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Liberty High School 

LION '97 

Published by the Annual Staff 
Liberty High School 

850 Second Street 
Brentwood Ca 94513 

Editor Emily Leszinske 

Assistant Editor .... Susan Daubeneck 

Assistant Editor Katie Starbuck 

Advisor Bill Batze 

Enrollment 1924 


Table of Contents 

Opening 2 

Seniors 20 

Classes 54 

Activities 84 





Senior Ads 172 

Closing 178 

Index 187 

Above: mistakes aren't always for the worst; a camera flaw lights up the summer sky 
surrounding Lisa Perez. The pinkish glow put on the final print is almost extraterrestrial 
in nature and so captivated the yearbook staff that we had to share it with everyone. 


Above: Xick Goldman defines his style with a lovely shade of lime hair; below; Kenny 
O'Bea relaxes in the quad during lunch with a bottle of bubbles. 

Above: Michelle Terra is caught midturn, Hipping around a bar to one of the P portables 
between classes; below: JoLeeAnn Boston and Emily Leszinske give out candy as well as 
sell yearbooks at the annual Walk-Thru held in the school cafeteria. 

Point of View 

You may find yourself asking what 
exactly is a Lion 's Point of View ? Simply 
put it is how we, the students of Liberty 
High School, view the world around us. 

It is our interpretation of our peers, 
our classes, interests, fears and dreams. We 
all involve ourselves in similar activities 
such such as sports, music, clothes, and 
academics; but it is our distinct differences 
within each of our interests that make a 
Lions Point of View. 

As we wander through the halls of 
our campus, we can see anything from green 
tinted hair, to blowing soap bubbles in the 
quad, to the wonderful smiles of students 
both in the classroom and involved in 
different activities. All are part of a Lions 
Point of View if we are willing to look 
beyond the facade and into the real parts of 
our school. 

It is our high school years in which 
we develop our own ideas and modify the 
ideas passed on to us by our peers. It is time 
in our life when we develop our Lions Point 
of View. 

Above: Kevin Claudeanos flashes one of his genuine grins; 
below: Mitzy Oseguera does her homework with a smile. 

Day in the Life 

8: 15 comes, the bell rings and before you know it 
another school day has started. It seems that although we spend 
the majority of the day expanding our minds in the classroom, 
it's the time spent outside of class that makes the biggest impact 

Everyday we enter a flood of people, fighting for air 
as we grab hold of our lockers or nearest friend. As soon as it' s 
clear, we know we can take a deep breath and have a quick gossip 
fest with our closest friends. Whether we talk about the terrible 
class we have just escaped or the great plans we have for the 
weekend, we know we can depend on those people to make "just 
anotherday" special. Althought these conversations may sound 
like menial little events, they are the events that make our life. 

Above: Dustin McDaniel stares off into 
the distance; below: Kyle Roberts 
practices playing the saxophone. 

Above: Justian Morrone and Yoandis Rolando spend some time 
together during their lunch break; below: "Let a Smile be your 
friend", seems to say it all for this picture. 

Above:Theresa Schnittkertakes a moment 
to relax during walk-thru, held annually 
before the start of school; below: Casey 
Honodel and Amanda Ortega wave at some 
friends during a jv football game. 


1 J^l 


Above: Brian Hampton grins as Roxanne Sanabria looks up at him; 
below: Manual Andujar shows us his pearly whites as he shows 
support for the Varsity football team with this t-shirt. 

Above: Looking through a paper telescope. Doug Linden spots Ginn> 
Weirick; below: Mitzy Oseguera looks intently at the action as the jv 
football team plays a home contest on Ohmstede Field. 

Above: all smiles as the camera caputures this Kodak moment lor the 
school yearbook:below: Katie Monk chats on her phone while passing 

through! the quad area in the middle of campus. 

Above: Walk-Thai proves to be achallenge 
for students and parents as they make their 
way through the school cafeteria. 

Deana Andronico helps Tiffany Long w ith her Class of "98 tatoo to earn spirit | 
during Homecoming Week and especially on Homecoming Day. 



Each year our Homecoming festivities 
are different and unique but this year topped them 
all. With the addition of the Freedom Falcons on 
our campus, spirit doubled. 

The Class of '98 entertained the crowd 
with their Junior Skit and the Homecoming Court 
was announced at the Top Ten Rally. 

Our spirit was also very visible around 
campus the entire Homecoming Week. Many 
activities during lunch time and dress up days 
added to the excitement. The dress up days were 
Crazy Day, Hippie Day, Hawaiian Day, Sports Day 
and School Spirit Day. 

For four nights, each class spent hour 
after hour designing and completing their floats 
and themes. The anticipation was in the air as each 
class waited to see who had won the float 
competition, for the fourth consecutive time the 
Class of '97 had triumphed. 

Above: junior girls have a flashback 
to the' 80s; below: teachers also 

participated in dress up days. 

Angela Bemacchi's enthusiasm 
spreads to the crowd. 



« . » * ^ajXN . 



mr h 


; . ?:.■ "'-••'. 

left: Deanna Cope takes time out of the Homecoming activities to finish her U.S. History project in Mr. Bil 
period 5 class. 

Left: Pico Martinez helps entertain the crowd during the traditional Junior 
Skit; above: sporting their crazy ensembles, seniors, Tammi Samnath and 
Jamie Eden, get caught and preserved forever by the yearbook camera. 

Above: the Varsity Cheerleaders pause for a moment to wait for the music to begin as they start a rally performance 
on Ohmstede Field; below: Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth performs "I wanna rock and roll all night", to help raise 
school spirit as the Lions prepare for another home contest. 

Above: senior guys pursue their ultimate dream during one of 
the dress up days for Homecoming Week; below: students 
participate in one of the two Homecoming Rallies. 

Above and right: Hippy chicks have a groovy time in the classroom and on the field during Homcoming 

Above: Danya Lilley and Joel Jenks "clown" around while riding in the '96 
Homecoming Parade through the streets of Brentwood; above right: members 
of the Varsity football team sing "Hail Liberty" at the Homecoming Rally. 

Above: a jv football player catches the pass; above right: Aver 
Doolittle and Jill Bacciocco share a moment of joy just after it wa 
announced that Jill was the'96 Homecoming queen. 

Above: members of the Varsity football team help with the spirit at the 
Homecoming Rally; below: Emily Leszinske proudly leads the Lion's Marching 
Band through the streets of Brentwood during the Homecoming Parade. 

Charley Enos and Jill Bacciocco. '96 Homecoming king and queen, enjoy a 
moment in the limelight at the Homecoming Dance. 

Above: the 1996 Homecoming Court strike a pose on Ohmstede Field immediately following the rally 
announcing the king and queen; below: the classes really get into the spirit of things as they carry on just before 
the "formal" beginning of the Homecoming Rally. 

Above left: Jeff Willson and Katie Singh sing a duet before the Homecoming crowd and help add to the excitement 
of the evening; above right: the LHS Dance Team entertains the spectators in the stands as they march around the 
track on Ohmstede Field. 

Game Day ! 

Homecoming Day ! The big game ! These t u o 
events are possibly the most anticipated ones of the 
entire school year. Nothing quite compares to the 
excitement and fun that the Homecoming Day and 
Game brings. 

From setting up the parade to finding a good 
seat in the stands, spirit is everywhere. The entire 
community comes together to make Homecoming night 
a night filled with joy and anticipation as we await the 
big game. People noisely rush to the snack bar, Rally 
Squad busily practices theirroutine (again), the football 
team receives their pep talk, and the fans try to keep 

With the first half over, the activities of 
halftime are here. The traditions are carried on as the 
marching band plays and the Homecoming Court is 
announced. Charley Enos and Jill Bacciocco were 
crowned king and queen while the Homecoming Court 
joined them on the field: Manuel Andujar, Joel Jenks, 
James Guise. Nick Woodworth, Andrew Ehler, Bryce 
Campbell, Aaron Dockter, Anthony Ghilarducci, Jon 
Cruz, Kim Blair, Averi Doolittle, Sarah Root, Theresa 
Schnittker, Nicole Eaton, Erin Goodman. Danya Lilley, 
and Jana Berg. The Varsity defeated the Northgate 
Broncos tocapaneventful, fun-filled Homecoming Day. 

Above: the mascots ride through Brentwood and enjoy the 
Homecoming Parade; below: the entire area gets into the 
Homecoming spirit as evidenced by this slogan on a truck. 

_7/ h 




Andrea McPeak shows surprise and delight at the spirit that is 
generated by the participants at the Homecoming Rally. 








- — , 

r >^ 

> \\"" 

', fy \1>, 









Above: true friendship shines through the smiling faces of Rene Stout and Stacy Prebble; 
below Allison Wenograd and Natasha Mison share meaningful moments at lunch. 

Lasting Friendships 

When you find yourself 
reminiscing about your high school days 
at Liberty, it is the friendships you made 
that will make your memories complete. 

Friends are the people who have 
been with us from our first step onto 
campus as freshmen, and who will be 
with us as we make our final exit as 
seniors. These are the people who can 
make us smile on the gloomiest of days, 
the people who will keep our deepest 
secrets, and the people who will laugh at 
our jokes when nobody else will. 
Although our high school days are only a 
fraction of our lives, the friendships we ' ve 
made will last eternally. 

Above: bright eyes and broad smiles define the friendship 
shared by Diana Sibley, Crystal Eddy and Melissa Daliva; 
below: David McKinnon and his bud spend their free time 
outside the Ag building. 

Above right: Charley Enos and Jana Berg flash their pearly whites; below: the Senior Class sticks together for one 
last year of smiles and memories. 

Above left: Leon Stemler serenades some of his friends in "Hell" during lunch; above right: Amy Dixon 
MC's the junior Class Skit at the Top Ten Rally. 

Above: Trying to win the class yells contest, these freshman scream and cheer; below left: Dylan Kruze 
looks back to the kicker before a P.A.T. attempt;below right: Ashley Adams and Nicole Eaton take a moment 
to smile at each other during the bonfire rally 



Memories are the moments in our 
lives which have special meaning to us. Most 
memories are joyous, embarassing or 
sorrowful. During our high school years, 
some of our fondest memories are made. 

Everyone has their own special 
memories. Some remember the NCS playoff 
game or the National Cheerleading 
competition. Others remember late night 
practices for band or for sports. Some of the 
most special memories are of friends and the 
great times we shared with them. Our 
memories are all unique and will truly last a 

Above: Mia Valverde, Desirea Mohameds, and Melanie Ford 
get the crowd pumped while dancing during the Homecoming 
Rally; below: Jose Sanchez looks over the school rules during 

Left: Brian Hampton shows his class pride by wearing a tatoo on 
his forehead during Homecoming Week; above: Anna Warde 
makes a wreath during the Renaissance Faire held on the Village 
Green; above right: Susan Daubeneck stands at attention after 
a half-time show on Ohmstede Field. 

Intently working on a project for their English class and Mrs. Kim Elder are Edward Matson. Derek Cowart, 
Mike Greene, and Isaac Budesilich. They are working on a poster for the Odyssey. 

Dorothy Daamen and Deana Andronico take a moment from 
their busy schedule to smile for the yearbook photographer. 


Above:\'ictor Guitron and his teammate George Dejesus are absorbed in a computer assignment; below left: 
Shayna Reeves is just in a dream world in her English class; below right: Aaron Dockter is engrossed in his 
English AP essay. 

Students in the Classroom 

As obvious as it may be to all of us, 
we all tend to forget the real reasons why we 
are at school seven plus hours every day and 
that's to get an education. 

The learning facilities on campus 
are superior to many of the surrounding 
schools and we are all eager to take 
advantage of them. 

The classes offered allow students to 
further their personal interests as well as 
turn their ideas into realities. 

From the performing arts classes in 
the PAC to techologically challenging classes 
in the Tech 2 000 Lab to advanced placement 
courses available in a myraid of subjects, 
there are numerous opportunities to develop 
your own sense as a Liberty student. 

With more academies coming on 
line, the challenge of new classes continued 
to grow and allow students to explore career 
paths with the new internships programs 
available especially in the Health Careers 

Above: the bell rings for period 6 and most of the students leave while David Simon 
is left dreaming the afternoon away: below: Sarah Ridenour practices her cord 
changes in the Beginning Guitar class taught by Mr. Bob Smith. 

Above: Neal Barrios faces the challenge of a computer dissection in his ROP class taught 
by Mr. Jim Plato; below: another student takes advantage of the new computer 
technology as he works on an assignment in the Tech 2000 lab which is overseen by 
Mr. Robert Gonzalez in the old metal shop area. 

Above: Katie Monk is left speechless after a sly camera 
man steals a shot; below: sophomore John Valenzuela 
poses for a one of a kind picture. 

Above: Tia McLemore is caught planting a juicy one on 
Jorge Oseguera; below: Katie Starbuck innocently smiles 
at a friends comment. 


Above: not knowing what's going on, Jessalynn Stoddard is pictured 
questioning the cameraman; right: Andrew Khler and John Cruz make 
an appearand' in their Sunday best the night of Homecoming. 

Below: Stphanie Villa makes a statement of 
her own; below left: not looking too happj , 
Annie Burkart glances into the camera lens. 

Above: Josh Sorrer participates in a mind expanding 
conversation at lunch; right: Angela Bernacchi is 
baffled by a flood of questions asked by students at 


Whether we are walking through the halls 
laughing with our friends or sitting in class groaning 
over a thematic analysis we have to write for English 
class, our faces always show what we are feeling. Huge 
smiles that let our pearly whites shine let our friends 
know the great mood we are experiencing. Sad eyes, and 
perhaps even tears, let our friends and teachers alike 
know we need a little time out. 

Without realizing it, we, as Liberty students, 
let our expressions tell all. There are looks of joy on the 
fan 's faces as the Liberty football team makes an amazing 
is given in any class, we witness looks of anger, dismay, 
and perhaps even fear. When we race through the halls 
we can see more expressions than we can ever attem pt 
to represent on this page. 

Expressions are formed from what people think 
of different things. It's all part of A Lion 's Point of View. 
We, as dramatic Liberty students, will continue letting 
our feelings shine through, whether it be with a frown, 
oraoneofakind, 100% Lion smile! 

Gabe Barajas and Marcy Torres 
enjoy the friendly couples at the 
Welcome Dance to start the year. 

Above:Nate Hoffman and his date share an amusing yet 
special moment;below: Allison Bifano steals the spotlight 
at the Homecoming Dance held in the gym. 

Below: part of the fun on any dance is to get a picture taken of you not only with your date 
but also with your friends as well. Here a whole bevy of girls pose in front of the backdrop 
at the Homecoming Dance to capture the moment. 

Dances Delight Students 

Starting with the first one in August to the final 
one at the end of May, dances are always being planned, 
occuring, or being cleaned up . 

Dances are huge events on campus that range 
from the casual after-game get togethers to the semi-formal 
spectaculars like the Hop, Prom, and Ball. 

Each dance revolves around its original, sometimes 
eccentric theme. From throwing your best friend into the 
hay at the FFA Barn Dance to dressing in your finest for 
the the Winter Ball, there is always the excitement of 
finding a date and turning the evening into a night to 
remember always. 

Above: Jeff Willson is caught by surprise at the 
Homecoming Dance while Thisbe Reardon laughs at 
him;right:T.R. Ball and his date involve themselves in 
deep conversation in the middle of the dance floor at the 
ever-popular Homecoming Dance. 

w ~X ■ v JT .^^L 

i mJ m 

1 TlSra W^ /^l 

? H; 

sSst- \ w9 





Above: sporting pink baseball socks, a freshmen girl 
boogies down at the Welcome Dance; right: Nick Goldman 
dances with an extremely enthusastic Amy Dixon. 

JfjatiiAa C ,«■/<<' C ^bdami 
I [ealth Career Academy, Health Career Internship, CSF, Honor Roll, Frosh-Soph 
Track, TA-District Office, Math, "Smile and remember Class of '97 rules the 
school. Don't forget Latisha Adams." 

■S<< '/ ( ' ^<//'<t"'<i 

Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Honor Roll, Volleyball-Varsity Manager, JV 
Captain, Varsity Captain 

■S <//<>-,, C 4&m C 4tiwpk 
Concert Hand, Symphonic Band, Marching Hand, Ja/z Band, A Capella Choir, 
Choir Club, Performing Arts Letter, Academic Letter, Honor Roll, CSF, CSF 
Life, Student Council Representative, Jazz Band Treasurer, Marching Band 
PRD, Band Council President, Student of the Month-PE, Band; TA-Social 

YsUi<f/u/f<fC' V\/</flr/l 

HOSA Secretary, Pep Club Vice-president, JV Swimming, Pep Club, Ski Club, 
Student Council Representative, Varsity Cheerleader 

A Capella Choir, Men's Chorus, Varsity Track, All-League Track, "Liberty Track 

Health Careers Academy 

vCtcAe/e Jf_ct<f/i C *bmaw 
"To Kristin Craig, Jamie Schmidt, and Una Gavino, I'll love you guys forever." 

iCama -i£<-'/ SAsxMffH' C nmarua 
Azteca Club, Azteca Club Sargent of Arms, Power of Unity, TA-English, 
Spanish; Chicano-Latino Conference, Health Careers Academy 

C ip/z/w's L )/<■//<' C' Hmae^ion 
Powerof Unity, FNL, Playmakers, Ski Club, TA-Social Studies, Plays-TheMouse 
That Roared, Elementary Tutor, "Ha Hal We're outta here, this school is gonna 
be boring now!" 

CS$W c9fc 4nd<mo<n 

Varsity Baseball, Baseball-Top Defensive Player, JV Baseball, Frosh Baseball, 
Block L, Honor Roll, Student Council Representative 

O YCa//t«'/Q K>/iffe/C' ~>6//</r/ia>> 
Varsity Football, Varsity Track, JV Football, Frosh Football, Mock Trial, Peer 
Counselor, Pep Club, Power of Unity, Commissioner of Power of Unity, TA- 
Counseling Center, US History, "Long Live Los Seis." 

Honor Roll, TA-Office, Beginning Guitar 

Honor Roll, TA-History, Pep Club, "Thanks to my good friend for the great four 
yean of memories, and hopefully there will be more in the future." 

£?tico/&i C$£PC 4>iwialo 

Varsity Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader-Most Improved, Leadership, 
Pep Club, Playmakers, Power of Unity, Homecoming Committee, Commissioner 
of Performing Arts, TA-Office, "Daisy I'll miss you, love Peaches." 

(_ iuQ. ;(</?/<■ CAjOCCtOCCC 

Varsity Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader, Frosh Cheerleader, Cheerleader-Most 
Spirited Frosh, Best All Around, Frosh Cheer Captian, JV Showcheer Co- 
Captain, Varsity Showcheer Co-Captain; Homecoming Queen, Frosh Vice- 
president, Junior Class Vice-president, Leadership, Commissioner of Publicity, 
Homecoming Committee, A Capella Choir, Women's Chorus, Student Council 
Representative, Honor Roll, CSF Life, Forensic Team, Academic Letter 

Academic Letter, A Capella Choir, Leadership, Health Careers Academy, Choir 
Club, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Women's Chorus, HOSA President 

_^_ ovema ( 'Oct /xte/os 

Azteca Club, CSF, Honor Roll 

SJaooevtC 'Oare/a 

Power of Unity, Frosh Football, TA-History, Health, Office; Student of the 



{J/f/M'/z la?. ( 'CM rues 
Varsity Wrestling, JV Football, Honor Roll, 
Wrestling-Most Valuable Player, League 
Champion; NX'S Champion, Block L; "He 
was there in the beginning, he'll be there in 
the end. He went through the best times 
because he's my best friend. I love you man; 
pound bear." 

Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic 
Band, Academic Letter, Block L, 
Performing Arts Letter, Student Council 
Representative, Honor Roll, Tennis Team, 
Marching Band Crew Chief, Marching 
Band Treasurer, TA-PE, English, 
Counseling Office; "The world is full of 

S/be/tecca CJ^o/r/i L/o<'//< 
Varsity Swimming, Lion's Roar Staff, 
FNL, Power of Unity, Liberty for Earth, 
TA-Attendance Office 

iS/canua <S- f>" (Joemee-Cy'ivme 
CSF, Honor Roll 
CJvarf'afKi Woeniiex 
Azteca Club President, Chicano Latino 
Conference, Power of Unity, TA- 
Administration Office, Student Council 
Representative; "To all my 'Neards senores 
y senoras' , Thank you for the lovely 

•__ ntKi Q n 7/ /ye ( /dewi 
Varsity Soccer, Varsity Softball, Varsity- 
Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Homecoming 
Court, Sophomore Court, Academic Letter, 
Honor Roll, Scholastic Top Ten, Block L, 
CSF, Softball-All-League Second Team; 
Soccer-All-League Honorable Mention; TA- 
PE; "It's been a great four years! Thanks for 
all the memories. Class of '97! Thanks for the 
love Charley." 

GJbnae/a '/tar«' L/oer/iacc/ii 
Commissioner of Rallies and Assemblies, 
Plays-The Mouse that Roared, Guys and 
Dolls, Funny Girl; Tennis Team, Mock 
Trial, Peer Counselor, Women's Ensemble, 
Honor Roll, Academic Letter, Plavmakers, 
TA-Office, Geometry; CSF 

C 4>mamcta QJrC?C Qialt w 

Tennis Team, Tennis-MVP, JV Softball, 
Varsity Wrestling Statistatician, Academic 
Letter, Block L, CSF Life, Honor Roll, 
Interact Club, Student Council 
Representative; "It's been a great four years." 


Above: Tim Merry intently studies a book on our northern 
neighbor, Canada, while the boy behind him looks up information 
on the politics of Quebec; below: Tia McLemore walks by one of 
the older buildings on campus on her way to her next class. 

y&vmh&lu S&a 


Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader-Captain, J V Cheerleader, 
Frosh Cheerleader, CSF, Commissioner of Clubs and Activities. 
Homecoming Court, Homecoming Committee, JV Swimming, Ski 
Club, Student of the Month-PE; "Five year reunion. . .we'll see 
whose rollin in the scrills." 



f /< lattice ( J< /J<y 

lt/ft/vt//ft viV t/f/rtt 
Varsity Swimming. Tennis Team. Interact Club. FNL, Honor Roll. TA-Biology, 
Student of the Month-PE, Block L. Bible Fellowship. FNL Officer 

;_ i ^_tt( ' 'v/ttiL > j/c // 
Annual Staff, Senior Class Editor, CSF, FNL, Frosh Basketball, Honor Roll. 
Interact Club. TA-Career Center: "Be good and don't forget me! I love ya'll. 
Smile. " 

cAndtony x\%Jin ( > & 
Academic Letter, CSF, CSF Life. CSF 100'V . Honor Roll, Frosh Basketball. Ski 
Club, Student of the Month-PE, Spanish; TA-PE, Counseling 

TA-Attendance. Home Ec, 'To all my lunch time buds! I'm gonna miss you! To 
Erie: this year's for you." 

^ "^ ifiiitfui C 4iouan 

C 5 tVwa>/ C 4Sou*man 
Varsity Wrestling, TA-AP Chemistry. Block L, JY Wrestling. ROP Athletic 
Training; ".4 pat on the baek to my fellow wrestlers for being undefeated league 
champions for four years straight. " 

L I Hci&tm VUr/tc/e C$cy</ 

CSF Life, Honor Roll. FFA, FCA 

E titttj/iti O YCafic C Of yt ■/■ 
TA-Home Ec, FHA; "Congratulations Class of '07, u>e made it. '07 Rules." 

C v/Kic/iaiK' ^>/ixa/n'i , /i LOrttt/A i/ 
Choir Club, Colorguard, Performing Arts Letter, Power of Unity, Women's 
Chorus. Women's Ensemble, Student of the Month-PE, Women's Chorus; 
Winterguard. Style, TA-Performing Arts, Dance, Attendance, Administration. 
Band; "Bye, bye youngins. " 

O ¥> ////<• _^_, . C Orei<u/i<iit< 

Academic Letter. CSF". Honor Roll 

Cofia /!//<■ O no fie C Oft <■•/- 

Women's Chorus. Power of Unity. Pep Club, TA-PE, History, Career Center; 

"To all my friends, thanks for the memories! Love ya." 

\^\)risi ~£/u?i4t C4S#0eem 
Playmakers, Power of Unity, Lion's Roar Staff, FXL, CSF, JV Swimming. 

Homecoming Committee. Honor Roll, Ski Club, Student Council Representative. 
Marching Band, ASB Secretary. Soph Class Treasurer, Commissioner of 
Curriculum, FXL President, Playmakers House Manager. Ski Club President, 
Anti-Trash Committee President, House Crew-Our Town. Funny Girl, Cyrano, 
Student of the Month-Foreign Language, TA-PE, Lion's Roar News Editor, 
HOBY Leadership Representative 

CvrCatt C /orcuiH 

Vctc/ie//e Sdoetoee C Orcti'/i 
Choir Club, Choir Club-President, Yice-president; Chamber Singers, A Capella 
Choir, Bible Study, Cross Country, CSF Life, Academic Letter, Scholastic Top 
Ten. Honor Roll, Concert Band, Playmakers, Plays-Joseph and the Amazing 
Technicolor Dreamcoat, Guys and Dolls, Funny Girl It's a Grand Night for 
Singing; Interact Club; "To God be the glory now and forever! Amen" 

s_ \ v ft C Of //<//// 

< t/t/C jntA 

£■ f r!i/i<i C On/it/// 
Leadership, Homecoming Committee. Power of Unity, Pep Club. Liberty for 
Earth; "To my good friends. Thank you for the good times and great memories." 

C Tuimca C Oftj/'ff 
CSF 100%, Academic Letter, Performing Arts Letter. Choir Club, Women's 
Ensemble, Women's Chorus, Peer Counselor, Manager- Varsity Football, Charter- 
Football, Basketball. Baseball; FNL, Youth Educator, DARE Role Model, 

Student Council Representative. Honor Roll; "/ love you Jen and Mary, you guys 
are the greatest. Um...yes. " 



Above:Clinton Erlmann takes a break from helping on the prize 
winning float for the Senior Class; the seniors were successful 
four straight years in capturing first place;below: Aaron Dockter 
is not shy about proclaiming that he is "super" as he wears his 
Superman t-shirt near the new TR portables. 

l'Www Or odd J^uuedei 

Academic Letter, Performing Arts Letter, Jazz Band, Jazz Band President, Symphonic Band 
Concert Band, Honor Roll. Frosh Football, Frosh Basketball. JV Baseball. Varsity Basketball 
Varsit) Volleyball, CSF, CSF 100%, CSF Life, Power of Unity, Interact Club. Interacl 
I >irecuir. Math Club President. Block L, Forensic Team.Speech and Debate Treasurer, Annua] 
Staff. Sophomore Class Vice-president. Leadership. Student Council Representative. Club 
Council Representative, Student of the Month-PE. TA-Concert Band. Athletic Director's 
Award. NCS Scholar-Athlete 

S oddt^/ii, 


( /dryrr Lifoamem X _uiii/dn// 
Varsity Football, Football Team Captain, 
Varsity Track.NCS State Meetof Champions, 

Homecoming Court, Black Student Union, 
Power of Unity 

■^''\i<r//nffti<- C 'vieaAand^a J -ji t>i/di<-// 
Power of Unity, Forensic Team, Mock Trial, 
TA-US History; "Class of '97 it's beenfun, but 
I sure am glad to go. See you guys at the 

{J/e/i/idrrd^f'*' If—// /i /i<tft 1/ 
Honor Roll, JV Swimming, TA-Spanish, 
Administration Office 

C ' '(uu/fiii I i r/ii 

Honor Roll, TA-Drafting, "To all the people 
I'm leaving behind, hope to see ya before the 
crossroads. " 

\~ i /iyi,i/o/di</' {Xjoe&o/di X-^ai/d/o 
JV Football, Block L, Varsity Football, Varsity 
Baseball, Student of the Month-PE 

E rrrjn/ Q TCtcAeUe y~ani//«ii'ti 
Block L, Tennis Team 
■Siiiiii/i^C' 4. Y'd'x'/'/'d/ 
Varsity Softball, Softball-All League, Most 
Valuable Defensive Player; Varsity Soccer, 
Honor Roll, CSF, FNL, Student Council 
Representative, Block L, Block L Vice- 
president, Ski Club, Pep Club, TA-Social 
Studies, English 

T—fifisMdicf iy /<" i <en \-diddryj 
Playmakers, JV Swimming, FNL, Play- 
Cyrano, TA-World History 

{l/o/and<t T-dtrfsft /i<- X~/io(/ 
Power of Unity, CSF, Black Student Union, 
Honor Roll, "To my friends that I'm leaving 
behind, good luck in the future, I'll miss you. 
Take care." 

CA,i /f »ia,i %\ ?d/i„s/ 
Computer Club, Computer Club President, 
JV Wrestling 

C } o/l>l II \~. .Ill/c X-/</W 

Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, Honor 
Roll, JV Softball, JV Basketball, Interact 
Club, FNL, Academic Letter, Mock Trial, 
Ski Club, JV Volleyball, Frosh Volleyball, 
Frosh Basketball, Student of the Month- 
USAP; Leadership, Boys' Volleyball Manager 


Concert Hand. S> mphonic Hand. Performing 
Arts Letter, Playmakers, CSF, Honor Roll. 
ROP Auto, Academic Excellence in Autos, 
Perfect Attendance, East County Select Band, 
TA-Integrated Physics, Plays-Cyrano, 
Student Council Representative; "Too much 
fun fun club" 

t_ < a a i ti i Sr i< A iki Y i a //(•//('// 
Varsity Basketball, TA-Science, Attendance. 

Perfect Attendance. Varsity Basketball- 
Hustle Award, TA-Science. Student of the 
Month-PE.Varsit) Basketball, Tennis Team, 
Varsit) Track, Honor Roll. Frosh Basketball. 
Block L, JV Basketball; "Happy by Nature" 
C: Yicolt Y- 1 ii A i- 

'^ ^ tf€tA Li<o< 6* a Y- 1 iik/i.,< h 
Varsity Track, Peer Counselor, Power of 
Unity, Block L, Student Council 
Representative, TA-English, Office. Art: 
"Good luck 2 my friends c u all on the flip '07 
is til always TACO BELL baby!" 

C ii i u Y , ,/., 
JV Softball, JV Soccer. Varsity Track, Block 
L, Interact Club; "Good luck to everyone in 
the future'" 

JE i it<r/</v-/i<i/i<- 

■■LV^/n/i/i Y* i,</;// 
■^/ii/Zi/i fun, 

t_ i ik/Z/iiiii Y ,,,. 
Varsity Football. Most Valuable Lineman 

Q ( i, i if ^', m i Y /■/■/; 

Power of Unity, Women's (bonis. Black 
Student Union 



H ~MI 

IT S^^^m 

1 v I 


flufl a B^ti^B ^^ 

Above: Lea Fussell smiles for the camera after she leaves the lunch 
line with her pup-in-a-blanket and heads for a table to be with 
friends; below: Danielle Quintero is caught with her mouth open 
in surprise as she relaxes under one of the trees in the quad. 

L7AKM *o \-Ji/rar 

Annual Staff. Honor Roll, TA-PE. Counseling Office; "Thanks to 
Nick & Jay, and thanks to Cline & Mr. Giapponi for being rad 
teachers. Thank you Mindyfor being the beautiful person you are." 

;_ i Jinn [J a mi , T~/i//if 
TA-Home He. PK 

a/ . 

t_£ a new/ y-jt/t ////«///<//// 
Black Student Union, Power of Unity, Lion's Roar Staff, Student Council 
Representative, TA-Administration Office, Youth Educator, VAPA Academy; 
"Spa ial Thanks to my mom. Nana, and Gregfor the extra pushes dring mx High 
School years. " 

TA-PE, English 

Honor Roll, Power of Unity, Health Career Academy, Visual and Performing Arts, 
Varsity Track, Track-Manager, TA-Spanish, Jewelry. 

Women's Ensemble, Women's Chorus, Choir Club, JV Swimming, Block L, 
Performing Arts Letter, Frosh, JV, Varsity Football-Charter & Manager, TA- 
History, PE, Science; "Okay. I love you, Bye Bye. " 

<S/<>H//f'/<'r Q '/[arte J&avii 
JV Swimming, J V Softball, JV Volleyball, Peer Counselor; "Thanks to my parents 

and boyfriend for the love and support. I luv you Tony. " 

Honor Roll. 

Azteca Club, Honor Roll, Student of the Month-PE, Math 
S/oeoecca j£)ecKep 

d%&n&n S&efyaJo 

Honor Roll, JV Soccer, Azteca Club, JV Volleyball, Soccer-All-League, Student 
of the Month-PE, Home Improvement; TA-Spanish, Math; "Mucha suerte para 
todos y divertance. Muchas gracias a mi J am Hi a y amigos." 

Varsity Basketball, Women's Chorus, TA-English, Odyssey; Power of Unity, 
Honor Roll, Cross Country, Student Council Representative, J V Volleyball, Frosh 
Volleyball, Pep Club; "To everyone in our class, I love you a lot, and especially 
to Sarah Trost who we will never forget! Remember always!" 

iy a/iftna Jc iamoma 

2},7/ f „ S£)itma#A 

C 'bap&n ■' acK be. < </>■/<■* 
Boys' State, Chamber Singers, Homecoming Court, JV Football, CSF- Vice- 
president, Academic Letter, A Capella Choir, Honor Roll, Performing Arts 
Letter, CSF Life, Choir Club, TA-Performing Arts; "Just remember to tie your 

Homecoming Court, Rally Squad, Varsity Cheerleader, FHA President, Liberty 
for Earth, Ski Club, Block L, FHA, Junior Skit, Annual Staff, Frosh Cheerleader, 
Frosh Cheerleader-Co-captain, Most Improved; Student Council Representative, 
TA-PE, Home Economics; "To all my friends who I'll miss and love Thanks for 
the wonderful four years." 



Above: Jana I-Jertz: and Andrea McPeak are weighed down with 
heavy back packs as they walk across the quad area; below: Erin 
Goodman seems delighted with being thrown in the hay pile at the 
annual FFA Barn Dance. 




, n ^a//,n,/<iii 
Academic letter, Chamber Singers, Honor Roll, Tennis Team, 
Symphonic Band, Performing Arts Letter, Playmakers, Choir Club, 

Marching Rand, Jazz Band, A Capella Choir, Concert Band 

Sojeoecca {j&aeufonep 
Varsitj Soci er- All League, Most Valuable, Most Inspirational; Peer 
Counseler, Honor Roll, Block L; "Super Bee Forever!" 

JROTC, Perfect Attendance, Color Guard, 
Power of Unity, Student Council 
Representative, FNL, Choir Club, 
Women's Chorus, TA-Dance, Attendance; 
Varsity Track; "Believe in yourself always. 
Thanks for the memories ! Love ya'll '07" 

ASB-Vice-president, TA-History, Student 
of the Month-PE, Student Council 
Representative, Varsity Cheerleader, 
Lion's Roar Staff, KLEO, Power of Unitj , 
Playmakers, Pep Club, Honor Roll, FNL 

Y^syVa/C '/lofK' toe//'/ 
Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, Student 
Council Representative, Pep Club, Interact 
Club, FNL, Ski Club, TA--History;"7%awib 

to everyone for till the great memories. Hey 
Daryls, I love you guys!" 

tf_.'<ltt>M' l^r/l'll 

if fiani/if K^i/ira i</.\ 
C Vv/e/yvw C^waffc *o//'*' 

Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, 
Commissioner of Rallies and Assemblies, 
Homecoming Court, JV Basketball, JV 
Baseball, Frosh Football, Frosh 
Basketball, Varsity Basketball-Captain, 
Block L, Student Council Representative 

( ■ f/lSl/ <o///Y<-//<< 

Homecoming Committee, Playmakers, 
Power of Unity, TA-Math; "Thanks a lot to 
all my palswho helped me through the 4 years 
and good luck! I'm outie." 

Playmakers, Men's Chorus, FNL, 
Playmakers Publicity Manager, Plays- 
C> rano, Funnv Cirl 

Q>m<fy <o////e^ 

if/ia r/ri/ Qae/Jafta Csw.i 

Varsity Football-All-League, Most 
ValuablePlayer, Co-Most Valuable Player; 
Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity 
Baseball, Varsity Track, Homecoming 
Court, Boys' State, Honor Roll, JV Football, 
JV Baseball, Frosh Football, Student 
Council Representative, Leadership, "Long 
live Los Sets!" 

K^/lll/i 11 jc (or/ l/llia II ll 

Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Soccer, J\' 
Volleyball, JV Soccer 

Harta ^\>/r/a (SSev&t 


Academic Letter, Annual Staff, CSF-Life, FNL, Honor Roll, Interact Club, 
Scholastic Top Ten, FNL Secretary, Student of the Month-Social Studies 

Colorguard, Colorguard-Captain, Marching Band, Plays-Joseph and the Amazing 
Technicolor Dream Coat, Frosh Basketball, JV Basketball, Women's Chorus, 
Pep Club, Ski Club, Power of Unity, HOSA Officer, TA-Career Center, PK, 
Health Careers 

Varsity Westling, TA-Odyssey, Elementary Coach; "/ give my thanks to my 
coaches, Greg Chappie, Coach Hernandez for believing I could do it." 

c_ L YlccAi(& itcolej L&acAeie C)&letcMe& 

Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, CSF Life, Girls' State, Academic Letter, 
Honor Roll, Power of Unity, Basketeball-Most Improved, Most Inspirational; 
Cross Country-Most Valuable, PE-Student of the Month; "Always laugh, smile, 
have fun and be happy" 

<j" )ic<>/<> Jf_ ////// {jc Mr/tt'f 
Varsity Track, Scholar Athlete, Women's Chorus, Choir Club, Interact Club 

Frosh Football, Frosh-Soph Track, JV Wrestling, JV Football, Student of the 
Month-PE, TA-Math, PE 

Chamber Singers, Choir Club, Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, A Capella 
Choir, Golf, Ski Club, Plays-Our Town, Cyrano; Playmakers- Vice-president; 

"Long Live Deuce" 

Tennis Team, CSF, Academic Letter, Honor Roll, JV Swimming, Women's 
Chorus, Block L, Choir Club, Student of the Month-PE, TA-French, Social 

Studies; "Thanks to all the friends who made me smile." 

Varsity Baseball, Block L, Frosh Basketball, Honor Roll 

Principal's Honor Roll, Academic Letter, CSF, Block L, Playmakers, TA-PE; 
"Deus mortuus est, finis vevit, Finis prope est, Negrum pascha." 

Kjtoeliu G 4wn iS&owlw 

Honor Roll, Student Council Representative, TA-Home Ec, Math; Peer Tutor, 
PE-Student of the Month 

C Kin no. -£jt no Ly^c.c 
Academic Letter, A Capella Choir, Chamber Singer, Choir Club, CSF, CSF Life, 
Honor Roll, International Club, Marching Band, Performing Arts Letter, CSF 
Treasurer, President; Plays-Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 
Guys and Dolls; Elementary School Tutor 

Academic Letter, CSF, CSF-Life, Honor Roll, Interact Club, International Club, 
Student of the Month-PE 

Varsity Softball, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball-Most Inspirational, JV 
Softball, Frosh Volleyball, Honor Roll, CSF, Academic Letter, Block L, Pep Club, 
Student of the Month-PE, TA-Health, US History 

( -/laaC * ftnM-f 
Frosh Football, Varsity Track, JV Football 

A Capella Choir, Men's Chorus, Power of Unity 


( J< /i/a >/tt >i Qyfa&fai 

Varsitj Basketball, JV Basketball, Frosh Basketball, Block I. 

O n7f/f/f/^/</ Ivan 
Crosscountry, Frosh Football, J V Soccer, Men's Chorus, Varsitj Soccer, Varsity 
Track, Soccer-All League First Team, Student of the Month-PE, Athlete of the 


Block 1.. Concert Hand, Symphonic Hand, Honor Roll, Health Careers, Student 
of the Month-Keyboarding 

1 [ealth Careers; "Timid- you to all my teachers and my mom for their support. I 
wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them and my baby boy Domonil Vigil." 

C YcUhan S/o van {yti /■</</ 
JV Baseball, JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Varsitj Baseball, Frosh Football, Men's 
Chorus, Student Council Representative, Choir Club, Block 1.. "To All Seniors, 
He good lo yourselves and Live the Extreme." 

\s in/< C a<i/i< Qyint»a 
Varsitj Swimming, I lonor Roll, Academic Letter. CSF, Women's Chorus, FNL, 
Most Valuable Swimmer. NCS 

( 99 

■ ( >na C vucia Qjfaica 
JV Soccer, Power of Unity, TA-Spanish, Administration Office; ROP Cosmetology; 
"Congratulations to all my friends, Thanks to all my Family for their support 
especially my mom and dad. I Love You..." 

[Jf/wtj /( t/lKt/it ^VWJ 
V.itmU Football, 1 lomecoming Court, 1 lonor Roll, Block L,JV Basketball, Frosh 
Basketball. TA Attendance 

iy fi'iH'fi £y<t rat 
Peer Counselor, Lion's Roar Staff, Power of Unit) 

<7 *</<><■ \J-f/u</</i ft 

Homecoming Court. Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Varsitj Basketball, JV 

Basketball. CSF. Honor Roll, Block L, Homecoming Committee, JV Basketball- 
Mosl Valuable Player. Student of the Month-PE, TA-Office. PF; Varsity 
Volleyball-Most Improved; "It's been fun. I'll miss you all!" 

