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Full text of "Lewis Walker of Chester Valley and his descendants; with some of the families with whom they are connected by marriage. 1686-1896"

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Xewis Malher 

of Chester Dalles 






The present contains all the past." 




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Page loo. For Nos. 1253 and 1261, read 
1538 and 1546. 

Page 228, No. 429. For Elizabeth J. Cooks, 
read Elizabeth J. Cook. 

Page 252, No. 1 36 1. For Chester County, 
read Chester, Penna. 

Page 263, No. 1380, and page 337, No. 1382. 
For Shifflee, read Shiffler Bridge Building 

Page 428, Index. For Roland, read Rowland. 


Page 385, Appendix E. This article was 
published in the Pennsylvania Magazine of 
History and Biography, Vol. XII., p. 292. It 
is inserted with permission of the author. 



BERRY says : " The name of Walker, as appears by certain 
records, was so called from their anciently holding various 
employments in the Royal Forests, as Verderers, King's Forest- 
ers, or Walkers, having the custody of certain walks, boundaries, 
or allotments ; but at what remote period the surname of Walker, 
simply, was adopted by any branch of the family as a distinguish- 
ing appellation remains a matter of doubt." 

There are many families of this name in Great Britain, 
descendants of which have settled all over the world, and there 
seems to be no connection between them, pointing to one 
fountain head, as in some other patronymics. It is well repre- 
sented in Burke ; every Biographical Dictionary has several 
Walkers in its lists, and it has been said to have the longest list 
of eminent men in biographical history. It was called " one of 
the mighty Sixty," in the rolls of Great Britain, occupying 
seventeenth place, — that is, there were sixteen families more 
numerous than it. 

The name also signifies " fuller," or weaver, in old English. 
We have a Ralph Ganger, or Walker, who came in with William 
of Normandy, too ; and if any of us wish to set up a coat-of- 
arms, we may choose our crest and motto from the Peerage, and 
flaunt it with the best of them. Plenty of American families 
have tacked themselves on to an ancestor, with no better claim 
than a similarity of name ; it may be that we descend from a 
long line, with its root in the Norman Conquest, or earlier, but 


we have nothing to prove it, or even to point that way. Our 
first ancestor whom we can call by name — Lewis Walker — left 
no mention of his father's name or people. There was nothing 
extraordinary in this at that time. He was starting a new Hfe in 
a new world, and " Lewis Walker, yeoman," sufficed. I have 
tried to connect him with the older branch, but unsuccessfully. 
What I did succeed in finding, I have put in the following pages. 
My imagination has constructed, out of the little I had, a man 
strong, brave, and true, who founded a family not unworthy of 
him, — the members of which are scattered over a great part of 
our country, and have been known for nearly two hundred years 
as the Walkers of Chester Valley. 

(fTijaptrr jFirst* 


THAT " the history of a family is a history of the land," is a 
recognized truth of Genealogy. Without the homestead, the 
members are separated ; with nothing to bind them together they 
are scattered and lost, like beads when the string is broken. 
There is no place where the tribe can meet, and where each one 
can feel the interest of heredity in the trees that shelter it, and in 
the streams that water the ancestral acres. What one sows a 
stranger reaps, is too true in the present condition of our bustling, 
restless life in America, and it is spoken of with pride when a 
man can say, " I live in the house where my father and grand- 
father have dwelt before me." We have some such homes in Penn- 
sylvania, as all can testify, and one of the oldest, where for seven 
generations one family has lived, for nearly two hundred years, 
Walker following Walker, can be seen in Chester Valley, and is 
the subject of my story. 

It lies between the North and South Valley Hills, and 
extends to the border line of Montgomery County. The creeks 
that drain its fertile pastures empty themselves, after a mile or 
more of pleasant loitering among green willowy nooks, into the 
cheerful, calm bosom of the Schuylkill River. Here dwell the 
farmer folk, the peaceful Quakers, descendants, for the most 
part, of those men and women who, for the sake of a quiet en- 
joyment of their religion, threw in their lot with those who came 
to make a home for themselves and their children in tlie New 
World. Here are the old homesteads where the scattered chil- 


dren gather from far and near on days of family reunion, and up 
on the hill-top, close to where the new Quaker meeting-house 
looks proudly over the country side, is the old graveyard, where 
they are, one by one, brought to sleep with their fathers, when 
life is done. Let us pause a moment at this spot ; it is the 
peacefulest resting-place, and before we have done our story all 
these small green hillocks will seem like dear old friends. Stand- 
ing here, let us look about us. What a wide sweep of pretty 
country ! Green pastures where the cattle graze, where yellow 
grain ripens on the upland, and old farm-houses nestle among 
the sycamores and apple orchards, their many chimneys smoking 
with the incense of hospitality, and through it all green country 
roads leading out beyond the sight to Port Kennedy, Paoli, 
King of Prussia, and Wayne. 

On our left is the long woody range of the South Valley 
Hill. Beyond that are the homes of wealth and luxury, that have 
not yet succeeded in getting a foothold in this simple, pastoral 
community. To the northwest Valley Forge is hidden from 
view by the wooded eminence of Camp Hill and Mt. Joy. The 
rising ground prevents, also, a sight of the Schuylkill River to 
the north, not far away. 

But before us and behind us, as far as we can see, the land, 
with few exceptions, belongs to the Walkers, or to their kinsmen. 
If they are not of the family, they have married into it. At one 
time, less than fifty years ago, there was scarcely an exception ; 
but several families have been obliged to leave their paternal acres 
for other homes, and their land has passed to strangers. Directly 
in front of us, between the four roads, and still the property of 
the family, is the original Walker land, where our earliest Penn- 
sylvania ancestor lived and died. The first settled part of this 
section of the country w^as where Joseph Walker now lives, 
whose house and barns lie nearest us, the walls of which are partly 






the same that were erected nearly two hundred years ago. 
Here, before 1708, came Lewis Walker and his wife, with their 
family of little children, to make a home for themselves on virL^in 

He had left Wales in 1686, arriving in Pennsylvania in 1687, 
after "a tedious passage of thirteen months," it is said. A 
mother and sisters were left behind him, but, though a desultory 
correspondence was kept up between them, they never saw each 
other again. We have no knowledge of the name of the ship 
which brought him to these shores, and were it not for two old 
letters that have come down to us, would we know anything of 
his family in Great Britain. 

The old chronicles, written by various members of his family 
a hundred years ago, always say that he came from Merioneth- 
shire,* Wales ; but this, we think, is a mistake. The following 
letter, copied from a yellow and faded document that had lain 
for more than a century with other papers in our great-great- 
grandmother's desk, removes all doubt from my mind as to his 

* Leah Moore is the authority for this, as will be seen by the following : 

" I have in my possession a brass, leather-trimmed snuff bo.v, containing the follow- 
ing memoranda : 

" ' Lewis Walker, of the great Valley, Tredifiin Township, Philadelphia County, in 
his youth left Marioneth in Wales 1686, had a tedious thirteen months on the water, 1687." 

" On the reverse side of same slip of paper : 

" ' Leah Moore gave this Box to Isaac Walker as an antient relick of his great 

Grand Father. Lewis Walker, he brought it from Wales. Leah Moore lives in Chester 

Co., Pa. Spring of 1826. 

[Signed] " ' Isaac Walker." 

" who was the Father of the subscriber. 

" J. EuwARi) Walker. 
" Waterford, Va., Sixth month i.fth, iSg6." 



For Lewis Walker at 

RchobatJi in the Great 

Valey in Pensyllvana 

in Radnor Shire. 

ON Redstone the i8 
OF June 171 5 
Dear and Loveing Brother, 

Having this opertunity I could not omit writing unto yo" to Let yo" Un- 
derstand that I am in good health hoping that these lines will finde yo" and 
yo""" family in like manner. I received a letter from yo" by James Protherie 
and I sent vo" a Letter in answer to it. I must needs tell vo" that vo« have 
been very negligent in writing to me yo" knowing that yo" had having 
[living ?] an aged mother in this country. Yo" know it is a duty Incum- 
bent on every child to have a regard to their parents and truly I performed 
my duty to my aged mother to the utmost of my power and was not 
troublesome to anv in her Life-time, but she have left me alone this twelve- 
month since May last and is gone I dought not to a better place where she 
shall look her Redeemer with joy and comfort in the face. I was very 
Loath to part with her if I could have help't it but god almighty was 
pleased to call her and we must all submit to his will. I had no assistance 
from any one towards her subsistance when she was grown weak, but what 
my own hands did administer to our reliefs and 1 bless [and] Glorifi god 
we did not want for anything. I expected to have had a letter from 
yo" before this time and would have come to yo" in this ship : but I have 
been ver}' sickly this Long time soe that I wanted nessesaries for the jorney. 
I have a great desire to come over if I can get things ready for the next 
opertunity which I suppose will be about August next and if yo" will pay 
for my passage I doe not dougt but in a short time to repay yo" againe, but 
however I desire yo" not to faile to send me a letter by the first opertunity. 
James Lewis do be much wonder that yo" should be soe negligent in not 
writing to yo""" relations. James Lewis son-in-law was willing to pay for my 
passage this, but I was not prepared for the jorney at this time ; as for my 


uncle John and his wife they are dead these severall years and my aunt 
Maud is Hkewise dead : and as for my unkell PLynon he was a man of war, 
and went to the wars some yeaer agoe to fight against the french and we 
neaver heard of him more, pray remember my kinde love to John Lewis 
that came from castlebith, and to my cozen Mary Lewis and tell her that 
she was not as good [as] her word for she promised to send me a letter as 
soon as an opprtunity did present but I neaver had a word from her. My 
sisters are well and remember their kinde Loves unto yo" and you^ wife and 
children and 1 understand that Mary Lewis is maryed I wish her much Joy 
and hapiness and prosperity. Soe with my kinde love unto yo" and my 
sister-in-law and my cozens yo"'' children unknown with my prayer to god 
for yo"'' health and prosperity is all at present from yo'"" 

Ever loveing sister till death 

Jane Walker. 

HoNNEST Friend 

I shall desire yo" if yo""" sister comes to Pennsylvania to be kinde to 
her for she have been kinde to yo""^ mother and did her part very well for 
her during her Life and buried her very decent [word illegible] and bestowed 
a Coffin on her to Lay her body in which is more than I did expect she 
would or could have done.* My cozen Daniell Philpin is well and remem- 
bers his love unto yo". I. desire yo" to be kinde to yo""" sister when she 
comes to yo" and in soe doing yo" will oblige yo""" friend 

Isaac Phillpin. 

Isaac Phillpin's letter appears as a postscript to that of Jane 
Walker. There is another letter from Jane Walker, a copy of 
which will be inserted later. 

The old Radnor records have several certificates of member- 
ship from Redstone Meeting. Ellis Pugh and David Rees both 
brought certificates of membership from there. In an old jour- 
nal of a traveling preacher, whose name I neglected to record, I 

* It was against the principles of the Quakers at this time to bury their dead in 
coffins; a winding sheet sufficed them, and did not retard decomposition, which was 
the reason for its adoption. It is supposed that Jane Walker was not a Friend, and for 
that reason pro%'ided a coffin. 


have read that he went "to Pembrokeshire, and came to James 
Lewis's house, not far from Redstone, and next day went to 
Haverfordwest." In " Besse's Sufferings " occurs the following : 
" Pembrokeshire, i66i, James Lewis is imprisoned for attending 
a meeting [of Quakers]. 167 1, Henry Lewis of Redstone fined 
25 sh. Corn was seized from Henry Lewis by a priest of Nar- 
berth." He is also called " Henry Lewis of Narberth." Evan 
Protherah, of Narberth, 1670, has goods worth £?,, losh. taken 
from him for tithes. (An Evan Prothera was present at Lewis 
Walker's wedding in 1693. See page 16). Hugh Roberts, a 
preacher, went to Wales, into Pembrokeshire, " to Rediston, and 
had a very precious meeting, thence to Haverfordwest ; return- 
ing stopped at Redstone again, and had a very good meeting at 
James Lewis's house." Adding these facts to the evidence con- 
tained in Jane Walker's letter, I think we may decide that Lewis 
Walker came to Pennsylvania from Pembrokeshire ; and I am 
inclined to believe that he was one of those who came with 
Rowland Ellis, Eighth month (October) 6th, 1686, from Milford 
Haven, Pembrokeshire. Being a native of Redstone, he would 
be likely to depart, along with his neighbors, from the nearest 
port, which was Milford Haven, a very short distance from that 
place. Rowland EUis took passage, along with about a hundred 
of his neighbors, on a Bristol ship, bound for Pennsylvania, by 
the southern route. It was winter, and the passage was a very 
long one. Many of them died from hunger while at sea, and 
others soon after their arrival, from the effects of the privations 
which they had endured. The vessel touched at Barbadoes, 
where they remained six weeks and recuperated somewhat. 
They arrived in Pennsylvania at the beginning of 1687. The 
tradition in the family that Lewis Walker and Mary Morris, 
whom he afterwards married, left Wales in 1686, and arrived in 
Pennsylvania in 1687, "after a tedious passage of thirteen 


months " (which last statement I have long doubted), makes it 
seem very possible that they were among the passengers of this 
ship. Lewis Walker was a young man, and a bachelor ; and he 
first met the English girl, who afterwards became his wife and 
the mother of our race, on the ship that carried them across the 

Ctjaptrr Scronti, 


WHILST visiting England in the summer of 1894, we went 
into South Wales for the purpose of hunting up Redstone. 
At that time we had not located it ; we only knew that it was in 
Pembrokeshire. When we left London we felt that we were 
going into a wilderness ; we had been warned of the poor accom- 
modations we should find there, of the uncertainty of railway 
travel, etc., till we fancied that we were doing an unheard-of 
thing. For this reason we went direct to Tenby, a watering- 
place mentioned in the guide books as one of the pleasantest on 
the British coast. We afterwards found that there were small inns 
in all the numerous towns of this part of Wales, at most of which 
we undoubtedly could have been comfortable for a few days. 
However, we did not regret having chosen Tenby ; we found it 
a charming old town, with mediaeval walls and towers, and 
beautiful views of Carmarthen Bay. From this little town we 
made excursions all around the countr^^ which we found inter- 
esting and beautiful. Yet we could find no trace of Redstone, 
though we inquired at post offices and consulted local directories. 
We had given it up, when one day returning from the inspection 
of the ruined castle of Manorbeer, we stopped to get a cup of 
tea at the station where we took the train for Tenby. While 
eating her delicious bread and butter we asked the woman if she 
knew of a place called Redstone. " Yes," she said, '' it must be 
near Narberth ; it is the only Redstone I know." Consulting a 
road map of the region about Tenby, we found the place where 


she had located it. Afterwards, in a gazetteer of Great Britain, 
we found it described as a " hamlet near Narberth, Pembroke- 
shire, Wales." The next day we went to Narberth, a market 
town, ten or twelve miles from Tenby, which we found a most 
quaint old village, built of gray stone, with a ruined Norman 
castle dominating the hill-side. Its winding streets go up and 
down the hills, with narrow sidewalks and rough stony foot-ways. 
There is also an old church, whose characteristic high square 
tower is seen from afar. The houses are small and picturesque ; 
I doubt if there has been a new one built this century. Follow- 
ing the directions given, we took the road leading north out into 
the country. Passing by several old mansions, shaded by trees 
and hidden by hedges from the too inquisitive gaze of the foot- 
passenger, we soon came to where the road terminated at its 
junction with the main road that leads to Haverfordwest. 
Directly in front of us was a farm house, and at the corner on 
our left was a pretty little rose-embowered cottage. But where 
was Redstone ? No one was in sight to whom we could apply for 
information. It was pouring rain ; the cottage was near and very 
inviting, and so we decided to ask our way there. The young 
woman who came to the door in answer to our knock, told us 
that we were in Redstone ; that the cottage was Redstone cottage, 
and the other building was Redstone farm. I took from my 
pocket a copy of the old letter written in 171 5, and commenced 
a series of questions which so bewildered her, that it is possible 
our respectable and sane appearance, only, saved us from being 
considered lunatics. Fortunately her father came to the rescue, 
and invited us into the house. We gladly accepted the invitation, 
closed our dripping umbrellas and took the offered chairs by the 
open fire in the pretty, cheery room. They had recently come 
into the neighborhood, but they took an interest in our search, 
and put us in the way of getting information, — the old gentleman 


accompanying us without an umbrella in all the downpour. We 
learned that there had been a Quaker meeting-house close by, 
and a graveyard, though no trace of either now remains. Not a 
hillock marks the place of sepulture, or distinguishes it from the 
adjoining pasture land. There is another Friends' burying- 
ground a few miles away, but there are no Quakers left in this 
part of Pembrokeshire. A Welshman, called " Old Tom," who 
was born and bred on the spot, showed us where the meeting- 
house had been. At Narberth we hunted up the owner of Red- 
stone, a Mr. Roblin, currier, who looked to be about seventy years 
old. He told us that his father had bought Redstone in 1820, 
it being part of a large estate. The farm comprised thirty acres 
of land. The cottage, we were told, was built about one hun- 
dred and fifty years ago, but the farm house was older, quite two 
hundred years. It had always been known as Redstone. 

On further inquiry we learned that the names mentioned in 
Jane Walker's letter were all familiar ones in the vicinity ; and 
we were told also that there was a nice piece of property waiting 
for a missing heir of the Protherah family, which would be in- 
herited by a cousin, if he were not soon found. 

The name of Walker was unknown, but there were several 
families in Pembrokeshire named Eynon, one of which had a 
clock and watch store in Narberth. We think that Lewis 
Walker's mother was an Eynon, because his sister Jane writes of 
an " unkell Eynon " who went to fight against the French. The 
Lewis family, which was also connected, as will be seen by refer- 
ring to the same letter, has disappeared from the neighborhood. 
Walker, we know, is not a Welsh, but an English name ; and I 
believe that we are the only Quaker Walkers in this country. 
Referring to " Besse's Sufferings " once more, I find that there 
were several of this name in Yorkshire, in 1660 and 1664, who 
suffered imprisonment for attending meetings at Sedburgh, and 


for refusing the oath. I think that Lewis Walker's father might 
have gone from Yorkshire into Wales, there married and died. 
I have read that Quakerism was introduced into Wales from 
Yorkshire. But all this may be foreign to the subject, as we do 
not even know that he was a Quaker; his son, Lewis, was one, 
because he was married according to the ceremony of Friends at 
Haverford Meeting, and he was a prominent and valuable mem- 
ber of the Society ; but when he joined it \vc do not know. 
That he lived in this part of Wales is certain, and that he was 
more English than Welsh seems clear. He did n<jt use the 
Welsh language, and he was very tall, — his height being given 
as six feet and four inches ; while the Welsh are usually a short, 
thick-set people, and carry these characteristics down through 
many generations. 

However, this part of Wales is more English than Celtic, and 
is called " Little England beyond Wales," being mainly peopled 
by the descendants of a colony of Flemings, who were brought 
here by Henry L, in 1 107, to help civilize the Welsh, by arts of 
peace. They differ from the Welsh in language and character. 
This part of the country is mostly agricultural ; its undulating 
surface strongly reminded us of Eastern Pennsylvania. The 
small cottages are picturesquely located. They are so old that 
they seem a part of the soil, like the rocks, and are whitewashed 
from the foundation stone to the chimney top. The numerous 
small towns and villages are clustered about an old church, 
whose tall, square tower has been a landmark for centuries to 
the wayfaring man. The turbulency of the unconquered Celt 
occasioned the necessity of many strongholds, or fortified castles, 
whose ruins are now a source of income to the proprietors by 
attracting many curious visitors to see these crumbling relics of 
another time. The Eastern Pennsylvanian will constantly see in 
Pembrokeshire the names of people and places as familiar to him 


as his own, and it will be interesting to trace the differences that 
climate and government have made between him and his Welsh 
relations. As we stepped from the streets into the smooth paths 
that led along hedgerows, far out into the fields of the country, 
on our long walks of exploration, we felt the blood of our fore- 
fathers leap in our veins. We walked where they had walked, 
and gazed on the enchanting scenery on which their eyes had 
rested. We felt that we were truly visiting our old home. We 
doubt not their memories often returned with homesick longings 
to these very spots while meditating in the quiet of Haverford, 
Radnor, or Valley meeting-houses on a First-day morning. 

C|}aplrr Eljirti. 


LEWIS WALKER on arriving in Pennsylvania went to Rad- 
nor, where he bought 300 acres of land of David Evans, and 
rented 200 acres more. Radnor was one of the earliest settlements 
of Pennsylvania, forming a part of the Welsh tract. In Proud's 
" History of Pennsylvania," we read : " Among the adventurers 
and settlers who arrived about this time, were many from Wales, 
mostly Quakers. They had early purchased of the Proprietary 
in England 40,000 acres of land on the west side of the Schuyl- 
kill River, which included Merion, Haverford, and Radnor." 
This was the Welsh tract, and " was given them that they might 
preserve their language, and settle their difficulties in their own 
tongue and with their own juries and magistrates, 'being 
descended from the antient Britains,' and that they might not 
entangle themselves with laws in an unknown tongue." As 
early as 1690, there was a community of thirty families at Rad- 
nor, mostly Quakers. Here Lewis Walker settled, and Second 
month (April) 2 2d, 1693, he was married at Haverford Meeting- 
house to Mary Morris. The Radnor Meeting Book of Marriage 
has recorded, " Lewis Walker of Merion, batchelor, and Mary 
Morris, spinster, married 2nd Mo. 22nd, 1693, at Haverford 
Meeting House. Witnesses : — William P'lower, Francis and 
William Howell, Morris and William Llewellin, and 38 others." 
I insert the copy of the original marriage certificate, thinking 
the offspring of this marriage will be interested to see what a 

goodly show of people attended the wedding of their ancestors. 




" Haverford, the 22nd day of ye 2nd Month 1693. Whereas Lewis 
Waker of the County of Philadelphia late of the township of Marion, 
Batchelor, And Mary Morris of ye same, Spinster, have declared their In- 
tentions of Marriage before Severall meetings of haverford Who after due 
deliberation of the sd meetings thereupon and inspection made into their 
clearness together with the consent of Relation had and obtained were sett 
to their freedom to proceed in their so Intention of marriage these therefore 
are to certifie all whom it may concern, the day and year above written, 
The said parties being come together to the meeting house in Haverford 
and in a publicke assembly of people mett together to that intent, The sd 
Lewis Walker solemnly declared as followeth viz : In the presence of god 
and his people I take Mary Morris to be my wife promising to be a true 
kind loving husband till death part us. In like manner ye sd Mary Morris 
Solemnlv declareth as followeth viz : I do here in the presence of god and 
before his people take Lewis Waker to be my husband promising to be a 
faithful and obedient wife till death part us. 

And for further confermation of same the sd parties to these presents 

have sett their hands in witness whereof we being then and there present 

have hereunto subscribed our names. 

Lewis Waker 

Mary Waker 

Walter ffarritt 
Edward William 
James Thomas 
David Llewelyn 
Rowland Ellis 
James Mortimer 
Nathan Thomas 
Owen Thomas 
Charles Hughs 
Henry Lewis 
William Flower 

ffrancis Howell 
Susannah Lewis 
Margaret Lewis 
Katherine Jones 
Mary Lewis 
Robert Owen 
John Jerman 
William Howell 
Moris Llewelyn 
William Jenkins 
Evan Protherera 

John Lewis 
David Lewis 
Mar)' Howell 
Elinor Lawrence 
Margaret Thomas 
Eliz. Lewis 
Eliz. Prthera' 
Ann Jones 
John Robert 
Lewis David 
Edd Jones 

James Thomas 
Thomas Howell 
Thomas Rees 
Elizabeth flower 
Margaret Howel 
Elizabeth Jenkins 
Magdelen Eateon 
Ann Llewelyn 
Morgan Davis 
William Thomas 

Lewis Walker took his bride to their Radnor home, ^vhere 
they Hved several years, and where most of their children were 
born. I cannot locate it myself; but the following, which I 
think formed part of the Radnor property, may assist any one 


who desires to hunt it up. It is described as being " part in 
Radnor, part in Marion and rioshcn." 

"The Proprietary by Deeds of Lease and Release bearing date 14 
and 15 of 7br [September], 1681, Sold to Richard Davies 5000 Acres. Of 
this was disposed of in England, Rowland Ellis 1 100 acres. The rest was 
sold to John Roberts, Rich. Humphrey, David Evan, Ellis Pugh and 
others, James Price, Jno. Evans, Edw'd David, Ed. Jones, Ellis Jones, 
Roger Hugh, David Meredith, R. Cook, J. Lloyd, D. Jones, M. James, R. 
Miles, T. Jones, Evan Oliver, \Vm. Davies, &c. 

"By deeds now possessed by said Wm. Davies — 

" Wm. Davies, Edward David, David Kinsey, 100 (acres). 

" By Deeds the Exec' tors of the said David sold it to 

James James and he to Lewis Walker who possesses it" [1691 or '92]. 
(Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 1. p. 15.) 

Lewis Walker was not content with his Radnor property ; in 
his wanderings and hunting trips (he is said to have been fond 
of the chase) he had seen land more to his liking. Beyond the 
densely wooded hill was a pleasant valley, w-ell watered and fer- 
tile, waiting the hand of the farmer to produce abundant harvests. 
A river lay beyond, ready to float the products of the farm to 
the waiting markets of the city so rapidly growing at its mouth. 
His prophetic eye saw the advantages of the place for a home, 
and in the language of a local poet, 

" He bought the land from hill to hill, 
And his children's children live there still." 

From a point on the South Valley Hill, we may stand to-day 
where he is said to have stood, and see the same stretch of 
country that excited the admiration of our ancestor, impelling 
him to break up his settled home and start afresh as a pioneer, 
beyond the forest, seven miles away. This is said to have been 
a great trial to his wife, who had felt happy and safe at Radnor ; 
the peril of the unknown was upon her, and her imagination 


peopled the country with bears, and savage Indians. At last 
her fears were overcome, and early in the century we find them 
in their new home in the Chester Valley. I have not been able 
to get the exact date at which they moved ; but Futhey and Cope, 
in their " History of Chester County," name Lewis Walker as 
the first settler of Tredyffrin township, in 1705. To quote fur- 
ther from the same work, " Tredyffrin Township is situated in 
the Great Valley in the most easterly part of the county. It is 
part of a large tract which was surveyed for the Welsh, and was 
principally taken up and settled by them. The name is Welsh, 
and signifies valley town, or township. Tre, or tref, town ; 
Dyffrin, a wide cultivated valley ; hence the compound ' Tredyf- 
frin, the town or township in a wide cultivated valley.' The 
township is sometimes called Valleytown or Valleyton in old 
writings — an evident effort to anglicise the name. In a deed of 
conveyance from Lewis Walker to Llewellyn David, in 1708, 
the grantor is recited as ' of the township of Valleyton in the 
county of Chester.' In the assessment of taxes in the year 
1722, the name is spelled Tre yr Dyffiyn. The date of the 
organization of the township is not certainly known, but it was 
prior to the year 1707, as in that year Thomas David repre- 
sented the township as constable." 

The section first occupied and cultivated as a homestead 
comprised the farms now owned by Joseph and Mathias Walker ; 
but in a short time he owned all the land extending west from 
the Montgomery County line as far as what is now called the 
Baptist Road. The Swedesford and the Back roads marked the 
north and south limits of this tract. But he had other property 
in the neighborhood ; and, before he died, must have been 
possessed of nearly 1 000 acres in Tredyffrin township. Although 
it had been held in other names — having been taken up for spec- 
ulation — it was still virgin soil. Some of it was purchased from 



John Kinscy, who held a large section of the country in his 
name.* (See Appendix A.) 

Lewis Walker, after the English manner, gave a name to his 1 
new home, and for many years it was known as " Rchobeth." 
It is a singular coincidence that the first New England Walkers 
were settled in Rehobcth, Massachusetts. One of the (jIcI 
" Family Chronicles," written years ago by Marian Walker 
Meares, of Philadelphia, says : " Moving seven miles further into 
the wilderness he set up his home by one of the most beautiful 
springs of that fertile spot, which he called ' Rchobeth.' This 
spring now, as then, throws up its sparkling waters, and his 

*■ I insert the following, which I came across in an old desk, along with many other 
papers belonging to the family. 



" 223. Evan & Danl 2-8-1685. 300. Philadelphia. In ye which 

Harry. Tract by E 

Lloyds order 
given David 
Powell ye 31 
of ve 3rd NIo. 
"25 Feb. 1701. 36S acres were surveyed to David Powell — afterwards granted to 
Lewis Walker." 

" 166 Acres of Land was deeded by David Powell to fames Davids, sold by him to 
OwenGethin, who sells it to John Davids, from whom it was purchased by Lewis Walker." 
From the " Minute Book of Property," Pennsylvania Archives, 2d Series, Vol. 
XIX., p. 327: 

"At a session of the Commissioners at Philadelphia, the 5th of 8ber, 1702. 
" Present Griffith Owen, Thomas Story, James Logan, Secretary. 
" George Wood purchaser of 1000 Acres procured of the Prop'ry a warrant dated 
2-smo. '83 for 20 A. L. L. (Liberty Lands, or unsettled districts around Philadelphia). 
John Bluntson, purchaser of 1500 .\cres, jsrocured another of the same date for 30 A's. 
Thos. Whitby, purchaser of 500 Acres by Deeds dated 12 & 13 April, 83, had a warrant 
dated 6-5mo. 1702 for 10 A's, and Samuel Bradshaw, purchaser of 5<x> A's, took up 10. 
A's, together with the rest, which were all surveyed together but the Warr't appears not. 
John Bl. George Wo. Sam'U Bradshaw and .Ad. Roads by Vertue of a power from Tho. 
' Whitby convey'd all the said 70 A's (of Liberty Land) being all located near Darby 
contiguous by a Deed Under all their hands and Seals dated 22d 4m. 1691, to Lewis 
Walker of Haverford, who by Deed dated Mar 93-4 conveyed the same to Lewis 
David of the said place." 


children to the fifth generation feed from the hand the petted 
brook trout whose progenitors afforded abundant and deUcious 
food to the dwellers of that forest home." 

Fortunately the early settlers of Pennsylvania were never 
reduced to the straits of the Pilgrims and Puritans of bleak New 
England. There were deer, turkeys and pigeons in the woods, 
shad and other kinds of fish in the rivers, and many kinds of fruit 
growing wild around them.* 

The house which Lewis Walker built at " Rehobeth," was 
situated on a sunny slope, shaded by walnut and sycamore trees, 
and is supposed to have been built of stone which was dug 
from a quarry near at hand, the same " old quarr\'," grass-grown 
and cedar-crowned, that now forms a picturesque background to 
the buildings. As has been remarked before, a part of this old 
house is still standing, and comprises a part of the eastern end of 
the present structure. This house was a large building for the 
times ; it was suf^ciently large for a meeting to be held in it for 
many years. One of the lower rooms was separated by a mov- 
able partition into two, for the use of the business meetings of 
the Society of Friends, as we see them in the meeting-houses of 
the present day. We know that in 171 3 "Stephen Bevans and 
Lewis Walker have requested to have a meeting sometimes at 
the house of Lewis Walker. This meeting do condescend that 
Friends may keep a meeting at Lewis W^alker's the first day of 
the week in the Sixth and Eighth months next." (Radnor 

I read in some old history of Friends, that in 17 14, the 
" Friends inhabiting Perquaming (Perkiomen) and this side of 
Schuylkill in ye Valley being desirous yt a meeting be allowed 

* For further information on this subiect, see a letter from Wm. Penn to the Free 
Society' of Traders of that Province residing in London, written from Philadelphia, 
Aug 16, 1683. 


ym every other mo. to be and hc<^\n att Lewis Walker'.s house 
the first in 2d mo. next, and thence every other month at Joseph 
Richardson's house until ye 9th mo. next." These mectinjjs 
were continued at Lewis Walker's house until 173 i, when tliey 
were transferred to the new meeting-house on the hill. In an 
old Quaker Journal, before mentioned, the preacher writes : 
" 1st mo. 14th, 1722. At Lewis Walker's in tlie Great Valley, 
where we had a large meeting out of doors, with many other pro- 
fessors. All were attentive and the Gospel Power and testimony 
went freely forth." Li 17 18, "Joseph Thomas and Jemima 
David were married at Lewis Walker's house." 

About 1728, the Haverford Monthly Meeting appointed a 
committee to aid the Valley Friends in fixing a site for a 
meeting-house. It left them at liberty to build the said house 
" at the grave-yard near Lewis Walker's, deceased, which was 
left by the said Lewis by his last Will for that purpose." 

But in these intervening years much had been accomplished. 
When they first went to " Rehobeth," there was no communi- 
cation with the outside world except by trails ; roads had been 
laid out, lands cleared, barns built, orchards set out ; and thus 
with sowing and reaping, and bu)-ing and selling, the years flew 
by, until the 23d of December, 1728, when Lewis Walker's 
busy and useful life came to an end. He was buried in the 
grave -yard on the hill, on his own land, which he had bequeathed 
in his Will to the " use of the Friends forever." It was formerly 
one of the particular tenets of the Friends that marble or stone 
should not distinguish the graves of their dead, and for this rea- 
son it is not positively known which of the numerous graves in 
this old yard belongs to him ; but there are two mounds, notice- 
able for their length, which have always been pointed out as 
belonging, one to Lewis Walker and the other to his serving 
man, but which is which it is impossible to determine. 


The following is taken from The Friend, Vol. XXIX., p. 268, 
published at Philadelphia, Fifth month 3d, 1856, and entitled: 
" Biographical Sketches of Ministers and Elders, and other 
concerned members of the Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia." 

"This Friend, who is spoken of as a 'worthy elder,' belonged to 
Haverford Monthly Meeting, but his farm was in the Valley. ' He had a 
meeting at his house for several years, and was instrumental in settling a 
meeting there. He gave a lot of ground to the use of Friends of that meet- 
ing where the Meeting-house is built. He lived in love and unity with his 
friends.' He died on the 23rd of the Tenth Month, 1728, and was buried 
at Friends' burying ground in the Valley." 

The last Will and Testament of Lewis Walker, probated 
before Peter Evans, Register General, 24th day of January, 

I, Lewis Walker, Tredyffrin, in the County of Chester, Yeoman, being 
very sick and weak in body, but of good mind and memory, thanks be to 
Almighty God, finding in my body the signs of mortality which cause me 
to make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following : — 
Imprimis : it is my Will that my funeral expenses and all just debts should 
first be paid. lion : it is my will that my son Daniel and his two sisters, 
my daughters Elizabeth and Hannah, shall be satisfied with what they have 
already had, it being according to my ability. Item : I give to my son 
Joseph my wearing apparell with what he heretofore had. I/em : I give to 
my son Enoch ye tract of land joining to the east end of my son Daniel's 
land with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging to him, his heirs and 
assigns forever. liem : 1 give to my son Abel Two hundred acres of land 
being scituated on the south side of David John's land and the north side 
of Simmons' land joining to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Hem : 
I give to my son Isaac one hundred acres of land out of the west end of 
the tract of land purchased of John Davy, with all the appurtenances 
thereto belonging to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Hem : It is my will 
to give, grant and confirm unto them of my Persuasion the Grave yard that is 
upon my land for the use of Friends forever, Bounding upon Road and nine 
Perches square every way. Concerning the Plantation which I live upon 


and the remainder of my estate Real and Personal, Item : I give and 
bequeath unto my dear and loving wife during her life time, 1 also give 
her the Priveledge to dispose of to one and all or part of her children ac- 
cording to her discretion of that which remains of my real and personal 
estate after her decease. By sundry good reasons causes and considerations 
thereunto moving I do nominate and appoint and ordain my dear wife 
Mary Walker and my son Daniel Walker to be my sole Executors, to pay 
and recover all debts and demands as also to sell or dispose of real and 
personal estate and make Titles as they shall find occasion. 1 do hereby 
revoke and make void all other Wills and Testaments by me heretofore 
made or intended to be made and declare this to be my last Will and 

Sealed with my seal, dated this fourteenth day of the Tenth Month 
called December, 1728. 

Sealed, Published and Declared to be 

his last Will and Testament in the Lewis Walker 

presence of us ^AH^ 

Stephen Evans regardant.) 

Griffith Phillips 

Thomas Smallshaw 

Philadelphia, Jan. 24th, 1728. Then personally appeared Stephen 

Evans and Griffith Phillips, two of the witnesses to the within written Will 

on their solemn affirmation according to law did declare they saw and heard 

Lewis Walker the Testator there named sign, seal publish and declare the 

said Will to be his Last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof 

he was of sound mind, memory and understanding to the best of their 


Coram, Peter Evans, Reg. Gen. 

The Inventory Indented of ye Goods, cattle and chatties of Lewis 
Walker of ye Township of Tredyffrin in the County of Chester and 
Provence of Pennsylvania (late deceased) Prized by Thomas Thomas and 
Stephen Evans as foUoweth, viz — 

£ s. d. 

Imprimis, — wearing apparel wth. horse saddle 14 10 o 

Item — Household stuff (viz) one bedd & furniture with one Iron 

stove 15 ° ° 


Item — three Bedds with bed clothes &: fifteen sheets .... 19 15 o 
Item — twenty-eight yards of cloth one sheet one blanket with 

one case of drawers, one chest, 19 yds. of linen ... 14 10 o 
Item — one table with 16 chairs and six knives and forks with 

chopping knife and flesh fork 2 16 o 

Item — Two bedd flocks wth. Bedd clothes i 5 o 

Item — one kneading trough & chest wth one hatchet & one pair 

of combs wth two foot wheels, two woolen wheels • ■ 3 2 o 
Item — Thirty five pounds of woolen yarn with wool hem [p] and 

flax with sixteen Baggs one side saddle & padd ... 8 16 o 
Item — one whip saw one cross cut saw with two saddles & 

leather 4 5 o 

Item — Butter & cheese, sider with fourteen Barrels wth other 

wooden lumber 5 c o 

Item — one Brass pan wth other Brass eight pewter dishes with 

other pewters & earthen ware 5 12 o 

Item — one pott & kittle one skillett, pott hooks wth hangers 2 

Brand irons with one frying pan 3 o o 

Item — one long table with kneading trough one chest one small 

box & six glass bottles one apple Mill & press . . . . i 10 o 
Item — one spade, one Iron Barr, one shovel, two hoes, three 

pitchin axes, two hatchetts & two Grind stones . . . . i 14 o 
Item — Plain stocks wth other joyners tools, one hand saw with 

other carpenter Tools 

Item — Turners Tools, one pair of Stillards 

Item — Maul Rings with four Iron wedjies wth other small Irons 
Item — one pair of Tongs one fire shovel with one pair of 

Bellosse . . 14 o 

Item — one Iron Box wth two heaters & steeling Iron & two pair 

of sherers 11 6 

Item — one plow with two pair of plow irions & two harrows wth 

one pair of plow chaines & swingle trees, one cutting 

knife & box, with two old casks 2 16 o 

Item — Three collars wth holms, 4 pair of chaines one cart sadle 

& Briddles &: two carts 10 16 o 

Item — wheat in the Barn 20 o o 

Item — Sixteen head of cattle with five calves 32 10 o 

Item — Hay with one hay cutting knife & pitch forks 8 5 o 

8 o 
4 6 
2 o 


Item — Forty sheep & twelve Hoggs 7 o o 

Item^Thirty acres of corn in the ground 710 o 

Item — Nine horses & five mares kinc 52 10 o 

Item — to several sickles, latli ax greedirion half bushcU vessel 

wth other things 12 o 

Item — one Bible & Testament wth other Books 15 o 

Item — one man named Saml. Ridley 10 o o 

Item— one servant woman named Esther Stone 3 o o 

Item — another servant maid named Margaret James .... 7 o o 
Item — To a tract of Land containing two hundred & forty acres 
with the plantation & all other the appcrtenances 

whatsoever thereunto belonging 200 o o 

[Signed by] 

Thomas Thomas 
Stephen Evans 

Cijaptcr JFouvtij. 


T INSERT the following old papers, which are interesting as 
illustrating the colonial farm-life of the day, as well as having a 
genealogical value. For years they lay undisturbed in a neat 
little walnut desk, that was brought into the family by Sarah 
Thomas, whose initials it bore. She married Joseph Walker, 
a grandson of Lewis Walker ; the box with its contents came 
into the possession of Zillah Kendall, a granddaughter of 
Joseph Walker, and is now owned by her son, William W. 
Kendall, of Philadelphia. 

The oldest paper was a receipt for money received by Griffith 
Miles from Lewis Walker, dated 1695. 

1700. " This bill bindeth me Lewis Walker of the Township of Rad- 
nor, County of Chester within the Province of Pennsylvania, Planter, to 
pay unto Evan Prothero of the same Township, County and Province, or 
to his certayn Attorney, his Executors, Administrators or Assignees the 
sum of Twelve Pounds and Twelve shillings current silver money of the 
said Province at or upon the First day of the Sixth Month next after the 
date hereof to which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself, 
my Heirs, Executors and Administrators firmly by the . . . with my 
seal dated the Nine and Twentieth day of the Third Month in the year of 

our Lord Christ 1700." 

Lewis Walker. 


1705. This Indenture witnesseth that John Davis late of Lanpron- 

gaitlin ye Coiuity of Carmarthen in Wales hath put himself and by these 

presents doth voluntarily and of his own free will and accord put himself 

Seniant to Lewis Walker of Radnor in Chester County in Pennsylvania to 




serve him from the day of the date hereof for and during the term o{ four 
years next ensuing ; during all which time the said Seniant\\\% said Master 
faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands gladly every 
where obey, he shall do no damage to his said master, nor see it to be 
done by others without letting or giving notice thereof to his said master, 
he shall not waste his said masters goods, nor lend them unlawfully to 
any : he shall not contract matrimony within the said term. At cards. 
Dice or any other unlawful games he shall not play whereby his said 
master may have damage with his own goods nor the goods of others. He 
shall not absent himself day or night from his masters service without his 
leave, nor haunt ale houses. Taverns or Playhouses, but in all things 
behave himself as a faithful servant ought to do during the said term. 

And the said Master shall procure and provide for him sufficient meat. 
Drink, apparel. Lodging and washing fitting for a servant during the said 
term. And for the true performance of all and every the said covenants 
and agreements either of the said Parties bind themselves unto each other 
by these Presents in Witness whereof they have interchangably put their 
hands and seals this Sixth day of the Seventh Month in the Thirteenth 
year of the Reign of William the Third, King of England, «S:c. Annoy. 

Dom. 1705. 

Lewis [torn] 
Sealed and Delivered 
in the Presence of 
Robert Wharton 
R [ . , . . ] Tho 

1712. The fifth day of May so called 17 12. A memorandum of an 
agreement between Lewis Walker of Whiteland in the County of Chester, 
and Province of Pennsylvania, yeoman, and John Evans of North Wales 
in the County of Philadelphia, yeoman, of the other part, and is as follow- 
eth. First it is to be remembered that Lewis Walker have bargained and 
sold unto the said John Evans an Hundred Acres of Land in Whiteland 
beginning at a black oak marked thence west south west by the line of 
Griffith John to a post south south est by James Atkinson's land to a post 
thence north north est by Thomas Simon's land to a post thence north 
north west to the place of beginning for thirty pounds of good and current 
silver money of this province of Pennsylvania with their lawful interest to 
be paid unto the said Lewis Walker or to his attorney the first day of the 
month called May which will be in the year of our Lord 17 14. 



It was also concluded upon by the said parties that if there be any 
part wanting of the aforesaid hundred acres within the bounds of aforemen- 
tioned . . . said Lewis Walker is to make it good, or if it happens to be 
more when it be measured then the said John Evans is to pay to the said 
Lewis Walker for that . . . . at the rate he pays for the rest It is also 
agreed upon by the said parties that at what time soever the said John 
Evans shall pay the above said sum of thirty pounds to him the said Lewis 
Walker that then the said Lewis Walker is to give good security upon the said 
land to him the said John Evans in witness thereof the parties have here- 
unto set their hands and seal. 

Lewis Walker 
John Evaxs 

Stephen" Evaxs 
Daniel Walker 

17 1 7-8. Friend Lewis Walker this with my love to thee and thy 
family this is to let thee understand that I am willing to take Robert Rogers 
for as much money as he will owe thee and take his obligation and dis- 
charge thee no more at present from thy friend 
Dated ye 10 of March 171 7-8. David Meredith 

(\Vritten on old and yellow paper, almost undecipherable.) 

It had been a question in the family as to what had become 
of the sister, Jane Walker, who had written the letter from 
" Redstone." Some thought that she had come to Pennsylvania, 
as was her evident intention ; while a more romantic maiden 
fancied that she had married Isaac Phillpin, who had seemed 
interested in her. This uncertainty was cleared up, fortunately, 
by another old letter, recently discovered, poorly written on 
coarse paper, folded square and sealed. 

To Mr 

Lewis Walcker 

S >. a s 

Living in Great Valey 

~ ^ ^ -. 
N ^ ^ f 

^ ^ i 

In Ouster County 


at Rchohcth 



HarkorI) Wkst, June the 28th, 1725. 
Your dear and living (sic) sister Jane Walcker doth sendeth this few 
lines unto you hoping it may find you in <,ff)od health as we are at this 
presant wreiting thangs be given unto the Almighty god of heaven who is 
the keeper and preserver of all faithful ser . . . [torn]. I am niariet 
here at the Shippe cay [quay ?] in the town of harford west an one David 
Morris we have three children one son and two daug[hters]. The name of 
my son is Evan the name of my daughter is Elizabeth and Margaret. I 
am sorry that your Love so short unto me because I did not hear not a word 
from you this long thime sins the Death of our honord mother which I de- 
sirers nothing of but hear of your well being and your wife and children. 
Your two sisters remember their loves and their husbands and children and 
wood be glad to hear from you. Eisack [Isaac] Phillpin doth remember 
his love and Daniel Phillpin the same doth give his kind love and servis 
unto you and doth wonder that your love is so short unto your natif country 
and all the rest of your relations yn general. No more at present put [but] 
my love unto yo" your dear and living sister 

Jane Walcker. 

I deseier of you to know how is Mary Lewis and Ann Lewis her sister 
I wood be glad to hear of them all in General, no more at present put 
[but] your brother in law doth remember his love unto you and your wife 
and children. We deseire to hear from you the first purtunity [opportunity] 
that you can find. So much from your brother and sister. 

David Morris and 
Jaine Morris. 

I Jaen Walcker Doth Remember her kind love and servis unto you 

Owen Thomas and Ann Thomas his wife 1 should be very glad to hear 

from you how you did like the country now my ser\is to them this from 

your friend. 

Jane Walcker. 

AlthoLig-li we reizret that \vc have not more letters of this kind 
to insert, as they would have been a great assistance in our 
genealogical research ; yet we should not blame Lewis Walker too 
much for his seeming neglect of his people in the old country. 
We should remember that the postal facilities were not such as 
they are now. Letters had to be carried to and fro by private 


individuals, and " Rehobeth " was far inland, a day's journey 
from Philadelphia. Many came from Wales, but few returned ; 
so that his opportunities for sending letters were less than hers. 


Jan. ye 20th, 1726. 

£. s. d. 

Lewis \\ alker to a pair of shoos [for] Enuch 7 o 

To a pair of shoos for Abel 7 o 

To a pair of shoos for ye wife 5 6 

To mending a pair of shoos 2 4 

To a pair of shoos for ye wife 5 6 

May ye 28 to a pair of shoos Abel 7 o 

to a pair of shoos Enoch 7 o 

to a pair of shoos Abel 7 o 

to a pair of shoos Enoch 4 o 


In 17 1 2 Thomas Waters and Lewis Walker could not agree 
concerning the boundary line of certain lands. Instead of going 
to law about it. arbitrators were chosen, as was the custom among 
Friends at that time, who decided that Lewis Walker should 
give up his claim, and that Thomas Waters should pay him at 
two different times the sum of ^^3 i is. 6d. 

On the 26th of May, 17 19, " Hugh William, John Jones, John 
Morgan, Lewis Rees, Lewis Lewis, and Morgan Jones laid out a 
road beginning at the grave yard near Lewis Walker's to the High 
Road." This road w'ent through the lands of James Davids, Morris 
Davids and Thomas Simmons " to the High Road at INIargaret 
Samuel's." The road over the hill to Radnor, and that to 
Swedesford on the Schuylkill, were laid out in 17 13. There 
seems to have been some trouble in locating these roads, judging 
from the petitions found in the little desk. There were some 
who wanted the Swedesford road higher up on the hill than 
it now is. 



When Lewis Walker died he had been forty-two years in 
America, and more than half of this time he had iixcd in 
Tredyffrin ; he had come to it a wilderness, and had left it a 
flourishing settlement. His eight children were grown up, and 
nearly all of them married and settled on farms near him. His 
widow continued to live at " Rehobeth " until her death. Her 
will was probated on the 19th day of March, 1747. She was 
buried by the side of her husband. We have no knowledge of 
her family. If she came to Pennsylvania with her parents or 
relations they must have died, or had a different surname, as no 
one of the name of Morris signed her marriage certificate, 
excepting a Morris Llewellyn. It was customary at that time for 
the children of Welsh parents to take the first name of their 
father for their last name, and this might have been the case with 
Mary Morris. It is recorded that she was eighty years old at 
the time of her death ; therefore she must have been born in the 
year 1667. The youngest son, Isaac, lived with the mother and 
cultivated the farm. The terms of their contract are shown in 
the following indenture : 

This Indenture made the 20th day of Aug. 1736 being the 9th year of 
the reign of our Sov. Lord George, King of Gt. Britain, by and between 
Mary Walker and Daniel Walker sole Executors of Lewis Walker late De- 
ceased of the Township of Tredyffryn in ye County of Chester and Prov- 
ince of Penn. of ye one part and Isaac Walker of ye same Township and 
County of Chester of the other part. Witness &c. in consideration of 
Rents &c. assign, let and lease all that farm or Plantation where ye sd. 
Parties now liveth upon, . . . containing two hundred acres with the 
ground, advantages &c. . . . unto ye said Isaac Walker and Sarah his 
wife from ye date hereof dining time and for ye term of five years for yearly 
rents as shall be nominated, viz: — It is covenanted and agreed that ye said 
Mary Walker hath and doth receive her stove room or chamber wholly for 
her own use and equal liberty and privilege in all ye out rooms both below 
stairs and above throughout ye whole house ye hearth chamber in ye lofte 
the stove room only accepted [excepted ?] and ye like liberty and equal 


priveledge of both ye sellars and fire places both in ye house and Kiching 
ye oven and graneries and free and unmolested liberty to pass and repass 
to ye water or any other place on ye premises during ye aforesaid term and 
the sd. Mary Walker doth reserve for her own use her choice of two cows 
during ye whole term, and also ye choice of one hog this fall and ye fourth 
part of ye cyder ready casked in good order during ye said term, and ye 
half of all ye poultry and ye profit during ye term. And ye said Mary 
Walker doth reserve a horse, bridle and saddle and Robert Whitestone is 
to attend upon ye said Mary Walker whenever she shall have occasion of 
him, otherwise ye said Robert shall be at Isaac's service and it is coven- 
anted &c. by ye said parties that ye said Isaac Walker has taken that part 
of ye above nominated premises which is already cleared and bounded 
with fences both corn land and meadow ground with all ye nominated 
priviledges thereunto belonging for ye term of five years from this present 
date, and ye said Isaac Walker is to have full and unmolested liberty of ye 
chamber over ye stove room wholly for his own use and equal priviledge 
and liberty of all ye dwelling house, ye stove room accepted, ye two sellars, 
fire places, kiching, ovens, graneries and five horses upon ye place under 
praisement, and six cows upon ye place under piaisement, during ye said 
Term, it is further agreed yt. ye said Isaac Walker is to have twelve sheep 
under praisement. It is agreed by ye said parties that Isaac Walker shall 
have ye said stock for ye term of five years from this present date and then 
to return them or their praisement, ye horses at twenty pounds, ye cows at 
eighteen pounds, ye twelve sheep at fifty five shillings, ye increase of ye 
whole shall be his own during ye said term. It is agreed that ye said Isaac 
Walker shall have all of the swine, one accepted, returning two good shoats 
at the end of five years. It is agreed that Isaac Walker shall have ye cart 
and gear returning ye same cart and gear at ye end of ye said term or else 
three pounds, and ye said Isaac Walker is to have a plough and gear and 
furniture complete for two horses and a harrow during the said term and 
then he is to return them in good order or their praisement of forty two 
shillings, and ye said Isaac Walker shall have the use of all implements of 
husbandry and carpenters tools during ye said five years and then to return 
them. The said Isaac Walker is to have all of ye corn that is in ye barn 
and all ye hay for his first crops with the priviledge of sowing what quantity 
of winter corn he shall think, and his mother shall make her choice of 
twelve acres of ye said crops ye beginning of April provided it shall be 
together bound on ye . . . and ye said Mary Walker shall be at ye charge 


of reaping ye said twelve acres for her own use, and ye said Mary Walker 
is to have all ye hay ye last, — for the term of five years towards ye sup- 
porting of herself and stock ye ensuing year in lieu of ye crop ye said 
Isaac now received. It is further covenanted &c. that the said Isaac 
Walker shall during ye full term of five years find and provide good and 
sufficient food and raiment with washing for ye said Mary Walker such as 
her age and circumstances shall require together with careful attendance on 
her and ye said Isaac is not to deprive his mother of ye above mentioned 
priviledges concerning her house and premises. It is further agreed that 
the said Mary Walker shall have her choice of two cows for herself at ye 
delivering up of ye stock and if these cows should come upon any accident 
that should render them unprofitable the said Isaac is to find and keep two 
cows for his mother upon his own cost and charges during ye above term of 
five years and the said M. W. is to have the liberty of disposing of ye 
calves from these two cows but not to raise them to increase her stock 
on the place during the term but Isaac Walker has the priviledge of rais- 
ing his mother's calves to ye half. She shall have her choice of ye horses 
with saddle and bridle in good order during ye term and to be brought to 
her bridled and saddled when she shall have occasion to ride abroad and 
Robert Whitestone is to attend on ye said Mary Walker when she shall 
have occasion to employ him, otherwise the said Robert Whitestone is to be 
at Isaac Walker's service during the term. 

It is agreed . . . that the said Isaac Walker is to provide and pay 
yearly and every year twelve pound of good wool and sixteen pounds of 
good flax, 100 pounds of good pork ye four last years of ye said term to 
his mother and to pay every year during the aforesaid term six bushels of 
malt ready ground and brought home to her, and six bushels of wheat 
ready ground and bolted and brought home to her for her own use and six 
pounds of candles, and to provide her with fire wood and cause a fire to be 
kept in ye stove in ye winter season during ye said term as his mother 
requires it. It is to be noted that ye said Mary Walker doth reserve 
and keep all her goods whatsoever as are not here nominated wholly 
to her own use so that Isaac Walker have no command of any of ye 
said goods that are not specified, without his mother's leave excepting ye 
Dairy vessels and fire vessels, pots, kettles and pans, he is to have the use 
of them but if any of these are broken or destroyed by his neglect he is 
lyable to pay for them. It is further agreed by both parties that Isaac 
Walker shall keep a bay mare and two colts for ye said Mary Walker and 


that he, Isaac Walker shall have ye increase and use of these creatures 
towards ye keeping during ye term of five years, if any of the creatures 
should die through his neglect he will be lyable to make them good to ye 
owner, but if they chance to die and Isaac Walker should use his endeav- 
ors to keep them alive ye said MaiT Walker shall stand ye loss of all such 
creatures. Isaac Walker must also during ye term of five years clear and 
pay all Debts that shall appear against ye estate, lawfully contracted either 
by her deceased husband or any contract of her own until this present 
date, quit rents excepted. . . . Isaac Walker shall have ye remainder of 
ye stock which are not here nominated as horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, half 
of ye cheeze and a tub of butter of 40 wt. towards ye defraying of those 
debts as may lawfully appear against ye said estate. He is not allowed to 
clear but one acre a year during ye Term which is to be cleared at ye West 
End of ye Plantation. Ye said Isaac Walker is to build ye sheds about ye 
old barn, Mary Walker is to be at ye charge of ye nails for ye shingles and 
also three pounds toward ye said work. Isaac Walker is not to cut and 
sell any Timber on ye Premises belonging to ye Plantation but is to use ye 
timber with discretion for ye use of ye said Plantation, as building, fencing 
and fireing as he shall see occasion, but not to wilfully waste and destroy 
ye timber so that ye premises may be demnified, he is to keep ye Planta- 
tion in repair during ye term and leave all in as good repair as when he 
began his term. Ye said Isaac Walker is to have Savage during his servi- 
tude to be his assistant on ye place. It is covenanted . . . that Isaac 
Walker shall pay yearly and every year ye sum of six Pounds {£6) current 
money of Pennsylvania during ye term of five years, ist payment of six 
pounds before the i6th November 1737. Ye second Payment ye i6th No- 
vember 1738, ye third Payment i6th November 1739, ye fourth Payment 
ye 1 6th November 1740, ye fifth Payment ye i6th November 1741 which is 
ye last payment of ye term. If Isaac Walker should die during ye term 
his wife Sarah shall have full power in her own hand in this contract equal 
to her husband's power in all ye above mentioned articles. 

Ye said Isaac Walker is not to molest or hinder his mother from plow- 
ing her fallow ground ye last summer of his term, and Isaac Walker shall 
have full power to raise what stock he shall think proper in the place, to 
plow and sow but not to impoverish ye ground and at ye end of ye term he 
shall have full liberty to cart, drive and carry away all ye goods, chatties, 
corn, straw or r>e and whatever doth properly belong to him from ye prem- 
ises without any let, hindrance or molestation from ye said Mary Walker 


or Daniel Walker by her or liim or any under them or for them. For 
which .... the said parties do bind themselves unto each other firmly by 
Presents in the penal sum of si.xty pounds current money of Pennsylvania. 
In witness thereof the parties have hereunto mutually and interchantjaljly 
set their hand and seal the day and year above written. 
Sealed and Delivered her 

in the Presence of Mary + Walker 

Enoch Walker mark 

Abel Walker Daniel Walker 


By the Tenor of these Presents, I Wm. Plumstead, Reg. Generall for 
the Probate of wills and granting Laws of administracion in & for ye 
Province of Pennsylvania Do make known unto all People that on the day 
of the date hereof at Philada. in ye Province aforesaid Before me was 
proved, approved and insinuated the Last will and Testament of Mary 
Walker deed, (a true copy whereof is to these presents annexed) having 
while she lived and at the time of her death divers Goods Chattells rights 
and Credits within the said Province by means whereof the approbation 
and Insinuation of the said Last Will and Testam. & Committing the Ad- 
ministracion of all & Singular the Goods rights & Credits of the said 
Dec'ed, & also ye auditing ye accts. Calculacions & reckonings of ye 
said Administracion & final dismission from ye same to me is manifestly 
known to belong and administracion of all & Singular the Goods rights & 
Credits anywise Concerning ye said Deced. and her Last Will & Testa- 
ment was Committed to Isaac Walker Exec, in the sd. Testamt. named 
Chiefly of well & truly administring the Goods rights & Credits of ye said 
Deced. & making a true & perfect Inventory thereof & Exhibiting ye same 
into the Reg. General's office at Philada. at or l^cfore the 19th day of April 
next, and rendering a true and just account Calculacon or reckon, of the 
sd. administration when thereunto Lawfully required being Legally affd. 
thereto. In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand and Seal of 
office at Philada. the 19th day of March anno Dom. 1747. 

Wm. Plumsted, Reg. Gen'l. 

To All People to whom this present writing shall come, I Mary 
Walker of Treduffryn in the County of Chester widow relict & one of the 
Exec. & Administrators of ve Last Will and Testament of my Late husband 


Lewis Walker of the same place ycom. dec'ed Send Greeting &c. Whereas 
my sd husband by his Last will & Testament in writing duly Executed un- 
der his hand & Seal Proved & Registered in the Reg. Gen'l office at 
Philada. bearing date the 14th day of the Tenth Month (December) 1728, 
amongst other things therein contained did order in these words (to wit) 
" Concerning the Plantation which I live upon & the Remainder of my 
Estate Reall & Personall : Item, I give and bequeath unto my dear & 
Loveing wife dur. her Life time & I also give her the Privilege to dispose 
To one or all or part of her Children according to her Discretion of that 
which remained Real & Personal Estate after her Decease, by sundry good 
reasons Causes and Considerations thereunto moving," as by the sd will 
may at large appear and I well knowing that it was my sd husbands In- 
tention that 1 should have the sole disposall of the remainder of his Estate 
(not before settled by him) if any should remain after my decease amongst 
my Children according to my discretion notwithstanding the Joyning my 
Son Dan'l Exec, along with me in his will which was done with Intent to 
assist me in the Management of the Estate during my Life time and if 
occasion had required to make Sale of any Part towards discharging Debts 
or my Support we were Joyntly Impowered so to do but he was not at all to 
be concerned in the final Settlement after my decease and therefore as I 
am well satisfied with the true meaning of my husband's will and Intentions 
to be as aforesaid and that the Power of disposing such Estate as now 
remains in my hands is fully vested in me, and being now aged and 
weak and somewhat indisposed in body but of Sound and perfect memory 
(thanks be to God) and calling to mind the uncertainty of this Life do make 
and put in writing this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form 
following, that it is to say, I recommend my Soul to Allmighty God and my 
body to the Earth to be decently buried at the Discretion of my Exe. 
hereinafter named, and as touching the Estate that remains in my pos- 
session that my husband and I had in this life time as also what I have 
by God's assistance improved since his decease my Will and desire is, 
the same should be distributed and enjoyed by my children and Grand- 
children as is hereafter mentioned and first my Will is that all my just 
debts and ffunerall charges be fully pd. and discharged by my Exe. 
and as touching the House. Plantation and Tract of Land whereon 
I now live containing by Estimation two hund. and Two Acres (be 
it more or less) with all the rights members, Privileges and appurts 
and all other my psonall Estate of what kind Nature or Degree Soever 


and Wheresoever to be found my Will is and I give and ljcc|iicath the 
same to my Loving son Isaac Walker his heirs and ass's by him and them 
freely to be taken and enjoyed, to hold to him, his Heirs and Ass's for 
Ever Upon Condition that he or they Pay or Cause to be paid my just 
Debts and all my Respective Legacies hereinafter menconed according to 
the true meaning of this my Will, and first I give and bequeath to my 
Sons Daniel, Joseph, Abel, Enoch, to each of them the Sum of ffive Pounds 
Lawful money of Pennsylva. To be paid to each of them respectively in 
the space of two years next after my decease and I likewise allow my said 
Son Isaac the same Sum also. I give and becjueath to my Grandchildren 
Hammer's as followeth, Viz, to James Two pounds ten shillings, to Samuel 
five pounds to Lewis and Abel ffive shillings each, to my four Grand- 
daughters ffive pounds each. To my Grandchildren Evans, to Samuel 
Two pounds ten shillings, to my ffive Grand-daughters ffive pounds each 
To my grand-daughter Mary Roberts I give ffive pounds, and to my son 
Daniel's children I give as followeth, (to witt) To Rebecca two pounds 
To Debora Three pounds, to Zillah and Beulah each Twenty shillings, and 
to my Son Isaac's daughter Hannah I give ffive pounds, to his son Joseph 
Ten Pounds, To Benjamin three pounds. To Asahel twenty shillings, and 
to my Son Enoch's Children I give as followeth To Jerman five pounds To 
Daniel Three To Mary three pounds to Sarah and Elizabeth Twenty 
shillings each, and to my son Abel's children I give to them Twenty 
shillings each, all of which respective Legacies to my said Grand children 
my Will is and I order the same to be paid to those that are of full age to 
give good Discharges in the space of Two years next after my Decease, 
and to each of the others when they attain their respective ages as aforesaid 
from Time to time and in case of the death of any of my said Grand chil- 
dren before they receive their respective Legacies the Legacy or Legacies of 
such to be and Descend to be equally divided amongst the Survivors of 
the same ffamily or Lawful Representatives and in case of any dispute 
arising Concerning Legacies or any other matter in this my Will I 
desire and order and my Will is that no Suit at Law is to be commenced by 
any of the Parties but that all Differences is to be referred to my Trustees 
hereinafter named whose Judgmt. or the Judgmt. of the Survivor of them 
is to be ffinal and Conclusive and I nominate and appoint my said 
Loving Son Isaac Walker sole Executor of this my Last Will and Tes- 
tament and I do desire nominate and appoint my ffriends Thomas 
Lawrence, Benj. Hayes and Thomas Thomas of Radnor Trustees to see 



my Will performed according to the true meaning thereof hereby revoking 
all other former Wills by me made and declaring this to be my Last Will 
and Testament, In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal. 
Dated the Nineteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand 
seven hundred and forty seven. 

Signed, Sealed, Published and declared 

to be her last Will and Testament her 

in the Presence of us the Subscribers Marv — Walker 

his mark 

Thomas 4- Aaxdrewsox 

Evan Roberts 

Thomas Thomas 

Philada. 19th March 1747 Then personally appeared Thomas Andrew- 
son and Thomas Thomas two of the Witnesses to the foregoing Will and 
the said Thomas Andrewson on his oath and the said Thomas Thomas on 
his Solemn Affirmacon according to Law respectively did Declare they saw 
and heard Mary Walker the Testatrix therein named Sign, Seal, Publish & 
declare the same Will for and as her last Will and Testament and that at 
the doing thereof She was of Sound Mind Memory and understanding to 
the best of their knowledge, and that Evan Roberts since deceased did also 
subscribe his name as a witness in the presence of and at the request of the 


Coram / 

Wm. Plumsted, Reg. Genl. 

The children of Lewis and Mary Walker were : 

No. 2. I. Daniel" Walker, born 2d mo. 26th, 1694, died 

1772, married Lydia Barnard. 

No. 3. II. Elizabeth^ Walker, born 6th mo. 7th, 1696, mar- 
ried James Hammer. 

No. 4. III. Joseph^ Walker, born 12th mo. 27th, 1697, mar- 
ried Elizabeth Abraham. 



No. 5. IV. Hannah " Walker, born (jlh nio. 15th, 1699, mar- 
ried Samuel Evans. 

No. G. V. Enoch ^ Walker, born 2cl mo. 3d, 1701, married 
Mary Jerman. 

No. 7. VI. AbeP Walker, born 7th mo. 17th, 1703, married 
Sinah Pugh. 

No. 8. VII. Isaac' Walker, born ist mo. 7th, 1705, died 2d 
mo. 23d, 1755, married Sarah Jerman. 

No. 9. VIII. Mary^ Walker, born ist mo. ist, 1707, married 
Stephen Evans (?). 

Cijapter jFiftlj. 


NO. 2. Daniel W.\lker- (Lewis ^), born at Radnor, Penna., 
2d mo. 26th, 1694, died at Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., in 1772, married Lydia Barnard, daughter of 
Richard Barnard, who came from Sheffield, England, in the year 
1682, and settled in Middletown, Delaware County, Penna. (See 
Smith's " History of Delaware County.") Daniel Walker took 
his bride to a farm given him by his father, in the Deed of which 
he is called " Heir apparent of Lewis and Mary Walker." 
(This farm is now owned by David Abraham.) Here he resided 
for many years, until his death. The old house, in a good state 
of preservation, is still standing. Daniel Walker was but 
twenty-one years old when he married. His name appears as a 
resident land-owner in the assessment of 1722 ; also in the list 
of Constables serving between 1707 and 1753, in the list of 
Supervisors of Roads from 1725 to 1753, and in the list of 
taxables for 1753. His will is recorded at Philadelphia, in 
which he leaves all his real estate to his wife ; to his children 
Rebecca, Daniel, and Zillah, £10 each ; to his son Jacob his 
writing-desk ; to Beulah Richards, his daughter, his one-horse 
chaise and harness when her mother is done with it. All the 
property after the mother's death goes to the children. His 
wife's will is also recorded at Philadelphia. She died in the year 
1 774 ; she calls herself " of Coventry Township, Chester County," 
and was evidently living there at the time with her son-in-law, 
James Thomas, whom she mentions in her will. She leaves a 
legacy of ten pounds to the Friends' Meeting-house in the Valley. 




After the death of his mother, Daniel Walker entered a claim 
to certain lands and rij^hts in the estate, which were resisted by 
the family of his brother Isaac. To show how these family dis- 
agreements were adjusted in those days, as well as to give the 
names of certain residents of that part of Chester Valley, I in- 
sert copies of the papers relating thereto. 

We whose names are underwritten, being neighbors of yc unhappy 
persons whose decision depends upon your determination, ye which judge- 
ment we dont doubt will be according to equity and Impartiality (if properly 
informed) intending no offense or impartiality to any person immediately 
concerned or you who is called to their assistance, to lay down our opinion 
and that which we frequently and generally hear of others of our neighbors 
when discussing about ye affair yt [illegible] or intend to reserve part of 
that land called Kethins* for wood to support ye plantation which he lived 
on (which is known to us to be scarce without it) and as to Daniel's selling 
part of it to pay Debts due on the estate wc say nothing by reason of ye 
equity of it is not plain to us. 

But it appears to us if Daniel is made possessor of what he now by 
report lays claim to, Viz, having an hereditary right to part of all ye land 
left to Mary Walker it will by all appear and reduce Isaac Walker's widow 
and her five small children to a narrow livelihood if not to the charity of 
meeting or other good Christians. We have had dealings with Isaac 
Walker and some with his son after him, we have ever found them just and 
generous therein and not critical in their accounts, ^^"e therefore desire 
you to consider ye widow and ye fatherless and to show mercy if it were in 
the midst of judgment. 

Inscribed this 26th Day of April, 1756. 

Edward Roberts 
Jonathan Roberts 
Saml. Phillips 
Azariah Thomas 
John Burkson 
Thomas Water 
jMary E\-ans 
Thomas Godfrev 

John Davis 
Thomas John 
David Stephens 
Rowland Richards 
William George 
George George 
Thomas Rees, sr. 
Thomas Rees, jr. 

Isaac Davis 
Saml. John 
Jhn. Johnston 
Willm. Curry 
Saml. Richards 
David lones 

* Gethin, Gethins, Giddin£;s and Iddings were the same, and signify " ugly." 


Those who have signed hereunto doth not Hve to exceed two miles and 
a half difference from said parties. 


To Mr. Isaac Norrice & Consorts, &c. .ic. 

At the request of Joseph Walker, son of Isaac, these may inform you, 
the arbitrators on that case depending between Daniel Walker and the said 
Joseph Walker concerning that piece of land in dispute, I have not much 
to say, in respect of the Property [of that land] for this reason. When 
Mary Walker the testator was on that paragraph bequeathing that tract of 
land and Plantation to her son Isaac, &c. where she then lived, I asked 
what quantity it might be ; her answer was as it is expressed in her will, 
Two hundred and two Acres more or less, and whether she thought the 
words " more or less " in the meaning might include the whole and by that 
no room for others to claim, I cannot say. I hope since the parties put 
their cause to referrence to men of understanding beyond my capacity they 
will judge and determine the Property according to Equity, and further 
touching the bill of charge drawn against the Estate, considering the Pay- 
ment of the several Legacies and other former debts contracted on that 
Estate in my opinion that bill ought not to be allowed in manner and form. 

Thomas Thomas. 
Radnor, jth Mo. nth Day, 1736. 

It is evident from the above that Thomas Thomas wrote the 
will of Mary Walker. The following throws additional light on 
the subject : 

Whereas Daniel Walker lays claim to a certain piece of land in the 
actual possession of Joseph and Sarah Walker which was absolutely ye 
estate of the late Mary Walker, Dec'd. left to her by Will of her husband 
Lewis Walker, Dec'd. whereas we have chosen Arbitrators to make a final 
end determination concerning this piece of land which the said Daniel 
pretends to have a right to. The Arbitrators are as foUoweth : Rowland 
Evans, Esq. of North Wales, and Thomas Jones of Blockley and John 
Smith and William Fishor of Philadelphia who are to inspect into the right 
of Daniel Walker in justice and equity and if any Right the[y] find, a 
value set thereon, and in case they cannot agree they have full power to 
choose an Umpire and give their award in writing thereto. 


I do not know the decision of the arbitrators, only that 
Daniel received ^22, i8.s. 5d. for his share of the disputed 

In the Pt'Jinsyivania Magazi)ic of Histojy and Biography, Vol. 
XVII., in article entitled, "The Old Iron Forge, Valley Forge," 
by H. M. Jenkins, we find that Daniel Walker was one of the 
original owners of the Valley Forge. It was first called Mount 
Joy Forge, and was built by a partnership composed of Stephen 
Evans, Daniel Walker, and Joseph Williams, between December, 
1742, and April, 175 1. It stood on the lower east side of 
Valley Creek, in what is now Montgomery County ; it was 
burned by the British in 1777. The Valley Forge property was 
originally part of the estate of Letitia Penn, a gift from her 
father, the founder. Wm. I^enn, his grandson, was fourth owner, 
who conveyed 175 acres of it to Stephen Evans and Daniel 
Walker, February ist, 1741— '42 (5th conveyance). They con- 
veyed it to Isaac Walker five days later, December i8th, 1742. 
Isaac Walker and Sarah, his wife, reconveyed the tract, with 
precisely the same metes and bounds and the same extended 
recitations of title, to Stephen Evans and Daniel Walker, from 
whom he had just received it, and Joseph Williams of Lower 
Merion, miller. 

In the Pennsylvania Gazette, April 4th, 1751, appears this 

advertisement : 

To be sold, the third part of Mount Joy Forge, situate in Upper Mer- 
ion on the River Schuylkill, by the great road leading from Philadelphia to 
the French Creek Iron Works, 20 miles from Philadelphia and not so far 
distant from three furnaces ; the said works are in good repair, with one 
third of the utensils to be sold also 1 20 acres of land belonging thereto ; 
for title and terms inquire of Daniel Walker living near the said premises. 

According to H. M. Jenkins, whose article on Valley Forge 
I have referred to and quoted, this property included the grounds 


on which Washington's Headquarters now stands, as well as " a 
considerable part of the encampment site." The high wooded 
hill on the other side of the Valley Creek was called Mount 
Misery. It is said that Wm. Penn himself gave the names to 
these two commanding eminences, to commemorate the occasion 
when he lost his way on Mount Misery, and after much wander- 
ing was found on Mount Joy. They are known by these names 
to the present day. 

Daniel and Lydia (Barnard) Walker had eight children : 
No. 10. I. Lewis ■■' Walker, born 171 6, probably died young. 

No. 11. II. Rebecca^ Walker, born 1717, married Jacob 
Thomas, son of Peter Thomas, of Willistown, 
3d mo. 19th, 1742, at Valley Meeting-house. 
Witnessed by Peter, Joseph, Jacob, and P^liza- 
beth Thomas ; Daniel, Lydia, Mary, Mary, Jr., 
Deborah, Enoch, Abel, Isaac, Jarman Walker, 
and 58 others. 
No. 12. III. Deborah^ Walker, born 1722, married James 
Thomas, "Yeoman" of Coventry, 12th mo. 
1 6th, 1758. Witnessed by Peter, John, Isaac, 
and Jacob Thomas ; Daniel and Lydia Walker, 
and 38 others. 
No. 13. IV. Enoch ^ Walker, born 1724, probably died young. 
No. 14. V. DanieP Walker, born 1731. 
No. 15. VI. Zillah^ Walker, born 1732, married first, Thomas 

Maule ; second, Joshua Brown. 
No. 16. VII. Beulah^ Walker, born 1734, married Samuel 

No. 17. VIII. Jacob -^Walker, born 1736, married Ruth Thomas. 

No. 3. Elizabeth Walker ^ (Lewis ') born at Radnor, 
Penna., 6th mo. 7th, 1696, married 9th mo. 14th, 17 19, James 


Hammer, son of James, of Gilbert's Manor, Philadelphia, at her 
father's house. Witnesses : Margaret, Adam, and Mary Ham- 
mer ; Lewis, Mary, Daniel, Lydia, Enoch, Abel, Isaac, and 
Hannah Walker, and others. 

John David, of Tredyffrin Township, in his will recorded in 
Philadelphia, Book C, page 296, leaves ^5, .silver money, and 
two ewes and lambs to P^lizabeth Walker, daughter of Lewis 
Walker, May 13th, 171 2. 

Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIX., contains 
the following reference to the Hammer family : " 20th i ith Mo. 
171 3. James Hamer of the County of Philadelphia desiring to 
purchase 300 A. of land in the Manor of Gilberts next above 
that part of it where Jonas Potts is settled upon a lease granted 
him about the year 1708, agrees to pay ^75 for the same." 
" 17 1 7. Signed a Patent to James Hamer for 300 Acres in the 
Mannor of Gilberts above Parkeocoming, granted to his father for 
£2^ p. Ct. dated 5th mo. 20th, 1717." " 17 17-8. Signed a 
warrant to James Hammer for 200 A. at £10 p. Ct., dated 10th 
mo. 8th, 1717." 

James Hammer, Sr., in his will recorded at Philadelphia, 
bequeaths his property to his son James, and mentions his chil- 
dren Adam, Mary, Sarah, Deborah, and Margaret Hammer, 
while to his wife he leaves an annuity of los. and some furniture. 
Lewis Walker and Joseph Richardson are trustees. James 
Hammer, Jr., who married Elizabeth Walker, died in the year 
1748. His will is also recorded at Philadelphia. He calls him- 
self a native of Philadelphia, and mentions his sons James, 
Samuel, Abel and Lewis, and his daughters Margaret, Marj-, 
Elizabeth, and Hannah. James and Elizabeth (Walker) Hammer 
had eight children : 
No. 18. I. p:iizabeth ^ Hammer. 
No. 19. II. Hannah'^ Hammer, married Jones. 


No. 20. III. Margaret ^ Hammer, married Richardson. 

No. 21. IV. Lewis 3 Hammer. 

No. 22. V. Abel ^ Hammer. 

No. 23. \'l. James ^ Hammer. His will, written 1776, men- 
tions wife ]\Iartha, sister Hannah Jones, son 
James, daughters Elizabeth Brooks, Mar}" 
Thomas, and Sarah. 

No. 24. VII. Samuel ^ Hammer. 

No. 25. VIII. Mary^ Hammer.^ 

No. 4. Joseph Walker^ (Lewis ^) born at Radnor, Penna., 

1 2th mo. 27th, 1697, married Elizabeth Abraham, daughter of 

James Abraham, of Montgomery County, Penna. Very little is 

known of Joseph Walker. There is no record of any children 

born to them ; as ^Iar\- Walker left legacies to many, if not all 

of her grandchildren, and Joseph's children are not mentioned, 

it is probable that they had none. A little note to his father is 

in existence, which I insert here. 

Sept. ye 7th, 1725. 
Loving father 

I desire thee to pay unto Zachariah Thomas the bearer thereof, the just 
and full sum of nine shillings which is in full my discharge from him and 
in so doing thou wilt very much oblige thy son 

Joseph Walker. 

My kind love to thee and my mother. 

Second month iith, 1757, Joseph Walker and wife carried 
their certificate of membership from Radnor to Exeter Monthly 
Meeting. In the Abstract of Wills at the Historical Society, 
Philadelphia, I find a will of Joseph Walker, Douglass, County 
of Philadelphia, yeoman, signed October iith, 1763. "Wife 
Elizabeth, children Lewis, Martha, Macke}% Hannah Vander- 
slice, Lydia, sons-in-law Wm. ^lackey, John V^andersiice ; 


exec. Elizabeth Walker. Proved Jan. 23rcl, 1764." It may not 
be our Joseph, but the names are family names, and for that rea- 
son I insert it. 

No. 5. Hannah Walker ^ (Lewis ^) born at Radnor, Penna., 
9th mo. 15th, 1699, married Samuel P>ans, of Gwynedd, 
"Cooper," 4th mo. 15th, 1724, at a meeting of her father's 
house. The marriage was witnessed by Hugh and John Evans, 
Lewis, Mary, Daniel, Lydia, Joseph, Enoch, Abel, Isaac, Eliza- 
beth Walker, and 68 others. 

Samuel Evans was the son of Owen and Elizabeth Evans. 
A very interesting account of the l^vans family is given in 
" Historical Collections of Gwynedd," by Howard M. Jenkins. 
For the benefit of those who have not access to this bookT will 
give a few extracts. Owen ap Evan was one of four brothers 
who settled in Gwynedd in 1698. They were William. Thomas, 
Owen, and Cadwallader. Their father Evan ap P^van, of W'ales, 
was son of levan, or Evan Robert Lewis (born 1585), of Mer- 
ionethshire, Wales. They trace their descent back through 
many generations to Mervyn Vrych, king of Man, one of tlie 
Welsh Princes of the little island, who married Essylt, daughter 
and sole heiress of Conan Tyndaethwg, King of Wales, who 
died 818-20. Both Mervyn and Essylt were descended from 
Llud, King of Britain, brother of Caswallon, the chief who re- 
sisted Csesar and whom he calls Casscvallaunus. 

Samuel and Hannah (Walker) Evans had six children : 
No. 26. L Catherine M*:vans. 

No. 27. n. Hannah ^ Evans. 
No. 28. HI. SamueP Evans. 
No. 29. IV. Mary ^ Evans. 
No. 30. V. Elizabeth ^ Evans. 


No. (). Enoch Walker- (Lewis ^) born 2d mo. 3d, 1701, 
in.inicd April ::ist, 1727, Mary, daughter of Thomas and EHza- 
beth Jcinian. of Trcdyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna. 
Thomas Jerman is spoken of as " a noted Quaker preacher and 
thrifty miller," who settled early in Chester Valley. "March 
1st, 1697-8, an agreement was entered between Thomas Owen of 
the County Borough of Carmarthen and Mercer owner of the good 
ship ' William Galley,' Saml. Haines, master, riding in the River 
Towy, on the one part, and on the other between David Powell 
of the Parish of Nantmell, in the County of Radnor, and John 
Morris of the Parish of Karbadam fynyth in the same county to 
carry a number of persons to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania at a 
cost of £s each for all passengers above twelve years." 

It also provided for their goods and for their maintenance 
during the voyage. The vessel was to sail May loth, 1697-98, 
provided the wind was favorable. Among the subscribers was 
Thomas Jerman, who arranged for three passeng.ers. Thomas 
Jerman died 1740, his wife a year later. In his will he leaves 
300 acres of land to his daughter Mary Walker. A daughter 
Elizabeth married Captain Patrick Anderson, of Schuylkill 

Enoch and Maiy (Jerman) Walker were married at the house 
of Evan Jones. It was witnessed by Lewis, Mary and Daniel 
Walker, John, Mary, Thomas and Elizabeth Jerman. 

P2noch Walker's name is among those who served as con- 
stables in Tredyffrin Township from 1707 to 1753, as well as 
among the road supervisors, serving from 1725 to 1753. He 
lived, it is supposed, on the farm joining his brother Daniel's 
land on the east, as that tract of land was left him in his father's 
will. They had six children : 












No. 31. I. Margaret ^ Walker, born 1727, married, Evan 

Roberts, son of Evan of Radnor, 9th mo. 5th, 
1746; 2d, Josej^th Jordan, of Maiden Creek, 
II. Jarman'"* Walker, born 1729, married Jane Malin. 

III. Mary -^ Walker, born 1732. 

IV. Daniel ^ Walker, born 1736, died young. 
V. Sarah''' Walker, born 1739, married Randal Malin. 

VI. Elizabeth^ Walker, born 1745, married 

Ramsey, iith mo. 7th, 1761. 

No. 7. Abel Walker' (Lewis ') born 7th mo. 17th, 1703, 
married Sinah Pugh, born 1709, daughter of Ellis and Mary 
(Evans) Pugh, at a public meeting at Gwynedd, 4th month 13th, 
1727. Her mother, Mary Evans, was a daughter of Owen and 
Elizabeth Evans, of Gwynedd. (See No. 5.) She married 3d 
mo. 3d, 1708, Ellis Pugh, son of Ellis and Sinah Pugh, of 
Radnor. The Pughs, in the "Visitation of Wales," are cited as 
descending from one ap Hitgh ; some of them trace their descent 
through a long line of ancestors, which includes Jupiter and 
Noah, to "Adam, the first man that God created." Ellis Pugh, 
the grandfather of Abel Walker's wife, was born in the Parish of 
Dolgelly, Merionethshire, Wales, 6th mo., 1656. His father 
died before his birth, his mother a few days afterwards ; he was 
converted to Quakerism in 1674, when he was eighteen years 
old, by the preaching of John ap John, commenced preaching in 
1680, and came to Pennsylvania with his wife Sinah and some 
children in 1687. They brought their certificate of membership, 
dated 1686, from Redstone Monthly Meeting, Pembrokeshire, 
Wales, to Radnor Monthly Meeting. It is recorded in the Penn- 
sylvania Archives that Ellis ap Hugh took up 182 acres of 
land in the Welsh Tract, July i6th, 1886. He made a visit to 


Great Britain in 1706, returning in 1708. There is a short bio- 
graphical sketch of liim in " Piety Promoted," Vol. II. He died 
1718. He is spoken of in the old records as " a very .serviceable 
person and of exalted character." 

Abstract of the will of Plllis Pugh : " Ellis Pugh of Phila- 
delphia, mason, sons, Thomas, Job and Ellis, son-in-law Ellis 
Roberts, granddaughters Katherine and Mary Meredith, Sinah 
Pugh, grandson Ellis Pugh, daughter Ellen Davis. Wife's 
name not given. Son Job, executor. Overseers, son-in-law, 
Meredith Davids, David IMeredith, John Moore, Robert Jones. 
Witnesses, John Moore, William Griffith, Cadwalader Jones, 
Robert Jones. Signed, November 29th, 17 18. Proved March 
1 6th, 1 7 18-9. Recorded at Philadelphia, Book D, p. 116." 

Ellis and Sinah Pugh had children — Ellis, who married Mary 
Evans; Thomas, married Jane Roger (See No. 106); PZllen, 
married Meredith Davis or Davids ; Job, born at Radnor, 1693, 
married 7th mo. i6th, 1731, Phcebe Evans, of Radnor, widow, 
at Plymouth Meeting-house, [his will, dated 1757, " of Nor- 
riton, yeoman," mentions brothers Ellis and Thomas, sister 
Elizabeth, stepchildren Evans, granddaughter Sinah Pugh. 
Executors, Hananiah and Michael Pugh,] and Abraham Pugh, 
born at Radnor, 1695, who probably died young.* 

Ellis Pugh, 2d, died before his wife, and she married, second, 
William Roberts, son of Edward, of Merion, 9th mo. 13th, 
1736. She survived her second husband also, and passed the 
last years of her life with her daughter, Sinah Walker. Her 

* There was a James Pugh recorded as one of the earh- settlers of Uwchlan. He 
married Joan Price " at John Jarmans house, Radnor," 1692. Two sons were born — 
David, 1694. and James, 1695. He moved to Chester County in 1714. I think this 
family settled Pughtown, Chester County. Jonathan Pugh, born 1734, flied 1798, lived 
and died there. His grandson, Joseph T. Pugh, of New Brighton, Beaver County, Pa., 
born 1st mo. 6th, 1809. writes that he is the earliest ancestor of whom he has any knowl- 




will was made 1748, and proved in August of the same year. 
In it are mentioned her grandsons P'llis and Elijah Pugh, her 
granddaughter Mary Pugh, her only daughter Sinah Walker, 
the daughters of her son, Ellis Roberts, her brothers John, Cad- 
walader, and Thomas. 

Abel and Sinah Walker lived for some years in Chester Val- 
ley, on the farm bequeathed him by his father, and here all his 
children were born. He sold this place, and 5th mo. 14th, 1747, 
is the date of the removal of the certificate of himself, his wife 
and children from Radnor Monthly Meeting to Hopewell, Va. 
His aged mother-in-law accompanied them. It is written that 
"she was a wt)rth}- Friend, being so mindful of her latter end 
that she prepared and took with her her last wrapping linen." 

They settled at trailing Waters, in the Shenandoah Valley, 
not far from Martinsburg. They, with many of their descen- 
dants, were members of Hopewell Monthly Meeting. The 
descendants of Abel Walker are more widely scattered than any 
other branch of the family. Many of them ha\'e attained emi- 
nence and all are worthy citizens. The old Virginia homestead 
is, I believe, still standing, and in possession of a member of the 

Abel and Sinah (Pugh) Walker had nine children : 

No. 37. I. Isaac ^ Walker, born 1727, died in Carolina. 

No. 38. II. Mary^ Walker, born 1730, married Camp- 

No. 3U. Ill Elizabeth^ Walker, born 1732, married William 

No. 40. IV. AbeP Walker, born 1735, married Mary Beeson. 

No. 41. V. Sarah ^ Walker, born 1736, married Cham- 

No. 42. VI. Lewis ^ Walker, born 1739, married Sarah Bruce. 


No. 43. VII. Sinalr^ Walker, born 1741, married Thomp- 

No. 44. VIII. Mordecai^ Walker, born 1742, married Rachel 

No. 45. IX. Ebenezer^ Walker, born 1745, married Mary 

No. 8. Isaac Walker^ (Lewis ^) born ist mo. 7th, 1705, 
died 2d mo. 23d, 1755, married Sarah, daughter of Edward and 
Elizabeth Jerman, of Philadelphia, at the house of Hannah 
Jones, Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 9th mo. 
I ith, 1730.* Edward Jerman, one of the early settlers, died 
7th mo. loth, 1714. He is mentioned in Trent's Ledger, a 
Philadelphia business directory of 1 703 (American Historical 
Register, Vol. I.). He had three children, — Mary, born 7th mo. 
3d, 1702, married Samuel Austin, 4th mo. 23d, 1723, died 
early; t^dward, born loth mo. 28th, 1704, died 9th mo. 8th, 
1710; and Sarah, born 8th mo. 25th, 1713, married Isaac 
Walker. The following is a copy of her certificate of member- 
ship with the Society of Friends, brought from Philadelphia to 
Haverford Monthly Meeting in 1730 : 

To Friends at their Monthly Meeting in Haverford &c. 
Greeting — 
De.\r Friends, Sarah Jerman having been educated amongst us and 
requesting a certificate from us to you. These are to signify that upon en- 
quiry made it doth not appear but that she hath been of an Innocent and 
Sober Conversation and a dihgent frequenter of Meetings and she is as we 
find clear from any engagements relating to marriage. Wherefore we 
recommend her to your Christian care desiring her growth and prosperity 
in the Truth. In the sincere love whereof and the fellowship of the Gos- 

* Radnor Records, Book 2, page 9. 



pel we at our Monthly Meeting in Philadelphia 
fourth month 1730 salute you and remain your 

Martha Coxshall 
Mary Emlen 
Mary Little 
Mary Hines 
Sarah Robinson 
Susannah Lowns 
EHza. Hill 
Emms Evans 
Phoebe Morris 
Ann Cross 

Margaret Preston 
Mary Nicholas 
Rebeckah Allen 
Lydia Warder 
Mary Strickland 
Sarah Owen 
Esther Clare 
Deborah Cordrey 
Hannah Hudson 
Ann Flower 

the twenty-sixth day of the 

Joan Forrest 
Sarah Thompson 
Eliza. Cerndal 
Eliza Howel 
Hannah Allen 
Beula Coats 
Sarah Knowles 
Margary Stretch 
Mary Williams 
Sarah Hoods 


Whereas Isaac Walker son of Lewis Walker late of Tredyffryn in the 
County of Chester in the Province of Pensylvania, yeoman, deceas'd and 
Sarah Jerman Daughter of Edward Jerman late of the City of Philadelphia, 
deceas'd, Having declared their intentions of marriage with each other 
before several Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers in the Welsh 
Tract according to the good order used amongst them and having consent 
of parties and relations concerned their sd. proposal of marriage was 
allow' d of by ye sd. Meetings. Now these are to certify whom it may con- 
cern that for the full accomplishing of their sd. intentions this Eleventh day 
of the Ninth month in ye year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and thirty. They ye sd. Isaac Walker and Sarah Jerman appeared in a 
publick meeting of the sd. people at the house of Hannah Jones near 
Tredyffryn aforesaid and the sd. Isaac Walker taking the sd. Sarah Jerman 
by the hand did in solemn manner openly declare that he took her the sd. 
Sarah Jerman to be his wife promising by ye Lord's assistance to be unto 
her a loving and faithful husband until Death should Separate them and 
then and there in the said Assembly the sd. Sarah Jerman did likewise 
declare that she took ye sd. Isaac Walker to be her Husband promising in 
like manner to be unto him a faithful and loving Wife until Death should 
separate them. And moreover the sd. Isaac Walker and Sarah Jerman, 
she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her hus- 
band as a further confirmation thereof did then and there to these presents 
set their hands and we whose names are hereunder subscribed being present 



at the solemnization of the sd. marriage and subscription in manner 

aforesaid have also as Witnesses thereunto set our hands the day and 

year above written. 

Isaac Walker 

Sarah Walker 

Thomas Thomas 
Sarah Lawrence 
Ellin Lawrence 
Willimina Moore 
Brigit Uavid 
Martha Parry 
Sarah Doose 
Barbara Rich'dson 
Sarah Roberts 
Ellis Pugh 
Wm. Hammons 
Wm. Cross whaite 
Wm. Paschal 
Amos Jones 
Thos. Thomas 
James David 
Jeremiah Ellis 

Thos. Smallshaw 
Sarah Thomas 
Ann Crossvvhaite 
Eleanor Meredith 
Mary Pugh 
Rebecca Rogers 
Mary Walker 
Mary Jones 
Katherine Jones 
Eliza. Jerman 
Rees Thomas, Jr. 
Hump. Ellis 
Job Pugh 
Stephen Evans 
Geo. Smedley 
James David 
Wm. George 

John Jones 
John Stamper 
Eliza. Hamor 
Saml. Austin 
James Hamer 
John Jerman 
Thos. Shoemaker 
Mary Shoemaker 
Hannah Jones 
Hannah Paschal 
Hannah Stemper 
John Parry 
Rees Thomas 
James Davies 
Thos. Godfrey 
Thos. Jerman 
J no. Parry 

Mary Walker 
Mary Austin 
Daniel Walker 
Joseph Walker 
Enoch Walker 
Abel Walker 
Mary Walker, Jr. 
Eliza. Walker 
Mathew Roberts 
Hugh Davis 
Wm. Moore 
Thos. Thomas 
James David 
Grif. Phillips 
James Abrahams 

Isaac Walker took his seventeen-year-old bride to the home- 
stead, " Rehobeth," where they lived with his mother until her 
death, when he inherited it, along with the one hundred acres left 
him by his father. He thus came into possession of all that 
tract of land bound by the four roads, which now comprises the 
three farms of Joseph, Mathias and William H. Walker. A 
handsome inlaid walnut chest, marked with her initials, which 
Sarah Jerman brought to the house to which she came as a 
bride, is still there, a valued heirloom of her great-great-grandson, 
Joseph Walker. Isaac Walker's name is among the list of road 
supervisors from 1725 to 1 75 3, as well as in the list of taxables 
of 1753. He died intestate 2d mo. 23d, 1755. I have seen a 


piece of writing, the commencement of his will, but he had got 
no further than " I commit my soul to God, and my body to be 
decently buried." Dying- without making a will his eldest son 
Joseph was administrator, and many curious bills and papers were 
thus preserved to us, which aid us in our genealogical research, 
as well as enlightening us in the customs of the times. 

An inventory of the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of Isaac 
Walker of Tredyffrin in the County of Chester and Province of Pennsyl- 
vania. Valued and appraised by us, the Subscribers the fifth day of March 
Anno Dom. 1755 is as foUoweth : 

£ s. d. 

Imprimis to his wearing apparel, horses, saddle and briddle . . 24 o o 

To a feather bed & bolster, 2 sheets, i rug, i bedstead ... 5 o o 

To 2 chaff beds, 2 bolsters, 4 coverlids, 4 blankets 

To 2 sheets & 2 bedsteads 3 10 o 

To a walnut chest, 1 5 lbs. of wool • 1 o o 

To 2 chests 8 o 

To 2 brass pans 2 10 o 

To a short wheel, basket, 1 1 sickles, shoemaker tools .... 15 o 

To a walnut chest, 2 small boxes i 15 o 

To a case of drawers i 5 o 

To 2 odd tables and Dough trough i o o 

To 12 chairs i 4 o 

To 2 long wheels or short wheels 15 o 

To 2 hackles 10 o 

To a gun i o o 

To worsted yarn 8 lbs., tow yarn 10 lbs., linen 2 lbs. . . . 14 o 

To Pewter plates and dishes i 15 o 

To 2 Iron kettles, 2 pots & frying pan & Brand-iron .... 2 5 o 

To fire shovel & tongs, gridiron, hand irons, & pot hangers i o o 

To bottles & earthen ware 3 o 

To a mortar, skillet & smoothing irons 16 o 

To shovels, iron bar, sledge & grubbing hoe i 4 o 

To a grindstone, 4 augurs 13 o 

To a cross-cut saw, whip saw, hand saw & carpenter tools . . i o o 

To walnut boards 100 ft 10 o 


To hogsheads i 12 o 

To 3 pitching axes, a broad axe & hatchet i o o 

To 2 plows & plow irons & harrows 2 2 6 

To a cart & gears for 4 horses & 2 pr. plow gears 9 o o 

To 5 cows, 4 young cattle 19 o o 

To 10 sheep, 11 lambs 3 o o 

To 2 year old colts 3 o o 

To 4 cart horses 16 o o 

To a brooding mare 6 o o 

To hay i 10 o 

To a stack of wheat i 10 o 

To oates i 10 o 

To a cutting box & 3 pitch forks 5 o 

To 5 pigs & Break 12 6 

To half a stack of hay 15 o 

To oak board & scantling computed to be 800 ft. at 5s. per 100 2 o o 

To 13 acres of corn in the ground at 8s. an acre 5 4 o 

To a side saddle & hunting saddle i 5 o 

To sundry books 10 o 

To land & Plantation containing 268 Acres at £2 an Acre 536 o o 

655 8 o 

Wm. George 

Edward Roberts 

James D.wts 

The next paper I copy is somewhat obscure ; I do not think 
Isaac Walker ever kept a tavern, yet here is a hcense to sell 
beer and cider. They might have been sold as farm products. 
The apples and cider of " Rehobeth " have always been famous, 
and in those days beer was brewed in every well regulated house- 
hold. Even Wm. Penn hoped to rival the French in wines made 
in his province. 

