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1019 U58s v.17 61-03005 


kansas city 
public library 
kansas city, 

Library of Congress Catalog 


A Cumulative List of Works 

Represented by Library of Congress 

Printed Cards 

1955 - 1959 


Pageant Books, Inc. 




A Catalog of Books Represented by Libraiy of Congress Printed Cards. (Cards issued from August 1898 through July 1942) 
Ann Arbor, Mich., Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1942-46. Reprinted by Pageant Books, Inc., Paterson, N. J. 
167 volumes $1500 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Supplement. (Cards issued from August 1942 through December 1947) Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Inc., 

1948. Reprinted by Pageant Books, Inc., Paterson, N. J. 42 volumes $395 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The Library of Congress Author Catalog. 1948-1952. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Inc., 1953. Reprinted by Pageant 
Books, Inc., Paterson, N. J. 24 volumes $240 (f.o.b, Paterson, N. f.) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1953-1957* Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Inc., 1958. 

28 volumes $255 (f,o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 

(Volume 27: Music and Phonorecords and Volume 28: Motion Pictures and Films trips 
are also available separately. $20 each plus postage) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1958, 1959 $260 (plus $3.00 postage) 

(This price covers, in addition, the supplementary annuals of Motion Pictures and Films trips 

and Music and Phonorecords) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1950-1954. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Inc., 1955. 

20 volumes |24(> (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1955-1959. Paterson, N. J., Pageant Books, Inc., I960. 

22 volumes $247,50 (f.o.b, Pacmon, N. J.) 


The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1960 

Monthly issues for January February, April, May, July, August, October, November, and December, quarterly cumulation* 

for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation R 6d (plus $3.00 postage) 

f 1 26 K f r T ^ e National Uni Catalog covers, in addition, the following two parts 

arC 1SSUCd Separatdy and are aVailablC at thC ^ rte ILst 

Library of Congress Catalog Motion Pictures and Filmstrips 

J anuar y- March ' April-June, July-September, and paper-bound annual cumu- 

$7,50 (plus 50 cents postage) 
Library of Congress Catalog Music and Phonorecords 

Semiannual issue and paperbound annual cumulation $4.35 (phlH e> 5 CC|1W 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1960 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation , ,, 75 (plttt fl , SO 


e: AUth " : Pa " <-= **/*> An Arbor, Mich, J. W. Kdward,, 
'-" "- # 64 (^.o.!), Ann Arbor, Mich,) 

: 5^ te , w-Wngio,,. 1). <>.., Judd ft tct. 
160 (f.o,b. Washingiori. 1). e,) 


All the other publications are sold by the Card Divhinn i -i T^, J " Sh U ' d b plaCCd With thc P"Wtehe. 

may be charged against the accounts of subscriS tf the ^ card t" 7 ^"S^ 1 Washin P<>n 25. D. C. Thrlr p 
order made payable to the Card Division, Library of Zo^rex "*'' th mUSt W in adv " by chcik o r P 

Payments from foreign countries for these latter publications may be made with UNESCO coupon*. 

Library of Congress Catalog-Books: Subjects 
L. C. card 50-60682 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Advertising layout and typog 
raphy; Bibliography; Book industries 
and trade; Book ornamentation; Books; 
EngravingsPrinting; Incunabula; Map 
printing; Multiple printing; Music 
printing; Newspaper layout and typography; 
Offset printing; Printers' marks; Print 
ing, Practical; Textile printing; Water 
Akkhlna, EUxartta MikJxaHoviuu 

Atmapat KHitni, Mocwa, HcxyccTno, 1057. 

HH M?' '^ m ' " OMOl l> PCAKUMOHHO-M3ATWIbCKHM patfOT- 

Xllfl.AWi! 58-44747 

Ch'fing, Chung-WTO, 

48 fr llhw. 10 

1, Printing, i, TttlB, 

Tttki romawtv4t.< Yin Unm ului ua t'un. 
C 68-0495 1 


Curwttt, Harold, 1885- 

Printing, HluMt ratal by Jade lirough, tHarmondtworth, 
Mlddlwwx, Penguin Books, IDOfl, 

81 1>, col, Illu*, 18 eta, (I'umu Dlctur* Ixwk. uo. TO) 

A 57-6357 

NttfthOnrollrm. Italy, Ubrnry 

Day, Frederick T 

Paper and board oo&vftntlon* (print&r't aid and Hints) ; 
another hook for all thoeo ging and aanooiatod with paper 
wid printing ppw converting, the stationer, boxmakw, 
bookbinder, adv<arti*itff upoiiiUitti, packagwt, and itudwits 
in th paper and printing iwhool*, not loa*t the nnwoomer to 
London, Trad Journal* Ltd, 1867. 

_ ... kaialki. (Watmwa, WPL, 1058, 

880 p, MUi, 33cm, 


I, A M 

KftK tmafjuot KHUN*, Ho* pox. B, B, Honosa, 

ToC, H8A*OTe)ttfHi>.<SOpT. *T-pW, 1058. 

"" *" '" - -- - iwn. W) 

newrftttT Kttrmi. Hr^ pe^, B, B, Hort0B&, Ha*, 8, 
Moi'Ktm, Poc, ttiX'Mtt wxMHKt)-Teqpcir. JTHT-PW, I&86, 
tlliw, SO em, <HyHiMiQRy*pHj< dMOjwoTflRii, tiwtt, 8) 



Kumt QutettUig*- (M*iK *mi di Gutft 
Mutum { *un#ftgbn daroh dm Vri*f fQ* K^wt and 

JUwU, John Nod CUud*. 

Omphlc Uwitrn, with mMH-Ul roferwvo* to lettrlnf typof- 
r*pty, ind llluttmtloji, by Jolm L*wi and Jolin Brinletey, 
Ixmdoa, Eoutldt & K, Pn 


, , 

KK600.U6 1964 
Morinon, Sttttly, 1880- 

Typojr^phio dwdffn in relation to photogrtxphlo oomposi* 
tlon. Intmd, by Jolin Carter, San Francisco, Book Club 


p, form*, 30 m, (B 


v, S- 

v. sau, 



t BuK Aim, 1W7- 


Haumont, Jaoqn** 

Dioottr tttr rait H 

jqu*, Paris, W* 

p; A little publication iwu*d 
to loyr of good printing. 

Warde, Beatrice Lamberton (JtSedcer) 1900- 

The crystal goblet; sixteen essays on typography. Se 
lected and edited by Henry J aco b. Cleveland, World Pub. 
Co.. 1956. 

221 p. 22cm. 

Z116.W24 656.04 56-18673 J 

Warde, Beatrice Lamberton (Becker) l&OO- 

Thc crystal goblet ; sixteen essays on typography. Selected 
and edited by Henry Jacob. London, Sylvan Presa, 1965. 

2116. W24 T66 655.04 56-26137 | 

Mills, George Jackson, 1920- 

Guide to films, periodicals, and books, in printing, paper, 
publishing, printed advertising, and their closely related 
industries. Pittsburgh, School of Printing Management, 
Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1956. 

64 p. 27cm. 
Z117.M48 016.665 56-9738 

LehnvLaursen, Johannes William, 1905- 

Dansk litteratur om bogvwsen; en bibliografi. [Udg. afj 
Korening for boghaandvwrk. jKfibenhiivn] Dansk biblogra- 
fiak kontor. 1055- 

pt, 25 cm, 

A 66-1860 

Harrnrd T T nlv. J4britry 

McGill University, Mentowil, Zi&rory, WtUfan, Colgate 
Fririiny ColUotion. 

A catalogue of the ... books, pamphlets, drawings. Mon 
treal, 1956. 

35 p. f*cln., photo. 36 cm. 

A 57-6730 

North Carolina, XtotY, library 

Milly. George Jackaon, lf>20- 

Guide to films, periodicals, and books, in printing, paper, 
publishing, printed advertising, and their oloeely related 
Industrie*. Pittsburgh, School of Printing Management, 
Onrnegle Institute of Technology, 1968. 

94 p. XTern, 
52117.M48 016.655 56-9733 

Moscow* Zaochnyl pollgrafldheaWI iotitt 

MocKtm i, 

Ktm .IkKyccTiO] 18 
y, liltti, 23-2Tcm, 

Harrod, Uonard Montague, 1906- 

Tha librarians' gloftiaryj terms used in librarinnnhip and 
th book cmft*. ( Sd w. d,, Ix>ndon, Grafton, 1059. 

JJJttlX IDetu. 

21006.H82 1859 010.8 60-28S2 

Melchor. DniI. 

Printing and promotion handbook; how to plan, produce, 
and uw printing, advftrtising, and direct mail ,byj Daniel 
Mftleher ( nd) Naney Larriok, 2d ad. New York, MoGraw- 


66-87786 v 

,. mm 34cm, 
2118.M4 1056 665.08 

Pppr, WlUIajn M 

Dictionary of n&wpapr and printing t*mi8; Engliah- 
Spanirii, Spaniih-EngUth, New York, Columbia Univor- 
Blty Pr jlOOB, 
^p, 2f cm, ' 
PN47S,P4 070,03 59-16845 

Bolapchlev, Teodor 

KpatKa ciiumwoncflMX x& rpa^HJcara ; TCXHHICCKK ptisxic 


Hittk, Jan. 
Slovntk A reotptir maUlf.graflka, ( 1. ryd,) PraEa, 

Stftnf iiflkl, kriUni littratury, hudby a utnfni, 1054, 
*> * w ' 


Nemnayer, Henri. 

PliUobibliori, mdmwito du bibliophile; 



Editions ryx j 

aw ^ 

2118. N5 

Hadrt, Hana, 1&03- 

Hadwrt-Druck-Lexikon; tin Aunktinftebuch ttber daa B- 
drucken, Prtgwn L*oklemi, Brontler*n, Dekorieren tttw, 
von Papiw:, Stoff, Holaj Glat, Keramik, Folien, Ldr, 
Waohstaoh, Linoleum, fitoch, Kunstrtofl und ahnliohn 
Matrialin, 1, Auag. 

!68p.(m t 170 r X89aditrctMnMttts> mtM. a cm. 

6 68H19146 

BtUr r Htbnot, 

Wflrtftrbuch de Bachea. Frankfurt am Main, V, Kloater- 

A 66-3844 

SOT p. IB on. 

Materiallexikon fiir die graphiache Industrie, im Auftrag dea 
Ministeriuma fiir Leichtmdustrie bearb. im Institut fUr 
Graphische Technik, Leipzig. Leipzig, Bibliographisches 
Institut rl965, 
888 p. 19 eta, 
Z118.M8 56-44308 

Kaf el, Mieczyslaw. 

Maly ilustrowany rfownik techniki wydawniczej. f Wyd. 
l.j Wivrszawa, Parfstwowe Wydawn. Techniczne, t Dzial 
Sb\vnictwa Technicsneiro, 1958. 

Ii2p. lllu*. 2lcm. 

Z118.K25 56-15169 


Porta, Fredcrico. 

Dicionario de artes graflcaa. Pdrto Alegre, Editdra Globo 

vt, 424 p. lHu., ports,, dlgrt. 24 cm. (Etielclop6dlfln dlclo- 
ndrloa Globo) 
Z118.P65 59-18938 

Tacikowski, Wladyslaw. 

Slownik poligr,ficzny roayjsko-polski. (Wyd. l., War- 
szawa, PaAstvvowe Wydawn, Techniozne, 1955. 

xlt,S04p. IS cm. 
Z118,T215 66-43271 

Pepper, William M 

Dictionary of newspaper and printing terms; Bnglisli- 
Spanish, Spanish-English. New York, Columbia "Univer 
sity Press t !959, 

844 p. 28 cm. 

PN4728.P'i 070.03 60-16846 

Rodriguez, Cear. 

Diccionario bilingiie de artea grdfioas, inglAa-eapafiol j 
oontiene inia de cinoo mil t^rminot de iinprenta, litografla, 
grabado, fotografia, <mcuademaci6n, papelerfa, cartonerla, 
ftlectrotipia, eatereotipia, periodiwno, publioidad, etc, Nueva 
York, National Paper & Type Co., 1956. 

ITT p. 28 eta, 
Z118.R6 56-40823 

Svcrijres litograflska trrckerter, ab. 

Grafiak uppelagsbok; utarb. av Ov Person. 2. revid. 
uppl. Stockholm, I distribution Svenak litteratur t !966, 

IOTS column*, tliui., plt (part col,) fallow. 27 cm, 
2118,885 1&66 ft7~3a7S8 


flee also Bibliographical exhibitions; 
Book industries and trade Exhibition* 
Centro Coraarcal d* Cultttrm Ctrmm t *Va/n. 

Expouioi^n bibliogrifloa omrittii. 

Donnlly (a It) and Son. Company. 

You and pur friend* ar* cordially in-vitd to w* an ex 
hibition on five oftnturie* of the printed Bible, the Lakerid* 
Prcii <HUrit (June through Mar. 1057. Ohioago, 1967i 


tO) p, plnte. 41 cm, 

Jtomgiat, Litr Chmrl**, 1893- 

t m Lwtftr Douglas ooUotion of book* and other graphic 


Qothe un 


Drucker: Eratnugab*n, niustraticmen, 
AuWellung dec Out4?ab*rgmuum in 
ni 1M* ... t Dn Trt Khrib Helmut 


A 56-6041 

Main*. Gutnbrg<MuMiun. 

Morritdruoke und andere Meisterwerke englioher und 
amftrlkanlohr Pri vntpretwen. t Auwtellung dc Gutwiborg- 
Muaeumt in Mains, Erflffnung am 24. Marz 1964, dem 120. 

82 p 
Nr. 85) 


56-16341 t 

Paria. Expodtfon da Mr, 

Exporition du Hm weadoain prtanUe i ItTnivwtiW d* 

Scotland. National Lfbnur, -. 

Forar hundr*d and fl% yw of Sootdali 
wchibition to oommwmorate the first 

68-48807 I 

Prbttog from"ooist'to coast; an exhibition o< wAt 
United States imprints, Nwr York, New Toric PubHo iZ 
orary. 1968* 

" Won. 

656.173 68-13W6 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


EXHIBITIONS (Continued) 
Stevens-Nelson Paper Corporation, New York. 

Specimens. [A Stevens-Nelson paper catalogue. New 
York. 1053] 

1071. Slew. 

-Price list and supplemental index and errata 

New York, 1953. 

7 p. 80cm. 

2121.S76 55-25484 

Wienand, Adam. 

Flinf Jahrtwnderte schwarze Kunst in Ko'ln; die Ent 
wieklunjj der Schrifttype und dee Drucka ia flinf Jahrhun 
derten an Ko'Iner Beispiolen, Ikitr&ge zur Geschichte KM 
nor Druckar und Verleger hreg. anlasslich der Gemein 
uchafts-AussteUung 1958. K61n, Bibliophiien-GesellscKaft 

45 p, , lllui. (part mounted) facalra*. 80cm, 
Z12LW5 55-3097 

William Morris Society. 

t The typographical adventure of William Morris; an ex 
hibition in-ranged by the William Morris Society, 195' 
(London, 1957, 

55 p. llhm., iK>rt8., t acalKM, 22x28 an. 

2fi82,M87W5 665.142 68-8198 

FACSIMILES see Printing Specimen 

see also Bibliography Early printed 
books 16th century; Block-books; 
Incunabula; Printers' marks 
Bohitwc, Valter. 

Zgodovina knjige, knjiXnic in tiska. Ljubljana, 1957. 

2721.1567 58 46081 

Columbia University. School of Z&rvry Stwto*. 

Outline for the course in history of books and bookmakin^ 
(Library service 103). Prepared by Bertha M. Frick, Sc 
ed, New York, 1957. 

ei 1. 28 cm. 

254.07 1057 655.09 57-8296 t 

Fin*, Joa< Federico, 1007- 

Element os de bibliologia, Versao do espanhol f porj Sylvlo 
do Vallo Amaral Bio de Janeiro, 1985. 

S2Cp, tiiu*. 38cm, 
Gomes, Fernando da Sllva, 

Aspeotofl da hitt6ria da imprenta. Mo de Janeiro, Servlgo 
de Documentaoao do MTIQ, 1956, 
yiJl^i 80 *' <^5oLiad<ioOoU) 

Hlrsch, Itudolf, ItKlG- 

Tht pmergence of printing and publishing ws a trade, H50~ 
1550. Ann Arbor, tlnivenlty Microfilms ,1&65, 

(tUnlvonitty Mlcntflttni, Ann Arbor, Mlch,| Vubllofttton oo, 11,418) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 11,418 Mlo 55-100 

Imprimrica Obcrthar. 

A la recherche du llvre. 

48 p, tllo. (part col,) pwt, >iulm, ' 83 

A CIWSTa rev 

OT p, Itittfc (part wntd, part ot) ftoila*. (pwrt <t) SO <M, 

Mann, Otorge, librarian, 

Print; A manual for librarian* nd tudnt dwrlblnj? U 
dtail tint history, method*, and applications of printlnff and 
paper making Ixindon, Graffcon, 1089, 

147 p. 38 cm, 

Z844M87 $55 59^5054 rev J 

Martlm, Wlbxm. 

, do lino, da unprenaa, da 


U olod6n del 

,1. d,i Madrid, 

HC ^^ *** 

Mt <> prtetlr^ With 
(Harmond^wth, Middle, 

SUlnberg, fflffrM Hmr, 18*0- 


Vasilev, Marin. 

HcTOpufl u TCXHiuca ua Kinirata. CO^IIH, Ilaya u nasy- 
CTBO, 1055. 

10S p. iUus, 28 cm. 

28.B8V3 67-17807 t 

Vleeschauwer, Herman Jean de, 1890- 

Sohatten liber der Buchdruckerkunafc im eraten Jahrhun- 
dert ihros Daseina. Pretoria, I95&. 

2 T. (78 1.) 26 cm. (Mounalon, Bcwkea blWlotm:lcwt*f. Bootn 
andllbrarlofl, Nr,8-8) 
Z126.V6 57-35612 

BastJen, Alfred. 

Tho atory of printing. Rev. ed. West Drayton, Middle 
sex, 'typographical Centre [1965, 

121 p, llhiB. 10 cm. 
Z128.B3 1956 655,11 57-48127 J 

see also Printing, HebrewReligious 

Berliner, Abraham, 1833-1915. 
rmo D^PVII nnjiJnj ri^Q^^D Q^DJ^UID <D^*ins3 

.to"-n"^n ,pip :nn IOID .o^urr 
[Jerusalem, 1945-49j 
2 v, 28 cm, 

A B9-7043 

Bernstein, Mardoqueo. 

oyB>niMD ;IMD tpniiK neo "lyt 
,|tjnvpm t^T^ JIB -in 1 * p>xtnc 

r Bu@no Airpg) 1957- 

v. fftpiftw. 20 n, 
Friedbefg, B^rnhard, 187ft- 

A ntwm ,a WIB ivia y vwi 

100 p. fReslma, 28 pro. 
Z11M.F77 1050 
Rivkind, Isnac, 1895> 

tNiw York, 1049/50, ,' 

401-482 p. lllU*. ^ 

09. 55^8 

y Abraham, 1 

.cj^WT' . 

we p. iuuM, a 


Ben-Mciwchcm, NaphtaJL 

(Jwwmlpm, 1D67/S8} 

&70 P, lUuH, US <tn, 

Mtehkln, Uah (Yablonnky) ; 


Rttrtw Union ooUttw. 







RPP< Aloya Uoohmrd, 

fern, 8ml, 

' <mB * 


Ruppel, Aloys Leonhard, 1882- 

Haben dife Chanesen und Koreftner die* Buohdrurktn'kunHt 
erfunden i Mainz, Verlag tltsr (tutpnbfrg-CJtw^ljM'huft, 1054. 
Up. 11JUR, 24 cm. {Klelnr Druck dr SutnlxrKwwtlBohft, 
Nr. M) 

A 55 4HHS) 


Gt. Brit OeMr&l OffiM of Inf&nnatitm, 

Printing and papermaking; handbook for the visual unit 
Prepared by the Central Office of Information and the 
Ministry of Education. (London} 1951. 

00 p. Tllus, 21 cm. 
Z116.A4G72 ftfl&.lQS 


South Africa. Board of Trod* and IndwitriM, 
Th printing industry. ( CBp*Townt 
1 v. (\nrlinm pftnp> dl*gr. ( tublwi, 84 


La unprnntR wi Alirnnfp *m t>\ *ift\o xvnt 
Coftiifii<*! l*rovint'il !*> Mnujwnto* 1W7. 

t\8p, 21 rn 


.Uw^wftm avx xv* *i 

ritMttJlttt' t lMttil Ki4M Uwrtww**. t. 14 > 





. tlftty, 


*dttr*U Murifft^, JN| Mrb. mM^, 

t)orttiwnf(t t^^ I* Hiwtttrift fo b im^mftl* y JUwli >tt 
IlMvvtntM, M74 tAM^ r*witk* *rtn*sriiw 
Mwlurrlt .\tnruim 





B1U)1 U M 


*** tturx Whr. tt. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



RIthlt, Ward, 1905- 

Job print inn in California, with four ordinal examples 

of purl) CnlifornJit printing. IKW AnjE)ftK, (5, Da warm, 1855, 

81 p. typog, BtHx-htmnn, 10 cm, (Burly California tr*tTI *rlw, 


F6fl,Kl74 voliiO 55-306& 


Gumly, H , 

Karly print*!* and printing in tK Canada*. Toronto, 
BlMi<W*phiral Hwkty of Canada, 19B7, 

M t >, UlUli, 38 cm, 

67-68847 3 


Minhkin, Uah <Y*Wwky) W 

iaa p ftttntuw as r 


CurUr, TlimA Fmndu, t 

90? , 

t PHttllwf ***** OrlKln unrt 

PHttllwf *** 
Wi f, Tt*. 

mn* k ytn 
tl f mln* h t' tt 

rr Hto*** Ubwry 

On rUr. Thomwn FVftm-l*, 

w*mt ifov KV 

Ulwu.'pnrl ,'fft^lWMi, 84 < 

in Chin* am 

C0tt-JH J 


CHI*, y*i* J, tree, 





Uu, Kuo-chUn. 

tpQaftttflKM Wfflft* 1t 

^fc 1968. 

vll, 150 p. plmtwi, 21 cm. 
Bibliography: p, [Ift2 r 150. 

1. Book*- HtotGhlnm. a. Prlntlnr-HlJlt. Ohta*. t. Tltt. 
<l; Chung-kuo hu uhlh chl&n pln. 

i. XJnk. at 

Liu, Kuo-chiin. 

Pacexau t KiiTaflcxott Kitwre. tlltpeso^ c KBtaftcxoro, 
npc^Hci. H nfntMetsiHJU A. A, MtKKajic*a) Mocicaa. Ilcxyc- 
CT*O, 1957. 

88 D. illu*. 30cm. 

l, 187H-1W8. 

Im debuts dp rimprimwift ftn Cltin*. Prl% Impr. 
nK I .iln-airift d'Amwioun H d'Orfont, 1053, 

tin. iwp. u.-inn. (jr&asuv 
2 188 CON 

Rudolph, Richard 

movable type printing in UTO fttehtwUh t?ttury, 
, Kyoto Ulvrity 18H, 
tntt, am, 


AtMt in* Ofeltta JUvlte llJwiUBff, J, lrtB. 

cmtti fw rln ** 1*0 tt fe Ml. 

llWrtflf lMtlttt(K 

CtmtoH* Stvtrtak 

W- 40 144 | 

Fiinf Jhrhutvl*rti> m^waraft Kun*i in KAln; dw Ent- 
ami 4w Drudb in fanf JaJirhuti' 


U.H I 


AEkj*r, KjJw. 


MMH tiifttt r 

lmj>rirw for tbf 


Stote, Alexander Alphonse Marius, 1900- 

Historia de la imprenta an 1 Ecuador de 1755 a 1830; 
historia, docunwntos in6dito6, bibliogmfia, 175&-1880. 
Quito, Ca*a de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, 1955. 

xv, 261 p, Ulua,, fold, map, coata of arms, fnalran. Si cm. 


Valente, Angela. 

BibliograRa e bibliotciconomia-, Napoli, Librena scientifica 


TInlf. Library 


Rklolfl, Robrto f 189&- 

I A stjwnpa, in Firentt nd leoolo xv, B^irenw, L. S. Oltohki, 

iMp, fantltw. 82cm. 
21W.F8U8 5&-S4640 


Mori. Cvaiav. 

Frankfurter Schi*iftproti au dem 19. bis 18. Jalir- 

hmlrt ; vm* Knttrtcktun^ in au^rftwahlCen HMtpioUu. Gt- 

mm*tt von (iu*tv Mori, mit einr Einleitunjj; von Robtrt 

I>ihl. Frankfurt a, M M Sphriftitiiirtl P. Stwnp*!, 1965. 

,1'Ji i> , SB plitt* trftmhw.. prt fold.) 48 cm, 

A se-iaeo 

Hurvnrd i:uW. Uhrnry 



U iinpr*nta n Gallop %!<* xr-xn, Madnd, 1W8. 

Oxadx, Paul. 

Itude bibllfl(crpHlqtt, 
* " 

K 0Ar d4 1580 fc 1684; 
lqu M UcUmim. (Jtnlve, 


r, fV<krkk ftldimo^ U16- <flftn 

Ewty printing ta 0orpt<wa (Potomnk) 178^1800, 


V M 

Buoh d* IB. 


fe*h. Kr. 

trly printed vtwbttft of m*dlrat Gwmitn broio 

Jo*u* %toi^tt Ltboiry, MK*^r ^timtft, MmMM*f. 
v, u606>o- >T"ll) 
2ttl,Ml8B rol,a A87-4S88 

twd Uw PttbJilraia, DQ*klorf , 2tnJ.Vrla ftr Dtjwr- 
Utioo Trihiwh, 19W, 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY GT, BRIT. (Continued) 

Bronson, Bertrand Harris, 1902- 

Printing as an index of taste in eighteenth century Eng 
land. New York, New York Public Library, 1958. 

81) p. lllus., tacalma. 26 cm. 
Z151.B7 655.142 58-18528 

McLean, Ruari. 

Modern book design, from William Morris to the present 

day, London, Faber & Faber, 1958. 

p. iiiua. 28 cm. 
2151.M8 1058 



McLean, Ruari. 

Modern book design; from William Morris to the present 
day. Fair Ltrwn, N. J., Essential Books, 1959 c *ll)58] 

I13p, lllus. 23cm. 
Z151.M8 1959 655.142 59-1267 t 

Turner, Gilbert, 1911- 

The private press, its achievement and influence. (Bir 
mingham, Krig.) Association of Assistant Librarians (Mid 
land Division) 1954. 

24 p. 22cm. 

Z15U.T8 5M2219 J 


Oldendow, Knud Honor*, 1892* 

Bogtrykkerkunsten i Grjmland og mwndene bag den; on 
boghistorfsk oversigt Ifybenhavn, 1957. 

334 p. LUlM, 25cm. 

Z160.05 09-35777 J 


MeVlda, Martin, 1H9 w JKM895. 

Origan de la impratta en Guatemala; u darrollo hunt* 
la independence. (Guatemala, Edioidn da la Bibllotwsa Na- 
cionnl y de la Editorial del Mmisterio d Rdueaoion Public*, 

66 p. Illu*, lUeua, 



Castillo, Alxl Romeo, 1904- 

La impwmta de Guayaquil indpndiit, iSat-lSSS; hi*- 

toria, bibllogrttfta, oatalogo, notat, factJralleii, Guayaquil, 

Imp. Oa*a d la Cultura Eouatoriana, Nficlto <Ui Ouayat, 


xrl, 204 



Norton* Fwdtrkk John. 

Italian printer*, 1501-1020; an annotated lift with an 
introd. London. Bow wad Bow**, 1958. 

xsottn in pTlUtt*, nap, JW on. (Qwatarld** JHWlogmfctoal 
Sodtty KkrabrTdf*. Eo*, Mocri>b. no, a) 
ZllHUre 666.140 58-1608 


Frattarolo, Riwo. 

I meridional! dalU oriffinl al m xvm Bom*, 
Gismondi ( 19M] 

7 p, 20 cm. (BlbUot+cbtM M 


Kim, Wn-yong, Iftft- 

Early movmbU type In Korea. Seoul, Eul-yu Pub. Co., 

piati*, Mont, 

Z1WJC67K6 *M5,4 WC.1591 


Dejlny Ierook6ho tafittk&arrtv*. Tm*y, F. UrWoek, 



i Cnd. 

Pic Buohdruoktr-FtmilU YOU Stern and dM I*i't>w>i<.n 
ia Luiwburg ron 1800 Wi im; tin Beita^ iwr G*hiohU 


Andin, Maurice, 1895- 

Les types lyonnais primitifs conserv&s au D^partement 
des imprimea (legs Seymour de Ricci) ; catalogue. Paris, 
BiblioUieque nationale, 1955. 

70 p. lllua, 24 cm. 
Z250.A2A88 67-87660 


Gutenberpr-Gesellschaft, Mainz. 


v. 17 cm. 



Silver, Rollo Gabriel, 1909- 

Government printinff in Massachusetts-Bay, 1700-1760. 

(7n AtucrtCAn AntlquKrlan Society, W&rcitr, MHM. rtw*wllnKS. 
Worpiiter. 2ft mi. v. 68, pt. 1 (1068) p. |188|-Mtt) 
[E172.A85 vol.68,ptl] A 59-1744 

Newberry Library 


Medina, Jottf Toribio, 1852-mO, 

U impreutn en M^ridft d Yut^atAn, 1813-4831. Nota* 
bibliogriHcas por J, T, Medinn, Ed, oonm&morativa dfel 
oentenario del nacimiento del autor, ooft un pr*lo|fo y do 
ap&idiceti por Victor M. SuAret. M&rida, Edioionwi Bu&rex, 

102 p. 18 cm. (C^lcctda "VeatiBft yucttwmi/' t, 8) 
25ill.M4M4 1950 57-41080 


Kl prlmr libra impmno en Amirioa fu4 para el rwu> da) 
(mu to nmnrio (Mf jlct), 1503-84) FROalmil, ttudloc y oomwi 
tarion t pw, FrancW Vindftl. Madrid, 153. 

t 3, i., fACKlio. (Si p, ittui.) W ioa P, 10 m, 
-~Apndio, Madrid, 1054. 

48 p, tlmi*,, fucniiu*, 10 em. 

2>3lO.M3 IMS Ap^Jt. 

1958 &7-1TWO 


Krtldberff, MurjorJt. 

FragmnU of WMrly printing, bftln^f an awwit of book 
job A omnmontal printinif, ana yry othsr di6ritim oi 
printlnR and blank book mwavifiwtoryj I84ftldO in th* 
TwrltoryandStaUolMinnmt^ { SiPtL; 
Pub. Co, *1958j 

30 P, lliu*,, f.odaw, Mm. 

' WS.lTTfl. 


BHlnn. Umilwkopramynlovi rouiwttm. 

VyitaTa V^voj tolhy, l54185e. 
Tyitavy lnt^lno: Lubomlr lUtlik. 
18 p. rsciKiM, mem, 

V Itroi, lOMt 

Orlov, B P 

HHTMK AO 1017 to**. MOCKW, HcryctTho. 10AS, 

900 p. Ilia* few, 


Kro*obri, Marte EUabttK, iSei- 
OampUll'ji Annul** d* )* typographU 
; oontributlom, to * MW tdfttoit, TH* 


Hury^ Wiln'M P 

bihikmphy of Imprint*, 1876-1. fFotted, Or,, 



CastUIero Reyes, Ernesto de Jesus, 1HH!>- 

Origen y desarrollo de la imprwita en PanamA; primeroi 
peri<fklic<) y Hbrou publicadoe n el Isttno n el iglo dieoi- 
nueve. Panamd t Departamento de Bellas Arti y Publi<- 
oionee del Ministerio de Educaoi6n } 1958. 

snp, niu. 22cm. 
Z213.P8C8 58-84285 J 


Hlstorla y biblio^t-nffn (V IRH primra imprentaa rio|)la 
tenses, 17(M>-1H50; minions dpi Parajj^iay, Arg*ntina, Unt^ 
giiay, por Ouillermo Furlong (fe aL} Buonoa Aires, Edito 
rial (Juarattftt, 1S>5- 

v. IlhiH , th>rt., map, flmn, 28 cm, 


r , 

Die Pekinger lamabtisclwin B!ockdruck in 
SpMcho; Mittprialien *ur monuoli 
Wibadn,<X Hrraowit, 1054, 

stid', twt- 1 

Hurrnt-d I5n$v, Wbrnry 



'a. Manila, Impr, ttt 

4 rm fK*pWl^ <| nil 

UoUiwtm, 1 

XVt, 7). lg 

Ulo.. port,. 
, rxv ) 




!, Wyd. 
, IW4. 

GoBcn, B*rtoUJ. 

, t, 

_ mi t?, tittim pwi* m cm 



lxdnwkwkftft<4 ^ *wW JJaffeu<*4rtft. 
<*u >*, 

, A CttA^pOM tf A, if, 

oc mui'io i 

. H.Twio- 

Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 

PRINTING (Continued) 


Orotco Muftoat, Julio. 

La imprint* &n Han Franoisoo; apunUe para uu historic 
Lton, 1MB. 




Ntiflro, tJrbano J 

I** imprint* m Han LuU Han Lulu tAnrwiUnat 1958, 
Wt, ifrrm. 
2&18.HUHN8 JHM817B 


Scotland, National Library, 

FVmr hundred and fifty yM ojf Boottiih printing; an 
exhibition to mmmwnoratfc ih ftmt printing in Scotland, 
1608, Apri!~N*ptmb*r, 1988. tKdinbumK. IttWi 
itt* itfw, asm i 

SmAll. Jam** Cameron, 1HH{> 

HttrttUh tnttfrpflMi printing, t n, p,j Produe*d by th Soot- 
tixh Omumtitw of the (\HWoU of InduntrUl Design { dit- 
tributwi by Oliver ami Itoyd* Edinburgh 

tHp, ttht* 14x30 cm tHttt 

Mtuwj prtro*n^n ttmctnonti, 


.nnmawa ^HIV miflwa 

Kocow*ki. Bnmlafaw. 

mm, 6*m 

mmm Y-HIU) v AKI A 

vytbmtafwtVQ Mmklcttj Htw^tdry, l& 
aipjj, titm mm, (JWfpttt Ju^tiry 

ay 4mrr* 

na Sk>v#nbt, t V 


Amlrlm y O^nfn, t*rdto^> ci* OulNra* 
Omi, Oem^tnttto biblit^Htk^ H* Jt4 
Ohil, Fontio ItwArl^ y 


v, mm, pm, 

*tTljut*ri fttf ir tTOOt amitor I rnrntft bole* 
kolwi fflr bokiv*ntvrie, 1WW, 

BmwMb, Crt fvdNk JtW 

Vingedal, Sven Erik Axel, i&OO- 

I)n avnrta konsten; tidig svensk boktryckarkons^ in- 
kunabe)ppriodn 1488-1500. En bokhistorisk 8veraikt och 
en biobibliografi. ,Stockholm, Impresaum Holmis. 1958. 

OS p, lllun. 21 cm. 
Z169.VB 59-2673S t 


EsOfei'S, Johann. 

Ucrmnu publiahiuff in the United States. Uxinirton. 1958. 
Kfi Worn, (tTnivpralty of Kentucky Llbrnrles. Mrpim t 
uiffUbrary (vrmtlnnnl con tiS) 


ZKXHUC4 no. 


Miion ds induatries jrraphiques aux fitats-Unia, 

Miiwion dra induatriM graphiquM aux fttatt-Unw .1051, 
Paris, Soci#t* ttuxiliaire de diffusion dn Editions do produc- 
tiviUl t U)52j 

lllUM, 87 pia. 

St*rtc, Lwl Morgrm^e, 190&- 

t0 C0-it * *" 
York N 

n of early 

38 p 

Typography U. S, A. Forum : "What b new In Amer 
ican typography!" April 18, I65&, Hotel BUtmor*, New 
York (lity. ,Nw York, 1SB9, 

37 em, 


Histwla ,v 

primra imprnta rbpla- 

l>ar*|?uay Arg^nUna, ttru- 

,ft al, Buno Alwt, Edit4- 

iltu*., trt , mtp ftwstlso* 28 cm, 

(irw*, P^Iro, 1009- 

I* ImpnmU y la rultura n la lriBJ*ra R^pfiblie^ 1810- 
,Creii, ItwUtuto d* Pttoao^ Fnoaltad d Hu- 
Kduoaridn, ITnJmsddad CVntntl d V*, 

34 tv Iltu* 

di U impmtta n 

, titt* 

y n&iw tw Pwlro 


U utampn a Wrtwlli mt mwlo xvt. { Parmf 1055, 

46 p, 94 8 

25iM,V4T06 87^1^? $ 


Kicvvn Wwtom prwhBtai; an aeemtnt of how tl flnt print. 
rvK pnw cAtTKi u> ih of tiw ftk wn Witrn St*t*. Printud 
fw tnitttbwi at tin IT* Annual Conr**rtkm of th* Intern*- 
tbnol /iw*wi*tl<w o-f fMntlnff Houit* Oiftamfltv. Ix* An- 

, VA, 

Hit r>n^l*r In i^htnth-<wntury WttlUattbunti an w- 
fhl.liftAtlm^ht.o^AKUomft WiUkm-bary, 
liial WilUiungbttrff, 1M5, 
Wm SSw. <WtttUjMmfww*ft^*) 





Breyer, Mirko, 1863-1946. 

O stariin i rijatkim jugoslavenskim knjigama; - 

sko-biblioHlRki priknz, ,Nndopunili i za itampu prirodili 
Blanfca i Tomislav Jaki<5, Zagreb t lzdava5ki zavod Jugo- 
slavenske akademije znanoati i umietnoetii 1952. 

40 p. port*., 55 f*c!m, { 1 col.) 28 cm. 
Z7041.B83 1052 55-24626 

INVENTION see Printing History 
Origin and antecedents 


Epstein, Samuel, 1000- 

The first book of printing, by Sara and Beiyl Epstein. 
Picture* by Lisxlo Roth. Nw York, F. Watts, '1955 

82!(k. tllui. 2cm. (,rirt books, 04) 
2188.R7 665 55-9601 t 


Vrry,H R 

Some methods of printing and reproduction; an outline 
guide. [Paro-Bducation Clearing House, UNESCO, 19W, 

71 p. itlut. as cm. (IMuemttanat tudle and docuoatnU, no. 11) 
LB5.UST no. 11 


Archiv fttr Druck und Papier, Buchgewferbt, Qraphik, Wr- 
bung, Archive for printing, iapr and kindred trade*. 
1.- Jaht,jl8ftft- 

Brlin ttueh- uud I>rckpwerb.Verlag KG. 

y. Itliui, (p*rf col,) S3 cm, quartwly. 

K*attw?kjr. Uau, Ubr. 

Tn D*vM Gibson magazine - 

t 01vtnnd, Prompt Printing & Pub. Co. itc.t 

, 0, no. 10 { 
^Tuly 1845. 


Itltw 30*4, 

Oraj>hicK Woeh* 10, Jan. 1961- 


I G. T. 

InUryrmia. I.. 

jaatf.| ft Haart 


butlttin for JJb* printing and tUMt 

W m, 


v, ta Ww. (prt ool) ft ML 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


PERIODICALS (Continued) 

Print in Britain, v. 1- May 19W- 

v. llliM, 25 cm. monthly. 
Z119.P809 655.05 57-68878 

Printing & graphic arts, v, 1- 
Feb. 1053- 
Luuenburg, VL Stinehour Frees. 

T. lllu. 24cm. quarterly. 
Z119.P9534 55-15098 

Productfonwise. v. 1- Feb. 1958- 

c Nevr York, Colton Pressj 

v. lltuB., ports. 20 cm. monthly. 
HF5801.P88 55-26895 

Revue suisse de Pimprimerie et des industries annexes, 
-26. annee (no -288) ; ~d$c, 

1947. iLausanne, F. S. T.i 

r. lllim, Sitcm. monthly. 
Z119.R48 58-24H7 



v. lllu. 40cm. wotkly. 

06-54612 t 

The Specialty worker; printing specialties and paper prod 

Preswnen^ Home, Tenn., International Printing Pressmen 
and AasistuntB 1 Union of North America. 

v. lllu*., porta. S3 cm. monthly. 
21110.865 55-42640 

Typoffraphlsche MonatablRttor. Revue auitw do Pimpri 
merie, -19. Jahrg,; ~Nov,/I>es, 1061 

ch, G<Hbr. FretZj 
Y. la lllu*. (jMrteol.) 81cm. monthly. 




sec also Bibliography Limited editions; 
Bibliography Rare books 

McLean, Ruari. 

Modern book design, from William Morris to the present 
day, London, Faber A Fuber, 1958, 

UOp, lllu*, 38cm, 
Z151.M3 1958 655.143 NMI1501 t 

McLean, Ruarj. 

Modem book design; from William Morris to t 
day. Fair Lawn, N. J,, Essential Books, 1850 r'lOSB, 

118 p, Jllu*, Saw, 
Z151.M3 1959 55,I43 50-1867 


Melswur, Karl, 100- 

Der TndtvidutdvM-lag am Beiapiel det 
Helmwun; Beitrtge xu iner SoKtalogie de V 
MQnchen. 1058. 


Tunitr, Gilbert, 1911- 

The private prwe, iti achievement and influence, ( Blr- 
mtoghaia, Kng,, Awooiation of AidttiAt Librarian* (Mid 
land Dirini on) 10M, 

a^ p. 23cm, 



Raa, Thomaa. IMS- oomp. 

The book of the private prew; a> oheok-li oomipUed by 
Thomaa RM A Geoffrey Handley-Taylor. With a foreword 
by John Ryder. Orwmock (Scot, Signet Prw*, 19B8. 


AesocUtton of Printbvf TeclmoU^ist*. 

Prooeedingiof theoonforeiw*. Itt- 

D*nik ty pofrmf f orbtma. 

D. T. F. t l e. Dui^c typoffr*f forbund, Odder afdeling. 

International Graphical Federation. 

Report of proceedings of the congress and the trade groups 
[Berne I) 

v, 21cm. 
2120.16058 55-39831 t 

London. Stationers' and Newspaper Makers' Company. 

The Worshipful Company of StAtionera and Newpap&r 
Makers : notes on its origin aud history, by Sidney Hodgson, 
honorary archivist to the company. Archive^ portrait**, 
plate, etc, Ludpte Hill (London, Stationers' Hall, 1868. 

Z120.L6 "*' * 55^2^85 J 

Reichsverein dcr Ofltenreichischcn Buchdnickerel- und 


v. 24 cm, 

Z120.R45 ft7 fiOOlft J 


see also Incunabula Facsimiles; Type 
and type -founding 

Adtype Service Company, l . 

Adtype vrork book; a complete showing of hundreds of 
type fatw in current uu, *H<jh in oomplete font and in all 
available sixes: linotype, monotype, foundry, photo lettering, 
and associated photo pr0eiii. I*oi AngtUa f l&5- 

1 y. (JoowhltAf) 7 cm. 

Ataunach dor Letternkunjt. 
Frankfurt a. M,, D. 8tmp*l 

v, 21 em. 

American Book^tratfodl Pre, te<w A^w r*dfc, 

Typo faoei at the Am*rio*n Book-Stratford Prww, Incor- 


Baatien, Alfred. 

Alphabet in type, a survey of typographic , 

Art and nlphdbet editor: Catherine AkHn, Wwit T>rtyt<m. 
Middlttex, 1958, 

Ylll.JKUp, num., tnx*. itwituwi*, Mem, 
2250. B8 IB (Wfi.a* no- 3044^ 

Berlingtka boktryclctri- och UlffjuUrJ ak, lm& 

Kn.ntikva.kuntlv. Lund ,i9W1j 
d tuw, 88 w, J 

Jkrry, WilUwn Tumor. 

Th fenoyolop*<Hila of typ 1*** ? by, W, Turtwr Btrry, 
A. F. Johnson (and, W, P, Jwtpwt. ( Nw *t, vwv. A mnL 
London, Bedford Pr** ,l&58, 

Clowt* (WUHwn) and Booa, lid. 
^, A book Printftr 1 !* dteplay mfttrlilj M ui*d by 
Olowei 4 Sottt ltd. at the Gaxtftn Work^ tkook*. 

.. illtW, Cffi, 


rtrmln-DWot, ^m, 

Sp*dmw\ d oanwrtkrwt de 

Foraberjc, Kari Brik. 

AQflu*5 vaa 
Korrt*dt ,1057, 

Horrat, Radonlav N 

Johnson, Alfred Forbes. 

Typ designs: their hiat-ory and development. 3tl 
Ivondon, Grafton, 1659. 

188 p. tllun. 23cui. 
Z25().A2J 1959 665.SM 5 4(W 

Karch, Robert Randolph, 11H>2- 

How to recognize type fact*. ( 2d ed.( Bloomington, 111., 
MrKnijrht A MeKnight f lD59, 

2fi4p. 28cm. 
Z250.K15 1050 655,24 60 OfWl I 

, Br&tarna, aktiebolag, 

Vftra ty[vsnitt ; Rriklwna I>ag*rtrxim, bt>ktrycka>*, Htcn'Jk- 
holm, im 

134 p. Ultin 28cm. 
Z250.L18 57-^1*68 J 

. . 

4imn>pktt 4 33ix>rtii, (tn ix>rt folio) W rm 

. WiBiam. 

and I 

(htptill Puhlimtto 
. lii4i> itluti 81 cm, 

MacRob*rt, Thorn*. Murray f IWO^ 

Printed Inxikj*; a ahort ititrxxluotitm (o fUw 
Ixindon, It. M. Stationery Off., 1WT, 
7 jv. 4<t fitrlm Slrta, 


Mrirfth*I*r IJiiwtyp* C 




Th* MitWHttKw jm*J, 


Mori, <;ui*Uv, 

hutttkrt ; 

8, ,li%hf 

l Fntnkfwri 

ri, mtt 

aawolk* ** 


i Mm 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


SPECIMENS (Continued) 

Stockholm. KnuffUga Blblioteket 

60 bookit from 8w*dai ,by, the Royal Library t wlthi the 
Society of Hookorftf^ Htookholm. New York, American 
inititut* of Graphic Arts ( lfi&$, 

1 v. (unpflffeil) tttuK, 38 cm. 

SMU4BB 68-16204 

) and Company, inc., 
mighty midtfit txx>k of typa, 

7,Apf, Hermann. 

, Frankfurt . M, ,0. K. i 

A firt ,ft 

--tfTUDY AND TEACHING * Printing 


Pr actualSty t manual* 


Hte f American 
ttftf'trw*) j| i '*'iMw^ 
pnrf J>,\ ( ffortwrf S. 

< * AT J 


Amwrltmn wtiv&raity pvwm* mtn* f ag, 
t* ttniwrwUy Pttwa jl#fl, 



r He 

n, A, 

UliH 88 w 





,nt ft ,pif> ann tow .o^tiv .ns^na O'snn 

, OFFSOT e Offset printing 


Color- print inji; 
Linotype; Morvotyp*; l*roof- reading; 
iordtn prooftti printing; J*trotyptnir; 
Typ and t^rpt -founding; Tarp-ifttlniJ 
ZLnoographyi ftnd hadinfi* bag-Inning 
with tho word Printing 

Th Il*rpw wfc&Usfamwit i ot, How tU wtoty book* ai* 


Alzenbergr, A 

OncpaTHBitoc niaKiipoaauMt a KimwHo.wypHa.uaMx no- 
Jiiirpa^Hiccwx npeAnpx*THjix. HA. ., nepep. o . 
MncKua, HcKyccTuo, 1954. 

38l p, dlgrr., fornw, 28 cm, 
2844.A4I2 15)54 

ioc inanupoauiie iia KHuwMo^ypuaiwiux 
iix iipnp.trx. 4, na, X . Hoi <Su<eft 
""""w. MocKna, HOKVCCTHO, IflflH, 
. ra,, forum. 28 cm " 

' A4 im ' 

Ames, Richard 

Kx<*ciM in printing. Washington, Printed at Bell Vo 
cational High School, nose. 

25&H.8.A7S5 *' 955,3 

Avis, Fr*driek Compton. 

<itl, I-ondon, 

Aviw, Predtrick 
Printing ni 
lrHlurUn, tlnanw, ( 

IRS p, UUiM J nu, 

lcuIationa: |^p)\iral methods. 

Ei:utei Prof rationale** Siatwta. 

y fiihrrU HftMnnn t 57- 
mun ai 

6.^ Bar- 

BIM07TT t 


"' Omir * 

4is & nitw, stem, 

Btrttt, Werfttr, i&CKS 

f. do 


07-084M f 

itttti 'Jinn 

Owamont <m Impdm*, 

<m Impdm*, |mr OWRW. 
ftH Dttaod, s m 


j i^mptlW praotdunit ftip prit 

ort' Mid printers' jadtlwi, no, I 
bddffk tJnlvmity 

A C)tlft* prbtlnir ronn^l, me. Tmni4*t*d from OM 

Commission g^nerale d'organisation scientlfique. 

Comment roaliser de bons imprimis; miSthode d'utilisation 
des arts graphiques. Joura&s d' Etudes des 21-22-23 no- 
vembrelDftl, Paris, 19S2. 

224 p. mug, 24cm. 

Dobkin, S F 

OCHOBW npOH3BOACTa nciaTHoft npoflyicmirt. ^ony 
5a KHnroTOproaux TCxiiMK 

167 p. mut. 2Sm. 

ftTdel'nant, Isaak Borisovlch. 

Ila^aiinp KHMr no opimiHasy-MaKCTy. Moexna, 
cro t U).'i" 

(JOTHH? M) 11 "*' ^ C 



Pel'dman, Boris Aleksandrovich. 

TexHtMormt upoaaao^ctBa ttaccotiux H-i 
xypna^t)B. Mocjcsa, HcxyecTso, 1056. 
2K p. ill u. (2 f^. |Q pocket) 28 cm. 

General Federation of Jewish Labour in Israel. 

np^rran .Vyicn tyin .oioin ^J; 

4 p, tliua,, port*. IT <m (a 


, Frits, 1H88- 
Urkuml(vii, Diploma Admsaen; ihn Typographie und 

* ' Wfl%) Iterli 

Hsyrt*, CUfford Wflaon, 18W- 

Printing and alHtd r|>hJo art* Mllwauk**, Bruo* Pub, 
Co. 1 1967) 

I Hint. Mem 


HoTr f Fritu 

0ift 3B*trii*bbr*oiiung in tier litht)graphiahn Anntftit, 
Aaruu, IWii, 

rJtl>. il4rm. 

Hofmann, (" 

1IM j>ft|i*r ti UK <trttktolinik, . dnik. Antntprdatn, 
M>vor(t*rinx van 


. ittuit, SOftt 
99M4.HM 1WT 


ntknpiMi dtt knji^j Krat)^ko-thni'kl prlru^tiik, 

Hyro**, David Q 


uid th* fftuphto axt*(. New 

878 {>, lUu-, 

Int*rnttt4il Typoirniphkl Union of North Atttttau 

I, T, V, kmmi in printinK, By L T, U, Burtau of E 
ctimi, ItuiiRUnHU, "10 

v, nit* 2a, 
74^,1 Mtl e&LS 

Intntioo*I TrjK)fr*jC*i<J Union of North Anwrioa* 
I, T. 0, Iwworui in printing, By X, T, tf. Burtttt of Rduo*- 

Union . _____ _ 

I, t, U. temtm in printiiiff, By r, T. tJ, Bum*** olf Kd. 
ftUUm, Inc 

, ia 

Unkm f Norti Anwricm. 
L T, U, kMMmtt In printing. By L T. tJ, Btt*tt ol Edtt- 

introduotion to th* 

wr jmbBoirtiott ^r M, AnJbllft Omnta, 
York, MoGrftw-Hlll t lW7, 
^m * mm. mm. (M 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Javct, Albert. 

Typographic : composition, impression t pnrj Albert Javet 
t ct] Henri Matthey. Lausanne, ficole romando de typo- 
flraphie [1986! 

233 p. illua. (part col.) facslrna, (part col.) SI eta. 
Z244.JJI 57-17840 

Jori, Giuseppe. 

Arti grafiche o tipogmfia spiegate ai tecnioi, ai profani od 
a chiunque interessi conoscore i segreti della etampa ; Parte 
del la stampa nelle sue varie forme, la tecnioa della compoai- 
zione tipografica. 2. ed. Milano, Bditrice Minerva r!956i 

188 p. UlU. 24 cm. 
Z244.J7 1956 58-24778 I 

Kafel, Mieczysfcw. 

Zarys techniki wydawniczej. t Wyd. 1.] Warszawa, 
Wydavm. Przemyahi Lekkiego i Spoiywczego, 1955. 

419 p. 327 lllm., 16 platen. 22 cm. 
Z244.K28 67-20762 

Knrch, Robert Randolph, 1002- 

Graphio arts procedures. t Sd ed., rev.) Chicago, Ameri 
can Technical Society (1057) 

888 p, lllUE, 22cm. 
Z244.K8 1957 655 57-7888 J 

Karch, Robert Randolph, 1903- 

Printlng and the allied trades. 4tii ed. New York, Pit 
man (1058) 

SIS p. iihui. 21 cm. 
2244.8.K19 1958 656.2 BS-16U t 

I>0ft 't KO ! Moeilijkhtdtti uit de prnctijk van den boek 
drukker, omttchrfwu *n totgtlicht jTypograflsehe verxor- 
ging: Ingi de Prie^lle, bandontwerp <m tekeningen: 3. 
Beeklxorenj Amsterdam, Ultg. door 3>e Arboidcrapora voor 
de StiehtingGraphilec t 1947j 

aWp, uuw, 21 cm. 
Z944.8.K28 56-49164 * 

Kloilein, Otto,; Elnftilming in die Satx- Bruck- und 
KeprodukLionstechnik fiir Baohlvkndlcr. JUipalg, Vwlag 
deft BrfiftnvroinA der Deutaohen Buchhindler, 1951. 

170 p, Ulan. 21cm. (Lotarhefto<3idvtcLmi DucbhBiKUri*) 

58-46078 { 

Kollecker, Eogfcn, 1884- **. 

Der modems Pruok ; Haadbuch dw gnutUchfrn Teohnikan. 
Krstf. von Eugen KoUeckei- und Waltar Matoaolike, Ham 
burg, HamniJrkih A Lower t 1956, 

7S p. lUiu. (mrt fold.) nliitM (p*rt col,, putt muot<]) (Uugn^ 
plt* aOcra. (Ktkhflrrnrll-BtrlftbtindWIrt^bKft) 
2SJ44.K74 CS-16810 



IHCHO tcanecTBc yie(5. nocodttit AI* nawnrp, tiyaon. Mo- 
CKa ( HCXVCCTBO. 1986- 


Kontorovlch, ArkadU Iolfov[cL 

MOCKWI, Heicycct*Q, 1955. 

06 p, llltw. 30 mn. (B nowou^ 

K'XKlhitiftl^ Herbert. 

Druokt*chnik im Buchdruok. Halk (SaaJo) W, 

P- tutu. aacm. (Ot artfl*ob Btn6 WIMM* wad ^Mudi, 

Krtlger, Otto Friedrich Wflliljn, 18efl-lW7. 

B&tx, Druok, Elnband 'und irarwaadU Dlnge: BatgUr 
fflr BwMler und FwharUItw. 7., ^1H K nwb**rb. Aufl. 


2116.A3K8 10BT 

ITS p, tuu, Mem. (BUAUMbek WWwft ood fteaaffiaa) 


LaborderK Farnand d, 191- 

Toute llmprimerie: IM Uolmiqti** tt taxr* applioatlowi 
ipArj FamtLixd d* Laborttarto c^ JMOV Bolwwiu, Pr. de 
F. Lefort-Lavauwlle, ft, *U augm, et refondtie. Paris, 

874 p, mm, Sftoa, 1956 67-40888 t 

Lecerf, Pierre. 

Manuel pratique du 
479 p. lllu*. l^cm. 

,ie. Paris, Dunod. 1956. 
>pMt Roret) 


Lewis, John Noel Claude, 1UW- 

A liaiulhook of typ^ and illustration, with notes on certain 
graphic processes and the production of illustrated books. 
London, Fnber & Faber, 1956. 

208 p. lllus. 28cm, 
Z244.LB4 655.24 57-ll$r J 

LHoval'tSev, Petr Fedorovich. 

B rtpnra^c neiaTiniKOB, ( PaccK\i3 aanuoat u iitTcpatypHO 
ortpartorai /I. ropo^Kjnt. MocKnaj JIpiiAH^aT, 10*14. 

8 p. iilu*. 10 cm. (PaccKaaw HOMTO^IOB) 
ZS44.S.L5R 57,10(U1 

Loop, James W 

Printing for the beginning pupil. t Ker. and reprinted, 
Charleston, W. Va., 1956. 

23d p, lllua. 24 cm. 
Z1252.L86 1950 655.3 57-4777 t 

Mann, George, librarian* 

Print; n manual for librarians* and students dwTilnng in 
detail tho history, mthod, d application* of printing and 
paper making. Ixmdon, Graf ton, 1952. 

127 p, 23 cm. 

flcs 5a mm r*v t 

Marlnacclo, Anthony, 

Exploring the graphic arts. 3dd Prinoefcoii, N. J,, Va 
Noetrand ( l089i 

307 p. nlui, 24 cm, 
Z944.M86 1950 685 8044618 J 

Moscow. Viwoftmyf nauchno-ilcdoTt*l'akiI JbnUtttt IXH 
HgrajQchwkoI P romy*hlnivt)ti 1 tokhnlkl. 

OCM<JM ()^K>pM^CBttJl VOttetCXott XKttttt, (lll*J( p*^, A, A, 

oa t B, A, Hctpitaa, Mocieiia, HcKyecrtM, 1056, 


, , 
illttt, 87 cm 

ItgraflchMko! promy*hlnno*tl ( tokhnlkl. 

TrxtuiHft'Kttc itpaRttta rtoAftvrotsKtt n 

Hctpita, Maf Kft, Tw, wa 
XOtt M ttoJiftrji, npnwuui^,, 1&48. 
18 p, 33 em, 

, A. 

, jnr* 


Mwlmnlek wc.rciw, (m h* 
Bdted by Herbert *ri* A Harry Ctaw. 

MtilUr-HobUln, Alfr*JL 

Uwrufti und W*rkffkwn4* 
Frankfurt am Mal^ 

4 tla* 



dtntritl Rrtu 

to GbNMtt A, Martin *&4 Aw^d H, MM oft 

iyn*l ty of th Sute of New York, Stale Ed*t@*iiQti jSSL! 
of Indtntriia Artt Ekluxwtlon, * ! 

Popov, Vanim Va*tr*rkh. 




Renner, Paul, 1878- 

Pifl Kunst tier Typographic. 3. Aufl. Ntu berb. von 
Gw)rg Sohautx. , Berlin, Im Deutoolien Verlaff ,1088, *14, 

812 p. illua. 23cm, 
ZU6.A5R4 1953 56-2W8H J 

Rockefeller (J. W., Jr.) and Associate*, AW For*. 

Printing is a husiiiwut. Milhurn, N, T.,*1956. 
Dip, Illua aOoui. 

A 8T~aSWft 
Iowa, t'nlv. I.lbrnry 

Ruasia (^.f- f/, & *S'. 

tfFxtn>) iH)liffntfich</>*ki*i prtwt 
(MopituK uopwatwuHMX M 
notpa^wft it MiMmwprott, C 
vm, lW>, 

38Sp. Ubtm, aii-m, 

, John, 1017- 

Printing for plcawur*; a praotiml 
London, Plti^nis Himw t t&A5| 

for t 


How to a*ll prirttinu crwtivoly, Chbagn, Otuphic Art* 

196 p. Ithw 3Wrtn 




Simon, Otirr, I 

o typography, 

ittttknt o 

tiUryt; a manual of ItwirwoUrm fw ib* 
Jik*cm, Mich., HPHM D^ of Print- 

a i4o|HMiifitf 
tw. 1W4 

km* <&m* 

, rr. 

fltraum, Vktor. 

Outfb* of th Println s Industry 

Omftoll | ijbt QnpUo 



tfarn. lh4fHCkrlwlS4|MC. 

Iv, it***. ttiHt. 


| tU 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


, Bror, erf. 

OrAtlHUft yrk-wi, [Rwlaktimwlmmmittfl : Gftota K. Crl8on 
ftl.t &(<n'kU>lm, Nfttur wK kultur tl956, 
ST. (ISiftft t> ) U, pl*t*l (prtcl.) dtfr., faction*. 8$e. 



California. f>?pt< of Jntiwtrt&t RaUttm*. /)**W^n &f Labor 
DlwitUrK work injuriw* in printing and publishing, 

v. asm 
XiH4.7.(*5 66 ft84lS! J 

ACCOUNTING ae Printing Industry 


Slratttf, Vtetw. 

Hlwtwl noiirt 1 ** or inrormatwn far graph) 
Bwwnt, \V3i4nton, I*rlntin Industry of Amtrka (1& 

TSp.. SixlOrm. 

2117,878 OtR,Wa 7 

COMPOSITION tt Typt-ittting 


Arts K**h nwi 

f I h* utmufti mooting. 

Utvm SW<**t 

Print ing, Practical 




unrt t>nii>kfatMti pmtttlwthMi Itondfcwh 
ft4 VMintMMtaiitti W AttftH d 

fw4 WBttwa, 1111** 


ohte, Willy. 

Druckformvorbereitung und Meesteciinik fiir den Hooh- 
druok. Leip%, Faohbuchrwlag;, 1905. 
81 p. illun. W cm. 

5T-1WW t 

Stork, A 

I>e invoerin# van een metriscH maat^stcem in de typo- 
graftc. Amstordwn, Vereniffde Drukkerij Dioo, 1946. 

Hi P. llHis. 21 era, 
Z945.S8T C^-8W8 t 


Graflalc JiAndbog; riltj <^f vejMning i teknisfce problmr. 
(TilrtttUla^ af Svend JohuiMn Off Frederik Hjorth, K^- 
benhavn, A. W. Henningwn rl055i 

804 p. UluR. 13cm, 
Z844.8.067 57-41559 t 

International Papr Company. 

l*he pockftt pal ( for printers, ostimttors wad advertising 
production manaftr*i 5th d. New York, 1W7. 

in p. niujk 19 , 
2344,8.1 58 1957 65C,$Oa 57-8858 J 

Starobogatov, I I 

O$opiaeHH:e paftOHHOft raaeiH. Mocoa, HcsyccxBO, 

98 p. Ulua. 21cm. 
Z253.5.S7 55-84094 

Tchrdschs Handbuch fiir Redaktionea und Vcrlage; Zei- 
tungs- uad Zeitacbrifteawesen, bearb. Ton einem Autoren- 
kollektiv, Leipzig, Fachbuchverlapj, 1956. 

152 p. tllus. kcm. 
- - 5S-46985 t 

Tolkachcv, Evgen0 Vasil'vicli. 

BcpCTKa rascTw; aaxcTieii nunycKaiomero. Mociena, 


Avl, Frtdrl<rk Cwnptoo. 

Mntw*' Impwiitlon, 

44 ft, UlUM, , 


OffKj^Ka nctjimiux 
as p, niB ; HO c 

na, HcKyccro t 




, . 

74 p, ftcxtm*. 20cm, 

Verbdj, Thco. 

Typorafi beden i morgcn. 
voor d atichting Graphilec, l&58 

80 p. Illus. $4 cm. 


W*tU, Frederick Arthur. 

Productivity in |*rlntinu ilnti, IxmdotH 0, Duckworth 

-^3UAY OUT Printing, Practical 


*et alio Advorti*ing layout and typography; 
Book deign; Ntwapaper layout and typo 


lt, Hi/K 

, . 

I hRdboofe on dmibk-spmdi* b p*bll*tJba ly- 

mi, h| Ktnntth II Uutktr, 0*o*wi U l.ik*ttii ftd Staatey 
A, KordW*. M*odH IU, t Butlw? 7>fx>D**lp RiMt^ 


WWMiT t 

WltliDltoO Ob^jX. 




N\r York (Stat*) 8ur*au of Indwtrial Art* ffducatfon. 
Industrial urta tyllabus in R*nwrl printing. (Albftttyj 


87 p. nio. 2cw. 
ZS44.8.N43 A 66-0448 rev J 

NtwYorJc. StatoUt>r, 


ace also Platen prswork; Printing-Ink 


Hax Kateptww* 
MOCJCWI, 1852. 

In dcr flpr 



t of typotfmphy. Wtli aa lsfod. 




BPECIMKNS * Printing 6pclmi 

STANDARDS t Printing, Practical 
Production ttaadardf 


t tttdirJUKlninfi Off k*uao*or<i. 

Mr di* 
Bftt VoOe 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Illinois. Board of Vocational Education. 

Printing : objectives, standards, instructional material, de 
veloped by vocational printing and graphic arts teachers 
during summer workshop conferences at Eastern Illinois 
State College, Charleston, Illinois, 1949-1S50 and James 
Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois, 1951. Sponsored by 
Trade and Industrial Education Service, Board of Voca 
tional Education. Springfield c l&52, 

iv, 1161, llliu. 28cm. (/tj Bulletin, MP. A, no. 188) 
[LC1046.1 3A4 no. 138] A 55-0857 rev 

Illlnoli. Univ. Library 

Kiev. Khudozheetvenno-rcmftslennafli uchebnaA master- 
ska& pechatnogo deUu 


T. 25cro. 
Z122.K583 55-50012 t 


see also Authorship Handbooks, manuals, 

American Petroleum Institute. 

Editorial style. ( Rev. ed., New York ( 1954j 
88. lOxSfflcm. 
Z258.A66 1954 6&-20SBS 

Hylinskil, Konatantin lakinfovich. 

Cnpammnrie xoppejcropa. 2. na 
rwiwentpoM, 1945, 

181 p. -'I cm. 
Z258.B95 1945 

ByliiukUf, Konstantln lakinfovich. 

Cupanc>*mtK KoppCKTopa, 
MWUU,, 1950, 

885p. SScrn, 

, ttciip. it ,v>tt, MocKa, 
4JMW4W rev* 

ft pe^, K. H. liw.tijit- 
. M3fl-8t Jiei'Koft npo 

fit WHOlwv 


Btyle manual ; a uniform ityle for SUt publication*, bul 
letins and leiritilttive printing. Sacramento. 1&49. 

48 p, asm. 
ZSJ58.C&4 655.25 48-454*75 rev* 

Qmundy, Theodore, 

The printing of mathematics; aids for author* and editors 
and mU'it for compositor* and readers at the Univewity 
Prow, Oxford, by T, W. Ghaundy, I\ It Barrett undi Charlei 

Ixmdon, Oxford Unlvertlty Prwe, 1954, 
, m,,WH>f,>lee, 


DenU, Julee. 



A book is built; mort oonv\nitJan for uLhom, 
bourn*, "IBM, 
M p, if cm. 


Kfewitt, Riclxaxt! Atiton. 

St^rle for print and proof -oorr*cting. Londoo, Bljadford 



Mc<iraw.HUJ PubtWOng Company, toe. 

Typoffmphical ttybbook, prptrd it * twvdArd of 
and practio* f or tJb* MoGr^w-HIll publloatloD* New Vork, 


NfW Jersey. 

lor printert. Prootmd by John Haraydn t at)<l] 
, Oo, Nw 

ulum LftbomUry. New Jersey Depi of Bdu0Afclon, l 
iM, Mm. 

New York (State) Law Reporting Bureau. 

New York official law reports style manual, Albany, Wil 
liams Press, 1956. 
87 p, 28 cm, 

A 58-9684 t 
New York. State Llbr. 

New Zealand. Printing vnd Stationery >pt, 

Government Printing Office style book; preparation of 
copy, ad ed. Wellington, R. R. ()w<oi, Govt printer, 19&7. 

sip. niut. 25cm. 
ZSi58.N57 1957 58-26210 J 

Pan American Union. 

Or^nieation of American States style manual; a guido to 
editorial practice, with terminology related to thft intpr- 
American sygton and to international organisation. Wh> 
ington, 1057- 

lv. (lootM-leiif) 28cm. 

PN147.PS25 655.258 P A 58-5$ 

P*n American Union. Library 

U, S. GtMlojfioal $ t 

Suggestions to authors of the raportii of the UnJtd States 
ftl Sumy. 5th ed. Wwhington, U. S. Govt, Print. 

' luR, 24cm, 

a Government !*rfafag Oflfa. 
Bill Mtyle nwnual, with vxhihitu, 
4,181 p. 80cm, 

1U55 655.515 

Wanliin/rton, 1 

U. S. 

Style manual, tiev, wt Wiwhington. 1850. 

VHI, 4H p, 34 MO. fi ' 

2888, UfiB 1U59 

U.S. (fwtmmmt Pr&ting Ojte*. 
Style manual (abridged) Rftv. 



Alk#tandr NikoUcvich. 
^rtmtiixa p^Konttvii K uax 
npy, Kt|HcKttj>y TjtmHt^ 
fsna, Toi'. timm-it, *ft 4*l>, 
j^, ttttw, n*m. 

Wtwihinffton, IMS, 

Hut, '.',, t 


Zhiltn. AUkwndr NikoU*vich. 



British Ftdetmtieft of 

Ctowen ( WiUkm) and Horn, ltd. 

Loottim t 19Wj 



, Dntokw, 



V. 8. 8. 

MOCKM, mi. 

Tp, arew. 


BraziL Dupartaitoento d 

150 t i. . Onto duqttenU) .noe de tipografta oficial; 
sele^Jo <3 wnto ciqilnta Uvros e rx\rio\iioo imprwo d 
1808 R 1058, nas ofifinaa do Departunwnto d* Tmpr^nm, 
NacionaJ. Hio do Janeiro, 1958. 

1 v. (unpAgod) f*t-tin, 27 cm, 
2167&.B84 68-^42 ISA 


Canjida. /Vjtf, t/ /"/(*> Printing an4 tftatfatwry, 

Canadian gowmmnt pubhcationH, <Htwa t Queen V 

printer, IIMJ, 
K, 8 t>, W rw, 

016.71 ft?-U64n7 J 


Sierra I^<vn. 


Freetown, <}vt. Printer, 
v afl cm, nnnunl 



of (^ 

-u. s, 

T, A Utw. IMnt. (iff, 

Print, <Jrf, 


PtUNTINO, TEKT1LE nt t Ttxtilt printing 

tf eUo Printing 1 ptenU 


Sim t 

tMMfcni Vtmt 

Iflffim, .Mi4.| 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


(Jt. W,, Jr.) and Amodftta, fo w York. 
I'i'jtit iti 11 R huNhiMN. Milhurn, N, J,, Mfl56 
Win. m at) cm. 

. tint* ut,rry 


Printing Industry Parity Committee for Montreal And Di- 
trkt. AiAwry, 

{Vulrotitfl of {tttUHrntiotiM mutiny to Induirtrial manngs- 
nuwt nl print injr twhnolouy, Oat*l<v#tta de* publication* 

21*4 tv an <-tn 


r, W rt 

*. Mtmtml. 

1840- ) 

fat Artwitwmrhtitfltfli* im 
(Mitfiintwra am Maim 19M, 
Wt I* si rm 


,>tfttra owm *y wntona D^T* wi .rm^ai rroaoa 

,n*ttvt t 


in Amwika, ( V 

PRWTWO CWm *** Book olubt 

Printing ttnd writing iytttmt 



Anrfep 8 

ftrfmift!tr*ti*M y iwtfeibli tk ami Mki* 

urn mm, 

rintixptrtn bin ittm 

mil KrtlUitwttiiiA, 

i & Utt- 

OtUway, Ottvt AJMH, im~ 

for prltu 



Anauta it yser xoaxftctxeHnott ^e*Tej,HocTH nmHrpadba- 
jecKnx npc^upHSTHfl. t O<5iuax pe^. ocyn;ccTMeira B H 
^Gg^aHOM, MocKsa, Toe. IUA-BO HOJIIIT. ABT-PH, 1857. 

"w p. rorinn, 23 cm, 

Kazaaov, Diimo, writer on 


180 p. 17 on. 

T, 1986. 





Buzlilkov, Nikolttl Ivaiwvich. 

Bonpitcu n.stftiiMjHJttaMHK uitrii M CCCP; UMiiy 


MUTMM, Hcieycctiw, 1 
, so OB. 


!-7wT w printinir " Ann Arbor> Uns * 

. , J, 8W0) 
Mic A M~iiHl3 

nu. Tlo 

II* B. 

tioiwpy, M 


of th 



nd ofllw mttfittlnx tnuta .W 

* l 


xodlrat t 

, Id 

fjrjntinj|fjlttk Unhnolonr. Ixwdoci, JU HU1, IS68, 

m *r.5 


iup, utm 

; b*lnff th* 1^x7 of 

, of bow if hslfW prirvUtu thrmiffh t^*-quar- 
t*rp of c*ni ury to ^Kwui (P.nJlffhtwwwfit, of how Ut* imp of 
t 0th*drl bttmrnt it* miuww, msd of othr mtttwri. 



ttttd I>nekfttrb*, ,Brb, &w& lUywood OrtLfc 
- " VA and Wlnfttt, ia 

Mission de I'industrle franjaise des peintures, vernis et 
encres d'imprimerie. 

Industrie de peintures, vernis et encrea d'imprimerie; rms- 
8ion frangawc. aux Etnts-TJms, 28 juin-4 aoflt 1951. Paris, 
* Adoration national des fabricants de peintures, vernis et 
nerwj d'imprimftrie {1952, 


Nedey, Georges. 

Pmntun'H, vornis, Hicms d'iinpi-iinerie, Avw le concoure 
de Boris Caniaut t et al., Paris, Presasa documentaires, 1955 
(i, e. 1954j ^ 

^ | Y \ 1 ^ U8> ^^ cm ' t^ ur profwlonnel$ de Induitrt de la 

Wolfe, Herbert Jay, 18(H- 

Printing and Htho inks. 5bh, and complexly rw* ed. New 
York, MaoNair-Dorland Co, t wor, 

*8p. Dim, 24 cm. 
TP&49.W6 1957 *6fl7.4 667.5 57-4279 t 

Aforecht, Jf 

tMwr das BewtliulH'U friwlwr Drucfa ur VerUindMtmir 
dw Ahwhnutwns ^on, ,r. Albm-ht uiul (I. Thilo. Miinchan, 

*&* 1 S! W ai r* 1 ' < wut * ll tt ^ Iwtttat dr r>.ut**ha (}^ 
w-lli^Jmft ftlr roiwhunK 1m ttraphtitohM wrh) 

Z280.A4 55-at)ft6S I 


FW4ratlon d'wwoclatwna do UchnJdwia da industrl* d 
t crw d*Unpriro*ri de 



see al*o Linotype; Monotype; 
cutting machine ; Printing* pre*a; 
*- Betting machine* 

BatJtkov, Alk8rdr Tlkhonovich. 

ikrwin f It 

tttr rtXK, 

t MtWKttH, IffKyCC'TWt, ItBfl, 


37- 17180 

o, 1965, 

t^Kua, HcicyecTio, 
tttw, M 

y, B N 

!!M*KrNK nit 

Eomntmu 8ym 
crio XMft- 

y, Uta*. 


f, Ittu* 


9ft p, tihm, >TxS4n, 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Salda, Jaroelav. 

Nauka o materialech pouifvanych v polygrafii pomocna 
kniha pro prftmyslovou fikolu grafickou. iVyd. l.j Praha, 
Stitnt nakl. technickfi literatury, 1955- 

v. Dlu*. 21cm. 
Z&49.S1T C9-S0874 J 

Zakharov, A G 

OfiopyAnuatiuc .HITO-O^CCTHUX HCXOB, ^onymeno * xaic- 
CTBC ysctf, noctxStix #,iw nojmrp. TCxmiKyMOB, Mocxaa, 

W&p, (\\m. 28 cm. 
2240.Z3 55-1650S 


Mashino^ksport, Ysesomznoe ob"edinenie. 

ncwuirpaiftiptecKHe Mammtu ; Kara/tor. MOCKBJX, Ilcicyo 
CTBO, 1955, 

258 p, lllua. 2Tc. 
Z249.MS 55-67682 


Export yearbook of the paper and printing machine industry 
of Western (Germany. Anuario de exportaei6n de la Indus- 
tria de maquiima d papel y de impronta do Alemania Occi 
dental, Annuair d'exportation de I'industrie des machine* 
du papier et d'impreasion on Alemagno Occidentals. Ex- 
port-Jahrbuoh der Papier, und Druckmaaohineninduatrie 
Wuppwtel, Gter,, Export Verlag Bhle-Hogrebe, 

Cm> 676.058 58-47171 


Printing production. 
(Cleveland, D, Will, etc., 

v. la Miu*. port*. 30-Si cm, monthly, 

zm.pssea 50-35774 

Printing, Practical- Style manuals 

PRINTING OFFICES see Printing plants 


Bukhgendler, M A 

npMcitcatte edopawx xcJUsgodcroKMux KOHCTPJ 

MOCKBa, TOC. tl8^"*0 JtHT"pM HO CtpOMTftJtfcCTSy M ftp) 


SaldR, JnrOlav. 

Ktimatiiwoo v tikarakm prfimyiilu, UiHliffovnl Jan 
PulktiUk. ( Vyd. 1,, Praha, Stitnl ntkl. UchnlcW liu- 
ratury, 1954, 

IBS P, iihi, aim, 
22447,89 5^^34868 J 


BrlaYkfl, A L 

Tater KU pOTa^itoaitwe MamttMU 2 OP H 2 ^F c KOMOWCX 
w craiouiMn (TP it TO) MoexM. Hocyccrnfl, l&W 
M P, dtagn, 90 cm, (HoiocrM nojmrp^iMttoA TXHHK* 



; ein * aohUohtr 

IMp, lUtti, 

Kollkov, Bori VaaU'tvlch. 

Tunorpa^cttte nctaniue Kawitw, 
CTB<S ytccJ. nocotfiu w* yt&ntitxcx aojirp. 


tta wocKOncTwx x T 
o; nwricrp, 


PRINTING STANDARDS see Printing, Practical 
Production standards 

PRINTING TRADE see Printing, Practical; 
Printing as a trade 

PRINTS see Engravings 


see also Prionops gabela 

Rand, Austin toomer, 1905- 

Two new specie of birds from Angola. (CHicago, Chi- 
oaffO Natural History Museum, 1057. 

41-45 p. 84 cm. (iOhtc**o, N*turl Hlrt&ry Mwwoto. PaWl- 
tlOD) no, 811) 

QL1.F4 vol. 89, no. 5 57-1774 


PRIOR, MATTHEW, 1664-1721 

Kctton-Cremer, Robrt Wyndham, 1906- 

Matthew Prior. Cambridge tEng.j University 

Sip. iaa, (ThtlfoifolwturMaW 

A 59-7400 
Wlieiley (lollw, Wbr, 

Lawry, Jon Sherman, 1094- 

A critical study of tht Knglinh potry of Matthew Prior, 
Ann Arbor, Miolu, Univ&ruity Mbrofllms (19&8t 

( itrnlvanilty MlrroflU**, Ann Arbor, MIvh.| t'ubUrtt<i n, 18,107) 
Microfilm AC3-1 no. 1B107 MiaAfi>"1106 


see L!O Black market; Rationing, 

LIC, 1949- ) 

FUlk, H 

Die AfntftriAlvfenwrffung d^f drtlinhen Induntrifc tind d 
HtuidwerkK in der Douttoh^R DwnokruUnotmi Rcpwblik 
,vou, H. KUHe, H. Sflin*i<Ur ( und, C.-4, Htnuw, 
Vertag Die Wirtnohaft. lose. 

nt>t>, tiiu*, Sim (rwrwi 

Hlrhttinlnt tibw tU VvH^ilunft, ti^n ltg und 
mng von Knmigiilwra dwi tmlutriwilgi ! 
Im Jfthw ^55, vom SO, 
Central w 

H n, 31 


Hirht linifu UtK-r die Vr^ilung, dim Iiutf und 4k !4ife- 
rung von MtvtpHRlion im Jfnhrt, Ifrfifl (siwwr Nn 
Tml, vom 1$, Jull It>&4, 

J " kWr,l^ 


of contml ardtrn: a hand lx>ok 
oentntl mntml onlprn in forv* of) Mamh 1, |Mt, IVlhi, 
Manngtr of Publication* t !H0 t 

ftiport, tWh 
IT, U8 p 94 <Wfc 

Th law of th* etttUl 

(tht Tnporary powwt) *, 1H6 (xxtr of 1 
PrtrvroUv* drtwtkm *rt, 1M (rv erf 1060) w 

, . 

pptl**; Mag m wtiiwwdt*, 


1H6 (xxtr of 1W) wwf ^ 


Poland. Zau*x, statutes, ftc. 

Pneepisy d&tyc^aoe tryMw aaopatrzenia ma 
technicjsiiego. Wedlug tanu prawngo na dai*A 16 I 
1&54 r. (Opracowali Witold Bogdanowioa i Ryward Olt- 
sssyfiuki, Warwsawa, Wydawn. Prawnicno, 10M. 

xxxlf, 840 p. 31 <*ta. ( Ufltawmlnwatwo gtwtiKxHitviw T**ty, t IB) 

5<V 5MJ748 

Poland. /,au> 

Pnwpisy o gtwpodarowaniu b<jdnynn rftinuveutftiiu^ H! 
pttdknini i opakowamami, ( P<xl rwl, Ktig0ntutua JaUloii- 
Zbigniewa Kiwpki, Wanaawi, PolitkiP Wydawn, 

, (lK>!lwif) 
, t. 11) 

id ctn. ( I'ntuwortuwnt wo 


U. a vlMMr<mf < . .... 

Prioritif*a and nlUx-ationi manual, H^v, iwttw* 
toit} H*M - 

II, B. fitmiftfKn &nd jPi/*M *V* ...... 

Thw (ti>fwm mt*riais pt*m in owr Am#ri^n i 
,WKliin)jt<m, V, S. 0<wt, Print Off., JWttB, 

S* P^f. ^/ />/Mt. ^ **&&* tftemtmy */ 
(^Rv "firf /,^^*) 
IMorUtM mui nlkx^timw nuinwut tt*, fawtHk 

UW, U'M 

1 *. tlww Wf i Mitt* Mr 

U. a 

v. I- 

,W*hinirt, t?, 8, (kft IVttrt, Off. 

m'l -f t 


tn ft 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


*t also Bankruptcy; Land titles 'Reg 
istration and transfer; Li0n#; Mortgages 


RoNrto J 

I>oetrin vnprnl t\ low pri vision; 
<Ii IP.V rmrinnul dp iMtnrartttfKi* dip} 
NuciAti, Huptim Almt, K<lU<wUl IV 


im *4 proyeeto 
ejwutivo d la 

u dp 

iftt, KraiUn HUNUM. Iflfll, 


JUdrtm*** Nwlritt, Jaw* 

IV fo* f*rlit#$U>* .if U 


mr HmitUffr) de Chile, 
ftft-ftUMU 1 

!*# tamwrtiw* dp me] or tUrwo.ho, ttott t<xlh i 
NMwiiuU exift tan minmiMt, & wi wutt*Rt*4tt 
fW ttttblkwoita fw iVcrpfo ckl Hr. fcflait* UP JuKloia do 

$ tk mtvtflmta* dp tm HtUniL J, Mom*, i&m 

utttftw* 9HtMi y wttms- 





y. /^n^ t t!(*tt* 

t lrivitotft ; m4w tit jftu 


fi* tr*tw,joi qukhrn-, Mupw^l b 

& tfti3m ( V, 

, N, 




Santo Sapulco (Priory of the Order of 
the Holy Sepulchre) Gerona, Spain 


Kasmkov, George, pncud. 

The lUA'J plan for thp dfninin^ of th Pnj)*t Marshes. 
(New Yrk, Itomuvh Program on the 1 T . S. S. K., I95S) 

*T i> L'S nn, ((Kant Kur(HHnn Fund) MlmeojcrBphwl erlM, 
no, 4$) 
DKl.KW o,4: 54-44012 rev 


Jannaccww, Silvia. 
1 >u# riwrrlw u I 
W> t. 28 an. ( Qu 

Konm, Oiivnondi. 1&57, 
ondl ; iui Qoavivlttu, 8) 


of Full River. ,84 &, New Yark, Stephen 

Mft WWI j'lWWj 
Mp. llltlM, 38m. 
VK5J8,Mlft 1&S6 635,894 6^19436 J 


, IMA. 


I flfttttttMttH.O^t^ J#tttM T 


tSrul Kliu*wrklftfc. Ixtndtm, Hitgw A Wftto .19AA| 

Conit ruction 



Nittay Ktef . ta- 
pfliOfi lit Vhlliuiftlphlft, Oh*rt7 Hill; tb* 


The ^nffli^h pri*ot. httlk* With * ftwwwwl by HM^h JT. 

INDUSTRIES t Convict Ubor 
PR^ON LABOR t Convict labor 






Fentan, Norman, 1895- 

What will be your life? For use in the counseling claa8 
of the institutions of the Dept. of Corrections of the State of 
California. Sacramento, Calif,, Dept. of Corrections, 1955. 

108 p. 28cia. 
HV6089.F4 S0C.6 55-62682 J 

Herrwigh, Lothar E 

Mwnwhen ohne Schlttsml. Witten. Luther Verlag t 1985j 
201 p, 10 cm. 
HV0080.H4 07-19010 t 

Iwafiska, Alicja. 

Values in crisis situation. Ann Arbor, Mich,, University 
Microfilms { 19R8, 

Microfihii AC -1 no. ftH-lH4ii Mic 58-1842 

Columbia Unit, 

Ohio. ?*. <>/ Mental ffygUn* and Gome&m. 

Manual of applied correctional psychology. Editor and 
senior author, DeWitt E. Sell, supervising psycholoffiat 
Contributing authors, Robert W. HalHday t and othew, 

P*H, Arthur Ely, 

The pffe*ctlveina of a i>enal trtatm&nt program and its re 
lation to parole behavior, Ann Arbor, Univwdty Kiorofllm 

J |trlrltj MlcroHlwa, Aon Arbor, Mich,) PuWlottJofi MO, 1,300> 
Microfilm AC-1 no. If"" 

Unit. Utw, 

Smith, RotHtrt Edward. 

Perotinlity cdttfigurntioiu! of Adult m&l p*n.l populfttionn 
rcrculwl by tho MinnwoU, multipheio perwMiality invtn- 
torr. Ann Arbor. University Mioronlma (IWO, 

fjtJRlywttty MlcrottJai*, Aim Artwr, Mich.) JhWKtton no. l7W) 
Mtoroftlm A0~l no,1 
tlnir. MNr. 




tS>rAi/ dtmtnittit t& Study tf& Mtehtem 

prison riot* ; omiwt and wntributot^ faoUim 
d MUHNitKt comtin aetion \ n^port. 
xlv, ML Ulun< 39 ttfl. 


A two of iiremft tta H oouftt6r.rit mwuwns by AlUtt B. 
Oirmfttt Kt Frtd D*rk Sttbmlttd by 
W4m R^mroh DlTUott, JMMS JU 
l Air 



Fox, VftrtWtt Brittala. 191^ 

Vlolftnc* behind. b*.i 
In tht Ut)ift*d StuU*. 


behind but] n *xplo*in wport on prbon riot 
Nw l^rfc, Vioife** Pmi 

64 3W.6 

PRISON SCHOOLS i** Education of prlgofltm 


Q alto Indttrmtrx*t ttntence; Lift 

1949- ) 

Haw GtoUr, 1 W5- 

UAg und 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 


Pennsylvania, & 9p t. of Justice. Bureau of Correction. 

A review of sentences to the Bureau of Correction : a pilot 
study involving indefinite sentences. [Hamsburff, 1957, 
20 p. table*. 28cm. ' *' 

A 88-0(Hfi 
Petroiylvsnla, State TJalvenlty, Library 


Garrity, Donald Lee, 1927- 

The effects of length of incarceration upon parole adjust 
ment and estimation of optimum sentence: Washington 
State correctional institutions. Ann Arbor, University 
Microftlnw ,1956, 

ity Mtcrofllow, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publlcatton , 18.49T) 
Mio 06-3860 

Microfilm AG-1 no. 18,497 
Waihtngton. Unit., 

Seattle Library 


see also Convict labor; Education of 
prisoners; Escapes; Life imprisonment; 
Political prisoners; Prison psychology; 
Rehabilitation of criminals; Social work 
with delinquents and criminals 

Fenton, Norman, 1895- 

What will be your life ? For use in the counseling classes 
of the institutions of the Dept. of Corrections of tho State of 
California. Sacramento, Calif., I)pt. of Corrections. 1955, 

108 p, 28 cm, 
HV8089.K4 S65.6 W-OB688 t 

Ohlin, Lloyd E 

Sociology and the field of correction*. Prtpaxtxi for th 
American Sociological Society by Lloyd BJ, Ohlin, New 
York, Bumll Sage Foundation, 1086, 

08 tx 28cm. 
HV6080.05 865.6 66-6808 J 

Smith, Robert Edward. 

I*eronftlUy configurations of adult male penal population* 
u revealed by the Minnwota multiphaaio personality inven 
tory. Ann Arbor, University Miorofllrai L 1066, 

CiUnlTOrmlty Mlcrotllow, Ana Arbor, Mich., iMbUcucion no. 18.TM) 

Miorofllm ACM no. 18,704 Mte 

UlttUuMQta, Univ. I.lhr. 


Dupeymt, Ellwbeth, 

Toi, qtd w-tu! Pads, Mtion* Spea ( IW7, 


MtrmtloiwU Society of Criminology. 

L'exitmon mMico-piyehoIogique t o<jlal del dllnquati, 
Pwmiw Court international d* oriminolofk of#*nla par 
la Sooiltf international* d* eriminologia m llabon aWli 
Conwii dm organisation* intmatlonaT det dtanott* tn*di- 
caltts ot le Centre international d ViuftUM*, Fari% IS itpt- 
34 oet IMS. Oonftranea* publl&a par Go*g H*yp ,*t, 

see altto Capacity and dieability 


Nicarajrua. Lowt,t<itotet,*tc, 

Lay creadom do lot Patronatot Nociontl y Dt 
ttUoa de Bot dc la lUptlbllc* y roglwnwito d* 
Hanapa, Impreto n lo* TaU. Nado&aUt, 1647. 


Maarr, Howard Eufn, 1008- 

An evaluation of th mr*Uon proffnuru in flotd it* 
ourity fostUttttona of Ohio, Aim Artw, 

itjr Mlcrt^flliD*, Ann Arbor, Mtoh 
MicroftknAO-1 no. 10,800 


Maudligt arrMthiafangw i K>bnhmj fwiffilw; n 
of t cprimont t af , Kaxta B*mti off fcarf 


5T-444S4 t 


Italy. Istitutv central* di statistica. 

Statistica dogli iatituti di provenzione d di pna, 103$- 
1048. Roma, SQQ. A. B, E. T. K, 1954. 

liap. cx>l. (Unffn., tables. 27cm. 
HV8481.AO 1048 50-^6903 


Harrison, B J 

The thrilling, startling and wonderful uHrratm of Lieu 
tenant Harrison, who wns taken prisoner at GolUd, Texas, 
in 1886, and only escaped, the treacherous murder of hi 
companions by the inhuman Mexicans, to bo transferred to 
a punishment worse than death, namely, tho mint* of 
Mexico; from which he succeed in making hia *capk, and 
subaequently joining CtoL I>oniphan* command, on lt way 
from California across tho mountains bv which mtvans he 
again reached the United Btat... Cincinnati, 1848. t New 

fucfltm. : 30 p. illta. 22cm, 
P81810.H74T5 1848ft 58-1081 


Nw York (Mo&s) Dtpt. of Q&rrwttoH. 

Plant for the aged pri*oner in the ywura ahoad. {Albany, 

&i p, 22 cm. 

HV7282.A6 1058 865.0747 A58-8W I 

Nw York, 8tit Ubr. 


U. S. Bursou of , 

An inittitution&l planning guide for diaaatw 
[Washington, 1057, 

38 p. iflu* 87 cm, 



Wckett, AMyn, 1M&- 

Prisoner* of Hlmration t by r Allyn 

ed.i New Ywk^ Cameron Auwtoolat^ 1967, 


A Harold WiOlam, loa 
Four yean in a Bid holl ; th story of 
sum,, H, Efeflcnery Oo,, 198, 
33 cni. 



Ftnfom, Nocnmn* 1885- 

The prlnontrV family; a nfudy of fmlly wum^lltux in AA 
adult wrmhoml tyitm, Pil AHft, <Mf H PttbifeW for 

140 &, llttw, 


1*45. London, 

war, r ( 


otntrmtton <swmpi} 
aubdlvUlon* Prlonr and prisons 
Kxchangt of undtr 

Prloar mad pri*on* 
Dlplomatk OonlmiiM for tb 

ocaftmotx to all foot ooimo- 

Diplomatic Conference for the Kirtabiifthmwat of InUroa- 
tional Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War, 

CDO/Oiy/Art, (Clause* common to all contention*, 

I>raft of article adopted by Committee in, ta, l140j J"ut 

SH^Iuly 4, 1M. ,(J 

no. In v. 31 c 

WpJomatk C<mfnt for tfee KaUblWim.nt of 

ttonai Convwtiojw for the Protection of Vtetfcns of War, 

, . 

CDG/PKIIS. {!*rioner of war convention, 
amndmut, etc,, l-i47; Apr. sia July W* 11H0. 

atUn t. 81 eta. 
JX6I41.A1 104&? 

( onfrrcncc for the K*iUWi*^m*nt of Intcnw- 
tkmal (!onvettti<Mi for th* Prottctkn of Victims of War, 

wntiwi* tie Cien^vft dw 
HOUK U dirwtion di* *Ifn W, Pictet 

I>ipk>*tic (WerwK. for Uw K*tWiiAroit of - 

national Convwitiotw for t^ Prot*cl^ of Vkttmn of 
War, <' 

Confer**** for tlM EUWWvmt of 
Uon*l t'onvvntioiw for th Prt>tU0 of VkUm*. of War, 

AUUt 1U, UHP, Ixm4o% H. M 

8 ** * m 



t'tnt^l Slate* of 

m H 

iilrf for tit* 



Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 


. (> 

vinltf V >""U ft*n-y,w k 

iidvkln. I'M 

4(i {> 

d*v}'ni limb! kturiudXimt d* 
nvM^, d l karo auky 

' Ulkr>W 

HawKMk of th Int*rn,U<xuU Ited Crow; ooimntloni. 
UtutM mid ntguiatiunii, ftwolutiotM ojf th International 
Ctwtomu** f th K*d Crow* and of the Hoard of Governors 
nf !Ud CRN* Ht*IfttU. 10th 


!ffi^ <h " 

wit.Ainp nttM, km ' 
HVMHHPWUtt 861.504 



Jw victims <t U gttrf*: mrnrqum 0t proportion*, Docu 
ment *lwMii* MU gmivi>rtufttMntii invitfc par to Gomel! fttifaa 
*!** & Iw < \mftatw* tUpltmmtiqu* dt (kn&v*k 31 avril 


. Afolft vm 

*htU*h .Mittlhmg d 


fa mtxter- 

wM f*tr (Iw pmtwftiw tf war 

S Kijghtjy futtrth C 
wtUm l> R, F> mirf (?i Sid 

wiitw of war 
ttftt 19, 140, 
nithlniclott, I*, H, <}ft, !Httt, Off,, iM, 

HI. Wjt a4rw 

U a rf; 

&orl OA K)ttwutiw 1>, K, F, arid 0. 

SMllKdtWV W " J " " " 

m.ii^ s* 

Petvfan #Mm. 


tl. H. /tyf, */ #A* ^ my, 


of 1 

I*w af naval wrfw, ,Wwthin#tfwj IfMIS, 
i v, t t?f<ii# pit unit uiH*, tt t tr M, 

Th# rpilvwt f Kwmi | nh Mtw^iil white 

] mtr (rvtimnl of theJrn, thiir 

wte. tttw ii m 


Ho*, Ml 




of w tttiiiwtiofl % ibt United 
0*fp G. Uwl* wtd Jo*m 


U. S. !><?fn* Advisory ffoatmitt on Prit&wrt of War. 

POW, th fight continues after the h&ttlo; tlie report of 
th HacreUry of IHfuiao'i Advisory Committee on Priaonew 
of War. (^'ftshington, XT. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956. 

n,8Sp. llluw. 24 m J 

UR800.U68 55-61888 

V, a />/<>7w Advisory GommiiUa on Prkw*r of War. 
The XT, S. fighting man's code. (Washington, Office of 
Armed Faroes Information and Education, Dept, of Da- 
fwiae, 1855. 

vll.Wp. Utttt. 24 on, (XX) Pwa a-l) 
UB800.U52 1055 56-S857 

U. a , ~ m&uxr 

Code of the TT. S, fighting man. ,Ex&outi*o order 10681, 
Washington, U S. <lovi Print, Off., 1057, 

tie,p, iitu*. 22 oa. (BOX) I*iim 1-10) 

U15.U64 no. 855-106 856,18 57^16871 




of olujtim of Kr*n'h }Honpr of war, 
t\m\t bftwwn tlw t f mt<Kl Sut of Amprirtt and Krunro 
*ITtH*twt hy P^'lmn^n of IU^PR dntwl nt l*ari JUUP 4, Octobw 
1&, and iHHTinlwr 0, U>51, and JTaimnry 17 and February a, 
105il; niml inU ftw February 2, lOm, (WMhington, 
U.H,(3<vt, Print, Off,, 1I>W, 

in )t, 24 IH 1 1' H. l>*tK of tttitt*. Pnbllrntlon (V4. 
Ant] ottwr liifi>rnuflunl 


fiir thmali^ 
Je nd 
t nm>h d^m Htondt^m I. Jul 

' ' 

Mt also Conviot labor; Debt, 
mnt forj Education of prisoner*; Eioapt 
(L*w); Eio&pts; Ptnal ooionita; Pollct 
itation*j Pr*v*ntivt dtt^fttion; Prison 
diaoipilnt; Priaont hulkt; Prison py- 
ohology; Priton riot*; Priuon intnetij 

If0 for women; tUao immet of prtaoni; 
and subdivinion Prison and rtformatorie* 


AftOfeif lit k 1Wr, Manwl, 

Myrf E 

SS^ nit* 84 

t*i ,I&fi7 t 




HiuidbMak mt 4mtfJ<.tbn in ramrtiwutl Uwtitutlw^tt*. 
nd byjh* Gbnmluw t an#inmtifi ud Ow* Workef 

, mr. 


Ante w*d tilt Mr iwl 8tt^r tfc Prtv*IJ* #TC3riNw 

th* Tritmrt of Of 


5 OotoUr to 

wxl Btt*u ^f SooUl Affair* 
with tb* Oort. of Burma. ,N*w Vork, 

Barnes, Harry Elmer, 1880- 

Kev horizons in criminology ( byj Harry Elmer Barnes 
t and] Negley K. Teeters. 3d ed. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 
Prentice-Hall, I960. 

6M p. lllvig. 24 cm. (Prenttce-HAll sociology wrlw) 
HV6026.B3 1859 804 5D-5873 t 

Bavaro, Vito. 

IOfi^ P06te *** 
^ p. 25cm. 

rift in I ** 1 - tMilano, 

B<eche, Hector. 

Sitm&ticA do la ciencia penitenciaria, Trabajo d pro- 
ontaeion, el 21 da enero de 1940, a la Academia Mexican* 
de Ciencias Pennies. Hab&na, J. Montero, 1951. 

O&p. 34ctu. (MoooniffaJurldlCM,r. TS) 

1 J 

QuiinJs y p<res, Conatando, 1873- 
I^ccioii*8 de drwho penitoneiaru>. Mexico, Imnr. ITni- 
v*muria, 1958. 

3U*I>. I! hut. 20cm. (Toxt<unlvrtt*rlii} 

85-lOHS J 

Boolscn, Frank M 

Jail pructlciKB and prcxwdum. Prepared for ue in con- 
nection with the California PWK* Offioan' Training Pro 
gram. Sacramento, Cllforni State Dapt. of Education, 


HV7897.C1 no, 6 

t'tionnl eniployws tratninir manual, H 

,v. iaw, 

iitH 23m 

B^tran. Oscar. 


Cottm Attri Moara* 

I*rt>bJna (ni 

Olp. l&fm, 


Garcfa Wp<% Domingo. 

d*t dUt 

Mistioo, 1056, 

tUlinounto m^n 



mlwlon dt t* {tollnt tt 1'aHion pinlttntlaira. Owi- 
w doti4 & l*ftai ^ vlih dt Bruxaliwi, i* 17 *?rH 
iOT. (NIvoUnn! IMTt, 

i, IMS, 

1 ft 88 <?et, 

HV876U 5 


Orim* na th* pwial iyntm{ textbook of erimtnototty. 
Univwwtty Tutorial Ihnm t im 

Jon**, Howard, 1918- 

Korn, Rkhmti R 


op 5 Mwirt i 

y Arrojo, Mwxtwl. 


Editorial RiohawU* 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRISONS (Continued) 

McCleery, Richard Harmon. 

Policy change in prison management ; a test cose for ad 
ministrative analysis. Foreword by Alexander Heard. 
(East Lansing] Governmental Research Bureau, Michigan 
State University t 1957] 

80p. 23cm. (Michigan Stato University. Governmental Research 
Bureau. Pol I tlcal research studies, S) 
HV8751.M3 36B.6 68-82661 t 

Mejla Arellano, Oscar. 

Sistenms penitenciarios. [Granada, Nicaragua, 1948] 
88 p. 21cm. 
HV8761.M4 57-20419 J 

Middle East Seminar on the Prevention of Crime and the 
Treatment of Offenders, Paira, W&$. 

Middle Knnt Seminar on the Prevention of Crime and the 
Treatment of Offenders, Cairo, 5 to 17 December 1058, t New 
York, United Nations, 1955, 

07 p. 28 cm. (United Nations. jDooumentj ST/TAA/r,0/17) 
JX1077.AS ST/TAA/aer.C/17 864.06362 55-2840 
_ -- . -Copy a. HV6008.M5 1068 

Moreno, Jacob L 1892- 

The first book on group psychotherapy. 8d ed. New 
York, Beacon Houee. 1957) 

xxlv, JStip, lllu, 24cm. (PtycluKlrama and group pychotbcrapy 
BMmographB, no. 1) 
HV87G8.M8 1957 868,664 57-4610 

Pettlnato, Roberto. 

Obaervacione* sobre el oonjunto de regl** minima* par* 
el tratamlento de recluww. Buenos Aires, 1058. 

48 p. 25 em. 

HV8751.P4 WW8W4 $ 

Rus&omano, Gtlda Madel Corrca Meyer. 

A reouneraslo social don delinqUentes. Pfclotn* (1080. 
26 p, 38 im 
HV870B.K84 B1M18909 J 

Sutherland, Edwin Harxlin, 1382-1950. 

Principle of criminology. Rev. by Donald R. Crewey* 
5th ed. Philadelphia, Lippinoott ,1965, 

849 p, 34ctn. 
HV6025.S88 I960 864 56-5BS8 t 

Tore iuta A 

Apunta sobre regimen. penltenoUrlo; plaa general para 
un, re forma penitenciaria en Colombia. &, ed dedioadft t la 
"Unhrersidad d<s Oaldmt," Manismlw, Impr. DeptrtamenUl 

55-18018 J 

70 p. 24 C(U> 

HV8761.TG 1953 

United Nation*, ftitcr national Uroup of tixfrrh on th* 
Prw#ntt0n f tfrim* and th$ TfMtmtnt of @ffmd#r#, 
Report. ,l!t r &d ww.; 194MO. [L ( ikft Suooww, 
v, ^^Uctn. ( t'nltwl Nations ir^K-utasuti K/ON.O) 

VaWfe Santo ToroA*, Edoardo. 

Elementoa de ontropologtn penltfenclarlik Prdlogo por 
M. A, d'^tefano Piwtni. ,H*b*n, Bdidow d In 
PeniUnciarin Naojonal, 1054. 

3>p, 24ct. 



w Palomar,, Jorf** 

El problwim pwxltenoiario, (Oundilaiiini, MAxioo, Edi- 
donw de In Unirenndud d GundaUjarm, 1954 

m> Ittw. IMaa, 


Norioni dl oonUbilitl gmnO 
oonUbill doirwuminietrMiotve p 

ttnto * d errii 
Rocn*, Tipo- 


The ocirty of oaptlttit t itudy of nuadmnin tottttof 
prijoo. Pitoto,Br, J^ Priiwrtw tMttwl^ Pma, 1W, 

&8-100M t 


Conference of Specialized Agencies and International Non 
governmental Organizations Interested in the Prevention 
of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders. 

Prevention of crime and treatment of offenders; report on 
the Conference. 1948- 

1 v. 2t-S2 cm. (United Nation*. [Document! B/ON.5. ST/ 


JX1977.A2 364.4 50-18694 rev 

2d get. HVOQIO.OCS 


Casey, Roy. 

The modern jail: design, equipment, operation. Keene, 
Tex,, Continental Prw, 1958. 

80p. itluB, 2Tcm. 
HV8805.Cn 865.5 58*44878 t 

Marcos, Ram<5n. 

Hacia una awiuitectura ppnal nipxiwina; poncnoia nl I** 
Congreso Nacional Penitenciario. [Mexico? 195 -Ij 

unpage<L lllu, 31x30 cm. 
HV8805.M5 65-26S81 t 

see Prisons Visits and correspond 
ence with Inmates 

DISCIPLINE see Prison discipline 

National Conference on Social Weifar*. 

The educational n*ed* of i*nK>nnt>l in tlw fipld o 
tions. New York, Council m 8<H!lul Work Kducation 

20 p. saau. 
HV8764,Kn 1056 


0UB, Aetor GuJmnrftc*. 

A qutitfco v&xml nw prl5i. Sio Paulo, Edl^ SnTi 


11 t 

AzpUuu, IRaki de. 

MtiUMJM, t lUuiii(M AUm KcUflonvM (fat) Aflftfltira ,1U&H, 

mp, ao a, 



Hemvijrh, lxthftr E 

Mnw?hn ohne Sfhlfimwl, Wlttin, I^itbr 
aw p, ID oin. 

Tttcktr, Park. 

Prison U my purith \ to utorj of Park Tttekw M tokt to 

^ g * I ^ r 
iwp. am 

Wainwrif ht, J 

Priaoa journal j 


PeiuwylvmnJa. D^ of Jwtte, Bur+t* *f 0*rr**t*. 
Th mol offlow imAnutl 



Marphy, George tavelle. 

Tlw social role of the prison chaplain. Ann Arbor, Uni- 

^Sl^lS teiS 7 i Arbor, llldM Pu^tlon ttjg) 
MicroftlmAC-4 no. 18,251 Mio 57-1838 

ntY. Ut>r. 

WilUng, Ora Mae (Campbell) W- 

Them that it in darkniwa (""lev^lwul, Tenn., Whit* Wing 

174 p, aocm. 


54 1787* rv J 

U. S. Bureau <* 

Conferf nw of waKK-iatP wgvdwis, 
v. aft cm. 

American Correctional Association, i \tmtnittt* vm 

nol Ntandttrtts &nd TiWriinj;, 

SuggvwtiHl collfgip currieuU n jirfpantion f nr rortwtioni.1 
wv5w. NPW Yrk )PM, 

40 p, 24 r 

Natkmal Omf erec* on 8*W Weltaw. 

T!P wluofttlotmi *<1 <f i^mmiwt in th* feltl * 
tioitft. NPW York, Council t HtH"inl Work fktufMin 


Amtriow CormttaMkl 

Cvmttitte* m 

74* m 


if h |>>mm* frtitn 
w York ,! 


SfKith Africtt, 





of ftp* Timn, J^htmi 


Perttanfi, Wmerfa f J 

ttmotoiU y cfe ^iK4 
*, 4, iWfwi^i y R4lf Ci 

te Miirtln y U nfrm* mm4*H*j ftft#rt i U toturk 
! taw** t* 


, iWC 

i-ifn4 j 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRISONS (Continued) 


Argentine Republic. Lawn, *tatul6*, flic. 

KUtut<> dpi poramal d<*l wrvicio ponitenciario d la 
NaciAnj proywto d toy, Contribution al e&tudio del t*on, 
xv : Kl nominal en *1 atatwma p*nit*w\ciario juutieiaHiita, 
38^. >pta, 

55 21775 

Pettinato, RoWrto. 

Porsonnl twititvnrtario; twlutamianto, preparation y 
Mtatuttt fowl. Information tvlativa a la organisridoii dl 
<ro*riM> titiiftm*inriu fa U KnpuhUca Argentina, pimntada 
al HfminaHo Utinttamftrifann wbra PnvencUb del XfeHto 

fl ratmmcnto del Ifolmrurutc, orgnniaado por )a Nadonw 
Wda*, Hurtio* Aim, Miniatftrio <i Jurtfaia do la NacMn, 
IHnwidn National d tmrtltuton Platen, 1063 

Km Sflrw 


Probation ami Pt**to Ablation, 
Ottrrwtloftal nawit** In Ariitm^ 1M8{ report of a s 

with th* ()^Kmi? Aw*oftlatl<m, Jnp,, 
' nurmu, (Huhtnittdd to th 
f Arinonn, Nkw York, tMff, 










Rio de Janeiro. Penitenciaria Central. 

Kalftt Ario das actmdades. 
jEio do Ianwlro. 

v, lllim. 82 cm. 



Burma (Union) 7Vw<m Rtorff&nisatton Enquiry Commit- 

Report Kangoon, Supedntendent, Goyt Print, aad Sta 
tionery, 1C7. 

184 p. 84 cm. 


Burma, Lowr. Jail &gpt. 

R^imrt on the* prison adminittration of Britiah Burma. 
Rangoon, Printed Rt the Oovt. Pre. 
Y. in tnhlwi, 8S cm. nantwU. 

OiUfornia. MtbtnJ Afabory (,'Mnmtttte to th* Attorney 

CVlifomiR ji!; 
Brown, rH&mmei 

top, Mrm. 

t to Attorney <}n^ral Kdmund O, 


i of nditknt population of California Stati 
prison* by iuntitut iom*. 


Htudy on huildin n*d of Hint* <Hrrctiotti Inntitutionut 
of UM 8t* 

Cllf wnin. 

Th wunty jails of Cidifamia: an evaluation, Frpiirvi 
for tlw Hiw-ii S^dy OommWon on Oorroodo&al Fiwili- 
tiw am! Swkw and UM Htat Bonrct of OorwoUoiui bv 
mwnbn( of (h Odamiid^o Uff, Htaurt Adwru, nroh 
dlrtotor ind Milton Rurdmiui, projoot dlrotor, 8*ora- 


('*rr*ctioi> AwcUtiocu 

dUn Wlf*m Omtnoil, 

, tnut, 

CHINA. 104&- ) 

W prWw chlaolw* 

TWO ,Ltti*A 


a la 

.re im 

(DIFT, ) 


ta tb fi*M of oomotiooj; mwct to 

Colorado. State Penitentiary ^anon City. 

Colorado State Penitentiary presents a ten yenr building 
and dewlopement (SIC) program, 1955-1965 j supplemented 
by the historical background of the institution, present pro 
cedures and practices, an analysis of present plant and pro 
gram, and A study of future requirements. Prepared fw tho 
Colorado General Assembly and Colorado State Planning 
Commission. [Canon City 1 1955 ?) 

91 p. Ulna., port*., map* (part fold.) 28 cm, 
HV0475.C62C3S 865.878888 58-OIJ057 


Connecticut Priton Study Committal. 

A unified ayatom of correction: final report rHwrtford] 

06 p. 23cm. 

HV8Sae.A7 1957 365,0746 C7-63MO 


Aparicio Laurencio, Angel. 

La reforma penitenciaria pn Cuba. Conferaucia pronuA' 

ciada n la Caisa Cultural de Cat61ica, el dfa 5 de Junio de 

1S&6. Introd. dfl.Pr. Rafael Rodrfguc* Altunaga. { Ha- 

Una, Ruiz-Ca 

Tip, 21 cm. 

Florid*, Uatr. 


tNyborg, Denmark, 


District of Columbia. Vammitt* mi Pritw, Protatb*, <xid 

Priaotta, probation, and parole in th I>i*iriot of Columbia, 
,Wih%to, 1957, 

**$ **&& *W* ma*, *lan,taWei. STem. 
HVBd^Ae 1S7 SW.97W 57-48683 


Caitri Bt LtMia, Voio Pub, Go, 
. Wc 


FTorWa, Ltgitlat*** R*f*WM* Svrmt. 

oorm-Ucmnl Myntwn; a report to the Florida 
Council by thn SI*ct OotmniitM on Oorreotiotuu 
, Finridiv r^ialfttivB Council) 105C, 

M, Sfiftt, 

A AM18L 

iv, Ubmry 




ltl tit 


Hiltairtt, J*qt4*, IfW- 

*, pilori* t cuehois du vifttx Prnrla, (Parity 



lor taffU and prtcm ofllctrs. t n. p., 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRISONS (Continued) 

1949- ) 

Finn, Gerhard. 

Die politisohen Haftiinge der Sowjetzone, 1945-1958. 
t Hrs. von der Kampfgruppo gegen Urunenschlichkeit. 
Borlin-Nikolaasee, 1058?, 

281 p. 1U8. 24cm. 
HV6295.Q4F5 69-39316 J 

Untersuchuntfsausschuss Freiheitlicher Juristen. 

Wir dtlrfpn nioht schwcip^n; Streiflichter aus den politi- 
sohtm Huftanst alien der Sowjetzoao. Heraus^ber: XJnter- 
auchunj^sausschuas Frdiheitlicher Juristen der Sowjetzonc, 
Berlin-Zehlendorf j Bund dor Verfolgtcn des Nazireglmea, 
DQsfleldorf ; Kampfgruppo #egen Unmenschlichkeit, Berlin- 
Nikolosfioe. Berltn-Zoihlondorf [1051] 

84 p. 21 cm, 

OS-22669 rev J 

1949- ) 

Graber, Gr#or. 

Monsch soin verboten ; CtefEngnisreportag*. Berlin, Kon- 
gre$8-Yerla& 1&56. 

lie p. ntui, 18m. 
HV9677.Q7 57-17384 t 

Licdk, Wilhelm Josef. 

Vorbestraft, Bin kritlachor IWtraff zur Strafrochtsre- 
form, Frankfurt am Main, Bollwork-Vtrlftffs-Oegcll- 
sehaft, 1050. 

184 p. aicm. 

56-48851 t 

U. a Treaty rt<\, MM- 

Penal adminiwtration In the Federal Republic of Gormany. 
Agreement between the United State* of America and other 
government opened for signature at Bonn September 29, 
1955 with fexchmtige of note* between the Minister for Poreijrn 
Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany arid the Amri 
can Ambassador, ai^ned at Bonn and Bonn/Bad Qodeibwg, 
November 1 and December 20, 1955, and noted of the Chan- 
cellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, signed at Bonn, 
October H and November 7, ^958. t Washington, U. S. Oovt. 
Print, Off*, 1955, 

53 p, ft cm, (TmtJw and other tatrntl<Mua m Kurt**, 8&M 
no. 854-9 55-61660 


Clayton, Gerold Fancourt 

The wall is strong; the life of a prison governor. Lo&- 
don, J. Ixwtr fl958i 

Elkln, Winifred AdeUne, 


58-48380 1 

Thft English Mnal aystwn. (Ilarmondsworth, Ung., Pen 
guin Books [1057 1 
SSTp, idem, (PftltmnbookM l A884) 


Penal practice in a oh&n#inff ooity ; ap&*t of future 
development : England and Warn Ixwidcm, H, M. Stfttion- 

ery Off, 1861 

IV, 83 p, aifumi, 
rwitidi cmod, Oi5) 

, 83 p, 
idi cmod, 

HV84S8.A6 1959 

GtBrlt HonuDopt. 

Prison* and bor*tal& Statemetit of policy wad practice in 
the adrriinirtmt.ion of prioouit wad boretnl inrtltution* In 
England and, Walo& ( M } rev, cd, lx>ndon, It M. 3t*- 
tioaery Off, T 1957. 

Wp, Iliu*,, rtlijmi,. tWw, 23 cm, 

Grew, Ben jwn In Dixon, IS&i^- 

Priaon myremor. Londom, Jenldng t 

220 p, HUM, Seco). 


Htsmctt, Norman Howmrth. 

Portrait in grey, being a full length of pri*>n 
condition and ttdminiatnvtlon and of the pbilo*opliy which 
supports them, together with some proposals for tiwlr re 
form. London, Muller [195&J 

67-4001$ t 

Norman, Frank. 

Baiff to rights} an wxxnmt of prison lif. With a fore 
word by Raymond Chandltr. London, B*okr A Warburg, 

Pugn, Ralph Brnrd, 1010- 


A 55-10081 

Salt, Alfred. 

Jottings of a J. P. With a foreword by the Hon. Mr. 
Justice Sellers. London, C. Johnson [1955j 

155 p. 19 cm. 
HV9047.S8 W-58QW t 

Size, Mary. 

Prisons I have known. Foreword by John Ohuter Kde. 
London, Allen & Unwin t 1967j 

195 p. llluR, 28 cm. 
HV8788.S5 865.942 58-458 t 


Gt Brit, Comnnttfift o>i Kwunf ration, and (?ondiionii of 
iSeroiM of Otrtain Grades in the Prison *SVrw&t, 
Report London, IF. M, Stationery Off. t lS5H, 
fll it. u i nn. (|Ut. Hrtt. I'rl!atm*nt, Piip^ru h.y ooiiunntidi nimd 


Gt. Brit. Zaw*, statutes, vie. 

I)i\8 pnglische Gwwtis tiber KrimittRlrH*ht*pflo0\ von 1048 
(Criminal jtico afit 1048) Peutsctie ttlerwtung von 
Armin Kttnwnund. Mit einer Kinleitung vftrwhwn von Eu- 
dolf Sievertn. Iterlin, 1> Gruyt 1052. 

xx, $4 p. 34 era. (Bammlunf miiMKirtlputiwhtsp RtrHf(tw**t*<>Uohr 
Nr, W) 

55 38017 


Hongkong. /V&m >jwl. 

Annual departmental report by il\f> Conuniwsinner of 
Honjat Konjt, (Jovt. Printtn 

v. ai'-sa <? B. 


The Journal of ttorrMtlonftl work, no, 1- 
Sept 1954- 
(Lueknowi Oovrnmnt of Uttw Pradesh. 

v. 2n fas Htmunt, 


Bombay ( 

Administration report. 
Bombay, PHntwl at this ("favt. 0itml Pirn 

v, Sfi mi, Hntrnal 



Adminlitration report of th jaik 
Poona [Wto, PrJntt at th Y 
v, dlRHTik Sftom. anam 





Htport o 

of th nrot*tk>n 


. 84 (m, MAWMt, 


PuttjAb, /fuiia (^a) J 
lUport on th nomli 

of th* jail* la tb Ptt^iOK 


r, 188 

Th IOWR prboo 76ft. Irw* Oity, Sut Uftimnttj 1 of 



Propoflttt pr an* ri forma owtmrU In lUlia, (MlUoo, 

Italy, htttuto <*entra?$ di statiatiea. 

Stutiatioa degli Uttituti di prevenzione di pena, 1088- 
1948. Koma, Soc. A. B. K. T. E., 1954. 
a p. col. dlngr*,, tal)l<w, 27 cm. 

('Dnimitttf on /Vn/ and 




Kenya Cotony and ProtttfomU, /ViWfi*^?rf. 

Treatment, of offw\dr; annual report* 
Nairol>i,<}ovt. Printer Mf.\ 

Itapoport, G 

Miwttthu Slttrw R A(! 


C9ounf y Ji 

i*' M WTl 



unlft Lumpur, Govt, Prinfw, 


itt>*fj Ik 

rrti l 

rt, fta^ WHuht A f*tt*r i*riii, 0*, I 
ftfinterw, IMIli 

*4 p. .9 ew, ( MumatotMlit'llL |3MWiy ^Mfli t*R*j lt*ti ft* 

of ( 

Hi* K^ 

of th* 
Prifti, (VJttfMftfiw 

ti, Wright A 

B*n Wright A 

30 ^ M <m 


on tlM t 

jj Hftnt PHidif* 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRISONS (Continued) 


AguiUr d ) Torre, Manuel. 

La* c&rnlw y tm istftnB 
ma \\ 21 fin 

m0H, M&tico. 1854, 
67-989M t 

Jnnttmaa jxmitimeiarioii y HUD funoion. Mexico, 1956. 

Wp, (linn 20 an, 
HWM.04 57-47747 

trap, H 

in Mthrn ol problem* i In ttalincuMiriR wi 
t'o, 1MVJ, 

57 ai?oo 

Qoiilrrts Martfnw. 

!* iUjlHw'ft t'rimittftt municipal, M4xic,o, 1P52. 

Mj*reo* Rnm<Vn. 

Hm'ift unit (t 

|xnl mcxirnrm; ptintwlft. al 1** 

Mlw) il hi. It K 



Rl pmW*r 
$Jwww <!P IR \ 

wwSi.vr ** mi 

'Miami AN 
Mich)*. fWwffofttf'iN 

S* rw 

jtt waar 

Lup4*n. Wattff 

Thu iirnirit Hi*wwj m amOyib el tlwi|rki 
in nlra* North Clwtimt HtKtw ia &* tlRlt/SlUi 
* P t, of 


A 57 -77^ 


Missouri. &$n#r&l Assembly. Joint Correctional fa 
Study Committee, 
Final rejwrt. Jefferson City, 1955. 
25 p. 28 cm. 
HV834C.A7 1055 C5-6294C ] 


Montserrat. Prison. 

Antigua 16(0,1 


ferane* <rf Charities and CorwctJwu 

Annual MHion; i 

t, 22cm, 



Bn\mcln, Jacob MaarUn van, 1HPR ^ 

(Jwlwikt <li>r j^pvnnj^pnpu ; o|wtellin <v*r hervo 
ht>t stmfiwht t*n gPVftiiKriiiJHWPiiwi. VGmwnhap, M. Nij- 
hot?, 154. 

130]), Illus Utlctii 

Kalk, W 

mn 4r, 
^rt hajwt, lt **n 

hoofdMuk in bwld 
>, A. 

334 p. illuft 

N<?thfrtei4 {A 
/V. AfaMitHj 
Hrt Nwh'rt 

*, HIM*, 

67 ttlMhU 
I t>r (/*#! 



Nttttffkttl* (A"f^w, /#/# ) J^ 

Vn*nnirm>lin|{ fun wttf*m tw^luif^n w vrnvrnohriflpn Iwt 



tlei fr tlwi 
AM Arbor, 

ill in N*w Vwrit tot; *H t846, 
^rofU*t> : U>ftr s 
Mtt Artw, Mw* ) l v H feltrMUPfl m 11, 


Nw York (,Vw<) 

Corrtrotiott Uw MX* Civil pnwik* *ot (AJb*ny, 


45-81848 rev' 

New Zealand. Parole Board. 


Wellington, Govt. Printer, 
v. 2,VS>1 cm. annual. 
HV8471.A32 365.99S1 


North Borneo. Prisons Dept. 

Jeseelton, Govt. Print. Dept. 

v, 25 cam. annual. 


North Carolina. State Highway and Publio Works Cem- 

Rqwrt on feasibility of 8paratinR the State prison Hystem 
from the State Highway & Public Works Commission ub- 
milted by the chairman of tho State Highway A Public 
Works Comm., chairman of the Prison Advisory Council, 
director of prisons, iRnleigh 1 1856 ?, 

28 p, tt>te. 28 cm. 
HV8S58.A0 1956 67-48322 

North Carolina. 

Htyhveay and 

Works Own- 

Itaport tin tli foAnibility of wparatinp; tlio Statei 
nyatwm from tin* Stat* lU^nway and Public Works CommS" 
ilon, Subnuttwl by tH chairmwi of the State Highway and 
Public Works Ootnmiiwbn, chairman of tlxa Prison Advisory 
Council |A!tdi dirttctor of prion. rRakich! 1957 t 

xl,JWJ, 90cm, 

HV8S53.A6 1057 

North Carolina, tftefe PrtttM Dept. (IOB7- ) 
ltiK>rt of North Carolina prison syttm, S3d 

v ."Inn, MtHintnl, 

Oklahoma. 8tat ferUtenttnry, . 

{{p{H)tl of u|H*t'ul ions nd stntint icnl data, 


B*Wi, Frtderick 8 

My unwplfomi* guiwt*. jUt *l,j rhiladflpltia, 

/>r//, / Justk*. fturvw* of Oomcitton. 
Oommntiwcmlth of ritnyiviuiia, I^fmrUtiwit of 
lurwu of C^wrttH'tkin, I Inrrilur|f 1 19fl4t 

Aftrt OSOfl 


lth of Fennirylrinift DeipMtm*nfc 
Briw tif ClaraK'timi, Ownp Hill, Print^ at Uw 
IrutuKrinl School .Ififl?, 

t v, t (!* |f} form J)m, 

A 67 Wa7 

Ul report; ponal, Jun l t l&W to Au*. 81, 


l\**ytrhntii, gfcaw 


0i* ftumio, Jf 

But Mwtlo y h reform* o*ro*lari*f aporU U hlitoria 
pwoal fcrjpuxtlno y unrkno, Buiw Aim, 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRISONS (Continued) 


Bunye, Alfredo M 

The Philippine prison system. Manila, University of 
Santo Tomas t !952] 

Iv. (varlouapaglngs) table*. 28cm. 
HV9808.B8 57-86201 


Morcira, Adriano. 

problema prisional do Ultramar. [Coimbraj Ooimbr* 
Editor*, 11)54. 

SliOp. as cm, 
HV8959.POMC 66-416*6 t 


Portugal. Laws, statutes, etc. 

<>r#umag5<> prinioual; Dm-etc-lei n.* 6:tf43, do 28 de 
maio dto 11)36, aetualizada o nnotada fporj J. Roberto Pinto 
tOj Alberto A. l<>rrt*ira. Preficio do profoaaor doutor Beleza 
dos Santos. rCoimbrai Coimbra Editora, 1055. 

xvltl, WG p, 24 cm. 



BoQcov, MikhaU. 

JI>OA' coiw-TCKOfl T>opt,. CysMOc Aftpee, CCHTCJH,, 1957. 
2 v. jxH't. ao em. 
HV6295.K9B6 57-58929 

Claudius, W 

A aovtat political isolator, Oxford, St. Antony's College, 

131. 84 cut. (St. Aatony'KpntwnoniiOTlAtuffalrDf 
HV6205.B905 5&-S7579 

KaravaY, P N 

B ^ooKTxSpfcCicttc ro#u ; a napTHftBtott palate, n Tiopine 



100 p, 31cm, 
0K254K86A8 1955 58~S5659 

Urmolo, Elizabeth. 

Fao* of a victim, Trannlated from the Rugiian by L D. W, 
Talm&dKe; with * foreword by Alexandra Tohtoy, t lgt fcd.i 
Ntw York, Harper (1955, 

wip, SB cm, 
HV6S05.R9U8 3e5.947 

OdeiUiro, Armando. 

