEORGE E., soda and mineral 
water mufr., 27 Miller, h. 116 Main (see p. 14) 
Kilbourne William B., secretary, Auburn Drug & Chemi- 
cal Co., 68 Court, house 68 Pleasant 
Kilgore Charles F., sole leather cutter, bds. F. Kilgore's, 

AVest Auburn road 
Kilgore Frank, sole leather cutter, h. W. Auburn 
Kilgore John P., clerk, house 226 Main 
Kilgore Robert, packer, 26 Main, bds. at Lewiston 
Kimball Carrie M. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 7 Maple 
Kimball Charles A., salesman, 104 Main, h. 37 Academy 
Kimball Charles F., shoemaker, h. 7 Maple 
Kimball Cyrus B., carriagesmith, 109 Turner, h. 105 do. 
Kimball Frank R., teamster, bds. 16 Laurel 
Kimball George E., printer, 88 Main, h. 284 Turner 
Kimball Llewellyn, farmer, house Turner road, near Mt. 

Auburn avenue 
King Arthur B., machinist (Lewiston), h. 36 James 
King Fred, teamster, 212 Court, bds. 214 do. 
King Louisa M. Mrs., dressmaker, 36 James, h. do. 
King Samuel H., janitor, High school, h. 77 High 
King William, laborer, house 214 Court 
Kingsley George A., machinist, h. 35 Fifth 
Kingsley Hattie Miss, shoe paster, rms. 39 James 
Kingsley Rose C. Mrs., house 88 Spring 
Kinslev Daniel W., shoe cutter, h. West Auburn 
Kinsley Daniel W., Jr. (D. W. Kinsley Jr. & Co.), 140 
Main, house 27 Laurel 

I^IjVSLEY D. W. JR, & CO. (Daniel W. Kinsley 
!L Jr.), leather and shoe findings, 140 Main (see pa«e 
Kinslev George A., farmer, house road to Auburn Spring 

Hotel, West Auburn 
Kinsley Lyman B., shoemaker, h. 132 Summer 
Kinsley Zibeon, fruit gardener, h. No. Auburn 
Kirkpatrick Joseph D., farmer, house Cross road, near 

Woodbury Hill 
Kluesner Antoine, loom fixer, h. 42 Newbury 
Kluesner Bernard, weaver, bds. 8 Newbury 


Kluesner Casper, weaver, house 8 Newbury 
Kluesner Theodore, section hand, bds. 8 Newbury 
Knapp Annie, shoe factory employee, rms. 48 Spring 
Knapp Frank L., shoemaker, bds. Geo. F. Shaw's, Spring 

court extension 
Knapp Orin L., driver (Lewiston), bds. 7 Parker 
Knight Augustus, shoemaker, house 212 Main 
Knight Hartley W., carpenter, bds. 182 Main 

KNIGHT "JAMES H., stoves, tinsmith and plum- 
ber, 11 Court, h. 22 Granite (see p. 588) 
Knight John S., shoemaker, house 27 Pine 
Knight John T., carpenter, h. 199 Washington 
Knight Nathaniel, house 21 Knight 
Knight Relief E., widow, bds. 121 Spring 
Knight Patrick H., machinist, bds. 182 Main 
Knight Ruth E., housekeeper, 21 Knight 
Knight Willie A. (Hall & Knight, Lewiston), rooms 68 
High [tery 

Knowlton Charles, farmer, h. River road, next the c'eme- 
Knowlton Fessenden, butcher, house Haskell's Corner 
Knowlton Sarah E., widow, bds. 71 High 
Knox Marian M., widow of Hiram, bds. 26 Vine 
Kyle Jane B., widow of Amos, house 307 Turner 

LABERG LAURENT, teamster, house 23 Second 

Labonte Thomas, laborer, house 50 Second 

Lachance Dominic, mill operative, h. Broad, near L. & A. 

E. L. station 
Lachance Joseph, packer, 26 Main, bds. at Lewiston 
Lachance Louis, ins. agent (Lewiston), house 21 Broad 
Lachance Louis, shoemaker, rms. 49 Union 
Lachance William O., tinsmith, 11 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Lacourse Victor, teamster, 212 Court, house at Lewiston 
Ladd Heman W., bookkeeper, house 75 Manley 
Ladd Heman W., clerk, Maine & N. H. Granite Co., h. 

413 Court 
Lafayette Charles, shoemaker, bds. 44 Fourth 
Lafayette John, shoemaker, house 44 Fourth 
Lafayette Joseph, section hand (Lewiston), h. 43 Third 
Lafayette Richard, shoemaker, house 26 Cook 
Lamarche Alfred F., letter carrier, house 53 Union 
Lamarche Wallace L., shoemaker, rms. 190 Main 
Lamb Alonzo P., shoemaker, house 9 Winter 
Lamb John F., sheriff and jailer, Auburn jail, house do. 
Lambert Cyril E., laborer, house 52 Third 
Lambert Frank, laborer, Parsons & Son, h. 11 Pulsifer 
Lambert Isaac, farmer, h. Turner, cor. Court, off Pownal 

Lambert Jerry, weaver, bds. 52 Third 
Lambert Joseph, operative, house 6 Second 
Lambert Louis, weaver, house 52 Third 

424 auburn [L] directory 

Lambert Mary A. Mrs., house 296 Turner 

Lambert Zadee, laborer, Parsous & Sou, house 52 Third 

Lamey Martin, mill operative, house 36 Cook 

Lamontague Alfred, shoemaker, house 123 Third 

Lamontague John B., tailor, house 123 Third 

Lamontague Joseph, card grinder, house 123 Third 

Lamontague Napoleon, shoemaker, house 131 Third 

Lamontague Pierre, house 131 Third 

Lamson Edward D., machinist, house 63 Summer 

Lamson Horace D., shoemaker, bds. 63 Summer 

Lancey Harry W., clerk, Elm House, 37 Court, bds. do. 

Lander Charles M., house 31 Academy 

Lander Elvira Mrs., house 22 Laurel 

Lander Lester A., telegraph operator, bds. 31 Academy 

Lauder Nahum, teamster, 129 Turner, house 18 Main 

Landers George, carpenter, bds. 180 Court 

Landers Oscar F., flagman, Court st. crossing, M. C. It. 

R., bds. 159 Pleasant 
Lane Albert, shoemaker, bds. 30 Fifth 
Lane Alvin, box maker, house 20 South 
Lane Edwin A., mill yard overseer (Lewiston), house 75 

Lane Eugene, carpenter, bds. 200 Main 
Lane Fred, at 198 Main 
Lane Fred E., turnkey, Auburn jail, Turner, cor. Court, 

house 198 Main 
Lane Harry A. (H. A. Lane & Co.), printer, 76 Main, b. 

at Lewiston [Main 

Lane Henry S., mill overseer (Lewiston), house 111 So. 
Lane Hiram P., laborer, bds. 32 Pine 
Lane H. A. & Co. (Harry A. Lane and Frank A. Petten- 

gill), job printers, 76 Main 
Lane Marietta Miss, shoe stitcher, bds 126 Spring 
Lane Oliver P., whips, house 30 Fifth 
Lane Samuel M., peddler, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Lane Susan H. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 126 Spring 
Lane Susan P., widow of Eben F., house 126 Spring 
Lane William S., foreman L. & A. Electric L. Co., bds. 

Ill So. Main 
Langdon H. J., painter, bds. Maine Hotel 
Lauge Frank, sausage maker, 38 First, house 90 do. 
Langelier Joseph, hairdresser (Lewiston), h. 11 Broad 
Langen Judson, painter, bds. 46 Union 
Langin James A., painter, bds. Maine Hotel 
Langmaid Charles H., station agent, G. T. R., Danville 

Junction, house do. 
Lapage Thomas, shoemaker, bds. Hampshire House 
Lapham Eliza A., widow of David, house 304 Turner 
Lara Daniel, house 59 Summer 
Lara Mary P. Miss, teacher, bds. 114 Hampshire 
Larivee Joseph, laborer, h. 21 Broad 


Laroche Philip, brick maker, house 9 Broad 
Larrabee Alonzo G-., painter, house 10 Temple [ton 

Larrabee Dorcas Miss, h. opp. Old Hotel road, n. Lewis- 
Larrabee Edgar R., shoe laster, house 13 Temple 
Larrabee Eliza A. Mrs., h. opp. 96 Miller [ton 

Larrabee Esther Miss. h. opp. Old Hotel road, n. Lewis- 
Larrabee F.W. , teacher Little High School, bds. Park House 
Larrabee Harriet E., Mrs., house 232 Turner 
Larrabee Herbert S., shoemaker, house 115 Summer 
Larrabee Hinckley S., shoemaker, house 332 Minotav. 
Larrabee James F., painter, 8 Miller, house 19 Summer 
Larrabee Jane, widow, bds. 381 Turner 
Larrabee Josephine S., tailoress, 15 Court, bds. 200 Main 
Larrabee Josiah, farmer, h. cross road from New Glou- 
cester road 
Larrabee Josie Miss, tailoress. bds. 200 Main 
Larrabee Solomon, farmer, house South River road, Per- 

ley's Corner 
Larrabee Sophronia, widow of Simon G., boards 115 
Summer [Cor. 

Larrabee Win field S., farmer, h. cross rd. from Rowe's 
LaSherrity George, shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Latham Arthur B., house West Aubnrn. 
Latham Carrie P. Mrs., dressmaker (Lewiston), house 

330 Turner 
Latham Ina M. Miss, typewriter (Lewiston), bds. A. B. 

Latham's,. West Auburn 
Latham Maude, teacher, Douglass school 
Laughton Flora I. Miss, music teacher (Lewiston), bds. 

52 Summer 
Laughton Nelson J., pianos, etc. (Lewiston), house 52 
Launis Joseph, weaver, house 3 Pulsifer 

Laverty Oliver P., police, house 72 Ninth 
Lavoie George, laborer, bds. 9 Broad 
Lavoie Phillias, shoemaker, house 9 Broad 
Lawler Daniel, shoe cutter, bds. 40 Newbury 
Lawler John, laborer, bds. 40 Newbury 
Lawler Michael, laborer, house 40 Newbury 
Lawler Thomas, laborer, house 25 Cook 
Lawrence Alfred E., grist mill, off Old Danville road, h. 

Danville Junction 
Lawrence Allen H., shoemaker, h. Gamage av. n. Lake 
Lawrence Paris, miller, A. E. Lawrence, Danville Junc- 
tion, house next do. 
Lawton John P., harness maker, 152 Main, b. 71 Third 
Lawton Mary, widow of Michael, house 71 Third 
Lawton Mary Ann, shoe stitcher, bds. 71 Third 
Lawton Michael, mule spinner (Lewiston), h. River road 
Leadbetter Josiah C, mill overseer (Lewiston), house 25 

Gamage av. 
Leadbetter Lewis, Jr., fruit, 25 Court, h. 25 Gamage av. 


Lead better Lucellas D., carpenter (Lewiston), house 108 

Leadbetter William E. C, shoemaker, bds. 25 Gamageav. 
Leader Katie, clerk (Lewiston), house 33 Goff 
Leader Richard, section hand, M. C. R. R., h. 33 Goff 

LEADER RICHARD F., soda and mineral water 
mnfr., 17 Third, bds. at Lewiston (see page 584) 
Learned John R., state agent, Union Debenture Co., 83 

Main, house Old Hotel road, beyond Minot av. 
Leary Jeremiah, flagman, Hampshire st. crossing, M. C. 

11. R., house at Lewiston 
Leavitt Charles K., shoemaker, h. 321 Court 
Leavitt David H., stone cutter, house Old Danville road, 

Rowe's corner 
Leavitt E. Alden, photo, etcher (Boston), bds. 7 Prospect 
Leavitt Edward, farmer, house Diilingham Hill 
Leavitt Edwin M., last mnfr. (Lewiston), h. 7 Prospect 
Leavitt Ernest L., farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Leavitt Fred L., dentist (Lewiston), h. 24 Mauley 
Leavitt Frederick L., student, bds. 321 Court 
Leavitt Leroy, farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Leavitt Oliver N., shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
Leavitt Rollin 8., shoe laster, bds. 321 Court 
Leavitt Thaddeus, shoe cttter, house 58 Union 
Leavitt W infield S., carpenter, house 6 Grove 
LeBaron Roscoe, operative, rms. 29 Third 
Lebel Ernest, weaver, bds. 29 Broad 
Lebel Joseph, laborer, house 29 Broad 
Leblanc Cyrille, weaver, house rear 29 Broad 
LeClair Albert, shoemaker, house 10 Third 
LeClair Alexander, house 81 First 
LeClair Alphonse, blacksmith, house 9 Second 
LeClair Charles, shoemaker, bds. 91 Summer 
LeClair Felix, operative, house 3 Broad 
LeClair Felix T., carpenter, huiise 91 Summer 
LeClair George, shoemaker, bds. 91 Summer 
LeClair Henry, shoemaker, bds. 91 Summer 
LeClair Michel, farmer, h. cros rd., from New Glouces- 
ter road 
Lee Ernest, hairdresser, 54 Court, bds at Lewiston 
Leeman Sarah A., widow of Seth H., h. 55 Mauley 
Legendre Alfred, operative bds. 5 Broad 
Legendre Edmond, laborer, house 5 Broad 
Leightou Alvah, hairdresser, house 4 Spring 
Leighton Edmund H., carpenter, M. C. R. R., house 152 

Minot av. 
Leighton Henry, shoemaker, h. 35 Main 
Lemaiche Walter, shoemaker, rms. 190 Main 
Lemos Clarence E., shoemaker, bds. 37 Main 
Leonard Albion, laborer, b. Albert Jordan's, Powual road 


Leonard Correll A., groceries and provisions, 94 Main, 

bds. Calvin S. Libby's, Danville Junction 
Leonard Simeon B., carpenter, h. 38 Fifth 

Leonard Mrs., h. Old Hotel road, n. Clark's spring 

Le Sau Ernest, farm hand, Geo. H. Dillingham's, Dilliug- 

hain Hill, house do. 
Levasseur Albert, weaver, bds. 46 Third 
Levasseur Armedas, stone mason, house 46 Third 
Levasseur David, laborer, M.C.R.R., h. 45 Fourth 
Levasseur Luc, laborer, house 9 Broad 
Levesque Horace, operative, house 60 Second 
Lewis Charles, watchman, house 51 Minot av. 
Lewis Charles S., shoemaker, bds. 51 Minot av. 
Lewis Edgar, carpenter, b.Geo.F. Shaw's, Spring st.exten. 
Lewis Edward, carpenter, bds. G. F. Shaw's, Spring st. 

Lewis Emma Mrs., candy packer, 26 Main, bds. 36 do. 
Lewis Josephine Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 51 Minot av. 
Lewis Lester L., stock fitter, h. 116 Summer 
Lewis Lincoln A., carpenter, house 214 Main 

LEWISTON SODA BEER CO., bottlers, Provost 
& Vincent, props., 5 South Main (see p. 580) 
Lewiston & Auburn, Electric Light Co. station, Broad, 

F. E. Bisbee, supt., Daniel Briggs, treas., office 34 

Court, room 1 
Libby Abraham, carpenter, h. 17 Gamage av. 
Libby Abram, farmer, h. New Gloucester rd., beyond 

school house 
Libby Albion, carpenter, house 4 Parker 
Libby Azariah, farmer, house crossroad from South River 

road, at Penley's Corner 
Libby Byron G., shoemaker, h. 348 Turner 
Libby Calvin S., farmer, h. Jordan school road, next So. 

River road 
Libby Charles E., baker, 71 Court, house 75 High 
Libb\ 7 Charles I., shoemaker, house 58 Turner 
Libby Charles L., farmer, b. Abram Libby's, New Glou- 
cester road 
Libby Charles S., farmer, h. off Old Danville road 
Libby Clara C, widow, house 63 Summer 
Libby Collins A., shoemaker, house 34 Whitney 
Libby David T., farmer, house 4 71 Court 
Libby Edmund, house 74 Pleasant 
Libby Elmer E. E., carpenter, house 77 Sprino- 
Libby Eugene H., farmer and agricultural implements, h. 

Youngs Corner 
Libby Everett E., stone mason, bds. Abram Libby's, New 

Gloucester road [cester road 

Libby Frank E., farmer, b. Abram Libby's, New Glou- 
Libby Frank N., clerk, 62 Spring, h. 218 Summer 
Libby Fred E., carpenter, house 52 Summer 


Libby George A., farmer, bds. Abram Libby's, New 

Gloucester road 
Libby George J., farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., So. Auburn 
Libby Gershom C., farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., So. Auburn 
Libby Harriet M., widow of Simou, h. 348 Turner 
Libby John, shoemaker, house 24 Goff 
Libby John Nelson, b. C. W.Wallace's, Jordan school rd. 
Libbv Joseph B., stoue mason, bds. Abram Libby's, New 

Gloucester road 
Libby Justin F., farmer, b. Wm. T. Libby's, cross road 
Libby Lewis F., carpenter, house 29 Manley 
Libby Louvilie J., shoe sole cutter, h. 24 Goff 
Libby Marie de Anguera, music teacher, 24 Goff, h. do. 
Libby Martha A., widow of Roswell, h. 72 Pleasant 
Libby Millard F., farmer, bds. A. Libby's, off South 

River road 
Libby Moses H., farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., So. Auburn 
Libby Moses L., farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., So. Auburn 
Libby Orrin S., farmer, h. So. River rd., bey. Crockett 

Libby Sumner E., farmer, bds. Orrin S. Libby's, South 

River road 
Libby Theophilus, shoemaker, house 236 Seventh 
Libby Thomas, shoemaker, rms. 148 Spring 
Libby Warren L., section hand (Lewiston), h. 41 Dunn 
Libby William E., carpenter, bds. 66 Cook 
Libby William H., burnisher, 22 Railroad, house 10 Pearl 
Libby AVilliam H. F., bds. 103 Centre 
Libby William M., farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., So. Auburn 
Libby William T., farmer, h. Jordan school road, South 

Libby W. P^llsworth, wood, 11 Third, bds. 41 Dunn 
Lincoln Abbie O. Miss, boxmaker, bds. 280 Main 
Lincoln George H. Mrs., house 280 Main 
Lincoln Georgie M. Miss, boxmaker, bds. 280 Main 
Liudsey Charles P., farmer, h. Park av., near Lake 
Linnehan Cornelius, laborer, house 77 Second 
Liuuell Newell, farmer, h. S. River rd., u. Durham line 
Liuscott Albert H., shoemaker, h. 83 Hampshire 
Linscott Willard (Monroes, Packard & Linscott), shoe 

mnfr., Spring st. extension, h. 87 Spring 
Linton James R., weaver, bds. 30 Fifth 
Linton Mary J., widow, house 30 Fifth 
Litchfield Charles J., painter, 118 Turner, h. 144 do. 
Litchfield I. May Miss, rooms 90 Pleasant [Turner 

Litchfield J. Herbert, paymaster, 209 Court, boards 364 
Litchfield William H., shoe laster, h. 11 Manley 
Litchfield \\ illiam H., Jr., edge setter, bds. 11 Manlev 

ER CO., ollice 81 Main, A. M. Pulsifer treas. (see 
page 349) 

auburn [L] directory 429 

Little Frances C. Miss, boards 249 Main 

Little George, bookkeeper (Lewiston), bds. William W. 

Carman's, Fairview av. 
Little Henry, bookkeeper, bds. Park House 
Little Horace (Auburn Paper Box Co.), 16 Mechanics 

row, h. 272 Main 
Little Lucy, widow of Edward T., h. 272 Main 
Little Mary S. Mrs., house 40 High 
Little Susie M., widow of Edward A., h. 243 Main 
Littlefield Albion R., shoemaker, h. 420 Court 
Littlefield Calvin, farmer, h. Marstoc's Cor., So. Auburn 
Littlefield Charles, farmer, h. Marstons Corner, So. Au- 
Littlefield Clarence D., milkman, bds. Mrs. P. A. Little- 
field's, Stevens Mill rd. 
Littlefield James B. (Littlefield & Gove), grocer, 186 

Main, h. 1 Drummond 
Littlefield Joshua, farmer, h. Minot rd., n. Haskell 

Littlefield Josiah W., farmer, h. 350 Minot avenue 
Littlefield J. Calvin G., farmer, house on road from Dan- 
ville Corner to Marstons Corner. 
Littlefield Laura, widow of Thomas, h. 9 Hampshire 
Littlefield Mark, sale stable, 105 Hampshire, b. do. 
Littlefield Martha F. Mrs., house 220 Main 
Littlefield Perley H., sole leather cutter, h. Minot rd., 

near Haskell's corner 

Littlefield Phebe A., widow of Lewis, h. Stevens Mill rd., 

n. West Minot road [shire 

Littlefield Rachel, teacher, Webster school, h. 9 Hamp- 

Littlefield William E., butcher, h. Marstons Corner, South 

Littlefield & Gove (James B. Littlefield and Clarence U. 

Gove), groceries and provisions, 186 Main 
Locke Alauson H., carpenter, h. next school house, W. 

Locke Chester W., shoe trimmer, h. 54 High 
Locke Everett G., bookkeeper, "Gazette", 4 Court 
Locke Irving B. shoemaker, h. 29 Summer 
Lombard George E., carpenter, bds. 58 Goff: 
Lombard Maria, widow of Isaac C, h. 258 Court 
Lombard Mary E., widow of Ansel L., bds. 58 Goff 
Lombard Thurston M., fruit grower, h. 251 Minot av. 
Lombard Winnie F. Miss, shoe dresser, rms. 262 Main 
Long John, shoemaker, rms. 1 Drummond 
Longley Henry W., section hand (Lewiston), h. 86 Sixth 
Lord Leslie M., clerk, First Nat'l. Bank, 78 Main, bds. 

404 Turner 
Lord Lorenzo F., shoemaker, h. cross road, from South 

River road to Danville road 
Lord Louville G., blacksmith (Lewiston), h. 404 Turner 


Lord Nathan B., teamster, 209 Court, h. 9 Willow 

Lord William F., foreman, cutting room, 209 Court, h. 21 

Loring David R., farmer, h. 37 Loring av e. 
Loriog Edward A., shoe cutter, h. 103 Spring 
Loring Isaac N., shoemaker, house 253 Turner 
Lothrop Albert H., painter, h. 105 First 
Lothrop Charles, shoemaker, house 128 Spring 
Lothrop Charles A., painter, h. 105 First 
Lothrop Edward, cigar maker, bds. 105 First 
Lothrop Elias A., shoemaker, h. 9 Gamage ave. 
Lothrop Ernest, shoemaker, h. 5 Temple 
Lothrop George R., foreman, bottoming room, Mud roes, 

Packard & LiDSCott, h. 1G5 Main 
Lothrop Herman L., mailing cLerk, P. O., bds. 165 Main 
Lothrop William, overseer, weaving, Barker Mill, house 

14 Barker 
Lovejoy Betsey, widow of John A., h. Turner road 
Lovejoy Charles, shoemaker, bds. 46 Whitney 
Lovejoy Charles H., shoemaker, h. 46 Whitney 
Lovejoy George W., shoemaker, house 22 Whitney 
Lovejoy Harriett A., widow of Leonard R., h. 68 Drum- 


LOVEJOY STEPHEN H., blacksmith, and horse 
shoer, 5 Knight, h. 68 Drummond (see page 580) 
Lovejoy Warren, farmer, house off Range road 
Lovering Delphiua, widow of Prescott, house Perkins 

Ridge road 
Lowe Walter, machinist, bds. 21 Third 
Lowe Wilford J., grocer, 415 Court, h. 413 do. fA. 