1738. Isaac Walker is allowed to sell Beer and Syder by small 
measure at Tredyffrin in the house where he now dwells until Au'^ust 



Court next, he giving security and observing all the laws and ordinances 
made or to be made relating thereto. 

There is a very long shoe bill from which I make some 
extracts, to show the value of shoes in 1752. The boys' shoes 
cost 7s. 6d. pair. Rachel's (a four-year-old daughter) 3s. 6d., 
for soling a pair of pumps 2s. 6d., and for " ye wife's shoes " 6s. 
There are in all about three dozen pairs of shoes and pumps 
covering a period of nearly three years, besides a great deal of 
patching and soling. There are shoes for " both Sallies," for 
"Bettie," Ben and Esther Racket, Mol Murphy and "Joe's 
wife and child." The shoemaker also supplied a raccoon hat for 
1 8s., three felt hats at 5s. apiece, and a quarter of veal for 2s. 
6d. Michael Willys was the shoemaker. 

I supplement the above by presenting a copy of a bill show- 
ing some of the household expenses of that period. 

Isaac Walker /);. 

March ye 8th, 1754. To a silk cap 

25 " To one gal. of Rum, 4s. 8d. 

to 2 lbs. of sugar, is. 4d 

26 " To one quart Molasses 

29 " To 3 qt. Rum, 3s. 6d. ; 4 lbs sugar, 


April ye 5 " To i gal. 3 qts. Rum 

I qt. molasses, 8d. ; 3 lbs. sugar, 


^ alspice 

}( lath nails 

10 " To I doz. of Buttons, 8d. 

to 2 half sticks of mohair 

May ye 13 " To half a bushel of Salt 

June ye 22 " To 2 qts. of Rum 

July ye I o " <<...< . . 

15 " To 2 qts. molasses, 4d. ; 3 lbs. sugar 






















29 " To I jjal. & a half of Rum .... 60 

Au<^. ye 21 " To 2 qts. Rum, 2s. 3d. ; 2 qts 

molasses 3 7 

To }{ Pepper ground 9 

Sep. ye 15 " To 2 qts. of Rum, 2s. 3d.; i lb. 

sugar 8d 211 

16 " To I qt. of Powder 8 

Oct. ye 5 " To 2 qts. of Rum 2 3 

28 " Taken out of the shop by Morris 

EUiot 2 6 

31 " To 2 qts. of Rum, 2s. 3d.; I qt. 

molasses 2 11 

Nov. ye 2 " To 2 qts. of Rum 2 3 

Dec. ye 2 " To i gal. of molasses i 3^ 

I yd. of Princes Linnon .... 20 

}4 yd. linnon i 6 

Jan. ye 10 " To i yd X of worsted stuff at 2s. 

the yard 3 9 

3 19 
Left of the old accompt unpaid • .... 4 3 


Another bill has among the items charged for, a spelling- 
book at I OS., an exorbitant price when we consider that its 
equivalent, $2.50, represented in those days five times its present 
value. No wonder spelling was a luxury. The new gowns 
were of calimanco and camblet, and 4s. is the price paid for the 
making of three short gowns. 

The funeral expenses of those days were much increased by 
the necessary entertainment of the guests. A family would have 
been severely criticised if it had neglected to bid the neighbors 
and kinsmen from far and near to assist at a burial, as well as to 
provide them with a good dinner afterwards. The following 
small bills will show us some of the details : 


Received of Joseph Walker the sum of 4s. for 12 lbs. of cheese at 4d. 
per lb. for his father's funeral. Ann Watkin.s. 

Received of Joseph Walker iis. lod. for sundries for his father's 
funeral. Thos. Maule. 

May ye 17th, 1755. Then received of Joseph Walker the sum of one 
pound, two shillings and six ])ence for sundries for his father's funeral. 

Benj. Davis. 

Oct. ye 23rd 1755. 
Then received of Joseph Walker, Administrator to the estate of the 
late Isaac Walker, 'deed, the sum of £^, it being a just demand against 
the said estate for his father's coffin. Saml. Phillips. 

Received of Joseph Walker, Administrator to the Estate of the late 
Isaac Walker, the just and full sum of 2s. 4d. for half a gallon of Rum for 
his father's funeral it being in full of all demands. 

Joseph Mitchell. 

Tredy. ye 17th of 4th Mo. 1756. 

There were two school bills paid out of the estate. One 
dated 1755, "Paid to Samuel Willis £^ 4s. for a quarter's 
schooling for two children." Another dated the 27th of Sept., 
1756, when Samuel Willis acknowledges the receipt of £2 for 
three quarters schooling for two children " due the last of Janu- 
ary by agreement of the said Isaac Walker in his lifetime." 

It would be interesting to know where the school was kept. 
There must have been some means of education in the neighbor- 
hood, as even in the time of Lewis Walker his children wrote a 
very fair signature. In Philadelphia there were sex'cral very 
good schools, but they were too far off to be of advantage to 
our colonists. It is well known that the Quakers early appre- 
ciated the necessity of good schools, and Enoch P^lower adver- 
tises as early as 1683 his terms for teaching to read, write, and 
cast up accounts (Proud's " History of Penns}'h'ania "). 


Sarah, the widow of Isaac Walker, continued to reside at the 
homestead until her second marriage with Jacob Thomas, of 
Willistown, istmo. 25th, 1759. They were married at Newtown 
Meeting, and it was witnessed by Jacob, Jr., Isaac, William and 
Hezekiah Thomas, Joseph, Daniel, Sarah, Beulah, Sarah Walker, 
and thirty-five others. A few months previously, Dec. 8th, 
1758, she had released to her son Joseph her share of the estate 
for ;^50. The home farm at this time comprised 268 acres, as 
Joseph, the eldest son, had received 100 acres out of the west 
end for his inheritance before his father's death. Each of the 
children on coming of age released their rights to their elder 
brother for ;^ioo, and thus Joseph Walker came into possession 
of the original tract, the plantation of his grandfather, Lewis 
Walker. (See Appendix B.) 

Sarah Walker must have taken her younger children with 
her to her new home, as her son Benjamin writes himself "of 
Willistown," and both he and his sister Rachel married there. 
Jacob Thomas, her second husband, did not live long after his 
marriage; his will, written 3d mo. 28th, 1760, probated Oct. 2d, 
1765, mentions his wife Sarah, children Joseph Walker, his 
brother Joseph, step-son Benjamin Walker, step-daughter Rachel 
Walker, nephew Jacob Thomas, Joseph, Samuel, and Abraham 
Thomas, friend John Evans. Exec, Sarah Thomas, Joseph 
Walker ; witnesses, Thomas Waters and Jonathan Roberts. 

Sarah Thomas lived until April 26th, 1802, and had almost 
reached her ninetieth year. She is represented as being a woman 
of unusual ability. Because she sometimes put "her mark " to 
business papers along with her signature is no proof that she 
could not write her name. I am told by those well informed on 
the subject that this was frequently done in those times, as affir- 
mation to the signature to give it emphasis, as some used a seal. 
Leah W. Moore, one of her descendants, thus writes of her : 


'I'he eloquent tongue or pen of a ready writer, can they set forth all 
her virtues ? In her last sickness she appeared all love. As she lived, she 
died, advising her children to live in love. One evening during her illness 
one of her grandchildren, Enoch Walker, sitting by her bedside, spoke in 
an affectionate manner of his dearly beloved grandmother, how she had 
been blessed from her youth until a good old age, what a large family she 
was going to leave, and not a profane person amongst them. She died 
most calmly and peacefully. Her parents died in her minority, and I have 
heard her say how blessed her life had been. How the Lord had tenderly 
cared for her all her life. She was a most tender, affectionate mother, a 
good neighbor, most careful and tender for poor bound children, saying 
such had none but the Lord to cry unto. She was my great-grandmother. 
I remember well saying to her, " Why, thee don't look much older than my 
grandfather." She replied, " I am only eighteen years older." She died 
9th mo. 26th, 1802, at the house of her daughter Rachel, at Eastown, and 
was buried in the Valley Graveyard by the side of her husband Isaac 
Walker. The number of her children, grandchildren and great-grand- 
children was one hundred and sixty two. 

Isaac and Sarah (Jerman) Walker had eleven children : 

No. 46. I. Joseph^ Walker, born 5th mo. 25th, 173 i, died 

iith mo., 1 8 18, married Sarah Thomas. 
No. 47. 11. Mary^ Walker, born 1733, died in infancy. 
No. 48. III. Lewis ^ Walker, born 1736, died in infancy. 
No. 49. IV. Mary^ Walker, born 1738, died in infancy. 
No. 50. V. Hannah ^ Walker, born 1 740, died young. 
No. 51. VI. Benjamin'^ Walker, born 1743, died 12th mo. 

31st, 1 82 1, married Ruth Morris. 
No. 52. VII. AzaeP Walker, born Feb. loth, 1746, married 

Ann Moore. 
No. 53. VIII. Rachel^ Walker, born 1748, married Lewis 

No. 54. IX. Abel ^ Walker, born 175 i, married Ann Vale. 
No. 55. X. Isaac ^ Walker, born 1754, died 4th mo. 6th, 

No. 56. X/ Leah ^ Walker, born 1755, married Abner Moore. 


NO. 15. ZiLLAH Walker'^ (Daniel,- Lewis '), born in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1732 ; married ist, 
Thomas, son of Thomas Maule, " late of Salem, New England," 
a merchant of Philadelphia. She is said to have been a most 
comely damsel, and while on a visit to Philadelphia so attracted 
the attention of the young merchant of whom she was making 
some purchases that he desired to become better acquainted. 
He therefore adopted the happy expedient of not being able to 
make the right change, and promised to take it himself to her 
home in the Valley on the following " First Day." He rode up 
with the money at the appointed time, and was so much pleased 
with his visit that he came again, and yet again, and it ended in 
a wedding at the Valley Meeting-house on the loth day of 8th 
nio- 1753- Although the acquaintance had a romantic begin- 
ning, we may be sure Daniel and Lydia Walker had a knowl- 
edge of the stranger's family before he was admitted into their 
household, and as they were married by Meeting, a strict inquiry 
would be made into his character and antecedents before consent 
would be given to the marriage. 

Zillah Maule removed her certificate of membership from 
Radnor to Philadelphia Monthly Meeting 12th mo. 13th, 1753. 
On the 29th of 9th mo., 1756, Thomas Maule and wife Zillah, 
and children Sarah, Daniel, and Thomas, took their certificates 
from Philadelphia back to Radnor Monthly Meeting. 


An abstract of the will of Thomcs Maule is to be seen at the 
Pennsylvania Historical Society rooms, which I have copied. 
" Thos. Maule of Radnor, farmer, signed 3d mo. 17th, 1762. 
Mentions his wife Zillah, children Sarah, Daniel, Thomas, John, 
Jacob, Benjamin. Exec. Zillah Maule, Abel James, John Head, 
Daniel Walker, Jr." (Abstract of Philadelphia County Wills, 
Vol. VI.) 

Zillah, the widow, must have married her second husband, 
Joshua Brown before her father's death in 1772, as she is men- 
tioned in his will as Zillah Brown. 

Thomas and Zillah (Walker) Maule had eight children : 

No. 57. I. Sarah ^ Maule. 

No. 58. n. Daniel* Maule. 

No. 59. HI. Thomas* Maule, born 1756. 

No. 60. IV. John' Maule, born 1757. 

No. 61. V. Jacob* Maule, born 1759, married Jane . 

No. 62. VI. Benjamin * Maule, born 1760, married Ann . 

No. 63. VII. P^benezer* Maule, born 1762. 
No. 64. VIII. Lewis* Maule, born 1764. 

No. 16. Beulah Walker ^ (Daniel,^ Lewis ^) born in Trcdyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1734; married Samuel 
Richards, "son of Samuel, of TredyfTrin," 4th mo. 4th, 1764. 
The Richards family were among the earliest settlers of Tredyf- 
frin, their land lying along the Schuylkill River between Valley 
Forge and what is now Port Kennedy. The old homestead, 
still standing, is now owned by Mr. Joseph Patterson. 

In the " Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography," 
Vol. \l., I find there was an Owen Richards who emigrated 
before 1718, and that Rowland Richards, of Merion, purchased 
land in Tredyffrin 1707-8. It is supposed that Owen and Row- 
land were brothers. Rowland Richards, who died in 1720, had 


five children, — ]\Iargaret, married John Langworthy, 171 1 ; 
Elizabeth, married Peter Thomas, of Willistown, 9th mo. 6th, 
1717; Gainor, married Evan Bovven, 1721; Sarah, married Cad- 
walader Evans, son of Evan Pugh, of Gwynedd, 1722 ; and 
Samuel, who married Elizabeth Evans (born 1700), daughter 
of Owen and Elizabeth Evans, of Gwynedd (see Xo. 0), 
at Gwynedd Meeting-house, 2d mo. 21st, 1726. Samuel and 
Elizabeth '(Evans) Richards had Rowland, who married Mary 
Miles, daughter of Richard Miles, in 1752, and whose descen- 
dants went west ; Samuel, who married Beulah Walker, and 

Catherine, who married Lewis. 

From abstract of wills at the Historical Society rooms, 
Philadelphia: " Saml. Richards, yeoman, signed July 13th, 
1760, mentions wife Elizabeth, children Rowland, Catherine 
Lewis and Samuel. Elizabeth and Samuel are executors. 
Trustees, Jos. Jones of Plymouth, Edward Jones of Radnor. 
Witnesses, David Havard, Daniel Walker, and Joseph Walker. 
Proved Aug. 23, 1760." 

Samuel and Beulah Richards resided at the homestead on 
the river-side, and here their children were born. They had six. 
No. 65. L Daniel* Richards, born 1764, married Lydia 

No. 66. n. Elizabeth * Richards, married Thomas Jarman 

Walker (No. 74). 
No. 67. in. Lydia* Richards, born 1767, married Samuel 

No. 68. IV. Catherine* Richards, died aged 13. 
No. 69. V. Samuel * Richards, died at the same time his sister 

died of smallpox. Their mother took the 

disease while away on a visit, came home with 

it and recovered, but her two youngest children 

took it from her and died. 


No. 70. VI. Samuel^ Richards, born April loth, I77<S, married 
Ann Walker (No. 248). 

No. 17. Jacob Walker^ (Daniel,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1736, married Ruth 
Thomas at Radnor Meeting-house, ist mo. 4th, 1764. The 
marriage was witnessed by Esther, Michael, and Thomas 
Thomas, Daniel and Jarman Walker, and others. Jacob Walker 
inherited the Valley farm on the death of his father, and his 
name frequently appears in the old records. In the " Book of 
Sufferings" at Radnor, his name is down for £^^. This shows 
the amount carried away by the Hessians on their famous raid 
through the Valley after the battle of Rrandywine. The house 
in which Jacob Walker lived at that time has a bullet hole in the 
stairway. It is said a Hessian soldier fired the shot through a 
window opposite, declaring that a rebel was in the house. The 
old-fashioned mantelpiece also carries its marks of ancient daj's, 
" 1776" being cut in the wood in several places. One can see 
them through many coats of paint. 

Jacob and Ruth (Thomas) Walker had two children : 

No. 71. I. Ruth* Walker, born 1765. 
No. 72. II. DanieinValker, born 1768. 

No. 32. J.A.RMAN Walker^ (Enoch,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1729, married Jane 
Malin, 1761. Their marriage certificate, which was on stamped 
paper, is as follows : " This is to certify whom it may concern 
that on the 12th day of November, 1761, in the city of Philadel- 
phia and Province of Pennsylvania, Jarman Walker and Jane 
Malin, both of Chester County, were joined together in the holy 
bond of matrimony according to the rights and ceremonies of 
the Church of England, by me Wm. Sturgeon." 


On "4th mo. loth, 1762, Jarman Walker made acknowl- 
edgment for marrying out " (Radnor Monthly Meeting Records). 
His name appears among the taxables in 1753. In his will, 
made 1770, he mentions his son Thomas Jarman Walker, and 
his daughters Lydia, Mary, and Sarah. 

Jarman and Jane (Malin) Walker had four children : 

No. 73. I. Sarah* Walker, born 1764, married Leonard 

No. 74. II. Thomas* Jarman Walker, born 1766, married 
Elizabeth Richards (No. 66), 3d mo. 26th, 1788. 
No children. They lived in Philadelphia in 1796, 
afterwards at Edwin Moore's in the Valley, 
where Elizabeth died about the year 1848. 

No. 75. III. Lydia* Walker. 

No. 76. IV. Mary * Walker. 

No. 39. Elizabeth Walker ^ (Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1732, went with 
her parents to Virginia, 1747, and there married William Jolliffe. 
They had four children. 

No. 77. I. Lydia* Jolliffe, married Jos. Bond. 

No. 78. II. Mary * Jolliffe, married John Higgins. 

No. 79. III. Elizabeth * Jolliffe, married John McAlister. 

No. 80. IV. Amos * Jolliffe, married Margery Perry. 

No. 40. Abel Walker ^ (Abel,^ Lewis ^) born in Tredyffrin 
Township, Chester County, Penna., 1735, went with his parents 
to Virginia, 1747. He married Mary Beeson, of Virginia, whose 
father was from England, but whose mother, Martha Menden- 
hall, though of English parentage, was born in Virginia. Abel 
Walker lived near Winchester on a farm ; I think on the same 




land settled first by his father. Here he built a stone house, 
which several generations of the family have since resided. 
Elisha Hunt Walker, of Baltimore, Md., writes : "I have seen 
this old house built by my greatgrandfather. The corner-stone 
was marked A W, with the date, which I have forgotten. It 
was torn down last year." The farm is now owned by Hugh S. 
Lupton, son of Jonah and Lydia (Walker) Lupton (No. 2 1 3). 

Abel and Mary (Beeson) Walker had nine children : 
No. 81. 1. Martha^ Walker, died young. 

No. 82. n. Sinah * Walker, married Joseph Townsend. 
No. 83. HI. Mary * Walker, married Thomas Wilson, of 

Alexandria, Va., s. p. 
No. 84. IV. Abel* Walker, married Mary Branson. 
No. 85. V. Edward ' Walker, married Mary Haines. 
No. 86. VI. Elizabeth ^ Walker, married Isaac Pidgeon. 
No. 87. VII. Lydia * Walker, died young. 
No. 88. VIII. Lewis ' Walker, married Rachel Updegraff. 
No. 89. IX. Isaac * Walker, married Susan Talbot. 

No. 42. Lewis Walker ^ (Abel,^ Lewis '), born in Tredyffrin 
Township, Chester County, Penna., loth mo. 9th, 1739, ^^'ent 
with his parents to Virginia in 1747, died 12th mo. 23d, 181 5. 
He married Sarah Bruce, of Virginia, by whom he had five chil- 

No. 90. I. Isaac ^ Walker, married ist, Mary Rankin; 2d, 

Maria Hill. 
No. 91. II. Rachel* Walker, married Josiah Jackson. 
No. 92. III. Sinah* Walker. 
No. 93. IV. Leah* Walker, married ist, Samuel Lupton ; 2d, 

Isaac Steer. 
No. 94. V. Sarah * Walker. 


No. 43. SiNAH Walker ^ (Abel,^ Lewis ^), born In Tredyffrin 
Township, Chester County, Penna., 1741, accompanied her 

parents to Virginia, 1747, where she married Thompson. 

The following note, written by Sinah Walker to her cousin 
Joseph, of Chester Valley, was found in the old desk heretofore 
mentioned ; it explains itself. 

Cousin Joseph Walker : I understand there is in thy hands a small 
Legacy left me by Grandmother Walker. I am now of age to receive it. 
Therefore desire thee to send it me by my brother-in-law William Jolliffe, 
and this shall be thy receipt and full discharge for the same. 

Sinah Walker. 

Given under my hand this 16 day of the 9 Mo., 1762. 
Tester, Abel Walker. 

Sinah (Walker) Thompson had three children : 

No. 95. I. Sinah * Thompson. 

No. 96. II. Abel * Thompson. 
No. 97. III. Margaret * Thompson. 

No. 44. Mordecai Walker ^ (Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1742, went with 
his parents to Virginia, 1747, and there married Rachel Barrett, 
by whom he had four children. 

No. 9S. I. Elizabeth * Walker, married Henry Babb. 
No. 99. II. Lydia * Walker, married Joseph Smith. 
No. 100. III. Abel* Walker, married Hannah Jackson. 
No. lOL IV. William * Walker, married Faulkner. 

No. 45. Ebenezer Walker ^ (Abel,- Lewis ^), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 1745, went with 
his parents to Virginia, 1747, where he married Mary Bruce. 
They had three children. 

No. 102. I. George * Walker. 


No. 103. II. Leah ' Walker. 
No. 104. III. Rachel^ Walker. 

No. 46. Joseph Walker^ (Isaac, ^ Lewis'), born at " Rcho- 
beth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 5th mo. 
25th, 1731, died [ilh mo. 1st, 1818, married in 1752, Sarah 
Thomas, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Jarman) Thomas. 
She was born 3d mo. 25th, 1734, and died " 12th ye 3d mo.," 

Thomas Thomas, born 3d mo. 12th, 1690, died 5th mo. 13th, 
1754, was the eldest son of William and Elizabeth Thomas, who 
settled at Newtown, Chester (now Delaware) County, Penna., in 
1698. They were Quakers, but joined the Keithites, or as they 
called themselves, "the Christian Quakers," at the time Keith 
made the schism in the early church of Pennsylvania. In 1708 
William Thomas joined the Seventh-day Baptists, and was dis- 
owned by Friends. Thomas, his son, deeded, Jan. 30th, 17 17, 
half an acre of land to Philip Rytherah, Henry Lew'is and 
David Thomas, all of Newtown, to be used by the Seventh-day 
Baptists for their burying-ground. This was afterwards pur- 
chased by the Newtown Baptist Church for their grave-yard. 
William Thomas was connected through his wife with Richard 
Iddings, the grandfather of General Anthony Wayne. She is 
supposed to have been a sister of Richard, and daughter of 
Richard and Sarah Iddings, of Nantmeal ; Richard Iddings, Sr., 
died 1726. Richard Iddings, Jr., in his will, dated March i6th, 
1753, alludes to his " kinsmen, Thomas Thomas, of Radnor, Philip 
Thomas, of French Creek, and David Thomas, of Newtown," who 
were sons of William and Elizabeth Thomas.* William Thomas 

*The following notes that I have collected may be of interest to some. Richard 
Iddings married Margaret Philips at St. Paul's Church, Chester, Penna , Aug. i8th, 
1705. They had two children : Priscilla, who died 1758, married Humphrey Wayne ; 
Elizabeth, born 1709, died 1793, married Isaac Wayne, and had six children, four of 


purchased lOO acres of land of Jeremiah Jarnian and Morgan 
Jones. In an indenture made Feb. i6th, 1741, between " Phihp 
Thomas, of Coventiy, in tiie County of Chester, yeoman (one 
of the sons of Wm. Thomas, late of Newtown, in the County 
aforesaid, yeoman, deceased), and Esther, his wife, and David 
Thomas, of Nantmeal, in the County aforesaid (one other of the 
sons of the said Wm. Thomas), and Ann, his wife, of the one 
part, and Thomas Thomas, of Newtown, aforesaid,, yeoman, 
(eldest son and heir at law of the said Wm. Thomas), of the other 
part." Philip Thomas and Esther, his wife, and David Thomas 
and Ann, his wife, " in consideration of the natural love and 
affection which they have and beareth unto their said brother, 
Thomas Thomas, as well as for the sum of ^10," give up the 
tract where Thomas Thomas now resides, containing 150 acres, 
"with all buildings, fishings, fowling, hawkings, etc." 

William Thomas's wido\v married 2d, Jacob Chandler. Her 
son David, in his will dated May 17th, 1742, leaves one-third of 
his estate to his mother, Elizabeth Chandler. 

Thomas Thomas, the eldest son of William and Elizabeth, 
married Sarah Jarman, born 2d mo. 14th, 1695, daughter of 
John and Margaret Jarman. The name of Jarman, Jerman, or 
German, comes from the old Flemish colonists, called Germans, 
who were brought into Wales, 1107, by Henry I. John and 
Margaret Jarman came from Llanidles, Montgomeryshire, Wales. 
Some records say they came from Llangerigg, Radnorshire. The 
following is a copy of their certificate of removal : 

Radnor Shire. 

Att ye Mens meeting ye 20th of the 5th Month 1685. 
Where as ye dear friend and brother John Jarman of the ... of Llanger- 

whom died early and were buried in the grave-yard at Newtown, mentioned above as 
the gift of Thomas Thomas to the Baptists ; Elizabeth and Anthony lived to grow up, 
the latter of whom, born ist mo. ist, 1745, died 12th mo. 14th, 1796, at Presque Isle. 
Anthony Wayne, grandfather of the General, came from Ireland, 1722. 



igg in the County of Montgomery e Margorett his wife wth their two 
children namely Elizabeth and Sarah are disposed to remove themselves 
from their present dwelling into Pensilvania in America. These are there- 
fore to sertifie all whom it may concern that he is a mant yt hath owned 
thruth these many yeares agoe his life & conversation being well approved 
of very lowely and living amongst friends e alsoe amongest his neighbours 
& since the lord hath opened his mouth to declare his living trueth his 
testemony by friend & brethern hath been owned & we have been many 
times wittness there to & as for his dear wife she is an honest friend very 
tender and loving & well beloved amongst friend & neighbours and we 
further certiefie that e said Friend Jon Jarman doth not transport himself & 
familie to the place affors'd by reason of any dept to any, neither for any 
wrong full act or deed by him his wife or any of his children done or 
comitted agtt. any person or persons wt soever & soe comett ym to the 
shelter of Gods Almightie Honer And to this testimony ve . . . hands. 

Onon Humphrey Edward Jones Richard Watkins Daniel Lewis 

Richard Cooke Thomas Hany Nathan Woodliffe John Watson 

Daniel Griffith Roger Hughes Jon Lloyd John Rebort 

Rees ap Rees 

John Jarman was an active member of the Society of Friends 
at his home in Wales, and suffered both imprisonment and fines 
f )r conscience' sake. Be^se, in his "Sufferings of the Quakers, " 
says: "Anno 1677, on the i8th of the Month called July, two 
priests in Montgomeryshire, Wales, gave information of a meet- 
ing at the house of John Jarman in that borough-town (on the 
Severn), upon which the Mayor with constables came thither and 
arrested seven of tlie assembly and committed them to prison." 
As a fine for allowing meeting to be held at his house a cow 
worth £2 I OS. was taken from him. Indeed, this one meeting 
cost the worshipers assembled there, in fines, the round sum ol 
£27 I OS. 

John Jarman settled in Radnor, Delaware Count}-, Penna., 
on a farm of 100 acres purchased by him 4th mo. 4th, 1688 
(Pennsylvania Archiv^es, Vol. I., Third Series, page 13). A 



patent for 152 acres adjoining the above was executed to his 
widow Margaret Jarman, Oct. 25th, 1703. Her son John agrees 
to pay a Noble per acre for this land. To show how little atten- 
tion was paid to the .spelling of proper names at that time, we 
see in these papers, "The Minutes of ye Welsh Purchasers," 
that the clerks have spelled the name Jarman two different ways, 
and botii are wrong. They have it German and Jermain. 

Settling in Radnor at an early date in its history, John Jar- 
man was instrumental in building up and establishing the 
Friends' Meeting-house that is still occupied by the Society. 
He gave the land on which it was built, and, although he may 
not have lived long enough to preach in it, he did preach at the 
religious meetings that were held in private houses in the settle- 
ment. He was appointed constable in Radnor in 1689, but 
refused to be qualified for the office until the sheriff apprehended 
him for contempt of court. The date of his death is not 
recorded, but he was buried at Radnor, 12th mo. 14th, 1697. 
His wife Margaret died loth mo. 30th, 1740. Her will, dated 
"23rd December, 1731," in which she leaves to her son John 
Jarman her residence " with all lands and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging." To her daughters Margaret, Priscilla, Eliza- 
beth, and Sarah she leav^es 40s. each, and to her grandson, 
Solomon Thomas, " one good yearling filly, or 50s." She also 
leaves 20s. to repair Radnor Meeting grave-yard. A memorial 
of Margaret Jarman was sent from Radnor Monthly Meeting to 
Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting, 7th mo. i ith, 1758. The two 
eldest children, Elizabeth and Sarah, who came with their parents 
from Wales, died young. The other children, born in Pennsyl- 
vania, were : John, born Nov. 1 2th, 1684, " the first male child born 
of European parents in Radnor Township (Smith's " History of 
Delaware County") ; Priscilla, born 1687 ; Margaret, born 7th 
mo. 9th, 1689; Elizabeth, born 9th mo. i6th, 1690 ; and Sarah, 


born 1 2th mo. (February) 14th, 1695, who married Thomas 
Thomas. John Jarman, Jr., was a man of note in Radnor, as 
well as one of the earliest mathematicians in the colonies. He 
commenced publishing an Almanac in 1722, the title-page to the 
first issue of which is as follows : 



" 'Sun, Moon & Stars, the Heavens on high 
Are seated all in Majesty, 
Distilling of their Influence 
On our Terrestrial Globe from Thence.' 

" Philadelphia, Printed by Andrew Bradford in the Second Street." 

Copies of these Almanacs are preserved in the Ridgway 
Branch of the Philadelphia Library. This Almanac appeared 
yearly for more than thirty years, except in 17 14, when he 
visited England and Wales. In an obituary notice in the 
" Pennsylvania Chronicle " he is spoken of as a " gentleman well 
known for his astronomical calculations." He was also some- 
thing of an astrologer, and in his later years was endow ed with 
the gift of second sight. He married 2d mo. 8th, 1725, an Irish 
woman, named Mary, by whom he had two children, — Priscilla, 
born loth mo. 3d, 1730, died 7th mo. 6th, 1769, who married 
Rees Thomas (see No. 112), and Lewis, born 9th mo. 21st, 
1732, who died unmarried. 

Sarah Jarman, who married Thomas Thomas, had si.x chil- 
dren, — Jacob, who married Sarah Russell, 2d mo. 15th, 1747; 
William (see page 79) ; Solomon, who is mentioned in his grand- 
mother Jarman's will; Hezekiah ; Priscilla, who married Abijah 
Stephens (see No. 207) ; and Sarah, who married Joseph Walker 
when she was eighteen and he twenty-one years old. 

Joseph and Sarah Walker went to live on the farm that 


joiiiLHl his father's estate, wliieh kind was bequeathed to Isaac 
Walker by his father, Lewis Walker. Here a house was built, 
which, with some enlargement and improvement, still stands, the 
home of his great-great-grandson, William H. Walker, A grist 
mill was erected close by, where Joseph's younger brother, 
Asahel, assisted him as miller. Joseph Walker was essentially 
a man of affairs. His father dying when he was quite a young 
man, he, as administrator to the estate, had the care of settling 
up the property, as w^ell as looking after the young brothers' and 
sisters' education and settlement in life. It will be remembered 
that he acquired by purchase all the original tract of land left 
by his father, besides other property, of w'hich more will be said 

Sarah Walker, or " Grandmother Sarah," as she is always 
called, was a worthy daughter of worthy sires, and is always 
spoken of as a notable woman. The times in which she lived 
called for extra courage from the wives and mothers. The Indian 
massacres and border wars, that caused such trouble to the Sus- 
quehanna settlers, did not reach Chester Valley except by rumor. 
The early settlers about Philadelphia had always maintained the 
friendliest relations with the Indians, and when, in 1764, they 
were called upon by the authorities to give money or men to 
help quell the disturbance about Lancaster, some of them 
objected to assisting the cause in any way. The Quakers all 
over the country were much exercised, arguing that they had 
had no trouble with the savages, because they had treated them 
humanely. There were riots in the streets of Philadelphia, occa- 
sioned by the attitude of the Quakers, and dead bodies of the 
massacred w^hites were conveyed along the Lancaster Pike, from 
the scene of carnage to Philadelphia, that their wounds might 
speak for them. But though the Indians left them at peace, 
another foe, quite as deadly, entered the household of Joseph 


Walker, and carried off tliree sinall children. The smallpox 
was epidemic in 1764 in the Valley. 

The winter of 1777 and '78 also marked an epoch in this .sec- 
tion of the country, and must have changed the whole tenor of 
the lives of the inhabitants. Most of them were conscientiously 
opposed to war, it being almost exclusively a Quaker commun- 
ity. There is no doubt that many of them were Tories, but 
Joseph Walker and his wife seem to have been in sympathy with 
the American cause, if they were not declared rebels. General 
Washington himself said that previous to wintering at Valley 
Forge he had looked upon the Quakers as Tories and sympa- 
thizers with the British Army, but that he had found them most 
kind, and to be relied upon when he dwelt among them. They 
would not be spies on either side, although some of them were 
offered substantial benefits. Knowing this trait in the sect, spies 
took advantage of it, and sometimes adopted their costume and 
manner, thus bringing the Quaker name into disrepute. 

The country hereabout was roughly visited by both parties. 
When the British passed through it after the battle of Brandy- 
wine, they tarried a few days, and were most unwelcome guests. 
Howe, who was in command, halted his army between New Cen- 
treville and Howellville, making his headquarters at the house of 
Samuel Jones, a near neighbor to Joseph Walker. (This house 
is now occupied by Mr. Frank Latch.) General Cornwallis 
stopped fjirther up the Valley, at the house of the late " Widow " 

After the British had swept over the country, helping them- 
selves as they went along to all they could use or carry away, 
General Washington's troops came and encamped at Valley 
Forge. The residence of Joseph Walker was not far from the 
encampment, and General Anthony Wayne, being a kinsman to 
his wife, took up his quarters with them. The Historical Society 


of Pcnns}-lvania has recently caused a memorial stone to be 
erected on the place, commemorative of Anthony Wayne's resi- 
dence there during that troubled time in our country's history. 
The house is much the same as it was then. There is a secret 
closet in one of the bed-chambers, of which General Wayne 
made use for hiding his papers. The two parlors were thrown 
into one, and the great corner fire-places were pulled down a 
few years ago when the house was repaired. 

To protect the property from the ravages of the soldiers a 
guard was granted to Joseph Walker, as witness the following 
paper : 

As I have foraged at Mr. Joseph Walker's and have taken as great a 
quantity of forage from him as he can possibly spare without distressing 
his Family which is large, and he has been plundered greatly by the 
Enemy he Desires you will give him a protection. 

,. ,, from Yr H'bl Servt. 

Deer. 17th, 1777. 

-r n r- n Jno Van Norden, A.F.M. 

To Col. Cle.mext Eiddle J. ,, 

^ T- To Henry Steits, F. M. Fr. 

Commss. Forage. 

Genl. Wayne's Division. 

Joseph Walker's son Lewis, who was eleven years old at 
this time, remarks in old writings, which are still in the possession 
of his family, that his " father's house was headquarters for 
officers of the army then lying at Valley Forge," and that he 
was thus brought into contact with the suffering soldiers of that 
period. In speaking of his mother, whose memory he revered, 
he would say, " Ah, that noble, that queenly woman ! How 
well do I remember the day when five deserters were brought 
back, and a court-martial was held in the house, at which General 
Wayne presided. Some one told m\' mother that an example 
was to be made of them, and that they were to be shot. She 
had the General called out of the room and said to him : ' Cousin 
Wayne, I hear five deserters have been taken and are sentenced 


to be shot. This must not be. Poor fellows, hungry, cold and 
almost naked, if I was a soldier I would do so too.' The 
General turned no deaf ear. The voice of pleading mercy was 
heard, and they were pardoned." (From notes of Lewis 
Walker's daughter, Marian Meares.) 

To the soldiers standing guard about the place Sarah Walker 
was uniformly kind and thoughtful ; she had corn mush made 
for them daily, whicli her little son Lewis carried to them, along 
with milk. Another chronicler of a wider reputation, Henry 
Woodman, in his " History of Valley Forge," says : " One 
thing the suffering soldiers particularly craved in the spring of 
1778, was vegetable food, as they had long been confined to the 
salted provisions of the camp. His (Joseph Walker's) meadows 
abounded at the time with docks and other greens, but the guard 
would not permit them (the soldiers) to enter. His bene\'olcnt 
wife took upon herself the responsibility of permitting them to 
enter the meadow and collect the greens to boil with their .'^alted 
provisions. Neither the soldiers nor herself were ever molested 
for the liberty they had taken." 

The same writer tells us that " during the war Joseph Walker 
endeavored as much as possible to take no part with either of 
the contending powers, he being a man of pacific principles and 
a member of the Society of Friends. This gave occasion for 
many to condemn him as a Tory, but such was his steady and 
consistent conduct that he escaped with less loss of property 
than many others. He had a large field of rye and one of 
wheat, and the whole of his mowing ground, that were not de- 
stroyed, Wayne having placed a strong guard over them to pre- 
vent the enclosures being taken away." 

The Friends' Meeting-house at the Valley was used as a 
hospital for the sick soldiers at Valley Forge, and I liave always 
been told that they were kindly cared for b)- the people of the 


ncitjhborhood. The soldiers who died were buried in the grave- 
yard close under the western walls of the house, a trench for 
that purpose being kept constantly open. 

General La Fayette, who was quartered at Samuel Havard's 
house (now the home of Mr. Harry Wilson), was a frequent 
vi.sitor at the home of Joseph Walker, and it is said that the 
little Naomi, afterwards the wife of William Thomas, was a 
special favorite of the gallant young Frenchman. She would sit 
on his knee and amuse him with her prattle, and on one occasion 
pinned a "posy" in his coat. The officers of the Continental 
Army were quartered all about the neighborhood : General 
Knox was with John Brown, who lived at the head of the Dam, 
late the home of Mrs. Mary Jones ; the Count Du Portails lived 
with John Havard, on the farm adjoining ; while the Baron de 
Kalb was with Abijah Stephens, near the camp (see No. 267). 
All of these houses are still standing, some occupied by the de- 
scendants of the original owners. 

Sarah, the wife of Joseph Walker, died 3d mo. 12th. 1792, 
aged fifty-eight. She was buried in the Valley grave-yard two 
days later, and it is recorded in the family Bible that over a 
thousand people attended her funeral. Isaac Potts, of Valle}' 
Forge, preached the funeral sermon. It was a fashion of the 
time to write acrostics and obituary verses ; several of these 
poetical effusions are in my possession which have Sarah Walker 
for their theme. One written by a kinswoman, Sinah Hammer, 
speaks of 

" Her hospitable house, her open door, 
Her arms e'er ready to receive the poor." 

I have one letter, written, evidently, to her daughter Priscilla 
after her marriage, which is undated and unaddressed, a copy of 
which I insert here : 


The evening 9 day of i i month. 

Dear child, I long to see you very much and have been looking for 

you, my dear child. 1 think thy months is very long. I can't go to see 

you for thy sister Naomi is offen poorly and a good deal low spirited. I 

expect every day she will send for me. 1 was very glad that thee and thy 

dear companion went to see them. 1 would been glad to be with you but 

it seems as bad to leave home now as ever I think. Betty is gone away and 

I have nobody but the little girls, but Molly Thomas is with us now, and 

when I turn my back the girls is sassy enough to Polly so I must stay to 

keep good order and then we gose on pretty well. We heard that thy 

bosom friend is gone and left thee awhile, on a good errant, I hope, and I 

think thou art happy to have such a blessed companion and 1 believe the 

more he gives up to serve his good master the more favors and blessings you 

will receive both spiritual and temporal. We received a letter from thy 

Uncle William * they were all well and gave good accounts and a kind 

invitation for us all to sell here and go there where we may live esey, no 

fines to pay. Now I must conclude with my kind love for your welfare 

every way. Near one at night, thy father gone toward Philadelphia, from 

thy tender mother 

Sarah Walker. 
Just agoing to bed. 

For the good reputation of the family it is but proper to add 
here that "the girls " who were " sassy" were not the daughters of 
the house, — they were all married ; they might have been young 
serving maids, it being customary at that time for housekeepers 
to have young girls apprenticed to learn house work. 

Two years after Sarah Walker's death, her husband married 
again. His second wife was Jane Rankin, widow of William 

* William Thomas, her brother, went to Georgia to live, but disapproving of 
slavery, left the south and removed to Ohio with his daughter Rebecca and his son 
"Cam," and settled there, in Muskingum County In 1805 he came on a visit to 
Pennsylvania to see his sister's family. His daughter accompanied him ; he was then 
eighty years old and the whole journey was made on horseback. He wrote verses of 
fair quality and recorded certain events in the lives of himself and family. It has been 
my privilege to hear some of these recited by his great-niece and my great-aunt Mary 
W. Roberts. (See No. 252.) 


Rankin, wlio, it is said, was a British officer. She was a resident 
at the time of London Grove Township. They were married at 
New Garden Meeting, and the wedding certificate is signed by John, 
VVilHam, John, Jr., Kitty, Ann, Mary and Rebecca Rankin, her 
chikh-en, all or nearly all of whom came to live with their mother 
at her new home in the Valley. Maiy and Kitty Rankin married 
in the Walker family, as will be seen later. Jane (Rankin) Walker 
died suddenly, March 9th, 1813, of a paralytic stroke while 
returning from a visit " in the gig " to her step-son, Isaac Walker, 
who lived at " Rehobeth." 

Joseph Walker became totally blind in his later years. He 
lived beyond his eighty-sixth birthday, dying at his home 
November ist, 18 18. Letters to his will were granted at West 
Chester, November 3d, 18 18. 

Joseph and Sarah (Thomas) Walker had thirteen children : 
No. 105. L Zillah* Walker, born 8th mo. 7th, 1753, died 

1794, married Abel Thomas. 
No. 106. II. Isaac* Walker, born 9th mo. 21st, 1754, died 

I ith mo. 3d, 1822, married 1st, Mary Pugh ; 

2d, Sarah Conard. 
No. 107. III. Pri.scilla* Walker, born 3d mo. 25th, 1756, died 

6th mo. 9th, 1795, married Eli Yarnall. 
No. 108. IV. Thomas* Walker, born 12th mo. 29th, 1757, 

died 3d mo. 17th, 1839, married Margaret 

No. 109. V. Joseph* Walker, born 12th mo. 9th, 1759, died 

3d mo. 25th, 1764, of the smallpox. 
No. 110. . VI. Sarah* Walker, born 5th mo. nth, 1761, died 

3d mo. 19th, 1764, of smallpox. 
No. 111. VII. Mary* Walker, born ist mo. 13th, 1763, died 

3d mo. 27th, 1764, of smallpox. 


No. 112. VIII. Naomi'' Walker, born 2d mo. 17th, 1765, died 

7th mo. 5th, 18 I 7, married William Thoma.s. 

No. 113. IX. Lewi.s ^ Walker, born i ith mo. 19th, 1767, died 

8th mo. 25th, 1854, married Mary 

No. 114. X. Joseph ■* Walker, born 5th mo. 3d, 1769, died 

ist mo. 25th, 18 1 3, married Margaret Jones. 

No. 115. XI. Knoch'* Walker, born 4th mo. 23d, 1771, mar- 
ried Phoebe Miller. 

No. IIG. XII. William^ Walker, born 8th mo. 13th, 1774, died 

5th mo. 23d, 1776, drowned in the mill-race. 

No. 117. XIII. Jesse ^ Walker, born 3d mo. 26th, 1777, mar- 
ried Catherine Rankin. 

No. 51. Benjamin Walker'^ (Isaac,^ Lewis'), born at 
" Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Pcnna., in 
the year 1743, died 12th mo. 31st, 1821. He was sixteen years 
old when his mother married her second husband, Jacob Thomas. 
He learned the trade of cooper, and in 1764, when he releases 
to his brother Joseph all his rights to his father's estate, he calls 
himself " Benjamin Walker, of Willistown." (See Appendix B.) 

He married, 4th mo. 13th, 1769, Ruth (died 8th mo. 5th, 
1 8 17), daughter of John and Ann (Jones) Morris (see page 86), 
at Newtown Meeting-house, at the sam-e time that his sister 
Rachel married Lewis Morris, a brother of Ruth. In 6th mo. 
4th, 1772, Benjamin Walker, with " his wife Ruth and child 
Sarah," moved their certificate from Uwchlan to Warrington 
Monthly Meeting, York County, Penna. Here he purchased a 
large tract of land (about 1,000 acres) in the vicinity of the 
Warrington Friends' Meeting. A stone and log house was on 
the property at the time of the purchase, and here the family 
lived until 1790, when he erected near it a large stone mansion. 
This house stood until 1886, when it was torn down by Joshua 


V. Walker, and a modern frame structure erected in its place. 
The old stone house that was built in 1790 has, at various times, 
sheltered about all the preachers of note belonging to the Societ>' 
of Friends in the United States. 

Benjamin F. Walker, of York, Penna., great-grandson of 
Benjamin Walker, writes : " My father was about seven years 
old when his grandfather Benjamin died, consequently has very 
little personal recollection of him. I learn that he was a man of 
great physical strength, fine physique and handsome, a man 
noted for his strong devotion to his family, church (Friends) and 
friends, and possessed of all the characteristics that go to make 
up the perfect man." 

Benjamin and Ruth (Morris) Walker had ten children : 

No. 118. I. Abner^ Walker, born nth mo. nth, 1759, ^^^^ 

2d mo. ist, 1 77 1, buried at Great Valley. 
No. 119. II. Sarah ■* Walker, born 3d mo. i8th, 1771, married 

Richard Pilkinton. 
No. 120. III. Jarman^ Walker, born ^5th mo. 22d, 1773, d. 

8th mo. 31st, 1782. 
No. 121. IV. John* Walker, born 8th mo. loth, 1775, d. 

married Lydia Marsh. 
No. 122. V. Abner * Walker, born 8th mo. 8th, 1779, died 

7th mo. 30th, 1870, married Sarah Harris. 
No. 123. VI. Phoebe' Walker, born 8th mo. i8th, 1777, died 

5th mo. 31st, 1782. 
No. 124. VII. Benjamin' Walker, born 5th mo. 7th, 1782, died 

I ith mo. 6th, 1836. 
No. 125. VIII. Hepzibah * Walker, born loth mo. 19th, 1784, 

died 4th mo. 5th, 1859, married Enoch Van 



No. 126. IX. AsaheP Walker, born 9th mo. 6th, 1786, died 

lOth mo. 14th, 1877, married, Mary Vale ; 
2d, Lydia Garretson. 

No. 127. X. Isaac' Walker, born 2d mo. 8th, 1794, died 6th 

mo. 4th, 1847. 

No. 52. AsAHEL (Azael) Walker ^ (Isaac,^ Lewis '), born at 
" Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 2d 
mo. loth, 1746, died 8th mo. 5th, 1838, at his home in Sadsbury, 
Lancaster County, Penna. Remarried 7th mo. 20th, 1769, Ann, 
daughter of James and Ann (Starr) Moore, of Sadsbury. She 
was born 175 1, died 1825. Her mother was a daughter of 
Jeremiah Starr, of Chester County. Asahel Walker, in 1768, 
releases all his rights to his father's estate to his brother Joseph, 
for ^100. (See appendix B.) In this paper he calls himself 
"Asahel Walker, of Tredyffrin, in the County of Chester, 
Province of Pennsylvania, millwright." On 4th mo. 9th, 1771, 
he, along with his wife and son James, removes his certificate of 
membership from Merion Monthly Meeting to Warrington, York 
County, Penna. The next move is on ist mo. iith, 1788, 
when " Ashahel Walker, wife and children, Ann, Isaac, Mary, 
Sarah and Asahel, remove their certificate to Sadsbury." (Rad- 
nor Records.) 

Mr. Harris, in his " Biographical History of Lancaster 
County," gives a short account of Asahel Walker, which I insert. 

Asahel Walker of Sadsbury Township, was born at the Valley Forge, 
in the year 1746. He was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Lewis 
Walker, who emigrated from the Principality of Wales about the year 1 700, 
and purchased a large tract of land from William Penn at the Valley 
Forge, where, it is said, William Penn visited him the following year. He 
erected a commodious stone edifice thereon, at which a meeting of the 
Society of Friends was established in the year 17 13. . . . Although it has 


underLjone repairs, it is standint^ as a part of the family mansion at the 
present time (1872). The land is now divided into about ten farms, and is 
still held by his descendants. His grandson, Asahel Walker, was united 
in marriage with Ann, the daughter of the well-known James Moore, of 
Sadsbury, in the year 1769. tie afterwards purchased a tract of land in 
Sadsbury, which had belonged to his father-in-law, and which had been 
taken up by William Penn in the year 1700, while on his visit at the Gap. 
and which he had surveyed off for his own use. 

At the age of sixty-six years he divided this land between his sons 
Isaac and Asahel, which is now owned and occupied by his grandsons 
Isaac and Asahel C. Walker. After thus adjusting his temporal matters, 
he retired from the cares of the world, and spent the remainder of his life 
(over a quarter of a century) in promoting the cause of his Divine Master, 
and became a worthy minister of the Gospel Truths in the Society of 
Friends. During no period of his life did he seek public distinction, yet 
he had charge of various important public and private trusts for members 
of diflerent religious persuasions. During his whole life he was truly a 
worthy and faithful member of society, so that he may be classed with the 
good, and remembered with the just. He departed his well-spent life in 
the year 1838, in the 93d year of his age. 

His descendants are still numerous and respectable ; besides the 
Walkers, are included some of the Moores, Pownalls, Coopers, Linvilles, 
Ellmakers, Dillers, Worsts, and Hersheys, Mrs. Percy Barnard, Mrs. Mary 
L. Roberts, of Texas, the Sprouls, Houstons, and some of that^ excellent 
and highly respectable family of the Trouts of the Township of Bart. 

Asahel and Ann (Moore) Walker had eleven children : 

No. 128. I. James* Walker, born 1770, died young. 

No. 129. II. Edward* Walker, born 1772, died young. 
No. 130. III. Rebecca* Walker, born 1774, died young. 

No. 131. IV. Ann* Walker, born , married Andrew 

No. 132. V. Israel* Walker, born 1779, '^^^^ young. 
No. 133. VI. Asahel * Walker, born 1782, died young. 
No. 134. VII. Mary * Walker, married John Moore. 
No. 135. VIII. Isaac * Walker, married Deborah Dickinson. 


No. 180. IX. Sarah * Walker, married George Cooper. 
No. lf'J7. X. Rebecca* Walker, married Richard Coates. 
No. 188. XI. Asahel" Walker, born 1788, married Sarah T. 


No. 53. Rachel Walker^ (Isaac,^ Lewis'), born at " Reho- 
beth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 12th mo. 
20th, 1748, married 4th mo. 13th, 1769, at Newtown Meeting, 
-Lewis Morris, of Eastown, Chester County, Penna. Lewis 
Morris was grandson of John Morris, who came to Pennsylvania in 
the year, 1708, with his wife, Jean, and son, John. They came 
in the ship with Ellis Pugh, who was returning from a visit to 
Great Britain (see No. 106), who mentions in his diary that they 
were his fellow passengers, and adds that he " taught their son 
John his A, B, C's on shipboard." 

John Morris came from Merioneth, Wales, and probably from 
Dolgelly, though this cannot be proven. That they knew Ellis 
Pugh, of Dolgelly, makes this seem possible. And if it could 
be ascertained that John Morris came from there, there is a chance 
of his descendants inheriting some millions of pounds now lying 
ill the Bank of England awaiting a claimant. Some few years 
ago an effort was made to claim it, and it is from a pamphlet pre- 
pared at that time, called " The Morris Family," loaned me by one 
of the descendants, Anna B. Walker, of Emerson, Ohio, that I 
have collected the following data regarding the family, which I 

The estate in Wales was a valuable mining property, besides 
which there was a large sum of money that went with it. The 
Morris family in Pennsylvania knew their ancestor had left 
brothers in Wales, who were unmarried and in good circum- 
stances, and who had visited them in America. There was also 
a rumor of an inheritance, but for some reason no attention was 


paid to it. Early in this century an advertisement began to ap- 
pear for certain heirs of the Morris family, in the newspapers of 
Pennsylvania, which attracted the attention of some members of 
the family, and an effort was made to investigate it, and, if they 
were the heirs, to lay claim to it. Bfit nothing could be done, 
because there was no proof that John Morris was from Dolgelly, 

John Morris, the emigrant, bought a large tract of land in 
Hilltown Township, Bucks County, Penna., and settled there- 
of five children born to them, but three married : John, born 1705, 

died 1786, married Ann Jones, 1738; Margaret, married 

Phillips ; and Jean, married Rowland. The family lived 

forty years in Bucks County, and when John Morris died in 1748, 
he left his property to his grandson, Lewis Morris, w hen he should 
attain the age of twenty-one. In the year 1761, John Morris, 
2d, turned the property over to his son, Lewis, according to the 
terms of the Will. In 1764, Lewis Morris, then about twenty- 
four, with his father, left Bucks County and came to Eastown, 
Chester County, to live, where they bought land, some of which 
is still in the possession of the family. 

John and Ann (Jones) Morris had ten children, four of whom 
mariied : Ruth, married Benjamin Walker (see No. 51) ; Lewis, 
born 1739, died 1823, married Rachel Walker; Morris, born 
1 741, married Ruth Buffington ; and Anthony, born 1747, 
married Elizabeth Evanson. 

Lewis and Rachel Morris lived on their farm in Eastown 
Township, and here Rachel's mother died, in 1802. Rachel and 
her husband both sign their names to the release given to Joseph 
Walker, Feb. 5th, 1770, when they gave up, for the sum of ^100, 
all their rights to the estate of Isaac Walker, deceased. (See 
Appendix B) 

Lewis and Rachel (Walker) Morris had eleven children : 


No. 139. I. John* Morris, born 1769, died 1800, married 

Hannah Rogers. 
No. 140. II. Isaac* Morris, died s. p. 
No. 141. III. Sarah ' Morris, died s. p. 
No. 142. IV. Hannah * Morris, died s. p. 
No. 143. V. Leah* Morris, born 1776, died 1852, married, 

1803, Jeremiah Cooper. 
No. 144. VI. Rachel' Morris, born 1778, died 1829, married, 

1 80 1, Samuel Fawkes. 
No. 145. VII. Ann ' Morris, born 1782, died 1852. 
No. 146. VIII. Sarah* Morris. 
No. 147. IX. Phcebe * Morris, born 1784, died 1862, married, 

1806, Joseph Dickinson. 
No. 148. X. Lewis * Morris, born 1786, died 1822, married 

Rachel Dickinson, died s. p. 

No. 54. Abel Walker ^ (Isaac,- Lewis'), born at " Reho- 
beth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 5th mo. 
5th, 175 I, was only four years old when his father died. We 
have very little knowledge of him, except that he went to York 
County, Penna., and married Ann Vale, in 1777. They had 
nine children. 

No. 150. I. Sarah* Walker, bom 1778. 

No. 151. II. Rachel * Walker, born 1781, died 1781. 
No. 152. III. Leah* Walker, born 1782, married Joseph 

Smith, died s. p. 
No. 158. IV. Hannah* Walker, born 1785, married John Cook. 
No. 154. V. Joseph * Walker, bom 1787. 
No. 155. VI. Eliza* Walker, bom 1790, married Joseph 

No. 156. VII. Abel* Walker, born 4th mo. 15th, 1792, 

married Margaret John. 


No. 157. VIII. Joel ' Walker, born 1794, married Mary Morris. 

(No. 391.) 
No. 158. IX. Benjamin ■* Walker, born 1 797, married Deborah 


No. 56. Leah Walker^ (Isaac,- Lewis ^), born at " Reho- 
beth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., in the year 
1755, married, 5th mo. 22d, 1782, Abner Moore, of Newtown. 
They had fiv^e children. 

No. 159. I. Isaac ^ Moore; his daughter, Ellen, married 

Matthew Roberts (No. 663). 
No. 160. II. Benjamin * Moore. 
No. 161. III. Sarah* Moore. 
No. 162. IV. Phoebe * Moore. 
No. 163. V. Leah ' Moore. 

Cijaptrr Sfbrntl}. 


NO. 01. Jacob Maule^ (Zillah,^ Daniel,^ Lewis ^), born in the 
year 1759; was a resident of Radnor, Delaware County, 
Penna., and married Jane , by whom he had four children. 

No. 164. I. RacheP Maule, born 1784. 

No. 165. II. Beulah^ Maule, born 1800. 

No. 166. III. Jacob ^ Maule, born 1802, married Hannah San- 
ders. In 1825 they went to Exeter, Penna. ; 
in 1832 their certificates were removed to Short 
Creek Monthly Meeting, Ohio. 

No. 167. IV. Joshua^ Maule, born 1806. In 183 1 removed his 
certificate to Short Creek Monthly Meeting, 

No. 62. Benjamin Maule'' (Zillah,3 Daniel,^ Lewis ^), born 

in the year 1 760 ; he married Ann , who was born in the 

year 1758, and who died at the house of her son-in-law, Nathan 
Evans, of Willistown, Chester County, Penna., 12th mo. 22d, 
1844, in her eighty-sixth year. Her husband died before her. 
They resided at Radnor. They had three or four children. My 
authority for the fourth I derive from a letter written in 1833, by 
Ann W. Richards (No. 248), from Ohio, to her uncle, Thomas 
Walker, of Tredyffrin, in which she says that " cousin Ann 
Maule and her two children, Mercy and Thomas," had been 
visiting them. 
No. 168. I. Mercy" Maule, married Isaac Clendenon, 1810. 


No. 169. II. Zillah'' Maule, married Nathan Evans, 1814, son 
of David and Mary Evans, of Lower Merion, 
Montgomery County, Penna. 

No. 170. III. Hannah "^ Maule, married Isaac Phillips, son of 
John and Lydia Phillips, of Kennett Square, 
Chester County, Penna. Witnesses to the 
marriage : Benjamin, Ann, Jane, Thomas, and 
Benjamin Maule. 

No. 171. IV. Thomas-' Maule (?). 

No. 65. Daniel Richards* (Beulah,' Daniel,^ Lewis ^), born 
at the homestead near Valley Forge in the year 1 764 ; married 
Lydia, daughter of Abel Thomas. Daniel and Lydia Rich- 
ards moved to Susquehanna County some time in the "twenties," 
or perhaps earlier, where they settled. I think they were 
pioneers. My correspondent, Emelyn A. J. Richards (No. 463), 
writes : " Out at Friendsville, Susquehanna County, where my 
grandfather Richards lived, there is not a trace of the old Society 
of Friends left. The httle meeting-house is gone, and in its 
stead is a very small Episcopal Church. Even that has had its 
day, and is no longer used. The little burying-ground is all 
overgrown with a copse of young forest trees. There is nothing 
to show there ever was a burial place. The whole country side 
is now made up of thrifty but illiterate Irish Catholics." 

Daniel and Lydia (Thomas) Richards had seven children : 

No. 172. I. Beulah ^ Richards, born 6th mo. 9th, 1798, died 
in her eighteenth year. She was engaged to 
be married to her cousin and neighbor, Georsre 
Walker (No. 297). On being asked in his old 
age why he had never married, his answer 
was, " She died." 


No. 173. II. IClizabeth W." Richards, born 1800, died 1862, 
in Salem, Ohio, from overwork at the hospital 
in Columbus, Ohio, during the Civil War. 

No. 174. III. SamueP Richards, born 1801, married Lydia 

No. 175. IV. Abel'' Richards, born 1804, married , and 

lived in Pennsylvania. While on a visit to his 
brother in Salem, Ohio, he had a " sun-stroke," 
from the effects of which he died. 

No. 176. V. Rowland'' Richards, married in Pennsylvania, re- 
moved to Sinking Springs, Md. 

No. 177. VI. Daniel' Richards, M.D., died in New Philadel- 
phia, Ohio. 

No. 178. VII. Joseph T.*"^ Richards, lawyer, married Anna 
Maria Sayre. 

No. 67. LvDiA Richards* (Beulah,^ Daniel,^ Lewis'), born at 
the homestead near Valley Forge in the year 1767, married 
Samuel Wright, son of Samuel and Jane Wright, of Bristol, 
Bucks County, Penna., at the Valley Meeting-house, 6th mo. 
19th, 1799. The marriage was witnessed by Samuel, Mary and 
Ann Wright, Beulah, Daniel, Lydia and Samuel Richards. 
Samuel and Lydia (Richards) Wright lived in Philadelphia until 
the year 1837, when they moved to Belmont County, Ohio. 
They had five children : 

No. 179. I. Elizabeth'^ Wright, married , and lived near 

Norristown, Penna. 
No. 180. II. Mary Ann "^ Wright, unmarried; lived at Mt. 

Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1886. 
No. 181. III. Beulah'^ Wright, married in Ohio, died at Cam- 
eron, West Va. 
No. 182. IV. Samuel •'"' Wright, died in infancy, in Philadelphia. 


No. 183. V. Jane'* Wright, married Jesse Pyle, 1843; lived at 
Pleasant Grove, Ohio, in 1886, s. p. 

No. 70. Samuel Richards * (Beulah,^ Daniel,- Lewis ^), born 
at the homestead near Valley Forge, Penna., April loth, 1778, 
died at Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio, Sept. 8th, 185 1. 
He married Ann, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Pugh) Walker 
(No. 248), April 14th, 1802. They lived for some years at the 
Richards homestead, on the Schuylkill River, and here all their 
children were born. They decided, for some reason, to sell the 
Pennsylvania home, and move west. Accordingly, on Nov. 2d, 
1 8 24, they started, driving up through southern New York, passing 
through Buffalo, until they came to Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, which 
place they reached on the i8th of December, where they ended 
their long journey. They had traveled by wagon 635 miles in 
forty-si.x days. The eldest son, Isaac, fortunately, kept a jour- 
nal, by which we are enabled to follow them in their travels. 
(See Appendix C.) I have heard my great-aunt, Sarah Robin- 
son, tell how the family at " Rehobeth " went to the top of the 
Meeting-house hill to see the great wagons winding their way 
out into the distance, and that they could scarcely see them for 
their tears. Ann Richards was born at " Rehobeth," and was a 
much loved sister of Joseph Walker, who then owned it. 

Samuel and Ann (Walker) Richards prospered in their new 
home, and both died there. Ann died in the year 1849. ^ think 
they never revisited their old home, but some of the family, of 
whom Joseph Walker was one, paid them a visit a few years 
after their emigration, driving both there and back again. 

There is a letter from Ann Richards, dated 1833, in which 
she expresses herself as very happy in Ohio. She says the 
farmers there " live well, dress well, and are getting rich." They 
have good society, their neighbors are well-informed people, and 


they feel very much at home, though she says they look back 
with affection to Chester Valley. The cholera was raging 
around them when she wrote, but they had escaped. She speaks 
of their neighbor, Thomas Robinson and his family (see No. 249). 
Another neighbor, James Rankin, who married Caleb Dilworth's 
daughter, had a woolen factory near them, while John Rankin's 
son Stephen had gone to Canada to sell the estate there. (See 
No. 46, under Jane Rankin.) 

Samuel and Ann Richards had eight children : 

No. 184. I. Isaac •''' Richards, born 1803, died 5th mo. 5th, 

1827, unmarried, at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 
No. 185. II. Jacob W.^ Richards, born 1805, married Mary 

No. 186. III. Beulah'^ Richards, born 1807, married Joseph 

Martin, Ohio. 
No. 187. IV. Mary ° Richards, born 1809, married George 

Evans, of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 
No. 188. V. Sarah' Richards, born 181 1, died Oct. i6th, 

1877, unmarried. 
No. 189. VI. Samuel'^ Richards, born 18 14, died 1891, 

married, ist, Mary A. Giles; 2d, Sarah A, 

Kelvey ; 3d, Laura A. Westlake. 
No. 190. VII. Lewis ^ Richards, born 1817, died 1824, in 

Chester Valley. 
No. 191. VIII. Ann' Richards, born, 1820, married James Bane. 

No. 73. Sarah Walker ' (Jarman,-* Enoch, ^ Lewis '), born in 
the year 1764, married Leonard Altemus, who was born in the 
year 1763, and died August 25th, 1826. The father of Leonard 
Altemus was French, his mother was German. They had seven 


No. 192. I. Lydia * Altemus. 

No. 193. II. Jarman^ Altemus. 

No. 194. III. Isaac ^ Altemus, born 1789, married, ist, Hannah 

Swayne ; 2d, Sarah Ann Pusey. 

No. 195. IV. Hannah ^ Altemus. 

No. 196. V. Eliza ^Altemus. 

No. 197. VI. Rhoda^ Altemus. 

No. 198. VII. Abijah ■' Altemus. 

No. 82. SiXAH Walker * (Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis '), born in 
.Frederick County, Virginia, 7th mo. i6th, 1764, died at Salem, 
Ohio, 8th mo. 21st, 1846, married, 4th mo. loth, 1788, Joseph 
Townsend, son of Francis and Rachel Townsend, bom 4th mo. 
loth, 1763, died ist mo. 25th, 1808, of West Chester, Penna. 
Joseph Townsend was a descendant of Richard Townsend, 
who came to Pennsylvania on the " Welcome " with William 
Penn, and settled on a large tract of land lying between 
West Chester and the Brandywine. He was born in Gloucester- 
shire, England, in 1644; he settled first, on coming to this 
country, at Chester Creek, where he had a mill. A number of 
his descendants are living in the vicinity of West Chester at the 
present time. Joseph and Sinah (Walker) Townsend had eight 
children. They resided at Redstone, or Brownsville, Pa. 

No. 199. I. Mary ^ Townsend. born 3d mo. 12th, 1789, 

died 3d mo. 25th, 1866, married Seth Mc- 

No. 200. II. AbeP W. Townsend, born nth mo. 12th, 1790, 

died 1st mo., 1853, married Rebecca Way. 
No. 201. III. RacheP Townsend, born 8th mo. 28th, 1792, 

died 1 2th month 27th, 1826, married Joshua 




No. 202. IV. Martha 5 Townsend, born 4th nio. i8th, 1794, 

died 1st mo. 25th, 1885, married Dr. Benj. 

No. 203. V. Lewis •'' Town.send, born 2d mo. 14th, 1798, died 

iith mo. 7th, 1867, married Rachel Davi.s. 
No. 204. VI. Hannah'^ Townsend, born 2d mo. 8th, 1800, died 

1 2th mo i6th, 1877, married Aaron Stratton. 
No. 205. VII. Lydia '^ Townsend, born 2d mo. 8th, 1802, died 

6th mo. 17th, 1869, married Dr. Jesse Bailey. 
No. 206. VIII. Francis ]/' Townsend, born 9th mo. 4th, 1804, 

died 6th mo. i6th, 1849, married, ist, Ann 

French ; 2d, CaroHne RuHson. 

No. 84. Abel Walker' (Abel,'' Abel,^ Lewis'), born in 
Frederick County, Virginia ; married Mary Branson, of Virginia. 
Soon after his marriage he moved to Brighton, now Beaver Falls, 
Pennsylvania, where he died about the year 1 809. His wife, with 
her five little children, then moved to Flushing, Ohio, where she 
spent the remainder of her days, living to see all her children 
married. My correspondent, Daniel H. Walker, writes : "As 
* Westward ' is the motto, now as then, a number of their de- 
scendants are to be found in the western states, and quite a num- 
ber of Abel and Maiy Walker's great-great-grand-children are 
living whose names we do not know." 

Abel and Mary (Branson) Walker had five children : 

No. 207. I. Martha^ Walker, married Jonas Bye. 

No. 208. II. Joseph ' Walker, married Maria (Warfield) 

No. 209. III. Lewis B.'^ Walker, married Tamson Haines. 
No. 210. IV. Elizabeth ■' Walker, married William Foulke. 
No. 2n. V. Isaac ^ Walker, married Lydia Negus. 


No. 85. Edward Walker * (Abel/' Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Frederick County, Virginia ; he married Mary Haines, and lived 
and died at the old homestead that was built by his father, near 
Winchester, Virginia. Some of his descendants are now living 
in Loudoun County, Va., others in Clark County, Ohio. Edward 
and Mary (Haines) Walker had six children : 
No. 212. I. Nathan'^ Walker, married Jane Rees. 

No. 213. IL Lydia ^ Walker, married Jonah Lupton. V 
No. 214. HI. AbeP Walker, married Hannah Lupton. 
No. 215. IV. Rebecca ^ Walker, married Bernard Taylor. 
No. 216. V. Daniel'' Walker, married Mary Roberts. 
No. 217. VI. Thomasin ■' Walker, married Thomas Branson. 

No. 86. Elizabeth Walker ■* (Abel,^ Abel," Lewis ^), born 
in Frederick County, Va., married Isaac Pidgeon and had three 
children : 

No. 218. I. Edward ' Pidgeon. 

No. 219. II. Lewis ^ Pidgeon. 

No. 220. III. Samuel L.^ Pidgeon, married Sarah Chambers 

and lived at Brucetown, Virginia. In 1867, 
he was the last surviving member of this 


No. 88. Lewis Walker * (Abel,-' Abel,- Lewis ^), born at 
Hopewell, Frederick County, Va., 7th mo. 27th, 1776, married, 
1 8 10, Rachel, daughter of Nathan and Ann (Lupton) Updegraff. 
Nathan Updegraff was born 3d mo. 9th, 1750, at Yorkton, 
Pa., moved to Short Creek, Jefferson Co., Ohio, where he died 
3d mo. 2d, 1827. He married, ist, Ann Love, by whom he had 
three children : James, Joseph and Susanna Updegraff His 
second wife was Ann, daughter of James and Rachel Lupton. 
She was born 9th mo. 6th, 1766, and died 12th mo. 25th, 1833. 


Nathan and Ann (Lupton) Updegraff had nine children : 
David, born 1789, died 1864, married Ann Taylor ; Rachel, born 
8th mo, 2ist, 1790, died 8th mo. 25th, 185 1, married Lewis 
Walker, above mentioned; Hannah, born 1792, died 1882; 
Nathan, born 1795, died 1871, married Casandra Balinger ; 
Ambrose, born 1797, died 1800 ; Ann, born, 1801, died, 1865, 
married Menick Star; Mary, born 1804, died 1871, married 
Dr. William Flumer; Thomas, born 1806, died 1845 ! Josiah, 
born 1 8 10, died 1881. 

Lewis and Ra^-^hel (Updegraff) Walker lived at Mt. Pleasant, 
Jefferson County, Ohio. They had five children : 

No. 22L L Mary Ann '^Walker, born 6th mo. i6th, 1812, 

died , married Lemuel Jones, of Mount 

Pleasant, Ohio. 
No. 222. IL Hannah^ Walker, born 2d mo. 25th. 18 15, 

married, ist, William Price; 2d, Charles 

No. 223. in. Elizabeth^ Walker, born loth mo. 2d, 18 18, 

married Milo A. Townsend. 
No. 224. IV. Nathan U.' Walker, born 5th mo. 28th, 1823, 

married, ist, Sallie Miller; 2d, Melissa 

No. 225. V. Lewis James ^ Walker, born loth mo. 21st, 1825, 

died , married Rebecca Lawrence. 

No. 89. Isaac Walker ^ (Abel,-^ Abel,- Lewis '), born in 
Frederick County, Va., married Susan, daughter of Joseph and 
Rebecca (Hirst) Talbott, born 12th mo. 15th, 1793. He after- 
wards removed to Loudoun County, Va. 

Richard Talbott, of West River, Anne Arundel County, 
Maryland, "Planter," came into the Province prior to 1649 ; he 
received a patent for " Poplar Knowls," 260 acres, 14th .Sept., 


1659, died about 1663. (Will.) He married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Major Richard Ewcn, a man of considerable importance under 
the Commonwealth. She died nth mo. 1st, 1703-4. Their 
son, John Talbott, "of Calvert County," died 4th mo. 4th, 
1707. He inherited " Talbott's Ridge." (Will.) He married 
Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah Meares, born 6th mo. 
4th, 1673, who survived him. Their son Joseph, who was not 
born at the time of the execution of his father's will, married 
Mary " Burket " (Birckhead ?), whose son Joseph Talbott, "ye 
3d of Calvert County," born 3d mo. 29th, 1749, brought his 
certificate to Pipe Creek Meeting, 1773, to Fairfax, 1786, and 
obtained certificate to Goose Creek Meeting, 1792, "to marry 
Rebecca Hirst." His first wife was Anna Plummer. Joseph 
Talbott and Rebecca Hirst were married ist mo. nth, 1792. 
(From information furnished by Howard Mullikin, Baltimore, 

Isaac and Susan (Talbott) Walker had five children : 

No. 226. I. Mary Ann ^ Walker, died at the age of seven. 
No. 227. H. Rebecca J.^ Walker, died , married James 

C. Janney. 
No. 228. HI. James M.^ Walker, died, married Eliza Hunt. 
No. 229. IV. Mary E.'^ Walker, died , married William 

No. 230. V. John Edward ^ Walker, married Cornelia 


No. 90. Is.\AC WalkerI ^ (Lewis,^ Abel,- Lewis'), born in 
Virginia. He married, ist, Mary Rankin, daughter of William 
and Jane Rankin (see No. 46). They were married 5th mo. 
19th, 1802. In the same year " Mary, wife of Isaac Walker," 
moved her certificate of membership from Radnor to Hopewell 
Monthly Meeting, Virginia. Isaac Walker purchased a farm in 


Washington County, Pcnna., to which he moved with his family; 
his' wife, Mary (Rankin) Walker, died 4th mo. i8th, 1830. He 
married, 2d, Maria Hill. Isaac and Mary Walker had six chil- 
dren : 
No. 231. I. Jane^ Walker, born 3d mo. 7th, 1803, died loth 

mo. 9th, 1820. 
No. 232. n. Lewis"' Walker, born 8th mo. 27th, 1804, died 

loth mo. 5th, 1 8 16. 
No. 233. HI. William^ Walker, born 6th mo. 15th, 1806, died 

3d mo. 28th, 1864, married Ann Dudgeon. 
No. 234. IV. Joseph ^ Walker, born 3d mo. 5tli, 1809, died 

3d mo. 6th, 1815. 
No. 235. V. Sarah ^ Walker, born ist mo. 12th, 181 1, died 

8th mo. 13, 181 1. 
No. 236. VI. Mary' Walker, born 3d mo. 4th, 18 17, died 4th 

mo. 17th, 1836, married Edward Stone. 

She had one daughter, Mary, who died young. 

No. 91. Rachel Walker* (Lewis, ^ Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Virginia, married Josiah Jackson, of Winchester, Va. They had 
one son. 
No. 237. I. Jos. L.' Jackson. 

No. 93. Leah Walker * (Lewis,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Virginia, ma'rried, ist, Samuel Lupton ; 2d, Isaac Steer, of 
Londoun County, Va. She had four children : 

No. 238. I. Sarah Ann ' Lupton, married James J\I, Janney, 

of Waynesville, Ohio. 
No. 239. II. Samuel L. ' Steer, married Harriette Taylor. 
No. 240. III. Rachel ^ Steer, unmarried. 
No. 241. IV. William * Steer, died unmarried. 


No. 10."). ZiLLAH Walker^ (Jo.seph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 8th mo. 7th, 
1753, died in the year 1794, married Abel Thomas, 12th mo. 
29th, 1773. Abel Thomas was son of David and Anna (Noble) 
Thomas, and grandson of Abel and Mary (Garrett) Noble, who 
were married in the year 1692. 

David and Anna Thomas were married in the year 1 731, 
under the care of Abington Monthly Meeting, and both died be- 
fore the year 1760, leaving five children: David, who married 
Mary Richardson, and had five children : Abel ; Sarah, married 
Joseph Longstreth, 9th mo. 9th, 1797 (see No. 785); Anna, 
married Moses Robinson, of Charlestown Township, Chester 
County, Penna. (see No. 249) ; Edward ; and David Thomas, 
who married Hannah Jacobs. Anna, the second child of David 
and Anna Thomas, married Jonathan Roberts, of " Red Hill," 
Montgomery County, Penna., and had seven children : Sarah, 
w^ho married Rees Moore ; Ebenezer ; Mary ; ^Matthew ; John, 
who married Sarah Bartholomew ; Anna ; Jonathan, who 
married Eliza Bushby, and was United States Senator from 18 14 
to 1821 (see Nos. 1253 and 1261). 3»Iary, the third child of 
David and Anna Thomas, married John Lewis ; Joshua, the 
fourth child, married, ist, Leah Evans ; 2d, Sarah Lewis, and 
died without issue ; Abel, the fifth and youngest child, married 
Zillah Walker, the oldest child of Joseph and Sarah Walker, as 
before mentioned. 

Abel Thomas died in the year 1797. Abel and Zillah 
(Walker) Thomas lived in Providence Township, ^Montgomery 
County, Penna. They had five children. 

No. 242. I. Mary' Thomas, died, aged eighteen. 

No. 243. II. Sarah ^ Thomas, married James Rowland. They 

had one son, Joseph Rowland, who married 

Harriet Anderson, s. p. 


No. 244. III. Anna •'^ Thomas, born 1779, died, 1825, married 

Isaiah Jeanes. 
No. 245. IV. Priscilla"^ Thomas, died 1797. 
No. 246. V. Naomi ■' Thomas, married Joseph Rhoads. 

No. 106. Isaac Walker * (Joseph, '^ Isaac," Lewis ^), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 9th mo. 21st, 
1754, died at " Rehobeth," iith mo. 3d, 1822, married Mary, 
daughter of Hananiah and Mary (Davis) Pugh, 3d mo. 12th, 1775. 
Mary Pugh was born nth mo. 30th, 1757, died 3d mo. i8th, 181 3. 

Hananiah Pugh, born iith mo. ist, 17 16, died in the year 
1768, married, about the year 1741, Mary Davis, born 7th mo. 
20th, 1 72 1, died 8th mo. 24th, 18 10, at " Rehobeth ; " she was 
the daughter of Thomas and Mary Davis, who were married 
about the year 1718. Thomas and Mary Davis had nine chil- 
dren : David, born 17 19; Mary, born 1721 ; Catherine, born 

1723, married Bartholemew ; Ann, born 1725, married 

Stroud ; Rachel, born 1727, married Adams ; Eliza- 
beth, born 1729, married Lincoln; Sarah, born 173 1, 

married Stroud; Thomas, born 1732; Jane, born 1734, 

died 1804, married Coulson. 

Hananiah Pugh was the son of Thomas Pugh, of Merion (son 
of Ellis Pugh. See No. 7), who married Jane Roger, loth mo. 
23d, 1709. His will is recorded at Philadelphia, Book D, page 
368. The following is an abstract : 

Thomas Pugh, of Philadelphia County, mason : wife Jane, sole execu- 
trix ; brother Job Pugh, also named, being absent ; sons, Jesse and Roger ; 
Robert Jones, of Merion, Meredith Davis, Roberts Roger, Job Pugh and 
Ellis Roberts as trustees. Witnesses, John Roger, Thomas Ellis, Ellis 
Roberts, Meredith David. Signed 3-3-1723. Proved, 8-1-1723. 

Thomas and Jane (Roger) Pugh had seven children : Jesse, 
born 171 1 ; Roger, born 171 3 ; Hananiah, born 17 16; Mizpah, 


born 1717 ; Catherine, born 1719 ; Azariah, born 1721 ; Thomas, 
born 1723. 

Hananiah and Mary (Davis) Pugh had seven children : Jane, 

born 1742, married Iwans ; Ann, born 1744, married 

Moore; Catherine, born 1746, married Davis ; John, born 

1748, married Rebecca Church (died 1810); Mary, born 1751, 
married Isaac Walker; Thomas, born 1754, died 1756; Job, 
born 1757, married Ruth Brookes (died 1806), in 1792. Job 

Pugh's son married Ann , and had a son, William Pugh, of 

Tredyffrin, who died unmarried in 1875. 

Isaac Walker took his wife to the old homestead, " Rehobeth," 
where they resided the remainder of their lives, and raised a 
large family of children. When the Hessians came through 
this section of the country, they paid a visit to them, and drank 
up all the milk that was set to cool in the spring-house. It is 
said that the thirsty soldiers took up the full milk pans and drank 
it all down ; then without pausing to wipe the cream from their 
long beards, continued their search for something to eat or carry 

Isaac Walker was a prosperous farmer and made many im- 
provements on the old place. A new barn was built in his time 
and an addition was put to the west end of the house. The 
initials "mw" mark the gable end of the new part, which con- 
sisted of a wide hall running through the house, and two large 
rooms on the first and second floors, opening into it. A long 
piazza in the front of the house, facing the south, made quite a 
respectable mansion out of the old home. W^hat is now the 
large parlor, was then two rooms, with big fireplaces and carved 
mantlepieces, which have recently been removed for more modern 
ones. One of these mantlepieces contained a small secret closet 
that only the sharp eye of the initiated could detect. Fortunately, 
it was never needed to hide anything but the pipes and tobacco 



of our great-grandfather, though it was put there for convenience 
in case of war, the silver spoons and papers not always coming 
out of the ash hopper or well, where they were sometimes 
hurriedly thrown on the approach of the enemy, in as good con- 
dition as when they went in. 

Isaac Walker also dug the well that has supplied drinking 
water for the household for so many years. Before it was made 
the water was carried from the spring at the foot of the hill. It 
is said that they dug for days without finding water, and were on 
the point of giving it up when they struck the solid rock and a 
stream gushed forth that has flowed continuously ever since, even 
in the times of greatest drought. 

Isaac Walker, by indorsing notes for his brother Enoch, be- 
came involved in his failure early in the present century, which 
caused his father, Joseph Walker to leave the farm," Rehobeth," to 
Isaac's eldest son, Joseph. Isaac was, however, to live on the 
farm the rest of his life. His wife, Mary Walker, accidentally 
gave their daughter, Zillah, the wrong medicine, which caused the 
child's death. The mother never recovered from this shock, but 
suffered from melancholia for several years, until her death. Her 
husband wrote a letter to his children a short time after her 
death, which is, I think, worthy of being inserted in these pages. 

Valley, 7-24, 1813. 
Dear Children : 

I have took up my pen to put on record your dear mother's worth- 
She was a woman beloved by her Maker and by all mankind generally. 
As for me, I have met with a stroke occasioned by her removal from me, 
which I am not able to withstand. But still I have hopes, tho' small, and 
confidence if I keep to the faith, to rest with her and the just and upright 
in the Kingdom of Heaven where the righteous are at peace. She was one 
that was counted worthy to be afflicted in body and mind for the obtaining 
of her soul's salvation, which is my belief she has gained, she being a 
mild and discreet woman. From the first of my acquaintance with her, 



that was about the year 1764, then I was a lad, and from the acquaintance 
I had with her I thought there was something in her modesty and behavior 
that fixed my affection on her. As we grew in years we were the more re- 
spectful of each other until we were married, which was in the year of our 
Lord, 1775. From that day until the day of her death she was a loving 
wife unto me, a tender and affectionate mother, a good neighbor, and a 
follower of Jesus Christ, her Redeemer. 

Dear children, about fifteen years ago, she was brought very low, with 
a severe fit of sickness that the doctor called an inflammation on the liver. 
Then you were young, and I put up my supplication unto the true and liv- 
ing God Almighty according to my weak ability, that if the Lord would be 
pleased to raise her until the children grew up, if she should then be taken 
from me I could then give her up unto the Lord for allowing my petition. 
But poor weak man, I am scarcely able to bear the trial ; but when I take 
a view of our children which the Lord has favored us with, whose orderly 
conduct gives me great satisfaction, I hope it may be for my good, and for 
the good of you all, my dear children, I conclude with my prayer for 
you all as one child, that you should choose the Lord for your portion and 
the God of Jacob for the Lot of your Inheritance. This is what I request 
of you all. Then you will be members of the Church MiUtant, and like- 
wise of the Church Triumphant. 

These are your father's prayers and love to you all, my dear children. 

Isaac Walker. 

A few years after the death of his wife, Isaac Walker married 
Sarah, widow of Paul Conard, and daughter of Joseph and 
Sarah (Shoemaker) Roberts, of Montgomery County, Penna. 
Sarah, the second wife, was born 8th mo. 27th, 1771. She had 
a son, Isaac Walker, who was born when hjs father was sixty-four 
years old, who studied medicine and was graduated at the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania. Dr. Walker practised medicine in Chester 
Valley, and was widely esteemed. He married, but left no de- 

Henry Woodman, in an article written at the time of Isaac 
Walker's death, says of him : " He was unambitious of the 
honors of the world, but of those virtues which adorn private life 


he was excelled by none. Generous, benevolent and humane, his 
pride was in doing good. He performed his social duties with- 
out parade, and his religious obligations without ostentation." 

He was a large, powerful man, of great muscular strength. It 
is told of him that on one occasion a robber entered the house of 
a neighbor (Wm. Cleaver, his niece's husband), and prowling 
around the kitchen with felonious intent, stepped upon a trap 
door, and was precipitated into the cellar below, out of which 
there was no egress, the ladder being drawn up at night. The 
thief, in his efforts to escape, made so much noise as to arouse the 
family. The neighbors were sent for, and the first to arrive was 
Isaac Walker. He looked down into the dark pit and seeing the 
man told him to hold up his hands and he would pull him out, 
which he did with so much force as to not only pull the man up, 
but to throw him on the floor, where he held him until he was 
bound, ready to be carried to prison the next day. 

While Isaac and Mary Walker occupied the old homestead, 
a dreadful murder was committed in a house across the meadows 
on the site of some of the buildings belonging to the late Thomas 
U. Walker. Nearly all of the occupants of the house were 
murdered by a pedlar and his accomplices, who hoped to find 
gold hidden in the house. One of the victims managed to crawl 
across the fields to Isaac Walker's, with his throat cut from ear 
to ear. He aroused the family, who took him in, and he died on 
the kitchen floor shortly afterward. A long ballad on this 
gloomy subject was at one time extant, I have heard fragments 
of it, but have never seen the verses. 

Isaac and Mary (Pugh) Walker had ten children : 
No. 247. I. Sarah ^ Walker, born 12th mo. i6th, 1775, died 

1849, married David Roberts. 
No. 248. II. Ann^ Walker, born 1777, died 1849, married 

Samuel Richards. 


No. 249. 111. Joseph-^ Walker, born 8th mo. 24th, 1780, 

died 1st mo. 9th, 1858, married Priscilla 

No. 250. IV. Hananiah^ Walker, born 2d mo. 2d, 1782, died 

1 82 1, married Jane Havard. 

No. 251. V. AsaheP Walker, born 1783, died young. 

No. 252. VI. Mary -^ Walker, born 6th mo. 22d, 1785, died 

. married Joseph Roberts. 

No. 253. VII. Priscilla MValker, born 17S8, died 1827, mar- 
ried Cornelius Conard. 

No. 254. VIII. Zillah 5 Walker, born 1790, died 1806. 

No. 255. IX. Jane^ Walker, born 1792, married, ist, Caleb 

Richards ; 2d, William Hallowell. 

No. 256. X. Rachel^ Walker, born 1794, married Jacob 


Isaac and Sarah (Roberts) Walker had one son . 

No. 257. XI. Isaac ^ Walker, M.D., born ist mo. 3d, 1818. 

died 6th mo. 23d, i860, married Maria 

(Stille) . Dr. Walker lived in Chester 

Valley, in the house now belonging to ^Ir. 
Hecksher. He is buried in the Valley 
graveyard. His wife was a widow when he 
married her, with several children. He was 
a man of much culture, kind and generous. 

No. 107. Priscilla Walker* (Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born 
in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 3d mo. 25th, 
1756, died at Edgmont, Delaware County, Penna., 6th mo. 9th, 
1795. She married 7th mo. 25th, 1783, Eli Yarnall, a member 
of Chester Monthly Meeting, son of Nathan and Hannah 
(Mendenhall) Yarnall. Hannah Mendenhall was a daughter of 


Benjamin and Lydia (Roberts) Mendenhall ; Benjamin, her 
father, was a son of Benjamin and Ann (Pennell) Mendenhall. 

Eli Yarnall, born 3d mo. 29th, 1753, died 8th mo. 25th, 
18 1 2, was a preacher and a respected member of the religious 
Society of Friends. He was descended from some of the earliest 
settlers of Pennsylvania. In 1687, Amos and Mordecai Yar- 
nall took up 500 acres of land in Willistown. 

Priscilla Yarnall seems to have had some of the poetic fire of 
her mother's family, I am in possession of an acrostic written 
by her on the death of her mother. 

Acrostic on the death of Sarah Walker, deceased the 12th day of 
3d mo., 1792. Composed by her daughter, Priscilla Yarnall : 

" Sweet husband and dear children, oh, do not wish my stay ; 
Archangels wait my coming, Messiah trod the way. 
Remember all my counsel, how sorely I've been try'd, 
Ah, He who's all compassion that truth has verified. 
Handing forth his cup of Life, my soul has satisfied. 
Wrestling, Jacob like, his Blessing long I've sought. 
And that my tender offspring to his Banquet might be brought ; 
Leaving the things that are behind, in faithfulness pursue, 
Keeping his blessed precepts, all which are just and true. 
Even as my comfort now doth flow, so will my love with you remain. 
Resigning all unto the Lord, and hope to have you yet again." 

Eli and Priscilla (Walker) Yarnall had five children : 

No. 258. I. Walker » Yarnall, born 1784. 

No. 259. II. Sarah ^ Yarnall, born 1786, married Meredith 

No. 260. III. Eli' Yarnall, married Alice Pennell. 
No. 261. IV. Zillah' Yarnall. 
No. 262. V. Thomas ' Yarnall. 

No. 108. Thomas Walker* (Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis*), born 
in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Pcnna., 12th mo. 29th, 


1757, died 3d mo. 17th, 1839. He married 4th mo. 2d, 1789, 
Margaret, daughter of Richard and Hannah (Potts) Currie. 
Margaret Currie was born March 13th, 1772, died May 5th, 

Richard Currie was the son of Rev. WilHam Currie, first 
pastor of old St. David's Church, Radnor, who was born at 
Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 1710, and was educated at the 
university there. He came to America as a tutor to the son of 
Mr. Carter, of Virginia, on the recommendation of the faculty of 
the College. After holding this position for several years, he 
went to New Castle, Delaware, where he became acquainted 
with the Rev. George Ross, Rector of the Immanuel (Episcopal) 
Church. Under his instruction, Mr. Currie examined the 
doctrines of the Church, and by him was recommended to the 
Royal Society of England, where he proceeded for ordination. 
Returning to America about the year 1737, he became lay- 
reader of Perkiomen Church, as well as of St. David's, Radnor,"*' 
and St. Paul's, Chester County, Penna. In 1752, he became 
the first regular Rector of these churches. He married, ist, 
Margaret Ross, born 17 14, died 1771, the daughter of the Rev. 
George Ross, of New Castle, Delaware. 

The following is taken from " Some Account of the Mission 
in Pennnylvania," delivered at a convention of the clergy of that 
Province, in Philadelphia, May 2d, 1760: 

"Mr. Currie, the Society's Missionary here (Radnor), labours under 
great indisposition of body, and could not attend the convention. He is 
much esteemed in his mission, which is a very extensive one, and neglects 
no opportunity that his health will permit of doing his duty." 

In 1760, he writes from Radnor asking that a habitation be 
provided for him, saying that he had been in the Society's 

* St. David's Church, Radnor, Delaware Co., Pa. ,was organized in the year 1715. 



service for twenty-three years. Tlie Society was called " The 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts." 

From Dr. Perry's " Historical Collections of American 
Colonization Churches." Mr. Currie to the Secretary of "The 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts" : 

Radnor, March 31st, 1760. 
Rev. Sir : I must beg leave to acquaint the Secretary that although 
my hearers are many in number, especially at Radnor and Great Valley, 
yet they are become so very careless and lukewarm that I can not get them 
to meet on Easter Monday to choose a Vestry, &c. 

I am. Rev. Sir, 

William Currie, 

At the commencement of the Revolutionary War, Mr. 
Currie, feeling that he could not violate his ordination vows by 
omitting the prayer for the King, and his congregation insisting 
that it should be left out of the service, resigned his pastorate 
May 1 8th, 1776. (See Appendix D.) 

After the Ratification Treaty between England and United 
States, the clergy being thus absolved from their oath of office, 
Mr. Currie again officiated in St. David's Church, performing the 
marriage services and administering the ordinances of baptism. 
In 1783, he was again installed as pastor. The last years of his 
life were passed on his farm in Tredyffrin, with the family of his 
granddaughter, Margaret (Currie) Walker. His second wife was 
Lucy Ann, widow of David Jones, and daughter of Thomas 
Godfrey, of Tredyffrin. She died in Tredyffrin, February 14th, 
1778, aged fifty-four. The Rev. William Currie died October 
26th, 1803, aged ninety-three. 

His will is recorded at West Chester, Penna., Book K, page 
436. He mentions his granddaughters Margaret Hoffa and 
Sarah Shuben, sons John and William, his grandchildren, the 
children of his son Ross Currie in New Brunswick, his grand- 


daughter Margaret, the wife of Thomas Walker, his grand- 
daughter Ann, the wife of William Broadess, and he leaves ten 
English pounds to St. David's Church, Radnor. His estate was 
valued at ^^"3116 4s. gd. His books were valued at ;^i8 los. 
He was buried at St. David's, Radnor, along with his two wives. 

The Rev. George Ross, the father of Margaret, the Rev. 
William Currie's first wife, born 1673, died 1754, was graduated 
at the University of Edinburgh in the year 1700, taking the 
degrees of M.A. In 1705 he came to America as a missionary, 
from Ross-shire, town of Tain, parish of Fern, Scotland. He 
was one of the first missionaries sent by the Church of England 
to the British North American Colonies, for the propagation of 
the Gospel. He married his cousin, Joanna Williams, of Rhode 
Island, and settled in New Castle, Delaware. After three years 
he moved to Chester, Pa. In 171 1, while on his way to England 
on a visit, the ship on which he was a passenger was captured by 
the French, and he suffered much hard treatment at their hands. 
After his release from captivity, he returned to America and to 
New Castle. In 1717, he accompanied Governor Kieth on a 
tour through the counties of Kent and Sussex. He had charge 
of the Immanuel Church at New Castle from 1705 to 1708, and 
again from 17 14 to 1755, in which last year he died, aged 
seventy-three. He was buried beside the church ; a marble 
tablet, bearing a Latin inscription, is on the exterior wall of the 
old church, in commemoration of him. One of his sons was a 
Signer, but all his children seem to have occupied prominent 
positions in our early history. 

His son, John Ross, born 171 1, died 1766, was appointed by 
George III. Attorney General for the three counties in Delaware, 
from 1754 to 1763. 

Another son, Eneas Ross, born 17 16, died 1782, was or- 
dained in Whitehall Royal Chapel, London, 1 740. He succeeded 


his father as Rector of Immanuel Church, where he continued in 
charge until his death. 

A third son, George Ross, born 1730, died 1779, studied law 
under his brother John, moved to Lancaster, Penna., 175 i, elected 
to the Continental Congress, 1774, where he continued to sit 
until 1777. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence. In 1779 he was appointed Judge of the Court of 
Admiralty for the State of Pennsylvania, and died July, 1779. 

A daughter, Mary Ross, married the Rev. Wm. Thompson, 
of St. Stephen's Church, Cecil County, Md. Catherine Ross, a 
second daughter, married Wm. Thomson, an Irishman, who was 
appointed captain of a troop of Light Horse, of the ist Bat. 
Pennsylvania Regiment, May 31st, 1758. At the siege of 
Boston in 1775, he had command of the first rifle regiment raised 
in Pennsylvania, and was the second Colonel appointed in the 
Continental Army. During the Revolutionary War he became 
a general officer, and at its close settled in Cumberland County, 
Penna., where he died 1781, leaving several children. 

Gertrude, another daughter of the Rev. Mr. Ross, married 
in 1763, George Reed, who succeeded John Ross, his brother-in- 
law, in 1763, as Attorney General for the three counties of 
Delaware. In 1774, he was elected to Congress from Delaware, 
and was one of the signers to the Declaration of Independence. 
He was also one of the five signers who framed the Constitution 
of the United States. In 1779 he resigned his seat in Congress. 
In 1793, he was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 
of Delaware, which office he held until his death in 1798. 

