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Kansas city 
public library 
Kansas city, 

Library of Congress Catalog 


A Cumulative List of Works 

Represented by Library of Congress 

Printed Cards 






J. W. EDWARDS, Publisher 




A Catalog of Books Represented by Library of Congress Printed Cards. (Cards issued from August 1898 through July 1942). 
Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1942-46. 167 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and 

Littlefield, Inc. 1 $1500 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Supplement (Cards issued from August 1942 through December 1947) Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 

1948. 42 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $395 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The Library of Congress Author Catalog, 1948-1952. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1953. 24 volumes. 

Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $240 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The National Union Catalog, 1952-1955 Imprints. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 1961. 30 volumes 

$420 (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1953-1957, Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1958. 

28 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $275 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Also available separately from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 : vol. 27: Music and Phonorecords, $20.00; vol. 28: Motion 

Pictures and Filmstrips, $20.00. 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1958-1962. New York, Rowman and Littlefield, Inc., 1 1963. 54 volumes 

$495 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Available separately: vols. 51 and 52: Music and Phonorecords, $40.00; vols. 53 and 54: Motion Pictures and Filmstrips, 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1963, 1964 5 $365 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1965. 5 

Monthly issues for January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November, and December, quarterly cumulations 

for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $400 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The subscription price of $400 for The National Union Catalog, covers, in addition, its Register of Additional Locations 
and the following two parts of The Library of Congress Catalogs which are also issued separately and are available at the 
prices listed. Each part includes its own subject approach. 

Library of Congress Catalog Motion pictures and Filmstrips, 1965. 5 

Quarterly issues for January- March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $7.50 

(plus 50 cents postage) 
Library of Congress Catalog Music and Phonorecords, 1965. 5 

Semiannual issue and annual cumulation $4.25 (plus 25 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1950-1954. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1955. 20 volumes. 

Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $274.50 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1955-1959. Paterson, N. J., Pageant Books, Inc., 1960. 22 volumes. Available 

from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $247.50 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1960-1964. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 1965 25 volumes 

$275.00 (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1965 s 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April- June, July-September, and annual cumulation $200 (plus $1.50 postage) 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1961. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 
!962 $9.75 

The National Un ion Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1962. Hamden, Conn., The Shoe String Press, Inc., 3 1964 $13.50 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1963-1964. 5 $10.00 

Armed Forces Medical Library Catalog, 1950-1954. (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) B volumes out of print 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1955-1959, (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) Washington, D.C., Judd & Detweiler 

Inc. 1960.6volumes $60 (f.o.b. Washington, D.C.) 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, I960, 1961 ,1962 out of print 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1963, 1964* (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) ...... ' . ." . , . / ." $20 per year 

(plus 50 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 
L. C. card 50-60682 

Bowman and Littlefield, Inc., 84 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10011. 

2 J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104 

3 The Shoe String Press, Inc., 60 Connolly Parkway, Hamden, Conn. 06514. 

Mudd & Detweiler, Inc., 1500 Eckington Place N. E., Washington D C 20002 




Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Fazekas, Joseph Francis, 1910- 

Coma: biochemistry, physiology and therapeutic prin 
ciples, by Joseph F. Fazekas and Kalph W. Alman. Spring* 
field, HI, Thomas [1962] 

114 p Illus. 24 cm. (American lecture series, publication no. 
507. A monograph la American lectures In living chemistry) 
RB150.C6F3 616.849 62-12047 J 

Gegesi Kiss, Pal, 1900- 

Das Koma und seine Behandlung bei Diabetes mellitus 
im Kindesalter. Basel, New York, S. Karger, 1956. 

86 p. Illus., dlagrs., tables. 25 cm. (Bibliotheca paedfatrlca, fasc. 

A 57-3898 rev 
Rochester. Univ. Libr. EJ1 

Leon-Sotomayor, Luis. 

Myxedemn. coma, by Luis Leon-Sotomayor and Cyril Y. 
Bowers. With a foreword by Thomas Findley. Spring 
field, 111., Thomas r !964j 

xl i. 01 p. Illus. 24cm. 
EC657X4 616.444 64-22076 

COMAN LANGUAGE see Kipchak language 


Amaral, Anthony A 1930- 

Comanche, the horse that survived the Custer Massacre. 
With a foreword by Edwag^ , Luce. Los Angeles, 
Westernlore Press, 1961. 

86 p. illus. 22 cm. 
E83.876.A4 ^.^ l L 61-15834 


Corwin, Hugh D * J *Lp 

Comanche & Kiowa captives* in Oklahoma & Texas. 
Guthrie, Okla., Printed by Cooperative Pub. Co. C 1959 : 

237 p. Illus. 24cm. 
E99.C85C6 970.3 60-1018 J 

Harston, J Emmor, 1864-1955. 

Comanche land. San Antonio, Naylor Co. C 1963j 
206 p. Illus. 22 cm, 
E99.C85H3 970.3 62-21894 J 


Cason, Mabel (Earp) 1892- 

Spotted Boy and the Comanches. Cover and illus. by 
James Converse. c Mountain View, Calif., Pacific Press Pub. 
Association, C 1963j 

vil, 155 p Illus. 23 cm. 
'PZ7.C2683Sp 63-21055 

Hooker, Forrestine (Cooper) 1867-1932. 

Star, the story of an Indian pony. With a foreword by 
Nelson A. Mies. Illustrated by Cristina Christensen. 
Garden City. N. Y, Doubleday t !964j 

138 p. Hlus. 24 cm. 
PZ10.3.H76SU5 64-13860 


Carter, Robert Goldthwaite, 1845-1936. 

On the border with Mackenzie; or, Winning west Texas 
from the Comanches. New York, Antiquarian Press, 1961. 

580 p. illua. 23 cm. 

[F391.C ] A 62-8747 t 

Arizona. Univ. Libr. 


Mfelfce, James Leroy, 1899- 

Comnndrn blister rust. tWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off.] 1961. 

7 p. illu. 24cm. (U.S. Forest Service. Forest pest leaflet 62) 

Agr 61-377 
U.S.Deptof Agr. Libr. A428.9F764 no. 82 

COMAS, JUAN, 1900- 


Comas, Juan, 1900- 

Curriculumvitae. Mexico, 1960. 
43 p. 24 cm. 
Z8188.CG 60-26616 J 


see also Battles; Dueling; Fighting, 

Cram, Kurt-Geor?. 

ludicium belli; zum Bechtscharakter des Krieges im 
deutschen Mittelalter. Munster, Bohlau-Verlag, 1955. 

xl, 281 p. 25 cm. (Belhefte zum Archly ftir Kulturgesehichte, 
Heft 5) 
JX4508.C7 60-19919 

EBdn, Albert. 

The development of a list of minimal training goals for 
basic combat training. r Washington] George Washington 
University. Human Resources Research Office, 1960. 

48 p. 27 cm. (HumBHO. Technical report 67> 
U15.G4 no. 67 62-45479 J 

COMBAT TELEVISION see Military television 

COMBAT RATIONS see Operational rations 
(Military supplies) 

Kortbeek, Lambertus Henricus Theodoras Simon. 

De geestelijke stabiliteit beschouwd onder militaire 
omstandiglieden. Mental stability considered under military 
conditions. With summary in English. Utrecht, Dekker & 
Van de Yegt r 1958 : 

vtil, 312 p 25 cm. 
UH629.K65 59-50121 


U. S. Dept. of the Army. 

Combat training of the individual soldier and patrolling. 
[Washington] 1962. 

220 p. illus 24 cm. (Its Field manual, FM21-T5) 
U408.3.A13 FM21-75 1962 62-60667 J 


see also Guerrillas (International law) 

American University, Washington, D. G. Special Warfare 
Research Division. 

The legal status of participants in unconventional war 
fare, by Philip M. Thienel, with the collaboration of Mary 
Dell Uliassi, D. M. Condit t and] John W. Killigrew. 
Washington, 1961 L e. 1962j 

5Sp. 24cm. 
JX4591.A55 62-60856 J 

U. S. Judge Advocate GenerdFs School^ OTtarlottesmRe, Va. 
A treatise on the juridical basis of the distinction between 
lawful combatant and unprivileged belligerent [Charlottes- 
villej 1WJ). 

110 p. 27 cm. 
JX5123.U3 341.31 59-62299 

COMBATIVENESS see Fighting (Psychology) 
COMBES, EMILE, 1835-1921 

Alquier, Georges. 

Le president Emile Combes. Pre"f. d'Henri Faur& 
rCastres (Tarn) 1962, 

236 p. illus., ports., facsuns. 22 cm. 
LC116.F8A7 64-31079 

Combes, Braile, 1835-1921. 

Mon ministere ; memoires, 1902-1905. Introd. et notes par 
Maurice Sorre. Avec un fac-simile". Paris, Plon t !956j 

293 p. Illus. 28 cm. 
DC342.C6 61-33410 J 


see also Probabilities 

David, Florence Nightingale, 1909- 

Combinatorial chance t byj F. N. David and D. E. Barton. 
London, C. Griffin C 1962] 

356 p. illus. 24 cm. 
QA273.D28 1962a 63-322 J 

David, Florence Nightingale, 1909- 

Combinatorial chance t byj F. S". David and D. E. Barton. 
New York, Hafoer Pub. Co., 1962. 

356 p. Ulus. 24on. 
QA273.D28 512.5 62-^099 t 

Fleishman, Bentsion Semenovich. 

KoHCTpyKTHBHtre Verona onjiutajitHoro 
KanajiOB c mynaxH. MocKBa, H3,a;-Bo 
CCCP, 1963. 

224 p. dlagrra. 26cm. 
QSeOJ'SS 63-58461 

Hadwiger, Hugo. 

Combinatorial geometry in the plane, by Hugo Hadwiger 
and Hans Pebrunner. Translated by "Victor Klee. With a 
new chapter and other additional material supplied by the 
translator. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston t 1964] 

vli, 113 p. diagrs, 24 cm. (Athena series: Selected topics in 
QA603.H313 513.5 64-10297 

L\glom, A M 

Challenging mathematical problems with elementary solu 
tions [by, A. M. Yaglom and I. M. Yaglom. Translated by 
James McCawley, Jr. Rev. and edited by Basil Gordon. 
San Francisco, Holden-Day, 1964- 

V. illus 24 cm. 
QA157J 213 510.76 64-16571 

MacMahon, Percy Alexander, 1854r-1929. 

Combinatory analysis. New York. Chelsea Pub. Co. t lfi60i 
2r.ini. lima. 21 cm. 
-QA165.M1G 1960 512,5 59-10267 J 

Netto, Eugen, 1846-1919. 

Lehrbuch der Combinatorik. 2. Aufl., erw. und mit An- 
merkungen versehen von Viggo Brun und Th. Skolam. 
New York, Chelsea ^SSj 

841 p. 21cm. 

[OA165.N ] A 62-1405 

North Carolina. TTnlv. Library 

Ryser, Herbert John. 

Combinatorial mathematics. jBufialoj Mathematical As 
sociation of America; distributed by Wiley ["New York, 

xlv, 154 p. 20 cm. (The Cams mathematical monographs, no. 

QA165.R95 512.5 63-12288 

Sinoto, NorL 

Typology; philosophy of design. New York, 496L 

QA165.S53 513.83 61-11566 J 


Symposium in Applied Mathematics. 10th, Columbia Uni 
versity, 1958. 

Combinatorial analysis. [Proceedings of the Tenth Sym 
posium in Applied Mathematics of the American Mathemati 
cal Society. Cosponsored by the Office of Ordnance Re 
search] Providence, American Mathematical Society, 1960. 
Ti, 311 p. dlagrs. 26 cm. (Proceedings of Symposia in Applied 
Mathematics, v. 10) 
OA165.S9 1958 512.5082 62-5685 


see Monopolies; Restraint of trade; 
Trusts, Industrial 


see also Graph theory 

see Amphibious warfare; Landing operations; 
Unified operations (Military science) 

see Gt. Brit. Combined Operations Command 


Akademiia nauk URSR, Kitv. Instytut lyvarnoho vyrdb- 

.Hooii.iKeHna nanpyaceHOCTi By3.riB i KOHCrpynjifi cauo- 
xi^unx 3cpnoa(5HpaJii.HHX KOMCJaftmB. KHIB, Bn,a;-BO Asafle- 
iiHa y sy K p.PCP,i959. 

142 p. illus. 23 cm. (Its HayKOBi rtpaui, T. 7} 
TJ4.A672 vol.7 60-42014 

Avdeey, Nikolai Emel'iknovich. 

KpatKnfi cnpaBOHHHK KOM(Jaftttepa. Mocoa, Foe. HS^-BO 
cejEtxos. JIET-PH, 1958. 

160 p. Ulns. 18 cm. 
S695.A93 59-19102 rev 

Avdeer, Nikolai Eniel'ianovidu 

KpaxKHti cnpaeo^HHK KOsi5aftHepa. 2., nepep. H3fl.j Mo- 

CKBa, TOO. II3^-BO Ce.7E.X03. JHT-pM, 1960. 

215 p. illus. 18 cm. 
S695.A93 1960 61-30450 t 

Dzhervalidze, A 


i^ no woiiTavicy n 

6." TiSiiiJicir, Il3^;-B0 FpyaniicKoro CCJILXOS, iin-ia, 1959. 

18 p. illus. 21 cm. 
S695.D9C C 1-21093 t 

Gavriliuk, L\ T 

PCMOHT ^Bnraxe.Teft 3 r -5M n CM-1. 3. HSA., nepep. Mo 
coa, Toe. H3#-BO cejti.xo3. .inr-pH, 1960. 

206 p. Illus. 23cm. 
TJ7T7.F3G3 1960 60-38098 t 

Gonchar, Ivan Sergeevich. 

PCMOHT cn^ocoyCopoiHoro KOM6*aftHa. MocKsa, Foe. BSR- 

BO CCJIBX03..1IIT-pBr, 1958. 

270 p. lllua. 21 cm. 
TJ1486.G66 60-28154 

Liiva, Earl 

Kombaineri tookogemusi. Tallinn, Eesti Riiklik Kirjaa- 
tus, 1955. 

7p. lllua. 21cm. 
S699.L63 61-28774: J 

Minaev, Ivan Nikitich. 

HapxattHBifl soMHTeT a nponaraHfla 
MocKsa, CoBexcsajt POCCHJI, 1960. 

26 p. 20 cm. (Ms onwra naprMflaofl padOThi) 

64-59661 J- 

Novotn^, Rudolf, ed. 

Kukoret traktoristy a kombajnisty. [Autofi pKspSvkfl: 
Karel AndPl et al. Ze slovenskeTio originalu pfeL Jan Za- 
hradm'cek. Vyd. l.j Praha, Statnf zemSdelskS nakl, 1963. 

230 p. Illus. (part In pocket) 21 cm. (Mechanizace, -tfatavba 
a rodnl hospoddrstrl) 
TJ1486.N612 63-52911 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Park, Joseph K 1916- . . , 

Combine cutting and feeding mechanisms in the South 
east jWashingtonj Agricultural Research Service, U. &. 

research report no. 6S) 
[S31Z2382 no. 68] 


^ ot ^ 
A231.9AgS DO. 68 

Zaknarov, Ybdimir Dmitrievidu 

^BHraTean caitoxo^Hiix soiiSaftHOB, MocEua, Foe. HSJ-BO 
cejrtxos. .IHT-PH, 1959. 

3epHoy6opoe roirfattHH 

yoopiH aepHOBHX syiwyp. OjoopeHO B M^CTBC 
nocoo-Ha a** cenannc npo^eccHOHJatHO-TexH. 
JleBHErpaj, ESS-BO ceatxos. SHT-pu, aypnaroB a 



63-34225 J 


Dozhdikov, Boris Vladirnirovkiu 

c Tparropos H icmSaflHa CE-3. 
I-BO. 1961. 

6^487,9 t 

Storcfaak, Ivan Marfcovych. 

PeiioHT TparropHux -ra KOiiSafisoBnx riflpocscTCM. KEIB, 
J^epac. BCA-BO dUiroen. zrr-pa y*p. PCP, 1961. 

184 p. mas. 21 cm. 
TL233JS73 62-66483 t 

COMTESSE DE, 1726-1798 

CoBas, Georges. . 

La vieillcsse doulourense de Madame de Chateaubriand; 
me famille noble pendant la Revolution, d'apres des docu 
ments inedits. Paris, M. J. Minard, 1960 t i e. 1961j-6L 
2 T. {714 p.) 22 COL (BiblItkS<pie oe litterature t d'Hstolre 

CUB.C62CG A 61^077 rev 

lUiaois. UalT, libraiy 



see also Chemical warfare; Fire; 
Flame; Fuel; Greek fire; Heat; 
Smoke; and subdivision Combustion 
under subjects, e.g. Gas and oil engines 

Agosta, Vito Dante, 1923- 

Temperature determinations of nitrogen and methan-air 
combustion products by velocity-of-sound measurements. 
Ann Arbor* Mich., University Microfilms t 1959i 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 50-2569 Mic 59-2569 

Columbia Uaiv. Libraries 

Akademiia nak SSSR. finergetickeskS institut. 

ifiiEa H $n3HEa ropeana. jOrBeTCTueHHtiii pe- 
A, C. npeABo^QTeieB] MOCKBE, HS^-BO 
nayK CCCP, 1959. 

170 p. illua. 2Cott. 
QC168.A5 60-21990 

AiademiS. nank SSSR. ^nergeticJmkn instifat. 

HeEotopHe MCTO^E* uccae^OBaima 
rrpoi;eccoB u nx ttpusieHeHHe K aay 
aeioHanuQHHon BO-IHH. MocKBa, Hs^-BO AKa^citiiH says 
CCCP, 1960. 

91 p. lllns. 26 cm. 
QD516A4 Sl-23562 

AJsademife nauk SSSR. LaboratorOa dvigatelei 


S CHCTpoxo^Horo nopmHeBoro 
cwja, HS^-BO Aza^eiraH Hiyr CCCP, I960. 

19ft p. 131ns- STctn. 

Akademiia nauk SSSR, Sttirstoe otdefaue. KhimUco- 

American Society for Testing and Materials. Camautt* 

D-2 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants. 

\STiI manual for rating diesel fuels by the cetane 
method. 4th ed. Philadelphia, American Society for Test 
ing and Materials, 1963. 

ropEHa HcsonaeMHX TOIUKB. jOrs. 
pH H. A, ^BOpciHfl, M. C. OpeH<5axj 
as-BO CH6HpcEoro oTfl-fiam AH CCCP, 1963. 
157 p. iUus. acm. 


narft SSSR. Sibirskoe otdeleMe. 

Bonpocn aHeprOTexHCtiorHiecKoro HCno^ts 

OTBercTBCHKHfi pe^ainop H. A. HBopcsHfi. Ho- 
, CndEpCKoro OT^-HHJI AH CCCP, 1WO. 

dlagnt 22cm. 


Blinov, Vasilii Ivanovich. 

^nc&iJysiiOHHoe ropeirae KHflEOcteft. 
AKaAeMHH nays CCCP, 1961. 

206 p. iHos. 27cm. 


Combustion Colloquium. l*t^ Cambridge, Eng., 1955. 

Selected combustion problems; fundamentals and aero 
nautical applications. London, Butterworths Scientific 
Publications, 1954. 

Till, 534 p. Illus., diagrs. 26 cm. 
QD51S.C6U 1953c 541.36 54-3208 rev 

Combustion Colloquimtu 3d, Liege, 1965. 

Selected combustion problems, n: transport phenomena, 
ignition, altitude behaviour and scaling of aeroengines, 
London, Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1956. 

viil,495p. illus-, dlagrs., tables. 26cm. 
QD516.C6U 1055c 541.36 5G-58659rev 

Demidor, Petr Georgievich. 


MsEHCTepcTBa KOMMynaatsoro xosaflCTBa PCOCP, 1962. 

Demidov, Petr Georgievich. _ , , . _ 

Die Verbrcnnung. t t?bersetzung:HansMigdalski. Hrsg. 
im Auftrag des Miaisterinnis des Innern der Deutschen 
Demoki-atischen Republik, HV Deutsche Volkspolizei, HA. 
Feuenvehrj Berlm. Verlag Tedmik, 1956. 

347 p. illus. 21 cm.' 
QD516.D385 541.36 60-24827 rer 

Donovan, Robert G 

Fuels, by Robert G. Donovan. Serial 5340-2. t Ed. 2] 
Scranton, International Correspondence Schools, 1964. 

59 p. illus. 23 cm. 
TP320JD6 1964 64-6819 

Donzelli, Enrico. 

Manuale per il perfetto fuochista degli impianti di ris- 
caldamento ad uso civile. r MilanO] A. Vallardi [1959] 

92 p. Illus., tables. 19 cm. (BIWIotaca di cultura, 2S4) 

A 60-4831 
nilnois. Univ. Library 

Flaksennan, Hrru NifcolaeTich, 1895- 

flnarpaMMa pacieia ropenz^ roracnB CCCP. MocKea, 
Toe. 3Hepr. KSS-BO, 1961. 

12-tp. illus. 20 1 20 cm. 
TP320.F5 62-36157 t 

Freytag, Helnmth, 1897- 

Feuer und Explosionen [Vonj Freytag t und] Koch. Hrsg. 
Tom Arbeitsministerium Nordrhein-Westfalen, Zentralinsti- 
tut fur Arbeitsschutz, Soest L W. Bielefeld, Druck W. Ber 
telsmann r 1949 3 

4S p. illus. 21 cm. 

TH9241.F7 614.841 60-37771 t 

Gorbunov, G M ed. 

B mtaMCHH H pasBHTHe nponecca cropanna B 
notOEe; cfiopHiiK ctaTefi. MocKsa, OCopon- 

HE3, 1961. 

18Sp. Illus , dlagrs. 23cm. 

QD516.G63 61^t4536 

Gumz, Wilhelm, 1901-1961. 

Kurzfs Handbuch der Brennstoff- und Feuerungstechnik. 
3. verb. Aufl. Nach dem Tode des Verfassers zu Ende 
gefuhrt von Lothar Hardt. Berlin, Springer, 1962. 

749 p. Illus. 24 cm, 

TP318.G82 1962 62-17200 t 

Huang T Ping- jung. 

*$& ^^^ 4tsc 

It 1957. 

49 p. illus. 19 cm. 

1. Combustion. i. Lou, Shu-ts'ung, joint amthor. n. Title. 

Title romcmized; Jan shno. 

QD516.H76 C 60-2824 t 

fAvorskii, Ivan Afanas'evich, 

Bonpocii reopiiH ropHEX ncKonaeMiix yrjteft H HHTCH- 
HX BOcnaaMeHeHHa. t Ho BOCHCapCE] HS^-BO CH- 

OT^-HHit AH CCCP, 1961. 
205 p. Illoa. 2Tcm. 
QD516J19 62-68041 J 

, ftrrfi Vasfl'evidL 

e CKnraHHe naAdioflaHX ropio^cHX rasos 
HH, ScroncKoe roc. HS^-BO, 1959. 
327p. fllus, 23on. 


vanov, ftrrii VasiTevich. 

Pai;iiOHa-'ii>Hoe cacnraHne npiipoAHoro rasa, ocHOBamioe 
na pesyibxarax paciexa rasorope.TOHHux ycTponers. Tai- 
^n, 1958. 

127 p. dlagra. 20 cm. (rocyAapCTBenHbtfi HayiHO-TexHHHecKHM 


TJT97.1 8 60-32930 rev 

vanov, Nikolai Ivanovich, writer on metallurgy. 

Pan;iioHajirHoe cacnraHiie Tomusa B neTa,i.iypniHecKiix 
ncnax; us onwTa MarmixoropCEoro MeiajrJiyprH'jecKoro KOM- 
6nHaTa. CsepflJiOECK, Toe. nayHHO-iexH. HSA-BO -iiiT-pH no 
Hcpnoft H ^BeTEoft uerajuiyprHH, 1961. 

138, [4| p. dlagrs., tables. 22 cm. 

Fantsch, Franz. 

Kraftstoffhandbuch. 6., neu bearb. Aufl. Stuttgart, 
Frajickh [I960] 

814 p. Illus. 20cm. 
TP343.J3 I960 62-31329 t 

Kantoiovich, Boris Veniaminovich. 

Bee^eHHe B xeopHto ropeaHa H rasu^iiEanim rDepfloro 
TominBa. MocKBa, Foe. Hay?Ho-TexH. HS^-BO JIHT-PM no icp- 
HOft H x^BCTHofl MeiajuypniH, 1960. 

355 p. dlagrs. 23 cm. 
TP325.K24 61-25967 

Knorre, Georgii Fedorovich. 

Tono^Hiie nponeccu. 2. H3A-, nepep. H A n - MocKsa, 

IOC. 3Hpr. H3A-BO, 1959. 

895p. dlagrs. 2Tcm. 
QD516JK556 1959 59-52859 

avrov, Nikolai Vladimirovich. 

BseACHHe B TeopHK) ropeHHK H ra3H$HEaE(HH TomiaBa. 
MocKsa, HS^-BO AEa,n;eMHii nayK CCCP, 1962. 

214 p. Illus. 27cm. 
QD516.L28 63-27215 J 

Lewis, Bernard, 1899- 

Combustion, flames, and explosions of gases [by] Bernard 
Lewis and Guen&er von Elbe. 2d ed. New York, Academic 
Press, 1961. 

7S1 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QD516.L38 1961 541.36 


Maybach, Gunter Wilhekn, 1927- 

Th.e film vaporization combustor for gas turbine engines; 
theoretical and experimental investigations. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms t 1959] 

Microfilm AC-l no. 59-2902 Mic 59-2902 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

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The film vaporization combustor for gas turbine engines; 
theoretical and experimental investigations. University 
Park Pa., 1959. 

xvll, 142 p. Illus, tables. 28 cm. (Pennsylvania. State Uni 
versity. College of Engineering and Architecture. Engineering re 
search bulletin B-75) 

TA1.P35 no. 75 621.433 A 59-9174 rev 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Mikheev, Vikentii Pavlovich. 

npouiinuieiiKoe ciKiirainte npnpojuoro rasa. [Kyft6i,t- 
mcB] Kyn6uweBCKoe Kinmciioe H3fl-no, 1059. 

136, [3j p. dtagrs. 23 cm. 
TP350.M5 C1-251C5 

Minkoff, G J 

Chemistry of combustion reactions [byj G. J. Minkoff 
t andj C. F. H. Tipper. London, Butterworths, 1962. 

xll,3ttp. lllus., dlagrs. 26cm. 
QD516.M67 541.362 63-24373 

Moscow. Aviafsionnyi institut imeni Sergo Ordzhonikidze. 

nponecc n packer icaMep cropamifl r 

eieft. Moci:na, Foe. IIB^-BO ofiop. npOMi>im.T:., 

HUX ^curaT 

284 p. dlagrs. 23 cm. (Its Tpy^u, Bbm. 106) 
TL507.M64 no. 106 


Nauchno-tekhnicheskoe soveshchanie po teorii i praktike 
szhiganife gaza. 

TeopiiH n npaKTHKa cacnraHHa rasa; t T PyA M coBem;aHnfl:] 
t l.i- 1956- 

t etc.j 

v. illus. 28 cm. 
TP700.N34 58-47154 rev 

Nikolaev, Boris Aleksandrovich, writer on rockets. 

TepMOAnnaKH^ecKHtt pacner paKWHHx ^BHraTeAett. Mo- 
crsa, Otfoponnn, 1960. 

147 p. IlluB. 23 cm. 
TL782.N5 60-35641 J 

Nikolaev, Boris Aleksandrovich, writer on rockets. 

Thermodynamic assessment of rocket engines. Translated 
by W. K. Jones. Translation edited by B. P. Mullins. Ox 
ford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1963; Distributed in the 
"Western Heffusphere by Macmillan, New Yorkj 

xvlll, 150 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. ( International series of mono 
graphs In aeronautics and astronautics. Division 7: aerodynamics, 
TL782.N513 1963 G21.43 63-10182 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMBUSTION (Continued) 

Obshchemoskovskil seminar po goreniiu, 

Instttut AN SSSR. 

Combustion in turbulent flow; proceedings of the Mos 
cow Seminar on Combustion held at the Energetics Institute 
of the USSR Academy of Sciences. General editor : L. N. 
Khitrin. Translated from Russian [by A. "Waldj Jerusa 
lem, Published for the National Science Foundation, Wash 
ington, by the Israel Program for Scientific Translations; 
t available from the Office of Technical Services, U. S. Dept 
of Commerce, "Washington] 1963. 

vll, 149 p. lllus , dlagrs, 25 cm. 
QD516.0213 64-60116 

Obshchemoskovskil seminar po goreniiu, finer f/etichskii in- 
stitut AN SSSR. 

FopeHiie B Typ6>ueiiTHOM noroKe, ^nci:yccu ira o6m;e- 
MOCKOBCKOM ccMiitiape no ropeHiiio up H 3nepreTHiCEOii 
XiixpuHj MocEsa, Ils^-ao AiajeMiin nayK CCCP, 1959. 

167 p. diagrs 26 cm 
QD516.02 59-51596 rev 

Padovani, Carlo. 

Stechiometria della combustione. Milano, La Goliardica 


123 p. lllus. 26 cm. 

Wayne State University. 


Penner, S S 

Chemical rocket propulsion and combustion research. 
New York, Gordon and Breach, 1962. 

158 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

TL783.P4 629.134354 62-16916 J 

Popov, Viktor Mikhaflovich. 

CacaraHne BHCOKOBJIEVKHLIX Gypux yr.ieft B Tonsax napo- 

BHX KOTJIOB. MoCKBa, ToC. 3HCpr. HSfl-BO, 1960. 

143 p. lllus. 20cm. 
TP329.P6 62-30492 J 

Raushenbakh, Boris Viktorovich. 

BatfpaijHOHHoe ropeHHe. MocKua, Toe. n3#-so $HSHEO- 
MaTeitaTHiecKoft JIHT-PH, 1961. 

500 p. lllus. 21cm. 
QD516.K28 62-50023 J 

Roga, Blaie j. 

Fizykochemia procesow spalaiiia wgla, i gazu, w zarysie. 
[Wyd. l.j Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Techniczne, 

151 p. lllus. 21cm. 
TP325.R63 61-31364 t 

Rozen, B fA 

XHMIU HBHoro n xaftHoro ornfl. MoCKBa, Bticmaa mKOJia, 

221 p. lllus. 23cm. 
QD516.B7 62-29528 t 

Samaras, Demetrios G 

Fluid dynamics of energy release; lecture delivered at the 
Fluid Dynamics Panel of the University of Illinois. Day 
ton, Ohio, Office of Air Research, Wright-Patterson Air 
Force Base, 1951. 

vil, 251. illus. 27cm. (OAE technical report) 
QC168.S3 532.5 5 1-61522 rev 

Schubert, Helmut. 

Verbrennungslehrej von Helmut Schubert, Rudolf Brendel 
t und) Erich Winkler. Leipzig, Fachbuchverlag, 1959. 

251 p. illus. 24cm. 
QD516.S346 60-18277 1 

Semenov, Nikolai Nikolaevich, 1893- 

FopeHHe H sspHB, PHcynsn M. FeTifaHCEoro. MocEsa, 
Foe. H3#-BO #excEOft JIHT-PH. 1945. 

29 p. illus., port. 20 cm. (yjeHhie lOKOJibHHKaM) 
QD516.S45 63-30540 

Shaulov, fUkhanai Ehaimovich. 

FopCHne B acHflKOCTHnx paKSTHHX flBHraieJLJDC, 
OtfopOHtriia, 1961. 

194 p. lllus. 23 cm. 

TL783.4.S43 63-27700 1 

ShcheDdn, Kirill Ivanovich. 

FaaosHHaMHKa ropeiraa. MocKsa, USA-BO AEa^eunti nays 
CCCP, 1963. 

254 p. plates, diagrs. 2T cm. 

QD516.S52 64-41364 

Sitkei, Gyorgy. 

A keverekkepzes es eges lefolyasa Diesel-motorokban. 
$zerk Pvnzso Imre, Budapest, Akademiai Kiado, 1960. 

206 p. lllus. 25cm. 

TJ797.S5 61-28690 t 

Sitkei, Gyorgy. 

Kraftstoffaufbereitung raid Verhrennting bei Dieselmo- 

toren, r Deutsche neubearb. Ausg.j Berlin, Springer, 1964u 

x,224p dlagrs. 24 cm. (lngeaJeurwi88WMCliaftllchBlbllothh:) 

TJ797.S515 1964 64-14616 

Sivolobov, Nicolas. 

Contribution i la determination des limites dhnflam- 
mabilitedeshydrocarbures. Pref . de M. AuberL Paris, En 
vente au Service de documentation et deformation tech 
nique de 1'aeronautique, 1960. 

6S p lllus. 27 cm. {Publications scientlfiques et techniques du 
Mlnistfcre de ralr, no 370) 
TL502.F77 no. 370 62-45318 

Smirnov, Vladimir Petrovidu 

KorejitHHe ycraaoBKH. H 
m;eHO B EanecTse yneSaHKa RX 
Foe. aaepr. USA-BO, 1959. 

303 p. illus. 26 cm. 

anepr. TexHHEYMou. 


Speisher, Vladimir Anatol'evich. 

GKHrnuHe rasa na 3,ieKTpocTaHniiax H B npoMHimieHHO- 
CTII. IIo^ pej;. .1 H. XnTpnna. MOCKBE, Foe. asepr. HS^-BO, 

198 p. illus. 26 cm. 
TP350.S6T 61-35372 

Stout, George H 1932- 

Composition tables; data for compounds containing C, H, 
N, 0, S. New York, W. A. Benjamin, 1963. 
xl, 391 p. 24 cm. 

QD291.S7 547.083 63-17501 

Gas sampling and chemical analysis in combustion proc 
esses. New York, Published for and on behalf of Advisory 
Group for Aeronautical Research and Development, North 
Atlantic Treaty Organisation by Pergamon Press, 1961. 

94 p. illus. 28cm. (AGARDograph, 47) 
TL500.N6 no. 47 541.3S 60-16786 t 

Tolubinskii, Vsevolod Ivanovich. 

MexaHHsanHs cacHi-asna TsepflHX TOILIHB B 
YKp. CCP, 1961. 

110, ( 2j p. dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. 

U. S. Bureau of Mines. 

Research and technologic work on explosives, explosions, 
and flames. 

v. lllus. 2T on. (lit Information circular) 
TN295.U4 662.2072 58-25417 rev t 

U. S. Lewis Research Center, Cleveland. 

A summary of preliminary investigations into the char 
acteristics of combustion screech in ducted burners by Lewis 
Laboratory staff. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

il, 18 p. Ulus., dlagrs. 80 cm. (tTT. S.] National Advisory Com 
mittee for Aeronautics. Report 1384) 
TL521.A33 no. 1384 59-61377 

U. S. Lewis Research Center, Cleveland. Propulsion Chem 
istry Division. 

Basic considerations iii the combustion of hydrocarbon 
fuels with air, by Propulsion Chemistry Division, Lewis 
Flight Propulsion Laboratory. Edited by Henry C. Barnett 
and Robert E. Hibbarcl. [Washington, TJ. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1958] 

si, 259 p dlagrs. 30 cm. ([U, S,j National Advisory Committee 
for Aeronautics. Report 1300) 
TL521.A33 no. 1300 58-60695 rev 

U. S. Ordnance Mksile Laboratories Division. Research 
Laboratory/, HuntsmlU^ Ala. 

The effect of sound oscillations on combustion and heat 
transfer, by Walter W. Wharton t and others] Project 
TUl-9005. fKedstone Arsenal, Ala., U. S. Army Ordnance 
Missile Command] 1959. 

35 p. lllus. 27 cm. 
TL784.C6U5 00-62140 

Vnlis, Lev Abramovkh, ed. 

HccseflOBaHHe $H3inecKHX OCHOB pa6o*ero ^po^ecca TO- 
noK H ne^eft. AjiMa-Axa, Hafl-BO AicafleicHH nays: Kasaxcsoft 
CCP, 1957. 

469 p. lllus. 27 cm. 
TH7121.V8 58-23239 rev 

Weinbers, Felix Jiri, 

Optics of flames, including methods for the study of re 
fractive index fields in combustion and aerodynamics. 
Washington, Butter-worths, 1963. 

r. 251 p. Illus., dlagr. 28 cm. 
QD516.W39 1963 541.362 64-1486 

Woodward, Eugene Clayton. 

An. investigation of similitude considerations for a family 
of geometrically similar combustora, Ann Arbor, Mick, 
"Oniversity Microfilms t 1959j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-41 Mic 69-41 

Pittsburgh. Univ. LIbr. 

T *iSlSfl! lift* 


1. Combnstloa i. Title. 

Titl romaiUwd: Jn ihao bo yang Qua 
C 60-2743 

Zuev, Vladimir Stepanovidu 

Combustion chambers for jet propulsion engines, by Y. S. 
Zuyev and L. S. Skubachevskii. Translated from the Rus 
sian by William E. Jones. Translation edited by B. P. 
Mullins. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [distributed 
in the Western Hemisphere by Macmillan, New York, 1964. 

!x, 24!) p. lllus. 24 cm. ( Interrmtiotial series of monographs to 
aeronautics and astronautics. Division in: Impulsion systems In 
cluding fuels, v. 5) 
TL709.5.C55Z83 1964 629.134353 63-10100 

Beardell, Anthony James, 1922- 

Soviet research on the kinetics of combustion processes 
cby] A. J. Beardell t and] F. J. Loprest. Report period: 
15 August 1958 to 15 August 1959. Denville, N. J., Thickol 
Chemical Corp., Keaction Motors Division t 1959?i 

97 p. 26cm 



Haller, Raymond and Brown, inc., State College, Pa. 

A literature survey of combustion, flames; final report 
under contract no. AF19 (604)-1885, prepared by H. D. Rix, 
G. K. Strother [and, C. L. Woodbridge. t n. p., 1957- 
tWashington, U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office of Technical 
Services, n. d. 3 

v. diagrs., tables. 27 cm. (Final report no. AFCRC-TB-57- 
QC1.U54 no.5T-180 016.54136 59-62248 rev 

Little (Arthur D.) inc. 

A summary of the status of research on the mechanism of 
combustion. [Silver Spring, Md.] 1946. 

36, [20j p. 28 em. (Bumblebee series, rept. no 47) 
QD516.L6 56-43395 rev 

Powell, Alan. 

A bibliography on aerosonics t by] Alan Powell c iuidj 
T. J. B. Smith. Los Angeles, Aerosonics Laboratory, Dept. 
of Engineering, University of California, 1962. 

vi, 138 p 28 cm. (University of California, Los Angeles. Dept. 
of Engineering. Report no. 62-4) 
TA7.C32 no. 62-4 


Akademiia nauk SSSR. finergetichesM, intt&ut. 

Gus dynamics and physics of combustion (Gazodinamika 
i fizika oreniya) ; a collection of articles. Translated from 
Russian. General editor: A. S. Predvoditelev. Published 
for the National Science Foundation, Washington. Jeru 
salem, Israel Program for Scientific Translations; t available 
from the Office of Technical Services, TJ. S. Dept. of Com 
merce, Washington! 1962. 

168 p. lllns., dlagrs. 25 cm. 
QD516.A3613 63-S0431 

Rynst, Francois Henri, 1909-1958. 

Pulsating combustion; the collected works of F. H. Eeynst. 
Edited by M. W. Thring. New York. Pergamon Press. 1961. 

310p. lllus. 24cm. 
QD516.R48 541.36 61-11540 1 


ARS Propellants, Combustion, and Liquid Rockets Con- 
ference, Palm, Beach, Fla., 1961. 

Detonation and two-phase flow; a selection of technical 
papers based mainly on a symposium of the American 
Rocket Society held at Palm Beach, Florida, April 26-28, 
1961. Edited by S. S. Penner c and] F. A. Williams. New 
York, Academic Press, 1962. 

xll,368p. lllus., dlagrs., tables. 25cm. ( Progress In astronautics 
and rocketry, v. 6) 
TL785.A2 1961 629.42 62-13117 

ARS Propellants, Combustion and Liquid Rockets Con 
ference, Palm Beach, Fla., 1961. 

Propallants, Combustion, and Liquid Rockets Conference; 
[papers] New York, American Rocket Society ( 1961- 

pts. llltia., dlagra., tables. 28 cm. (American Socket Society. 
iPaperj 1701- 

TL780.A6126 no. 1701, etc. 629.134354 62-2204 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. finfrgeticheakR institut. 

Topemie rtpu nouiuceintHX ^awenusx n HCEoropue BO- 
npocM cTaoujiiaanini nnaMemi a o^HO^iasHHxir ,a;Bp<$a3HHX 
cucieMax, [^oKtaAu, Koiopue otJcyacAaaiict HaOdnneMOCKOB- 
CKOM ceMimape no rope H mo 1958 r. OtBeTCTBeEHMfl pe^as- 
TOp JI. H. Xirtpiiit] MocKsa, Ila^-uo AKa^ewim HayK CCCP, 

85 p. dlagrs, 28 cm. 
QD51G.A373 61-22054 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Heter 
ogeneous Combustion Conference, Palm Beach, Fla., 1963. 

Heterogeneous combustion ; a selection of technical papers 
based mainly on tha American Institute of Aeronautics and 
Astronautics Heterogeneous Combustion Conference held at 
Palm Beach, Florida, December 11-13, 1963. Edited by 
Hans G. AVolfhard, Irvin Glassman [and, Leon Green, Jr. 
New York, Academic Press, 1964. 

xv, 7fif> p. Illus. 25 cm. (Progress In aeronautics, r. 15) 
TL507.P75 vol.15 541.36 64-25708 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Eocket and missile technology t byj Lionel V. Baldwin c and 
others^ G. C. Szego, symposium editor. New York, 1961. 

v, 82 p illus., dlagra. 28 cm. (Chemical engineering progress 
symposium series, no. 33) 
TL785.A5 61-19692 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CONGRESSES (Continued) 

Combustion Colloquium. 5th, Brunswick, 1988. 

Combustion and propulsion, Fifth AGARD Colloquium, 
Brauns; h\veir. April 9-13. 1P62: high-temperature phe 
nomena. Editor^ : R. P. Hngerty t and others] Ne\v York, 
Published for and on behalf of Advisory Group for Aero 
nautical lieseavoh aud Development, Xorth Atlantic Treaty 
Organization ;bvi ilacmillnn. 106!). 

rrlli, 698 p. 111ns., dlagrs 26 cm. 


U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Overpayments made under a cost-plus-a-frxed-fee contract 
for the procurement of nuclear submarine components from 
Combustion Engineering, inc., New York, N. Y. Depart 
ment of the Navy. !Report to the Congress of the United 
States by the Comptroller General of the United States. 
[Washington! 1964. 

21.. 28 p. 27cm. 
V858A5 1964 64-60897 

TL784.C6C5S 1962 


Konferenfsoa po gorenift i smeseobrazoranira v dizehakh, 
Moscow f 1S58. 

Cropaniie n CMeceo6pa3OsaHne B ^HSCJIXX; TpyAU sayiHo- 
TexHHiecKon EOHifiepeHisHH, npose^esHOfl B HJDHC 1958 r. 
JIa.<5opaTopHeS flBHraTesefi. tF^aB. pe#. B. C. CTCIEBH] Mo- 
CEaa, Ila^-BO AKajenHH Hays CCCP, 1960. 

240 p. IDos. 27 cm. 
TJ79TJC6 1958 61-30366 

Olf e, D B ed, 

Supersonic flow chemical processes and radiative transfer, 
edited 1-v D. B. Olfe and V. Zakkay. Oxford, tfe-w York, 
Publislied for and on behalf of Advisory Group for Aero 
nautical Research and Development, North Atlantic Treaty 
Organization, by Pergamon Press; [distributed in the 
Western Hemisphere by Macmillan, New Yorkj 1964 

Till, 488 p. illus. 26 cm. 
TL574A45O4 1964 629.1323 65-21448 

RESEARCH see Combustion research 

Bcrenblat, I I 

Tables for petroleum gas/toygen flames, combustion 
product =, and thermodynamic properties, by L I. Berenblut 
and Anne B. Downes. London, New York, Oxford Univer 
sity Press, 1960. 

107 p. 23cm. 
QD516.B42 541.36 60-52076 J 


Dncarme, J ed. 

Progress in combustion science and technology, edited by 
J. Ducanne, Melvin Gerstein, r and| A. H. Lefebvre. Oxford, 
New York, Pergamon Press t !960- 

T. flint, dlacEL, tabtes. 24 on. (International scries of 
monographs In aeronautics _aod astronatitJaL Division 8: Propulsion 
gjniimii including fuels, T. 2} 
TL701JD3 629.13435 60-7420 

COMBUSTION, HEAT OP see Heat of combus 


SofcoEk, Abrara Sotomonovich. 

^CTOHanim: B rasax Mo~ 



see also Automobile exhaust gas 

CERa, H-n-Ro AKaieannr nays CCCP, 1960. 

427 p. illus. 27 cm 

Sokolik, Abram Solomonovich. 

Self -ignition, flame and detonation in gases. (Samovo- 
splamenenie, plamya I detonatsiya v gazakh) Translated 
from Russian. t by N. Kaner. Edited by R. Hardinj Jeru 
salem, Israel Program for Scientific Translations; t avail- 
abte from the Office of Technical Services, TJ. S. Dept. of 
Commerce, Washington] 1963. 

Tl, 458 p. Ulna. 24 crn. 
QD516.S683 64-61036 


Khitrin, Lev NOcalaevkh, 

The physics of combustion and explosion. (Fizika gore- 
niya. i vzryvft) Translated from Bussian. Published for 
the [National Science Foundation, Washington. Jerusalem, 
Israel Program for Scientific Translations; t available from 
the Office of Technical Services, U. S. Dept of Commerce, 
Washington 1962. 

448 p.. inns., diasrs. 25 on. 

QD&16.K4513 63-81134 

Linchevskii, Vadim Pavlovich. 

TOH.HHBQ a ero cxmraHHe. U. u3fl., Ecnp. H ;?on. 
M. B PasHia H O. A. ECyxanoBOft. ^onynteno B 
}*TCG. iiocoGxia AJJI CTy^eHToa MersmyprH^ecxHX sysos. 
Mocrsa, Poc. HayHHo-iexH. HS^-BO jini-pM no fepnoA H 

HBCTHO-tt MCTSLOyprHH, 1959, 

0p. diagrs, tables. 23cio. 

TP3I8.L45 1959 00-19660 

VaSs,Lev Ateamovidi. 

Tenjosoft pexnit ropeaaji. Moocsa, Toe. 3Hepr. HSA-BO, 

287 jk. dlagra. 28 cm. 
QD516.V8 54-40808 rer 

Vulis, Lev AbramovidL 

Thflnnal regimes of corobastion. literal translation from 
th& ^ssian by Mbrris D. Friedman, Translatang editor: 
(Benin C. Williams. New York, McGraw-Hill, 196L 

296p. Ulns. 24cm. 
OD5I6.Y813 54L36 61-12981 % 

Tables of thermodynamic properties of combustion gasee. 
**lfl53*ttK f## c *i Peking, Science 
Press W^ffllRIt 1958. 

92 p. Ultu. 27cm. 

QD516.W883 64-8008 J 


Beardell, Anthony James, 1922- 

Soviet research, on the kinetics of combustion processes 
tby] A. J. Beardell t andj P. J. Loprest. Eeport period: 
15 August 1958 to 15 August 1959. Itenville, N. J., Thiokol 
Chemical Corp., Reaction Motors Division [1959 ?, 

97 p. 26 cm. 
QD516.B4 016.54136 

Kaeppeler, Hans J 

Zuaammensetzung and theitnodynaniische Funktionen 
chemisch reagierender Feuergase von Kohlenwasserstoff- 
Luftgemischen, von H. J. Kaeppeler und G. Baumann. 
Stuttgart, Verlag Flugtechnik/E. von Olnhausen, 1957. 

21 p. diagi'S. (part fold.) 30 cm. (Mittellungen aus dem For- 
sjbunssinstitut fiir Physik der Strahlantrtebe, 9) 
QD516X2G 60-21572 

Wu, Chong-hua. 

tt 19ST, 

02 p. tables. 26 cm. 
Bibliography: p. 24. 

L Combustion gases. 2. Thermodynamics Tables, calculations, 
etc. i. Title. 

Title romamzei.; Jan ch'l tl jo H hslng chlh plao. 

QD516.W88 060-8480 

Little (Arthur D.) inc. 

A summary of the status of research on the mechanism of 
combustion. [Silver Spring, Md. : 1946. 

36, [20] IT L'S cm. ( Bumblebee series, rept, no. 47 1 
<iD516.L6 56-43395 rev 

North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Advisory Group for 
Aeronautical Research and Development. 

Experimental methods in combustion research, a manual. 
Edited by J. Surugue. New York, Pergamon Press, 1961- 

1 T. (loose-leaf) lllus. 27 cm. 

QD516.N65 60-15715 J 

NATION, d. 1830 

Stewart, Thomas Dale, 1901- 

The Chinook sign of freedom : a study of the skull of the 
famous Chief Comcomly. 

(In Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1959. Washington, 
I860. 24 cm. p. 563-576. lllns., plates) 

Q11.S66 1959 970.65737 61-2124 

MUTUALASSISTANCE] see Sovet ekono- 
micheskoi vzaimopomoshchi 


see also Clowns 
Cahn, William, 1912- 

Harold Lloyd's world of comedy. t lst ed.j New York, 
Duell, Sloan and Pearce ^964] 

208 p. illus., ports. 24 cm, 
PN2287.L5C3 927.92 64-12440 


Orbtn, Robert 

If you have to be & comic. 1st ed. Baldwin Harbor, 
N. Y., Orben PubEcations, 1968. 

STp. 23cm, 

Keaton, Buster, 1895- 

My wonderful irorldof slapstick t byj Buster Keaton with 
diaries Samuek lst ed.j Garden CHy, N. Y., Doubkda-y, 

282 p, Ulos. 22cm. 
PN2S8T.K4A3 927.92 60-5034 J 


see also Burlesque (Literature); 
Comedy fUms; Comic, Thej Corn- 
media dell'arte; Farce; Grotesque; 
Tragicomedy; and such headings as 
Greek drama (Comedy); Italian drama 
(Comedy); etc. 

Blistein, Elmer M 

Comedy in action f by] Elmer M. Blistein. Durham, 
N. C., Duke University Press, 1964. 

xvi, 146 p. 23cm. 
PN1922.B53 809.2 

Bocek, Jaroslay. 

komedil t l. vydj Praha, Orbis, 1963. 

117 p. 19 cm. ( Knlhovna fllmor^ teorle) 



Feibleman, James Kern, 1904- 

In praise of comedy, a study in its theory and practice. 
New York, Russell & Russell, 1962. 

284 p. 21 cm. 
PN1922.F4 1962 808.7 61-17197 i 

Felheim, Marvin, 1914- ed. 

Comedy: plays, theory, and criticism. New York, Har- 
court. Brace & World [1962] 

288 p. 24cm. (Harbrace sourcebooks) 
PN6112.F4 809.2 62-17793 J 

Hogan, Robert Goode, 1930- ed. 

Dmma: the major genres,- an introductory critical anthol 
ogy [byj Robert Hogan t andj Sven Eric Molin. New York, 
Dodd, Mead, 1962. 

652 p. 21 cm. 
PN1621.H6 62-11692 t 

Hoy, Cyrus Henry. 

The Hyacinth room; an investigation into the nature of 
comedy, tragedy, & tragicomedy. t lst ed.] New York, 
Knopf, 1964. 

T!, 317 p. 22 cm. 
PNHWl.HG 809.2 64-10790 

Lauter, Paul, ed. 

Theories of comedy. Edited with an introd. by Paul 
Lauter. Garden City, N". Y., Anchor Books, 1964. 

xxvil, 520 p. 19 cm. 
PN1922.L3 809.2 64-16248 

Ortigoza Vieyra, Carlos, 1925- 

Los moviles de la comedia (primera parte) El principe 
constante de Calderon de la Barcn (segunda parte) Investi- 
gacion y estudio critico, los moviles del protagonista. M6- 
xico, Antigua Libreria Robredo, 1957. 

vill, 216 p. 21 cm. ( Clfislcos y moderaos, 11 ) 
PQ6284.P707 63-27048 

Perry, Henry Ten Eyck. 

The comic spirit in Restoration drama; studies in the 
comedy of Etherege, Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and 
Farquhar. N"ew York, Russell A Russell, 1962 [ e !925j 

148 p. 28 cm. 
PR698.C6P4 1962 822.409 62-10234 I 


Felheim, Marvin, 1914- ed. 

Comedy : plays, theory, and criticism. New York, Har- 
court, Brace & World jl962j 

288 p. 24 cm. (Harbrace sourcebooks) 
PN6112.F4 809.2 62-17793 J 


Corsa, Helen Storm, 1915- 

Chaucer, poet of mirth and morality. t Notre Dame, Ind.j 
University of Notre Dame Press r 19C4i 

Tl, 247 p. 25 cm. 