C Ti/>//// /' i/ C .e//< Qytifotafaucct 
Varsitj Football. Varsitj Track. JV Football. Frosh-Soph Track, Mock Trial. 
Power of Unity, Boys' Mate. Homecoming Court. CSF Life, Academic Letter. 
Leadership. Manager-Varsity Girls Volleyball; "Long live los sew." 

Cross Country, Tennis Team. Lion's Roar Staff, JV Soccer 

S\ LV< /// ft/ Qjn /</l 

^ 1 1 /i in /i i Qyi men 


S^'<</r/>" i H///K na Qybn/caee* 
Azteca Club. TA-Administration Office, English 


Honor Roll, Azteca Club; "/ dedicate my 

senior year to you mom and dad. Thanks for 
everything. I love you guys." 

Cheerleader-Captain, Frosh Cheerleader, 
JV Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, JV 
Swimming, Tennis Team, Sophomore 
Court, Homecoming Court, Homecoming 
Committee, Honor Roll, Student Council 
Representative, Leadership, Playmakers, 
Plays-G.B. Essence of Women; "I'll miss 
you Peaches, Love ya Daisy. " 

i/<o item 1-Jifi.iMi/n'/' \yon</i</> 

Frosh Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader, Varsity- 
Cheerleader, PeerCounselor,JV Swimming, 
Power of Unity, JV Cheerleader-Captain; 
"Party! Thanx RATS, Vic, Kelly, Michelle, 
Caroline, Tina. Keep Rave'n Alive. To my 
higher Love, Marcos, Forever your baby 

v^ )K/t(i/as S/o(//////ph</ \ytaj// 
Frosh-Soph Track, Jazz Band, Symphonic 
Band, Tennis Team 

Varsity Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader- 
Captain, JV Cheerleader-Co-Captain, 
Commissioner of Rally Squad, Academic 
Letter, Varsity Track, Pep Club-President, 
CSF, 100%, JV Cheerleader, Leadership, 
Honor Roll, Homecoming Committee, Ski 
Club, Student Council Representative, JV 
Swimming, Block L, Choir Club, FNL, 
Frosh Cheerleader, Student of the Month- 
PE, Pep Club, Power of Unity, Women's 
Chorus; "Jabba... Jeeeeabba. You know it's 
all about posin'" 

■^fistix C vm// QyraiK'i 
Varsity Baseball, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity 
Track, Honor Roll, JV Wrestling; "Side- 
Slippin 'ForeverlRide on!" 

%//w//C •)/>//<■, 


'te» Cj~f raves 
Marching Band, JV Volleyball, Athletic 
Fitness Trainer 

'•Si' a ///e/a _/_. . Cy>< 


TA-History, Health Career Academy, 
Internship; "Much love to all my friends and 

I especially my nephew Cody. 

C_7 earn Qy /vy< ■ ri/ 
JV Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling 

JV Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track 
O vCtwccevtt Zyitewepo 

Health Careers Academy, Azteca Club, 
Honor Roll, TA-English, Math, Science, 
Elementary; Chicano Latino Conference, 


Above: Justin Lozano and Mike Ramaha are not worried about 
convention as both of them sport girls' cheerleading dresses to 
earn their class points towards the spirit trophy during Homecoming 
Week;below:Jeff Kelm wears his Boston Red Sox hat as he walks 
across the quad area on the way to class. 

'■J&wmcidCO d.'. ^ft/tzar 

Azteca Club; "Hey Raza we did it!" 

r K%'//('a»t <§r<$cnmlt<m 

TA-Auto Shop 

Varsity Track, JV Soccer, Health Cart- Academy, Track Manager, TA- Science 

"Good luck to the Naska c~ thank you mom for everything." 

(loll". Honor Roll. Computer Club. TA-Tutorial Support 

ASB Treasurer. ASH Secretary, Assistant Drum Major, Marching Band, 
Commissioner of Publicity, CSF 100 r ;, Honor Roll, Camp Royal, Plays-Joseph 
and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Guys and Dolls, One Acts; Academic 
I. liter. Annual Staff. A Capella Choir, Student Council Representative, 
Playmakers, Power of Unity, Choir Club, Jazz Band, Interact Act, Girls' 
Volleyball Manager, FNL, Ski Club, Women's Chorus, Student of the Month- 
PE, "If you believe, you can succeed " 

&j(k //>/ Qnpeab /> 

C7 < ,, na C 6< //aiia 
Women's Chorus. TA-English, Word Processing 

'/ia//a,/Q'()/r//a/tr/, ; 

i^V, /a/</^L. <rrr</<?'(y //< fa \ff*. 
Varsity Soccer, JV Soccer, Interact Club, JV Track 

t. iv 1 1,1 o'To ('■ . 

Varsity Soccer, J\' Soccer, TA-Social Studies 

-i^ an, J OnpuUMMtS 

X^araa ,i _^_ i/, i, i <?'(y„, /, ia 
Academic Letter, Block L, CSF, Honor Roll, TA-English, Math, Biology; "To all 
you that I am leaving behind, love and luck: love and learn. God Bless you and keep 
you all." 

;_ i Jiaa C7 << it Q'Oi 1/aiaii 
CSF, CSF 100%, Honor Roll. Academic Letter 

r „, 

■ (y/,// 

O' (a/ar/^tyr, me Q'(ia//a/< /• 

Senior Class Treasurer, Leadership. Varsity Track, Mock Trial, CSF, Block L, 
Power of Unity, Academic Letter, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, 
Marching Band, Concert Band. Student of the Month-PF 
^ "\ '////// C^!(a,,/a/; / @ '(ii///, „ 

Honor Roll, Academic Letter, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Soccer. Varsity Sofball. 
JV Volleyball, Frosh Volleyball, CSF Life, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, 
Leadership, Liberty for Earth-President. Vice-president 

[_ a an ',i-__ ar/c 

Varsit) Track, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. JV Basketball. JV Baseball 

(_ ( ,i aaa/i ^ ,///:*/, 

J2W<* ^10, /,<//< -Sa,i,i 
Honor Roll. CSF, FNL. Student of the Month-PF, Academic Letter, TA- 
Administration, Health Careers Academy, HOSA 



W * ' 

Above: Awilda Regalado shares both her lunch and a happy 
moment with one of her friends during the 12:30 break period; 
below: Joah Widman shows his support for the Varsity football 
team by wearing a sports t-shirt. 

- . . .* % 


Wi , 

t < /«/ {(/amies 
Academic Letter, CSF Life, Honor Roll, 
Interact Club, Playmakers, Plays-Our Town 

Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, Plays- 
Joseph, Mouse That Roared, Guys and Dolls, 
Our Town, Cyrano; Mr. GQ '96, A Capella- 
Most Valuable Baritone, Chamber Singers, A 
Capella Choir, Choir Club, Homecoming 
Court, Honor Roll, TA-Performing Arts, 
Playmakers-President, Vice-president; CSF, 
FNL, Men's Chorus, Sophomore Court, 
"Thanks to all my friends for all the memories." 

Jazz Band, Honor Roll, Academic Letter, 
Symphonic Band, CSF, Block L, Performing 
Arts Letter, Marching Band, Concert Band, 
Student of the Month-English, PE; TA- 
English; "It's been real & it's been fun but it 
hasn't been real fun." 

k~>a6eu C ?6. {yoaaiUn 
\~,<irf/tii<' K2>wzaueth -J /owru&n 
Pep Club, Student Council Representative, 
Power of Unity, TA-English, ISD; FNL 

\\Jcuo // -J_. ee -^ i net 
Cross Country, Varsity Track 

£ wesa C 'A'rr/'H' iyt nen 
Health Careers Academy, TA-Home Ec; 

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never 


Honor Roll, TA-Music 


Varsity Volleyball, Scholastic Top Ten, FFA, 
Volleyball-Honorable Mention, Firsl Team 
All League, Most Valuable Player, Captain; 

FFA President, Commissioner of Clubs an< 
Activities, CSF, Rotarj Club Student of the 
Month, Academic Letter, Block L; "The time 
of my life!" 

^ Ytcnoeca L&itan iJK&llneit 
Frosh Basketball, JV Basketball, Varsitj 
Basketball. Honor Roll, Student Council 
Representative, TA-English, Administration 




■^ '/in ( /oefW&ndi t_ rf>emi 
Plays-Our Town, Cyrano; Peer Counselor, 
HOSA, Performing Arts Letter, JV Volleyball, 
Honor Roll, CSF 100%, Power of Unity, FNL; 
"Life is too serious to be taken seriously!" 

(/>Jra /k/</i -^"\y/i(// 

Honor Roll, Frosh Football, TA-History; 1 
circle is a three sided rectangle that holds the 
key to making brownies." 

L6oi/<i Jr ,,,. t_ r&lein 
Women's Chorus, Choir Club; "To all of my 
friends, who made these four years a time to 

C W/if/i l ns nac/afiedl S *■ 
FFA. JV Wrestling 

t_ < ,</i/, ,(<ikJki/^ '\ \oenia 
Academic Letter, Interact Club, Honor Roll, 
CSF, Cross Country, Student Council 

il<oo/»')'/<t^^ "\\ ymAauM ■■/■ ■/ V 
Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Block L, 
Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Men's 
Chorus, Performing Arts Letter 

• O Us r 

0" //.if II L \ lUThil 

Honor Roll; Student of the Month PEJewelrj 
Algerbra II; TA-Math, Office 

fjcoit L "I U/.Ji 



1 1 




^t ^B 


< < ) > 




Above: JoLeeAnn Boston intently watches Nino DeLaRosa work 
on his project during crafts class in AC-3; below: Kevin Hess, 
Trisha Bunds, and Shawna Anthon relax on the new concrete 
benches in the quad area outside the gym. 

O 7\a y<rs -X_al^£</ fi/<i 
"AUD; 5000 Peace" 

Varsity Baseball, Varsity Soccer, JV Baseball, JV Soccer, Frosh 
Baseball, Academic Letter, CSF, Honor Roll, Student Council 


Varsity Swimming, JV Swimming, Block L, Academic Letter, CSF Life, CSF 
100%, CSF, Honor Roll, International Club, JV Swimming-Most Valuable, Most 
Improved; Water Polo, Student of the Month-PE; 'To the Mormon 
fun at BYU, we will miss you." 

Choir Club, Women's Chorus, Performing Arts Letter, Playmakers, TA- English, 
Government; Colorguard, Marching Band; "To all my younger friend* I love you 

Good Bye." 

Varsity Swimming, JV Swimming, Girls' State, Academii Letter, CSF, CSF 
100%, Honor Roll, Interact Club, Frosh Volleyball, TA-U.S. History, Student of 
the Month-PE, Camp Royal 

Chamber Singers, Varsity Swimming, Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, A 
Capella Choir, Women's Ensemble, Women's Chorus. Choir Club, Plays-Our 
Town, Funny Girl 

Choir Club, Honor Roll, Playmakers, Women's Chorus, TA-Foreign Language, 

Elementary School Tutor 

Academic Decathlon, Azteca Club, CSF, Honor Roll, Power of Unity, Student 
of the Month-PE, Health Careers Academy, Holidays Around the World MC, 
International Week Committee, Science Research Internship; "God as my friend 

shall light my path for the future." 

Honor Roll, CSF 
Qme&u Jrj. _£ em vnsJce 
Marching Band Drum Major, Yearbook-Assistant Editor, Editor-in-Chief; 
Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, Playmakers, 
Performing Arts Letter, Academic Letter, CSF, CSF 100%, CSF Life, Student 
Council Representative, Symphonic Secretary, Concert Band President, Symphonic 
Band Uniform Manager, Plays-Funny Girl, Student of the Month-PE; "Let's take 
it down a notch FUKIS!" 

■^/„7/,/, Ji',„,„ v /,/ 

(ytz/yf/- 2s en nicaj[jun /■// 

Power of Unity, Varsity Track, TA-Counseling Office; "Jari, Susan, I wish you 
well, Sara don't worry, you'll have a great sr. yr. To my parents, guess what, I made 


Ji£ <r/i i/t, 


Varsity Softball, Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Sophomore Court, I lomecoming 
Court, FNL, CSF 100%, Girls' State, Honor Roll, Academic Letter, Volleyball- 
All-League, Most Valuable; Student of the Month-History, TA-PE, PE Student 
of the Year 

Honor Roll, Homecoming Committee, CSF, Academic Letter, Choir Club, Peer 
Counselor, Power of Unity, Ski Club, Student Council Representative, 
Commissioner of Fund Raising, Commissioner of Publicity, TA-Attendance 

Academic Letter, CSF, Honor Roll, JV Swimming, Varsity Swimming, JY 
Swimming-Most Valuable, Student of the Month-Cooking, TA-English, Health 

ii//i< ■ , jc uaueJHiv<iuda* 

Honor Roll, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Performing Arts Letter. 
Symphonic Band, Plays-Funny Girl, TA-History. Barber Shop; "Peace Out, Mo 


~— •' '/<< 

J\' Soccer, Varsity Soccer; "Be true to yourself!" 

Academic Letter, CSF Life, Honor Roll, Interact Club, Lion's Roar Staff, Varsity 
Track, Speech and Debate, Power of Unity, FN'L, Interact Preside c. Lion's Roar 

Azteca Club 


Above: "Lasting Impressions" sets the theme tor the Senior Class' winning float and an appropriate title to their fourth straight first 
place finish; it will leave a lasting impression on every other class to follow; left: Jon Mason shows his lighter side to Johanna Westlund 
near Beck's Garden; below left: JoLeeAnn Boston, Senior Class Editor, is caught in a reflective mood on campus. 

Below: TovaJarvis intently studies the action 
on the playing fields; right: Amber Martin 
uses excellent hand gestures and facial 
expressions to make her point in class. 

Far left: Myda Padilla smiles at some remark that was made in the Career Center; near left: 
Larry Bush shows off his leg and good sportmanship; below: Hippy Day brings out the best 
in these seniors and their teacher: Jill Bacciocco, Jaime Graser, Katie Singh, and Mrs. Eunice 
Campbell, in a new TR portable on the northern edge of the campus. 


Senior Candids 

Left: Jorge Oseguera and Hollie Pedersen discuss upcoming events of Homecoming Week in a tew 
tree moments of their economics class in Nash Hall;above:urgedonby members of the Rally Squad, 
the Senior Class cheers their hardest at the rally held on Ohmstede Field. 

Left: Tina Piazza seems concerned about the discussion taking place in the Career Center; 
below: Michelle Terra shares some information with Jessalynn Stoddard and Angela 
Bernacci in a TR classroom; right: Pete Anderson enjoys the nice weather in the quad. 

Left: yet another decoration of the beautiful trees in the quad area between the cafeterias and gym as toilet paper streams 
from the lower branches; below: April Sole, Brian Lamb, Hollie Pedersen. and Rachel Morgenson stand in front of their Senior 
Class poster on the side of the cafeteria, the poster was part of Homecoming Weeks spirit activities. 



Above: Mitzy Oseguera relaxes on the edge of a desk as she waits 
for class to start and before beginning on the assignment on the 
board behind her; below: Tyson Kunst carefully uses a small 
grinding wheel in jewelry. 

Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Football, JV 
Wrestling, Frosh Football 

C wnau Q TCanuet^jUna 

Varsity Wrestling, Student of the Month- 
Math, Most Valuble Player Wrestling, JV 
Football, Frosh-Soph Track, Power of 
Unity, Health Career Acadamv 

A Capella Choir, Choir Club, Women's 
Ensemble, Women's Chorus, Honor Roll, 
TA-History, FCnglish; A Capella Robe 
Manager; "The best things in life are singing 
and mting." 

Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh Football, 
Block L, JV Volleyball, Ski Club, Health 
Career Acadamv, HOSA, "Thank God we 
are out of here! Party! '97." 

xffedtica TCavie O Vcawtume 
Honor Roll, Symphonic Band Treasurer, 
Symphonic Band, TA-Science, "Thank you 
to everyone who has helped me along the 
wav. I'll miss vou all." 

Golf, Gino Aiello Award, Block L, Interact 
Club, Honor Roll, TA-English 

QAjvooHe 'A.?irr<' O 'Aa/ttitti</ 
Tennis Team, Block L, Peer Counselor, 
Honor Roll, TA-PE, Spanish, Beginning 
Foods, Tennis-Co Captain; "Thanks to my 
best buds for all the memories, remember, 
we'll always have high school!" 

Q 'AarivrH' Yiartti 

C wwf TCa&fon 
Women's Ensemble, Women's Chorus, 
Honor Roll, FNL, Chess Club, Choir Club, 
Student of the Month-PE, TA-World 
History; "/ rock and roll all night and party 
every day. " 

\\Jcmaiin&n ^£)a/niaQ. TCad&n 
A Capella Choir, Block L, CSF, Frosh 
Football, Honor Roll, JV Baseball, JV 
Basketball, Men 's Chorus, Student Council 
Representative, Varsity Baseball 

Frosh Football, JV Wrestling, J\ ; Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Football, 
TA-Visual Arts, Varsity Football Captain 

Frosh Volleyball, TA-Math, Health Careers Academy, HOSA; 'Thanks for the 
memories, Cheryl, Shannon, Jacklyn. Good Luck Class of 97." 

Academic Letter, Performing Arts Letter, Honor Roll, Band Historian, Annual 
Staff, CSF, CSF 100%, CSF Life, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Mar, hing 

tS ia O VCafie HrJf_ ewu /< 
Tennis Team, Tennis-Most Valuable Player, Block L, Honor Roll, Mock Trial, 
Power of Unity, TA-English; "To be who you are and to become what you are 
possible of becoming is the only end of life." 

Varsity Soccer, Honor Roll, FNL, Block L, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, 
Student of the Month-PE, TA-PE 

C ~>v /////■<■<■/ T~///'fs/fj/c Q 'A c 'sSCea/c 
Varsity Soccer, Honor Roll, FNL, Block L, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, 
Student of the Month-PE, TA-PE; "I'll miss you m v only HI sis Gen-Ginilo. Best 
Buds. " 

CtW/fsx, Cfffiavie dffiechna 

Honor Roll, Health Careers Academy 
SbannyCft. CtW>, >«><■/<■<> S > 
Varsity Volleyball, A Capella Choir, Choir Club, JV Basketball, Frosh Football, 
Frosh Basketball, JV Volleyball, Men's Chorus, Girls' Volleyball Manager 

[_ euica Jc tan in O' ,(<■/</< ;<■/ 
Azteca Club, CSF, CSF 100%, Honor Roll. Power of Unity, TA-AV, Health 
Careers Academy, Health Careers Internship 

&%rr„ QW//o 

Frosh Baseball, JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball 

iy/c/'c Q TCetquite 

A Capella Choir, Block L, JV Baseball, Men's Chorus, Varsity Baseball, JV 

Baseball-Most Valuable, TA-History, Algebra; Mr. GQ Congeniality Winner, 

Sophomore Court; "And I'm out, ready to take the back route. Good Luck Hunnis." 

^>//m' £:> rt/r fcca QJrCeyw 
Tennis Team, JV Swimming, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, CSF 100%, CSF 
Treasurer, Honor Roll, Academic Letter, Concert Band, International Club, 
Interact Club, Performing Arts Letter, Block L, International Club Secretary, 
Forensic Team, FNL, Power of Unity, Academic Excellence-French 3,4; Golden 
State Exam Honors Algebra 

Power of Unity, Azteca Club, International Club, TA-District Office; "Pen, e to 
my family, thank you. And lots of love to my boy Adrian. Love ya HI the end and 
back again I Sevan ). " 

C'^ „//,<„ i, C" !(?//„ 



;_ untie Qwn 'Aa/n/fti 
Varsity Swimming, Block L, Honor Roll, Ski Club, Playmakers, TA-Brcntwood 
Elementary, Student of the Month-PE, Health Careers Academy, NCS Qualifier, 
Girls Varsity Swimming-Captain, Health Careers Intern 

&%& C 4>a*vn <*)&/<■/,<// 
Frosh Football, TA-History, English; Health Careers Academy; "I had a lot of fun 
chilli)i with my buds. Stay real. Class of '97'." 

Honor Roll, Tennis Team, Power of Unity, TA-Counseling Office, Mock Trial, 
Black Student Union, FNL, Interact Club, International Club, Pep Club, 
Playmakers, Ski Club, Dance Club 

tS/amei JJch ?ee*tQ. '(<//<*■ 
FFA, TA-Agriculture, Science 
'■^^aOifi/ti h^aM'i/ '/Cf>>t/c 
A Capella Choir, Women 's Ensemble, Choir Club, Playmakers, Power of Unity, 
JV Softball, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, FNL, Homecoming Committee, 
Honor Roll, Interact Club, Sophomore Class Secretary, Senior Class Vice- 
president, Plays-Funny Girl; "Whoeverfollows me will never walk in darkness but 
will have the light of life. John 8:12" 

^/o/atiaa O YCi'ii/itiea/'v 

Qst&ea flier O TCom/qo merit 

£P //</////<! // O Vl7' ll/lfl ///</!/ 

&av«/2>. C®&o<fy 

•^ erenvu-^jeeQ. vCcvve 
Cross Country, Honor Roll, Academic Letter, CSF, Block L, Student of the 
Month-PE, TA-English, Cross Country-Most Improved; "She's more than a 
woman to me." 

C HweeeamawQ '(i rn/i.i 
Cross Country, Varsity Track, JV Basketball, Block L, Cross Country-All- 
League, Track-All-League, Cross Country-Most Valuable Runner, Track-B VAL 
Second Team, Athlete of the Week, Cross Country-Most Inspirational, Track- 
Most Inspirational 

S/oacneeQ TCovaenMn 

Block L, Honor Roll, JV Swimming, Student Council Representative, Varsity 
Swimming, Student of the Month-PE, TA-Office; "Bye 'Auslie', we'll miss ya'H 
'97' lives forever!" 

;__ rij/t/i<i C nor/vine 

J iiiiii/ii' _^_ if/i/i 'A. v ryaui 

Choir Club, Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, Plays-Cyrano, Academic 
Decathlon, Student Council Representative, Lion's Roar Staff, JV Swimming 
Women's Chorus, TA- Leadership, English, Choir 

dVii ri/i'ciC vCauca 
Azteca Club, TA-Spanish; "Lo Logramos. Espero que sigamos luchando mucht 
para llegar hacer alguien. Adios 1997." 

_£ tuda O yi inn •. 

i Jins/i/iit TCavie nTif/i/i ii 
TA-Math, Library; Elementary Tutor; "A special thanks to those who stood by 
me especially my caring, loving mother and father." 

C . a/n/n _£ /// 


Choir Club, JV Soccer, Power of Unity, Women's Chorus, TA-Science, Lab 
Assistant, Bible Study Club- Vice-president, Health Careers Academy, ROP 
Internship; "God Bless The Class Of '97'! Good Luck To Naskall" 


tS/o / nama ■// _^_, . 'J- Yayyo/t 
JV Football, Men's Chorus, Freshman Girls 
Volleyball-Manager, JV Girls Volleyball- 
Manager, Varsity Girls Volleyball-Manager, 
TA-PE, JV Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball 

QjfCarit 'J" ) ay yen 

Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Marching 
Band, Concert Band, Women's Ensemble, 
Perfroming Arts Letter, Choir Club; "Flug" 

"Drummers and Leprechauns Rock!" 

Frosh Basketball, Tennis Team, Choir Club, 
Men's Chorus, TA-Attendence, 
Elementary School; FCA, Bible Study- 
Administrator; "To everyone with their 
ears open, work hard, and never give up on 
life, cause there's a God in Heaven that 
Loves ya!" 

CSF, Math Tutor, Azteca Club; "I'm going 
to miss you Liberty." 

iSCr/f//'-^. : 11//K//1/1 
Symphonic Band 

S/ocu/te/'^ Yicole C; lievei 
FHA, Lion's Roar Staff, Student of the 
Month-PE, TA-Home Economics, FHA- 
HERO-Vice-president; "Were outa here!! 

Honor Roll, JV Wrestling 

Honor Roll, TA-Attendence, Perfect 
Attendence; "See ya!" 

[_ tii/tji O". L_ ;o</<iyy 

Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling. JV 
Wrestling, JV Football, Varsity Track, 
Honor Roll, Student of the Month-PE 


Above: the Senior Class packs the towing vehicle as they enjoy 
the fruits of their labor and earn First Place for the fourth straight 
year in the float competition at Homecoming; below: Mike 
Leschine contemplates the state of the world on the baseball 

'kP IHDl >l< II Q liTtytr li , II lit'i 

FFA, FFA-Reporter, FFA-Sectional Secretary, FFA-State Farmer, 
Health Careers Academy, HOSA, HOSA-Reporter;"C/!pn/, Stacy, 
Jacklyn and Odessa, you guys are the best! Thanks for Everything!" 

^ ^ocm* CtWanc (LW/ 
FFA, FFA Secretary, Chamber Singers, A Capella Choir, Women's Ensemble, 
J\ r Volleyball, JV Softball, Performing Arts Letter, Choir Club, Honor Roll 

Frosh Football, J V Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Academic Decathlon, TA-EngHsh, 

Agriculture, Elementary School; Bible Study Administrative Coordinator; "To 
all the seniors, have good lives and party on; Class of '97." 

■J < Yge(£lteaueva 

C Vufx it \yo iiona \3teaue&a 

CSF, Lion's Roar Staff, Power of Unity, Honor Roll, TA-History, Student of the 

Month-History, Outstanding Student in English, Chicano Latino Conference 

JfJ„/,<> ^aMa 

^Jo/iati/ia X~Ji rts/i me tSXSaKKi 
Block L, Honor Roll, JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Student 
of the Month-PE, Golden State Exam Algebra Honors 

C 4mf dffiavie laical 
Varsity Track, Block L, A Capella Choir, Women's Ensemble, Regional Honor 
Choir, Choir Letter, Choir Club, JV Basketball Manager, Honor Roll, Student 
Council Representative, TA-PE, Math Tutor; "2 my friends- Jill, Korene, Raq, 
Jaime, Kale-Dog, Rachel, Aims, Kim, Storrer and the Mormon crew, especially 
•Double V, Root, Ryan, Mike and Carl. Also Pam, you're a sweetheart. Thame 4 
the memories. I'll never forget U guys, ya L8R Love 'Pat'." 

rCeutea S/aene ^SSatama 

Varsity Cheerleader, J V Cheerleader, Frosh Cheerleader, Pep Club, FNL, FHA, 
CSF, Block L, Student Council Representative, Homecoming Committee, Power 
of Unity, Frosh Volleyball, Ski Club, Peer Counselor, Most Spirited Cheerleader, 
Volleyball Captain, Varsity Baseball Charter, TA-English, Foods; Leadership, 
Varsity Mascot, Varsity Show Cheer, FHA President; "Have fun with all you do. 
Do it with pride." 

"<S licAolai Vxwafua 

Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Interact Club, Lion's Roar Staff, TA-AP 
Chemistry, Athletic Fitness Trainer; "Always Grin & Bear It, but be yourself! 
Don't change for anyone. Class of '97." 

e M Vyv it Civ' rtitfSfi >i 

TA-Special Education, Consumer Math 

Q'ii( //tr v~Jiari.\ '^1 '<</<■ mm- h 

Varsity Swimming, JV Swimming, Block L, Honor Roll, Academic Letter, CSF 

100%, CSF Life, FNL, Ski Club, TA-Social Studies, Homecoming Committee, 

Leadership, Commissioner of Curriculum 

S%//,,/ Sbicme ;iCl/vv/v, 
FFA, Women's Chorus, Choir Club, Student of the Month-Agriculture, TA-PE, 
Health Careers Academy, Business Academy; "To all the Ag girls, keep it alive 
and don't let no one bring you down." 

C/ofKin LA.irin</i/ igSe/extofi 
A Capella Choir, Men's Chorus, Choir Club-Librarian, Treasurer; Choir Club, 
Performing Arts Letter, Plays-On the Boards, The Mouse that Roared, Guys and 
Dolls, Our Town, Funny Girl, Cyrano; Playmakers, CSF, Academic Letter, Honor 
Roll, TA-Performing Arts, Student of the Month-Spanish 



Above: Melissa Rivera checks a paper with Robin Moczulski as 
part of her duties during her Attendance Office TA period; below: 
Marguerite Bolster waits in her English class for the discussion to 
continue on The Canterbury Tales, just one of the novels that 
seniors are expected to read. 

Q'lr/c r y^</iffi ra \\in/iri 

Tennis Team, Tennis-Most Valuable, JV Basketball, Honor Roll: 
"To Boo: Best of Luck, love always-Doc." 

_it wnielle Q/rCa*u \iii »/<-»■* 

Varsity Track-All League, Most Valuable Player. Captain- '96 NX'S and MOC Qualifier, 
Athletic Director's Academic Award. Vcmth Senate Program, Youth Educator, Varsit) 
Track. Varsit) Softball. Bloc k L, Academic Litter. CSF, I- \"L. Homecoming Committee. 
Honor Roll, Power of Unity, JV Softball, JV Volleyball, KLEO, Student of the Month-PE, 

Student Coucil Representative. TAPE; "I loir you Mom. Dad, and Joshua / 

•^ t Jtaa . y_ t aan MiCeA , .< n 
CSF, Honor Roll, Interact ClubJV Wrestling, 
Libert) for Earth 

vT i tin v. 'Ainu \iX i'i ■ Ul 

[nterat t ( Hub, Inter. n t Vi< e-president, ' 51 
I SF Life, CSF 10 Honor Roll, Water 
Polo. Lion's Roar Staff, Annual Staff, Con< erl Symphonic Band. Marching Band, J V 
Swimming, Varsit) Swimming, Academit. 
Decathlon, Ski Club, TA-Algebra II 

£7 Ht'l k£S! H H • 

C'^/i/Zi C/i,,ti//,-v)„. 
Peer Counselor, Pep Club, Power of Unity, 
I- XL. Student Count il Representative, I [onor 
Roll. TA-Freedom Counseling Office, 
English;"7%anJb forallthememoriei rats ami 
good luck to tin- Ci: Party." 

SflM /'if/ '^'i/i/iii . 

( ' ■t'tti/ii -f je it if /i \sCtumi , 
Varsit) Softball. Softball-AU-Leagui 
MVP, Defensive Player of the Near. TA- 
Science. Lab Assistant. Health Careers 
Academy; "Thank you mom and dad for 
everything, I love you David. I love you 
always. " 

C' :ill///ll If f Jy>'ll'lilt 

Marching Band. Symphonit Band. Concert 
Band. TA-Computer Repair; "Remember 
the tales of Miguel. He was a wise man and he 
will live forever in our memory." 

c 'C./i...,-v\i., 

( ' •/ in/ft if -^ t j/i/i Si V ti i /in J it 
FFA, Honor Roll. FFA-President, Reporter; 

Student of the Month-World History, I \ 
Agriculture. Chapter Farmer 

L '( >i//i/ Z^' in 1 1 in //i 
I \ Vudio Visual, Women's Chorus. Choir 
Club; "/ will always mist my friends I made 
and I! always remember! I made it'" 

( /i fi ./mi G i'lfn \£x ii/iiinii 
Honor Roll. Power of Unity, Tennis learn. 
TA-Counseling Office, English; "Cla 
has always ruled' Ml my Un e, Mom and Pad. 
Kim. and Michael ." 

C^ilfil/i C A 'un ^ii/iii 

Varsit) Soccer, JV Soi er, Power of Unity, 
Varsity Tra< k, TA-Si ien< e 


Student of the Month-PE; "Earn wuz here." 

Varsity Track, Women's Chorus. Health 
Careers Academy; "- 1 //»' Naskas, hey girls I 
had fun, see ya in the future. ' Naskas are 
legends', thanks for everything." 

SA?ai/r/i/ X-^Jirti/i/Hi SJacmael 
Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Track, JV 
Cheerleader, Frosh Cheerleader, Block L, 
I lonor Roll. Pep Club, Women's Chorus, Ski 
Club, International Club, Rally Squad, TA- 
English, NCS-Track 

Tennis Team, Block L, Varsity Basketball 
Charter, TA-Math, PE 

C vutucla iloeaalacU 
Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Concert 
Band, Power of Unity, Frosh-Soph Track, 
FNL, KLEO, TA-Attendance, Elementarj 

Tutor;"/ want to thank everybody for alt of the 

memories. Ill miss you all with all my heart. " 

CMeeca iioicnarcU 

Student Council Representative. TA- 
Spanish, Elementary Tutor 

• (j\ ut ,< C'Un /«/< / L/<otc/i<tr<h 
CSF, INI., Honor Roll, Interact Club 

Honor Roll, Varsit) Football, Varsity Football 
Captain. Frosh Football 



Above: Erin (loodman plants one on Anthony Chilarducci before 
both of them greet their parents and take their seats at the 
Homecoming Rally; below: Jennifer Chappell and Tina Fraser 
show class and school spirit by dressing in cardinal and gold and 
having a paw print on their faces. 

TA-Library, Golden State Exam Algebra Honors 

Varsity Baseball, JV Football. JV Basketball, Frosh Football, Frosh 
Basketball, Baseball-All League, Most Valuable Batter; Frosh 
Basketball-Most Valuable, TA-PF:, Top SO Baseball Player in 
America, Ail-American Baseball 

QrfCeltMa C ) a /«//<■ {Jsoi/vepa 
Honor Roll, Academic Letter, CSF, CSF Life, Tennis Team, Symphonic Band, 
Concert Band, Marching Band, Performing Arts Letter, TA-Attendance, 
Performing Arts 

Qy^Ont/utny i&o/t/ioii 
JV Track, Varsity Track, Cross Country, NCS Cross Country, Student of 
the Month-PE, Honor Roll 

y~Jiy>.i/>/ Ll<o<xwn&cm 
Power of Unity Commissioner, Power of Unity, Leadership, Black Student 
Union, Student Council Representative, TA-Attendance Office, Math; "To 
whom I leave, know I care. Put trust and believe in what we share." 

A Capella Choir, Women's Chorus, TA-Social Studies; "To my fellow rats, I love 
you girls. Sarah, you'll always be in our hearts. Party!" 


lifca tt</ti L&oiaotao 
Varsity Football, Varsity Track, JV Football, Frosh Football, Power of Units , 
Mock Trial, Peer Counselor, FNL, Student Council Representative, TA-Social 
Studies, Youth Educator; "Long live Los Seis." 

&%*aA <+W,w d^Ule i/Zovf 
Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, J V Volleyball-Most Valuable, Varsity Volleyball- 
Most Valuable, All-League Second Team, Honorable Mention; Homecoming 
Court, Sophomore Court, Sophomore Princess, Block L, Honor Roll, J V Softball, 
Student Council Representative, FNL, Student of the Month-PE, TA-Attendance 

^_,cti<i S/oenee Saooie 
Women's Chorus, TA- Vocational Education, Leadership, Health Careers 
Academy; "Bye to my friends & thanks for all those parties we had." 

Parliamentarian, CSF, Honor Roll, Peer Counselor, Commissioner of Fund 
Raising, Student Council Representative, CASC-WELC, Homecoming 
Committee, Colorguard, Marching Band, Performing Arts Letter, Playmakir>, 
Women's Chorus, Choir Club, TA-English, Frosh Basketball, Plays-Joseph and 
the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Guys and Dolls 

Q iCuema {yaam // tjaecnac 
Interact Club 

'S rr/J////r -Z_ ///'/' £7 attui<i//i 
Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Performing Arts 
Letter, A Capella Choir, Women's Ensemble, Women's Chorus, Choir Club, 
Annual Staff, Pep Band, Band Aide, Honor Roll, TA-Marching Band Auxiliary, 
Power of Unity, International Club, Interact Club, FNL, Perfect Attendance; 
"Think of what was, is and will be! And though I'll be gone, think of my memory. " 

Plays-One Acts, Showcase of the Arts; Power of Unity, Playmakers, Student 
Council Representative, TA-English, Lion's Roar Staff 



Above: Michelle Terra has a brightly colored '97 on 
her stocking hat as she helps the seniors show the other 
classes how it's done during Homecoming;below: 
Don Crane answers a question at lunch. 

ijusan QJrCf&t&ja 
Varsitj Track, Honor Roll, Women's Chorus, TA-CounseliiiK 
Office; "/ made it'." 

Varsity Football 

;> nereiaL/Sriane tjcAni&ke* 

ASH Prt/Mtk-m. ASH \'n i- -president, rrohm.ui Presidi-nl, 
Commissioner <>f Clubs and Activities, CASC Ex< Ii.iulti- 
Delegate to Russia, Girls'State, Varsity Volleyball, Varsit; 
Softball, Varsit] Basketball, Varsitj Tennis, Varsitj Trai k, 

Softball- All League, Scholastii TopTen,< SF 96.CSF 

Life, Homecoming Court, Sophomore Princess, Home* oming 
Chairwoman, Mr GQ Chairwoman, Bknk 1., Powei of 
i nity.FNL, Pep Club, Ski Club, Women's Chorus, Student 
of the Year Spanish 1, Academic Letter, Honor Roll, Student 
Council Rep, Student of the Month-PE .mil Spanish I, 
Rotarj Student of the Month, TA-History,JV Volleyball 

C/ofKittiH' S/o. ijcnuite 
Honor Roll, Varsity Softball, Varsitj Soccer, JV Softball, All 
League-Softball, Soi i er,HealthCareersAcademy;"Afyi'ot« 

andRespei 1 1" my brother Daniel You stepped up, keep it 
going " 

<KMam &%ott 

Qytna \Jeaman>n 

Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, 
Varsity Track, JV Basketball, JV Volleyball, 
Frosh Basketball, Frosh Volleyball, CSF 
Life, CSF 100%, Honor Roll, Academic 
Letter, Block L, Most Valuable Player- 
Frosh Volleyball, Frosh Basketball, TA- 
English, Elementary Tutor 

Honor Roll, Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, 
Frosh Basketball, Azteca Club, FNL, 
Student Council Rep, TA-Math, Holidays 
Around the World Commissioner; "Mom 
and Dad because of you I have reached my 
goal. Love you and Thanks." 

C7 ieve T— <i/iifi ijeawewa 
Varsity Track, Cross Country, NCS-Cross 
Country, Student of the Month-PE, TA- 
English, Mr. GQ Contestant, Block L; 
"Life's short- long live Class of 1997." 

TA-History, Health Careers Academy, 
Health Careers Internship 

( ' *bucia QWCawe 'ip t/i><t 
Tennis Team, Honor Roll, CSF Life, 
Women's Chorus, Academic Letter, Choir 
Club, TA-Counseling Office, International 

S " '/ '■3c<ud '\Jtlva, 

National High School Rodeo, FFA 




l '» v////'y« iaoenee C~*//it//i 
Varsity Cheerleader-Co-Captain, JV Cheerleader-Captain, Co-Captain; Chamber 

Singers, A Capella Choir. CMEA Honor Choir. Peer Counselor. Commissioner 
of Performing Arts. Choir Club Secretary. Academic Letter. Honor Roll, CSF 
100%, Student Council Representative, Student of the Month-PE. TA-PK. Pep 
Club, Choir Club. Ski Club; "Good luck next year to all my Jr.Cheerbuds and to 
all the boys in the HC! I'll miss you guys!" 

C - ' /m // /it /i C~C \JCoan 
Health Careers Academy. Health Careers Internship, Marching Band; "/ love you 

l/v yon C~* //"/// 
Honor Roll, JV Volleyball, Tennis Team 

J\' Volleyball, Student Council Rep. TA-PK. Brentwood School, Health Career- 
Academy; "These were the best years of my life, thanks for the memories, Calabrese 
is the best." 

c mww// Cv nuin 
Most Valuable Player-JY Basketball, Frosh Basketball, All League-Varsity 

Academic Letter, Performing Arts Letter, Concert Band, Symphonic Band. A 
Capella Choir. Varsity Track, CSF, CSF Life,CSF 100%, Honor Roll, Choir Club, 
Interact Club, International Club, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Secretary— CSF, 
Plays: Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Guys and Dolls, Funny Girl; Rent- 
a Carol. Honor Band, LMC Select Band 

_/^/\;<- \jtaawne tjinUn 

Cross Country, FXL, Varsity Track. Frosh Volleyball, JV Basketball, Block L. 
Pep Club, TA-Math, History; "Thanks for all the memories! Good lurk to all my 
friends you're great!" 

-Z^iik*' Cf //it/// 
Honor Roll, JV Wrestling, Student Council Representitve, TA-Science. Health 
Careers Acadamy. National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, "/;; these last 
four years, my buds have been the greatest." 

JA? t/t/// GJolutOOa CjnUM 

Power of Unity, Lion's Roar Staff 

C 4/u>i/<d%6a*ie €ftie 

Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, Honor Roll, FXL, TA-Math 

r ' '/•<//■/ // isSnitM £y / ///cr/H/M/' 

Varsity Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming, Varsity Volleyball-All League, CSF Life, 

Academic Letter, Leadership Member at Large, Honor Roll, Varsity Girls 

Volleyball Manager 

-~ & ■ / e Qf° / 
Or evesa ~^ atimtel L_7 </>/<>/ 

Black Student Union Historian, Honor Roll, Power of Unity, Student Council 

Representative, Student of the Month-PE. Early Academic Outreach Program, 

"Bve to all my friends, I'll miss you. 22." 


'//>'<>/ sT vVTCfc ,t/tt 

■SJ°Ji«a S^w &'}«/<■ i/ 

FXL. Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Interact Club, JV Baseball, Lion's 
Roar Staff, Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, Student Council Representative. 
Varsity Baseball. Commissioner of Representation of School Board, TA- English. 
Leadership, Assistant Sports Editor, Freedom Logo and Colors Committee, Frosh 
Orientation. Spring Youth Entertainment Festival Coordinator, DARE Officer; 
"Be real about everything, and know where you 're going, headed and where you 're 
at. Good luck everyone." 