Margaret Ross, who married the Rev. Wm. Currie, before 
mentioned, had seven children : John Currie, a lawyer, of Beth- 
lehem, Pa. ; James Currie, a physician, practicing in Chester 
County, Pa. ; William Currie, a physician, commissioned Surgeon 
in Coloniel Atlee's Musketry Battallion, April 6th, 1776, but 


resigned on account of ill health, September 27th, 1776. Went 
to Philadelphia in 1792, where he died, 1829; Richard Currie, 
born 1750, died Sept. i6th, 1776, married Hannah Potts, born 
1755, died Feb. 23d, 1778. He joined the ist Militia of Penn- 
sylvania, at the commencement of the Revolutionary War, and 
marched with his company as far as Amboy, New Jersey, but 
was obliged, on account of sickness, to return home, where he 
died. He left a widow and three little children to the care of his 
father. His wife did not long survive him, and both are buried 
in St. David's Churchyard. His children were : Margaret, 
born March 13th, 1772, who married Thomas Walker; Ann, 
born Sept. ist, 1773, married William Broadess ; and Richard, 
born July 23d, 1776 ; Alexander Currie, a physician, went to the 
West Indies, married and died there ; Ross Currie, of St. Ann's 
Parish, New Brunswick, was commissioned 2d Lieutenant, Jan. 
5th, 1776, in Capt. John Huling's Company, promoted Nov. 
nth, 1776, to Reese's Company, captured June 8th, 1776, at 
Three Rivers, and was drowned in the St. John's River, Sept. 
1st, 1790, when he was thirty-six years old, leaving a widow and 
two children ; Elizabeth Currie, married Dr. Demon, of Reading, 
Pa. (The particulars of the Currie and Ross families were 
furnished by Mrs. Winfield Wilson, of Chester Valley, and Mr. 
Charles Howard Colket, of Philadelphia, Pa.) 

We see by the foregoing pages that Margaret, the wife of 
Thomas Walker, came from a family prominent in Church and 
State, quite different from the quiet Quakers with whom we 
have heretofore been occupied. But, though Thomas Walker 
was " dealt with " and dismissed from Meeting for marrying a 
church- woman, he continued a Friend, used the " plain lan- 
guage," went to meeting, and both he and his wife were buried 
in the Valley graveyard, along with his ancestors. Margaret, 
his wife, although inheriting fighting blood, was herself a most 



peaceful woman, as were also her numerous children. With the 
single exception of their first child, all the children grew up, 
married, and lived to be grand-parents. They were remarkable 
for the family affection that existed among them to the very last. 
She lived to be a very old woman, and was of exceptional vigor. 
They lived on the farm formerly owned by the Rev. William 
Currie, her grand - father, which farm was bought by Joseph 
Walker, for his son Thomas, Oct. 26th, 1791, for the sum of 
^iioo. On the death of Thomas Walker, in the year 1839, i^ 
descended to his son, Joseph B. Walker. 

Thomas and Margaret (Currie) Walker had eleven children : 

No. 263. I. Joseph Burden^ Walker, born Jan. ist, 1790, died 

in infancy. 
No. 264. II. Sarah ^ Walker, born March 14th, 1791, died 

1875, married Benjamin Moore. 
No. 265. III. Richard Currie^ Walker, born Jan. 30th, 1793, 

died 1870, married ist, Sarah Cleaver; 2d, 

R. Ann Jones ; 3d, S. Ann Jones. 
No. 266. IV. William^ Walker, born Feb. 8th, 1795, died 

1873, married Sarah Pennypacker. 
No. 267. V. Hannah^ Walker, born June 15th, 1797, died 

1 88 1, married Stephen Stephens. 
No. 268. VI. Joseph B.^ Walker, born Sept. nth, 1799, died 

1879, married Hannah Stephens. 
No. 269. VII. Ann-' Walker, born March 25th, 1802, died 

1879, married John Richards. 
No. 270. VIII. Isaac ^ Walker, born Aug. 14th, 1804, died 

1887, married Elizabeth Beidler. 
No. 271. IX. Jane' Walker, born April 28th, 1807, died 

1 87 1, married Joseph Pennypacker. 
No. 272. X. Zillah' Walker, born Nov. 12th, 1809, died 

1892, married Evans Kendall. 


No. 27.3. XI. Mary' Walker, born May Sth, 1812, died 1883, 

married Benjamin Rowland. 

No. 112. Naomi Walker^ (Joseph,'' Isaac,^ Lewis'), born 
in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 2d mo. 17th, 
1765, died 7th mo. 5th, 18 17. She married WiUiam Thomas, 
eldest son of Rees and Priscilla (Jarman) Thomas, her second 
cousin. Rees Thomas was a grand-son of Rees Thomas, who 
came to Pennsylvania, 1 791—2, and settled in Merion on a large 
tract of land. The villages of Brjm Mawr and Rosemont 
occupy portions of the original farm belonging to him. This 
land was a part of the Welsh tract, and was bought by Rees 
Thomas, 300 acres from Sarah Eckley, v/idow of John Eckley, 
and the adjoining tract from Edward Prichard. Soon after his 
arrival in the Province, he married Martha Aubrcv, to whom he 
had plighted his troth before leaving Wales. They were married 
4th mo. (June) i8th, 1692, at Haverford Meeting. (For an in- 
teresting account of the Aubrey family, as well as for some in- 
cidents in the life of Rees and Martha Thomas, see Appendix E.) 

Rees and Martha Thomas were people of prominence in the 
new settlement at Radnor ; the former was a member of the 
Provincial Assembly in 1705, and his wife was a preacher in the 
Society of Friends. In a religious periodical, called The Friend, 
Vol. XXIX., p. 148, Martha Thomas is mentioned as a "worthy 
elder, zealous for good order in the church, and exemplary in 
her family." "She was buried the 9th of the 12th month, 
1726, at Friends' burying ground at Radnor." Rees Thomas, 
in his will, Sept. loth, 1742, left to William, his son, 200 acres 
out of the north end of the Eckley tract, and to his eldest son, 
Rees, his dwelling-house and plantation of 290 acres. 

Rees and Martha (Aubrey) Thomas had six children, — 

Rees, born 1693, married Jones; Aubrey, born nth mo. 

30th, 1694, went to England, where he married Gulielma Penn, 


daughter of \Vm. Penn, Jr., and grand-daughter of the Founder. 
He died soon after his marriage, leaving one son, Wm. Penn 
Thomas; William, born 5th mo. 2d, 1701, died 1776, married 
Elizabeth Harry, daughter of David Harry, of Chester County, 
Penna. ; Herbert, born 9th mo. 3d, 1696, married, 1738, Mary, 
daughter of John Havard ; Richard, born 5th mo. 23d, 1703, 
died unmarried ; Elizabeth, born 8th mo. loth, 1698, married 
Samuel Harry, son of David Harry. 

William and Elizabeth (Harry) Thomas had eight children, 
— Rees, born 7th mo. 20th, 1726, died (circa) 1771, aged forty- 
five, married Priscilla Jarman (see No. 4()) ; -Martha, married 
Dr. John Llewelen, and left two children, Morris and Eliza ; 
Mary, married Peter Evans ; Hannah, married Jonathan Powell ; 
Elizabeth, married Abraham Evans, of Gwynedd, children, 
William, Elisha, and Edith ; Jonathan, by his first marriage had 
Rees, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Richard ; by his second wife, 
Ann Haley, had William, Samuel, and Ononah ; David, married 

Rhodes, had children, Martha, Lydia, Aubrey, William, 

and P2Ieanor ; Richard, married Ann , had children, Eliza- 
beth, Martha, and Ann. 

Rees (the eldest son of William and Elizabeth Thomas, 
given above) and Priscilla (Jarman) Thomas had seven children, 
— Mary, married Anthony Tunis ; William, married Naomi 
Walker ; John ; Hannah, unmarried ; Rees, went to Kentucky ; 
Jonathan, went to Kentucky ; and Priscilla. 

William, the eldest son of the above, took his wife, Naomi 
Walker, to the Thomas homestead to live, where they resided 
the remainder of their lives. Their eldest child, Mary (Thomas) 
Jones, left a written account of her family, which is, I think, 
worthy of preservation. I am indebted to a great-niece, Mrs. 
George H. Colket, for the copy, which, with her permission, is 
inserted in these pages. 


Wynne Wood, 3rd Mo. loth, 1829. 

My mind being engaged for some time to preserve a record of my 
family smce their arrival to and settlement in this country, for the perusal 
and information of my dear children and relatives that may feel an interest 
in rehearsals of this kind, and having received the account hereinafter re- 
lated (concerning my dear parents and ancestors) from undoubted author- 
ity, I have thought proper to transmit it in writing. 

My great-great-grandfather, Rees Thomas, the elder, married Martha, 
the daughter of William Aubrey. They removed from Wales, in Great 
Britain, aboutthe year 1695, and settled on a tract of land of about thirteen 
hundred acres, which my said ancestor had purchased in what was called 
Upper Merion Township, Philadelphia County, and Province of Pennsyl- 
vania, ten miles west from Philadelphia. (Their grandson, William 
Thomas, my father, remains to be possessed of about one quarter of said 
original tract, whereon he now resides, and my youngest brother, William 
P. Thomas, now occupies the same stone house they erected for a dwell- 

Their children were William, Rees, Aubrey, Herbert, Richard, and 

Elizabeth. They were members of the religious Society of Friends. 

Robert Proud, in his history of Pennsylvania, mentions the before 
named Rees Thomas as being a member of the Provincial Assembly, 
appointed at a particularly trying time in 1705, when they had the good 
success to settle the disputes that had existed between the Deputy Governor 
and two last Assemblies, "and in consequence of which a great number of 
laws were passed and the public affairs for a time bore a more favorable 
aspect." He is also mentioned in a public capacity in 1725. I have no 
record of the time of their death. 

William Aubrey, the brother of my aforesaid great-great-grandmother, 
Martha Thomas, married Letitia, the daughter of William Penn, the 
founder of Pennsylvania. I have been informed that they had no chil- 
dren, in an account preserved of the family record in the possession of the 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

William Thomas, the oldest son of Rees and Martha Thomas, married 
Elizabeth, daughter of David Harry, of Chester County, (whose name is 
recorded in Proud' s History of Pennsylvania, as being many times a mem- 
ber of the Provincial Assembly.) My aforesaid great-grand-parents, 
William and Elizabeth Thomas, had children whose names were Rees, 
Martha, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jonathan, David, and Richard. 


I have always heard that William was a very mild tempered man, 
very constant in his attendance of Reli<;ious meetinj,'s, but that he was too 
indulgent with regard to the management of his children, and thereby let 
them go into improper company, to the manifest neglect of business and 
proper improvement of their minds, which afterwards proved very much to 
the disadvantage of some of them and a great source of sorrow to himself 
and friends. 

He built a very good, substantial stone house, finished in a superior 
style for that day, on a beautiful situation, and improved a considerable 
part of his parental estate. The house and part of his farm are now in 
the possession of George Curwen. 

Rees, the second son [On consulting the letter of Rees Thomas, the 
elder, in Appendix E, it will be seen that Rees was the eldest son. The 
letter had not been discovered when Mary Jones wrote her notes. — P.W. S.] 
of Rees and Martha Thomas, married a daughter of Dr. Edward Jones, 
who was also the ancestor of my late husband, Jonathan Jones. They had 
children, but only two daughters lived to be married, — Letitia, the wife of 
David Evans, and Nancy, the wife of Samuel Williams. They were re- 
spectable and useful citizens of Philadelphia. 

Aubrey, the son of Rees and Martha Thomas, went to England and 
there married Gulielma Marie, the daughter of W^m. Penn, the oldest living 
son of the before mentioned Wm. Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. 
They had one son whom they named Wm. Penn Thomas. Our uncle, 
Aubrey Thomas, lived but a short time after his marriage. I have been 
informed that his widow, in an affectionate letter which she wrote to some 
of her husband's relations, mentioned her said little son as an interesting 

Herbert, the son of Rees and Martha Thomas, married a daughter of 
John Havard, of Tredyffrin Township, Chester County. (See No. 250.) 
They had one son, who died in his minority. Our uncle, Herbert Thomas, 
was much loved by his family for his amiable disposition and kindness of 
heart. I have heard him spoken of frequently, with much affectionate 

Richard, the son of Rees and Martha Thomas, died when a young 
man. He was not married. 

Elizabeth, the daughter of Rees and Martha Thomas, married, I have 
been informed, Samuel Harry, of Chester County, a brother to my great- 

* This account has been partly extracted from the records of the Supreme Court 
of Pennsylvania. 


grand-mother. The only descendants of this marriage with whom I am 
acquainted are Hannah, the wife of Dr. Thomas C. James, of Philadelphia, 
and their children. 

Kees, the son of William and Elizabeth Thomas, married Priscilla, 
the only daughter and final heir of John and Mary Jermon (Jarman), who 
was a learned and respectable inhabitant of Chester County. He (John 
Jarman) lived near Friends' Meeting-house in Radnor Township, where he 
possessed a very valuable estate. My grand-parents, Rees and Priscilla 
Thomas had children, whose names were — Mary, William, John, Hannah, 
Reese, Jonathan, and Priscilla. 

My said grand-parents, I have always heard, were industrious, worthy 
people. They built the mansion house on the farm now belonging to my 
dear father, and in which he dwells, as also other substantial buildings, and 
improved the parental estate to advantage. My grand-father died in the 
45th year of his age, a few years after he had buried my grand-mother. 
Their children being all in their minority, when by the Allwise dispensation 
of Divine Providence they were left orphans at the commencement of the 
Revolutionary War, a time trying in one way or another to all the inhabi- 
tants of this countr)', but more particularly to orphans. 

They suffered much in not obtaining the advantages of education, to 
which they were entitled, as also in their estate. Nevertheless, their 
Heavenly Father, in the abundance of his gracious mercies, preserved them 
from many of the evils of that day. May we remember his goodness with 
gratitude and thanksgiving always, for he still continues to make good his 
blessed promises of the father of the fatherless and friend of the widow 
unto this day. May we all be enabled through the redeeming love and 
power of our blessed Saviour to serve and trust in him who is our only 
sure support and protector in time of trial and need, and I believe will ever 
remain to be a sure support to all those that love and keep his command- 

My great-aunt, Martha Thomas, married John Llewelen, a surgeon 
of consequence and respectability, of Merion Township. They had child- 
ren, two of whose names are all that I am acquainted with, Morris and 

Mary, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Thomas, married Peter 
Evans, but had no children. She lived to an advanced age, and was, I 
believe, much respected, being a sensible, conversable woman, of good 
ideas and retentive memorv. 


Hannah, the daughter of WilHam and EHzabeth Thomas, married 
Jonathan Powell. She had no children, I have always heard she was an 
innocent, inoffensive woman, that had many serious trials to pass through. 

Elizabeth, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Thomas, married 
Abraham Evans, of (iwynedd Township. They had several children, 
those that I rememl^er were William, Elisha, Edith. 

Jonathan, the son of William and Elizabeth Thomas, married twice. 
I do not recollect the name of his first wife, but remembered to have heard 
her spoken of as a valuable woman. They had children — Rces, Rebecca, 
Elizabeth and Richard. His second wife was Ann, the daughter of .Samuel 
Haley. They had children — William, Samuel and Ononah. My said 
great-uncle lived to an advanced age. I was always interested in his com- 
pany, having visited him several times. Many of his remarks I have 
frequently reflected on since his death, having considered them fraught 
with good sense and Christian feeling. He resided for many years and 
died on his farm in Chester County. 

David, the son of William and Elizabeth Thomas, married 

Rhodes. They had children — Martha, Lydia, Aubrey, William, Eleanor. 
My said great-uncle or aunt neither lived to an advanced age. I remember 
to have seen him when a child. He died on his farm in Merion. 

Richard, son of William and Elizabeth Thomas, married Ann 

I have heard that he was of uncommon comely appearance, but unfortun- 
ately not attentive enough to Divine principles of light and truth, which is 
given to every man that cometh into the world to profit withal. He was 
led by unprofitable companions into improper habits that destroyed his 
peace of mind, wasted his estates (having been left a double share by his 
uncle Richard) with gamblers, after which his bodily strength being 
impaired, he was taken ill, during which indisposition he experienced many 
seasons of remorse and contrition for his many deviations from the course 
of life that would have blessed him with comfortable reflections on a bed of 
sickness or death, and might have left his widow and daughters in the 
possession of a comfortable independence, all of which preyed on his mind 
during the latter part of his life. I have been led many times to contem- 
plate his last trials with an ardent desire that his contrition of heart may 
have been accepted by our Heavenly Father, in mercy, through his dear 
Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in whose love and redeeming 
power is the only stay and sure support of our poor and frail nature. 

William, the oldest son of Rees and Priscilla Thomas, born 7th mo. 


8th, 1776, married Naomi, the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Walker, of 
Great Valley, Chester County, Pa., who were exemplary and pious people, 
and, I believe, respected by all who knew them. I have heard many testify 
in an uncommon manner of the affection and grateful remembrance they 
had of the noble and generous acts of kindness and hospitality extended 
by my dear grand-father to themselves and others during the Revolutionary 
War and since. They being members of the Religious Society of Friends, 
whose principles would not permit my grand-parents to take an active part, 
either offensive or defensive, in the struggle of that time, therefore, united 
their efforts to do all that was in their power to relieve those that were 
in trouble or distress, without respect to persons or party ; many were the 
opportunities that presented for exercise of the law of kindness and acts of 
charity to the poor, half clad and shivering soldiers, as well as private in- 
dividuals. General Wayne selected their house for his headquarters for 
six months during the winter that General Washington had his army in 
winter quarters at the Valley Forge, which was a few miles from my grand- 
father's dwelling. They were, of course, surrounded by the American 
Army, and, consequently, witnessed a great portion of the distress and 
suffering of that eventful period. 

The above named William and Naomi Thomas, my dear parents, had 
nine children, whose names were and are : Mary, Rees, Sarah, Joseph, 
Emily, Priscilla, Louisa, William and Jane W. It is, I believe, by Divine 
appointment, that my dearly beloved mother has been called from workc 
to rewards. She was a woman of uncommon good understanding, and 
had the spirit of discernment superior to many of her time. She seemed 
very desirous to train us up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. 

My two dear sisters, Emily and Sarah, have also departed this life, and 
we hope and trust, have with our dear mother, entered into their eternal 
habitations of rest and peace. 

My Aunt Mary, the oldest child of Rees and Priscilla Thomas, married 
Anthony Tunis, the oldest son of Abraham and Hannah Tunis, persons of 
respectability in Lower Merion. Their children's names are: Charles, 
William, Abram, Rees, Priscilla, Jane, Aubrey and Richard Tunis. My 
father and Aunt Mary are all of their father's family that we know of having 
children. My Uncle John and Aunt Priscilla are dead. Aunt Hannah 
lives with my father, not married. Rees and Jonathan went to Kentucky, 
and we have not heard from them for many years. Mary Jones. 


Rees Thomas, who married Martha Aubrey and founded this 
family, had a brother William living in 1722. (See Penna. 
Archives, II. Series, Vol. XIX., p. 715.) William and David 
Thomas were among the witnesses to his wedding in the year 
1792. It is thought they were his brothers or near kinsmen. 
(Penna. Maga., No. 13, 1889, p. 488.) I have thought the 
Wm. Thomas mentioned in No. 4(>, might be Rees Thomas's 
brother, as they lived near each other and were contemporaries. 
In " Besse's Sufferings," we find that in 1661, in Pembrokeshire, 
William Thomas, of Landewy, James Lewis and others were sent 
to prison. Also, that William Thomas, of Landewy, was fined 
40s. for tithes, not paying which a horse and mare are seized. 

William and Naomi (Walker) Thomas had nine children : 

No. 274. I. Mary* Thomas, married, ist, Charles McClan- 

achan ; 2d, Jonathan Jones. 
No. 275. II. Rees * Thomas, married Rebecca Brooke. 
No. 276. III. Sarah * Thomas, married Dr. James Anderson. 
No. 277. IV. Joseph W.* Thomas, unmarried. 
No. 278. V. Emily ^ Thomas, married Isaac Roberts. 
No. 279. VI. Priscilla'^ Thomas, married George Stuccert.d.s. p. 
No. 280. VII. Louisa A.*^ Thomas, married John Cadwallader 

No. 281. VIII. Wm. Penn* Thomas, married Tacy Roberts. 
No, 282. IX. Jane W.^ Thomas, married William Cleaver. 

No. 113. Lewis Walker * (Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., nth mo. 19th, 
1767, died in Philadelphia, 8th mo. 25th, 1854. He married, in 
the year 1791, Mary, the daughter of Samuel and Sarah 
(Stevens) Pancoast, of Philadelphia. Mary Pancoast was born in 
the year 1772. Lewis Walker left his country home in the year* 
1782, when he was fourteen years old, and went to Philadelphia 


to learn the trade of hatter, in which he served an apprenticeship 
of seven years. He was actively engaged in business until the 
day of his death. He was one of the original members of the 
Welsh Society, to which he belonged for fifty years, its object 
being to help Welsh settlers on their first arrival in Philadelphia. 
In an obituary notice of him published in the Pennsylvania 
Inqiurcr, at the time of his death, we read : " Lewis Walker, our 
most estimable citizen, who retained until the day of his death a 
most vivid recollection of the sufferings of the American Army at 
Valley Forge. The encampment was on the farm of his father, 
and Lewis Walker was then a boy about eleven years old. His 
father's home was the residence of several of the officers, among 
whom was General Wayne, his mother's cousin. Mrs. Walker 
was very kind to the soldiers who were on guard near her house, 
and it was the daily duty of Lewis to carry them a large pot of 
mush and milk prepared for them by his mother. He enjoyed 
an untarnished reputation for honor and integrity. His manners 
had evidently received the impress of his early associations, and 
were characterized by a stately courtesy that well became his 
peculiar dress of short clothes and top boots, but did not conceal 
the natural gentleness and kindness of his heart." 

The following notes, taken by Lewis Walker during the sum- 
mer of 1832, when cholera was epidemic in Philadelphia, were 
found among his papers after his death, by his daughter, Marian 

8th mo. 8th, 1832. The situation of the Citizens of Philadelphia at 
this time on account of the increase and spreading of the cholera, and 
the number of deaths reported every twenty-four hours, is truly alarming 
particularly to those residing near the seat of contagion. About the 
skirts of the city there are many scattering cases, and it has been rapidly 
increasing. The inmates of our Arch St. Prison are in an alarming con- 
dition. About twenty deaths with double that number of new cases were 
reported yesterday for the last twenty-four hours. Our Alms House has 


not escaped. Many deaths have taken place there. It was thought ad- 
visable by the managers to have one or two hundred of the inmates re- 
moved to the new and more commodious building in Blockley on the west 
side of Schuylkill, which was done, but alas, the sickness has broke out 
amongst them and many of them are dead. Of the 116 new cases re- 
ported for the last twenty-four hours there were but fifty-six within the limits 
of the city, except those in the IVison and Alms House. I find there are 
many of our citizens but little alarmed, our streets are so completely 
cleansed and the gutters well drenched with a copious stream of the 
Schuylkill water and every known nuisance removed and all the cellars 
white-washed and every foul filth wherever deposited ferreted out. Yet 
very many are on the wing or just awaiting to take their flight, whither to, 
they know not. None of the small towns within a day's ride of this may 
be exempt. 

.Some consider the farm-house the safest place for escaping from the 
disorder . . . I do not consider it a light matter for people to abandon 
their business and homes for weeks or months having no certain knowledge 
when they may return. We all have our fears and apprehensions of dis- 
aster of some sort or other. It's true, we know not where we are safe, 
whether at home, in the bustle of business, or in the pursuit of safety by 
flight to an adjoining neighborhood. These considerations are of primary 
importance, and ought to be duly weighed. 'Tis our incumbent duty to 
repose full and entire confidence in the protecting arm of an all wise Provi- 
dence, as he only can direct our destinies ; implore his assistance with all 
our might, to have the mind in a composed state, unruffled and not tossed 
as it were with a tempest. . . . 

The Physicians reported this day 160 new cases, 270 odd deaths, for 
the last twenty-four hours in the city and Liberties. A Barber was dis- 
charged from prison late last week, on First-day morning he shaved his 
customers, and was a corpse before night. It is not unusual for some of 
the intemperate class to be swept off in but a few hours of sickness. I 
have taken some pains, within a few days, with my acquaintances, resident 
in different wards of this city, to obtain what information they possessed 
about the health of their respective neighborhoods. Not any of them knew 
of a single case of cholera amongst them. 

8th Mo., 9th. The Board of Health reports at 12 o'clock this day, 
for the last twenty-four hours, 76 new cases and 23 deaths for the city and 
Liberty. This decrease will undoubtedly have a tendency of allaying the 


excitement in some degree. Who can devise its origin, or who can say it 
took its flight in Europe and crossed the Atlantic to the shores of North 
America, or that it was generated by insects, or something of that species 
which are seen on or about corruptible matter. These insects are not ex- 
cluded from Hospitals, Gaols, &;c. and are often seen following a corpse to 
its final deposit. We do not know there is not a poisonous property 
attached to them, which will communicate — insensibly — to what ever they 
may touch, as it is with some of the venomous reptile species. Whatever 
they touch, almost instant death ensues. The small particles of matter 
emitted through their fangs into animal nature we know, and have sorrow- 
fully seen its sad effects. Its operation must be instantaneous, and injec- 
tion inconceivably small. Conjecture might with propriety compare it with 
one of the smallest of their tribe, which is known to be invisible without 
the assistance of a magnifier. We must admit a cause for the general 
devastation of this afflicting visitation amongst the human family. We see 
the objects most subject to be arrested are the refuse of human nature or 
the outcast sons and daughters of Bacchus. Their ranks are much reduced, 
and were the disorder to continue a few months longer their number would 
be almost extinct. It is not altogether confined to that class ; here and 
there we see a respectable citizen, who had been uniform in life and habit, 
falling before the Destroying Angel. This is admitted to be a righteous 
judgement from the Almighty on the land, and calls loudly for a calm and 
quiet submission to his mandate, — " Be still and know that I am God." 

His long and well-spent life came to a peaceful end on the 
25th of August, 1854. Lewis and Mary (Pancoast) Walker had 
ten children : 

No. 283. I. Samuel Pancoast* Walker, born 1792, died 

No. 284. II. Joseph' Walker, born 1793. 
No. 285. III. Sarah* Walker, born 1795, died 1797. 
No. 286. IV. James* Walker, born 1798. 
No. 287. V.Marian* Walker, died 1886, married John 

Mears, s. p. 
No. 288. VI. Enoch * Walker, born 1 804, married Martha 

Cresson. They had one child that died. 


No. 289. VII. Emma^ Walker, married Isaac Watkins, s. p. 

No. 290. VIII. Lewis'* Walker, married Catherine Waggling. 

No. 291. IX. Colonder' Walker, died of smallpo.x. 

No. 292. X. Sarah '' Walker, married John Kersey. 

No. 114. Joseph Walker* (Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis'), born 
in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 5th mo. 3d, 
1769, died in New Jersey, ist mo. 25th, 1813, and was buried 
at Mt. Holly. He married Margaret Jones, daughter of John 
and Catherine Jones, of Swedesford, Montgomery County, 
Penna. In 1798 he moved to Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. 

Joseph and Margaret (Jones) Walker had four children : 

No. 293. I. Catherine ^ Walker. 

No. 294. II. Peter' Walker. Was with his uncle, Enoch 

Walker, at Lackawaxen, in 1822. 
No. 295. III. Rebecca 'Walker. 
No. 296. IV. Sarah ' Walker, married Frank C. Doughton, of 

Lamberton, New Jersey. 

No. 115. Enoch Walker* (Joseph,-^ Isaac,'' Lewis ^), born 
in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 4th mo. 23d, 
1 77 1. He married, 6th mo. 9th, 1797, at Providence Meeting, 
Phoebe Miller, of Chester, Penna. Enoch Walker was one of 
those positive characters who attract attention and leave their 
impression on the community in which they live. He seems to 
be of a more enterprising spirit than the other members of his 
family, but unfortunately his business ventures did not all suc- 
ceed, and his failure affected others. Combined with a daring 
spirit, he possessed a most loving disposition. He was one of 
those men who live in the traditions of the family. He resided 
for awhile on the farm now owned by Mathias P. Walker, and 
built the house there which was first occupied by him. After- 


ward, he bought " Moore Hall," * near Valley Forge, where he 
lived for some time. Here he became involved in business, and 
was declared bankrupt. He then went to Lackawaxen, Wayne 
County, Penna., to look after some property belonging to the 
estate of his father, who had recently died. This property con- 
sisted of a large tract of unimproved land containing 4903 
acres, which Joseph Walker had bought of Thomas Cadwalader 
for $6,000 in the year 1808. The heirs of Joseph Walker were 
desirous of learning if anything could be done with this land, 
and Enoch was chosen to make investigations. In the year 
1820, Enoch Walker, with his children Phoebe M., George M., 
Sarah M., and Priscilla, removed their certificate of membership 
from Radnor to Stroudsburg Monthly Meeting. 

There are some letters in the family that were written from 
Enoch to his brothers from Lackawaxen, relative to selling the 
property and settling up the estate. There was at that time 
(1822) a saw mill on the place, a house had been built which 
they hoped to have plastered soon, a well dug twenty-eight feet 
deep, and thirteen acres of land had been cleared ready for 
sowing. It was at one time hoped that they might start tan- 
neries there — the bark to be procured from the locality and the 
hides brought from New York City — but it was found to be 

When Enoch Walker first went to Lackawaxen, his brother 
Jesse, and his nephews, William Rankin and Peter Walker, 
accompanied him. Probably his wife had died previously, as 
her name is not on their certificate of removal. However, along 
with his own children there was quite a colony of Walkers 
around him. But misfortune followed him even into the wilder- 

* " Moore Hall," now the residence of Judge Samuel W. Pennypacker, was built 
by Col. William Moore, an English gentleman of good family, previous to the Revo- 
lutionary War. 


ness ; his two charming young daughters, Priscilla and Phoebe, 
while on a visit to their relatives near Philadelphia, took sick and 
died of a fever. I think they died on the same day, Nov. 1 3th, 
1832 ; Priscilla at Germantown and Phoebe at the house of her 
cousin, Mary Jones (No. 274), in Lower Merion. The two 
funeral processions met at the cross-roads, near the Valley Meet- 
ing House, and both were buried in the same grave in the old 
graveyard. Some years after their bodies were removed to 
Lackawaxen, where they now rest along with the other members 
of the family. 

Sarah M. Walker and her brother Georcre were the onlv 
members of Enoch Walker's family who lived to mature age, 
and neither of them married. They lived together in their 
mountain home, and, as one who knew them remarked, " the 
dearest old people they were." Their home is now owned by 
Dr. Norris, of Philadelphia, who occupies it during the summer. 
When Sarah M. Walker died a few years ago, there was an 
obituary article published in a magazine, the name of which I 
fail to remember, concerning her. It spoke of her worth in the 
highest terms, of her " help to the poor by wayside, the orphan 
in the asylum, the wounded soldier on the battlefield and the 
condemned felon in the grated cell." Her picture, which 
appeared as a frontispiece, represented her to have been a large, 
handsome woman. George Walker lived to be the last of his 
family^ residing in the old home until his death, which occurred in 
the winter of 1892, in his 94th year. He had been engaged to 
marry his cousin, Beulah Richards (No. 172), who died in her 
eighteenth year, about the year 18 16. He was a surveyor and 
a man of note in the county. He died possessed of considerable 

Enoch and Phoebe (Miller) Walker had six children : 
No. 297. I. George'' Walker, born about 1798, died 1892. 


No. 298. II. Sarah M.nValker. 

No. 299. III. Priscilla' Walker, died Nov. 13th, 1832. 

No. 300. IV. Enoch » Walker. 

No. 301. V. Phcebe M.^ Walker, died Nov. 13th, 1832. 

No. 302. VI. Lewis 5 Walker. 

No. 117. Jesse Walker * (Joseph,^ Isaac,'' Lewis ^ ), born in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 3d mo. 26th, 
1777, married Catharine Rankin, daughter of William and 
Jane Rankn, and stepdaughter of Joseph W^alker. She came 
to live with her mother after her second marriage in the year 
1794, and here she became acquainted with the youngest 
son of the house, whom she married. Jesse Walker and his 
wife lived at his father's house until after the death of Joseph 
Walker in 1818. In 1820 they went to Lackawaxen with 
Enoch Walker. 

Jesse and Catharine (Rankin) Walker had : 
No. 303. I. W^illiam Rankin ' Walker. 

No. 119. Sarah Walker'* (Benjamin,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), born 
3d mo. 1 8th, 1 77 1, went with her parents to Warrington, York 
County, Pa., and there married Richard Pilkinton. They had 
eight children : 

No. 304. I. Ruth ' Pilkinton, married Isaac Pearson. 

No. 305. II. Vincent^ Pilkinton, died 

No. 306. III. Rebecca^ Pilkinton, unmarried. 

No. 307. IV. Hepzibah * Pilkinton, married Benjamin Gardner. 

No. 308. V. Levi ' Pilkinton. 

No. 309. VI. Walker^ Pilkinton, married Jane Henry. 

No. 310. VII. Sarah ' Pilkinton, married Dr. Hiram Metcalf. 

No. 311. VIII. Matilda^ Pilkinton, married Thomas Price. 


I 29 

No. 121. John Walker* (Benjamin,'' Isaac,^ Lewis'), born 
8th mo. loth. 1775. at Warrington, York County, Pa., married 
Lydia Marsh. Subsequently, his wife became a minister in the 
Society of Friends. They had nine children : 

No. 312. T. Jesse'' Walker, died , married Margaret 

No. 818. IJ. Ruth' Walker, died , married Israel 


No. 814. III. Sarah** Walker, died , married David 

No. 315. IV. Susannah^ Walker, died , married Richard 

No. 316. V. Margaret^ Walker, died , married Charles 

No. 317. VI. Mary' Walker, married William Ramsey. 
No. 318. VII. John ' Walker, married Eve Smith. 
No. 319. VIII. Elizabeth-' Walker, died , married Daniel 

Cookson, had two sons, Israel and John 

Cookson, West Branch, Cedar County, la. 
No. 320. IX. Lydia Marsh' Walker, died 3d mo. 21st, 1873, 

married John Cook (No. 420). 

No. 122. Abner Walker* (Benjamin,'' Isaac, '-^ Lewis '), born 
at Warrington, York County, Pa., 8th mo. 8th, 1779, died 7th 
mo. 30th, 1870, married Sarah Harris and had seven children : 
No. 821. I. Benjamin H.' Walker, born 1808, married Mar>' 

No. 822. II. Rebecca' Walker, born 1810, dieil 1851, married 

Samuel A. Sleek. 
No. 328. III. Ruth 'Walker, born 18 13, died 1893. married 

Thomas B. Wisegawer, d. s. p. 
No. 824. IV. Barbara ' Walker, born 181 5, died 1855, married 

Eliel Allen. 


No. 325. V. Beulah-^ Walker, born 1817, died 1853, married 

Joseph Furgason. 
No. 326. VI. Anna ^ Walker, born 18 19, died 1859, married 

Joseph Furgason. 
No. 327. VII. Sarah ^ Walker, born 1819, died 1862, twin with 

Anna, unmarried. 

No. 125. Hepzibah Walker' (Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis'), 
born at Warrington, York County, Pa., loth mo. 19th, 1784, 
died 4th mo. 5th, 1859, married. 4th njo^^ji, 1809, Enoch Van 
Scoyoc (Vansiock in some records). They had seven children : 

No. 328. I. Moses ^ Van Scoyoc, born ist mo. 14th, 1810, 

married Jane Scholl. 
No. 329. II. Manah^Van Scoyoc, born nth mo. 2d, 181 1, 

died 6th mo. 28th, 1825. 
No. 330. III. Ruth ^ Van Scoyoc, born 9th mo. 27th, 1813, 

married James R. Gardner. 
No. 331. IV. Susannah^ Van Scoyoc, bom loth mo. loth, 

181 5, died 2d mo. i8th, 1852, married An- 
drew McCosh. 
No. 332. V. Benjamin W.-" Van Scoyoc, born 5th mo. loth, 

18 17, married Priscilla Allen. 
No. 333. VI. Enoch ^ Van Scoyoc, born 2d mo. 9th, 1820, died 

5th mo. 15th, 1 82 1. 
No. 334. VII. Joel F.^ Van Scoyoc, born 7th mo. 26th, 1823, 

died 2d mo. 26th, 1 830. 

No. 126. AsAHEL Walker* (Benjamin,^ Isaac," Lewis '), born 
9th mo. 6th, 1786, died loth mo. 14th, 1877, married, 9th mo. 
7th, 1807, Mary Vale, who died 4th mo. i8th, 1827. He 


married his second wife, Lydia Garretson, ist mo. 20th, 1831. 
Asahcl and Mary (Vale) Walker had eight children : 

No. 335. I. Isaac'* Walker, born 7th mo. 13th. 1808, married 

Rebecca . 

No. 336. II. Elizabeth" Walker, born 9th mo. ist, 18 10, 

married George W. Cook. 
No. 337. III. Priscilla' Walker, born 7th mo. 14th, 1814, 

married William Hoopes. 
No. 338. IV. Louisa"' Walker, born 7th mo. 14th, 18 14 (twin 

with Priscilla), married Isaac Garretson. 
No. 339. V. Mary Ann ^ Walker, born 3d mo. 16th, 18 16, 

married Isaac Vale. 
No. 840. VI. Morris E.° Walker, born 2d mo. i6th, 1820, 

married Jane . 

No. 341. VII. Joshua Vale'^ Walker, born i ith mo. 3d, 1822, 

married Elizabeth . 

No. 342. VIII. Sarah ^ Walker, born 4th mo. ist, 1827, married 

John G. Brown. 

Asahel and Lydia (Garretson) Walker had five children : 

No. 343. IX. Ruth Anna' Walker, born nth mo. 5th. 1S31, 

married Thomas Bloom. 
No. 344. X. Lewis Pearson^ Walker, born 4th mo. 25th, 

1833, married Barbara Myers. 
No. 345. XI. Garretson Cook'^ Walker, born 6th mo. 5th, 

1835, married ist, Mary Ann ; 2d, 


No. 346. XII. Lydia Jane '^ Walker, born ist mo. 30th, 1837, 

married Lewis Larew. 
No. 347. XIII. Phoebe Angeline' Walker, born 5th mo. 3d, 

1838, married Israel Smith. 


No 131 Ann Walker ' (Asahel;^ Isaac/^ Lewis ' ), of Sads- 
bury. Laticaster County. Pcnna., married Andrew Moore, of the 
same place. They had five children : 
No. 348. I. Isaac ^ Moore, resided in Sadsbury, and died 

No. 349. II- Andrew-' Moore, resided in Sadsbury. and died 

No. 350. III. Anna' Moore. 
No. 351. IV. Robert' Moore. 
No. 35'i. V. Moses' Moore. 

No 134. Mary Walker ^(Asahel.Msaac.^Lewis^), of Sads- 
bury, Lancaster County, Penna., married John Moore. They 
had eight children : 

No. 353. I- Samuel D.' Moore, went to Michigan. 
No" 354. II- Walker' Moore, resided in Sadsbury, and died 

No. 355. 111. Asahel' Moore. 
No. 35(). IV. Mar>-' Moore. 
No. 357. V. Benjamin' Moore. 
No. 358. VI. Abraham' Moore. 
No. 359. VII. Isaac' Moore. 
No. 360. VIII. Jacobs Moore. 

No. 135. Isaac Walker^ (Asahel.'^ Isaac.^ Lewis » ). born in 
the year 1779, died in the year 1847, at Sadbury, Lancaster 
County, Penna., where he had passed the greater part of his life. 
He married, Sept. 14th, 1803, Deborah, daughter of Gaius and 
Mary Dickinson. Gaius Dickinson was the son of Joseph Dick- 
inson, who came to America from Ireland (though it is said that 
he came originally from England) and settled on Pequea Creek, 
in Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna. He married 



Elizabeth, daughter of Guion Miller. His sons, Gaius and Joseph, 
inherited his estates. Gaius married Mary Newlin, the great- 
great-grand-daughter of Nicholas Newlin, who came from Ireland 
in 1683 and settled in Delaware County, Penna. Gaius and Mary 
(Newlin) Dickinson had five sons and six daughters — Daniel, 
who went to Virginia ; Joseph, who went to Ohio; Isaac and 

Nathaniel, who settled in Berks County, Isaac marrying 

Williams, and Nathaniel Moore, both of East Sadsbury. 

Isaac's son, John, was the father of Anna Dickinson, the noted 

lecturer; James, the fifth son, married Truman, and has no 

descendants living. Gaius Dickinson's daughter, Elizabeth, 
married James Truman ; Esther married Thomas Passmore, of 
West Grove ; Rebecca married Joshua Chambers, of Old Grove, 
Chester County, Penna. — they were the grand-parents of Sarah 
Chambers, who married Asahel Walker (No. 364) ; Phosbe mar- 
ried James Pusey, of Unionville, Chester County, Penna. ; Mary 
married Caleb Chalfant, of Doe Run, Chester County, Penna., 
and Deborah, the youngest daughter, married Isaac Walker, 
mentioned above. 

Isaac and Deborah Walker lived on the homestead in Sads- 
bury Township, about one mile south of the Gap. Isaac Walker 
built a school-house on his land and taught school during a part 
of the year, for the benefit of his own, as well as the children of 
his neighbors. 

Isaac and Deborah (Dickinson) Walker had ten children : 

No. 361. I. Annie '^ Walker, born 1804, died 1824. 

No. 362. II. Mary ' Walker, born 1S06, died 1893, married 

Samuel Slokom. 
No. 363. III. Isaac '^ Walker, born 1808, died 1891, married 

Eliza Ann Brooke. 
No. 364. IV. AsaheP Walker, born 1809, died 1 S70, married 

Sarah Chambers. 



No. :36o. V. James =* Walker, born 1811. went to New 

Orleans, where he was some time engaged in 
business. From there he went to California 
with a companion from Sadsbur\', traveling 
the whole distance on foot ; but before he 
succeeded in making his fortune in the gold 
mines he died of a fever contracted in the 
Valley of the Sacramento. 

No. 366. VI. Joseph^ Walker, born 18 13, died 183 i. 

No. 367. VII. Rebecca' Walker, bom 1814, died 1851, married 

Robert Harr\-. 

No. 368. VIII Aaron' Walker, born 1818. died 1831. 

No. 369. IX. Deborah-^ Walker, bom 1820, died 1890. married 

Henr\- Pownall. 

No. 370. X. A son' bom 1823, died 1823. 

No. 136. Saflah W.alker * (Asahel,^ Isaac,' Lewis^), of Sads- 
bury Township. Lancaster Count)-. Penna., born in the year 
1785, died in the year 1858. She married George Cooper, who 
was bom in the year 1773. and died in the year 1843. They 
had ten children : 

No. 371. I. Asahel Walker^ Cooper, married ist, Annie 

SuUivan ; 2d, Eliza Sooney. 
No. 372. II. Hiram ' Cooper, married Anna Reese. 
No. 373. III. Benjamin' Cooper, bom 1809. died 1886, 

No. 374. IV. George W'. ' Cooper, married Margaret ]Mereu. 
No. 375. V. Phoebe' Cooper, born 18 13, died 18 14. 
No. 376. VI. Sarah' Cooper, married James Cooper. 
No. 377. VII. Susan' Cooper, married James P. Cooper. 
No. 378. VIII. Joseph P.' Cooper, married Man,- Miller. 

FOURTH c;eneration. 


No. 379. IX. Phoebe P. ^ Cooper, married Thomas H. Whitson. 
No. 880. X. Jarman-^ Cooper, born 1825, died 1848. 

No. 137. Rebecca Walker' (Asahel,^ Isaac,- Lewis*), of 
Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., married Richard 
Coates. They had but one child : 

No. 381. I. Son,'"' accidentally drowned. 

No. 138. AsAHEL Walker^ (Asahel,"' Isaac," Lewis'), born 
in the year 1788, died at Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, 
Penna., in the year 1856. He married loth mo. 20th, 181 3, 
Sarah Thatcher Coates, of East Cain. She was born in the year 
1792, and died in the year 1869. They lived on the paternal 
estate, which had been divided by Asahcl Walker, the elder, 
among his two sons, in the year 1812. They had nine children : 

No. 382. I. Anna'^ Walker, born 6th mo. 19th, 1818, mar- 

ried William P. Cooper (No. 397). 

No. 383. II. Susan "^ Walker, born 6th mo. 29th, 1820, mar- 
ried Moses Pownall. 

No. 384. III. Phoebe 5 Walker, born 8th mo. 15th, 1822. 

married William P. Cooper (No. 397). 

No. 385. IV. Sarah 5 Walker, born ist mo. 9th, 1825, mar- 
ried Sylvester Linvillc. 

No. 386. V. Samuel 5 Walker, born 9th mo. nth, 1827, 

married Sarah Haines. 

No. 387. VI. AsaheP Walker. 

No. 388. VII. Joseph C.^ Walker, born 1832. married Lucy 


No. 389. VIII. Maiy'* Walker, married Alfred Ellmaker. 

No. 390. IX. Margaretta 5 Walker, married Francis Pennock. 


No. 139. John Morris* (Rachel,^ Isaac,- Lewis'), born in 
Eastown Township, Chester County, Penna., in the year 1769, 
died in the year iSoo. He married Hannah Rogers in the year 
1797. Dying thus early, he left two small children, the elder of 
whom, Mar\', lived with her grandmother. Rachel Morris 
(No. 53), while Priscilla remained with her mother. 

No. 391. I. Mar}'^ Morris, bom 1797. married Joel Walker 

(No. 157). 
No. 392. II. Priscilla* Morris, bom 1799, married Aaron 


No. 143. Leah Morris* (Rachel,^ Isaac,- Lewis'), born in 
Eastown Township, Chester County, Penna.. 1776, died J852. 
married Jeremiah Cooper and had six children : 
No. 393. I. Morris 5 Cooper, of Bart, Lancaster Co., Pa. 
No. 394. II. Sarahs Cooper, married Samuel Simmons. 

No. 395. III. Lewis* Cooper, married 

No. 396. IV. Milton * Cooper, of Minneapolis, Minn. 

No. 397. \'. William P.* Cooper, married, ist, Anna W^alker ; 

2d, Phoebe Walker. 
No. 398. VI. Mar\-* Cooper, died in infanc}*. 

No. 144. Rachel Morris* (Rachel." Isaac,- Lewis ' ). bom 
in Eastown Township, Chester County, Penna., 1778. died 1829, 
married, 1801, Samuel Fawkes ; had six children. 

No. 399. I. Rachel * Fawkes, married Samuel Rockey. 

No. 400. II. John* Fawkes, married Elizabeth Lewis, d. s. p. 

No. 401. III. Lewis s Fawkes, married Phoebe Ann Dickinson. 

No. 402. IV. Phoebe 5 Fawkes, unmarried. 

No. 403. V. Anna Maria* Fawkes, married John G. P'ogle. 

No. 404. VI. Sarah Ann * Fawkes, died in infancy. 


No. 147. Ph(Khe Morris^ (Rachel,-' Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in 
Eastown Township. Chester County, Penna., 1784, died 1862, 
married 1806, at Newtown Friends' Meeting, Delaware County^ 
Penna., Jo.seph Dickinson ; had eleven children : 

No. 405. I. Lewis D. ■'^ Dickinson, of Leaman Place, Pa. 
No. 406. n. Henry "^ Dickinson, Gap, Lancaster Co., Pa. 
No. 407. in. Rachel " Dickinson, married Jacob W. Harper. 
No. 408. IV. Morris 5 Dickinson, Oxford, Pa., children. 
No. 409. V. Joseph' Dickinson, children. 
No. 410. VI. James Pusey "^ Dickinson, married Ruthanna 

L. Haines. 
No. 411. VII. Phoebe -■> Dickinson, married Abner Baldwin. 
,No. 412. VIII. Elizabeth' Dickinson, married Thomas Linville, 

Urbana, Ohio. 
No. 413. IX. John M.' Dickinson, of Lancaster Co., Pa. 
No. 414. X. Hannah M.'' Dickinson, unmarried. 
No. 415. XL Lewis' Dickinson, twin with Rachel, died in 


No. 153. Hannah Walker* (Abel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis'), born in 
York County. Penna.. 5th mo. ist, 1785, died 3d mo. 22d, 1863, 
married nth mo. 19th, 1805, John Cook, son of Jesse and 
Mary (Weuman) Cook, born 3d mo. 29th, 1782, died 7th mo. 
23d, 1864. They had sev?n children : 

No. 416. I. Anne' Cook, born 9th mo. 25th. 1806. married 

Daniel Garretson. 
No. 417. II. Hezekiah' Cook, born 12th mo. 14th, 1807. 

died I ith mo. i8th, 1833. 
No. 418. III. Walker' Cook, born 9th mo. ist, 1809, <Ji«^d 

8th mo. loth, 1856, married Martha Gates. 


No. 419. IV. Mary'' Cook, born 6th mo. i8th, i8ii, died 

loth mo. 15th, 1833. 

No. 420. V. John'^ Cook, born 8th mo. 18th, 18 13, died 3d 

mo. 22d, 1889, married Lydia Marsh Walker 
(No. 320). 

No. 421. VI. Hannah '^ Cook, born loth mo. 20th, 1816, died 

1 2th mo. 2 I. St. 1894, married 12th mo. 3d, 
1840. Jos. Deardorff, d. s. p. 

No. 422. VII. Leah Walker^ Cook, born 2d mo. 27th, 18 19, 

died ;th mo. 23d. 1864, married Jacob Leh- 
mer. (From the Cook family Bible, fur- 
nished by William R. Cook, of Dillsburg, Pa.) 

No. 155. Eliza Walker* (Abel,^ Isaac,- Le^vis '), born 1790, 
in York County, Penna., and married Joseph Fawkes, of the 
same place. They had five children : 

No. 423. I. Samuels Fawkes. 

No. 424. II. Walker -V Fawkes. 

No. 425. III. Joseph 5 Fawkes. 

No. 426. IV. Sarah » Fawkes. 

No. 427. V. Emma^ Fawkes 

No. 156. Abel Walker* (Abel,' Isaac,' Lewis '), born in 
1792, in York County, Penna.. married Margaret John. They 
had five children : 
No. 428. L Arnold' Walker, born 4th mo. 20th. 1816. 

married Sarah Delap. 
No. 429. II. William = Walker, born nth mo. 29th, 1821, 

married Elizabeth J. Cooks. 
No. 430. III. Edwards Walker, born nth mo. 6th, 1824, 



No. 431. rV. Margaret' Walker, born loth mo. i5tli, 1832, 

No. 432. V. Hannah* Walker, born 2d mo. 1827, 

married Henry Carson. 

No. 157. Joel Walker'* (Abel,'^ Isaac, ^ Lewis'), born in 
York County, Penna., in the year 1794, married Mary Morris, 
daughter of John and Hannah (Rogers) Morris, of Eastown 
Township, Chester County, Penna. (No. 391). It is recorded in 
the Radnor Monthly Meeting Record-book thus : " Joel Walker, 
son of Abel and Ann, of Warrington, York County, married 
Mary Morris, of Newtown, loth mo. 13th, 1820." Mary Morris, 
on the death of her father in 1800, went to live with her grand- 
mother, Rachel (Walker) Morris. She was then but three years 
old. While on a visit to her cousins in York County with her 
aunt, Ann Morris (No. 145), she met her cousin, Joel Walker, 
whom she soon after married. They lived in York County 
until the year 1838, when they moved to Ohio, where the family 
has since resided. 

A grand-daughter, Anna B. Walker, of Emerson, Ohio, 
furnishes me with the following account of their emigration : 

"In the spring of 183S, Joel and Mary Morris Walker 
decided to emigrate to Eastern Ohio, with their family of five 
sons and two daughters, in company with Jacob McMillan and 
family. They started on their journey the ist of 4th mo. Joel 
Walker had previously visited Jefferson County, Ohio, and had 
arranged with his friend, Nathan Hussey, to live on his farm 
adjoining his home-place, the said property being situated about 
seven miles northwest of Mt. Pleasant. 

" According to the custom of the time, they traveled in their 
own conveyance. The Walker family had a large English 
wagon, drawn by three horses, and a carriage, or dearborn, 


drawn by one horse. They stored what furniture and bedding 
they could in the wagon, besides a great amount of provisions. 
The sixteen-gallon copper kettle was filled with pies, as they 
were considered a necessity — especially to the boys. It took 
them two weeks to make their journey, as they were not able to 
travel more than twenty miles a day. They stopped at taverns, 
or rather unfurnished buildings, at night, where they used their 
own bedding and provisions. 

" The route from York was through Gettysburg, Bedford, 
Somerset, Mt. Pleasant, Washington, Washington County, 
thence on the National Pike Road to Wheeling. They had crossed 
the Ohio River at Martin's Ferry on the i6th, and remained there 
over a day, on account of a heavy snow. At that season of the 
year the roads in this part of the country were almost impassible. 
The snow and rain of winter had made the rich soil like mush to 
the depth of one or two feet, and the travelers were an entire day 
going from Martin's Ferry to Mt. Pleasant, a distance of nine 
miles. The two families were obliged to double teams in order 
to get their wagons up the many hills. 

" On reaching Mt. Pleasant the McMillan family went to a 
brother's house, two miles farther on. The Walkers went to 
their new home, where they remained a few years, until they 
bought a farm of their own in Belmont County, four miles south- 
west of Mt. Pleasant, where Joel Walker and his wife resided the 
remainder of their lives." 

Joel and Mary (Morris) Walker had eight children : 

No. 433. I. Lewis Morris'' Walker, born 1822, married 

Elizabeth Oaly. 

No. 434. II. Isaac J.'* Walker, born 1823, died 1893, mar- 
ried Angelina Carmon. 

No. 435. III. Elias Hicks ^ Walker, born 1825, married 

Mary Frances Howard. 


No. 430. IV. .\bel M.-^ Walker, born 1827, married Amy 

No. 437. V. Jeremiah C.'> Walker, born 1829, married Ruth 

Hannah McMillan. 
No. 438. VI. Hannah Ann'' Walker, born 1833, died 1891, 

married Joseph Farquhar. 
No. 439. VII. Rachel M.'* Walker, born 1835. married 

John L. Cocks ; 2d, Arthur Odbert, of 

Washington County, Pa. 
No. 440. VIII. Joel Aaron » Walker, born 1838, married Harriet 


No. 158. Benjamin Walker * (Abel,^ I.saac,=^ Lewis'), born in 
York County, Penna., in the year 1797, married Deborah 
Dennis. They moved to Ohio and settled there. They had 
five children : 

No. 441. I. Isaac P.^ Walker, marrieci. 

No. 442. II. George'* Walker, married Naomi Barkhurst. 

No. 443. III. Abel ' Walker, married Margaret Steen. 

No. 444. IV. Caroline'* Walker, married John Griffith. 
No. 445. V. Joseph M.^ Walker, married Margaret Jones. 


No. 169. ZiLL.VH Maule' (Benjamin/ Zillah,^ Daniel,^ 
Lewis'), born in Radnor, Delaware County, Penna., in the year 
1786, married, in the year 18 14, Nathan, son of David and Mary 
Evans, of Lower Merion, Pa. She died 12th mo. 26th, 1844, 
after a short illness, in the 58th year of her age. Her mother 
died at the same house a few days before. She was a member 
of Goshen Monthly Meeting and of Willistown Particular Meet- 
ing. (See ''The Friend. ") Nathan and Zillah (Maule) Evans had 
children, among whom was : 

No. 446. L Josiah "^ P2vans. Yrom ''The Friend" : "At Friends' 

Meeting House, Concord, Belmont County, 
Ohio, on 5th day, 4th mo. 28th, 1841, 
Josiah Evans, son of Nathan Evans, of 
Willistown Township, Chester County, Pa., 
to Susan M. Thomas, daughter of Samuel 
Thomas, late of Cheltenham Township, 
Montgomery County, Pa." 

No. 174. S.4MUEL Richards^ (Daniel, '' Beulah,^ Daniel,^ 
Lewis'), bom in Pennsylvania in the year 1801, married in New 

York, Lydia . He moved from New York to Ohio, 

where he settled. Lydia Richards survived her husband. They 
had three children : 

No. 447. L Stephen ^ Richards, residence, Salem, Ohio. 

No. 448. II. George® Richards, residence, Salem, Ohio. 

No. 449. III. Daniel® Richards, residence, Salem, Ohio. 


No. 175. Abel Richards"' (Daniel,' Beulah,'* Daniel,^ 
Lewis '), born in Pennsylvania in the }'ear 1804. He married 
and had nine children : 

No. 450. I. William*' Richards, married. 

No. 451. II. Samuel^ Richards, married. 
No. 452. III. Elizabeth" Richards, died in early childhood. 
No. 453. IV. Jo.seph " Richards, died in early childhood. 
No. 454. V. Robert" Richards, died in early childhood. 
No. 455. VI. Martha" Richards, married Albert Morlan, 
No. 45H. VII. Lillie" Richards, unmarried. 
No. 457. VIII. George A." Richards, married, s. p., residence, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
No. 458. IX. Fannie" Richards, married Charles Fowler. 

No. 176. Rowland Richard.s^ (Daniel,^ Beulah,'' Daniel, - 
Lewis ' ), born in Pennsylvania, where he married and afterwards 
moved to Sinking Spring, Maryland. Among other children he 
had : 
No. 459. I. Louisa" Richards. 

No. 177. Daniel Richards^ (Daniel,' Beulah,^ Daniel, - 
Lewis ' ), born in Pennsylvania, and from there went to New- 
Philadelphia, Ohio, where he lived. He died a few years ago, 
the last surviving one of his sisters and brothers. He studied 
medicine, and became one of the leading physicians of his 
adopted State. A niece, to whom I am indebted for these par- 
ticulars, describes him as a tall, dignified, scholarly gentleman. 
Dr. Richards had several children, amon^- them was : 
No. 460. I. T. J." Richards, a practicing physician of Mooney , 

Ind., a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, 



No. 178. Joseph T. Richards^ (Daniel/ Beulah,'' Daniel,'^ 
Lewis'), of Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, died 
in California, where he went for his health, in the year 1852. 
He was a member of the legal profession, practicing law in 
Montrose. He married Anna Maria Sayre, of Montrose, Oct. 
20th, 1 84 1. John T. and Anna Maria (Sayre) Richards had 
five children : 

No. 461. I. Benjamin Sayre ^ Richards, married Louisa M. 


No. 462. n. Lydia^ Richards, residence, Montrose, Susque- 
hanna County, Pa. 

No. 463. HL Emeline Kirtland ^ Richards, residence, Mont- 
rose, Susquehanna County, Pa. 

No. 464. IV. Joseph Thomas^ Richards, died April 26, 1885. 

No. 465. V. Hannah Elizabeth ^ Richards, died in infancy. 

No. 185. Jacob W. Richards^ (Samuel,* Beulah,^ Daniel, - 
Lewis'), born in Pennsylvania, in the year 1805, and went with 
his parents to Ohio in the year 1824. He married January' 27, 
183 1, Mary Carmichael, at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. At the time of 
the gold fever in California, in '49 or '50, he went there, and is 
said to have made and lost a good deal of money. For a long 
time he lived alone in Shasta County, California, until his son, 
John ,went after him and brought him to his home in Kansas, 
where he died about the year 1880. Jacob W. and Mary (Car.- 
michael) Richards had ten children : 

No. 466. I. Eliza "^ Richards, born January 20, 1832, married 

John Dunlevy. 
No. 467. n. Isaac W.*^ Richards, born January 10, 1834, 

died February 16, 1854. 
No. 468. III. John R." Richards, born December 30, 1835, 

married . Resides in 


No, 469. IV. Samuel W." Richards, born September 27, 1837, 

served Avith Sherman's army all through the 
Civil War, as a scout and sharp-shooter. He 
went to the far West after the war, and was 
never heard from again. 

No. 470. V. Deborah Ann" Richards, born March 10, 1840, 

died February 25, 1864. 

No. 471. VI. William" Richards, born February 15, 1842, 

died aged ten days. 

No. 472. VII. Lewis C." Richards, born February 10, 1843, 

was killed at the battle of Kenesaw Moun- 
tain, Georgia, by rebel sharp-shooters, June 
28, 1864. 

No. 473. VIII. Sarah'' Richards, born March 4, 1845, died 

March 3, 1850. 

No. 474. IX. Otis Y.« Richards, born October ri, 1847, mar- 
ried Rhetta Hogsett. They have two sons. 
Residence, Hanging Rock, Ohio. 

No. 475. X. J. Walker" Richards, born October 15, 1849, 

died May 28, 1882, in Illinois, unmarried. 

No. 187. Mary Richards' (Samuel,^ Beulah,^ Daniel,^ 
Lewis^), born in Pennsylvania in the year 1809, and went with 
her parents to Ohio in the year 1824. She there married George 
Evans, of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. She died at Philadelphia, Pa., 
September 20, 1876. Her husband survived her a few years. 
They had one child : 

No. 476. I. Jane H." Evans, married Horace G. Smith, of 

Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 

No. 189. Samuel Richards' (Samuel,' Beulah,'' Daniel,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Pennsylvania, Feb. 6th, 18 14, died at Ironton, 
Ohio, in the year 1891. He went with his parents to Ohio, 


and has added an interesting postscript to his brother Isaac's 
journal of the trip. (See Appendix C.) Samuel Richards was 
married three times. His first wife was Mary A. Giles, who died 
of the cholera, leaving two sons, Lewis W. and Samuel. His 
second wife was Sarah Ann Kelvey, who possessed beauty both 
of person and character. She, too, died early, leaving three 
sons, John K., Charles D. and Joseph W. She was descended 
from a Scotch Highlander, named MacKelvey, one of the sup- 
porters of Prince " Charlie." * After the Battle of Colloden, he 
escaped to France with the Prince's party, married a French 
lady, and settled down to a life of exile, along with many other 
Scotchmen, loyal subjects of the unfortunate Prince. In the 
year 1764 their son, Thomas, was born. In 1792, during the 
Reign of Terror, the family fled to England. Here they were 
at first kindly receiv^ed, and Thomas MacKelvey, who about this 
time seems to have dropped the " Mac," and was called Thomas 
Kelvey, married Ann Secor, niece of Thomas Secor, Archbishop 
of Canterbury ; but, suspected of disturbing the neutral position 
of the government, they were forced to leave London. Thomas 
Kelvey, with his wife and their son John, next emigrated to 
America, and it is supposed that they formed a part of Blenner- 
hasset's colony. The family in Ohio have some interesting heir- 
looms that were brought over with them at this time, among others 
a beautiful miniature portrait of Thomas Kelvey. He is repre- 
sented in the picturesque costume of his time, with curled wig 
and lace ruffles. The Kelvey family soon became identified with 
their new home, and John Kelvey there married Keranhappuck 
Hussey, a descendant of Christopher Hussey, one of the early 
settlers of New England, who, with Tristram Coffin and Thomas 
Macey, was among the original owners of Nantucket Island. 

*In the " Legitimest Kalender," 1895, among the people attainted and driven out 
of Scotland by Act of Parliament, 1745-46, is " Alex. Macgilivrae, of Drumglash, 


Keranhappuck Hussey was also a descendant of the Rev. 
Stephen Bachiler (i 561-1660). Non-Conformist, who left Eng- 
land for Holland, and after a short residence there, came to 
America in the year 1632. He went first to Lynn, Massachu- 
setts, where his daughter Theodate (died 1649), who married 
Christopher Hussey, had preceded him. From Lynn he went 
to Ipswich, thence to Newberry, where he lived until 1638, when 
he settled at Hampton, Massachusetts, where he was installed first 
pastor of the Congregational Church. For an interestino- 
account of the Rev. Stephen Bachiler, the reader is referred to 
"The Life of John G. Whittier," by Pickard. It mentions the 
" Bachiler eyes" as being " dark, deep set and lustrous," with a 
tendency to repeat themselves from generation to generation. 
Sarah Ann Kelvey had these eyes, and she has transmitted them 
to some of her children. The Rev. Stephen Bachiler, who was 
one of the ancestors of Daniel Webster, as well as of our 
American poet, John G. Whittier, who has immortalized him in 
•' The Wreck of Rivermouth," may well claim our attention, and 
his descendants in the Walker family have reason to be proud of 
their Bachiler blood. We can see that Sarah (Kelvey) Richards 
was of distinguished ancestry, and, with such a record, it is not 
to be wondered at that her eldest son should seek the poHtical 
field, and interest himself in the affairs of government. 

Samuel Richards married for his third wife, Laura A. West- 
lake, by whom he had three children. He was a resident of 
Ironton, Ohio, where he was connected with the iron business. He 
frequently visited his relatives in Chester Valley, and was much 
beloved by all of them. He was a tall, dignified gentleman, of 
scholarly tastes. He died in the seventy-eighth year of his age, 
and was carried to his grave by his six remaining sons. His 
children were : 


No. 477. I. Lewis Walker^ Richards, died 1888, married 

Kate Glover. 

No. 478. II. Samuel " Richards, married Margaret Ward. 

No. 479. III. John Kelvey" Richards, born 1856, married 

Anna W. Steece. 

No. 480. IV. Charles Douglass" Richards, born 1858, mar- 
ried . 

No. 481. V. Joseph Walker*^ Richards, born 1863, married 

Kate (Proctor) Ward, June ist, 1895. Re- 
sides in Winchester, Mass. Auditor Freight 
Dept, Fitchburg R. R. Co. 

No. 482. VI. Albert" Richards, born 1870. 

No. 483. VII. George" Richards, born 1872. Lieut. U. S. Ma- 
rine Corps. Graduate U. S. Naval Academy. 

No. 484. VIII. Abigail " Richards. 


No. 19L Ann Richards ^(Samuel, ^ Beulah,^ Daniel,"^ Lewis'), 
born in Pennsylvania in the year 1820. She was a small child 
when she made the long journey to Ohio with her parents in the 
year 1824. She married, in Jefferson County, Ohio, James Bane. 
In 1 864 the family moved to Fayette County, Iowa, where she 
now resides with her children, the last of her brothers and 
sisters. James and Ann (Richards) Bane had three children : 

No. 485: I. Annie '' Bane, married Spears. Has 

daughter, Stella'' Spears. 
No. 486. II. John" Bane. Lawyer. 
No. 487. III. Isaac Walker " Bane. Lawyer. 

No. 194. Isaac Altemus^ (Sarah, ^ Jarman,^"* Enoch, ^ Lewis^), 
born in Chester County, Penna., married, ist, Hannah Swayne ; 
2d, Sarah Ann Pusey. He had five children : 



No. 488. I. Frances Swayne" Altemus, married 

No. 489. II. Anna Maria* Altemus. 
No. 490. III. Almira" Altemus. 
No. 491. IV. Hiram " Altemus. 
No. 492. V. Hannah^ Altemus. 

No. 199. Mary Townsend ' (Sinah," Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis^), 
born 3d mo. 12th, 1789, died 3d mo. 25th, 1866. She married 
Seth McClure, and lived at New Brighton, Penna., where she died. 
Her husband survived her several years, living until after his 
90th birthday, which he passed at the residence of his daughter, 
Lydia, in Iowa. Seth and Mary (Townsend) McClure had nine 
children : 

No. 493. I. Abel^ McClure, died 1894. A physician, 

residing in San Francisco, Cal. Has de- 
scendants now living there. 

No. 494. II. Samuel^ McClure, married ist, Cynthia Hoopes ; 

no surviving children of this marriage, though 
there may be a second marriage. 

No. 495. III. Joseph'' McClure, died 1894, married 

Parker, had several children. One daughter 
lives in Kansas City, Mo.; another in Oak- 
land, Cal.; the remaining children live in 
Kansas. Joseph McClure died at Lawrence, 

No. 496. IV. Seth6 McClure, died 1857-58, in Cincinnati, 

Ohio. Supposed to have left one child. 

No. 497. V. George Endly ^ McClure, died unmarried. 

No. 498. VI. Louisa "^ McClure, married Patterson. 

Several children. 


No. 499. VII. Sinah Ann ^ McClure, died unmarried. 

No. 500. Vni. Lydia ^ McClure, married Cowgill. 

They resided in Iowa. Have descendants in 

No. 501. IX. Susan ^ McClure, died unmarried. 

(The above are not named in order of age.) 

No. 200. AbelW. TowNSEND^(Sinah,^Abel,3Abel,2Lewis^), 
born nth mo. I2th, 1790, died ist mo., 1853 ; married Rebecca 
Way, of Chester County, Penna., daughter of John and Mary 
(Clarke) Way, of Chester County, Penna. Abel W. and Rebecca 
(Way) Townsend had five children : 

No. 502. I. Joseph T.^ Townsend, married Marie ; 

has three children. 

No. 503. II. Mira H.^ Townsend, married Chalkley Holloway. 

Resides at West Chester, Pa. 

No. 504. III. Celecia^ Townsend, died , married ; 

Gantz ; has two children. 

No. 505. IV. Tazetta ^ Townsend, died , married Ed- 
ward Walton. 

No. 506. V. Jas.W.^ Townsend, died .married , 

has two children. 

No. 201. Rachel Townsend ^ (Sinah,^ Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ' ), 
bom 8th mo. 28th, 1792, died 12th mo. 27th, 1826, married 
Joshua Stratton. They resided near Salem, Ohio. Their only 
surviving children are : 

No. 507. I. Edward « Stratton, of Salem, Ohio. He has one 

son living in Iowa, and three in Salem, 

No. 508. II. Sinah '^ Stratton, married Wilson Hall, of Car- 

mel, Columbiana Co., Ohio. 


No. 202. Martha Townsend " (Sinah,' Abel,^ Abel,2 Lewis '), 
born 4th mo. i8th, 1794, died ist mo. 25th, 1885, married Dr. 
Benjamin Stanton. They lived at Salcni, Columbiana County, 
Ohio. Dr. Stanton died 2d mo. 27th, 1861, in his 68th year. 
They had ten children : 

No. 509. I. Rebecca'^ Stanton, married Dr. Charles Wea\er. 
No. 510. II. Laura" Stanton, married James Barnaby. 
No. 51 L III. Oliver*"' Stanton, unmarried. Resides in Salem, 

No. 512. IV. Joseph" Stanton, married Mary Fry, d. s. p. 
No. 513. V. Caroline" Stanton, married George W. Addams. 
No. 514. VI. David" Stanton, married Lydia M. Townsend. 
No. 515. VII. William" Stanton, married Ellen K. Irish. 
No. 516. VIII. Byron" Stanton, married, ist, Edith M. Weaver ; 

2d, Harriet Brown. Resides in Cincinnati, 

No. 517. IX. Dalton " Stanton, died in childhood, twin with 

No. 518. X. Benjamin L." Stanton, died in infancy. 

204. Hannah Townsend^ (Sinah,'* Abel,^ Abel,- Lewis'), 
born 2d mo. 8th, 1800, died 12th mo. i6th, 1877, married 
Aaron Stratton ; both deceased. They had ten children : 

No. 519. I. Emily " Stratton, married John Holmes; she is 

a widow and lives with her children in Iowa. 

No. 520, II. Joel " Stratton, married Abby Kellogg ; they 

have three children, and reside near Salem. 

No. 521. III. Rachel " Stratton, died . 

No. 522. IV. Martha" Stratton, died . 

No. 523. V. Rebecca" Stratton, married Judge Latty, of De- 
fiance, Ohio. 


No. 524. M. Lydia ^ Stratton, died 

No. 525. \'II. Jerusha" Stratton, man ied Holmes. Has 

one son. 
No. 526. \'III. Louisa^ Stratton, married Thomas Hoopes. 

Lives in Iowa. 
No. 527. IX. Sinah ^ Stratton, married . Lives in 

Defiance Co., Ohio. 
No. 528. X. Whittier ^ Stratton, married . Lives in 

Valparaiso, Ind. 

No. 205. LvDLA TowNSEND ^ (Sinah, ^ Abel,^ Abel,- Lewis ' ), 
bom 2d mo. 8th, 1802, died 6th mo. 17th, 1869, married Dr. 
Jesse Bailey. They lived for many years at Flushing, Belmont 
County, Ohio, where she died. The family afterward removed 
to Spiceland, Indiana. They had five children : 

No. 529. I. Rachel ' Bailey. 

No. 530. II. Sydenham *" Bailey. He was a physician. His 

widovv- and children live at Spiceland. 
No. 53L III. Rebecca^ Bailey, married. 
No. 532. IV. Dillwjm '' Bailey. A physician. 
No. 533. V. Thomas ® Bailey. 

No. 206. Francis J. Townsend' (Sinah,^ Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis^), born 9th mo. 4th, 1804, died 6th mo. i6th, 1849, 
married, ist, Ann French. They had four children: 

No. 534. I. Emmor^Townsend, died ,married 

Warren, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

No. 585. II. Lewis ^ Townsend, died . 

No. 536. III. Sinah ^ Townsend, died . 

No. 537. IV. ]Marv ^ Townsend, died . 

He married, 2d, Caroline Rulison, and had two children : 



No. 538, V. John J.'' Tovvnsend, married and lives in Albion, 

Boone Co., Neb. 
No. 539. VI. Sarah Ann " Townsend, married Bible. 

Lives in Wisconsin. 

No. 207. Martha Walker^ (Abel/ Abel,'^ Abel,- Lewis ^ ), 
born at Beaver Falls, Penna., went to Hushing, Ohio, with her 
widowed mother, where she married Jonas Bye. They had 
eight children : 

No. 540. I. Abel '' Bye, married Lydia Jane Branson. 

No. 541, n. Edward " Bye, married Mary Smith, died ■ — . 

No. 542, III. Samuel^ Bye, married Emily Todd. 

No. 543. IV. Elisha ' Bye, died . 

No. 544. V. Elizabeth ^ Bye, married Joseph Pidgeon, 

No. 545. VI. Lewis W.'^ Bye, married Phoebe Williams. 

No. 546. VII. Mary ^ Bye, married Joseph Fawcett. 

No. 547. VIII. William « Bye, died . 

No. 208. Joseph Walker ' (Abel,^ Abel,» Abel.^ Lewis ' ), 
born at Beaver Falls, Penna., went to Flushing, Ohio, with his 
widowed mother, and there married Maria (Warfield) HoUoway. 
Joseph Walker is deceased, but his widow is still living, and is 
in her 89th year (1895). They had seven children : 

No. 548. I. Martha ** Walker, died , married Lindley 

M. Holloway. 
No. 549. II. Daniel H.'' Walker, married Lunett E. Nimmons. 

No. 550. III. Rebecca '^ Walker, died . 

No. 551. IV. Lewis Townsend "^ Walker, married Mar}' O. 

No. 552. V. Deborah « Walker. 

No. 553. VI. Eliza '^ Walker, died . 

No. 554. VII. Abel ^ Walker, married Hannah L. French. 


No. 209. Lewis B. Walker'* (Abel/ Abel,^ Abel,- Lewis ' ), 
born at Beaver Falls, Penna., went with his widowed mother to 
Flushing, Ohio, and married loth mo. 2d, i828,Tamsen Haines. 
Thev had seven children : 

No. 555. L Eli J.*' Walker, born I2th mo. 3d, 1829, married 

Maria Beck. 

No. 556. II. Mary H.^ Walker, born 8th mo. 8th, 183 1, mar- 
ried Enoch Brown. 

No. 557. III. Ruth "^ Walker, born nth mo. 12th, 1832, died 

No. 558. IV. Lydias Walker, bom ist mo. i6th, 1835. 
No. 559. V. Martha " Walker, born nth mo. 24th, 1836. 
No. 560. VI. Abel ^ Walker, born 9th mo. 3d, 1839, married 

Martha Johnson, died . 

No. 561. VII. Joseph C." Walker, born eighth mo. 4th, 1846. 

No. 210. Eliza Walker-' (Abel,^ Abel,^ Abel,- Lewis i), 
bom at Beaver Falls, Penna, went to Flushing, Ohio, with her 
mother, and there married William Foulke. They had nine 
children ; three youngest died in infancy : 

No. 562. I. Lewis*' Foulke, died . 

No. 563. II. Mar}^^ Foulke, died , married David 

No. 564. III. Hannah® Foulke, married David Smith. 
No. 565. IV. Jesse® Foulke, married Anna Brownell. 
No. 566. V. William ® Foulke, married Margaret J. Dewees. 
No. 567. VI. Anna® Foulke, died , married Dr. L. S. 


No. 211. Isaac Walker^ (Abel,* Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^ ), 
bom at Beaver Falls, Penna., went to Flushing, Ohio, with his 
mother and married Lydia Negus. They had six children : 


No. 568. I. William H.^ Walker, married Anna Wilson. 

No. 569. II. Miriam® Walker, married John Leech. 

No. 570. III. Israel® Walker, died . 

No. 571. IV. Eliza Ann Walker, unmarried. 

No. 572. V. Martha B.® Walker, married Charles Coulson. 

Had one child. 

No. 573. VI. Sarah ® Walker, married Pearson Thomas. 

No. 212. Nathan Walker-' (Edward," Abel,^Abel,2 Lewis'), 
born at the old homestead near Winchester, Virginia, married 
Jane Rees. They lived at Waterford, Virginia, and had two 
children : 

No. 574. I. Jacob R.® Walker, married Mary S. Gilkinson. 
No. 575. II. Mary Ruth® Walker, married William Williams. 

No. 213. Lydia Walker ^ (Edward," Abel,-^ Abel,^ Lewis '), 
born near Winchester, Virginia, married Jonah Lupton, of Fred- 
erick County, Virginia. They had six children : 

No. 576. I. Ann ® Lupton, married John Bond. 

No. 577. II. Edward^ Lupton, married Eva Janney. 

No. 578. III. Mary® Lupton, married William L. Irish. 

No. 579. IV. Hugh S.*' Lupton, married Mary Speakman. 

No. 580. V. Rebecca® Lupton, married Seneca P. Broomell. 

No. 581. VI. David® Lupton. 

No. 214. Abel Walker^ (Edward," Abel,'* Abel,- Lewis ' ). 
born near Winchester, Va., at the old homestead ; married Han- 
nah Lupton. They moved to Ohio, and had four children : 

No. 582. I. Esther L.® Walker, born 3d mo. 9th, 1835, 

married, 1856, Edward Harrison, of Green 
Plain, Ohio. (See " Sharpless Genealogy.) 


No. 583. II. Mary" Walker, married Cook. Lived near 

Wavnesville, Ohio. 
No. 584. III. Annie •^ Walker. Lives at West Libert)^ Iowa. 
No. 585. IV. Phineas " Walker. Lives at South Charleston, 


No. 215. Rebecca Walker^ (Edward,^ Abel, ^ Abel, ^ 
Lewis *), born at the old homestead, near Winchester, Virginia, 
married Bernard Taylor. They had five children : 

No. 586. I. Edward « Taylor. 

No. 587. II. Daniel*^ Taylor, married Mary Heald. 

No. 588. III. :\Iary Ann ^ Taylor. 

No. 589. IV. William ' Taylor. 

No. 590. V. Thamsin ^ Taylor, married Dr. Isaac Stone. 

No. 216. Daniel Walker ' (Edward,* Abel.^Abel,^ Lewis^), 
born at the old homestead, near Winchester, Virginia, married 
Mary Roberts, of West Chester, Chester county, Penna., in the 
year 1847. They had one daughter, who was educated at West- 
town boarding-school. She paid a visit to her Chester Valley 
relations with her father, while she was a pupil at this school. 
She much resembled her father, who was a large, fine-looking 
man with dark eyes. They lived in Virginia. 

No. 591. I. Mary® Walker, married Robert Wickersham. 

No. 224. Nathan Updegraff W^^lker-"^ (Lewis, ^ Abel,* 
Abel,^ Lewis ^), born at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, May 28th, 1823, 
married, June 6th, 1848, Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of James 
and Catherine Miller. She was born July i8th, 1828, and died 
September 28th, 1852, leaving two children, Mary E. and James 
M. Walker. 


Nathan U. Walker married July i8th, 1854, his second wife, 
Millie K. Brown, born August 13th, 1835. They reside at 
Wellsville, Ohio. The "N.U.Walker Clay Mfg. Co.," at 
Walker's, Columbiana County, Ohio, is owned by him and his 
children. It is devoted to the manufacture of terra cotta, fire 
brick, garden and lawn vases, sewer pipes, etc. The first factory 
was built in 1832, and it has been under the supervision of Nathan 
U. Walker since April, 1849. He is a local preacher, with 
deacon and elder orders, the editor of The Local Preachers' Maga- 
zme, of Wellsville, Ohio, and a trustee of Taylor University, of 
Upland, Ind., which conferred upon him the degree of D.D. He 
has four children : 

No. 592. I. Mary E." Walker, born July 12th, 1849, 

No. 593. H. James M." Walker, born April 14th, 1852, 

No. 594. HI. Lewis'' Walker, born June 4th, 1855, married 

Susan Adelaide Delamater. 
No. 595. IV. Alice K." Walker, born August 27th, 1857, died 

May 6th, 1873. 

No. 227. Rebecca Walker^ (Isaac,^ Abel,'^ Abel,^ Lewis ^ ), 

born , married James C. Janney, of Loudoun County, Va. 

After the death of her husband she removed to Philadelphia, 
Penna., where she died a few years ago. They had nine 
children : 

No. 596. I. Charles P.'' Janney, married Nannie Lee Pollock. 

No. 597. II. Nathaniel E." Janney, married Anna Canby 

No. 598. III. Susan W.« Janney. 
No. 599. IV. James W." Janney, married Lucy Nichols. 


No. 600. V. John ' Janney. 
No. (301. VI. Mary « Janney. 

No. 602. VII. Robert M.'' Janney, married Emily B. Smyth. 
No. 603. VIII. Anna M.'^ Janney, married Howard Lippincott. 
No. 604. IX. Rebecca Talbot" Janney, married Albert B. 

Williams, of Chelten Hills, Pa. 

No. 228. James M. Walker ' (Isaac," Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^), 
born in Virginia, married Eliza Hunt. They had five children : 
No. 605. I. Elisha Hunt" Walker, married Lucy Cooper. 
No. 606. II. Susan" Walker, married Perry B. Pierce. 
No. 607. III. Mary H." Walker. 

No. 608. IV. Robert R." Walker, married Eliza J. Needles. 
No. 609. V. Edith B." Walker. 

No. 229. Mary E. Walker ' (Isaac," Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis '), 
born in Virginia, married William Williams. They had seven 

No. 610. I. Elizabeth " Williams, died . 

No. 611. II. Isaac Walker" Williams, died . 

No. 612. III. John" Williams, died . 

No. 613. IV. Edward" Williams, died . 

No. 614. V. Rebecca" Williams, unmarried. 

No. 615. VI. James W." Williams, died Aug. — , 1895, married 

Hannah Conrow. 

No. 616. VII. Susan T." Williams, married Lewis Pideeon 

No. 230. John Edward Walker^ (Isaac," Abel,-'^ Abel,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Virginia, married Cornelia Sidwell, of Vireinia. 
They had six children. 

No. 617. I. Thamzin " Walker, married Newton Coxe. 


No. 618. II. Charles'' Walker. 

No. 619. III. Isaac" Walker. 

No. 620. IV. Hugh "^ Walker. 

No. 621. V. James '^ Walker. 

No. 622. VI. Lewis " Walker. 

No. 233. William Walker^ (Isaac,"* Lewis, ^ Abel, ^ Lewis ^), 
born 6th mo. 15th, 1806, died 3d mo. 28th, 1864. He was a 
farmer, and resided at East Bethlehem, Washington County, 
Penna., on the land purchased by his father after his removal 
from Virginia. He married Ann Dudgeon, 7th mo. i8th, 1846. 
William Walker is the only child of Isaac and Mary (Rankin) 
Walker who has descendants now living. They had six 

No. 623. I. Isaac'' Walker, born 7th mo. 25th, 1847, married 

Matilda Singclair. 
No. 624. II. Eliza Jane'' Walker, born 2d mo. 15th, 1851, 

married John A. Crawford. 
No. 625. III. Samuel G." Walker, born nth mo. ist, 1852, 

married, ist, Emma J. Crouch ; 2d, M. L. 

No. 626. IV. Joseph L." Walker, born 9th mo. 19th, 1854, 

married Hannah J. Pepper. 
No. 627. V. Mary M." Walker, born 8th mo. 31st, 1856, died 

2d mo. 1st, 1894. 
No. 628. VI. William J." Walker, born 12th mo. 23d, 1858; 

physician, practising at Homestead, Pa. 

No. 238. Sarah Ann Lupton ^ (Leah,"* Lewis,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis ^), married James M. Janney, of Waynesville, Ohio. They 
have seven children. 

No. 629. I. Charles « Janney. 


No. 630. II. William P." Janney. 
No. 631. III. Edward E.« Janney. 
No. 632. IV. Samuel S.*^ Janney, died 
No. 633. V. Lewis W.« Janney. 
No. 634. VI. Mary ^ Janney. 
No. 635. VII. Louisa*' Janney. 

No. 239. Samuel L. Steer ^ (Leah/ Lewis,^ Abel,- Lewis '), 
married Harriett Taylor. They were residents of Virginia. 
They had five children. 

No. 636. I. Lewis W." Steer, married Elizabeth Hough. 
No. 637. II. Sarah Ann® Steer, resides at Waterford, Va. 
No. 638. III. Mary ^ Steer, married Wm. Bond, Montgomery 

County, Md. 
No. 639. IV. Ella ® Steer, resides at Waterford, Va. 
No. 640. V. Isaac E.*" Steer, married Ida Sigman, resides in 

New York. 

No. 244. Anna Thomas ^ (Zillah,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born in the year 1779, died 1825, married, ist mo. ist, 1800, 
Isaiah Jeanes, son of Jacob and Leah (Harmer) Jeanes. He was 
born 9th mo. 12th, 1769, died 8th mo. 7th, 1850. His father, 
Jacob Jeanes, was born 8th mo. 28th, 1735, died 2d mo. 2d, 
181 2. He was the son of William and Esther (Brewer) Jeanes. 
William Jeanes died 4th mo. 15th, 1747 ; Esther, his wife, died 
1st mo. 22d, 1737. Leah, the mother of Isaiah Jeanes, was 
born 1746, died 7th mo. i8th, 1833. 

Isaiah and Anna (Thomas) Jeanes had seven children. 
No. 641. I. Jacob" Jeanes, born loth mo. 14th, 1800, died 

1 2th mo. 1 8th, 1877, married Eliza Brown, s. p. 
No. 642. II. Joshua T." Jeanes, died ist mo. 3d, 1880, 



No. 643. III. Mary *^ Jeanes, born 2d mo, 8th, 1804, died loth 

mo. 19th, 1889, unmarried. 
No. 044. IV. Joseph'^ Jeanes, born 1807, died nth mo, i8th, 

1894, unmarried. 
No. 645. V. Samuel " Jeanes, born 1809, died iith mo. i6th, 

1894, unmarried. 
No. 646. VI. Isaiah '^ Jeanes, died young. 
No. 647. VII. Anna T." Jeanes. 

No. 246. Naomi Thomas''^ (Zillah,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
married, ist mo. i6th, 1806, Joseph Rhoads, son of Adam and 
Sarah (Jeanes) Rhoads, at the Friends' Meeting-house, Radnor, 
Delaware County, Penna. They lived at the old homestead of 
the Rhoads family until about the year 18 10, when they moved 
to Philadelphia, where Joseph Rhoads engaged in the lumber 
business with his brother, Daniel J. Rhoads, under the firm name 
of "J. & D. J. Rhoads." In the City Directory for 1810, their 
office is given "on the south side of High St. (now Market St.), 
near the Permanent Bridge." Their lumber yard extended from 
what is now Twenty-second St. to Twenty-third St., and the land 
from thence to the Schuylkill River was occupied by them as a 
yard for cord wood and building sand. The sand was brought 
up the river in a sloop owned by them, which was the first boat 
to make regular trips up the river, as theirs was the first firm to 
have a place of business on the Schuylkill wharfs. 

In 181 5 they resided in the house now numbered 1709 
Market St., and here several of their children were born. In 
1820 Joseph Rhoads built a house, which was demolished in 
1801, on the "west side of Schuylkill Fifth St.," now Eighteenth 
St., near Filbert. In 1824 he sold out his interest in the lumber 
business to his cousin, Amos Jeanes, who had been his partner 
for some time in his brother's place, and returned with his family 


to the old home near Haddington, where he Hved till his death 
(8th mo. 28th, 1852). His wife, Naomi, died 8th mo. 9th, 1842, 
and both are buried in the Friends' Graveyard at Darby, which 
piece of ground was given to the Society by John Blunston, 
great-great-grandfather of Joseph Rhoads. Joseph Rhoads was 
a member of the Society of Friends, and took a decided part in 
the proceedings which led to the Separation, giving his hearty 
support to that branch of which Elias Hicks was considered the 
exponent. He was active in the anti-slavery cause, always 
giving assistance to the escaped slaves. He was also one of the 
earliest in the temperance movement, and a pioneer in abolishing 
whiskey from the harvest fields. (Copied from an article written 
by Emma Walter, grand-daughter of Joseph and Naomi T. 

Joseph and Naomi (Thomas) Rhoads had nine children : 

No. 648. I. Joshua" Rhoads, born 1806, died 1876, married 

Rosanna Ivins. 
No. 649. n. Edward'' Rhoads, born 8th mo. 20th, 1808, died 

8th mo. 27th, 18 10. 
No. 650. HI. James'' Rhoads, born 4th mo. ist, 181 1, died 

5th mo. 13th, 1886, married Alice Sellers. 
No. 651. IV. Mary Ann'' Rhoads, born 3d mo. 22d, 1813, 

died 1st mo. 19th, 1873. 
No. 652. V. Sarah W." Rhoads, born 2d mo. i6th, 18 15, 

died 4th mo. 26th, 1891, married William P. 

No. 653. VI. Zillah" Rhoads, born 4th mo. 3d, 1817, died 

4th mo. 20th, 1896, at Wilmington, Delaware. 
No. 654. VII. Johns Rhoads, born loth mo. 3d, 1819, died 

No. 655. VIII. Daniel^ Rhoads, born 9th mo. 25th, 1821, died 

3d mo. I ith, 1893, married Maria D. Smith. 


No. 656. IX. Naomi*' Rhoads, born 8th mo. i6th, 1824, mar- 
ried Thomas Walter. 

No. 247. Sarah Walker'' (Lsaac/ Joseph/^ Isaac," Lewis'), 
born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffirin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., Dec. i6th, 1775, died July 27th, 1849. She married, 
1796, David Roberts, born 1765, died 1850, the son of Robert 
and Ellin Roberts. Robert Roberts was the son of John 
Roberts of Merion. He married, 1764, Ellin, daughter of Gerard 
Jones. David Roberts was also a descendant of David Lloyd, 
one of the prominent early settlers of Pennsylvania, and a mem- 
ber of an ancient Welsh family, 

David and Sarah (Walker) Roberts lived in the Roberts 
homestead near Manayunk, Penna. They had ten children : 

No. 657. I. Ellen*' Roberts, bom 1797, married William D. 

No. 658. II. Isaac "^ Roberts, born 1799, died at sea, unmar- 
No. 659. III. Jesse*' Roberts, born 1801, unmarried. (See 

Appendix C.) 
No. 660. IV. Mary Ann " Roberts, born 1802, married Walker 

No. 66L V. Jane W.^ Roberts, born 1804, married Samuel 

No. 662. VI. Sarah" Roberts, born 1806, married Caleb 

No. 663. VII. Matthew" Roberts, born 1809, married Ellen 

Moore (No. 159). 
No. 664. VIII. Elizabeth" Roberts, born 18 14, married Phineas 

No. 665. IX. Rebecca" Roberts, born 181 1, married James 



No, 666. X. Rachel® Roberts, born 18 17, died 1890, married 

Isaac Wetherill. 

No. 248. Ann Walker ' (Isaac,* Joseph,-^ Isaac,- Lewis ' ), 
born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., in the year 1777, died at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, 1849. She 
married, 4th mo. 14th, 1802, Samuel Richards, son of Samuel and 
Beulah (Walker) Richards. (See No. 70.) 

No. 249. Joseph Walker^ (Isaac,* Joseph,-'^ Isaac,- Lewis ^ ), 
born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., 8th mo. 24th, 1780, died there, istmo. 19th, 1858, married 
5th mo., 18 1 2, Priscilla, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Coates) 
Robinson, at Gwynedd Meeting-house. Priscilla Robinson was 
born 6th mo. 20th, 1783, died 5th mo. 19th, 1835. Thomas 
Robinson was a son of William and Rachel (Parks) Robinson. 
William came to Pennsylvania a bachelor, marrying, about the 
year 1728, Rachel Parks, who came with her parents from Ire- 
land, in 172 I, to Chester, Penna. There are several heirlooms in 
the family that belonged to her. One of them is a small chest 
marked with her initials, another is a receipt book written by her 
in the year 17 18. The penmanship of the latter is fine and the 
receipts are interesting and choice, showing her to have been a 
good housekeeper. Of William Robinson's parents we are in 
ignorance. The name is English, and it is thought he may have 
come from Yorkshire. There are many of his name there. He 
was a Quaker. In the Book of Records of the Philadelphia 
Monthly Meeting we find that a person of that name came to 
Philadelphia from Thirsk, Yorkshire, 1702, bringing his certifi- 
cate, signed by Joseph, Samuel, Thomas and Nicholas Robinson 
and others. As the last two are family names, it seems probable 
that William Robinson, the grandfather of Priscilla, might have 


been this man. Again, in " Besse's Sufferings," Vol. i, p. 127, 
the name appears: 1655, Matthew Robinson, imprisoned at 
Carlisle for refusing to pay Tithes. Anne imprisoned for preach- 
ing in Carlisle. 1662, Adam, "four beasts" were taken from 
him worth £2'^. 1684, John and Thomas were imprisoned 
and excommunicated at Cumberland. In 1660, in the North 
Riding of Yorkshire, Isaac, Nicholas, Thomas and William 
Robinson were imprisoned for refusing the oath. 

William Robinson died in 1755. From " Abstract of W^ills," 
Pennsylvania Historical Society: "William Robinson, of New 
Providence, Philadelphia County, proved June 7th, 1755, men- 
tions wife Rachel, children William, Thomas, Nicholas, Mary, 
Elizabeth and Rebecca Valentine. Witnesses, Owen Evans, 
Thomas Valentine. Signed, May 18th, 1755." He had seven 
children: William, born 1728; Elizabeth, born 1730, died 1839, 

married Rossiter ; Rebekah, born I73'2, married Thomas(?) 

Valentine ; Mary, born 1736, died 18 13, married Bane ; 

Thomas, born 3d mo. 9th, 1739, died 8th mo. 27th, 1822, mar- 
ried Sarah Coates ; Nicholas, born 1741 ; Rachel, born 1743. 

Thomas Robinson, son of William, married Sarah, daughter 
of Moses and Priscilla (Hutchinson) Coates, 5th mo. 22d, 1771. 
He rented a farm of Mr. Morris, near Phoenixville, on the Schuyl- 
kill River, where he lived for over fifty years. When he died he 
had his sons settled well in life on farms of their own. The 
family saw something of the British Army on its passage to 
Philadelphia, and an interesting anecdote is given in Cope and 
Futhey's " History of Chester County," concerning Thomas 
Robinson and the English General who tried, unsuccessfully, to 
make him guide the troops across the river. 

When the Schuylkill Canal was cut in the year 1822, there 
was an outbreak of fever in the vicinity which was very fatal, 
and Thomas Robinson, his wife, and daughter Rebecca, all died 


of it within a few weeks of each other. He had seven children : 
Rachel, born 1773, married William Davis, and has descendants 
in Lancaster County and Chester, Penna. ; Moses, born 1 774, 
died 1855, married Anna Thomas (see No. 105 ) ; William, born 
1776, descendants in Port Carbon, Penna. ; Thomas, born 1779, 
moved to Illinois ; Priscilla, born 1783, married Joseph Walker ; 
Sarah, bom 1787, died 1872, lived after the death of her parents 
with Joseph Walker at " Rehobeth," and is buried in the Valley 
Graveyard ; Rebekah, born 1793, died 1822. Moses, the eldest 
son, lived in Charlestown Township, Chester County. He was 
a surveyor, as well as a farmer, and a noted penman. There are 
many deeds, wills and marriage certificates that were written by 
him in which the hand-writing compares favorably with the old- 
time manuscripts of recluse monks that are shown with su much 
pride in museums and galleries. He was also one of the first 
farmers to plant hedges in this country'. 