PR1924.C6 821.1 64-13286 


Bocek, Jaroslav. 

Okomedii. [l.vyd.] Praha, Orbis, 1968. 
117 p. 19cm. (KolhoTnafllmov4teode) 

63-45698 1 

Dolinskil, I L 

CoBcrcKaa jcnHOEOMe,z(Ha TpHfl^aTHX ro^oa; c 
jCKUHft, Hsfl. 2., ncnp. H Aon. MocKsa, 1961. 

PN1995.9.0B6D6 1961 
Akademiia pedagogicheskikh nauk RSFSR, Moscow. 

MaxepnajiM Haynnofl ceccna AIIH PCOCP, nocBameHHoft 
300-jernio onyd.iiiKOBaHna coCpanHa fln^aKTiiHecKiix rpy^ou 
Siza. AMOCS KoweRCKoro, 13-14 #eEa6pa 1957 r. IIo^ pe^. 
H. B. HyBamesa H A. H. IlnCEyHOBa. MocKoa, 1959. 

248 p. 21cm. 
LB475.C6A42 60-29207 

Library of Congress Catalog Boots: Subjects 


BeneS, Josef, 1905- 

Putovani po stopach J. A. Komenskeho. t Vyd. 1.] 
Praha, Statni pedagogicke nakl., 195T. 

66 p. lilus. IT cm 
LB475.C6B4 61-21349 t 

Bene, Josef, 1905- 

Uhersky Brod, 21. x. 1956. E Slavnosti J. A. Komenskeho. 
V Uh. Brode, Museum J. A. Komenskeho, 1958] 

19 p. nius 20cm. 
LB475.C6B42 61-21354 J 

Brambora, Josef. 

Svetove oslavy jubilei Jana Amose KomenskeTio, 1956- 
1D58. [Vyd. 1., Praha, Statni pedagogicke nakL, 1961. 
""" ~ "--- 21 cm 

130 p. illus 


Comenius, Johanr Amos, 1592-1670. 

Smutny^ hlas zaplaSeneho hnevem bozim pastyfe, k rozpla- 
senemu, hynoucimu stadu, ostatni jif rady d&nfm se vsemi se 
zehnajici. [Vyd. 2.j Ve Tyskove, F. Obzina, 1946. 

51 p. 24cm. (Obxiaovy tisky, sv. 74) 
BX4924.C6A3 1946 GO-19492 

Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. 

Vsenaprava (Panorthosie) vseobecne porady o naprave 
veci lidskych, cist sesta. t l. cesky preklad z latinskeho origi- 
ndlu od Joset'a Hendricha. 1. vyd., Praha, Orbis, 1950. 

384 p. 22cm ( PolltickdknihoTna) 
LB475.C6A343 50-63857 

Geissler, Heinrich. 

Comenius und die Sprache. Heidelberg, Quelle & Meyer, 

188 p. lilus., facslms. 22 cm. (Pfidagoglsche Forschungen; 
Verfiffentlichungen des Comenlus-Instituts, 10) 

A 60-408 
Rochester. Univ. Llbr. LB475 

Grue-S^rensen, E 

Jan Amos Comenius. K^benhavn, Gads forlag, 1961. 
100 p. 20 cm. 
LB475.C6G7 62-43212 J 

Kozik, FrantiSek, 1909- 

BolestnJ/ a hrdmsky 1 2ivot J. A. Komenskeho. [Vyd. 2.] 
Praha, Statni pedagogicke nakl., 1960. 

155 p. Illus. 21 cm. ' 
LB475.C6KU2 1060 61-37775 J 

Kozik, FrantiSek, 1909- 

Johan Amos Comenius, 1592-1C70. [Translation: Sylvia 
E. Fink-Myhrej Prague r SNTL, 1958. 

unpaged. Illus. 25 cm. 
LB475.CGK626 923.74372 W-1756S J 

Kozik, FrantiSek, 1909- 

Johan Amos Comenius, 1592-1670. t Traduit par Yvette 
Joye] Prague [SXTL. M^aison d'editions techniques a 
Prague, 1958. 

unpaged. Illus, 25 cm. 
LB475.C6K63 59-53361 J 

Kurdybacha, Lufcasz. 

Pfisobeni Jana Amosa Komenskeho T Polsku. r Z polskeTao 
originalu pfel. Vlastimil Uher. Vyd. l.j Praha, Statni 
pedagogichS nakl., 1960. 

279 p. illus. 25 on. (Z&kladnf pedagoglckfi dfla ,- odkaz pokrokov<5 
pedagogtcke" minulostl) 
LB475.C6K865 61-47652 t 

Orlando, Diega. 

II grande Comenio delle opera minori. Padova, Liviana, 

142 p. '22. cm. 

A 60-511 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

SchaHer, Klaus, 192"- 

Ildv; Untersuchungen zur Comenius - Terminologie. 
s'Gmvenhage, Mouton, 1958. 

96 p. 23cm. (Musagfetes; contributions to the lilBtory of Slarlc 

literature and culture, 5) 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


Sesja Naukowa, Leasno and Osiecan^ W56. 

Sesja naukowa w Lesznie w cztereclisetn% rocznic pow- 
stania Gimnazjum i w trzechsetn% \rydania "Opera didactica 
omnia" J. A. Kometfskiego. t Redaktor naukowy: Lukasz 
Kurdybachti. r Wyd. 1., Wroclavr, Zaklad Narodowy im. 
Ossolinskich, 1957. 

2T8p. 25 cm. 

LB475.C6S4 1956 59-53S55 

Slovakia. Poverenictvo sTcolatoa a JcuMry. 

3&D. Amos Komeaskf a Slovensko; vysfcava. o jeho zivote, 
diele a dobe, usporiadanfi, pri prflezitosti 300. vyroSia 1. 
vydania diela. Orbis pictus (1658) t Usporiadatelia vysta^y : 
Poverenlctvo ikolstva a kultury v Bratislave, Slovenski 
akad&nia vied, Univerzita Komenskeho. Zredigoval a obra- 
zovou dasfou dopbil Bohumil Novik. Ceskl testy prel. 
AlojzFialaj Bratislava, 1958. 

80 p>. Illus. 21cm. 
LB475.C6S6 61-22749 t 

Tettamanti, Bela. 

Vita Comenius vilagnezeterfil es ismeretelmfleti allasfog- 
lalasarol. Szeged, 1957. 

27 p. 25 cm. (Acta Unlversltatis Szegedlensis. Sectto paedago- 
gica et psychologlca, 3) 
LB475.C6T45 60-28795 rev 

Lordkipanidze, D 

5lH AMOC KoneHCKHft; 6nd.iHorpa(|)iiH. CocTaBHre.w: 
^. O. JIopAKiinaHiiflse, H. A. Snneiuii. T5n.7ncn t I^OAHa, 

48 p. 22 cm 

Z8188.8.L6 63-27224 

PavelSflt, Jan. 

Bibliografie Komenian napsan^ch pracovuiky mesta a 
okresu Uherstf Brod, 1892-1957. TJh. Brod, 1957. 

15 p. 2icm. 
Z8188.8.P3 59-45046 

Prague. Statni pedagogicka knihovna Komenskelio. 

Bibliografie komeniologickf ch cla,nk& v ceakych a sloven- 
skj'ch pedagogickych casopisech z let 194=5-60. Seat. Karta 
Beckova. Praha, 1961. 

611. 28cm. 

Urbankovfi, Emma, ed. 

Soupis dl J. A. Komenskeho v ceskoslovenskych knihov- 
nach, archivech. a museich. r Sest. Komise pro soupis del J. A 
Komeitekaio. Vyd l.j V Praze, Statni pedagogicke nakl., 

469 p. ICfacsIms. 25cm. (Bdlce Unlversitnf knlfaomy v Praze) 
28188.8.U7 61-25627 


HanuS, Miroslav. 

Osud naroda. f Vyd. 1., Praha, Ceskoslovensky' spiso- 
vatel, 1957. 

668 p. Illus. 21cm. 

HanuS, Miroslav. 

Poutnik v Amsterodamu. 

4S9p. illus. 21cm. 


[Vyd. 1.] Praha, Ceskosloven- 

61-30786 t 

MaSinovi, Leontina, 1882- 

Do labyrintu sveta. t l. vyd.j Praha, Svobodne slovo- 
Melantnch, 1958. 

370 p. illus. 21cm. 
PG6038.M385DS 60-28633 t 

MaSinova, Leontina, 1882- 

iHad4 14ta Jana Amose. c Vyd. l.j Praia, Ceskoslovensky 
spisovatel, 1957. 

279 p. 21cm. (iatva, ST. 225) 
PG5038.M3S5M55 60-18470 J 

MaMnova, Leontina, 1882- 

Planoudi pochodefi. r l. vyd., Praha, Svobodne slovo, 

504 p. illus. 21 cm. 
PG5038.M385P55 61-34234 t 

Bohatcova, Mirjam. 

J. A. Komensky; soupis mkopisft. V Praze, Narodni 
knihovna, 1957. 

n 1& P- 21 on. (BibUograflck^ tatalog fiSE. Oeakfi knlhy, 1957. 

SSvlaSmi ses,, 7) 



Giulietti, Giovanni 

Le dotti-iue pedagogiche di Comenio, Locke e Rousseau; 
sintesi antologiche e valutnzioui critiche della "Didactica 
mngna," dei "Pensieri sull'educazione," e dell' "Emilio." 
Testo e tracluzioni cli Giovanni Giulietti. Treviso, Libreria 
editrice Canova ^954, 

86 p. 21ciu. ( Testi fllosoflcl commentatl) 
LB472.G5 60-175fiS t 

Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, inc., Cambridge^ Mass. 

Studies of noise characteristics of the Comet 4 jet airliner, 
and of large conventional propeller-driven airliners. [New 
Yorka 1958. 

1 v. illus. 28 cm. 

TL685.4.B64 64-36801 J 

Dempster, Derek D 

The tale of the Comet. New York, D. McKay Co. rl959, 
218 p, Illus. 22cm. 
TLC86.D4D4 629.133349 60-1603 J 


Akademha nanfc SSSR. KomMtito po Jcometam, i neteorowi. 

HB. >& 1- 

A, 1957- 

no.ln v. mas. 26cm, 

Donn, Bertram, 

The characteristics of distant comets. Washington, Na 
tional Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1963. 

ii, Tp. dia^r. 27cm. (NASA technical aoteD-1871) 
TL52LA3525 no. 1671 63-61051 

Hawkins, Gerald S 

The physics and astronomy of meteors, comets and mete 
orites [by, Gerald S. Hawkins. New York, McGraw-Hill 
! C 1964, 

134 p. Illus. 21 cm, (McGraw-Hill series in undergraduate 
QB741.H3 523.5 64-24601 

Middlehurst, Barbara M ed. 

The moon, meteorites, and comets, edited by Barbara M. 
Middlehurst und Gerard P. Kuiper. Contributors: Edward 
Anders (and others] Chicago, University of Chicago Press 
f 1963] 

xxH, 810 p. illus., maps, dlagrs., tables, 25 cm. (The Solar 
system, 4) 
QB501.SG vol.4 523 62-18117 

Orlov, Sergei Vladimirovich, 1880-1958. 

npupofle KOMCT. MocEsa, ES^-BO Aca^emm nays 
CCCP, 1960 

190 p. Illus,, ports. 20 cm. (AnaAeMHii myK CCCP. Hayimo- 
nonyjiapHafi cepKjr) 
QB732.068 1960 61-31003 

Rademyr, Carl, 1930- 

Den stora kometenj myter och myttolkning. "Dppsala, 

Nyblom r 1962 3 
158 p 22 cm. 
QB52.R25 64-34191 

Ramtts, Carl, 1S72- 

Ephemeris of great comets, 1402-1948. [Washington, Na 
tional Astrological Library, 1960j 

81 p. iJ9 cin. 
QBT22.E3 523.69 60-34923 t 

Richter, Nikolaus Benjamin, 1910- 

The nature of comets. Translated and rev. ed, by Arthur 
Beer. With an introd. and additional contributions by R, A. 
Lyttleton. London, Methuen t 1963] 
xJi, 221 p, Ulus., dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
QB721.R638 521.7 64-2912 

Vsekhsvatsfcir, Sergei Konstantinovich, 1905- 

.HK BffHHEaEr& i po3BHBax)T&ca KOMCTH oa iHini itajii riaa. 
jKniB] Bn^-BoKHiBc&KoroyHiBepcHTery, 1963. 

93 p. illus., dlagrs., tables. 20 cm. 
QB721.V82 64-34243 


Kustaanheimo, Paul 

On the determination of orbits of comets and asteroids. 
Helsinki, 1960. 

47 p. tables. 23 cm (Socletas Sdentlarum Pennica. Commea- 
tationes physico-mathematlcae, xxv, 2) 

A 63-1117 
Columbia Univ. Libraries 


The Controversy on the comets of 1618: Galileo Galilei, 
Horatio Grassi, Mario Guiducci, Johann Kepler. Trans 
lated by Stillmon Drake and C. D. O'Malley. Philadelphia, 
University of Pennsylvania Press [I960] 

nv, 380 p. illus., charts. 22 cm. 
QB724.C6 1060 523.64 59-10458 


Sayward, Dorothy Steward. 

Comfort magazine, 1888-1942 ; a history rind critical study. 

[Orono, Sle., University of Maine, 'I960. 

v, 108 p. front. 24 cm. (University of Maine studies, 2d ser., 

no 75) 

PX4900.CGS3 051 60-62937 


standard of living 
COMFORT STATIONS see subdivision 

Public comfort stations under names 

of cities 
COMIBOL see Corporacidn Miner a de 


Barbera, Raymond Edmond, 1918- 

The comic in early Spanish literature, 1140-1500. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms t!959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no- 58-7458 Mic 58-7458 

Wisconsin. I r n!v. Ltbr. 

Blistein, Elmer M 

Comedy in action ryi Elmer M. Blistein. Durham, 
N. C., Duke University Press, 1984. 

xvi t 146p. 23cm. 

PN1922.B53 ' 809.2 64-22154 

Enck, John Jacob, ed. 

The comic in theory & practice. Edited by John J. Enck, 
Elizabeth T. Forter ,and, Alvin Whitley. JS"ew York, Apple- 
ton-Century-Crofts [I960, 

340 p. 2icm. 
PR1109.E465 808,8893 60-8758 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMIC, THE (Continued) 

Hirsch, Wolfgang-. 

Das TTesen des Komischen. Amsterdam, L. J. Veen ; Aus- 
lieferung fur Deuischland: F, JL Brockhaus Kommis 
sionsgescliaft, Stuttgart t 1959?] 

TO p. IS 02. 

A 60-3756 

Illinois. Unir Library 

Howeler, Casper. 

Humor in de muziek. Zeist, W. de Haan, 1950, 

96 p music. 20 cm. 
ML63.HU2 A 59-S705 

Oregon Unir. Libr. 

Joannou, Deinetrios. 

Onf ologie der Komik Freiburg im Breisgau, F. Wagner 

85 p. 22 cm. 
Chicago. Univ Llbr. 

A 60-5388 

JSnger, Friedrich Georg, 1898- 

tlber das Komische. Zurich, Verlag dar Arche C l948j 
88p. 21cm. 
BH301.CTJ8 1948 51-28174 rev 

Lascelles, Mary. 

Shakespeare's comic insight. 

(In, British Academy, London (Founded 1901) Proceedings. 1962. 
London. 26cm. v. 48 (1963) p. rlTlr-188) 
[AS122X5 vol. 48] A 64-286 

Wisconsin. TJaiv. Liar. 

Piddington, Ralph, 

The psychology of laughter; a study in social adaptation. 
tM ed.j New York, Gamut Press. 1963. 

224 p 21 cm. 
BF575.L3P;! 1963 157.3 63-22097 

ShofcHn, KiriU \Tadknirovich. 

O TparniecEO* repoe z EOMiiiecEo* nepconaze. Mocrsa, 
HcsyccTBo, 1961. 

pi 20cm. 
PN1675.S45 62-17546 J 

SkHuxoskil, Akfcsandr LeMudovidi, 1884- 

TexiniEa soxnnecEoro y Foro-ia. IleTporpa^, Academia, 
192*1; Providence, Brown University Press, 19&> t i. e. UKUi, 

65 p. 21 t 111. (PoCCHfiCKHH HHCTinyT EtCTOpKH HCKVCCTB BonDOCW 
IK3THKH) 3ft ** 

PG3335.ZSS55 1923*. 68-7523 

Swabej, Marie Taylor (CkOKns) 1891- 

Comic laughter, a philosophical essay. Kew Haven, Tale 
"University Press, 196L 

BH301.C7S9 157 61-14458 t 

Weber de Koriat, Frida. 

Lo comico en el teatro de Fernan Gonzalez de Eslava. 
tBuenos Airesj Uaiversidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad dfl 
Filosofia y Letras t l&6S 3 

252 p. 24 cm. (Inartitoto de Llteratnra Esjwfiola, Monograflas 
y estadlos, 2V 
PQ7296.G7C77 6&-51986 


Blakely, William Paul, 1&24- 

A study of seventh grade children's reading of comic books 
as reljitwl to certain other variables. Aim Arbor, University 
Microfilms T 1057] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 22,073) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 2-2,070 Mac 57-3131 

Iowa. TJnS*. Library 

New York (.State) Legislature. Joint Committee to Study 
the Plication and Disseminafion of Objerfionable and 
Ottceiie Material. 

Interim report of the New York State Joint Legislative 
Committee to Study the Publication of Comics. rFeb. 15, 
1950, Albany, Williams Press, 1950. 

i? 'l950 3 CID 3S ^^^ Y<>r * f State ^ [Lefflslaturftj Legislative docu- 

New Yoit (State) Legislature. Joint Committee to Study 
tke Publication and Dissemination of Offensive and QT>- 
tcene Material. 

tteport. 1951- 

v. nios. 23-29 cm. annnal. 
HV9076.5J^4S 741.5 53-62088 rev 3 J 

Litararischer Jugendschtttz; Theorie und Praxis-Strate- 
gk and TakiSc eioer wirksamen Gtefairenabwehr. Berlin. 

, iterfiaad r 1^59j 

251 p, 21cm. (JngendiniBKcipaQltt) 

61-31265 t 

see also Comic books and children 

Rnmnghsm, Lloyd. 

Do it yourself with ihe Handy family; do-it-yourself ideas 
in comic strip form. New York, Fleet Put. Corp. t e 1960j 
124 p. (chiefly ISos.) HOT. 

6818 60-16897 t 

Capp, Al, 190&- 

The return, of the Shmoo. Foreword by Jerry Capp. 
Kew York, Sunon and Schuster, 1959. 

unpaged (chiefly Illus.) 28 cm. 
PZ8.7.C32Ee 60-16036 

Chase, John ChurchilL 

Louisiana Purchase, America's best buy; a.n American 
story told in that most American of all forms of expression 
the comic strip. [New Orleans ? Hauser Press, I960] 

78 p illus. 29cm 
E3S3.C4S 373.46 

Ketcham, Hank, 1920- 

Dennis the menace : happy half-pint. Ke\r York, Random 

unpaged (chiefly Illus, ) 24cm. 
N0142D.K32A448 741.5973 61-12168 


A golden trasheiy of Had; the latest collection of humor, 
satire, art. and fun for all from lifad magazine. With an 
infrod. by Sid Caesar. New York, Crown Publishers rl960i 

135 p. illns. 28cm. 
KC1428.1I27 741.5973 60-8617 J 


William M. Gaines's Like, Mad. Albert B. Feldstein, edi 
tor. r New York] Ne^vr American Library [I960] 

192 p (chiefly Illus.) 18 cm. (A Signet book, S1838) 
NC1428.M33 741.5973 60-50130 


William M. Game's The Mad frontier. Albert B. Feld- 
stein, editor. t New York] New American Library [1962 3 

192 p. (chiefly Illus.) 18 cm. (A Signet book, S2057) 
NC1428.M34 741.5973 62-1367 J 

More trash from Mad. jlstj- 

t New York, E. C Publications, 1958?- 

T. iDtis. 27 cm. annuaL 
NC1428.M346 63-96 


Can, Patrick. 

Free comic books for schools and libraries. t lst ed 
Urbana, HL, R. W. Parkinflon 1962i 

24 p. 22cm. (Sis Sangamon source series) 
AG600.C36 62-39664 


Empaytaz, Frangois Fredlric, 1936- 

Les copains de votre enfance. [Documentation et illustra 
tion reunies par F. Frederic Empaytaz; introduction et 
textes de presentation de Jerome Peignot. Paris 7 Denoel 

191 p. lllos. (partcoL) 28cm. 


Corte, Carlo della. 

I fumetti. 1, ed. Milanoj A, Mondadori rlSeii 

190 p. iilus. is cm. (EEdclopedlapopolare Mondadori) 
NC1355.CG 61-42074 

White, David Manning, ed. 

The funnies, an American idiom, edited by David Man 
ning White and Robert H. Abel r New York, Free Press of 
Glencoe r !963j 

304 p. illus. 25 cm. 
PN4784.C68W5 1963 070.449 63-8424 J 

Wfflette, Allen, eomp. 

These top cartoonists, Alfred Andriola t and others^ tell 
how they create America's favorite comics. Introd. by Mort 
Walker. I Port tauderdale, Fla., Allied Publications, 1964, 

Sfip. Ulns., ports. S3 cm. 
NC1426.W5 64-19973 


The Fannies ann^l,. no j. 

S"ew York, Avon Book Division, Hear8t<Jarporation. 
T. illis. 22x28 on. 


COMIC LITERATURE see Burlesque (Litera 
ture); Comedy; Commedia delParte; 
Satire; and subdivision Parodies, 
travesties, etc. under names of promi 
nent authors 

OMIC OPERA see Operaj Operetta 

COMIC STRIPS see Comic books, strips, etc. 
COMICS see Comic books, strips, etc. 

Comision de la Sarrapia 


Barcelona. Servicio del Piano de la Ciudad. 

Plan comarcal de ordenacion urbana de Barcelona: Nor- 
mas. Ley y Reglamento. Barcelona, 1956. 
T8 p 24 cm. 


Inter -American Peace Committee 

Comision Nacional de Coordinacion y 

see Commission for Educational Exchange 
between the United States of America and 

Mexico. Comision para la Proteccion 
del Coiner cio Exterior 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1033-1961 (Eisenhower) 

Vocational education: cooperative program in Brazil. 
Agreement between the United States of America and Brazil 
extending and amending the Agreement of October 14, 1950, 
as extended and amended, effected by exchange of notes 
signed at Rio do Janeiro June 29, 1960. [Washington, U S 
Govt. Print. Off., 19GO] 

4 p. 24cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 4584) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4:584 Gl-60116 

U. S. ^Treaties, etc., 1953-1961 (Eisenhower] 

Vocational education: cooperative program in Brazil. 
Agreement between the United States of America and Bra 
zil, extending and amending the Agreement of October 14, 
1950, as extended and amended, effected by exchange of 
notes signed at Rio de Janeiro December 31, I960. [Wash 
ington, XT. S. Govt. Print. Off,, 1901, 

3 p 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 4048) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4048 61-61482 

Brazil. ^ Departamento Adminutrativo do Servigo Publico. 

Indicudor dos pareceres da Comissao de AcumulaQao de 

y. 28 cm. 

63-34143 t 

see Inter -American Peace Committee 

see Inter -American Juridical Committee 


Dautry, Jean, 1910- 

Le Cornite* central republicain des vingt arrondissements 
de Paris, septembre 1870-mai 1871; d'apres lea papiers 
nafidits de Constant Martin et les sources imprim&s c parj 
Jean Dautry et Lucien Scheler. Paris, Editions socialea 
t !960j 
268p._mus. 22cm. 


64-30C47 J 


Troise, Emilio. 

Racisrao, instnimento de dominaci6n politica y social. 
[Buenos Airesj Editorial Quetzal ,1955, 
206 p. lllus. 21 cm. ' ] 

60-89139 1 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Zellentin, Gerda, 1934- 

Der "Wirtschafts- und Sozialausschuss der EWG und 
Euratom; Interessenreprasentation auf iibernationaler 
Ebene. Leiden, A. W. Sythoff, 1962. 

rvl, 209 p. dlagrs. 24cm. (Europalsche Aspekte; elne SchrLften- 
relhe zur europuisclien Integration. Reibe C: Polltlk, Nr. 2) 
JN15.Z4 64-39268 

see Inter-American Juridical Committee 

see tttihad ve Terakki Cemiyeti 


Straeten, Jean van der. 

Les travaux cartographiques du Comite special du Ka 
tanga, par .1. van der Straeten. Les leves aeriens au Katanga, 
par L. \ .aider Ryt et J. van der Straeten. Bruxelles, 1952. 

24 p Illus., maps (1 fold, col.) 30 cm. 
GA1425.K3SS 61-25541 


see U.S. Army Command and General 
Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 


Mangnin, Emile. 

Les diatomees de la Terre Adelie. Oampagne du "Com- 
mandant Charcot," 1949-1950. 

(/TI Annules des sciences naturellea. Botanlque et blologle veg&ale. 
Paris 26 cm 12. s<Jr, 1 1 (i960) p. t 223]-S63. illns., plates) 
[QH3.A61 12.3e-r.,t.l] 
lUtnols. Univ. Library 

(BAVARIA) see Teutonic Knights. Com- 
mandery of Ellingen, Germany (Bavaria) 

Knights. Commandery of Mainau 


see also Commandments, Six hundred 
and thirteen; Commandments, Ten; 
Revelation on Sinai 
Barth, Aron, 1890-1957. 

p^nm "lyon wyfi np^nnn ,n^n*i <( .urw no 1 ? miso 
[Jerusalem, 1949 5 .''"tfn .n'wxn jTiTWDnn *fv Tan Tnan 

35 p. 18 cm. 

BM520.T.B33 52-45967 rev 

Gelernter, Joseph. 

nivnD mm jTixw-rnD'npi wnp yijy ^ID .epv nwnp 
VIK" nNXin ,pi^ TO .2 nxnn .nitm oa ... Q"t?n 

New York r !953/54j .T"tyn 
176 p. 24 cm. 

BM520.7.G4 61-55120 J 

Heinemann, Isaak, 1876- 

La loi dans la pensee juive (de la Bible a Rosenzweig) 
Adaptation franchise par Charles Touati. Paris, A. Michel 
t 1962, 

256 p. 20 cm. (Prtaencee du Jndalsme) 
BM520.7.H424 64-35239 

Israel. Misrad ha-ldnukh veha-tarbut. 

.y'tsn "/runs" ^torn .ira^ rrnxon njyta 

[Jerusalem, 1959/60 3 

49 p. 22 cm. 

BM520.7.1 8 A 61-2389 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

Kahan, Israel Meir, 1838-1933. 

[Jerusalem, I960] .K*3Wl "JDfy* ."Wpn JYKDrnflD 
168 p. 85 mm. 

Hebrew Union College. 
Yashar, Baruch. 

iJerusalem, 1962/63) 
1ST p. illua. 28 cm, 


jvraeff nywn .tew nti 



Aaron, ha-Levi t of Barcelona, 13th cent. 

.nn FpT> ran . . . TUTin nso ty srn "wo ,ii^n nmn 
-n* JIJ^TTO n'arai . . . rw& irp3 oysn Yiy nj?D irraDsnn 

[Jerusalem, 1958/59j .B^t?n ,DTIS nxxin .D^ty 
3 v. In 1. 34 cm. 
BM520.8.A3UB3 1958 61-53121 

Azkari, Eleazar, d. ca. 1600. 

314 p. IS cm. 
BM520.8.A9 1961 

t Baer ben Jacob] I8th cent. 

nnnn DJ? mxon man ; 
.nixon nnarna .tnian 

[Tel-Aviv, 1961] 

pp nn-irft IJJT .oyon nansi j;ion ^y .n 
t ..xp .ass ^s- s rt^ 

t n. p., 195-fj 

3 v. In 2 (320, 116 1.) 26 cm. 

Elijah Dob ben Israel David. 

o^a^tyn Dmsoi ,nu^nn ISDD nison *DJ?B nmn DJ? 

New York, Printed by Saphograph Co., 1954. 
1 v. (various pagings) 19 cm. 

A 61-5249 
Hebrew Union College. Library 

Goldstein, Herbert Samuel, 1890- 

Between the lines of the Bible ; a modern commentary on 
the 613 commandments. New York, Crown Publishers r 1959, 

349 p. 24cm. 
BM520.8.G6 296.38 50-14036 J 

Hagiz, Moses, 1671-oa. 1750. 
jiixnn ^yB DJ?I minn 1103 mro j* 
D"t^ rnopD niDi nwin DJ; nWaiwm ntrrn 
,B^Bm ."nnon rm^ini pay teft mans 

[1963/643 T"3n 
852 p. 22 cm. 
BM520.8JI3 1963 HE 64-12 

Isaac ben Joseph, of Gorbeft, 13th cent, 

.o^en ",mw ^^D" .o^yanKn in ^"TDJ .rfru mnj; 

t n. p., 

24, 327 p. 23 cm. 
BM520.8.I73 1958 
Hebrew Union College. 


Isaac ben Joseph, of Corbett, 13th cent. 

D^tyifm nnyn mn;n .cioin-' noK tsm^fl DJJ .rfra moj? 
J3^n qmn 11 n^n nwa 

(New York?] Printed by Edison Lithographing Corp. 
t !959j 

352, 150 p 25 cm. 

[BM520.8.I ] A 60-5306 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

Isaac ben Joseph, of Corbeil, ISth cent. 

twinm .(p w co) nxp IK pp nwan IDD Kipjn ,n^a ^laj; 
pa -u^^ cpn mnan i^y 
mnan , 
pro Dtyn am 

[Jerusalem, I960- 

v. 31 cm. 
BM520.8.1 732 

Lipkin, Hayim Isaac. 

D*30Tn 'fl^ rnxon mo 

^Ya ^ nn^-Di ^"rn nowo ni^on ^oyn ",npmn 
:TD to rncrvn nwa ,ma3i nsS-o Dwirotm 
,ppfi^ pnx^ c^n T\y\ nTD .mxn 13 DOT HUE DJ; 

jBenei Beraq, 1962-63i .TOB jpra *& 
2 T. (756 p.) 28 cm. 
BM520.8.L5 64-39589 

Moses ben Jacob, of Coucy, ISth cent. 

noto mnj? nsmnn trrno DSI: nnyi 
pjntf K^K mmrt DJJI 

Jerusalem, 1960/61-1961/62] r 3*3 1 -' r 3iyn [3'ODn 

2 v. 29 cm. 
BM520.8.M532 G2-5G282 J 

Rosanes, Jodah, 1657-1727. 


[Jerusalem, 1960/61] 
22 L 22cm. 
BM740.E665 1960 62-56090 

Singer, Judah Dor. 

^y n^nn 'Tp^i wxnn an^ ^IISD j^in ^ ,nnson w 
."Dtrn ^KIDBT nyaj .D'sonn pnoty mon ''fi^ 1 mxo ^3 

[Grivath Shmuel, 1961] 

828 p. 25 cnu 
BM520.8.S5 64-34741 


see also Revelation on Sinai 

Berg, Harold Edwin. 

The Ten commandments and you. Philadelphia, For 
tress Press r l&64] 

119 p. 18cm. 
BV4655.B39 222.1606 64-23066 

Bernhardt, Oscar Ernst, 1875-1941. 

fleorrt aanoBCfleft Boac&nx H OT^C Ham; 
j^aji A6fl-py-mHH'oM [pseud,] OounepSepr, Tapozt, A. 
EepHrapAT t 1963j 

82 p. 19cm. 
BP605JB447 64-33625 

Bernhardt, Oscar Ernst, 1875-1941. 

The Ten commandments and the Lord's prayer, as ex 
plained to mankind by Abd-ru-shin t pseud. Eev. ed., Vom- 
perberg, Tyrol, Austria, A. Bernhardt Pub. Co. t 1962] 

70 p. 17 cm. 
BP605.B442 1962 63-1755 J 

Bietz, Arthur Leo. 

Glimpses of Ood from the la-w of liberty. Washington, 
Review and Herald Pub. Association [I960, 

122 p. 20 cm. 
BV4655.B5 2224606 60-793 J 

Brokke, Harold J 

The law is holy. Minneapolis, Bethany Fellowship t !963j 
175 p. 20cm. 
BV4655.B7 222.16 63-4471 t 

Coflfman, James Burton. 

The Ten commandments, yesterday and today. (West- 
wood, N. J Revell E 1961 3 

128 p. 21 cm. 
BV4655.C58 222.16 61-13617 J 

dishing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 

Spiritual guideposts. [Boston^ St. Paul Editions [I960] 
184 p. 22cm. 
BV4655.CS 222.1606 60-50091 J 

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The Ten commandments. New York. Scribner r 1961i 
123 p. 18cm. 
BV4655.F46 222.1607 61-13606 t 

Ginever, Violet, 1910- 

The twelve commandments. London, S. P. C. EL, 196. 
120 p. 19 cm. (Seraph) 
BV4655.G55 241 63-346 t 

Gribbin, Raymond William. 

Listen, my children; talks on the Creed and the Com 
mandment*.* Westminster, Md., Newman Press, 1954. 

116 p. 23 nn. 
BT993.G75 238.11 54-12079 rev t 

Hempel, Jan, 1877-1936. 

Ewangelie. Dziesigcioro przykazaii tboskich. Wyd. 2. 
"Warszawa, Ksiazka i Wiedza [1959, 

118 p. illus 21 cm. 
BS2555.2.H4 1959 61-21734 t 

Ingram, Tolbert Robert, 1913- 

The world under God's law ; criminal aspects of the wel 
fare state. (Houston, St. Thomas Press, 1963, 
12Sp. 24 em. 

340.0973 62-16216 t 

Kahn, Robert I 

The Ten commandments for today [by} Robert I. Kahn. 
[1st ed.] Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1964. 

x, 133 p. 22 cm. 
BV4655.K25 222.1606 64-19315 

Marty, Martin E 1928- 

The hidden discipline. Saint Louis, Concordia Pub. 
House [ C 1962j 

108 p. 22 cm. 
BX8065.2.M3 248.4841 62-21428 t 

Nelson, Carl Ellis, 1916- 

Love and the law; the place of the Tea commandments 
in the Christian faith today. Richmond, Va., John Knox 
Press t !963j 

93 p. 21 cm. 
BV4655.N35 222.16 63-17979 

Tippett, Harry Moyle, 1891- 

The voice from Sinai. Illustrated by Jim Padgett. 
Nashville, Southern Pub. Association r 1964, 

141 p Illus. 10 cm, 
BV4655.T57 222.1606 

Trueblood, David Elton, 1900- 

Foundations for reconstruction. Rev. ed. New York, 
Harper t !961] 

109 p. 20cm. 
BV4655.T7 1961 222.1606 61-18269 J 

Walker, David G ed. 

The big ten; the Ten commandments and modern, society. 
Llunclybie, Cairns., Published for Celtic Cross [by 3 C. Davies 

102 p. 20 cm. 
BV4655.W27 63-28866 J 

Weatherly, Owen Milton. 

The Ten commandments in modern, perspective. Rich 
mond, John Knox Press ( 196li 

160 p. 2icm. 
BV4655.W4 222.1606 61-17440 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Jerusalem. Machon Maharshal-Neve-Shalom. 
jnr> nans 5y rvuvjm WTPB JWTID *cfi ;VPD wp5 
pmtf np^ron nnn '"y Tn optf .wirm rntyjn nrnn 
.srBir3rD DTO rDTTTo ^BMflrttrBTD pas .^Tin 
t l953] Tawn .D^wv t-irnp toff TIJ?J 

BMflS? 25Cm ' HE64-4S2 


Watson, Thomas, d. 1686. 

The Tea London, Banner of Truth. 
Trust; [Stamped: distributed by Bible Trust Depot, Swen- 

ISSp. 22cm. 



Edwards, Josephine Cmuiington. 

These commandments are mine. Illustrated by Jim 
Padgett. Nashville, Southern Publishing Association tl&SSj 

U2p. illos. 19cm. 
BV4656J53 ]222 63-17061 

Petersen, Emma Marr. 

Stories from the Ten commandments for young Latter- 
Day Saints. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft t !960j 

1ST p. illus. 24cm. 
BV4656.P4G 222.1G06 60-44439 t 


Lasserre, Jean, o f fipernat/. 

War and the Gospel. Translated by Oliver Coburn. 
Scottdale, PIL, Herald Press r l62, 
243 p. 23cm. 


SUMMARY see Summary of the 
Law (Theology) 


Gribbin, Raymond Wiffiam. 

Listen, my children; talks on the Creed and the Com- 
mindnieiit?.* \Vesiminster, Md., Newman Press, 1951 
lift p. 23 cm, 

238.11 54r-12079rev t 


see also Improvisation (Acting); 

Dzhivelegov, Aleksei Karpovich, 1875-1952. 

HTSUF.JTHCKU Hapo^naa sone^ns. 2. HSA. Mocisa, Hss- 
BO Aia^dum says CCCP, 1962. 

287p. Ulna. 22cm. 
PQ4155.D9 1962 63-292S1 J 

Lea, Kathleen Marguerite, 

Ital'an popular comedy; a study in the Commedia del- 
Farte, 1.7itO~1620 r -with special reference to the English stage. 
2fcw York, Russell Eussell, 1962. 

2 T. Bios. 23 cm. 
PQ4I55.U 1962 852.409 62-10093 t 

HkoO, Alardyce, 1894- 

Masfcs, mimfts and miracles; studies in the popular theatre. 
New York, Cooper Square Publishers, 1963. 

407 p. illns^ feualma, lAaaa, ports. 29cm. 
PXS071.G4N5 1963 792.09 63-17895 

Nkofl, ADarfyce, 1894- 

The -world of Harlequin, a. critical study of the commedia 
dell'arte, Cambridge rEngj University Press, 1963. 

xfr,242p. Ilins. 29cm. 

PQ4155.N5 7923 63-5661 

Pandolfi, Vito, 1917- ed. 

La commedb delTarte: storia e testo. Firenzej Sansoni, 

6v. Dlia, facstas. 25cm. (Nnort tegti e rarl, 4-9) 
PQ4263.C63P3 57-47537 rev 

PechMana, Gfinther, Fre&err von, 1882- 

Franz Anton Bustelli : Die italienische Komodie in Por- 
zellan. Einruhrung von Crunther v. Pechmann. Stuttgart, 

32 p. illta. 16 cm. (Weriaaoaorapblea rar blWenden Kanat in 
E2aais DniTwsal-BlWiotlieit, NT. 37> 

Bribe, Maria de la LBZ. 

Lacoioediadelarte, tSantiago, Centre d* Investigaciones 
de Ljteraiura Oomparada, Universidad de Chile, 19C3?, 

I38p. 11108. l&ern. iEt Bspejodepapd> 
PQ*155.U7 63-43917 1 

Rowley, John Raymond. 

The fine structure of the pollen Trail in the C<mme&MK&ae 
Reichejib. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms f 1957i 

(iUoJversJty Mfcroffims, Aim Attoor, JUeH^ PubileatfoQ no. 22,473y 
Microfihn AC-1 no. 22,473 Hie 57-3017 

COMMEMORATIONS see Anniversaries; 


Becker, Thomas W 

Pagennt of -n-orld commemorative coins, their meaning 
and symbolism. Racine, Wis., Whitman Pub. Co., 1962. 

197 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
CJ1539.B4 62-4147 \ 

United States and Canadian commemorative medals and 

tVandalia, Mich,! 

r ilJua. 22cnu annual 



Hibler, Harold E 

So-called dollars: an illustrated standard catalog vnth 
valuations, by Harold E. Hibler and Charles V. Kappen. 
t lst ed., Kew York, Coin and Currency Institute [ C 1963j 

rl, 156 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
CJ5S06.H3 737.2085 63-11546 

Hobson, Burton. 

U. S. commemorative coins and stamps, by Burton Hob- 
son and Fred Keinf eld. New York, Sterling Pub. Co. tl964j 

64 p, illus. 27cm. (Visual history series) 
HE61S5.U6H55 383.223 64-15119 

Ruby, Warren A 

Commemorative coins of the United States (gold and 
silver) Lake Mills, Iowa, Graphic Pub. Co. t 1961i 

unpaged, nius. 23 cm. 
CJ1839.RS 61-47618 J 

Slabangh, Arlie R 

United States commemorative coins; the drama of Amer 
ica as told by our coins. Racine, Wis., Whitman Pub. Co. 

144 p. illus. 20cm. 


62-5748 J 

U. S. Laws, statutes, eta. 

Laws authorizing issuance of medals and commemorative 
oins. Compiled by Oilman G. Udell. Washington, U. S. 


Govt. Print. Off., 1050. 
Ti, 239 p. 24 cm. 




Panama. Presidenda. Departvmento de Relaciones Pullicas. 
Panami progresa ! rPanama, 1956] 
25p. Illus. 80cm. 
F1567.A45 60-17785 t 

Velasco Ibarra, Jose Maria, Pres. Ecuador, 1893- 

Presencia del Ecuador en Panama ; tres discursos. Quito, 


75 p. illus. 22cm. 

F1405.9.C57 1956r 60-20247 t 


Bank of New South Wales. 

Australian commemorative stamps, ^thed. rev. Sydney, 
1959 2 

24 p. illus. 25 cm. 
HE6185A8B3 1959 383.223 61-24174 J 

Rogers, Jacques H 

Catalogue Rogers des obliterations et timbres-poste 
"Europa." 1. ed. Zurich, 1961. 

344p. Illus. 26cm. 

HE6185.E842R6 63-52932 J 

Rogers, Jacques H 

Encyclop&lie Rogers des obliterations et timbres-poste 
'Europn." 2. ed. Horgen (Zurich), Suisse, Editions Phi 
latelic Art Studio, 1064 [ c !9G3j 

609 p. Illus , ports. 26 cm. 
HE6185.ES42R6 1964 64-43008 

Haverbeck, Harrison Donald Seaman. 

The commemorative stamps of the British Commonwealth. 
London, Fober and Faber r 1955i 

239p. Ulua 23cm. 

HE6185.G6H36 l55a 55-36219 rey 

Haverbedc, Harrison Donald Seaman. 

The commemorative stamps of the British Common 
wealth. New York, Van Nostrand f 19551, 

23p. Ulos, J8<aa. 
HE6185.G6H36 383.22 56-2764 rer 1 


Hobson, Burton. 

U. S. commemorative coins and stamps, by Burton Hob- 
son and Fred Reinfeld. New York, Sterling Pub. Co. [1964i 

64 p. iilus. 27cm. (Visual history series) 
HEG185.U6H55 383.223 64-15119 

Moolman, Valerie. 

The complete illustrated guide to U. S. commemorative 
stamps. New York, Cornerstone Library; [distributed by 
Affiliated Publishers, 1964, 

157 p. facslms. 21 cm. 
HE6185.UGM6 383.223 64-7638 


Blumenthal, Ben, ed. 

The American commemorative stamp album, 1893-1959. 
Xew York. Minkus Publications, 1960. 

801. illus. 30cm. 
HEG185.U5B517 38:1223 00-20330 J 

Scott Publications, inc., New York. 

Plate block album for United States twentieth century 
commcmoratives. Spaces for single plate number blocks 
of four or six of 20th century commemorative stamps, both 
flat plate and rotary press printings. Includes stamps is 
sued up to 1961. Each space marked with the catalogue 
number of the stamp as listed in Scott's U. S. specialized 
stamp catalogue. New York, "1961- 

1 v. (loose-leaf) Illus. 31 cm. (Its Specialty series) 
HE6185.U5S362 383.223 61-35995 t 

Scott Publications, inc., New York. 

United States commemorative album. Contains spaces 
for singles and blocks of four commemorative stamps of the 
United States listed in Scott's standard postage stamp cata 
logue under the following classification, "Special stamps is 
sued to commemorate some event of local, national or his 
torical importance." Includes stamps issued up to 1961. 
New York, 1961- 

1 v. (loose-leaf ) IUus. 31cm. (Its Specialty series) 
HE6185.U5S355 383.223 61-35996 J 

see Festschrift en 

COMMENCEMENT see Beginning 

Baccalaureate addresses 

COMMENSALISM see Symbiosis 

Kremer, Klaus. 

Der TMetaphysikbegriff in den Aristoteles-Ivommentaren. 

der Ammonius-Schule. Miinstcr, Wostf., Aschendorff [1961] 

223 p 25 cm. (BettrHge zur Geschlchte der Philosophic und 

TheolORle des Mittclultcrs, Bd. 30, Heft 1) 

B720.B4 Bd.39,Heftl 63-2565 t 


COMMENTATORS see Journalists 


see also Balance of trade; Barter; 
Black market; Business; Business 
mathematics; Businessmen; Central 
business districts; Certificates of 
origin; Cipher and telegraph codes; 
Coastwise shipping; Colonial com 
panies; Commission merchants; Com 
munication and traffic; Competition, 
International; Customs unions; De 
livery of goods; East-West trade 
(1945- ); Exchange; Export credit; 
Export marketing; Export sales; 
Foreign exchange; Foreign licensing 
agreements; Freight and freightage; 
Geography, Commercial; Geography, 
Economic; Government trading; 
Hanseatic League; Harbors; Inland 
navigation; Inland water transpor 
tation; Insurance, Marine; Inter 
national business enterprises; Inter 
state commerce; Investments, Foreign; 
Maritime Law; Markets; Merchant 
marine; Merchants; Money; Monop 
olies; Neutrality; Ports of entry; 
Prices; Purchasing; Restraint of 
trade; Retail trade; Shipment of 
goods; Shipping; Smuggling; Ster 
ling area; Trade-marks; Trade missions; 
Trade routes; Transit, International; 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COMMERCE (Continued) 

Transportation; Usages of trade; 
Warehouses; Wholesale trade; also 
subdivision Commerce under names 
of countries, cities, etc.; subdivision 
Finance, commerce, confiscations, etc, 
under names of wars; names of articles 
of commerce, e.g. Cotton, Leather; 
and headings beginning with the word 

*Abd al-Malik, Minays As'ad, 1915- 
J^ o*_t ^^ v^LJt- c J_,on j 


212 p illus. 24cm. 

Angelo, Pasquale Carlo d', 1880-1920. 

Opere e scritti minori. Milano, Giuffre, 1963. 

716 p. port, forms. 25 cm. (Pubbllcazionl dell'Istltuto dl tecnica 
bancarla e professional della Facolta di economla e commerclo del- 
1'TJnlverslta dl Roma) 

Botti-Gaffoni, Fernando. 

Guidn pratica al commercio con 1'estero. 2. ed. ristampai 
Milano, Edizione Agenda deU'espottatore ,1960, 
85 p. forms. SO cm. l 

Illinois. Univ. Library 
Bradbury, Robert Wesley. 

El comercio international; una serie de conferencias dic- 
tadas en la Facultad de Ciencias Economicas de la TJniver- 
sidad Xacional de Asuncion. Asunci6n, 1959 

1101. lllus. 28cm. 

Florida Univ. Library A 60-253 

Bregel', finokh fXkovlevich, 1903- 

TopiOBtift Kannxai u xoproBa rrpiK5ij.ii.. Ccy^HHtt icanii- 
riia u HpefliiT. ^euexuoe oSpamemie npu Eaniixa.-in3iie. 
MncKua, Ha^-Bo Hn-Ta Mea^yuapo,i,Hux oTiioinennil 1902. 

Ml p. tables. 20 cm. (JleKium no noJurnwecKoft 3KOHOMHti, 
swn. 8) 
HBr,l.M5S vyp.S 03-58935 

Burenstam Linder, Staffan, 1931- 

An essay on trade and transformation. New York, Wiley 

167 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF1007.B797 382.01 61-65999 J 

Sorenstam Linder, Staffan, 1931- 

An essay on trade and transformation. Stockholm, Aim- 
qvist & Wiksell ; New York, J. Wiley rl961, 

167 p. 24cm. 

HF1007.B797 1961b 382.01 62-6180 t 

Burenstam Linder, Staffan, 1931- 

An essay on trade and transformation. Uppsala, A 1m- 
qvist & Wiksells boktr. [1961] 

167 p. dlagrs. 25 cm. 
HF1007.B797 1961a 62-61 

Calderwood, James D 

A teachers guide to world trade: analysis of the problem, 
by James D. Calderwood; teaching aids, by Julian C. 
Aldrich and f pthersj I960 revisions by James D. Calder 
wood [and, Sioma Kagan. t Rev. ed. Washington, Pub 
lished in cooperation with the Joint Council on Economic 
Education by the National Council for the Social Studies. 

128 p. Illus. 23cm. (Economic life series, no 1) 
HF3031.C3 60-51389 1 

Calderwood, James D 

World trade, by James P. Cftlderwood and Hazel J. Jones. 
Minneapolis, Curriculum Resources, c l 061. 

68 p. Illus. 22cm. (Economic series, 31) 
HF1009.C27 61-43311 rev 1 

Caprara, Ugo, 1894- 

La genesi dell'economia di mereato; introduzione al corso 
di tecnica commerciale. Milano, La Goliardica r!958?i 

66 p. 25cm. 

Chicago. UnJv. Llbr. HB1008 

Carneiro, Octavio Augusto Dfas, 1912- 

Dois ensaios sobre economia international. Eecife, Comis- 
sito de Desenvolvimento Economico de Pernanibuco, 1961. 

n4p. 24cm. 
HF1009.C33 62-34048 1 

Caves, Richard E 

Trade and economic structure j models and methods. 
Cambrivlpre, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1960. 

817 p. lllus. 22 cm. (Harvard economic studies, v. 115) 
HF1007.C34 1960 382.01 60-5389 J 

Cerutti, Agostinp. 

^Strntture di aegoziazione ; corso di tecnica mercantile. 
I/hnprefrn cd i mercati, la determinazione e I'accertamento 
dlla qualita della merce. 2. ed, interamente rifatta. 
Tonno^G. Giappichelli r !957 3 

New York Univ. Libraries HPIOOT - 160 - 196 

N E 64-2275 

Coppock, Joseph David, 1909- 

International economic instability; the experience after 
World War n. New York, McGraw-Hill r !962 3 
184 p. JUus. 24 cm. (Economics handbook series) 
HF1411.C383 338.91 62-15143 t 

Ellsworth, Paul Theodore, 1897- 

The international economy b y] P. T. Ellsworth. 3d ed. 
New 1 ork, Macmillan t 1964i 

viII,.ViOp. illus 24 cm. 

HF1007.E47S 1964 382.01 64-16046 

Frel, Lazar' Isaevich, ed. 


i Me/KAynapopiHoil E 
CTpan. MocKaa, BneiriTOpriisJaT 1960 
504 p. 23cm. ' 

Fukuda, Keitaro, 1896- ed. 


565 p. 21 cm. 
Includes bibliography. 

1. Commerce. 2 Japan Comm. i. Title. 

Title romaniscd: Shftgaku. 


J 61-1177 

Geary, Herbert Valentine Rupert, 1894- 

The background of business. 2d ed. rLondoni Oxford 
University Press, 1960. 

224 p. Illus. 10 cm. 
HF5351.G2S2 1960 650 60-3425 J 

Geary, Herbert Valentine Rupert, 1894- 

The background of business. 3d ed. [London, Oxford 
University Press, 1963. 

224 p. uius. 19 cm 
HF5351.G28-J 1963 650 64-978 

George, Pierre, 1909- 

Los grandes mercados del mundo. r Traducida de la 2. ed., 
1957, por Guillermina de Pin. Buenos Aires] Editorial Uni- 
versitaria de Buenos Aires [1961, 

03 p. maps -5 cm. (Cuadernos de EUDEBA, 46) 
HF1009.G417 1901 63-43979 

Gross, Herbert, 1S07- 

Neue Ideen in der Wirtschaft; SchlagHchter auf Waud- 
lungen m Produktion, Vertrieb und Unternehmensfuhrunff 
Dusseldorf, Econ-Terlag t i960, 
880 p. 21 cm. ^f iDDU i 

HF499.G67 ^ m J 

Haberler, Gottfried, 1900- 

International trade and economic development. Cairo, 

Haberler, Gottfried, 1900- 

Rffl 4711958, 

19cm. ( 

X Commerce. i. Title. Title romanced Kuo chl mao 1 11 lun. 


C 59-1960 t 

Haberler, Gottfried, 1900- 

A. survey of international trade theory. Rev. and enl. ed. 
Princetonj International Finance Section, Dept of Eco 
nomics, Princeton University, 1961. 

78 p 23 cm. (Princeton University. International Finance Sec 
tion. Special papers to International economics, no 1) 
HB771.H313 1961 382.01 61-19403 f 

Harrod, #?V Roy Forbes, 1900- ed. 