C : r>/'t//tt/ _^_ /////// tjtmoicfet 
"RIP Sarah Sarah Trost. I love you Bunnys, Shoe, Feather, Word. Mailbox. 
Trophy, Puddle, Cabbage, Island, Horns, Drive, I love you girls you're soooo the 

C: . it /it /a , '^r /tt/t / 

Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball. Golf 

X-Zk// >// ~L, if/'" tjtetM 

FFA, Honor Roll, TA-English 

Academic Letter, Block L. CSF. CSF Life. Honor Roll. Peer Counselor, Student 
Council Representative. Power of Unity, TA-Foreign Language, History; Student 
of the Month-English. History 


5_ et&alywn iju aolcwa 

■rif/iti ^ ' t <•</</< tr<t 
■^ < Jinn iS&nc/iA \ju •*?<■? 
Varsity Wrestling, Frosh Football, Honor Roll, Academic Letter, CSF, Wrestlin 
Coach'- Award. Student of the Month-PE, Block L 

C I icnt uu C ' "bndfeui C' wry 

Ski Club, Student of the Month-PE, TA-Attendence 
L'Or<i/i</if (J ,/<■</< C7 frft'/ztHifter 
Cross Country, JV Swimming, Health Careers Internship, Honor Roll, Student I 
of the Month-PE 

\\/acauelwn C v»io<r (juuivan 
Peer Counselor, Women's Chorus, Women's Ensemble, Choir Club, Student of 1 
the Month-Home Economics, TA-Beginning Foods; "Thanks to my friends, I love 
ya and wish you the best, miss ya much!" 

Varsity Cheerleader, CSF Life, Scholastic Top Ten, Academic Letter, Commisioner 
of Publicity, A Capella Choir, Performing Arts Letter, Honor Roll, Student of 
the Month-Math, Leadership, PE; JV Cheerleader, Women's Chorus, FXL, 
Student Council Represenative, Interact Club, Pep Club, Ski Club; "Much love 
to all the cheerleaders left behind 1 . Did he, Did he, Did he.." 



(J/P/V'/W 1/ vT <t»HII/< 

T~/ki r/fS \J. '$ a >//<> r 
JV Volleyball, Computer Club, Playmakers, Student Council Representative, 
Varsity Cirls Volleyball-Manager, Honor Roll 

U u //<//< bt. </ir.i<' 5 erra 
Sophomore Class President, Plays-Cyrano, Student of the Month-PE, Women's 
Ensemble, Honor Roll, Power of Unity, Women's Chorus, Playmakers, Choir 
Club, Student Council Representative, CSF, Homecoming Committee, KLEO, 
TA-History, PE, Performing Arts, Student Improvement Program; "Thanks for 
the memories. Good Luck in the future and don't ever stop partying." 
C "Dmo&r/unn S /hi t/<r 

\\Je6iica, & //< »i/im/i 
Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Performing Arts Letter, Honor Roll, CSF, 
Concert Band, Annual Staff, Student of the Month-Geometry, LMC Select Band, 
Perfect Attendence, TA-Elementary School 

ijfoven C '<^//<n $ //r<i// 
Frosh Football, JV Football, JV Volleyball, JV Wrestling, Varsity Football, JY 
Volleyball-Most Valuable Player, TA-Science; "I do whatever the voices in my 
head tell me to do..." 

ijtaan 5 i/i/nV/ 

Scoacnel [j^faa n ne Cr </<///</ 
Frosh Volleyball, J V Basketball-Manager, Varsity Cheerleader-Mascot, Student 
Council Representative, Honor Roll, TA-F^nglish, Science; "There are a few 
things I learned in high school: 1. When going to Hawaii, don't get sick. 2. 
Whenever you smell something bad-yell DOG BONES! 3. Don't put something off 
today because tomorrow might never come. 4. Never date circus animals and 5. Just 
remember Class of 97' is Da' Bomb! You best believe it!" 



OKI /" ■ ^t</4 /</ /" &3 ni/i<i/n.if 
Varsity Baseball, JV Baseball, Frosh Baseball, Frosh Football, Honor Roll, 
Interact Club, TA-Counseling Office 

; i ua 


ROP Auto 


Varsity Dance Team, Frosh Cheerleader, 
Varsity Swimming, J\' Swimming, 
Homecoming Committee, Student Council 
Representative, Interact Club. Varsitj Girls 
Basketball-Manager, T A- Element ary 
School Aide 

C W/z-f/Jy^cM' S) 'a t/C /Oui/ci rfc 
Mock Trial, Forensic Team, Honor Roll, A 
Capella Choir, Women's Chorus, Choir 

&%/Ju*nie §)Mi 

*o 'tiia L&emee S« < twUad 

Power of Unity, TA-PE, Administration, 
Office, Chicano Latino Conference; "Much 
love 2 my true friends, Karen & Heather & 
my parents." 

\yu/iana k^/txaoe/// A'ffflw/' 
Honor Roll, JV Soccer, Women's Chorus, 
Choir Club Council, Women's Chorus- 
Robe Manager, TA-English 

A Capella Choir, Block L, Choir Club, 
Honor Roll, Performing Arts Letter, 
Playmakers, Power of Unity, Ski Club, 
Student Council Representative, Tennis 
Team, Women's Chorus, TA-Attendence 
Office, Water Polo, Liberty for Earth, 
Annual Staff 

C~ ) icole Q. '/Ctc/iwU ft?/ tKfe-wn 
JV Soccer,TA-English 
Academic Letter, A Capella Choir, CSF, 
Honor Roll, CSF 100%, CSF Life, Interact 
Club, Block L, Student of the Month-PE, 
Choir Club, International Club, Forensic 
Team; "Where ever you go, whatever you do, 
remember to FISH!" 


Chess Club, Ski Club 

TA-PE, Power of Unity, Academic 
Decathlon, Mock Trial, Forensic Team, 
FXL, Honor Roll, Student Council 
Representative, Power of Unity Leadership, 
Steering Committee, Challenge Day 
Facilitator, Lion's Roar-Editor 

Choir Club, Honor Roll, Tennis Team, 
Women's Chorus, TA-English, Health 
Careers Academy, Health Careers 

Above: Who's happy? It couldn't be our 1996 Homecoming 
Queen, Jill Bacciocco, by any chance? Jill shows the excitement 
of winning just after the Rally; below: Raquel Rangel, Rachel 
Toland and Jamie Graser work on a science project in the T- 


\yoan»a O '/Cant' M. etUUMa 
JV Soccer, X'arsity Soccer, TA-English; "To all my greatfriends and 
wonderful boyfriend Jonathan, thanks for all the great memories. 
Love ya guys!" 

Varsitv Football, Ski Club. Honor Roll, CSF. Academic Letter 

&%eJa ^War,e W,,;/,; 

Health Careers Academy, Internship, ALTO 
Science Research, Youth Educator 

■S '■//>■< ■>/ &%<># '<(<{//,„ n 
Honor Roll, CSF.CSF Life, Academic Letter, 
Performing Arts Letter, A Capella Choir, 
Chamber Singers, Vocalist of the Month, 
Regional I lonor ( !hoir, Most Valuable Tenor 
and Bass, Choir Club, Interact Club, 
Marching Band, Block L, JY Swimming, 
Varsity Swkaming;"Life is short, play naked." 

Academic Letter, Honor Roll, TA-Math 

&%/,/„„ r K%/so. 



FFA, JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Frosh-Soph 
Track, Varsity Track, Frosh Football, Block 
L, Track-All-League, Elementary Tutor 

ci ucnolai K W/v /•// 

Junior Class President, Senior Class Presiden 
Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, 
Homecoming Court, Honor Roll, CSF Life, 
Camp Royal, Academic Letter, Volleyball- 
I lonorable Mention, Student of the Month- 
Math, PE; Homecoming Committee, FNL, 
Mock Trial, Playmakers, Power of Unity, 
Marching Band, Student Council 
Representative; "Long live los seis." 

-£jOC0uS&H -/ifrr/t K^i/yn/c 
Playmakers, JV Soccer, Student Council 
Representative, Women's Chorus, Plays-The 

Mouse that Roared, Cyrano 

Honor Roll, Varsity Cheerleader, Student 
Council Representative, Pep Club, Junior 
Class Secretary, Senior Class Secretary, JV 
Baseball Charter, TA-Science/'Foriw crooked 
kids, you're overly understanding Nibb High 
football rules. " 

(/df<///t/< /, ('/,///; i/ 
[_ ii,i,//, ( ' •f\,i„ L "\->r,////„/ 

Performing Arts Letter, Women's Ensemble, 
CSF, Honor Roll, Playmakers, Ski Club, 
Plays Cyrano, On the Boards, TA-English, 
Rent-a-Carol Chorus; "To my great cousin 
Chel and friend Lisa, may inspiration strike." 



Above: both Caroline Johnson and Michelle Pine paint their class 
spirit on their faces as the watch the noon-time activities during 
Homecoming Week; below: Brian Lamb ponders a question and 
shows he's involved as he wears a bright Hawaiian shirt to earn 
spirit points. 

k~,e/&Ua J/cv '-A'V/wv 
Performing Arts Letter, Varsity Track, Symphonic Band, Ski Club, 
Marching Band, Academic Letter, Health Carters Academy, TA- 
County Transition Program, Health Careers Internship, Student of 
the Month-PE, Honor Roll, FFA, Concert Band 

Class of 1997. . . The Senior Class 

These past four years we've seen the world through the eyes of a Lion. We began our freshman year excited but maybe a little scared to be Liberty 
Lions. The class of 63 7 students elected Theresa Schnittker, president; Jill Bacciocco, vice-president; Joann Wells, secretary; and Charley Enos, 
treasurer. With the help of their advisors, Mr. John Barneson and Mrs. Debbie Strance, the Frosh Class worked hard on our first float entitled 
"Drive the Mustangs". The float pictured a Mustang car with two Lions sitting in the passenger seat. The Mustang was driving through the score 
board that showed the Lions beating the Mustangs 97- 1 9 making the score board say 1 997. The float gave the Class of 1 997 a first place finish in our 
first Homecoming Parade; and our first t-shirt read "Angels from Heaven, Class of ' 97" (hey, we were just freshman! ). 

We were extremely happy to take our next step to glory... we were finally sophomores. Chosen to represent us were Michelle Terra, president; 
Kevin Claudeanos, vice-president; Katie Monk, treasurer; and Krisi Brown, secretary. Mrs. Debbie Strance and Mrs. Joy Crum helped us to win 
first place again with our float entitled, "Bow down to our Lion King." It had a Lion King sitting on a throne, with two warriors on their knees 
bowing down to him. We were looking forward to becoming juniors. 

Tried and true, our spirit shined through as the Class of 1 997 once again clawed our way to victory for the third straight year in the annual 
Homecoming Parade competition. Our float theme, "Lions spear-it" displayed our creativity with the hero mascot in a football jersey spearing the 
rival warrior with cheerleaders urging him on to victory. The class elected Nick Woodworth, president; Jill Bacciocco, vice-president; Charley 
Enos, treasurer; and Mehrissa Yalung, secretary. Along with their superb advisors, Mrs. Debbie Strance and Mrs. Joy Crum, as juniors we were 
represented and provided with a most eventful year. One of the featured events of the year was the traditional skit during the Homecoming Rally. It 
had something for everyone to enj oy . The class sponsored dance, Disco Daze, allowed the j uniors and other classes to sport their polyester suits and 
platform shoes as students displayed their disco fever. To make everything even more memorable, John Travolta was available for pictures. The 
years t-shirt represented the class as well proclaiming the leaders of the pack a statement both told and true. No doubt a well suited t-shirt. The 
final event of the year was the traditional Junior Prom held May 3rd at the Savoy Country Club in Walnut Creek. The prom 's theme was "Hold on to 
the Night" which suited that night because we will definately hold on to it 's the memory. As juniors we had worked especially hard that year to raise 
money for the Prom by sponsoring dances, having pizza nights, and selling candy. When the Class of ' 96 graduated on June 7 we officially became 
the ultimate. We were finally seniors. 

August came with the beginning of the end; our glory days at Liberty were numbered. Spirits were high at Homecoming and once again the Class 
of ' 97 triumphed when it came time to have the floats judged. We left our mark with "Lasting Impressions" (ending the legacy) which was our fourth 
consecutive first place float. It was a mighty Lion with a brand, and when it stuck the Broncos rump steam poured out of its mouth while it reared. 
Leading us in our last year at LHS was Nick Woodworth, president; Katie Monk, vice-president; Mehrissa Yalung, secretary; and Mike Huffaker, 
treasurer. We continued last year's t-shirt with "Jealousy is an evil thing but power is a wonderful thing". Now we would end the year with "Sweet 
Dreams" at Senior Ball ' 97 at the Gift Center in San Francisco and finally graduation on Ohmstede Field, June 6. 

It's been an amazing four years and life will go on at Liberty after we 're gone, but it will never be the same. 

Right Senior Class Officers 
and Advisors: Nick 

Woodworth, president; Mike 
Huffaker, treasurer; Mrs. Joy 
Crum, advisor; Katie Monk, 
vice-president; Mehrissa 
Yalung, secretary; and Ms. Ilene 
Foster, advisor;below:Shandy 
Merrie Edwards. 


Sweet Dreams Sets Theme for Senior Ball 

On May 24, the Class of 1997 could be found dressed to the nines and heading to the impressive Gift 
Center in the heart of San Francisco for the annual Senior Ball. 

Beginning at 8, seniors and their dates started to arrive at the (.'enter in limos and other fancy vehicles 
As the) W alked in they were handed their choice of a peach or strawberry smoothie and their eyes filled 
with awe as the approached the ureal ballroom floor and saw the five balcony levels. 

A delicious buffet dinner consisting of marinated chicken, roast beef, and pasta in either red or white 
sauces were the main dishes being served. These was a scrumptious caesar salad, green vegetables, 
potatoes, and rolls as well. The intricate layout of food could be found on the main floor as well as the 
first through third level balconies. To create the perfect end to the gastronomic meal, enormous dessert 
tables were laid out on nearly every balcony level and consisted of everything from good old-fashion 
chocolate chip cookies to chocolate torles and pudding. 

Hi,, lance floor was laid perfectly centered within the balcony tiers. The music was supplied by a group 
Of young DJs who played a little bit of everything The ballroom floor was huge giving the Class of '97 
a comfortable place to' dance the evening away. Sweet I >rcams sel the perfect mood for the Senior Ball. 

Above: Stephanie Hines and her date Logan 
Crawley enjoy the view from the third floor; 
right: Alvin Knacksteadt's date's broad smile 
shows she really enjoys the peach smoothie she is 


Above: Music inspires laughter in a 
student as she dames with her date; 
right: Lacy Dunn dances the night away, 
half hidden with a pair of dark sunglasses 

Above: Trisha Bundy catches the eyes of other seniors as she strikes a pose 
in a sparkily silver dress in the center of the dance floor; below: Enjoying 
the delicious buffet meal, Sheryl Stein, Justin Robles, Steve Adams and 
his date talk about their plans for later in the evening. 

A group of close knit friends get together for one last to create one more everlasting 
memory of the night created by Sweet Dreams. 



Above: Sean Gregory and his date Kasey Honondel snuggle close for a photographer 
JessicaThompson heads out to the ballroom floor to take advantage of the spacious dance 
right: A beautifully dressed couple return from the balcony to resume dancing. 

Above: Jeff Willson and Jill Bacciccio let the music take them into another dimension; 
below: Lisa Smith and Scott MacCumber observe the ballroom festivities from a third 
floor balconv. 

Below Left: Sarah Quilici sips on a refreshing fruit drink 
between dances while her date Jesse Graser watches: 
below right: Sheila Weider and her boyfriend leave the 
dance floor to take a short break. 

Class of '97 

Celebrates 'Lions' Point of View' 

June 6, 1997, marked the end of four years of high school 
smiles and tears for the Class of '97. The graduation 
ceremonies, held on the traditional site, Ohmstede Field, 
began precisely at 6 p.m. when the 500 graduates could be 
seen marching down the track to the sounds of "Pomp and 

The ceremonies were ignited with Mr. Gene Clare's 
traditional "you can call me Gene" speech, followed by 
Michelle Kelley, the student speaker. Valedictorians, 
Amy Sundstrom, Anna Fox, and Theresa Schnittker, 
spoke about how the graduating class would succeed in 
the "real world" because of the Lion's Point of View 
instilled in them as Liberty students. Salutatorians, Janet 
McKasson, Michelle Brown, and Jana Berg, also left the 
class with inspirational words. Class president, Nick 
Woodworth, presented the class gifts of a rose garden, 
$500 towards the traditional Gr ad Nite, and an automated 
coin counter for the student store. Jenny Lind Award 
winner, Michelle Brown, sang a beautiful solo that was 
dedicated to the graduating class. 

Climaxing the ceremony was the presentation of the Class 
of ' 9 7 to Board President, Ray Val verde; each student then 
received their moment of glory as their name was called out 
over the loud speaker while family and friends had an 
opportunity to react. 

Theresa Schnittker, student body president, ended the 
ceremony with some closing remarks. Finally, she spoke 
the words "please join me in the turning of the tassel to the 

left"; and with that simple phrase, the Class of ' 97 knew they 

were no longer students of Liberty High School but Liberty 

Alumni who will forever live and spread a Lion 's Point of 


Above: Nick Woodworth proves that "wood is good" while receiving his diploma; below left: 
Casssie Aldrich and Chad Frazier strut down the track to their seats at Graduation. 

Above: Janet Berg, Michelle Brown, and Janet McKasson, 
Salutatorians, "rock";below:Katie Fillmore and Yoland Montenegro 
laugh at their parents in the crowd. 

Above: Trish Bundy and Stacie McFadden rush to 
their home room to prcpare;below: Amy Sundstrom, 
Anna Fox, and Theresa Schnittker, valedictorians. 

Above: Sonia Rodriguez helps Melissa Daliva with her cap in the home room; left: Mike Griffith 
and his friend head from the parking lot towards their home room before the start of Graduation 
on June 6; below right: Brian Peterson slyly smiles at his friends after receiving his diploma; 
below left: Mrs. Rose Borunda straightens Carrie Bryant's cap. 

Above: Brianne Brock excitedly hugs her dad after the graduation ceremonies 
conclude; right Jon Faulkenstein nonchantally poses as the graduates wait 
to walk; below: Adrianne Lopez waves to her family as she walks to the 
commencement cermonies. 

Erin Abbadie 
Ashlej Adams 

Joshua Adams 

Lenore Adams 

Tim Adams 

Gabriel Aguilar 

Ryan Albertson 

Shan. i Albin 

Aaron All 
Nicholas Alien 
Maria Alvarez 
Jennifer Alves 
Fernando Amaral 
Jeffrey Anaya 
Maria Andrade 
Sierra Andrade 

Nicholette Andrews 

Ueana Andronico 

David Argueta 

Brandon Armstrong 

Gretta Askew 

Michael Ayers 

Jennifer Bakanec 

Kellie Bakanec 

Shannon Baker 

Nicholas Baladad 

Dawn Balentine 

Tern- Ball 

Nancy Ballard 

Patricia Banuelos 

Elisa Barajas 

Gabriel Barajas 

Robert Barela 

Jeffrey Basker 

Erin Baum 

Ross Anne Bautista 

Xathan Baxley 

Renne Beasley III 

Jeffery Beiswanger 

William Beltram 

Jeffrey Bercasio 

Justin Bergan 

Oscar Bermudez 

Karey Bernhardy 

David Bicksler 

Elizabeth Bidwell 

Alvson Bifano 

Charles Biffle 

Robin Bigham 

Melanie Blasi 

Jason Blount 

Tony Borrayo 

Daniel Borunda 

Josie Bottom 

Kristi Bough 

Monique Bouthillier 

Justin Bovert 

Samantha Bo\ u h 

Adam Bowman 

Jason Boyce 

Derek Brady 

James Brammeier 

Danielle Breining 

Allison Bremner 

Wfl "fill 

Daniel Brodie 
Nicole Brooks 
Glisper Brown 

Leslie Brown 
Sherene Brown 

Trevor Buck 

April Bulleri 


11 f0 

^ ft £W § 

Chadrick Burdick 
Benjamin Burgess 
Ann Burkart 
Byron Burrow 
Benjamin Burnett 

Thomas Bushman 
Brian Butorac 
Richard Burgard 
John Caffey IV 
Ulysses Calceta 

Gloria Calderon 
Irma Calderon 
Diana Calhoun 
Andrea Cano 
Juan Carreon 

Dustin Carter 
Matthew Carter 
David Caulboy 
Michael Chavarria 
Christopher Chilcote 

Kimberly Christian 
Jeff Chun 
Clifford Church 
Carol Cline 
Matthew Cline 

Lisa Clingman 
Robert Cole 
Dante Coleman 

Nathan Connelly- 

Tanisha Cook- 

Deanna Cope 
Natalie Corce 
Christopher Coulter 
Derek Cowart 
Kristin Craig 

Damon Creal 
Katherine Cronin 
Eric Crook 
Doug Crosby 
Manuel Cruz 

Mary Grace Cruz 
Adam Currie 
James Cutright 
Paul Czelusniak 
Dorothv Daamen 


From a Lion 's Point of View, the ' 96- 
'97 school year has been a great one for the 
class of '98. They successfully survived their 
third year at Liberty with the help of their 
advisors Norma Equinoa and LaBelle Foster. 
The juniors elected as their class officers- Paris 
Leonard, president; Alison Bifano, vice 
president; Deana Andronico, treasurer; and 
Pico Martinez, secretary. 

Homecoming week was a blast for the 
500 plus students of the Junior Class. They 
worked hard to construct the float "Bury the 
Broncos," which showed a Junior Lion with a 
shovel in his hand, burying a Bronco, with a 
tombstone that read, "R.I. P. Broncos, 
September 20, 1996." It won second place in 
the parade float competition. The class also 
put on a skit showing the past four decades in 
review during the Homecoming Rally. 

Being the largest class at Liberty this 
year, and for a few years to come, the Class of 
' 98 was able to raise money using candy sales, 
after game dances, and T-shirt sales, to lower 
the cost of the Junior Prom. The Prom was held 
at the Walnut Creek Hilton across from the 
Willows shopping center. 

With one more year left at Liberty, the 
class of ' 98 is preparing to take their position as 
leaders of the pride. They will assume their 
responsibiltiy that comes with being role models 
for all under classmen. The class of '98 looks 
ahead to the future, as they enter their Senior 

Tracy Pars 1 uses the pay phone after school one 
Tuesdays yearbook. 


Mamie Daniels 

Christina Daubeneck 

Susan Uaubeneck 

Ryan Daugherty 

Clayton Davis 

Mellisa Davis 

Tiffany Davis 

Jonathan Davlantis 

Jonathan Dawson 

Jennifer Deardorff 

Kimberly Del Col 

David Delgadillo 

Ari Delgado 

Nicholas DeLong 

Hector Del Real 

Rodrigo Del Real 

Brennan Delos Santos 

Cheryl Del Rosario 

Heidi Densmore 

Jared Devore 

Ryan Dewey 

Michelle Dewitt 

Alberto Diaz 


Uriel Diaz 

Timothy Dicks 

Amy Dixon 

Manuel Dominguez Jr. 

Stephen Doty 

Austin Douglas 

Jason Driskill 

Janel Duncan 

Daniel Eckerman 

Shawn Elder 

Cheryl Ellis 

Sara Ellithorp 

Carrie Ellsworth 

Kimberley Elmore 

Andrew(Mark) Elstob 

William Enea 

Amber Engelman 

Lauren Erbes 

Marie Escudero 

Jason Evans 

Michael Ezra 

Daniel Fanara 

Joseph Farnsworth 

Terrence Farwell 

Robert Feighner 

Justin Ferguson 

Kevin Ferguson 

Larry Ferguson 

Jessica Fischer 

Jamie Fleischer 

Glen Flores Jr 

Janrey Fontecha 

Mandy Foreman 

Joshua Forrester 

Aprill Foster 

Christopher Foster 

Cody Frades 

Ryan Francis 

Gregory Frazier 

Stephanie Frazier 

Robert Freer 

Janie Frost 

Michelle Gachuzo 

Martin Galinc 

Justin Galloway 

Jason Gamino 

Alicia Garcia 

Antonio Garcia 




"Above: Mark Mendoza makes some copies during his TA period; 
below: Carrie Ellsworth turns to smile at the camera on an annual 
staff workday in December as others work in the background. 

Melissa Stemler shares a smile with two of her friends in the quad 
area of the campus during lunch time. 

Eric Garcia 
Joseph Garcia 
Tina-Maria Garcia 
Donald Garza 

Julio Gasca 

Sonia Gasca 
Bryan Gatrell 

Adegboyega George 
Andrea George 

Jason Giannotti 
Laurence Gilley 
Bethany Gizzi 
Nicholas Goldman 
Matthew Gomes 

Daphnie Gomez 
Elias Gomez 
Christian Gonzalez 
Susana Gonzalez 
Jason Gray 

Joseph Gray 
Matt Greene 
Mike Greene 
William Greenwell 
Adam Greer 

Dwayne Gregory 
Stacy Grelli 
Eric Griggs 
Scott Griggs 
Mavra Guillen 

Victor Guitron 
Michelle Guthrey 
Adam Halgas 
Raymond Hall 
Terri Hall 

Brian Hampton 
Kathleen Hampton 
Zackery Hamra 
Andrea Hanberg 
Matt Hara 

Telesita Hartman 
Shannon Hawbaker 
Rachel Hawkins 
Colby Haynes 
Peter Hein 


( ammila Heinl 
Linsey Henthorn 
Diego Hernandez 

Laura Hernandez 
Elias Herrera 

David Hicks 

Brian Hilton 

Stephanie Hines 

Matthew Hodgen 

Ian Hodges 

Loni Hoellwarth 

Nicole Hohndorf 

Tyrel Holtz 

Alison Hoover 

Jamar Hopkins 

Glen Hornsby 





Beau Hunn 

Joshua Hunt 

Jeff Iceman 

Quinnlin Isaacson 

Byron Jackson 

Angela James 

Justin James 

Amanda Jarvis 

Joyce Jenner 

Duane Johnson 

Jennifer Jones 

Tanya Jones 

Stacy Jordan 

Matt Joseph 

Carlos Juarez 

Jeffrey Judd 

Joshua Just 

William Kaelin 

Shawn Kailihiwa 

Robert Kathain 

Krista Kaufman 

Harinder Kaur 

Kaesy Kellner 

Becky Kelm 

Alicia Kennon 

Lisa Kerby 

Jason Kessenich 



Above: Randi Terry talks with some friends; below: Doug 
Linden relaxes before a football field backdrop next to a helmet 
and megaphone. 


Susan Daubeneck carefully balances a carton of orange juice on 
her head as she poses for ayearbook picture taken by her twin sister 
Christina in front of the PAC building. 

Jennifer Kessler 
Theresa Kirk 
Justin Kitching 
Kirsten Koehler 
Adney Koga 
Benjamin Krantz 
Emma Krey 
Krystal Kristich 

Genelle Kunst 
Marcos Lafarga 
Daniel Lane 
Janai Laniohan 
Adrianne Laporte 
David Laroche-Byrd 
Richard Laroche-Byrd 
Tara Lauer 

Nicole Lazaro 
Paris Leonard 
Estella Lerma 
Jason Lester 
Craig Levine 
Ginger Liborio 
Bryan Long 
Tiffany Long 

Angelica Lopez 
Claudia Lopez 
Michele Lopez 
Ruby Lopez 
Stephanie Lopez 
Michael Loveday 
Eric Lozaga 
Lindsay Lugar 

Claudia Luna 
Jennifer Madden 
Wahid Madinah 
Ryan Maestretti 
Francisco Magna 
Joshua Malone-Greer 
Jared Marsau 
Frederico Martinez 

Gabriela Martinez 
Jeffrey Martinez 
Jimmy Martinez 
Marci Martinez 
Victor Martinez 
Michael Matson 
Claudia Mauri 
Michelle Mayberry 

Jeremy McCown 
Michelle McGlathery 
Desiree McGrath 
Elizabeth McGurn 
David McKinnon 
Rachel McLean 
Tyson McMullen 
Justin McReynolds 

Linda Medina 
Ricci Medinas 
Jessica Melendez 
Gilberto Melgoza 
Kyle Mellander 
Salud Mendez 
Mark Mendoza 

Noe Messina 
Brandon Miles 
Mara Millard 
Jessica Miller 
Julie Mitchell 
Jennifer Moczulski 
Desirea Mohameds 
Michelle Molina 


Junior Candids 

%& r-" 

Above: Junior Class officers and advisors- Mrs. LaBelle Foster, advisor; Deana Andronico, treasurer; 

Paris Leonard, president; Alison Bifano, vice-president; Pico Martinez, secretary; and Mrs. Norma Equinoa, 



> V 

Above: these girls' happy smiles show how grateful they are for a lunch break from their busy schedules; below 
left: Jon Davlantis hangs up a timeline in his U. S. History VAPA class; below right: Billy Enea looks confused 
as he waits for the rally to begin. 

_ J 


Above: Kaesy Kellner and Mandy Foreman show off their costumes 
for the Junior Skit; below: juniors get ready to cheer in the 
Homecoming Parade. 


Above: Stacey Morris and Sarah Moody flash those pearly whites 
for the yearbook photographer; below: Milyn Sanchez has her 
blood pressure checked by Linda Medina as part of their Health 
Careers Core class. 

Terry Farwell and Katie Starbuck work together to complete 
their timeline for Mr. Bill Batze's fifth periodU.S. History VAPA 

Melissa Mongelli 

Philippe Monroy 

David Moody 

Sarah Moody 

Robert Moore 

Melanie Morris 

Stacey Morris 

Michael Morton 

Ryan Murray 

Trina Murrav 

Daniel Musgraves 

Aaron Mutulo 

Troy Mutulo 

Bradley Myers 

Alexis Nagel 

Lourdes Navarro 

Annie Neal 

Gina Nelson 

Nate Nelson 

Loi Nguyen 

Victor Nicole 

Michael Nielson 

Chris Nordine 

Craig Nunes 
Nichole Nunez 

Conor O'Hara 

Sean O'Haver 

Ryan Odell 

John Oliphant 

Antionette Olveda 

Tania Ordaz 

Ross Orduna 

Maryanne Orellana 

Nicole Norris 

Jose Ortega 


Jose Ortiz 

Jennifer Painter 

Anthony Paiva 

Diane Palmer 

Jayme Palmer 

Nicole Palmer 

Peter Panagopoulos 

Carl Pantle 

Jennifer Parks 

Nicole Parla 
Frank Parla III 
Tracy Parsley 
Bria Passey 
Juan Patino 
Kerry Paulsen 
Tiffany Pederson 
Corinne Pedroni 

Timothy Peoples 
David Perotti 
Michael Perry 
Ryan Peterson 
Ryan Peterson 
Heather Petite 
Amanda Pierce 
Janine Pierce 

Jasmine Pink 
Stacey Preble 
Darren Pluth 
Jake Pulliam 
Mario Quartaroli 
Christina Querantes 
Nikki Quesada 
Eric Quiles 

Adena Quintoa 
Isidro Rafael 
Leigha Ramirez 
Thisbe Reardon 
Beau Recob 
Angela Richardson 
Sara Richmond 
Jerod Rickard 

Jerol Rickard 
Jennifer Riddle 
Sarah Ridenour 
Fidel Rivera 
Gilmarys Rivera 
Dana Roach 
Jennifer Roberts 
Kenneth Roberts 
Mandie Robertson 
Timothy Robertson 
Stephanie Robertson 
Aurora Rodriguez 
Catalina Rodriguez 
Charles Rodrigez 
Lucia Rodriguez 
Tara Rodriguez 

Carl Rogers 
Matthew Rogge 
Emily Roster 
Gerardo Ruiz 
Nicholas Russell 
Rhiannon Ryan 
Mike Ramaha 
Shantell Reed 

Jessica Rosenthal 
Laura Sadler 
David Salinas 
Melissa Samoian 
Roxanne Sanabria 
Tony Sancen 
Milyn Sanchez 
Cristavel Sandate 

Tristen Sanders 
Christopher Sansone 
Nicole Santino 
Lizabeth Sasso 
Heather Saunders 
Heather Sawyer 
Nichole Schevaars 
John Schlupp 


Jamie Schmidt 

Robert Schmidt 

Lucian Schrader 

Scott Patricia 

Sara Scott 

Janine Seaver 

Cindy Sedelmeir 

Odulia Sendis 

Kimberly Sevey 

Heidi Sheffer 

Dawn Sherman-Dendau 

Victor Shultz II 
Bradley Sikes 

Anthony Silagi 
David Simon 
Derek Simon 

Edward Simpson, Jr. 

David Skultety, Jr. 

Megan Smaker 

Melissa Smith 

Scott Smith 

Trevor Smith 

Veronica Smith 

Alexander Solorzano 

Christopher Soloranzo 

Tina Soto 

Kori Souza 

Jeremy Spiess 

Corinne Spinelli 

Tina Sposita 

Patrick Stafford 

Katie Starbuck 

Melissa Stemler 

Kristin Stinnett 

Rene Stout 

Scott Strance 

Jerame Swanson 

Jeff Scalier 

Jason Takae 

Steven Tamborini 

Michael Tapia 

Heidi Taylor 

Kristi Taylor 

Sara Taylor 

Tatiana Taylor 

Randi Terry 

Nathaniel Tharp 

Clint Thompson 

Nicholas Thompson 

David Tippitt 

Lisa Tom 

Daniel Torres 

Marcy Torres 

Xacho Torres 

Adam Towe 

Matthew Treglown 

( icnaroTrigo 

Joseph Trimble 

Steve Turpin 

Erica Ury 

Alejandro Vega 

Belinda Velasquez 

Justin Venoble 

Katherine Vidal 

I )ustin Viles 

Marco Villa 

Jorge Villasenor 

Robert Wallace 

Christina Walters 

Brandy K Ward 

Jennifer Ward 

Kristen Ward 



"Celebrate Good Times!" Sets Theme for Junior Prom 

On May 10, eager Juniors and their dates 
began arriving at the Concord Hilton ready, 
willing, and able to groove the night away. 
KMEL D.J.'s created the mood of the 
evening with a variety of music. Colorful 
gowns lit up the dance floor, and were nicely 
complimented by black and white tuxedos. 
People could also munch on delicious hors 
d'oeuvres or get a breath of fresh air in a 
romantic courtyard just outside the dance 
area. Unfortunately their time to "Celebrate 
Good Times! " was disrupted by an annoying 
fire alarm that had been pulled. After thirty 
minutes of hanging out with the firetrucks, 
party-goers were finally let back in to finish 




41m vW 


B^- ^^ 

F • 

vm n 

! ?$S 


3 \ AU 

Upper left: A group of friends show that they are having a good time by the smiles on their faces; left: Michelle 
Molina and her date Jamar Hopkins, look cute for the camera;above:JoeFarnsworth, Jerame Swanson, Dante 
Coleman, and their smiling dates, get ready to make an entrance. 


Above Steve Seqeira, Christina Daubencrk, and Anthany Robbins pose in 
front of the fire truck at the Junior Prom; far right: Shannon Baker, Jessica 
White, and her date give the camera a friendly smile before dancing the night 
away, right: Laura Sadler and Albert Cruz, take a break from dancing to get 
their picture taken. 

Above: A group of students make friends with the D.J.'s ; right: Kristin 
Stinnett talks with friends; far right: Tara Rodriguez and date make a 
cute couple. 

Ferdienand Agustin 

Aaron Albano 

Paul Aldrete 

Andres Amezcua 

Jodi Anderson 

Phillip Arata 

Adela Arguera 

Antonio Arguera 

Judy Arias 

Norma Arreola 

Maggie Arts 

Amber Austin 

Anavel Avelar 

Jennifer Barron 

Joshua Barry 

Ruth Hester Bautista 

Sabrina Beattie 

Brian Belding 

Nicole Bellew 

Christopher Berkey 

Angela Berry 

Felipe Bettencourt 

Brian Black 

Alicia Blake 

Christopher Blomseth 

Rolanda Borromeo 

Jennifer Bradley 

Kenny Bradley 

Melinda Branson 

Jason Brown 

Kelly Brown 

Isaac Budesilich 

Leslie Burke 

Heath Burnette 

Tony Burrell 

Katie Bushong 

Kristopher Blount 

Roberto Caballero 

Brandon Cabusas 

Neil Cabreira 

Christina Calhoun 

Octavio Campos 

Lisa Capra 

Nina Cabajal 

Tara Cadoza 

Pratricia Camona 

Michael Carothers 

Blanca Carranza 

German Carreon 

Jesica Carrillo 

Nicholas Casey 

Amy Castaneda 

Delores Castanos 

Joaquin Castillo 

Andrea Cendejas 

Gabrielle Cervenka 

Giovanny Chamberlain 

Jason Chappel 

Sarah Chervery 

Candice Childers 

Jack Chism 

Jonathan Christ 

Robert Clausen 

Lashon Coleman 

Theresa Cometta 

Tyson Crane 

Albert Cruz 

Anthony Cruz 

Jesse Cuccia 

Gabriel Dalporto 

Derek Daughhetee 

Tressa Davis 


f £H|S 


Richard Dawes 
Heather Dean 
George Dejesus 
Erika Delgadillo 
Valeria Delgadillo 

Ranon Delao 
Oscar Delgado 
Matthew Delosier 
Brooke Derenzi 
Annett Diaz 

Heriberto Diaz 
Jennifer Dionne 
Joseph Dock 
Eric Dockter 

Richard Dooley 
Lindsay Douglass 
Anthony Duran 
Dee Dee Early 
Mary Echols 

Jamie Eckberg 
Robbie Ellsworth 
Robert England 
Gregory Enos 
Robert Esparza 

Janine Esquivel 
Vanessa Esquibel 
Nicole Evatt 
Kristine Eversman 
Mellisa Ewig 

Jorge Fajardo 
Marivel Farias 
Lisa Feighner 
Annette Ferrante 
Isaac Fierro 

Claudia Fierros 
Chad Fisher 
Catherine Fleig 
Chris Fletcher 
Jason Fletcher 

Crystal Flores 
Melanie Ford 
Christopher Freyler 
Kelly Fussell 


The Class of ' 99 moved through high 
school with a more spirited and mature 
point of view. Under their advisors Sue 
Colvard and Kandi Elliot, they elected 
Stephanie Ghilarducci, president; 
Brooke Derenzi, vice-president; Andrea 
Jacobsen, secretary and Ginny Weirick, 
treasurer for their class officers. 

As Homecoming Week approached 
the sophomores prepared their float for 
the annual parade with the theme "Rock 
the Broncos." 

As the year moved on, the Class of 
' 99 's fundraisers were very successful, 
from candy sales to chili cook-offs. All 
the money made was to go towards 
providing the class with a nice 
Sophomore Hop. 

As the year came to an end the 
Sophomore Class looked forward to 
their future years at Liberty High 

Above:Laura, a sophomore, walks up to Mr. John Dodson 's room 
during passing period;below:Adam Simas, Veronica Valencia, 
Craig Sasville, and Chad Fisher enjoy lunch in the quad. 

Casey Gallagher 
Jason Gallagher 

Ryan Galloway 
Yessika Galvan 

Maggie Garcia 

Rico Garcia 

Sonya Garcia 

Seth Geddes 

Jessica Gentile 

Stephanie Ghilarducci 

Thomas Gilles 

Genevieve Ginilo 

Crystal Goldman 

Jessica Gomez 

Jodie Gomez 

Jonathan Gonsalves 

Tiffany Gonzales 

Desi Graves 

Levi Groseclose 

Randee Grossnicke 

Lauren Grutman 

Gloribal Guerrero 

Josue Gutierrez 

Silas Habig 

Jason Hale 

Samuel Hall 

Steven Hampton 

Christopher Hanberg 

Leah Hansen 

Scott Hansen 

Andrea Hardcastle 

Kristen Harris 

Benjamin Hartelt 

Camille Hartman 

Valaree Hartman 

Amanda Haskins 

Justin Haury 

David Hays 

Erica Hays 

Brandon Henry 

Alfredo Hernandez Jr. 

Monique Hernadez 

Daniel Hill 

Matthew Hill 

Amanda Hinds 

Justin Hoffman 

Regan Hoffner 

Neah Holtz 

Holly Hovnaday 

Alana Hubbert 

Natalie Hulleman 

Danial Hurtado 

Jorge Hurtado 

Jose Hurtado 

Marlon Hurtado 

Michael Hussey 

Kristan Hyland 

Chad Hylton 

Arwen Imai 

Ann Jack 

Andrea Jacobsen 

Nick Jacquez 

Hector Jimenez 

Cody Joaquin 

Audrey Jones 

Joshua Jones 

Casey Johnson 

Jacob Jones 

Justin Johnston 

Stephanie Jzyk 

April Kapphahn 

Matthew Kellev 

P ft P P 



Above: Sabrina Beattie talks with her friend at lunchtime; 
below:Daniel Smith sits and rests after a hard days work at 
school, Dan is active in both band and yearbook. 

Camille Hartman supports the Sophomore Class and wears a 
tied-dyed t-shirt during Hippie Day on Homecoming Week. 