Prigloni, mooovit*, 

906 p, 81 cm. (T^tl 
dl amort*, dUH docvmctl, 3ft) 

Unix, Dbr. 



Gwntt, Mikhail Nikolatvieh, 1874-1953 

McTopn* n&pcueoft rwpbkM, MWKWV, JOrnwt. 

8V. lllun,, part*. 25 era. 

<krn*t, Mlkhtil NUeolMvkh, 1874-1058. 

mpcicoft tioptjiw, Moem, foe, 


fly. lllun. SSctn. 


St CluistoplMd: tnd Nftta, 

lUpxtft <m ttw tmtmtnt ol offtodwi, H. M, jprtow*. 
Antigua, Oort, Print Off. 


Si ChrUtophw, Kerb and An^Jfla, 

Report on tU twatmxt of offwxd*. H, K, prison* 

. . 




Aparicio Laurencio, Angel, 

El siHteiua penitenciario espafiol y la redenciiSu de pcnas 
por dl trnbajo. Prologo dol Sr. D. Calixto liel&ustegui M&s. 
Madrid, Libivrfa General V. Sudrez, 1954. 

202 p. 2acu>, 
HV9748.A6 57-25B39 1 

Aylagas, Francisco. 

Kl regimen penitenoiario cepafiol. Pr61oco del Excmo. 
Sr. P. Kaimundo Fern&ndez-Oueeta. Madrid, 1951. 

182 p. 24cm, 
HV0743.AO 55-572U J 

CueUo Calfin, Euffenio, 1879- 

La wforma p^nal on Kspafia; discum) do r(wpc,i6n del 
aoadfimico do numero D. Kugenio Guello Cal6n y oontta- 
cidn del acad^mioo de niimero Excnio. Sr. D. Eloy Mont^ro 
GutiSrroa. Sesi6n del 6 de raaraso de 1949. Madrid, 1949. 

88 p. 28cm. 
HV9748.C8 59^-30207 J 

International Commission against Concentration Camp 

Livra blnno sur to sysftr 
Ix Pftvois, 1058, 

238 p. faculniii, aSctn, (ttt 

Ydewalle, Charto d', 1901- 

0^1H t bagmw d Franco. Bruxellem IXM Edition* libm 

57-47614 J 



ti ftr fangyArderi; Blutbtankand. Stockholm, 




Virdorganiation for ffirrarado ooh inUrn*rtde, Stock ^ 
holm, K, L Keokmam boktr. ; [dltributriui ay Nordiska bok- 
handttlnt 1P53, 

106, ll ( 83 p. tllo, SJ om. (SUtcwi 

J4txi,Kl5 1038:82 


Iteporl on tlti trmtmtnt of 
ftr #$ Sala&m, Oort Printer, 

v.lti KV-E-Knn, autiuA 


Crow*, JMW* Crawford, Ifil8 


. , Ann 

Microfilm AC- 1 no. 9319 



Attsfcb, Uftlvtwlty o* T^OMI Prtw ,IW7, 
*** mw, s ' 


07-1 H 310 I 

Admlnbtnttloo report. 



American Correctional Association. 

A manual of correctional Rtandards. Prepared by th* 
Cominittw to Reviao the 1946 Manual of Sug^twUxl Stand* 
artls for a State Corrm'tional System. Now York, 1854. 

123 p. 24 ou. 
HV9469.A77 1954 865.6 

American Correctional Aewoclatloru 

Manual of u^gUd standardu for a Stt 

,by, Committoo on tlws Mod*I Stat Plan. Nw York, 

arry Elmer, 1889- 

Nsw horiston in criminology (by } Harry Elmwr IUrne 
nd, Nfl*y K. TH*n. 3d *L En^lpwwnl Oliff, N. J., 
wntlcfrHall, 1969. 
(KM p. UluH 24 cm, (I 

Sutherland, Kdwin Hard in. IHH^ 1950. 

Principle (f t'rinjinolojty, Krv, by Ikmahl U, ( 
5th <nl. l*hildpli>hm 

HVtK)Sa.H& 1055 



<tjf patnphlftfa* on tlnU 
thnjnl instil ufiotm, WMhinjftt>n, l&fll M> 
v, iiUw.tnrti* a^ft 

y, Tnil 

HH mutle by it Subr<nmittw> cm National 
tar ptrunt to R Rw, {ffl9, H4th t Wrww, ai ww 
ait xtndwt by R Km ftl, Rath Cwgwrn W*litnirtm, ^ 
Oovt, Print, Off,, 18H?, 



tw^tiurl**, {Hitman! to R Kw, W. mi 

Irt **i<*. Waiihi&ftoti, II, S, Onvt a Print, OJ , 

ii. P 


a) MtttUMt 
, tlnitwt 8t 
U by 
t , 
mi t tl 


nitwt 8t*i Hw^u, K^y -iUt 
by it S^bmxttmiUtw m* HiUi 
, 3K*, Ho t 8ftth C^ftir,, i4 
i t tl H, (i<m, Prtnt, < Jff , im, 




g?*e^ iwi4* wW by Mra3 
J^M^* O&B <X &ok Mte (lf% 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRISONS (Continued) 

U. S. fturtttu of 

fl of associate wardens, 


;<Wx Poll*, Juan Carlo*, 

I*& mfKHumhilitlftd t&nuca, d una funcitfn 
Montpvulw, 11)51. 

Ofl fi, SIS cm 


Vermont, ?>?}(> f tnttitutltm*. 

Report, 1947/48- 
t Monti wllprfj 


, / 




Dfotdm of 

Olttjillctinn manual of Virginia eoweotSonal gyetem; A 
miwinaJi of |K)1M and ajwattoniU prooedum, by the 
OlMtt! fiction Hctltm, 0, H. Davis, ehM, 3d *d, t &ion- 
tnontii 19ft?, 

W$K ftum 88 rat, 


fto*t (Wtf*} />^, <>/ 

jMJlI (HO t I 


fWnt* I.ttifury 

, Hltw 'JHtm 

i! VM.WMM 

W*wttiwi"t t'ulv , 

lWfl/4H 1 DM/04. Olyropln, 



f)hMen o 
nl ftr 


of por 

italt PHmm, . 

( ^fWtvUvft rUJtltv^r oommitt**, 



it Also iubdiviaion Prison* under arm! ft* 
aoEid Prlfont (tnd priion-ihlp* under 

FS1SONS, NAVAL t t ubdivl*lon Prlion and 
prton-hlp undtr navies 

FRISOKS FOR WOMSN it* Rformt<wtts for 

PRIST1PHOKA ERICHSONri ttt 1-aroh aw- 


Hibbert, Eleanor, 1906- 

A triptych ojf poisoners, by Jean Plaidy rpseud.) London, 
R. Hale t !958, 

101 p, llliui. 28 cm. 
HV6M9.H5 *364.15 3M.S8 58-2207 J 


({owing, Ellis Norman. 

The Ntory of Prittkwdl Chuivh. (PriltlewolL Kaaezi 

xvl, 110 p. itluB , tln, fncBlii)., table*. 28 PJH. 
BX519B.P1HP7 7S0.688 



Schuldt, Kwald. 

I'rlt^tw, ein Urnenfriedhof der apEten rttmichen ICaiser- 
if. in Mw-klcnburg. lierlin, AkRdcmie-VcrUff, 1005. 

370 (V IUvm.. mnt> (tmrt tn iKK-kccj ;)CUL (L)utch Akndml 
<Jr WimvtvRclmft^n *u llwllcu Safari ftn der 8ktio& fUr Vur- and 
PrUhgMK'hlchte, Ud, 4) 


Pritakfc, HcrUrt 

Itedouin doctor, Tmnlat^d from th Gtrman by Richard 
OravM. ilt Amerlo&n od.j New York, Button, 1857. 
^^^ tlluv, 21 n, * 

&57n 040,1 

Prltikc. Herbert. 

Nnrh HHUW kt>mmt tlu nie ... 

, Aufl. Win, Ultettin 


it ftUo Coafidential communications; 
Lttttr; Narn, Ptraonal Law; 
Portrttti- Law; Secrecy (Law) 



of the rkht of privacy in N 
H, HofUdtr, With * wmrint of Right to 

tby | Htnu*sl I). W&rrtn and Iiouii P. 
ivfrv,, iv HRrviml ln.w rtvlnw. 193- SSK). Kdltwi by Qtorp 
:otxvwiu, Nw York, Orotby PniM, 1854. 


VtUlK, Kmrfeo*. 1B75 

U mbintt nuir. 1'nrin, Pi 
411 p, 

llslv, Utwury 


1040- ) 

PrtthUeh, H*faQt, 10a& 

DM Urbbmoht nu kllnjichn KmnkbtlUibHiltra und 
dM PtnAnUohkoitMnht 4w Pattentun, Maahn, 1964, 
JH, tx i. fto c'to 

Koto, Wmor, l 

Uwht ID vorlit*l)cfulbr lt*U-iu.ihfunn)it " 

of pri 


Ot. Brit GmmM* to 

Ui>doti t H. M. 
ow, (rOtBrit P 

48* aaow, (rOt 



Espejl Kennedy, Enrique, 

Brevo eatudio sobre al delito de violaci6n de oorrespon- 
dencia. Mexico, 19CO. 
45 p, 28 cm, 



Hofstadter, Samuel H 18^- 

The devolopnient of the right of privacy in New York, 
by Samuel II. Hofatadter. \Vith a reprint of Right to 
privacy ( by, Samuel I). Warren and Louis I>. Brandeia 
(1800) TV Ifarvfttd law review, 193-220. Edited by George 
Horowitz. New York, Grosby Press, 1$54. 
92 p. 24cm, 

CS-S4868 1 


Grzybowski, Stefan M 

Oivhrona dtSbr osobiatych, wedlug przepiaSw og<51nycli 
prawa cywilw^o. Warazawa, Wydawn. Prawnicze, 1007, 
200 p. lUem. 

58-35050 J 


Ruckstuhl, Aujfust. 

Die Vcrl^tatitiR den SchriftKeihc>imniae auf Gnind dea 
Art, iTt) dm Htbw'isri8< l hen Htrafgeaetxbuohes. t Frei- 
burff/Schwpiz, 1955) 

73 1>, !&5 ', 


Ashky, Paul Pritchard t IHDfl^ 

Sy it wifly ; l^r>l limits in journiUium and brodoaating. 
Sftttl, Un'wraity of Washington Prea*, 1966. 
\\1\\ vrm, 

847.5 WW103T J 

rnr, iai- 

KchtfU* RWH dm Iferflich dwi Itochtu auf TndlvidualitUt 
iintirtttM Itvu \\w\\\ in vorgleiclunuUir IJtrachtunjB;init''x < ij^ht 
of prtvncy vm>^ im Rmerikaniishn Reoht, (Frankfurt am 

ill. 127 {) 

Spring , Samuel. 18HH - 

Riiku A rights in publiuhinff, television, radio, motion pic- 
tun*, ndvcrtinintf, and the th4sator. i2d ed,. rev. Niw York, 

WW, Norton 

xylil.30flp, Sn 

i2d ed,. rev. Niw York, 
655,67$ 56-lOOOfl 


iy, mt, ll 


Bojr*n, Kmt S 1 1HW- 

rrivtbnkn i .Hn(i*fjord ,/, tO-lil-lMa-tO 1S-1068, 
(nkk til privatbnnknenti hlitori* ! Btnd*jord. 

100 p, llhm 




PRIVATE BILLS e Bill*, Private 

Hire are entered worke on corporations 
known by thli term in EngU0h Uw, 
and iU equivalents in other foreign 
legal iy*tems 

*ee ftUo Limited partnerahip; One-man 

Martina, Fnw, ICia- 

pon**0)llid*d Umit*d* no dlr^ito 
,ForUl*, Bn*H UuirorsUUd* do OftU-4 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Sola Canizares, Felipe de, 1905- 

Tratado de sociedades de responsabilidad limitada en de- 
recho argentine y comparado, con la colaboracion de Enrique 
Aztiria. Buenos Aires, Tip. Editora Argentina, 1950-54. 
2 v. dlagrs. 24 cm. 

51-23122 rev 


Australia. Laws, statutes, eto. 

Private company tax; a detailed treatment to the new 
provisions relating to additional tax under division 7 of 
part m of the Income tax and social services contribution 
assessment act, 1936-1952, by N. E. Challoner and C. M. 
Collins. Sydney, Law Book Co. of Australasia, 1953. 

xv, 87 p. 25 cm. 



Commerce Clearing House Canadian Limited. 

Private companies; special tax on undistributed income. 
Editorial comment prepared by Kenneth Le M. Carter and 
John L. Stewart. Toronto, CCH Canadian; New York, 
Commerce Clearing House, 1950. 

61 p. 23cm. 


REPUBLIC, 1949- ) 

Herzog, Ph Wilhelm, 1928- 

Die Bctriebs- und Vertriebs-GmbH im Steuerrecht. 
t Mainz? 1953?, 
viii.871. SO cm. 



Halperin, Isaac. 

Sociedades de responsabilidad limitada. 3. ed. actuali- 
zada y aumentada. Buenos Aires, R. Depalma, 1956. 
xlv, 800 p. 24 cm. 

Laborde, Aser Over. 

Sociedades de responsabilidad limitada.; regimen legal, 
contabilidad. 7. ed. actualizada. Buenos Aires, Editorial 
Ciencias Econ6micaa [1957] 

x, 189 p. 2$ cm. 


Sola Canizares, Felipe de, 1905- 

Tratado de sociedades de responsabilidad limitada en de- 
recho argentine y comparado, con la colaboracio'n de Enrique 
Aztiria. Buenos Aires, Tip. Editora Argentina, 1950-54. 
2v. dlagrs. 24cm. 

51-23122 rev 

Dawes, Edward Naasson. 

Australian proprietary and private companies, law and 
management in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, 
Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tas 
mania. [Sydney, Butterworth, 1955. 

rail, 263 p. 26 cm. (Butterwortfc tax and commercial aeries, 
no. 15) 


Graschopf, Hans. 

Dio Gesellschaft mit boschriinkter Haftung in Urkunden 
und Schrif tsiitzen ; ein Handbuch fur die Praxis. Wien, 
Manzsche Verlags- und Universitiitsbuchhandlung, 1956. 

892 p. 22 cm. 


Belgium. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Les soci&'tes do personnes a responsabilite" limited; commen 
tate de la Loi du 9 juillet 1935, suivi de formules d'actes 
rfidigges en collaboration avec Ernest Moreau de Melen t parj 
Andre* Tschoffen. Prfif . de Le"on Metzler. 4. dd. rev. et mise 
a jour. Bruaelles, E. Bruylant, 19C9. 

X7l,822p. 28 cm. 


Cuyper, Georges F de. 

De naamloze vennootschap en de personeoavennootschap 
met beperkte aansprakelijkheid ; practische handleiding. 
Antwerpen,De Sikkel, 1951. 

251 p. 23cm. (Vlaamserechtakundlgeblbllotheelc) 


floutte, Jean van. 

Vennootschappen (P. V. B. A.) In deze verhandeling 
werd de stof bijgehouden tot 31 Mei 1953. rBrussel, F. 
Larcier. 1953i 

152 p. 24cm. 



Peixoto, Carlos Fulgencio da Cunha. 

A sociedade por cota de responsabilidade limitada; dou- 
trina, jurisprudencia, legislagao e pratica. Rio de Janeiro, 
EdicjLo Revista Forense, 1956. 

2 v. 24 cm. 


Teixeira, Egberto Lacerda. 

Das ociedndes por quotas de responsabilidade limitada. 
Stio Paulo, M. Linionad, 1956. 
146 p. 24 cm. 

56-43620 t 

Alzate Lopez, Oscar. 

Doctrinas sobre las sociedades comerciales de responsabili 
dad limitada. Bogota, 1953. 
118 p 2u cm 

56-40277 t 

Cif uentes Rivera, Octavio. 

Posiciones de la legislaciones colombiana y mexicana en 
relaci6n con las sociedades de responsabilidad limitada. 

Mexico, 1956. 



Egypt. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Loi sur les societes anonymes, socie'tes en commandite pai 
actions et socie'tes a responsabilite" limited. Alexandrie, Jour 
nal du commerce et de la marine, 1954. 

03 p. 20 cm. 


Choukroun, Charles. 

Les droits des associds non gSrants dans les socie'tes a. 
responsabilite" limitee. Pre"f. de Andre* Amiaud. Paris, 
Librairie genfirale de droit et de jurisprudence, 1957. 

280 p. 20 cm. (Blbllothfeaue de droit prlvfi, t 8) 

57-58617 t 

Gain, Rene*. 

Les societes Jl responsabilito' limited; guide formulaire 
tparj Reno Gain t otj Pierre Delaisi. 8. fid. rov. etmise i jour 
par Pierre Delaisi. Paris, Recueil Sirey, 1954. 

203 p. 25 cm. 

Now York Univ. Libraries HD2854 

Hamel, Joseph, 1889- ed. 

Lo droit pfinal special des socials anonymes; fitudcs de 
droit commercial sous la direction et avec uno preface de 
Joseph Hamel, par Joan-Marie Aussel ( et al., Paris, Dal- 
loz, 1955. 

O*.^!^A^ cn \, (^Wlcattons de 1'Inatltut dea sciences Jurldlaues 
et flnnncttres appliques aux affaires de la Vacultt de droit VpaSs) 

New York Univ. Libraries HD28M Afi 7-2921 

Lehnardt, Arroand. 

QuolquoH points de comparaison entre le r6gime frangais 
et lo n'gimo allemaiul dos sociotfis & responsabilite limitce 
(coiiHtitution, liquidation et partago.) Pre"f. do Jean Escarra 
Lannion (O.-clu-N.) Impr. Anger, 1955. 

212 p. 25 cui. 

Lemeunier, Francis. 

Ppurquoi ct comment constituer une S. A. R. L. ? [2. fid. 
Parisj Delmas C 1955] 

1 v. (various pnglngs) 27 cm. (Oe qu'll faut sarolr) 


1949- ) 

Balser, Heinrich. 

Dio GmbH; ein Handbuch fur die wirtschaftliche 
notanelle und gerichtliche Praxis mit Erlauterungen, Bei- 
spielen, Jormularen, von Hoinrich Balser r Vincent Pichura 
tund, Witold Meyer. Frankfurt am Main, Wissenschaft- 
hcho Verlags- und Vertriebsgenossensohaft, 1953. 

212 p. 21 cra . (BUcher fUr die Rechts- und wlrtachatapraxla) 

Doerfler, Wolfgang, 1928- 

Die rechtliche Stellung des Gescha'ftsfuhrers der GmbH 
unter besonderer BerUcksichtigung des Mitbestiminungs- 
rechts. MUnchen, 1954. 

x, rei, aocm. 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 
Gesetz betr. die Gesellschaf ten mit beschriinkter Haftung. 
Begrundet von Adolf Baumbach. 7., neubearb. Aufl. von 
Alfred Hueck. Stand vom 1. Januar 1955. MUnchen, Beck, 
Till, 888 p. 17 cm. (Beck'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bd. 20) 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 

Gesetz betr. die Gesellschaften mit beschrankter Haftung. 

Begrundet von Adolf Baumbach, fortgefiihrt von Alfred 

Hueck. 8., neubearb. Aufl. Stand vom 1. Marz 1957. Miin- 

chen, Beck, 1957. 

x, 385 p. 17 cm, (Beck'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bd. 20) 


Germany (Fcdaal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 
GmbH-Gesetz ; Kommentar von Hermann Vogel. 2 neu 
bearb. Aufl. Berlin, F. Vahlen 1050 
x, 412 p. 22cm. 


Handbuch der GmbH; praktische Rechtshilfo fur die Organe 
der GmbTI und ilire Bcrater, von Otto Wilko ,et al.i Koln, 
0. Schmidt [1957, 
xllv.SSOp. 21cm. 


Hesselmann, Malte. 

Dio GmbH & Co., ihre Bedeutung und ilire Problemo. 
Koln, O. Schmidt t l956j 

1G2 p. 21 cm. ( Der Rechts. und Steuerdlenat ; KUlner Schrif ton- 
relhe zeltnaher rechtawlsaenschuftllohen Abhandlungen, Heft 85) 

58-18821 I 

Issakides, Aristides, 1923- 

Das Problem der Niehtigkeit oiner Gowllschaft mit 
beschriiukter Haftung nnch schwoizerischem und deutschem 
Recht. r Ziirich? 1954, 
102 p. 2i cm. 


Knopfel, Gottfried, 1927- 

Dio Treupflicht im Recht dor GmbH. Munchen, 1954. 
Ill, 180 1. 80 cm. 


Landgraf, Paul Wilhelm, 1924- 

Austritt aus der GmbH und Kiindigung von Nebenlei- 
stungspflichten. Allinchen, 1951. 
vi.osi. 30cm. 


Lehnardt, Armand. 

Quelques points do comparaiwon cntro lo i^ginifi francaia 
ot le regime allomand doH aoci^t^fl il roflponHubilittf limited 
(constitution, liquidation et partago) Pr6f. do Joan Escarra. 
Lannion (C.-du-N.) Impr. Anger, 1955. 

212 p. 25 cm. 


Lersch, Hans, 1915- 

Verfiigungon iibor die Pordorungen dor G. m b II auf 
die Stammoinlagpn. Milnchwu 1952. ' ' * 

111,1541. aOcm. 


Loos, Gerold, 1025- 

Problwn boi der Umwandlung oinor Gooll8c',haft mit be- 
aohrankter Haftung in eine Aktin#enell8diaft, MUnchen^ 

III,' |2|, 2831. 80cm. 


Mertens, Hans GUnter, 192G- 

Dio Stellung den Aufaiehtaratcw \w\ der GmbH tmch dom 
Mitl>csLimmungsgosets! Btirgbau-Eien. Mannlwim U>Wti 
4S p. 21 cm. 

Snf tner, Robert Georg. 

Wie ffriindot man eine Geflellftchaft m. b. H. ? Ocmeinvor- 
stkndhcho Durstollung tier Kntstehung einct Gattlliiohaft 
mit beschrankter Haftung. Mit zahlreichen Mustorn und 
Buchungsboispielon. BegrUndet von Georg Senftnw. In 
16., vollstandig neugeataltetor Aufl. hrsg, von Jowf DUr- 
hewn. Stuttgart, Muth ,1954, 
114 p. 2icm. 

55-42105 t 

Senftner, Robert Georg. 

Wie griindet man eino Gosellachaf fc m. b, H J (;minvir. 
stdndhcho Darstollung der Entstohung inet- Gosellflchaft 
mit beschrankter Haftung. Mit xahlreiotan Mutm und 
Buchungsbeispiolen. Hrag. von Josef Diirhim. 17. Aufl. 
Stuttgart, Muth r 1957i 

1H p. 21 cm. 


Sporlein, Hans. 

Handbuch fiir den Gesohaftsfahrer der GmbH: Mite, 
Pflwhton, Haftung nach Handelarecht und nach Steuomcht 

Stuttgart. R. Boorborg, 1958. 
462 p. 2icm. 


Ulmschneidcr, Rudolf, 1925- 

Die Mdglichkoiten einer statutarischen Einflusunahme 

Dritter auf die GmbH, und die A. G. (Mannheim. 1954? 3 

v,86p. 21 cm. ' 3 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Rundschau fiir GmbH. 
Koln, O. Schmidt. 

\ In 30 cm. monthly. 


Anker, Roger. 

A comparison between the English private company and 
t,ho Swiss Hoeitftfi &. rosponsabilitfi Iimit6o, with special regard 
to questions of liability. Borne, 1956. 

xlv.tup. asom. 

658.1 A 58-4256 

Now York Univ. LlbrarU* 

Barker, Douglas. 

Format ion of private companies, by Douglas Barker and 
A. P. Ilalboratam. Ixmdou, Swaet & Maxwell, 1959. 
xvl, 2JIO p, forum. '2$ cm. 

(558.1144 59-3543 

Borrie, Stanley. 

Converting a business into a private company. 15th ed. 
Ixmdon, Jordan, 1J)5S. 
54 p, 10 cm. 

658.1 80-8580-1 J 


Mnrtincnghi, Francesco. 

La KocKt&. a rctflponeabilita limitata, manuale pratiep con 
fonnulivrio. 7. <id, aggiornata, con lo piu roconti disposizioni 
logali e ftHcali. Milatio, L. Pirola, 1050. 

isn p. an cm. 


Peaentl, Guido. 

Momtmto agli ammumtratori <U flociota, Miluno, Stnmpa 

341 p. 10 <, 



Ctf uontu Kivera, Octavio. 

l*<)ttieioncH do la labial acioncm colombiuna y moxicana en 
relaoitfu oon las eociodados de responsabJlidad limitada. 
Mexico, 1056. 

01 1. 88 cm, 

68-49207 J 

Hcrnaivdcx Znnubriu, Gonzalo. 

LH. HK'Swlad do rvmponsiabilidttd limitada; onsayo her- 
mfln$utkx>, Mexico, XMvomidad Nacional Autonoma de 
Mexico, Faoultiul de JOwnoho y Oienoiaa Social**, 1951 

208 p. as cm. 

54-48884 t 

Porras do Wolf, Ofclia. 

wxiuHlucl tie rooponwibilidud Hmltuda (las purtee 
* considerftdns wmo tftuloa do cr&lito) M6xico, 1051. 
,40, p, !, 



Codho, Auguato Victor. 

AmortixttfjSx) do quota*, o Artiffo !W.* da LtA daa aooiedadee 
por quoUK, tOoimbra.) Coimbra Editor^ 1005. 
mp. 23cm. 


Portugal* /.atw/f, *tQ.tuto>t!) $te. 

I^ii da scx'.iodades por quotas atiotnda t |>or) Adolpho do 
AaKvedo Houto, 4. ed. revista e aetualizada por Manuel Bap- 
tista Dial da, Fonsooa. Oohnbra, Ooimbrn, Editorft, 1065. 
, 28 cm. 



Boter Maurf, Fernando, 

ContabUJdftd de sociedftdea mercantiles. t i. ed.j Barce 
lona, Editorial Juventud t 1057j 
544 p, 22ora. 

New York Univ. 


Coletfio Notarial de Barcelona. 

Sociedades de reeponaabilidad limitada; conlerencia* del 
cursillo del ano de 1054, Barcelona, 1955. 

Solk Canizars, Felipe de, 1905- 

Las sociedades de responsabilidad limitada en el nuevo 
derecho espanol. Madrid, Editorial Revista de Derecho 
Privado [1954] 

xv, 251 p. 24 cm. (BLblloteca de la Revista de derecho prlvado. 
Serle J. Monograf fas practlcaa de derecho espafiol, v. 23) 


Spain. Laws, statutes, etc., 1936- (Franco) 

Interpretaci6n practica de la Ley de sociedades limitadasj 
estudio especial de los problemas financieros, administrativos 
y fiscalea tpor, Alejandro Pelletier. Madrid, Publicaciones 
Tficnico-Mercantiles, 1956. 
177 p. tables. 25 cm. 

Spain. Laws, statutes, etc., 19SG- (Franco} 

La sociedad de responsabilidad limitada en la Ley de 17 

de ]ulio de 1953 ; comentarios en sus aspectos legal, economico 

y nnanciero fpor] R. Gay de Montella. 1. ed. Barcelona 

Bosch C 1954j ' 

S29 p. forms, 23 cm, 



Anker, Roger. 

A comparison between the English private company and 
the Swiss socit4 a responsabilitS limited, with special regard 
to questions of liability. Berne, 1956. 

xlv, 84 p. 23cm. 

658.1 A 58-4256 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Issakides, Aristtdes, 1923- 

Pas Problem der Nichtigke'it einer Gesellschaft mit 
beschrJuikter Haftung nach schweizorischem und deutschem 
Recht. ,ZUrich? 1954, 
1(>2 n. 21 cm, 


MUUer, Hans Werner. 

Die Auflosungflgriinde der Gosollschaft mit beschrankter 
Ilaftunp: untor bosonderor Bcriicksichti|?ung dor Auflosungs- 
klago iivfolgo von Griinduncsmangcln. Born, 1945. 

8 p. aicm. 


flict of laws 

PRIVATE LIBRARIES see Libraries, Private 

PRIVATE POLICE see Police, Private 

PRIVATE PRJESSES see Printing Private 


see also Complaints (Criminal procedure) 

Kempfler, Herbert, 1931- 

Der NebenklUger im gelteuden und klinftigen Strafver- 
fahren. ( MUnchen, 1956. 
xlll.1701. 80cm. 


LIC, 1949- ) 

Germany (Democratio RepuUio^ I9J$~ ) Laws, 

Ammhnuiju; lilwr die Krrichtunft; von Siihnestellen in der 
,I)(Mttttchon Dcimokratischen Republik. Mit einer Einfuh- 
rung von Heinz KOsler. Berlin, Deutscher Zentralverlag 
00 p. aicm, 


1949- ) 

Kempfler, Herbert, 1931- 

Der Nebenkl&ger im geltenden und kunftigen Strafver- 
fahren. tMUnchen^ 1956. 
80cm. ' 


Ott, Joseph. 

Das gemeindliche Vermittlungsamt; StUmeversuch in 
Privatklagesachen; mit 13 Muster-Protokollen. Mtinch- 
berg/Ofr., B. Hahnefeld jlfiBOj 

^ P " * 1Cm ' 


Daszkiewicz, Wiesfciw. 

Ingerencja prokuratora w sprawy o przest^pstwa pry- 
watno-skargowe \v polskim procesie kernym. [Wyd. l.j 
Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1956. 

192 p. 20cm. 



see also Boarding schools; Church 

Blocher, R Banks, 1927- 

Your child and the independent school; the philosophy 
and aims of the private school. New York, William-Freder 
ick Press, 1958. 

15 p. 22cm. 
LC49.B55 372 57-14839 t 

Huchingson, James Edwin. 

Correlative teaching. [1st ed.! New York, Pageant Press 

79 p. 21 cm. 
LC47.H8 372 56-12502 t 


Nebraska. State Dept. of Education. 

Approval and accreditation of Nebraska non-public 
schools; procedures and criteria for approving and accredit 
ing the non-public schools of Nebraska. Rev. by the State 
Accreditation Committee. Approved by the State Board of 
Education and approved at a public hearing held in Lincoln, 
Oct 18, 1955. To be effective, Jan. 1, 1956. Lincoln, 1955. 




Benabarre, Benigno- 

Public funds for private schools in a democracy ; theory 
and practice in fifty-one countries. With a commendation 
by Rufino J. Santos, Archbishop of Manila, a prologue by 
Feliciano J. Ledesma, and an epilogue by Roberto Concep- 
cion. Manila, M. C. S. Enterprises, 1958. 

xxvlll, 325 p. 24cm. 
JLC87.B4 379.12 59-38496 


Council for Religion in Independent Schools. 

The Christian, faith and youth today ; t proceedings of the 
conference on religion in education held at Atlantic City, 
October 1966] Edited by Malcolm Strachaa and Alvord 
M. Beardslee. Greenwich. Conn., Seabury Press, 1957. 

Til, 88 P. 22cm. 
BV1609.C6 377.1 57-4810 



Varas Con tr eras, Guillermo, 1892- 

La enseiianza particular ante el derecho. Santiago 
Chile, Editorial del Paclfico [1956, 
124 p. 19 ctu, 

57-27948 % 


see also Public schools (Endowed) 


Reichsverband Deutscher Freier (Prlvattr) Unterrichts- 
und Endehunffsanstalten. 

Fiihror durch die dem Reichsverbande Deutacker Freier 
(Privater) Unterrichta- und Erziehungsanstalten e.- V. 
angeschlossenen privaten Schulen und SchUlerheime in 

v. llloa. 29 cm. 
L929.R45 56-54669 t 

1949- ) 

Hcckel, Hans, 

Deutsches Privatsohulrecht Berlin, Heymann, 1955. 
aoclv, 354 p. 21 cm. 



Independent Schools Association, 

London, A, AC. Black, 

L915J5 ^ 870JW 59-18884 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Illinois. LawS) statutes, etc. 

Laws, rules, regulations and standards governing the op 
eration of private business schools and their representatives 
under the Illinois Private business schools act and the Regu 
lations of the Illinois Private Business Schools State Board 
created by the act. Effective January 1, 1956. [Springfield, 

22 p. 23 1 10 cm, ([Illinois. Dept of Public Instruction] Circu 
lar series A, no. 90) 

A 56-9047 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


Illinois. Dept. of Public Instruction. 

A directory of public and private educational institutions 
in Illinois offering approved courses for the training of 
veterans under Public law 550. 1956- 
r Springfield] 

v. 28cm. (/< Circular serte* A) 

L142.B42 370.58773 A 58-9332 rev 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Annuario della istruzione privata in Italia. 
Torino, Sit. 

v nius. 28 on. 
LC53.1 8A6 


58-54346 J 

Italy. Ministero deWeducassione noaioncde. 

Annunrio degli istituti non governativi di istruzione 

v. 22cm. 
L935.A38 54-43571 t 


Brenholtz, Harold Robert, 1921- 

An analysis of certain factors associated with chartered 
nonaccredited schools in Missouri. Ann Arbor. University 
Microfilms r !957, 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 24,214) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 24,214 Mic 57-4590 

Missouri. Univ. Llbr. 


Boston University. Bureau of Butineta Research, 

The economic value of educational institutions to New 

England. Prepared for the New England Council. Ralph 

G. Wells, editor. Boston, 1951. 
26 p. 28cm. 

LA230.B6 378.74 51-5390 rev 

Marr, Harriet Webster. 

The old New England academies founded before 1826. 
New York, Comet Press Boohs, 1959. 

Slip, HUM. 21cm. (A Reflation book) 
LA206.M3 373.74 59-1546 t 


Philippines (Republic) Bureau of Private Schools. 

Private school statistics. 

v. dlagrs., table*. 28 cm. annual. 
L601.A44 57-15315 


Miller, Arthur S 1917- 

Racial discrimination and private education; a legal anal 
ysis^ Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press C 1957j 

871.97 57-14015 J 


Buchmann-Felber, Emfle. 

Die privaten Mittelschulen der Schweiz Zurich. Juris- 
Verlag,1954. ' ^ 

187 p. 28 cm. 
LC58.S9B8 1954 55-8402T 


Batts, William 

Private preparatory schools for boys in Tennessee since 
1867. ctfashville ! Parthenon Press, 19fi7j 

86p. 20cm. 
LC50.T4BS 878.768 58-17904: J 


Ashburn, Frank Davis, 1908- 

A parents' guide to independent schools and colleges. New 
York, Coward-McCann [193G, 

258 p 21 cm. 
LC49.A75 3T.J.7:} 50-7739 t 

Beach, Fred Francis, 1905- 

The state and nonpublic schools, with particular reference 
to responsibility of state departments of education, by Fred 
F. Beach t and, Robert F. Will, in cooperation with the Study 
Commission of the Council of Chief State School Officers. 
t Washington, U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel 
fare, Office of Education [1958, 

vll, 152 p. Incl. tables. 29 cm. ( f U. S. Office of Education 
Miscellaneous, no. 28) 
L111.A614 no. 28 379.73 E68-7 

Copy 2. LC111.B4 

U. S. Office of E ducatlon. Library 

Bethke, William, 1885- 

The private school in modern education; an address given 
at the twentieth annual meeting of the National Home Study 
Smell' S ' 1946 ' Washinfiton Nati nal Home Study 
T Ao u 2 ? CID ' (PublIcatlon8 ot National Home Study Council. 5) 
' LC49 - B * 58-16079 

Ferrer, Terry. 

The independent school; its role in American education. 
[1st ed. New York, Public Affairs Committee, 1956i 

28 p. Illus. 19 cm. (Public Affairs pamphlet, no. 288) 
LC49.F4 372.973 56-4576 t 

Marquette University, Mikaaiikee. 

The role of the independent school in American democ 
racy; papers delivered at a conference on education, the afth 
in a series of anniversary celebrations, May 8, 9, and 10, 1956 
rMilwaukee^Marquette University Press, 1956. 

. _ 

LC501.M35 1956 

*379.1 379.3 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Opera 

Communist ownership of GI schools. Hearing before the 
Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Commit 
tee on Government Operations, United States Senate, Eighty- 
fourth Congress, second session ... Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1956. 

2pts. (Ill, 180 p.) 24cm. 
UB357.A514 1956 56-61224 

U. S. Conyress. Senate. Committee on Government Opera 

Communist ownership of GI schools; report of the Com 
mittee on Government Operations made by its Permanent 
Subcommittee on Investigations. Washington, U. S. Govt, 
Print Off., 1956. 

TTA : 4cmi ^ tu Cong., 2d sew. Senate. Report no. 2877) 
UB357.A5143 56-61741 


Lovely's prep school guide, 1958- 
New York, Harper. 

v. 29cm. 







see also Neutrality; Prize law; 

Andrews, Kenneth R ed. 

English privateering voyages to the West Indies, 1588- 
1595; documents relating to English voyages to the West 
Indies from the defeat of the armada to the last voyage of 
Sir Francis Drake, including Spanish documents contributed 
by Irene A. Wright Cambridge rEngo Published for the 
Hakluyt Society at the University Press, 1959. 
V^ 1 - * p> P 1 "* W*** maps (1 fold.) 28 cm. (Htkluyt 

- > 

Society. Work*,2dwr.,no. 

G161JH2 Sdser., 


no. Ill 972.902 59-16317 

Azcarraga y de Bustamante, Jose" Luis de. 

El corso maritime, concepto, justificaci6n e historia. Pn5- 
logo de Camilo Barcia Trelles. Madrid, Consejo Superior 
de Investigaciones Cientificas, Instituto "Francisco de 
Vitoria," 1950. 

886 p. 26 cm. (ColeccWn de MtndlM d feracho intenadonal 
maritime. Serte B : MonograffM, num. 1) 
JX5241.A9 341.36 51-39027 rev 

FrSminville, Rene* Marie de la Poix de, 1905- 

Histoire des corsaires jparj Jean Merrien [pseud., Paris, 
Amiot-Dumont [1954J 

263 p. illus. 22cm. (Blbliothequedela mer) 

A 55-5803 
Harvard Unlv Library 

Lydon, James Gavin. 

The role of New York in privateering down to 1763. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms C 1956j 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 17 008) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 17,068 Mic 56-2252 

Columbia Unlv. Libraries 

Mouzon, Harold Alwyn, 1893- 

Privateers of Charleston in the War of 1812. (Charleston] 
Historical Commission of Charleston, S. 0., 1954. 

41 p. 20 cm. 
E360.M66 973.5258 54-40608 J 

Robertson, Eileen Arbuthnot, 1903- 

The Spanish Town papers; some sidelights on the Ameri 
can War of Independence t byj E. Arnot Robertson. Photos, 
by H. E. Turner. London, Cresset Press, 1959. 

199 p. illus. 28cm. 
E271.R73 1959 978.35 59-8884 

Robertson, Eileen Arbuthnot, 1903- 

The Spanish Town papers; some sidelights on the Amer 
ican War of Independence [by, E. Arnot Robertson. Photos, 
by H. E. Turner. New York, Macmillan, 1959. 

190 p. map (on lining paper) facslma. 22cm. 
E271.R73 1959a 973.85 59-14328 

Thomazi, Auguste Antoirie, 1873- 

Les flottes de 1'or; histoire des galions d'Espagne. Nouv. 
e*d. refondue. Paris, Payot, 1956. 

229 p. 28cm. ( Blbltothique hUtorlque) 
DP81.T45 1956 56-3361 J 

Tffnnesen, Johan Nicolay, 1901- 

Kaperfart og skipsfart, 1807-1814. t Osloj J. W. Cappelen 

618 p. Illus., facslrus. 25 cm. 
DL456.TC 57-80903 


Spain. Archwo General de Marina Don Afa&o de JBa*an. 

Indice de los papeles de la seccidn de corao y presas ,por, 
Juho F. Guillen, director del Archive Don Alvaro de Bakn. 
[Madridj 1983-54. 

2r. lllus. 25cm. 
CD1866.A55 59-22082 


see also Bibliography Limited editions; 
Copyright Unauthorized reprints; Print 
ing Private presses 


see also Soil pollution 

Anantan Filial, R 1896- 

A guide on soil sanitation. 2d ed. rev. Madras, 0. 
Coomarasamy Naidu ( 1951, 

188 p, lllu*. 28cm. 
RA671.A5 1951 614,77 58-83867 t 

Pudney, John, 1909- 

The smallest room. Decorations by David Knight, Lon 
don, M. Joseph (1954, 

150 p. tHu. 21cm. 
GT472JP8 890 55-100 1 

/, John, 1909- 
The smallest room. Decorations by David Knigfct, New 
York, Hastings House t l955j 
MOp, mew. 21cm, ] 

;GT472] 390 


Wagner, Edmund G 

Excreta disposal for rural areas and small communities 
tbyj Edmund G. Wagner ( and, J. N. Lanoix. Genem, World 
Health Organization. 1958. 

187 p. oWf., tablk 24 cm. (WorW H*lth Ortmnlwdon. 
Monograph erie*, no. 80) 
TD929.W3 628.74 59-149 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRIVIES (Continued) 


Wynn, Makin, pstud. 

Of pots and privies, from the chronicles of Makin Wynn 
ipseud.) Middleburg, Va., Denlinger's t 1959i 

80 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
PN6162.W9 817.54 59-12289 J 


PRIVILEGE TAX see Business tax 

dential communications; Libel and slander 

PRIVILEGED DEBTS see Bankruptcy 



see also Diplomatic privileges and im 
munities; Legislative bodies Privileges 
and immunities; Military privileges and 
immunities; Self-incrimination; and sub 
division Privileges and immunities un 
der names of individual legislative bodies 
and international agencies 

Forzin Cuevas, Abel. 

Ambito de validez personal do la ley penal. t M&uco, 

TO p. 21 cm, 

58-4281 J 

Inter-American Council of Jurists. Inter-American Juridi 
cal Committee. 

Informe relative al tema, Roglas concernientes a las in- 
munidades de los uavfos del eatado, Proyecto preparado 
por el Oomitfi Jurfdico Interamerioano en cumplimiento de 
la Resolucio'n vn, no. 2, nprobada en la primera reunion del 
Gonsejo Interamericano de Jurisconaultos, para ser oon- 
siderado en la cuartu, reunion del Oonsejo en Santiago de 
Chile. Washington, Depto. de Asuntos Jurfdiooa, Union 
Panamoricana, 1907. 

12 p, 38 cm. ( t ln tr- American Council of JurtoHi dIJ-86. 


PA 68-107 


Inter-Amrlcan Council of Jurists. Int9r-Am#ricm Juridi 
cal Committee. 

Ilftpport rolatif *u point intitutf, Regies ooncernant lee im- 
munites dea naviren d'faat Projet prepare" par le Oomitofi 
iuridique interome'rioain en vertu du paragraphs 2 de la 
Evolution vw de la premiere reunion du Conseil inter- 
am6ric*ln de jurisoonsultes, pour 8tre soumis & la quatrieme 
reunion du Conseil t Santiago du Chili. Washington, Dept 
du droit intermtioBil Union panamerioain. 1067. 

14 ft, 38 cm. ((IntehAjUMiom OoancU of Jurlitt, CU-se, 

PA 58-118 

Pun American Unlotu Library JH960.44 

Inter- American Council of Jurists, Intor-American Juridi 

Report on Rules concerning the immunity of state ships. 
Prepared by the Inter-American Juridical Committee in 
compliance with Resolution ro, no. 2, approved at the first 
meeting of the Inter- American Council ox Jurists, to be oon- 
ridered at the fourth meeting of the Council in Santiago, 
Chile. Washington, Bept of International Law, Pan 
American Union, 1068. 

18 p. 28 cm. ((Inter-JLmtrlctn Ooundl of JurUttj OIJ-80, Bnf- 

Pan Xm*rLn Union. Library JX1080i44 

Pound, Roacoe, 1870- 

Lgal immunitiw of labor unions, Washington, Ameri 
can Enterprise Association, 1067. 

58 p. 23cm. 

331.8808 57-8840 t 


Forrnan Cuevas, AbL 

Ambito de validez personal de la ley penal [Mexico, 


Lien, Arnold Johnson, 1882- 

Concurring opinion; the privileges or immunities clause 
of the Fourteenth amendment. St. Louis, 1957. 
li, 150 p. 24 cm. (Washington University studies) 

342.73 67-59604 


see also Exemption (Canon law); 
Privilegium fori 

see Military privileges and immunities 




Dalzell, George Walton, 1877-1958. 

Benefit of clergy in America & related matters. Winston- 
Salem ( N. C.j J. F. Blair, 1955. 
209 p. lllus. 25 cm. 

343.0973 55-6463 J 

PRIVILEGIUM MINUS see Holy Roman Empire. 
Sovereigns, etc. 1152-1190 (Frederick I) 
Privilegium minus 



Parks, Nita. 

How to win a fortune. Los Angeles, American Book In 
stitute (1957, 

126 p. 21 cm, 
HF6146.P75P;J 58-456 t 

Parks, Nita. 

Bow to win a fortune. c lstrev.ed.j New York, Vantage 

182 p, 21cm. 
BT6146.P75P8 1958 659.16 58-14029 J 

Satterly, Weaton. 

Complete contest course, 76 prize packed lessons; an out 
standing aid for winning contests. New York Arco Pub. 

108 p. mu. 28 cm. 
HF6146.P75S8 659.17 58-12500 J 

Stumers, William, 190B- 

How to win big contest prizes; an outstanding aid for 
winning contests. Illustrated by Jack Adler. New York, 
Arco Pub. Co., '1958. ' 

08 p. niui. 28cm. 
HF6146.P75S79 659.17 59-670 J 



see also Neutrality; Privateering 

tynnesen, Johan Nicolay, 1901- 

i ^? perfatt g Bki P 8ftuft 1807-1814. (Oslo, J. W, Oappelen 

618 p. lUui., fucalms. 25cm. 

Velazquez Alvarez, Sonia. 

La dootrina de Abreu Bertodano 7 su rolaci6n con los 
Umites del mar. M&rioo,1967. 

127 p. lllxu. 24cm. 
JX5260.A22V4 68-84693 J 


France. Zotw, ttatutot, etc. 

Prises maritimes. Jugement des prises, Actes constitu- 
tifs du Oonseil des prises et prooMure. Documentation r- 
unie par le oommissaire de 1 M olasse de la Marine Rentui 
Paris, Bureau de vente du Sendee central hydroffraphique 
del. marine, 1948, 

rl, TO p. mu., port. co*t oC utnt, Uotim, 84 cm. 
JTX6261.F8A5 1M8 55-32080 


Gervais, Andrd, jurist. 

La jurisprudence britannique des prises maritimes dans 
la Second* Guerre mondiale. Paris A. Pedone 1949. 

130 p. 25cna, 

57-23091 J 


Gt. Brit. High Court of Appeals for Prize*. 

Prize cases. 

v. 42 cm. 

-- Appendix. 

r. 40 cm. 

JX5245.G65 66-53212 

Gervais, Andre", jurist. 

La jurisprudence italienne des prises maritimes dans la 
Seconde Guerre mondiale. Paris. A. Pedone, 1950. 

188 p. 25cm. 
JX5261.I 8G4 57-18017 t 


see also Booty (International law); 
Prize law 

PRIZES (REWARDS) see Rewards (Prizes, 


Roterto, Brother, 1927- 

Dawn brings glory; a story of Father Pro, s. j. Notre 
Dame, Ind.. Dujarie Press r 1866i 

I8&p. iiius. 22cm. 
BX4705.P72R57 1056 922.272 66-59262 t 

Roberto, Brother, 1927- 

The martyr laughed ; a story of Father Miguel Pro, s. J. 
lllus. by Anthony Joyce. Notre Dame, Ind., Dujarie Press 

82 p. lllus. 24cm. 
BX4706.P72B57 S22.272 54-41985 J 

FROANO, FEDERICO, 1848-1894 

Albornoz, Victor Manuel, 1896- 

Federico Pronuo, galeote del destino. Cuenca ( 0asa, de la 
Culturn Kcrttttoriana, Nucleo del Azuay, 1958. 

840 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
PN5068.P7A7 56-28557 t 


see also Average; Bernstein polynomials; 
Chance; Correlation (Statistics); Distri 
bution (Probability theory); Errors, The 
ory of ; Frequency curves; Games of 
chance (Mathematics); Integrals, Multi 
ple; Least squares; Mathematical 
statistics; Risk; Sampling (Statistics); 
Time -series analysis 

Ackermann, Wolf Gttnter. 

EintUhrung in die Wahrscheinliohkeitsrechnunff Leip 
zig, S. Hinel, 1955. 

180 p. dlagn. 24cm. 
QA273.A8 66^88941 J 

Arly, Niels, 1911- 

Sandsynlighedsregning med anvendds pa& statistilc, 
fejlteori og udjaevnmgsteori, af Niels Arley og K. Bander 
Buch. fi.udg. K^benhavn, G. E. 0. Gad, 1958. 

106 p. 24cm. 
<iA273.A7 1958 68-48510 J 

Balke, Arthur. 

Die DurckscKnittaprogreeaion. Wieebaden, Wiesbftdener 
PatentaAiswertung und Erfinderhilfsmittelvertrieb r 1956, 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

A 59-8034 

Ballleu, Robert 

Calcul des probability et analyse etatistique (Cements) 
Louvain, Librairie univeraitaire, 1956. 

220 p. 25cm. 

QA27a.B255 A 68-8424 

Princeton TTnly. Llbr. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Bartlett, Maurice Stevenson. 

An introduction to stochastic processes, with special refer 
ence to methods and applications. Cambridge tEng^ Uni 
versity Press, 1955. 

812 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
QA273.B258 519 55-2527 J 

Baruzdin, V I 

OCHOBH xeopHH BepoflTHOcreft. MocKsa, Foe. nafl-BO ofiop. 
npoMHim., 1957. 

53, [3] p. dlagrs. 28 cm. 
QA273.B259 57-47155 

Bass, Walter Arthur. 

Some difficulties in the theory of probability. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1954] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication 7953) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 7053 Mic A 55-3233 

Virginia. Univ. Libr. 

Bendat, Julius S 

Principles and applications of rani 
York, Wiley [1958) 

431 p. lllus. 24cm. 

-. New 

58-12705 t 

BLzley, Michael Terence Lewis. 

Probability; an intermediate text-book. Cambridge 
tEng.j Published for the Institute of Actuaries and the 
Faculty of Actuaries at the University Press, 1957. 

viii, 230 p. 22cm. 

A 59-442 
Brown Univ. Library QA278 

Blumen, Isadore. 

The industrial mobility of labor as a probability process 
[byj Isadore Blumen, Marvin Kogan t^ndj Philip J. Mc 
Carthy. Ithaca, Cornell University [1955! 

ill, 163 p. 23 cm. (Cornell studies In Industrial and labor rela 
tions, v. 6) 
HD5707.B55 331.112 55-625C1 

Bochner, Salomon, 1899- 

Harmonic analysis and the theory of probability. Berke 
ley, University of California Press, 1955. 

vlll. 17fl p. 22 cm. (California monographs In mathematical 

A 55-8688 
California. Univ. Libr. 

Borel, Smile Felix fidouard Justin, 1871- 

Probabilites, erreurs, par . Borel, R. Deltheil et Roger 
Huron. 9. dd. entierement ref ondue. Paris, A. Colin, 1954. 

220 p. lllua. 17 cm. (Collection Annaad Colin. Sectloa de 
mathematlques, no 34) 
QA273.B75 1954 57-26676 t 

Brainerd, Barren, 1928- 

An algebraic theory of probability with application to 
analysis and mathematical logic. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms [1954] 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 8277) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 8277 Mic A 55-3060 

Michigan. Univ. Libr. 

Brown, George Spencer. 

Probability and scientific inference, London, New York, 
Longmans, Green t 1957] 

154 p. lllua. 20cm. 
QA273.B87 1957 519 57-3499 t 

Burnena, fidouard, 1922- 

Die ErfahrungBnachwirkung bei 
Bern, Gedruckt bei Stimpffl, 1948. 

829-S2p. 28cm. 


Bush, Robert R 

Stochastic models for learning t by] Robert R. Bush c andj 
Frederick Mosteller. New York, Wiley C l9"55j 

865 p. lllus. 24cm. (Wiley publications In statistics) 
LB1051.B84 154.4 55-2611 t 

Caahwell, E D 

A practical manual on the Monte Carlo method for random 
walk problems, by E. D. Cashwll and C. J. Everett New 
York, Pergamon Press, 1959. 

ix, 153 p. dlagn. 28 cm. (International tracts In computer cl- 
jance and technology and their application, v. 1) 
QC174.5.C3 530.18 59-10519 

Chebotarev, Aleksanflr Stepanovich, 1881- 

Crcocoo' HaHMCBtm-HX ssa^paTOB c ocnOBaMH icopHH BC- 
ponxHOCTeft. ^onymcHO B KaiecTBc yietfHHKa p^x. reoflesH- 
CKHX BY30B sc $aKyjivreroB. MocKsa, HSA-BO reo^eaH^e- 
CKOft JIHT-PH, 1958. 

606 p. dtagrs., table*. 27cm. 
QA275.C52 58-39709 

Coculeaco, Pius Serried, 1002- 

Science et hasard jpar, Pius Servien ( pseud.] Paris, 
Payot, 1952. 

285 p. 28cm, (BlbUoth*w)escieQtlflue) 
QA273.C69 55-40292 J 

College Entrance Examination Board. Commission on 

Introductory probability and statistical inference for sec 
ondary schools: an experimental course. Prelim, ed. New 
York, 1957. 

182 p. dlagrs. 26cm. 

A 59-3961 
LehlghUnlv. Library 

Conference on Information Theory, Statistical Decision 
Functions, Random Processes. 

Transactions. 1st- conference; 1956- 
Prague, Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of 

v. dlagrs. 25 cm. (Oeskoslovensko 1 akaderale v5d. Sckce 
technlckd. Studle a prameny, sv. 16 
QA273.C743 519 58-42106 

Cournot, Antoine Augustin, 1801-1877. 

An essay on the foundations of our knowledge. Trans 
lated with an introd. by Merritfc H. Moore. New York, 
Liberal Arts Press, 1956. 

Ixz, 615 p. 24 cm. 
B2258.C63E612 121 57-886 rev 

Cramer, Harald, 1893- 

The elements of probability theory and some of its appli 
cations. New York, Wiley C 1955] 

281 p. illus. 24cm. (Wiley publications In statistics) 
QA273.C843 519 55-945 t 

Cramer, Harald, 1893- 

On some questions connected with mathematical risk. 
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1954. 

99-123 p. 26 cm. (University of California publications In statis 
tics, v. 2, no. 5) 
HA13.C35 vol. 2, no. 5 A 55-9003 

Copy 2. HG8781.C7 

California. Unlv, Libr. 

Davenport, Wilbur B 

An introduction to the theory of random signals and noise 
iby 3 Wilbur B. Davenport, Jr., and William L. Root. New 
York, McGraw-Hill, 1958. 

303 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Lincoln laboratory publications) 
TK5101.D3 621.88 57-10220 J 

Derman, Cyrus. 

Probability and statistical inference for engineers; a first 
course t byj Cyrus Derman and Morton Klein. New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1959. 

144 p. lllus. 20 cm. ( University texts In the mathematical 
sciences ) 
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Generalized random variables. Chicago [Library, Dept. of 
Photographic Reproduction, University of Chicago, 1956 
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La science de Pincertitude. Paris, Flammarion [1959] 

282 p. lllus. 20 cm. (Blbllothfcque de phtlosophie sdentlflque) 
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Daffu, DanieL 

Arithm&ique des lois de probabilites. Paris, Gautibier- 
Villars, 1957. 

50 p. 24 cm. (Memorial dee sciences matWmatlques Case. 187) 
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Dugul, Daniel. 

Ensembles mesurables et probabilisables: La mesure des 
ensembles lineaires. La rarefaction des ensembles de mesure 
nulle. RfidigS par M. Barbut et R. Janin. Paris, Dunod, 

x, 82 p. dlagrs. 22 cm. (Probability atatlstlque, recherche 
operatlonnelle. Section A : Theorle des probability ) 

A 59-3894 
Princeton Unlv. Ubr. 

Dunin-Barkovskil, Igor" Valerianovich. 


TCXKHKC (otfmaa nacit) MocxBa, Toe. HS^-BO TCXHHKO- 

TCOpCT. JtHT-pH, 1955. 

566 p. dlam., tables. 2T cm. (frHWKO-MaTCMaTHHecici* CHtfvmo- 


QA273,D83 56-21986 

Eriamann, Theodor, 1883- 

Wahrscheinlichkeit im Sein und Denken ; eine Theorie der 
Wahrsoheinlichkeit und ihrer Geltung im Naturffeschehen. 
235 p. 24cm. 

Feller, William, 1906- 

An introduction to probability theory and its applications, 
2ded. New York. WUey t 1957- 
^.H.H T 'I imu " > (-*, Wiley pubUcmtlon in mathematical 




Fisher, Sir Ronald Aylnter, 1890- 

Statistical methods and scientific inference. Edinburgh, 
Oliver and Boyd C 1956j 

175 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
QA9.F54 I056a 510.1 56-58796 

Fisher, Sir Ronald Aylmer, 1890- 

Statistical methods and scientific inference. New York, 
Hafner Pub. Co. t !956] 

175 p. 111U8. 23cm. 
QA9.F54 510.1 55-58441 J 

Fisher, Sir Ronald Aylmer, 1890- 

Statistical methods and scientific inference. C 2d ed. rev.] 
Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd C 1959] 

178 p. lllus. 23cm. 
CIA.9.F54 1059 510.1 59-4397 t 

Fisz, Marek. 

Rachunek prawdopodobieiistwa i statystyka matema- 
tyczna. c Wyd. l.j Warszawa, Panstwowo Wydawn. Nau- 
kowe, 1954. 

374 p. lllUS 25cm. 
QA273.F64 56-35020 1 

Fisz, Marek. 

Rachunek prawdopodobienstwa i statystyka matema- 
tyczna. Wyd. 2., popr. i rozsz. Warszawa, Panstwowe 
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530 p. Ill us. 25 cm. (Blblloteka matematycrna, 1. 18) 
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Fliege, Stewart Edward, 1927- 

Theory and measurement of psychological probability. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1956] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 18,002) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,602 Mic 56-5349 

Michigan. Unlv. Ubr. 

Florida. University, Gainesville. Statistical Laboratory. 

Symposium on Monte Carlo methods, held at the Univer 
sity of Florida, conducted by the Statistical Laboratory, 
sponsored by Wright Air Development Center of the Air 
Research and Development Command, March 16 and 17, 
1954. Edited by Herbert A. Meyer. New York, Wiley t 1956j 

xvi, 882 p. lllus. 29 cm. (A Wiley publication In applied sta 




France. Institut national de la statutigus et dea $tud*9 Sco- 

Lecons sur Testimation statistique. Paris, Impr. nationale, 

137, (2) p. dlagrs. 27 cm. (Iti fitudes theortque*, no S) 
HA1213.A54 no. 3 5 1-25267 rev 

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Nonparametrio theory and applications. [TorontOj *1955- 

v. lllus. 80cm. 
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Gendre, J L 

Introduction a l'6tude du jugement probable. Pr4f. de 
Andre" Lalande. ( l. ecl.j Paris, Presses univeraitairea de 
France, 1947. 

00 p. 25 cm. (Science, lanjrajp, connaluwuce, 3) 
QA278.G48 66-84408 

Gengaroli, Ido. 

II vademecum del sistemista ; guida pratica per le riduadonl 
dei sistemi. Metodo, competenza. serietl aono le bi di 
questa pubblicazione che vi f arit vmoere al totocaloio, totip. 
V. 6, lotto. Torino, E.Ckrello, 1952. 

S8p. l&cm. (Rlcreulooe srmio, n, 1) 
QA278.G45 55-80717 

Getoor, Ronald Kay, 1929- 

Some connections between operators in Hilbert paoe and 
random functions of second order. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms ,1954, 

( ^Diversity Microfilm*, Aon Arbor, Mlcb,, Publication tw. 8308) 
Microfilm AC~1 no. 8308 Mic A 54-1591 

Michigan, Univ. Libr. 

Girault, Maurice. 

Initiation aux processus aleatoiree, le procewus de Poison, 
files d'attente, pannes de machines. Paris, Dunod. 1959. 

106 p. lllus, ^82 cm. (Probability stattttlju*, rectoerche o5*w. 
tlonnelle. Section : Recherche operattonaeUe) * r * in * n!0 *** 

Gnedenko, Boris Vladlmirovich, 1912- 
Bericht ttber die Taffung 


und mathematische Statistik in Berlin vom 19 bis SSfi, Okto- 
berl954. tUbersetzung der in ftrM6^cner bw, rutefeotar 
Spraehe gehaltenen VortrEge: L. Kaloujnine und L. BoU, 
^^ I^utscher Verlag der Wistwwohaften, W5, 

190 p. luns. 24 cro. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Gnedenko, Boris Vladimirovich, 1912- 

Elemcntare Einfiihrung in die Wahrseheinlichkcitsreeli- 
nunfl, von B. YT. Gnedenko untl A. 3. Chintschin. t Nixch 
der 3. Aufl. a us dein Ifussischen ubertragen von Karl Heinz 
Rupp, Berlin, Deut.scher Verlag der Wissenschaften. 1955. 

185 p. lliufl. 21 em, (KlelneErgttnzungsi'elhezu den Hochschul- 
bllchern ftlr Mathematlk, 8) 

[QA11.K7JJ Heft 8] A 56-4164 

Cornell Univ. Library 

Gnedenko, Boris Vladimirovich, 1912- 


4. MocKaa, Toe. USA-BO xexniiKO-TeopcT. JTHT-PH, 1957. 

144 p. dlaffrs. 20 cm. 
QA278.G57 1957 58-18652 

Gnedenko, Boris Vladimirovich, 1912- 

Kypc reopnH uepofltTHOcreft. H3fl. 2., rtepep. .HonymeHO 
B KaiecTBC yie<5HHaa A^ roc. ynjoepcHxeTOB. Mocsua, Toe. 


411 p. dlagrs., tables. 23cm. 
QA278.G575 1954 55-36816 

Gnedenko, Boris Vladimirovich, 1912- 

Lehrbuch der Wahmheinlichkeitsrechnung. Berlin, Aka- 
demie-Verlag, 1967. 

387 p. lllus. 25 cm. (Mathematlsch* Lehrbllcher und Mono- 
graphlen, 1. Abt. : Mathematlscho Lehrbttcher, Bd. 9) 
C&A278.G5755 58-1858 t 

Gonzalez Domlnguez, Alberto. 

Teoremaa Kmites para productos de variables aleatorias, 
por Alberto Gonzalez DomJnguez y Roque Scarfiello. 
Buenos Aires, 1950. 

23 p. 24 cm. ( Unlvarflldad do Buenos Alre. Fncultad de 
Olonclaa Bxnctaa, Iffslcas y Naturales, Contrlbuclones clentlflcat. 
Sorte A: Matematlca, r. 1, no. 1) 

QA278.G68 57-24598 

_ ,-__ copy 2. Q88.B805 Mr. A, vol. 1, no. 1 

Hagstroem, Karl Guatav, 1891- 

Bxakt haaard; slump och berHkning i spel, vetenskap och 
konst, Stockholm, Natur och. kultur [1950, 

172 p. uiuB. 22cm. 
QA21.H10 57-21487 J 

Helms, Lester La Verne, 1927- 

Convergence properties of martingales indexed by directed 
Bets. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rl956] 

(tUfllvwrslty Microfilm*, Ann AiDor, Mlcb.i Publication 18,858) 
Microfilm AG-1 no. 18,858 Mic 56-3982 

Purdue Univ. Library 

Hemelrljk, Jan. 

Symmetrietoetaon en andere toepassingen van de theorie 
van Neymnn en Pearson. 's-Gravenhage rl950i 

01 p. <Uaira, 24cm. 
QA278.H54 56-41816 

Hogben, Lancelot Thomas, 1895- 

Sutifltical theory : the relationship of probability, credi 
bility, and error; on examination of the oontemporary crisis 
in statistical theory from a behaviourist viewpoint, New 
York, Norton (195-, 

010 p, lUu*. 28 cm. 
QA276.H58 519 58-1960 t 

Hogben, Lancelot Thomas, 1895- 

Statistieal theory: the relationship of probability, credi 
bility, And error; an examination of the contemporary crisis 
in statistical theory from a behaviourist viewpoint London, 

Allen AUnwin rl957] 

510 p. lllus, 3d cm. 



Huron, Roger. 

Sur 1'interprStation mathfoaatique des groupages aanguins ; 
m&hode et tableaux d'utilisation. 

(/n Toulouse, University Faculttf de sciences, Annale* ... pour 
IM sciences mathdmatlques tt les sciences physlaues. Toulouse, 28cm. 
ft. 60) 4. Ar., t Id (1608) p. l-tH6, tables) 
[Q46.T76 wr. 4, vol. 19] A 66-5568 

Ohio SUto Unlr. Llbr. 

Huron, Roger. 

Sur une application du sche*ma d'urnes de poiseon, par R. 
Huron etJ.MSric. 

(/n ToulouM. UnlyrUi. FaculU dec cl e nc.. Annalw ... 
pour IM KtanoM mathinuiUquM t ! ndanoM phraiquea. TouIouM. 
ficm. (T. 67) 4, a^r. t, 17 (19M) p. ( aM,-172) 

[Q46.T75 ser.4,voLH] AB5-669 

Ohio State UnlT. Ubr. 

ftglom, A M 

HcajtcMCMTapHHC sa^atii; B aeMKT&pKO najtowennii. 


548 p. dlagra. 21 cm. (BuflJinOTeKa MareMaTHxecKoro xpyxica, 
QA157.1 2 56-27188 

fAglom, A M 

BepoflTHocrt H iiH<|>opMai;ir. MocKsa, Foe. i 

159 p. dlagrs. 20 cm. 
QA273.1 2 


Eac, Mark. 

Probability and related topics in physical sciences. With 
special lectures by G. E. Uhlenbeck, A. E. Hibbs t andj Balth. 
van der Pol. London, New York, Interscience Publishers 
t 1959, 

X !Hu, 26(J p , *K Ia P- 24 cm> ( Lectur es in applied mathematics; 
proceedings of the Summer Seminar, Boulder, Colo., 1057 v 1) 
QA273.K24 519.1 59-10443 

Kac, Mark. 

Some stochastic problems in physics and mathematics, 
t Dallas, Field Research Laboratory, Magnolia Petroleum 
Co., 1956. 

189 1. lllus 28 on. (Colloquium lectures In the pure and applied 
sciences, no. 2) 

QC20.K3 530.151 57-46784 

Kac, Mark. 

Statistical independence in probability, analysis and num 
ber theory. t a. p. 3 Mathematical Association of America- 
distributed by Wiley t New York, 1959, ' 

OAQ im m< (The Carus mat K h ^ atlcal iwpta. ^ M> 
0>A2~Z3&5 519.1 59-14986 J 

Kahn, Herman, 1922- 

Applictxtious of Monte Carlo. 19 April 1954, rev. 27 April 
1956. Santa Monica. Calif., Rand Corp., '1956. 

vtl, 2501. dlagrs. 29 em. ( t Rand Corporation, Research memo 
randum, BM-1237-AEO) 
Q180.A1R36 no. 1237 1956 56-35648 

Karhunen, Karl. 

t)ber lineare Methoden in der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrech- 
nung. Helsinki, 1947. 

78 p. 25 cm. 
QA278.K32 57-34350 

Khinchin, Aleksandr tAkovlevich, 1894- 

Mathematical foundations of information theory. Trans 
lated by R. A. Silverman and M. D. Friedman, [New Dover 
ed.j New York, Dover Publications rl957, 

120 p. 2lcm. 
Q175.K443 601.51 57-18025 t 

Kimme, Ernest Godfrey. 

On the convergence of sequences of stochastic processes 
with independent increments. Ann Arbor, University Micro 
films [1956, 

([University Microfilm*, Ann Arbor, Mlch.i Publication no. 16,857) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 16,557 Mic 56-1800 

Mlnnwoto. Unlr. Llbr. 

Kneale, William Calvert 

Probability and induction. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 

vlll,2e4p. dlagn. 2$ cm, 
B0141.K56 519 49-9123 rev* 

Kolmogorov, Andrei NikoUevich, 1903- 

Foundations of the theory of probability; translation 
edited by Nathan Morrison. With an added bibliography 
by A T. Bharucha-Reid. 2d Englished. New York, Chel 
sea Pub. Co., 1956. 

rll,84p. 24 cm. 
QA278.K614 1956 519 56-11512 

Kraft, Charles Hall, 1924- 

Some conditions for consistency and uniform consistency 
of statistical procedures. Berkeley, University of California 
Press, 1955. 

' (UnlTerilty of 0alUornla #*** In 

PHA18.C35 vol. 2, no. 0] 
California. Univ. Ubr. 

A 56-9089 

Kyburg, Henry Ely, 1928- 

Probability and induction in the Cambridge school. Ann. 
Arbor, University Microfilms rl955T 

({TTnlveralty Mlcrofllmi, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no 12,311) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,811 Mic 55-189 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

, J Halcombe. 

Random processes in automatic control [byj J. Halcombe 
Lnning, Jr. ( and] Richard H. Battin. New York, McGraw- 
Hill, 1956. 

434 p. Illu8. 24cm. (McGraw-Hill wrlea in control ayatema engi 
QA273.L27 519 55-10410 t 

Lebedev, Vsevolod Leonidovich. 

CayiaflHtie nponeccK B MCKipu 
CHCTCitax. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO 
JIHT-PH, 1958. 

1T6 p. lllua. 21 cm. 

Lemonnier, Albert. 

Theorie de 1'assurance sur la vie. Paris, Editions de 
PArgus (1950j 

xv, 429 p. dlagra. 25cm. 

A 55-6494 
New York Univ. Wash. Sq. Library HG8781.L4 

Levin, Boris Ruvimovich. 

^ynaftuHx rcpoi^eccon n ce npHMeHeaiie B pa/{HO- 
Texuuix-. MocEsa, COBCTCKOC pafliro, 1957 

495 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. 
TK6553.L45 57-58866 

Le*vy, Paul, 1886- 

Handom functions: a Lnplaciaix random function depend 
ing on n point of Hilbert space. Berkeley, University of 
California Press, 1956. 

195-205 p. 26 cm. (University ot California pubUcationa In statis 
tics, v. 2. no, 10) 

SIA13.C35 vol. 2, no. 10] A 56-6639 

llfornla. Univ. Llbr. 

Lindgren, Bernard William, 1924- 

Introduction to probability and statistics [by 5 B. W. 
Lindgren and G. W. McElrath. t New York, Macmillan 
t 1959, 

277 p, lllusr. 24 om. 
CIA276.L5 1959 519 59-5633 t 

Litter, Manuel. 

Estudios cuantitativos sobre el equilibrio entre los trans- 
misores qulmicos autondmicoe y las celulas ef ectoras ; an&lisis 
estadlstico y curvas doeis-respuesta de la acetilcolina, Z-ad- 
renalina, Z-noradrenalina, e nistamina, Buenos Aires, El 
Ateneo, 1955. 

88 p. lllus. 27cm. 
QP909.LW 57-24591 t 

Loeve, Michel Moise, 1907- 

Probability theory; foundations, random sequences. New 
York, Van Nostrand, 1955. 

515 p. 24 cm. (The University series In higher mathematics) 
QA273.L63 519 54-9892 J 

Lott, Fred Wilbur, 1917- 

Tlxe use of a certain linear order statistic, related to the 
mean difference, as an unbiased estimate of the standard 
deviation in finite and infinite populations. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms t 1955j 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.i Publication no. 12 910) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,6 10 Mic A 55-2166 

Michigan. Univ. Llbr. 

Masnaghetti, Raymond Keith, 1922- 

A probability computing receiver. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms [1958i 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1799 Mic 58-1799 

Purdue Unlv, Library 

Mazurkiewicz, Stefan, 1888-1945. 

Podstawy rachunku prawdopodobienstwa. Na podstawie 
rekopis6w opracowal Jerzy lo^. c Wyd.l., Warszawa PaA- 
stwowe Wydawn, Naukowej 1956. 

270 p. 25 cm. (PoUka Akademla Naiik. KonograOe matema- 
tyotne, t 2) 
OA273.M89 59-18248 

MesAtSev, Pavel Pavlovlch, 

IIpitMeHeHneTeopitH Bepo/tTHOcrett MarcMaxuiecKott cia- 
xncTiiKii itpw KOHCTpynposanHii n nponauoACTne paflnoanna- 
paxypM. ITo^ pe^;. B. H. Cii^opona. MocRna, Toe. ns^-uo 

261 p. dlagrs., tables. ' 28 cm. 
TK6860.M:)OC 58-45648 

Neveu, Jacques. 

.Thforie des semi-groups de Markov. Berkeley, Univer 
sity of California Press, 1958. 

310-SJH p. 26 cm. (University of California publications In statis 
tics, v. 2, no. 14) 
HA18.C85 vol. 2, no. 14 517.5 A6S-9788 

Copy 2, QA278.N4 

California. Univ. Llbr. 

Nolfl, Padrot 

Idee und Wahrscheinlichkeit. KeuchateL Editions du 
Griffon f !956, 

212 p. 24cm. (Blbllotheaueclentlflctue t 28) 

Purdue Univ. Library 

Paracn, Emanuel, 1929- 

Modern probability theory and its appHcationsj an intro 
duction. Stanford, Calif., Dept of Statistics, Stanford 
University, 1958. 

iv. lllus, 26cm. 
QA273.P272 519 58-2968 1 

PoDaczek, Fflfat. 

Problemes stochastiques poses par le phenomene de forma 
tion d'uue queue d'attente a un guichet et par des phfinomenes 

_i*_ T. _ ^-t_..ivi Tr: n>.__ inicr 

apparentes. Paris, Gauthier-VUlars, 1957. 

122 p. dlagrs. 24 cm. (M&norlal des, adeu 
Case. 186) 

Princeton TJnl 1 

. Llbr. 

A 58-1981 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Pugachev, V S 

TeopHs cjiyiaftsHX $yHM(Hft H ee npHMeHCHHe K saflaiair 
aBTOitatiiHecKoro ynpaEzreHHH. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO TCXHH- 
Ko-ieopeT. JIHT-PII, 1957. 

659 p. dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. 
QA273.P83 58-18597 

Richter, Hans, 1912- 

Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie. Berlin, Springer, 1956. 

xl, 435 p. 24 cm. (Die Gmndlehren der mathematischen Wlssen- 
schaften in Einzeldarstellungen mlt besonderer Bertickslchtigung der 
Anwendungsgebiete, Bd. 86) 

QA273.R47 A 57-2531 

Rochester. Univ. Llbr. 

Roy, Samarendra Nath. 

Some aspects of multivariate analysis. Calcutta, Indian 
Statistics 1 Institute ; New York, Wiley, 1957. 

vlll,214p. 29cm. ( Indian statistical aeriee, no. 1) 
QA273.R87 519 58-1231 


Rozo Martinez, Darfo, 1881- 

Astronomla y geodeeia, con teorfa de los errores, minimos 
cuadrados y cartografia. Bogota, Editorial Minerva, 1945. 

ISSp. 24cm. 
QA275.R68 58-16381 

Sadov, A I 

TeopHJt BepoaTHoeieft. IToA pA- A. C. KosantKo. Mo- 
CKsa, Ynp. BoeaHO-icopCKOro HSfl-sa, 1945. 

115 p. dlagrs. 22 cm. 
QA273.S24 55-16256 

Sala, Ilmari. 

Numerische Losung von linearen homogenen Eigenwert- 
aufgaben zweitex Ordnung durch Mittelwertmethoden. 
[Helsingfors, 1950] 

9 p. 24 cui. (Socletas Scientlarum Fennica. Oommentatlonea 
physlco-mathematlcae, XT, 13) 

Q60.F555 vol. 16, no. 13 A 55-2872 

Virginia. Dalv. Llbr. 

Santal6 Sors, Luis Antonio. 

La probabilidad y sus aplicacionee. Buenos Aires, Ibero- 
Americana C 1955i 

238 p. Ulua. 24cm. 
QA273.S82 50-85745 

Sarymsakov, T A 

OCHOBM reopuH npoijeccoB MapKOsa. Mocicaa, foe. nafl 


208 p. dlagrs. 28cm. 

Schlaifer, Robert 

Probability and statistics for business decisions; an intro 
duction to managerial economics under uncertainty. New 
York, McGraw-Hill, 1959. 

782 p. Ulua. 24cm. 
HD38.S36 658.01519 68-18017 J 

Simon, Albin, 1922- 

Untersuchungen iiber zusammengeaetzte Wahrscheinlich- 
keiten. Basel, 1980. 

28 p. 23 cm. 
QA273.S57 57-46765 

Sindelif, Karel. 

Komplexnl &sla a Moivreova vSta. t l. vyd.j Praha, NakL 
Ceskofilovenskfi akademie v6d, 1956. 
219 p. iUua. 21 cm. (datkMloraiBka akadamle vM. Sekoa 

materaaticko-fyalkalnL V6da vfem, ST. 8) 

57-49768 J 

Sjber$, Boris. 

tJber lineare Irrfahrt mit AbsorptionssctirankerL Abo, 
Abo akndemi, 1958. 

18 p, 24 cm, (Acta AcademU* AtxxniU. Matl)matlca et phr- 
alca, rn, 13) 

[AS262.A35 voL21,no.!8] A 69-4146 

Ohio State XJnlT. Ubt. 

Smith, Ed Sinclair, 1897- 

Binomial, normal, and Poisson probabilities. ( Bel Air. 
Tip. 28cm. 

A 65-1109 
Horth Carolina. XJnir, Library 

Smith, James Everett Keith, 1928- 

Statistical structure in probability learning. ATI^ Arbor, 
University Microfilms ( 1955, 

([XJnlvewlty Microfllma, Ann Arbor, Mlcb,, Publication no. 11^58) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 11,858 Mic A 55-884 

MlchJcan. Unlr, Llbr. 

Some aspects of analysis and probability t by } Irving Kaplan- 
sky ,and otzhere, New York, Wiley t 1968] 

248 p. 24cm. (Surreys In applied mathematics 4) 
QA87.S66 610 58-13712 } 

Sterrett, Andrew. 

An efficient method for the detection of defective mem 
bers of large populations. Ann Arbor, University Micro 
films [1956, 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 18,260) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,260 Mic 56-3944 

Pittsburgh. Univ. Llbr. 

Thionet, Pierre. 

La theorie des sondages. Paris, Impr. nationale, 1953. 

826 p. Illua. 27 cm (Republique francalse. Instltut national de 
la statistique et des etudes economiques. tudes theoriquea, no 5) 
QA273.T45 55-32435 

Truksa, Ladislav. 

Statistickfi dynamika. r Vyd. 1., Praha, Statni pedago- 
gicke" nakl., 195 

v. illus. 80cm. (UCebnftextyvysokychBkol) 
<iA276.5.T73 59-40025 t 

U. S. National Bureau of Standards. National Applied 
Mathematics Laboratories. Computation Laboratory. 
Tables of the error function nnd its derivative 
t,,^ 5_ f* -' 

cWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off. 3 1954. 

xl, 802 p. 27 cm. (U, S. National Bureau of Standards Applied 
mathematics series, 41) ' vv 

QA3.U5 no. 41 



Ventfsel', Elena Sergeevna. 

Teopii* BepoaxHOCTeft. MocKsa, Toe. JW^-BO ^HSHKO- 
MaTeuaTH^ecKoft JIKT-PH, 1958. 

464 p. dlagrs. 28cm. 
QA273.V42 58-30659 

Verley, Albert 

Nouvel aspect de la theorie dee probabiHtea. rlle-Saint- 
Denis (Seine) 1958] 

48 p. dlagra. 24cm. 

0^273.744 A 69-4824 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. A 59-4824 

Virginia Council of. Highway Investigation and Research. 

Application .of probability 'theory to traffic volume esti 
mates. Progress report. " no. 1- Mar. 1959- 
no. 28cm. 

A 59-9624 
Virginia. Univ. Hbr. 

Von Mises, Richard, 1883-1953. 

Notes on mathematical theory of probability and statis 
tics. Cambridge, 1946. 

1 v. (unpaged) 20 cm. (Harvard University. Graduate School 
of Engineering. Special publication no. 1 ) 

A 49-1796 rev* 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Von Mises, Richard, 1883-1953, 

Probability, statistics, and truth. 2d rev. English ed. pre 
pared by Hilda Geiringer. London, Allen and Unwin; New 
York, Macmillan C 1957] 

244 p. 22cm. 
QA273.V018 1957 519 57-59479 rev t 

Wald, Abraham, 1902-1950. 

Selected papers in statistics and probability. Edited for 
the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, T. W. Anderson, 
committee chairman t and others] New York, McGraw-Hill 

ix, 702 p. port, dlagrs. 26cm, 
QA276.W27 811.2 


Wald, Abraham, 1902-1950. 

Selected papers in statistics and probability. Edited for 
the Institute of Mathematical Statistics t by, T. W. Ander 
son, committee chairman t and others] Stanford, Calif., 
Stanford University Press, 1957 r'1956i 

702 p, Illua. 27cm. 

[QA276] 311.2 67-9166 t 

Printed for A. B. P. 

WaldeUus, Eric. 

Sannolikhetskalkyl f6r ingenjSrer. t Stockholm, Esselte, 

^86 p, dUgn. 21 cm. (Induitrltldnlngvi NortLeo. Publlkmtlon 
&27S.W8 56-16081 

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see also Claims against decedents' 
estates; Decedents' estates; Election 
(Wills); Estates (Law); Executors and 
administrators; Inheritance and suc 
cession; Inheritance and transfer tax; 
Legacies; Legal advertising; Non- 
contentious jurisdiction; Partition of 
decedents' estates; Separation of 
patrimony; Wills 


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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CALIFORNIA (Continued) 

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tion of the Bar. 

Practical aspects of probating estates. Edited by Felix F. 
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-- Supplement 1st- Feb. 28, 1957- 

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CahUl-Parsons New York civil practice; containing the 
official editions of Civil practice act, Rules of civil practice, 
Surrogate's court act, Justice court act, Court of claims act, 
Municipal court code, New York City court act, rules of 
various courts and tables, thoroughly annotated from the 
time of enactment; as amended to and including the 1955 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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1952 cumulative supplement, replacing prior 

pocket parts. Philadelphia, G. T. Bisel Co., 1962. 

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1954 supplement (directly supplementing 1939- 

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and 175 Pa. Super. 368 and including acts of assembly of the 
session of 1963. Philadelphia, G. T. Bisel Co., 1954. 
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40-3523 rev 2* 

Pennsylvania. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Campbell's Pennsylvania decedent's estates law ... as 
amended to date with annotations to their various sections, 
embracing decisions of the United States Courts, Pennsyl 
vania Supreme, Superior and County Courts, fiduciary re 
ports, Attorney General opinions and articles in the various 
law reviews, all together with editorial notes and comments. 
Philadelphia, Campbell's Services, 1959- 

2 T. (loose-leaf) 25 cm. 



Hunter, David Gilbert, 1884- 

Orphans' Court forma and index of acts of Assembly re 
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and references to recent authorities by Harold B. Tawresey. 
Published for the use of the bar of Pennsylvania. 6th ed. 
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with practical forms. 3d ed. by Harry Phillips. Cincinnati, 
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Cases and materials on the law of fiduciary administra 
tion. 2cl ed., by Lewis M. Simes and William F. Fratcher. 

Chicago, Callaghan C 1956 
887 p. 2fl cm. (National 

casebook wrles) 



see also Indeterminate sentence; 
Juvenile courts; Pardon; Parole; 
Surety of the peace 

Ayala Legorreta, Ignado. 

Las medidas de seguridad y su ejecucion penitenoiaria, 
Mexico, 1957. 

78 p. 20 cm. 
HV9275.A9 57-41137 J 

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Le systeme de probation anglais et le sursia continental; 
e"tude dogmatique, critique et de droit compare*. Geneve, 

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t 1956, 

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unangebrachter Freiheitsstrafen in England, Amerika und 
Deutschland. c MainzU955, 

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Dorecho, 1952. 

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Oo. t !95T, 

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1261. lira*, map*. 28 em. 
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handlung von Rechtsbrechera und ihr Bedeutung fUr die 
deutscho Strnf rechtsveform. t Mainz 1 1958 ?, 

160 1. 29cm. 

HV9278.P65 66-16884 

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Result a ta pratiques et aspects financiers du regime de la 
probation appliqul auat adultes dans certains pyft. New- 
York, Nations Unies Dp. des questions sociales, Division dee 
activites sociales, 1954. 

Til. 181 p. tftblm. 28 cm. (NntlOM Unlw, ( Documdt) ST/ 

JX1977.A212 ST/SOA/SD/8 
Oopy 2, HVOaT8.U8S2 


Straffen en helpen ; opstllen over berechting en rclaMoring 
aangeboden aan Mr. Dr. N. Mullet t op zijn 75* 1 * verjaatdagi 
Amsterdam, Wereldbibliotheek, 1964. 

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xlll,884p. 24cm, 
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Cycle d'&udes europ^en sur k probation, Londroa, 2080 
octobre 1952. New-York. Nations Uniee, 1966, 
vl, 241 p. 28 cm. (tttnifod Nutton*. Docunwat, ST/TAV*r,<V 

JX1977.A212 ST/TAA/ser.C/11 66-68076 


National Probation and Parole Association. 

Correctional services in Arizona, 1968; report of a survey 
conducted by the National Probation and Parole AssooUtion 
in collaboration with the Osborne Association, inc., United 
States Children's Bureau. [Submitted to the Legislative 
Council of Arizona. New York, 1968) 

1 T. (varlooi p*Lnc*) tablM, 28 cm. 
HV9475J16N3 866.9791 60-88704 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROBATION (Continued) 

Austria. Laws, statutes, etc, 

Gesetz iiber die bedingte Verurteilung 1949. [Wienj 
Druck und Verlag der Osterreichischen Staatsdruckerei 
C 1949j 

15 p. 20 cm. (Amtllche Sammlung wlederverlautbarter Bster- 
relchlscher Rechtavorschrlften, Jahrg. 1949, Nr. 6) 



Bombay State Probation and After-Care Association. 

Administration report 
Bombay, Printed at the Govt Central Press. 

r. 25 cm, annual 
HV9397.B633 56-16890 


Auler, Hugo. 

Suspensao condicional da execucao da pena. Prefacio de 
Nelson Hungria. Rio de Janeiro, Edicao Revista Forense, 

xxlr, 666 p. 24 cm. 



Oliveira e Silva, Francisco, 1897- ed. 

Da prisao preventiva, da suspensao condicional da pena, 
do livramento condicional e da revisao criminal. c l. ed.] 
Rio de Janeiro, Edit6ra Nacional de Direito, 1957. 

206 p. 28 cm. (Oadernos de Jurlsprudfincla. Direito processual 



California. Bureau of Criminal Statistics. 

Delinquency and probation in California. 1954- 

v. dlagrs, 28 cm. annual. 
HV9105.C248 55-63000 rev 

California. Bureau of Criminal Statistics. 

Statistical reporting of juvenile probation cases; a refer 
ence manual for the county probation departments. Pre 
pared by the Bureau of Criminal Statistics, Juvenile Proba 
tion Section. Rev. [Sacramento^ 1956. 

3d p. lllus. 28cm, 
HV9105.C249 364.63 57-62738 rev J 

California. Dept. of the Youth Authority. 

Directory t ofj California probation and parole officers. 

v, 28cm. 
HV9305.C25 864.622 49-45229 rev* 

California. Dept. of the Youth Authority. 

Probation progress. 1956- 

v. UlUB, 28cm. annual. 
HV9305.C2A344 364.63 56-63229 rev 

California. Dept. of the Youth Authority. 

Standards for the performance of probation duties. Ed 
ited by James N. York, chief, Probation and Delinquency 
Prevention Services. t Sacramento, 1954] 

28 p. 24cm. 
HV9278.C2 864.63 65-62267 t 

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cUUies and Services. 

Probation in California t by aj Special Study Commission 
on Correctional Facilities and Services and the State Board 
of Corrections. Sacramento, 1957. 

187 p. dlagra., tables. 28cm. 
HV9805.C2A65 864.68 68-68275 


Colorado, Legislative Council. Committee on Laws Relat 
ing to Children. 

Juveniles in trouble: probation, parole, mental health; re 
port to the Colorado General Assembly. [Denver. 1968] 

tB8p. table*. 28cm. (Colorado. LftfStatlTW Council Reward* 
publication no. 25) 
JK7801.A82 no. 25 864.86 69-62708 


Betaonkning om forsorgsdomme og betingede domme. 
^benhavn, J. H. Schultz, 1963. 


District of Columbia. Committee on Prisons, Probation, and 

Prisons, probation, and parole in the District of Columbia. 
[Washington] 1957. 

180 L, 6, 13 p. fold, map, dlagra., tables. 27cm. 
HV8328.A6 1957 365.9753 


European Seminar on Probation, London, 1958. 

Cycle d'6tudes europeen sur la probation, Londres, 20-30 
octobre 1952. New-York, Nations Unies, 1956, 

vl, 241 p. 28 cm ([United Nations. Document] ST/TAVser.C/ 

JX1977.A-212 ST/TAA/ser.C/11 56-58076 


Levasseur, Georges. 

Cours de droit criminel approfondi; reMige* d'apres les 
notes et avec 1'autorisation de M. Levasseur. DiplSmes 
d'etudes supeneures, droit prive" et examens "A" et "B, w 
1956-1957. Paris, Cours de droit [1957J 

821 p. 20 cm. 

68-43570 J 

Poupet, Henriette. 

La probation des d&linquants adultes en France, Pre"f. de 
Marc Ancel. Paris, Editions Cujas t 1955j 

xll, 209 p. 28 cm. (Publications du Centre d'<5tudee de defense 
Boclale de 1'Instltut de droit compart de I'Unlversttfi de Paris, 8) 
HV9278.PG A 56-5796 

Wisconsin. Unlv, LIbr. 

Vaucresaon, France. Centre de formation et deludes de 
I'&lucation surveillee. 

La Hbert6 surveillee en milieu rural; synthese des tra- 
vaux de la v* session des d&eguea pennanents, Vaucresson, 
juin 1955. [Vaucresson, 1956, 

44 p. table*. 24cm. 
HV9154.V39 57-26480 t 


Georgia. State Board of Pardons and Paroles. 
Policies, rules and regulations. Atlanta, 1956. 
12 p. 28cm. 
HV7260.AG 1956 364.64061758 57-62905 J 

1949- ) 

Schneider, Reinhard, 1926- 

Das dffentliche Interesse am Strafvollzug bei f ahrliissigen 
Verkehrsstraftaten. Bonn. 1957. 
149 p. 21n. 



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Association of Probation Officers. London, Butterworth, 

240 p. 28cm. 
HV9278.K5 364.630942 59-21498 J 


Kansas. State Board of Probation and Parole. 

Report 1st- 1957/58- 

t Topeka?, 

r, 28 cm. annual. 


Kenya Colony and Protectorate. Probation Service. 

Probation Service and approved schools annual report. 

r. table*. 25cm. 
HV9421A6K48 57-30881 


Madras (State) Probation Dept. 
Administration report 1950- 
Madras, Printed by the Superintendent Govt Press. 

v. dlagrs. 25 cm. annual 
HV9899.M3A82 59-85121 


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[ Augusta?, 

v. 29 cm. annual. 



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Parole and Probation of Maryland. 1955- 

f. 23 cm. annual. 

A 57-5187 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Garcia Vera, Enrique. 

La condena condicional y el fuero de guerra. Mexico, 

71 p. 28 cm. 


Pifia Olaya, Mariano. 

La condena condicional. [Mexico, Universidad Nacional 
Autonoma de Mexico, Facultad de Derecho, 1956. 
S3 p. 22 cm. 

57-41068 t 

Salceda L<5pez, Eduardo. 

Suspension condicional de la pena. Mexico, 1964, 
71 p. 22 cm. 



Clemens Schroner, B L F 

Gezinsvoogdij en levensloop ; onderzoek naar de resultaten 
van gezinsvoogdij-^evallen in de ffrote stad en op het platte- 
land. Leiden, Instituut vcor Praeventieve Geneeskunde, 

542 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
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Probation and parole in Nevada. 
Carson City. 


58-62942 rev 


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Jersey Law Enforcement Council, New York, 1955. 

741. tables. 28cm. 

A 55-9367 
New Jersey. State Llbr. 

New Jersey. Law Enforcement Council. 

A public hearing ... on recommendations submitted by 
the National Probation and Parole Association to the coun 
cil in connection with probation and parole services in New 
Jersey, held Oct. 11, 1955. Trenton, 1955. 
1S81. 28cm. 

A 58-1681 
NewJerwjf. State Llbr. 

New Jersey. Legislature. Senate. Committee on Revision, 
and Amendment of Laws. 

Public hearing on Senate bills 186, 187, 188 and 205 (pro 
bation and parole procedure changes) held ... May 4, 1056. 
Tjrenton, 1956. 
60 L 28 otn. 

A 56-9407 
tate Llbr. 

New Jersey. Supreme Court. Committee on Probation. 
Report. rTrenton ?i 1957. 

A 57-9860 

New Jeraey. State Llbr. 


Arco Publishing Company, New York. 

Probation officer, by the Arco Editorial Board. New 
York, 1967 1'1965, 

1 T. 27 cm. (The Arco text for Job and tMt training) 
[HVOfi78] 851.8 57-H720 t 

Printed for A, B. P. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


NEW YORK (STATE) (Continued) 

New York (State) Division of Probation. 

General rules regulating methods and procedure in the 
administration of probation in the State of New York. Al 
bany, 1954. 

86 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

55-62581 t 

New York (Mate) Division of Probation. 

Manual for probation officers in New York State. 5th ed., 
rev. [Albany, Class in print. New York State Vocational 
Institution, 1945. 

lv. (loose-leaf) forms 27 era. 

HV9305.N7A5 1945 364.63 A 46-86 rev* 

New York. Public LIbr. 


New Zealand. Office of Probation Officer. 
Probation statistics for the year. 

55-37119 t 

r. 25cm. 


National Probation and Parole Association. 

Adult parole and probation, Oregon, 1958; report of a 
survey. t New York, 1958 3 

123 p. tables. 28cm. 
HV9278.N277 864.6209795 59-63009 

National Probation and Parole Association. 

Oregon services for juvenile offenders. Report of the 
survey for the Legislative Interim Committee on Judicial 
Administration. t n. p.] 1958. 

Ill, 97 p. 28 cm. 


Oregon. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Compilation of Oregon laws pertaining to parole and pro 
bation. Salem, State Board of Parole and Probation, 1966. 
26 p, 28 cm. 

56-63079 t 


National Probation and Parole Association. 

Probation services in Pennsylvania ; a survey for the Gov 
ernor's Commission on Penal and Correctional Affairs and 
the Governor's Committee on Children and Youth. New 
York, 1957. 

lv,188p. tables. 28cm. 

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Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


Popper, Samuel H 

Individualized justice; fifty years of juvenile court and 
probation services in Ramsey County, Minnesota. St. Paul, 
Bruce Pub. Co., 1966. 



Rhodesia, Northern. Dpt. of Welfare and Probation 8*rv- 


Lusaka, Govt Printer. 
T. 88cm. annual 
HV449.R5A84 58-18219 


St Vincent Probation Service* 

Adroinistjration report 
in. p.] 

T. Mem. annual 
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Scotland. Home Dept. 

The probation service in Scotland. (Prepared by the Scot- 
tish Home Dept and the Central Office of Information] 
Edinburgh, H. H. Stationery Off., 1955. 

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Trinidad. Probation Service, 

iPort-of -Spain, Govt Print Off. 

r. Mem. annual. 
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Council of State Governments. 

Interim memorandum on operation of The interstate com 
pact on juveniles. New York. 1956. 

7, 2 L 28cm. 
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Parole and Probation Compact Administrators' Association. 

The interstate movement of parolees & probationers; an 
nual report. 
t New York] 

y. 28 cm. 
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U. S. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Appeals from interlocutory orders and confinement in 
jail-type institutions. Hearings before Subcommittee No. 3 
on H. R. 6238, to amend section 1292 of title 28 of the United 
States code relating to appeals from interlocutory orders; 
and H. R. 7260, to amend title 18, United States code, section 
3651, so as to permit confinement in jail-type institutions or 
treatment institutions for a period not exceeding six months 
in connection with the grant of probation on a one-count in 
dictment February 26, 1958. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print Off., 1958. 

Ill, 25 p. 24 cm. (n [Hearings beforfti the Committee on the 
Judiciary, House of Representatives, Blghty-flftU Congress, serial 11) 



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Parole and Probation Compact Administrators' Associa 

Annual meeting, 
t New York?] 

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years; n report prepared for the Virginia Parole Board t by 
Frank K. Gibson! Charlottesville, 1955. 

be, 1311. forma, table*. 29cm. 

HV9305.V8V5 A 55-9825 

Virginia. State Library 



Merck Sharp and Dohme. 

Benemid: a review of the nature & treatment of gout 
iWest Point, Pa.j 1956. 

49 p. iliaa. 24cm. 
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see Cathode ray oscillograph 

PROBES (VOLTMETER) see Vacuum-tube 


aee also Child guidance clinics; Juvenile 

Bowman, Paul Hoover. 

Mobilizing community resources for youth ; identification 
and treatment of maladjusted, delinquent and gifted chil 
dren, by Paul H. Bowman ( and other^ Edited by Robert 
J. Havighurat. (Chicago, University of Chicago Preaa, 

nil, IBS p. di*ir,, tabU*. 24 cm. (The Tooth derelopoMut M- 8) 
HQ773.B6 860.74 06-11907 

Brauner, Alfred, 1910- 

Pour en faire des hommes; e"tude sur le jeu et le langage 
chez les enf ants "inadapte*s sociaux." liidite* sous les auspices 
du Groupement des recherches pratiques pour 1'enfance. 
Paris,S.A.B.R.I, c!956] 

184 p. 23 cm. 
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A study of the relationship between boys' perception of 
parental attitudes and their predelinquency. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1957] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 20,270) 
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Familien von Hilfsschulkindern in den Grossstadten der 
Bundesrepublik. Meisenheim am Glan, A. Hain, 1958. 

226 p. lllua. 28 cm. ( Schrlftenrelhe der Hochschule fllr Inter 
nationale Ptidagoglsche Forschung) 
LC4661.G4 58^9659 J 

Haberlin, Annemarie. 

Der Ungehorsam ; seine Erscheinungsweisen, seine Ursa- 
chen und seine Behtmdlungsmo'glichkeiten. Bern, H. Huber 


ill p. 28 cm. (Schweteerische Zettschrlft fllr Psychologic und 
Ihre Amvendungen. Belhett Nr. 28) 

A 58-5986 
Yale Univ. Library 

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Les enfants inadaptes. Conference faite au Palais de la 
d&xmvorte le 9 d&embre 1950. Paris, XJniver&ite* [I960] 

20 p. 18 cm. (L<a Conferences du PaUl* de la dtamrerte. Ex 
position Hlatolre et progrti de U Jpychifttrte) 
HV891.H4 54-40917 J 

Hewitt Lester Eugene, 1916- 

Fundamental patterns of maladjustment, the dynamics of 
their origin; a statistical analysis based upon five hundred 
case records of children examined at the Michigan child guid 
ance institute. ( By] Lester Eugene Hewitt ... and Richard 
L. Jenkins . . . State of Illinois . . . (Springfield, 1946 f i 

1 p. L, 110 p. Incl. tables, dlagm. 251 on, 
HQ772.H46 136.768 A 46-3868 rev 2 

Copy 2, Thel note on Jnbol mounted on 

verto ol t.-p, 

ZUlnola. Univ. Library 

High, Jane E 1927- 

Ohildren who should not be in school; experiences of a 
teacher iu our too-public schools. t lst ed.j New York, Ex 
position Press r !957 1 

46 p, 21 cm. 
LB1117.H5 871.98 57-7656 t 

Masthoff-Vermaas, Jeanne. 

Het zeer moeilijke kind en zijn behandelwg door 4 
Vereeniging "Zoekt het Verlorene" to Rotterdam. Amster 
dam. Tan Munster, 1950. 

176 p, lllua. 24cm. 

HQ778.MS B7-17S8S 

Merian, Doris. 

tW freches Verhalten im KindalUr. Bern, H. 

t l956] 

00 p. Uhu, 2S cm. (8chwlrtiich Zttwshrlft fttr 
und Ihre Anwndungnn. mlbft Nr. 20) 

lT. Library 

Mississippi. Children's Oode Oommtttton, 

Study on rejecteea of cluaea for mwxUliy retarded chil 
dren. Jackson, 1956. 

19 p. 28cm. 

871.922 87-42749 1 

Mc*k, Helen R 

The troubled child. ( l8ted., New York, Holt ( 
170 p. 23 cm. 
HQ778.M6 186,7 

The aggreasive child, by Fritx Rdl and Dnvid WJnemtua. 
Glencoe, HL r Free Frew ( 1957, 

675 p. 22cm. 
HQn8.B4 186.768 

Sdunldt, Vlado. 

, J 80 ^* P* ** M JPoi^}*im n*pah*m ofcrofc, LevMUfiiu- 
^ I)ui v ft*Wea* otroitra in doraWanja, 
jj OentaOfti Ijuddd univeri T tyubljwi , 
Centaralna Ijudaka universal 1W8. 

ta-^SrS; SJ* 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

Schneersohn, Fischel, 1887- 

ncnn jon^n to ffssn "ra -no^n 
mrrno .memn to DJ? .npoenn to ncmanm 

[Tel-Aviv, 1955] .iTTDD A'ON-to JTJptflBl romiB , J 
156 p. 21 cm. 
HQ773.S3 58-60965 \ 

Segel, David, 1894- 

Identification of potentially frustrated youth at the early 
adolescent level. (Washington, U. S. Dept. of Health, Edu 
cation, and Welfare, Office of Education, 1956] 

lv, 23 p. lllus. 27 cm. ( t U. 8. Office of Education] Circular 
no. 469) 

[L111.A72 no. 469] E 56-116 

U. S. Office of Education. Library 

Simon, Alfons, 1897- 

Helgaj Kinder-note, Erziehersorgen, Wege and Hilfen, 
Munchen, K. Oldenbourg t !958i 

183 p. 22 cm. 
HQ769.S549 58-58584 J 

Solomon, Ben, 1894- 

The problem boy; what you can do about the juvenile 
delinquency problem. New York, Oceana Publications 




South Africa. Inter-departmental Committee on Deviate 
Report. Pretoria, Printed by the Govt. Printer, 1945-50. 

2v. lllus. 25-33 cm. 
LC4038.S6A52 46-4878 rev* 

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Unsettled children and their families. London, Univer 
sity of London Press c 1956] 

240 p. 28cm. 
HQ773.S7 362.74 57-1217 t 

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They steal for love; an experiment in education and psy 
chiatry with children and parents. New York, International 
Universities Press t 1959 3 

.132 p. 21cm. 
HV9069.W38 364.35 59-3302 t 

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Don't forgot I A true story. Minneapolis, Augsburg Pub. 
House [1959] 

176 p, 21 cm. 
HQ773.W4 801.427 59-12030 t 

Wldmer, Konrad. 

Die sondererzieheriflche Situation der Schule, beim schwer- 
erziehbaren Kind; Grenzen, Aufgaben, und MSglichkeiten. 
cZiirich, 1953 3 

272 p. 21cm. 

L04801.W5 1953a 58-41363 

Wright, Benjamin Drake, 1926- 

Attitude toward emotional involvement and professional 
development in residential child care. Chicago [Library, 
Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University of Chicago) 

Microfilm 5831 HQ Mic 58-6307 t 

Chicago. Pnlv. LIbr, 

Wright, Stuart, 1913- 

Some psychological and physiological characteristics of 
certain academic underachievers. Chicago, 1954, 
Microfilm 4199 LC Mic 57-5118 


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Solving problems of problem children, by Jack W. Birch 
and Edward H. Stullken. Bloomington, 111., Public School 
Pub. Co., '1956. 

44 p. 28 cm. (Teaching 1 exceptional children, la every classroom) 
LC4015.B5 371.92 56-59088 rev J 

Chazal, Jean. 

Lea metiers de 1'education difficile au service et au 0ecour 
de 1'enfance inadaptee; mSdecms peclo-paychiatres, asda- 
tantes sociales aupres dee tribunaui, delegate permanent* a 
la libert^ surveillee, oonaeillera d'orientation, peychologueft- 
assistante, juges des eni ants, matteea de formation scolaire et 
professionnelle, pedagogues et educateura specialist ( par, 
Jean Chazal, Andree Dauphin cetj Henri JoubreL Pr. de 
G. Heuyer. Paris, Lamarre (1953, 

114 P. 28 cm. (Collection N4ret d'ortentetton profenlonnelle) 
LC4801.C5 6<WI6041 t 

Cleugh, Mary Frances. 

The slow learner, some educational principles and policies. 
London, Methuen [1957] 

186 p. illus. 19cm. 
LC4661.C55 371.922 57-3188 t 

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school, by Norma E. Cutts and Nicholas Moseley. t lat ed., 
New York, Longmans, Green, 1957. 

170 p. 22cm. 
LC4801.C8 371.92 57-12119 t 

Dollins, Joseph Gordon. 

An experimental analysis of the effects of verbal praise 
upon pupils classified as "maladjusted." Ann Arbor, Uni 
versity Microfilms rl956] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 15,448) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 15,448 Mic 56-443 

Oklahoma. Univ. LIbr. 

Ebermaier, Carl. 

Das schwer erziehbare Kind ; seine arztliche Behandlung, 
seine padagogische Betreuung. Diisseldovf , A. Bagel C 1956, 

158 p. 23 cm. 
LC4661.E2 57-24439 J 

Friedemann, Adolf. 

Le pedagogue vis-a-vis des enfants inadaptes. Bienne, 
Institut d'hygiene mentale t !954j 

15 p. 25 cm. (Contribution A 1'hyglene mentale du Oercle d'e"tudefl 
soclolofflques de 1'Inatltut d'hyglene mentale de Bienne, cahler 4) 
LC4661.F7 57-30956 

Kingery, Burell Dwane, 1927- 

A survey of youth in Missouri State training schools with 
regard to their backgrounds and opinions relating to educa 
tion. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1956] 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 17,908) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 17,903 Mic 56-3741 

MIsaourl. Univ. LIbr. 

Mackie, Romaine Prior, 1899- 

Tetichers of children who are socially and emotionally 
maladjusted, prepared by Romaine P. Mackie (and othersj 
A report based on findings from the study "Qualification and 
preparation of teachers of exceptional children" [conducted 
by the Office of Education with the special help of the Asso 
ciation for the Aid of Crippled Children, New York City. 
Washington] U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, 
Office of Education C 1957i 

ad, 82 p. ilius. 24cm. (U.S. Office of Education. Bulletin 1907, 
no. 11) 
L111.A6 1957, no. 11 371.92 E58-6 

Copy 2. LO4681.M8 

U. ?. Office of Education. Library 

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Von den psychischen und sozialen Grundlagen der An- 
ataltsorziehung schwererziehbarer Knaben und Jugendlicher. 

63 p. 21 cm. 
LC4801.W55 56-47436 


New Jersey. Dept. of Institutions and Agencies. 

An exploration of public school approaches to meet the 
problem of emotionally disturbed children; summary of 
proceedings, New Jersey conference, Hotel Berkeley-Car- 
teret, Asbury Park, N. J., May 31 and June 1, 1956. Co- 
sponsor: New Jersey State Dept of Education. Editors: 
Irving E. Alexander t and 3 Maurice G. Kott C 1956] 

26 ). 28 cm. 
LC4661.N4 1956 871.922 57-63949 


Gt Brit Committee on Maladjusted OMldren. 
Report. London, H. H. Stationery Off., I960. 
vl, 180p. 25 cm. 
LC4696.G7A48 871.92 68-31386 


Horwitz, Robert. 

Residential treatment of maladjusted children; a survey 
and recommendations for Hawaii. Honolulu, Legislative 
Reference Bureau, tfoiversity of Hawaii C 1956, 

80 p. lllus. 24 cm. (legislative Reference Bureau, Territory 
of Hawaii. Report, 1969, no. 1) 
JQ6108.H3 1956 no. 1 862.74 56-68529 


Kansas. Receiving Home for Children, AtoMton. 
Report. lst-5th; 1944/46-1952/54, Topeka. 
5v. table*. 28cm. biennial 
HV742,K8K6 862.7 47-^32720 rev* 


Maryland. State Dept. of Public Welfare. 

A directory of resources in Maryland for the troubled 
child, voluntary institutions and agencies. Baltimore [1956] 
23 p. 28cm. 

A 56-9281 
Enoch Pratt Free Library 


Mississippi, Children's Cod* Oommution. 

Emotionally disturbed and mentally retarded children. 
Jackson, 1954. 

41 p 22cm. 
HV897.M7A5 362.74 56-62773 J 


see also Perturbation; Problem of three 

Grenoble. University, ficole tfete de physique theorique, 
Le Houckes. 

The many body problem. Le probl&me a N corps. Cours 
donnea a 1'Ecole d'e'te' de physique theorique, Les Houches; 
session 1958. London, Methuen; New York, Wiley C 1959j 

rv, 675 p. illus. 27 cm. 
QC174.5.G67 530.12 59-2269 

Haar, D ter. 

Introduction to the physics of many-body systema New 
York, Interscience Publishers, 1958. 

127 p. 21 cm. (Intel-science tracts on phyales and aatronomy, 6) 
QC174H3 530.12 58-12726 t 

PROBLEM OF N-BODIES see Problem of many 


see also Perturbation; Satellites 

Siegel, Carl Ludwig, 1896- 

Vorlesungen uber Hiinmelsmechanik. Berlin, Spnnger, 

vll'l 212 p. 24cm, (Die Grundlehren der noathematlachen Wlaaen- 
schaften in Elnzeldarstellnngen, mlt besonderer BerUctaHchtlffung der 
Anwendun^geblete, Bd. 85) 

A 57-4422 
Missouri. Univ. LIbr. 

Steffensen, Johan Frederik, 1873- 

On the problem of three bodies in the plane. K0benhavn, 
I kommlssion hos Munksgaard, 1957. 

18 p. table. 2fl cm. (Det Kongellge Danske vldenflkaberaea 
selBkab, Copenhagen. Matemnttekf^Blske mddelel*er, bd. 81, no. 8) 
[AS281.215 bd.31,no.3] A 57-6661 

Columbia Univ. Llbrarlet 

Steffensen, Johan Frederik, 1873- 

On the restricted problem of three bodies. K^benhavn, 
I kommisaion hos Munksgaard, 1956. 

17 p. 24 cm. (Mntematisk-rjWke meddelelcer, udg. af Det Konge- 
llge Danake vldenskabernes selakab, bd. 80, no. 18) 
[AS281.D215 bd. 30, no. 18] A 57-624 

Ooiambla Univ. Libraries 

Vernte, Radovan. 

Diskussion der Sundmanschen L5aung dea Dreikdrperpro' 
blems. Zagreb, Siidskvische Akademie der WisaenBohaften 
und Efinste, 1954. 

1*5 p. 24cm. 



Binyham, Alma. 

Improvinff children's facility in problem solving. New 
York, Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia 
University, 1958. 

Sep. 28 cm. (Prctlc*lnfMtlonifortscblnt,no.l6) 
BF723.P8B5 870.1586 58-14137 J 

Blatt, Sidney Jules, 1928- 

An experimental study of the problem-solving; process. 
Chicago (Library, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, Uni 
versity of Chicago) 1957. 

Mieronlm 5444 BF Mic 58-6809 t 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Coleman, Harold James, 1921- 

Problem-solving flexibility as & function of systematically 
controlled experience. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro 
films ( 1958] 

Microfilm AO-1 no. 58-8144 Mic 58-8144 

Purdue Univ. Library 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CoHier, Juanita, 1931- 

A study of the problem-solving processes and motivational 
pattern of thirty pre-adolescent pupils. Chicago [Library, 
Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University of Chi- 
cagOi 1956. 
Microfilm 5107 BF Mic 58-6063 

Corman, Bernard R 

The effect of varying amounts and kinds of information as 
guidance in problem solving. t Washington) American Psy 
chological Association, 1957. 

21 p. illus 26 cm. (Psychological monographs: general and 
applied, v. 71, no. 2 ; whole no. 431) 
BFLP8 vol. 71, no. 2 153.6 57-1752 J 

Emm, Eloise. 

A factorial study of the problem-solving ability of fifth, 
grade boys. Washington, Catholic University of America 

Press, 1959. 

vl, 57 p. dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. (Catholic University of America. 
Educational research monographs, v. 22, no. 1) 
QA135.E65 372.74 

Goldner, Ralph H 

Individual differences in whole-part approach and flen- 
bility-rigidity in problem solving. (Washington, American 
Psychological Association, 1958) 

18 p. 26 cm. (Psychological monographs, general and applied,, 
v. 71, no. 21, whole no. 480, 1957) 

BF1.P8 vol. 71, no. 21 153.6 58-14663 t 
Copy 2. BF441.G6 

Hoffman, L Richard, 1930- 

Homogeneity of member personality and its effect on group 
problem -solving. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 
t 1958) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-920 Mic 58-929 

Michigan. Untv. Llbr. 

John, Erwin Roy. 

Contributions to the study of the problem-solving process. 
[Washington, American Psychological Association, 1958] 

80 p. Illus. 26 cm. (Psychological monographs, general and ap 
plied, v. 71, no. IS, whole no. 447, 1957) 

BF1.P8 vol. 71, no. 18 153.6 58-14665 t 
Copy 2. BF44U5 

John, Vera (Polgar) 

The role of language in problem-solving. Chicago [Li 
brary, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University of 
Chicago, 1956. . 

Microfilm 5250 BF Mic 58-6280 

O'Brien, Michael J 

Differential effects of anxiety on problem solving. Wash 
ington, Catholic University of America Press, 1957. 

Is p. table*. 28 cm. 
BF441.03 153.6 57-46680 

Schroder, Harold M . 

Failure-avoidance in situational interpretation and prob 
lem solving, by Harold M. Schroder and David E. Hunt. 
[Washington, American Psychological Association, 1967. 

22 p. lllus. 26 cm. (Psychological monographs: general and 
plied, T. 71, no. 3; whole no. 482) 


Scherer, Anton. 

Joluinu Kugen Probst: Personlichkeit, Werk und Kultur- 
kritik eiueh donau&clnvabisch-dsterreichischen Dichters. 
Miinchen, Verlag des Sudostdeutschen Kulturwerkes [1954j 

HO p 22 cm. (VerJJffentllchungen des SUdostdeutschen Kultur- 
werkes. Reihe B ( WlsacnschaftUche Arbelten) 2) 

Harvard Untv. Library 

ROME, 232-282 

Kennedy, Myron Leo. 

The reign of the Emperor Probus, 276-282 A. D. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms C 1955j 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 13^58) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 13,358 Mic 55-1654 

Minnesota. Unlv Ltbr. 

PROCAINE see Novocalne 


Hobbs, Horton Holcombe, 1914- 

A new crayfish from Alabama, with notes on Prooambtmta 

BF1.P8 vol. 71, no. 3 
Copy 2. 



Schroeder, Pearl, 1913- 

Conceptual flexibility in grouping behavior, Ann Arbor, 

University Microfilms t !956i ^ 

( .University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.j Publication no. 18,1*8) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,198 Mic 56-2741 

Illinois. Untv. Library 

Zffler, Robert Charles, 1924- 

Group structure correlates of group problem-solving proc 
esses. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms r!95T : 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication DO. 19,781) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,781 Mic 57-159 

Michigan* Unlr. LLbr. 

Geometry Problems, Famous 


see also Mammoth; Mastodon 

Sahni, Mulk Raj. 

A new classification of the Indian Dinothere* and descrip 
tion of D. orlovtt. sp. nov., by M. K. Sahni and C. Tripathl 
Calcutta. 1957. 

38 p. 8 plates. 82 cm. (Indls, Geological Surrey. Mmotrs ... 
Pttoontologlft Indies, a. ., T. 88, no. 4) 

[QE756.I4A4 tu a,, vol. 88, no. 4] GS 58-628 

U. 8. Gol, Survey. Llbr. 

leoontei (Hagen) 

(In U. S. National Mus 

(In U. S. National Museum. Proceedings. Washington. 24 cm. 
v. 102 (1956) p. 209-219. Illus,) 
Q11.U55 vol.102 57-142 

PROCEDURAL LAW see Procedure (Law) 

Weiss, Abraham, 1895- 

amn nwxin ^TP-PJ .Tin^nn &Bt?D:j onprra .pnn TTD 
[New York, 1957] .n'">t5n ,no^Dia^i na^ 

lac, 257 p. 24 cm. 



see also Actions and defenses; Adminis 
trative procedure; Agricultural courts 
and procedure; Appellate procedure; 
Civil procedure; Court rules; Courts; 
Criminal procedure; Equity pleading and 
procedure; Government litigation; Legal 
etiquette; Judicial process; Non-con 
tentious jurisdiction; Probate law and 
practice; Tax courts 

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Reines Prozessrecht,- GrundzUge einer Theorie, dargestellt 
am Begriff der Prozesshandlung und an den prozessualen 
Wertungen. Zugleich eine Untersuchung Uber die Method* 
einer allgemeinen Prozessrechtslehre unter BeruckBichti- 
gung des Zivil-, Straf- und Verwaltungsprozessea. Mtinater 
(Westf.) 1958. 
xv, 71 p. 21 cm. 


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Meditaciones sobre la cientificidad dogmatics, del derecho 
procesal. Buenos Aires, Ediciones Arayu rl954j 

148 p. 20 cm. (Oolecdon rnenor <1 la toorU wnd M drho) 

55-25864 t 


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Note in tema di diritto e processo. Hilano, A. Giuffrt, 


Abdala, Washington. 

Metodologia de la enaefianza de prictics. forense. (Monte 
video, 1955 !j 

47 p. 20 cm. (Publlcadon <to U Rerlsta (to drcho pflbllco y 

57-27267 1 


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Juridical techniques and the judicial process; a study in 
African customary law. [Manchester] Published on behalf 
of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute by the Manchester Uni 
versity Press [1954) 

87 p. 22cm. (The Bhodes-Urtngstone papers, no, 28) 




The machinery of the law; a compendium dealing with 
the means of bringing proceedings before courts, quasi- 
judicial bodies, domestic tribunals, and the more common 
rules of evidence. Cape Town, Juta, 1952. 

339 D 22 cm. 

55-85217 t 


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ciones Arayu [1953] 

46 P . ISczn. (Oolecclonblanca) 


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Paulo Dourado de Gusmao. Kio de Janeiro, Livraria Frei- 

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Decretos legislative* sobre reformat civile y penaloa, 

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is p. 24 cm. 



American Bar Association. 

A report on the courts of limited jurisdiction (trtffio 
courts) iu the State of Indiana to th* Governor, 0*nral 
Assembly, and the citizens of Indiana, Prepared by th* 
American Bar Association, Traffic Court Program. Ohicftgo, 
Illinois, and the Traffic Institute, N<*rthwttem Uftivwilty, 
Evanstou, Illinois, in cooperation with tto Indiana L*giila- 
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3r. Him. 27cm, 

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Adams and Helen Adarot. Fortword to th Amtrioaa 
reader by Edmond Cahn. t Nw York, New York Unir*rity 
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104 p. 22cm. (8tudlilnconjpmlrUw) 

W7.9 W-10780 $ 

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diritto dellTJnivtrsitaniudonaU del Mdoo, 

172 p. 22 eta. 


ADorio, Enrico, 1914- 

Problemi di diritto, MUano, Ju Qitift*, IWt, 

8 r. 28 cm. 

58-40069 $ 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROCEDURE (LAW) (Continued) 


Sanchez de Bustamante, Teofilo. 

Evolucifa del derecho procesal en la Provincia de Jujuy 
[San. Salvador de Juiuy, 1956, 
85 p. 22cm. 



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Report. [Augusta?] 1957. 
5 p. 23 cm. 



55-1803 rev 

57-62836 J 

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ensayo de una estructuraci<5n procesal del amparo. Mexico. 

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Michigan law and practice encyclopedia, based upon the case 
law, State and Federal, and statutes of Michigan. Edited 
by the foremost law encyclopedia writers of the Nation. 
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Assistant deputy court clerk, by the Arco Editorial Board. 
New York, 1958. 

IT. 26 cm. (The Arco text for Job and teat training) 

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Jurisdioci6n. t L6on,195-?] 

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Gt. Brit Committee on the Supreme Court of Northern 

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The Ohio manual of general practice, by William E 
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R. Brooke Alloway t and others] Indianapolis, A. Smith Co 

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>rocesal; respuestas a los 50 temas de derecho 
programa para jueces comarcales, publicado en 

Madrid, Institute Editorial Eeua, 1949. * enet ** ^ 
489 p. 23cm. (Contestaclones Reiu) 


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r. 23 cm. 



Pina, Rafael de, 

^mi Pr 

p, 22 cm. 

tM * ric J Edicionea 
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f ormularios. Barcelona, J. M. Bosch, 1954. 
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55-16105 t 
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Madrid ' cEditoriaI 

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, Norstedt t !947, 


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Texas jurisprudence; a complete, modern statement of the 

law and practice of Texas, including both statute and case 

v 25on San Franciaco ' Baacrot-Whitney Co., 1959- 



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Wisconsin. Judicial Council 




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Juridical techniques and the judicial process; a study in 
African customary law. [Manchester] Published on behalf 
of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute by the Manchester Uni 
versity Press [1954] 

37 p. 22 em. (The Ehodes-Uvlngstoue papers, no. 23) 


PROCEEDINGS IN REM see Actions in rem 

see also Arrest; Constables; Sheriffs; 


Perezgasga Robledo, Alfonso. 

Las notificaciones y sus conceptos afines. Mfodco 1961 
xvl, 140 p, 24 cm. 



see also Fractions, Continued; Inequal 
ities (Mathematics); Products, Infinite; 

Knopp, Konrad, 1882- 

Infinite sequences and series; translated by Frederick 
Baffemilil. New York, Dover Publications [1956, 

186 p. 21 cm. 
OA295.K72 512.4 56-3667 

Irreversible processes 


Olson, Lowell 

Effective book processing. [Minneapolis, 1959] 

Z688.6.05 69-89264 J 


Columbia University. Scfool of Library Service. 

Outline for the course in current problems in the technical 
services in libraries (Library service S279) Prepared by 

profewor of 

27L 28cm. 
Z665.C716 1969 




see also Festivals; Floats (Parades); 
Pageants; Precedence 

Menrant, Rent 

r^g6ants Pewionnels de Wallonie, province de Luxem- 
bourg. Avec 10 deesiiis d*filisabeth Ivanovskv W*fofm..T 
Bruxelles,DrevedesWeVje1is,1958, "awrmaei- 

Xndliuuu Univ. Ubr. n*jftrrA A 66-266 

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Calendari faUer, 1849-1900. Valencia, 1968. 
78 p. HUM. 16cm. 
GT4862.A3V8 fig-ifm 3 

Vaughn, Lroy F 

Parade amd float guide. Technical deeiffn aection by 
Cyrus Krake; editorial research by Eobert E. Murphy t 
research by Edmund M. Kopiete. MinneapolCT^SDeni. 
son rl956i 

IGZp. ikvM. 2dcm. 
GT8980.V8 791.6 56-8478 J 


see also Pilgrims and pilgrimages 

Etuoas, George Martin. 

A church toor, conducted and explained by G. Martin 
Euoss. t lst edj New York, Greenwich Book Publishers 
t !989, 

86 p, 21 cm. 
BV199.P7R8 264 69-8048 J 


Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 


Tock, Maurice. 

Les processions et les pelerinages; manifestations de notre 
folklore t parj Maurice Tock & Pierre Schroeder. Arlon, 
Editions du Sorbier t !95-] 

218 p. Ulus. 19 on. 
BX2324.B4T6 55-59&16 J 


Abadie, RenS d'. 

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Impr. A. Bontemps [1945] 

30 p. lllua. 24 cm. 
BX1533.M3A5 5&-255S2 J 

PROCHASKA, GEORG, 1749-1820 

Kruta, Vladislav. 

Med. Dr. Jiri Prochaska, 1749-1820; fcvot, dilo, doba. t l. 
vyd.] Pralia, Nakl. CeskoslovenskS akademie v5d, 1956. 

257 p. lllus. 25cm. (Ceflkotioreiuka akademle Y&L Sekcebtolo- 
QP26.PTK7 59-23757 J 

P ROCHE- ORIENT see Near East 

Smith, Kline and French Laboratories, Philadelphia. Medi 
cal Dept. 

Clinical uses of prochlorperazine (Compazine * ) -with 
emphasis on general medical and surgical indications. Phil 
adelphia, 1958. 

104 p. Hlug, 19cm. 
EM666.P84S6 615.788 58-14490 J 

PROCLA, reputed wife of PONTIUS PILATE 

Pascher, Erich, 1897- 

Dns Weib des Pilatus (Matthias 27, 19) Die Aufer- 
weckung der Heiligen (MatthHus 27, 51-53) Zwei Studien 
zur Geschichte der Schriftauslegung. Halle (Saale) M. 
Niemeyer, 1951. 

51 p. 25cm. (HalHacheMonographlen,Nr,20) 
[AC30.H27 Nr.20] A 55-1553 

Chicago. Univ. Ubr, 


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The bride of Pilate. New York, Appleton-Oentury-Crofts 

807p, 22cm. 
PZ4.K288Br 59-10647 I 

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Die Frau des Pilatus, Novelle. t Wiesbaden] Insel-Verlag, 

58 p. 20cm. 

A 56-4001 
Oomll Univ. Library 

Le Fort, Gertrud, Freiin von, 1876- 

The wife of Pilate, Translated by Marie C. Buehrle. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Go. [1967 ^ 

PZ3X5228W1 888.91 57-10826 1 


Proehu Dtodoeku. 

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fragmenta, epigrammata, scholia, fontium et locorum suni- 
lium apparatus, indices. Wiesbaden, In Kommieaion bei 0. 
Harraasowitz, 1957. 

100 p. plitM, auMlau. 28 cm. (Kl*chphllololch Btudlen, 

A 58-1019 
Colombia UolT. Libraries 

PROCONVERTIN see Convex-tin 

lUmeiova, VCra. 

Sva# Prokop v rftvarnem umSnf. t Vyd. 1. V Pratt* 
Ustfednl drkevnl nakL; Oeski katolicki charita, 1953. 

118 p. Ulufl. 22cm. 
BX4700.P8R4 56-81942 J 


Procter, Harry. 

Th street of dieilluaion. London, A. "Wingat* t W68, 

. 22c 


58-3900 J 


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It floats ; the story of Procter & Gamble. New York, Rine- 
hart [1958! 

838 p. illufl. 22 cm. 
HD9999.S911P749 668.1065 58-12169 t 

Procter, William Cooper, 1862-1934. 

Lettei-s. With commentary by A. 0. Denison. Cincinnati, 
Priv. print., McDonald Print. Co. ["1957] 

xlll, 186 p. ports. 25 cm. 
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Canada. Restrictive Trade Practices Commission. 