International trade theory in a developing world, pro 
ceedings of a conference held by the International Economic 
Association. Edited by Roy Harrod, assisted by Douglas 
Hague. London, Macmillan; New York, St Martin's Press, 

TV, 570 p. dlagrs. 23 cm 

HT1411.H323 1963 382.01 63-11346 

Hellauer, Josef, 1871- 

Handelsvorkehrslehre. Wiesbaden, Betriebswirtschaft- 
licher Verla^T. Gabler ,1948- 

T. Illua 21 cm. (Die HaadeUhochschtae, die Wlrtschafta- 
hochschole, AM. 16, 1 
HF1007.H339 5^49230 t 

Hong, U, 

Saogftp kyfingje. 
K 62-448 t 

346 p. 21 cm. 
1. Commerce, 


Hoving, Walter, 1897- 

The distribution revolution. Xew York, 
t 1960j 

150 p 20 cm 
HF1007.H7 3S9 

I, Chun-nun^. 

L TTashburn 
60-14598 J 

56 p. lllus. 18 cm. 

1. Commerce. 2. Export s 

I, Chiin-ming. 

ales i. Title. 

Title romanised: Ku 

ciii rnao i chih 
C 60-2187 1 

1 Commerce. j. Title. 

Title romanized Kuo chi mao t dnh 

HF1007.I2 C 60-2188 ; 

Japan. Tt>wko Sangyosho. Tsnshokyoku. 

K ^ ^ x^ ii m fife sp eg fn 20 ,1 

0,429 p. tables. 10cm. 

1. Commerce. 2 Japan Comrn. i. Title 

Title romamzed: Salkin nosek.ii shijn. 

J CO-3364 
Hoover Institution 

Johnson, Harry Gordon, 1023- 

Intemational trade and economic gwmth j studies in pure 
theoi-y. Tendon, Allen & Unwin r 1958, 

204 p. Ulus 23u. 

HF1007.J02 38-2 5WU7SrevJ 

Jung, Lien-yuan. 

l$| !^ I L'( Vj ^l 1 IHU t s , [: ff {'H Inteniationnl trade principles and 
pnu-t ic'o^. ^ Jil ;u Hi ^ : 3P% 
ks, !!):!), 

'JJO p V)nil 

Kuoilu itwoih lun vil Muli \\\i 
C 60-1841 t 


Kaldor, Nicholas, 1908- 

Essays on value and distribution. Glencoe, 111., Free 

D man ' ' 

23S p. Illus. 23 cm. 



Kaldor, Nicholas, 1908- 

Essays on value and distribution. London, G. Duckworth 

238 p Illus. 23cm. 
HB771.K2 1960a 



Kemp, Murray C 

The pure theory of international trade. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t 1964, 

vlll, 324 p. dlagrs. 24 cm. 

HF1007.K4 382.01 6S-16735 

Kim, Sdng-hySn. 

^^Cfe^ Ai^ ffgjij. 1963> 

281 p lllim. 21 cm 


1. Commerce. 2 Korea <k>omi. ^ Title. 

Title ronunized : Muyfik kneron. 

^HF1007,K515 K 64-281 

Kindleberger, Charles Poor, 1910- 

Foreign trade and the national economy. New Haven, 
Yale University Press, 1962, 

285 p. Illus. 22 cm. ( Studies in comparative economics, 2> 
HF1007.K52 382 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMERCE (Continued) 
Kojima, Kiyoshi, l92tV- 

340 p. nius 10cm. 

1. Coiiimerr-e. r. Title. 


Title romanized- KOcki jfikon. 

J 59-331 I 

Levin, Jonathan V 

The export economies: their pattern of development in 
historical perspective. Cambridge. Mass., Harvard Univer 
sity Pre-s. l'.H>U. 

xiv, 347 p. Illus,, map 22 cm. 
HC39.L4* 382.0 GO-13291 

Liu, Ch/im-paL 

227 p, illus. 19c 

1. Commerce, r. Title. 

Title romanized: Kuo cM mao I. 
C 60-1383 J 

Lin, Ch^on-pai. 


227 p. Ellas. 22cm. 

1. Commerce L Tide. 

HF1007.LS-2 1959 

Title romanized: Kuo chl mao !. 
C 61-2284 t 

todz, Poland. Wyzsza Szioia Efconomiczna. 

Ekonomika handlu. TIT, 1 

v. tables. 24 cm. (Zia Zeszyty naukowe) 
HB9.LG 64-32711 

Maizds, Alfred 

Industrial growth mxd world trade, an empirical stady of 
trends in production, consumption and trade in manufactures 
from 1899-1959, with a discussion of probable future trends. 
Cambridge t Eng., University Press, 1963. 

mil. 563 p. dlagrsi, tables. 24 cm. (National Institute of Eco 
nomic and Social Research. Economic and social studies, 21) 
HF49S.M33 382 

Marshall, Alfred, 1842-1924. 

' 4t 51 *fc &*% |^.$r ftl E ff/. ( J t ?i f 1953, 
72 p. nitifl, 21 cm. 

1 Oouuiwrw 2. Value. i, Tltlf. 

Title romanhed: Km wal mao I ho 
ktio nel rhln Hilb. t'li'mi IJ Inn 

HFlflt^mMS COM 740 t 

Matsoi, Kiyoshi, 1912- 

Essn vs on international trade. Tokyo, 1958. 

85 p. icm. ( Science Council of Japan. Division of Economics, 
Commerce & Business Administration, Economic series, no. 20) 
HF3826.M338 62-38736 J 

Meary, Jean, 

Matures premieres et echanges internationaux. Paris, 
Conrs de droifc il96l, ^ 

3 v. In L 25 cm. 

Mervaxt, Joset 

c lernCKoro E, ^. Sorosa rc H. H. CexeHoua. Hop; pe^ H co 
KCTVTI. CTan eit T. C. PornnCKOro MocEsa, Ha^-so uno- 

350p, Ulna. 21cm, 


Mervart, Josef. 

VyWm a vyvoj mi v mezinaroduiin obchodS. f l vyd.i 
Praha,190. J 

294 p, mas. 22cm. 

Meyer, Frederick Victor. 

The terms of trade. Copenhagen, Munksgaard [1962] 

160 p. 21 cm. (Scandinavian university books) 
HF1007.M47 63-46723 J 

Michaely, Michael. 

Concentration in international trade. Amsterdam, JTorth- 
Holland Pub. Co., 1962. 

167 p. diagrs., tables. 22 cm. (Contributions to economic anal 
ysis, 28) 
HF1411.M48 62-51364 

Min, Pydnff-gn, 1&1S- 

290 p, Illus, 21cm, 

1. Business. 2, Commerce. i. Title, 

rtHfl romantoett; Sanjfhuk t'on^nun. 


K 6'2-3S4 

Montenegro, Abelardo Fernando, 1912- 

Mercantilismo, comercio internacional e bolsas. Fortaleza, 

S3 p. 24 cm. 
HF1009.M66 64-36844 

Mookerjee, Subimal. 

Fuctor endowments and international trade; a statement 
and ap;i.-is:il of the Heckscher-0hlin theory. Bombay, 
Asia Pub. House r 1958i 

vlii, 90 p diagrs 23 cm. ( International studies series. Occa 
sional papers, no. 2) 

A 61-4035 
Rochester. Univ. Ltbr. 

M:uiswinkel, F L van. 

De hondelsonderneming; organisatie en techniefc van de 
handel in theorie en praktijk. Amsterdam, Noord-Hol- 
landsche Uitgeversmi]"., 1959. 

258 p. illns. 24cm. 
HF1007.M75 61-28434 J 

Murteira, Aurora. 

_0 problema das erporta<;oes naa economias subdesenvol- 
ridas. Lisbon, Associa^ao Industrial Portu^uesa, 1960 

78 p. illus., tables. 21 cm. (Estudos de economla npllcada,' 12) 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. A 60-5394 

al-Najjar, Sa^d Tlwanl, 1920- 

422 p. diagrs. 24cm. 
HF499.N35 1964 
Princeton Univ. Ubr. 


Namiq, SaJah al-Din. 


644 p. inns. 24coi. 
Princeton Univ. Libr. 

Na$r, Zakariya Ahmad. 


477 p. diagrs. 25 cm 


Neuberger, Egoiu 

The USSR and the West as markets for primary prod- 

mrowth ' and ^ Santa 

- 168 ' * Cm " (Rand Corporation. Memo- 
Q180.A1R:!6 no. 3341 64-2374 

Nurkse, Ragnar, 1907-1959. 

^fX^"^Sr enl - stockholm < Mstribu - 

2p. 25m. (Wlckaell lectures" 1059) 

Narkse, Ragnar, 1907-1959 


62 p 26 cm. (Wickseii lectures, 1959) 
HP100T.N88 1961 382 

" deV6l P ment - N6 - York, Oxford 

, Ragnar, 1907-1959. 
Wpjyw obrotow miedzynarodowych na rozwdi eosuo- 

XDS&S ^ ^"^^^^""winietycn.^ 

Obradovi6, Sava, 1900- 

u analizu spoljne trgovine. Beograd, NauSna knj, 

^^ (Blblioteka ^Cnlhl struSnlh dela) 

62-57987 J 

OhUn, Bertil Gotthard, 1899- 

Utrikeshandel och handelspolitik. 6. rev. och utvidgade 
uppl. Stockholm, Natur och kultur C 1959] 

387 p. 22 cm. 

HF1401.O35 1959 A 60-407 

Harvard Univ. Library ^ J/ 

Ohlin, Bertil Gotthard, 1899- 

Utrikeshandel och handelspolitik. 7. revid. och utvidgade 
uppl. Stockholm, Natur och kultur jl962j 

403 p diagrs., tables. 22 cm. 
HF1401.O35 1962 03-44251 

Olivari, Ricardo E 

El comercio exterior argentino; reorientaci6n necesaria 
Prologo do Luis Ortega Velarde. r Buenos Aire S] Edinorte 

208 p. 20 cm. 
HF3386.04 6 ^ 3Q9l7 

Padua. Universita. Facolta di scienze politiche. 

^ Lczioni sul commercio estero; corso cU specializzazione 
t maggio-3 f?iugno 1957. Milano. CEDAM, 1958 ' 

xvl,804p. diagrs. 2o cm. ' 

New York Univ. Libraries HPIOOT 

Padua. Universita. Facolta di scienze potitiche. 

Lezioni sul commercio estero ; la economia italiana e la col- 
laborazione economic* internazionale. Corso di specializza,- 
aione, 6 aprile-11 mag^io 1959. Padova, CEDAM, 1959 

690 p. tables. 25 cm. 

New York Univ. Libraries HF1007 

Palekar, Shreekant A 1918- 

ok ' aBttg agents: 

380.1 S A 63-594 

xvl, 230 p. 18cm. 
HF1007.P27 1G47 

Richner, Hans Rudolf. 

Volkseinkommen mid Aussenhandol. Aarau, 1958. 
02 p dlngrs., tables. 21cm. 
HB601.R52 59-50348 

Kolow, Aleksander. 

Rachunek ekonomiczny w handlu zagranicznym. c Wyd. 
1.] \\'urszawa, Polskie Wydctwn. Gospodarcze, 1060. 

1T9 p. 20 cm. ' 

HF1007.R495 62-34621 t 

Sachs, Ignacy. 

Handel zagraniczny a rozw6j gospodarczy. t Wyd. l.j 
"Warszawa, Paiistwowe Wydaxvn. Fjkonomiczne, 1968. 

M A,.~~ *~v,._ , ^ (Probiemy krajow'slabo rozwlnle- 

HD85.S127 64-31949 

Shang-hai wai kuo yii hsUeh yiian. Tui wed mao i wai yii 

174 p. Illua., tables, 19 cm. 

1. Commerce. i. Title 

Shen, Ming. 

Title romanieed; Tul \vul mao 1 shlh wu. 
C 01-1805 t 

1. Ooranit-roo. r. Title, 

Tith PWJwwiteetf.- Mao 1 shlli wu chili slilii. 
CCa-.'KHK t 

HFIOU7.S475 p f 

Shil'dkrut, V A ^ 

IIpofijteMij I^CH MHpOBoro KauHTaJtHCTu^ecKoro 
MocKna, HS^-BO co^HaJrBHO-^KOH, JIHT-PU 1963. 

818 p. tables. 21cm. 
Stepan, KareL 

Celni politika v mezindrodnlna obchodu. c Vyd. 1. 3 
Praha, Statni nakl. technickd literatury, 1963. 

218 p. 21cm. " 

HF1713.S65 64-45145 

Tatemoto, Masahiro, 1924- 

tv. 8, 25S, 18 p. dloan., Cables. 22 cm. 

# 2) 

Blbllographtcnl footnotes. 

l. Commerce. 2. Hnlaiice of payments 
Ketanl HatKu KenkyflKai. KelS^Stten Kenfcota 0ho 2) 

Galkoku hOokl to kokusat shDsht, 


J 50-IJ54 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COMMERCE (Continued) 

Thoreili, Hans Birger, 1921- 

INTOP, international operations simulation, player's 
manual t by : Hans B. Thoreili, Robert L. Graves t andj Lloyd 
T. Howells. r New York, Free Press of Glencoe C 1963, 

58 p illus 28 cm. 
HD20.T47 658.018 63-13249 

A Tokes konjunktura alakulasa. 1957/58- 
Budapest, Kozgazdasagi es Jogi Konyvkiado'. 

T. dlagrs. 19 cm. annual. 

Torres Manzo, Carlos. 

La teoria pura del comercio internacional; aspectos de su 
desarrollo. Mexico, 1961. 

225 p. illus. 23 can. 
HF100T.T67 63-35467 

Tzu-ch'uan, pseud. 

^ 1960. 
4, 175 p. forms. 20 cm. 

1. Commerce 2 Foreign trade regulation Hongkong. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Ch*u ju k'ou shang yeh 

ahih wu Chiang tso. 

C 61-J456 

Columbia Univ. East 

Asiatic Library 

Vajda, Imre. 

Nemzetkozi kereskedelem. t A konyvben egyes f ejezeteket 
irtak : Rado Laszlo et al. 3 Budapest, Kozgazdasagi es Jogi 
Konyvkiado, 1959. 

415 p. illus. 25 cm. 
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International trade: theory and economic policy. Home- 
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New Haven, Yale University PresB, 1968. 

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Entwicklung der Markttheorie; von der Scholastik bis zur 
Klassik. Tubingen, Mohr, 1961. 

153 p. iUus. 24cm. 
HF1007.W618 62-40821 1 



Winkelman, P 

Buitenltmclse himdel en Internationale orde. Nijmegen, 
ekker & Van de Vegt, 1950. 


32 p. 24 em 


Wonsewer, Israel 

Desarrollos en la teoria de la economia international 
Montevideo, 1958. 

40 p. 23cm. (Universtdad de la Republics Institute de Teoria 
y Polftica Econ6micas., no. 15) 
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Wright, Frank Joseph. 

An introduction to industry and commerce. London, 
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tr,lfifjp. mna. 22cm. 
HF499.W68 64-S5883 

Wu, Chen-hsiung. 

2. 6, 444, ,3] p. tables. 21cm. 
Bibliography: p. [445-447) 

1. Commerce. i. Title. 

Title romanised: Kuo chl mao 1 hsln lun. 
C 61-1895 

Young, John Parke, 1895- 

The international economy. 4th ed. New York, Konald 
Pi-ess Co. [1963, 

795 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF1007.Y58 1963 380 63-13747 J 

Zarate, Fidel de los Angeles, 1896- 

La circulacion general. 2. ed. Lima, Impr. del Politeo- 
nicoNacional "Jose" Pardo," 1958- 

T. 25cm. 
HF1007.Z353 61-21906 rev J 


The International executive, v. 1- winter 1959- 
[Hastings-on-Hudson, etc., Foundation for the Advance 
ment of International Business Administration! 

v. In 23 cm. quarterly. 
HP1J 66 63-52025 


American Management Association. International Manage 
ment Division. 

The challenge of export expansion. t Papersi New York 
il962 7 

80 p. illus. 23 cm. {AMA management report no. 67) 
HF3031.A678 62-2050 J 

China (People's Republic of China, 1949- ) Shang ye\ 

106 p. tablft 18cnx 

1 Commerce Addresses, eMayi, lectnw*. i. Title, 

Title romon&mf ; Wai kuo mao I 
ch'ing Ic'uanK chleb ahao. 

Harvard TTnlr. Ghlnese- 

Japanese Library 454,1 

Moscow. Institut mezhdunarodnykli otnoshenii. 

Bonpocti BHenmeft TopToujm. MOCKBE 1960. 
195 p. 23cm. 
HF499.MC 60-33481 1 

New directions for world trade; proceedings of a Chatham 
House conference, Bellagio, 16-24 September 1963. London, 
New York, Oxford University Press, 1964. 

241 p. iilus. 23 cm. (A Chatham House report) 
HF499.N45 1963 382.082 64-55640 

Stretch, George Winfield. 

Papers on international trade. Baton Rouge, La., T J 
Moran's Sons [1962] 

272 p. 27 cm. 
HF1007.S83 382.081 62-14311 J 

Zook, Paul D ed. 

Economic development and international trade, a perspec 
tive. Dallas Southern Methodist University Press, 1959. 

134 p, 23 cm 
HF499.ZG 382.082 



Lindfors, Grace V 

Bibliography : cases and other materials for the teaching 
of multinational business. Grace Y. Lindfors, editor. Bos 
ton, Harvard University, Graduate School of business Ad 
ministration, 1964. 

n,2S3p. 28cm 
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MulviMll, Donald Ferguson. 

Bibliography on domestic marketing systems abroad. 
Kent, Ohio, Kent State University, 1962. 

68 p. 23 cm. (Bureau of Economic and Business Research 
Kent State University. Printed series, no. 2) 
HF5006.043 no. 2 64-63182 


Paris. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. Bibliotheqw. 
Catalogue permanent des derniers documents entres. 1.- 

anneej Jan. 1947- 

v. in 28 cm. monthly, 

Z7164.C8P24 64-89043 


Gothenburg, Sweden. Handdshbgskolan. 

Goteborg, Akademiforlaget-Gumpert 

v. Illus. 25cm. 
HF345.G6 49-19346 rev** 

Institut de science economique appliquee. 

Cahiers. Serie P : Commerce mondial et conditions inter- 
nationn!',?s -le In croi^nnce. no 1- 
Paris, 1957- 

v. diatrrs , tables. 21-27 cm 
HF91.I53 63-32910 

Urbino. UniversitJu Facolta di economia e commercio. 

^ubblicazioni] 1- 
Milano, Giuffre, 1962- 

v. illus., ports., facslms. 25 cm. 
HB46.U7 63-41932 


CoHoque sur les conditions d'exportation dans les pays 
autonomes en voie de ddveloppement, Brussels, 1960. 

Actes, 14-15 mars 1960. [Colloqne organise par le Centre 
pour 1'etude des problemes du monde musulman contem- 
porainj Bruxelles, Centre pour 1'^tude des problemes du 
monde musulman contemporain t lfl61, 

200 p. 24 cm. (Correspondence d'Orlent, no 8) 
HC411A1C6 no. 3 63-51370 


International Banking Summer School. 8t7i, Christ Church, 
Oxford University, 1955. 

International banking and foreign trade .. London, 
Published for the Institute of Bankers by Eiiropa Publica 
tions t 1955j 

226 p. tables. 23 cm. 
HF499.IG2 1955 332.1082 56-2592 rev 

Velasco, Gustavo R 1903- 

tJeliberaciones sobre la libertad, reunion en Maxacay. 
[Por 3 Gustavo R. Velasco, Joaquin Reig & Alberto Benegas 
Lynch. Buenos Aires, Institute Venezolano de Analisis 
Econ6mico y Social A. C., Centre de Estudios sobre la 
Libertad, 1961. 
171 p 20 cm. 
HF1410.V4 64-41909 J 


*Abd al-Sayyid, YassS. 
-u it a** , J ..j. 

r !96- 

264 p. 17cm. 
HF1002.A2 1960z 

N E 63-731 

Heinze, Siegfried. 

Dictionary of transport terms and phrases, edited by Sieg 
fried Heinze and V. Engelen-Weybridge. Wiesbaden, 
Brandstetter r !961- 

v 17 em. 
HF1001.H43 62-5007 

Lebel, Wilfrid. 

The business vocabulary; (English-French] dictionary of 
business and commercial terms. t Le vocabulaire des affaires ; 
dictionnaire francais-anglais des affaires et termes connner- 
ciauxj Montreal, Editions de ITIomme r 1963i 

46, 46 p. 20cm. 
HF1002.L39 63-52554 

Motta, Giuseppe, teacher of English 

Dizionario commerciale: inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese. 
Economia, legge, finanza (amministrazione, banca, borsa, as- 
sicurazione, scambi, commercio estero e marittimo, trans- 
porti, dogane, ecc.) Milano, G. Signorelli [1961, 

^ 1050 p. 22 cm. 
HF1002.M6 61-33500 

Nanassy, Louis C 

Business dictionary tby 3 Louis C. Nanassy [a nd 3 William 
Selden. Englewood Cliffs, N". J"., Prentice-Hall r 1960 7 

7^263?. Illua., map. 22cm. 
HF1002.N3 650.3 60-7410 

Netto, Modestino Martina. 

Vocabulario de intercambio comercial; portugues-ingles, 
ingles-portuffues. Com um apendice contendo abreviaturas 
comerciais, pesos e medidas, sistema. mouetario, modelo de 
cartas comarciais, etc. Rio de Janeiro, Editora Civilizacao 
Brasileira r I961i 

i, 251 p. 21 ou. 

HF1002.N45 63-33506 

Prejbisz, Antoni, ed. 

Slownik handlowy angielsko-polski. Pod red, Antoniego 
Prejbisza i Wandy Swiezevskiej. t Wyd. Lj Warszawa, 
Panstwowe Wydawn. Ekonomiczne. 1961. 

483, [1] p. 21 cm. 

HF1002.P7 62-27706 

Yarkin, Munir. 

Izahlibankaveticoretsozliig-u. Ingilizce-Tur^e, Tiirk^e- 
Ingilizco. 7000 fngilixce ve Tiirkce terim. A comprehensive 
dictionary of banking and commerce. English-Turkish, 
Turkish-English. Ankara, Dogu Matbaasi, 1958 

292 p. 24cm. 

HF1002.Y3 59-53861 

2ukowski, Grzegorz. 

Slownik handlovy angielsko - polski, polsko - angielski. 
Commercial dictionary English - Polish, Polish - English. 
Warszawn, Polska Izba Handhi Zagraniczneeo 1957- 
T. 29 cm. & * 

HF1 Q02.Z8 


Semenova, Ivetta Petrovna. 

Kiift So^rapcKO-pyccEiifi H pyccKo-6o.irapcKnfl BHem- 
OBHfi c.ioBapL. CocraBii-iu CeMeiioBa, II II. H Ca- 

, B. B. MocKua, BHeiiiTopriisaaT 1956 

, . 

235p. 17 cm. 

57-26121 rev 

Senin, V P 

KHiattCKo-pyccKHfi u pyccKO-KHTaftcKHft otoaapt, 
Ho-imnopTHHx ToaapOB. iTo^; pe^. E. fl. OKCJOECB 

905 p. 21cm. 




KuTancKo-pyccKnn o6me3KOJiouniecKHfl u BHeuraeropro- 
BMft cjioBapr.. r OEO^o 16000 KirrEiftcKHx OIOB, HOA pe^. 
7t. JTmimaftjio. MocEaa, BHeniTopmsJaT, 1962. 

399p. 21cm. 
HB61.Z58 63-43321 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMERCE (Continued) 



Mala encyklopedie zahranichulio obchoda iVyd. 
Statni nakL technlckS literatury, 1964, 

5S7p. 21cm. 
HFL001.M335 64-467S3 

Shevckenko, Vasilii Stepanovich. 

KpaTKHfi ^emcKO-pyccEEft a pyccKO-iemcEnfl 
roBHfi dosapt. CocraBjeH B. C. IHeBienEO H A. EL Dies 
aCHco. Pe^arrop H. H. EyceHEOB. MocEBa 
AiT, 1955, 

lS8p, 18cm. 
HF1001S4S3 55-44319 rev 

Zavada, Duan, 1915- 

Cech an-ilickym obchodnim korespondentem. E l. vyd 
Prahii, Statin pedfigogieke nakl,. 1960. 

751 p. IS cm. 
HFlOO2J2:ilG 61-3335 


Hansen, Otio. 

Handelshandbogen udarb. af Otto Hansen, under redak- 
tion af Jan Kobbernagel] K#benhavn, Politikens forlag, 

318 p. fllus. 17cm. {Politikens handb^ger, nr. 151) 

A 60-3508 
New York TTnlv. Libraries HF3002 


Izraamch, E E o6me3.OHOini5ecKufl 11 BHC 
doeap; 2. 1134., crepeoTnrrnoe. MocEaa BE 

544 p. 17cm. 
HF1002.IS9 I960 


DuttweEer, Claude. 

Dictionnaire du commergant Geneve, Editions ge*nerales 

547 p. dlagrs^ tables. 21 on. (CoUectlon "Commerce et Indus 




Ivanovo, Galina Sergeevna. 

^pannyscKO-pyccKiiii oo'mesEOHOiiniecKnfi n BnemHeTOp- 
roBiift ctoBapi,. MOCKIM, RHemTopms^aT, 1959. 

387 p. IS cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

3HcrofiIm Slavic 1231 HP 
HF1002.I S89 60-21040 

Lcbel, Wflfrid. 

The business vocabulary; jEnglish-French] dictionary of 
business and commercial terms, jLe vocabulaire des affaires ; 
dictionnaire franeais-anglais des affaires et tennes commer- 
ciausj Montreal, Editions de PHomme r 1963i 

46.46P, 20cmT C J 

HF1002JL3& 03-52554 

Na$r al-Din, Muhammad, 

>m\ '*->. 


1ST p. 24cm. 

Servotte, Jozef V 1903- 

Dictioniiaire commercial et financier: francais, n4erlandais, 
anglais. allemancL 2. eU, rev. et augm. Brnxelles. Editions 
Brepols iIOGOj 

Ir,855p. map (on lining papers) 21cm. 
HF1002.S42 1960 61-930 


Gunston,C A 

Deutech-englisches Gloesarium finanzieller und wirt- 
schaftlicher Fachansdrucke, voa C. A, Gunston und C. M. 
Corner. 4. erweiterte Aufl. Frankfurt/Main, F Knapp 
r 19fi2] 

l%8p. 19cm. 
HG151.G854 1962 

Nenburgr, Heinz A 

Eacport-Worterbuch in vier Sprachen: Deutsch-Eng- 
lisch Franzosisch-Spanisdh; EngUsh-Dautsch, Franzosiscli- 
D ^^ Jf^ish-Dentsch. fBerlinj E. Schmidt C 1960j 

XHI*L umv. Ub^ry A 62-290 rev 


KaDkeareakedefani kislexikon. c Szerkeszt5 bizottsig: Forg&cs 
Tilmos efc aL Munkatawafc: Agyagfslvi Kirolj et aL, 
Budapest, Kozgazdasagi es Jogi Konyvkiado, 1960. 

423 p. 21cm. 
HF1002.K75 63-29802 

Magyar - angol kulkcreskedelmi szotar. t Szerkeszt5bizottsag: 
Bati Laszlo a szerkesztSbizottsag vezetfije; Hock Istvdnne, 
Simonji Irnrene es Waldner Kirolyj Budapest, Kozgaz 
dasagi es Jogi Konyvkiado, 1959. 

HF1002.M336 59-49151 

Magyar-n&net kulkereskedelmi sz<5tar. c SzerkesztoT>izottsa^: 
Verbenyi Laszlo, Konings Felix es Tardos Ferenc 3 Buda 
pest, Kozgazdasagi es Jogi Konyvkiado, 1960. 

279, flj p. 21 cm. 
HF10023I3:)63 63-26766 

Magyar-orosz kulkereskedelmi szotar. ( Szerkeszt6bizottsag: 
Salusinszky Istvau et aL] Budapest, Kozgazdasagi es Jogi 
Konyrkiado, 1959. 

124 p. 2lcm. 
HF1002.M3365 60-33174 


Motta, Giuseppe, teacher of Engli&h. 

Dizionixrio commerciale : inglese-italiano, itnliano-inglese. 
Economia, legge. rtnanza (amministrazione, banca, borsa, as- 
sicurazione, scambi, commercio estero e marittimo, trans- 
porti, dogane, ecc.) Milano, C. Signorelli C 1961] 

x, 1050 p 22 cm. 
HF1002.M6 61-33500 

Shio, Kiyoshi. 

28, 234 p 10 cm. 
In colophon : ift ft, 

1 Commerce Dlctlonarle*-- Jiipaiiew. t. Klinata, Hlrtw) Joint 
ed. it.Tltlf. m. Title: Shflkel JItcn. 

Title rmwinizcd: Sh^yo kchjil yftgo jltcn. 


Kim, Hyo-rok. 

J 62- 1474 

It ffifi 4289^956, 
2,13,333p 19cm 

L Commerce Dictlonariea Korean, i. Chfing, Su-ySnir, 1918- 
jolDt author, n. Title. Title romanized: SangOp kySngje snjfln. 


K 59-160 


orosapt. CocTaBHJta : Kan TH 7s, KHM EH ^ep, KapmnnoB, 
JI. H. MocKua, BHemioprHSflaT, 1961 
190p. 17cm. 

Nocon, Ifndrff H 

Business English. Angielsko-polski i polsko-angielski 
siowmk terminologii handlowej. C 0kolo 6 000 wyraz6w i 
termini handlowych. Wyd. 1, Warszawo. Pafistvowe 
Wyda^v-n. Szfcolnict\vn ZftM-odoweffO ,1959, 

396 p. is nn. 
HF1001.K59 650 3 



Kleinas Aussenhandels Worterbuch in acht Sprachea : DeutscL 
Russisch, Pohiisch, Tschechisch, Englisch, Franzosisch, 
Spamsch, PortugiesiscL Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 

HFl002.KCr 6(M6006 

'aensofl, Isaac. 

Systematic glossary English/French/Spanish/Russian of 
selected economic and social terms. English-French- 
Russian text compiled by Isaac Paenson. Spanish transla 
tion prepared by Luis de la Plaza, New York Macmillan 
Co., 1963- 

1 v. (lotae-leaC) 29 cm. 
HB61.P14 1963a 330.3 64-7221 

Paenson, Isaac. 

Systematic g] 


c Paenson. Spanish translation pre- 

(loose-leaf) 28cm, 


Servotte, Jozef V 1903- 

Dictionnaire commercial et financier : f ran^ais, ncerlandais 
anglais, nllemand. 2. ed., rev. et augm. Bruxelles, iSditiona 
Brepols [lOGOj 

lac, 955 p. map (on lining papers) 21cm. 
HF1002.S42 10GO 6 1-930 

Urbany, Marijan. 

Foreign trade correspondence, with business vocabulary in 
six languages. 3d ed. Zagreb, gkolska Knjiga, 1961. 

1&4 p. 24 cm. (Manualia Unlversltatls Studiorum Zagreblensls) 


Netto, Modestino Martins. 

Vocabulario de intercambio comercial; portugues-ingles 
ingles-portugues. Com um apendice contendo abreviaturaa 
comerciais, pesos e medidas, sistema monetario, modelo de 
cartas comerciais, etc. Rio de Janeiro, Editora Civilizacao 
Brasileira [1961] 

x, 251 p. 




KSftt 1959. 
241 p. 19 cm. 

1. Commerce Dictionaries Russian. 

Title roinanixed: Chlen mlngtul wal mao 1 tz'O tlen. 


C 61-2729 J 

English-Russian glossary of economic and trade terms. New 
York, Telberg Book Co. r !959] 
311. 28 cm. 

Another issue. 

HF1002.B6 1059a 

HF1002.E6 1959 CO-51089 

Izrailcvich, E E 

\nrjio-pyccKiin o<Sm,c3Kom>MiiiecKjurt a imcuinetoproBwft 
c^oitapi, 2 trs^,, crepeoTiinnne. Mocrcna BnemTODrmiaT 
1960. ' ' ' 

544 p. 17 cm. 
HF1002.1 89 19GO GO-12725 

Kim, Ki-un. 


caoapB. CoCTasiwn: KIIM TH VH, KJIM Jr Hep, Kapmnaou, 
Jl. H. MocKsa, BuemToprHSJax. 1961 

180 p. 17 cm. 

Semenova, Ivetta Petrovna. 

Ixparimn Co^rapCKo-pyccicaft n pyccKO-do.irapcimft iiiiera- 
iieTOpioubift ciouapi,. Cocramnn CcMCiiona, IT. IT. u Ca- 
iioB, 11. B. Mocicua, BiicitETOpnmaT. 195S. 

, . 

235 p. 17cm. 

57-2(5121 rev J 

Senin, V P 

KiiTaflcKO-pyccKHft n pyccKO-KUTaflcKiift c.ionapi> 3Kcnopr- 
Ho-iiMnopTuux ToaapoB. HOA pe^. E. #. OKcmKCBiii. Mo- 
CKna, BHeinTOprasAaT. 1963. 

905 p. 21cm. 
HF1002.S415 (58-55369 

Shevchenko, Vasilif Stepanovich. 

KpaTKnft icmcKo-pyccKHft n pyccKO-^teracKjift wiemneTOp'- 
roBBift cjioaapt. CoctaBjen B. C. UICBHCHKO n A. H. IIIeB- 
ICHKO. Pe^airrop H. H. EyceiiKOB. Mocoa, BHeniroprHS- 
flai, 1955, 

189 p. 18cm. 
HF1002.S483 55-44319 rev 

Yarkin, Mttnir. 

IznhhbaukfiveticaretsozlU^U. tngilizce-Turkce, TiU-kfie- 
IngUiwo. TOOOtngilizceveTurkgeterim. A comprehensive 
dictionary of banking and commerce. English-Turkish, 
TurkisK-Englislu Ankara, Dogug Matbaasi, 1958. 

p. ^4 cm. 

HF1002 -^ 30-53861 


Benko, William John, 1881- 

Business around the world; world trader's international 
directory and handbook. 
New York. 

v. 28cm. 

HF54.U5B45 68-42292 1 

Benko, William John, 1881- 

International importer's trade directory. New York, 

IT. 28cm. 
HF3010.B4 382.50973 60-23652 1 

Directory of active foreign buyers, v. 1- 
tNew York, Journal of Commerce, "1960- 

v. 22cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


DIRECTORIES (Continued) 

Gem directory of buyers, sellers, importers and exporters in 
India and overseas markets. 1960- 
New Delhi, Govila. 

v. IIlus 17 cm. 

HF54J5G4 S A 63-1089 J 

Khungar, T C 

Directory of overseas importers of Indian commodities; 
contains over 62,000 addresses of foreign importers of In 
dian, commodities from nearly 125 countries comprising 151 
main items divided into several hundreds of sub-items. 
Delhi, Bharat Directories Corp. ,196-?, 

1 v. (various pagtngs) 25 cm 
HF54.I5K5 S A 63-824 

Ko sta isporuSuje ? 

Novi Sad, Bratstvo-Jedinstvo. 

v. IIlus. 24 cm. annual 

Sell's international register. 1961- 
London, Business Dictionaries. 

v. 26 cm. annual 



Kim, Hyo-rok. 

4289 : 1956j 
138 p. 18cm. 

1. KoryC Taehakkyo, Seoul, Korea Examination*. 2. Commerce 
EiamloatloM, questions, etc. r. Title 

Title romanttet; Sangflp ky&ngje mondap. 


K 61-360 J 

Agarwala, Amar Narain, 1917- 

sfn: $3. 

2v. lllus. 18cm. 
ID Hindi. 

wffVtT 3ftr 
v.2: n ^TCT aftr wilder . 

1. India Comm. Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Commerce Hand 
books, manuals, etc. r. Title. 

Title tram- literate*: Vyapartka paddhatl aura 

HF3787.A64 S A 61-39 

Bankhaus Friedrich Hengst & Co. 

Wissenwertes f iir den Aussenhandelskaufmann mit Wah- 

[Frankfurt a. M.j 
HF1010.B3 01 "' 

55-51471 rev J 

Beer, Zygmunt. 

Handel zagraniczny w obliczeniach, t Wyd. 1 Warszawa, 
Parfstowe Wydawn, Ekonomiczne. 1961. 

414 p. illus. 25 cm. 
HF1010.B38 62-44138 1 

Bj0rnsen ? Mette Eoefoed. 

Handelslteren t af] Mette Koeioed Bjjfenaen, Erik Langs- 
ted r ogj P. Nyvang Knudsen. Kjfbenhavn, J. H. Schultz, 

206 p. lllus. 24cm. 

HF1010J355 63-48002 1 

Bureau of National Affairs, Washington, D. O. 

International trade reporter. "Waahineton r 1954-56i 
2 T. (loose-leaf) lUna.,maii8. 27cm. ^^ 

Export shipping manual, steamship services sup 
plement Washington t'lOSOj 
HI, 130 p. 23cm. 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 
International Dept. 

An introduction to doing import and export business. 
tlstj- 1947- 


v. 28cm. irregular. 

HF1010.C45 382.02 58-59807 rev 

Croner, Ulrfch Horst Edward, 1909- comp. 

Reference boot for world traders; a loose-leaf handbook 
covering information required for planning and executing 
exports and imports to and from all foreign countries. 
Queens Village, N. Y., Croner Publications, 1961- 

lv. (loose-leaf) 23cm. ^ 

HF1010.C66 61-10661 


Guide for exporters & importers; a practical reference 
book on export import trade, by Keshawindra, & Vidya 
Nath. With a foreword by N. V. GadgiL New Delhi Ex 
port Expedition Core [1982, 

110 P. 23 cm. J 

HF1010.K4 SA6a-1425J 

Kim, Chong-w5n, ed 

Dangeard, Alain L 

Technique de I'exportation. t l. ed., Paris, Presses uni- 
versitaires de France r 1960; 

HFioioijar 61 _ 22886 1 

Dankmer, Hugo. 

Der Kaufmann von heute; ein Eatgeber und Nach- 
schlagbuch. tUnter Mitarbeit von Paul Hoffmann et al. 1. 
Aufl. Giitersloh] C. Bertelsmann t i960i 

479 p. lllus. 20cm. (Praktische Ratgeber) 
HF1010.D3 CO-30745 t 

DostraSO, Karel. 

Hospodafskg vztahy pfi dovozu. r l.Vyd.j Praha, Orbis, 

153 p. 20cm. (EkonomlckS edice. Za vySfefektlvnost) 
HF1010.D6 61-40618 J 

Fukaroi, GUchi, 1899- ed. 

12,741 p. illus., forios, taolee. 22cm. 

Colophon inserted- 
Includes bibliographies 

1. Commerce Handbooks, manuafe, etc. i. Title. 

Title ramaniztd; Oendal shogaku Jiten. 


61 Brit. Board of Trade. 

Hints to business men series. London, 1956-59 r v 1 1959i 
7r i l * ' 




t llj,4 

forms. 19cm. 

ionary of business terms fc 

Bibliography: 9tli prelim, page. 

1, Commerce Handbooks, manuals etc. 
Sangip TltagoJto. . &?Z S'to 
business terms & con-espondence. 

TjHe romoniaed.- Ch'oealn sangCp YOngC sajSn. 

Kim, Ki-ch*o. 



327 p. Illus. 10 cm. 

1, Coiumerce HandlK,(i|ts, manuals, etc. r. Title. 

Kwtoi, 0-ik, 1905- 

4291 t !958j 
seep. 2icm. 

1 Commerce Handbook*, manuala, etc. i. Title. 

Title romarHeed: Sang5p IcySngjehalt 


K 62-57 

Mahieu, Paul 

Organisatie en techniek van de internationale handel. 
Leuven, E. Nauvrelaerts, 1960. 

S10 p. illus 25 cm. 
HF3607.M3 63-39519 J 

Nuland, Paul van. 

De handel en zijn dokumenten. Brussel, Baude r 1961 3 
ffS p. 27 cm. (Reeks Bconoraie en wetenachap) 
HF101D.N8 62-66977 J 

L'ingenieur et les problemes commerciaux et legislates de 
1'entreprise. Paris, Dunod, 1960 r c 1959j 
93 p. 22cm. 

60-24630 J 
tanky, Alexander 

Handbook of international marketing; how to export, im 
port, and invest overseas. New York, McGraw-Hill r !963i 

xvlll, 680 p. Illus., map, dlagre. 24 cm. 
HFl010.vS85 382.02 62-22204 

Tumay, Turhan. 

Dis ticaret bankaciligi ; ithalSt ve ihracat. r lstanbul, 

trS/lJ A 1 ^ 23 Cm> (Tuyeun ^ay^evl MSriyati. no. 1) 
HF1010.T8 NE 62-1077 

Yi, Sang-hun, 1903 

-VIt ^Ue 4292 1 1959, 
4f>8 p illuH. 21 cm. 

1, Commerce Handbooks, manuals, eta i Han, Tong-ho, Joint 
suithor ii. Title 

7 Hie romanteed- Muyok atlmu yofiL 


K 62-752 

Zieleniewski, Jan. 

Zasady organizacji i techniki handlu zagranicznego. 
cWyd. 1.] Warsznwa, Paistwowe Wydawn. Ekonomiczne, 

823 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
HF1010.Z45 62-59188 t 


Adelson, Howard L 

Medieval commerce. Princeton, N". J., Van Nostrand 

t im, 

192 p. 18 cm (Van Nostrand anvil books, 60) 
HF39SJU 382.0902 62-4631 J 

Amzalak, Moses Bensabat, 1892- 

La Mediterranee et les ddcouvertes maritimes des Portu- 
gais. Lisbonne, 1951. 

24 p. 27cm. 


64-37000 I 

Beard, Miriam, 1901- 

A history of business. ,Ann Arborj University of MicM- 
gan Pro?,s 1 1962-63, C 1938] 

2 T. 21 cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks, .VA62, 70) 
HF5341.1U 1962 fiSO.D 02-4735 rev 

, Targan Hacim. 

tkinci Oihan Harbi sonunda milletlerarasi ticaret Istan 
bul, Tanin Matbaasi, 1947. 

241 p. 2icm. 
HF499.C3 60-36950 

Chao, Ju-kua, ^. 122fi. 


1,4, 5, 156 p. table*, idem. 

Tfti ronwwfced: Chu fan dHh ehlao chu. 

HF408.C45 1966 C 62-1793 

Chao, Ju-kua, f, 1225. 

,,!5U;ttft p% fllti&Wi i^'Kl.'jl^^, 

t ^iHlrtlffiriJ^Kt L51 t 1962, 
151 p. 10cm 

1 China Couim. Hist. 2, Commerce Hist. I. F^iiR, Ch'ftng- 
chUn, 188.V1M5, ed. n. Title. 

TWle romurttefd; Chu fun chlh cliiiuv rlui. 

HF408.C45 1962 


Cheyney, Edward Potts, 1861-1947. 

European background of American history, 1300-1600. 
New York, Collier Books r !96l 3 

190 p. 18 cm. (Collier books: history, AS89) 
E178.C528 1961 973.1 62-2171 J 

Ch'oe. Ho-jin. 

llih I!)(i2. 

313 1>. 21 cm ( A'^^f 1 

Hlbliocraplii' p. 297-<J<)a. 

1. Commerce Hiat. r. Ktin, l^ftng-ha, joint author, n. Title. 

Title romonfeed: Sangfipsa kaeron. 

HP35ACW K6W889 

Contractuig Parties to the General Agreement on Tariifs 
and Trade. 

Ent-wicklungstendenzen im internationalen Handel; Be- 
ncht eines Sachverstandigenausschusses jdes GATT, Genf, 
Oktober 1958. [Berlin] E. Schmidt t 1959j 

157 p. dlagrs.. tables. 2S cm. (AussenaaruJel and Weltwirt 

A 61-2889 rev 

New York tlnlv. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade. 

L'evolutian du commerce international ; rapport e"tabli pax 
un groupe d'experts, Geneve, 1958. 

Ti, 150 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
EF499.C674: 50-52500 

Ehrenberg, Richard^ 1857-1921. 

Capital & finance in the age of tie Renaissance; a study 
of the Integers and their connections. Translated from the 
German by H. M. Lucas, NOT York, A, M. Kelley, 1963. 

380 p. 23 cm. (Reprints of economic classics) 
HC45JEB2 1&63 332.094: 

Face, Richard David, 1926- 

The caravan merchants and the fairs of Champagne; a 
study in the technique? of medieval commerce. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1957 3 

dmirersity Microfilms, Aon Arbor, M!ch.< Publication no 21,218) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 21318 Mic 57-2115 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

InsuH, Thomas. 

Transport by sea. Designed and edited by Paul Eed- 
mayne. Drawings: Hans Schwarz. t lst ed.-, London, 
Murray r lfl50j 

47. t lj p. illus. (part coL) maps (part coL) 25 on. (The<3iiang- 
ing shape of things series) 

HE571.I 66 


51-1508 rev 

International commerce. 

World trade developments in 1948 in selected countries; 
a series of seventeen articles on postwar foreign trade of the 
United States and other leading trading countries of the 
Tvorld, reprinted from the Foreign commerce weekly, with 
revisions and supplementary tables. Washington, U. S. 
GovL Print. Off.. 1949. 

Ill, 141 p. Illus. 29cm. 
HF499.I6S 382.09 49-47189 rev* 

Samhater, Ernst, 1901- 

Kaufleate wandeln die Welt Frankfurt am "Main H. 
Sdteffler t !960j 

307 p. Olus^maps, 24cm. 

A 61-4196 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Samhaber, Ernst. 

Merchants make history; hov trade has influenced the 
course. <.f hi=tory throughout the world. TransLited by 
E. Osers. jist American ed. 3 New York, John Day Co. 
1964, e 1963j 

'Wi p. illus., ports^ maps. 22 cm. 
HF032.S213 3SO,9 63-15903 

Stolpe, Herman Albert, 1904- 

Yarldsproduktion och varldshandel. Stockliolm t Koope- 
rativa forbundets bokforlag, 1957. 

31 p. 10 cm. (Varldspolitikens dagsfragor, 1957, nr 8) 
HF499.S79 59-53132 t 

Tejado Fernandez, ManneL 

Historia. del comercio. 3. ed. rev. Zaragoza t lmp. Li- 
breria, General r 1960. 

X p. fflus. 22 cm. 
EF353.T4 1960 63-46479 J 

Thorbecke, Erik, 1929- 

The tendency towards regionalization in international 
trade, 1928-1956. With a foreword by J. B. CondHffe The 
Hague, Nrjhoff, 1960 jlflS^ 

t5i l> illiia. ^,"i oil. 

HF499.T52 382.09 60-3515 t 


Minnesota. University. Library. James Ford BeR GoUec- 

The merchant explorer; a commentary on selected recent 
acquisitions. 1961- 

T. 22 cm. (University of Minnesota Llorary. Occasional 
paper no. I 

Z733JM672 nal 61-63987 rev 


CoHoqce international d'histoire maritime. 4tL, Ports, 1959. 
Les sources de lliistoire maritime en Europe, du Moyen 
Age au xvrn^sieele; Actes du Quatrieme Cofloque interna 
tional dTiistoire maritime, tenu a. Paris du 20 au 23 mai 
1059, preseutes par Michel Mollat, avec la coUaboration de 
Paul Adam, Marc Benoist et Marc Pemchet. tParisj 

x, 481 p map, dlagrs, tables. 23 cm. (BnjUothfeqrc generale de 
, r&oifr pratlqoe des hautes etudes, a section) 
HE5T1.C6 1959 



see also subdivision Commerce 
Information services under names of 
countries, cities, etc. 

Jupo, Frank. 

The march of trade, written and illustrated by Frank Jupo. 
Englevrood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall [I960, 

64 p. Illus. 22cm. 
HF353.J8 382 60-10272 1 


Chacko, George Kuttickal, 1930- 

Intemational trade aspects of Indian burlap; an econo 
metric study. New York, Bookman Associates r!961i 

226 p. map, dlagrs., tables. 23cm. 
HD9156.J8I6 338.17354 61-8923 


Afrasian markets. 

Bombay [Amalgamated Press 3 

Illus , ports., tables. 29 on. monthly. 


v. tables., aiagrs. 25-27 cm. 

Belgrad. Institat za spoljnu trgovinu. 

Tromesecni pregled privrede. 

v. In Illug. 29 cm. 

S A 63-3652 

N E 64-1781 

i iiHOcxpaHHoft KOMMepnecKoft HH$opMa^HH; npH- 


v. In maps, tables. 28-29 cm. 




Business international. 

Nexv York, Business International Corp. -etc.i 

T. 29 cm. weekly. 

Commercial times. 

T. Ilhis. 44-46 on. 
HF41.C64 SA64:-3553 

Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade. 

Developments in commercial policy, no. 1- 
Jan./June 1960- 

no. in T. 29 cm. semiannual. 

HF35.I62 64-41931 

Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade. 

International trade news bulletin, v. r l]-9; Jan. 1950- 
Dec. 1959. Geneva. 

9 v. in 11. 20 cm. monthly. 
HF35.C58 55-22943 rev 

Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade. 

Revue de politique commerciale. no, 1- 
jan./juin 1960- 

no. in v 29 cm. semiannual. 

Croner's export digest v. 1- 
July 1958- 
t Iungston-upon-Thames, Croner Publications] 

v, in ill us. 19 cm. monthly 
HF11.I722 ' 63-31204 

astern finance. 

v. 33 cm. semimonthly, 

S A 63-256 t 

[andel -wevrnetrzny. 
tWarszavra, Polskie Wydawn. Gospodarcze. 

v. IlluR, 24 cm bimonthly. 
HF37.PCH3 60-29620 

Handel zagraniczny; pismo poswiconei sprawom polskiego 

handlu zagranicznego i micdzynarodowym stosunkom gospo- 



TTT^ V ;T and illus " ^rte; maps. 29^ cm. monthly. 

HF3r - Hs 59^9155 

International markets. 

" Y ? rk i 

Olos. Wcm. monthly. 

61-89141 t 

International trade reporter's survey and analysis of current 
Washington, Bureau of National Affairs. 

no. in T. 29cm. weekly. 

HF1J65 60-43730 t 

Merkblatter fur den Aussenhandel. 
[Frankfurt am Main, etc.T 
T. 31cm. weeWy. 

Moscow. Institut vneshnel torgovli. 

HayHHiae sanncEii. BUH. 1- 
MocKsa, Meac^yHapoAHafl KHiira, 1945- 

r. 20cm." 

The National and Grindlays review, v. 1- 
Oct. 1954- 

v. in 

25 cm. quarterly. 



58-22172 rev 2 

Nedel jni komentari. 

v. In illus. 29 cm. weekly (except August) 

HF3T.N4 59-46184 

i intemazionala di economia, e finanza. anno 1, no 
1-8; magg.-dic, 1960. Roma c Edizioni Lessona, 

881 p. 27cm. monthly. 
HF19.R35 62-40357 

Socialistick^ obchod. 

V Praze, Tisk. Rude pravo. 

v. Illus. SO cm. monthly, 

Trade digest. 

r ]STew Delhi, C. L. Khannaj 

r. illus. 25 cm. 
Printed for PL 480 


S A 64-5295 

v. in Illua., tables. 28 cm. monthly. 

HF37.B82A26 61-43276 

STATISTICS see Commercial 


Haschka, Helmut. 

Die fremdsprachlich Beeinflussten Bezeichnungsweisen in 
der engHschen Wirtschaftstermmologie (doppelto Buch- 
haltung und Wechsel) Wien, W. Braumuller ,1960, 

' ' 11 ^ 1131181 25 m ' (Wlener Beltra se zur nliachen 

A 61-410 

PR13.W5 Bd!68 
Rochester. Univ. Libr. 

Henderson, Harry William, 1908- 

Terms used in international agricultural trade. [Wash 
ington] Foreign Agricultural Service, TJ. S. Dept. of Agri 
culture, 1963. 

64 p. 26cm. ([U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service (1053- )j 

S21.Z2383 no. 152 Ao-r 63-474 

U. S. Nat'] Agr. Libr. A28l.OFTOFm no. 152 n 

International Chamber of Commerce. 

Incoterms 1953; meziniirotlni praviclla pro v % fkla(l clocla- 
cich doloicelc. Komontafcm doprovodili DuSan Zavada a Jan 
Selfen. [Z anglickc'ho origiualu prcl. Duuu Zavada] 2. vycl. 
[V Orbisu l.j Prnha, Orbis, 1057. 

141 p. 21cm (EdiceZnhrnnlCnl obchod) 


International Chamber of Commerce. 