Sarah Coates, the wife of Thomas Robinson, born 1748, 
married 5th mo. 22d, 1771, died lOth mo. 1st, 1822, was a 
daughter of Moses Coates, who was the son of Moses and 
Susanna Coates. The latter brought their certificates, dated 3d 
mo. 8th, 1 7 17, from Carlow Monthly Meeting, Ireland, to Haver- 
ford, Penna. Susanna Coates was a native of ]\Iunster, Ireland. 
They settled at Phoenixville, in Chester County, about the year 
1 7 5 I . They had six children : Samuel, married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Aaron Mendenhall, in 1743, and had three sons, — Aaron, 
Moses, and Isaac, the latter of whom married Hannah Stalker, 
and v.-hose children reside at Coatesville, Penna., which town 
was named for their grandfather, who settled there. (See " His- 
tory of Chester County," by Futhey and Cope.) Moses, married 
Priscilla Hutchinson, from near Penn's Manor ; Benjamin, mar- 
ried Ann Longstreth, 1756, daughter of Bartholemew and Ann 
(Dawson), and grand-daughter of Christopher Longstreth ; 


they had children, — Jane, Susannah, Benjamin, and Tacy 
Coates ; Jonathan, married Jane Longstreth, sister of Ann, and 
had Ann, James, Hannah, Jonathan, Susannah, Phoebe, Keziah, 
Grace, Isaac, Jane, and EHzabeth Coates ; Aaron, lived at Hav- 
erford ; Elizabeth, married John Mendenhall (?). Moses Coates, 
the second son of Moses and Susanna, lived on the farm settled 
by his father, a large tract of land that is now incorporated in the 
town of Phoenixville. It is told in "The History of Chester 
County " tliat " Benedict Arnold, after the victory of Saratoga, 
which his gallantry had won, remained for a week at the house 
of Moses Coates, near Phcenixville." He gave a party under 
the cherry trees, to which General Washington, though invited, 
did not come. Generals Gates and Mifflin, Colonels Davis and 
Ballard were quartered at the house also, and had a guard of 
twenty-four men. The tea table from which they are said to 
have drunk many cups of tea is still in the family, as well as 
some of the tea cups and the small silver teaspoons used by them. 
The Coates family occupied this property for some time after the 
Revolution, when the son, Moses, went to Virginia and settled 
there, marrying, previous to his removal, Hannah, daughter of 
Mordecai Moore, of Chester Valley. I think he was the only 
son. Isaac Anderson, in an article published in " Potter's 
American Monthly," for January, 1875, entitled " History of 
Charlestown," written about 1802, mentions them among the 
original settlers of that township. He says : " The family of 
Moses Coates by purchase and in the female line own and pos- 
sess a part of the real estate of their great-grandfather." 

Some verses composed by Moses Robinson, the great- 
grandson of Moses Coates, may be of interest to the lover of old 
times. As he laid no claim to the laurels of a poet, we will not 
criticise their literary merit. 



In the village of Phoenix and near a small rill, 

That ripples o'er rocks as it descends from the hill, 

By some wild honey locusts and near to the road, 

The Pioneer of the Wilderness took up his abode, 

Where a dark, tangled forest spread over his ground 

And the howling of wolves made the valleys resound. 

When the country around was all covered with wood, 

A boundless wilderness and deep solitude. 

His cattle did then to the wilderness stray, 

And when evening drew near, he'd be wending his way 

Through thick-set woodland and deep forest dell, 

Directing his course by the sound of their bell : 

And to prevent them from falling to the wild beasts a prey 

He would lodge them in folds e'er the close of the day. 

In morning, to the forest he would go with his axe. 

And in health he did never from his labour relax. 

Till his energy and strength made the wilderness yield. 

And a rich, yellow harvest waved over his field. 

His labour each year did new beauties disclose. 

And the wilderness blossomed like unto the rose. 

The bounties of Ceres his labours beguiled. 

And where late was a desert, a paradise smiled. 

His seven stout sons, so blithesome and gay. 

With cheerfulness worked on his farm through the day, 

And when evening approached and the herd boy appeared, 

The lowing of cattle and cow boy was heard. 

His farmers returning most jovially along, 

The plough-boys were greeted with the dairy-maids' song. 

The songs of his spinners made his mansion resound, 

And their spinning wheels then went merrily round. 

WTiilst his weaver hard by, in a separate room. 

Was timing his ditty to his shuttle and loom. 

With the product of his soil were his graneries stored. 

And crowned was, with plenty, his hospitable board. 

Kind Providence granting what he could reasonably desire, 

And he rose to a competency to which few could aspire. 


But now, alas, how changed is the scene. 

There is scarcely a vestige of what it has been. 

Far down in his meadow where his cattle once strayed, 

The sons of old Vulcan * their fire works displayed. 

Dark columns of smoke in the heavens have appeared, 

And loud peals of thunder are freciuently heard. 

And near its north border, close by the old swamp. 

Where Jack o' the Lantern did oft light his lamp, 

There stands a huge column, belching forth smoke and flame. 

As if ^tna and Vesuvius were playing a game. 

His beautiful garden has gone to decay, 

And his mill and his mansion have both passed away ; 

And the boats may be seen, now, passing along. 

Where his haymakers were enraptured with the dairy-maids' song. 

But nearly a century did since intervene, 

And Oblivion's dark mantle has shrouded the scene. 


In these verses allusion is made to "seven stout sons" of 
Moses Coates, but only five are recorded. Moses, 2d, had, I 
think, but the one son, who went to Virginia. 

Joseph Walker and his wife went, immediately after their 
marriage, to a farm in Radnor Township, near old St. David's 
Church, where they lived until 1822, when on the death of his 
father he inherited the homestead " Rehobeth," to which he 
moved, and there resided till his death. Priscilla, his wife, is said 
to have been a gentle, quiet woman, and, like all the members of 
her family, of an amiable disposition. On her death, her sister 
Sarah took charge of the household, and was a mother to the 
small children, by whom she was tenderly loved and honored. 
She lived to be eighty-five, retaining all her faculties to the last. 
She never wore " flannels," and all her gowns were made low- 
necked and of a by-gone fashion, her shoulders being discreetly 
covered with silk or mull kerchiefs. She was a famous knitter, 
as well as a charming story teller. 

* Allusion is here made to tlie Phoenix Iron Works. 


Joseph Walker was a large, handsome man, with a ruddy 
complexion, and a kind and cheery manner. Residing at the 
homestead, and being near the meeting-house, of \yhich he in- 
herited the office of care-taker, all the stranger Friends came to 
his house, where a hearty welcome was always accorded them. 
In his day the Quaker preachers traveled all over the country 
on mission work, sometimes in carriages, sometimes on horse- 
back, and whenever they came near the Valley they turned aside 
to make their home with Joseph Walker for a few days. He 
sometimes preached in small meetings ; though he was not 
endowed with the gift of eloquence, he was what is called "an 
accepted minister." He and Joseph Davis sat at the head of the 
Valley Meeting in the galler>', and, in the absence of visiting 
preachers, had a few words to say. Their example as God- 
fearing, honest men and courteous gentlemen had possibly more 
effect on their hearers than the words they uttered. 

During Joseph Walker's occupancy of the homestead the 
house was extensively changed. A kitchen was added to the 
north side, and the former kitchen was converted into a sitting- 
room, while the quaint old room which had served for meetings 
of worship in Lewis Walker's time, and had been the family 
room for over a century, was transformed into a dining-room. 
The bed-rooms in the old part of the house were also changed. 

Joseph and Priscilla Walker, along with six of their children, 
are buried in the graveyard at the top of the hill. They had 
eight children : 

No. 667. I. Lewis "^ Walker, born 1813, died 1813. 

No. 668. n. Isaac ^ Walker, born 1814, died 1839. He was 

a young man of much promise, and his death 
was a serious loss to his family. He died of 


No. 669. III. Thomas R." Walker, born 1816, died 1875, 

married Mary Ba} nes. 

No. 670. IV. Moses" Walker, born 18 17, died 1870, married 

Sarah S. Davis. 

No. 671. V. Mary^ Walker, born 1820, unmarried. Lives 

with her brother at " Rehobeth." 

No. 672. VI. Sarah'' Walker, born July 31st, 1821, died July 

31st, 1849. 

No. 673. VII. Hananiah ^ Walker, born 1823, died , mar- 
ried Susan Katon. 

No. 674. VIII. Joseph^ Walker, born 1826, married Ellen L. 


No. 250. Hananiah Walker^ ( Isaac,"* Joseph,'' Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^ ), born at "Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., 2d mo. 2d, 1782, died at "The Meadows," in 
the same township in the year 1822, of typhus fever, a disease 
epidemic at that time in the vicinity. He married Jane, born 
1783, daughter of David and Susanna (Malin) Havard, of Tredyf- 
frin Township. In 18 13, Hananiah Walker made acknowledg- 
ment to the Radnor Monthly Meeting for " marrying out," and 
a year later his wife did the same. 

The Havards were among the earliest settlers of Chester 
County, the first on record being John Havard, who took up a 
large tract of land lying between Howellville and New Centre- 
ville about the commencement of the i8th century. This tract 
comprised the farms of the late William Ritter, David Wilson, 
William Roberts, and William Davis as well as that owned by 
A. J. Cassatt, called " Chester Brook," which until recently 
was the property of David Havard. 

The family came originally from Wales, but from what part 
of the Principality is not known. In the " Pennsylvania Archives," 


3d Series, Vol. XIX., we learn that, "By virtue of a letter of 
Attorney under the hands of the said Joseph and Mary Lloyd, of 
the town of and county of Haverford West, cordwainer, dated 
30th, 1st mo., 1690, Granted 100 acres to Mary Havard, widow 
of David Havard, deceased." This would seem to indicate that 
they came from Pembrokeshire. There are Havards now living 
in Narberth, which is only a few miles from Haverford West. 
Again, in the same volume of the " Pennsylvania Archives," we 
come across the name, when "4th mo. 5th, 1696, Hannah and 
John Parson sold 210 acres to David Havard, dying intestate, left 
his son, John, heir to the said land, to whom Mary, his mother, 
relict of the said David, and the said Hannah, relict of John Day 
and now wife to James Atkinson, requested it may be confirmed 
b\- patent." This was done at a Session of the Commissioners 
of Philadelphia, 3d mo. loth, 1701. (This was part of John 
Day's grant of 1250 acres given 6th mo. 19th, 168 1.) Again, in 
Minute Book G, "Signed a patent to David Harvard for 229 
acres." I cannot account for this anachronism of David Havard 
being dead in 1690. and buj-ing land in 1696, except it be 
another David Havard. We know there was one of that name, 
a " glover," who had a daughter Ann, who married John Powell, 
cooper, I ith mo. 12th, 1696. The marriage was witnessed by 
John and David Havard. (Radnor Meeting Records.) 

John Havard. son and heir of David and Mary Havard, born 
in Wales, 1674, married, 1706, Margaret, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Lewis, of Haverford. He was executor to her father's 
estate. There is in the family a Church of England prayer-book, 
dated 1656, that was the property of Margaret Lewis. They 
Hved in the house recently occupied by David Havard, near 
Howellville, which is still standing. Margaret, the wife of John 
Havard, died in 1712, leaving two daughters: Mar)', born 1709, 
who married, 1738, Herbert Thomas (see No. 112); and Mar- 


garet, born 171 i, who married, loth mo. 27th, 1762, John 
Hibberd. John Havard married second, Sarah Evans, and had 
John, born 1714; Ann, 1716; f^annah, 1718; Elizabeth, 1720; 
Sarah, 1721 ; David, 1723, died 1724; (?) Samuel, 1726, and 
Benjamin, 1729. (Radnor Meeting Records.) 

John, the son of John and Sarah (Evans) Havard, married 
Miriam Thomas. A house was built for them on a part of the 
Havard tract, which was afterwards occupied by their grand- 
children, William Davis and his sisters ; a portion of the farm 
was also given to them. They had but one child, Mary, who 
married William Davis. This property was put up for sale on 
the death of the last child of William and Mary (Havard) Davis, 
and it was bought by David Havard, the former owner of 
" Chester Brook." During the winter of 1777-8, General the 
Count Du Portails had his headquarters at the house of John 
Havard, and has left his name cut upon one of the panels of 
a door. 

David, another son of John and Sarah (Evans) Havard, mar- 
ried Susanna Malin. (There must be a mistake in the record or 
else another son was born after the death of the Da\-id who died 
in 1724.) They lived at the homestead and inherited the farm 
of 300 acres that went with it. They had three children : Sarah, 
born 1775, married Jonathan Miller; Benjamin, born 1780, mar- 
ried Mary Jones ; and Jane, who married Hananiah Walker. 

The other son of John and Sarah (Evans) Havard, who lived 
to grow up, was Samuel, who, with his two unmarried sisters, 
lived in the house on the other side of the creek, which was 
recently the home of William Ritter. He never married, and at 
his death, in 1808, left his land, the Ritter and Wilson farms, to 
his nephew, Dr. John Havard Davis, from whom it was after- 
wards sold by the sheriff. It is said that this same nephew 
inherited, along with the land, thirty thousand dollars in silver, 


which was as much as three men could carry. The two sisters, 
Hannah and Sarah Havard, willed all of their property to their 
nephew, Benjamin Havard, who gave it to his only daughter, 
Susan, who married William Roberts (No. 680), who is the 
present owner. 

Benjamin and Mary (Jones) Havard had a son David, before 
mentioned, who married Mary Reinhart. They lived at the old 
home until it was sold, and there all, except the last one of his 
children, who is the child of his second wife, were born. His 
eldest daughter, Lydia, married Abijah Stephens, the son of 
William M. and Susan (Davis) Stephens (see No. 267). His 
other children are Frank, John, David, Lewis, Charles, Ellen and 
Wade Havard. 

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Sarah (Evans) Havard mar- 
ried at "Tredyffrin :Meeting, ist mo. 3d, 1753," John, son of 
John Jacobs, of Providence, which marriage was witnessed by 
John, Sarah, Hannah and Samuel Havard. It is recorded also 
that " David Powell, of Philadelphia, surveyor, and Mary 
Havard, of Merion, widow," were married in 1706. Witnesses, 
John, William and ]^Iargaret Havard. This William Havard 
who signed the certificate must have been a member of the- 
family also; he married loth mo., 1712," Captain Roche's 
daughter, Elizabeth." William Davis, Justice of the Peace of 
Chester County, married them. 

Henry Woodman, heretofore extensively quoted, says in his 
" History of Valley Forge " that General Lafayette took up his 
quarters with Samuel Havard, who lived on Valley Creek, two 
miles south of Washington's headquarters, and "that a friendly 
intercourse" was kept up between him and the Baron De Kalb, 
who was at the house of Abijah Stephens, lower down the 
Valley. From the same authority we learn that General Knox 
lived with John Havard, whose property extended towards 


Valley Forge on " both sides of the Baptist road," and that 
General Lee was quartered with David Havard. 

Though the Havards were Quakers, they owned slaves, and 
when it became obligatory in the Society to free their negroes or 
forfeit their membership, which was about the year 1750, David 
Havard gave his their freedom. It is said though they accepted 
their freedom they all returned to the old home to die. It is 
characteristic of the family that they took them in, as they have 
always been noted for their kindness to the poor and the dis- 
tressed, as well as for their hospitality to their friends. 

There was a Havard family in Wales that occupied a promi- 
nent place in its history at one time, and although we have found 
nothing to connect them with the Chester County Havards, yet 
the similarity of names leads one to think that they are of the 
same origin. In " The Visitation of Wales," 1 591, we read: 
" In 1092, Bernard Newmarch, or Nova Mercata, followed the 
example of other Norman Knights, and crossed over from 
France to Wales, wasting the country in Breconshire and put- 
ting all that opposed him to the sword. He took possession of 
various choice lands and gave others to his followers. To one 
of these, Sir Walter Havard, he gave the Castle of Pontwilym, 
where for many generations they resided in considerable,affluence. 
The name of Havard appears to be a corruption of De Havre, or 
Havre de Grace, at the mouth of the Seine in Normandy." 
(Havre signifies mouth.) 

In I 591 Lawrens Havard prepared a family record for the 
Herald, who made a visitation in Wales at that time. When 
this occurred all manner of persons who pretended to the use of 
anus, or were styled esqidrcs or gentlemen, had to appear before 
him and show by what authority they claimed the distinction. 
They were ordered to bring their arms, crests, pedigrees and 
descents, " and such evidence of ancient writing as may justify 


the same." As long as the laws of chiv^alry were honored this 
custom was continued, and without it many pedigrees would 
have been lost. After 1688 it was discontinued, partly by the 
incompetency and dishonesty of the persons deputed by the 
Heralds to collect information. The earliest of the published 
records is 1529, and they were collected about every twenty-five 
years. Sometimes a family would neglect it by reason of poverty, 
for there was a tax to pay, and sometimes they let it fall into 
desuetude, as in the time of Cromwell, for conscientious reasons. 
The Quakers, following the example of the early Christians, 
looked upon all such things as worldly pride. They gave up the 
outward sign of noble birth, and frequently cut themselves off 
from every member of their family who was of another religious 
way of thinking. For that reason many of the Pennsylvanians 
left their coats-of-arnis in the old world, though entitled to bear 

The record prepared by Lawrens Havard contains eleven 
generations, commencing with Sir Peter Hafart, of the time of 
William Rufus, who would probably be a son of Sir Walter. It 
runs thus : David and his brother John Havard, son of Larens, 
son of Hary, son of Thomas, son of Wiliam, son of Wiliam, 
son of Meredyedd, son of Madog, son of Gwalter, son of John, 
son of Sir Peter Hafart. 

Another "Visitation " of 1597 gives: Pyrs Havard, son of 
Thomas, son of John of Radnor, son of Piers, son of John, son 
of Hywel, son of Stephen, son of Davydd, son of Llewelyn 
Crygeryr, who married Jonet, daughter and heir of Thomas 

The arms of this old Welsh family are very simple, — a 
roughly executed bull's head, the motto, "In deo spes." One 
of the mottoes of a branch of the family is, " Hafardiad pen tarw 
kock a thair ser aur." I have seen the arms carved on the east 


end of the " Vicars Chapel " in the old Priory Church at Brecon, 
Wales. This Chapel was erected by the Havards, and in the 
time of Queen Elizabeth was known as the " Havard Chapel." 
The initials B. H. are carved above it. The arms appear on 
several tombs of the old church. Indeed, this part of Wales was 
the home of the family for generations. The old castle of Pont- 
wilym was near Brecon, and Brecon Castle, the stronghold of 
Bernard Newmarch, though in ruins, still dominates the town. 

From "Antiquities of Glamorganshire " : "There camemanie 
gentlemen with the said Bernard Newmarch, among them, the 
Havards of the Manour of Pontwilym." "The Havards after 
sixteen generations removed to Dolhaidd, and afterwards to 
Goitre, Carmarthenshire." "A name which has been familiar in 
Breconshire ever since surnames were invented." " Pontwilym, 
where the Havards for many ages held sway." 

From " County Families of Wales," by Thomas Nicholas, 
Vol. I., page 89: Havard, "for many generations resided in 
considerable affluence at Pontwilym. In the 8th generation 
Madog Havard married a Welsh lady of the family of Einion 
Sais, ancestor of Sir David Gam." * 

"Thomas Havard served as sheriff of Breconshire, 1543, 
'49, '56, but the name does not afterwards appear. About the 
1 6th generation, the family for some reason or other left Pont- 
wilym, and probably the principal branch left Breconshire, for we 
find no mention of them henceforth at Pontwilym. John, the son 
of the sheriff, who is said to have married a daughter of Llewelyn 
ap Rhys, of Peytyn Gwyn, and who is not called ' of Pontwilym,' 
had a son Harry, of Dolhaidd, County Carmarthan, and his 
grandson Harry, is called 'of Goitre in Emlyn.' This Harry 

* The picturesque old mansion of Sir David Gam is in Brecon, on the other side of 
the River Usk from the Chapel and Castle. 


married Mary, daughter of Rev. Morris Williams, vicar of 
Llangelen, 1613. In about six generations after him the name 
disappears in Carmarthenshire, through failure of male issue. 
In Breconshire, in junior branches it exists longer, and is pos- 
sibly not yet extinct. The site of the ancestral mansion is 
still dimly visible in the depression of a moat which sur- 
rounded it." 

There was a Sir William Havard, Knight, of Cardiff, Gla- 
morganshire, in 1586. Thomas Havard lived in Radnor town 
in 1597. In 1 591 a Da\"id Havard had brothers and sisterS 
named John, Ffylib, Nickolas, Ann, Mari, Marged, and Elsbeth. 

On or before his marriage with Jane Havard, Hananiah 
Walker gave up the business of hatter, to which trade he had 
serv^ed an apprenticeship with his uncle Lewis Walker, in Phila- 
delphia, and went to farming. He bought the property adjoin- 
ing that of his brother Joseph, from Helen, a daughter of John 
Miller, and called it "The ]\Ieadows," John Miller had bought 
it from William Godfrey, who inherited it from his father, 
Thomas Godfrey, who came here from Wales in 1708. The 
house in which the Godfreys lived was torn down some thirty or 
more years ago. It had served as a tenant house for John 
Miller, who had built himself a new dwelling close by, which is 
now the residence of the Walker family. 

To this " new house" came Hananiah and Jane Walker, and 
here their children were born, but all too soon both the father 
and mother died, leaving four children to the guardianship of 
their uncle, Joseph Walker. An aunt, Rachel W^alker (No. 256), 
lived with them until her marriage. 

The children of Hananiah and Jane (Havard) W'alker were : 

No. 675. I. Havard ^ Walker, born 7th mo. 3d, 18 15, married 
Martha Potts. 


No, 676. II. Lewis ^ Walker, born ist mo. 27th, 18 17, died 
12th mo. 3d, 1868, married Susan Davis, born 
8th mo. 3d, 1827, died 6th mo. 5th, 1854, on 
the birth of her only child. 

No. 677. III. Davide Walker, born loth mo. 8th, 1818, died 
1889, married Hannah Cowgill. 

No. 678. IV. Mary Ann" Walker, born loth mo. 12th, 1820, 
died , married William W. Richards. 

No. 252. Mary Walker ^ (Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,'^ Lewis ^), 
born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., 6th mo. 22d, 1785, married, 12th mo. 20th, 1809, 
Joseph Roberts, son of William and Rebecca Roberts, of Charles- 
town Township, Chester County, Penna. Joseph Roberts was 
born 8th mo. 7th, 1786. He was grandson of Hugh and Jonne 
Roberts, of Merion. He died several years before his wife. 
Hugh Roberts married Jane, daughter of Owen ap Evans (see 
No. 5), according to some authorities. 

Mary W. Roberts was a woman whom every one loved and 
delighted to honor. She was singularly sympathetic and kind 
to everybody, and of a social disposition, which delighted in 
giving and receiving visits. She helped keep alive the feeling of 
kinship among her relations, and the notes collected by her were 
the nucleus of this genealogy. She had a good memory, and 
knew the youngest amongst us as well as she knew our earlier 
ancestors. She seemed the connecting link between the genera- 
tions. She had known her grandfather, born 1731, as well as 
his mother, born 171 3, who died 1802 ; therefore her stories of 
" old times " were valuable and interesting. She might well have 
been called "the family minstrel." She would recite old ballads, 
commemorative of local events, — those composed by her uncle, 
" Billie " Thomas, being the favorites. She lived to a good old 


age, her mind active to the last, as her heart was full of love. 
Joseph and Mary (Walker) Roberts had eight children : 

No. 670. I. Sarah ^ Roberts, married John Williams. 

No. 680. II. William^ Roberts, married Susanna Havard. 
No. 681. III. Lewis "^ Roberts, married Sarah Maris. 
No. 682. IV. Walker « Roberts, died 1817. 

No. 683. V. Stephen ^ Roberts, married Cordelia . 

No. 684. VI. Rebekah" Roberts, died 1836. 
No. 685. VII. Mary Ann « Roberts, died 1824. 
No. 686. VIII. Mary W.'' Roberts, married Caleb Hoopes. 

(See No. 662.) 

No. 253. Priscilla Walker-'^ (Isaac,'* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., 1788, married, 18 10, Cornelius Conard, son of 
Joseph and Martha Conard. They had six children : 

No. 687. I. Isaac « Walker Conard. 

No. 688. II. Martha*' Conard, drowned in 1848, in New Jer- 
sey Bay, aged 18. 

No. 689. III. Joseph ® Conard, scalded to death in infancy by 

falling into a large kettle of hot water. 

No. 690. IV. Mary ^ Conard, married Elijah Lewis. 

No. 691. V. Hananiah^ Conard, died . 

No. 692. VI. Ann« Conard, died 1856. 

No. 255. Jane Walker ^ (Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., 1792, married, 1st, Caleb Richards, of Schuylkill Town- 
ship, Chester County, Penna., who died 2d mo. 2d, 1824. They 
had three children : 


No, 693. I. John '^ Richards, died 1875, married, ist, Mary 
Ann Thomas ; 2d, Eliza Eastburn. Children 
died young. 

No. 694. II. Isaac W." Richards, married Susanna W. Sands. 

No. 095. III. Samuel S.* Richards, married Elizabeth Justice. 

Jane (Walker) Richards married, 2d, William Hallowell, of 
Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, Pcnna. The mar- 
riage took place at the Friends' Meeting, Schuylkill Township, 
3d mo. 20th, 1828. William Hallowell was a descendant of 
John and Mary Hallowell, who came from Hucknow, Parish of 
Sutton, Nottinghamshire, England, in 1682, and settled at 
Abington, Penna. William Hallowell was a widower, living on 
his farm in Plymouth Township, to which home he took his wife, 
Jane, with her children, and there they resided the rest of their 
lives. They both lived to be quite aged. Caleb Hallowell, the 
only surviving son of William and Jane, inherited this property 
at his father's death. William and Jane Hallowell had three 
children : 

No. 696. IV. Kate ^ Hallowell, married William Jenkins. 
No. 697. V. Caleb ^ Hallowell, married Hettie Yerkes. 
No. 698. VI. Benjamin*' Hallowell, died 1859, of consumption 
of the lungs. 

No. 259. Sarah Yarnall^ (Priscilla,'* Joseph,^ Isaac, - 
Lewis ^), born at Edgmont, Penna., ist mo. 4th, 1786, died 5th 
mo. 29th, 181 1, married, ist mo. 7th, 1808, Meredith Pennell, 
born 1788, died 1818, at Middletown Meeting. Meredith was 
the son of Joseph Pennell. (See the Sharpless Genealogy.) 
They had two children : 

No. 699. I. Priscilla W.^ Pennell, born 8th mo. 5th, 1809, 
married John Wells. 


No. 700. II. Thamzin R.^ Pennell, born 3d mo. 22d, 181 1, died 
5th mo. 5th, 1868, married Paschall Morris. 

No. 260. Eli Yarxall •' * (Priscilla/ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born at Edgmont, Penna., married Alice Pennell. (See the 
Sharpless Genealogy.) They had : 
No. 701. I. Alice « Yarnall, born 18 12, died 1831, 

No. 264. Sarah Walker ^ (Thomas/ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., March 
14th, 1791, died Dec. 9th, 1875, married, ist, Benjamin Moore ; 
2d, William Hughes. She had three children by her first 
marriage : 

No. 702. I. Sarah s Moore, died young. 
No. 703. II. Margaret'' Moore, died . 

No. 704. III. Isaac Walker^ Moore, married Margaret Hai-vey. 

No. 265. Richard Currie Walker^ (Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., Jan. 30th, 1793, died in the same Township, Aug. 19th, 
1870. He married, ist, Sarah Cleaver, daughter of Jonathan 
and Rebecca (Ivins) Cleaver. (See No. 282.) His second wife 
w-as Rebecca Ann Jones. He married for his third wife Sarah Ann 
Jones, who was his second wife's niece. Richard Walker lived for 
the greater part of his married life at the " Wayne Headquarters 
farm," which his father had purchased of the estate on the death 
of Joseph Walker. Some time in the "fifties" he gave this 
property up to the management of his son Ivins, and removed 
to a small farm near by, where he resided the remainder of his life. 

* Eli Yaraall married Elizabeth, daughter of William Yarnall, and lived at West 
Chester, Penna. Was this a second marriage, or was it another man ? There is on 
record a Priscilla Eli Yarnall, born 12th mo. 28th, 1812, died 3d mo. 27th, 1831. 


He was interested in other business affairs besides that of 
farming, one of which was that of lime burning at Port Kennedy, 
He was early afflicted with rheumatic gout, an hereditary disease, 
which rendered him for many years dependent upon crutches in 
walking. He was a handsome man, beloved by every one with 
whom he associated. His last wife, Sarah Ann, survived him. 
They are buried in the Valley Graveyard. Richard and Sarah 
(Cleaver) Walker had two sons : 

No. 705. I. Jonathan^ Walker, born July 25th, 18 18, mar- 
ried Caroline Blanchard. 

No. 706. II. Thomas Ivins^ Walker, died , married 

Isabelle Henry. 

Richard and Rebecca Ann (Jones) Walker had one son : 
No. 707. III. Richard « Walker, married Martha Wood. 

Richard and Sarah Ann (Jones) Walker had four children : 

No. 708. IV. Mary ^ Walker, married William Vogdes. 

Margaret ^ Walker, died unmarried, of consump- 

John ^ Walker, married Emma Stephens. 

Sarah Rebecca ^ Walker, married Edward Bon- 

No. 266. William Walker^ (Thomas,* Joseph,-^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 
Feb. 8th, 1795, died at " Rehobeth Spring," March loth, 1873. 
He was married, Jan. 28th, 18 17, by Parson Clay, to Sarah 
Pennypacker, born Feb. 28th, 1797, died at "Rehobeth Spring," 
Jan. 17th, 1878. She was the daughter of Mathias and Mary 
(Maris) Pennypacker (nee Longaker, daughter of David Long- 
aker), of Charlestown Township, Chester County, Penna. 

The Pennypacker family is descended from Hendrick Panne- 











becker, who was born in Holland, probably in Flomborn, about 
1674, and came to Pennsylvania before 1702, where he died 
April 4th, 1754. He married, 1699, in Germantown, Pa., Eve, 
daughter of Hans Peter Umstat, who arrived in Philadelphia on 
the "Francis & Dorothy," Oct. 12th, 1685. This ship sailed 
from London, Richard Bridgeman commanding. Hans Peter 
was son of Nicholas Umstat, who died at Crefeldt on the Rhine, 
1682. Hans Peter died 1702. 

Hendrick Pannebecker settled about Wernersvalle, Penna. 
(For more particulars see " The Pennypacker Pedigree," by 
Judge S. W. Pennypacker.) His son, Jacob, born 17 15, died 
1752, married Margaret Tyson, daughter of Mathias (died 1766) 
and Barbara Tyson, and granddaughter of Cornelius and Mar- 
garet Tyson. Mathias Pennypacker, son of Jacob and Margaret 
(Tyson) Pennypacker, born Oct. 14th, 1742, father of Sarah 
Walker, was a noted Mennonite preacher. 

According to an entry in his father's note-book, " William 
and Sarah moved to the Lower place, 4th mo. 3d, 18 17." The 
dwelling-house, known as " Rehobeth Spring," was built by 
Enoch Walker, and was occupied by him for a time. The farm 
is a part of the original Walker tract, and lies bet^veen " Reho- 
beth " and the " Wayne Headquarters farm." William Walker 
lived here for more than fifty years. He was a prosperous 
farmer, a man of genial disposition, and much hospitality was 
dispensed in the old rambling farm-house by him and his family. 
His wife, Sarah Walker, had the reputation of having been the 
prettiest girl in Charlestown Township, and no one would doubt 
it who looked at her in her beautiful old ao;e. She has trans- 
mitted her good looks to her children along with her warm- 
hearted, social disposition. They celebrated their golden 
wedding in 1867, surrounded by a number of children, grand- 
children, and great-grandchildren. They are buried in the 


Valley Graveyard beside their two youngest children, who died 

before them. They had ten children : 

No. 712. I. Thomas Umstat « Walker, born Nov. 6th, 1817, 

died Sept. 9th, 1895, married Eleanor Massey. 
No. 713. II. Mary Pennypacker "^ Walker, born Sept. 3d, 

1 8 19, died Nov. 15th, 1889, married T. Coffin 

No. 714. III. Margaret Currie« Walker, born Oct. 9th, 1821, 

married John O. Stearns. 
No. 715. IV. Annie Ross « Walker, born Oct. nth, 1823, 

died July i8th, 1868, married Dr. M. J. 

No. 716. V. Emma Jane'' Walker, born Aug. 31st, 1825, 

married Winfield S. Wilson. 
No. 717. VI. Mathias P. « Walker, born Sept. 8th, 1827, mar- 
ried Eliza Rambo. 
No. 718. VII. Rebecca A. J.' Walker, born Sept. 5th, 1830, 

married Charles D. Massey. 
No. 719. VIII. Sallie M.'^ Walker, born 1832, died Oct. 21st, 

1883, married David W. Worthington, Jan. 

9th, 1862. S.p. 
No. 720. IX. William Nathan ^ Walker, born March 30th, 

1835, died March 1st, 1872. 
No. 721. X. Athalia L. T.^ Walker, born June 13th, 1837, 

died August 9th, 1858. 

No. 267. Hannah Walker ^ ( Thomas,"* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 
June 15th, 1797, died Sept. loth, 1881. She married, Feb. i6th, 
1820, Stephen Stephens, of the same township, born iith mo. 
5th, 1795, died 3d mo. 19th, 1872. He was a son of Stephen 
and Sarah (MacVeagh) Stephens. 


The Stephens family are among the earliest settlers of 
Chester County, and some members of it still occupy the land 
purchased by their ancestor from William Penn, They have 
been associated \vith the Walkers from the earliest times, both in 
business and social relations, and the two families have so fre- 
quently intermarried that the histor}- of one is almost the history 
of the other. 

Lewis Walker and Stephen Bevans were the originators of 
the \^alley ^Meeting in 171 4. Stephen Evans (or Bevans) with 
Daniel and Isaac Walker were the pioneers in the iron industry' 
of Pennsylvania. The forge they started at ]\It. Joy for its 
manufacture gave the name of Valley Forge to the place. (See 
Penna. Alaga., Vol. XVII., p. 93.) Stephen Evans' name is 
attached as a witness to Lewis Walker's will, as well as to several 
of the wedding certificates belonging to the family. 

The earliest ancestor of whom the present generation has any 
definite knowledge is Evan ap Evan, or Evan Bevan, who had 
a large grant of land (tradition says 2000 acres) in the Welsh 
tract. This included the farms now owned by William Fisher, 
the late Abraham Beidler, James Chatwin, Lewis Piersol and 
W^illiam Stephens. Henr\- Woodman, in his " Histor}' of Valley 
Forge,"* says : "The original tract, containing upwards of 2000 
acres, was taken up by Evan ap Bevan, or Evaniah Be\an, a native 
of Radnorshire, in the Principality of Whales, about the year 1686. 

"Whether he emigrated to this countr}- or not, I cannot say 
with certainty, but from ha\ang seen his name to certain title 
deeds, I have come to the conclusion that he must have resided 
for several of the last years of his life in this, then, Province of 
Pennsylvania. One thing is certain, that he was the original 

*" History of Valley Forge," a series of letters that were written many years ago 
by Henrj' Woodman, a descendant of Evan ap Evan. They were published in a Bucks 
County newspaper, and have been preserved by a member of the family in a scrapbook. 


ancestor of the Stephens family, since very numerous in that 
part of the country, and some branches of the family now in 
possession of a part of other land granted to him years ago. 

" I have always understood that this was the first forge 
(Valley Forge) for the manufacture of iron in the Province, and 
was first commenced by Stephen Evans, a son of the aforesaid 
Evan ap Bevan, and Isaac Walker, a son of Lewis, the original 
ancestor of the Walker family, since, and at this time composing 
a numerous and respectable portion of the inhabitants of that 
part of the country, some of them now being in possession of the 
original portion of land granted to him in 1684." 

Stephen Bevan, the son of Evan ap Evan, changed his name 
to Stephen Evans. In the Radnor Monthly Meeting Records 
we may see the register of his marriage. It says : Stephen 
Evans, of Tredyffrin, batchelor, married Mary Davis, spinster, 
daughter of William, of Upper Merion, 9th mo. 12th, 17 18. He 
took his wife to Tredyffrin, where a house was erected near by 
the present Stephens homestead, now owned by the Fisher 
family, and here they lived, farming the large tract of land he 
had inherited from his father. He had a brother David, as will 
be seen on reading his will, who probably shared in his father's 
estate. From "Abstract of Wills," at Penna. Hist. Soc. : " Stephen 
Evans, of Chester Co., Yeoman : his wife Mary, sons, Jesse and 
Abijah, executors. His children, David, Ruth (Hayle), Benja- 
min, Abijah, and Jesse : grand-daughter Prudence Hayle. 
Trustees, his brother David and Thomas Waters. Witnesses : 
David Stephens, Thomas Waters and William Godfrey. Signed, 
Feb. 2 1 St. 1754. Proved, June 12th, 1754." 

In the will of David Lewis, 1752, he mentions his friends 
Abijah, Jesse and Benjamin Stephens, and Stephen Evans is 
appointed one of the executors. Of these children, Abijah 
Stephens married Priscilla Thomas, daughter of Thomas Thomas. 


(See No. 46.) The wedding was witnessed by Mary, David, 
Elizabeth and Hannah Stephens, William, Hezekiah, Philip and 
Rebekah Thomas and others. David, another son of Stephen 
Evans, married Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of Maurice and 
Eleanor Edwards. David lived near Valley Forge, in the house 
now occupied by his descendant, William Stephens. His wife, 
an only child, inherited a large farm adjoining, now owned by 
Mr. Pearsoll. They had three children : ^Maurice Stephens ; 
Abijah Stephens, married Elizabeth Moore ; and Eleanor Steph- 
ens, who married Jacob Richardson, of Valley Forge. 

Abijah Stephens, in course of time, built a larger house for 
his family near the old one. He was a prosperous farmer, and 
much respected in the neighborhood. He and his wife were 
worthy people, and, like other residents of that section of 
countr)', they were intimately associated with the American 
Army at Valley Forge. It is said that every- bit of rail fence on 
the Stephens farm was burnt by the soldiers for fire wood dur- 
ing that memorable winter of 'yy and 'j8. Various other heavy 
losses were sustained by them. He had what is called " a dft 
in medicine." He had the title of " Doctor," though he had 
never studied at any college for the degree, and his ser\'ices 
were highly appreciated by the soldiers at the camp. He made 
a salve, noted for its healing powers, that was much in requisi- 
tion, the receipt of which is still in the family and still used. His 
services as a physician were always given gratuitously and his 
posterity was taught to do the same. As one of his descendants 
remarks, in furnishing me with incidents relating to her family : 
" That is perhaps the reason that none of us have ever risen to 
wealth." There are some interesting stories related of the family 
that were sent me by Mrs. Lydia W. (Stephens) Hillis, which I 
take pleasure in inserting : 



' ' Washington having decided to encamp for the winter at Valley Forge, 
sent some of his officers in advance to secure headquarters for the different 
commanders. The utmost secrecy in regard to their movements 1)eing 
necessary, they could give but little warning, except to pass through the 
neighborhood and write upon the doors of the different houses the name of 
the General who expected to occupy it. Upon my grandfather's door they 
wrote 'Headquarters of General Wheeden.' Knowing the famished 
condition of the soldiers, my grandmother prepared a large pot of soup — 
they having killed a beef a few days before — and baked from a large tub of 
buckwheat batter a quantity of cakes. Upon these, with accompanying 
vegetables, the soldiers were feasting when General Wheeden arrived, and 
he, being of a very inhuman disposition, swore at them for entering the 
house before his arrival, striking some with his sword, all fleeing from him 
in abject terror. Regardless of the threats of the commanding officer, my 
grandmother ordered the soldiers to carry the vessels of soup into the 
yard, and there they devoured their meal, as ' described by my grand- 
parents, ' like ravenous beasts,' so great was their hunger. 

" Happily, General Wheeden' s reign was of short duration. His 
successor was Baron De Kalb, between whom and my grandfather a warm 
friendship was formed. Many letters passed between them afterwards, 
none of which have been preserved, except a letter of introduction which 
was brought by a friend of the Baron, Captain Du Ponceau, of Philadelphia, 
who was seeking country air in quest of health." 

Sarah S, Walker, wife of Moses Walker (No. 670), and great- 
grand-daughter of Abijah Stephens, has seen the original letter 
of introduction, and fortunately had a copy of it along with some 
explanatory remarks clipped from a newspaper : 


" During the time when the American Army was encamped at Valley 
Forge in 1777-8, the Baron De Kalb, who held the rank of Major-General, 
and who was afterwards killed at the first battle of Camden in South Caro- 
lina, had his headquarters at the house of a gentleman, named Abijah 
Stephens, not far from the historical camp-ground. 

" After the Army had left this part of the country, the Baron gave a 


friend a letter of introduction to Mr. Stephens, some copies of which are still 
in existence. This is the letter : 

" ' Philadelphia, April 12th, 1780. 

• ■ ' Sir : — Captain Du Ponceau, a particular friend of mine, going to 
Valley Forge for change of air and the recovery of his health, and being un- 
acquainted with the country, I shall take it as a very peculiar favor if you can 
and will do him the service to introduce him into some neighboring houses. 
I shall be glad to hear from you and your family. I hope they are all well. 
Though I was very poorly, yet when I left you in 1778, I recovered so well 
during the campaign that I have been hearty ever since. Colonel Dubuison, 
whom I left in camp in Morristown, is well. Major Rogers left the army 
in October, 1778, and is since at home in Baltimore. I am to set out for 
South Carolina in a short time. Could have wished to call on you before, 
but do not think I have it in my power. 

" ' I wish you all happiness, wealth and prosperity, and am, sir, your 
very humble servant, The Baron De Kalb, Major-General. 

" ' To Mr. Stephens, by favor of Captain Du Ponceau, near Valley 

When the Hessian troops passed through the Valley they 
visited the Stephens homestead, an account of which has been 
furnished me by Mrs. Hillis in the following words : " When 
the family saw the Hessians approaching they secured such 
articles of value as they could, among them a set of silver spoons, 
which they placed in the pocket of grandfather's mother (Mary 
Davis Stephens), who was then very old and in her dotage. The 
first act of the Hessians was to seize grandfather by the collar, 
draw a dagger and rob him of his watch. Their actions, of 
course, alarmed the old lady, who kept feeling in her pocket and 
exclaiming, ' Prissie, does thee think the spoons are safe ? ' For- 
tunately the soldiers did not understand English, though, with 
all their rudeness, they seemed to respect old age, taking her 
affectionately by the hand and calling her ' M udder '." 

The old arm-chair in which " Grandmother Stephens " sat 
when the Hessians invaded the premises is now owned by 


Thomas Thomas, of Philadelphia, who received it from his 
mother, Mary H. Thomas, of Norristown, Penna., who is a 
descendant of Abijah Stephens through the Woodman family. 

Abijah and Priscilla (Thomas) Stephens had seven children, 
who, it will be noticed, retained the name of Stephens, after the 
English manner, instead of taking Abijah for their patronimic, 
which was the Welsh custom, and which the family had hitherto 
adopted. Their only son, Stephen, married Sarah MacVeagh, 
daughter of Jeremiah and Eleanor (Evans) MacVeagh, 4th mo, 
27th, 1 79 1. They were married at the Valley Meeting-house. 
(Jeremiah MacVeagh, who married Eleanor Evans, of Gwynedd, 
was an ancestor of the Hon. Wayne MacVeagh.) Stephen 
Stephens inherited the farm, and when he retired from active life 
he built an addition to the house which he occupied, — his son 
Abijah living in the other part of the house, and farming the 
land. He died 8th mo. 31st, 1845. He had Abijah Stephens, 
married, 1st, Eliza Moore; 2d, Esther Rogers; Jeremiah 
Stephens, married Mary Lincoln ; Stephen Stephens, married 
Hannah Walker ; Eleanor Stephens, married Joseph Davis, of 
Tredyffrin Township ; and Priscilla Stephens, married Cyrus C. 

Sarah, the daughter of Abijah and Priscilla Stephens, mar- 
ried Edward Woodman ; Mary, married Samuel Rossiter ; Eliza- 
beth, married Philip Reese ; Priscilla, married Jacob Rogers ; 
Rebecca, unmarried ; Anna, married Enoch Richards. 

Abijah, the son of David Stephens, of Valley Eorge, mar- 
ried Elizabeth Moore ; their son, William M., married, ist, Susan 
Davis, the sister of Joseph Davis, before mentioned ; 2d, Han- 
nah Hall ; William Stephens, the present owner of the Valley 
Forge farm, is a son by the first marriage. 

Eleanor, daughter of David and sister of Abijah Stephens, 
of Valley Forge, married Jacob Richardson, and had Rebecca, 


Avho married Jacob Massey, and was the mother of Charles D. 
Massey (see No. 718), Isaac R. Massey (see No. 724), and 
Eleanor, who married Thomas U. Walker (No. 712). Eleanor 
was also the mother of Isaac, more generally known as Squire 

Abijah, the son of Stephen and Sarah (MacVeagh) Stephens, 
married ist, Eliza, daughter of Isaac and Miriam (Wells) Moore 
and grand-daughter of Mordecai Moore, of Montgomery County, 
Penna. Miriam Wells' father owned the farm now rented by 
Jacob H. Beidler (No. 1539), in Montgomery County, Penna. 
Eliza (Moore) Stephens died in 1833. Her children were : Maiy 
MacVeagh, who married Charles Thomas, of Chester Valley. 
(She is an accepted minister in the Society of Friends, and 
resides, since her widowhood, in Norristown, Penna.) ; Isaac 
Moore; Stephen, died 1871 ; Anna Moore, died in infancy; 
Rachel MacVeagh, died in infancy ; Lydia Wells, married David 
Hillis, of Norristown, Penna. She is of a literary turn of mind, 
several books of her verses having been published. I am 
indebted to her for a great deal of the information which is here 
given of the Stephens family. She taught school for some years 
before her marriage. In 1835 Abijah Stephens married his 
second wife, Esther Rogers. Two children, Jacob Rogers and 
Priscilla, were born to them before his death, which occurred in 


On Abijah Stephen's death, his brother, Stephen Stephens, 

with whom this article opens, came to the homestead to live, 

and on his father's death, in 1845, he bought the farm. He was 

the last of his name to occupy it, as it was bought by Charles 

Wells some years afterward, who, after a residence there of 

several years, sold it to Mr. Fisher, whose son is the present 

owner. It is an interesting old house, in excellent repair, and 

good for another century of usefulness. Stephen and Hannah 



(Walker) Stephens moved to a small house quite near the old 
homestead, to which was attached a small farm, and here they 
passed the remainder of their days in comfort and peace. After 
a married life of more than fifty years, Stephen Stephens died of 
an apoplectic stroke in the spring of 1872. His wife died in 
Philadelphia at the residence of her son, William, Sept. loth, 
1 88 1, and both are buried in the Valley Graveyard, where all 
their ancestors in this country had preceded them. They had 
four children : 

No. 722. I. Sarah W.^ Stephens, married Abraham Beidler. 

No. 723. II. William W.« Stephens, born Aug. 29th, 1824, 

married, ist, Joanna Davis ; 2d, Rebecca S. 
Taylor ; 3d, Annie Rhodes. 

No. 724. III. Margaret C.^ Stephens, born Dec. 8th, 1827, 

married Isaac R. Massey. 

No. 725. IV. Richard C.^ Stephens, married Fanny B. Penny- 
packer (No. 742). 

No. 268. Joseph Burden Walker' (Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., Sept. i ith, 1799, died at the same place, Feb. 8th, 1879. 
He married, ist, Hannah Stephens, who died Oct. iith, 1872. 
His second wife was Eliza Roberts. He resided on the farm 
and in the house in which he was born until his death, where 
his father and great-grandfather, William Currie, had lived before 
him. Joseph and Hannah (Stephens) Walker had three sons : 

No. 726. I. Charles ^ Walker, married Sallie Wells. 

No. 727. II. Theodore W.*^ Walker, married Sallie Stephens. 

No. 728. III. William « Walker. 

No. 269. Ann Walker ' (Thomas,'* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), 
born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., March 


25th, 1802, died Nov. 15th, 1879. She married, Oct. 21st, 
1830. John Richards, who died March 22d, 187 1. They had : 

No. 729. I. Thomas Walker ^ Richards, born 1836. He en- 
Hsted in the Union Army early in the Civil War, 
and was killed in battle. 

No. 270. Isaac Walker ^ (Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), 
born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., Aug. 14th, 
1804, died in Philadelphia, Jan. gth, 1887. He married, Jan. 
20th, 1829, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Mary Beidler. 
Elizabeth Beidler was born Sept. 7th, 1805, and died Oct. 8th, 
1870. She was a sister of Abraham and Israel Beidler, of Ches- 
ter Valley. 

Isaac Walker resided for many years on a large farm at New 
Centreville, Chester County, Penna. Like his brother Richard 
(No. 265), he suffered for many years with rheumatic gout. He 
is buried with his wife and two sons, William and Isaac, in the 
Valley Graveyard. He had eight children : 

No, 730. I. Jacob B.^ Walker, died , married Hannah 

No. 73L II. ]\Iary Frances^ Walker, married William H. 

No. 732. III. Thomas P.« Walker, married Emma Weber. 
No. 733. IV. William W.« Walker, died , married 

No. 734. ^^ Joseph B.^ Walker, married, ist, ^Mar)- Cole- 

hower ; 2d, ^lary ]\IcCann. 
No. 735. \T. Hannah *^ Walker, married William Weber. 
No. 736. VII. Elizabeth B.e Walker, married James G. Wells. 
No. 737. VIII. Isaac ^ Walker, died 1872, married Mary Emily 

Roberts (No. 1409). 


No. 271. Jane Walker ^ (Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), 
born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., April 
28th, 1807, died in Schuylkill Township, Oct. 15th, 1871. She 
married, Oct. 28th, 1828, Joseph Brower Pennypacker, of 
Charlestown Township, Chester County, Penna. They had nine 
children : 

No. 738. I. Hannah Margaret " Pennypacker, married Oliver 

P. Ludwig. 

No. 739. II. Elizabeth Brower^ Pennypacker, born March 

9th, 1832, married Edwin M, Supplee. 

No. 740. III. Ann^ Pennypacker, born Dec. 6th, 1834, mar- 
ried Robert A. Grover. 

No. 741. IV. Thomas Walker^ Pennypacker, born Jan. 2d, 

1836, married Margaret Wildey. 

No. 742. V. Frances Brower ^ Pennypacker, born May 4th, 

1838, married Richard C.Stephens. 

No. 743. VI. Sarah Jane ^ Pennypacker, born Oct. i6th, 1840, 

died Feb. 15th, 1894. 

No. 744. VII. Mary Emma^ Pennypacker. 

No. 745. VIII. Marcia Cranston*' Pennypacker. 

No. 746. IX. Isaac Walker^ Pennypacker. 

No. 272. ZiLLAH Walker^ ( Thomas,* Joseph,''^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna , 
Nov. 1 2th, 1809, died at New Centreville, Chester County, Dec. 
i6th, 1891. She married. Jan. ist, 1840, Evans Kendall, who 
died Dec. 28th, 1886. Evans Kendall owned and kept the 
tavern at New Centreville. They had four sons : 

No. 747. I. Thomas Walker® Kendall, married Florence 



No. 748. II. Samuel Eugene^ Kendall, married, ist, Hannah 

Beasley; 2d, Athalia L. T. Walker. (No. 

No. 749. III. William W.s Kendall, married, ist, Martha 

Sloan ; 2d, Estelle Simpson. 

No. 750. IV. George ^ Kendall, married Sallie Bittle. 

No. 273. Mary Walker ^ (Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., May 5th, 
18 1 2, died in Schuylkill Township, Feb. 26th, 1883. She mar- 
ried, Jan. 3d, 1832, Benjamin Rowland, of Charlestown Township, 
Chester County, Penna. He died Nov. 24th, 1874. They had 
eighteen children, eleven of whom lived to maturity : 

No. 751. I. Ruthanna ^ Rowland, died unmarried, May 6th, 


No. 752. II. Marcia G.*" Rowland, married Brinton Dar- 

No. 753. III. Thomas Walker ^ Rowland, killed in battle in 

the late Civil War. 

No. 754. IV. B. Franklin ^ Rowland, married Anna Wagner. 

No. 755. V. Mar}' ^ Rowland, married Dr. Bannister, of 


No. 756. VI. Margaretta^ Rowland, married John V. Kugler. 

No. 757. VII. Samuel J.^ Rowland, married Ida V. Hampton. 

No. 758. VIII. Caroline'^ Rowland, married Roger M. Little. 

No. 759. IX. Windfield W.^ Rowland, died unmarried. 

No. 760. X. Eleanora S.^ Rowland, married Frank Beaver. 

No. 761. XL Harry C Rowland. 

No. 274. Mary Thomas ^ (Naomi,* Joseph,'^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), 
born in Radnor Township, Penna., married, ist, Charles 


McClenachan, who died within a year, leaving one daughter, 
Naomi. Mary (Thomas) McClenachan ; married, 2d, Jonathan 
Jones, of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Penna. They 
lived at Wynne Wood. She was a woman noted in her day and 
generation for her benevolence and good judgment. Possessed 
of a comfortable income she was able to gratify her taste for 
doing good. She was interested in her family history and is the 
author of the article bearing her name " Mary Jones " (No. 112), 
relating to the Thomas family. She survived both her husbands, 
and died at a good old age. She had two children : 

No. 762. I. Naomi ® McClenachan, married Levi Morris, of 

Bryn Mawr, Penna. 
No. 763. II. Owen *^ Jones, married Mary Roberts (No. 784). 

No. 275. Rees Thomas ^ (Naomi, ^ Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis ^) 
born in Radnor Township, Penna., married Rebecca Brooke, of 
Gulph Mills, Montgomery County, Penna. They had nine 
children : 

No. 764. I. William B.^ Thomas, married Emily H. Holstien. 
No. 765. II. Anna Louisa® Thomas, married Amos Corson. 
No. 766. III. Naomi ® Thomas, unmarried. 
No. 767. IV. Mary Ann ® Thomas, unmarried. 
No. 768. V. Rees ® Thomas, died in infancy. 
No. 769. VI. Benjamin ® Thomas, married Annie Coudon. 
No. 770. VII. Emily® Thomas, married Jonathan Trego. 
No. 77L VIII. Rebecca® Thomas, married Milton Allen. 
No. 772. IX. Priscilla ® Thomas, married, 1st Isaac Barber ; 

2d, Ogden Cuthbert. 

No. 276. Sarah Thomas ^ (Naomi,^ Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), 
born in Radnor Township, Penna., married Dr. James Anderson. 


They lived where Br>m Mawr now stands. They had nine 

children : 

No. 773. I. Mary ® Anderson, married John Buckman, of 

New Jersey. 
No. 774. II. Isaac ^ Anderson, married Martha Crawford, of 

Montgomery County, Penna. 
No. 775. III. Naomi ^ Anderson, died unmarried. 
No. 776. IV. Kuriah" Anderson, died unmarried. 
No. 777. V. Joseph^ Anderson, died unmarried. 
No. 778. VI. Priscilla^ Anderson. 
No. 779. VII. Patrick « Anderson. 
No. 780. VIII. Henry « Anderson. 
No. 781. IX. Rush 6 Anderson, clerg^^man. 

Xo. 278. Emily Thomas ^ (Xaomi,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), 
born in Radnor Township, Penna., married Isaac Roberts, of 
Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Penna. They had three 
children : 

Xo. 782. I. Rebecca ^ Roberts. 

No. 783. II. Gainor « Roberts. 
No. 784. III. Mary^ Roberts, married Owen Jones (No. 763). 

Xo. 280. Louisa A. Thomas ^ (Naomi,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in Radnor Township, Penna., married John E. 
Evans, of Philadelphia. She was a pupil of Westtown Boarding- 
school, an institution which had quite a reputation in its day 
among Friends. It is noted by a member of the family that a 
large number of Lewis Walker's descendants, upwards of fifty, 
had been scholars at this school before the year 18 15. Louisa 
(Thomas) Evans sometimes preached in the religious meetings of 
the society. She had but one child : 


No. 785. I. Emily Thomas" Evans, married John Longstreth, 

of Philadelphia, grandson of Joseph and Sarah 
(Thomas) Longstreth. (See No. 105.) 

No. '281. William Penn Thomas^ (Naomi,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ' ), born in Radnor Township, Penna., married Tacy 
Roberts. They had two children : 

No. 786. I. Rebecca " Thomas, married Chas. J. Elliott. 

No. 787. II. Herbert ^ Thomas, married Henrietta Hect. 

No, 282. Jane Walker Thomas ^ (Naomi,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Radnor Township, Penna., married in the year 
1823, William Cleaver, of Tredyffrin Township, the son of Jona- 
than and Rebecca (Ivins) Cleaver. 

The Cleaver family of Montgomery County is descended 
from William, who married Mary Knight, and who lived near 
the King of Prussia, in the same county, on the farm now owned 
by Mr. Austin Taggert. They were Friends, and both are buried 
in the Valley Graveyard. Their son, Jonathan Cleaver, married 
Rebecca Ivins, and succeeded his father at the homestead. They 
had twelve children : Moses, died in infancy ; Mary, married Peter 
Rambo ; Kesiah, married, ist, Joshua Tyson, 2d, Samuel Hen- 
derson ; Rebecca, married, ist, John Brown, 2d, Jonathan 
Thomas ; Elizabeth, married Samuel Robinson ; Sarah, married 
Richard C. Walker (No. 265) ; Theodosia, married Samuel 
Phillips ; Lydia, married John Bartholemew (and had Emily 
Bartholomew, who married Wallace Henderson, Lydia Bartholo- 
mew, who married William Lee, and John Bartholomew, who 
married, ist, Martha Serrell, 2d, Emma Serrell, her sister) ; 
Emily, married Edward Bartholemew ; Charlotte, married Adam 
Siter ; William, married Jane W. Thomas. 

William Cleav^er and his wife went to live at " Bellwood 


Farm," in Montgomery County, Penna. This place belonged 
originally to Thomas and Ann (Bartholemew) Waters, who be- 
queathed it to their daughter, Eleanor Brinton. It was bought 
from her by Jonathan Cleaver, the son of William, above men- 
tioned, at whose death it was inherited by his son, William, the hus- 
band of Jane Thomas. He resided there the remainder of his life, 
and it is now owned and occupied by his grand-son-in-law, Hugh 
De Haven, and his daughters. This farm joins that of Joseph 
Walker (the sixth generation of the Walker family owning both 
estates). The house occupies a fine position on the hill and is 
one of the most imposing residences in the neighborhood. It is 
over a hundred years old and has been kept in excellent repair. 
Jane W. Cleaver survived her husband many years, dying a few 
years ago, over eighty years old. Both she and her husband 
are buried in the Valley Graveyard. They had seven children : 

I. ]Mar\- ^ Cleaver, married Hugh De Haven. 
II. Jonathan® Cleaver, married Anna J. Wood. 

III. William'' Cleaver, died unmarried. 

IV. Rebecca® Cleaver, died Dec, 1895, unmarried. 
V. Naomi s Cleaver, died in infancy. 

VI. Charles ® Cleaver, died in infancy. 
VII. Sarah ® Cleaver, died in infancy. 

No. 290. Lewis Walker^ (Lewis, ^ Joseph,'^ Isaac,- Lewis ^ ), 
born in Philadelphia, Penna., married Catherine Waggling. They 
had three children : 

No. 795. I. Lewis 6 Walker. 

No. 796. II. Mary Helen® Walker, died I S94, married Robert 

No. 797. III. Emily Pancoast® Walker. 
















No. 292. Sarah Walker '^ (Lewis/ Joseph/ Isaac/ Lewis '), 
born in Philadelphia, Penna., died there at her home on Green 
street, 1877, married John Kersey, of Philadelphia, who did not 
long survive her. They had one child : 

No. 798. L Emma W.^ Kersey, died , married Clayton 

L. Hagey. 

No. 303. William Rankin Walker '(Jesse,* Joseph,^ Isaac/ 
Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, at the home of his grand- 
father Walker, went with his father to Lackawaxen, Penna. He 
married and had two sons : 

No. 799. I. Webb ' Walker. 

No. 800. II. Rankin « Walker. 

No. 304. Ruth Pilkinton ^ (Sarah,* Benjamin,^ Isaac, ^ 

Lewis ^ ), born , married Isaac Pearson, and had : 

No. 801. I. Isaac C." Pearson, married Estella Lloyd. 

No. 802. II. Sarah ^ Pearson, married Dr. John E. Taylor. 

No. 803. III. Hannah ^ Pearson, married Edward C. Cheese- 

No. 804. IV. Phcebe ® Pearson, married Samuel Willitts. 

No. 805. V. Ruth Emma 6 Pearson, residence, 5123 Main St., 

Germantown, Pa. 

No. 806. VI. Elizabeth J.^ Pearson, married Alga Roberts. 

No. 807. VII. Lewis W.® Pearson, married Margaret Evans. 

No. 310. Sarah Pilkinton' (Sarah,* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), married Dr. Hiram Metcalf, and had : 
No. 808. I. Wooster ^ Metcalf, died. 

No. 809, II. John Richard ^ Metcalf 
No. 810. III. Gillson^ Metcalf 


No. 811. IV. Ella« Metcalf, married John Peters. 
No. 812. V. Estella^ Metcalf, married Neely Diax. 

No. 312. Jesse Walker' (John/ Benjamin/^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born at Warrington, York County, Penna., married Margaret 
Myers ; had five children : 

No. 812^. I. Kersey J. ^Walker, married Jane Nester, resides 

at Steelton, Penna. ; children : 
I. Frank "^ Walker, 
n. Rash ' Walker. 
in. Hayes ^ Walker. 
IV. Margaret " Walker. 

No. 812(^. II. John M.s Walker, married Dolly Fry, resides at 

Mechanicsburg, Penna. ; children : 
I. John ' Walker. 
II. Jesse *" Walker. 

III. Joseph ^ Walker. 

IV. Ellen ' Walker. 

No. 812c. III. Lydia J.« Walker," died — 

No. 812^. IV. Lavinia M.^ Walker, married Jacob Keeny, of 

Wellsville, Penna. ; children : 
I. Mary J.^ Keeny. 
II. Margaret W.^ Keeny. 

III. Abraham " Keeny. 

IV. Eliza M." Keeny. 

V. William H.^ Keeny. 

No. 812^. V. Jesse ' Walker, died — 



No. 313. Ruth Walker^ (John,* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), 
born at Warrington, York County, Penna., married Israel 
Garretson ; had eight children : 

No. 812/. I. Jacob ^ Garretson, married Eliza Betz ; five 

No. 812^. II. Lydia*^ Garretson, married Josiah Wickersham ; 

four children. 
No, 812/^. III. Israel^ Garretson, married Rachel Garretson; 

three children. 
No. 812/. IV. Ruth Anna" Garretson, married Samuel Kunkle ; 

eight children. 
No. 812/ V. Mary" Garretson, married Washington Sutton; 

four children. 
No. 812/('. VI. Martha" Garretson, married Henry Otmeyer ; 

one child. 
No. 812/. VII. Robert" Garretson, died young. 
No. 812 ;;z. VIII. Maria" Garretson, married Strong; 

three children. 

No. 316. Margaret Walker^ (John,'* Benjamin,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^), born at Warrington, York County, Penna., married 
Charles Underwood, of the same place. They had children : 

No. 812n. I. Emeline" Underwood, died , married Henry 

Heck ; one son, Charles " Heck, of South 

No. 812<?. II. John M." Underwood, married Amanda Ginger- 

ick ; he is Director of Second National 
Bank, Mechanicsburg, Penna. ; has : 

I. Enola'' Underwood. 

II. Ada^ Underwood, married Rev. Mr. Ayers, of 
Hagerstown, Md. 


in. Charles ' Underwood, a graduate of Lehigh 

IV. Arthur '^ Underwood, a graduate of Dickinson 

College, Carlisle, Penna. 
V. Anna" Underwood, married T. Emmerit, of 

Hagerstown, Md, 
VI. Mabel " Underwood. 

VII. Florence "^ Underwood, graduate of Wilson Col- 
lege, Chambersburg, Penna. 

No. 812/. III. Lydia Ann ® Underwood, married Jacob Brower ; 

went to Iowa, where she died, leaving five 
sons : 

I. Charles " Brower. 

II. Sherman" Brower. 

III. Collev " Brower. 

IV. Clyde" Brower. 
V. Archer" Brower. 

No. 812^. IV. Charles Harrison " Underwood, served in the 

3d Pennsylvania Artillery during the late 
war. Soon after the close of the war, he 
obtained a position in the War Department 
at Washington, where he resides. Married 
Lizzie Merry ; has five children : 
I. Eugene " Underwood, graduate of High School, 
Washington, D. C, drowned in the Potomac 
River, aged 21. 
II. Russell " Underwood. 

III. Wilbur' Underwood, graduate of High School, 
Washington, now a student at Columbia 


IV. Norman " Underwood. 

V. Jesse "^ Underwood. 

No. 812r. V. Jesse W.'' Underwood, served in 195th Pennsyl- 
vania Regiment during the late Civil War. 
Was graduated at Jefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, afterwards went to the West, 
whence he came to Washington, D. C, where 
he now resides. He is in the War Department. 

No. 812.y. VI. Margaret S.^ Underwood, died aged 18. 

No. 812/. VII. Mary Jane^ Underwood, died , married 

Nathan Spangler. Children : 

I. Charles '' Spangler. 
II. James ~ Spangler, 

No. 317. Mary Walkers Qohn,^ Benjamin,'^ Isaac,- Lewis '), 
married July 4th, 1839, William Ramsey, who died June 8th, 
1S84. She resides at Alpine, York County, Penna. They had 
five children : 

No. 812?^ I. William W.*' Ramsey, born Aug. 9th, 1840, 

married Lydia Spangler, and has one child, 
John W." Ramsey. 

No. 812^. II. Anna Lydia ^ Ramsey, born Feb. 27th, 1843, 

married John W. Wooden, and had two 
children : 
I. Mary V.', born Sept. 30th, 1861, married 

Philip Wadsworth. 
n. Clara R.", born Aug. i8th, 1867. 

No. 812w. III. John K.'' Ramsey, born Feb. 27th, 1847, died 

June 7th, 1 85 1. 


No. 812.r. IV. Mary M.^ Ramsey, born Jan. nth, 1849, 

married John Simcoe, s. p. 
No. 812j. V. James D.® Ramsey, born June 8th, 1856, died 

Aug. 26th, 1856. 

No. 318. John Walker ^ (John,^ Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born on the farm adjoining Warrington Friends' Meeting grounds, 
Nov. 13th, 18 1 5, married EveSmith, born March 23d, 1823. The 
farm on which John Walker was born is a part of a tract of about 
one thousand acres purchased by Benjamin Walker, his grand- 
father, when he first came to Warrington, from Chester County. 
The property is now owned by his great-grandson, Benjamin F, 
Walker. John Walker had eleven children : 
No. 813. I. Benjamin F.^ Walker, born July 3d, 1840, 

married Ida M. Jaqua. 
No. 814. II. William M.^ Walker, born Oct. 29th, 1842, 

married Dec. 25th, 1879, Annie Kinnemar, 

and has one child, Minnie, born March 13''^, 

No. 815. III. Maria^ Walker, born Nov. 29th, 1844, married 

Joseph Gross, has seven children and one 

No. 816. IV. Susannahs Walker, born March 7th, 1847, 

married William Streiwig, has eight children. 
No. 817. V. Miriam L.^ Walker, born Aug. i8th, 1849, died 

Feb. i8th, 1850. 
No. 818. VI. Miriam Cover ^ Walker, born Dec. 30th, 1850, 

married Wesley Myers, has four children. 
No. 819. VII. John S.^ Walker, born Sept. 19th, 1853, married 

Mazie Hoover, and has one child. 
No. 820. VIII. Elizabeth 6 Walker, born Jan. 13th, 1S56, died 

April 20th, 1 8 57. 


No. 821. IX. Calvin" Walker, born Feb. 13th, 1858, died Nov., 

No. 822. X. James ^ Walker, born Sept. 7th, i860, died the 

same day and hour with his brother Calvin 

of diphtheria. 
No. 823. XI. George B.« Walker, born Feb. 3d, 1863, 

married, and has one child. 

No. 320. Lydia Marsh Walker^ (John,'* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married 4th mo. 24th, 1849, John Cook (No. 420), son 
of John and Hannah (Walker) Cook, 

No. 321. Benjamin Harris Walker^ (Abner,* Benjamin,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in 1808, and married Mary Allison, who 
was born in 18 10, and died in 1872. They had eleven children : 

No. 824. I. Abner" Walker, born 1830, married, ist, Mar- 

garet Hancock ; 2d, Lucinda Riseling ; 3d, 

No. 825. II. Thomas G.'' Walker, born 1832, married Mar- 
garet Miller. 

No, 826. III. Benjamin H.® Walker, born 1834, married Susan 


No. 827. IV. Morris^ Walker, born 1836, married Ann 

Catherine Peterson, 

No. 828. V. William Allison « Walker, born 1838, died 1862, 

married, i860, Louisa Smith. A soldier in 
the 2 1st Pa. Vol. Cavalry during the Civil 

War, He left one son, who married 

Cruce, and has children. They live in Blair 
County, Penna. 

No, 829. VI. Asahel "^ Walker, born 1840, married Amanda 



No. 830. VII. Isaac 6 Walker, born 1844, married, ist, Min- 
erva Scroggy ; 2d, ; 3d, Minnie 


No. 831. VIII. Aquilla Spencer « Walker, born 1846, died 1876, 

in South Dakota, from the accidental dis- 
charge of a gun. 

No. 832. IX. Eliel Allen ^ Walker, born 1849, married Bar- 
bara Carter. 

No. 833. X. Mary Adeline « Walker, born 1852, died 1863. 

No. 83-1. XI. Sarah Margaret^ Walker, born 1854, married, 

1876, WiUiam F. Moore, of Sidney, 

No. 322. Rebecca Walker^ (i\bner,* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in 18 10, died in 185 1, and married Samuel A. 
Sleek, who died in 1886. They had nine children : 

No. 835. I. Sarah ^ Sleek, born 1830, died 1864, married 

John Emrick. 

No. 836. II. Margaret® Sleek, married David Darr. 

No. 837. III. Abner W.® Sleek, married Rachel Sparks. 

No. 838. IV. Benjamin W.« Sleek, married Delilah Hite. 

No. 839. V. Thomas W.« Sleek, died 1889, married Mary 


No. 840. VI. Samuel" Sleek, died 1863. He, with his two 

brothers, Thomas W. and Josiah, were 
soldiers in the 5 5th' Regt., Penna. Vols., during 
the Civil War. Eleven grandsons of Abner 
Walker fought for the preservation of the 
Union, and three gave up their lives for it. 

No. 841. VII. Josiah ^ Sleek, a graduate in medicine, married 

and went West. 


No. 842. VIII. Hannah ^ Sleek, married Wood Lukens in 1878. 

Lives in Bedford Co., Penna. s.p. 
No. 843. IX. John" Sleek, born 1849, married, and lives in 

Washington, D. C. 

No. 324. Barbara Walker^ (Abner,* Benjamin,'' Isaac,^ 
Lewis '), born in 181 5, died in 1855, and married about 1835, 
Klicl Allen, who died in 1859. They had six children : 

No. 844. I. Mary Ann '^ Allen, born 1835, married Robert 

W. Allison. 

No. 845. II. Sarah Margaret^ Allen, died 1862, unmarried. 

No. 846. III. Rebecca Ellen " Allen, married John Black. 

No.. 847. IV. Elizabeth Jane " Allen, died 1864, unmarried. 

No. 848. V. James" Allen, married Annie Kirk. 

No. 849. VI. Ruthanna " Allen, married Samuel Cox. 

No. 325. Beulah Walker ^ (Abner,"* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in 1817, died in 1853, ^^^^ married Joseph Furga- 
son. They had eight children : 

No. 850. I. William'"' Furgason, died 1888. Was a soldier 

in the 138th Regt., Penna. Vols., during the 
Civil War. Married, about 1868, Annie 
Gouchenour ; has children, and lives in the 
State of Illinois. 

No. 851. II. Sarah Ann" Furgason, married Henry P'eight, 

and has children. 

No. 852. III. Emily" Furgason, died 1862, married 

Suitor, and had one child ; all dead. 

No. 853. IV. John" Furgason, died 1863, while a soldier in 

the 138th Regt., Penna. Vols. 

No. 854. V. Walker 6 Furgason, married Margaret Boyer. 


No. 855. VI. I^lizabeth " Furgason, married Cyrus Blackburn. 

No. 856. VII. Scott « Furgason, died 1858. 

No. 857. VIII. Beulahe Furgason, born 185 1, died 1858. 

No. 326. Anna Walker ^ (Abner/ Benjamin,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^), born in 18 19, died in 1859, and married in 1855, 
Joseph Furgason, widower of her sister Beulah. They had one 
child : 

No. 858. I. Margaret® Furgason, born 1856, married, 1884, 
Ealy Custer ; no children. 

No. 328. Moses Vansiock (Vanscoyoc) ^ (Hepzibah,* Benja- 
min,' Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born ist mo. 14th, 18 10, married, 6th mo. 
25th, 1846, Jane Scholl, born ist mo. 8th, 1827. They had 
seven children : 

No. 859. I. Ira D.® Vansiock, married Phoebe Hilcher, of 

Enterprise, Kansas. 
No. 860. II. Lloyd G.® Vansiock, married Virginia Eminger. 
No. 86L III. Mary Alice « Vansiock. 
No. 862. IV. William Cooper « Vansiock. 
No. 863. V. Rebecca Jane® Vansiock, married, 1893, Jacob 

No. 864. VI. Sarah Estella® Vansiock. 
No. 865. VII. Jessie Annah^ Vansiock, married, 1894, Harry 


No. 330. Ruth Vansiock ^ (Hepzibah,* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born 9th mo. 27th, 1813, married James R. Gardner. 
They had one child : 

No. 866. I. James H.6 Gardner. 

No. 33L Susannah Vansiock^ (Hepzibah,^ Benjamin,^ 


Isaac,^' Lewis'), born lOth mo. loth, 1815, died 2d mo. i8th, 
1852, married Andrew McCosh. They had four children : 
No. 867. I. Benjamin^ McCosh, married, ist, Mary Miller; 

2d, Lillie Hamme. 
No. 868. II. John« McCosh, died 1886. 
No. 869. III. Emma^ McCosh, died 1884. 
No. 870. IV. Morris^ McCosh, married, ist, ; 

2d, Kate Miller. 

No. 332. Benjamin W. Vansiock^ (Hepzibah,* Benjamin,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), born 5th mo. loth, 18 17, married Priscilla Allen, 
and had six children : 

No. 871. I. Susannah® Vansiock, married John Swisher. 

No. 872. II. Lloyd H.^ Vansiock. 
No. 873. Ill, Annie® Vansiock, married Luther Fickes. 
No. 874. IV. Clinton « Vansiock, 
No. 875. V. Morris ® Vansiock. 
No. 876. VI. Charles® Vansiock. 

No. 335. Isaac Walker* (Asahel,* Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis'), born 7th mo. 13th, 1808, married, 3d mo. 4th, 1834, 
Rebecca , and had nine children : 

No. 877. I. Asahel® Walker, born ist mo. 8th, 1836. 

No. 878. II. Peter D.® Walker, born 7th mo. 13th, 1837. 
No. 879. III. Julia Ann® Walker, born 12th mo. 22d, 1838. 
No. 880. IV. Alfred® Walker, born 3d mo. 5th, 1841. 
No. 881. V. Lewis® Walker, born nth mo. i8th, 1844. 
No. 882. VI. Enos® Walker, born 3d mo. 17th, 1845. 
No. 883. VII. Morris® Walker, born 2d mo. 20th, 1848. 
No. 884. VIII. Rebecca Jane® Walker, born 12th mo. 19th, 

No. 835. IX. Isaac S.® Walker, born 6th mo. 26th, 1853. 


No. 336. Elizabeth Walker ^ (Asahel/ Benjamin,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^), born 9th mo. ist, 1810, married George W. Cook, 8th 
mo. 30th, 1832. They had nine children : 

No. 886. I. Asahel Walker « Cook, married Hannah C. 

Garretson (No. 1071). 
No. 887. II. Maria Jane « Cook. 
No. 888. III. Sarah Ann « Cook. 
No. 889. IV. Mary Cook. 
No. 890. V. Georgiana « Cook. 
No. 891. VI. Samuel ' Cook. 
No. 892. VII. Theodore ' Cook. 
No. 893. VIII. Jessie « Cook. 
No. 894. IX. Ruth Emma" Cook. 

No. 337. Priscilla Walker^ (Asahel,^ Benjamin,^ Isaac," 
Lewis ^), born 7th mo. 14th, 1814, married, 12th mo. 15th, 
1 83 1, William Hoopes, and had five children : 

No. 895. I. Mary " Hoopes. 

No. 896. II. Asahel « Hoopes. 

No. 897. III. Jane* Hoopes. 

No. 898. IV. John « Hoopes. 

No. 899. V. Elizabeth Ann « Hoopes. 

No. 338. Louisa Walker ^ (Asahel,^ Benjamin,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^ ), born 7th m. 14th, 1814, married, 8th mo. 14th, 1834, 
Isaac Garretson, and had five children : 

No. 900. I. Amanda" Garretson. 

No. 901. II. Martha « Garretson. 

No. 902. III. Theodore *' Garretson. 

No. 903. IV. Mary « Garreston. 

No. 904. V. Lydia" Garretson. 


No. 339. Mary Ann Walker"' (Asahel/ Benjamin,'' Isaac,-^ 
Lewis ^), born 3d mo. i6th, 18 16, married, loth mo. 26th, 1837, 
Isaac Vale, and had nine children : 
No. 905. I. John « Vale. 

No. 906. II. Eli ' Vale. 
No. 907. III. Elizabeth Ann " Vale. 
No. 90S. IV. Asahel Walker " Vale. 
No. 909. V. Robert Amos '^ Vale. 
No. 910. VI. Nathan C." Vale. 
No. 911. VII. Isaac « Vale. 
No. 912. VIII. Edwin 6 Vale. 
No. 913. IX. Mary' Vale. 

No. 340. Morris E. Walker s (Asahel,* Benjamin,'' Isaac,^ 

Lewis ^ ), born 2d mo. i6th, 1820, married Jane , and had 

six children : 

No. 914. I. Charles P." Walker. 

No. 915. II. Jane'' Walker. 
No. 916. III. LydianValker. 
No. 917. IV. Emma ^Walker. 
No. 918. V. Asahel W.^ Walker. 
No. 919. VI. Warren B." Walker. 

No. 341. Joshua Vale Walker^ (Asahel/ Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ 

Lewis ^), born nth mo. 3d, 1822, married Elizabeth , and 

had two children : 

No. 920. I. George 6 Walker. 

No. 921. II. Mary 6 Walker. 

No. 342. Sarah Walker^ (Asahel,* Benjamin,'' Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^), born 4th mo., 1827, married John G. Brown, and 
had eight children : 


No. 922. I. Priscilla W." Brown. 

No. 923. II. Su.sanna« Brown. 

No. 924. III. Mary Ellen ' Brown. 

No. 925. IV. Joseph B.s Brown. 

No. 926. V. Joel 6 Brown. 

No. 927. VI. Millin Thomas « Brown. 

No. 928. VII. Asahel W.e Brown. 

No. 929. VIII. David Walter 6 Brown. 

No. 343. Ruth Anna Walker ^ (Asahel,* Benjamin,-^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^ ), born i ith mo. 5th, 183 i, married Thomas Bloom, and 
had two children : 

No. 930. I. Lydia Lucinda « Bloom. 
No. 931. II. Sarah Jane ^ Bloom. 

No. 344. Lewis Pearson Walker^ (Asahel,* Benjamin,^ 
Isaac," Lewis ^ ), bom 4th mo. 25th, 1833, married Barbara 
Myers, and had five children : 

No. 932. I. Isaac M.« Walker. 

No. 933. II. Esther Emma ' Walker. 

No. 934. III. Asahel Morris « Walker. 

No. 935. IV. Lvdia E' Walker. 

No. 936. V. Rebecca ' Walker. 

No. 345. Garretson Cook Walker^ (Asahel,* Benjamin,'^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^ ), born 6th mo. 5th, 1835, married, ist, Mary 
Ann , 2d, Sarah . By first wife he had : 

No. 937. I. Levi Granville ' Walker. 

No. 938. II. Ira B.« Walker. 

No. 939, III. Leah C.'^ Walker. 

No. 940. IV. Lewis P.^ Walker. 



By second wife : 
No. 941. V. Charles « Walker. 
No. 942. VI. Asahel ^ Walker. 
No. 943. VII. Rosella" Walker. 

No. 346. Lydia Jane Walker ' (Asahel/ Benjamin,'^ Isaac,* 
Lewis ^), born ist mo. 30th, 1837, married Lewis Larew, and 
had six children : 

No. 944. I. Asahel W.^ Larew. 
No. 945. II. William G.'' Larew. 
No. 946. III. Mary Angeline " Larew. 
No. 947. IV. Clara ^ Larew. 
No. 948. V. Lucy « Larew. 
No. 949. VI. Jane ^ Larew. 

No. 347. Phcebe Angeline Walker ' (Asahel/ Benjamin/ 
Isaac/ Lewis ^), born 5th month 3d, 1838, married Israel 
Smith, and had five children : 
No. 950. I. Elwood W.' Smith. 
No. 95L II. Lydia Jane " Smith. 
No. 952. III. Catherine Iva^ Smith. 
No. 953. IV. Anna Mary*' Smith. 
No. 954. V. Etta Angeline " Smith. 

No. 362. Mary Walker^ (Isaac,* Asahel/ Isaac,- Lewis'), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 1806, 
died 1893, married, 1837, Samuel Slokom, of Christiana, Penna. 
They had six children : 

No. 955. I. Anna* Slokom, born 1838. 
No. 956. II. Susanna "^ Slokom, born 1839, married Thomas 



No. 957. III. Isaac W.® Slokom, born 1841, married Laura 

No. 958. IV. Deborah^ Slokom, born 1843, married William 

H. Sproul. 
No. 959. V. Mary® Slokom, born 1845, married James 

No. 960. VI. Samuel ® Slokom, born 1847, died in infancy. 

No. 363. Isaac Walker ^ (Isaac, ^ Asahel,^ Isaac," Lewis ^), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., Jan. 
27th, 1808, died in the same place, Nov. 2d, 1892. He married, 
Nov. 2d, 183 1, Eliza Ann Brooke, daughter of Abner and 
Mercy (Kinsey) Brooke, and granddaughter of Mahlon Kinsey, 
of Chester County. 

Isaac Walker received the rudiments of his education in the 
school-house that his father had built upon the place, and of 
which he was for a time the instructor. He afterwards attended 
the Friends' Grammar School at Sadsbur}^ At the earnest 
solicitation of his mother he learned the trade of a tanner and 
currier. His father broke ground on the old farm to build a 
tan-yard for him, the old vats are still there, but in 1830 he 
purchased a tannery in Sadsbury, near to the village of Smyrna, 
which he afterwards founded, and where he combined the busi- 
ness of merchant with that of tanner. In the winter of 1839, 
under the administration of Governor Porter, he was appointed 
to the charge of the Gap Division of the Philadelphia and Col- 
umbia Railroad, in which position he continued for five years. 
In October, 1847, he purchased a part of the home farmstead, 
near the Gap, where for more than thirty years he was engaged 
in farming. In 1872, he bought the " Penn Spring," and erected 
a monument there commemorative of the Founder. He also 
bought the " Shawnee Garden," the home of his mother's ances- 


tors, where he built three houses. He continued in active busi- 
ness, that of merchant and farmer, up to the time of his death, 
which occurred on the sixty-first anniversary of his marriage. 
He and his wife celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1881. 

Isaac Walker was noted " for his rare knowledge of matters 
pertaining to the early settlement of Lancaster County, and has 
written considerably on the early history of the south eastern 
section of the county." (See " Biographical History of Lancas- 
ter County," by Harris.) He was conceded to be one of the 
best local historians of the day, and the most of his leisure time 
was spent in writing for the newspapers on this subject. He was 
also a student of the Bible, and was remarkably well posted in 
ancient history. 

It is interesting to notice the ancestry of Isaac W^alker. His 
great-great-grandfathers were all pioneers in the Province of 
Pennsylvania, and men of reputation in their locality and of their 
time. They were : ist, Lewis Walker ; 2d, Andrew Moore, one 
of the first settlers of Lancaster County, in 1723 ; 3d, Jeremiah 
Starr, a first settler of New Garden, and a member of the Prov- 
incial Assembly in 1740. (He and his wife, Rebecca, emigrated 
from Ireland. Their daughter, Ann, married James Moore, son 
of Andrew) ; 4th, Guion Miller, who was one of the first settlers 
of Kennett Square, Chester County ; 5th, Isaac Taylor, one of 
the surveyors of William Penn. (He helped to make the 
boundary line between Lancaster and Chester Counties. He was 
the original purchaser of all the land in the Gap, and the first 
stone house erected there was built by him. He was also a 
member of the Provincial Assembly from Chester County from 
1705 to 1723) ; 6th, Nathan Newlin, a member of the conven- 
tion which framed the old Constitution of Pennsylvania, whose 
daughter, Mary, married Gains, son of, 7th, Joseph Dickinson, 
an early settler of Salisbury Township ; 8th, Edward Jerman, of 


Philadelphia, who died in 17 14, and whose daughter, Sarah, 
married Isaac Walker (No. 8). 

Isaac and Eliza Ann (Brooke) Walker had seven children : 

No. 9G1. I. Anna Maria ^ Walker, residence, Gap, Lancaster 

County, Penna. 
No. 962. II. Mary Louisa® Walker, married John C. Roberts, 

of Texas. 
No. 963. III. Eliza Josephine" Walker, married Isaac Diller. 
No. 964. IV. Esther Jane"^ Walker, married I. Diller Worst. 
No. 965 V. Sallie Frances " Walker, married Henry B. 

No. 966. VI. Isaac Lewis ® Walker, graduate of Millersville 

State Normal School. At present keeps a 

general store at Gap, Lancaster County, 

No. 967. VII. James M.® Walker, married Lida A. Fawkes. 

No. 364. AsAHEL Walker^ (Isaac,* Asahel,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 1809, 
died at the same place, 1870. He married, lothmo. 14th, 1841, 
^'. Sarah Chambers, of West Grove, Chester County, Penna. She 
L^ ' was the granddaughter of Joshua and Rebecca Chambers, and 
great-granddaughter of Gains and Mary (Newlin) Dickinson. 
(See No. 135.) 

Asahel and Sarah (Chambers) Walker had seven children : 
No. 968. I. Mary Ann*' Walker, born 1843, died 1843. 

No. 969. II. Deborah*' Walker, born 1844, married William 


No. 970. III. Rebecca'' Walker, born 1846, died , 

Founder of a Woman's Home, in Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 
No. 97L IV. Patience" Walker, born 1847, tlied 1852. 


No. 972. V. Isaac C.^ Walker, born 1848, married Emma 

No. 973. VI. Mary" Walker, born 1851. died 185 i. 
No. 974. VII. William D." Walker, born 1854, died 1854. 

No. 369. Deborah Walker^ (Isaac,'' Asahel,'' Isaac, "^ 
Lewis'), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 
1820, died 1890, married, March 7th, 1850, Henry Pownall, of 
Sadsbury, at the home of her brother-in-law, Samuel Slokom. 
They had five children : 
No. 975. I. Phoebe " Pownall. 

No. 970. II. Mary*^ Pownall, died 1876. 

No. 977. III. Deborah*' Pownall, married David Satterthwait. 
No. 978. IV. Henry " Pownall, married Louisa Smedley. 
No. 979. V. Anne'' Pownall. 

No. 371. AsAHEL Walker Cooper^ (Sarah, ^ Asahel,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ' ), born in 1806, died 1886, was twice married. His first 
wife, Anne Sullivan, was the mother of his two daughters, Sarah 
and Margaret. He married for his second wife, Eliza Sooney. 
who bore him a son. He was a resident of New Orleans, La. 
No. 980. I. Sarah " Cooper, married Alden McClellan. 

No. 98L II. Margaret" Cooper, married Thomas Truman. 
No. 982. III. Asahel Walker" Cooper, at present a student of 

Yale Colleiie. 


No. 372. Hiram Cooper^ (Sarah,* Asahel,'' Isaac, ^ Lew^is '), 
born in 1807; died, 1850; married Anne Reese. He was a 
merchant, living in Philadelphia, Penna. They had five children : 
No. 983. I. George W." Cooper, married. 

No. 984. II. Hiram Lewis" Cooper, married Clara Brown. 


No. 374. George W. Cooper ^ (Sarah/ Asahel,^ Isaac, - 
Lewis*), born in i8ii, died 1888, married Margaret Mereu (?). 
He was a resident of Chester County. They had five children : 
No. 985. I. Caleb * Cooper, married Harriet Townsley. 

No. 986. II. Sarah'' Cooper. 

No. 987. III. Hannah " Cooper, married Henry C. Cope. 
No. 988. IV. Hiram ^ Cooper. 
No. 989. V. Israel " Cooper, married Lydia Stackhouse. 

No. 376. Sarah Cooper'^ (Sarah, ^ Asahel,^ Isaac,- Lewis*), 
born in 18 15, died 1895, married loth mo. loth, 1838, James 
M. Cooper. He was born nth mo. nth, 1812, and died loth 
mo. 9th, 1847. They w'ere married at Sadsbury Meeting. They 
resided at Philadelphia, Penna. They had five children : 

No. 990. I. Maria F.'' Cooper, born 1839, married Dr. John 


No. 991. II. Sarah "^ Cooper, born i84i,died . 

No. 992. III. Annie® Cooper, born 1844, died 1870. 

No. 993. IV. George Paschal ^ Cooper, born , died . 

No. 994. V. Josephine ® Cooper, married Wistar Newbold. 

No. 377. Susan Cooper ^ (Sarah, ^ Asahel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis * ), 
born 18 18, died 1883, married James P. Cooper. They had two 
children : 

No. 995. I. George® Cooper, married Sarah IMiller. 
No. 996. II. Truman ^ Cooper, married Annie . 

No. 378. Joseph P. Cooper ^ ( Sarah, ^ Asahel,^ Isaac, ^ 

Lewis ^), born 1820, died 1886, married, 1845, Mary Miller 

They had seven children. Reside at 605 North i8th Street, 
Philadelphia, Penna. 


No. 997. I. Lucy " Cooper, married Charles Thisscll. 

No. 998. II. Lizzie M." Cooper. 

No. 999. III. Henry B.« Cooper, married Bcllmina McGill. 

No. 1000. IV. Esther " Cooper. 

No. 1001. V. Sarah" Cooper, married Rev. William Ledwith. 

No. 1002. VI. Joseph^ Cooper, died . 

No. 1003. VII. Margaret E.« Cooper. 

No. 379. Phcebe P. Cooper ^ ( Sarah,' Asahel,-' Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in 1823, died in 1886, married, 3d mo. 19th, 1856, 
Thomas H. Whitson, of West Grove, Chester County, Penna. 
They had five children : 

No. 1004. I. Samuel ^' Whitson, married Fannie Simton. 

No. 1005. II. Sarah « Whitson. 

No. 1006. III. Joseph Paxton" Whitson. 

No. 1007. IV. Mary *= Whitson. 

No. 1008. V. Benjamin " Whitson. 

No. 382. Anna Walker^ (Asahel,'' Asahel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis^), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 6th mo. 
19th, 1 8 18, married William P. Cooper (No. 397). They had 
four children : 

No. 1009. I. Asahel*^ Cooper. 

No. 1010. II. Jeremiah*^ Cooper. 

No. 1011. III. Sarah® Cooper, married Frank Trout. 

No. 1012. IV. Willianna« Cooper. 

No. 383. Susan Walker^ (Asahel,'' Asahel,'* Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 6th mo. 
29th, 1820, married Moses Pownall. They had one child: 

No, 1013. I. Joseph D. C." Pownall, mirried Mary Stubbs. 


No. 384. Phcebe Walker ^ (Asahel/ Asaliel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis^), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 8th mo. 
15th, 1822, married William P. Cooper, the husband of her 
deceased sister, Anna (No. 382). They had three children : 
No. 1014. I. Lewis ^ Cooper. 
No. 1015. II. Ellis ' Cooper. 
No. 1016. III. Mar>^^ Cooper, married Frederick Eppleimer. 

No. 385. Sarah Walker^ (Asahel,' Asahel,^ Isaac," Lewis^), 
born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster Count>% Penna., ist mo. 
9th, 1825, married, 12th mo. 20th, 1849, Sylvester Linville. 
They had eight children : 

No. 1017. I. Asahel^ Linville, married Lydia Moore. 
No. 1018. II. Annie ^ Linville. 

No. 1019. III. Aquilla J.^ Linville, married Sarah Eachus. 
No. 1020. IV. Lucy ** Linville, died. 
No. 1021. V. Clement^ Linville. 

No. 1022. VI. Sarah ^ Linville, married Frank Walter. 
No. 1023. VII. Arthur^ Linville. 
No. 1024. VIII. Margaret^ Linville, married Edwin Moore. 

No. 386. Samuel Walker ^ ( Asahel,^ Asahel,^ Isaac,- 
Lewis^), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County^ Penna., 
9th mo. nth, 1827, married, mo. i8th, 1855, Sara'hypaines. 
They had eight children : 
No. 1025. I. Anna « Walker. 

No. 1026. II. Joseph '^ Walker, married Emma Alexander. 
No. 1027. III. Margaretta ^ Walker. 
No. 1028. IV. S. Ellsworth ^ Walker. 
No. 1029. V. Mary D.« Walker. 
No. 1030. VI. Asahel^ Walker, married Helen Bruner. 


No. 1031. VII. Haines*^ Walker. 
No. 1032.VIII. Susan P.« Walker. 

No. 388. Joseph Coates Walker ^ (Asahel/ Asahel,'' Isaac,^ 
Lewis ' ), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 
April 4th, 1832, married, April 13th, 1856, Lucy, daughter of 
Esais ]^>nfield and Sarah (Watson) Ellmaker, of Earl Township, 
Lancaster County, Penna. 

Joseph Walker is president of the Gap National Bank, of 
Lancaster County, and a member of the Commercial Exchange 
of Philadelphia. He is an enthusiastic genealogist, and has 
assisted in collecting and arranging the various members of his 
branch of the family. His interest in his ancestry commenced 
many years ago, and he has given much attention to the subject. 
He has looked up the different Walkers in Great Britain who 
are mentioned in the encyclopedias and biographies, and finding 
there was one in the law, one an iron-master, and one an agricul- 
turist, each of which had achieved success, he is of the opinion 
that our family might belong to that of the latter because we 
have always been more or less interested in the cultivation of the 
land. This theory is a very plausible one, and worth inquiring 
into. There was a John Walker, of Dairy, belonging to a Mid- 
lothian family of the same name, who is celebrated as the person 
"who first introduced the system of fallowing land or of thor- 
oughly revising wheat crops. He was a person of great intelli- 
gence and enterprise, and set an example of superior farm culture 
to his neighbors." (See " Landed Gentry of Great Britain and 
Ireland," — Burke. ) He lived in the i8th century. Joseph 
Walker rightly argues that the characteristics of a family would 
develop in some direction, good or bad, for many generations, 
and he thinks that, though we cannot prove it, we are of the 
same blood as this Midlothian family. He reasons that his own 


father was of the t)-pe of John Walker, of Dairy. The Walkers 
are noted for their affection for their ancestral acres, and, though 
many of thcni have entered the professions, there are very few 
who have gone into mercantile business. Joseph Walker is a 
resident of the Gap. He has five children. His eldest son is 
united with him in business, becoming a member of the firm 
in 1880. 
No. 1033. I. E. Enfield ^ Walker, born 1859, married, 1894, 

Nancy McCullock. 
No. 1034. n. Sarah Watson*' Walker. 
No. 1035. HI. Susan P.« Walker. 
No. 1036. IV. Joseph C.'^ Walker, died 1878. 
No. 1037. V. W. J. Latta "^ Walker, born 1879. 

No. 389. Mary Walker^ (Asahel,* Asahel,' Isaac,- Lewis^), 
born in Sadsbur)^ Township, Lancaster County, Penna., married 
Alfred Ellmaker. They had six children : 

No. 1038. I. E. Benjamin "^ Ellmaker, married ]\Iar\- Ober- 


No. 1039. 11. Mary« Ellmaker, married Edward M. Wallace. 

No. 1040. III. Flora*' Ellmaker, married Edward D. Wallace. 

No. 1041. IV. Nathaniel Ellmaker, married ]\Iar\^ Williams. 

No. 1042. V. Sarah ^ Ellmaker, married Evan Ambler. 

No. 1043. VI. Alfred^ Ellmaker. married Mary Hess. 

No. 390. Margaretta Walker ^ (Asahel/ Asahel;^ Isaac,- 
Lewis ^ ), born in Sadsbur}^ Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 
married, 12th mo. 15th, 1864, Francis Pennock. They had two 
children : 

No. 1044. I. J. Darlington « Pennock. 
No. 1045. II. Walker M^ennock. 