Lowell Charles G., farmer, h. cross rd., off River rd., E. 
Lowell Daniel, farmer, h. cross rd., off River rd., E. A. 
Lowell Dexter, bds. 150 Minot av. 
Lowell Dexter E., wood turner, h. 317 Main 
Lowell Frank L., machinist, 10 Railroad, h. 58 Winter 
Lowell Henry, dry goods (Lewi&ton), h. 2 Laurel av. 
Lowell Horace S., baker, 164 Main, h. 98 Spring 
Lowell James L., farmer, h. cross rd.,off River rd.,E. A. 
Lowell Vesta B., shoe paster, bds. 61 School 
Lowell Winchester G. (Atwood & Lowell), grocer, 220 

Court, h. 84 Goff 
Lucas Charles H., machinist, 146 Main, h. 68 Drummond 
Luce Eleanor C, widow of Orrin, h. 274 Turner 
Luce Flavilla A. Mrs. bookkeeper, 92 Main, h. 53 School 
Luce Fred W., house 276 Turner 
Luce George M., blacksmith, h. 118 High 
Luce H. Jennie Mrs., house oG Pleasant 
Ludden William, law student, 81 Main 
Lufkin Bertram!, cai driver, h. 58 Fourth 
Lufkiu Samuel, watchman, 22 Railroad, h. 144 First 


Lumbard Frank, shoemaker, house Old Hotel road, Mars- 
tons Corner [3 Court 
Lundberg Charles A., carriage trimmer, 118 Turner, rms. 
Lunt Delia, widow, bds. 6 Grove 
Lunt Fannie A. Mrs., boards 13 So. Goff 
Lunt George F., box maker, h. 204 Cook 
Lunt William H., baker, 71 Court, h. 114 Court 
Luques Orlando, foreman, M. C. R. R. round house (Lew- 

iston), house 155 Spring 
Lurvey Adelbert F., dry plate maker, h. 22 Highland 
Lyford Blanche T., shoe stamper, rms. 8 Spring 
Lyford Harry P., brakeman, M. C. R. C, rms. 48 Spring 
Lyford J. S., rooms 68 High 

Lyford Lillian P2., shoe factory employee, rms. 8 SpriDg 
Lynch Ellen, widow of Patrick, bds. 19 Newbury 
Lynn William, shoemaker, rooms 118 High 
Lyon Elmer B., shoemaker, bds. 70 Union 
Lyon George W., shoemaker, house 70 Union 
Lyons Patrick, laborer, bds. 24 South 
Lvseth Charles E., shoemaker, bds. P. Lvseth's, Stevens 
Mills [Mills 

Lyseth George L., shoemaker, bds. P. Lyseth's, Stevens 
Lvseth Millard C, bds. P. Lyseth's, Stevens Mill road 
Lyseth Patrick, farmer, house Stevens Mills road, next 
school house 

MACE ALBERT E., shoemaker, bds. George F. Shaw's, 

Spring st. extension 
Mace William E., clerk, 209 Court, h. 8 Holly 
Macomber AzelO., shoemaker, bds. 25^ Turner 
Macomber Eugene W., shoemaker, h. 7 Mauley 
Macomber Leonard H., shoemaker, bds. 257 Turner 
Macomber Oliver R., carpenter, h. 257 Turner 
Macomber Solon,* grocer, 203 Turner, h. 92 Pleasant 
Madden Patrick, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Maddox Charles, polisher, Auburn Stove Foundry Co., 

bds. 335 Minot avenue 
Mahen Joseph, weaver, bds. 29 Broad 
Mahen Eugene, operative, h. 5 So. Main 
Mahonev John J., compositor, 88 Main, b. at Lewiston 

Milton F. Ricker, manager (see front cover) 
Railroad, next to Court, freight depot, Railroad, 
next Drummond (see p. 594) 
Maine Hotel, Chas. H. Anderson, prop., 133 Main 
Maloney Elizabeth Mrs., house 10 Third 
Maloon George H., overseer, picking room, Barker Mill, 

house 63 Newbury 
Maloon George H., Jr., shoemaker, bds. 63 Newbury 
Maloon Guy P., boards 113 Seventh 


Mm loon William, carpenter, h. 113 Seventh 

Maney Ellen, ring spinner (Lewiston), bds. 5 Pleasant 

Maney James A., switchman, M. C. R. R., h. 24 South 

Maney Mary Miss, milliner (Lewiston), bds. 5 Pleasant 

Maney Matthew, mule spinner (Lewiston), b. 5 Pleasant 

Maney Morris, laborer, house 5 Pleasant 

Maney Patrick, teamster, bds. 5 Pleasant 

Maney Thomas, shoemaker, bds. 5 Pleasant 

Manley Abel F., shoemaker, 311 Turner, h. 313 do. 

Manley Clarence V., farmer, bds. Seth Manley's, Lake 

Manley Frank P., musician, h. 212 Turner 

Manley Fred P., shoemaker, h. 33 School 

Manley Lydia T., widow of James, bds. 212 Turner 

Manley Moses P., farmer, house off Old Hotel road, near 

Minot avenue 
Manlev Seldon D., farmer, house Mt. Auburn ave. 
Manley Seth, farmer, h. Lake, n. Old Hotel road 
Manley Stephen B., teamster, 277 Turner, h. do. 
Manley Stillman, shoemaker, h. 229 Turner 
Mann Bernard, dry plate maker( Lewiston), rms. 206 Main 
Mann Eben, Jr.., house 47 Manley 
Mann Hattie. shoe seam closer, rins. 3 Pleasant 
Mann Jacob J., house 5 Bearce 
Mann Ulysses M., shoe cutter, bds. 47 Manley 
Manning Mary Mrs., house 91 Second 
Manning William, laborer, house 91 Second 
Mara Robert, card grinder, house 100 Second 
Marcous Stanislaus, grocer (Lewiston), h. 53 Third 
Marquis Daniel B., carpenter, house 26 Granite 
Marsden Thomas, loom fixer (Lewiston), h. 32 Cook 
Marshall Henry L., engineer (Lewiston), h. 138 Pleasant 
Marshall Porter G., sole leather inspector, h. 78 Court 
Marshall Thomas H., shoemaker, h. 143 Union 
Marshall William G, hairdresser, 41 Court, h. 12 Temple 
Marshall William T., stone mason, h. 11 Granite 
Marston B. Porter, farmer, h. off Old Hotel road 
Marston Edgar C, baggage master, Lewiston junc.,G.T. 

R., house at Poland 
Marston G. Ellis (Marston & Co.), truckman 35 Union, 
boards do. [house do. 

Marston N. Clark (Marston & Co.), truckman, 35 Union, 
Marston Roby G., clerk, Revere House, bds. do. 
Marston Wilda Miss, rooms 90 Pleasant 
Marston William, carpenter, rms. 31 School 
Marston William A., shoemaker, bds. 35 Union 
Marston & Co. (N. Clark and G. Ellis Marston), truck- 
man, 35 Union 
Marston Albert H., farmer, h. off Minot road 
Martin Andrew J., farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road 
Martin Charles V. (Merrow Bros. & Co.), beef 38 First, 

house 141 Hampshire 
Martin Edwin M., fruit, etc., 9 Turner, h. 13 High 


Martin Eleanor, widow, house Old Hotel road, Maustons 

Corner [Marstons Corner 

Martin Fessenden F., peddler, house Old Hotel rd., near 
Martin Frauk, farmer, house Stnrgis road 
Martin George P. (O. Holway & Co.), wholesale grain, 

19 School, house 160 Pleasant 
Martin James L., farmer, h. Stnrgis road, Beach Hill 
Martin Jarius, farmer, h. Marstons Corner 
Martin Lewis F., laborer, b. Fessenden F. Martin's, Old 

Hotel road 
Martineau Louis, blacksmith, 31 Second, h. 29 do. 
Marvel Martha, widow, bds. 129 Spring 
Marvel Walter, at upper station, M. C. R. R., depot(Lew- 

iston), boards 66 Spring 
Marvell Charles E., machinist, h, 226 Minot ave. 
Mason Ernest F., photographer, (Lewiston), house 34 

Mason Frauk, box maker, Court, house 69 James 
Mason Jennie P., shoe vamper, rooms 1 Oak 
Mason Lucy A., widow of Charles, h. 134 So. Main 
Mason Meilie A., shoe folder, rooms 1 Oak 
Mason Royal M. (Foss, Packard & Co.), boot and shoe 

mnfr., 117 Main, house 34 Pleasant 
Mason Lovina, boarding house, 32 Pine 
Maxwell Clarence F., shoemaker, rooms 3 Pleasant 
Maxwell George H., shoemaker, house 66 Cook 
Maxwell George W., shoemaker, h. 72 Pleasant 
Maxwell George W., shoecutter, h. 506 Court 
Maxwell James, farmer, house cross road, near Rowes 

Corner, South Auburn 
Maxwell James L., shoemaker, bds. 58 Court 
Maxwell Llewellyn, chief of police, h. 58 Court 
Maxwell Louisa, shoe dresser, bds. 37 Goff 
Maxwell Oliver H., brick mason, h. 21 Mauley 
Maxwell Susan Miss, boards 133 Hampshire 
May John W\, lawyer (Lewistou), h. 9 Laurel ave. 
Mayberry Eugene, shoemaker, rooms 90 Court 
Mayberry Herbert M., shoemaker, h. 427 Court 
Mayberry Job B., section hand, h. 45 Broad 
Mayberry Thomas N., truckman, h. Minot avenue, near 

West Minot road 
Mayhew Edward C, shoemaker, bds. 27 High 
Mayo Horatio M., blacksmith, h. 238 Minot ave. 
Mayo James, mill operative, h. 5 So. Main 
Mayo Thomas Mrs., housekeeper, 37 Loring avenue 
Mayo W. C, trav. salesman, 26 Main, h. at Lewiston 
McAllister Alphonso E., carder, bds. 57 Fifth 
McAllister Augustus J., cloth finisher, h. 57 Fifth 
McAlpine Jennie, widow, rooms 10 Drummond 
McBane James C, switchman, G. T. R., boards Clark 

Dunlap's, Danville junction 


McCallum William J., bookkeeper, 0. Holway & Co., 

19 School, house 11 Oak 
McCann George E.( McCann & Verrill), lawyer and notary 

68 Main, boards 256 do. 

McCAXX & VERRILL (George E. McCann and 
Albert E. Verrill), lawyers, G8 Main (see p. 584) 
McCarthy Jere. L., mill operative, bds. 6 Main 
McCarthy Jeremiah, city laborer, bds. 6 Main 
McCarthy Jeremiah, 2d, city laborer, h. 61 Sixth 
McCarthy Jeremiah J., laborer, h. 50 First 
McCarthy John, shoemaker, b. Sixth, cor. Pulsifer 
McCarthy Michael, city laborer, h. Sixth, cor. Pulsifer 
McCarthy Michael, hostler, 143 Main, house do. 
McCarthy Michael T., hostler, h. 317 Main 
McCarty Catherine, widow of Jeremiah, h. 6 Newbury 
McCarty Charles. C, harness cleaner, 62 Turner, rms. do. 
McCarty Charles F., clerk, 49 Hampshire, h. 6 Newbury 
McCarty Charles, laborer, boards 23 Newbury 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, house 35 Newbury 
McCarty Elizabeth, widow, house 12 Pulsifer 
McCarty Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 24 Newbury 
McCarty Jeremiah, dyer (Lewiston), h. 28 Newbury 
McCarty Jeremiah, laster, boards 35 Newbury 
McCarty John J., weaver (Lewiston), h. 32 Newbury 
McCarty John M., marble worker, bds. 13 Knight 
McCarty Michael A., marble worker, 4Court,h.l3 Knight 
McCaity Timcthy, house 23 Newbury 
McCausland Donald, laborer, house Old Danville road, 

beyond Railroad 
McCausland G-eorge, shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
McCormick Edward, weaver, bds. 17 Pulsifer 
McCormick Margaret Mrs., house 17 Pulsifer 
McCurda Alonzo B., shoemaker, h. 110 Washington 
McCurda Orlando, valise maker, b. 110 Washington 
McDonald Sarah, widow of Alexander, h. 82 Sixth 
McElroy Manzor A., horseshoer, 143 Turner, boards 

Hampshire House 
McFarland Elmer, truckman (Lewiston). h. 41 Cook 
McFadden George W., general agent, Auburn Stove 

Foundry Co., High, at M. C. R. R. crossing, house 

31 First avenue 
McFarland Eugene A., shoemaker, h. 13 Bearce 
McGibbon George F., foreman, finishing room, 172 Main, 

house at Lewiston [Bridge 

McGibbon Joseph K., shoemaker, h. Dennison, next the 
McGibbon Lizzie Mrs., forewoman, stitching, 172 Main, 

house at Lewiston 
McGregor Archibald, slasher tender (Lewiston), bouse 

21 Broad [371 Main 

McGregor John, shipping clerk (Lewiston Mill), house 
Mclntire Elizabeth Mrs., house 77 Second 


Mclntire Eunice H., widow of Henry, h. 30 Fifth 
Mclntire Laura E. Miss, teacher, Edward Little High 

school, boards. 117 Spring 
Mclntire Rose A., widow of Obed W., h. 117 Spring 
Mclntire Walter H., laborer, bds. 30 Fifth 
Mclntire Wesley, carpenter, bds. 30 Fifth 
Mcintosh Joseph B., truckman, 28 Pine, h. do. 
Mcintosh J. Henry, tug boat captain, b. 9 Drummond ct. 
Mcintosh Newell, shoemaker, bds. 28 Pine 
Mcintosh Robert A., shoemaker, b. Revere House 
McKay John, shoemaker, house 15 Walnut 
McKenna Alexander, carriage washer, 149 Main, boards 

Maine Hotel 
McKenney Albert, farmer, boards I. V. McKenney's, 

Fairview avenue 
McKenney Charles A., mason, h. 81 Winter 
McKenney Charles A., shoemaker, h. 206 Main 
McKenney Charles D., farmer, house Minot road, Little- 
field's Corner 
McKenney Chas. E., shoemaker, 95 Main, h.112 Summer 
McKenney Charles L., shoe cutter, h. 1 damage ave. 
McKenney Charles P., house Danville junction 
McKenney Clifton, shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
McKenney Dana, shoemaker, bds. 180 Court 
McKenney E. Franklin, farmer, h. West Auburn 
McKenney Georgia W. Mrs., card clothing and belt maker, 

78 Ninth, house do. 
McKenney Isaiah V*., farmer, h. Fairview avenue 
McKenney James H., advertising agent, 68 Court, house 

21 Spring 
McKenney John, farmer, b. Chas. D. McKenney's, Minot 
road [Minot road 

McKenney Lester, shoemaker, b. Charles D. McKenney Is 
McKennev Lewis, farmer, house cross road, off Old Ho- 
tel road [T. R. 
McKenuey Mathias V., farmer, h. Old Hotel rd., next G. 
McKennev Mont, shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
McKenney Nancy O., widow, bds. 112 Summer 
McKenney Nellie G. Miss, boards 206 Main 
McKenney Thomas M., mason, h. 19 Coo* 
McKenney William A., mason h. 78 Ninth 
McKennev William B , h.Old Danville rd..bey.Loring av. 
McKinnon Joseph A., boots and shoes, 138 Main, house 

24 South Main 
McLaughlin Cora Miss, rms. 144 Spring 
McMurray John G., foreman, 209 Court, h. 61 Mauley 
McNamara Patrick J., dyer (Lewiston), h. 41 Fifth 
MSherry John, station baggage master, G. T. R. (Lew- 
iston), house 10 First 
McSherry Patrick, baggage master, G. T. R. depot, bds. 
Park House 



McVay Mary A. Mrs., house 17 Second 

McWalter Marv Airs., boarding: house, 32 Main, h. do. 

MCWAL.TERS GEORGE C, cabinet maker and 
upholsterer, 158 Main, opp.Ins,Co.'s.) 
McWilliairi8 Richard, stone mason, house 39 First 
Meagher Thomas, laborer, b. Charles Thurston's, Dan- 
ville junction 
Means Frank ()., groom, rear 239 Minot av., rms. do. 
.1*1 treas., 79 Main (seep. 495) 
Melcher Arthur S., boots and shoes (Lewiston), house 

23 Drummond 
Melcher Herbert L., trav. salesman, bds. 32 Manlev 
Melcher Nathaniel, trav. salesman (Boston), h.32 Mauley 
Melcher Walter L., clerk, 174 Court, bds. 32 Mauley 
Mendall Mary A. Miss, rms. 90 Pleasaut 
Mendelson Albert, dry goods, 23 Broad, h. do. 
Merrill Albert L., shoemaker, house 490 Court 
Merrill Arthur C, b. Daniel C. Merrill's, Elm, E. Auburn 
Merrill Bradbury, farmer, b. Stephen Merrill's, Old Hotel 

Merrill Charles Alphonso, carpenter, house 22 Vernon 
Merrill Charles A., farmer, house 478 Court 
Merrill Charles E., letter carrier, bds. 16 Chestnut 
Merrill Charles S., foreman, bottoming, 156 Main, house 

277 Turner 
Merrill Daniel C, shoemaker, bds. 32 Pine 
Merrill Daniel C, shoemaker, house Elm, East Auburn 
Merrill Dennis D. (Davis & Merrill), laundry, 92 Court, 

house do. 
Merrill Edmund K., farmer, h. Danville Corner rd., near 

Pownal road 
Merrill Frank J., shoemaker, h. 102 Spring 
M*ei'iill George, farmer, house Miiiot rd.,n. Wileombs Cor. 
Merrill George H., milkman, bds. 514 Court 
Merrill George H., shoe treer, house 20 Manlev 
Merrill George W., shoemaker, house 143 Pleasant 
Merrill Harry, student, bds. 152 Court 
Merrill Harvey \V., director, Ara Cushmau Co., shoe 

mnfrs., 209 Court, house 13 GorT 
Merrill Horace C, shoemaker, house 132 Lake 
Merrill Ida Mrs., rms. 10 Drummond 

Merrill living L., bookkeeper, H.H.Gurney, h. W.Auburn 
MerrillJohn II. (Merrill & Webber), printer, 88 Main, 

house at Lewiston 
Merrill John L. (Richards & Merrill) (Lewiston), house 

42 Elm 
MerrillJohn P., groceries and provisions, 64 Court, house 

236 Main 
Merrill Joseph H., laborer, house Pleasant, West Auburn 


Merrill Josiah A., foreman, sole leather room, Pray- 

Small Co., h. at Mechanics Falls 
Merrill J. Henry, fanner, house 514 Court 
Merrill Katie H. Miss, teacher (Gardner) ,b.l9 Coring av. 
Merrill Lucius, carpenter, house 88 Lake 
Merrill Major, farmer, house Old Hotel road [do. 

Merrill Mary A. Mrs., dressmaker, Elm, East Auburn, h. 
Merrill Mercy, widow, bds. 15 Temple 
Merrill Rotheus W., foreman, packing room, 209 Court, 

house 498 do. 
Merrill Samuel F., pres., Auburn Drug and Chemical 

Co., 68 Court and Auburn Trust Co., 33 do., and 

treas., Ara Cushman Co., 209 Court, house 239 do. 
Merrill Samuel P., carpenter, house 19 Lorinor av. 
Merrill Sarah J. Mrs., dressmaker, 42 Union, house do. 
Merrill Sidney S., section hand, house 104 Second 
Merrill Stephen S., farmer, house Old Hotel road 
Merrill Sumner S., shoemaker, house 5 Maple 
Merrill Thirse E. Miss, teacher, Franklin primary school, 

bds. 498 Court 

MERRILL & WEBBER (John H. Merrill and 
John R. Webber), printers, 88 Main (see p. 587) 
Merriman William J. R., baggage master, G. T. R., Dan- 

uille junction, h. near do. 
Merritt Alice C, bookkeeper, 100 Main, bds. 28 Vine 
Merritt John N., trader, house 28 Vine 
Merrow Art L. (Merrow Bros. & Co.). beef, 38 First, h. 

Old Hotel road, near Littlefield's Corner 
Merrow Brothers & Co. (Art L. and Mark H. Merrill and 

Charles V. Martin), beef com. merchants, 38 First 
Merrow Charles L., farmer, bds. Lewis T. Merrow's, near 

Littlefield's Corner 
Merrow Emily B., widow of Eliphalet W., h. Old Hotel 

road, near Littlefield's Corner 
Merrow Frank D., stock buyer, 15 School, h. 228 Turner 
Merrow George, farmer, house on road from Haskells 

Corner to Minot [Corner 

Merrow Hiram H., farmer, b. Thomas Merrow's, Haskells 
Merrow Horace C, mill operative (Lewiston), house 45 

Merrow Lewis T., farmer, Merrow rd., n. Littlefields Cor. 
Merrow Mark H. (Merrow Bros. & Co.), beef. 38 First, 

house 78 Dunn 
Merrow Orrin B., farmer and butcher, h. off Old Hotel 

road, Littlefield's Corner 
Merrow Thomas, farmer, h. Haskells Corner 
Metcalf Anna Miss, house 255 Main [h. do. 

Metcalf Benjamin F., shoemaker and teamster, 16 Laurel, 
Metcalf Charles L., shoemaker, h. 85 Academy 
Metcalf Cyrus E., shoemaker, house Oak, East Auburn 
Metcalf Jennie M. Miss, rms. 255 Main 


Metcalf Lewis J., box maker, bds. 69 James 

Michaud Fred, pressman, 88 Main, h. at Levviston 

Michaud John, operative, h. 8 Pulsifer 

]\Iiller Addison A., ins. agent, house 58 Goff 

Miller Alfred W. (I. N. Haskell & Co.), grocer, 2 Third, 

house 364 Main 
Miller Alonzo Q. (Miller & Owen), insurance, 34 Court, 

bouse 109 Broad 
Miller Carrie A. Miss, bds. 364 Main 
Miller Carrie E., bookkeeper, 81 Main, rm. 7, boards at 

Lew is ton 
Miller Frank W., clerk, 2 Third, h. 132 First 
Miller Fred D., letter carrier, house 254 Turner 
Miller John E., trav. salesman, 158 Main, house 29 Sec- 
ond avenue 
Miller MeClellan B., carriage maker, 118 Turner, boards 

36 Winter 
Miller Oscar V., shoemaker, h. Centre, bey. Cross 
Miller Seabury A., carriage maker, h. 36 Winter 
Miller Seth P.", leather, 140 Main, house 193 do. 
Miller William A., McKay operator, h. 48 Spring 
Miller William H. J., stable, house 5 Goff 
Miller William M., hairdresser. 14 Court, h. 69 Spring 

MILLER & OWEN (Alonzo Q. Miller and Robert 
M. Owen), insurance, 3 Goff block, 34 Court (see 
page 6) 
Millett Adelbert, physician (Searsmont).b. 88 Drummond 
Millett Augie M. Miss, boards 88 Drummond 
Millett Asa R. (Dresser & Millett), groceries and provis- 
ions, 40 Main, h. at Lewiston 
Millett Betsey Miss, house West Auburn 
Millett Calvin, house 145 Hampshire 
Millett Frank E., shoemaker, bds. 145 Hampshire 
Millett John W., shoemaker, rms. 143 Pleasant 
Millett Lois P., widow of Win., huuse West Auburn 
Millett Martha A., widow of Israel, h. 88 Drummond 
Millett Moses E., carpenter, h. Perkins Ridge rd., W. A. 
Mills Elmer, shoemaker, rms. 196 Main 
Mills Ezra C, prop., Hampshire House, 51 Hampshire, 
and second hand, Bates Mnfg. Co. (Lewiston), h. 
Povvnal road, So. Auburn 
Mills Guy, farmer, bds. S. J. Mills', Perkins Ridge rd. 
Mills Jay, farmer, bds. S. J. Mills', Perkins Ridge rd. 
Mills Lee, shoemaker, house 20 Mauley 
Mills Samuel Johnson, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge rd. 
Minahan Charles, laborer, h. 75 Newbury 
Minahan Patrick, house 57 Newbury 
Minahan Patrick, laborer, house 6 Main 
Minnehan Jeremiah E., clerk, 27 Broad, b. 28 First 
Minnehan Patrick, operative, bds. 28 First 
Minnehan Peter, laborer, house 28 First 

auburn' []\I] directors 439 

Mitchell Allie, farm hand, b. C. H. Record's, Dillingham 

Mitchell Archibald, carpenter, bds. 225 Summer 
Mitchell Beujamin, constable, house 61 Gofi° 
Mitchell Benjamin F., Jr., carpenter, h. 132 Summer 
Mitchell Caroline, widow of Wm., h. 114 Hampshire 
Mitchell Charles B., law student, 34 Court, room 2, bds. 

Hampshire House 
Mitchell Clark, shoemaker, 71 Main, h. 135 Pleasant 
Mitchell Frank G., farmer, house cross road, from Minot 

avenue to Littlefields Corner 
Mitchell George E., shoemaker, 117 Main, h. 7 Summit 
Mitchell Harry C, shoemaker, h. 104 Court 
Mitchell Isaiah, clerk, 54 Union, h. 110 Hampshire 
Mitchell James E.. clerk, 209 Court 
Mitchell Jeremiah YV\, judge, Municipal Court and lawyer, 

34 Court, rra. 2, house 23 Spring 
Mitchell John W., shoemaker, bds. 110 Hampshire 
Mitchell Joseph, blacksmith, 42 Second, h. at Lewiston 
Mitchell Joseph, hostler, 149 Main, bds. at Lewiston 
Mitchell Rufus P., market gardener, h. 157 Whitney 
Mitchell Thomas P., house 155 Summer 
Mitchell Wallace, shoemaker (Lewiston), h. 67 Pleasant 
Mitchell William G-., shoemaker, rooms 62 Goff 
Mitchell William S., shoemaker, b. 114 Hampshire 
Mixer Frank D., carpenter, house West Auburn [Corner 
Mixer Frank S., laborer, bds. W. L. Mixer's, Wilcombs 
Mixer Fred L., shoemaker, house 8 Chestnut 
Mixer William L., farmer, h. Wilcombs Corner, W. A. 
Mobbs Charles, steam fitter (Lewiston), b. 56 Pleasant 
Monk Alouzo I., shoemaker, bds. 165 Main 
Monk Fred M., shoe cutter, h. 115 Hampshire 
Monk Winslow S., shoe stock sorter, h. 12 Oak 
Montana Stephen, laborer, house 21 Broad 
Monteith John, section hand, house 7 First 
Moody Anthony B., farmer, house cross road, from 

Rowes Corner, South Auburn 
Moody Charles H. (Moody & Moulton), boots and shoes, 

74 Main, house at Turner 
Moody Elroy, section hand (Lewiston), h. 136 Seventh 
Moody Harriet E. Miss, 74 Main 
Moody John C, laborer, house 86 Broad 
Moody John F., principal, PMward Little High school, 

rooms 20 Elm 
Moody Nathaniel, lineman, L. & A. Electric L. Co., h. 

at Lewiston 
Moody William F.* (Moody & Moulton), boots and shoes, 

74 Main, rooms 133 Court 
Moody & Moulton (William F. and Charles H. Moody 

and Albion W. Moulton), boots and shoes and mens' 

furnishing goods, 74 Main 


Mooney Florilla P. Mrs., boarding house, 31 Pulsifer 

Moore Abbie, widow, bouse 41 Main 

Moore Albert C, carpenter, h. 17 South 

Moore Ann J., widow of Joseph, h. Old Danville road, 

beyond the cemetery 
Moore C. Josie, widow of Herbert, rms. 254 Court 
Moore Eliza J. Miss, rms. 280 Court 
Moore Fred C. clerk (Lewiston). b. 159 Pleasant 
Moore George W., shoemaker, house 20 River road 
Moore Irving, farmer, boards Mrs. A. J. Moore's, Old 

Danville road 
Moore James II., farmer, h. River rd., bey. the cemetery, 

East Auburn 
Moore Joseph, farmer, boards Mrs. A. J. Moore's, Old 

Danville road 
Moore Lester P., farmer, b. J. H. Moore's, River rd. 
Moore Louena Mrs., foreman of stitchers, 31 Troy, bds. 