Termes commerciaux. Trade terms. Tableaux synop- 
tiques annote"s. Annotated synoptic tables. rParis, 1953i 

135 p. Illus. 28cm. ( Document de la CGI no 10) 
HF1002.I8 1953 68-26898 t 

Trgovinska zbornica za LR Sloveniju, Ljubljana, 

Mednarodiia pravila za tobnaCeiije trgovinskih izrazov 
Incoterms 1953 in Pregledane opredelitve ameriSkih zunan- 
jetrgovinskih izrazov. Ljubljana, 1953. 
63 p. 21 cm. (Ooftpodarska knjlga, 1) 



Angel, Juvenal Londofio, 1907- 

Careers in the field of export, import, and foreign opera 
tions. 4th ed., rev. and enl. New York, World Trade Acad 
emy Press [1961] 

26 p. 26 cm. (Modern Vocational Trends career monograph*. 
monograph 2, v. 1) 
HF1009.A5 1961 61-19713 t 


Belgrad. Institut za spoljnu trgovinu. 

OodiSnji pregled privrede. 

v. Illus. 28cm. 
HF37.Y8B4 60-21181 rev 

Bulgaria. Turyovaka palata, 

TtproBCKH ajManax. Commercial yearbook. 

v. Illua. 25cm. 

61-41032 J 

Foreign commerce yearbook. 1933-51. Washington, U. 

10 v. 24cm. 

382.058 34-2G519rev3* 

Library of Congress CatalogBooh: Subjects 


YEARBOOKS (Continued) 

Sell's international register. 1961- 
London, Business Dictionaries. 

v. 26 cm. annual. 


see Interstate commerce 

nautics, Commercial 


see also Agency (Law); Canvassing; 
Commercial travelers; Commission 
merchants; Literary agents; Sales 
men and salesmanship; Theatrical 
agencies; Travel agents; also sub 
division Agents under names of 

Lambert, Gabriel A 

Le representant de fabriques. Paris, Eyrolles, 1958 
188p. 19cm. 
HF5421.L23 59.45533 t 

REPUBLIC, 1949- ) 

Erpenbach, Marianne, 192S- 

Die Vertreterprovi&ion im Einkommc?n=tewiTPclit. Ivoln 
IT, 1 13, p 21 em. 


(PROTECTORATE, 1939-1945) 

Der Vermittler. Zprostredkovatel. 

v. 30 cm. monthly. 
" ' 60-56224 


Centralvereinigung Deutscher Handelsvertreter- und Han- 

Europiiische Handelsvertretergesetze; eine Gegeniiber- 
stellung der gcsetzlichen Bestimmungen in 10 europaischen 
Staaten. [Braunschweig, A. Limbach, 1961i 

43 p. 21x30 cm. 

62-37585 J 

Maier, Hans Jakob, 1923- 

Der Handelsvertreter in der Europaischen Wirtschafts- 
gemeinschaft, vori H. J. Maier t undj H. J. Meyer-Marsilius. 
Baden-Baden, A. Lutzeyer f!961, 
ixiv,816p. 23cm. (Eurollbrl, Bd. 2) 

62-31967 rev 

Maier, Hans Jakob, 1923- 

L'agente di commercio nei paesi del mercato comune [di] 
H. J. Maier & H. 3. Meyer-Marsilius. Presentations di 
Francesco Messineo. Milano, Giuffre, 1961. 

xvl, 354 p. 23 cm. (Burollbri) 


Maier, Hans Jakob, 1923- 

Le representant de commerce dans le Marchi commun, 
par H.-J. Maier t et D H. Meyer-Marsilius. Paris, Dalloz 
rvill, 298 p. 23 on. (Eurollbri, 2) 


Coudy, Julien. 

Le representant de commerce, par J. Coudy et M. Des- 
pierres. Paris, Sirey, 1957. 
3S3 p. illus. 22 era. (Manuels SIrej) 

63-49913 J 

Cousi, Pierre. 

Les intermediaires du commerce: concessionnaires, agents 
cpmmerciaux, representants V. K. P., courtiers et commis- 
sionnah-cs; analyse et etude comparative, par Pierre Cousi et 
Guy Marion. Prof, de Marcel Grente. Paris, Librairie 
generate de droitet de jurisprudence, 1963. 
111,184 p. forms. 23cm. 


Le regime juridiquej fiscal et social des representants de 
commerce VRP et des agents commercianx. t PariS] J. Del- 
mas [I960, e !955j 

1 v. (various pagtngB) 28 cm. (Ce qu'U vons faut aavolr) 


1949- ) 

.,- (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes^ etc. 
Handelsvertretergesetz: Gesetz zur Anderung des Ean- 
delsgesetzbnchs (Recht der Handelsvertreter) Kommentar 
1958 rad Duden - 4 > ne ubearb. Aufl. Munchen, Beck, 
x, 80 p. 21 cm. (Beck'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bd. 9a) 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- } Lam, statutes, etc. 
Handelsvertretergesetz; Gesetz zur Anderung des Han- 
delsgesetzbuchs (Eecht der Handelsvertreter) vom 6. Au 
gust 1953. Kommentar von Konrad Duden. 5. neubearb. 
Aufl. Munchen, Beck, 1961. 

x, 81 p. 20 cm. ( Beck'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bd. 9a ) 


Stumpf, Herbert. 

Vertrage mit inlandischen Handdsvertretera. Im Auf- 
trag der Rechtsabteilung des Vereins Deutscher Maschinen- 
bau-Anbtjilten e. V. Frankfurt/M., Maschinenbau-Verlag 

83 p 21 cm. 

Stumpf, Herbert. 

Vertrage mit inlandischen Handekvertretern. 2. Aufl. 
Frankfurt /M., MascHnenbau-Yerlag ,1961, 
12T p. 21 cm. ' 



Amsterdam. Universiteit. Sttihting voor EconomMcK 

Beloning en organisatie van de arbeid van in het binnen- 
land werkende vertegenwoordigers in dienst van grotere 
ondernemingen; resultaten ener op initiatief der Neder- 
landse Vereniging van Commerciele Directeuren (N. C. D.) 
en in samenwerking met de Contactgroep Opvoering Pro- 
ductiviteit (C. 0. P.) gehouden enquete. Leiden, H, E 
Stenfert Kroese, 1960. 

224 p. 25 cm. (lit Pnbllkatle. Serte S. B. O, no. 14) 
HF5349.N2A693 64-28356 t 


Switzerland. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Maklervertrag und Agenturvertrag; Kommentar der Art. 
412 bis 418v des sch-weizerischen Obligationenrochts [Voiij 
Karl Durr. Freiburg i. Br., Purr, 1950. 
239 p. 18 cm. 



Dillon, Robert Edward, 1822- 

Exclusive distributorships and dealerships. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms t !959j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-368 Mic 59-368 

Scherer, Daniel J 

Financial security and independence through a small busi 
es franchise. t New York) Pilot Publications t c 1959j 


44 p. 28cm. 


60-1632 1 

Industrial distribution. 

_ Directory of manufacturers' agents contacting industrial 
distributors, and wholesalers with an industrial supply de 
partment New York 1963, 

96 p. 28cm. ] 

HD9723.1 5 1963 



National franchise reports. 

1960 directory of franchising organizations. New York 
iPilot Publications, 1960. 

( 24i p. 22x9 ctu. 
HF5422.N3 60-679 


Lambert, Gabriel A 

Le representant de fabriques. Paris, Eyrolles, 1958. 
185 p. 19 cm. 
HF5421.L23 59-4.5523 t 


Qui represente qui en France? Who represents whot Wer 
vertritt wen? Chi rappresenta ehi? 1.- ed.; 1957 
Paris, Pnris-Monde. t etc.j 
T. 24 cm. 

HF3553.Q5 60-20676 rev 

and award 

MENTS see Arbitration agreements, 



see also Art and industry; Color in 
advertising; Photography^ Advertising 

Advertising directions : trends in visual advertising. r ! 3 - 
Ne\v York, Art Directions Boot Co. r !959- 

v. uius. 2Scm. 
N09&7.A6S2 659.13 59-I482Trev J 

Art Instruction, inc^ Minneapolis. 

A series of tests dealing u ith the various phases of art 
for commercial purposes, piepurerl especially for Art In 
struction, inc. Arr. and edited by Walter J. Wihrerding 
[and, Loe S. Preston. Layout and typography by Frank 
Kofron. Minneapolis f 195G- 


5S-2744 rev 

Bieffdeisen, Jacob Israel, 1910- 

^Careers and opportunities in commercial art. New rev ed 


Brodskii, Boris lonovich. 

, 1961. 

Carboni, Erberto, 1899- 

Twenty five publicity campaigns. Greenwich. Conn., New 
York Graphic Society rlSBl, 

174 p. uius. (part coL) 30 on. 
NCU35.C25A55 T41.67 

Cardamone, Tom. 

^ Advertising agency & studio skills j a guide to the prepara 
tion of art and mechanicals for reproduction. Illustrated by 
the^uthor.^^e^York, Watson-Guptill Publications r c !959, 

HF5825.C29' ^ 659.1324 59-1538T J 

Coffin, Harry Bigelow, 1906- ed. 

Art archives ; more than 500 line illustrations, represent 
ing historic periods and events, activities, persons, and places 
for unrestricted reproduction in advertising or publishing. 
Mendota, 111., Butler Clinic, =1961. 

641. 2&cm. 
K7520.C6 1961 

Cusa Ramos, Juan de. 

Curso de dibujo publicitario. Barcelona, Ediciones 
CEAC, 1960. 

2 v. ( 1101 p.) illus. (part col.) 28 cm. 
NC997.C7S 741.87 61-38363 

De Leon, Jerry Hudson, 1905- 

A series of texts dealing with the various phases of art 
for commercial purposes, prepared especially for Art In 
struction, inc. Illustrated by Fred Britton t and others. 
Edited by, Walter J. Wihverding ,and Lee S. Prestonj Min 
neapolis, Art Instruction, me. r!953-56, =1952-56. 

7 v. in 10. illus. 35 cm. 
tfC997.D4 741.6 53-1070 rev 

Ernst, James A 

Drawing the line, fine and commercial art. New York, 
Reinhold Pub. Corp. t 1962i 

160 p. Illus. 27 cm. 
NC730.EGS 741.4 62-10719 J 

Famous Artists Schools, inc., Westport, Conn. 

Famous artists course. Lesson 1^-24, by, Albert Dome 
t and others; Westport, 1948- 
24 pts. In ilhis., ports, 35 cnj 

-- Index and dictionary. Westport, Famous Ar 
tists Course r 1960 3 
61 p. IlLus. SO cm. 

XC997.P25 IndPr 
NC997.F25 40-5062 rev 3* 

Paria, Lindbergh. 

Enriquega aprendendo ilustra<o; antologia, a historia da 
ilustra^ao ontem e hoje. S t a<h Paulo, Cia Grafica Novo 
Mundo r !961j 

253 p. illus 22 cm. 

Feirer, John Louis. 

Drawing and planning for industrial arts. rRev.i Peoria, 
111,, C. A. Bennett Co. [1963) 

376 p. Illus., maps, dlagrs., plans, 26 cm. 
T353.F33 1963 744 63-6365 

Feldner, Fritz. 

Wunderlichea Werbarium; die Werbung in der Karikatur, 
die Kankatur in der Werbung. r^Vienj Fonun Verlair 


204 p. UUis. (part col.) SOctu. 
NC1320.F4 S3-48285 

Fletcher, Alan. 

Grapliic design: visual comparisons, by Alan Fletcher 
Colin Forbes tandj Bob Gill. Ne^ York, Reinhcld r !964 

04 p. Illus. 20cm. (Relniold paperbacks) 
NC997.F55 741.6 64-14628 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Games, Abram, 1914- 

Over my shoulder. : New York, Macmillan C 19GO] 
84 p. illras. 26 can. 
NC09T.G25 1960 741.6 CO-50T6T J 

Golden, Cipe Pineles, ed. 

The visual craft of William Golden. Editors : Cipe Pme- 
les Golden, Kurt Weihs t and, Robert Strunsky. New York, 

Braziller, 1962. 

153 p. ill US M ports. 22 1 28 cm. 
NC139.GGGC 741.6 


Graphic design in architectural renderings, compiled from 
international competitions. Berlin, Verkg Interbueh Ber- 
iin ,1961?i 

IT. (unpaged, chiefly illus.) 30 cm. (An International series for 
architects, 1) 
NA2780.G66 744.434 61-59794 

Herdeg, Walter, 1003- e$. 

Packaging. Packungen. Emballages. An international 
survey of package design ... Graphis. Zurich, Amstutz & 

322 p. (p -29l,-322 adrertlsiug) illos (part col.) 31 em. 

A 60-3343 
Harvard Unir. Library 

Kawahara, Jun, 1929- 

< 7 7, h u - x 3 >-|t Sc T -f f ' 1' T Illustra 
tion, idea & technique. pj 
r-'fl: 1961. 

142 p lllus. 22cm. 

In Japanese. 

1 Caarora.1 art. i. Title 



J 62-159 

Longyear, William Levwyn, 1899- 

How to use color in advertising design, illustration and 
painting. New York, Pitman Pub. Corp., C 1949. 

40 p illus. (part col.) 33cm. 
NC997JL62 741.67 49-11367 rev* 

Mfflkr-Brockmann, Josef, 1914- 

Gtestaltuagsprobleme des Grafikers; gestalterische und 
erzieherische Probleme in der Werbegrafifc die Aasbildung 
des Graiiters. The graphic artist and his design problems; 
creative problems of tie graphic designer; design and train 
ing in commercial art. - Les problemes d'un artiste graphi- 
qne; typographic dessin, photo, labels, couleurs, etc. Eng 
lish version: D. Q. Stephensen. Version franchise: M. 
Menzd-Flocon et J. P. Samson. New York, Hastings- 
House t 1961j 

ISfl p. lllus. (part coL) typog. specimens. 24x27 cm. (Visual 
communication books) 
NC9973I8 741.6 61-66339 

Mnsacchia, John B^ 1916- 

Airbrush. techniques for commercial art, by Henri A. 
Flctchere, Kelvin J. Grainger t andj John B. Mnsacchia. 
Eev. t i. e. 2dj ed. New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. r 1961j 

W p. fflos. 27 cm. 
NC915.A35M8 1961 74129 61-14821 t 

Nakai, KSich, 1917- 
T K ^ 7 9 i 

".--##- 1964. 

S33p. fllua. (partcoL) 26c 

Half titte: Adrertlsln* utdlrectkm. 
Bibliography: p. 

L C(Mnmrdal art L Title. 

Title romoHued: AdobataUlngu ttodlrekuAon. 

NC997.N24 J 64-1136 

Nerdinger, Engesi. 

Papier ist geduldig, mit Grafik machtig; Darstellung ge- 
brauchsgraphisclier Gestaltnngselmente am Prosjekt. 
tMitarbeit: Lisa Beck. Basel, Sternoffizin des Verlages Die 
p. Illos. (partcoL) 29cm, 

RaBd, Paul, 1914- 

The trademarks of Paul Rand, a selection. New York, G. 
Wittenborn, 1960, ^ 

iH p. {chiefly coL lllus. x double leaves) 25 cm, 
T223.V2R3 608.87 60-16814 

Rodewald, Fred G 

Commercial art as a business, by Fred C. RodeTrnld and 
Edward M. GottschalL Rev. ed. New York, Viking Press. 

ISO p. lllus. 24cm. 
NC997.R58 1960 741.6 60-9776 J 

Ross, Robert, 1927- 

Dlnstrsation today. Scranton, International Textbook Co. 

HI, 282 p. lllos. {part col.) 27 cm. (Interaattonal textbooks In 
art education} 
NC997.RO.'5 741.6 62-21507 

Stone, David K 

Art in advertising. New York, Pitman Pub. Corp., C 1961. 
unpaged, illus. 20x27 OB. ( Pitman art series, 85) 
NC997.S83 61-16642 J 

Sutnar, Ladislav. 

Visual design in action : princi 
Hastings House, 1961] 

1 v. (unpaged) illus. (part col.) 32 cm. 
NC997.S85 741.6 

( N"ew York, 

Zucker, Irving, comp. 

A source book of French advertising art. With over 5000 
illus. from the turn of the century. N"ew York, Braziller 

256 p. (chiefly Illus.) 28cm. 
NC997.Z8 741.67 C4-14689 


Director's Art Institute, New York. 

Who's who in commercial art and photography ; a guide to 
artists, photographers, agents, studios, representatives and 
buyers of art in the graphics field. New York [I960] 

168 p. lllus. 25 cm. 
NC997J)5 760.58 60-50460 

New York art directors buying guide. 1961- 
[New York, Contempo Pub. Corp.] 
v. 20 cm. annual 




Berlin. Staatliche Kunstbibliothek. 

Kiinstler werben Kunden; deutsche Grebrauchsgraphik 
nach 1945. Austellung, veranstaltet von der Kunstbiblio- 
thek der Ehemals Staatlichen Museen Berlin, 9. Dezember 
1961 bis 31. Marz 1962. [Bearbeiter des Kataloges: Efchart 
Berckenhagen. Berlin-Charlottenburg, 1961j 

unpaged lllus. 21cm. 
2TC997.A4B42 62-45487 J 

Effets graphiques dans les plans de construction choisis dans 
les concours internationaux d'architecture. [Berlin, Verlag 
Interbueh; commandes a Dunod, Paris, 1960-61] 

2 T. in 1 (chiefly Illua.) 30 cm. (Collection Internationale de 
llvres pour les archtteetes) 
NA2600.G684 63-36374 


CA magazine, v. 1- Aug. 1959- 

Palo Alto, Coyne & Blanchard. 

v. In Illua. (part coL) ports. 29 cm. 


Pagina. 1- 

nov. 1962- 

v. illus. (part col.) 82cm. 
NC997.A1P2 760.05845 63-1820 

see also Boards of trade 


European Economic Community. Commission. 

Repci-toire des organismes communs crSes drxns le cadre 
do la (Jointnunaute ecpnomique europeenne par les associa 
tions indnstrielles. artisanales et commerciales des six pays. 

t Bruxelles, Services des publications des Communautea 

T. Bern. 
HC241.2.E84 62-52857 


American Chamber of Commerce in France. 

R6seau des conseillers regionaux. Americtin Chamber of 
Commerce in France. Liaison Office of Smnll Business, 
Paris. Mutual Security Agency Special Mission for Eco 
nomic Cooperation. E Paris, 1952?, 

130 1. 21 cm. 

1949- ) 

Bardey, Ernst 

Unternehmer-Organisntionen wofvir sind sie dnl Stutt 
gart, Forkel r l 059, 

160 p. 21 cm. (I>le AJctnelte Beihe) 

A 62-242 t 
New York Unir. Libraries HF30S 

buildings; Office buildings 



Speculation; Stock- exchange; Trusts, 


see also Advertising, Direct-mail; 
English language Business English; 
Form letters; Letter services; Sales 

<Abd al-Sayyid YassS. 

174 p. 14 r 21 cm. 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

t !96-. 

N E 63-1445 t 

Bahig, Ahmad Fathy. 

Commercial correspondence and terminology. 6th ed. 
Alexandria, Al Muareff Establishment, 1961. 

214 p. '22 cm. 
HF5726.B16 19C1 N E G3-1119 t 

Baty, Wayne Murlin. 

Business communication & typewriting. Belmont, Calif 
"\Vadsworth Pub. Co. r 1962] "' 

21G P . 28 cm. 
HF5726.B35 651.75 

Berset, Francis. 

Corrcsponclance coinmerciulo en 4 langucs. Hnndolskor- 
respoiuleiix in 4 Spraehen. Commercial correspondence in. 
4 languages. CoiTesponcloiu'ia commercial on 4 Ipiiguns. 
Bionno (Suis^e) fiditions du Pnnorama [1959] 

237 p. 22 cm. 

A 00-4350 
New York Till v, Llbrm-les IIFS726 

Bowman, Wallace B 1897- 

Shorthaud dictation studies, by Wallace B. Bowman and 
Mary Ellen Oliverio. 3d ed. Cincinnati, South-western 
Pub. Co. t 1961] 

674 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
Z56.B784 1961 653.42 

Brennan, Lawrence David, 1915- 

Business communication. Patcrson, 

J,, Littlefield, 

Adams, 1900. 

320 p. lllus. 21 cm. (The New Llttlefleld college outlines, no. 66) 
HF5720.BT9 651.75 00-4852 J 

Brennan, Lawrence David, 1915- 

Effective business writing and speakiug. Includes busi 
ness communication, business English, business correspond 
ence, management writing and speaking, report writing, 
business speaking, sales, anil advertising. Pateraon, N. J., 
Littlefield, Adams, 1963. 

ixi,, 820 p. Ulus. 21 cm. (The New Uttlefleld college outlines, 
no. 66) 
HF572G.BT9 1963 64-931 

Brennan, Lawrence David, 19115- 

Management writing guide. Watevford, Conn., National 
Foremen's Institute, Bureau of Business Practice, National 
Sales Development Institute [19G3] 

152 p. 22 cm. (Complete mnnnprement llbvnry, v. 18) 
HFJS726.B793 081.7 W-10720 J 

Brown, James, 1921- 

Casee in business communications. Belmont, Calif., Wads- 
worth Pub. Co. t 1962, 

278 p. tlliw. 22cm. 
HF5721.B7 651.75 62-15610 J 

Brown, Leland. 

Communicating facts and ideas in business. Englevrood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1961. 

388 p. Ulus. 24 da. 
HF5549.5.CGB7 658 61-14158 t 

Butterfield, William Henry, 1910- 

Common sense in letter writing; seven steps to better re 
sults by mail. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall C 1963] 

238 p. lllus, 21cm, 
HF5726.B023 1963 63-20414 

Committee on Business Communication. 

Modern business communication. Advisory editor: 
Charles R Smith. New York, Pitman [1963j 

jnum.-.- 1 '. > uinm. iov iork, Pitman [1963i 

xlv, 4JW p. Ulus., diagrs., forms. 24 on 
HF5726.C74 651.75 


Crouch, William George, 1903- 

Bank letters and reports. New York, American Institute 
of Banking [19(51] 

491 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
HO-1700.C73 651.75 61-4520 t 

Ellenbogen, Abraham. 

The Collier quick and easy guide to business letter writing. 
[1st ed.] New York. Collier Books t 1963j 

128 p. lllus., port. 28 cm. (A Collier Books original) 
HF5726.E46 651.75 63-9981 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Haltennan, Jean C 1921- 

How to write better business letters, a handbook of cur 
rent practice in business letter writing. [Bloomingtonj Bu 
reau of Business Research. Graduate School of Business, 
Indiana University [ C 1962] 

40 p. 23 cm. (Indiann business infoi matlon bulletin, no. 25) 
HC101.I432 no.25 63-62649 1 

Himstreet, William C 

Business communications: principles and methods c by] 
William C. Himstreet and Wayne Murlin Baty. San Fran 
cisco, Wadsworth Pub. Co. r 1961, 

419 p Illus. 24cm. 
HF5721.H5 651.7 61-11638 J 

Himstreet, William C 

Business communications: principles and methods [by] 
William C. Himstreet [and, Wayne Murlin Baty. 2d ed. 
Belmont, Calif., Wadsworth Pub. Co. r !964] 

lr, 433 p. Illus, 24 cm. 
HF5721.H5 19G4 651.7 64-18697 

Himstreet, William C 

Business English in communications [by, William C. Him 
street, Leonard J. Porter t andj Gerald W. Maxwell. Engle 
wood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall r!964, 

46S p. illiis., ports. 24 cm. 
ITF5T21.H52 64-10008 

Hunsinger, Marjorie. 

Business correspondence for colleges. New York, Gregg 
Pub. Division, McGraw-Hill [I960, 

250 p. Illus 28 cm. 
HF572G.H8 651.750711 60-G97a J 

Janis, Jack Harold, 1910- 

"Writing and communicating in business. New York, 
Macrninan r 1964r 1 

r, 502 p. diflgrs. 24 cm. 
HF5726J3 64-14034 

LIFCO's business, commerce, industry & office manual; how 
to manage and how to serve in any capacity and under all 
circumstances. A practical guide to working of shops, of 
fices, mills, factories, etc. of the public and private sectors ... 
tlst ed.j Madras, Little Flower Co. ; LIFCO's agents in the 
city: M. Damodaram [1963] 

xvi, 430, A-462 p. illus., tables. 25 cm. 
HF572G.L12 S A fi3 1111 

Laird, Dugan. 

Level-headed letters C by 3 Dugan Laird and Joseph R. 
Hayes. New York, Hayden Book Co. t 1964, 

ir,139 p. 24cm. 
HF5726.L23 651.75 64-7790 

Lawrence, Nelda R 

Writing communications in business t by] Nelda R. Law 
rence. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall 1964j 

vili, 145 p. forms. 28 cm. 
HF5721JL.3 651.7 64-17875 

Liles, Parker. 

Typing mailable letters: practice projects in placement, 
punctuation, proofreading, and production. The authors: 
Parker Liles, Leroy A. Brendel t andj Ruthetta Kxause. 
New York, Gregg Pub. Division, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

100 p. Illus. 28cm. 
HF5726.L55 651.75 50-9418 t 

little, John D 

Complete credit and collection letter book [byj John D. 
Little. 2d ed. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall 

rill, 398 p. 24 cm. 
HF5556X5 1964 658.38 64-15210 

Marra, Waldo J 

How to streamline your letters. St. Louis, National Retail 
Credit Association t !961?j 

80p. 20cm. 
HF572LM34 1961 65L75 61-10923 % 

Meaning, Jack Harwood, 1919- 

Communicating through letters and reports, by J. H. 
Menning and C. W. Wilkinson. 3d ed. Homewood, HI., 
R. D. Irwin, 1963. 

x^eSBp. lllus, 24cm. 
HF5721.M4 1963 65L75 63-16889 

Morrison, Robert Haywood, 1927- 

Bank correspondence handbook, by Robert H. Morrison 
and Trudy Sundberg. Boston, Bankers Pub. Co. r !964] 

vlli, 23U p. facslms. 24 cm, 
HF5734.B35MG 651.75 63-14154 

Parfclmrst, Charles Chandler, 1904- 

Business communication, for better human relations. En- 
glewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1961. 

579 p. Illus. 24cm. 

HF5721.P368 651.75 61-6605 J 

Parkhurst, Charles Chandler, 1904- 

English for business. 4th ed. Englewood Cliffs. N. J., 
Prentice-Hall f !963, 

423 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5721.P38 1,963 651.7 63-7022 J 

Parkhurst, Charles Chandler, 1904- 

Modern executive's guide to effective communication. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J"., Prentice-Hall [1962, 
535 p. Illus 24cm. ' 

HF5726.P33 651.75 62-9585 J 

Rhinelander, Mary D 

Modern letter writing. 6205-2A-H. r Ed. 2, Scranton. 
International Correspondence Schools, C 1961 

42 p. Illus 28cm. 
PE1485.R4 1961 62 _T91 J 

Selim, Abdel Hamid. 

Commercial correspondence and office practice. 2d ed. 
t Alexandria?^ 1961. 

283 p. 20 cm 
HF5726.S43 1961 NE 64-2316 

Sheff, Alexander L 

How to write letters for all occasions. Business letters 
ibyj Alexander L. Sheff. Social letters t by, Edna Ingalls. 
New ed., rev. by Mary S. Allen. Garden City, N. Y., Double- 
day [1961, 

239 p. 22 em. 
HF5726.S465 1961 651.75 61-10015 J 

Sheppard, Mono. 

Plain letters, the secret of successful business writing. 
New York, Simon and Schuster, 1960. 

305 p. 22cm, 
PE1483.S43 651.74 60-10980 I 

Shurter, Robert LeFevre, 1907- 

Written communication in business t byj Robert L. Shur 
ter c and, J. Peter Williamson. 2d ed. New York, McGraw- 
Hill r 19G4, 

487, ROO.ICp. Illus. 23cm. 

HF5721.SY>4 "l964 



Sigband, Norman B 

Effective report writing, for business, industry, and gov 
ernment. New York, Harper r 19C0 7 

688 p. illus. 22cm. 
PE1478.S5 808.066 60-7018 t 

Stewart, Marie M 1899- 

Business English and communication. 2d ed. t byj Marie 
M. Stewart t and othersj New York, Gregg Pub. Division 
McGraw-Hill ^981, 
564 p. illus. 22cm 
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Strong, Earl Poe, 1910- 

Writing for business and industry : reports, letters, minutes 
of meetings, raemos, dictation t byj Earl P. Strong [and] 
Robert G. Weaver. Boston, Allyn and Bacon. 1962. 

456 p. Illus. 24 cm ( National OfQce and Management Associa 
tion. Series In administrative management) 
HF5726.S893 651.7 62-7752 t 

Urbany, Marijan. 

Foreign trade correspondence, with, business vocabulary in 
six languages. 3d ed. Zagreb, Skolaka Knjiga, 1961. 

.94 p. 24; cm. (Ma 

184 p. 



Wichmann, Gtnter. 

Englische Geschaftsbriefe. 2. verb. AufL Berlin, Yerlae 
Die Wirtscbaft, 1960. 

198 p. 22cm. 
HF5726.W5 1960 62-59806 t 

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Writing for business; selected articles on business com 
munication t byj C. W. Wilkinson, J. H. Meaning t and, C. K. 
Anderson. 3d ed. Homewood, HI.. It. D. Irwin, 1960 

369 p. nine. 24cm. 
HF5721.W55 1960 651.74 60-12921 t 



McGraw-Hill Book Company, inc. TrctMwngr Materials and 
Information Services Division. 

Effective letters; a program for self -instruction. Pre 
pared by the Programmed Instruction Unit of the McGraw- 
Hill Training Materials and Information Services Division. 
Programmer: James M. Reid, Jr., with the assistance and 
collaboration of New York Life Insurance Company. Proj 
ect coordinator : Robert M, Wendlinger. Consultant : Robert 
L, Shurter. New York, McGraw-Hill C 1964 7 

x, 321 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5721.M23 651.7507 64-12946 

al-Batriq, Yunus Ahmad. 

10, 281, 34 p. forms. 24 cm, 

Princeton Untv. Libr, 


i-JJI .JU J^l [( _LJU 2 

N E 64-389 rev 

208 p. Illos. 24cm. 
HF5728 .A7G45 N E 63-1062 


1. Commercial correspondence, Chinese, 

Title ramanued: Shang yeh hsin ch'Ih tu. 



Yang, Ts'ui-ch*in. 


165 p, 19 cm. 

L Commercial correspoodeace, Chinese. r, TlUe. 

Title romanised: Shang yeh shu hsln. 


C 60-1386 


Borch-Madsen, J 

Geschaftsbriefe c vonj J. Borch-Madsen, Henry J^rgensen 
t undj Fritz Kamp. t K^benhavn] Gyldendal, 1958- 
_ v 21cm < Deutschland von heute) 
HF5693.B6C GO-32106 % 


Deloge, L 6 

L'anglais commercial et industriel; correspondajice, docu 
ments commerciaux et techniqaes, lectures industrielles, vo- 
cabulaires speciaux se rapportant am principales indostriee 
d'exportation, par L. G. Beloge c etg <3x. van Gorp. t Ver- 
Tiers, Impr. G. Leens, 1961 ? 3 

A 62-588 

Illinois. UnlT. Library 

Rapoport, Nathan. 

English correspondence with. Hebrew translation. 

? ^D TTDJ? ,niy aii-m 05? n^ 

.710033^ .K *n ^nn Boston fa 
iJerusalem, I960] 

14T p. 25 cm. 

HF5728.H4E3 A 63-745 

Hebrew Union College. Library 


Degoumois, Leon. 

Corresppndance commerciale francaise. Premier et deu- 
ad^me cahiers. 6. ed., rev. et mise &. jour. Zurich, Editions 
de la Societe suisse des employes de commerce [1959] 

64 p. dlagrs., forms. SO cm. 

A. 61-2899 
New York Univ. Libraries HFST28 

Mandoune, P 

Pour rfidiger correctement le courrier. Preparation aui 
C. A. P. Brevets commerciaux. Paris, Dnnod. 1961 r*1960j 

112 p. 21 cm (Blblloth&que de renaelgoement technique) 
HF5728.F8M36 61-1500 J 

Thierrin, Paul. 

Correspondance commerciale et privee francaise, alle- 
mande et italienne t par 3 Paul Thierrin, Hugo WGeat [etj 
Giovanni Ijaini. Deutsche, franzosiscke, italieniscie Han- 
dels- und Privatkorrespondenz. Corrispondenza, com- 
raerciale e privata italiana, francese e tedeaca, Bienne, Edi 
tions du Panorama [1962, 

240p. 24 on. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Betcke, Bruno. 

Richtiges Brief deutschj keine Fehler mehr in den kauf- 
mannischen Brief en, von Bruno Betcke und Max Rein. 10. 
Aufl. iiannlieim,M.Keui,1948. 

30 p. 21 cm. 
PF3497.B4 1048 50-50306 \ 

Borch-Madsen, J 

Geschaftsbriefe [Von 3 J. Borch-JIadsen, Henry J0rgensen 
r und 3 Fritz Kamp. [Ktfbenhavn] Gyldendal. 1958- 

v 21 em ( Deutschland von liente) 
HF5603 BBS 60-3-2106 % 

Burghardt, Ludwig. 

So schreibt der Einzelhandler ; der Briefwechsel des erfol- 
greichen Kaufmanns. : 1. Aufl.j Bad TTorishofen, H. Holz- 
mann r l960j 

178 p. lllus. 22cm. 
HF572S.G3BS 61-26427 J 

Marquardt, Erwin. 

Dear Schriftverkehr des Gartenbaubetriebes, entradckelt 
aus dem kaufmannischen Betriebsablauf unter Berucksichti- 
gong der einschlajgigen recb.tlicb.en Vorschriften, von Erwin 
Marquardt r undi Hans Hansen. Berlin, P. Parey, 1960. 
158 p. 24cm. 

A 63-955 
Purdue "Onlv Library 

Behkopp, Alfons. 

Burokunde und Beaordenschxiftverkebr. Kurzgefasster 
Leitfadon fiber Organisations-, Geschafts- und Burokunde, 
sovie iiber deii bebordlicken Schriftverkehr mit t)"bersich- 
ten, Ifusteni und Beispielen. 3., erweiterte und umgearb. 
Aufl. Gotringen, O. Schivartz, 1959. 

vi, 91 p. diagrs. 21 cm. 

[HF5547.R ] A 60-2010 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Rhode, Friedrich Ludwig. 

Rhodes Handbucb der Handelskorxespondenz in deut- 
seher, englischer, franzosiseher und spanischer Sprache. 17. 
Aufl. Neubearb. von Hildegard Burfeindt-Moral c et aLj 
Bad Heilbrunn, J. Klinkbardt, 196L 

702 p. 25 cm. 

[HF572S.G3R ] A 62-99 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Strab, Paul, ed. 

Das moderne Schweizer Korrespondenzbuch. fur Ge- 
schafts- und Privatgebrauch ; Strub's Schweizer Briefsteller. 
Bearb. von Paul Strab unter Mitwirkung erster Faclileute, 
13. Aufl. Chur 1*19451 

320 p. lllus, 20 cm. 
PF3497.SS 1945 60-43123 1 

Thierrin, PanL 

Correspondance commerciale et privee franca-ise^ alle- 
maiide et italienne ^arj Paul Tbierrin, Hugo Wiiest t etj 
Giovanni Laini. Deutscbe, franzosische, italienische- Han- 
dels- und Privatkorrespondenz. Corrispondenza com 
merciale e privata italiana, francese e tedesca, Bienne, Edi 
tions du Panorama il962t 

240 p. 24cm. 
HF372S.FST43 62-66953 


Rapoport, Nathan. 

English correspondence with Hebrew translation. 

nrvij? .-nay ^ iipy , S "D5J 
["mTtDi*! .iiQDn 1 ? . 

jjerusalem, 1960^ 

147 p. 25cm. 

HF572S.H4R3 A 63-745 

Hebrew Union College Library 

Sagar, Ram Chandra Singh. 


iii,236pL facsima. 23cm. 
In Hindi 

1 O/mmerdal correspondence, HIadi. 2. Office practice i. Title. 
Title trantlvtervted: Kftryilaya karya vldhL 

HF5728.H5S2 S A 64-5194 



Hidayat, S 

Perobinobin^ ^Hm^igfrftgi & sura^-nieniurat (basil penju- 
sunan ke=mbal dari buku Pembimbing keaxab. pengeta- 
huan tentang surat-menjurat, tjet. 3 jang memuat berberapa 
tambahan dan perubahan) Disusun kembali oleb S, Hida 
yat Tjet 4. Djember, Sumber Uma, 1961. 

592 p. Elan, forms, 20 an. 
KF5728 J 5H5 S A 64-6271 

Surat menjurat perdagangan, oleb. A. G. Ismael, Prajitno 
Djojopawiro c dan] Sapto Soebagio. Tjet 5. Bandung, 
Tarate, 1963. 

2 v. lllus , forms. 22 cm. (Seri perintls) 
HF5728.1 518 1963 S A 64-6288 


Thierrin, Paul. 

Correspondance commerciale et privee frangaise, alle- 
mande et italieruie [par 3 Paul Tbierrin, Hugo Wuest c et] 
G-iovanni Laini. Deutsche, franzosische, italieniscbe Han- 
dels- und Privatkorrespondenz. Corrispondenza com 
merciale e privata italiana, francese e tedesca, Bienne, Edi 
tions du Panorama rl962i 

240 p. 24cm. 


Limaye, Ananta Hari. 

, 1962j 

82, [2| p. forms. 22 cm. 

In Marnthi. 
Bibliography: p. i83] 

1 Commercial correspondence, Marathi. i. Title. 

Title transliterated: KaJfivS, lobha asftva hi vlnantl. 

JIFJ7dzi.M3L5 S A 63-4567 


Kohls, Siegfried. 

Eussiscbe Handelskorrespondenz, PyccKas KOMMepiecJtaa 
KOppecnoii^eHHira jvon^ Siegfried Kohls c undj Peter Packan. 
Berlin, Yerlag Die Wirtschaft [I960, 

237 p. 22cm. 
HF5728.R9K56 61-33305 t 

Kopytov, Pavel Aleksandrovich. 

KoppecIlOHflea^^a H flejaoapoiiSBOflCTBO. ^ony^eHo B 
za^ecxBe yietfHHKa ^jia TexHiiKyMOB noTpeCaTejitcEOft KO- 
onepannn. MocEaa, Ha^-so DjeHxpocoiosa, 1959 

151 p. lllus. 23cm. 

Ogorodnikov, Boris Evgen'evich. 


t npOMHnureHHtix . 

4., jicnp. ir flon. MocKBa, KS^-BO DKOH. iriT-ptr. 1962. 

157 p. lllus. 22cm. 
HF572S.KflO.J5 1962 63-51033 

Rapchhiska, Boris, 1887- 

Russische handelscorrespondentie. 2. druk. Leiden, E. J. 
Brill, 1956. 

$6 p. 25cm. 
HF5728JR9R3 1956 62-28740 t 


Armenteras, Antonio de, 

Correspondencia- comercial y redaccion de documentos 
laborales y oficiales. t l. ed.] Barcelona, De Gasso Hnoa. 

4W p. forms. 20 cm. (Endclopedlas De Gasstf) 
New York Univ. Libraries HF5728 

A 60-4846 


Brazil Laws, statute*, etc, 

Manual cle prfitica forense, civil e comercial jpor, Jonatas 
Millioni MI <, Ed. m-. e situalizada. 4, ed., Rio t de Janeiroi 
Forense C 1960, 

5v. 24CTii 

60-28971 rev 
al-SharqawI, *Abd al-Munim Ahmad. 

Cache, Paid, 1868- 

Precis de procedure civile et commerciale, par Paul Cuche 

3 ' Librairie M 2 ' 196 - 


India (Republic] Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Arbitration act, 1940 (x of 1940) by Nrisinhadas 
Basu. Edited by Sudhir Kumar Bose. 4th rev. & enl. ed. 
Calcutta, Eastern Law House, 1961. 
xxi vi I, 580, cxxv p. 26 cm. 


Libya. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Civil and commercial procedure code. Benghazi ? 1954, 
I v. (unpaged) 33 cm. 

Libya. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Sju^sJ! :*\ ,n*\] (.U2J ojJ^j ^.j^'j V 

[1954? \\ol ? cSJ^j ^*\o jjjjy V- j^jLzj J-UJ1 
15, 281 p. 23cm. 



Commercial finance companies; Instalment 


U. S. Foreign Agricultural Service (195S- ) 0-fltce of 
the General Sales Manager. 

Moving agricultural abundance into consumption. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print. Off.] 1962. 

38 p. lllus. 22 1 28 cm. 

HD9004.A5345 Agr 62-361 

TJ. S. Nat'l Agr. Llbr. A281.12F702 


see also Competition, Unfair; Fraud; 
Monopolies; Price regulation; Restraint 
of trade; Trusts, Industrial Law; Usury 

CardweU, Harvey. 

The principles of audit surveillance. Princeton, N. J" 
Van Nostrand r !960, 

465 p. Illua. 24 cm. 
HF5657.C37 657.64 60-10286 J 

Mutafa, Mahmud Mafcmud. 

v. 24 cm. 
P^Jnceton Univ. Llbr. 

N E 03-2420 

Bodson, Paul 

Le droit p^nal des arTaires et du professional de la comp- 
tabilit ; notions filfimentaires. Bruxelles, Editions Compta- 
bilit^ et productivity [1954] 

79 p. 25 cm. (Collection "ComptablHt<3 et productivity," 1) 

60-43551 J 

Pinoteau, Charles. 

Legislation pfinale en mati^re e<:onomique et financiers 
li? 8 ^ 535 ai "o ^ n ^ rale de droit et e jurisprudence, 1959. 


1949- ) 

Germany (Federal Republic, 19J&- ) BundeaTcriminaZ- 

Wirtschaftsdelikte (einscbliesslich der Korruption) Ar- 
beitstagung im Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden vom 8. April 
bis 13 April 1957 iiber Bekampfung der Wirtschaftsdelikte, 
em^iesshch der Korruption. Wiesbaden, 1957. 

264 p. illus., diagrs. 80 cm, 

Zirpins, Walter. 

Von Schwindelfirmen und anderen unlauteren (krimi- 
nellen) Unternehmen des Wirtschaftslebens. Herausgeber: 
Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden, 1959. 

103 p. lllus. 21 em. ( Schrlf tenrelhe des Bundeskrlmlnalamtes, 



Zirpins, Walter. 

Wirtschaftskriminalitat ; Erscheinungsfonnen und ihre 
Bekampfung von Walter Zirpins und Otto Terstegen. 
Lubeck, M. Schmidt-Eomhild rl963i 

1067 p. diagrs. 24cm. 

Horgosi, Gyorgy. 

Ardraglt6 ea kozellataai bfincselekmenyek. Budapest. 
Kozgazdasagi & Jogi Konyvkiad6, 1960. 
206 p. 21 cm. (Jogl k&lkOnyvtftr. 6. sz.) 

64-29599 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 




Hukum pidana ekonomi; ditindjau dalam rangka pem- 
bangunan nasional. Tjet. 2. Djakarta, Widjaya, 1963. 
ix,230p. 22cm. 

S A 64-6283 


Bihnam, Ramsls. 

La tutela penale del diritti privati di obbligazione t di] 
Kamses Behnam. Roma C 1950] 
Til, 223 p. 22 cm. 

57-58172 rev 


Cyprian, Tadeusz. 

Przestgpstwa gospodarcze. {Wyd. l.j Warszawa, Pan- 
stwowe "Wydavrn. Naukowe, 1960. 
W, [2j p. 21 cm. 



Leonf ev, Boris Mikhaaovich. 

OxBercTBeHHOCTt aa xosflftcTBCHHiie npecTyiLieHHfl. Mo- 

CKBa, IOC. H3A-BO XJpHfl. JIHT-pH, 1963. 

u. s. 

American Management Association. Finance Division. 

Preventing and detecting fraud in business. New York, 

27 p 29 cm. ( [Ajnerlcan Management Association Management 
bulletin 43) 
HV6635.A5 64^5858 

Gibney, Frank, 1924- 

The operators. c lst ed.j New York, Harper 1960, 
284 p. 22 cm 
HV6635.G5 3G4.1G3 59-6307 J 

Jaspan, Norman. 

The thief in the -vvlxite collar, by Gorman Jaspan with 
Hillel Black. r lst ed., Philadelphia. Lippincott 1960j 

254 p. 22 ou 

HV6635.J3 364.163 60-5107 

Rogers, Keith M 

Detection and prevention of business losses; how to protect 
your business against all types of external and internal 
thefts, by Keith M. Rogers as told to W. OK Whitham. New 
York, Arco Pub. Co. C 1962] 

161 p. 27cm (Arco business library) 
HV6635.RH 364.162 62-12111 J 

Sutherland, Edwin Hardin, 1883-1950. 

"WTute collar crime. Foreword by Donald R. Cressey. 
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1961] 

272 p. 21cm 
H7GG35.SS 1961 364.160973 61-11383 


Yugoslavia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Zbirka propisa o privrednim prestupima, sa koraentarom. 
Beograd, Savremena aclministracija, 1959. 

255 p. lit) cm. ( Klblioteka "Movo znkonodavs,tvo") 


COMMERCIAL CRISES see Depressions 

COMMERCIAL DESIGN see Commercial art 

see also Invoices; Legal documents; 
Negotiable instruments 


Veran, Bohomil. 

Pruvodnt doklady na zasilky ceskoslovenskeho zbozi do 
ciziny. V Praze, Ceskoslovenska obchodm komora, 1961. 

207 p Illus. (part In pocket) 21 cm. (Knlinlce tecbnlfcy zahra- 
nlCnfbo obchodu, sv. 8) 
HF1411.K58 sv.8 63-45680 t 


Yaseffi, Maria. 

Documenti di legittiraazione e titoli impropri. Milano, 
Griuffre, 1958. 

271 p. 25cm. (Saggl dl dlrltto commerdale) 

62-31980 t 



COMMERCIAL ETHICS see Business ethics 

Harris, Ralph. 

Hire purchase in a free society, by Ralph Harris, Arthur 
Seldon and Margot Naylor. t 2d ed. 3 London, Institute of 
Economic Affairs r !959j 

r, 117 p. tables. 25cm. 
HF5568.H37 1959 658.883 60-29842 

Harris, Ralph. 

Hire purchase in a free society [byj Ralph. Harris, Margot 
Naylor r and] Arthur Seldon. t 3d ed o London, Published 
f Economic Affa irs hy Hutchinson ^901, 

HF5568.H37 1961 


C2-B441 J 

National Consumer Finance Association. 

The consumer finance industry. A monograph prepared 
for the Commission on Money and Credit. Englewood 
Cliffs, K J., Prentice-Hall, 1962. 

187 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Trade associations monographs) 
HG2066.N253 332.743 62-15509 t 

Phelps, Clyde William, 1897- 

Accounts receivable financing as a method of securing 
business loans. 2d ed. Baltimore, Educational Division, 
Commercial Credit Co., 1961. 

84 p. 24 cm. (His Studies In commercial financing, no 2) 
HF5569.P5 1961 332.742 61-17117 J 

Selden, Richard T 

Trends and cycles in the commercial paper market. t New 
York} National Bureau of Economic Research 1963 

SJ- (NatIonal Btireaa ' f Ec - 

332.70973 63-21181 

H11.N2432 no. 85 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Cur 

Cor'narntive regulations of financial institutions. Sub- 
commutec on Domestic Finance, Committee on Banking and 
Currency, House of Representatives, 88th Congress Wash 
ington, IT. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

3ccr, 401 p. Illus. 24cm, 
HG2406.AS2 1963 64-60437 


Bank of New York. 

Sales and consumer finance companies. Presented by the 
Bank of New York and Pacific Finance Corporation rNew 
York, 1963?, 

95 p. col. dlagrs. 26 cm (The New York Society of Security 
Analysts lecture series 1 






see also Accounting Lawj Accounts 
current; Admiralty; Agency (Law); 
Arbitration and award; Assignments; 
Attachment and garnishment; Auctions; 
Bailments; Banking law; Bankruptcy; 
Bills of lading; Brokers; Business; 
Business enterprises; Business law; 
Business names; C.I.F. clause; 
Carriers; Chattel mortgages; Checks; 
Clerks; Coastwise shipping Law 
and legislation; Collecting of accounts; 
Collection laws; Commercial courts; 
Commission merchants; Competition, 
Unfair; Contracts; Contracts, Mari 
time; Conveyancing; Corporation law; 
Debt; Debtor and creditor; Deeds; 
F.O.B. clause; Food law and legisla 
tion; Foreign exchange; Foreign 
trade regulation; Forms (Law); For 
warding merchants; Insurance law; 

Invoices; Joint adventures; Land 
lord and tenant; Law merchant; 
Leases; Licenses; Liens; Limited 
liability; Liquidation; Maritime 
law; Mortgages; Negotiable instru 
ments; Partnership; Payment; 
Personal property; Promissory 
notes; Real property; Receipts 
(Acknowledgments); Receivers; 
Restraint of trade; Sales; Sales, 
Conditional; Security (Law); Statute 
of frauds; Suretyship and guaranty; 
Trade-marks; Trade regulation; 
Trading with the enemy; Trust com 
panies; Trusts, Industrial Law; 
Trusts and trustees; Usury laws; 
Vendors and purchasers; Ware 
houses; Warranty 
Bilgiin, evket Memedali. 

Ticaret hukuku prensipleri. Yeniden gozdea gecirilmi 
ve Havel i -2. basi. Istanbul, t. Akgiin Matbaasi. 1948- 

v. forms. 26 cm. ( Istanbul tfnlversitesi yayinlanndan, no. 

NE 64-816 

Hoshikawa, Choshichi, 19081- 


5. 123 p 21 cm. 
1. Commercial law. i. Title. Title ramanisei: SMkaihS kOgl. 

J 61-4083 

Hoover Institution 

Ibrahim, HMz Muhammad. 

* " 

jiju .JLJL-, 

Prlnceton Univ. LIbr. 
Ishii, Teruhisa, 1906- 

N-E 63-17 


476 p. 22 cm. 

1 Commercial law. 2. Commercial law Japan. i Title. 

Title romaruzed: Gaisetsa shOho. 

J 60-369 

Ishii, Teruhisa, 1906- 


2 T. 22 cm 

1 Commercial law. 2. Commercial law Japan. i. Title. 

Title romznized; ShOhS. 

J 60-42-2 t 

Kelso, Robert Charles, 1916- 

International law of cOTomerce. 2d ed. Buffalo, Dennis 


354 p. 24cm. 

Murai, TSjuro, 1900- 



401 p. 22 cm. 

1 Commercial law. 2. Commercial law Japan. i. Title. 

Title romanced- Sh5h5 taika. 

J 60-378 J 
Proehl, Paul ed. 

Legal problems of international trade. Contributors: 
Wallace R. Baker t and others] Urbana, University of 
Illinois Press, 1959. 

453 p. maps. 26 cm. 

341.57 61-62869 

Shimatani, Hideo, 1902- 


470 p 22 cm. 

First ed. published in 1952 under title : 3 

1. Commercial law. 2. Commercial law Japan. r. Title. 

Title romamzeil: Shohu yosetsu. 

J 00-381 I 

Simon, Gyula, ed 

Jogi problemak a, nemzetkozi kereskedelemben ; tanulma- 
nyok. Budapest, Kozgazdasagi es Jogi konyvkiado, 1957- 
T. 19 cm. 

58-22053 rev 
Tseng, Ju-po. 

g44 [1955, 

8, 552 p. 22cm. 

1. Commercial law. L Title. 

Title romanised: Shangshth fa ta Itang. 

C 61-1872 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Maitani, Ryfizo, 185)9-1958. 

-*fi& = a!i& **: ^F*._. ; i'Hi 
$1 35-37 tl'JCO-62, 
3 v. port 22 cm. 

Includes 7 articles In German 

Bibliography: ?r! '1 ft iAVf ^ <fc ^3 
p. 382-389. 

1 Commmial law Addresses, essays, lectures. L Tide. 

Tifle ronwinued: Uaitanl RyUzO senshu. 

J 64-476 

CONFLICT OF LAWS see Conflict 
of laws Commercial law 


Ankara, Universite. Banka ve Ticaret Hukuht Ara$tirma 

Ticarot re banka hukuku haftasi, 27 Xisan-3 Mavis 1950. 
Tebligler. miizakereler, yabanci dilde hulasalar. Ankara 

nv, 563 p illus. 25cm. {Itt Yaym no. 15} 



Romeof , Jean, ed. 

Manuel du chef d'entreprise. Publie sons la direction de 
Jean Romeuf et Jean-Pierre Guinot; avec la collaboration 
de H. Aszkenazy t et al L eU 3 Paris, Presses universitaires 
de France, 1960. 

rli, 106ft p. diagrs. 25 cm, 


Fosi, Mamizio. 

Dizionario legade ad uso deUe ariende, dei dirigenti e dei 
profeasionisti, con tavole sinottiche delle disposizioni fiscal! 
il, ed. Milanoj F. Angeli [1960j 

583 p. 21 cm. {Manual! Franco Angell, edltore, 3) 


Nakagawa, Zeiraosoke, 18^7- ed. 