No. 391. Mary Morris^ (John/ Rachel,'* Isaac/ Lewis ^ ), 
born in Eastown Township, Chester County, Penna., 1797, mar- 
ried Joel-Walker (No. 157). 

No. 392. Priscilla Morris ■' ( John,^ Rachel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in liastown Township, Chester County, Penna., 
1799, married Aaron Cooper, of Toughkenamon, Chester County, 
Penna. They had five children : 

No. 1046. I. James'' Cooper. 

No. 1047. II. Charles" Cooper. 

No. 1048. III. Mary" Cooper, married Caleb Hoopes. 

No. 1049. IV. Hannah" Cooper, married John Cope. 

No. 1050. V. Anne" Cooper. 

No. 394. Sarah Cooper ^ (Leah,* Rachel,'' Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), 
married Samuel Simmons, of Christiana, Penna., and had three 
children : 

No. 1051. I. Leah " Simmons. 
No. 1052. II. Eliza " Simmons. 
No. 1053. III. Ruth Ada" Simmons. 

No. 395. Lewis Cooper ^^ (Leah,* Rachel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), 
of Philadelphia, married, and had four children : 

No. 1054. I. Sarah " Cooper. 

No. 1055. II. Louisa" Cooper. 

No. 1056. III. Mary" Cooper. 

No. 1057. IV. Anna" Cooper. 

No. 397. William P. Cooper^ (Leah,* Rachel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married, ist, Anna, 2d, Phoebe Walker, daughters of 
Asahel and Sarah T. (Coates) Walker. (See Nos. 382 and 384.) 


No. 399. Rachel Fawkes^ (Rachel/ Rachel,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ' ), married Samuel Rockey, and had : 
No. 1058. I. Phoebe ^ Rockey, married Robert Thomas, of 

Smyrna, Penna. 

No. 401. Lewis Fawkes' (Rachel,* Rachel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), 
married Phcebe Ann Dickinson, and had two daughters : 
No. 1059. L Sarah ^ Fawkes, of Reading, Pa. 
No. 1060. II. Emma® Fawkes, married. 

No. 403. Anna Maria Fawkes* (Rachel,* Rachel,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ' ), married John G. Fogle, and had six children, three of 
whom died without issue : 
No. 106L I. Samuel® Fogle, of Smyrna, Penna. 

No. 1062. II. Rachel® Fogle, married Williams, of 

Christiana, Penna. 
No. 1063. III. Joseph® Fogle, married Catherine Girvin. 

No. 407. Rachel Dickinson * ( Phcebe,* Rachel,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis ^ ), married Jacob W. Harper and had two children : 

No. 1064. I. Joseph D.® Harper. 

No. 1065. II. A daughter, married H. C. Witmer, of Christi- 
ana, Penna. 

No. 4n. Phcebe Dickinson^ (Phoebe,* Rachel,^ Isaac,- 
Lewis ^), married Abner Baldwin, and had three children : 

No. 1066. I. Hannum ® Baldwin, of Chester County, Penna. 
No. 1067. II. Morris® Baldwin, of Chester County, Penna. 
No. 1068. III. Abner® Baldwin, of Chester County, Penna. 

No. 416. Anne Cook-^ (Hannah,* Abel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), 


born 9th mo. 25th, 1806, married, 5th rno. 28th, 1829, Daniel 
Garretson, who was born 2d mo. 6th, 1802, died 6th mo. 15th, 
1878. They had ten children : 

No. 1069. I. John C.*' Garretson, born 3d mo. 7th, 1830, 

married Mary Ditmer. 
No. 1070. II. Mary E.® Garretson, born nth mo. 23d, 183 i, 

married Joshua Vale. 
No. 1071. III. Hannah C." Garretson, born 12th mo. i/th, 1S33,- 

married Asahel W. Cook (No. 886). 
No. 1072. IV. Israel® Garretson, born 2d mo. 17th, 1836. 
No. 1073. V. Jacob" Garretson, born 6th mo. ist, 1838, died 

loth mo. 19th, 1 86 1. 
No. 1074. VI. Eliza Ann '^ Garretson, born iith mo. 20th, 

No. 1075. VII. Abel W.'^ Garretson, born 6th mo. 19th, 1843, 

married Catherine Hull. 
No. 1076. VIII. Arnold'' Garretson, born loth mo. 3d, 1845. 
No. 1077. IX. Sarah '^ Garretson, bom 2d mo. 2d, 1848, died 

8th mo. 20th, 1856. 
No. 1078. X. Melissa" Garretson, born 8th mo. 22d, 1850, 

married William Anthony. 


No. 418. Walker Cook ^ (Hannah/ Abel,-^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), 
born 9th mo. ist, 1809, died 8th mo. loth, 1856, married, 9th 
mo. ist, 1835, Martha Gates, who died 3d mo. 3d, 1892, aged 
82 years, 6 months and 17 days. They had eleven children : 

No. 1079. III. Annie" Cook, married William Anderson. 
No. 1080. IV. Hezekiah" Cook, married Eve Wiley. 
No. 1081. V. Hannah" Cook, married Samuel Arnold. 
No. 1082. VI. Elizabeth" Cook, married Daniel Bentz. 
No, 1083. VII. John W." Cook, married Catherine Bentz. 
No. 1084. VIII. Sarah " Cook, married Jacob Harbold. 


No. 1085. IX. Martha Jane'' Cook, married John Aker. 
No. 108(1 X. Walker" Cook, married Mary Klinedienst. 
No. 1087. XI. Joseph'' Cook, married Elizabeth Evans. 

No. 420. John Cook '' (Hannah,^ Abel,-^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), 
born 8th mo. i8th, 1813, died 3d mo. 22d, 1889, married, 4th 
mo. 24th, 1849, Lydia Marsh, daughter of John and Lydia 
(Marsh) Walker (No. 320). She died 3d mo. 21st, 1873, ^'ifter 
a painful illness of three years' duration. Her husband survived 
her sixteen years, and both are buried in the graveyard at War- 
rington Meeting-house. They had four children : 

No. 1088. I. Eliza A.^ Cook, married Andrew B. Shearer. 
No. 1089. II. William R.^ Cook, born 12th mo. 22d, 1852, 

married Mary Heikes. 
No. lOyO. III. Mary A.*' Cook, unmarried. 
No. 1091. IV. Ruth E.s Cook, married Amos Hartman. 

No. 428. Arnold Walker' (Abel,* Abel," Isaac,- Lewis ^ ), 
born in York County, Penna., 4th mo. 20th, 1 8 16, married Sarah 
Delap in the year 1845. They had four children : 

No. 1092. I. Margaret Jane ^ Walker, married Isaac McOnlcy. 

No. 1003. II. Ellis " Walker, married Sarah Miller. 

No. 1094. III. Gordon Kent^ Walker, married Bella Weigle. 

No. 1095. IV. Ochie^ Walker, married Noah Beck. 

No. 429. William Walker ' (Abel,"' Abel,^ Isaac,- Lewis ') 
born in York County, Penna., i ith mo. 29th, 1821, married 
Elizabeth J. Cooks. They had two children : 

No. 1096. I. Abel W.« Walker, married Emma Kerr. 
No. 10'.)7. II. Louisa'' Walker, married Thomas M. Mauk. 


No. 432. Hannah Walker ^ (Abel,' Abel,^ I.saac,^ Lewis ' ), 
born 2cl mo. ist, 1827, married Henry Car.son. They had six 
children : 

No. 1098. I. Rachel Alice" Carson, married Jacob Fehl. 

No. 10i)9. H. Arnold 6 Carson. 

No. 1100. ni. Wilbert'' Carson, married Sadie Anthony. 

No. 1101. IV. George Edward " Carson. 

No. 1102. V. Emma E.® Carson, married Pemberton Myers. 

No. 1103. VI. Clara FJ Carson, married John McNew. 

No. 433. Lewis Morris Walker' (Joel,' Abel;"' Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in York Count}-, Pcnna., 1822, went with his 
parents to Ohio in 1838, where, in 1848, he married Elizabeth 
Oaly. They went from Ohio to Iowa, where they are now living. 
They had two children : 

No. 1104. I. Joel M." Walker, born 1849, married Maria 

No. 1105. II. Pinkney L.*^ Walker, born 1852, married Julia 


No. 434. Isaac John Walker '' (Joel,^ Abel,^ Isaac,- Lewis'), 
born in York County, Penna., 1823, went with his parents to 
Ohio in 1838, and died there in 1893. He married, in 1851, 
Angelina Carmon. They had three children : 

No. 1106. I. John C." Walker, born 1853, married Anna 

No. 1107. II. Joel P.* Walker, born 1857. 
No. 1108. III. Mary L.^ Walker, born 1863, married Joseph 


No. 435. Elias Hicks Walker^ (Joel/ Abel,^ Isaac, ^ 



Lewis'), born in York County, Penna., 1825, went with his 
parents to Ohio in 1838, married Mary Frances Howard. They 
had five children. Residence, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 

No. 1109. I. Joel H.HValker. 

No. 1110. II. Emma J.^ Walker, born 1867, married Har- 
ford Odbert. 
No. 1111. III. George W.s Walker, married Eleanor McMillan. 
No. 1112. IV. Nettie Maud ^Walker, born 1874. 
No. 1113. V. Eddie M.^ Walker, born 1874. 

No. 436. Abel M. Walker^ (Joel,' Abel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ' ), 
born in York County, Penna., 1827, went with his parents to 
Ohio in 1838. He married Amy Griffith in the year 1854. He 
now resides with his family at " Crest Lawn," Emerson, Jefferson 
County, Ohio. His daughter, Anna, has furnished me with the 
names and incidents relating to their branch of the family, from 
the time of her great-grandfather Abel, who went from Tredyffrin 
Township, Chester County, to York County, about 1 776. She was 
a student at Swarthmore College. Abel M. and Amy (Griffith) 
Walker had three children : 
No. 1114. I. Mary H.« Walker, born 1857, married John 

No. 1115. II. Samuel G.*' W^alker, born 1861, died 1896, 

married Josephine Barnard. 
No. 1116. III. Anna B.*^ Walker, born 1866. 

No. 437. Jeremiah C. Walker ^ (Joel/ Abel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis'), 
born in York County, Penna., 1829, went to Ohio with his parents 
in 1838, and there married Ruth Hannah McMillan, in the year 
1850. They had five children. Residence, Emerson, Ohio. 
No. 1117. I. Mahlon M.*^ Walker, born 1852, married Frances 



No. 1118. II. T. Elwood« Walker, bom 1855, married Alice 

No. 1119. III. Watson'^ Walker, born 1857, married Jane 


No. 1120. IV. Lewis J." Walker, born 1863. 
No. 1121. V. J. Wallaces Walker, born 1871. 

No. 438. Hannah Ann Walker'' (Joel,' Abel.^ Isaac,- 
Lewis ^), born in York County, Penna., 1833, went to Ohio with 
her parents in 1838, died 1891. She married, 1853, Joseph 
Farquhar, of Washington County, Penna. They had three 
children : 

No. 1122. I. Mary Ada** Farquhar, born 1854, died 1893, 

married Newton Hawkins. 
No. 1123. II. J. Harvey'' Farquhar, born 1857, married Sadie 

No. 1124. III. Lewis ^ Farquhar, died . 

No. 440. Joel Aaron Walker ''' (Joel,* Abel,-^ Isaac,^ Lewis^), 
born in Ohio, 1838, married, 1865, Harriet White. They had 
three children. Residence, Colerain, Ohio. 

No. 1125. I.John Willard '^ Walker, born 1867, married 

Carrie Farquhar. 
No. 1126. II. Rose 6 Walker, born 1873. 
No. 1127. III. Charles « Walker, born 1875. 

No. 441. Isaac P. Walker^ (Benjamin,^ Abel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), of Iowa, married, and had five children : 

No. 1128. I. Benjamin" Walker. 
No. 1129. II. AbeH Walker. 
No. 1130. III. Charles « Walker. 


No. 1131. IV. Harvey'^ Walker. 
No. 1132. V. Wesley" Walker. 

No. 442. George Walker ' ( Benjamin, ^ Abel, ^ Isaac," 
Lewis ' ), resident of Ohio, married Naomi Barkhurst. They had 
two children : 

No. 1133. I. Mary Jane" Walker, married Winfield Meek. 
No. 1134. II. Deborah "Walker. 

No. 443. Abel Walker '" (Benjamin,* Abel,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^ ), 
resident of Pittsburg, Penna., married Margaret Steen. They 
had four children : 

No. 1135. I. David " Walker. 

No. 1 1 36. II. Frank " Walker, died . 

No. 1137. III. Ralph" Walker. 

No. 1138. IV. Harry" Walker. 

No. 444. Caroline Walker^ (Benjamin,* Abel.^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis '), resident of Ohio, married John Griffith of the same State. 
They had two children : 

No. 1139. I. Benjamin" Griffith. 
No. 1140. II. Joseph " Griffith. 

No. 445. Joseph M. Walker^ (Benjamin,* Abel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), resident of Ohio, married Margaret Jones. They had 
four children : 

No. 1141. I. George 6 Walker. 
No. 1142. II. Loyal 6 Walker. 

No. 1143. III. Charles 6 Walker, died . 

No. 1144. IV. Elizabeth " Walker. 


No. 450. William Richards « ( Abel,'' Daniel/ Beulah,^ 
Daniel," Lewis'), residence, Alliance, Stark County, Ohio, mar- 
ried, and has nine children : 

No. 1145. I. Martha^ Richards. 

No. 1146, II. Edwin" Richards, married, and living in Pitts- 
burg, Penna. 
No. 1147. III. Jesse ^ Richards. 
No. 1148. IV. Lillie' Richards. 
No. 1140. V. P\annie^ Richards. 
No. 1150. VI. RacheF Richards. 
No. 1151. VII. Rowland" Richards. 
No. 1152. VIII. Etta^ Richards. 
No. 1153. IX. Albert^ Richards. 

No. 455. Martha Richards ^ (Abel,'^ Daniel,' Beulah,^ 
Daniel,^ Lewis '), married Albert Morlan, an artist, lives in 
Indianapolis, Ind., and has five children : 

No. 1154. I. Ralph' Morlan. 

No. 1155. II. Percy ^ Morlan. 

No. 115r). III. MabeP Morlan. 

No. 1157. IV. Donald" Morlan, twin with Mabel. 

No. 1158. V. Harold" Morlan. 



No. 458. Fannie Richards ^ (Abel,*"* Daniel/ Beulah,* 
Daniel,- Lewis ^), married Charles Fowler, lives at Leetonia, 
Columbiana County, Ohio, and has two children : 
No. 1159. I. Elizabeth" Fowler. 
No. 1160. II. Katharine' Fowler. 

461. Benjamin S.wre Rich.a.rds « (Joseph T.,^ Daniel,^ 
Beulah,^ Daniel,- Lewis ^), born in Susquehanna Count}', Penna. 
Entered the United States Navy as acting midshipman, Oct. 2 2d, 
1 86 1. He reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander, his 
present grade, Aug. 25th, 1S87. He married, Nov. 9th, 1869, 
Louisa Maria Wright, of Albany, New York. The\- have three 
children : 
No. 1161. I. Theodore Wright' Richards, Assistant Surgeon, 

U. S. N. 
No. 1162. II. Benjamin Sayre' Richards. 

No. 1163. III. Cynthia Louise' Richards, born Dec. 24th, 


No. 466. Eliza Richards ^ (Jacob W.,^ Samuel.* Beulah,^ 
Daniel,- Lewis ^), born Jan. 20th, 1832, in Jefferson Count}', 
Ohio, married John Dunlevy, June 4th, 1857, and had two child- 
ren. Her husband dying, she married a second time. 

No. 1164. I. William Bates" Dunlevy, born Aug. nth, 1858, 

married Mabel Sloane. Has children : For- 
rest Sloane, born Dec. 27th, 1885 ; ]\Iar}' 
Mabel, Aug. 12th, 1889; Joseph Haskell, 
July loth, 1892. 

No. 1165. II. Mary' Dunlevy, born Feb. 17th, 1862, married, 

June 22d, 1886, Broderick Haskell. 

No. 477. Lewis Walker Richards^ (Samuel,^ Samuel,* 
Beulah,-^ Daniel,- Lewis ^), born in Ohio, married Kate Glover, 


of Ohio. They resided in Ironton until a few years before his 
death, when he took his family to Dallas, Texas. He was 
burned to death by the accidental explosion of a coal oil lamp 
on New Year's Eve, 1888. He was a courteous gentleman, and 
his untimely death caused great sorrow to his family and friends. 
His widow, with her sons, is now residing at Dallas. They 
had two children : 

No. 1160. I. Tracy ^ Richards. 
No. 1167. II. VVebb^ Richards. 

No. 478. Samuel Richards ^ (Samuel,'^ Samuel,* Beulah,' 
Daniel,^ Lewis '), born in Ohio, and there married Margaret 
Ward, of Ironton. They had three children : 

No. 1168. I. Alice ^ Richards, born 1870, died 1890. 

No. 1169. II. Edna" Richards, married, 1895, Pearl Glines. 

No. 1170. III. Clara ^ Richards, born 1891. 

No. 479. John Kelvey Richards*^ (Samuel,^ Samuel,* Beu- 
lah,^ Daniel,^ Lewis ^), born in Ironton, Ohio, March 15th, 1856, 
married June, 1890, Anna Willard Steece, of the same place. 
He was graduated at Swarthmore College, Penna., 1875, at 
Harvard, where he took a course in law, 1877, and admitted to 
the bar in 1879. He has achieved prominence in his profession, 
serving as Prosecuting Attorney for Lawrence County, Ohio, 
from 1880 to 1882, City Solicitor of Ironton from 1885 to 1889, 
State Senator from the Eighth Ohio District from 1890 to 1892, 
Attorney General of his native State from 1892 to 1896, dele- 
gate to the St. Louis National Republican Convention from the 
Tenth Ohio District, 1896. John K. and Anna (Steece) Rich- 
ards live in Columbus, Ohio, and have two children : 

No. 1171. I. John Kelvey' Richards, born 1891. 
No. 1172. II. Anna Christine' Richards, born 1894. 


No. 509. Rebecca Stanton e (Martha/^ Sinah/ Abel,-^ Abel,- 
Levvis ^), born in Salem, Ohio, died April 2d, 1885, married Dr. 
Charles Weaver, who died Jan. 27th, 1852. They had five 
children : 

No. 1173. I. Stanton' Weaver, married Mar}^ Snode, resi- 
dence, Washington, D.C. 

No. 1174. II. Darwin ' Weaver, died . 

No. 1175. III. Darwin "^ Weaver, married Lucy Snode, resi- 
dence, Washington, D.C. 

No. 1176. IV. Willis" Weaver, married Anna Kuhn, residence, 


No. 1177. V. Ora" Weaver, died in childhood. 

No. 510. Laura St.\xton6 (Martha,' Sinah,'' Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis ^), born at Salem, Ohio, married James Barnaby, who died 
March 4th, 1864. They lived at Salem, where the widow still 
resides. They had four children : 

No. 1178. I. Lauretta' Barnaby, residence, Salem, Ohio. 

No. 1179. II. Ida^ Barnaby, married Brinton Cooper. 

No. 1180. III. Charles W." Barnaby, married Jane Christy. 

No. 1181. IV. Edwin" Barnaby, died . 

No. 513. Caroline Stanton « (Martha,^ Sinah,* Abel,^ 
Abel,- Lewis^), born at Salem, Ohio, married George W. Addams. 
She is a widow, residing at Cleveland, Ohio, with her only son : 
No. 1182. I. George S." Addams. 

No. 514. David Staxton^ (Martha,^ Sinah,^ Abel,-^ Abel," 
Lewis '), born at Salem, Ohio, married Lydia M. Townsend. 
He is deceased and his widow lives in New Brighton, Penna., 
with her daughter : 

No. 1183. I. Ehzabeth ' Stanton. 


No. 515. William Stanton « (Martha,' Sinah,* Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis ^), born at Salem, Ohio, married Ellen K. Irish. They 
are at present residing at Pasadena, California. I am indebted 
to William Stanton for much information and assistance regard- 
ing his branch of the family. He had one child : 
No. 1184. I. Emily Irish ^ Stanton. 

No. 538. John J. Townsend" (Francis ].;' Sinah,^ Abel,'* 

Abel,^ Lewis ^ ), born at Salem, Ohio, married , and lives in 

Albion, Boone County, Nebraska He had five children : 

No. 1185. I. Eveline May '^ Townsend. 
No. 1186. II. Edward Francis ]J Townsend. 

No. 1187. III. Sarah Elizabeth ^ Townsend. 

No. 1188. IV. Eugene Washington '' Townsend. 
No. 1189. V. Hazel Louisa '' Townsend. 

No. 540. Abel Bye " (Martha,^ AbeV Abel,'^ Abel,^ Lewis^), 
resides in Ohio, and there married Lydia Jane Branson. They 
had one child : 

No. llijO. I. Amy E.'^ Bye, married Osburn Smith. 

No. 541. Edward Bye^ ( Martha,-' Abel,^ Abel,-* Abel,' 
Lewis ' ), resides in Ohio, married Mary Smith. They had five 
children : 

No. 1191. I. Addison^ Bye, married Aseneth Raby. 
No. 1192. II. William S.^ Bye. married Mary R. Holloway 

(No. 1208). 

No. 111);3. III. Walter' Bvc, died . 

No. 11 94. IV. Emma ' Bye, died . 

No. 1195. V, Eliza ^ Bye, married Lewis Eliott. 


No. 54-2. Samuel Bye ' ( Martha/' Abel/ Abel/^ Abel,- 
Lewis ^ ), married Emily Todd. They had one child : 
No. 1196. I. SamueF Bye, died in manhood, unmarried. 

No. 544. Elizabeth Bye^ (Martha,^ Abel/ Abel/^ Abel/ 
Lewis ^ ), married Joseph Pidgeon. They had four children : 

No. 1197. I. John 7 Pidgeon. 
No. 1198. II. Amos' Pidgeon. 

No. 1199. III. William' Pidgeon. 

No. 1200. IV. Charles' Pidgeon. 

No. 545. Lewis W. Bye « (Alartha/ Abel/ Abel/ Abel/ 
Lewis ^ ), married Phrebe Williams, and had four children : 

No. 1201. I. Louisa" Bye, married Milton Shaw\ 

No. 1202. II. Elisha J." Bye, married Eva Doudna. 

No. 1203. III. Anna' Bye, married Mott. 

No. 1204. IV. Martha" Bye, married Daniel Mott. 

No. 546. Mary Bye « (Martha,^ Abel,^ Abel/ Abel,- Lewis '), 
married Joseph Fawcett. They had three children : 

No. 1205. I. Stella" Fawcett, died. 
No. 1206. II. Martha' Fawcett. 
No. 1207. III. Carlos' Fawcett. 

548. Martha Walker ^ (Joseph,' Abel,* Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis ^), married Lindley M. Holloway. They had two children : 

No. 1208. I. :\Iary R.' Holloway, married William S. Bye 

(No. 1192.) 
No. 1209. II. Chalkley Clinton' Holloway, married Nellie T. 



No. 551. Lewis Townsend Walker "(Jo.seph,'^ Abel/ Abel,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis '), married Mary O. Norton. They had two children : 

No. 1210. L Ann Eliza ^ Walker. 
No. 12H. IL Edward 7 Walker. 

No. 554. Abel Walker « (Joseph,'" Abel,' Abel,'^ Abel,- 
Lewis'), married Hannah L. French. They had five children : 

No. 1212. I. Bertha MJ Walker. 

No. 1213. II. Luella LJ Walker. 

No. 1214. III. Joseph'' Walker, died. 

No. 1215. IV. Julia 7 Walker, died. 

No. 1216. V. James F.' Walker. 

No. 555. Eli J. Walker*' (Lewis,-"^ Abel," Abel,^ Abel,' 
Lewis ^), born in Ohio, 12th month 3d, 1829, married 1854, 
Maria Beck. They liv^e in Van Buren County, Michigan, and 
had four children : 

No. 1217. I. Anna Mary^ Walker, married James Righter. 
No. 1218. II. Emma Thamzin^ Walker, married Joseph Martin. 

They have four children. 
No. 1219. III. Lewis Preston ^ Walker. 
No. 1220. IV. Ruth Ellen 7 Walker, married William Mabee. 

556. Mary H. Walker'"' (Lewis,-^ Abel," Abel,^ Abel,- 
Lewis ^), born in Ohio, 8th mo. 8th, 183 1, married Enoch S. 
Brown. They reside in Winona, Columbiana County, Ohio. I am 
indebted to them for information concerning their branch of the 
family. They had six children : 

No. 1221. I. Charles L.^ Brown, married Mary Bennett. 
No. 1222. II. William W.7 Broun, married Jessie Mercer. 
No. 1223. III. Edwin J.^ Brown, married Flora J. Lovejoy. 


No. 1224. IV. Thamzin\V.7 Brown, died 

No. 1225. V. Deborah E.^ Brown, married William Mercer. 
No. 1226. \1. Oliver R.^ Brown, married Oily Taylor. 

No. 560. Abel Walker ^ ( Lewis, ^ Abel,' Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis '), born in Ohio, 9th mo. 3d, 1839, married Martha 
Johnson. They live in Logan County, Kansas. Had one son : 
No. 1227. L Willis ]J Walker, died . 

No. 563. Mary Foulke ^ ( EHza,^ Abel/ Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis ' ), born in Ohio, married David Smith. She is deceased. 
They had two children : 

No. 1228. I. William" Smith, married Blanche Pond. 
No. 1229. II. Eliza' Smith, died . 

No. 565. Jesse Foulke « (Eliza,^ Abel,' Abel,^ Abel,- Lewis^), 
born in Ohio, married Anna Brownell. They had two children : 
No. 1230. I. Ethel ' Foulke. 
No. 1231. II. MabeF Foulke. 

No. 566. WiLLL\M Foulke ' (Eliza,"' Abel,' Abel,' Abel," 
Lewis ^), born in Ohio, married Margaret J. Dewees. They had 
two children : 

No. 1232. I. Edith' Foulke. 
No. 1233. II. Elsa^ Foulke. 

No. 568. Willl\m H. Walker « (Isaac," Abel,' Abel," Abel,' 
Lewis ' ), resides in Ohio, married Anna Wilson. They had three 
children : 

No. 1234. I. Anna" Walker. 
No. 1235. II. Lvdia Elma^ Walker. 
No. 1236. III. Abel Townsend' Walker. 


No. 569. Marian Walkkr « (Isaac/' Abel,* Abel,'' Abel,^ 
Lewis ' ), born in Ohio, married John Leech, of Westbranch, 
Iowa, They had children : 

No. 1237. I. Lewis'' Leech, married Lucinda B. . 

No. 1238. II. Thomas 7 Leech, died . 

No. 1239. III. Martha^ Leech, married James W. Ilawley. 

No. 1240. IV. Alva' Leech, married Bessie J. . 

No. 1241. V. Lydia^ Leech. No. 1242^. VII. Adna Israel. 

No. 1242. VI. Mary^ Leech. No. 1242^. VIII. Lima. 

No. 573. Sarah Walker •^ (Isaac,'' Abel,^ Abel,''' Abel,^ 
Lewis '), born in Ohio, married Pearson Thomas. They had six 
children : 

No. 1243. I. Sarah ^ Thomas. 

No. 1244. II. Walter^ Thomas. 

No. 1245. III. Lydia BelF Thomas. 

No. 1246. IV. Melissa" Thomas. 

No. 1247. V. Marian ' Thomas. 

No. 1248. VI. Tacy" Thomas. 

No. 582. Esther L. Walker e (Abel,^ Edward,' Abel,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis ^), born 3d mo. 9th, 1835, at South Charleston, 
Ohio, married Edward E. Harrison, of Green Plain, Clark County, 
Ohio. (See Sharpless Genealogy.) They had three children : 

No. 1249. I. Cornelia J.' Harrison, born 9th mo. 9th, 1859. 
No. 1250. II. Mary Hannah^ Harrison, born loth mo. i6th, 

No. 125L III. Elizabeth^ Harrison, born 4th mo. 2d, 1864. 

No. 594. Lewis Walker ' (Nathan U.,' Lewis,* Abel,'' Abel,^ 
Lewis ^), born at Wellsville, Ohio, 6th mo. 4th, 1855, married 


lOth mo. 4th, 1877, Susan Adelaide Delamater. He is one of 
the firm of " N. U. Walker Clay Manufacturing Co." at Walkers, 
Columbiana County, Ohio. They have three children : 
No. 1252. I. Lewis ^ Walker, born 6th mo. 25th, 1881. 
No. 1253. II. Wallace D." Walker, born 3d mo. 25th, I887. 
No. 1254. III. Alice Adelaide^ Walker, born nth mo. 5th, 


No. 596. Charles P. Janneys (Rebecca,^ Isaac, ^ Abel,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis '), born in Virginia, married Nannie Lee Pollock. 
He is an attorney-at-law. He has seven children : 
No. 1255. I. Thomas Gordon ^ Janney, born 2d mo. ist, 1870. 
No. 1256. II. Rebecca" Janney, born 2d mo. 29th, 1874. 
No. 1257. III. Lilias Gordon'' Janney, born 4th mo. 26th, 1874. 
No. 1258. IV. Charles Philip^ Janney. 
No. 1259. V. John ^ Janney. 
No. 1260. VI. Abraham David Pollock" Janney. 
No. 1261. VII. Anna Lee ^Janney. 

No. 597. Nathaniel E. Janney^ (Rebecca,'^ Isaac, ^ Abel,'* 
Abel,^ Lewis ^ ), born in Virginia, moved to Philadelphia, where 
he married Anna Canby, daughter of William C. Smyth, of that 
city. He is a conveyancer, and resides in West Philadelphia. 
He is a member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, as well 
as the Union League Club, and an active member of Race Street 
Meeting. He has three children : 

No. 1262. I. William Canby ^ Janney, born 8th mo. 7th, 1880. 
No. 1263. II. Emily^ Janney, born 6th mo. 17th, 1882. 
No. 1264. Ill, Mary Talbot^ Janney, born nth mo. 25th, 


No. 599. James W. Janney « (Rebecca,^ Isaac,* Abel,^ Abel,^ 


Lewis ^), born in Virginia, moved to Chicago, where he is general 
agent of the Provident Life and Trust Company for the State of 
Illinois. He married Lucy Nichols, and has two children : 
No. 1265. I. Helen McPherson ' Janney. 
No. 1266. II. Mildred ^ Janney. 

No. 602. Robert M. Janney « (Rebecca," Isaac,^ Abel,'* Abel,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in Virginia, came to Philadelphia, where he entered 
into the business of banker and broker. Like his brother, he is 
an active member of Race Street Meeting, and President of the 
First-day School. He married P>mily B., daughter of William 
C. Smyth, who died 2d mo. 1889, leaving an infant son : 

No. 1267. I. James Craik ^ Janney, born 2d mo. 22d, 1889. 

No. 603. Anna M. Janney « (Rebecca,* Isaac,' Abel,* Abel,^ 
Lewis ' ), born in Virginia, removed to Philadelphia with her 
widowed mother and sisters, where she married Howard Lippin- 
cott. They have two children : 

No. 1268. I. James Janney'' Lippincott. 
No. 1269. II. Elizabeth White ^ Lippincott. 

No. 605. Elisha Hunt Walker^ (James,'' Isaac,' Abel,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in Virginia, married Lucy Cooper, of Phila- 
delphia, and resides in Baltimore, Md. They have four children : 

No. 1270. I. Elizabeth Cooper^ Walker, born 1881. 

No. 1271. II. Robert Hunt^ Walker, born 1882. 

No. 1272. III. James M.^ Walker, born 1884. 

No. 1273. IV. William Cooper^ Walker, born 1886. 

No. 606. Susan Walker ^ (James,'^ Isaac,'' Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Lewis '), born in Virginia, married Perry B. Pierce, of Washing- 
ton, D. C, where they reside. They have two children : 


No. 1274. I. Talbot Eugene " Pierce. 
No. 1275. II. Mary Walker ^ Pierce. 

No. 608. Robert R. Walker ^ (James/' Isaac/ Abel/ Abel/ 
Lewis ^), of Waterford, Virginia, married Eliza J. Needles, of 
Philadelphia. They have one child : 
No. 1276. I. Cornelia Needles" Walker, born 1892. 

No. 615. James W. Williams ^ (Mary,^ Isaac,* Abel,^ Abel,- 
Lewis '). born in Virginia, married Hannah Conrow. He died 
August, 1895. They had three children : 

No. 1277. I. Isaac Walker" Williams. 
No. 1278. II. Bessie SJ Williams. 
No. 1279. III. Hannah C." Williams. 

No. 616. Susan Talbot Williams^ (Mary,-' Isaac,* Abel,^ 
Abel,"^ Lewis '), born in Virginia, married Lewis Pidgeon. They 
had one child : 
No. 1280. I. Mary E.^ Pidgeon. 

No. 623. Isaac Walker'' (William,^ Isaac,* Lewis,^ Abel,- 
Lewis^), born in East Bethlehem, Washington County, Penna., 
7th mo. 25th, 1847, married Matilda Singclair. They reside in 
Eldorado, Kansas. They have one child : 

No. 1281. I. Charles" Walker. 

No. 624. Eliza Jane Walker*"' (William,' Isaac,* Lewis, '^ 
Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in East Bethlehem, Vv^'ashington County, 
Penna., 2d mo. 15th, 185 i, married John A. Crawford, of Twelve 
Mile, Cass County, Indiana. They have seven children : 

No. 1282. I. Harry W." Crawford, born loth mo. 13th, 1874. 


No. 1283. II. Mary A.^ Crawford, born 12th mo. 13th, 1S75. 
No. 1284. III. Charles H.^ Crawford, born 10th mo. 24th, 1877. 
No. 1285. IV. William M.^ Crawford, born 9th mo. nth, 1879. 
No. 1286. V. Emma N.^ Crawford, born 7th mo. 15th, 1882. 
No. 1287. VI. Jessie A.^ Crawford, born 2d mo. i6th, 1886. 
No. 1288. VII. Benjamin H.^ Crawford, born 8th mo. i ith, 1888. 

No. 625. Samuel G. Walk^zr*^ (William,'' Isaac,' Lewis,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in East Bethlehem, Washington County, 
Penna., i ith mo. ist, 1852, married, ist mo. i6th, 1879, Emma 
J. Crouch, who died after giving birth to two sons. His second 
wife, Minnie L. Griffith, whom he married loth mo. 5th, 1892, 
has one son. He lives at the homestead with his mother. His 
children are : 

No. 1289. I. James W.^ Walker, born ist mo. 31st, 1882. 
No. 1290. II. Llewellyn G.^ Walker, born ist mo. 31st, 1882. 
No. 1291. III. Bertram Keener" Walker, born 8th mo. 8th, 


No. 626. Joseph L. Walker "^ (William,' Isaac,'' Lewis,-^ 
Abel,^ Lewis '), born in East Bethlehem, Washington County, 
Penna., 9th mo. 19th, 1854, married, 4th mo. 7th, 1880, Hannah 
J. Pepper. They live in East Bethlehem, and have seven 
children : 

No. 1292. I. Paul A.' Walker, born ist mo. nth, 1881. 

No. 1293. II. Jennetta B.' Walker, born 3d mo. 22d, 1882. 

No. 1294. III. William P.' Walker, born 8th mo. 24th, 1884. 

No. 1295. IV. Mary Ann' Walker, born 3d mo. 12th, 1886. 

No. 1296. V. Naomi E.' Walker, born 2d mo. 26th, 1889. 

No. 1297. VI. Leah Jane' Walker, born 2d mo. i6th, 1891. 

No. 1298. VII. Joseph D.' Walker, born 12th mo. 30th, 1893. 


No. 636. Lewis W. Steers (Samuel/' Leah,^ Lewis,'^ Abel,' 
Lewis '), born in Virginia, removed to Philadelphia, Penna. 
Married, ist, Elizabeth Hough ; 2d, Virginia Holland. He has 
five children. 

No. 1299. I. SamueF Steer. 

No. 1300. II. Leah'' Steer, married William Osier. 

No. 1301. HI. Harriette7 Steer. 

No. 1302. IV. Caroline 7 Steer, married Simon Gratz. 

No. 1303. V. Edgar 7 Steer, died May, 1896, married Louisa 

Slaughter. Graduate M.D., of Univ^ersity of 


No. 638. Mary Steer « ( Samuel,-' Leah,' Lewis,^ Abel,' 
Lewis ^ ), born in Virginia, married William Bond, of Montgom- 
ery County, Md. They have three children : 
No. 1304. I. Charles 7 Bond. 
No. 1305. II. Samuel ^ Bond. 
No. 1306. III. Joseph^ Bond. 

No. 640. Isaac E. Steer ^ (Samuel,' Leah,' Lewis,^ Abel,' 
Lewis ^ ), born in Virginia, removed to New York City, where he 
is engaged in business. He married Ida Sigman, and has three 
children : 

No. 1307. I. Grace" Steer. 
No. 1308. II. Walter 7 Steer. 
No. 1309. III. Harold " Steer. 

No. 648. Joshua Rhoads ^ (Naomi,^ Zillah,' Joseph,^ Isaac,' 
Lewis ^), bom at Haddington, Penna., 9th mo. 14th, 1806, died 
in Jacksonville, Illinois, 2d mo. ist, 1876. He married, 3d mo. 
14th, 1833, '^t P^riends' Meeting-house, Pennsbury, Bucks 


County, Penna., Rosanna, daughter of J^arclay and Mary Ivins. 
She died 4th mo. lOth, 1883. 

Joshua Rhoads graduated in medicine, and practiced his 
profession for several years in Fallsington, Bucks County, Penna., 
but the greater part of his Hfe was devoted to the education of 
the bHnd. He was for a time Principal of the Institute for the 
Blind in Philadelphia. In 1850, he removed with his family to 
Jacksonville, III, where he was for twenty years Principal of 
the State Institute for the Blind. Joshua and Rosanna (Ivins) 
Rhoads had eight children : 

No. 1310. I.Jane P^lizabeth^ Rhoads, born 2d mo. 19th, 

1834, died 1st mo. 14th, 1836. 
No. 1311. II. Anna J.^ Rhoads, born 9th mo. 19th, 1837, 

died 7th mo. 22d, 1838. 
No. 1312. III. Julius F7 Rhoads, born 7th mo. loth, 1839, 

died 2d mo. ist, 1840. 
No. 1313. IV. Mary J.^ Rhoads, born 3d mo. 27th, 1841. 
No. 1314. V. Alice SJ Rhoads, born 6th mo. 17th, 1844. 
No. 1315. VI. Naomi' Rho.ids, born 6th mo. 20th, 1848, died 

3d mo. 2 1st, 1888, married John A. Bellatti. 
No. 1316. VII. Martha C.^ Rhoads, born 2d mo. 25th, 1852, 

died loth mo. 17th, 1862. 
No. 1317. VIII. T. Walter^ Rhoads, born nth mo. 15th, 1855, 

died 1st mo. 5th, 1858. 

No. 650. James Rhoads ^ (Naomi,-^ Zillah,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, 4th mo. ist, 181 1, died 5th mo. 
13th, 1886. He married at " Sellers Hall," Delaware County, 
Penna., 9th mo. 17th, 1840, Alice, daughter of George and Ann 
E. Sellers, who was born 5th mo. ist, 1818, died ist mo. 19th, 
1 842. James Rhoads was for nearly thirty years professor of /nV/es 
lettres at the Boys' High School, Philadelphia. He had one 
son : 


No. 1318. I. Joseph R." Rhoads, born 8th mo. 6th, 1841, 

married Amanda Seal. 

No. 652. Sarah Walker Rhoads ^(Xaomi/Zillah/ Joseph,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis'), born in Philadelphia, 2d mo. i6th, 18 15. at 
1709 Market street, died 4th mo. 26th, 1891, at her home, 109 
North 1 6th street, Philadelphia. She was married at Haverford 
Meeting-house, Delaware County, Penna., 9th mo. 26th, i >39, 
to William P. Walter, son of Thomas and Sarah Walter, of 
Montgomery County, Penna. He was born 8th mo. ist, 18 10, 
and died at Philadelphia, 8th mo. 28th, 1872. 

William P. Walter was engaged in the hardware business on 
Market street for many years, which is continued in the same 
place by his sons. William P. and Sarah W. (Rhoads) Walter 
had seven children : 

No. 1319. I. Emma" Walter, born 6th mo. 20th, 1840. 
No. 1320. II. Thomas' Walter, born 7th mo. 19th, 1843. 
No. 1321. III. Xaomi " Walter, born ist mo. loth, 1846. 
No. 1322. l\\ Warner' Walter, born 6th mo. 20th, 1848. 
No. 1323. V. William Penn " Walter, born 9th mo. loth, 1850, 

died 4th mo. 26th, 1854. 
No. 1324. VI. Mar>' Jeanes ^ Walter, born 6th mo. 28th, 1853, 

married George F. White. 
No. 1325. VII. Sarah " Walter, born 3d mo. iith, 1S56, died 

3d mo. 24th, 1865. 

No. 655. Daniel Rhoads® (Naomi,^ Zillah,^ Joseph,*^ Isaac,- 
Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, 9th mo. 25th, 1821, died 3d mo. 
nth, 1893. He married, 4th mo. 25th, 1861, Maria Dick 
Smith. She was born nth mo. 23d, 1838, and was daughter 
of Edward and Rebecca Sinnicksen Smith, of Columbia, Penna., 
formerly of Salem, New Jersey. 


Daniel and Maria D. (Smith) Rlioads settled at Bellefonte, 
Centre County, Penna., and had five children : 

No. 132G. I. Samuel Jeanes" Rhoads, born Tid mo. 31st, 1862, 

died loth mo. iith, 1862. 
No. 1327. II. Edward Keasby Smith ^ Rhoad.s, born 7th mo. 

1 6th, 1867. 
No. 1328. III. Joseph James' Rhoads, born 8th mo. 23d, 1868. 
No. 132!). IV. Francis Sinnicksen '' Rhoads, born 8th mo. loth, 

1 87 1. 
No. 1330. V. Rebecca Naomi" Rhoads, born i ith mo. 30th, 


No. 656. Naomi Rho.'\ds*' (Naomi,''^ Zillah,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis'), born in Philadelphia, Penna., 8th mo. i6th, 1824, 
married Thomas Walter, 2d mo. 23d, 1848. He was born 2d 
mo. 1st, 1802, died, 6th mo. 25th, 1878, and was son of Enos 
and Elizabeth Walter of Wilmington, Delaware. Thomas and 
Naomi (Rhoads) Walter had two children : 

No. 1331. I. Joseph R.' Walter, born 9th mo. 27th, 1849, 

died 3d mo. 30th, 1890. 
No. 1332. II. Mary R." Walter, born 2d mo. 19th, 1857, 

married Charles William Cooper. 

No. 657. Ellen Roberts" (Sarah,'' Isaac,^ Joseph,'^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis '), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, Penna., 
in 1797, died 1855, married, 1825, William D. Haines. They 
had two children : 

No. 1333. I. Caroline'' Haines, born 1829, died 1836. 
No. 1334. II. Emily ^ Haines, married Phineas Pratt. 

No. 660. Mary Ann Roberts*"' (Sarah,^ Isaac, ^ Joseph,'^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, 


Penna., 1802, married, 1834, her cousin Walker Moore, son of 
Leah and Abner Moore. 

Walker Moore died in his eighty-ninth year. They had one 
child : 
No. 1335. I. Ellen R.^ Moore, married Jesse Cheney. 

No. 661. Jane W. Roberts^ (Sarah, "^ Isaac, ^ Joseph,^ Isaac," 
Lewis '), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, Penna., 
1804, married Samuel Hoopes They had three children : 

No. 1336. I. Thomas'" Hoopes, married, ist, Susan Bernard; 

2d, Lydia Jobson. 
No. 1337. II. Elwood^ Hoopes, married Susanna Huey. 
No. 1338. III. David" Hoopes, married Susan Maris. 

No. 662. Sarah Roberts ^ (Sarah,' Isaac,* Joseph,-^ Isaac, - 
Lewis ^), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, Penna., 
1806, married Caleb Hoopes. She died at her home in Balti- 
more, Md. Caleb Hoopes married for his second wife, Maiy W. 
Roberts (No. 686). He is also deceased. Caleb and Sarah 
(Roberts) Hoopes had five children : 

No. 1339. I. Emma'' Hoopes, married Charles Hoopes. 

No. 1340. II. William^ Hoopes, married Georgia Wilhelm. 

No. 1341. III. Edward'^ Hoopes, married Lucy Tyler. 

No. 1342. IV. Sallie^ Hoopes, married Charles Tyler. 

No. 1343. V. Frank 7 Hoopes, died 1861. 

No. 663. Matthew Roberts ^ (Sarah,^ Isaac,* Joseph,'' Isaac,'- 
Lewis ^ ), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, 
Penna., 1809, married Ellen Moore, daughter of Isaac, and 
granddaughter of Leah and Abner Moore (No. 06). They had 
one child : 

No. 1344. I. Emily' Roberts, married F. Wilson Eastburn. 


No. 6()4. Elizabeth Roberts " ( Sarah/' Isaac,* Joseph,'* 
Isaac,' Lewis ^ ), born at the Roberts homestead near Mana- 
yunk, Penna., 1814, died at her home in Lower Merion Town- 
ship, Montgomery County, Penna., 1875, married Phineas Paiste. 
He was born in i8ii,and died in 1883. They had eleven 
children : 

No. 1345. I. Mercy '^ Paiste, married James Pyott. 

No. 1346. II. Robert J.' Paiste, married, ist, Sallic Rhoads, 

2d, Jane Rhoads. 
No. 1347. III. George^ Paiste, married Margaret Dempsery. 
No. 1348. IV. William Henry ^ Paiste, died 1863, from wounds 

received at the Battle of Antietam, in the 

Civil War. 
No. 1349. V. Edward^ Paiste, married, ist, luiima Mackey ; 

2d, Anna Brook ; 3d, Kate Harris ; 4th, 

Sallie Parrottet. 
No. 1350. VI. Caroline 7 Paiste. 
No. 1351. VII. Elwood ^ Paiste, died in infancy. 
No. 1352. VIII. Phineas ^ Paiste, born 1850, died 1856. 
No. 1353. IX. B. Franklin 7 Paiste. 
No. 1354. X. Charles^ Paiste, married Emma Davis. 
No. 1355. XI. James L." Paiste, married Louetta Weaver. 

No. 665. Rebecca Roberts ^ (Sarah, "'* Isaac, ^ Joseph,'' Isaac, - 
Lewis ^), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, Penna., 
1 8 1 1 , married James Paiste, the brother of Phineas Paiste above 
mentioned, of Eastown Township, Chester County, Penna. They 
had three children ; 

No. 1356. I. David ^ Paiste, married Rebecca Thomas. 
No. 1357. II. Eliza'' Paiste, married John Wctherill. 
No. 1358. III. Dillwyn^ Paiste, married . 


No. 666. Rachel Roberts ^ (Sarah;^ Isaac,'* Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ 
Lewis '), born at the Roberts homestead, near Manayunk, 
Penna., 3d mo. 2d, 181 7, died in Chester, Penna., loth mo. 
20th, 1890. She married, 4th mo. 20th, 1843, Isaac Wetherill, 
son of Richard and Ann Wetherill. Isaac and Rachel (Roberts) 
Wetherill resided at Kennett Square, Chester County, Penna. 
They had four children : 

No. 1350. I. Annie J." Wetherill, married Sharpless Walter. 

No. 1360. II. Roberts" Wetherill, married Annie Webb. 

No. 1361. III. Sallie^ Wetherill, married Dr. Milner, of Chester 

County, Penna. They had one child, who 
died a few years after the death of both her 

No. 1362 IV. Emily" Wetherill, married Benjamin Blakley. 

No. 669. Thomas Robinson Walker ^ (Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ 
Joseph,* Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Radnor Township, Delaware 
County, Penna., 8th mo. 2d, 18 16, died at his home in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., 7th mo. 29th, 1875. 
He married, 4th mo. 14th, 1841, Mary, daughter of James and 
Elizabeth (Priestman) Baynes. She was born at " Shellcote," 
in " Wood Hall Park," Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England, 7th 
mo. I ith, 18 1 3, died 4th mo. 14th, 1880, at Philadelphia, Penna., 
at the house of her son, Dr. James Baynes Walker, and is buried 
beside her husband in the Valley Graveyard. 

The Baynes family, according to Granger in his " History of 
Nidderdale," was in earlier times one of the most influential in 
Yorkshire. Tradition says it is descended from Donald Bane, 
son of the murdered Duncan, who, on the death of his brother 
Malcolm, claimed the throne of Scotland, as was his right 
according to the, then, Scotch law. Malcolm's son, with the 
assistance of the English, dethroned him after a short reign, and 

2 ^2 -^- ^^7 



Donald was obliged to seek the shelter of the highlands, along 
with his Gaelic chieftains. After some years of desultory fight- 
ing they were driven from Scotland, and, it is said by some 
authorities, came to northern Yorkshire, where the sons of 
Donald founded the family that bears their name. However 
true this may be, the Bayneses are of distinguished and ancient 
lineage, and there are to be found on their family tree many 
names that testify to their worth. In an old pedigree that goes 
back eight hundred years, are warriors, crusaders, nuns, and one 
bishop, while in the later centuries are poets, painters, clergymen, 
and dissenters, both of Church and State. One of Cromwell's 
most trusted officers. Captain Adam Baynes, was of this York- 
shire family and a near relation to the forebears of Mary Baynes 
Walker. This branch lixcd at " Heigh-holm " Hall, near Kil- 
lington, Westmoreland, which property was owned by them for 
many generations. They have been associated with Yorkshire 
since 1182, when, according to Burke, one of them came there 
from the north and established the famil)'. (See the " Deucator 
Leodientis," " Reitstap," and "Burke's Peerage.") The arms 
are : "Arms sa. A shin bone in fesse surmounted by another 
in pale arg. The crest — a cubit arm. vested, az., cuffed, 
erminois, the hand holding the jaw bone, arg." Motto : 
" Furor arma ministrat." 

When George Fox appeared in Yorkshire preaching the new 
doctrine, William and Joseph Baynes of " Stangerthwait " were 
among the earliest converts to Quakerism, and they suffered much 
in fines and imprisonments for conscience' sake. (See " Piety Pro- 
moted," and " Besse's Sufferings " ). 

In the troubled times of the Commonwealth and for some 
years afterwards the records of church and meeting-house were 
not kept with the care necessary for their preservation, and, 
aithough we know that James Baynes' grandfather was of this 


stock, we cannot find any record of his birth. We simply con- 
jecture that he was a son, born of a second marriage of Joseph 
Baynes of " Stangerthwait," with Barbara Askew, 1691. Joseph 
was born in 1633, and James Baynes in 1700, when his sup- 
posed father was sixty-seven years old. Joseph was son of James 
Baynes, " Yeoman," died 1671, and his wife, Agnes, died 1664, 
of " Killington," Westmoreland. (There are other records of 
the family now extant, and in course of preparation by other 
members of the family in England, which it is not necessary to 
insert in this work.) 

James Baynes, born 1700, died 1772, married, 2d mo. 7th, 
1736, Mary, daughter of Thomas Lambert, of " Blean," a farm- 
house so-called, in Wensleydale overlooking Semerwater. She 
was born 17 1 1, died 1797, and both are buried at Bainbridge, in 
Wensleydale. They had ten children : Mabel, born 1736, mar- 
ried, 1757, Adam Harker ; Thomas, born 1737; James born 
1739, died 1785 ; Maiy, born 1741, married, 1765, Christopher 
Mires ; Margaret, born 1743, married, 1778, John Rickaby ; John, 
born 1744, died 1817, married, 1770, Frances Beezon ; William, 
born 1746; Oswald, born 1748, married, 1777, Mary Lambert; 
Ann, born 1750; Joseph, born 1765, died 1778. 

Frances Beezon, the wife of John Baynes, was daughter of 
John Beezon, of " Wood Hall Park," a farm in Wensleydale, long 
in possession of the Beezon family. John Beezon, in his will 
dated 1773, leaves a " property called Shellcote, on the Scarr, 
north of the Turnpike road leading from Woodhall to Askrig," 
to his daughter Frances Baynes, along with " Wood Hall Park," 
and all the plate and furniture. Frances was born at " Wood 
Hall Park," 1751, and died there, 7th mo. 4th, 1781. She is 
buried in the Quaker graveyard at Aysgarth, not far distant. 
John and Frances (Beezon) Baynes had five children : John 
Beezon, born 1771, at "Wood Hall Park," died 1847, at Wil- 



mingtoii, Delaware, married Miriam Pricstman ; Hannah, born 
1772, at "Wood Hall Park," married, 1795, Richard Thomson, 
of Leyburn ; James, born 1775, at "Wood Hall Park," died at 
Plymouth, Montgomery County, Penna., 1856, married EYv/.a- 
beth Priestman ; P>ances, born 1776, at "Wood Hall Park," 

married Redman ; Mary, born 1 779, at " Wood Hall 

Park," died 1843, in Pennsylvania, married Yates. 

John Beezon Baynes, the eldest son, inherited "Wood Hall 
Park," on the death of his mother, and on his marriage with 
Miriam, daughter of Thomas Priestman, "yeoman," of " Dur- 
ruddun," Cumberland, England (in some family papers it is 
written " Dearrudding, in the Parish of Greystock, in the county 
of Cumberland " ), he took her there to live. He sold the 
property in 18 1 8 to Christopher Alderson Alderson, and moved 
with his family to America. They at first settled in Wilmington, 
Del., but his sons afterward removed to Baltimore, Md., where 
they engaged successfully in business, and were prominent mem- 
bers of the Society of Friends in that city. They had : Beezon, 

born 1802, died ; Thomas, born 1803, ^^^'^ . married 

Sarah Wetherald ; P" ranees, born 1804, died 1827, married, 1826, 

William West; John, born 1805 ; James, born 1806, died , 

married Martha De Burgh ; Joseph P., born 1 809, died , 

married Sarah Paiste. 

James Baynes, the brother of John, married, 3d mo. 24th, 
1803, Elizabeth Priestman, the sister of John's wife, and daughter 
of Thomas and Hannah Priestman before mentioned. (In 17 13 
Joseph and Thomas Priestman sign a certificate for Joseph 
Parker from Coldbeck, Cumberland, to Chester, Penna., Monthly 
Meeting.) James Baynes took his wife to that part of the 
Beezon estate inherited by him, which was and is still called 
"Shellcote," a small farm with house and farm buildings in the 
near vicinity of " Wood Hall Park." Here he was occupied in 


sheep-raising and cheese-making, the moorlands being especially 
adapted for the pasture of sheep, while the Stilton cheese is still 
one of the products of the diaries as it was a hundred years ago 
and more. In 1822 James Baynes, following the example of his 
elder brother, sold the place that had been so long in the posses- 
sion of his mother's family, and came to Pennsylvania. He 
brought with him his wife and their nine children, and after 
various removals the)- at last arrived in Tredyffrin Township. 
They rented a farm belonging to Charles Greaves, and here his 
daughter Mary became acquainted with their neighbor, Thomas 
R. Walker, whom she afterwards married. This farm was origin- 
all\- owned bv Lewis Walker, who gave it to his eldest son 
Daniel, on his marriage in 171 5. It is now owned by David 

James Baynes' children were : — Hannah, born 1 804, died 
1839, married John Brookes; John, born 1805, died 1827, 
buried at Chester, Penna.; Frances, born 1807, died 1830, buried 
at the same place; Thomas Priestman, born 1809, died 1889, at 
Plymouth, ^Montgomery County, Penna., married Mary Holt, 
2d, Mary (Caley) Lukens, — s. p. ; Elizabeth, born 181 1, died 
1893, buried at Plymouth, Penna.; Mary, born 1813, died 1880, 
married Thomas R. Walker; Miriam, born 1815, died 1855, 
buried at Plymouth, Penna.; Beezon, born 18 18, married Lowry 
Humphrey, removed to Washington Count}-, Ind.; Alice, born 
1 82 1, died 1862, buried at Plymouth, Penna. 

James Baynes and his wife died at Plymouth, Penna, and 
both are buried in the Friends' Graveyard at that place. 

Thomas R. and [Nlary Baynes Walker were married at a 
public meeting at the Valley meeting-house, and this was the last 
wedding that ever took place there. After that it became 
fashionable to marry at the home of the bride. They went first 
to live at " Belhvood Farm," farming for a cousin, Jane W. 


Cleaver, and living in part of the house, but before the year ended 
a farm was bought for them at Whitpain, Montgomery County, 
Penna., to which place they moved and where they remained for 
several years, until about the year 1853, when Joseph Walker, 
the father of Thomas R. Walker, purchased the Greaves property, 
before mentioned as being the home of James Baynes, and here 
the family removed, and here they resided until, on the death of 
Mary B. Walker, the property was sold to settle up the estate. 
On the marriage of their eldest son, Isaac, in the year 1873, a 
new house was built for him on the top of the hill, a hill which 
gave the name of " Prospect Farm," to the place, in which house 
he lived, managing affairs for his father, who was a helpless 
invalid for years before his death, being afflicted with rheumatic 

Thomas R. Walker was esteemed by all who knew him. He 
had the strong, independent character that corresponded with his 
commanding height. He was over six feet tall, of an obliging dis- 
position, hospitably inclined, and with a mind that might have 
achieved distinction had he entered one of the professions. He 
valued education above all things, and gave his children the 
advantage of good schools. He had had a good education himself, 
having been a pupil of Joseph Foulke, and was gifted with an 
excellent memory. He was a good mathematician, and assisted 
his children in this branch of their studies particularly, being 
' able to work out a difficult problem in his mind during the 
nights when he could not sleep for pain, and have it ready to 
explain to them in the morning. For many years a literar}'' 
society was held every alternate week at his house and that of 
his neighbor and kinsman, Havard Walker, which gave a taste for 
reading and study to the whole neighborhood, and raised the 
tone of society generally. In all his enterprises he was assisted 
by his wife, they being singularly congenial in their tastes. 


They were both Elders of Radnor Monthly Meeting. Though 
they were consistent Friends, they were not bounded by any 
creed. The house in which they lived for so many years of 
their married life was the oldest and plainest in the Valley, yet 
there was none that contained a happier, more united family, and 
the children that grew and thrived therein look upon it, even 
now, with a reverence hard to understand for the present gen- 
eration. They feel that the blessing of a father and mother such 
as theirs cannot be overestimated. 

Thomas R. and Mary Baynes Walker had nine children : 
No. 13G3. I. Priscilla^ Walker, died in infancy. 
No. 1364. II. Elizabeth Baynes^ Walker, born May 8th, 

1843, married Joseph Heacock. 
No. 1365. III. Isaac Priestman^ Walker, born April 29th, 

1845, iTiarried Ella M. Eckman. 

No. 1366. IV. James Baynes 7 Walker, born December i6th, 

1846, married Martha M. Abraham. 

No. 1367. V. Priscilla 7 Walker, born August 27th, 1848, mar- 

, ried, September 7th, 1875, Dr. Thomas Hale 

Streets, U. S. N., son of Edward and Mar}^ E. 
(Griffin) Streets, of Delaware, s. p. 

No. 1368. VI. Fannie Baynes" W^alker, born June 25th, 

1850, now residing with her sister Elizabeth, 
at Wyncote, Penna. She was for several 
years a teacher at Friends' Central School, 
Philadelphia, Penna., but rheumatic gout 
compelled her to give up her position. 

No. 1369. VII. Joseph" Walker, died in infancy. 

No. 1370, VIII. Thomas'" Walker, died in infancy. 

No. 1371. IX. Mary AHce' Walker, died in infancy. 

No. 670. Moses Walker ^ (Joseph,^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 


Lewis ^), born in Radnor Township, Delaware County, Penna., 
1 2th mo. 9th, 1817, died at his home in Upper Merion, Mont- 
gomery County, Penna., 2d mo. 24th, 1870. lie married, 1849, 
Sarah S., daughter of Joseph and Eleanor (Stephens) Davis. 
Joseph Davis was descended from the Radnor family of that 
name that came originally from Wales and settled there. 
According to " Notes and Queries" in the Pennsylvania Maga- 
zine, I find there were three brothers of this name among 
the early settlers, William, of Radnor, Thomas, of Tredyffrin, 
and Llewellin Davis.* Sarah S. (Davis) Walker thinks she is 
descended from William, of Radnor, because that is a family 
name and she knows that her grandparents are buried in the 
Radnor Meeting Graveyard. 

The Davis family, though numerous and very respectable, can 
only go back to Joseph, of Willistown Township, Chester County, 
the great-grandfather of Sarah, whose son Mordecai lived at the 
Waterloo Mills, in Eastown Township, Chester County. This 
property belonged to the wife of Mordecai, who, with her sister, 
owned it. Mordecai bought the sister's share, and it remained 
in the family until recently, when at the death of John Davis, 
the son of Mordecai, it was sold. Mordecai Davis and his wife 
are buried at Radnor. In 1821 they bought a farm in Tredyffrin 
for their other son, Joseph, who came there to live. This 
property was originally owned by Thomas Waters, who gave it 
to his daughter on her marriage with Colonel Dewees. On the 
death of Mrs. Dewees, her son Waters Dewees inherited it, who 
sold it to Mordecai Davis. 

When the Hessian troops passed through the Valley, Colonel 
Dewees hid his valuables in various places, thinking in this 

* Llewellin Davis had two sons, Isaac and Llewellin. Isaac was the father of General 
John Davis, of Howellville, Chester County, Penna., who has a son, Major Charles L. 
Davis, U. S. Army. 


manner to save his gold and silver, though he could not keep 
his cattle from the marauders. A bag of gold coin was hurriedly- 
hidden under the smoke house, and would have escaped detec- 
tion had not a hen, fleeing before a pursuing soldier, taken refuge 
there also, and the man, following, found the precious treasure, 
which he carried off exultingly, blessing the happy accident that 
procured him so much riches. 

The Dewees house was well built and in a good situation, 
much the same as it is at the present day. During the occupa- 
tion of Valley Forge by Washington's troops, this house was the 
headquarters of General Mifflin. Mrs. Dewees resided here after 
her husband's death and died here. 

Joseph Davis, the new owner, married Eleanor, daughter of 
Stephen and Sarah (MacVeagh) Stephens (see No. 267), and 
here they lived the rest of their lives, and on the death of Joseph 
Davis, a few years ago, the property went to their only son, 
Mordecai, who with his family now occupy it. The three chil- 
dren of Joseph Davis married descendants of Lewis Walker. 
Sarah, as before stated, marr\^ing Moses Walker ; Susan, the 
second daughter, married Lewis Walker (No. 676), and Mordecai 
married Hannah Mary Beidler (No. 1530). 

Joseph Davis was a preacher in the Valley Meeting, and was 
much beloved and respected. His second wife, Elizabeth Peart, 
a widow, was also a preacher, and a gifted one. He is buried in 
the Valley Graveyard with both his wives. 

Moses Walker and his wife went to live on a farm which he 
had purchased from the estate of James Barry, which land lies 
near and overlooks the Schuylkill River near Merion Station on 
the Readincr Railrod. Here thev resided until the death of 
Moses Walker. The property is now owned by his widow, who 
lives here with her only remaining child, whose husband William 
Ramsey farms the place. Moses and Sarah S. (Davis) Walker 
had three children : 


No. 1372. I. Ellen Davis ^ Walker, married William Ramsey. 
No. 1373. II. Lewis ^ Walker, born 1856, died 1868. 
No. 1374. III. Sarah 7 Walker, born 1863, died 1874. 

No. 673. Hananiah Walker'' (Joseph,^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., 1823, died at his home in Philadel- 
phia, 4th mo. i6th, 1872. He married, 1852, Susan, daughter 
of William Katon, of Philadelphia. He learned the trade of 
brick-layer, and after working at it for some time in Philadelphia 
he joined it to the occupation of builder. He died suddenly of 
pneumonia, and was buried at the Valley Graveyard, with all the 
honors of the Society of Odd Fellow's, of which he was a promi- 
nent member. His widow and two sons still reside in Philadel- 
phia. Thay had four children : 

No. 1375. I. W'illiam Katon " Walker, married Kate Garby, 

had one son W^illiam, who died in infancy. 

No. 1376. II. Joseph'' Walker, died of consumption. 

No. 1377. III. Lewis Katon '' Walker, married Sarah Jane 


No. 1378. IV. Mary 7 Walker, died of consumption. 

No. 674. Joseph Walker^ (Joseph,''^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born at "Rehobeth," Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., 4th mo. 30th, 1826, married, 6th mo. nth, 1863, 
Ellen Louisa, daughter of Charles and Mary (Dilworth) Wells, 
at her father's house in Tredyffrin. 

From Sharpless's Genealogy : Mary T. Dilworth" (Sarah") 
married Charles Wells (died ist mo. 3d, 1872), son of Levi 
Wells* (born ist mo. 3d, 1772), and Eleanor Meredith (born ist 
mo. 28th, 1776), daughter of John and Hannah (Harrison) 


Levi Wells ^ was son of Edward - (born loth mo. 14th, 1726) 
and Mary Wells, and grandson of Peter and Mary Wells. 

Sarah Pennell, grandmother of Ellen L. (Wells) Walker, 
born 1780, married, 1800, Richard Dilworth, of Philadelphia, 
born 1779, son of Charles and Mary (Taylor) Dilworth, of West 
Chester, Penna. Richard Dilworth went West early in this 
century, and was never heard of again. Charles and Mary 
(Dilworth) Wells sold their farm in Tredyffrin to Mr. Fisher 
about twenty years ago, and went to Downingtown, Penna., where 
their two surviving sons still live. 

Joseph Walker, the youngest son of Joseph and Priscilla 
Walker, lived at the homestead with his father and sister Mary 
until the death of Joseph Walker, when he inherited the property 
according to the conditions of his father's will. After his mar- 
riage he made some slight improvements at " Rehobeth," and 
assisted by his wife he has there dispensed generous hospitality 
to their many friends and acquaintances. During the time of the 
Quarterly Meeting in August they have frequently entertained as 
many as fifty. He is an enthusiast on the subject of the old 
house in which he first saw the light, and delights in tales of 
"auld lang syne." 

Ellen L. Walker died very suddenly of pneumonia, December 
31st, 1889. She was generous and warm hearted, always ready 
to assist her neighbors in distress and to join them in their 
pleasures. It may truly be said of her, that her place in the 
neighborhood has never been refilled. They had two sons : 
No. 1379. I. Charles Wells ' Walker, born December 27th, 

1867, married, November 12, 1895, at the 
Church of the Advent, Philadelphia, Marian 
Graves Coppuck, daughter of Malcolm M. 
Coppuck. They reside in Downingtown. 


No. 1380. II. Joseph Jcanes ^ Walker, born Nov. 4th, 1871. 

Graduated at Swarthmore. At present in 
the employ of Jesse Wager Walker, in the 
Shifflee Bridge Co., Pittsburgh, Penna. 

No. 675. Havard Walker" (Hananiah,'"' Isaac,'' Joseph.^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at "The Meadows," Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., July 3d, 18 15, married Martha, 
daughter of William and Ann (Wager) Potts, of Plymouth, 
Montgomery County, Penna. Martha (Potts) Walker died 
January 2d, 1894. 

William Potts was descended from David and Alice Potts, 
early settlers of Pennsylvania, whose son Nathan, the youngest 

of ten children, born probably 1710, married Hester , and 

had a son Zebulon, born 1746, who married Martha, daughter 
of Joseph and Ann Trotter, and died March 17th, 1801. 

Zebulon Potts was a notable man of Plymouth Township. 
In 1 774 he was appointed constable. He was an ardent Whig, 
and the British, receiving information, through the medium of 
spies, of his active opposition to their cause, sent out parties on 
several occasions to capture him. Once they were almost suc- 
cessful. In 1777 he was appointed one of the Justices of the 
Court of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas. In the Assessors' 
list of 1780 he is represented as having 100 acres of land, five 
horses, three cows, and "an aged mother to support." In Octo- 
ber, 1784, he was elected the first sheriff in Montgomery County. 
He died at Harrisburg, Penna., while he was State Senator. 
(See History of Montgomery County.) His son William was 
with him in his last sickness and brought his body home. 

Among other children Zebulon Potts had William, born 1787, 
died 1 88 1, who married Ann, daughter of Jesse Wager or 
Wicherline, who lived on a small, well-kept, and valuable farm 


on the banks of the Schuylkill River, near Conshohocken, Penna. 
This farm became his by inheritance when he was t^vo years 
old, at which time he went there to live, and was never farther 
away from it than to Philadelphia in his long life time. His 
sister, EHzabeth, was grandmother to the American novelist, 
James Fenimore Cooper. 

Havard and Martha P. Walker lived on the farm and in the 
house where Havard was bom, and here they celebrated their 
Golden Wedding, in the winter of 1890. He, with his tvvo 
daughters, still live there and farm the place, assisted by his only 
grandson. Although he is past four-score, he is still compara- 
tively hale and hearty, and is interested in all public affairs relat- 
ing to his native count}'. For years he has been a director 
of the public schools, and there is no man so well known by the 
younger generation of Chester Count}^ The eldest daughter is 
a woman of remarkable intelligence, and has wielded an immense 
amount of influence for good in the locality. In her own little 
circle she is an authority on all things mental and moral. Had 
she devoted herself to literature, instead of doing the duty that 
lay nearest to her, she might have achieved a national reputation. 

Havard and Martha (Potts) Walker had four children : 

No. 1 3s 1 . T. Mar\' Jane ' Walker. 

No. 138-!. II. Jesse Wager "^ Walker, married Isabella Meeker. 

No. 13'-^3. III. Annie Potts" Walker. 

No. 1384. I\'. William Potts' Walker, married Fanny Baynes. 

No. 677. David Walker^ (Hananiah,' Isaac,* Joseph,' 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), born at " The Meadows," Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester Count)', Penna., loth mo. 8th, 18 18, died at his home 
in Tredyffrin, 5th mo., 1889, married, loth mo. 27th, 1841, 
Hannah, daughter of William and Eliza (Coates) Cowgill. 

Eliza Coates, born 5th mo. 19th, 1797, was daughter of 


Moses Coates, who married, 12th mo. loth, 1795, Hannah, 
daughter of IMordecai and Elizabeth (Davis) Moore. ]\Iordecai 
Moore was a resident of Montgomery County. He lived in 
what is known as the Zook homestead, late the residence of that 
family. Beside the farm attached to it he owned the land now 
occupied by the village of Port Kennedy, as well as the farm of 
the late Edwin Moore. He was married at Haverford Meeting 
1 2th mo. 1 2th, 1758. Hannah Moore was born 12th mo. 24th, 


Moses Coates, son of Moses Coates, of Phcenixville, Pa. (see 

No. 249), and his wife, Hannah Moore, went very soon after 

their marriage to Frederick County, Va., and there their daughter 

Eliza was born. She married, 9th mo. i8th, 18 14, William 

Cowgill, born 3d mo. 5th, 1788, died 1st mo. 27th, 1834, and is 

buried at Hopewell Meeting Graveyard in Virginia. 

The Cowgill family, consisting of Ellen, her daughter Jane 
and three sons, Thomas, Ezekiel and John, came to Pennsylvania 
with William Penn, on the ship " Welcome," in 1682. They 
settled in Kent County, Del. 

From " Pennsylvania Archives," 2d Series, Vol. XIX. : 
" 171 5. John Cowgill desires the grant of about 100 acres of 
land joining on his other tract, near the branches of Duck Creek, 
in the County of New Castle, where he had planted a tan yard, 
at id. an acre rent." 

Henry Cowgill, "son of John," of Kent County, Del., is 
supposed to be the son of John, the tanner and emigrant. In 
the Record Book of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting it is recorded 
that Henr>' Cowgill married Alice, daughter of Josiah Pain, of 
Nottingham, Chester County, Penna,, on the 4th day of istmo., 
1742. My correspondent, Ella V. (Walker) Conard, has a copy 
of the marriage certificate. John, a son of Henry and Alice, 
born 4th mo. 25th, 1750, removed to York Count}'', Penna., 


when he was twenty-one years old, and resided there for a time. 
He married, nth mo. 12th, 1772, Catherine (bom 3d mo. 26th, 
1754), daughter of WiUiam and Hannah Shephard, of Notting- 
ham, Chester Count)'. John and Catherine Cowgill went to 
Virginia, taking with them their certificate from Deer Creek 
Monthly Meeting, dated 7th mo. 3d, 1775, to Hopewell Monthly 
Meeting in Virginia. Among the children born to them was 
William, who married Eliza Coates, aforementioned. 

The Cowgill family is supposed to have come from the north 
of England. The Virginia Cowgills were people of means and 
lived in good style. A member of the family writing from Dela- 
ware says she remembers hearing her father tell of a visit his 
great-aunt Cowgill paid them when he was a boy. She came 
from Virginia to their Delaware home in her handsome chaise 
drawn by a pair of fine horses with a dignified negro man as 
driver, a mode of travel which much impressed the boy. Eze- 
kiel Cowgill, the emigrant, went to Virginia, and has descendants 
still living there. The editor of Tlic Kansas Fanner is a 
descendant of Ellen Cowgill. 

On the death of William Cowgill his wife came to live in 
Pennsylvania, among her mother's relations, and here David 
W^alker made the acquintance of her daughter Hannah, who is 
said to have been ver}' beautiful. They were married, loth mo. 
27th, 1 84 1, and went to live on a farm purchased by David 
Walker from Dewalt Beaver, in Tredyffrin, not far from his old 
home. This land was originally a part of John Kinsey's pur- 
chase, and was sold by him to John Beaver, which family retained 
possession of it until it was sold to David Walker. Some years 
ago the old Beaver house was partly torn down and remodeled 
as it is now. Hannah, the wife of David Walker, died some 
years before her husband, and both are buried in the Valley 
Graveyard. They had four children : 


No. 1385. I. Eliza Cowgill ^ Walker, born August 15th, 

No. 1386. II. P:ila Virginia" Walker, JDorn Feb. 20th, 1850, 

married Edward Bright Conard. 
No. 1387. III. Winfield Hananiah ' Walker, born April 29th, 

1852, died November 24th, 1876, of typhoid 

No. 1388. IV. Lewis ^ Walker, born August 14th, i860. 

No. 678. Mary Ann Walker " (Hananiah,'"' Isaac,'' Joseph,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at "The Meadows," in Tredyffrin Town- 
ship, Chester County, Penna., October 12th, 1820, died at her 
home in Tredyffrin, 1880, married William Vv'. Richards, who 
died in 1892, son of John and Martha (Wood) Richards. For 
some years after their marriage they resided in Philadelphia, 
where William W. Richards was engaged in the manufacture of 
shovels, spades and hoes. Later they lived on a farm in 
Tredyffrin adjoining " The Meadows," which is now owned by 
some of their children. They had ten children : 
No. 1389. I. Martha W.^ Richards, married Isaac Walker 

Richards (No. 1430). 
No. 1390. II. Jane^ Richards, died. 
No. 1391. III. Anna J.' Richards, twin with Jane. 
No. 1392. IV. John James" Richards. 
No. 1393. V. Louisa" Richards. 
No. 1394. VI. Mary T.^ Richards. 

No. 1395. VII. Chalkley Wood " Richards, married Ida MuUin. 
No. 1396. VIII. William Wood" Richards, twin with Chalkley. 
No. 1397. IX. Susan Walker ^ Richards, born i860, died 1876, 

of consumption. 
No. 1398. X. Lewis Walker" Richards. 


No. 670. Sarah Roberts^ (Mary,^ Isaac/ Joseph,^ Isaac,- 
Lewis ^), born in Schuylkill Township, Chester County, Penna., 
died 1895, married, April 12th, 1833, John Williams, of 
Schuylkill Township, Chester County, Penna. He was a 
descendant of Lewis Williams, who, it is said, came to America 
on the same ship with Lewis Walker, in 1686-7. Tradition is 
that they were cousins, but all proofs of relationship were 
destroyed b}- a fire that occurred in the Williams family about 
the year 1820. He married Lettice, daughter of James Parry 
of Tredyffrin, who came over on the same ship with her future 
husband. Lewis Williams was one of the original members of 
the Great Valley Baptist Church, joined " by letter from Wales." 
His wife's father was a Presbyterian, and her brother John gave 
the ground where the Great Valley Presbyterian Church now 
stands. Elizabeth Parr}^, her sister, married James David or 
Davis, who gave the land for the erection of the Baptist Church 
in the great Valley. 

Lewis and Lettice (Parry) Williams had three sons, Joseph, 
John, and James, who lived in Whiteland, Chester County, until 
after their father's death in 1735, when they went to Charlestown 
Township, and settled there in 1744. Joseph Williams was part 
owner of the old Valley Forge in 175 i, being in partnership 
with Stephen Evans and Daniel Walker. (See No. 2.) John 
Williams, his brother, a weaver, was a member of the Great 
Valley Baptist Church " by baptism." In 1726, Lewis Williams 
with his family and some other members of this church with- 
drew from it and founded the Seventh Day Baptist Church at 
French Creek. In 1770, John Williams was a deacon at Vincent 
Baptist Church. He was hving in 1793. His son David also 
lived to be over ninety. John married Mary , about 1720. 

John and Sarah (Roberts) Williams resided all their married 
life at the old Williams homestead, where, besides farming, they 


were engaged in the manufacturing of paper. They had eight 
children : 

No. 1399. I. Joseph Roberts ^ Williams, married Jane Kunkle. 

No. 1400. IT. Mary Jane" Williams, married William John. 
No. 1401. III. David'' Williams, married Sallie Pennypacker. 
No. 1402. IV. Sarah '' W^illiams, married Everett Anderson. 
No. 1403. V. B. Franklin" Williams, married Josephine 

No. 1404. VI. Walker" Williams, married Susan Stephens. 
No. 1405. VII. William K.^ Williams, married Millie Wright. 
No. 1406. VIII. Henrietta" Williams, married John Kinsey, 

No. 680. William Roberts" (Mary,"'' Isaac,^ Joseph,^ Isaac, - 
Lewis ^), born in Schuylkill Township, Chester County, Penna., 
died suddenly, October 2ist, 1889, at his home in Tredyffrin 
Township, having enjoyed a long life, spent in almost perfect 
health. He married Susanna, daughter of Benjamin and Marj- 
(Jones) Havard. (See No. 250.) William and Susanna (Havard) 
Roberts built a home on a part of the Havard tract which came 
to her by inheritance, and here they lived for almost fifty years 
together. He was a public-spirited man, and frequently held 
positions of trust in the County. Both he and his wife were 
valuable members of society. His wife survives him, and with 
some of her children occupies the homestead. Their three eldest 
sons died before their father, and all are buried in the Valley 
Graveyard. They had ten children : 

No. 1407. I. Benjamin Havard^ Roberts, enlisted in the 

Union Army at the commencement of the 
Civil War, and died of camp fever in Virginia 
in i860, before he was twenty. 
No. 1408. II. Isaac Walker^ Roberts, died 1875, married' 

Annie Daniels. 


No. 1400. III. Mary Emily ^ Roberts, married Isaac Walker 

(No. 737.) 
No. 1410. IV. David Havard ^ Roberts, died, married Margaret 

No. 1411. V. William H.^ Roberts, married Kate Errett. 
No. 1412. VI. Annie" Roberts, died young of scarlet fever. 
No. 1413. VII. George^ Roberts, married Jannet Maclnnes. 
No. 1414. VIII. Charles Joseph ^ Roberts, married Mary 

No. 1415. IX. Clarence^ Roberts. 
No. 1416. X. Susan Havard" Roberts, married Elliott 


No. 681. Lewis Roberts" (Mary,^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Schuylkill Township, Chester County, Penna., 
married Sarah Maris. They had seven children : 
No. 1417. I. Cornelia' Roberts, married Uriah Ulman. 
No. 1418. II. Mary^ Roberts. 

No. 1419. III. RacheF Roberts, married Preston Rhoades. 
No. 1420. IV. John W. Roberts, died. 
No. 1421. V. Joseph^ Roberts. 

No. 1422. VI. David ^ Roberts, married Martha . 

No. 1423. VII. Kate^ Roberts, married James Shillach. 

No. 683. Stephen Roberts " (Mary,^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Schuylkill Township, Chester County, Penna., 

married Cordelia . They had two children : 

No. 1424. I. Isaac Walker^ Roberts. 
No. 1425. II. Albert^ Roberts. 

No. 690. Mary Conrad ^ (Priscilla,^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married Elijah Lewis, and had four children : 


No. 1426. I. Sarah' Lewis. 
No. 1427. 11. Cornelius^ Lewis. 

No. 1428. III. Martha^ Lewis. 

No. 1429. IV. Ann 7 Lewis. 

No. 694. Isaac Walker Richards " (Jane,'"' Isaac/ Joseph,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), married Susanna W. Sands, of Bucks County, 
near Quakertown, Penna., and had nine children : 

No. 1430. I. Isaac Walker^ Richards, married Martha W. 

Richards (No. 1389.) 

No. 1431. II. Elizabeth" Richards, died, aged i8, of con- 

No. 1432. III. Adelaide^ Richards, married Ransom G. W. 


No. 1433. IV. Emma*" Richards, married John Sherman. 

No. 1434. V. Jane^ Richards, died. 

No. 1435. VI. William '' Richards, married Annie Springman. 

No. 1436. VII. Benjamin " Richards, married Edith Chace. 

No. 1437. VIII. John" Richards, died. 

No. 1438. IX. Mary '^ Richards, died in her 9th year, of scarlet 


No. 695. Samuel S. Richards "^ (Jane,'* Isaac, ^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married Elizabeth Justice. They live in Plymouth 
Township, Montgomery County, Penna. They had two children : 

No. 1439. I. William ^ Richards, married Jane Cleaver. 

No. 1440. II. CarrolF Richards, married Esther, daughter of 

Austin Taggart, of Upper Merion Township, 
Montgomery County, Penna., February 21st, 

No. 696. Kate Hallowell^ (Jane,-"* Isaac,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 


Lewis ^), born in Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, 
Penna., married WilHam Jenkins of the same place. They had 
two children : 

No. 1441. I. Walter 7 Jenkins, married Hettie Lukens. 
No. 1442. II. Mary 7 Jenkins, married Evan Ambler. 

No. 697. Caleb Hallowell ^ (Jane,® Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Plymouth Township, Montgomer^^ County, 
Penna., married Hettie Yerkes. They live on part of the land 
that comprised the Hallowell homestead, which he inherited 
from his father. They had four children : 

No. 1443. I. Eugene^ Hallowell, married Josephine Marlin. 

No. 1444. II. Laura'' Hallowell, married John C. Martin. 

No. 1445. III. Annie ^ Hallowell. 

No. 1446. IV. Elizabeth " Hallowell, married Joseph R.Taggart. 

No. 699. Priscilla W. Penxell^ (Sarah,® Priscilla,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born 8th mo. 5th, 1809, married John Wells, 
born 1806, died 1841, son of Levi and Eleanor (Meredith) 
W>lls. (See Sharpless Genealogy.) She resides with her son 
Joseph, at Concordville, Delaware County, Penna. She had 
five children : 

No. 1447. I. Joseph M.'' Wells, born 2d mo. 23d, 1830, 

married, 12th mo. 25th, 1856, xMary (Ridley) 
No. 1448. II. Sarah' Wells, died 1864, unmarried. 
No. 1449. III. Walker Yarnell' Wells, born 1832, married 

Amy Darlington, s.p. 
No. 1450. IV. Alice" Wells, married John Keen, of Lancaster 

County, Penna. s.p. 
No. 1451. V. John' Wells, married Miss Israel, of Wilming- 
ton, Del. s.p. 



No. 700. Thamzin R. Pennell^ (Sarah,* Priscilla/ Joseph,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), bom 3d mo. 22d, 1811, died 5th mo. 5th, 1868, 
married at I2th Street Meeting, Philadelphia, Penna., iith mo. 
5th, 1834, Paschall Morris, born in Philadelphia, 3d mo. 19th, 
1813, died at Media, Penna., 4th mo. nth, 1875, son of Isaac 
W. and Sarah (Paschall) Morris. They had eight children. 
(See Sharpless Genealogy.) 

No. 1452. I. Sarah ^ Morris, born 5th mo. 9th, 1S36.* 

No. 1453. II. Isaac Wistar" Morris, born ist mo. 15, 1838, 

died 1 84 1. 
No. 1454. III. Morton' Morris, born 1839. 
No. 1455. IV. PaschalF Morris, born 5th mo. i6th, 1841, died 

No. 1456. V. Elizabeth^ Morris, born 3d mo. 7th, 1843, ^^^^ 

No. 1457. VI. Francis'' Morris, born loth mo. 21st, 1844. 
No. 1458. VII. Granville^ Morris, born 1847, died 1847. 
No. 1459. VIII. Caroline^ Morris, born 3d mo. nth, 1849. 

No. 704. Isaac Walker Moore ^ (Sarah,* Thomas,* Joseph,-'' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Margaret Harvey, and had four children : 

No. 1460. I. Gilbert^ Moore. 
No. 1461. II. Sarah ^ Moore. 

No. 1462. III. Fanny ^ Moore. 

No. 1463. IV. Josephine' Moore. 

No. 705. Jonathan Walker'' (Richard,"' Thomas,^ Joseph, 
Isaac,' Joseph,^ Lewis *), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., July 25th, 18 18, married Caroline Blanchard, 
and had three children : 

* A Sarah Morris married, ist mo. 7th, 1857, William L. Sharp, son of Joseph, of 
Philadelphia. Their children were : — Hannah, born loth mo. 24th, 1859 ; Joseph, bom 
10th mo. 3d, 1861 ; Caroline, born loth mo. nth, 1862. 


No. 1464. I. Charles 7 Walker. 

No. 1465. II. Mary Isabelle ^ Walker. 

No. 1466. III. Caroline^ Walker. 

No. 706, Thomas Ivins Walker « (Richard,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Isabelle, daughter of William Henry, of 
the same locality, a man much esteemed for the integrity of his 
character, and at one time member of the Pennsylvania Legisla- 
ture. Isabelle (Henry) Walker died July ist, 1892, and is 
buried beside her husband, whom she survived many years, in 
the Presbyterian Graveyard, at Port Kennedy. 

T. Ivins Walker bought the Wayne Headquarters farm, where 
he was born, from his father, and in his time the house was en- 
larged and modernized. A few years ago a monument com- 
memorating it as General Wayne's headquarters, was erected on 
the place by the Sons of the Revolution. The sons of Thomas 
Ivins Walker are members of this society through both their 
father and mother, whose grandparents took part in the war 
with Great Britain. They had two children : 
No. 1467. I. William Henry ^ Walker, married Charlotte 

Weber. (No. 1581.) 
No. 1468. II. Ivins C." Walker, married Mary R. Thomas. 

No. 707. Richard Walker ^ (Richard, 5 Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married Martha Wood, of Conshohocken, Penna., and 
had two children : 

No. 1469. I. Rebecca Ann Jones ^ Walker, married. 
No. 1470. II. Richard Linwood ^ Walker. 


No. 708. Mary Walker " (Richard/ Thomas,'' Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married WilHam Vogdes, son of WilHam Vogdes, who 
for many years held the position of Professor of Mathematics in 
the Boys' High School of Philadelphia. William Vogdes, Jr., 
was a lawyer, practising in Philadelphia. He was also a lieu- 
tenant of a volunteer regiment in the Civil War. His widow 
survives him. They had four children : 
No. 1471. I. Altamonta^ Vogdes, married Mr. Packer. 
No. 1472. n. Margaret^ Vogdes, married P>ederick Myers. 
No. 1473. HI. Reynolds 7 Vogdes, died 1893, married. 
No. 1474. IV. Richard 7 Vogdes. 

No. 710. John Walker "(Richard,^ Thomas,' Joseph, ''Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., 
married Emma, daughter of William and Susan (Davis) Stephens. 
(See No. 267.) Emma (Stephens) Walker died August, 1895.. 
They had four children : 

No. 1475. I. Isabella" Walker, married William Jacobs. 
No. 1476. II. Susan " Walker, married William Lapp. They 

have two children. 
No. 1477. III. Ida ^ Walker, married James Jacobs. They 

have two children : 
No. 1478. IV. Richard^ Walker. 

No. 712. Thomas Umstat Walker " (William,^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,''^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth Spring," in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., November 6th, 18 17, died 
at his home in the Valley, September 9th, 1895. He married, 
January 26th, 1841, Eleanor, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca 
(Richardson) Massey, of Tredyffrin. (See No. 267.) She was 
born March 9th, 181 8. 


Tliomas U. Walker took his wife to the farm adjoining his 
father's, and owned by him, called " Willow Grove," which he 
afterwards purchased. He lived here all his married life, and 
made of it one of the most valuable pieces of property in the 
neighborhood. He was a good business man and his wife was a 
noted housekeeper. Some years ago they enlarged and improved 
the old farm house, which in their time has been the scene of 
many pleasant social gatherings. He died very suddenly, and 
was buried in the Valley Graveyard. His widow, who survives 
him, lives at " Willow Grove." They had seven children : 

No. 1479. I. Rebecca^ Walker, born May loth, 1842, 

died December 23d, 1844. 
No. 1480. n. SaUie P.^ Walker, born April 17th,' 1844, 

died December 20th, 1844. 
No. 1481. HI. Charles M.^ Walker, born December ;th, 1845, 

died July 17th, 1846. 
No. 1482. IV. Colket^ W^alker, born October 15th, 1847, 

married Mary Jones. 
No. 1483. V. Clara VogdesHValker, born October 31st, 1849, 

married Nathan Rambo. 
No. 1484. VI. Harry Stearns^ Walker, bom January 23 d, 1853, 

married Ada B. Stewart. 
No. 1485. VII. Eleanor Massey^ Walker, born August nth, 

1858, married Comley Williams. 

No. 713. Mary Pexnypacker Walker^ (William,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,2 Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth Spring," in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., Sept. 3d, 18 19, 
died at her home in Philadelphia, Nov. 15th, 1889, married, 
March 21st, 1839, Tristram Coffin Colket, who was born at 
Epping, New Hampshire, October 15th, 1809, died in Phila- 
delphia, April 5th, 1883. 


Tristram Coffin Colket was the son of Peter and Phoebe 
(Hamilton) Colcord. At an early age he left his New P^ngland 
home and came to Pennsylvania, where he changed the spelling 
of his name to Colket. , The reason he gave for this change 
was because it was pronounced by his associates as if it were 
written Colket. In the old New England records, we find the 
name has been written in a variety of ways : — Colcord, Colcorde, 
Collcord, Colcot, Colcote, Colcott, Colker, Colcutt, Colkit, Col- 
ket, Colkett, Calcott, etc. 

The earliest New England ancestor of this family was Edward 
Colcord, who was born in England 1616- ly, died in 1685, 
(probably) came to America 1631-33, settling in New Hamp- 
shire. Another ancestor is Tristram Coffin, born 1609, ^^^^ 
1 68 1, who came to New England in 1642. 

From "New England Genealogical Register," Vol. 2, p. 
336 : " Peter and Joanna Coffin had a son Tristram (which 
signifies sorrowful), born in Plymouth, England, who married 
Dionis Stevens, and came to New England 1642, with his 
mother, two sisters, Eunice and Mary Coffin, and five children 
of their own : I. Tristram, Jr., II. Peter, III. Elizabeth, IV. 
James, V. John. He, with Thomas Macy, Christopher Hussey, 
and others bought Nantucket Island and settled there." 

The Coffins of New England claim descent from Sir Richard 
Coffyn, who came to England with William the Conqueror. 

Tristram Coffin Colket came to Philadelphia poor and 
unknown, and by his own exertions and foresight succeeded in 
amassing a large fortune. He was interested in no less than 
thirty-eight corporations at different times and in various capa- 
cities, some of which are as follows : — Director of the Central 
R. R. of New Jersey ; the Morris Canal Co. ; Tioga Improve- 
ment Co. ; North Penn. R. R. ; Penn Township Bank ; Citizens' 
Pass. Railway Co. ; City Bank ; Northern Saving Fund ; Presi- 


dent of Phila. City Pass. Railway Co. ; Chestnut Hill R. R. Co.; 
Philadelphia, Germantown, and Norristown R. R. Co. ; Tremont 
Coal Co. ; Long Island R. R., etc. He and his wife are buried 
at Laurel Hill Cemeten,-. They had nine children : 
No. 1486. L Sarah Marcia" Colket, born November 17th, 

1840, died July 24th, 1 84 1. 
No. 1487. n. William Walker' Colket, married Jane Hoxsie. 
No. 14S8. in. George Hamilton' Colket, married Rebecca 

B. Thomas (No. 1625). 
No. 1489. IV. Mary Jane' Colket, married Colonel Joseph C. 

Audenried, U. S. A. 
No. 1490. V. Annah Bush' Colket, married, ist, Edward C. 

Gallup, 2d, Holstein De Haven (No. 1630). 
No. 1491. VI. Harry Coffin" Colket, died March 14th, 1889. 
No. 1492. VII. Ida^ Colket, married Howard B. French. 
No. 1493. VIII. Emma' Colket, died in infancy. 
No. 1494. IX. Charles Howard^ Colket, married Almira Little 


No. 714. Margaret Currie Walker^ (William, ^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis '), born at " Rehobeth Spring," in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., October 9th, 1821, 
married, April 5th, 1842, John Owen Stearns, of New Hamp- 
shire. He was born August 3d, 1805, and died November ist, 
1862, at his residence in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He came to 
Pennsylvania in company with Mr. T. Coffin Colket, and while 
superintending the Chester Valley Railroad he became acquainted 
with Margaret C. Walker, whom he afterwards married. He 
was interested in various railroads, and occupied important posi- 
tions in their management. John O. and Margaret C. (Walker) 
Stearns had eight children : 



No. 1495. I. Maiy Athalia ^ Stearns, married William 

Nisbet Olmstead. 
No. 1496. II. Anna Augusta^ Stearns, married E. J. Florence. 
No. 1497. III. William Walker ^ Stearns, married Evelyn 

No. 1498. IV. Emma Hoyt^ Stearns. 
No. 1499. V. John Owen ^ Stearns. 
No. 1500. VI. George Herbert Pegram 7 Stearns, married Mary 

Campbell Neilson. 
No. 1501. VII. Matilda Stevens^ Stearns, married George 

B. Edwards. 
No. 1502. VIII. Onslow 7 Stearns, died in infancy. 

No. 715. Annie Ross Walker^ (William,-' Thomas," 
Joseph,' Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth Spring," Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., October i ith, 1823, 
died at her home in Charlestown Township, July i8th, 1868. 
She married, April 27th, 1848, Dr. Mathias Jackson Penny- 
packer, born September loth, 18 19, son of Mathias and Sarah 
(Anderson) Pennypacker. of Charlestown Township, Chester 
County, Penna. (See No. 226.) They had nine children : 

No. 1503. I. William Heniy'' Pennypacker, married Mary 

Anna Wetherill. 
No. 1504. II. Mathias Anderson *" Pennypacker, born January' 

19th, 185 I, died May 19th, 1879. 
No. 1505. III. Sarah Walker^ Pennypacker. 
No. 1506. IV. Mary Athalia' Pennypacker. 
No. 1507. V. Coffin Colket'' Pennypacker, died in infancy. 
No. 1508. VI. Isaac Anderson^ Pennypacker. 
No. 1509. VII. John Stearns^ Pennypacker, died in infancy. 
No. 1510. VIII. Annie Walker ^ Pennypacker. 
No. 1511. IX. Emma Rebecca ^ Pennypacker, died in infancy. 


No. 716. Emma Jane Walker ^(William, 'Thomas/ Joseph,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth Spring," in Tredyffrin Town- 
ship, Chester County, Penna., August 31st, 1825, married, Janu- 
ar>^ 8th, 1855, Winfield Siter Wilson, son of David and EHza 
(Siter) Wilson, of Tredyffrin Township. Winfield S. Wilson is 
President of the Norristown and Germantown Railroads. He 
hves in Chester Valley, having inherited the homestead on the 
death of his father. They had six children : 
No. 1512. I. Sarah Pennypacker ^ Wilson, married Joseph 

C. Crawford. 
No. 1513. II. Eliza Siter" Wilson, born September 7th, 1857, 

died September 4th, 1868. 
No. 1514. III. David" Wilson, married Ruth Anna West. 
No. 1515. IV. Coffin Colket^ Wilson, married Emily R. 