I ■ i ■ 

Chris Kelley 
Garrett Kelly 
Nichole Kelly 
Jeremiah Kent 
Kory Kidd 

Keri Knight 
John Koenig 
Krissy Krebs 
Dylan Kruse 

Cheryl Kysh 
Robert King 
Lea Landgraf 
Jason Langley 
Rocky Laughlin 

Megan Leach 
leather Leana 
Carmen Ledesma 
Nicole Ledsworth 
Warren Lemoine 

Mary Lewallen 
Douglas Linden 
Joshua Lindsay 
Michael Lipetri 
Adam Little 

Daniel Lloyd 
Brian Lohmann 
Loretta Lopez 
Ruben Lopez 
Yadira Lopez 

Dante Lorenzetti 
Richard Lowrance 
Jennifer Luis 
Renee Lujan 
Juan Luna 

Anthony Macaluso 
Todd Macumber 
Jose Madrigal 
Erik Madsen 
Michelle Malone 

Benjamin Markus 



Alicia Martinez 

Dominic Martinez 




Jose Martinez 
Melissa Matheson 

Carmen Maya 
Megan McCown 
Bradlev McCuan 

Jason McFarland 
Douglas McKasson 

Jenny McRnight 
Shawn McLemore 
Michael McMillen 

Luis Mejia 
Joshua Melgoza 
Matthew Melloni I 
Araceli Mendoza I 
Guadalupe ^r 

Rristen Meyer 

Jason Micali 

Justin Michaud 

Denisse Miche 

Melissa Miller 

Scott Mitchell 



Adrian Montano 

Maria Montoya 

Brian Moore 

Michael Moore 
Robert Moreno 
Orlando Morfin 
Bryant Morgan 
Guillermo Morgan 

Gregory Mueller 

Patrick Mulford 


Demelza Mygrant 

Darrin Mateas 

Marisela Navarro 

Susana Navarro 

James Nazareta 

Monique Nichols 

Michael Nickerson 

Scott Nisei) 

Anne Xix 

Joshua Norton 

Aprill Nunes 

Roman Nunez 



****** . ' i v 



Rocco Trapanese smiles for the camera as he heads towards 
school and his first period class. 

Above:Stephanie Ghilarducci takes a test in Mr. Mike Ybarra's 
Spanish class; below: a sophomore girl looks at a worm through 
a microscope in her science class. 

Daniel Xyberg 
Amy Xobriga 
Erin Olson 
Erin Ongman 
Cesar Ordaz 
David Ortega 
Jessica Ortiz 
Heidi Ortman 

Adrian Oseguera 
Marie Owens 
Sara Padama 
Jennifer Parkhurst 
Quinton Parks 
Kyle Parscal 
Ronald Pearce 
Ryan Pearson 

Rose Pedersen 
Ryan Pedersen 
Edward Pedroza 
Melissa Penaflor 
Cristy Perez 
Lisa Perez 
Victor Perez 
Michael Perry 

Amber Peterson 
Austin Peterson 
Landon Phillips 
Rebecca Pierson 
Maritza Pimental 
Kylene Pingle 
Matthew Prebble 
Emily Prochaska 

Wesley Pruitt 
Erin Pursell 
Dawn Quinn 
Joshua Quintero 
Ariceli Ramirez 
Clarivel Ramirez 
Dustin Rameriz 
Ryan Rameriz 

Marissa Ramos 
Andre Raygoza 
Derek Recob 
Sue Recob 
Jesse Reed 
Shayna Reeves 
Lora Reichhold 
Kiley Reinke 

Jason Renshaw 
Evita Reyes 
Mark Rezendes 
Desiree Rezentes 
Nicole Reynolds 
Josh Rhodes 
Laticia Ries 
Christopher Rieyzel 

Edward Rilet Jr. 
Manuel Rivera-Cero 
Morgan Rodgers 
Martha Rodriquez 
Theodore Romano 
Danielle Romero 
Joseph Romero 
Michael Romero 

Micheal Romero 
Renee Ronsonet 
Laura Royer 
Xickoel Rudd 
Maritza Ruiz 
Misty Rusk 
Xicholas Russo 
Gabriel Salinas 



Above:a group of students read a novel in their English class; this 
is part of the core literature that all sophomores are expected to 
read during the 10th grade. 

Above:a sophomore girl talks with her friends before 
class;below:Rico Garcia, John Valenzuela and Heather Petite 
walk their lunch cart through after lunch. 

Christina Sanabria 

Alejandro Sanchez 

Jose Sanchez 

Jessica Sandholm 

Luke Santos 

Melissa Sanre 
Lance Sasak 

Craig Sasville 

Melanie Sasville 

Cory Scalise 

Doug Schneider 



Silvia Schulte 

John Scott 

Thomas Seeno 

Alfonso Sendis 

Alfredo Sepulveda 

Jason Shahan 

Trevor Sharp 

Nicole Short 

Eric Sickenberger 

Kristin Silva 

Adam Simas 

Ryan Singh 

Kasie Skidmore 

Kevin Skipper 
Corrine Sloan 
Shawn Sloan 
Daniel Smith 

Jennifer Smith 

Monica Soria 

David Sosine 

Kori Souza 

Kristine Sperber 

Stacy Speetzen 

Richard Stein 

Jodie Stelzriede 

Owen Sterz 

Lindsay Simpson 

Dustin Sudweeks 

Nicole Summers 

Jae Sweet II 

Annemarie Tabasa 

John Taylor 

Justin Taylor 


Lee Taylor 
Thomas Ten Eyck 
Jason Tennant 
Patrick Thompson 
Roger Thompson 

Jocob Toland 
Karrie Tomiska 
Carmen Torres 
Gerando Torres 
Carlos Torrez 

Sarah Towe 
Rocco Trapanse 
William Trimble 
Kelly Tucker 
Melissa Tucker 

Billy Turner 
Jeremy Turner 
Alexandra Ullerich 
Veronica Valencia 
John Valenzuela 

Martin Valle 
Angelica Vargas 
Jeff Venting 
Johanna Vera 
Maribel Viera 

Becky Walther 
Anna Warde 
Sara Wedman 
Ginny Weirick 
Andria Welch 

Sarah Whitlock 
Melissa Whoppert 
Ivan Williams 
Jennifer Williams 
Bethany Wilson 

Matthew Wilson 
Mathieu Wink 
Joshua Wood 
Ryan Wyckoff 
Stacy Yelverton 


Above:Brian has a question for Mr. Todd Beckstead 
about his microscope;below: Mary Echols talks with 
people in the band room after rehearsal. 

Christopher Young 
Roseann Young 
Ray Zaccardi 
Jesus Zaragoza 
Javier Zavala 
Andy Zepeda 
Paul Zimmerman 


Amanda Adams 

Jessica Allen 

Sean Allendaugh 

Kim Allsup 

Blanca Alvarado 

Victoria Alvarado 

Marisol Amaral 

Marco Ambriz 

Mike Anderkopulos 

Andrea Anderson 

Lindsey Andrews 

Beverly Apalki.s 

Myrna Argueta 

Saul Armenta 


Mark Atherton 

Maria Avila 

James Azzopardi 

Crystal Baggott 

Amber Bainbridge 

Susana Banales 

Bridgett Bannister 

Jubilee Barbadillo 

Elisabeth Barbour 

Jeremy Bartee 

Melissa Baxley 

Nick Baxley 

Zebulah Beassy 

Julie Belo 

Jennifer Berkey 

Juan Bernal 

David Bernard Jr. 

Kristen Beruman 

Adrian Bicomong 

Heather Billau 

Paul Bingham 

Charlie Blake 

Valerie Blasi 

Joshua Bordewick 

Michael Borunda 

William Boyd 

Brandi Brady 

Katey Brignolio 

Kimberly Brito 

Brittany Brock 

Shannon Brodie 

Billy Brown 

Geoff Brown 

Meghan Brown 

Melinda Brown 

Peter Brown 

Kelly Bryan 

Sean Bundy 

Ronald Buckhout Jr. 

Deborah Bunnell 

Andrew Burdt 

Davie Bushong 

Aldo Caballero 

C. John Cabreira 

Adela Camacho 

Charla Cameron 

Kristopher Canion 

Andrew Cardes 

Casi Carignan 

Dina Carini 

Joshua Carlson 

John Carnes 

Ricardo Carranza 

Keith Carrigan 

Angela Casassa 

Sarah Castillio 

Geno Castro 


Norma Ceja 
Adriana Chavez 
Rachel Chiado 
Krysten Choate 
Kenny Chun 

Nikki Cipriani 
Chris Clark 
Amber Clark 
Scott Coburn 
Sharon Cockrill 

Eric Conley 
Robert Conway 
Willam Cook 
Alaina Corce 
Suzanne Corey 

Joseph Costa 
Shawn Cozart 
Brandon Craig 
Justin Crum 
Margaret Cruz 

Pablo Cordero 
Amy Darr 
Heather Davis 
Leslie Davis 
Jeremy Davlantis 

Charles Deardorff 
Alicia Decker 
Donald Delaney 
Dason Delatorre 
Dezaray Delgado 

Jarrod Desoto 
Araceli Diaz 
Diego Diaz 
Gabriel Diaz 
Maritza Diaz 

Joshua Dodd 
Jason Drenik 
Krystle Dutra 
Sergio Deering 
Abel Delgadillo 


The Class of 2000 is not only the turning point 
of the decade, it is the beginning of a new 
millennium. With this, they bring a new 
perspective of the world. Because the campus is 
being shared with the students of Freedom 
High School, the Freshman Class is the smallest 
it has been in years having only 447 students. 

The Class of 2000 was led by Joe Ghiggeri, 
president; Margaret Cruz, vice president; Jessica 
Allen, treasurer; and Melinda Brown, secretary. 
The class advisors, Mr. Chris Calabrese and Mrs. 
Rose Borunda, were a big help in the classes first 
Homecoming float. The float' s theme was "These 
Lions Can't Be Bucked." It had a Liberty Lion 
riding a bucking bronco. At Homecoming, the 
Freshmen realized what it takes to be a Liberty 
Lion. They pulled together and worked as a team, 
and their efforts were well accounted for. 

With the help of the excellent advisors, the 
Freshmen class t-shirt well represented the class 
by stating, "Where no class has gone before, and 
for sure you can expect more." It was a terrific 
way to express the classes' true spirit. Together 
as a class, they have made the best out of their first 
year at Liberty. 

Kathleen Edgar 
Donald Elam 
Aaron Eldridge 
Gabriela Elizarraz 

Kimbra Ellsworth 

Olivia Elstob 

Joshua Engberg 

Joseph Englanc 

Todd England 

Edward Estrada 

Trisha Earmer 

Mariana Farias 

Eva Fernandez 

Luke Filiault 

Travis P'letcher 

Christopher Flores 

Lisa Ford 

Douglas Foreman 

Katie Forrest 

Timothy Fox 

Wendy Frazier 

Bobby Freitas 

Michael Fueglein 


Misty Galindo 

Carlos Garcia 

Daniel Garcia 

Michelle Garcia 

Richard Garrison 

Robert Garza 

Brenda Gasca 

Joe Ghiggeri 

Nicholas Gifford 

Chris Gilley 

Sara Gilmore 

Janet Goicovich 

Glenoveva Gonzales 

Neil Gonzales 

Joey Gonzalez 

Skye Gonzalez 

Uriel Gonzalez 


Julee Graves 

AJ Gregory 

Vanessa Griggs 

Jason Grijaiva 

Erica Guillen 

Francisco Guillen 

Francisco Gutierrez 

Mary Hamlin 

Christina Hanberg 

Ian Hanberg 

Michael Hansen 

Calen Hargus 

James Harrell 

Steven Harrigan 

Shayla Hartje 

Michelle Hawkins 

Chris Hayes 

Laura Henderson 

Lindsay Henderson 

Richard Heredia 

Daniel Hernandez 

Jose Hernandez 

Juan Hernandez 

Michael Hernandez 

Louisa Hen-era 

Vemonica Herrera 

Matthew Hess 

Kera Heusel 

Nicole Hirojosa 

Casey Honodel 

Brandon Hubbs 

Kathleen Hubbs 

Kristina Hurtig 

Andrea Jack 

'J i 







Above: Leslie Davis quickly walks to class trying to avoid the 
yearbook photogapher; below: Luke Shepard joyfully drinks his 
Dr. Pepper at lunch time. 

Leticia Martinez and Rana Werder talk to each other after buying 
their lunch in the school cafeteria. 



David Jack 
Israil James 
Josh Jenkins 
Shane Jenks 
Gabriel Jimenez 

Lupita Jimenez 
Sandra Jimenez 
Andy Jobe 
Christina Johnson 
Peter Jolly 

Lindsay Jones 
Jessica Jova-Taran tin 
Christy Kailihivva 

Frederick Kelley 
Edward King 
Debbie Kindrick 
Justin Klooster 
Jennifer Knaus 

Timothy Knight 
Jesse Kolkana 
Jennifer Krantz 
Thomas Krey 
Kyle Kunst 

Shawna Kurtz 
Tineka Labanan 
Alison Landgrar 
Jamie Lanter 
Jessica Lauash 

Mason Layman 
Xeena Ledesma 
Teena Ledesma 
Christopher Lemyre 
Rvan Lewis 

Christopher Long 
Shelleen Long 
Stacey Long 
Annalee Longacre 
Curtis Lopez 

Manuel Lopez 
Tony Lopez 
Daniel Lovejoy 
Lesley Lozoya 
Kevin Lujan 


Jay Lynch 

Megan Macdonald 

Kimberly Macedo 

Jose Machado 

Antonio Madrigal 

Candy Madrigal 

Irene Magana 

Jonathan Maginnis 

Jacob Maldonado 


Brandon Martin 

Tanisha Martin 

Gabriel Martinez 

Ivan Martinez 

Leticia Martinez 

Maria Martinez 

Selene Martinez 

Stephanie Mason 

Nicholas Massoni 

Josette Mata 

Nicholas Matteson 
Michael Mc Kinney 
Larry McKinzie I 
RochelleMcNertney I 
JeremyMears ^r 

David Medina 

Noe Melgoza 

Michael Melloni 

Jessica Mellovvay 

Luis Mendez 

Chris tinaMendoza 



Annie Mev- Ford 

Jodie Milbum 

Melinda Miller 

Michael Molina 

Brandon Moniz 

Angelica Monzo 

Brian Moore 

Jesus Mora 


Randy Moreira 

Gretchen Morris 

Douglas Morrison 



Above: Fred Kelley gives his friend a slimy, wet-willy at lunch 
time; below: Dezaray Delgado happily drinks her Hi-C during 
the lunch period. 

Krista Nielson imitates a fish as part of her demonstration for a 
class project in Spanish. 

i t III I 

! ! 1 1 ! ! f I ! • 


Michael Mousseau 
Vanessa Mundz 
Anthony Murillo 
Erin Murray 
Deanna Musgraves 
Jason Narron 
Mathew Nava 

Sandra Navarro 
lam Nguyen 
Amy Nielsen 
Krista Nielsen 
Kenneth O'Byaw 
Roxanne O'Hara 
Kelly O'Hara 
Nicholas Odell 

Kiel Olff 
Angela Ordaz 
Melissa Ordaz 
Daniel Ornelas 
Amanda Ortega 
German Ortega 
Jesus-Alberto Ortiz 
Roger Ourthiague 

Ryan Overton 
Danielle Owen 
Gabriel Pacheco 
Lisa Palma 
Gloria Pantoja 
Jose Pantoja 
Daniel Patino 
Aaron Pawloski 

Grick Pearson 
Kathy Pease 
David Penaflor 
Todd Perea 
Luis Perez 
Rosalee Perez 
Jeffery Perry 
Matthew Perry 

Nicholas Perryman 
Alysia Peterson 
Jennifer Peterson 
Kim Pierce 
Robert Predmore 
Nicholas Prieto 
Kimberly Putman 
Stafanie Quesada 

Derek Ramirez 
Esmeralda Ramirez 
Fernando Ramirez 
Griselda Ramirez 
Nicole Rangel 
Sandra Rangel 
Anaconi Raygoza 
Brian Reel 

Stephanie Reid 
Alexander Rendon 
Kristin Reno 
Adriana Reyes 
Veronica Reyhaga 
Cassandra Ribar 
Chris Rickert 
Ronny Riggs 

Summer Rigsby 
Dale Roberts 
Andrew Robins 
Margaret Robins 
Angel Rocha 
Brandon Rodriguez 
Celeste Rodriguez 
Eliseo Rodriquez 



. r . ' f 

Above: Jessica Allen stops her conversation to pose for the 
yearbook photographer; below: the in-school detention, trash 
crew, Jordan Shebley and Adam Wahl, stop their garbage quest 
to smile for the camera. 

Laura Sancen, Jessica Tarantio, and Belinda Pillow cheer on the 
crowd and show their true class spirit. 

Mirna Rodriquez 

Rosa Rodriquez 

Natalie Romo 

Brian Rose 

Dennis Russell 

Shena Saetem 

Trina Samnath 

Candice Sanabria 

Laura Sancen 

Monika Sancen 

Amarae Sansing 

John Santos 

Jennifer Sasak 

Tracy Schafer 

Brad Schmidt 

Rachel Schrader 

Daniel Schulte 

Nicole Schweigert 

Timothy Seeno 

Enrique Seman 

Jessica Sewell 
Bryan Seymour 
Jordan Shebley 

Chris Shelton 
Lucas Shepherd 

Amy Short 

Brian Sikes 

Brodie Silva 

Chris Singh 

Sabrina Siters 

Chrisy Smith 

Jason Smith 

Sarah Smith 

Kristyna Solorzano 

Stacy Somerhalder 

Brian Sosine 

Tania Sotelo 

Sara Spears 

Lindsay Spinelli 

Zack Spinuzzi 

Leon Stemler 

Jennifer Stephens 

Jennifer Stillings 

Cameron Stolhand 

Christin Storrer 

Joyce Tabasa 
Fredi Tapia 
Yurielda Tapia 
Andrew Taylor 
Ryan Taylor 
Tim Taylor 
Sara Templeton 
John Thatcher 

Tabatha Thiering 
Robert Thombeley 
Kenny Tilbury 
Sarah Torres 
Erin Treat 
Vanessa Treloggen 
Joey Trevoskis 
Jireh Trost 

Alissa Turner 
Estelle Tuttle 
Manuel Valencia 
Angie Valentin 
Claudia Valles 
Ross Valverde 
Jon VanRiper 
Sergio Velasquez 

Racquel Villalobos 
Rosa Vinveros 
Thomas \'inyard 
Shannon Waddie 
Adam Wahl 
Shaun Walker 
Michael Ward 
Ronald Ware 

Maggie Weatherby 
Teddy Weitz 
Rana Werner 
Dustin West 
Jay Westerlund 
Ryan White 
Jeremy Widman 
Carie Wiemken 

Regina Williams 
Kasey Wills 
Christina Wilson 
Lillian Wilson 
Brent Winkler 
David Wolf 
Bryan Wolfenbarger 
Danny Wurz 

Ss 4 ~ 








Marching Band-Top Row: Jeff Wolden, 
Daniel Smith, Camille Hartman, Eric 
Lozaga, Katie Grant, Carl Rogers, Jimmy 
Livaudais, Jamie Eden, Keith Carrigan, 
Nancy Ballard, Matt Wilson, Lisa 
Fieghner,SecondRow: Susan Daubeneck, 
Derek Williams, Michael Scott, Heather 
Petite, Jason Chappel, Mary Echols, David 
Ortega, AgapitoGranado, Alex Ullerich, 
Jennifer Deardorff, Angel Bradley .Third 
Row: Christina Daubeneck, Dan 
Eckerman, Kelly Fourney, Meghan 
Brown, Jessica Thompson, Sara Scott, 
Rochelle Navarro, Lisa Perez, Trista 
Samnath, Michelle Garcia; Fourth Row: 
Amy Nobriga,JaunCarreon, Jeff Perry, 
John Valenzuela, Josh Wood, Emily 
Leszinske, Amarae Sansing, Phillip Arata, 
Daniel Lovejoy, Ryan Odello, Nina 
Lozaga, Bottom Row: Stephanie 
Robinson, Trina Samnath, Kim Macedo, 
Melanie Morris, Kaydee Fillmore, Bill 
Cook, Tammi Samnath, Randi Terry. 

Jul, > ^t^jHtl^ ^^^^^^^B 

I Ml i ■ ' m i at jt V ■ ill > 1 ,r ' ■ 

M^i#r hu Jw ■ .AdB MSI A SEJ^B lu Sill" J i 

111 ijff O )]£ 

Symphonic Band-Top Row: Steven Coelho, Elise 
Meyer, Emily Leszinske, Bobby Kornhauser, Daniel 
Smith, Matt Wilson, Andrew Elstob, Melissa Stemler, 
Jennifer Deardorff, Justin Wilson,SecondRow:Kyle 
Roberts, Heather Petite, Carl Rogers, Nancy Ballard, 
Carl Pantel, Jamie Eden, Rocco Trapenese, Celesta 
Pitzer, Eric Lozoga, Third Row: Patrick Jensen, Lisa 
Perez, Jimmy Livaudais, Matt Kelly, Agapito Granado, 
David Ortega, Jeff Wolden, Jeff Albright, Maryanne 
Orella, Nick Grant, Forth Row: Bob Smith, John 
Valenzuela, Rochelle Navarro, Jason Chappel, Jaun 
Carreon, Janet McKasson, Phillip Arata, Greg Becker, 
Man- Echols, Josh Wood .Bottom Rowjanine Seaver, 
Jessica Thompson, April Foster, Kristine Smith, Amy 
Short, Jennifer Kessler, Melissa Rivera, Nikki Quesada, 
Tara Rodriguez, Tammi Samnath, Melanie Morris, 
Sara Scott. 

Marching Band Faces Tough Competition In AA Category 

Director Bob Smith decided to take a 
different approach with this year's 
Marching Band. With Emily Leszinske 
as Drum Major, the band was moved up 
to the AA category to face more 
competition. The band was able to 
capture only one second place finish all 

At the end of the marching season, 
both the Color Guard and the Percussion 
did not stop competing. The Winter 
Guard received a first place plaque at 
their first competition and the Winter 
Percussion was awarded a second place 

This year Jazz Band went on their 
first tour to Disneyland. They stopped at 
several schools on the way and finished 
with a performance in Disneyland's 
Carnation Center. 

. Rounding out the year were the annual 
performances of the Fall, Christmas and 
Spring concerts. 

\s* *zL **»• **~ A -■■•'*' 


Concert Band-Top Row: Jimmy Livaudais. Christina Eversman. Natalie Romo. Heather Petite. Chris Flores. Second Row: 
Leon Stemler. Kenny Obyaw. Dustin Ramirez. Peter Brown. David Ortega. Alex Ullerich. Third Row: Rochelle Navarro, 
Mary Hamlin. Trisha Farmer. Daniel Lovejoy. Stephanie Reed. Sara Speers. Meghan Brown. Fourth Row: Bob Smith. 
Gretchin Morris. Dina Carina, Kelly Bryan. Stephanie Quesada, Amy Nobriga, Amy Darr. Amarae Sansing. Bottom Row: 
Celeste Rodriguez. Trina Samnath. Jennifer Stevens. Bill Cook. Kim Macedo. Debra Bennell. Erin Treat. 

Jazz Band-Top Row: Kevin 
Claudeanos. Emily Leszinske, Lisa 
Perez, Meagan Brown. Nick Gifford. 
Chris Lemyre, Heather Petite. David 
Ortega. Second Row: Andrew Elstob. 
Jeff Albright. Matt Kelly. Amarae 
Sansing, Bob Smith. Sara Scott. Rochelle 
Navarro, Daniel Smith. Bobby 
Kornhauser. Third Row: Carl Pante. 
Eric Lozoga, Jimmy Livaudais. Agapito 
Granado. Amy Nobriga, Daniel 
Lovejoy, Alex Ullerich, Carl Rogers. 
Matt Wilson. Justin Wilson. Bottom 
Row: Aprill Foster, Dan Eckerman. 
Rico Garcia. Erin Treat. Jaun Carreon. 
Josh Wood. Patrick Jensen, Keith 

Above: Just before a concert. Lisa Perez and David Ortega practice their music, right: Chris Lemyre plays his 
baritone sax during the Concert in the Fall. 

Aside From Mayhem, We Made A Yearbook 

As we all entered into a new school year and became lost in the 
adventures of Liberty, I simultaniously became engulfed within the 
walls of N-22, where I began my term as editor-in-chief. Though I 
thought myself prepared, I really had no clue to what I was getting 
into. Although it was the beginning of my third year on staff, I 
realized I was lost. We began the year with choosing a new 
publishing company, Herff Jones, which introduced us to a new 
computer program and other publishing ideas once foreign to my 
fellow yearbookies and myself. With the help of the world's greatest 
advisor, Mr. Bill Batze, we eventually overcame these obstacles. In 
creating a Lion's Point of View, we wanted to portray as many- 
aspects of our school to help everyone remember the '96- '97 school 
year from their perspective. In carrying this theme throughout the 
book we created a bold black line that jumps around, each jump 
creating a different view. Following the pattern set last year, once 
again within the Senior section we gave seniors a chance to leave 
their last word's of high school beneath their accomplishments. By 
rearranging the mugs in the classes section, we were able to fit more 
mugs on each page, thus conserving more room for the ever so 
popular candids. The style and theme of our book has given us the 
freedom to show the diversity of the people on campus and the views 
we all hold. My experience as editor has given me a new respect 
for the book as well as an understanding to the ideas that create 
our school. When I look at the final product I can feel a sense of 
accomplishment and pride in knowing the book created was one 
nothing like our predessors, and the message we left will forever be 
left inside a Lion's Point of View '97. 

Emilv Leszinske 

Above: Posing by the "Ode to Fukis" book, editor-in-chief Emily Leszinske flashes a cheesey smile; 
below right: Jessica Thompson is caught by another yearbook photographer; below left: Bright 
eyed and bushy haired, Corinne Wahl comes to an early Saturday workday after the Christmas 

Above: staff worker Jessica Lauash laughs silently as she plots to 
attack her staff co-workers with M&M's; below: Senior Class editor 
JoLeeAnn Boston dramatically stares the camera man down. 

1997 Annual Staff- Top Row: Sarah Castillo, Katey Brignolio, Sarah Culler, Camille Hartman, 
TracyParsley Heidi Hartman Second Row: Sarah Castillo, Jessica Lauash, Christina Daubeneck, Katie 
Starbuck, John Valenzuela, Jessica Thompson, Stephanie Robinson Bottom Row:Susan Daubeneck, Tina 
Piazza, JoLeeAnn Boston, Emily Leszinske, Carli Fierros 

Above: sifting through dozens of pictures, Janel Duncan 
looks for the perfect picture, below left: John Valenzuela 
drags himself to an early morning workday below: 
Advisor Bill Batze sports asanta hat during the holidays. 

Above:1997 Editorial Board Top Row: JoLeeAnn Boston, senior class editor; * *• 
Emily Leszinske, editor-in-chief Bottom Row: Susan Daubeneck, assistant 
editor; Katie Starbuck, assistant editor; Christina Daubeneck, photo editor 

Above: Carli Fierros with her unforgetable smile is caught by a favorite 
cameraman Right: Carrie Ellsworth, also known as D.I.T., organizes the Junior 
Class mugs at a Tuesday meeting. 

Left: Sporting her favorite sunglasses and a crazy shirt, Stephanie Robinson's crazy style blends 
in perfectly with the chaos of Mr. Batze 's yearbook room. 


Six-Bits Barbershop Adds to Vocal Program 

With the addition of Barbershop, the vocal groups 
grew to a total of six. Meeting every Tuesday and 
Thursday at lunch time to rehearse, an outgrowth 
of this group was a formation of a quartet called 
JAG (just add girls). 

The talented group, JAG, consisted of Carl Pantle, 
Kyle Roberts, Nephi Speer and Jeff Willson. Not 
to be outdone, four young ladies also formed a 
quartet that they called Singcapation; the members 
were Debbie Baskin, Michelle Brown, Tina-Maria 
Garcia and Heather Speer. 

For the fifth year in a row the choir hosted the 
annual CMEA Festival in our own PAC. Earning 
a Unanimous Superior were both Chamber Singers 
and A Cappella Choir while Women's Emsemble 
and Women's Chorus received a Superior and 
Men's Chorus an Excellent. 

Barbershop Choir-Top Row: Ben Krantz, Matt Willson, 
Wesley Pruitt, Jeff Willson. Zack Hamra, Nephi Speer, 
Daniel Smith Second Row: Jimmy Livaudias, Kyle Roberts, 
Logan Fondren, Jeff Albright, JaredMarsau, Aaron Docktor 
Bottom Row: Joel Jenks, Richard Heredia, Phill Arata, 
Aaron Albano, Mario Quartaroli, David Warren, Dan Allen 

Chamber Singers- Top Row:Ben Krantz, Logan Fondren, Carl Pantle, Jeff Willson, Nephi Speer, John Falkenstein Second 
Above: Aaron Albano prepares for a night of Row . Kvle RobertS) j ared Marsau, Karen Odell, Heather Speer, Corrine Wahl, Joel Jenks, Aaron Docktor Third Row: Anna Fox. 
singing during thewarm-up time just before one Mithd j e Brown John Va lenzuela, Aaron Albano, Tina-Maria Garcia, Debbie Baskin Bottom Row: Heather Sawyer, Erin ( Jlson, 

of the annual choir concerts. 

Katie Singh, Emma Krey, Melissa Leach, Mrs. Susan Stuart 

Women's Chorus- Top Row: Trina Murray, Neah Holtz, Silvia 
Shulte, Lindsay Spinelli, Serene Brown, Amanda Peavler, Maggie 
Weatherby, Nicole West Second Row: Kim Forrest, Melissa 
Mongelli, Jennifer Morrow, Kathy Cronin, Michelle Langston, 
Alu i.i Silva, Lisa Perez, Susan Silva, Brianne Brock Third Row: 
Serena I lellu ig, Candii :e Sanabria, Kelly Bryan, Monica Busker, 
Lacey I hum. Tammi Samnath, Erika McClellan, Rachel Chiado, 
Leslie Davis, Elizabeth Bidwell Fourth Row: Monica Pacheco, 
Jessica Fisher. Shellan Long, Marie Escudero, Jessica Sew el. 
Julianna Wagner. Adriannc Wright. Paris Leonard, Jennifer 
Krantz Bottom Row: Lindsay Henderson, Lupita Jimenez, Krisi 
Brown. Crystal Baggott, Sarah Torres. Brandy Streitmatter, 
Emily Roster, Trina Samnath, Jessica ( )rti/, Mrs. Sun. m Stuart 


Z o7 iTXQ.nL"* U.M ft. 

- i. JL£LV l ' f '» 

to in! . 

Men's Chorus-Top Row: Kris Blount, Larry Gilley, 
Paul Bingham, Bill Greemvell, Nathan Garcia, Dana 
Roach, Danny Meinecke, Jason Blount Second Row: 
Justin Bovert, Manuel Domingez, Rene Beasley, Tony 
.Mikla, Tern Farwell, Brian Peterson, Alex Vega, Nick 
Steger, Wesley Pruitt Third Row: Victor Martinez, 
Janrey Fontecha, Doug McKasson, Adam Wahl, Doug 
Foreman, Matt Hess, Mike Galvin. Daniel Borunda 
Bottom Row: Dan Allen, Ross Orduna, Rich Mulford, 
Jessie Perez, Jason Narron. Mario Quartaroli, Mrs. 
Susan Stuart 

A Cappella-Top Row: Danny Meineke, Ben 
Hartlet. Nephi Speer. Zack Hamra, Carl Pantle, 
Jeff Willson, Kyle Roberts, Wes Pruitt, Jared 
Marsau, Ryan Odell Second Row: Ben Burgess, 
Kory Kidd, Joel Jenks. David Warren, Alex 
Ullerich, Karin Odell, Brian Peterson, Jeff 
Albright, Dan Allen, Logan Fondren, Terry 
Farwell Third Row: Corinne Spinelli, Trevor 
Smith, Mike Nielson. Tina-Maria Garcia, Rene- 
Stout, Tanya Ordaz, Heather Sawyer, Heather 
Speer, Amy Parscal, Jill Bachoicco Fourth Row: 
Phillip Arata, Sara Padama, Rhiannon Rhyan, 
John Yalenzuela, Genoa McDowell, Evita Ryes, 
Aaron Albano, Deanna Cope. Anna Warde, 
Koreene Baldi. Pico Martinez Bottom Row: 
Tammi Samnath, Marci Torres, Arwen Imai, 
April Lyons, Emma Krey, Shayna Reeves, Katie 
Monk, Melissa Noel, Kristine Smith, Corinne 
Wahl, Mrs. Susan Stuart 

Women's Ensemble- Top Row: Nicole West, Jackie 
Sullivan. Janette Kratina, Susan Silva, Trina Murray 
Second Row: Kim Forrest, Monica Busker, Maryanne 
Orellann, Erin Ongman, Debbie Baskin, Amber Martin 
Third Row: Alisia Meyer, Lorretta Lopez, Kristen Meyer, 
Keri Knight, Katie Monk, Angel Bradley, Rochelle Navarro 
Fourth Row: Jenn Davi, Veronica Valincia, Erica 
McClellon, Emily Prochaska, Stephanie Robinson, Erin 
Olson, Sara Padama, Mary Narron Bottom Row: Amy 
Nobriga, Tammi Samnath, April Lyons. Meghan Leach. 
Krisi Brown. Michelle Terra, Karey Bernhardy. Annie 
Jack, Mrs. Susan Stuart 

Above: Deanna Cope ureses up for Cra/s Day during 
Homecoming Week and she practices during her A 
Cappella Choir class 


Club Rush Attracts Additional Members 

Above: Peer Counselors (Yelma Gonzalez, Advisor) Top Row: Heidi Taylor, April Bulleri, Brianne Gragg, Justina 
Morrone, Elizabeth Semino, Josh Staley. Alicia Kennon, Amy Dixon, Angela Bernacchi Bottom Row: TonyMikla, 
Nick Stager, Yoandis Rolando. Charlie Enos 

With a variety of choices in clubs, students 
were treated to a Club Rush in August to acquaint 
them with the different organizations. 

Some clubs like Future Farmers of America 
and California Scholarship Federation had strict 
membership requirements, however, all students 
were encouraged to be a part of others like Friday 
Night Live, Liberty for Earth, and Power of 

Because of the single lunch, most clubs met 
during that time and the morning announcement 
were peppered with times and places to convene. 
From sponsoring live assemblies on the dangers 
of alcohol by Friday Night Live to a week 
celebrating our cultural differences by Power of 
Unity, the different organization tried to educate 
and entertain students. 

Above Right: Lion's Roar Staff ( Kim Elder, Advisor) Andrea Long, Editor - in - Chief; Above Left: Liberty For Earth Officers: Thisbe Reardon, Secretary; Kristin Hylton, Vice President; 
Janine Pierce. President; Katie Fleig, Treasurer; Below Left: Mock Trial (Chris Calabrese, Coach) 

Above left: Playmakers( Helen Dixon. AdvisorKabove right Liberty For Earth! Diane Alexander. Advisorlbelow left: Playmakers Officers-Jeremy Elliot. Publicity; Logan Fondren. Vice President; Nicole 
Evatt. Historian; Joel Jenks, President; Debbie Baskins. Secretary; Krisi Brown. House Manager; Heather Sawyer. Shop Manager; Zach Hamra. Treasurer, Ben Krantz, Shop Managenbelow right California 
Scholarship Federation Officers-Jem Black. Advisor; Anna Fox. President; Heidi Densmore, Class Representative; Elise Meyer, Treasurer; David Warren. Sergeant-At-Arms; Aaron Dockter, Vice President; 
Janine Pierce. Class Representative, Jose Mata, Class Representative; Becky Walther, Class Representative; Heather Leana, Class Representative; Kristine Smith. Secretary; Rose Borunda. Advisor; Karrie 
Tomiska. Class Representative (not shown). Lauren Grutman, Class Representative (not Shown) 

Above Left: Interact Club (Diane Alexander. Advisor) Andrea Long, 
President; Tina Piazza. Vice President; Kevin Ferguson. Secretary; 
MuangSaechao. Treasurer; Kevin Claudeanos, Director of Community 
Services; above right: International Club I Nancy Salsig, Advisor) Xick 
Casey, President; Nicole Parla, Vice President; Roseeta Baker, Treasurer; 
Bryan Long, Secretary; Bruno Furtado. Brazil; Andrey Mironovich. 
Russia; Cristiano Silva. Brazil; Erick Contreras, Chile; left: Future 
Homemakers of America (Joy Aiello. Advisor) 


Student Achievement Highlights FFA Year 

Student achievement highlights the best year ever for FFA 
in '96-'97 school year. This year there were four State 
Farm Degree recipients, the largest number Mr. Don 
Lopez can remember. Receiving awards at the sectional 
level for public speaking was Mandy Foreman, first place; 
and Heidi Ortman, second place. Winnings for Creed 
speaking at sectional level were, Jamie Lanter, first 
place; and Shawna Kurz, second place. Mandy Foreman 
was also the president of North Coast region. 

FFA members were very busy this year. Not only were 
they competing in speech contests and caring for their 
livestock, they also took part in many leadership activities. 
They had candy sales and car washes to raise money. They 
catered activities such as weddings, and even visited 
children at grammar schools. FFA students were 
successfully led through this year by their advisor, Mr. 
Lopez; and Andy Prochaska, president. FFA members 
were definitely busy this year. 

Above: FFA livestock pig out at lunch; below: FFA officers: James 
Moller, sentinel; Karin Orlell, secretary; Mandy Foreman, vice president; 
Katie Bushong, reporter; Stephanie Hines, treasurer; and Andy Prochaska, 


Above left: Roxanne Sanabria manages to get up after being thrown in the hay at the bam dance; above right 
a couple at the barn dance, give the camera a friendly smile;below: the instructor at the barn dance teaches 
students to line dance. 

Above left: A group of friends pose for the camera at the barn dance; above: FFA students show 
themselves off in theHomecoming Parade; below right: Sean McClemore takes time to have his picture 

taken in front of the Ag room. 

Joel Roster Takes Center Stage 

There was a dramatic change in the production 
of this year's fall play at Liberty as Cyrano 
DeBergerac was put on by Liberty Playmakers 
and Freedom Centerstage. This was the first play 
put on by both schools. The director of this play 
was Kevin Kline a former Liberty teacher now 
teaching English at Freedom High School. After 
many stressful nights of nonstop rehearsal and 
creation of a family of the cast and ere w, they were 
all ready for opening night. 

Joel Roster takes the spotlight as he played 
Cyrano while his beloved Roxanne was played by 
Karey Bernhardy. While Cyrano was in love 
with Roxanne, she was in love with Christian, 
played by Zack Hamra. When both went off to 
war, Roxanne received letters and poems from 
Christian (she thought) that had actually been 
written by Cyrano. After Christian was killed 
and Cyrano returned, the true author of the letters 
was revealed in a scene that ends the play. 

Above. Karey Bernhardy, playing the role of Roxanne, admits her feelings for one of her cousins,a Cyrano cadet; right: 
Ben Peirce, playing the role of a musketeer, congratulates Cyrano on a good duel; below: Cyrano tells friends of his feelings 
for Roxanne to help them understand what is happening to him. 

Above: Two actresses eavesdrop on Cyrano 's conversation; 
left: Janette Kratina eats her pastries as she waits for 

Right: Brian Petterson confronts Roxanne and Dueana as the two pages 
spy on their conversation. 

A Grand Night For Singing 

Above: Deanna Cope stands with her hands on her hips while 
Chris Last sings "Maria"; above right: Desiree McGrath and 
Corrine Wahl sing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out-A my 

Above: Nephi Speer becomes the center of attention as a group of girls sing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out-A My 
Hair" to him; below: Zack Hamra uses song to get Heidi Hartman to dance with him by singing "Shall We Dance"? 

This Spring, things were different for the 
Musical. Mrs. Helen Dixon, Playmakers, and 
Center Stage brought Rodger and 
Hammerstiens,"A Grand Night for Singing" 
review, to life. 

Debbie Baskin, Heather Sawyer, Tina Garcia, 
Carl Pantle, and Nephi Speer sang (their lives) out 
to the audience, while Heidi Hartman and Zach 
Hamra danced and laughed their way out of 

Chris Last showed his true love and Kris B lount 
showed aside of him no-one had ever seen. He was 
supposed to be Pico Martinez V 'Honey Bun", but 
he wasn 't quite a"Honey Bun" he was more of a 
"Honey Boy." 

The cast was presented well, with outstanding 
clothing, a great band, and coffee-shop tables 
surrounding the performers. 

Above: Debbie Baskin sings about her life in Kansas City; 
below: Heather Speer and Michelle Brown give a piece 
of their mind to Chris Last in "The Man I Used To Be" 

Below: Debbie Baskin. Chris Last, and Tina-Maria Garcia 
sin« about Kansas City. 

*s, W^-aSt 

*> ^^B^ 

} 1 1 

4 +m 

f / .- 


* • ?: 


r \ » 


4* , 



4* ' 



X. 1 

Above: Michelle Brown, Carl Pantle, Debbie Baskin, Nephi Speer, Heather Sawyer. Chris Last 
and Tina-Maria Garcia sing "Kansa City": left: Kris Blount dresses in drag and sings "Honey 
Bun" for the audience; below: Heather Sawyer, Carl Pantle, and Debbie Baskin sing another 
show tune. 