Report concerning alleged instances of resale price main 
tenance of soap products in the Montreal district. Ottawa, 
Dept. of Justice, 1953. 

IV, 281. 28cm. 
HD9999.SSC23 56-20240 


see also Anus Diseases; Colon 
(Anatomy) Diseases ; Rectum Diseases 

Bacon, Harry Ellicott, 1900- 

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Porfirio Mayo Recio. Philadelphia, Lippincott C 1956j 

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Lesions of the lower bowel. Springfield, HI,, Thomas 
t !958, 

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Continuation course in proctology. 1952- 

r. 28 cm. annual. 
RC8G4.A1M5 616.85 55-62828 t 

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Essentials of clinical prootology c byj Manuel GK Spiesnaan 
and Louis Malow. 3d ed. New York, Grune & Stratton, 

316 p. Hlu. 24cm. 
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Newer concepts in clinical prootology. Sharon, Mass. 

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RC864.S8 617.655 59-19286 J 

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Saunders, 1959. 

2v. mvi. 2<jm. 
BD544.T8 616,84 59-5078 t 

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exclusively for the medical profession by Reotalgan Eearch 

0p. lllus. 24cm. 
BC864.W44 616^5 


The American journal of proctology. Y. l- 
Mar. 1950- 
{East Stroudflburg, Pa., etc., iU^dUcn. SScm. 
BC864.A1 1 5 




Somers, Cheater Lincoln, 1917- 

The Proctor family and related lines, 16W-1958. ( Hamil- 
ton? Mats., 195*! 

OSn.P964 1958 

ment purchasing 


PROCURERS see Pimps 

Elliott, William Marion, 1903- 

Two sons. Richmond, John Knox Press t !955] 

62 p. 21 cm. 

BT878.P8E47 226.8 55-6742 t 

Stockum, Theodorus Cornelia van, 1887- 

Das Jedermann-Motiv und das Motiv des verlorenen 
Sohnes im niederlUndischen und ini niederdeutschen Drama. 
Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandache Uitg. Mij., 1958. 

22, (1) p. 24 cm. (Medodellngen dor Konlnklljke NederlnndM 
Akndemlo van Wetenschappen. Afd. Lotterkunde. Nlouwe reeka, 
deel 21, no. 7) 

AS244.A51 n.r., deo!21,no.7 A 59-1198 

Chicago. Univ. Ubr. 


Vetter, Ewald. 

Der verlorene Sohn. t l. Aufl.j Dlisseldorf, L. Schwann 

xxxlxp. UluB., 32 plate*. 28cm. (Luk-Btlchftrl urchrtatllcha 
Ikonographle, Bd. 7) 

A 56-2277 
Harvard Univ. Library 


see also Capacity and disability; 
Interdiction (Civil law) 


Guillou, Andri. 

Les archive* de Saint- Jean-Prodrome aur le Mont Mtaeoee. 
Paris, Presses universitairea de France, 1955. 

210 p. map, facslma. 28 cm. (Blblloth^iu* bymanttm*, Docu- 
mente, 3) 

A 56-^79 
Clcclnnntl, Unlv, Llbr, 



Here are entered works on the marketing 
of unprocessed agricultural and other 
commodities from the point of view of 
the commodity dealer. Works on the 
marketing of farm produce from the 
point of view of the farmer are entered 
under the heading Farm produce- 
Marketing. Works on the marketing 
of processed food products are entered 
under the heading Food industry and 

see also Agricultural price supports J 
Commodity exchanges; Dairy products; 
Farm produce; Food prices; Food 
supply; Fruit trade; Grain trade; 
Surplus agricultural commodities; 
Vegetable trade; and individual prod 
ucts, e.g. Eggs 

Abbott, John Care, 1919- 

M*rketin# problems and improvement program!. Rome, 
Food and Affricultart Organization of th* United Nation*, 

xlfl, 20p, lllu*. Mem, (FAO m*rkcUijr)rvildno, l) 
HD9000.5.A2 838.14 

Cch, Richard J 

Presenting economic information to ecm*umri by tele 
vision ; Anal report of the R A MA t*Uvigion rM*roh project 
oonductod June 1, 1051, through May 81, IW, at th* Iowa 
State College of Agricmlturt Agriculturtl Exprimat Su- 
tikm. Pr*iHirdbyIU<5hi^J.C^ t *ndjlCK<)b%rtK 
Ainea, Iowa State OoU* of Agrioultaw ad Meohank J 
Agricultural Exporimerxt SUtion, 106$, 


Commonwealth Economic CoramltU*. 

Intelligence bulletin, v. 1- June 


T. In Men. monthlr- 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRODUCE TRADE (Continued) 

Fazzi, Roberto. 

Introduzione allo studio della tecnica commerciale del pro- 
dotti agricoli. Fireuzc C C. a M.j 1949. 

153 p. 25cm. 

A 55-8283 
New York Univ. Wash. SQ. Library HD9000 

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Economics Division. 

Le contrat de longue duree. Rome, Organisation des Na 
tions Unies pour 1'alimentation et I'agriculture, 1953. 

Ill, 82 p. dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. (fitudes sur les polltlques eu 
matters de prodults, no 8) 
HD1411.F572 no. 3 57-2197 

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Economics Division. 

The long-term contract. Rome, Food and Agriculture 
Organization of the United Nations, 1953. 

lr, 27 p. dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. (Food and Agriculture Organiza 
tion of the United Nations. Commodity policy studies, no. 3) 
HDH11.F57 no. 3 55-738 

Gollnick, Heinz. 

Die Nachf rage nach Nahrungsmitteln und ihre Abhangig- 
keit von Preis- und Einkonunensanderungen. Eine 8kono- 
metrische Untersuchung von Wirtschaftsrechnungen Ham 
burger Angestellten- und Arbeiterhaushaltungen. Ham 
burg, P. Parey, 1954. 

110 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. (Hefte ftlr landwlrtschaftllche Marktfor. 
schung, Heft 6) 
HD9000.5.G6 55-23427 

Hermann, Karl Gottfried Georg. 

Landwirtschaf tlicher Aufbau in unterentwickelten Gebie- 
ten; eine marktanalytische Untersuchung tiber den agraren 
Inhalt der Entwicklungsplane. Bremen, F. Trtijen, 1954. 

202 p. 21 cm. 

HD9000.5.K4 57-32357 J 

Kohls, Richard Louis, 1921- 

Marketing of agricultural products. New York, Macmil- 

lan t'lWSj 

890 p, HUM. 25cm, 
HD9000.5.K57 888.14 55-717 J 

Krdlikowski, Stefan, 1895- 

La desponsa del mundo. Traducci6n de Victor AizabaL 
Buenos Aires, Editorial Sudamericana C 1951] 

60 p. lllufl. 17cm. ( la TJNBSOO. Serle A, Los hombrei 
7 in aUmentacldn, 6) 
HD9000.5.K736 57-B6679 J 

Stern, Robert Mitchell, 1927- 

World food exports and United States agricultural poli 
cies; a study of the development of world trade in food, with 
special reference to United States food surplus disposal and 
foreign aid, Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-7054 Mic 58-7054 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Svardstrbm, Karl Fredrik, 1908- 

Jordbruket och marknaden, av K. F. Svardstrflm och Paul 
Grabo. c Stockholm] LTs f orlag C 1956j 

250 p. UHtai. 21cm. 
HD9000.5.S85 C7-20789 J 

Swedborg, Erik, 1916- 

Jordbruket och varldshandeh. t aV] Erik Swedborg [Ochj 
Karl Sakk. c Stockholjnj LTs f 8rlag C 1957j 

175 p. lllus. 20cm. 
HD9000.5.S9 58-48680 t 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1958- ) 

The export problem; foreign agricultural situation. 
Washington, 1954. 

vl, 68 p. Illm., map*, dlagra. 26 cm. 
HD9004.A534 64-60889 rev 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1963- ) 

Foreign agricultural trade; statistical handbook. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off.] 1956. 

284 P- tablet. 24 em. (XT. S. Dcpt of Apiculture, Statistical 
bulletin no. 170) 
HD1751.A5 no. 179 888.1 Agr 57-19 

Copy 2. HD900AJUSM2 

TJ.&DeptofAgT. Llbr. lAfMSt no. 179 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1958r- ) 

Increasing U. S. farm exports; charts and maps. Oct 

T. lllus,, map*. 22x28-26 cm. annual 
HD9000.4.U478 888.14 68-68722 rev 4* 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

Status of quantitative import control over selected U. S. 
agricultural exports; 16 European countries. Rev. [Wash 
ington^ 1957. 

16 p. of tables. 26cm. (Its FAS-M-11) 
S21JZ2383 no. 11 1957 337.34 57-61832 

-ADVERTISING see Advertising 


U. S. Federal Extension Service. 

A catalog of educational materials for use with food re 
tailers; trade journals, books and pamphlets, visual aids, 
miscellaneous. Rev. Washington, U. S. Dept. of Agricul 
ture, Extension Service t 19j61. 
42 p. 27cm. 

Z7164.C81U48 1951 016.3381 51-60661 rev 


International Congress on Food Distribution. 1st, Parvs, 

Premier Cougres international de la distribution des pro- 
duits alimentaires, Paris, 20-23 juin 1950. [Paris, 1950, 

2 T. (875 p.) mas., ports. 81 cm. 
HD9000.1.I 46 1950 57-25018 

International Congress on Food Distribution. 3d, Rome, 

Reports. Rome, Tip. Lasalliana t!956j 
2 T. lllus., ports., dlagrs. 80 cm. 

New York Unlr. Libraries HD9000.1 A59 ~ 5894 


Stever, Dorothy Voorhies. 

The wholesale produce market. Photographer : Harry H. 
Haworth. Los Angeles, Melmont Publishers [1955, 

Sip. lllus. 20x21 cm. 
PZ10.S84Wh 56-17286 t 

see also Food law and legislation 

Food and agricultural legislation, v. 1- 

Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United 

v. 25 cm. quarterly. 


Recueil de legislation, alimentation et agriculture, v. 1- 

Rome, Italie, Organisation des Nations Unies pour 1'alimen 
tation et 1'agriculture. 

v. In 25 cm. quarterly. 



Dnnbabin, Margaret I 

Marketing boards under provincial legislation, Canada 
1957 t byj Margaret I. Dunbabm and W. E. Walker. Ottawa, 
Canada Dept. of Agriculture, Marketing Service, Economics 
Division, 1957. 

Ill, 78 p. 28cm. 

888.14 58-88610 


Netherlands (Kingdom, 1815- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Landbouwwet; Wet van 26 Juli 1957, Stb. 342, houdende 
nieuwe regelen ter bevordering van de voortbrenging, de 
afzet en een redelijke prijsvorming van voortbrengselen van 
de landbouw en de visserij en in verband daarmede ten be- 
hoeve van de afnemers van produkten, met een inleiding en 
aantekningen, aan de gewisselde stukken en de beraadslagin- 
gen ontleend, alamede uitvoerings- en andere bijbehorende 
legelingen en een alphabetiach register door A D. Peiffer. 
ZwoUe, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 1958. 

151 p. 20x0 cm. (Nederlandw ataatswetten, no. 110) 




Dostawy obowiazkowe riemniak6w. Zbi6r 
Warszawa, Wydawn. Pra^micze, 195&. 

il, 189 p. 21 cm. (Blblioteka Oentralno Utve<hi Skupu I Koo- 
traktadl. t 4) 


Stankiewicz, Witold. 

Kontraktacja produkcji rolnej w sVietle 
szawa, Wydawn. Prawnicze, 1955. 
123 p. 20cm. 


U. S. Laws, statutes, eto. 

Agricultural trade development and assistance act of 1954, 
and amendments, compiled by Gilman G. Udell, Superin 
tendent, Document Room, House of Representatives. Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print. Off,, 1959. 
111. 24 p. 24cm. 

338.15 59-64132 

U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Compilation of Agricultural marketing agreement act of 
1937, reenacting, amending, and supplementing the Agricul 
tural adjustment act, as amended, as of January 1, 1958 
t including amendments of the Eighty-fifth Congress, first 
session. Washington] Agricultural Marketing Service, U. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture [1958] 

HI, 28 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept of Agriculture. Agriculture hand- 
book no. 124) 

338.1 Agr 58-82 

XT. S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. lAgftlAh no. 124 

U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Compilation of statutes relating to marketing activities, 
including research, service, and regulatory work of the Agri 
cultural Marketing Service, United States Department of 
Agriculture, as of June 30, 1957. Compiled under the direc 
tion of the General Counsel. [Washington, U- S. Govt Print. 
Off.] 1958 [i. e. 1957j 

xlll, 210 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept of Agriculture. Agriculture 
handbook no. 130) 

Agr 58-43 
U.S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr, !Ag84Ah no. 180 


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Serie des monographies de produita Bulletin, 
Rome, 19 

no. In 7. illaa,,map. 28cm. 
HD9000.1.F582 69-88576 

Institutional food wholesaler. Jan, 1961-Mar. 1953. ( Nw 
York, Ahrens Pub. Co., 

3 T. In 1. niua. 29 cm. monthly. 
HD9000.1.I45 338.105 66-24660. 

Manufacturer's and packer's food business, v. 1- 
June 1953- 
iSt Joseph, Mich., Putnam-Crist Publications! 

v. lllus. 29cm. monthly. 


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation* 

Trade yearbook. Aimuaire du commerce. Anuario de 
comercio. v. 12- 106*8- 


T. table*. 2S cm. 
HD9000.4.F58 388.14008 59-4598 


Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Marketing Service. 

Canada weights, measures, and conversion, factors for agri 
cultural products. Ottawa, Marketing Service, Economics 
Division, Canada Dept. of Agriculture, 1954. 

45 p. 28 cm. 


Bfaresch, Josef, 1924- 

Der afrikanische Kontinent und seine Bedeutung fur die 
ErnJLhrungswirtschaft Europaa. MUnchen rldMli 

281 L *>cm. 
HD901T.A2M3 M-S0080 


South Africa. Dept. of Agriculture and Forvtry. 
of Economic* end Market*. 

Crops and markets. Oeete en mwrke, 

T. In 26 cm. monthl/. 
HD9017.S7A28 55-63995 


Lwrary of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


AFRICA, SOUTH (Continued) 

Van Waasdijk, Tom, 1917- 

Proftts and losses on 'South. African food exports, 1954- 
1958. Johannesburg, Commerce Research Section, Dept of 
Commerce, University of the Witwatersrand, 1958. 

44 p. 24 cm. 
HD9017.S72V33 338.140968 59-37014 \ 


Algeria. Office algerien faction eoonomique et touriatujut. 

Statistiques des erportations des produits control^. 

v. illus. 27cm. annual. 
HD9017.A4A32 55-42676 


Farnworth, Constance Helen, 1907- 

Argentina, competitor of U. S. agriculture in world mar 
kets, by Constance H. Farnworth and Arthur G. Kevorkian. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off.] 1957. 

Iv, 64 p. lllus., map*. 24 cm. (U. S. Foreign Agricultural Serr- 
ice. Foreign agriculture report no. 101) 

S21.F6 no. 101 338.14 Agr 57-298 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. 1.948F768 no. 101 

Fornadari, Mario. 

La adouisicid'n de las coeechas por el Estado en la Re 
public* Argentina, Un gasto anticiclico. Cordoba, Distri- 
buidor "Assandri," Impr. de la Universidad, 1946. 

Mp. 24cm. 
HD9014.A72F6 56-29839 t 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 196S- (Eitenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Argentina signed at 
Buenos Aires December 21, 1955. (Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1956, 

18 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 0250. Trea 
ties and other international acts series, 8430) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3459 338.15 5&-60439 


Australia. Bureau* of Cennt* and Stotutici. 

Statistical bulletin: value of production and indexes of 
price and quantum of farm production, Australia. 

v. 88 cm. annojiL 
HD9018.A6A33 57-S4443 

Shannon, Ian. 

Rural industries in the Australian economy, Melbourne, 
Cheshire (1956, 

150 p. Him. 28cm. 
HD9018A7S45 JW8.1 56-28228 t 


Review of marketing and agricultural economic*. 

T. in lllua. 24-26 cm. 

HD9018.ATR4 66-57308 J 


Austria. Lawi, ttatuUi, etc. 

LebenamittelbewirtschaftuDgsgeeetz, 1952; hng. Torn Bun- 
deskanzleramt am 6. September 1952. t Wien, Verlag der 
Osterreiohischen Staatadruckerei ( 1962i 

14 p. Idem. (Amtllch8ammlunwlearTerlaQtb*rtrote>rrelchU 
chcr BecfctsToncorUtea, Jahrg. 1062, Nr. 2) 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Austria, signed at Vienna 
June 14, 1955. (Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 
17 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept of State. Publication 0074. Treaties 
and other International acti Mrte*, 8267) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8267 56-61160 

U. S. Treaties, etc,, 1053- (Eitenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Austria, signed at Vienna 
February 7, 1956. tWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

16 p. 28 cm. (TreatlM ud other International ct erlee,M06) 
JX285.9JL82 no. 3505 56-60800 

U.S. Treatie*, eto., IMS- (i$enhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities: return of schillings in 
exchange for Spanish pesetas. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Austria implementing article 
n l(b) of Agreement of February 7, 1956, effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Vienna March 5 and 6, 1956. 
(Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24 cm. (XT. S. Dept of State. Treatlee and other Inter- 
national acts eerie*. 8824) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3524 56-61028 


Handbuch der osterreichischen Nahrungs- und Genussmittel- 
erzeuger; Industrie und Gewerbe. Hrsg. in Zusammen- 
arbeit mit dem Fachverband der Nalirungs- und Genussmit- 
telindustrie und der Bundesinnung des Nahrungs- und 
Genussmittelgewerbes. Wien, J. Dressier [1957, 

168 p. 21 cm. 

A 59-3704 
Purdue Univ. Library 


Reiss, Johanna, 1923- 

Die Lebensmittelversorgung des Landes Baden zwischen 
den beiden Weltkriegen. Lorrach/Baden, 1951. 

127 p. 21cm. 
HD9013.7.B3R4 55-19854 


Maryland. Committee on Wholesale Market Facilities for 
Greater Baltimore. 

Report on wholesale market facilities for Greater Balti 
more area. [Baltimore) Maryland State Planning Commis 
sion, 1948. 

x (l. e. xvll), 117 l. lllus., maps. 29 cm. (Maryland, State 
Planning Commission. Publication no. 55, preprint) 
HD9008.B2A55 1948 658.842 A 49-10019 rev* 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Maryland. Committee on Wholesale Market Facilities for 
Greater Baltimore, 

Report on wholesale market facilities for Greater Balti 
more area. [Baltimore] Maryland State Planning Commis 
sion, 1948. 

88 p. lllufl., maps. 28 cm. (Maryland, State Planning Commis 
sion. Publication no. 55) 

HD9008.B2A55 I948a A 50-1488 rev 

Enoch Pratt Free IAbr. 

Maryland. Committee to Investigate Market Conditions in 

Report of Baltimore Produce Market Committee. (Col 
lege Park?) 1955. 
16, vllll. lllua. 28cm. 

A 55-9272 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Louisiana. State Unlverritr and Agrlenltiina and Mechani 
cal College. College of Commtrot. DMtion of Ketearoh. 
Changes in consumers' food prices in Baton Rouge, Louisi- 

no. 28cm. 



Convention douanlere beIgo-IaxemboargeolM-ne>rIandai8. 

Protocole etabli par lea gouvernements du Grand Duohe* de 
Luxembourg, de la Belgique et des Pays-Bas, lors des con 
versations ministerielles tenuee a Luxembourg les 20 et 21 
octobrel950. ( n. p., 19501] 

6 p. 24cm. 



U.S. Treaties, etc., 1969- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
changes of notes between the United States of America and 
Brazil, signed at Rio de Janeiro November 16, 1966. (Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1955, 

Sip. 24cm, (U.S. Dept <tf Stete. Publication 6200, Tmtlee 
and otber International acta series, 8417) 


no, 3417 


U.S. Treaties, etc., 1053- 

Surplus agricultural commodities Agreement between 
the United States of America and Brazil, amending Agree 
ment of November 16, 1965, effected by exchange of note* 
signed at Washington June 28 and 29, 195?. (Washington, 
U.S. Govt Print Off., 1956, ^^ 

2 p. 24 cm, (Treaties and other lntem*Mon*l act* erle, 8898) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8598 06-61958 


.a Treaties, etc., 1M9- 

Surplus agricultural oommodidee. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Union of Burma, 
amending article x, paragraph 1, of Agreement of February 
8, 1956, effected by exchange of notes signed at Rangoon 
July 25. 1956. [Washington. U. S. Govt Print Off n I966i 

2 p. 24 cm. (Tratle and other internattonal acts terl, MSB) 
JXS30.9A32 no. 3628 56-62316 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 19uJ~ (Eisenhower} 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Union of Burma signed 
at Rangoon February 8, 1956. (Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 8498) 

JX235.9.A32 no. 3498 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Union of Burma 
amending Agreement of February 8, 1956, as amended, ef 
fected by exchange of notes signed at Rangoon December 4, 
1956. tWashington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1957, 

S p. 24 cm. (Treaties uncl other International acta series, 8707) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3707 67-60157 


Cameroons, Southern. Marketing Board, 

Report. 1st- 1955- 

Lagos, Nigeria] 

v. 28 cm. annual. 



Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Marketing Service. 

Canada production, trade and prices for principal agri 
cultural products, 1925-1057. Ottawa, Economics Divi 
sion, Marketing Service, Canada Dept. of Agriculture, 1958. 

45 p. 28cm.. 
HD9014.C3A425 59-22146 t 

Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Martottnff Strvie*. 

Canada ; trade in agricultural product* with the United 
Kingdom, the United States and all countries, 

r. 28cm. 
HD9014.C2A89 68-38064 t 

Canada. D<*i>t. of Agriculture. Markoting Serviat. 

Exports, imports, and domestic diaappenrtnoe of agri 
cultural products as a percentage of production, Canada^ 
1985 to 1956 { byj Rachel Berthiaume, Gan&d* Dept of Agri 
culture, Marketing Service, Economics Division in co-oper 
ation with Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Agriculture Divi 
sion. Ottawa, 1958. 

81. table*. 28cm. 
HD9014.C8A427 68-44874 

Canada. D$pt. of Agriculture. Afarkstfag &riM. 

Federal agricultural marketing and prkm UgUktion, 
Canada 1930 to 1960, ( By Frank Shf tin of the Economic* 
Division; Ottawa, Economic* Division, Marketing Ssrvlc*, 
Dept. of Agriculture. 1960. 

87 1, dlagra,, taMtt. Mom. 
HD9014.02A66 56-83466 

Canada. &pt, of AyriouUurti, Marfatfag 

Trade in agricultural product* with the United Kingdom, 
the Unitml Stnt^ niul all countrifi, 1055 uml ID 5(1. OtUwu, 
Canada Dpt of Agriculture, Marketing Srvio% Economic* 
Division, 1957. 

32 p. (chkny wbi) 38 em, 
HD9014.C8A4 BS-418M 

Ogdon, Montell, 1904- 

GanadiftU agriculture: it eomptltiv position, , Wash 
ington. II 8, Govt. Print Off,, l&88j 

Yl, 73 p. Illiw., map, tbl, 24 ou, (U. H. Forwltfn AflTf tcyUUfftl 
Service. Foreign offriculturnl report no, 110) 
821.F6 no.110 888,1 

tJ. a Dept, of Agr. I.lbr, l.tMS^on no, no 


U. S. 7'rtfa^tej), #r., 1G5J~ (AVwnAmr^r) 

Surplus agrioultuml commodities. A#mmfflt bttwewi 
the United States of America and Ohlte, nwwdlnff Agm- 
ment of March 18, 1966, effected by exch*n of notw &a& 
at Woahington October 2S and 28, 1964, { Wttxhiiurtcm, U, S. 
Govt Print Off., 19W, 
4 p, 24 cm. * - 

U.S. Treatiet, ate., /W~ 

Surplus agricultuml commoditiM. Anwmnt bctwwm 
the United Sutea of America and Chile, interim Impkmentn- 
tion of Agreement o! March IX, i960 effected by wchfcage of 
note* aigned at Santiago Maroh 20 and 80, 19M. t Wa*Wg- 
ton, U, S. Govt Print Off,. 1966, 

e p. 24 cm. (Tre*ttet end otber lot*ro*tloo*l cw tertet, SCM) 
JX235.9.AS2 no, $638 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHILE (Continued) 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower] 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Chile, signed at Santiago 
January 27, 1955. r Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 


11 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 6009. Treaties 
and other international acts series, 3234) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3234 56-61141 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Chile, signed at Santiago 
March 13, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956] 

10 p 24 cm (Treaties and other International arts series, 3583) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3583 56-61842 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 13JJ- (Elsenhower} 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
change of notes between the United States of America and 
China signed at Taipei August 14, 1956. [Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956, 

20 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 3666) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3666 56-63906 


Foster, Phillips Wayne, 1931- 

Somo domestic agricultural marketing problems of Co 
lombia. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1(593 Mic 58-1695 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195$- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Colombia signed at Bogotd 
June 23, 1955. c Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication 0073. Treaties 

and other international acts series, 8262) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3262 


U.S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Colombia, signed at 
Bogoti December 20, 1955. t Washington, U. S. Govt Print 

Off . 1956, 

8 p. 28cm. (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication 6245. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8448) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 344,8 56-60297 rev 


Cook, Alvis Clinton, 1911- 

Survey of the Cuban fruit and vegetable industry. (Wash 
ington] 1957. 

18 p. map. 26 cm. (U. S. Foreign Agricultural Servlc*. FA8- 

[S21.Z2883 no. 15] Agr 57-157 

U.S.DflptofAr. Llbr. A281.F76Fm no. 15 


Czechoslovak Republic. Ministeratoo vyfapu. 

Beferat ministrynS v^kupu B. Machacove'-Dostalove' na 
celostatnim aktivu pracovnlku ve v^kupu, due IS. carvence 
1955v Praze. t V Praze, 1955j 

HD90'l5.C92A48 58-23892 J 

Czechoslovak Republic. Mvniaterstvo vtfkupu. 

Statut o pravech a povinnoetech plnomocnika Ministetatv* 
vjfcupu pro Slovensko a krajsltfch a okresnlch plnoraocnlkft 
Mimsterstva vfkupu; achvalen dne 80. dubna 1955. tVyd. 
L, Praha, Ve Statnfm zemSdelflkem nakL, 1955. 

U p 17 cm 
HD901B.C92A5 58-1514* t 

Czechoslovak Republic. Mvnisterstvo vykupu. 

Technicki pfiruSka pro pracovnfty rykupu. [Seat, 
kolektiv t praoovnflcu za vedeni FrantiSka Hm&re a An- 
tonfna Kohouta. Vyd. 1., Praha, 1955. 

818 p. film. 21cm. .. 

S571.C9 59-25281 

NiW, Josef. 

Zaklady organisace a planovanf v^kupu zam&lelskych 
vjrobku. Josef Nikl a kolektiv. c Vyd. 1., Praha, Stitnf 
pedagogicke* nakl., 1954- 

v. lllus. 21cm. (Ucebnf texty rywUcfch tk<A) 
HD9015.C92N5 58-15123 t 

Skala, Zdenik. 

System vykupu zemSdelskych vyrobkft v CSE. c Vyd. l.j 
V Praze, Vydalo Ministerstvo potravinarsk&io prumyslu a 
vykupu zemMSlskych vyrobku ve Statnim zemSdSlskem 
nakl., 1956. 

362 p. tllus. 20cm. (Vesbfrce Ekonomlka a planovanf) 
HD9015.C92S5 58-15140 J 

Versorgungsanzeiger. Zasobavaci zpravodaj. 

v. 31 cm. v eekly 


47-43853 rev* 

Hansen, Knud, 1905- 

Reguleringen af dansk landbrugseksport K^benhavn, E. 
Harck, 1950. 

30 p. 25 cm. (Foreningen til unge handelsnaiends uddannelse. 
Handelsh0jskolen i E^benharn. Skrlftnekke B: Det jfkonomiake 
forsknlngslnstltuta skrlfter, 13) 
HD9015.D42H3 56-42503 J 


Eastern Region of Nigeria. Marketing Board. 

Report 1st- 


v. 24 cm. annual. 

Eastern Region of Nigeria. Produce Inspection Service. 

Enugu, Printed by the Govt. Printer. 

T. 25 cm. annual 
HD9000.9.N55A3 59-42812 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 196S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement bet-ween 
the United States of America and Ecuador, amending 
Agreement of October 7, 1955, effected by exchange of notes 
signed at Washington, October 9, 1956. ^Vashington, U. S. 
Govt Print. Off., 1956] 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts aerlea, 3056) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3656 56-63796 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commoditiea Agreement between 
the United States of America and Ecuador, signed at Wash 
ington October 7, 1955 with related note signed at Washing 
ton October 7, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

12 p. 28 cm. (U. S. Dept of State. Publication 6171. Treatte* 
and other international acta erlea, 8801) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3891 56-61547 


U. S. Treaties, etc., W58- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commoditiea. Agreement between. 
the United States of America and Egypt, signed at Wash 
ington December 14, 1955. (Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 

Off 1956i 

4. p. 24 cm. (U.S. Etept. of State. Publication 6224. Treaties 
and other international acts eerie*, 8489) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3430 56-60216 


Fflice, Pierre de. 

Le pool vert; le choix: vouloir vivre ou ve'ge'tert [Paris, 
Organisation franchise du Mouvement europeenj 1954. 

(ftp. 21 cm. 
HD9015.A8F4 57-47639 1 

Czechoslovak Republic, nuov. ,...,. 

Zasady vvkupu zemMelak^ch vyrobku, tNapsal kolekfov 
autorft za vedenl FrantiSka JaSky, c Vyd. 1., Praha, Ye 
Statnfcn zemSdelskem nakl., 1955. 


U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Finland, amending Agree 
ment of May 6, 1955, as supplemented, effected by exchange 
of notes signed at Helsinki March 26, 1956. t Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

8 p. 23 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series. 3534) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3534 56-61549 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Finland supplementing 
Agreement of May 6, 1955, as amended and supplemented, 
signed at Helsinki April 26, 1956. t Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1956, 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 3568) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3566 56-61664 

U.S. Ti eaties, etc., 1DJJ- (Ekenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Finland, supplementing 
Agreement of May 6, 1955, as amended and supplemented, 
signed at Helsinki October 24, 1956. [Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1956j 

2 p. 24 cm, (Treaties and other international acts series, 3673) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3673 56-63909 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Finland, supplementing 
Agreement of May 6, 1955, as supplemented, signed at 
Helsinki March 26, 1956, with related exchange of notes 
dated at Helsinki March 26, 1956. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1956, 

4 p. 28 cm. (Treaties and other International acts aeries, 8533) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3533 56-61548 


Florida. State Agricultural Marketing Board. 

Florida State farmers' markets, by L. H. Levris, director 
of State fanners' markets. Tallahassee [Bureau of Immigra 
tion. State Dept. of Agriculture] 1955. 

154 p. IHxw., ports., map. 28cm. (Florida. Dept. of Agriculture. 
Bulletin no. 22, rev. July 1955) 

S49.A4 no. 22, 1955 631.18 A 55-9870 

Florida. Unir. Library 


France. Centre national du commerce exterieur. 

Journees d'Studes des techniques d'exportation agricole 
[16-17-18 novembre 1954, 11 Janvier 1955] organisers par le 
Centre national du commerce ext&rieur ( et aLj Compte rendu 
des stances. Paris, Impr. nationale, 1955. 
888 p. table*. 27cm. 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) 

f&r BrnSJvrwng, LandwirtscTtaft und Forsten. 

Eraahrungswirtschaftlicher Aussenhandel der Lander der 
geplanten Freihandelszone im Bahmen der OEEO und ihre 
gegenseitigen Aussenhandelsverflechtungen, 1955. Bear- 
beiter : GUnther Thiede. Bonn, 1957. 

28 p. dlaffTfl., 47 tables. 80cm. 
HD9015.A8G4 57-41821 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. Food 
and Agrioullwe Committee. 

Die wirtschaftliche Lage in Ernahrung und Landwirt- 
achaft in den OEEC-Landern; Bericht des Europaiachen 
Wirtschaftsrates (OEEO) in Paris. ^^.^J? 6 ^- 
t Bad Godesbergi Bundesminiatenum fiir WirtschafUiohe 
Zusammenarbeit, 1956. 

201 p. diagm. 21cm. KT_ftflnift 

HD1917.0T14 57-88012 


Boker, Hugo. 

Die deutsche Ernahxungswirtschaft und der deutsche 
Aussenhandel. Kiel, Institut fur Weltvirtschaft an der 
Universitat Kiel, 1948. 

91 p. Illxu. 21cm. 
HD9018.5.B6 57-21579 

Stiffens, Ernst, 1919- 

Marktordnung fur den deutschen Gemttse- und Obstbau. 
( Mainz, 1958] 

184, (3, 1. map, diaf ra., t*bhw. 29 cm. 
HD9013.5.S74 56-21157 


Wo besteUe ich ? Bestellhandbuch fur den geeaonten Lebens- 
mittel-Gross- und -Binzelhandel und das GaatstHttengewerbe. 
Bad Kisain^en, H. Denckler t l5-f , 

384 p. 21cm. 
HD9018^.W6 5C-67870 t 

1949- ) 

Germany (Democratic MpvlKc, 19&- ) Stcatliohe* Ko- 
mite* fvr tfcteriabertoryvng. 

Bichtlinie fur die Verteilung und Realisierung der Nah- 
nuigsgiiterkontingwxte im Jahre 1905, vom 28. September 
1954. Berlin, Deutacher ZentralTerkg [1904] 

Id PL 21 cm, (QMtrtlatt-ZeatralbUtt der Deutftdttti Dwnokmtl- 
cbwltepabllk. Sonderdrack Nr., 50/1964) 
HD9018.6.A2A5 56-19156 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRODUCE TRADE (Continued) 

1949- ) 

Die Agrarmarkte in der Bundesrepublik. 

[Bonn] Zentrale Markt- und Preisberichtstelle der Deutschen 
Landwirtschaft G. m. b. H. 

v. la charts, dlagrs., tables. 30 cm. annual. 
ED9013.4.A6 57-40617 

Baake, Werner, 1926- 

Strukturanalyse des Na^ungsmittel-Sortiments-Gross- 
handels in der Bundesrepublik. c Erlangen, 1956] 

148 p. lllus. 21cm, 
HD9013.5.B16 58-85017 

Scheer, Werner, 1921- 

Die Absatzwirtschaft der Einkaufsgenossenschaften im 
Lebensmittelhandel. Speyer am Rhein 1953?] 

143 p. 21cm. 
HD9013.5.S24 56-19839 

Yugoslavia. Treaties, etc., 1945-1953 (Ribar) 

Veterinarsko-sanitarna utanaSenja izmedu FNRJ i Sa- 
vezne Kepublike Njema?ke. Zagreb, 1952. 
82 p. lllus. 20cm. 

59-36750 J 


Seibold, Kaspar. 

Importhandbuch der westdeutschan Ernahrungswirt- 
schaft, hrsg. von Kaspar Seibold [iindj Willi Mielke, Mtin- 
chen.Manz C 1949] 

228 p. 21 cm. 
HD9013.5.S4 58-48900 t 


Skinner, Snider William, 1916- 

Ghana's agriculture and trade in farm products. [Wash 
ington] U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1958. 

lv, 84 p. lllus,. maps. 27 cm, (IT. S. Fordpi Agricultural Serv 
ice. FAS-M-8*) 

S21.Z2383 no. 34 888.1 Agr 58-98 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. A281.9F76Fm no. 84 


Gold Coast (Colony) AffrioMwral Produce 

Accra, Govt Print. Dept. 

T. 84 cm. annual. 
HD9017.G6A32 55-19156 


aowes, Harry Goodwin, 1905- 

The wholesale food marketing facilities at Grand Rapids, 
Michigan t by Harry G. Clowes and Kenneth Utter. Wash 
ington] U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing 
Service, Marketing Research Division [1958] 

17, 68 p. Hint., map*. 26 cm. (XT. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Mar 
keting research report no. 250) 

HD1751.A9183 no. 259 j 338.14 Agr 58-267 

U.S. Dept of Agr, Llbr. |LAg84Mr no. 299 


Gt. Brit. Committee on Horticultural Atarketiny. 

Report. London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1957. 

IT, 182 p. map, <Jlagr., tablet. 25cm. ([Gt. Brit. Parliament. 
Paper* by command, cmnd. 61) 
HD9011.6.A.5 1957 57-2565 


U.S. Treafo*, etc., 196S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
change of notes between the United States of America and 
Greece signed at Athens August 8, 1956. [Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off., 1956, 

p. 24 cm. (Treaties and otter International act* MriM, 8688) 
JX28C.9.AS2 no, 8688 56-62818 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1958- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United' States of America and Greece signed at Athena 
June 24, 155. rWashington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956] 
4 p. 24 cm. <fy 8. Dptx of tat* publication 6JWO. Tmtl 

. . . 

and other International acts erlea, 8449) 
JX235.9JL82 no. 8449 


U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Greece signed at Athens 
June 24, 1955. rWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956) 

5 p, 24 cm. (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication 6251. Treaties 
and other International acts series, S450) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3450 56-61638 


Hawaii. University, Honolulu. Agricultural Extension 

Honolulu unloads; fruits, vegetables, dairy and poultry 

v, 28cm. annual. (/** Agricultural economics report) 
HD2199.H34 54-62484 t 


Hungary, Eldmeztsugyi . 

A mezflgazdasagi term&iyek & termSkek felvasariasanak 
uj rendszere. t Budapest, 1957, 


Gopalakrishnan, Panangattri Ananthanarayanaiyar, 1909- 

India's food problem. [New Delhi, Eastern economist, 

47 p. 23cm. (Eastern economist pamphlets, 18) 
Cornell Univ. library 

A 55-3638 

Kulkarni, Krishnarao Ramrao, 1892- 

Agricultural marketing in India, with special reference 
to co-operative marketing of agricultural produce in India. 
With an introd. by V. K. B. V. Rao, a note of observations 
by T. G. Shirname, foreword by H. L. Kaji. (2dj rev. and 
enl. t ed.] Bombay, Co-operators' Book Depot [1956- 

v. lllus. 23 cm. 
HD9016.I42K8 388.14 58-88126 t 

U.S. Treaties, etc,, 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement, with an 
nex, between the United States of America and India signed 
at New Delhi August 29, 1956, with related letters. t Wash- 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956j 

16 p. 24 cm. ( Treaties and other International actf Mrtet, 8661) 
JX285.9.A82 no. 8661 56~8905 


India (Republic) Ministry of Food and Affricufowv. Di 
rectorate of Economics and Statistics. 

Bulletin on food statistics. t l r 
Jan. 1951- 
t Nw Delhi, 

no. In v, table*. 26 cm. annual. 
HD9016.I4A88 57-48006 


Indonesia. Kantor Pusat Statistih. 

Pertanian tanam'on ekspor. De landbouw export gewas- 
Djakarta ? 

v. 21x30 cm. annual. 
HD9016.1 65A82 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1959- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America ami Indonesia signed at 
Djakarta March 2, 1956, and exchanges of notes signed at 
Djakarta March 2 and 5, 1956, (Washington, U. S, Govt 
Print. Off., 1956, 

9 p. 24 cm. (U. 8. Dept. of State. Treaties and other Inter* 
national actt wrlw, 3518) 
JX285.9.A3Q no. $518 56-60980 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 19SS- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Iran signed at Tehran 
February 20, 1956. [Washington, U. 8, Govt Print, Off., 

4 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State Tmtlot *nd othr later- 
national act* MrlM, 3500) 
JX285.9.A82 no.S506 56-60801 


U.S. Treaties, etc., W53- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States' of America and Israel, amending Agree 
ment ol November 10, 1955, as modified, signed at Washing 
ton, February 10, 1956, (Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 

S'P. 24 era, (TreatU* and other International act! MrlM, 8407) 
JX285.9.A82 no.849T 56-606*9 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Israel, signed at Washington 
April 20, 1955. t Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956) 

5y 24cm, (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication 5053. Treaties aud 

other international acts series, 8228) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3228 


U. S. Treaties, etc., MM- (Etienhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agroomcnt between 
tho United States of America and Israel, nignerl at Washing 
ton November 10, 1055. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 

Off., ions, 

4 p. 'J4 mi (U.S. Dt'pt. of Xtiifc. Publication (ttilli. TtvatloH 
and other International arts mM'k-n, H420) 
JX'.>3fl.J.A2 no.fU20 55-09290 

U. S. Treaties, etc., W,1.3- (/iV.wwAoi/w) 

Surplus agricultural ooimnoditio.s. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Iisrael, .supplementing 
Agreement of April 29, H)5f), signed at Washington June 15, 
1055. r Washington, U. S. (iovt. Print. Olf., 1056, 

3 p. 2J cm. (U. S. Dtipt, of Sttt. I'lililloatlou (mil. Trentiea 
anil othor lt>tvnntlonal nots sortoa, SHOD 
JX2W.O.AH2 no. ;)20L 56-01158 

U. S. Treatfa, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities Agreement, with 
agreed minute, between the XJnited States of America, and 
Israel done at Washington September 11, 1956. (Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.. 1956, 

8 p. 24 cm. ( Treat Ie* and other International nets iwrtm, 8088) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3635 56-^2418 


Bologna (Province) Camera dl commerdo, indostria 

Atti ufliciali dei convegni sulljt ortofruttioolturt, tenutisl 
in Bologna i giorni 5, 6, 8 dioembre 155. t Bologna, 1966] 

115 p. port*. 24 cm. 


U. S. Tnatfa, f<\, 1083- 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agrwtnent 
the tinite<l State* of Ameriea and Itnly mtKlifyiiiu: 
ment of May 28, 1955, n mtxlified, effected by exchange of 
notes dated at Rome December 18 and 16, 1905. (Washing 
ton, XT. S. Govt, Print, Off,, l&50j 

8 p, 1M f*m, (V. S, IHi>t, of Hfat*', Twwttw HIM! >ftitr tittwun- 
tloriul ncti B 

U. S. 7V*o*/w, ^,, W53** (Ei 

Surplus agrkultural oommoditm Apitttit between th 
United Stute of Americn and Italy modifying Agr^emiant 
of Hay 28, 1055, effected by exchange of notwi datd at Rom* 
August 80 and Septsmbr Si, 1955. (Washington, U, B. Govt, 
Print. Off,, 1956, 

a p, ill 'm. (tt, H, tH>pt, of Htnit* Tti<tl> and tiJh^f Interne 
JX285.9.A32 no.86S5 

U, 8* Treatl&t, te., 1653- 

Surplnw agricultural commoclities. 
the TJnUitl StRtes of America tuul Italy, f|pi*d at Homt May 
2.'J, 1955, with related exchnnge of notwi signxid at Hom0 May 
28, 1D55. ,Wtt*hingt0n, U. 8. Govt, Print, Off,, 19&0. 

17 p, 24 cut, (U. 8. I>pt, of Htntw. IHibltcatlon XJ3. 
nad other InteruBtloiml new W)d 

.a Tnuttiu, 9te., IMS- 

Surplun agricultural commodltiM. Arwm*nt b*tw*wi 
the tfnlttd States of Amwioa *n4 Italy, tupplmftntinf 
Ammnt of May 28, 198B, as supplmnt*d, tlgnid at Bom* 
July 5, 1056. fWaahinfftwu U, S. Govt, Frlnt Off, Y 1056i 

B p, 34 cw. (Tr*ttt!w and other IntottitttitwBt a<-f* mrlm, WW) 

U.S. TrtaUe*, efa, tM3- (ffbmhovw) 

Surplus agricultuml omntncxUtSwi. Aprrwm*nt, with ex- 
changes of l>tter^ btwean the United Stnto* of Amfirioa and 
Italy aignd at Rom* Oetobw 80, 1&56. ( Wathlngton, U, 8. 
Govt Print. Off., 1057, 

It p, 24cm, (Tmtlw ind othw intention nl net* wrlw, 3T03) A82 no,8T02 

.a Treatte, $to., 1&S3- 

Surplus agricultural oomrooditUaj alboatbtt ud*r Mu 
tual security act. Agreement between the United Statw of 
America and Italy, effected by exchange of note tigned at 
Eome May 19, 195. (Washington, U. B. Gort Print. Off., 

8 p, S4 cm, (U. 8. mpt. ot State PolHiottUm tW. 
a*d otliw latn*ftoa*l ott setrUM, 8966) 
JXS85.0.A82 no. 86 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRODUCE TRADE (Continued) 

Kirby, Riley Harrison, 1921- 

Competition in the Japanese market for agricultural prod 
ucts. tWashington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1957, 

S21.F6 no. 104 
U.S. Dept. of Ar. Llbr. 

1.M8F763 nal04 

Agr 57-321 

U. S. DepL of State. Division of Research for Far East. 

Japan's food, beverage, and tobacco position, 1928-36. 
t Washington 1, 1948. 

vtll 931. tables. 27cm. (U.S. Dept of State. Office of Intelli 
gence Research. OIR report no. 4128) 

U. S. Foreign Agrioiiltwral Service (1953- ) 

Japan's agricultural imports from the United States; 

from other countries. By Ned W. Weaver, Trade Statistics 

Branch, Washington, 1967. 
14 p. dlagra., tables. 28 cm. 

HD9016J42U53 838.1 AST 57-220 

rj.8.DeptorA*r. Llbr. A286P76J 

U. S. Treaties, etc,, 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 

United States of America and Japan effected by exchange 

of notes signed at Tokyo November 30, 1956. c Washington, 

U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series 3705) 

JX235.9.A32 no. 3705 57-^60156 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities. Agreement between the United 
States of America and Japan, signed at Tokyo February 10, 
1956, with agreed official minutes and exchange of notes 
signed at Tokyo February 10, 1956. [Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1956! 

82 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8580) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3580 56-61840 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower} 

Agricultural commodities. Agreement, with official 
minutes and exchange of notes, between the United States of 
America and Japan, signed at Tokyo May 31, 1955. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

44 p. 24 cm. (U. 8. Dept. of State. Publication 0008. Treaties 
And other International acta series, 8284) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3284 56-6069 

U.S. Treaties, etc., W5S- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities. Protocol between the Unitec 
States of America and Japan, amending article HI of Agree 
ment of May 31, 1955, signed at Tokyo February 10, 1956, 
cWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

5 p. 23 cm. (Treaties and other International act* aerlev, 8579) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8C79 56-61756 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Purchase by Japan of United States surplus agricultural 
commodities. Agreement and official minutes between the 
United States of America and Japan, signed at Tokyo March 
8, 1954, entered into force May 1, 1954. f Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1955, 

10 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept, of State. Publication 5515. Treaties 
and other international acts series, 2980) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 2960 338.1 55-61276 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Purchase by Japan of United States surplus agricultural 
commodities. Interim agreement between the United States 
of America and Japan effected by exchange of notes signed 
at Tokyo March 8, 1954, entered into force March 8, 1954. 
tWashington, U. S, Govt. Print. Off., 1955, 

5 p. 24 cm, (XT. S. Dept, of State. Publication 5514. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 2050) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 2959 55-61328 

U, S. Treaties, etc,, 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Interim agreement be 
tween the United States of America and Japan effected by 
exchange of notes signed at Tokyo May 31, 1955. tWashing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 

7 p. 24 cm. (t. S, Dept. of State. Publication 6071. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8250) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 8250 56-60681 


Kenya Colony and Protectorate. 

Maize control, produce control, rice control, copra and coco 
nut oil control, control management. Balance sheets and 
Nairobi, Govt. Printer. 


55-94088 J 


Canada. Dept. of Agriculture. Marketing Service. 

The market for farm products in the east Kootenay area of 
British Columbia t byj W. C. Shipley and J. Nairn. Ottawa, 
Canada Dept. of Agriculture, Marketing Service, Economics 
Division, 1953. 

44 p. map, dlagrr., tables 28cm. 
HD9014.C4B76 56-25369 


Converse, Paul Dulaney, 1889- 

A report of the investigation and evaluation of the pre- 
Koreaa food margin survey conducted in 1952 by OPS. 
January 22, 1953. Submitted by Paul D. Converse, Warren 
N. Cordell t and] Paul A. Baumgart. rn, p., 1953, 

25, [83)1. tables. 80cm. 
HD9016.K62C6 55-28711 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Republic of Korea 



U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

., S r P!^ agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Republic of Korea 
amendxng article 1, paragraph 1, of Agreement of March 13, 
A 'o? i n? b ? <Je of <tos signed at Seoul July 25 
an 2 n %4 66 ' ^wtongtoo, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 
JX235.9-A32 ( SS 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- 


JX235.9.A32 no. 3251 

Publication^. Treaties 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement, with 

K i e ne a o wic * * 

the Republic of Korea, signed at Seoul March 13, 1956. 
tWashington, U.S. Govt. Pnnt Off., 1956, 
ijS ( &! ^ ofState - Treaties and other intern.- 

JX235.9.A32 'no. 3516 


Pereira, Maria de Lourdes Santos. 

Abastecimento de produtos hortfcolas a Lisboa. Lisboa, 
Junta Nacional das Frutas, 1949. 

HD9015.P83L56 ' ^ 58-19404 


Convention douaniere belgo-luxembourgeoise-neerlandaise. 

Protocole etabli par les gouvernements du Grand Duche* de 
Luxembourg, de la Belgique et des Pays-Bas, lore des con 
versations mmisterielles tenues & Luxembourg les 20 et 21 
octobrel950. t n,p.,1950?i 

8 p. 24n. 



Reid, Ewart P 

Atlantic provinces agriculture, by E. P. Reid t andj J. M, 
Fitzpatrick. Ottawa, Canada Dept. of Agriculture, Market 
ing Service, Economics Division, 1957. 

891. lllue. 28cm, 
HD9014.C3R4 58-37894 J 


Maryland. University. Dept. of Agrioultoral Economfa and 

Maryland agriculture; price trends and market prospects. 
tCollegeParkt * *^ 

T. lllui. 28cm. semiannual. 
HD9007.M3M83 54-29385 rev t 


Banco Nacional de CrWlto Agrfeda y Ganadero. Depart*- 
mtmto Oomercial. 

Mercado de productoe agrfcolas. 

v. fllui. 26cm. (/** Boletln, 
HD9014.M6B8 42-49795 rev*t 

Wylie, Kathryn (Hulen) 1907- 

Mexico as a market and competitor for U. S. agricultural 
products. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.] 1957. 

lv, 5&, [1] p. Illua., maps. 24 cm. (U. S. Foreign Agricultural 
Service. Foreign agricultural report no. 99) 

S21.F6 no.i)y 

U.S Deptof Agr. Llbr. 


1.943P763 no. 99 

Agr 57- 


Ortega Hernandez, Clandio. 

El mercado de productos agricolas alimenticios del Dis- 
trito Federal. Mexico, 1953. 

121 p. lllus. 28cm. 
HD9014.M63M46 56-57418 J 


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Examen de certains problemes de la production et du com 
merce au Proche-Orient. Rome, 1956. 

Yl,173p. dlaTB., tables. 23cm. 
HD9016.A7F634 57-1308 

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Selected problems of production and trade in the Near 
East. Home, 1956. 

vl, 167 p, dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. 
HD9016.A7F63 388.1 57-922 

U * ^ fZSfa A ? ricult ra * s *"> WS- ) Africa 
and Middle East Analysis Branch. 

The problem of agricultural surpluses and deficits in the 
Near East. tWashington, 1959. 

SBlSsM^; ( Z' S- Forel8 \f Icultural 8WT1C F ^S-M-49) 
b^lui2383 no. 49 338.15 59-60692 


Convention douanierc belgo-lnxemboargeoiae-neerlandaise. 

Protocole fitabli par les gouvernements du Grand Duche* de 
Luxembourg, de la Belgique et des Pays-Bas, lors des con 
versations ministenelles tenuee i Luxembourg les 20 et 21 
octobre!950. t n.p^l950?, 

5 p. 24cm. 

, 5*4-42878 


Joustra, A H 

De buitenlandsche handel in agrarische producten, door 
A. H. Joustra en J. G. Goetheer. t Den Haagj Ministerie van 
Landbouw, Visscherij en Voedselvoorziening, Directie van 
den Landbouw, Afdeeling Buitenlandsche Landbouw Voor- 
lichtingsdienst C 1946, 

20 p. lllus. 27cm. 
HD9015.N42J6 56-40062 J 

Netherlands (Kingdom, 1815- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Londbouxmitvoenvet 1929, met de wetten tot regeling van 
de uitvoer van eieren, van melk en melkproducten en van 
poi^aardappelen, Landbouwuitvoerwet 1988 ... Keurings- 
reglementen voor tuinbouwproducten, boter, melkpoeder en 
kans, met aantekeningen, ontleend aan de beraadslagingen en 
gewisselde stukken en de besluiten ter uitvoering. Bewerkt 
door P. H. van der Laan. Zwolle, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 

865 p. lllus, 20x9 cm. (Nederlandse stastswetten, no. SOB) 



Hyson, Charles D 

Agricultural marketing areas in New England Cam 
bridge, Mass., 1951. 
^JM p. 21 cm. (Harvard studies in marketlnf farm products, no. 



Rowe, J Z 1922- 

Seaaonal variation in price and purchasing power of im 
portant New Mexico farm and ranch products. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1955, 

(ttrnlYeralty Mlcrofllma, AJUX Arbor, Mien.) Publication no. 13,940) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 13,946 Mic 55-706 

Purdue ttolr. Library 


McGurk, J L 

Retail food prices; seasonal variation and cost per serving 
of individual foods, average 1948-1951, New York City. By 
J. L. McOurk and Joan Hartford. Statistical work by 
Marjorie Backua t and others, Ithaca, Dept of Agrioultona 
Economics, New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell 
University, 1952. 

68 P. dlagrt,, table*. 27 cm. ( t New York. Arrlculrural Experl- 
.._. .-..._ ..^^ Dflpt ^ ^4^^,^,^ Bcononac,, A. B. MO) 

moot Station, Ithaca. 
S95.E886 no. 840 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PBODUCE TRADE (Continued) 

Nigeria. Central Marketing Board. 

Report. 1st- 

T. 24cm. annual. 
HD9017.N5A3 68^8 


Northern Region of Nigeria. Marketing Board. 

T. lllus. 24cm. annual. 
HD9017.N53A3 59-21094 J 


Omsetningsradet, Oslo. 

Omsetningsradets virksomhet gjennom 25 ar, 1930-1955. 
Oslo, 1956. 

62 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
HD9015.N605 58-40330 t 


Pakistan. Cooperation and Marketing Dept. 

Markets & prices. 

v. In tables. 25 cm. monthly. (/* Marketing series) 
HD9016.P2A3 58-21072 

TL S. Treaties, etc., 19o3- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Pakistan amending Agree 
ment of August 7, 1956, as amended, effected by exchange 
of letters signed at Karachi December 3, 1956. [Washing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1957 3 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts aeries, 8706) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3706 57-60131 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Pakistan, amending Agree 
ment of August 7, 1956, effected by exchange of letters 
signed at Karachi September 7, 1956. t Waahington t U. S. 
Govt Print Off M 1956, 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 8689) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 3639 66-62854 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Pakistan, amending Arti 
cle n of Agreement of January 18, 1955, signed at Karachi 
February 9 and 25, 1956. t Washington, U. S. Govt Print 

Off , 1956, 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8512) 
JX286.9.A32 no, 3512 56-60934 

U. S. Treaties, etc.. 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between, 
the United States of America and Pakistan signed at Kara 
chi January 18, 1955. ^Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 

4 p. 24 cm. (U. 8. Doj*. of State. Publication 5866, Treaties 
and other international acts series, 8184) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8184 56-30507 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 196S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Pakistan signed at 
Karachi March 2, 1956. [Washington, U- S. Govt Print 
Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8610) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 3515 56-60985 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Pakistan signed at Karachi 
August 7, 1956. tWashington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956j 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International seta series, 3021 
JX285.9.A82 no. 3621 56-62804 


Montalto, Francisco Americo. 

Aspectos fundamentals del problema de la nutrici6n en el 
Paraguay ; sintesis critica y fundamentada de la labor reali- 
zada en el ex-Departamento de Nutrici6n. [Buenos Airesj 


xlT,485p. fold, map, tables. 28cm. 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1958- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Paraguay signed at Asun 
cion May -2, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 

9 P 24 cm (Treaties and other International acts series, 8670) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3570 56-61778 


Phlipponneau, Michel. 

La vie rurale de la banlieue pansienne; etude de geo- 
graphie humaine. Paris, A. Colin, 1956. 

598 p. lllus., maps (part fold. In pocket) 25 cm. (Centre d'etudes 
gconomlQues. Etudes et memolres, i82j) 

A 57-3224 
Chicago, Univ. Llbr. 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Peru amending Agreement 
of February 7, 1955, signed at Lima June 25, 1955. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956j 

8 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 6106. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8411) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3411 56-61570 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Peru amending Agreement 
of February 7, 1955, signed at Lima September 20, 1955. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1966] 

8 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication 6197. Treaties 
and other international acts series, 8412) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8412 56-61687 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Peru, signed at Lima, 
February 7, 1955. c Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 

8 p. 24 cm. (U. S, Dept. Of State. Publication 5877. Treaties 
and other International acts aeries, 8190) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 8190 56-60620 

U. a Treaties, etc,, 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Peru signed at Lima May 
7, 1956. tWashington, U, 8. Govt Print Off., 1956j 

6 p, 24 cm, (Treaties and other International acts s*rU, S5) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3569 56-61665 


U. S. Affriaultural Marketing Service, Marketing Research 

Wholesale food distribution facilities for Philadelphia, 
Pa. [Prepared by the. Transportation and Facilities 
Branch. Washington t 1958, 

111, 68 p. lllus., maps. 20 cm. (U. S. Dept of Agriculture. Mar. 
keting research report no. 201) 

HD1761.A9188 no. 201 888.14 Agr 58-55 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. lAfttHr no. 201 


Brown, William McLane. 

The Pittsburgh central wholesale produce market Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms r!958i 

(iTJnlverslty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich,) PnMIc*tlon no, 34,788) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 24,785 Mio 58-189 

Pittsburgh. Unit. Llbr. 


Iwaszkiewicz, Edward. 

Ekonomika akupu i obrotu produktaoii rolnymt 
1., JWdl Panatwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1957- 

T, thus. 24cm, (8kr7pt7dlassk6lw7*ttcrch) 
HD9015.P72 1 9 69-33258 J 


Spotem; dwutygodnik posVieco&y praktyce sp#cbdelni epo- 

r. Utas. 24cm. 
HD9015.P7Z88 5MH88 

i; piano Zwiaaku Spoldxielni Spo 

T. lllus., ports. 80c 


Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908- 

Marketing efficiency in Puerto Rico, by John Kenneth 
Galbraith t andj Richard H. Holton, in collaboration with 
Robert E. Branson, Jean Ruth Robinson t and] Carolyn Shaw 
Bell. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1955. 

il,204 p. dlagrs., tables. 25cm. 
HF3356.G3 838 55-lim 

Otten, Caleb Joshua, 190^ 

A study of marketing facilities and practices for food and 
related products (exclusive of wholesale marketing facilities 
of metropolitan San Juan and those for sugar cane and to 
bacco) to determine the kind of facilities and equipment pre 
sently being used, their adequacy or inadequacy, and to make 
recommendations for their improvement, by Caleb J. Otttm, 
Bart[0]lome M. Morell t and] Efrain Diaz Cruz. San Juan, 
Dept. of Agriculture and Commerce, Commonwealth of 

Puerto Rico, 1958. 

xll, l&6p. lllua., maps. 27 era. 
HD9014.P8207 838.14097295 58-63788 

Puerto Rico. Production and Marketing Bureau. 

Informe de ventas de productou del pals en 1 mercado de 
Arecibo t Mayaguoz, Ponce, Rio Piedras, Santurc*] afio fiscal, 
1956-1957. t San Juan ? 1968 ? 5 

5r. tables. SO cm. 
HD9014.P82A67 58-87400 


Reid, Ewart P 

The market for farm products in northwestern Quebec, 
by E. P. Roid and Henri Dubord, Ottawa. 1047. 

184 p. map, table*. 28 cm. (Canada. D*pt, of Agriculture 
Processed report) 
HD9014.C4Q47 388.14 


Bakhovklna, L N 

rocyAapCTBCHHue aaicynKn,CKoxo3HSCTeaMx; apo- 

aVKTOB. MOCKWI, TOG, H3A"O lOpMA- JIWT-pM, 19ft5. 
64 p, 20 cm. (nortywpMJUl lOpMAKMeCKHJl flMTCpfttypft) 

Burmistrov, D V 

0(5ji3aTc^bHc noctaBKu ceju.xoanpo.nyictOB ro 
xoajiftcTBaxH KOJIXOSSHKOB a ^pyrux rpaKAft; HpaKTHstc- 
CKOC nocoOnc AJIX 4)HMattcoux partotMaxo*. Mtvcxna, Toe- 
4>HHH3AaT r 1956. 

168 p. 20cm. 
HD9015.R92B8 88-19600 

BurmLstrov, D 

CKOC nocortue A.* ^Mit 

(JlKMH3^T, 1957. 

167 p. 30 cm. 
H09015.R92B8 1957 

m^ Toe- 

Toe. KS,HO xoproiioft A 

IBOp, tUui. SOoa, 

w, 1057. 


Kara, Jny F 

Soviet Agricultural marketings and pric**, 
Santa Monica, Band Corp., 1957. 

^ar * 



100 p. 20 cm. 

Malarwiv, Mikhail Anar/evlcli. 


MTp. niud, 23 c 


Toe. MSA-no ToproftoA xwr-pw. 1957. 
288 p. uios. aiom. (B0toTnp 


aarorowtK cejtvcxoxoajcttCTMUHUx Bpo- 
CCCP, JI>oa[il, npoi*T**iH Buemeft BJ^ 
icojtc PM UK KTICC. MOKB*, 19M 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 
Slatin, I 


B CCCI'. MocKua, SuaHHe, 1956. 

81 p. 22 cm. (BcecoKWHoe ofimecreo no pacnpocTpaneHHio nojm- 
THiecKHX H naymbtx anaHHft. CepHH vnr. Bwn. 2: 3icoHOMHKa cwb- 
CKOro xosjiftcrea, Na 8) 
HD1993.A1 V83 1956, no. 8 57-58918 

Smirnov, Vasilil Stepanovich. 

UpaKTHiecEiie aaHjmi* no Kypcy TOuapOBeAeiiua niime- 


yietfHux aaBCACHiitt. 2. A on. H3 fl . MocKsa, Toe. U3A-BO 
TOproBoft JIHT-PH, 1955. 

110 p. lllus. 22cm. 
HD9015.R92S56 1955 56-18234 

Smirnov, Vasilil Stepanovich. 


B. C. CuHpHOBa. C 2. H3#.j ^onymeno B Kaiecxse y^eo*HHKa 
AXX 3KOH. BKcmnx y*e<5. saBegeBHfi H $aKyjttxcTOB. Mo- 

CKBa, TOC. H3fl-BO TOprOBOft JHT-pH, 1954 

088 p. illus. 28cm. 
HD9015.R92S584 55-27099 

Vyshchepan, A G 

TosapoBeflenne npoOBOjn,CTBeHHux xoBapou; yne(5HHK 
fljta mKOJt xoproBoro yHHiecTBa. MocKBa, Toe. na^-uo 
TOproBoft JIHT-PU, 1955. 

880 p. illus. 23 cm. 
HD9015.R92V88 56-57606 


Tresorukova, Zoia Georgievna. 

CxaxncTHKa saroxosOK cejiiiCKOxoswftcxBeHHHx npo^yExos. 
MocKaa, Toe. cxaxircxniecKoe na^-BO, 1957. 

74 p. 22 cm. 
HD9015.R92T7 59-29461 


Clowes, Harry Goodwin, 1905- 

Wholesale food distribution facilities of San Francisco 
(Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1958, 

[HD1751.A9183 no. 226] ACT 58-254 

tr.S.DeptofAgr. Llbr, !Ag84Mr no. 226 * 


Kahle, Olga. 

Die f rachtfcostenmassige Lage der scWeswig-holsteinischen 
Land- uud Ernahrungswirtschaft im iibergebietlicnen Ver- 
sand ihrer Produktiomuberschiisse. Kiel. 1955. 

181 p. maps, dlnfTB ..table* 24cm. (Kleler Studlen. Forachun- 
berlcbte des Inutltuti attlr Weltwirtschaft an d Umverrttllt Kiel 87) 
HD9013.7.S8K8 58-25291 J 


Scottish Council (Development and Industry) Committee 
on Preservation of Food. 
Report. Edinburgh, 1946. 
Il2p. 28cm. 
HD9011.7.A3S35 56-20846 J 


Sierra Leone. Produce Marketing Board. 

Report, accounts and balance sheet. 

r. 26 cm. annual, 
HD9017.85A35 55-19997 \ 


U.S. Treaties, etc., 1963- , 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain, amending Agree 
ment of April 20, 1955, signed at Madrid October 20, 1955. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956, 

2 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept. of State, Publication 6258. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8456) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3455 388.15 56-60400 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain amending Agree 
ment of March 5, 1956, effected by exchange of notes signed 
at Madrid September 20 and 28, 1956. cWashington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off., 1956, 

r ?*^ (Tr ^ ti< * "* othw international act. aerlos. 8684) 
JX285.9.A82 no. 8684 56-68702 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Madrid April 20, 1955. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956, 

11 p. 24 cm. (US Dept. of State. Publication 6070. Treaties 
and other international acts series, 3246) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3246 038.15 56-60437 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 2953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain signed at Madrid 
March 5, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 
TTO'K aV< (Tre o a r!n 8 *** Other lnteraatlolial <* series, 8510) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3510 56-60908 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 
^S-^ ^ cultu J8 ra J commodities. Agreement between 

olw folf? 8 t^ Tic& a d Spain Md at Madri <* 

October 23 1956 [Washington, U - S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

jx&Jl!' S53S and other lntematlonal ** '^*> 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

bin-plus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain supplementing 
Agreement of March 5, 1956, as supplemented, signed at La 
Toja September 15, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print. 
Off., 1957] 

w^- 24 cm ' ( Tl>eaties a "<l other International acts series 3083) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3683 57-60155 

Grabo, Paul. 

H^iS^Q^J^ 1 *^ J ,?P <** mCdel l P* 8 ? - 




Martignoni, Werner. 

Die Kegulierung der Einfuhr von Eiern, frischen Friich- 
ten und Gemtise in der neuzeitlichen schweizerischen Agrar- 
gesetzgebung, Bern, 1953. 

128 p. 23 cm. 
HD9015.S9M3 56-16210 


Tanganyika. Committee on Riiinff Oostt. 

Report. [Car es Salaam, Govt Printer, 1951, 
71 p. tables. 25 cm. 

. . 




Kincannon, John A 

Cash receipts from the sale of Texas farm commodities. 
[By John A. Kinoannon and George B. Strongj College 
Station, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1958 

15 1. I11U8. 20 cm. (Texas, ^cultural Experiment Station. 
Miscellaneous publication 274) 
HD9007.T4K5 388.14 58-63299 J 


U. S Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

th Tr^A^^ Commodities. Agreement between 
the Un ted States of America and Thailand, signed at 

^ 21 ' 1955> tWashin ^ on ' U ' S - &* Print 

JX235.9.A32 no. 3260 56-61157 


U. S. Treaties, eto., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Turkey signed at Ankara 
March 12, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series 8517) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3517 56-60936 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- x _._, , 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Turkey signed at Ankara 
November 12, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international act* series, 8697> 
JX235.0.A32 no. 3697 56-68718 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Turkey supplementing 
Agreement of March 12, 1956, signed at Ankara May 11, 
1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1986] 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International act* series, 8066) 
JX28&9.A32 no. 8566 56-31878 


Abdou, Aly Abdel-Meguid Aly, 1928- 

The relationship between motor transportation and mar 
keting of agricultural products with special reference to 
livestock. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1957, 

(ttTnlverslty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 19,794) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,794 
nitoois. Univ. Library 

Arnold, Pauline. 

Food: America's biggest business t byj Pauline Arnold 
( andj Percival White. Illustrated by Tom Funk. [New- 
York, Holiday House r !959] 

338 p. Illus 22cm. 
HD9005.A8 338.10973 59-16398 I 

Biehl, Max. 

Der Obst-, Gemiise- und Gartenbau im Nordosten der 
Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika unter der Konkurrenz 
subtropischerLandesteile. Kiel, 1958. 

lx, 173 p maps, dlagrs and portfolio (tables, 2 fold, maps with 
transparent explanatory sheet) 24 cm. (Kleler Stndlen. For- 
.huna.i^hte dea Instlttits flLr Weltwlrtachaft an deVunlverslSt 



Brunk, Max E 

Marketing of agricultural products [by 3 Max E Brunk 
tand, L. B. Darrah. New York, Ronald Press Co. ['1955, 

419 p. illus. 22cm. l J 

HD9005.B7 838.14 55-6079 J 

Clowes, Harry Goodwin, 1905- 

Wholesale food market facilities; types of ownership and 
methods of financing t by Harry G. Clowes, William H. 
Elliott, and William C. Crow. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1957] 


Agr 57-163 

HD1761.A9183 no. 160 
tr.S.DeptofAgr. Llbr. 

!Ag84Mr no. 160 

Contactgroep Opvoering Prodnctivitett. 

EfliciSnte distribute van levensmiddelen. J s-Gravenhage 

184 p. Illus. 25cm. 
HD9005.C6 57-35288 t 

Fox, Karl August, 1917- 

Econometric analysis for public policy. Ames, Iowa. State 
College Press t 1958] 

288 p. Illus. 24cm. 
HB201.F6 330.182 58-10643 J 

Hanke, Gerhard, 1924- 

Zwischenstaatliche Handelsschranken auf dem Gebiete 
landwntschaftlicher Erzeugnisse; dargelegfc an Beispielen 
der nordamerikanischen Nahrungsmittelproduktion. Mttn- 
chen, 1952. 

1811. mounted diagrt. 80cm. 

Hedcman, John Howard, 1898- 

Agricultural trade with the cooperatives of Japan. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1987. 
-'- 1 ** 

Henderson, James Michael, 1929- 

Shifts in rail and truck transportation of fresh fruits and 
vegetables t by James M. Henderson and Clem C. Linnen- 
berg, Jr.; Washington, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricul- 
tural Marketin v Eesearch Division t 1 

Agr58 - 158 

Hoofnagle, William Shenill, 1921- 

The market for food in selected public and private insti 
tutions, by Wm. S. Hoofnagle, Philip B. Dwoakin rand, 
JamesA-Bavton. Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1955 
JaSSpSKay*- ^S. Wo. ^culture. & 
HD175LA9183 no. 84 388.1 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. lAa*ir no. 84 

nternational Statistical Bureau, New York. 

Selected commodities guide, v.l- 
New York. 

T. 28 cm. weekly, 
HD9001.1 53 338 


Irwin, Harold Speer, 189ft- 

Evolution of futures trading. 1st ed. Madison Wis. 
Mimir Publishers, 1954. f ' 

95 p. lUus, 28cm. 
HG6024.U6I7 332.64 5JW20958 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U.S. (Continued) 

Johnson, David Gale, 1916- 

Agricultural price policy and international trade. Prince 
ton, N. J., International Finance 'Section, Dept. of Econom 
ics and Social Institutions, Princeton University, 1954. 

24 p. 2 cm. (Essays In International finance, no. 19) 
HG136.P7 no. 19 54-14926 J 

Kauffman, Rodger Ray, 1898- 

Recerit developments in futures trading under the Com 
modity exchange act. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.] 

26 p. Illus. 24cm. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Agriculture In 
formation bulletin no. 155) 

S21.A74 no. 155 Agr 56-247 

IT. S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. lAg84Ab no. 155 

Kohls, Richard Louis, 1921- 

Marketing of agricultural products. New York, Macrail- 
lan t 1955] 

89Gp. tllus. 25cm. 
HD9000.5.K57 338.14 55-717 J 

Kriesberg, Martin, 1917- 

The use of fieldmen by wholesale food distributors and 
affiliated retailers ; a study of improvements in the marketing 
of agricultural products ( by Martin Kriesberg, Martin 
Leiman, and Milton Alexander] Washington, U. S. Dept. 
of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Marketing 
Research Division r!958i 

48 p. Illus, 26 cm. ([U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Marketing 
research report no. 268) 

HD1751.A0183 no. 266 Agr 58-271 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. lA84Mr no. 266 

Larson, J Stanford, 1911- 

Wholesale produce markets; management, operating ex 
penses, income. United States Dept of Agriculture, Agri 
cultural Marketing Service in cooperation with the National 
Association of Produce Market Managers. Washington 
e U. S. Govt Print Off.] 1955. 

II. 180 p. lllua., maps. 26 cm. (XT. S. Dept of Agriculture. 
Marketing research report no. 91) 

HD1751.A9183 no. 91 888.14 Agr 55-188 

U.S. Dept of A*r. Llbr. lAg84Mr no. 91 

McMillan, Wendell Marlin, 1923- 

Fruit and vegetable bargaining cooperatives. [Washing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1958, 

x, 59 p. Illus., map. 24 cm. (U. S. Farmer Cooperative Service. 
PCS circular 25) 

HD1491.U5A38 no. 25 334.683 Agr 58-876 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr, A28O29F22r no, 25 

MikeseO, Raymond Freeh. 

Agricultural surpluses and export policy. Washington, 
American Enterprise Association, 1958. 

62 p. 22cm. 
HD9006.M59 888.15 58-1261 t 

Mission beige de hi distribution alimentation. 

Distribution des produits alimentaires; mission beige aux 
fitats-TJnis, mai-juin 1952. Bruxelles, Office beige pour 1'ac- 
croissement de la productivity, 1955. 

lllp. platea, dlagra. 26cm. 


National Planning Association. 

Using American agricultural surpluses abroad; a state 
ment by the NPA Agriculture Committee on National Policy 
and a report by Howard R. Tolley. [Washington] 1956. 
). 20 cm. (Planning pamphlet*, no. 91) 

BO p. l_,_. 
H0101.N352 no. 91 
Copy 2. 



Norcroes, Harry Cecil, 1895- 

Cash receipts from major farm commodities by States, 
as percentage of State totals, 1924-56. Washington [XT. S. 
Govt Print Off.] 1956. 

01 p. (chiefly dlagn,, tables) 26 cm. (U. S. Dept of Agricul 
ture. Statistical bulletin no. 186) 

HD1751.A5 no. 186 Agr 56-201 

-- Copy 2. HD9004.N6 

XT.8.DptofAffr. Llbr. lAMSt no. 180 

Rockwell, George Raymond, 1916- 

Income and, household size : their effects on food o 
tion. [Wnshingtonj U. S. Dept. of 
tural Marketing Service, Marketing 

389.4 Agr 59-269 

lAfSiMr no. 840 

HD1761.A9183 no, 340 
XT.8.DptotAgr. Llbr. 

Schwartz, David J 

An exploratory analysis of the development and present 
statue of voluntary and cooperative groups in food market. 
ing. Atlanta, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, 
School of Business Administration, Georgia State College of 
Business Administration, 1957 

40 L table* 28 cnx (Boretu of BmlneM and 
of Btrtn*. Admlnlrtratto 




Schwenger, Robert B 

Agriculture in U. S. tariff bargaining. [Washington, 

48 p. tables 26 cm. (U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service. FAS- 
S21.Z2388 no. 2 337.563 56-61000 

Shaffer, Paul Franklin, 1917- 

Unloading and receiving produce in retail food stores ( by 
Paul Shaffer and Dale Anderson] Washington, IT. S. Dept. 
of Agriculture. Agricultural Marketing Service, Marketing 
Research Division, 1956. 

II, 13 p. lllus. 26cm, ((U.S. Dpt of Agriculture, Marketing 
research report no. 129) 

HD1751.A9183 no. 129 Agr 66-284 

U.S. Dept of Agr. Ltbr. !Ag84Mr no. 129 

Shepherd, Geoffrey Seddon, 1898- 

Marketing farm products, economic analysis. 3d ed. 
Ames, Iowa State College Press ( 1955] 

497 p. iilus. 24 cm. 
HD9006.S453 1955 338.14 55-7424 t 

Toothman, James Sterling, 1915- 

Equipment specifications for tray display of produce in 
retail stores [by James S. Toothman and Dale L. Anderson] 
Washington, U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Agricultural Mar 
keting Service, Marketing Research Division [1958, 

18 p. Illvw., dlagrs. 27 cm. ([U. 8. Agricultural Marketing 
Service, AMS-279) 

[HD1751.A9184 no. 279] 658.855 

tT. S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. A2809M84Am no. 279 

U. S. Agricultural Marketing Service. 

Marketing costs for food: farmer's share of food dollar, 
marketing bill, consumer demand. Washington t XJ. S. Govt 
rint Off 1955. 

13 p. col. Illus. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept of Agriculture. MtscelUne- 
<ous publication no. 708) 
S21.A46 no. 708 
U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. 

!Ag84M no.708 

Agr 56-110 

U. S. Bureau of Agricultural Eoonomia. 

Distribution of U. S. food, cotton and tobaooo. 

v. 27 cm. annual. 
HD9004.A328 388.14 55-31186 

U. S. Commodity Exchange Authority. 
CEA. 11-111. Washington, 1937-49. 

no, 27 cm. 
HD9004.A325 888.14 

51-27340 rev 

U. S. Commodity Exchange Authority. 

Futures trading under the Commodity exchange act, 1946- 
1954, by J. M. Mehl, administrator. Washimrton, 1954. 

46 p. Illus. 28cm, 
HG6046.U6 1954 56-60721 t 

U. S. Congresi Bouse. Committee on Agriouttore. 

Agricultural surplus and furmer-conmuner problems' a 
compilation of data by the Consumers Study Subcommittee 
of the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representative* 

te "* 

8pta.m2v. lllus., map*. 24cm. 

HD1758 1957i 



IT. a Congress. House. Committee on Agrioultttre. 

Barter and stockpiling policy. Hearings before the Sub 
committee on Foreign Agricultural Operations on H, Con. 
Res. 224. July 1, 23, and August 14, 1967, Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1987, 

HI, 101 p. tables. 24cm. (Itt ,He*rln* txMforti tb Oommlttw on 
Agriculture, Howw of Bpre0ntattT^ Blhtr-nfth OoofraM, i*rll 

S21.Z1623 eer.EE 67-61978 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Agriwlton. 

Extend Public law 480: Agricultural trade development 
and uutaM act of 1964. Hearings on Sales on credit, 

Offl958 **** '" W 

TL 845 p. dlagti., tablet. 24 cm. 


S21.Z1633 ser.FFF 



XT. S. Congress. Haute, Commit te* on Agriculture. 

Extension and amendment of Public law 480. Report to 
accompany H. R. 8609. [Washington, 196$, 

70 p. align., tables. 24 cm, (86th Cong,, lit MSB. Hotttt of 
BpresQtatlvM. Koport DO. &08) 
HD9006.A515 1959 888.15 59-61969 

U. S. Conor**. Bou*. Gommitt* on Agriwttor*, 

Extension of Public law 480. Hearings on H. E, 5&420 
and tothersj ... Washington, XT. S, Qovt Print. Off,, 1059, 
' (it. 

321^1624 ser.X 



U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. 

Food cost trends. Hearings before the Subcommittee on 
Consumers Study ... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off,, 

3 pts. lllus. 24 cm. (It* [Hearings before] the Committee on Ag 
riculture, House of Representatives, Eighty-fifth Oongresa, serial U) 
S21JZ1623 ser.U 57-60796 

U. S. Congress, Souse. Committee on Agriculture. 

Foreign agricultural operations review. Hearing before 
the Subcommittee on Foreign Agricultural Operations. 
February 2, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

Ill, 44 p. tables. 24 cm. (Itt [Hearings before, the Committee on 
Agriculture, House of Representatives, IDIghty-sixth Congress, se 
rial B) 
S21.Z1624 ser. B 338.10973 59-60966 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. 

Long-term contracts under Public law 480. Hearings 
on H. R. 2420, H. R. 8060, and H. R, 8976. April 21 and 22, 
1959. Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 19150. 

Hi, 88 p. tables. 24 cm. (Jit (HearlngHi before th Committee on 
Agriculture, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, B. 
rial v) 
S21.Z1624 ser.v 388.9178 59-61820 

U. a Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. 

Program operations of Public law 480. Hearings before 
the Subcommittee on Foreign Agricultural Operations. 
August 18 and 19, 1968. Washington, U. S. Govt, Print 
Off., 1958. 

Ill, 57 p. 24 cm. (Itt t He*rlnn before tb Oommittw on Agricul 
ture, HOUM Of Ret>reHttlTW, Elffhty-nfth CXmirrw*. aortal IXL) 

S21.Z1628 ser.LLI, 


XI. S. Congress, House. Committee on Agrteufatre. 

Selected data relating to agricultural exports and opera 
tion of Public law 480. Committee on Agriculture, House of 
Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session. Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1989. 

II, 26 p. Ubltt. 24cm. 

HD9005.A627 1959 888.15 56iil47 

U. S. Congre9t. Howe. Commute on Interttai* and For 
eign Commeroe. 

Interstate commerce act; agricultural exemptions, Hear 
ings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate 
and Foreign Commerce, House of Koprc*antB.tiv, Eighty- 
afth Congress, second session, on H. R, 588, & bill to amend 
section 208 (b) (6) of the Interstate commerce act, as 
amended. April 23, 34, and 25, 1958. Washington, U, 8. 
Govt Print Off., 1968. 

VI, 406 p. diftfr*,, tabl, 34cm, 

HD1763 1958o 68-61806 

U, a Conoreiu, ffowm. 

Produce procuwnant ltairin# before Hubmimmittaa No, 
2 of the Select CommlttM on SmUl Bulnm, llmm of Rsp 
re%ntfttiv, Elghty-flfth Oongmn, flrat wwition, puruttnt to 
H, Res, 66 ... 0<jrabr 1957, Nw York City, 
, U. S. Govt Print Off,, 195B, 

. . 



U.S. Oongtets. Joint ffeonomte CwtrnMte** 

Food pricey production and consumption; ruport pro- 
pored by the staff of Uie Joint Commlttt* on the Economic 
Report ... Washinfftcn, U, S, Govt Print Off,, 1647. 

U, OS p. its em, 
HD9006.A59 147 8B$,1 fi2~7744rv 

U.S. 0engr**9. Joint Ewnimic Oommtti*. 

Food price*, production and oonsainpfcloft; rtport pr* 
pred by the staff of th* Joint Oommittw oo th* Booaotnio 
Saeport... Washinflton, U, S, Govt Prfot Off., 10*8. 

v, Tip. SB em. (Rh Ocw*, 1* tm, *, I>wuit ao, H) 
HD006,Aaa 1648 838,18 48-46078 r*v fl* 

IT. a Qongrtu. Senot*. OommUlte on Affrifivltor* mi 

Disposal of ngrioultuna eurplum H*riftRti fetlw* 
suboommittie of the Committal <m A|fri<ultur and For- 
wtrv, UniUd StatM S*m*U, Blghty.f<mrth Qwwtw* flt 
eion, on Administration of the Agricultural tmd* dvl- 

%ton, U, 8. Qwt Print Off., I9W, 

ipu, (lr,ai4p. 



Eartnsi<m of PttMJc law 4m HMrlw b*foc^ th* Com- 
mittee on Agriculture and Forwtry, United Sutm Seoat*. 
Bighty-fifth OoagrtM, first session, oa a *^* & *"**-* 
a 1814, bills to extend the 7 " 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. (Continued) 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and 

Fanner cooperatives. Hearings before a subcommittee of 
the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States 
Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session, on S. 2014, a bill 
to clarify and amend the Capper- Volstead act (42 Stat 388, 
7 U. S. C. 291-292) and for other purposes. August 13, 14, 
and 17, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1959. 

v,289p. tllus. 24cm. 
HD1491.U5A47 1959 334.683 59-64070 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and 

Food and fiber as a force for freedom. Report by Hubert 
H. Humphrey on policies and operations under the Agri 
cultural trade development and assistance act (Public law 
480, 83d Cong.) and its relationship to foreign policy. 

Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1958. 
tablea. 24c 

Tl, 62 p. tablea. 24cm. 
HD9006.A514 1958a 



U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and 

Policies and operations under Public law 480, 83d Con 
gress. Hearings before the Committee on Agriculture and 
Forestry, United States Senate, Eighty-fifth Congress, first 
session, on the Operation and administration of the agricul 
tural trade development and assistance act of 1954, and its 
relationship to foreign policy ... Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1957. 

vlll, 726 p. iUiw. 24cm. 
HD9006.A514 1957a 57-62018 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and 

Public law 480 extension. Hearings before the Committee 
on Agriculture and Forestry, United States Senate, Eighty- 
fifth Congress, second session, on S. 8039 and S. 3223, bills 
to amend the Agricultural trade development and assistance 
act of 1954, as amended. February 5 and 11, 1958. Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1958. 

1U, 72 p. dlagr., tables. 24 cm, 
HD9006.A514 1958 58-60434 

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 

Exports under Public law 480; report on effects of title i, 
Public law 480, exports on farm prices, income and price 
support levels. Printed for the use of the Committee on 
Agriculture and Forestry. Washington, U. S. Govt, Print 

Off., 1957. 

vu, 7 p. 24 cm. 



U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 

Farmers' produce markets in the United States. Wash 
ington, 1947-52 [V. 1, 1948, 

3 v. Jllus., mapfl, 27 cm. 
HD90Q5.A47 681.18 49-45562 rev* 

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 

Marketing. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1954] 
xlr, 600 p. llliw., map* (part coL) 24 cm. (/* Yearbook or agrt- 

culture, 1004) 

S21.A35 1954 681.18 Agr 56-4 

TLS.Dept.ofA&r, Llbr. 1A84Y 1854 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

Competitive position of United States farm products 
abroad. C 1966i- 
t Waahingtonj 

v. dlagw., tables, 2T cm. annual 

HD9004.A388 838,14 Agr 56-172 

XI, S, Dept. of Agr. Llbr, A286.0BT00 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural /Serum (1953- ) 

Developing foreign markets for U. S. farm products; a 
summary of promotional activity, 1st- 

v. mug, 26 cm, annual. 

HD9006.A48F6 Agr 67-85 rev 

t7. S.Dept.ofA*r. Llbr. A288.0F76D 

T7. S., Foreign Agricultural Service (1958- ) 

The export problem; foreign agricultural situation. 
Washington, 1954. 

vl,68p. Jllu*., mapc, dlagw. 26cm. 

HD9004.A634 54-60889 rev 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1968- ) 

Foreign agricultural trade; statistical handbook. t Wash 
ington. U. S. Govt Print Off.i 1956. 

284 p. table* 24 cm. (XT. 8. Dept. of Agriculture, Statistic*! 
bulletin no. 178} 
HD1751.A5 no. 170 888.1 Agr 57-10 

Copy 2, HDG001ABM2 

TJ. 8. Doptof A*r. Llbr. lAfMSt no, 179 

D. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1963- ) 

Foreign agricultural trade of the United States. 

v. tables. 27 cm, annual. 
HD9004.A34F63 59-61781 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

Foreign agricultural trade of the United States ; statistical 
report for calendar year. 

v. 27cm. 
HD9004.A33 56-61612 t 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

Foreign agricultural trade of the United States; trade by 
countries for calendar year. 1941/45- 

v. 27 cm. 
HD9004.A3176 49-46852 rev* 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

Increasing U. S. farm exports; charts and maps. Oct 

v. lllus., maps. 22 x 28-26 cm. annual. 
HD9000.4.U478 338.14 53-63722 rev 4* 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

New markets for U. S. agricultural commodities; a pic 
torial report of foreign market development. [Washington] 

(20, p. llliw. 27cm. (IT, S, Dept. of Agriculture. Miscellaneous 
publication no. 756) 

S21.A46 no. 756 Agr 58-42 

U.S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. !Ag84M no. 756 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

U. S. agricultural exports in historical perspective. 

Washington, 1956. 
24 p. dlagra. 27cm, 

HD9004.A5343 56-60732 

U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1953- ) 

U. S. agricultural exports in historical perspective. Kev. 
Washington, 1956. 
24 p. SUB, 27cm. 
HD9004.A5843 1956 56-62468 J 

U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1963- ) Latin 

American Analysis Branch. 

U. S. agricultural trade with Latin America, t Washing 
ton] Foreign Agricultural Service, U. S. Dept of Agricul 
ture, 1959. 

^ 26 cm. ([U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service) FAS M-57) 

" no. 57 


59-61501 J 

U. S. Interagenoy Committee on Agricultural Surplus Dis 

Prospects of foreign disposal of domestic agricultural 
surpluses; a staff study. (Washington^ 1956. 

xll, 112 D. tables. 27 cm. 
HD9006.A5273 1956 338.15 56-61735 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1968- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Japan effected by exchange 
of notes signed at Tokyo November 30, 1950. r Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956 3 

5 p. 24 era. (Treaties and other International acts series, 3705) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3705 57-60156 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1S5S- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities. Agreement, with official 
minutes and exchange of notes, between the United States of 
America and Japan, signed at Tokyo May 31, 1965. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956! 

44 p, 24 era. (XT, 3. Dept of State. Publication 6008, Treaties 
.and other International ncta series, $284) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 3284 56-60 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities. Protocol between the United 
States of America and Japan, amending article in of Agree 
ment of May 31, 1965, signed at Tokyo February 10, 1956. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

S p. 28 cm. (Treaties and other International acts serle*, 8579) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3579 56-61756 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Purchase by Japan of United States surplus agricultural 
commodities. Agreement and official minutes between the 
United States of America and Japan, signed at Tokyo March 
8, 1954, entered into force May 1, 1954. [Washington, U- S. 
Govt Print Off., 1955 L 

10 p. 24 cm. (IT. S. Dept of State, Publication 6615. Treaties 
and other International act* Mries, 2960) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 2960 338.1 55-61276 

D. S. Treaties, etc., 196S- 

Purchase by Japan of United States surplus agricultural 
commodities. Interim agreement between the United States 
of America and Japan effected by exchange of notes signed 
nt Tokyo March 8, 1954, entered into force March 8, 1954. 
tWashington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1955] 

5 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept of State. Publication 5514. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 2959) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 2959 55-61328 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
change of letters between the United States of America and 
Yugoslavia signed at Belgrade January 5, 1955. [Washing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956] 

8 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 5870. Treaties 
and other International acts series. 3167) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3167 338.15 56-60375 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195$- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
changes of notes between the United States of America and 
Brazil, signed at Bio de Janeiro November 16, 1955. (Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1955] 

81 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 6200. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 3417) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3417 56-60179 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 193J- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
change of notes between the United States of America and 
China signed at Taipei August 14, 1956. [Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1956, 

20 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acta series, 3666) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3666 56-63906 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
change of notes between the United States of America and 
Greece signed at Athena August 8, 1956. t Washington, U. S 
Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 

6 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International act* eeriee, 6638) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3633 56-62818 

U.S. Treaties, eta., 196S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the Uivted States of America and Argentina signed at 
Buenos Aires December 21, 1955. [Washington U S Govt 
Print. Off., 1956, 

18 p. 24 cm, (U. 8. Dept. of State. Publication 6250. Trea- 
tlee and other International acts series, 845&) 
JX235.0.A32 no. 3450 338.15 56-00439 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195$- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Austria, signed at Vienna 
June 14, 1955. r Wwhington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956j 

17 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept, of State. Publication 6074. Treaties 
and other International acta Mrlea, 3267) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 3267 56-61160 

U. S. Treaties, etc.. WoS- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the Unit eel States of America and Austria, 3igned at Vienna 
February 7, 1056. (Washington, U. S. Gort. Print. Off., 

18 p, 23 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8605) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3505 56-60800 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 19BS- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between, 
the United States of America and Brazil, amending Agree 
ment of November 16, 1955, effected by exchange of notes 
signed at Washington June 28 and 29, 1956. t Washington, 
U. S. Govt, Print Off., 1956 3 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 86d8) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3598 66-61953 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1Q53- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus Agricultural commodities, Agreement between 
the United States of America and Chile, amending Agree 
ment of March 13, 1956, effected by exchange of notes signed 
at Washington October 22 and 23, 1956. [Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print Off., 1956] 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International act* aerie*, 3671) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3671 56-68908 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities, Agreement between 
the United States of America and Chile, interim implementa 
tion of Agreement of March 13, 1956 effected by exchange of 
notes signed at Santiago March 20 and 26, 1956. c Waabin- 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

9 p. 24 cm, (Treaties and other international act* sect**, 808ft) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8538 56-61199 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. (Continued) 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 

the United States of America and Chile, signed at Santiago 

January 27, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 


11 p. 24 cm. ( U. S. Dept of State. Publication 6009. Treaties 

and other International acts series, 3234) 

JX235.9.A32 no. 3234 56-61141 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Chile, signed at Santiago 
March 13, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

10 p. 24cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8583) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3583 56-61842 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Colombia signed at Bogota 
June 23, 1955. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 

8 p. 24 ctu. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 6073, Treaties 
and other International acts series, 3262) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3262 56-61652 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Colombia, signed at 
BogoU December 20, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1956] 

8 p. 28 cm. (U. S. Dept of State. Publication 6245. Treaties 
and other international acts aeries, 8448) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3448 56-60297 rev 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Ecuador, amending 
Agreement of October 7, 1955, effected by exchange of notes 
signed at Washington, October 9, 1956. (Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8006) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3656 56-63796 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Ecuador, signed at Wash 
ington October 7, 1955 with related note signed at Washing 
ton October 7, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

12 p. 28 on. (U.S. Dept, of State, Publication 6171. Treaties 
and other international act* series, 8891) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3391 56-61547 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Egypt, signed at Wash 
ington December 14, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24 cm. (U. s. Dept. of State. Publication 9224. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8489) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8439 56-60216 

U.S. Treaties, eta., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Finland, amending Agree 
ment of Hay 6, 1955, as supplemented, effected by exchange 
of notes signed at Helsinki March 26, 1956. [Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print Off,, 1956, 

8 p. 28 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8534) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3534 56-61549 

U.S. Treaties, eto., 1959- (Eitenhotoer) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Finland supplementing 
Agreement of May 6, 1955, as amended and supplemented, 
signed at Helsinki April 26, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print Off., 1956, 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8568) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8566 56^61664 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Finland, supplementing 
Agreement of May 6, 1955, as amended and supplemented, 
signed at Helsinki October 24, 1956. [Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off. t 1956] 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts erlee, 8678) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 3673 56-63909 

U.S. Treaties, eto.,19BS- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Finland, supplementing 
Agreement of May 6, 1955, as supplemented, signed at 
Helsinki March 26, 1956, with related exchange of notes 
dated at Helsinki March 36, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print Off.. 195^ 

4 p. 28 cm. CftwrtUM and other Intsrnntfoaml acts srlM, 8888) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8588 56-01548 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1913- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Greece signed at Athens 
June 24, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

4 p 24 em. (U. S Dept. of State Publication 0250. TmUlw 

and other International acts series, 3449) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3449 

U.S. Treaties, </., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 

the United States of America and Greece signed at Athens 

June 24, 1955 t Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956] 
5 p 24 cm ( U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 6251. Treaties 

and other International acts aeries, 8450) 

JX235.9.A3-2 no. 3450 56-61638 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Indonesia signed ut 
Djakarta March 2, li)f>6, ami exchanges of notes signed at 
Djakarta March -2 and 5, 1956. [Washington, U. IS. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1056, 

9 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept, of State. Treaties and other Inter 
national acts series, 3513) 
JX235.0.A32 no. 3513 50-00080 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Iran signed at Tehran 
February 20, 1956. [Washington, XT. S. Govt Print. Off., 

4 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. ot State. Treaties and other Inter 
national acts series, 3506) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3506 56-60801 

U. S. Treaties, eta., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Israel, amending Agree 
ment of November 10, 1955, as modified, signed at Washing 
ton, February 10, 1956. t Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., 1956, 

3 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8407) 
JX235.0.A32 no. 8497 56-60689 

U. S, Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Israel, signed at Washington 
April 29, 1055. (Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

6 p. 24 cm. (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication (JOBS, Treatlw and 
other international acts series, 8228) 
JX235.0.A32 no. 8228 56-31189 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Kuenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commoditiofl. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Im-ael, signed at Washing- 
ton November 10, 1965. (Washington, U, S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1955, 

4 IK ^4 cm. (U.S. Dopt. of State. I'lilillcntlon H8. Tmttlwi 
m<l othfti- Interimthmiil uctn iswvle*, 8420) 
JX235.0.AI& no. 8429 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1983- (JKiaenh&wer) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America ami Israel, supplementing 
Agreement of April 29, 1955, signed tit Washington June 15, 
1955. (Washington, U..S. Govt Print Off., I956i 

3 p. 24 cm. (U. 8. Ctopt. of State, Publication 8012, TrACli 
and other international acts aerlM, 8261) 
JX285.0.A32 no. 3261 56-6U58 

U. S. Treaties, etc., W63- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Italy modifying Agree 

jnent of May 28, 1955, as raodined, effected by exchange of 
notes dated at Rome December IS and 16, i960. t WaaoW- 
ton, U. a Govt Print Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24cm. (U.S. Dept. of State, Trwtl* and othw iBterna- 
tl*nal act* series, 8526) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8524 06-61080 

U.a Treaties, eto., W5S- (Eit*nhow*r) 

S . U T 8 agricultural commodities. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Italy modifying Agreement 
of May 28, 1955, effected by exchange of notes Utid at Borne 
August 80 and September 2, 1955. (Washington, XT. S, Govt 
Jrnnt, Ua,, 1956] 

*&*&!> *W-*Stt, ^*i<*h*ri a tm*. 
JX285.9.A82 no. 8525 56-6108* 

U.-S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (U*nhow*r) 

Surplus agricultural coraraoditiea. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Italy, signed at Borne May 
23, 1955, with related exchange of notes signed at Borne May 
28, 1955. t Washington, U. 8. Govt. Print. Off., 195$, 

17 p, 24 ctu. (0.1. Dtrpt. Of State. Publlcitlou 602. frmttw 
and other International acts series, 8349) 
JX285.9.A82 no, 8249 08-6U4T 

U. S. Treaties etc., 103-1- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Italy, supplementing 
Agreement of May 23, 1955, as supplemented, signed at Rome 
July 5, 1956. (Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956, 

3 p. 24 cm. (Tmatlt* and other Internnttmvnl acts wrles, 8080) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3599 56-61954 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Agricultural commodities, Agreement Iwtwwn the United 
States of America and Japan, signed at Tokyo February 10, 
1956, with agreed official minutes and oxtthango of notes 
signed at Tokyo February 10, 1958. (Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print, Off., 1956) 

82 p, 24 cm. (Treaties and other International net* serif*, 3580) 
JX230.9.A32 no. 3580 56-61840 

U. S. 'J'l'fittu'H, etc., 193 J- (A'wanAoumr) 

Surplus ngricuUimxl comnuxlities. Agreement between 
thci Unitiul States of Americu nntt Pakistan amending Agree 
ment of August 7, 1956, us amended, offwtwl by exchange 
of letters igued nt Karachi December 3, 105(5. * [Washing 
ton, IT. S. Govt Print. Off., 1957, 

2 p. 24 em. (Treaties and other International notn w*rlo*, 8706) 
JX&tfi.O.A.I'J no. 11700 57-40131 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Pakistan, amending Agree 
ment of August 7, 1956, effected by exchange of letters 
signed at Karachi September 7, 1968. (Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off., 1956, 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts **rle*, 3080) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 8689 

U. S % Treaties, etc., 1953- ( 

Surplus agricultural commoditta*. Agrwmcut betwwn 
the United Stntwi of America and Pakistan, amending Arti 
cle n of Agreement of January 18, 1955, ignKl at Karachi 
February and 25, 1956. {Washington, XT. 8. (Jovt, Print 
Off., 19flft) 

2 p. -4 cm. (Trcmtiea nnd other Ititwnutlonnl nrt *?rt, 8812) 
JX285.9.AJV2 no, 8518 56-60034 

U. a Trt&fas, etc., /*W- 

Surplus agricultural commodity Agmmant between 
the Unit&d States of America, and Pakistan signed at Kara* 
chi January 18, 1955. (Washington, U. S Govt Print Off., 

j 1* 24 em. (0. S. 6pt, of t*te, fMtU*tm IM& Tr#U<* 
and othw international act* twit*. 8164k 
JTXm9.A82 no, 8184 S4NKW07 

U.S. rotf, tut., tm- (Ki*mh&Mr) 

Surplus agricultural commoiUtlf*, Agrt*mwt Utw^n 
the Tlnitwl HtRra of America and Pakistan intd at 
Karachi March 2, 1956. t Wnhingtfl, U, 8, Oovt, Print, 
Off., 1056, 

4 p, 34 cos. (Ttvfttlt* Rml o<her Itttortuttlwuii ?f tf, ItSlS) 
no. 3515 

0,8. , 

Surplus agricultural oomm<xHH<*. Agmmnt 
the UniUKt Htut^ of AmeHoa and PakiUa %n4 at Kunwhi 
Augurt 7, 18&6. tWaahington, 0, S, Oovt, l&t Off,, 1086, 
&* cm, (TrKtlH and tfer tfltra(iott*t nrt iwrl**, WBI1) 

fl p, & 

no. 3631 


Surplus agricultural cottimwiitiwt, AgmwiwU btwen 
th* Unifa Sutw of America ami Puraguay sigmd at Anun- 
cion May 2, 1M6. ,Wathingtn, U, 3, <W Print, Off., 

p. to cm, (frwia** and ftth* tatwmatlecMa nett Mrtw, 86TO) 

no. wo 

. . 

Surplu agricultural oomnxxUtit*. Ajfnwinent btweon 
the United Sutw of America and Pnni amending A (rrwrniwit 
of February 7, W5, gignnd at Lima Jun SB, 1056. t Wain 
ington, 0, 8. Govt. Print. Off^ 19W, 

8 p, 84 cm, (X7. K, rn^t, of fit n tB 

JX2M.&.AM no. 9411 



. r ( ^O M - it*Jwr 

Surplu* |TicuUural commodttUft. Agr*m*flt 
the 0nited State* of Amtrka and Pmru, iLnMd 
Pebruary T, iw. ,Watlitegtom, U, S, Owt Print, 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. (Continued) 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eitenhowtr) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Peru signed at Lima May 
7, 1956. tWashington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956] 

6 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International act* series, 3869) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3569 56-61665 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower] 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain, amending Agree 
ment of April 20, 1955, signed at Madrid October 20, 1055. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956! 

2 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State, Publication 6263 Treaties 
and other International nets series, 3450) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3455 338.15 56-60400 

U. S. Treaties, etc,, 1958- (Eisenhower] 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain amending Agree 
ment of March 5, 1956, effected by exchange of notes signed 
at Madrid September 20 and 28, 1956. [Washington, U S. 
Govt Print Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8684) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3684 56-63702 

U.S. Treaties, etc,, 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Madrid April 20, 1955. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1950, 

11 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 0070. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 3246) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3246 338.15 56-60437 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between, 
the United States of America and Spain signed at Madrid 
March 5, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

7 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8510) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3510 56-60908 

U. S. Treaties^ etc,, 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain signed at Madrid 
October 28, 1956. (Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956, 

p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8685) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3685 57-60105 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Spain supplementing 
Agx'eement of March 5, 1956, as supplemented, signed at La 
Toja September IB, 1956. t Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., 1957j 

4 p, 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts aeries, 8683) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3683 07-60155 

U. S. Treaties, etc,, 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Thailand, signed at 
Bangkok June 21, 1955. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print 
Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24 cm. (U. 8. Dept of State. Publication 0061. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8260) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8260 B6-61157 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Republic of Korea, 
amending Agreement of March 18, 1956, as amended, effected 
by exchange of notes, signed at Seoul October 10 and 15, 
1956. rWashintfton, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956j 

2 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts sextet, 8607) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8667 56-68885 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Republic of Korea 
amending article 1, paragraph 1, of Agreement of March 13, 
1956, effected by exchange of notes signed at Seoul July 25 
and 27, 1956. tWashington. U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

2 p. 24 cm, (Treaties and other International acts Mrlea, 8661) 
JX285.9.A82 no. 8651 56-68762 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Republic of Korea, 
signed at Seoul May 81, 1955. (Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1956, 

5 p. 24 cm. (U. S, Dept. of State. Publication 6064. Treatlea 
and other International acts series, 8201) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3251 56-61148 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Turkey signed at Ankara- 
March 12, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1956, 

4 p, 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8617) 

(Treaties a 
JX285.9.A82 no. 8517 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Turkey signed at Ankara 
November 12, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 3697) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3697 56-63718 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Turkey supplementing 
Agreement of March 12, 1956, signed at Ankara May 11 
1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956] ' 

TVOS'K oV (Trt ^ 8 and ther lnternat laal acts series. 3566) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3566 56-61578 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Union of Burma 
amending Agreement of February 8, 1956, as amended, ef 
fected by exchange of notes signed at Rangoon December 4. 
1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1957, 

3 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 3707) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3707 57-60157 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Union of Burma, 
amending article I, paragraph 1, of Agreement of February 
8, 1956, effected by exchange of notes signed at Rangoon 
July 25, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off.,19561 
T^K nVo^' (TreatIe8 and other international acts eerta, 8628) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3628 56^62316 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the Union of Burma signed 
at Rangoon February 8, 1956. (Washington, U. S Govt 
Print. Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series. 8498) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3498 56-60685 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Yugoslavia, amending 
Agreement of January 5, 1955, as amended, signed at Bel 
grade, January 19, 1956, and related note. (Washington, 
U, S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24 cm. (Treatlea and other International acts series, 8486) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3486 56-60629 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Yugoslavia signed at Bel- 
grade November 3, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 
Un., 1956] 

TVMK o 4 A To (TrC S t and other Int onal *<** wries, 88> 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3688 56-63708 

U.S. Treaties, eta., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement, with 
agreed minute, between the United States of America and 
Israel done at- Washington September 11, 1956. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24 cm. (Treatlea and other International acts series, 3635) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8635 56-62418 

U.S. Treaties, etc,, 1963- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement, with an 
nex, between the United States of America and India signed 
at New Delhi August 29, 1956, with related letters. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956, 

16 p. 24 cm. (Twttes and other International acts series, 8661) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 8661 56-68905 

U.S. Treaties, etc,, 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement, with ex 
changes of letters, between the United States of America and 
Italy signed at Rome October 80, 1956. tWashington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off., 1957, 

17 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 8702) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3702 57-60168 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement, with ex 
change of notes, between the United States of America and 
the Republic of Korea, signed at Seoul March 13, 1956. 
tWashington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956, 

6 p. 24 cm. (U. 8. Dept of State. Treaties and other Interna 
tional acts aeries, 8516) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3516 56-61022 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities; allocation under Mu 
tual security act Agreement between the United States of 
America and Italy, effected by exchange of notes signed at 
Rome May 19, 1955. (Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 

8 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 6216. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 8360) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 8869 56-*1416 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1053- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Interim agreement be 
tween the United States of America and Japan effected by 
exchange of notes signed at Tokyo May 31, 1955. tWashing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

7 p. 24cm ru s Dept. of State. Publication 6071. Treatlea 
and other Intel-national acts series, 3250) 

JX235.9.A32 no. 3230 56-60681 

U. S. Treaties, etc,, 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities : return of schillings in 
exchange for Spanish pesetas. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Austria implementing article 
n l(b) of Agreement of February 7, 1956, effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Vienna March 3 and 6, 1956. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

8 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept of State. Treaties and other Inter 
national acts series, 3524) 

JX235.9A32 no. 3524 56-61028 

Wetmore, John M 

Policies for expanding the demand for farm food products 
in the United States [byj John M. Wetmore c and others, 
St. Paul, University of Minnesota, Agricultural Experiment 
Station, 1959- 

pts. diagr., tables. 23 cm. ((Minnesota. Agricultural Ex 
periment Station, St Anthony Park] Technical bulletin, 281 
HD9006.W44 338.1973 59-63201 

Wylie, Kathryn (Hulen) 1907- 

Mexico as a market and competitor for U. S. agricultural 
products. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1957. 

IT, 50, a, p. niua, maps. 24 cm. (U. S. Foreign Agricultural 
Service Foreign agricultural report no. 99) 

S21.F6 no. 99 

U.S. Dept. of Agr. LIbr. 

1.JM3F7G8 no. ft 

Agr 57-236 


U. S. Business and Defense Services Administration, Food 
Industries Division. 

U. S. Government statistical publications for the food in 
dustries; listing and index [Compiled by C. V. Danielson. 
Washington, 1955. 

11. 22 p. 27cm. 
Z7164.C81U4558 016.3381 56-60104 


National Marketing Workshop. 



v. 27 cm. annual. 


51-60794 rev 2* 


U. S. Agricultural Marketing Service. Marketing Research 

Specid studies of marketing costs and practices. [Wash 
ington, 1958 3 

HD1751.A9183 no. 240 
XT. a Dept of Agr. Llbr. 

338.14 Agr 58-816 

lAgWMr no. 240 K* W*A 


The Fruit and produce dealers' directory of the United 
States, comprising all the fruit dealers, produce and com 
mission merchants of the United States. 
Philadelphia, Wood A Davies. 

T. ^4 cm. 
HD9003.F7 57-54850 t 


The National food situation. 

v. in 27 cm. quarterly. 
HJD9001.N28 888.1978 


U. S. Agricultural Marketing Service. 

Marketing activities, v. -19, no. 6; 

-June 1956. [Washington] 
r. In lllus., dlagrs. 27 cm. monthly (irregular) 





U. S. Agricultural Marketing Service. AgriouUwd fftti- 
mate* Division. 

Summary of regional cold storage holdings, 1946- 

r. tables. 27 cm. annual. 
HB9004.A34A56 57-60255 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PRODUCE TRADE (Continued) 

Mehren, George Louis, 1913- 

El mercadeo de los productos agricolas en Venezuela. 
Caracas, 1954. 

206 p, lllus. 29 cm. (Consejo de Bleuestar Eural. Hstudlos 
HD9014.V42M4 55-29745 t 


Virginia. Division of Markets. 

Expanding Virginia farm exports c by Market Expansion 
Section] Richmond [1954] 
91. diagrs, 28cm. 

A 56-9513 rev 
Virginia, State Library 


Burns, David Jerome, 1922- 

Marketing fresh fruits and vegetables in supermarket type 
stores, YVashington, D. C. area. [College Park, Md 1954. 

245, rli 1. tables. 28 cm. 

HD9008.W3B8 A 55-5091 

Maryland. Onlv. Llbr. 


Western Region of Nigeria. Marketing Board. 

Report. 1st- 

v. 24 cm. 


Serbia (Federated Republic, 19J^- 
drsavnih nabayki. 

ynyrcxBo sa pac'oaH.HBaite manoita oixcyna j 

v. 15 cm. annual. 


) Stinistarstvo 



see also Quality control; and subdivision 
Production control under specific indus 
tries, e.g.; Food industry and trade 
production control 

Abromeit, Hans Gunther. 

Erzeugnisplanung und Produktionsprogramm im Lichte 
der Produktions-, Absatz- und Wettbewerbspolitik; mit 
Geleitwort von Konrad Mellerowicz. Wiesbaden, T. Gabler 
t !955] 


U. S. Treaties, <?/c., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement and ex 
change of letters between the United States of America and 
Yugoslavia signed at Belgrade January 5, 1955. [Washing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956j 

6 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 58TQ. Treaties 
and other International acts series, 816T) 
JX285.9.A32 no. 3167 388.15 50-60875 

U. S. Treaties, 6to., 196S- (Eisenhower) 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Yugoslavia, amending 
Agreement of January 5, 19B5, as amended, signed at Bel 
grade, January 19, 1956, and related note. t Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1956, 

3 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts verlei, 8486) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3486 56-60629 

U. S. Treaties, sic., 195$- (Eisenhower} 

Surplus agricultural commodities. Agreement between 
the United States of America and Yugoslavia signed at Bel 
grade November 8, 1956. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print 
Off., 1956, 

4 p. 24cm. (Treaties and other International acti Mries, 8688) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 8688 56-68708 

Yugoslavia, Treaties, etc., 19&-1953 (Ribar) 

Veterinarsko-sanitarna utanafienja izmectu FNBJ i Sa- 
vezne Eepublike Njemaike, Zagreb, 1952. 

32 p. llW 20cm. 

59-86750 t 

PRODUCER GAS see Gas; Gas and oil engines; 
Gas manufacture and works; Gas-producers 

PRODUCT LIABILITY see Products liability 

PRODUCTION aee Industry; Supply and 

tion; Cooperative societies 

New York Univ. 

Libraries HD85 

Alessandro, Luigi d', professor. 

Impianti di riserva. Roma, Staderini editore, 1956. 
71 p. dlngrs. 25 on. 

A 57-3365 

Michigan. Univ. Llbr. 

American Management Association. 

Production forecasting, planning, and control ; conference 
handbook published for distribution at the AMA special 
manufacturing conference, March 20-22, 1957, Drake Hotel, 
Chicago. [Elizabeth Marting, editor; Arnold Dolin, assist 
ant editor. New York C 1057i 

and, 109 p. lllua. 24 cm. 
HD69.P7A5 658.51 57-2889 

American Management Association. 

Successful production planning and control, from forecast 

to final delivery. New York ( 1955] 
202 p. lllus. 24cm. (Iti Special report no. B) 

. . 



Andreev, E D 

OnepatHBHoc n.iaKKponamje Ha MartniHocTpoHTC.UHOM 
aaBOfle eflnnniHOro M MejncocepHftHoro npOH3ao,a(CTBa. Mo 
cicua, Toe. nayino-TCXH. HS^-BO caniKHQCTpouT..<iwT-pH, 1950, 

185, [8, p. dlogra. 28 era. 
TJ1135.A6 56-58094 

Arisman, George M 

Company planning and production control; the story of 
a manufacturing company. Project no. 178. _ Paris, Euro 
pean Productivity Agency of the Organisation for Euro 
pean Economic Co-operation t 1958] 

02 p. m\n. 24cm. 
TS155.A68 658.6 68-4814 

Australian Building Industry Productivity Team. 

Report resulting from the overseas visit of the Australian 
Building Industry Productivity Team, 1954. Melbourne, 
Building Industry Congress of Victoria, 1965. 

xvlll.l&p. lllui., map, tnblwi. 22 cm. 

A 57-751 
Illinois, tlnlv. Library 

Burbidge, John L 

Standard batch control London, MacdonoJd & Brans, 

180 p. llluu, 28 cm, 
T56.B78 658.5 58-26866 t 

Cfetok, Alett. 

Zaldady operativnftxo planovint v^roby, t 2,vyd,j Praha. 
Prace; vydavatelstvo BOH, 1955. 

190 p. lllua. 26cm. 
T56.085 1965 57-48196 t 

Dudek, Herbert. 

Terminierte Aufgliederung dee Produktionaplanea im 
Mashchieribau j technlscher Pasa, technologbche Planung, 
Produktionsplanaufgliederung. Berlin, verlag TecKnik\ 

81 p., 40 (I. e. 01) 1. of dlagn., tablM (prt fold.) 80 cm, 

A 5^-2728 
Michigan. Unlf. Llbr. 

Forbrig, GotthanL 

Zur Planung der TJmlaufmittel fttr unvollendcte 
Brzeuguisse bei kontinuierHcher Produktion. Berlin, Ver- 
lag Die Wirtachaft, 1956. 

110 p. Hint. 24cm, 

A 87-8780 

Univ. Llbr. 

Kashubskil, L D 

Dispatchersystem in der Konfektion. r'Cbers. aus dean 
Kussisclien von Dagmar ThUmxnel) Leipzig, Fachbuchver- 

122 p. lllut. 24 cm, 
TS1449.K320 66-66487 

Kashubskil, L D 

^HcnenepCKafl cucreMa ynpaajicuuji iia mneflnoft $a- 
CpHKC. MocKsa, Foe. KayiHO-Texa. IISA-BO jterKoft npo- 
uuinJi., 1940. 

141 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
TS1449.K32 50-24817 

Klein, Morton, 1925- 

Some production planning problwns. Ann Arbor, Uni 
versity Microfilms rl057i 

(ttTnlvernlty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 111,120) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 21,120 Mic 57-2046 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Klimov, Aleksel Nikolaevich. 

HyTii o6eciieienK pnTMiraioft paCSotw npoMum^enuoro 
npCflnpiiflTiifl. Jleunnrpa^, 1957. 

51, |1] p dlngws. 20 cm. 
T58.K48 58-00487 

Korzun, Petr Petrovkh. 

HOCTpoTe.)it,HOM 3EBOAC (opraiat3an;ujt pafloTw HO rpa$nxy) 
IToA pe^. *). A. CarejiH. ^onymeiio B K&'ICCTBC yicd noco- 
6ua RJISI itHWCHcpuo-OKou. HH-TOB w ^aKyjitTCTOB. Mocssa, 
Toe. uaymo-TcxH. MS^-BO xainKHOCTpoHT. JIHT-PH, 1956. 
191 p. illuB. 28cm. 

TJ1135.K74 57-81489 

Lorenz, Walter. 

Wio ermittelt man die RioHttage fur die unvollenoote 
Production! (Bereohnujag der Riclxttage fttr den plan- 
moasigen Bestand an unvollendfetw Produktion mlttola 
RechenachlUseel, -formeln, -tafeln und -graflk) Berlin, Vw- 
kg Die Wirtaohaft, 1958. 

10 p. 21 m. (Schrlftenrelhe WlrtohftfU5wrtxli Htft 38) 
T56.L6 8^41605 J 

Magee, John F 

Production planning and inventory control. Nw York, 
McGraw-Hill. 1958, 

833 p. ItlUK. 04 COQ, 

T66.M26 668.6 67-10910 J 

Moore, Franklin G 1905- 

Production control. 2d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill, 

058 p. llltM, 24 cu>. 

T56.M05 1959 658,6 58861 I 

Moscow, f&tntral'nyf Institut organlzaftlt trudx 1 mekha- 
nizaOU proizvodttva. 

OnepartiBMoe niauwponaKite npt>M3oActift Ma aaeo^ax 

Mocictia, TtK', tay<iKo*TexM, 

rio^ pA. A. K, HrHaTk 
o maiiiMocrpMT. utt 

221 p, Cormfl, S& cm. 

Parton, Jamw Allan, 1915- 

Production oontrol maiiuRl, by Jivmw A, Fiurtott. Jr., and 
Ohrlu P. Stre, Kw York t Oonovw-Mt l*ubliotl<mi 
t 1966, 

484 p, UluH. 


Pragitt. Vyxkmnn^ totav tpln< tedxnlky. 

" QluajpAwtoltou&dB^tt^^ 

auu dam IVdb.ocJunchftn. 


Erhard Fortterj Bwlln, Vwlft^ Die Wirtooiuuft, 

STO p, Ulttfc H cm, 

Prilmak, I A 

OCMOBU op^awHaa^H^l 
KHaa^ll)^ ax * apreit0c 
WXK. *a^-io JiifT-pM no 


Reinfld, Nyk* V 

Production control EngUwood Cliffy N. J., PrwvLio*- 

, Toe, 
*nytjfyprii t 

886 p. Ulan, fti cm. (NnUwuil Iwrtltuta of MAfM>t m*rto) 
HIH5.RS6 6684 

ScholU Gerhard. 

Die Ennittlung dw: Produktiotuikp{itltit und der Kitpwd- 
t&tftfcUJmutxung in den volkwdgtuw Indu*trleb*trict*u dw 
Boutschen Dtmokratl^on iUpubllk, JUrlh, Vrlmf IM 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Scholl, Gerhard. 

Die Ermittlung der Produktionskapazitat und der 
Kapazitiitsausnutzung von Industriebetrieben. Berlin, Ver 
lag Die Wirtschaft, 1953. 

$7 p. 21 cm. (Dlskusslonsbeltrttge zu Wlrtschaftsfragen Heft 7 
HD45.S35 55-43763 t 

Singer, Alfred Richard Eric. 

The control of industrial processes; inaugural lecture oa 
the professor of physical metallurgy delivered at the college 
on January 22, 1957. t Swansea, Wales] University College 
of Swansea C 1958, 

28 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
T56.S455 59-41627 t 

Teplov, Georgil Vasil'evich. 

FasHOMepHaji n pnxwiiHuaa pafioxa Maimiiiocxpoiixejii, 
Horo sanofla; cxeiiorpawMa nyCjut^Hoft .TCKIJHH, npoiman 
Tb^?* 1 ^ 1 * MOCKBH. MocKBa, SnaHHe, 1955. 

*../.*,.*. *... _. nOJIHXHHCCKHX H 

Mic 58-6855 

Microfilm Slavic 922 AC 

Voris, William. 

Production control: text and cases. HomewoocL III R D 
Irwin,1956. * 

and management) 2 * **' ^ ^^ ""^ * lndufltrial <ffieeri D 
T66.V66 658.5 56-8051 

Weinberg, Franz. 

Uber die Auweudung mathemntischer Methoden mit spe- 
zieller TTttrdijrimff der Wahvschemlichkeitsrechnung in der 
Termin-Gi-obplanung fiir diffei-enzierte Fabrikationspro- 
#ramme bei vorwiegeuder Serienfertiffuncr. Zurich 1954 

86 p. lllus. 24 cm, ' 

HDG9.P7W4 57-33355 

line methods 


see also Job analysis; Motion study; 
Time study; Work measurement; also 
subdivision Production standards under 
subjects, e. g. Machine-shops 
Production standards 

Belov, E N 

OCHOBM xexmnecKoro iropMapOBaHna ; PVKOBO^CTBO no 


4. ncpcp. USA. no# pea. H. H. Saxapona. MocKea, Toe. H3A- 
BO MccxHOft npOMHnur. PCXDCP, 1956. 

158 p. dlafcra., tablet). 27 cm, 
TS155.B45 1056 57-46017 

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2d ed.j Columbus, Ohio, American Institute of Industrial 

Engineers, 1967. 

150 p. llfutt 20cm, 
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sep. lima. 28cm. 
HD5080.A2D8 56-20077 1 

Eroahok, ftlrU MikhaHovich. 

HopMupoBasHc Tpy^a npit connajinawe am npHMcpe npo- 
HunweHttociM. MocKBa, Toe. aafl-so HOJIIIT. Jiwx-pw, 1958. 

86 p. 20 cm. (B noMomb 9KOHOMHHecKOMy odpaaoBaHHio) 
T58.E78 59-83864 

Fedotov, F G 

TexHiiiecKOe nopMapOBamie KonnponajiLHtix M CDCXOKO- 
nMpOBajti.Hi.ix pa<5ox. MocKBa, Toe. Haywo-TexEc. H3fl-BO 

86 p. dlagrs., table*. 22 cm. 
Z48.F4 57-20555 

Gal'Oov, Aleksel Dmitrieyick 

Pacicxw no ynopfltfloicnnjo HopwupOBaHna xpy^a H sapa- 
CoxHOfl njaxu paOoiiix (wexoAHKa) MocKBa, 1957. 

81 p. tablet. 20 cm. (MocKOBCKMftioM HayMHO-xexHWHecxoA npo- 
naraHAbt HMCHM <t>. 3. AsepMCHHCKoro. QreHorp&MMa ACKUMH) 
HD5046.G2 58-27997 

Gal' Gov, Aleksel Dmitrievich. 

TexHHiecKoe HOpKnpoBanne ipy^a Ha 
npeAnpHTHH. MocKaa, foe. HSA-BO HOJIHT. jtHT-pw, 1956. 

85 p. dlo^ni. 20 cm. (B noMomb SKOHOMHICCKOMX oOpasoBaHHw) 
T58.G28 5&-S6948 

Gordin, lAkov Aleksandrovich. 

TexHii^ecEoe HopMuposaHne B omeynopHOM np 
CTBC. KUCB, Foe. USA-BO xexn. JIHX-PH YCCP, 1956 

122 p. niua. 21cm. 
TP858.G6 57-21028 

Goliakov, P A 

Mexo^u Hopn P oBanHjc xp yfl a. MocEBa, ^eHxp. aayiHO- 
HCCJI. HH-X MexaHH3a qH H H op^aHH3a^Ha: xpy^a B ne^xjiHoft 

npOlttHM., ElOpO XCXHHKO-3EOH. HH<f>OplcamiH. 1947 

TW i P7i? m ' { n MOU<b HO P MaTHBHO - HC "eAOBax M bCKofi paCore) 
J - 08 - Ura4 56-42078 

Goliakov, P A 

IIoiiaxHe o Hopite. MocKsa, E^eaxp. uzyiuo-uccx, 
MexaHimmm n opraHH3a^HH xpy^a B HC$XHO 



Karpenko, A 

e HO P MH * HX pojrs B 

e, 1956. 

31.V735 1956, no. 12 

Khisin, Rafail loaif ovich. 

nOH3BO^HxejrtHocTt ip 

Hopif. MocKBa, 1957. 



cHOBaHHBix Hopif. MocKBa, 1957. 

22 p. 20 cm. (nepeAOBoft onur npo3BOACTBa. CepH "SKOHO- 
MHKH,' T Bbm. 5) 



Lerner, Grigorii Veniaminovich. 

npo^coiosoB no aapatfoTHOtt naaxe H HOPMHDO- 
tM CEBa ' ^PO$H3 A a T , 1958. 


Lyzlov, B M 

Grundfragen der technischen Normung, Kollektivuber- 
setzung von W. Busch, W. Fickenscher und G. Mochel, in 
Zusammenarbeit rait dem Ministerium fur Arbeit der DDE 
und der Deutschen Bauakademie. 2. verb. Aufl. Berlin, 
Vorla ff Die Wirtachaft, 1952. ' 

171 p. [HUB. 21cm. 
T56.L925 1952 57-24204 J 

Lyzlov, B M 

OCHOBHUC Bonpocs icxHHiecKoro HopMapoaaHH*. Mo- 
ocnjiaHHaAaT. 1946. 
forma. 22cm. 


Mbrozov, P 


06 *"* 1 MocKOBCK tt pafioiHtt, 1955. 

Nlediwlecld, Jfadf. 

t War8zawa,Ksia4kaiWiedza,1955. 
88 p. 21 cm. (Blbllotecdca sanduli 
gwpodarcsej PotaW Ludo-treJ) wl auM 


1 polltrkl 
57-48761 t 

Punskil, O. M 

-KCKKHH no Kypcy "OpraHH3a^H^ H naaHapoBanae upcA- 



Punski!, a M 

Die technische Arbeitsnonnun^ in der sozialistischen In 
dustrie c von] J. Punski [Und, A. Galzow. [KollektivUberaet- 
zung von "Wolfgang Busch und GerharoT Mochel in Zusam 
menarbeit mit der Deutschen Bauakademie, Forschungsiii- 
stitut f Ur Bautechnikj 2. deutsche iiberarb. Aufl. r Bearbei- 
tung von Gerhard Laiss und Gerhard Mochelj Berlin, Ver- 
lag Die Wirtschaft, 1956. 

160 p. 21cm. 
T58.P875 1956 57-45054 J 

PunBkfl, fX 


166 p. dlagn. 21c 



x npe#npHXTHxx. 