No. 1516. V. Athaha L. T.^ Wilson, died December 2d, 1884, 

aged 18, of consumption. 
No. 1517. VI, William Corson MVilson, lawyer, practising in 


No. 717. Mathias Pennypacker Walker^ (William,^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth Spring," in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., Sept. 8th, 1827, 
married, January 8th, 1857, Eliza, daughter of Nathan and Ann 
(Broadess) Rambo, of Swedeland, Penna. She w^as born Janu- 
ary r3th, 1841, and died at "Rehobeth Spring," March i8th, 
1883. The Rambo family to which she belonged is descended 
from one of the early Swedish settlers, who arrived in Pennsyl- 
vania about 1638, and took up a large tract of land on the 
Schuylkill River, near the present site of Norristown. Some 
bearing the name are still in possession of portions of the original 

fe'culv A>Ci:i6 hxM/-^ 


Mrs. Winfield W. Walker. 
At her home, at King of Prussia, 
yesterday, Anna Taggart, wife of 
Winfield W. Walker, in advanced 
middle life. She had been In ill 
health from heart trouble. Her 
husband is a well-known farmer,; 
who recently sold his valuable prop-' 
erty, reserving and remodeling a 
building thereon for the comfort] 
and convenience of himself and 
and wife. She was a member of; 
Valley Friends' Meeting, where In 
terment will be made. There are 

many relatives in this section. 



Mathias P. Walker inherited the homestead, " Rehobeth 
Spring," where he now resides, on the death of his father, in 
1878. Previously he had lived, first at Swedeland, and later in 
the valley, on a farm which he had bought of the heirs of his 
uncle, the late Richard C. Walker. This farm is now occupied 
by his eldest son. Mathias P. and Eliza (Rambo) Walker had 
nine children : 

No. 1518. I. Anna Broadess ^ Walker, married James Arthur 

No. 1519. II. Nathan Rambo ^ Walker, married Sarah Ella 

Stephens. (No. 1543.) 
No. 1520. III. John O. Stearns ^ Walker. 
No. 1521. IV. William Colket ' Walker. 
No. 1522. V. Athalia L. Tiernan 7 Walker, married Samuel 

Eugene Kendall. (No. 748). 
No. 1523. VI. Winfield Wilson ' Walker. 
No. 1524. VII. Mary SchalF Walker, married George A. Mer- 

kel, 1895. 
No. 1525. VIII. Mathias Pennypacker ^ Walker. 
No. 1526. IX. Sarah Pennypacker '' Walker, died in infancy. 

No. 718. Rebecca A. J. Walker « (William,' Thomas,"' 
Joseph,^ Isaac,' Lewis ^), born at " Rehobeth Spring," in Tredyf- 
frin Township, Chester County, Penna., September 5th, 1830, 
married, January 9th, 185 i, Charles Davis Massey, of Tredyffrin, 
son of Jacob and Rebecca (Richardson) Massey. (See No. 267.) 
They now reside at Frazer, Chester County, Penna., with their 
son. They had three children : 
No. 1527. I. William Walker^ Massey, born February- i6th, 

1852, died January 20th, 1862. 
No. 1528. II. Jacob Pennypacker^ Walker, married Emma 

M. Mullin. 


No. 1529. III. Charles Miller^ Walker, born October i6th, 

1854, died March i8th, 1855. 

No. 722. Sarah Walker Stephens ^ (Hannah,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), married, 1841, Abraham Beidler, son of 
Jacob Beidler. They lived on a farm in Montgomery County, 
bordering on Chester County, which originally was part of the 
tract of land taken up by Evan ap Evan, the ancestor of Sarah 
W. Stephens. The house on this place was built by Abraham 
Bcider. Sarah W, Beidler died some years before her husband, 
and both are buried in the Valley Graveyard, along with several 
of their minor children. They had twelve : 

No. 1530. 1. Hannah Mary ^ Beidler, married Mordecai Davis, 
No. 1531. II. Annie Landes^ Beidler, married Cyrus Caley. 
No. 1532. III. Margaret Currie'' Beidler, married Abraham 

No. 1533. IV. Stephen Leslie^ Beidler, married EmmaYarnell. 
No. 1534. V. William SJ Beidler, died young. 
No. 1535. VI. Ellen Priscilla^ Beidler, married Jonathan D. 

No. 1536. VII. Fannie Elizabeth ^ Beidler, married Marine 

No. 1537. VIII. Harry P. Beidler, born 1856, died 1856. 
No. 1538. IX. Sarah Louisa^ Beidler, married Jonathan 

No. 1539. X. Jacob Howard^ Beidler, married R. Jane Shain- 

No. 1540. XI. Abraham Lincoln^ Beidler, born 1861, died in 

No. 1541. XII. Laura May'' Beidler, born 1863, died in infancy. 

No. 723. William Walker Stephens^ (Hannah,^ Thomas,* 


Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Eastown Township, Chester 
County, Penna., August 29th, 1824, married, ist, January 28th, 
185 1, Joanna J. Davis, who was born September 6th, 1828. She 
died soon after marriage, leaving one daughter : 

No. 1542. I. Joanna Davis ^ Stephens, born March 19th, 

1852, married Winfield Stephens. 
William W. Stephens married, 2d, at West Virginia, January 
7th, 1856, Rebecca S. Taylor, his second cousin, who was a 
granddaughter of Samuel and Mary (Stephens) Rossiter. (See 
No. 267.) She was born April 5th, 1832. She died at her 
home in Corning, New York, leaving two children : 

No. 1543. II. Sarah Ella^ Stephens, born October 9th, 1856, 

married Nathan Rambo Walker (No. 1519). 

No. 1544. III. William May ^ Stephens, born May 9th, 1859, 

died October 24th, 1866. 

William W. Stephens married, 3d, Annie Rhods, at Williams- 
port, February 4th, 1886. She was born in Delaware Counry, 
Penna., May i8th, 1839. They reside in Philadelphia. 

No. 724. Margaret CuRRiE Stephens 6 (Hannah, ""' Thomas,^ 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born December 8th, 1827, married, Feb- 
ruary 20th, 1849, Isaac Richardson Massey, son of Jacob and 
Rebecca (Richardson) Massey, of Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna. (See No. 267) Isaac R. Massey was born Nov- 
ember 19th, 1 8 14, near Valley Forge, died December 2d, 1884, 
in Tredyffrin. They lived for a number of years on a farm near 
Valley Forge, which was owned by Isaac R. Massey, and which 
was, I think, part of the Richardson estate. They had four 
children : 

No. 1545. I. Sallie B.^ Massey, married Roberts Buckwalter. 
No. 1546. II. Laura S.^ Massey, married William H. Roberts. 


No. 1547. III. George W.^ Massey, born February 23d, 1854, 

died March 29th, 1856. 
No. 1548, IV. Rebecca R.^ Massey, born July 2d, 1855, 

died October 29th, 1857. 

No. 725. Richard Currie Stephens « (Hannah,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Wayne, Penna., married, January 
1 8th, 1859, Frances Brower Pennypacker (No. 742), daughter 
of Jane W. and Joseph Pennypacker, of Charlestown Township, 
Chester County, Penna. They had eight children : 
No. 1549. I. Hannah Jane' Stephens, born October 24th, 

1859, died April 2d, 1892. 
No. 1550. II. Frank P.' Stephens, born July 31st, 1864, 

married Lydia Smurthwaite, 1892. 
No. 1551. III. Richard C.^ Stephens, born December 15th, 

No. 1552. IV. Ada May" Stephens, born May 31st, 1868. 
No. 1553. V. T. Barclay" Stephens, born April 2d, 1870. 
No. 1554. VI. Sara Frances^ Stephens, born Januar>^ 31st, 

1874, died February ist, 1874. 
No. 1555. VII. Frances L.^ Stephens, born May ist, 1876. 
No. 1556. VIII. Mary Emma ^ Stephens, born October i8th, 

1878, died December 29th, 1880. 

No. 726. Charles Walker^ (Joseph, B.^ Thomas," Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married Sarah A., daughter of Charles and Mary 
(Dilworth) Wells, of Tredyffrin. (See No. 674.) Charles 
Walker went to New Orleans, with his brother-in-law, Charles 
Wells. They were engaged in business in that city and were 
doing well, when the yellow fever became epidemic, of which 
disease they both died. Charles and Sarah A. (Wells) Walker 
had two children : 


No. 1557. I. Athalia^ Walker, married Thomas Dobson. 
No. 1558. II. Mary^ Walker, married, 1st, Samuel Altick, 

died ; 2d, 

No. 727. Theodore W. Walker'' (Joseph II,'' Thomas,' 
Joseph,"'' Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in TredyfTrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna,, married Sallie Stephens. They reside in Phila- 
delphia, and have had three children : 
No. 1559. I. Joseph B.^ Walker, born January i6th, 1878, 

died March 6th, 1878. 
No. 1560. II. Elsie 7 Walker. 
No. 15G1. III. Athalia^ Walker, born April 6th, 1881. 

No. 730. Jacob B. Walker s (Isaac,'^ Thomas,^ Joseph,'' 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), born November 13th, 1829, in Montgomery 
County, Penna., married Hannah, daughter of William M. and 
Susan (Davis) Stephens. (See No. 267.) Jacob Walker lived in 
Maryland, where he died. His widow, with her children, then 
came to New Centreville, Chester County, Penna., to the farm, 
late the property of her father-in-law, Isaac Walker, now owned 
by his daughter, Mrs. William H. Kemble. Jacob and Hannah 
(Stephens) Walker had eight children : 

No. 1562. I. William 7 Walker, married Mary E. Stephens. 
No. 1563. II. Elizabeth B. ^ Walker, married J. Thomas 

No. 1564. III. Ella 7 Walker. 
No. 1565. IV. Andrew^ Walker. 
No. 1566. V. Isaac 7 Walker. 
No. 1567. VI. Winfield ^ Walker. 
No. 1568. VII. Jacob^ Walker. 
No. 1569. VIII. Mary 7 Walker. 


731. Mary Frances Walkers (Isaac,^ Thomas/ Joseph,* 
Isaac," Lewis ^),born in Montgomery' County, Penna., April 6th, 
1 83 1, married William H. Kemble, of Philadelphia, Penna. He 
died Sept. 26th, 1891. He was at one time State Treasurer, and 
was largely instrumental in the organization and success of the 
street railways of Philadelphia. He was a public-spirited man, 
and died possessed of a large fortune, which it was his pleasure 
to share with those of his family less favored than himself. His 
widow has a home in Philadelphia, which is considered one of 
the most beautiful residences in the city, and a very pretty 
country place near Jenkintown, Penna. William H. and Mary 
F. (Walker) Kemble had three children : 

No. 1570. I. Henry Clay' Kemble, married Jane Chambers. 
No. 1571. n. Elizabeth'^ Kemble, married George Yarrow. 
No. 1572. ni. Isaac Walker^ Kemble, married Jane Supplee. 

No. 732. Thomas P. Walker ^ (Isaac, ^ Thomas,^ Joseph,* 
Isaac," Lewis'), born in Montgomery County, Penna., April 
8th, 1834, married Emma Weber. They had six children: 

No. 1573. I. Charlotte' Walker, married Dr. Wilmer Batt. 
No. 1574. II. Charles^ Walker, married Mary Harley. 

No. 1575. III. Howard^ Walker, married Laura Dallman. 

No. 1576. IV I Newton' Walker, married Martha Sunderland. 

No. 1577. V. William' W^alker. 

No. 1578. VI. Marian " Walker, married Frederick Drake. 

No. 734. Joseph B. Walker® (Isaac,^ Thomas,* Joseph,* 
Isaac,- Lewis'), born in ]\Iontgomery County, Penna., married, 
1st, Mary Colehower, by whom he had one son. He married, 
2d, ]Mary McCann, of Norristown, Penna. He resides in 
Philadelphia : 


No. 1571). I. Harry Walker, married Ida, daughter of Samuel 


No. 735. Hannah Walker ^ (Isaac,^ Thomas,' Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), born in Montgomery County, Penna., October 
i8th, 1835, married William Weber, of the same County. They 
had eleven children : 

No. 1580. I. Harry ^ Weber, married Mary Clover. 

No. 1581. n. Charlotte^ Weber, married William Henry 

Walker (No. 1467). 
No. 15S2. HI. John C.^ Weber. 

No. 1583. IV. Winfield S.^ Weber, married Lizzie Cuthbertson. 
No. 1584. V. Mina^ Weber, married Clayton Lamb. 
No. 1585. VI. Mary^ Weber. 
No. 1586. VII. Ella ^ Weber. 
No. 1587.VIII. Charles ^ Weber. 
No. 1588. IX. Norwood^ Weber. 
No. 1589. X. Emma ^ Weber. 
No. 1590. XI. James 7 Wells Weber. 

No 736. Elizabeth B. Walker "^ (Isaac,'* Thomas,^ Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born in Montgomery County, Penna., married 
James G. Wells, of Philadelphia. He is descended on his 
mother's side from Charles Norris, one of the early settlers of 
Pennsylvania, in honor of whom Norristown received its name. 
They had two children : 

No. 1591. I. Hepsey^ Wells. 

No. 1592. II. Harry ^ Wells, died in his boyhood. 

No. 737. Isaac Walker'' (Isaac,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ' ), born in Montgomery County, Penna., married Mary 
Emily, daughter of William and Susanna (Havard) Roberts 


(No. 1409). He was a volunteer in the 426 Regiment of Militia, 
with Captain John Davis, in the summer of 1863, and in the 
I92d Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Col. Thomas com- 
manding. (See No. 764.) After his marriage he lived at the 
homestead at New Centreville, Chester County, Penna. He died 
of Addison's disease, 1872, aged about twenty-six. They had 
one son : 
No. 1593. I. Benjamin Havard 7 Walker. 

No. 738. Hannah Margaret Pennypacker " (Jane/' Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Charlestown Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Oliver P. Ludvvig, and had two children : 

No. 1594. I. Jane ^ Ludwig. 
No. 1595. n. Chester^ Ludwig. 

No. 739. Elizabeth Brower Pennypacker^ (Jane,-^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), born in Charlestown Township, Chester 
County, Penna., March 9th, 1832, married Edwin M. Supplee, 
and had two children : 

No. 1596. I. Frank ^ Supplee, born Dec. 6th, 1863, died at the 

age of ten months. 
No. 1597. II. J. Wayne ^ Supplee, twin with Frank, married 

Annie Adams. 

No. 740. Ann Pennypacker** (Jane,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), born in Charlestown Township, Chester County, 
Penna., Dec. 6th, 1834, married Robert A, Grover, and had two 
children : 

No. 1598. I, Emma A7 Grover. 

No. 1599. II. Frank 7 Grover, died aged five. 


No. 741. Thomas Walker Pennypacker^ (Jane,'^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,' Isaac,^ Lewis ' ), born in Charlestown Township, Chester 
County, Penna., Dec. 6th, 1836, married Margaret Wildey, of 
Philadelphia, where they reside. They had four children : 

No. IGOO. I. Brower ^ Pennypacker, died in infancy. 

No. 1601. II. Thomas Walker'^ Pennypacker. 

No. 1602. III. Brook Wildey 7 Pennypacker. 

No. 1003. IV. Frank 7 Pennypacker. 

No. 742. Frances Brower Pennypacker^ (Jane,'^ Thomas,^ 
Joseph,'* Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Charlestown Township, Chester 
County, Penna., [May 4th, 1838, married January i8th, 1859, 
Richard Currie Stevens (No. 725). 

No. 747. Thomas Walker Kendall" (Zillah,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,-' Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at New Centreville, Chester 
County, Penna., married Florence, daughter of William Henry. 
(See No. 706.) They had two children : 
No. 1604. I. Lillian 7 Kendall. 
No. 1605. II. Harry ^ Kendall, died. 

No. 749. William W. Kendall" (Zillah,'"^ Thomas,* Joseph,'' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at New Centreville, Chester County, Penna., 
married, 1st, Martha Sloan, 2d, Estelle Simpson. He resides in 
Philadelphia, having been for some years in the employ of the 
White Dental Co., at 12th and Chestnut Streets. He has had 
two children : 

No. 1606. I. Elizabeth Sloan' Kendall, married, Oct. 4th, 

1893, Charles Hatfield Miller. 
No. 1607. II. William W.^ Kendall, died 1893. 


No. 750. George W. Kendall ^ (Zillah,^ Thomas/ Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), born at New Centreville, Chester County, Penna., 
where he now resides, having succeeded his father as owner and 
manager of the tavern there ; married Sa'.lie Bittle, and has one 
child : 
No. 1608. I. Zillah" Kendall. 

No. 752. Marcia G. Rowland s (Mary,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Charlestown Township, Chester County, 
Penna., died at her home in West Chester, Feb. 6th, 1895. She 
married Brinton Darlington, of West Chester, whom she survived 
several years. They had two children : 

No. 1609. I. Caroline^ Darlington, died in infancy. 
No. 1610. II. Bertha^ Darlington, married. May 22d, 1894, 

Frank Heston Lovett. 

No. 754. B. Franklin Rowland^ (Mary,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Charlestown Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married Anna Wagner, and had one child : 

No. 1611. I. Joseph Wagner" Rowland. 

No. 757. Samuel J. Rowland^ (Mary,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Charlestown Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married Ida V. Hampton, and had two children : 

No. 1612. I. Ross'^ Rowland, died in infancy. 
No. 1613. II. Mary 7 Rowland. 

No. 758. Caroline Rowland « (Mary,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Charlestown Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married Roger M. Little. They had four children ; 
residence, Pickering, Chester County, Penna. 


No. 1614. I. MabeP Little. 

No. 1615. II. Howard 7 Little. 

No. 1616. III. Winfield^ Little, died. 

No. 1617. IV. Darlington^ Little, died. 

No. 760. Eleanora S. Rowland ^ (Mary,^ Thomas,' Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Charlestown Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married, Jan. 22d, 1879, Frank Beaver, and has two 
children. Residence, Kimberton, Penna. 
No. 1618. I. Mary E.^ Beaver, born Aug. 30th, 1881. 
No. 1619. II. Jacob Lynford^ Beaver, born Aug. 25th, 1882. 

No. 762. Naomi McClenachan ^ (Mary,'' Naomi,-* Jo.seph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Penna., 
married Levi Morris, of Bryn Mawr, Penna. She had three 
children : 
No. 1620. I.Sarah H.^ Morris, died, married George 

Vaux, of Philadelphia. 
No. 1620^. II. Catherine Wistar 7 Morris, residence, Bryn Mawr, 

No. 1620<^. III. Emma^ Morris, married James T. Shinn. 

No. 763. Owen Jones ^ (Mary,^ Naomi, ^ Joseph.^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Penna., married 
Mary, daughter of Isaac and Emily (Thomas) Roberts (No. 784). 
They had three children : 

No. 1621. I. Emily^ Jones, died, unmarried. 
No. 1622. II. Aubrey ^ Jones, died, unmarried. 
No. 1623. III. Glenny ^ Jones, died, unmarried. 

No. 764. William B. Thom.vs^ (Rees,^ Naomi, ^ Joseph,^ 


Isaac, ^ Lewis '), of Philadelphia, married Emily Hayman, daughter 
of Colonel Holstien, of Upper Merion, Montgomery County, 
Penna. William B. Thomas was engaged in the manufacture of 
flour, owning and operating large mills in Philadelphia and the 
Gulph. He was Colonel of Volunteers during the Civil War, 
recruiting and commanding the ig2d Penna. Regt. This regi- 
ment was organized July, 1864, at the time General Lee made 
his raid into Pennsylvania. Among the soldiers composing it 
were many youths, out of school, several of them being descend- 
ants of Lewis Walker. They marched to meet the invader, but 
happily the southern troops were checked before their arrival, 
much to the disappointment of many of the young soldiers, who 
were burning with patriotism and anxious to undergo their 
baptism of fire. They were in no engagements, but were used 
principally for guard duty at Fort McHenry, Johnson's Island, 
and Gallipolis, Ohio. At the end of their four months' enlist- 
ment, they returned to their homes, in time, for those who had 
a vote, to cast it for Abraham Lincoln. Colonel Thomas also 
commanded a regiment of militia in the invasion of the State the 
previous year. 

William B. and Emily H. (Holstien) Thomas had four 
children : 

No. 1624. I. Anna "Thomas, married Nathan Brooke. 

No. 1625. II. Rebecca" Thomas, married George Hamilton 

Colket (No. 1488). 
No. 1626. III. Benjamin " Thomas, died in infancy. 
No. 1627. IV. ]\Iary ' Thomas, married Hunter Brooke. 

No. 786. Rebecca Thomas '^ (William Penn,^ Naomi,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), married Charles J. Elliott, of King of Prussia, 
Montgomerj' County, Penna. He died some years ago. His 
widow and only remaining child, who is Principal of the Friends' 



School in West Philadelphia, reside in the city. Rebecca T. 
Elliott has given valuable assistance in compiling this work. She 
has in her possession many interesting family records. Her 
only son, a young man of great promise, died of typhoid fever, 
just as he had reached manhood. She had two children : 

No. 1628. I. Charles John^ Elliott, died. 
No. 1G29. II. Mary Jones" Elliott. 

No. 788. Marv Cleaver ^ (Jane,*^ Naomi,"* Joseph,' Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born at " Bell wood," Montgomery County, Penna., 
married Hugh De Haven, of Philadelphia. He is descended 
from Evert De Haven, who came from Holland to Pennsylvania, 
settling in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County. The name 
was formerly written, "In Hoff," then, "Ten Heuven," and 
" In de Hoff," until it finally merged into De Haven. Peter, the 
son of Evert and P^lizabeth (Schiphower) De Haven, married 
Sarah Hughes, of Philadelphia, and during the Revolutionary 
War had charge of the gunlock factory at French Creek in 
Chester County. 

The son of Peter and Sarah (Hughes) De Haven married 
Sarah, daughter of Mathias and Magdaline Holstien, and had 
eleven children. The fourth child, Holstien De Haven, married 
Sophia Elliott, of Philadelphia, and had children, Hugh, married 
Mary Cleaver ; Charles, married Anna Carman ; Emma, married 
William Hampton. (For further information consult "The 
Holstien Genealogy," by Mrs. Holstien.) 

Hugh and Mary (Cleaver) De Haven returned to " Bclhvood," 
some years after their marriage, bought the property and resided 
there. Their children are the fourth generation of the Cleaver 
family who have owned the estate. They had four children : 
No. 1630. I. Holstien^ De Haven, married Annah B. (Colket) 

Gallup (No. 1490). 


No. 1631. II. Jane" De Haven. 

No. 1G32. III. Sophia 7 De Haven. 

No. 1633. IV. Emma 7 De Haven, married Frank D. Bright. 

No. 789. Jonathan Cleaver ® (Jane,^ Naomi,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born at " Belhvood," Montgomery, County, Penna., 
married Anna J. Wood, of Conshohocken, Penna., at which place 
his widow and children now reside. They had six children : 

No. 1634. I. Anna^ Cleaver, married Jonas Eberhardt. 

No. 1635. II. William^ Cleaver, married Anna De Haven. 

No. 1(336. III. Jonathan^ Cleaver, married Kate Shephard. 

No. 1637. IV. Mary'' Cleaver, married John De Haven. 

No. 163S. V. Jane ^ Cleaver, married J. Elwood Lee. 

No. 1639. VI. Harry ^ Cleaver, died. 

No. 796. Mary Helen Walker*^ (Lewis,^ Lewis,'* Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married Robert Parvin, of 
Bridgeton, New Jersey. She died in the \^ear 1893. They had 
seven children : 

No. 1640. I. Helen Roberts ^ Parvin. 

No. 1641. II. Emily Pancoast ^ Parvin. 

No. 1642. III. Robert Howard ^ Parvin. 

No. 1643. IV. Lily Wicks ' Parvin. 

No. 1644. V. Barron Potter^ Par\an, married Mary Taylor. 

No. 1645. VI. Cornelia Watkins^ Parvin. 

No. 1646. VII. Lewis Albert' Parvin. 

No. 798. Emma W. Kersey ^ (Sarah,-' Lewis,* Joseph,^ Isaac," 
Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married Clayton L. Hagey. She 
died 1877. They had two children : 

No. 1647. I. John J. Kersey^ Hagey. 
No. 1648. II. Clayton^ Hagey. 


No. 813. Benjamin F. Walker^ (John/ John,' Benjamin,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), born July 3d, 1840, married Oct. i8th, 1888, 
Ida M. Jaqua, of Union City, Ind., daughter of Allen Jaqua, 
attorney -at-law (died July, 1895), and niece of Isaac P. Gray, 
Ex-Governor of Indiana, and late Minister to Mexico. Benjamin 
F. Walker is Special Agent of the Fire Association of Philadel- 
phia. He resides in York, and has one child : 

No. 1649. I. Pierre Jaqua ^ Walker, born July 17th, 1894, at 

Washington, D. C. 

No. 823. George B. Walker" (John,'' John,' Benjamin,' 
Isaac,'* Lewis ^), born in York County, Penna., Feb. 3d, 1863, 
married Jan. 24th, 1884, Jane E. Porter, of Carlisle, Pa. They 
reside at Wormleysburg, Penna. Had two children : 

No. 1649(2. I. Brinton Eugene^ Walker, born Jan. 31st, 1885, 

died Jan. 31st, 1886. Buried at Friends' 
Meeting Graveyard, Wellsville, York County, 

No. 1649(^. II. Annie M." Walker, born July i8th, 1886. 

No. 824. Abner Walker^ (Benjamin H.,^ Abner,* Benja- 
min,' Isaac,^ Lewis ' ), born 1830, married 1853, ist, Margaret 

Hancock, 2d, 1859, Lucinda RiseHng, 3d, . He 

resides in South Dakota. Abner and Lucinda (Riseling) Walker 

had four children : 

No. 1650. I. Edward 7 Walker, married. 

No. 1651. II. Wilham^ Walker. 

No. 1652. III. Benjamin 7 Walker. 

No. 1653. IV. Mary^ Walker, married Bardswell. Has 

several children. 



No. 825. Thomas Griffith Walker® (Benjamin H.,^ Abner,* 
Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), born 1832, married, 1853, Margaret 
Miller. He was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting for nine 
months in the 91st Pennsylvania Volunteers, and afterwards, for 
the war, in the 171st Pennsylvania Volunteers. He had seven 
children, who with their parents are residents of Bedford and 
Cambria Counties, Penna. He was one of the eleven first cousins 
who were in the Union Army. 

No. 1654. I. Sorana^ Walker, married Daniel Barefoot. Has 

three girls. 
No. 1655. n. Eli ^ Walker, married Lavinia Edwards. Has 

son eight years old. 
No. 1656. in. Mary 7 Walker, married John E. Hammer, 

Sheriff of Bedford County, Penna. Has 

one son. 
No. 1657. IV. Lincoln 7 Walker, married Jane Davis. Has 

three children. 
No. 1658. V. Anna ^Walker. 
No. 1659. VI. 
No. 1660. VII. 

No. 826. Benjamin Harris Walker 6 (Benjamin H.,^Abner,'' 
Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born 1834, married, 1865, Susan 
Highlands. He was a soldier in the Civil War, in the 84th 
Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company A. He lives in Pittsburg, 
Penna., along with his children : 

No. 1661. I. Charles" Walker, married, and has two children. 

No. 1662. II. Harvey^ Walker. 

No. 1663. III. Ory ' Walker. 

No. 1664. IV. Zephyr^ Walker. 

No. 827. Morris Walker ® (Benjamin H.,^ Abner/ Benja- 



min,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ' ), born Feb. i8th, 1836, married, 1868, Ann 
Catherine Peterson, who lost her life in the Johnstown flood. 
Morris Walker was a soldier in the Civil War, 84th Pennsylvania 
Volunteers. He resides at Alum Bank, Bedford County, Penna. 
I am indebted to him for all the information I have obtained con- 
cerning the descendants of his grandfather, Abner Walker. He 
has seven children : 

No. 1665. I. Galusha Grow ^ Walker, bom 1870. 

No. 1666. n. Mary Virginia ^ Walker, born 1871. 

No. 1667. HI. William Woster^ Walker, born 1872. 

No. 1668. IV. Annie Robison^ Walker, born 1873. 

No. 1669. V. Thomas Wisegawer^ Walker, born 1875. 

No. 1670. VI. Benjamin Harris^ Walker, born 1877. 

No. 1671. VII. Sarah Rosamond^ Walker, born 1879. 

No. 829. AsAHEL Walker " (Benjamin H.,^ Abner,"* Benja- 
min,'^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born 1840, married, 1866, Amanda Wilson 
He was a soldier in the Civil War, 84th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 
Company A. Resides at Alum Bank, Bedford County, Penna. 
Of three daughters, but one is living : 
No. 1672, I. Minnie ^ Walker, married Calvin McGregor, 

No. 830. Isaac Walker^ (Benjamin H.,^ Abner,^ Benjamin,'^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born 1844, married, 1867, Minerva Scroggy ; 

had six children, and was divorced. Married, 2d, , 

in Iowa, again divorced ; 3d, Minnie Harbaugh, in Pennsylvania, 

1892, by whom he has an infant daughter. Resides in Black 

Hawk County, Iowa. 

No. 1673. I. Charles 7 Walker. 

No. 1674. II, Nettie^ Walker. 

No. 1675. III. Malvin" Walker, married. 


No. 1676. IV. Mollie" Walker. 
No. 1677. V. Maud" Walker. 

No. 832. Eliel Allen Walker^ (Benjamin H.,^ Abner,'* 
Benjamin,^ Isaac," Lewis ^), born 1849, married, 1874, Barbara 
Carter. They had nine children, two of whom died. Reside in 
Altoona, Blair County, Penna. 
No. 1678. I. Margaret" Walker. 
No. 1679. II. Thomas ^ Walker. 
No. 1680. III. Olive ^ Walker. 
No. 1681. IV. Bertha^ Walker. 
No. 1682. V. William nValker. 
No. 1683. VI. Frank" Walker. 
No. 1684. VII. Edward^ Walker. 

No. 835. Sarah Sleek ^ (Rebecca,'^ Abner,* Benjamin,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis'), born 1830, died 1864, married, 1850, John 
Emrick, and had eight children : 

No. 1685. I. SamueF Emrick, married Catherine Sellers; 

three children. 
No. 1686. II. Rebecca 7 Emrick, married Daniel Miller; three 

No. 1687. III. Sarah 7 Emrick, died. 
No. 1688. IV. Jacob ^ Emrick, married Delia Moore; three 

No. 1689. V. John ^ Emrick, married Laura Wade; four 

No. 1690. VI. Magdaline ^ Emrick, married Samuel Calp ; two 

No. 1691. VII. Annie" Emrick, married Rev. J. S. Caton ; two 



No. 1692. VIII. Hannah^ Emrick, married John Wonders; two 


No. 836. Margaret Sleek « (Rebecca,^ Abner/ Benjamin,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married, 1866, David Darr, and had two chil- 
dren. Reside at Schellsburg, Bedford County, Penna. 

No. 1693. I. Hannah^ Darr, married. 
No. 1694. II. Margaret^ Darr. 

No. 837. Abner Walker Sleek '^ (Rebecca,^ Abner," Ben- 
jamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married, 1857, Rachel Sparks, and had 
six children, one of whom died : 

No. 1695. I. Sarah ^ Sleek, married Way; one child. 

No. 1696. II. Ida^ Sleek, married Suters ; two children. 

No. 1697. III. SamueF Sleek, married Snowberger ; two 

No. 1698. IV. William ^ Sleek, married Latchaw ; two 

No. 1699. V. Rebecca ^ Sleek. 

No. 838. Benjamin Walker Sleek " (Rebecca,^ Abner,* 
Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married, 1859, Delilah Hite, and had 
six children. Reside in Blair County, Penna, 

No. 1700. I. DanieF Sleek, married. Residence, Altoona, 

No. 1701. II. Harhn ^ Sleek, married Walter, and has 

five children. 
No. 1702. III. Myrtle^ Sleek, married. 
No. 1703. IV. Annie ^ Sleek. 
No. 1704. V. Sarah 7 Sleek. 
No. 1705. IV. Franklin^ Sleek. 


No. 839. Thomas WISEGA^VER Sleek " (Rebecca,^ Abner,* 
Benjamin,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), married, 1867, Mary Smith, and had 
five children. He was a soldier in the Civil War, 55th Pennsyl- 
vania Volunteers. 

No. 1706. I. William 7 Sleek, married. 
No. 1707. II. Grants Sleek. 
No. 1708. III. Samuel " Sleek. 
No. 1709. IV. John 7 Sleek. 
No. 1710. V. Thomas" Sleek. 

No. 844. Mary Ann Allen ^ (Barbara,^ Abner/ Benjamin,* 
Isaac.- Lewis ^ ), born 1835, married, 1863, Robert W. Allison, 
and had eight children. They live in Bedford County, Penna. 

No. 1711. I. John" Allison, married Lillian Dishong ; has 

two children. 
No. 1712. II. James " Allison, married Rada Carrell ; two 

No. 1713. III. Mandilla^ Allison, married John McDonald; 

four girls. 
No. 1714. IV. Ella 7 Allison, married Gilbert McDonald; two 

No. 1715. V. Annie 7 Allison. 
No. 1716. VI. Ditmer7 Allison. 
No. 1717. VII. Alvin" Allison. 
No. 1718. VIII. Rachel " Allison. 

No. 846. Rebecca Ellen Allen ^ (Barbara,^ Abner,^ Benja- 
min,* Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), married, 1877, John Black, and has three 
children. Reside in Schellsburg, Bedford County, Penna. 

No. 1719. I. Adam I.^ Black. 
No. 1720. II. Alices Black. 
No. 1721. III. Mary" Black. 


No. 848. James Allen " (Barbara,* Abner/ Benjamin,'' Isaac,^ 
Lewis'), married, 1877, Annie Kirk. Had seven children, 
among whom are : 
No. 1722. I. WiUiam^ Allen. 
No. 1723. II. SamueF Allen. 

No. 849. Ruth Anna Allen ^ (Barbara,'^ Abner,* Benjamin,-^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis') born 1854, married, 1890, Samuel Cox, and had 
two children : 

No. 1724. I. Glen Allen ^ Cox. 

No. 1725. II. Clewell Stanford ^ Cox. 

No, 854. Walker Furgason " ( Beulah,'' Abner,^ Benjamin,'^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis '), married Margaret Boyer, and had seven children. 
The eldest 
No. 1726. I. Henry 7 Furgason, married. 

No. 855. Elizabeth Furgason ^ (Beulah,'' Abner,^ Benjamin,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), married Cyrus Blackburn, and had seven 
children : 

No. 1727. I. Carrie^ Blackburn, married Jacob C. Bowser, 

May, 1896. 

No. 1728. II. Harry 7 Blackburn. 

No. 1729. III. Odessa 7 Blackburn. 

No. 1730. IV. Beulah^ Blackburn. 

No. 1731. V. Myrtle 7 Blackburn. 

No. 1732. VI. Nettie 7 Blackburn. 

No. 1733. VII. Charles ' Blackburn. 

No. 886. AsAHEL Walker Cook'"' (Elizabeth,'" Asahel.' 
Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis'), born Oct. 26th, 1832, married 


Hannah C, daughter of Daniel and Anne (Cook) Garretson, 

born Dec. 17th, 1833. They had seven children : 

No. 1734. I. Theresa 7 Cook, born Aug. 12th, 1855. 

No. 1735. II. Anne E." Cook, born June 24th, 1857, died 

May 1 8th, 1895, married Jones; eight 

No. 1736. III. George W." Cook, born Oct. 20th, 1859. 
No. 1737. IV. Sarah Jane" Cook, born Dec. 31st, 1861, died 

in infancy. 
No. 1738. V. ]\Iary Ellen ^ Cook, twin with Sarah Jane. 
No. 1739. VI. Ida J." Cook, born Dec. 27th, 1864, married 


No. 1740. VII. Melissa G." Cook, born Dec. 13th, 1866. 

No. 956. Susanna Slokom ^ (Mar}%^ Isaac,' Asahel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born at Christiana, Lancaster County, Penna., 1839 
married Thomas Houston. They had two children : 
No. 1741. I. ]Mar>- " Houston, died. 
No. 1742. II. Laura V.^ Houston, died. 

No. 957. Isaac Walker Slokom*' (Man.^^ Isaac,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born 1841, married Laura Shr}-ock. He is 
President of the Christiana National Bank. They had tw^o 
children : 

No. 1743. I. Samuel' Slokom. 
No. 1744. II. Charles" Slokom. 

No. 958. Deborah Slokom " (Mary,^ Isaac,* Asahel,^ Isaac,=^ 
Lewis ^), born at Christiana, Penna., 1843, married William H. 
Sproul, of Chester, Penna. They had two children : 

No. 1745. I. Everett S.^ Sproul, born 1862, married CaroHne 



No. 1746. II. William C.^ Sproul, married Emma Roach. 

No. 959. Marv Slokum ^ (Mar>^''' Isaac,' Asahcl,* Isaac.^ 
Lewis ^), born at Christiana, Penna., 1845, married James Sproul, 
of Chester, Penna. They had three children : 

No. 1747. I. Dora^ Sproul. 
No. 1748. II. Annie 7 Sproul. 
No. 1749. III. Maiy^ Sproul. 

No. 962. Mary Louisa Walker*' (Isaac,^ Isaac,'* Asahel,'^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, 
Penna., June 2d, 1835. During most of the Civil War she was 
a matron in the Confederate hospitals, returned to Pennsylvania 
in 1865, was married in 1869, at her father's house, to John 
Coleman Roberts, of Texas. He was a native of Virginia, and 
is now Captain of Camp Townsend, Hood's Texas Brigade. 
They reside at Bremond, Robertson County, Texas. The}' had 
two children : 

No. 1750. I. Edward Walker^ Roberts, born Nov. 22d, 1872, 

No. 1751. II. Mary Elizabeth Moore ^ Ro'oerts, born Nov. 3d, 

1875, died in her seventh year at White 

Sulphur Springs, Va. 

No. 963. Eliza Josephine Walker" (Isaac, Msaac.'^Asahel,-' 
Isaac,- Lewis ^ ), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, 
Penna., married Isaac Diller, now deceased. They had three 
children : 
No. 1752. I. Isaac Walker^ Diller, married Mar>' Elizabeth 

No. 1753. II. Anna Louisa^ Diller. 
No. 1754. III. John Coleman^ Diller, married Miss Carpenter. 


No. 964. Esther Jane Walker « (Isaac," Isaac/ Asahel,^ 

Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, 

Penna., married Isaac Diller Worst, of Unionville, Penna. They 

had seven children ; 

No. 1755. I. Jacob Rutter^ Worst, postmaster of Berwyn, 

Chester County, Penna. 

No. 1756. II. Mary Pauline' Worst, married Henry B. Long- 


No. 1757. III. George Walker^ Worst, married Annie Hick- 
man, of Chester County, Penna. 

No. 175S. IV. Newton Kelso ^ Worst, died . 

No. 1759. V. Annie Virginia 7 Worst, married Roland Pusey 

Nichols, of Chester County, Penna. 

No. 1760. VI. Maria Louise Antoinette 7 Worst. 

No. 1761. VII. Esther Cora' Worst. 

No. 965. Sallie Frances Walker ^ (Isaac,^ Isaac,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), born in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, 
Penna., married Henry B. Hershey, of Philadelphia. They had 
five children : 

No. 1762. I. John Coleman ^ Hershey, 
No. 1763. II. Sallie Cecile^ Hershey. 

No. 1764. III. Jacob Frantz" Hershey, died . 

No. 1765. IV. Henry Eugene^ Hershey. 
No. 1766. V. Maud Marie ^ Hershey. 

No. 967. James M. Walker'' (Isaac,-^ Isaac,-* Asahel,nsaac,2 
Lewis ^), born at the Gap, in Sadsbuiy Township, Lancaster 
Count>^ Penna., married, i868, Lida A., daughter of Samuel 
and Phoebe (Hood) Fawkes. She died i886. 

Joseph Fawkes, of Los Angeles, Cal., inventor of the steam 
plow, Joseph Hood, of the Pennsylvania Legislature, and James 


Hood, late proprietor of the Pennhurst Hotel, Atlantic Cit)-, arc 
uncles of Lida A. (Fawkes) Walker. 

James M. Walker was educated at the Millcrsville Normal 
School. He is a practising attorney at the Lancaster bar. (Office, 
34 North Duke Street.) He resides at the old " Henderson 
Place," Gap, where he also has an office. He served five years 
as Justice of the Peace of Coloraine Township, at the expiration 
of which time he removed to his former home at the Gap. Since 
the death of his father he has come into possession of the home- 
stead, where his two sons, William Edmond and Joseph Lewis 
Walker are engaged in farming. His other two sons are in the 
employ of the firm of Walker & Kepler, Electricians, 315 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. He had four children : 
No. 17G7. L Isaac Hampton ^ Walker, a student at Drexel 

No. 1768. II. Joseph Lewis 7 Walker. 
No. 1769. III. William Edmond ^ Walker. 
No. 1770. IV. James Marshall ^ Walker. 

No. 969. Deborah Walker" (Asahel,^ Isaac/ Asahel,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), born, 1844, in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster 
County, Penna., married William Marshall, of Philadelphia. 
They had five children : 

No. 1771. I. Patience^ Marshall, married William Richeter. 

No. 1772. II. Mary 7 Marshall. 

No. 1773. III. William^ Marshall. 

No. 1774. IV. Stanley 7 Marshall. 

No. 1775. V. Laura ^ Marshall. 

No. 972. Isaac C. Walker "^ (Asahcl,Msaac,' Asahel,' Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), born, 1848, in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, 
Penna., married Emma Johnson. He is a member of the firm of 


"Walker & Kepler," Electricians and Electrical Supplies, 531 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Penna. Residence, 2432 North 
Broad Street. They have two children : 
No. 1776. I. Mabel 7 Walker. 
No. 1777. II. Florence^ Walker. 

No. 978. Henry Pownall ^ (Deborah,^ Isaac,* Asahel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), born in Lancaster County, Penna., married Louisa 
Smedley, and has six children : 

No. 1778. I. Norman^ Pownall. 

No. 1779. II. Mary 7 Pownall. 

No. 1780. III. Bertha^ Pownall. 

No. 1781. IV. Clifton" Pownall. . 

No. 1782. V. Chester 7 Po\vnall. 

No. 1783. VI. Alta7 Pownall. . 

No. 980. Sarah Coopers (Asahel W.,' Sarah," Asahel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), married Alden McClellan, and had five children : 
No. 1784. I. Asahel 7 McClellan. 
No. 1785. II. Annie 7 McClellan. 
No. 1786. III. W^illiam^ McClellan. 
No. 1787. IV. Leonora 7 McClellan. 
No. 1788. V. Charles'' McClellan. 

No. 981. Margaret Cooper "^ (Asahel W.,* Sarah," Asahel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), married Thomas Truman, and had two children. 
They reside in New Orleans, La. 

No. 1789. I. Margaret 7 Truman. 
No. 1790. II. Beatrice^ Truman. 

No. 983. George W. Cooper" (Hiram,*^ Sarah,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac," Lewis ' ), married, and had one son : 


No. 1791. I. Hiram Lewis'' Cooper. 

No. 984. Hiram Lewis Cooper" (Hiram, '^ Sarah/ Asahel/ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^ \ married Clara Brown, and had two children. 
They reside in Philadelphia, Penna. 
No. 1792. L William 7 Cooper. 
No. 1793. n. Walter 7 Cooper. 

No. 985. Caleb Cooper^ (George W.,-' Sarah,"* Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Harriett Townsley, and had two children. 
Residence, Chester County, Penna. 

No. 1794. L Frank ^ Cooper. 
No. 1795. H. Emma^ Cooper. 

No. 987. Hannah Cooper*' (George W.,^ Sarah, ^ Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Henry C. Cope, and had two children. 

Residence, Lincoln, Chester County, Penna. 
No. 1796. L PVederick ^ Cope. 
No. 1797. IL Alice ^ Cope. 

No. 990. Maria F. Cooper e (Sarah,'"' Sarah," Asahel,Msaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married Dr. John Partenheimer, and had two children. 
They reside in Philadelphia, Penna. 

No. 1798. I. Corinne'' Partenheimer. 
No. 1799. II. Gertrude^ Partenheimer. 

No. 994. Josephine Cooper "^ (Sarah,'' Sarah, ■* Asahel,'' Isaac, ^ 
Lewis '), married Wistar Newbold, and had two children. Reside 
in Philadelphia, Penna. 
No. 1800. I. Charles^ Newbold. 
No. 1801. II. Bertha^ Newbold. 


No. 995. George Cooper" (Susan, ^ Sarah/ Asahel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married Sarah Miller, and had four children. Residence, 
Chester County, Penna. 

No. 1802. I. Amy' Cooper. 
No. 1803. II. Wilmer^ Cooper. 

No. 1804. III. Marion" Cooper. 

No. 1805. IV. Annie ^ Cooper. 

No. 997. Lucy Cooper'^ (Joseph P.,^ Sarah,* Asahel,'^ Isaac, - 
Lewis ^), married Charles Thissell, and had one child. Residence, 
605 N. 1 8th Street, Philadelphia, Penna. 

No. 1806. I. Mar>' Stuart" Thissell. 

No. 999. Hexrv B. Cooper'' (Joseph P.,^ Sarah,* Asahel,-' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Bellmina McGill, and had four childreil. 
Reside at " Woodside," Ford Road, West Philadelphia, and at 
605 N. 1 8th Street, Philadelphia. 

No. 1807. I. Joseph^ Cooper, died. 

No. 1808. II. John McGilF Cooper. 

No. 1809. III. Henry B.^ Cooper. 

No. 1810. IV. Charles^ Cooper. 

No. 1001. Sarah Cooper^ (Joseph P.," Sarah,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ' ), married Rev. William Ledwith, and had two 
children : 

No. 1811. I. Jean Brice" Ledwith. 

No. 1812. II. William Laurence^ Ledwith. 

No. 1004. Samuel Whitsox" (Phoebe,'^ Sarah,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), married Fanny Sim.ton, and had one child : 

No. 1813. I. Ethel "Whitson. 



No. 1011. Sarah Cooper « (Anna/' Asahel,» Asahcl,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ' ), married Frank Trout, and had children : 
No. 1814. I. Frank 7 Trout. 
No. 1815. II. Mazic^ Trout. 
No. 1816. III. Jeremiah' Trout. 

No. 1018. Joseph D. C. Pownall " (Susan/ Asahel/A-sahel,-^ 
Isaac/ Lewis ' ) married Mary Stubbs, and had four children. 
Residence, Christiana, Penna. 

No. 1817. I. Willmer^ Pownall, married Mary Thompson. 
No. 1818. II. Vincent^ Pownall. 

No. 1819. III. Lily' Pownall. 

No. 1820. IV. Edna 7 Pownall. 

No. 1016. Mary Cooper" (Phoebe,-^ Asahel,-* Asahel,-^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^ ), married Frederick Eppleimer, and had one child : 
No. 1821. I. Frederick^ P^ppleimer. 

No. 1017. AsAHEL Linville" (Sarah.s AsaheV Asahel,^ 
Isaac/ Lewis ^ ), born Feb. 2d, 1822, married, 1877, Lydia R. 
Moore. They reside at Leesburg, Florida. They have three 
children : 

No. 1823. I. Lucy 7 Linvillc, born Jan. loth, 1879. 
No. 1824. II. Alice R.^ Linville, born Oct. 27th, 1881. 
No. 1825. III. Arthur^ Linville. 

No. 1019. Aquilla J. Linville^ (Sarah/ Asahel,^ Asahel/ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^ ) married, Sarah, daughter of Virgil and Jane 
Eachus, of Radnor Township, Delaware County, Penna. Aquilla 
Linville is in business in Philadelphia, where his family reside. 
They have four children : 



No. 1826. I. Jane 7 Linvillc. 

No. 1827. II. Sylvia" Linvillc. 

No. 1828. III. Walker 7 Linville. 

No. 1829. IV. Marion" Linville. 

No. 1022. S.\RAH Linville" (Sarah,-' Asahel,-* Asahel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ' ), married Frank Walter, and has three children : 

No. 1830. I. I^ura" Walter. 
No. 1831. II. Maurice nValter. 
No. 1832. III. Margaret^ Walter. 

No. 1024. Margaret Linville" (Sarah,' Asahel,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), married Edwin Moore, and had one child. Res- 
idence, Germantown, Penna. 
No. 1833. I. E. Lawton" Moore. 

No. 1026. Joseph Walker" (Samuel,' Asahel,^ Asahel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^ ), married Emma Alexander, and had two children. 
Residence, Christiana, Penna. 
No. 1834. I. J. Blaine 7 Walker, 
No. 1835. II. Erle^ Walker. 

No. 1030. Asahel Walker" (Samuel,' Asahel,* Asahel,' 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), married Helen Bruner, and had one child. 
Reside in Philadelphia, Penna. 

No. 1836. I. John E.7 Walker. 

No. 1038. E. Ben-jamin Ellmaker " (Mary,' Asahel,* Asahel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), married Mary Oberholtzer, and had three 
children : 

No. 1837. I. Lucy W.7 Ellmaker. 



No. 1838. II. Leonard 7 Ellmaker. 

No. 1839. III. Edgar Bcnjaniiii ^ Ellmaker. 

No. 1040. Flora Ellmaker'' (Mary,"' Asahcl,' Asahel,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis '), married Edward D. Wallace, and had three 
children. Residence, Blue Ball, Lancaster County, Penna. 
No. 1840. I. Margaret^ Wallace. 
No. 1841. II. John Watson ^ Wallace. 
No. 1842. III. Elizabeth ^ Wallace. 

No. 1041. Nathaniel Ellmaker e (Mary,"' Asahcl,'' Asahel,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Mary Williams, and had two children. 
Reside at The Gap, Lancaster County, Penna. 

No. 1843. I. Celia^ Ellmaker. 
No. 1844. II. Alice ^ Ellmaker. 

No. 1042. Sarah Ell.maker " (Mary,^ Asahel,' Asahel,-' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Evan Ambler, and had one child. Re- 
side at Quarryville, Lancaster County, Penna. 

No. 1845. I. Caroline^ Ambler. 

No. 1069. John C. Garretson ^ (Anne,'' Hannah,' Abel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born 3d mo. 7th, 1830, married, 12th mo. 20th, 
1 86 1, Mary Ditmer, and had nine children : 

No. 1846. I. Jacob Vale'' Garretson, born 3d mo. i6th, 1863, 

married . 

No. 1847. II. Mary Ann ' Garretson, born i ith mo. 23d, 1864. 
No. 1848. III. Hannah Cook ^ Garretson. born 2d mo. 19th, 

1867. died 3d mo. 14th, 1894. 
No. 1849. IV. Henry Howard" Garretson, born 8th mo 14th, 



No. 1850. V. DanieF Garretson. 
No. 1851. VI. Ira 7 Garretson. 
No. 1852. VII. Rex 7 Garretson. 
No. 1853. VIII. Lydia ^ Garretson. 
No. 1854. IX. Melinda ^ Garretson. 

No. 1071. Hannah C. Garretson e (Anne,^ Hannah/ Abel, ^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born I2th mo. 17th, 1833, married Asahel 
Walker Cook, son of George W. and Elizabeth (Walker) Cook. 
(See No. 886.) 

No. 1070. Mary E. Garretson*^ (Anne,-' Hannah," Abel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born i ith mo. 23d, 1831, married, 1858, Joshua 
Vale, born 9th mo. lytli, 1827, and had four children : 

No. 1855. I. Oliver^ Vale, born 12th mo. 25th, 1859, married 

No. 1856. II. Sarah Emma 7 Vale, born ist mo. 17th, 1864, 

married Mendenhall. 

No. 1857. III. Portia Irene ^ Vale, born 3d mo. i8th, 1865. 
No. 1858. IV. Hugh Mortland^ Vale, born 4th mo. 12th, 1872. 

No. 1075. Abel W. Garretson e (Anne,-^ Hannah," Abel,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), born 6th mo. 19th, 1843, married, 12th mo. 25th, 
1868, Catherine Hull, and had three children : 

No. 1859. I. Bertha" Garretson, born 2d mo. 23d, 1870, died 

8th mo. 3 1st, 1 89 1. 
No. 1860. II. Anne^ Garretson, born 8th mo. i6th, 1872, 

married, 1895, Emory Harbold. 
No. 1861. III. Jacob hj Garretson, born 9th mo. 23d, 1875. 

No. 1078. Melissa Garretson" (Anne,^ Hannah," Abel,^ 


Isaac," Lewis'), horn 8th mo. 22(1, i<S50, married, 1880, William 
Anthony, and had three children : 
No 1862. I. Earl ^ Anthony. 
No. 1863. II. Lloyd ^ Anthony. 
No. 1864. III. Belle ^ Anthony. 

No. 1079. Annie Cook " (Walker,'^ Hannah,^ Abcl,'^ I.saac,2 
Lewis ^), married William Anderson, and had six children : 
No. 1865. I. James ^ Anderson, married Emma Bearinger. 
No. 1866. II. Martha^ Anderson, married W. Deardorff. 
No. 1867. III. Annie" Anderson, married D. Lehmer. 

No. 1868. IV. John^ Anderson, married Myers. 

No. 1869. V. Emma ^ Anderson, married Myers. 

No. 1870. VI. Robert ^ Anderson. 

No. 1080. Hezekiah Cook " (Walker.'" Hannah,-* Abel,'* 
Isaac, ^ Lewis '), married Eve Wiley, and had eight child. en : 
No. 1871. I. Catherine' Cook, married A. Berkheimer. 
No.. 1872. II. George W.^ Cook, married Nannie Beitzel. 
No. 1873. III. Matilda^ Cook. 
No. 1874. IV. Oliver^ Cook, married Kate Wolf. 
No. 1875. V. John'' Cook, married Louisa Spahr. 
No. 1876. VI. Margaret^ Cook, married Stewart Bitinger. 
No. 1877. VII. Emma'' Cook, married Benjamin Hoffman. 
No. 1878. VIII. Hannah' Cook, married Salmon Sheffer. 

No. 1081. Hannah Cook'' (Walker,'' Hannah,' Abel.Msaac," 
Lewis ^), married Samuel Arnold, and had five children : 
No. 1879. I. Elizabeth ' Arnold. 
No. 1880. II. Lewis ^ Arnold. 
No. 1881. III. Susan ^ Arnold. 


No. 1882. IV. Annie' Arnold. 

No. 1883. V. Romaine ^ Arnold, married John Heikes. 

No. 1082. Elizabeth Cook'' (Walker,^ Hannah,^ Abel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), married Daniel Bentz, and had ten children : 

No. 1884. I. Harr>'' Bentz. 
No. 1884^7. II. Ida'' Bentz. 
No. 1885. III. David' Bentz. 
No. 1886. IV. Walker" Bentz. 
No. 1887. V. Cordelia^ Bentz. 
No. 1888. VI. Lawrence^ Bentz. 
No. 1889. VII. Millard" Bentz. 
No. 1890. VIII. Amer" Bentz. 
No. 1891. IX. Charles' Bentz. 
No. 1892. X. Russell" Bentz. 

No. 1083. John- W. Cook ' (Walker,^ Hannah/ Abel,'^ Isaac,- 
Lewis ^), married Catherine Bentz, and had seven children : 
No. 1893. I. Jacob" Cook, married Sadie Martin. 
No. 1894. II. Ellen ' Cook, married George Dutery. 
No. 1895. III. Flora" Cook, married Samuel Duter>'. 

No. 1896. I\'. Raymond" Cook, married Slothower. 

No. 1897. V. Alvin' Cook. 
No. 1898. VI. Lewis " Cook. 
No. 1899. VII. May' Cook. 

No. 1084. S.\R.\H Cook « (Walker,^ Hannah,* Abel,^ Isaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married Jacob Harbold, had several children : 

No. 1900. I. Martha" Harbold, married Fink. 

No. 1901. II. Mary ' Harbold. 
No. 1902. III. Emma" Harbold. 


No. 1086. Walker Cook ' (Walker," Hannah,' Abel/ Isaac,^' 
Lewis ^), married Mary Klinedienst, had ei^^ht children : 
No. 1903. I. Araniinta ^ Cook, married Philip Myers. 
No. 1904. II. Clara '^ Cook, married John Bentz. 
No. 1905. III. Calvin^ Cook, married Susan Ilershey. 
No. 1900. IV. Nora^ Cook, married Monroe Bentz. 
No. 1907. V. Charles^ Cook. 
No. 1908. VI. Rosa^ Cook. 
No. 1909. VII. Bertha 7 Cook. 
No. 1910. VIII. Gertrude^ Cook. 

No. 1087. Joseph Cook6 (Walker,' Hannah,' Abel.Msaac,^' 
Lewis ^ ), married Elizabeth Evans, and had fi\c children : 
No. 1911. I. William^ Cook, married Minty Blauser. 
No. 1912. II. James ^ Cook, married Emma Blauser. 
No. 1913. III. Curtis 7 Cook. 
No. 1914. IV. Miles ^ Cook. 
No. 1915. V. Lillie^ Cook. 

No. 1088. Eliza A. Cook« (John," Hannah,"* Abel,"* Isaac,- 
Lewis ^ ), married Andrew B. Shearer, and had eight children : 
No. 1916. I. Charles C.^ Shearer. 
No. 1917. II. Ira SJ Shearer. 
No. 1918. III. Willis L:^ Shearer. 
No. 1919. IV. Willetta G.^ Shearer. 
No. 1920. V. Myrtle 1.7 Shearer. 
No. 1921. VI. Estella V.^ Shearer. 
No. 1922. VII. EtheF Shearer. 
No. 1923. VIII. Frederick W.' Shearer. 

No. 1089. William R. Cook« (John," Hannah,' Abel.^ 
Isaac,- Lewis'), born I2th mo. 2 2d, 1852, married, 12th mo. 2 2d, 


1871, Mary Heikes. They reside at Dillsburg, Penna. lam 
indebted to him for valuable assistance in collecting material for 
this work. He is descended from Lewis Walker through both his 
father and mother, and is, as he says, very partial to the name. 
He has nine children : 

No. 1924. I. Gleason J." Cook, born 5th mo. 5th, 1872. 
No. 1925. n. Morris Gilpin' Cook, born 7th mo. 14th, 1874. 
No. 1926. HI. Carohne A.' Cook, born 7th mo. i8th, 1875. 
No. 1927. IV. Frances Willard" Cook, born nth mo. 23d, 

No. 1928. V. Abigail L.' Cook, born 6th mo. 2d, 1879. 
No. 1929. VI. Thomas G." Cook, born 8th mo. nth, 1881. 
No. 1930. VII. Celia" Cook, born 12th mo. 29th, 1882. 
No. 1931. VIII. Ruth Emma^ Cook, born 4th mo. 9th, 1883. 
No. 1932. IX. Robert Lee" Cook, born nth mo. 7th, 1884. 

No. 1091. Ruth E. Cook ^ (John,-' Hannah,"' Abel,Msaac,^ 
Lewis ^), married Amos Hartman and has : 
No. 1933. I. Ernest" Hartman. 

Xo. 1092. Margaret Jane Walker ^(Arnold,5Abel,^Abel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^). married Isaac Mconley, and had one child : 
No. 1934. I. Tillie- Mconley. 

Xo. 1093. Ellis Walker e (Arnold,-^ Abel,' Abel,^ Isaac- 
Lewis'), married Sarah Miller, and had four children : 
No. 1935. I. Elizabeth" Walker. 
No. 1936. II. Arnold" Walker. 
No. 1937. III. Kate" Walker. 
No. 1938. IV. RusselF Walker. 

Xo. 1094. Gordon- Kent Walker « (Arnold,-^ Abel,' Abel,' 



Isaac," Lewis '), married Belle Weigle, and had three children : 

No. 1939. I. Frances^ Walker, married Robert Thomson. 
No. 1940. II. Ochie^ Walker, married William Brown. 
No. 1941. III. Edward^ Walker. 

No. 1095. OciiiE Walker « (Arnold,'* Abu!,' Abel,'' Isaac,' 
Lewis '), married Noah Beck, and had one child : 

No. 1 942. I. Harry 7 Beck. 

No. 1096. Abel W. Walker « (William,'' Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis '), married Emma Kerr, and liad one child : 

No. 1943. I. Beulah ^ Walker. 

No. 1097. Louisa Walker « (William,' Abel,^ Abel,^ Isaac,' 
Lewis '), married Thomas M. Mauk, of Carlisle, Penna , and had 
three children : 

No. 1944. I. George 7 Mauk. 
No. 1945. II. Helen 7 Mauk. 
No. 1946. III. Edward 7 Mauk. 

No. 1098. Rachel Alice Carson « (Hannah,'^ Abel,^ Abel,^ 
Isaac,' Lewis ^), married Jacob Fehl, and had one child : 

No. 1947. I. Morris 7 Fehl. 

No. 11 00. WiLBERT Carson ^ (Hannah,'^ Abel,' Abel,^ Isaac,' 
Lewis 1), of Cumberiand County, Penna., married Sadie Anthony, 
and had five children : 
No. 1948. I. Harry 7 Carson. 
No. 1949. II. Charies7 Carson. 
No. 1950. III. Ellen ^ Carson. 


No. 1951. I\'. Clyde" Carson. 
No. 1 9o'J. \^. Jessie ' Carson. 

No. 1102. Emma E. Carson e (Hannah.s Abel/ x\bel,-^ Isaac,- 
Lewis '), married Pemberton Myers, of York Springs, Penna., 
and had three children : 
No. 1953. I. Norval^ Myers. 
No. 1954. II. Harry' Myers. 
No. 1955. III. Francis 7 Myers. 

No. 1103. Clara E. Carson e (Hannah.^ Abel, ^ Abel.Msaac,- 
Lewis '), married John McNew, and had three children : 

No. 1956. I. George Edward'' McNew. 
No. 1957. II. Rachel Alice' McNew. 
No. 1958. III. Clyde' McNew. 

No. 1104. Joel M. Walker^ (Lewis Morris," Joel,-* Abel.^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born 1849, married Maria Gilford. They reside 
in Iowa, and had three children : 

No. 1959. I. Margaret ' Walker. 

No. 1960. II. Glen GifTord " Walker, born 1885. 

No. 1961. III. Vera Alien" Walker, twin with Glen Gifford. 

No. 1105. PiNKXEV L. Walker 6 (Lewis Morris,-^ Joe^Abel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in 1852, a resident of West Libert}-, Iowa ; 
married Julia Mosice, and had two children : 

No. 1962. I. Eugene" Walker. 
No. 1963. II. Lewis" Walker. 

No. 1106. John C. Walker « (Isaac John," Joel,-* Abel,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Ohio, 1853, married Anna Bethel. They 
reside at Burr Oak, Kansas, and had three children : 


No. 1964. I. Mary Grace ^ Walker, died 
No. 1965. II. Martha Carmon ^ Walker. 
No. 1966. III. Harold^ Walker. 

No. 1108. Mary L. Walker*^ (Isaac John/' Joel/ Abel,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis'), born in Ohio, 1863, married, 1883, Joseph 
Barriclon, of Ohio, and had three children : 

No. 1967. I. Paul" Barriclon, born 1884. 
No. 1968. II. Henry ^ Barriclon, born 1886, 
No. 1969. III. Donald^ Barriclon. 

No. 1110. Emma J. Walker « (Elias Hicks/ Joel," Abel,-^ 
Isaac,- Lewis'), born in Ohio, 1867, married, 1890, Harford 
Odbert, of Pennsylvania. They have one child : 

No. 1970. I. Ivan^ Odbert, born 1892 

No. 1111. George W. Walker*' (Elias Hicks,^ Joel,"* Abel,'' 
Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Ohio, married, 1891, Eleanor McMillan. 
They have one child : 

No. 1971. I. Charming Iden ^ Walker, born 1893. 

No. 1114. Marv H. Walker « (Abel,' Joel," Abel,"* Isaac,=^ 
Lewis'), born in Ohio, 1857, married, 1879, John Carpenter. 
Residence, Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have two chil- 
dren : 

No. 1972. I. Howard H.^ Carpenter, born 1881. 
No. 1973. II. Amy Lee^ Carpenter, born 1886. 

No. 1117. Mahlon M. Walker'' (Jeremiah C.,'* Joel," Abel,'' 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), born in Ohio, 1852, married Frances Duell. 
They reside at Hawkeye, Kansas, and have one child : 


No. 1974. I. Ehvood' Walker, born 1883. 

Xo. Ills. T. Elwood Walker" (Jeremiah C.,' Joel/ Abel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), born in Ohio, 1855, married Alice Clark, and has 
two children : 

No. 1975. I. Ernest" Walker, born 1883. 
No. 1976. II. Irene ^ Walker, born 1888. 

No. 1119. Watson Walker" (Jeremiah C.,^ Joel,' Abel,^ 
Isaac,^ LewTS '), born in Ohio, 1857, married Jane Kithcart, and 
has two children : 

No. 1977. I. Luella- Walker, born 1883. 

No. 1978. II. Robert Earl" Walker, born 1885. 

No. 1122. M.ARY Ada Farouhar" (Hannah Ann,^ Joel,* 
Abel,^ Isaac,- Lewis'), born 1854, died 1893, married, 1881, 
Newton Hawkins, of Washington County, Penna. They had 
five children : 

No. 1979. I. Leona " Hawkins, born 1882. 

No. 1980. II. Lewis F." Hawkins, born 1884. 

Xo. 1981. III. Maiy Estella " Hawkins, born 1885. 

No. 1982. IV. James Clinton" Hawkins, born 1887. 

Xo. 1983. V. Hannah Ann' Hawkins, born 1891. 

Xo. 1125. John Will.\rd Walker" (Joel Aaron, -"^ Joel,* 
Abel,^ Isaac,- Lewis '), born in Ohio, 1867, married, 1890, Caro- 
line Farquhar, and has t\vo children : 

Xo. 1984. I. Mar\' Alma' Walker, born 1892. 
Xo. 1985. II. Edith ' Walker, born 1893. 

Xo. 1133. IMaryJaxe Walker" (George,^ Benjamin,* Abel,^ 


Isaac,- Lewis ^ ) married Winfield Meek, of Mt. Pleasant, Oliio, 

and has four children : 

No. 1986. I. Walker^ Meek. 

No. 1987. 11. Grace ^ Meek. 

No. 1988. III. Love 7 Meek. 

No. 1989. IV. John' Meek. 


No. 1175. Darwin Weaver^ (Rebecca,*' Martha/ Sinah,^ 
Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^ ), married Lucy Snode. They reside in 
Washington, D.C., and have three children : 

No. 1990. I. Robert E.^ Weaver. 
No. 1991. II. Frederick^ Weaver. 
No. 1992. III. Charles D.'^ Weaver. 

No. 1176. Willis Weaver 7 (Rebecca,'' Martha,' Sinah,* 
Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^), married Anna Kuhn. They reside in 
Iowa, and have two children : 

No. 1993. I. Marguerite^ Weaver. 
No. 1994. II. Anna« Weaver. 

No. 1179. IdaBarnaby? (Laura,*' JMartha,* Sinah," Abel,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis ^ ) married Brinton Cooper. He is deceased and 
his widow resides at Salem, Ohio. They had four children : 

No, 1995. I. George'^ Cooper. 
No. 1996. II. Laura « Cooper. 

No. 1997. III. Edith « Cooper. 

No. 1998. IV. Carl « Cooper. 

No. 1180. Charles W. Barnaby^ (Laura," Martha,' Sinah,' 
Abel,^ Abel,- Lewis ^ ), married Jane Christy. They reside at 
Meadsville, Penna., and have : 



No. 1999. I. Fay« Barnaby. 
No. 2000. II. James** Barnaby. 

No. 1209. CiiALKLEY Clinton Holloway^ (Martlia,'"'Jo.seph,» 
Abel/ Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^ ), married Nellie T. Warren, and has 
two children : 

No. 2001. I. Virginia^ Holloway. 
No. 2002. II. Warren « Holloway. 

No. 1217. Anna Mary Walker 7 (Eli/' Lewis,' Abel/ Abel/ 
Abel/ Lewis ' ), married James Righter, and has children : 

No. 2003. I. Leonard ' Righter. 
No. 2004. II. Eunice^ Righter. 

No. 1221. Charles L. Brown ^ (Mary H./ Lewis/ Abel/ 
Abel,'' Abel,^ Lewis ^), of Adair County, Ky., born in Ohio, mar- 
ried Mary Bennett, of Kentucky. They have two children : 
No. 2005. I. Enoch Arden^ Brown. 
No. 2006. II. Mary Elizabeth « Brown. 

No. 1222. William W. Brown ^ (Mary H.,« Lewis,' Abel,^ 
Abel/ Abel,^ Lewis ^), of Alliance, Stark County, Ohio, married 
Jessie Mercer, of Ohio. They have one child : 

No. 2007. I. Le Roy « Brown. 

No. 1223. Edwin J. Brown ^ (Mary H.,*^ Lewis,' Abel,^ 
Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis '), of Winona, Columbiana County, Ohio, 
married Flora J. Lovejoy. They have two children : 

No. 2008. I. Pearl « Brown. 

No. 2009. II. Warren W.'^ Brown. 


No. 1225. Deborah E. Brown ^ (Man- H.,*' Lewis," Abel/ 
Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^), bom in Ohio, married, 7th mo. 23d, 1874, 
William Mercer, of North Georgetown, Columbiana County, 
Ohio, and has six children : 

No. 2010. L Charles^ Mercer, born 2d mo. ist, 1876. 
No. 2011. II. Albert E.* Mercer, born 12th mo. 14th, 1878. 
No. 2012. III. Alberta M.« Mercer, born 12th mo. r4th, 1878. 
No. 2013. IV. Ida L.^' Mercer, born 7th mo. ist, i88r. 
No. 2014. V. Jessie Blaine^ Mercer, born 9th mo. i6th, 1884. 
No. 2015. VI. Vernon D.^ Mercer, bom 3d mo. 2d, 1893. 

No. 122(3. Oliver R. Brown" (Mary H.,*' Lewis," Abel,* 
Abel,^ Abel,^ Lewis ^), of Winona, Columbiana County, Ohio, 
married Oily Taylor, and has one child : 

No. 2016. I. Lewis* Brown. 

No. 1300. Leah Steer' (Lewis,^ Samuel," Leah,* Lewis,^ 
Abel,^ Lewis ^), born in Virginia, removed with her family to 
Philadelphia, where she married Wilmer Osier. The}' had two 
children : 

No. 2017. I. Wilmer'^ Osier. 
No. 2018. II. Frederick Bruce* Osier. 

No. 1315. Naomi Rhoads' (Joshua,^ Naomi," Zillah,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, Penna., 6th mo. 
20th, 1848, went with the family to Jacksonville, 111., died 3d 
mo. 2 1st, 1888. She married John A. Bellatti, and had three 
children : 

No. 2019. I. Rose Anna* Bellatti, born 4th mo. 23d, 1884. 
No. 2020. II. Walter* Bellatti, born 8th mo. 26th, 1885. 
No. 2021. III. Ruth* Bellatti, born nth mo. 21st, 1887. 



No. 1318. Joseph R. Rhoads ^ (James/' Naomi/' Zillah/ 
Joseph/ Isaac/ Lewis ^), bom in Philadelphia, Penna., August 
6th, 1 841, married, Nov. 22d, 1866, Amanda, daughter of 
Joseph and Esther L. (Mort) Seal, of 455 Marshall St., Phila- 
delphia. Reside at Overbrook, Penna. They had three chil- 
dren : 

No. 2022. I. Alice Sellers*^ Rhoads, born March 23d, 1868, 

married Henry Ward Marston. 

No. 2023. II. J. Howard « Rhoads, born June 3d, 1870. 

No. 2024. III. Alfred S.« Rhoads, born May i6th, 1875, died 

July loth, 1875. 

No. 1324. Mary Jeanes W.^ltek ' (Sarah,'' Naomi/ Zillah/ 
Joseph,''' Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, Penna., June 28th, 
1853, married, Oct. 19th, 1876, at her mother's residence, 109 
North Sixteenth St., George F. White, born Nov. 13th, 1847, 
son of Barclay and Rebecca M. (Lamb) White, of " Ury," Bur- 
lington County, N. J. They reside near Philadelphia, and have 
two children : 

No. 2025. I. Rebecca L.« White, born Jan. 21st, 1878. 
No. 202G. II. Walter Rhoads « White, born Jan. 7th, 1877. 

No. 1332. Mary R. Walter^ (Naomi," Naomi," Zillah,-* 
Joseph, Msaac,- Lewis '), born Feb. 19th, 1857, married, Dec. 
19th, 1883, Charles William Cooper. They have one child: 
No. 2027. I. Julia ^ Cooper, born Jan. 3d, 1885. 

No. 1334. Emily Haines^ (Ellen,^ Sarah,-' Isaac,"* Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis '), married Phineas Pratt, of Chester County, Penna. 
They had one child : 
No. 2028. I. Mary E. ^^ Pratt, married, 1891, Enos B. Hoopes. 


No. 1335. Ellen R. Moore ^ (Mar>' Ann,^ Sarah,^ Isaac/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Jesse Cheney, son of Joseph 
and Edith Cheney, of Thornbury, Delaware County, Penna., 
at Haverford Meeting, in 1858. They had six children : 
No. 2029. I. Joseph - Cheney, married. 
No. 2030. II. Marianna- Cheney. 
No. 2031. III. Jesse S.^' Cheney. 
No. 2032. IV. Edith ^ Cheney. 
No. 2033. V. Algernon ^' Cheney. 
No. 2034. VI. Phoebe ^' Cheney. 

No. 1336. Thomas Hoopes " (Jane W.,*' Sarah, 5 Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^ ), married, ist, Susan Bernard, 2d, Lydia 
Jobson. They reside in Downingtown, Penna., and have one 
daughter : 
No. 2035. I. « Hoopes. 

No. 1337. Elwood Hoopes'' (Jane W.,*' Sarah, '^ Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), of West Chester, Penna., married Susanna 
Huey, and has four children : 
No. 2036. I. Abrahanv' Hoopes. 
No. 2037. II. Frank ^' Hoopes. 
No. 2038. III. William ^' Hoopes. 
Vo. 2039. IV. Margaret '^ Hoopes. 

No. 1339. Emma Hoopes' (Sarah,'' Sarah, ^ Isaac,* Joseph,'^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), of Baltimore, Md., married Charles Hoopes, and 
had three children : 

No. 2040. I. Howard '^ Hoopes, married Jessie . 

No. 2041. II. Charles^ Hoopes, died. 
No. 2042. III. Florence^ Hoopes. 



No. 1340. William Hoopes^ (Sarah/' Sarah," Isaac/ Joseph,' 
Isaac, ^ Lewis'), of Baltimore, Md., married Georgia Wiliichn. 
He died in Baltimore in 1895, some years after the death of his 
wife. They had eight children : 
No. 2043. I. Fannie'^ Hoopes. 
No. 2044. II. Ella' Hoopes. 
No. 2045. III. Emma' Hoopes, died 1879. 
No. 2046. IV. Samuel ' Hoopes. 
No. 2047. V. Georgia ' Hoopes, married Dixon Walker, of 

Baltimore, Md. 
No. 2048. VI. Blanche ' Hoopes. 
No. 2049. VII. Arthur' Hoopes. 
No. 2050. VIII. Gertrude' Hoopes. 

No. 1341. Edward Hoopes'' (Sarah,^ Sarah/ Isaac,^ Joseph,'' 
Isaac/ Lewis'), of Baltimore, Md., married Lucy Tyler, and has 
four children : 

No. 2051. I. Frank G.' Hoopes, married Willie L. Kennon. 
No. 2052. II. Susan' Hoopes. 
No. 2053. III. Edward' Hoopes. 
No. 2054. IV. Lucy' Hoopes. 

No. 1342. Sallie Hoopes^ (Sarah,^ Sarah, » Isaac,^ Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), of Baltimore, Md., married Charles Tyler, and 
has three children : 

No. 2055. I. Clara ' Tyler. 
No. 2056. II. Estelle ' Tyler. 

No. 2057. III. Walter Bancroft ' Tyler, married Ida Etheridge 


No. 1344. Emilv Roberts^ (Mathew," Sarah,' Isaac.^ Joseph,^ 


Isaac," Lewis ^), married F. Wilson Eastburn, of Philadelphia, 
Penna. They had three children : 

No. 2058. I. Horace Wilson ^ Eastburn. 

No. 2059. II. Walter Roberts * Eastburn, married Clara . 

No. 2060. III. Elmer Moore ^ Eastburn. 

No. 1345. Mercy Paiste ^ (Elizabeth,^ Sarah,^ Isaac,^ Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Penna., 
married James Pyott, and had five children : 

No. 2061. I. Eliza* Pyott, married David West, of Chigago, 


No. 2062. II. George * Pyott, married Anna Maris, of Dela- 
ware. They have one child. 

No. 2063. III. William « Pyott. 

No. 2064. IV. Laura* Pyott, married Henry Lawrence. They 

have two children. 

No. 2065. V. Phineas * Pyott, married Emma Lewis, of 

Berwyn, Chester County, Penna. 

No. 1346. Robert J. Paiste" (Elizabeth, « Sarah,^ Isaac, ^ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis'), of Paoh, Chester County, Penna., 
married, ist, Sallie Rhoads ; 2d, her sister, Jane Rhoads. He 
had eight children : 

No. 2066. I. Phineas* Paiste, died March, 1895. 
No. 2067. II. Howard * Paiste, died while a student at Swarth- 

more College. 

No. 2068. III. Sallie* Paiste, married Henry Steward. 

No. 2069. IV. Edwin * Paiste. 

No. 2070. V. Holland * Paiste. 

No. 2071. VI. Robert* Paiste. 

No. 2072. VII. Mary Emma* Paiste. 

No. 2073. VIII. Caroline* Paiste. 



No. 1347. George Pai.ste ^ ( IClizabeth/' Sarah,* Isaac/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ' ), iiian'ied Margaret Dempsery, of Frank- 
lin, Penna., and has two children : 

No. 2074. I. Walter '^ Paiste. 
No. 2075. II. Phineas '^ Paiste. 

No. 1349. Edward Paiste ^ (Elizabeth/' Sarah,' Isaac,' Jo- 
seph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis' ), of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, 
Penna., has been married four times. First, to Emma Mackey, 
by whom he had six children. His second wife was Anna Brook, 
who had two children. His third wife was Kate Harris, and his 
fourth wife was Mrs. Sallie Parrottet, of Columbia, Penna , by 
whom he has one child : 

No. 2076. I. Horace^ Paiste. 

No. 2077. II. Frederick « Paiste. 

No. 2078. III. Florence « Paiste. 

No. 2079. IV. Frank « Paiste. 

No. 2080. V. Edward * Paiste, twin with Frank, died. 

No. 2081. VI. Emma« Paiste. 

No. 2082. VII. Gertrude ^ Paiste. 

No. 2083. VIII. Brooks Paiste. 

No. 2084. IX. Edna « Paiste. 

No. 1354. Charles Paiste^ (Elizabeth,^ Sarah,'* Isaac,^ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, 
Penna., married Emma, daughter of John and Margaret Davis, 
of Delaware County. (See No. 070.) They reside in Norris- 
town, Penna., and have two children : 
No. 2085. I. John Davis '^ Paiste. 
No. 2086. II. Charles ^' Paiste. 


No. 1355. James L. Paiste^ (Elizabeth," Sarah/ Isaac/ 
Joseph,'^ Isaac/ Lewis ^), married Louetta Weaver, and has two 
children : 

No. 2087. I. Caroline E.^ Paiste. 
No. 2088. II. David W.^ Paiste. 

No. 1356. David Palste'' (Rebecca,® Sarah,^ Isaac,* Joseph/ 
Isaac,- Lewis'), of West Chester, Penna., married Rebecca 
Thomas, and has three children : 
No. 2089. I Sallie » Paiste. 
No. 2090. II. Henry ^ Paiste. 
No. 2091. III. James ^ Paiste. 

No. 1357. Eliza Paiste^ (Rebecca/ Sarah, ^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac, ^ Lewis '), married John Wetherill, of Chester, Penna. 
They had five children : 
No. 2092. I. Rebecca « Wetherill, died. 
No. 2093. II. Richard « Wetherill, died. 
No. 2094. III. James P.« Wetherill. 
No. 2095. IV. Sarah « Wetherill. 
No. 2096. V. Isaac ^ Wetherill, twin with Sarah. 

No. 1358. DiLLWYN Paiste'' (Rebecca,^ Sarah, ^ Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), married, and had nine children : 

No. 2097. I. Helen G.'^ Paiste. 

No. 2098. II. Rebecca R.« Paiste. 

No. 2099. III. James L.^ Paiste, died. 

No. 2100. IV. Howard « Paiste, died. 
No. 2101. V. Charles^ Paiste, died. 

No. 2102. VI. Elizabeth « Paiste. 

No. 2103. VII. Dillwyn« Paiste. 



No. 2104. VIII. Homer « Paiste. 
No. 2105. IX. L:iiza W.*^ Paiste. 

No. 1359. Annie J. Wetherill? (Rachel," Sarah,^ Isaac/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis '), of Kennctt Square, married Sharpless 
Walter, son of Townsend and Abii^ail (Mercer) Walter, of 
Chester County, Penna. They reside at Thornbur\', Chester 
County, Pcnna., and had four children : 

No. 2100. I. Mary« Walter. 

No. 2107. II. Emily « Walter. 

No. 2108. III. Abigail « Walter. 

No. 2109. IV. Bertha '^ Walter. 

No. 1360. Roberts Wetherill^ (Rachel," Sarah,-"* Lsaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), of Kennett Square, Chester County, 
Penna., married Annie (died), daughter of William Webb, of 
Parkerville, Penna. They had two children : 

No. 2110. I. Antoinette^ Wetherill. 
No. 2111. II. RacheP Wetherill. 

No. 1362. Emily Wetherill^ (Rachel," Sarah," Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), of Kennett Square, Chester Count}', 
Penna., married Benjamin Blakley, of Chester, Penna. They 
had four children : 

No. 2112. I. Lillie ^ Blakley, married Gardener Haws Richard- 
son, of New York. 
No. 2113. II. RacheP Blakley. 
No. 2114. III. Abram« Blakley, died. 
No. 2115. IV. William « Blakley, died. 

No. 1364. Elizabeth Baynes Walker^ (Thomas R.," 


Joseph,'^ Isaac,* Joseph,'^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Whitpain 
Township, Montgomery County, Penna., May 8th, 1844, mar- 
ried at her father's residence in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, July 5th, 1877, Joseph Heacock, son of Joseph and 
Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, of Chelten Hills, Montgomery 

Joseph Heacock is descended from Jonathan Heacock, who 
came from Staffordshire, England, to Chester, Penna., in 17 10. 
He married Ann, daughter of John Till, of Staffordshire, who 
was one of the early Quakers liberated from prison by Charles 
II., in 1676, where he, with many others, had languished for 
several years, their only offence being non-attendance at church. 
Jonathan and Ann (Till) Heacock had several children, one of 
whom, William, born 17 16, married Ann Roberts, of Bucks 
County, Penna. Their son, Jessie Heacock, born 1763, died 
1 84 1, married, i785,Tacy Thompson, and among other children 
had Joseph, born 1800, the father of Joseph Heacock. 

This Joseph married, 1824, Esther, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth (Johnson) Hallowell, of Abington. She was descended 
from John and Mary Hallowell (daughter of John Sharp), who 
. emigrated from Hucknow, Parish of Sutton, Nottinghamshire, 
England. They went first to Darby, their certificate of mem- 
bership to that meeting being dated 12th mo. 19th, 1682. Later 
they went to Abington, Montgomery County, Penna., where 
some of their descendants of the same name are still living. 
They had several children, of whom Thomas, of Darby, born 
1679, died 173 1, married at Darby, ist mo. 12th, 1701-2, Rosa- 
mond Till, of Philadelphia. They settled at Abington. Their 
son, William Hallowell, born 6th mo. ist, 1707, married, and 
had a son William, " yeoman," who married Margaret Tyson, 
"seamstress," daughter of Mathias Tyson, 8th mo. 29th, 1729. 
William and Margaret had Matthew, born 2d mo. 8th, 1733, 



who married, nth mo. 22d, 1753, at Horsham Meeting, Mar)', 
daughter of John Cadwaladcr. Matthew and Mary (Cadwalader) 
Hallowell had a son John, born 6th mo. iith, 1772, wlio mar- 
ried EHzabeth Johnson, and had Esther, who married Joseph 
Heacock, of Chelten Hills, Montgomery County, Penna. 

Elizabeth W., the wife of Joseph Heacock, has been a teacher 
since she was eighteen years old. She was Principal of the 
"Girls' Intermediate" at the Friends' School, at Fifteenth and 
Race Sts., some years before her marriage, since which time she, 
with the assistance of her sister-in-law, Annie Heacock, has 
established the " Chelten Hills School," a successful educational 
establishment in close proximity to their home. Joseph Heacock 
is a florist, who has achieved success in the cultivation of roses 
and other choice flowers. They have had six children : 
No. 2116. I. Fannie Walker^ Heacock, born 1878, died 1879. 
No. 2117. n. James Walker^ Heacock, born July T^d, 1879, 

height, 6 ft. 4 in. on his 17th birthday. 
No. 2118. HI. Esther « Heacock, born Dec. 3d, 1880. 
No. 2119. IV. Mary Baynes « Heacock, born 1882, died 1883. 
No. 2120. V. PriscillaWalker^Heacock, born July i6th,i885. 
No. 2121. VI. Edward Rockhill^ Heacock, born Aug. loih, 


No. 1365. Isaac Priestman Walker^ (Thomas R.,^ Joseph,' 
Isaac, ^ Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Whitpain Township, 
Montgomery County, Penna., took his middle name of Priest- 
man from his mother's family, to prevent confusion of names, 
as there Avere three Isaac Walkers at one time in the Valley. 
He married, Feb. 12th, 1873, i^lla M., daughter of Joseph and 
Mary Ann Eckman, of Columbia, Penna. 

Joseph Eckman, who some years before his death was Super- 
intendent of the St. Charles Furnace at Columbia, was descended 


from Joseph Eckman, who came to Lancaster County, and set- 
tled there before 171 8. He had five sons, — ^John Martin, Mel- 
choir, Jacob, Henr>', and Hieronymus. The latter married 
Barbara Slaymaker, and had: John, born 1750, died 1804; 
Barbara, Esther, Eva, Jacob, Hieronymus, and Magdalena. 
John, the eldest, married Catherine Fautz, who was born 1756, 
died 183 1. John was a captain in the American Army in 1776, 
and a member of the House of Representatives, Penna., in 1794. 
He had : Daniel, born 1776, died 1832, married Nancy Wood, 
who died aged 74 ; Elizabeth, John Martin, Jacob, Henr\% and 
Catherine. Daniel and Nancy (Wood) Eckman had John Slay- 
maker, died 1832 ; David, died 1883 ; Catherine, died 1893 ; 
Joseph, born Feb. 20th, 18 14, died March 14th, 1890; Daniel 
Washington, died 1878; Sarah, died 1890; May, died 1881 ; 
Martin Fautz ; James. 

Joseph, son of Daniel and Nancy Eckman, married Mary 
Ann Emereck, of Lancaster County, born Feb. iith, 18 19, died 
March 27th, 1896. He was at one time a member of the Penn- 
sylvania Legislature, and always took an active part in politics. 
For years previous to his removal to Columbia, he had had 
charge of the iron furnace at Port Kennedy, Penna. He was an 
estimable citizen. 

Isaac P. and Ella M. (Eckman) Walker lived at " Prospect 
Farm " until after his mother's death, when the place was sold. 
He then bought a farm at Merlin, Chester County, which he still 
owns. He has occupied a position at Girard College, Philadel- 
phia for several years. He was a volunteer in the 192 Regt. of 
Penna. Volunteers (see No. 764), also in the 42d Regt. of 
Militia, under Captain John Davis, in 1863, leaving school to 
enlist on both occasions. 

Isaac P. and Ella M. Walker had four children : 

No. 2122. I. Percy Eckman^ Walker, born 1874. 


No. 2123. II. Emily Eckman *^ Walker, born 1876, died March 

7th, 1879, o^ scarlet fever. 
No. 2124. III. Fanny Baynes^ Walker, born Dec. 5tli, 1882. 
No. 2125. IV. Thomas Robinson^ Walker, born 1883, died 


No. 13G6. James Baynes Walker^ (Thomas R.,'"' Joseph,'' 
Isaac,* Joseph,'' Isaac," Lewis '), of Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., born 1846, married, Oct. T^d, 1873, Martha M., 
daughter of James and Susan (Eastburn) Abraham, of Mont- 
gomery County, Penna. 

The Abraham family of Upper Mcrion Township, Montgomery 
County, Penna., are descended from James and Margaret (Davis) 
Abraham, who were among the early settlers of Pennsylvania. 
They took up a large tract of land on the Schuylkill River, 
which is still owned by their descendants. They had a son 
Isaac, born April 28th, 1717, who married Dinah Havard (born 
1722, circa). She died March 15th, 1782. (From Radnor 
Records : " Dinah Abraham, for marrying out, loth mo. loth, 
1752.") Their son James, born Jan. 6th, 175 1, married Han- 
nah, daughter of George and Catherine George. She was born 
P'eb. 17th, 1752. James and Hannah (George) Abraham had a 
son Joseph, born Dec. ^(}, 1788, who married Ann, born May 
15th, 1799, daughter of Benjamin Davis, of Providence. Joseph 
and Ann (Davis) Abraham had a son James, who married Susan 
Eastburn, and resides at the homestead at Upper Merion. 

Susan Eastburn's family came among the early settlers from 
Montgomeryshire, Wales. John and Susan, the first of the name 
in this country, had a son Benjamin, who had a son Samuel, 
whose son John married Miriam, and had a son Benjamin, who 
married Mary, daughter of John and Susan (Supplee) Richards. 
Their daughter Susan married James Abraham. 


The Abraham family were Baptists, Isaac Abraham being a 
ruling elder of the Great Valley Baptist Church in 1803. 

James Baynes Walker, after graduating at Friends' Central 
School in Philadelphia, was graduated in medicine at the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, 1872, in philosophy in University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1874. He was resident physician of Philadelphia Hos- 
pital, 1872-3, visiting physician from 1876 to 1893, professor of 
practice of medicine in the Women's Medical College, Penna., 
1879 to 1890, President of American Climatological Associa- 
tion, 1896, etc. He practises his profession in Philadelphia and 
its vicinity. Residence, 161 7 Green St., Philadelphia. 

James B. and Martha M. Walker had four children : 

No. 2126. I. Alice Mary ^ Walker, born Oct. 29th, 1876, died 

April 1st, 1878. 
No. 2127. n. Helen Duer' Walker, born Sept. 12th, 1879. 
No. 2128. HI. Mary Baynes^ Walker, born Jan. 8th, 1881. 
No. 2129. IV. James Abraham^ Walker, born Dec. 4th, 1885. 

No. 1372. Ellex Davis Walker'' (Moses,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ 
Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis ^), born in Upper Merion, Montgomery 
County, Penna., married, 1877, at her mother's residence, William 
Ramsey, of the same place. 

William Ramsey is descended, on his mother's, side from 
John Street, who came from England, on a visit, and, arriving at 
Philadelphia, was so much pleased with the country that he 
decided to remain. ' He married Lydia Howe. His daughter 
Jane married, Feb. i6th, 1789, at the 3d Presbyterian Church, 
Philadelphia, George Tyrrel, who came to Philadelphia from 
Boston, and engaged in the business of nail making. He finally 
bought a large tract of land, in Pennsyh^ania, near the Delaware 
and Maryland lines, where he resided until his death. George 
and Jane (Street) Tyrrel, or Terrell, had a son John, who 



married Myra Gilbert, of Roxborough, Penna. They had nine 
children, one of whom, Sarah, married Samuel Ramsey. Their 
son William Ramsey married Ellen D. Walker. William and 
Ellen D. (Walker) Ramsey live at the homestead w itli the widow 
of Moses Walker. They had four children : 

No. 2130. I. Joseph Davis ^ Ram.sey, born 1878. 

No. 2131. II. Sarah « Ramsey, born 1880, died 1881. 

No. 2132. III. Harold' Ramsey, born 1882. 

No. 2133. IV. Charles Dana* Ramsey, born 1885. 

No. 1382. Jesse Wager Walker ^ (Havard," Hananiah,^ 
Isaac,' ■ Joseph;'' Isaac," Lewis '), born at "The Meadows," in 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., after graduating 
at Friends' Central School, and the Polytechnic School of Phila- 
delphia, went to Pittsburg, Penna., where he was given a position 
in the Keystone Bridge Building Co. In course of time he 
inaugurated the Shifflee Bridge Building Co., of which he is the 
head. He resides at Pittsburg, where, in 1872, he married 
Isabella Meeker. They had four children : 

No. 2134. I. Annie' Walker. 

No. 2135. II. Alberta' Walker, twin with Annie, died. 

No. 2136. III. Roland' Walker, died. 

No. 2137. IV. Havard ' Walker, died. 

No. 1384. William Potts Walker ? (Havard,® Hananiah,-^ 
Isaac,-* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis '), born at " The Meadows," ii. 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., married, October 
1 8th, 1870, Fanny, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Wetherald) 
Baynes, of Baltimore, Md. (See No. 669.) They lived at " The 
Meadows," where he died, 1880, of consumption, leaving two 
children : 


No. 2138. I. Miriam Kempster* Walker, born Feb. 29th, 

1872, died March 30th, 1889, of typhoid 
fever, at Philadelphia. 

No. 2130. II. Walter Havard » Walker, born 1878. 

No. 1386. Ella Virginia Walker" (David, "^ Hananiah,^ 
Isaac, ^ Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County. Penna., married, at her father's house, Oct. 19th, 
1875, Edward Bright Conard, son of Joseph and Eliza (Bright) 
Conard, of Port Kennedy, Montgomery County. 

Edward B. Conard is grandson of Dennis Conard, who \\-as 
descended from Tennis Konnard, one of the early settlers oi 
Germantown, Penna., who came to America with Daniel Pastorius. 
The first religious meeting of the Germantown Quakers was held 
at the house of Tennis Konnard, 1683. 

From The Friend: " Dennis Conard, or Cunard, as the name 
was often spelled in early times, was born at Cresheim, in Ger- 
many, where he was convinced of the principles of truth by 
William Ames, in or about the year 1657. He came among the 
first Germans to Pennsylvania, and settled at Germantown, where 
the first meetings for worship of Friends were held at his house. 
He was esteemed in religious society and often employed in its 
affairs. ' He was,' says T. Chalkley, ' a man of an inoffensive 
life, much given to hospitality, and left a good report behind 
him. He lived to a great age, dying about the close of the 9th 
mo., 1729. The meeting held at the time of his death was large, 
many of the early settlers of that part of Pennsylvania attending 
it.' " 

In the " Pennsylvania Archives," 2d series, Volume XIX, 
we read that " Dennis Konders, of Germantown, Dyer, having in 
a petition to the Proprietor, dated, 15 of 8br, 1 701, exhibited that 
he, having purchased 500 Acres, had taken up but 225, and begs 



that the remainder be granted out of the over-plus adjoining 
Germantown, or of the Manor of Springfield." It was granted 
out of the Germantown property. (See also Gordon's " History 
of Pennsylvania.") 

Edward B. Conard inherited the farm, called " Green Rank," 
near Port Kennedy, Penna., from his father, where he resides. 
He enlisted as a private, in Co. I, 129th Regiment Penns)-lvania 
Volunteers, early in the Civil War, foui^ht in many battles, and 
came home, honorably discharged, without a scratch. P'dward 
B. and Ella V. (Walker) Conard had three children : 

No. 2140. I. Winfield Walker « Conard, born Nov. nth, 

1876. Graduated, with honors, at F. C. 
School, Philadelphia. i\t present a student 
in University of Pennsylvania. 

No. 2141. II. Eliza Cowgill * Conrad, born Dec. glh, 1879. 

No. 2142. III. Juanita^ Conrad, born Nov. 23d, 1881, died 

Nov. 23d, 1892. 

No. 1389. Martha Wood Richards^ (Mary Ann," Hanan- 
iah,^ Isaac,'' Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, Penna., 
married, 1875, Isaac Walker Richards, son of Isaac W. Richards. 
(See No. 1480.) 

No. 1395. Chalkley Wood Richards^ (Mary Ann," Han- 
naniah,^ Isaac,' Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, 
Penna., married Ida Mullin, of Montgomery County, Penna. 
Resides at Norristown, Penna. Thc}- ha\c three children : 

No. 2143. I. Eleanor A.« Richards. 
No. 2144. II. C. Havard^ Richards. 
No. 2145. III. Marian « Richards. 

No. 1399, Joseph Roberts Williams " (Sarah,'"' Mar}',"' I.saac,* 



Joseph,'' Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Chester County, Penna., married 
Jane, daughter of Lewis Kunkle. They both died early in life, 
leaving three daughters : 
No. 2146. I. Mary^ Williams. 
No. 2147. IL Caroline*^ Williams. 

No. 2148. III. Sarah ^ Williams, married Maurice Kulp. One 

child, Retta Kulp.^ 

No. 1400. Mary Jane Williams^ (Sarah,'' Mary,^ Isaac,* 
Joseph,'' Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Chester County, Penna., married 
William John. They reside near the Yellow Springs, Chester 
County, Penna., and have six children : 
No. 2149. I. Preston^ John. 
No. 2150. II. Harvey^ John. 
No. 2151. III. Davis « John. 
No. 2152. IV. Vining« John. 
No. 2153. V. Frank « John. 
No. 2154. VI. Lillian '* John. 

No. 1401. David Williams^ (Sarah," Mary.^ Isaac,* Joseph,'' 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), of Chester County, Penna., married Sallie, the 
daughter of Harmon Pennypacker. and has two children : 

No. 2155. I. Millie « Williams. 