Left: The entire cast of "A Grand Night for Singing" comes 
together to take a bow: below: Katie Monk sings with attitude 
in T'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out-A My Hair". 

Left: Chris Blount whispers in Corrine Wahl's ear as 
she sings "That's the Way It Happened": below: 
Michelle Brown and Carl Pantle dance to "Kansas 

Above left: Amy Sundstrom and Kim Blair can't wait tor the '96- ,Q 7 school year to begin; above right: 
Tony Mikla. Jaime Graser, and Kami Rosensteil help out during the annual Club Rush barbeque. 

ASB Sponsors Activities to Raise Money 

Leadership started the year off early by helping 
out with the annual Brentwoood Cornfest in July. 
The Leadership group, along with the Curriculum 
Commissioners, also put together the Liberty walk- 
thru and helped with parents and students just 
before the start of school. 

One of their first fall activities was the Club Rush 
and barbeque during an extended lunch period. 
Leadership was also in charge of putting on the 
Homecoming Spirit Week, Parade, Rally, and pre- 
game activities. 

Leadership continued to keep up school spirit 
throughout the winter by hosting the annual Blood « 
Drive, sponsoring the Holiday Dance, and 
participating in the Adopt-a-Family program. 
They also raised money for Leukemia patients 
through the Pennies-for-Patients program, held 
Liberty's first ever leadership conference, and 
continued the annual GQ contest, which was held 
in the spring. 

Above: Mehrissa Valung and Nick Steger distribute student 
body cards at walk-thru; below: Heidi Hartman, Kristin 
Hylton,Theresa Schnittker, and Nick Steger sing "Hail 

Above: The Q6-'97 Student Leadership Class. 

Above: Commissioners-Top Row: Andrew Ehler, rallies and assemblies; Christy Robinson, power of unity; Tony 
Mikla .athletics; Amy Sundstrom, publicity; Nick Steger, athletics. Second Row: Michelle Kelley. clubs and activities; 
Hollie Pederson, curriculum; Justina Morrone, curriculum; Angela Bernacchi. rallies and assemblies; Gina Lipetri, 
fundraising; Janie Frost, rally squad; Jill Bacciocco, publicity; Alicia Kennon, representitive to the board; Katie 
Starbuck, fundraising; Bottom Row: Nicole Arevelo, performing arts; Kami Rosensteil, historian-parlimentarian; 
below: Hollie Pederson helps contribute to Liberty's school spirit. 

Above:Gabe Barajas shakes his "thang" as he does the 
hula; below: Andrew Ehler puts on his best outfit for 
the ladies. 

Above: Fred Kelley struts his stuff in his yellow polka 
dot bikini; below: David Warren performs a Scottish 
dance in his kil 

Above: Xick Woodworth entertains the crowd with his very own 
peaches; below: Nick Steger guzzles his soda after a hard day's 


The time came once again this year for our Liberty men to strut 
their stuff and compete for Mr. GQ ' 97 .Liberty's fifth annual GQ 
contest was held in the Performing Arts Center on April 1 2 . 

This contest was originally organized to benefit our SERF 
(Student Emergency Releif Eund ) however this year, some proceeds 
benefitted the Kevin Carpenter memorial scholarship fund. 

The 13 lucky contestants were GabeBarajas, Mike Chavarria. 
Andrew Ehler, Charley Enos, Jamar Hopkins, Fred Kelley, Pico 
Martinez,SteveMesquiteJosh Staley,NickSteger, David Warren, 
Jeff Willson, and Xick Wood worth. 

These young men gave their all in the competion areas of formal 
wear, swimsuits, interview, and talent. The contestants also 
performed a choregraphed dance routine for the finale. The night 
came to a conclusion with the announcement of the winner. Not 
only did superman save the day, but he stole the show, as Charley 
Enos was crowned Mr.GQ ' 97 . 

Sophs Crown Black, Derenzi at Ho 

With a great I)J from No Joke Productions, 
many different kinds of music delighted the 

Sophomores and their dates at the annual 
Soph Hop in April. 

Highlighting the evening was the crowning 
of the prince and princess, Brian Black and 
Brooke Derenzi. 

Both the class officers and advisors made 
sure that there were plenty of delicious 
refreshments and desserts. 

Using a theme of "Faithfully", the 
sophomores and their parents spent part of 
Friday and Saturday turning the cafeteria 
into a wonderland of balloons while a water 
fountain made of lights lit up the dance floor. 

The evening of April 26 was perfect for a 

Above: Rose Young takes her date onto the dance floor; above right: Kaydee Filmore 
dances her way to her date, Erik Madsen; below right: Erika Delgadillo and Maritza 
Ruiz chat with their dates at the Soph Hop. 

Above: Brian Black and Brooke Derenzi, prince and princess 
of the Soph Hop, are photographed after their coronation; 
below: Joel Jenks and Jessica Ortiz enjoy the dance. 


Above left: Stephanie Ghilarducci, Jodi Stelzriede, Jon Gonzales, and Nathan Marshall 
show their delight with the Soph Hop; above: Anthony Duran really shows what he thinks 
of the dance; right: Adam Halgas and Erin Pursell enjoy one of the slow dances. 

Left: Shannon Waddle and Jason Gallagher pose between some of the 
balloons used for decorations; above: one of the highlights of the dance 
is taking a group shot with friends;right: Nick Casey has to take a water 
break from the fast dances. 


Yearbook Features Renaissance Faire 

Left:Jeremy McCown performs a sword fight for the people who pass by 
above:Jared Marsau and friends make aday of fun at the Faire;below.Sarah 
Cullar receives instructions on how to make a wreath; below right: Mrs. 
Lorraine Anderson and Mr. Lloyd Corn well converse about their day . 

Left:IX' rests afteralongday of workingforthefaire;above: Scott 
Tippit and friend meet and spend time with some of the Faire workers; below 
left: tired workers spend the rest of the day sleeping;below: Dan Eckerman 
plays the snare drums in the Faire Parade. below rightjuan Carreon waits for 
his turn to perform. 

Bigger and better than ever would be the way to 
describe this year's Renaissance Faire. The Faire 
was moved from its location near the PAC to the 
grassy area next to the AC Wing which was then 
renamed "Nottingham Green". 
The VAPA Academy members, individuals from 
the Living History Center, and community people 
helped with the Faire. 

Activities for this year's Faire included folk 
dancing, wreath making, hair braiding, paper 
making, and fortune telling. There were also 
Renaissance art displays, staged combat 
performances, and a brass choir. Special treats 
were sold at Her Majesty's Olde Sweet Shoppe. 
For this one day, many Liberty students and staff 
members reverted to the 16th century as they 
dressed and acted like the gentry of the 
Renaissance Era. This fourth annual Faire was a 
lot of fun for the participants and their guests and 
was deemed highly successful. 

Students and teachers had spent many class 
periods in English, Theatre, and World History 
preparing projects and displays for the Faire. 

Left: a medival musician gets ready to entertain a group of students gathered 
in a circle to folk dance; above: maidens enjoy watching one of the many skits m 
put on during the faire; below: Jeff Albright and Daniel Smith perform 
Greensleaves to liven spirits throughout the day. 

'iTi'V*' Bf 1 ' AtF** 








Lady Lions Come Together as a Team 

Working with only 8 players as a team is not a very 
easy thing to do, but the Ladies Varsity Volleyball 
Team pulled it off with spirit and camaderie. The 
season came together after some players left the team 
due to personal reasons. 

The Lions (24- 1 5 ) went into the North Coast Sectionals 
feeling good. They played well during the second half 
of the B VAL season and team chemistry happened, 
making it easier for players and coaches to feel like a 

After the midseason crisis was finished, the team 
turned it into one of their most successful seasons in 
years. The team played especially well during 
tournaments with four-year starter Michelle Kelley 
and Junior Rachel McLean helping team spirit stay up 
as co-captains. 

Coach Linda Ghillarducci said, "Sometimes you can 
get too bogged down with different situations and 
you 're not ready to play. This team j ust wanted to play 
volleyball. They hung tough and built up a lot of 
character. I'm proud of what they've done." 

Top right: Tara Rodriguez jumps up for a spike in the 
Liberty High School Gymnasium. 

Top left: Michele Kelley watches the ball a teammate bumps to her before passing 
it to another person; bottom right: Teresa Schnittker comes down from her jump after 
delivering a perfect spike. 

Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team-Top Row: Rachel McLean, Teresa Schnittker; 
Second Row: Michele Kelley, Kristin Hylton; Third Row: Scorekeeper Heidi 
Hartman, Manager Joey Agpawa, Coach Linda Ghilarducci, Manager Aaron 
Somerhalder; Bottom Row: Jana Berg, Tara Rodriquez, Tiffany Long 


Right: Rachel McLean spikes the ball while players Tiffany Long, Kristin 
Hylton, Tara Rodriguez, and Jana Berg watch in the background; below: Teresa 
Schnittker reches to return the ball with a block. 

Michele Kelley positions herself to hit the 
incoming ball with perfect form. 

Kristin Hylton does her job as ihe team's starting setter. 


JV Volleyball Receives New Coach 

Going up tor a spike. Amy Nielson reaches great heights on the way to another jv Lion 

Stephanie Ghilarducci and Amy Nielson jump together to succesfully block a ball 

Sophomore Bethany Wilson concentrates on her form and tries to make good contact 
with the ball in a home game in the Stonebarger Gymnasium. 

4fc ' 


37 \§E 

& - 1 11 

m m w 

JV Girls Volleyball-Top Row: Aaron Somerhalder, Coach Julie Somerhalder, 
Joey Agpawa Second Row: Bethany Wilson, Stephanie Ghilarducci Third 
Row: Amber Peterson, Genny Ginilo Fourth Row: Stacey Somerhalder, 
Amy Nielson Bottom Row: Melissa Baxley, Andrea Hardcastle 

With a look of concentration, freshman Stacey 
Somerhalder spikes the ball. 

Andrea Hardcastle passes the ball to a teammate 
during a home game. 

Frosh Strive to Achieve Higher Goals 

Freshman Volleyball Team-Top Row: Aaron Somerhalder, Coach Shelly Delange, Joey Agpawa Second Row: Brittany Brock, Trisha Farmer Third Row: Sara Dawn Smith 
Alysia Peterson Fourth Row: Julie Belo, Casey Honodel FifthRow: Stephanie Reed, Kasey Wills Bottom Row: Stacey Long 

Left: Julie Belo serves the ball in a home game; below: Casey Honodel concentrates on serving 
an ace to help win another game for the freshmen. 




Varsity Lions Make NCS Playoffs 

The 1996-1997 Varsity Football season had a new 
outlook this season. They worked on new ideas and had 
biggerplayson defense. There were more interceptions, 
recovered fumbles and defensive scores than they had 
in the past three years. 

Other coaches were quoted as saying things like, 
"Liberty is a team that doesn't give up. They ' 11 keep 
coming at you." 

The "Wing-T" has been Coach Nick Frost's base 
scheme and the team invested a lot of time in the off- 
season by going to a "Wing-T" camp this summer. The 
team also changed a lot of patterns and worked on blitz 
protection, reverses, and gadget plays. 
Liberty ended with more rushing yards in the B V AL 
than any other team except DeLeSalle. Charley Enos 
placed second in the league with 1,178 yards in 10 

In the end, the hard work paid off as Liberty made the 
North Coast Sectionals for the first time since 1975 Above: Donald Garza raises his arms in a g reement as the releree s 'g nals a touchdown 

XT _, r , , _, . _ . . Smith looks lor an open player to pass the ball to; below right: an opposing player 

when NCS was created. Coach Frost summed it up ^^ Manud Dominguez in a contest played on hmstede Field, 
when he said,"It' s something you look forward to. It' s 
a big deal for our kids, the school, and the community." 

Varsity Football-Top Row: Adam Halgas, Nathan 
Knight, David Bicksler, David Hays, James Geis, 
Nathan Baxley, Chris Castillo. Dwayne Gregory; 
Second Row: Mike Griffin, Joah Widman, Donald 
Garza, Peter Hein, Bryce Campbell. Jon Cruz, Glen 
Flores; Third Row: Manuel Dominquez. Anthony 
Paiva, Justin Nogarr, Bryan Gatrell, Dustin McDaniel. 
Ryan Kelly, Steven Thrall, Brandon Miles; Fourth 
Row: Victor Martinez, Bo Jackson, Assistant Coach 
Sonny Brockman, Assistant Coach AINunes. Assistant 
Coach Dan Pacheco, Renne Beasley, Head Coach 
Nick Frost. Assistant Coach Kevin Hartwig, Athletic 
Trainer, Equipment Manager Eddie Andujar, Ben 
Burgess; Fifth Row: Nick Allen, Billy Beltram, Matt 
Rogge, Ryan Murray, Ross Orduna, Manual Andujar, 
Scott Macumber, Scott Smith; Bottom Row: Daniel 
Borunda, Mark Ries.Yoandis Rolando, Charley Enos, 
Adney Koga. Victor Guitron, James Jack 

for Liberty; below 
tttempts to sneak by 

left: Scott 


Liberty Varsity Football Coach and Science teacher Al Nunes talks intently with the coaches up in the press box during a stressful 
home contest. 


Left: Scott Smith passes the ball to Charley 
Enos in a home game: below: With a look of 
determination in his eyes, Yoandis Rolando 
hunts down a Nortbgate player; right: Billy 
Beltram puts fear into the eyes of another player 
during another LHS home game 

Below left: Ben Burgess carries the ball determined to make a touchdown: below right: Justin Nogarr and Yoandis Rolando 
squash a player from Northgate during a home game in a nice defensive move. 

Below: Adney Koga talks to the Athletic Director 
Rod Beaver during a time out to discuss game strategy. 

Below left: Scott Smith jumps to catch the ball at the 
Homecoming Game: below: Brandon Miles runs with the 
ball while Ryan Kelly and Billy Beltram help block other 
defensive players. 

Below: Assistant Coaches Dan Pacheco and Rod Beaver 
signal a play to players while Justin Nogarr comes in 
off the field. 


JVs Start Season With 5-1 Record, 6-2 in League 

Chris Freyler displays both his offensive and defensive talents as pictured above and to the 
right; below: Giovanny Chamberlain takes the hand-off and tries to cut around left end to pick 
up a first down. 

JV Football Team-Top Row: Ray Zaccardi, Gabe Delporto, Jerry Lilley, Rod Beaver, Ken 
Linhares, Warren Lemoine, Chris Blomseth Second Row: Brad McCuan, Dylan Kruse, 
Ryan Singh. Chris Freyler, George Dejesus, Josh Lindsay, Cory Scalise, Jason Shuitemaker 
Third Row: Jesse Reed, Austin Peterson, Justin Venoble, Matt Kelley, Chris Kelly, Heriberto 
Diaz, Giovanny Chamberlain Bottom Row: Kevin Skipper, Jer Kent, Eric Dockter. Roger 
Thompson, Oscar Delgado, Justin Johnston, Jesse Cuccia; right: Gabe Dalporto takes the 
hand-off as Warren Lemoine blocks the opposing lineman. 


Frosh Face Falcons for First Time to Open Season 



W8 & 'inun _ mk 





«*■ ■ *»^» 

Above left: Frosh Football Team-Top Row: Jeremy Widman, Dale Roberts. Brandon Rodriguez. Tim 
Fox, Fred Kelley, Michael Fueglein, Jay Lynch Second Row: Daniel Patino, Chris Singh, Glen Grosclose. 
John Blasi, Chris Jacot, Todd Beckstead, Charles Deardorff, David Bernard Third Row: Brandon Craig, 
Bryan Wolfenbarger, Shane Jenks. Nick Baxley, Ian Hanberg, Daniel Schulte. Mike Mousseau Fourth 
Row: Scott Cobun, Chris Lemyre, Zeb Beassie, John Carnes. John Maginnis, Jeremy Bartee. Richard 
Heredia.Tim Knight Bottom Row: Josh Bordewick, Jose Gonzalez, Billy Kaelin. Aaron Eldridge, Gabe 
Pacheco; above right: Daniel Schulte receives the hand off and heads around right end. 


Above: Joe Ghiggeri tries to push off his opponent amd pick up a first down 
against the Freedom Falcons; below: a Liberty frosh player tries to hold onto 
the ball in their first game of the season. 

Above:Mike Mousseau, center, gets 

ready to hike the ball to Bryan 
Wolfenbarger, quarterbackUeft: two 
Freedom Falcons convergeon a fallen 
Libert) Lion. Tins was the first 
game ever for the Freedom Falcons. 

Biglow, Cordeiro First Team All League 

Preparing to return .1 serve with her forehand is Alica 
Silva as she works hard to defeat her opponent. 

This year's Libert) Tennis Team had a sear of improvement 

with their new league make up. which included "pow erhouse" 
schools like Northgate, College Park, and Carondelet. They 
won 5 of their matches, sweeping both Pittsburg and Deer 
Valley. They even beat their close rivals, the Antioch 
Panthers. The team was lead by captain Justina Morrone who 
with Amber Carlson and the team of Amanda Biglow and 
Debbie Cordeno made it to the second round of the league 
tournament. This year' sCo-MVPs were Amanda and Debbie, 
w ho w ere also named first team All League. Amber received 
the Coach's Award, who with Justina Morrone was named 
Honorable Mention All League. Becky Walther received the 
Most Improved Award. This years team was assisted by 
returning coach Mr. Mike Ybarra. 

Concentrating on her form. Elise Meyer sets up to 
serve to her opponent. 

Above: Amanda Biglow sends a high 
serve over the net in hopes to score a 
point: below: strutting her stuff on the 
tennis court is Jessica Romero preparing 
to backhand the ball over the net. 

Tennis Team-Top Row: Elise Meyer. Amber Davis-Carlson. Kim Forrest. Amanda Biglow. 
Alicia Silva. Erin Goodman. Coach Mike YbaiTa. Veronica Valencia. Angela Bernacchi, 
Debbie Cordeiro. Jessica Romero. Kristin Meyer. Monique Nichols Second Row: Brooke 
Derenzi, Andrea Jacobsen Bottom Row: Heather Leana. Becky Walter, Melissa Rivera. 
Justina Morrone 

Above: Justina Morrone greets her 
opponent from Northgate before her 
match: below: Elise Meyer serves the 
ball as her doubles partner Kim Forrest 
waits for the volley. 

5^ 'M. 




? 5 

Amber Carlson almost leaves her feet to put more 
power behind her forehand return. 

Henthorn Qualifies For State Meet 

Jeremy Moore displays his strength and endurance as he keeps up 
with the pace of his opponents from Northgate and Clayton Valley 
during an away meet. 

Liberty's Cross Country team had many 
dramatic improvements in the ability of the returning and 
new runners this year. This year' s squad consisted of a very 
strong Boys Varsity team which included the solid top four 
runner line-up of Alex Morales, Jason Jones, Chris Fletcher 
and Jason Fletcher, and for the first time in several years 
a complete Girls' Varsity Team. The Boys Frosh-Soph 
Team took fourth place out of 28 teams at the EDSIAS 

Competing against some of the toughest and 
most talented teams in the North Coast , Liberty ' s record 
was 3-4. Lindsey Henthorn placed first in most of the 
races she ran in, including the San Joaquin Invitational. 
| Some of the members of the team received many honors 
this year which included, Alex Morales second team All 
League, Lindsey Henthorn first team All League, Division 
I fourth place, NCS, and qualified for the state meet; and 
the team as a whole took fifth place in their new league 
make up. This years team was lead by returning coaches 
John Dodson and John Renteria. Coach Dodson said 
that "this years team was fast, but not fast enough to 
keep up with the new league members and is looking 
forward to a good season next year". 

Attempting to pass her opponent from Clayton Valley 
on the outside by picking up her speed is Lindsey 

«&e 0C 

Focusing on what lies ahead is Chris Fletcher who is working 
hard to increase his speed in an attempt to pass his opponent to 
take the lead. 

Cross Country Team-Top Row: Josh Jones, Rocco Trapaneze, Steve Sequiera, Anthany Robbins, Jeremy Moore, 
Landon Phillips, Jason Jones, Dante Lorenzetti, Chris Foster Second Row: Erin Ongman, Michael Borunda, Alex 
Moralez, Coach John Dodson, Coach John Renteria. Jeremy Glaholt, Jake Pulliam, Michelle Brown Bottom Row: 
(sitting) Austin Douglass, Annie Jack 

Erin Ongman puts more 
effort into her running as she 
comes upon the finish line. 

The leader of the pack. Rocco Trapaneze. sets the pace for his opponents while leading his 
teammates, Jeremy Morre, Michael Borunda and Landon Phillips, away from the starting line. 

Lise Smith is determined to keep her lead over her 
opponent by concentrating on the finish line that she wil 
be approaching soon. 

Varsity Girls End Season on Winning Note 

Improving in both league and practice games, 
the Lady Lions captured the championship 
trophy at the Stonebarger Tournament, and a 
third place finish in the Antioch Invitational. 
Headed by captains Niccki Fletcher, Lise Smith, 
and Stacie Ghiggeri, the ladies ended the season 
with a victory and achieved most of their goals. 

All-Tournament Awards were garned by 
Genelle Kunst (Elk Grove), Niccki Fletcher 
(Stonebarger and Antioch), and Shannon Wiser 
(Stonebarger); Genelle also earned Honorable 
Mention All-League. 

"Our league (BVAL) was definitely more 
talented and every night we had to play well to 
win (5 games)", remarked Coach Sue Radford. 

AboverShannon Wiser prepares to receive a pass from teammate Genelle Kunst, while her opponent, 
an Antioch Panther, tries to cut in between Shannon and the ball; below: Shannon Wiser, center, 
searches for an open teammate to pass the ball to start an offensive play. 

Varsity Girls Basketball Team-Top Row: Coach Darrin Price, Megan Smaker, Shannon Wiser, Coach Sue Radford Second 
Row: Rachael McLean, Debbie Cordeiro, Angela Richardson, Stacie GhiggeriThird Row: Lise Smith, Gina Seamann, Niccki 
Fletcher Bottom Row: Genelle Kunst, Kasey Kellner 


H^f" ^^B 

rr £Wm 

^^1 v ^^B 

HB jB 

^— jfl fl 

^Hi'> ;:< ;1 

1 ^^^^\ 

^H ^c. ^H 

PgP -JB 

Rachael McLean watches and prepares to take the rebound if 
Shannon Wiser s two point shot does not make it in the basket. 

Forward Lise Smith looks to bounce 
pass the ball to her teammate in the key. 

Stacie Ghiggeri and Xiccki Fletcher look to the sideline to 
see where the ball will be thrown as they block their Antioch 

Liberty's offense is shown as the Lady Lions try to make 
themselves open to receive the ball and take a shot. 

Shannon Wiser, Lady Lion #44. perfects her form before she 
releases the ball to make a two point shot. 

Debbie Cordeiro uses her strength and determination to get 
around an Antioch guard. 

Lookingup in the air is point guard Xiccki Fletcher 
who hopes to catch the rebound and return a shot. 

Freshman Trish Farmer Named JV MVP 

Jumping in the air to make a quick two 
point shot is Trish Farmer. 

Alyson Bifano uses her shoulder ti 


an Antioch 

Panther out of her way. 

v- 1 

Y c 

^r \« 


1 m ^mwL 

|TT^ j $ 

< ^ 

mm M 


■ ■■ ^iL.PJi P 

*""w ^t ' 



* MHHk JH 

Tara Cordoza looks over her shoulder before she passes the ball to her open 
teammate Alvson Bifano. 

Trish Farmer slows down as she prepares to take a shot after 
returning the ball to the home side. 

Looking to flee the key, heavily guarded by Antioch Panthers, is Kindra Whitman runs tin- ball back to the 
Kindra Whitman home side, out running Antioch 'sdefense. 

■ ■ y 





H F7 1 7 

l^m ~ ~wM 


1 1 


w ^^EllT 

w, t 

v M 

1 Jwl 


J\ Wl 

ifjflf X 

in p 






IA f JCl 


Running the ball back to Lion territory while heavily guarded by Antioch 
Panthers is #44 Gennv Ginilo. 

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Team - Top Row: Cyrstal Flores, Alyson Bifano, Jodie Stelzriede Second 
Row: Kendra Whitman, Tara C'ardo/.a, Coach Shelly DeLange, Geniveve Ginillo, Andrea Hardcastle 
Bottom Row: Stephanie Ghilarducci, Tiffany Long, Trisha r'armer, Telisita Hartman 


Frosh Successful with New Coach Kunst 

Showing her swift foot action toward the Lion Stephanie Ried. blocked by Antioch defense, searches for an open Jessica Allen looks up at the basket as she prepares to do 
basket is point guard Megan MacDonald. teammate to pass the ball to. a i avup during pre-game practice 


Varsity Captures Second in Stonebarger Tourney 

Led by Andrew Ehler and Ton}' Mikla, Coaches 
Award winners and B YAL Honorable Mention Nick 
Steger, the Varsity Boys Basketball Team captured 
second place in the annual Stonebarger Tourney in 

Coach John Radford was so impressed with the 
team effort this season that he awarded the entire 
group the MVP trophy while the Captains Award 
was shared by Nick Steger, Nick Kellner, Charlie 
Enos, Kelvin Smith, Tony Mikla, and Andrew Ehler. 

All Tournament Honors went to Kelvin Smith, 
Antioch and Stonebarger Tourneys; and Andrew 
Ehler, Stonebarger Tournament. 

With an expanded BVAL this season, the Varsity 
found even stiffer competition than in past years 
and were unable gain a single league victory. They 
were never out of any game and often lead their 
opponents; sometimes by a significant margin. 

The team finished with a 2-23 season record and a 
0-16 BVAL mark. 

Above left: Andrew Ehler fires a jump shot from the left side of the court; above right: Nick Kellner has 
position on his opponent and goes up for two points. 

Varsity Boys Basketball Team-Top Row: Coach John Radford, Scott Smith, Nick Steger, Nick Kellner, Jason Blount, 
Andy Zepeda, Andrew Ehler, Kelvin Smith, Assistant Coach Bill Cannon; Bottom Row: Charley Enos, Tony Mikla. 


Above left: Andrew Ehler drives around his opponent to the basket; above center: Nick Steger maneuvers by an Antioch Panther on his way to do a layup; above right: 
Tony Mikla lights to retain control of the ball. 

Kelvin Smith tries to block a shot as Andrew Ehler and Andy Zepeda maneuver 
for a rebound. 

JV Squad Faces Depth Dilemma 


Ul^Qr a 




Above left: Adam Simas searches for an open teammate as an Antioch Panther sneaks up behind him; above 
right: Stretching for a pass is #22 Jose Sanchez; right: Eric Sickenberger jumps high in the air to make a two 
point shot as his opponent tries to nudge him out of the way; J.V. Boys Basketball Team-Adam Simas, Mike 
Lipetri, Brian Black, Jeff Vending, Eric Sickenberger, Dylan Kruse, Jason Gallagher. Jose Sanchez, and 
Coach John Coelho. 

; "jl2 il 11 l' r J L* 

Liberty's defense is shown as two Liberty teammates work 
together to guard an Antioch Panther who has possession of the 

Above: Soaring above his opponents, #,^0 Jeff Vending 
works on scoring another two points for Liberty; left: Jeff 
Vending takes advantage of his strong legs as he leaves tin- 
ground while shooting a layup. 


Frosh Win Seven Straight to End Season 

Left: Freshman Brad Pingle shows perfect form as he takes a layup shot; above left: Keeping control 
of the ball with a low dribble is Lion Adam Simas;above right:Lion #24 Todd England stares his opponent 
in the eye during a home game; below: Freshman Boys Basketball Team-Top Row: Todd England, 
Brad Pingle, Daniel Garcia, Doug Morrison, Travis Fletcher, Dale Roberts, Mike McKinney, Brent 
Winkler, Coach Mark Johnson Bottom Row: Zac Spinuzzi, Joe Ghiggeri, Justin Crum, Nick Massoni, 
Brian Rose and Eric Pearson 

Left:Sophomore Brian Black searches for an open teammate 
while guarded by a Northgate Bronco; below: Todd 
England prepares to take a quick runback shot; right: 
teamwork is shown as two Liberty Lions work together to 
get the rebound and return a shot. 

*i^^^&^^m*mmWmkL±- m\'i 

•W*^Bw*^T t3 

mmr mm mr^^^m\ ^H^_ ^^ 



Varsity Girls Open Season with a Victory 

Determination and motivation gave this year 's 
Varsity Girls Soccer team the drive to work hard 
and play their best. They began with what many 
thought would be a great season with a 1-0 win 
against Northgate. Although they lost their next 
6 games, their final record was 4-9-1 which 
included a tie against the Antioch Panthers and 
a 6-0 win over Pinole Valley. 

Their returning coach Tony Martin named 
Rebeckah Faulkner, MVP and Most 
Inspirational while Lindsey Henthorn and 
Brooke Derenzi were named Most Improved. 
Rebeckah Faulkner was also awarded with First 
Team All-League. Other team members receiving 
league honors were Tara Rodriguez, second team; 
and Jana Berg and Stephanie Jzyk, honorable 

Abovejoanna Westlund tries to save the ball from goingout- 
of-bounds;below right: Jana Berg shows great determination 
as she keeps the ball away from an Antioch Panther; below: 
Stephanie Jyzk fights off her opponent in her attempt to retain 
control of the ball. 

Above: Kathleen Hampton controls the ball and gets ready for a pass to Mandy Foreman in an away soccer contest; 
below:Tara Rodriguez boots the ball between two defenders as Joanna Westlund and Kathleen Hampton move into 
position to assist. 


Below:.Mand\ Foreman passes the ball down field as the 
referee runs along side in an awa\ mat< li inAntio< h. 

Above: Varsity Girls' Soccer Team-Top Row: Mandy Foreman, Erin Ongman, Coach Tony Martins, Danielle 
Pah a. Amy Foreman, Lisa Kirby, Kathleen HamptonSecondRow:Rebecca Faulkner, Stephanie Jyzk, Joanna 
Westlund, Brook DeRenzi, Lindsay Henthorne, Kristin HyltonBottom Row:J ana Berg, Andrea McPeak, Tara 
Rodriguez, Melinda Brown, Marie Escudero; below: Kristin Hyltonfightsoff her Antioch opponent with her 
upper body to try to retain possession of the body. 

Above: Andrea McPeak heads the ball down field to try to set up 
a scoring opportunity ;below left Andrea sprints to weird the ball 
to regain possession;below:Tara Rodriguez gets ready to inbound 
the ball to her teammates. 


Young Group Learns Skills on JV Team 

Above left: JV Boys Soccer players use some defensive maneuvers to regain possession; above right: Kenny 
Chun prepares to make a goal attempt; right: Jose Martinez head-butts the ball to an open teammate; below: 
Boys JV Soccer Team-Top Row: Matt Seeno, Fernando Amaral, Coach Oscar Rodriguez, Coach John, 
Diego Diaz, Andrew Cardes Second Row: Jose Madrigal, Chris Clark, Ryan Pearson, Todd Perea, Tyson 
Crane Bottom Row: Casey Krey, German Ortega, Jose Martinez, Danny Hernandez, Kenny Chun 

m ; > 


■ p^^ )M 

^^r f ^r ■ ■ 

1 M 

Left: Jose Madrigal gets ready to boot the ball down 
field ;below: Jose Madrigal attempts to regain possession 
of the ball during a practice game; right: Tyson Crane 
tries to keep the ball from Pittsburg's scoring area. 


New Coach Assists With JV Girls Team 

Above: the Lady Lions overpower the Deer Valley Wolverines on the soccer field; above right: quick footwork 
by Michelle Malone allows her to steal the ball from the opposition; left: Elizabeth Bidwell uses all her strength 
during a throw in; below: Girl's JV Soccer Team-Top Row: Coach Kevin Kerby, Amy Nielsen, Stacy 
Somerhalder, Sara Castillo, Tina Soto, Kim Putnam; Second Row: Michelle Malone, Lea Landgraff, Megan 
McCowen, Krista Nielsen, Leah Hansen; Bottom Row: Valaree Hartman, Elizabeth Bidwell, Kelly Bryan, 
Nicole Reynolds, Alicia Blake, Veronica Valencia 

Left: teamwork is the secret to the girls jv soccer 
team; below: a powerful kick by goalie Kim 
Putnam brings the ball back into play; right: a 
corner kick by Elizabeth Bidwell puts the team at 
an advantage. 

Left: Lea Landraf is one kick away from a goal; 
below: realizing she needs to move quickly, 
Valaree Hartman attempts to keep the ball in 
the Lions' favor. 


Lions Tie for Second in B VAL 

Led by their new coach Jamie Melgoza, the 
Varsity boys tied Northgate for second place in 
their best league finish in years. Garnering season 
ending honors were- Mike Galvan, First Team 
All-league and seventh in league scoring; Brian 
Lamb, Second Team All-league, co-captain, best 
offensive player with 13 goals and 5 assists, and 
third in league scoring; Josh Melgoza, Second 
Team All-league and fourth in league scoring 
with 13 goals and 3 assists; Todd Clymens, 
Danny Johnston, and Aaron Somerhalder, 
Honorable Mention; Jeff Kelm, Kevin Carpenter 
Award and co-captain; Clinton Earlman best 
defensive player; and Peter Panagopoulos most 

Coach Melgoza remarked, "The BVAL is the 
best of the leagues in the entire NCS", making 
this year's team work hard for their overall 
record of 1 1-4-2 and 1 1-3-2 league match. 

Above: Michael Galvan prepares to drive the ball 
clown to the goal at a home match; below: running 
down the field to get in on the action is Lion #7 Chris 

Varsity Boys Soccer Team-Top Row: Daniel Wisniewski, Anthony Paiva, Coach Jamie Melgoza, Coach George Paiva, 
Michael Galvan, Danny Johnston Second Row: Clinton Erlman, Chris Nava, Brian Hampton, Todd Clymens, Ben Burgess, 
Kevin 1 less, Nathan Garcia Bottom Row: Aaron Somerhalder, Peter Panagopoulos, Martin Valles, Jeff Kelm, Josh Melgoza, 
Brian Lamb; below: Danny Johnston seeks to take possession of the ball from a Pittsburg Pirate. 

Above: Peter Panagopolis comes in from the side line to 
try to challenge his opponent; ri^ht: Josh Melgoza makes 
.1 quick direction change in front of an agressive Pirate. 

I>eft: Todd Clymens intentK watches the pass onto the playing field as he 
protects the Liberty goal; above: Coach Jamie Melgoza and Ben Burgess study 
the action on the home field of the Lions: right: Josh Melgoza moves to head 
the ball to try to score; below: Mike Galvin slips on a muddy field as he tries 
to intercept a pass. 

Left: Mike Galvan seems almost glued to his opponent 
as they fight for possession of the ball: right: Daniel 
Wisniewski shows the muddy conditions of the playing 
field: below: Kevin Hess puts the ball back into play. 

Varsity Wrestlers Capture North Coast Title 

Above: Jeff Wright uses a halt-nelson to turn the wrestler over to the mat; below left: Jason 
Fletcher looks up at the referee to signal that he is ready to wrestle another victory for Liberty 

Climaxing an undefeated dual meet season with a championship 
at the league meet, the Varsity wrestling team then clawed their way 
to a first place finish at NCS beating out James Logan of Union City 
for the first time since 1991. 

Six Liberty wrestlers earned slots at the state meet-Jason Barnes, 
Andy Luna, Martin Valles, Josh Storrer, Mike Nielsen, and Bill 
Beltram with Valles capturing third in the state and Lunaseventh. 

The season started off well with first place finishes in both the Lou 
Bronzan and College Park Tournaments and a second at Lemoore 
and a third at the Clovis Invitational. The B VAL championship was 
the fourth in a row; the team finished 2 5 th at the state meet. 

Barnes, Luna, Storrer, and Valles all won NCS individual 
championships while Nielsen and Mark Johnson captured league 

Overall the team was 14-1 and 7-0 in league competition running 
up their leagu dual meet record to 25 straight victories. Coach Greg 
Chappel remarked, "I believe this is the best team from top to bottom 
ever at Liberty High School". 

Though the league was not as strong overall as teams, individual 
competition from the new teams made the league more competitive. 
Added to the competition were girls competing at the Varsity level. 

Part way through the season the Varsity team put on a new look as 
they received new uniforms that contained the traditional school 
colors and added a distinctive white stripe down both sides. 

Above right : Dustin Sudweeks scrambles to pin the wrestler to the mat. The 
Varsity Lions were successful in both tournaments and league matches. Their own 
tournament. The Bron/.an Invitational, is becoming one of the premier 
tournaments in Northern California. In league matches the Lions roared to 
victory after victory and again were undefeated. Competition with individuals was 
harder this year with the addition of more schools meaning a larger pool of 
wrestlers, yet the team, under Greg Chappel's coaching emerged as winners. 

Varsity Wrestling Team-Top Row: Bryant 
Morgan. Dustin McDaniel. Mark Johnson. 
Robert Moreno, Coach Greg Chappel, Victor 
Guitron, Billy Beltram, Charles Deardorf, 
Rocco Trapanesse. Justin Nogarr Second Row: 
( ieorge DeJesus, Dustin Sudeweeks. Juan Patino, 
Matt Greene. Mike Nielsen. Josh Storrer. 
Jason Fletcher, Justin Johnston Bottom Row: 
Chris Fletcher. Matt Nava. Bryan Fisher. 
Thisbe Reardon, Jason Barnes, Andy Luna, 
Martin Valles 


Above left: Rocco Trapunesse uses the "Riding Legs" to move into a victorious position: above right: Mark Johnson givng his opponent the guillotine, below left: 
Chris Fletcher defends himself with an arm drag; below right: Jeff Wright use his legs to dominate as he works for the pin. 


New Coach Leads Players to NCS 

Highlights ofthe Boys Tennis season included many 

exciting matches. They had a dramatic third set tie 
breaker win over the College Park team by Andy 
Zepeda and Erick Contreras. They also had a hard 
fought victory by Kevin Furgeson to seal a victory over 
the Pittsburg team. 

The school was represented at the BVAL Tennis 
tournament by; Victor Quilicie, Chris Foster, Eddie 
Riley, Kevin Furgeson, Ryan Smart, and Peter 

Although the team had more losses than wins, 4-14, 
the single players led by Victor Quilicie, Chris Foster, 
and Eddie Riley played many good games. The first 
double team of Ryan Smart and Peter Panagopoules 
led the double players. The new coach, Ned Paulionis, 
is very optimistic about the future of the Liberty 
Tennis Team. 

Above left: Eddie Riley positions himself to return the ball back over the 
net and score a point for the team; above: Chris Foster takes a swing at 
the ball; below: Victor Quilici leaves the ground, showing us his powerful 
smashing serve. 

Varsity Boys Tennis Team- Top Row: Victor Quilici, Ryan Smart, Coach Ned Paulions, Uriel Diaz, Andy 
Zepeda Second Row: Dan Musgraves, Matt Rogge, Eddie Riley, Erick Contreras Bottom Row: Jeremy Glaholt, 
Mike Borunda, Peter Panagopoulos 

Above: Uriel Dia/ practices his serving techinque; left: Jeremy 
Glaholt goes into action using his forehand to get the ball back over 
the net. 

JV Wrestlers Dominate in Dual Meets 

Above: Adam Wahl tries to break his opponent down into a roll so he can pin him: 
below: Kyle Kuntz Gets ready to take on his opponent 

Above: Vanessa Trelogan. one of the few girls on the jv wrestling team, gets ready to take 
her opponent down to the mat. 

Above: JV Wrestling Team-Top Row: Neil Gonzales. 
Kyle Kuntz, Ivan Williams, Rocky Laughlin, Coach 
Fontez, Jacob Tolin, Fred Kelly, Jeremy Widman 
Second Row: Quin Parks, David Bernard. BradShmidt, 
Austin Peterson, Roger Thompson, David Wolf, Luke 
Santos, Adam Wahl Bottom Row: Ivan Martinez, 
Kaylin Martinez, David Jack, Danny Wortz, Carlos 
Bemal, Vanessa Telogan, Joey Gonzales 

Left: Adam Wahl is sprawling his opponent, leaping to 
pin him on the mat: above: David Jack Attempts to 
put his opponent into a cradle: right: Coach Fontez 
gives a wrestler some pointers before his match. 


Above: second baseman Elisa Barajas throws the ball to her teammate on first; right: 
Jessica Melendez makes a nice running catch. 

Varsity Wins NCS Championship 

Above: Jessica Melendez steps up the the plate; 
below: Marci Martinez anxiously anticipates the next 
opportunity for a great catch. 

Above: Eliza Barajas rolls up her sleeve in preparation 
for her turn at bat; right Jennifer Lewis makes a nice 
comeback catch; below: Jessica Melendez tosses the ball 
to a teammate during practice. 

After struggling a little to a second-place finish in the 
B VAL behind Pinole Valley, the Varsity girls roared 
back to win four straight at the NCS Championships 
to capture the NCS Crown. 

The girls were lead by their young pitcher, Jennifer 
Lewis, who surprised a lot of fans and competitors 
with her toughness. Coached by Rich Barrios, the 
girls capped the season with a final victory over 
Pinole Valley to win the NCS Championship; the girls 
celebrated by giving B a buzz cut. 

Other highlights of the season were a dramatic 1-0 
victory over arch-rival Antioch as the girls struggled 
through 6 1/2 scoreless innings before squeezing 
across a run in their last at bats; and the girls 
beatingPinole Valley late in the season to go into a tie 
for first place. 