Razumov, Ippolit MikhaHovich. 

BonpocH TexHK^ccKoro HOpMHpoBaHHa ipy^a B npoicunr- 
ICHHOCTH aa npMMcpe MaraHHocTpocHHJi. MocKsa, SnaHne, 

48 p. 22 cm. (BcecowaHoe oOmecTao no pacnpocTpaueHwo HOJIH- 

TOTCCKHX HayiHhlX SHEHHft. CepHX HI, Ns 18) 

' 59-26485 J 

H39.V8 1958, no. 18 

Russia (IMS- U. S. S. R.) Gonudarstvennyi komitet 
po delam, stroitel 'stva. 

E^HHwe HopMH Bstpao"oTKii na npoeKTHie n iiaMCKaxeiE.- 
Htie pacSoiti, on^ra^HBaeuue C^GJIBHO. CorjacoBano c 
BE(CnC. MocEsa, Toe. HS^-BO JIHT-PU no CTpOHTe.itciBy H 
apxETCKrype, 19 
Microfilm Slavic 551 AC Mic 56-4243 

U. S. 8. B.) Mmisterstvo 


Hopuu BpeMCHH na npoeETHtie H H3biCKaxejn,cKne pa5oxu. 
MocKBa, Toe. 3nepr. H3fl-BO, 19 
Microfilm Slavic 582 T Mic 56-4568 

Russia (1917- S . S . F. S. R.) Ministerstvo mestnoi 


TimoBtie HOPMH speiieHii ^.IK npe^npirKTiift panoHHOtt 
nposinnweHHOcrn : HsroToweHiie n PCNOHT 
jrirfl. MOCKB.I, FnsMecxnpoir 1946 
Sp. diagrs. 22cm. 

Thalmann, Hans, economist, ed. 

Zeitnonnative, ihre Bedeutung fur die techniache Arbeits- 
nonnung und ihre Erarbeitung; Kollektivarbeit. Berlin, 
Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 1954. 

187 p. lllus. 21cm. (Fragender Arbeltrtikonomik. Heft 2) 
T58.T47 68-15592: 

Tolchenov, T V 

TexHH^ecicoe HOpMHposaHHe PCMOHTHBIX patfox ; noco^He 
KXX no^roxoBKii Hopanpos^HKOB ce-ucKoxosaficiBeHHux 
PCMOHTHHX npcAnpn^Tntt. Mocoa, Toe. IISA-BO cejrtxoa. 
jtHx-pti, 1958. 


1J1487.T6 59-29319 

Umblia, Viktor fimmanuilovich. 

Die technische Arbeitsnormun ff bei der Eisenbalm. Uber- 
setzung us dem Russiachen. Berlin, Verlag Die W irtschaft 


Umblia, Viktor Emmanuilovich. 

TexHHwcicoe HOpMnposaHne aa ^e.ic3HOAopoKHOu jpanc- 
noprc. y TB e P K A eao B KaieciBe y^e<5. nocodn * 3ion 
cn^HWfcBocreft sysoa x-^op. TpaHcnopra. MocRBa, Foe' 
TpaHcn. Mceji-^op. HS^-BO, 1954, 

287 p. Iliua. 22cm. 

TF607 - U5 56-17138 



Davis, Hiram Simmons, 1908- 

Productivity accounting. Philadelphia, Univewity of 
Pennsylvania Press, 1955. 

IWp, lllus 24cm. (InduBtrialR<flarch 
mnierce - 


* 6 57.3 


Heady, Earl Orel, 1915- 9 d. 

Resource productivity, returns to scale, and farm size, 
edited by Earl 0. Heady, Glenn L. Johnson <and, Lowell s! 
S" 1 ^!. A ff ittia ? A and P ubli ^ed under the sponsorship of 
the North Central Farm Management Research Committee, 



ft 81 .io7a 


Pagnano, Salvatore Umberto. 

Aspetti economico-tecnici della produttiviti d'impresa, 
Pisa, 0. Cursi, 1955. 

UnlT ta degli atudl dt riren. 

Colllina dl rtudl ewaomlco - len - 


PRODUCTS, ANIMAL see Animal products 


PRODUCTS, COAL-TAR see Coal-tar prod 

Library of Congress Catalog Bopks: Subjects 


PRODUCTS, DAIRY see Dairy products 


see also Processes, Infinite 

Mataix Aracil, Carlos. 

Series y productos infinites. 1. ed. Madrid, Dossat, 

107 p. IS cm. (Sis Blementos de matem&tlcas Bnperlors, 6) 
QA295.M46 57-21555 J 

PRODUCTS, NEW see New products 
PRODUCTS, WASTE see Waste products 

see also Insurance, Products liability 

Dierson, Frank Thomas, ed. 

Product liability cases, by Frank T. Dierson and Charles 
Wesley Dunn. Chicago, Commerce Clearing House C 1955j 
xlvll, 1134 p. 26 cm. (Food Law Inetitute aeries) 

347.6 55-7249 

surance, Products liability 



Dionisio, Joel Augusto Sant'Anna, 1902- 

pensamento especulativo e agente de Raul Proenca. 
[Portoj Seara Nova, 1949. 

146 p, port, 22 cm. 
B4598.P74D5 65-48888 

PROFESSION OF ARMS see Military service 
as a profession 

and professional associations 


see also Library schools and training; 
Medical colleges; Technical education; 
Universities and colleges; Vocational 
education; and subdivision Study and 
teaching under specific professions, e.g. 
Law Study and teaching 

Towle, Charlotte. 

The learner in education for the professions, as seen in 
education for social work. Chicago, University of Chicago 
Pitt* [1954, 

432 p, 24cm. 
HV11.T6 861,07 64-11216 J 


Centro nazionale per 1'addestramento professional*. 

Atti t del] convegno nazionale. 

v. 25cm. 
LOl06a.C4 57-48960 


Congreao Nadonal de Profesionak. Univmitaxio*. Itt, 
Owdad TrujiO<>,1954. 
Acta final. Ciudad Trujillo, Lnpresor*. "Arto y Cine," 


29 p. 22cm. 

A 56-2842 
Florida, Unlr, Library 

Congreso Nacional de Profesionalea Universitari, 1st, 
Ciudad Truntto, 195^ 

Anales. Ciudad Trujillo, Editora del Caribe, 1955. 
286 p. plftteo, port*. 24cm. 

A 56-5827 
Florida. Unlr. Library 


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Vom Gymnasium zur Hochschule, Biel, Stadtisches Gym 
nasium, 1953. 
19 p 18 cm 
LC1061.N3 56-89209 J 


Larson, Eleanore Elizabeth, 1918- 

The relationship of professional educational courses to the 
professional knowledge of pro-service elementary education 
students at the University of Illinois. Ann Arbor, Uni 
versity Microfilms r!957j 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 19.&40) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,840 Mic 57-488 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Unione cattolica italiana insegnanti ntedi. 

La, scuola di uvviamento professional. Roma, 1954. 
160 p. 20 cm.. ( Luce nella professloue, 11 ) 
LC1062.U5 56-33405 


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N, J. fiohool of Edu 

A survey of the needs of New Jersey in certain specialized 
fields of graduate study. [New Brunswick, 1957, 

vll, 66 p. 20 cm, 

L178.G5R8 878.1558 A 58-9484 

New Jersey. State Llbr. 


Carrera Pujal, Jaime. 

La ensenanza profesional en Barcelona en los siglos xvnr 
y xix. Barcelona, Bosch t 1957i 

208 p. 28cm. 
LCl055,Ca 58-46029 J 


Wyas, Hugo, 1916- 

Das Studium an der philosophisch-historischen Fakultat: 
Fficherwahl, Lehrgang, Berufamoglichkeiten. Olten, Wal 
ter r!957, 

220 p, 10 era. (Din Weg xurn Boruf ) 

A 58-759 
Chicago. Unlr. Llbr, 1X31001 


Armsby, Henry Horton, 180 i- 

Scientiflo and professional manoowftr; organized efforts 
to improve its supply and utilization, Washington, U. S. 
Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Educa 
tion, 1954. 

40 p. 27 cm. ((U. S. Office of Education) Circular no. 804) 
[L111A72 no. 894] E 54-14 

U. S. Office of Education. Wbrnry 

Columbia University. Ttaofort College, fatitot* of Sigfo? 

Liberal education in the professions t byj Earl J, McGrath, 

executive officer. t New York, Bureau ojf Publications, 

, Columbia University C 1M9, 


see also Actors, Professional ethics for; 
Business ethics; Confidential communica 
tions; Engineering ethics; Journalistic 
ethics; Legal ethics; Medical ethics; 
Nursing ethics; Teachers, Professional 
ethics for 

American Academy of Political and Social Science, Phila 

Ethical standards and professional conduct, edited by Ben 
son Y. Landis. Philadelphia, 1955. 

vll, 100 p. 24cm. (Itt Annul*, v. 207) 

H1.A4 vol.297 *177 174 55-14074 
Copy 2. BJ1725.A58 

Arias Bernnl, Jose* Domingo. 

C6digo de moral profesional para juristas^ abogados, ma- 
gistrados, ju<;>ces de derecho, juecoe de hecho, fiscales, poritos, 
mddicos, odonto'logos, quimioos, veterinarios, f&rmaceutas, 
opttfrneirafl, obatrttricia, enfrmeroe, asiatencia social, inge- 
nierojs, agr6nomps, top^grafos, agrimensores, cartdgrafos, 
dibujantes, arquitectos, constructorce, profesores, maestros, 
banqueroe, industriales, comerciantes, periodistas, empleados 
publicos, empleados particulares y oodigo del honor militar, 
t Tunja, Colombia, 1947, 

360 p. 24 cm, 
BJ1725.A7 54-42913 t 

Carey, John L 1904- 

(CPA) Profoeaional ethicu. iktarb. von Han Krawnsky 
Wien, Mans, 1953, 





U. S. National Sowno* Foundation, 

Educntion and employment specialization in 1952 of June 
1951 college graduates. Washington rl955i 

vl, 78 p. dUrn., Ublw. 27cm. 
H08088.U5A52 55-60094 

U. 8. Office of flduoation. 

Education for the professions, organized and edited by 
Lloyd E. Blauch, chief for education in the health profes 
sions. [Washington. 1965) 

Yi, 817 p. dlagn., tablet. 28 cm. 

LC1059.U54 878.99 E 55-226 

U. 8. Office of Education. Library 

U.S. Offa of Education. 

General and liberal educational content of professional 
curricula. [Washington, 1954- 

r. ttbU. 44cm. </! 

L111A75 no. 113, etc, E 54-18 

________ Copy 2, LOKXSO.X750 

IT. 6. OfflM of Bdocatton. Library 


Pr*vt, Francois. 

La morality profftssionnellft dm origincn a no joura, Parlu, 
Librairie du Rwueil 8ir*y ,1956, 

8 v. (l7Wp.) 24 an. 
BJ1725,FT 57 277U9 

Scmnna Social de Eflpafifu l?>ih, A'a/<t;;iacira, t&SS. 

La moral nroftwionmt, Madrid, Swit-titrlatlo <10 In Junta 
Nacionnl de SfcmniittH 8ocil*i, 195R, 
637 p. 22 em. 

Chicago, t'ulv. Ubr, 

Tiberghien, Pierre, 18SO- 

Introduction aux morales profwwioiim\lW Puri*, Edi 
tions du Ivovain (1966) 

l^fip. li>cuu (MmMt> 6* monO* foo_*muU.U)) 
BJ17S28.TO 674784 t 

YAK Ftrrelra, Carloe, 187B- 

Mornl para intelectualwi, ( Nuva d,| L* I'lat* t tlaiver- 
sidad Kwional de La PkU, KuculUd do Humnnidndwi y 
Oiencins de la Kduc&ci<5n. JMpRrtntnonto de FHowofifti 10B7. 

363 p, 10 cm. 
BJ1725.V8 8S-21840 J 


Ftlrbtkk, Hans. 

Ethischoi UlKinabuoh fUr 0%ndiirmri. und Poliswi- 
beamt. jCkax, Druck Leykam, 1951} 

lOl p, to mm, itl 
Harvard t'nlv. 




U. S. 00n0ro*. Uovit, OommUt^ on ik* 

Organised profwtalonal tottn sports* HiHnp Ufor_ th, 
Antitrust Sut>commiU<s, SuboommittM No. 6, on H, R. 0307 
( and othferj bills to amend the Antitrust laws CO protect tmde 
and commerce against unlawful ratralnU and monoj>oJie 

8 PU. (XYi; S1!U p, 
Oowltt* W> tb* Jtt 
Oonrw, iwrlal oo, 8) 

U. 8. Congrats. Smut4. Oommi&M cm t&4 J\ 


.. ongn*,. m*. o#mt on 4 w. 

Organised professional team sports, H*rlngg before th* 
Subcommittee <m Antitrust and Monopoly of the C 

onopoly of the Committee 

, , , 
Print Off,, 19W. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Free choice of employment; 
Intellectuals; Occupations; Vocational 
guidance; also Agriculture as a profes 
sion; Music as a profession; and similar 

Delestrade, Jean, of Montereau. 

L'organisation du travail intellectuel dans les affaires 
Paris, G. Le Prat [1946, 

101 p. 10cm. ( Collection Taylorisme et rendement) 
HF5386.D365 174 49-16397 rev* 

Deneke, J F Volra<L 

IMe freien Berufe. Stuttgart, F. Vorwerk rl956, 
384 p. 22 cm. 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

A 57-1933 

Hcckman, Dayton Eyster, 1909- 

The man behind the message; a study of some personal 
characteristics of professional communicators, by Dayton B. 
Heckman, Franklin H. Knower ( and] Paul H. Wagner. 
Sponsored by the Ohio State University Committee on Re 
search in Communication. Columbus, Ohio State Univer 

sity, 1956. 

IT, 132 p. tables. 28cm. 

Ohio State Univ. Libr. 


A 57-5729 

International Labor Office. 

General report prepared t for the Advisory Committee on 
Salaried Employees and Professional Workers] First item 
on the agenda. Geneva, 1954. 

2pts. 80cm. 

L 56-32 
U. S. Dept. of Labor. Library 

International Labor Office. 

General report prepared [for the Advisory Committee on 
Salaried Employees and Professional Workers^ First item 
on the agenda. Geneva, 1956. 

2 pts, 80 cm, 

L 57-124 
U. S. Dept. of Labor. Library 

International Labor Office. 

Non-manual workers and collective bargaining. Second 
item on the agenda. Geneva, 1956. 

ill, 74 p. 80cm. 

L 57-122 
U. S. Dapt of Labor. Library 

International Labor Office. 

Problems of non-manual workers, including technicians, 
supervisory staff, etc. Seventh item on the agenda. Geneva, 

Iv.iaOp. 24cm. 

HD8089.M39 1 5 331,71 L 69-106 

0, S. Dept of Labor. Library 

International Labor Office. 

Unemployment among salaried employees and salaried 
professional workers. Second item on the agenda. Geneva, 

Ull., 118 p. 30cm. 

L 66-50 
U.S. Dept of Labor. Library 

Jaccard, Pierre, 1901- 

Politique de i'emploi et de I'eMucation; 1'agriculture et 
I'mdustno, les services publics et privfis, les oarrieres intel- 
lectuelles, orientation et formation professionnelles, I'eVolu- 
tion probable de 1'emploi, la tradition des humanites et l'ide*e 
de droit & I'dducation, 1'enseignement secondaire et supfirieur 
auac Etats-Unis, en Europe et^en Union SoviStique, 1'origine 
spciale des fitudiants, la rfif orme des Etudes, le but de l'6duca- 
tion. Paris, Payot, 1957. 

200 p, 28cm, (Btblloth&quepolltlqueetikonomlaue) 

Pittsburgh. University. Dept. of Religious Education. 

Religion and education for professional responsibility; 
report of a conference on religious education, University of 
Pittsburgh, November 18 and 19, 1955. Sponsored by Car 
negie Institute of Technology, Chatham College, Duquesne 
University t andj University of Pittsburgh. Lawrence C. 
Little, editor. Pittsburgh, 1956. 

601. 29cm. 
BV1610.P5 1955 877.06378 66-1618 

Richard, Riccardo. 

Rassegna di giurisprudenza su question! di diritto inter- 
nazionale. 1980-1950. Milano, Giuffre, 1951. 
82 p. 24cm. 

I t 

Standifer, James William, 1913- 

A study of the permanence of recreational interests of col 
lege graduates in selected professions. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms t 1958] 

Microfilm AC-1 no . 58-1465 Mic 58-U65 

Michigan. Univ Libi. 

Storey, Robert Gerald. 

Professional leadership. Foreword by Homer D. Grotty. 
Claremont, Calif. t Pubhshed by Claremont College for the 
five associated colleges at Claremont] 1958. 

84 p 22cm 
HD8038.A1S8 331.71 58-2615 t 

U. S. Office of Education. 

Guidance leaflet. c no.l- 
Washington, 1955- 

v. 21-27 cm 

U. S. Office of Education. 

Library HF5881 

E 56-102 


International Labor Office. Library. 

Bibliography on non-manual workers. Bibliographic sur 
les travailleurs non-mimuels. Geneva, 1959. 

68 p. 29 cm. (Its Bibliographical contributions, no. 18 Contribu 
tions blbllographlques, no 18) 

-- [Annex] Bibliography on conditions of work 
and employment of nurses. [Geneva ? 1959 ?j 

16 p. 30 cm. 

27164X11039 016.3317 L 59-127 

U. S. Dept. of Labor, Library 

Krause, Frederick CarL 

The control of occupational entry and practice by State 
examining boards, commissions, and departments. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms [1955, 

MW^I^i n* M i Cr mm ;''/ nn Arb r ' Mlch '' P^Hcatlo* no. 11,504) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 11,59-1 Mir- A K^loaa 

Pittsburgh. Univ. Llbr. 05-998 

Echkinasy, Joseph M 

Les professions liberales et non commerciales en droit fiscal 
Sgyption, du double point de vue legislatif & comptable 
1 126 ! mi* , afiS? 3 du J ' OUmal " L ' 0bserv ateur, 1950. 



Voland, G 

Die Besteuerung der freischaffenden Intelligenz; Stand 
vom 1. Januar 1956. Berlin, Deutscher Zentralverlag t 1956, 
141 p. 21 cm. (Schrfftenrethe zura Abgabenrecbt, Heft 19) 


REPUBLIC, 1949- ) 

Greiffenhagen, Hermann. 

Gegen die Heranziehung freier Berufsausiibung zur Ge- 
werbesteuer; Auseinandersetzung mit der Vervielfaltigungs- 
theorie auf den Grundlagen der Wirtschaftspruferpraxis. 
In. Verbindung mit einer Sammlung der einschlagigen Fi- 
nanzgerichtsurteile in zeitlicher Folge mit einem Fundstel- 
lenregister nach Sachmerkmalen. Diisseldorf. Verlagabuch- 
handlung des Instituts der WirtschaftsprUfer, 1955. 

386 p. 22 cm. 



United Nations. 

Far East. 

Economic Commission for Ana and the 

Domainea dans lesquels le d6veloppement economique de 
certains pays de 1'Asie et de rExtrSme-Orient est entrave" par 
le manque de personnel qualifie*, par le Secretariat. Bangkok, 

lv,188p. 28cm. 


53-2768 r 

United Nations. JSoonomio Commission for Asia and the 
Far East, 

Enquiry into fields of economic development handicapped 
by the lack of trained personnel. New York, 1950. 

vl, 188 p. 28 cm. (United Nations. {Document) E/CN.ll/IMV 

JX1977.A2 E/CN.11/I&T/39 388.91 52-4369 rev 2 
Copy 2. HG411.U4E5 19SO 

United Nations. Economic Commission for Asia and the 
Far East. 

Fields of economic development handicapped by lack of 
trained personnel in certain countries of Asia and the Far 
East, prepared by the Secretariat. Bangkok, 1951. 

Tl, 119 p 23 cm. tfnlted Nations. Document E/CN.11/I&T/39/ 

JX1977.A2 E/CNMl/IT/39/rev. 53-2809 rev 

Copy 2. HC411.U4B5 1951 


Auckland professional year book. 
cAuckland, Breckell & Nichollsj 

v. 22 cm. 


Houtryve, Fernand van. 

Hoe staat het met de intellectuele arbeidsmarkt ? [Brussel, 
Bond der Kroostrijke Gezinnen van Belgie, 1955, 

27 p. 20cm. 6 > J 

HD8038.B4H6 A 58-874 

New York Univ. Libraries 


Canada. Dept. of Labour. 

Requirements for professional personnel. 

v. 25 cm. biennial. 
HD8038.C2A3 57-34117 

Canada. Dept. of labour. Economics and Research Branch. 
Skilled and professional manpower in Canada, 1945-1965 
Ottawa, 1957. 

xlv, 108 p. diagrra., tables. 26 cm. 
HD5727.A56 1957 331.7 58-28779 

Canada. Dept. of Labour. Information and Publicity 

DenuiiMU'^; des spfciulistes ! Comment accroltre nos res- 
sources en effectifs professionals et techniques pour re- 
pondre a la demande grandissante de 1'avenir? Onze 
cana.diens ominents <?tudient la problcme. [Ottawa] Minis- 
tfere du travail [1058, 

66 p. 25 cm. 
HD8038.C2A534 59-19429 J 

Canada. Dept. of Labour. Information and Publicity 

Wanted . . . more experts I How can we increase our pro 
fessional and technical manpower resources to fill growing 
future demands? Eleven leading Canadians discuss the 
problem. t Ottawaj Dept. of Labour [1958, 

64 p. 25 cm. 
HD8038.C2A53 58-47954 J 

Costa Rica. Treaties, etc., Idfy-im (JimM) 

Convenio de reconocimiento mutuo de validez de tftulos 
profesionales y de incorporaci6n de estudios con Colombia. 
Firmado el 13 de octubre de 1926, aprobado el 21 de octubre 
de 1927, canjeado el 28 de junio de 1929. San Jose", Costa 
Rica, Impr. Nacional, 1&55. 
5 p. 25 cm. 



Costa Rica. Treaties, etc., IM^-im (Jimenez) 

Convenio de reconocimiento mutuo de validez de tftulos 
profesionales y de mcorporacidn de estudios con Colombia, 
Firmado el 13 de octubre de 1926, aprobado el 21 de octubre 
de 1927, canjeado el 28 de junio de 1929. San Jose", Costa 
Eica, Impr. Nacional, 1955. 
5 p. 25 cm. 


Costa Rica. Treaties, etc., mirim (Jirnene) 

Convenio sobre reconocimiento mutuo de validez de titulos 
acaddmicos y de incorporation de estudios con Espana. 
Firmado en San Jose* el 8 de marzo de 1925 ; aprobado el 10 
de junio de 1925 ; canjeado el 25 de agosto de 1927. San 
Jose", Impr. Nacional t !052 3 
5 p. 25 cm. 



The Cyprus industrial, commercial & professional guide. 
Nicosia, Universal Advertising A Publishing Agency. 

T. 25cm. 
HC497.C9C9 57-56952 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROFESSIONS (Continued) 

Minvielle, Geo, 1891- 

Ordrcs et syndicats professionals. Pref. de Georges 
Ripert Paris, Librairie Dalloz, 1954. 

78 p. 25 cm. (Collection d'<5tudes documentalres de 1'AsaocIatlon 
provincials des archltectes irangals) 

A 56-4072 
New York Univ. Libraries 

Simon-Depitre, Marthe. 

_ L'activitS professionnelle des grangers en France (profes 
sions non salaries) Paris, Librairie du Journal des no- 
taires et des avocats, 1955. 

431 p, forms. 24 cm. (Comment falre: legislation, Jurlspru 
dence, doctrine, 6) 



Bruhn, Karl. 

Freie Berufsstande fordern Einkommen- und Steuer^e- 
rechtigkeit! Bin Vergleich der Wirtschaftslage von freien 
Berufen mit jener der Arbeiter, Angestellten und Beamten 
seit 1927. Munchen, A. Amann, 1956. 

HO p. iilus. 21 cm. 

A 57-6876 

Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

1949- ) 

Nachwuchsfragen im Spiegel einer Erhebung, 1958-1955. 
Bearb. von Ilse Asemissen t et al. } GWSttingen, Vandenhoeck 
A Ruprecht, 1956. 

828 p. 25 cm. ( Untersuchungen zur Luge der deutflchen Hoch- 
schullehrer, Bd.l) 
HD8038.G3N3 58-46498 


Gt. Brit. Central Youth Employment Etoecutwe. 

Careers guide; opportunities in the professions and in 
business management 4th ed, 3 London, H. M. Stationery 
Off., 1958. 

136 p. 22 em. 
HF5882.5.G7A5 1958 59-86964 J 

Political and Economic Planning. 

Graduate employment, a sample survey. London 1956. 
xHl,300p. dtatfiw., table* 24 em, 
HD8038.G7P6 881.71 57-648 


General Federation of Jewish Labour in Israel. 70. Afo'etitt, 
Tet-Avfo, 1956. 

*?& jvftsn nrnnonn .fimnDroi ru^iea ^HDipMn xnyn 
mmrtf T31D ftyiun Tjnn ^N*us"Tita Di-oyn 
(Tel-Aviv, 1956/57j 

HD8038.I7G4 1956 59-58092 


Italy. Laws, statutes, eto, 

La professione di dottore oommercialista; nuovo ordina- 
mento professionalo, tariff e dei compensi (curator! di faUi- 
mento, incarichi giudiziari, professionale> Leggi diverse 
(studi di assistenza e consulenza, assistenza tributaria, falli- 
mento, revisori dei conti ? consulenti tecnici e penti, eoelta dei 
eindaci e revisori, esame di state, ecc.) con note illustrative e 
richiami ( a cure dij Silvio de Vuono. Preaentaziojae doU'on. 
dott. Mario Saggin, Prefazione del dott, Torquato Fo- 
Bchini. Roma, Istituto poHgrafico dello Stato, 1954. 

Slip. 21cm. 

NfwTorkUolT. LlbrarlM HD7824 


Stockton, Frank Tenner, 1886- 

Salaried women in upper level positions in. Kansas business 
firms. (Liwrencej Center for Research in B&iness, Uni 
versity of Kansas [1959, 

W 28cm. 
HD6096.K2ST 881.409781 59-62985 


ndez, Gonzalo. 

Anticonatitucionalidad de la Ley de profesionee del D. F. 

Mexico r 195-?! 
88p, 28cm. 

56-41962 t 

Leon Cruz, Jos& 

Comentario a la Ley reglamentaria de los articulos 4. y 5. 
constitucionales y su reglamento. M6xico, 1946. 
70 p. 22 cm. 


L(5pez Silva, Jose E 

Los profesionistas como sujetos del derocho del trabajo. 
Mdxico, 1954. 
77 p. 28n. 

55-38013 t 

Mexico. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Ley reglamentaria de loa articulos 4. y 5. constitucio 
nales, relatives al ejercicio de las profesiones en el Distrito 
y Territorios Federales y Reglamento correspondiente, 
Mexico, Editorial Informacidn Aduanera de Mexico, 1958- 
lv. (loose-leaf) 20 cm. (Uyes meilcanas. Edlclones Andrade) 



Godefroy, Jan. 

De toekomst van de academisch gegradueerden opnieuv 
bcschouwd. [Nijmegen? 1058j 

142 p. map, dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
HD8038.N4G6 56-40082 


New Jersey. /State Employment Service. 

Handbook [Of] occupations and professions licensed by 
New Jersey State boards and commissions; a guide for em 
ployment counseling. Rev. ji. e. 3d] ed. jTrentonj 1056. 
v, 168 p. 28cm. 

A 67-9884 
New Joraey. Stato Llbr. 


New York, State Library, Attmy. Legislate* Reftreno* 

Uills relating to education and allied subjeote currently 
under consideration in the Now York State Legislature. 
t 170th 3 -377th BOSS. ; Jan, 20, 1047-Apr. 19, 1954. (Albany, 

ST. 29 cm. weekly (during the legllRttveeM.) 

-,,., A 55-9027 rv 

New York. State Llbr. 


Norges akademikersamband. 

Akademikernes 10nnsf orhold ; ny vurdering av den htfyere 
utdannodo arbeidekraft en betingelse for samfunuets from- 
gang. Innstillinpf fra Norges akademikersambwids komit* 
til utredning av akademikernes Mnnsforhold m. v. Oslo, X 
G. Tanum, 1956. 

08 p, dlagiu, tables. 28cm. 

Mlnaetottt. Univ. Ubr. 


Gula comercial, industrial, profesional, clasificadft de Ptmami, 

v. !i4u. 
HF8291.G8 50-48S88 1 


Perez, Presentad<Sn T 

ProblernB of employed women in oertnin professional 
groups in the Philippines and their educational implications. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1955j 

(tUnlvftMlty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch-i Publlcntlon no. 11,118) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 11,118 Mio55-B7 

Philippine Association of the Boards of Examiners. 

Awards to professionals. 1951- 

T. port*. 81 cm. annual. 


U, S. Wags and Hour and PubUo Oontrach . 

Salaries in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, prepared 
for use in reviewing the salary tests for executive^ admin 
istrative and professional employees, as defined in Re^uU- 
tdons, part 541 t by Clara F. Sdaoss, Division of Research 
and Statistics, .Washington, 1956. 

n,8Tp. tablet 27cm. 
HD4965.5.P8U5 881.297285 

XT. 8. Dpt of L*bor. 

L 56-150 

Bublii, M 


Foe. H3,^-BO nojiiiT. ^nT-pu, 1954. 

78 p. 20 cm. 
HD8038.ROB8 CG-18228 J 

Bublii, M 

tTber die geistigo und ko'rperliche Arbeit in der UdSSR. 
c t)T>ers. von Edith Maass. 1. AufLj Berlin, Dietss, 1955. 

80 p. 21 cm. 
HD8038.R9B815 56-80256 J 


Costa Rica. Treaties, etc., 1984^1988 (^iWrwa) 

Convcnio sobi-e reconocimionto nmtuo de validoz de tftulon 
ncatWmicos y de incorporaci6n de studios con Espana. 
Firmado en San Jos5 el H do marao do H)25 ; aprobmlo el 10 
de junio de li)25; canjendo el 25 de ngosto do 1927. San 
Jose", Impr. Nacional ( 1962, 
5 p. 25cm. 



B'nai B'rith. Vocational tfenri&s, 

Dilatory of professional opportunities; a compilation of 
practitioner- population ratios in selected profftHwumul and 
related occupations in ftlmot 200 major American cities and 
metropolitan areas, by Robert Shonteck, director of research. 
Waalimgton t !954, 

vl, 81 p. 22 cm. 
HB2505.B58 881.7 54-25294 reV 

Edwards, GUbert Franklin. 

The Nogro proft^ional clww. With A foreword by Otis 
Dudley 1 )nonn. (llpncw, 1 11,, Fm Pnww r 1 959, 

224 p. aaom. 
Kl85.S2.K2n H01.461 

U. S. National Rettor of Scbntifie and *<?j. .._ . ,. 
vcwRtionnl luwklet, IVftKhingtnn. T. S. Oovt. Print. < 
104 -47, 
ftv. (HUM. 2l<nn 

tf. 8. National tVcwin^ Foundation* 

Kducntion and employment specUHxatilon In 1952 of June 
1951 coll&im jrraclunt**. WaBhiiiirton t 1955t 

v|, 78 p. <llttW,UWM. 37 c. 
HD8088.U6A62 60*60004 


Gufo. de I&A profwionwi inUlootualed y Bcrriclo*, 
f O&rwsafi EdJoione* Hitpania, 


Melbourne. University, Apfnrfntm<mi* 8<xtrd. 

A report on professional inoomw In Viotorf*, Junt 11WS1 
tBy, K. Gmvell t wwiUnt ertiiry, Mtlbooim, Melbxmra* 
University Frew, 1957, 

28 p. 22cm. 


U. 8. W&tjti and Hour and * ,,.. 

S&lftriea in Puerto Kieo ncl th Vlpjfin 1 
for uc in reviewing th twlftry tti for 
tetrative and proftionftl emnloytM, flu'^nnftd in' 
tion> part wi ( W Ohm F. Sohlowt, Dlviiion of Itmnrch 
^tatistici, Wiithinffton, 19S6. 



U. S. Dpt. oT Lttbor, 

PROFESSORS see College teachers 

PROFESSORS OF LAW see Law teachers 

see also Capitalism; Entrepreneur; 
Excess profits tax; Income; Markup; 
Profiteering; Risk 

AH>iRson, CHtrmn, 1927- 

t Stook- 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROFIT (Continued) 

Azarova, Martia Maksimovna. 

KanaTaJi H upHdasoiHaa CTOHMOCT&; JieKijHH no sypcy 

nOJIHTHieCKOtt 3KOHOMHH. jMoCKBaj 1958. 

62 p. 22 cm. 
HB501.A9 58-48378 J 

Baumgartner, Cyrill, 1924- 

Rentabilitiit und Unternehmung. Zurich, Schulthess, 

vtl, 157 p. 23 cm. (MIttellungen aus deoi Handelswlssenschaft- 
lichen Seminar der Unlversltttt Zttrtch, Heft 95) 
[HG173.B ] A 56-1446 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Biet, Bernard. 

Theories contemporaines du profit ; essai de micro et macro- 
analyses. Paris, Genin C 1956] 

301 p. 25cm. ( Collection d'e"conomle moderne) 
HB601.B45 57-26543 % 

Bfte, Gunnar. 

Renprofitt under fri konkurranse. Oslo, 1955. 
266 p. 30cm. 
HB601.B58 58-488BP 

Braun, Werner, 1928- 

Betriebswirtschaftliche Fragen cles kalkulatorischeu Ge- 
winnes unter besonderer Beriicksichtigung seiner Behand- 
lung boi offentlichen Auftragen. [Miinchen?) 1954. 

lv, 194, Is 1. lllus. 20 cm. 
HB601.B677 58-29367 

Colombe"ron, Armand, 1906-1942. 

Misere de 1'Sconomie politique ( par] Armand Colombat 
(pseud., Ouvrage complies t\ 1'aide des notes de 1'auteur 
par Simon Rubak. Avant-propos de Jean Ullmo; pre"f. de 
Charles Bettelheim. Paris, M. Riviere, 1958. 

222 p. 23 cm. (Blblloth&iue dea sciences polltlques et soclales) 

A 59-4594 
Chicago. L'ulv. Llbr. HB105 

Fcdorowicz, Zdzislaw. 

Ceny i rentownos'd przedsiejbiorstwa przemyslowego. 
tWyd. LT "Warszawa, Polskie Wydawn. Gospodarcze, 1957. 

Oo p. 17 t'm. (Blblloteka Kudy ItobotnlczeJ, 6) 
HB199.F4 58-27604 

Gardner, Fred V 

Profit management and control. New York, McGraw- 
Hill, 1955. 

285 p. lllus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill Industrial organisation and 
management series) 
HD31.G3 658.152 54-12676 \ 

Gillman, Joseph Moses, 1888- 

The falling rate of profit; Marx's law and its significance 
to twentieth-century capitalism. London, D. Dobson ['1957] 

172 p. lllufl. 28 cm, 
HB601.G58 58-2839 J 

Grigor'ftn, Grigoril Sogomonovich. 

ToproBNtt Karurtaji H Toprosa^t npu<5wji[>, MocKna, Foe. 

H3,H-BQ nO.IHT, ^IIT-pM, 1955. 

168 p. 20cm. 
HB501.GG7 56-34175 

Higgins, Benjamin Howard, 1912- 

Business taxation and regulation of profits transfers in 
underdeveloped countries, rn. p.j 1954. 

11, IT), form, table*. 20cm, (Sit Indonesia,; economic develop- 
meat, BH/4) 
HG4588.H47 56-36517 

Hosmalln, Guy. 

Investissementa, rentabilite" et progres technique; calculs 
prfivisionnels du profit et rythme du progres. Paris, Genin 

1 242 5 p. dlagra., tables 25 cm. (Collection d'&ronomle moderne) 
HB601.H67 A 58-8614 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Levitt, Theodore, 1025- 

The twilight of the profit motive. Washington, Public 
Affairs Press t 1955i 

15 p. 28cm. (AanaU of American economic*) 
HB199.L47 380.15 85-11770 t 

Mehner, Otto. 

InduutrieUe Koeten- und Ertragsprobl&me. Meisenheim 
am Glan, A. Ham, 1956. 
151 p. dlagrs, 28cm. 

HD47.M89 A68-J88 

New Tork Univ. Libraries 

Varga, Istvan, 1897- 

Der Unternehmungsgewinn; em Beitrag zur Theorie der 
VermOgensverteilung. Berlin, Duncker A Humblot (1957, 

158 p 28 cm, (Vol&wlrUchaftllche Schrlften, Heft 28) 
HB601.VB8 58-45751 t 

VygodskH, Solomon L'vovich, 1899- 

TeopHa cpe^Heft npHdajiBc H HCHH nponsBOflCTBa K. 
MapKca B cseie coBpeMCHHtix flaanHx. MOCKBE, Toe. HS^- 

BO nOJIHT. JIHT-pH, 1956. 

193 p. 20cm. 
HB601.V93 58-25494 

Wang, Hstt-chuang. 


106 p. 19c 

1. Capital. 2. Value. 8. Profit i Title. 

Title romaniaied: Tztt pfin shtog yd. 
chla cblh ho tztt p6n chi let 

HB501.W434 c 59-64 J 

Glasel, Peter Joachim, 1921- 

Die Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung der Sparkassen, 
Frankfurt am Main, F. Khapp t 1951 ?i 

100 p. 2icm. 
HG1895.G55 56-19835 

Green, David, 1923- 

Accounting for corporate retained earnings. Chicago 
(Library, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University 
of Chicago] 1956. 
Microfilm 4973 HF Mic 58-6028 

Hegemann, Margrit, 1929- 

Das Wesen des Gewinnes und seine Darstellung im be- 
taebhchen Rechnungswesen; eine Literaturstudie. MQn- 
chen, 1955. 

1061. 2Scm. 
HF5681.P8H37 68-34835 

Kreiken, J 

Een essay over de objectieve winstberekening en de gevaren 
van de ^ervangingswaardetheorieen voor onderneming en 
maatschappij. Haarlem, Erven F. Bohn, 1957. 

104 p. 23cm. 
HF5681.P8K7 58-43732 I 

Kubak, Josef, 1920- 

Die Bedeutung der RucksteUungen fur die Erfolgsrech- 
nung. [Munchen, 1952?, 
112 L 29cm. 


Manev, Georgi. 

t Co$Hj HayKa n Ha 

286 p. 28 cm. 

t 1958] 


HE Hapo^na Peny- 


Sanchez Calero, Fernando. 

La determinaci6n y la distribution del beneficio neto en la 
sociedad an6nima. Roma t Consejo Superior de Investiga- 
ciones Cientlficas, Delegaci6n de Roma, 1955. 

174 p. 25 cm. (Ouadernos del Institute Jurfdlco EspaDol, no. 8) 

57-37583 J 

Tabet, Jacques. 

B6ne*fice comptable et revenu d'entreprise, essai de tech- 
niqrue comptable approfondie. Paris, 0unod cl958, 

68 p. 24cm, i i 

HF5681.P8T28 55-50076 t 


Canada. Bureau, of Statistic*. 

Quarterly corporation profits. 1950-54-- 

T. 28cm. 
HC120.P7A82 65-89460 


Hall, Frederick George, 1905- 

The inadequacy of Irish commercial profits, c Dublinj 
Dublin Chamber of 'Commerce, 1954. 

18 p. 18 cm, 
HC257.I6H32 55-80155 t 


Caballero Ochoa, Nelly. 

Consideraciones sobre el proyecto de aplicacion de utui- 
dades en las sociedades an6nimas. M&rico, 1955. 

51 D 21 cm. 
HG4092.C8 59-42536 J 


Andrianov, Dmitri! Prokof evich. 

PeHxatfeJtHOCTi, irpOMHmjieHHHX npeflnpHTiift n nyxn ee 
noBiimeHH*. MocKsa, SnaHae, 1956. 

86 p. 22 cm. (BcecorosHoe oCmecTso no pacnpocTpaueHMio ncwiH- 
nnecKHX H HawHbix 3H3HHii. CepHH vm. Bun. 1: SKOHOMHRH npo- 

MMU^eHHOCTH, Nl 14) 

HC331.V735 1956, no. 14 58-15732 J 

Bachurin, A V 

HpH6HJit H najior c oSopoia B CCCP. IIoA pe#. A. M. 
AjreKcaH,a;pOBa. MocKBa, roc$HHH3AaT, 1955. 

173 p. 21 cm. 
HJ5715.R9B3 55-40763 

Nikiforov-Shekhtman, David Izrailevith. 

nposepKa oTHHOieHHft OT npadujiefl npeAnpH^THfl H op- 
raHHsamul B rocyflapCTBeiiHtifl (5ioAaceT; B noMomb KOHTPO- 
jjepaM-peuHsopaM. MocKsa, roc$iiHH3flar, 1956. 

99 p. 20 cm. 
HG4186.N5 57-47861 

Paevskii, Vladimir Artem'evich. 

OTHiTc.ieirnji or npHCtuin B CIO^HCCX. MocKBa, rocd>HHH3- 
AZT, 1906. 

102 p. 22cm. 
HG418C.P3 57-49282 


Spain. JUinisterio de Industries 

Estimaci6n de la renta industrial 

v. Illua. 22x30 cm. 
HC390.P7A3 59-19239 

Sweden. Statistiska centrdHyrdn. 

Foretagens intalcter, kostnader och vinster. Income, ex 
penditure and profits of business enterprises. 1951- 

v. tables. 23 cm. annual. (Its Srerigea offlclella statlstlk. 
Inkomst och WraOgenhet) 
HA1521.1 54 56-16864 


Cottle, Charles Sidney, 1910- 

Corporate earning power and market valuation, 1935- 
1955 t by) Sidney Cottle t and] Tate Whitman. Durham, 
Duke University Press, 1959. 

201 p. lllus. 28x81 cm. 
HC110.P7C6 338.74 58-12586 t 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

The relative importance of labor claims, property claims, 
tax claims. [Prepared by Robert H. Persons, Jr. New 
York, 1959, 

80 p. dlapra., tables. 28 cm. (Its Studies in business economics, 
no. 64) 
HB31.N33 no. 64 339.2 59-2388 

Staub, Hans, writer on economics. 

Le profit des grandes entreprises amSricaines. Paris, A. 
Colin, 1954. 

1S1 p. dlagra. 28 cm. (Centre d'5tudes Iconomlquea. tttudea et 
m&molrea, 18) 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

A 55-3012 

U. S. Congress. Joint Economic Committee. 

Corporate profits. Hearings before the Joint Committee 
on the Economic Report, Congress of the United States, 
Eightieth Congress, second session, pursuant to sec. 5 (A) 
of Public law 304, 79th Congress, Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1949. 

lv,688p. Illua. 24cm. 
HG4061.A43 1948 338.43 49-45789 rev* 

U. S. Congress. Joint Economic Oo. 

Profits. Report of a subcommittee of the Joint Committee 
on the Economic Report on profits hearings. Washington, 
U.S. Govt. Print G 1949. HS 

lx,227p. charts. 24cm. 
HC110.P7A48 888,7 49-46718 rev* 

U.S. Federal Trade Commission. 

Report on rates of return, after taxes, for ... identical 
companies in 25 selected manufacturing industries. 

v. Ulus, 25-27 cm. annual. 
HD9724.A2133 338.7 51-61248 rev 

Wilson, John David. 

Dollars to doughnuts; profits of U. S. industry,' oartoon- 
ographs. Los Angeles, Bryant Foundation t 1958j 

"68 p. lllus. MrScm? ' 
HC110.P7W6 888.48 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROFIT (Continued) 


Medenica, Vuko. 

Dohodak preduzec*a i njegova raspodela, Beograd, Had, 

85 p. illus. 17cm. (Fabrlkeradntclma, 5) 
HC407.Y63P75 58-47333 t 

cial statements 


see also Bonus system; Cooperation; 
Employee ownership 

Alvarez Gendin, Sabino. 

Del rdgimen del asalariado al de la participaci6n laboral 

en la empresa. Oviedo, 1952. 

157 p. 21 cm. 


Bomar, Fleming. 

Profit sharing and other forms of deferred compensation 
[by 3 Fleming Bomar and G. N". Buffington, Jr. Philadel 
phia [1956] 

10 p. 29cm. 
HG8876.G3 1957 59-38585 t 

Boyer, Andre". 

La prime d'entreprise ; forme nouvelle de la r&nunfiratiou 
du travail t parj Andrfi Boyer et Jacques Dubois. Geneve, 
Federation des syndicats patronaux, 1955. 

105 p. dlagrs, 21 cm. (iStudes et docuraeato, no. 5) 
HD2971.B63 A 57-1309 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Casali, Carlo, 1899- 

L'associazionismo moderno. rParmai Guanda c 19B6i 
107 p. 20cm. (CollanacUndestlna.lD) 

A 57-3180 
Wisconsin. Ualv. Llbr. 

Council of Profit Sharing Industries. 

Profit sharing communication patterns [edited by Roy S. 

Applej Chicago [1955] 
1 v. ( various pnslnw) 

Virginia. Univ. Llbr. 

Illus. 23 cm. 

A 56-6583 

Debatin, Otto, 

Gewinnbeteiligung der Arbeitnehmer, Bedeutung und 
Mtifflichkeit. Stuttgart, 1961, 

109 p. 21 cm. (Schrlftenrelhe dea PreweauMchuwe* Kammern/ 
Verbttnde TOU WUrttetnber-Baden, Heft 4) 
HD2971.D4 57-21957 

Fragero, ManueL 

La participaci6n en los beneficios. jEs soluci6n? 2, ed. 
Madrid, Institute Editorial Reus, Centro de Enseftanza, y 
Publicaciones, 1950. 

124 p. Illus. 25cn>. 
HD2971.F7 1950 54-43274 t 

Jehring, John James, 1912- 

Profit sharing: the capitalistic challenge; four studies on 
the modern-practice of profit sharing. Evanston, HL, Profit 
Sharing Research Foundation. 1956. 

40 p. 28 cm. 

HD297U382 381.24 57-15888 J 

Jehring, John James, 1912- 

Profit sharing for small business. Evanston, 111., Profit 
Sharing Research Foundation, 1955. 

03 p. 28 cm. 
HD297U38 658.824 66-696 t 

Jehring, John James, ma- 
Succeeding with profit sharing; the experiences of profit 

sharing companies in communicating their plans to their 

employees. Evanston, 111., Profit Sharing Research 

Foundation, 1956. 
103 p. lllu*. 24cm. 

HP2971.J888 881.24 56-48485 J 

Kampschulte, F 

Mitdenken im Betrieb &ls Bestandteil partnerschaf tlicher 
Zusammenarbeit; Leitfaden fur die Arbeit in den Wirt- 
Bchaftsausschussen, Diisseldorf, Institut fur Sozaal-Wirt- 
echaftliche Betriebsberatung, 1954. 

117 p, mtw. 22cm. 
HD6971.K3 56-57904 t 

Kampschulte, F 

Unternehmer, Mitarbeiter, Kapital als Leistungs- und 
Ertragspurtner; Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen aus der 
Betriebspraxis ^von. Dr. Kampschulte f und] R. Volker. 
Diisseldorf, Institut f iir Sozial-Wirtschaftliche Betriebsbera- 
tunff, 1955. 

130 p. illus. 21 c 


Kistner, Heinrich, 1919- 

Hoher Lohn allein tut es nicht. Sozialpolitische Wand- 
lung des Betriebes durch besseres menschliches Zusammen- 
wirken. [Bremerhaven, Ditzon, 1955j 
85 p 21 cm. 

A 55-7985 
Wisconsin. Unlv, Llbr. 

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Participaci6n de los trabajadores en las utilidades de las 
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The Scanlon plan: a frontier in labor-management co 
operation. [Combridgej Technology Press of Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology C 1958] 

178 p. 24cm. (Technology Preas books In the aoclal clncw) 
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Lewis, John Spedan. 

Fairer shares ; a possible advance in civilisation and per 
haps the only alternative to communism. London, Staples 
Press [1954, 

244 p. 28cm. 
HD3028.A1J62 *658,315 381.24 55-20040 | 

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eine noiio Klnllohnungsform, Winterthur, P. G. Keller, 1955. 

188 p. Ulna. 24cm. 
HD4911.L55 58-19925 

Muro de Nadal, Francisco. 

Participaci6n obrera en los beneficios. iProblema o solu- 
ci6n ? Buenos Aires, Librerfa Hachette t 1957i 

02 p, 21cm. (OoleccldnBlMlrador) 
HD2971.M84 58-S2279 t 

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An valuation of the Scanlon plan in the light of Catholic 
social ( principles. Washington, Catholic University of 
America Press, 1950, 

85 p. 28 orw. (Catholic University of America, Studio* In odol- 
<ogy : nMtract sorlou, v. 10) 

ami.thHT. Library A5 ^ 1880 

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La oolttboraci6n obj-ero-patronal y el control obrei'o en la 
industria. La Paz, Bolivia, Edit U. M. S, A., 1958. 

102 p. 2T era. (Uutvrljiad Mayor d "Sftti AndrAi." Publtc*- 
clone de in Facuitnd de Daracho y oinctm Polftlcni. Cunckrno 
no. 10) 
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Vinstdelning och vinatandelsBystem. Uppkomst, utvck- 
ling, framtidsmdjligheter, av Torsten Skytt och Sven H. A*. 
brink. t Stockhohn, Studieforbundet Naringaliv och n- 
halle (1952^ 

47 p. 22 cm. 
HD2971.S45 fir mn j 

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Profit sharing and the problems of technologiciil chunire; 
a case study of workload change in a textile mill, Ann Ar 
bor, Mich., University Microfilms t ld58, 
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Ondememing en winstdeling. Leide^ H. B. Stnfrt 
Kroese, 1954. 

221 p, 24cm. 
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U.S. Bureau of L . 

Profit-shtring plans; selected references, Jantiwy 1858, 
tW&abington] 1968. 
lip. 27cm, 


REPUBLIC, 1949- ) 

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Die Gewinnbeteiligung der Arbeitnelimer irn Steuerrecht. 
Kdln, 0. Schmidt [1954, 

102 p Ulna 21 cm. (Der Rechts- und Steuerdlenst. Heft 80) 

65-34505 J 


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Basic pension and profit-sharing plans, by Leon L. Rice, 
Jr. and Edward H. Schlaudt. Philadelphia, Committee on 
Continuing Legal Education of the American Law Institute 
collaborating with tho American Bar Association, 1957. 

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U. S. Intamal Revenue Service. 

llegulations relating to employee pension, annuity, profit- 
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Part 1 of title 26 (1954), Code of Federal regulations. 
iWashington,U. S. Govt. Print. Off., I960) 
64 p. 28 cm. (//i Publication no. 887) 



Sevenster, Ate. 

De Maetskip to Wior, 1020-10 tfl. Draditori, Drukkerij 
Itavennnn Y 1947. 

24 p, 20 cm. (Fryike lAnlwuMbU'twk, or, 10) 


Cyliax, Reinhard, 1927- 

Die Gawinnbtiiligun# der Arbitnhmer ; ine k 
Untenwfhung der betriebawirtiK'haftlichen Fran. t Man- 
chen, 1954, 

111,11,111,180,111. 2 cm. 
HD8088.C9 fi48000 

Fischer, -Guido, 1B99- 

Pftrtnerahaft im Btrieb, 
180, ( l|p. forme 38cm. 

Now York Unlr. Ut>wrti HI>30W 

Hnppwt, WalUr, 1904- 

Erfolsbt*nimmg der Arbdtnhm*r, 
Inititttt fttr Wirticihafttforwhun^, jj 
DunckerAHumblot ( 195S, 


Splcjfdhnlter, Frwrtt. 

aaw5nnbetilijfun, Illuiann und Mtoliehletifctn. mlt 
emer Zumimmtnfittung pwktk'htp Erfahrunffn te SOO 

'tp r 

Grosbetri<sbtn. Mttnohetv, W, 8Uin*bwsh 
_**P- J 


1949- ) 

Fricdrichg, Hans, 



Harptr, John Chart** 

Profit -iharing in praottoeaad law, LondotL 
wlLlW. ^^ 

8Wp. UttM, Mcin, 


Hawaii Employer* CoundL ^rfaroA Dtpt. 

Employe b*nfit plant in Hawaii ; pension, un 
medical inturan^ profit ahwlnjf, dlwbility 
(Honolulu) 1&&8, 

88 L lllwi. S8 cm, (II* fcp*cUl poblUwtkw m* 88) 

Hawaii Kmploj 

Employe bnfit plan* U Hawaii; 
lift iauraitw, jfroup hUth 
, 1W6. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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special reference to India. 1st ed. Delhi [Published by 
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431 p. 25 cm. 
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La participation en las utilidades y el articulo 56 de la Ley 
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El incumplimiento de la garantia social de participaci<5n 
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110 p. 23cm. 



Chamber of Commerce of the United State* of America. 

Economic Research Dept. 

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22 p. 22 cm. 
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Commerce Clearing House. 

Pension and profit-sharing plans and clauses. Chicago 

"- \. "Mrm 

881.25 57-7981 

445 p. 

Council of Profit Sharing Industries. 

Profit sharing manual. 1948~ ed. 

Chicago [etc.] 

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Illinois. XJnlv. Library 

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t 1955, 

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search Foundation, 1956. 

HD2985 J4 


56-25023 t 

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Profit sharing patterns; a aomparative analysis of the for 
mulas and results of the plans of 300 companies with 780,000 
employees. Evanston, III, Profit Sharing Beeearch Founda 
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144P, Ului. 20cm. 
HD2984.K55 658.824 55-2257 t 

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National Industrial Conference Board. 

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1 v. (loose-leaf) 26 cm. 

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Profit-Sharing Research Foundation. 

Profit sharing in practice ; report on visits to profit-shar 
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of research. t Long Island City, N. Y. 3 C 1952. 

651. 29 cm. 
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Profit-Sharing Research Foundation. 

Profit sharing in practice ; report on visits to profit-shar 
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of research. Bev. t Long Island City, N. Y.j 1953. 

Ill, 44 p. lllus. 28cm. 
HD2984.P7 1953 658.324 53-37013 rev 



see also Excess profits tax 

Lacan, Roger Adolphe. 

Les profits illicites, et leur confiscation; definitions, decla 
rations, procedure, appel et recours, conseils pratiques, exam 
ples chiffres. 1. e"d. Paris, Socie'te" d'Sditiona profession- 
nelles et techniques [1945] 

26 p. lllus. 21 cm. 

55-81838 t 

PROFITS INSURANCE see Insurance, Business 

PROFITS TAX (GT. BRIT. ) see Business 
tax Gt. Brit. 

Libertines in literature 


"ELEKTROSTAL"' see Elektrostal', Mos 
cow. Profsoluznafa biblioteka 


Miller, Robert Rush, 1916- 

A systematic review of the middle American fishes of the 
genus Profundutus. Ann Arbor, Museum of Zoology, Uni 
versity of Michigan, 1955. 

64 p, lllus., maps, tables. 26 cm. (Miscellaneous publication*, 
Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, no. 92) 
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PROGERIA see Infantilism 

Gawienowrid, Anthony Michael, 1924- 

The determination of progesterone in ovarian and adrenal 
tissues by a chemical and chromatographic procedure. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms rl95& 

([Ualroralty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mkh., Publicities no. 1T.&18) 
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Missouri. Unlr. Ltbr. 

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The identification and sources of the progestational hor 
mones of the bovine. Ann Arbor, MSch., University Micro 
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Microfilm AO-1 no. 58-3041 Mic 58-3041 

Washington. State Coll., Pullman, Library 

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([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 9362) 
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Purdue Univ. Library 

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Arbor, University Microfilms t 1954i 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 9196) 
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Missouri. Univ. Llbr. 

PBOGESTIN see Progesterone 

see also Diagnosis 

Gurev, Grigoril Abramovich. 

HayHHtie npeflBHACHiui n pe-inraosHtie npopoiecxsa; rto- 
nyjcapaafl JieKmia. MocKsa [XIpaB^a] 1950. 

(Ko;ixo3Ha cepHjt) 
Microfilm Slavic COS AC Mic 56-5270 

see Prediction of scholastic success 


see also Symbolism in music 

Ringer, Alexander Lothar, 1921- 

The cluisse; historical and analytical bibliography of a 
musical genre. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1955j 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 11.46T) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 11,467 Mic 55-1 13 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

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Realismus v hudb5; uvod do zakladnfch estetick^ch prob- 
I4mi1 v huclbcf. Vyd. 1., Pralia, Statnl pedagogick nakl., 

v. lllus. 29cm. (Ucebnf terty vysok^ch Sfcol) 
ML3855.S9 58-27768 I 

programs Rating 


see also Data tapes; Punched card 

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don, Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1958. 

288 p. lllus. 28cm, 
QA76.B64 510.78 58-2757 J 

Ersbov, Andrei Petrovich. 

nporpaMMHpywmax uporpauxa 


Hays CCCP, 1958. 

118 p. 26 cm. 
QA76.E73 58-48444 

Franklin Institute, PKtiadelpMa. 

Automatic coding j proceedings of the symposium held 
January 24-25, 1957 at the Franklin Institute in Philadel 
phia. Lancaster, Pa., 1957. 

118 p, 25 cm. (Journal of the Franklin Imtltute. Monograph 

Z6'95.92.F7 1957 010.78 57-13921 t 

McCracken, Daniel D 

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Cracken, Harold Weiss (and] Tsai-hwa Lee. Nev 

Wiley [1959j 

010 p. lllus. 24 cm. 


NTew York, 


Paschell, William. 

Automation and employment opportunities for office- 
workers j a report on the effect of electronic computers on 
employment of clerical Corkers, with a special report on 
programmers t by William Paschell and Daniel P. Willis. 
Jr.j in cooperation with Veterans Administration. t Wash- 
ingtonj U. 8. Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 

r, U p. lllus. 27 cm. (U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulle 
tin no. 1241 Occupational outlook series) 

HGD8051.A62 no. 1241 

Copy 8. 




L 58-61 rev 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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Les applications techniques de la logique. Prof, de M. G. 
Lehmann. Paris, Dunod, 1956. 

81 p. llius, 24 cm. 
QA76.T6 57-16317 t 


see also Linear programming 

Abrams, I J 

A. note on the optimal character of the (sfi) policy in 
the inventory problem. Berkeley, University of California 
Press, 1956. * 

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Copy 2. HD5S.A2 

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[Cambridge] Technology Press of the Massachusetts Insti 
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Wiley I 1958 1 

246 p. lllui. Menu 




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CncTeua CTaiiA a pTHux rto^rrporpaMM. Tto r i pe r i;. M. P. 
IHypa-Bypa. MOCKIUI, Foe. ii3 r i;-no <Jni3iiKO-MaTeMaTiriecKoft 
jijiT-pu, 1958. 

230 p. lllus. 20 cm. (BHoVtHoreKa npHKJiaAHoro aHajwsa 


50-36 WO J 

Thiiring, Bruno, 1905- 

Einfuhrung in die Methoden der Programmierung, kauf- 
mannischer und wissenschaftlicher Probleme fur elektroni- 
sche Rechenanlagen. Baden-Baden, R. Goller. 1957-58. 
2v. ilius. !>6cn. 

A 59-6094 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Weinberg, Franz. 

tJber die Anwendung mathematischer Methoden nxit spe- 
zieller Wiirdigung cler Wahrscheinliclikeitsrechnung in dor 
Tennin-Grobplnnung fiir differenziarte Fabrikationspro- 
gramme bei vorwiegender Serienfertigung. ZUrich, 1954. 

80 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
HD69.P7W4 67-38800 

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The simplex method for quadratic programming. Santa 
Monica, Calif., Band Corp., 1957. 

11, 82 1. dlagra., tables. 29 cm. (Xtand Corporation. t Papn 
P 1205) 
AS36.R28 no. 1205 08-17748 


Riley, Vera. 

Linear programming and associated techniques; a com 
prehensive bibliography on linear, nonlinear, and dynamic 
programming, by Vera Riley and Saul I. Gass. t Rcv. ed. 
of BBS-2) Baltimore, Published for Operations Research 
Office, the Johns Hopkins University, by the Johns Hopkins 
Press [1908, 

618 p. 28cm. ((John* Hopkln* Unlvewlty. Operation* Rewarch 
Office] Bibliographic reference nerlet, no, 6. Programming tor policy 
dedaion, T. 1) 
Z6654.P75R5 1968 *016.B198 58~589 

PROGRAMS, ACADEMIC see Dissertations, 




PROGRAMS, RADIO see Radio programs 



Frfaa Bobadilla, Romeo. 

Progreso y su evolucion, 1840 a 1900 tpor, Romeo Frfa* 
Bobadilla t y, RubSn Frlas Bobadilla. Progreto, M&rioo, 

220 p. lllua. 38cm. 
F1891.P85F7 6S-S8918 t 


see also Civilization; Science and 
civilization; Social change; War and 

Bailey, J R A 

National ambitions; being a critical itadr of the 'Roxo- 
pean desire for progress* Orf ord, Blaofcwefl, 1908, 

HMW1.B187 *80L24 801.1080 08-8807 t 

Bailey, Robert Benjamin. 

Sociology ftcee pessimism ; a study of European sociologi 
cal thought amidst a fading optimiam. The Hague, Nijhoff, 

173 p. 24cm, 


Wlaconaln. Unlr. Ubr. 

Bosworth, Claud Aaron, 1S)06~ 

A study of the ilevclopnu'iU and tlu> valulation of a 
measure of i-iiiwun' attitudos toward pio^retw tuul MUUO 
variables rchitod theivto. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

({University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIoh.i Publication no. 11,231) 
Mici-oiilm AC-1 no. 11,251 Mic A 55-661) 

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The idea of progress; an inquiry into ita origin and 
growth. Introd. by Charles A. Beard. New York, Dover 
Publications (1955, "1082] 


(1955, "1082] 
8S7p. Jcm, 
Printed for U. S. Q. B. R. 


56-2396 J 

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Condoroot e Tidea di progresso. Firenste, Parent! { 19BO) 
147 p. ^3 cm. ( aogjrl dl cultura modrnn, r. 17) 

A 57-1759 
Harvard Univ. Library 

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1999, our hopeful future. ( lsted.) Indianapolis, Bob"b- 
Merrill t l956] 

200 p. lllu*. 2$ cm. 
CB160.C6 901 56-6778 t 

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Le progrfea : la maltrise des rnoyens t It problftme de la 
fin; essui. Bruxellee, Editions JaRfo ( "1967j 

155 p. !^ cm. 

59-41817 t 

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Energy and society; the relation between enwgy, social 
change, nnd economic development. Nw York, MoOraw- 
HU1, 1955. 

Emge, Carl August, IHHO- 

Daa Problem da Farteehritta. W*ws mUten 
Uber Fortuchrittj WUkritik und WoltwrUwwrung voraus- 
setxen, damit sit richtig iwin k^nnUnf Wlbadn, F. 
Steiner, 106fi. 

01 p, 34 ctn. 

A 09-9900 

Unlr. Llbr. RM101 



FouraaU*, Jetui, 1M7- 

L grand eepoir du xx. alkie, $, Id,, rtr, 
univer^tairt* de Fmnc*, 1951 



rd Unty. Ubrary 

Foornattt, Jean, 1907- 

HiBtoiro do dwtmin, piur JAn FmimUf et Clftuda Vimont, 

137 p, tublwt. 18 cm, ("Qt wilier t point d c 

Uulr. Ubr. B064 


Hoyle, FrcL 

Man nn 


urptr ,1980, 
^ ' ' 

*WIM 801.16SB 

Hunnex, MUton D Vro. 

ToynUft 1 * id** of thyiaUaUott M oritrio o 
Ann Arbor, Mioh,, Univtrrity Microfilm* t im 
Mieroftlm AO-i no, fiS-lsae Mb oa- 

Lewis, CJarn Irvtng, I8dd- 

Our social Inharitano*, Bloomlngton, Iftdiaro, Univrtity 

no p, aac 



Plat*, A 

Het di*p^ punt, w wltuurb*h<Kiirin|c. LaAdm.H.B. 
Sttnfart Kros, 100ft. 

88 p. 

ProgrtMw in th age of rwuwni the rmfcwnth oeotttry to 
th prmnt day. Ounbrldgt, Harvard UnJy*rrity Pmt, 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROGRESS (Continued) 

Sampson, Ronald Victor. 

Progress in the age of reason; the seventeenth century to 
the present day. London, Heinemann t 1956j 

259 p. 23 cm. (Helnemann books on sociology) 
HM101.S23 *301.24 301.1535 57-4755 t 

Seidenberg, Roderick. 

Posthistoric man ; an inquiry. c lst Beacon paperback ed., 
Boston, Beacon Press C 1957, "1950! 

246 p. 21cm, (Beacon paperback no. 4T) 

[HM101] 301 57-9210 1 

Printed for A. B. P. * 

Stevenson, John Weamer. 

Carlyle and the idea of progress. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms t 1954] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no 9212) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 9212 Mio A 54-2052 

Joint University Libraries, Nashville 

Young-, Michael Dunlop, 1915- 

The rise of the meritocracy, 1870-2033; an essay on educa- 
k * and , < l ual iS r - kondon, Thames and Hudson t 1958j 

160 p. 


Young, Michael Dunlop, 1915- 

The rise of the meritocracy, 1870-2033 j the new elite of 
our social revolution. New York, Random House C 1959, 


160 p. 23cm, 
HM213.Y6 1959 




Williams, John Ryan, 1919- 

The Conservative Party of Canada, 1920-1949. Durham. 
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x, 242 p. lllus., dlagr., tables. 24 cm. 
JL197.PG7W5 329.971 55-9492 


Pinchot, Amos Richards Eno, 1873-1944. 

History of the Progressive Party, 1912-1916. Edited with 
a biographical introd. by Helene Maxwell Hooker. ,tfew 
York, New York University Press, 1958. 

805 p. 22cm. 
JK2387.P5 829.8 57-10135 J 


Backstrom, Charles Herbert, 1926- 

The Progressive Party of Wisconsin, 1934-1946. Ann. 
Arbor, University Microfilms rl957i 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 18,871) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,871 Mic 57-627 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 




see also Progressive Party (Founded 

Hofstadter, Richard, 1916- 

The age of reform; from Bryan to F.D.R. t lsted.] New 
York, Knopf, 1955. 

828 p. 22cm. 
E748.H68 973.91 54-7206 t 

Maxwell, Roberts 

La Follette and the rise of the Progressives in Wisconsin. 
[Madison] State Historical Society of Wisconsin r!956i 

rill, 371 p. lllu.,port 34cm. 
E664X16M8 928.273 56-C8553 

Nye, Russel Elaine, 191S- 

Midwestern progressive politics; a historical study of its 
origins and development, 1870-1958. [Bast Lansing] Michi 
gan State University Press t 1959t 

898 D. 22 cm. 
F354.N8 1959 977 58-9111 

Sayre, Ralph Mills, 1920- 

Albert Baird Cummins and the progressive movement in 
Iowa. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms C 1958j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-2602 Mic 58-2602 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

White, John Patrick, 1926- 

Progressivism and the judiciary; a study of the movement 
for judicial reform, 1901-1917. Ann Arbor, Mich., Univer 
sity Microfilms 1958] 

Mowry, George Edwin, 1909- 

The progressive movement, 1900-1920: recent ideas and 
new literature. Washington, Service Center for Teachers 
of History [1958] 

22 p. 28cm. 
Z1249.P74M6 016.97391 58-6045 


see also Blasphemy; Censorship; 
Condemned books; Illegal libraries; 
Index librorum prohibitorum; Liberty 
of the press 

Connolly, Brendan, 1913- 

The roots of Jesuit librarianship, 1540-1599. Chicago 

* Diversify 

Mic 57-5383 

Microfilm 4651 2 

Fellman, David, 1908- 

85 p. 22cm. 



Index librorum prohibitorum. 

Ties Indices expurgatorios de la Inquisici6n Espanola en 
lesigloxvr. Madrid, 1952. 

28 cm. 


Z1020.I551T 1952 

Kansas. University. libraries. 

He who destroyes a good booke, kills reason it selfe; an 
exhibition of books which have survived fire, the sword, and 
the censors. [Compilers: Joseph Rubinstein and Earl Far 
ley. Lawrence) University of Kansas Library, 1955. 

21, t l, p. in., facalms. 28 cm. J ' 

Z1019.K3 098.1 55-62930 rev 

Lundevall, Karl Erik, ed. 

Fprbjudna bocker och nordisk debatt om tryckfrihet och 
f het Stockh( >to, WahlstrSm & Widstrand r !958i 

9JtA p. 22 cm. J 

210191* 69 . 2054a j 

Ribadeneira, Carlos A 

Gula moral de lecturas; 50.000 obras de los principals 
autores del mundo juzgados a la luz de la fe y de la moral 

y 8d0 p P w cL SintdtiCament6> M6xico ' Buena Prensa < 19M J 
Z101 ^5 Cm ' 56-25295 t 

Wang, Hsiao-ch'uan. 

88,14,1,860?. 30cm, 

ASS- **- 


- hl C 69-5208 

Chicago, umv. Far Eastern library 


Eason and Son, ltd., publishers, DitbUn. 

Books prohibited in Eire under the Censorship of publi 
cations acts, as on 19th February, 1948. Dublin t 1948 3 

Books prohibited in the Republic of Ireland under the 
Censorship of publications acts. Supplementary list Fefc. 

Dublin. ' 

v. 22cm. 

Z1019.E125 098.12 49-1629 ret* 

Haight, Anne (Lyon) 

Banned books: informal notes on some books banned for 
various reasons at various times and in various places. Lon 
don, Allen & Unwin rl955i 

172p. 20cm. 
Z1019.H15 1955b 098.1 5-78 t 

Haight, Anne (Lyon) 

Banned books: informal notes on some books banned for 
various reasons at various times and in various places. 2d 
ed. rev, and enl. New York, R. R. Bowker, 1955. 

six, 172 p. 20 cm. 
Z1019.H15 1955a 098.1 55-4034 

Haight, Anne (Lyon) 

Banned books: informal notes on some books banned for 
various reasons at various times and in various places. 2d 
ed. rev. and enl. New York, R. R. Bowker, 1955. 

rvli, 172 p 22 cm 
Z1019.H15 1955 098.1 54-11650 

Ireland (Eire) Censorship of Publications Board. 

Register of prohibited publications. 
Dublin, Stationery Off. 


Paz y Melia, Antonio, 1842-1927. 


tronat del Awhivo 

2. ed, por 


530 p 25 cm ' 
Z1019.P342 ' 

Yao, Chin-yuan, cM jen 1843, oomp. 

ft ftftgft fc 

341, 262, 75, 66, 7 p. 20cm. 


1. Chinese literature BlbL 2. Prohibited books Blbl. 3. Con- 

Title romonised: Ch'lng tal chin hul shu mu. 

23108.L5Y3 C 58-5925 


Jahresliste des schiidlichen und unerwiinschten Schrifttums. 
Leipzig, E. Hedrich Nachf. 

7. 21 cm. 
Z1019.J3 58-52335 


see also Index librorum prohibitorum 

Bruno, Cayetano. 

La lectura y los libros prohibidos; legislaci^n eclesiistica. 
Eosario, Editorial "Apis," 1954. 

58 p. 23 cm. (Cuaderaos dldactlcos Dldascalla, no. 4) 



see also License system; Liquor laws; 
Liquor problem; Temperance 



[Bombay 3 

v. lllus. 25 cm. monthly (Irregular) 


Bombay (State) Prohibition and Enciat Dept. 

Administration report. 
Bombay, Printed at the Govt Central Press. 

T. 28 cm. annual. 
HV509U 42B64 

55-27463 J 



Ostrander, Oilman Marston, 1923- 

Ihe prohibition movement in California, 1848-1933 
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1957 
T. $f) ^ ^ ( ^ nlrewlt y 03t OallfornlaiHibUcatlons In Mitory, 


[ess, Eliot. 

ITie untouchables, by Eliot Ness with Oscar Fraley. Kew 
York, Measner rl957, 

2WJp, 22cm. 
HT6705.C4N4 86<L9778 57-10509 J 


Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 

PROHIBITION (Continued) 

Kuusi, Sakari, 188- 

Aksel August Gran felt, eliima ja toiminta. Helsingissa, 
Kustannusobakeyhtio Otava [1946] 

512 p llius, 21 cm. 
HV5091.F5K8 5T-2W62 J 


Bhansali, Mansen Damodar, 1898- 

Prolubition inquiry report in Bombay State. Bombay, 
Printed at the Govt Central Press, 1952. 

iv, 58 p. 25 cm. 
HV5091.1 42B67 59-35094 

Bombay (State) Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Bombay prohibition act, act no. xxv of 1949 j as 
amended by Bombay act no. xm of 1952; with exhaustive 
comments, case law of all States up to end of October 1952 
& all notifications, rules & orders, and index etc., by A. N. 
Kamat With An approach to prohibition act, by Jivraj 
Mehta. Dharwar, Hindmata Print House t !952] 
ill, 277 p. 25 cm. 


Bombay (State] Laws, statutes, etc, 

The Bombay prohibition act; Bombay act xxv of 1949; 
amended up-to-date ; with exhaustive comments and case law, 
by V. D. Yennemadi. Bombay, Popular Book Depot, 1950. 
122 p. 23 em. 


Bombay (State) Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Bombay prohibition act, 1049, as amended by Act t siC] 
xxvr of 1952 xxvn of 10,">!i with comments, notes, notifica 
tions, complete case-laws of Bombay, Saurashtra, Madras, 
Mysore and Punjab High Courts, by Kulin M. Mehta. 1st 
ed. Surat t K. Mehta, ; sole agents : Shree Gajanan Pusta- 

kalaya, 1954. 
18, 192 p. 22cm. 



Byrne, Frank Loyola, 1928- 

Neal Dow and the prohibition movement. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1957] 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 24,297) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. '24,207 Mic 57-4708 

Carse, Robert, 1908- 

Kum row. New York, Rinehart t 1950j 
251 p. mm. 22cm. 
HV5089.C27 364.133 59-6884 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astro- 

Meeting with the astronauts (Project Mercury: man-in- 
spaee program) Hearing before the Committee on Science 
and Astronautics, U. S. House of Representatives, Eighty- 
sixth Congress, first session. Executive session, May 28, 
1959. Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1959. 

111,88 p. Ulus. 24cm. 
TL789.8.U5A52 1959 


eee also Activity programs in education; 
Field work (Educational method) 

Blum, Uri, 1904- 

nwaa TD-IDH wun war) wn nwaa ntninn iTrt 
Tsncn "win* wcnn ,roH-ta jiamio *j mrmo (n- 

(Tel-Aviv, 1952/Mj J*W1 ,1*O1? linm *\wrfr 
, ,1, p, 20 cm. (reap nwrn nmo) 
LB1027.B55 H-W606 

Blum, Uri, 1904r- ed. 

A'SH-to [to 
(Tel-Aviv, 1951/52- 


Library of OongrMw 

Blum, Url, 1904- ed, 

.T rrvrrno .mw piim nfo niK wnya 

(Tel-Aviv, 1958/54- 

T. 20cm. 
LB1027.B56 1958 

B0e, Lars. 

Gruppearbeid i folkeskolen; vurdering, planlegfiinff OK 
fullstendig beskrivelse av 24 arbeidsoppgaver, Oslo, J. 
GrundtTanum, 1954, 

228 p. IHus. 21cm. 

Bradley, Ruth Olive, 1901- 

We wrote a symphony, so can you ! The story of a sixth 
grade creative music unit. Boston, C. C. Birchard (1952j 

54 p., score (10 p.) lllus., music. 28 cm. 
MT10.B85 '"372.878 780.72 54-41509 

Braverman, Sarah. 

,D^jnxj .ifion n^ 
ruYinon nKsin .I 

c Tel-Aviv, 195-] . 

04 p. 17 cm. (rruon IIK) 

.K nnas rawn n^Ki 


Chase, John Bryant. 

A project in the cooperative production of instructional 
guides for teachers of science. Ann Arbor, University Micro 
films (1054) 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 10,020) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 10,020 Mic A 54-2980 

Virginia. Univ. JUbr. 

Grayshon, Alfred B 

General metal work. 3d ed. Princeton, N. J., Van 
Nostrancl [1956, 

257 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
TT205.G7 1950 371.426871 56-8219 t 

Kazan, Berta. 

248 p. lllus. 28 cm. (ium rftsam] 

.ima TMD DTK 

(Tel- Aviv! 1967) 


Hazan, Berta. 


[Merhavya, 1954) 
282 p, lllus. 2B cm, (iu'm n^atrn) 
QE366.H82 59-55060 J 

Hazan, Berta. 

wrw ,onvxn .13-12 ^A -TID^ KVTJ .DTKH mtro o^nn 

Merhavya, 1951t) .Dtylfl nv-lBD ,|TOmD 5 
207 p. niu*. 28 cm. diami n^awn) 
GB671.H8 56-55625 

Holzberg, Isaac Raphael, ad. 

t Tel-Aviv, 1957- 
v. n cm. (omnVi omo^ nuinn nnnon) 


Wangerud, Sonja. 

Fra snndUasae til gruppearbeid; en metodiek veiledning 1 
etter arbeiduskoleprinaippet t^Vj Sonja Off ThorolJt Wti- 
gerud. (Oslo) Fabritius t !955i 

270 p. (Hun, 28 cm. 
LB1027.W32 56-8220S I 

PROJECT TEACHING see Project method in 

apparatus and appliances Modular design 


BUdeler, Werner, 1928- 

Opratioii Vanguard; e*rth suteUlte, TnunjBUtod fey A. L. 
Helm. t Rv. d-j New Torfc, Hoy PubUahwi t l58, 1&5] 
128 p. niu. 28cm. 

58-110e8 t 


Space satellite ; the story of the mft&*m*d* moon by LM 
Beeland and Robert Wells, Bltutrated by Jack Coggina. 
Bnglewood OHtfs. K. J^ Pmtioe-Hall C 10BT, 

75 p, 25cm. (A^ew horUon. In Klncbook) 
TL796JJ.U6V885 57-180T5 t 


Beeland, Lee. 

Space satellite; the story of the man-made moon, by Lee 
Beeland and Robert Wells. Illustrated by Jack Oogrias, 
New, up-dated ed. Englewood Cliflb, N. J., Prentice-Hall 
t 1958j 

78 p. fflu*. 28 cm, (A N<w hortsoo* la Mime* book) 
TL790.5.U0V8&5 1958 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

Explorinp by satellite; the story of Project Vanguard. 
Illustrated by Helmut K. Wimmer, New York, Crowell 

-629.14853 629.1888 
TL796.5.UOV38 57-9248 t 


see also Ammunition; Ballistics; 
Cartridges; Fuses (Ordnance); Gre 
nades; Gunnery; Ordnance; Rockets 
(Aeronautics); Rockets (Ordnance) 

Agrenich, A A 

OT KaMHK AO cOBpcucHHoro c 
BO, 1954. 

161, ,8, p. itiui., port* 21 cm. 

a. MocKBa, BOCH. KSA- 

Gaymann, Theodor. 

Spiinnungsuntersuclunigon nn iSchaleu uaeh dwn span- 
nungsoptiHohou Kinfricrvei'fahivn, Diiaseldorf, VDI-Ver 
lag, 1959, 

86 p, Illu*,, dlagra. 80 cm. (VDI-FomoHutntslieft 471, Bctlaga 
*u "Forschung nuf dem Qeblte d Idf^ntdurwiMHin*," Axma. H, B<1. 
25, 10fl9) 

[TA3.V615 Heft 471] A 50-5680 

JflUnota. Uitlv. Library 


see also Bombs; Guided missiles 

Barovtf, DuSan. 

Priru5nik za uklanjanie i unUt&vanje neekiplodiranih 
avionskJh bombi. Beiograd, Odbrana, 1960. 

74 p. lllu*. 20cn, (BlbHotekt"OdbMD, M av,a) 

Steininger, Donald H 19S4- 

Interferometric analyst* of th& N-wuve of n up*roiuc 
projectile. Ann Arbor, University Mictrofllms (1957| 

([tlntvntlty MlcnXllmit, Ana Arbor, Mtch.j t'viWtonltxi no. 30,PTrt) 
Microfilm AC-4 no. 20,976 Mic 57-1766 

P*tuiylvnl. Htfitei Unlrertlty, Library 

Rockets (Ordnance) 


eee also Axonomctric projection; Geo 
metrical drawing; Geometry, Descriptive; 
Map- projection; Mech&nlcai drawing; 
Orthographic projection; Prpctlve 

Chetverokhhi, NikoW F4ow^<A, I8l- 

HaodpancKx ^ryp A icypc rtOKtpHi*; ocorf ^Jtx 
yttnrcJtcfl it ciyAtoi. HtA- 2., npp, Mocxjia, Toe, ystetf* 
no ncflaror. B3A v o 19R8, 

aiBp. dltgrrn, 28 cw, 
OA501.0414 1058 

ChetverukWn, NikoUT FWorovkh, 1801- 

CTcpeoMoTpaiecicKft aa^atw a npoenwoM 
HSA. 8. MocKua. T(K, yse^Ho-RCAaroJ". nx, 1058, 

126 p, dlftfftt, SOWt, 
T863.04B 15S 

HAvne*, Cbtratt* S 

Genernl drifting ; dr*wlnff AMlgnmenU. Counw* t ttnd n, 
Rev, Mid nl, Boston, C3hristo|>hr Pub, J 

MP, uiu. aacm. 
TMS,H8B 1055 744,4 

Kolotov, Stnn Mltrofwwrich, 

Mrrp>w. Kaes, 
XKiyp 7CCP, 105ft, 

158 p, mu 


Kulikov, A 



* ICptCHKC. S. Ha 

ytctf, nocoflnji A* XMBUHoctpoKT. yo. Mocuitft, foe 





Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PHOJECTION (Continued) 

Russkevich, N L 

HOBHC MCTO^BI BHiepiHBaHHfl HarjurflHMx H3o6pa3KeHiift 
B aKCOHOMerpHiecKHX H E(eHTpaju,HHX npoeEE(H*x. CsepA- 
JIOBCK, Foe. HayiHO-iexH. USA-BO MamHHOorpOHT. H cy^o- 

CTpOHT. JIHT-pH t ypajIO-CH<5HpCKOe OTfl-HHC] 1953. 

82 p. lllus. 21 COL (3a nepeAOBoe, HOBOC, nporpeccHBHOe) 
T353.R93 55-15455 

Sholomov, Aleksandr Moiseevidu 

nocrpoeHHe ce^eHiift TCJI rcpoeKxapyiDJUHMH EJIOCEOCT^MH. 
XaptKOu, Hspj-BO XaptKOBCKoro roc yHnBepcirrexa, 1958. 

50 p. illus. 22cm. 
T357.S53 59-42283 J 

Tertsch, Hermann, 1880- 

Die stereographische Projektion in der Kristallkunde. 
Wiesbaden, Verlag fur Angewandte Wissenschaften, 1954. 

122 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
QD913.T4 55-1385 \ 

Zini, Renato. 

Teoria e pratica del disegno per il 1 anno di rngegneria. 
Milano, C. Tamburini, 1954. 

1 r. (unpaged, chiefly platefl (part fold.) ) 26 cm. 

A 54-5792 rev 
Michigan. Univ. Llbr. 


see also Apperception Testing; Eight 
card redrawing test; Picture arrange 
ment test; Picture interpretation tests; 
Rorschach test; Subliminal projection; 
Szondi test; Thematic apperception test; 
Tree test; Wartegg-Vetter test 

Abraham, Elisabeth, 1915- 

Zum Begriff der Projektion unter Berucksichtigung 1 der 
experimentellen Untersuchung des Projektionsvor#an#es. 

86 p. 28 cm. 
BF1T5.A2 55-24297 

Berman, Louis Arthur. 

The projective interpretation of early recollections. Ann 
Arbor. Mich., University Microfilms [1959j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-8638 Mic 58-8088 

Michigan. Univ. Llbr. 

Cloonan, Theodore F 1923- 

Objective identification of maladjustment in children by 
use of a modified projective technique. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
TJniversity Microfilms [1958, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1768 Mic 58-1768 

Purdue Untv. Library 

Damarin, Fred, 1925- 

A comparison of the organization of responses in fantasy 
and in a free construction projective technique. (Chicago, 
Library, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University of 
Chicago, 1956] 
Microfilm 4881 BF Mic 57-5120 

Fisher, Rhoda, 1924- 

The effect of a disturbing situation upon the stability of 
various projective tests. Chicago [Library, Dept. of Photo 
graphic Reproduction, University of Chicago) 1956. 
Microfilm 4967 BF Mic 58-6070 

Fisher, Rhoda, 1924- 

The effect of a disturbing situation upon the stability of 
various projective tests. Edited by Norman L. Munn. 
tWashinffton, American Psychological Association t 1959 3 

28 p. illuB. 26 cm. (Psychological monographs: general and ap 
plied, T. 72, no. 14 ; whole no, 467, 1958) 

BF1.P8 vol. 72, no. 14 187.84 59-1417 J 
Copy 2. BF175.P5 

Hammer, Emanuel Frederick, d, 

The clinical application of projective drawings. Spring 
field. 111., 0. C. Thomas t 1958, 

668 p. Ulna. 24cm. 
K0467.H24 '181.8 616.8 57-10997 J 

Harrower, Mary Rachel, 1906- 

Personality change and development, as measured by the 
projective technique*. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1958. 

888 p. llltuu 26cm. 
BF176.H85 187.84 58-6651 f 

Rrout, Maurice Halm. 

Measuring personality in developmental terms : the per 
sonal preference scale c byj Maurice H. Krout and Johanna 
Krout Tabin. ' 

(/*Gnticp*7cholorr monograph.. Provfetttown, Mu*. 25 cm. 
T. SO (1954) P :7l8,4s&. tabta) 

LB1101.G4 voL50 W-6 

Lesher, Thomas Morris, 1923- 

Anxiety reduction as a function of musically controlled 
projection rate. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rl958i 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 25,087) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 25,087 Mic 58-419 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Lundin, William H 

Projective techniques and psychotherapy : examination of 
a therapy process through the use of the projective movement 
sequence and Rorschach technique. [New Yorkj Society for 
Projective Techniques and Rorschach Institute, 1951. 

39 p. dlagrs,, tables. 23cm. (Projective techniques monographs, 
no. 1) 
BF175.L8 137.8 56-33042 

Lynn, Peter Charles, 1919- 

Die Bedeutung der Gestalt- und Ganzheitspsychologie 
fur die Personlichkeitsdiagnostik. Bin Beitrag zur Metho- 
dologie der Psychodiagnostik mit besonderer Beriicksichti- 
gung projektiver Verfahren. Zurich, 1953. 

124 p. 21cm. 
BF698.L9 56-33045 

Mariani, Rose (Ramsay) 1928- 

A comparison of a projective test battery with its com 
ponent tests. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms r 1956i 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 16,924) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 16,924 Mic 56-2362 

Houston. Tex. Univ. Libraries micoo-^o^ 

Nd, Barend Frederik, 1905- 

Die tokening van die menslike figuur as 'n "projeksie"- 
tegniek, deur B. F. Nel en C. H. Esterhuysen. The drawing 
of the human figure as a "projective" technique. Summary 
in English. Pretoria, 1958. 

98 p. lllus. 22 cm. (Opvoedkundlge studies; ultg. deur die 
WerJcgemeenskap ter Bevordertng van die Pedagoglek as Wetenskap, 
Pakultelt Opvoedkunde, Unlversltelt Pretoria, nr. 22, 6 jaarg.) 
BF723.BTN4 '59-40385 J 

Okarski, Joseph Frank. 

Consistency of projective movement responses. Ann Ar 
bor, University Microfilms t !956j 

([University Mlcrofllms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 17,072) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 17,072 Mic 56-2364 

Okarski, Joseph Frank. 

Consistency of projective movement responses. [Wash 
ington] American Psychological Association, 1958. 

29 p. table*. 26 cm. (Psychological monographs: general and 
applied, v. 72, no. 6 ; whole no. 450) 

BF1.P8 vol. 72, no. 6 58-4058 

Copy 2. BF296.04 

Phlllipson, Herbert 

The object relations technique. Glencoe, I1L, Free Press 

x, 224 p. tables. 23 cm. and portfolio (12 plates) 80 cm. 
BF698.P52 187,8 55-11006 

Philllpeon, Herbert 

The object relations technique. (London) Tavistock Pub 
lications rl955] 

224 p. 28cm. 
BF175.P45 137.8 56-33284 

Pfcmpilo, Peter T 

The relationship between projection and prejudice, with a 
factor analysis of anti-Semitic and anti-Negro attitudes. 
Washington, Catholic University of America Press, 1957. 

48 p. table*. 28cm. 
BF575.P9P6 58-2640 

Siguan, MlgueL 

Las pruebaa proyectivas y el conocimiento de la personali- 
dad individual. t Madrid] 1952. 

116 p, 25 cm. (Departanoento de Pslcologfa Experimental. 
Institute Luu Vlvea. [PubllcacWn, l) 
BF175.S5 58-80381 

Silverman, Lloyd H 

A Q-sort study of the validity of evaluations made from 
projective techniques. [Washington] American Psychologi 
cal Association, 1959. 

28 p. lllus. 28 cm. (Psychological monographs : general and ap- 
piled, T. 78, no. 7 ; whole no. 477) 

BF1.P8 vol. 78, no. 7 137.84 59-8051 J 
Copy 2. BF175.SS5 

Straus, Murray Arnold, 1926- 

Direct, indirect, and disguised measurement in rural so 
ciology. [Pullman] Washington Agricultural Experiment 
Stations, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, State College of 
Washington, 1957. 

29 p. lllus. 28 cm. ([Washington (State) State College, Poll- 
man. Institute of Agricultural Sciences) Technical bulletin 26) 
S125.E554 no. 26 *301.35 323.354 57-68940 

Tmumaa, Aare, 1926- 

The effect of masculinity on projection as elicited by male 
and female figures and situations. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms C 1957] 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 21,818) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 21,818 Mic 57-2575 

PnrdueUnlv. Library 

Wexner, Lois Brinkmann, 1924- 

An experimental investigation of projection as a function 
of psychological distance between subject and picture. Arm 
Arbor, University Microfilms [1956, 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich ] Publication no. 14,435) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 14,435 Mic 56-918 

Purdue Univ. Library 

metric projection 

PROJECTION, LANTERN see Lantern pro 

picture projection 

graphic projection 



Geometry, Differential Projective 




see also Lantern projection; Moving- 
picture projectors 

Ervafc, A V 

JDcTupouKa H petcoHT npocEiopOB H ontniecKiix ^HHO- 
Mcpofi. MocKsa, Foe. HayiHO-rexH. JISA-BO ManiiiHOCTpoirr. 

JHHT-pH, 1951. 

185 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 700 AC 
QC371.E67 57-31854 

Kuz'min, Aleksel Petrovich. 

OnatTH no $H3iiKe c npoeKU[HOHHOft arraapaTypoft. Mo- 
CKBS, Toe. yietfHo-niaror. xr3J-BO 1956. 

142 p. mug. 20cm. 
Q186.K8 59-43930 


Kovalevskil, VAcheslav Aleksandrovich. 

XOSSHK rpcx rop. t MocKBaj MocKOBCKHft patfo^uft, 1947. 
258 p. 21 era. 
HD9885.R82KG 49-BS70B rev* 

PROKHOROVKA, MOSCOW see Krasnopres- 
nenskafa. trekhgornafa manufaktura, Moscow 


, 1958. 

Moldavskil, Dmitril. 

AjieKcaa^p HpOKoAbeB. 
Sip. 20cm, 



Nesf ev, faratt' Vladimirovich, 1911- 

UpoxoAwB. MocKBa, Toe. MyaHKajtbHOc HSA-BO, 1957. 
527 p. lllut., port*., muilc. 28 cm. 

C. C. npoxo$ie>; KarcpHajiw, , 

jCocrasjieHue, pCfl., npnMCiaHEH H BCTVH. crarbx C. H. 
IILiH$mTeftHa] Mocxsa, toe. icysuKajunoe QS^-BO, 1956. 

4fff p. porta., ffccilnii,, mtulc. 28 cm. 
ML410.P865S2 57-88458 

Sabinlna, Marina Dmitrievna, 

Cepreft HpoKO$tCB. 
134 p. lllui. 17cm. 
ML410.P866S3 59-29700 J 

Serge Prokofleff. c Mit Beitragen von Serge Prokofieff, et al.] 
Bonn, Booeey & Hawkea [1953j 

Wp, llla., port*., mnalc. 27cm. (MaalkderZelt; etneSchrlften- 
relhe nr xeltgeattulchea Mtulk, Heft 5) 
ML410.P865S5 59-34561 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Odriozola, Antonio. 

Las grabaciones en discos LP de seis grandes figuras de la 
musica contemporanea: Eavel, Falla, Bartok, Stravinsky, 
Prokofiev #, Hindemith. Madrid, 1953. 

61 p. 24 cm. 
ML156.2.03 56-27573 J 

PROKOP, SAINT see Procopius of Sdzava, 
Saint, d. 1053 

PROKOP VELIKf , d. 1434 

Macek, Josef. 

Prokop Velity. t Vyd. 1., Praha, NaSe vojsko, 1953. 
2Up. illus. 22cm. (2lvamlimloat,8V.22) 
DB208.M32 65-21681 t 


Lorn, Stanislav. 

Prokop Hol^f ; husitsk^ pozdviienl za spravedlnost a mlr 
srSta. Tragicka hra z cesk^ch dSjin. t l, vyd.j Praha, 
Orbis, 1957. 

161 p. 21 cm, (Dlyadelnf hry) 
PG5038.L65P7 59-18562 J 


Vrba, Jan, 1889- 

Prokop Velik^,- roman z cesk6 minulosti, C 2, Tyd.] 
Praha, Svobodnfi'slovo-Melantrich, 1957. 

524 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
PG6038.V8P7 1957 59-18568 \ 

PROLAPSUS UTERI see Uterus Displace 

see Theology, Doctrinal Introductions 


see also Labor and laboring classes; 
Plebs (Rome); Poor 

Dander, Albert 

Le proletariat et ses problemes. Tournai. Costerman. 1947. 
215 p. 20cm. ( Collection "Batlr." Horao^rle) 
HD4851.D3 57-41845 \ 

Han, Su-shan, 1926- 

The concept of the proletariat in Chinese communism, 
by Susan Han. Chicago [Library, Dept. of Photographic 
Reproduction, University of Chicago] 1955. 
Microfilm 4462 HD Mac 57-5263 

Hareman, Jan. 

De ongeschoolde arbeider, een sociologieche analyse. 
Assen, Van Gorcum ( 1952i 

224* 2Scm. 
HN513.H35 55-41600 

Ha HcropHH McacflyHapo^HOtt npojiwapCKOtt 


MocKa, HSA-BO "CoBexCKa* POCCJWT," 1957- 

v. lUus.,porta 28cm, 
DK246.I9 59-45351 

Kanunari, M D 

tJber die Kolle der Volksmamen im Leben der QeaellBohaft. 
Berlin, Verlag Kultur und Fortechritt, 19W. 

68 p. 21 era (Zu Fragmx * zx PartltafM d KPdSU) 
HM101.K16 57-27441 

Liao-tunff aha tien. 


75 p. 18c 


X PtoletarUt St. OhanUmo Iran* ch%n tant-Prty iwk. i 
Title. FttIrtm<Mi<M;TaihUiho^UncbanfshuirUanc. 


HooTr Initiation 

Lufskii, M D 

BonpocH ^uKTaiypH npojierapnaTa B Tpy^ax B.^Z. Jle- 
Hinia. 1917-1924 rr. TamKeiiT, Ha^-uo CAFV, 1957. 

51, tl] P. 20cm. (KDpHAHHCCKHe nayKM, KH. 8) 
JA49.T33 no. 3 59-29401 

Marc, Alexandre. 

Civilisation en sursis. Paris, La Colombo t 1955, 
314 p. 23 cm. 

A 56-3158 
Illinois, Untv. Library 

Ortega y Gasset, Jose", 1883- 

BoccraHne vacc. HepeBOfl c ncnancKoro Ear. HCJIC^MH- 
CKoro. Htio-fiopK, HSA-BO HM. ^exooa, 1954. 

107 p. 22 cm. 
CB103.0716 55-15566 J 

Pankratova, M 

W. I. Lenin iiber die Rolle der Volksmassen beim sozia- 
listischen Aufbau. [tjbers. von Edith Mass. 1. Aufl.j Ber 
lin, Dietz, 1955. 

22 p. 21 cm. 
HX314.P33 55-59014 rev t 

Perpifid Rodriguez, Antonio. 

jHacia una sociedad sin olases? Madrid, Euram&ioa 

100 p. 18cm. (OoleccWn Mundo major, 15. Set. 4: Frnt de la 
JUBtlcla, v. 4) 
HT609.P4 58-85028 t 

Stalin, losif, 1879-1953. 

lies questions du l&iinisnie. ( 2, <Sd.j Moscou, Editions 
en langues (Strangeres, 1947. 

689 p. Illus. 28cm. 
DK254X4S752 1947 57-i4495 1 

Wu, Chiang. 


200 p. 10cm. 

1, Proletariat i. Title. 

Till* romffntadd.' Lun wu chVu chleh rtil chunn ch4n. 

HXH854.W8 C 59-1027 J 

Yanagida, KenjQrfl, 1893- 

8, 3, 228 p, 1& cm. 
Colophon loMited 

1. Ethlo, 2. Proletnrlat x. Title, 

Hoover Institution 


II3A-BO II01IIT. .TIIT-pIJ, 1955. 
165 p. Illus. 20 cm. 




Porqueras Mayo, Alberto, 1930- 

El pr<51ogo como gfinero literario; su estudio en 
de oro eapafiol. Madrid, Consejo Superior de 
ciones Cientf ficas, 1957. 

199 p. 28 cm. (Institute "Miguel de Oery*nt" d Fllologfa 
Hlapdnlca, Anejoa de Revlsta de Hternturn, 14) 
PQ606G.P6 50-20028 t 



Brock, Erich. 

Gutter uud Titanen; zwei Dramen aus griechischen Be- 
reichen. Zurich, Artemis- Verlag [1954, 

180 p. ian. 

Brughetti, Romualdo, 

Prometeo, el espJritu que no ctta. Buenos Airee, Edi 
torial "La Mandrigorsi" ( 1966, 

IflD p. 18 cm. (MorUor del nlgto xx, 1) 
BL820.P68B7 57-28017 


ISusalinff, Joeef Johann* Maria, 192^- 

Untertuchung ttb^r da Ween dw Vwraprechant Jmit 
beaondei-or Beriicksichtigung der Arbalten von Itant Ldppa 
und Gabriel Marotl) Mftinx, 1951. 

88, IT, 871, 80ct. 
BJ1500.P7H8 C5-S2S75 


Zaniewaki, Romuald. 

L'origine du proletariat remain et oontemporain; faiU t 
theories. Louvain. N&uwelaerts, 1957. 
852 p. 25 cm. (Unlvrlt d Lournln. OoU*cUon d* 1'fccolt <ki 

HarmrdUnlT. Library 

Zaniewaki, Romuald. 

L'origine du proletariat romain et oontempondn; falU et 
theories. Nouv. 6d. augmented. Introd. par 0. van Qtttol. 
Louvain, Editions Ntuwelaertt, 1957, 

80S p. table*. 20cm. 
H0484122 1957a 58-48BH 

Sldorov, Mikhail Vasil'evlclu 

BOJUraCBHCTCKM raBCTt. "UpOJCTtpKtt" (190$-1909) MO- 

cxBa. Toe. K3J-BO noJHT. JIBT-PW. 1956. 

OSp. 20cm, 
HX8.S44 58-17464 

Budnikov, V P 

Fasera "npoaciaptft" i II poju y pojiK>&(ittitoMy pyci HI 
VKpaiHl B 1905 p, ; #o 50-pUt* ncpmol podftc&ieo! ptmwrionU, 
KHIB, flep*. BBA-BO noJiiT. jrir-pK VPCP, 1950. 

PN5839.G43P73 57-2V080 t 

Zarodor, K 

raaeia "npo-wtapuft" 1,1905 r.) MocKsa, Foe. 

Itennudk. Imw. ttatuUt, |o,, m*~&$ (Okrktim *) 

Lor (nr. 14) om gwiasbt*^ Sudrwtot af a M* koag 
Christku x den 18, pril IMS. K*b*nh*Tn, Jvpuwx off 

awp, Iftcm. (llolor,ar.) 



F*nxAnde Contrwma, Doiorw. 


118 p, US era. 



Sweden. La 

Lagen om ftkuldebrtv jirat* dhhftnwul* 
kommwitcmd RV B, Murk* von Wurtimbrf och F, Htenel. 
3. xippl. ombtJKirjd RV F, Ster%tl. StodkJhdm, Norwtrdt, 1 


Hrvmtike, 1900. 

7P. Xon, 


y, Pierre von. 

aidbdai natod 

Die Grilndung dr Aktiwiffwcllidtiift in lHr*r gwwhioht- 
lichen KiUwicklanff In dor Schwcix, in*b*cmdr in den 
Kantonen Brn und Ztlrloh. Ikrn, 1945, 


Batankm, L4m Aurwte, 1874- 

Memento d M forvd*txn d* ttod&fe { gdcb prmtiou* det 
lornuJLltte * r*mplir pour ooo 
foniml^ 11. Ad. 

Sfr. SO cm. 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

PROMOTERS (Continued) 

1949- ) 

Renn, Hermann, 1929- 

Die Aufbringung des Gnmdkapitals bei der Aktienge 
sellschaft unter besonderer Beriicksichtigung der aktien 
rechtlichen Bestimmungen zur Gewahrleistung der sicheren 
Aufbringung bei der Grundung. rMiinchen?] 1954. 

ii,129,vl. 80cm. 



May, Pierre von. 

Die Grundung der Aktiengesellschaft in ihrer geschicht- 
lichen Entwicklung in der Schweiz, insbesondere in den 

Kantonen Bern und Zurich. Bern, 1945. 
xrl, 85 p. 23 cm. 



see also Defender of the marriage bond 


see also Seniority, Employee 

PROMOTIONS, ARMY, [NAVY] see subdivision 
Promotions under armies and navies 

sion Appointments, promotions, salaries, 
etc. under names of departments or institu 

PROMOTIONS, SCHOOL see Grading and 
marking (Students) 


Roberto, Brother, 1927- 

The forgotten Madonna; a story of Our Lady of Prompt 
Succor. Notre Dame. Ind., Dujarie Press C 1969j 

148 p. lllus. 22cm. ' C 

BT660.P8R6 282.9317 59-2781 J 

Roberto, Brotfor, 1927- 

Our Lady comes to New Orleans. Ulus. by Thekla Ofria. 
Notre Dame, Ind., Dujarie Press [1957, 

96 p. lllufl. 24cm. 
BT660.P8R02 282.9317 59-2745 J 


Bartholini, Salvatore. 

La prornulgazione. Milano. A. Giuffre, 1955. 
889p. 28 cm. 


1949- ) 

Flippers, Helmut, 1925- 

Das Priifungsrecht des Bundesprasidenten gegeniiber 
Gesetzen. rMainz? 19581, 
111,124,1x1, 80cm. 



Bartholini, Salvatore. 

La promulgazione. Milano, A. Giuffre, 1955. 
889p. 25cm. 

65-40447 t 


Blumdwna, Helena. 

Z.Pronaszko. Warszawa, Arkady, 1968, 
80 p^ lift lUoi., 8 coL platt*. cm. 

PROOF see Evidence 

PROOF, BURDEN OF see Burden of proof 

see also Authorship Handbooks, 
manuals, etc. ; Printing, Practical 
Style manuals 

Carey, Gordon Vero, 1886- 

Mind the stop; a brief guide to punctuation with a note 
on proof-correction. New ed., rev. and enl. Cambridge 
tEng.j University Press, 1958. 

130 p. Ulna, 17cm. 
PE1450.C35 1958 421.9 58-14972 t 

Chekhov Publishing House, New York. 

CnpaBOiHHK fljur aaiopOB, nepeBO^iHsos, KOppCKropoB H 
flpyrnx pao*OTHHKOB neiaxH. CocTaimji JI. JI. ^oicrep B 
coxpyflHHHCCTBe c patfoxHHreiMH Btefl-Ba HM. Hexona HLD- 
fiopK, 1955. 

355 p. 21cm. 

Collins, Frederick Howard, 1857-1910. 

Authors' and printers' dictionary; a guide for authors, 
editors, printers, correctors of the press, compositors and 
typists, by F. Howard Collins with the assistance of many 
others. 10th ed., rev, London, New York, Oxford Univer 
sity Press, 1956. 

Jdv,442p. 18cm. 
Z254.CT6 1956 655.25 56-58185 

Dobrovolny\ BohumiL 

Jak psat rukopis a korektury pro task ; pracovnf navod pro 
spisovatole a redaktory za spolupriice kolektivu pracovnflcu 
***> Ice. Oddil PHklady V nejbS2nejSJch fa^ovfch 
chyb" zpracoval Alois Jirak. c Vy<L 1. Prah^Pr^ 
vydavatelstvo KOH, 1953. ,, 

131 p. IUU8. 21cm. 
PN160 ' D6 55-18320 t 

Evans, Nell Womack. 

Scripteasers; a book of fun and learning for those who 
read and write. t Denver, Golden Bell Press, 1958, 

132 p. lllus. 21 cm. (A Prestige book) ] 

Z254.E8 029.6 59-21499 t 

Hewitt, Richard Auton. 

Style for print and proof-correcting. London, Blandf ord 
Jrress t!957i 

833 p. 21 cm. 
Z254 -H4 655.25 58-1682 J 

Kamenefskil, L M 

TexnuKa KOppCKrypH; noco6Me ju KOpperropos. Mo- 


166 p. 21 cm. (B noMouy, peA&xuHOHHO-H3AaTeju>CKHM pa(5ot- 


Poteka Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza. 

SxJeola Party jna. 
Okorekcie. Warszawa, 1950. 
51 p. mufl. 2icm. 

Thomas, Payne Edward Lloyd, 1919- 

A guide for authors on manuscript, proof, and illustration 
tlst ed., SpringBeld, 111., C. 0. Thomas t !949j 
vill.Sop. lllua. 21 era. 

PN147.T4 1949 

49-48656 rev* 

Zhilin, Aleksandr Nikolaevich. 

IIo^roTOBKa pyKonMcn K ns^aHHW ; B noMOmt aBiopy, pe- 
^aKiopy, KOppeKTOpy TpanoKe^opwa^aTa. Hs^. 2., ncnp. 
MocKaa, Foe. Tpaacii. wen-aop. HSJ-BO 1958. 

, . . 

Slip. mus. 17cm. 
PN147.Z5 1958 


PROOST, JOHANliJES, 1882-1942 

Rotterdam. Museum Boynuns, 

Etsen, Johannea Proost, 27 Februari 1882-26 Maart 1942. 
Eotterdam, 1947. 
24 p. 19platet, 22cm. 

A 48-7645 rev 2* 
Harvard TTnlv. Library 

PROPADIENE see Alienee 



see also Advertising; Foreign propagan 
dists in the U.S.; Government publicity; 
Israel -Arab War, 1948-1949 Propaganda; 
Leaflets dropped from aircraft; Moving- 
pictures in propaganda; Polemics; Press; 
Press and propaganda; Propaganda, Inter 
national; Propaganda analysis; Psycho 
logical warfare; Public opinion; Public 
relations; Publicity; Radio in propagan 
da; Rumor; Social pressure 

Catton, William Robert, 1926- 

Progaganda effectiveness as a function of human values, 
by William R. Catton, Jr. Ann Arbor, University Micro 
films, 1954. 

(tUnlverslty Microfilms, Ana Arbor, Mlct.j Publication no 8341) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 8341 Mic A 54-1865 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. LIbrarj 

Cooper, Bernarr. 

Radio broadcasting to Chinese and Korean POW's; a 
rhetorical analysis. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 1 n,i)i fl ) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,919 Mic 57-688 

Culbert, Sidney. 

Physical characteristics of leaflets: a survey of the litera 
ture. Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., Air Eesearch and De 
velopment Command, Human Resources Research Institute 
1954. ' 

Instltute - 
55-60214 J 


De Fleur, Melvin Lawrence, 1923- 

ExperimentiU studies of stimulus response relationships 
in leaflet communication. Aim Arbor, University Micro 
films t 1954, 

([University Mlci-ofllms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 10,008) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 10,003 Mk A 54r-3606 

Waahlngrton. Uulv,, Seattle. Library 

Dovring, Karin. 

Road of propaganda; the semantics of biased communica 
tion. Introd. by Harold D. Lasswell. New York, Philo 
sophical Library t 1959] 

HM263.D64 801.1523 59-16356 J 

Dunham, Donald Carl, 1908- 

Political aspects of press reporting of crisis of November. 
1953j Trj*te, F. T. T. Trieste ? 1964 ?, 

DB321.D85 55-24858 

Brans, Prank Bowen, od. 

Worldwide communist propaganda activities. New York, 
Macmillixn, 1955. 

222 p. 21cm. 
HX56.E85 335.4 55-2737 t 

Frasr, Lindley Macnaghtcn, 1904- 

Propaganda. London, New York, Oxford University 
Press. 1057. 

unlver " lty 1Ibrar y of nrtem knowl- 



Huxley, Aldous Leonard, 1894- 

Brave new world revisited, c lst ecL, New York, Harper 

147 p. 22cm. 
HM216.H8 801.162 58-12451 t 

Illinois. University, fatitote of Oommwnitationt Ruearoh, 
*jr \yorkiiitf papers on propaganda theory: Spiritual 
mobiluation die Japanese concept of propaganda, by Hideya 
Kumata. The propaganda theory of the German Nazis by 
Hideya Kumata and Wilbur Schramm. Notes on the British 
concept of propaganda, by Wilbur Schramm. The Soviet 
concept of ^'psychological" warfare, by Wilbur Schramm. 
Written m part with the help of the United States Inf orma- 

* &%% "AS Oontr "? t 1 W-*** ^^^ tTSIS and 
the Institute of Communications Research, University of 
Hlmois. cTJrbanaj 1955. 

41,42,30,711 28cm. 



A 56-9838 

Janiclk, Edward Conrad. 

Art as propaganda; an analysis of principles involved, 
withemphaws on iconographio aepeota. Ann AAor, Unt- 

versity Microfilms ,1966, * 

( tUiUtwaty Mlcrodlm., Ann Arbor, Mich., PubUcmtlon n 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROPAGANDA (Continued) 

Kambli, R V 

Convincing the common man ; need for an efficient organi 
zation of rational propaganda. [Bombay] Bekha Publica 
tion [pref. 1951j 

51 p. IS cm. 
HM263.K328 57-20132 J 

Manconi, Lorenzo. 

La propaganda, c l. ed. 3 Torino, A- S. E. c introd. 1955i 
254 p. plates. 23cm. (Consulenza uzlendale; collaaa dl testl del 

Centro Itallano studl pubbllcltft. e propaganda, 2) 

HM263.M27 57-21300 

Marks, Barry Alan. 

The idea of propaganda in America. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms r !058j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3573 Mic 58-3573 

Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. 

Neff, Kenneth Lee, 1928- ed. 

Foreign images and American policy ( byj Oliver E. Clubb, 
Jr. ( and others. Advance ed., Washington, Distributed 
by World Affairs Bookshop t !955, 

148 L lllua. 20cm. 
E835.N4 327.73 55-11633 

Packard, Vance Oakley, 1914- 

The hidden persuaders. New York, D. McKay Co, 

275 p. 21 cm. 


57-13787 J 

Shaw, John Gordon, 1022- 

The relationship of selected ecological vnntxbles to leaflet 

message response. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms f 1955, 

([University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, Mlch.i Publication no. 10,776) 

Microfilm AC-1 DO. 10,776 Mic A 55-361 rev 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 

U. S. Congress. Howe. Committee on Un-American Ao- 

Investigation of communist propaganda in the United 
States. Hearing before the Committee on Un-American 
Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-fourth Con 
gress, second session ... Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 

Six*. 24cm. 
E748.5.A5 1957 

U. S. Congress. Howe. Committee on Un- American Aotivir 

Preliminary report on neo-fascist and hate groups. Wash 
ington t U. S. Govt Print Off.] 1954. 

vl,82p. fucslma. 24cm. 
E743.5.A527 851,76 55-60126 

U. S. Information Agency. Office of Research and Intelli 

Worldwide communiBt propaganda activities. 1954- 

v. 27cm, annual. (IRIlnteUlfeacefxunmary) 
HX40.U656 56-61861 

U. S. Psychological Warfare School, Fort Bragg, N, C, 
Military propaganda? special text Fort Bragg, 1953. 

UB276.A52 54-68248 J 

U. S. Psychological Warfare School, Fort Bragg, N. C. 

Psychological warfare operations in occupied and liberated 
areas; special text Fort Bragg, 1958. 

55 p. 20cm. 
UB276.A64 54-68246 t 

Wollenberg, Erich. 

Der Apparat, Stalina fiinfte Kolonne. Bonn, Bundea- 
ministerium fur Gesamtdeutsche Fragen C 1951, 

48 p. tllus. IT cm. ' 

HX40.W67 56-28001 t 


Bureau of Soda! Science Research, Washington, D. 0. 

International communication and political opinion* a 
guide to the literature ( by, Bruce Lannea Smith and Ohitra 
M. Smith. Prepared for the Band Corporation by the Bu- 
reau of Social Science Research, Washington. D.C. Prince 
ton. Princeton University Frees t l956] 

xi,B25p. 25cm. 

Z72CMLS67B87 56-10829 

*016J01152 016^01154 

Field, John Chute Wafck 

Aerial propaganda leaflets; a collector 5 * handbook. With 
foreword by E. J. D. Towxawnd. Sutton Ooldfield, En*, 

F. JT. Field (1954) 

("The Awd IWd" handbook, ao. 18) 

Perusse, Roland I 

Bibliography on international propaganda ; an annotated 
list of select recent titles, to includes pertinent aspects of 
international information, international communication and 
psychological warfare. [Washington? 195-] 

81 1. 27 cm. 
Z7204.S67P4 54-44283 


Castle, Eugene W 

Billions, blunders, and baloney ; the fantastic story of how 
Uncle Sum is squandering your money overseas. New York, 
Devin-Adair Co., 1955. 

vl, 278 p. Ulu9. 21 cm. 
HC60.C3 338.91 55-6355 

Cooper, Kent, 1880- 

The right to know; an exposition of the evils of news 
suppre&siou and propaganda. New York, Farrar, Straus 
and Cudahy rl956, 

885 p. 22 cm. 
JC585.C62 323.445 50-5754 

Dyer, Murray, 1907- 

The weapon on the wall; rethinking psychological war- 
fa j^ p Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press jl959j 

E744.D93 " 327.73 59-14234 J 

Lacy, Dan Mabry, 1914- 

The role of American books abroad. r Ne\v York? 1956i 
408-417 i>. 20 cm. 
E744.5.L8 56-57452 t 

fteisky-Dubnic, Vladimir, 1923- 

Anti- American propaganda in Czechoslovakia and a pro 
posal for successful counter psychological warfare. Chi 
cago [Library, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, Uni< 
versity of Chicago] 1951. 
Microfihn 4899 E Mic 57-5278 

Stephens, Oren. 

Facts to a candid world; America's overseas information 
program. Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press 

104 p. 24 cm. ( Stanford books IQ world politic*) 
E744.5.S8 327.78 55-11281 t 

U. a Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Freedom Commission and Freedom Academy. Hearings 
before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration 
of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security 
Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United State* 
Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session, on S. 1689, to 
create the Freedom Commission for the development of the 
science of counteraction to the world communist conspiracy 
June 17, 18, and 19, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt Print 

m', 181 pi 24 cm. 
E744.5.U5176 1959 827.106178 80-62116 


U. S. D*pt t of State. Library DMtten, 

Overseas information programs of the United Sttt* Qov- 
ernment; a bibliography of selected material* with iwnota- 
tiona. Washington. 1951. 

Z640&U5U48 1951 **** o' 6*82778 

Gurkov, Genrlkh losifovich. 

e neitrpM CDdA A Ei 
Mocoa 3HaHwe, 1957 

iJ^ . SJSfBS^ 

JTA84.V88 1957, no. 1 

Johnston, Howard Wright 

loSt* 1 *!* S< ?!? 
1955. Ann Arbor, 


DUnota. University. Division of Ooinmtnic&font. 

The battle for the Greek air ; a comparative analysis of one 
week of broadcasting to Greece by the Voice of Amwioa and 
the Communist radio of Bulgaria. A report prepared for 
ihe U. S. International Information Administration, Evalua 
tion Division, under Contract SCC-ai4S7, by research 
personnel in the Division of Communioations, University of 
Illinois. (Urban*, 1958. 

06 L tbW 38 cm. 

CWr. Library 


Illinois. University. Division of Communioatiom. 

Our broadcasts to Korea ; a comparative analysis of or 
week of broadcasting to Korea by the Voice of America an 
the Far East Command. A report prepared for the U 
Intornationnl Information Administration, Evaluation I> 
vision, under contract SCC-21437. jUrbana, 1953. 

08 1. 28 cm, 

Illinois. Univ. Library A 56-686 


Coste, Brutus. 

The political promise* of successful propaganda to East 
ern Europe. ,\Vushinton, Photoduplication Service Li 
brnry of Conro8H, U)5ft, 

((National 0<mimitt<Hi for a Vrite Burope, Mld*BuroDeh Studifl. 
Center. lUwnrc-h document* ( no., 258) a 

Microfilm U6B1 no. iW8 OR Mic 59-778'! 

Gurkov, Genrikh loeifovich, 

no^puBuwe nponaraiwicTCKite i^Hipw ("IIIA n Eanone 
MocKBii, Snaniic 1957. 


JA34.V8S 1957, no. 1 ^,j 8860 

Munich, Radio Liberation. 

Sparks into the USSR; the story of Radio Liberation, 
47p, & *2f^ ie * n Committee for liberation, 195-j 
DK272.7.G4M8 ^ 


n n 

tTel-Avivl 1055 

218 p, fold, map* {in jH>rkt) 20 <-m, 

,,3 mnnD, anao w 


Cv, Pul. 

Britain's voice ^rod ; a Daily mirror pot%hton propa 
ganda t by Paul Cave and Keith \VUrhouo, London. Daily 
Mirror Newspapers, I9o7| 

I>A4fi,C8 ' tP * l& 67-49989 

WUIiam.Thomp#on t Richmrd. 

Tell the people! By Mik WilHim-Thompm. London. 
World'* Pnm New Pub. Go, (IWflj 
mu*. as cm, 


Illinois. University, /tlvirim of <"^ 

Th bftttU for th CJrMk sir ; A oointmrntive malynis of one 
week of broadcasting to (irm<m by thi Voice of Am*ric arid 
the Communist rudlo of nultfurm, A report prtpunxl for 
th* U. S. Int^mnttonftl InfcwTnutian Adnunlwtmtloti, Kvalun- 
tion IMviion undtp Ootttrtct S0-81487 by research 
p^rsonntl in th* IMviilon of Communlcxntiofw, Univendity of 



Ch'*n f W4n-hwl (Chung) 

Ohine Communist ftntl-Aifturltautium and th 
America ftid-Kom eumpalgn, L*ckbt}cl Air Faroe 
Tx., Air Forc I*ronnttl und Trlnlj( Riwirch Center, 
Air Reaftnivh andt I)vlopft6tit Oommund I9W, 

aril!, 32 * rtm. dtf, 8 1 Ha 

Wartime u m*m" omDpi^ui b communist Chinut offlcul 
oottntry-wid^ H mai motei*nto M in profwpftd wpport of the 
Komn War, Lwkl*d Air Farot B***, !%)(,, AJy Fowe 
Ptwonml wad TliOt>f R*e*roh Otot^r, Air Rtftetroh lad 

Tli trnt*^y and t*ctlc* of Chiw** Oommuoit prop*- 
god* M of 19S by Fr*d*ridt T. 0, Yw, JUoWwS A& 
Fowe Bw, TCJ Air Fro PmHUI and TnfafaK B^ 
Oeatw, Air B^imroh wad ftmOofttttnt Oonuwnd, 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Devolder, Naber, Father, 1909- 

De communistische propaganda; theorie, strategie en 
methodo. Antwerpen, Standaard-Boekhandel, 1957. 

819 p. platen, group port. 24 cm. (Leuvense btbllotheek voor com- 
HX56.D48 58^2994 

Erfurt, Eva Ruth, 1926- 

Nachrichtenpolitik in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone 
Deutschlands. Berlin, 1958. 

Ill, 153 p. lllus. 30cm. 
PN5208.E7 59-26821 

Grothe, Pete. 

To win the minds of men; the story of the communist 
propaganda war in East Germany. Palo Alto, Calif., Pacific 
Books [1958, 

241 p. 23cm. 
DD261.2.G67 943.1087 58-12080 J 

Kirkpatrick, Evron Maurice, 1911- ed. 

Year of crisis; communist propaganda activities in 1956. 
New York, Macmillan, 1957. 

xlx, 414 p. lllua., mape, dlagrs., facslma., tables. 24 cm. 
HX40.K516 835.4 57-14929 

Taborsky, Eduard. 

Conformity under communism ; a study of indoctrination 
techniques. Washington, Public Affairs Press [1958j 

38 p. 23cm. (Annals of International affairs) 
HX40.T25 335.4 58-10885 J 

Tasca, Angelo, 1892- 

Politica russa e propaganda comunista. t l. ed. Bomaj 
Opere nuove C 1957j 
117 p. 18 cm. (Plccola blblloteca polltlco-letterarla, 2) 

A 57-6556 
Wlaconaln. Univ. Llbr. 

U. S. Congress. Howe, Committee on Un-American Ac 

International communist propaganda activities. Hearing 
before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of 
Representatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, first session. Wash 
ington, D. 0., January 80, 1957. Washington, TJ. S. Govt 
Print Off., 1957. 

vllt, 47 p. nitut. 24cm. 
HX40.XT6134 57-61406 

U. S. Congress. Senate, Committee on the Judiciary. 

Communist activity in mass communications. Hearings 
before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration 
of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security 
Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States 
Senate, Eighty-fifth Congress, second session ... Washing 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1958-59. 

8 pts. (Ill, 872, xl p.) Him. 24 cm. 
HX89.A45 1959 335,482 58-62067 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committed on the Judiciary, 

Communist political propaganda and use of the United 
States mails. Hearing before the Subcommittee to Investi 
gate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and 
Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the 
Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
first session. March 26, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print Off., 1959. 

Ill, 51 p. table*. 23cm. 
HE6497.F6A5 1959 364.13 59-61205 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary, 

Communist threat to the United States through the Oarrib- 
bean. Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the 
Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other In 
ternal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session 
... Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1959. 

2 pte. (11, 140, Till p.) lllu*. 24 cm. 
F1414.U515 885.48097291 59-61823 

U. S. Information Agency. 

Communist propaganda, a. fact book, 1957-1958. 
ington, 1959] 

vll, lOlp. Uuu. m*p, dlagn., table*. 24cm. 
HX40.U64 835.432 59-61757 


U. S. Congress. Souse. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Language as a communist weapon; consultation with Dr. 
Stefan T. Possony. Committee on Un-American Activities, 
House of Representatives, Eight-sixth Congress, first session. 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1959. 

Tl. 58 p. 24 cm. 
HX40.U615 1959 335.482 59-61170 


Reisky-Dubnic, Vladimir, 1923- 

Anti- American propaganda in Czechoslovakia and a pro 
posal for successful counter psychological warfare. Chi 
cago [Library, Dept of Photographic Reproduction, Uni 
versity of Chicago] 1951. 
Microfilm 4399 E Mic 57-5278 


Control Commission for Germany (British Element) 

Catalogue of forbidden German feature and short film 

productions, held in Zonal Film Archives of Film Section, 

Information Services Division, Control Commission for Ger 

many, (BE) [Hamburg, 1951 ?i 
161 p. 30cm. 

PN1993.5.G3C6 56-23897 

Du bist eingeladen, Kollege! c K61n, Deutscher Industrie- 
verlag. 1955, 
20 p. 21 cm. 

our. L,br. 

George, Alexander L 

Propaganda analysis; a study of inferences made from 
Nazi propaganda in World War n. Evanston, HI Row 
Peterson [1959! ' 

287 p. lllus. 25cm. 
I-IM263.G43 301.154 59-8462 rev J 


Dambmann, Gerhard, 1927- 

Propaganda im Friedensvolkerrecht t Schotten, Hessen, 

128 p. 21cm. 

Martin, Leslie John, 1921- 

International propaganda; its legal and diplomatic con 
trol. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press t 1958, 

284 p. 24cm. 
JX4079.P7M3 301.1523 58-7928 J 

Martin, Leslie John, 1921- 

Legal and diplomatic control of international propaganda. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms t 1958j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1157 Mic 58-1157 

Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. *uc OB-HOI 

Arski, Stefan. 

Kurtyna idzie w gtfre. Warazawa, Iskry, 1954. 
121 p. tllui. 29cm. 
E169.1.A88 66-18496 t 


see also Kommunisticheska{a partifa 
Sovetskogo Sofuza Party work 

Berdlng, Andrew Henry ' 

The battlefield of ideas. [Washington] Dept of State 
t 1958j 

20 p. 20 cm. ( ( tr. So Dept of State. Publication 6688. 0nral 
foreign policy series, 127) 

DK270.B45 *947.08S SD58-8 

U. 8. Dept of State. Library 

Eflmov, Aleksandr Ivanovich. 

O 3MKC nponaraH^ucia. [MocKuaj MocKoacKHtt paflo- 
wft, 1950. 

137, [3j p. 20cm. (BH&nHOTeiKa nponaraHAHCra) 
JN6598.V7E83 1950 51-35199 rev 

Efimov, Aleksandr Ivanovich. 

*3KKe nponaraHAHcxa. HSA. 2., nepep. t MocKnaj Mo- 

CKOBCKHft pa<50*Htt, 1951. 

128, (4j p. 20 cm. (BH&nHOTetica nponaraHAHcra) 
JN6598.V7E33 1951 52-27670 rer 

Leltes, Nathan Constantly 1912- 

The operational code of the Politburo, a progress report. 

1 August, 1950. Santa Monica, Calif., Rand Corp., "1950. 

vl, 72 L 29 cm. (Project Band research memorandum, RM-428) 

Q180.A1R36 no. 426 329.947 51-1047 rev 3 

MaUan, Lloyd. 

Russia and the big Red lie, Greenwich, ConiL, Fawcett 
Publications, "1959. 

144 p. IHua. 24cm. (A Fawcett book, no. 417) 
TL789.8.B9M3 629.1888 59-4006 J 

"Public opinion" in the U. S.' S. B.; a study in thought 
control t n. p., 1954 tj 

58-20450 t 

Tasca, Angelo, 1892- 

Politica russa e propaganda comunista. 1. ecL 
Opere nuore l957j 
117 p. 18 cm (Plccola blblloteca pollUco-letterarla, 2) 

A 57-6556 
Wisconsin. Onir. Llbr. 