H3 ft 35 ,1900, 

379 p. IS cm. 

In colophon : 

1. GommercUl law Japan Dictionaries. 2. Commercial law 
Dlctionaries-Japanese, r Uchlda, Shun'lchl. 1909- joint ed. 
n, Ueda, Aklra, 1926- m. Title. 

Trtte romonized.- MnshOh<i jlten. 

J C2-1586. 


Cassandra, Giovanni. 

Storia del diritto commerciale. Bari, F. Cacucci, 1955- 
v. 25cm. 

60-35248 t 

see also Business law 

Pierson, Alvin Peter. 

Contributions of business law to general education and 
the development of course materials for use at a, State col 
lege. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms r 1958i 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-127$ Mie 58-1276 

Gibson, James Thomas Rilev. 

South African mercantile and company law, by J. T. R. 
Gibson, assisted by R. G. Comrie and F. A. Stander Cape 
Town, Jnta r 1963. 

448 p. SfJcm. 
TOe, George, 1880- 

WlUe and Millings Mercantile law of South. Africa. 12th 
ed. by Philip MIffin and George Wille. Johannesburg, 
Hortors, 1950. 

xMH,8Bpb. 22cm. 


Universidad de San Marcos. FacuUad de Dereoho. 
TJmficaci&i de las leyes crriles y mercantiles de America. 
[Lima, 1946. 
159 p. 23cm 



Alurralde, Carlos. 

A statement of the laws of Argentina in matters affecting 
business. 3d ed., rev. and enL Washington, Pan American 
Union, 1963. 

xlv, 323 p. 27 cm. 

P A 64r-108 
Pan American Union. Library 

Argentine Republic. Laws^ statutes, etc. 

Argentine commercial code. Sanctioned by Law no. 2637 
of October 9th, 1SS9, and modifications introduced by decree- 
laws n*s 4770/03, 4777/63, 5965/63, 6601/63, and comple 
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Argentine Republic. Laics, statutes, etc. 

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v 24 cm (ColecciiMi l^Watna-jiiribprudeiiclal Aiayii) 

55-1 7.1:58 rev '2 

Argentine Republic. Laws, statutes, eta. 

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Argentine Republic. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Codigo de comercio de la Republica Argentina y leyes 
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tin?) P ' ^ Cm ' (C<5dlgos y leyes U8ualea de Ia Repiibllca Argen- 


Argentine Republic. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Codigo de comercio de la Republica Argentina y leyes 
complementarias. [Ed. especial, Buenos Aires, Lajouane, 

Q8& p. 17 cm. (0<5digos y leyes usuales de la Keptibllca Argen 

Argentine Republic. Laws, statutes, etc. 

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e, Argentina, 
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r >' T cr> fa tf ij v /!! '^ - ^ 

475p. 25cm. (t 7 
1 ) 

7 '7tf { rf\\ \ )i|, ,' | ', IJU W JUJ 'fr % 219 '/J 

Includes bibliographies. 

1. Commercial law Asia, Southeastern. 2. Trade regulations 
Asia, Southeastern. 3. Foreign trade regulations Asia Southeast 
ern. i. Title. (Series: AJla Kelzal KenkyQJo, Tokyo. Kenkyfl 
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Austria. Laws, statutes, etc. 

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des Werkes : Das allgemeine Handelsgesetzbuch, 1. Teil. Mit 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Austria. Laics, statutes, etc. 

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Belgium. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Belgium. Published for members of 
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1 T. (loose-leaf) 28 cm 


Belgium. Laics, statutes, etc. 

ficonoinicodex; ou, Recueil des lois et arretes a caractere 
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Supplement, f ev. 28, 1959- 

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ao 27 era 

A 59-282 rev 2 
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Coriverteerbare obligaties en obligates met in- 

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Brazil. Laws, statutes, etc. 

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876 p. 16cm. ( Legislate brasllelra) 


Brazil. Laws, statutes, etc. 

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Cia. Forense de Artes Graficas r 1959i 

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BraziL Laws, statutes, etc. 

Legislacao comercial remissiva; contendo o Codigo co 
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alfabeticos remissivos ... Rio de Janeiro, Freitas Bastos, 

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Xof;oe,s element ares de direito comercial (terrestre, mari 
time, uoronjiutieo) teorin, prsltica, jui-ispruclencia, legislate. 
II io dp Jnnpiro, Pvt'cnrd, lyfiO. 

2 y. (070 p ) facsitus., foinis. 2-1 cm 

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46-21919 rev* 

Silva, Oscar Jose de Placido e, 1892- 

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Des. Vieira Cavalcanti. 7. ed, Curitiba, Editora Guaira 

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54-31644 rev 

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,1956 ?j 

S04p. Illus. 24cm, 

58-18S95rev J 

Sflva, Oscar Jos^ de Kacido e, 1892- 

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Des. Vieira Cavalcanti. 11. ed. Rio ^ Janeiro] Forense 

60-33285 rev t 

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syl Contabilidade S. A 24. ed. atualizada ate fevereiro de 
1960. Sao Paulo, Editora LEP r !960 : 
404 p. forms, tables. 24 cm. 

Sousa, Abel Ferraz de. 

Secretario enciclopedico brasileiro; legislate brasileira, 

Assistoncia tecnica : Consyl, Servigos Juridicos S. A. 27. ed. 

atualizada ate marco de 1963. Sao Paulo, Editora Lep r 196a, 

T. tables. 24cm. r i i 



Silva, Francisco de Oliveira e, 189T- ed. 

Dos contratos e obrigac.oes rnerca.ntis, nome comercial, 
marca e foncorrencia deslcal. r l. ed.j Hio de Janeiro, 
Editora Nacional de Direito, 1957. 

107 p. 24 or:- i ('ad^pnos d" iiiri<spiuil^ncifi. ]>iteito comerdnt) 

58-1276 rev 

Miranda, Darxy A 

Repertorio de jurisprudencia do Codigo comercial (e leg- 
isla^ao complementar) Sao Paulo, M. Limonad, 1959- 



Revista de direito mercantil. v. 1- 
nov./dez, 1950- 
Eio de Janeiro. 

T. In 24 cm. bimonthly (Irregular) 


California. Commission on Uniform State Lotos. 

California annotations to the proposed Uniform com 
mercial code. fSacramento, 1953] 
xvil, 111 p. 23 cm 

347.7 53-02315 rev- 

Calif omia. Commission on Uniform State Laws. 

California annotations to the proposed Uniform com 
mercial code. [Sacramentoi 1960. 

xvill, 112 p. 23cm. 

S47.709794 60-6343G 

California. Laws^ statute*, etc. 

Commercial code. Approved by Governor, June 8, 1963 ; 
effective Jan. 1, 1965. AYith comments, cross references, 
form references, correlation tables and index. San Fran 
cisco, M. Bender, Western Division, 1963. 
xn, 539 p. 25 cm. 


California. Laics, statutes, etc. 

Uniform commercial code, tmnotated, of tlia State of Cali 
fornia. Adopted June R, 1063. Annotated and indexed by 
the publisher's editorial staff. San Francisco, Bancroft- 
Whitney Co., 1963. 

lv, 1008 p. form*. 24 an. fDmlnsfs California codes) 


California. Laics, statutes, etc. 

West's California commercial code, 1963. Stats. 1963, 
c. SIP. Approved June 8, 10GO, effective Jan. 1, 1965; with 
tables and index. St. Paul, West Pub. Co., 1963. 
xvlH, Solj 11 20 cm. 


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d.] San Francisco, General Educational Publications, 1964. 
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Digest of Canadian law; a practical code of general law 
for the business and professional man embodying the vari 
ations of all ten Provinces. Originally compiled by William 
Henry Anger and H. D. Anger. 18th ed. by Frederick R. 
Hume. Toronto, Canada Law Book Co.. 1961. 

irt, 588 p. 25 cm, 

347.70971 62-53161 

Anger, William Henry. 

Summary of Canadian commercial law, originally com 
piled by William H. Anger and H. D. Anger. Rev, by 
Frederick R. Hume. 18th ed. Toronto, Pitman t 1958j 

5SO p. Illus. 21 cm. 

347.70071 G1-2G908 J 

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Canada r 1964] 
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347.70971 64r-16774 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Chile, Laws, statutes, etc. 

Codigo de comercio. Ed. oficiaL 
Juridiea de Chile, 1958. 
755 p. 10 cm 

c SantiagOj Editorial 


Chile. Lotos, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Chile. Published for members of the 
Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Petersburg, Fla. r !962f- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) 29 cm. 


Poblete Sotomayor, Rene, 

Obligaciones de los comerciantes en el derecho comparado 
chileno, aleman e italiano. Santiago, 1952. 
88 p 27 cm 

59-46839 I 

Price, Waterhouse and Company. 

Chile. [New York? j 1961. 

ff.i p 13 uu. (Information guide for those doing business outside 
the Doited States of America) 

62-S91 J 

Riethmuller Vaccaro, Julio H 

A statement of the laws of Chile in matter's affecting busi 
ness. :>d etl. rev and enl-, by Juho Bietluniiller Vaccaro 
and Carlos ValenzueKi Montenegro. Washington, Pan 
American Union. 1962. 

Pm PA 63-34 

Pan American "Union 

Mei, Chung-hsieh. 




V 21CU1. 

1 Commercial law Cnlna. 

Wang, Hsiao-fung, 1894- 

1 38 

t, Title. 
Title nmanize&: Shaug shin fa yao I. 


L Commercial law China. I. Title. 

rZ romanced: Shang shlh fa kal yao. 

434 p. IS cm. 

C 61-2632 

Wang, Hsiao-fung, 1894- 

!&$ 3E 

^ft Kd 37 t 1948, 
318 p. 21cm. 

1. Commercial law China. L Title. 

Title romanized: Shang shih fa yao lun. 



Colombia. Laws, atatutes, etc. 

Codigo de comeicio terrestre ; con notas, concordancias, 

junsprndencia de la Corte Suprema y del Tribunal de Bo 

gota, y normas legales complementarias, por Jorge Ortega 

Torres, fi. ed. nctunlizndn. Bogota, Editorial Temis, 1958. 

732 p. 24 em. ( OJdigos anotados Temis ) 


Colombia. Laics, statutes, etc. 

Proyecto de Codigo de comercio,, elahorado por la Comi- 
sion Revisora del Codigo de Comercio. c Por orden de la 
Comision Primera Constitucional Permanente del H. Senado 

de la Republics] Bogota, 1958. 
. 25c 


Gabino Pinzon, Jose. 

Derecho comercial. 

Bogota, Editorial Temis, 1957- 

58-38353 rev 2 

Eueda Vargas, Bernardo. 

A statement of the laws of Colombia in matters affecting 
business. 3d ed,, rev. and enl, [Translated, reviewed, and 
edited by tie staff of the General Legal Division, Pan Amer 
ican, Unionj Washington, Pan American Union, 1961- 

xll, SOS p. 27 on. 

347.709861 63-60213 


Camargo Caballero, Vicente, 

Lecciones de legislacion civil y mcrcantil; temario oficial 
sobre derecho laboral para el curso de comercio superior, 
conf orme al pro^rama del Ministerio de Educaci6n NacionaL 
2. ed. tBog ^ Editorial ABC, 1962. 

16& p. IT cm. 



Connecticut. Temporary Commission to Study and Report 
upon the Uniform Commercial Code. 

Study and report. Prepared for the Commission by 
William F. Starr, secretary. [Hartford? 1959] 
119 p. 28 cm. 



Gurdian, RauL 

A statement of the laws of Costa Rica in matters affecting 
business, by Raid Gurdian and Harry A. Zurcher. 3d ed., 
rev. and enl. Washington, Pan American Union [ C 1959] 

si, 290 p. 28 cm. 

347.7097286 60-60360 


Denmark. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Erhvervsretlige love, udg. af Jan Kobbernagel. 4. udg. 
K0benham, E. Harck, 1961. 

154 p 25 cm (Forenlngen til unge handelsnuends uddannelse. 
Handelsh0jskolen I K0benhavn Skriftrakke G. Erhvervsretlige 



Eobbernagel, Jan. 

Udvalg af domme til brug ved undervisning i erhvervsret 
KpSbenhftvn, E. Harclc, 1959. 

144 p 25 cm. (Forenlngen til unge handelsmands uddannelse. 
Hanaelshtfjskolen i K0benbavn. Skriftrtekke G: Erhvervsretllge 
skrifter, 4) 

61-26968 t 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on the District of 

Uniform commercial code. Hearing before Subcommittee 
5 of the Committee on the District of Columbia, House of 
Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, on 
H. R. 5338, to enact the Uniform commercial code for the 
District of Columbia, and for other purposes. April 11, 
1963. "Washington, U, S. Govt. Print. Off., 1964. 

Ill, 156 p. 24cm. 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on the District of Co- 

Uniform commercial code for the District of Columbia; 
report to accompany H. R. 5338. [Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1963] 

83 p. 24 cm. (88th Cong, 1st sess. House of Representatives. 
Report no. 219) 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the District of 

Enacting the Uniform commercial code for the District 
of Columbia ; report to accompany H. R. 5338. [Washing 
ton, F. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963j 

91 p. 24 cm. (88th Cong,, 1st sess. Senate, Report no. 649) 



Ecuador. Laws, statutes, eto. 

Leyes economicas de la Eepublica del Ecuador. Quito, 
Editorial "Fray Jodoco Ricke." 1961. 

Fray Jodoco Ricke," 1961. 
317 p. 18cm 


Ecuador. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Leyes mercantiles y tributarias de la Republica del Ecua 
dor. 4. ed., con reformas hasta enero de 1960. Guayaquil, 
Artes Grnficas Senef elder, 1960. 

488 p. 22cm. 

Suplemento. Contiene los artfculos del Codigo 

de comercio que expresamente se omitieron en el citado libro. 
G[Uayajquil, Imp. Lopez. I960. 

102 p. 22cm. 


Ecuador. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Leyes mercantiles y tributaries de la Republica del Ecua 
dor; con refonnas hasta abril de 1963. 5. ed. GuayaauiL 
Impr. Janer, 1963. ji", 

580 p. 22cm. 


Serrano Moscoso, Eduardo. 

A statement of the laws of Ecuador in matters affecting 
business. 2d ed,, rev. and enl. Washington, Division of 
Law and Treaties, Dept. of International Law, Pan Ameri 
can Union, 1955. 

Till, 190 p, 28 cm. 

--- Supplement, no. 1- 
Washington, Pan American Union, 1958- 
v. 28 cm. 

34D.SG6 55-60694 rev 

al-Barudi, 'AIL 

805 p. 24cm. 
Princeton Univ. Libr. 

NE 62-872 t 

al-Barudi, 'All. 


t 1963j 

83!) p. 24 cm. 
Prlnwtou Univ. Libr. 


Egypt. Laws,^ statutes, eto. 

Commercial laws of Egypt. Published for members of 
the Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Petersburg, Fla. 
1 r. (loose-leaf) 20 cm. 


Egypt. Lawn, statutes, etc. 

Legislation e"gyptienne commercials et industrielle. Alex 
andria, Edition du Journal du commerce et de la marine 
t 1950] 

172 p. 32cm. 


Egypt Laws, statutes, eto. 

.caL_jjudi >"? iiij AJ < 

t 1961] 
254 p. 20cm. 

Princeton Univ. Libr. 

Mashriql, Farid. 


Co JbJ! JX\ 


472 p. 24cm. 

TfihS, Mu?taf5 Kamal. 

ixJJI .<t JU5" ^J 

t 1962- 

v. 24can. 
Princeton Univ. Libr, 

Tha, Mustafa Kama! 

t !960j 
396 p. 24 cm. 

Princeton Univ. Libr. 

Taha, Mustafa 

.<Jt Jl^J* 

v. 24 cm. 
Princeton Univ. Libr. 

United Arab Republic. Laws, statutes, eto. 

296 p. 20cm. 

Yunus, 'All Hasan. 

878p. 24cm. 
Princeton Univ. Libr. 
al-Zayui, 'All Ibrahim. 

NE 62-891 


N E 63-72 

NE 68-449 

NE 63-11 

N E 64-1337 

t 1968. 

N E 63-1286 

C 1945- 
v. 26 an. 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Ethiopia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Ethiopian commercial laws. Published for members of 
the Foreign Tax Law Association, inc. St. Petersburg, Fla, 

1 v. (loose-leaf ) 29cm. 



Hauser, Rita E 

A guide to doin^ business in the European common mar 
ket, by Rita E. Hnuser and Gustavo M. Hauser. r Xew York] 
Oceana rlOGO- 
v. 24 cm. 


Palmgren, Gunnar, 1908- 

Juridiken i afiarslivet. 4. omarb. uppl. utg. av Curt Ols- 
son. Helsingfors, Soderstrom [1961] 
246 p. 21cm. 

63-47104 t 

China. Tea-wan cMu kuan tiao ctta hvi. 

RB 5o t i98i, 

2 T. (2, 2, 882 p.) la 1. forma. 19 cm. ( $ ftll T'Jfi 91$ > 
Cover title. 

1. Commercial law Formosa. i. "Tal-wan yin hang. Chlng chl 
yen chiu ahllL n. Title. (Series ; Tal-wan wta baien ts'tmg k*an, 
ti 01 chang) 

Title romanizcd: Tal-wan Wfl fa ahang- ahih plen. 

C 63-2160 


Barraine, Raymond, 1913- 

Droit commercial. 3. annee t nouveau programme] Paris, 
Librairie generale de droit et de jurisprudence, 1958. 
372 i) 11x18 cm. ( L 1 Aide-memoire de 1'gtudlant en droit) 


Bmlliard, Germain. 

Precis de droit commercial t parj Germain Brulliard et 
Daniel Laroche. Pref. de J. Rault t 4. ed. 3 Paris. Presses 
universitaires de France, 1960. 

380 p. 24cm. 

61-36056 t 

France. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Code de commerce, suivi des lois commercialea et indtts- 
trielles, avec annotations d'apres la doctrine et la jurispru 
dence et renvois aux publications Dalloz. 
Paris, Dalloz [etc.] 

v. 16 cm. annual (Irregular) (Petlts codes Dalloz) 

60-324 rev 

France. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of France. Published for members of 
the Foreign Tax Law Association. Deer Park, N. Y. r 1959, 
lv. (loose-leaf) 29cm. 


Hamel, Joseph, 1889- 

Cours de droit commercial, redige" d'apres la stenotypie 
du cours et avec 1'autorisation de Joseph HameL licence 
3' anne"e, 1958-1959. Paris, Cours de droit t!959j 
W9p. 25cm. 

61-31285 J 

Houin, Roger. 

Cours de droit commercial, redigfi d'apres les notes et avec 
1'autorisation de Roger Houin. Capacite" 2* annee, 1958- 
1959. Paris, Cours de droit t !959j 

324 p. 25 cm. 

61-31284 t 

Houin, Roger. 

Cours de droit commercial, redige d'apres les notes et avec 
1'autorisation de Roger Houin. Capacite" 2* annee, 1960- 

1961. Paris, Cours de droit C 1961] 
283 p. 25cm. 

63-29190 J 

Houin, Roger. 

Cours de droit commercial, redige" d'apres les notes et avec 
1'autorisation de Roger Houin. Capacite 2* annee, 1961- 

1962. Paris, Cours de droit J1962! 
295 p. 25cm. 

Houin, Roger. 

Cours de droit prive" commercial, redige d'apres les notes 
et avec 1'autorisation de Roger Houin. Capacite" I 1 * annee, 
1958-1959. Paris, Cours de droit r !959i 
516 p. 25 cm. 

61-31288 J 

Hubrecht, Georges. 

Notions essentielles de droit commercial. Paris, Sirey, 
248 p. 22cm. 

60-43553 J 

Hubrecht, Georges. 

Notions essentielles de droit commercial. 2. ed. rev. augm. 
etmiseajour. Paris, Sirey, 1962. 
262 p. 22cm. ( Droit usuel) 


Julliot de La Morandiere, Leon Francis, 1885- 

Droit commercial, par Leon Julliot de La Morandiere, 
Renu Rodiere, et Roger Houin. 2. ed. t Parisj Dalloz, 
1959-G:J fV. 1, 1962, 

2 T. 18 cm. (Pr&Is Dalloz) 


Lagarde, Gaston. 

Cours de droit commercial, redige d'apres les notes et avec 
1'autorisation de Gaston Lagarde. Licence 4* annee, 1959- 
1960. Paris, Les Cours de droit [I960, 

536 p. 25 cm. 

62-29311 \ 

Lagarde, Gaston. 

Cours de droit commercial, redige d'apres les notes et avec 
1'autorisation de Gaston Lagarde. License 4* annee, 1960- 
1961. Paris, Cours de droit [1961] 

625 p. 25cm. 


Lagarde, Gaston. 

Cours de droit commercial, redige" d'apres les notes et 
avec 1'autorisatioa de Gaston Lagarde. Licence 3* annee, 
1961-1962. Paris, Cours de droit [1962, 

616 p. 25 on. 

Lemeunier, Francis. 

Principes et pratiques du droit commercial. [Parisj J. 
Delmas t l960] 

A-U p. 28 cm, ( Ce qul'l vons faut savior) 

62-48347 | 

Mazeaud, Le"on, 1900- 

Cours de droit commercial, redige d'apres la stenotypie du 
cours et avec 1'autorisation de Leon Mazeaud. Licence 4* 
annee, 1958-1959. Paris, Cours de droit C 1959j 
1059 p. 25cm. 

61-27115 t 

Mazeaud, Leon, 1900- 

Cours de droit commercial, redige" d'apres la stenotypie du 
cours et avec 1'autorisation de Leon MazeaucL Licence 3* 
annee, 1959-1960. Paris, Les Cours de droit fl960] 
1065 p. 25cm. 

62-25669 I 

Mazeaud, Leon, 1900- 

Cours de droit commercial, redige d'apres la stenotypie 
du cours et avec 1'autorisation de Leon Mazeaud. Licence 3* 
annee, 1960-1961. Paris, Cours de droit [1961, 
1072 p. 25cm. 

62-48366 \ 

Mazeaud, Leon, 1900- 

Cours de droit commercial. Redige d'apres la stenotypie 
du cours et avec 1'autorisation de Leon Mazeaud. Licence 
4. annee, 1961-1962. Paris, Les Cours de droit [1962] 

1137 p. 25 cm. 

63-42973 \ 

Radix, J 

L'ingenieur et les problemes commerciaux et legislatif s de 
1'entreprise. Paris, Dunod, 1960 [1959] 
93 p. 22 cm. 


Ripert, Georges, 1880- 

Traite elementaire de droit commercial. 4. ed. avec le 
concours de Paul Durand [et] Ren6 Roblot Paris, Librairie 
generale de droit et de jurisprudence, 1959. 

Ripert, Georges, 1880- 

TraitS elementaire de droit commercial. 5. d. par Ren6 
Roblot. Paris, Librairie generale de droit et de jurispru 
dence, 1UG3- 

v. 23cm. 


Rodiere, Ren. 

Droit commercial 3" annee. Paris, Sirey t 1958] 
175 p. forms. 22cm. (Travaux pratiques) 


SaugTies, R 

Commerce, par R. Saugues et aLj 28. ed. Paris, Dunod, 
1960 [V. 1, 1959] 

2v. lllus. 15cm. (Aide-memoire Dunod) 

60-2349Si-ev J 

Simon, Philippe. 

Precis de droit commercial et contentieux bancaire, par 
Philippe Simon r etj R. Cordier. Paris, Editions de la Revue 
moderne t 1959 3 

678 p 21 cm. 

60-39828 I 

Vouin, Robert. 

^Droit prive civil et commercial, par Robert Vouin et 
Pierre Robino. t l. ed.j Paris, Presses universitaires de 
France, 1958-60. 

2v. IS cm. (Th&nis. Manuels de capacity) 

60-22446 rev J 

Vouin, Robert. 

Droit prive civil et commercial par Robert Vouin et Pierre 
Robino. C 2. ed.] Paris, Presses tiniversitaires de France, 
1963 [=1958- 

v. 18cm. ("Themis"; manuela de capadte) 



Dix ans de conferences d'agregation; gtudes de droit com 
mercial offertes ^ Joseph Hamel, membre de llnstitut, doyen 
honoraire de la Faculte de droit et des sciences economiques 
de Paris. Paris, Dalloz, 1961. 
Tli,557p. port. 24cm. 



Houin, Roger, ed. 

Les grands arrets de la jurisprudence commercial. Sous 
la direction et avec une pref . de Roger Houin. Avec la col 
laboration de Marc Azoulai c et aL Paris, Librairie Sirey, 
1962, =1961] 

lv, 529 p. 24 cm. (BibUoti&que de droit commercial, t 2) 



Givord, Maurice. 

Droit commercial. 3e annee. Paris, Rousseau, 1960. 
123 p. 24cm. (Mementos Rousseau) 

63-40518 t 

Rapin, Albert, 1894- 

Cours de commerce, a Tusage des eleves de Penseignement 
technique et des candidats aux certificats et brevets profes- 
sionnels. 6. ed. Paris, Dunod, 1960. 

376 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Blblioth&que de I'enselgnement technique) 

60-44478 I 


Georgia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Georgia, uniform commercial code. Encyclopedic ed. In 
cluding the Georgia uniform commercial code with an en 
cyclopedic commentary on construction, comparison and con 
trast with former Georgia laws, -written and prepared by 
"William H. Agnor [and others] Atlanta, H&rrison Co. t l962] 
9&-G03 P 25 cm. 

347.7 62-51178 

Georgia. Laws, statirtes, etc. 

Georgia uniform commercial code, as amended by the 
1963 legislative session. Edited by the Harrison Co. edi 
torial staff under the supervision of Wiley H. Davis. r Rev. 
ed. 2 Atlanta, Harrison Co. [1963] 
287 p. 24 cm. 



Institute on the Georgia Uniform Commercial Code, Uni 
versity of Georgia, 196S. 

Proceedings. Edited by Norman A. Crandell. Athens, 
Institute of Law and Government, School of Law, Univer 
sity of Georgia, 1963. 
vj, 387 p 28 cm. 


1949- ) 

Bickel, Hans. 

Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht; unter besonderer Be- 
rucksichtigung des Bank- und Spirkassengeschafts. Stutt 
gart, Deutscher Sparkassenverlag, 1962. 

270 p. 22cm. 

63-43519 I 

CapeUe, Karl Hermann, 1901- 

Handelsrecht (ohne Gesellschafts- und Seehandelsrecht) 
ein Studienbuch. 7., erganzte Aufl. Miinchen, Beck, 1959. 
1S4 p. 23 cm. ( Juristlsche Kurz-Lehrbiidier) 

61-22106 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


1949- ) (Continued) 

Germany (Federal Republic, 19J9- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Handelsgesetzbuch, einschliesslich Seehandelsrecht, Ak- 
tiengesetz, GmbG ( i. e. H r Gesetz, Genossenschaftsgesetz, 
Wechselgesetz, Scheckgesetz, Gutertransportgesetz, Depot- 
gesetz, Wettbewerbsrecht Textausgabe mit Venveisungen 
und Sachverzeichnis. 47., durchgesehene Aufl. Stand vom 
1. April 1959. Munchen, Beck, 1959. 
mil, 1078 p. 16 cm. [Beck'sche Textausgabeni 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc, 
Handelsgesetzbuch. einschliesslich Seehandelsrecht, Ge- 
sellschaftsrecht, Weehsel- und Scheckrecht, Gutertransport- 
recht, "Wettbewerbsrecht. Textausg. mit Venveisungen und 
Sachverzeichnis. 49., erganzt* Aufl. Stand vom 1. Juni 
1961. Munchen, Beck, 1961. 

xrlil, 1074 p, tables IT cm. tBeck'sche Textnusgabent 

62-66835 rev 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Handelsgesetzbuch, einschliesslich Seehandelsrecht, Ge- 
seJK'haftsrecht, Wechsel- und Scheckrecht, Gutertransport- 
recht. WettbewerbsrechL Textausg. mit Verweisungen und 
Sachverzeichnis. 51., erganzte Aufl. Stand vom 1. Septem 
ber 1963. Munchen, Beck, 1&63. 
STHI, 107-i p. 17 cm, 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Handels^esetzbuch, mit Xebengesetzen ohne Seerecht, 

begrundet von Adolf Baumbach, forfgefuhrt von Konrad 

Duden. 13. volhg- neu bearb. Aufl. Munchen, Beck, 1059. 

rvi, : 2| ST4 p 21 cm. CBeck'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bt 9) 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Handelsgesetzbuch rait N"ebengesetzen ohne Seerecht, be- 
grundet von Adolf Baumbaeh, fortgefuhrt von Konrad 
Ihiden. 14. erneuerte Aufl. Munchen, Beck, 1961. 

rrt, c lj, 881 p. 21cm. (Beck'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bd. 9) 


Germany (Federal Repullio, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Handelsgesetzbuch mit Nebengesetzen ohne Seerecht, be- 
grundet von Adolf Baumbach, fortgefuhrt von Konrad 
Duden. 15., neubearb. Aufl. Munchen, Beck, 1962. 
xvi, r lj, Oil p, 21 cm. (Becfe'sche Kurz-Kommentare, Bd. S) 

' 63-35845 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Kommentar zum Handelsgesetzbuch, fruher hrsg. von 
Mitgliedern des Eeichsgericbts. c Bearb, von v. Godin, Wei- 
pert und Wurdinger. 2. Aufl. Berlin, De Gruyter, 1950- 
t v. 1, 1953, 

v. 25 cm. (Grossfcommentare der Praxis) 


Germany (Federal Republic, 19J9- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 

Komm&ntar zum Handelsgesetzbuch mit ausfuhrfichen 
Erlanterungen der Nebengesetze, von Georg Bandasch unter 
Ifitarbedt von Eberhard Bockel und Frank Benseler r tfeu- 
TOedj H. Lucbterhand ,1960, 

xxiiUSWp. 22cm. 

Gierke, JuEos von, 1875- 

Bereclio comercial y de la navegaci6n- Traduccidn de 
Juan M. Semon. Buenos Aires, Tip. Editora Argentina, 
ST. 24cm. 

Hinfiber, Oskar Leoer von, 1892- 

Handelsrecht, r. Teil : Handelsstand, von 0. L. v Boniiber 
tund, J. IHefels. 96.-9S. durchgesehene und erganzte Aufl. 
Dusseldorf, L. Schwann r !958, 

Ah?^' pSrT' < f* aeffers Grun<irlss des Rechts und der Wlrtschaft. 
Abt 1 : Prlvat- und Prozessreclit, 7. Bd , L T.) 

60-25255 I 

Hirsch, Ernst E 190&- 

Leitfaden fur das Studium des Handels- und Gesellschafts- 
rechts. 2. durchgesehene und erganzte Aufl. Berlin, F. 
Vahlen, 1959. 
156p. 21cm. 

Ksoll, Bberhard. 

Handelsrecht (Handelsstand und Handalsgeschafte) 
I>ussel(lorf. Muller-Albrechts-Verlag r !959, 

ir, 2&4 p. 21 cm. (His Jurtetlsche KurzIehrhOeher, Bd. 15} 



Obligaciones de los comerciantes en el derecho comparado 
chileno, aleman e italiano. Santiago, 1952. 
88p. 27cm. -~e> > 


Schumann, Hans, 1899- 

Wiesbaden, Th. Gabler 1958- 

Wenz, Helmut. 

Biirgerliches Recht, Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht 
3. Aufl. bearb. von Hubert Vogt. Stuttgart, Fachverlag 
fur "Wirtscknfts- und Steuerrecht, 1959. 

151 p. 21 cm. (Buchrelho FInanz und Steuern, Bd. 22) 

61-22681 t 

Dietz, Rolf, 1903- ed. 

Beitrage zum Aibeiti, Handels- und Wirtschaf tsrecht ; 
Festschrift fur Alfred Hueck zum 70. Geburtstag, 7. Jul 
1959. Hrsg. von Rolf Dietz, Hans Carl Nipperdey r und, 
Eugen Ulmer. Munchen, Beck, 1959 
Iz.574, t ljp. port 23cm. 


1949- ) COMPENDS 

Hirsch, Ernst E 1902- 

Leitfaden fur das Studium des Handels- und Gesell- 
schaftsrechts. 3. neubearb. und erweiterte Aufl. Berlin, 

209 p. 22 era. 

63-38917 t 

Wiefels, Joeef, 1893- 

Handelsrecht l ; Handelsstand. 99.-101. teilweise umgearb. 
Aufl. Dusseldorf, L. Schwann t !962, 

2\P' A^H ^V, ( Schaeffer s Gmndrlss des Rechts und der Wlrt- 
schaff. Abt l : Privnt- und Prozessrecht, 7. Bd., 1. T.) 

62-65959 t 


Klauss, Herbert Karl. 

Das Rechtslexikon fur die Praxis; Handbuch fur Handel 
Gewerbe und Industrie, rechts-, steuer- und wirschaftsbera- 
tende Berufe, von H. Klauss. Ludwigshafen nm Rhein, 
F. Kiehl,1960, 

240 p. 22cm. 

61-23460 rev 

Borne, Gordon J 

Commercial law. Ix>ndon, Butterworths, 1962. 
248 p. 22cm. 

62-52387 J 

Chance, Ernest Washington, 1880- 
Avood ^St e \lb mei ntUe lslWl . 15th ecL ' rev - b >' Jolni ^st- 

347.70942 59-54918 t 

Charlesworth, John, 1893- 

MercantDe law. 9th ed. by Clive M. Schmitthoff and 
David A. Godwin Sarre. London, Stevens, 1960. 

1111,355 p. 23cm. 

Charlesworth, John, 1893- 

The principles of mercantile law. 8th ed. London, 
Stevens, 1955. 
855 p. 23cm, 

Australian supplement. Rev. by R. A, Howell. 
Sy^ney, 2 Law Book Co. of Australasia Pty., 1955. 

55-57279 rev J; 

Frank, William Francis. 

The legal aspects of industry and commerce. New ed 
rev. Lonuon, Harrap r 1961i 
263 p. 22cm. FC 3 

347.70942 61-4842 J; 

Ranking Devey Fearon de 1'Hoste, 1847 or 8-1931. 

Ranking, Spicer & Pegler'a Mercantile law, incorporating 
partnership law and the law of arbitration & awards llth 

ed. bv W. W. Rio-(r on/1 Tf T\ t)^*-1 J r __ , ,, ^ _ 

17,428 p. 23cm, 

Slater, John Arthur, 1862?-1920. 

Mercnntile law. 14th ed., by Lord Chorley and C 
Giles. London, Pitman ,1961, 
iivii,469p. 23cm. 



59-44789 J 

r ' aro ^ ~ 

Leading cases on mercantile law: 

f * St8Ven3 ' Merca *tile ^w. 3d 
.C. Giles. London, Butterworth, 

London ' Butterworth, 1956. 

49-15296 rev* 


Gomez Robles, Julio. 

A statement of the laws of Guatemala in matters affect 
ing business. 2d ed., rev. and enl. Washington, Pan \meri" 
can Union { 1959] 

xiii, 274 p. 128cm. 



Riesenfeld, Stefan Albrecht, 1908- 

The Uniform commercial code and the Hawaii law ,bv 
Stefan_A. Biesenfeld t and others, Honolulu, University of 
Hawaii, 1963. 


Dur<5n, Jorge Fidel, 1902- 

A statement of the laws of Honduras in matters affecting 
business iu its various aspects and activities. Washington 
Inter- American Development Commission, 1947 ' 

75 1. 28 cm. 

347.7097283 48-47 rev*i 

Lopez Villamil, Humberto. 

A statement of the laws of Honduras in matters affecting 
business. 2d ed., rev. and enl. Washington, Pan American 
Union, 1959. 

s, 283 p. 27 cin. 

Pan American Union, 


P A 59-45 

Hungary. Laws, statutes, etc. 

^A. magyar vdllalati jog gyakorlati kdzikonyve [Szerk.j 
K&zo Andru?. rButlapest, Hungaria, 1050, 
030 p. 21 cm. 



Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of 

Summary of the Uniform commercial code for Illinois, 
effective July 1, 1962. Chicago r 1961, 

II, 01 p. 24cm. h C ' 

347.709773 62-25184 

Corley, Robert Neil. 

Legal aspects of doing business in Illinois, highlighting 
changes made by the 72d General Assembly, 1961, Urbana, 
Bureau of Business Management, College of Commerce and 
Buamess^Administration, University of Illinois (1961] 
agement. Bulletin no. 818 ) U8 ness 

Illinois. Univ. Library A 62-2518 

Illinois. Commission for the Uniformity of Legislation in 
the United States. 

Illinois annotations to the Uniform commercial code. 
Chicago, B. Smith Co, r 1960i 

180 p. 24oni. 

347.709773 01-2056 

Illinois. Commission for the Uniformity of Legislation in 
the United States. 

Introduction to the Uniform commercial code for Illinois. 
Chicago, B. Smith Co. r1960, 
18 p. 24cm. ' 

61-2025 | 

Stewart, William Scott, 1880- 

Case finder: Illinois criminal law. Designed for use by 
the defense lawyer in preparation and trial. Chicago, 
r o V, McC nnick and Henderson rlOOO, 

206 p, 24 cm. 




Davar, Sohrab Rustamji, 1879- 

Indinn 'mercantile .law, including industrial law. 14th ed. 
by Khorahed D. P Madon and Rustom S. Davar. Bombay, 

. on an usom 

Progressive Corporation Private,-1960 
**?, 7i&p. 22cm. ' 


Davar, Sohrab Rustamji, 1879- 


Khaitan,K P 

Lectures on mercantile la^r (by, K. P. Khaitan. New 
De hi, Indian Law Institute r-1981, 

in, 65 p. 24 cm. 

Institute t'1961] 

S A 64-7102 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


INDIA (Continued) 

Pandia, Ranjitlal Harilal, 1893- 

Principles of mercantile law, 6th ed., rev. and enl., con 

taining the New companies act amendments of I960. Bom 

bay, N. M. Tripathi, 1961. 

v, 538, tariii p. 25 cm 

S A. 63-1241 

Sen, Arun Kumar, 1905- 

Commercial and industrial law, by Arun Kumar Sen and 
Jitendra Kumar Mitra. t 4th rev. ed. : Calcutta, World 
Press Private, 1961. 

still, 542 107, 10 p. 22 cm. 

S A 63-381 

Sen, Arun Kumar, 1905- 

Commercial and industrial law, by Arun Kumar Sen and 
Jitenclra Kumar Mitra. [5th. ed.] Calcutta, World Press, 
Private, 1963. 

xiii, 542, 108, 10 p. 22cm. 

S A 64r4T05 

Virmani, Bhagwan Dass. 

Encyclopaedia of business law and procedure for engineers 
and contractors. Bombay, N. M. Tripathi, 196 
U,422,viip. 23cm. 

S A 62-597 

TOianna, Amar Nath. 

Form 1 ; and precedents in conveyancing (business & com 
mercial) being comprehensive draftsman of concise and 
practical forms of every day use by lawyers, business-men, 
banks, limited companies, company secretaries, advisers and 
auditors, etc. Enl. ed. ]S T ew Delhi, All Law Reports, 1962. 

208 p. 25 cm. 

SA6S-384 t 


Company news and notes. 

t New Delhi] Research and Statistics Division, Dept. of 
Company Law Administration. 

v. tables. 25 cm. semimonthly. 


Finance and commerce. 
Calcutta [M. C. Bhandarij 

25 cm monthly. 


S A WW496 

Indiana. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Uniform commercial code, with comments; adopted by 
Acts 1963, chapter 317; effective July 1, 1964. Comments 
prepared by Harry R. Pratter t and 3 R, Bruce Townsend. 
Indianapolis, Bobbs-Meirill jlSSS] 
xxr, 535 p. 27 cm. 

347.709772 63-26007 


Indonesia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Kitab undang* perniagaan (Wetboek van koophandel) 
diterdjemahkan oleh R. A. Koesnoen, Bandung, Sunaur 
Bandung t pref. 1959] 

211 p. 25 cm. 

S A 62-561 

Indonesia. Laics, statutes, etc. 

Kitab undang-undang hukum dagang, tdrdjemahan Soe- 
marti Hartono. Jogjakarta, Jajasan Badan Penerbit Ga- 
djah Mada, 1960. 
255p. 17cm. 


Indonesia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Kitab undang-undanff hukum dagang, terdjemahan Siti 
Soemartihartono. Jogjakarta, Jajasan Badan Penerbit 
GadjnU Mada t kata pengantar 1961] 

276 p. 19 x 8 Cm. 

S A 64-7238 

Indonesia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Kitab undang-undang perniagaan (Wetboek van koop 
handel} diterdjemnhkan oleh R. A. Koesnoen. Tjetakan 2, 
diperbaikL { Bandungj Sumur Bandung, 1961. 

203 p. 25 em. & ^' 

Suplemen; berisi peraturan 1 pelaksanaan dan 

jang bersnngkutan dengan undang* perniagaan antara lain: 
peratunm* bea-meterai, baBk-nama, pendaftaran kapal, 
lelang, kepailitan, koperasi, i. m. a., penundukan sukarela, 
d. 1. 1. [Bandung] Sumur Bandung, 1961. 
34Sp. 2Scm, 6 ^' 

Soefcardono, raden, 

Hukum dagang Indonesia. Tjetakan. 2, jang ditambah 
dan diperbaikL Djakarta, Soeroengan, 1957- 
T. 24cm. 

S A 62-582 

Tfrtaaraidjaja, M H 

Pobok-pokok hufcum perniagaan. rTjetakan 2. Bandungi 
Djambatan 1956, C 1953, 
^260?. 24cm. 


Tirtaamidjaja, M H 

Pokok-pokok hukum perniagaan, oleh M. H. Tirtaami 
djaja. (Tjet. 3. Djakarta] Djambatan 1962j 
vi,303p. 24cm. J 

S A 64-6291 

Tirtodiningiat, K R M T 

Ichtisar hnkum perdata dan hukum dagang tolehj K R 
M. T. Tirtodiningrat. Tjet 8, ditambah dan diperbahami 
Djakarta, Pembangunan, 1963. 

227 p. 23cm. 

S A. 64-6292 



Uraian-uraian mengenai arrest-arrest jang penting 
dalam hukum dagang chususnja dalam hukum pertanggun- 
gan. [Jogjakarta, Gadjah Mada, cover 1954 3 

56 p. 21 cm. { Series scrlptorom ) 

S A 62-735 

Donadio, Giuseppe, 

Istituzioni di diritto private. 6. ed. Cita di Castello, 
Tifernogranca 3 1960. 
750 p. 21cm. 

63-48363 J 
Panelli, Giuseppe, 1909- 

Istihizioni di diritto privato. 7. ed. Roma, Societa edi- 
tnce Dante Alighieri, 1951. 
5*4 P. 23cm. 

52-34012 rev f 

Fanelli, Giuseppe, 1909- 

Istituzioni di diritto privato. 11. ed. ililano, Societa 
editrice Dante Alighieri, 1958 
550 p 22cm. 

60-36860 I 
Perri, Giuseppe, 1908- 

^ Mannnle di diritto commercials 2. ed. r Torino, TJnione 
tipogi-aiico-editricetorinese rl^ei, 
770 p. 25cm. 

C2-43157 t 

Italy. Laws, statutes, etc. 

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Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Petersburg, Fla. f !962!- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) 2fl cm. 


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complementari) 9. ed. riv. e aggiornata, Milano, (Jiu^re, 

v. 25cnL 

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Obligaciones de los comerciantes en el derecho comparado 
chileno, alem^n e italiano. Santiago, 1952 
8Sp. 27cm. to ' 

59-46830 I 

Tamburrino, Giuseppe. 

Manuale di diritto commerciale; 1'impresa commerciale, 
gh atti delPimprenditcre commerciale. Roma, Casa edi 
trice stamperia nazionale, 1962. 

641 p. 25cm. 

62-43155 t 


Graziani Alessandro. 

Manuale di diritto commerciale. 5. ed. Napoli, Morano, 

377 p. 21 cm. 


Fusi, Maurizio. 

Dizionario legale ad uso deUe aziende, dei dirigenti e dei 
professionisti, con tavole sino-ttiche delle disposizioni fiscali. 
t l. ed. Milanoj F. Angeli C 1960j 
5^ p. 2l cm. ( Manual! Franco Angeli, edltore, S) 



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Storia del diritto commerciale. Bari, F. Cacucci 1955- 
T. 25cm. 

60-35248 I 


Rivista di diritto ed economia. anno 1- 
Roma r etc., Edizioni Adrianea t etc.i 

v. 31 cm. 


Ishii, Teruhisa, 1906- 

^ 1959. 
476 p 22 cm. 

1. Commercial law. 2. a>mm^ial law-Japan , Title 

Title romaiused; Gaisetsu sh5h$. 

J 60-369 t 
Ishii, Teruhisa, 1906- 

1. Coainien-ial law 2. Commercial law Japan i Title 

Title romamzci: Sh 

J 60-42-2 

Ishii, Teruhisa, 1906- 

H/{ f II 34 C 

Colophon inset ted 
llibllographlcul footnotes 


V-.-fc.U'J-fcttJ fiMPHXflil !- /. 

T^.VJ^n f j. K; M'iM 

1. law Japtn i Suzuk" Tiikeo, 180TJ- 
li. Title 

fitlr ramstnteft: KltffWi 

Ishii, Teruhisa, 1906- 

2, 1, 206 p 22 cm. 

1 Commercial law Japan. i. Title 

Title romanizet: SHOWS nt okera klhon mondai. 

J 61-730 

Matsumoto, Joji, 1877-1954. 

2, 4, 607, 38 p. 22cm. 
Bibliography : p. 604-OT. 

1 Commercial law Japan. r. Title. 

Title rcmanteed: Sh&hO kalahaku no sbomondaL 


Murai, T5jur5. l&OO- 

i. tO Jf|i n 

3SB JiJitt 1961. 
8. 182, 4 p. 22 cm. 

Colophon Inserted. 
RtbHoprapliy . p. 1-4 (3d jfroup) 

1. Coramei-clstl law Japan. 2. Public interest. i Title 

Title romanixed: Sliflhrt nl olceru 
klgyO no kOkyOaei no rlron. 

J 62-1952 

Murai, TSjuro, 1900- 


401 p. 22 cm. 

1. Commercial law. 2. Commercial law Japan. i Title. 

Title romanteed: ShOhb talks. 

J 60-378 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Bressler, Bernard. 

New York lawyer's manual, by Bernard Bressler t and 
Bernard J. Meishn. JIundelein, 111., Callaghan t !962- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) 26 cm. 

340.09747 62-18148 

New York (State) Commission on Uniform State Laws. 

New York annotations to Uniform commercial code, and 

Report to Legislature of Sew York State, October 2 5 1961. 

t New York, 1961, 

i, 323 p. 23 cm. 

347.709747 A 62-D145 

New York State Llbr. 

New York (State) Law Revision Commission. 

Study of Uniform commercial code. 
i Albany. 1<>55?- 

v. 23 cm. ([New York (State) Legislature] Legislative docu 
ment, 1955, no. 65) 

58-62809 rev 


Luxf ord, John Hector, 1890- 

Cominercial law of New Zealand. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 
Wellington, Butter-worths, 1961- 

4 v. (loose-leaf) 28 cm. 

Butterworths, commercial law service ... being a sup 
plement to Luxford's Commercial law of New Zealand, 2d 
ed. [Wellington, Butterworths, 1961- 
IT. (loose-leaf) 28cm. 


New Zealand. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of New Zealand. Deer Park, N". Y., 
Published for members of the Foreign Tax Law Associa 
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IT. (loose-leaf) 28cm. 

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Butterworths, 1963. 
xli, 630 p. 20 cm. 


Logo Marenco, Joan Jose. 

A statement of the laws of Nicaragua in matters affecting 
business. 2d ed., rev. and enl. r Translated and edited by 
Taylor W. Gannett and reviewed by Paul A. Colboni] 
Washington, Legal Division, Dept of International Law, 
Pan American Union, 1957. 

Till, 187 p. 28cm. 

Supplement no. 1- 

Washington, Pan American Union, 1960- 
v. 28cm. 

347.7097285 P A 57-28 rev 

Pan American Union. Library 

Nicaragua. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Nicaragua. Published for members 
of the Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Petersburg, Fla, 
t !062?- 
1 r. (loose-leaf) 29 cm. 



Andersen (Arthur) ajid Company. 

Hiadbok om beskatning og naeringsvirksonihet Norge. 
Tax and trade guide, Norway. t n. p., 196L 
64p. mna. 28cm. ' 

62-27278 J 

Ohio. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Anderson's Uniform commercial code of Ohio, a ver- 

, -.. **!.... v, pter 

headings and analyses, legislative histories, tables of aimlo- 
gous sections, cross-references and a thorough index Cin 
cinnati, W. H. Anderson Co. ,1961, 
III, 171 p. 26cm. f ' 

347.709771 61-46776 

Ohio. Laws, statutes, etc. 

^ Ohio commercial code, with, notes; the Uniform commer 
cial code {Ohio revised code, chapters 1301 to 1309) Effec 
tive July 1, 1902; with official comment and other notes. 
Cleveland, Central National Bank r 1961 T 
99, 24 p. 27cm. J 




Oklahoma, Laws, statute*, ete. 

Oklahoma statutes annotated : Uniform commercial code. 
Approved July 21, 19C1, effective December 31, 1962. With 


Oklahoma. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Proposed uniform commercial code, 1961. Prepared pur 
suant to House concurrent resolution no. 544, 27th Legisla 
ture, 1959 ; introduced in the 28th Legislature as House bill 
no. 599 and Senate bill no. 36. Prepared jointly by Legisla 
tive Council Special Committee on Commercial Law, Okla 
homa Bar Association Uniform Commercial Code Liaison 
Committee [and] Oklahoma Bankers Association Uniform 
Commercial Code Committee. Oklahoma City, State Legis 
lative Council t !961] 
xU 1,, 216 p. 36 cm. 

347.709766 A 61-9648 


Oregon. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Oregon's Uniform commercial code. Enacted in 1961, 
effective Sept. 1, 1963. With comments and index and tables. 
Salem, Or., Legislative Counsel Committee, 1962. 
rrtII,49Sp. 27cm. 

347.709795 62-64192 

Oregon State Bar. Committee on Continuing Legal Edu 
Uniform commercial code handbook. Portland, 1963. 

265 p. forms. 24cm. 



Sapena Pastor, Raul. 

A statement of the laws of Paraguay in matters affecting 
business. 2d ed., rev. and enl., by Raul Sapena Pastor and 
Raul Sapena Bmgnda. Washington, Pan American Union, 

xiv, 284 p. 27 otn. 

347.709892 C2-C0583 


Del Duca, Louis F ed. 

Commercial code litigation. Compiled and edited by Louis 
F. Del Duca t and, Donald B. King. Carlisle, Pa,, Dickin 
son School of Law [I960] 

250 L 29cm. 

347.709748 61-23613 t 


Lavalle, Hernando de. 

A statement of the laws of Peru in matters affecting busi 
ness. 3d ed., rev. and enl, Washington, Pan American 
Union, General Secretariat, Organization of American 
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HI, 234 p. 28cm. 

347.7 63-61150 

Price, Waterhouse and Company. 

Doing business in Peru. t New York ? , 1960. 

60-52007 J 

Postigo Caceres, Roberto, ed. 

Jurisprudencia mercantil: buncos, comisiou, compra-venta 
mercantil, cuenta con-irate, cheque, factura, letra de cumbio, 
locacion de servicios, marcas de fabrica, pagare y vale, quie- 
bra, seguros, sociedndes, terceria de pago y transporte. r Are- 
quipa, Talleres de la Editorial El Deber, 195-?, 

610 p. 25cm. 

61-35869 t 

Oben, Raradn T 

Notes on mercantile law. Manila, Distributed by Pasicolan 
Book Service, 1959, 
233 p. UTcui. 

60-41909 J 

Philippines (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc, 

Commentaries and jurisprudence on the Philippine com- 
memol an-s, by Teodorico C, Martin. Rev. ccl Manila, 
Central liook Supply, 1958 

2r, 24 cm 

347.7 58-22000 rev 

Philippines (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

.Commentaries and jurisprudence on the Philippine com 
mercial laws, by Teodorioo C. Martin. Rer. ed, Manila, 
Central Book Supply, 1961- 
T. 24cm. 

847.709914 62-29304 

Philippines (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commentaries and jurisprudence on the Philippine com 
mercial laws, by Teodorico C, Martin. Bev. ed. Series ed. 
Manila, Central Book Supply, 1961- 



Philippines (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

A compilation of Philippine commercial laws. Compiled 
C ' 4thedl 



Philippines (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Philippine commercial laws and Code of commerce 
with appendices. Coordinated, integrated, & annotated bv 
Sulpicio Guevara, llth ed., rev., & enl. Manila, Atlas Pub 

Ir, 1059 p. 24 cm. 