Seeded number 4 in the NCS playoffs, the Lions 
played tough defense and often watched as other 
teams self-destructed, especially in their first two 

To cap the season the young ladies and their coaches 
were honored at an LUHS Board of Trustees meeting 
in June. 

Varsity Softball Team-Top Row: Coach Rich Barrios, 
Jennifer Chappell, Danya Lilley, Jana Berg, Andrea 
Hardcastle, Coach Bill Si!va;Second Row: Amber Plumos, 
Tiffany Long, Mamie Daniels, Jessica Melendez, Elisa 
Barajas; Bottom Row: Elizabeth Bidvvell, Brianne 
Schulte, RossAnne Baustia, Beth Welson, Jennifer Lewis, 
Marci Martinez;below: Jennifer Chappel intently watches 
the pitcher's moves to know when to leave first base. 

V Girls Build Skills for Varsity Competition 

Above: Mary Lewellen hold the runner at third and bluffs the throw to first; right: Mindy Atkins checks 
the position of the runner coming into second; below left: Danielle Mortenson watches the ball into her glove 
in avoid an error; below right: the opponent checks the shortstop to see if she catches the ball as she heads 
towards first base. 


JV Girls Softball, Top Row: Alex Ullerich, Stephanie Hienz, Coach Sandy Stonebarger, Assistant Coach 
Jan, Melanie Ford, Mindy AdkinsSecond Row: Julie Bello, Stephanie Ried, Mary Lewellan, Shayna Reeves, 
Christina Hanberg Bottom Row: Sarah Castillo, Danielle Mortenson, Ruth Bautista, Kerri Tomiska, 
Andrea Jacobson, Trish Farmer. 


JV Boys Enjoy Added Competition in 'New' BVAL 



- - 3 

Left: Greg Enos pitches from the stretch position with a runner on first base; above: Mall Delosien 
trots to home; above right: Josh Melgoza steps into the pitch; below: Josh waits for the ball during 
warm ups; below right: Ray Zaccardi throws the ball back into play. 

Below left: Ray Zaccardi waits for a 
foul ball; below: Matt Delosien backs 
up the play of Josh Melgozo at se< ond 





JV Boys Baseball Team- Top Row: Jeff Venthing, Ray Zaccardi, Greg Enos, Daniel 
Smith, Ben Hartelt, Jason Lester Second Row: Josh Melgoza, Chris Freyler, George 
Dejesus, Matt Delosien, Dylan Kruse Bottom Row: Ryan Dearson, Rocky Laughlin, 
Daniel Hill, Paul Czelusnick, Eric Dockter, Jeff Young. 



New Coach Guides Team to Victory 

To start the season first year coac h , Jaime 
Melgoza, had three goals for the Varsity 
boys; qualify for the NCS playoffs, beat 
Antioch, and do well in the B VAL. 

The Lions finished with a 9-4 record in the 
BVAL and a fourth place finish that did 
not allow them to qualify for the NCS 
playoffs; and they beat the Antioch 
Panthers 10-3 to notch their first victory 
over them in four years. Matt Riley, an 
outstanding left-handed pitcher was glad 
to grab that victory to break up the Antioch 
domination of the Lions. 

Defensively the Varsity was ably lead by 
the play of Pete Anderson, Steve Mello, 
Brian Lamb, and Charley Enos. 

Coach Melgoza remarked, "I love being 
out there on the baseball field and coaching 
the players. Every player is different and 
it's a challenge dealing with their 
personalities, but I enjoy this kind of 

Above:Scott Griggs leans back away from an inside pitch;rightCharlie 
Enos trots home to score for the Lions; below: Pete Anderson is too 
quick to pick off first base as he slides back in safely 

Below:Varsity Baseball Team-Top Row:Brandon Miles, John Fosenburg, Jon 
Cruz, Coach Jaime Melgoza, Andrew Ehler, Matt Riley, Robert Kornhauser 
Second Row: Steve Mello, Danny Johnston, Nick Trapanese, Scott Griggs, Jon 
Mason, Marco VillaBottom Row:Beau Hunn, Eddie Simpson, Steve Mesquite, 
Charlie Enos, Pete Anderson, Brian Lamb, Scott Smith;left and right: Matt 
Riley shows his outstanding pitching form. 

Left: Steve Mesquite shows a good eye as he watches a low 
pitch come to the plate; above: Steve Mello make.- a nit e 
pick up and fires the ball to first 

Above: Jaime Melgoza inn-nth watches the action 
from his first base coaching box;below:NickTrapanese 
throws across the diamond. 

Above: Steve Mello waits for the bz 
right Xick Trapanese holds the be 
tight before throwing. 

Young Players Learn High School Ball 

JV Golf Enjoys Second Year of Compete tion 






JV Golf Team: Mike McKinney, Quin Parks. Jason J45 

Gallagher. Jason Drenik, Chad Fisher, Brian Long, Steve 

Track Team-Top Row: Anthany Robbins, ("had Frazier, Mike Griffin, Steve Sequeira, Bryce Campbell, Eric Garcia, Michael 
Chavarria, Bill Greenwell, Mike Mousseau, Michael Huffaker, Gavin Wirth, Jason Blount; Second Row: Anthany Paiva, Jeremy 
Moore, Dante Lorenzetti, Jason Jones, James Jack, Justin Johnston, Ryan Murray, Ryan Albertson, Brian Hampton, John Koenig, 
Dustin McDaniel, Megan Smaker, Raymong Hall: Third Row: Danielle Quintero, Austin Peterson, Gerald Herrera, Stephanie Jzyk, 
Rebecca Faulkner, Mandy Foreman, Mike Galvan, Anthony Ghilarducci, Kathleen Hampton, Heidi Densmore, Matt Kelley, Daniel 
Allen;FourthRow:Ale\ Morales, Erin Ongman, Linsej Henthorn, Dan Fanara, Coach Darren Foreman, Coach John Ambrose, Coach 
David Blount. ( loach Mike Hopkins, Dante Coleman, Janrey Fontecha, Adney Koga, Justin Bovert; Fifth Row: Yoandis Rolando, 
Melissa Daliva, Geoff Brown. Stephanie Ksenzulak, Christina Daubeneck, Brooke DeRenzi, Dustin Graves, Krista Nielsen, Annie 
Jack. Ginger Liborio, Josh Dodd, Debbie Cordeiro, Scott Cobun; Bottom Row: Jeff Bercasio, Brittany Brock, Kelly Byran, Marie 
Escudero, Alysia Peterson, Johanna Parks, Chrissy Storrer, Nicole Costa, Susan Silva, Cindy Seddelmeier 


Above: Jason Blount gets high of the board as he 
long jumps with style at an away meet; below: 
Setting the pace during the 3200m race is Lady 
Lion Linsey Henthorn. 

Above Left: Manuel Domingez shows perfect form as he jumps over a 110 high hurdle at an away meet; above right: Strength 
and position arc shown a- Anthany Robbins prepares to take the first of three discus throws. 

Pushinghimself to the limits is Janrey Fontecha 
as he leans back to gain enough momentum to push 
himself over the bar for a successful vault. 

Left:High knees, good form and determination keeps Stephanie Ksenzulak up in front 

during a 1600m race at College Park; above: Kathleen Hamilton prepares herself 
mentally and physically to run the first leg of the 4 x 100 as she gets set in the blocks 
before the start of the race. 

Track Team Fin ds Suc cess With Dual Meets 

.4 -TS) -^ 

This year's track season was dedicated to the memory of 
Coach Alfred Nunes who passed away at the beginning of the 

Led by returningCoach John Ambrose the Varsity Boys' and 
Girls ' teams had strong, solid teams with the boys finishing in 
fourth place at the B VAL meet at Pittsburg and the girls placing 
fifth. While competing in one of the toughest leagues in this area 
the boys and girls teams held their ground beating such teams 
as Antioch, Pittsburg, and Ygnacio Valley during dual meets. 

The team enjoyed an even larger squad than last year which 
gave way for a competitive and winning season. Individual 
success was the highlight of this season with two school record 
in the Girls Distance Medley and the girls 1600m and many 
members that advanced to compete at the NCS Tri Valley meet. 

Individual athletes who did well included Dustin Graves 100m 
and long jump; Chad Fraziertriple jump; Stephanie Ksenzulak 
800m and 1600m, Stephanie Jzyk 100 H; James Jack 400m; Brice 
Campbell 400m; Dan Fonara400m; Kathleen Hampton pole 
vault; Bryce Campbell, Dan Fonara, James Jack, and Alex 
Morales 1600 relay; Stephanie Jzyk, Annie Jack, Brooke Derenzi, 
Stephanie Ksenzulak 1600 relay. 

Left Yoandis Rolando licks his lips as he positons 
himself before he releases the shot; above: Looking 
down at the pit after clearing the board is Rebecca 

as Miiirrrninu riiMiw m M i»m i trr 

Stayingin front of the opposition during the 100m intermediate hurdles race is 
Ladv Lion Susan Silva. 

Setting herself low to the ground to gain as much 
power behind her first of three throws at Antioch 
is Nicole Costa. 

Above Left: Liberty's girls distance 
runners Stephanie Ksenzulak, Erin 
Ongman.andLinseyHenthorn begin 
the 1600m race with an aggressive 
start; left James Jack and Dustin 
Graves have a clean blind pass during 
the 4 x 100 at Antioch; above: 
Kathleen Hampton gets high on her 
toes as she runs down the runway 
before her vault; right: leading the 
Liberty runners in the Varsity 1600m 
races at College Park is Alex Morales 
followed by Jason Jones and Brian 

Vs Top Ygnacio Valley Warriors in League Meet 

Left: Josh Dodd streches out to gain those all important 
inches in the long jump; above: Austin Peterson runs his 
leg of the 4X 1 O0;right:john Koenig participates in an away 
track meet for the jvs. 

Above: Mike Mousseau shows good form as he gets ready to put the shot in an away meet;right: 
Dominic Martinez and Dante Lorenzetti pace each other in the 1600 meters race; below left: 
Austin Peterson readies himself in the blocks for the 4X100 event; below: Matt Kelley shows 
the strain of putting the heavy shot in a track meet. 


Varsity Golfers Win First Championship Ever 

After a one stroke loss to the DeLaSalle in an 
away meet, the Varsity roared back to swamp the 
Spartans in a windy, home match to capture their 
first ever league championship with a 16-1 record. 
Because of the league crown, the entire starting 
five golfers qualified for the NCS meet as a team. 

Lead by Nate Nelson and Nate Marshall, the 
Lions consistently scored below or near the 200 
mark as a team (low score for the five golfers 
added together) 

The V arsity golfers started out the season with a 
resounding victory over the Pittsburg Pirates and 
continued to dominate the league with fine 
individual efforts. Though plagued often by almost 
gale-force winds, the Lions showed they were the 
class of the BYAL. 

Alex Aiello lead the Varsity while John Radford 
coached the j v squad. 

Varsity Golf Team: Coach 
Alex Aiello, Logan 
Fondren, Dave Perotti, 
Xate Marshall. Zach 
Spinuzzi, Nate Nelson, Jay 
Westerlund, Josh Jones. 
Matt Mancuso 

Above: Coach Alex Aiello points out the break, in the green to both Dave Perotti and Xate Nelson as Xate Marshall 
practices in the background; below left: Matt Mancuso checks the hole before hitting his putt; below right: Xate 
Marshall looks one final time before striking the putt on the practice green. 

Above: Coach Alex Aiello checks the scorecards before an 
away match; below: Josh Jones practices his putting. 

Swimmers Crush Pitt to End Regular Season 

This year's swim team consisted of SO 
people, which is lOmorethanlastyear. 
The Boys' Varsity were able to be more 
competitive due to the increase. The 
team captain.- were, Jamie Milburn, 
Holl) Pederson, Austin 1 kmglasjerem) 
Wendlerand Nathan Baxley. 

Both Jamie and Jeremy qualified for 
XC'S. as did Nicole Garcia, Lauren 
Zamoraand KileyReinke. 

Winning the majority of their meets 
was the girls' jv team, there was no 
boj s' jv as all t he guj s were swimming 

The Water Lions left Pittsburgh in 
their wake at the last dual meet of the 
season. Both the Varsity and jv teams 
had scores that were twice as much of 
their opponents. 

Above: Kell> Brown waits to start her leg of the relax; above left: Jerenn Wendler takes 
a break between events; left: Melissa Baxlev stretches before her race. 

Above: Heather Dean. Stephanie Ghilarducci, and Amber Davis-Carlson discuss the meet during 
a well-deserved rest; left: Jamie Milburn catches her breath alter her 5(H) Freestyle event. 

Above: Kiley Reinke glides through the water during her freestyle event; left: Melissa Baxley stretches 
her way to the finish in her breaststroke race. 

Above: The Varsity girls set themselves for the start, "Take your mark..."; right: Lauren 
Gintman and Stephanie Kurz have a heart-to-heart on the sidelines. 

Above: Jeremv Wendler blasts off for his start. 

Swimming Team-Top Row: John Scott, Ryan Singh, Brian Black, Micheal Melloni, Matt 
Gomes, Scott Strance, Nathan Baxley, Joah Widman, Jeremy Wendler Second Row: 
Melisa Baxlev, Nikki Andrews, Margaret Cruz, Amber Carlson, Jen Bradley, Janine 
Little, Stacey Long, Matt Melloni Brianne Gragg, Lauren Zamora, Nikki Garcia, Megan 
Caville, Michelle Langston, Shavvna Kurz, Stacey Somerhalder, Jennifer Moczulski 
Fourth Row: Coach Erica Pantle, Jamie Milburn, Heather Dean, Austin Douglas, Jen 
Knaus, Rachel Morgensen, Coach Kelly Buchanan, Melissa Asley Fifth Row: Holhe 
Pederson, Jodie Milbrun, Korene Baldi, Kiley Reinke, Erin Olson, Lauren Grutman, Jaime 
Eden Bottom Row: Sarah-Dawn Smith, Holly Homaday, Stephanie Ghilarducci, Kim 
Allsup, Kelly Brown, Jenny Krantz, Leslie Davis 


Lions Hustle to End B VAL, Try for NCS 

Playing tough in league competition, the Varsity 
boys' volleyball team earned the grudging 
respect of the other members of the B VAL. 

The Lions faced more teams in the expanded 
BVAL and the level of play was strong and 
uniform throughout the league. This kept our 
guys hustlingforevery victory and manymatches 
went to the fifth set before the final outcome 
could be determined. Several close matches 
were swayed by the officiating calls that seemed 
to go against the Lions with frequent repetition. 

Ending the season in the top part of the league 
standings, the team petitioned the NCS on the 
Sunday after the regular matches were over for 
an at-large berth to continue play after the BVAL 
ended normal competition. 

Though Kevin Allen transferred to Freedom 
High School to teach, he continued to coach the 
Varsity boys. 

Right: Nick Woodworth shows excellent form and 
height as he slams the ball back over the net. 

Above: Joey Agpawa slams a return against the Ygnacio Valley 
Warriors; right: Gabe Barajas sets the ball to his teammate on the 
front line. 

Above: Matt Seeno anxiously waits for the ball to return; right: Jeff Willson puts hi 
serving skill- to good use. 

Above left: Clinton Erlmann makes an great passing shot; above: Aaron 
Somerhalder after a powerful serve; left Danny Meinecke slams the hall into the 
opposing teairfs side of the court: below left: Varsity Volleyball Team-Top Row: 
Xick Woodworth. Steve Thrall. Coach Kevin Allen. Ryan Odell. Dan Meinecke 
Second Row: Ben Burgess. Clinton Erlmann. Matt Hodgen. Jeff Willson Bottom 
Row: Joey Agpawa, Kelly Bakanec. Aaron Somerhalder 

JV Boys Volleyball Team Enjoys Season Play 

Above:blocking a kill, Coner O'Hara and Matt Seeno do not let the 
ball pass by; above left: Tyson Crane intently watches the ball as he 
awaits its return to Liberty's side; above right: Matt Seeno goes down 
low in his attempt to save the ball. 

Above Left: Matt Seeno spikes the ball, hoping to score 
a point; above: Matt Seeno bumps the ball to set up a 
spike; right: Jason Narron watches the ball as he prepares 
to bump it; below left: Aaron All dink the ball, hoping 
to score. 

JV Boys Volleyball Team Top Row: Aaron All, Connor O'Hara, Matt Seeno, Coach Julie Somerhalder, Adam 
Wahl Bottom Row Tyson Crane, Richard Heredia, Jason Narron, Gabe Barajas, Andrey Mironovich, Juan Luna 

Dance Team Earns Trip to National Finals 

Above leftiSara Gilmore, Desirea Mohameds, Deborah Bunnel, Ma Valverde, 

Dezaray Delgado; above: Leigha Ramirez, Deborah Bunnel. Dezaraj Delgado, 

Mia Valverde, Sara Gilmore. 

— — ! " ^v ! 

> £ 

i A^ m* 


Above left: Roxanne Sanabria, Dezaray Delgado, Deborah Bunnel. Laticha Rie-. 
Mia Valverde, Melanie Ford. Desirea Mohameds; above Deborah Bunnel. Dezaraj 
Mohammed, Leigha Ramirez. Sara Gilmore, Mia Valverde; left: Lion Dance Team- 
Top Row: Melanie Ford, Dezaray Delgado: Second Row: Deborah Bunnel. Mia 
Valverde, Desirea Mohameds; Bottom Row: Leigha Ramirez. Roxanne Sanabria, 
Laticha Ries; below: Lion Dance Team members wait in the sweltering heat for their 
turn to perform in the Homecoming Rally. 

1 55 

Varsity Squad Shines in Camp Competitions 

Led by captains Amy Sundstrom, Katie Singh, Jill Bacciocco, 
and Kim Blair, the Varsity Cheerleaders took second place at 
the Great America Competition, second place at the Concord 
Competition, and first place at the UC A Northern California 
Regional Competition in Roseville. They qualified for the 
Nationals in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara but illness and 
injury prevented them from competing. 

The jvs took fourth place at the Santa Cruz Competition 
while the frosh had a solid team and a building year. 

Setting a trend, the Rally Squad hosted a Fashion Show on 
April 1 9 with fashions donated by Jessica McKlintock of San 
Francisco. Earlier in the year, the squad had held a highly 
successful Cheer Clinic in February and raised over $1400. 
The squad started off the year with an exceptional 
performance at the U.C. Cheer Camp. The Varsity Showcheer 
took home three trophies, a plaque, a spirit stick, and an 
overall Superior rating (highest available). The Varsity 
squad received the title of "Camp Champs" in placing first 
place in the Cheer divisions and second place in the Sideline 
division. The Rally Squad is advised by Sandy Overly. 



ML "it* 



*'%*. y 

Varsity Rally Squad-Top Row: Janine Frost, Amy Sundstrom, Averi Doolittle, Jill Baccoccio, Quinn Isaacson Second 

Row: Gretta Askew, Katie Singh, Nicole Eaton, Jessica Rosenthal, Deana Andronico, Third Row: Ashley Adams, Kristi Above: Ashley Adams s ta 

Taylor, Dorothy Dameon, Kim Blair Bottom Row: Rachel Toland, Mehrissa Yalung; above left the whole rally squad tne Homecoming Rally- below Tanie Frost and Kristi 

entertains the crowd at the Homecoming Rally; above: Katie Singh shows her enthusiasm at the Homecoming Game. Taylor dance as part of the Homecoming presentation 

Above: keeping in synch, the rally squad entertains the Homecoming Rally crowd; below right: stacking 
up the squad members the girls try to balance the pyramid and protect the girls raised up high; below: 
striking a pose for the yearbook photographer at a home game, the rally squad girls enjoy their participation 
in school activities. 


JV, Frosh Cheerleaders Raise Spirit 

Above: JV Cheerleading Squad-Top Row: Heather Dean. Marie Owens, Nicole Summers 
Second Row: Melissa Woppert, Keri Knight Bottom Row: Candice Childers, Desiree 
Rezentes, Emily Prochaska. 

Above: Jessica Sewell, Michal Ward, and other freshmen squad member 
watch a freshmen football game, during a break from cheering. 

Above: JV Cheerleaders do a kick line, during one of their many half-time performances: below 
left: Shannon Brodie finishes a cheer at a rally; below right: Emily Prochaska leads some younger 
girls in a cheer at the Varsity/Jv cheerleading clinic. 


Above: Frosh Cheerleading Squad-Top Row: Shannon Waddel, 
Brienna Margesson, Regina Williams Second Row: Michal Ward. 
Jessica Sewell Bottom Row: Christin Storrer, Shannon Brodie, 
Tineka Labanan 






B \ ., World History, (J ,S. History, Varsity Golf Coach, Human Services 
Academy Coordinator, Grand Marshall 

■_ o 1/ C ' <oieUo 
B.S., Child Development, Foods and Nutrition, Sociology for Living , 
Health, F.H.A-H.E.R.O. Advisor, LMC-Child Development Advisory 
Committee, District Health Task Force Committee, Human Services 
Academy Co-Coordiantor, Grand Marshall 

HA, Math, Tutorial Support 

M.A., Head Librarian, Interact Advisor, Liberty for Earth Advisor 

^ i ///' C KMitofOde 
B.A., Odyssey, Applied Biology, Integrated Biology, Head Track Coach 

_^_<V/"/Y/^.wC' T>/I</<W)I 

B.A., English IV VAPA, Honors English III, English III, UBT, LEA 
Christmas Party Co-Chair, VAPA Academy Coordinator, Liberty 
Renaissance Faire Co-Chair 

B.S, M.S., P.E., Grief Support Group Advisor, LEA Past Presidents 

B.A., English I, AP English IV, Mentor Teacher 

SJ-viw (joaociocco 

A. A., B.A., U.S. History, Math, Economics, Government 

/L t'//ia»i C/oa/ke 
A.B., U.S. History VAPA, Government/Economics VAPA, Government/ 
Economics, Annual Staff LION Yearbook Advisor, Board Representative, 
Grievance Representative, Professional Relations, Social Studies 
Department Chairman, Annenburg Grant Committee 


B.S., P.E., Head J.V. Football Coach, Athletic Director 

lJ\)e/i t/dec/c 


SAdc/k'/i Cajcc/c 

Principal's Secretary 

B.S., Integrated Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Frosh Football Head 
Coach, Frosh Baseball Head Coach 

^ Jul >/<•//<■ ( AJfOM 

B.A., Spanish I 

t_ i f/-if( O/t/fA 
B.A., M.S., Head Counselor, CSF Advisor, Liberty Lifeline Council 
Chairman, Shared Governance Council Member, Department Chair 
Committee Member, Case Management Chairman, Scholarship 
Committee Chairman, AD STAFF Committee 

lyvnn Cajoouc 

B.S., AP Chemistry, Integrated Physics, Frosh Football Coach, JV 
Baseball Coach 


1/oaw C 'Aai'y t/doi>ii>i</ti 
B.A., Counselor, CSF Advisor, Class of 2000 
Advisor, Power of Unity Advisor 

tSJoa»/i<i C '<Jy<i mam -it -/• 
Athletic Secretarv 

A.A.,B.A.,DistrictTechnology Coordinator 
Special Education Assistant 

B.A., Government/Economics Health 
Careers, U.S. History AP, World History 
Health Careers, Mock Trial Advisor, Class 
of 2000 Advisor, S.A.C., Site Tech 

Janice X^am/iAe// 
B.S., AP English IV, English III, English 
III Health Careers, District Technology 
Committee, Annenburg Advisory 
Committee, New Teacher Coach, Mentor 
Teacher Academies and Restructuring 

Director of Maintenence and Operations 

School Department Secretary, District and 
School Technology Committee 

B.A., M.Ed., Principal 

B.S., Integrated Physics, J.V. Boys 
Basketball Coach 

CJ7, t/f kz^o/iKtra 
B.S., Math A, Algebra I, Geometry, Class of 
1999 Advisor 

B.A., Beginning Art 


Above: Todd Beckstead, head frosh coach, talks to the team 
during their first game against the Freedom Falcons on Ohmstede 
Field: below: Sue Stuart shows her enjoyment for her work as she 
leads the Women's Ensemble in a concert in the PAC. Sue is in 
charge of all the vocal groups on the Liberty campus. 

Sue Radford, head varsity girls' basketball coach looks down the 
bench and flashes a nice smile 

(7 9" 

Instructional Aide. Class of '97 Advisor 
\JnaMe*ie ic. ecfoef 
Counseling Secretary 

(J/O //<■<■ -^L <■//</ //It ■■■?<■ 

B.S., M.A., Director of Special Services 

Grlpelen J2 tan /> 
HA., Dramatic Literature, Introduction to Theatre and Drama, Theatre 
Production and Stagecraft, Intermediate Acting, Playmakers Advisor 

HA.. M.S., M.A., Assistant Principal, Leadership, Student Council 

[J < //// jt oason 
B.A., American Government, Economics, U.S. History, Cross Country 

{Juem tw/v 

M.A., English I, English III, English III Honors, Journalism, Lion's Roar 

■^"\~>ir/i</i/ Qmo/ 
HA, English II, Class of '99 Advisor, 10th Grade Core Program 

(j foptna K>o//t//oa 
B.A., English 2,3 

T ,//i / v^/vaV 

Campus Supervisor 

(J i in o^< /tso /i 


X^('//<"</l OQm&Ktf 

Data Processing Coordinator 

Career Center Technician, Shared Governance Chairperson, Class of '97 
Advisor, Pep Club Advisor, Playmakers Costume Mistress 

B.A., M.A., English III Honors, English IV, Class of '98 Advisor, English 
Department Chair, Bilingual Coordinator 

■S)f'c/i</<r.i^/< ,/ 

B.A., M.A., P.E., Keyboarding, Head Varsity Eootball Coach 

Maintenance Eoreman, School Safety Committee 
' ^yfa/i/<//<iAi, 


i tt ^y 1 1 /■</<// 

A A . H.A.. English I. English III 



Above: helping out with the wrestling teams, a coach checks his 
roster; below: counselors Rose Borunda, Chris Jacot, and Jerry 
Black strike a smiling pose for the yearbooks professional 
photographer during the staff shots in August. 

Nick Frost leads the Varsitv football team in "Hail Liberty" 


F — I'ia 

Htr - 
m l 






_2_y //</r/ {y/it/ti y</i/< < i 
A.A., B.A., P.E., Driver's Education, 
Block L Advisor, LUHS Hall of Fame 
Board Member, Varsity Girls 
Basketball Assistant Coach, Varsity 
('.iris Volleyball Coach 

JSc <■/" C /t //< (/in 
Maintenance Secretary/Clerk 

B.S., M.S., Beginning Foods and 
Nutrition, Intermediate Foods and 
Nutrition, On Your Own, Beginning 
Clothing/Costume Design, LEA Vice 

C vCa&ca (yc/i/ii'ir/ni 
Financial Clerk-Student Records 


Textbook Clerk 

B.A., Home Improvement, 

Technology 2000 

Qse/ma Qyo/ixa/ei 
A. A., B.A., Beginning Art, 
Intermediate Art, Advanced Art, 
Painting and Drawing, Peer 
Conseling Advisor, New Teacher 
Coach, LHSScholarship 
Committeee, Back-to-School Night 
and Parent Night Coordinator 

B.S., Geometry Health Careers, 
Introduction to Health Careers, 
Consumer Math, Freshman Football 

J.D., B.A., English I, Integrated 
Biology-Spanish Primary Language 

C '/Car/c Qs(oe<>iiiM>i>fJ) 
B.S., M.S., Geometry 102, Consumer 
Math, Math A 

iO/mce Qs\Qa mi/tow 
B.A., M.A., School Phychologist 


tS/u//ie Qftpaperu 
B.A., M.A., English III, Science 
Fiction, SpellingCoach, 
Restructuring Coordinator 

2)a vUlGrtpavte 

B.S., Integrated Chemistry, 
Integrated Physics 

Campus Supervisor, Dance Team 

B.A., Special Day Classes-English, 
World History, Health, Math, U.S, 

Qyvbw/Ki Q'lpeptiandex 

B.S., M.S., Assistant Principal 

B.A., M.S., Counselor, LEA Lifetime 
Member, Assistant Frosh Football 
Coach, Head JV Baseball Coach 

B.A., American Government, 
Economics, Vocational Training, 
Tutorial Support, Resource, LEA 
Treasurer, Frosh Boys Basketball 

B.S., Accounting I, Accounting II, 
Keyboarding, LEA Secretary, 
Business Academy Program 

English 1 

-lo&w <S/otur/t 
Health Careers Community Liasion TTJ 
C 'A a f u l. "\ ia naau <(fl 

Special Education Aide 



Above: Juan Rios checks the translation with one of his Spanish 
students; below: Roger Nelson drives down D-Wing as he patrols 
the campus in the warm opening months of the school year. The 
golf cart has greatly assisted the campus supervisors in moving 
quickly around the grounds. 

Bob Smith demonstrates the fingerings for an "A" cord in his 

beginning guitar class. 

- * 4 *z 

« ■ » n kVs 

ii * ii " ' it 





f L 

B.S., Integrated Chemistry, Chemistry in the Community, Science 
Department Chair 

^~*^v ' 

t'f 1 '- 





Special Education Assistant, Liberty Lifeline Committee 
Supply/Inventory Clerk 

{./Gov Jf_,a>nur<i m 

B.A., M.A., Special Day Classes-English, Math, Physical/Life Science; 
Playmakers Technical Director, Performing Arts Coordinator 

C '/Lam/y -£j(i iiemHtotW 

C Vifc/te/f //<> -Z_jfC /o/a/ie 
B.A., Algebra II, Geometry, Technology, LUHS District Technology 
Mentor, Contra Costa County Telementor, EBCUE Board Member, 
LUHSD Technology Standards/ Assessment Committee Member, LHS 
Technology Committee Member 

B.A., M.A., Government, Economics, U.S. History, World History 

{yewwi Jrji/ley 
A.A., B.A., P.E., LEA District Safety Committee, Assistant JV Football 

Computer Lab Assistant 

c_ n ten //e//i ~Z_ itt/tawA 
B.S., Math A, Algebra I, Algebra II, Assistant JV Football Coach 

jQeocm/i Jcjomo/ttao 
B.A., B.S., M.A., Algebra I, U.S. History Health Careers, Restructuring 
Coordinator, Shared Governance Council Member 

Jzyon J£jcAex 
B.S., Introduction to Agricultural Science, Large Animal Science, 
Applied Biology, Record Keeping, Money Management, FFA Advisor, 

Migrant Ed Aide 

^£)e/o-^ii Jrji///u>n 

B.S., Math B, Algebra 2A, Algebra 2A Honors 

B.A., English I, English II, AP English IV, Speech and Debate Coach 

B.A., M.A., Assistant Principal: Curriculum and Instruction 
Duplicating Technician 

B.S., Math B, Pre-Calculus 


District Office Personnel-Top Row: Jocye Dellamore. director of special services; Ette Sanchez, secretary for special 
services; Barbara Ramos, district secretary; LeAnne Wood, superintendent secretary; Judy Dye. payroll technician; Denise 
Lindsay, accounts payable; Bev Sadler, assistant superintendent; Debra Legut. personnel technician; BottomRow: Dennis 
Buckley, director of technology; Sam Leperti, school secretary; Dan Smith, superintendent; Rick Miller, business manager; 
Roger Wilson, director of facilities and planning 

Hillary Pedrotti English 
her class in an attempt to 
attention during a lecture. 

Ill VAPA teacher hushes 
gather her student's 

Liberty Union High School District Board of Trustees: Holly B. Hartman, Joni Wood worth, clerk; Joanne 
Byer, Raymond Valverde, president; Ronald J. Enos. 

Above: Working hard and sporting her lion spirit on a 
game day is Maria Golinveaux from Student Accounts. 
below: 1996 Homecoming Grand Marshals Joy and 
Alex Aiello enjoy the last stretch of the parade around 
the track on Ohmstede Field. 

Cafeteria Staff- Top Row: Emily Reyes, Darlene Delgado, Charlene Short, Sue Standridge, Adelaida Villanueva, 
Mary Sipes, Natalie Shields, Elaine Herrera, Larry Anzini, ManagerBottom Row: Shirley Enck, Gail Dugger, Sandra 
Thomas, Ruth Pastor 




• - 

' ^^^LA 

Above: Bob Gonzalez , wood shop and Technology 2000 teacher, instructs two of his students, Greg 
Mueller and Chris Young, in the art of making a perfect wood box. below: Sue Stuart aides student Stephanie 
Robinson in understanding a new song she has just received in her Women's Ensemble choir class. 

Above: Conducting a Christmas song played by the concert 
band at the Winter Concert is band director Bob Smith. 
below: Taking a step back in time at Liberty's Annual 
Renaissance Faire is co-chair of the faire Mrs. Pedrotti. 

Joe Reymann stands back in amazement as he watches one of his 
Senior Physics students, Kevin Claudeanos, put a solution on the 

Pointing the way out of the C-l office area, Alvin Williams, campus supervisor, checks on a call on his 
walkie-talkie at the same time. Alvin was also the Black Student Union Advisor. 



Above: Carolyn McLaughlin, Teacher of the Year, rides around 
the track during the Homecoming Parade; below: John Meyer 
shows one of his students how to use the torch in his jewelry class. 

Bill Batze shows that he is a good sport at Homecoming time 
as he wears a floppy hat and flowered dress to show spirit. 



A. A., A.B., General Science, Beginning 
Art, Ceramics, Crafts, Jewelry, Wood Shop 

Business Manager 

School Secretary Attendance Office 
In-School Detention, Campus Supervision 

Campus Supervisor 

B.S., Honors Anatomy/Physiology, 
Chemistry, Ski Club Adviser, Assistant 
Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Varsity 
Track Coach 

B.S., Tutorial Support, English IV 

(J/wC^ww! vJ/veva, 

A. A., B . A., M. A., Counselor, Health Careers 

Academy, VAPA Academy, California Arts 


B.A., English 2,3,4; Rally Squad Adviser 

£y (///</// (Lhic/'/i/ 
Campus Supervisor, Rally Squad Advisor/ 

B.A., Psychology A. P., U.S. History, Power 
of Unity Advisor, Friday Night Live Advisor, 

B.A., English III VAPA, Reading Skills, 
English II, UBT Spokesperson, District 
Mentor Teacher for Visual and Performing 




1 s* 



L <^J 



Receptionist, Health Clerk 
B.A., World History, European History AP, World Historj PL, S U 

Custodian Maintenance 

B.S., M.S., Keyboarding, Desktop Publishing, Computer Applications, 
Word Processing 

A. A., B.S., Computer Repair, Electronics, Integrated Biology, UBT, 
Certificated Netware Engineer 

B.A., Consumer Math, Geometry, Algebra 1 

JFjou SaDocKe 
A.A., B.A., Design Drafting, Graphics Illustration, CAD Drafting, Arts/ 

tj/w*« i&aafovd 

B.A., M.S., World History, Economics, Government, Head Varsity Boys' 
Basketball Coach 

B.S., Algebra I, Math A, Head Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach 


Instructional Aide Special Education, CSEA President 
Ooo/t (Jioeed 
B.S., Substitute Teacher, Intramural Director 

Library Clerk 
A.B., USAP, U.S. History, Cross Country Coach, LEA President 

S< ■'; 

?/i/t Sdbewi 

B.S., M.S., Senior Physics. Integrated Physic- 


\yucm L'\m< i 

B.A., M.A., Spanish 1,2,3, Azteca Club Advisor 


ij yitoevt Saovuwa 


&0// if S/<ooaa 

Head Custodian (retired) 

C/oeii iy <!<//<' r 

Assistant Superintendent Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel 

.CV .OP/,- 
L ta/irii <y <i/s«i 

B.A., Spanish I, French 1 ,2 ,3,4, Class Size Committee, International Club Advisoi 
{jXhtancaco CTcvnaa/e 


j£. <i i't</\y'a/i/<>s 

B.S., Plane Ceometry, Pre-Calculus 


C vuwe iy r//m</('/' 

B.S., M.A., Applied Biology, Driver Education, Decision Making 

O T)/«<' (y /hi hi 

\\Je<l>tn<- £y//</r/> 
B.A., Integrated Biology Health Careers, Anatomy/Physiology Health Careers, 
Research Class, Health Careers Academy Coordinator 

tS/o//i iy/ic/ic 

B.A., M. A., M.S., Skills for Living, Group Dynamics, Odyssey, Lifeline Committee 
Special Education Aide 

A. B, Jazz Band A & B, Beginning Guitar, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Color 
Guard, Marching Band Advisor, Jazz Band Advisor, Symphonic Band Advisor, 
GATE Committee, Scholarship Committee , *» < » 

J2Ui &')>i, v/i / **i f * \ ■» 

B.A., Health, Sports Medicine 

SA.->/i/ /i</</ (y tu^ier 
B.A., English II Health Careers, English IV Health Careers, English IV, SAC 

V. ' Women's Knsemble, A Cappella Choir, Men's Chorus, Chamber Singers, 
Women's Chorus, Choir Club Advisor 

L Va/vy/ £ i//< i /a 

Administrative Assistant, Azteca Club Advisor 

!S8p ' '"tB 




A.A., B.A., Spanish 1,2,3 
B.A., Video Production 

Child Welfare and Attendance Secretary, 



B.A., M.A., ESL^ English 1, ELD, Creative 
Writing, New Teachers Coach 

iye////t/ej' /Lrrfoo// 
Clerk/Typist Counseling 


Campus Supervisor, Black Student 
UnionAdvisor, Sports Ticket Manager 

A m\\ 

1 r 1 ' ' ' ) S 

! ! ! ! lik' 

A.A., B.S., ROP Auto, Autos 

B.S., M.S., Integrated Physics, Integrated 

Above: Donna Lindsay points out the data line on a computer in 
the library to Charles Taylor; below: Rod Beaver and Dennis 
Henderson, colleagues and athletic directors of Liberty and 
Freedom respectively, pause for a picture at an historic moment- 
the first game ever between Liberty and Freedom. 

Abe Doctolero packs some supplies down the hall from his 
office to his classroom. 

B.A., Spanish 2, Spanish 4, 
Tennis Coach, Foreign Language 
Department Chairman 


We wanna give a shot out 

to ail our girls, you know 

who you are! Thanks ror 

these past rour years and all 

the memories that came 

with them. 

Good luck in the ruture and 

keep it real. Much love 

It's all atout "97." 

Love- Rachel, Raquel & 


My Mary jane! How 
yroukr can I he? We 
made it-together. So, 
here's to forever more. 

•i(( always be my fittfe girl, 
gratufations and I |ovc Tou 





~yt S been a long road from the first dag of School to this graduation. Vl 
know gou will ackeive all of gour goals because gou were a terrific little bog 
wno lias grown into a fantastic goung man. vVe are So verg proud of gou 
ana will at wags be there for gou. 
-J4ll our love, 

1 1 lorn, JJad, f-y-eston, Cf UaSha 



We admire your strength, your walk with the Lord, strong 
convictions, morals and your accomplishments. You loved your 
soccer and we loved watching you. We are so very proud of the 
lovely woman you have become. 

_____ Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

With all our 

Your Family 
(Dad, Mom, 
:•£ Kirsten, Julie, 
w l! Brad, Kimberly) 


Hi«»jL ■* " Jb 

V ^V^«w*^^* 

!f -" 

r -0** 


Wf .^ 

j_ "* 



Rachel- We are so proud 

of you and your 

accomplishments. you 

are a sweet girl who has 

always brought us much 

joy in our lives. 

Congratulations on 

graduating! Love, Mom & 


' 1 

W\ 4 


, "» ». \ A .£■- 







You are a shining example 

of what a daughter can be 

Love and laughter 

Beautiful and good 

Honest and principled 

Determined and independent 

Sensitive and intelligent 

You are a shining example 

of what every mother 

wishes her daughter was 

And I as so very proud of you 

We love you 

Dad and Mom 

1 &» m^R 



I Ik J 

You may fade from sight , but you'll bo f orovor in our memories. 

From your first moments you have enthralled and delighted us. We couldn't have 
asked for a sweeter of more lovina daughter, we hope your future is kight and kings 
you an the good times and happiness you so richly deserve. We are proud kyond words 

Our love always 
Mom and Daa 










Theresa is somewhat of a mystery, 
Not the usual second chiUi 
She's a woman who's making history 
By quid resolve, she rare!) gets riled 

rhe \ear she appeared the Yanks won the Series 
And the Cowboys won the Bow I 

Why a Ian of these teams these are theories 
( )l which I heresa was the only one to |h>II 

I heresa has always done the U'st that she could 
No matter how hard the deed, 
She gives of herself as a good friend would 
To any friend 01 acquaintance with need 

I here's no pennant or tropin to honor all she's done, 
Just eighteen years of memories, gilded every one 
Theresa has set her course, to do the best she can 
As parents, we couldn't ask foi a better plan 

As a child I gave rheresa a nickname -- Fred 

1 said, "She's the sun I nevei had " 

We got a beautiful daughter instead. 

And we're infinitely proud to lx- hei mom and dad. 

Duane Sctoiuka 



Congratulations Joel!! 
We are vey proud of you! 

You have the ability to attain wahtever you seek; 

Within you is every potential, you can imagine. 

Use you t alents well, they are a gift. 

We will always be here for you! 


Mom, Dad, Matt, Shane, Grandma, Grandpa, 

Rodney, Barbara, Chris, Adam & Eric 


We are so proud 

of you for all that 

you have 


You know that ive 

iv/7/ always be 

behind you 100%. 