U. S. Congress. Howe. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Communist psychological warfare (thought control) ; 
consultation with Constantin W. Boldyreff of the National 
Alliance of Russian Solidarists. Committee on Un-Ameri 
can Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-fifth Con 
gress, second session, April 7, 1958. Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1958. 

vl.23p.,ll. 24cm. 
DK270.U6 *947.085 58-61346 

PROPAGANDA, WAR see Crimes against peace 


George, Alexander L 

Propaganda analysis; a study of inferences made from 
Nazi propaganda in World War n. Evanston, HI., Row, 
Peterson [1959, 

287 p. lllus. 25 cm. 
HM263.G43 301.154 59-8462 rev } 



Moving -pictures in propaganda 



PROPAJLDEHYDE see Propionaldehyde 
PROPANAL see Propionaldehyde 

see also Isopropylidene malonate; 
Propanediols; Toloxy-propanediol 

Cordes, Heinz. 

Propan Eatgeber. 2. iiberarb. Aufl. Liibeck, Dragenverk, 

204 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
QD305.H6C64 1957 59-37351 I 

Gt Brit Monopolies and Restrictive Practices Commission. 
Report on the supply of certain industrial and medical 
gases. London, H. M. Stationery Off. 1957j 

rill, 143 p. tablet. 26 cm. ( t Gt Brit Parliament. 1955-1960] 
House of Common*. (Reporti and papersj IS) 
HD9652.5.A54 338.47661 57-34900 

Leng, Douglas Ellis, 1928- 

Thermal conductivity of propane. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms ,1957] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 21,690) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 21,690 Mic 57-2435 

Purdue Unl v. Library 

Volumetric behavior of normal pentane and propane-pro- 
pylene mixtures. Pittsburgh, 1952. 

105 L lllus,, dlagra., table*. 29cm. 
QD305.H5L48 55-38420 

Netherlands (Kingdom, 1815- ) Benzine Commissie. 

Rapport der Benzine Oonunissie 1927 betreffende de sta- 
tionaire reservoirs voor bewaring van propaan en de installa- 
ties voor afleverin# van motorpropaan, tot en met 20 000 1 
waterinhoud. 's-Gravenhace, Staatsdrukkerii en Uitceve- 
rijbedrijf, 1958. 

86 p. dlagr. 20cm. 
TP761.P94N4 58-45066 

Oldenburg, Geert. 

Propan-Butan; Eigenschaften und Anwendungsgebiete 
der Flussiggase. Berlin, Springer, 1955. 

101 p. lllus. 24 cm. 

A 57-741 
Wayne TTnlv. Library 

Scheer, MUton David, 1922- 

The azomethane induced oxidation of propane t by 3 Milton 
D. Scheer c andH. Austin Taylor, n. p., 1952] 

658-657p. dlafM. 27cm. 

QD805^9S35 A 55-6870 

New York Unlr. Wab, So. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Strojny, Ruth Adams, 1928- 

The YTflffiier-Meenveiu rearrangement of the diastereoiso- 
meric l-^-chlorophenyl-l-phenyl-2-propanols. The stereo- 
specific syntheses of the diastereoisomeric l-^-anisyl-l- 
phenyl-l,2-propnnediols. Ann Arbor, University Micro 
films (1956, 

{[University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 16,430) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 16,430 Mic 56-1375 

Illinois. UnlT, Library 


Lyon, Theodore, 1930- 

Ultrasonic relaxation in normal propyl alcohol. Wash 
ington, Catholic University of America Press, 1955. 

SI p. lllus. 23 cm. 

QD305.A4L9 A 55-5929 

Catholic Univ. of America. Library 

Strojny, Ruth Adams, 1928- 

The YTagtier-Meenvein rearrangement of the diastereoiso- 
meric l-p-ehlorophenyl-l-phenyl-2-propaxiols. The stereo- 
specific syntheses of the diastereoisomeric 1-y-anisyl-l- 
phenyl-l,2-propnnediols, <^nn Arbor, University Micro 
films [1956] 

( t University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich,, Publication no. 10,480) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 16,480 Mic 56-1375 

Illinois, UnlT. Library 

Vogler, Wilhelm Karl, 1927- 

Studien uber das Aethanol-Azetaldehyd- und das Propa- 
nol-2-Azeton-Gleichgewicht bei ho'heren Drucken und Tem- 
peraturen. Zurich, Sedipan, 1954. 

70 p. dlagrs. 24 cm. 
QD501.V77 58-21571 


Goilav, Steffen Malte, 1923- 

Zur Kenntnis der Reoktionen des Propargylaldehyds. 
Miinchen, 1952. 
Microfilm 4768 QD Mic 56-6283 


Balhan, Jacques, 1921- 

Metingen aan enige bij scheepsschroeven gebruikelijke 
profielen in vlakke stroming met en zonder cavitatie. (With 
summary in English) Wageningen, Nederlandsch Scheeps- 
bouwkundig Proef station, 1951. 

vl, 145 p. Illus., tables. 23 cm. (Ned. Scheepabouwkundlg Proef* 
tatlon te Wagenlngen. Publlcatle, no. 99) 
VM755.B3 1951 a 55-27234 

Cohen, Jacob Willem. 

On stress calculations in helicoidal shells and propeller 
blades. Delft, Uitgeverij Waltman r 1955i 

xl,100p. dlaffra. 2fl cm. 
VM753.C6 623.878 59-33477 

Guliev, Olsif Mustafaevich. 

rpetfuHe BHHTM ; yie<5Hoe nocotfne RIIX. uopexoflHwx ym- 
JIHIH H icypcoB ycoBcputeHCTBOBaHH* xoMaitflHOro coctaBa 
MHMHCTepcTua Mopcicoro $jtoTa. MoCKBa, MopCKOtt ipaac- 
nopr, 1956. 

116, r 5| p. lUus. 22 cm, 
VM7B5.G8 57-45515 

KopeetSktf, Valentin Vasil'evich. 

rnflp.oAHHacHxa BHHxa B Tpytfe KpyroBoro CCHCHHX. JIc- 
HHHrpaA Foe. COJMHOC MA-BO cyjocTpoiw. npoimmj., 1056. 

180 p. dlagn. 22cm. 


Kudrevatyl, Georgil Mikhaflovich. 

CyflOBOMy KexaHHKy o rpetfuMx BHHTax. MocKsa. Mop- 
cxott TpancnopT, 1958. 

188 p. Ulna. 20cm. 
VM755.K8 59-26477 

Lebedev, K P 

TexHOJiornjt npoHSBOACXBa rpetf HUX BHHTOB. t JIeHHHrpa] 

TOG. H3fl-B0 CyflOCTpOHT. JtHT-pH. 1951. 
873 p, lllM. 27 em. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm BUrlo 140 AC 

-atersldl instltut 

wdinogo flota. 

IlyTH yjryroieKH* BHHTOBHX ^BKwaiejteft cy^oa BKyrpea- 
HCTO zuaBaKKx, [ Pc ( pwfop B. H. Ap$icB] ^eHHarpa^ 
ft roaHcnopi, ^CHHHrpaACKoe OT^-HHC, 1955. 
Sf ^ < ne PW"MTexwawipHOMTiitHcnopTe) 


LuchanskU, losif Alekaandrovich. 

KoHcrpyicmu H pacier itexaHH3noB rpetfHHX BHBTOB p- 
ryjupycMoro mara. Mocxsa, MopCKOtt TpancnopT. 1956. 

95,t4,p, dlagrt. 22cm. ret 

TM755X8 57-87896 

Manen, Jan Dirk van, 1023- 

Invloed van de ongelijkmatigheid van het anelheidsveld 
op het ontwerp van scheepsschroeven. (With summary in 
English) Wageningen, H. Veenman C 1951] 

d, 168 p. Illus. 24cm. 
VM755.M3 55-28684 

Mezin, Evgenil Ealistratovich. 

CyAOBMe ajterrpoManniTHHe My$xw cKOirtHceitiiw. JTeHKH- 
rpa f ^, MopcKort Tpaiicnopr, 1958. 

45, [8j p. lllua. 20 cm. 
VM755.M43 59-21892 

Taggart, Robert. 

Marine propulsion. To Transportation Research and 
Engineering Command, U. S. Army Transportation Corps, 
Ft. Eustis, Virginia, Contract DA-Mr-177-TC-409, Phase i, 
Project RR-1288. Washington, Reed Research, 1957- 

T. lllua. 28cm. 
VM521.T3 623.81 57-61803 

Zaralskii, Leonid Arsen'evich. 

MexaHH^ecEaH o(5pao*OTKa rpeCnux BMHTOB. JTeHnnrpa^, 
Foe. cojosnoe HS^-BO cyjocxponx. npOMunta. 1957. 

167 p. mufl. 23cm. 
VM755.Z3 58-20857 

Zhuchenko, Mikhail Melet'evich. 

CyAOBue ^BHSKHTCJIH. IIo^ o<5n;cft pc^. H. H. 3IojrxoBa. 
^onymcuo B Ka^ecTBe yie6. nocotfajt ^.w icopatfjiecTpOKT. 
syaoB. JleHHHrpafl, Toe. co3HOC HSA-BO cyaocTpOHT. npo- 
KHmj(, f 1956. 

848 p. lllus. (part in pocket) 28 cm. 
VM758.Z4 57-S1694 


see also Aeroplanes Turbine-propeller 

Akademift nauk SSSR. Komfat UkhniohesM torm&nQkgti. 

TcpMUHOJuorHflt Boa^yniHiiix BHHTOB M BCPXOJJGXOH, tOxncT- 
CTBCiiHHft pc^aKxop A, M. Tcpanropcuj MocicBa, Hafl-no 
AKa^CMiiK BtayK CCCP, 1954, 

86 p. 22 cm. (lit CflopiiHKH pcKowcHAyeMux TCPMMHOB, Bun. 20) 
TL509.A478 58-19856 t 
Copy 2. T8.A46 T01.SO 

Aleksandrov, Vladimir Leonfevich, 1894- 

Luftschrauben. t t)ber86tzung ana dexn RuMijjchen: Kiril 
Kellerj Berlin, Vorlajf Teohnik, 1964. 

<M5 p. lllua. 24 an. 
TL705.A515 57-58558 J 

Aleksandrov, Vladimir Leonf evich, 1894- 

Boa^ymMwe BHUTM. ^onymeito Kaieetae yncCf, noeodiui 
Wo. aBHa^HOHHMx Byaoa. Mocoa, foe. H3A-o oo*op. apo 

475 p. Ului., port. 28 cm. 

Garrick, Isador* Edward, 3910- 

A theoretical study of the effect of forward ap@d on thi 
froe-spaoe sound-pressure field around propeller^ by I. E. 
Garriok and Charles E. Watkina. Washington, U, a Gort 
Print Off,, 1964 r i. e. 1955, 

TL521.A88 no. 1198 

- .......... Copy 2, 

Gray, W H 

A wind-tunnel invertitfation of the effect* of thraUxto 
inolination on propeller flwt-order vibradoiu by W H. Gnr, 
J r .M.HalH88y l Jr.,andA.E,HeatkJr. Waahlnrioa. U 8. 
Govt, Print Off.. 1954 t i e. 19W, ""* v. * 

.11, 8T> Uloc, dUnw,_ 80 cm.. AtT. S., N.ttocul A<rrl*ory Oo, 

_ w _ W-6t701 


TL521JU8 no,lfl05 

Khrichenko, Evgenil Prokof'^vidu 


*.i 157. 

48, (l| p. dltgn, 28 cm, (Mocxo 
*Jwj??P OPAXOHHKUWK. Tpy*u, 
no. 96 




B-501 x*x 

xKMurxc K PCKOHT. MOCKBA foe, w 
BO otfop. npOMunu,, 1954, 

112 P. Ultu. 28cm. 
Mioronlm copy (negative) 

r**^ WcroMmfcUTlc^ 


Luchanskil, losif Aleksandrovich. 

Pa(5ora Bo-jAyninoro Bimra. Mocicna, 
141 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
-Microfilm copy (negative) 



Slavic 616 AO 


Maynard, Julian D 

Aerodynamic oharacteriatics at hi^h speeds of related 
full-scale propellers having different blade-section cambers, 
by Julian D. Maynard and Loland B. Saltors, Jr. Washing 
ton, IT. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1957. 

U, 24 p. lllua., dlagns. 80 cm. (tU. S,| National Advisory Com- 
rnlttee for Aeronautic*. Report 1800) 

TL521.A88 no. 1309 
-- Copy 2. 

*629,148 629.18436 67-62041 

Nenndovtf, Miroslav. 

Oanovi aonxlinHn'ii 
Nau?na knjigu, 1949. 

xltl, 450 p. lllua,, dlagm. 24 n. 

kontrukcija; eli*ie, Beograd, 


Northrop Aeronautical Institute, I I aw thorny Calif. 

Aircraft power plants, by the ttx'hnioal development staff: 
Charlee Edward Chapel, Ralph 1). Bent ( andj Jaitw L. Me- 
Kinley. Re>v. eel. Now York, McGraw-Hill. 1855. 

892 p. lllun, 28 cm. (It* 8*rt<* of nvtMtton txt) 
TL701.N6 1955 54-4^55 rev t 


Palacios y Martinez, Julio, 1891- 

Jx>s nuevos m^todoe d propuli6n en )a n*vgeidn a^rea, 
Madrid, 0. Btrmejo, impreaor ( i946t, 

U p. tthiN. 2ft rm, (Instltuto NtidtmI d 'Wcfllttt ArnAuc!c, 
SiKflrtn d InformadAa y PuWlendoae*. t!<wnBl<do ailta B) 

Reynold^ Robert M 

An investigation of inle. and dual -rotation propellers 
.t pomtive and nt>#ativ thrust, and in combination with an 
NACA l-mri JHyp* oowlin^ at Matth numbers up to 84 
by Robert M. Reynold!, Rolmrt 1. Hammond*, und John H 
Wilktr. Waihington, XT. S. Oovt Print Off., 1057 ,1. e. 


An ftnftlyNtoof oiu<{)r.mtluii<m om-illntJit|{ ttertnlyimnilo 
thruut bul on ulngb-rotiitinu prot^lltini tm tmt?ttr nir 
pl*nM at Jwroynw, bv Vrnon U Kogallo. I*ul F. Yaggy, 
and John I* MtjCloud, ut, Wiwhlngttin, U, B, Oovt, Print, 
Off,, 1956 1 K& 1067, 


U.S. , 

Airt-ritft projwllem, rrnaiwl by Nnvy 
oatiMui Otr ,attti th* Traininff rublirtitlotui Hwtlonj 
WaliinUn, U, R ovt, Print. Off,, 1054, 

588 p, tuiw, SO cm, {/i*Nivytrtnttteownfli 
TL70S.115 1954 &400fl80 1 

, of ttu Afr Fen*. 
Powerplant midintkaafto* for rtftdprooatiajj 

Aircraft profxillftr handbook. ( PrWrod und*r th au- 
plow of ^* AW-e PaM <m Proptllwt of U 8wboomitt* 
for Air Fw^NavyXM Aireraft tabn CMtHa of UM 
Ahxttaft CoottaittM of t)b MofittkoTSiH, lMd by 
D^t ofthft Air Fom, Alt Ewewtih and Dw*k>|iMmt Oom- 
of th* ty, BnrMtt of AmE3i ,!, 
WbJ*rftto lii 


( W aan irtyton ; 
no. 37 ct 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Evans, Albert J 

A wind-tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic charac 
teristics of a full-scale supersonic-type three-blade propeller 
at Mach numbers to 0.96, by Albert J, Evans and George 
Liner. Washington, TJ. S. Govt Print. Off., 1958 c i. e. 1959] 
II, 42 p. lllus., dlagrs. 80 cm. ( t U. S.j National Advisory Com 
mittee for Aeronautics. Eeport 1375) 
TL521.A33 no. 1375 629.13436 59-61135 

Copy 2. TL706.T4E8 

PROPENE see Propylene 

see also Propylene oxide 
PROPENOIC ACID see Acrylic acid 



Bailey, David Roy Shackleton. 

Propertiana. Cambridge [Eng.j University Press, 1956. 

ill, 32C p. 22 cm. (Cambridge classical studies) 
PA6646.B3 A 56-3389 

Temple Univ. Library 


see also Abandonment of property; Acqui 
sition of property; Actions in rem; Air 
space (Law); Church property; Eminent 
domain; Income; Intangible property; 
Joint tenancy; Land, Nationalization of; 
.Personal property; Possession (Law); 
Primitive property; Property and 
socialism; Real obligations; Real prop 
erty; Refugee property; Res extra com- 
mercium; Restraints on alienation; 
Things (Law); Transfer (Law); Wealth; 
Worthier title 

Abendlandische Akademie, Munich. 

Eigentum in Arbeiterhand; Sozialreferat. c Mtinchen, 
Verlag Neues Abendland ( 1955, 9 1954j 
272 p, illus, 25 en. 

A 56-7987 

Wisconsin. Univ. I.lbr. 

Arbeitsgemeinschaf t der Katholischen SoziaJen Woche. 

Soziale Sicherung durch Neuordnung des Eigentums, 
Augsburg, Winfried-Werk (19541 

158 p. 20 cm. (Its Tortragarelhe der 4. Katbollschen Swlnlcn 
Woche 1953 la MUnchen) 

A 5C-562 
Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Burghardt, Anton. 

Eigentumsethik und Eigentumsrevisionismusj vom Ab- 
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A 57-24:16 
Catholic XJnlv. of America. Library 

Byran for ekonomisk information, Stockholm. 

Aganderatten; dess funktion i ett demokratiskt samhalle, 
Stockholm, 1956. 

181 p. 22 cm. 
HB711.B9 58-48071 J 

Dualde, Joaqufn. 

LA propiedad no es la propiedad. Barcelona [1956] 
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68-46160 t 

Durkheim, Emik, 1858-1017. 

Professional ethics and civic morals; translated by Cor 
nelia Brookfield. London, Boutledge & Paul r!957] 

xllv, 228 p. 28 cm. (International library of sociology and social 

HM216JD853 177 A58rl64f 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Eigentum und Gesellsclxaft; Beitrfige ftr eine zeitgemasse 
Eigentumsordnung (Vonj Marcel Reding [et aL] Graz, Aka- 
demische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, 19fi6. 

69 p. 24 cm. (Schrlften und Vortrtt 1m B*fcuwm der Qrtsdr 
TheologlBchen FakultMt, Relhe A, Heft 4/3) 
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Fernandez, Jesus Maria* 

Justicia social; ni comunismo ni propiedad absoluta, co- 
munidad de bienes creados. Bogotd. Impr. Nacional 1955 

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HB701.F53 55-57358 J 

Frederickson, Owen Patrick, 1921- 

The psychology of ownership ... Washington, Catholic 
University of America Press, 1951 
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Duke Univ. Library A 57-6473 

Giulietti, Ettore. 

Le question! social! e le encicliche dei sommi pontefici; la 
proprieta privata. Venezia, Libreria emiliana editrice t !954] 
08 p. 25cm. 

A 56-6889 
"Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Knapp, Viktor. 

CoffcTBemrocTt B ctpasax HapoflHOft ACMoxpaTHH ; rtpaBO- 
soft PWKHM cotfcTBCHHOCTH B HexociOBansoft Pecny6j[HKe 
Eepeuofl c *emcicoro Jl. <D. ^CysoBoft H K). A. JOflima, HOA 
PEA. K c npeflHor. C H. Eparyca. MocEsa, HSA-BO HHO- 

CTpaHHOft JIHT-pBI. 1954. 

446p. 28cm. 
HB701.KB38 55-22083 

Nava, Nino. 

Le trasformazioni della proprietA. Prefazione: Angelo 
Santoro. Modena, E. Bassi, 1955. 

70 p. 25 cm. (Collana dl monografle glurldlche e storlchfr, n. 16) 

58-43541 J 

Nieuwenhuis, Johan Gradus Jozua Cornells, 1882- 

Enige opmerkiugen over het eigwidomsrecht en de daar- 
mede verband houdende doelstellingen van het socialisme. 
[Schiedam. Vaderlandse Krinp, 1951. 

95 P. 19 cm. (Ultgaven van de Vuderlandse Krlng, 5) 
HBTO1.N48 55-39494 

Nippold, W 

Die Anf ange des Eigentums bei den Naturvolkenx und die 
Entstehung des Privateigentums. 'fl-Qravenlxage, Mouton. 

94 p. 23cm. 

GN420.N56 55-2111 t 

Rheinf els, Horst. 

Kiickkehr zur Menschlichkeit. ( 1. AuflLj Diisaeldorf, 
Econ-Verla/? t !956j 
86 p. 20cm. (DleProblemeunsererZelt, Bd. 1) 

_ A 56-5822 t 

Wisconsin. Unlr, Llbr. 

Salleron, Louis, 1905- 

Los catoUicos v el capitalismo. t Versi6n espanola de 
Enrique Segovia IxSpez y Joa6 Martinez Ortizj Valencia, 
Fomento de Cultura r !953, 

806 p. Idem. 
HB501.S276 68-86554 t 

Soneffl, Alfredo Girolamo, 1920- 

Stato e proprieti aecondo i principi del tomismo. (Albaj 
Edizioni paoline F 1953] 
286p. 25cm. 

A 55-559S 
Catholic TJnlv.ot America, Library 

Szymanski, Stefan. 

Znaczenie drobnej i ^redniej wlaano^ci. Warszawa, 
CWopska Spo^drieMa Wydawnicza, 1946. 

80 p. 21cm. (Blbllotekaruchuludowego, nr. H) 
HB701.S9 59-28866 t 

TimbaJ, Prosper. 

Le cheque en droit libanais, par Prosper Timbal. La phi- 
losophie et lliistoire sociologique du droit de propri&e", par 
Bichara Tabbah. (Beyrouth, 1946j 

ITT p. 24 cm. (University d Lyon. AnnalM de 1-aftcole franchise 
de droit de Byrouth r annee 1946, n I) 


Wentholt, Wyger, 1898- 

Comment on a stock exchange report: the mission of the 
Netherlands in the" world; the rule of law, "private property 
be respected," be applied, t AmsterdamU959j 

52 p, 28cm. 
HG255.W&9 59-8828 t 

Zamayon, Pelayo de. 

La propiedad y el salario justo. Madrid, Ediciones Stu- 
dium de Cultura (1954! 

ie p. 20cm. (Colecddn "Problem*! d hoy") 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Zaragiieta Bengoechea, Juan, 1383- 

Problematica del bien comun. Madrid, A. C. N". de P. 
C 1957? 3 

98 p. 19 cm. (ColecclinBIencormlntSj) 
HB701JZ3 57-33829 t 


Challaye, FeUcien, 1875- 

Historin de la propiedad. Version espanola del Lie. F. X. 
Gonzdlez Diaz Lombardo. : 1. ed. espanolaj Barcelona, Sal- 
vat [1952, 

150 p IS cm (Colecclfin Surco. 76. SrteH) 
HB701.C518 55-19864 J 

Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895. 

Familiens, privatejendommens off statens oprindelse, i 
tilslutning til Lewis H. Morgans unders^gelser. 0vers. af 
Dorothea Nielsenj K^benhavn, Forlaget Tiden, 1948. 

24Tp. 21cm. ( Soclaltsmens klasslkere) 
HQ504.E595 55-22446 

Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895. 

Povod rodiny, sukromnelio vlastnictva a Stain. [Z neme- 
ck6ho originalu prel. Karol Bohm a Karol Truchlik. 3. vyij 
Bratislava, Pravda, 1951. 

170 p. 21 cm, (Vel'ka knlZnlca marrlzmu-lenlnizmu, 6) 
HQfi04.E63 1951 

VALUATION see Valuation 

Le, Robert Warden, 1868- 

The South African law of property, family relations, and 
iccession, by R. W. Lee and A. M. Honorl and T. W. J 


Durban, Butterworth. 1954. 
- Jxr,268,15p. 25cm. 

SchUta^ Josef, 1917- 

W. Price. 


Uts^ Josef, 1917- 

Die VermogenskontroIIe in Bayern bearbeitet nach dem 
itande voni 1. April 1948. Miinchen r !949 ?, 

vl, 1681. dlagr., forma. 29cm. 



Derine, Raymond. 

Grenzen van het eigendomsrecht in de negentiende eeuw; 
bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van het moderne privaatrecht 
Antwerpen, De Sikkel, 1955. 

808 p. 24cm, (Vlaamse rhteJnmdI# blbllotheele) 

57-40706 J 


Bevilaqua, Clovia, 1859-1944. 

Direito das coisas. 4. ed. atualizada por Jose* de Aguiar 
Dias. Rio de Janeiro, Edicao Revista Forense, 1956- 

v. 24 cm, 


Espinola, Eduardo. 

Posse, propriedade, compropriedade ou oondomfaio j direi- 
*< witoptia. Rio de Janeiro, Conquista, 1956. 

008 p. 24 cm. 

57-27059 t 

Gomes, Orlando. 

68-4784$ t 

Monteiro, Washington de Barros. 

Ourso de direito civil j direito das coisaa, 8. ed. rev. Sao 
Paulo, Edicao Saraiva, 1958, 

886 p, 24cm. 


Rodrigues Pereira, Lafayette, 1834-1917. 

Direito das coisas. Adaptaijao a o 06digo civil por JosS 
Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva. 6. ed. Rio de Janeiro, Frei- 
tas Bastes, 1956. 
887 p. 28 cm. 



Alckmin, Jo& Geraldo Rodrifftres de, ed. 

RepertiSrio de jurisprudence do G6digo civil; direito daa 
coisas. S. Paulo, M.Limonad,195L 

64-25164 rev 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Alckmin, Jose" Geraldo Rodrigues de, ed. . 

Eepert6rio de jurisprudencia do C6digo civil. Direito doa 
coisas, 2.ed. S. Paulo, M.Limonad, 1954. 

2y. (968 p.) 24cm. 



Bulgaria. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Co6cTBeHOci; aaicoHii, yxasn, npaBujmnmi, TapiNjm H 
Apyrn iiopMa-niimii auToac. t Ci.cTaBiiTe.i : #M. flnaiirrpoBj 
Cocfrnfl, Hayua n IIBSVCTBO, 1057. 
"* 20C " m ' 59-2765;) 

Bulgaria. Laws, statutes, etc. 

SaKOH aa codcTBeHocrra [Oi 16. xi. 1951 r.j n 
sa ynpaBjieinieTO, pe#a n aafl30pa B eTaxnaxa 
UpaBHJiHHK 3a BnacBaiuiata, IIpaBHJiHHK sa oTiyacAaBawc 
Ha HMOTH 3a flipacasHa H otfmecTBena Hyaena, HpasHJiKHK sa 
fl-bpjicaBHHxe HMOXH, 1566-To nocTaHOBJieHHe na MHH. C%BCI 
ox 29. xii. 1951 r. H ITpe^MCTeH cnpaBoiHHK. c Co$H] 
HayKa H H3KyciBO [1952] 

P> ^ 55-25139 t 

Khristov, Naran. 

IIpaBCH pejKHit Ha jtHinaxa coCcxBeiiocx. CO$HS, Haysa 

H HSKyCTBO, 1957. 

75 p, 17 cm. (HayiHO-nonyJwpHa CHCjiHOTCxa "CouHMHCTHiecKa 



Dupuis Pinillos, Silvia. 

Sinopsis sobre personas y bienes de acuerdo con el pro- 
grama vigente de derecho civil. [Santiago de Chile, 1958. 

ISO p. 27cm. 

56-43359 | 

Rosende Subiabrc, Hugo. 

De los objetos del derecho (bienes) basados en anotaciones 
tomadas en closes del profesor Sr. Hugo Rosende S. tpor 5 
Abraham Kiverstein H. Santiago t de Chile] Bdiciones A. 
G6mez, 1952. 

859 p. 19cm. 



Caputo Moreno, Jorge. 

Apuntea sobre el derecho de propiedad en Colombia. 
Bogota, 1957, 
158 p. 24 era. 

58-44482 t 

Londofio M , Carlos Mario. 

EconomU social Colombians Bogoti, Impr, Nacional, 

289 p. 22cm, 
HN306.L69 5$-482H : 


Zdobinsky, Stanislav. 

K nSkterym ot4zkam osobnlho vlastnictvl t VycL l. 
Praha. Karlova universita, 1957) 
47 p. 24 cm. (Acta UnlvenltatU Carolina*: lurldlca, 1987) 


Eyben, William Edler von, 1912- 

Fonmxexettigheder; indhold, beekyttelae, overdragelae. 
Udg. af Kf*benhavns universitets fond til tilvejebringebe af 
Inrexnidler. K^benhavn, I kommisaon hoe G. E. C. Gad, 

882 p. 24cm. 



Mural, Muhammad 

JUJJ\ .^-^ 





Barraine, Raymond, 191*- 

Droit civil a. annfe t nouveau programme] Paria, Ii- 
brairie genermle de droit et de jurisprudence ,1957] 
281 p. 11 1 18 on. (L'Ald-iDtootrfcr4todUntdrolt) 

68-81277 J 

Dupont-Delestraint, Pierre. 

Droit civil. 2* annSe. Paris, Rousseau, 1957. 
164 p. 24cm. (Mementos Rousseau) 


Esmein, Paul, 1886- 

Coiu-s de droit civil ; r6dig6 d'apiva les notes et nvec 1'auto- 
risntion de M. Esmein; licence I 1 * ann6e, 1954-1055. Paris, 
Cours de droit [1955, 
1014 p. 25ciu. 

56-56174 : 

Esmein, Paul, 1880- 

Cours de droit civil approfondi; r6dig6 d'apr6s les notes 
et avec 1'autorisation de M. Esmein. Dipl6mes d'e'tudes 
supfirieui-es, droit priv6 et examen "A," 1956-1957. Paris, 
Cours de droit t 1957) 
290 p. 20cm. 

58-43624 t 

Fre'javille, Marcel. 

Cours de droit civil, rddigc" d'apr&s la st^notypie et avec 
1'autorisation de M. Fr6javille. Licence l w annee, 1953-1954. 
Paris, Cours de droit t !954] 

1000 p. 25cm. 

55-41582 t 

Mazeaud, Henri, 1808- 

Cours de droit civil, re"dige* d'apres la st4notypie du coura 
et avec 1'autorisation de Henri Mazeaud. Licence 1" annee, 
1954-1955. Paris, Cours de droit t 1955i 
1400 p. 26 cm. 

56-85851 t 

Mazeaud, Leon, 1000- 

Cours de droit civil, rfidige 1 d'apres la st4notypie et aveo 
1'autorisation de Ldon Mazeaud. Capacity !** ann6e, 1958- 
1954. Paris, Cours de droit C 1954, 
717 p. 25 cm. 

55-41525 I 


Derine, Raymond. 

Grenzen van het eigendomsreoht in de negentiende eeuw; 
bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van het moderne privaatreolit. 
Antwerpen, De Sikkel, 1955. 

806 p. 24cm. ( VlnaroM, rechtalcundlge blbliothwik) 

57-40706 t 

Lepointe, Gabriel 

Droit remain et anoien droit jfrano>i: droit dee Hen*. 
tPariSj Dalloz, 1958. 

825 p. Idem. (PrfcUDallo*) 

58-89895 t 

Petot, Pierre. 

Cours d'histoire du droit privfi, rdig d'&pres lea notes ot 
avec 1'autorisation de M. Pctot Dipldmet d T 6tudee iup$- 
rieures, droit romain et histoire du droit, droit priv^ 1964- 
1955. Paris, Coura de droit C 1955, 

158 p. 25cm. 


1949- ) 

Fritzsche, Hans, writer on crime. 

Zum Objekt der Eigontumsverbrechon, von Hans Fritz 
sche and Erich Hubner. Berlin, Doutachcr ZnLntlvorl*g, 

85 P. 24cm. (Dutchwi Injltltut fUr B*chwlftnch*ft 
tearauio Str&tncht, Hft 8) 

1949- ) 

Gnthke, Herbert. 

Saohenrecht. Stuttgart, Fortal-VerUg t '1954- 

Y. 21 cm. (/^ Ju>lBtlchcRwtttorlum) 


KaoU, Eberhard. 

Sachenrecht. Mindelheim rSUeda-Vdrlag, l9Mi 

U Jurl{h Karml*^^, &0. 4) 

Kaon, Bbwhard. 

Sachenrecht. 2, erweitert* Aufl. 
Albrecht8-Yerlag,1957 1 
019 p. 21 cm. (Bit Juriittuch* 


Kuntlehrbflcbtt-, B<J. 4) 

Lent, Friedrich, 1882- 

Stohenrecht; din Studienbuoh. 6., dtutOiMMhttW und 
ergaiizteAufl. MOnchen, Beck, 1&65. 
347 p. 28cm. ( JurHtUche Kar-LhrbQclw) 


Lent, Friedrich, 1882- 

Sachenrecht; ein Studienbuch. 6., durchgesehene und 
erjriinzte Aufl. Munchen, Beck, 1957. 

1237 p. 23 cm. (KurrlehrbUcher fUr das JurlBtlsche Studlum) 

58-10352 J 

Lent, Friedrich, 1882- 

Sachenrecht; ein Studienbuch. 7., durchgeseheno und 
ergonzte Aufl. Mtinchen, C. H. Beck, 1958. 

260 p. 28 cm. (Kuralehrbtlcher fUr daa JurUtlxch* Studlum) 

59-34895 J 

Reinhardt, Rudolf, 1902- 

VerfnsaunRsschut?, des Eigentuma; zwei Abhandlungen, 
von Rudolf Reinhardt und Ulrieh Scheuner. TUbingen, 
Mohr, 1054. 
162 p. 28 cm. 


Wagner, Otto, 1929- 

Die Kigeutumsgurautifi urn! ihrti Hpcht'iiiikvnitf Uurch (ii 
M(")^liohk(Mt dor Sozinlbindung, clr Knt^i^nun^ und dor 
SozialiHiwung genmRfi Artikel 14 und 15 Brmmr (Jrundgfi- 
setz. Miinchon, 1955. 
HO, x i. 80 cm. 


Westermann, Harry. 

Lehrbuch dea Sachenrechts. 3., rweittrte und verb. Aufl. 
Karlsruhe, C. F. Mullor, 1D56 ( *ll>61, 
xvl,T02p. 24cm, 


1949- ) COM FENDS 

Wiefels, Josef, 1 

Reeht; B*chnroht (Bodn- xind Fahrnit* 
a&, tilwei umg*jirl>, Aurt. DUaa^ldorf, L. 

B UruoarlM to* H^Utu utut rter Wlr t . 

cwann { j 
106 p, 2$ cm, (.S 
oUfttt. Abt, 1 : t*rlv(- un 


Wiefelft, Jowf, 189,'i - 

BUr^rliche Itwht : Haclwum<ht j HO FAU mit UkiungM. 
Durchgwshent und rg&nu Aufl. $fcutt|f*rt> W. Kohl- 
hammer ( 19&6) 

US p, S3 cm. (fkhnpffon. ftfhtmu j pfMkttiwh rftUt salt 


Lmwson, Frdrlclc H*nry. 

Introduction to the law of property, Oxford, 
Prww, ID58. 
300 p, US on. JUrHK>Qlw*ert) 


Ltvontln, Avigdor Victor. 


"^wn .^icsvn ^yoQ nnnn >i 
'wufttlem] 100B. 
4 r, (7, KB, 3ft L) ^ 


ArUaga Can*, Lula 

Funci6n social d la proplwdtwl y 1 contmto d 
mi&nto. H4x 
00 r, 3an, 

IbwroK AnUHiio dc 

OoMi y oo.-ionoc Mexico, d&kl Pordb, IW. 

Madrid Hurta4o,Mlfftt*ia la. 

El ptnftuniat<v ftootwSatico x U 
1807. Mtxioo, 1957. 
140 p, as cm. 

Mexko, Ctnffrw OwMuytnt^ JW-tM7. 

Tra Totot y tm d*b*t* dal 
97. Sl*ccdn 

JLlftlC 1857 JUW 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROPERTY (Continued) 

Martuiovii, Niko S. 

Bajixasap Bonnnnh. E^emae, 1958- 
v. port 25 cm. 


Keyzer, L F V 

Beginselen van het Nederlandse zakenrecht, met verwi]2ing 
naar het ontworpen burgerlijk wetboek. 's-Gravenhage, A. 
Jong:bloed, 1956. 

848 p. 25cm. 

56-43641 t 

Pitlo, A 

Het zixkenrecht naar het Nederlands Burgerlijk wetboek. 
2. druk. Haarlem, H. D. Tjeenk WiUink, 1951. 

516 p. 25 cm. 


Pitlo, A 

Het zakenrecht naar het Nederlands Burgerlijk wetboek. 
3. druk Haarlem, H. D. Tjeenk Willink, 1955. 
528 p. 25cm. 

58-31984 J 


Tingsrett. 3. omarb. utg. av et forelesningsreferat, som 
forhapentligvis vil veere et nyttig hjelpemiddel i tingsretts- 
atudiet. Som tillegg er tatt med utdrag av departementets 
redelg]'0relse for de nye lovforslag til lover om kj0p p& 
avbetaling, og om adgang til a tinglyse rettsstiftelser i f ar- 
tjiyer og rutebiler. Oslo, 1952. 

55 p. 80cm. 

54H12417 t 


Castaneda, Jorge Eugenio. 

Los derechos reales. Lima [Editorial Castrillon Silvaj 

v. 28cm. (Htolnstltuclcmesdederecho civil) 


Romero Romafia, Eleodoro. 

Derecho civil, los derechos reales. 2. ed. aumentada. Lima 
tTall. Graf. "Marco," 1957 1, 
2T. 28 cm. 

57-33696 t 


Diangco, Delfin S 

Handbook on insurance, agency, insolvency, property and 
recent legislations, for commerce students. Kev. ed.] Que 
zon City, P. P. Agustin t 1957j 

828 p. 23 cm. 

57-47312 1 


Czachorski, Witold. 

Wlasnoa"<5 osobista w swietle Konstytucji Polakiej Rzeczy- 
poapolitej Ludowej. t Wyd. l.j Warszawa, Panstwowe 
Wydawn. Naukowe, 1956. 

110, [8j p. 20 cm. (Monografie popolarnonaulcowe: Prawo) 


Poland. Laws, statute*, etc. 

Prawo rzeczowe, Prawo o ksiegach wieczystych oraz 
przepisy wprowadzajace. Wedhig stanu prawnego na dziefi 
1 wrzea, 1954 r. [Opracowali: Stanistaw JaWonski i 
Ryszard Chrzanowaki) Waroawa, Wydawn. Prawnioce, 

65 p. 21cm. 

Wasilkowski, Jan. 

Prawo rzeczowe. [Wyd. l.j L6df , Panstwowe Wydawn. 
Naukowe, 1956- 

r. 25 cm. ( Skrypty dla wlctt wyfcwych) 


Wasilkowski, Jan. 

Prawo rzeczowe w zarysie. [Wyd. l.j Warazawa, Pan 
stwowe Wydawn. Kaukowe, 1957. 
407 p. 25cm. 



Rodriguez Ramos, Manuel 

Casos para el eetudio de los derechoe realee, t l. ed.) San 
Juan, Ediciones de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1966. 
882 p. 24cm. 



Arzamasfsev, Aleksandr Nikolaevich. 

Oxpana cortHaaacTH^ecEOft cotfcTBCHHocTn no COBCTCKOM/ 
rpaacAaHCEOMy npaay. JIeHHHrpafl] 1956. 
207 p. 22cm. 


Erofeev, B V 

Oxpana Koaxosnon coScTseHHOCTii. MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO 

BpHfl. JIHT-pK, 1954. 

89 p. 20cm. 
-- Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 526 AC 


Harass, Aleksandr Vasil'evich, 1890-1953. 

TJpaBo rocy^apCTBCHHoft conHajTHCXHiecEoft CCMSCTBCHHO- 
CTH; oCi-eKTu H co^ep^aHHe. MocKsa, HSJ-BO AKa,zreMHH 

277 p. 23 Cm. 


Kazantsev, Nikolai Dmitrievich. 


BO, 1948. 
192 p. 20cm. 

49-29412 rev* 

Kazanfsev, Nikola! Dmitrievich. 


ACMHn navK CCCP, 1952 

46 p. 20" cm. (AKaACMHH nayx CCCP. HHCTHTVT npaaa. HaysHO- 

ji cepwji) 

53-20223 rev 

Kazantsev, Nikolai Dmitrievich. 

IIpaBo EOflxosHott coCcTseHHOcTii B CCCP. MocKBa, Toe. 

H3fl-B0 rapllfl, .THT-pH, 1953. 

50 p, 20 cm. (nony^HpHaji K>pnAHHecKa ^Hreparypa) 

54-41153 rev 


IIpaBo JtaiHOtt cotfcTBCHHocTa rpax^aH CCCP. 
HS^-BO AKaflCKHH nayr CCCP, 1955. 
180 p. 22cm. 

55-43078 t 

Khubenov, AngeL 

UpaBoxo na coCcxBCHOCT it itacie^HBaHe B C-iBexcEnji 
Ci3. C npe^rosop ox H. Meaopax. Co4n^, 1947, 
lOOp. 21 cm. 


Kolesov, Nikolai Dmitrievich. 

OCmecTBeanaa cotfcxseHHOCTt ata cpe^cisa npOHSBO^- 
cxsa ocHOsa npOHSBOflCTBeHHiix OTHoraeHHa conjatajiHSMa, 
MocKsa, Toe. HSJI-BO nojtHT. JIHT-PH, 1959. 

125 p. 20 cm. (B noMoms HaynaiouwM ncwiHTHHecKyw SKOHOMHW) 
HB701.K54 59-47840 \ 

Kolesov, Nikolai Dmitrievich. 

Con0ajiMCTHieciaui CCXSCTBCHHOCTI. JlenaHrpaff, 1954. 
44 p. 20cm. 
HB701.K55 56-20686 t 

Komarov, B K 


KaTcropini lopH^UHCCKiix Jiim no coaexcKOiiy npaay. Mo- 
CKBE, 1957. 
21 p. 20 cm. 


Koshelev, Filipp Pctrovich. 

ConHajiHCTB'iecKaa coficxBCHHOCTt ; cxesorpaMMa nyfijiHi- 
HOtt JttKijHH, npo^tHxaHHott 27 HO<Spat 1946 ro^a ... B Mo- 
CKDC. MocKBa [IIpaB^a] 1947. 

80 p, 2lczn. 
HB701.K6 49-54234 rev*t 

Master, V F 

Upaso JiKiKOft co6cxBCHHOcxH Ha sKHJioft AOM B repose z 
pado^eu noceJixe. MOCKBE, Foe. HS^-BO X>PH^. jmx-pu, 1954. 
94 p. 20cm. 


PoUanskaO, G 


flBOpe. MocK 
50 p. 22 cm, 

. H3fl-ao f 1948. 
HapOAHoro c 


H H HapoAHoro 


Property (private and public) in the U. S. S. R.; questions 
and answers. London. Soviet news, 1954. 
20 p. 19cm. (Sorlt oewa booklet) 


Tolstoi, fiTrii Kirillovich. 

cxBeEHocxu B CCCP. 
217 p. 22cm. 

3am;Hia npasa co6- 


Venediktov, AnatoliZ Vasil'evich, 1887- 

rpaxc^aHCKO-npaBOBa^ oxpana conHajrucxH'recKOft co6- 
CCCP, 1954. 
268 p, 23 cm. 


Zagorodnikov, N I 

KaK COBCTCKOC rocy^apcxBO oxpanacx coi;iiajiicTHtecKyx> 

COCCXBCHHOCXE.. MoCKBa, Foe. H3fl-BO lOpHfl. JTHX-pH, 1954. 

46 p. 20cm. 


Zdobinsky, Stanislav. 

K nekterym otazkam osobniho vlastnictvi. [Vyd. 1. 
Praha, Karlova universita, 1957] 

47 p. 24 cm, ( Acta Unlversltatis Oarollnae : lurtdlca, 1957) 



Dualde, Joaquin. 

La propiedad no es la propiedad. Barcelona t 1956] 
168 p. 20cm. 



Colegio Notarial de Barcelona. 

Propiedad y matrimonio; conferencias de los cursillos de 
los anos 1948 y 1949. Barcelona, 1956. 
350'p, 25 cm. 



Unden, Bo Osten, 1886- 

Svensk sakratt. 3. genomsedda uppl. Lund, Gleerup 

t !955- 



Reinhard, Walter, economift. 

Betriebswirtschaftliche Betrachtung des steuerrechtlichen 
VennSgens- und Kapitalbegriffes. Bern, P. Haupt, 1949. 
141 p. 28cm. 



American law of property; a treatise on the law of prop 
erty in the United States. [Editor-in-chief: A. James 
Oasnei] Boston, Little, Brown, 1952-54 t v. 6A, 1954] 

7v.ln8. 25cm. 

883.8 52-10285 rev 2 

Commons, John Rogers, 1862-1945. 

Legal foundations of capitalism. Madison, University of 
Wisconsin Press, 1957. 
x,SD4p. 20cm. 

880.15 57-9770 


Caaner, Andrew James, 1907- 

Gases and text on property, by A. James Casner iand, 
W. Barton Leack 1st standard ed. with 1959 suppL Bos 
ton, Little, Brown, 1161 ,L e. 1959, 
liWp. 34cm. (Ltwchoolca*BbookMri) 

^ 59-915 t 

Williams, Howard R ed. 

Oases and materials on the law of property. Brooklyn, 
Foundation Press, 1954. 
xxT,8G8p. 27cm. (XJntTerilty cawbookserlea) 

847.2 55-616 


Alessandro Saullo, Jos^ d*. 

1 estudio del titulo de propiedad. Montevideo, 1956. 
102 p. 25cm. 

57-41071 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROPERTY (Continued) 

Gams, Andrija. 

OCHOBU CTBapiior npasa. [Beorpapt] IIo.iiiT ( 1955j 
267 p. forms 24 cm. 


PaSid, Najdan. 

IQTa je cBojiiHa. Eeorpa^, HapoAHa Kitura, 1952. 
81 p, 20 cm. (BHSflHOTexa RojiHTHKa H Apyuiroo) 
HB701.P:} 56-34174 


Dooyeweerd, Herman, 1894- 

De verhouding tussen individu en gemeenschap in de Ro- 
meinse en Gormaanse eigendomsopvatting. Amsterdam, 
H.JL Paris [1956] 
451. 34cm. 

57-45675 J 


Bindschedler, Rudolf L 1916- 

La protection de la propriStfi privfo en droit international 

(/ Hague Academy of International Law. Recuell dcs cours, 
1056, rt. Ley den. 25 cm. v. 90 (1967) p. [178]-806. port) 
JX74.H3 vol. 90 A 59-1532 

Northwestern Univ. Sch. of Law. Library 


Tyabji, Kamila. 

Limited interests in Muhammadan law. With a foreword 
by John Beaumont London, Stevens, 1949. 
xv, 222 p. 22cm. 



see also Universitates (Civil law) 

Dooyeweerd, Herman, 1894- 

De verhouding tussen individu en gemeenschap in de Bo- 
meinae en Germaanae eigendomsopvatting. Amsterdam, 
H.J. Paris 1956, 
451. 84cm. 

57-45675 J 

Kaser, Max, 1906- 

Bigentum und Besitz im alteren rtfrnischen Rechi 2. Aufl, 
mit Nachtragen. KBln, Bohlau-Verlag. I960. 

ad 1, 807 p. 28 cm. (Foruchungen xum rtfmUchen Bcht, 1. Abhand 


Lepointe, GabrieL 

Droit remain et anoien droit francaia: droit des biens. 
[Parisi Dalloz, 1958. 
826 p. 19cm, (PrtoU Dallo.) 

58-89895 J 

PROPERTY, ALIEN see Alien property 
PROPERTY, CHURCH see Church property 

against property 


Offenses against property 

PROPERTY, PERSONAL see Personal proper 


PROPERTY, REAL see Real property 



Flnigar, AlpJsU, 

JPosebni primeri u; \ . ">e sploenega Ijudskegs, premoienja, 
Ljubljana, Driavna, * . - Slovenije, 1961. 

29 p. 22 cm. C^-~ " \e fakuttete v LJublJaal, 8) 
HX550.P7F5 58-81815 t 

Lenin, Vladimir B'ich, 1870-1924. 

FOG. CT3fl-BO HOJIHT. JIHT-pH, 1958. 

886 p. 21cm. 
HX550.P7L4 59-18333 t 



Here are entered works on the general 
property tax, including both real and 
personal property. Works on the 
general property tax in individual cities, 
counties, or other local government 
units are entered under the heading 
Taxation, with local subdivision 

see also Capital levy; Land Taxation; 
Taxation of personal property 

Federation of Tax Administrators, 

Equalization programs and other State supervisory activi 
ties in the property tax field ; preliminary report. Chicago, 

-461. tables. 28cm, (7f* Reaoarcb. report no. 42) 
[HJ2360.F4 no. 42] A 58-860 

Syracuse. XTnlv. Llbr. 


Vieiro, Raul Oscar. 

Incrementos patrimoniales de origen injustificado; su ira- 
posicifin frente al Decreto-ley 4078/56. t Attaliais, oomon- 
tarios y ejercicioa de la materiaj Buenos Aires, Soloooio'n 
Contable ( 1956, 

50 p. 20cm. 

58-18899 t 


Arkansas. Division of Ataessmmt Coordination, 

Legal section, real estate and personal property ossowmwit 
manual Little Rook, 1956. 

11, 187 p. 28 cm, 

886.2S2 57-63488 


Austria. Lawa, statutes, oto. 

Bewertuaff und Vemftwube8tuorunfl:: Reohttvoraohrif- 
ten, Entscheidungen, ErlEuterungcn und Sachrogirtw ,v<i 
Anton Lager. Wien, Krifltall Vwlwr, 1987. 

via, 800 p. 17 cm. 


Austria. Laws, ttatutu, etc. 

Das VermJJgenstfruerffeeetz 1954, Mit erlttuUrnden An- 
merkungen, den Riohtlmien far die Vera-nkgung dr Vw- 
mdgenateuer ab 1, J&nner 1955 und einechligigen GewUw- 
eteflen. Nwsh dem Stand* vom 1. Juli 1956 hrw. von Alfred 
Twaroch. Wien, Vrkg der 0*t*michUdwtt SUtdrook- 

tUL 290 p. 18 cm. (Htndmti^bo 0*t>rr*lchlKbftr QMt and 
Vrordnun|a ; n. P., Gruppo 4 j rtn*tt*cht, Bd, 4) 

California. Lsgitlatur*. Joint InttrLm 

Final report, May, 1959. c Saonunento, 1959j 
MO p. dlajfit., table*. 2Scm. 
HJ4121.02A45 386JW2 


Calif ornlm. Ojfa of State Controller, 

Assessed valuations, tax rates and indebtedness of 
counties of California. 1955/56- 
( Sacramento | 

v. 28 cm. annual. 

California. Stot* Board of Eq, 

CaUforaia property taxes, 1987-1948 to 1948-1940. Sac 
ramento, State Bo*rd of Equalization, Division of Research 
and Statistics ,1949, 

27L 96cm. 
HJ4121.02A48 66-6S9*4 t 

California. StoU Board o 

Property tax assessment practices la OUf ornia, prepsjed 
by Division of Research and Statistics. Sacramento, 1954, 

T.Wp, Ulu,,rap,*win. cm. 
HJ4121.C2A5 836.22 65-62128 


Colombia. Laws, tttatutes, &ta. 

Rfigimen del impueato a In renta y complemontarios, por 
Alberto Silva. Bo#otd, I^egislaci6n Econ<5mica t !957- 
1 v, (l(K)S<3-leaf) foniis. 2ft om. 


Raisbeck, James Wallace, 1900- 

Codilicucioa del impmisto sobro la ronta, patrimonio y 
exooso (U utilidadcs. Con la colaboraeitfn de Carlos Julio 
Avpilla. Bogota, Editorial Iquoima, 1D54-55, 
2 v. 24 ora. 


Ramirez, Rafael M 

Instruc-ciones para li tlecluraci6n do la renta y el patri 
monio. 12. fid. cornsgicla y adicionada con Uxins las dis- 
poeicionfts dictadas vlltimnmente bre la materia. Bogoti, 
Libreria Colombinna, 1967, 

148 p. 24 cm. 

68-21149 J 

Colorado. Legislative Council. Auusmtnt Mot hod* Com- 


Colorado property assessment methods; report to the Colo 
rado General Assembly. (Denver) 1958. 

xxv, 107 p. dlARr., table*. 38 cm, (Colorado. r^rlBtntlre Ooun- 
ell. RiKMrch publication DO, 28) 
JK7801.A82 no. 38 836.228 59-62710 

Colorado. Leytthtive Council. 

Method* Com- 

Sales ratio study; report to the Colorado General Assem 
bly. (Denver) 1988, 

a T, table*. W cm. (Colorado, kfctfiilattv* OoundJ. RMreh 
publication no, 37, 39) 
JK7801.A82 no, 27, 29 


Connecticut, Tm Rfady O 

Property taxes in Conneotiout; 
C im, , 

Hurtford, 1950, 

Connecticut, University. m* o w* 
Property Ux excmptiorm in Omntctlcut town* and cities, 

1929-1953 ,byj Beldoa H. 8ohirr { imdj Putrid* Staait 

Stom, 1965. 

88 p. llluiu 98 eta. 


Sk*tt*lov lO&^O; ^a^dft Indkomitt- 
love for sktttir*t 196^50. 8*mlt *f V, 
K^benlmvn, Nyt nordlak fwltf i 1SW ' 

formuwk R tt*- 

BitKxknia| om 
(jbilmvn, J. H. 
3 *. 30 cm. 

indkooat og t onnu* m, v, 


Hvorledes udfy Id* tl v^gi v*l*i f Vj ledning far hAnd- 
mrksmestrft ved opg^*l*w; f dn tkftUefliftlg* Indkorwrt 

** o^ formueik*tter wmt 




Florid* tax aaseseo 

19SU1, Florida stetwtes, 
Borid* Bud|e Oommitskii, 

nil, 128 p, tOoft, 3t cm, 

d, j authorised by 

adoj>Ud by 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


FLORIDA (Continued) 

Florida. State University, Tallahassee. Bureau of Govern 
mental Research and /Service. 

State supervision of the general property tax, with par 
ticular reference to Florida. Tallahassee, School of Public 
Administration, Florida State University, 1953. 

15 (i. e. 18) 1. 28 cm. [/t* Studies In government, no. 11) 
HJ4121.F6F55 836.212 A 55-9193 rev 

Florida. Univ. Library 

Griffin, William Mell, 1924- 

State supervision of local assessments. Tallahassee, Bu 
reau of Governmental Research & Service, School of Public 
Administration, Florida State University, 1957] 

55 1. tables. 28 cm. (Florida. State University [Tallahassee: 
Bureau of Governmental Research and Service. Studies In govern 
ment, no. 18) 

HJ4120.G7 336.22 A 57-9474 

Florida. State Univ. Library 

Means, Ernest Elmer. 

County property tax assessment in Florida t byj Ernest E. 
Means and W. M. Martin. Tallahassee, Bureau of Govern 
mental Research & Service, School of Public Administra 
tion, Florida State University, 1957. 

vl, 175 p. tables. 28 cm. (Florida. State University, Tallahas- 
:see. Bureau of Governmental Research and Service. Studies In 
(government, no. 20) 

HJ4121.F6M4 336.292 A 57-9475 

Florida, State Univ. Library 


Kappe, August. 

Soforthilfe-Gesetz, Sicherungs-Gesetz ; was miissen die 
Hamburger Siedler, Eigenheimbesitzer und Behelfsheim- 
siedler vom Soforthilfe-Gesetz und vom Gesetz zur Siche- 
rung von Forderungen fur den Lastenausgleich (Sicherungs- 
gesetz) wissen? Eine praktische Anleitung. Hamburg, 
Verlag Christen t 1949j 

44 p. 22cm. 


LIC, 1949- ) 

Becker, Kurt. 

Lexikon des Vermogensteuer- und Bewertungsrechts. 
[Berlin] Deutsoher Zentralverlag 1957] 
886 p. 22cm. 


Germany (Democratic Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, 

Das Venndgensteuerrecht; eine systematische Zusaminen- 
fassung aller geltenden bewertungs- und vermSgensteuer- 
rechtlichen Beatimmungen einschliesslich der Vermogen 
steuer- und Bewertungsrichtlinien 1955. Zusammengestellt 
und bearb. von einem Autorenkollektiv im Ministerium der 
Finanzen, Abgabenverwaltung. Berlin, Deutsoher Zentral 
verlag [1955] 

208 p. 21 cm. (Schrtfteorelhe mm AJbfabenrecht, Heft 14) 


1949- ) 

Germany (federal Republic, 1949- ) Bundesministe- 
rwan der Finanzen. 

Vennogensteuer - Richtlinien ftir die VermSgensteuer - 
Hauptveranlagung 1963 (VStR 1953). Bonn, W. Stollfuss, 
280 p. 21cm. 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Die Veranlagung der VennQgensteuer fur die Kalender- 
jahre 1949 bis 1951 (Hauptveranlagung 1949) rait der 
Hauptfeststellung der wirtschaftlichen Einheiten des Be- 
triebsvermo'gens. Ein Erlauterungsbuch von Ludwig Ellin- 
ger, Rudolf Schug t und] Alfred Ehlers. Berlin, F. Vahlen, 

ill, 276 p. (p. 274-276 advertisements) 22 cm. 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statute*, etc. 
Vennflgensteuer und Einheitsbewertung. Kommentar von, 
Rudolf Schug ( und] Alfred Ehlers. 2. vollig neubearb. und 
erweiterte Aufl. Berlin. F. Vahlen, 1954. 

nil, SeOp. 22cm. 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Law, statute*, etc. 

Vermogensteuergesetz, Erbschaftsteuergeaetz, Bewer- 

tungsgesetz mit niirr.hfiihrii'ng^b^.itmTmng^Tv und sonstigen 

einschlagigen Vorschriften. Teztausg. mit Verweisungen 

und Sachverzeichnis. 9., verm. Aufl/Munchen, Beck, 1958. 

201 p. 16cm. (Beck'scheTextausgabeu) 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Vermogensteuergesetz; Erbschaftsteuergesetz ; Bewer- 
tungsgesetz mit Durchf iihrungsbestimmungen und sonstigen 
einschlagigen Vorschriften. Textausg. mit Verweisungen 
und Sachverzeichnis. 12., durchgesehene Aufl. Stand vom 1. 
Oktoberl957. Miinchen, Beck, 1957. 

186 p. 17cm, (Beck'scheTextausgaben) 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Vermogensteuergesetz. Kommentar begriindet von Willy 
Weckerle, fortgefiihrt von Alfons Diirschke. 3., neubearb. 
Aufl. Miinchen, Beck, 1956. 

xxvll, 219 p. 20 cm. (Beck'sche Steuerkommentare, Bd. 2) 


Germany (Territory undev Allied occupation, 1945- 
Vereinifftes Wirtsohaftsgeliet) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Gesetz zur Milderung dringender sozialer Notstande (So- 
forthilfegesetz-SHG) Textausg. mit Vorwort, zusammen- 
fassender Darstellung des SHG und des Sicherungsgesetzes, 
Kurzkommentar zu den einzelnen Paragraphen des SHG 
unter Beriicksichtigung der DurchfUhrungsverordungen 
nebst Beispielen, bizonaler Durchfiihrungsverordnung und 
Durchfuhrungsanordnungen und Erlassen der Lander zum 
Sicherungsgesetz, Wertfortschreibungsgesetz, Fliichtling- 
siedlungsgesetz, Sachregister. Hrsg. von Wilhelm Kite und 
Ernst Raue. Stuttgart, W. Kohlhammer ,1949] 

319 p. 18 cm. (Kohlhammer Gesetzesterte) 


Hoeres, Otto Josef. 

Die Veranlagung der Vermogensteuer (die neuen Vermo- 
gensteuerrichtlinien sind berucksichtigt) Zeitgemasse 
Steuerfragen 1953 (neue Wege zur Steuerersparnis) [Frei 
burg i, Br., 1953 ?, 

128 p. 21cm. (Der Steueraahler) 


Kleinsorg, Franz Josef, 1894- 

Wie habe ich meine Vermogenserklarung abzuiyeben ? 
Bonn, M'. Stollfuss. 

v. 30 cm. annual. (Stollftiss-Leltfttden, Nr. L4) 


Ley, Rolf Hasso. 

Die Bewertungsgrundsatze des Bewertungs- und Einkom- 
mensteucrgesetzes, unter besonderer Beriicksichtigung der 
Bewertung des gewerblichen Betriebsvermogens. Berlin. 
Duncker & Humblot rl956, 

108 p. 24cm. 

57-46491 J 

Schmitt-Degenhardt, Hubert 

Vermo'gensteuer. 2. erweiterte Aufl. Stuttgart, ScMffer, 

122 p. 21cm. (BuchrelheFlnaniundSteuern.Bd.e) 

56-41709 t 

Stenger, Alfons. 

Wie habe ich meine Vermogenserklarung 1953 abzugeben? 
Eine ausf Uhrliche Erlautei-ung an Hand der amtlichen Vor- 
drucke mit Hinweis auf die Grunds&tze der Venno'gensbe- 
steuerung und die Befreiirngsvorschrifteii, von Alfons Sten 
ger t und] Hans Diedenhofen. 9. Aufl. Bonn. W. Stollfuss 

28 p. 80cm. (Stollfuss-Leltradea) 



Cincinnati Bureau of Governmental Research. 

General property taxes in Hamilton County. Cincinnati, 

111,161. 18 tables. 28cm. 
HJ4121.052H33 59-2S93C 


Illinois. Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Revenue act of 1939 as amended through- 1953, to 
gether with the Revenue article of the constitution, the Illi 
nois municipal budget law, an Act for the assessment and 
taxation of the private car line companies, and Rules of the 
Department of Revenue, Property Tax Division. July, 1954, 
ed. [Springfield] Dept of Revenue of the State of Illinois 
t 1954 3 
x,248p. 28cm. 

Illinois Univ. Library 

Page, Thomas, 1913- 

Illinois property tax procedures manual, by Thomas Page, 
Irving Howards ( and] Norman G. P. Krausz. Urbana, Uni 
versity of Illinois, Institute of Government and Public 
Affairs, 1958. 

1 T. (loose-leaf ) Ulus. 80cm. 

Illinois. Uulv. Library 

Pealy, Robert H 

A comparative study of property tax administration in 
Illinois and Michigan, with emphasis on State administra 
tion of intercounty equalization. Ann Arbor, Bureau of 
Government, Institute of Public Administration, University 
of Michigan, 1956. 

vlli, 128 p. dlagrs., tables. 28 cm, (University of Michigan. 
Michigan governmental studies, no. 88) 
HJ4121.M5P4 56-63345 

Pealy, Robert H 

A comparative study of property tax administration in 
Illinois and Michigan, with emphasis on State administra 
tion of inter-county equalization. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms t 1956j 

([University Microfilms, Ann Axbor, Mtch.j Publication no 18,686) 



India (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

A hand book on wealth tax, expenditure tax and central 
sales tax ; a book of ready reference and as amended up-to- 
date. Delhi, Institute of Directors [1957!] 

1 v. (various paglngs) 25 cm. 

India (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Wealth-tax act, 1957 j no. 27 of 1957. c Delhi, 1957] 
29 p. 24 cm. 

58-^5075 t 

Puchbotzky, Daniel 

.T"tat?n .nto^i tofitwtf rrojn icon n^ ,a^-^>n ^ 

iv, 1956j 
210 p. 24 cm. (iiDh jjTO nuD^ mtno) 

59-58732 J 


Kansas. Citizens Commission on Assessment Equalisation. 

A program of action to improve assessment procedures in 

Kansas; report submitted to the Governor and the 1955 Lec- 

idature. Topeka, Printed by F, Voiland, Jr., State printer, 

75 p. Illus., maps. 28 cm. 
HJ4121.K3A5 1954 

Kansas. Property Valuation Dept. 

Statements of ad valorem taxes levied. 1957- 

v. 86cm. 
HJ4121.K3A3 336.22 


Maine. Bureau of Taxation. 

Guide for use of assessors. Apr. 1947- 



50-62783 rev 2 

Maine. Bureau of Taxation, 

Review of property tax statutes; report of the State tax 
assessor pursuant to chapter 98, Resolves, 1953. Augusta, 

48 1. 28 cm. 

55-62397 t 

Maine. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Laws relating to property taxation. Constitutional pro 
visions and extracts from chapters 16, 22, 36, 41, 59, 89, 91, 
91-A and 102 of the Revised statutes of 1954 including the 
amendments up to and including 1955, effective August 20, 
1955. fAugustaj Bureau of Taxation C 19M, 
lOOp. 28cm. 


Maine. Laws, statute*, etc. 

Laws relating to property taxation. Effective Aug. 28, 
1957. [Augusta] Bureau of Taxation r !957j 
100 p. 28 cm. 

836.22 57-68729 


Massachusetts. Special Commission on JSfuaKaation and 

Interim report 

Boston, Wright & Potter Print Co., legislative printers. 
J8T.M4 date* 56-63080 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PKOPERTY TAX (Continued) 

National Education Asaodatton of the United States. 00m- 
mittee on Tax Education and School Finance. 

Tax losses from property tax exemptions; a pilot study- 
based on the State of Michigan. [Washington] 1954. 

82 p. tlhis. 23cm. 
HJ4591.M5N3 57-4434* t 

Aarave study of property tax administration in 
Illinois and Michigan, with emphasis on State administra 
tion of intercounty equalization. Ann Arbor, Bureau of 
Government, Institute of Public Administration, University 


table* 328 cm. (Ualveralty of Michigan. 
Michigan governmental itudlea, no. 88) 

Pealy, Robert H 

A comparative study of property tax administration, in 
Illinois and Michigan, with emphasis on State administra 
tion of inter-county equalization. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms rl956i 

(rTJnlversIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 18,686) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,686 Mic 56-5809 

Michigan. UnlT. Llbr. 


Schmidt, Edward Benjamin, 1000- 

Estimated impact of retail sales tax in Nebraska. t Lux- 
coln, University of Nebraska, College of Business Adminis- 

ss ata&, table-. 28 cm. (Bualnew rewerch bulletin no. 62) 
HF1184.N4 no. 62 886.2718 56-68696 


Blomjous, H M J 

Het ontwerp van Wet vermogensaanwasbelastiiig in ver- 
band met het socialistisch economisch-fiscaal beleid van 
Minister Lieftinck. c Tilburg, Drukkerij H. Bergmans, 


16 p. 21 cui. 
HJ4125.N45B5 56-25941 t 

De Successiewet en de Wet op de vermogensbelasting, in 
verband met de levensverzekering voor hen, die bij de ao- 
quisitie betrokken zijn. Zutphen, W. J. Thieme, 1952. 

181 * 55-48036 t 

Netherlands (Kingdom, 1816- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 

Wot op de vermogensbelnsting 1892. Wet van de 27ste 
September 1892, S. 223, zoals deze is gewijssigd en anngevuld 
bij de wetton van 7 December 1896, S. 207, 27 April 1904, 
S. 80, 14 Juli 1904, S. 146, 15 Juli 1907, S. 208, 19 December 
1914, S. 568 en 564, 9 November 1917, S. 680, 27 Juli 1918, 
S. 504, 11 April 1919, S. 170, 28 Mei 1925, S. 215, 28 April 
1927, S. 98 en 100, 15 Maart 1928, S. 68, 16 Maart 1928, S, 68, 
14 Juni 1930, S. 245, 26 Mei 1982, S. 220, 8 Juli 1982, S, 889, 
80 December 1982, S. 702, bij het Besluit van de Secretaris- 
sen-Generaal van de Departementen van Financien en vau 
Vermogensbelasting, aantekeningen en alphabetisoh register. 
11. druk, door W. Dirksen. Zwolle, W. B. J. Tjeenk Wil- 


176 p. 20x9 cm. (Nederlandw stutjwetten, no. 53) 



Schippers, B 

Aftrekposten bij de inkomsten- en vermogensbelasting 
C door 3 B. Schippers t en 3 J. L. van Hedel. 8. vermeerderde 
druk] Leiden, Nederlandsche Uitgeversmij. t 1952j 

80 p. 16cm. (HetModemebedrtJrtleveM) 



New Hampshire. State Konnfo? and Development Com 

New Hampshire; initial town property survey report, 
1957. ( By New Hampshire State Planning and Develop 
ment Commission and Economic Growth Survey Committee. 
1 by Charles L. Orangle, planning director 


94 p, tablet, 28cm. 

tanning associate. 




Frank, Henry J 1919- 

The New Jersey property tax: substitute for State aid 
Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms tWW, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1569 Mic 58-1569 

Columbia TTnlT. Llbrarlw 

ew Jersey. Legislature. Conference Group on Full Assess 
ment Problems. _ 

Public hearing[S, before Legislative Conference Group on 
Full Assessment Problems recommendations on Senate 
and Assembly bills numbers 81, 82, 84, 85, 86, and 87, and 
Senate and Assembly concurrent resolutions number 23. 
Held February 11, [February 25, and March 3] 1959. Tren 
ton, 1959. 

Hji'SLNCAM m ' 336.222 A 59-9363 

New Jersey. State Llbr. 

New Jersey. Legislature. Senate. Committee on Revision 
and Amendment of Laws. 

Public hearing on Senate concurrent resolution no. 33 
proposing to amend Article VIH, section I, paragraph 8, of 
the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, by increasing 
veterans' exemption on real imd personal property to an ag 
gregate assessed valuation not exceeding $800. Held April 
24, 1959. [Trenton, 1959, 

HJ4121.N5A58 386.2209749 A 59-9526 

New Jersey. State Llbr. 


New Mexico. State Tax Commission. 

New Mexico property taxes; statement showing taxes 
levied, taxes collected and percent of taxes collected. 
tSanta Fe, 

HJ412i,N6A8 58-62898 t 


Covert, Theodore fi 

Some changes in property taxes in New York State, 1941- 
1055. Ithaca, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Cornell 
University Agricultural Experiment Station, New York 
State College of Agriculture, Cornell University, 1957. 

58 p. lllua. 28 cm. (Dept of Agricultural Economic*, Corntll Uni 
versity Agricultural Experiment Station. A. B. 1067) 
S95.E885 no. 1067 57-68604 t 


Lewis, Henry Wilkins, 1916- 

Basic legal problems in the taxation of property j con 
stitutional, statutory, and judicial aspects of the taxation of 
real property and tangible and intangible personal property 
in North Carolina j a report to the Commission for the Study 
of the Revenue Structure of the State of North Carolina, 
Chapel Hill, Institute of Government, University of North 
Carolina, 1958. 

84 L qm> 886.22 

Lewis, Henry WUkins, 1016- 

The list taker's guide. Chapel Hill, Institute of Govern 
ment, University of North Carolina, 1067. 

28 p. ! cm, (lottluiw ot OovtrtmMttt, Cfolrtwlty <rf North 
Cmrollam. Guidebook *rl) 

Lewis, Henry WWdns, 1916- 

Property tax collection in North Carolina. ROY, and eat 
Chapel Mill, Institute of Government) University of North 
Carolina r!957 t 

xvlll, 482 p. Him, 28 cm. (Law and gorttramwt, 10} 
HJ4121.N85L4 1957 886,292 


Vidvei, Lmv. 

Skatt p& personleg inntekt og midel ; fire a-rtikUr, TMC 
on personal income and capital ; four article*. 0*lo, Stftt& 
tisk sentralbyra, Central Bureau of Statistic* of Norway, 

1 T. lilua. 24 cm, (S*mtuntuifflcoaoB9lik* ituOUw, nr, S) 


Oklahoma. Lwa, ttctiuiu, ^. 

Okkhoma td valorem tnd intunfible pewwrnl property 
tax IWB relating to the aiaewment of property by county 
asseuon. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Tax OommWoa, 

77, xlp. 28cm, 


Dr*anr, Leonard. 

Elementary weeeement: prtotioe and procedure. Wettoo, 


. 28 on. 


)regon. Legislative Assembly. Interim Tax Siudy Com 

Report submitted to the Governor of Oregon and the 
Forty-eighth Legislative Assembly, December 18, 1954, 
[The property tax picture in Oregon. Salem, 1954 ?j 

22 p. 28cm. 
HJ4121.O7A48 66-62086 J 

Oregon. State Tato Commission. 

Board of equalization manual, jn. p.] 

Oregon. State Tato Oommistion. 

Summary of assessment rolls. 
t n. p., 

v, 28 cm. 

Oregon. State Tax Commission. 


v, 28 cm. monthly. 


86-40440 t 

and Taxation 


Oregon. State TCKO G&mmfaion, Vahuttton 2><wWI>k 
LAW sexstion abstract*. June 1, 1956- 



Bratt, John, 1893- 

Dftklaration och beikaUninff; kUrna & inkomst ooh 
fSrmdgenhet, arv, giva m. m. 4. omarb. ooh ut#ka4e uppl. 
Stockholm, Norstedt (1968, 

xitt, 383 p. Wcm. 

A. 59-7546 
N\y tork UnU. Ubrrt 


St6U* und FwniliwigwnwnjichRft; dti Einholt dw 
FamllU in den Kinkommftnn- und VnrtrU>jfwuwtuwrochtn 
von Bund und K.nk>n*n. Aarau, H. It ^u*rlndar ( 196d) 

885 > m cm, (XUtx-twr Httriff Mur ItatotMWtMfttUM&ilft, n, r., 

Komtntntftr xur &ld|pinft0tii&htn wphrwtaucr; 
dm Bumlpsrut*tH'*'hlutMi Utar cli erhcbtuitf cinnr wehr* 
siou^r, v<n P. dexmbr 1WO (mit irjr&nxutm&n v<mi 7, m&i 
1041 und 10, miirx 1942). rt^wt hllfptflUU^n, uiui dr vr- 
fttgungtm dm idgndfliiehi)t Finnnn- and 
mntc*, lowle auMup RUK 

Fwrct . , , und dr. F. Oronhint ... 
rmlterte nufl. '/Orich, 

r. Oh. 



,., vom Oh, 



^ vo*tt 
> 9 

ron Vtrfufunpn d* 
partwati, Eriattte 

&,#, (iwa, 
47-49874 wr Si 




. mit 

1M4 aad 

Finan*. and Zolld*- 

, vtm Oh, )httt, Ztirloh, 




report to th County TMC 

tlv* OouooU Cmmitt**. 

SttboommitUe of tk 
Oodi Morgwi, director of 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROPERTY TAX (Continued) 

Covert, Theodore B 

Some changes in property taxes in New York State, 1941- 
1955. Ithaca, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Cornell 
University Agricultural Experiment Station, New York 
State College of Agriculture, Cornell University, 1957. 

58 p. lllua. 28 cm. ( Dept of Agricultural Economics, Cornell Uni 
versity Agricultural Experiment Station. A. B. 1087) 
S95.E335 no. 1067 57-63604 t 

Griffin, William Mell, 1924- 

State supervision of local assessments. Tallahassee, Bu 
reau of Governmental Research & Service, School of Public 
Administration, Florida State University, 1957 3 

55 1. tables. 28 cm. (Florida, State University [Tallahasseei 
Bureau of Governmental Research and Service. Studies In govern 
ment, no. 18) 

JIJ4120.G7 336.22 A 57-9474 

Florida. State Univ. Library 

Michigan. University. Institute of Public Administration. 
Proceedings of the annual short course for assessing 
officers. [Ist 3 - 1947- 

Ann Arbor. 

v. Illus. 28cm. 
HJ9152.M5 336.292 48-12326 rev* 

Morton, Walter Albert, 1899- 

Housing taxation. Madison, University of Wisconsin 
Press, 1955. 

262 p. Illus. 24cm. 
HJ4181.M6 336.22 55-7899 I 

National Education Association of the United States. Com 
mittee on Tax Education and School Finance. 

Equalization of property assessments. t Washington, Na 
tional Education Association] 1958. 

81 p. 23 cm. 
HJ4120.N2 336.22 58-4144 J 

National Education Association of the United States. He- 
search Division. 

Action in state equalization: case studies; equalization of 
property tax assessments in selected states. Prepared for 
the NEA Committee on Tax Education and School Finance. 
Washington, National Education Association of the United 
States [1959] 

45 p. 23cm. 
HJ4120.N27 336.292 59-3249 J 

National Education Association of the United States. Re 
search Division. 

Valuation of property; assessments and sales prices com 
pared. Prepared by the NEA Research Division for the 
NEA Committee on Tax Education and School Finance. 
tWashingtonj 1959. 

88 p. 28 cm. 
HJ4120.N29 336,222 59-24505 J 


Washington (State) Loews, statutes, etc. 

Annotated property tax code. 

v, 28cm. 

836.2 A 47-4467 rev 2 J 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 


Armentrout, Walter Wardlaw, 1894- 

Property tax assessment in West Virginia, by W. W. 
Armentrout and Tyler F. Haygood. t Morgantown 3 West 
Virginia University Agricultural Experiment Station [1953, 

68 p. lllua. 23 cm. (West Virginia University Agricultural 
Experiment Station. Bulletin 858) 
HJ4121.W4A8 336.2209754 58-68111 


see also Apocalyptic literature; Bible 
Prophecies ; Divination; Fortune -telling; 
Sebastianism; Superman 

Cabezas, Juan Antonio, 1900- 

El fin del mundo. Madrid, Editorial Saao [1954?] 
90 p. 19 cm, (CuademoMer!dl*no,no.ll) 
BT875.C25 56-45128 

Churchill, Reginald Charles. 

A short history of the future. London, Laurie 1955i 
192 p. lllua, 21cm. 
D445.C55 56-19191 

Connor, Edward. 

Prophecy for today. Fresno, Calif., Academy Library 
Guild, 1956. 

110 p, 21 cm. 

[BX961] 57-524 t 

PrlntedforA.B. P. 

Edersheim, Alfred, 1825-1889. 

Prophecy and history in relation to the Messiah. Grand 
Rapids, Baker Book House, 1955. 

891 p. 23cm. ( The Warburton lectures for 1880-1884) 
[BT235] 232.12 55-8790 t 

Printed for U. S. Q. B. R. 

Eis, Gerhard, 1908- ed. 

Wahrsagetexte des Spatmittelalters, aus Handschriften 
und Inkunabeln. [Berlin 3 E. Schmidt C 1956 3 

75 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Teite des spaten MIttelalters, Heft 1) 

A 57-2825 
Columbia Univ Libraries 

Ernst, Morris Leopold, 1888- 

Utopia 1976. New York, Rinehart C 1955, 
805 p. 21 cm. 
E169.1.E725 917.3 55-9766 J 

Festinger, Leon, 1919- 

When prophecy fails, by Leon Festinger, Henry W. 
Riecken and Stanley Schacter. Minneapolis. University of 
Minnesota Press t 1956 3 

vll, 256 p. 28cm. 
BF1809.F4 133.3 56-11611 


The fabulous future: America in 1980, as seen by David 
Sarnoff c and others, With an introd. by the editors of For 
tune, tlsted. New York, Button, 1956, 

206 p. Illus. 21cm. 
E169.1.F748 917.3 56-6300 t 

Groussard, Serge, 1920- 

Demain est la. tParis, Gallimard C 1956j 
434 p. Illus. 21cm. 

57-26654 J 

Gurev, Grigori! Abramovich. 

Haynme npeflBHfleHHa H pejmrHOSHwe npopoiecrBa ; no- 
x. MocKaa c IIpaBflaj 1950, 

Mic 56-5270 

Microfilm Slavic 605 AC 

The John Franklin letters. New York, Distributed by 
the Bookmaker 1959j 

178 p. 22 cm. 
CB160.J6 901.9 59-4997 t 

Love, Christopher, 1618-1651. 

The strange and wonderful predictions of Mr. Christopher 
Love, minister of the gospel at Lawrence-Jury, London who 
was beheaded on Tower-Hill, on the account of his religion: 
likewise, an account of great wars in America in 1780, with 
the destruction of popery in the year 1790: and in the year 
1795 religion shall flourish over all the King's dominions. 
To which are added, two letters from his wife to him, a little 
before his death, with his answer to her again. Carlisle 
Reprinted and sold by G. Kline ( n. d.j 

BX9339X6A32 67 _5 8258 

Meldrum, David. 

Builders of continents; a fictional preview of the use of 
atomic power for remodeling the earth. [1st ed.j New York, 
Exposition Press r!957, 

198 p. 21cm. 
CB160.M38 901 57-7660 J 

Melling, Leonard. 

The great beyond, A, D. 2500; a triology t i. e. trilogy] on, 
progress. Foreword by Sir John Anderson, bart t lst ed. 
n. p., Torch Pub. Co., 1965, 

lOOp, 28cm. 
CB160.M4 56-17881 : 

MezenfSev, VI 


IIOJtHT. JIHT-pH, 1955, 

77 p. Hlu, 20cm. 

E, <5y,nym;ee? MocKBa, Toe. HSA-BO 

Mezenfsev, VI 

Moacao jm 

npe^BHfleTt o*y*yiu;ee? Ha*. 2., nepep. Mo- 
-> now. JIHT-PH, 1958. 



Michel, Albert, 1877- 

Mystery and prophecy: articles in the Dictionnarie t sicj de 
theologie catholique, Letouzey et Ane\ Paris ; translated, by 
Carl J. Moell. West' Baden Springs, Ind., West Baden Col 
lege C 1964j 

Till, 61 p. 22 cm. (West Baden reading* In philosophy and 

BT80I47 85-19276 rev 

Moskvin, Petro Pavlovych. 

HayKoai nepe<5aieHHji ia pejuiriftni npopoijTBa; icaTe- 
piaJtu flo .teKiju. KH!B [Pa^jracwca yKpafeai 1957. 

19 p. 20cm. 
BF1809.M6 58-44586 

Neher, Andr& 

L'essence du prophetisme. t l. Sd. : Paris, Presses uni- 
versitaires de France, 1955. 

359 p. 20cm. (fiplmethe*; essala pblloaophlaues) 

A 55-5410 
Chicago. Unlr. Llbr. 

Rogers, Lindsay, 1891- 

Political crystal gazing. ( Urbana, Ill.j Institute of Gov 
ernment and Public Affairs C 1955j 

20 p 28cm. (Edmund J. James lecture on government. 1955) 
JF111.R6 A 56-1058 rev 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Wilhelmsson, Johan, ed. 

Markliga iorutsagelser. C. A. Chaders, Anton Johans 
sons och Birger Claessons forutsagelser om kommande 
varldshistoriska handelser. t StockhohiXj Harrier rl951, 

91 p. 19cm. J 

BF1785.W5 55-57957 J 

Zorab, George. 

Proscopiej het raadsel der toekomst Den Haag, H P 
Leopold C 1953j 

203 p. 21 cm. (Leopolds Blbllotheek voor weten en denfcen) 

Harrard Univ. Library 

A 54-564 rev 


Durant, John, 1902- 

Predictions; pictorial predictions from the past New 
York, A. S. Barnes C 1956] 

151 p. Illus. 27 cm. 
NC1426.D8 741.5 56-10858 t 


Valbrun, Jean Marquez. 

La ministre Luc Prophete. c Port-au-Prince, 195-?, 
4 p. 22cm. J 

A 59-2237 
Florida. Untv. Library 


see also Sibyls 

Brown, Wendell, 1905- 

The long viewj a study in some of the Hebrew prophets 
t byj Wendell Brown, George C. Seward t andj Philip Welt- 
ner. A class-room test ed. Atlanta, Priv, print, at Foote 
and Davies rl954i 

228 p. 24cm. 
BS635.B76 221.95 55-18759 t 

Buber, Martin, 1878- 

Sehertum; Anfang und Ausgang. Ko'hi, J, Hegner C 1955i 

BSfi80.A8B78 59-25083 t 

Chaine, Joseph, 1888-1948. 

God's heralds; a guide to the prophets of Israel. Trans 

lated by Brendan McGrath. New York, J. F. Wagner r'1956, 

288p. lllua, 21cm. J 

BS1505.C443 224 56-1032 t 

Goldberg:, David, 1886- 

Meet the prophets. In collaboration with Samuel Halevi 
Baron and Leonard R. Sussman. Illustrated by F. Dzubas. 
New York, Bookman Associates t !956j 
.. 211 p. lum 28cm. 



Goldberg, David, 1886- 

Meet the prophets. With explanatory notes and discussion 
material by Samuel Halevi Baron; edited by Leonard R. 
Sussman. Illustrated by F. Dzubas. Student ed. New 
York, Bookman Associates C 1956j 

274 p. Ulua. 28cm, 
BS1286.G6 224 56-8419 

Gmineweff, Antonius H J 

Mfindliche und schriftliche Tradition der vorexiHscheii 
Prophetenbucher als Problem der neueren. Prophetenf or- 
flchung. l^tfcingen, Yandenhoeck A Ruprecht. 1959. 


California. UniT. Llbr. A 59-6024 

Heaton, Eric Wflllam. 

The Old Testament Propheta t Hnnondsworth, Middle- 
sexi Penguin Books rl958] 

186 p, 18cm. (APehc*nbook f A414) 
BS1198J0[4 1958 224.06 B9-4547 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROPHETS (Continued) 

Hentschke, Richard. 

Die Stellung der vorexilischen Schriftprophoten zum 
Kultus. Berlin, A. Topehnann, 1957. 

Till, 176 p. 24 cm. (Belhefte zur Zeltschrlft fttr die alttesta- 
mentllche Wlssenschatt, 75) 

[BS410.Z5 vol.75] A 67-1279 

Western Reserve Unlv. Library 

Holt, Ivan Lee, Bp., 1886- 

Yesterday speaks to today. New York, Abingdon Press 

96 p. 20 cm, 
BS1505.HG3 56-10147 t 

Kaplan, Nissan. 

127 p. 22cm. 

D^KWU ty moo 
[Jerusalem, 1951j 

Dn* nXi 

59-55840 J 

Klausner, Joseph, 1874- 

WM $v o'inyrr.nDi&ni nwaan *>v nmnn ty MOD Awaan 

[Jerusalemj 1954. ".jnr>" DKXin ^PIT ."?tntS" 
288 p. 20 cm. (-i:n^p IBII iana) 
BS1505.K55 55-52768 

Milley, C Ross. 

The prophets of Israel. New York, Philosophical Library 
t 1959, 

148 p. 22 cm. 
BS1505.5.M5 224.06 59-16478 J 

Roubos, Klarinus. 

Profetie en cultus in Israel. (Prophecy and cult in 
Israel) Achtergrond en betekenis van enige profetische uifc- 
spraken inzake de cultus; een exegetische studie. (With 
summary in English) Wageningen, H. Veenraan, 1966. 

ISO p. 25cm. 

BS1506.R58 A 57-1199 rev 

Union Theol. 3em, Llbr. 

Rowley, Harold Henry, 1890- 

Prophecy and religion in ancient China and Israel. c Lon- 

donj University of London, 1956. 

IMp. 22cm. ( Jordan lecture* la comparative religion, 4) 

BL633.RG 1956 



Rowley, Harold Henry, 1890- 

Prophecy and religion in ancient China and Israel. New 
York, Harper t 1956] 

164 p. 22cm. 
BL688.R6 1956a 290 56-12074 J 

SOverman, Althem Osber. 

Behold my messengers! The livee and teachings of the 
prophets. Illua. by Reuben Leaf. New York, Bloch Pub, 
Co., 1955. 

28p. llhu. 21 cm. 
BS1505.S416 224 65-11066 t 

Welch, Adam Cleghorn, 1864-1948. 

Prophet and priest in old Israel. t lst American ed.j 
New York.Macmillan, 1958. 
160 p. Idem. 

A 55-8668 
Ohio State Uftlv. Llbr. BM1TO.W4 1068 

White, EUen Gould (Harmon) 1827-1915. 

The story of patriarchs and prophets; the conflict of the 
fee illustrated in the lives of holy men of old. Washington, 

ages illustrated in the lives of holy men of c 
Review and Herald Pub. Association. 1958. 

882 p. illu. 28cm. 
BX6111.W5W 1958 280.07 


Williams, Walter George, 1900- 

The prophets; pioneers to Christianity. New York, 
Abingdon Press ( 1956 3 

228 p. 28cm. 

BS1805.W57 224 66-6868 % 


Lisboa, Antonio Francisco, 1780-1814. 

The 12 prophets of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, "0 Alei- 
jadinho." Rio de Janeiro, Ministfirio da Educate e Cultura, 
Service de Documentacao, 1958] 

unpaged. lUm. 90cm. (Imagtms do Braill) 
KB859.L8M8 780.981 59-5756 J 

see Bible. O.T. Prophets 

TESTAMENT) see Bible. O.T. Prophets 

TESTAMENT) see Bible. O.T. Minor 


Brock, Fred Harold, 1920- 

The kinetics and mechanism of the cyunohydrin reaction 
in methanol solution. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 


([University Mlcrofllois, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 12,078) 
MicroHlm AC-1 no. 12,078 Mic A 55-1320 

Maryland, Univ. Libr. 


Field, Marvin Frederick. 

A study of the nature of the stimulatory effect^of auto- 
claved glucose on the growth of propionibacteria, Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1116 Mic 58-1116 

Minnesota. Univ. Ubr. 


Abcede, Juanito Beltran, 1909- 

Antispasmodics : basic esters of substituted -phenyl- and 
a-cycloliexylpropionic or acetic acids and of substituted 
malonic acids. Ann Arbor. University Microfilms t 1955, 

([University Mlcrofllma, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 12,536) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,536 Mic A 55-1743 

Michigan. Univ. Llbr. 

Braun, Loren Lyle. 

A new synthesis of p-uryloxypropionic acids; a study of 
the use of aliphatic diasso compounds in the synthesis of chro- 
manone bitenneditites. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 
( 1956] 

dUnlverulty Mlcrofllma, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 1S.G&4) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,684 Mio 56-3661 

Nebraakn. Univ. Ubr. 

Crouch, Robert Thomas. 

The condensation of 6fa-aminopropionic esters with 
oxalic acid derivatives. Pittsburgh, 195fi. 

v,88I. 20cm. 
QD305.A2C97 55-85SS2 

Maggiolo, Allison Dominic, 1017- 

Furthor studies on the cyclization of Dftta-anilino-pro- 
pionic and butyric acids. New York, 1949. 

10 p. 20cm. 

QD281.C9M8 A 65-4550 

Columbia Univ. Llbmrle* 

PROPIONIC ALDEHYDE see Propionaldehyde 

Aeroplanes Turbine -propeller engines 


see alao Aesthetics; Ratio and proportion; 

BraoVardine, Thoma*, Abp. of tfmfcr&twy, 18901-1849. 

Thomna of Bradwardine, hit Tr*ctatua d proportionibuaj 
its significance for the development of mathematical phytk*. 
Edited and translated by H. Lamar Craby, Jr. Mudiion, 
University of Wisconsin Press, 1955. 

XI, 208 p. 24 cm. 
QA8&B7 1955 510 54-4740 

see also Proportion (Art) 

Lapick, Gaetan Joseph, 1884~ 

Complete meaiurement charti for womtn's, mlNNt\ junior, 
and children's ^amenta. t Sd &d, New York, PalivhUd 
Publications, 1955, 

88 p, IlluH. 23 cm. 

TT520.L8 1055 687.1fi 

Tyranc*, Herman Jamct. 

The rrlutionahip of extreme bodv typw to r*nfti of 0*xl- 
bility. Ann Arbor, University Mioroftlmt ilMBi 

(.trnltowJty MicroolBM, Ajaa Ar&w, MUsh., Pwbll<tto m, i^W) 

Microfiln\ AC-1 no, 11^07 MloW-ftlW 

8ut* UolYwttty, Ubrnry 

ture Composition, proportion, etc* 


see also Anatomy, Artistic; Competition 
(Art); Perapective 

BorisaavWvttdi, MUoutin*. 

The golden number and the Krientino M^t.hitH'a of arohi- 

New Yo^ 
Uip, tltot. Wcm. 

Library, 100$, 

Hagenmaier, Otto, 1914- 

Der Goldene Schnitt; ein Harmoniegesetz und seine An- 
wendunff. [2., verb. Aufl.j Buchschlog, Impuls-Verlag 
t !958, 

00 p. illus., plate*. 24cm. 

[N76.H ] A 59-4602 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Iversen, Erik. 

Canon and proportions in Egyptian art. London, Sid#- 
wick and Jackson t 1955) 

75 p. plates (part folfl.) 30 u. 

NB350.I 9 A 55-7681 

Grosvenor Ubrnry 

Kidjel, Maurice. 

The Kid j el ratio, 5,888/1, a comprehensive demonstration 
of its application to problema and solutions of a mathemati 
cal nature and in graphic designs; also in construction of the 
human figure in ideal proportions with the Kidjel ratio 
calipers, rn. p.j '1958. 

4 p. l&platM. 86 cm. 
N76.K5 743.4 

Kielland, Christie. 

Geometry in Kgyptian art. Ixjrulon, A. Tiranti, 1955. 
x, 214 ii, illus. '.2 <-m, |Tlrntl library, 4 t 


Hetrolt. Pultllo I.lhrnrj' 


A WMJ088 

Paccioli, Luca, H. co, 1514. 

l)e divina proportion. Mllano, 195. 

xxlx, U47 p. num., wl, plate*, port., faotim*, 80 cm. (Font* 

NC745.A2!*?) I960 

Plwaner, Hans, 1895- 

Olynipia; di Kn 
Duaaldorf, \V<nvrVprlaK, 




Sgard, Jwin. 

1^ Hftiivt> 
mtrifju*ft du 
t AbbYillt, 8< 
bftville, 19&7. 

Wp. pint**, port*. S3 cm. 

Ullmann, Ern*L 

Di Uhre von 
Kunlt, f t058| 
87 p. 34plBt., 1 

<U ClatuU Meltanu; ^tude d bmww j^o- 
in, AvRntprtjp< d Gaaton Vmr. 
n hltortc|u *t Htt^mir* d'Ab- 

i, Vwliur der 

WolT, Karl Lothar. lihli , 
Hymmtftn*; Vnuc^b 
S*licn uml Minnvolbm 
und mi XHhlrviohpii Bei*pirl.m ^rliiutMt von K. I/othar Wolf 
und Itolwrt WolfT, Mttnuter, Mhlm Vwtif, 1 
ip. it Km, 



{ Lltwatur 

UUr ProjmHlonen, Mtum und 25hl In Aivhltktur t Wldfendttr 
Kunst und Nalur, 8ptyw, P^ltjsiwhi I*tidiiblbnth6k, 

v, 34 m, ( r-mutirh* ArMta mm Mtirh tmd niniioetiekt. 
d ur ItlbUtK(r*pfiJi, Hft 


te alo Adminlitrtiv and political 
division*; MlnoritU* 

Cna^i Madrid, Rlcardo, 

Ghioidi, Am4rko Antonio 
do U 

Gbvrn* FVW*rik. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Lakeman, Enid. 

Voting in democracies; a study of majority and propor 
tional electoral systems, by Enid Lakeman and James D. 
Lambert. London, Faber and Faber t 1955, 

308 p. lllus. 2Scra. 
JF1001.L27 324 55-26392 J 

Reischl, Gerhard, 1918- 

Die Abwandlungen der Verhaltniswahl durch Landes- 
wahlgesetze und Rechtsprechung in der Weimarer Epoche, 
Munchen t !950i 

Iv,107L 2Scm. 


Ross, James Frederick Stanley. 

The Irish election system ; what it is and how it works. 
London, Pall Mall Press, 1959. 

85 p. 19cm. 
JN1468.R6 328.334 59-34906 t 

Straetz, Ralph Arthur. 

PR politics in Cincinnati j thirty-two years of city govern 
ment through proportional representation. t New York, 
New York University Press, 1958. 

812 p. 21 cm. 

JS738.S7 352.0771 58-6587 t 

Ziegler, Donald Jenks. 

Prelude to democracy ; a study of proportional representa 
tion and the heritage of Weimar Germany, 1871-1920. Lin 
coln [Neb.! The University, 1958. 

be, 184 p. 23 cm. (University of Nebraska studies, new ser., no. 20) 
AS36.N2 n.s.,no.20 324.22 58-63103 
Copy 2. JF1075.G3Z5 

Ziegler, Donald Jenks. 

Proportional representation in the social and political 
conflict in Germany, 1871-1920. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms C 1956] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 17,878) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 17,878 Mic 56-2680 

Nebraska. Univ. Llbr. 



(Proposed, universal, etc. ) 

Patent, proprietary, etc. 

PROPYL ALCOHOLS see Propanols 
PROPYL ALDEHYDE see Propionaldehyde 

Neddenriep, Richard Joe, 1930- 

The radiolysis of normal propyl bromide. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms C 1958j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-818 Mic 58-818 

Wisconsin, Univ. Ltbr. 


see also Amphetamine 

Dean, Gordon Spencer, 1930- 

Antispasmodlcs : substituted beta-phenyl-gamma-hydrox- 
ypropylamines and thiazole analogs of meperidine. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958 3 
Microfilm AO-1 no. 58-3650 Mic 58-3650 

Michigan. Univ. Llbr. 


Li, Kan. 

Volumetric behavior of normal pentane and propane-pro- 
pylene mixtures. Pittsburgh, 1952. 

1051. UUu., dlnrra., table*. 29cm. 
QD305.H5L48 55-88420 

Muller, Johannes. 

Directe hydratatieprooeesen van aetheen en propeen ter 
bereiding van aethyl- en isopropylalcohol. 's-Gravenhage, 
Excelsior C 1957] 

108 p. dlagn. 24cm. 
QD805,A7M82 57-47400 

Oestennann, Georges. 

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98 P. illus. 24cm. 



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( tUnlyersIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication 

PROSE (LITURGY) see Sequences (Liturgy) 
see also Fiction Technique 

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The anatomy of prose. London, Routledge & Paul t 1954] 
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see also Informations; Informers; Pri 
vate prosecutors; Public prosecutors 

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1949- ) 

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150 p. 21cm. (The Sherrlll lectures) 

342.094208 58-11251 t 


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ce cle la bupremn Corte sobre el ejercicio d la accidn penal 

M.6X1CO, 1051. 
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TX p. 22 Cm. 

69-19721 J 

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TOp. 28cm. 

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erlag, 1951. 
x,84p. 22cm. 




PROSECUTORS, PUBLIC see Public prosecu 


Cassin, Elena. 

San Nicandro, histoire d'une conversion. Paris. Plon 

256 p. Ulus. 21cm. 
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Lapid, Pinhaa. 

JOB .1 .fi^tsm c^Tioy s -DTIJ*^ Ppnnj mjp^-p 

(Jerusalem, 1952] 

200 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
BM729.P7L3 55-49588 

Talmud. Minor tractates. Gerim. 

'ffm ntwa DKG ,nnj nsoD ^y Dirn^m D>mK i| 2 nan rnin 

cHaifa, 1953/54j .T 
87 p. 25 cm. 1 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

A 59-5085 

bon. Proskesche Muslkbibliothek. 


Lewis, Edgar Donald. 

Swordsman of Napoleon and Alsace. New York Comet 
Press Books t 1956] 

262 p. 21cm. 

PROSODY see Versification 

see also Assaying; Geochemical prospect 
ing; Mine examination; Mine surveying; 
Mine valuation; Mineralogy, Determina-' 
tive; Ores Sampling and estimation; 

ABC des Erdols. c Zeichnungen von Martin Schwemer. Hei 
delberg, Huthig und Dreyer, 1952- 
.xTo>r r ' iS?** 24cm * <D1 Shell BOchewl) 

Abnunovich, Mikhail VTadimlrovich, 1884- 

HOHCKH H pasBCAKa sajieeft HC$TH H raaa. Easy, Aaep- 
OaftAwaHCKOft roc. JOA-BO mcfaxaott n HayiHo-texH. JIHT-PH, 

850 p. lllud, 23cm. 
TN271.P4A2 1955 5G-35167 

AngelelU, Victorlo. 

Los mineralea de uranio,* sua vacunientoe y propeoci6n. 
tBuenos Airesj Oomifli6n Nacional de Energfa Atomic*, De- 
partamento de Geologfa y Minerfa, 1953, 

190 p. lUmL 17 cm. 
TN490.U7A55 59^81895 t 

Arthur, Edward, 1891- 

Let's go prospecting! 2d print Los Angeles, '1954. 

62 p, * 1 * 

TN270A77 1954 



BakhchisaraltSev, Arutiikn Nikolaevfch. 

OpraHHaanH* H njcaHHponaHHe reojoro-pasBe^o^HHX pa- 
6or. IToA pA. <I>. ^-'HBaHHHa, C B. HnKoxaeBa, A. E. Cyr H - 
jwina. ^onymeno B KawcTBe ynetfHHKa ^wt rccworo-paaBe- 


jtmr-pH no recuorHH H oxpane neap, I960, 

283 p. dlagrs., forma 28 cm. 
TN270.B25 57-16851 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROSPECTING (Continued) 

Ballard, Thomas J 

The uranium prospector's guide, by Thomas J. Ballard 
and Quentin E. Conklin. New York, Harper ^955, 

vll,251p. Illus., profiles, tables. 22cm. 
TN271.U7B3 622.1 55-6563 

Barnes, Hubert Lloyd. 

How to prospect for uranium. New York, Dover Publica 
tions t 1956] 

117 p. Hlus. 21 cm. 
TN271.UTB85 622.12 57-18627 t 

Brod, I 

HOHCKH H paaseflKa HC$T*HHX H raaoBtix 
2., nepep. H flon. USA. MocKsa, Foe. HayiHO-iexH. HS^-BO 
ne&TJiHoft H ropHO-ToruHBHOtt JHT-PH, 1957. 

674 p. Illus., maps. 28cm. 
TN271.P4B7 1957 57-81465 

Bublelnikov, Feofan Dmitrievich. 

FeoJiorHiecEHe HOHCKH B POCCHH. MocKBa, Foe. Hayino- 


250 p. illus. 20 cm. 
TN270.B86 57-88431 

Burenkov, Mikhail Ivanovich. 

Coost xaeacHne flcCpu. MocEsa, Foe. HS^-BO HO^IIT. JIJUT- 
PH, 1958. 

81 p. Illus, 20cm. 
TN904.E9B8 59-29209 1 

Canada. Geological Survey. 

Prospecting in Canada, by A. H. Lang. 3d ed. Ottawa, 
E. Cloutier, Queen's printer, 1956. 

nil, 401 p. lllu*. (part col.) maps, dlaprs., table*. 28 cm. (It 
Economic geology aeries, no. 7) 

[QB185.A4 no. 7] G 857-26 

U. S. Geol. Survey. Llbr, 

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University Microfilms ,1956) 

(, University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 18,158) 
Microfilm AG-1 no. 16,158 Mic 56-1486 

WDvonstn. t'nlv, Llbr. 

Chombart, L G 

Reconnaissance et Evaluation des formations par dia- 
graphies Slectriques et nucleairea, t Pari8] Socie'te' des Edi 
tions Technip, 1957. 

A 58-4866 
HUnoli. Untv. Library 

Cook, Earl Ferguson. 

Prospecting for uranium, thorium, and tungsten in Idaho. 
Moscow, University of Idaho, 1955. 

58 p. Illu*., map. (put coL) SB cm. (Idaho. Burwu of Mlw* 
- ~ >*y. Pamphlet no, 102) 

G S 55-314 

. ., 

and Geology, Pamphlet no. 102) 
[TN24J2A43 no. 102] 
U. S. Geol. Surrey. Llbr. 

Date, Henry Carl, 1896- 

Popular prospecting, a fleld guide for the part-time pros 
pector; includes data for the gem hunter, uranium seeker, 
and the prospector for strategic metallic and non-metallic 
minerals. 1st ed. Portland, Or., Mineralogist Pub. Co,, 

40 p. Him, 24cm. 
TN270.D8 55-14284 t 

Diaz Garcia, Angel. 

Las riquezaa de la tierra ol descubierto; me'todo para de- 
tectar mmerales, petro'leos, tesoros J aguas subterr&neas. 
Madrid. Institute Editorial Reus, 1958-54, 

2v. illui. 2lcm. 
TN270.D5 68-88289 rev t 

Ef remor, M 



Type, 1958. 

41,181 P. mo* 22cm, 
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Eve and D. A. Keys. 4th ed. Cambridge t Eng., Univer 
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TN269.E83 1964 622.12 55-1168 t 

Florovakaft, V 



B Be$x*HHX MecTOpoaweHntt. Mocwa, Toe. Btaywo- 


87 p. Ultuu, profiles, 22cm. 
TN271.P4F55 56-19688 

France. Commissariat a TSnergie atomique. 

La prospection de 1'uranium, manual pratique a 1'usage de 
tous. Prfif . du prof esseur Marcel Roubault. Paris, Masson, 

59 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
TN271.U7F7 56-45521 t 

Grange, Leslie Issott. 

Prospecting for radioactive minerals in New Zealand. 
["Wellington, R. E. Owen, Govt printer, 1954j 

28 p. plate, col. map. 25 cm. 

U. S. Geol. Survey. Ubr. 

Guz', V I 

3.neKTpocHjiOB&ie yciaHOBKn B rcoJioropaaBe^OHUux opra- 
HH3a^Hflx. MOCKBI, Foe. aayiHO-TCXK. H3fl-ao JiT-pu no 
reo^oran H oxpane nc^p, 1955. 

145 p. Illus. 22cm. 
TN343.G86 56-10104- 

Haun, John D ed. 

Subsurface geology in petroleum exploration; a sym 
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Colorado School of Mines, 1958. 

887 p. llluB., ports., map*, dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
TN271.P4H35 1958 668^8 68-87876 

lAkzhin, A A 

Onpotfouaitue H no^ciCT aanacoe rnep^HX no^eaHwx UCKO- 
itaeMMX. ^onymeno B jcaiccTBC yie(5. nocotfax #JM rcoToro- 
paaneflo^HMx (JtaKyjitTetOB y30B. MocKsa, Foe. aay^KO- 
TCXR. HSfl-oo jiitT-pw no rcojfornw H oxpanc Hft^P* 1854. 

205 p. illus. 23cm. 
TN500.1 15 56-35565 

Jarrard, Leonard D 

"Uranium in the Northwest: mineralized areas and pros 
pecting suggestions, by Leonard D. J&rrard and W*yne S, 
Moan. Butte. Mont. [1965, 
83 p. llluB, 28cm. J 

TN490.U7J8 622,849 60-1022 J 

Knoerr, Alvin W 

Prospecting for atomic minerals; how to look for and 
identify atomic ores, stake and protect a claim, evaluate and 
sell your minerals [byj Alvin W. Knoerr t and, George P. 
Lutjen, New York, McGraw-Hill t !955j 

Slip, illus. l ' 

, . 

66-11928 J 

Kursh, Harry, 

How to prospect for uranium. Greenwich, Conn., F*w- 
tt Publications 1 ' 

cett Publications, 1055. 

rv!li P ri l ^ 8> 24m ' (A FaW <* J 

TN27UI7K8 622.12 


LItvinov, N 


SACWIHX pa<5oTax. MOCKIWI, Toe, K* 
, , o JIKT-PM no reoaorHK oxpaKe e,ap. 1964, 
883p, Llluiu 27cm. 

Macan, Stanlslav. 

Hornick vyhledivanl nerostn^ch surovin. r Vyd. Li 
Praha, Stdtnl nakl tedmick^ literatury, 1957, 

98 p. Him. 21cm. " 

TN270.M18 59-17099 J 

Makuni, Mikhail Antonovich. 


187 p. illua. 

Markov, P 


OB. MOCKMS, Hay^ao-t 
. 1957. 



Melkov, V G 

rioKCKn MecTOpo)KAHWft ypaKa. HOA pe^. E. M. fluattwa. 
cworo. MocicBa, Foe. nay*MO-TXH. M^-BO JIHT-PK HO reojto- 
raw M oxpaac He^p, 1057, 

218 p. UhM,,tbteii. 27cm. 
TN271.U7M4 67-42689 

. F. 



MH B oxpase HC*P, 164. 

*p, AUu* ffl 
TN270.A9 1964 


Milmoe, James 

Instrumentation and methods for radioactivity detection 
in the mineral industry, by James O. Milmoe t andj Stephen 
P. Kanizay. Golden, Colorado School of Mines, 1956. 

90 p. Illus. 28 cm. (Quarterly of th Colorado School of Mlne, 
v. 51, no. 1) 
TN210.C68 vol. 61, no. 1 *589.77 5&-1692 

Moscow. VsesofUznyl nauchno-iissledovatel'skil institut 
mineral'nogo syr'ia. 

K MCTOAHKC roaionmccKon CI.CMKH npu noncicax K paaac^- 
sax MecTopoMc^eiiuft UOJICSHUX UCKOIIUCMMX; cCJopHUK uaic- 
pna.iOB, CocTftBJiCK rpynnott reo^oros BHMC no* pyKO- 
BO^CTBOM O. H. KoaajicBa. HOA pc^. M c AonoJuiciiH^MH 
H. H. Bopo^acBCKoro. MOCKBR, Foe. HayiHO-Tcxn. HS^-BO 
JIHT-PH no rcoiornn oxpawe nc^p, 1955. 

423 p. Illus. 28 cm. 
TN270.M74 50-46147 

Moscow. Vwesoitiznyl nauchno-li!mledovaterkil institut mi- 
neraTnogo syr'flu 

Ociio.iu itoitcKoii, IMJHCAKU 11 u<,vtot;t :t,uMi'on ut.eaoott- 
THH<?CKIIX Mimepaion; MOTO,XHS<TUUO pyKuBo.vriin, Cocta- 
BJI.I P. H. HH^OITO, MOCKBU, I'm-. itayiJto tpXH. US^-BO 
jtuT^pM HO reoiontn ti oxpiine Hf,ip, 105.V 

88 p. niu, aaom, 

Munsterhjelm, Erik, 1906- 

FoolV gold; a narrative of pnmp*oting und trapping in 
northeni ("unndtt. txmdon, 0. Albn & tTnwin t tOft7 t 

250 p. 28<-m, ' 

F1060.9.M085 917,12 68-4776 t 

Nartcn, Ptrry F 

Rwonnaiwwmcfc of rfttlioactivtt r<mk of th* Hudson Valky 
and Adirondack Mountain*, New York, by Pwry K. Nartwn 
jandj Franciu A. MoKeown. Prpr!ti by th Geologic*! 
Survey for the tl. R Atomic Knargy Ctumiion, Technloal 
Information Service, Ok Ridg, Twn.< 1952, 

B4 p. BJAP (1 fold, to oocktt) dlagw, 2tm, (,tl. a, Atwnto 
BtMH'gy Otwmlwlont T8I-70) 
QG770.tJ66 no. 70 63-40408 

Ntoon, John M 

Reonnftifatt<^.Qf rdi(wrtiv rt>ok of Maine, by John M 
Nelon ,andj Prry F. Nart^n. PrtpurwJ by th Gloffioftl 
Survey for th tJ, S. At<*mi Enerfry CJommiiwbn. Oak 
Ktd, Tenn., Tuchnical Information &rvio IWL 
^^ &n - M 

QC770.UG5 nu,68 


ProctpecUng for urunium and othtr rI*tl dwpotit* In 
New Jemy, by Kmblt Widmor, prinolpd 

* ftr 


L.!.GrAnga. fWtlHnRtonUeM 
Ufl P tlluK , fold ml, ,up 2ft <m 
U. , fbot, Survey. Ubr, 

New Zetland. 

, by 

L, I. Gmngft, K. Z, Gtologto*! Sttmy. ( B*r,d. 
ton, 10WJ. 
sip. tllvw,, mtM) (P*rt ttM. soJ.) SStw 


NUtolatv, (Jro*4*n. 

*, Htyica tt 
p, mu. M 

sRoUrtD ^. 

Exploration for nucltar mw mt*ri*k FHnetOfl, N, J,, 


, Robert D 

for atoscale (mwayj K gttldt 



xx KcropoKxHi 
f, 1W7. 

MOCK!*, 7rete^ 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

v. 20c 

PROSPECTING (Continued) 

Prucha, John James. 

Notes for the uranium prospector in New York State. 
[Albany] University of the State of New York, New York 
State Museum and Science Service, 1955. 

22 p. Illus. 29 cm. 

A 56-9122 J 
New York. State Llbr. 

U. S. S. R.) Miniaterstvo geologn. 
HE yKpynHCHHwx CMCXHMX HOpM Ha reoJioro- 
: paCoTM. MoCKsa, FocreoJiHS^ax, 1950. 

IIpHjroxeHHe K BtinycKy n (Feo$H3HiecEHe pa- 

tfoxti) MocKBa, Foe. HS^-BO reojr. JIHX-PH, 1950. 
Tip. 20cm. 

TN85.A54 52-39659 rev 

Russia (1983- U. 8. S. R.) Ministerstvo geologii. Tekh- 
nicheakoe upravlenit. 

BpeMenHaa HHCxpyKE(Ha no nepsiiHHOtt reo.ioru^ecKOfl 
flOKyMCHxan[Hn nojieaux reojcoro-pasBe^oinux pafiox. Mo- 
CKsa, Foe. nsfl-BO reox jux-pn, 1951. 

61 p. 22 cm, 
TN270.R85 55-28515 t 

Russia (19$$- U. S. S. R.) Mmisterstvo geologii i 

okhrany nedr. 

EflimHrt xapii<f)iio-K8ajH(J>HKan;iiOHHi>ift cnpaBOSHiiK na 
reojioro-pasBe^oHiiwe patfoxti. CorjiacoBano c BFJ(CnC. 
[OxBexcxBennHfl peflaKTop II. C. HiiKo.iacB] MocKBa, Toe, 
BtayiHO-xexii, IIS^-BO JIHT-PH no ^epHoft H nBexiiofi Mexaji- 
jiypnni, 1954. 

110 p. 22cm. 
TN270.R86 56-19434 rev 

Russia (192J- 
okhrony nedr. 

U. S. S, R.) Miniateratvo geologii i 

nopJiflKe n.iaHiipoBawiifl:, npoeKxnpOBaHHjr, 
iifl n cocxaB-ienHK npoeKTOB it CMCI na reo- 
Htie padoxw. MocKsa, Foe. HayiHo-xexH. H3fl- 
BO JIHX-PH no reojiornn n oxpane He^p, 1955. 

Ill p. forms. 22 cm. 
TN270.R8T 56-41142 

Salmi, Martti Jaakko. 

Prospecting for bog-covered ore by means of peat investi 
gations. Helsinki, 1955. 

34 p. map, dlagrs., tables. 25 cm. (Geologinen Tutklmuslaltos, 
Bulletin de la Commission g&Jloglque de Finland*, n:o 168) 
[QE276.3.AG no. 169] OS 56-66 

U. S. Geol. Surrey. Hbr. 

Samsonov, Maksim Timofeevich. 

Hs onuxa reoJroropaaBCAOiHHx paCox B 
yroawzoa Caccertnc. A-sMa-Ata, HSJ-BO AicafleMiiH nayK 
KasaxcKoft CCP, 1957. 

98 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
TN270.S18 57-42359 

Sanchez Serrano, Eduardo. 

Minerales radiactivos; donde estan y como se buscan. 
Madrid, 1956, 

189 p. 2 fold. maps. 19cm. 

A 68-1223 
Purdue Univ. Library 

Schnepp, Gerald Joseph, Brother, 1908- td. 

Uranium prospecting; lectures given at St. Mary's Uni 
versity, San Antonio, Texas, March-April 1955. San An 
tonio, St. Mary's University, "1955. 

52 p. lllus. 25cm. 
TN271.U7S3 622.12 55-2675 t 

Smlrnov, Vladimir Ivanovich. 

FcoJiorMiecKHe OCHOBH DCOHCKOB H pasBC^OK pyflmux HC- 


xexa, 1954. 

546 p. lllu*. 27 cm. 
TN270.S55 55-36946 

Smlrnov, Vladimir Ivanovich. 

FeojronnecxHe OCHOBW HOKCKOB H pasBC^OK py^nux ue- 
cxopoJK^CHHfl. jHonymcHO B Ka^ccxse y^efi. HOCO^KH p,xx 
reojt. at reojioropasBe^o^Hux cnen;Hajti,HOcxeft BHcraKX_yie(5. 
aaBCflCHHft. Hs^. 2., ^on. H yio^HCHHoe. t MocKBa 3 
MocKOBCKoro yHHBepcHTcra, 1957. 

687 p. llluB. 27 cm. 
TN270.S55 1967 

Sokolov, Vasilil Andreevich, 1900- . 

Die Gasvermessung, eine direkte geochemische Methode 
zur Erdolerkundung. Gekurzte Ubersetzung der Monogra- 
phie "Direkte geochemische Methoden der Erdfilerkundung.' 
tUbersetzung: Hans Graasmann und Moritz Mahlstem 
Berlin, Verlag Technik, 1956. 

228 p. Ulua. 21cm. 

Steinert, Harald. 

Groldsucher unseres Jahrhunderta; die Jagd nach den 
Metallen unserer Zeit. t l. Aufl. : Dusseldorf, Econ- Verlag 

387 p. lllus., ports. 21cm, 

A 58-4245 
Illlnola. UaiT. Llbr. 

Storm, Barry, 1910- 

Practical prospecting; a manual of geological prospecting, 
electronic ore and treasure finding, and mineral identifica 
tion techniques. Illustrated by the author. t Rev. t enl. field 
ed.j Inyokern, Calif., Storm Pub. Associates C 1957i 

59 p. Ulna. 22cm. l J 

TN270.S87 622.12 57-12785 t 

Stout, Koehler S 

Practical guide for prospectors and small-mine operators 
in Montana. [Buttej Montana School of Mines, 1955. 

Ix, 105 p. 19 plates. 19 cm. (Montana. Bureau of Mines and 
Geology. Miscellaneous contribution no. IS) 
TN275.S815 G S 55-242 

U. S. Geol. Survey. Ubr. 

Tushinskii, G K 

JTaBHHH ir samiixa ox HHX na reojtoro-paase^o^Hiix patfo- 
xax MocKBa, Toe. nayiHO-xexH. HS^-BO JIHI-PH no reo-iorHH 
H oxpane ne^p, 1957. 

107, (lj p. lllus. 22cm. 
QC929.A8T8 58-41787 

U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. 

Prospecting for uranium. Published by the United States 
Atomic Energy Commission and the United States Geologi 
cal Survey. Rev. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

Iv, 217 p. Illus. (part col.) 15cm. 
TN271.U7U6 1957 622.349 57-60788 

Uranium Industry Supply, Son Francisco. 

The ABC's of uranium prospecting, San Francisco, 

68 p. lllus. 17 cm. 
TN271.U7U7 553.49 55-2491 J 

Vozdvizhenskil, B I 

PaaBeflO^Hoe KOJUOHKOBOC tfypeHHe. flonymeno B 
y<*e(5. nocotfut* RXX. reojoropasBeflOiHux H ropHSix ayaoa H 
^asyjibxeTOB. IIo^ offmeft pe^. B. H. Boa^BHacencEoro. Mo- 
CKBa, Foe. nayiHO-xexH. HSA-BO JIHT-PBT no reoJcotHH n oxpane 
HCflp, 1957. 

591 p. 11108. 23cm. 
TN270.V66 58-36765 

Wiontzek, Karl Herbert. 

Die Suche nach Erddl Heidelberg, Huthig und Dreyer 


46 p. lllus. 24cm. (ABC des ErdOls, Bd. 2) 

Wojnar, Karol. 

Wiertnictwo i obsluga wierced geologiczao-poszuHwaw- 
czych. rWyd.l.] Warszawa, Wydawn. Geologiczne, 1957. 

282 p. lllus. 24cm. 
TN281.W6 59-17113 t 

Zeschke, Giinter. 

Prospektion von Uran- und Thoriumerzen. Stuttgart, E. 
Schweizerbart, 1956. 

via, 76 p. dlagro. 25cm. 
TN490.U7247 A 57-5688 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Zuffardi, Piero. 

L'uranio; che cos'e, dor'e, come lo si cerca. Guida ele- 
mentare alia prospezdone delle sostanze radioattive naturali. 
Milano, U. Hoepli, 1957 C C 1956, 

xrl, 218 p. lllus. (part col.) 2 fold, maps, fold, profile. 20 cm. 

A 57-3818 
Illinois, Univ. Library 



see also Electric prospecting; Magnetic 
variometer; Seismic prospecting 

Algermissen, Sylvester Theodore, 1932- 

Gravity survey of the north Leadwood mine area, Lead- 
wood, Missouri. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms il957, 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 28,001) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 28,001 Mic 57-8618 

Wathlngton Univ., St Loula, Library 


^HirojibHoe 3jieExponpo<HJiHpOBaHHe ; pyKOBOflcxBo npH 
reoJioriiyecKOM KapxHposaHHH, noticjcax M paascAEe rco^ea- 
HHX HCKonaeMHx. MocKsa, Toe. HayiHO-xexH. HS^-BO JIHX- 
ptr no reojiorHH H oxpane Heflp, 1957. 

180 p. dlagrs 23 cm. 

AjitfioM nanexOK xeopeTH^ecsHX rpa^HKOB. Mo- 

cjKsa, Foe. nayiHO-xexH. ES^-BO Jtax-pH no reo-floraa H oxpaHC 
SCAP, 1957 

[2j p , 82 plates (In portfolio) 42 x 29 cm. 

TN269.B5 Atlas 


Brosset, Raymond. 

A la recherche de 1'uranium. Paris, Librairie de La 
Badio, 1956. 

47 p. lllus. 21cm. 

TN271.U7B7 57-51994 J 

Dakhnov, V N 

3-ieETpiiiecKaa pasee^sa He^xairux n raaontix Mecxopoa;- 
flCHiifl 2. 113^. ^onynateHo B ica^ecxce ynetf. noco(5na ^.w 
cxy^eHioB c^:e^IIa.^I.HocxH < Teo$n3H i iecKiie Mexoflti pas- 
se^Kir ne^ixHHHX H rasosBix Mecxopoac^emrfl." MocKBa, Foe. 
aayHHO-xexH. HSA-BO ne$xJiHofl n ropMO-xonjiiiBHOft ^nx-pw. 

497 p. Illus. 27cm, 

najtexoK XHUH^HMX xeopexH^e- 


HH. (MocKBa] FocxonxexHaflax, 1953. 
20 dlagrs. (In portfolio) 84 cm. 

TN289.D26 1053 Suppl. 
TN269.D26 1953 55-30604 rev 

Dakhnov, V N 

Hnxeprtpexai^ita peay.TbxaTOB reo<J>u3iiieci;nx iiccjie^OBa- 
Hnft paapeaoB CKBaacHH. ^onymeHO B Kaiecxse yie6. noco- 
CHJI ,pa He^xaHMX reojroro-pasBe^oiHBix MH-XOB it $asyjit- 
xexoB. MocKBa, Foe. nay^HO-xexH. HS^-BO He$xHott 
ropHO-ionaHBHOfl Jinx-pu, 1955. 

492 p. dlagrs. 27 cm. 

npnJtoacemie: na.iexoK ^IK nnxepnpexai^HH 

pesyjibraxoB iicc-ieflonaHiiH CKsajKHH MCXO^OM 
HHft. [MocKBaj Focxonxexiisflax, 1955. 
17 fold, plates (In portfolio) 27 cm. 

TN271.P4D8 Plates 
TN271.P4D3 56-38932 

Daly, J 

Geophysical investigations for radioactivity in the Harts 
Eange area, Northern Territory, by J. Daly and D. F. 
Dyson. [Canberra?, 1956. 

v, 20 p. maps (1 fold.) table. 24 cm. (Australia. Bureau of 
Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics. Eeport no. 82) . 

G S 67-82 

TT. S. Geol. Survey. Llbr. 

Pedynskil, V V 

Feo$ii3iiTecKa paooe^ 
Coiose. MocKBa, Hsfl-Bo 

62, jl] p. profiles. 22 cm. 

ma HC$TI, n ras B COBCXCKOM 
KaACMinc nayK CCCP, 1955. 


Flerov, G N 

Hcnoai,30BaKHe pa^noaKxiiBnux ita-tyieauft npn paaBC^KC 
paapafiOTKC iietJiTHnux MecxopojKACH"tt B CCCP. MocKBa, 
HSA-BO AKa^euini Hays CCCP, 195,\ 

46 p. dlagrrs. 22 cm. 
TN271.P4F53 56-27017 

Gay, L 

Some applications of geophysical methods to geological 
problems in the Gold Coast, by L. 0. Gay and M. Kosten. 
Accra, Govt. Printer, 1956. 

87 p. maps (2 fold., col. In pocket) dlagn. 25 cm. (Gold Ooaat 
t ( Colony ) j Geol osrlcal Survey. Bulled n no. 21 ) 


U. S. Geol. Survey. Llbr. 

lAkubovich, A 


GS 57-42 

annapaxypa H 


pasBCAKir. MocKBa, VrJiexexHaflax, 1958. 

52, t4j p. illua. 22 cm. 
a0787.06 1 2 59-45906 

akuboYskfl, rtTril Vladimlrovich. 

3aeKxpopa3BCflKa. ^onymeno B KaiecxBe ywCHHKa fljwr 
reojroro-paaBefloiHux iexHiiKyOB. MocxBa, Foe. nayiHO- 
xexE. HS^-BO no reo.ionin it oxpane ne^p, 1956. 

858 p. lllus. 23cm. 
TN269.I24 57-35026 

Itenberg, Semen Samuilovich. 

Geofizyka kopahiiana dla geologtfw naftowych. tWyd. 1.] 
Warszawa, Wydawa. Geologiczne, 1965. 

248 p. mus. 21 cm. (BlbUoteka xawodowa geologa. Metody 
TK271.P4I816 67-42658 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Komarov, Sergei Grigor'evich. 

reo$ii3HHecKHe MCTOAM HcaieflOBaini* HC^TJIHKX CKBaHCHH. 
.Zljonymeiio B KanecTee yteCHHica p,nx HC^Tflrmx TexiniicyMOB, 
MocKsa, Toe. HayiHO-rexti. HBJ-BO He^>TJiHOfl n ropiro- 

TOnJtHBHOft JUIT-pH, 1952. 

859 p. lllus. 23cm. 
TN269.K6 53-20962 rev 

Kypc rpiinupasue^Kii; ,i;i reoioro-pa3Be;jo l iHMX TexHiucyaoB. 
MocKna" Foe. nayiito-TCxn. ii3/i;-no .iiiT-pu no reo.Toriin n 
oxpane ue,i;p, I9r>4. 
387 p lllus. 23 cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 478 AC 
TN2G9.A2 57-10810 

Lasfargues, Pierre. 

Prospection Slectrique par courants continus. Carte de 
potential, resistivite", polarisation induite, Paris, Masson, 

200 p. diagrs. 22 cm. (Manuela de proapection g6ophyslque) 

A 58-8059 
Illlnola. Univ. Library 

Lasfargues, Pierre. 

Prospection 61ectrique par courants continus. Carte de 
potentiel, resistivity polarisation spontanSe, polarisation in 
duite. Paris, Masson, 1957. 

290 p. diagrs, 22cm. (Mnnuels de prospectlon g^ophyslque) 
TN269.L33 1957 59-23691 

Lehrbuch der geophysikalisclien Methoden zur Erkundung 
von Erdblvorkommen ( vonj L. W. Sorokin t et al. Uberset- 
zung aus dem Russischen: Dr. BarnitzkC] Berlin, Vorlag 
Technik, 1953. 