34r - 7 63-36240 


Guevara, Sulpicio. 

Essentials of Philippine business law. 1st ed Manila 
Atlas Pub. Co., 1963. ' 

XXT, 4'21 p. 23 cm. 



Guevara, Sulpicio. 

Bar examination questions and answers in commercial 
law, from 1946 to 1958. 4th ed, Manila, Rex Book Store 

105 p. 28cm. 

347.709914 60-24049 

Oben, Ram6n T 

Commercial law bar reviewer. Manila, Distributed r by, 
Pasicolan Book Service, 1960. 
414 p. 24 cm. 

60-35894 t 
Paras, Edgardo Lardizabal 

One thousand and one questions and answers in mercantile 
law. [Rev., ed. Manila, Rex Book Store, 1959. 

. . 
488 p. 27 cm. 



Torres, Justo P 

Commercial law, questions and answers (includes the latest 
cases and a glossary of commercial terms) Manila, Dis 
tributed by University Book Supply, 1959. 

265 p. 28 cm. 

347.709914 59-49899 J 

Torres, Justo P 

Commercial law; quoslions nml HUMVOIM (inclmlos the 
latest cn^os mid a glossary of commercial (onus) [Rev. and 
enl.] od. Munilti, Distributed by Uinvorsitv Hook Supplv, 

827 p. U7-m, 

JU 7.701)0 It 00-HI217 J 


G6rnisiewicz, Lucjan. 

Wybrane zagaclnienia z prtuva. t Wyd. l.j Katowice, 
Wydawn. "Slask," i960. 

102 p. 24 cm. (Polakle Towarzystwo Ekonomlczne. Oddzlal w 
Katowlcach. cWydtwnlctwaj Serla B, 1850/60) 



Portugal. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Codigo comercial portuguSs; breyea notos de legislaoao, 
jurisprudcncia e doutrina c por] Joao de Deus Pinheiro 
Farinha. Lisboa, Morais. 1968. 
856 p. 24 cm. (Coleccao 06dIgOB, 8) 



Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis. 

Report oJ; the Special Commission to Study and Report 
on the Uniform Commercial Code. Prepared with the ad 
vice* and assistance of the commission by Wilbur S. Furlow, 
law editorial staff, Bobbs-Merrill Company. Indianapolis 

C 1960j 

sill, 100 p. 28cui. 




Rhodesia, Southern. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Southern Rhodesia, Published for 
members of the Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Peters 
burg, Fla. t 19621- 
1 r. (loose-leaf) 20 cm. 


Christie, Richard Hunter, 1924- 

Sd^^e an C mmerCial ^ Cap6 TOWI1 ' ***** 196L 

61-65351 t 

fAmenf el'd, Gustav M 

OCHOBH coBCTCKoro rpaac^aHCKoro H Tpy^osoro npasa. 
PesoMCHAOBaHO B KaiecTBe y^eCS. nocofiHH ppx texHHKyMOB 


882 p. 23 cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Omenf el'd, Gustav M 

Ociionti cOBCTCKoro rpaacAanCKoro a TpyAOBoro npaua. 
PeKOueHAOBano B Kaieciue yie<5. nocoo'Ha RXX TexsHxyicon 
coBCTCEOft TOPI-OHM. Hsfl. 2., flon. H nepep. MocKBa, Foe. 

H3fl-B0 TOprOBOft JTHT-pH, 1960. 

438 * mus ' acnL 62-35105 

Russia (2069- tf. & & B.) Laws, statutes, etc. 

3aKOHOflaTejri>HHe asiH no BonpocaM Hapo^HorQ xo3*ft- 
CTsa CCCP. [PeflaKnnoHHaa EoauierHa II. C PouaniKHH, 
B. B. JlanieB, T. 51. TopiHHCKuft. CocraBHTWH O. A. AHH- 
KCCB H flp. Ho cocTOflHHio na 1 Mapxa 1961 r.j MocKBa, Foe. 

H3fl-B0 KJpHfl. JtJIT-pH, 1961. 

2V ' acnL 62-30917 


OpraimsaijHa: EpHflHiecKOft ary3K<5H Ha npeflnpHtfTHH H B 

COBHapXOSe. MoCKBa, ToC. H3,a;-BO IDpHfl. JtHT-pH, 1960. 


Singapore. 010*, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Singapore. Deer Park, N. Y. 3 For 
eign Tax Law Association [1959?! 
Iv.Ooose-leaf) 29 on. 

Abad-Conde y Sevilla, Gerardo. 

Derecho mercantil. 6. ed. Madrid, Grdficas Orbe, 1959. 

389 p. 21cm. 

61-47319 J 

Spain. Laws, statutes, etc. 

C6digo de comercio con las ultimas ref ormas, concordado 
con las leyes civiles y administrates; anotado con la juris- 
prudencia del Tribunal Supremo y con multitud de referen- 
cias y completado con utiles apendices sobre registro mer 
cantil, substanciaci6n de las quiebras, suspension de pages, 
salas oficiales de subastas, ordenaci6n bancaria, sociedades 
an6imas, sociedades de inversi6n mobiliaria, sociedades de 
responsabilidad limitada, etc., etc., por la redaccidn de la 
Bevista de los tribunales. 23. ed., redactada, corr. y puesta 
al dia por Jose Arturo Gongora Bernaldo de Quir6s. 
Madrid, G6ngora tl959j 

902 p. 15 cm. ( CMgos y leyes nnotndos) 


Spain. Laws, statutes, etc. 

C6digo de comercio de 22 de agosto de 1885, con notas y 
una selecci6n de jurisprudent, coinplementado con las leyes 
vigentes de sociedades anonimas, sociedades de responsabili 
dad limitada y sobre suspensi6n de pagos. c Rev. y puesto al 
dia. Madrid] Aguilar C 1960] 
IT, 484 p. 16 on. 


Spain. Law*, statutes, etc. 

C6digo de comercio espafiol, aprobado por Ley de 22 no 
agosto de 1885, anotado y consignado con la Iegislaci6n mer- 
cantil vigente. 2.ed. [Ed. rev. y puesfca al da por Juan V. 
Fuentes LojO] Barcelona, T. M. Bosch, 1958. 

Spain. Laws, statutes^ etc. 

C6digo de comercio espafiol, de 22 de agosto de 1885, con 
las variantes introducidas hasta junio de 1954, anotado y 
seguido de un i-epertorio alf ab&ico de materias y un ertenso 
apendice. 4.ed. Madrid, Reus, 1954. 
455 p. 14cm. (Blblloteca del estudlante, 7) , 

' 60-17556 

Spain. Laws, statute*, etc. 

C6digo de comercio espanol de 22 agoeto de 1885, con las 

variantes introducidas hasta el dia, 1958, anotado y seguido 

de un repertorio alf abStico de materias y un extenso apen 

dice. 5. ed. Madrid, Institute Editorial Reus, 1959. 

515 p. 14 cm. (Blblloteca del estudlante Reua,/) 


Spain. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Leyes civiles de Espana, por Le6n Medina y Manuel Ma/ 
randn Novisima ed. rev., corr. y puesta al dia por JosS 
Castan Tobenas t t al. 3 Madrid, Institute Editorial Reus, 

2v. 18cm, (Blblloteca "Medina y MarafliJn") 

Urfa, Rodrigo. 

Derecho mercantil. 2. ed. Madrid, 1960. 
Oil p. 25cm. 


Revista de derecho mereantiL v. [Ij- > (no.1- ) 


Lindberg, Folke, 1911- 

Handelsratt. Originalillustrntioner av Gunnel Flock. 
4. uppl. jGo'teborg, 195?! 
148 p, lllus 2~i cm. 

59-52296 J 

Sweden. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Corporation laws of Sweden. Published for members of 
the Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Petersburg, Fla. 
r !962?- 

1 v. (loose-leaf) 29 cm. 


Aeby, Pierre, 1884-1957. 

Cours de droit commercial suisse. 6. e"d. raise a jour, par 
Pierre Xoel. Fribourg, Fragniere, 1959. 
831 p. 21 cm. 

63-47565 t 

Stager, Richard. 

Rechtskunde f iir Kaufleute ; fur Handelsschulen, die kauf- 
mannische Praxis und den Verwaltungsdienst, unter Mitar- 
beit von Adolf Graf. Zurich, Verlag des Schweizerischen 
Kaufmannischen Vereins, 1959. 

44T p. illus. 24 cm. 

Switzerland. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Switzerland. Published for mem 
bers of Foreign Tax Law Association, inc. t n. p., 195-] 
307 p. 20 cm. 

347.09494 60-13400 

Switzerland. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Switzerland. Published for members 
of Foreign Tax Law Association. [Deer Park, N. Y,, 1959j 
1 T. (loose-leaf) 29 cm. 

347.709494 59-i7498 

Switzerland. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht. Die Bundesgesetze 
uber das Schweizerische Zivilgesetzbuch fiinfter Teil, vom 
30. Marz 1911, uud uber die Revision der Titel 24-33 des 
Obligationenrechts vom 18. Dezember 1936 und einige ein- 
schlagige Verordnungen, mit Vorwort, Anmerkungen und 
Sachregister, hrsg. von W. Stauffacher. C 14., revidierte 
Aufl.] Zurich, OreU FUssli [I960] 

si, 517 p. 16cm. (Taachenausgabea der Bundesgesetze) 


Switzerland. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Schweizerisches Obligationem-eclit. Textausgabe mit 
Einleitung, Anmevkungen, Ausfulu-ungserlassen und Sach 
register. 25. Aufl. von W. Schonenberger, Zurich, Schul- 
thess, 1961. 

Switzerland. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht Textausg. mit Ein 
leitung, Anmerkungen, Ausfiihrungserlassen und Sachregi 
ster, von AV. Schonenberger. 26. Aufl. Zurich, Schulthess, 

11,905,100 p. 16cm. 


Syria. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Code de commerce ; dcret ISgislntif n 149 du 22 juin 1949 

et ses amendements. Damas, Bureau des documentations 

syriennes et arabes r !959- 

1 v. ( loose- touf) 30 cm. 



Tanganyika. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Tanganyika; no. 38 of 1959 as 

amended. Published for members; of the Foreign Tax Law 

Association. St. Petersburg, Fla, C 1962 ?- 

1 v. Qooserleaf ) 2& cm. 


Tunisia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Code de commerce, l&i, 
taria* d^tat I la jast&&$ti0, 

168 P;. 21 cm. 

TURKEY ,,,T*' 

Bilgigin. evket Memedati. 

Ticaret luikubu prensipleri. Veniden g5zde 
ve ilavcli -2. bftsi. Istanbul, t Akgun Matbaasl, 1948- 
V f,n-i.. 26 cm. 

347 * - 


caret hakmku prensipleri, 3. basf. Istanbul Duygu 

b*aasia9S<^ '-." ' ^' v ' "' " '' V tt V "' ', '- , V- ' 
. forms, >2S cm. (tstaatBl ttal'TOMlteM yajMarEQdJBgfc^ 

, , ' ' T ' " ^ * ' 


Denel, Abdi. 

Ticaret hukuku. Istanbul, Millt Egitim Basimevi, 1948. 
2 v. 24 cm, (T. C. Mill! Egltlm Bakanhgi. Oteknlfc Bgretlm 
uln er kltlan no. 7 

okullan ders kltaplari, no. 7) 


Ozeken, Ahmet All. 

Isletme iktisadina baglangiQ dersleri. Istanbul, 1C111 
Mecmua Basimevi, 1950- t v. 1, I951j 

v. in forms, tables. 25 cm. (Istanbul tJnlTeraltesl yayia- 

lanndan, no. 472, 453 

NE 63-120 

Sevig, Muammer Rait, 1885- ed. 

Devlftler hususi hukuku. r HazirliyanIar 3 Muammer 
Ragit Sevig t ve] Vedat Rasit Sevig. 3. basi. Istanbul, 1 
Alvgiin Matbatisi, 1962. 

xxlll, 768 p. 25cm. (Istanbul Onlversltesl yayinlanndan, no. 032) 

N E 62-1318 

Turkey. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Gerekc.eli. notlu, sittematik Turk ticuret kanunu ile Turk 
ticuret 1 unmmnuu mov'iyet ve iatliik ^ekli hukkmclti knnun 
ve zilukuh mevziuxf. Yenilennii 2. basi. [Iluzirhyun, Halld 
Kemal Klbir. Istanbul. 1. Akgiin Matbaasi, 1958. 
svi, 020 ii. forms. IS cm. 


Turkey. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Son degigikliklere gore Ticaret kanunu. Kanun no. : 1440 ; 
kabul tarihi: 13/V/1829. [Istanbulj Inkilap Kitabevi, 19 
v. 17 cm. ( Kanunlar serlsi, sayi 


Turkey. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Turk ticaret kammu erhi ve tatbikati ve ilgili mevzuat, 
[Hazirhyanlar] Hasfin Halis Sungur [VGj M. Kamil Boran. 
Hazim Atif Kuyucak'm on sdzii. Istanbul, Kutulmus. Mat- 
baasi, 1957- 

T. 25 cm. 


Turkey. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Turkish commercial code, no. 67G2, dated 2 July 1956, 
enacted on 29 June 1956. Istanbul, Turk Argus Ajansi 
t 1956?] 

04 p. 30 cm. 



Karayalcin, Yaar. 

Borglar-ticaret ve banka hukuku bibliyografyasi. An- 

ara C v. 24 cm. (Banka ve Ticaret Hukuku Aragtirma EnstltilatL 

Tayin no. 88 

NE 64-2392 


Ankara. Universite. Banka ve Ticaret HuMfeu Ara$tirma 


Ticaivt ve banka hukuku liaftasi, 27 Nisan-3 Mayis 1959. 
Tebligler, miizakereler, yabanci dilde hulasalar. Ankara 

C 1960, 
xlv, 563 p Illus. 25 cm. (Itt layin no. 13) 



Uganda. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Commercial laws of Uganda. Published for members of 
the Foreign Tax Law Association. St. Petersburg, Fla, 
t 1962- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) 28 cm. 



Anderson, Ronald Aberdeen, 1911- 

Business law t by] Ronald A. Anderson t andj Walter A. 
Kumpf. 6th ed. Cincinnati, South-western Pub T Co. [1961] 

94$p. 24cm, 

-- Instructor's manual, for use in code and non- 
code states. Cincinnati, South-western Pub. Co. [1961] 

257 p.. 22cm. 

347.70973 61-6864 rev 

Anderson, Ronald Aberdeen, 1911- 

Businqss law j uniform, commercial code volume ( byj Rpn- 
,ald A, Anderson [and), Walter i. Kumpf. 7th ed. Cincin 
nati, South-Western Pub. Co. .[1964] 
,?dl r 48p. taol, ( map. 24cm. , / 

347,70973 64-16990 

lement: an analysis Abased 

oj congress catalog tiookS: Subjects 


U. S. (Continued) 

Braucher, Robert, ed. 

Commercial transactions: selected statutes byj Robert 
Braucher and Arthur Sutherland. 1964 ed. Brooklyn, 
Foundation Press, 1964. 

xl, xlli, 832 p. 27cm. (University textbook series) 

347.70973 64-6569 

Charles, A. Aldo, 1904- 

College law for business. 6th ed. Cincinnati, South 
western Pub. Co. [1963 3 
506 p. Illus. 24cm. 

347.70973 63-11998 J 

Committee on Business Law. 

College business la.w. New York, Pitman [I960] 
540 p. Illus. 24cm. (A Pitman collaborative tertboofc) 

347.70973 60-52047 t 

Conyngton, Thomas, ~b. 1855. 

Business law, by Louis O. Bergh and Thomas Conyngton. 
th ed., prepared by Edwin Kassoff. New York, Ronald 
Pi-ess Co. j!964j 

iil, 1006 p. forms. 24cm. 


Coppola, Andrew Joseph, 1908- 

Business law: a CPA review t byj Andrew J. Coppola 
t andi Harry Katz. New York, Wiley C e 1963j 
765 p, 24cm. 

347.7 63-7560 t 

Dfflaron, Essel Ray, 1893- 

Prinfiples of business law. 7th ed. [byj Essel R. Dillavou 
and others^ with the assistance of Robert N. Corley. Engle- 
wood Cliffs, X. J Prentice-Hall. 1962. 
115Sp. illus. 24cm. 

Instructor's manual with achievement tests. 

Englewood Cliffs. N. J.. Prentice-Hall, 1962. 
292p. 22cm. 

347.7 62-8852 rev t 

DuTavoa, Essel Ray, 1 SOS- 
Principles of business law, Uniform commercial code iby 3 
Essel R. Dillavou [and others^ Alternate 7th ed. Engle- 
wood Cliffs, N. J. } Prentice-Hall C 1964] 
niT, 1187 p. 24 cm 

347.70973 64-12852 

Ginsberg, Hyman, 1905- 

Businebs or commercial law, by Hyman Ginsberg and Isi 
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rpaa^ascEoe irpaso CIIIA," npaso Toprosoro otfopora. 

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.Sjosopnesa. ITo^ pe^. H c scryir. craxsefi: E. A. 

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" 23 cr 

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Venezuela. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Codigo de comercio venezolano, con intitulacion y ano- 
taciones a su articulado; concatenation de este y coordina 
tion con Jos Codigos civil, de procedimiento civil, de derecho 
internadonal privado y con las leyes especiales, etc, etc. 
tporj Armando Hernandez-Breton. Ademas contiene un 
apendice con las normas de etica mercantil en vigencia en 
los Estados Unidos de America y Argentina. Caracas, Edi 
torial La Torre, 1959. 

520 p. 16cm. (Colecclon Arandlna) 

Venezuela, Laws, statutes, etc. 

El proyectista y el legislador en la ref orma del Codigo de 
comercio en el ano 1055: t Ley de ref orma parcial del Codigo 
de comeicioj Compilation, glosa y comentarios [porj Julio 
Cesar Acosta. Debates en la Camara del Senado, en. la de 
Diputados y en sesion de Congreso; informes de las comi- 
siones del Congreso National ; documentos de la Camara de 
Comercio; cronicas de la prensa de Caracas; jurisprudencia, 
anteproyectos, votes salvados, opiniones de juristas, votos 
negatives, reglamento. Caracas, Impr. Nacional, 1956. 

190 p. 23 cm. 


Venezuela. Laws, statute, etc. 

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Time to adopt the Uniform commercial code; report to 
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Supply, 1968. 

rri, 600 p. 26 cm, ([Virginia. General Assembly House [Of 
Delegates j Document no. 5) 

J87.V9 1964c,no.5 A 64-7148 

Virginia. State Library 


Virginia State Bar. 

Report of the Virginia State Bar and Virginia State Bar 
Association on certain subjects t in accordance withj H. J. R. 
109, 1958, and H. J. R. 95, 1960, to the Governor and the 
General Assembly of Virginia. Richmond. Commonwealth 
of Virginia Depi of Purchases and Supply' 1962. 

9 p. 26 cm. ( Virginia. Genera] Assembly, 1962, House ,ot 
Delegates] Document no. 18) 

A 62-9362 
Virginia. State Library 


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YcxaB OHPJ, pa^iio u npiiBpepiiio aaEOHo^aBCTno. 2 113^;. 
Eeorpa^, Becinis paja. 1949. 
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Privredno pravo FNRJ; privredne organizacije, privredni 
ugovori, menica i cek. 2., dopunjeno i preradeno izdanje. 
Sa^'evo^Izdavacko preduzece "Veselin Maslesa," 1959. 

60-46196 rev 

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U Zagrebu, Komisija za udzbenike i skripta Sveucilista, 19 
T. 25cm. 


Pavlovic, Miodrag B. 

EKOiinmiEa JyrocjiaBuje u npiiBpe^no npaso; npnpy^nns: 
aa no-iaraite crpy^nor ncnma 3a BncoKOEBa.m$iiEOBaHor 
pa^iinsa y TprosuMrr. Eeorpa^, 3aaoA sa iiaAaBaae y?6e- 
EHKa Hapo^ne PecnyCjHKe CpSaje, 1960. 

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privredno i radno pravo. Dusan VufikovacTd, Jakov Tironi. 
2., preracteno izd. Zagreb t Skolska knj.j 1961. 

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Yugoslavia. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Zbirkn, propisa o trgovini. 2., izm. i dop. izd. Beograd, 
Privredni pregled, 1960. 
399 p. 20cm. 



Dimitrijevtt, Pavle. 

Ustavno urectenje FNRJ, privredno i radno zakono- 
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211 p. 24 cm. (Nova adminlstraclja ; bllten. c lzdanjei ST. 18) 


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Pravo (gradaiibko i privredno prnvo) za rv raxrecl eko 
nomske skole. Snnijevo, Zsivod za izdavanje uclxbeniku, 1962. 
362 p. 20 cm. 




Argentine Republic. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Regimen de Ins locacioncs urbanas. Buenos Aires, V. P. 
de Zavaha C 1958] 
153 p. 24cm. 


Argentine Republic. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Re"gimen de las locaciones urbanas. Ley no. 14.821. 2. 
ed. Buenos Aires, V. P. de Zavalia r 1960j 
388 p. 24 cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Jjftidrup, E ed. 

ButikslejemS.1, kort redegtfrelse yedrtfrende eakelte leje- 
spjirgsmil; jvfr. Lov om leje, nr. 251, af 14 juni 1951 met* 
jendringer iflg. Lov nr. 51 af 5. marts 1954= og Lor nr. 360 
22. december 1954 samt Lov nr. 106 af 14. april 1955. t 
baohavnj Danske haadelsforeningers fteUesorganisation 

31 p. tabte. 19 cm. (Buttkshanaeleiis b&ndb&er, 14) 



France. Laws, statutes, etc, 

Le statut des baux commerciaux; la location-gerance d 
f onds de commerce. D'apres les decrets des 22 et 30 saptein 
bre 1953. Xouvelle legislation integrate et commentaires 
par Ck-Robert PoirjoL t Nimes, 1953?] 
Ill p. 21 cm. 


Voolet, Jacques. 

Toutes les questions pratiques sur les banx dTiabitation e 
professionnels. [2. ed. a jour au 1" mai I960] Paris, J 
Delmas [I960, 

1 T. (various pagings) 27 cm. (Ce qu'U TOUB faut savoir) 


1949- ) 

Wenz, Helmut 

Die Geschafts- und Praxis- Verausserung; eine Darstel 
lung der rechtlichen und steuerlichen Besonderheiten bei dei 
Verausserung und Verpachtung von Gewerbebetrieben un< 
freiberufUchen Praxen. Ludwigshafen am Hhein, F. KieK 

282 p. 21cm. 

59-48223 1 


Izquierdo Alcolea, Ignatio. 

El derecho de retracto en la ley de arrendamientos urbanos 
Prologo por Pascual Marin Perez. Barcelona. Bosch t 1955 

249p. 2acm. 

60-27363 t 


National Association of Real Estate Boards. National fn- 
rtitutc of Real Estate Brokers. 

Guide to commercial property leasing. Sponsor : Clifford 
A.ZQH Chicago, 1963. 

96 p. Illus., port, pJan. 27 cm. 



Thompson, John P 1911- 

Drafting commercial leases. [Madison] University of 
Wisconsin, Extension Law Dept, 1962. 

245 p. 26 cm. 

333.334 63-63T36 J 


see also Business libraries 


Survey of information/library units ia industrial and com- 
mercial organizations; results of a survey of the informa 
tion/library units of a sample comprising 52 British indus 
trial and commercial organizations. Survey carried out by 
D. J. Campbell. Results analysed and report prepared by 
C.W. Hanson. London, 1960. 

48, np. tables. 25cm. 
Z675.F3A8 026.65 61-3629 

Hasmnssen, Pool N^regaard, 1922- 

Foreleesnmger om biblioteksbenyttelse og opgareskrivning. 
Kpibenhsvn, W58. 

81. 30 cm. (Memorandum fra Ktfbenhavns unlversttets ftkono 
ruisse tnstltut. nr. 2) 

COMMERCIAL MISSIONS see Trade missions 

see Commercial vehicles 

mercial associations 

COMMERCIAL PAPER see Negotiable 

raphy, Commercial 


see also Autarchy; Commercial 
treaties; Commodity control; 
Competition, Unfair; Currency 
convertibility; Customs unions; 
Dumping (Commercial policy); 
Export controls; Export credit; 
Export premiums; Favored nation 
clause; Foreign exchange Law; 
Foreign trade promotion; Foreign 
trade regulation; Free ports and 
zones; Free trade and protection; 
Government trading; Import quotas; 
Reciprocity; Shipping bounties and 
subsidies; Subsidies; Tariff; and 
subdivision Commercial policy 
under names of countries 

Brauer, Rudolf. 

Probleme der Ermittlinig des okonomischen Nutzens dar 
sozialistischen iuternationalen Arbeitsteilung und des Aus- 
se-nhandels sozialistischer Staaten. Berlin, Verlae Die 
Wirtschaft ,1962, 

157 p. illus. 22 cm. (Schrtftenrelhe Soztallsttsche Weltwlrt- 
HF1408.B7 64-38901 J 

Burenstam Linder, Staffan, 1931- 

An essay on trade and transformation. Uppsala, Alm- 
qvist & Wiksells boktr. t 1961, 

167 p. dlagrs. 25cm. 
HF1007.B797 1061a 62-61 

Calderwood, James D 

A teachers guide to world trade : analysis of the problem, 
by Jaines D. Calderwxxl ; teaching aids, by Julian C. 
Aldrich and [Others] 1960 revisions by Jnmes D. Ctildw- 
wood t and] Sioma Kagan. [Rev. ed. Washington, Pub 
lished in cooperation with the Joint Council on Economic 
Education by the National Council for the Social Studies, 

128 p. lllus. 23cm, (Bcoaomlc life series, no, 1) 
HF3031.C3 60-51389 t 

Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade. 

Entwiddungstendenzen. im iaternationalen Handel; Be- 
richt eines Sachverst&ndigenausschtisses f des GATT, Genf, 
Oktober 1958. [Berlin] E, Schmidt t !959] 

157 p. dlagra., tables. 23 cm. (Aussenhaadel und Weltwlrt- 
schart, Ed. 1 ) 

HF499.C676 A 61-2880 rev 

New York Unt v. Libraries 

Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade. 

L'erolution du commerce international ; rapport 6tabli par 
un groupe d'experts. Geneve, 1958. 

vl, 150 p^ dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
HF499.C674 50-52500 

Delfgaauw, Johannes Gobertus Marie. 

Ordening en handelspolitiek; en sociaal-economische, 
-psycho] opische en wijaffcriffe studie. Maastricht [1945, 

:so p. 25 cm. 
HF1401.D4S 6^8148 

Eady, Sir Wilfrid. 

Money and trade, by Sir Wilfrid Eady, Bertrand' de 
Jouvenel t and) Susan Strange. London, Batchworth Press 
r 1955j 

11 p. 10 on. (A Background special) 
HJ2097.E2 6W5519S 

Fituni, Leonid Arkad'evich. 

CopeTC-Tcittt Cows ii Me'^ynapo^Hoc orconoMii^ecKoe co- 
Tpy^HH'iccTiio. MooKoa, Ila^-no AKa^ewnit uayn CCCP, 

38 p. 20cm. 
HFH11.F53 53-15-167 x-ev 

Prank, Isaiah, 1917- 

^The European common market; an analysis of commer 
cial policy. Published tinder the auspices of the London 
Institute of World Affairs. London, Stevens 1961 

324 p. 22 cm. (The Library of world affaire, no. 65) 
HF15321961.F72 837,914 61-19240 t 

Prank, Isaiah, 1917- 

Tlie European common market; an analysis of commercial 
policy. New York, Praeger il96L 
324 p. 22cm. (Books that matter) 
HF15321961.F7 337.914 61-8707 J 

Johnson, Harry Gordon, 1923- 

Moncy, trade and economic growth; survey lectures in eco- 
D<M iS C p mS' aS bridgftj Harvwd U^^^ty Press, 1962. 
HD82.J59 ' Cm * 338.9 63-5334 J 

Kipper, Jakob, 1025- 

Die Bestimmungsgriinde fur don Grad der Ausscnhandols- 
verflechtun^ einer Volkswirtschaft. Bonn, 1060. 

00 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. 
HF1411.K3S 02-05217 

Komatsu, YugorS, 1920- 

EEC W ^ # ^J^ *& ffj if fifS ^ k 'Ti. :L ; |)r Ufl 

ti BSfll 37(1962, 
8, 215 p. maps, diugrs.. tables. 10 cm. 

1. Commercial policy. 2. European Economic Community. 

Title rotnantscid: KKO tiilsakukO. 


J 64-123,'} 

Mikesell, Raymond Freeh. 

Intra -regional trnda and economic development. (Staff 
study of tho International Development Advisory Board] 
Washington, International Development Advisory Board 

52 p. 27 CHI. 
HP1408.M5 62-30086 I 

Nakai, Seize", 1888- 

Bfl^ll 36 f 11)61, 
328 p. mii8.,forni8, tables. 22 cm. 
Colophon Inserted. 

l, Foret&n exciuinse, '2. Commercial policy, 5, International eco 
mile relations. i. Title. 

Tttln romanised: Jlyaka no bOokl to ffiUkoku knwu a e. 

,T 04-28-t 
Nihon Seisansei Hombu, Tokyo, ^ttisamtri Kenky&jo. 

isic, 11 j* c i^3] i|( jij; 

31p, (UilKi-s., tuDlos. 22 fill. 

1. Coniinwcliil policy. 12, Juptin (VHJIIII. i, Title, 

Title ranittiilsfd: Sckul luljitil no dflkO 
to Nlhoti l>0(kl no hntft'ii, 

HF1411N5 J 50- U 13 

Momura, Akio, 1930- 

I'llllft t EEC 'i 1 ]' fN'i'-i k ft 'K \\\ -, 1 ! I/I 


220 p. uiuM., map*, dlAfn,, titblM, 18 om, ( '('h 1 ! 878) 

( 1. Europoinn Rt-ouoralc Community, 2. OoinmerottU polley, 

TM rfitnaftixtd: Jlydkd to HBO, 

IIK1531.NG J 61-1585 

Offelen, Jacques van. 

Pouvoir et libort^, Bruxelles, Editions du Contro Paul 
Hymana, 1962. 

220 p, HI cm. 
HD83.085 63-35082 t 

Ohlin, Bertil Gotthard, 1899- 

XTtrikeshandel och handelspolitik. 6, rev, och titvitlgade 
uppl. Stockholm, Natur och kultur rlD59] 

387 p. 22cm. 

HF1401.035 1959 
Harvard Univ. Wbrapy 

A 00-497 

Ohlin, Bertil Gotthard, 1899- 

Iftrikeshundcl och htmdelspolitik, 7, revid. och utvidgade 
uppl. Stockholm, Katur och kultur t l062i 

40$ p, fllnsi-s., tnblM. 22 cm. 
HFHO 1.0:15 1902 08-44251 

Padilla Zazueta, Helios. 

El clesarrollo ocon6mico, el comercio exterior y la regu- 
laeioii tie las importaciones del sector publico, M&cico, 

211 p. niui. 28 cm, 
HF1481.PJJR 68-51942 t 

Reischer, Otto Richard, 1917- 

Trade adjustment in theory and practice. [Prepared for 
thej Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy of the Joint 
Economic Committee, Congress of the United States. 
Washington, U, S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961, 

vlll, 98 p. 24 cm. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Renzi, Antonio. 

Tecnica del commercio estero. Roma, Stab, tipo-litogra- 
fico V. Ferri, 1959. 

335 p. 24 cm. 
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Agricultural protection and trade, proposals for an inter 
national policy t byj J. H. Richter. New York, F. A. Praeeer 

xl, 148 p. 21 cm. 



Shchetinin, Valentin Dmitrievich. 

3zoEOit2raecKHe COIDSH pa3BHBaiom;Hxca CTpan. MocKsa, 
HS^-BO TTH-ra Me^syHapoflHHx oTHomenHfi, 1963. 

117 p. maps, diagrs., tables. 21 cm. 
HF1408.S47 64-37920 

Sim, Py6ng-gu. 


f -1294 ,1961, 
185 p Ulus. 21 cm. 


1. Commercial policy. i. Title. 

Title romanised: Muyok cWtogch'aek. 



Sladek, Josef. 

Celni protekcionismus a kapitalismus. [Vyd. l. : Praha, 
Xokl. Ceskoslovenske akademie ved, 1964. 

115 p, dlHgrs., tables. 21 cm. 
HF1713.S57 64-38062 

Sogo Seisaku KenkyukaL 


ir, 414 p. tables. 19 COL 

1. Japan Commercial policy. 2. Commercial policy. 3. Japan 
Ecotu condlt 1W5- r. Inaba, Hldezo, 190T- n. Tsachlya, 

Klyoshl, 1910- m. Title. 

Title romanized: JlyHka kelkaku 
no moadatten to taloakn. 

HF1601.S6 1960 
S0*fi MM** KnMkai. 

J 64-230 

8, 880 p. 19cm. 

1. Japan Commercial policy. 2, Commercial policy, 8, Japan 
Erofl, fondit 164B- i. luaba, Hld*o, 1907- B. TrodUya, 

Kl>oslil, 181O- m, Tltla, 

Title rowunbed,- Jlytlka kelkaku no mondalten to taltaku 

HF1601.SQ 198B 

Tanaka, Hiroshi, 1918- 

) B 


K tt JL9W. 

xlll, 23$ p. tables. 19 em. 

L Japan Comm. 2. Commercial policy. 8. International Mone 
tary Fund. i. Tltte. 

Title romanised: HachUOkokw Jldal no Nihon kelzal. 


Travis, WQham Penfidd, 

The theory of trade and protection. Cambridge, Harvard 
University Press, 1964. 

x. 296 p. tnus, 22 cm. (Harvard economic studies, T. 121) 
HF1713.T7 837 64-16070 

U. S. DepL of Agriculture. Economic Research Service* 
Regional Analysis Division, 

Agricultural policies of foreign governments, including 
trade policies affecting agriculture. uRev. Washington] 
Economic Research Service, TJ. S. Dept. of Agriculture 

ill, 266 p. 26 cm. dU. S. Dept of Agriculture] Agriculture 
handbook no. 132) 

HD1415.U48 Apr 64-150 

U.S.Kat*lAffr.LIbr. !Ag84Ai no. 182 1964 

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International trade: theory and economic policy. Home- 
wood, HI., E. D, Irwia, 1962. 

426 p. mas, 24 an. (Irwtn series in economic*) 
HF1007.Y33 382.01 62-9131 { 

Vereniging voor de Staathuishoudkunde. 

Langs yfelke tveg kan de terugkeer tot convertibiliteit van 
de voornafimste geldeenheden xvorden bevorderd en wat 
zouden dnarrnn de implicaties zijn op korte en op lange 
tenaijn? IVelke handelspolitieke maatregelen dienen met 
het streven iiaar herstel van de convertibiliteit gepaard te 
gaan? Welke rol kunnen Internationale instituten als 
G. A. T. T., O. E. E. S. en E. B. TJ. daarbij spelen ? Prae-ad- 
Tiezen van G. ii VeiTijn Stuart, F. IV. C Blom t enj J. 
"Wemelsfelder. 's-Gravenhage, M. Niihoff, 1955. 

116 p. 24cm. 
HG3881.T38 60-18065 

White, Eric Wyndham. 

GrATT as an international trade organization. Some 
structural problems of international trade. [Geneva, Secre 
tariat of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 1961i 

29 p. 21 cm. 
HF1721.W5 62-6145 J 

Willgerodt, Hans. 

Handelsschranken im Dienste der Wahrungspolitik. 
jDusseldorf i H. Kiipper ,1962, 

S44p. 23cm. J 

HF1408.TT5 63-49391 

Young, John Parke, 1895- 

The international economy. 4th ed. New York, Eonald 
Pi-ess Co. [1963! 

795 p 111 us. 24cm. 
HF1007.Y58 1963 380 63-13747 J 

Zehnder, Alfred. 

Politique exte"rieure et politique du commerce ext^rieur. 
Politicnie exterienra et relations culturelles. Geneve, E. 
JDroz, 1957. 

e Je/intefinaSn^r * ^^ UQlVeMltaire de hautes 
JX1395.Z4 60-21713 J 

Nihon Kciei Gakkai. TaZkaz. 35th, Nagoya, Japan, 1961. 

t"^ ^< ** ' Mi 1962. 
5, 835 p. dlagw., tables. 21 cm. 

wm% * mmi: - 

Blbllocrapblctl footnote* 
1. Jp*n lodua. Addrmea. 
icy AddreaeH, eways, lecturet. 

, lecture*. 2. Oonunerciml pol 
L Title. 

Title nwMMtt 6d: BOekt JlyttkA to 
kelelgaJca no sbomoadaL 


HC462.9.N476 11 


International Banking Summer School 5th, Christ OTwrch. 
Oxford University, 1958. 

Banking and foreign trad& . . . lectures. London, Published 
for the Institute of Bankers by Europa Publications r 1952i 

259 p. 22 cm 
HF1411J42 1952 332.1082 53-1694 rev 


see also Animal products; Commodity 
control; Commodity exchanges; Dis 
play of merchandise; Durable goods, 
Consumer; Forest products; Geog 
raphy, Commercial; Geography, 
Economic; Luxuries; Manufactures; 
Marine resources; New products; 
Raw materials; Substitute products; 
Surplus commodities; Synthetic 
products; and names of Individual 

Alekseev, Nikolai Semenovich. 

Toaapti MCTaxiniecEHe, CTpoiiTe-itnue n ^peBecHBie. IIoA 
pe^. H. A. ApxanreakCKoro. PeEOMeHAOBano B Ka.c,TBe 
y^e6HHEa %xa. TOBapose^Hux ^aKyjitTexoB BHCDIHX BKOH. 
jnted. saBe^cHHft. MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO Toproaofi JTHT-PH, 

892 p. illus. 23 cm. (ToBaposeAemte npOMUuuieHHux Tosapou) 
HF1041.A517 59-50229 

Ahrwick, Herbert. 

A geography of commodities. New t l e. 2dj ed. [With 
amendments] Rev. by Henry Rees. London. Harrap t !959] 

196 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
HF1027.A4 1959 330.9 60-3246 I 

Arkhangel'sku, Nikola! Andreevich, 1896- ed. 

PysososcTBo K jiaCopaiopHHii H npaKTH'iecKHM saEJiriuiM 
no ToaapoBCAeHino npoiiHiruieHHHx TOsapoB. PeKOMen^o- 
sano B saiecTBC y?e5. nocodna; AJW TOsapoBe^HHx JtaKy^tTC- 
TOB 3KOH. BUCIHHX yiefi. aase^eHHa. MocKsa, foe. HSA-BO 

TOprOBOfl JIHT-plI, 1961- 

v. Ulua. 28cm. (ToBaposeAeHHe npOMLUitjieHHwc Tosapofi) 
TA410AT 62-65966 J 

Bulgakov, Mkolal Vasil'evich. 

e npoMiinuieHHux TOBapos: BBe 
cTii^ecKire itaccu, XEMHKO-aocKarejitHHe Tosapu. 
SOBano E raiecTBe y^eSanEa AM TOBapoBCAHHx 
3EOH. BucniHx y^e6. saseAeHEfi. MOCKBE, 

388 p. IIlos. 22cm. 

Chishohn, George Goudie, 1850-1930. 

Handbcx>k of commercial geography. Entirely re- written 
b L. Dudle Stam and . arte - 

Handbcx>k of commercial geography. Entirely re- written 
by L, Dudley Stamp and S. Carter Gihnour. 16th ed. c Lon- 
donj Longmans r !960i 

330.9 60-16277 J 

j r 

5 p. Illos 23 cm. 
HF1025.C5 1860 

Ciusa, Walter. 

Trafctato di merceologia; aspetti tecnici ed economici dei 
piu important! cicli chimico-produttivi. r Torinoj Uniona 
tipografico-editrice torinesft [1962, 

643 p. HIM. 25cm. 
T45.C55 62-46086 J 

Clair, Colin, ed. 

The things ve need and where they come from. London, 
Gawthorn Press C 1953- 

v, Ulus (part coL) 23 on. 
[TS146] 670.82 61-66615 

Grochla, Erwin. 

Materialwirtschaft. Wiesbaden, Betriebswirtschaftlicher 
Verkg Dr. Th. Gabler t !958i 

118 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Die "Wlrtsdiaftswlsseaschaftea, 5. Ltg. 
Relhe A : Betriebswi rtschaltslehre, 1L Beltrag) 

A 61-3899 J 
New York Unlv Libraries HF1046 

Humlum, Johannes, 1911- 

Kultiirgeografisk atlas; 127 hovedlcort yg 33G bikort over 
befolknnigsforhold, rAstofproduktion, ri-stofhandel samt in- 
dustri og vnndkraft. Atlas of economic geography. 5. opL 
[K0ben3iavnj Oyldendal, 1961- 

v. col. maps. 2T cm. 
G1046.G1HS 1961 Map 62-551 

Hung, Wen-ta. 

1 Commercial products. 2. aiouey. i. Chou. ru-kuang, foint au 
thor ir. Title. Title romanized: Slmnp p'ln shfng ch'an ho nno p. 

HF1041.H82 c 60-2230 1 

Kim, Hyo-rok, 

!)7 p. illus. 21 cm. 

1 Cotiiniprclnl products. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Sansp'timhak. 

HB'104l.K53 K 61-354 | 

Fieri, Mario. 

Corso di merceologia ; carbone, petrolio, metano, energia 
elettrica e nucleare nelle nostre risorse energetiche, Pisa, G. 
Pellegrini, 1957. 

502 p. 25 cm. 

A 60-3928 
NewYorTcTJmv. Libraries HF1041 

Rettenmaier, Adolf. 

Warenkunde; Chemie und Technologie c von Adolf j Eet- 
temnaier t und Arnold] Vatter. 7., vollkommen aeubearb. 
nnd neugegliederte Aufl. Stuttgart, C. E. Poeschel t lfl60j 

4T. HSiA 24cm. C J 

[HF1041.R ] 
Wayne State University. 


A 61-2570 

Sabatte Zinny, Enrigue. 

Mereeologla, tecnologla mercantil. Buenos Aires, 
lusz [1957-60, 

2v, illus. 22cm. 
HF10tl.S26 58-32583 rev 

Shirasaki, Kyichi, 

5,lT,39,5p. UlOB., dlagn^ tables. 22cm. 

1 Commercial products, 
n. Title 


i. Tanlyama, SeUO, Joint author. 
Title rommtoed: ShOliin no kagako. 

J 60-1002 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 


Sorgs, Felice. 

Merceologia; dalle lezioni del prof. Felice Sorges, anno 
accademico 1959-60. Palermo, A. Eerma, 1959. 

303 p. diagrs , tables. 25 cm. 

A 60-4665 
Wayne State rtiirersity. Library 

Stamp, Laurence Dudley, 1898- 

A regional jreography for advanced and scholarship 
courses. London, New York, Lonsmans, Green t !9 

T. map's, dinars , tables. 23cm (The University geographi 
cal series) 
HF1025.S73S 330.9 59-1330 

United Nations. Interim, Co-ordinating Committee for In- 
ternatwnril Commodity Arrangements. 

Review of international commodity problems. [1947j-64. 
New York t etc.j 

v. 28 cm. animal. 

JX1977.A2 337.5 48-10233 rev 2' 
2d set HF1428 U5 

U. S. Bureau of the Census. 

List of materials: consumption items. 1963 censuses of 
manufactures and mineral industries. Prepared under the 
supervision of Mas-well R. Conklin, chief, Industry Division, 
t Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of Docu 
ments, TJ. S. Govt Print Off., 1964, 

vi, 200 p. forms. 26 on. (It MC63-7) 
HF1M1.U614: 1963a A 64-7326 

TJ. S. Bureau of the Census. Library 

Yu, Pung-no. 

S B U ^ 

4201 tlGSSj 

395 p ffius. 21 cnx 

L Commercial products. L Title. 

Title romomiaed; Sangp'umhak. 
K 60-89 t 

see Breakage, shrinkage, etc. 

see also Tariff Terminology and 
Burma (Union) Central Statistical and Economics Dept, 

Burma standard international trade classification. [Pre 
pared jointly by the Central Statistical and Economics Dept 
and the Office of the Collector of Customs. Rangoon] 1955. 

vll, 78 p. 33cm. 
HF1041.B9 1955 S A 64-6511 

Burma (Union) Central Statistical and Economics Dept, 

Burma standard international trade classification. Pre 
pared jointly by the Central Statistical & Economics Dept 
and the Office of the Commissioner of Customs. [Rangoon, 
1956 7 

i, 82 p. 34 cm. 
HF1041.B9 1956 S A 64-6510 

Canada. Bureau of Statistic. 

Export commodity classification, in effect January 1, 
1961: working document. (Ottawa;, Dominion Bureau of 
Statistics, International Trade Division, External Trade 
Section rl961- 

1 v, (loose-leaf) 28 cm. 

HF1041.C23 63-59293 J 

Canada. Bureau of Statistics. 

Standard commodity classification manual; a. working 
manual. t Rev, edj Ottawa, Queen's Printer, 1959-63. 

87. 2&cm, 
HF1041.C28 338.012 60-19383 rev J 

Canada. Bureau of Statistic*. 

Standard industrial classification manual. 
Ottawa, ft. Duhamel, Queen's printer, 1960. 

287 p. 28 cm. 
HF1041.C283 1960 338.012 62-42803 J 

Denmark. Departeme,ntet for told- off forbruffsafffifter. 

Handelsstatistisk varefortegnelse, tldg. i meityr af 
Toldlovens 188. KjabenhaTn, B. Lunos boirtr., 1959 

355p, 23cm. 
EF1041.D38 64-27125 

Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 19^S-1955. 
Vereinifftes Wirtschaftsaeoiet) Statistisckea Amt. 

The German foreign trade statistical commodity index. 
The edition of 1 January 1938, rev. and amended 1 Decem 
ber 1948. [Translated by the Reports and Statistics Office, 
Joint Export Import Agency, Frankfurt on Main, 1949 
Wiesbaden, Statistical Office of the Combined Economic 
Areas, 1949. 

184 L 33 cm. 
HF1041.G35 1949 59-44626 

Gt. Brit. Customs end Excise Dept. 

Statistical classification for imported goods and for re- 
exported goods, 1962. London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1962. 

126 p. 22cm. 

HF1041.G8 1962 62-41732 J 

Hongkong. Dept. of Commerce and Industry. 

Hong Kong imports and exports classification list. Rev. 
ed. Honff Kong, W. F. C. Jenner, Govt. printer, 1959. 

171 p. 21cm. 
HF1041.H64 1959 59-46145 t 

Hongkong. Dept. of Commerce and Industry. 

Hong Kong imports and exports classification list. Kev. 
ed. Hong Kong, "VV. F. C. Jenner, Govt. printer, 1961. 

224 p. 21cm. 
HF1041.H64 1961 63-28339 t 

Netherlands Antilles. Bureau, voor de Statistiek. 

In-, nit- en doorvoerstatistiek toelichting en codelijsten. 
[WUlemstad, Curasao, 1957] 

lv. 28cm. 
HF1041.N36 59-45546 rev J 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 

Commodity notes. Observations par produits, r Pt\ris? : 

40 p. 82 cm. (Iti Statistical bulletins) 
HF1041.0C.- 03-48816 

Union Internationale pour la protection de la propriety in- 

Arnuiiromeut concerning tho International classification 
of goods and pcrvicts to which tnule marks apply, N"icr, 
June ir>, in.")?. Txmrton,H. M Stationery Off., 11WJ*. 

14 p 23cm. ([GtBrlt Foreign Offleej treaty aeries, IMS, no. 

JX63G 1892 

1063, no. 23 


United Nations. Statistical Office. 

Commodity indexes for the Standard international trade 
classification, revised. New York, United Nations, 1963. 

2 v. 28 cui. (fts Statistical papers, aer. M, no. 38) 
JX1977.A2 ST/STAT/ser.M/38 64-3645 
Copy 2. HA1S.U5 ser. M, no. 88 

United Nations. Statistical Office. 

Standard international trade classification, revised. New 
York, United Nations, 1961. 

vti, 135 p. 23 on. (its Statistical papers, ser. M, no. 84) 
JX107T.A2 ST/STAT/ser.M/34 338.018 62-5375 
Copy 2. HA13.U5* 

U. S. Bureau of Ov&toms. 

United States import duties annotated, with classification 
for countries (schedule C) and United States customs dis 
tricts and ports (schedule D) For use in classification of 
imported merchandise, for rate of duty and statistical pur 
poses. July 1, 1962 ed. t Prepared by, U. S. Dept. of Treas 
ury, Bureau of Customs, U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of 
the Census t and) TJ. S. Tariff Commission. Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print. Off. t !962- 

HJ608i.A6"l962" A 62-9531 

U. S. Bureau of the Census. Library 

U. S. ^Bureau of the Census. 

List of materials: consumption items. 1968 censuses of 
monufnctures and mineral industries. Prepared under the 
supervision of Maxwell R. Conklin, chief, Industry Division. 
iWashington, For sale by the Superintendent of Docu 
ments, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1964, 

vl, 200 p. forms. 26 cm. (lit M068-7) 
HF1041.U614 1963ft A 64-7326 

D. S. Bureau of the Census. Library 

J. S. Bureau of the Census. 

Numerical list of manufactured products. 1963 census 
of manufactures. Prepared under the supervision of Max 
well It. Conklin, chief, Industry Division. t lYashinton, 
For sale by the Superintendent of Documents. U. S Govt 
Print. Off., 1964, 

lv. (various paging) 26cm. (/tMC63-2) 
HF1041.U614 1963b A 64-7464 

U.S. Bureau of the Ocnsua. Library 

U. S. Bureau of the Census. 

United States import duties annotated for statistical re 
porting, for use in preparing import entries and with 
drawals; with classification for countries (schedule C) and 
United States customs districts and ports (schedule D) 
Jan. 1, 1960 ed. Prepared with the cooperation and assist 
ance of the U. S. Tariff Commission and the XL S Dept of 
Treasury. Washington t !959- 

1 v. <loose-leaf ) 20 cm. 

HJ6081.A2 336.265 A 60-9064 

U. S. Bureau of the Census. Library 

United States import duties annotated. 
Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, 
IT. S. Govt, Print. Off. 

v. tables. 2flcm. 

Osaka. Shoko Kaigisho. 

Jn $ no fj ffi J JI L Diccionario japoncs-oapanol de las 
mei'caderias. --- ..,... 

v, 4-15 p. 10 cm. 

im>lloRraphy:i>. il 

1. Commercial products Dictionaries. 2. Japanese lu 
rl-Spnnl,h. i. Title u. Title: DlcclSmS, j 


Title romanlzcd: Wn-Sel ShOftlnael Jlten. 

Liu, Chung-chlen, ed. 

W\ Names of commodities and other appellatives in Chi 
nese and English, by Lau Chung Him & Yao Yuan Luai. 1st 
ed. 3$ SiJ^WfcirgtlSili^^firr Lftu Chung Him 
& Co., 1955. 

479 p. 1& cm. 

1. Comnaerclal productfl Dictionaries Chinese, 2. Chinese lan 
guage Dictionaries Hnffllsh. r. Too, YUan-lun, Joint ed. u. 
Title, m. Title: Names of conaaiodltlos aud other appellatives In 
Chinese and English. 

Title ronumtecA: Wu n'li mlng nui hul plen. 


C 88-5IJ1X) rev 


Carboni, Paolo. 

Nuovisairaa onciclopedia di ohimica o morcoologia; 2000 
voci con i cnrattori cliimici, fisiei e morccologici; i modi di 
proparaaiono; gl'impieglii industrial! o di laboratorio 
Miluno, Gorlich [1050j 

1072 p. 255 crn. 
TP9.C 60-42521 

KitchQ B5eki Jitsumu Kenkyukai. 

# n H H 1 IK U Ji ft 0F 

fl, 008, 10, 48 p. lllus., map, dlaftns., table*. 10 cm. 

Colophon and errata slip Inaortod. 
Bibliography : p. t OC,-)8. 

1. Commercial products Dictionaries Japuneao. i. Title, 

Title rownised; OUflsoku ihOhln Jlten. 

HF1041.N5 J 01-1056 

Sakuma, TtsusabOrO, 1884- 

l8Wff--*f!Hi f/nXltflU' : Mtf itt,|; J|/K 

10, 740, 58 p, tlluH, (iwtrt col.) dlngrs., tablua. 22 cm. 

1, Commercial product*- Dlctlonurlee Jupaaen**, t Tltlo. 

: Shohln kugaku ,Jlten. 