Remember to 

follow your 


We Love You! 

To all my little rats, thanks for 
the fun times. Much love, 


Averi Nivl Doohtik - miv best Christmas present even 

As your life starts mam new bemnmyp, sel ywfloals hiflh 

and never aire up. Yen can do and achieve whatever you 

want because of your strong determination and desire. 

Don't ever settle far less than what you want. I am very 

proud of you as my dauahter and my friend, love, Mm 


1 1 



^^l i in 


We want to dedicate this book to the v. I world of Fuki, also known as the "quaun". The creation 

of Fukis has led us to a new understands, "selves, and each other. We also want to thank garlic, 
and it's lasting effect. The origin of Fukis is v to all who have been introduced. This classified 

information has only been released to the true n Area22. As Fukis brought us closer together, 

garlic became an evident part of our happiness Since garlic, our lives have been nothing short of a 
FRENZY. Our friendship originated within the walls nging from the bathroom doors, and 

our favorite tree, and standing in the bathtub with wet soc. o all the D.l.T.'s, dogs, and everyone 

else who don't really have a clue what's going on. And w t et the "Dog "father who brought us 

together. We also want you to know that it's "never been bette s Sammy, for being our mascot. 

Say it loud, say it proud ..."FUKIS!" -Jo and Em '97 

Way To Go John! 

We are 

proud of the 

person you 

have become. 


Love Mom, Dad, 
Jamie & Janelle 

Pages Close 'A Lion's Point of View' 

Concluding the largest "senior ad" section yet, 
the closing is the beginning of the end. The following 
pages are our best efforts to tie up the loose ends of 
a year's worth of memories. 

This section is built upon the activities we, as 
Liberty Lions, have based our days upon. The 
pictures in which we have singled out show a vast 
array of smiles, laughs, and those special quiet 
moments we each treasure. 

The closing is the last chance where we can see 
the world through a Lion's eyes and clearly see a 
Lion 's Point of View. Each of the pictures show a 
different perspective, a perspective in which we (as 
Lions) interpret one way, letting this view represent 
the Lion pride of Liberty High School. It also shows 
the perspective of how each of us individually 
perceive the world in which we live. 

Ryan Richards and his classmate discover the wonders of legos in the Tech 
2000 Lab; below: flaring beautiful purple colors, Denisse Michel parades 
down Second Street during the Homecoming Parade. 

Ryan Olson participates in garbage duty, one of the 
advantages of the in-school policy; above right: delivery 
boy Kris Blount tells the world of the hardships and 
obstacles of pizza delivery. 

Above:Carrie Ellsworth, also known as DIT, and her friend enjoy 
lunch in Hell;below: Andre wEhler is determined to perfect his solo 
before the big concert in the fall; below right: all dressed up and 
nowhere to go, Lisa Perez patiently waits for classes to begin. 

! M 






a'-' ' 


f | 





Unforgettable Times 

Above: Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth entertains the crowd at the Homecoming Rally with a 
new style of music; below left: dressed as a Renassiance princess, Averi Doolittle waltzes 
through "Hell" at the Rennaissance Faire. 

Above: Milyn Sanchez and a close friend find amusement outside a port-a-potty; 
below: Peter Panagopolis outdribbles the opposing team, concentrating on scoring 
a goal. 

Above right: feeling the groove, Nick Hoffman and his date enjoy each other's company at 
a school dance; below: proud to lie pictured in their choir robes, Pico Martinez and Jon Mason 

smile for the camera. 

Above: Patrick Jensen jams on a drum set to a mellow jazz tune; above right: Stephanie 
Villa patiently waits for her psychology class to start with a big smile. 

Smile, Be Happy; Yearbook Closing Pages 

Above: Stephanie Hines, Andy Prochaska, and friends huddle together for one last 
shot below: Jason Blount shows his crazy, animal side as he poses as a reindeer at 
the Christmas Dance 

Above: Billy Enea uses defined facial expression to add humor to a not-so-funny joke; 
below left: Jamar Hopkins, being interviewed by the infamous Angela Bernacchi, proves 
he is a crowd pleaser as he asnwers with smooth words and outragous body language during 
a lunchtime rally; below right: JoLeeAnn Boston and Emily Leszinske just kickin' it in 

their second home...N-22. 

Above: Screams of i en im.hi Amy Xobriga .^ she embraces 
friend, who shares I hapi ness; right: Jessica Thompson and David 
< »retega embrace one last time before school ends for the year. 

Above: thinking about his future. Matt Riley contemplates what life will be 
like after high school: above right Jeff Wolden thinks about his performance 
at the upcoming marching competition; below: staring off into space. 

Left: Margurite Bolster has a quiet, yet uplifting experience in class: above left: wonder what 
the future has in store for this guy? above right: observing the ball game. Rachel McClean 
stratagizes her next move; below: Xikki Quesada and Desiree McGrath observe the lunch 
time chaos in the quad. 


il, H 




Abbadie, Erin ; i 

Abernathy, Theresa 1 1 1 
Adams, Amanda 76 

Adams, Ashlej 12, S4 156 

Adams, Josh S I. 65 

Adams, Latisha 20 

Adams, Lenore ; i 

Vdams,Tira 54 


10, 110, 112, 113, 152, 1S3, Gabriel 54 

Agustin, Ferdienand 68 

Aiello.Alex 149, 160, 166 

Aiello.Jo) 160 

Aines, Carol 160 
Albano, Aaron 

Albertson, Ryan M. 146 

Albin,Shana 5 i 

Albright, Jefl 

!0 86, ST. 90, 91, 107 

Aldrete.Paul 68 
Vldrich, Cassandra 20 

Alexander, Diane 160 

All, Aaron 54, 154 

Ulen, Dan 20, 90, 91, I 16 

AUen.Jessica 76, 82, 12 1 

Allen, Kevin 15 1 

Allen, Nick 54, 114 

Allendaugh.Sean 76 

Allsup.Kim 7(>, 151 

Alvarado, Blant a 76 

Alvarado, Marcial 20 

Alvarado, Victoria To 

Alvarez, Maria 54 

Alves, Jennifer 54 

Amaral, Fernando 54 

Amaral, Marisol 76 

Imaro, Mi, hele 20 

Ambriz,Marco 76 

Ambrose,John 140, 160 

tanezi ii. i, Andres 68 

An. ua. Jeffrey 54 

Anaya, Maria 20 

Anderkopulos.Mike 76 

Anderson, Amber 20 

Anderson, Andrea 76 

Anderson,Jodi 68 

Anderson, Larraine 106, 160 

Anderson, Pete 

20, 35, 14.'. 143 

Andrade,Maria 54 
Andrade, Sierra .....54 

Andrews, Lindsey 76 

Andrews,Nikki 54, 151 

Andronico, Deana 

5, i 1, ^4, 01, 156 

Andujar, Manuel 4. 20, 1 14 

Angel, Theodore 21 

Anthon, Shawnna 20, 32 

Anzini, Larry 166 

Apalkis, Beverlj 76 

Vrata, Phil 68. 86, 90, 91 

Arevalo, Nicole 20, 101 

Arguera, Adela 68 

Arguera, Antonio 68 

Argueta, David 54 

Argueta, Myrna 76 

Arias,Judy 68 

Armenia. Saul 76 

Armstrong, Brandon 54 

Arreola, Norma 68 

Artpaga, Volanda 76 

Arts, Maggie 68 

Askew, Gretta 54, 156 

Asley, Melissa 151 

Atherton, Mark 76 

Austin, Amber 68 

Avelar.Anavel 68 

Avila, Maria 76 

Axelgard Reeves, Kaye 160 

AyerStMichael 54 

Azzopardi, James 76 


Babb, Peter 160 

Bat I li. i in, Jill 

8, 20, 14, 17, 91, 101, 156 

Bai i H" co,Vii 1 1 160 

Baggott, Crystal 76, 90 

Bainbridge, Amber 76 

Bakanec, Jennifer 54 

Bakanec, Kellie 54. I5i 

Baker, Jefl 160 

Baker,Shannon 54 

d Nicholas 5 1 

Baku Korene 20, 91, 151 

Balentine, Dawn 5i 
19, 54 
Ballard.Nancj 54, 86 
Banales, Susana 

Bannister, Bridgetl To 

Lorena 20 
Banuelos, Patru ia 

Barajas, Elisa 54, 1 18, 1 19 


is, 54, 100, 102, 15.'. 151 
Barbadillo, Jubilee To 

Barbour, Elisabeth 76 

Barela, Robert Jo. 54 

Barnes, Brian .'i 

Barnes, Jason 6, 21, 134 

Barrios.Neal 15. 21 

Barrios, Rich 139 

Barron, Jennifer 68 

Barry, Joshua 68 

Bartee. Jeremy 76, I 1 7 

Basker.Jeffre) 54 
Baskin, Debbie 

21. 90, 91, 98, 99, 1 < x > 
Batze, Bill 6, 62, 89, 160. 168 

Baum, Erin 54 

Bautista, Ross Anne 5 1, 1 ;o 

Bautista, Ruth 68 

Baxley, Melissa 

76, II.'. 151). 151 

Baxley, Nathan 54, 114, 151 

Baxley, Nick To. 117 

Beasley.Renne 54. 01, 114 

Beassie, Zebulah 76, 1 17 

Beattie, Sabrina 68, 71 

Beaver, Rod 115. 110. 11,0, 171 

Beck, Ken 160 

Beck, Robin 160 

Becker, Greg 21, so 

75. 117. ](,(), 161 
Beiswangerjefferj 54 

Belding, Brian 68 

Bellew.Nicole 68 

Hello, Rebecca 21 

Bel.. ..lulu 76. 113, I.' i 

Beltram, Billy 

54, 114, 1 15, 134 

Bence-Grasse,Joshua 21 

Benitez, Adriana 21 

Bennell.Debra 87 

Her, asm, Jefl 54. 146 


i. _'i. jo mi hi. lis i."* 139 

Berganjustin 54 

Berkey, Christopher 68 

Berkey, Jennifer 76 

Berkley.David .'I 

Bermudez, Oscar 54 hi, Angela 

o, 17, 21, 15, nil, lis, 182 

Bernal, Carlos 137 

Rental, Juan To 

Bernard, David .... 76, 117, 137 

Bernhardy, Karey 54, 91, 96 

Berry, Angela 68 

Bemmen, Kristen 76. 123 

Return, ourt. Felipe 68 

Bicksler, David 54, 114 

Bicomong, Adrian 76 

Bidwell, Elizabeth 

54, 90, 131, 139 
Bifano, Alyson is, 54, 61, 122 

Biffle. Charles 54 

Biggs, Charlene 160 

Bigham,Robin 54 

Biglow, Amanda 21, 118 

Hillau, Heather To 

Bingham, Paul 76. 91, Hrian ... 68, 126, 127, 151, Jerry 160, 163 

Blair, Kim 21. inn, 156 

Blake, Alicia 68, 131 

Klake, Charlie 70 

Blast, John 117. 160 

Blasi, Mel, line 54 

Blasi, Valerie 76 

Klevlns. Dale 21 

Blomseth, Chris 68, 116 

Blount. Chris 99 

Blount, Jason 54. 01, 1:4. 140 
Blount. Kris 

OS, 91, <)7, 00. 170 

Blout, Jason 182 

Bolster, Marguerite ... .'.', 41, 183 

Borde wick, Josh 70. 117 

Borrayo, Tonj 54 

Borromeo, Rolanda 68 

Borunda, Daniel 54. 91, 114 

Borunda, Mary 161 

Borunda, Mike 70, 119, 136 

Borunda, Rose 105 

Boston, JoLeeAnn 

J. IT, 22, 12, (4, 88, 89. 182 
Botti, Vnthonj J.' 

Bottom, Josie :.'. 54 

Bough, Kenneth ...22 

Bough, Kristi ..... 5i 

BouthiUier, Monique 54 

Bovcrt, Justin 54, 01, 140 
Bovich, Samantha 54 

Bowman, Adam 22, 54 

I lO l.i.nll 5 1 

Boyd, Krislm 

Boyd, William 76 

Boyer,lanisha 22 

Bradley, Vngel .'.', 86, 91 

Bradleyjen 68, 151 

Bradley.Kennj 68 
Bradshaw, Anne 

Brady, Brandi To 

Brady, Derek 51 

. 11 1, James 54 

Hl.llllMleUI, JlMllll.l 161 

Branson, Melinda 68 

B reining, Danielle 54 

Bremner, Allison 54 
Brignolio, Katej 

Hrilo. Kimberly 76, 123 

Brock, Brianne 22, 90 

Hrot k, Brittan} 

To. iiv 123, i ii. 
Brodie, Daniel ; i 

Brodie, Shannon To, 158 

Hrooks. \uole s, 

Brown, Billj 76 

Brown, Geoff 76, 146 

Brown, Glisper 54 

Brown, Jason 68 

Brown, Kellj 68, 150, 15 1 

Brown, Kris, 22, 90. 91 

Brown, Leslie 54 

Brown, Mat! 

Brown, Meghan 76. 86, 87 

Brown, Mehnda To, 129 

Brown, Michelle 

22, 90, 98, 99, 119 
Brown, Peter To. 87 

Brown, Sherene 54, 90 

Bryan.Kellj To. 87, on, m 

Bryant, Ken 22 

Buchanan, Kellj 151 


Buck, Trevor 5i 

But khout. Ronald 76 

Buckley, Dennis 161. 160 

Budesilich, Isaai 13, os 

Bulleri, April 5i 

Hiindy.Scan To 

HuiuK, Irish,, 22, 32 

Bunnell Deborah To 

Burdick,Chadrick 55 

Burdt, Andrew 70 

Burgard, Richard 55 

Burgess, Hen 

55, 91, 114. 115, 132, 133, 153 
Hurkart.Ann .... 17, 55 

Burke, Leslie 68 

Burnett, Benjamin 55 

Burnette, Heath 68 

Hurrell, Tom 68 

Burrow, Byron 55 

Hush. Larry 14 

Bushman, Thomas 55 

Bushong, Davie 70 

Bushong, Katie ... 68, 94 

Husker, Mom, a .'.', 90, 91 

Hutor.u , Hrian 55 

Byer.Joanne 166 

Hyran. Kelly 140 


Cabajal, Nina 68 

Caballero, Aid,, 76 

Caballero, Roberto 68 

Cabrcira.John 76 

Cabreira, Neil 68 

Calms. is, Brandon 68 

t ladoza, Tara 68 

Caffcy.John 55 

Calabrese, Chris 161 

Calceta, Ulysses 55 

Calderon, Gloria 5 s 

Calderon, Irma 55 

Calhoun, Christina 68 

Calhoun, Diana 55 

t ,1111.11 ho, Adela 76 

Cameron, Charla 76 

Camona, Pratricia 68 

Campbell, Bryce i.i. 114. 146 

Campbell, Eunice 34, 161 

Campbell, Katherine 23 

Campos, Octavio 68 

Canion, Kristopher 76 

Cannady, Jennifer 23 

Cannon. Bill 124 

Can,., Andrea 23, 55 

Capra, Lisa 68 

Cardes, Andrew To, 1 in 
t ,inl,i/,i, l'ara 122 

Carignan, Casi 76 

Carini. Dina 76, 87 

Carlson, Amber 151 

Carlson, Joshua 76 

Carries, John 76. 1 17 

Carothers, Michael 68 

Carranza, Blanca 68 

Carranza, Ricardo 76 

Carreon, German 68 

Carreon.Juan . 55. 86. 87. 106 
( arrigan, Keith 76, 86, 87 

Carrillojesica os 

Carter, Dustin 55 

Carter, Matthew 5s 

t is, is,. i, Angela 76 

( asey.Nicholas 68 

Castaneda, Amy 68 

Castanos, Delores os 

i astello, Victor 23 

Castillo, Chris 23, 114 

Castillo. Joaquin 68 

Castillo, Sarah 70. 88, 131 

Castro. Ceno 70 

Catrino. Ton\ 101 

Caulboy, David 55 

Caville, Megan 151 

Cawthorn, Tirena 2i 

Ceja, Norma 17 

( , ml. 1. 1. Andrea 68 

1 enenk.l Cabin lie OS 

Chamberlain, Giovanny os. 116 

Chappel, Greg 134 

Chappel, Jason 68, 86 

Chappelljennifer 23, 42, 1 19 

Chavama.Mike 55. 103, 146 
Chavez. Adriana 7: 

Chervery, Sarah 68 

Chiado, Rachel 77. no 

Chilcote, Christopher " 

Childers.Candice 68, 158 

Childers, Christopher 23 68 

Choate, Krysten tt 

Chou, Volanda -' ! 

Christ. Benjiman -' 1 

Christ, Jonathan 68 

Christian, Kimberly ^ 

Chun, Jell 5; 

Chun. Kenny TT I in 

Church, Clifford ; 5 

Cipriani. Nikki T T 

Clanui. Cindy lol 

Clare. Alison 23 

Clare, Gene 161 
Clark. Amber 

Clark. Chris TT. HO 
Claudeanos. Kevin 

i, 23, 87, 167 

Clausen, Robert 68 

(line. Carol 55 

Cline, Matthew 5 s 

( llingman, Lisa 55 
Clymens, Todd 

2.i, 95, 132, 133 

Cobun, Scott TT, 117, 146 

Cockrill, Sharon ~~ 

Coelho.John 126, 161 

Coclho. Stephen .'4. St. 

Cole. Robert ..... 55 

Coleman, Dante 55 

Coleman, Lashon 68 

Colvard.Suc 161 

Cometta, Theresa 68 

1 null y. Eric " 

Connelley. Jennifer 24 

Connelly-Knight, Nathan 55 

Contreras, Erick 136 

Conway, Robert ~ 1 

Cook, Bill 77, so. ST 

Cook-Kimbro, Tanisha 55 

(.'ope. Deanna 0. 55, 91, 98 

Cone, Alaina 77 

Cone, Natalie 55 

( i.iili'iin. I lebbie 

.'4. US, 120, 121, 146 

(order. Nicole 24 

Cordero, Pablo TT 

Corey, Suzanne TT 

Cornelison, Kristi 24 

Cornwell. Lloyd 106 

Cortez,01ga .'4 

Costa. Joseph 77 

Costa, Nicole .'4. 146, 147 

Coulter. Christopher 55 

Cowart, Derek I i. 5s 

Cozart, Shawn ~~ 

Craig, Brandon 7 7. 1 1 7 
Craig, Kristin 55 

Crane. Don 24. 44 

Crane, Tyson os. I in. 154 

Creak Damon ; 5 

Crockett, Philip 24 

Cronin, Kath) 55, 90 

Crook. Eric 

Crosby, 1 torn: 55 

Crowe. Phillip .'4 

C rum, Joy SI, 162 

Crum, Justin TT. l.'T 

Cruz. Albert 68 

Cruz, Anthon; 68 

Cruz.Jon 16, 24, 114, 142 

Cruz, Manuel 5s 

Cruz, Margaret 77, 151 

Cruz, Mary Grace .'4 

Cu.Tlu. Jesse 68, 116 

Cullar, Sarah .'4, 88, 106 

Cumings, Joshua 24 

Cunningham, Janael 25 

Currie, Adam 5 s 

Cutright, James 55 

Czelusniak. Paul 55 


Daanicii. Dorothy Ii, 55 

Dahl.Sunni .'5 

Daliva, Melissa II, 25, 146 

Dalporto, Gabriel 68 

Dameon, Dorothy 156 

Daniels, Mamie 56, I i' 1 

Darr. Ann TT, ST 

I )aubeneck, Christina 

50. 58, SO, 88. 89, 140 

Daubeneck, Susan 

I i, 50, 58, 86, 88, 89 

Daugherty, Ryan 56 

Daughhetee, Derek 68 

Daw. Jennifer 25, ''I 

Davis, Clayton 56 

Davis. Heather TT 

DaM-Jeiinilel 25 

Daws. Leslie TT. TO, '111, |5| 

Davis.Mellisa 25, 56 

Daws. kill. on 5o 

Davis, Tressa 68 

Daws-Carlson. Amber 

25. 118. 150 

I i.i\ l.intis Jeremy 7! 

I ia\ I. mils, Jon 56, 61 

Dawes, Richard 69 

Daw son, Jonathan 56 

1 lean, Heather 

00, 150, 15 1. 158 
Deardorff. Charles 77. 117. 134 

Deardorff, Jennifer 56, 86 

DeCasas, Adolfo 25 

Decker, Alicia TT 

Deeker. Rebecca 25 

Decker, Sharlene 162 

Deering, Sergio " 

Dejesus, George. 14, 09. 110. 154 
I lelaney, 1 tonald TT 

DeLange, Shell) 1 13. 122 

Delao. Ration 69 

Del.aRosa.Nino .'5, i_> 

Delatorre, Dason TT 

DelCol, Kimberly ; ,, 

DeLeon, Guadalupe 25 

Delgadillo, Abel 77 

Delgadillo, David 56 

Delgadillo, Erika 69 

I lelgadiHo, Valeria 69 

Delgado, Ari 56 

Delgado, Darlene 166 

1 1. Jgado, Dezaray 77. 80 

I lelgado, Martin 25 

Delgado,Oscar 09. no 

Dellamore. Joyce 162, 166 

DeLong, Nicholas 50 

Delos Santos, Brennan 56 

Delosicr, Matthew 69 

Delporto, Gabe 1 16 

DelReal, Hector 56 

DelReal, Rodrigo 56 

DelRosario. Cheryl 56 

Densmore, Heidi 56, 140 

I lerenzi, Brooke 

09, 118. l.'o, 111. 

Desoto, Jarrod 77 

Dewlle. Christina .'5 

Dcyore.Jarcd 50 

Dewey Ryan 56 

Dewitt. Michelle 56 

Diamond. Sabrina -'5 

Diaz, Alberto 56 

Diaz, Annett 69 

Diaz. Araceli 77 

Diaz, Diego TT. no 

Diaz, Gabriel 77 

Diaz, llenberto 09. 110 

Diaz, Karina 56 

Diaz, Manl/a 77 

Diaz, Uriel 50, 1,10 

Dicks, Timothy 56 

Dionne, Jennifer 69 

Ditmars. Dillon 25 

Dixon, Amj 12. 19, 56 

Dixon, Helen 162 

Doik, Joseph 69 

Do, kter. Aaron 14. 23, -'5. 90 

Dockter.Eric 69, 116 

Doctolero, Abe 100, 10.'. 171 

Dodd.Josh 77. 140. 14S 

Dodsonjohn 69, 110. 162 

Dominguez, Delfino 09 

Dominguez, Manuel 

56, 91, 114, 146 

Dooley, Richard 69 

Doolittle. Averi 8. 25, 156 

Doty, Stephen 56 

Douglas, Austin 50. no, 151 

Douglass, Lindsay 69 

I irtiiik, Brookes 25 

Drenik, Jason 77 

Driskill, Jason 56 

Dugger.Gail 166 

Duncan, Janel 56, 89 

Dunn, Lacj 26, 90 

Duran, Anthony 69 

Dutra. Knstle " 

Dye. Judy 166 


Earlmann, Clinton Jo 

Early, Dee Dee 69 

Eaton. Nicole 

12. 19. 26, 100, 156 

El In. k Mary 69, T5. so 

Eckberg,Jamie 69 

Eckerman.Dan .. 56. 86. ST. loo 
Eddy, Crystal II, Jo 

Eden. Jaime T. 26, So. 151 

Edgar, Kathleen 77 

Edwards, Slianib '0, i 

Mill i, Andrew 

10 26 D, K IK L'4, Hi 170 

Elani, Donald 77 

Elder.Kim 13, 16.' 

Elder, Shawn 56 

Eldridite. A. in, n TT. I IT 

Eldridge, April 26 

Elizarraz, Gabriela 77 

Elliot,,l\ ii, J 

Elliott, Jeremj Jo, 07 

Ellis. Cheryl 5i, 

Elhthorp. Emily 26 

Ellithorp, Sara 56 

Ellsworth, Carrie 

56, 57, so. I To 

Ellsworth, Kimbra 78 

Ellsworth, Robbie 69 

Elmore. Kunberlev 56 

EKtob, Andrew 56, 86, 87 

Elstob, Olivia 78 

Enck, Shirley 166 

Enea, Billy 10, 56, 61, 182 

Engberg, Joshua 78 

Engelman, Amber 56 

England, Joseph 7S 

England, Robert 69 

England, Todd 78, 127 

Enos, Charley 

8 U 2b IZ IK 1H 115 124. H2 

Enos,Gregory 69 

Enos, Hon 166 

Equinoa, Norma 61, 162 

Erbes. Lauren 56 

Erlmann. Clinton.. 23, 132, 153 
Ernst, Carol 162 

Estudero, Mm. 

56, 90. 129, 146 

Esparza, Robert 69 

Esquibel, Vanessa 69 

Esquivel.Janine 69 

Estenson. Jim 162 

Estrada, Edward 78 

Evans, Jason 56 

Evatt, Nicole 69 

Eversman. Kristina 69, 87 

Ewig,Mellisa 69 

Ezra, Michael 56 


Fajardo.Jorge 69 

Falkensteinjon 26, 90 

l-.inar.i. I Ian 56, 146 

Farias, Mariana 78 

Farias, Marivel 69 

Farmer, Trisha.. 78. 87, 113, 122 

Famsworth, Joseph 56 

lwrwell. Tern 56, 62, 91 

Faulkner, Rebecca 

26, 129, 146, 147 

Feighner, Lisa 69, 86 

Feighner, Robert 56 

Ferguson, Justin 56 

Ferguson, Kevin 56 

FVrguson, Larry 56 

Fernandez. Eva 78 

Eerrante. Annette 69 

Eierro, Isaac 69 

Eierros.Carli 27, 88, 89 

Eierros, Claudia 69 

Filiault, Luke 78 

Fillmore, Kathryn 27 

Fillmore. Kaydee 86 

Firkins, Colleen 162 

Fischer, Bryan JT 

Fischer, Jessica 56 

Fisher, Bryan 134 

Fisher, Chad 69 

Fisher, Jessica 90 

Fleig, Catherine 69 

Fleischer. Jamie 56 

Fletcher, Chris 60, I 14, 1 IS 

Fletcher. Jason 69, 134 

Fletcher. Niccki .'7. 120, 121 

Fletcher, Nicole 

Fletcher, Travis 78, 127 

Flores, Chris 78, 87 

Flores, Crystal 69, 122 

Flores, (den 56, 114 

Floyd. Jessica JT 

Foley, Anthony 27 

Fondren, Logan.. 27, 90, 91, 149 

Fontecha,Janrev 56, 91, 146 

Ford, Lisa 78 

I'ord.Melanic 12, 69 

i'oremaii. Amy 129 

Foreman, Doug 78, 91 

Foreman, Mand] 

56, 61, 94. 128, 129, 146 
Forrest, Katie Ts 

Forrest, Kim 27, 90, 01. IIS 

Forrester, Joshua 56 

Fosenburg,John 27. 142 

Foster, Aprill 56, 86, 85 

Foster, Chris 56. 119, 136 

Foster, Ilene 51, 162 

Foster, LaBelle 61, 162 

Fnurney. Kelly 86 

Founder, Shanna 

Fowler, Kellj J ! 

Fox, Anna 27, 90 

Fox, Tim TS. NT 

Frades.Codj 56 

Fraga, Rrigit 

F raiser. Christina JT 

I- rakes. Andrew JT 

Francis, Ryan 56 

Eraser, Tina 42 

I i.i hi Chad 27, 146 

Er.izier, (ireu-on 56 

Frazier, Stephanie ; '. 

Erazier. Wendy Ts 

Freer. Robert . . 27, 56 
Freitas, Robin 78 

1-reyler. Chris „ 00, 110 

Frost, Janie 56, 101, 156 

Frost, Nick in. 16 

Fueglein, Michael 78, Hi 

Furtado, Bruno ; i 

Eussell. Kelly 69 

Eussell.l.ea 24, JS 

Gachuzo, Michelle 56 

Galeno, Gabrit la 78 

Galindo, Marco 69 

Galindo, Martin 56 

Galindo, Mist) 78 

Gallagher, Casey 70 

Gallagher, Jason 70, 126 

Galles, Benjamin 28 

Galloway, Justin 56 

Galloway, Ryan 70 


28, 91, 132, 133, 146 

Galvan, Yessika 70 

Gamino,Jason 56 

Garner, Ted 162 

( lari i.i Alicia 56 

Garcia, Antonio 56 

Gan ia, Carlos 78 

Garcia, Crystal 28 

Garcia, Daniel 78, 127 

Garcia, Eric 57, 146 

G,u< ia. Jessica 28 

Gan ia. Joseph 57 

Gar* ia, Maggie 70 

Garcia, Michelle 78, 86 

Garcia. Nathan 28, 91, 132 

Garcia, Nicole 28, 151 

Garcia. Rico 70, 74, 87 

Gap ia, Sonya 70 

Garcia, Tina-Maria 

57, 90, 91, 98, 99 

Gargalakis,Jeff 162 

Garrison, Richard 78 

Garza. Donald 57, 114 

Gar/a. Robert 78 

Gasca, Brcnda 78 a Julio 57 

Gas, ,i Sonia 28, 57 

Gates, Mark 162 

Gatrell. Bryan 57, 11 1 

Gavino. Lina 57 

Geddes.Seth 70 

Geis.James 28, 114 

Gentile. Deanna 28 

Gentile, Jessica 70 

Georgi Adegboyega 57 

George, Andrea 57 

George, Steven 28 

Gettrost. Brandon 48 

Ghiggerijoe 78, 127 

Ghiggi ri.Stacie 28, 120, 121 

Gbilarducci, Anthony 

28, 42, 146 

Gbilarducci, Linda no, 16.! 

Ghilarducci, Stephanie 

7i). 72, 112, 122, 150, 151 

Giannotti, Jason 57 

Gifford, Nick 7s, S7 

Gilles, Thomas To 

Gilley. Chris 78 

Gillcy, Lurn, 57, 91 

Gilmore, Sara 78 

Ginilo, Genevieve 70, 112, 122 

Ginochio.Debi 163 

Gizzi, Bethany 57 

Glaholt.Jerem\ 28, 119, 136 

Glenn. Jeanne 163 

Goble, Richard 28 

Goicovich, Janet 78 

Goldman, Crystal 70 

Goldman, Nick 2, 19. 57 

Golinveaux, Maria 163. 166 


Gomes, Maria 163 

Gomes, Matt 57, 151 

Gomez, Daphnie 28, 57 

Gomez. Etias ; < 

Gomez,Jessica 70 

Gomez, Jodie 70 

Gonsalves, Jonathan 70 

Gonzales, Bob 163 

Gonzales, Debbie 163 

Gonzales, Glenoveva .78 

Gonzales.Joey I > 7 

Gonzales, Kevin 28 

Gonzales, Neil 78, 1 ^7 

Gonzales, Tiffany 70 

Gonzales, Velma 163 

Gonzalez, Bob 167 

Gonzalez, Christian 57 

Gonzalez,Joey 78 

Gonzalez, Jose 117 

Gonzalez, Regina 28 

Gonzalez, Robert 15 

Gonzalez, Skye 78 

Gonzalez, Susana 29, S7 

Gonzalez, Uriel 78 

Goodman, Erin .. 26, 29, 42, 118 

Goucher, Ryan 29 

Gragg. Brianne 29, 151 

Granado, Agapito 78, 86, 87 

Grant, Katie 86 

Grant, Nick 29, 86 

Graser, Jaime 29, 34, 47, 100 

Graves, Desi 70 

Graves,Dustin ... 29, 146, 147 

Graves, Jeffrey 29 

Graves, [ulee 78 

Grayjason 57 

Gray, Joseph >7 

Greene, Matl 57, I S4 

Greene, Mike 13. 57 

Greenwell.Bill 57, 91. 146 

Greer, Adam s7 

Gregory, AJ 78 

Gregory, Dwayne 57, 114 

Gregory, Pamela 29 

Gregory, Sean 29 

Grelli, Stacy 57 

Griffin.Mike 29. 114, 146 

Griggs, Erit 57 

Griggs, Scott 57, 142 

Groseclose, Glenn 117, 163 

Groseclose, Levi 70 

Grossnicke, Randee 70 

Grutman, Lauren 70, 151 

Guerrero, Gloribal 70 

Guerrero, Maricela 29 

Guillen, Mayra 57 

Guitron, Victor 

14, 57, 114, 134 

Guizar, Francisco 29 

Gurule.Gus 163 

Guthrey, Michelle 57 

Gutierrez, Josuc 70 


liable.. Silas 70 

Hale.Jason 70 

Halgas.Adam 57, 60, 114 

Hall.Raymond 57, 146 

Hall, Samuel 70 

Hall.Terri 57 

Hamilton, Yincc 163 

Hamilton, William 29 

Hamlin, Man- 87 

Hampton, Brian 

4, 13, 57, 132, 146, 147 
Hamilton, Kathleen 

30, 57, 128, 129, 146, 147 

Hampton, Steven 70 

Hamra.Zack 57, 90, 91. 98 

Hauliers, Andrea ...... 57 

Hanberg, Christopher 70 

Hanberg.Ian 117 

Hansen, Leah 70, 131 

Hansen, Michael 78 

Hansen, Scott 70 

Hara, Malt s7 

Hardcastle, Andrea 

70, 112, 122, 139 

Hardy, June 164 

Hargus, Calen 78 

Harrell, James 78 

Harrigan, Steven 78 

Harris, Jeremi JO 

Harris, Josh . 30 

Harris, Kristen 70 

Harte, David 164 

Hartelt, Benjamin 70 

Hartje, Shayla 78 

Hartlet, Ben 91 

Hartman, Camille 

70, 71, 86. 88 
Hartman. Heidi 

30, 88, 98, 100, 101, 110 

Hartman. Holly 166 

Hartman, Telesita 57, 122 

Hartman. Theresa 164 

Hartman, Yalaree 70. 131 

Haskins, Amanda 70 

Haury.Juslin 70 

Hawbakcr, Shannon 57 

Hawkins, Michelle 78 

Hawkins, Rachel 57 

Hayes, Chris 78 

Haynes, Colby 57 

Hays, David 70, 114 

Hays, Erica 70 

Heaton, Holly 30 

Hein, Peter 57, 114 

Heinl.Cammila 58 

Heinsworth.Mark 163 

Hell wig, Serena 30, 90 

Henderson, Jerry 164 

Henderson, Laura 78 

Henderson. Lindsay 78, 90 

Henry. Brandon 70 

Henthom, Linsey 

58. 129. 146. 147 
Heredia, Richard 78, 90, 117, 154 

Hernandez, Alfredo 70 

Hernandez, Arcelia 164 

Hernandez, Daniel 78 

Hernandez, Diego 58 

Hernandez.Jose 78 

Hernandez, Juan 78 

Hernandez, Laura 58 

Hernandez, Michael 30 

Hernandez, Micheal 78 

Hernandez, Monique 70 

Herrera, Elaine 166 

Herrera, Elias 58 

Herrera, Gerald I4h 

Herrera, Louisa 78 

Herrera, Vernonica 78 

Hess. Kevin 30, 32, 132, 133 

Hess, Matt 78, 91 

Heusel, Kera 78 

Hicks, David 58 

Higgins, David 30 

Hill, Daniel 70 

Hill. Matthew 70 

Hilton.Brian 51, 58 

Hinds.Amanda 70 

Hines. Stephanie 58, 94, 182 

Hinojosa, Carmen 30 

Hirojosa, Nicole 78 

Hodgen.Matt 58, 153 

Hodges. Ian 58 

Hoellwarth, Loni 58 

Hoffman, Joshua 30 

Hoffman, Justin 70 

Hoffman. Nate 18 

Hoffner, Regan 70 

Hohndorf, Nicole 58 

Holtz.Neah 70, 90 

Holtz.Tyrel 58 

Honodel, Casey 4, 78, 113 

Hoover, Alison 58 

Hopkins, Jamar 

id, 58, 102, 182 

Hornaday, Holly 70, 151 

Hornsby.Glen 58 

Hubbert, Alana 70 

Hllbbs, Brandon 78 

Hubbs, Kathleen 78 

Huddlc-ston, Michael 58 

Huffaker.Mike 10, 51, 146 

Hughes, Mike 164 

Huueman, Natalie 70 

Hunn, Beau 58, 142 

Hunt, Joshua 58 

Hurtado, Danial 70 

lliiri.ulo, Jorge 70 

Hurtado, Jose 70 

Hurtado, Marlon 70 

Hurtig, Kristina 78 

Hussey, Michael 70 

Hyland, Kristan 70 

Hylton.Chad 70 

Hylton. Kristin 

10, 101, 111), 111. 129 

Iceman. Jeff 58 

lin.ri, Arwen 7(1. 'II 

Isaacson, Quinn 58, 156 

Jack, Andrea 78 

Jack, Ann 70, 91, 119, 146 

Jack, David 79, 1 (7 

Jack, James 30, 114, 146, 147 
Jackson, Bo 58, 114 

Jackson, Jeremiah 30 

Jacobsen, Andrea 70, lis 

Jacot, Chris ...... 117, 163, 164 

Jacquez.Nick 7u 

J. tmes, Angela 58 

James. Israil 79 

Jamesjustin „ 58 

Jann, I lenise .30 

larvis. Amanda 58 

Jarvis.Tova Jl, 34 

Jasch.Lovce 31 

Jenkins.Josh 7" 

Jenks.Joel 8, 31, 90, 91 

Jenks.Shane 79, 117 

Jenner.Joyce 58 

Jensen, Patrick (1, 86, 87 

Jimenez, Gabriel 79 

Jimenez. Hector 70 

Jimenez, Lupita 79, 90 

Jimenez, Sandra 79 

Joaquin, Casey 31 

Joaquin. Cody 70 

Jobe, Andy 79 

Johnson, Caroline 31, 48 

Johnson, Casey 70 

Johnson, Christina 79 

Johnson, Dana 164 

Johnson, Duane 31, 58 

Johnson, Mark 

31, 127, 134, 135, 164 

Johnson, Sharon 164 

Johnston, Danny 31, 132, 142 

Johnston, Justin 

70, 116, 134, 146 

Joksch, Lori 164 

Jolly.Peter 79 

Jones, Audrey 70 

Jones, Jacob 70 

Jones.Jason SI, 119, 146, 147 

Jones, Jennifer 58 

Jones.Josh 70, 119, 149 

Jones. Lindsay 79 

Jones, Tanya 58 

Jones, Teresa 31 

Jordan. Stacy 58 

Joseph, Matt 58 

Jova-Tarantin. Jessica 79 

Juarez, Carlos 58 

Judd, Jeffrey 58 

Just.Joshua 58 

Jzyk, Stephanie 

70, 128, 129, 146 


Kaellli, Billy 58, 117 

Kaelin, Michael 31 

Kailihiwa, Christy 79 

Kailihiwa. Shawn 58 

Kalinuh, Leslie 31 

Kanagu, Mary . 164 

Kapphahn, April 70 

Kapphahn. Rebecca 

Kathain, Robert 

Kaufman, Krista 

Kauphanger, Kristopher 79 

Kaur, Harinder 58 

Kaur. Kirandeep 79 

Kelley. Chris 71 

Kclley. Fred 79. 80. 102. 117 

Kelley Matt ... 70, 116, 146, 148 

Kellner, Kaesy 58, 61, 120 

Kcllner, Nick 32, 124 

Kelly. Chris 116 

Kelly, Fred 137 

Kelly, Garrett 71 

Kelly, Matt 86, 87 

Kelly, Nichole 71 

Kelly, Ryan 32. 114, 115 

Kelm, Becky 58 

Kelm.Jelf 29, 32, 132 

Kennon, Alicia 58, 101 

Kent, Jeremiah 71, 116 

Kcrby Kc\ in 131 

Kerby, Lisa ...58 

Kern, John 12 

Kessenich, Jason 58 

Kcssler. Jennifer ... 59, 86 

Kidd, Korj 71, 91 

Kimbrell, Patti 165 

Kindrick. Debbie 79 

Kindt. Brandon 12 

King,Edward 79 

King, Robert 71 

Kirby, Lisa 129 

Kirk, Theresa 59 

Kitching, Justin 59 

Klein. Rita 32 

Klooster. Justin 79 

Knai kstedt, Alvin 12 

Knaus, Jennifer 79, ls| 

Knight, Keri 71, 91, 158 

Knight, Nathan I 1 1 

Knight, Tim 79, 1 17 

Koehler, Kirsten 5? 