6T9p. lllos. 25cm. 
TN271.P4K835 57-15869 t 

Logachev, A A 

Kypc jtarHHTOpaaBe^KH. (Honymeno B KaseciBC yie<5HHKa 
jw rcojioro-pasBe^oiHMxxexKHKyMOB. MocKaa, foe. Hayi- 


801 p. lllua. 23 cm. 
TN269.L6 1955 56-35178 

Logachev, A A 

Kypc MarHHTOpasBCflKH. ^onymeno B saiecTBc yicOMMsa 
Kxst syaoB no cnHHaJi>HOCTH "Feo^soireecEHe MCTO^H pas- 
aeflKH nojtesHHX HCKonaeiiHX." MocxBa, Foe. HS^-BO reojt. 
JIHT-PM, 1951. 

800 p. charts, dlagra. 28 cm, 
TK269X6 85-41099 

Lukavchenko, Petr Ivanovich. 

FpaBitMCTpmecKaK paaBC^Ka ua KC^TI. it raa ; pyKQBO^CTBO 
no padote c rpaauxcTpaxii. MOCKBS, Foe. Haysno-TcxH. utafl- 

BO He<j>THOft IX rOpKO-TOnjIHBKOft JtItT-pW, 1956. 

836 p. 1I1U8. 28cm. 
TN271.P4L8 56-89817 

MaSfn, Jan. 

Metody geofjsikalnfho prikkumu, Jan Madb, Rosti&lav 
Valek. cVyd. 1 Praha, Statnl podagogick6 nakl., 1954. 

187 p, Ului. 80cm. (Ufiebnf tarty T7iwtE Wcol) 
TN269.M845 56-20864 t 

Merriam, Daniel Francis. 

Electrical resistivity studies in the Kansas River Valley. 
Lawrence, 1954. 

100-112 p. Ulna., maps (1 fold, In pocket) dl*n., table*. 28 cm. 
(Kanwu. State Geological Surray. BoUtUx 100, pt. 7. 1904 Beporti 7) 

rQEH8.A2 no, 109, pt. 9] 0855-221 

U,S.G*>I Sorter. Llbn 

Moscow. Vsesoftznyi nauchno-Usledovatel'skil institut g*o- 
fldcheskikh metodov razvedlcl. 

Tpy^u. Bun. 1- 

MOCKM, Toe. HaytHO-TCXH. H3^-BO KC$T*HOtt K rOpBO- 

~ m. 



Moscow. Vseaoioznyl nauchno-iMllovatl'kiI inititut rm- 
Tedochnol geoazild. 

. Mo- 

a, Toe. usfl-BO reoju.JiHT-pH, 1958, 

187 p. llJiu, 26cm. 
-- Microfilm copy (negatife) 

Microfilm Bla 

rlc SOT AO 


MMOOW. Vseeoflimyl nauchno-lsaledovatel'skJI inatitut nu- 
Yedodhnol geoflziki 

reo4HaniecKHe MCTOAK pa3c^KH; cflopHKK craxett. Mo- 
cna, Foe. Hapreo-TxB. HS^-BO jrax-pu; no reoAorxK x ox- 
pane Hera. 1966. 

68 p. dlatn. 26cm, 
TN269M658 56-82754 

Mosneftegcofizika, trust, Moscow. 

Pac^eKKI^ ua no^esbie n KaKepaJibHwe reoflesKsecKKC a 
KapTorpafluwcKHC pafioru npn reo^iwiwccsux paaaeAKax B 
BC*T*HOtt npoMunuieHHOcTii. PaapatfoiaKK HopMaTasno- 
HCCJI. CTai^nefl npn rpecte Mocne$Tereo$H3BKa, YTncp- 
aueiiu npiiKasoM FjtaBKe$Tereo$n3HKK KQ 89 ox 14 HXMK 
1952 r. [PcAaicrop B. E. T^tSwH] MocKBa, Toe. aayHHO-iexH. 

E3fl-B0 HC^TflHOft H rOpHO-TOnJIIIBHOfl JtHT-pH, 1952. 

178 p. (chiefly tables) 28 x 80 cm. 
TN269.M60 55-41100 

Ortega y Gasset, Manuel, 1885- 

Las tierrns radiactivas, radio, uranio, tono; prospecci6n, 
teoria, mercados, esttidfsticas. Madrid, Dossat, 1958. 
49 p. lllus., fold. map. 20cm. 

Purdue Univ. Library 

Pearson, W J 

An investigation into the geological significance of some 
magnetic unomalies in the Lac la Kongo area of northern 
Saskatchewan. [Kegina, 1957. 

51 p. maps (pnrt fold.) tables. 26 cm. (Saskatchewan. Dept 
of Mineral Kwsourcea. Keport no. 29) 

G 858-44 
U. S. Oeol. Survey. Llbr. 

piiK^a^Hax ieo(|)ii3HKU : etfopinnc CTare 
3\IocKa, Foe. nayino-TexH, jut, 1 ;" no 
Tnn.iiinuoil .tiiT-pw, 19 

v. lllus., wops (pai-t foltl.) 28cm. 

n ropiio- 

Prokhorov, S P 

oe pyKOno^CTBO no ruAporeotorMtcciCHK H 
o^orHict:KHM ucc^c^onauitHMH npu p&atieAXC 
ft TBCp^Mx noAC3Hux HCKonacMMx. Mocica, 

Foe. naynu)-TexK. wa^-no JtKT-pw no rci>JiorK M oxpane 

HC^P, 1955. 

280 p. dlagra., profile*. 23 cut, 

TN270.P7 56-S2604 

MCTO^M .noHVOB a paaneAKW ypHOnx 
py^. [OTBCTCTaeMHHtt pc^aKTOp B % B. AjiCKcce*j Mocicsa, 
Foe. nayv>-TcxH. 3^-o jiMT-pw no reojiorKit u oxpaa 
He*p, 1957. 

609 p, lllu*. 28 cm. 
TN271.U7R8 58-90751 

c%exxc, [Coctaucoa 

U. S. S. R.} Glow* ffMfl*tot*tko 

HHCTpyicu;nH no 
A. A. JIor&ieBMM] 
recworKK E^. T. lHaTiutoM 80 KK>HX 195& r. Moocia, Foe. 
H3A-o reoJf. Jiiii-pii, 1952, 
Microfilm Slavic 425 AO Mic 56-400 

Russia (tm~ U, S, S. R,} Mmitfwho 
okhrany nodr, Ttkhniah<*skii sovt. 
CHUT npHMcaeiiiifli rco^waHtccKHX MCTO^OB 

^- A. A. KoHoruxHUca, B. C, KpacyjiKBa H 
A. C. IIInpOKOBa. HOCXB&, Foe, nayino-TCXH. MA-O JIMT- 
PM no reojiorMM M oxpane ne^p, 1055. 

74 p. lllu*. 22 cm, 
TN269.R86 57-16741 

Soaright, Thomas K 

The structure and magnetic mirvey* of the Sullivan- 
Bourbon area, Missouri { byj Thomas K. Searight, Jam* H. 
Williams and Jftmes S. Hendrix, Mia, 19C4. 

Ill, 14 p. lllu..,3fo)d.m a p (Lnpocktt) 28 Ao, (Mli-wurl. I>*pt 
of ButinMtt And AdmlnlrUon, DlrlMoa of toolOftaU 8arry und 
Water Bwourcw, lUport ofinrtlgmtlotu, no. 10) 
QE181.A25 no. 16 0864-800 

tl. S. Ool. Surrey. Ubr. 

Semenev, Alekaandr S*rgTich. 

HBO .loK 



200, [8, p, lllui^porc. 22cm, 

Smirnov, A A 

yxaaawex no HHTCpnpcratjHtt 

xHX anoxMHft c HCJBTHO rtoacxoi ypt- 
HOBUX Mectopox^eKisA. MOCKBA, Foe. aytHO-TexK. a^- 
BO JiHT-piTno rcoJiorHH tt oxpane tteflp, 1987, 

88 p. 22 cm. 
TN271.U7S6 6W49878 

Sokolov, Konstantin Paviovlclu 

HHX. Mocx*a, Foe. 

K oxpane HCAP, 1956. 
124, A > diem. 2 



Sorokin, L V 

OtflHUft K>pC UVMj>U3UHei"KII\ Meto^OB paJUPU'" UO^THUMX 

it raaoBiax MccTopoAjenun, (Ktnn,\ Hanucaua KOHCKTKBOK 
aBTOpoB no.t otluuiM pvjcoBOACTBrtx .1. B. CopOKKirt) Ha^. 2., 
ncnp. n ^oit, ^-ynymeHti B KaHCfTne vied, nocoriww A^ 


H ropiio-TomnBKOrt .iiii-pM. 10M 
457 p. lllus. a cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Mlcmfllm Sift rlc 4S5 T 
TN269.S58 1954 50-36685 

Sverdlovsk, Russia. Gornyl institut. 

CrtopwuK c'rarcft no leoiJuitwHci-KUM Mcru^aM pasBC^Ktr. 
[OtBeTCTBCHttMrt pc^aKTop A. SI, Hpotii) Mocxna, Foe. 
HayiHO-Tfxu. IIWBO iitT-pH tin icotonui H oxpattc Ke,a;p, 

100 p. illua. 27 cm. 
TN2CO.S8:J 56-27020 rev 

Svoboda, Karol. 

Geofyzikalne meth6dy in25m?rkelvo a aurovlnov^ho pri- 
eekumu. [Vyd. l.j Brntislnva, Slovenk^ vydavatel'stvo 
technickcj lit^ratilry, 1958. 

480 p. tlhil, 25cm, (EdIcIaKvorfltlckoJ llteratdry) 
TN269.S80 59-30647 1 

Swanson, Donald W 

Uranium prorp*oting, a complete manual, by Donald W. 
Swanson and William Vatx Dr Ley. t lt d.j Nw York, 
Vantage PrMB (1967, 

210 P, iihm, aim, 

AST pw HO rcojtt>r tt 

Tarkhor* A 

Foe. HayH 

83, i-t, p, I lluo, 

TtSrnqvbt, ta. 

Oiii <letn mRtn 
anomattar. Abo, Abo ukadwnl, 1 

lldp, lltim., tftMr*. 34 em t 
rant tea ct phynlOH, xvtlt, 21 
f ASaea.ASfi vol. 1H, no, ill 
Ohio Stt# ttnl*. I,br, 

A 87-4860 

XJgltetU, G A 

II nvlxlomftntc ckttronico {gPofmicR applieata) Mttodi d 
Rppurtcehi pr ncoprlriR ml iottomiolo r*<xitta, 1 glaolmwiti 
dt iHWUnw utili, In ;lisjxixioiiP d^li ittati U naturtt dnllo 

HW, Milnno, t J. Hopn t lM, 

290 p, lltUM, 1ft , 

Votkr, A 

D*trmin*tion do* wdlnlt^, d^ max (frandw profon- 
duri cUrm lo loun-nol clu 2aidrMi {HUT protp^tloiv flo- 
r A. Volkw *rt E, ( 

> pri- 

, I *Ubll'nykh twtopov i kluch* 
att v Mrodoom kh*eflU*tv i wmkc. i 

B, H, 

*wt"o eATBoft 

SSOp, Jlloit, tf 

TN69,V7 1987 

Vrboroykb, 3 

typ*. Aoiaytijo xtwKTw y^tttf. 

M0. HOC KM, FoC, ti*ynHO~T 

Toajonmoft jT'pw, 1968, 
34p, HIM. Aom, 



Explorlnjf tot potrolottw, by A. W. W*dk*r 
H. Stnuxir. SerUI &311. ( E4 l, Bonratott, 
Corrp<md*nc School*, 1 969. 

TN8?0,TO8 *** 

w^*rn Ka 





Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Williams, L W 

Seismic reflection survey at Koma, Queensland, 1952-53. 
t Canberraj 1955. 

r, 8 p. maps (part fold.) diagrs. 24 cm. (Australia. Bureau 
of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics. Report no. 23) 
QE340.A392 no. 23 57-27104 

Woollard, George Prior, 1908- 

Geophysical methods applied to geologic problems in Wis 
consin, by George P. Woollard and George F. Hanson. 
rMadisonj University of Wisconsin, 1954. 

xlv, 255 p. tllus., maps, diagrs., tables. 28 cm. (Wisconsin. 
Geological Survey. Bulletin no. 78. Scientific series, no. IB) 
[QE179.A2 no. 78] GS 55-82 

U. S. Geol. Survey. LIbr. 

Wyoming. University. Natural Resources Research Insti 

Radioactivity and tests for uranium minerals. Bev. 
Laramie, 1955. 

HI. 28cm. (Its Information circular no. 4) 
TN271.U7W9 1955 622.12 58-62710 J 


Tuchel, G 

Worterbuch der angewandten Geophysik: Deutsch-Eng- 
lisch, Englisch-Deutsch. [Hannover] Seismos c 1958] 

2 pts. In \ v. diagrs. 31 cm. 
TN269.T85 59-23520 


Tuchel, G 

Worterbuch der angewandten Geophysik: Deutsch-Eng- 
lisch, Englisch-Deutsch. t Hannover 3 Seismos C 1958] 

2 pts. In 1 v. dlagrs. 31 cm. 
TN269.T85 59-23520 


The Canadian geophysical directory. 

Calgary, Alta., T. H. Edwards Publications. 

V. 21 cm. 



Geophysical prospecting, v. 1- Mar. 1958- 
lllus, 25 cm. quarterly. 




1 kol. 1958- 

NaS rad. 1- 

y. in lllua., port*, map*. 20cm. Irregular. 




Vsesofuznyl nauchno-issledovatel'skil institut metodiki i 
tekhniki razvedki. 

TpyAti. cdopKHK 1- 
leHHHrpafl, Foe. Haynio-iexH. HO^-BO He$T*rnoft n ropito- 


T. lllus. 28 cm. 
TN270.V742 59-32433 


Shuttleworth, Floyd Stephen, 1913- 

Studies of sub-tropical rusts, r. Prospodwm transfor- 
mans. ( n. p., 1953i 

437-449 p. lllus, 24cm. 

QK627.P97S5 A 57-2948 

Indiana. Univ. Llbr. 



R8M, Lars. 

Prostatio hyperplasia and carcinoma studied with tissue 
culture technique. Stockholm, 1959. 

88 p lllus. 24 cm. (Acta chlrurglca Scandlnavlca. Supplemen 

^^ A 59-7725 

WlscoMln. UnlT. Llbr. 


Kenyon, Herbert R 

The prostate gland. New rev. ed. New York, Random 
House [1959, 

194 p. illus. 21cm. 
RC899.K4 1959 616.65 59-10949 J 


Hryntschak, Theodor, 1889- 

Suprapubic prostatectomy, with primary closure of the 
bladder by an original method : preparation, technique, and 
post-operative treatment. Authorized translation by Noble 
S. R. Maluf. Completely rev. Springfield, 111., Thomas 

187 p. lllus. 24cm. 
RD587JH7 617.46 54-6130 J 

Weyrauch, Henry M 

Surgery of the prostate. Illustrated by Halcyon Harri 
5as eS 'mif "iZ SW66t ' Philadel f >hift ' Saunders, 1959. 




see also Artificial limbs; Teeth, Artifi 

Applegate, Oliver C 

Essentials of removable partial denture prosthesis. 2d 
ed. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1959. 

364 p. lirue. 27cm. 
EK656.A63 1959 617.69 59-5976 t 

Gehl, Daniel H 

Complete denture prosthesis, by Daniel H, Gehl and 0. M. 
Dresen. Formerly by Rudolph O. Schlosser. 4th ed. 
Philadelphia, Saunders, 1958. 

542 p. lllus. 25cm. 
RK656.G4 1958 617.69 58-7952 1 

ITina-Markosian, L V 

SyCuoe H lejuocxnoe npOTeaiipoaaHHe y Bereft. Ila^. 2., 
flon. MocKBa, Me^rns, 1951. 

154, (2, p. illus. 28 cm. 
RK651.I4 1951 56-25616 

Michigan. Crippled Children Commission. 

Prosthetic devices for children, with emphasis on fitting 
upper extremity amputees. [Lansing, 1957] 
68 p. 

8 p. lllua., tables. 28x81 cm. 



*617.3 617.57 


Moore, Josephine C 

Adaptive equipment and appliances. c Rev. & enl. 2d ed. ; 
Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan College, 1957. 

131 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
RD755.M6 1957 57-30588 t 

Nagle, Raymond J 

Dental prosthetics; complete dentures [byj Raymond J 
Nagle tandj Victor H. Sears, with the collaboration of Sid 
ney I. Silverman. St Louis, Moeby, 1958. 

532 p, lllus. 26cm. 
KK656.N8 617.69 68-8519 J 

New York University. College of Engineering. Research 

The functional and psychological suitability of an experi 
mental hydraulic prosthesis for above-the-knee amputees. 
Research Division, project no. 115. Prepared in accordance 
with contract V1001 Ml 84 between the National Research 
Council Advisory Committee on Artificial Limbs and New 
York University. New York, Prosthetic Devices Study, 
Research Division, College of Engineering, New York Uni 
versity, 1958. 

x, 182 1. Him., dlAgrs., table*. 28 cm. (Itt Report no. 115.10) 
RD756.N45 *617.3 617.58 55-2477 

Pttschel, Fritz, writer on orthopedics. 

Kosmetische und orthopadische Kunststofferzeugnisse. 
Berlin, H. Cram, 1956. 
via, 147 p. IlluB. 25 cm. 

A. 57 7c 
Wayne Univ. Library 

Walldius, Bdr je. 

Arthroplasty of the knee using an endoprosthesis. [Trans 
lated from the Swedish by Erica Odelbergj Stockholm, 

112 p. lllua., dlagn., table*. 24 cm. (Acta ortbopaedlca Scandl- 
MTlca, Supplementum 24) 

WT. Llbr. BDTW 

World Health Organization. 

Amputees and prostheses ; report of a conference on pros- 
thetics, Copenhagen, 23-28 August 1954. Geneva, 1955. 

52 p. lllus , tables. 24 cm. (Itt Technical report series, no. 100) 
BA8.A25 no. 100 56-497 

'ROSTHETICS see Prosthesis 

see also Physostigmine 

see also Hygiene, Sexual; Pimps; Sex 
crimes; Sexual ethics; Venereal diseases 

Alniada Santini, Enrique. 

La prostitucion en sus relaciones con la criminalidad. 

Mexico, 1957. 
61 p. 23 cru 
HQ117.A58 58-38796 

Borelli, Siegfried. 

Die Prostitution als psycbologisches Problem, von Sieg 
fried Borelli und Willy Starck. Berlin, Springer, 1957. 

271 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
HQ117.B6 57-46445 % 

Caro-Paton, Tomas. 

La mujer calda ; memorias y reflexiones de un medico de 
la lucha anti venfirea. Madrid, G. MontaJ 1 195 63 


Ohio State Univ. Llbr. HQ117 

Chesser, Eustace, 1902- 

Live and let live,- the moral of the Wolfenden report. 
With a foreword by John Wolfenden. London, Heinemann 
t !958 3 

125, [1] p. 19 cm. 

HQ76.C37 *301.424 392.6 A 58-3671 

Wellesley College. Llbr. 

Church of England Moral Welfare Council. 

Serual offenders and social punishment, being the evidence 
submitted on behalf of the Church of England Moral Wel 
fare Council to the Departmental Committee on Homosexual 
Offences and Prostitution, with other material relating there 
to. Compiled and edited by Derrick Sherwin Bailey, study 
secretary. Westminster, Church Information Board, 1956. 

120 p. 22 cm. 
HQ76.C4 56-41976 

Cross, Harold H U 

The lust market. Pref. by J. C. Geiger. t lst ed-! New 
York, Citadel Press t 1956j 

HQ117.C7 '301.424 176.5 50-7675 t 

Glover, Edward, 1888- 

The psychopathology of prostitution. C 2d ed.j London, 
I. S. T. D. ( i. e. Institute for the Study and Treatment of 
Delinquency, 1957j 

20 p. 22 cm. 
HQ117.G55 1957 59-26523 J 

Greenwald, Harold, 1910- 

The call girl; a social and psychoanalytic study. New 
York, Ballantine Books t !958j 

245 p. 2i cm. 
HQ117.G7 '301.424 176.5 57-14679 J 

Hijmans, A 

Vrouw en man in de prostitutie; een sociologisch-psy- 
chologische studie. 's-Gravenhage, Van Keulen, 1956. 
188 p. 23 cm. 

A 57-4125 
Ohio State Unlr, Ltbr. HQ11T 

International Bureau for the Suppression of Traffic in Per 


r. 19cm. annual 

Jersild, Jens. 

Boy prostitution. r Translated by Oscar Bojesett] Copen 
hagen, G. E. C. Gad, 1956. 

101 p. 21cm. 
HQ76.J4 *301.424 892.6 

Lombroao, Cesare, 1835-1909. 

Female offender, by Cosar Lombroso and William Ferrero. 
New York, Philosophical Press ( 1958, 

813 p. lllu*., ports., Ubloa. 19cm 
HV6046JL8 1958 *364.1 864.373 5^4669 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Stamatiadfe, Plattn B 

fcTCUQiaufc. 'Adrivai. 1954. 

165 p. 22 cm. (ArmooieVa 'ETcaceEa; ITooaracrfas 'AnocpvXaxi- 
touivrov eeooaXov(xTi5, 10) 
HQ1U.S8 59-37046 

United Nations. 

Suppression of white slave traffic. Protocol, with annex, 
between the United States of America and other Govern 
ments amending Agreement of May 18, 1904, and Conven 
tion of May 4, 1910 ... Proclaimed by the President of the 
United States of America August 9, 1951, entered into force 
with respect to the United States of America August 14, 
1950. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1952j 

HI, 53 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept. of State. Publication 4486. Trea 
ties and other International acts series, 2832) 

JX235.9.A32 no. 2332 *30U24 176.5 52-61381 rev 

United Nations. Secretariat. 

Traffic in -women and children; summary of annual re 
ports. 1946/47- 
New York ( etc.] 

T. 28-82 cm. (United Nations. [Document, H/TWC) 
JX197T.A2 56-83 
2d Bet HQ280.US5 

United Nations. Secretariat. 

Traite* des femmes et des enfants; rSsume' des rapports 
annuels. 1046/47- 
New-York t etco 

v. 28-^82 cm. (Nations Unles. (Document) B/TWO) 
JX1977.A212 55-68 
2dset. HQ280.US52 

United Nations, fivdul CommiKxion. 

Draft convention of 1037 for suppressing the exploitation 
of the prostitution of others (item fib of the Draft agenda) 
Transfer to the United Nations of the functions exercised 
by the French Government under the International agree 
ment of 18 May 1904 and the International convention of 4 
May 1910 for the suppression of the white slave traffic, and 
the International agreement of 4 May 1910 for the sup 
pression of obscene publications (item 6(c) of the Draft 
agenda) (Lake Success, 1948 } 

118 p. 82 cm. (United Nations. [Document] E/CN.5/41) 
JX1977.A2 E/CN.C/41 50-11891 wv 

Verbeke, Nelly. 

D&resse des Riles de joie. [Bruxellesj Editions univor- 
sitaires [1953, 

172 p. 18cm. 
HQ117.V4 55-58081 J 


British Social Biology Council 

Women of the streets; a sociological study of the common 
prostitute, edited by 0. H. Rolph for and on behalf of the 
British Social Biology Council. London, Seeker A War 
burg, 1955. 

XTl,24Bp, dlagr., tnblM. 23cm, 
HQ188.L8B7 *301.424 176.5 56-1285 t 

Grenwald, Harold, 1010- 

A study of deviant sexual-occupational choice by twenty 
New York women. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms r 1956, 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., J&bllcmtlon no. 19^*2) 
Microfilm AG-1 no. 19,242 Mic 56-8547 

Columbia Univ. Ubrarlw 


Bauer, WfllL 

Geeehichte uad Weewa dr Proatitution, verfaaet untor 
Mitarbeit von Rich. Wmldegg, mit Beitragen von Wenwr 
Heinas; Vorwort voti Howt Heukirohnw, t 2. vdllig neu 
iiberarb. Aufl., Eine geechichtliohe und sozial-ethiache D&r- 
stellung der Prostitution in Wort und Bild und ihrer Folgen 
im Zeitraum. von fiber 4000 Jahren. Stuttgart, Weltroiegel- 
Vwlag t 1956, 

812 p. illu*. 22cm. 

HQmB88 A 07-6088 

Ohio State Uolr. Llbr. 

Scott, Ctaorgtt Ryly, 1886- 

A history of prostitution from antiquity to the present 
day. ( Bev. and illustrated limited ecL, London, Torch- 
stream Books [1954, 
800 p. lllua. 22cm. 
HQH1.S35 1954 *177 176,009 55-2484* J 


International Federation for the Abolition of State Regula 
tion of Vice. 

Congres international ; compte rendu officiel des travaux 
du congrfes. 


v. 20 cm. 


International Federation for the Abolition of State Regu 
lation of Vice. Congress, Rome^ 1950. 

La prostitution; les problfemes qu'elle pose aujourd'hui. 
Gen&ve, Secretariat de la F. A. 1. 1 !951, 

05 p. 24 cm. 
HQ106.I5 1950h 55-32205 

Istituto di medicina sociale. 

La pinga sociule della prostitution*. Pt. 1. Atti del n 
Convegno della Soeieta di nifldicina aociale aull'argumpnto : 
relazioni dei proff, Cesare Coruzzi e Italo Levi-Luxardo, 
communicuziom dei proff. F. Franchi t ot al.j e rcsoconto. 
Pt. 2. Indagine psicoloffica del dr. Dino Origlia sulla. pei*- 
sonalita della prostituta. Roma ,1950] 

247 p. dlaffi-s. 25 cm. (Oollana dl stud! aul probleml medico- 
soctnll, 0) 

HQ106.1 8 55-17988 

Cea Quiroz, Waldo. 

La prostituci6n y el dclito de contagio venereo. (Santiago] 

62 p. 20 cm. 


Ts'ui, Ling-ch'in, ft. 749. 


1. Thetter Ohlnn. 2. PrOitttntlon Ohlna. t. Son, Oh'J, fl, 880. 
Pelltchlh. n. Hla, Tlnrmb.. fl. 0868. Ch'tn* lou ctol. <81: 
Ohung-kuo wtx h*Ueh 'an Ic'ao t0 llao bl0 t'unr hu. Tl 1 Chi, 8) 

; Oh I no fang chl. 


Cornell Univ. Library 

C 5&-8Q74 


Denmark. T/Mget til ovfrvtjehe af formitattminotr <w^ 
for prostitwr&de kvinder off tmdrtng &f de getwmd* 5 
8t6mmelsr til modarbeijdtlto af pr(nt\tutior*n. 

Beteonkning om foranstftltninger til b*kemp6l ftf proU 
tutionen. [K^benhnvn] 1055. 

145 p. dtajfrn. 24 in. (Btmnknlng or, l&O) 

HQ210.A68 ca-tserr 


Lasserre, Jean, writer on nodal pr&bUm*. 

Les b&gnfts de la prostitution r^glemenOe, Oommiait IAS 
molaons" furent fermies* Gwiave Fd6mao - 

"molaons" furent fermies* 
xutte mterntttionftle, 1&55. 
ip. 10 cm. 

Ohio Stattt Univ. Llbr. 



sociaux: k prortitution, I'aloooHsmis U k*tnmt 
Itt6 Phllbpon t et a!,, p R ri, A, Fftyard f i054, 

^ ln * 

* Jft 20 V*U. 

chercho. e t <Wb*tt, 
Catholic Unlr, of 

Kwder, Rainer, 1910- 

Amtrlc*. tibwwy 

i. 80<s. 

0trich, Heinricfc, IdOO- 

JugendschutK vor allem t Zur Jugwidfltflhrdunc duroh 
E K81n-Klttnb, leSf 

1949- ) 

Bartsch, Gtorg . 

Mp, 16cm. 

Simmat, William E 1926- 

Prostitution und Offentlichkeit ; soziologische Betrach- 
tungen zur Affaro Nitribitt. [Stuttgart] F. Pecker Verlag 
Nachf. [1958, 
168 p. 20 eta. 

A 59-^604 
Ohio State Univ. Llbr. HQ196 


Gt. Brit Committee on H&moaemtal Offenc&t < 


Report. London, H. M. Stationery Off. t 1907, 
I5n p. tnl)l*H. a5 cm. dOt. Brit. iarUment. P 

mand, rmiul. '-JIT) 

HQ7fl.G7 *30 1.484 302.6 A 58-4659 

Cornell Univ. Library 

Hiffson, Jessie E 

The ntory of n beginning; an account of pioneer work for 
moral welfare. London, S. P. C. K., 1000. 

108 ji. tihw 10 om. 

tapr by com. 


BucAlo, Salvatore. 

Frost ituxiona ftlut pubblicn. Ixgg SO febbrmio 1958 n, 
75 rtulln aholixione della regfolanipntRaionft d^lln, prowtituzione 
e lotta oontro lo nfruttmuento <i*lla prtwtituxioiifi ultrui. 
Legge ^5 luglto 1956 n. H7 ullft pn>filia (lpll mtUattie 
veneree. ritorin, legil*xion giuriniirudansw, Tftrni^ Poll- 
lteroooii, 1958. 
15 cm. 

Ohio BtKttt Unlv. IJbr. 


Merlin, Lint, 1889- *<*. 

Ixittn\ dalle ou i^hiuiw, a our* cii t4n* Merlin 0rla 
Bttrtxirin. MiUno, Kdlabni Av&nti, 1900. 

aiWp. l?cm. (n<}Bllo,wtlB 

Nakamora, SaburO, 

DC * Ht * * < -7 

3C* p, fold. tb)w. 18 08, 

Hoovtr IoirtU(t*a 

Biitteh Sod*l Biology Cowidt 

Wtmwn of lh ntrtt{ H^bloip*t tdy of tin common 
protitu(tH editftd. by C. H. Italnh for and on tahftlf of tlw 
Britiih Social Biology Coundf, Ixm4<m okr A War* 



,?*ap, ditutf. 


FrnyKlirJ 4. Wft, 

MA Rloti d*ttr*n, 
TO PI UttM, 41 eta, 


A a 

ork wom*, Ann Arbor, Uulvtmit 

Miemftlm AO1 
ColomMn tlniv, 

Mk 00-8047 

K*w York today. PwftKJid with <*rpt* from rtpwt by 
John II Murtifb to Miyw W*i*r of Ntw Yoric. Nv 



SWtrm, Loi*. 
d* U briffiwi. ttv 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Carter, Herbert Dyson, 1910- 

Sin and science. ,h Indian ed. 3 Bombay, Current Book 
House r !957, 1946] 

156 p. 22cm. 
HQ215.C3 1957 59-30168 


Fry, Monroe. 

Sex, vice, and business. New York, Ballantine Books 

159 p. 18cm. (Ballantlne books, 311K) 
HQ144.F7 301.4243 59-10385 I 

Murtagh, John M 

Cast the first stone t byj John M. Murtagh rand, Sara Har. 
ris. New York, McGraw-Hill (1957, 
307 p. 21 cm. J 

HQ144.M8 *177 176.5 57-8015 J 


KUZ'MICH TSVETKOV- see fSvetkov- 
Prosveshchenskii, Aleksandr Kuz'mich 


Nikitin, Lev Nikolaevich. 

BoJitraeBHCxcKHft acypnaji "IXpocBemeHHev" MocKBa, Toe. 

ISO p. 20 cm. 
PN5280.P7N5 56-32790 

see Winnipeg. Prosvita Reading Association 

PROTACTINIUM see Protoactinium 


^ Protagora: le testimonianze e i frammenti. Edizione 
riveduttx G ampliata con uno studio su la vita, le opere, il 
pensiero e la fortuna, c dij Antonio Capizzi. Firenze G C 
Sansoni 1955] 
448 p. 24 cm. (Pubbllcazlonl dell'Istltuto dl fllosofla deU'Unlver- 

sltfc dl Boma, v. 4) 
PA4403.P7 1955 
Cincinnati. Univ. Llbr. 

A 56-3923 rev 


Alelnikov, Moisei Nikiforovich, comp. 

HKOB npoTasaaoB ; o TsopiecxoK nyrn pexHccepa. Ctfop- 
HHtK] 2. Bt3fl., nepep. n flon. MocKsa. HcsyccTBO, 1957. 

412 p. lllufl. 28cm. 
PN1998.A3P7 1957 58-41639 t 


Johnson, John Alexander, 1917- 

Properties of certain protease systems used in breadmak- 
ing. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms ( 1955j 

TtUnlveralty Mlcrofllma, Ann Arbor, Mlch.i Publication no, 11,094) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 11,094 Mic A 55-403 

Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. 


Kerwin, Richard Martin, 1922- 

A new antibiotic effective against proteus organisms. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms rl957j 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 19,048) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,948 Mic 57-848 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

PROTECTION see Free trade and protection 

PROTECTION OF BIRDS see Birds, Protec 
tion of 


Diplomatic protection 

see Cultural property, Protection of 

property, Protection of (International law) 

PROTECTION OF GAME see Game protection 

Natural monuments 

Protection of 

Protection of 

Conservation of 

see Barrier creams 

Chemakov, Fedor Andreevich. 

loc ;. coiosHoe ma-Bo cyflocTpoHT. npoMBimj., 1958. HHHIpafl ' 

219 p. illus. 28 cm 

Nauchno-tekhnicheskoe obshchestvo mashinostroitel'nol 

Bonpocti flyroBoft caapiwr B SEIUHTHBIX raaax; ^oiuraflH K 
BcecoiosHOMy HayiHO-TexHHiecEOMy coBen^anHio no csapse 
a samHTHHX ra 3 ax. C K B. JCxXfeBcxaft (OTB. 
Mocxna, 1957. 

250 p. Illus. 23cm. 


Novozhilov, Nikolai MikhaHovich. 

Cuapica naaM^xiMc* sjreETpoflou B yoeKiiaaoM rase. Mo- 
CKBa, Mainrus. 1958. 

163 p. Illus. 23cm. 
TK4660.N68 58-42883 



see also Corrosion and anti- corrosives; 
Diffusion coatings; Drying oils; Gums 
and resins; Gums and resins, Synthetic; 
Lacquer and lacquering; Paint; Paper 
coatings; Phosphate coating; Polyeth 
ylene; Vapor -plating 
Abdul-Karim, Aziz Farid, 1915- 

fl itt\? dy r? f alk d ; 8ilicorxe coatings. Ann Arbor, Univer 
sity Mici'ofilms t 1957j 

((University Mlcroflltna, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 19,446) 
Microfilm AC-1 no, 19,446 uri/. m 01 a 

Purtuallnlv. Library M.1C 57-919 

Arrambide, Jean, 1905- 

Liante routiers et enrobds ; matSriaux de protection : 

X A Mde rt M P Durie, 


de bat. wll . c 

TB200 - A75 " 69-280491 

Ausschuss fur Wirtschaf tliche Fertigung. 

Flammspritzen, hrsg. in Gemeinschaft mit dem Rationali- 
sierungs-Kuratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft CKKW) 
1. Aufl. Berlin, Beuth-Vertrieb, 1953. 

89 p. niufl. 2icm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library A 55-414 rev 

Bieri, Bernard, 1919- 

Elektrische und elektronenoptiache Untersuchungeu an 
anodischenZinkoxyddeckschichten. Bern, 1950 
10 p. 21cm. -* 


Blom, Axel Viggo, 1884- 

Grundla^en der Anstrichwisaenschaft. Basel, Birkhauser. 

_ ?5 p. Illus, 25 cm. (LehrbQcher and MooocnphlM M dem 
Geblete der eraktea WIwnBdmften. Ohemlache Rhie, Bd, 8) 

B ] A 56-5913 

Unlr. Library 

Burns, Robert Martin, 1890- 

Protective coatings for metals, by K. M. Burns and W. W, 
Bradley. 2ded. New York, Keinhold Pub. Corp. t 1955, 
* A* - ,.. o, ._ (tAoerlcan Chemical S^ety, iono- 

*620.172 620.1122 55-6622 

TA462.B85 1955 

Chegodaev, D 

naa o5oaoiKa) .le 
JIHT-PH, 1955. 

18 p. Illas. 20cm. 

D ed. 

nacca 33O (3xiunejjuo;io3HaH san^m- 
oe. Haystno-rexH. HS^-BO XHM. 


Deutsche Gesellschaf t f Ur Metallkunde. Attsschwa fur Kor- 
roaion und Korroaionsachuta. 

Passivierende Filme und Deckschichten ; AnlaufschichtetL 
Mechanismus ikrer Entstehung und ihre Schutzwirkung 
gegen Korrosion. Vortrage gehalten anlasslich der Diskus- 
raonstagung des Korrosionsausschusses der Deutschen Gesell- 
achaft fur Metallkunde am 13. u. 14. Oktober 1955 in Frank 
furt/Main. Hrsg. von H. Fischer, K. Hauffe riind, W 
Wiederholt Berlin, Springer, 1956. 

xl.400 p. illua. 24cm. 

TP935.D4 A 68-83 

Illinois. Univ. Library ~-u 

Drinberg, Anatoli! fAkovIevich. 

Texnojtoni* HeMerajuec>:ax noKptixHfl. ^ortymeno B 
sa^ecTBe y^teC. nocofina &* XHirmco-TexHOJioraiecEHX ByaoB 
H $aicy^tTetOB. JleHHHrpaA, Foe. HayiHO-iexH H3fl-so XHM 

JIHT-pH, 1957. 

588 p. Illus. 28 cm. 



Fabrikant, Tamara L'vovna. 

AcCoBHHiiJi H ero npHMeneHHe B XHHHnecKoii n 
^eHHocTH. nofl pe^, H. SL. KanHOsa. MocKBa, Toe. 

TCXH. H3fl-B0 XMM. JIHT-pH, 1958. 


Fancutt, F 

Protective painting of structural steel, prepared by F. Fan 
cutt and J. C. Hudson for the Protective Coatings (Corro 
sion) Sub-committee of the Corrosion Committee of the 
British Iron and Steel Research Association. London, Chap- 

rlv r 102p, tllus.,map. 2Scm. 
Wisconsin. Unlv, Llbr. A 58-900 

F&tfration d'associations de techniciens des industries des 
peintures, vernis, emaux et encres d'imprimerie de 1'Eu- 
rope continentale. 4. congris, Lucerne, 1957. 

Chemie und Technologie ausgewahlter synthetischer Lack- 
bindemittel. Chimie et technologie de quelques liants mo- 
dernes pour vernis, & base de resines synth&iques. The 
chemistry and technology of selected modern synthetic 
resins for surface coatings. Winterthur, P. G. Keller, 1957. 

294 p. Him. 81 cm. 
TP978.F36 1957 668.4 58-39192 

Federahon of Paint and Varnish Production Clubs. 

Film formation, film properties, and film deterioration; 

P?nf y SV -^5"? Oommittee of * Federation of 
Paint and Varnish Production Clubs. 


667 .6 

Fedot'ev, N P edt 

CnpaBOiHWK no aanxuTHO-flCKopamBHiiir nospHTiwx. 
JleHHHrpa^, Maranis [jTcHnnrpaflCKoe OT^-HHCI 1951 
Microfilm Slavic 833 T MJ C 58-6424 

Fritz, Joseph Christoph. 

MetaUen und 

152 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
lulnola. Univ. Library 

A 55-4295 

Gt. Brit Ministry of Defence. 

Code of practice for the climate-proofing- of electrical 
equipment. London, H, M. Stationery OffTl957 

41 p. 28cm. (ftDBF.-O.P.-l) J ' 

TK458.G72 no.l 58-45049 

Heinrich, Friedrich Joseph, 1889- 

BituminSse Anstrichstoffe. [Neuaufl-j Garmisch-Parten- 
kirchen,, Fachliteratur-Ermittlungs- und Berichtsdienst fur 
Industrie und Forschung, 1954- 

T. lUua. 29cm. 
TP953.H42 5<M0307 

Heinrich, Friedrich Joseph, 1889- 

Emulsions-Anstriche. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Fach 
literatur-Ermittlungs- und Berichtsdienst fur Industrie und 
Forschunff, 1958- 
r. illua. Jcm, 

A 56-6242 
Wayne tjnlv. Library 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Illinois. University. Dept. of Ceramic Engineering. 

Research on elevated temperature resistant ceramic struc 
tural adhesives ; progress report, no. 1- 
Mar./May 1958- 

no. illus. 29cm. quarterly. 

A 58-9920 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Illinois. University. Electrical Engineering Research Labo 

Progress report on conducting thin films, no. 1- 
Apr./June 1951- 

v. Illus 28 cm, quarterly. 

Illinois. TJnlv. Library 

Illinois. University. Electrical Engineering Research Labo 

Technical note. Contract AF33( 038) -21255. OSR proj 
ect no. R-358-10-3. File no. 10-3. no.l- 
Urbana t 1957j- 

v, Illus., dlagi-s., tables. 28 cm. 

A 57-9323 
Illinois, Univ. Library 

Johns-Manville Corporation. Industrial Products Division. 

Pipeline coatings and wrappers, a 3 point study ; results of 
investigation of: 1. Relative merits of asbestos and fibrous 
glass wrappers. 2. Effectiveness of plastic tape as a pipeline 
coating. 3. Influence of coating on cost of cathodic protec 
tion. Prepared by a leading consulting engineering firm for 
the Industrial Products Division of Johns-ManviUe. [New 
Yorkj 1954. 

208 p. illus. 28 cm. 
TJ930.J6 G21.8672 64-44341 1 

Kadaner, Lev H'ich. 

SamHTime njiCHKii ua MCiaj.iax. Xapi>KOB, Ha^-BO Xapi.- 
KOHCKOro roc. yiniaepcitTCTa, 1956. 

282 p. Illua. 28cm. 
TA462.K3 57-16956 

Kappelmeier, C P A td. 

Chemical analysis of resin-based coating materials. New 
York, Inter-science Publishers. 1959. 

680 p. Illus. 24cm. 
TP986.G8K3 667.7082 59-10446 J 

KMma, Leontil Ivanovich. 

OHMT ycTpottCTua deapyjtOHHHX rHflpOHaojunnOHHiux no- 

KpHTHft. MocKUa, TOC. H3fl-B0 JIHT-ptl HO CTpOWTeJttCTBy H 

apxHTCKtype, 1054. 

Microfilm Slavic 742 T Mic 58-6869 

Kolotukhin, I N 

TexHojiorju cMaacwmx H aauuiTHUx MatcpHa^oa. 
sKflCHO B KaiecTBe yiefiaHKa flout tcxKHityMOB wea-^op 
nopia no cne^Ma-itHOCTn "BaroHitoe xoaattcTBO." t Pc#aic- 
Top T. A. IIiiHiyKj MoBa, Foe. Tpancn, wea-flop. HS^-BO. 

285 p. lllufl. S8cn>. 
TJ1075.K59 55-56060 

Office technique pour I'utttimtion de 1'mder. 

Conseils pratiques relatifs i la protection de Paoier oontre 
la corrosion ; ipeinturea et veroi* [Paris, coter 1954] 

TA467.033 5B-o7060 t 

Permoda, Arthur James, 1911- 

The adherometer adhesion of calcium carbonate-alkyd 

coatings on steel. Ann Arbor, University Microfilm* c 19S6i 

([UnTyerlty Microfilm*, Ana Arbor, Mich.) Publication no, 18.68T) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,637 Mic 56-8882 

Michigan. Untv. Llbr. 

PrMa, Ferdinand. 

N&tSry, nistriky a smalty y prtimyBlu a remeslech, 
rPraha, Pr&ce, 1948. 

649 p. lUn. 21 cm. 
TP985.P75 59-24272 % 

Ramei, Jaroslav. 

Ochrannfi nat&ry. 2,, upravene* vyd. Praha, Stital nakl. 
technickd litoratury, 1957. 

200 p. mm. 21cm. 
TP935.R8 1957 58-48206 1 

Seymour, Raymond Benedict, 1912- 

Hot organic coatings. New York, Reinhold Pub, Corp. 


288 p. Illua, 24 cm. 


59-12862 I 

Snoddon, William John, 19^- 

The luechixuicul properties of some protective coating 
films. Aim Arbor, University Microfilms [1054| 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publicntlou 7783) 
Microfilm AC- 1 no. 7T;W Mic A 55-3 1 H) 

Mlrhlffan. Univ. Llbr. 

ffeiherman, L fX 

PaciCT npoTiiDOKOppoauoniiux nao'uipyHuunx <.i(1nm i icK 
no,i;3eMiiwx MCTa-nii'icciciix TpyCloiipOBO^o", Mncicna, IT:i,^- 
BO MiiiniCTCpcTBa KOMMyna.ii.iioro xonftcrna PCOC1', 19. r 8. 

126, [2) p. dlagre. 23 cm, 

IL S. Army. Ordnance dorps. Diamond Qrdnanot ^uw 
Laboratories, Washington, D. 0. 

Symposium on casting resins, sponsored by Dept. of the 
Army, Dept. of the Navy t andj I)ept. of the Air Force, 24 
and 25 January 195(5. Technical papers. Washington r iy5G, 

iv,856p. llluB., tables. 26cm. 
XJG480.U5 1956 *668.41 56-6S020 

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance (Navy Dept,) 

Strippable coating, application and maintenance. 1st re- 
vision.^ Washington t U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1954 t i. e. 1055, 
Ptam'phlet, I48S) " ca>1 * i r<1tlRnf v i 

VF7.U6 no. 1485 620.1122 55-608 lii 

Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksbutff. Sanitary Engi 
neering Oorrosion Clinic, 195J^. 

Papers presented nt tho 1954 Sanitary Knginwring Cor 
rosion Clinic. Blacksburg, Virginiu Polytechnic Institute 

82 p. 28 cm. (Virginia Polytechnic IntUts Blchburff, KnI. 
nwrlngr Experiment Station. Engineering Experiment Station iwrle* 
oo. 102) 

PTA7.V5 no, 102] 
Virginia, State Library 


National Research Council. Building RwarcK Inttttuti. 

Field applied paints and coatings; JJL rt*earch correlation 
conference conducted by tho Building Retearch Institute, 
December 8 and 4, 1058, Shoreham Hotel, Washington, 1). 0. 
Washington, 1059. 

x, 142 p. iiiuj. 28 cm, (NRtlon.1 ItMMrch Council, 


see also International trusteeships; 
Mandates; Persons (International law); 
Sei*vitudes (International law) 

PROTEIDS see Proteins 


r,G F 

Change* in liver oU 

^U^^llS^aScm. (Act~ 
Wlicoiwln, Ualy, Ubr. 

duritiff stimula 
. StoekMm, 

ira 147} 

Bath, U8l (Schramm) \m>- 
Fett- und Eiwittoffweehl 

, (Unt*r- 

Dtakhauser, Gorg. 

Stoffwechjeireguliitiojaaa mit beaondwer Berttek*leh%un 
des ProteomOiM-Fkton. Stuttgwt, Wiioh*ftiJch 
Verl^5gflJll8chllft, 1050. 

2Tp. nitii. 22cm 



, - 

MtcTofilm AO-1 . 
Untv, Ubr. 

Jiffriw, Barbara Rutti, 192ft- 

Th* relation of xnitoohondriia 
daw activity, aa obatrved b the **t 
jection, Chicago [Dept, of 
OHcago HbrwcT,l&58. 
Microfilm 57S3 QH 
XJixiv, Ubr. 


Knufmann, KlishcM. 

.mT'.n nar 'rnns ps^n nnnr *?ti i ^isNDs 

(Jerusalem, l!>r(5. .fC 
HO, II 1. dlnrs. 28 cm. 


UdstrCm, Fritz. 

Clinical and expprimentnl ntudira on intravenoim nutrition 
with a (linlyzed enxymntic rmwin hyUrolysnte. tTranslnted 
from tho Swedish by Erica Odcllwrg, Stockholm, 1054 

(JO p. Ulna. 24 cm, (Acta chlrurglca 8c*ndlnnylc. aupplfttnen, 
turn 3WJ) 

Wlmmiln, llnlr. Wbr. A 67-7584 

McTecr, Miriam Leona, 1U'2^- 

Stwliw on protein metalKjliwn witli trnphaiuM on eulfur 
balftiu'o. Ann Artx>r, Ifnivoraity Micwtllmn ,IQM\ 

dtlnlvpralty Microfilm*, Ann Arbor, Mlch t| Publlcntlon no. 1&.110) 
Micn>fllm ACr-l no. 19,116 Mio 56-8801 

Wlneoiwln, I'ttlv, l.lbr. v VV^BOWA 

Ross, Margaret Louis*. 

Tho relationship of vitamin B to protpin m6t&bolim 
durhi# progiwnry in thft rat. Ann Arbor, tlnivemity Mi- 
crof limn ( liHW, 

(,t!utv*.rlfy MIcritnintN, Aim Arbor, tlch , inthlicatton no. 14.884) 
Microfilm ACM no, H,8H4 Mie 57*5088 

Kut^ers University, ,V ftmntwfrk, ,V. /, //wrviau of 

Some i>hyiol<)^ic*l RRp<M'tH ami conHiutuo* of pnrawitiwn. 
olovptith annual ctmfmnoft tm protein 


e<litHl by Willmin H. C/ob. Contributont Krnwt Hueding 
i.mj otlwr, Nw Ilrunwwiole, liutuwru Univiwhy Presi, 


Iiutirn tfnlr, 

1)1* Krrvgburkvit tW i*b#dn 

303 tH I' lu* 3T1 cm, 

Sirotniik, Fmiwift Miehiil, I$W^ 

AtudiM on fh* nUrov 
terin. ,CllrRe Turk, Md<* I&&4. 

J*n. a. 

3ryliind, tlulv, Mbr, 

w): net ion 
Min. Ann Arbor, tlnl 

A ntu 
of pftpnm, ( 

IHirdiw t'nlv, libr 



** Rlno Qlabin; Lyoym; 
protinij Prottatt; Frotln 
Strum jjrott In; and othtr protin group* 
an4 bodttf 

Ajrrxm, Gunwu-. 

Adrian, Joan, 

4 b UW**, 5H m, TtW OR 

d Ci* tr* wtt 

A 8&-T7&8 

^ , 

3PwUiai wxl MQlao iwikk In attkajd mttritioa, 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROTEINS (Continued) 

Altschul, Aaron Mayer, 1914- ed. 

Processed plant protein foodstuffs. New York, Academic 
Press, 1958. 

955 p. Illus. 24cm. 
TP370.A4 664 57-8371 J 

Amberg, Herman Robert, 1920- 

Bacterial fermentation of spent sulfite liquor for the pro 
duction of protein concentrate animal feed supplement. 
Corvallis, Or., 1956. 

48 p. dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Oregon. State College, Corvallls. 
Engineering Experiment Station. Bulletin no. 38) 
[TA7.O74 no. 38] A 57-9019 

Oregon. State College Library 

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The molecular basis of evolution. New York. Wiley r 1959i 
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59-11794 t 

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Illinois. Univ. Library 

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Zur Funktion von SH-Gruppen der Muskelproteine der 
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The dispensable mass of body protein studied by means of 
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Microsomal particles and protein synthesis; papers pre 
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New York, Published on behalf of the Washington Academy 
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Amino acid handbook; methods and results of protein 
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With contributions by Herman J. Almquist t and others] 
Springfield, 111., Thomas r 1956, 

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Institutional market potential for oilseed proteins. Wash 
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Electrophoretic analyses of protein fractions extracted 
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([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 15,896) 
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The evaluation of a bacterial method for determining the 
digestibility of food and feed proteins. Ann Arbor, Univer 
sity Microfilms C 1957] 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 19,401) 
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Protides of the biological fluids; proceedings, edited by 
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M&hodes d'&udes de la structure des proteines: applica 
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A*i'i UIUS n 24cm> ( Flsk eridirektoratets sfcrlfter. Serle Havun- 
v S noT) port on Norwe Slan fishery and marine Investigations, 

QL88&G3DS3 57-17906 t 

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The effect of carboxypeptidase on various crystalline pro 
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Coluinbtn Univ. Libraries AC5-S542 

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Effects of diets high in meat protein on nitrogen metabo 
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Cerebvospinnl fluid protein in syphilis; a methodological 
and clinical study, based on the Izikowitz method for frac 
tional protein determination, and a comparison with paper 
electrophoretic protein determination. Stockholm, 1955. 

184 p. Illus, 25cm. (Acta dermato-venereologtca. Supplementum 

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

m Human protein requirements and their fulfilment in prac 
tice ; proceedings of a conference in Princeton, United States 

(1955) Sponsored jointly by the Food and Agriculture 
Organization of the United Nations (F. A, O.), World 
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Committee on Protein Requirements. 

Besoins en prot&nes; rapport. Rome, Organisation des 
Nations Unies pour I'alimentation et I'agriculture, 1958. 
a T . 52 p. dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. (Etudes do nutrition de la FAO, 




Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 

Committee on Protein Requirements. 

Necesidades en protelnas; informe. Roma, Organization 
de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimenta 
tion, 1958, 

v, 57 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Coleccldn FAQ: estudlos sobre 
nutrldon, no. 16) 
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

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France. Centre national de la recherche zcientifique. 

Structure chimique des prot4ines; Marseille, 24 octobre 
1953. Paris, Vente au Service de publication du C. N. R. S., 

182 p. Illus. (/taColloqueanatlonaux) 
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Studies on desoxyribonucleoprotehi and desoxyribonucleic 
acid. Uppsala, 1954. 

32 p. Illus , dlagrs. 24cm. 
QD431.F7 56-27725 

Fuller, Robert Arthur, 1926- 

Interapecies complex formation in denatured protein mix 
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hydrogen and disulfide bonds during the aggregation ac 
companying protein denaturation. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms [1955] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 13,826) 
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Gamow, George, 1904- 

On information transfer from nucleic acids to proteins. 
K0benhuvn, I kommission hos Munksgaard 1955 

7 p. dtagr., tables. 24 cm. (Det Kongellge Danske- vtdenska- 
bernes selskab Blologlske meddelelser, bd. 227 wTs) viaei w*a 

[AS281.D212 bd.22,nr.8] A 56-3487 

Columbia Univ. ' Libraries -*KW- 

Gamow, George, 1004- 

Possible mathematical relation between deoxyribonucleic 
acid and proteins. K0benhuvn, I kommission hos Munks 
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18 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 em. (Det kgl, Danake videnskabernes 
selskab. Blologlske meddelelser, bd. 22, nr. S) 
[AS281.D212 bd.22,ur.3] A 55-2365 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

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The effect of carboxypeptidase on the chymotrypsinogen- 
chymotrypsin system. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication 6412) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 6412 Mic A 53-1733 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library o-J-'oo 

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Construction and properties of comma-free codes, by S. W 
Golomb, L. R. Welch, and M. Delbriick. K^benhavn, I fcom- 
mission hos Munksgaard, 1958. 

Greenberg, David Morris, 1895- ed. 

Amino acids and proteins; theory, methods, application. 

51-9508 rev 


Hardy, Sarah, 1921- 

The interaction of dietary glycine with the urinary and 
serum proteins of two multiple myeloma patients. Chicago 
t Library, Dept of Photographic Reproduction, University 
of Chicago] 1954. 
Microfilm 4221 RS Mic 57-5276 

Hartaook, Elmer William, 1918- 

The effect of age on the protein and methionine require 
ments of the rat. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1954, 
(iTJnlyerslty Microfilms. Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 9OT8) 


Helm, Gerold, 1924- 

Die stoffliche und energetische Wirkung einer Eiweisszu- 
lage sowie einer Zulage, bestehend aus Starke, Fett und 
Eiweiss beitn ausgewachsenen Schaf . Zurich, Juris-Verlag, 

94 'p. 22cm. 
SF876JI4 59-42690 


Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

PROTEINS (Continued) 

Hinners, Scott William, 1013- 

A bioi\s,-a\ for determining ihe nutritional adequacy of 
protein .-npplemeiih for '-hide sfrowrh. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Univevsit\ Microfilm^ jU^S 

Microfilm AT-1 iw.,VM7m Mic 5S-1704 

Illinois, UnU LIlH-iii'j 

Holzach, Olga, 1923- 

Untersuchungen uber die Inhaltsstoffe cles Rhizoms von 
T&mus wuiniunis L., mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der 
Schleime. Zurich, 1951. 

73 p, illus. 2-1 ciu. 

QK860.BOHO 59-31061 

Hubbe, JUrgen, 1027- 

Versuche fiber die bioloffische JVertiffkeit von \Veizenei- 
weiss im Vergleich zu. Haferprotein und seine Aufbesserunpj 
durch Hefmsatz. Mainz, 1950. 

11 1, so cm. 
QP551.H8 57-26693 

Johns Hopkins University. MoCollum-Pratt Institute. 

A symposium on inorganic nitrogen metabolism : function 
of metnllo-flavoproteina, sponsored by the McCollum-Pratt 
Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. Edited by Wil 
liam D. MoElroy and Bentley Glass. Baltimore, Johns 
Hopkins Press, 1956. 

Hit, 72S p. dlagrs,, tables. 24 cm. (Hi Contribution no, 125) 
QP17LJ57 1956 574,19 55-12048 

Kekwick, R A 

The separation of protein fractions from human plasma 
with ethor. t By, R. A. Kekwick and Margaret E. Mackay. 
London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1954. 

75 p. Illus. 25 cm. (Medical Research Council. Special report 
series, no, 286) 
RM176.K4 55-15402 t 

Ko$ttirk, Osroan, 1918- 

Yiiksek ve algnk protoinli misirlarm proteinlerinin biyolo- 
jik ile$orlerinin inukayesesi, Ankara, 1955. 

74 p. dinars., tables, 24 cm. (Lit ve Bnhk Kurumu yaymlan, 
aayi : 2) 
SF99.M3K6 58-28428 

Konigsberg, William Henry, 1930- 

A study of proteins modified with N-carboxy-amino acid 
anhydrides. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms ( 1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-2691 Mic 58-2691 

Columbia Univ. Llbrarlw 

Kulik, Uwe Jens, 1928- 

Die biologische Wertigkeit von Broteiweisa und seine Auf- 
besserung durch Zusatz von Lysin. Mainz, 1051. 

18 ( 7,L 80cm. 
QP551.K85 69-30778 

Lassiter, James William, 1920- 

Protein studies with swine. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms t l955] 

( [Unlverwlty Mlcrofllrui, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 11,516) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 1 1,510 Mio A 56-859 

Illinois. Unlv, Library 

Laurence, Kenneth Allen, 1928- 

An electrophoretie study of the protein changes during the 
development of Awaris hiwftriMidss i-or. mum. Ann Ar 
bor, University Microfilms ( 1956] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mtch.i Publication ao. 18,545) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,545 Mic 56-8187 

Iowa. Unlv. Library 

Lloyd, Norman Edward, 1920- 

The f ractionation and characterization of corn endosperm 
proteins. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms ( 1957, 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.i Publication no. 10,420) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 10,420 Mic 57-787 

Purdue tTnlv. Wbrnry 

McArdle, Frank Joseph, 1920- 

Effects of ionizing radiations on some protein, components 
of foods. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms ( 1966, 

( [University Mierofl loan, Ano Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 18,08*) 
Microfilm AQ-1 no. 13,936 Mic 65-1053 

Purdue Unlv, Library 

MareSek, Vladimir. 

Btlfcovinnfi hydrolysfity potravinirske". t l. vyd. Prahaj 
Ministerstvo potravinllfskfiho prumyslu [1955] 

814 p. 21 em, 
TP370.M3 C9-22228 t 

Marshall, John Marvin, 1020- 

Cytoehemical localization of certain proteins by fluorescent 
antibody techniques. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich,] Publication no. 0000) 
Microfilm ACM no. 9606 MioAH-2788 

IUlnoI. Unlv. Library 

Memychyn, Paul. 

Studies of the interaction of proteins with detergtinta ; 
effects of pH, ionic strength and detergent structure. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1131 Mio 58-1131 

Minnesota. Unlv. Llbr. 

Miller, Edward Clarence, 1023- 

The protein and amino acid requirements of the domestic 
fowl. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1957, 

(lUnlversity Microfilms, Aim Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 20,258) 
Microfilm ACM no. 20,253 Mio 57 -1532 

Moorefield, Herbert Hughes, 1918- 

Studios on somi> iutogumental proteins of insects. Ur 
ban a, UWJl. 

8 p. 23 cm, 

QI^07.MO A 55-8448 

Illinois. Unlv. Library 

Narayan, Krishnamurthi Annnth, 1980- 

^ The faotoi-H influencing the formation and pro|>rtieH of 
lipid-protein coniploxefi. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 2&,2fl0) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 1*5,200 Mio 58-4042 

Illinois, Univ. Librnry 

pd protein. Ann Arlwr, 

Neuhaus, Otto Wilhelm, 1922- 

Kiayinutic hydrolysis of ac 
T T nivorsity MicrolilmH ( 19C4) 

{|t*nlvralty Mlcrofllma, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j IHibllpatlon 7888) 
Microfilm AG-1 no. 7008 Mio Arfi-li2-t 

MldilKtm. fnlv. l.ihr. 

Neurath, Hans, 11)00 

rat, ans, 11)00 &d. 

The proteins: chemistry, biological Activity, nntl methotls 

ited by ITans Kcurixth ( nmlj Kenneth Hailoy. Now York 

cademic Pres, 1053-54. 


Academic Pres, 1053-54. 
2 v. In 4. Ulna, 24 cm. 


Nilsson, Torsten. 

Blood and milk proteins and protein-bound carbohydrates 
in bovine chronic masLitisj a pftpw eloctrophoretlc wtvuly, 
Copenhagen, Munksgaard, 1958. 

74 p. lllufl. 24 cm. (Acta imthokigloa et nilrrohlologlcn Kmn- 
dlnavlca. Supplemontuna 1UR) 

A 08 4090 
Chicago. Unlv. Llbr. 

Ntahida, ToshirS, 1920- 

The effect of thwmnlly oxicli^pd oil imcl protein on ^rum 
cholesterol nnd lipoprotein IPW!, nnd on tha infidenw of 
experimental athetrosclorosis. Ann Arbor, TlnivemHy MU'm- 
films [1957, 

dUnlverHlty Mlpronim, Ann Arbor, Mlrh.) Publication n 2<),fi70j 

Miovolilni AC- 1 no, ^ 
llllnolB. Unlv. Library 

Mio 07 -B097 

Oram, V 

The cytoplaamic bftophilia subatnnce of thft exocrine PAH- 
ci-oatic culls; tin experimental, histological And dfcnBitom&triQ 
study. jTranslatod from Danirii by A. Romlngj I5ncl, 
New York, S. Karffer t !0B5, 

114 p. Uiu8. 25 cm, (Actn anatomic*. Sttjpptttwtatutti n, I *d 
VOl. 25) 

QL801.A222 no. 28 

Pantellck, Steven, 1927- 

Riboso nucleic acid imd protein inUrrelRtitmRhini in thft 
HeU coll. Oliica ff o ,Library, Dept. of 
production, tlniveraity of CWcno, 1057. 
Microfilm 5280 QP 

Pennsylvania. University. 

Progrww report, Contract; Nonr-551 (W) Eleetricfti and 
mechanioal properties of biological maUrkl nd Itt <xm*Ut 

t"- P-i 

v. 28 cm, annum. 

Prlgmore, John Rauteton, 1D24- 

Relatlonshtos of maintenance of liver wuqrm* activity to 
diet ; and Studiee on techniques and tu of portal vein oamm- 
Itttion in dogs, Ann Arbor, University Microfilm* {1956, 
( tXTnlwalty Mtwoflloui, Ann Arbor, Mtft^j Pa^" * *" **' 

Miorofibn AO-1 no. 17^87 
,, ^^ Ubr 

Rafter, Gale William, 19&5- 

The identification, isolation, and proptrfeleft of yMit wo- 
tein no. 2, A reaction of reduced diphoephoprridlne nnclto- 
tide catalyzed by protein no, 2 or *dd, Juan Ajbor, Uaittr- 
rity Microfilms { 19tt8, 

<(tJ0iYerlty Mlcroflla* Aao Arbor, MlAj PttWl*tl( OOOfl) 
Microfilm AC-1 no, 5908 Mio A 68-1064 

TJnlT., 8**ttle. JUbrtry 

Razzell, Wilfred Edwin, 1031- 

Enzymatic steps in protein antl uuolwc acid biosynthesis. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms f 1967j 

({University Microfilms, Ann Arlx>r, Mich.) Publication no, 28870) 
Microfilm A(M no. 'i'l,87 Mic 57-8847 

IltlnolH. t'nlv. I.ll.iury 

Roordn, Sijtze Jan, 10 IS) - 

Monomokculuiro la^n, Rymmetriwhe (liulUylnzijnzuren 
en hun intenvctie met filmn vim eiwitton. \s (iravenhuge Ex 
celsior ( li)5Uj 

05 p. Iiius 24 cm, 

Rosenbaum, Munuel, 10'J!> 

The roliMtf protein s,\ntlu^iH tn the eurly Mu^issof liueteriul 
virus infertion. Ann Arlxu 1 , Timer^U Mu-rolilnw t lS)50, 

((ttiilvorsio MU'i.. riling Ann Vilw, Miob IMitillontton no, 18,044) 
Microfilm AC I no,is,(in Mic 8(1 3688 

Hn. t'nlv, Mhr. 

fkhopman, Willem. 

Over glutftmnl-3, ftHpartnl-4 n hiemm nfgtkUide peptiden 
On glutunml-5, Mpartal-4 and peptidea thereof. Utrecht 

Serfonteln, Willium Jacob, 1W- 

'u Hydrntt to< die kwuu v.n tnkel* wp*kte v&n die eiwib- 
chemi**, I^iden, 1> Jong i I852i 

lSl>, illtM iparu-nU ivm, 

Sharon, Nathan. 

tKt'hovotii, HUM, .i" 

8 1. ; 10 1, S8 rtn. 

Soity for Exprin 

Fibrous i>rot*ina nnd tlwir biol^icftl signiftcunt 1 **. Cttm- 
brid Published for tit* C^mpnny of Bil(^{ata on behalf 
of th Society for Kx|rlm<intBl Hintoicy t the University 
Prw, 1 96ft, 

vl. 870 p Illun, p)nt, (tthtm m cm <//* Hytiiikwlt,, no, fi) 

Society of Ch#mlcal Induntry, /-*wi/fm, ^W ttrtwp 
The nhyKiwi* ch^mioAl pro|Hrtiw of pmUinit with a 

to whftt t)rotelr5 oomt>rliiit pam>ra rend at ft 
ium orgnwiWl by tlw Foot! Owup junrf, hhl Rt txjn- 
don, Si7th Mutrh, t87, I^ntion, Ho<il#ty of Ohfemte*! In- 
dustryj Kw Yorfc, Mft 
ltl m 

ltl m & ilia*,, ihb as w, (, a I 


m, ) 

Th*t Rtrut'fuml t'hinit"y of proteins, I^mtltm, Butter- 
bUrtttitiriA, IBM, 

*M7W M7J fl& 1S67 t 

ITttp MlUA 



The atrutrtunU ahomlutry of proton* Nw Vork, Ac 
id Prtw, 1WJ4. 

t K 


, K 

Ught **tt*cm ff in phyitlc*! cMmw*cry. 

aw p. aim aam, 
OD501.8775 4i,T 

York, Ao 

8om ftffoeti of 
<xw. Ara 

JJlowftlra A0l 


, Alfred, 1910- 
pmp attidias of 

ls to 




Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROTEINS (Continued) 

Stulberg, Melvin Philip, 1925- 

The participation of adenosine triphosphate in protein 
esis. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 1958] 
>fii m Ar_i n *R_oiftQ Mic 58-2163 

synthesis. ~ 

Microfilm AC-1 no. , 
Minnesota. Unlv. Llbr. 

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Critische bescliouwingon over de uitzoutingsmethode van 
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. . 

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Printed for A. B. P. 


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Strati graphic Pre -Cambrian 

PROTEST (LAW) see Negotiable instruments 

see also Protestantism; and names of 
Protestant denominations, e. g. Lutheran 

Piolanti, Antonio, ed. 

II protestantesimo ieri e oggi. Roma, F. Ferrari [1958] 
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1st kirchliches Lehrchaos protestantisches Schicksal? 
Christusgemasse Ordnung und Konformitat als gewissen- 
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gelischen Kirchenrechts. Ein Beitrag zur christologischen 
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Le statut dea missions en Indochine ( par] Marcel Caratini 
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Les chemins du Seigneur au Congo; oommeinorant 
soixante-quinze ans de missions protestantee 1878-1958. 
Leopoldville, -Librairio ^vangelique au Conjro rlOSS, 

Mp. llltu^mtp* 21cm. " t ~i 

Catholic Unlv. of Amerlou library 

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Protestant missionary influences on America's Far Eastern 
foreign policy: 1981-4L [Chicago, Library Dept. of Photo 
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Es gibt kein zurtick; okumenische Besinnung eines Pro 
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trum, 1956. * 

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The primacy of Peter from the Protestant and from the 
Catholic point of view; translated from the French by John 
Chapin. Westminster, Md., Newman Press, 1954 

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Das Wesen des katholisclx-protestantischen Gegensatzes; 
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221p. 22cm. IB ft * 

BX4668.L25 56-56272 t 

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The riddle of Roman CathoHcism. New York, Abinirdon 
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272 p; 24cm. 
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Das konfessionelle Schicksal Deutschlands; 400 Jahre 
Glaubensspaltung und Una Sancta. Friedberg bei Augs 
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Protestant and Catholic; religious and social interaction 
in an industrial comnaunity, Boston, Beacon Press t 1957, 

zd,484p. dlacn., tables 22cm. 
BR560H7U5 277.44 57-6529 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Weigel, Gustave, 1906- 

Faith and understanding in America. New York, Mac- 
xnillan, 1959. 

170 p. 22 cm. 
BX4817.W4 282.73 59-6989 \ 


Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland. 

Kirche und Kosmos; orthodoxes und Chris- 
tentum. Hrsg. vom Kirchlichen Aussenamt der EKD. 
Witten-Ruhr, Luther- Verlag, 1950. 

168 p. 20cm. (Its Studlenheft Nr. 2) 
BX323.E78 56-21821 

Evangelische Kirche in Dentochland. 

Orthodoxie und evangelisches Christentum, hrsg. vom 
Kirchlichen Aussenamt der EKD. Witten, Ruhr. Luther- 
Verlag, 1949. 

87 p. 20cm. (Studlenhett.Nr. 1) 
BX828.E8 55-20486 


Albertin, Lothar, 1924- 

Nationalismus und Protestantismus in der osterreichischeu 
Los-von-Rom-Bewegung urn 1900. t K61n?, 1953. 

190 p. 21cm. 
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Mecenseffy, Grete. 

Geschichte des Protestantismus in Osterreich. Graz, H. 
Bohlaus Nachf., 1956. 

282 p. 24cm. 
BX4841.M4 57-31093 t 


Soctttt d'histoire du protestantisme beige. 

Annales. 1.-10. livr., 1904-1918; 2. se>., 1.-10. livr., 1914- 
1935; 8. se>., -10. livr., -1951; 4. ser., 1.- livr,.. 1952- 

v. in 111 us. 24 cm. annual (Irregular) 
BX4842.A2S6 384.09498 42-6868 rev* 


Jaarboek der Evangelisohe kerkea in BelgiB. Annuaire dee 
eglises evangeliques en Belgique. 

T. 21 cm, 


Broi, Lde, <jrf. 

Yesterday and today; a survey of Czechoslovak Protes 
tantism. Prague, Preparatory Committee of the Eoumeni- 
cal Council of Churches in Czechoslovakia. 1955 

65 p. UluE. 18cm. 
BX4854.09B7 56-85688 J 

Evangelick* dflo. 

CeskoslovenStl evangelfdi v boji za mlr. rSbornflc projeru 
z konference Evangehckelw) dlla v KromfiMii ve dnech 25.- 
28 srpnal951. Vyd.l, Praha,1951, 

"" <^^ IU WMT,/T) 

55-44885 I 

Moln&r, Amedeo. 

Ozechosloyak Protestantism today. Foreword by J. L. 

ttj^i, I 2J ue7 Centna Ohurdl Pl * > Hoafl *' low - 

BX48kC9M6 ^ CWJ1T10 t 


Walz, Hans Hermann. 

Der politische Auftrag dee Protestantismus in Buropa. 
Tubingen, Mohr, 1955. 

BX48VwT 5&-3S916 i 


Kirche im Often. Bd. 1- 
Stuttgart, ErangeliBchea Verlagswerk 

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Poland, Burdette C 

French Protestantism and the French Revolution; a study 
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Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1957. 

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Les sectes protestantes dans la France contemporaine, 
Paris, Beauchesne, 1956. 

298 p. 18 cm. 

BR843.S4 A 58-2806 

Wisconsin. Unly. Ubr. 


Conord, Paul, ed. 

Images du passe* protestant francais, Paris, 1555-1955 
(Compost'o par Paul Conord ot Pierre Bourguet avoc lc oon- 
cours d'Albert-Marie Schmidt. Paris, Edition de la Soeidte* 
centrale d'6vang61isation, 1955] 

64 p. lllua., portB., facslms. 21cm. 
BX4843.C6 57-47479 

Mours, Samuel. 

Le protestantismo en Vivarais et en Velay des origiites a 
nos jours. Valence, Imprimeries r^unies. 1949. 

549 p. lllua. 28cm. 
BX9456.V8M6 56-19282 t 


Moors, Samuel. 

Le protestantisme en Vivarais et en Veiny de* oriffines . 
nos jours. Valence, Imprimeries rfiuniea, 1949. 

546 p. 111U8, 28cm? 
BX9456.V8M6 56-19982 t 

see also Evangelical academies 

Gepport, Walter. 

1st kirchliches Lehrchaos proteetntich<w Schicksalt 
Christusgemiisse Orduung und Konformitit *ls gewiwcn- 
bindende kirchliche Autont&t und die Neubegnlndung van- 
gelisohen Kirohenreohts. Bin Bitrag srar 3iristologi6hen 
Interpretation der Kirche gem&sa vingelbch-lutlicriechn 
Bekenntms, t l. Aufl.j Neuffen/Wurttwnberff. Sonnftnwgf- 
Verlag t 1958j 

156 p. 21 cm, 

Hartflrd TJnlr. Library 

Kuplsch, Karl, 1908- 

Zvisohen Idealismus und Mamndamokratle; eine Go- 
whichte der evangelischen Kirch Jja rteutoohlwid von 1815- 
im t l Aufl., Berlin, Lettner-Verlag, Abi, Hau uad 
oohule rl955] 

286 p, HlUN. 21 cm, 


NlftmttUer, WUhelnu 

Die evangeliache Kirohe iia Dritten R4oh; 
Kirohenkampfes. Bielefeld, L, Bwhauf ( 19e, 

408 p, 24 Ctn, 



Deutacher EvangeUscher Klrchentag, 

in Hoffnunrr; der Deutsc! 


Btntacher Evanicliacher 

Wiridiohkeit heute, 


Maurer, Hartmut 


j^ct^^m p, 38 cm. (. 


Maurer, Hartmut 

Die VerwaltungsgerichtsUrkwt der Evangolischen Kirche. 
Q5ttingen, O. Schwartz, 1958. 

xv,_m p. 23 cm, (0ttln*er reohUwJMwiachiiftUche Studlen 

Bd. 25) 



Mlegge, Giovanni. 

L'Eglise sous le joug fasciste. Oenert^ Editions Labor et 
Fides t 1940, 

itn) *"' W 

BX447.M5 57-41484 J 


Iglehart, Charles W 

A century of Protestant Christianity in Japan, 
in cooperation with the Japan OommiUe, Division of For 
eign Minions, National Council of the Churches of Christ 
in the U. S, A. 1st <sd., Tokyo, Rutland, Vt, 0. K. Tuttlo 
Co. (1950, 

884 p. 22 em, 
BR1305.IM S84.0952 WM1768 $ 

( 1957, 
W8 P, 


I, ProtwUnt <*oi^JPn, 8. ) 

ThomAm, Wlnburn T 

ant bftginninp ia Japan, tto* ftwt thr 4oade, 
. (lit td., Tpkyoftmlid,Vt, r O.B.TttttkOo! 


Undquist, Emory K.mpton, 1906- 

Th ProUttant ohur^h in Kunnw: an wxnoUUd bibllor- 
raphy. WiohitaJLJnivwtity of WUMta, 1WC 
11 ' 1018 ' "^^^^ 


BaHimoir*. Church of tht RUwMr. 

TWi pariih undftr Qod t ISWMWHJj a mwd of th paopk 
th ttommte, and ttmtally tht hlffh P UTX* that bm, in 
it fim owitury, *4t tH pariah a hoiiw for Ohristian wo> 
1 P> BaWm0f * * 19W 
*"** S88.7SIW 

Caatmrttto, Mary A 

PWrtD, Robert Richard. 

j ooopwaUott In r*lltfou* 
PwwM^lnula oommunitiM, Am Arbw t 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

SPAIN (Continued) 

Spain. Oficina de Informaoion Diplomdtica. 

The situation of Protestantism in Spain; six studies on an 
anti-Spanish campaign of defamation. 2d ed. Madrid, 

165 p. lllus. 27cm. 
BR1026.A513 1955 58-33245 J 


Rycrof t, William Stanley. 

Religion and faith in Latin America. With a foreword 
by Alberto Rembao. Philadelphia, Westminster Press r!958j 

208 p. 21cm. 
BR600.R82 278 58-5838 J 


Wells, Kenneth Elmer, 1896- 

History of Protestant work in Thailand, 1828-1958. 
Bangkok, Church of Christ in Thailand, 1958. 

213 p. illus. 23cm. 
BR1195.W4 275.93 59-30502 J 


Bandy, Edgar C 

Collectivism in the churches ; a documented account of the 
political activities of the Federal, National, and World 
Councils of Churches. Wheaton, 111., Church League of 
America, 1958. 

854 p. 22cm. 
BR516.B82 *280.1 280.6273 57-13355 t 

Carter, Paul Allen, 1926- 

The decline and revival of the social gospel; social and 
political liberalism in American Protestant churches, 1920- 
1940. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1954, 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich,, Publication no. 8"" 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 8 
Columbia Univ. 

Mic A 54-2009 

Carter, Paul Allen, 1926- 

The decline and revival of the social gospel ; social and 
political liberalism in American Protestant churches, 1920- 
1940. Ithaca, N". Y., Cornell University Press [1956, 1954] 

x,265p. 24cm. 

A 56-5089 rev 
Cornell Univ. Library 

Hardon, John A 

The Protestant churches of America. Westminster, Md., 
Newman Press, 1956. 

366 p. 22 cm, 
BR516.H25 284: 66-13249 J 

Johnston, Ruby Funchess. 

The religion of Negro Protestants; changing religious at 
titudes and practices. New York, Philosophical Library 
t !956, 

rxvl, 224 p. tables. 24 cm. 
BR563.N4J62 277.8 56-13828 

Kerr, Hugh Thomson, 1900- 

What divides Protestants today. New York, Association 
Press C 1958j 

127 p. 16 cm. (An Association Prew reflection book) 
BR516.5.K4 284 58-11532 t 

Kramer, Alfred S 1916- 

Patterns of racial inclusion among selected congregations 
of three Protestant denominations ... Ann Arbor, Univer 
sity Microfilms t !955] 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 18,621 ) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 13,621 Mic 56-681 

Miller, Robert Moats. 

American Protestantism and social issues, 1919-1030. 
Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press t !958] 

ftSCp, 24cm, 

HN39.U6M59 *261.8 68-1248 t 

Parker, Thomas Valentine, 1878- 

American Protestantism, an appraisal. New York, Philo 

sophical Library t l56j 

* 1 ' 


16-18048 t 

Sizer, Leonard Marion, 1913- 

Role conception, role discrepancy, and institutional con 
text: a study of the Protestant ministry. Ann Arbor, Uni 
versity Microfilms tl964i 

( [University Microfilm*, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 10, 244) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 10, 244 Mic A 54-8616 

Iowa, Univ. Library 


see also Anglo-Catholicism 

Bernardin, Joseph Buchanan, 1899- 

An introduction to the Episcopal Church. t 3d ed.) New 
YorkjMorehouse-GorhamCo. C 1957i 

119 p. 19 cm. 
BX5930.B4 1957 283.73 

Dawley, Powel Mills, 1907- 

The Episcopal Church and its work t by, Powel Mills 
Dawley with the collaboration of James Thayer Addison 
and with the assistance of the Authors' Committee of the 
Dept. of Christian Education of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church. Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press, 1955 

810 p. lllus 22 cm. (The Church's teaching v 61 
BX5930.D3 283 ' 55-6354 J 

Ervin, Spencer, 1886- ed. 

_ The Episcopal Church in the United States and the Na- 
f Churcnes - 




Johnson, Howard Albert, 1915- ed. 

This church of ours; the Episcopal Church: what it is 
and what it teaches about living, by Stephen F. Bayne, Jr. 
t and othersj Foreword by the Bishop of New York. 
Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press, 1958. 

129 p. 20 cm. 
BX5930.J6 283.73 58-10841 J 

Krumm, John McGffl, 1913- 

S? I 2i a J m E P isco P Illian - New York, Nelson t 1957] 
BX5930.K8 Q83.73 5? _ n897 { 

Moyes, John Stoward, Bp., 1884- 

America revisited: Minneapolis and Evanston, 1954. t lst 
ed., Sydney, Church Pub. Co., 1955. 
166 p. lllus. 19cm. 

. . 



56-28490 J 

Pike, James Albert, 1913- ed. 

Modern Canterbury pilgrims and why they chose the 
Episcopal Church: John H. Hallowell c and others, New 
York, Morehouse-Gorham, 1956. 

317 p. 21 cm. 
BX5990.P5 283.73 56-6116 J 

Pittenger, William Norman, 1905- 

The Episcopalian way of life. Englewood Cliffs. N. J.. 
Prentice-Hall [1957] 
188 p. lllus, 22cm. 
BX5930.P54 283.78 57-5280 J 

Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. A. Washington 
Opportunity for tomorrow; a survey of the Diocese of 

Washington. Washington, 1954. 

1111. lllua. 28cm. 
BX5918.W8A53 5&-2352D t 

Ringer, Benjamin Bernard, 1920- 

The parishioner and his church; a study in the sociology 
of religion. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rl957 1 

(rUnjVeralty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 20.06S) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 20,063 Mic 57-1105 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Smith, Harry Robert, 1894- 

The church for you; an introduction to the Episcopal 
Church. Foreword by Norman B. Nash. Greenwich, Conn,, 
Seabury Press, 1956. 

98 p. 19 cm. 
BX5935.S676 283 56-1893 J 

Stowe, Walter Herbert, 1895- 

Why? Does the Episcopal Church need scholars? t By 3 
Walter H. Stowe & Spencer Ervin. Philadelphia] Church 
Historical Society C 1950, 

28 p. 19 cm. (Church fflrtorlcal Society. Publication no. 84) 

A 69-4946 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Weston, M. Moran, 1910- 

Social policy of the Episcopal Church in the twentieth 
century. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1954i 

(tUnlverslty Microfilm*, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 8860) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 8860 Mic A 55-3187 

Columbia Unlv, Libraries 


Du Bose, William Porcher, 183*6-1918. 

Unity in the faith. Edited by W. Norman Pittenger. 
Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press, 1957. 

BX5845.D78 ' 230.3 57-9536 J 

The Holy Cross magazine. 

All for the love of God, a Holy Cross omnibus. c lst ed.] 
New York, Holy Cross Press [1957] 

250 p. 24cm. 
BX5840.H6 283.082 57-7735 J 


Seagle, Nathan A 1868- 

The memoirs of a metropolitan minister; sixty years of 
service in the Diocese of New York. Foreword by the Bt. 
Rev. Horace W. B. Donegan. c lst ed.] New York, Exposi 
tion Press (1955] 

89 p. lllua. 21cm. 
BX5995.S314A3 922.373 65-11831 J 


Whittemore, Lewis Bliss, Bp. 

The care of a,ll the churches; the background, work, and 
opportunity of the American episcopate. Greenwich, Conn., 
Seabury Press, 1955. 

146 p. 20cm. 
BX5966.W5 262.3 55-5456 J 


Barrett, Thomas van Braam. 

Adventures of the Rev. Samuel Entwhistie; with illus. by 
the author. New York, Morehouse-Gorham Co. C 1956] 

184 p. llius. 21cm. 
PZ4.B275Ad 55-9998 J 


Argo, Pordyce Hubbard, 1872- 

Chapters of memory: impressions, evaluations. r Delray 
Beach? Fla., 1954, 

124 p. lllus. 23cm. 
BX5995.A65A4 922.273 56-21063 t 

Hubbard, Henry Elijah. 

Lights and shadows of a long ministry. [Waterloo? 
N. Y.j e !955. 

82 p. lllus. 24cm. 
BX5995.H73A4 922.373 56-21325 J 

Melish, John Howard, 1874- 

Autumn days; a recollection, Brooklyn. Bromwell Press, 

80 p. lllua. 24cm. 
BX59S5.M47A3 922.373 66-22775 t 

Ray, Randolph, 1886- 

My Little Church Around the Corner. In collaboration 

m S. Vll !S Sdlea - Kew York ' Simon "^ Sc^ster, 1957. 
865 p. lllus. 22cm. ' 

BX5995.R37A3 288.747 57-12396 J 

Seagle, Nathan A 1868- 

The memoirs of a metropolitan minister; sixty years of 
service in the Diocese of New York. Foreword by the Rt. 
Rev. Horace W. B. Donegan. lsted.j New York, Exposi 
tion Press f 1955j 

99 p. lllu. 21cm, 
BX5995.S314A3 822.873 66-11831 J 

CONVERTS see Converts, Anglican 


Crum, RoUe Pomeroy, 1889- 

A dictionary of the Episcopal Church, compiled from 
various authentic sources; with a foreword by Henry St. 
George Tucker, llth ed., with pronunciations aocordiog to 
Webster's and ThorndiJce-Barnhart's dictionaries. Balti 
more, Trefoil Pub. Society, 1954. 

68 p. tllut. 20 am. 
BX5007.C7 1954 283.08 56-15394 J 

Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. A. National 
Council. Dtpt. of Christian Education. 

More than words; junior high school resource book. 
Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press t 1956, 

179 p. lllua 22cm. (The Seabury wrli C B^7,) 
BX5007.P7 203 65-S442 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

U. S. A. 


Protestant Episcopal Church in the U t S. A. National 
Oounoil Dept. of Christian Education. 

More than words j a resource book for church school teach 
ers and for students in junior high school classes. Rev. ed. 

Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press [1958j 
216 p. 22cm. (The Seabury series, Br-7B) 
BX6007.P7 1068 203 



Perkins, Edward N 

Refutation of Dr. Kevin's rebuttal of "The ancient 
canons." An answer to the argument set forth in the Sov 
ereign independence of the canon law of the Protestant Epis 
copal Church in the United States of America; a rebuttal by 
the Rev. Robert O. Kevin, PH. D., B. T. D. t Byj Edward N. 
Perkins for and in consultation with the Joint Committee on 
Discipline of the American Church Union and the Clerical 
Union. t New York, Joint Committee on Discipline of the 
American Church Union and the Clerical Union, 1964. 

Tn 24oiw. 



Clark, Howard Gordon. 

Friends, Romans, countrymen; a friendly answer to ques 
tions Roman Catholics ask concerning the relationship of 
the Anglican churches to the one, holy, catholic, and apos 
tolic church of Jesus Christ New York, Morehouse-QorhiucQ 

58p. 19cm. 
BX5132.C57 230.3 66-11862 t 

Coburn, John B ed. 

Viewpoints ; some aspects of Anglican tlnlring } edited by 
John B. Coburn and W. Norman Fittenger. Foreword by 
Robert F. Gibson. Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press, 1969. 

BX69 P 30.2.C6 288.73 69-9804 t 

Damroech, Frank, 1888- 

The faith of the Episcopal Church. t 2ded.] New York, 
Morehouse-Gorham Co. rl958i 

146 p. idem. 
BX6980.D26 1958 288 68-8721 J 

De Wolfe, James Pernette, 5y., 1895- 

Answers to laymen's questions. New York, Morehouse- 
Barlow Co. t 195j 

208 p, 2lcm. 
BX6988.D4 288 89-12875 J 

Moss, Claude Beaufort, 1888- 

Answer me this. [1st ed.j New York, Longmans, Green, 

2l2p. 21cm. 
BX5980.2.M66 283.076 69-18646 t 

Snter, John Wallace, 1890- 

To know and believe; a senior high school resource book. 
Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press t 1968i 

81 p. 21 cm. (The Swbory MTIM, tt-10) 
BX6980.S8 230.8 68-9266 t 

West, Edward N 

Things I always thought t knew. New York, Morehouae- 
GorhamCo. [1957, 

32 p. 21cm. 
BX5986.W6 280.3 67-777* J 


Protestant Episcopal Church In the U. S. A. National 
Oewwil. Deft, of Ohnstim Education, 

The goodly company; teacher's manual, grade 5. Illus 
trated by William Sharp, Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press 

182 p. lllvw. 21c 

(The Seabury wrlei,T~5) 

66-7864 J 


Dawley, Powel Mills, 1907- 

Our Christian heritage ; church history and the Episcopal 
Church. [Coarse H-l reader, 1st ed New York, More 
house-Gorham, 1959. 

* *" <* ta K' atal * **** MH,.) 

270 69-10787 t 

De Mffle, George Edmed, 1898- 

The Episcopal Church since 1900; a brief history. New 
York, Morehouse-Gorham, 1965. 

228 p. 22 cm. 
BX5882.D45 283.73 65-7433 t 

Loveland, Clara 

The critical years; the reconstitution of the Anglican 
Church in the United States of America : 1780-1789. Green 
wich, Conn., Seabury Press. 1956. 

vi.Bllp. ii2cm. 
BX6881.L6 283.73 50-10567 

Manrosa, William Wilson, 1905- 

A history of the American Episcopal Church. C 8d ed., 
rev.] New York, Morehouse-Gorham, 1959. 

420 p. 21cm. 
BX5880.M30 1969 283.78 59-1366 | 

Murphy, DuBose, 1893- 

From "churches" to "church." t A.ustin, Tex., Church His 
torical Society, 1956] 

8 p. 22 cm. (Church Historical Society. Publication no. 48) 

XlllDOta. Univ. Library A 5M943 


Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. A. 

The hymnal 1940 companion; prepared by the Joint Com 
mission on the Revision of the Hymnal of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in the United States of America. 8d, rev, 
ed. New York. Church Pension Fund [1956. 

xxvlll, T41 p. liluB., port., muale. -22 cm. 
ML8166.P77 1986 788.0 57-&S927 


WitseU, William PosteU, 1874- 

Come. Boston, Christopher Pub. House ( 1955i 

127 p. 21 cm. 



Shoemaker, Robert W., 1024- 

The origin and meaning of the name "ProteflUnt Epfooo- 
paL" t New York, American Church Publication*, 1&69, 





Kean, Charles Dwell, 1910- 

The road to reunion. Greenwich, Owwv., Setbury Press, 

140 p. 20cm, 

BX5926.K4 *280,1 58-5507 J 


Brown, Robert R 

Friendly enemifti, putting your trouble to work. { Wtt. 
wood, N. J.) lUvell (1955, 

iBOp, 22 cm, ' 


Cravner, WilUam Charles. 

New York, Va 

Wp. lllu, 41 cm. 

Kairp, Ernest C 

New York. Exposition Pre* ( 195, 

115 p. tlixw, 21cm. 
BX5987.E9U5 S6&OS 

Grant, Frederick CUfton, 18l- 

The pftwion of the Kinff; a book for Holy We* aa4 
Barter. New York, MiwiniUan, 1W8. 

lOTp. lutw, Sttcsn. 
BV4898.G68 268.6 

fltaM, John, 1908- 

Our Christian vocation. Foreword by Henry Knox fiber. 

JohnMm, John Howard, iT- 

BX6960.N5MW 1966 


5B-WT60 t 

Kean, Charles Duell, 1910- 

Whon you preach; ( a sermon series for the Christian year. 
Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press, 1S>69. 

8 v. 21 cm. 
BX6987.K38W6 263,6 60-10767 t 

Watson, Orvffle Enteat, 1857-1851. 

Selected sermons; edited by Lacy Lockert, Nashville, 
Printed for Kenyon College by the Parthenon Press ,1955! 

297 p. niua. 22 cm. J 

BX5937.W388S4 S5a.08 



Madison, Wis. Grace Episcopal Church. 

Graett Kpim"opal Church, Madimm, Wincotmin; a history 
of the parish, commemorating tho c*ntnnifcl wmivprgftry of 
the ilrat aurvioe lield in (Jraw (Hiutvh, I>brunry 14 1858 
Madison, 1958. 

73 p. Illus. 23i. 


Bridgeman, Charles Thorloy, 18&S- 

The Episcopal Church and th Middle East Foreword by 
Angus Campboll Maolnitica. Nw York, MorehouM-Owluun 

40 p. illui, 22 cox 

New York. Trinity Chwdu 

,New York, 

T. In Ifr E2 c 



Wllkins, Robert P 

God Rjvoth tlt incrimiw; the 

H, Wilkin*, Fargo, North 

3Tn*ltut for 


Tfeomiw, Attwt Siaiwy, 187*- 

A hUHorloa afrwmt of tho Protwtimt 
ta Smith OuroUMi, 18S04W; twine 


Hi|fhH^t iOoi& the roa of 
hutrh of Enjrlmd in Kn^latul 

( th 

Mix tttm 38oa. 




journey throttoh th* Book of oommou |>tnyr ; how to fiad 
BX5W5.F7 9040ft 5JMS871 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Roach, Corwin Carlyle, 1904- 

For all sorts and conditions. Greenwich, Conn,, Seabury 
Press, 1955. 

215 p. 21cm. 
BX5945.R6 264.03 55-6352 J 

Simcox, Carroll Eugene, 1912- 

The words of our worship; a study in prayer book mean 
ings. Foreword by Horace W. B. Donegan. New York, 
Morehouse-Gorham, 1955. 

230 p. 21cm (Bishop of New York books, 1955) 
BX5945.S54 264.03 55-7436 J 


Page, James Rathwell, 1884- 

A descriptive catalogue of the Book of common prayer 
and related material in the collection of James K. Page. Los 
Angeles, 1955. 

67 p. facalms. 30cm. 
Z7813.P3 016.26403 56-2715 


Roach, Corwin Carlyle, 1904- 

In spirit and in truth j the Collects for today. New York, 
Morehouse-Gorham, 1958. 

191 p. 21cm. 
BX5944.C7R6 264.036 58-10302 J 


Rutland, Edward Cumpston. 

These holy mysteries; an instructed Eucharist, its ration 
ale, methods, and use. New York, Morehouse-Gorham Co, 

22 p. idem. 
BX5944.C75R8 57-14686 t 


OMham, George Ashton, Bp., 1877- 

The catechism today ; instructions on the church catechism. 
2d ed.- New York, Morehouse-Gorham, 1954. 

148 p. 19cm. 
BX5139.055 1954 238.3 64-8666 J 

Randall, Edwin Jarvis, Bp. 

The church catechism and the living Word. [New York] 
Parthenon Press (1954, 

86 p. 16cm. 
BX5939.R3 238.3 55-18972 I 


Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. A. 

The hymnal 1940 companion; prepared by the Joint Com 
mission on the Revision of the Hymnal of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in the United States of America. 3d, rev. 
ed. New York, Church Pension Fund t 1956i 

xrrtU, 741 p. lUna, port, music. 22 cm. 
ML3166.P77 1956 783.9 


Lmdd, William Palmer, 1870-1941. 

Prayer book interleaves; some reflections on how the Book 
of common prayer might be made more influential in our 
English-speaking world. Foreword by Massey H. Shepherd, 
Jr^Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press t 1957j 

BX5940.L27 1967 264.08 58-886 J 


Parsons, Edward Lambe, Bp., 1868- 

The diocese of California; a quarter century, 1915-1940. 
Austin, Tex., Church Historical Society C 1958] 

165 p. illus. 24 cm. (Church Historical Society. Publication 
DO. 46) 
BX5918.C2P3 283.794 58-4046 | 


Paraison, Gabriel. 

Ce que fai fait pour la cause chr&ienne ou eVange"lique et 
pour le peuple haitien. t Lettre-ouverte au vice-president 
des deques de 1'Eglise episcopale des Etats-Unis, Port-au- 
Pnnce, V. Valcin ^954, 

5 p. 22 cm. 

Florida. Univ. Library A 59-4960 


Wolfgang, Ralph T 

History of the Diocese of Harrisburg Protestant Episco 
al Church, 1904-1954. With foreword by John ThW, 


55-15390 J 

135 p. Illus. 28cm. 



Carter, Hodding. 

So great a good; a history of the Episcopal Church in 
Louisiana and of Christ Church Cathedral, 1805-1955 bv 
Hodding Carter and Betty Werlein Carter. Sewanee, Te'nn., 
University Press, 1955. 

447 p. illus. 24cm. 
BX5918.L8C3 283.763 56-28135 J 

Churches, Anglican 


see also Evangelicalism; Protestant 
churches; Reformation 

Aspects de la propagande religieuse; Etudes publiees par 
G. Berthoud t et al.j Pr6f. de Henri Meylan. Geneve E 
Droz, 1957. 

X7m,428p. Illus. 27cm. (Travaux d'humanlsme et renaissance, 

Wayne Univ. Library 

Boayer, Louis, 1913- 

The spirit and forms of Protestantism. Translated by 
234' Li 2?cl ale " Westminster Md -' Newman Press, 1966. 
BX4668.B67 m ' 284 56-10001 f 

Boyer, Merle WilHam, 1910- 

- New Tork . Association 

188 p. 20cm. 

27 . 6 

Ervin, Spencer, 1886- ed. 

The Episcopal Church in the United States and the Na- 
tM p C to^ f Churches - Bala-Cynwyd, Pa,, 1954. 
BX6.N2E7 ' 



Fanfani, Amintore. 

Catholicism, Protestantism, and capitalism. New York 
Sheed & Ward, 1956. 

T. 217 p. 20cm. 
HB501.F32 1955 330.15 55-14071 

Ferm, Vergilius Ture Anselm, 1896- ed 

Classics of Protestantism. New York, Philosophical Li- 

lx,587p. 22cm. 




Green, Robert W ed. 

Protestantism and capitalism; the Weber thesis and its 
critics. Boston, Heath [1959] 

xU, lie p. 24 cm. (Problems In European civilization) 
BR115.E3G7 261.85 59-8487 

Hall, Thomas Gaming, 1858-1936. 

The religious background of American culture. New 
York, Ungar C 1959i 

854 p. 22cm. (American elastics) 
BR516.H28 1959 277.8 58-59870 J 

Hamilton, Kenneth. 

The Protestant way. Pair Lawn, N. J.. Essential Books, 

264 p. 22cm. 
BX4810.H23 284 56-4967 rev J 

Littdl, Franklin Hamlin. 

The free church. Boston, Starr King Press rl957, 
171 p, 22 cm. 


57-10927 rev ; 

Marchal, Georges. 

Essais sur le fait religieux. r Lettre-prfface d'Albert 
Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1954. 

Catholic Ual7. of 

America. Library 

Nichols, James Hastings, 1915- 

rfor Protestants; 
L ^ 


of his full 

( ^ Aflwd atlonPre reflection book) 

280 67-6492 

Paegetow, Paul Christian. 

Bildende Kunst und evangelische Erziehung; Versuch zu 
einer grundsetzenden tberlegung. Berlin, Evangelische 
Veriagsanstalt C 1957j 

127 p. 21cm. 
N72 -P25 

Rembao, Alberto. 

Pneuma, los fundamentos teoldgicos de la cultura: t con- 
ferencjas presentadas coa motive del 40 aniversario de la 
fundacion del Centro Evangfilico Unido, de Mexico. 1 ed., 
M&ico^asaUnidadePublicacionescWS^ ' 

MS) Pl ^ Cm ' <*"* del (WEvaageTlco Unldo, 

E 2- R ^ 58-19633 t 

Tavard, Georges Henri, 1922- 

A la rencontre du protestantisme. c Parisj Le Centurion 

141 p. ports. 19cm, (Collection "Le Folds du Jour") 

A 55-2522 rev 
Catholic Univ. of America. Library ' e * vv ^* u ** rev 

Tavard, Georges Henri, 1922- 

The Catholic approach to Protestantism. Translated from 
the French by the author. Foreword by George N. Shuster. 
cist ed., New York, Harper ( 1955] 

160 p, 20 cm. 
BX8.T255 *280.1 66-8528 J 

Tavard, Georges Henri, 1922- 

Le protestantisme. Paris, A. Fayard t !958, 



TilUch, Paul, 1886- 

The Protestant era. Translated by James Luther Adams. 


t books, PIS) 


Troeltsch, Ernst, 1865-1923. 

Protestantism and progress? a historical study of the re 
lation of Protestantism to the modern world. Translated 

210 p. 21cm. ( 
D210.T83 1968 



Weber, Max, 1864-1920. 

The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. Trans 
lated by Talcott Parsons. With a foreword by B. a 
Tftwney. [Student's ed.. New York, Scribner 1968, 

acni,2S2p. 21cm. ' 

BB116.E3W4 1958 *26L86 68-4170 

Werner, Martin, 1887- 

Der protestantische Weg des Glaubena. Bern, p. Biupt 
t !955- 

v. 25cm. 

Union TheoLSem. Ubr. A 66-8484 

Whale, John Seldon, 189- 

The Protestant tradition; an essay in interpretation. 
Cambridge rEn^ University Press, 1965. 

359 p. 20cm. 
BX4810.W5 284 56-4857 t 

WObnni, Ralph Glenn, 1909- 

The prophetic voice in Protestant Christianity. St Louis, 
Bethany Press { 1966, wu*u^ 

. a cm. (Bethany hlrtoryierlii, 
BX4817.W5 284 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Wolf, Ernst, 1902- 

Peregrinatio ; Studien zur ref ormatorischen Theologie und 
zum Kirchenproblera. Munchen, 0. Kaiser, 1954. 
868 p. 23cm. 

A 56-6568 
Union Theol. Sem. Llbr. 


Benzow, Kristofer, 1883- 

I kamp for en livsaskadning; nagra hembygds- Och studie- 
minnen. Uppsala, J. A. Lindblad C 1053] 

178 p. 21cm, 
BX4827.B42A3 55-21966 J 

Kierkegaard, S^ren Aabye, 1813-1855. 

Journals. Translated, selected, and with an introd. by 
Alexander Dru. New York, Harper r !959] 

254 p. 21cm. (Harper torcabooka, TB62) 
BX4827.K5A4 1959 921.8489 59-6650 


Evangelisches Kirchenlexikon; Kirchlich-theologisches Hand- 
wSrterbuch, Unter Mitarbeit von Robert Frick t et al., brag, 
von Heinz Brunette und Otto Weber. GGttingen, Vaaden- 
hoeck & Ruprecht t !956- 

T. 28 cm. 

BE95.E9 56-48657 


Ferm, Vergilius Tore Anselm, 1896- 

Pictorial history of Protestantism; a panoramic view of 
western Europe and the United States. New York, Philo 
sophical Library [1957] 

xl, 868 p. lllus., ports,, maps, facalms., music. 29 cm. 
BX4805.F4 284.09 57-14168 

Piolanti, Antonio, ed. 

II protestanteslmo ieri e oggi. Roma, F. Ferrari t l958, 
vlU, 1885 p. 25 cm. (Rftllglone e matfatero; collwlone tcologlca) 
B2C4821.P5 59-87875 

Wolf, Richard C 

Our Protestant heritage; a cooperative weekday church 
school text, grades 7-8. W. Kent Gilbert, editor. Illus 
trated by Paul Remmey; maps and charts by John Geiassel. 
cPb.nadelph.ia, Published for the Cooperative Publication 
Association by Muhlenberg Press t 1956j 

112, 100 p. lllua. 28 cm. (The Cooperative erieti; txtt for 
weekday rellfflou* education clflMM and roleoaed-tlme reUgtOua edu- 
cation instruction) 
BX4807.W6 284 56-8914 t 


Ferm, Vergilius Tore Anselm, 1896- 

Pictorial history of Protestantism; a panoramic view of 
western Europe and the United State*, New York, Philo 
sophical Library t !957j 

xl, 388p, lllus,, ports,, maps, fncslms., mvwlc. 20cm. 
F4 284.09 57-14168 


Sodtttf d'hifltolre du protestantlsme beige. 

Annales. 1.-10. livr., 1904-1918 j 2. ser., 1.-10. Hvr., 1014- 
1985; 8, se>., -10. livr., -1981 ; 4. ee>., 1.- livr., 1952- 


BX484S.A3S9 884.W4W 


Augsburg confession. 

Der authentiache lateiaische Text der Confesaio Auguatana 
(1580) von Heinrich Bomkamm. Heidelberg. Winter, 1956, 

28 p. factlm*. 25 cm, (SttranortMurlcfate tor BMdMbcrvtr Akm- 
dnldtrWlMeMchnen. Phllcophlich-Hutor1*che Klwwe, Jaluf. 
1966, 2. Afctundhmi) 
[AS182.H44 1956, Abh. 2] 
Chicago. UolT. Llbr. 

A 57-1969 




Das Bikinis des evmngeliachen Menechen ron Martin Lather 
bis tur Gegenwart [Hrag. von Friedrich Bartsch in Vc- 
Jbindung mit Rnto Trtutmann und Relmnt Bnrgwrtj Br- 
Hn.lTngeliaohe Verl*gnfltlt ( 195S] 

?< J?ott *' Wc *' 66-Mear 

Die Lage der Protestanten in katholischen Landern. Zolli- 
kon-Zuricli, Evangelischer Verlag, 1953. 

208 P ' 21Cm> A 65-3432 

Harvard Univ. Library 


Creedon, Lawrence P 

United for separation; an analysis of POAU assaults on 
Catholicism, by Lawrence P. Creedon and William D. Fal 
con. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1059, 

28& p. 28 cui, 
BR51G.C73 261.7 59-18646 J 


Rusam, Georg. 

Oestorreichischo Exulanten in Franken und Schwaban. 
Mtinchcu, Kvangulischer Presaeverband fttr Bayern, 1952. 

174 p. 20cm. 
BX4841.R8 55-39570 


Soclt d'histoire du protestantisme belgft. 

Annales. 1.-10. livr., 1904-1918; 2. s4r., 1.-10. livr., 1914- 
1985; 8. sr., -10. livr., -1961; 4. aoV., 1,- livr,, 1953- 

v. In lUufl. 24cm. annual (IrreguUr) 
BX4842.A2S6 884.09408 43-6868 rev* 


Soci^t* d'histoire da proteetantisme b*lft. 

Annales. 1.-10. livr., 1904-1018 ; 8. r., 1.-10, livr., 1014- 
1985; 8. s4r., -10. livr., -1051; 4. 8e>., 1.- livr., 10&9- 

v. In U1U8. 24 on. Annual (trrguUr) 
BX484S.A286 884.09408 42-6868 rev* 


Osplna, Eduardo, 1801- 

The Protestant denominations in Colombia; a historical 
sketch with a particular study of the o oalled "rftligiou* 
persecution." Tnmalation from Spaniih, LM eectat pro- 
testnnto* en Colombia, rev, by th author. Bogota, National 
Press, 1054. 

211 p, inuM. SO cm, 
BX4886.C60855 55-8841 I 

Oapina, Eduardo, 1801- 

Lfts aectas protesUntea en OolombU, ; brere r6fU hutirio* 
con un estudio eepooial de la llamnda u Percuol6n 
Bogota, Impr. Naoional, 1054. 

171 p, lUtu, 20cm, 



te Bras, Gabriel, 

Etudes de aociologie reliftleuwt. Pttris, Premet univerti- 
tairca de Finnce, 1065- 

V, fold. mp. 28 cm. ( nibllotb6qu d l>0dotoffti eootwnpo- 

Univ. Wbrnry 

Maxanric, Roger. 

Le protoflLantisme en pays meotdn. XUxu. de Amilft Grub. 

XV, 128 P. UlUi. IT on, (MtmUlttMMM!l*M,&a,) 

A 55-2442 
Harrard Univ. Library 


Spin!, Giorgio. 

Biaorgimento e proteetantl Napoll, Bdiriotd cl*ntiflch 
iUliane, 1056, 

800 p. 22cm. (DlbUot*cattortca,naoTa-., t5) 


DJpeeh, JaeqvM, 1887- 

The oppreasion of Protettanti in Sptin. Tii*fcioo 
from the French by Tom and Dolore* Johnion. Pxwf. by 
Howwd Sohomerj inttod. ty John A- Moky. Boitoa, 
Beacon Press (1000] 

H4p. 22cm. 


Delpech, Jacques, 1887- 

Les protostanta en Espagne. 
Hispania," 1054. 

9ip. lllus. 21cin. 

M, Editions "Pro 
57-20296 t 

Hughey, John David. 

Keligious freedom in Spain; its ebb and flow. London, 
Carey Kingggate Press (16W, 

Til, 211 p. 22cm. 
BR1028.H8 *261.78 5fl-76 


Kinzer, Donald Ix>i, 10H- 

Th AnuM-irun Protw'tivf^AHmx'Wtion: R ntxuly of ntl< 

'^rulwSlty Mlm>fllml, Ann Arbor. Mlrh.. pttbU *5 t . lon A l! j!J T \ , 4 u 
Mk'rnHlm AC -I tm.HOU? ^^^ ^^^ MW A 54-14*1, 

Who's who in the Protestant clergy. Endno, 0*0if. f 
gaurd Aasooiata (1057) 




Dickens, Arthur Geoffrey. 

Ixjllards and ProtistanU in th Dio<i of York. 1600- 
1558. Ix)ndon, Nfew York, Publlgh*d for tU University of 
Hull by the Oxford University Frist, lt>B&. 

273 p. fold, imp. 22 cm. (Unlv<irt!ty of Hull pt>1lmllun*'i 

BR877.6.Y0D6 St74Ji74 50-8785 


Ruler, Arnold Albtrt van, 1008- 
Politick In <*n hiiUgt xnak, 

Oa]irornta. ttutv, Ubr. 


ace ftUo Proteus group (EiActcria.) 

Hwiig , FiwJ EU*r. 


on d 
, 0, F, Oall^nbaoh 





40 1, ; 5 I, S3 cm, 


JUrwln, Richard Martin, l^ta- 

A n*w antlblotio #ffetitrt agaimA protttti owpuilimii, Ann 
Ajbot. tTnivtnaty Mlerofllmi ,1067* 

(ttralwwirtty Mtwoettam AWJ Arbw, MU**,, PJ>Hts IM>, ll,W) 
MicroftlmAC-1 m, 10948 Mw 07-443 

8tMte Ualvtntity. 


Sbdkl, Mory Etl, im- 

Th nynthf*ii of nlnhn ni*(oUr(nf*. in mult- n 
purift<{ /'r^^w m&rffmW txtmoUk Ana Arbor, Unlvwdtj 
Microfilm* (10W, 

Mlt-mflim AO-l no, lfOS - ^ 


Propertiw of bftoUrinl a^gtll*, Aon Arbor, XJnivontlty 

Mioroaim AC-1^U ' '' Mlc57~l&01 

Wkd d 


mp, turn MOM. 

<kr hi 


Hw MfchMWwr* 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Thromboplastin 

Sjostrom, Bo. 

The activity of prothrombin and proconvertin in plasma 
in diseases of the biliary tract ; a clinical study. [Translated 
from the Swedish by Marcia Skogh, Stockholm, 1957. 

54 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Acta chlrurglca Scandlnavlca. Supplemen- 

A 58-3438 
Wisconsin. Unlv. 

Wenckert, Anders. 

The activation of prothrombin; investigation of the mode 
of action of human brain thromboplastin and of Bussell 
viper venom. [Translated by L. James Brown, Stock 
holm, 1955. 

39 p. dlagrs. 24 cm. (Acta chlrurglca Scandlnavtca. Supple- 
mentum 198) 




PROTISTA see Unicellular organisms 

Serebrennikov, V V 

XHUHJI aKTHHHAOB ; aKTHHHft, upoxoaKTHHHfi H TpaHcypa- 


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Akademiia nauk SSSR. tvuttout gornogo dela. 

Bonpocu paapyraeHH* H flaBjiCHH* ropaux nopofl. K 25- 
jieTHio co AH* cxepTH M. M. ZIpoTOflwiKOHOBa. jPeAaicmi 
Haa KOJUiern* ; A. M. Tepnaropea (OTB. pe^aKTOp) H 
MocKBa, yrjierexHSAaT, 1955. 

818 p. illua. ports. 27 cm. 
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Mnxan.T MutxaftJiOBHi ITpOTOflt*KOHOB, 1874-1930. HOA 
otfrqeft pA. A. M. TepntiropeBa. MOCKS*, yrjteTexH3flaT, 

62 p. Hlus. 20 cm. (BuAaioiuHecfr AWTCJW oreiecTBeHHoR ropHOfl 

56-34138 J 



see also Atoms; Electrons; Neutrons; 

Barton, Mark Quayle, 1928- 

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dUnlvewlty Microfilm*, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 8605) 
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Columbia Univ. Libraries 

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Fonctions d'excitation de la reaction (p, n) ; flementa 

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vlil, 92 p. Illus. 24cm, ... 

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Columbia Univ. Libraries 

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Tale Univ. Library 


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((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIch.j Publication no. 9031) 
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( (University MlcroWos, Ann Arbor, Mlcb,, Publication no. M^86) 
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Illinois, Univ. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


SCATTERING (Continued) 

Lovberg, Ralph Harvey, . 

The absolute differential cross section and angular distri 
bution for the elastic scattering of 9.75 Mev protons by 
helium-3. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms ^956, 

((University Mlcrofllraa, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 15.M2) 
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oago tLibrary, Dept. of Photographic Keproduction, Uni 
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Valckx, Franciscus Peter Gcrardus. 

Opbrengstmetingen van (d, p) reacties. Yield measure 
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79, (1) p, dlngrs, 24 cm. 
QC721.V28 57^13821 

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Deuteron-induced reactions in nitrogen and helium. Ann 
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( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 21,020) 
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Arbor, University Microfilms [1957] 

( [University Mlcrofllm*. Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 20,000) 
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The elastic scattering of protons from carbon thirteen. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms r 1958, 

dUnlveralty Microfilms. Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 24,888) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 24,683 Mic 58-888 

Minnesota, Univ. Llbr. 

PROTOPHYTA see Cryptogams 

see also Cells; Chromatophores; 
Embryology; Golgl apparatus; Micellar 
theory; Mitochondria 

Akademtia nauk SSSR. Otdebnie 

CoBcmaHiie ceo npotaeMe acanoro 
OCTOX, 22-24 ica 1950 r. ; CTCHorpa$jmcKnft OTICT. Mo- 
cifla, 1951. 

178 p, 22cm. 
QH591JU 56-22008 

Biophysical Society. lit gymyofium, Cambridge MOM., 1968. 
Microsomal particles and protein synthesis; papers pre 
sented nt the First Symposium of the Biophysical Society, 
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, 
February 5, 6, and 8, 1958. Richard B. Roberta, editor. 
Hew York, Published on behalf of the Washington Academy 
of Sciences. Washington. D. 0., by Pergaraon Frees, 1058. 

i, 168 p. Ulw,, dlftgrs,, table*. 24cm. 
QH59LB5 1958 574.193 6&-13658 


Becherohes sur lea infrastructures du cytoplasms, dans lea 
cellules du m&riBteme apical, dee dbauchea foliairee et dee 
feuiUes deWoppeesil'JTwfea conadentit. 

(In Anntlw d tctencw natartilM. BoUnJquo et btolocle rdg*- 
tate. ParU. 2ft cm. 11 *>., t. 1 (1) p, <121HL. ma*, & 

8A61 !L8er.,tl9] A 59-8951 

TJnlT. Library 

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827 p. llloi. 24cm. 

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ausgeber: W. H. Arisz c et al.j Wien, Springer, 1954- 

v.ln lllus. 26 cm. K Q ft A 

QH591.H4 56 ~ 880 

Sisakfan, N M 

Die fermentative Aktivitat der protoplasmatischen Struk- 
turen. t Ubersetzung aus dem Russischen: Karlwilhelm 
Hornj Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1954. 

88 p. lllua. 25cm. 
QP601.S5444 55-58919 J 

Sisakfan, N M 


typ. (HojioaccHO na 5. ewerOAHOM BaxoncKOM HTCHHH 17 
wapra 1949 r. MocsBa. HSA-BO AKafleiiHH nayr CCCP, 1951. 

90 p. lllus. 23cm. (BaxoBCKHe HTCHHH, 5) 
QP601.S544 55-57678 J 


see also Babesia; Crithidia; Chitinozoa; 
Ciliata; Crithidia; Flagellata; Folliculina; 
Foraminifera; Histomonas meleagridis; 
Infusoria; Monocystidae; Myxomycetes; 
Paramoebidium chattoni; Polytoma 
obtusum; Polytoma uvella; Protozoology; 
Radiolaria; Rhizopoda; Sarcodina; 
Syncystis; Toxoplasma 

Dobell, Clifford, 1886- 

Antony van Leeuwenhoek and his "Little animals" ; bein# 
some account of the father of protozoology & bacteriology 
and his multifarious discoveries in these disciplines. Col 
lected, translated, and edited from his printed works, un 
published manuscripts, and contemporary records, by Clif 
ford Dobell. With an introd. by Cornelia B. van Kiel, New 
York, Russell & Russell r 1958] 

T, 485 p. UUts., port*., facslms, 25 cm. 
QH81.L55D6 1958 925.9 58-7087 

Hartmann, Ludwig, 1929- 

Untei'auchungen Uber die Wirkung der landwirtochaft- 
lichen Abwasserverwertung auf die Lebensgemeinschaft der 
bodenbewohnenden Protisten. Munohen, 1955, 
Microfilm 4774 QR Mio 56-5382 

Lwoff, Andre", 1902- rf. 

Biochemistry and physiology of protoxoa. New York, 
Academic Press, 1951-55, 

2 Y. Illud. 24 con. 
QUG0.L0 598,1082 5 1-4888 rv 

Olds, Durward, 1021- 

The composition and significance of luminal fluids in bo- 
vino female genital la. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

( (Unlverulty Microfilm,, Ann Arbor, Mich,} Publication no. 18,183) 

Microfilm AO-1 no. 18,182 Mic 5&-407S 

Illlnoli. XJnlT, Library 

Protozoologle; celostotnl vyaokoikolaki uoebnioe, 0. Jfr<m< 
( etal. l.vyd,] Praha, Nakl. Oeskoalorenik^ akadftmfo vd 

(M8p. mot. 24cm. 


Roth, Linwood Evan*. 

Ciliary structure in the protozoa, Chicago (Library, Dept 
of Photographic Reproduction, University of Chicago! 1957. 
Microfilm 5456 QL Mb B$-68CO t 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Schleicher, Jeanne d'Arc. 

Paper ohromatogrftphy analyse* of amino add* in pro 
tozoa: some aspects of the metabolism of aapartie add. 
Washington, CathoHc TTnireraif" -i ' ~ 




Schuasnlg-, Bruno, 1892- 

Orundrise der Protophytologie. Jena^ 0. Fischer, t&W, 
810 p. lllu. 35 cm, 
QK505.S89 86^5478 J 

Silva, Eatela de BOOM e. 

Contribuicio par* o estodo do microplAncton marinho de 
Mocwnbique. Lutboa, 1956. 

97 p. llhu., mmp, dlftffrx, 30 cm, (Junta d* XnvtlftC0w <lo 
tntramwr. EWndo^ eonlo* doeunatM, Sft) ^^ 

QH94.S5 58-40006 

PARASITES see Parasites Protozoa 

The Journal of protozoology, v. 1- 
Feb. 1964- 
(Utica, N. Y., Society of Protozoolotfistsj 

T. in Illvu., dtacnt. 27 cm. auarttrl/. 

QL366.J6 59S.105 



Dectottre, Lucien. 

Kecherches sur les rhizopodc* th^camoebiena d'A. O. F. 
Dakar, I FAN, 1958, 

248, t^i P- Illvw., tunp. 28 cm, ( SWmotrt* d> l'Intltut frnc*l 

56-17368 rev 


Mohammed, A H Helmy. 

Systematic and experimental studies on protozoal blood 
parasites of Egyptian birds. t Gi*Ri Cairo University Press, 


2 Y. (XI, 206 p.) tllu*,, 4Ugn., Ubl*. 24 cm, 
QL867.6.M6 58-46969 


Droop, M R 

On the eooloKy of flagialUtt* fmm some brftddah and freoh 
water rockpools of Finland, Heltingfowiae, 105S. 

52 p. lllu, 2ft em. ( At^tn boUnlc* rmnl<m t 01) 
[QH7.S76 voL51] 
Ohio Stat* I'nlr. Ubr, 


Ddoltr, Lucien, 

Lw thlomobin 

(Groenland) rtri, Her 

mann. 1956. 

100 P. HUM,, pUtM 2fi cm, (ttJtplttottji potalrw 
tTrmvuuX) 8) 

Q111.A3 no. 1242 A6&-7CHW 

Brown Univ. I.ibrnry 

Flawon, Rayroood. 

Notr.K ur IM |>araiti anlmaux du Haut-Apure, Vcm*- 
Kuela ; iuivion d Cinq rhfcloniftn* t deux nurien d U mime 
region. Mexico, Irwtitut fmngniii d'AmArlque latin*. 11H5. 

48 p, 11 1 u., d*rt wl.) mnp, 38 m, <tM Ofthlvm d I'l, F. A, U, 

F1401.M4 vol. S 



Btgetow, Evelyn 

Prftliminnry report of K>nw of the ttAxu of the protozoa 
of Walla WiilU C)ounty, Waahington. by Evelyn 0, Bigftlow 
and L, M. Afthley. &A\w ****< WwL, Wall* WiJU* Ool 

frtpftltrnwitt of Blolotrl 9^<MKM Jft4 ft* BtotOftot) Stattoa, no, IS) 


aee also Luoocyto%oon; Micro -organ- 
lima, Pathogenic; PiropUmoU; 
Trichomon&f vaglnalia; TrypajaosomA 

Brtodlo German, Maumd, 1893-19M. 

Human intestinal protooJab; a oompllatioft of known 
fact* and %utf from the r*l*tirlT unwcplonvd field of 
medical protoaoology. With a prtf . by A Wn 0, Loeohii. 
Lo Angeles 19&5, *i9tti 

iw p, uiu*, 24 OB. 

, Ruftt 

^ 1916- 

A morphologic and tftxonomic rtudy of th* flagllat*d 
enterfo protoasoa of leechet. Ann Arbor, 

( tUuJvenrliy Mlcrofllm*, AM Arbor, Mleb,, PubUcmtUm t 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 12^S4 jfcfio A, 55-IW4 

Xow*. 0l 

DolWn, Pnum, . 

Lehrbtich der Protoaoenktrnd*; in DartUllun* der 

paxatitlflcUn and pathogeoea Fonnen, f ort^teeUt 
d K*lchnow. 6. AUJ! Jna, G. FUchw, 1 
llha, 28cm. ^ ' 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


McArthur, William Henry, 1922- 

Observations of the enteric protozoa of Rana pipiens dur 
ing larval development and metamorphosis. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1955] 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 12,112) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,112 Mic A 55-1539 

Iowa. Univ. Library 

Mohammed, A H Helmy. 

Systematic and experimental studies on protozoal blood 
parasites of Egyptian birds. cGizii Cairo University Press, 

2v. (rl, 298p.) lllus., dlagra., tables. 24 cm. 
QL367.6.M6 58-46969 

Tarazona Vilas, Jose" Maria. 

Las zoonosis parasiturias transmisibles al hombre en el 
somontano de Barbastro. Huesca, 1954. 

23 p. 25 cm. (Publlcadones del Inatltuto de Estudlos Oscensea, 
no. 8) 
EC112.T3 5T-18332 t 

U. S. Naval Medical School, Bethesda, Md. 

Medical protozoology and helminthology. Eev. Bethesda, 

218, (Ij p. lllus. 27 cm, 
QL757.UG 1955 616.90072 56-60392 


Doflein, Franz, 1873-1924. 

Lehrbuch der Protozoenkunde ; eine Darstellung der 
Naturgeschichte der Protozoen mit besonderer Beriicksichti- 
gung der parasitischen und pathogenen Formen, fortgesetzt 
von Eduard Beichenow. 6. Aufl. Jena, GK Fischer, 1949-53. 

2v. In 3. lllus. 26cm. 
QL866.D72 52-41030 rev 

Grell, Karl G 

Protozoologie. Berlin, Springer, 1956. 
vll,284p. Ulus. 26cm. 



Cltri, Nathan. 

-'wan iwnn TITOI 

[Jerusalem. 1954] 

8, vlll p.; 8 p. 24 cm. 

5v ft-ron wan mun 

Trypanosoma cruxi fa nina 

Mayer, Max, 1907- 

Kultur und Preparation der Protozoen. Stuttgart, 
Franckh t 1956i 

88 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Blnfllhrung In die Klelnlebewelt) 
QL866.M38 56-48227 t 

Glance, Grace. 

A new species of insect of the order Protura. 

(In U. S. National Museum, Proceedings. Washington. 24 cm. 
T. 102 (I960) p. 805-814. UlUi.) 
Q11.U55 vol. 102 57-10 


Northwestern University, Evantton, IU. Dipt, of Geog 

Malcolm Jarvis Proudfoot memorial volume. Evanston, 

v, 140 p. Illua., port., maps. 28 cm. (Northwestern University 
studies In geography, no. 2) 


911.8 880.9 



Halevy, Daniel, 1872- 

Le mariage de Proudhon. Paris, Stock, Delamain & Bou- 
telleau, 1955. 

814 p. Illua. 20cm. 
HB105.P8H3 56-17995 t 


Gurvitch, Georges, 1894- 

Les fondateure francais de la sociologie contemporaine: 
Saint-Simon et P.-J. Proudhon. Paris, Centre de docu 
mentation universitaire r!95B, 

2 Y. 27cm. <L Oonra <fo Borbonne) 
HX265.S48G8 07-48844 t 

Hale"vy, Daniel, 1872- 

Le mariage de Proudhon. Paris, Stock, Delamain & Botf- 
telleau, 1955. 

814 p. illufl. 20cm. 
HB105.P8H3 56-17995 J 

Heintz, Peter. 

Die Autoritatsproblematik bei Proudhon; Versuch einer 
immanenten Kritik. t K61n] Verlag fur Politik und Wirfc- 
schaft t c 1956i 

222 p. 20cm. (Beltrage zur Sozlologle and Sozlalphlloeophle, Bd. 

JC507.H4 57-48882 

Jackson, John Hampden, 1907- 

Marx, Proudhon, and European socialism. London, Eng- 

Ish Universitifte: Proca .10*7. 

lish Universities Press jl957j 

192 p. 19cm. (Teach yourself history library) 

Rochester. Unlv Llbr. 

A 59-428 

Jackson, John Hampden, 1907- 

Marx, Proudhon, and European socialism. New York 
Macmillan [1958 ?j ' 

192 p. 18cm. (Teach yourself history library) 
Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. A 58-3716 

Woodcock, George, 1912- 

291 p. lllus. 23 cm. 