246 Court 
Moore Oscar C, belt maker (Lewiston), h. 24G Court 
Moore Robert, farmer, h. off Poland road, near Lewiston 

Moore, see Mower 
Morgan Ella M. Mrs., b. 86 Manley 
Morgan Eugenia Mrs., shoe folder, h. 18 Temple 
Morgan George, laborer, bds. 17 Temple 
Morgan George \V., farmer, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Morgan Howard E., carpenter, house 371 Main 
Morin John, brick maker, h. Danville junction 
Morin Prudent, laborer, h. 37 Third 
IMorrell George W., glazier (Lewiston), h. 25 Whitney 
Morrill Alouzo F., farmer, h. Turner road, East Auburn, 

next Baptist Church 
Morrill Charles(Burnham & Morrill), corn canner, 74 

French, house at Portland 
Monill Charles B., second hand(Lewiston),h.l34 Second 
Morrill Dennis N., blacksmith, 260 Minotave., house 37 

Morrill Esther, widow of Daniel B., house Turner road, 

East Auburn 
Morrill Frank E., farmer, h. Turner rd., East Auburn 
Morrill Frank W., farmer, h. Turner road, East Auburn, 

next Baptist Church 
Morrill Ira, shoemaker, bds. 37 Academy 
Morrill John A.(N.& J. A. Morrill), attorney and notary, 

76 Main, bds. 1 Prospect 
Morrill John W., house Lake Auburn rd. 
Morrill Joseph D., shoemaker, 22 Railroad, h. 24 Charles 
Morrill Mary G. Mrs., bds. Riverside House 
Morrill Nahum(N. & J. A. Morrill), attorney, 76 Main, 
house 1 Prospect 


Morrill N. & J. A. (Nahum and John A. Morrill), attor- 
neys and eounselors-at-law, 76 Main 
Morris Simon, junk collector, h. 26 So. Main 
Morrison Alpha L., shoemaker, house Minot ave., bev. 

West Minot road 
Morrison Benjamin, shoe cutter, house Minot avenue, near 

West Minot road 
Morrison Caroline L. Mrs., forewoman of stitchers, Mun- 

roes, Packard & Linscott, house 33 Pleasant 
Morrison Ira Q., shoemaker, house Minot av., near West 

Minot road 
Morrison Isaac I., shoemaker, house Minot avenue, near 

West Minot road 
Morrison Phillip F., rooms 70 Drummond 
Morse Charles E., secy., John F. Cobb Shoe Co., rear 95 

Main, house 111 Pleasant 
Morse Eliz i A., widow of Richard D., h. 114 Hampshire 
Morse George S., carpenter, bds. 40 Troy 
Morse Howard, clerk, house 296 Main 
Morse Jennie M. Mrs., shoe stitcher, rms. 63 Court 
Morse John D., shoemaker, house 110 Hampshire 
Morse Lavator O., clerk, 60 Court, house 69 Spring 

MORSE MARK, paper box mnfr., 28 Railroad h. 
57 First ave. (see page 502) 
Morse Mary E., widow of Charles, bds. 78 James 
Morse Mary J. Mrs., boarding house, 182 and 184 Main 
Morse Moses M., engineer, 26 Main, house 40 Main 
Moise N. J., trav, salesman ( Portland ),h. 34 James 
Morse Osgood, farmer, house West Auburn 
Morse Ozro M., laborer, house 9 Loring ave. 
Morse W. J., trav. salesman, house 35 James 
Morton Harry R., shoemaker, house 40 James 
Morton Jasper, house next E. W. Bird's store, N. Auburn 
Moulton Albion W. (Moody & Moulton), boots and shoes, 

74 Main, house 13 High 
Moulton Charles E., carriage trimmer, h. 8 S. Goff 
Moulton Charles H., city teamster, house 50 Union 
Moulton John C, clerk, 178 Court, h. 94 Drummond 
Mower Albion K. P., farmer, h. 515 Court 
Mower Archie D., clerk (Lewiston), bds. 38 Whitney 
Mower Augustus A., hairdresser, Q8 Main, h. 38 Whitney 
Mower Melville W., student, bds. 515 Court 
Mower N. Lincoln, music teaeher(Lewiston),h.407 Turner 
Mower William M., house 77 Union 
Muer Charles, laborer, house 9 First 
Mullaney John F., police, house 55 James 
Mullen Abraham F., shoelaster, rms. 52 Hampshire 
Mullin John, driver, 33 Second, bds. 56 Third 
Municipal Court, 68 Main 

Munroe Charles A., 34 Court, room 3, rooms 68 Pleasant 
Munroe James, house West Auburn 


Munroe James B., house West Auburn 

Munroe Julia A., widow of William, house 31 Union 

Munroe Martha, widow of Noble N.,h. Maple, W. Aubuurn 

Munroe Nathan A., house West Auburn 

Munroe Willard N.(Munroes, Packard & Linscott), shoe 

nnifr., Spring st. extension, house 14 High 
Munroe William F., commission merchant (Lewiston), h. 

29 Whitney 
Munroes, Packard & Linscott (Willard N. Munroe, He- 

liian A. Packard and Willard Linscott, boot and shoe 

mnfrs., Spring st. extension 
Murdock Hammond B., shoe laster, h. 46 Union 
Murphy Cornelius, shoemaker, bds. 20 Newbury 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, house 31 Newbury 
Murphy Dauiel, laborer, bds. 6 Main 
Murphy Jeremiah, shoemaker, bds. 20 Newbury 
Murray Elmer, farmer, bds. Isaac Murray's, New Glou- 
cester road 
Murray Isaac, farmer, house New Glocester road, beyond 

Jordan School 
Murray Oscar, shoemaker, boards George F. Shaw's, 

Spring street extension 
Muzzey Charles P., farmer, h. off West Auburn road 
Myrick Augustus C. Jr., harness maker, 90 Main, boards 

Park House 
Myrick Everett M., ins. solicitor, h. 5 Gamage av. 

NADEAU ALFRED, laborer, house 21 First 

Nadeau Frank, operative, house 16 Pulsifer 

Nadeau George, carpenter, house 19 Third 

Nadeau John, shoemaker, bds. 3 Pulsifer 

Nadeau Onesime, laborer, house 3 Pulsifer 

Nadeau Pierre, operative, house 29 Broad 

Nadeau Theodore, grocer (Lewiston), house 78 Second 

NAPHTHA LAUNDRY, Guild & Sawyer, props., 
carpets cleansed, rear 176 Washington (see p. 578) 
Nash Ann B., wid. of Jacob, h. Cross id., Auburn Plains 
Nash Frank \V\, farmer, h. Turner rd., Auburn Plains 
Nash Fred A., carpenter, b. Mrs. A. B. Nash's, Auburn 

Nason El bridge G., shoemaker, h. 154 Miuot av. 
Nason Uriah A., shoemaker, h. 95 Union 

7 J Main, Everett L. Smith, cashier (sej p ige 495) 
Meal Carrie A. Mrs., book-binder (Lewiston), h. 14 

Laurel av. . 
Neal Frank S., shoemaker, rooms 108 Goff 
Neal Frank &., iron molder, 457 Wash., bds. 38 Jefferson 
Neal Herbert V., teacher (N. Y.J, bds. 14 Laurel avenue 
Neal John H., bookkeeper, 175 Washington, h. 45 Jef- 


Neal Nathaniel M., agent, Auburn Foundry Co., 157 

Washington, house 38 Jefferson 
Nealy Harriet G. Mrs., house 364 Main 
Nelligan Thomas, laborer, h. 2 Newbury 
Nelligan Thomas F., trav. salesman, 101 Main, boards at 

Nelson Charles W., teamster, h. 29 School 
Nelson Edwin J., mill operative, h. 37 Seventh 
Nelson Ellenor R., widow, bds. Daniel W. Prescott's, 

Old Danville road 

NEVENS CHARLES T., carriage mnfr., 118 
Turner, junction Pleasant, h. 92 Pleasant (see p. 6) 
Nevens Frederick H., farmer, bds. Thos. J. Freeman's, off 

Poland road 
Nevens George D., salesman, 118 Turner, rms. 120 High 
Nevens Hattie, widow, h. 12 Manley 
Nevens Rosamond C, widow of Elias M., house 45 

Nevens Samuel, carpenter, house 20 River road 
Nevers Charles E., watch repairer, 173 Main, h. do. 
Nevers True Ernest, boards 173 Main 
Njwcomb Augusta, widow of Frank, rooms 94 Spring 
Newell Edward, shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
Newell Israel, laborer, house 100 Miller 
Newell Lillian Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 206 Maiu 
Neweil Zebulon T., supt., Almshouse, Turner road, h. 

do., E. A. 
Newton Enoch C, pension agent, 19 James, h. do. 
Newton Myron C, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge rd., YV. C. 
Newton Villa Mrs., dressmaker, 58 Turner, h. do. 
Newton Walter A., bds. 41 School [First 

Newton William, piper, Bates Mill (Lewiston), h. 17 
Nicholl Edward T., blacksmith, 113 Turner, bds. 49 Court 
Nichols Charles E., cook, bds. William Ferriault's, River 

Nichols Charles E., shoemaker, bds. 66 Sprino- 
Nichols Frank C, painter, bds. 22 Vernon 
Nichols John, farmer, h. Broad, next bey. old saw mill 
Nichols John, Jr., laborer, h. River road 
Nichols Trull D., tin can maker, bds. 22 Vernon 
Nichols William W., farmer, h. River road 

Nichols, painter, rms, 24 Vine 

Niies Angie, widow r of Joseph, h. 21 Winter 

Niles Burton W., last maker, 34 Railroad, bds. 21 Winter 

Niies Frank, shoe cutter, h. 106 Spring 

Niles Herman H., last maker, 34 Railroad, b. 21 Winter 

Niles John, shoemaker, bds. 180 Court 

Niles Millard P., shoemaker, bds. 21 Winter 

Niles Salmon, W., laborer, h. North Auburn 

Noble Harry W., mill overseer (Lewiston), h. 78 Dunn 

Noble John, sole leather cutter, 117 Main, h. at Lewiston 


Noel George, stone mason, h. 19 Third 

Normand Charles F., carriage maker, 118 Turner, h. at 

Lew is to n 
Norm Frank O., shoe cutter, rms. 217 Main 
Norris Frank B., grocer, 54 Union, house 1 Oak 
Norton Freeman C, painter, h. 57 Fifth 
Norton Helen Mrs., bds. D. H. Leavitt's [ton 

Norton John, box maker, 16 Mechanics row, h. at Lewis- 
Noves Albert II., shoemaker, bds. Geo. F. Shaw's, 

Spring st. exten. 
Noves Eliphalet, stable foreman, r. 239 Minot av., h. do. 
Noyes Frank K., hostler, h. 303 Turner. 
Noves Henry A., shoemaker, h Center, beyond Cross '* 
Noyes John V. Mrs., boards 147 Lake 
Noves Mehitable J., widow of Rufus K., h. 303 Turner 
Noves Nathan W., farmer, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Noves Nellie M. Ashe, dressmaker, 41 Pleasant, h. do. 
Noves William H., farmer, h. Turner road, East Auburn 
Noyes William S., shoemaker, h. 9 Vernon 
Noves Willard A., shoe cutter, house 40 Pleasant 
Nute Albert F., pres., Nute Bros. Shoe Co., 150 Main, 

boards 18 Goff 
Nute Alfred D., supt., 150 Main, h. 35 Pleasant 
Nute Bros. Shoe Co., boots and shoe mnfrs., 150 Main, 

Albert F. Nute pres. 
Nute Mattie F. Miss, boards 114 Seventh 
Nute Nicholas, house 18 Gofr* 
Nute William H., treas. and secy., Nute Bros. Shoe Co., 

150 Main, h. at Lewiston 
Nutter Fred E., farm hand, J. R. Learned's, Old Hotel 

road, h. do. [Manley 

Nutting Arthur H., bookkeeper, O. Holway & Co., h. 87 
Nutting Kittie Mrs., shoe stitcher, h. 56 James 
Nutting Gracia, widow, house 87 Manley 
Nutting John, hostler, bds. Maine Hotel 
Nye J ."Edwin, bookkeeper, 212 Court, house 13 Pleasant 

OAKES E. BELLE MISS, clerk, 81 Main, rm. 7, boards 

60 High 
Oakes Henry W. (Savage & Oakes), lawyer, 81 Main and 

' (Lewiston), house 300 Court 
Oakes Sylvester Mrs., house 60 High 
Oakes Wallace K., physician, 60 High, house do. 
O'Brien Patrick, teamster (Lewiston), h. 58 First 
O'Brion Alton, shoe cutter, h. 151 Court 
O'Brion Lewis h., 151 Court 

O'Connell Anna Mrs., house 134 Spring [ton 

O'Connell Cornelius, salesman, 105 Main, house at Lewis- 
O'Connell Jeremiah J., marble cutter, h. 50 First 
O'Connor John, card grinder, h. 48 Third 
O'Donough Daniel J., mill operative, h. 48 Third 


O'Donongb Mary, widow, h. 48 Third 

Old Ladies Home, Mrs. Vesta A. Spearing, matron, 13 

South Goff 
Oldred James, shipper, 105 Main, bds. at Lewiston 
Olfene Otto H. (Olfene & Holmes), grocer, 179 Main, 

house 224 do. 
Olfene & Holmes (Otto H. Olfene and Oscar F. Holmes), 

grocers, 179 Main 
Oliver George F., carpenter,, house 29 Manley 
Oliver Joseph B., brick maker, h. Danville junction 
O'Neil Charles, operative, bds. 2 Newbury 
O'Neil Daniel, house 16 Third 

O'Neil Nellie Miss, button buttoner, bds. 37 Whitney 
O'Neill John, house 37 Whitney 
Orcutt Elsie S., widow, h. 81 Broad 
Osgood Edward H., heel mnfr., basement 22 Railroad, h. 

° 278 Main 
Osgood Edward S., farmer, h. Dillingham Hill 
Osgood Fred D., shoemaker, bds. 109 Spring 
Osgood George B., clerk, I. Osgood, bds. do.,N. Auburn 
Osgood Isaac, grocer and postmaster, N. Auburn, h. do. 
Osgood Maroy B. Mrs., h. 171 Main 
Otis John F., shoemaker, h. 103 Centre 
Otis John H., gardener, h. 99 Center 

Otis Martha M. Miss, bookkeeper, 156 Main, b.99 Center 
Ouellette Annie, widow, h. 21 Broad 

Ouellette Dorilda Miss, bookkeeper, 2 Third, bds. 15 Second 
Ouellette Edward, laborer, h. 21 Second 
Ouellette John, laborer, h. 29 Broad 
Ouellette Peter, laborer, h. 50 Second 
Ouellette Steven, brickmaker, h. 15 Second 
Owen Charles G., bds. 209 Cook 
Owen Fred K., reporter, Gazette, 4 Court, bds. Revere 

Owen Philip, bds. 109 Broad 
Owen Robert M. (Miller & Owen), insurance, 34 Court, 

rin. 3, h. 109 Broad 

PACKARD ALBERT L., h. opp. school house, W.Auburn 
Packard Alice M. Miss, teacher (Sabattus), bds. Lucius 

Packard's, W. Auburn 
Packard Charles E., machinist and hardware, N. Auburn, 

house do. 
Packard Cyrus S., farmer, h. Maple, W. Auburn 
Packard P^ugene E., shoecutter, h. 12 Oak 
Packard Francis, farmer, h. West Auburn 
Packard Fred, laborer, h. N. Auburn 

Packard Fred S., laborer, bds. Ansel Staples', N. Auburn 
Packard George P., shoemaker, h. 8 Jefferson 
Packard Heman A. (Monroes, Packard & Linscott), shoe 

mnfr., Spring st. extension, rms. 5 Myrtle 


PACKARD HENRY C, apothecary, treas. and 
agt., Auburn Drug & Chemical Co., 6$ Court, h. 78 

Packard Henry E., pnuter (Lewiston), bds, 130 Seventh 
Packard Henry M. (Foss, Packard & Co.), shoe mnfr., 

117 Main, h. 80 High 
Packard John N. (T. A. Huston & Co,), baker, 26 Main, 

h. 5 Myrtle 
Packard Lucius, wood and lumber, West Auburn, h. do. 
Packard Mary J., widow of John A., h. 82 Hampshire 
Packard Mattie, widow of Cyrus Jr., h. Maple, West 

Packard Melinda M., widow of Isaiah, h. 12 Oak 
Packard Mellen B., shoemaker, h. River road, Woodman 

Packard Nellie Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 24 Vine 
Packard Noah Mrs., bds. Chas. E. Packard's, N. Auburn 
Packard Oakes, last maker, 34 Railroad, b. 78 Summer 
Packard Stella, clerk, 117 Main, bds. 5 Myrtle 
Packard Wales E., carpenter, h. 130 Seventh 
Page Flavins J., house 284 Court 
Page George R., millinery (Lewiston), h. 284 Court 
Paine Abbie C, widow of James, h. 67 Union 
Paine Addie, widow of Edwin W., h. 471 Court 
Palmer Alfaro, foreman, cutting, 34 Troy, h. 15 Temple 
Palmer Arnold, stove lining, 15 Temple, bds. do. 
Palmer Braddock S., laborer, bds. Fred A. Steven's, 

River road 
Palmer Charles H., beater out, h. 151 Summer 
Palmer Edson N., compositor (Lewiston), b.151 Summer 
Palmer John A., shoe stitcher, bds. 48 Troy 
Palmer Thomas F., pressman, Lewiston Journal, h. 21 Pearl 
Paquette Benjamin, laborer, rms. ( J Broad 
Paquette William, laborer, h. 27 Third 
Paredise Grazulla B. Miss, private school, 18 Pulsifer, 
Parent Jonn, operative, h. rear 43 Third 
Park George H., farm hand, 475 Turner, bds. do. 

PARK HOUSE, L. C.Dunham, prop. ,263 Main, (see 
page 141) 
Parker Augustus S., fanner, house S. River road, near 

Durham line 
Parker Charles, at W. A. Works, bds. 21 Laurel 
Parker Charles H., shoemaker, h. 264 Turner 
Parker Llarence M., shoemaker, Q. 101 Spring 
Parker David L., shoemaker, rms. 16 Walnut 
Parker Diana, widow of Charles, h. 2tii Turner 
Parker D wight H., shoemaker, h. 222 Main 
Parker Eben H., butcher and farmer, h. Mill rd., S.Auburn 
Parker Eliza W., widow of Atnmi L., bds. 289 Turner 
Parker Frank, machinist, h. i)4 Center 
Parker Frank E., section hand (Lewiston), h. 281) Turner 


Parker Irvin W., shoemaker, bds. 101 Spring 

Parker John E., teamster, b. 16 Walnut 

Parker Sewell C, foreman, bottoming room, 209 Court, 

h. 364 Turner 
Parker Washington, house 101 Spring 
Parker W. Scott, batcher, h. Old Danville rd.,Rowes Cor. 
Parkman Malcolm K., wood worker (Lewiston), boards 

134 Spring 
Parsons Albion G-., miller, h. 22 Laurel 
Parsons Betsey M., widow of Lemuel C, bds. 9 Vernon 
Parsons Elmer E., jeweler, bds. 9 Vernon 
Parsons Frederick A. (Parsons & Son), grist mill, rear 

176 Washington, h. 110 Pleasant 
Parsons James A., box maker, 16 Mechanics row, house 

Marston's Corner 
Parsons Jeffry. grist mill (West Minot) , h. 101 Goff 
Parsons Mary A., widow of Hid ward tL, nurse, h. 132 Spring 
Parsons Solomon (Parsons & Son), grist mill, rear 176 

Washington, h. 110 Pleasant 
Parsons Walter I., shoemaker, h. Pownal rd., S. Auburn 
Parsons & Son (Solomon and Frederick A. Parsons), 

grist mill, rear 176 Washington 
Patterson Clarence D., shoemaker, h. 23 Drummond ct. 
Paul Esther S.,dry goods (Lewiston), h.49 W. Promenade 
Paul Louis, farmer, h. New Gloucester road, beyond the 

school house 
Paul Mav E. Miss, teacher, Webster grammar school, b. 

23 Spring- 
Paul Samuel M., dry goods (Lewiston), bds. 49 Western 

Paul William A., dry goods (Lewiston), bds. 49 Western 

Payson Charles, shoe cutter, rms. 226 Main 
Payson Charles B., dentist, 76 Main, h. 20 Spring 
Peables Andrew M., physician, 240 Main, h. do. 
Peables Andrew M. W.] clerk, 70 Main, b. 256 do. 
Peables Carrie L., teacher, Webster primary school, bds. 

256 Main 
Peables Charles A., hostler, h. 75 Manlev 
Peables Charlotte E., widow Joshua M., bds. 75 Manley 
Peables Jacob, farmer, h. Hackett road 
Peables James W. (Peables &Garcelon), grocer, 70 Main, 

house 256 do. 

PEABLES & GARCELOX (James W. Peables 
and Arthur A. Garcelon), groceries and provisions, 
70 Main (see page 581) 
Peare Lois A. Miss, dressmaker, 73 Spring, h. do. 
Pearl Eugene, shoemaker, h. West Auburn road 
Pearl Royal, foreman, sole leather room, 172 Main, house 

24 Goff 

Peaslee Clarence C, student, bds. 42 Goff 


Peaslee George L., physician, 42 Goff, h. do. 
Pelletier Henry C, grocer, 31 Broad, nns. 66 Third 
Peraberton Charles 1\, weaver, h. 17 First 

PEXLEY ALBERT 31., groceries and provisions. 
98 Alain, and pres., Auburn Foundry Co., house 233 

Main (see page 581) 
Penley Almon L., cattle dealer, h. 25 Parker 
Penley Arthur W\, provisions, nns. 68 Turner 
Penlev Cyrus C, farmer, h. Jordan school road 
Penley Eugene W., salesman, 37 Knight, rms. 27 do. 
Penley Ferdinand, butcher and provisions, wholesale, 37 

Knight, h. South River road 
Penley George, farmer, Ferd. Penley's, South River road, 

house at Portland 
Penley Hannah, widow of Josiah, h. 64 School 
Penlev Hannah M., widow of William, h. 23 Drummond 
Penley Harris, butcher, h. South River road 
Penley Josiah G., salesman, bds. Ferd. Penley's, South 

River road 
Penley Julia A., widow of John, b. Mrs. Asa Garcelou's, 

South River road 
Penley Mary S. Mrs., dressmaker, bds. 25 Gamage ave. 
Penley Nathan H., butcher and farmer, h. So. River road 
Penley Royal M., farmer, bds. S. F. Penley's, S. Auburn 
Penlev Rufus, farmer, h. S. River rd.,bey. Penley's, Cor. 
Penley Seward F., farmer, h. Libby Hill dist., S. Auburn 
Penley Winfield S. .farmer, h. So. River rd., Penley's Cor. 
Penney Aretas B., laborer, h. 68 James 
Penney Leonard R.(Verplast & Penney), grocer, 10 Troy, 

boards 68 James 
Peoples Jacob, farm baud, George W. Hackett, Hackett 

road, boards do. 
Pepper Edmond, laborer, bds. 29 Broad 
Pepper Jolly, laborer, bds. 29 Broad 
Percival Marshall C, house 13 Highland ave. 
Perhain Charles, hostler, 1 Court, rms. do. 
Perkins Charles M., carpenter, h. 229 Turner 
Perkins Frederick W., shoemaker, house Old Danville 

road. bey. Rowe's Corner 
Perkins James Henry, farmer, h. Hackett rd.,So. Auburn 
Perkins Josiah, shoemaker, house off Perkins Ridge road, 

West Auburn 
Perkins J. Y., carpenter, h. 136 Washington 
Perkins Lewis, mill operative, bds. 46 Main 
Perkins Nancy J., widow of Josiah, h. off Perkins Ridge 

road, West Auburn 
Perkins Nehemiah, rooms Geo. W. Whitney's, Court 
Perkins Samuel H., shoemaker, h. 396 Turner 
Perkins Susan, widow, housekeeper, Joseph P. Vickery, 

Bast Auburn 
Perno Martha Ann, widow of Nichols B.,h. 309 Minot av. 