Koenig,John 7 1. 1 16, I 18 

Koellle,, Joseph 12 

Koga,Adne> s< ( . in. lis, i k 
Kolkana, Jesse 7' 

Komhauser, Bobby 

(2, 86, 87, 142 

Krantz, Ben 59. 9C 

Krantz, Jennifer 79, 90, 151 

Kratiiia.J.inctte 48, 91. 9t 

Krebs. Krissy 7 1 

Krey.Cascy 13C 

Krcy Emma 59, 90, 91 

Krey, Thomas 7 C 

Kristich, Krystal 5< 

Krohn, Frances 165 

Kruse, Dylan 12. 71. 1 16. I2£ 
Ksenzulak. Stephanie 

71. 146. 147 

Kunst.Genelle 59, 121 

Kuiisl.Kyle 79, 137 

Kunst, Tyson 32, 3t 

Kurz, Janet 165 

Kurz.Shawna 151 

Kysh, Cheryl 71 

Kysh, Scott 12 

Labanan, Tineka 158 

LaF'arga, Marcos 32, 59 

Lamb, Brian S2, 48, 132. 142 

Landgraf, Alison 123 

Landgraf, Lea 71, 131 

Landrum.Bob 165 

Lane. Daniel 59 

Langley,Jason 71 

Langston, Michelle .... 33, 90, 151 

Laniohan.Janai 59 

Laporte, Adrianne 59 

Laroche-Byrd, David 59 

Laroche-Byrd, Richard 59 

Last, Chris 98, 99 

Lauash, Jessica 88 

Lauer.Tara 59 

Laufer, Monica 33 

Laughlin, Rocky 71, 137 

Lavenworth, Maraly 165 

Layman. Mason 79 

Lazaro, Nicole 59 

Leach, Meghan 71, 91 

Leach, Melissa 33, 90 

Leana, Heather 71, 118 

Leana, Jennifer 33 

LeBlanc, Micheline 165 

Ledesma, Carmen 71 

Ledesma Neena 79 

Ledesma Teena 79 

Ledsworth, Nicole 71 

Legut, Debra 166 

Lehrer, Desiree 13 

Leknes, Marian 165 

Lemoine, Warren 71, 116 

Lemyre, Chris 79, 87. 117 

Leon.Zerlina 33 

Leonard, Paris 6, 59, 61, 90 

Leperti.Sam 166 

Lerma, Estella 59 

Leschine.Mike 33, 39 

Lester.Jason 59 

Leszinske, Emily 

2. 8, 33, 86, 87, 88, 89, 182 

LeVallee, Megan 33 

Levine, Craig 59 

Lewallen, Mary 71 

Lewis, Jennifer 138, 139 

Lewis, Ryan 79 

Lewright, Phillip 33 

Liborio, Ginger S3, 59. 146 

Lilley.Danya 8, 33, 139 

Lillcy. Jerry 116, 165 

Linden, Doug 5, 58, 71 

Lindsay, Denise 166 

Lindsay, Donna 165, 171 

Lindsayjosh 71, 116 

Linhares, Ken 116, 165 

LiPetri.Gina 53, 101 

LiPctri.Mike 71, 126 

Little, Adam 71 

Little.Janine J3, 151 

Livaudais. James 33 

Livaudais.Jimmy 86, 87, 90 

Lloyd, Carrie 33 

Lloyd. Daniel 71 

Lohmann, Brian 71 

Lomando, Deborah 165 

Lone;. Andrea 33 

Long, Bryan 59 

Long, Christopher 79 

Long,Shel!een 79, 90 

Long.Stacey 79, 113, 151 

Long, Tiffany 

5, 59, 110, 111, 122. 1 19 

Longacre, Annalee 79 

Lopez, Angelica 59 

Lopez, Claudia 59 

Lopez. Curtis 7't 

Lopez, Denisse 13 

Lopez, Don 165 

Lopez. Father 165 

Lopez. Loretla 71, 91 

Lopez, Manuel 

Lopez.Mkhele 59 

Lopez, Ruben 7 1 

Lopez, Ruby s'i 

Lopez, Stephanie 59 

Lopez, Ton) '<■> 

Lope/. Vadira 7 1 

Lorenzetti, I l.inte 

7 1, II>), 146. 148 
Loveday, Michael 59 

Lovejoy, Daniel 79, 86, 87 

Low rant e, Ru hard 7 1 

Lozaga, Km s'i. so, ,s7 
Lozaga, Nina 86 

Lo/ano, Justin 29, 36 

Lozoya, Lesley 79 

Lunar, Lindsay 59 

Luis.Jennifer 71 

Luian, Kevin 7 1 ' 

Lujan, Renee 71 

Luna, Andy 36, 134 

Luna. Claudia 59 

Luna, Juan 71. 154 

Luna, Leo 16 

Luthin, Deloris 165 

Lynch.Jay 80. 117 

Lyons, April 16, 91 


Macaluso, Anthony 71 

MacDonald, Megan 80, 123 

MacDonald, Susan 165 

Macedo, Kim 80, 86, 87, 123 

Machado.Jose 80 

Macumber, Scott 16, 114 

Macumber, Todd 71 

Madden, Jennifer 59 

Madinah, Wahid 59 

Madrigal, Antonio 80 

Madrigal, Candy 80 

Madrigal.Jose 71, 130 

Madsen.Erik 71 

M.iestretti, Ryan 59 

Magana, Irene 80 

Maginnis.Jon 80, 117 

Magna, Francisco 59 

Maldonado, Jacob 80 

Malone, Michelle .71,131 

Malone-Greer, Joshua 59 

Mamone, Jessica 36 

Mancuso, Matt 36, 149 

Manning, Brooke 16 

Margesson, Brienna 80, 158 

Marin, Marjorie 36 

Markus, Benjamin 71 

Marsau.Jared 59, 90, 91, 106 

Marshall. Nate 71. 149 

Martin, Amber 34, 36, 91 

Martin, Brandon 80 

Martin, Martha 165 

Martin, Tanisha 80 

Martinez, Alicia 7 1 

Martinez, Dominic 71, 148 

Martinez, Fernando 36 

Martinez, F>ederico 59 

Martinez, Gabriel 80 

Martinez, Gabriela 59 

Martinez, Ivan 80, 137 

Martinez, Jeffrey 59 

Martinez, Jimmy 59 

Martinez. Jonathan 71 

Martinez, Jose 72. 130 

Martinez, Kaylin 137 

Martinez, Leticia 79, 80 

Martinez, Marci S9, 139 

Martinez, Maria 80 

Martinez, Pico 7. 61, 91 

Martinez, Selene 80 

Martinez, Victor 59, 91, 114 

Martins, Tony 129 

Mason, Jon 14. 16. 142 

Mason, Scott 16 

Mason, Stephanie 80 

Massoni, Niik 80, 127 

Mata.Josette 80 

Mateas, Darrin 72 

Matheson, Melissa 72 

Matson, Edward 13 

Matson, Michael ;, i 

Matteson, Nicholas 80 

Mauri. Claudia ; '> 

Maya. Carmen 72 

Mayberry, Darren !6 

Mayberry, Michelle 59 

McClean, Rachel 183 

McClellan, Fnk.i 17. 90, 91 

McClemore.N.M, 95 

Mi Cow n, Jeremy 59. 106 

McCown, Megan 72. 131 

McCoy, Delha 165 

McCoy, Jess], ,i 17 

McCree.Rubj <7 

Mc< nan, Brad 72. 116 

McDaniel, I instm 

4. 17. 114, 134 1 W 

McDowell, Genoa ''1 

Mi F.idden. Stacy 17 

McFarland, Jason 11 

McGlathery, Michelle 59 

McGrath, Desiree 59, 98, 183 

Mi (aim, Elizabeth 59 

M. K. n.Doug 1 

McKasson, Janet 37, 86 

McKinney.Mike 80, 127 




M< Kinnon, David 11, ; '> 
Ml Kin/ic. Lam 

Mi Knight. Jenny 72 

McLaughlin, Carolyn 16S, 168 
Mi Lean, Rachel 

59, 110, 111. 120, I -'I 

Mi Lemore,Shawn 72 
McLemore.Tia 16, 21, 37 

McLeod,Brian 17 

McMillen, Michael 72 

McMullen, Tyson 59 

McNertney, Rochelle 80 
McPeak, Andrea 9, 26, S7, 129 

McReynolds.Justin 59 

Meai Darla 59 

Mears,Jerem) 80 

Medina, David 80 

Medina Linda 59, 62 

Medina, Melissa ; 7 

Medinas, Ricci 59 
Meinecke.Dan 17, 91, IS I 

Mejia,Luis 72 

Melendezjessica ; " I 

Melgoza, Gilberto 59 
Melgoza, Jaime 

132, 133, 142, I 13 

Melgoza, Jessica 17 

Melgozajosh 72 I 12, 1 13 

Melgoza, Noe .si) 

Mellander.Kyle 59 

Mello, Steve 17, 142, m 

Melloni.Matt 72, 1S1 

MeIloni,Mike 80, IS1 

Melloway.Jessica 80 

Mendez.Luis 80 

Mcndc/, Salmi ;i ' 

Mendoza, Araceli 72 

Mendoza, Christina 80 

Mendoza, Guadalupe 72 

Mendoza, Mark ; " ; 9 

Mercado, Ana 80 

Merry,Sara 80 

Merry, Tim 2 1 
Mesquite, Steve 

17, 103, 14.'. 143 

Messina, Noe ....... 59 

Mev-Ford, Annie 80 

Meyer, Elise 17, 86, 91, lis 

Meyerjohn 168 

Meyer, Kristin 91, 118 

Meyers, Brad 65 

Michel, Denisse 17" 

Michel.Ivette 17 

Mil him. Mark 17 

37, 91, 100, 101, 124 

Milburn.Jamic 18, ISO, 1S1 

Milburn, Jodie 80, IS1 
Milis. Brandon 

S9, 1 14. us, 14: 

Millard, Mara 59 

Miller, Jessica 59 

Miller, Melinda 80 

Miller.Rick 166, 168 

Mironovich, Andre) 154 

Mison, Natasha 10 

Miti hell. Julie 59 

Mitchell.Scotl 72 

MiU lull. 18 

Mixon, Natasha 18 

MoczulskLJennifer S9, 1S1 

Moczulski, Robin 41. 168 

Mohameds, Desirea 12, 59 

Molina, Michael 80 

Molina, Michelle 59 

Mollerjames 1, 8, 94 

Mongelli, Melissa 62, 90 

Mom/. Brandon 80 

Monroy, Philippe 62 

Montano, Adrian 72 

Montenegro, Yolanda 38 

Montgomery, Heather 18 

Montgomery, Sedrich 72 

Montgomery, Shannon 18 

Montoya, Maria 72 

Monzo, Angelica 80 

Moody, David ... 38, 62 

Moody. Sarah 62 

Moon-. Brian 72, 80 

Moorejerem; 38, I l l ), 146 

Moore, Michael 72 

Moore, Robert 62 

Mora, Jesus 80 
Morales, Alex 

*s. 119, 146, 147 

Moran,Guillermo 80 

Moreira. Rand) 80 

Moreno, Robert . 7.'. 134 

Morfin. Orlando 7: 

Morgan, Bryanl 7.'. I (4 

Morgan, Guillermo 72 

Morgensen, Rachel 38, ISI 

Morris, Gretchen 80, s7 
Morris, Mclanie 
Morri Stai n 

SO, 127 


I. 18, mi. lis 
Morrow, Jennifer 

Morton, Micheal 62 
Mousseau, Mike 

SI, 117. 14(). 14S 

Mueller,Greg 72, 167 

Minna, Gloryvee 18 

Mulford, Patrick 72 

Mulford.Rich 91 

Mundz, Vanessa 81 

Munoz,Luisa 18 

Murillo, Anthonj 81 

Murillo,Graciela 72 

Murillo. Jul in. i 81 

Murphy, Christina 18 

Murray, Erin 81 
Murray, Ryan 62, 114. 146 
Murray, Trina 62, 90, 91 

Musgraves, Dan 62, 136 

Musgraves, Deanna 81 

Mutulo, Aaron 62 

Mutulo.Trov i, J 

Myers,Brad mi. 62 

Myers, Natalie is 

Mygrant, Demelza 7 2 


x.iL',1 Mexis 62 

Narron, Jason si. 91, 154 

Narron, Jonathan 39 

Narron, Mar) in. 91 

Nava, Chris i 32 

Nav.,,M.,ii si. 134, 135 

Navarro. Jamie 39 

Navarro, Lourdes 62 

Navarro, Marisela 72 

Navarro, Rochelle 

19, 86, 87, "I 

Navarro, Sandra SI 

Navarro, Susana 7.' 

Nazareta, James 72 

Neal, Annie 62 

Neal,Seth 59 

Nelson, Esther 168 

Nelson, Gina 62 

Nelson, MaU 19, 18 

Nelson,Nate (>.'. 149 

Nelson, Roger 164, 168 

Nguyen, lam si 

Nguyen, Loi 19, 62 

Nichols, Monique 72, lis 

Nickerson, Michael 72 

Nicole, Victor 62 

Nielsen, Am) si, 112, HI 

Nielsen, Krista 80, si. Id, 146 
Nielsen. Mike 62, 91, 1 14 

Niemann, Paul .59 

Nieves. Rash, I 39 

Nisen.Jell 39 

Niscn.Scott 72 

Nix. Anne 72 

Noakes. Robert !9 

Nobriga, Ann 

73, 86, 87, 'il. 182 

Noel. Melissa 91 


19 HI. lis. H4 
Nonline. Chris 62 

Nonas. Nil ole 62 

Norton. Joshua 72 

Nossa, Augusto .59 

Nunes, Alfred 114. 168 

Nunes, April] 72 

Nunes, Cram ...62 

Nunes, Shannon (9 

Nunez, Nichole 62 

Nunez. Roman 72 

Nyberg, Daniel 7.5 


O'Bea. Kcnnv 2 

inSr.ii. Kenneth SI 

( Ibyaw, kenm S7 

(Well. Karin 411. '10. 91, 94 

Odell, Nicholas 81 

Odell.Ryan 62, si,, 91, 153 

Oehmke, Clifford 40 

O'Hara, Conor 62, 154 

(> 81 

O'Hara, Roxanne 81 

i )'l [aver, Sean 62 

O'LaughlinJanet 168 

I llfl. Kiel 81 

( 62 

Olson, Erin 73, 90, 91, 151 

Olson, Ryan 179 

olveiia. Antionette 62 

01 vera, Jo Ann 168 

Ongman, Erin 

7 k 'II, 119, 12'), 146, 147 

Ordaz, Angela 81 

t Irdaz, Cesar 7 1 

Ordaz, Melissa 81 

Ordaz, T.ima 62. 91 

Onhma, Ros- 62, 91. 114 

Orcllana. Mall aim 62, 86, 91 

Ornelas, Daniel 81 

Ortega. Amanda 4. 81, 123 

Ortega, David 73, si,, 87, 182 
■ hi, j German si, 130 

Ortega, Jose 10, 6 

Ortiz, Jessica 73, 90 

Ortiz, Jesus-Alberto si 

Ortiz, Jose 62 

Ortman, Heidi 7; 

i Iseguera, Adrian 7 , 

I Iseguera, Jorge 16, IS, 40 

Oseguera,Mitzj I, v 36. 40 

OSllca. Debbie 168 

Otrega, Mayra 62 

t lurthiague, Roger 81 

Overly, Sand) 168 

Overton, Ryan -,i 

Owen, Danielle si 

linens. Mane 73, Ms 


Pa.hc.o.Galic SI. 117 

I'aiheio, Monica 86, ''li 

Padama.Sara 7;. 91 

I'ailllla, l.ll|M- 40 

Padilla, Mvda 34, 40 

Painter.Jennifer 60. 62 

Paiva, Anlhonv 

62. 114. 132, 141. 

Paiva, Danielle 129 

Raima, las.. 81 

Rainier. Diane 62 

Palmer, Jayme 62 

Palmer, Nicole 62 
Panagopoulos, Peter 

62. 132, I SI. 
Pan tie, Carl 

i.2, SI., 87, 90, 91, 99 
I'antk. Erica .... 151 
Pantoja, Gloria 81 

I'anloia. Jose 81 

Parkhurst, Jennifer 73 

Parks, Jennifer 62 

Parks, Johanna 411. 146 

Parks, Quiriton 73, 137 

I 'aria. Frank 63 

P.irl.i, Nil .I.- 63 

Parscal Vm) 91 

Parscal, Kyle 7 > 

Parsley, TVacj ; ; 63, 88 

Parsons. Andy 168 

Pascal, Am) 40 

Passey, Bria 6 1 

Pastor, Ruth 166 

Patania, Melissa 40 

I. llama. Nick 40 

Patino, Daniel 81. 117 

Patino.Juan 63, 134 

Patricia, Scotl '.4 

Patterson, Billy 40 

Patterson, Jill 40 

Paulions. Neil 136 

Paulsen. Kerry ... 40, 63 

Pawloski, Aaron 81 

Pearce. Ronald 73 

Pearson, Erick 81, 127 

Pearson. Ryan 73, 130 

Pease, Kath) 81 

Peavler, Amanda 90 

Pedersen, Hollie 

6, 35, 40, 101, 151 
Pedersen. Ruse 73 

Pedersen, Ryan 73 

Pedersen. Tiffany 63 

Pedroni. Corinne 63 

I'eilrolti. Hilar) ... 166, 167, 168 
I'edro/.i, Edward 73 

Peirce. Ben 96 

Penaflor, David 81 

Penaflor, Melissa 73 

Peoples, Timothy 63 

Perea.Torid 81. 130 

Pereira. Shelby 40 

Perez, Cristy 73 

Perezjesse 40, 91 

Perez, Lisa 

2. 73. 86, 87, 90. 179 

Perez, Luis 81 

Perez, Maria 26 

Perez, Rosalie 81 

Perez, Victor 73 

I Villi hek. Jan 169 

Perotti, David 63, 149 

Perry.Jeff 81, 86 

Pern,-. Matthew 81 

Perry. Miehael 63, 73 

Ferryman Ni, holas si 

Peterson, Alysia 

81. 113, 123, 146 

Peterson. Amber 73. 112 

Peterson. Austin 

7i. 116. 137, 146, 148 

Peterson, Brian 40, 91, 97 

Peterson, Jennifer 81 

Peterson. Josh 41 

Peterson. Ryan 63 

Phillips, Julie 169 

Phillips, Landon 73, 119 

Piazza, Tina 35. 4 1, ss 

I'iiou, Frank 169 

I'll ii r Amanda '> 1 

IVi.i.lanine 63 

Pierce, Kim 81 

Piene.Sara 1 1 

Pierson. Rebecca 73 

Pillow .Belinda 82 

1 .mental. Marit/a 7 i 

Pine. Mil belle 41, 48 

Pmglc. Brad 127 

Pingle, Kvlcnc 7; 

Pink. Jasmine 63 

Pipkins, Robert 41 

Pirlle.Reta 169 

Plt/er, Celesta 48, 86 

Plato, Jim 15, 169 

Plumos, Amber 4 1, i 

Plulh. Darren '' ; 

Poertner, Matt 4 1 

Prebble, Matthew 7i 

Preble. St.,, e> 10. 63 

Predmore, Robert 81 

Price, Darrin 120, 169 

I'm e. Melissa 41 

Pneto. Nicholas 81 

I 'roihaska.Andv tl. 94, 182 

Proihaska. Emil) 73. 01, IS8 

Pruitt,Wesle) 73, 90. 91 

I 'liuinclli. Kcllv 4 1 

Pulliamjake 63, 119 

Pnrsell, Erin 7 S 

Pulman.Kim 81, HI 


Ma. ni, nub Mario 6 1, '"), 'ii 
Querantes, Christina 63 

Ouesada, Nikki 63, si,. Is; 

Quesada, Stefanie si, 87 

Quiles, Km 63 

Quilici, Sarah 41 

Quilici, Victor 41, 136 

Quinn,Dawn 73 

Quintero, 1 lanielle 

24, 41, 107, 146 
Quintero. Joshua 73 

lluintoa, Ailena 6* 


Raike, Lou 169 

Radford, John 124, 169 

Radford, Sue ... 120, 161, 169 

Rafael, Isidro 63 

Ramaha.Mike 29. 42, 63 

Rameriz. Dustin 73 

Rameriz. Rvan 73 

Ramirez. Ariceli 73 

Ramirez, Clarivel 73 

Ramirez, Derek 81 

Ramirez, Dustin 87 

Ramirez, Esmeralda 81 

Ramirez, Fernando 81 

Ramirez. Francisco 42 

Ramirez, Griselda 81 

Ramirez. Jesus 42 

Ramirez, l>eigha 63 

Ramirez. Rudy 169 

Ramirez, Sharon 169 

Ramos, Aaron 42 

Ramos, Barbara 166 

Ramos. Marissa 73 

Ramponc. Amber 42 

Rangel, Nicole 81 

Rangel, Raquel 42. 47 

Rangel, Sandra 81 

Raygoza, Anaconi 81 

Raygoza. Andre 73 

Reano, Christina 42 

Reardon, Thisbe 19, 63. 134 

Recob, Beau 63 

Recob, Derek 73 

Recob, Sue 73 

Reed. Bob 169 73. 116 

Reed, Odessa 42 

Reed, Shantell 63 

Reed. Stephanie 87, 113 

Reel, Brian 81 

Reeves, Arley 169 

Reeves, Shayna 14, 73, 91 

Regalado, Awilda ii, 42 

Reichhold, Lora 73 

Reid.Debra 169 

Reid, Stephanie 81 

Reinke.Kiley 73, 151 

Rendon, Alexander 81 

Reno. Kristin 81 

Renshaw, Jason 73 

Renteria.John 119. 169 

Reyes, Adriana 81 

Reyes, Emily 166 

Reyes, Fill., 73 

Reyhaga, Veronica 81 

Reymann.Joe 167, 169 

Reynolds, Nicole 73. 131 

Rezendes, Mark 7 1 

Rezentcs, Desiree 73. 158 

Rhodes.Josh 73 

Rhyan, Rhiannon 91 

Ribar.Ca.ssie 81, 123 

Rice, Paul 169 

Richards, Becca 42 

Richards, Jason 42 

Richards, Ryan 179 

Richardson, Angela 63, 120 

Richmond, Sara 63 

Rickard.Jerod 63 

Riekard.Jerol 63 

Rickert, Chris 81 

Riddle, Jennifer 63 

Rjdenour, Sarah 15, 63 

Ried, Stephanie 123 

Ries, Lati, ia ........ 73 

Ries, Mark 42. 11 I 

Rielzel. Brian 42 

Ricyzel, Christopher 7<, Ronny 81 

Rigsby, Summer 81 

RilevEddie 73, 136 

R, lev. Malt 42, 142. 183 

Rios.Jiian I'.l in" 

Rivera. Fidel 63 

Rivera, Gilbert 170 

Rivera, Gilmarys 63 

Rivera. Melissa 41, 43. 86, IIS 

Rivera Ccro. Manuel 73 

Roach. Dana 63, 91 

Robbins,Anthan) 43, 119, 146 
Roberts,Dale 81, 117. 127 

Roberts, Jennifer . 63 

Roberts, Kenneth 63 

Roberts, Kyle 4, 86, 90, 91 

Robertson, Mandie 63 

Robertson, Stephanie 63 

Robertson, Timothv 63 

Robins, Andrew 81 

Robins, Margaret 81 

Robinson, Christ) 43, 101 
Iv.l.ins, ,n, Stephanie 

86, 88, 89. 91, 167 

Roi ha. Angel SI 

Rodgers, Morgan 73 

Rodriguez, .Aurora 63 

Rodriguez, Brandon si. 117 

Rodriguez, Catalina 63 

Rodriguez, Celeste si. 87 

Rodriguez, Charles 63 

Rodriguez, Eliseo si 

Rodriguez, Lucia 63 

Rodriguez, Martha 73 

Rodriguez. Mima 82 

Rodriguez. Rosa 82 

Rodriguez, Soma 43 
Rodriguez. Tara 

63, 86, 110, 111, 128, 129 

Rodriguez, Victoria 43 

Rogers. Carl 63, 86, 87 

Roggejoel 13 

Rogge. Matt 63. 114. 136 

Rolando, Voandis 

4, 43, 114, 115, 146, 147 

Romano, Theodore 73 

Romero. I lanielle 7 s 

Romero, Jessica lis 

Romero. Joseph 73 

Romero. Micheal 73 

Romo, Natalie 82, 87 

Ronsonet, Renee 73 

R,„,t, Sarah i ; 

Rosa, Marie 43 

Rosa, Tony 170 

Rose, Brian .. „ 82, 127 

Rose, Lona 4t 

Rosensticl. Kami 43, 100, 101 

Rosenthal, Jessica 63, 156 

Roster, Emily 63, 90 

Rover. Laura 73 

Rudd. Nu koel 73 

Ruiz, Gerardo 63 

Ruiz, Marilza 73 

Rusk. Misty 73 

Russell. Dennis 82 

Russell. Nicholas 63 

Russo. Jason 43 

Russo, Nicholas 73 

Ryan. Rhiannon ,. ! 

Rvcs, Evita 91 

Sadler, Bev 166, 170 

Sadler, Laura 63 

Saechao, Muang 43 

Saetem, Shena 82 

Salinas. David 63 

Salinas. Gabriel 73 

Salsig, Nancy 170 

Samnath, Tammi 

7, 43. 86, 90, 91 

Samnath. Trina 82, 86, 87. 90 

Samoian, Melissa 63 

Sanabria, Candice 82, 90 

Sanabria, Christina 74 

Sanabria, Roxanne 4. 63. 94 

Sancen. Laura 82 

Sancen. Monika 82 

Sancen, Tony 63 

Sanchez, Alejandro 74 

Sanchez, Ette 166 

Sanchez.Jose 12. 74. 126 

Sanchez, Milyn 62, 63 

Sandate, Cristavel 63 

Sandate, Francisco 170 

Sanders, Tristen 63 

Sandholm, Jessica 74 

Satire, Melissa 74 

Sansing, Amarae 82. 86, 87 

Sansone, Christopher 63 

Santino, Nicole 63 

Santos, David 1 70 

Santos. Doug I7i, 

Santos, John 82 

Santos, Luke 7 1. 137 

Santos, Sara I ; 

Same, Sean 43 

Sasak. Jennifer 82 

Sasak. Lame 74 

Sasso, Lizabeth 63 

Sasville, Craig 69. 74 

Sasvillc. Mclanie 74 

Saunders, Heather 63 

Savage, Jennifer 43 

Sawyer, Heather .63, 90, 91, 99 
Scalier, Jeff 64 

Stalls,-. C„r> 74. 116 

Si hater. Trail 82 

S, hevaars, Nu hole 63 

Schley, Kellj 43 

Schluppjohn 63 

Schmidt, Brad 82 

Si hmult, Jamie 

Schmidt, Robert 64 

Schneider, Doug 74 

Schmtlker, Theresa 

4, 44, 100, 101. 110. Ill 

Schrader, Lucian 64 

Schrader.Mike 170 

Schrader, Rachel 82 

Si huili-maker, Jason 74 

Sihulte, Bnanne 44, 138, 139 
Sihulte, Daniel 82, 117 

Sihulte, Silvia 74 

Si hunger!, Nicole 82 

Scott. John 74, 151 

Scott, Michael 86 

Scott, Sara 64, 86, 87 

Scott, William 44 

Seam. ,nn, Gina 44, 120 

Sc.ivci, Janine 64, 86 

Sedelnieier. Cindy 64, 65, 146 
Sccno.Mutt I ill. 152. 154 

Seeno, Thomas 74 

Seeno, Timothy 82 

Sehga, Thomas 44 

Seman, Enrique 82 

Semino. Elizabeth 44 

Senilis. Alfonso 74 

Sendis. Odulia '.4 

Sepulveda, Alfredo 74 

Sequeira. Steve 44. 119, 146 

Sevcy, Kimlx-rly 64 

Sewell, Jessica 82, 90, 158 

Seymour, Bryan S2 

Seymour, Heather 44 

Shah. in. Jason 74 

Sharp, Trevor 74 

Shaw, Alice 170 

Sh.nv Jeanne 170 

Sheblev, Jordan 82 

Sheffer, Heidi 44, 64 

Shelton, Chris 82 

Shepherd, Luke 79, 82 

Sherman-Dendau. Dawn 64 

Shields, Natalie 166 

Shmidt, Brad 137 

Shobe.John 170 

Short, Amy 82. 86 

Short. Charlene 166 

Short, Nicole 74 

Shuitemaker.Jason 116 

Shulte, Silvia 90 

Shultz, Victor 64 

Sibley, Diana ll. 44 

Sickenberger, Eric 74, 126 

Sikes. Bradley 64 

Sikes. Brian 82 

Silagi, Anthony 64 

Silva.Alicia 44, 90, 118 

Silva.Bill 139 

Silva, Brodie 82 

Silva. Christiano 51 

Silva, Kristin 7 1'aul 44 

Silva, Susan 

44. 90. 91, 146. 147 

Simas.Adam 69, 74, 121, 

Simental.Juan 44 

Simon, David 15. 64 

Simon, Derek 64 

Simpson. Eddie 64. 142 

Simpson, Lindsa) 74 

Singh, Chris 82, 117 

Singh, Katie 

o. 14, 45, 90, 156 
Singh. Ryan 7 4. 116. 151 

Sipes,Mary 166 

Siters, Sabrina S2 

Skidmore, Kasic 74 

Skipper, Kevin 74, 116 

Skultety, David 64 

Sloan, Corrine 74 

Sloan, Michelle 170 

Sloan. Shannon 45 

Sloan, Shawn 74 

Smaker, Megan 64, 120. 146 
Smart, Rvan 45. 136 

Smith. Bob 

15. 86, 87, 164, H.7. 171, 

Smith, Chnsv 82 

Smith, Dan 

71, 74 86. 87, 91 107. 166. ITU 
Smith, Ed 170 

Smith, Jarklyn 45 

Smith, Jason 82 

Smith, Jennifer 74 

Smith.Kelvin 45, 124 

Smith, Kristine 45, 86, 91 

Smith. Use 15, 120, 121 

Smith. Luke 45 

Smith, Melissa 64 

Smith, Ryan 45 

Smith. Scott 

in, ,4. 114, 115, 124. 142 

Smith. Trevor 64. 91 

Smith, Veronica 64 

Sot. ver, Rhonda 17,) 

Solc.Apnl 45 

Soloranzo, Christopher 64 

Solor/ano. Alexander 64 

Somerhalil.T. Aaron 

4s, 111), 112. 113, 132, 153 

Somerhalder, Julie 112 

Somerhalder. N.,,-, 

112. 131, 151 

Sonley. Teresa 4 = 

Soria, Monica 74 

Sosine. Brian 

Sosine, David 74 

Sosine. Jeff 4 = 

Sotelo. Tania 32 

Soto. Tina 64. 131 

Souza, Kori 64, 74 

Spears, Sara &2, 87 

Speer. Heather 90. 91. 98 

Speer.Nephi 90. 91. 98. 99 

Speetzen, Stacy 74 

Sperber. Kristine 74 

fl rc-my 64 

Spinelli.Corinne 64. 91 

Spinelli. Linden 82. 90 

Spinuz/i.Zach 82. 127. 149 

Sposita, Tina 64 

Stafford. Patrick 64 

Staleyjosh 3. 45. 103 

Standridge. Sue 166 

Starbuik. Katie 

16. 62, 64, 88, 89. 101 
Stawicki, Andrea 4? 

Steser, Nick 

45, 91, 101, 102, 103, 124 

Stein. Cheryl 45 

Stein. Richard 74 

Stelzner. Kris 45 

Stelzricde. Jodie 74, 122 

Stemler.Leon 12, 82, 87 

Stemler, Melissa 64, 86 

Stephens, Jennifer 82 

Sterzl.Owen 74 

Stevens. Jennifer 87 

Stillings, Jennifer 82 

Stinnett. Kristin 64 

Stirrat. Sean 46 

Stoddard. Jessalynn 16. 35. 46 

Stolhand. Cameron 82 

Storrer, Christin 82, 146, 158 

Storrer.Josh 17. 46. 134 

Ston. Nick 46 

Stout, Rene 10, 64, 91 

Strance. Scott 64, 151 

Streitmatter, Brandy 46. 90 

Stuart. Sue 

90. 91. 161. 167, 170 
Sudweeks. Dustin 74. 134 

Sullivan. Jackie 46, 91 

Summers. Nicole 74. 158 

Sundstrom. Amy 

46, 100, 101. 156 

Swanson.Jerame 64 

Sweet.Jae 74 

Tabasa. Annemarie 74 

Tabasa, Joyce 83 

Tafoya. Karen 170 

Takae.Jason 64 

Tamayo. Jeremy 46 

Tamborini, Steven 64 

Tapia. Fredi 83 

Tapia. Michael 64 

Tapia, Yurielda 83 

Tarantio. Jessica, 82 

Taylor. Andrew 83 

Taylor, Charles 46. 171 

Tavlor. Heidi 64 

Taylor. John 74 

Taylor, Justin 74 

Taylor, Kristi 60, 64, 156 

Taylor, Lee 75 

Taylor. Ryan 83 

Taylor. Sara 

Taylor, Tatiana 64 

Taylor. Tim 83 

Templeton. Sara 

TenEyck, Thomas 7 ; 

Tennant. Jason 75 

Terra, Michelle 

; 44. 46. 91. 97 

Terry. Randi 58. 64. 86 

Tharp. Nathaniel 64 

Thatcher.John 83 

Thayer. Amberlynn 46 

Thiering. Tabatha 83 

Thomas, Sandra 166 

Thombeley, Robert 83 

Thompson. Clint 64 

Thompson. Jessica 

46, 86, 88, 182 

Thompson. Nicholas 64 

Thompson, Patrick 7 ; 

Thompson. Roger ... 75, 116, 137 
Thrall, Steve 46. 114. 153 

Tilbury. Kenny 83 

Tippit. Scott 106 

Tippitt. David 64 

Tippitt. Susan 40 

Toland.Jocob 75 

Toland. Rachel 46. 47. 156 

Tolin.Sam 137 

Tom, Lisa 64 

Tomiska, Karrie 75 

Torres. Carmen 7 = 

Torres, Daniel 64 

Torres, Gerando 75 

Torres. Many 18, 64. 91 

Torres. Nat ho 64 

Torres. Sarah 83, 90 

Torrez. Carlos 75 

Tovar, Gretchen 171 

Towe. Adam 64 

Towe, Sarah 75 

Trapanese, Nick 46. 142. 143 

Trapanese. Rocco 

11 = 86, 119. 134. 135 

Treat, Erin 83. 87 

Treglov, n. Mattheu 64 

Treloggen. \ anessa 83. 137 

Trevoski-. Joey 83 

Trigo. Genaro 64 

Trimble. Joseph 54 

Trimble. William 75 

Trost.Jireh S3 

Tucker. Kelly 75 

Tucker. Melissa .. 75 

Turner. Alissa 83 

Turpin. Steve 64 

Tuttle. Estelle 83 


Ullerich.AJex 86, 87, 91 

Uiy, Erica 64 

Ury.Ryan 46 

Valencia, Manuel 83 

Valencia. Veronica ... 69, 118, 131 

Valentin, An»ie 


16, 74. 86, 88, 89, 90, 91 

\a.lenzuela,Mia 46 

Valincia, Veronica 91 

Valles. Claudia 83 

Valles, Martin 75, 132. 1U 

Valverde, Mia 12,47 

Valverde. Ra> 166 

Valverde. ROSS 83 

VanBuskirk, April 47 

VanRiper.Jon 83 

Vargas, Angelica 7S 

Vargen.Jeff .. 17 1 

Vega. Alex 64. 91 

Velasquez. Belinda 64 

Velasquez, Sergio 83 

Venoble, Justin 64. 116 

Ventlingjeff 75. 126 

Vera. Johanna 75 

Vida, Katherine 64 

Viera. Maribel 75 

V3es,Dustin 64 

Villa, Marco 64. 142 

Villa. Stephanie 17. 47 

Villa. Teresa 171 

Villanueva, Adelaida 166 

Villasenor, Jorge 64 

Voluntad.Elisa 47 

VonKraKau. Bev 171 


Waddel. Shannon 158 

Wagner, Julianna 47, 90 

Wahl.Adam 82. 91. 137, 1=4 

Wahl. Corinne 

47. 88, 90, 91, 98, 99 

Wallace, Robert 64 

Walters. Christina 64 

Walther. Becky 75. 118 

Wangerin. Nicole 47 

Ward. Brandy 64 

Ward. Jennifer 64 

Ward, Kristen 64 

Ward.Michal 158 

Warde. Anna 13, 75, 91 

Warner. Jessica 65 

Warren. David 

47, 90, 91. 102, 103 

Washburn, Nathan 47 

Watanabe. Karyn 171 

Watson. Jennifer 171 

Weatherby. Jason 65 

Weatherby. Maggie 83, 90 

Weatherby, Shawn 65 

Wedman, Sara 75 

Weed, Rob 65 

Weimken. Heidi 60, 65 

Weinert Jenny 171 

Weirick, Ginny 5, 75, 100 

Weirick, Shari 65 

Weitz, Teddy 83 

Weitz. Veronica 65 

Welch. Andria 75 

Welch. Christine 65 

WeLsh.Lee 47 

Wendler. Jeremy 65. 150. 151 

Wenograd. Allison 10, 47 

Werder. Rana 79 

Wemer. Jessica 65 

Wemer. Rana 83 

West, Dustin 83 

West, Heather 47 

West.Xicole 65, 90, 91 

Westerlund.Jay 83, 149 

Westlund. Joanna 

34, 47. 128. 129 

Whetstone, Kasey 65 

White. Jessica 65 

White. Ryan 83 

Whitman. Kindra 65, 122 

Widman.Jeremy 83, 117. 137 

Widman.Joah ..31, 47, 114, 151 

Wieder. Sheila 48 

Wiemken. Carie 83 

Wilbanks. Melissa 48, 65 

Williams, Alvin 167, 171 

Williams. Derek 86 

Williams. Devani 65 

Williams, Ivan 137 

Williams, Regina 83, 158 

Wills, Kasey 83, 113 


9, 19. 48, 90. 91, 103, 152, 153 

Wilson, Beth 112. 139 

Wilson, Christina 83 

Wilson, Gary 171 

Wilson, Justin 65. 86, 87, 107 

Wilson. Kathi 171 

Wilson. Lillian 83 

Wilson, Matt 75, 86. 87, 90 

Wilson. Roger 166 

Wilson. Steve 48 

Wilson. Sunny 65 

Wink.Mathieu 75 

Winkler. Brent 83, 127 

Wirth. Gavin 48, 146 

Wiser shannon 65. 120. 121 

Wisniewski. Daniel .. 65, 132, 133 

Witt Michael 65 

Wolden.Jeff 86. 183 

Wolf. David 83, 137 

Wolfenbarger. Bryan 83, 117 
Wolfenbarger.Joel 65 

Wood, LeAnne 166 

Woods, Josh 65. 75. 86. 87 

Woodworth.Joni 166 

Wbodworth, Nick 

48. 51. 102. 1=2. IS3 

Woppert. Melissa 158 

WortZ, Danny 1 47 

Wright. Adrianne 48, 90 

Wright. Jeff SI, 134, 13S 

Wright. Samanlha 65 

Wurz. Danny 

Wurz. Geoffrey '' : 

Wyckoff. Ryan 75 

W\ lie. Kevin 65 

Wyntk.Lacey 48 

Yalung, Mehrissa 

48, 51, 101, 156 

Vbarra,Mike 72, 118, 171 

Yelverton, Stacy 75 

Young, Chris 75, 167 

Young. Roseann 7 : 


Zaccardi, Ray 75. 116 

Zachary, Brian 65 

Zamora, Lauren 65. 151 

Zaragoza, Jesus 75 

Zavala, Javier 75 

Zepeda,Andy 75. 124, 136 

Zimmerman, Paul 75 

Seven Journey to Europe to Study Continent 


Right: The girls pose in front of the 
Versailles Garden in France; below: The 
Liberty group visited the Tower Bridge 
in London, England. 


Above: Hanging out in a vintage telephone booth while taking a break from the guys; 
left : Holly Hornaday feeds a pigeon while it rests on her headlbelow: Karrie Tomiska 
and Mrs.Julie Phillips do a little shopping under the Arc de Triumph. 

Above left: Setli ( ledes, Josh Rhodes, Holly Hornaday, Karrie Tomiska, Nicole Short, and Camille 
Hartman enjoy their European vacation; below: The gang poses for a quick picture in the 
Buckingham Hyde Bark. 

In Memory Of 

Leota Burriel 

8/1S/47-1 1/13/96 

Darla Mears 






Al Nunes 


Kim Pierce 



Thank Goodness It's Over 

As the ' 96-'97 school year comes to a screeching halt, Libert) students all realize that never 
.main will the halls, people, and -pint of Libert) ever again pulsate in the same patterns. 

Seniors realized their final high schooldays wereover. Never again wouldthey have to take 
another high school proficienc) testorworr) aboutgettingcaughtcutting. They are looking 
forward to their future, whetheritiscollege, the military, or work, that will mold their posthigh 

school years. 
/Uong with thechangeoftheClassof'97,theClassof'98, who patientlyawaited the infamous 

i it le "Senior^" for their days to reign as Senior-. Sophomores were looking to their destiny oi 
finall) becoming upperclassmen, and freshmen were excited with the idea that soon they 
would no longer be freshmen. 
Time passes quickly, and the students change quietl) with it As the end nears, the Lion's 
PointofView that we all as students and staff have experienced in this'96-'97 year ended with 
the pages of this book. Never again will there be another year such as this. Never again will 
the studentsofof*97 he completer) together again to recreate a Lion's Point ofView. As time 
passes, people and their perspective on life will change, butthe ideas, people, smiles, styles, and 
beliefs will be forever preserved within the pages of a Lion's Point of View. 

Above: Jeremy Swanson relaxes in the summer sun in the PAC quad; below: A Liberty 
Lion watches the Class of L997 sa) good bye to Liberty; below right Amy Parscal celebrates 
the ending of s< hool bv dressing us a chicken. 

AboveLupeDeLeon is relieve] 
summer is approaching;left: K\ 
Roberts smiles broadly; below 

Left Dustin Graves smitesquieti 

as he recalls memoriesof the pas 
school year; below: Emit] 
Leszinske laughs hystericalh OI 
the step? of the administratis 


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