56 -4490 


Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. 

Hiin^eTa <f>iuoco$n H ; OTBCT na "<DIIJIOCO$HK) Hun^extr" r-na 
n Pg Iia - Mocssa, Foe. HSA-BO nojnir. jrnx-pu, 1956. 

HB163.P97M35 58-20147 t 


Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922. 

Marcel Proust; letters to his mother. Translated and 
edited with an introd. by George D. Painter, and with an 
essay by Pamela Hansford Johnson. London, Rider rl956, 
237 p. ports. 21cm. 

A 57-5441 
Wisconsin.. Univ. Llbr. 

Pronst, Marcel, 1871-1922. 

Marcel Proust: letters to his mother. Translated and 
edited with an introd. by George D. Painter, and with an 
essay by Pamela Hansford Johnson, rlst American ed, 
New York, Citadel Press t !958, 1956, 

28Tp. port*., dlagr. 21cm. 
PQ2631.R63Z4456 1958 928.4 57-14287 

PROUST, MARCEL, 1871-1922 

Autret, Jean/ 

L'influence de Kuskin sur la vie, les idees et 1'oeuvre de 
Marcel Proust. Geneve, Droz, 1955. 
178 p. lllus. 20 cm. 

A 57-1820 
Wisconsin. Unlv. Llbr. 

Barker, Richard Hindry, 1902- 

Marcel Proust, a biography. New York, Criterion Books 

378 p. lllus. 22cm. 
PQ2631.R63Z465 9S8.4 58-10617 J 

Beckett, Samuel, 1906- 

Proust. New York, Grove Press C 1957j 
72 p. 21 cm. (An Evergreen book, 0-60) 
~~"331] 848.91 



Benoist-Mechin, Jacques Gabriel Paul Michel, baron, 1901- 
Betour & Marcel Proust [Paris, P. Amiot r!957t 
211 p. 19cm. l ' 

PQ2631.R632542 A 58-2047 

Harvard Unlv. Library oo-*U4< 

Bibesco, Marthe Lucie (Lahovary) princssse, 1887- 

Marcel Proust at the balL Translated from the French 
by Anthony Bhodes. London, Weidenfeld and Nicobon 

114 p. 20cm. 
PQ2631.R63Z54813 1956 928.4 56-4866 { 

Brincourt, Andr*. 

Les ceuvres et les lumieres ; a la recherche de 1'esthetique a 
travers Bergson, Proust, Malraux. [Parj Andr4 et Jean 
Brincourt. Paris, La Table ronde t !985, 

222p. 20cm. ' 

BH202.B7 A 56-021 

IlUnolf. Unlv. Library 

Cattaui, Georges. 

Marcel Proust; pre'ce'de de Vie et survie de Marcel Proust, 
par P. de Boisdeffre. Paris, Editions universitaires t 1958, 
126 p. port. IS cm. (Olasslg,Ties <Ju n slecle, S) 

A 59-6958 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Cocking, J M 

Proust London, Bowes & Bowes 1956j 
80 p. 19cm. (Studies In modern European literature and thought) 
PQ2631.R63Z54598 1956a 843.91 56-59009 J 

Cocking, J M 

Proust. New Haven, Yale "University Press, 1956. 
80 p. 23 cm. (Studies In modern European literature and 

PQ2631.R63Z54598 843.91 56-11800 J 

Coelho, Jose Saldanha, 1926- ed. 

Proustiana brasileira. Rio de Janeiro, Revista Branca, 

206 p. lllus., ports. 23cm. 
PQ2631.R63Z54588 840.81 51-20658 rev 

Bonze*, Roland Andre*, 1921- 

Le comique dans Tcauvre de Marcel Proust. Neuchatel, 
V. Attinger, 1955. 

186 p. 22cm. 
PQ2631.R63Z5495 57-47531 

Goron, Lucien, 1886-1954 

Le Combray de Marcel Proust et son horizon. [Texte 
accompagn6 d'un album proustien. Toulouse, Impr. Julia, 

38 p. lllus., ports., maps. 28 cm. 

A 58-2405 
Illinois. Unlv. Library 

Graham, Victor Ernest, 1920- 

The imagery of Pi-oust. Ann Arbor, University Micro 
films [1954, 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 8068) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 8608 Mic A 55-3309 

Columbia Unlv. Libraries 

Gregh, Fernand, 1873- 

Mpn amiti6 avec Marcel Proust; souvenirs et lettres 
ineclites. [Paris] Grasset t 1958 3 

158 p. 18cm. 
PQ2631.R63Z614 58-88105 J 

Guichard, Leon, 1899- 

Introduction a la lecture de Proust Paris, Nizet, 1956. 
204p. 28cm. 

Illinois. Unlv. Library 

A 57-4836 

Krutch, Joseph Wood, 1893- 

Five masters; a study in the mutations of the novel. 
Bloomington, Indiana University Press t 1959i 

828 p. 20cm. (Midland books, &C 17) 
PN3451.K:7 1959 809.8 59-8983 J 

Louria, Yvette. 

La convergence stylistique chez Proust. Ann Arbor Uni 
versity Microfilms r 1956, 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor. Mich., Publication no. 19,249) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,249 Mic 56-3918 

Columbia Unlv. Hbrnrlfes 

Louria, Yvette. 

La convergence stylistique chez Proust Geneve, E. Droz, 

106 p. 25cm. 

A 57-6800 
Harvard Unlv. Library 

Mansfield, Lester. 

Le comique de Marcel Proust. Proust et Baudelaire, 
Paris, Nizet, 1953. 

219 p. 10 cm. 

PQ2631.R63Z695 A 53-3574 rev 

Illlnolfl. Unlv. Library 

Miller, Milton L 

Nostalgia, a psychoanalytic study of Marcel Proust Bos 
ton, Houghton Mifflin, 1956. 

xll,806p. 22cm. 
PQ2631.R6SZ783 928.4 56-11147 

Miller, William Henry, 1919- 

Proust's irony. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1955] 
(lUnlvemlty Microfilm*, Ann Arbor, Mlcb,, publlcitlon no. 18,884) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 13,984 Mic 55-1141 

Columbia Unlv. Libraries 

Painter, George D 1914- 

Proust Maps drawn by Samuel H. Bryant t lst ed.] 
Boston, Little, Brown C 195d~ 

v. llltw. 22 cm, 
PQ2631.R63Z7896 928.4 59-7629 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

3 ROUST, MARCEL, 1871-1922 (Continued) 

Pierre-Quint, Lion, 1895- 

Le combat de Marcel Proust [Paris, Club franQais du 
livre, '1955. 

288 p. ports., facslms. 22cm. <BMate,Y.8) 
PQ2681.R63Z7897 58-16870 

Piroue", Georges. 

Par les chemins do Marcel Proust; essai de critique de 
scriptive. c Neuchatelj La Baconnifere [1954, 195fi] 

Harvard Unlr Library 

Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922. 

Marcel Proust et; Jacques Riviere, correspondance (1914- 
1922) PnSsentde et annot^e par Philip Kolb. Paris, Plon 

six, 824 p. 19 cm. 

A 56-1127 
Illinois, Univ. Library 

Proust, Marcel, 1871-1022. 

Marcel Proust; letters to his mother. Translated and 
edited with an iutrod. by George D. Painter, and with an, 
essay by Pamela Hansford Johnson. London, Rider C 1956i 
287 p. ports. 21 cm. 

A 57-3441 
Wisconsin. Univ. Ltbr. 

Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922. 

Marcel Proust: letters to Ms mother. Translated and 
edited M ith an introd. by George D. Painter, and with an 
essay by Pamela Hansford Johnson. ( lst American ed.j 
New York, Citadel Press t !958, "1986) 

287 p. ports,, dlagr. 21cm. 
PQ2881.R63Z4456 1958 928.4 57-14237 

Strauss, Walter A 

Proust and literature; the novelist as critic. Cambridge, 
Harvard University Press, 1057. 

PQ2631.R63Z92 843.91 57-7618 

Trahard, Pierre, 1887- 

L'art de Marcel Proust. Paris, Dervy, 1968. 
101 p. 19cm. (Collection Salnte-Beuve) 
PQ2631.K63Z95 64-40776 

VaUee, Claude. 

La feerie de Marcel Proust. Paris, Fasquelle t 1958] 
487 p. 10 cm. 

A 69-6265 
nilnola. Univ. Library 


Le Sage, Laurent, 1918- 

Marcel Proust and his literary friends. Urban*, Univer 
sity of Illinois Press, 1958. 

vll, 113 p, 26 cm. (Illtnolft ttadlM In lutfUtge and literature, r. 

PQ2631.R63Z6715 928.4 57-952 


Cattaui, Georges, cd. 

Marcel Proust; documents ioonographiques. Aveo un 
prft et des notes par Georges Cattaui, Geneve, P. 0iller 
1956- rcover 1967- 

r. platet (part col.) Id cm. (Collection VUagwi d'honuno* 

nilnoli. Univ. Ubrary 


Johrjwn, Pamela Hansford, 1912- 

Proust recaptured ; six radio sketches based on the author' 
characters [from the text of Bemembranoe of things pad 
Chicago) University of Chicago Press ( 1958) 

292 p, lllofc 28cm. 
PQ2631.B63A774 1968a 843.91 68-18088 


Htord, Wia- 

Six Proust reconstructions [from the text of Remembrance 
of things past, Londoa, MacmiUftn, 1958. 

m ' 

PROUST, MARCEL, 1871-1922. ALA 

Brfe, Germain*. 

Marcel Proust and delmranoe from time. TrtnUtd 

Brunswick, N. J., EutgertUnirMty Pw, 1966. 
PQ2681.R63A782 848.91 50-8600 

Cocking, J M 

Proust London, Bowes & Bowes 1 1966] 
8oT 19 cm (Studies In modem Europe^ literature and thought) 
PQ2681.R63Z54598 1956a 848.91 56-59009 J 

Cocking, J M 

Proust. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1956. 

80 p. 23 cm. (Studies In modem European literature and 
843.91 66-11800 J 

Czoniczer, Elizabeth, 1901- 

Quelques antecedents d'A la recherche du temps perdu; 
tendances qui peaiveut avoir coutribufi & la crystallisation du 
roman proustien. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1054i 
([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 8641) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 8641 Mio A 54-2061 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Czoniczer, Elizabeth, 1901- 

Quelques antecedents de A la recherche du temps perdu; 
tendances qui peuvent avoir contribue" 1 la cristallisation du 
roman proustien. Geneve, B. Droz. 1967. 

224 p. 25cm. 

A 68-4108 
Harvard TJnlv. Library 

Jauss, Hans Robert. 

Zeit und Erinnerun# in Marcel Prousta A la rwhwha du 
temps perdu ; ein Beitrag zur Theorie de.s Romans. Heidel 
berg, C. Winter ( in Kommisaionj 1955. 

200 p, 24 cm. (HeldlbergefFonchung>n,8. Hft) 

A 36-4684 
Harvard Univ. Ubrary 

Piroue", Georges. 

Proust's way; an essay in descriptive criticism. Trans 
lated from the French by Gerard Hopkins. London, Heine- 
mann [1957] 

141 p. 21cm, 

PQ2681.R68Z828 1957 843.91 57-84947 

Piroue", Georges. 

Proust's wayj an essay in descriptive criticism. 
lated from the French by Gerard Hopkins, Fair L*wn, 
N. J., Essential Books, 1968. 

141 p. 21 cm. 
PQ2681.R68Z828 1958 848,91 68-3990 

Remade, Madeleine. 

L'e'le'ment pc^tique dana A la recherch du Ump p^rdu 
de Marcel Proust. Bruxelles, Palais de ftondmlii, 1064. 
218 p. 25cm. ^ 

IlllttolB, Univ. Library 66-7095 


Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922. 

Proust et k atrttegie littmrt; arco d leOrti d Mure*! 
Proust a RenS Blum, Bernard Gr*8Mt ct Louii Brun, : Pjfi 
Leon Pierre-Quint PwrU, Oorrt*, 1964, 

187 p, 10 cm. 

A 66-7684 
Rochtr. Univ. Llbr. PQM81 

PROUVE, VICTOR, 1858-1943 

Prouvi, Madeleine. 

Victor Prouve\ 1868-1048. Prf. de Jean Lurcat, Couvtr. 
ture iiluBti'fa de Paul Colin. Pfttia. B*rgW'I^vrttult, 1968, 
204 p, lllu.,plati (part cot.) portt, 3d cm, 

204 p. lllun., platwi (part col,) port*, I 
Harvard Univ. Library 

A W- 1849 

PROVENCAL AUTHORS see Authors, Pro- 


Bousaac, Andriu J 

Lo diocipol inchalhent Tolos*, Inrtitut d'ettudis oooiUn*, 

46 p, 23 cm. (Quawrnart'iirtdmtDntlc. rtiK-. 1) 
PC8402.B63D5 68-46061 


Boudou, Joan. 

Contes del men ostal, reoulita pr Joan Boudou. Avo un* 
adaptation franojiife. VUlefmnchfc-dft-Rotidrgu*, Impr. S*- 

PC8402.B606 6-87W t 


see also Gascon dialect 

Se"guy, Jean, 1914- 

JjO frangaia par!6 i. Toulouse. Ouvrage publifi avec le 
concoui-8 du Centre national <1 la rwhcrcho sciontifique, 
Toulouw, K. Privnt, lBO, 
182 p. 20 cm. 

A 51-6787 rov 
niv. Library 


Grafstrflm, Ake. 

tudo aur la graphic des plus ancieixnes oharUa languodo- 
cionnea, av*o un e*wai d'interpr^tation phonfitique. Uppsala, 
Almqvist & Wiksclls boktr., 1968. 

U74V '<>W- ntt l>- 24 om. 
PC8237.07 68-88107 




Xavier de Fourvircft, Rodolphe RUux, ! 

Gramnuiira pwvn<;&l< nuiviin tl*un guid* de convftrsiktion. 
.Avignon. AuHanel pnt 1982 

IBtt 66-a6002 t 


Stlmm, Htlmut, ?tL 

AltfnnnknprovtfiVKAli^hn f wnwtau 
htpiniih-luu' Text** auit <ior Hundwhrift drr Purti^r 
bibliottak Fr, 818. Wibft<i*n, VrfM? <ter Ak 
und dor Littrmtur in Mainx; In K 

v, 30 <tn, ( 
Ablmndlunrna dr 

nd tNr Utrttir. 


Henry, ftfer, 

Ln flhn dp !'<>*( *; pwMcutraU* p.n quntr* a(, prtwo t vein, 
nmnico, \'ni*H>n In H<mmit^ ^<l it inns Bon 



Vabrl rwllffiojti iwll* tettmtttra |rtvto&l : U 
inltarii "" " '" 

lie, 87 

trinituHft, MiUr.o, Viu ptrnkro 1 19&4 t 

cm. (I-uW>ilc*iti>l <J*U'URl 

A 56-4630 

PROVENfAL PAIKTIN<B it* Painting*, 


Lomowtwch, ErhArd, 188$. 
Ixib*n und UcUr dr pro 


ffU criticn, 

KricA trov^dorcwm 



ae also Troubadour* 

Mounwuhn. , 

frtn^ib, *e r*ii. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Cigala, Lanfranco, 13th cent. 

Liriche. C A cura di Gianluigi Toja, Firenze, Fussi r!952 
75 p. illus. 17 cm. (II Melagrano, scrltti rarl e rappresentatlv 
di poesia e penslero In verslone d'arte con testo a fronto, 9&-100) 
PC3330.C5 1952 57-31790 J 

Gere, Robert Harlan. 

The troubadours, heresy, and the Albigensian crusade. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t !956j 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 15 628) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 15,628 Mic 56-1154 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Cirard de Roussillon (Chanson de geate) 

Girart de Roussillon, chanson de geste, publiee par W. 
Mary Huckett. Paris, A. & J. Picard, 1953-56. 

3 v. In 2 (940 p.) 28 cm. (Socl<t< de andens textea francals 
tParisi Publications) 

PC3328.G6A2 1953 A 55-4750 rev 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Guillaume IX, duke of Aquitaine, 1071-1127. 

The poems of William of Poitou, with an English transla 
tion by Thomas G. Bergin. rNew Haven ? 1955, 

43 p. 24 cm. 
PC3330.G7A23 849.12 56-24842 

Miremont, Pierre. 

Guerra kaki. Bodez, G. Subervie [1058?! 
167 p. 10 cm. 
PC3402.M47G8 59-23640 

William of Poitou 
see Guillaume IX, duke of Aquitaine, 1071-1127. 


Battaglia, Salvatore. 

La lirica medievale. Lezioni universitarie. Napoli, R. 
Pironti t 1964j 
444 p. 25 cm. 

A 56-3408 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Peira, Cardinal, fl. 1210-1230. 

Poesies completes du troubadour Peire Cardenal 
(1180-1278) ; publiees par Rene Lavaud. Texte, traduc- 
tion, commentalre, analyse des travaux anteriwi r 
lexique. Toulouse, E. Privat, 1957. 

778 p. 25 cm. (Bibliotheque meridionale, 2^er v 
n34 ) A 57-7385 

Ohio State Univ. Libr. 

Affler, Max. 

A la raja dau temps, poemas. [Tolosa, "Oc," revista de 
las letras occitanas, 1951] 

77 p. 22cm. (Messatgea.lO) 
PQ1165.C643 no. 10 54-44894 t 

Harriot, Claude Lucien, ed. 

Fleurs-de-Boh6me. Illus. d'Honore* Nicolau. Prades 
cFrancej Lea Amis de Tristan Chagrin t 1956, 

(88) p. lllus., ports,, facalms. 25cm. 

A 56-6855 rev 
Illinois. TJnlv. Library 

Barriot, Claude Luden. 

Poemes bleus, roves d'or, Poemes 1 M'any. Perpignaa 
c lmpr. LabaU] 1957. 

[16] p, port 26 cm. 

A 67-4479 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Espieux, Henri, 1923- 

Luire dans le noir, poemee provenc&ux et wallona aveo 
traduction francaise. c Parj Henri Eapieux c et] Albert 
Maquet. Avec un avant-propos de Rene* NellL Paris, 
Seghers [1954] 

p. 18cm. (Collection P. S.,no4S2) 

[PQ1184.C57 no. 482] A 56-8716 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Ferry, Germalne Waton de 
see Ferry, Germalne* 1885- 

Lagarda, Peire. 

Espera del jorn; poemas. (Tolosa, Publicat per "OC, n 
Revista de las letras occitanas, 1968] 

80 p. 28cm. (MeMattn, 13) 
PQ1165.C648 no. 18 66-21924 t 

Nelli, Rene*. 

Anna de vertat, poemas de Eenat Nelli. rTolosai Institut 
d'estudis occitans, 1952. 

S' ( ^ 11 ^ Ion P"tica"MessatB. Obras, v. 2) 


Toulze, Silvan. 

La canta del faidit (Ma jovenca) Poemas occitans amb 
traduccion francesa. Caors, Estamparia A. Coueslant, 1954. 
197 26 

197 p. 26 cm. 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


Waton de Ferry, Germaine, 1885- 

Benoita; poueme gavot en dialete prouvencau de la valeia 
de 1 Ubaia, oume 1 la traducien literala en regait. Ismagis de 
Lisette Waton Jouvent Avignon, Maison Aubanel pere 

618 p. illua. 20cm. 
PC3493.TT2W3 55-25963 J 



Brion, Marcel, 1895- 

Provence. Translated and adapted by S. G. Colverson. 
179 heliogravure illus. London, N. Kaye [1956] 

248 p. Illus., fold. col. map. 23 cm. 
DC611.P958B72 914.49 56-2550 

Dopagne, Georges. 

Sous le signe du biniou et du galoubet. Impressions de 
Bretagne et de Provence. Photos originates de 1'auteur. 2. 
e<l. Bruxelles, Editions Arts et voyages rl956i 

181 p. lllua. 21cm. 

DC611.B848D6 1956 A 67-1914 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Dumay, Raymond, 1916- 
Ma route de Provence. 

(In Les CBuvres llbrea. Paris, 19cm. Nour. sSr,. no. 102 ( v. 828) 
(1964) p. t 180j-244> 

[PQ1141.04 vol.328] A 55-7117 

Northwestern Univ. Library 

Dumay, Raymond, 1916- 

Mft route de Provence. Illustrations de Claude de Soria. 
( Ed. originalej Paris, Julliard t 1954, 

288 p. lllua. 19cm. 
DC611.P958D85 55-19301 t 

Giono, Jean, 1895- 

BeUe Edition t 1957i 
178 p. lllus. 22cm. 


Paris, Li 
57-39320 1 

Giono, Jean, 1895- 

Provence, Crne* par Lucien Jacques. t Manosque, Impr. 
Rico & Auphani 1957. 
175 p. illua. 27 cm. 

A 58-4646 
lUlnoIa. Univ. Library 

Meyer, Willy. 

Wunder der Provence; ein Waaderbuch fur Kunst- 
frcunde. Bern. Kummerly & Frey r e 1954, 

175 p. Illus. 20cm. 
DC611.P958M4 56-26637 J 

Oswald, Suzanne. 

Provence. Zeichnungen von Leon Oswald, rl. Aufl.i 
Zurich, Origo Verlag C 1954j 

02p.'muT 21 cm. C ^ 
DC611.P95807 55-28122 t 

Schwarz, Margot 

Midi; vom Reisen in Siidfrankreicn. t l. Aufl., Zurich, 
Origo Verlag [1957] 

228 p. lllus. 20cm. 
DC611.P958S3 58-25108 J 

Taube, Evert, 1890- 

Vallfart till Trubadurien och Toscana. Illustrerad av 
XJlla Sundin-Wickman. rStockhohni Tidningen Vi r 1957i 

200 p. lllua. 24 cm. 

A 59-2378 
Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. 


Provence, Comtat Venaissin, Cdte d'Azur, Comtfi de Nice. 
[19. d.] Paris, Hachette, 1968. 

Ixrxvl, 824 p. mapa (part fold. coL) 17 cm. <LM Guide* bleoB) 
DC611.P957P7 1958 68-29264 

Provence, Cote d'Azur. C 18. 6d. 3 Paris, Hachette, 1955. 

tarrt, 624 p. maps (part fold. coL) 17 cm. (Les Guides bleus) 
DC611.P957P7 1955 66-18428 

Union interdepartementale independante des policiers en 
tenue des Bouches-du-Rhone et d^partements limitrophes. 

Guide pratique et touristique de la Provence. 2. eU 
t Lyon] R. L. Boireau t 1955] 

370 p. illus. (part coL) fold col. maps, coats of arms. 14 cm. 
DC611.P958U5 1955 57-19125 


Julian, Elmer. 

Poemes et chansons. jAvignonj Presses universelles C 1955] 
111 p. 19 cm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Schneeberger, Pierre Frauds. 

Provence au miroir. Bois graves de Bodjol. t Gkneve 3 Le 
Verger, 1953. 3 

87 p. col. plate. 88cm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 66-836 


Giono, Jean, 1895- 

Provence. Presentation de Jean Giono; notices gex>gra- 
phiques, historiques et archeologiques de Georges Mon- 
marchfi. Photos de Gerald Maurois. fParisj Hachette f 1954, 

125 p. (p. ( 38)-tll2, lllus. (part coL)) 22 cm. (Le Albonu de 
Quides bleus) 
DC611.P958G5 64-43910 

Pfeifer, Otto, landscape photographer. 

Provence, Rhoneland und Camargue. 143 photograpbi- 
sche Auf nahmen von Otto Pfeifer mit bildbegleitender Tert- 
folge von Marcel Pobe\ Zurich, Fretz & Wasmuth C 1962, 

unpaged, illus. 29cm. ] 

DC611.P958P43 56-30355 t 

Pfeifer, Otto, landscape photographer. 

Unbekannte Provence; vom, Mittelmeer ins Hochland. 
Text von Marcel Pobe 1 . Zurich, Fretz & Wasmuth ['1957, 

Iv. (chiefly lllus., part fold., part coL) 29cm. 
DC611.P958P44 58-30712 

Wlmmer, Hedwig. 

Proience. Mit einer Einfuhrung voa Gotz Gode. Dres 
den. Sachsen Verlag r a 1957] 

174 p, (calefly lllusT map. 84cm. 
DC611.P958W58 58-81806 


Busqnet, Raoul, 1881- 

Histoire de Provence des origines i la Revolution fran- 
caise. Pr^f. et introd. d'fimile Isnard et d'Andr6 Villard. 
Monaco, Editions de 1'Impr. nationale de Monaco, 1954. 

848 p. lllus., col, maps. 28cm. 

A 57-478 
Harvard Univ. Library 


Provence historique; revue trimestrielle. t 1- 
(fasc. 1- ) ; juiL/aept. 1950- 

Marseille, Archives d^partementalee. 
T. mm. 2cm. 

. . 



Provence. Auemblb general* de* oommunoutb, 
Abregi du Cayer des deliberations. 

r.ln 28cm. annual. 
JN2433.P7A32 66-49602 


see also Aphorisms and apothegms; 
Devices; Epigrams; Maxims; and 
subdivisions Quotations, maxims, 
etc. under certain subjects, e. g. 
Music Quotations, maxims, etc. 

Aaceaux, MarceL 

Ahlcesproverbes. Pret de Maurice Fombeure. Rodez, 
Editions Subervie C 1965, 
COp. 19cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PROVERBS (Continued) 

Champion, Selwyn Gurney, comp. 

Racial proverbs; a selection of the world's proverbs ar 
ranged linguistically, with authoritative introductions to 
the proverbs of 27 countries and races. C 2d ed.] London, 
Routledge& Paul [1950] 

crxtx, 767 p. fold. map. 26 cm. 
PN6405.C37 1950 398.9 58-80877 

Diccionario de aforismos, proverbios y refranes, seleccionados 
y compilados por Jorge Sintes Pros. Barcelona, Editorial 

Sintes t l954, 

324 p 18 cm. 
PN6275.D5 56-21202 

Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 15S6. 

Proverbs QL- adages, gathered out of the chiliades and Eng 
lished (1509) by Richard Taverner. A facsimile reproduc 
tion with an introd. by DeWitt T. Starnes. Gainesville, 
Fla., Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, 195G. 

xv, ( li p,, f acjlm. : 71 1. 21 cm. 
PNG410.E34 1569a 398.9 55-11684 

King, Victor Louis, 1886- 

The wisdom of the people. Bound Brook, N. J., 1956. 
103 p, 21cm. 
PN6404.K5 398.9 56-25133 % 

Konstandt, Oscar, comp. 

One hundred proverbs, with their equivalents in German, 
French, Italian, and Spanish. With a foreword by Isobel 
Ford. [Malvorn, Bng.j Edelweiss House; t label: distributed 
by W. S. Hcinman, New York] 1958 t i. e. 1959] 

46 p. lllua. 10 cm. 
PN6404.KG 808.88 59-16871 1 

Margadant, Steven Willem Floris, 18S7- 

TwintijsiUuwwl oituten, aphorismeu eu spreekwoorden. 
[2. (Irak, VGi-avenhage, H. P. Leopold t l952) 

741 p. 27 cm. 
PX0081OM 105:2 56~8826& 

Miranda, Rafael A 

Calendario do pensamientos. Ciudad Trujillo, Impr. 
Casanova Hnos., 1953. 


Florida. Unlr, Library 

Plotkin, David George, 1809- 

Dictionnry of American proverbs, edited by David Kin 
(pseud., With a pref. by Mark Van Doren. New York, 
Philosophical Library c 1955, 

200 p. 2iciu. (Mid-century reference library) 
PN6405.P58 398.0 55-14072 rev 

Pullar-Strecker, H 

Proverbs for pleasure; uncommon sayings, collected, ar 
ranged, and annotated. London, C. Johnson [1954j 

202 p. 28u. 
PN64Q5.P8 898.9 55-19888 t 

Pullar-Strecker, H 

Proverbs for pleasure; uncommon sayings, collected, ar 
ranged, and annotated. New York, Philosophical Library 

202 p. 28 cui. 

[PN6405] 898,9 55-12778 t 

Printed for U, 8. Q. B. R. 

Timor, Matityahu. 

t Tel-Aviv, 1959] 

272 p. 25 on. 

59-58671 J 

Vervin, Claire, ed, 

La sagesse des nations. [Deux mille proverbes dea cinq 
continents reunis par Claire Vervin. Presentation et pr&P. 
de Claude Boy. 18 jeux typographiques de Pierre Faucheux 
Paris] Club des libraires de France ( 1969) 

841 p. lllui. 20cm. 
PN6406.V4 69-9098 \ 


Gallegoe Gallegos, Federico. 

Antologia de proverbioc espafioles y mexicanoa. Mexico 

1481 28cm, 
PN6491.G27 69-17188 

Garcia Moreno, Melchor, 1870- 

Catdlogo paremioWgioo de Melchor Garcia Moreno. 
Madrid, Liberia [Garcia Moreno, 1918. 

4 p. 1., 248 p., 2 1. llltu, (Incl. ports., ftualnu.) 20} cm. 

Apendice al Oatilogo paremioWgico, (Not* y ae- 

leccion del primer irapreso en Eepana de Bef ranee gloeadoft 
Madrid, 1948, 

Tip. Uli, 26cm. ^ M 

Z71KL.028 Appx. 

27191.028 18-fi2686wr 

Moll, Otto Ernst Eugen. 

Sprichwortcv-Bibliogi-uphie. Frankfurt uiu Main, V. 
Klostennann [1057-38, 
xvl, 630 p, 25 cm. 

A 58-4 101 nw 

Illinois, fnlv. Llbrury 


Kuusi, Matti. 

Paromiologische Betrachtungen. Helsinki, Suomalainen 
Tiedeakatemia, 1957. 

52 p. 25 cm. ( FF commuolcaUonn, r. 60, 2, n:o 172) 
GR1.F55 no. 172 58-2206 J 

Kuusi, Matti. 

Kegpn boi Sounonsohpin; zur "\Veltgosc'liichto eiu<?r 
Redcnsurt. (Deutsehe Wboi-sotzunff von Bcnul Asainuth] 
Helsinki, Suonialninen Tiedenkntomia, 1067. 

420 p. maps, dlagrs. 25 cm. (FF communlcattona, v. 69, 1, n:o 

GR1.FBB no. 171 58-1,120 

Lippl, Alois Johannes, 1903- 

Ein Sprichwort im Mund wiegt hundert Pftmd; Weisheit 

dos gemoinen Mannes in Sprllchen und Reimen (Zeichnungen 

von Paul Ernst Rattelmullorj Miinchen, Suddoutscher Ver- 

lag (1958i 

^8 p. nW 20cm. 

Illinois. Untv. Library 

A 58-6154 

see Bible. O, T, Proverbs 


Stesoko, Fily Dabo. 

Sagease noire (sentences et proyerbee malinkfis) 
Editions tie la Tour du guet ( 1955i 


llllnola. Unlv, Library 


Finbert, Elian J 189^- comp. 

La Hvi-e de In Hrtgease arnbe, seutences exemplaiii 
lies et pn'sent4eB par Kliaii,l. Finbert, avec dw c 
d<5corfttifg pur Andr^e Oorbin. (Puriaj R. t^ffont, 1948, 

91 p. niuu, 17cm. 

Meibohm, Anatole de. 

Proverbes arabes. t Le Gaire, Lee Editions un 
d'figypte J948] 

123 p, Mem. 
PN651&.A7M4 5^48084 

Sellheim, Rudolf. 

Die klasmsch-arttbischeu Spnchw^rt.crswiiiunlungien inn- 
besondews die des Abd 'tJb&ld, VGrftvenhaue, Mauton, 

vl, 164 p. 28 em. 

A55 308 
Ohlaigo. Unlv. Llbr. 


Capdevlla, Ram6n Rafael, ed. 

1700 [1. o. Mil aeteoientoii wfranos: dioJiw y modinmoi 
(regidn c<ntrn.I bonaerense) Con un aditamento da rftfran*! 
de Martin Fiom> de UBO en la regidn. [Eva PenSnj Edickmea 
"Patria," 1955. 

272 p, lllui, 21 cm. 
PN6495.B808 fl7W98 J 

AmudoY> Mikhail P.tror, 187&- 

ni W? Wcml 

Arna-udov, Mtkhafl Petror, 1878- *d, 

E-mrapcKH uocJtoinmi H mTftHXH. Coiicx, Xcwyca t lH-?i 
100 p. 18cm. 
PN6505.S88A7 W-B0145 

Slavelkov, Petko Rachev, 1827-1890, cxw*p. 

cpjmH BJH nociOBimH M x*prfepKi( xyx) 
, HI M. Apmayflo*. Co^iwi, B-wtrapcwK nnoiTe*, 

WSp, 21 on. 


[Beilenson, Peter, 1905- tr. 

Chinese proverbs from olden times. Mount Vernon, N, Y., 
Peter Pauper Pi-ess t ! 956 i 

,62, p. liluK, 10cm. 
PN6519.C5B4 398.9 56-47547 


Cabrera, Lydia, comp. 

Refrains de negroa vieios. Habana, Ediciones C. R. t 1955, 

PN64oS.tf7Ca rin ' 66-84055 J 


Celakovsk?, Frantiiek Ladlriav, 1799-1852, ovmp. 

Muth-oslovi narwlu aloviumk^ho v* pM*lov(ch Pfipojena 
jpst sblrka proflton&rodnJt'h ?k,fph imffkudel, J)o tisku 
nrinravil, rejntHkwn, potnimkiimt n tloU>vttn opatNl KawJ 
Dvofak, Vyd.l, V Pnu*, VyWirnd, 1&49. 

S^Zp. aicm, (Hit l)tlo,i*. 2) 
PN50li.SUC6 1949 55-27194 


Nederlnnds* tmUaehut, a. uit. Bnutil, Brepols t !9Cr, 

1380 p, 30 cm, 

[PF445.C 1 A 69-7063 

Uarvnnl Xlnlr. JUbrary 

M S 


hot rwht ontlwnU, ingi^itl dm>r A, Pitlo. Amwterdam J, M. 
Mnulenhoff f 1^87, 
HO p. 20cm, 

A&8 G'12-i 


Cohen, taraei, liH^ - 

Paralhl prowrbs in EftglWi, Gwrmmn and Hbr^w, Tel- 
Aviv, Dvir Pub, Co, <19ft4, 

xl, 818 p. 2R <tn, 
PN6404.C6 898.9 57-48067 

r Htttry. 

A book of English provwHb^ with wigim 
ondmi, I/onanmnH rlWiK 

144 p, 

Pnrsowi. John. 

Innoo*nc in no protttfticm ; an Rlph*tt of pr 
Rnd ilht^rntRwt by Jolm PArw)nn, t*ondcm, Sylvan Pre*B 
( 1W, 

,w lt >. Utm, tftKJHm, 


500 auriitrtccMX 

HOA p^, M. 


t> A, JI. rit,Sptca T. r, 

H. C. 



Taylor, Arehr, IftOO- . 

A diotJoimry of Amri*ai oroimrbi wv<i prowdblmJ phrtieu, 
iO-I80 by Arh*r Taytor WKJi Bwrttttt Jfr WWttag, 
lkp Pni of 




x, T&4Jt Ck 

^ DooaUU 1889-1914. 
Proi* writinp ol Domld MwiKlnmm, i8&-li4 the to* 


r by 

, Ediabar^ 

iuxilk,ydf or th*SoottuliGwlioTU Society, lOM- 
xxYlt, W7 p, tt ew, <rtil*h CMM^f *, v, 8} 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Borchardt, Wilhelm, d. 1889. 

Die sprichwortlichen Redensarten im deutschen Volks- 
mund nach Sinn und Ursprung erlautert t vonj Borchardt, 
Wustmann c und] Schoppe. 7. Aufl. neu bearb. von Alfred 
Schinner. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1954. 

539 p. Illus. 19cm. 
PN6461.B6 1954 55-12662 

Borchardt, Wilhelnt, d. 1889. 

Die sprichwortlichen. Redensarten im deutschen Volks- 
mund, nach Sinn und Ursprung erlautert t von] Borchardt, 
Wustmann [Und] Schoppe. 7. Aufl., neu bearb. von Alfred 
Schirmer. Durchgesehener Neudruck. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 

539 p. Illus. 19 cm. 
PN6461.B6 1955 59-41469 t 

Cohen, Israel, 1905- 

Parallel proverbs in English, German and Hebrew. Tel- 
Aviv, Dvir Pub. Co. [1954] 

xl, 313 p. 25 cm. 
PN6404.C6 398.9 57-52067 

Graf, A E 

6000 [i. e. Sechstausendj deutsche und russische Sprich- 
worter. Halle (Saale) M. Niemeyer, 1956. 

297 p. 20cm. 
PN6461.G7 57-46594 

Kirnbauer, Franz, ed. 

Der Gerber im Sprichwort. jHrsg. von, F. Kirnbauer 
u. J. A. Sagoschen. Wien, Verein Osterreichischer Leder- 
techniker, 1955. 

& p. Illus. 21 cm. 

A 56-6526 
Ohio. State Univ. LIbr. PN6467 

Kremer, Edmund Philipp, comp. 

German proverbs and proverbial phrases with their Eng 
lish counterparts. Stanford, Calif., Stanford University 
Press, 1955. 

116 p. 23 cm. 
PN6461.K75 898.9 55-6685 t 

Lippl, Alois Johannes, 1908- 

Ein Sprichwort im Mund wiegt hundert Pfund; Weisheit 
des gemeinen Mannea in Spriichen und Reimen [Zeichnungen 
von Paul Ernst Rattelmiillerj Munchen, Stiddeutscher Ver- 
lag [1958] 

88 p. lllui. 20cm. 

A 58-6154 
HHnolB. Univ. Library 


Stromberg, Reinhold, 1909- 

Groek proverbs; a collection of proverbs and proverbial 
phrases which are not listed by the ancient and Byzantine 
paroemiographers. With introduction, notes, bibliography, 
and indices. Gfiteborg [Wettergren & Kerberj 1954. 

145 p. 25 om. (Gtiteborgs kungl, vetenakaps- och vlttcrhets-sam- 
halles handllngnr, 6. ttUden, aer. A, bd. 4, a:o 8) 
AS284.G7 fol.6,ser.A,bd.4,no.8 398.9 A 55-932 rev 

Copy 2. PN6418.S8 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Addin-Hon, pseud. 

Torias; contes et proverbes Creoles. Port-au-Prince, 
Impr. du College Vertieres, 1945. 
50 p. 20cm. 

A 49-5887 rev 2* 
Harvard Univ. Library 


see also Proverbs, Yiddish 

Cohen, Israel, 1905- 

Parallel proverbs in English, German and Hebrew. Tel- 
Aviv, Dvir Pub. Co. t 1954 3 

xl, 313 p. 25 cm. 
PN6404.C6 398.9 57-52067 

Davidson, Israel, 1870-1989, comp. 

n irpnrT] .D^nn <| D' nncDD onaanwri 

mn win ,n^ttn-p c Dm DmsNi njDffN ^KIDB? Diin^ nuon 

(Jerusalem, 1956/57 3 .T"n&7l ,pp 
16, 282 p. port. 26 cm. 

PN6414.D32 A 58-3490 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

Reichman, Hananiah. 

t Tel-Aviv, 1955] 

868 p. Illus. 25 cm. 

.per (pi* 


Timor, Matityahu. 

[Tel-Aviv, !955/56j 

272 p. 23 cm. 

Timor, Matityahu. 


tTel-Aviv, 1959j 

272 p. 25 cm. 



Rai, Gulab, 1887- 

Hindi lokoktiyam aura muhavare. t Lekhaka] Gulaba 
Raya. Dilli, s. Canda enda Kampam t n. d.] 

158 p. 18 cm. 

A 59-1644 
Pennsylvania. Univ. Library 



500 t i. e. Lima ratusj pepatah uixtuk peladjar. Tj'etakan 
2. Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1950. 

118 p. 23cm. 
PN6519.1 5A5 1950 55-38290 t 

Pamuntjak, Kesuma Sutan, ed. 

Peribtihasa, dikoempoelkan ol&i K. St Pamoentjak, N". St 
Iskandar [danj A. Dt. Madjoindo. Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, 
Balai Pustaka, 1946. 

807 p. 21 cm. 
PN6519.1 5P3 1946 55-39664 J 

Pamuntjak, Kesuma Sutan, ed. 

Peribahasa { olehj K. St. Pamuntjak, N. St. Iskandar jdan, 
A, Dt. Madjoindo. Tjetakan 4. Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 

414 p. 21cm. 
PN6519.1 5P3 1950 55-39639 t 


Predonzani, Elio. 

Proverbi e detti popolari dellTstria, raccolti a cura della 
Lega nazionale di Trieste. Udine, Del Bianco r 1954, 
vlll,299p. 25cm. C ] 

A 57-4265 
Harvard Univ. Library 


Giusti, Giuseppe, 1809-1850. 

Dizionario dei proverbi italiani [di] Giuseppe Giusti [6] 
Gino Capponi. t l. ed. Milanoj Veronelli C 1956j 

xxxlv, 483 p. 22 cm. 

[PN6505.T8G ] A 59-5471 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Tassoni, Giovanni. 

Proverbi e indovinelli : folklore mantovano. Firenze, L. S. 
Olschki, 1955. 

xlv, 256 p. 22 cm, (Blblloteca dl "Lares," v. 2) 
PN6475.M3T3 57-25188 


Okada, Rokuo. 

Japanese proverbs and proverbial phrases. t lst ed.j 
Tokyo, Japan Travel Bureau [1955] 

ill. 218 p. Illus., plates. 19 cm. (Tourist library. [New ser.i 
T. 20) 
PN6519.J304 398.9 56-1444 

Okada, Rokuo. 

Japanese proverbs and proverbial phrases. 2d ed,j 
Tokyo, Japan Travel Bureau [1958, 

218 p. Illus. 19cm. (Tourist library, v.20) 
PN6519.J304 1958 398.9 67-11220 J 

U. S. Army Lanffuaffe School, Monterey, OdKf. 

Japanese proverbs : general, slang expressions; expressions 
concerning the body. Presidio of Monterey, Japanese Lan 
guage Dept,, Army Language School, 1954. 

86 p. 27 cm. 
PL685.U47 398.9 55-61142 J 


see also Proverbs, Hebrew; Proverbs, 

Cohen, Adir. 

jra :Tiipni .D^ijm nioiKi 5K*w rmonw 

(Tel-Aviv, 1957- 

v. ports. 25 cm. 
Hebrew Union College. 

A 58-4328 

Saporta y Beja, Enrique, cotnp. 

Refranero sefardi; compendio de refranes, dichos y locu- 
ciones tipicas de los sefardles de Sal6nica y otros sitios de 
Oriente. Madrid, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones 
Cientificas, Institute Arias Montano, 1957. 

339 p. 18 cm. (Blblloteca hebralcoespafiola, T. 6) 
PN6519.J5S33 68-17491 t 

Elkoshi, Gedaliah, 1910- 

ed. and tr. 

[Tel-Aviv, 1959j 
9, 452 p. 25 cm. 
PN6416.E4 59-58557 


Lebedys, Jurgis, ed. 

Smulkioji Hetuviu tautosaka, rvn-xvni a.; prieSodziai, 
patarles, rajsles. Vilnius, Valstybine gro2ines literaturos 
leidykla, 1956. 

630 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
PN6505.L5L4 ^ 56-44569 J 

Mingirdaa, Jonas, ed. 

Smulkioji tautosaka : Patarles, prie2odziai, posakiai. c Los 
Angeles, Spaude Bonnie Press) 1958. 

182 p Illus. 21cm. 
PN6505.L5M5 58-34569 


Maduefio, Raul R 

Lo baquico ea el refranero mexicano. Buenos Aires r!956i 

14 p. 20 cm. J 

PN6497.D7M3 57-38329 


Cabrera, Lydia, comp. 

Eefranes de negros viejos. Habana, Ediciones C. B. rl955i 
unpaged. 20cm. (Oolecclto del chlcherekil) 
PN6409.S7C3 56-34055 J 


Aguflera Patifio, Luisita V ed. 

Refranero panameno; contribuci^n a la paremiologfa 
hispanoamericana. [Santiago, Chile, 1955, 

PN"6495.P3A35 57-44002 


Elwell-Sutton, Laurence Paul 

Persian proverbs. t lst ed., London, Murray t l54, 
108 p. 18 cm. (The Wisdom of the Bast series) 
PN6519.P5E4 398.9 55-838 J 


Pires de Lima, Joaquim Alberto, 1877- 

corpo humano no adagiano portugufis. Porto, Edicoes 
Aitura, 1946. 

178 p. 19 cm. 



Anildn, Vladimir Prokop'evich. 

PyccxHC napoflHwe HOCJCOBHUM, noroaopxE, sara^KH u fler- 
ciHfl $ojitKaop ; nocotf He flora yHHiejut. Mocrsa, Toe. yietf- 
Ho-ne^aror. HS^-BO, 1957. 

280p. 21cm. 
PN6505.S5A6 67-49369 t 

Arsen'ev, Aleksel Alekseevich, colonel, comp. 

KHTB pOflHHe CSVMCHTI. ; pyccKnc noaiOBHjqEr, norOBOpKH, 
Hspc^eiiHtJi. CocraBHJtH : A. Apcentes M M. BopOHH^t. Mo- 

CKBa, BOCH. H3^-BO, 1958. 

126 p. 15cm. 
PN6505.S5A65 59-21717 J 

Breslav, S L comp. 

HstfpaHnue nocjtoBHmi H noroaopKH, CocTaBHjm Bpec- 
jras C. JI. it CcMenen H. <I>. t CTajiHHrpa^] CiajtHHrpa^CKoe 
KHmsHoe H3^~ao, 1958. 

288 p. 18cm. 
PN6505.S5B7 59-40842 J 

Dal', Vladimir Ivanovich, 1801-1872, oomp. 

IIocJiOBHUH pyccKoro sapo^a; cCopHns. Mocrsa, Toe. 

H3^-BO XyflO. JTHT-pH. 1957. 

990 p. 23cm. 
PN6505.S5D3 1967 57-42749 1 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Gxat A E 

6000 ji, e. Sechstanaendj dectscbe trad roasische Sprich- 
worter. Halle (S**fc) M. Nkmeyur, 1966. 



KolpakOT*, Nafclfii Pavtomw, comp. 

H^SpanHHt socsoBiHstw E HOTQsopiJi pvccsoro aapo^a. 
jCocrasTe,iB : H. n. EaanaKOsa, M. H. Meim, F. F. mano- 
lajosa. Ho* o6mfi& p*fl. A A. IIpoEO$w:Bai Mocrsa, Toe. 

BW-0 XySOSK. ^HT-pH, 1957. 

2QCp. 18 n, 
PN6505,S5K6 58-24249 

Lebedrv, Pavd Fedorovich, wp. 

IlapTx sane rue EOCKOBH^H K norosopEH. 
cnoe KH ramie ira^-to, 1858. 

2#rjL 17 cm, 


Sobolrr, Aides 


138 p, 17 at 

idt, vsriter on foBdon, eomp. 
x noroBopxH. (MocsBai Mocros- 


Vitador, Sergei VasTevkii, <XM ? . 

BaKJrcflCKHe tacrymrH, HOCJIO&IIHH, EoroaopiH. Bo- 
jsorfla, O&s. K&mcBax pe^., 1957. 

PGS114ACSV5 58-48M9 t 

, 1S58. 

t H norosopKH. 



, Sergei V&aS'edcfa, 1831-1901. 
CSOBS; fCCJopanij Ho 

H, C. 

-W6 p. LeaL 

C. Maica- 
MociBa, Foe. HS^-BO xy,^oac. iHT-p*i, 1955. 




. E soys, craisa B. H. 
Eapoayi, Ajtraftcsoe uuuufoe H3fl-so, 19$$. 
8p. rrm. 


Kmstas&t Milu^mcli, om^. 

2 nortwopra:, tfirrjnoix(Ke B Kocrpoitciaft 
r. Saimca^ K. M. Ey^pneB. [Kocrpoitaj Kocrpo*- 
H3A-o, 1956. 

PROVERBS, scorree 

Cunidwe^ Janws, 1543 or 4-1628, w^. 

The Jamee CkrBBdmeQ coflection of proTerba in Scots; 
fecm tiie oc^iual HMmaascript in tibe EdMbm^i TMveraty 
, edited by M. L. AnderaoiL EdinbtiTgh, University 


A cofiectka of Scotct prorerbs (1663) With tn introeL 
iy Atdier T^lw. Los Ai^da WiEBain Andrews C3mrfc 
Hcmoci^ library, TJniTWiky of O^foram, 1WHS. 

rp,fote:58p. ZLot (An^nB^rtnt Society. PnblK- 

1668* 8964 65-3217 


200 p. 18 c 



C*Jakovsky, FrantiSA Ladidav, 1799-1852, comp. 

Mudroslovi nirodu slovanskeho ve pfisloyfch. Pnpojena 

jest sbfrka prostonarodnich ceskfch pofekadel. ,Bo tisku 
pfipravil, rejstfik^n, poznamkami a doslovem opatfil Karel 
Dvorak. Vyd.3., V Praze, Vyehrad, 1949. 

S22p. 21 on, (!H*DU0,ST.2) ^ <nj 

PN6505.S2C5 1949 55-27194 


Gallegoe G^legos, Pederico. 

Antologia de proveorbios espanoles y meadcanos. Mexico, 

1481. 28cm. 
PN6491.G27 59-17183 J 

Irtbarren, Jose Maria, 1906- 

EI porque de los dicbxis; sentido, origen y anecdota de los 
dichos, modismos y frases proverbiales de Espafia, con 
mochas otras curiosidades. Madrid, Aguilar, 1955. 

60& p. 21 cm. (Cotecdda lltenria; novdlstas, dramaturgoa, en- 
aaylsUs, poetas) 

A 56-1724 
IIHnoIs. Unit. Library 

Martinez Kleiser, Luis, 1883- 

Refranero general, ideologico espanoL Madrid, Heal Aca- 
demia Espanola, 1953. 
TXir, 783 p. 30 cm. 

54-4511 rer 


Garcia Moreno, Mekhor, 1870- 

Catilogo paremiologico de Melchor Garcia Moreno. 
Madrid, Librerfa t Garcfa Moreno, 1918. 

4 p. L, 248 p., 2 L lllos. (IncL ports., tocslms.) 26i cm. 

Ap^ndice al Catalogo paremiologico. (Nota y se- 

leccion del primer impreso en Espana de Befranes gloeados. 
Madrid, 1948. 
np. iiira. 26cm. 

27719LG28 Appr. 
Z719LG28 18-22686 rev 

Gotiirrez BaHisteros, Jos Maria, confa de OoUmbl 

Paremiologia flamenca. Con una eitensa introd. historico- 
Mbliografica sobre los refranes glosados en Espana, si^los 
xv-zi. Madrid, 1957. 
198 p. porta, facsima. 22 cm. 



Alvarez Anguto, Tornas, 

El refranero espanol y su sabiduria; conferencia pronun- 
dada en la Sorbona el 18 de abril de 1953. Madrid, 1953. 

56-31406 t 

MacArthnr, MiHred Yorba, comp. and tr. 

^California-Spanish proverbs. t San Francisco, Colt Press, 

Tip. 23cm. 

. Ubrary PNW95 

A 56-3351 


Bengtsson, Jotan, 1878-1946, comp. 

Svendoi ordaprifc, ordst&v, talesStt och vSderleksrun. 
Gdteborg, L. Simonson C 1957i 

m _ A 59-2914 

Akademiia nauk URSR, Eitv. 

i aapo^ni npHCiiB'* ia npaxaaxz. 

HHKH:B.Bo<5roBaTaiHmi BianoBVpiiBHHtt pe^aiTOp M. T. 
P^tt^iJKHiB, BHA-BO AxaACicu Hayr Yxp. POP, 1955. 

PN6505JS76A4 56-22135 J 

navtttk, Votodrmyr S 

HpirnowAKH, aoo 

832 p. 28cm. 
PN6505^55P5 57-29878 


Rapanovich, iAuhen, comp. 

Be^apycELa npHKasri, npuwayKi i 3araid. MIHCK, ^sap- 
acaynae Bu^aBenrBa BCCP, 1958. 

37Tp. 17cm. 
PN6505.S78E3 59-38292 


Beem, H 

Jer&sche; Jiddische spreekwoorden en zegsvnjzen uit net 
Nederlandse taalgebied, verzameld, ingeleid en. toegelicht. 
Assen, Van Gorcum, 1959. 

278 p. front 20cm. 
PN6519.J5B4 59-37141 

Einhorn, Simeon, 1883-1950. 

-fri ^pM^i^ mta-DT> :KISD 

208 p. ports. 10 cm. 
Hebrew Union College. 

[Tel-Aviv, 1959j . 

A 59-5080 


Nyemberi, Cyril Lincoln Sibusiso, 1919- 

Znlu proverbs. Johannesburg, Witwatersrand University 
Press, 1954. 

238 p. 23cm. 
PN6519.Z8N9 1954 398.9 55-23866 J 



St. Denis, Gaston Pierre. 

Check-list of Providence, Rhode Island imprints from 
1801 through 1805, with an historical introd. Washington, 

111,811. 28cm. 
21332.P7S3 015.745 56-36359 


Rhode Island. Development Council. 

Port of Providence, an economic survey. Prepared for 
the city of Providence and the town of East Providence, by 
Rhode Island Development Council with the consulting serv 
ices of Enappen, Tippetts, Abbett, McCarthy, Engineers. 
tProvidence, 1955. 

108 p. Uius.,njapa. 28cm. 
HE554.P87A52 *387.12 


Cady, John Hutchins, 1881- 

The civic and architectural development of Providence, 
1636-1950. Providence, Book Shop, 19fi7. 

820 p. lllaa., map*. 29cm, 
F89JP9C143 974^2 67-59839 


Publishing Company, inc., Everett, M<u 8 . 
The new Citizens map of Providence and onlawred detail 

G3774.P91954J5 Mapfi4-1435 

Polk (R. L.) and Company, inc. 

Map of the city of Providence, Rhode Island. 
r Boston 3 

maw 75x66 cm. fold, to 28x12 cm. (Arrow mapj 
GWIW^JP, M.p^se.e,. 

Sanborn Map Company. 
-i9 ^arancemaps of Providence, Rhode Island. New York, 

Gl23959S3 m i956 84 ^ j^p ^^^ 


166x60 cm. to to M x 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Trust in God 
Barth, Aron, 1890- 

t Tel-Aviv, 1955/56] 

37 p. 17 cm. 


Belew, Pascal P 

The philosophy of providence, Butler, IndL Higley 
Press 1955, 

176 p. 22 cm. 
BT135.B38 231.5 56-29678 J 

Blamires, Harry* 

The will and the way; a study of divine providence and 
vocation. London, S. P. C. K., 1957. 

128 p. 28cm. 
BT135.B57 1957a 231.5 58-174 t 

Blamires, Harry. 

The will and the way; a study of divine providence and 
vocation. New York, Macmillan, 1957. 

128 p. 22cm. 
BT135.B57 231.5 57-10290 t 

Cailliet, fimile, 1894- 

The recovery of purpose. c lst ed. 3 New York, Harper 
t 1959j 

192 p. 22cru. 
BD541.C12 124 59-14530 J 

Dietrich, Suzanne de. 

The witnessing community, the Biblical record of God's 
purpose. Philadelphia, Westminster Press t 1958 3 

ISO p. 21 cm. 
BR115.H5D53 261 58-5020 J 

Duin, Joannes Josef. 

La doctrine de la providence dans les ecrits de Siger de 
Brabant; textes et &ude. Louvain, Institut superieur de 
philosophie, 1954. 

CM p. 26cm. (Philosopher m#HeVaux,t 8) 

Harvard Univ. Library 

God's plan for humanity, by 0. T. H. (One trying to 
help) Philadelphia, Dorrance t 1958] 
148 p. 20cm. 

BT101.G58 231.7 58-6877 t 

Hazelton, Roger, 1909- 

God's way with man; variations on the theme of provi 
dence. New York, Abingdon Press 1956 r 

204 p. 21 cm. 
BT185.H34 281.5 56-10146 J 

Henry, lona. 

Triumph over tragedy t byj lona Henry with Frank S. 
Mead. [Westwood, N. J.j F. H, Revell Co. C 1957] 

125 p. 20cm. 
BV4905.H4 248 57-6852 J 

Klemm, Edwin O 

Then: there was a new Lincoln. t lat ed.j New York, 
Pageant Press t 1955] 

Wp. 2icm. 
E457.2.K55 923.178 55-11612 J 

Krai, Josef, 1887- 

pie Irrlehre von Zufall und Schicksal im Lichte der 
Wissenschaften und des Glaubens; zugleich eine Antwort 
auf W. v. Scholz "Zufall und Schioksal" und Prof. Muller- 
Freienfels "Schicksal und Zufall." Abensberg, Niederbay- 
ern, Aventinus-Verlag, 1958. 

ifop. 21 cm. 
BD411.K7 57-40544 J 

Matthaeuft de Aquatparta, Cardinal, d. 1802. 

Quaeationes disputatae de productione rerum et de pro- 
videntia. Ad fidem codicum nunc primum editae cura P. 
G*deonis Gal. Quaraochi, Florentiae, Ex typograpbia Col- 
, legii S. Bonaventurae, 19B6. 

10*. 428 p. 24cm. (Blbllotheca frandMaut scholattlca medU aevl, 
1 17) 

[BX8601.B5 t!7] A 57-363* 

Cornell Unlv. Library 

Pouard, William Grotvenor, 1911- 

Ghanoe and providence; God's action in a world governed 
by scientific law. New York, Soribner [1968, 

MOp; 21cm. 
BT186.P6 281.5 58-5722 t 

Kendall, Robert. 

History, prophecy, and God. London, Paternoster Press, 

127 p. 23cm. 
BS635.R4 1954 220.95 55-28056 J 

Schmidt, Hermann, 1895- 

Geborgen im Vatergott; ein Trostbuch von der gottlichen 
Vorsehung fur eine apokalyptische Zeit 3. AufL Pader- 
born, F. Schoningh. 1954. 

461 p. 20cm. 
BT135.S36 1954 54-43962: 

Smit, Meijer Cornells, 1911- 

t The divine mystery in history; inaugural address de 
livered on assuming the office of professor of medieval his 
tory and of the theory of history in the Free University at 
Amsterdam on Tuesday, 27 Sept 19S5. Kampen, J. H. Kok 
[1955 ?] 

80p. 24cm. 
BE115.H5S513 231.6 59-34203 J 

Smith, William Martin, 1872- 

Bible history of world government and a forecast of its 
future from Bible prophecy. 5th ed.j Westfield, Ind., 
Union Bible Seminary rl955j 

208 p. Ulufl. 20cm. 
BS647.S6 1955 *220.15 55-4288 J 

Sutcliffe, Edmund Felix. 

Providence and suffering in the Old and New Testaments. 
London, Nelson C 1953] 

vlll,175p. 28cm. 

Swedenborg, Emanuel, 1688-1772. 

Angelic wisdom concerning the divine love and the divine 
wisdom. Standard ed. New York, Swedenborg Founda 
tion, 1946. 

xlli, 293 p. 21cm. 

[BX8712.D ] A 55-10715 

Lehlgh Univ. Library 



Rhode Island. Division of Roads and Bridges. 

General highway map, Providence County, Rhode Island. 
Prepared by the Dept. of Public Works, Division of Roads 
and Bridges, Highway Planning Section, in cooperation 
with the U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. 
[Providence] 1953-54. 

8 maps 44 x 78 cm. 

G3773.P7 1954.R5 

Map 59-810 

Filles du Providence de Se"es 

PROVIDENCIA (ISLAND) see Old Providence 
Island, Colombia 

ing and loan associations 

Don Cossacks, Province of the 


Institut ceogntphique du Congo beige. 

Province orientalej cartes des territoirea. Ed. provisoire. 

cLeopoldvillej 1956. 
tlj L, 26 map* (part 

., 26 mapfl (part fold.) 85 cm. 
G2608.P7I5 1956 

Map 57-415 


Province orientale, Belgian Congo. Service provincial de* 
affaires indigenes etdela main d'ceuvre. 

Vade mecum fc 1'usage dea fonctionnaires et agents terri- 
toriaux de la province de Stanleyville, par Franz Gevaerts, 
chef du Service provincial des affaires indigenes et de la 
main d'ceuvre a Stanleyville. (Stanleyville?, 1945-46. 

2 v. (xxll p., 479 1.) 25 cm. 
JQ3619.O7A5 66-16807 


Grotty, Frank. 

Provincetown profiles and others on Oape Cod. Barre, 
Mass., Barre Gazette, 1958. 

146 p. 24cm 
F74.P96C7 974.49 58-12084 J 

Dominicans. Provincia de Santiago de Mexico 


see also Bombing and gunnery ranges 

Proving grounds 



Gt.Brit Treaties, etc., 1958- (Elizabeth 11) 

Agreement between the Government of the United King 
dom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Gov 
ernment of the United States of America concerning the 
extension of the Bahamas long range proving ground by 
the establishment of additional sites in Ascension Island. 
Washington, June 25, 1956. London, H. M. Stationery Off., 

15 p. 25 cm. (tGt. Brit. Foreign Offlcej Treaty series, 1956, no. 
JX636 1892 1956, no. 25 56-58694 rev 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (EisenTunoer) 

Bahamas long range proving ground: administrative ar 
rangements regarding sites in Ascension Island. Agreement 
between the United States of America and the United King 
dom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Washington August 24 and 25, 
1959. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print, Off., 1959, 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts aeries, 4286) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4296 355.74 59-62456 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Bahamas long range proving ground; establishment of 
additional sites in Ascension Island. Agreement between, 
the United States of America and the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain and Northern Ireland signed at Washington 
June 25, 1956. t Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1956j 
17 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 3603) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 3603 56-61958 


Gt. Brit. Treaties, eto., 1958- (Elizabeth 11) 

Agreement between the Government of the United King 
dom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Gov 
ernment of the United States of America concerning the 
extension of the Bahamas long range proving ground by 
the establishment of additional sites in Ascension Island. 
Washington, June 25, 1956. London, H. M. Stationery Off., 

15 p. 25 cm. (rGt Brit Foreign Office] Treaty series, 1966, no. 
JX636 1892 1956, no. 25 66-58694 rev 

GtBrit. Treaties, etc., 1952- (Elizabeth //) 

Agreement between the Government of the United King 
dom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Gov 
ernment of the United States of America concerning the 
extension of the Bahamas long range proving ground by the 
establishment of additional sites in Saint Lucia. Washing 
ton, June 25, 1956. London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1956. 

18 p. 25 cm. ([Gt Brit Foreign Office, Treaty eriea. 1858, 
no. 26) 

JX636 1892 1956, no. 26 56-68695 

Gt Brit Treaties, etc., 1959- (EU*ti>ih a) 

Exchange of notes between the Government of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the 
Government of the United States of America concerning 
the extension of the Bahamas long-range proving ground 
to include the Island of Great Emma, Washington, April 
1,1957. London, H.M. Stationery Off. t !957, 

8 p. 25cm. ( t Ot.Brit Foreign Office, Treaty Mrlea, 196T, no. 62) 
JX686 1892 1957, no. 62 58-1581 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Bahamas long range proving ground: administrative ar 
rangements regarding sites in Ascension Island, Agreement 
between the United States of America and the United King 
dom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Washington, August 24 and 25, 
1959. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1959j 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treatlefl and other International acts aeries, 4296) 
JX235.9.A82 no. 4296 855.74 59-62466 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

BAHAMAS (Continued) 

U.S. rnwfiii, *.,/- _ 

Balvamas kmg rang* proving ground: cirri air 

Bahamas, Turks and Cakes Islands and Jamaica. 
tta United States of America and the 
of Great Britain aad Northern Ireland 
^ectod cfcafcge of notes signed at Wa^mgton Dem- 
ber ft, 196,aad January 4, 1957. ^Washington, U. S. Govt 



Bahamas kwg range proving ground; establishment of 
dfemul sites in Ascension Island. Agreement between 
the United States of America and the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain and Northern Ireland signed at Washington 

JX9BJJJ3 no. 9m 


U.S. TVwt&w, fc., 1953- (EUmhnecr) 

Bahamas ioog range proving ground; establishment of 
awMSikmal sites ia Saktt Lock. Agreement between ti>e 
TJa^ad States of America and the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain wad Northern Irekad signed at Washington June 
g!L l& , Washington, TJ. S. GovL Print Off., 1956, 
^6 p. 9| U (5*S^i*ooalet.ciM,WK) 
JX285J.A32 no. 3595 56-41952 

C.8. Trtet**,^im- uenuner _ 

Bahamas long range proving ground; extension or ibgnt 
testJBir raage. Agweuaemt between the United States of 
America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Irabud efiected by exchange of notes signed at 
April 1, 1957. tWasaingW, U. S. Govt Print. 

BO. 3803 

(TreaOe. and 

etber teternatfeoal acts 

Bahamas long range proriEg ground; tracking station v 
Island of Growl Turk. Agreement between the United 
States of Aaserie* wad the United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Hflcten Irettui, elected by exchange of notes signed 

U. a Go^t Print. O&, li 

3p, Stem. (Tn^aMcpCberInteriiii<mj!acterleB,4215) 


U.S, Treetiea, etc-, Tfai- (Eisenko-mer) 

Bahamas long range proving ground: use of certain fa 
cigties by em! aircraft Agreement between the United 
States of America and ike United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Sortbera IrefeoMi, elected by Exchange of notes " 
at Wa&i&gtoa July 11 and 22, 1955. r Wi * * 
Gort Print OCjlSSei 

4Bt . fOLa W. of State PoMkat&m 5158. Treaties 

BO. 3379 



Agrewaeast between the GorommeBt of the United King 
dotn of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the GOT 
ernm&t ejf the United States of America concerning the 
3QterasioB of the Bahamas long range proring gromid by the 
stai>Kriamtt of a&&tioaa! sites in S^f Loeia. Washing 
ton, Jnae 25, 1956. Loadon, H. M. Statioinery OC, 1956, 

1 pt 25 CBL [0t. Brit. Foreign Office) Treaty Mrfe* 1966, 

JX636 18&2 19S6, no. 26 


Bahamas tong range proving ground; estaHishment of 
additional ates in Saint Locia. Agreement between the 
IJaked States (rfAmeric. and th United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Korthern Ireland sdgned at Wa^mtgton Jxme 
%K66. jWaAsngtaov U. & Gort Print OflL, 1956J 

28 p. Stan. (Ti*tV i^ otber toternAtioojLl ct eri< 

no,S5e& 56-61962 

GtBrit Treaties, etc^ 126S- (E8*abeth a} 

Exchange f notes between fihe Gofemment of the United 
TTmgrfnm of Great Britaitt and Northern Ireland and the 
Govwument of the Umtd States of America concerning 
<ar3 ariaiioB fadlitifft and long-range pzoTmg groonds ior 
goid*dmia8le8iatlWetIndiee 1 Wthiiigton 1 I)eca^ 
1966/Jarraary 4,1957, Lotukm, H. M. Stationery Off. t l&57 

Cpi. 25 on. (tOtBrtt. *an&rD.<Mt*i Tre*tr erles 1957, no. SI 
JX686 1892 1957, no- M 57-4649 


see also Arrest; Receivers 

POd *TnLtado de las medidas cautelares. Buenos Aires, Ediar 



Sapienza, Carmelo. 

I prowBdimenti dhirgenza ex art. 700 cod. proc. civ. (pro 
mo sistemarico) Milano, A. Giuffre, 1957. 
149 p. 26cm. 

58-49651 t 


Maqoeda Loreice, Roberto. 

Las providencias cautelares en nuestro derecho procesai 
dviL Mexico, 1951. 
TOp - ^^ 57-22380 

Solorzano Juarez, Jos^ Alberto. 

Las providencias precautorias. Mexico, 1956. 
95 L 28cm. 


Arandia, Hermogenes B 

Law on provisional remedies and 
Manila [Donnarte Book Supply, 1952. 
IT, 461 p. 28cm. 

civil actions. 


Santos, Alejandro de. 

Qxiizzer on special remedies. Pasay City, Philippines, 
Gutierrez Print. Press, 1957. 
428 p. 24cm. 


Ulrica, Conrad. 

Interkantonale echtshilfe ffir vorsorgliche M!8^8m ft ^ > ' n >.r 
97 p. 23cm. 



Brown, Robert Morris, 1912- 

"I solemnly swear"; the story of a GI named Brown, by 
Eobert Morris " Vanderbilt" Brown with Donald Permenter. 
rlsted.] New York, Vantage Press t 1957j 

20Rp. 21cm. 
D805J3B68 940.547252 57-8555 


Brwn, Eennefl PM^ 1926- 

A record of the descendants of Nicholas Provost tJean- 


56 p. 22cm. 
CS7LP969 1957 



Codho, Ftmndsco Mannd Prdnu 

O problema da causa virtual na responsabilidade civiL 
jCoimbrajCoimbra Editor* (1956, 
308IL 25cm. 


Rfiegcr, Roland. 

Die causa proxbna-Regel im Seevemcherungsrecht; eine 
redbtsveigkichende de Darstellung der Kausalitatslehren 
des eogiisdten, deutschen. Tnt*\ rTSTxTi'hKTi nnd franzdsi- 
schen Seeversicherangsreciites, mit RuckBchlussen auf dee 
Seeversichenrngsrechtt Winterthur, P. G 

Keller, 1956. 
xlil, 113 p. 21 


1949- ) 

Caemmerer, Ernst von. . . 

Das Problem des KAUsalzusammennangs im FnvatrecJit. 

Eschrich, Volker, 1928- 

Zur Berucksichtigung hypothetischer Schadensursachen 
bei der Schadensfeststellung. Miinchen, 1953. 

* M8L ^^ 59-29994 

Weishaupl, KarL 

Die Kausalitat in der Kriegsopferversorgung. Miinchen, 
Beck, 1958. 
24Sp. 24cm. 

59-42574 t 

1949- ) CASES 

Lob, Atfons, 1900- ed. 

Sozialgerichtliehe Entscheidungen iiber den Zusammen- 
hang zwischen Unfall und Erkrankung; hrsg. von Alfons 
Lob und Reimund Asanger, unter Mitarbeit von Jurgen 
Probst. Stuttgart, F. Enke, 1958. 
280 p. 23cm. 



Goodhart, Arthur Lehman, 1891- 

Notes of an address on some problems in the law of tort, 
delivered on Wednesday, 27th January, 1954. London, Law 
Society [1954, 
13 p. 22 cm. 

54-42666 J 


Coratola, Pasquale. 

Del nesso oggettivo di causalita, nel diritto penale; contri- 
buti applicativa della teoria della condirione pericolosa, Mi 
lano, A. Giuffrfe, 1955. 

158 p. 25cm. 

68-39894 t 

Pnnzo, Massimo. 

U problema della causalita materiale; con pref. del prof. 
GiuHano Vassalli. Padova, CEDAM, 1951. 
x, 148 p. 26 cm. 



Voetelink, Herman Man. 

Samenwerkende oorzaken in de schadeverzekering. Am 
sterdam, Diligentia ( 1952] 
189 p. 23 cm. 


Kovalev, Mitrofan Ivanovich. 


pCfl. A. A. IlHOHTKOBCKOrO. MoCKBa, TOC. H3fl-B0 
JHT-pH, 1958. 

70 p. 20 cm. 


fSereteli,T V 

npHTOHHax CBJiat B yroJiOBHOM jipaae. T60jtHCH, Ha^-BO 
TtfautHCCKoro roc. yHHsepCHTcra, 1957. 
2T5p. 22cm. 




Der ad&Quate Eausalzusai 

ihang und der Umfang der 

Schadeudeckong in der privaten Feuerversichenmg. Bern. 
Tll,fflp, 28 p. (AbhandlunenTOmichweteridinBclit;n.F., 



Rhrms Belandria, Joo Joan. 

lArelaxu6ndeca4isalidadenlacalificaci6ndeldelito. M&- 
rida, Venezuela, 1959. 

146 p. 24 cm. (Publlcadone* de la Facoltad de Derecho de la 
UnlverBldad de loe Andes) 

59-44050 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



American Society of Corporate Secretaries. 

Report of the Corporate Practices Committee. Committee 
members : Albert L. Church c and others] T. Stanley O'Brien, 
chairman. [New York, 1956j 

HD2743 2 A64 658.14 56-30676 

Aranow, Edward Ross. 

Proxy contests for corporate control; a treatise on the 
legal and practical problems of management and insurgents 
in a corporate proxy contest, by Edward Boss Aranow and 
Herbert A. Einhorn. New York, Columbia University 
Press, 1957. 

658.1144 56-12665 

Emerson, Frank D 1916- 

Shareholder democracy; a broader outlook for corpora 
tions, by Frank D. Emerson and Franklin 0. Latcham. 
With a foreword by Benjamin Graham. Cleveland, Press 
of Western Reserve University, 1954. 

658.1 54-8779 

Gilbert, Lewis D 

Dividends and democracy. With a foreword by Paul H. 
Douglas. Larchmont, N. Y., American Research Council 
c 1956 J M 


56-7035 J 

Karr, David. 

Fight for control. New York, Ballantine Books ( 1956] 
178 p. 20cm. 
HD2743.K3 658.1 56-11225 t 

U. S. Congress, Senate, Committee on Banking and Cur 

SEC legislation. Hearings before a subcommittee of the 
Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, 
Eighty-fifth Congress, first session, on S. 594, S. 1168, and S. 
1601, bills to amend the Securities exchange acts, and for 
other purposes ... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

IT, 272 p. tllus, 24 cm. 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Cw- 

Stock market study. Hearings before the Committee on 
Banking and Currency, United States Semite, Eighty-fourth 
Congress, firet c ~second session ... Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print Off., 1955-56. 

8 pt*. In 4 (v, 1728 p.) Hlus. 24 cm. 
HG4556.U5A858 332.61 55-60957 rev 

U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Proxy rules. lOhicago, Commerce Clewing House, 1956. 

mes 5W8H 

U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Regulation X-14 under the Securities exchange act of 
1984, solicitation of proxies, as in effect March 1, 1955. 
Washington t !955?] 

25 * 87Cm ' 658.14 6-61523 t 

Whetten, Letand Curling. 

Recent proxy contests : a study in managemen1>stockholder 
relations. Atlanta, Bureau of Business and Economic Re 
search, School of Business Administration, Georgia State 
College of Business Admuaistration, 1959. 

vllTSO p. 28 on. (Bureau of Builnett and E>mK Research, 
Georgia State College of Builnew Admlntotratlon, Studies In buil- 
nets and economic*, bulletin no. ft) >,e 

HD2743.W5 658.1145 59-63798 


Burroughs, Joseph Alvin. ,. a . . 

Prudence integrating the moral virtues according to Saint 

Thomai Aquinas. Washington, Catholic University of 

47 p. 24 cm? (Catholic University of America. Philosophic* 
ertw, no. 168. Abstract (series no. 18) 

A 58-luot 

Illlnola. Univ. Library 

;htea from the German by Richard and 
Clara Winston. t New Yorkj Pantheon Books C 1959j 



Meritt, Herbert Dean, 1904- ed. 

The Old English Prudentius glosses at Boulogne-sur-Mer. 
Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press, 1959. 

xlv, 158 p. facsims. 16x23 cm. (Stanford studies In language 
and literature, 16) 

PA6648.P7M4 871 58-7843 rev 2 
Copy 2. AS36.L55 VOL16 

Salvatore, Antonio. 

Studi prudenziani. Napoli, Libreria scientifica editrice 
tpremessa 1958i 

240 p. 22cm. (Collana dl studilatlnl, 1) 

A 59-5973 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

RUD'HON, PIERRE PAUL, 1758-1823 

Grappe, Georges Pierre Francois, 1872-1947. 
P.-P. PnidTion. Paris, A. Michel C 1958j 
810 p. Hlus. 22 cm. 
ND553.P85G65 58-38750 

PRUDNIK VALLEY see Ojcowska Dolina 


Mehr, Stanley, 1918- 

Competitive position of the Yugoslav dried-prune indus 
try. Washington t U. S. Govt. Print Off.j 1955. 

IT. 19 p. map, tables. 24 cm, (U. S. Foreign Agricultural 
Sendee. Foreign agriculture report no. 86) 
[S21.F6 no. 86] Agr 55-291 

U.S. Dept of Agr. LIbr. L943F768 no. 86 


Shadburne, Ronald Amos, 1904- 

Improved loading of baskets of peaches and fresh prunes 
in railroad cars; a study of damage and cost reduction. 
(Washington] Agricultural Marketing Service, Marketing 
Research Division, U. S. Dept of Agriculture r !958, 

111, 76 p. lllufl. 26cm. ( U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Marketing 

research report no. 275) 
HD1751.A9183 no. 275 
U. S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. 

!Ag84Mr no. 275 

Agr 58-800 

PRUNETOL see Genistein 

Pnmier, Slmone B 1903- 

Prunier's; the story of a great restaurant New York, 
Knopf, 1957. 

206 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
TX945.5.P7P7 647.95 57-5656 J 


Branzanti, E Carlo. 

Potatura e allevamento delle piante da frutto; manuale 
pratico di frutticoltura, di E. Carlo Branzanti e Angelo 
Ricci. Bologna, Edizioni agricole C 1955i 

280p. mn. 22cm. 

Purdue Univ. Library 

Champagnat, Paul. 

Otfpesica HJIOAOBSIX AepesteB. ITepeBOA c aHnc 
C M C. BopOHOBott] Mocssa, Foe. HSA-BO ceatxos. 

158 p. lllus. 20cm. K <LjWflftlt * 

SB125.C415 58-24295 J 

Chandler, William Henry, 1878- 

x .n .1 UNO ^DDBDI DVPV 
,nitfpnn TWO .neb .n nws 
c n. p., I953j .TIUJJI rmbnvft 

47 p. illui. 24 cm. (40 .DO main .nrtpn nw* nnon) 
SD407.C415 59-572&1 J 

Christopher, Everett P 

The pruning manual. Based on The pruning-manual, by 
Liberty Hyde Bailey. New York, Macmillan, 1954. 

22Cm ' 631.542 54-18402rev 

Enright, Lee J 

Pruning ornamental trees and shrubs. College Park, 
University of Maryland Extension Service, 1954. 
12 p. lllua, 28 cm. (Maryland. UnlTerelty. Extension Serrtce. 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

reituninger, Werner. 

Sclmitt und Erziehung der Gartenobstgeholze. Zurich 

Purdue Univ. Library 

Groh, Wflhelm. 

Leitf aden fur den Obstbaumschnitt t Berluij Deutscher 

Bauernverlag C 1956j 
166 p. lllus. 22cm. 

A 58-1217 

Purdue Univ. Library 

Jowell, B 

Pruning without pain. Illustrated by the author. Car 
toons by William Musler. Missoula, Montana State Univer 
sity Press [1958, 

35 p. lllus. 22cm. 
SB125.H6 631.542 58-63434 t 

Lonar, Ilija, 

Njega suma proredom, c Urednik: Ante Radovcic*] 
Zagreb, Poljoprivredni nakladni zavod, 1951. 

63 p. illus. 24 cm. (Instltut za Sumarska istraZIvanja Mlnlstar- 
stva Sumarstva NB Bxvatske, god. 1951, sv. 5) 
SB125.L57 59-30814 t 

Steffek, Edwin Francis. 

Pruning made easy. lllus. by the author. t lst ed.j Kew 
York, Holt t 1958j 

120 p. lllus. 22cm. 
SB125.S8 631.542 58-7649 t 

Tufts, Warren Porter, 1890- 

Pruning deciduous fruit trees c byj Warren P. Tufts c andj 
Richard W. Harris. [Berkeley] Division of Agricultural 
Sciences, University of California tl955j 

47 p. llhis 24 cm. (California Agricultural Experiment Station 
( and California Agricultural) Extension Service. Circular 444) 
[S39.E25 no. 444] A 55-9296 

California. Univ. Llbr 

U. S. Agricultural Research Service. Orops Research Divi 

Pruning hardy fruit plants. [Slightly rev. Washington. 
U.S. Govt Print. Off., 1957j 

11, 46 p. lllus. 24cm. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers' bul- 
letla no. 1870) 

[S21.A6 no. 1870] Agr 59-73 

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StadtLinz. Wien, A, SchroU, 1958. 

Harvard Unlr. Library 
PRUNOL see Ursolic acid 

U. S. Agricultural Research Service. Animal Disease and 
Parasite Research Division. 

Reducing livestock losses from chokecherry poisoning in 
the Western States. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 

4,^. col. tllus., coL map. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept of Agriculture. 

[S21.A856 no. 317] 
U.S. Dept of Agr. Llbr. 


!Ag84Pro no. 81T 

Marques, Joao Perreira, 1906- 

Contribution & 1'Stude de 1'etiologie, de la pathogenie et de 
la therapeutique des maladies prurigineuses, Helsingfors, 


68 p. 24cm. (Acta dermato-Tenereologica. Supplementuin 19) 

A 57-^13 
Wisconsin. Unlr. Llbr. 

Norrlind, Robert 

Prurigo Besnier (atopic dermatitis) 5 a clinical experi 

mental study of its pathogenesia -with special reference to 

acute ijofections of the respiratory tract Stockholm, 1946. 

168 p. lllus. (part coL) 24 cm. (Acta dennato-Tenereologlca, 

Snpplementum 18) 

A 57-627 
Ualv. Llbr. 

PRTJS, BOLESfcAW, pseud, see Gtowacki, 
Aleksander, 1847-1912 


Knee, Earl Heatey. 

The last voyage of the S.S.Prusa. c n.p.j'1968. 
84L 22r86cm. 
G580.P89 69-23106 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Book: Subjects 


war Prawen; Ze^iiase der Jahrhunderte ; eine 
kgk. [Hoanef, Bh-j Peters t l55: 

301 p. l&eJtt, K _ 00071 f 

57-29271 t 


Groa, 130-li. Etrin- 

. * . ^- 

56-37172 J 



waitftt, K3alg*wg/Pr., ) 


Die Vorfsehiehte des KnJtarkampfes; 
BdMBir SBS dm De^schm ZeatnOmMv. Mb einer Ein- 
JekaBg TO Fritz Harteng. Hrsg, von der Staatlichen 
AreyrYenratafc in Mirasterhra des Inaern. L Aufi.j 
Berli^ Rutfcen A LoeaJag f l6, 

SWpi 25 cm. (SctetSel&e tor 

CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Prussia 


Simon, Walter Michael, 1922- 

The failure of the Prussian reform movement, 1807-1819. 

Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell TJniwsity Press 1955j 

XH.392PI. Stem. 



TMeie, Ernst Trader. 

Pna {fr^Ts^a.fcitftgTOgttn PrgpsBBn n 16. Jahrbundert. 
Gottingen, MTffiterscianidt ^954, 

20fpb fEtfrt"* 21 m. {Gftti&ger Banstetae znr Gescbichtswls- 
- -; Bd. 15) 

iv. Vtonx? 


Thick, EirastTbeodor. 

Das <33aiMii3chaftsrwe3effi in Preossea im 1. Jaitriinitdert, 



Die pnmasisciie Vataamgesandtsciiaft, 1747-4920. Mun- 

5 cm. (Die Geschlcbts der TatQcan- 
A 55-1904 



ndqpeodMice throogh Prasskn eyes; a neotral 
vianr of the peace negotiations of 1782-1788 : selections from 
ti Pnaaan d^lcmatic oonespondence. Dorham, N. (X, 

E2ISJLB7 973^2 





Die Stelhmg der deotschen politischen Gruppen zum 
~ ' - ; in dan Jahren von 185S bis 1866. Ham- 


bore, 1948, 



ihe,r europeen, Faide anglo-francaise 


h ur europeen, 1'aide 
a la domination pnissienive. [Paris, Hachette 


Forstreuter, Knrt 

Preu=sen und Russland von den Anfangen des Deutschen 
Ordens bis zu Peter dem Grossen. Gottingen, Muster- 

schmidt t !055, 

25T p. 21 cm. (GSttlnger Bansteine zar GeacWchtswISsenschaft, 

. ] A 56-5709 

Harvard UnlT. Library 


Etzdorf , Walther yon. 

Brandenburg, Preossen. Hamburg, R. v. Decker's Verlag 

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Forstrenter, Kurt. 

Preussen und Russland von den Anfangen des Deutschen 
Ordens bis zu Peter dem Grossen. Gottingen, Muster- 
schmidt t !955, 

257 p. 21 cm. (GOttlngw Baofltelne zur Geschichtswlssenschalt, 

PDD363.F ] A 56-5709 

Harvard Unlv Library 

G6rski, KaroL 

Panstwo Krzyzackie w Prusack Gdansk, Instytut Bal- 

285 p. maps, 21 cm. (Prace nankowo-lnfonnacyjne. Serla: 


Pieper, Hugo. 

Preussentum westdeutscher Herlranft; uber Preussen zum 
Eeich, Dusseldorf, Verlag fur Politische BUdung, R. Kam- 
merer t 1957j 

123 p. lllns. 21cm. 
DD350P5 59-24020 J 

Reinherr, Heinz Wflhdin, 1904- 

Die Entwkklung des Brandenburgisch - Preussischen 
Staates bis 1786. Berlin, Volk und Wissen Verlag, 1947. 
4ft p. 21 cm. (Arbeltsbrfte ffc den Qewailclitsnnterricht In der 

55-S5918 t 

Stein, Hemridi Friedrich Karl, Frefoerr Tom und zom, 

Fmherr vom und zum Stein; Schriften von und fiber 
Stein. Eingeleitet von Guntber Schmidt, t l.Aufl.j Berlin, 
Rotten & Loening [1955, 

742 p. 23cm, (Historische Schrlftenrellie) 

A 56-1543 
Harvard Dnlv. Library 


Schoeps, Hans Joachim, ed. 

Das war Preussen; Zeugnisse der Jahrhundertej eine 
Anthologie. [Honnef, Bh.] Peters [1955J 
801 p, l&cm. 

57-29271 t 



Broidter, Elisabeth Charlotte, 1921- 

Der Aufstieg der preossischen Macht von 1713 bis 1756 in 
saner Auswirkung auf daa europaische StaatensyBtem. 



HISTORY 1740-1815 

Bojen, Hermann von, 1771-1848. 

ErinnerungeiL, 1771-1813. [Hrsg. von Christfried Coler, 
Berlin, Eutten & Loening t lS58] 

DD418.6^7A3 1953 


GREAT, 1740-1786 

Broicher, Elisabeth Charlotte, 1921- . 

Der Aufstieg der preussischen Macht von 1713 bis 1756 in 
seiner Auswirkung auf das europaische Staatensystem, 

X.285P, 21 cm. 


Humboldt, Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1767-1835. 

Briefe an Christine Reinhard-Reimarus, hrsg. von Arndt 
Schreiber. Heidelberg, L. Schneider, 1956. 

243 p. facslms. 23 cm. (Der GKJttinger Axbeltshreis. VerSffent- 
llchung Nr. 154) 
DD422.H8A55 57-27411 rev 

HISTORY 1789-1900 

Von Valmy bis Leipzig; Quellen und Dokumente zur Ge- 
schichte der preussischen Heeresrefonn. Hannover, Nord- 
deutsche Verlagsanstalt 0. Goedel, 1955. 

300 p. 22cm. (Goedelbuch 102) A 56-6954 

Michigan. Univ. Libr. 

Gneisenau, August WUhelm Anton, Graf Neithardt von, 


Neithardt von Gneisenau. Schriften von und uber Gnei- 
senau. c l. AufL] Berlin, Riitten & Loening [1954] 

464 p. lllus., ports. 23cm. (Hlatorlacbe 3<ArtftenreUie) 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Schlozer, Kurd von, 1822-1894 

Briefe eines Diplomaten; Paris, Petersburg, Rom, Meziko, 
Washington. Ausgewahlt und hrsg. von Heinz FlUgeL 
Stuttgart, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt t !957?j 

478 p. Ulus. 10 cm. 
DD416.S4A4 58-15988 t 

Wasicki, Jan. 

Ziemie polskie pod zaborem pruskim: Prusy pohidniowe, 
1793-1806; studium historycznoprawne. c Wyd. l.j Wrc- 
ciaw. Zaklad im. Ossolinskich. 1957. 

86T p fold. map. 26 cm, (Stadia nad historic paiafrwa i prawa. 
Serla 2, 1 6) 
DD419.W3 59-43347 


Stein, Heinrich Friedrich Karl, FreiTi&rr vom and zum, 

Briefe und amtliche Schriften. Bearb. von Erich Botzen- 
hart Neu hrsg. von Walther Hubatsch. Stuttgart] W, 
Kohlhammer C 1957- 

v. ports., plates, facslms. 25 cm. 
DD416.S8A32 58-47537 

Prussia History 1789-1900 

HISTORY 1806-1815 

Norden, Albert. 

Das Banner von 1813. t l. AufLj Berlin, Rfitten & Loe 

ning t !952] 

58 p. lllus, 20cm. 
DD419.N6 56-57120 J 

Norden, Albert 

Das Banner von 1818. t 8. AufLj Berlin, Rutten A Loen 


6 p. ports. 21 cm. 
DD419JST6 1955 

HISTORY 1815-1870 

see also Schleswig-Holstein question; 
Schleswig-Holstein War, 1848-1850 


Boyen, Hermann von, 1771-1848. 

Eramerungen, 1771-1818. [Hrsg. von Christfried Coler, 
Berlin, Rutten & Loening [1953] 

664 p. 19 cm. 
DD418.6.B7A3 1953 55-30175 

Eckert, Gcorg. 

Yon Vahny bis Leipzig; Quellen und Dokumente zur Ge- 
schichte der preussischen Heeresrefonn. Hannover, Nord- 
deutsche Verlagsanfitalt 0. Goedel, 1955. 

800 p. 22cm. (Goedelbuch 102) 

A 56-6954 
Michigan. Unlv. Llbr. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Obermann, Emil, 1921- 

Soldaten, Burger, Militaristen; Militar und Demokratie 
in Deutschland. [Stuttgart] Gotta [1958] 
326 p. 24cm. 

A 58-3437 
Wisconsin. Univ. Ubr. 


Henderson, William Otto, 1904- 

The state and the industrial revolution in Prussia, 1740- 
1870. [Liverpool] Liverpool University Press, 1958. 

xxlll, 282 p lllus., ports., maps. 23 cm. 
HD3616.G45P82 338.9431 


Preradovich, Nikolaus von. 

Die Fuhrungsschichten in Osterreich und Preussen, 1804- 
1918; mit einem Ausblick bis zum Jahre 1945. Wiesbaden, 
F. Steiner, 1955. 

240 p. 25 cm. (VerSffentllchungen des Institute ftir BuropHlsche 
Geschlchte Mainz, Bd. 11) 
DD308.P7 57-59486 

Rosenberg, Hans, 1904- 

Bureaucracy, aristocracy, and autocracy; the Prussian ex 
perience, 1660-1815. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

it, 247 p. 21 cm. (Harvard historical monographs, 84) 
JN4431.R76 1958 342.43 58-3879 


Bardoux, Jacques, 1874- 

Les origines du malheur europeen, 1'aide anglo-frangaise 
a la domination prussienne. r PariS] Hachette [1948j 

506 p. 25 cm. [His Lea origines de la guerre de treate ans, 1) 
DD365.B3 943.1 49-25769 rev* 

Booms, Hans. 

Die Deutschkonservative Partei; preussischer Charakter, 
Reichsauffassung, Nationalbegriff. Hrsg. von der Kommis- 
sion fiir Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der Politi- 
schen Parteien. Diisseldorf, Droste- Verlag [1954j 

185 p. 26cm. (Beltrttge rur Geachlchte des Parlamentarlamua und 
der poUtlschen Parteien, Heft 8) 

JN3946.D4B6 A 55-6906 

Bryn Mawr College, Library 

Craig, Gordon Alexander, 1913- 

The politics of the Prussian Army, 1640-1945. Oxford, 
Clarendon Press, 1955. 

xx, 680 p. 23cm. 
DD221.C7 943.08 55-4280 

Craig, Gordon Alexander, 1913- 

The politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945. New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1956 t 8 1955, 

xx, 586 p. 22cm. 
DD221.C7 1956 943.08 56-8006 

Haussherr, Hans, 1898- 

Verwaltungseinheit und Ressorttrennung vom Ende des 
17. bis zum Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderta, Berlin, Akademie- 
Verlag, 1958. 
xl,204p. 25cm. 

A 55-7366 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Lnssalle, Ferdinand Johann Gottlieb, 1825-1864. 

Uber Verfassungswesen; ein Vortrag gehalten in einem 
Berliner Burger-Bezirks-Verein. Braunschweig, CK Wester- 
mann, 1949". 

56 p. 17 cm. (Westermann's Quellen and Darstellungem cur 
Gemelnschaftskunde, HeftO) 
JF53.L28 1949 56-29652 J 

Rosenberg, Hans, 1904- 

Bureaucracy, aristocracy, and autocracy; the Prussian ex 
perience, 1660-1815. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

lx, 247 p. 21 cm. (Harvard historical monographs, 84) 
JN4481.R76 1958 842.43 58-3879 

Sefle, Gfitz von, 1893- comp. 

Preussenbrevier. Freiburg i. Br., O. Dikreiter r e 1951j 
105 p. 20cm. (Aus dem GOttlnger Arbrtttkreta) 
DD331.S4 55-43857 J 


Stein, Heinrich Friedrich Earl, Freihtrr vom and zum, 

Ausgewahlte politische Briefe und Denkschriften. Hrsg. 
im Auftrag der Freiherr vom Stein-Gesellschaft von Erich 
Botzenhart und Gtmther Ipsen. [Stuttgart, W. Kohiham- 

mer r 1955, 

nix, 516 p. lllus. 19cm, 

Cornell Univ. Library 

A 66-6267 

Stein, Heinrich Friedrich Karl, Freiherr vom und zum, 

Freihcrr vom und zum Stein; Schriften von und iiber 
Stein. Eingeleitet von Gunther Schmidt. t l. Aufl. 3 Berlin, 
Riitten & Loening [1955] 

742 p. 23cm. ( Hlstorlsche Schrlf tenrelhe) 

A 56-1543 
Harvard Ihrir. Library 


Ostwald, Paul, 1884- 

Die preussischen Reformen. Berlin, Yolk und Wissen, 

31 p. 21 cm. (Arbeltshette fQr den Gescblcntsunterrlclit Ija der 
Oberschule, Nr. 1) 
JN4447.O8 56-37259 { 

Wagner, Wilhelm, 1878- 

Die preussischen Reformer und die zeitgenoasische Philo- 
sop^e. ^oln 3 Kolner Universitats-Verlag r 1956j 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. A 57-1109 


Bismarck, Otto, Furst von, 1815-1898. 

Gedanken und Erinnerungen ; Reden und Briefe, mit einer 
Einfvihrung V0 n Tlieodor Heuss. r Hrsg. von Reinhard 
Jaspert] Berlin, Safari- Verlag r 1951, 

632 p. plate, ports. 22 cm. 
DD218.A14 1951 56-19612 

Muralt, Leonhard von, 1900- 

Bismnrcks Reichsgrundung vom Ausland gesehen. Stutt 
gart, ICreuz- Verlag t l947] 


n. (Schrlftenrelhe Lebendlge Wlssenachalt, Heft 4) 

Schoeps, Hans Joachim. 

Das andere Preussen; konservative Gestalten und Prob- 
leme im Zeitalter Friedrich Wilhelms iv. 2. bearb. und 
erweiterte Aufl. c Honnef/Rheinj Peters 4957, 

865 p. 1 lllus., ports. 24cm. J 

DD417.S3 1957 A 58-4231 

Harvard Univ. Library 


Anderson, Eugene Newton. 

The social and political conflict in Prussia, 1858-1864. 
Lincoln, The University, 1954. 

x, 445 p. 28 cm. (University of Nebraska rtndles, new ser no. 12) 
AS36.N2 n.s.,no.!2 943.1 54-63131 


Repgen, Konrad. 

Marzbewegung und Maiwahlen des Revolutionsjahres 1848 
im Rheinland. Bonn, L. Rohrscheid, 1955. 

881 p. 24cm. (Boanerhl8torischeForsclmngen,Bd.4) 
DD491.R48R4 56-4793 


Beck, Earl Ray, 1916- 

The death of the Prussian Republic; a study of Reich- 
Prussion relations, 1932-1934. Tallahassee, Florida State 
University, 1959. 

x,288p. 24cm. (Florida State University studies, no. 81) 
AS36.F57 no. 31 943.085 A 59-9600 

Florida. State Univ. Library 


Skalweit, Stephan. 

Frankreich und Friedrich der Orosae ; der Auf stieg Preua- 
sens in der offentlichen Meinung des "ancien regime." Bonn. 
L. Bdhrsoheid, 1952, 

201 p. 25 cm, (Bonner htotorlwdie Forschongen, Bd. 1) 
DD403.S6 55-59201 


Preradovich, Nikolaus von. 

Die Fuhrungsschichten in Osterreich und Preuseen, 1804- 
1918 ; mit einem Ausblick bis zum Jahre 1946. Wiesbaden, 
F. Steiner, 1955. 

240 p. 25 cm. (VerSffentllchnngen dw Institnts for Botopftlacbe 
GeschlchteJ" ~" "" 


Craig, Gordon Alexander, 1913- 

The politics of the Prussian Army, 1640-1945. Oxford, 
Clarendon Press, 1955. 

n,536p. 23 cm. 





Craig, Gordon Alexander, 1913- 

The politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945. Now York, 
Oxford University Press, 1956 t c 1955, 

3nc,536p. 22cm. 
DD221.C7 1956 943.08 56-8006 


Eckert, Georgr. 

Von Valmy bis Leipzig; Quellen und Dokumente zur Ge 
schichte der preussischen Heeresrefonn. Hannover, Nord- 
deutsche Verlagsaustalt O. Goedel, 1955. 

800 p. 22cm, (Goedelbuchl02) 

A 56-6954 

Michigan. Univ. Libr. 

Simon, Walter Michael, 1922- 

The failure of the Prussian reform movement, 1807-1819. 
Ithaca, N. Y., (Dornell University Press r 1955j 

xll, 272 p. 24cm. 
JN4445.S5 342.43 55-3788 


Lange, Fritz, historian, ed. 

Die Lutzower; Erinnerungen, Berichte, Dokumente. t l. 
Aufl.] Berlin. Rutten & Loening rl953i 

208 p. pJates, ports. 25cm. 
D0236,1X3 54-44518 



Anderson, Eugene Newton, ed, 

The Prussian election statistics, 1862 and 1863. Lincoln, 
University c of Nebraska^ 1954. 

zed, 147 p. 33 cm. 
JN4592.A5 54-63155 



Wischhofer, Horst 

Die ostpi<mssischen Stande im letzteu Jahrzehnt vor dem 
Regierungsa.itritt des Grossen Kurfiirsten. Gottingen, 
Musterschmidt t !958] 

228 p. 22 cm. (CHJtttnger Banatelne rar Oeschlchtawlsaenschaft, 

JN4443.W5 59-37445 t 


WischhSfer, Horst 

Die ostpreussischen Stande im letzten Jahrzehnt vor dem 
Regierungsnntritt des Grossen Kurfiirsten. Gottingen, 
Musterschmidt C 1958, 

228 p. 22 cm. (GKittlnger Bauatelne aur Oichlchtawl88euchaft, 

69-37445 t 



Kiamp, Willy, 1909- 

Ostpreussen. Bielefeld, Velhagen. ft TCla-sing r 1953j 
64 p. IllnB. 25 *tn. 
DD491.O435K7 56-57002 J 


Lee Marches occidentales de la Pologne; conferences donneee 
en 1945 k k Bibliotheque polonaise de Paris, par Robert 
d'Harcourt t et aL] Avec un memoire annexe par Henri de 
Montfort: La Prusse au temps des Pruseiens, Paris. Biblio 

theque polonaise, 1946. ^ 

' 111 '"" 28C 

DK418.P75 vol.6 

55-24598 J 

Neumann, Rudolf, 1901- 

Ostpreussen unter pohuscher und sowjetischer Verwal- 
tung. Frankfurt/Main, A. Metzner, 1955. 
tuS'Bda?' map - 25cnu <OBtdeutscaland nnter fwmder Verwal- 

HI***. Tinlr. Lib, A57-5598rev 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Gottingea, 1947. 
J* (part ol) dtagn. 30cm. 




JFWrter, PwiJ, 1880- 

Deotscher Osien; Bilder aus West- und Ostpreossea. 
jGStersloli, a Bertelsmann, 1955. 

p. IBM. 20cm. (D.aKletneBitth.TSiLe.TB!) 
DD49LO834F4 56-3955T t 

Kosack, Hans Peter. 

Geographie Ostpreoseens. 

Ejtztagen/Main, HcJzner- 




Baa hmtige Ostprenssen; an BiM- und Reisebericht aus 
6cm pohasch besefcrfwi Tnl Ostpreuaeens, brag: in Zusam- 
mcmrbcit mfr ifer T,mfl r"^** HdjiMiMmgL a. V. Hit 
Vorwort TO Dr. GfBe. L Anfl.j Mfiachan, Aof- 



Bosck, Harald, 1904- t 

OstprfiEE&sen und Danzig, mk 61 Fotos. Einleitung von 
Ottfned Oral FJodtenstem, Erfwrterungen von Hebnut 
j^-yfpb-A. TjusntnrnfffH^fXltmfr and Bildunterschriften (vonj 
Harald Busck. j2. Aufl., Frankfurt am M, Umschau 

Y ^^S^StaaS 2Tcm. (Dte DeoOcben Land*; efa BeO 

der UiBidiaarBacber, 36. BO.) 

3>D49LO435B88 1958 59-31171 

Per Yiter Land, deatsche Heimat zwischen Weidbsel und 
Leer, Eautedberg & Ift&d, 1953. 


Gottfnger Arbtttskreia. 

Preaaseokad nod DeoladMr Orden; Festsdirift fur Kurt 
Foratrenter ZET VoBendimg semes 60, Lebensjahres darge- 
bndbt vom seBMtt Frennden. Wurdwrg, Hokner-Verlag 


383 p. nan. (QsrtMtfKh Betaige ana dem GStttoger Artete- 

383 p. n 



don Bttcbakommiasaziat, 1919/1920 
GtJertwort TOO Ifagnns Frtr. 
etddKrfe Ondle A Meyer fl958j 
ZHp, Stem. (Stn*nnirGddbtePmMa,Bd.S) 

YoffokHnde dea PrenflwailAiidee. Kitiingen/Main, Holz- 


-, Bruno* 187&-1957. 

Gschidito Get- nad WMtpreoaeeoa, 2. 
Aoft. Hr^ "wm Gottinger Arbeatskrwa. 

Nr. r?5) 


Wladztwo Polaki w Prusiech Zakonnydi i Ksiai^cych, 
wyt>6r ir6det : Wyd L, Wxodaw, Zskiad 




fir d 

Dtttscber Sclnd Atlas: Heimatta Gau Ostpreussen, 
bearb. in der kartographiacben AnataJt Georg Weetermann, 
Brwmsdnreig, 1942. Bnumschweig, Weeteimann C 194S 

32i>.<rfcoCwi<8l(>ld.> cm. 

G1918^2G4 1943 Map 47-692 


^u unter dem Eeichskommissariat, 1919/1920. 
Mit ebem Geleitwort von Magnus Frhr. v. Braun-Neucken. 

2n.p. 2?cm. U ( Srtdien ror GescWchte Preussens, Bd. 3 ) 

Mertindt, Walter. 

Die fridericianiache Verwaltong in Ostpreussen; em 
Beitrag zor Geschichte der preussischiHi Staatstildung. 


Terveen, Fritz. 

Ge^mtstaat und Eetablissement; der Wiederaufbau des 
rtOTdlidien Ostpreussen unter Friedrich "Wllhelm i, 1714- 
1740. G6ttingen,Miisterschinidtcl954 ] 

234 p. maps, jJans. 21 cm, (GOtttnger Baostelne arar Geschlchts- 
wiasenscbaft, Bd, IS) 
JSM71JP8E37 55-30776 


Riemann, Erhard, 1907- 

Volkskunde des Preussenlandes. Eitzingen/Main, Holz- 
ner-Verlag C 1952j 
38 p. 21 on. (Der Gdtflnger Arbeltakrels. Sdirlftenrelhe, Heft 

DD49LO45R5 55-29127 t 


KrannhalSy Hanns von. 

Westpreussen and die WeichseL Kitzingen/Main, Holz- 

81 p. IIlus. 21 'can. (Der GOttinger Arbeltskrels, Sdiriftenrelhe, 
DD491.083K7 56-37186 

Westpreossen Jahrbuch. 

Leer in Ostfriesland, Eautenberg & Mockel. 

T. Illos. 24cm. 



Nenmeyer, Heinz. 

Die staatsrechtliche Stellung Westpreussens zur Zeit der 
"polnisclien Oberhoheit" (1454-1772) Kitzingen, Main, 
Holzner-Verlag ^^ 

31 p. mm. 21 cm, (Der Gttttnger ArbeitskreLs, Schrtftenreite 
Heft 85) 
DD491.084N4 56-19193 t 


Fechter, Paid, 1880- 

Deutacher Osten; Bilder ans West- und Ostpreussen. 
[Gutersloli] C. Bertelamann, 1955. 

80 p. llloa. 20cm. (DH KldneBnch, 79 t L e, 76,) 
DD491.0834F4 56-39557 J 


Gottinger Arbdtskreis. 

Preoaeenland and Deutscher Orden; Festschrift fiir Kurt 
Fotstreater zur Yollendung seines 60. Lebensjabres darge- 
bracht yn seinen Freimden. "Wurzburg, Holzner-Yerlag 

381 p. 21 cm. (OrtdeatKhe BeLtrige ana dem Gdttlnger Artaelts- 



, Erhard, 1907- 

Yolkskunde des Preussenlandes. Kitzingen/Main, Holz- 
ner-Verlag t !952 L 
86 p. 21 cm. (Der OSttlager ArbeitakreU. Schrtfteareibe, He 

DD491.045R5 55-29127 

ur, Bruno, 1879-1957. 
Gesdodite Oat- und Westprenssena. 2. TerEnderte on 
vemuAufl. Hrag. vom Gottinger Arbeitskreis. Wiirzbarg 

g Mr. 175) 

25 an. 

(Der OOtttoger Arbeitakreia, VerWton 


Akfca, stan6w Prus Kr^lewsMch. WydaH Carol G6rsM 
Marian Biskup. c edaktor: Ludwik KolankowsK] Tomn, 

T. 25 cm. (Ttowanjatwu Nauhowe w TorunlTL Vootea, 41 
DD49LO81G6 69-488TC 

Riemann, Erhard, 1907- 

Volkskunde des Preussenlandes. 

Kitzingen/Maua, Holz- 

ner-venafir rl952i 
86 p. 21 cm. (Der GStttnger Arbeltskrete. Schrlftenrettie, Heft 

DD491.O45E5 55-29127 t 



Meulen, Reinder van der, 1882- 

Twee onverklaarde woorden: Knmgotisch Borrotsch; 
Oudpruisisch wissambs'. Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandsche 

TTitc Mi] 1956. 

IS p. 24 cm. (Mededelingen der Koninklljke Nederlandse Aka- 
demle van Wetensdiappen. Afd. Letterkunde. NIeuwe reeks, deel 19. 

[AS244A51 n.r, deel 19, no. 10] A 57-1411 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

National characteristics, Prussian 


Pieper, Hugo. 

Preussentum westdeutscher Herkunft; uber Preussen zum 
Eeich, Dusseldorf , Verlag fur Politische Bildung, R. Kam- 
merer t 1957] 

123 p. lllus. 21cm. 
DD350J5 69-24020 t 


Ix>wmianski, Henryk. 

Polityka ludnosciowa Zakonu Niemieckiego w Prusach i 
naPomorzu. Gdansk, Instytut Baltycki, 1947. 

72 p. Illua. 21 cm. (Prace naukowo-infonnacyjne. Serla PC- 

DD491.0475L6 59-4S846 t 

PRUSSIC ACID see Hydrocyanic acid 


Oklahoma. University. Institute of Oommwnxty Develop 

A report on park and playground facilities, Pryor, Okla 
homa. Prepared for the Pryor City Planning Commission 
by JT. L. Bodgera L and] Robert L. Lehr. Norman, Okla., 
41 L fold, piano, told, table. 28 cm. 

A 55-536 
Oklahoma. UnlT, Libr. 


Oklahoma. University. Institute of Community Develop 

A report on pork and playground facilities, Pryor, Okla 
homa. Prepared for the Pryor City Planning Commission 
by J. L. Rodgers t and] Robert L. Lebr. Norman, Okla., 
411. fold, plans, fold, table. 28cm. 

A 55-686 
Oklahoma. Univ. Llbr. 


Bjorkluid, Stig. 

Alvdalsmalet i Andreas Jobannis Prytz' Comoedia om fco- 
nung Gustaf then Ffirsta, 1622. Avec un reum6 en francais. 

Uppsala, 1956. 

192 p. fold, map, facaima. 




Sonevyts'kyl, Leonid. 

yxpaiKcucHft enHCKonat HepexHCbKoi i XOJIMC&XOI enap- 
adft B xv-xn cr. PHM, oo. BacHJiiaHH. 1965. 

105 p. 24 cm. (SaoRCKH HCBB. Ceplx n. Centix i) 
BX1568.C5S6 58-33562 t 


Murzaev, fed M 

H. M. npxeuajBciHft. t H3A. 2., ncnp. H ^on.j MOCKBE, 
Toe. H3A-BO reorp. IHT-PH, 1953. 

Mp. IHna, port, mapi (1 fold.) 20cm. 
DS785.P93M75 1953 55-19488 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Praybyszewski, Stanis&w, 1868-1927. 

Listy. Zebrai, iyciorysem, wstepem. i przypisami opatrzyl 
Stanislaw Helsztynski. W Gdansku, Towarzystwo Przy- 
jaci61 NauM i Sztuki, 1937-54. 

8v. IllujL, ports. 25cm. 
PG7158.P65Z53 5JW50540 


see also Church music; Hymns; Music 
in churches 

Mehl, Johannes G 

EinfUhrung in den Psalmengesang der Evangelisch- 
Lutherischen Kirche. Volkach/Main, Zu beziehen durch 
die Geschaftsstelle des Landesverbandes der Evangelischen 
Kirchenchore in Bayern, 1950. 

Sip. lllus. 2lcm. 
ML3168.M4 54-48856 J 

Pierik, Marie, 1884- 

The Psalter in the temple and the church. Washington, 
Catholic University of America Press, 1957. 

xi, 101 p. diagrs., music. 21 cm. 

ML3086.P54 783.9 A 57-2019 

Catholic Univ. of America. Library 

see Bible. O.T. Psalms 


Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Psalter. French. 

Les Psaumes, priere des chr&iens; traduction nouvelle des 
Psaumes et des cantiques suivie de notes et d'un lexique t par, 
M.-F. Moos. Prft de Mgr Terrier. Paris, Editions 
ouvrieres C 1956j 

xxxll, 801 p. IT cm. 
BX2033.A5F7 56-28908 

Catholic Church. TMurgy and ritual. Psalter (Salisbury 

The Salisbury psalter, edited from Salisbury Cathedral 
ms. 150 by Celia Sisam and Kenneth Sisam. London, New 
York, Published for the Early English Text Society by 
Oxford University Press, 1959. 

3d, 812 p. facslm, 28 cm. (Early English Tert Society. (Publica 
tions) no 242) 
PR1119.A2 no. 242 264.028 59-2087 

PSAMMOCHAKIDAE see Pompilidae 


Marx, Hymen. 

Egyptian snakes of the genus Psammophta. t < 
Chicago Natural History Museum, 1958. 

191-200 p. Illus., tables. 24cm. ([Chicago. Natural History Mu 
seum. Publication] no. 862) 

QL1.F4 vol.39, no. 18 598.121 58-13824 
Copy 2. QL666.06M26 


Morgan, Eleanor Jeanne, 1930- 

A morphological and anatomical study of the genus 
Psaronlirxh monograph of the American species, Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms [1954] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 9111) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 9111 Mic A 54-2220 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Schuster, Robert O 

A revision of the genus Pselaptriohus Brendel (Coleop- 
tera: Pselaphidae) by Robert 0. Schuster and Gordon A. 
Marsh. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1956. 

117-168 p. lllus., maps. 26cm. (University of California publica 
tions in entomology, v. 11, no. 2) 
QL461.C17 vol. 11, no. 2 A 56-9357 

Copy 2. QL596.P8S44 

California. Unlr. Llbr. 


Bohlig, Gertrad (Ries) 1919- 

Untersuchungen zum rhetorischen Sprachgebrauch der 
Byzantiner, mit besonderer Berucksichtigujig der Schriften 
des Michael Psellos. Mit einem Geleitwort von Franz 
Dolger. Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1956. 

xrv, 278 p. 26cm. (Berliner byzantinlstische Arbelten, B<L 2) 
PA1056.B6 1956 52-65197 rev 


Krekeler, Carl H 1920- 

Speciation of Indiana cave beetles (Carabidae: Pseu~ 
danophthalnvus) Chicago [Library, Dept. of Photographic 

Reproduction, University of Chicago] 1955. 

Microfilm 5138 QL Mic 58-6087 


Carr, Archie Fairly, 1909- 

A taxonomic reappraisal of the turtle, Pseudemys aldba- 
mensis Bauer byj Archie Carr and John W. Crenshaw, Jr. 
Gainesville, University of Florida, 1957. 

26-42 p. lllus. 23 cm. (Bulletin of the Florida State Museum. 
Biological sciences, v. 2, no. 8) 

[QH1.F6 vol. 2, no. 3] A 57-9829 

Florida. Univ. Library 

Williams, Ernest Edward. 

Pseudemyn scripta callirostris from Venezuela, with a gen 
eral survey of the scripta series. Cambridge, The Museum. 

146-160 p. lllus., map. 24 cm. (Bulletin of the Museum of Com 
parative Zoology at Harvard College, v. 115, no. 5) 
QL1.H3 vol. 115, no. 5 A 57-1437 

Harvard Univ. Library 


Words beginning with the combining form 
Pseudo- are alphabetized as one word 


PSEUDO -CLASSIC ISM see Classicism 

Demetrius (Pseudo-Demetrius) II, Czar of 
Russia, d. 1610 

PSEUDO-GALENA see Sphalerite 

PSEUDOKLEMENTINEN see Clemens Romamis. 
Spurious and doubtful works 

PSEUDOLEUCEMIA see Hodgkin's disease 

Weinshall, Jacob. 

tTel-Aviv, 1952] 

224 p. 20 cm. 
BM752.W4 55-49593 


Ohio. State University, Columbus. Engineering Experi 
ment Station, 

Effect of synthetic detergents on B. O. D. test, by TValdron 
D. Sheets and George W. Malaney. Some characteristics of 
a phenol-oxidizing Pseudomonas, by H. H. "Weiser r and 
others] Columbus, College of Engineering, Ohio State Uni 
versity, 1955. 

Ill, 19 p. lllus., tables, 28 cm. (Iti Bulletin no. 157) 
QR133.037 A 55-9687 

Ohio State Univ. Llbr. 


Berk, Richard Samuel, 1928- 

Oleic ncid oxidation by a strain of Pseudomonas aerugi- 
nosa. Chicago Dept. of Photoduplication, University of 
Chicago Libraryj 1958. 

Microfilm 5824 QR Me 58-6988 t 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Williamson, Clarence Kelly. 

Morphological and physiological considerations of colonial 
variants of Psevdomonat aeruffinosa. Ann Arbor, Univer 
sity Microfilms [1956! 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 15,110) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 15,110 Mic 56-15 

Pittsburgh. Univ. Llbr. 


Gordon, Milton Paul, 1980- . 

The metabolism of myo-inositol by a mutant strain of 
Urban*, BJL, 195*. 

Univ. Library 

Kovachcvich, Rudy, 1925- 

Degradation of 6-phosphogluconate to pyruvate and glyc- 
eraldehyde-3-phosphate by Pseudomonas fluorescens. Ann. 
Arbor, University Microfilms [1954] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich , Publication no. 9097) 
Microfilms AC-1 no. 9097 Mic A 54-2181 

Illinois Univ. Library 

Narrod, Stuart Allan, 1925- 

2-ketogluconic acid degradation by Pwudomonas -ftuores- 
C&M; a new mechanism of pyruvic acid formation. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms t !955, 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlcb_i Publication no. 13,534) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 13,534 Me 55-759 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Watkins, Peter Haynes, 1919- 

The oxygen uptake by Pseudomanas fluorescens on glucose, 
xylose, anibinose, and acetate under varying conditions of 
substrate concentration and environmental temperature. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms, 1953. 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication 5341) 
' "' AC-1 no. 5341 Mic A 53-1953 

ly. last. Library 

Wolf, Pierre. 

Repercussions de Pasphyxie cyanhydrique sur la pig 
mentation de Ps&udom&nas fluorescent. Geneve, 1950. 
128 p. illus., dlagrs. 23cm. 


Xanthomonas malvacearum 

monas aeruginosa 


Markovitz, Alvin, 1929- 

Some aspects of the induced biosynthesis of the alpha- 
amylase of Pseudomonaz naccharophila. Ann Arbor, Uni 
versity Microfilms C 1955] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 12,133) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,133 Mic A 55-1254 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 



Mya Thaunff, Afaung, 1931- 

Bacterial blight of lima bean. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms C 1956, 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIcb.] Publication no. 19,148) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,146 Mic 56-3159 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

PSEUDONYMS see Anonyms and pseudonyms 

see also Diphyllobothrium 

Beier, Max. 

Revision der Pseudophyllinen, Madrid, Instituto Espanol 
de Entomologia, 1954. 

479 p. lllus. 27cm, 

QL391.C4B4 A56-6674 

PnrdneUnlv. Library 


Leviton, Alan E 

A review of the snakes of the genus Pseudorabdion with 
remarks on the status of the genera AgropTii* and TypTilo- 
geophii (Serpentes: Colubridae) By Alan E. Leviton and 
Walter C. Brown. San Francisco, The Academy, 1959. 

475-508 p. Illus. 26 cm. (Proceedings of the California Academy 
of Sciences. 4th ser., v. 29, no. 14) 
Q11.C253 vol. 29, no. 14 598.12 59-3961 

PSEUDO -ROMANTICISM see Romanticism 

of constant curvature 


see also Tr opine 

Siegmann, Cornelia Manrits. 

Onderzoekingen over in de natuur voorkomende en syn- 
thetiscli verkregen tropu-alkaloiden, Amsterdam, 1952. 

108 p. 24cm. 
QD421.S575 56-19596 

Johne's disease 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Blttd, Adalbert, 1885-1952. 

Von, HerxogNaii D esTonB tt y*rn,''dem P&ffen. Koarad 
TOO Reemsbarg and dn Pseudo-Turpin. Munchea, Yer- 
W der Bayarischea Akademie der Wraeeinschaftea, 1955. 
t* 25 <L (atenambertdit* <ter Biorertocfceji Afcwteffile OK 

ASlSeJ&SSS 18&5,Heftl 
BwmUuiT. -" 


WkKnigit, Kent HoweB, 1921- . . 

PiOocyfa Mrtw ap. HOT,: morphology and variation. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 195&, 

UJSSwttyMfcwffl-i Ann Arbor, Mich., PifcBcatlMi no. 12^5) 
MkrofitoAC-1 no. 12^15 Mk 55-775 

rjnir. taw. 

PSILOSIS see Sprue 

Tetter, Lodwfc, 1923- 

TJBtersochangm am Vegetationskegel von P&cfoum, tri- 
tTSfeingen!! 195L 
. 21cm. 



BMfctti>, Fred Robert, 1&9T- . 

Psittacosis: diagnosis, epidemiology, and control. Nwr 
Brurawrkfc, Rntgwcs Unrrenafcy Press, 1*55. 

xrl,240p. UIO*,OMP. 34cm. 
BC18SJP8B4 61&S1 54-9667 

Food* Rofcert Bi, 1930- 

Stadks of the imrmmokiewal relationships between 
Timseg of the psi&aceffls-lymphograniiloma venereom group. 

Litwin, Jack, K&- 

The growth, of the psittacosis group of organisms. 
Qscago (Eept. of PhotodBplication, "Oniveisity of CMcago 

M5c5-7817 J 

New Jersey, Agricultural Experiment Station, New Brvm- 

ProgreaB in psittacosis research and control; [ record of 
tie proceedings of the second symposinna on psittacosis held 
ia Hew York Ofcy o& February lft-17, 1956} edited by F. E. 
" ' WiA*iorwrorfbyBiaiardB.^ope. Kwr 
- -- - - i,l58. 


Ho Hooray it 

raserH "TFciowaajc npas.^a,' 
avic 106S BK 

Mic 5d-Tl61 

Bet Patenr az>d Karwa, 28. Febnmr 1W8, 
koJkitiT: VEB Ootms* Bwfin, Veriag dee 
dffir H*aotmle VerteidigttQg, 1958. 

58-30708 t 

A. HI ToAopocoro. Mocna, 1 
ttftp. IBOIL, 21 a 

8 r. Hco<Smeftpes(. 


^rsar* 7 * 

x pyccoiry 



ITcEOBCKHe aeionHCii. npiiroTOun.i E neiam A. Hacoaos. 
Mocssa, 1941-55, 

Cm ' 49-32367 rev* 


Pskov, Ruuna (Province) Upravlewe vnutrenrukk del, 
Arkkvtmyi otdel. 

ycraHoaaeHHft H ynpoieHae CoseTCEOfi Bjiacrn B IIczoB- 
crofi ryocpHHH, 1917-1918 rr.; cfiopHHK ^OKynenTOB. t Co- 
craBHjiH : <E>. E. Bysnaa, P. ^. OsyHesa H M. B. KaenEEHa. 
HocoBj Ha^-so raserac "itcsosciaji npas^a.," 1957. 

253p. Jllns., facslms. 22cm. 
DK265.8.P8A58 59-46419 



Larionov, Ivan Nikofaievich. 

Ho IIcEOBy H o6.iacTH; EpaiKiifl nyTeBO^iiTe.ii. jIEcKOB] 
HS^-BO rasem "IIcKOBCEax npasfla," 1955. 
Microfilm Slavic 1063 DK Mic 59-7161 


see also Ar chips ocus , 

Benedek, Tibor. 

Psoriasis and its specific vaccine therapy. Stockholm, 

20 p. illos. 25 cm, (Acts dermato-venereologlca. Supplementum 

A 5T-614 
"Wisconsin. ITnlr. Ltbr. 

Benedek, Tibor. 

Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis vulgaris,- internal and 
cutaneous manifestations of the permanent endoparasitism 
in the Homo sapiens, their common etiology, pathogenesis, 
and specific vaccine therapy. [Chicago ? e 1955 3 

308 p, mas. 29cm, 
KC933.B4 616.72 55-9015 J 

Catalette, Ren^, 1904- 

Una renovation de la meclecine physiologiqrie grace k 
^explication du psoriasis, Paris, Librairie Le I^ancoia, 

471 p. 24 cm, 
EL321.C3 56-22927 J 

Romanos, Tersten. 

Psoriasis from a prognostic and hereditary point of view. 

187 p. tQns. (Acta dermato-Tenereologlca. Sopplemeatam 12) 

A 57-5948 
Wisconsin. Unlr. LIbr. 

Icon, Patrick Tang Moon, 192&- 

Bionomics of Psorophora hovwdti Coqufflett (IMptera, 
CuHcidae) Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1957t 

( fXJnlTersity Hicrofllnuf, Ana Arbor, Mich., PubUcation no. 19^48) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19^48 M5c57-7U 

Unlr, Library 

PSYCHAGOGY see Psychology, Applied; 


Swahn, Jan Ojvind. 

The tafe of Cupid and Psyche (Aarae-Thompson 425 A 
428) Lund,aW.K.Gl*erup c 1955j 

4p. flta,7in*i)(ptfold:inpo<iet) 25cm. 
GR75.C8S85 S98^1 56-8796 


Lewis, Give Staples, 189&- 

, a myth retold. London, G. Bks, 1956. 

Lewiay O^e Staples, 1898- 

TiU -we have faces; a myth retold, tlsfc American, ed, 
New Tork, Harconrt, Brace t l87, 1956, 

*!*> mw. 22cm. 
P28J^85a4Ti2 ^ U800 j 



W ^pirSrSd"ofl7ve, Dlustratedby Eleanor MilL l^ew 

^^^STr^S 1 ^ r-10) 



California. Dept. of Menial Hygiene. 

Directory of mental health clinics in California. 1957- 




Illinois. Dept. of Public Welfare. 

State-aided community mental health clinics in Illinois; 
a meeting of clinic administrators sponsored by Illinois 
Dept. of Public Welfare, Bismarck Hotel, Chicago, Novem 
ber 21-22, 1957. tSpringfield, 195Tj 

59 p. illus., group ports. 21 cm. 

RC445J258 362.209773 A 59-9231 

Illinois. Unlr. Library 


Illinois. Dept. of Public Welfare. 

Directory of State and State-aided outpatient clinics for 
psychiatric care and child guidance services. Rev. Spring- 
fieldj 1958. 

KC445J255' iQSti' 362.209773 A 58-8964 

Uliuols. TJnlv. Library 


New Jersey. Bureau of Sowd Eeseafok. 

Mental hygiene clinics in New Jersey; a statistical sum 
mary of a year's activities, compiled in cooperation with the 
medical directors and staffs of the State mental hygiene 
clinics. Trenton, State of New Jersey Dept. Institutions 
and Agencies, 1955. 

35 1. tables. 28 cm. (It* Research bulletin DO. 126) 
HV86.N537 no. 126 A 55-9368 

New Jersey. State Llbr. 

New Jersey. Legislature. General Assembly. Committee 
on Institutions, Public Health and Welfare. 

Public hearing on Assembly bill no. 435, an Act providing 
for the establishment, development, improvement and expan 
sion of community mental health services and providing for 
payment by the State of financial grants-in-aid for com 
munity mental health projects held May 16, 1957. Trenton. 

561 28cm. 
RC445.N47 1957 
New Jersey. State Ubr. 


A 57-9597 


New York (City} Youth Board. 

Reaching adolescents through a court clinic. c New York] 

62 p. Ulu*. 23cm. (It* Monograph ao. 8) 
RC445.N6463 *616.89 66-23045 J 

U. S. 

Bahn, Anita K 

Outpatient psychiatric clinics in the United States, 1954- 
55 ; characteristics and professional staff [bvj Anita EL Bahn 
t and] Vivian B. Norman. c Washington, U. S. Dept. of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, 

*lfl, 8T p. map, dtagrs. 26 cm. (XT. S. Public Health Serrtce. 
PnbUcatloa no. 5S. Public health monograph no. 4&) 
BC443.B28 *616.89 57-60064 

U.S. National Intitvte of Mental Health. 

Listing of outpatient psychiatric clinics in the United 
States and territories, 1954, (Prepared in cooperation with 
State and territorial mental health authorities. Washing 
ton] U. S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public 
Health Service, National Institutes of Health, National In 
stitute of Mental Health, Biometrics Branch (1956) 

Ttu, 44 p. lold. map, table. 26 cm. (U. S. Public Health Serrica. 
Publication no. 428) 
BC443.AS15 55-61895 


see also Mentally ill Home care 

American Psychiatric Association. 