No. 2156. II. Emma^ Williams, married Frank Showalter. 

No. 1402. Sarah Williams^ (Sarah,*' Mary,Msaac,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis'), of Chester County, Penna., married Everett 
Anderson, a descendant of Captain Patrick Anderson, of Charles- 
town Township. (See "Anderson and Pennypacker Pedigree," 
also Cope and Futhey's " History of Chester County.") They 
reside in Charlestown Township, and have one daughter : 
No. 2157. I. Mary ^ Anderson. 



No. 1403. Benjamin Fr.anklin Williams' (Sarah,^ Mary/ 
Isaac/ Joseph,^ Isaac/ Lewis '), of Chester County, Pcnna., mar- 
ried Josephine, daughter of William M. and Hannah (Hall) 
Stephens. (See No. 267.) B. F. Williams was a volunteer in a 
Pennsylvania Regiment during the Civil War, serving until its 
close. He has a farm, and is engaged in other occupations in 
Schuylkill Township, where he resides not far from his birth- 
place. They have one son : 

No. 2158. I. Howard ^' Williams. 

No. 1404. Walker Williams' (Sarah/ Mar)%* Isaac,* 
Joseph,'' Isaac,^ Lewis '), of Schuylkill Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Susan, daughter of William M. and 
Hannah (Hall) Stephens. (See No. 267.) They reside at the 
Williams homestead, and have two children : 

No. 2159. I. Lila 8 Williams. 
No. 2160. II. John « Williams. 

No. 1405. William K. Williams' (Sarah/ Mary.-' Isaac.* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis *), born in Schuylkill Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Millie, daughter of Dr. Wright, of 
Philadelphia. He was graduated at the Hahnemann Medical 
College of Philadelphia, and practises his profession in that cit>'. 
They have one daughter : 

No. 2161. I. Millie May « Williams. 

No. 1406. Henrietta Williams' (Sarah/ Mary,* Isaac,* 
Joseph,'^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Schuylkill Towiiship, Chester 
County, Penna., married John Kinsey, of Bridgeport, Pcnna. 
They have one child : 
No. 2162. I. William Howard*^ Kinsey. 


No. 1408. Isaac V/alker Roberts ' (William,^ Mary,^ Isaac/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,' Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Annie Daniels, of Delaware Count}-, 

Isaac W. Roberts was in the 42d Regt. of Militia, in the 
summer of 1863, with Captain John Davis, and in the I92d 
Regt., Penna. "Volunteers, in the following year. (See No. 764.) 
He died of consumption, Sept. 30th, 1875. His wife sunaved 
him a few years. They had two sons : 
No. 2163. I. Allen ^' Roberts, died 1888. 

No. 2104. II. Isaac Burton^ Roberts, married, June 4th, 1895, 

Bessie, daughter of Malicha W. and Eliza- 
beth M. Sloan, of Delaware County, Penna. 

No. 1409. Mary Emily Roberts ' (William," Mary,Msaac,-' 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in TredyftVin Township, Cliester 
County, Penna., married Isaac Walker, son of Isaac and Eliza- 
beth (Beidler) Walker. (See No. 737.) 

No. 1410. David Havard Roberts' (William,^ Mary,' 
Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married Margaret Rodney, of Philadel- 
phia. He died Feb. ist, 1885, at his home in Norristown, 
Penna. His widow is a teacher at the Girls' Normal School, at 
Philadelphia. They had one son, at present a student at the 
University of Pennsylvania : 

No. 21 Go. I. Norman* Roberts. 

No. 1411. William H. Roberts' (William,^ Mar}-,'' Isaac,' 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Kate, daughter of Russell Errett, of 


Alleghany County, Pcnna. They reside near Pittsburg, Pcnna., 

and have three children : 

No. 2166. I. Emily May ^ Roberts, born 3d mo. 9th, 1882. 
No. 2167. II. Annie 8 Roberts, born 5th mo. 6th, 1885. 
No. 2168. III. Havard ^ Roberts, bom 9th mo. 4th, i89.->. 

No. 1413. George Roberts^ (William," Mary,-*^ Isaac,' 
Joseph,'' Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyrfrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Jannet, daughter of Hugh and Rebecca 
Maclnnes, of Bridgeport, Penna. They have one child : 
No. 2169. I. Rebecca** Roberts. 

No. 1414. Charles Joseph Roberts ^ (William,^ Mary,'* 
Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis '), born in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married Mary, daughter of Dr. Ricka- 
baugh, of Chester County. Charles J. Roberts was graduated 
in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and practises his 
profession in Chester County, Penna. They had two children : 

No. 2170. I. Allen** Roberts, born 1887, died 1889. 
No. 2171. II. Charles « Roberts. 

No. 1416. Susan Havard Roberts ^ (William," Mary,' Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis *), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married, 1887, Elliott Thomas, son of P21wood 
and Annie (Lightfoot) Thomas, of Montgomery County, Penna. 
They reside in Philadelphia, and have five children : 
No. 2172. I. Pauline Lewis'* Thomas, born 3d mo. nth, 

No. 2173. II. Clarence Elwood ^ Thomas, born 8th mo. Sth. 

No. 2174. III. William Roberts » Thomas, born 2d mo. 23d, 



No. 2175. IV. Herberts Thomas, bom nth mo. ist, 1892. 
No. 217G. V. Frank* Thomas, born 5th mo. 6th, 1894. 

No. 1417. Cornelia Roberts" (Lewis,^ Mary ,5 Isaac,* 
Joseph,-'' Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Uriah Ulman, and had three 
children : 

No. 2177. I. Lewis^Uhnan. 
No. 2178. II. Clayton « Ulman. 
No. 2179. III. Joseph 8 Ulman. 

No. 1419. Rachel Roberts '' (Lewis,^ Mary,^ Isaac,* Joseph,* 
Isaac," Lewis ^), married Preston Rhoades, and had four children : 
No. 2180. I. Frank « Rhoades. 
No. 2181. II. Burt 8 Rhoades. 
No. 2182. III. Warren 8 Rhoades. 
No. 2183. IV. Kate« Rhoades. 

No. 1422. David Roberts ^ (Lewis,^ Mary,5 Isaac,* Joseph,^ 

Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Martha , and had two children : 

No. 2184. I. Mary Emily « Roberts. 
No. 2185. II. George « Roberts. 

No. 1430. Isaac Walker Richards " (Isaac W.,« Jane,-** 
Isaac,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), married, 1875, Martha Wood, 
daughter of William W. and Mary Ann (Walker) Richards, of 
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna. (No. 1389.) 
They reside in Norristown, Penna., and have one child : 
No. 2186. I. Helens Richards, born June ist, 1880. 

No. 1432. Adelaide Richards^ (Isaac W.,® Jane,' Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), married Ransom G. W. Denison, of 
New York. They had five children : 


No. 2187. I. Ellen 8 Denison. 

No. 2188. II. Lester 8 Denison. 

No. 2189. III. Edith 8 Denison. 

No. 2190. IV. EtheP Denison, twin with Tvlith. 

No. 2191. V. Eredcrick^ Denison. 

No. 1433. Emma Richards^ (Isaac W.,^ Jane," Isaac, ^Joseph,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married John Sherman, of l^urlington, Vermont, 
and had one child : 
No. 2192. I. John Sherman. 

No. 1435. William Richards^ (Isaac W.,* Jane,'' Isaac, ^ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), married Annie Sprint^man, of Philadel- 
phia, and had one child : 
No. 2193. I. Herberts Richards. 

No. 1436. Benjamin Richards^ (Isaac W.,^ Jane,-^ Isaac, ^ 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Edith Chace, of Newport, 
Rhode Island, and had one child : 
No. 2194. I. Edith 8 Richards. 

No. 1439. William Richards^ (Samuel,*' Jane,'' Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Plymouth Township, Montgomery 
County, Penna., married, Nov. 23d, 1876, Jane Cleaver, and had 
six children : 

No. 2195. I. John R.» Richards. 
No. 2196. II. J. Cleaver'* Richards. 
No. 2197. III. Samuel S.» Richards. 
No. 2198. IV. Elizabeth J.^ Richards. 
No. 2199. V. Jane « Richards. 
No. 2200. VI. Helen » Richards, died. 


No. 1441. Walter Jenkins^ (Kate,^ Jane,^ Isaac/ Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Gwynedd, Montgomery County, Penna., 
married Hettie Lukens, and had three children : 

No. 2201. I. Sarahs Jenkins. 
No. 2202. II. William J.^ Jenkins. 
No. 2203. III. Horace s Jenkins. 

No. 1444. Laura HALLOWELL"(Caleb,^Jane,^ Isaac,* Joseph,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, 
Penna., married John C. Martin, and had three children: 

No. 2204. I. Ella E.« Martin. 

No. 2205. II. Esther Hallowell ^ Martin. 

No. 2206. III. Anna Y.^ Martin. 

No. 1446. Elizabeth Hallowell" (Caleb,^ Jane,^ Isaac,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Plymouth Township, Montgomery 
County, Penna., married Joseph R. Taggart, of Upper Merion, 
Montgomery County, Penna., and had one child : 

No. 2207. I. P:sther E.^ Taggart. 

No. 1447. Joseph M. Wells^ (Priscilla W.,'' Sarah,' Priscilla,"' 
Joseph,^ Isaac," Levris ^), born Feb. 23d, 1830, married, Dec. 
25th, 1856, Marv (Ridley) Bonsall. Residence, Concordville, 
Delaware County, Penna. They had seven children : 

No. 2208. I. William B.« Wells. 

No. 2209. II. Emily » Wells, died. 

No. 2210. III. Mark P.« Wells. 

No. 2211. IV. Caleb B.s Wells. 

No. 2212. V. Joseph M. Sherman » Wells. 

No. 2213. VL John « Wells. 

No. 2214. VII. Charles P.« Wells. 



No. 1467. William Henry Walker ^(T. Ivins.« Richard C.,' 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Tredyffrin Townsiiip, 
Chester County, Penna., married Charlotte, daughter of William 
and Hannah (Walker) Weber, of Montgomer>' County, Penna. 
(No. 15S1). William H. Walker was a teacher at Friends* Cen- 
tral School, at Philadelphia, for a number of years. He with 
his family occupy the homestead, known as the " Wayne Head- 
quarters " farm, which he inherited, he being the fifth genera- 
tion of his name to possess it. The house in which his children 
were bom was built by their great-great-great-grand-father, on 
both their father's and mother's side. There are two children : 

No. 2215. . I. Isabelle « Walker. 
No. 2216. H. WiUiam MValker. 

No. 1468. Ivixs C. Walker- (T. Ivins,' Richard C..' 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis '), of Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married Mary R., daughter of Elwood 
and Annie (Lightfoot) Thomas, of Montgomery County, Penna. 
They reside in Norristown, Penna., and have two children : 

No. 2217. I. Annabelle ^ Walker. 

No. 2218. n. Harry Thomas » Walker, born August, 1895. 

Xo. 1471. Altamoxta VoGDES 7 (Mary,^ Richard,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, married Mr. 
Packer, and had one son : 
Xo. 2219. I. William Vogdes » Packer. 

No. 1472. [Margaret Vogdes ^ (Mary,^ Richard C..^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, married 
Frederick Myers, and has three children : 
Xo. 2220. I. Frederick A.* Myers. 


No. 2221. II. Elsie ^' Myers. 
No. 2222. III. Reynolds^ Myers. 

Xo. 14S2. CoLKET Walker" (Thomas U.,' William,^ 
Thomas/ Joseph/ Isaac/ LeAvis ^ ), bom in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., Oct. 15th, 1847, married, April 22d, 
1874, ^IsLV}', daughter of ^vlar}^ (Wilson) Jones, and grand- 
daughter of David and Eliza (Siter) Wilson, of Tredyffrin. They 
reside at the homestead, "Willow Grove Spring," and have two 
children : 

No. 2223. I. Frank Jones* Walker, born Dec. i6th, 1875. 
No. 2224. II. Mar>' Jones » Walker. 

No. 1483. Clara Vogdes Walker" (Thomas U.,^ William,^ 
Thomas/ Joseph,^ Isaac.- Lewis'), born at "Willow Grove 
Spring," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Penna., Oct. 
31 St. 1849, married, Dec. 30th, 1873, at her father's residence, 
Nathan Rambo. of Swedeland, Montgomer>^ Count>% Penna., a 
descendant of the Swedish family of that name, which settled 
near Norristown, Penna., before the arrival of William Penn. 
They reside at Bridgeport, Penna., and had two children : 
No. 2225. I. Harn.- Walker' Rambo, born Feb. loth, 1875. 
No. 2226. II. }vlerrit~ Rambo, born April nth, 1879, died 

Aug. 14th, 1879. 

No. 1484. Harry Ste.\rns Walker ' (Thomas U./ William,^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Isaac.- Lewis ^), bom at "Willow Grove 
Spring," Tredyffrin Township, Chester Count\-, Penna., Jan. 23d, 
1853, married, Jan. 13th, 1880, Ada B. Stewart, of Norristown, 
Penna., and had two children : 

No. 2227. I. Eleanor Edwards * Walker, born July 14th, 1881. 
No. 2228. II. Aubr}^ * Walker, died in infancy. 


No. 1485. Eleanor Massey Walker^ (Thoma.s U.,' 
William,^ Thomas/ Joseph,-^ Isaac,- Lewis '), born at " Willow 
Grove Spring," Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, I'cnna., 
Aug. nth, 1858, married, Feb. 2d, 1882, at her father's 
dence, Comley Williams, son of Thomas Williams, of Abington, 
Montgomery Count}% Penna. The\' reside near the King ot 
Prussia, Montgomery County, and have six children : 
No. 2229. I. Elizabeth « Williams. 
No. 2230. II. Clara « Williams. 
No. 2231. III. Thomas « Williams. 
No. 2232. IV. Frank ^ Williams. 
No. 2233. V. Eleanor'^ Williams. 
No. 2234. VI. Arthur McFarland ' Williams. 

No. 1487. William Walker Colket ' (Marj'," William,'* 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married, 
Nov. 19th, 1863, Jane, daughter of Solomon Hoxsie, of Phila- 
delphia. They reside at Strafford, Chester County, and at Phila- 
delphia. They had eight children : 

No. 2235. I. Hoxsie^ Colket, born 1864, died Feb. 17th, 188 i. 
No. 2236. II. Mary Eunice^ Colket, born 1865, died 1867. 
No. 2237. III. William C Colket, born 1866, died 1882. 
No. 2238. IV. Herbert s Colket, born 1867, died 1868. 
No. 2239. V. Edward Burton « Colket, born Jan. loth, 1873. 
No. 2240. VI. James Hamilton^ Colket, born Sept. 27th, 1874. 
No. 2241. VII. Meredith Bright '^ Colket, born Nov. 19th, 1878. 
No. 2242.VIII. Percival Curiie « Colket, born June 20th, 1882. 

No. 1488. George Hamilton Colket^ (Mary,*' William,' 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married, 
Nov. 20th, 1867, Rebecca Brooke, daughter of William B. and 


Emily H. (Holstien) Thomas, of Philadelphia (No. 1625). They 
reside in Philadelphia, and have four children : 

No. 2243. I. Emily T.® Colket, married Harrison Koons Caner. 

No. 2244. II. Mary P.^ Colket. 

No. 2245. III. Tristram Coffin » Colket. 

No. 2246. IV. George Hamilton » Colket. 

No. 1489. Mary Jane Colket'' (Mary, ^ William,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married, March 
2 1st, 1863, Col. Joseph Crain Audenried, U. S. Army. Col. 
Audenried was one of General Sherman's Staff Officers, and saw 
much service during the Civil War. After the war, he accom- 
panied the General on his voyage to Egypt. He was much in- 
terested in genealogy, and I am indebted to him for some of the 
material inserted in these pages. He and his wife occupied a 
prominent position in Washington society. He died June 3d, 
1880, and was buried at West Point. His widow resides in 
Washington, D. C. They had one child : 

No. 2247. I. Florence '^ Audenried, married the Count de la 

Forest Divonne, of France. 

No. 1490. Annah Bush Colket ^ (Mary,^ William,' Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married, ist, 
Edward Crosswell Gallup, who died May nth, 1883. She mar- 
ried, 2d, Holstien De Haven, son of Hugh and Mar>' (Cleaver) 
De Haven (No. 1630). They reside in Philadelphia and at 
"Alderbrook," near the King of Prussia, Montgomery County, 
Penna. Edward C. and Annah B. (Colket) Gallup had two 
children : 

No. 2248. I. Mary » Gallup, married Charles Fox. 
No. 2249. II. Edwina " Gallup, died in infancy. 


No. 1492. Ida Colket '^ (Mary,« William," Thomas/ Joseph,' 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married, Nov. 9th, 1882, 
Howard Barclay French, of Philadelphia. They had two chil- 
dren : 

No. 2250. 1. Coffin Colket^ French, died in infancy. 

No. 225T II. Annah Colket^ French, born May 31st, 1886. 

No. 1494. Charles Howard Colket^ (Mary," William,* 
Thomas,'' Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, July 2d, 
1859, married, April 12th, 1887, Almira Little, daughter of 
Richard Peterson, of Philadelphia. Charles Howard Colket is 
much interested in genealogy, and has supplied me with valuable 
data for this work. He is also an experienced traveler, having 
been twice around the world, during which time he visited Aus- 
tralia, South America, Asia, and Europe. He resides at Phila- 
delphia. They have one child : 

No. 2252. I. Tristram Coffin « Colket, born May 31st, 1896. 

No. 1495. Mary Athalia Stearns^ (Margaret,*' William," 
Thomas/ Joseph,'^ Isaac/ Lewis '), born at Elizabeth, New Jersey, 
married, Feb. 8th, 1871, William Nisbet Olmstead, of New York. 
They had three children : 

No. 2253. I. Edward « 01m.stead, born Jan. 5th, 1872. 

No. 2254. II. Margaret Stearns''' Olmstead, born April 13th, 

No. 2255. III. Katherine Nisbet* Olmstead, born Jul}- ist, 1877. 

No. 1496. Anna Augusta Stearns^ (Margaret." William." 
Thomas,* Joseph,'^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born at P2Iizabeth, New 
Jersey, married, June 5th, 1872, Edwin Jacob Florence. They 
had seven children : 


No. 2256. I. Edwin Percival - Florence, born March i8th, 

1872, died March, 1873. 
No. 2257. II. Margaret Stearns ''^ Florence, twin with Edwin P., 

died March, 1873. 
No. 2258. III. Edith ^ Florence, born April 15th, 1874, died. 
No. 2259. IV. Edwin' Florence, born July 2d, 1875, died July 

2d, 1875. 
No. 2260. V. Emma Stearns* Florence, born March 20th, 1877. 
No. 2261. VI. Margaret Currie * Florence, born July I9th,i878. 
No. 2262. VII. Edwin ^ Florence, born Sept. 21st, 1879, died 

July 5th, 1880. 

No. 1500. George Herbert Pegram Stearns '' (Margaret,^ 
William,^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born at Elizabeth, 
New Jersey, married, June 8th, 1876, Mar\- Campbell Neilson, 
who died Nov. loth, 1893. They had one child: 

No. 2263. I. Sarah Neilson* Stearns, born July 17th, 1880. 

No. 1501. Matilda Stevens Stearns' (Margaret,^ William,* 
Thomas,'* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 
married, June 12th, 1878, George Barber Edwards, and had six 
children : 
No. 2264. I. Fannie 3 Edwards, born Jan. 15th, 1880, died 

Sept. 19th, 1 88 1. 
No. 2265. II. George Clinton ^ Edwards. 
No. 2266. III. Margaret Stearns * Edwards, born April 20th, 

No. 2267. IV. John Owen * Edwards. 
No. 2268. V. Matilda Boudinot * Edwards. 
No. 2269. VI. Renee^ Edwards. 



No. 1503. William Henry Pennypacker^ (Annie,* William,' 
Thomas/ Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born in Charlcstown Town- 
ship, Chester County, Penna., married, Dec. 2Sth, 1S71, Mary- 
Anna Wetherill, and has one child : 

No. 2270. I. Evelyn® Pennypacker, born Oct. 25th, 1872. 

No. 1504. Mathias Anderson Pennypacker^ (Annie,* 
William,'^ Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born in Charlcstown 
Township, Chester County, Penna., Jan. 19th, 185 1, died May 
19th, 1879, married, June 14th, 1876, P211a Jean Garrison. They 
had one child : 

No. 2271. I. Mathias Anderson ^ Pennypacker, born Feb. 2 ist, 


No. 1512. Sarah Pennypacker Wilson ^ (Emma, ^ William,-^ 
Thomas/ Joseph/ Isaac,^ Lewis'), of Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married, Jan. 29th, 1880, Joseph C. 
Crawford, of Conshohocken, Penna. They have four children : 

No. 2272. I. Emma Walker'' Crawford, born Nov. 29th. 1 881. 

No. 2273. II. Athalia L. T.^ Crawford. 

No. 2274. III. Winfield Wilson » Crawford. 

No. 2275. IV. Elizabeth Long » Crawford. 

No. 1514. David Wilson' (Emma," William,^ Thomas,'' 
Joseph,Msaac,^ Lewis '), of Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, 
Penna., married, 1883, Ruth Anna, daughter of William and 
Rebecca (Thomas) West, of the King of Prussia, Montgomery 
County, Penna. They reside at Bridgeport, Penna., and have five 
children : 

No. 2276. I. William West® Wilson, born March 17th, 1884. 
No. 2277. II. Emma Jane ^ Wilson, born Feb. i8th, 1886. 


No. 2278. III. Winfield Siter » Wilson, born July 22d, 1889. 
No. 2279. IV. Rebecca Thomas ^ Wilson, born May 7th, 1891. 
No. 2280. V. Elizabeth West« Wilson, born March 6th, 1895. 

No. 1515. Coffin Colket Wilson'' (Emma,'^ William,^ 
Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married Emily R., daughter of Jackson 
Anderson, of Bridgeport, Penna. They reside in Bridgeport, and 
have four children : 

No. 2281. I. Helen Anderson » Wilson. 
No. 2282. II. Coffin Colket^ Wilson. 
No. 2283. III. Winfield ^ Wilson. 
No. 2284. IV. Jackson Anderson ^ Wilson. 

No. 1518. Anna Broadess Walker' (Mathias P.,^ William,^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married, April 22d, 1880, James Arthur 
McFarland, of the Gulph, Montgomery County, Penna., and had 
three children : 

No. 2285. L Mary 8 McFarland, born May 23d, 1881. 
No. 2286. II. Eliza Walker » McFarland. , 
No. 2287. III. Emma ^ McFarland. 

No. 1528. Jacob Pennypacker Massey ^ (Rebecca,^ William,^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., married, 1886, Emma Mullin. They re- 
side at Frazer, Chester County, and have one child : 

No. 2288. I. Rebecca ^ Massey. 

No. 1530. Hannah Mary Beidler^ (Sarah,^ Hannah,^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Montgomery County, 


t *■ *• 


Penna., 4th mo. 30th, 1842, married, 187.1, Mordecai Davis, son 
of Joseph and Eleanor (Stephens) Davis. (See No. 267 and No. 
(570.) They reside at the Davis homestead in 'rredyffrin Town- 
ship, Chester County, and have one daughter : 

No. 2289. I. Ellen Stephens « Davis, born Aug. 28th, 1872. 

No. 1531. Annie Landes Beidler^ (Sarah," Hannah,' 
Thomas,^ Joseph,'' Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Montgomery County, 
Penna., 3d mo. 5th, 1844, married Cyrus Caley They reside in 
Upper Morion, Montgomery County, and had eight children : 

No. 2290. I.Harry Thomas^ Caley, born 12th mo. i illi, 

1867, died 1868. 
No. 2291. II. Sarah Lucy* Caley, hovn 5th mo. nth, 1868. 
No. 2292. III. Ella Beidler* Caley, born 12th mo. 14th, 1869, 

married William Z. Frederick. 
No. 2293. IV. Laura Massey « Caley, born 12th mo. 6th, 1873 
No. 2294. V. J. Oswald*^ Caley, born 4th mo. 4th, 1876. 
No. 2295. VI. Jonathan Richards'* Caley, born 3d mo. 8th, 

No. 2296. VII. David Ashmore ^ Caley, born 8th mo. 21st, 

No. 2297.VIII. Hannah Mary « Caley, born 5th mo. 4th, 1S83. 

No. 1532. Margaret Currie Beidler^ (Sarah,® Hannah,' 
Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lew^is ^), born in Montgomery County, 
Penna., ist mo. 4th, 1846, married Abraham Metz, and had 
three children : 

No. 2298. I. Sarah Eliza » Metz, born 5th mo. 13th, 1870. 
No. 2299. II. Thomas Overton » Metz, born 8th mo. i oth, 1 874. 
No. 2300. III. Frank Beidlcr » Metz, born 6th mo. 21st. 1876, 

died 1877. 


No. 1533. Stephen Leslie Beidler' (Sarah, "^ Hannah/ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Montgomer>- County, 
Penna.. 12th mo. 2d, 1848, married Emma Yarnell, and had 
three children : 

No. 230 L I. Elizabeth Yarnell * Beidler. 
No. 2302. II. Stephen Leslie » Beidler. 
No. 2303. III. William M.« Beidler. 

No. 1535. Ellen Priscilla Beidler' (Sarah/ Hannah/ 
Thomas,* Joseph,- Isaac," Lewis ^), bom in Montgomer)- County, 
Penna., 5th mo. 5th, 1853, married Jonathan D. Elliott, of Ches- 
ter County, and had seven children : 

No. 230-4. I. Alva Wayne s Elliott, born loth mo. 23d, 1879. 
No. 2305. II. Roland Arthur « Elliott, born loth mo. 23d, 

No. 2306. III. Fannie Louisa^ Elhott, born nth mo. 20th, 

No. 2307. IV. Edna Bell « Elliott, born 12th mo. 29th, 1886, 

died 1886. 
No. 2308. V. Norman Walker * Elliott, born 7th mo. 9th, 

No. 2309. VI. ^lary Ella^ ElHott, born istmo. 8th, 1890. 
No. 2310. VII. Paul Duer -' Elliott, born 12th mo. 8th, 1892, 

died 1893. 

No. 1536. Fannie Elizabeth Beidler " (Sarah, ^ Hannah,^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), born in Montgomer}^ County, 
Penna., iith mo. 6th, 1854, married Marine Thomas, and had 
one child : 
No. 2311. I. Joseph Davis ^ Thomas, born Oct. 27th, 1877. 



No. 1538. Sarah Louisa Beidlek^ (Sarah, "^ Hannah,* 
Thomas/ Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Montgomery County, 
Penna., 6th mo. 25th, 1857, "icTrriecl Jonathan Roberts, son of 
William B. and grand-son of Jonathan and Kliza Roberts, of 
"Red Hill," Montgomary County, Penna. (See No. 105.) 
They had five children : 

No. 2312. L Mary Davis ^ Roberts, born 2d mo. 12th, 1883. 
No. 2313. n. Edith May « Roberts, born ist mo. 2Hth, 1886, 
No. 2314. III. Walter Jonathan » Roberts, born i^l mo. 24th, 

No. 2315. IV. William B.^ Roberts, born 9th mo. 24th, 1893. 
No. 2316. V. Edward Holstien * Roberts, born i ith mo. 24th, 


No. 1539. Jacob Howard Beidler," (Sarah,'' Hannah,* 
Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Montgomery County, 
Penna., 3d mo. 20th, 1859, married R. Jane Shainline. They 
reside in Upper Merion, and have four children : 

No. 2317. I. Helen Anderson » Beidler, born 4th mo. 2d, 1888. 
No. 2318. II. Jonathan Warren^ Beidler, born 5th mo. 20th, 

No. 2319. HI. Ethel Jean^ Beidler, born ist mo. 22d, 1893. 
No. 2320. IV. Anna Landes ** Beidler, born 1 2th mo. 1 2th, 1894, 

No. 1542. Joanna Davis Stephens^ (William W.,* Hannah,' 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, Penna., March 19th, 1852, married, at her 
father's house in Philadelphia, 1875, Winfield Stephens, son ot 
William M. and Hannah (Hall) Stephens. (See No. 267.) They 
resided in Norristown, Penna., where Winfield Stephens died 
Nov. 15th, 1890. They had one son : 
No. 232 L I. William W.» Stephens, born Dec. 23d, 1876. 


No. 1545. Sallie B. Massey '' (Margaret,^ Hannah,^ Thomas/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born near Valley Forge, Penna., Sept. 
27th, 1849, married Roberts Buckwalter, of Phoenixville, Ches- 
ter County, Penna. They had three children : 

No. 2322. I. Laura Massey * Buckwalter. 
No. 2323. II. Mary« Buckwalter. 
No. 2324. III. Lela^ Buckwalter. 

No. 1546. L.\URA S. Massey'' (Margaret,^ Hannah,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis *), born near Valley Forge, Penna., Aug. 
26th, 185 1, married, at her father's residence, in Tredyffrin 
Township, Chester County, Dec. 20th, 1876, William H. Roberts 
(born July 3d, 1848), son of William B. and grand-son of Jona- 
than and Eliza Roberts, of " Red Hill," Montgomery County, 
Penna. (See No. 105.) Residence, Brjni Mawr, Penna. They 
had four children : 
No. 2325. I. Emma Dunwoodie^ Roberts, born Sept. 27th, 

No. 2326. II. Greta M.« Roberts, born Jan. 2d, 1879. 
No. 2327. III. Susan H.« Roberts, born June ist, 1881. 
No. 2328. IV. Anna E.s Roberts, born Dec. 12th, 1887. 

No. 1557. Athalia Walker ' (Charles,^ Joseph B.,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,' Lewis ^), born in Tredyffrin Township, Chester 
County, Penna., married Thomas Dobson, and has one child : 

No. 2329. I. Athalia^ Dobson. 

No. 1562. William Walker" (Jacob B.,6 Isaac,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), married Mary E., daughter of James C. 
Stephens, and has two children : 

No. 2330. I. J. Clayland » Walker. 
No. 2331. II. Thomas K.« Walker. 


No. 1563. Elizabeth B. Walker ^ (Jacob H./' Isaac,* 
Thomas/ Joseph/ Isaac/ Lewis'), married, Dec. 28tli, iS8i, 
J. Thomas Stevens, son of James C. and Frances E. Stevens, and 
has six children : 

No. 2332. I. John Frederick s Stevens. 

No. 2333. II. Hannah Elsie » Stevens. 

No. 2334. III. Frances Lillian ^ Stevens. 

No. 2335. IV. James Clayland ^ Stevens. 

No. 2336. V. Mary Kemble a Stevens. 

No. 2337. VI. Elizabeth Molony » Stevens. 

No. 1570. Henry Clay Kemble^ (Mary," Isaac,'' Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, married Jane 
Chan^bers, of Philadelphia. Residence, Glenside, Montt^omcry 
County, Penna. They have two children : 
No. 2338. I. William » Kemble. 
No. 2339. II. Florence 8 Kemble. 

No. 1571. Elizabeth Kemble^ (Mary," Isaac,'^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), born in Philadelphia, married George 
Yarrow, and resides in Philadelphia, and at Glenside, Penna. 
They had four children : 

No. 2340. I. Mary Kemble* Yarrow, born 1877, died. 
No. 2341. II. Harry 8 Yarrow. 
No. 2342. III. Kemble 8 Yarrow. 
No. 2343. IV. William Kemble « Yarrow. 

No. 1572. Isaac Walker Kemble ^ (Mary/ Isaac,'' Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, married Jane Sup- 
plee, of Philadelphia. They have three children : 
No. 2344. I. Elizabeth s Kemble. 


No. 2345. II. Frances 8 Kemble. 
No. 2346. III. Virginias Kemble. 

No. 1574. Charles Walker^ (Thomas P., ^ Isaac/ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Mar}% daughter of James Har- 
ley, and has one child : 

No. 2347. I. Imogene* Walker. 

No. 1575. Howard Walker'' (Thomas P./ Isaac, ^ Thomas/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis, ^), married Laura Dallman, and has three 
children : 

No. 2348. I. Emma ' Walker. 
No. 2349. II. Thomas « Walker. 
No. 2350. III. Harold 8 Walker. 

No. 1580. Harry Weber" (Hannah/ Isaac,^ Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis ^), born in Montgomery' County, Penna., 
married Mar)- Clover, and had five children : 

No. 2351. I. Charlotte 8 Weber. 
No. 2352. II. Mary 8 Weber. 

No. 2353. III. Helen « Weber. 

No. 2354. IV. Harrison » Weber. 
No. 2355. V. MarcTuerite ^ Weber. 


No. 1581. Charlotte Weber ^ (Hannah,^ Isaac,^ Thomas/ 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), born in Montgomery County, Penna., 
married William Henry Walker. (No. 1467.) 

No. 1583. WiNFiELD S. Weber" (Hannah,'' Isaac,' Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Lizzie, daughter of William E. 
Cuthbertson. He resides in Norristown, and has one child : 
No. 2356. I. William C Weber. 



No. 1584. MiNA Weijer^ (Hannah," Isaac/' Thomas,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Montgomery County, Pcnna., 
married Clayton Lamb. They had three children : 
No. 2357. I. Elizabeth W.« Lamb. 
No. 2358. n. Winfield S.^ Lamb. 
No. 2359. III. Hannah W.^ Lamb. 

No. 1620. Sarah H. Morris^ (Naomi,® Mary," Naomi,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married George Vau.x, of Philadelphia, 
and had three children : 

No. 2359^. I. Mary Morris s Vaux. 
No. 2359*^. II. George » Vaux. 
No. 2359r. III. William S.« Vaux. 

No. 1620^. Emma Morris^ (Naomi,^ Mary,' Naomi.* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married James T. Shinn, and has one 
child : 

No. 2359^. I. Anna Morris s Shinn. 

No. 1624. Anna Thomas^ (William B.," Rees,' Naomi,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), of Philadelphia, married Nathan Brooke, 
and has four children : 
No. 2360. I. William s Brooke. 
No. 2361. II. Ida« Brooke. 
No. 2362. III. H. Jones » Brooke. 
No. 2363. IV. Hunter^ Brooke. 

No. 1625. Rebecca Brooke Thomas^ (William B.."' Rees.* 
Naomi,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Philadelphia, married, Nov. 
20th, 1867, George Hamilton Colket (No. 1488.) 


No. 1627. Mary Thom.\s^ (William B.,6 Rees,= Naomi,* 
Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Philadelphia, married Hunter Brooke, 
and has two children : 
No. 2364. I. Helen » Brooke. 
No. 2365. n. Maries Brooke. 

No. 1633. Emma DeHaven^ (Mary," Jane,' Naomi,' Joseph,^ 
Isaac,- Lewis ^), of " Bellwood," Montgomery County, Penna., 
married at her father's residence, Dec. 8th, 1875, Frank D. 
Bright, of Pottstown. They reside in Philadelphia, and have two 
children : 
No. 2366. I. Mary DeHaven « Bright, a student at Br>'n Mawr 

No. 2367. H. Holstien DeHaven « Bright. 

No. 1672. Minnie Walker ^ (Asahel,*' Benjamin H.,' Abner,-* 
Benjamin,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Calvin McGregor. Resides 
at Alum Bank, Bedford County, Penna. 

No. 2368. I. Mildred^ McGregor, born 1889. 

No. 1745. Everett S. Sproul^ (Deborah," Mary,' Isaac,* 
Asahel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^\ born 1862, married Caroline Sporley, 
and has : 

No. 2369. I. Thomas Jay » Sproul. 

No. 1746. William C. Sproul" (Deborah," Mary,' Isaac,* 
Asahel,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Emma Roach, and has two 
children : 

No. 2370. I. Dorothy 8 Sproul. 
No. 2371. II. John » Sproul. 



No. 1872. George W. Cook^ (Hezckiah/' Walker/ Hannah/ 
Abel/ Isaac/ Lewis '), married Nannie Beitzel, and has : 
No. 2372. I. May » Cook. 
No. 2373. II. Ralph « Cook. 
No. 2374. III. Scott 8 Cook. 

No. 1874. Oliver Cook^ (Hezekiah/ Walker/ Hannah/ 
Abel/ Isaac/ Lewis ^), married Kate Wolf, and has : 
No. 2375. I. Roy s Cook. 
No. 2376. II. Walter s Cook. 
No. 2377. III. Raymond « Cook. 

No. 1875. John Cook" (Hezekiah/ Walker,"^ Hannah/ Abel/ 
Isaac/ Lewis ^), married Louisa Spahr, and has : 

No. 2378. I. Ruth » Cook. 

No. 1876. Margaret Cook^ (Hezekiah/ Walker,'' Hannah/ 
Abel/ Isaac/ Lewis ^), married Stewart Bitinger, and has : 

No. 2379. I. Edith s Bitinger. 
No. 2380. II. Roy« Bitinger. 

No. 1877. Emma Cook ^ (Hezekiah," Walker/ Hannah/ 
Abel/ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), married Benjamin Hoffman, and has : 
No. 2381. I. Norman Ray » Hoffman. 

No. 1893. Jacob Cook ^ (John W.,nValker/ Hannah,' Abel,'' 
Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), married Sadie Martin, and has : 
No. 2382. I. Theresa » Cook. 

No. 1896. Raymond Cook^ (John W.,MValker/ Hannah,* 

Abel,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), married Slothower, and has : 

No. 2383. L Vina » Cook. 


No. 1903. Araminta Cook^ (Walker,^ Walker,^ Hannah,* 
Abel,^ Isaac/ Lewis ^), married Philip Myers, and has : 
No. 2384. I. Edna 8 Myers. 
No. 2385. II. Mary ^ Myers. 
No. 2386. III. Elsies Myers. 

No. 1904. Clara Cook^ (Walker, HValker,^ Hannah/ Abel,^ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married John Bentz, and has : 

No. 2387. I. Milton » Bentz. 
No. 2388. II. Theresa « Bentz. 

No. 1906. Nora Cook" (Walker,^ Walker,^ Hannah,* Abel/ 
Isaac,^ Lewis ^), married Monroe Bentz, and has : 
No. 2389. I. Earl » Bentz. 

Cfjaptcr ISlftirntl). 


No. 2022. Alice Sellers Rhoads^ (Joseph R.,' James,* 
Naomi,^ Zillah/ Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis '), born March 23d, 1868, 
married, June 19th, 1890, Henr)' Ward Marston, and has two 
children : 

No. 2390. I. Mathew Randall'-' Marston, born I-'eb. 7th. 1892. 
No. 2391. II. Joseph Rhoads^ Marston, born Jan. 28th, 1893, 

died July 14th, 1894. 

No. 2051. Frank G. Hoopes^ (Edward," Sarah," Sarah,* 
Isaac, ^ Joseph,^ Isaac," Lewis '), of Baltimore, Md., married 
Willie L., daughter of William and Arabella L. Kennon, of Vir- 
ginia. They have one child : 

No. 2392. I. Gordon K.^ Hoopes. 

No. 2057. Walter Bancroft Tyler * (Sallie,^ Sarah,* 
Sarah,^ Isaac,^ Joseph,^ Isaac, ^ Lewis ^), of Baltimore, Md., mar- 
ried Ida Etheredge, daughter of Charles and Ellen (Etheredge) 
Fergusson, of Baltimore. Ellen (Etheredge) Fergusson was 
born in Mobile, Alabama. Walter B. and Ida Etheredge (Fer- 
gusson) Tyler have two children : 
No. 2393. I. Helen Marquis ^ Tyler. 
No. 2394. II. Virginia Etheredge" T)'ler. 

No. 2059. Walter Roberts Eastburn ^ (Emily," Matthew,* 


Sarah,'' Isaac/ Joseph/ Isaac," Lewis ^), of Philadelphia, married 

Clara , and has one child : 

No. 2395. I. Eleanor'-' Eastburn. 

No. 2243. Emily T. Colket ^ (George H.,^ Mar>^'' William,^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis '), born in Philadelphia, married, 
Oct 30th, 1890, Harrison Koons Caner. They reside in Phila- 
delphia, and have three children : 
No. 2396. I. Harrison Koons ^ Caner. 
No. 2397. II. George Colket^ Caner. 
No. 2398. III. William^ Caner, born Dec, 1895. 

No. 2247. Florence Audenried s (Mar>%^ Mary,^ William,^ 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), of Washington, D. C, mar- 
ried, Jan. 14th, 1 891, the Count de la Forest Divonne, of France. 
They reside in Paris, France, and have three children : 
No. 2399. I. Marguerite^ de la Forest Divonne. 
No. 2400. II. Andre ^ de la Forest Divonne. 
No. 2401. III. Rene^ de la Forest Divonne. 

No. 2248. Mary Gallup » (Annah," Mary,^ William,' 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Lewis ^), of Philadelphia, married 
Charles Fox. They reside in Philadelphia, and have two chil- 
dren : 

No. 2402. I. Charles^ Fox. 
No. 2403. II. Holstien De Haven ^ Fox, born Aug., 1895. 

No. 2292. Ella Beidler Caley ^ (Annie,^ Sarah," Hannah,' 
Thomas,* Joseph,^ Isaac,- Lewis ^), of Montgomery County, 
Penna., married William Z. Frederick, of Norristown, Penna., 
and has one child : 
No. 2404. I. Anna S.^ Frederick, born July 21st, 1892. 



Land Patent. 

Wm. Penn, true and absolute Proprietary and Governor in chief of 
the Provence of Pennsylvania and Territories thereunto belonging, To 
all to whom these Presents shall come sendeth Greeting Whereas my 
late Commissioners of Property by their warrent granted on the 4th 
day of August 1684, granted 300 acres of land to be laid out in this 
Provence to John Kinsey and whereas two hundred (200) being on 
right of the like quantity which the said Kinsey purchased of me at 
and under the yearly Quitrent of one penny sterling Money of old 
England for every acre scituate within the reputed bounds of tract of 
land commonly known by the name of the Welsh Tract, supposed to 
contain 300 acres, but upon a resurvey thereof made by virtue of a 
warrent from my commissioners bearing date the nth day of the 12th 
month last past was returned to be scituate as aforesaid. Beginning at 
a stake set at a corner of the land of David Powell thence extending 
by the said land E. N. E. 526 Perches to a second stake thence 
N. N. W. 164 Perches to a 3rd stake from thence by vacant land 
W. S. W. 526 Perches to a 4th stake from thence S. S. E. 164 Perches 
to the place of beginning containing 539 Acres. In pursuance of 
which said warrent there was surveyed to the said John Kinsey a certain 
parcel of land scituated within top. Know ye that in consideration of 
the sum of ^S4 sh. 10, current silver money of the Provence for the 
overplus in measure found in the said 300 A. of land by the resurvey 
from one penny per Acre to one silver English shilling per hundred 
the receipt of which said sums of ^,^54 sh. 10, and ^22 sh. 10, 
amounting together to /^6j, I hereby acknowledge I have given, 
granted, released and confirmed unto John Kinsey the 539 acres of 
land with all mines, minerals, quarries, woods, underwoods, timber, 
trees, meadows, marshes, swamps, cripples, savannahs, ways, water- 
courses, liberties, profits, commodities &c. (3 full and clear fifth parts 


of all Royal mines free from all deductions for digging and refining 
only excepted) and hereby reserv'ed and also for liberty and right to 
hawk hunt fish and fowl on and upon the hereby granted land for to 
have and to hold the said 539 Acres of land to the only purpose use 
and behoof of the said John Kinsey his heirs and assigns forever. To 
be holden of me my heirs and successors Proprietaries of Pennsylvania 
as of our Manor of Springetsbury in the said County in free and com- 
mon socage by fealty only yearly at Philadelphia from the date of first 
survey to me my heirs and successors at or upon the first day of the 
first month in every year forever one English shilling (silver) for 
every hundred acres and so proportionably or value thereof in coyn 
current to such persons as from time to time shall be appointed to 
receive the same. 

In witness whereof I have by virtue of my commission to my Pro- 
prietary Deputies for the said Province and Territories the 8th and 
20th day of October 1701 caused my great seal of the Province to be 
hereunto affixed. Witness Edward Shippen, Griffeth Owen, Thomas 
Story, James Logan my said deputies or any three of them at Phila- 
delphia the 6th and 20th day of October in the first year of the reign 
of our Sovereign Lady Queen Ann over England &c. and the 2 & 20th 
of my Government 1702. 

Reed, nth, 9th mo. 1702. 

Rolls Office in Patent Book A, vol. 2, Page 394. 



Sarah Walker's Release ok the Kstatk ok Hkr Husband, 

Isaac Walker. 

Sarah Walker, widow of Isaac Walker, releases her rights, dower 
&c, to Joseph Walker for ^50, of all that Messuage or 'i'encment, 
Plantation and two tracts of land whereon her late husl)and, Isaac 
Walker, died seized and intestate, lying in Tredyffrin Township, one, 
beginning at a corner Post dividing it from land late of James Davis 
and in a line of land, late of John Kinsey thence by a line of marked 
trees and the same land E. N. E., 288)4 Perches to a stake hard by a 
White Oak marked, thence S. S. E. by a line of trees marked 112 
Perches to a stake being a corner dividing it from the reputed land of 
the Widow Potts, thence by the said land W. S. W. 288^^ P. to 
another stake set in the ground being another corner of the land late 
of the said James Davis, thence by a line of marked trees N. N. W. 
112 P. to the place of beginning, containing 202 Acres. 

Another of the said pieces of land beginning at a stake at a corner 
of the first described place S. S. W. 112 P. to a stake, thence W. S. W. 
by land late of Griffith Jones, now of David John, g^y:^ Perches, to 
another stake in the line of the land of the late John Kinsey, now of 
William Correy [sic] and thence by the said Corry's land and partly 
by Daniel Walker's land E. N. E. 94)4 Perches to the place of begin- 
ning containing 66 Acres, be the same more or less, with the buildings, 
Rights, Apertenances &:c., whatsoever, unto Joseph Walker, his heirs 
&c., forever. 

The eight of December, 1758. 

Witnesses. her 

Joseph Tucker. Sarah -(- Walker 

Jonathan Roberts. mark 


Before Isaac Davis, Justice of Peace, 6th Jan. 1759. 

372 genealogy of the walker family. 

Release of Benjamin Walker. 

To all People to whom these Presents shall come, I, Benjamin 
Walker, of Willistown, in the County of Chester, Provence of "Penn- 
sylvania, Cooper, Son of Isaac Walker, Dec'd., late of Tredyffrin 
&c. &c. for the sum of p/^ioo, lawful money paid me by Joseph 
Walker, of Tredyffrin, Yeoman, &c. &c. all Rights &c. &zc. to that 
Plantation and Parcel of Land whereof my said father, Isaac Walker, 
died seized and Intestate, being in Tredyffrin, beginning at a stake in 
the line of William Currie, being a corner of other lands of said 
Joseph Walker, thence by said Currie' s, Daniel Walker's and William 
Godfrey's lane E. N. E. 383 P. to a stake hard by a White Oak, 
marked, thence S. E. by a line of trees marked, 112 P. to a stake 
being a corner dividing it from the land of Thomas Waters, thence by 
said Waters, Levy and Wm. Jones' land, W. S. W. 383 P. to a stake 
being another corner of Joseph Walker's land, thence N. N. W. 112 
P. by a line of marked trees dividing it from said land to the place of 
beginning, containing 268 Acres, with the buildings, improvements 
&c. &c. to Joseph Walker, his Heirs &c., forever, &c. &c. In wit- 
ness whereof I, the said Benjamin Walker, set my hand and seal, the 
24th day of December, 1764. 
Sealed & delivered in the Benjamin Walker. 

presence of us, ^ -n. 

Jerman Walker. f SEAIj^ 

Mary Walker. (A head of 

Queen Ann.) 
Isaac Davis, Justice of Peace, 
6th Oct. 1765. 

APPENDIX. ^-j-. 

Release of Asaiii:i, Walker. 

I, Asahel Walker, of 'rredyffrin, in the County of Chester, Prov- 
ence of Pennsylvania, Millwright, son of Isaac Walker, of the same 
place, &c. (Then follow words similar to the preceding Release, 
except that the " Wm. Currie " land is called " the \Vm. Currie land, 
now John Bieber.") 

Witnesses, Asahel Walker. 

Samson Davis. 
Benjamin Walker. 


Isaac Davis, Esq., 12th March, 1768. 

(A lion 

Release of Rachkl and Lewis Mokkis. 
To all People to whom these Presents shall come, &c. S^c. whereas 
Isaac Walker died Intestate, Rachel, one of the daughters of the said 
Isaac Walker, hath intermarried with Lewis Morris of Eastown, in 
the County of Chester, Provence of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, she, the 
said Rachel, being now of full age — Know ye that the said Lewis 
Morris and Rachel, his wife, in consideration of the sum of ^100, 
paid in hand by Joseph Walker of Tredyffrin aforesaid, Yeoman, have 
sold (S:c. all rights &c. to the Plantation &c. of the said Isaac Walker, 
bounded by lands of John Bieber, said Joseph Walker, Daniel Walker, 
Wm. Godfreys, Thomas Waters, thence by lands of Levy, Wm. Jone3 
and Jos. Walker. We, Lewis Morris and Rachel, his wife, have here- 
unto set our hands and seals the 5th February, 1770. 
Witnesses, Lewis Morris, 

Priscilla Stephens. Rachel Morris. 

Abijah Stephens. [Both seaL illegible.] 

Isaac Davis, Justice of Peace, 
8th March, 1770. 


(A head, with "George & Char- 
lotte " around it.) 

374 genealogy of the walker family. 

Release of Leah Walker. 
To all People to whom these Presents shall come, I, Leah Walker, 
of Tredyffrin, in Chester County, daughter of Isaac Walker, of the 
same place, Yeoman, have sold &c. unto Joseph Walker all right and 
title to the Plantation whereof my father, Isaac Walker, died pos- 
sessed . . , That land bounded by John Beaber, thence by said 
Beaber's, Jacob Walker and Wm. Dewes's land E. N. E. 383 P. to 
the Oak, S. S. W. 112 P. to a stake being a corner dividing it from 
land of Thomas Waters, thence by Waters, Levy and Griffith Jones' 
land W. S. W. 383 P. to a stake being another corner of Joseph 
Walker's land, thence bv a line of marked trees N. N. W. 112 P. to 
the place of beginning containing 268 Acres, with the buildings, 
&c. &c. (She releases all claim to this property on payment of 
^100.) The 13th May, 1776. 

Witnessed by Leah Walker. 

Lewis Morris. 

Rachel Morris. * SEAL 

[Looks like a ship.] 
Isaac Davis, Esq., loth June, 1776. 

Recorded in the office of Recording of Deeds, in the County of Ches- 
ter, 1 2th May, 1776. Pers Frazer, Recorder. 



1754. Old Map ok Josf.pii Land. 

(jMtid late of John Kinney, now Tf'm. Curri/.i 

E. N. E. 143 P. 












100 ACRES. 



I ^ 

VV. S. W. 143 P. 

Provincial Road. 

{Lnnd fnte of Gfijfith John.) 

Joseph Walker's land, which he had of his father, Isaac Walker, 

situate in Tredyffrin, in the County of Chester, in the Provence of 

Pennsylvania, begins at corner dividing it from land late of Griffith 

John, thence by a land of marked trees N. N. W. 112 P. to a corner 

dividing it from land late of J. Kinsey, later, Daniel Walker, now 

Wm. Curry, thence E. N. E. 143 P. to a corner post, thence by land 

of the said Isaac Walker S. S. E. 112 P. to another corner post. 

thence W. S. W. 143 P. to the place of beginning, containing 100 A., 

being the same that Lewis Walker bequeathed to his son, the said 

Isaac Walker. Surveyed, Dec. 19th, 1754. 

Francis Wayne. 



Journal kept by Isaac Richards from Valley Forge, Chester 
County, Penna., to Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chester Co. Penn., nth Mo., 2nd. 1824. Began our journey from 
the Valley Forge, Chester Co., Penn., to Buffalo, in the State of New 
York. Crossed the Schuylkill at Long Ford, passed the Trappe, and 
crossed Perkiomen at Mill and lodged at Gerhart's Tavern, where we 
were well entertained. Distance, 24 miles. 

3rd. Began our journey early this morning and crossed a branch of 
the Perkiomen, passed through Charlestown and Quakertown and 
crossed the Lehigh. Thence through Bethlehem, and lodged at Dris- 
hack's Tavern, five miles from Bethlehem ; poor entertainment, with a 
greasy landlady. Distance, 28 miles. 

4th. Proceeded on our journey early this morning, passed through 
New Town and Nazareth. Thence through Shawney Town and 
Jacobsburgh and crossed the Blue Mountains at Hellers. Jesse 
Roberts, Jacob W. Richards and myself climbed to the top where we 
had a fine prospect of the surrounding country and fired our pieces to 
the surrounding hills, but we were none the better for that as we had a 
walk of nine miles before we overtook the rest of our company. So 
much for our fun. We lodged at John Stom's tavern where we were a 
little Yankeed. Distance, 26 miles. 

5th. Started early this morning on our journey, but we had not 
proceeded above three miles when we were forced to put up on account 
of the rain. Stopped at Eddinger's Tavern, about eight o'clock. 
The rain having subsided we started about two o'clock, although we 
had several showers in the afternoon. We crossed the Pocano Moun- 
tains and barrens and lodged at Thomas' Tavern, in the edge of the 
Beech woods where we were well entertained. Distance, 12 miles. 

6th. Started early this morning, having to pass through the Beech 
woods, a distance of 12 miles, with but one house the whole distance, 



and a wild looking place it is for a person to pass through that has 
never travelled any before. We crossed the Lackawaxen and one of its 
branches and lodged at Swingle's Tavern, where we were well enter- 
tained. Distance, 27 miles. 

8th. We proceeded on our journey early this morning, eager to 
arrive at Uncle D. Richards (No. 65). We passed through the moun- 
tains, the County town of Susquehanna County, and arrived in the 
evening about seven o'clock, at Uncle D. Richards. Glad to get a 
little rest. Distance, 27 miles. 

9th. We stayed there and hunted, viewed the hills of the Susfjue- 
hanna County, but found nothing very enticing. The iith, alter 
refreshing ourselves with two days rest and replenishing our provisions, 
we pursued our journey over the hills of the Susquehanna County, 
about 12 miles when we crossed the line into the State of New V'ork. 
Crossed the North Branch of the Susquehanna at Oswego, a flourishing 
village, where we lodged at Manning's Inn. Well entertained. Dis- 
tance to-day, 20 miles. 

1 2th. Took an early start this morning over a middling level road, 
though the late rains had made it very heavy travelling. The land 
appears to be better than any we have seen since we crossed the Blue 
Mountains. White oak and chestnut oak begin to make their appear- 
ance in considerable quantities to-day, though we saw some few of 
them yesterday. Hemlock is beginning to disappear very fast, 
although it has been our constant companion for upwards of one hun- 
dred miles. The streams are clear on this side of the riv<;r, but on 
the other side they are dyed by the hemlock, through which they pass. 
Lodged at Smith's Inn, where we were well entertained. Distance, 
25 miles. 

13th. Started this morning, having a very rough road, it having 
froze very hard last night and being soft the day before, has made the 
road extremely rough. We passed through Ithaca, a flourishing village, 
at the head of Cayuga Lake. The land appears very fine in this place. 
The wood is principally sugar maple, beech, pine, the different kinds 
of oak, with some hickory. We had a fine sight of the lake after we 
had passed the town a mile or so. J. Roberts, J. Richards and I went 


down within a few miles of it when we discovered an immense number 
of wild ducks ; a fine shot, but we had no guns with us, and were 
forced to leave them behind, and march back, not well pleased that 
we had not an opportunity of discharging our pieces at them, at least 
once. We passed through Trumansville, and lodged at Thomas's 
Tavern. A Pennsylvanian from Philadelphia, good entertainment. 
Distance, 20 miles. 

14th. Started early this morning on our journey over a very rough 
road. Passed through a very fine, level country, apple and peach 
orchards appear to be numerous. A great deal of the former fruit is 
not yet gathered in. We passed through Farmersville and Ovid village 
but were forced to put up about three o'clock in the afternoon. We 
stopped at Depue's Inn, where we were well entertained. Distance, 
20 miles. 

15th. We took an early start this morning though it still continued 
to rain a little. The country is about the same character as that we 
passed through yesterday. We were forced to lay by from about 11 
o'clock this morning until 3 in the afternoon. We stopped at Hen- 
gan's Inn, a Dutch Yankee, for he Yankeed us. The rain having 
abated, we went on and lodged at Teel's Inn, on the shore of Seneca 
Lake, where we were well entertained. Distance, 13 miles. 

1 6th. We started this morning through the mud. Passed through 
Geneva, situated on the North-west side of Seneca Lake, near the out- 
let of the same. Then we passed Canandaigua Lake and thence along 
the shores of the same for about ^ of a mile. We passed through the 
town of tlie same name, a very flourishing place, two miles beyond 
that we lodged at Wilder' s Inn. Good entertainment. Distance, 
20 miles. 

17th. We took an early start this morning, and passed through 
East and West Bloomfield. The land is now becominsf more hillv the 
farther we advance. Plenty of mud to-day. Fruit is still plenty. 
We lodged at Osburn's Inn, in the village of Owen. Distance 20 

1 8th. Left our lodging early this morning, the mud having frozen 
last night made the roads very rough. We crossed the Genesee River, 



passed through Caledonia. I'he land is becoming more hilly with 
several veins of limestone running through it. We pxssed through 
La Roy, and lodged at Reynolds' Inn, where we were well entcrlaiucd. 
Distance 19 miles. 

19th. Took a middling early start this morning. The road is still 
getting worse the farther we proceed. We pa.ssed through Hatavia, a 
very flourishing place. The country is not so fertile as it has been. 
We lodged at Goffs tavern. Distance 17 miles. 

20th. Left lodgings early this morning and proceeded over a rough 
road. The mud still continues very deep. We arrived late in the 
evening at Williamsville, where we lodged. Distance 19 miles. 

2ist. Started this morning at sunrise, the road still about the same. 
Passed through Buffalo, a very flourishing village, situated on Buffalo 
Creek and Lake Erie. Crossed the Creek and lodged at the beach of 
Lake Erie, at Salisbury's Inn. Poor accommodations. Distance 14 

22nd. Proceeded this morning along the shore of Lake Erie the 
distance of 4 miles. Travelling on the beach is both difficult and 
tedious. The sand is so deep and loose that it fatigues our horses 
more than the mud. We lodged at Tubs Hollow at Hunt's Tavern. 
Distance, 14 miles. 

23rd. Started early this morning eager to arrive at our journey's 
end. The road is extremely bad in some places. We were up to the 
wagon bed in mud, with rain. We arrived at J. Taylor's about 3 
o'clock, P. M. on the 23rd of the nth Mo., 1824. Distance to-day, 
12 miles. 

After staying here five days and viewing the country, which we did 
not find so good as represented to us, we therefore resolved after travel- 
ling 400 miles to steer to some other point. We left Taylor's on the 
28th, for the State of Ohio. We crossed Clear Creek, thence through 
the Indian settlement. The land appears to be very fertile, great 
numbers of horses and cattle are feeding on the prairies. But few of 
the Indians attend to much farming. We crossed Cattaraugus Creek, 
and lodged at Howar's Tavern, where we were well entertained. Dis- 
tance, 14 miles. 


29th. This morning we proceeded on our journey through some 
fine country and some middling poor. We passed through Fredonia, 
lodged at Fox's Inn, where we were well entertained. Distance, 14 

30th. Started early this morning, passed through Westfield, crossed 
Chautauqua and lodged at Stetson's Inn. Distance, 14 miles. 

12th Mo., ist. Took a middling early start this morning. The 
road getting better, it not having rained since we left Taylor's. We 
lodged at Lyon's Tavern. Good fare. Distance 17 miles. 

2nd. Left our lodgings early this morning and passed through the 
town of Erie. Not a very populous place considering the time since 
it was laid out. We lodged at Huston's, a house of entertainment on 
the turnpike leading from Erie to Pittsburg. Well entertained. Dis- 
tance 14 miles. 

3rd. It being a rainy morning, we did not start until late. The 
road very muddy. We arrived in the evening at Waterford, where we 
put up at King's Tavern, and were well enteatained. Distance, 14 

4th. Started this morning early, crossed French Creek at the 
outlet of Labreuf Lake. Lodged at Keepler's place, nothing to brag 
of. Distance 14 miles. 

5 th. Started this morning early. The snow fell last night to the 
depth of about 2 inches. The road very bad, the day very cold, we 
traveled 8 miles, when we arrived at Meadville and put up at Hurst's 
Inn. In this place we tho't of putting up for the winter at least, but 
were not all agreed. We stayed here until the 7th, when we again 
turned out on the road. We arrived at Georgetown, put up at Dunn's 
tavern, good fare. Distance 15 miles. 

8th. Took an early start this morning, the day cold and the road 
very rough. We arrived at Mercer, the county town of Mercer 
County, where we put up at Herrington's Tavern. Not very good fare. 
Distance 15 miles. 

9th. Took an early start this morning, very cold ; we passed 
through some very poor looking country, for about ten miles and then 
it began to grow better. We lodged at Hunter's, a private house, 


Avhere we had to do the best we could, as he and his wife were rather 
" before the wind." Distance, 13 miles. 

loth. It being rainy this morning, we did not start until late. We 
arrived at New Castle, situated between the waters of the Neshanock 
and Chenango. Here we put up at Chenworth's Tavern. Distance, 
5 miles. 

nth. We stayed at New Castle until late in the afternoon, and got 
our horses shod. We then proceeded, crossing the Chenango and 
Mahoning. We arrived in the evening at Jacksonville and lodged at 
Schockey's Tavern. Distance, 5 miles. 

12th. Started early this morning, passed through Greensburg, 
situated in a poor, hilly country, and lodged at Robert Johnson's, a 
house of private entertainment ; middling fare. Distance, 15 miles. 

13th. Took an early start this morning, crossed the line between 
Pennsylvania and the State of Ohio. We crossed Little Beaver Creek 
and lodged in Fancette Town, at Fayette Tavern on the banks of the 
Ohio River. Distance, 15 miles. 

14th. Started early this morning and crossed Big Yellow Creek. 
Passed through Knoxville, and lodged at Jones's Tavern. Distance, 
17 miles. 

15th. Started early this morning, passing through Steubenville, a 
flourishing village situated on the banks of the Ohio. Here are a 
steam grist-mill, woolen and cotton factories, all of which do a great 
deal of business. We put up at the Widow Shaw's Ferry house, poor 
fare. Distance, 9 miles. 

1 6th. Proceeded on down the Ohio River, passed through Warren 
and lodged at Jacob Zeel's, a private house, where we stayed until the 
1 8th, it being rainy, and then started and arrived at Mt. Pleasant, in 
Jefferson County, State of Ohio, about 12 o'clock on the same day. 
Distance, 21 miles. 635 miles, — whole distance from A-^alley Forge. 
From Valley Forge to D. Richards, . . .169 miles. 

" D. Richards to I. Taylors, 226 " 

" I. Taylors to Meadville, no " 

" Meadville to Mt. Pleasant, 130 " 




The parties referred to in this journal consisted of Samuel Richards 
and his wife Ann W. Richards, and their seven children, with their 
nephew, Jesse Roberts, of Lower Merion Township, Montgomery 
County, Penna. Their names and ages at the time of the journey as 
follows, viz . : 

Samuel Richards, age 46. 

Ann Richards, age 46. 

Isaac Richards, age 21. 

Jesse Roberts, age 21. 

Jacob W. Richards, age 19. 

Beulah W. Richards, age 17. 

Mary P. Richards, age 15. 

Sarah Richards, age 13. 

Samuel Richards, age 10. 

Ann Walker Richards, age 4. 

They traveled with a four horse team loaded with their household 
goods, consisting of beds, bedding and personal clothing in trunks, 
chests, &c., and such cooking utensils as were necessary to cook the 
provisions on the journey, together with three shot guns, or smooth 
bore rifles. Our mother and Ann rode in the wagon on a seat fixed 
for them. The rest of the children had seats when they wanted to 
ride, but made most of the journey on foot. When the roads were 
good and walking could be dispensed with, the four boys would mount 
the horses and the rest take seats in the wagon and we could make 
time faster, but this was seldom the case. The writer was the youngest 
of the boys, and he has a very distinct recollection of the journey. 
Many times he felt tired and foot sore from the walking he had to do 
during the trip. It was fifty-five years, last December, when the jour- 
ney was closed, and all the parties comprising the company have gone 
to their long home except the two last mentioned in the above list. 

(Written by Samuel Richards, of fronton, Ohio, with a copy of his 
brother's journal, and sent to his niece, Jennie Evans, of Mt. 
Pleasant, Ohio, February, 1880.) 



Letter of Resignation of Rev. William Cukkie, from the 
Records of St. David's Church, Radnor. 

Ma}' 1 6th, 1776. 
The Wardens ami Vestrymen of St. David's Church. 


Age and infirmity having rendered me unable to officiate any 
longer, I take this method to let you know that I shall decline attend- 
ing your church any more, but though Providence has so ordered that 
I can serve you no more in public, yet God forbid that I should cease 
to pray for you in private. No, as I have taken the best care 1 was 
able under an infirm state of health to shew you a good and right way, 
so while I breathe I will not cease to pray that God may give you his 
Grace to enable you to walk in it. And as I shall not cease to pray 
for you, I beseech you, neglect not to pray for yourselves. 

Prayer is at all times your duty, but more especially in troublesome 
times. When deprived of the church, make use of the closet, and then 
pour out your complaints to him who seeth in secret and will in his 
own good time reward you openly. 

A devout man, though he has but his chamber to retire to, and his 
doors be shut upon him, yet he lives as it were in Goshen. When 
flashes of judgment burst upon other persons, 'tis calm in the prayer 
room ; when the destroying Angel had overrun every house in Egypt 
with death, when there was nothing but carcasses and crying in each 
dwelling, there was not one Shriek in all the Land of Goshen. When 
a thick darkness dwelt upon the nation, the praying Israelites had light 
in all their dwellings, and when sad, dark clouds sit, as it were, on 
God's countenance, and pours down Inundations of Tempests upon a 
carhless, lukewarm and backsliding people, yet even then his face 
shines in the Closets of Devotion there he breaks in and reveals his 
comforts as is so there as his Angel was at that time a Pillar of light to 


the one and of a Cloud to the other ; let the Devotion Chamber be 
your Sanctuary till these troublesome times be overpassed : flee for 
refuge to the horns of the Altar, the throne of Grace, there offer up 
the Incense of your prayers and let the lifting up of your hands be as 
the even Sacrifice. Thus, my dear little flock, I bid you heartily fare- 
well and am with great love and affection, your faithful pastor till death. 


May 26th, 1776. 
Gentlemen : 

Age and infirmity having render' d me unable to officiate in publick 
at this time, you are not to expect me at church any more till circum- 
stances are altered, and when it shall please God to restore me to a 
better state and I can again with safety return to ye exercise of my 
function, I will confine myself to your church if ye congregation will 
make ye Glebe house fit for me to live in. 

From your loving Pastor. 

Willl^m Currie. 
P. S. Let this be pinn'd in 
ye Vestrv Book. 



Rees Thomas and Martha Awbrey, Early Settlers in Merion. 

by george vaux. 

Rees Thomas and Martha Awbrey seem to have arrived in America 
late in the year 1691, both being passengers in the same vessel with a 
large number of other persons, members of the Society of Friends. 
They were engaged to be married prior to their departure from Eng- 
land. Rees Thomas appears to have been a native of Monmouthshire, 
a district closely bordering on Wales. The certificate furnished him 
by the Friends of Chepstow (a town not far from Bristol, from which 
emigrant vessels frequently sailed) testifies that he "had been very 
serviceable upon the account of truth in all honest designs," and " one 
that walked according to the order of truth from his first convince- 
ment," And also that he was " of a meek and quiet disposition and 
well beloved of all sort, [and] descended of a good family. ' ' 

Martha Awbrey was descended from an ancient Welsh family, 
which, for many generations, had been seated in Brecknockshire. 
The pedigree of the family is preserved in an ancient roll or chart, 
dated 1633, in the hands of an English descendant. The chart also 
contains pedigrees of various families allied by marriage to the Awbreys, 
together with designs of coats of arms, about sixty in all. The Awbrey 
pedigree traces descent from Saunders de St. Awbrey, brother of Lord 
St. Awbrey, Lord Marshal of France and Earl of Boulogne, who came 
into England in 1066. The name seems to have been Teutonic, and 

formerly Alberic or The White King. Sir Reginald Awbrey, 

knight, son of the former, " came to the conquest of Brecknockshire 
with Bernard Newmarke in 1092, by whom he was granted the manors 
of Aberkynfrig and Shvch " (Slough). 

From Sir Reginald the descent of the family property is traced 
through twelve names, most of which represent generations, to Richard 
Awbrey, of Aberkynfrig, who died in 1580, having previously sold 


the ancient seat of the family at that place. His son, Richard Awbrey, 
married Anne, daughter of William Vaughan, and in right of his wife 
became Lord of the Manor of Llanelyw. He died in 1646, and was 
buried under the floor of the chancel of the church of Llanelyw. His 
grave is covered with a flat tombstone, forming part of the pavement, 
which has upon it the following inscription : 

" Here lyeth the body of Richard Awbrey of Llanelyw Gent, who 
married Anne Vaughan daughter to William Vaughan of Llanelyw, 
who had issue William, Richard, Thomas, John, Theophilus and 
Elizabeth. Died the 23 day of September 1646." 

The combined arms of the Awbrey and Vaughan families are also 
carved on the stone, and the inscription, as far as it precedes the state- 
ment of issue, runs around the four sides of the tablet, beginning at 
the top, and terminating at the upper end of the left-hand side. 

Richard Awbrey (the second) had several children, as above stated, 
of whom William, the eldest, and Thomas, the third son, as well as 
their father, were Puritans and Parliamentarians. The second son, 
Richard (the third) was an adherent of the king, and a clergyman, 
being vicar of Boughrod in Radnorshire. William had no son, and 
the Llanelyw estate being entailed the heir to it was the second brother, 
Richard. In order to keep the property in the hands of the descend- 
ants of Puritan stock, William, finding his death likely to be near, 
hastily married his only daughter, Elizabeth, to her first cousin, 
William, the eldest son of his brother Thomas, both of them being 
under age. This was in 1646, about a year before his decease, and 
by his will he sought to place his son-in-law in the position of a son 
of his own. Richard, the clerical brother and heir in tail, instituted 
legal proceedings to recover the property, but the matter was finally 
settled by arbitration, apparently in such a way that the youthful 
couple, William and Elizabeth Awbrey, were able to retain the Llane- 
lyw estate. 

It is probable that William Awbrey was a member of the Society 
of Friends. It is certain that his sons, Richard and William (the 
latter of whom married Letitia Penn for his second wife), and his 
daughter Martha, belonged to that religious denomination. He had 


ten children by his wife Elizabeth. He died in 17 16, aged ninety, 
and was buried in Llanelyw churchyard, where is still to be seen an 
altar-tomb erected over his remains, with the following inscription : 

"Here lyeth the body of William Awbrey of Llanelyw, Son of 
Thomas Awbrey Gent. Married Elizabeth daughter of William 
Awbrey. Had issue Ten. Richard, William, 2 Thomas, Theophilus, 
Anne, Mary, 2 Martha and Elizabeth. Departed this life in Hope of a 
Joyful Resurrection, the 16 of December 1716, aged 90." 

The figures 2 before the names Thomas and Martha indicate that 
there were two children of these names. There are tombstone inscrip- 
tions at Llanelyw, showing that the first Martha died in 1662, and the 
first Thomas in 1669. 

Rees Thomas settled in Merion, where he acquired a considerable 
body of land, upon part of which the present villages of Bryn Mawr 
and Rosemont stand. He was married to Martha Awbrey at Haver- 
ford, on the 1 8th of the Fourth Month, 1692. The phraseology of 
the marriage certificate evidently presents the very words used by the 
parties when taking each other in marriage. The following extract is 
given : 

"The said Rees Thomas solemnly declared, friends I am standing 
here in the presence of God and before you I do take Martha Awbrey 
to be my wedded wife and by God's assistance do promise to be true 
and loving and faithful unto her and to behave myself unto her as 
becomes a man to behave himself towards his wife so as to continue 
till death part us. In like manner the said Martha said, I am here in 
the presence of God and before you I also take Rees Thomas to be 
my husband and I do promise to love him and make much of him till 
death part us. ' ' 

A few years after their marriage, Rees and Martha Thomas wrote 
jointly to her aged father. The original of this letter is still preserved 
in the hand of a descendant. It is dated, " Ye 29th day of ye 2d Mo 
1695," and is addressed, " Most dear & tender Father." The follow- 
ing extracts will be found interesting, the original spelling being 
preserved : 

"Our dutyfull and harty Respects salute the hopeing these few 


lines will find thee in good health as I & my wife & two children are 
all this present time — my son Aubrey was borne ye 30th day of ye 
nth month and ye fourth day of ye weeke 1694 his mother and he 
now very harty praysed be to ye Lord for ye same I doe understand yt 
thou were not well pleased yt my oldest son [Rees] was not caled an 
Aubrey. I will assure thee that I vvas not against it, but my neibors 
wood have him to be caled my name, being I bought ye Land and I 
So beloved amongst them. I doe admite to what thee sayes in thy 
Letter yt an Aubrey was better known than 1 : though I am hear very 
well aquanted with most in those parts, he is the first Aubrey in Pen- 
silvania and a stout boy he is of his age, being now a quarter. My 
unkle John Bevan came over very well and a good voyage he had, he 
tould me he had seen thee twise, which we were very glad of thy well 
keeping in years and also hopeing noe vexation nor trouble will come 
upon thee upon either hand which will be a great exercise to us to hear 
of nothing but what will atend to thy goodness : hopeing my brother 
Richard and his wife will make much of thee in thy ould age, thy 
dater & I would wish to see thee hear and I hope wood be a nurse to 
thee in thy ould age — I was now very sorry to hear of ye death our 
brother William his wife, where in ther was great commendation of her 
integrity in ye truth by severall hear yt knows her and I will writ to him. 

" I have been very weake in body ye Last winter having a great fite 
of sickness, but ye Lord pleased to recover me & bring me up agen 
blessed be ye Lord for his goodness & tender delings to me both out- 
wordly & inwordly : my wife had her health very well all a Longe 
since shee came to- ye country. 

' ' I lost much time in going to faires and markets. William 
Fisheir of Rose formerly [is] now Living in Philadelphia. 

" Thy dater desires thee to acquaint her of her age in ye next letter. 
My son Rees Remembers his Love to his Granfather and also to his 
nanty Anne, he doth speake very Liberally but unkle is a hard word for 
[him] , his Love is to Richard, a brave bould boy he is now without a 
mayd servant for they are very scarce hear, upon noe terms an ordinary 
man of seven or eight pounds att Lest and cannot have them upon no 


" I had about 16 score bushels of wheat this year. I have 15 heds 
of cattle, six horses what dyed this winter, for it was a hard winter, 
they say they never saw ye like of. " 

In addition to the two children named in the foregoing letter, 
Rees and Martha Thomas had a third son, William. Of these, Rees 
and William left descendants. Awbrey visited England and married 
Gulielma, the only daughter of William Penn, Jr., and granddaughter 
of the Founder. He did not long survive his marriage, and died with- 
out issue, probably in England. 

Rees Thomas survived his wife a number of years. Martha died 
in 1726. After her death a small book was published by S. Keimer, 
entitled, "A collection of Elegiac Poems devoted to the Memory of 
the late virtuous and excellent Matron and worthy Elder in the Church 
of Christ of the Society of Friends Martha Thomas, late wife of Rees 
Thomas of Merion of the County of Philadelphia in the Province of 
Pennsylvania and Daughter of William Awbrey of Llanelieu in the 
County of Brecknock in Great Britain who departed this life the 7th 
of i2th Mo. 1726-7." 

A modern edition of the same, bearing the above title, was printed 
by Lydia R. Bailey, Philadelphia, 1837. 



Letter to Lewis Walker from Benjamin Holme, written 4th mo. 
20TH, 1 7 19. Found among the Papers of Rebecca Janney 
(No. 227) BY her Daughter, Susan W. Janney, 1713 Green 
Street, Philadelphia. 

Antigo, 20th of the 4th month 17 19. 

Respected friend Lewis Walker in that pure love which reaches over 
sea and land Do I kindly salute thee & thy wife and friends in your 
parts with desires that the power of truth may prevail in the hearts of 
all them that the lord has Graciously visited with a visitation from on 
high that so there may be a holy subjection yealded to his mind and 
will in all things that he may rule and reighn whose right it is and 
where as friends dwells under his holy and Peacable government there 
will be great peace and Concord amongst them and by their good order 
they will shew forth the wisdem of Spiritual Solomon and as it so they 
will speak convincingly for they truth as I respect thee and thy wife I 
can say I desire you may live near the truth in your selves that so you 
may be of good savor while you live and that you may leave a sweet 
name and Savour behind you as many of our good friends have done 
who are now at rest with the lord and while you are spared with your 
children I desire that you may watch carefully over them and endeavour 
to keep them within they bounds and limits of truth as much as in you 
lies and if they are dutifull and Obedient to you in all good things as 
they aught to be they may hope for a blessing to attend them for to be 
shure it is good for Children to obey their parents in the lord as the 
holy apostles advised and many that have rejected their good parents 
and friends council has braught grate ruin upon themselves as well as 
grief to their parents and in that escequence (?) of Marriage I desire 
that they may have an eye to the Lord and to the council of honest 
friends that is concerned for their groth in the truth and Preservation I 


do desire their welfare in all respects and that they may live in the fear 
of the lord and in love and peace one with another and speak lovingly 
and tenderly to one another so that they may be a comfort to you and 
one another. 

I landed in Barbades on the 8th 8th Month there is some on that 
island that truth is valuable to May the lord daily add to their number 
I came from thence on the 9th of this instant and on the 12th I arrived 
here I think I shall go from hence to some of the lower Islands So 
with True love to thee and thy wife and friends in general I remain thy 
Loving friend Benjamin Holme. 

At the time of your yearly meeting in the 7th month if thou please 
to take a letter with thee to Christopher Blackbush and give it to him 
to send to England to me. 

The letter was addressed 

Lewis Walker 
Near Radnor 

(A true copy wrote by Joseph Dickenson, a great-grandson-in-law of 
Lewis Walker, by the request of his aunt Leah W. Moore.) 



The italic figures refer to the pages, the others to the individual numbers. 

Aandrewson, Thomas, j8 

Abraham, Ann (Davis), .... 1366 

David, 2, 669 

EHzabeth, 4 

Hannah (George), 1366 

Isaac, 1366 

James, 4, 8, 1366 

Joseph, 1366 

Margaret (Davis), I366 

Martha M., 1366 

Susan (Eastburn), 1366 

Adams, Annie, ^597 

Rachel (Davis), 106 

Addams, George S., 1 182 

George W., 513 

Aker, John, 1085 

Alderson, Christopher Alderson, . .669 

Alexander, Emma, 1026 

Allen, Eliel, 324 

Elizabeth Jane, 847 

Hannah, 8 

James, 848 

Mary Ann, 844 

Milton, 771 

Priscilla, 332 

Rebecca, ... 8 

Rebecca Ellen, 846 

Ruthanna, 849 

Samuel, 1723 

Sarah Margaret, 845 

William, 1722 

Allison, Alvin, 1717 

Annie, 1715 

Ditmer, 1716 

Allison, Ella 17 14 

James, 1712 

John, 1 71 1 

Mandilla, 1713 

Mary, 321 

Rachel, 1718 

Robert W., 844 

Altemus, Abijah, 198 

Almira, 490 

Anna Maria, 489 

Eliza, 196 

Frances Swayne, 488 

Hannah, 195, 492 

Hiram, 49I 

Isaac, 194 

Jarman, 193 

Leonard, 73 

Lydia, 192 

Rhoda, 197 

Altick, Samuel, 1558 

Ambler, Caroline, 1845 

Evan, 1042, 1442 

Ames, William, 1386 

Anderson, Annie, 1867 

Elizabeth, 6 

Emma, 1869 

Emily R., . 1515 

Everett, 1402 

Harriet, 105 

Henry, 780 

Isaac, 249, 774 

Jackson, ^5^5 

James, 1865 

Dr. James, 276 



Anderson, John, 1688 

Joseph, 777 

Kuriah, 776 

Martha, 1866 

Mary, 773. 215? 

Naomi, 775 

Patrick, 6, 779, 1402 

Priscilla, 778 

Robert, 1870 

Rush, 781 

Sarah, 715 

WilHam, 1079 

Anthony, Belle, 1864 

Earl, 1862 

Lloyd, 1863 

Sadie, iioo 

William, 1078 

Arnold, Annie, 1882 

Benedict 249 

Elizabeth, 1879 

Lewis 1880 

Roraaine, 1883 

Samuel, 1081 

Susan, 1881 

Askew, Barbara 669 

Atkinson, Hannah, 250 

James, 250, 2j 

Aubrey, Anne, . • 3S7 

Elizabeth, 387 

John, 38b 

Martha Il2,j<?j- 

Mary, . . .387 

Richard 386 

Theophilus, 387 

Thomas, 3S6, 387 

William, \\2, 386 

Audenried, Joseph Grain, .... 1489 
Florence, 2247 

Austin, Samuel, 8 

Awbrey, see Aubrey. 

Ayers, Rev., 203 

Babb, Henry, 98 

Bachiler, Stephen, 189 

Theodate, 189 

Bailey, Dillyn 532 

Dr. Jesse, 205 

Lydia R., 38g 

Rachel, 529 

Rebecca, 531 

Sydenham, 530 

Thomas, 533 

Baldwin, Abner, 411, 1068 

Hannum, 1066 

Morris, 1067 

Ballinger, Cassandra, 88 

Bane, Annie, ; . . 485 

Donald, 669 

Isaac Walker, 487 

James, 191 

John, 486 

Mary (Robinson), 249 

Ballard, Col., 249 

Bannister, Dr 755 

Barber, Isaac, 772 

Bardswell, Mary (Walker), . . .1653 

Barefoot, Daniel, 1654 

Barkhurst, Naomi, 442 

Barnaby, Charles W., 11 80 

Edwin, I181 

Fay, 1999 

Ida, 1 179 

James, 510, 2000 

Lauretta, 1 178 

Barnard, Josephine, 11 15 

Lydia, 2 

Richard, 2 

Barrett, Rachel, 44 

Barriclon, Donald, 1969 

Henry, 1968 

Joseph, 1 108 

Paul, 1967 

Barr}', James, 670 

Bartholemew, Catherine (Davis), . 106 



Bartholemew, Edward, 282 

Emily, 282 

John, -. . . . 282 

Lydia, 282 

Sarah, 105 

Batt, Dr Wilmer, 1573 

Baynes, Capt. Adam, 669 

Agnes, 669 

Alice, 669 

Ann, 669 

Beezon 669 

Elizabeth 669 

Elizabeth ^Priestman), .... 669 

Fanny, 1384 

Frances, ...."■.... 669 

Frances (Beezon), 669 

Hannah, 669 

James, 669 

John, 669 

John lieezon, 669 

Joseph 669 

Joseph v., 669 

Mabel, 669 

Margaret, 669 

Mary, 669 

Miriam, 669 

Oswald, 669 

Thomas 669, 1384 

Thomas Priestman 669 

William 669 

Bearinger, Emma, 1865 

Beasley, Hannah, 74^ 

Beaver, De Walt, 677 

Frank 760 

Jacob Lynford, 1619 

John, 677 

Mary E., 1618 

Beck, Harry, 1942 

Maria, 555 

Noah, 1095 

Beeson, Mary 40 

Beezon, Frances, 669 

Beezon, John, 669 

Beidler, Abraham, 267, 722 

Abraham Lincoln, 1540 

Anna Landes, 2320 

Annie Landes, ^53^ 

Elizabeth, 270 

Elizabeth Yarnell, 2301 

p:i]en Priscilla, 1535 

Ethel Jean, 2319 

Fannie Elizabeth, 153^ 

Hannah Mary, 1530 

Harry P., IS37 

Helen Anderson, 2317 

Israel, 270 

Jacob, 722 

Jacob Howard, 1 5 39 

Jonathan Warren, 2318 

Laura May, 154^ 

Margaret Currie, 1532 

Mary 270 

Sarah Louisa, ^53^ 

Sarah W. (Stephens), . . . . 722 
vStephen Leslie, . . . . 1533. 2302 

William M., 2303 

William S., 1534 

Beitzel, Nannie 1872 

Bellatti, John A 1315 

Rose Anna, 2019 

Ruth, 2021 

Walter, 2020 

Bennett, Mary, 1221 

Bentz, Amer, 1890 

Catherine, I083 

Charles, 1891 

Cordelia, 1887 

Daniel, 10S2 

David, 1885 

Earl, 2389 

Harry, 1884 

Ida, l8S4a 

John, 1904 

Lawrence, 1 888 



Bentz, Millard, 1889 

Milton, 2387 

Monroe, 1906 

Russell, 1892 

Theresa 2388 

Walker 1S86 

Berkheimer, A., 1871 

Bernard, Susan, 1336 

Bethel, Anna, 1106 

Betz, Eliza, 203 

Bevans, Evan ap, 267 

Eveniah, 267 

Stephen, 267, 20 

Bible, Sarah Ann (Townsend), . . 539 

Biddle, Clement, 46 

Bieber, John, J7j' 

Bitinger, Edith 2379 

Roy 2380 

Stewart, 1876 

Bittle, Sallie 750 

Black, Adam 1 1719 

Alice, 1720 

John, 846 

Mary, 1721 

Blackburn, Beulah, 1730 

Carrie, 1727 

Charles, 1733 

Cyrus, 855 

Harry, 1728 

Myrtle, 1731 

Nettie, 1732 

Odessa, 1729 

Blackbush, Christopher, jgr 

Blakley, Abram, 21 14 

Benjamin 1362 

Lillie, 21 12 

Rachel, 21 13 

William, 21 15 

Blanchard, Caroline, 705 

Blauser, Emma, 191 2 

Minty 191 1 

Bloom, Lydia Lucinda, 930 

Bloom, Sarah Jane, ^ . 931 

Thomas 343 

Blunston, John, 246, iq 

Bond, Charles 1304 

John, 576 

Joseph, 77, 1306 

Samuel, 1305 

William, 638 

Bonsall, Edward, 711 

Mary (Ridley), 1447 

Bowen, Evan, 16 

Bowser, Jacob C, 1727 

Boyer, Margaret, 854 

Bradford, Andrew, . . \ 46 

Bradshaw, Samuel, iq 

Branson, Lydia Jane, 540 

Mary, 84 

Thomas, 217 

Bridgeman, Richard, 266 

Bright, Frank D., 1633 

Holstien DeHaven, .... 2367 

Mary DeHaven, 2366 

Brinton, Eleanor (Waters), .... 282 

Broadess, Ann, 108, 717 

William, 108 

Brodie, Evelyn, 1497 

Brook, Anna, 1349 

Brooke, Abner 363 

Eliza Ann, 363 

Helen, 2364 

H. Jones, 2362 

Hunter, 1627, 2363 

Ida, 2361 

Marie, 2365 

Nathan, 1624 

Rebecca, 275 

William, 2360 

Brookes, John, 669 

Ruth, 106 

Brooks, EHzabeth, 23 

Broomell, Seneca P., 5^° 

Brower, Archer, 812/ 



Brower, Charles, 812/ 

Clyde, 812/ 

Colley, 812/ 

Jacob, 812/ 

Sherman, 812/ 

Brown, Asahel W., 928 

Charles L., I22I 

Clara, 984 

David Walter, 929 

Deborah E., 1 225 

Edwin J., 1223 

Eliza, 641 

Enoch Arden, 2005 

Enoch S., 556 

Harriet, 516 

Joel, 926 

John, 46, 282 

John G., 342 

Joseph B., 925 

Joshua, 15 

Le Roy, 2007 

Lewis, 2016 

Mary Ellen, 924 

Mary Elizabeth, 2006 

Melissa, 224 

Millie K., 224 

Millin Thomas, 927 

Oliver R., 1226 

Pearl, 2008 

Priscilla W., 922 

Susanna, 923 

Thamzin W., 1224 

Warren W., 2009 

William, 1940 

William W., 1222 

Brownell, Anna 565 

Bruce, Mary, 45 

Sarah, 42 

Bruner, Helen, 1030 

Buckman, John 773 

Buckwalter, Laura Massey, . . . 2322 
Lela, 2324 

Buckwalter, Mary, 2323 

Roberts, 1545 

Buffmgton, Ruth, 53 

Burket (Birckhead), Mary, .... 89 

Burkson, John, 2 

Bushby, Eliza, 105 

Bye, Abel, 540 

Addison, II91 

Amy E., 1190 

Anna, 1203 

Edward, 541 

Elisha, 543 

Elisha J., 1202 

Eliza, 1 195 

Elizabeth, 544 

Emma, "94 

Jonas, 207 

Lewis W., 545 

Louisa, 1201 

Martha, 1204 

Mary, 546 

Samuel 542, 1196 

Walter, 1193 

William, 547 

Williams., 1192,1208 

Cadwalader, John 1364 

Mary, 1364 

Thomas, 115 

Caley, Cyrus, 1531 

David Ashmore, 2296 

Ella Beidler 2292 

Hannah Mary, 2297 

Harry Thomas, 2290 

Jonathan Richards, 2295 

J. Oswald, 2294 

Laura Massey, 2293 

Sarah Lucy, 2291 

Calp, Samuel, 1690 

Campbell, 38 

Caner, George Colket, 2397 

Harrison Koons, . . . 2243, 2396 



Caner, William 2398 

Carman, Anna, 7^8 

Cannon, Angelina, , 434 

Carmichael, Mary 185 

Carpenter, Amy Lee, 1973 

Howard, 1972 

John, III4 

Carrel, Rada, 1712 

Carson, Arnold 1099 

Charles 1949 

Clara E. 1 103 

Clyde 195 1 

Ellen, 1950 

Emma E., 1102 

George Edward, iioi 

Harr>', 1948 

Henry, 432 

Jesse, 1952 

Rachel Alice, 1098 

Wilbert, lioo 

Carter, Barbara, 832 

Cassevallaunus, 5. 

Casswallon, 5 

Caton, Rev. J. S., 1691 

Cemdal, Eliza, 8 

Chace, Edith 1436 

Chalfant, Caleb, 135 

Chalkley, T., 13S6 

Chambers, Jane, 15 7° 

Joshua, 135, 364 

Rebecca, 364 

Sarah, 41, 135, 220, 364 

Chandler, Elizabeth, 46 

Jacob, 46 

Chatwin, James, 267 

Cheeseborough, Edward C 803 

Cheney, Algernon, 2033 

Edith, 1335, 2032 

Jesse, 1335 

Jesse S. , 2031 

Joseph, 1335, 2029 

Marianna, 2030 

Cheney, Phoebe, 2034 

Christy, Jane, 1 180 

Church, Rebecca, 106 

Clare, Esther, 8 

Clark, Alice, II18 

Clarke, Mary, 200 

Clay, Parson, 266 

Cleaver, Anna, 1634 

Charles, 793 

Charlotte 282 

Elizabeth, 282 

Emily, 282 

Harry, 1639 

Jane, 1439. 1638 

Jonathan,. . .265,282,789,1636 

Kesiah, 282 

Lydia, 282 

Mary, 282, 788, 1637 

Moses, 282 

Naomi, 792 

Rebecca, 282, 791 

Rebecca (I vins), . . . .265,282 

Sarah, 265, 282, 794 

Theodosia, 282 

William, 282, 790, 1635 

Clendenon, Isaac, 168 

Clover, Mar)', 15 So 

Coates, Aaron, 249 

Ann, 249 

Benjamin, 249 

Eliza, 677 

Elizabeth, 249 

Grace, 249 

Hannah, 249,677 

Isaac, 249 

j James, 249 

i Jane, 249 

I Jonathan, 249 

I Kesiah, • 249 

Moses, 249, 677 

Phoebe, 249 

Priscilla (Hutchinson), .... 249 



Coates, RJchard, 137 

Samuel, 249 

Sarah, 249 

Sarah (Thatcher), . . . .138,397 

Susanna, 249 

Tacy, 249 

Coats, Beula, 8 

Cocks, John L , 439 

Coffin. Elizabeth, 713 

Eunice, 713 

James, 713 

John, ' . . 713 

Mary, 7^3 

Peter, 713 

Tristram, 189, 713 

Coflyn, Sir Richard, -713 

Colcord, Edward, 713 

Peter, 713 

Phrebe (Hamilton), 713 

Colehower, Mary, 734 

Colket, Annah Bush, I490 

Charles Howard, 1494 

Edward Burton, 2239 

Emily T 2243 

Emma, 1493 

George Hamilton, . . . 1488, 2246 

Harry Coffin, I491 

Herbert, 2238 

Hoxsie, 2235 

Ida, 1492 

James Hamilton, 2240 

Mary Eunice, 2236 

Mary Jane 1489 

Mary P., 2244 

Meredith Bright, 2241 

Percival Currie, 2242 

Sarah iMarcia, i486 

Tristram Cofiin, . 713, 2245, 2252 

William Coftin, 2237 

William Walker, 1487 

Conavd, Ann, 692 

Cornelius, 253 

Conard, Dennis, 1386 

Edward Bright, 1386 

Eliza C 2141 

Eliza (Bright), 13S6 

Ella V. (Walker), . . . 677, 1386 

Hananiah, 69I 

Isaac Walker, 687 

Joseph 253, 689, 1386 

Juanita, 2142 

Martha 253. 688 

Mary, 690 

Paul, 106 

Sarah, 106 

Winfield W., ....... 2140 

Conrad, see Conard. 