Perron Charles EL, hostler, 1 Court, rooms do. 

Perry Almira E. Mrs., prop., Riverside House, 36 Main 

Perry Carrie J. Miss, house 24 James 

Perry Charles B., painter, bds. 50 Whitney 

Perry David B., shoemaker, h. 329 Main 

Perry Elizabeth W., widow of George, h. 24 James 

Perry Fred M., packer, 26 Main, bds. 70 Manley 

Perrv George F., foreman, bottoming, rear 95 Main, h. 

81 Union 
Perry Herbert, teamster, 1 Court, bds. 46 Main 
Perry Joanna M., widow of Zebedee, h. 122 GofT 
Perry John M., shoe cutter, h. 70 Manley 
Perry Moses Lincoln, farmer, h. North Auburn 
Perry Mary A., widow of Edward R., h. 74 Manley 
Perry Newton, shoemaker, h. 46 River road 
Perry Susan R., widow of Noah, h. No. Auburn 
Perry Samuel T., shoemaker, h. Riverside House 
Perry Sarah A., widow of Alanson, h. 50 Whitney 
Perry Sidney S., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Perry Thomas G., watch repairer, Lake Auburn road, 

North Auburn, house do. 
Peterson Charles, shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
Peterson Harry H., compositor, 6 Court, b. at Lewiston 
Pettengill Andrew C, house 252 Turner 
Pettengill Arthur D., shoemaker, h. Sturgis rd., Beach Hill 
Pettengill Carlton, house Oak, East Auburn 
Pettengill Carroll A., farmer, bds. Carlton Pettengill's, 

Oak, East Auburn 
Pettengill Edgar R., freight clerk, G. T. R. (Lewiston), 

house 16 Manley 
Pettengill Frank A. (H. A. Lane & Co.), job printer, 76 

Main, rooms do. 
Pettengill George P., farmer, h. off River road, E. A. 
Pettengill Holmes, farmer, h. off River road, E. A. 
Pettengill Isaac D., farmer, house River road, beyond the 

cemetery, East Auburn 
Pettenoill Jerry Y., shoe cutter, h. 72 Whitney 
Pettengill John F., farmer, h. off River road, E. A. 
Pettengill Lawrence, farmer, and musician, house River 

road, East Auburn 
Pettengill Levi M., clerk, 220 Court, h. 97 Winter 
Pettengill Royal H., shoemaker, 117 Main, h. 16 Manley 
Pettengill William, compositor, bds. 110 Maiu 
Pettenoill William Wallace (F. H. Storah &Co.), 12 

Mechanics row, h. 132 Winter 
Pevey Charles, laborer, house 46 Broad 
Philbrook William, shoemaker, bds. 180 Court 
Phillips dishing B., farm hand, house West Auburn 
Phillips Emma T. Mrs., dressmaker, 23 Turner, h. do. 
Phillips Fannie M. Mrs., bds. 75 Turner 


Phillips Frank F., blacksmith, 95 Turner, bds. S. S. 

Phillips', off Mt. Auburn av. 
Phillips Harriet, widow of Charles T., bds. 210 Summer 
Phillips John, farmer, b. Sewall S.Phillips', Mt. Auburn av. 
Phillips Ossian C, shoemaker, house 23 Turner 
Phillips Roseoe N., dynamo tender, L. & A. Electric L. 

Co., house 10 High 
Phillips Sewall F., shoemaker (Lewiston), rms. 23Turner 
Phillips Sewall S., farmer, h. off Mt. Auburn av. 
Phillips Willard, shoemaker, rooms 6 Hampshire 
Philoon Charles E., physician, 33 High, house do. 
Philoon Everett L. (Philoon & Brewster), grocer, 49 

Hampshire, house 59 Summer 
Philoon Nancy, widow of James, house 33 High 

PHILOON & BREWSTER (Everett L. Philoon 
and William D. Brewster), grocers and provisions, 

49 Hampshire (see page 585) 
Phinnev Edgar F., shoemaker, bds. 28 Spring [Spring 
Phinney George F., fireman, County Jail, Turner, h. 28 
Piche Eugene, operative, house 24 Broad 
Pickard Charles H., shoe cutter, 95 Main, h. 38 Whitney 
Pickard Harriet, widow of Samuel H., house 38 Whitney 
Pickard John, vice pres., John F. Cobb Shoe Co:, rear 95 

Pike Albert R., taxidermist, bds. 85 Goff 
Pike Frank, shoemaker, house 14 Harris 
Pike George T., shoemaker, house 13 Walnut 
Pike .Harriet N., widow of Franklin, bds. 13 Walnut 
Pike James A., milkman, h. Mt. Auburn av. 
Pike Maude Mrs., house 262 Main [rd. 

Pillsbury Ernest P., farmer, bds. G. P. Pillsbury's, Turner 
Pillsbury George P., farmer, house Turner road, beyond 

Mt. Auburn ave. 
Pilot Reuben, junk collector, house 18 Pulsifer 
Pingree Samuel R. B., lumber (Lewiston), h. rear 63 

Western Promenade 
Pinkham Lucy A., widow of John, h. 72 Whitney 
Pinkhain S. Belle Miss, teacher, Franklin primary school, 

bds. 72 Whitney 
Piper Carrie P. Miss, seamstress, bds. 114 Pleasant 
Piper Harry W., shoemaker, 53 Court, rooms 50 Elm 
Piper Thomas, laborer, h. Centre, E. Auburn 
Pitman Burton L., clerk (Lewiston), bds. 79 Cook • 
Pitman Lewis W., carpenter, Barker Mill, h. 79 Cook 
Place James B., shoemaker, house 33 Whitney 
Plair James, card clothier, house 4 Tnird 
Plante Telesphore, hairdresser, 9 Third, house do. 
Plummer Alberts. (Roak & Plummer), undertaker, 21 

Turner, opp. County bid., house at Lewiston 
Plummer Carrie E., teacher, Dillingham Hill school, bds. 

Wm. Plummer's, Powual road 


Pluramer Ernest B., clerk, 209 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Plummet* Fred W., teacher (Winthrop), bds. VV". Plum- 

mer's, Pownal road 
Plummet* Mary A., widow of George W., bds. 151 Court 
Plummer Mellen, shoemaker, rooms 72 James 
Pluramer William, farmer, h. Pownal road, S. A. 
Plummer William H., teacher, North and West Auburn 

Grammar School, bds. William Plummer's, Pownal 

Poirier Joseph, operative, bds. 14 Second 
Poirier Theophile, laborer, house 14 Second 
Poliquin Jule, clerk, 31 Broad, house at Lewiston 
Pollister Charles, shoemaker, bds. 66 Spring 
Pollister Charles M., shoemaker, house West Auburn 
Pollister Joseph M. Mrs., h. West Auburn 
Pollister Sewall A., periodicals, etc.. 88 Court, h. 42 Goff 
Pollister William H., house 15 Myrtle 
Pollister William W., farmer, house Mill road 
Pomeroy Hattie E. Mrs., bds. 48 Goff 
Pompilly Benjamin, bds. I. Pompilly's, River road 
Pompilly Isaiah, farmer and horse dealer, h. River rd. 
Pompilly James W., house 40 Summer 
Pompilly Mellen, farmer, house River road 
Pompilly Samuel, farmer, house River road 
Poole Nellie Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 109 Spring 
Porter Charles S., clerk, 179 Main, rooms 28 Vine 
Porter John, shoemaker, h. 17 Beacon av. . 
Porter Rosamond C. Mrs., bds. H. A. Torsey's, Centre 
Post Office, John C. Blake, postmaster, Goff block, Court, 

corner Main 
Potter Albert G., bds. John S. Randall's, Turner road 
Potter Noel B., county treas., office room 8, County bldg., 

house at Lewiston 
Poulin Gregoire, mill operative, house 49 Fourth 
Pouliu Gregoire Mrs., dressmaker, 8 Broad, h. 47 Fourth 
Powers Wealthy C, widow, bds. 115 So, Main 
Prairie Rodolph, weaver, house 7 Pulsifer 
Pratt Albro M., rec. clerk, 209 Court, rms. 9 Gamage av. 
Pratt Arthur E., shoe skiver, house 66 Manley 
Pratt Bedell L., shoe cutter, house 1 Oak 
Pratt Dana, shoemaker, house 141 Spring 
Pratt Elisha T., shoe finisher, house 32 Goff 
Pratt George A., shoe laster, bds. 26 High 
Pratt Jabez F., shoemaker, honse 53 Drummond [av. 

Pratt Jennie L. Miss, teacher (Yarmouth), bds. 10 Laurel 
Pratt John S., couductor, G. T. R., h. 10 Laurel avenue 
Pratt J. A., carpenter, bds, Maine Hotel 
Pratt Orrin Q., house 128 Spring 
Pratt Walter L., shoemaker, house 495 Court 
Pratt William L., house rear 137 Spring Qenade 

Pray Harriet, widow of Almon C, h. 63 Western Prora- 



Pray Leonard A., pros., Pray-Small Co., 
house R3 Western Promenade 

PRAY-SMALL CO., shoe mnfrs., Spring street 
extension, store (2 High, B.), Leonard A. Pray, 

pres., L. Linn Small, treas. (see page 497) 
Preble Calista A. Miss, teacher, bds. 123 Spring 
Preble Esther B. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 123 Spring 
Preble Eudora E., tailoress, bds. 14 Whitney 
Preble Sarah S., widow of Bradford 1L, h. 11 Manley 
Preble Susan P., widow of Samuel L., h. 123 Spring 
Prescott Alice M. Miss, box maker, bds. 40 Railroad 
Prescott Annie Miss, librarian, Public Library, 31 Court, 

house 2 Union 
Prescott Augusta Miss, teacher. (Lewiston), h. 2 Union 
Prescott Daniel W., clerk (Lewiston), h. Old Danville rd , 

beyond Loring av. 
Prescott Delia, shoe folder, bds. 98 Hampshire 
Prescott Frank S., fireman, M. C. R. R.,"h. 14 Laurel 
Prescott George W., carriage dealer, h. 40 Railroad 
Prescott Lyman, supt., R. C. Pingree & Co. (Lewiston), 

house 2 Union 
Prescott Moses B. Mrs., house 98 Hampshire 
Prescott Samuel D., house 74 Union 
Pride Herbert L., brick mason, bds. Woodbury Pride's, 

cross road, near Stevens' Mill 
Pride John P., shoemaker, rooms 106 Goff 
Pride Woodbury, farmer and mason, house cross road, 

from Miuot av., at Stevens' Mill 
Prideaux Samuel, operative, house 37 First 
Prince Agnes M. Miss, teacher, Auburn Heights School, 

boards (56 Western av. 
Prince F. A., box maker, 16 Mechanics row, house at 

Lewiston [house do. 

Prince George H., broom mnfr., Center, beyond Cross, 
Prince Henry R., carpenter, house West Auburn 
Prince Jane, widow of Jesse, house West Auburn 
Proctor George W., carpenter, house 30 Fourth 
Proctor Thomas H., shoemaker, house 140 River road 
Provanche Joseph, boarding house, 29 Broad 
Provost Regis (Provost & Vincent), bottler, 5 South 

Main, house at Lewiston 

PROVOST & VINCENT (Regis Provost & Sabin 
Vincent), soda and mineral water mnfrs., 5 South 
Main (see page 580) 
Prowze Tidd, iron molder, boards 186 Main 
Pulsifer Abbie Miss, phonographic reporter, boards 16 

Pulsifer Augustus M., lawver and treas., Barker Mill and 

L. A. W. P. Co., 81 Main, house 173 Cook 
Pulsifer Cornelia Miss, stenographer, 209 Court, boards 
16 Drummond 



Pulsifer Haley A., shoemaker, house 309 Minot av. 

Pulsifer Horatio B., milkman, 177 Cook, h. do. 

Pulsifer H. A. Mrs., teacher of painting, 309 Minot av., 

house do. 
Pulsifer James D., shoemaker, house 30 Whitney 
Pulsifer Josiah D., teacher of stenography, 16 Drummond, 

house do. 
Pulsifer J. Roak, manager, 171 Washington, h. 115 High 
Pulsifer Mary E. Mrs., dressmaker, 13 So. Main, h. do. 
Pulsifer Moses, house 143 Pleasant 
Pulsifer Pitman, farmer and milkman, Minot av., near 

Minot line, h. do. 
Pulsifer Pitman, clerk (Washington, D. C), house 16 

Pulsifer Ralph W., shoemaker, bds. 13 South Main 
Pulsifer Roscoe G., butcher, Court, junction Minot av., 

house do. 
Pulsifer Roscoe G. jr., farmer, boards Roscoe G-. Pulsi- 

fer's, Court 
Pulsifer Tappan C, student, Bates College, boards 173 

Pulsifer Wilson, house 13 South Maiu 
Purkis John M. Rev., house 332 Turner 
Purrington Charles, farmer, house Old Hotel road, Mar- 

ston's Corner 
Pyle Solomon F., mill operative, house 66 Cook 

QUIMBY ALBION K. P., weaver (Lewiston), house 

67 Broad 
Quimby Ambrose, teamster, house 67 Broad 
Quimby Fred W., bookkeeper (Lewiston), bds. 177 Cook 
Quimby William, machinist, boards 110 Main 
Quimby William H., shoemaker, boards 222 Court 

RACKLIFF FRANK, shoemaker, h. 65 Spring 

Rand Erland U., laborer, boards 329 Turner 

Rand Lester L., plumber, boards 18 Goff 

Rand L. S., shoemaker, boards Maine Hotel 

Rand Nathan S., boots and shoes (Lewiston), h. 18 Goff 

Rand Weston S., nursery agent, house 28 Troy 

Randall Almon B., clerk, 168 Main, rms. 7 Drummond 

Randall Ami D., house 53 Union 

Randall Ann Miss, house 53 Union 

Randall Darius W., milkman, h. Turner road, beyond Mt. 

Auburn av. 
Randall Fred, shoemaker, boards Hampshire House 
Randall Hiram, boarding house, 109 Spring 
Randall Jesse N., shoe laster, boards 37 Manley 
Randall John S., farmer, h. Turner rd., bey. Mt. Auburn 

Randall Margaret, widow, boards 9 Bearce 


Randall Maude E. Miss, boards 148 Cook 

Randall Roland W., shoemaker, boards 109 Spring 

Randall Thomas P., farmer, house Lake Auburn road 

Randall, see Rendall 

Ratcliffe James, section hand (Lewiston), house Third, 

beyond River 
Ratcliffe Thomas, mill operative, h. Third, bey. River 
Ray Charles H., farmer, house Minot road, near Haskells 

Ray Ella L. Miss, dressmaker, 28 Manley, boards do. 
Ray Elsie P., widow of Jonathan, house 28 Manley 
Ray Fannie E. Miss, dressmaker, 28 Manley, bds. do. 
Ray Fred A., watchman, Pray-Small Co. and Munroes, 

Packard & Linscott, house 2 Willow 
Ray William A., shoe cutter, house 124 Spring 
Raymond Frances E., widow of William, house 21 Pearl 
Raymond Isaac, helper, Elm House, boards do. 
Raynar Nelson, laborer, house 96 Miller 
Rayner Clementine Mrs., house 36 Railroad 
Raynes Augustus D. (Raynes & Ross), painter, house 92 

Raynes Clara F., bookkeeper, 49 Hampshire, b. 28 Union 
Raynes Joseph F., painter, rms. 78 Court 
Raynes & Ross (Augustus D. Raynes and Barton H. Ross), 

painters, 26 Miller 
Read Adolphus S., shoemaker, house 19 Granite 
Read Affie, widow, house River road 
Read Frank H., shoemaker, h. 44 Union 
Read John N.. cabinet maker, bds. S. H. Briggs', E. A. 
Read Walter A., clerk, 108 Main, bds. 19 Granite 
Reagan Bridget, widow of James, house 50 Newbury 
Reagan Cornelius, hostler, 143 Main, rms. do. 
Reagan Cornelius, laborer, house 78 Newbury 
Reagan Cornelius jr., operative, bds. 78 Newbury 
Reagan James jr., laborer, boards 50 Newbury 
Reagan Jeremiah, shoemaker, boards 78 Newbury 
Reagan John, mill section hand, house 71 Newbury 
Reagan Mary, widow of Daniel, house 74 First 
Reagan Timothy, blacksmith, boards 50 Newbury 
Reagan William, laborer, house 74 First 
Reckards Charles H., shoemaker, h.414 Turner 
Reckards Herbert J., shoemaker, h. 414 Turner 
Record Charles H., farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Record Cyrus O., lather, house 21 Fourth 
Record Julia, widow of Thomas, boards H. S. Whitman's, 

Dillingham Hill 
Record Pearl C, shoemaker, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Record Royal B., dentist, 58 Court, rms. 13 Goff 
Record Salmon, furniture (Lewiston), house 268 Main 
Record William, shoemaker, boards 32 Main 


Record William H., mill overseer (Lewiston), house 102 

Reddy Nicholas, laborer, boards 49 Court 
Reed Anson (Stearns & Reed), coal and wood, 9 Rivet- 
road, house at Lewiston 
Reed Charles H., shoemaker, house 66 Hampshire 
Reed Frank R., carpenter, house 7 Lake 
Reed Fred A., shoe edge trimmer, h. 15 Maple 
Reed Herbert W., shoe finisher, bds. 144 Spring 
Reed Herbert W., shoemaker, boards 105 Spring 
Reed J. Leslie, reporter Gazette, 4 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Reed Selina Mrs., bcls. 13 So. G-off 
Reed Willard, lumberman, house 144 Spring 
Reeves Orilla, widow, b. Llewellyn Heath's, on Cross rd. 
Registrar of Deeds office, 7 County bldg., Court 
Registrar of Probate office, 7 County bldg., Court 
Reid Margaret, stenographer, Gazette 4 Court, bds. at 

Lewiston [House 

Reid Sherman R., reporter. Gazette, 4 Court, bds. Revere 
Rendall Daniel H., mason, rear 14 Mechanics row, h. 64 

Rendall Frank A. (A. J. Verrill & Co.), marble works, 

101 Turner, house 64 Elm 
Reny T. Arthur, furniture (Lewiston), house Cross road, 

Rowe's corner 
Revere House, Mrs. S. P. Ryerson, prop., 17 to 23 Court 
Reynolds Arthur C, photo, finisher, rms. 57 High 
Reynolds Hattie C, bookkeeper, 87 Main, bds. 201 do. 
Reynolds Lyford, carriage trimmer, bds. 198 Main 
Reynolds Nelson B., house 201 Main 

Rice Georgia Mrs., bookkeeper, 26 Main, rms. 81 Spring 
Rice Henry S., section hand, G. T. R., bds. Stephen H., 

Rice's, Old Hotel road 
Rice James D., laborer, h. Old Hotel road, near Lake 
Rice Nellie S. Mrs., milliner (Lewiston), house 9 James 
Rice Noah S., shoemaker, house 365 Turner 
Rice Stephen H., farmer, house Old Hotel road, beyond 

G. T. R. 
Rich Amos C, optician, house 269 Turner 
Rich Eugene, saw filer (Lewiston), house 131 Pleasant 
Rich Hollis M., shoemaker, house 37 Fifth 
Rich Lubion E., wood worker, bds. 54 Court 
Rich Mary E. widow of Edwin W., house 54 Court 
Richard Napoleon, shoemaker, house 38 Pulsifer 
Richards Curtis C, farmer, house Old Hotel road, beyond 

Clark's spring 
Richards David O., clothier (Lewiston), house 31 Vine 
Richards Francois, wood chopper, house West Auburn 
Richards Francois, mill operator, house 29 Broad 
Richards George F., upper leather cutter, house 9 Drum- 

mond court 


Richardson Charles E., machinist, 146 Main, bds. Spring 
Richardson Eunice T., widow of John B., house rear 352 

Richardson Fred W., farm hand, house West Auburn 
Richardson Greenbush W., farmer, h. Old Hotel road, 

beyond Minot ave. 
Richardson Hartwell, shoemaker, house 348 Turner 
Richardson Horace B., market gardener, house South 

River road 
Richardson Rose B. Mrs., house 17 South 
Ricker Caroline, widow of Lysander, house 57 Goff 
Ricker Daniel W., b. J. W. Ricker' s, Turner road 
Ricker Henry, salesman, 26 Main, rooms 20 Elm 
Ricker Henry, mason, 307 Main, house do. 
Ricker Jennie, widow of Lysander, house 31 Union 
Ricker Joseph W., farmer, house Turner road, E. Auburn 
Ricker Maria E. widow of Henry J., bds. 12 Bearce 

KICKEIi MILTON F., manager, Maine Benefit 
Association, 81 Main, room 7, house 54 High (see 
front cover) 

Ricker Silas B., shoemaker, house North Auburn 

Ricker Susie C. Miss, house 57 Goff 

Hideout Benjamin A., carpenter, h. Old Hotel road, Lit- 
tlefield's corner 

Rideout Flora Mrs., tailoress, rooms 217 Main 

Rideout James K., carpenter (Lewiston), bds. 54 Winter 

Rideout J., laborer, house 67 Third 

Rideout Mary E. Miss, teacher, Webster grammar school, 
bds. Benjamin A. Rideout's, LittlefiekFs corner 

Ridley Dexter H., foreman, cutting, Munroes, Packard & 
Linscott, house 97 Goff 

Ridley Frances, widow of Hallett, house 193 Main 

Riggs George M., blacksmitn, Mechanics row, bds. Maine 
^ Hotel 

Ring Albert, house 54 Fifth 

Ring Charles A., photographer (Lewiston), h. 43 Dunn 

Ripley Matthias, farmer, house Jordan school, So. Au- 
burn road, next schoolhouse 

Ripley Wilson A., shoemaker, rooms 147 Pleasant 

Risou William, laborer, house 16 Pulsifer 

Rivers Henry, house 42 Cook 

Rivers Josephine, widow of Rufus, house 42 Cook 

Riverside House, A. E. Perry, Mif., prop., 36 Main 

Roak Algernon M. (Roak & Plummet'), undertaker, 21 
Turner, house 151 Pleasant 

Roak Ellen H. widow of Jacob H., house 20 Elm 

EOAK GEORGE M., florist, 152 High, office and 
house 124 do. (see page 228) 
Roak R. Belle Miss, teacher, Douglass primary school, 
bds. 151 Pleasant 


ROAK & PLUMPER (Algernon M. Roak and 
Albert S. Plummer), undertakers and embalmers, 
21 Turner, opp. County blgd. (see Index) 
Robbins George, mill overseer (Lewistou), h. 98 Broad 
Robbins John W., mill overseer (Lewiston), house 83 

Robert Joseph, shoemaker, h. Cross road, Rawe's cor. 
Roberts Albert A., shoemaker, bds. 186 Main 
Roberts Arthur, shoemaker, rooms 202 Main 
Roberts Frank, shoemaker, bds. 25 Parker 
Roberts Frederick, shoemaker, house 25 Parker 
Roberts Frederick A., shoemaker, house 94 Summer 
Roberts George E., weaver (Lewiston), bds. 48 Union 
Roberts .George L., carpenter, house 19 Myrtle 

ROBERTS JOHN G., carpenter, 37 Seventh, house 
do. (see page 578) 
Roberts Joseph H., farmer, h. South River road 
Roberts Osoar, shoemaker, bds. Main Hotel 
Roberts Thomas H., treas., Auburn Stove Foundry Co., 

High, at M. C. R. R. crossing, house at Lewiston 
Roberts Thomas L., house 40 Pleasant 
Roberts Walter C. R., blacksmith, house 115 Summer 
Roberts William H., carpenter (Lewiston), h. 54 Winter 
Robie Frank W., clerk, bds. 48 Drummond 
Robie Fred W., student, bds. 48 Drummond 
Robie Helen A. widow of Jacob, house 48 Drummond 
Robinson Albion L., ins. agent, h. Gamage av., n. Lake 
Robinson AlpheusS., boarding house, 7 Goff 
Robinson Alvan E., shoemaker, bds. 24 Spring 
Robinson Arthur, shoemaker, house 202 Main 
Robinson Augustus H., farmer, house Cross road, from 

Rowe's Corner, So. Auburn 
Robinson Bert F., boards 7 Goff 
Robinson Charles A. (pres. Wood-Robinson Co.), paper, 

etc., 101 Main, h. 22 Drummond 
Robinson Charles E., carpenter, h. Old Danville rd. bey. 