J 62-844 

to, Win p. lllus, (pan wl.) mo 
27 OKI, 

tnlilwn (I in pocket) 

Plpf Ml. published In lima under Mto : ^ Jft (8! n /, ffl 'Hi 

1, Oominerolul product8-DlctU>iuii'l(ffl Jupanwti*. 2. Couiniort-lnl 

products Jnpnn. i. lahll, ftalufl, 1800- n. SntO, RirMhl, 1807- 

Titls romanced; ShOhln daljlten, 

HF1041.S48 1050 

J (10-00 

os In 2T 

2v. lllus. 22cm. 

In colophon : 

Vol. 2 has subtitle : 

1. Commercial products Dlctlonarlw Japanese. i. I 

RalzO, 1890- n. Sato, Hlcoshl, 1807~ 

Title romanixed: Talkel shonin Jl 


J 59-408 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Nobelius, Gustav, 

i [i. e. Fyrj-sprakigt vamlexikon. Handels- och tulltek- 
nisk ordbok for export och import. Stockholm, Tidens 
fdrlag ,1960] 

Iv. (unpaged) 24cm. 

A 61-5578 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

ToBapHtifl cjroBapt. FjiaB. pe^aKrop Hyra^cB, E. A. MocEsa, 

ToC. H3fl-B0 TOprOBOtt JIHT-pil, 1956-61. 

9 v. Illus., plates, maps (part fold. coL) 27 cm. 
HF104LTS6 57-41279 rev 


Revue internationale des produits tropicaux et du materiel 

v. in illus. 27 cm 



SHRINKAGE see Breakage, shrinkage 
etc. (Commerce) 

Moscow. Vsesoi&znyi zaochnyi institut sovetskol torgovli. 


MocKsa, 19 

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Ajia Keizai Kenkyujo, T oki/o. 
TXT % l*ffii 


v, 825 p. dlnirr*,, tables. 23 cm. 


Summary in BngllBh, with caption title: The basic problem* of 
Aglnn primary product*. 

flf ft feM^ 
Bibliographical f 


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8<?ilMj: AJld Ki>Uul KenkyOjo ahupnanbutati, tsOkun tlal liT-RO) 

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GroK03HaHHe H TexHoaoras (aa cnenHaiHocrra cieto- 


, . 

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CHINA, 1949- ) 

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moo i pti. 


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1. Commercial products China (People's Republic of China, 1940- 
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h'ou ho kuo chia knrig jeh him 


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s^?Siaip*B u p- ff 

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' Uftiversitat 

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n. Title. 


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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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BIEO B Ka^ecTBe y^eGnHKa ^Jia mEOJ ToproBoroy^esHiecTsa. 
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Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 794 AC 
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Tosapose^eHne upOKmujreHimx Tosapos ^onymeHO 
EaiecTse yieGHnsa # GyxmxepcEux n naaHOBKX sao^mi 
OTyj-HHft EoonepaTiiBHKix texHULyMOB. Mocoa, HS^-B 
njeHTpocoiosa, 1960. 

SOI p, lllus. 2S on. 
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B Mnpe HOBHX semeft. MocEBa, Foe. HS^-BO IIOJIHT. JTHT- 
pH, 1958. 

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ie ryjarroaapoB. HOA oSmeft pefl. #. A. 
a. .Honymeao B xaiecrue yieCmiKa flji* iop- 
roBo-EQonepaTHBHHX y*awap;. MocEsa, Hafl-uo IJeHTpo- 
coBsa, 1960. 

556 p. lUu& 23 cm. 
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ans, 19 
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materials system; a guide for industrial mobilization 
planning; a directory of product and industry assignments 
within the Business and Defense Services Administration. 
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COMMERCIAL, RATINGS see Credit guides 


COMMERCIAL ROUTES see Trade routes 


COMMERCIAL SECRETS see Trade secrets 

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. 2., nepep. a flon. MocKua, BnemTOpraaaaT, 1961. 


. ., . 

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Eaxe^paya 'daTBCTHKa" npa Brill "K. IVTapKC." CoAna 
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C 00-18(5,-) 1 

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Pnrucka k evidenci a statistice v podnicfch MVO pro rob 
1058. [Zprac. Jin Teska a Frant. Eoubal. V Prazoj Vy- 
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Inter-American Statistical Institute. 

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comercio exterior. Guide to the classification of countries 
and places for foreign trade statistics. t 2d ed.i Washing 
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9B P. 27 cm. 

[HF1016.I ] 

Pan American Union. Library 

ttrdenich, N V 


A ^^ 

K aa^ai no TOprouoft waTHCtHKe. PeKOMCH^OBaHo 
B KaiecTse y*e($. nocotfHa ^jwr TexHHicyiioB coucTCKOtt -rop- 
roBJtH. Hs^. 2. C 3HararexfcHO nonoaaeno HOBHMH sa^a^aMH] 
MocKBa, Toe. H3fl-uo ToproBOft JIHT-PH, 1962. 

UTp. 22 on. 

HF1017J9 1962 

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CTaiMcinKa coBcrcKOfl ToproBjin. C 2. H3A-, AOU.J MocKBa, 

IOC. H3fl-B0 TOprOBOft JIHt-pH, 1962, 

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special reference to primary products and under-developed 
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Brown Univ. Library HF400 

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

Foreign trade. Commerce ext^rieur. Series A. Over 
all trade by origin and destination. Commerce total par 
origine et destination. Feb. 1960- 
r Paris?, 

v. In tables. 82 cm. bimonthly, (Statistical bulletins 

Bulletins statlstlques) D8- 

HF91.065 63-40383 

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 

Foreign trade. Commerce exte*rieur. Series C. Trade 

by commodities. iSchanges par produits. Jan./Mar. 1959- 


BuUetinsis^uT 8 ' ^ ^ ^^ (StatIStIcal bulletln8 ' 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 

Foreign tnicli*. Commerce exti'vioui 1 . Serie 1. Overall 
trade b\ nrjgin nml (k^linutidti. Comnierco tofnl par ori- 
ginoct dpstiiiiition. cli'r. infil-fUV.lJifi". Paris 

9 v In 13. dlii'.'1-s., taUlfS. K\ nn. 

----- jSuppk'inonf. Sppciah'ssup] 1037-51 1037..53 

2\. il'siai-s, tMljlro. 312 <-m. blninlal 


53-31880 rev 4 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 

Foreign trade. Comin'M'cti pxltfriom-. Sorie 2. Trade by 
iirons and by I'pinnioclity categories. Commerce par zones 
et par categories de produits. Jan. /mars Ifl51-ian/d6c 
1988. Paris. 

7 v. In 5, tables. i>4-3,'! cm. 
HF181.073* 54-M87rev2 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 

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dec. 1958. Paris. 

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Poland, (tluwny Utwyl ^tatystyczny. 

Sttitystykji lnuullu nagrnnic^nogo: Import i eksport 

"Warsaw a, 

v. tiihlw. >l\\ cm. miimtU. (Its Statyatyku I'olskl) 
HAW 01. A3 1*2 61-iifi425rev 

Riauzov, Nikola! Nikolaevich. 

CTaxncTiirca Topron^n. Ha^. 4., ctcpep. ^onymeno B Kaie- 
CTBC yie<3uiuca r ^ji DKOII. HH-TOB H (liaKy^r.TGTOB. MocKBa, 
roccTatiwflaT, 1961. 

826 p. 23cm. 
HF302G,Rt4 1901 61-48686 J 

Russia (1W- U. S. 8. R.} Glavnoe tamotiiennoe 


Buemiuw ToproB,w CCCP sa 19l8~19iO rr.; cTaTncvnie- 
CKtift oflsop, MocKua, BueniTnprua.iaT 19(50 

113'tp. tables. 27cm. 

ICF3021.A5 10(50 01-22406 

Survey of current business, v. r li- 
Aug. 1, 1821- c 

t^VaHhington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.j 

v. In nmpa, dUigrs. 81 cm. monthly. 

8 v. 80 cm. Irregular. 


- -- BusmesH 8tatistic; Htatiaiioal supplement. 
Wnahin.frton, U. S. Govt. Print, Off. 

r. 20 cm. biennial. 


-- Business statistics; a weekly supplement. Mar, 
cWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

v. in dlagra, 80 em, 



330.5 21-26819 rev 4* 

U. S. It mean of fntcrnationcil Commerce. 

Trade of United States, Western Europe, Cimadu & Jnpnn 
in innnufnpturcrl products 10ftl/(i-2; coiumodity dntn on U. S. 
participation in ninety foreign markets compared with other 
countries. Washington, TJ. S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau 
of Internntionnl Commerce, Business & Dofense Services 
Adminiptnition; for sale by the Superintendent of Docu 
ments, U. S. Govt. Print. Off. rl964i 

8 T, 29 cm. 

Wolanski, Marian. 

Statystyka handlu Slaska z Rzeczapospolit* w xvu wieku; 
tablice i materialy statystyczne, t Wyd. 1., Wroclaw f Zak- 
}a<l ^ y arodowy im. Osaolinskichi 1963. 

xlv 200 p. (chiefly table*) 20 cm. (WrodawikU T<waytwo 
Nauko\ve. Archlwum hlstorycxne, t 8) 
HF3569.S6WO 64-40011 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


United Nations. Statistical Office. 

Bibliography of industrial and distributive-trade statis 
tic?. Nt\\ York. United Nations, 1002. 

."S p 28 cm. (Us paiwia, --ei. M, no 3tJ) 
JX10T7.A2 3T'STAT/ser.M''36 62-3893 
Copy 2 HA13 L" ser. M, no 3G 

United Nations. Statistical Office. 

Bibliography of industrial and distributive-trade statis 
tics. New York, United Nations, 1963. 

64 p. 28 on. (Its Statistical papers, ser. M f no. 36, rev. 1) 
JX1977.A2 ST/STAT/ser.M/36/rev.l 64-3745 
Copy 2. HA33.U5 ser. M, no. 33, rev. 1 



see also Booksellers and bookselling 
Colportage, subscription, trade, etc.; 
Canvassing; Peddlers and peddling 

Samhaber, Ernst, 1901- 

Kaufleute wandeln die Welt Frankfort am Main, H. 
Scheffler [I960] 

387 p. Lllus., maps. 24 cm. 

A 61-4196 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Samhaber, Ernst. 

Merchants make history; how trade has influenced the 
course of history throughout the world. Translated by 
E. Osers. [1st American ed.] New York, John Day Co. 
r !96i, 1963, 

306 p. illus., ports., maps. 22 ciu. 
HF332.S213 3S0.9 63-15903 

Zellekens, Hermann J 

Die Leistung der Reisenden im Grosshandel. 2. Auft. 
Koln, Kationalisierungsgemeinschaft des Handels, 1962 

187 p. maps (1 col.) dlagrs,, tables. 21 cm. (LelstungHmessung 
und Lelstunssteontrolle 1m Handel, 1. Bd. ) 
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Hoffman, Marvin, 

Salesmen's fringe benefits t by] Marvin Hoffman and 
David J. Luck. East Lansing, Bureau of Business and Eco 
nomic Research, College of Business and Public Service, 
Michigan State University, 1959. 

54 p. 25 cm. (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Michi 
gan State University. Marketing and transportation paper no. 8) 
HF5441.H58 658.322 59-63656 J 

Smyth & Murphy Associates, inc., New York. 

Survey of salesmen's salaries in thirty industries. New 
York, 1963. 

unpaged, illus. 30 cm. 
HF5441.S6 63-4099 J 

On the road- 
Cape Town. 

v. In Illus^ ports. 25 on, monthly. 
HF5441.A7S64 63-55295 

Allusson, Roger, 1889- 

Le representant de commerce V. E. P. ; sa situation. 2. e"d. 
Paris, Dunod, 1961 t c 1960] 
187 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

61-3024 t 

Ehlers, Carrol W 

The use of psychological tests in selecting; salesmen in the 
South. Atlanta, Bureau of Business and Economic Re 
search, School of Business Administration, Georgia State 
College of Business Administration, 1960. 

56 L 29 cm. (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, 
Georgia State College of Business Administration, Atlanta. Research 
paper no. 18) 
HF5441.E35 658.85 60-64053 J 


Paritatische Konsultatfrkommissioii fur das Arbeitsrecht 
der Handelsreisenden. 

Richtlinien und Vernehmlassungen. [Zurich, Schweize- 
rischer Kaufmannischer Verein, 1959] 
32 p. 21 cm. 

61-27056 J 

Hoffman, Marvin. 

Salesmen's fringe benefits t byj Marvin Hoffman and 
David J. Luck. East Lansing, Bureau of Business and Eco 
nomic Research, College of Business and Public Service, 
Michigan State University, 1959. 

54 p. 25 cm, (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Michi 
gan State University, Marketing and transportation paper no. 6) 
HF5441.H53 658.322 59-63656 J 

Smyth & Murphy Associates, inc., New fork. 

Survey of salesmen's salaries in thirty industries. Itfe^ 
York, 1963. 

unpaged. Illus. 30 cm. 
HF5441.S6 63-4099 


see also Favored nation clause; Recip 
rocity; and subdivision Commercial 
treaties under names of countries 
Fituni, Leonid Arkad'evich. 

ToproBtie AorosopH n corjiameHira KanHTajracTaiecEax: 
crpan. MocEea, BHenrroprnsflaT, 1958. 
287 p. 23cm. 

59-36495 rev 

International commodity agreements. [Durham, N. C.j 
School of Law, Duke University, 1963, 

272-127 p. 27 cm. (Law and contemporary problems, v. 28, no. 2) 
JX6271I55 63-25182 

-- Copy 8. 

United Nations. Economic Commission for Asia and the 
Far East. 

Long-term trade agreements of the countries of the 
ECAFE region; report by the Secretariat. [Bangkok, 1959. 

29 p. 28cm. (United Nations. rDocument] E/CN.ll/Trade/L^e} 
JX1977.A2 E/CKll/Trade/L.26 60-1575 

-- Copy 2. HP1585.U5 

COMMERCIAL TRUSTS see Trusts, Industrial 


Liveing, Edward George Downing, 1895- 

A century of insurance : the Commercial Union group of 
insurance companies, 1861-1961 ; a centenary history. r Lon- 
donj H. F. & G. Witherby rl961i 

820 p. fflna. 26 cm, 
HG8598.Z9C64 62-44535 J 


see also Motor buses; Motor-trucks 

The British commercial vehicle industry; a comprehensive 
review of the products of British makers of commercial 
vehicle chassis, trailers, engines, bodies, components, and 
equipment, which are offered for export to road transport 
operators and traders in overseas countries. 
London, Temple Press, 
v. illus. 30-34 cm. 
TL5T.B75 629.220942 57-49787 rev | 

Cornwell, Edward Lewis. 

Commercial road vehicles. London, B. T. Batsford r 1960j 
288 p Illus. 23cm. 
TL57.CG4 62952 60-44606 J 

:OMMERCIALS, RADIO see Radio advertising 

in advertising 

COMMISSARIAT see Armies Commissariat; 
and subdivision Commissariat under 
names of armies, e.g. U.S. Army Com 

see Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam 
Cornmissie tot het Opsporen, het Behoud en 
het Bekendmakerx van Overblijf sels der 
Vaderlandse Kunst uit Vroeger Tijden 

see Belgium. Commission beige de 

see International Geographical Union. 
Commission on National Atlases 

DE L'HOMME see European Commission 
of Human Rights 

see United States Commission for Cultural 
Exchange between Iran and United States 



U. S. Treaties^ etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the United States of America and Peru, modifying 
Agreement of May 3, 1956, as amended, effected by exchange 
of notes signed at Lima December 18 and 21, 1959. [Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1960, 

3 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and otier International acts series 4308) 
JX233.9.A32 no. 439S 60-60976 

U.S. Treaties, etc., 1961- (Kennedy) 

Education : financing of exchange programs. Agreement 
between the United States of America and Peru, amending 
the Agreement of Ifay 3, 1956, as amended- Effected by ex 
change of notes signed at Lima January 26 and February 1, 
1962. t Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1962, 

4 p, 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series 5M5V 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5045 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

United States Educational Commission in Turkey. 
Agreement between the United States of America and 
Turkey, modifying the Agreement of December 27, 1949, 
as modified, effected by exchange of notes signed at Ankara 
February 1, 1960. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off.. 

6 p. 24 on. (Treaties and other International acts series, 445S) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4458 370.9561 60-61738 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1M1- (Kennedy} 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the United States of America and Turkey, amending' 
the Agreement of December 27, 1949. as amended, effected by 
exchange of notes signed at Ankara. April i!l and May 30. 
1961. t Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off.. ISMJlj 

3 p, 24 cm. (Treaties nnd other International acts senes, 47GG) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4706 01-62149 


U. S. Treaties etc., 1961-1963 (Kennedy} 

Education: Commission for Educational Exchange and 
Financing of Exchange Programs. Agreement between the 
United States of America, and Afghanistan. Signed at 
Kabul, August 20, 1963. c Wasliington, U. S. Govt Print 
Off., 1963, 

d other inter 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961-1963 (Kennedy) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the United States of America, and Argentina amend 
ing the agreement of November 5, 1956, as ajnended, effected 
by exchange of notes signed at Buenos Aires May 8 and 17, 
1961. fWashingtofl, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1961, 

S p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series 4769) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4769 61-64552 

U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961-196S (Kennedy) 

Education: Commission for Educational Exchange and 
financing of exchange programs. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Argentina signed at Buenos 
Aires August 21, 1963. [Washington, For sale by the 
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1963j 

10 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 5423) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5423 63-65453 rev 


U. S. Treaties, eto., 1961- (Kennedy} 

Education: exchange commission and financing of pro 
grams. Agreement between the United States of America 
and Chile, amending the Agreement of March 31, 1955, as 
amended, effected by exchange of notes signed at Santiago 
November 17, 1961, and February 8, 1962. t TV T ashington, 
U- S. Govt Print. Off., 1962 3 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 49TT) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4977 62-61468 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961-1968 (Kennedy) 

Education : Exchaztge Commission and financing of pro 
grams. Agreement between the United States of America 
and Colombia signed at Bogota January 9, 1957; and amend 
ing agreements effected by exchange of notes signed at 
Bogota December 27, 1960 ; and exchange of notes signed at 
Bo^otd May 3 and 11, 1962. [Washington, For sale by the 
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963j 

16 p. 24cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 5236) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5236 6S-60913 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1DG1- (Kennedy] 

Education; establishment of exchange commission and 
financing of programs. Agreement between the United 
States of America and Cyprus signed at Nicosia January 
18, 1962. [Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1962] 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 4943) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4943 62-61177 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961-1963 (Kennedy) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the United States of America and Ecuador, amend 
ing the Agreement of October 31, 1956, effected by exchange 
of notes signed at Quito May 9, 1961. [Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1961j 

3 p 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts series, 4882) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4882 62-60347 

U. S. Trealk^ etc.. 1961-1963 (Kennedy] 

Education: Commission for Educational Exchange and 
financing- of exchange programs. Agreement between the 
United States of America and Ecuador signed at Quito Sep- 
lember 20, 1963. r Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 196^ 

8 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 6439) 
JX2S5.9.A32 no. 5439 64-60175 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961- (Kennedy) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the United States of America and Ethiopia signed at 
Addis Ababa December 6, 1961. (Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1962, 

5 p. 24 on. (Treaties and other international acts series, 4905) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4905 62-60784 



U.S. Treaties, etc., 1961- (Kennedy) 

Education: estiiblislunent of exchange commission and 
financing of programs. Agreement between the United 
Stntes of America and Ghana signed at Accra January 24, 
100-2. c Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1962, 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and otlier International acts series, 4042) 
JX23,\i).A^ no.40i2 62-61137 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961- (Kennedy) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the "United States of America and Nepal signed at 
Kathmandti June 9, 1961. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 196^ 

13 p. 24 cm (Treaties and other international acts series, 4845) 
. JX235.9.A32 no. 4845 62-60113 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Commission for Educational Exchange; Agreement be 
t-ween the United States of America and Portugal, signed at 
Lisbon March 19, 1960. r Washington, TJ. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1960, 

9 p. 24cui. (Treaties and other international acts series, 4444) 
JX285.9.A3S no. 4444 60-61478 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953-1981 (Eisenhower] 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween th United States of America and Spain amending the 
Agreement of October 16, 1058, effected by exchange of notes 
dated at Madrid June 3 and October 18, 1060. [Washington, 
TJ. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1960, 

3 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 4612) 
JX235.0.A32 no. 4612 61-60461 


U. S. Treaties etr,., 1961-1963 (Kennedy) 

Education- commission for educational exchange and 
financing of exchange programs. Agreement between the 
United States of America and the Federal Republic of 
Germany signed fit Bonn November 20, 1962. [Washing 
ton, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1964] 

11 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 5518) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5518 64-61044 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961-1963 (Kennedy) 

Education; establishment of commission and financing of 
exchange programs. Agreement between the United States 
of America and Malaya signed at Kuala Lumpur January 
28, 1963. [Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of 
Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963, 

6 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international acts aeries, 5280) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5286 63-61276 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1961- (Kennedy) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the. United States of America and Paraguay, amend 
ing the Agreement of April 4, 1957, effected by exchange of 
notes signed at Asunci6n June 5 and 19, 1961. [Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961, 

5 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International nets seriCK, 4813) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4813 C 1-64568 


U. S. Treaties etc., M61-1968 (Kennedy) 

Education: commission for educational exchange and 
financing of programs. Agreement between the United 
States of America and Tunisia signed at Tunis November 18, 
1963. [Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of Docu 
ments, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., lOO-ij 

8 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acrta 8<Jrh*, MOO) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5499 64-60813 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953-1961 (Eisenhower) 

Commission for Educational Exchange. Agreement be 
tween the United States of America tvncl Uruguay effected 
by exchange of notes signed ut Montevideo July 22, 1960. 
[Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1060] 

7 p. 24 cm. (Treaties nwl Other IntevnatlonnI arts sci-Iex, 4,"riO) 
JX235.9.An-2 no. 4559 60-64643 


U.S. Treaties, etc., 195S- (Eisenhower) 

Commission for Exchange of Students and Professors. 

Agreement between the United States of America and the 

United Arab Republic signed at Cairo, September 28, 1959. 

[Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1959, 
11 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other international aots series, 4827) 

JX235.0.A32 no. 4327 $78.35 60-60148 

U. S. Treaties, etc., JM1-W63 (Kennedy) 

Education : financing of exchange programs. Agreement 
between the United States of America and the United Arab 
Republic, amending the Agreement of September 28, 1959, 
dated at Cairo June 28 find 30, 1962. [Washington, For sale 
by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 

S p. 24 cm. (Treaties ana othr international acts series, 5302) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5302 63-05473 


Hoover, Herbert Clark, Pros. U. ., 1874- 

An American epic, Chicago, II. Regnory Co., 1959- 

v. 25 cm. 
D637.H6 301.53 59-13696 rey. 


U. S. Treaties, etc., 1953- (Eisenhower) 

Conservation of shrimp. Convention between the United 
States of America and Cuba signed at Ilabana August 15, 
1958. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1959 3 

10 p. 24cm. (Treaties and other International nets soricb, 4321) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 4321 C39.5 59-64152 

MANAGER see Municipal government 
by city manager 

PADC see Inter -Am eric an Peace Com 

see International Rice Commission 


see also Commercial travelers; Com 
modity exchanges; Manufacturers' agents 

Jenny, Hans, 1929- 

Dio Auasonsoito der Warenkommission in der Rechtsver- 
einheitlichung; unter Bcriicksichtigung des doutschen, 
schweizeri.sclven, englischen und amorikanischon Kechts, 
Freiburg, Sclnveiz, Universitiitsverlag, IOCS. 

XTl, 80 p. 2.1 cm. (Arbelten aus dom lurlattschcn Seminar der 
tJntversltlit Freiburg SchWGlss, 28) 



Nimr, Hilml Mahmfld. 


105 p. forma. 1M cm. 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

N K OJM480 


Jaubert, Pierre. 

Commission commercial. Paris, Siroy [lOGOj 
154 p. 1ft cm. (Oontrntw ; ou, Lo drolt prallquo) 

61-JMO!52 rev J 

1949- ) 

Gentsch, Martin. 

Dor Einzolhiindler und der Kommissiomvertraff. Berlin, 
Vorlatf DIG WiHschaft, 1057. 

00 p. 21 era. 

HF5340.038G4 60-48204 1 

1949- ) 

Schober, Wilhelm. 

Dor nandelBvertretor-Vertwiff. Mtinchcn, Modorne In 
dustrie [1061, 

111 p. (p. 108-111 advertisement!) forma. 22 cm. 

A (51-5810 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


Mincrvini, Gustavo. 

El mandate: la comision, *1 contrato do coimaidn de 
transport?. Traduccion y notus de dereoho ospafiol, por 
Josfi Poi^ Kahiy. Barcelona. ,T, M. Bosch, 1050. 

R()0 p. 21 cm. 

62-4JUC7 t 


Miyamoto, Mataji, 1007- 

m 1 1 * Sic lit HJI to -till ^ F *fc - iffi |H; lltl to Il/ll <n W IV 

:k fc ft 

. ; . fll t'lf W M fll 20 ,1054, 

lue, Ji2t k n. 
l footnotes, 

1. Wholesale trnde Japan, 2. Ooiimii8Bl<m merchants Jnpan, 
t. Title, ii, Titlf : Nllwm klriMei toly He) no ketikyo, 

Title nnmnk!iit: Hoku Nllion kinael 
tolyu wl no k*nkyfl. 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Lopez y Lopez, Ce*sar Augusto. 

Comision mercantil. Leon, 1954. 
34 p. 26cm. 

60-25457 t 

LIMITED see Gold Coast (Colony) Com 
mission of Enquiry into the Affairs of the 
Cocoa Purchasing Company Limited 

Commission on Civil Rights 

NATIONS see United Nations. Commission 
on Human Rights 


U. S. Congress, Joint Economic Committee. 

Revicv of report of the Commission on Money and Credit. 
Hearings before the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of 
the United States, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session, 
pursuant to sec. 5 (a) of Public law 304 (79th Congress) 
August 14-18, li)61. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

v, 480 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
HG538.A3 1961 332.4!>73 61-64709 

see International Geographical Union. 
Commission on National Atlases 

U.S. Commission on Noxious printed and 
pictured Material (Proposed) 

MENT (1947-1949) (U.S.) see U.S. 
Commission on Organization of the Exec 
utive Branch of the Government (1947-1949) 

Commission on Renovation of the Exec 
utive Mansion 

TIONS MANAGEMENT (Proposed) see U.S. 
Commission on the Organization of the Fed 
eral Communications Commission and Tele 
communications Management (Proposed) 

see United Nations. Commission on the 
Status of Women 

ENGLAND see Company for Propagation 
of the Gospel in New England and the Parts 
Adjacent in America, London 



Usher Publishing Company, inc., Trenton. 

Textbook for notaries public and commissioners of deeds 
of New Jersey. 

T. I11U8. 24 CHI. 

55-35283 rev J 

Skinnor, Joseph Osmun, 1875-1933. 

A handbook for notaries public and commissioners of 
deeds; being a collection of the laws, Federal and State, 
governing notaries public and commissioners of deeds of 
New York and elsewhere, together with a manual applying 
the said laws, written and unwritten, to the execution of 
oaths, affidavits, acknowledgments, depositions, protests, and 
instruments in connection with insurance, with forms. 3d 
ed., by Gustav P. Blaustein. Buffalo, Dennis, 1963. 

xxx, 381 p. lllus., dlagrs., forms. 24 cm. 

see Independent regulatory commissions 


see Public service commissions 

mental investigations 


Rudzinski, Alefcsander Witold. 

Fact-finding commissions in pacific settlement. t Washing- 
ton, Photocluplication Service, Library of Congress, 1956] 

([National Committee for a Free Europe. Mid-European Studies 
Center. Research documents, no j 373) 
Microfilm 2551 no. 373 DR. Mic 60-7006 

PLEDGE) see Pledges (Law) 

Rescission (Law); Resolution (Civil law) 

IN SPAIN see International Committee for 
Application of Agreement Regarding Non 
intervention in Spain 


Schriftgiesser, Karl, 1903- 

Business comes of age; the story of the Committee for 
Economic Development and its impact upon the economic 
policies of the United States, 1942-1960. t lst ed., New 
York, Harper r 19CO] 

24Sl>. 22cm, 
IIR1.C573S3 338.973 60-5700 J 


IN ASIA see Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee 

(TURKEY) see Ittihad ve Terakki Cemi- 


Stewart, George Rippey, 1895- 

Commiitee of Vigilance: resolution in San Francisco, 
1851 ; an account of the hundred days "when certain citizens 
undertook the suppression of tie criminal activities of the 
Sydney ducks. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1064. 

vl, 339 p. lllus., ports., maps. 22cm. 
P860.S3S768 979.461 64-128T8 

NARCOTIC DRUGS see United Nations. 
Committee on a Single Convention on Nar 
cotic Drugs 

see U.S. Committee on Economic Security 

PRACTICE (U. S. ) see U.S. Committee 
on Fair Employment Practice 

Committee on Homosexual Offenses and 

see U.S. Interagency Committee on Oceanog 

CASES see Inter- university Case Program 

Gt. Brit. Committee on. the Working of 
the Monetary System. 

United States -Canadian. Committee on 
Trade and Economic Affairs 


see U.S. Congress. House. Committee 
on Un-American Activities 


see also Party committees 

Anstey, Edgar. 

Committees : IIOTV they -work jmd how to work them. Illus 
trated by Thelwell. London, Allen & Unwin ,1963i 

110 p. Illu&.plan. 20cm. 

Bentley, Phyllis Eleanor, 1894- 

Committees. London. Collins rlSGS, 

160 p 16 em. ( Collins nutshell boots rl2. ) 
JF515.B553 64-41889 

Educator's dispatch. 

Two lessons in group dynamics ; So you appointed a, com 
mittee t andj When a schoolman runs a conference. New 
London, Conn. t l950, 

10 p. 2Scm. 
HM291.E4 1950 301.1583 51-5117 rev 

Educator's dispatch. 

Two lessons in group dynamics : So you appointed a com 
mittee [and] When you run a conference. New London, 
Conn. t !951, ' 

11 p. 28 cm. 

HM291.E4 1951 301.1583 52-20952 rev f 

Houle, Cyril Orvin, 1913- 

The effective board. New York, Association Press [I960, 
174 p. 20 cm. 
AS6.H65 301.1583 60-6560 J 

Israel. Netswut sherut Tia-medinah. 

,njnon mw JYDTO JITIK mvmD nnyi jrray 

[Jerusalem, I960] .D1EWI ]in# filTttn 
30 p, 25 era. 
AS6.I8 61-55891 I 

Simpson, E H 

The mechanics of committee work, an essay on the tasks of 
a committee secretary. t 2d ed.j Brussels, International 
Institute of Administrative Sciences, 1852 ( i. e. 1855, 

52 p. 23 cm. (International Institute of Administrative Sciences. 
iStudy, for the United Nations. II) wneaces. 

AS6.S55 1955 64-30854 \ 

U. S. Children^ Bureau, 

A. '"how-to-do-it" for State committees for children and 
youth ... Prepared by the Special Unit, Follow-Up, White 
House Oifm-nee on Children and Youth. Washington, 

HI, 301. 117 cm. 

U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

ment committees 

COMMODATES see Loans for use 



International Economic Consultants, inc., Washinfftm, D. u, 
United States-Latin American relations: commodity prob 
lems in Lntin America. A study prepared at the request of 
the Subcommittee on American Republics Affairs of the 
Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate ... 
No. 2. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1959. 

lx, 96 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
HF1428.I 56 337.6 CO-6Q299 

Pincus, John A 

Commodity policy and economic development. [Santa, 
Monica, Calif., Rand Corp., 1963. 

25 p. 28 cm. ( t Rand Corporation, Papei-j P-2720) 
AS36.R28 no. 2720 63-25789 

'incus, John A 

Commodity policy and economic development. Santa 
Monica, Calif., Rand Corp., 1863. 

vli, 81 p 28 cm. (Band Corporation. Memorandum RM-3887- 
Q180.A1R3C no. 3887 64-4608 

Schertz, Lyle P 

Administrative controls on quantities marketed in the 
feed-IivcHtocU economy ,byj Lyle P. Schertz and Elmer W. 
Learn. ( St. Paul, University of Minnesota, Agricultural 
Experiment Station, 1962. 

71 Si K' ^n 00 ?' ( f Mlnnefiota - Agricultural Experiment Sta 
tion, St, Anthony Parkj Technical bulletin 241) 
HD1765 1962.SB5 

Swerling, Boris Cyril, 1920- 

Current issues in commodity policy. Princeton, N. J,, In 
ternational Finance Section, Dept of Economics, Princeton 
University, 1962. 

41 p. 2E cm. (Essays In International finance, no. 88) 
HFH28.S85 62-53643 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

United Nations. Interim Co-ordimtlng Committee for In- 

Review of international commodity problems. fl947j~54. 
New York ,etc.j 

v, 28 cm. animnl. 
JX107T.A2 SS7.5 48-10233 rev 2* 

-- 2dt. HF1428.US 

Wflkinswa, Harold Franca, 

fttmte d* initiatives intern ationales en vue de la stabilisa 
tion d#s mareMs des produits de base. Geneve, B. Droz, 

162 p. 


(fctiaKs d'htetolre 

Rochester, TJalT. Lflxr. HTU2B 


D. & Affriemltur&l StetbtKstatfon. and Conservation Service. 
Price support handbook, 1&55- 


see also Commercial products; Com 
mission merchants; Marketing; Markets; 
Produce trade; Put and call transactions; 

Futures Trading Seminar, Chitayo. 

Futures Trading irVminar: principal papers. 1st etl. 
MiidiNOii^Vis. Mhwir Puhli?hers, 1J>60- 
v, Ulgri tnhlen, L'4 tin 

;Wi(i4 00-51975 rev 

r York, Wener Books 

61-8145 J 

. . 


54-00322 rev 2 

0. S. C&ngremt. ffeae. Committee on Government Oper 

Commodity Credit Corporation grain storage activities. 
Twenty -seventh report by the Committee on Government 
Operations, Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1960. 

v, 43 p. tabk*. 24 cm. (86th Goaf., 2d sees. House report no. 
HD90S6.A52 I960 60-64410 

U. S. Oo&ffret*. Home. Committee on Government Opera 

Investigation of th* Commodity Credit Corporation. 
Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Gov 
ernment Operations, House of Representatives, Eighty-fif th 
Congress, second session . . . Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1950 

ptt (Tl,p,) HUM. 24cm. 
HGS051.U6A5815 1959 3S2.S10973 59-60726 rev 

IT. S. Gonffrts. S&nate. Committee on Agricvil&vre and 

Investigation of grain storage operations of the Commod 
ity Credit Corporation. Hearings Wore the Special Investi- 
gjrtia^ Subcommittee of the Committee OH. Agriculture and 
Forestry, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, see- 
oad session, pursramt to a resolution of the fall committee 
authorizing an investigfttaoa of the policies, activities, opera 
tions, and management of tlhe Commodity Credit Corpora 
tion aaad other fcedrvi&Bs of the Department of Agriculture. 
Waa&tiBijton, U. S. Govt Print Off,, I960. 

*!* row. 24cm. 
HD9031A5S IWO 838.310S7B 60-62196 

0. S. General Aewwittng Office. 

Aiadot of Commodity Credit Corporation activities, Evan- 
stoa K>miiHxBty oiflioa, Commodity Stabilization Service, 
Department of Agriculture, fiscal year 1958; report to the 
Congress of the United States by the Comptroller General 
of tfre "United States. Wadifiagtab 196& 

201 2Ta. ~n~*'~"J 

I960 SR310ST8 60-6L065 


Oredit Gb*>oiratk>n activities, New 
Ctfe^pa oiioaiod% ofc* Qpaaw&y ^KOwtim Service, 
Deprtaint of Agriculture,- report to the Congress of the 
TIM Stites by the Comptroller General of the United 


U.S. General Aceow&ng Oftct. 

Audit of National wool act program; Commodity Credit 

TL& 0m 

Kp* of ojpeaatitHis of w 
the 1&59 and 1&60 <x>tton 

tiie- Cfe|35ew of ^e I&lfeed State % 

programs, Commodity 

O'Connor, William. 

Stocks, wheat and pharaohs. fN 
Co., 1961, 

211 p. illus, 23 cm. 
HG6046.O25 332.61 


H '^ M b 

04 p. 12 ctu 


I, Produce trade Ohloa, 2. Commodity exchange China. 

Title romanizcd: Wo kuo living ts'un 
shlh ch'nng tt kni tau. 

C 62-4283 

Harvard Uulv. Chinas- Japanese Library 4292.75 

1949- ) 

Kriebel, Horst. 

Warenborsen und warenborsenahnliche Einrichtungen in 
der Bandesrepublik Deutschland, ihre wirtschaftliche Ent- 
Tricklun^ nach dem 2, Weltkrieg. Stuttgart, G. Fischer, 

187 p. dlagrs., tables. 2S cm (Beltrfige zur Erforschung der 
wlrtschaftlirben Entwicklung, Heft 7) 

A 61-4296 
Harvard Unlr. Library 


Dentsches Borsenftdressbuch fUr Banken, Handel und In 
Hamburg-Lemsnhl, O. Arendt 

v 22cm. 
HG6051.G3D4 64-26122 


Forward markets bulletin. T. 1- 
Mar. 1959- 

Bombay, Forward Markets Commission, Government of 

v. In mas., tables. 25 cm. monthly. 
HGS051J4A25 62-35787 

Natfi, Waman R 

Regulation of forward markets. Bombay, New Yorit, 
Asia Pub. House [1962i 

280 p. 23 cm. 

S A 3-2213 t 

Natu, Waman R 

Reflation of forward markets. New York, Asia Pub. 


Organization of American-States. Group of Experts on the 

Market JProWem* of Lcc&n, American Export Oorwnoditiw. 

Lotto j^me^am export coraimodities: market problems 

^opio t& of |he? agenda) Washington t Pan American 

[FHQ&5 l$SQ.Ol 

OEA/serit/x.1, ES-RE-Poc. 
5] P r A 62^-27 


50 ri'e, 


ProdjikWBSlse Sa*rbrBcien. 



Gardner, Robert Lee, 1932- 

How to make money in the commodity market. Engle- 
wood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall C 1961, 

1W p. Hlus. 24 cm. 
HG604G.G35 332.64 61-10013 t 

Gold, Gerald. 

Modern commodity futures trading. E 2d, rev. ed. 3 New 
York, Commodity Research Bureau t 1961] 

244 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HG6046.G59 1961 332.64 61-19425 J 

Keltner, Chester W 

How to make money in commodities. Kansas City, Mo., 
Keltner Statistical Service C 1960] 

230 p. illus. 24cm. 
HG6046.K4 332.645 60-51270 J 

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, inc. 

Commodities. New York 3 Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fe 
& Beane [1945j 

cover-title, 60 p. I illus., dlagrs. 28 x 21 j cm. 
HG6046.M38 332.61 45-20284 rev 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. 

Commodity exchange act amendment. Hearings before 
the Subcommittee on Departmental Oversight and Con 
sumer Relations on H. R. 9865. June 6 and 7, 1960. Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1960. 

iii, 68 p. diagrs. 24 cm. (Its (Hearings before] the Committee 
on Agriculture, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
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U.S. Commodity Stabilization Service 


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r, 211 p. illus., maps 23 cm. 
DC29.P52 914.4 64-17923 

Pilkington, Roger. 

Small boat through Germany. Illustrated by David 
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3d, 214 p. Illus., map. 22cm. 
DD43.P5 1004 914.3 C4-10241 

Pilkington, Roger. 

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21-1 p. Ill us. 23 cm. 

DC601.8.P5 914.4 62-53158 t 

Pilkington, Roger. 

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iNew York, St Martin's Press, 1962 t i. e. 1963, 

217 p. illus. 28cm. 
DD784.P5 914.33 62-17722 J 

NORFOLK, VA. see U.S. Naval Station 
Norfolk, Va. Commodore Levy Chapel 

gramming languages (Electronic computers) 

see C O B O L (Computer program 



Betobo, Adolf o. 

Biogra,fia de el seibo, flor nacional argentina r por] A. 
* IDenabof F* Collaccio fS # ^ Vivante. Dibujos orS#jnale$ del 
f P^ot A. Sfomt ^iaenoa Aires,, esarini Haos^ 19,60,* , 

COMMON FBOG see Rana teinporaria 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMON HEMLOCK see Tsuga canadensis 
COMMON IVY see Hedera helix 
COMMON LANDS see Commons 

see also Customary law; Judge-made 
law; Law Gt. Brit. History and 
criticism; Law U. S. History and 

Eder, Phanor James, 1880- 

Principios caracteristicos del "common law" y del derecho 
latinoamericano, con concordancias entre los codigos nrgen- 
tinos y la legislacion del Estado de Nueva York. Buenos 
Aires c Abeledo-Perrotj 1960. 

275 p. 24 cm. (Instituto de Derecho Comparado de la Facultad de 
Derecno y Cienclas Soclales de la Onlvereldad Nacional de Buenos 
Aires. Coleceldn Estudlos. Serle general, 4) 

61-42616 t 

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H48 [1959] 
290 p. 21 cm. 
At head of title : 

1. Common law. r. Yao, Ch'1-ch'lng, ed. n. Title 

Title romanteed: Ting Mel fa tsung lun. 

061-2435 % 

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Boston, Little, Brown [ 1963 ] 
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xxvll, 338 p. 22 cm. (The John Harvard library) 

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Les systemes juridiques des peuples europeens. Athenes, 

04 p. 2-t cm. (Publications de 1'Instltut helle"nlque de drolt Inter 
national et Granger, 7) 

60-22228 t 


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Catalog of the Hampton L. Carson Collection illustrative 
of the growth of the common law, in the Free Library of 
Philadelphia. Boston, G. K. Hall, 1962. 
2v. (v, 1842 p.) 37cm. 

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38 p, 2o cm. 

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1 v. 20 cm. 

347.09 59-51220 t 

Kempin, Frederick G 

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1 v. (various pagtngs) 29 cm. 

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40 p. - cm. (Lectwe nn the David Murray Foundation, 26) 


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Two branches of the same stream. 

(In British Academy, London (Pounded 090L) Proceeding*, 1962. 
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Wisconsin. Univ. LInr. 


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61-65349 ; 



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97 p. 22cm. 

u. s. 

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2, 4, 1!T. 7 p. 12 ctn. 
liII>lltBinplnil footnotes 

1 Common Inu marriafff L'. S i. Title. 

Title iomaiu:rd: Itelkoku im komuu tOmarljjL 

J 62-1 16 

Economic Community countries 

COMMON SCHOOLS see Public schools 

Martin, Terence. 

The instructed vision; Scottish common, sense philosophy 
and the origins of American fiction. Bloomington, Indiana 
University Press, 1961. 

197 p. 24cm. 
PS375.M3 813.209 61-11552 J 

Martin, Terence. 

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AS36.I385 no. 48 813.209 61-63746 

, Knut Erik, 1918- 

Forauft eJler fjflelse; to tradisjoner i moralfilosofien. 
tBergenj Universitetsforlaget, i kommisjon t !961] 

36 p. 19 cm. (UnlvetEltetet 1 Bergen. Smftskrifter, 7) 
BJ1408.5.T7 63-54890 t 

COMMON SLAVIC see Proto- Slavic language 
COMMON SNIPE see Wilson's snipe 


see also Handbooks, vade-mecums, etc. 

Bunting, Daniel George, 1890- comp. 

Alphabetical order; a gallimaufry composed by Daniel 
George [pseud., for the diversion and solace of the ruminant 
reader, containing An alphabet of literary prejudice, "Work 
in process, Pick and choose, and extracts from my notebooks. 
London, Cape rl949] 

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Facsimile toxt edited by Kenneth Walter Cameron. Hart 
ford, Transcendental Books t 1064] 
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^T 64r-2668 


Lechner, Joan Marie. 

Renaisamce concepts of the commonplaces; an historical 
investigation of the general and universal ideas used in all 
argumentation and persuasion with special emphasis ou the 
educational and literary tradition of the sixteenth and sev 
enteenth centuries. [1st ed.] New York, Pageant Press 

268 p. 21 cm. 



:OMMONPLACES see Terms and phrases 

Commons, John Rogers, 1862-1945 

Myself, the autobiography of John R. Commons. Madi 
son, University of Wisconsin Press, 1963. 

201 p. lllus 21cm. 
HB119.C5SA4 19G3 9523.373 63-15619 J 

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si, 283 i>. port 23 cm (Oregon State monographs : Studies In 
economics, no. 5) 
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t Baton liougej Louisiana State University Press r !96l, 

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Labor, management, and social policy; essays in the John 
R. Commons tradition. Madison, University of Wisconsin 
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rlv, 303 p mounted IlUis. 24 cm 

HD8072.S717 331.082 63-10533 


see also Parks; Pasture, flight of; 
Village communities 


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x,92p. 21cm. 


Burakuyurin Kenkyukai. 

It/t Hg fl] 30 ,1955, 

4, 4, 274, 7 p. dlagrs., tables, 22 cm. 

Cover title. 

Bibliography: p, 1-7 (4th group) 

1 Commons Japan, 2. Forests and forestry Government owner- 
ship Japan. Title romanized: Burakuydrln no jlttai. 

J 60-W>5 
Hoover Institution 

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t 1959- 

v. maps, tables. 22 cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

1, Forestry la\\* and legislation Japan 2. Commons Japan. 
i. Title. 

Title romaniaei: Irlalken no kfiUut. 

J 62-954: 

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12. 346, 9 p. llhis., nuips (part fold.) tables. 19 ora 
Bibliography p. 344-34(5. 

1. Forestry law and legislation Japan. 2. Commons Japan. 
I. Title, u. Title: Uiul no kenkyfl. 

Title ronufatied; B^ujl eanroku o 
mepiru trial no kenkytt. 

J 62-807 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


JAPAN (Continued) 

Nakata, Kaoru, 1877- 

Hg ft] 24 [1949, 
4, 2, 831, 7 p. 22 can, 

Colophon inserted. 
Includes bibliographies. 

1. Tillages Japan. 2. Commons Japan. i. Title. 

Title nmaniset: Mura oyobl irlal no kenkyQ. 

Sugimoto, Hisashi, 1008- 

J 61-402 

H ^M 

411, (5 1', iiiaiw f port fold. ) tables. 22cm 
Blbllosniptiy : \\. 407-411. 

1 Forestry lav\ unrl Ipglsltition Japan. 1L Coitiinonit Japan. 

Title romanized: Kln'ya irlalken no ker. yfl. 

J 61-1 783 


Mexico (City) Universidad National Escuela Nadonal de 
Ciendas Politicas y Societies. 

Politic:* ejitlal rpo r i Manuel Moreno Sanchez t et al. 1. ed. 
Mexico, I960, 

186 p, 22cm. 
HD1280.M6M4 61-29689 

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Espropiacion de bienes ejidales del poblado "El Marques" 
(a) Puerto Marques, Municipio cle Acapulco, Guerrero. 
Mexico, 1935. 

114 p. 23 em. 

60-19195 I 


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rvil, uUGp. IIlus. (part col.) maps. 22cm. (The New naturalist; 
a survey of British natural history [45j ) 


(Social orders); Labor and laboring classes; 
Middle classes; Proletariat 

COMMONS, STUDENT see Student unions 

McAdam, Roger Williams. 

Commonwealth ; Giantess of the Sound. New York, 
Stephen Daye Press [1959j 

193 p. illus. 24cm 
VMaStt nftRM3 3R7K94 59-11668 1 

COMMONWEALTH, THE see Political science; 
State, The 

see Mena, Arlc. Commonwealth College 

Commonwealth Fond. 

The Commonwealth Fund: historical sketch, 1918-1962. 
New York [1963, 

124 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
HV97.CGA5 360.6273 63-787 \ 

History Commonwealth and Protectorate, 


see also Gt. Brit. Colonies; Imperial 

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The Commonwealth we live in. prepared for the Com 
monwealth Relations Office, and the Colonial Office, by the 
Central Office of Information] London, H. M, Stationery 
Off., 1960. 

63 p. IIlus. 23 cm. 
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Ambilly-Annemasse, France, Iropr. Les Presses de Savoie, 

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DA16.B66 942 


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tributed for the Eoynl Institute of International Affairs by 
the Oxford University Press, 1959. 

64 p. 26 cm. (Chatham House memoranda) 
JN276.CG 1959 354.42 GO-2373 t 

Commonwealth Relations Conference. 7th-, Lagos, 196$. 

The Commonwealth in Africa, report of an unofficial 
study conference held at Lagos, Nigeria, 8-1G January 1962, 
by C. E. Cnrrington. [Oxford] Distributed for the Royal 
Institute of International Affairs by the Oxford University 
Press, 1962. 

lv, 57 p. 26 cm. 
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London, Europa Publications. 

v. maps, tables. 26cm. 
DA18.C52 914.2 56-3651 rev 2 

Conservative Political Centre, London. 

Wind of change; the challenge of the Commonwealth, by 
a conservative group of which T. E. TJtley and John Udal 
were rapporteurs. Foreword by Lord Colyton. [London, 

83 p. 22 cm. ( 0. P. 0. [Publications j no. 211 ) - 
DA18.C54 61-21416 t 

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Empire today. London, Lawrence & Wishart, 1960. 
03 p. 10 cm. '(Socialism today series, 6) 
DA18.C05 62-1735 J 

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[London i Cambridge University Press t 1964] 

35 p 19 cm. ( Smuts memorial lecture) 
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Commonwealth perspectives [by] Nicholas Mansergh t aud 
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Till, 214 p. 24 cm. (Duke University Commonwealth-Studies Cen 
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and Anglo-American unity. New York, Praeger t !861j 
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Political development in the United Kingdom dependen 
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The Commonwealth in brief : the Commonwealth associa 
tion, the United Kingdom, the UK dependencies. 

v. illus. 18 cm. annual, 
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59-38307 rev 

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T>7 p. 24 om. 
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Constitutional development in the Commonwealth. [Lon 
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Constitutional development in the Commonwealth, t 4th 
ed.j London. IT. M. Stationery Off., 1061. 

, p >9 p. 2.1 cm. (,(U. Bi'U.i LVtitnil Office of Information. Kef- 
erence pamphlet, fi) 
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Gt. Brit. Central Office of Information. Reference Divi 

Consultation and co-oporation in tho Commonwealth. 
Rev. London, Central Office of Information, 1960. 

49 p. 24 cm. 

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Gt. Brit. Central Office of Information. Reference Divi 

Consultation and co-operation in tho Commonwealth. 
( 2d ed.] London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1962. 

50 p. 24 cm, ([Gt. Brlti Central Office of Information. Befor- 
ence painphlot, 25) 

JN248.A52 1962 62-4799 t 

Gt. Brit. Cent ml Office, of Information. RefcrciioQ Divi- 

Con&ulliition and co-operation in tho Commonwealth. [3d 
ed., London, 11, M, Stationery Off., 190,'J. 

5G p. 24 cm. (,Gt. Brlt.i Oentrrtl Onico of Ttifonniitton, Ref 
erence pniiiphliit -3) 
JN248.AB23 1903 ,'554.42 04-2910 

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What is the Commonwealth? Kev. London, 105!>. 

17 p. Illus. 24cm. 

.TN276.A52 1959a 354.42 00-21731 J 

Gt. Brit, Central Office of Information. Reference Divi 

What is iha Commonwealth? r 'kl od.i London, H. M. 
Stationery Off., 1959. 

17 p. Illua. 24 cm, ([Gt. Krlti Central Ofllce of Information. 
Reference pamphlet 15) 
JN270.A52 1059 812.1 2 (50-20347 t 

Gt. Brit. Central Office of Information. Reference Division. 

What in the Common wealth? t 4th od.| London, IT. M, 
Stationery Off., 1962. 

lip. 24 cm. (ronti-nl Olllce of lufonnutlon. Ilofwonce piiuipliktt 
JN848.AB27 1962 (52-52579 t 

[Gt. Brit, ftcnfral Office of Information. Reference Divi- 

What is ilie CoinmonwwiKh? New York r lWt3, 

U. ,1,1,. 24 em. ' 

JN248.Ar.27 190-') 64-1049 

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The Commonwealth challenge. Prel by Abubakar Ta- 
jfawa Balowa; loreword by Robert G. Menzies. London, 
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DA18.I7 63-21041 

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Partners in adventure; a new look at the Commonwealth 
today. London, Pan Books t !960j 

188 p. 111U8. 18cm. (Great pan, 0408) 
DA16.1 53 61-46158 J 

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New Fabian colonial essays. London, Hogarth Press, 

270 p, 22 cm, 
JV37.J6 1059a 64-29684 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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Canadians and their Commonwealth. Oxford, Clarendon 
Press, 1061. 

20 p. 22 cm. (The Romanes lecture, 1961) 
F1034.M33 63-3988 J 

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sity Press, i960. 

25 p. 19 cm. (Smuts memorial lecture) 

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The Commonwealth without South Africa : an Asian view. 
c TorontO] Canadian Institute of International Affairs, 1961. 