Psychiatric architecture; a review of contemporary devel 
opments in the architecture of mental hospitals, schools for 
*v *_ii .cj.j -_j _--,- JL ^ M Qjjiti^ Edited by 

.Elizabeth A, Kee- 

the mentally retarded, and related facilities. Edited by 
Charles E. Goehen; editorial ' ~ 

Washington t 1959 } 
IWp, Wo*. 28 cm. 

Notre Dame TJnlT. Llbr. 

A 59-5968 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Caudffl, William A 

The psychiatric hospital as a small society. Cambridge, 
Published for the Commonwealth Fund by Harvard Uni 
versity Press, 1958. 

406 p. Illus, 25cm. 
RC439.C33 362.2 58-7253 t 

Greenblatt, Milton. 

From custodial to therapeutic patient care in mental hos 
pitals; explorations in social treatment, by Milton Green 
blatt, Richard H. York t andj Esther Lucile Brown in collabo 
ration with Robert W. Hyde. New York, Russell Sage 
Foundation, 1955. 

497 p. Illus, 24cm. 
RC439.G82 362.2 55-11724 t 

Greenblatt, Milton, ed. 

The patient and the mental hospital; contributions of re 
search in the science of social behavior. Edited by Milton 
Greenblatt, Daniel J. Levinson c and] Richard H. Williams, 
Glencoe, 111., Free Press [1957] 

668 p. lllua. 24cm. 
RC439.G83 362.2 57-9316 J 

Hindman, Darrell A 

Cooperative programs of training and research in mental 
retardation; a survey study of cooperative relationships 
established between residential facilities for the mentally re 
tarded and colleges and universities. Yellow Springs, 
Ohio, Antioch Press C 1959j 

160 p. tables. 28 cm. 

Hyde, Robert W 

Experiencing the patient's day; a manual for psychiatric 
hospital personnel, by Robert W. Hyde in collaboration with 
the attendants of Boston Psychopathic Hospital. New York, 
Putnam f!955] 

214 p. illus. 24cm. 
RC439.H9 362.2 55-2473 J 

Jacob, Norma. 

From one to another. Wallingford, Pa., Pendle Hill 
cl959 3 

32 p. 19cm. (Pendle Hill pamphlet no. 102) 

RC439.J18 362.2 59-8917 

Kramer, Morton, 1914- 

A historical study of the disposition of first admissions to 
a State mental hospital; experience of the Warren State 
Hospital during the period 1916-50 t byj Morton Kramer [and 
others. Washington, U. S. Dept of Health, Education, and 
Welfare, Public Health Service, 1955, 

25 p. Illus. 26 cm. (U. S. Public Health Service. Publication 
no. 445. Public health monograph no. 82) 
RC439.K66 362.2 55-60056 J 

Linn, Louis. 

A handbook of hospital psychiatry; a practical guide to 
therapy. New York, International Universities Press C 1955, 

660 p. 24cm. 
RC480.L54 362.2 55-8237 1 

Luchins, Abraham S 

A functional approach to training in clinical psychology 
via study of a mental hospital. Springfield, 111., Thomas 

1 Wp. 23 cm. (American lecture series, publication no. 375. A 
monograph la the Baunerstone Division of American lectures in 



Steiner, Gary Albert, 1931- 

Mental patients' perception of the hospita} environment 
and the related effects of intra-hospital movement. Chicago 
[Library, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University 

Stern, Edith (Mendel) 1901- 

Better mental hospitals; a guide for the citizen. A rev. ed. 
of The mental hospital, a guide for the citizen, by Edith 
M. Stern with the collaboration of Samuel W. Hamilton 
iNew York] National Association for Mental Health, 1955, 

955 Cm * 3623 55-4991 t 

Sunukjian, Helen, 1923- 

A study of sociometric interaction on a state hospital 
ward. Chicago [Library, Dept of Photographic Reproduc 
tion, University of Chicago] 1955. 
Microfilm 4466 RC Mic 57-5370 


Bryan, William Alvin, 1883- . 

Administrative psychiatry. New York, Pageant Book 
Co., 1958 [1986] 

849 p. Illus. 24cm. .., 

RC439.B885 1958 8623 58-14143 


Adler, Leta McKinney, 1920- 

The relationship of mental hospital admission rates to the 
outcome of hospitalization in terms of six social variables. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958! 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1881 Mic 58-1881 

"Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Menn, Hubert L 1921- 

Cost accounting and budgeting for state mental hospitals. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms r !957] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 23,051) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 23,051 Mic 57-3968 


Sidney, George Paul, 1925- 

A study of psychological test and biographical variables as 
possible predictors of successful psychiatric aide perform 
ance. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1958i 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 25,099) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 25,099 Mic 58-424 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


California. Dept. of Industrial Relations. Division of Labor 
Statistics and Research. 

Wages and hours, private mental institutions, California, 
1958 [by Marianna Wharton, with the assistance of Dorothy 
Hassini San Francisco, 1959. 

46 p. illus. 28cm. 
RC445.C16 1959 331.281362 59-62723 t 

Council of State Governments. Interstate Clearing House 
on Mental Health. 

^ Current salaries in State mental health programs; a com 
pilation of salaries and maintenance schedules for selected 
personnel in State mental hospitals, institutions for the men 
tally deficient and the central administration of mental 
health programs. Chicago. 1958. 

98 L 28cm. (BM-818) 
JS308.C6 no. 318 331.2813622 58-63776 

Council of State Governments, Interstate Clearing Howe 
on Mental Health. 

Salaries of selected personnel in state mental hospitals 
and institutions for the mentally deficient Chicago, 1956. 
48 L tables. 28cm. 

Supplement. Chicago. 1957. 

2TL tables. 28cm. 

RC443.C66 Suppl. 
RC443.C66 362.2 67-62551 rev 


Mental hospitals, v. 1- Jan. 1950- 

T. In Ulu*. plans. 29 cm. monthly (except July- Aug.) 
RC443.A1M4 862.205 58-89264 


U.S. National Institute of Mental Health. 

A manual on recordkeeping and statistical reporting fox 
mental health clinics. [Washington, 1957i 

IT, 72 p. lllua. 28 cm. ( ( U. 3., Public Health Serrlce. Publi 
cation no. 539) 
RC443.A517 862.2 57-62151 


American Psychiatric Association. 

Standards for psychiatric hospitals and clinics. Kev. 
1954. Washington, American Psychiatric Association, Men 
tal Hospital Service, '1954. 
RC439J 8 85 m 'l954 362.2 55-17011 


U.S. National Institute o; 

A manual on recordkeeping and statistical reporting for 
mental health clinics. [Washington, 1957, 

IT, 72 p. llliu. 26 on. ( ( U. 8-1 Public Health Serrlce. PnbU 
cation no. 589) 
RC443.A517 862 57-6215 


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v. 23-28 cm. biennial. 
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California. Dept. of Mental Hygiene. Division of Private 

Directory t of] private institutions licensed by the De 
partment of Mental Hygiene. 
[Los Angeles, 





Zpr&ra ustavfi pro choromyslne. Bericht fiber Irrenan- 

no. in T. chiefly tables. 48cm. 
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K0benhavn, Centraltrykkeriet 

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206 p. plans. 23cm. (Betenkntof nr.165) 
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Arsberetning for sindssygehospitalerne i Danmark. 

T. In Ulna: 20cm. 
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T. 84cm. annual. 
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Construction of hospital at Gainesville, Fla. Hearing 
before the Subcommittee on Hospitals of the Committee on 
Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-fourth 
Congress, first session, on H. R 1820, providing for the con 
struction of 1,000-bed NP hospital at Gainesville, Fla. 



UH4744J.G8U5 55-60553 

sh 1, 1955. Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1955. 
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Sentenced without cause j the story of Peter Whhehead. 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Derbyshire Conory Looatk Asylum, # tewr, E*ff- 
- "Print.O. 


Louden. <^B^ Leaa^ Atjtta^ (Join^y Hatch. 

Baport o* the eomnktee <rf visitora. 

T. . 


K -MO 


ass, Sfentd HeM Service. m , , 

A m*m*l for relatives and friends of patients in ULnois 
State hospitals. r 19Sl r 


IBtnofe. Univ, Library 

. State Hospital, M ante**. 

Beport. 1947/48, Manteao. 

A 55-10558 

Wiy vofentoera? In HHnob mental hospitals. ( Spring- 

Cofr. IIbrT 

upr Agaea ActmTwtm, xow- 

WBT votateewl la mwu mental hosprtak Her. 



_ _ In BliBOS mEtal hospitals. Origi- 

j^^*&&}>jAff*aA-Sb*iV. Rev. SpringfieM, DLj 

19 "" **" isss 



KffiEDooI, Prated by Twtorm Press for tJ Soperintendent, 
AaHmtGovt. Press, 

T. ttMet 25 COL BBncL 


_ (Pnmxce) Mtdtcal Def* 

Eeport m moital hoepitah. 1937-48. Bonnbay, Printed 
*tti*GarL CwtrmJ Preaa. 

ISr. la 25cm. anmiaL 


(State) Mlie4D*l*. 
Export on mental hoapjtmla. 1S5O- 
Bnby, Printed at the Gwt Osotrml Pwaa, 

T an. 



OB the working of the mental hoapftafa in the 



d c- e sogH ali^ati: Ujp U , 
n. 36 ; E- D. 16 agosto 1909, n. 615, e modificazioni 
n. (tCo'lte^one legate Ptaflt, N. 278) 


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and Research. 
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t West Lebanon? Me., State Committee on Mental Health, 

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T. 28cm. annual. 

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Bnocn Pratt Free Lftr. 

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History of the Spring Grove State Hospital, Catonsville, 
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Booch Pratt Free LIbr. 


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0r Sl p. "forma, tables, 23 cm. (Massachusetts. jGeneral Court, 

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Massadrasetts. Dept. of Mental Health. 

Special report relative to the progress of psychiatric and 
adjtmctive services provided for the courts and correction 
facilities. Boston, Wright & Potter Print Co., legislative 
printers, 1958. 

28 PL 28 cm. (MaasactauettH, [General Court, IfiSSi House cof 
BepnientatiYea. Documents] no. 29^) 
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Governor** Committee to Study State Hos- 

T. Won. 


di 8tefi per M rifoowi A 
iplfifitriri. M3an>1955. 

aootle di atodio per 1* rifonn* ddl* 
paidriatricL Milmno, Palazzo 
. MJluio, Grofcfe, 1966. 

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t of 3 Institutions and Agencies, 195L 
KC&JW?* I951a 362.2 52-62486rev t 

New Jersey. Bureau of Social Research. ^ 

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1951. ^ __ 

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Trenton, 1950. 

10L 28cm. 
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Progress report 1952/53- 

BC4451N5S5 " A 55-9769 rer 

NewJeney. State Llbr. 

New Jersey. State Mental Health Communon. 

PubKchearing. 1st- 
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A studv of social legislation affecting prisons and institu 
tions for the mentally ill in New York State: 1822-1846. 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 21,709 

New York. State Hospital, Binghaanton. 

Utica t etc. 3 

vln lllua. 24cm. annual. 



Mic 57-2471 


New Jersey. State LIbr. 



Zbrodnie niemieckie wobec umyslowo chorych w Polsce. 
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Purdue TJnlv. Library 

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24 p. 27 cm. 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Council of State Governments. Interstate Clearing House 
on Mental Health. 

Selected employment regulations for personnel at State 
institutions for mentally ifi and mentally deficient; a com 
pilation of work week, vacation, and sick leave provisions 
and coverage under State merit systems and retirement 
plans. Chicago, 1956. 

89 L tables. 28 cm. (Council of State Governments. BX-303) 
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Montevideo. Manicomio NacionaL 

Montevideo, Tip. Escuela National de Artes y Oficios. 

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1 v. (loose-leaf) dlagrs., forms. 29 cm. 

A 58-9735 
Virginia. State Library 


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Washington mental hospitals; annual report 1957- 
[Olympiaj State of Washington, Dept. of Institutions, Sec 
tion of Research and Statistics. 

v. dlagrs. 28cm. 

R0445.W225 362.209797 A 59-9245 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 


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Report of the directors and superintendent. 

T. 28 cm. annual. 
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Wisconsin State and county mental hospitals, 1955-1957, by 
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atric Institute [1958] 

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Health in Nursing: Psychological Approach, 1948. 

Mental health in nursing, psychological approach; the 
proceedings of the Workshop on Mental Health in Nursing: 
Psychological Approach, conducted at the Catholic Uni 
versity of America from June llth to June 22nd, 1948. 
Edited by Theresa G. Mullet. Washington, Catholic Uni 
versity of America Press, 1949. 

x, 167 p. 24cm. 

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Catholic Unlv, of America. Library 

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Nursing personnel for mental health programs; report of 
a conference sponsored by the Southern Regional Program 
in Mental Health Training and Research, March 27-29, 1957, 
Western Hills Lodge, Wagoner, Oklahoma. Atlanta, South 
ern Regional Education Board, 1958. 

66 p. 28cm. 
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the psychiatric aide in giving better nursing care, by Annie 
Laurie Crawford and Virginia Curry KUander. Philadel 
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55-4754 t 
*610.786 616.8078 

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Cowaiu 2d ed. Edinburgh, E. & S. Livingstone; [Balti 
more, Williams & Wilkmsj 1955. 

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Printed for U.S.Q.B.R. 

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Topalis. 2ded. St. Louis, Mosby, 1957. 

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National Association for Mental Health, New York. 

Working in a mental hospital; a guide for ward person 
nel. A rev. ed. of The attendant's guide by Edith M. Stern 
in collaboration with Mary E. Corcoran. : New York, 1955. 

86p. 20cm. 
RC440.N35 616.8073 55-4943 J 

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Social Science. 

Patterns of psychiatric nursing: a survey of psychiatric 
nursing in North Carolina t byi Harry W. Martin and Ida 
Harper Simpson. A report on research conducted by the 
Institute for Research in Social Science of the University 
of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, 1956. 

rvlII.lSSp. 24cm. 
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Edith M. Haydon and Mildred van SickeL 5th ed. New 
York, MacmiUan, 1957. 

415 p. lllua. 22cm. 
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Ohio. Division of Mental Hygiene. 

Psychiatric aide manual [Columbusj 1955. 

x,177p. 28cm. 

RC440.O45 *610.736 616.8073 

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The function and training of mental nurses; an analysis 
of the work and training of nurses in the Bethlem Royal 
Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital, by A. N. Oppenheim 
with the assistance of Beryl Eeman. fLondon! Published by 
Chapman & Hall on behalf of the Bethlem Royal Hospital 
and the Maudsley Hospital t !955j 

85 p. lllua. 25cm. 
RC440.065 1955 *610.736 616.8073 55-27823 J 

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A field study of a psychiatric aide applicant group at a 
state mental hospital. Aim Arbor, University Microfilms 

C ( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 25,029) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 25,029 Mic 58-4459, 

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Nurse-patient relationships in psychiatry iby, Helena 
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Graw-Hill, Blakiston Division, 1959. 

610.7368 58-11189 t 

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Neurologioal and neurosur 
Gutierrez-Mahoney and Esta 
V. Mosby Co., 1956. 
565 D. lllus. 28 cm. 

1956 616.8073 

C. G. de 
Louis, C. 

56-58300 t 

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A guide for psychiatric aides. New York, MacmiUan, 

234 p. 21 cm. 
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Home care for the emotionally ill. Elmhurst, JST. Y., Ses 
sions Publishers rl957i 

234 p. 21cm. 
RC440.S34 *610.736 616.8073 57-8653 J 

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The nurse and the mental patient; a study in interpersonal 
relations, by Morris S. Schwartz t andj Emmy Lanning 
Shoddey, with the assistance of Charlotte Green Schwartz. 
New York, Russell Sage Foundation, 1956. 

288p. 24cm. 
RC440.S35 *610.736 616.8073 56-7932 J 

South Africa. Dept. of Health. 

Elementary anatomy and physiology, first aid, elementary 
hygiene ; a preliminary handbook for nurses in mental hospi 
tals and mental defective institutions. Rev. ed. [Pretoriaj 

208 p. lllus. 23cm. 

RT69.S63 1955 58-28457 J 

*610.736 616.8073 

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Psychiatric nursing, by Katharine McLean Steele and 
Marguerite Lucy Manfreda, 6th ed. Philadelphia, F. A. 
Davis Co., 1959. 

307 p. lllua. 23cm, 

RC440.S75 1959 59-7070 J 

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The psychiatric nurse in the general hospital. With a 
pref . by Leo Alexander. Springfield, HL, Thomas C 1959 3 

83 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
RC440.T8 1959 610.7368 58-14092 t 

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As the psychiatric aide sees his work and problems [by 3 
Fred L. Wells, Milton Greenblatt, and Robert W. Hyde. 

(In Genetic psychology monographs. Provlncetown, Mass. 25 cm. 
T. 58 (1956) p. t S]-73) 
LB1101.G4 voL53 56-3738 

World Health Organization. Esepert Committee on Py- 
chiatric Nursing* 

Report. 1st- 1955- 


T. 24 cm. (World Health Organization. Technical report 


610.736 616.8073 57-35734 


Catholic University of America. Workshop on Teaching 
and Implementation of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurs 
ing, 1957. 

Teaching and implementation of psychiatric-mental health 
nursing. The proceedings of the Workshop on Teaching 
and Implementation of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 
conducted at the Catholic University of America, June 14 
to June 25, 1957. Edited by Mary M. Redmond and Mar 
gery E. Drake. Washington, Catholic University of Amer 
ica Press, 1958. 

n,310p. 22cm. 

RC440.C353 1957 '610.736 616.8073 A58-2634? 

Catholic TJnlv. of America. Library 



Albee, George W 

Mental health manpower trends ; a report to the staff direc 
tor. Jack R. Ewalt, 1959. New York, Basic Books ,;1959j 
jOili 861 p. dlagrs., tables. 25 cm. (Joint Commission on Mental. 
Iness and Health. Monograph series, no. 8) 

Illness and E 



Robinson, Alice M 

The psychiatric aide ; a textbook of patient care. Foreword 
by Walter E. Barton. lllus. by the author. 2d ed. Phila 
delphia. Lippincott 1959, 




see also Psychosomatic research 

American Psychiatric Association. 

Application of basic science techniques to psychiatric re 
search; papers presented at the western regional research 
conference held under the joint auspices of the American 
Psychiatric Association and the University of California, 
School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Medical 
Extension, University Extension, Los Angeles, California, 
January 26-27, 1956. Planning committee, Norman Q. 
Brill, Donald B. Lindsley t and] Charles W. Tidd. Con 
sultant editor, this number, Robert A. Cleghorn; editorial 
assistant, Marion Robinson. [Washington, 1957, 

211 p. tllui., dlagra.. tables, 28 cm. (Psychiatric rflMareh reports 
of the American Psychiatric Association, 6) 
EC458.A47 *616.89072 56-12507 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


American Psychiatric Awoaation. 

Proceedings of the rotund table on lysergic acid diethy 
amide and mescaKne in experimental psychiatry, held at the 
animal meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, 
Atktttie City, New Jersey, May 32, 1965. Edited by Loms 
C&oJdea, chairman. New York, Grace & Stratton, 1966. 

86 p. mm, 23cm. 
EC4S3JL5 19S5 *616.89 56-8731 

American Psychiatric Association. 

BeeeaxcJi ia affects; papers presented at the regional re 
search conference held under the joint aospicee of the Amer 
ican Psgrciiiatrie AasociatioB cod State University of New 
York, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, New York, April 
6-6,1967. General chairman, Marc H. HoUeoder. Cfcair- 
BMtacrf the scientific program, WiHiam F.Knoff. Consultant 
editor, tiiknranbcT, Robert A, Clegborn. Editorial assistant, 
Marion Robinson. rWiaiungton, 1957. 

Mftp^atea. 23cm. (Paiyditatrierewtrc&reportiof the American 

SC38&A54 *61&89072 68-7878 

American Psychiatric Association. 

Research in psychiatry with special reference to drug 
tfcerapy; papers presorted at the regional research confer 
era held tmder the joint auspices of the American Psychi 
attkt Association and the medical schools and affiliated hos- 
s of PfrJIaufoTpMii, Penaaylvania, NOTumber 16-17, 1956. 

editor, this immher, Milton Greenbktt; editorial 
r ~ Sobibflco. rWashingtonj 1968. 

ab* a cm. . (FoAWde *** report, of 




Psycfaiatrk Association. Committee on Research. 

Social aspects of psychiatry; scientific papers and discus 
sions 0f a regional research conference held February 24-25, 
1958, Cchnmbos, Ohio, under the joint auspices of the De 
partment of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, the Ohio State 
University, and the American Psychiatric Association's 
Committee OB Research 1967-58. Edited by Benjamin 
Pssamaiuck and Fetor H. Knapp. r Washington American 

fc 25 cm. (P^<*i*trlc rewftrdi xe- 
619^9082 58-59564 

k p^dwtherapy; proceedings of a conference, 
, B. O, AprH 9-12, 1968. Efi A. Rubinstein 
|fcfl^ Morris B. Parfofi, editors. r Washmgton, American 


P*yAotoical Association, 


<m Trmrang a** R&tarck m 



eariro prognuns of traimng and research in mental 

; a sarw^ atedy of cooper^tire relationdups 


and coB*g awl umrersitiee. Teilaw Springs. 
> -*** 


team research: 


h* Natiocal Jjartitate of Mental Health c 
the Caimcal Geoter in Be&eada. Wkb 


or con- 
Gmtar in Bethda. Waahington 



Rosenthal, Maurice J 

Psychiatric consultation in a public child welfare agency; 
report of a project ( byj Maurice J. Kosenthal" t and] ^biry E. 
Sullivau. [Washington] U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, 
and Welfare, Social Security Administration, Children's 
Bureau, 1959. 

14& p. 24 cm. (U. S. CWldren's Bureau. Publication no. 372) 
EC455JJ63 61&9289 HEW 59-40 

CopyS. HV74UL32 no. 372 

U. S. D^crt. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Hoch, Paul H 1902- ed. 

Experimental psychopathology, edited by Paul H, Hoch 
and Joseph Zubin. New York, Grune & Stratum, 1957. 
x, 275 p. ulna, port, diagra^ tables, 2S cm. (Proceedings of 
fifth annual meeting of the American Psychopathologlcal 

ttoe forty-1 

Association, June 1966) 

RC326A597 vol.45 616.8072 



American Psychiatric Association, 

Pharmacologic products recently introduced in the treat 
ment of psychiatric disorders; papers presented at a regional 
research conference held under the joint auspices of the 
American Psychiatric Association and the University of 
Texas Medical Branch, Ghdveston, Texas, February 18-19, 
1955. General chairman, Titus H. Harris j chairman of the 
scientific program, Martin L. Towler; consultant editor, 
William T. Lhamon; editorial assistant, Marion Robinson, 
tWashington, 1955, 

152 p. Illua, 23 on. (Psychiatric research reports of the Amer 
ican Psychiatric Association, 1) 

HC327.A47 1955a 


55-10874 rev 


U.S. National Irut&ute of Menial Health. 

Highlights of progress in mental health research, 1958 ; 
items of interest on research studies conducted and supported 
during 1958, prepared by the Publications and Eeports Sec 
tion, NIMH. tWashingtonj U. S. Dept of Health, Educa 
tion, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Insti 
tutes of Health, 1959. 

T, 40 p. 24cm. ((U.S.i Public Health Service. Publication no. 

EA790.7.U5A557 616.89072 59-61343 


Panel on Mental Health Research in the South, 



State and regional action for mental health research: re 
port, edited by Nicholas Hobbs t andj Mary Howard Smith, 
l Be S ional Education Board, 1958. 

BCM5.S63P3 1957c 131.82976 



see also Child guidance clinics; Medical 
social work; Pastoral counseling; Pas 
toral psychology 

Afldn, Dorothy, 1907 

. Chicago 

HUT. Ubr. 

America* AModatkm of P^diiatric Sodal Workers. 

Services to Psychiatric Patients, 


acfl,324p. tablet 21 
HV689.C68 1958C 

consultation in the family aervice agency. 

Pittsburgh. University. Institute on JSooial WorJc Practice 
in the Medical and Psychiatric Setting. 

Social work practice in the medical and psychiatric set 
ting: Institute proceedings, June, 1951. [Edited by Eleanor 
CockerilL Pittsburgh] University of Pittsburgh Press, 

Louisiana. State Univ. 


A 55-6937 

Southern Regional Education Board. 

Social work personnel for mental health programs; report 
of a conference held under the Southern Regional program 
in mental health training and research, March 21-22, 1956, 
Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta, 1956. 

48 p. Illua. 28 cm 
HV689.S6 57-63467 J 

Torres Cornejo, Emestina. 

Importancia del trabajo social en el Manicomio General 
Mexico, 1051. 

53 p. 23cm. 
HV689.T66 59-17168 J 

Zander, Alvin Frederick, 1913- 

Role relations in the mental health professions t byj Alvin 
Zander, Arthur R, Cohen candj Ezra Stotland, with the 
collaboration of Bernard Hymovitch t andj Otto RiedL 
tAmsterdam, Published for Research Center for Group 
Dynamics, Institute for Social Research, Ann Ajrbor by 
North-Holland Pub. Co., 1957. 

211 p, Illua, 24cm. (Besearch CXsnter for Group Dynamics aerlea, 
Pabllcadon no. 5) 
RC455.Z3 *616 JM 58-406 t 


Louisiana. State University and Agricultural and Mechan 
ical College. School of Social Welfare. 

Proceedings t of thej annual work conference on psychi 
atric social work. r lst]- 1956- 
Baton Rouge, 
v. 28 cm, 
HV689.L58 *362.2 361.1 57-62936 rev 


^ar'lf "* ***** ******* 

Journal of psychiatric social work. v. 

[New Yorkj Columbia University Press. 

r.ln 26cm. quarterly. 
HV689.A533 *362.2 361.1 


-Sept, 1965. 


wi*T^ T* VV I ? fP onaored bv the Psychiatric Social 
Work Se^on National Association of Social Workers, held 
m Atlantic City New Jersey, June 18-16, 1957. Charlotte 

TK&SJB, * York ' ^^ *^** *^ 

T8p. 28cm. 

HV689.I5 1957 



National Association of Social Workers. 

The psychiatric social worker teaches medical students. 
^Papers presented by the Committee on Participation in 
Medical Education] New York, '1957 





see also Neurologists; Paychiatric 


Southern Regional Education Board. 

; report of a 



Psychoanalysts Caricatures and 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Burrow, Trigant, 1875-1950. 

A search for man's sanity; the selected letters of Trigant 
Burrow, with biographical notes. Prepared by the Editorial 
Committee of the Lifwynn Foundation: William E. Gait, 
chairman. Foreword by Herbert Read. New York, Oxford 
University Press, 1988. 

aodv, 615 p. 22 cm. 
R154.B868A4 926.1 58-7994 

Durtal, G., pseud. 

Journal d'un psychiatre. Paris, Del Duca t !957] 
267 p. 20cm. 
B507.D83A3 58-49026 J 

Ellery, Reginald Spencer. 

The cow jumped over the moon ; private papers of a psy 
chiatrist. Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire C 1956j 

287 p. 22cm. 
R674.E38A3 926.1 57-18308 J 


Holt, Robert R 

Personality patterns of psychiatrists; a study of methods 
for selecting residents, by Robert R. Holt and Lester 
Luborsky with the collaboration of William R. Morrow, 
David Rapaport c and] Sibylle K. Escalonn. New York, 
Basic Books t !958] 

2 v. dlagra., tables. 24 cm. ( Menninger Clinic monograph series, 
no. 18) 
RC328.H6 *616.89 616.8 58-13159 


Directory of psychiatrists and clinical psychiatric facilities 
in the Washington area. 
v. 23 cm. 
RC335.D5 64-21311 rev 


American Psychiatric Association. 

Biographical directory of fellows & members, as of October 
1. 1957. New York, R. R. Bowker Co., 1958. 

xxill,488p. 29cm. 
RC326.A56 1958 616.806273 58-13042 


Here are entered works on the clinical and 

therapeutic aspects of psychology. 

Works on abnormal psychology in 

general are entered under the heading 

Psychology, Pathological 
see also Cain complex; Child psychiatry; 
Clinical psychology; Group psychotherapy; 
Insanity; Introversion; Mental hygiene; 
Mental illness; Mentally ill; Neuropsy- 
chlatry; Neuroses; Orthopsychiatry; 
Psychic masochism; Psychology, Patho 
logical; Psychoses; Psychotherapy; 
Shock therapy; Social psychiatry; Sym 
bolism in psychiatry 

AMrich, Clarence Knight, 1914- 

Psychiatry for the family physician* New York, Blalris- 
ton Division, McGraw-Hill 1955j 

276 p. Illui, 24cm. 
RC454.A39 *616.89 55-7265 t 

Baan, Pieter Aart Hendrik. 

Het minderwaardigheidsge.voel, een Idinisch-psychiatri- 
sche en criminologische studie. Meppel, M. Stenvert C 1946j 

170 p. 25cm. 
RC455.B25 1946a 616.8 48-18650 rev* 

Baan, Pieter Aart Hendrik. 

Het minderwaardigheidsgevoel, een klinisch-psychiatn- 
sche en criminologische studie. Meppel, M. Stenvert, 1946. 

m 946 56-46489 

Bennett, Abram Biting, 1898- .,.,*, 

The practice of psychiatry in general hospitals t by, A. E. 

Bennett, Eugene A. Hargrove t andj Bernice Engle, with. 

contributing authors. Berkeley, University of Cahf orma 

Press, 1956. 

Berg, Charles, 1892- 

The first interview with a psychiatrist and the unconscious 
psychology of all interviews. New York, Macmillan [1956j 
250 p. 23 cm. 

A 57-5032 
Grosvenor Library RO608 

Bergler, Edmund, 1899- 

Counterfeit-sex; homosexuality, impotence, frigidity. 2d, 
enl. ed. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1958. 

880p. 23cm. 
RC877.B4 1958 616.69 57-10688 J 

Bless, H 

Pastoral psychiatrie. Mit een aanbeveling van G. Janssens. 
2. geheel herziene druk. Roennond, J. J. Romen, 1945 

nix, 472 p. 24cm. 

RC460.B56 1945 A 55-6557 

Iowa. Univ. Library 

Bleuler, Eugen, 1857-1939. 

Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie. 9. Aufl, umgearb. von Manfred 
Bleuler unter Mitwirkung von Josef Berze ret aL 3 Berlin, 
Springer, 1955. 

583 p. lUus(. 26cm. 
RC454.B57 1955 

Boor, Wolfgang de, 1917- 

Pharmakopsychologie und Psychopathologie. Berlin, 
Springer, 1956. 
xl, 291 p. 26 cm. 

A 56-5552 
Temple Univ. Library BO455 

Bosselman, Beulah Chamberlain. 

Psychiatry in theory and practice, Springfield, 311., 
Thomas [1957] 

150 p. 24cm. 
RC454.B66 1957 *616.89 57-7866 t 

Cant, Gilbert 

New medicines for the mind, their meaning and promise. 
,1st ed. New York, Public Affairs Committee, 1955j 

26 p. lllus. 19 cm. (Public affaire pamphlet no. 228) 
RC480.5.C3 616.8 56-13 J 

Caprio, Frank Samuel, 1906- 

Helping yourself with psychiatry; a practical guide to 
wiser and healthier living. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Pren 
tice-Hall, 1957. 

256 p. 24 cm. 
RC460.C8 *616.89 57-10408 t 

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Co. t 1958, 

641 p. 28cm. 
RC454.C3 1958 *616.89 68-1126 t 

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A psychiatrist works with blindness; selected papers. 
New York, American Foundation for the Blind, 1958. 
119 p. UluB. 28cm. 




Coleman, James Covington. 

Abnormal psychology and modern life. 2d ed. Chicago, 
Scott, Foresman jl956i 

676 p. lllua. 26cm. 
RC454.C6 1956 *616.89 56-3640 J 

Corrigan, Shirley M 

Psychological correlates of the physiological response to 
mecholyl in psychiatric outpatients. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms rl965, 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 13,322) 
Microfilm A(M no. 13,322 Mic A 55-2205 

Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. 

Curran, Desmond. 

Psychological medicine ; a short introduction to psychia 
try, by Desmond Curran and Maurice Partridge. 4th ed. 
Edinburgh, E. & S. Livingstone, 1955. 

406 p lllua. 28 cm. 
RC454.C8 1955 616.8 56-4526 t 

torso dTpsiquiatria. Lima, Impr. Santa Maria, 1953. 
518 p. 28cm. 

Dide, Maurice. 

Psychiatrie du mfidecin praticien t paT] M. Dide et P 
Guiraud,,refondue en Psychiatrie clinique, par Paul Gui- 
raud, 3. ecL Paris, Librairie Le Francois, 1966. 

748 p. lllufl. 20cm. 
BC454.D5 1956 56-28702 t 

Diethelm, Oskar, 1897- 

Treatment in psychiatry. Sded. Springfield, IQ., Thomas 
C 1955] 

545p. 24cm. 
RC480.D5 1955 *616.89 55-6110 t 

East, Sir William Norwood, 1872- ed. 

The roots of crime. With a foreword by Sir David Max 
well Fyfe. London, Butter-worth, 1954. 

be, 181 p. dlagr., tables. 26 cm. (Butterworths medical publica 
HV6080.E32 55-1113 

Eissler, Kurt Robert, 1908- 

The psychiatrist and the dying patient New York, Inter 
national Universities Press t !955] 

338 p. lllus. 23 em. 
RC455.E37 *616.89 55-6502 J 

English, Oliver Spurgeon, 1901- 

Introduction to psychiatry t byj 0. Spurgeon English and 
Stuart M. Finch. t 2d ed.] New York, Norton 1957, 

623 TJ. 22 cm. 

57-7881 J 

623p. 22cm. 
RC454.E5 1957 


Ewald, Gottfried, 1888- 

Neurologie und Psychiatrie; ein Lehrbuch fur Studie- 
rende und Arzte. 3., vermehrte und verb. Aufl. Munchen, 
TTrbanA Schwarzenberg, 1954. 

557 p. lllua. 26cm. 
EC341JE9 1954 55-22103 

Ewalt, Jack Richard, 1910- 

Practical clinical psychiatry [by. Jack E. Ewalt, Edward 
A. Strecker t and] Franklin G-. Ebaugh. 8-th ed. New York, 
Blakiston Division, 1957. 

457 p. 24cm. 
'EC454.E87 *616.89 56-11710 t 

Freeman, Lucy. 

Search for love. c lst ed., Cleveland, World Pub. Co. 




Gayral, Louis. 

La psychiatrie contemporaine ; principes, me'thodes, appli 
cations. Prf. du Docteur Eugene MinkowskL rToulouse, 

127 p. 17 cm. (Questions et technique* mSdlcoHSoclalea, odalea 
RC^lGs"** 55-19069 t 

Gflfarovskil, Vasflfl Alekseevich, 1875- 

IIcHXHaTpHjr; pyKOBOAcrao AJIJI spaiett E cryAO&TOB. 4.. 
E3A-, Hcnp. H AOH. Mocraa, MCATHS, 1954. 

Sid p. lllus., plates, ports. 27 cm. 
RC464.G5 1954 55-59742 

Gilftrovskil, Vasilii Alekseevich, 1875- 

CrapHe n HOBHC npo<SjieMKc ncnxnaTpnH. MOCKB 

IHS, 1946. 
(90]!. 26cm. 

RC454.G52 1946a 57-19768 

Gorman, Mike, 1913- 

Every other bed. (1st ed. 3 Cleveland, World Pub. Co. 

318 p. 22cm. 


Henderson, Sir David Kennedy, 1884- 

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by Sir David Henderson and B. D. Gillespie, with the assist 
ance of Ivor R, C. Batchelor. 8th ed. London, New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1956. 

746 p. 23cm. (Oxford medical publication*) 
BC4MJEI45 1956 *616.89 57-2080 J 

Keuy, George Alexander, 1905- 

The psychology of personal constructs. t lst ed.j New 
York, Norton C 1955] 

2 T. (1218 p.) Ilia*. 22 cm. 
BF698.K38 137 65-2090 rev t 

Kniper, Pieter Cornells. 

Inleiding tot moderne psychiatrische denkwijzen; prelude 
tot de psychiatrie. Met een voorwoord van G. Kraus, 
Utrecht, Erven J. Bifleveld, 1967. 

166 p. 24cm ( De BIJleveld nerlei 
KC464JK8 67-42100 t 

Lemkau, Paul Victor, 1909- 

Bosic issues in psychiatry; a series of lectures delivered in 
the postgraduate medical education program of the Uni 
versity of Florida, accredited by the American Academy of 
General Practice. Springfield, HI., Thomas t!958, "1959^ 

106 p. 28 cm. 
RC454X4 1969 616.89 58-12158 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PSYCHIATRY (Continued) 

Lankan, Paid Victor, 1909- 

ProbksEii i zadati raeatalne tigijene. Zagreb, Zaitit* 
zdrmrija, 1962. 

iseix mm. 22 on. 
BA790.7.Y8L4 59-17718 t 


Management of emotional problems in medical practice. 
, Lippincott t l56] 




Linton, Rab*, 189&-1953. 

Cakore mad mental disorders. Edited by George Der- 
ereor. Springfield, IE, Thomas [1956* 

l&p. 21 cm. 
BC455.L5 616.8 56-6395 t 

, L J 

The methods of psychology and psychiatry; a methodologi 
cal analysis of various ways of approach with special refer 
ence to K J. Eysei^'s personality studies. Aaseu [HoUaad, 
Van GoTctan, 1857. 

343 p. 23cm- (ifcdllHtunUT, no. 148) 

Unto Library 

McCarthy, Daniel Joseph, 1874- 

Medkal treatment of mental disease ; the toaic and organic 
basis of psychiatry jbyj Daniel J. McCarthy and Kenneth M. 
Corrm. With sections by eight contributors. Philadelphia, 

* Bfck 2^cm. 



Masor, Nathan. 

The new psychiatry. Hew York, Philosophical Library 


BC4KLMS 616.89 60-2818 t 

aaserBftan, Juics Hymen, 1905- 

The practice of dynamic psychiatry. Philadelphia, 
Swaadea, 1955. 

Wp. SOB. 
EC4M-M28 *61639 55-6337 t 

Ma*^ Arthur Gay. 

Start Imng today, a guide to positive living; a thesis and 
modern interpretation of mental, nervous, emotional, and 
pGycuOBOBOfttbc disorders, wtttpi'ttheni-nvBly wriUnu in non- 
medical language especially lor the layman. Drorings by 
thesotaor. Daytona B*aeh, Fla^ College Pnb. Co. r 195^ 


56-14041 t 

Mar, Ralle, 2L 

Krister; a mew diaenaioii in pay^ 
BoSo May, Ernest Angel t aadj Henri F. EBenberger, 
editors. E KewYorkj Basic Books 1958j 

x4*>, 2Sa. ^ 


y; a science of man. With a foreword by 
D. a Lewis. Compiled and edited by Eunice B. 
Winters and Aima Mae Bowers. Sjoingfield, EL, Thooaa 

237 p. 



57-12654 J 

WewEn^ tot d socaaifr pa^AJmtrie. Eotterdmm, W. L. 



al p 

end OoaKia; a 

Ibr%kt LioneL 

The primary psychiatric syndromes; cri 
Cnagijoau, With a fbcewocd by William 

Blytiti. Bristol, 
A. 57-8019 

i^- - 

Pepetitorium Teobecne psfchiatrie a spetiilni psychi- 
atrie. tVyd. L, Praha, Statni pedagock^ nakL, 1952. 

MSp. 29 CEO. (D5etonItertyTy8ok^difto5) 

Noyes, Arthur Percy, 1880- 

Modern clinical psychiatry jbyj Arihnr P. Noyes t aadj 
Lawrence C, Kolb. 5th ed. Philaddphia, Saunders, 1958. 

694 p. 25cm. 
EC454JJf68 1958 *616.89 58-7956 t 

Nbyes, Arthnr Percy, 1880- 

Textbook of psychiatric nursing t byj Arthur P. Noyes, 
Edith M. Haydon and Mildred van SickeL 5th ed. New 
York, Macmlllan, 1957. 
415 p. Ulna. 22 cm. 

1957 616.8 57-7501 t 

Palmer, HaroW Anstrother. 

PsychopatMc personalities. New York, Philosophical 
Library C 1957j 



57-14000 J 

Parker, Beulah. 

Psychiatric consultation, for nonpsychiatric professional 
workers; a concept of group consultation developed from a 
training program for nurses. [Washington, U. S. Dept of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, 

23 p. tabtea. 27 cm. (U. S. Public Health Service. Publication 
no. 588. Public health monograph no. 53) 
KC461JP3 131.322 58-60072 

Pedetwn, AriH Lett, 1911- 

Kirurgisk klimakterium, specidt med henblik pi psyko- 
seroelle forhold, belyst ved katemneetiske undersjgelfler af 
oophorectomerede kvinder. Med bilag over tabeller og kur- 


501 p. 28cm, 

-- Tabeller ogkurver. lrhus,1956. 
lr. (nnpajed) tabtee. 2<an. 

HG186.P4 Tablet 

Keed, Oiarks Frederick, ed. 

Psychopathology; a source book, edited by Charles F. 
Eeed, Irving E. Alexander [and] Silvan S. Tomkins. With 
mn introd. by Eobert W. White. Cambridge, Harvard Uni- 
Tersfry Press, 1958. 

80S p. Ulos. 25cm. 
BF173JK367 132.082 58-10405 t 

Robinson, Alice M 

The psychiatric aide j a textbook of patient care. Foreword 
by Walter E. Barton. Ulus. by the author. 2d ed. Phila 
delphia, Lippincott r 1959, 

331U200P. Illus. 22cm. 
KC440.E6 1959 610.7368 58-59798 

ROBS, Wiffiam Donald, 1913- 

Practical psychiatry for industrial ,. 
word by Bobert A. Kehoe. Pref. by 
SpringfieM, HL, Thomas 1956j 




56-9115 J 

Rfimke, Henrietta CorneHm, 1803- 

PsychiUrie. Amsterdam, Scheltema ft Holkema, 1954- 



Rnesch, Jorgen, 1909- 

Disterbed communication, the clinical assessment of 
normal and pathological communicative behavior. t lst ed.i 
New York, Norton [1957, 
MTp. 22qn. 

*616.89 57-5992 J 

Sdmdder, Knrt, 1887- 


188m. 22cm. 
BC45CS35 1955 

4^ erweiterte Aufl der Bei- 

55-56874 J 

Siebenthal, Wolf TOD, 1923- 

Schuldgerahl und Schuld bei I 
gen; ein Beitrag zur i 
Ghisteskrankheiten. Zurich,] 
292 p. 22cm. 


L Begrundung der 
r Verlag t !956j 

56-46719 t 

Sinnwn, Doris G 

The plague of psychiatry; a diagnosis, a warning, and a 


57-10739 J 

Simpson, Doris G 

The plague of religion; a report on the ungodly psycho 
logical warfare being waged against the American people. 
[1st ed.j New York, Greenwich Book Publishers [1958j 

RC455.S57 m * 616.89 58-13153 J 

Stevenson, George Salvador*, 1892- 

Mental health planning for social action. New York, 
Blakiston Division, McGraw-Hill, 1956. 

358 p. 24cm. 
EA790.S832 616.8 55-12115 t 

Stump, Georg Kristoffer, 1905- 

Psykiatrisk journalskrivning. Kj0benhavn, Nyt nordisk 
f orlag, 1948. 
64 p. 21cm. 
KC348.S8 57-18314 

Sullivan, Harry Stack, 1892-1949. 

Clinical studies in psychiatry; edited by Helen Swick 
Perry, Mary Ladd Gawel, and Martha Gibbon. With a 
foreword by Dexter M, Bullard, [1st ed.] New York, Nor 
ton t 1956i 

3S6p. 22cm. 
EC454.S9 *616.89 56-14005 J 

Valentine, Max. 

An introduction to psychiatry. Edinburgh, E. & S. Liv 
ingstone, 1955. 

1 T. ilhM. l& cm. 
BC457.V3 *616.89 56-3323 J 

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Psychiatry and Catholicism [by 3 James H. VanderVeldt 
c andj Kobert P. Odenwald. 2d ed. New York, Blakiston 
Division, 1957. 

474 p. 

BX1759.V3 1957 

Varney, Hewitt I 


57-5633 J 

84 p. 27 cm. 

[ -nyD < > DHJE 

tJerusalemf 1952 t r 


Weijel, J A 

Psychiatry in general practice. Amsterdam, New York, 
Elsevier Pub. Co., 1958. 

208 p. illus. 23 cm. 
EC469.W38 616.89 58-14395 J 

Weinstem, Edwin A 1909- 

Denial of ilhiess; symbolic and physiological aspects, by 
Edwin A. Weinstein and Robert L. Kahn. Springfield, III, 
Thomas [1955j 

, 166 J?- IUus - a m - C^merlcan lecture series, pubUcaUon no. 
S4. The Bannenrtoae DlTlslon of American lectures In neurology) 
EC343.W413 1955 616.8 55-6124 rev J 

WeizsScker, Viktor, Freiherr von, 1886- 

Soziale Krankheit und soziale Gesundung. ( 2. Aufl. bearb. 
von Eolf Piehlerj Gottingen, Vandenhoeck ft Buprecht 

75 p. 21cm. (KlelneVaadeiihoedc-BeUie,lS) 
EC967.W45 1955 56-45816 J 

What, then, is man) A symposium c? e 

^^^ a 2?cm. St CtoilS?' Concordia PubTkouse r 1958, 
BF51.W43 1958 ^SS-S**^"*" 8> 58-9438 

Wilder, Abraham, W10- 

The relation of psychiatry to pharmacology. Baltimore, 
Published for the American Society for Pharmacology and 
Ther *P Ctttic8 bv Williams A Wilkins, 1W7. 

Zander, Alvin Frederick, 1913- 

Role relations in the mental health professions [by, Alvin 
Zander, Arthur E. Cohen ^dj Eaa Stodand, with the 
cdlaboration of Bernard Hymovitch t and, Otto RiedL 
rAmsterdam, Published for Reeeaich Canter lor Group 
Dynamics, Institute for Social Research, Ann Arbor, by 
North-Holland Pub. Ox, 1W7. 
P^feo^5r < " t ("-^C^forG^Dpu^^^ 

58-400 . 

Anchersen, Per, ed. 

Nerv^se Hdelser og sinnets helsej festskrift til professor, 
dr. med. Gabriel Langfeldt pi 60-ars dagen, redigert av Per 
Anchersen og Leo Eitinger. Oslo, Aschehoug, 1966. 

RC45?!A5 ^ 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Binswanger, Ludwig, 1881- 

Ausgewahlte Vortrage und Aufsatze. Bern, Francke, 

2 v. 24 cm. 

BF23.B5 A 48-4617 rev* 

Harvard tlnlv. Library 

Bond, Earl Danford, 1879- 

One mind, common to all. New York, Macmillan, 1958. 
200p. 22cm. 


58-6050 J 

Brfll, Abraham Arden, 1874-1948. 

Lectures on psychoanalytic psychiatry. New York, Vin 
tage Books, 1955 t1946j 

802 p. lllus. 19cm. (A Vintage book, K-ll) 
[RC509] 131.3462 55-237 J 

Printed f or U.S.Q.B.B. 

Burlingame, Clarence Charles, 1885-1950. 

A psychiatrist speaks; the writings and lectures of Doctor 
C. Charles Burlingame, 1885-1950. With a foreword by 
John I. Nurnberger. Biographical sketch and editorial notes 
by Arline Boucher Tehan. tLimited ed. n. p., 1959] 


59-10483 J 

Centennial Commission, Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Wash 
ington, D. C. 

Centennial papers. Saint Elizabeths Hospital, 1855-1955. 
(Washington, 1956j 

lx, 251 p. lllus., ports. 24 cm. 
RC458.C4 362.2 5<HJ1033 

Delay, Jean Paul Louis, 1907- 

Aspects de la psychiatric moderne. t l.e<L, Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1956. 

115 p. 28cm. (Blbuotb.eq.uede psychiatric) 
RC458.D4 58-15248 1 

Frey, Torsten Svenson, 1907- 

Duarinteensamomdet! Om vardagsbekymmer. Gote- 
borg, Goteborgs handelstidnings forlag, 1954. 

57-48900 \ 

Gantt, William Andrew Horsley, 1892- ed. 

Physiological bases of psychiatry. Springfield, HI., 

Thomas [1958j . 

344 p. lllua. 23cm. (American lecture series, publication no. 828. 
A monograph In the Banneratone Division of American lectures In 
objective psychiatry) 
QP356.G3 1958 131.082 57-12547 J 

Hdwcg, Hjahnar, 1886- 

Soul sorrow; the psychiatrist speaks to the minister. 
Translated from the Danish by Jens Grano. [1st American 
ed.j New York, Pageant Press t !955i 

151 p. 21 cm. 
BC458.H435 *616.89 55-11773 t 

Illinois. State Research Hospital, Qdletburg. 

Biological foundations of psychiatry; dedicatory ad 
dresses, Thudichum Psychiatric Research Laboratory, Gales- 
burg State Research Hospital, Galesburg, Illinois, October 
17, 1953. Edited by Harold E. Himwich, iSpringneld, 
Dept of Public Welfare, 1955] 

vWp. mi*, POT* Sen, 

Ullnola. TJnlv. Library 

Krout, Maurice Halm, ed. 

Psychology, psychiatry, and the public interest Minne 
apolis, University of Minnesota Press C 1956] 

IT, 21T p. 28 cm. 
RC458.K77 *616.89 56-11612 

57-11337 J 

TJftmfin- ^amneL sd, 

Tfrderstanding your patient Philadelphia, Lippincott 

t 1957, 

170 p. lllus. 24cm. 
B727.3.L5 610.69 

May, Jacques Meyer, 1896- ^ ^ v _ _ 

A physician looks at psychiatry. New York, J. Day Co. 

189 p. 21 cm. 


^^ . 

Menninger, Earl Augustus, 1893- 

A psychiatrist's world; selected papers, edited, with an 
introd., by Bernard H. HalL Foreword by Marion E. Ken- 
worthy. New York, Viking Press, 1959. 

931 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
RC458.M36 616.89081 59-11634 J 

Menninger, William Claire, 1899- 

Psychiatry ; an orientation to life's problems. Los Angeles, 
College Press, 1949 t i. e. 1950j 

26 p. 23 cm. (Lecture of the Los AjigpilM City College William 
Henry Snyder Lectureship, 13th) 
RC458JM38 *616.89 55-37691 

Mnllahy, Patrick, 1912- ed. 

A study of interpersonal relations; new contributions to 
psychiatry. New York, Grove Press C 1957, 1949j 

507 p. 21cm. (Evergreen books, B-76) 

[RC358] 616.8082 57-9459 t 

Printed for A. B. P. 

New York Academy of Medicine. 

Medicine in the postwar world. New York, Columbia 
University Press, 1948. 

xlv, 109 p 21 cm. (Its Lectures to the laity, no. 12. The march 
of medicine, 1947) 
R111.N434 no. 12 610.4 54-41258 

Hew York Academy of Medicine. 

Ministry and medicine in human relations. lago Galdston, 
editor. Ke^ York, International Universities Press [1955j 

xvlll,173p. dlagr. 23cm, 
RC458.N44 *616.89 55-10949 

New York Academy of Medicine. 

Modern attitudes in psychiatry. New York, Columbia 
University Press, 1946. 

xlv, 154 p 21 cm. (Its Lectures to the laity, no. 10. The march 
of medicine, 1945) 
R111.N434 no. 10 *616.89 54-41257 

Noveck, Simon, ed. 

Judaism and psychiatry ;,two approaches to the personal 
problems and needs of modern man. t New York] National 
Academy for Adult Jewish Studies t of j the United Syna 
gogue of America [1956] 

xlll,197p. 2lcm. 
RG458.N6 *616.89 56-7182 

Robinson, Eenneth, 1911- 

Policy for mental health. [London, Fabian Society t !958] 
21 p. 22 cm. (Fabian research series, 200) 
BC458.R6 131.32942 59-24416 J 

Rtimke, Henricus Cornelius, 1893- 

Nieuwe studies en voordrachten over psychiatric. Am 
sterdam, Scheltema & Holkema, 1953. 

10 ' 56-36130J 

Wenninger, Earl Augustus, 1808- 

Man against himself. New York, Harcourt, Brace i!956, 

429p. lllus. 19cm. (Harvest books, 31) 
[RC458J 132 56-14188 t 

Printed for A. B. P. 

Tochtermann, WilheUn, 1912- 

Das Wort als Arznei; der Psychotherapeut und sein 
Patient Stuttgart, ffippokrates-Verlag Marquardt, 1952. 

224 p. 24cm. 

KC458.T6 52-67838 rev t 

*616.89 616.8 

Washington University, St. Louis. 

Theory and treatment of the psychoses, some newer as 
pects; papers presented at the dedication of the Renard Hos 
pital, St. Louis, October, 1955. St Louis, 1956. 

r, 119 p. dlagrs. 25 cm, (Washington University studies) 
RC458.W3 *616.89082 56-58814 

Whitehorn, John C 

Psychiatric education and progress. Springfield, HL, 
Thomas r!957i 

48 p. 21 cm. (The Salmon lectures of the New York Acadny 
of Medicine, 1966) 
BC458.W45 1957 *616.8907 56-11492 t 


Wenninger, Karl Augustus, 1893- 

A guide to psychiatric books, with some suggested reading 
lists. 2drev.ed. New York, Grnne & Stratton, 1956 

xvl 157 p 28 cm. (The Menninger OMalc monograph series, no. 

Z6664.N5M48 1956 



Psychoanalysis Caricatures and 


Alanen, Yrjo 

The mothers of schizophrenic patients; a study of the 
personality and the mother-child relationship of 100 mothers 
and the significance of these factors in the pathogenesls of 
schizophrenia, in comparision with heredity. [Translated by 
Jaakko Kailo, Copenhagen, Munksgaard, 1958. 

861 p. tables. 25 cm. (Acta peychlatrlca et neurolotfca Scandl- 
narlca. Sapplemeotom 124, T. S3) 

A 59-7729 
Ullnote. TTnlv. Library 

Bowles, Greorge Eenneth. 

The development and validation of the Bedford clinical 
rating scale. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1958 3 

([TJnlversItyMlcronlinB, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 24,779) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 24,779 Mic 58-4946 

Briggs, Peter Farkasch. 

Preliminary validation of a standard personal history for 
psychiatric diagnosis. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

( tUni varsity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 11^66) 
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Clinical studies of personality, edited by Arthur Burton 
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xlll, 83ft p. illua. 22 cm. ( Their Case histories In clinical and ab 
normal psychology, v. 2) 
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Connell, R* pseud. 

Healing the mind; how extra-sensory perception can be 
used in the investigation and treatment of psychological dia* 
orders, by R. Connell and Geraldine Cummins. Isted. Lon 
don, Aquarian Press, 1957. 

190 p. 10 cm. 
EC465.C6 616.89 58-15244 J 

Ekblad, Martin. 

Induced abortion on psychiatric grounds; a follow-up 
study of 479 women. [Tr. by Donald Burtonj Stockholm, 

237, t l] P. tables. 25 cm. (Act* psychlatrlca et neurologlca 
Scandlnavlca. Supplementum 99) 

A 59-3514 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Eysenck, Hans Jurgen, 1916- 

Dimensions of personality; a record of research earned 
out in collaboration with H. T. Himmelweit t and others] 
With a foreword by Aubrey Lewis. London, K. Paul, 
Trench, Trubner ^947! 
xL 308 p dlagra. 23 *m. 
BC465.E9 616.8075 Med 47-2797 rev* 

Freeman, Lacy, ed. 

Troubled women, edited with au introd. and notes. t lst 
edo Cleveland, World Pub. Co. [1959] 

BC46&F7 5 T959 616.89092 58-9412 

Fryer, Katharine (Homer) 1907- 

Kathy; a mother's inspiring true story of her daughter's 
fight to regain health, r lst ed., New York, Dutton, 1956. 

224 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
BC657.F7 616.44 56-5058 t 

Herzog-Diirck, Johanna. 

Zwischen Angst und Vertrauen. Probleme und Bilder aus 
der psychotherapeutischen Praxis. c Nurnberg, Glock und 
Lutz [1953, 

208p. 20cm. 
KC465.H4 55-56367 t 

HoEmann, Werner. 

Leistungsminderung durch Stoning der Umweltbeziehung. 
TJnter Mitarbeit von Richard Behre c et aL 3 Berlin, Verlag 
Volk und Gesundheit, 1955. 

60 p. 25 cm. 
RC465.H6 56-30482 t 

Kupper, William Howard, 1908- 

We cant all be sane! (Paterson, N. J., Colt Press, 1955] 
21flp, 21 cm. 
KC465JC8 *616.89 56-22980 t 

Leningrad. Nervnafa klinika. 

HasjoBCKae wtHHuiecKEte cpe^H; CTCHorpaiiMu sace^a- 


ttaoHHaa KOJurernx: K. M. BHKOB H flp.) MocKBa, HS^-BO 
AKMCHHH Hay K CCCP, 1954-57. 

8v. llltis., ports, 26cm. 
EC465.L4 55-34227 rev 2 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


STATISTICS (Continued) 

Lewis, Nolan Don Carpenter, 188- ed. 

Studies in topectcany, edited by Nolan D. C. Lewis, Carney 
Laadis, aad H. E. TTing. New York, Grane & Stratton, 

55-12252 rev 


London, LOTOS Sa 


Aboonaal seioil behavior; twenty-three detailed case 
stadias. New York, Julian Press t 1957j 

427 p, Ulm. 25cm. 
EC&67JL57 61635 57-3381 t 

Ix&ensseltkksaks in peycMatrischen Gutachten; Beitrage 
itun Verstaiwlnis des Menschan. Stuttgart, F. Enke, 1954. 

8S5.pi 22 OB. 

EC48&.MS A56-3669 


asserman, Job* Barmen, 1905- . 

The practice of dynamk psychiatry. Philadelphia, 
Sanadera, 1965. 


55-6337 J 

Problems of bisenmEty as reflected in circumcision. 
Leadon, Imago Pub. Co, t !949, 

13L346S 50-23017 rev 

The Plea for the silent With am introd. by Donald Hd. 
Jofeaam id Norman Dodda. London, C. Johnson C 195T 3 


57-42104 J 

Schrebor, Daniel Paid, 18421- 

Mexaoira of my nervous fThwm t byj Daniel Paul Schreber. 
Tr*atela*ed; edited, with imtrext, notes and discrcasJon by lia 
MacaLpioe and Richard A. Hunter. London, W. Dawson, 

22 cm. {Psychiatric mooefrapfc e- 




Sedwtaye, Marguerite ABert, 1887- 

B symbo&cfee Wnuscfaerfeikmg, Darstelhmg edner 
aeoen peyehotherapentiscben Methods; and Tagetraefc. der 
KrunkKQ. t "0bera. mis tienst Franzosiscfaen TOE. Margarete 
CfcJsfeoSa mid C^afe AHemamij Bern, H. Haber ^SSS, 

**" 55-89203 t 

Weereo, Friedrict August, 1&07- 

Wmdant nad ApMsineoipfarrer vonj Friedridi Deich. 
Freiburg la Breiagao, H. Ktemro [1955] 

56-43099 t 

** c 

B512.WS&A4 1955 

Wlmer, Harry Aroo, 1W7- 

Social psychiatry in action; 
Forewx^ by Fnmaa J. BracekitfL 
^. Hogan. Springfield, HI, Thomas [198%' 

58-8486 t 

Wotf , RickanL 


Mitnfinegi^ J. A- Haiux, 1955. 

Changes in beharkr and personality following use of 
AY-55074; an Inrwstigation of the effects of a. sew drug- 
oa tie bebATioe and personality of adnlt hospitalized py- 
ddatric patiaote. Aaa AAoc, ABetu, TM-recgty MwmffTmit 
MferofitaAC-1 uo.58-671 AEc58-671 

American handbook of psychiatry. S2 

. Azieti, editor. 

EdaoriaIbc*rd:l^i I iiethKAppel t aiMi others, NewYori, 
-*^~P-~V*I *. 


C<*,MabdBbke,l908- ed. 

Advances m psychiatry; most ofcfeloiiiwnte in iateper- 
soml rotations. BoSeTand witk an mtrod. by Mabel Bltke 
Cohen, rlstedj Hew Yod^W.W.Korton 1*95^ 

Ehrenwald, Jan, 1900- i. 

From medicine man to Freud; an anthology, edited, with 
notes. t New York. Dell Pub. Co., 1956, 
4160. 17 cm. (A Dell first edition, C103) 

616.8082 56-13438 t 

Hoi, Pan! H 1902- ed. 

Psycbopathology of communication, edited by Paul H. 
Hoch and Joseph Zubin. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1958. 

xU,305p. port, diagrs., tables. 28 ^ijt 1 ^ 00 ^ 1 ?;^ of the Jwty- 
Blxth aomml meeting of tbe American PByehopatlwlogical Assoda- 
ttoo, Jnne, 1956) 
BC326.A597 vol.46 616^082 57-11344 


American Psychiatric Association. 

Approaches to the study of human personality; papers 
presented at a regional research conference held under the 
joint auspices of the American Psychiatric Association and 
the Department of Psychiatry of the Graduate School of the 
National University of Mexico at the Facultad de Medicina, 
Mexico, D. F., March 11-13, 1954. General chairman, Al 
fonso Millinj chairman of the scientific program, Rogelio 
Diaz-Guerrero; consultant editor, this number, Nathan. S. 
Kline; editorial assistant, Marion Robinson. t "VVashington, 

178 p. 23 cm. {Psychiatric research reports of the American Psy 
chiatric Association, 2) 
RC327.A47 1954a 137.082 56-9277 

American Psychiatric Association. 

An evaluation of the newer psychopharmacologic agents 
and their role in current psychiatric practice; papers pre 
sented at a regional research conference held under the joint 
auspices of the American Psychiatric Association, Galesburg 
State Eesearch Hospital, and the University of Illinois Col 
lege of Medicine, Gulesburg, Illinois, September 16 and 17, 
1955. General chairman, Lester H. Eudy; chairman of the 
scientific program, Thomas T. Tourlentes; consultant editor, 
this number, Jacques S. Gottlieb; editorial assistant, Marion 
Robinson. r TYashington, 1956] 

129 p. Illas., diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Psychiatric research reports 
of the American Psychiatric Association, 4) 
RC327.A47 1955aa *616.89 56-9976 

American Psychiatric Association. 

Psychiatry, the press and the public ; problems in communi 
cation. Editorial board : Wilfred Bloomberg, chairman E and 
othfirsj Editorial consultant : Stella Bloch Hanau. Wash 
ington, 1956. 

xtv F 68p. 22cm. 
BC327.A47 1955c *616.89063744 57-375 



Molecules and mental health, edited by Frederic A. Gibbs 
tsecretaryj Philadelphia, lappincott t !959j 

ISO p. Illua. 24cm. 
RC327.B66 616.8918 59-11291 J 

MBbank Memorial Fund. 

Papers presented at the 1958 Awinl Conference of the 
MObank Memorial Fund, held October 22-23, 1958, at the 
New York Academy of Medicine, New York, 1959. 

2r. map, diagra, table*. 28cm. 
BC327.M55 131.329 59-4651 

Moscow. Vsesofcznyi institut eksperimental'noi medifsiny. 


cpeAJ cxcHorpaMMH 


i^coHHaa KOiierHJi: K. M. BHKOB H > o MocKBa, 
Arafleiara nayr CCCP, 1954- 
JUm,porta, 26cm. 

55^34227 rev 

New York Academy of Medicine. Committee on Publh 

Integrating the approaches to mental disease; two con 
ferences held under the anspices of the Committee on Pub 
lic Health of tfce New York Academy of Medicine. Edited 
by BL D. Krnae. tlst ed., c New Yorkj Hasher-Harper 

171,898 p. fflagra. 27cm. 



Symposium oa Chemical Concepts of Psychosis, Zurich, 

Chemical concepts of psychosis; proceedings of the Sym 
posium on Chemical Concepts of Psychoeia neld at the Sec 
ond International Congress of Psychiatry in Zurich, Switzer 
land, September 1 to 7, 1957. Edited by Max Rinkel with 
Herman C. B. Denber. New York, McDowell, Obolensky 

xxl,485p. fflua. dlatrt, table*. 34cm. 
BC483JS8 19S7 *616^9 58-87QS 





American Psychiatric Association. Committee on Ptiblie 

A psychiatric glossary; the meaning of words most fre 
quently used in psychiatry. (Washington. Published by 

Health Mfttorimto Center, New Yorki 1957. 

TB1.-48P. cm. 
BC437.A5 *6169G3 57-1880 

American Psychiatric Association. Committee on Public 

A. psychiatric glossary; the meaning of words most fre 
quently used in psychiatry, tlsted. Washington, Published 
by American Psychiatric Association; distributed by Mental 
Health Materials Center, New York] 1957 t i. e. 1958j 

RC437A5 1958 616.8903 59-1933 

Lindzey, Gardner. 

Thematic apperception test: an interpretive lexicon for 
clinician and investigator, by Gardner Lindzey c and othersj 
Brandon, Vt., Journal of clinical psychology, 1959. 

98 p. 26 cm. (Journal of clinical psychology. Monograph supple 
ment no. 12) 
RC321.J742 no. 12 137.843 59-3286 t 

Ackerknecht, Erwin Heinz, 1906- 

A. short history of psychiatry. Translated from the Ger 
man by Sulammith Wolff. New York, Hafner Pub. Co., 

98 p. illus. 23cm. 
RC438.A253 616.8909 59-2551 % 

Altschule, Mark David. 

Roots of modern psychiatry ; essays in the history of psy 
chiatry, by Mark D. Altschule, with the collaboration of 
Evelyn Russ. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1957. 

184 p. illus. 24 cm. 
RC438A4 *616.8909 57-8359 t 

Beitrage zur Geschichte der Psychiatrie und Hirnanatomie, 
von A. Glaus t et al.] Basel, New York, S. Karger, 1957. 
128 p. mounted port., plates. 25 cm. (Blbllotheca psychlatrtca 

t neurologlca, fasc. 100) 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

A 57-6054 

Boor, Wolfgang de, 1917- 

Psychiatrische Systematik, ihre Entwicklung in Deutsch- 
land seit Kahlbaum. Berlin, Springer, 1954. 

85 p. 25cm. 
RC438.B6 54-40978 t 

Wells, Harry Kohlsaat. 

Pavlov and Freud. New York, International Publishers 
t !956~ 

BF105.W4 150.9 56-12810 t 


Ulett, George Andrew, 1918- 

A synopsis of contemporary psychiatry, by George A. 
Ulett and D. Wells Goodrich. St. Louis, C. V. Mosby Co., 

24Sp. 20cm. 
RC457.U4 *616.89 57-915 t 


The Psychiatric bulletin, r. 1- 
winter 1950/51- 

tHouston, Tex., Medical Arts Pub. Foundation] 
y. In Illus. 31 cm. quarterly. 





Wagner, Werner. 

Versuche zu einer geisteewissensdiaftlich fundierten 
Psychiatrie. Mit einem Vorwort des Herausgebers [Hubert 
Tellenbachj Berlin, Springer, 1957. 

64 p. 24cm. 
RC455.W3 57-87742 J 


Berne, Eric. 

A layman's guide to psychiatry and psychoanalysis. t 2d 
ed.. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1967. 

820 p. 21 cm. 
RC460.B38 1957 *616.89 67-7946 t 

Doyle, Kathleen Cassidy. 

When mental illness strikes your family. t lst ed. New 
York, Public Affairs Committee, 1951, 

82 p. Ulus. 22cm. (Public affairs pamphlet no. 172) 
RC460.D67 616.8 61-6356 rer 

RokhKn,L L 

CoBercKaa icc^HUHHa B tfopitfe c ncraoreecjcHMH (SoJtes- 
MMH; Hay^HO-nonyjurpHuft o^eps. Bk*. 2., nepep. H on. 
Mocrsa, Meflrna, 1956. 

104, [4] p. IttuB, ports. 20 cm. 
RC460.R6 1966 57-40870 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PSYCHIATRY (Continued) 

RESEAKCH see Psychiatric research 


Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease. 

The neurologic and psychiatric aspects of the disorders of 
aging; proceedings of the association, December 9 and 10, 
1955, New York, N. Y. Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins, 

tr,*807p. lllus. (part coL) dlagrs , tables, 24cm. (It* Research 
publications, v. 85) 
RC326A783 616.8082 56-12927 

Foundations' Fund for Research in Psychiatry. 

Report. 1st- 
New Haven. 

Cm ' ***' 131.34072 57-16737 

Society of Biological Psychiatry. 

Biological psychiatry; the proceedings of the scientific 
sessions. 1958- 
New York, Grune & Stratton. 



Society of Biological Psychiatry. 

Transactions of the annual convention & scientific pro 

en- P-i 

v. 24 cm. 
RC326.S632 56-11789 


London. University. Institute of PsyoMatry. 


v 22 cm annual. 
RC326.L6 55-38394 J 


Eorman, Maurice. 

An investigation of semantic differences among and the 
inferential processes of pychiatrists, psychologists, anc 
psychiatric social workers. Ann Arbor, Mich., University 
Microfilms t !968, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1122 Mic 58-1122 

Minnesota. Univ. Libr, 

Schering Corporation. . 

Physician's guide to psychiatric tests and terminology, 
rBloomfield, N. J., 1958j 

89 p. llliw., chart., table. 26cm. A 59-6848 

Wayne XJnlv. Library 

Talin, Norman, 1925- 

A psychiatric vocabulary for stenotypists. Los Angeles, 
Press of Wolfer Print. Co., "1955. 

40 1 25 cm !' 

Z51.T8 * 653.3 55-41214 t 


Vencovsky, Evien. 

Podltky deskS psyohiatrie xvm. a xix. stoletl. {Vyd. l. : 
Praha, Statnl zdravotnickfi nakl., 1957. 

187 p. lllus. 21cm. , * 

RC450.C9V4 59-18847 J 


American Psychiatric Association. 

A mental health program for New Hampshire, presentee 
to Lane Dwinell, Governor of New Hampshire. jWashing 
tonj 1958. 

xx, 282 p. map*, dlagr., tables. 28 cm. 
RC445.N3SA6 131.829742 


Bremer, Johan. .. 

A social psychiatric investigation of a small community 

in northern Norway. t Tr. from the Norwegian by Finn 
Carlaeii] Copenhagen, Munkagaard, 1951. 

166 D. tablM/Mcm/ (AdSTiwcalatrtca et nearologica. Suppl 

mentnm62) A69-361 

minote. UnlT. Library 


Oklahoma. Dept. of Mental Health. 
Report of progress. 1953- 

v, 28cm. 

RC445.043 A 56-9399 

Oklahoma. State Libr. 

Fedotov, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. 


CKsa, 1937- 

v. illus., ports. 21 cm. 
RC438.F4 58-21357 

RokMn, L 

: MCflHijHHa B <5opi>(5e c 
H&MII ; HayiHO-nonyjtapHMtt o^eps. Ha^. 2., nepep. H AOH. 
MocKBa, Metros, 1956. 

104, [4] p. lllus., ports. 20 cm. 
RC460.R6 1956 57-40370 


Council of State Governments. 

Recent progress in the States in the field of mental health. 
Chicago, 1954. 

65, [6,1. 29cm. (lit BX [publications, 290) 
JS308.C6 no. 290 55-62448 



see also War neuroses 

Adams, Sidney, 1906- 

Report of working group on human behavior under con 
ditions of military service; a joint project of the Research 
and Development Board and the Personnel Policy Board in 
the Office of the Secretary of Defense, prepared by Sidney 
Adams t and others] June 1951. [Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1953, 

ill, 426 p. chart 24 cm. (tU. S. Research and Derelopment 
Board. Committee on Human Beoourcefl] HBM 200 A) 

A 64-9012 
U. S. Dept of Defense. RAD Library 

Ahrenf eldt, Robert H 

Psychiatry in the British Army in the Second World War. 
Foreword by Eli Ginsberg. New York, Columbia Univer 
sity Press, 1958. 

xlll,312 p. dlagrs., tables. 23cm. 
UH629.5.G7A6 940.547542 58-10389 

Artiss, Kenneth L **. 

The symptom as communication in schizophrenia. Con 
tributors : Bruce L. Bushard t and others] Introd. by David 
McK. Rioch. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1959. 

238 p. lllus. 22cm. 
RC514A73 616.8982 58-13452 t 


U.S. National Library of Medicine. 

Bibliography of military psychiatry, 1947-1952; litera 
ture relating to U. S. Armed Forces with selected references 
relating to British forces. t Continuation of Neuropsychi- 
atric bibliography for World War n, section x, 1946, section 
n, March 1, 1947, issued from the Psychiatry and Neurology 
Consultants Division] Compiled by Charles Roos, head, 
Document Section. Washington, 1953. 

Z6672.M6tfi8 *016.61689 54-61664 rev 

U. S. National Library of Medicine. 

References on military psychiatry, 1952-1955, compileo 
by Charles Koos, head, Document Section. Washington 
Z6672.M6U54 016.61689 56-60676 rev 


TJB828.G5 1959 



Braceland, Francis James, 1900- ed. 

Faith, reason, and modern psychiatry; sources for a syn 
thesis. New York, P. J. Kenedy [1955j 

XT, 810 p. 24cm. 
RC455.B7 *616.89 55-9335 

Guntrip, Henry James Samuel. 

Mental pain and the cure of souls. With a foreword by 
L. W. Grensted. London, Independent Press t !956j 

206 p. l&cnx. 
RC454.G8 1956 *131.32 615.851 58-266 J 

Gontrip, Henry James SamueL 

Psychotherapy and religion. With a foreword by Rollo 
May. Naw York, Harper [1067] 

206p. 20cm. 
RC454.G8 1957 *131.32 615.851 56-12066 J 

Moore, Thomas Verner, 1877- 

Heroic sanctity and insanity; an introduction to the 
spiritual life and mental hygiene. New York, Grune & 
Stratton, 1959. 

243 p. 23 cm. 
BX2350.2.M64 248 59-7827 J 

Shea, Daniel J 

A handbook on mental illness for the Catholic layman. 
[1st ed.] New York, Vantage Press [1958] 

106 p. 21 cm, 
RC460.S47 131.3 58-10671 { 


Mairet, Philippe, 1886. ed. 

Christian essays in psychiatry. London, SCM Press t !956j 

187 p. 23 cm. 

A 57-4426 
Oklahoma. Univ. Llbr. 


Lemke, Rudolf, 1906-1957. 

Psychiatrische Themen in Malerei und Graphik, bearb. 
von Helmut Rennert Jena, G. Fischer, 1958. 

144 p> illufl. 28 cm, 
N8237X4 59-43053 : 


Bergler, Edmund, 1899- 

Pnnciples of self -damage. New York, Philosophical La- 

59-16230 J 

9 p. 23 cm. 


see also Apparitions; Clairvoyance; 
Dreams; Extrasensory perception; 
Ghosts; Hallucinations and Illusions; 
Hypnotism; Mediums; Mental sugges 
tion; Mind and body; Personalityj Dis 
orders of; Psychology, Religious; 
Second sight; Spiritualism; Subcon- 
sciousness; Thou^it -transference 

Amadou, Robert. 

La parapsychologie : esaai historique et critique. Prgf. du 
D* D. J. van Lennep. Paris, Denoel t !954i 

809 p 20 qm. 
BF1262A5 55-32068 t 

Ankrnst, Tor. 

Kristendom og verdensbilde ; teologiens forhold til den 
komplementtere virkelighetsoppfatning. [Osloj Land og 
kirke t 1953] 

Wp. 21cm. 
BL240JL88 55-18724 t 

Barera, Bugenlo. 

Un mondo misterioso. 4.ed. (Milano, Bompiani, 1945. 
275 p. 21cm. (Avrenturedelpenalero.T.a) 
BF1034.B37 1946 

PSYCHIATRY AND ART see Art therapy 

juie veroorgene Kraft; Probleme der Parapsychologie. 
Mit einem Vorwort von H. J. Urban. t Aus dem Schwedi- 
achen fibers, von Wolfgang Kautterj Olten, Walter t 195j 

260p, 21 cm. _ IAIAO + 

BF1038.S7B515 57-19163 t 

Bossche, Georges van den, 1915- 

Op ontdekkLog in de occulte wereld; hypnotisme, tele- 
patbie en helderriendheid, spiritisme, ftimsoie, experi- 
menten aan de Rijksuniversiteit van Gent (door. Peter 
Polder tpseud.1 Antwerpen, J. Dnpuifl, Zonen t 1962i 

298p. illM. 24cm. 
BF1038 JD8B68 68-8726 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Bozzano, Ernesto, 1862-1943. 

Loci nel futnro; i fea&oraeni premonitori. Verona, Casa 

e ^ Ce ^^ 1 <^k st*H ,***!* r. 14-15) 
BF1034.B& 56-1927? t 

Broad, Cliarfie Danbar, 1887- 

Peraooal identity aid survival London, Society for 

*-* w. a i*. ~=^ 

59-37370 J 

Jecture, 1968) 

Gregory, Christopher Clive Langton, 1892- 

The O-structure; an introduction to psychophysical cos 
mology, by C. C. L. Gregory and Anita Kohsen Church 
, Hampshire, Institute for the Study of Mental 


Capftfc*, Pedro de. 

latrodnoa&i a. k parapsieologla. Buenos Aires, 1955. 
134 p. IS cm, 
BF103S.C3 57-45976 t 

Carriagton, Herwrard, 1880- 

"Hie case for psychic survival, ilst ed.] New York, Cita 
del Press , 1957, 


57-12274 J 

Carringtoo, Hereward, 1880- 

Esaays in the occult. [New ei, New York, T. Yoseloff 

BF108LC814 1968 



CoWewtz, WOfiam Weber, 1878- 

Man's place in a saperphysical world. New York, Sabian 
Pub. Society, 1954 ,L e. 195^ 

233 p. 21em. 
BF10S1.C&7 133.072 55-32064 rev t 

CorctBet, Lean, 1873-1950. 

SClp. iEns, poet, aagrt. 25cm. 

^ Gerakime Dorothy, 1390- 


aiMiMMiiw, <jfTIBTnfUJOPHay, iOW- 

Mrod in life and death: review of recent evidence of tha 
8Brvtvai of FrankSn Boowvett end others; records from the 
Society of Psychical Beattxch. Foreword by Baynor C. 
Johnson. Other coBtribntora: Sir David Eossen [and} 
David Gray. Isted. London, Atpmrian Prees, 1956. 

MHk.n 9KMK 

138^72 56-58459 t 

Devaux, Pierre, 1S97- 

Les fmmliQes devarat la science. Paris, Magnard r 1954j 
Slip. 22m. 
BF1038JE)48 55-24275 J 


The bawotmg of Borfey Rectory, by Eric J. Dingwdl, 
KaibJeeaM.Qoldiy,aiidTrOTOrH.HalL London, Duck 
worth ,^6*, i55, 

". mm. 23cm. 

56-27710 t 

DingwrnH, Eric John. 

Tbennknown, is it nearerT By E. J. Dingwall and John 
Londkm, CaaeeJl t 1966j 



Datgwafl, Erk Joluu 

The imkmywzt, is it nearer? By Eric J. DingwaE and 
Jobn Langdon-Davies. Nerw Yotkj New AynMn^n Library 

MO PL IS on. (ASiDkerboot,K3336) 
BF103UD5S 1956ft 138.072 


BdsaB, Florences. 

The woridof peyciiicpbeaiomena. New Yoric, D. McKay 



58-12261 t 

Tggfrfi, Ficaaeeaco, 1879- 

Pittiira diaegni metapetchici 


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22Sp. IHim. ZLcrn. 
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see also Anus (Psychology); Conversion 
(Psychoanalysis); Dianetics; Dreams; 
Hypnotism; Medicine, Psychosomatic; 
Mind and body; Narcoanalysis; Oedipus 
complex; Psychology; Psychology, 
Pathological; Psychology, Physiological; 
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(rmw3K3i3) nww TTT 

,B3jQ y" 1 ter'j) nnso 

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<1 D"a <i :iKn 

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(BibUothfe< l ue de Psycnanalyse et de psychologic 


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of psyehoanal yaiaj a coOectioii of es- 
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. Uhcai? 

, , Nor. 14, 1907- & 

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London, RocfcM E 1956, 

BEISSjISe IMS EKL36) 6,1 56^41tt t 


infest rorni 5m / 

jn* J 4^ Tfrw TufrH 

psychology and modern mam; & new view of the 

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1 .HiCWfc ilJfOl j 

d bt Aod*cWn Pstov 
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a A. 

; teori og gnmdlag. 

listening with the Sard ear; the *r experience of a 
&oaaa|ysL New York, Grove Press [1956, 194% 
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Mystery on the mountain; the drama of the Sinai revela 
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bor uu fJ LUI uu-ivai. u 
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Sadism and masochism; the psychology of hatred and 
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Personality correlates of preferences among psychoana 
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nlT. Lite. 

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Curso basico de psicoanaliais, Compilado por Roy Cen- 
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Bn73.T27 58-^6188 t 





7; a journey into psychoanalysis, 
' ~ ' 'ostitute for Psy- 

Sievers, Wieder David, 1919- 

Freud on Broadway; a history of psychoanalysis and the 
American drama. t lat ed.] New York, Hermitage House, 

479p. 22cm. 
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day's neurotic family; a journey into paychoenal; 
[New York] Published for the Laymen's Institute for ] 
choanalytic Enlightenment by the New York University 
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An outline of psychoanalysis, edited by Clara Thompson, 
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Modern Library il955i 

~" " (The Modern library of the world's bett book! [66]) 

619 p. 19cm. (1__ 
BF173.T476 1955 


55-6392 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Thompson, Clara Mabel, 1893- 

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Tnrel, Adrien, 1890- 

Generalangriff auf die Personlichkeit und dessen Abwehr; 
nebst einem Namens-Register und einem Anhang, Begriffe 
und Worte, der mit Nutzen fur sich gelesen werden kann. 
Zurich tlQSSi 

203 p. illtu. 30cm. 
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Psicoanalisis y direcci<5n espiritual. 2. ed., corx. Madrid, 
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Victoria, Marcos, 1902- 

Freud, Jung y Adler, tres capltulos seguidos de un dialogo. 
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C 1931j 

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A 58-2046 
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Clinical papers and essays on psycho-amalyais. With a 
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lated by Hilda C. Abraham [and othersj London, Hogarth 
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RC509.A3 1955 



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Printed f or U. 8. Q.B.B. 

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A skeptical psychoanalyst New York. Eonmld Press Co. 

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Personal problems & psychological frontiers; a Cooper 
Union forum. Nvw York, Sheridan House t 1957j 

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Men and their motives; psycho-analytical studies, by J. C. 
Flugel ... with two essays by Ingeborg FlugeL New York, 
N. Y., International universities press, inc. r !947, 

3 p. L, 289, [1] p. 22* cm. 
BF173.F58 1947 131.3462 47-2740 rev 

Freud in der Gegenwart; ein Vortragszyklus der Univer- 
sitaten Frankfurt und Heidelberg zum hundertsten Ge- 
burtstag. Mit Beitragen von Franz Alexander t et al. Frank 
furt am Main 3 Europaische Verlagsanstalt [1957, 
<~nk 447 p IUus - 21 cnu (Frankfurter Beltrage zur Sozlologle, 

DO. 6) 

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fant conflict in the pattern of adult behaviour, edited by 
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With a pref. by Ernest Jones. t Londonj Tavistock Publi 
cations r !955] 

xill,534p. port 22cm. 

Duke Univ. Library A 56-5051 

Klein, Melanie, ed. 

New directions in psycho-analysis ; the significance of in 
fant conflict in the pattern of adult behaviour. Edited by 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


STATISTICS (Continued) 

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" ' 

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see also Moving-pictures in psycho 

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^psychodnmeaiiftlytiqiaechezrenfMit. tLeUj Paris, 
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23cm. (BlbUothSope de wdumalyae t de iwychologle 



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see also Maze tests 

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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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tests; Mental tests 



Here are entered general works dealing 
with methods used to undermine the 
morale of the civilian population and 
the military forces of an enemy country 

see also propaganda; and subdivision 
Psychological aspects under names of 
wars, e. g. World War, 1939-1945 
Psychological aspects 

Byfield, Robert Sigmund, 1896- 

The fifth weapon; notes on the Kremlin's concept of total 
coordination of all weapons. [New York] '1954. 

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K HCCJieAosaHHio npofijtew ncuxoJiorHHecEOft BO&HH; cfiop- 
HHK cxaiefl. MiOHxen, 19 

v 30 cm. (HHCTHryr no H3yieHHK> CCCP. HccJieAOBarow H 
MaTepnajibL Ceproi 2 (poraTopHbie HaaaHHji) N 49 
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K HCCtteflosaHHio npofijceu ncuxojiorHsecKOfi: sofiHH ; c<5op- 
HHK ciaien MIOHXCH, 1955. 

132 p. 29 on. (HHCTHTVT no HSVHCHHIO HCTOPHM H KyjibrypH 
CCCP. HcoieAOBaHHH H MarepHajiw. CepwH 2 (poraTopHue H3AaHn$t) 
Ms 22) 

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U22.S953 *355.42 355.43 55-5295 t 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Freedom Commission and Freedom Academy. Hearings 
before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration 
of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security 
Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States 
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science of counteraction to the world communist conspiracy. 
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Welton, Harry. 

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see also Psychiatrists; Psychology as a 

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ng, Chi-sng. 

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International directory of psychologists, exclusive of tne 
USA-, prepared for the National Academy of Sciences, 
National Research Council by the Committee on an Inter 
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with a comprehensive bibliography of the author's publica 
tions. Wilmington, Del [1955] 

248 p. Illua. 22cm. 
BF109.W3A3 150.69 55-1738 t 



see also Ability; Abstraction; Adaptability 
(Psychology); Adjustment (Psychology); 
Ambivalence; Apperception; Art Psy 
chology; Association of Ideas; Attention; 
Attention - se eking; Attitude (P sychology) ; 
Behaviorism (Psychology); Belief and 
doubt; Body, Human; Child study; 
Christianity P sychology; Compensation 
(Psychology); Concepts; Consciousness; 
Difference (Psychology); Displacement 
(Psychology); Drawing, Psychology of 
E ducational psychology; Emotions ; 
Ethnopsychology; Experience; Extra- 
version; Genetic psychology; Genius; 
Gestalt psychology; Habit; Human 
behavior; Ideology; Imagination; 
Imitation; Impulse; Individuality; In 
efficiency, Intellectual; Information 
theory in psychology; Inhibition; In 
stinct; Intellect; Intentionalism; In 
terest (Psychology); Interpersonal 
relations; Introspection; Intuition 
(Psychology); Judgment; Knowledge, 
Theory of; Literature Psychology; 
Logic; Maturation (Psychology); Mem 
ory; Motivation (Psychology); Music 
Psychology; New Thought; Number 
concept; Opposition, Theory of; Op 
pression (Psychology); Perception; 
Personality; Phrenology; Physiognomy; 
Political psychology; Praise; Pre 
diction (Psychology); Problem solving; 
Psychical research; Psychoanalysis; 
Psychobiology; Reasoning (Psychology); 
Regression (Psychology); Secondary 
function (Psychology); Self -acceptance; 
Self-love; Senses and sensation; Social 
adjustment; Social interaction; Social 
psychology; Subconsciousness; Sym 
bolism (Psychology); Synesthesia; 
Temperament; Thought and thinking; 
Typology (Psychology); Will; Wit and 
humor P sychology 

Ackermann, Albert, 1897- 

Mensenkennis voor leiders. Vertaald door C. G. Voor- 

h ^ D .^ 

BF138D8AS 65-24276 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PSYCHOLOGY (Continued) 

What life should mean to yon. Edited by Aka Porter. 


BF175A5 1968 131.3463 


Aifier, Mortimer Jerome, 1902- 

Whai man has made of man; a stady of the consequences 
rfPlatommiaadpositlTismmpeychologj'. \Vithanintrod. 
by Fran* Alexander. New York, Ungar r l957, e !937 3 


Printed tor / 



, M, 1893- 

Psykologins grumter, av Alf Ahlberg och Geo. Hammar. 
isppL) Stockholm, Ehlin ,1951 j 
283P, Ota IScm. (FolkMMirfBS-erteny 

1951 55-17512 t 


dagogkkeskifch naok RSFSR, 

I3cHxo.-iorH* ; y6H 
Hofl pe# A. A. Cxmpsow. (rjcaa. peAarrop) t n 
Foe. ywfiao-ne^aror. 


Alixrt, Gordon Wfflard, 1837- 

Becoming; bask considerations for a. psychology of per- 
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1955. 

HWp. 22cm. (TbeT 


55-5975 J 

Auazfer, Boris GerasijiMmdi, ed . 

BoopocM sercKOtt E oomeft acaxoJtoraH. Mocss 
Axa*euuii ne^aror. Hay* PC0CP, 1954. 

2Clp. taw. 2SOQL 
BF188J9A55 55-36723 

Arnrid, Wi&elm, mi- 

Persoa, Charakter, Pecsonlkhkeit. G&tingea, Verlag fur 
PsyefcoSogie C. J. Hogrcfe 19S7j 

4Wp. tfias. 54cm. 
BFl23Ji7 57-37695 t 

r, Vtoffiwa: Afekseevich, 1897- 

Eypc JCKWtt BO ECHXCOOCHE. Ho. 2., nepep. H AOS. ^ 
* ca^ccrM! yreS. HOCoSn* ^ia ne^aror. HH-TOB 


o roc. yKBepeiiTta, 1958. 
4p, Itias- 23cm. 
BF188LA77 1&58 

ArteBwr, TlwBfflk Alekseerkh, 1897- 
O^eps zceaxcKBOrHBL MocrBa, Foe. 

213 p. ffln. 2Son. 




, 1881- 

BF13LAS 1956 

Psycboiogy applied to mtrang, by Lawrence 
Arerffl and Florence C. Kempi 5th ed. Phikdelpliia, 

56-5826 t 

MemperkenaTkan i]mn djiwa. Djakarta, Pnstaka Tlmnr 


46 p. 26cm. 

66-19005 J 

, Bernard If 

The aQ-embracin^ ac&eme; introdudug a new theory of 
attd, tlsfced-i Boston, Header Pufc. Co, t 19S7j 

Wp. 2&tm, 

~'~ 150 57-11288 t 

catbollqne *a 

57-44588 ( 

Y a-t-il ctoft scieocft del'amel 
127 p, 28cm. ( 


Qoe soat-ils! . 

am jeanes fflles r p*Tj Pierre Duf oyer tpsead.} Bnuelles, 
ActiotL fsmiMale, 1957. 

142 p. moa. 20 cm. (S^rk Tsycbologle* expttQnfe*," no 4) 
BFl89'.Be 58-S5728 J 

Brffl, Albert, 1891- 

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Foundation r 1959j 

341 p, 24cm. 

Guilford, CJonn., Ascendancy 


Bain, Albert, 1891- 

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Library [1955, 



New York, Philosophical 
55-14723 J 

Broermamv Ernst. 

AJQgemeine Psychologies eine Einfiihrung in ihre Tatsa- 
chen und Problems rait besonderer Berucksichtigung' der 
Padagogik. 3^ neubearb. Aufl. Paderbom, F. Schoningh 
t !958j 

256 p. 24cm. 

A 59-4501 
Harvard Uiiiv. Library 

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Psychology for general education t by] Harry S. Broudy 
t andj Eugene L. Freel. t lst ed. 3 New York, Longmans, 
Green, 1956. 

456 p. Him 24cm. 
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BF131.B70 150 58-14587 J 

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New York, Random House t 1957, 

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Psychology and the cross. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. 

135 p. 22cm. 
BF51.C3 201.6 59-7788 t 

Chanchard, Paul, 1912- 

La maitriae dn comportement. t l. d.] Paris, Presses 
ttniversitaires de France, 1956. 

224 p. 23 cm. (BlbHotheone de pbilosophle eontemporalne. Logl- 
qpe et phUosophle des sdencea) 

Chicago. Univ. Llfrr. 

Cohen, John, 1911- 

Humanistic psychology. London, *^Jlen & TJnwin t !958j 
206 p. 23cm. 
BFH1.C55 150 58-31966 J 

Cosgrove, Mar jorie C 

About you; a book of information and activities to nelp 
ycm uiuk'rstand yourself and others better and to help you 
build a happier, more useful life t byj Marjorie C. Oosgrove 
and Mary I. Josey. Illus. by Lucy Ozone. Chicago, Science 
Research Associates C e 1952] 

80 p. illua. 28cm. {Family liviag series, v. 1) 
BF139.C6 150.13 53-1828 rev 

Crow, Lester DonaW, 1897- 

An outline of general psychology, by Lester D. Crow t and| 
Alice Crow. Ames, Iowa, LittlefielcL, Adams, 1958. 

286p. lllua. 21cm. (The New LttOefleld coDece ontiinea, 28) 
BF131.C77 150 58-59629 t 

Crow, Lester Donald, 1897- 

Understanding our behavior; the psychology of personal 
and social adjustment, by Lester D. Crow and Alice Crow. 
listed.. New York, Knopf, 1956. 

347, Tip. Illus. 24cm. 
BF12LC684 150 56-5892 t 

Craze, Wendell Wayn^ 1907- 

Psychology in nursing. New York, Blakiston Division, 
McGraw-Hill, 1955. 

404 p. lllna. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill aerie* In ntmlng) 
BF13LC787 150 54-8800 t 


Kortfattetpsykologi Med tegninger af Robert Hogfeldt 
[3. opL K^benhavnt] Gyldendal, 1951 [ 8 1949 ] 
135 p. flhuu Wcm. (FoUcertrkwwrlen) 

BF138JD3 1951 

55-25464 t 

Dale, Pads, 1889- 

Vjrarojumi un pardomas par cilvSku un gara kultunL 

55-21708 t 

Donceel, Joseph F 1906- 

Philosophical psychology. New York, Sheed and Ward, 

363 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
BF131.D64 150 54^6144 J 

Dnlany, Don Edwin, 1928- ed. 

Contributions to modern psychology; selected readings in 
general psychology t edited byj Don E. Dulany, Jr. t and 
othersj New York, Oxford University Press, 1958. 

898p. Illus. 22cm. 



58-9462 t 

Duyckaerts, Frangois. 

La notion de normal en psychologie dinique; introduc 
tion ^ uue critique des fondements thebriques de la psycho- 
th^rapie. Paris, J. Vriu, 1954. 

'>03 D 23 cm. ( Problemes et controverses) 

A 56-6252 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Edelson, Marshall, 1928- 

The science of psychology and the concept of energy. 
Chicago, 1954. 
Microfilm 4191 BF Mic 55-4026 

Egorov, Tikhon Georgievich, 1891- 

Ilcnxo.-ionifl 2., ^oa. USA. Mocsea, BOCK. n3p;-BO, 1955. 
263 p. illus. 23cm. 
BF138.R9E35 1955 56-30007 

Engle, Thelburn Laroy. 

Psychology, its principles and applications. 3d ed. Yon- 
kers-on-Hudson, N. Y., World Book Co. tl957 3 

657 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
BF131.E58 1957 150 57-2959 t 

Eysenck, Hans Jurgen, 1916- 

Uses and abuses of psychology. London, Baltimore, Pen 
guin Books rl953! 

318 p. lUus. 19cm. (The Pelican psychology series) 
BF38.E9 150 55-933 rev t 

Feigl, Herbert, ed. 

The foundations of science and the concepts of psychology 
and psychoanalysis, edited by Herbert Feigl and Michael 
Scriven. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press r 1956j 

xlv, 346 p. 24 ciu < Minnesota studies la the philosophy of science, 

Q175.F3T 108.2 56-11610 

Frank, Lawrence Kelso, 1890- 

Individual development. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 

52 p. 24 cm. (Doubleday papers la peycholoiy, 14) 
BF701.F7 136 55-5952 t 

Friedmann, Hermann, 1873- 

Das Gemiit; Gedanken zu einer Thymologie. Mtinchen, 
Beck C1956, 

ix, 91 p. 21 cm. 

BF533.F7 A 57-108 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Garrett, Henry Edward, 1894- 

General psychology. New York, American, Book Co. 
t !955j 

664 p. Illus 25cm. (AmerlcaQ psychology series) 
BF131.G288 150 55-2303 J 

Garrett, Henry Edward, 1894- 

Statistics in psychology and education. With an introd. 
by R. S. Woodworth. 5th ed. New York, Longmans, Green, 

478 p. Ulus. 24cm. 
HA33.G3 1958 311 58-7827 \ 

Gates, Arthur Irving, 1890- 
arvn (Q-nnWi DB^J niniN nn ,n i| 3 < i3 < 'n 
Jiapino j nmno sti ypy> ,-]-\y .pmni-p^K .D 

^"^n ,^mtBr3 tj^nayn nmon nrnnonn nxxin 

cTel-Aviv, 1951/52] 

889 p. 24 cm. (mion ^3nR) 
LB1051.G35 56-62527 

Gilson, Lucie. 

La psychologie descriptive selon Franz Brentano. Paris, 

210 p. 28cm. (BtbUotheqne d'hlstolre de la pfallOMphle) 

A 67-542 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 


Gfcssberg, Bertrand Younker, 1902- 

Know yourself. New York, Oxford Book Co. t 1958j 
*- ^ * 3 


64-7825 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PSYCHOLOGY (Continued) 

Gobry, Ivan. 

Les niveaux de la vie morale. c l. ed.] Paris, Presses uni- 
versitaires de France, 1956. 

107 p. 19 cm. (Initiation philosophise, no. 28) 

A 57-5626 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. BJ108T 

Grinker, Roy Richard, 1900- ed. 

Toward a unified theory of human behavior. With the 
assistance of Helen MacGill Hughes. [1st ed. New York] 
Basic Books [1956, 

375 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
BF38.GT 150 56-9098 J 

Gtrilford, Joy Paul, 1897- 

Fundamental statistics in psychology and education. 3d 
ed. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1956. 

565 p. illus, 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill series In psychology) 
HA29.G9 1956 311.2 55-10407 J 

Haan, Willera Jacobus de, 1899- 

Heeft de psychologic be 
sterdam, H. J. Paris, 1947. 

Sip. 25cm. 

59-18654 J 

Hals, Adolf. 

Psykologi for sykepleien; til bruk ved sykepleieskoler og 
videregaende skoler for helsearbeidere. [Oslo, Fabritius 
t 1953, 

275 p. Illus. 21cm. 
BF128.N6H3 58-30809 J 

Harper, Robert Stevens. 

Introductory psychology. Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 1958. 

* 1 "' 

Hartley, Eugene Leonard, 1912- ed. 

Outside readings in psychology t byj Eugene L. Hartley 
[and, Euth E. Hartley. 2d ed. New York, Crowell, 1957. 

499 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
BF12LH25 1957 150.82 56-12627 t 

Havemann, Ernest. 

The age of psychology. New York, Simon and Schuster, 

150 57-12405 t 

Hebb, Donald Olding. 

A textbook of psychology. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1958. 
276 p. lllus. 25cm. 
BF131.H43 150 58-7954 t 

Herrmann, Theo. , ^ _ , . 

Problem und Begriff der Ganzheit in der Psychologie, 
Wien, In Ivommission bei R, M. Rohrer, 1957. 

129 p. 24 cm. (Oaterrelchlsche Akademle dr Wtttenacbaften. 
Philosophlsch-Hlstorlsche Klasse. Sltxungsberichte, 28L Bd., 8. Ab- 

[Asi42.V31 Bd. 231, Abh. 3] A 58-64 

Stanford Univ. Library 

Heymans, Gerardus, 1857-1930. , 

Inleiding tot de algemeene psychologie volgens Prof, j 

G. Heymans. Bewerkt door W. A. Pannenborg. Uitg.door 

het Heymans-Genootschap. Groningen, J. B. Welters, 1949. 

BF188JD8HT 55-59240 J 

Hflgard, Ernest Ropiequet, 1904- TT n nrt. 

Introduction to psychology. 2ded. New York, Haxcourt, 

Brace t !957j 

85Sp. Lllus. 25 cm. -rt. oaxn t 

BF121.H5 1957 150 57-2350 t 

erikae und deutsche Psychologie: einev^glei- 
chende Darstellung. Wurzburg, Holzner Verlag C 1958?, 

406 p. 28cm. A59-5005 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Strucny* pfehled psychologie. r Vyd. 1.) Praha, Statni 
VFWJK' 8 Cm ' (TJ<5ebaftflXtyY71 ^ Ch 58-34468 

Huber, Kurt, 1893-1943. . 

Grundbegriffe der Seelenkunde; Einfuhrung in die allge- 
meine Psychologie. EtaU, Buch-Kunstverlag t '1955 3 
8i5p. 19cm. A57 _ n8 

Harvard Univ. Library 

' Stodcholm, Svensk* bokforleget t !954, 
4 p. lllus. 21cm. wi_il!UVVi t 

BF138.S7H8 56-85001 J 

Ivanov, Platon Ivanovich. 

ncHXO.iorHJi Il3. 2. MocKsa, Foe. 
ms-BO, 1955. 

382 p. lllus. 28cm. 
BF38.I85 1955 


James, William, 1842-1910. 

The principles of psychology. Chicago, Encyclopedia 
Britannica r !955, '1952, 

Jdv,897p. lllus. 25cm. (Great boohs of the Western World, v. 58) 
AC1.G72 voL53 150 55-10359 

annaccone, Costantino, 1883- 

Compendio di psicologia. Pisa, Arti grafiche Tornar, 

1S6 p 22 cm 

A 55-3857 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Fersild, Arthur Thomas, 1902- 

When teachers face themselves. t New Yorkj Teachers 
College, Columbia University, 1955. 

169 p. 22cm. 
LB1731.J45 371.11 55-12176 J 

Jonges, J 

Psycliologisch leer- en werkboek. Groningen, J. B. "Wel 
ters, 1950. 

155 p. lllus. 22cm. 
BF139.J6 55-44139 J 

Kallen, Horace Meyer, 1882- 

Humixn beings and psychological systems; remarks at 
the dedication of the Perception Demonstration Center, 
Princeton University, March 6, 1954. With a foreword by 
HadleyCantril. [Princeton, 1954] 

24 p. 28 cm. 
BF80.7.P7K3 55-19440 t 

Kantor, Jacob Robert, 1888- 

Interbehavioral psychology; a sample of scientific system 
construction. Bloomington, Ind., Principia Press, 1958. 
rvt, 288 p. 24 cm. 

A 59-3549 
Brown Univ. Library BF88 

Karri, Harry W 1907- 

An introduction to psychology c by] Harry W. Karn c and] 
Joseph tVeitz. New York, Wiley C e 1955] 

315 p. lllus. 24 cm. (A Wiley publication In psychology) 
BF131.K36 150 55-6219 rev J 

Katz, David, 1884-1953. 

Handbok i psykologi. Under medverkan av Nils Antoni 
ret al] 2 utokade uppl. Stockholm, Svenska bokforlaget 

c il,l>. lllus., diagrs. 24cm. 
BF138.S7K3 1955 


Kimble, Gregory A 

Principles of general psychology. New York, Ronald 
Press Co. t 1956, 

400 p. lllus. 27cm. 
BF131.K5 150 56-7092 t 

Koren, Henry J 

An introduction to the philosophy of animate nature. 
St. Louis, Herder [1955] 

328 55-11804 1 

Eleme^'of psychology, by David Krech and Richard S. 
Crutchfield. r lst ed.] New York, Knopf, 1958. 

700 p. nius. 25cm. (Knopf core serlefl) 
BF121X73 150 58-5044 J 

Kyle, George Thomas, 1904- . 

A comparison'of normal and schizophrenic aubjecta in level 
of aspiration, frustration, and aggression. New York, New 
York University, 1952. 

12 p. lllus. 2Son. 



Lond 11 ' 

150 57-18870 

mile, Charles. 

Introduction a r&ude de 1'anthropotechnie. Pref . du Pro- 
f esseur Jausion. Paris, Dunod, 1956. 

Trill 102 p. 24cui. (Blbllothfequed'anthropotecanle,!) 
GN27X33 56-36559 

eithauser, Joachim G 

Das unbekannte Ich ; eine Psychologie fur den modernen 
Menschen. Unter fachwissenschaftlicher Beratung des 
Hochschullehrers der Psychologie Otto Walter Haseloff. 
Berlin, Safari- Verlag [1955] 

291 pi 22cm. 

A 56-^3655 
Harvard Univ. Library 

,epp, Ignace, 1909- 

Clartfe et tenebres de 1'ame; essai de psychosynthese. 
Paris, Editions Montaigne C 1956] 

295 p. 19cm. (Collection!* Chair etl'esprit) 

A 57-6957 
Chicago Univ. Libr. 

mper, Karl 

Die Grundtatsachen des Seelenlebens; eine Einfuhrunp; in 
die allgemeine Psychologie. Ludenscheid, R. Hemke, 1952. 

176 p. 21cm. 

A 55-7914 
Harvard Univ. Llbiary 

Londgren, Henry Clay, 1914- 

Psychologj' of personal and social adjustment 2d ed. 
New York, American Book Co. C 1959] 

584 p. lllus. 22cm. 
BF131.L49 1959 150 59-1118 J 

Liu, HuL 

^ t ^. P ?L 9 tp.yoMo (t y:a 1 it y or.bst ra oa I , New Madi^W^E^l^ 
Tork.P^osophicalLib^y ^NT, *K& K 

r^li*"- 160 57-2M** "..-/'-- 


Lamarma, Eustachio Paolo, 1885- 

La vita psichica e il suo sviluppo nel fanciuUo ; ad uso degli 
istitutimagistrali. Firenze, F. Le Monnier, 1951. 

286 p. 22cm. 


278 p. 19cm. 

Added title: Psychology for living. 

1. Psychology. L Title. 

'Title nmanteed: Shtog huo hsla 11 hrfeh. 
C 58-5629 t 

Logan, Frank A 

Behavior theory and social science, by Frank A. Logan 
c and othersj New Haven, Published for the Institute of 
Human Eelations by Yale University Press, 1955. 

x,188p. diagrs. 24cm. 
H61.L63 301.15 55-8705 

Lopez Ch , Matfas. 

Psicologxa general. Mexico, D. E. Herrero, 1954. 
100 p. Illus. 20cm. 
BF135JL6 57-47753 t 

Lflckert, Heinz Rolf, 1918- 

Konflikt-Psychologie; Einfuhrung und Grundlegung. 
Munchen, E. Reinhardt, 1957. 

Harvard Univ. Library 

^umeij, J L J 

The methods of psychology and psychiatry ; a methodologi 
cal analysis of various ways of approach with special refer 
ence to H. J. Eysenck's personality studies. Assen tHollandj 
Van Gorcum, 1957. 

243 p. 25 cm. (Medical library, no. 148) 

A 69 386 
North Carolina. Univ. Library 

McCan, Raymond Joseph, 1918- 

A preface to scientific psychology. Milwaukee, Bruce 

Pub. Co. C 1959] 

74 p. 20 cm. 
BF38.M27 150 59-14989 1 

McDougafl, William, 1871-1938. 

Aufbaukrafte der Seele; Grundriss einer dynamischen 
Psychologie und Pathopsychologie. Ubera von Fnedebert 
Becker und Hans Bender. 2. unveranderte Aufl. Stutt 
gart, G. Thieme, 1947. 

vll,247p. lllufl. 25cm. 

BF131.M1823 1947 A 55-1867 

Iowa. Univ. Library 

Louis, Mosby, 1957. 
891 p. illus. 23cm. 
BF131.M2S 1957 

applications. 2d ed. St. 

_ -... + 
150 5^-2402 t 

K .c_iMA7 

Mahieu. Jaime Maria de. . 

La naturaleza del hombre. Buenos Aires, Ediciones Arayu 
[1955 3 

57-20363 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PSYCHOLOGY (Continued) 

The language of psychology [bjj George Mnndtor t andj 
William Kesseo. New York, Wiley 1959j 

301 p. fflua, 24COL. 
BF3aM36 150.14 59-10997 J 


AH about yon. IHnstrated by WiBiam James, Chicago, 
Sci^ Research Associates, -1956. 

4p. iBofc 22cm. <Janfe We .djnrtment booklet) 
BF1SS.M4 160 55-51$ J 

Mefagw, Wolfgang, 1899- 

Psychologie, die Entwickhmg ihrer Gnmdannabmen seit 
der Einfuhrnng dee Experimeots. _, nedbearb. AufL 
Darmstadt, Dr. 0. Steiakopff, 1954. 

xix. 4OT pt Utat, 22 eta, ( Wtweachaftliche Fondwntibtilcbte. 

BF13&M4 1954 55-472 

Meyer, Arthur Ernest, 1887- 

Miad, matter, and morals ; the impact of the revolutionary 
new findings in neorophysiology and psychology upon the 
pcabkc&s of religion, ethics, and human behavior. c lst ed-j 
2lew York, American Press, 1957. 

EC P, San. 
txvjff MJ. ISA 57-9859 


Meyiard, Leoo, 1917- 

Psycbologie; dasse de philosopKie et propfideotiqne. 
Park, L&nArie clasaiqtie E. Belin E 1957j 

4p. 21 en. (Hw Coors depbllcxioptile) 
BFtag.M4T 58-28331 t 

Qo8Stkm& de psychokgie et travaax pratiques. jParis, 
Office de documenUtkm bfb&grapbique et de diffusion du 
firre fraacais, 151- 
T. fflt. Hem. 
BF12&M5 1^-19985 rev J 

Miro Qnesafe, Oscar, 1884- 

SoQfBQBs de pstcoJogiE! confoxme al programa oficial, por 
Oscar Miro Qoesada (Bacso) Tjm^ Ministerio de Educa- 
cidn Pibiiea, 1953. 

2% p. 22cm. (Bfe Obeaa, T. 1) 
BF1S5-M5 59-21908 

*Thft jv^yvTwtJAglp fftrtdj f TTVtn S^irtTijfrild v TH^ TboPftltfl 

7 150 57-7870 t 

Introduction to paytfcology {by, C^ffordT. Motgaa witt 


55-11981 ; 

Stuttgart, F. 
58-84801 J 

a-, Earl Ernst. 

Iffifler-Fmenf ete, Rkkarf, 1882-1949. 
"N^n^tT'T g und 

55-44740 t 

Norman LeaHe, im- 

the fnndt mHTtih of hamm adjoataeat 3d 



Hmnan potentialitiM. t New York, Afmcintkm 


(XBrien, Cyrfl C 

The growth of pfdiology with some present implica- 

(/ WtaMMMto AcadW cC 8ctai. Art Mid Lottaa> TttaMC- 
IT. LOc. 

Odstedt, Anne Marie. 

Lffla psykolopn. rJIustrationer av Gtannar Bruaewitz. 
Stoddwlm, Ehlrn [1953j 

176 p. ffln. l&on. (Yrkesaerlen) rronvre t 

BF138^7038 55-21978 t 

Pastoszka, J6zef. 

Psychologia og6Ina. Wyd, 2., zmienione. Lublin 8k2. 
^.: Tow. Nankowe KatoHckiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego, 


2 T. 22 cm. (Towanyrtwo Naukowe Katoltddfigo Unlwersyteta 
Lobelaldego. ,Wydawnlctwa, t85) 
BF128.P6P8 58-18866 J 

PflugfeWer, Gottlob. 

Psychologische TJntersuchungen uber Bewusstseinsveran- 
derungen in der Insulinkur. Basel, New York, S. Karger, 

78 p. nins. 24 cm. (Btbllotteca psjchlatrica et neorologlca, 

Ullnote. Unlr. Library 

Phillips, Ewing Lakin, 1915- 

Psychology and personality t by, E. Lakin Phillips t and] 
James F. Gibson. Eaglewood C^ffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall 


338 p. mas. 24cm. 
BF139.P48 150 57-6094 t 

Piaget, Jean, 1890- 

Logic and psychology. With an introd. on Piaget's logic 
by W. Mays. New York, Basic Books t !957] 

48 p. illus. 18cm. 
BC53.P512 1957 160 57-10774 J 

Pinard, Wfflem J 

!Miad : a psychological orientation. Boston, Meador Pub. 
Co. 1959i 

S12p. 21cm. 
BF145J>55 150 59-15485 J 

Price-Williams, Douglass Richard. 

Introductory psychology; an approach for social workers. 
London, Roatledge & Paul [1958! 




PHhoda, TCdar. 

Vy>oj psychiky. t Vyd. 
mR, 1952. 

128 p. 29cm. (UCebnf tetty vyflok^chfikol) 

Praha, Stdtn pedagogickS 


Psychology: a study of a science. Edited by Sigmund 
Koch. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1959- 

T. 111ns. 24cm, 
BF38J>8 150^2 57-14691 J 

An introduction to philosophical psychology. Englewood 
dinX N. J^ Prentice-HalL 1956. 

805p. 24^m. ^^ 

BF12LE4 150.1 56-6684 t 

Ringneae, Thomas A 

Psychology in theory and practice t by 3 Thomas A. Ring- 
ness, Herbert J. Kkusmeier t and] Arthur J. Singer, Jr. 
Boston, Houghton Mifflin [1959] 

430 p. mwL 25cm. 
BF1S1 Jt48 150 59-2452 t 

Roback, Abraham Aaron, 1890- ed. 

Preeent-day psychology; an original survey of depart 
ments, branches, methods, and phases, including clinical and 
dynamic psychology. Edited with the collaboration of 40 
experts in the various fields. New York, Philosophical 
__xfT,W6p. llW,diagr. 22cm. 

150.82 55-13621 

Rohracher, Hubert, 1903- 

Einffihrang in die Psychologie. 6., umgearb. und erwei- 
terteAufl. TTwn, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1958. 

nil, 524 p. Ulna, 22cm. * 

JBFISI^ ] A 59-5345 

HanrattlTIutT. Library AOIMWW 

Roth, Paul 

Anima und Animus in der Psychologie C. G. Jungs. Win- 
terfhur, P. G. Keller, 1954. 

64 p. 21cm. 
BF173J85B6 55-17525 J 

Hoyce, James E 

Personality and mental health. Mawaukee, Bruce Pub. 




Rubinshtein, Sergei Lconidovich, 1889- 

Orundlagen der allgemeinen Psychologie. Ubersetzung 
aus dem Russischen. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1958. 

861 p. illus, 24cm. 
BF126.R9R85 59-23940 t 

Rubinshtein, Sergei Leonidovich, 1889- 

Psihologija mialjenja i govora. Ztigreb, Pedagoko-knji- 

5eyni zbor, 1950. ^ ,. v 

242 p. 20 cm. (Blbllotdca proarjetnogr radnlka, 16) 
BF128.R9R82 55-15577 

Ruch, Floyd Leon, 1903- 

Psychology and life. 5th ed. Chicago, Scott, Foresman 

t !958j 

624 p. Illus. 26cm. 
BF131.R84 1958 


58-1551 J 

Rudik, P A 

IIcHXOJiorHa. MOCKBE, Foe. y^etfHO-ne,naror. HS^-BO, 1955. 
426 p. illue. 23cm. 
BF138.E9K8 55-59760 

Rudik, P A 

IIcHXOJioni*. ,Ii;on:ym;eHO B icaiecTse y^eCHuKa wut HH- 
IOB $H3iiiecEOtt KyjtTypH. MocKsa, <Dn3Ky.itTyp a K cnopj, 

500 p. Illus. 23cm. 
BF136.R8 1958 59-34064 

Ruja, Harry, 1912- 

Psychology for life. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1955. 

427 p. illus. 24 cm. 

BF131.E88 150 55-6168 t 

Santos, Nilza Coni Caldas, 1924- 

A stxidy of Thorndike's theory of mind and mental dis 
cipline. Aim Arbor, University Microfilms C 1957i 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 19,868) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,863 Mic 57-900 

Illinois Univ. Ubrnry 

Sargent, William Ewart 

Teach yourself psychology. New York, Roy Publishers 

159 p. 19 cm. (The Teach yourself books) 
[BF131] 150 

Printed f or U.S.Q.B.R. 


Sartain, Aaron Quinn, 1905- 

Psychology: understanding human behavior t byj Aaron 
Quinn Saxtain, Alvin John North, Jack Roy Strange t and] 
Harold Martin Chapman. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1958. 

444 p. illus. 26cm. 
BF121.S3 150 57-11867 J 

Sheehy, Mary Maurice, 1908- 

Psychology for nurses tby! Sister Ml Maurice Sheehy and 
Francis L. Harmon. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. r !958j 

246p. Uloat 28cm. L J 

BF131.S453 1958 150 58-7881 t 


Psychologia metaphysica ; institutiones philosophiae aris- 
totelico-scholasticae. Ed. 5. aucta et emendata. Romae, 
Apud Aedes Universitatis Gregorianoe, 1956. 

xvi,582p. 28cm. 

A 56-5842 
Catholic TJnlT. of America. Library 

Smith, Karl Ulridu 

The behavior of man; introduction to psychology t byj 
Karl IT. Smith c and] William M. Smith. Desired by 
Donald M. Anderson. t New York, Holt [1958 3 

6Wp. HIM. 24cm. 
BF131.S54 150 68-6835 t 


^mvuawBly JUlV&IVUky JLOW~ 

Psychology for Hying (by, Herbert Sonnaon c and, Mar 
guerite Malm. 2ded, New York, McGraw-Hill t lM7, 

BF139JS6 1957** 150 57-6410 t 

Speicher, Gtinther, 1922- 

TJnser anderes Ich; wir und die Psychologie. t l. . 

Hamrn, Grote r 1955, 
248 p. Illus, 22cm. 

56-19280 t 

Sperling, Abraham Paul, 1912- 

Psychology made simple. New York, Made Simple Books J 
distributed by Garden City Books, Garden City, N. Y. t 1957j 

l&2p. mna. 27cm. (Th "Made ata|W saclai) 
BF131.S654 150 57-542 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PSYCHOLOGY (Continued) 

Strasser, Stephan, 1905- 

Seele und Beseeltes; phanomenologische Untersuchuugen 
fiber das Problem der Seele in. der metaphysischen und em- 
pirischen Psychologic. c Neubearbeitung] Wien, F. Deu- 

xv, 253 p. 22cm. 

A 56-3820 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Strasser, Stephan, 1905- 

The soul in metaphysical and empirical psychology. 
t Translated by Henry J. Korenj Pittsburgh, Duquesne 

University, 1957. 

275 p 27 cm. (Duquesne studies, Phlloaophlcal aeries, 7) 
BD422.D8S813 128 58-26 t 

Strasser, Stephan, 1905- 

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1,7,207, 4 p. lllufl., tablee, dlagrt, 19cm, 


BlbUography: p. 1-4 (4th group) 

L Psychology. i. Title. Tttle rwumtted; Hsln 11 hsfleh yuan IL 
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U.S. ArtMd Force* Inttitoto, AtacKton, Wit. TO1T , T 
General psychology ; study guide to be used with US AFI 
*n/nn,ioK \r.j;<> An 1QKA. 

r*u,MO/CC485. Madison r'WM, 
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BF138.D8V5 1946 56-40137 

Wan f Shn-lin. 

R, US) 4711958, 

101 p. llltM. 21 
Added title: 

i. Title. 

rvMMfee* T*to jam yen chin h 


C 68-6406 t 

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BF121.W6 1956 



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.^nn 11*0 ,n^n ID WTO .1 
onion nmnon .^atHr 

[Tel-Avivj 1954. .l"^n 
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1. Psychology. 

Title romaniztd: Slmnlhak Ipmun. 
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^^p. Illus. 18 cm. 1 (Home atudy books) 

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IIcHXO jornjc ; y^etfHO HOCO^HC sa ne^arowraecrHT* yro- 
xvm* aa ACTOCH VTOTejntH. HpeBeje or pycra ACH Maw 
&OHOB. CO$HJI, Hapo^aa npocsera, 1954. 

BF?38 P i 23Cm ' 55^4617 t 


HSA-BO, 1955. 

187 p. inni. 28c 
BF136JZ8 1955 

Hs*. 2. Mocisa, Foe. 


Antenr de 1'oBUvre du Dr. E. ae Wreeff. Louvarn, Nauwe- 
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2r. port 28 con Ka-iTKAn 


BeltrSge aus der Sowjetpsychologia Berlm, Yolk und Wis- 

^^^S d ^ * 5---SS 


F J T Buytendijk ter getegenheid van njn 65ste verjaar 
diff]' Utrecht, Erven J.Bijleveld, 1953. 
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HarrardUolT. library 

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*" "* "" A5M251 

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t Tel-Avivj 1952. 
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14 p. Ulus. 20 cm. (to ^ 
BF28JI4K6 1952 

ntnpt mrrno 

[Tel-Aviv, 1962/53] J^OTi 
p nuune nnw) 

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56-46042 J 

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t l55 ] 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



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A 57-128 

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S cm. (InteraatkmimnuTo<octoIojand8ocIal 

BF28JRSS53 1957 



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[BF28] 150,947 57-9554 


Situation. Betoifflxcrphinoinfflftlogfr^ 

ehoprthoiogie phenomenologkiues. Contributions to phe- 





Frederic, 1904- 

" New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts 


59-9103 J 

Sociedad de pskafegia de Buenos Aires (Founded 1930} 

eftdos bajp el patroeinio de la. Soeiedad de 
Boenos Aires, con la eolaboraei6a de: Joed L. 
otros, Buenos Aiwa, Editorial medico-qnirurgica t 1945j 
p. ffiTM. 23} on. 

Med 45-274 rer 

tEedigerad ar Jan Agrell, 
under medv^rkan ar Toraten Hnsen och Ondunmd Smith 
Lsmd, a W. K. Gberap t lfl46- 

T. ports. 25cm. (Stadl* pydioioglc et paedagojica, 1- 

52-27565 rer 

BehroorandpsychWogical man; essays m motivation and 
learning. Berke% TMversity of Calfonna Press, 1958. 

sety. wxm. ziaL ^ 

BH2LT6& 1958 150.4 58-14906 

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Gaiofoeitspayc&ologie and Struktartheorie; zehn Ahhand- 
Irn^en mr Psychologie and philoeopbJschen Aothropologie, 
Bern, Fttmcte f 1955, 

258 p. Wo*. 22cm. 


Moore, H 

dotes and stories. lOhmkee, Editions 
Mkp 56-84 

Copnisen. State 

Katalog over litteratnr om bffrne- oe 
ps^oJo^ i almin^a^ed, peraonligbeds- g 
pajdagogiA psyfcologi med standpnnktspr^ver^ peykoJogisk- 
statisak. 4. tidg; K^benhavn, J. H. Sdraftz 


. . 

Z720LC6 1954 

Frankfurt am Main. Hochsdmle fur Internationale Pada- 
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Iowa. State Coll. Library 

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dUnlversIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch-j Publication no. 22^17) 
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Kiev. Nankovo-dosfidnyl instvtet peykaologfi. 

HapacH 3 icTOpfi BIT^HSHXHOI ncHxoJiorii six CT. 3a pe^. 
Kocrxjra F. C. Ems, Pa^anci-Ka msojra, 1955- 



Barcelona. Institute de Psicologfa ApKcada y Psicotecnia. 

T. Illna. 25cm. 

Culegere de studii de psihologie. v. c l]- 
t Bucurefti] 
T. 24cm. 


Germany (Democratic RepriKe, 1949- ) Mmuterwrn 
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i Ausbildungsunterlagenj Beihe 17 : Fragen der Psycholo- 
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T. 28cm. 
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Art and the creative unconscious; four 
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Pantheon Books I 1959 1 

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Psychological reports, r. 1- 

Louisville, Ky^ Southern Universities Press. 
T. lima. 28cm. quarterly. 

Monograph, supplement. 1- 


tLouisville, Ky., Southern Universities Press, 

. ^e 


no. 28cm. 



Rencontre, encounter, Begegnung. Contributions a nne pay- 
chologie humaine deViiees au professeur F. J. J. Buytendijk. 
Utrecht, Uitg. Het Spectrum, 1957. 
520 p. illus. 28 cm. 

A 58-3593 
Bocaester. TJolv. LIbr. BF21 


Congreso Argentine de Psicologfa. 

Actas. 1.- 


T. 24cm. (Unlveraldad Nadonal de Tacuman. Pnbllcaddn) 
BF20.C63 56-40846 

Congresso degli psicologi italiani lltfi, Milan, 1956. 

Atti dell'xr Congresso degli psicologi italiani tenuto 
all'TJniversita cattolica di Milano dal 7 all'll aprile 1956. 
Milano, Societa editrice "Vita e pensiero" [1957] 

Ix, 63T p. Ulus. 25 cm. 
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Interameiican Congress of Psychology. 

Actas. 1.- 1953- 

Ciudad Trujillo, Republica Dominicana, 
T. ports. 24cm. 

Virginia. UnlT. Ubr. 

A 56-6130 

Interamerican Congress of Psychology. 3d, Austin, Tea., 

Psychological approaches to intergroup and international 
understanding; a symposium. Edited and with introduc 
tions by G. M. Gilbert. Austin, Published for the Inter 
american Society of Psychology by the Hogg Foundation 
for Mental Hygiene, University of Texas, 1956. 

76 p. 23 cm. 
BF20.I5 1955 301.15082 57-63149 

Interamerican Society of Psychology. 

On present day psychology and education in the Americas. 
t n. p.j 1955. 

41 p. 22 cm. (The Interamerican psychologist monograph, 1) 
BF20.1 55 56-34996 

International Association of Applied Psychology, llth 
congress^ Paris, 1953. 
fSummaries of reports and communications. Paris, 1953]- 

v. 27cm. 
BF20.1 56 1953c 

Nordisk psykologm^te. 

Forhandlingar. L 

v. lUns. 24cm. Irregular. 
BF20.N6 50-28689 rev 

Vsesoibznoe soveshchanie po voprosam psikhologii. d, 

Moscow, 1953. 

XouaflH H a coBcn^annH, 3-8 HIOJIJI 1953 r. t Pe,naKHHOH- 
na rozierna A. H. JCeoHTBCB H ap.j MocKBa, Ha^-ao Asa- 
AeifHH neflaror. nayx PCOCP. 1954. 

347 p. lllu. 23cm. 
BF20.V8 1953a 56-16198 

Vsesoiuznoe soveshchanie po voprosam psikhologii. Sd, 

Motcou), 1955. 

MaiepiiajiEi coBemaHHa. [PeflaKi^HOHHaa KOJuiernji : B. F. 
AHaHBCB H AP-i MocKsa, HSA-BO Axa^eitHxt ne^aror. nayx 

780 p. lllua. 27 cm. 
BF20.V8 1955 57-44248 % 


English, Horace Bldwell, 1892- 

A comprehensive dictionary of psychological and psycho 
analytical terms; a guide to usage, by Horace B. English, 
and Ava Champney English. t lst ed. New York] Long 
mans, Green [1958] 

zlT, 094 p. dlagn. 22 cm. 
BF8LE58 150.8 57-10524 

Ferm, Vergilius Tore Ansefan, 1896- 

A dictionary of pastoral psychology. New York, Philo 
sophical Library [1955] 

21,888 p. 22 cm. 
BV4012.F44 *2