R. R., Danville Junction 
Robinson Cordelia A., widow of Isaac S., h. 24 Spring 
Robinson Elbridge G., farmer, h. Danville Junction 
Robinson Embert G., boards E. G. Robinson's, Danville 

Robinson Emily B., widow, h. 49 Drummond 
Robinson Evelin Mrs., shoe stitcher, rms. 255 Main 
Robinson Frances, widow of Charles B., h. 77 Eighth 
Robinson Frank, farmer and milkman, h. Old Danville rd. 

next bey. Martin rd. 
Robinson Frank D., clerk, bds. Elbridge G. Robinson's, 

Danville Junction 
Robinson Fred, farmer and milkman, h. Old Danville rd. 

next bey. Martin rd. 
Robinson George, baker, 26 Main, h. 18 do. 
Robinson George A., clerk (Lewiston), b. 66 Spring 


Robinson Iluldah, widow of William, boards Francis 

Rounds', Danville Junction 
Robinson Myron S., farmer, h. Pleasant, W. Auburn 
Robinson Olive O., widow of Judinh, h. Danville Junction 
Robinson Ralph, box maker, b. 150 Minotav. 
Robinson Samuel R., farmer, h. Danviile Junction road, 

near Danville Corner 
Robinson William C, clerk, b. 24 Spring 
Robinson William W., second hand (Lewiston), house 41 

Robinson William A., apothecary, 27 Court, house 49 

Robinson W. Scott, butcher, h. Martin rd., off Old Dan- 
ville road i 
Robitaille Archille, operative, b. 43 Third 
Robitaille James, operative, b. 43 Third 
Robitaille Jocque, baker (Lewiston), h. 45 Third 
Robitaille Joseph, shoemaker, b. 43 Third 
Robitaille Thomas, hairdresser (Lewiston), b. 43 Third 
Roche John, laborer, h. 41 Second 
Rock Frederick, second hand (Lewiston), h. 99 Third 
Rogers Frederick C. Rev., pastor, High st. M. E. Church, 

h. 24 High 
Rogers George A., shoemaker, h. 47 Pleasant 
Rogers Hannah, widow, h. 48 Summer 
Rogers Lena G. Miss, shoe stitcher, b. 71 High 
Rogers Nellie Miss, forewoman, b. 68 Pleasant 
Rogers Randolph K., tinsmith, 64 Main, h. 48 Summer 
Rogers William E., shoemaker, h. Sixth, cor. Pulsifer 
Roi Joseph, mill operative, h. Fifth, cor. Dunn 
Rolfe Maude A. Miss, teacher, High School, b. 44 Rail- 
Rolfe William, commission merchant, b. 44 Railroad 
Rollins Benjamin L., carpenter, 209 Court, h. 53 Goff 
Rollins George Fred, boarding house, 49 Court 
Rose Amanda J., widow of Asa, b. 17 Temple 
Ross Ada M., bookkeeper, 98 Main, b. 153 Whitney 
Ross Annie E. Mrs., nurse, b. 15 Myrtle 
Ross Atis M., painter, b. 102 Second 
Ross Barton H. (Ravnes & Ross), painter, '2Q Miller, h. 

19 Harvard 
Ross Bessie Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 198 Main 
Ross Charles G., clerk, Muuroes, Packard & Liuscott, b. 

153 Whitney 
Ross David O., elevator man, 10 Railroad, h. 33 Granite 
Ross Edward, picker hand (Lewiston), h. Old Danville 

id., Rowe's corner 
Ross Fred B., clerk, 86 Main, b. 153 Whitney 
Ross George \V., shoemaker, bds. 153 Whitney 
Ross Jennie Miss, rms. 7 Maple 
Ross John, house 102 Secoud 


Ross Mary A. Mrs. clairvoyant, 102 Second, h. do. 
Ross Reuben EL, stone mason, 153 Whitney, h. do. 
Rouleau Georgiana Mrs., dressmaker, 9 Second, h. do. 
Rounds David L.. farm hand, h. Sturgis road, Beach Hill 
Rounds Edwin, farmer, h. Sturgis rd., Beach Hill 
Rounds Ella F. Miss, teacher (Poland), h. Sturgis road, 

Beach Hill 
Rounds Emily S., widow of Virgil P,, h. 72 Pleasant 
Rounds Esther, widow of Joseph, house Sturgis road, 

Beach Hill 
Rounds Francis R., farmer, h. Danville Junction 
Rounds George A., clerk, 46 Court, rms. 3 Pleasant 
Rounds Ina G., teacher (Poland), house Sturgis road, 

Beach Hill 
Rounds James Mrs., h. Sturgis rd. Beach Hill 
Rounds Robert A., brakeman, M. C. R. R., house 36 

Rounds Rufus E., shoemaker, h. 71 Pleasant 
Rounds Sarah M., widow of Samuel P., house Sturgis road, 

Beach Hill 
Rowe Charles A., teamster, bcls. Park House 
Rowe Charles C, farmer, house Old Danville road, be} 7 . 

R. R., Danville Junction 
Rowe Ernest, lumber surveyor (Lewiston), house 137 So. 

Rowe Fred E., laborer, house 35 Wefister 

Rowe Harry, hostler, bds. Mrs. Sarah Rowe's, Old Dan- 
ville road 

Rowe Irving, farmer, house Hackett road, So. Auburn 

Rowe Lizzie Mrs., dressmaker, 8 Union, rms. do. 

Rowe Sarah, widow of John, house Old Danville rd, bey. 
Rowe's Corner 

Rowe Solomon M., blacksmith, h. 335 Minot av. 

Rowe Stephen, house 210 Summer 

Rowell Aretus A., clerk, 56 Court, h. 74 Union 

Rowell Eugene P., wireman, L. & A. E. L. Co., bds. 48 

Rowell Granville, trav. salesman, h. 48 Pleasant 

Rowell Herbert G., dynamo tender, L. & A. E. L. Co., 
bds. 48 Pleasant 

Rowell Vesta A., widow of Marcus, h. 74 Union 

Rowell William W., house 7 Whitney 

Roy Augustin, mason, house 10 Third 

Roy Leonid, mason, house rear 43 Third 

Royal Andrew J., engineer, 37 Knight, house 98 Miller 

Roval Palmer E., drug clerk (Lewiston), h. 28 Union 

Roval Herbert C, bds. 98 Miller 

Royal William W., farmer, h. Old Hotel road, next New 
Gloucester line 

Ruggles Charles A., trav. salesman, 114 Main, house 184 


Haggles Fred L., clerk ,114 Main, b. 112 do. 
Haggles James H., fruit, etc., 37 Pulsifer, h. 35 do. 
Ruggles Lorenzo S., wholesale confectioner, 114 Main, h. 

112 do. 
Ruggles Zepbaniah N., confectioner, h. 11 So. Main 
Russ Herbert B., machinist (Lewiston), h. 9 Harvard 
Kussell Cornelia, shoe stitcher, bds. 86 Union 
Russell Elizabeth, widow, h. West Auburn 
Kussell Ellen A., widow, h. 28 South Goff 
Kussell Flavins A., oiler, R. C. Pingree & Co. (Lewiston), 

h. 23 Fifth 
Kussell George, bootmaker (Lewiston), h. 33 Whitney 
Kussell Henry, farm hand, h. n. schoolhouse, West 

Kussell Ira F., boards Leroy C. Brock's, East Auburn 
Kussell James L., carpenter, house n. schoolhouse, West 

Kussell Lucy M., widow, bds. 86 Manley 
Kussell Major J., shoemaker, h. Center beyond Cross 
Kussell Murray, laborer, house West Auburn 
Kussell Thomas, farm hand, bds. Henry Russell's, West 

Auburn [is ton 

Kussell Walter, boxmaker, 16 Mechanics row, h. at Lew- 
Russell William M., carpenter, h. West Auburn 
Ryan Daniel, foreman, bottoming room, 117 Main, house 

29 Summit [ton 

Ryan Henry C, foreman, Gazette, 6 Court, h. at Lewis- 
Ryerson Alvin M., carpenter, 226 Main, h. do. 
Ryerson Charles C, shoecutter, bds. 226 Main 
Ryerson Leonard C, horse trainer, h. Revere House 
Ryerson Susie P., Mrs., prop., Revere House, 17 to 23 

Court, h. do. 

SABORIN RICHARD, bottler, 17 Third, h. at Lewiston 

Safford William E., shoecutter, rms. 21 Spring 

St. Hilaire Charles, slate roofer (Lewiston), h. 1 Broad 

St. Onge Arsene, weaver, h. 54 Second 

St. Onge Plnleous, weaver, h. 54 Second 

Sails Alfred, physician, 66 Goff, h. do. 

Sails , farmer, h. Old Hotel rd., n. New Glouces- 
ter line 

Sam Sing, laundry, 13 Court, rms. do. 

Sampson Benjamin R., stone mason off River road, E. A. 

Sampson Clinton A., shoemaker, h. Old Hotel rd., junc- 
tion Cross rd. to Minot av. 

Sampson Danville D., farmer, h. Maple, West Auburn 

Sampson Hiram W., hostler, 60 High, bds. do. 

Sampson James A., paper box maker, 28 Railroad, house 
37 Manley 

Sampson Joseph, farmer, h. off River road, E. A. 

Sampson Joseph, laborer, house 414 Turner 


Sampson Lydia, widow of Lot F., house 303 Turner 

Sampson Wiliiam, laborer, h. 94 Center 

Samson Frank, weaver, b. 45 Fourth 

Samson Joseph, laborer, bds 14 Second 

Samson Patrick, laborer, h. 14 Second 

Samson Peter, laborer, bds. 14 Second [First 

Samson Thomas, drain pipe maker, r. 26 Laurel, house 80 

Sanborn George T., shoemaker, h. 234 Turner 

Sanborn Levi W., travelling salesman, h. 85 Academy 

Sanborn P. Warren, foreman, stitching, 156 Main, bds. 

Park House 
Sanderson Maggie Miss, rms. 198 Main 
Sanderson Sophia Miss, rms. 198 Main 
Sargent Arria S., Mrs., bouse 14 Drummond ct. 
Sargent William, stonecutter, 53 Mechanics row, bouse at 

Saucier Henry, laborer, h. r. 29 B. road 
Saucier William, carpenter, h. 54 Second 
Saunders Alvin B., livery stable, 41 J School h. 28 Union 
Saunders Fred N., student, bds. 122 Hampshire 
Saunders Kimball V., foreman of packing, 22 Railroad, 

house 122 Hampshire 
Savage Albert R. (Savage & Oakes), mayor and pres. L. 

& A. Electric L. Co., and lawyer, 81 Main, and 

(Lewiston), h. 52 High 
Savage & Oakes(Albert R. Savage and Henry W. Oakes), 

lawyers, 81 Main, and Lewiston 
Sawin Lotta Miss, dressmaker, bds. 92 Pleasant 
Sawyer Alma Miss, teacher, Old Hotel road school 
Sawyer Charles, farmer and blacksmith, h. off Oakes 

road, Beach Hili 
Sawyer Charles H., shoecutter and sub. letter carrier, h. 

130 Spring 
Sawyer Edward H., truckman, 25 Goff, b. do. 
Sawyer Fred W., carpenter, h. 26 High 
Sawyer Granville, farmer, b. off Poland road, next Po- 
land line 
Sawyer Harry L., teamster, bds., 25 Goff 
Sawyer Hiram G., provisions, h. 22 S. Main 
Sawyer Horatio B., foreman box dept., r. 209 Court, h. 

13 Western Promenade 
Sawyer Irving, shoemaker, bds. Hampshire House 
Sawyer James H., mill overseer (Lewistony, house 20 


SAWYER JOHN A., groceries and provisions, 
108 Main, h. 193 do. (see page 585) 
Sawyer Joseph M., grocer (Lewiston), b. 90 Court 
Sawyer Joseph P., farmer, house Youngs Corner, W. A. 
Sawyer Lelaud F., bds. 25 Goff 

Sawyer Mary E., widow of Samuel, house 14 Whitney 
Sawver Samuel, boards 136 Seventh 


Sawyer Wilbert P. (Guild & Sawyer), carpet cleaning, 

rear 17G Wash., h. at Lewiston 
•Sawyer William S., fanner, h. off Poland road, next Po- 
land line 
Schinnell Frank, bottler, 5 South Main, bds. 9 Second 
Schopee Mary Mrs., h. West Auburn 
Scott Amos, second hand, h. 44 Broad 
Scott Hannah, widow, h. Cross road, n. M. E. church 
Scott Mark, operative, h. 120 Second 
Scott William, painter, bds. 120 Second 
Seamore Florence Miss, rms. 129 Spring 
Sears John W., moulder, 157 Washington, h. 2 Union 
Seavey George M., foreman finishing, 10 Railroad, house 

73 Hampshire 
Seavey. Henry B., shoemaker, bds. 73 Hampshire 
Seavey J. L., carpenter, bds. 66 Spring 
Seavey Winslow W., shoemaker, bds. 73 Hampshire 
Severance Fred, at Bates Mfg. Co. (Lewiston), boards 

Hampshire House 
Severance Harriet Mrs., house 3 Court 
Shackley Charles E., loom fixer, house 141 Second 
Shackley Fred N., music teacher, 29 Highland Av., 
Shanahau John, laborer, h. 6 Main 
Shanahan John, clerk, 67 Court, bds. 75 Newbury 
Shanahau Lawrie A., switchman, G. T. R., Lewiston 

Junction, bds. do. 
Shannon Joseph, carpenter, bds. 66 Hampshire 
Sapiro Jacob J., dry goods, 33 Broad, rms. do. 
Shapiro Moses, clerk, 33 Broad, rms. do. 
Shaw Adelbert, shoemaker, bds. 110 Main 
Shaw Berton, shoemaker, house 194 Washington 
Shaw Clinton S., bds. 20 Manley 
Shaw Edward H., farmer, house West Auburn road 
Shaw Frank, shoemaker, bds. 194 Washington 
Shaw Frank, shoemaker, rms 66 Hampshire 
Shaw Frank J., shoemaker, h. Lake, opp Gamage av. 
Shaw George F., boarding house, Spring St. extension 
Shaw Harry S., shoe finisher, h. 15 Maple 

SHAW HAZEX M., custom boot and shoe manfr., 
146 Main, h. 208 do. (see p. 201) 
Shaw John B., teamster, 129 Turner, h. 25 Lake 
Shaw Nathan, laborer, bds. Samuel Shaw's, East Auburn 
Shaw Percy, shoemaker, bds. 180 Court 
Shaw Rezoloo Mrs., rms. 88 Main 
Shaw Samuel, laborer, h. Elm East Auburn 
Shaw Samuel C, sole leather cutter, rms. 20 Manley 
Shaw Silas A., farmer, h. Perkins Ridge rd., W. A. 
Shaw Warren P., harness makrr, 152 Main, h. 35 Pine 
Shedd Phebe L., widow of Hosley, house 38 Union 
Sheldon James B., shoe laster, h. 4 Oak 
Shepherd Leonard, iceman, bds. 6o Whitney 


shoemaker, h. Lake, bey. Park Ave. 
Shields James, boards 10 Third 
Shields John, house 10 Third 

Shields John E., electric light trimmer, bds. 10 Third 
Shields Michael, laborer, bds. 10 Third 
Shields Thomas, boards 10 Third 
Shultes William, weaver, house 149 Second 
Silloway Walter H., mill overseer (Lewiston) ,h. 32 Dunn 
Silver Samuel N., pattern maker, house West Auburn rd. 
Simard Isadora, laborer, house 39 Second 
Simmons Eliza T. Miss, teacher, Webster grammer school, 

bcls. 40 High 
Simmons Elzada R., widow, boards 40 High 
Sirois Andre, brick maker, bds. 5 Broad 
Skelton Fred, machinist, (Lewiston) bds. 182 Main 
Skillins Fred M., farmer, b. Justin Briggs',DillinghamlIill 
Skillins Willis W., shoemaker, house 36 Holly 
Skinner Calvin G., pedler, house 30 French 
Skinner Carroll O., shoemaker, bds. 236 Main 
Skinner Davis N., oculist and aurist, 236 Main, house do, 
Skinner Emma L. Miss, boards 30 French 
Slater Samuel, section hand, h. 151 First 
Slater Thomas H., bookkeeper, G. T. R. (Lewiston), h. 

254 Turner 
Sleeper George E., lather, bds. 92 First 
Sleeper George R., fireman (Lewiston), house 92 First 
Sleeper Melvin A., laborer, bds. 92 First 
Small Bertha M. Miss, bookkeeper, bds. 90 Drummond 
Small Charles H., blacksmith, N.Auburn, opp.P.O., 
Small Dennis H., shoemaker, house Perkins Ridge road 
Small George D., freight handler, M.C.R.R.,b. 105 Spring 
Small Gertie Miss, skiver, bds. 54 High 
Small Harriet Miss, tailoress, house 65 Cook 
Small John, stove moulder, bds. 34 Sixth [Corner 

Small Joseph, farmer, h. off Old Hotel rd., at Littlefield's 

SMALL L. LINjV treas. Pray-Small Co., shoe mnfrs. 
Spring st. extension, h. 19 Elm 
Small Mary L., widow, house 217 Main 
Small Minnie M. Miss, eyeleter, bds. 90 Drummond 
Small Nathaniel C, bookkeeper (Lewiston), bds. 34 Sixth 
Small Newton, farmer, h. off Old Hotel rd.,Marston's. Cor. 
Small Osgood H., truckman, Gay, Woodman Co. (Lewis- 
ton), house 72 Hampshire 
Small Sarah Miss, h. 217 Main 

Small Stephen L., teamster (Lewiston), h. 280 Main 
Small Stephen R., farmer, h. Sturgis rd.,next G.T.R. 
Small Susan Miss, house 217 Main 

Small Theresa J., widow of John M., h. 90 Drummond 
Small William T., shoemaker, h. off So. River road 
Smiley J. Franklin, bds. 63 Newbury 
Smith Addison R., student, bds.. 18 Charles 


Smith Albert P., weaver (Lewiston), h. 48 Union 

Smith Allison, carpenter, h. River rd., near Northern av. 

Smith Alice G. Miss. compositor, 6 Court, bds. 154 Brooks 

Smith Alverado. painter, house 20 South 

Smith Annie Miss, shoe stitcher, h. 304 Turner 

Smith Asliley A., student, bds. 23 Oak 

Smith Ashley B., foreman of heel makers, 34 Troy, h. 23 Oak 

Smith Charles, laborer, house 19 Third 

Smith Charles, overseer, carding, Barker Mill, h. 154 Cook 

Smith Charles E., shoemaker, house 167 Summer 

Smith Charles F., bookkeeper, 118 Turner, h. Turner, bey. 

Mt. Auburn av. 
Smith Charles H., shoemaker, h. Center, beyond Cross 
Smith Clarence B., shoe finisher, h. 25 Hutchins 
Smith Edwin A., 1G Lisbon (Lewiston), bds. 155 Pleasant 
Smith Edwin M. (Bridge&Sinith), printer, 4Court,h. 76 Goff 
Smith Ella M. Miss, house 250 Court 

SMITH EVERETT L., cashier, Nat'l. Shoe Leather 
Bank, 79 Main, bds. 103 High 
Sjaith Fannie C. Miss, principal, Commercial College, 

(Lewiston), rooms 81 Academy 
Smith Frank, shoemaker, house 78 James 
Smith Frank E., section hand (Lewiston), house 81 Broad 
Smith Frank H., shoemaker, boards 131 Winter 
Smith Fred A., hairdresser, 41 Court, house 122 Hampshire 
Smith Fred J., fireman, M. C. R. R., bds. Geo. F. Shaw's, 

Spring st. extension 
Smith George, shoemaker, house 10 Pearl 

SMITH GEORGE B., prop. Auburn Marble and 
Monumental Works, 2 12Court,h. 9 Pleasant (see p. 227) 
Smith G. A., carpenter, boards Hampshire House 
Smith Hannah A., widow of Chas. O., h. 167 Summer 

SMITH HANNIBAL R. , coal and wood,212 Court, 
h, 13 Pleasant (see back cover) 
Smith Harrison W., saw filer, h. Lake, cor. Gamaofe av. 
Smith Harry L., shoemaker, bds. 64 Summer 
Smith Harvey J., boots and shoes ( Lewiston ),h. 38 Fifth 
Smith Hattie Miss, house 250 Court 
Smith Hattie S. Mrs., boards 51 Miuot av. 
Smith Henry J., bds. 78 James [Charles 

Smith Hillman (Smith & Dunn), grocer, 62 Spring, h. 18 
Smith Josephine Mrs., house 64 James 
Smith Ida L. Miss, teacher, Woodman school, house 33 

Western Promenade 
Smith Jrvin A., shoemaker, house 27 Pine 
Smith James H.. reed maker, house 18 First 
Smith John, carriage wood worker, 118 Turner, house 33 

Western Promenade [do. 

Smith John, pork packer and sausage mkr., 96 First. h. 100 
Smith John A., shoemaker, house 94 Goff 
Smith John W., baker, 33 Second, bds. 128 do. 


Smith Levi N., shoemaker, house 64 Summer 

Smith Moses, house 131 Winter 

Smith Ralph, operative, bds. 18 First 

Smith Rossie E., widow of Isaac A., h. 14 High 

Smith Samuel B. (Smith & Cook), apothecary, 36 Court, 

h. Madison, Park Hill 
Smith Samuel S., shoemaker, house 133 Spring 
Smith Turner H., shoemaker, house 11 Oak 
Smith Wallace, shoe cutter, h. 128 Summer 
Smith Walter H., shoemaker, bds. 131 Winter 
Smith Warren G., iron molder, rooms 94 Spring 
Smith Will, box maker, bds. 150 Minot 
Smith William J., h. 5 Blake [Gamage av. 

Smith William S., gardener, bds. Harrison W. Smith's. 
Smith & Cook (Samuel B. Smith and Otis J. Cook), 

apothecaries, 36 Court 
Smith & Dunn (Hillman Smith and West M. Dunn), gro- 
ceries and provisions, 62 Spring 
Snell Alfred, shoe treer, bds. 49 Court 
Sneil Frank M., mill operative, house 19 Cook 
Snell Frank W. Rev., pastor, M.E. church, N. Auburn, h. do, 
Snell George E., carpenter, h. 35 Union 
Snell Jesse L., shoemaker, bds. 48 Troy 
Snell John E., car inspector, M.C.R.R.,b. Arthur C.Foss' 

Danville Junction 
Snell Nancy D., widow, boards 355 Turner 
Snell Rebecca J., widow, house 35 Union 
Snell Simon B., machinist (Lewiston) h. 54 Fifth 
Snell W. H., carpenter, h. 89 Goff 
Snow Allen C, farmer, house So. River road 
Snow Bertha, mill operator, bds. 25 Knight 
Snow George H., operative, bds. 3 Loring av. 
Snow Laura, winow of Oscar, h. 82 Academy 
Snow Louis P., painter, Barker Mill, rms. 75 Seventh 
Solomon Richard, hostler, r. 63 Western Promenade, b. do. 
Soper Edmund H.,saw mill, Mill rd,S.Aubu.m,h. near do. 
Soper Joseph A. wood worker, h. 94 Hutchins 
Soucie Joseph, blacksmith, 3 River rd., bds, at Lewiston 
Soule Adam P., iron molder, h. 317 Main [road 

Soule Frank, iron molder, h. Old Hotel rd., cor. Stevens Mill 
Soule Jane G., widow of Francis, h. rear 466 Court 
Soule Jennie M.,wid.of Harry, b. A. V. Tufts,01d Hotel rd. 
Soule John W., carpenter, h. rear 466 Court 
Southard Elmer, teamster, 129 Turner [Drummond 

Spaulding Isora O. Mrs., housekeeper, 198 Main, rms. 10 
Spaulding John R Mrs.,, h. Splinterville, West Auburn 
Spearing Vesta A. Mrs., matron, Old Ladies' Home, 13 
Spearrin Charles W., carpenter, house 100 Miller 
Spearrin Edmund C, asst. engineer, 209 Court, house 19 


Spencer Sewall, at W. A. Works, rms. 120 High [road 
Spiller Fred, brjek maker, h. Cross rd.,from New Gloucester 
Spooner Addison, liouse Centre, beyond Cross 
Spooner John T., foreman, bottoming, 34 Troy, boards 

Addison Spooner's, Centre 
Sprague Arthur C, bookkeeper(Lewiston), h. 16 Temple 
Sprague Edgar G.,treas.Dingley-Foss Shoe Co., 34 Troy, 

liouse 280 Court 
Sprague George W.,box maker, h. 91 Western av. 
Sprague Henry M., Adjutant General office, State House, 

(Augusta), liouse 55 Hampshire 
Sprague Silas, Registrar of Deeds, office 7 County build- 
ing, h. 55 Hampshire 
Sprague Wellington, conductor, M.C.R.R., h. 36 Spring 
Stackpole Caroline G., widow of Cornelius, h. 17 High- 
Stackpole Charles, farmer, house Oakes road, near Dan- 
ville Corner 
Stacy Thomas H., pastor, Free Baptist Church, h. 37 

Highland avenue 
Stauchfield Walter F., carriage maker, 118 Turner, house 

42 Winter 
Stanley Arietta T., widow of John L., bds. 67 High 
Stan wood Henry E., painter, h. 29 School 
Staples Africa, farmer, house Mt. Auburn ave. 
Staples Andrew J., shoemaker, h. 104 Court 
Staples Anna Miss, bds. James R. Andersou's, Mt. Au- 
burn ave. 
Staples Ansel, farmer, h. North Auburn 
Staples Arthur G., reporter, Journal (Lewiston), bds. 65 

Staples Asa K., boards 5 Maple 
Staples Azel, farmer, h. h. Pleasant, West Auburn 
Staples Ernest L., shoemaker, h. 32 L Court 
Staples George E., shoemaker, h. Nort Auburn 
Staples George W., shoemaker, h. 86 Spring 
Staples Harlan P., shoemaker, h. Pleasant, W. Auburn 
Staples John, shoemaker, bds. 104 Court [av. 