Conrow, Hannah, 615 

Cook, Abigail L., 1928 

Alvin, 1897 

Anne, 416 

Anne E., 1735 

Annie, 1079 

Araminta, ^9^3 

Asahel Walker, .... 886, 107 1 

Bertha, 1909 

Calvin, 1905 

Caroline A., 1926 

Catherine, 187 1 

Celia, 1930 

Charles, 1907 

Clara, 1904 

Curtis, 1913 

Eliza A., 108S 

Elizabeth, 10S2 

Ellen, 1894 

Emma, 1877 

Flora 1895 

Frances Willard, 1927 

George W., . 336, 1071, 1736, 1872 

Georgiana, 890 

Gertrude, 1910 

Gleason J., 1924 

Hannah 421, loSi, 1S78 



Cook, Hannah (Walker), . . 153, 320 

Hezekiah 417, 1080 

Ida J., 1739 

Jacob, 1893 

James, 1912 

Jesse 153 

Jessie, 893 

John, .... 153, 320, 420, 1875 

John W., 1083 

Joseph 1087 

Leah Walker, 422 

Lewis 1898 

Lillie 1915 

Margaret, 1S76 

Maria Jane, 887 

Martha Jane 1085 

Mary, 419, 889 

Mary A 1090 

Mary Ellen 1738 

Mary (Walker), 5S3 

Mary ( Weuman), 153 

Matilda, 1873 

May, 1899, 2372 

Melissa G. , 1740 

Miles, 1914 

Morris Gilpin 19-5 

Nora 1906 

Oliver, 1S74 

Ralph, 2373 

RajTnond, 1896, 2377 

Robert Lee, 1932 

Rosa 1908 

Roy, 2375 

Ruth, 2378 

Ruth E 1091 

Ruth Emma, 894, 1931 

Samuel, 891 

Sarah, 1084 

Sarah Ann, 888 

Sarah Jane, 1737 

Scott, 2374 

Theodore 892 

Cook, Theresa, 1734, 2382 

Thomas G., 1929 

Vina, 2383 

Walker, 418, 1086 

Walter, 2376 

William 1911 

William R., 1089 

Cooke, Richard 46 

Cooks, Elizabeth J , 429 

Cookson, Daniel, 319 

Israel, 319 

John, 319 

Cooper, Aaron 392 

Amy, 1802 

Anna, 1057 

Anne, 1050 

Annie 992, 1805 

Asahel, 1009 

Asahel Walker, 371, 982 

Benjamin, 373 

Brinton, 1 179 

Caleb, 985 

Carl, 1998 

Charles, 1047, 1810 

Charles William, 1332 

Edith 1997 

Ellis 1015 

Emma, ^795 

Esther, 1000 

Frank, 1794 

George, 136, 995, 1995 

George Paschall 993 

George \\., 374, 983 

Hannah, 987, 1049 

Hiram 372, 988 

Hiram Lewis, 984, 1 791 

Henry B., 999, 1809 

Israel 9^9 

James 376, 1046 

James Fennimore, 675 

James M., 37^ 

James P. 377 



Cooper, Jarman, 380 

Jeremiah, 143, loio 

John McGill, 1808 

Joseph, 1002, 1807 

Joseph P., 378 

Josephine, 994 

Julia, 2027 

Laura, 199^ 

Lewis, 395, 1014 

Lizzie M 998 

Louisa, 1055 

Lucy 605, 997 

Margaret, '. . . . 981 

Margaret E. , 1003 

Maria F , 990 

Marian, 1S04 

Mary, . . . 398, 1016, 1048, 1056 

Mihon, 396 

Morris 393 

Phcebe 375 

Phcebe P., 379 

Sarah, . . 376, 394, 980, 986, 991 
looi. loii, 1054 

Susan 377 

Truman, 996 

Waher, 1793 

Wilham 1792 

WiUianna, 1012 

WilHam P., .... 382, 384, 397 

Wilmer, 1803 

Cope, Alice, 1797 

Frederick, 1796 

Henry C, 987 

John, 1049 

Coppuck, Malcolm ^L, 1379 

Marian Graves, ^379 

Cordrey, Deborah 8 

Cornwallis. General, 46 

Corson, Amos, 765 

Coudon. Annie, 769 

Coulson, Charles, 572 

Jane (Davis), 106 

Cowgill, Catherine, 677 

Eliza (Coates), 677 

Ellen, 677 

Ezekiel 677 

Hannah, 677 

Henry, 677 

Jane 677 

John 677 

Lydia (McClure), 500 

Thomas, 677 

William, 677 

Cox, Clewell Stanford, ^1725 

Glen Allen, 1724 

Samuel, 849 

Coxe, Newton, 617 

Coxshall, Martha, 8 

Crawford, Athalia L. T., .... 2273 

Benjamin H., 1288 

Charles H., 1284 

Elizabeth Long, 2275 

EmmaN., 1286 

Emma Walker 2272 

Harry W., 1282 

Jessie A., 1287 

John A., 624 

Joseph C, 1512 

Martha, 774 

Mary A. 1283 

William M., 1285 

Winlield Wilson, 2274 

Cresson, Martha, 288 

Cross, Ann, 8 

Crosswhaite, Ann, 8 

William, 8 

Crouch, Emma J., 625 

Crygeryr, Llewelyn, 250 

Currie, Alexander, 108 

Ann, 108 

Elizabeth, 108 

Hannah (Potts) 108 

James, 108 

John loS 



Currie, Margaret, loS 

Richard, io8 

Ross, lo8 

\Villiam 2, io8, 372, j/j 

Rev. William, loS 

Ciirwen, George, 112 

Custer, Ealy, 858 

Cuthbert, Ogden, 772 

Cuthbertson, Lizzie, 15S3 

\YilIiam E., 1583 

Dallman, Laura, 1575 

Daniels, Annie, 140S 

Darlington, Amy, 1449 

Bertha 1610 

Briuton, 752 

Caroline, 1609 

Darr, David, 836 

Hannah, 1693 

Margaret, 1694 

David, Brigit, 8 

Edward, ij 

James 8, 679 

Jemima, 21 

John, 3 

Lewis, lb, ig 

LlewelljTi 18 

Meredith, 106 

Thomas, 18 

Davids, James, ig, 30 

John, ig 

Meredith, 7 

Morris 30 

Davies, James, 8 

Richard, // 

William, // 

Davis, Ann, 106, 1366 

Benjamin, • 8, 1366 

Catherine 106 

Charles L., 2^g 

David, 106 

Eleanor (Stephens), . . . . 670 

Davis, Elizabeth, 106 

Ellen, 7 

Ellen Stephens, 2289 

Emma. ^354 

Hugh, 8 

Isaac, ... 2, 3JI, 372, 373, 374 

James, 8, 679, 371 

Jane, 106, 1657 

Joanna J., 723 

John, 2, 670, 1354,^6 

Capt. John, . . . 737, 1365, 1408 

General John, 23g 

Dr. John Havard, 250 

Joseph 249, 267, 670, 1530 

Llewellyn, 23g 

Margaret, 1354 

Mary, 106, 267 

Mar)' (Havard), 250 

Meredith, 106 

Mordecai, 670, 1530 

Morgan, ib 

Rachel 106, 203 

Samson 373 

Sarah. 106 

Sarah S. , 670 

Susan, 267, 670, 676 

Thomas 106, 670 

William, . . . 249, 250, 267, 670 

Day, Hannah 250 

John 250 

Deardorf. W., 1S66 

Joseph, 421 

DeBurgh. Martha 669 

DeHaven. Anna 1635 

Charles 7^^ 

Elizabeth (Schiphower), . . . 788 

Emma, 788 1633 

Evart, 788 

Holstien 788. 1490. 1630 

Hugh 788, 1490 

Jane 1631 

Tohn 1637 



DeHaven, Mary (Cleaver), . 788, 1490 

Sarah (Hughes), 788 

Sophia, 1632 

Peter 7SS 

DeKalb, Baron, 46, 267 

Delamater, Susan Adelaide, .... 594 

Delap, Sarah 428 

Demon, Dr., 108 

Dempsery, Margaret, 1347 

Denison, Edith, 
Ethel, . 
Lester, . 
Ransom, G 


W, 1432 

Dennis, Deborah, . . 158 

Dewees, Colonel, 670 

Margaret J., 566 

Waters 670 

William, ^77 

Diax, Neely, 812 

Dickinson, Anna, 135 

Daniel 135 

Deborah 135 

Elizabeth, 135, 412 

Esther, 135 

Gaius, 135 363 364 

Hannah M 414 

Henry, 406 

Isaac, 135 

James, 135 

James Pusey, 410 

John 135 

John M., 413 

Joseph 135, 147, 363 

Joseph Gest, 409 

Lewis, 415 

Lewis D., 405 

Mary 135 

Mary (Newlin), 135, 364 

Morris, 408 

Nathaniel, 135 

Dickinson, Phcebe, 135, 411 

Phoebe Ann, 401 

Rachel, 148. 407 

Rebecca 135 

Diller, Anna Louisa ^753 

Isaac, 963 

Isaac Walker, 1752 

John Coleman, 1754 

Dilworth, Charles, 70, 674 

Mary T 674 

Mary (Taylor), 674 

Richard, 674 

Sarah, 674 

Dishong, Lillian, 171 1 

Ditmer, Mary, 1069 

Divonne, Andre De la Forest, . . 2400 
Count De la Forest, .... 2247 
Marguerite De la Forest, . . 2399 

Ren6 De la Forest, 2401 

Dobson, Athalia, 2329 

Thomas, 1557 

Doose, Sarah, 8 

Doudna, Eva, 1202 

Doughton, Frank C, 296 

Dubuison, Colonel, 267 

Dudgeon, Ann 233 

Duell, Frances, 1117 

Duncan, 669 

Dunlevy. Eliza, 466 

Forrest Sloane, 1164 

John, 466 

Joseph Haskell, 1164 

Mary, 1 165 

Mary Mabel, . 1164 

William Bates, 11 64 

Du Ponceau, Captain, 267 

Dutery, George 1894 

Samuel, ^895 

Drake. Frederick, 1578 

Sadie, 1 123 

Eachus, Jane, 1019 



Eachus, Sarah, 1019 

Virgil 1019 

Eastburn, Benjamin, 1366 

Clara, 2059 

Eleanor, 2395 

Eliza, 693 

Elmer Moore, 2060 

I*". Wilson 1344 

Horace Wilson, 205S 

John, 1366 

Miriam, 1366 

Samuel, 1366 

Susan 1366 

Walter Roberts, 2059 

Eateon, Magdalen, ib 

Eberhardt, Jonas 1634 

Eby, Jacob, S63 

Eckley, John, 112 

Sarah, 1 12 

Eckman, Barbara 



Daniel Washington 



Ella M 







John Martin, 

John Slaymaker, 



Martin Fautz, 


Mary Ann, 


Edwards, Eleanor, 267 

Elizabeth, 267 


Edwards, Fannie, 2264 

George Barber, 1501 

George Clinton, 2265 

John Owen, 2267 

Lavinia, 1655 

Margaret Steams, 2266 

Matilda Boudinot, 2268 

Maurice, 267 

Ren<;e, 2269 

Eliott, Lewis, ii95 

Elliot, Morris, 8 

Elliott, Alva Wayne, 2304 

Charles J., 786 

Charles John, 1628 

Edna Bell, • 2307 

Fannie Louisa, 2306 

Jonathan D., 1535 

Mary Ella, 2309 

Mary Jones, 1629 

Nomian Walker, 2308 

Paul Duer, 2310 

Roland Arthur, 2305 

Sophia 788 

Ellis, Hump., 8 

Jeremiah 8 

Rowland, S, 16, 17 

Thomas, 106 

Ellmaker. Alfred, 3S9, 1043 

Alice, 1844 

Celia, 1843 

E. Benjamin, 1038 

Edgar B., 1839 

Esais, Enfield, 388 

Flora, 1040 

Leonard, 1838 

Lucy, 388 

Lucy W., 1837 

Mary, 1039 

Nathaniel, 1041 

Sarah, 1042 

Sarah (Watson), 388 

Eminger, Virginia, 860 



Emlen. Mary, 8 

Emereck. Mary Ann, 1365 

Emmerit, T., 204 

Emrick, Annie, 1691 

Hannah, 1692 

Jacob 1688 

John, 83s, 1689 

Magdaline, 1690 

Rebecca, 16S6 

Samuel 1685 

Sarah, 16S7 

Eppleimer, Frederick, . . . 1016, 1821 

Errett, Kate, 1411 

Russell, 141 1 

Essylt 5 

Evan, Cadwalader ap, 5 

David, 77 

Evan ap, 5, 267 

Owen ap, 5. 252 

Thomas ap, 5 

William ap, 5 

Evans, Abraham, 112 

Cadwalader, 16 

Catherine, . 26 

David, 112, 169. 267, I J 

Edith 112 

Eleanor, 267 

Elisha, 112 

Elizabeth, . . . . 5, 16, 30, 10S7 

Emily Thomas, 785 

Emms, S 

George, 1S7 

Hannah, 27 

Hugh, 5. 106 

Jane, 252 

Jane H 476 

John 5, 8, /7, _P7 

John Cadwalader, 280 

John E., 280 

Josiah, 446 

Leah, 105 

Letitia (Thomas), 112 

Louisa (Thomas), 280 

Margaret, 807 

Mary, . . . . 2, 29, 169, 267,50 

Nathan, 62, 169 

Owen, 5. 16, 249 

Peter, 112, 22, 23 

Phoebe, 7 

Rowland, 2 

Samuel, 5, 28 

Sarah, 250 

Stephen, . . . 2, 8, 9, 267, 2j, 28 

Thomas, 5 

William, 112 

Zillah (Maule) 169 

Evanson, Elizabeth, 53 

Ewen. Elizabeth, 89 

Richard 89 

Famous, Jacob, 256 

Farquhar, Caroline, 1 1 25 

J. Harvey, 1123 

Joseph, 438 

Lewis, 1 1 24 

Mary Ada, 11 22 

Faulkner, loi 

Fautz, Catherine, 1365 

Fawcett, Carlos, 1207 

Joseph, 546 

Martha, 1206 

Stella, 1205 

Fawkes, Anna Maria, 403 

Emma, 427, 1060 

John, 400 

Joseph, 155.425,967 

Lewis, 401 

Lida A. , 967 

Phoebe, 402 

Phoebe (Hood), 967 

Rachel, 399 

Samuel, I44, 423, 967 

Sarah 426, 1059 

Sarah Ann, 404 



Fawkes, Walker, 424 

Fehl, Jacob 109S 

Morris, 1947 

Feight, Henr)-, 85 1 

Fergusson, Charles, 2057 

Ellen (Eiheredge), 2057 

Ida Etheredge, 2057 

Farritt, Walter, ib 

Fickes, Luther, 873 

Fink, Martha (Harbold), . . . , 1900 

Fisher, William, 267 

Fishier, William, 388 

Fishor, William, 2 

Florence, Edwin, 2259, 2262 

Edwin Jacob, 1496 

Edwin Percival, 2256 

Edith • . . . . 2258 

Emma Steams, 2260 

Margaret Currie 2261 

Margaret Steams, 2257 

Flower, Ann, • . . 8 

Elizabeth, 16 

Enoch, 59 

William ib 

Flumer. William 88 

Fogle, John G., 403 

Joseph, 1063 

Rachel 1062 

Samuel, 1061 

Forrest, Joan, S 

Foulke, Anna, 567 

Edith, 1232 

El?a 1233 

Ethel, 1230 

Hannah, 564 

Jesse, 565 

Joseph, 237 

Lewis, 562 

Mabel, 1231 

Man.- 563 

William, 210, 566 

Fowler, Charles, 458 

Fowler, Elizabeth, II59 

Katherine, 1160 

Fo.\, Charles, 2248, 2402 

George, 669 

Holstein DeHaven, .... 2403 

Frazier, Pers, jj^ 

Frederick, Anna S., 2404 

William Z., 2292 

French, Ann, 206 

Annah Colket, 2251 

Coffin Colket, 2250 

Hannah L., 554 

Howard Barclay, 1492 

Fry, Mar)- 512 

Dolly, 8i2/^ 

Furgason, Beulah, 857 

Elizabeth, 855 

Emily, 852 

Henry, 1726 

John 853 

Joseph, 325, 326 

Margaret, . . ' 858 

Sarah Ann 851 

Scott, 856 

Walker 854 

William, 850 

Gallup, Annah B. (Colket^, . . . 1490 

Edward Crosswell, 1490 

Edwina, 2249 

Mary, 2248 

Gam, Sir David, 250 

Gantz, Celecia (Townsend). . . . 504 

Garby. Kate, ^375 

Gardner, Benjamin, 307 

James H., 866 

James R 330 

Garretson, Abel W,, 1075 

Amanda, 900 

Anne, i860 

Amol'l, 1076 

Bertha, 1859 



Garretson. Daniel 416, 1850 

Eliza Ann, ........ 1074 

Hannah C, 886, 1071 

Hannah Cook, 1848 

Henry Howard, 1849 

Ira 1851 

Isaac, 338 

Israel, 313. I072, 203 

Jacob, . . .' 1073, 203 

Jacob L., 1861 

Jacob Vale . 1846 

John C, 1069 

Lydia, . . . .126, 904, 1853, 203 

Maria, 203 

Martha, 901, 203 

Mary, 903' 203 

Mary Ann, 1847 

Mary E., 1070 

M-linda, 1854 

Melissa, 1078 

Sarah, 1077 

Rachel, 203 

Rex 1852 

Robert, 203 

Ruth Anna, 203 

Theodore, 902 

Garrison, Ella Jean, 1504 

Gates, General, 249 

Martha, 418 

George, Catherine, 1366 

George, 2, 1366 

Hannah, 1366 

William, 2, 8 

Gethin, Owen ig 

Giles, Mary A., 189 

Gilbert, Mira, 1372 

Gifford. Maria, . . •....• .1104 

Gilkinson, Mary S., 574 

Gingerick, Amanda, 203 

Girvin, Catherine, 1063 

Glines, Pearl, 1 1 69 

Glover, Kate, 477 

Godfrey, Lucy Ann, 108 

Thomas 2, 8, 108, 250 

William, . . . 250, 267, 372, 373 

Gouchenour, Annie, 850 

Gratz, Simon, 1302 

Gray, Isaac P., 813 

Greaves, Charles, ,669 

Griffith, Amy, ■ . . . 43^ 

Benjamin, ^'^39 

Daniel, 46 

John, 444 

Joseph, • . . . . II40 

Minnie L., 625 

William, 7 

Gross, Joseph, 815 

Grover, Emma A., ^59^ 

Frank, 1599 

Robert A., 74° 

Hacket, Esther, 8 

Hagey, Clayton, 1648 

Clayton L., 79^ 

John J. Kersey, 1647 

Haines, Caroline, ^i2>2> 

Emily, ^334 

Mary, 85 

Ruthanna L 41° 

Samuel, 6 

Sarah, . . . . ... 386 

Tamson, 209 

William D., 657 

Haley. Ann 112 

Samuel, 112 

Hall, Hannah, . 267, 1403, 1404, 1542 
Wilson 508 

Hallowell, Annie, 1445 

Benjamin, 698 

Caleb, 697 

Elizabeth, 1446 

Elizabeth (Johnson), .... 1364 

Esther, 1364 

Eugene, I443 



Hallowell, John, 255, 1364 

Kate, 696 

Laura, 1444 

Mary, 255, 1364 

Mary (Cadwalader), .... 1364 

Matthew, 1364 

. Thomas, 1364 

William 255, 1364 

Hamme, Lillie, 867 

Hammer. Abel, 22 

Adam, 3 

Deborah 3 

Elizabeth, 8, 18 

Hannah, 19 

James, 3. 8, 23 

John E., 1656 

Lewis, 21 

Margaret, 3. 20 

Martha, 23 

Mary, 3, 25 

Samuel, 24 

Sarah, 3, 23 

Sinah, . 46 

Hammons, William, 8 

Hamor, Eliza, j^ 

Hampton, Ida V., 757 

William, 788 

Hancock, Margaret, ...... 824 

Hany, Thomas, 46 

Harbaugh, Minnie, 830 

Harbold, Emma, 1902 

Emory, i860 

Jacob, 1084 

Martha, 1900 

Mary, ■ •• 1901 

Harker, Adam, 669 

Harley, James, 1574 

Mary, 1574 

Harmer, Maria 733 

Harper, Jacob W., 407 

Joseph D., 1064 

Harris, Kate, ^349 

Harris, Sarah, 122 

Harrison, Cornelia J., 1249 

Edward E., 582 

Elizabeth, 1251 

Mary Hannah, 1250 

Harry, Daniel, ig 

David, 112 

Elizabeth 112 

Evan, ig 

Robert, 367 

Samuel, 112 

Har', Ida, 1579 

Samuel, ^579 

Hartman, Amos, 1091 

Ernest, 1933 

Harvey, Margaret, 704 

Haskell, Broderick, I165 

Havard, Ann, 250 

Benjamin, 250, 6S0 

Charles, 250 

David 16, 250 

Davydd, 250 

Dinah, 1366 

Elizabeth, 250 

Elizabeth (Roche), 250 

Elsbeth, 250 

Ellen, 250 

Ffylib, 250 

Frank, 250 

Gwalter 250 

Hannah, 250 

Harry, 250 

Hary, 250 

Hywel 250 

Jane, 250 

John 46, 112, 250 

Jonet, 250 

Larens, 250 

Lawrens 250 

Lewis, 250 

Lydia, 250 

Madog, 250 





Havard, Mari, 250 

Margaret, 250 

Margaret (Lewis), 250 

Marged, 250 

Mary, 112, 250 

Mary (Jones), 680 

Mary (Reinhart), 250 

Meredyedd, 250 

Miriam, 250 

Nixolas, 250 

Tiers, 250 

Sir Peter, 250 

Samuel 46, 250 

Sarali 250 

Sarah (Evans), 250 

Susanna 680 

Susanna ( Malin), 250 

Stephen, 250 

Thomas, 250 

Wade, 250 

Sir Walter, 250 

Sir William 250 

William, 250 

Hawkins, Hannah Ann, 19^3 

James Clinton, 1982 

Leona, 1979 

Lewis F., 1980 

Mary Estella, 1981 

Newton, 1122 

Hawley, James W., 1239 

Lester T., • • . 1239 

Hayes, Benjamin, J7 

Hayle, Prudence, 267 

Ruth, 267 

Heacock, Ann (Till), 1364 

Edward Rockhill, 21 21 

Esther, 2118 

Esther (Hallowell), . . . .1364 

Fannie Walker, 21 16 

James Walker, 21 17 

Jesse, 1364 

Jonathan, 1364 

Heacock, Joseph, 1364 

Mary Baynes 21 19 

Priscilla Walker, 2120 

William, 1364 

Head, John, 15 

Heald, Mary, 587 

Heck, Henry 8i2«, 203 

Charles, 8l2«, 203 

Hect, Henrietta, 787 

Henderson, Samuel, 282 

Wallace, ...•••... 282 

Heikes, John, 1883 

Mary, 1089 

Henry, Florence, 747 

Isabelle, 706 

Jane 309 

William, 706, 747 

Hershey, Henry Eugene, .... 1765 

Henry B., 965 

Jacob P>antz, 1764 

John Coleman, 1762 

Maud Marie, 1766 

Sallie Cecile 1763 

Susan 1905 

Hess, Mary, 1043 

Hibberd, John, 250 

Margaret (Havard), .... 250 

Hickman, Annie, 1757 

Hicks, Elias, .... . . 246 

Higgins, John, 7^ 

Highlands, Susan, 826 

Hilcher, Phoebe, 859 

Hileman, Ida J. (Cook), . . . .1739 

Hill, Eliza 8 

AL-iria, 90 

Hillis, David, 267 

LydiaW. (Stephens). ... 267 

Hines, Mary 8 

Hirst, Rebecca, 89 

Hite, Delilah, 838 

Hoffa, Margaret, 108 

Hoffman, Benjamin, 1877 



Hoffman, Norman Ray, 2381 

Hogsett, Rhetta, 474 

Holcomb, Dr. L. S 567 

Holland, ^'irginia, 636 

Holloway, Chalkley, 503 

Chalkley Clinton, 1209 

Lindley M , . ■ 548 

Maria (Warfield), 208 

Mary R H92, 1208 

Virginia, 2001 

Warren, 2002 

Holme, Benjamin, J90 

Holmes, Terusha (Stratton), . . . 525 

John 519 

Holstien, Colonel, .... 764 

Emily H., 764 

Magdaline, 788 

Mathias, 788 

Sarah, 788 

Holt, Mary, ■ • • 669 

Hood, James, 967 

Joseph, 967 

Hoods, .^arah, 8 

Hoopes, Abraham, 2036 

Arthur, 2049 

Asahel, 896 

Blanche, 2048 

Caleb, 662, 686, 1048 

Charles, I339> 2041 

Cynthia, ... .... 494 

David, 1338 

Edward, 1341, 2053 

Elizabeth Ann, 899 

Ella, 2044 

Elwood, 1337 

Emma, 1339, 2045 

Enos B., 2028 

Fannie, 2043 

Florence, 2042 

Frank 1343, 2037 

Frank G., 2051 

Georgia, 2047 

Gertrude 2050 

Gordon K., 2392 

Howard, 2040 

Jane, 897 

Jessie • ... 2040 

John, 898 

Lucy, 2054 

Margaret, 2039 

Marj', 895 

Sallie, 1342 

Samuel, 661, 2046 

Sarah (Roberts), 662 

.Susan, 2052 

Thomas, 526, 1336 

William, 337, 1340, 2038 

Hoover, Mazie, 819 

Hough, Elizabeth 636 

Houston, Laura v., 1742 

Marj', 1741 

Thomas, 956 

Howard, Mary Frances, .... 435 

Howe, General, 46 

Lydia, . . .... 1372 

Howel, Eliza, • • 8 

Margaret, lb 

Howell, Francis, lb 

Mary, ib 

Thomas, ib 

William, ........ ib 

Hoxsie, Jane, 1487 

Solomon, 1^87 

Hudson, Hannah, 8 

Huey, Susanna, ^337 

Hugh, Ellis ap, 7 

Roger, 17 

Hughes, Roger, 46 

Sarah, 7^8 

William, 264 

Hughs, Charles, ib 

Huling, Capt. John, 108 

Hull, Catherine, 1075 

Humphry, Onon, 46 



Humphry, Richard, 17 

Humphrey, Lowry, 669 

Hunt, Eli/.a, 228 

Hussey, Christopher, .... 189, 713 

Keranliappuck, 189 

Nathan 157 

Hutchinson, Priscilla, 249 

Iddings, Elizabeth, ....... 46 

Priscilla, 46 

Richard 46 

Sarah 46 

In de Hofl", Evart; see DeHaven. 

In Hoff, Erart ; see DeHaven. 

Irish, Ellen K., 515 

William L., 578 

Ivins, Barclay, 648 

Mary 648 

Rebecca, 282 

Rosanna, 648 

Jacobs, Elizabeth (Havard), . . . 250 

Hannah, 105 

James, 1477 

John, 250 

William, 1475 

Jackson, Hannah, loo 

Josiah 91 

Joseph L., 237 

James, Abel, 15 

Hannah, 1 12 

James, 17 

Margaret, 2^ 

Dr. Thomas C, 112 

Janney, Abraham David Pollock, . 1260 

Anna Lee, 1 261 

Anna M , 603 

Charles 629 

Charles P., 596 

Charles Philip, 125S 

Edward E., 631 

Emily, 1263 

Janney, Eva, 577 

Helen McPherson, 1265 

James C 227 

James Craik, 1267 

James M., 238 

James W., 599 

John, 600, 1259 

Lewis W., 633 

Lilias Gordon, 1257 

Louisa, 635 

Mary, 601, 634 

Mary Talbot, 1264 

Mildred, I266 

Nathaniel E., 597 

Rebecca, 1256 

Rebecca Talbot, 604 

Robert M., 602 

Samuel S., 632 

Susan W 598 

Thomas Gordon, 1255 

William Canby, 1262 

WiUiam P., 630 

Jaqua, Allen, 813 

IdaM., 813 

Jarman, Elizabeth, 46 

Jeremiah, 46 

John, . . . 6, 7, 8, 46, 112, 7(5, ^o 

Lewis, 46 

Margaret, 46 

Mary, 46, 112 

Priscilla, 46, II2 

Sarah, 46 

Jarmin, Mary, 6 

Jeanes, Amos, 246 

Anna (Thomas), 244 

Anna T., 647 

Esther (Brewer), 244 

Isaiah, 244, 646 

Jacob, 244, 641 

Joseph, 644 

Joshua T., 642 

Leah (Harmer) 244 



Jeanes, Mar>', 643 

Samuel, 645 

William, 244 

Jenkins, Elizabeth, ib 

Horace, 2203 

Howard M., ' ' 2, 5 

Mary, 1442 

Sarah, 2201 

Walter, 1441 

William, 696, ib j 

William J., 2202 

Jerman, Edward, 8 

Elizabeth, 6, 8 

Eliza, . . . - 54 

Mary, 6, 8 

Sarah, 8 

Thomas, 6, 8 

Jobson. Lydia, 1336 

John David, 22, jji 

Davis, 2151 

Frank, 2153 

Griffith, 27,375 

Harvey, 2150 

John ap, 7 

Lillian, 2154 

Margaret, 156 

Preston, 2149 

Samuel, 2 

Thomas 2 

Vining, 2152 

William, 1400 | 

Johnson, Elizabeth, 1304 

Emma, 972 

Martha, 560 

Robert, i 

Johnston, John, 2 ; 

Jollifte, Amos, So 

Elizabeth, 79 

Lydia, 77 

Mar)', 78 

William, 39. 43 

Jones, Amos, 8 

Jones, Ann, SZ^ ^^ 

Ann E (Cook), 1735 

Aubrey, 1622 

Cadwalader, 7 

Catherine, 8, 114 

David, 2, io8 

Ed, 17 

Edd 16 

Edward, 16, 46 

Dr. Edward, 112 

Ellen, 247 

Ellis, 17 

Emily, 1621 

Evan, 6 

Gerard, 247 

Glenny, 1623 

Griffith 371-374 

Hannah, 8, 19 

John, 8, 114, JO 

Jonathan, 112, 274 

Joseph 16 

Katherine, ib 

Lemuel, 221 

Lucy Ann, 108 

Margaret, II4, 445 

]Mar)', 8, 46, 250, 1482 

Mary (Wilson , 1482 

Morgan, 46, Jo 

Owen, 763 

Rebecca Ann, 265 

Robert, 7, 106 

Samuel, 46 

Sarah Ann, 265 

Thomas 2 

William, 372, 373 

Jordan, Joseph, 31 

Justice, Elizabeth, 695 

Katon, Susan, .... • . . . . 673 

William 673 

Keen, John 1450 

Keeny, Abraham, 202 




Keeny, Eliza M., 202 

Jacob, 202 

Margaret W. , 202 

Mary J., 202 

William II., 202 

Keimer, S., ^Sg 

Kellogg, Abby 520 

Kemble, Elizabeth 157 1, 2344 

Florence • . 2339 

Frances, 2345 

Henry Clay, • . 1570 

Isaac Walker, 1752 

Mary F. (Walker), 173 

William 2338 

William H 731 

Virginia, 2346 

Kendall, Elizabeth Sloan, .... 1606 

Evans, 272 

George W., 750 

Harry, 1605 

Lillian, 1604 

Samuel Eugene, .... 748, 1522 

Thomas Walker, 747 

William W. , 749, 1607 

Zillah (Walker), 272 

Zillah, . . • 1608 

Kennon, Arabella L., 2051 

William, 2051 

Willie L., 2051 

Kelvey, John, 189 

Sarah Ann, 189 

Thomas, 1S9 

Kerr, Emma, 1096 

Kersey, Emma W., 798 

John, 292 

Kinnemar, Annie, 814 

Kinsey, David ij 

John, 677, 1406, 

19^ 3^9^ 370, 371^ 375 

Mahlon, 363 

Mercy, 363 

William Howard, 2162 

Kirk, Annie, 848 

Kithcart, Jane, 1 119 

Klinedienst, Mary, 1086 

Knight, Mary, 282 

Knowles, Sarah, 8 

Knox, General, 46, 250 

Konnard, Tennis ; see Dennis Conard. 

Kugler, John V., 756 

Kuhn, Anna, 11 76 

Kulp, Maurice, 2148 

Retta, 2148 

Kunkle, Jane, ^399 

Lewis 1399 

Samuel, 20J 

LaFayette General, 46, 250 

Lamb, Clayton 1584 

Elizabeth W , 2357 

Hannah W , 2359 

Wintield S., 2358 

Lambert. Mary 669 

Thomas, 669 

Langworthy, John, 16 

Lapp, William, 1476 

Larew, Asahel W , 944 

Clara, 947 

Jane ^ 949 

Lewis, 7~T~T— ;— . 346 

Lucy 948 

Mary Angeline, 946 

William G , 945 

Latch, Frank, 46 

Latty, Judge -523 

Lawrence, Elinor, 16 

Ellin, 8 

Henry, 2064 

Rebecca 225 

Sarah 8 

Thomas, 37 

Lease. David, 314 

Ledwith, Jean Brice 1811 

Rev. William, looi 



Ledwitb, \Villiam Lawrence, . . . 1812 ' 

Lee, J. Elwood 1638 

William 282 

Leech, Adna Israel, 1242a 

Alva, 1240 

Elma, ■ • • . 1242^ 

John, 569 

Lewis E 1237 

Lydia Jane 1 241 

Martha 1239 

Mary B., 1242 

Thomas I., 1238 

lehmer, D., 1867 

Jacob, 422 

Lewis, Ann, 1429, 2g 

Catherine, 1 6 

Cornelius, 1427 

Daniel, 46 

David, 267, 16 

Elijah 690 

Elizabeth, 250, 40O, 16 

Emma, 2065 

Evan Robert 5 

Henry, 46 S, 16 

James, 112, 6, 8 

John 105, 250, 7, /6 

Lewis, JO 

Margaret 250, 16 

Martha, • • 1428 

^lary, j, 16, 2g 

Sarah, 105, 1426 

Susannah, ib 

Lincoln, Elizabeth (Davis), . . . 106 

Abraham 764 

Mary, 267 

Linville, Alice R., 1824 

Annie, 1018 

Aquilla J 1019 

Arthur, 1023. 1825 

Asahel, 1017 

Clement, 1021 

Jane, 1826 

Linville, Lucy, 1020, 1823 

Margaret, 1024 

Marion, 1829 

Sarah, 1022 

Sylvester, 385 

Sylvia, 1827 

Thomas, 412 

Walker 1S28 

Lippincolt, Elizabeth White, . . . 1269 

Howard, • 603 

James Janney, 1 2 68 

Little, Darlington, 1617 

Howard 1615 

Mabel, . . 1614 

Mary 8 

Roger M., 758 

Winfield, 1616 

Llewellyn, Ann ib 

David, lb 

Eliza, 112 

Dr. John, 112 

Morris, 112, 76, j^ 

William, 13 

Lloyd, E., iq 

Estella, 801 

David, 247 

J., 46, /7 

Joseph, 250 

Mary, 250 

Llud, . 5 

Logan, James, ig, 375 

Longaker, David, 266 

Mary, 266 

Longenecker, Henry B 175^ 

Longstreth, Ann, 249 

Ann (Dawson), 249 

Bartholemew, 249 

Christopher, 249 

Jane 249 

John 785 

Joseph, 105, 785 

Sarah (Thomas), 7^5 



Lovejoy, Flora J., 1223 

Lovett, Frank Heston, 1610 

Lowns, Susannah, 8 

Ludwig, Chester, 1595 

Jane, 1594 

Ohver P., 73^ 

Lukens, Hettie, 1441 

Mary (Calcy), 669 

Wood, 842 

Lupton, Ann, 88, 576 

David 581 

Edward, • . . . 577 

Hannah, 214 

Hugh S., 40, 579 

James, 88 

Jonah, 40, 213 

Mary, 578 

Rachel, 88 

Rebecca, 5^° 

.Samuel, 93 

Sarah Ann, 238 

Mab^e, William, 1220 

Macey, Thomas, 189 

Macgilivrae, Alex., 189 

Maclnnes, Hugh . 1413 

Jannet, 1413 

Rebecca, 1413 

MacKelvey, Thomas ; see Kelvey. 

Mackey, Emma, 1349 

Martha, 4 

William, 4 

MacVeagh, Eleanor (Evans), . . 267 

Jeremiah, 267 

Sarah, . . . ' 267, 670 

Wayne, 267 

Malin, Jane, 32 

Randall, 35 

Susanna, 250 

Maris, Anna, .... . . • 2062 

Sarah, 681 

Susan, 1338 

Marlin, Josephine, ^443 \ 

Marsh, Lydia, 121, 420 

Marshall (Alteraus), Frances S., . 488 

Laura, 1775 

Mary 1772 

Patience 177^ 

Stanley, 1774 

William, . . .... 9fJ9. ^773 

Marston, Henry Ward, 2022 

Joseph Rhoads, 2391 

Matthew Randall, 2390 

Martin, Anna Y., 2206 

Ella E., 2204 

Esther Hallowell, 2205 

John C, 1444 

Joseph, 186, I2i8 

Sadie, 1893 

Massey, Charles Davis, . . . 267, 718 

Charles Miller, 1529 

Eleanor, 267, 712 

George W., 1547 

Isaac Richardson, . . . 267, 724 

Jacob 267, 712, 718, 724 

Jacob Pennypacker, . . . .1528 

Laura S., 154^ 

Rebecca, 2288 

Rebecca R., 1548 

Rebecca ( Richardson ) , 

712, 718, 724 

Sallie B., 1545 

William Walker, 1527 

Mauk, Edward, 1946 

George, 1944 

Helen, 1945 

Thomas M., 1097 

Maule, Ann, 62, 170 

Benjamin, 62, 170 

Beulah, 165 

Daniel, 58 

Ebenezer, 63 

Hannah, 17° 

Jacob, 61, 166 



Maule, Jane, 6i, 170 

John, 60 

Joshua, ■ ■ ■ . 167 

Lewis, 64 

Mercy, 168 

Rachel, 164 

Sarah, 57 

Thomas, . . . S, 15, 59, 170, 171 
Zillah, 15, 169 

McAHster, John, 79 

McCann, Mary, 734 

McClellan, Alden, 980 

Annie, 1785 

Asahel, 1784 

Charles, 1788 

Leonora, 1787 

William, 1786 

McClenachan, Charles, 274 

Naomi, 762 

Mary (Thomas), 274 

McClure, Abel, 493 

George Endly, 497 

Joseph, 495 

Louisa, 498 

Lydia 500 

Mary (Townsend), 199 

Samuel, 494 

Seth, 199, 496 

Sinah Ann, 499 

Susan, 501 

McCosh, Andrew, 331 

Benjamin, 867 

Emma, 869 

John, 868 

Morris, 870 

McCullock, Nancy, ■ 1033 

McDonald, Gilbert, 17 14 

John, ■•.... 1713 

McFarland. Eliza Walker, .... 2286 

Emma 22S7 

James Arthur, 15 iS 

Mary, 2285 

McGill, Bellmina, 999 

McGregor, Calvin, 1672 

Mildred, 2368 

McMillan, Eleanor, IIII 

Jacob 157 

Ruth Hannah, 437 

McNew, Clyde, 1958 

George Edward, 1956 

John, 1 103 

Rachel Alice, 1957 

Mconley, Isaac, 1092 

TiUie, 1934 

Meares, John, 89, 287 

Marian (Walker), .... 46, 287 
Sarah, 89 

Meek, Grace, 1987 

John, 1989 

Love, 1988 

Walker, 1986 

Winfield, 1133 

Meeker, Isabella, 1382 

Mendenhall, Aaron, 249 

Ann (Pennell), 107 

Benjamin, 107 

Elizabeth, 249 

Hannah 107 

John, 249 

Lydia (Roberts), 107 

Martha, 40 

Sarah Emma (Vale) 1S56 

Mercer, Albert E., 20H 

Alberta M , 2012 

Charles, 2010 

Ida L., 2013 

Jessie, 1222 

Jesse Blaine, ... . 2014 

Vernon D., 2015 

William, 1225 

Meredith. David, '], 17, 28 

Eleanor, 8 674 

Hannah (Harrison) 674 

John, 674 



Meredith, Katharine, 7 

Mary, 7 

Mereu, Margaret, 374 

Merkel, George A 1524 

Merry, Lizzie, 204 

Metcalf, Ella, 811 

Estella, 812 

Gillson, 810 

Dr. Hiram 310 

John Richard, 809 

Wooster, 808 

Metz, Abraham, 1532 

Frank Beidler, 2300 

Sarah Eliza 2298 

Thomas Overton 2299 

Mifflin, General, 249, 670 

Miles, Mary, 16 

■Richard, 16 

Griffith, 2b 

Miller, Catherine, 224 

Charles Hatfield, 1606 

Daniel, 1686 

Elizabeth, 135 

Guion, 135, 363 

Helen, 250 

James, 224 

John, 250 

Jonathan, 250 

Kate, 870 

Margaret, 825 

Mary, 378, 867 

Phoebe, 115 

Sallie, 224 

Sarah, 995, 1093 

Sarah (Havard), 250 

Sarah Jane, 224 

Milner, Dr., 1361 

Mires, Christopher, 669 

Mitchell, Joseph, 8 

Moore, Abner, 56, 660, 663 

Abraham, 358 

Andrew, 131, 363, 349 

Moore, Ann, 52, 106 

Ann (Starr) 52 

Anna, 350 

Asahel 355 

Benjamin, 160, 264, 357 

Delia, 1688 

Edwin 74, 677, 1024, bg 

Eliza, 267 

Elizabeth, 267 

Elizabeth (Davis), 677 

E. Lawton, 1833 

Ellen 159, 663 

Ellen R., 1335 

Fanny, I462 

Gilbert, 1460 

Hannah 249, 677 

Isaac, . . 159, 267, 348, 359, 663 

Isaac Walker, 704 

Jacob, 360 

James 5^, 3^3 

John, 7. 134 

Josephine, 1463 

Leah 163, 660, 663 

Leah W 60 

Lydia R., 1017 

Margaret, 703 

Mary, 35^ 

Miriam (Wells), 267 

Mordecai, 249, 677 

Moses, 352 

Phoebe, 162 

Rees 105 

Robert, 351 

Samuel D., 353 

Sarah, l6l, 702, 1461 

Walker, 354, 660 

William, 8 

William F., 834 

Col. William, 12b 

Willemina, 8 

Morgan, John, 30 

Morlan, Albert 455 



Morlan, Donald, II57 

Harold, 1158 

Mabel, I156 

Percy, II55 

Ralph I154 

Morris, Ann, 51, 145 

Anthony, 53 

Caroline, 1459 

Catherine W., 1620^ 

David, 2g 

Elizabeth 1456, 2g 

Emma, 16203 

Evan, 2g 

Francis, 1457 

Granville, 1458 

Hannah, 142 

Isaac, 140 

Isaac W. , 700 

Isaac Wistar, 1453 

Jane, 2g 

Jean, 53 

John, 6, 51, 53, 139, 157 

Joseph, 149 

Leah, 143 

Lewis, 53. 148 

Levi, 762 

Margaret 53- ^^9 

Mary, I, 157, 391 

Morris, 53 

Morton, 1454 

Paschall, 700, 1455 

Phcebe 8, 147 

Priscilla, 392 

Rachel, 144 

Ruth, 51 

Sarah, 141, 146, 1452 

Sarah H., 1620 

Sarah (Paschall) 700 

Mortimer, James, 16 

Mosice, Julia, 1 105 

Mott, Daniel, 1204 

Mullin, Emma M., 1528 

Mullin. Ida, 1 395 

Murphy, Moll, 8 

Myers, Barbara, 344 

Edna, 2384 

Elsie, 2221, 2386 

Emma (Anderson) 1869 

Francis, 1955 

Frederick, 1472 

Frederick A., 2220 

Harry, 1954 

Margaret, 312 

Mary 2385 

Norval, 1953 

Pemberton, 1102 

Philip, 1903 

Reynolds, 2222 

Wesley, 818 

Needles, Eliza J., 608 

Negus, Lydia, 2H 

Neilson, Marj' Campbell 1500 

Nester, Jane, 812a 

Newbold, Bertha, iSoi 

Charles, 1800 

Wistar, 994 

Newlin, Mary, 1 35- 3^3 

Nathan, 363 

Nicholas, 135, 363 

Newmarch, Bernard, 250 

Nicholas, Mary, 8 

Thomas, 250. 

Nichols, Lucy, 599 

Roland Pusey, 1 759 

Nimmons, Lunett E., 549 

Noble, Abel, 105 

Mary (Garrett), 105 

Norrice, Isaac ; see Norris. 

Norris, Charles, 736 

Isaac, 42 

Norton, Marj' 55" 

Nova Mercata, Bernard ; see Newmarch. 



Oaly, Elizabeth, 433 

Oberholtzer, Mary, 1038 

Odbert, Arthur, 439 

Har'ford mo 

Ivan 1970 

OHvar, Evan, 10 

Olmstead, Edwrard 2253 

Katherine Nisbet, 2255 

Margaret Stearns, 2254 

William Nisbet, 1495 

Osier, Frederick Bruce, 2018 

Wilmer, 1300, 2017 

Otmeyer, Henry, 20^ 

Owen, Griffith ^9^370 

Robert, 16 

Sarah, 8 

Packer, William Vogdes, .... 2219 

Pain, Alice, 677 

Josiah, . 677 

Paiste, Brook, 2083 

B. Franklin, 1353 

Caroline, 1350, 2073 

Caroline E., 2087 

Charles, .... 1354, 20S6, 2101 

David, 1356 

David W., 2088 

Dillwyn, 1358, 2103 

Edna, 2084 

Edward, 1349, 2080 

Edwin, 2069 

Eliza, 1357 

Eliza W., 2105 

. Elizabeth, 2102 

Elwood, 135 1 

Emma, 2081 

Florence, 2078 

Frank, 2079 

Frederick, 2077 

George, 1347 

Gertrude, 2082 

Helen G., 2097 

Paiste, Henry, 2090 

Holland, 2070 

Homer, 2104 

Horace, 2076 

Howard, 2067, 2100 

James 665, 2091 

James L., 1355, 2099 

John Davis, 2085 

Mary Emma, 2072 

Mercy 134S 

Phineas, 664, 665, 1352, 2066, 2075 

Rebecca R., • • 2098 

Robert 2071 

Robert J 1346 

Sallie, 2068. 2089 

Sarah, 669 

Walter, 2074 

William Henry, 1348 

Pancoast, Mary, 113 

Samuel, 113 

Sarah (Stevens), 113 

Pannebecker, Hendrich, 266 

Parker, Joseph 669 

Parks. Rachel, 249 

Parrottet, Sallie 1349 

Parry, Elizabeth, 679 

James, 679 

John 8, 679 

Lettice, 679 

Martha, 8 

Parson, Hannah 250 

John, 250 

Partenheimer, Corinne, 1798 

Gertrude, 1799 

Dr. John, 99° 

Parvin, Barron Potter, 1644 

Cornelia Watkins, 1645 

Emily Pancoast, 1641 

Helen Roberts, 1640 

Lewis Albert, 1646 

Lilly Wicks 1643 

Robert, 79^ 



Parvin, Robert Howard, .... 1642 

Paschal, Hannah, 8 

William, 8 

Passmore, Thomas, 135 

Pastorius Daniel, 1386 

Patterson, Joseph, 6j 

Louisa (McClure), 498 

Pearson, Elizabeth J., 806 

Hannah, 803 

Isaac, 304 

Isaac C, 801 

Lewie W., 807 

Phcebe, 804 

Ruth Emma, S05 

Sarah, 802 

Peart, Elizabeth, 670 

Penn, Gulielma Marie, . . . 112, j8g 

Letitia, 2, 112 

William, ... 2, 52, 82, 112, 677 

WiUiam, Jr., 112, jSg 

Pennell, Alice, 260 

Joseph, 259 

Meredith 259 

Priscilla W., 699 

Sarah, 674 

Thamzin R. , 700 

Pennock, Francis, 390 

J. Darlington, 1044 

Walker, 1045 

Pennj'packer, Ann, 740 

Annie Walker, 15 10 

Brook Wildey, 1602 

Brower, 1600 

Coffin Colket, 1507 

Elizabeth Brower, 739 

Emma Rebecca, ^5^^ 

Evelyn, 2270 

Frank, 1603 

Frances Brower, 742 

Hannah Margaret, 738 

Harmon, 1401 

Isaac Anderson, 1508 

Pennypacker, Isaac Walker, . . . 746 

Jacob 266 

John Stearns, 1509 

Joseph 271, 725 

Joseph Brower, 271 

Marcia Cranston, 745 

Margaret (Tyson), 266 

Mary Athalia, 1506 

Mary Emma, 744 

Mary (Maris), ...... 266 

Mathias, 266, 715 

Mathias Anderson, . . 1504, 2271 
Dr. Mathias Jackson, .... 715 

Sallie, 1401 

Samuel W., 266, 126 

Sarah 266 

Sarah Jane, 743 

Sarah Walker, 1505 

Thomas Walker 741, 1601 

William Henry, ^5^3 

Pepper. Hannah J., 626 

Perry, Margery, 80 

Peters, John, 811 

Peterson, Almira Little, 1494 

Ann Catherine, 827 

Richard, 1494 

Phillips, Griffith, S, 2j 

Isaac^ 170 

John, 170 

Lydia, 170 

Margaret, .... . . 53, 69 

Samuel, 2, 8, 282 

Philpin, Daniell, 7f ^9 

Pidgeon, Amos, 1198 

Charles 1200 

Edward 218 

Isaac, 86 

John, II97 

Joseph, 544 

Lewis, 219, 619 

Mary E., 1280 

Samuel L., 220 



Pidgeon, William 1 199 

Pierce. Mary Walker 1275 

Perry B., . . 606 

Talbot Eugene, 1274 

Piersol, Lewis, 267 

Pilkinton, Hepzibah, 307 

Levi 308 

Matilda, 3" 

Rebecca, 306 

Richard II9 

Ruth 304 

Sarah 310 

Vincent, 3^5 

Walker, 309 

Plummer, Anna, 89 

Plumstead, William, JJ 

Pollock, Nannie Lee, 596 

Pond, Blanche 122S 

Portails, Count du, 46, 250 

Porter, Jennie E. 823 

Potts, Alice, 675 

Ann (Wager), 675 

David 675 

Hannah, loS 

Hester, 675 

Isaac, 46 

Jonas, 3 

Martha, 675 

Nathan, 675 

William, 675 

Zebulon, 675 

Powell. Ann (Havard), 250 

David, 6, 250, 79, j6g 

Jonathan, 112 

John, 250 

Mary (Havard), 250 

Pownall, Alta, 1783 

Anne, 979 

Bertha, 1780 

Chester 1782 

Clifton, 1 781 

Deborah, . . . • 977 

Pownall, Edna, 1 820 

Henry, 369, 978 

Joseph D. C, . 1013 

Lilly 1819 

Mary 976, 1779 

Moses, . . 383 

Norman, 1778 

Pha-be, 975 

\'incent, 1818 

Willmer 1817 

Pratt, Mary E. , 2028 

Phineas, 1334 

Preston, Margaret, 8 

Price, James, /y 

Joan, 7 

Thomas, 311 

William, 222 

Prichard, Edward, 112 

Priestman, Elizabeth, 669 

Hannah, 669 

Joseph, 669 

Miriam, 669 

Thomas 669 

Prothera, Elizabeth, /6 

Protherah, Evan, 8, 16, 26 

Protherie, James, 6 

Proud, Robert, 112 

Pugh. Abraham, 7 

Ann 106 

Azariah, 106 

Catherine, 106 

David 7 

Ellis 7. 8, 53. 7. ^7. loi 

Elijah, 7 

Elizabeth, 7 

Evan, 16 

Hananiah, 106 

James, 7- ^°6 

Jane, 106 

Jane (Roger), 106 

Jesse, 106 

Job, 7, 8, 106 



Pugh, Jonathan, 7 

John lo6 

Joseph T., JO 

Mary, 8, io6 

Mary ( Evans ) , 7 

Mary (Davis, io6 

Michael 7 

o Mizpah, io6 

Roger, io6 

Sinah, 7 

Thomas, 7, lo6 

^VilIiam, lo6 

Pusey, James, 135 

Sarah Ann, 194 

Pyle, Jesse, 183 

Pyott, Eliza, 2061 

George, 2062 

James, 1345 

Laura, 2064 

Phineas, 2065 

WiUiam, 2063 

Raby, Asenath, 1 191 

Radcliffe, Cyrus G 267 

Rambo, Eliza 717 

Harry Walker, 2225 

Merrit, 2226 

Nathan, 717, 1483 

Peter, 282 

Ramsey, Anna Lydia, 20J 

Charles Dana, 2133 

Elizabeth (Walker), 36 

Ellen D. (Walker), 1372 

Harold, 2132 

James D., 206 

John K., ^05- 

John W. 20J 

Joseph Davis, 2130 

Mary M., 206 

Samuel, ... 1372 

Sarah, 2131 

William, 317, 670, 1372 

Ramsey, William W., 20J 

Rankin, Ann, 46 

Catherine, 46, 117 

James, 70 

Jane, 46, 90, 1 17 

John, 46 

John, Jr., 46 

Mary, 46, 90 

Rebecca, 46 

Stephen, 70 

William 46. 90, 117 

Rebort, John 46 

Redman, Frances (Baynes), . . . 669 

Reed, George, 108 

Rees, David, 7 

Jane, 212 

Lewis, JO 

Rees ap., 46 

Thomas, 2, /6 

"Widow," 46 

Reese, Anne, 372 

Philip, 267 

Reinhart, Mary, 250 

Rhoades, Burt, 2181 

Frank, 2180 

Kate 2183 

Preston, 1419 

Warren, 2182 

Rhoads, Adam, 246 

Alfreds., 2024 

Alice S., 1314 

Alice Sellers, 2022 

Anna J., .1311 

Daniel, C55 

Daniel J., 246 

Edward, 649 

Edward Keasby Smith. . . . 1327 

Francis Sinnicksen, 1329 

James, 650 

Jane, 1346 

Jane Elizabeth, 1310 

J. Howard, • 2023 



Rhoads, Jolin, ... 654 

Joseph 246 

Joseph R 1318 

Joseph James, 1328 

Joshua, 648 

Julius F., 1312 

Maria D. (Smith), 655 

Martha C, 1316 

Mary Ann, 651 

Mary J., . 1313 

Naomi, 656, 1315 

Naomi (Thomas), 246 

Rebecca Naomi, ^33^ 

Sallie, 1346 

Samuel Jeanes, 1326 

Sarah (Jeanes), 246 

Sarah W., 652 

T. Walter, 1 31 7 

Zillah, 653 

Rhods, Annie, 723 

Rhys, Llewellyn ap., 250 

Richards, Abel, 175 

Abigail, 484 

Adelaide, 1432 

Albert, 482, 1153 

Alice, 1 168 

Ann, 191 

Anna J., 1391 

Anna Christine, 1 172 

AnnaWillard (Steece), . . . 479 

Benjamin, 1436 

Benjamin Sayre, .... 461, 1162 

Beulah, 115, 172, 186 

Caleb 255 

Carroll, 1440 

Catherine, 16, 68 

Chalkley Wood, 1395 

Charles Douglass, 480 

Clara 1 1 70 

Cynthia Louise 1163 

Daniel, 65, 177, 449 

Deborah Ann, 470 

Richards, Edith, 2194 

Edna 11 69 

Edwin 1 146 

Eleanor A , 2143 

Eliza, 466 

Elizabeth, . . .16, 66, 452, 1431 

EHzabeth (Evans), 16 

Elizabeth J 2198 

Elizabeth W 173 

Emeline Kirtland, 463 

Emma, I433 

Enoch 267 

Etta, 1152 

Fannie, 458, 1149 

Gainor, 16 

George 448, 483 

George A., 457 

Hannah Eliaabeth, 465 

Havard, 2144 

Helen, 21S6, 2200 

Herbert, 2193 

Isaac, . 184 

Isaac W., 467 

Isaac Walker, . . 694, 1389, 1430 

Jacob W., 185 

Jane, 1390, 1434, 2199 

J. Cleaver, 2196 

Jesse, 1 14 7 

John, . . 269, 678, 693, 1366, 1437 

John James 1392 

John Kelvey, 479, 1171 

John R., 468, 2195 

Joseph 453 

Joseph T., 178 

Joseph Thomas, 464 

Joseph Walker, 481 

J. Walker, 475 

Lewis, 190 

Lewis C, 472 

Lewis Walker, . . . .477, 1398 

Lillie, 456, 1148 

Louisa, 459, 1393 



Richards, Lydia, 67, 174, 462 

Margaret, 16 

Marian, -I4i 

Martha, 455, 1145 

Martha W., 1389. 1430 

Martha (Wood), 678 

Mary, 187, 1366, 1438 

Mar}' ( Carmichael ) 1S5 

Mar>- T 1394 

Owen. 16 

Otis v., 474 

Rachel, I150 

Robert, 454 

Rowland, . . . . 2, 16, 176, I151 
Samuel, 2, i6, 69, 70, 174. 189, 

24S, 451,478,^75 

Samuel S., 695, 2197 

Samuel W., 469 

Sarah 16, 188, 473 

Sarah (Kelvey), 189 

Stephen, . . 447 

Susan (Supplee), 1366 

Susan Walker 1397 

Theodore Wright, I161 

Thomas Walker, 729 

Dr. T. J., 460 

Tracy, 1 166 

Webb 1 167 

William, . 450, 471, 1435, 1439 

William W., 678, 1430 

William Wood, 1396 

Richardson, Barbara 8 

Isaac, 267 

Jacob, 267 

Joseph, 'i' 21 

Margaret, 20 

Mary, 105 

Rebecca, 267 

Richeter, William, 177 1 

Rickabaugh, Dr., ...... 1414 

Mary, 1414 

Rickaby, John, 669 

Ridley, Samuel, 2£ 

Righter, Eunice, 2004 

James, 1217 

Leonard, 2003 

Riseling. Lucinda. 824 

Ritter, William, 250 

Roach. Emma, 1746 

Roads, Ad., ig 

Robert, John, 16 

Roberts, Albert, 1425 

Alga, S06 

Allen, 2163, 2170 

Ann, 1364 

Anna, 105 

Anna E., 2328 

Annie, 1412, 2167 

Benjamin Havard, 1407 

Charles, 2171 

Charles Joseph, 1414 

Clarence, 1415 

Cordelia, 683 

ComeUa, 141 7 

David, 247, 1422 

David Havard, 1410 

Ebenezer, 105 

Edith May, 2313 

Edward, 2, 7, 8 

Edward Holstien, 2316 

Edward Walker, 1750 

Elizabeth 664 

Ehza 26S. 1538, 1546 

Ellen 657 

Ellin, 247 

Ellis ic6 

Emily, I344 

Emily May, 2166 

Emily (Thomas), .... 278, 763 

Emma Dunwoodie, 2325 

Evan, Z^, 3^ 

Gainor, 7^3 

George, 1413- 21S5 

Greta M. 2326 



Roberts, Havard, 2168 

Hugh 252, 8 

Isaac, 278, 658, 763, 784 

Isaac Burton, 2164 

Isaac Walker, .... 1408, 1424 

JaneW., 661 

Jesse 659 

John, 105, 247, 17 

JoVin Coleman, 962 

John W., 1420 

Jonathan, 2, 8, 105, 1538, 1546,^7/ 

Jonne, 252 

Joseph 106, 252, 1421 

Kate 1423 

Lewis, 681 

Martha, 1422 

Mary, . . 105, 216, 763, 784, 1418 

Mary Ann, 660, 685 

Mary Davis, 2312 

Mary Elizabeth Moore, . . .1751 

Mary Emily, 1409, 2184 

Mary W., 662, 686 

Mary (Walker), 252 

Matthew, . . . . 8, 105, 159, 663 

Norman, 2165 

Rachel, 666, 1419 

Rebecca, . . , 252, 665, 782, 2169 

Rebekah, 684 

Robert 247 

Sarah, 8, 105, 662, 679 

Sarah (Shoemaker), .... 106 

Susan Havard, 1416 

Susan H., 2327 

Stephen 683 

Tacy, 281 

Walker, 682 

Walter Jonathan, 2314 

William, .... 7, 252, 680. 737 

William B 1538, 1546, 2315 

William H., I411, 1 546 

Robinson, Adam, 249 

Anne, 249 

Robinson, Elizabeth, 249 

Isaac 249 

Joseph 249 

Mary, 249 

Matthew, 249 

Moses 105, 249 

Nicholas, 249 

Priscilla, 249 

Rachel, 249 

Rachel (Parks), 249 

Rebekah, 249 

Samuel, 249, 282 

Sarah, 8, 249 

Sarah (Coates), 249 

Thomas, 70, 249 

William, 249 

Roblin, 12 

Rockey, Phoebe, 1058 

Samuel, 399 

Rodney, Margaret, 141° 

Roger, Jane, 7, 106 

John, 106 

Roberts, 106 

Rogers, Esther, 267 

Hannah, 139 

Jacob, 267 

Rebecca, 8 

Robert 28 

Ross, Catherine, 108 

Eneas, 108 

George, 108 

George, Rev., 108 

Gertrude, 108 

John, lo8 

Margaret, 108 

Mary, 108 

Rossiter, Elizabeth (Robinson), . . 249 

Mary (Stephens), 723 

Samuel, 267, 723 

Rowland, Benjamin, 273 

B. Franklin, 754 

Caroline, 75^ 



Roland, Eleanora S., 760 

Harry C 761 

James, 243 

Joseph, 243 

Joseph Wagner, 1611 

Marcia G 752 

Margaretta, 756 

Mary, 755. 1613 

Ross, 1612 

Ruthanna, 75 ^ 

Samuel J 757 

Thomas Walker, 753 

Winfield W., 759 

Rulison. Caroline, 206 

Rummells, Richard, 315 

Russell. Sarah, 46 

Rytherah, Philip, 46 

Sais, Einion 250 

Samuels, Margaret jo 

Sanders, Hannah 166 

Sands, Susanna W., 694 

Satterthwait, David, 977 

Sayre, Anna Maria, 178 

Scholl, Jane 328 

Scroggy, Minerva, 830 

Seal, Amanda 1318 

Esther L. (Mort.), 1318 

Joseph, 1318 

Secor, Ann, 189 

Thomas, 189 

Sellers, Alice 650 

Ann E., 650 

Catherine, 1685 

George, 650 

Serrell, Emma, 282 

Martha, 282 

ShainHne, R. Jane 1539 

Sharp, Caroline, ^yj 

Hannah, 27J 

John, 1364 

Joseph, ^73 

Sharp, William L., 2yj 

Shaw, Milton, 1201 

"Widow," j8i 

Shearer, Andrew B., 1088 

Charles C, 1916 

Estella v., 1921 

Ethel 1922 

Frederick W., 1923 

Ira S., 1917 

Myrtle I., 1920 

Willetta G 1919 

Wilhs L , 1918 

Sheffer, Salmon, 1878 

Shephard, Kate, 1636 

Sheppard, Catherine, 677 

Hannah, 677 

William 677 

Sherman, John, 1433- 2192 

Shillach, James, 1423 

Shinn, Anna Morris 2359^ 

James T., 1620^ 

Shippen, Edward, J70 

Shoemaker, Mary, 8 

Sarah, 106 

Thomas, 8 

Showalter, Frank, 2156 

Shryock, Laura, 957 

Shuben, Sarah, 108 

Sidwell, Cornelia, 230 

Sigman, Ida, 640 

Simcoe, John, 206 

Simons, Thomas, 27, jo 

Simmons, Eliza, 1052 

Leah, 1051 

Ruth Ada, 1053 

Samuel, 394 

Simpson, Estelle, 749 

Simton, Fannie 1004 

Singclair, Matilda, 623 

Siter, Adam, 282 

Skiles, Mary Elizabeth 1752 

Slaughter, Louisa, ^3°3 



Slaymaker, Barbara, 1365 

Sleek, AbnerW 837 

Annie, 1703 

Benjamin W. , 838 

Daniel, 1700 

Franklin, 1705 

Grant, 1707 

Hannah, 842 

Harlin 1701 

Ida, 1696 

John 843, 1709 

Josiah, 841 

Margaret 836 

Myrtle, 1702 

Rebecca, 1699 

Samuel 840, 1697, 1708 

Samuel A., 322 

Sarah 835, 1695, 1704 

Thomas, 1710 

Thomas W., 839 

William, 1698,1706 

Sloan, Bessie, 2164 

Elizabeth M., 2164 

Malicha W., 2164 

Martha, 749 

Sloane, Mabel, 1164 

Slokom, Anna, 955 

Charles, I744 

Deborah, 958 

Isaac Walker, 957 

Mary, 959 

Samuel 362, 960, 1743 

Susanna, 956 

Smallshaw, Thomas, 8, ^j 

Smedley, George, 8 

Louisa, 978 

Smith, Anna Mary, 953 

Catherine Iva, 952 

David, 563, 564 

Edward, 655 

Eliza, 1229 

ElwoodW., 950 

Smith, Etta Angeline, 954 

Eve, 318 

Horace G., 476 

Israel, 347 

John, 2 

Joseph, 99. 152 

Louisa, 828 

Lydia Jane, 951 

Maria Dick, 655 

Mary, 541. 839 

Osburn 1190 

Rebecca (Sinnicksen'i, . . . 655 

William 1 228 

Smurthwaite, Lydia, 155° 

Smyth, Anna Canby 597 

Emily B., 602 

William C , 597, 602 

Snode, Lucy, 1175 

Mary, I173 

Sooney, Eliza, 371 

Spahr, Louisa, 1875 

Spangler, Charles, ...... 20j 

James, 20^ 

Lydia, 20^ 

Nathan, 203 

Sparks, Rachel, 837 

Speakman, Mary, 579 

Spears, Annie (Bane), 485 

Stella, 485 

Sporley, Caroline, 1745 

Springman, Annie, ^435 

Sproul, Annie, 174^ 

Dora, 1747 

Dorothy, 2370 

Everett S., . .* 1745 

James, 959 

John 2371 

Mary, 1749 

Thomas Jay, 2369 

William C, 1746 

William H., 958 

Stackhouse, Lydia, 989 



Stalker, Hannah, 249 

Stamper, John, 8 

Stanton, Dr. Benjamin, 202 

Benjamin L., 5^^ 

Byron, 516 

Caroline, 5^3 

Dalton, 517 

David, 514 

Elizabeth, 1183 

Emily Irish 1184 

Laura, 5^° 

Oliver, 5" 

Joseph, 512 

Rebecca, 509 

William, 5 15 

Star, Menick, 78 

Starr, Ann, 52, 363 

Jeremiah, 52, 3^3 

Rebecca 363 

St. Aubrey, Lord, s^S 

Reginald 38J 

Saunders de, j8_5 

Steams, Anna Augusta, 149^ 

Emma Hoyt, 1498 

George Herbert Pegram, . . 1500 

John Owen, 714, 1499 

Margaret C. (Walker), ... 714 

Mary Athalia, 1495 

Matilda Stevens, 1501 

Onslow, 1502 

Sarah Neilson, 2263 

William Walker, 1497 

Steece, Anna Willard 479 

Steen, Margaret, 443 

Steer, Caroline, 1302 

Edgar, 1303 

Ella, 639 

Grace, 1307 

Harold 1309 

Harriette, 1301 

Isaac, 93 

Isaac E. , 640 

Steer, Leah, 1300 

Lewis W., 636 

Mary, 638 

Rachel, 240 

Samuel, 1299 

Samuel L., 239 

Sarah Ann, 637 

Walter, 1308 

William, 241 

Steits, Henry, 46 

Stemper, Hannah, 8 

Stephens, Abijah, . . 46, 250, 267, j/j 

Ada May, 1552 

Anna Moore, 267 

Benjamin, 267 

David, 2, 267 

Eleanor, 267 

Eliza (Moore), 267 

Elizabeth, 267 

Emma, 710 

Frances L., 1555 

Frank P., 1550 

Hannah, 267, 268, 730 

Hannah Jane, 1549 

Hannah (Walker), 267 

Isaac Moore, 267 

Jacob Rogers, 267 

James C , 1562 

Jeremiah, 267 

Jesse, 267 

Joanna Davis, 1542 

Josephine, 1403 

Lydia Wells, 267 

Margaret Currie, 724 

Mary, 267 

Mary (Davis), 267 

MaryE., 1562 

Mary Emma, 1556 

Mary MacVeagh, 267 

Maurice, 267 

Priscilla 267, 373 

Rachel MacVeagh, 267 



Stephens, Ruth, 267 

Richard Currie, . .725,742,1551 

Sallic, 727 

Sarah Ella 1543 

Sara Frances, 1554 

Sarah (MacVeagh), . . . 267,670 

Sarah Walker, 722 

Susan, 1404 

Susan (Davis), 710, 730 

Stephen, 267, 670 

T. Barclay, 1553 

William, 267 

William M., . 250, 267, 710, 

730, 1403, 1404, 1572 

William May, 1544 

William W., 2321 

William Walker, 723 

W'infield, 1542 

Stevens, Dionis, 713 

Elizabeth Molony, 2337 

Frances E., 1563 

Frances Lillian, 2334 

Hannah Elsie ^333 

James C, 1563 

James Clayland, 2335 

John Frederick, 2332 

J. Thomas, 1 5 63 

Mary Kemble, 2336 

Steward, Henry, 2068 

Stewart, Ada B., 1484 

Still6, Maria, 257 

Stem, John, jj6 

Stone, Edward, 236 

Esther, 2j 

Dr. Isaac, 590 

Mary, 236 

Story, Thomas, /g, jyo 

Stratton, Aaron, 204 

Edward, 507 

Emily, 519 

Jerusha, 525 

Joel, 520 

Stratton, Joshua, 201 

Louisa, 526 

Lyflia, 524 

Martha 522 

Rachel, 521 

Rebecca, 523 

Sinah, 508, 527 

Whittier, 528 

Street, Jane, ^372 

John, 1372 

Streets, Edward, 1367 

Mary Elizabeth (Griffin), . . 1367 

Priscilla (Walker), 1367 

Thomas Hale, 1367 

Streiwig, William 816 

Stretch, Margary, 8 

Strickland, Mary, 8 

Strong, Maria C. Garretson, . . . ^oj 

Stroud, Ann (Davis), 106 

Sarah (Davis), 106 

Stubbs, Mary, 1013 

Stuccert, George, 279 

Sturgeon, William, 32 

Suitor, Emily (Furgason), .... 852 

Sullivan, Annie, 371 

Sunderland, Martha 1576 

Supplee, Edwin M., 739 

Frank, 1596 

Jane 1572 

J. Wayne 1597 

Suters, Ida (Sleek), 1696 

Sutton, Washington, 20J 

Swayne, Hannah, 194 

Swisher, John, 871 

Taggart, Austin, 282, 1440 

Esther, 1440 

Esther E., 2207 

Joseph R., 1446 

Talbot, Susan, 89 

Talbott, John, 89 

Joseph, 89 



Talbott, Rebecca (Hirst) 89 

Richard, 89 

Taylor, Ann 88 

Bernard, 215 

Daniel, 587 

Edward, 5S6 

Harriette 239 

Isaac, 363 

J-, 379 

Dr. John E., 802 

Mary, 1644 

Mary Ann, 588 

Oily, 1226 

Rebecca, 723 

William, 589 

Thamsin, 590 

Ten Heuven, Evart ; see De Haven 

Terrell, Jane (Street), 1372 

John, 1372 

Sarah, 1372 

Thissell. Charles, 997 

Mary Stuart, 1 806 

Thomas. Abel, 65, 105 

Abraham, 8 

Ann, 46, 112, 2g 

Anna, .... 105, 244, 249, 1624 

Anna Louisa, 765 

Anna (Xoble), I05 

Annie (Lightfoot), . . 1416, 1468 

Aubrey, 112 

Azariah, 2 

Benjamin, 769, 1626 

Charles, 267 

Clarence Elwood, 2173 

David, 46, 105, 112 

Edward, 105 

Eleanor 112 

Elizabeth, ....:... 46, 112 

Elliott, 1416 

Elwood, 141 6, 146S 

Emily, 278, 770 

Emily H. (Holstien), . . . .1488 

Thomas, Esther, 17, 46 

Frank, 2176 

Hannah, 112 

Herbert, . . .112, 250, 787, 2175 

Hezekiah, 8, 46. 267 

Isaac, 8, 12 

Jacob 8, II, 46, 51 

Jacob, Jr., 8 

James, 2, 12, /6 

Jane Walker, 282 

John, 12, 112, 28 

Jonathan, 112, 282 

Joseph, S, II, 277, 21 

Joseph Davis, . . . . . . .2311 

Joshua, 105 

Letitia, 112 

Louisa A. , 280 

Lydia il, 65,112 

Lydia Bell, 1245 

Margaret, 16 

Marian, 1247 

Marine, 1536 

Martha, 112 

Martha (Aubrey), 112 

Mary, 23 

105, 112, 242. 274, 1627, 79 

Mary Ann, 693, 767 

Marj' H., 267 

Mary (Havard), .... 112, 250 

Marj' M. (Stephens) 267 

Mary R., 1468 

Melissa, 1246 

Michael, 17 

Miriam 250 

Naomi 246, 766 

Nancy, 112 

Nathan, 16 

Ononah, 112 

Owen, lb, 2g 

Pauline Lewis, 2172 

Pearson, 573 

Peter 11, 12, 16 



Thomas, Philip, 46, 267 

Priscilla 46 

112, 245, 267, 279, 772 

Priscilla (Jarman), 112 

Rebecca, 112, 771, 786, 1356, 1488 

Rebecca B., 1625 

Rebekah, 267 

Rees, . . . 8, 112, 275, 768, j<?5 

Rees, Jr., 54 

Richard, 112 

Robert, 1058 

Ruth, 17 

Samuel, 8, 112, 446 

Sarah, 8 

46, 105, 243, 276, 1243 

Sarah (Jarman), 46 

Solomon, 46 

Susan M., 44^ 

Tacy, 1248 

Thomas . 2, 8, 17, 46, 267, 23, 37 

Walter, 1244 

William, ... 8, 46, 112, 267, 16 

William B., 764, 1488 

William Penn 112,281 

William Roberts 2174 

Zachariah, 4 

Thompson, Abel, 96 

Margaret, 97 

Mary, 1817 

Sarah, 8 

Sinah, 43> 95 

Tacy, 1364 

William, 108 

Thomson, Richard, 669 

Robert, 1939 

William 108 

Till, Ann, 1364 

John, 1364 

Rosamond, 1364 

Todd, Emily, 542 

Townsend, Abel W., 200 

Celecia, 504 

Townsend, Edward Francis J., . . 1 186 

Emmor, 534 

Eugene Washington, . . . .1188 

Eveline May, 1 185 

Francis, 82 

Francis J., 206 

Hannah, 204 

Hazel Louisa, 1 189 

Jas. W., 506 

John J., 538 

Joseph, 82 

Joseph T., 502 

Lewis, 203, 535 

Lydia, 205 

Lydia M., 514 

Martha, 202 

Mary, 199, 537 

MiloA., 223 

Mira H., 503 

Rachel, 82, 201 

Rebecca (Way), 200 

Richard, 82 

Sarah Ann, 539 

Sarah Elizabeth, 1 187 

Sinah, •. . 536 

Tazetta, 505 

Townsley, Harriet, 985 

Trego, Jonathan, 770 

Trostle, Harry, 865 

Trotter, Ann, 675 

Joseph, 675 

Martha, 675 

Trout, Frank loii, 1814 

Jeremiah, 1816 

Mazie, 1815 

Truman, Beatrice, 1790 

James, I35 

Margaret, 1789 

Thomas, 9^1 

Tucker, Joseph, 371 

Tunis, Abraham, 112 

Abram, I12 



Tunis, Anthony, II2 

Aubrey, II2 

Charles, II2 

Hannah, 112 

Jane, II2 

Priscilla 112 

Rees, 112 

Richard, II2 

William 112 

Tyler, Charles, 1342 

Clara, 2055 

Estelle, 2056 

Helen Marquis, 2393 

Ida Etheredge (Fergusson), . 2057 

Lucy, 1341 

Virginia Etheredge, 2394 

Walter Bancroft, 2057 

Tyndaethwg, Conan, 5 

TjTrell, George, 1372 

Tyson, Barbara, 266 

Cornelius, 266 

Joshua, 282 

Margaret 266, 286, 1364 

Mathias 266, 1364 

Ulman, Clayton, 2178 

Joseph, 2179 

Lewis, 2177 

Uriah, 1417 

Umstat, Eve, 266 

Hans Peter 266 

Nicholas 266 

Underwood, Ada, 203 

Anna, 204 

Arthur 204 

Charles, 316, 204 

Charles Harrison 204 

Emeline, 203 

Enola, 20J 

Eugene, 204 

Florence, 204 

Jesse, 20s 

Underwood, Jesse W., 20^ 

John M., 203 

Lydia Ann 204 

Mabel, 204 

Margaret S., 20£ 

Mar)' Jane, 20^ 

Norman, 812a' 

Russell 204 

Wilbur 204 

L'pdegraft, Ambrose, 88 

Ann, 88 

Ann (Lupton), 88 

David, 88 

Hannah, 88 

James, . . 88 

Joseph, 88 

Josiah, 88 

Mary 88 

Nathan, 88 

Rachel, 88 

Susanna 88 

Thomas, 88 

Vale, Ann, 54 

Asahel Walker, 908 

Edwin 912 

Eli 906 

Elizabeth Ann, 907 

Hugh MorUand, 1S58 

Isaac 339, 9" 

John, 90s 

Joshua 1070 

Mary, 126, 913 

Nathan C. 91° 

Oliver, 1855 

Portia Irene, 1857 

Robert Amos, 909 

Sarah Emma, 1856 

Valentine, Rebecca, 249 

Thomas, 249 

Vanderslice, Hannah, 4 

John 4 



Van Norden, Jno. 46 

Van Scoyoc, (Vansiock), Annie, . 873 

Benjamin W., 332 

Charles, 876 

Clinton, 874 

Enoch 125, 3Z^ 

IraD. 859 

Jessie Annah 865 

Joel F., 334 

Lloyd G., 860 

Lloyd H 872 

Manah 329 

Mary Alice, 861 

Morris, 875 

Moses 328 

Rebecca Jane, 863 

Ruth 330 

Sarah Estella, 864 

Susanna, 331, 871 

William Cooper, 862 

Vaughan, Ann, jS6 

William, j<?6 

Vaux, George, 1620 

George, 2359/; 

Mary Morris, 2359a 

William S., • 2359^ 

Vogdes Altamonta, 147 1 

Margaret, 1472 

Reynolds, ^473 

Richard, 1474 

William, 708 

Vrych, Mervyn, 5 

Wade, Laura, 1689 

Wadsworth,, Philip, 20J 

Wager, Elizabeth, 675 

Jesse, 675 

Waggling, Catherine, 290 

Wagner, Anna 754 

Walker, Aaron, 368 

Abel, . 7, 40, 54, 84, 100, 156, 214, 
443, 554, 560, 1129 

Walker, Abel M. 436 

Abel Townsend, 1236 

Abel W., 1096 

Abner Il8, 122, 824 

Alberta 2135 

Alfred, 880 

Alice Adelaide, 1254 

AHce K., 595 

Alice Mary 2126 

Amy (Griffith) 436 

Andrew, 1565 

Ann, 70, 131, 248, 269 

Ann Eliza, 1 210 

Anna, 326 

382, 397, 1025, 1234, 1658 

Anna B., 53, 1116 

Anna Broadess, 15 18 

Anna Maria, 961 

Anna Mary, 121 7 

Annabelle, 2217 

Annie, 361, 584. 2134 

Annie M., iG^gd 

Annie Potts, . . • 1383 

Annie Robison, 1668 

Annie Ross, 7^5 

Aquilla Spencer, 831 

Arnold, 428, 1936 

Asahel, 52, 126, 133, 138, 251, 364, 
387, 397, 829, 877, 942, 1030 

Asahel Morris, 934 

Asahel W., 918 

Athalia, 1557, 1561 

Athaha L. T., . . . 721, 748, 1522 

Aubry, 2228 

Azael, see Asahel. 

Barbara, 324 

Benjamin, 51, 124, 158, 769, 1128, 


Benjamin F. , 51, 813 

Benjamin Harris, .321, 826, 1670 

Benjamin Havard, ^593 

Bertha, 1681 



Walker, Bertha M 1212 

Bertram Keener, 129 1 

Beulah, 16, 325, 1943 

Brinton Eugene, 1649a 

Calvin, 821 

Caroline, 444, 1466 

Catherine, 293 

Catherine (Rankin), .... 46 

Charles, 618 

726, 941, I127, I130, 1143, 1281 
1464, 1574, 1661, 1673 

Charles M., 1481 

Charles P., 914 

Charles Wells, 1379 

Charlotte, 1573 

Charming Iden, 1971 

Clara Vogdes, 1483 

Colket 1482 

Colonder, 291 

Cornelia Needles, 1276 

Daniel, ... 2, 14, 34, 72, 84, 216 

Daniel H , 549 

David, 677, I135 

Deborah, . 12, 369, 552, 969, I134 

Dixon, 2047 

Ebenezer, 45 

Eddie M., 1113 

Edith, 1985 

Edith B. , 609 

Edward, 85 

129, 430, 121 1, 1650, 1684, 1941 

E. Enfield, 1033 

Eleanor Edwards, 2227 

Eleanor Massey, 1485 

Eli, 1655 

Eli J., 555 

Elias Hicks 435 

Eliel Allen, 832 

EUsha Hunt, 40, 605 

Eliza, 155. 210, 553 

Eliza Ann, 57 1 

Eliza Cowgill, 1385 

Walker, Eliza Jane, 624 

Eliza Josephine, 963 

Eliza (Rambo) 717 

Elizabeth, 3 

4, 36, 39, 86, 98, 223, 319, 336, 820, 

I144, 1935 

Elizabeth B., 736, 1563 

Elizabeth Baynes, 1364 

Elizabeth (Beidler) 1409 

Elizabeth Cooper, 1270 

Ella, 1564 

Ella Virginia, 1386 

Ellen, 202 

Ellen Davis, 1372 

Ellen L. (Wells), 674 

Ellis, 1093 

Elsie, 1560 

Elwood, 1974 

Emily Eckman, 2123 

Emily Pancoast, 997 

Emma, 289, 917, 2348 

Emma J., • . . . IllO 

Emma Jane, 716 

Emma Thamzin, 1218 

Enoch, ... 6, 13, 115, 288, 300 

Enos 882 

Erie, 1S35 

Ernest, 1975 

Esther Emma, 933 

Esther Jane, 964 

Esther L., 582 

Eugene, 1962 

Fannie Baynes, 1368 

Fanny Baynes, 2124 

Florence, 1777 

f>ances 1939 

Frank, 8l2a, II36, 1683 

Frank Jones 2223 

Galusha Grow, 1665 

Ga^retson Cook, 345 

George, 102 

172, 297,442, 920, 1 141 



Walker, George B., 823 

George W., mi 

Glen Gifford i960 

Gordon Kent, 1094 

Haines, 103 1 

Hannah, 5 

50,153,222,267,432, 735 

Hannah Ann 438 

Hannah (Stephens), .... 268 

Hananiah, 250, 673 

Harold, 1966, 2350 

Harry 1138,1579 

Harry Stearns, 1484 

Harry Thomas, 2218 

Harvey 1131, 1662 

Havard, 675, 2137 

Hayes, Si2a 

Helen Duer, 2127 

Hepzibah, 125, 

Howard, 1575 

Hugh, 620 

Ida, 1477 

Imogene, 2347 

I. Newton, 1576 

IraB., 938 

Irene, 197^ 

Isaac, 8 

37. 55, 70, 89, 90, 106, 127, 135 

211, 257, 270, 335, 363, 619, 623 

668, 737, 830, 1407, 1409, 1566 

Isaac C., • . 972 

Isaac John, 434 

Isaac Hampton • 1767 

Isaac Lewis 966 

Isaac M., '. 932 

Isaac P., 441 

Isaac Priestman, 1365 

Isaac S., 885 

Isabella, 1475 

Isabelle, 2215 

Israel, 132, 570 

Ivins C., 1468 

Walker, Jacob 17, 1568 

Jacob B., . . . i^ 730 

Jacob R., 574 

James, . . 128, 286, 365, 621, 822 

James Abraham, 2129 

James Baynes, 1366 

James F., 1216 

James M., . . 228, 593, 967, 1272 

James Marshall, 177° 

James W., 1289 

Jane, • • . . 231, 255, 271, 915, 7 

Jane (Havard), 250 

J. Clayland, 2330 

J. Blaine, 1834 

Jarman 32, 1 20 

Jennetta B., 1293 

Jeremiah C , ' 437 

Jesse, .... 117, 312, 8i2(J, 812^ 

Jesse Wager, 1382 

Joel 157, 391 

Joel Aaron, 440 

Joel H., 1109 

Joel M., 1 104 

Joel P., 1 107 

Jonathan, 705 

John,' . . 121, 318, 420, 710, 8i2(5 

John C., 1106 

John E., 1836 

John Edward, 230 

John M., 812^ 

John Owen Stearns, . . . .1520 

JohnS., 819 

John Willard, 11 25 

Joseph, 4 

46, 109, 114, 154, 208, 234, 249 

284, 366, 674, 1026, 1214, 1369 

1376, 202 

Joseph B., 734, 1559 

Joseph Burden, 263, 268 

Joseph C, 561, 1036 

Joseph Coates, 388 

Joseph D., 1298 



Walker, Joseph Jeanes, 1380 

Joseph L. 626 

Joseph Lewis, 1768 

Joseph M., 445 

Joshua v., 51 

Joshua Vale, 341 

Julia 1215 

Julia Ann, 879 

J. Wallace, 1121 

Kate, 1937 

Kersey J , 8i2a 

Lavinia M., 812^ 

Leah 56, 93- 103. 152 

Leah C, 939 

Leah Jane, 1297 

Levi Granville, 937 

Llewellyn G., 1290 

Lewis, I 

4, 10, 42, 48, 88, 113, 232, 290 

302, 594, 622, 667, 676, 795, 881 

1252, 1373, 1388, 1963 

Lewis B., 209 

Lewis J., 1 120 

Lewis James, 225 

Lewis Katon 1377 

Lewis Morris, 433 

Lewis P., 940 

Lewis Pearson, 344 

Lewis Preston, 1219 

Lewis Townsend, 551 

Lincoln, 1657 

Louisa, 338, 1097 

Loyal, II42 

Luella, 1977 

Luella L., 1213 

Lyda A.(Fawkes), 967 

Lydia, 4 

75, 87, 99, 213. 558, 916 

Lydia E. , 935 

Lydia Elma, 1235 

Lydia (Garretson), 126 

Lydia J. Sl2c 

Walker, Lydia Jane, 346 

Lydia Marsh, 320, 420 

Mabel, 1776 

Mahlon M., 1117 

Malvin, 1675 

Margaret 31 

316, 431, 709, 812a, 167S, 1959 

Margaret (Currie), 108 

Margaret Currie, 714 

Margaret Jane, 1092 

Margaret (Jones), 114 

Margaretta, 390, 1027 

Maria, 815 

Marian, 2S7, 1578 

Martha, .... 81, 207, 548, 559 

Martha B., 572 

Martha Cannon, 1965 

Martha (Potts), 675 

Mary, I 

9. 29, 33, 38, 47' 49. 76, 83, in 

134, 236, 252,273, 317, 362, 389 

583, 591, 671, 708, 921, 973, 1378 

1558, 1569, 1653, 1656 

Mary Adeline, 833 

Mary Alma, 1984 

Mary Ann, 221 

226. 339, 678, 968, 1295 

Mary Ahce, 1371 

Mary Baynes, 2128 

Mary (Baynes), 669 

Mary (Beeson), 40 

Mary D., 1029 

Mary E., 229, 592 

Mary Frances, . 731 

Mary Grace, 1964 

Mary H., 556,607,1114 

Mary Helen 796 

Mary Isabelle, 1465 

Mary Jane, II33, 1381 

Mary Jones, 2224 

Mary L., 1108 

Mary Louisa, 962 



Walker, Mary M., 627 

Mary Pennypacker, 713 

Mary (Rankin) 233 

Mary Ruth, 575 

Mary Schall, 1524 

Mary Virginia, 1666 

Mathia^ Pennypacker, . 717, 1525 

Maud, 1677 

Minnie 814, 1672 

Miriam, 569 

Miriam G., 818 

Miriam Kempster, 2138 

Miriam L., 817 

Mollie 1676 

Mordecai, 44 

Morris, 827, 883 

Morris E., 340 

Moses, 670 


Naomi E., 


Nathan Rambo, . . .1519, 1543 

Nathan Updegraff, 224 

Nettie, 1674 

Nettie Maud, 1112 

Ochie, 1095. 1940 

OHve, 1680 

Ory 1663 

Patience 971 

Paul A., 1292 

Percy Eckman, 2122 

Peter, 115, 294 

Peter D., 878 

Phoebe, 123, 384, 397 

Phoebe Angeline, 347 

Phoebe M., 301 

Phineas, 585 

Pierre Jaqua, 1649 

Pinkney L 1105 

Priscilla, 107 

253, 299, 337, 1363, 1367 
Rachel,. . .53,91,104,151,256 

Walker, Rachel M 439 

Ralph, 1 137 

Rankin, 800 

Rash, SX2a 

Rebecca, 11 

130, 137, 215, 227, 295, 322, 367 

550, 936, 970, 1479 

Rebecca A. J 718 

Rebecca Ann Jones, .... 1469 
Rebecca Ann (Jones), . . . 265 

Rebecca J., 227 

Rebecca Jane, 884 

Richard, 707, 1478 

Richard Currie, 265 

Richard Linwood, 1470 

Robert Earl, 1978 ' 

Robert Hunt, 1 271 

Robert R 608 

Roland, 2136 

Rose, 1 126 

Rosella, 943 

Russell, 1938 

Ruth, ..... 71, 313, 323, 557 

Ruth Anna, 343 

Ruth Ellen 1220 

vSallie Frances, 965 

Sallie M., 719 

Sallie P., 1480 

Samuel, 386 

Samuel G., 625, 11 15 

Samuel Pancoast, 283 

Sarah, 35 

41, 73. 94, no, 119, 136, 150, 235 
247, 264, 2S5, 292. 296, 314, 327 

342, 385, 573. 672, 1374 
Sarah Ann (Jones), .... 265 

Sarah (Chambers), 364 

Sarah Cleaver, 265 

Sarah M., 298 

Sarah Margaret, 834 

Sarah (Pennypacker), . . . . 266 
Sarah Pennypacker 1526 



Walker, Sarah Rebecca, 711 

Sarah Rosamond, 1671 

Sarah S. (Davis) 670 

Sarah Watson, 1034 

S. Ellsworth, 1028 

Sinah 43, 82, 92 

Sorana, 1654 

Susan, 383, 606, 1476 

Susan P., 1032, 1035 

Susannah 315,816 

T. Elwood, 1 1 18 

Thamzin, 617 

Theodore W., ....... 727 

Thomas, . . lo8, 1370, 1679, 2349 

Thomas G 825 1 

Thomas Ivins 706 1 

Thomas Jarman 66, 74 ! 

Thomas K., 2331 

Thomas P., 732 

Thomas Robinson, . . . 669, 2125 

Thomas Umstat, 712 

Thomas Wisegawer, .... 1669 

Thomasin, 217 

Vera Alien, 1961 

Wallace D., 1253 

Walter Havard, 2139 

Warren B., 919 

Watson, 1 1 19 

Webb 799 

Wesley, 1132 

William, . loi, 116, 233, 266, 429 
728, 1562, 1577, 1651, 1682, 2216 

William Allison, 828 

William Colket, 15 21 

William Cooper, 1273 

William D., . 974 

William Edmond, 1769 

William H., 568 

William Henry, 1467 

William J., 628 

William Katon, I375 

WiUiam M., 814 

William Nathan, . . . . ■ . 720 

William P., 1294 

William Potts, 1384 

William Rankin, . . . .115, 303 

William W., 733 

William Woster, 1667 

Willis J., 1227 

Winfield, 1567 

Winfield Hananiah, 1387 

Winfield Wilson, 1523 

W. J. Latta, 1037 

Zephyr, 1664 

Zillah, 15, 105, 254, 272 

Wallace, Edward D., 1040 

Edward M., 1039 

Elizabeth, 1842 

John W., 1841 

Margaret, 1840 

Walter, Abigail, 2108 

Abigail (Mercer), 1359 

Bertha, 2109 

Elizabeth, 656 

Emily, • 2107 

Emma, ^3^9 

Enos, 656 

Frank, . . • 1022 

Joseph R., 1331 

Laura, 1830 

Margaret, 1832 

Maiy, 2106 

Marj' Jeanes, 1324 

Mary R., 1332 

Maurice, 1831 

Naomi, 1321 

Naomi (Rhoads), 656 

Sarah, 652 1325 

Sarah W. (Rhoads), .... 652 

Sharpless, ^359 

Thomas, 652, 656, 1320 

Townsend, ^359 

Warner, 1322 

William P., 652 



Walter, William I'enn, 1323 

Walton, Edward, 505 

Ward, Kate (Procter), 481 

Margaret, 478 

Warder, Lydia, 8 

Warren, Nellie T., 1209 

Washington, General George, . . 249 
Waters, Ann (Bartholemew), . . 282 

Eleanor, 282 

Thomas, 2 

8, 267, 282, 670, 30,372, 373, 374 

Watkins, Ann, 8 

Isaac, 289 

Richard, 46 

Watson, John, 46 

Way, John, 200 

Rebecca, 200 

Sarah (Sleek), 1695 

Wayne, Anthony, 46 

Anthony, General, 46 

Elizabeth, 46 

Francis, 37s 

Elumphrey, * 46 

Isaac, 46 

Weaver, Anna, 1994 

Dr. Charles, 509 

Charles D., 1992 

Darwin, 1174, 1 1 75 

Edith M 516 

Frederick, 1991 

Marguerite, 1993 

Louetta, 1355 

Ora, 1177 

Robert E., 1990 

Stanton, 1173 

Willis, I176 

Webb, Annie 1360 

William, 1360 

Weber, Charles, 1587 

Charlotte, . . . 1467, 1581, 2351 

Ella, 1586 

Emma, 732, 1589 

Weber, Harrison, 2354 

Harry, 1580 

Helen, 2353 

James Wells, 1590 

John C, 1582 

Marguerite, 2355 

Mary, 1585, 2352 

Mina, 1584 

Norwood, 1588 

William, 735, 1467 

William C, 2356 

Winfield S., ....••. . 1583 

Weigle, Bella, 1094 

Wells, Alice, 1450 

Caleb B., 2211 

Charles, 267, 674, 726 

Charles P., 2214 

Edward, 674 

Eleanor (Meredith), .... 699 

Ellen, Louisa, 674 

Emily, 2209 

Harry, 1592 

Hepsey, 1591 

James G., 736 

John, 699, 1451, 2213 

Joseph M , 1447 

Joseph M. .Sherman, . . . .2212 

Levi, 674, 699 

Mark P., 2210 

Mary, • 674 

Mary (Dilworth), .... 674, 726 

Miriam, 267 

Peter, 674 

Sarah, 1448 

Sarah A., 726 

Walker Yamell, 1449 

William B., 2208 

West, David, 2061 

Rebecca (Thomas), . . . .1514 

Ruth Anna 1514 

William 669, 1514 

Westlake, Laura A., 189 



Wetherille, Anne 666 

Annie J 1359 

Antoinette, 2 no 

Emily, 1362 

Isaac 666, 2096 

James P., 2094 

John, 1357 

Mary Anna, 1503 

Rachel, 21 1 1 

Rachel (Roberts), 666 

Rebecca, ■ ■ 2092 

Richard, 666, 2093 

Roberts 1360 

Sallie, 1361 

Sarah, . . 2095 

Wetherald, Sarah 669, 1384 

Wharton, Robert, 27 

\Vheeden, General, 267 

Whitby, Thomas ig 

White, Barclay, 1324 

George F., 1324 

Harriet, 440 

Rebecca L., 2025 

Rebecca M. (Lamb), .... 1324 

Walter Rhoads 2026 

WTiitestone, Robert, j2, jj 

Whitson, Benjamin, 1008 

Ethel, 1813 

Joseph Paxton, 1006 

Mary, 1007 

Samuel, I004 

Sarah, 1005 

Thomas H., • 379 

Whittier, John G., 189 : 

Wickersham, Robert, 591 

Josiah, 20J 

Wildey, Margaret, 741 

Wiley, Eve 1080 

Wilhelm, Georgia, 1340 

William, Edward, 16 

Hugh, 30 

Williams, Albert B., 604 

Williams, .\rthur McFarland, . . . 2234 

Bessie S 1278 

B. Franklin, 1403 

Caroline, 2147 

Clara 2230 

Comley, 1485 

David, 679, 140 1 

Edward, 613 

Eleanor, 2233 

Elizabeth 610, 2229 

Emma, 2156 

Frank, 2232 

Hannah C, 1279 

Henrietta 1406 

Howard, 2158 

Isaac Walker, 611, 1277 

James W 615 

Joanna, 108 

John, 612. 679. 2160 

Joseph, 2, 679 

Joseph Roberts, ^399 

Lattice (Parry) 679 

Lewis, 679 

Lila, 2159 

Mary, .... 8, 250, 1041, 2146 
Mary Jane. ...•••.. 1400 

Millie, 2155 

Millie May, 2161 

Morris, . 250 

Nancy, 112 

Phoebe, 545 

Rebecca 614 

Rachel (Fogle), 1062 

Samuel, 1 12 

Sarah, I402, 2148 

Sarah (Roberts), 679 

Susan Talbot, 616 

Thomas, 1485, 2231 

Walker, 1404 

William, . . • 229, 575 

William K., 1405 

Willis, Samuel, 8 



Willits, Samuel, 804 

Wills, Michael, 8 

Wilson, Amanda, 829 

Anna, • 5^8 

Athalia L. T., 15 16 

Coffin Colket, .... 1515,2282 
David, . . . 250, 716, 1482, 1514 

Eliza (Siter), 716, 1482 

Eliza Siter, 15^3 

Elizabeth West, ...... 2280 

Emma Jane 2277 

Harry, 46 

Helen Anderson, 22S1 

Jackson Anderson, 2284 

Rebecca Thomas, 2279 

Sarah Pennypacker, . . . . 1512 

Thomas, 83 

William Corson, 15^7 

William West, 2276 

Wintield, 2283 

Winfield Siter, 716, 2278 

Wisegawer, Thomas B., 323 

Witmer, II. C, 1065 

Wolf, Kate 1874 

Wonders, John 1692 

Wood, Anna J., 789 

Martha, 7°? 

Nancy, 13^5 

George, 19 

Wooden, Clara R., 205 

John W., 20s 

Mary v., 205 

Woodliffe, Nathan, 46 

Woodman, Edward, 267 

Henry, .... 46, 106, 250, 267 

Worst, Anna Virginia, 1759 

Esther Cora, 1761 

George Walker, 1757 

Isaac Diller, 9^4 

Jacob Rutter, 1755 

Maria Louise Antoinette, . . 1760 

Worst, Mary Pauline, 1 756 

Newton Kelso, 1758 

Worthington, David W., .... 7^9 

Wright, Ann, 67 

Beulah, l8l 

Charles, 222 

Elizabeth, 179 

Jane, 67, 183 

Louisa Maria, 461 

Lydia (Richards), 67 

Mary, 67 

Mary Ann, 180 

Millie, 1405 

Samuel, 67, 182 

Sarah Jane, 1377 

Yarnall, Alice lo\ 

Amos, 107 

Eli, 107 

Eli, 260 

Elizabeth, 182 

Hannah (Mendenhall), . . . 107 

Mordecai, 107 

Nathan, 107 

Priscilla 107 

Sarah, 259 

Thomas 262 

Walker, 258 

William 182 

Zillah, 261 

Yarnell, Emma, 1533 

Yarrow, George, 157^ 

Harry, 2341 

Kemble, 2342 

Mary Kemble, 2340 

William Kemble, 2343 

Yates, Mary (Baynes), 669 

Yerkes, Hettie, 697 

Zeel, Jacob, . . 381