Staples Josiah, farmer, h. Turner road, bey. Mt. Auburn 
Staples Matilda Miss, house 108 Court 
Staples Neoma Mrs., boards 16 South Goff 
Staples Setu, shoemaker, h. 15 Parker 
Starbird Caroline S., widow of Rufus T., h. 25 Fifth 
Starbird Frank, teamster, 1 Court, bds. 46 Main 
Starbird Herbert L., shoe burnisher, bds. 94 Summer 
Starbird James E., carpenter, bds. 26 High 
Starbird James C, hostler, r. 73 Main, bds. 26 High 
Starbird John, laborer, h. cross road, from New Glouces- 
ter road 
Starbird Mary S.. widow of William H., h. 94 Summer 


Starbird Thomas, farmer, h. cross road from South River 

road, bey. Oak Hill cemetery 

Starbird, shoemaker, bds. 32 Main 

Staten Andrew J., shoemaker, h. Oak, E. Auburn 
Staten Jane, widow of Elias, h. Elm, East Auburn 
Stearns Henry P. (Stearns & Reed), 9 River road, h. 22 


STEARIN'S & REED (Henry B. Stearns and Anson 
Reed), wood and coal, 9 River road (see back cover) 
Steele Alexander, mill operative (Lewiston), h. off Pownal 

rd., So. Auburn 
Steele Elizabeth, widow of James, h. 8 First 
Stephens Walter G., .farmer, house Stevens Mill road, 

bey. school house 
Stephenson Alfred, candy maker, 26 Main 
Stetson Charles M., driver 37 Knight, h. 9 Centre 
Stetson David L., teamster, h. Center, East Auburn 
Stetson Emeline A. Miss, h, 210 Summer 
Stetson George, shoemaker, bds. 45 High 
Stetson George F., soap manfr., Center, bey. Cross and 

machinist (Lewiston). house off Center, East Auburn 
Stetson Henrv, farmer, h. River road, bevond cemeterv 

8TETSOXJ. WALTER, treas., Mechanics Sav- 
ings Bank, 79 Main, h. 24 Madison 
Stetson Mary Miss, h. off Turner road 
Stetson Samuel, cabinet maker, 8 Mechanics row, house 

285 Court 
Stetson William E , machinist, h. 48 James 
Stetson William K., clerk, 49 Hampshire, h. at Lewiston 
Stetson W. W., supt. of schools, and principal, Webster 

grammar school, office do., h. 295 Minot avenue 
Stevens Albion M., iceman, h. 65 Whitney 
Stevens Alfred S. painter, bds. 14 South 
Stevens Alice A., widow, h. Park av., cor. Lake 
Stevens Calvert S., shoemaker, h. 414 Court 
Stevens Charles A., supt*, 10 Railroad, b. 132 Lake 
Stevens Charles H., farmer and milkman, h. Court, n., 

Stevens Mill rd. 

STEVENS DANIEL B., blacksmith and horse 
stioer, 143 and 145 Turner, house Mt. Auburn avenue 
see page 586) 
Stevens David T., clergyman, h. 130 Lake 
Stevens Deborah, widow of Euas W., h. Old Hotel road, 

cor. Minot ave. 
Stevens Edwin L., shoe laster, bds. 27 Mechanics Row 

STEVENS EDWIN T., pres. and treas., E. T. 
Stevens Co., groceries, 211 Turner, h. 215 do. (see 
page 581 ) 
Stevens Eliza H. Miss, house 82 Newbury 



Stevens Elmer M., fanner, bds. Mrs. Deborah Stevens', 

Old Hotel i-d. 
Stevens Enoe F., painter and paper hanger, 148 Spring, 

house do. 
Stevens Enofl II., farmer, h. Court, n. Stevens Mill road 
Stevens Everett M., corp. clerk, Dingley-Foss Shoe Co., 

shoe mnfr. 34 Troy, bds. 178 Winter 

STEVENS E. T. CO., grocers and provisions, 211 
Turner (see p. 581) 
Stevens Fenton S.« iron molder, bds. 186 Main 
Stevens Fred A., shoemaker, house River road, bey. 

Nothern av. 
Stevens Frederick M., shoe cutter (Lewiston), h. 5 Goff 
Stevens George E., bds. D. B. Stevens, Mt. Auburn av. 
Stevens Harriet A. Miss, private school, 25 Lake, h. 130do. 
Stevens Herbert M., foreman, stock room, 34 Troy, house 

141 Winter 
Stevens Jacob E., shoemaker, house 314 Turner 
Stevens James M., fruit and confectionery, Gl Couit, 

house 55 Winter 
Stevens John A., shoemaker, h. 33 Whitney 
Stevens Julia Miss, shoe stitjher, bds. 313 Turner 
Stevens Julien J., student, b. D. B. Stevens', Mt. Au- 
burn av. 
Stevens Lester L., clerk. 61 Court, bds. 55 Winter. 
Stevens Levi, house 313 Turner 
Stevens Marion E. Mrs., house 82 Newbury 
Stevens Mary Bates Mrs., physician, £15 Turner, h. do. 
Stevens Nancy M. Miss, artist, bds. 130 Lake 
Stevens Orlando H., box maker, h. 24 South 
Stevens Ralph A., shoemaker, h. Stevens Mill road 
Stevens Sally A., widow, house 11 Granite 
Stevens Samuel, painter, house Minot road, near Little- 
field Corner 
Stevens Sarah, widow, bds. 24 South 
Stevens Simon H., mason, house 81 Summer 
Stevens Sutton S., farmer, h. Stevens Mill road, beyond 

school house 
Stevens Wallace E., shoe cutter, h. 10 Grove 
Stevens Wendell S., shoe cutter, h. 66 Manley 
Stevens William, painter, h. 399 Court 
Stevenson Alfred B., candy maker, rms. 57 Fifth 
Stevenson Julia R. Mrs., house 26 Fifth 
Steward George W., shoe laster, h. Gamage av., n. Lake 
Stewart Frank M., machinist, h. 129 Summer 
Stewart John ()., gardener, h. 67 School 
Stewart Joseph, U.. renderer, 37 Knight, h. at Lewiston 
Stickney Daniel, bds. 118 High 
Stickney Guilford, boot maker, bds. 136 Summer 
Stillings Lin wood W., clerk, 118 Turner, bds. A. A. Ver- 
rill's, Young's Corner 


Stillings Virgil E., farmer, b. A. A. VerrhTs, Young's 

Stimpson Fostina Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 14 Pearl 
Stinchfield Abigail Miss, bds. 13 So. Goff 
Stinchfield Charles O., laborer, h. Danville Junction 
Stinchfield Eben, farmer and blacksmith, h. Mill road 
Stinchfield Eugene A. N., laborer, boards Wm. S. Wood- 
bury's, Pownal rd. 
Stinchfield John T. W., farmer, house Pownal road, So. 

Stinchfield Martha Miss, dressmaker, bds. 151 Pleasant 
Stinchfield Oliver D., piano tuner, h. 276 Washington 
Stinchfield Walter P., night watchman, G. T. R. (Lewis- 
ton), b. 24 Jefferson 
Stinchfield William A., engineer, G. T. R., house 24 

Stockbridge Arthur L., clerk, M. C. R. R. freight of- 
fice, b. at Lewiston 
Stockman Annie M. Miss, compositor (Lewiston Journal), 

boards 58 Drummond 
Stockman Joseph, shoemaker, h. Hackett rd., S. Auburn 
Stockman Sullivan H., shoemaker, house Hackett road, 

South Auburn 
Stone Cora B. Mrs., dressmaker, 278 Main, h, do. 
Stone George E., bookkeeper, 209 Court, h. 278 Main 
Stone George W., blacksmith, Minot av., near Stevens' 

Mill, h. near do. 
Storah Fred H. (F. H. Storah & Co.), painter, 12 Me- 
chanics row, h. 41 Manlev 
STORAH F. H. & C(X (Fred H. Storah and Win. 
Wallace Pettengill), painters and paper hangers, 12 
Mechanics row, rear Auburn block (see page 584) 
Storah Thomas T., paper hanger, h. 85 James 
Stover James T., carpenter, h. 31 Pine 
Stow Leon T., shoe cutter, rms. 206 Main 
Stowell Josephine Mrs., house 82 Union 
Stratton William D., shoemaker, house 63 Winter 
Street Commissioner's office, 18 Troy 
Strout E. Green, shoemaker, h. 87 Spring 
Strout Fannie M., clerk, 66 Main, b. 90 High 
Strout George, farmer, house Old Hotel road, Marston's 

Strout Joseph N., section hand, G. T. R., house Danville 

Strout J. Weston, clerk, 64 Court, h. 5 Goff 
Strout Levi P., farmer, h. Minot rd., n. Littlefield's cor. 
Strout Revillo M., prop. Durham stage, orh'ee, 149 Main, 

house at Durham 
Strout Sherman, foreman, 64 French, h. at Durham 
Stuart Fred G., shoemaker, bds. 129 Second 
Stuart John H., operative, bds. 129 Second 


Stuart John O., gardener, bouse 67 School 

Stuart M. Samuel, laborer, house 129 Second 

Stubbs Edward, candymaker, 26 Main, rms. 20 Spring 

Sturgis Benjamin F., physician, 137 Court, house do. 

Sturgis Betsey M., widow of Nathaniel, h. Sturgis road 

Sturgis Charles G., farmer, b. W. P. Sturgis', Beach Hill 

Sturgis Howard, can sealer, rms. 64 Summer 

Sturgis John, student, Bates College, bds. 137 Court 

Sturgis William P., farmer, h. Sturgis road, Beach Hill 

Sturtevant Abbie, widow of William P., h. 11 Newbury 

Sturtevant Charles K., teamster, 100 Main, h. 76 Whitney 

Sturtevant Frank L., farmer, h. Park ave. u. Lake 

Sturtevant George F., shoemaker, h. 35 Winter 

Sturtevant Leon C, shoemaker, b. 35 Winter 

Sturtevant Miles I., shoemaker, h. 10 Grove 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. 50 Pleasant 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, b. rear 99 First 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h. rear 99 First 

Sullivan Jeremiah, shoemaker, b. 28 Newbury 

Sullivan Jeremiah, shoe laster, h. 36 Cook 

Sullivan John, farmer, house New Gloucester road., near 

school house 
Sullivan John M., shoemaker, b. 28 Newbury 
Sullivan Justin, laborer, h. 18 Pulsifer 
Sullivan Mary, widow of James, h. 24 First 
Sullivan Patrick, shoe laster, 117 Main, h. at Lewiston 
Sullivan Patrick F., shoemaker, h. 19 Laurel 
Sumner Carrie H. Miss, bookkeeper, 87 Main, bds. 106 

Sumner S. Bennie Miss, rms. 106 Pleasant 
Sutherland Octavia, widow of James P., b. 116 Goff 
Sweeney Dennis, city laborer, h. rear 211 Turner 
Sweeney Lewis, blacksmith, rms. 19 Goff 
Sweeney Mary, paper box maker, rms. 19 Goff 
Sweet Fred H., shoemaker, b. 16 Laurel 
Swett Charles F., hairdresser, 50 Main, h. 27 Laurel 
Swett C. V. Miss, house 13 James 
Swett Daniel C, carpenter, h. 29 Knight 
Swett Fannie E. Miss (F. E. & S. C. Swett), millinery 

and fancy goods, 51 Court, h. 68 High 
Swett F. E. & S. C. (Miss Fannie E. and Miss Sarah C. 

Swett), millinery and fancy goods, 51 Court 
Swett Georgie Miss, milliner, 51 Court, h. 68 High 
Swett Horace A., harness maker, rms. 6 Hampshire 
Swett Nancy, widow of Noah, b. 6S High 
Swett Orville, farmer and boarding house, 150 Minot av. 
Swett Samuel M., shoemaker, h. 87 Drummond 
Swett Sarah C. (F. E. and S. C. Swett), millinery and 

fancy goods, 51 Court, h. 64 High 
Swift Alva A., laborer, h. 49 Academy 
Swift Asa, hostler, Maple Grove Farm stable, bds. D. W. 

Watsou's, Turner road 


Swift Ethan A., shoemaker, h. 21 Winter 
Swift J., shoemaker, b. Hampshire House 
Swift J. Edwin, shoemaker, b. 290 Main 
Swift J. Green, farmer, h. Marston's Corner 
Swift Newton T., gardener, h. 290 Main 
Swyhmer James C, operative, b. 69 Second 
Swyhmer Mary A., widow of Henry, h. 69 Seco id 
Svkes Catherine, widow of Thomas, h. 96 Pleasant 

8" YKES ROBERT M., clothing, etc. (Lewiston), h. 
84 Spring (see page 7) 
Symmes John C, groceries, etc., 178 Court, h. 196 Main 

TABER Emma Miss, teacher, Auburn Plains school 

Taber George W., farmer, h. Lake Auburn road 

Taber Sherman E., teamster, b. 199 Washington 

Tainter Frank E., music store (Lewiston), h. 12 Bearce 

Talbot Adolph, clerk (Lewiston), h. 91 Second 

Talbot William, laborer, bds. 24 South 

Tarbox Adelbert, weaver rms. 40 Railroad 

Tarbox John H., shoemaker, house 13 Bearce 

Tarr Flavia Miss, shoe stitcher, rms. 217 Main 

Tarr Fred P., last maker, 35 Railroad, b. 88 Summer 

Tarr Henry, city teamster, house 74 Spring 

Tarr Herbert L., shoemaker, h. 77 Summer 

Tarr Lerov E., shoemaker, bcls. 74 Spring 

TAYLOR BRGTHERS(Fred M. and Freeman B. 
Taylor), carriagesmiths and blacksmiths, 113 Turner 

(see page 579) 
Taylor Edward, blacksmith, 113 Turner, h. .17 Pearl 
Taylor Ellen E., dressmaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Taylor Fred M. (Taylor Brothers), carriagesmith, 113 

Turner, house 40 Spring 
Taylor Freeman B., Taylor Bros., carriagesmith, 113 

Turner, rms. 13 Pearl 
Taylor James, section hand, bds. 10 River 
Taylor John, spinner, bds. 10 River 
Taylor John, spinner, house 10 River 
Taylor John S., weaver, bds. 126 First 
Taylor Joseph, mule spiuner, house 12 First 
Taylor Rotheus W., shoe stitcher, h. 141 Hampshire 
Taylor R. W. Mrs., dressmaker, 14 Court, house 141 

Taylor Samuel, mill section hand (Lewiston) ,h. 126 First 
Taylor Varney B., sheemaker, house 20 Temple 
Taylor William, carpenter, bds. 10 Second 
Teague Benjamin F. Mrs., house 352 Court 
Teague Daniel M., music teacher, 126 Main, h. do. 
Teague Ella Miss, shoe stitcher, house 73 Spring 
Teague Elmer, carriage painter, 149 Turner, rms. 21 

Teague Howard A., carriage painter, rms. 21 Spring 
Teague Lydia, widow of John, house 73 Spring 


Templeton James, house 48 Newbury 

Tennev Annie E., compositor, Lewiston Journal, bouse 

29 Parker 
Tenney Bert, carpenter, bds. 180 Court 
Tenney Emma Miss, seamstress, bouse 62 Goff 
Tennev Fred A., optician, 58 Court, rms. 63 Academy 
Tennev Maria D., widow, bouse 62 Goff 
Tennev Sarah A., widow, bouse 29 Park 
Terriault George 8., shoemaker, house River road, beyond 

Northern avenue 
Terriault William, lumberman, house River road 
Tetrault Napoleon, mill operative, h. 5 So. Main 
Thayer George, at R. C. Pingree's (Lewiston), boards 

Hampshire House 
Thibadeau Antoine, shoemaker, h. 5 South Main 
Thibadeau Eusbe, carpenter, house 46 Third 
Tliibeault Algernon, clerk ( Lewiston), h. 53 Third 
Thibeault Antoine, laborer, house 5 Broad 
Thibeault Augustine, operative, Louse 19 Third 
Thibeault Dona, box maker, bds. 5 Broad 
Thomas Elizabeth S., bds. 157 Court 
mHOMAS ELMER I., architect, 31 Court, room 7, 
JL house Main, corner Drummond(see page 272) 
Thomas John B., shoemaker, h. Oak, East Auburn 
Thomas John H., house 5 Gamage ave. 
Thomas Lewis J. Rev., pastor. Sixth Street Congregation- 
al church, house 115 South Main 
Thomas Lizzie Miss, box maker, rms. 121 High 
Thomas Lizzie B., dressmaker, rms. 40 Spring 
Thomas Victor, shoemaker, bds. 10 Main 
Thomas William, blacksmith, b. Oak, East Auburn 
Thomas William, laborer, boards Ansel Staples, North 

Thompson Aaron, laborer, house 5G Third 
Thompson Edgar L., horse trainer. house 97 Summer 
Thompson Edwin, tinsmith, bouse 28 Winter 
Thompson Fannie, Miss, bouse 75 School 
Thompson Frederick M., horse trainer, bds. 116 French 
Thompson G. A., shoe maker, house Old Hotel road, 

near New Gloucester line 
Thompson Hannibal, shoemaker, h. 18 Whitney 
Thompson Herbert L., messenger, It. ex. U. S.. house 31 

Thompson Julia, widow of Abel, house 10 Pine 
Thompson Mellville A., bookkeeper, A. W. Hutchms, h. 

First avenue, opp. Adams 
Thompson Roland, shoe cutter, rms. 178 Main 
Thompson William F., cabinet maker, h. Oak, E. Auburn 
Thompson William H., foreman bottoming room, 10 

railroad, house 58 School 
Thompson William H. 2nd., shoemaker, b. 18 Whitney 


Thome Ira O., truck mm, 51 High, house do. 

Thome Thomas D., raison, house 193 Cook 

Thorpe George, marble worker, 101 Turner, house at 

Thurlow P]unice, widow of Hiram, b. 430 Court 
Tnurston ALmou R.,carp3nt3r, boards Charles Taurstoa's, 

Danville junction 
Thurston Charles, grocer and postmaster, Danville junc- 
tion, house near do. 
Thurston Ernest, farmer, house Old Hotel road, next 

New Gloucester line 
Thurston Eunice, widow of Moses W., boards Charles 

Thurston's, Danville junction 
Thurston M. L., bds. Maine Hotel 
Tibbetts Charles 8., carpenter, bds. 68 Loring ave. 
Tibbetts Forrest S., hostler, 7 Cross, bds. do. 
Tibbetts Fred, shoemaker, house 5 Bearce 
Tibbets John C, farmer house 68 Loring av. 
Tibbetts John E.( J. E. ,Tibbetts & Co.), grist mill, 33 

Knight, house 71 Pleasant 
Tibbetts J. E. & Co. (John E. & Norris S. Tibbetts), 

flour, grain, etc., Turner, at M. C. R. R., grist 

mill, 33 Knight 
Tibbetts Lurane M. Miss, house 5 Bearce 
Tibbetts Luther D., student, bds. 68 Loring av. 
Tibbetts Mary L., widow of G. C, housekeeper, 233 Main 
Tibbetts Norris S. (J. E. Tibbetts & Co.), 33 Knight, b. 

71 Pleasant 
Tibbetts Peter, carpenter, house 9 First 
Tibbetts Warren H., clerk, 56 Court, h. 32 Manley 
Tilton Isabell C. Miss, teacher, Haskell Corner school, 

bds. Fessenden Knowlton's 
Tilton Lathrop C. Mrs., house 1 Blake 
Tinker Charles F., carpenter, house 67 High 
Tiukham Alvira Mrs., bds. P. Dill's, River road 
Titcomb Frank, carpenter, bds. 59 James 
Tobie Frank L., hydraulic engineer, house 28 Elm 
Tobey Frank E.(0. Holway & Co.), wholesale grain, 19 

School, h. 83 Pleasant 
Tobie & Clark, Mnfg. Co., 165 Washington 
Toner Charles F., clerk, M. C. R. R.( Lewiston), rooms 

32 Spring 
Toothaker Raymond, house 300 Court 
Torsey Henry A., bookkeeper (Lewiston), house Center, 

beyond Cross 
Tourigny Victor, house 104 Third 
Towle Elden, carpenter, house 16 Temple 
Towle Fred M., shoe cutter, house 48 Union 
Towle Ora E., shoe cutter, house 2 Harvard 
Towle Samuel B., shoemaker, boards 16 Temple 
Towne Charles A. Rev., pastor, Court Street Bnptist, 

Church, house 50 Elm 


Towue Edwin C, boarding bouse, 46 Main, h, do. 
Townsend Charles, fanner, h. Turner road, E. Auburn 
Townsend Frank A., farmer, bds. J. Townsend's, Turne r 

Townsend Henry, farmer, house Turner rd., E. A. 
Townsend John, farmer, b. Turner road, East Auburn 
Townsend Rodney F., farmer, h. Turner rd., E. Auburn 
Townsend Roscoe G., painter, h. 21 Whitney 
Tracy Frank L., student, bds. 14 South 
Tracy Justin T., carpet layer, h. 14 South 
Tracy Nathaniel, shoemaker, h. Park av., next Lake 
Tracy Orvill, shoemaker, bds. Nathaniel Tracy's Park av. 
Trafton R. Annie, widow, h. 10 Drummond 
Trafton Willis A., clerk, Pray-Small Co., Spring st. ex- 
tension, bds. 10 Drummond 
Trask Albion L., shoemaker, bds. 85 Summer 
Trask Benjamin W., shoemaker, h. 85 Summer 
Trask Osborne, foreman, finishing room, 209 Court, h. at 

Tribon Anne R., widow of Charles., h. 59 Whitney 
Tribou Everett H., shoemaker, bds. 12 Temple 
Tribou Everett M., shoemaker, h. Centre, bey. Cross 
Tribou Stephen G., farmer, h. Dillingham Hill 
Trim back Julius, dyer (Lewiston), h. 29 Fourth 
True Charles L., trav. salesman (Boston), bds. 7 Goff 
True Edith, teacher, Rowe's Corner school, boards John 

M. Felkei's, Old Danville road 
True Edward C. (J. F. True & Co.), 15 Drummond, 

boards 17 do. 
True Elmer E., clerk, Adams House (Boston), boards 

35 James 
True George F., clerk, 15 Drummond, boards 17 do. 
True John E., variety store, Spring st. extension, house 

35 James 
mRUE JOHN F., prop., True's Pin Worm Elixer, 

15 Drummoud, n. Main, h. 15 do. (see page 16) 
r UtUE J. F. & CO. (John F. and Edward C. True), 

patent medicine mufrs., 15 Drummond (see p. 16) 
True worthy Isaac A., shoemaker, boards 182 Main 
Trufant Arba H., shoemaker, h. Turner road, beyond 

Mt. Auburn av. 
Tryon Fred, clerk, 98 Main, house at Lisbon 
Tubbs Arden A., carpenter, 44 Miller, h. 22 Granite 
Tubbs Charles, house 263 Court 
Tubbs Charles L., shoemaker, bds. 263 Court 
Tubbs George A., shoemaker, h. 25 James 
Tubbs Horutio, carpenter, h. 10 Hazel 
Tucker Mrs., house J 18 Second 
Tufts Alvin V., tinsmith (Lewiston), house Old Hotel 

road, near Mar s ton 'a Corner 

34 Railroad", bds. 66 Spring 


Tufts George 0., shoemaker, rooms 217 Main 

Take j Cordelia Mrs., boarcliug-house, 49 School 

Turf, Farm and Home, 4 and 6 Court, Thomas E.Calvert, 

Turgeon Charles L. (Bearce, Wilson & Co.), coal, wood 

and lumber, 9 Minot av., h. 39 Union 
Turner Elbridge Y. (Turner & Fairbanks), stone contrac- 
tor, 33 Main, house do. 
Turner Emma Mrs., house Broad, at old saw mill 
Turner Eugene M., hairdresser, 51 Union, bds. 49 do. 
Turner George H., shoe laster, h. 46 Union 
Turner Herbert E., shoemaker, house 23 Highland 
Turner Jeannette R., widow of Nathaniel, h. 33 Main 
Turner John A., h. off River road, East Auburn 
Turner Joseph H., farmer, h. off River rd., E.Auburn 
Turner Kate I., tailoress,15 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Turner Michael, hostler, Maple Grove Farm stable, bds. 

D. W. Watson's, Turner road 
Turner Sybil P.Mrs., housekeeper, 29 Whitney 
Turner William H., shoemaker, rms. 6 Hampshire 
Turner Winslow, shoemaker and variety store, 49 Union, 

house do. 
Turner Winslow G., shoe laster, house 106 Western av. 
Turner & Fairbanks (Elbridge Y. Turner and A. Fair- 
banks), stone contractors, 33 Main 
Tuttle Benjamin L., foreman, cuttiug, 10 Railroad, h.l 17 

Tuttle Harry C, blacksmith, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Tuttle Henry C, miller, 33 Knight, h. 34 Hampshire 
Tuttle Louisa W., widow, bds. 163 Main 
Tuttle Millie M. Mrs.,tailoress,15 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Tuttle Nancy L., widow of Joseph,bds.ll7 Spring 
Tuttle Russell S.,shoe cutter, h. 461 Court 
Twomblv John H. (J. H. Twomblv & Co.), 52 Court, h. 

Twombly J. H. & Co. (John H. Twomblv and Geo. H. 
Cobb), merchant tailors, 52 Court 

ULMER GEORGE E., manager, 105 Main, b. at Lewiston 
Underwood Walter, hostler, Maple Grove Farm stable, b. 

D. W. Watson's, Turner road 
Union Debenture Co., 83 Main 

United Packers (The), fruit and corn canners, 64 French 
Unsworth James, dyer, house 10 Second 
Upton Alvin TV, laborer, Continental Mill (Lewiston), h. 

21 Third 

VARNUM ROBERT, shoemaker, h. River road 
Vaughn Thomas, compositor, 6 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Verplast Ulysses Grant (Verplast & Pennev), provisions, 
h. 49 School 


VERPLAST & PENNEY (Ulysses G. Verplast and 
Leonard R. Penney), groceries and provisions, 10 
Troy (see p. 585) 
Verreault Louis, laborer, h. 5 S. Main 
Verrill Albert A., farmer, h. Youngs Corner road 
Verrill Albert E. (McCann & Verrill), attorney, 68 Main, 

bds. 10 Willow 
Verrill Alden J. (J. A. Verrill & Co.), marble works, 101 
Turner, b. 144 Spring [Ridge road 

Verrill Arthur L., shoemaker. bds. M. L. Verrill's, Perkins 
Verrill Aurilla Miss, house 102 Spring 

YERRILL A. J. & CO. (Alden J.Verrill and Frank 
A. Kendall), marble works, 101 Turner (see p. 227) 
Verrill Bert D., farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road,W. A. 
Verrill Beulah, widow of Benjamin, h. 430 Court 
Verrill Charles, house 10 Willow 
Verrill Clark M., shoemaker, rms. 53 Union 
Verrill Daniel R., farmer, h. Wilcombs Corner 
Verrill Dexter W. (Verrill & Hutchinson), ius. 83 Maiu, 

h. 138 Spring 
Verrill Edgar B., laborer, h. 87 Manley 
Verrill Enoch C, butcher, h.Brookvale, West Auburn 
Verrill Fred E., shoemaker, bds. 15 Oak 
Verrill Horace A.. trav. salesman, rms. 133 Court 
Verrill Jabez B., janitor, Pine street school, house 86 

Verrill Jessy R., trav. salesman, h. 143 Spring 

VERRILL J. WESLEY, machinist, and mnfr., of 
philosophical apparatus, 34 Railroad, house 430 
Court (see page 579) 
Verrill Lester, at B. M. Co. (Lewiston), bds. Hampshire 

Verrill Leon M., bds. 138 Spring 
Verrill Lucinda, widow of Davis, bds. 81 Winter 
Verrill Martin L., farmer, house Perkins Ridge rd., W.A. 
Verrill Nathan S., shoemaker, house Young's corner rd. 
Verrill Ranaldo C, shoemaker, bds. 48 Summer 
Verrill Samuel carpenter, bds. 270 Main 

rill and James P. Hutchinson), insurance and real 

estate, 83 Main, (see opp. Ins. agents) 
Vickery Andrew J., farmer, house 115 Hampshire 
Vickery Augustus M., farmer, house Pownal road, S. A. 
Vickery Charles G., glazier, bds. W. P. Vickery's, East 

Vickery David, house Oak, East Auburn 
Vickery Elvira A., widow of Isaiah H., house 25 Lake 
Vickery Enos, mason and farmer, h. Cross road, off So. 

River road, South Auburn 
Vickery Etta L. Mrs., music teacher, 133 So. Main, h. do. 
Vickery Frank A. (J. P. Vickery & Co.), grist mill, h. 

Oak, cor. Elm, East Auburn 


Vickery Frank G., farmer, house South River road, bey. 

Peniey's corner 
Vickery Fred F. (J. P. Yickery & Co.), grist mill, house 

Oak, cor. Elm, East Auburn 
Vickery Freeman, farm hand, bds. Enos Vickery's, Cross 

road, off South riyer road, So. Auburn 
Vickery Joel, farmer, house 267 Minot av. 
Vickery John F., farmer, house 267 Minot av. 
Vickery Joseph P. (J. P. Vickery & Co.), grist mill, h. 

Oak, cor. Elm, East Auburn 
Vickery J. P. & Co. (Joseph P., Fred F. and Frank A. 

Vickery), grist mill, East Auburn 
Vickery Wm. Edward, clerk, (Lewiston), h. 133 S. Main 
Vickery William P., carriage maker and blacksmith, Cen- 
tre, East Auburn, house do. 
Viens Joseph, laborer, house 8 Second 
Vi .cent Sabin (Provost & Vincent), bottler, 5 So. Main, 

house do. 
Virgin James Mtmroe, clerk (Lewiston), house 27 Me- 
chanics row 
Vose Edgar W., shoemaker, bds. 114 Hampshire 
Vose Fanny clerk, rooms 53 School 
Vosmus Frank A., messenger, American express Co. 

(Lewiston), house 58 Academy 
Vosmus George, farmer, house Cross road, near Rowe's 

Vosmus George W., driver, American Ex. Co. (Lewiston), 

house 214 Minot avenue 
Vosmus Henry E., clerk, 98 Main, bds. 123 Washington 
Vosmus James, farmer, house off Old Danville road, n. 

Rowe's corner 
Vosmus James, shoemaker, house 234 Washington 
Vosmus Mary, widow of Jacob, bds. Dyer E. Goss, New 

Gloucester road 
Vosmus Milton H., farmer, house Cross road, near Rowe's 

corner, South Auburn 
Vosmus Thomas H., watchman, Whitman Agricultural 

Works, house 123 Washington 
Vosmus William, farmer, house Cross road, near Rowe's 

corner, South Auburn 

WAGNER DANA D., shoe cutter, house 99 Pleasant 
Wagg Fannie F. Miss, shoe stitcher, bds. 109 Spring 
Wagg George W., laborer, house Danville Junction 
Wagg George W., pres. Maine and N. H. Granite Co., 
house 230 Minot av. [road 

Wagg Herbert J., farmer, bds. James Wagg's, So. River 
Wagg Howard, shoemaker, bds. 66 Spring 
Wagg Howard S., shoemaker, bds. James Wagg's, So. 

River road 
Wagg James, farmer, house So. River road, beyond Pen- 
ley's comer 


Wagg Charlotte H., widow of James, house 134 Minotav. 
Wagg James E., farmer, h. S. River road, Penley's cor. 
Wagg Josephine, widow of George W., rooms 165 Court 
Wagg Lvdia A., widow of William K., house Mill road, 

South Auburn 
Was;g Mary A., widow of Joshua M., house 71 High 
Waite Augustus A., agent. Eureka Hosiery Co., 103 Main, 

rooms 30 Fifth 
Wakefield Albert B. (Crooker & Wakefield), blacksmith, 

22 Miller, house 72 James 
Wakefield Flora M. Miss, bookkeeper (Lewiston), bds. 

117 Sixth 
Wakefield Idell F., clerk, 2 Third, house 117 Sixth 
Wakefield Lizzie, Mrs., housekeeper, 106 Pleasant 
Wakefield Matilda E., widow of Franklin, house 117 Sixth 
Waldron Nelson B., at \V. A. Works, h. 290 Main 
Walker Alfred, farmer, house South River road, bey. Oak 

Hill cemetery 
Walker Bert A., door maker, house 199 Washington 
Walker Cyrus C, farmer, house Cross road, leading from 

South River road, to Old Danville road 
Walker Daniel, prop., Mechanics Falls stage office, 149 

Main, house at Minot 
Walker Emma E. Miss, teacher, Stevens Mills school, b. 

Mrs. Deborah Stevens, Old Hotel road 
Walker G-eorgie, compositor, 6 Court, bds. at Lewiston 
Walker Harry C. (Ingersoll, Whitman & Co.), stoves, 

hardware, etc., 64 Main, h. 10 High 
Walker James, farmer, house Cross road, Marston's cor. 
Walker John T.. farmer, house Old Hotel road, Marston's 

Walker Mary C. Miss, house 35 James 
Walker Nellie A. Miss, teacher, Chamberlain school, bds. 

63 Academy 
Walker Rachel, widow of Samuel, house 85 Pine 
Walker Samuel H., operative, bds. 147 First 
Walker Winslow S. ( Wood & Walker), harness mnfr., 

152 Main, house 35 Pine 
Wallace Charles W., farmer, h. Jordan school road 
Wallace William H., shoemaker, bds. Maine Hotel 
Wallingford John, farmer, h. Perkins Ridge road, West 

Wallingford Jonathan, Mrs., house Perkins Ridge "road, 

West Auburn 
Walsh Ellen, widow, house 104 Third 
Walsh John E., laborer, bds. 104 Third 
Walsh William, salesman, bds. 104 Third 

WALTON AMBROSE, baker, 33 Second, house 
128 do. (see p. 5S2) 
Walton Christopher M., farmer, h. Stevens Mills road 


Walton Edgar, supt., Pray-Small Co., Spring St. exten., 

bds. Elm House 
Walton Mary, widow of Alex, house 9 School 
Ward Frank J., shipper, 209 Court, house 97 Goff 
Ward well Horace B., picture frames, etc. (Lewiston), 

rooms 133 Court 
Wardwell Joseph B, shoemaker, rms. 202 Main 
Ware Albion P., foreman of stitching, 150 Main, rooms 

14 Laurel 
Ware Benjamin L., shoemaker, h. 29 Court [Corner 

Ware George, farmer, h. Old Danville rd., bey. Rowe's 
Warren Alberto, shoemaker, bds. 13 South 
Warren Andrew F., carpenter, 8 Mechanic's row. h. 2 Oak 
Warren Clinton E., shoe finisher, house 29 Parker 
Warren Hiram, farmer, house North Auburn 
Warren Lois A., widow of Walter H., h. 13 South 
Warren Perley L., laborer, bds. 13 South 
Wasgatt Libby W., shoe burnisher, bds. Maine Hotel 
Washburn Benjamin F., shoemaker, bds. 22 South Goff 
Washburn F. Edward, painter, house 22 South Goff 
Washburn Harry, machinist (Lewiston), h. 65 Summit 
Washburn William H. Rev., rector, Protestant Episcopal 

Church, house 82 Pleasant (Mill road 

Waterhouse Abner, farmer, bds. W. P. Waterhouse's 
Waterhouse Arthur, shoemaker, bds. 25 Cook 
Waterhouse Emma Mrs., dressmaker, rooms 40 Railroad 
Waterhouse Eudora R., widow of Horace F., h. 47 Manley 
Waterhouse Everett E., farmer, bds. William P. Water- 
house, Mill rd. 
Waterhouse Milton, laborer, house 25 Cook 
Waterhouse William P., farmer, h. Mill road 
Waterman Alvin, house Oak, East Auburn 
Waterman Ann R. Miss, house 114 Pleasant 
Waterman Augusta, widow, house Oak. East Auburn 
Waterman Charles E., farmer, bds. I. T. Waterman's, E. 

Waterman Elbert D., last maker, 34 Railroad, h. cross 

road, near River road 
Waterman George W., farmer, bds. I. T. Waterman's, 

East Auburn 
Waterman Ira T., farmer, b. cross road, near River rd., 

East Auburn 
Waterman Margaret E., wid. of Oliver C.,h. Old Danville 

road, beyond R. R., Danville Junction 
Waterman Willard H., milkman, Centre, bey. Cross, h. do. 
Watson Alden B., h. Oak, n. Mount Gile, East Auburn 
Watson Benjamin, shoe laster, h. 128 Hampshire 
Watson Daniel, clerk (Lewiston), bds. 128 Hampshire 
Watson Daniel W., foreman, Maple Grove Farm, Turner 

road, house off do. 
Watson David, laborer, h. Danville Corner 


Watson Fred II., trav. salesman, 68 Court 

Watson Fred 0., registrar of probate, office County bldg., 

and lawyer (Lewiston), house 14 Laurel avenue 
Watson Frederick C, student (Tufts College), bds. 56 

Highland avenue 
Watson Murray B., clerk (Ara Cushrnan Co.), boot and 

shoe mnfrs.. 209 Court, h. 56 Highland avenue 
Watson Murray H., shoe laster, bds. 56 Highland ave. 
Watson Thomas W., letter carrier, h. 298 Main 
Watson William B., bds. 56 Highland avenue 
Watts Jane Mrs., house 12 Pulsifer 
Weare Nellie R. Mrs., house 52 Hampshire 
Webb Addie E. Mrs., dressmaker, Old Danville road bey. 

the cemetery, house do. 
Webb Arthur, farmer, b. Old Danville road, bey. R. R., 

Danville Junction 
Webb Charles, shoemaker, rooms 15 Walnut 
Webb Eugene E., farmer, h. Old Danville rd., beyond 

the cemetery 
Webb George, house 19 Goff 
Webb L. Mabel, clerk, 55 Court, bds. 31 School 
Webb Theodore W., restaurant (Lewiston), h. Old Hotel 

road, near Littlefield's Corner * 

Webb William B., farmer, h. cross rd., at Rowes Corner, 

South Auburn 
Webber Alice C, widow of Edwin W., bds. 128 Second 
Webber Arista, travelling salesman (Lewiston), h. 25 Fifth 
Webber Charles E., printer, 4 Court, b. at Lewiston 
Webber Charles L., shoemaker, h. 9 Pleasant 
Webber George W. F., machinist, h. West Auburn rd. 
Webber John R. (Merrill & Webber), printer, 88 Main, 

rooms 23 Spring 
Webber William B., foreman, American E. L. & P. Co., 

Littlefields corner, house 128 Second 
Webster Edwin S., farmer, h. Park av., cor. Lake 
AVedgewood Curtis, bds. 25 Fifth 
Weed Ernest F., drug clerk, 27 Court, bds. 34 Union 
Weed Frank B., foreman, stitching room, 22 Railroad, 

house 34 Union 
Weeks Fred L., hairdresser, 68 Main, bds. A. McCurda's 
Weeks Howe, house 141 Union 
Welch Alfred B., farmer, h. Stevens Mill rd., near West 

Minot road [Auburn 

Welch Charles E., painter, bds. David L. Stetson's, East 
Welch George W., shoemaker, h. Fairview av., cor. 

Minot av. 
Wells Edwin O., carpenter, house 147 Summer 
Welsh William, machinist, bds. 104 Third 
Wentworth Arthur A., foreman, Auburn Stove Foundry 

Co., High at M. C. R. R. crossing, h. at Goodwin's 



Wentworth Ernest, student, bds. 238 Minot av. 
Wentworth Stephen E., physician, 84 Main, h. 238 Minot 

Wessen Alfred J., nurse, h. 47 Union 
West Jane Mrs., bds. 230 Seventh 
West William H. Mrs., h. Gamage av., near Lake 
Westall David E., clerk (Lewiston), bds. 65 Whitney 
Westall Delia M., clerk, bds. 65 Whitney 
Westall Mary E., widow of Solomon, h. 65 Whitney 
Westall Mary E., teacher, bds. 65 Whitney 
Wescott Henry W., mill second hand (Lewiston), h. 122 

Western Union Telegraph Office, M. C. R. R. station 
Weston Henry C, shoemaker, house 20 Holly 
Weymouth Francis P., machinist (Lewiston). h. V* r est 

Auburn road 
Wheelock Ada, clerk, registrar of probate's office, County 

bldg., house 15 Laurel av. 
Wheelock Ellen M., widow of Horace A.,h. 15 Laurel ave. 
Wheelock Fred B., broker (Lewiston), rooms 133 Court 
Wheley Patrick, laborer, house 10 Main 
Whitcomb Harry R., machinist, bds. Horace V. Whit- 
comb's, near Marston's corner 
Whitcomb Horace V., lumber surveyor, h. road from 

Danville cor. to Marston's corner 
White Adria A. Mrs., rooms 208 Main 
White Aibia S. Miss, teacher, Lincoln school, bds. 98 

White Albion P. (A. P. White & Co.), 158 Main, house 

at Lewiston 
White Alice L. Miss, bds. 13 Prospect 
White A. P. & Co. (Albion P. and Frank A. White), 

shoe mnfrs., 158 Main 
White Clifton, harness maker, 13 Turner, h. at Lewiston 
White Emma O. Miss, dressmaker, 12 Union, house do. 
White Frank A. (A. P. White & Co.), shoe mnfrs., 
158 Main, house at Washington Court House, Ohio* 
White Frank W., shoe laster, house 24 Sixth 
White Henry 0., shoemaker (H. W. White & Co.), bds. 

98 Broad 
White Henrv W., mop mufr., 128 Main, h. 164 Summer 
White H. W. & Co. (Henry W. White), mop mnfrs., 128 

White James, carpenter, house 71 Summer 
White James W., carpenter, house 181 Whitney 
White Lloyd G., Goodyear operator, 92 Main, h. 29 

White Mary E., widow of Henry O., h. 98 Broad 
White Robert, paving cutter, h. 29 Highland av. 
Whitehouse David S., mason, h. 32 Second av. 
Whitehouse I^ben P., cutter, 28 Railroad, h. 34 First av. 


Whitehonse George S., mason, h. 88 Western av. 
Whitehouse Harry F., mason, house 113 Western av. 
Whiting Albert, farmer, bds. W. N. Whiting's, off Mt. 

Auburn av. 
Whiting Albert F., shoemaker, house 106 Lake 
Whiting Elmer L., shoemaker, house 130 Spring 
Whiting Everett E., hairdresser, 14 Court, rms. 196 Main 
Whiting E. E. Mrs., dressmaker. 196 Main, h. do. 
Whiting Fred, shoemaker, bds. W. N. Whiting's, Mt. 

Auburn ave. 
Whiting Fred A., shipper, rear 95 Main, rms. 25 Pearl 
Whiting Harry B., clerk, Munroes, Packard & Linscott, 

boards 106 Lake 
Whiting Harry L., clerk, bds. 106 Lake 
Whiting Henry, farmer, boards W. N. Whiting's, off Mt. 

Auburn avenue 
Whiting William N., farmer,- h. off Mt. Auburn avenue 
Whitman Addison R.. farmer, house Oak, E. Auburn 

(THE), rear 421, 136 and 140 Washington (see 
page 586) 
Whitman Albert S., bookkeeper, The Whitman Agricul- 
tural Works, house 96 High 
Whitman Angelia, widow, house 31 South 
Whitman Camilla, dressmaker, 44 Drummond, h. do. 
Whitman D. Allen, farmer, house Oak, East Auburn 
Whitman Edwin R., farmer, house West Auburn 
Whitman Harrison O., farmer, h. Turner rd., E. Auburn 
Whitman Herbert A., shoemaker, h. Oak, East Auburn 
Whitman Herbert 8., farmer, house Dillingham Hill 
Whitman Horace C. (Ingersoll, Whitman & Co.), stoves 

and hardware, 64 Main, house 28 Troy 
Whitman Nancy J., widow of Andrew J., h. 24 Union 
Whitman Thomas S., shoemaker, house 155 Pleasant 
Whitman William E., manager, The Whitman Agricul- 
tural Works, rear 136 and 140 Washington, house 08 
• Goff 
Whitney Albert, laborer, house Brookville, West Auburn 
Whitney Dorcas Mrs., house N. Auburn 
Whitney Fannie M. Miss, teacher, North Auburn primary 

school, boards Leonard B. Greene's, do. 
Whitney Frank L., shoemaker, boards Clinton A. Samp- 
sou's, Old Hotel road 
Whitney George L., teamster, 19 School, house 15 do. 
Whitney George W., soap maker, house Court, corner 

Stevens Mills road 
Whitney Jedediah W., carpenter and farmer, h. Poland 

road, next G. T. R. 
Whitney Jesse C, soap mnfr., Minot avenue, junctiou 

Court, h. do. 
Whitney Wallace E., machinist, Mechanics row, house at 


Whittier Evindar A., salesman, 19 School, house at 

Wiggin Harriet A., wid. of Henry L. K., h. 9 Laurel av. 
Wiggin Ralph L., clerk, Pray-Small Co., Spring st. exten- 
sion, boards at Lewiston 
Wiggin William H., trimmings and furnishing goods, 66 

Main, h. 90 High 
Wiggin William H., Jr., student (Harvard College), bds. 

90 High 
Wilbur Abrara F. (Wilbur & Cushman), rear 73 Main, 

boards Elm House 
Wilbur Emma A., widow of William Y., h. 52 School 
Wilbur Henry, farmer, house off Mount Auburn av. 
Wilbur Henry C, farmer, house Park av., north of Lake 
Wilbur & Cushman (Abram F. Wilbur and Cyrenus 

Cushman), boarding and livery stable, r. 73 Main 
Wilcox Andrew, weaver, house 81 First 
Wilcox Daniel E., shoemaker, h. 320 Turner 
Wilcox George E., mill overseer (Lewiston), house 126 

South Main 
Wile Ezekiah, shoemaker, boards 9 Bearce 
Wiley Elizabeth A., widow of William I., h. 96 Pleasant 
Wiley Samuel M., produce and fruit, 11 Miller, house 82 

Wiley William P. Jr., clerk, boards Maine Hotel 
Wilkins Clarence E., boards 112 Cook 
Wilkins Ernest C, baker, 26 Main, boards 112 Cook 
Wilkins Frank S., picker, 26 Main, boards 112 Cook 
Wilkins Guy A., section hand, M. C. R. R., b. 112 Cook 
Wilkins Mauley W., house 112 Cook 
Wilkinson Henry, mule spinner, boards 18 First 
Wilkinson John, house 18 First 
Wilkinson William, mule spinner, bds. 18 First 
Willard Edward A., clerk, Munroes, Packard & Lin- 

scott, h. 62 Goff 
Willard Fred G., shoemaker, rms. 28 James 
Willard Greenleaf D., milkman, Old Hotel road, near 

Lake, house do. 
Willett Frank W., shoe heeler, honse 26 Fifth 
Willett Henry, shoemaker, bds 110 Main 
Willett William, carpenter, house 24 Broad 
Williams Charles E., physician, 104 High, h. do. 
Williams Ernest J., shoemaker, bds. 141 Union 
Williams George G., painter, house 232 Turner 
Williams Herbert, shoemaker, bds. 83 Hampshire 
Williams James M., shoemaker, house 141 Union. 
Williams John, lather, rms. 20 South 
Williams Mary A., widow, house 29 Summer 
Williams Otis, shoemaker, house 52 School 
Williams William, shoemaker, rms. 49 Union 
Williams Wilson C, painter, h. 29 Summer 



Willis Henry (Henry Willis & Co.), flour and grain, 144 

Main, house 47 High 
Willis Henrv & Co. (Henry Willis), flour, grain, and salt, 

144 Main 
Willis Herbert E., clerk, 144 Main, house 26 Laurel 
Willis Merritt A., shoemaker, bds. 110 Washington 
Willis Ned P., clerk, 144 Main, boards 47 High 
Wills Albert, carpenter, boards 200 Main 

WILLS GEORGE E., jeweler, 84 Court, rooms 
do. (see page 582) 
Wills Harry E., clerk, 178 Court, bds. 101 Goff 
Wills Lura A., widow of Charles H., h. 101 Goff 
Wilson Charles C. (Bearce, Wilson & Co.), ice, coal, 

etc., 9 Minot av., house 475 Turner 
Wilson C. Harold, student, bds. 475 Turner 
Wilson Frank, farm hand, bds. John F. Pettengill's, off 

River road 
Wilson George L., book agent, bcls. 200 Main 
Wilson George T.. teacher of dancing, 27 Spring, h. do. 
Wilson Lizzie Mrs., house 99 First 
Wilson Margaret L. Miss, teacher, grammar school, East 

Auburn, boards H. O. Whitman's, do. 
Wilson Rufus E., shoemaker, house 77 Summer 
Wing Chanes E. (George C. & Charles E. Wing), law- 
yer, 81 Main, room 1, house 259 Court 
Wing Duane S., conductor, M. C. R. R., house 55 West- 
ern promenade 
Wing P^liza A., widow, boards 51 Gamage av. 
Wing Eliza A. Mrs., boards 96 High 

Wing George C. (George C. & Charles E. Wing), at- 
torney, notary public and pres. Maine Benefit Asso., 
81 Main, house 75 School 
Wing George C. & Charles E , lawyers, 81 Main, room 1 
Wing George W., foreman baker, 26 Main, house 

51 Gamage a v. 
Wing Nahum M., student, Colby Univ., bds. 75 School 
Wing William H., christian scientist, rms 11 Oak 
Winslow Allen P., paymaster, Barker Mill, b. at Lewiston 
Winslow Edgar T., laborer, h. 197 Turner 
Winslow Owen, shoemaker, rms. 36 Railroad 
Winter Walter, weaver, house 99 First 
Wise John B. (Wise & Cooper), shoe mnfr., 156 Main, 

house 99 Pleasant 
Wise & Cooper (John B. Wise and Arthur H. Cooper), 

boot and shoe mnfrs., 154 and 156 Main 
Witham Charles B.. shoe laster, boards Riverside House 
Witliam Ezekiel 1)., laborer, house Danville Junction 
Wit er J. Van, house Danville Junction 
Wood Agnes R. Miss, teacher, Auburn Heights school, 

hoards 21 Pearl 
Wood Augustus A., laster, house 9 Summit 


Wooti R. Frank, treas., Wood-Robinson Co., paper, 110 

Main, boards at Lewiston 
Wood Cyrus K. Mrs., house 10 Wood 
Wood Edwin, watchman, Avon M. Co. (Lewiston), house 

155 First 
Wood Edwin, Jr., second hand, Barker Mill, b. 155 First 

WOOD EDWIN C, station agent, M. C. R. R., 
house at Lewiston (see page 16) 
Wood Elias, teamster, boards 92 First 
Wood F. C, shoemaker, boards Maine Hotel 
Wood James, mule spinner, boards 155 First 
Wood John N., coal and wood, office, 86 Main, house at 

Wood Justus C. (Wood & Walker), harness mnfr., 152 

Main, rms. 30 Drummond 
Wood Lvmin, house 30 Drummond 

WOOD-ROBINSOiY CO., wholesale paper and 
twine, 101 Main, Chas. A. Robinson, pres., B. F. 

Wood, treas. (see front cover) 
Wood Roscoe P., McKay machine operator, h. 47 Mamley 
Wood Samuel O. Mrs., house 21 Pearl 
Wood Susannah, widow of Solomon, li. 92 First 
Wood William E., dynamo tender, L. & A. Electric L. 

Co., h. 21 Pearl 
Wood William W., gateraan, Elm st. crossing, M. C. R. 

R., h. at Lewiston 

WOOD & WALKER (Justus C. Wood and Win- 
slow S. Walker), harness mnfrs., 152 Main (see 

page 578) 
Woodard Augustus O., box maker, h. 137 Broad 
Woodbury Emma, h. Cross road, off Old Danville road, 

near Danville Corner 
Woodbury E. B., shoemaker, bds. 66 Spring 
Woodbury Frank, shoemaker, bds. 37 Goff 
Woodbury George W., farmer, house Danville Corner 
Woodbury Ida, dressmaker, h. cross rd. off County road, 

near Danville Corner 
Woodbury James T., farmer, Pownal rd. 
Woodburv Maud A., shoe stitcher, bds. 72 Whitnev 

WOODBURY NATHAN F., treas., Amer." Bank- 
ing and Trust Co., 73 Main, h. Beacon ave. (see 

page 496) 
Woodbury Nathaniel EL, farmer, b. G. W. Woodbury's, 

Danville Corner 
Woodbury Oscar, section baud, M. C. R. R., h. Danville 

Junction [Auburn 

Woodbury Seth W. 2nd, laborer, h. Hackett road, So. 
W^oodbury Seth, laborer, h. Pownal road 
Woodbury Thomas G., farmer, h. Danville Corner road 
Woodbury William- A., supt. Mt. Auburn cametery, Mt. 

Auburn av., h. do. 


Woodbury William J., tinsmith (Lewiston), bouse 127 

Woodburv William S., farmer, bouse Pownal road [av. 
Woodman Arthur M., boards Fred M. Woodman's, Minot 
Woodman Fred B., box maker, 28 Railroad, bds. 

Minot av. 
Woodman F. Mellen, farmer, h. Minot av., near West 

Minot road 
Woodman George S., pres., Auburn Savings Bank, 78 

Main, h. Northern av., near River road 
Woodman Harry H.. clerk, 57 Court, bds. 198 Turner 
Woodman EI at tie L. Miss, dressmaker, Court cor., Stevens 

Mill road, h. do. 
Woodman Herman N., farmer and milkman, house off 

River road, Woodman dist. 
Woodman James M., house Court, cor. Stevens Mill road 
Woodman Jonathan, farmer, h. Minot av., near Stevens 

Woodman Julia, widow of Hiram, h. off River road, 

Woodman dist 
Woodman Nathan P., house 198 Turner 
Woodman Prentiss M., house 31 Union 
Woodman Ralph M., shoemaker, bds. 198 Turner 
Woodrow Eliza, widow of Clark, 6 River 
Woodrow John C, section hand, bds. 117 Sixth 
Woodrow Marquis J., spinner, bds. 6 River 
Woodrow William T.. loom fixer (Lewiston), b. 6 River 
Woodus ltd ward H., shoemaker, h. 48 James 
Woodward Luke, farmer, house Mt. Auburn ave. 
Woodward Roland S., farmer, house West Auburn 
Wormwood Guy F., teamster, h. Oak, East Auburn 
Worthey Augustus T., shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
Worthey Will T„ shoemaker, bds. 182 Main 
Wright Charles L., shoemaker, house 140 Washington 
Wright Robert, junk, bds. 31 Pulsifer 
AY vers John I)., farmer, house Danville Corner 
AVyman Edward C, foreman, stitching, 10 Railroad, 

house 71 School 
Wyman Jane H., widow of Ashael, h. 71 School 
Wvman Pliny L., farmer, h. Old Hotel road, opposite 

AVyman Spencer M., watchman, 209 Court, h. 21 AA'bitney 

YATES ANSON B., watchman, Whitman A. AA T orks, h. 

32 Second av. 
Yates Eliza, sorter, 130 Main, rms. 1 Drnmmond 
Yates John L., marble worker, 212 Court, h. at Lewiston 
Yates Oscar IL, shoemaker, rms. 49 Union 
Yeaton Charles S., foreman, bottoming, 22 Railroad, 

house 10 Chestnut 
Yeaton George AV., shoemaker, house 37 Goff 


Yeaton Harriet S., widow of Isaac D., h. 273 Court 
Yeaton Lucy D., widow of William W., h. 37 Goff 
Yeatou Richmond B., teamster, 62 Turner, bds. 60 do. 
Yeaton William E., ed^e setter, house 37 Goff < 

YORK C. L. & SOX (Cyrus L. and Fred C. York), 
bakers, 178 Court (see p. 584) 
York Charles W\, shoemaker, bds. 78 Ninth 
York Cyrus L. (C. L. York & Son), baker, 178 Court, 

house 1 Manley 
York Fred C. (C. L. York & Son), baker, 178 Court, 

bds. 1 Manley [h. do. 

York Hattie A. Mrs., prop., Auburn Laundry, 190 Main, 
Young Albert (W. S. & A. Young), prop., Elm House, 

37 and 39 Court, h. do. 
Young Albert A., farmer, house Center, bey. Cross 
Young Annie S., teacher, Littlefield corner schojl, bds. 

Albert A. Young's* Center 
Young Augustine, shoe cutter, house 16 Union 
Young Bertie E., shoemaker, bds. 37 Main 
Young Carleton G., teamster, 1 Court, h. do. 
Young Carrie I. Miss, boards 36 High 
Young Clarence L., foreman, sole leather room, 209 Court, 

house 98 Summer 
Young Cora E., clerk, 66 Main, bds. 14 High 
Young Delance (Cummings & Young), insurance, 81 

Main, house 63 Western Promenade 
Young Edwin F., shoemaker, bds. 24 Highland 
Young Eldin J., shoemaker, bds. 24 Highland 
Young Flora A., widow, h. 37 Main 
• Young Frank E., shoemaker, house 426 Turner 
Young Herbert A., tinsmith, 100 Main, bds. 82 Sixth 
Young James Robert, teamster, bds. 49 Court 
Young J. Edgar, shoemaker, house 77 Winter 
Young Lester S. clerk, 40 Court, bds. Albert A. Young's, 

Center [Manley 

Young Levander F., hairdresser, 168 Turner, bds. 74 
Young Mary L. Mrs., forewoman, packing, Pray-Small 

Co., h. 63 Western Promenade 
Young Medville F., shoe cutter, bds, 163 Main 
Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 53 Court 
Young Moses C, grocer and provisions, 132 Court, h. 

134 do. 
Young Moses L., carpenter, h. 24 Highland 
Young Percy C, shoemaker, bds. 74 Manley 
Young Rufus Y., laborer, h. 74 Manley 
Young William H., gardener, h. 84 Lake 
Young William S. (W. S. & A. Young), Elm House, 37 

Court, h. do. 
Young W. S. & A. (William S. and Albert Young), 

props., Elm House, 37 and 39 Court 







Compilers and Publishers of 


llll!!! Hill! 



Directories of all the principal cities of the United States 
kept on hand for reference. 








A Classified List of all Trades, Professions and Pursuits in the 
CITY of AUBURN, for the year 1891, arranged Alphabeti- 
cally for each Trade, thus exhibiting at a glance the full 
address and Special Business of her Citizens. 

Agricultural Imple- 





Court (see page 272) 


rear 136-140 Washington 

(see page 586) 



Coombs T>. D., 75 High 

Stevens N. A. Miss, 130 Lake 

ALDEN BURT L. & CO., 27 

Broad (see p. 228) 


Auctioneers . 

ICAL. CO., 68 Court (see p. 


Allen George A., 160 Main 

Robinson Wm. A., 27 Court 

Garcelon Charles E., 57 Court 

Smith & Cook, 36 Court 




Burgin T. II., 164 Main 
HUSTON T. A. & CO., 26 

Main (see page 582) 
Libby Charles E., 71 Court 

Second (see page 582) 
YORK C. L. & SON, 178 
Court (see p. 584) 



1'BUST CO., W. W. Bolster, 
pres., 73 Main (see page 49<>) 

Geo. S. Woodman, pres., George 
II. Brown, treas., Phoenix block, 

78 Main (see page 41)5) 

Court, J. F. Atwood, treas., (see 
page 496) 

OF ALBURN, Jeremiah 
Dingley, Jr., pres., H. C. Day, 
cashier, 78 Main (see page 495) 

BANK, J. F. Cobb, pres., J. 
W. Stetson, treas., 79 Main (see 
page 495) 

THER BANK, Ara Cusliman, 
pres., Everett L. Smith, cashier, 

79 Main (see page 495) 

Barrel Headers. 


rear 13G and 141) Washington (see 
p. oHii) 

Beef{ Com. Merch a n ts . ) 

Merrow Brothers & Co., 38 First 

Bicycles and Tricycles. 

DOTEN II. E., 83 Main (see p. 

WILLS GEO. E., 84 Court 

(see page 582) 

Biscuit (Soda and 

HUSTON T. A. A CO., 26 

Main (see page 582) 


Allen C. C, 3 River road 
Boothby H. W., No. Auburn 
Brown Nelson R., 260 Minot av. 
COOMBS J. E., Mechanics row 

(see page 580) 
Crooker & Wakefield, 22 Miller 
Gardner Alfred, 42 Second 

5 Knight ^see p. 580) 
Martineau Louis, 31 Second 
NEVENS C. T.,118 Turner (see 

page 6) 
Phillips F. F., 95 Turner 

and 145 Turner (see p. 586) 
Stinchfield Eben, Mill road 
Stone George W., Minot avenue 
TAYLOR BROS., 113 Turner 

(see p. 579) 

Boarding and Lodg- 
ing Houses. 

Androscoggin House, E. C. Towne 

prop., 46 Main 
Barbour Amanda J., 110 Main 
Brick House, Mrs. Mary McWalter, 

32 Main 
Call Otis, 178 and 180 Main 
Carville R. E. Miss, 200 Main 
Corlis Philip S., 64 Spring 
Day George T., 186 Main 
Fairbanks M. E. Mrs., 180 Court 
Goodwin Clara E., 46 High 
Jackson Nina Mrs., C(> Spring 
Keene Ida F., G8 Pleasant 
Lane Fred E., 198 Main 
Mason Lovina Mrs., 32 Pine 
Mooney F. P. Mrs., 31 Pnlsifer 
Morse Mary J. Mrs., 182 Main 
Randall Hiram, 109 Spring 
Riverside House, Mrs. A. E. Perry, 

36 Main 
Robinson Alpheus S., 7 Goff 
Rollins Geo. F., 49 Court 
Shaw George F., Spring street ex- 
Trafton R. Annie Miss, 10 Drum- 

Tukey Cordelia Mrs., 49 School 



Established 1868. 

I»lxenix: Block, 7S Main Street, AJCJJBTJP1IV, M!E. 

(Opposite Post Office.) 

Office Hours : — 9 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 P. M., except Saturdays, from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M. 


President. Vice President. Treasurer. 


Geo. S. Woodman, Richard Dresser, Frank Bartlett, D. W. Verrill, Daniel Lara, John A. Mor- 
rill, A.. M. Peables, F. I. Day. 

Deposits 4 Sl,O2O,985.0O 

Bank Stock and Bonds .475,000.00 

Loans on Collateral 185,000.00 

Loans on Mortgage .y. 300,000.00 

Cash on hand on Deposit 15,000.00 

Surplus above Liabilities 45,000.00 

Deposits draw interest from 1st of each month. Regular meetings of Trustees every Friday 
at 10 A. M. Dividends payable second Mondays of January and July. 

p Mst National Bank, ^ususn, i- 


J. Dingley, Jr., Pres. H. C. Briggs, Vice Pres. H. C. Day, Cash. 
CAPITAL,, $150,000. SURPLUS, $33,000. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS : — Nelson Dingley, H. M. Packard, J. Dingley, Jr., Hiram C. Briggs, 
James O. Foss, Geo. S. Woodman. 

Discount Days, Mondays and Thursdays at 10.30 A. M. 

Mechanics' Savings Bank, 

Mechanics' Savings Bank Building, ALBURN, MAINE. 

Organized February, 1875. 

President, JOHN F. COBB. 

Trustees : John F. Cobb, S. P. Miller, Dana Goff, E. T. Gile, Dr. B. F. Sturgis, E. W. Gross, 
R. C. Jewett, H. Wesley Hutchins. 

J. W. STET SON, Secretary and Treat. GEO. C. WING, Solicitor. 

Office Hours — From 9 to 12 A. M., and from 2 to 4 P. M., except Saturdays from 9 A. M. 
to 2 P. M. 

Interest on Deposits will commence the first day of each month. 

Dividend Days — First Mondays of January and July. 

Tbe National Shoe & Leather Bank, 


0£*>;E>it£l,l, $400,000. 

ARA. CUSHMAN, President. JOHN F. COBB, Vice President. 

E. L. SMITH, Cashier. Ara Cushman, F. M. Jordan, Geo. P. Martin, L. Linn Small, 
John F. Cobb, B. F. Briggs, Geo. C. Wing. 







with privilege to increase to $1,000,000. 


Approved March 2, 1889. 


Samnel F. Merrill, Atlbum, Ara Cushmfln, Auburn. L. Linn Small, Aubnrn, B. V. Sftirgis. An- 
burn, -7. K. Learned, Auburn, George C. Wing, Auburn, Seth M. Carter, Auburn. Oscar Holway, 
Augusta, George A. Wilson, So. Paris, Edward II. York, Portland, II. A Packard, Auburn. 

SAMUEL P. MKliBILL, President, GEOHGE C. WING, Vice President, JAMES 
P. A TWOO I), Treasurer. 

W. W< BOLSTER, President. B. K. REDMAN, Yice President. 

N. F. WOODBURY, Secretary and Treasurer. 



73 Main Street. Incorporated 1887. 

CAPITAL, $100,000. SURPLUS, $7,000. 

Transacts a (Jeneral Banking Business- Accounts received on favorable terme. Interest paid 
on Special and Time DepositB. Interest Bearing Certificates issued. By the pit visions of the char- 
ter, the Stockholders are liable for an additional amount equal to the Capital Stock. Each director 
is, and must be absolute owner of $5,0u0 Stock of the Company. 


DIRECTORS: — W. W. Bolster, Auburn, J. E. Briggs, Winthrop, N. W. Harris, Auburn, S. 
A. Hoi brook, Freeport, G. E. Smith, Boston, E. P. Wentworth, Portland, F. It. Comiut, Auburn. 

Cort eapondence Invited. 


Insures Horses against Accident, Sickness and Death and gives 
Free Veterinary Service to its Policy Holders. 

Mercantile Mutual Accident Association 

The Oldest, Largest and Strongest New Eng- 
land Accident Association. 

C, B. BAILEY, Agent, 

Small' 8 Block, LB WISTON, MAIXE. 

Telephone Call, 207-3. 





Notary Public. 



Incorporated Sept. 1, 1890. 





64 Main Street, Lewiston, Maine. 
Boston Office, . . . . 91 BEDFORD ST. 

Incorporated JVLay 15, 1888. 




DVCEZtsPS j^jsno BOYS' 



Men's and. Women's Grain and. Carpet Slippers. 


Boston Office, 128 Summer St. 

CHAS. E. COBB, President, JOHN PICKARD, Vice-President 

JOHN F. COBB, Treasurer. CHAS. E. MORSE, Secretary. 




Address Correspondence to AUBURN, ME- 

Salesroom, 122 SUMMER ST, BOSTON. 

LEONARD A. PRAY, President. L. LINN SMALL, Treasurer. 



Fine Boots and Shoes, 


Boston Ofiice, 21 X3CIC^X3C ST. 




(Inventor and Patentee of the Scale-Board Box, Box Machine and Process of Manufacturing.) 




The best Mail- 
ing Box in use, 
being light and 
Strong enough to 
protect the goods. 

The best box for 

Bottled Goods, 

having wood parti- 

The best Herb 
Box for the retail 

Can shut tight 
against moths, 

hence the best Fur 

The best Crack- 
er Box. 

The best Con- 
fectionery Box. 

The best Clock 


The best Cut- 
lery Box. 

The best Light 
Hardware Box. 

The best house 

plant Phosphate 

The best box for 
Boneless Fish. 
A Practical Box 

for thousands of 

uses where a 
package is 
desired and 

where a pa- 
per box is 
Ullfit and 

as cheap 
as the 


The above cut represents my Box Machine, patented Jan. 8, 1874. It unrolls n lop as you would 
unroll a carpet, scoring and cutting- the lock joint for the lock corner, and cutting the board all at the 
■tune time, and with perfectly uniform accuracy. Adjustable to any size of box. 

FACTORIES AT AUBURN, ME. See opposite page. 




(Inventor and Patentee of the Scale-Board Box, Box Machine, and Process of Manufacturing 


Patented Scale-Board Boxes 


TNo. 3. 


No. 4. 

3]g-x2 I ' 6 xl i 6 

No. 5. 


No. 6. 


No. 7. 


No. 8. 


No. 9. 

7x4fx3i .: 

No. lO. 


No. 11. 


No. 12. 


No. 13. 


No. 14. 

10Jx8x5/ e 

No. 15. 


No. 16. * 


The above represents the Mailing-Boxes in nests, from Nos. 3 to 16; the figures under each No. represent 
ength, width and depth of each box, inside measure. I manufacture Honey-Boxes ot the Standard pattern; a 
,new Honev-Box that closes up tight after being filled with honey,— entirely new; all at very low prices. 

Picture Backs and Veneers cut in all shapes with dies. Fan-Sticks, Tree-Tags, etc., etc. 

The highest price paid for Bass wood Logs, at the different R. R. Stations, or at my faci 
n Auburn. J0®* See opposite page. 




Boston Lead Manufacturing Co., 


Corner Congress and Franklin Streets, 

162 CONGRESS ST., and 180 and 182 FRANJ5XIN ST., 

SAMUEL LITTLE, President. WWI. J. BRIDE, Treasurer, 

Manufacturers of 




Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead. 


3F»IO IEL.:e3.A.I>. :E»XG- TX3ST. 

Our Pure White Lead both dry aud ground in oil, we ivarrant to be 
strictly pure, and guarantee that for Fineness, Body and Durability, it 
is not surpassed by any Lead in the market. 

We warrant our Red Lead and Litharge to be strictly pure and of the 
finest quality. 

Gold Medal Awarded by the Mass. Charitable Mechanic Asso'n. 


Paper Manufacturers and Dealers in Mill Supplies. 



Tissue, Colored and Manilla Paper in Rolls and Sheets, 



M Jk. nm MORSE, 



28 Railroad Street, Auburn, Me. 

The Only Credit Agency in the United States Conducted by and 
for the Shoe and Leather Trade, is the 



New England Shoe and Leather Association, 

116 Bedford Street, 24 Kingston Street. 

Room 504. Take Elevator. 


The Leatliiifi Men of the Trade throughout New England 
are among its Officers and 31embers. 

It is for the mutual benefit of all who subscribe. 

Its value and efficiency have been demonstrated in numberless 
in stances. 

It furnishes the most accurate reports of the Trade, and 
should receive financial support from all who appreciate thorough and 
C mscientious work. 

Encourage it by Testing its Merits. 

Do not confound it with other Agencies having a similar uame. 

If M. CLA1LIX, Pre*. CIIAS. S. IXGALLS, Manager. 

II. S. BA1UIY, Secretary. 




Sole Agents in New England States for the Sale of 

oroccos and Kids* 

— Manufactured by— 



iseijW^bijE Goons •*¥ manufacturers' prices. 

SPECIALTY : — McNeeley's Celebrated Imitation French Kid. 






Nos. 64 and 66 High Street, Boston. 


C. C. TYLER <& CO., 

Commission Merchants and Dealers in 


Calf Skins, Flesh Splits, 



G. C. Tvler, 


E. N. Tyler. 

(Late of Thayer, Owen & T\ ler.) T%t \ OHH / \ XT 


C. A. PATTEN <£ CO., 



For Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Envelopes, Harness, Etc. 


257 Causeway Street, - - Boston, Mass. 




ffE iwL ock SoL eLea, ther 

51 High and 243 Purchase St., 


New York & Pennsylvania. _D V/U -L v_/i_N • Boston Manager. 




Union Cropped Sole Leather. 


39 Frankfort St., Neiv York. 


No. 107 South Street, BOSTON. 


Thick Grain Non-Acid Sole Leather a Specialty. 




Telephone No. 2272. Cable Address, Hixfenal, 



Union Crop Sole Leather, 

97 & 99 South Street, 

Tannages : 

■ESS?* ".83S38E*' BOSTON, MASS 





- Treasurer and General Manager. 







T&jajOLGirs «&? Curriers. 


tXMatinfactnrers of- 

Sole Leather, Wax and Grain Uppers, Oil Grain Calfskins, 




Lincoln Street. 

German Oil, 
Bright Grains 



Manufacturers of and Dealers in 


Wax and Glove Calf Skins, Grain and Wax Leather, 

Commission Merchants in Rough Leather and Calf Skins. 


Edward H. Dunn, ) 


C. W illard Carter. ) 






hsfor*- (= ([(Estimates))) ct) -&for^- 




The Originators of the Shoe Elastic. 

Eastern KlasticGusset €Jom\y^uy 

. We Call Especial Attention to Numbers 60 and G6. 
The VERY BEST goods manufactured in America. 



108 \\ OKTH STREET. 





43 and 45 High Street, Boston. 


Importers and Jobbers m 

Boot & Shoe Manufacturers' Goods, 

Fine Imported Laces and Webs. Twines of every Description. 



No, 48 South Street, Boston 


(.EUlltiE R. ULIPDEN. 




Selling agents for the 



Flax Spinners and Manufacturers of Wax Machine Threads, Shoe Threads, McKay 
Threads, Tailors' Threads, Glove Threads, Saddlers' Threads, Book- 
binders' Threads, Carpet Threads, Gilling Threads, Etc. 



Manufacturers of 

STYLE A. -73. 

STYLE A-39. 

STYLE 15 -65. 

STYLE IB -4=3. 



STYLE A -51. 


STYLE A— 4=0. 

STYLE A- 33. 

Wright & Peters 

Rochester N.Y. 

<®*We can duplicate any design and trade-mark which, may lbe suggested, on 
fancy colored silks, &c. Write for price list — designate number. 






Stationers' Specialties 


Stratton's Gummed Labels and Gummed Paper of all colors; Legal and Notarial Seals; Fo 
ing and Fancy Tickets; Mentzel's Patent Suspension Kings; The Star Copying Pads; 
Dennison's Game Counters; "Wedding Cake Boxes; Visiting and Playing Cards, Etc. 



Phillips' Hook and Clasp Tags ; Kimball's Self-Fastening Tickets ; Postal En- 
velopes ; McG-ill's Paper Fasteners, at Manufacturers' discounts. 


AND > 

zflowieir, ipaipieiels. 

Proprietors of ''Silver Whiie," Best Article for Polishing Silver, and 
Miller's "Jewelry Cleaning Casket" and "Silver White Casket." 


Jewelers' Cards, Pink and White Cotton, Fine Twines, Et 

Apothecaries' Powder Papers and Shaving Papers. 












1600 IN USE!. 



114 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. 




Patented July 15, 1879. 

Manufacturers of 




The Best and most Economical 

Patterns made. 

Call and see Samples. 

•Ill orders promptly attended to. 





Manufacturers and Dealers in 





New and Second-Hand Machiner 


Specialties : — Buffing Machines, Hee 
Scourers, Rolling Mills, Bottom Cleaners 
Centennial Splitters, Stitching Fixtures. 

Sundries : — Sand Cloth, Moulded Paper 
Quartz, Felts, Belt Lacings, Belt Hooks 
Brushes, Etc. 

Belting, Shafting, Hangers and 
Pulleys, Factories Fitted up, 


S. F. HOWARD & CO., 

Boot and Shoe Machinery, 



(Satisfaction Guaranteed "both in Price and. Quality. 


New and Second-Hand Machines of nearly every description used in Shoe 
Factories constantly on hand. 

Parts and Pieces of all Wax Thread and Pegging Machines, also duplicate 
parts of other Shoe Machinery. 

Wax Thread Needles, Awls and Cast-offs, for any Machine. 

All kinds of Pegging Machine Awls and Drivers.