19 p. 21 on. (Behind tne headlines, v. 21, no. 4) 
F1034.B4 vol. 21, no. 4 62-3064 J 

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The British Empire-Commonwealth, its themes and char 
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Center for Teachers of History t !961, 

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India in the Commonwealth. New Delhi, Beacon Infor 
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66 p. Illus. 21cm 

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The post-war transformation of the Commonwealth; re 
flections on the Asian-African contribution. Bombay, New 
York, Asia Pub. House t c 1963j 

67 p. 19 cm. (International studies series. Occasional papers, 
no. 3) 

[DA18] S A 64-1660 

Printed for PL 480 

Rajan, Mannaraswamighala Sreeranga. 

The post-war transformation of the Commonwealth; re 
flections on the Asian-African contribution. New York, 
Asia Pub. House r 1963j 

67 p. 19 cm. (International studies series. Occasional papers, 
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Das Commonwealth of Nations: Begriff, Rechtsnatur, 
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123 p. 22 cm. (ZQrcher Stud lea zum Internatlonalen Recit, Nr. 

JN248.R4 1961 62-48907 J 

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The British Empire and Commonwealth, by D. C. Somer 
vell and Heather Harvey. c Eev.] London, Christophers 

444 p. illus. 19 cm. 
DA16.S62 942 61-2946 1 

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The end of empire, London. Gollimcz, 1050. 
351 p 23 cm. 
JCWii).S77 l'.).">i) ;>> 1.0:1 


Strachey, John, 1901- 

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House [1 960, C 1950, 

351 p. 23cm. 
-TC359.S77 I960 321.03 60-5459 J 

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The story of the Commonwealth. Illustrated by B. Biro. 
r New York, Watts r !960j 

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The constitutional structure of the Commonwealth. Ox 
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I!T, 201 p. 22 cm. 

342.42 61-689 

Young Conservative and Unionist Organisation. 

A changing partnership; a report by the Young Con 
servatives on problems of the Commonwealth. [London] 
Published by the Conservative Political Centre on behalf of 
the Young Conservative and Unionist Organisation t 19Qfy 

40 p. illus. 22 cm. (0. P. C. [Publication] no. 248) 
JN248.Y6B 62-41093 t 

Livingston, William S ed . 

Federalism in the Commonwealth, a bibliographical com 
mentary. London, Published for the Hansard Society by 
Cassell ^963] 

xvlli, 237 p. 23 cm, 

JN248.L5 354.42 63-6493 

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monwealth; a select bibliography. [London, Historical 
Association 1961. 

40 p. 22 cm. (Helps for students of history, no. 63) 

U. S. Dept. of State. External Research Division. 

British Common wealth. 1952- 
t Washington] 

no. 27 cm (Ha External research. ERlist) 
H62.U485 53-61431 rev 


Gt Brit. Central Office of Information. Reference Division, 
The pattern of Commonwealth trade. London, 1961. 
25 p. 25 cm. ' 

HF3506.A5 1961 63-1168 t 

Political and Economic Planning. 

Commonwealth preference in the United Kingdom; a 
report. [London, Allen & Unwin r !960i 

20 p. 20 cm. J 



The British Commonwealth year book 1st- 

London, Newman Neame r etc,i 

T. 22 cm. annual. 


53-3500 rev 2 

Economist Intelligence Unit, ltd., London. 

The Commomvealth and Europe. [London, I960! 
xltl, 6Mp. dlagrs., tables 24cm. 
HFJ50S.r,8E25 382.0942 61-1320 rev 


Commonwealth Economic Committee. 

Commonwealth trade with the United States, 1948 to 
1957; a memorandum prepared in the Intelligence Branch 
of the Commonwealth Economic Committee. London, H. M. 
Stationery Off., 1959. 

Ill, 62 p. tables. 25 cm. 
HP3093.C6 382.0973042 60-1148 


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The new British Commonwealth: economic and commer 
cial policies as related to agricultural production and trade. 
t Washington] Economic Research Service, U. S. Dept of 
Agriculture fl962i 

I, 98 p. Illus., fold. map. 26 cm. (jtJ. S. Dept. of Agriculture 
Foreign agricultural economic report no. 5) 

HD1411.U62 no. 5 Agr 62-433 

XJ. S. Nufl ALT. Llbr. A281.SAg8F no. 5 

The Times, London. 

Common Market and Commonwealth, a new survey. 
London, Times Pub. Co., 1962. 

160 p. map, diagrs. 22 cm. 
HC241.2.T52 64-35896 


Commonwealth Economic Committee. 

Commonwealth development and its financing. London, 
Published for the Commonwealth Economic Committee by 
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EXPEDITION, 1955-1958 see Trana- 
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ET DE L'AdER see European Coal and 
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ft: ' ~ 

C 59-1522 t 


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1 ('niimiimre (t'hlnii) i. Title 

Ttilr routaiHset- Shlli mo *hih J*n tuln kunp M 

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Harvard Univ. Chines- JapanMe Library ^'4)2.75 

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Ttfit roffumb<f : Jfin mln kung she halanjf 
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fan A Kfit"A4 *HJ 'ti ^Ik^'^ffl &f\\ M m 


Title ronanixed: I k'ao jn uilu 

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a, 2,203 p. 21cm. 
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1. Commune* (China) 

Harrmrd Uolv. Chinese- 

China (Peopled Republic of Ohina, 1949- ) Nwng yeh, 
pu* T'u jang fei ftao chu. 



99 p. fold, maps, tables. 21 cm. 
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t'n tl U yung kuel hua. 

Japanese Ubrary 42&T9 

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The Chinese communes; a documentary review and analysis 
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,TS735!J.A^ l!)(iO.C."> 

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^A*fe^lJH: ^H 48,1959, 
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1. Couununes (Chlnn) r. Tltl<>. 

TltU romtinised: Rung foi jai, miu 


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.'i 1 2) 

1. fomnuines (China) r, Title, 

Title rmanlxed: J6u uiln kunif KM tl p'l p'an. 

C 62-4220 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Jnpanoae Library 4292.75 

Chflgoku Kenhyfljo, Tokyo. 

f D3 th $ J-: -^ o WF % A Ivi i? tt co ^> j)f - fi [i,] fiif 
%r')f"K tKiA f>l"].T,iMi. iocs. 

230, 15 p, (]!ugiu, tables, 1& era, 
Bibliography; p, 1-15 (2d grroup) 

1. Communes (China) i.Tltlo. 

Title romanixed; OhQgoku shukalshugl no kenkyfl. 

JS7353.A2 1959.C58 J 61-155 

Chung-kuo Jin min ta hsUeh, Peking. //n ^<5n fot. 

H: 1988. 
24 p. 21 cm. 
Photocopy. # 

1. (3ommune (China) i. Title. 


Tito r^*HOni0tf; OhUn ahlh hua tl 

Harvard Univ. Chlneto- JapaneM Library 42S2.7& 

Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang, Cheng -choa sftih wei yuan km, 

2, 78 p. 21cm. 
Photocopy. J|C 

1001T ( 

1. Commune* (China) i. Title, 

TM romanized: ChCng-chou shlh ehien 11 
J6n mln kung BhS tl chlng yen. 

C 63-2887 
Harvard Univ. Ohlneie- Japanew Library 4202.75 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COMMUNES (CHINA) (Continued) 

Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang. Chung yang wei yuan hui. 

Dokumente der 6. Plenartagung des vm. Zentralkomitees 
der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas. Peking, Verlag fur 
Fremdsprachige Literatur, 1959. 

55 p 19 cm. 
HC427.9.C58534 60-31311 

Chung'kuo kung ch'an tang. Chung yang wei yuan hui. 

^AKfcit^BIJHtfjifcai Resolution on some 
questions concerning the people's communes. i 


87 p. 19 cm. 

1. Communes (China) x. Ting, Chto-ch'i, ed. n. Title, m. 

Title- Resolution on some questions concerning the people's communes. 

Title rtmamzed: Kuan yfl j4n coin Jning shS 

jo kan wa t'l ti chUeb i. 


C 60-2772 

Chung.kuo kung ch'an tang. Chung yang wei yuan hui. 

Sixth, plenary session of the Eighth Central Committee 
of the Communist Party of China. Peking, Foreign Lan 
guages Press, 1958. 

5o p 19 cm. 
HC427.9.C5S33 JO-4S25G 

<_'. r in~-kuo kung ch'an tang. Tlo-nan thing wei yifan hui. 

< : iJLIAl Aftfcittfi'JJL 

';,}j r\ ^tU^' 

'' UMIKiBt 1958. 

4 1 ) y. 10 cm. 

1 Communes (China) L Title. 

Title romanized: Kuan yQ kxmg ku JGn 
mln kncg ahg ti chi ko wgn t'i. 

JS7853.A8C55 C 62-1859 I 

Chung-kuo kuo min tang. Chung yanff wei yuan hui. 

72 p 19 cm. 

1. Commuaes (China) x. Title; 

fifle romanised: Fei wei jfci mln kung sW yuan 
shlh tzfi 15ao hui plen 

JS7353.A2 1959.C55 

C 61-1346 1 

Falt'an, Michai 

The great development of the national economy and 
people's communes in China, New York, U. S. Joint Publi 
cations Research Service, 1959. 

22 L 2Tcm. (JPBS: 884-I>) 
ASS6.U56 no. 864 338.951 59-62198 

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5f 1960. 

9,396 p. Illus, tables. 20cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes, 

1. Communes (China) 2, China (People'* Republic of China, 1949- 
) Rural conditions. i. Title. 

Titte romanizrt: Jlmmin kOsha no keotcyu. 


J 61-4339 

Guardia Mayorga, Cesar A 1906- 

De Confucio a Mao Tse-Tung; del feudo a la comuna 
popular. [1. ed., Lima, Librerta e Impr. "Minerva," 1960. 

S22p. inns. 20cm. 
HC427.9.G8 63-52660 I 

Hai wai ch*u pan she, Tai-p&., 

48 p 18cm. 

L Commuaes (China) i. Title. 

Title romanlsed: Ch'?n shih j6n min kung sirf ti p'ou hsi. 

C 61-4281 
Harvard TJolv. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.75 

Iwamura, Michio, 190S- 

People's communes in process of reorganization. Com 
munist China. New York, U. S. Joint Publications Re 
search Service. 1959. 

111. 27 era <JPKS:19S5-N) 
AS36.TJ37 no. 1983 60-60259 

Jen min ch'u pan sh, Peti-ny. 

Hsii, Chan-ch*L 

HX ilk fflfiSfe 1958. 

30 p. 19 on. 

1. Communes (Cllna) i. Wang, Yfl-fng, joint author, n. Title 
Title romanizet: Ch'i-U-ytng J6n min kung she. 

C 59-5412 

Columbia Univ. East Asiatic Library 

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The Chinese communes. London, The Bodley Head [1960, 
90 p. Illus, IS cm, (A Background book) 
JS7352.H8 1960 352.051 61-42675 t 

Hughes, Richard. 

The Chinese communes. Chester Springs. Pa,, Dufour 
Editions [1961, B 1960j 

00 p. ID cm (A Background book) 





131 p. 21 cm. 
Photocopy. Ul 

L Communes (China) i. Title 

Title rcnianacd: Kao chil j^n mln kung 
sh ti hung ch'I eh1n chin. 

C 63-2340 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4202.75 

Jen min mei shu ch'u pan she, Peking. 


82 p. of i Hits. 19 cm 

i. Title, 
nkt'd: Jen mtn kung 


u hsleh hsilmi cbl. 
C 62-2644 t 

Kaminskii, A B 

KoonepapoBaHiie cejiBCKoro xoaafiCTsa Kuiaji. MocKBa, 
Toe. HSJ-BO ce.TH,xou. .tHT-pti, 1959. 

165 p. 21cm. 
HD1491.C6K3 59-51092 t 

K*ung, Hsiang-kuei. 

: 1959. 
82 p. illus. 19 cm. 

1. Communes (China) r. Title. 

Title romanised: Tsai Ch'I-ll-ylng Jfin mln kung shC. 


48 [1959] 

2, 5. 142 p. 18cm. 

1 Communes (China) 

Harvard Univ. Chlnese- 

C 60-1966 

i. Title. 

Title romanized: Kung fet j>n mln 
kung she yen i'hiu tn w^n. 

C 61-4094: 
Japanese library 4292.75 

Lethbridge, Henry J 

China's urban communes. Hong Kong, Dragonfly Books 

74 p. illus. 19 cm. 

62-66201 J 

Lethbridge, Henry J 

The peasant and the communes. [Hong Kongj Dragonfly 
Books fines, 

202 p. illus. IS cm. 
JS7353.A8L4 63-23631 

Li, THen-min. 

The retreat of people's communes on the Chinese main 
land, by Lee Tien-ming. Taipei, Asian Peoples' Anti-Com 
munist League, 1960. 

73 p. 19 on. (JiLPACLROC. Pamphlets, 42) 
JST353.A8L5 63-29560 t 

Monthly review (.Veic York, 1949- ) 

China shakes the vrorld again, by Charles Bettelheim 
t and others} With an editorial by Leo Huberman [and] 
Paul M. Sweezy. New York, Monthly Keview Press t 1959?, 

64 p. 23 em l ] 

HC427.9JI58 60-26927 t 

NSchi, Shuya, 1900- 

L Communes (China) 2. Wom, Gbineae i. Title. 

Title romonfged: ChOgofcu no fojin kaihC. 

Nung min jih pao, Shanghai. 


2T p 19 on. 

1 Communes (China.) i. Title. 

T\1le romanized: J5n mln kang shf fung su Chiang hua. 

JS7353.A2 1958.N8 
Nnng yeh ch^ pan she, Peking. 


Jt^ i960. 

1.3, 251 p. 21cm. 
Photowpy. r -&& 

L Communes ( China ) L Title. 

Title roMwmfeetf: Jte lulu kung d* 
ktung manr wan c 

C 63-23*1 

Harvard TJnhr. Chinese- Jap&oeae Library 4202.75 

Nung: yeh trfi liao ptea ehi wri rftmn hoi. 

167p. 21c 

Harvard Ualr. Chlnefe- 
Otako. t'umio, li)00- 

Kao dtf Jto mln kua- 
aM ti bans ch'I ch'len chin. 

C 63-2828 
JaDtnew Ubrarr 4292.75 

111 fc f fc & ft & -iv ft ) tJ j Hi'i til 34 f 1959, 
Hp 220IU. (U t" li-'.i'il ',!? i"" J 

i. Title. 
/ if fc r'Ono 

Pi-ching ch'u pan she. 

37 p. 21 cm. 

Phwocopy. K 

d: Chukyfl no Jtcuuln kosha. 
J 61-661 
4t* 1950. 

M61? ( 

1. Restaurants, lunch roomi. ta China. 2. Communes (China) 

Title romontoed: Pan hao kung kun* shlh rting. 


Harvard trnir. Chines Japanett Library 4202.75 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNES (CHINA) Continued) 

Robinson, Joan, 190&- 

Notes from China, New York, Monthly Review Press 
vii.asi/. i&coj. 


Sato, Shin'icMrC. 


340 p. Illus. 19cm. 

1. Communes (China) L Title. 


mised: Shin Chflgoku no meluo o 
kaketa jimmin kCsha. 

J 61-198 

Shih, Ch'eng-chih. 

Urban commune experiments in Communist China. [1st 
ed-j Hong Kong, Union Research Institute t 1962] 

167 p. 26 cm. (Communist China problem research series, 
JS7352.S48 63-44742 J 

Shih, Viian-chlng. 

4 It, '1' 


1 C'omunmi s (Chirm) i Title. 

muawid Kim.; fpi Jfin win 
kunff sli-' cluli ti pftri chlh. 

Shinohara, Noriyoehi, ed. and r. 

IPO p. illus. 19cm. 
Translation from Chinese articles. 

1 Communes (China) t Ueno, Mlnoru, Joint ed. and tr. 
:: Title. Title romantzed: Jimmiu koann. 


J 61 -05 

Strongr, Anna Louise, 1885- 

Th.6 rise of the Chinese people's communes. Peking, New 
World Pi-ess, 1959. 

132 p. lllus. 19cm. 
HN676.S75 60-26 J 

Sugimoto, Fumio, 1905- 


160 p. lllus. 19cm. 

1. Communes (China) I. Title. Title romaniaed: Jlmmin kfoha. 

JS7352.S8 J 60-1028 J 

Sui-ch 4 *!^ Jen min kung aht Tony * Am. 

14 p. 21cm. 

1. Communes (China) 

Title romanited: Sul-ch'tag Jto mln kvoff ihft. 

C 63-2386 

Harvard Unlr, Chinese- Japanese Library 429S.T5 

Sung, Ching-hsien. 

{fa Hi it i960. 

126 p. 21cm, 

Photocopy. TK^ *'& 161? 

1. f 'ommunes (China) I. Title. 

Title ronujHired; Sjhlh lun J6n mln kunt'ShP. 

C 63-2326 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.75 

Tang, Peter S. H., 1919- 

The commune system in mainland China. Washington, 
Research I nstitute on the Sine-Soviet Bloc [1961] 

3l)p. 23cm (Research Institute on the Rlno-Sovlet Bloc studies. 
Pamphlet serlos, " 2 ) 


61 p. 2icni. 

Photocopy. ^^ * lie 1981? 

LO^mmne. (Ohio.) j,^^^.. J6n mln kuilgshc wail SU 1. 

C 63-2338 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.75 

TSho Tsushinsha, Tokyo. 

2G8p. lllus. 18 era. 

1. Communes (China) I. Title. 

Title romanised: CUky6 no Jlmmla k 

Ts'ai, Ch'i. 

J 01-40 


K @ 48 (1959, 
2, 90 p. fold, table, 10 cm. 

1. Communes (China) i. Title, 

o romanixedi KUHK M J^n mln 
kung ah3 tl i mo lislnR. 

Harvard ITnlv. 

Wu, J^n. 

Japanese Library 4202.75 


42 p. 19 cm. 

1. Communes (China) i. Title. 

rZa romanteod; Jfin mln kunR shfl ho kung ch'an chu I. 

JS7353.A8W8 061-120 t 

X fJLf.M JtiX .r.A/l\ 

Biifth 1958. 
1, 52 p. 21 em. 
Photocopy. Ik Jj'. X'^ 196H ( A lOUii,$ .'I '^ * '&) 

1. Communes (China) i. Title. 

Ttt/r romantzotf; JOn Kiln kuntf 
hA ho kung ch'an chu I. 

C 63-28^7 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.70 

Wu, Minp, />winl. 

4 J) 1 11)00, 

a3<!i>. llhw., liiblw. 21cm. 

i, ctilnu KWI. coiiUlt (People's Republic of CJilna, 1W9- ) 
2. KwvmoHii -Kcou, tMindlt, 8. Cotunumeg (China) r, Kuo, Peng, 
pKtMul,, joint imthor. n. Title, 

TWv rowrt(i/:erf;lV.fl yu yll nu I. 

IIC4:J7.,'\Y C63-258B 

Columbia XTulv. Rust 

Shangf-hai wen i ch'u pan 3h. 

144 p. 19cm. 

1. Communes (China) Poetry, t Title. 

Title romanied; J6n min kung sh6 sung 


C 59-1402 


see also Airborne infection; Animals 
as carriers of disease; Bacteria, 
Pathogenic; Bacteriology; Biologi 
cal warfare; Diseases Reporting; 
Disinfection and disinfectants; Dust; 
Epidemics; Epidemiology; Fleas as 
carriers of disease; Flies as carriers 
of disease; Focal infection; Fumiga 
tion; Germ theory of disease; Immu 
nity; Inoculation; Insects as carriers 
of disease; Lice as carriers of dis 
ease; Mites as carriers of disease; 
Mosquitoes; Rodents as carriers of 
disease; Ticks as carriers of disease; 
Vaccination; Virus diseases; Worms 
as carriers of disease; Zoonoses; 
and names of communicable diseases 

Alessimdro, Giuseppe d'. 

I mtcrobi a 1'uomo. [Torinaj EKI-Ediziono KAI Radio- 
tolovisiono itnliana flOCO] 

184 p. lllUH. 18 cm. (OlfisHG union, 100. Sclonzo) 
QR175.A5 (M-42U56 

American Public Health Association. 

Control of communicable flinouHos in man; an official re 
port. Dthpcl, Now York, 1000. 

SM4 p. -M fin. 
RA6-W.A8 1 !)('() M,4 (50-1205 J 

American Public Health Association, OotmtiUt&e on Evalu 
ation and Standards. Ooordinatinff Committee on Lab 
oratory/ Methods. Subcommittee on Diagnostic Procedures 
and Reagents, 

Diagnostic procodurm and rcapfcinte; tochnics for the lab 
oratory diagnosis and control of tho communicable diseases. 
3d cd. Now York, American Public Health Association 
v,58r>. IlUm. (part col.) 2'l cm, 

RW7.A08 1950 


50-11710 rev 

American Public Health Association. Committee on Evalu 
ation and Standards, ttoordtnatinff Oomtnitt&e on Labo 
ratory Method*. MoommittM on Diagnostio Procedures 


Diagnostic procedures and reagents; technics for the lab 
oratory diagnosis and control of the communicable diseases. 
4th ed., edited by Harris and Goleman. New York, Ameri 
can Public Health, Association, 1908. 

xl, 888 p. Ulufl. (part col.) dlugrs., tables. 24 cm. 
RB87.A68 1068 610.07581 68-14110 

American Public Health Association, Laboratory faction, 
Standard Afrthodn ('wnmif'tw on Diaflnostto I'roMduras 
and Ilettffwtut. 

DiagnoHtid proocdurow tuul wagentn; twhnk'H for tho 
lal)ora(ory diagnoHw ami control of <lio conininnicablo dis- 
oaHt'H, '2(1 od, Nciw York, Aniprioun Public Hoalth Asso 
ciation [1045] 

vli, MO t>. IIIIWM 1lars. M fin. 

RBR7.A084 1045 01(1.0757 S(HB-216rova 

U. H. National Library of Motlleltw 

Belfrage, Sven, 1011- 

Plasma protein pattern in course of acute infectious dis 
ease. Lund, 1968. 

139 p, llluB., tables, 24 cm. (Acta tnedlca Seandlnavlcn, Sup- 
pleroontuiB 805) 

A 64-877 
Ohio State Univ. Llfor, 

Burnet, ftfr Frank Macfarlane, 1809- 

Natural history of infectious diseaae. 8d od, Cambridge 
[Bng.j Univoraity Press, lOftii. 

877 p, lllUH. 28 cm, 
R0112.B8 1902 010.9 62-51191 t 

Burnett, George Wesley, 1014- 

Oral microbiology and infectious disease, a textbook for 
students and practitioners of dentistry, by George W. Bur 
nett and Henry W, Soherp. 2d ed, Baltimore, Williams A 
Wilkins, 1902. 

1008 p. UluB. 27cm, 
QK47.B86 1002 016.01 62-10768 t 

Chang, Tzft-ying, 

fn.i.iril' 1951-52. 
, In 1, 10 cm. 

iil'ltt Jlrt<>a(a, i, Tlilo, 
'fltltt rrwMwfeoif.' Oli'uau Jun pln (Hiun I jao lino & 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


116 p 18cm, 

1. Communicable diseases. 


Title romanizfd: Ch'uan jan ping 
yti fang chl tzQ liao fa. 

C 62-1726 

Cockburn, Aldan. 

The evolution and eradication of infectious diseases. Bal 
timore, Johns Hopkins Press, 1963. 

xl, 255 p. maps, diagrs., tables. 23 cm, 
EA643.C64 614.49 63-19556 

Gale, Arthur H 1901-1956. 

Epidemic diseases. t Edited by E. R. Hargreaves. Har- 
mondsv;orth, Middlesex; Baltimore] Penguin Books [I960, 


159 p. Him-. 10 cm. (Pelican books, A456) 
KC111.G3 614.49 60-1019 J 

Galton, Mildred M 

Poultry diseases in public healtli; review for epidemiolo 
gists, by Mildred M. Galton and Paul Arnstein. Atlanta, 
U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public 
Health Service, Bureau of State Services, Communicable 
Disease Center, 1960. 

ill, 40 p. tables. 24cm. ([U.S.] Public Health Service. Publi 
cation no. 7B7) 
SF995.G27 636.508944 60-62071 

Horing, Felix Otto, 1902- 

KUnische Inf ektionslehre ; Einfiihrung in die Pathogenese 
der Infektionskraniheiten. 3. Aufl. Berlin, Springer, 1962. 

Till, SOB p. diagrs., tables. 24cm. 
RC111JFI6 1962 62-16900 

fig It 1958. 
213 p. Illus. 19 
At head of title: 

1. Communicable diseases. z. Hstt, Wet, 

Title romantied: Hsiao rnieh ho fang cMh 
erh shin 1 chung chl plug. 

Hsu, Chu-jo. 


ij I960. 
47 P. Illus. 19cm. 

L Communicable disease*, x Title. 

C 62-2956 J 

Institute of Biology, 

Biological aspects of the transmission of disease; edited 
by C. Horton-Smith. Edinburgh, Published for the Insti 
tute of Biology by Oliver and Boyd [1957! 

vIU, 184 p. 23 cin. (Its Symposia, 5j 

RC112.1 5 614.43 A 58-570 rev 

Queens Univ., Kingston, Ont Library 

Kao, Te-ming. 

1. Communicable diseases i. LI, Fu-kuans, joint nutluw. it. 

Title Title romtmized: Ta chung ch'uau Jan lln; thiinjp Una. 


C GO-135 J 

Krogman, SanL 

Infectious diseases of children [byj Saul Krugman t andj 
Robert Ward. 2d ed. St. Louis, C. V. Mosby Co., 1960. 

388 p. Illus. 26 cm. 
RJ401JK7 1960 618.929 60-13888 J 

Krugman, Saul. 

Infectious diseases of children byi Saul Krugman c and] 
Robert Ward, ad ed. Saint Louis, Mosby, 1964. 

423 p. illus. (part coL) 28 cm. 
RJ401.K7 1964 618.929 64-18387 

Landon, John Fitch, 1895- 

Communicable diseases. Ed. 8. [By^ John Fitch Landon, 
tandj Helen T. Sider. With the collaboration of George 
F. Hock. Philadelphia, F. A. Davis C 1964] 

srvi, 546 p. illus., col. plates. 24 cm. 
RT95.L27 1964 G10.T369 04^12752 

Li, Hai-sheng. 

Et 1952. 
271 p illns 21 cm. 

1 Communicable diseases. r Title. 

Title romanlsed: Ch'uan Jnn ping kuan 11 

BC111.L6 1952 
Li, Hsi-sheng. 

C 62-1182 J 


284 p illus. 21cm. 

1. Communicable diseases. r. Title. 

Title rommteed: Ch'uan jan ping kuan 11. 

KC111.L6 1954 


Pan American Sanitary Bureau. 

Report of the director ... to the member governments of 
the Pan American Sanitary Organization. 1947-50 

v. illus., ports., maps. 28 cm. quadrennial (Irregular) 
EA10.P235 PA 55-237 rev 

Pan American Union, Library 

Pavlovskii, Evgenn Nikanorovich, 1884- 

OtfnjHe tcpoS^ejtH napasHTO^orim H aoojiorHH. Mocssa, 
Hsfl-Bo AEa^eMHH aayE CCCP. 1961. 

424 p. illus 27cm. 
QL757.P30 62-36292 

Pnlaski, Edwin J 

Common bacterial infections; i 
cal management [byj Edwin 
Saunders, 1964. 

Till, SOI p. illua 25cm. 
RC115.P8 616.92 64-21876 

Rantz, LoweD A ed. 

Treatment of infectious diseases. Guest editor : Lowell A. 
Rantz. f New York 3 Hoeber, 1964. 

t 791,-a033 p. Ulus., plates. 24 cm. (Modern treatment, v. 1, no. 4) 
vol.1, no. 4 616.9 64-25354 

Rogers, Fred B 

Epidemiology and communicable disease control N"ew 
York, Grime & Stratton, 1963. 

vili, 104 p. illua. 23cm. (Modern medical monographs, 24) 
RA643.R6 63-11735 

Siegfried, Andr4, 1875-1959. 

Itineraires de contagions: epidemies et ideologies. Pr4f. 
de Pasteur Vallery-Radot Paris, Colin i!960, 

164 p. maps. 20 cm. 
lUlnoIs. Univ. Library 

A 61-4390 

Simon, Harold J 

Microbes and men. Advisory group: Rene J. Dubos, 
Abraham Fischler (andj Phillip Fordyce. New York, Scho 
lastic Book Services, a division of Scholastic Magazines, 
Inc. (1063, 

UK) p II his 20 cm. (Vistas of science, 5) 
QR41.S40 616.01 C3-14662 % 

Tai, Jung-ch'ien. 



114 p. 20cm. 


1. Communicable diseases. i. Title. 

Title romantecd: Ch'uan jan ping chih llao hstleh. 


Tan, Fu-an. 

C 62-2161 

86 p. lllus. 19cm. 

L Communicable diseases. 2. Folk medicine China. i. Title. 
Title romaniaed: Chi chung Ch'uan Jam 
ping tl Chung 1 chieh tn llao fa. 


C 60-759 

Tang, Kuang-fu. 


jfi 1951- 
74 p. 19 cm. 

I. Communicable diseases. L Title. 

Title romonised: Chi chung ch'ang 
chlen ti ch'uan jan ping 


C 62-1886 

Top, FrankUn Henry, 1903- 

Coinmunicable and infectious diseases; diagnosis, preven 
tion, treatment, by Franklin H. Top and collaborators. 4th 
ed. St. Louis, Mosby, 1960. 

812 p. illus 2ft cm. 
RClll-TC 1060 616.9 60-6193 

Top, Franklin Henry, 1903- 

Communicable and infectious diseases : diagnosis, preven 
tion, treatment c byj Franklin H. Top and collaborators. 5th 
ed. Saint Louis, Mosby, 1964. 

002 p. illus. (part col.) diagrs. 26 cm 
RC111.T6 1%-i 6169 64-10929 

TJ. S. Qommiiidcoble Disease Center, Atlanta. 

Infectious diseases in the aging, 1961 White House Con 
ference ed. Atlanta [I960j 

:rvl, 23S p. illus. 26 cm. ( t U. S.j Public Health Service. Pub 
lication no. 762) 
RC952.U5 1961 618.97 60-64449 



116 p. illos. Ide 

1 Commnnlcabla diseases. r. Title. 

Title rttmanfaed? Ch'uan jan ping W yat>. 

RC111.Y4 C 62-1754 J 

Yti, Ja-hsien. 

200 p. illua. 21 cm. 

1. Communicable disease*. z. Title. 

TWe row**: Shlh yuog ch'uan Jan ping halleh. 

Yti, Lin, mil cent. 

K5fc 1956. 

51 p. Illua. 21cm. 

Faortmilereproductloaofin . 

EDach page represents 2 leave* of the oiUintl. 

C 62-1049 

1. Communicable 
BCH3.Y82 1956 

Title romonfeed: I cbea 1 1. 
C 63-2169 

Zhdanov, Viktor MikhaBovich. 

CnpasoHsaic no CoptSe c HH^CKHHOHHUMH flojresHaicH. 
MocKsa, MBATHS, 1960. 
Microfilm Slaric 2116 EC Mic 63-13 


MeHU,iiHCKtifi: pe^epaxjiBtiult acypHaa. Pas^ea 3. r. 4- 
MOCKBE, Meflras. 

T. In 26 cm. monthly. 

R91.M383:5 (32-57921 

Azerbaidzhanskaia protivochumnaia stanfsiia. 


Easy, 19 

v. illus., maps. 2T cm. 

Vianna, Caspar de Oliveira, 1885-1914. 

Opera omnia. Coligidst e reproduzida pelo Dr. Edgard 
de Cerqueira Falcixo. t Sao Paulo, Empresa Grafica da "Be- 
vista dos tribunals"] 1S62. 

522 p. illus., col. plates, ports., f acslms. 27 cm. 
RC110.V5 64-35751 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Cherry, William B 

Fluorescent antibody techniques in the diagnosis of com 
municable diseases [bvj William B. Cherry, lion-is Gold 
man, and Theodore R. Carski with the collaboration of >las 
D. Moody. Atlanta. U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and 
Welfare, Public Health Service, Bureau of State Services, 
Communicable Disease Center, I960. 

73 p. Ulus. (part coL) 24 cm. {U. S. Public Health Service. 
Publication no. 729) 
RC112.C55 616.9075 60-G1839 


Strauss, Christian, 1932- 

Betrachtungen uber die Inf ektions- und Geschlechtskrank- 
heiten in den letzten hundert Jahren im Spiegel der Mun- 
chner medizinischen Wochenschrift. rMuncheni 1959. 

179 p. 21 cm. 
RC112.S7 61-32023 

health laws 


Bifcen's journal. v. 1- 
Nov. 1958- 

v. In Illaa, 26 cm, quarterly (irregular) 

R850.A1B5 619.05 61-42S9 

U. S. Ccmmunicd&le Disease Cente^ Atlanta. Technology 

Summary of investigations. 

no. la v. illus., maps, diagrs, 2T cm. 
KU.U5S5 614.405 60-38877 

see also Medicine, Preventive 

Anderson, Gaylord West, 1901- 

Communicable disease control; a volume for the public 
health worker t byi Gaylord W. Anderson, Margaret G. 
Arnstein t andj Mary R. Lester. 4th ed. New York, Mac- 
millan [1962j 

606 p. tllus. 25cm. 
KA643.A55 1962 614.4 62-7734 $ 

Colbeck, John Christopher. 

Control of infections in hospitals. Chicago, American 
Hospital Association t 196&) 

166 p. llltu. 28cm. (Hospital monograph ierl, no. 12) 
RA969.C65 614.4 63-1349 

Hsiang, Chin-mln, 

% ^ k C', i' 

30 P, 18cm. (iVM! >. 

I ifc iifi ,i} LJ 

1, Communicable (Jiwjuaea -Prevention. r. Title. 

Title romantoed: Mien I ttt I. 

I- jan, p*eu<l. 



48p. illo*. IT cm. 

L CommanlcaWe diseases Prevention. i. Title. 

Title ronwmfeerf: I cbH ch'lanj chlo kung tso. 


C 63-1708 

Nursing Advisory Service of the National Tuberculosis 
Association and th National League for Nursing. 

Safer ways in nursing- to protect against airborne infec 
tions: tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases; a guidfe 
to precautions in. the care of patients. r 3d ed. New Yorkj 
National Tuberculosis Association t 1962j 

lOOp. 23cm, 
EC311.8.N85 1962 63-6646 t 

Paul, Hugh. 

The control of diseases (social and communicable) With 
a foreword hy Sir Graham S. Wilson. 2d ed. Baltimore, 
Williams and WlUdns, 1964. 

x,537 p. Ulna. 26cm. 
KA643.P8 1964 614.4 64-3523 


MEND Symposium on Preventive Medicine and the Control 
of Infectious Disease in Emergencies, Atlanta, 1962. 

Summaries of papers presented at the MEND Symposium 
on Preventive Medicine and the Control of Infectious Disease 
in Emergencies, by staff members of the Commiuiicnble Dis 
ease Center, Public Health Service, Atlanta, Georgia, 4-6 
April 1962. Compiled and distributed by Medical Educa 
tion for National Defense. Washington rli)C2?i 

27 I 28 era, 
RA643.M16 1962 63-61655 


U. S. Communicable Disease C 1 enter \ Atlanta, 

Training program bulletin. 

v illus. 23 cm. annual. 
RC110.U5 614.407 50-62288 t 


Musa, Ahmad Hafiz. 

Ja_Jl^ ju^i LJJtr iU-T 

r.^iai .pU.) j* o^t^j ik 

t 1962i \\\\ i V 
247 p. Illus., maps. 24 cm. (tfV 

N E 63-2404 


Scientific Council for Africa South of the Sahara. 

The cartography of vectors of disease. La cartographic 
des vecteurs de maladies, t^ondonj C. C. T. A. r 1958i 

65 p. Illus. 24cm. (/^Publication no. 29) 
A2800.S35 no. 29 

MusS, Ahmad Hafiz. 

^>\ JLJL- 

. N U.l ,> 


247 p. Illus., maps, 21cm. (ttY <>J^f <-*J}l 

N E 63-2404 


Rioux, J A 

Mission gpidSimologique au Nord-Tchad. t Pariaj Arts et 
Metiers Graphiques t 1961 3 

132 p. Ulus., maps (part fold.) dlagw., tables. 27 cm. 
RA6fi0.8.C5B5 64-ST548 

Shih, I- Jen. 


200 p. 10cm. 

1. Communicable diseases-China. x. Title. 

Title romanteed; Ohung-kuo chl hglng 
ch'uau Jan ping hBtleh. 

hih, I- Jen. 

C 61-395 


IWp. 10 o 

1, Communicable diseases China. i, Title. 

Title romanised: Chung-kuo ch'uan Jan pln hatleh, 


C 58-5496 rev 


Hoptman, Julian. 

Medical virology in the USSR ; a review of the literature. 
tNew York, Fordham University Press [1962, 

T, 08 p. 23 cm, (Monographs In Soviet medical dences, no. 1) 
E0114.6.H58 62-21009 

Mezhinstitutskaia nauchnaa konferenfiiA po prinxlnol 
ochagovosti i Spidemiologii osobo opasnykh infektaion- 
nykh zabolevanil, Saratov, 1967. 

IIpHpoAHa o^aroBocTi, u 3nHAeMno,iorHK oco(5o onacHHX 
HH$KmiouHtix aaSoiesaHitrt ; cCopam paCor KOH^epeH^HH. 

^ Ca "! >cniK ' OTueTCTHfiinwn pcAasrop. CaparoB, 1959. 

595 p. dlagrs., map*. 28cm. r ' 

BA513.M45 1957c C2-S0870 

Zhdanov, Viktor MikhaUovich. 

Control of communicable diseases in the U. S, S. H 
[Translated from the Russian by David Myshuej Moscow* 
Foreign Lnn<riuiges Pub. House, 1950. 

96 p. illus. 20 cm. 
EA51S.Z513 6U.4-J47 GO-2T-J73 rev J 


Centra italiano di Mostatistica e eociografia. 

Diifusione delle malattie infettive nella regions Trentino- 
Alto Adige, 1924-1953 ; relazione a cura del Centre italiano 
di biostatistica e sociografia. Trento, 1954. 

10S p. Illus. 20 cm. (Beglone Trentlno-Alto Adlge. Ufflclo co- 
ordlaamento statlstlche e studl, Trento. [Pubbllcazlonlj 6) 
HC307.T7A3 no. 6 


see also Brucellosis in cattle; 

Arkhangelsk!!, Ivan Ivanovich. 

sapaniiwx aaCo.ienaanfl ce.ii.cKOxosffftCTiieiiHHx JKIIBOTHMX. 

MoCKlill, I'OC. U3,Va Ce.TT.XOH. .UllT-pM, lf)50. 

Slip. 21x27 cm. 
SF7S1.A7 61-22084 

Gannushkin, M S 

B Ka^ccTBe yietfimica fljur KCTepiiuapHMx; HH-TOD : 
TOD. Mocicna, Toe. na^-no ce.ii.xon. JIIT-PM 10R1 

28S n Ulna '><>/..>, /V,.<c _*. ... *^ ' *"''* 

stmrn IMI 

Goidsenhoven, Oh van. 

Arnliujips iiifi'ctipusos do.s iinimaux dcmicstiquoa, par Ch, 
vnn_ Goidwnhovpu ot. F. Sohopnncm Paris, Vigot ( li)CO, 

u , A (50-4010 

Si'liMU'<Miu<l Tcohniilujiy. l.-nry 

ar.iip. wen i. 

IOWH. Sluti'VnhMif 

Hagan, WUliam Arthur, 1893- 

The infectious diseases of domestic animals, with special 
reference to etiology, diagnosis, and biologic therapy by 
William Arthur Hagan and Dorsey William Bruner. 4th ed 
Ithaca, N. Y., Comstock Pub. Associates, 1961 

1083 p. lllus. 24cm. 
SF781.H3 1061 030.08000 61-7671 J 

Kuo, Ching-ytt. 


1, f'ominunlcnblo <JlBeai la mUmali. i, Title, 

Title romantic*; OhU h*tl ch'uan Jan plug 
p'u fun* chth nhlh ohlang hun. 


C 62-2198 J 

McDiarmid, Archibald, 

Diseases of free-living wild animals, Kome, Food and 
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1962. 

vm, 119 p. iuu8. 28 cm. (FAG agricultural otudlea, QO. 57) 
SF097.M27 591.2 68-1045 

Merchant, Ival Arthur, 1898- 

An outline of the infectious diseases of domestic animals 
[by, Ivrtl Arthur Merchant ( and 3 fialph David Bamer. 8d 
ed. Ames, lowu, To^va State University Press C 1964] 

xl, 478 p. 29 era. 
SF78U14 1004 688.0896 64-9788 

SUbleforth, A W ed, 

Infections diseases of animals; diseases due to bacteria. 
Editors: A. W. Stableforth and I. A. Galloway. New York, 
Academic Press, 1050 r i.e. 1960j 

2v. (810 p.) mu, 26c. 

CSFT81] 636.08969 60-9001 t 

Su, Ylng-chieh. 


Tftp. 10 cm. 

1, Oommnnlcable 


In animal*, i. Title. 

.. Shou I chleu yao. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


health laws; Veterinary hygiene 
Law and legislation 


see also Communication and traffic; 
Communications research; Cybernetics; 
Information theory; Intercultural com 
munication; Knowledge, Sociology of; 
Language and languages; Mass media; 
Oral communication; Persuasion (Psy 
chology); Popular culture; Science 
news; Semantics (Philosophy); Sym 
bolism in communication; Visual aids 

Ackermann, Jean Marie. 

Communicating industrial ideas; an international hand 
book for industrial extension. Menlo Park, Calif., Interna 
tional Development Center, Stanford Research Institute, 

145 p. Hlus. 23cm. 
P91A25 658.0715 62-5616 J 

American Psychopathological Association. Meeting. Jfith, 
New York, 1956. 

Psychopathology of communication. Proceedings. Edited 
by Paul H, Hoch and Joseph Zubin. New York, Grune & 
Stratton, 1958. 

xil, 305 p port, dlagrs., tables, 23 cm. 
RC574.A53 1956 616.89082 57-11344 rev 

Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease. 

Disorders of communication; proceedings of the Associa 
tion, December T and 8, 1962, New York, N. Y. Baltimore, 
Williams Wilkins, 1964 

xlr, 519 p. illus. 24 cm. (It* Research publications, T. 42) 
RC423.AS5 616.855 64-21656 

Berlo, David Kenneth, 1929- 

The process of communication; an introduction to theory 
and practice. New York, Holt, Rmehart and Winston 
t !960, 

318 p. illus. 22cm. 
P90.B42 006 60-7981 J 

Brennan, Lawrence David, 1915- 

Modern communication effectiveness. Englewood Cliffs, 
N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1963, 

501 p. illus. 22 cm. 
PE14Q8.B677 808 63-9944 t 

Chicago. University. Division of the Social Science*. 
Committee on Communication, 

Studies in public communication, no. 1- 
sumraer 1957- 


t l. vyd., Praha, Orbis, 1962. 

ooeTmasooga-. Traducci6tt del 
franceapor Enrique Aguilar. Caracas, Universidad. Central 
de Venezuela, Facnltad de Humanidades y Educadon, 
EsraeladePeriodi8mo t lei. 

278 p. 24 cm. (Unirewldad Central de Yeaexuela. Escnela de 
Periodismo. OnaderaolS) 
P90.C53 63 - 33766 * 

Clausse, Roger, 1902- 

Synopsis de 1'information d'actualite. Braxelles, Centre 
national d etudes des techniques de diffusion coUectiye, 1961. 

16& p. 28 cm. (Techniques de diffusion collective; recherches et 
etudes. Nnmero special, 6) 
P90.C54 63-o764< 

Communications Seminar, Manhattan Odkg* 1959. 

The church and oommunications arts; iprcKseedingSj 
"Washington, Bureau of Information, National Catholic Wel 
fare Office tl960j 

188 p. 28cm. 
BY653.C6 1959 254.4 

Commtodcations Seminar, Manhattan CoOeffe, 1969. 

The church and communications arts; proceedings. 2d 
ed.] Washington, Bureau of Information, National Catholic 
Welfare Conference (1962j 

183 p. 28cm. ^ -/UVM 

BV653.C6 1958a 254,4 62-16968 

Conference on Mental Health and Education. 5th, Park 
College, 1960. 

Communication and mental health; proceedings [by] &. 
Paul Alworth, Richard B. Cravens t andj Adolph Manoil. 
Edited with an introd. by Peter Hilty. Parkville, Mo., 
Park College Press, 1961. 

87 p. 23 cm. 
RA790A1C63 1960 61-4584 

Dean, Howard H 

Effective communication; a guide to reading, writing, 
speakinpr, and listening t by] Howard H, Dean t andj Kenneth 
B. Bryson. >2d ed. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 

560 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
P90.D4 1061 808 61-6612 t 

Demtsch, Karl Wolfgang, 1913- 

The nerves of government; models of political communi 
cation and control London. Free Press of Glencoe {LW&} 

316 p. illus. 22 cm. 
JA73.D55 320.1 63-8415 \ 

Donald, Marjorie Nancy, 1918- 

Some concomitants of Tarying patterns of communication 
in. a large organization. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Mi 
crofilms [1959] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2108 Mic 59-2108 

Michigan. Univ. LIbr. 

Dncasse", Pierre, 1905- 

Formation inteUectuelle et methodes d'expresslon. Paris, 

Wellealey College. Llbr. 

Cite, Jaroslav. 

N&zorne o nizornfi 
116 p. Illus. 21cm. 

KL lyoii f iyoij 

v. 24 cm. (BIbllotbeque de 1'enselgnement technique) 
P90.D82 62-35832 j 

Duncan, Hugh DalzieL 

Communication and serial order. New York, Bedminster 
Press, 1962. 

473 p. 24cm. 
HM258.D8 301.23 61-15848 t 

Eek, Hilding, 1910- 

Report on developments in the field of freedom of infor 
mation since 1954. [New York] 196L 

155, 11 p. 28cm. (United Nations. tDocnnaentj B/344S) 
JX1977.A2 E/3443 323.44 61-19133 
Copy 2. 

Eisenson, Jon, 1907- 

The psychology of communication [byj Jon Eisenson, J. 
Jeffery Auer and] John V. Irwin. New York, Appletoa- 
Century-Crofts tl963j 

394 p. illus. 24 cm. 
BF455.E48 158.8 63-14152 J 

Fund for Adult Education. 

Able people well prepared; the adult education and the 
muss media fellowship programs, 1952-1961, of the Fund 
for Adult Education, hy Ronald Shilen. [White Plains, 

81 p. Illus. 26 cm. 



Gerald, James Edward. 

The social responsibility of the press. Minneapolis, Uni 
versity of Minnesota Pi-ess r 19G3j 

214 p ^4 cm 
P90.G4 IOCS 070.11 63-15503 J 

Haney, William V 

Communication : patterns and incidents. Home\70od, B1-, 
It. D. Irwin, 1960. 

321 p. Illua. 24 cm. 
BF637.C45H3 158.8 60-11751 t 

Mass media and world affairs t by] Alfred 0. Hero ... 
Foreword by Max F. MilHkan. t Boston, World Peace 

Foundation, 1959] 

1ST p. 23cm. (World Peace Foundation, Boston. Studies in dtl- 
., i.^ , i ^ ^ 60-14SO 

JHT p, as Cm. I worm renw ruuuuauwu, VB 

n participation In International relations, v. 4) 

North Carol Inn. Univ. 


Hero, AlfredO 

Voluntary organizations in world-affairs communication. 
Foreword by Max F. Milliian. [Boston, World Peace 
Foundation, 1960i 

Iv, 10S p. 23 cm. < World Peace Foundation, Boston. Studies In 
citizen participation in International relations, v. 5) 

A 60-5616 
Arizona. TJniv. Libr. 

HUdebrandt/ Herbert Wniiam, 1931- ed. 

Issues of our time : a summons to speak. New York, Mac- 
miUan [1963] 

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Copy 3 HC60 H8T 

noue, Kichijirt, 1SS9- 



213 p. 22ciii 

1. Cora muni cat inn 2 ComtDuniratlnn Japan. r Title 
Title roma-nixed: TalshQ to tnishtt dentattu no 


ba, Toshio, liK>4- 

J 62-1 152 | 

201p, 21c 

1. Sociology L 1 Pommunlcatlon. L Title. 

Title romanized. Gendal stiakafgaku. 

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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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v. illus., maps, dlagrs., tables 22 cm. 
Includes bibliographies. 

1. Communication. 2. Communication Japan. r. Shlmlzu, Iku- 
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npotfjiesiH o<$m;HH H MHrmieHHji HCPBOO'HTHHX JHOfleS:. 
MHHCK, HS^-BO MaHHCrepcTBa Btrcinero, cpeflHero cne- 
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con Prehs tlDGO] 

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v,H2p, 25 cm. ^ j/v _ 

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Communication: th& art. of understanding and beintf un 
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analysts (Communication) 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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see also Communication in science; 
Content analysis (Communication) 

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RESEARCH see Communications 


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headings Communication 


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IlHnols. Unir. Library 

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Popular culture and personal responsibility; a conference of 
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rectly or ino\irectly concerned with the welfare of children 
and young people, and people involved in the mass uedia 
themselves, to examine the impact of the media of mass com 
munications on present-day moral and cultural standards, 
held at Church. House, Westminster, 26th to 28th October, 
1960; verbatim report London^ National Union of Teach 
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ill L, 348 p. 33cm, 
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Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Inoue, Kichijirfl, 1S89- 

* * t * ftttit <n fftfli JKJ. ,',- -JJ& It jRffl! 
ti-ffriffctt 1959. 

213 p 22 cm 

1 CommonlcRllon. 2. rommunU'atlon-- Japan. i Title 

Title romanixed: TfllshQ to taihtt dentaten no fipnrl. 



v. illus, maps, dlagrs., tables. 22 cm. 

Includes bibliographies. 

CONTEXTS.- 1. ? * = 2 a. - * - x 

J 62-1152 

1. Coromunlcatlon 2. Communication Japan. i. Shlmizu, Tku- 
tarft, 1007- ed. Title romanized: Masu komyunlkfshon k6za. 



J 60-346 

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in Latin America, Santiago de CT&e> 1961. 

Report. Paris, 1961. 

37 p. 27 cm. dtJnlted Nations Educational, Scientific and Onl- 
tural Organization. Document] TJNBSCO/MC/41) 
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Copy 2. P92.S6M4 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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Seccida de Documentation) 
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see also Church group work; Evange 
listic work; Missions; Public relations 
Churches; Religious education 

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vilt,209p. 2icm. 
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jtii, soi p. 22 cm. 
BV4319.W6 280.082 64-21849 

Communication in management 

Communication In management 

Communication in management 

see Intercultural communication 

see Animal communication 


see also Aeronautics; Air travel; 
Cables, Submarine; Canals; City 
traffic; Commerce; Communica 
tions, Military; Express service; 
Harbors; Inland navigation; Mass 
media; Messengers; Motor bus 
Lines; Motor buses; Ocean travel; 
Postal service; Radio; Railroads; 
Roads; Shipping; Street-railroads; 
Tariff; Taxicabs; Telecommunica 
tion; Telegraph; Telephone; Trade 
routes; Traffic engineering; Traffic 
regulations; Traffic surveys; Trans 

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Marx and TOmmls 

64 p. JiJ. L-IU 

Wisconsin, Unl 

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Forclrcsningei* over trattkpolitik ; placeringon i clot 0kc- 
nominke system. K0botihavn, Universitotets 0koiiomisko 
labomtoriuni, 19GO, 

115 1. 20 cm, (Publlkatlonoi- fru TJnlvcrHltotets 0konomlHke labo- 
rutorlum, Hi) 
HE181.S88 64-31934 


SMbaeva, Elena Alekseevna. 

MeMc.xyiiapofliiuc opnuiiiaanini B otfjtacm Tpancnopra H 
CBA3H. ' MocKna, TTsA-no Hir-w mc,tyiiapOAMX OTIIOUIC- 

Hiirt, 1J)00. 
105 n l!l n. (McwAyiiapOAHwc opr-nmiaaUHH) 

HB11.SS G - 4271 

READERS see Readers Com 
munication and traffic 


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Conununications media in tropical Africa; report pre 
pared for the International Cooperation Administration. 
TTnshintfton ,1961?! 

HI, 171p. tables. 28cm. 
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68 p. iUu, 2Ton. 
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lt M 88 (1968, 
4, 8, 617, 18 p. llltui., mnp (6 fold., 1 la pocket) tlblM. 22 cm. 

Tab) of content* alo In EnirHwh, with caption tlUo: Study of the 
communlcntlon yateiu of tho rang and Suav Otln and the develop 
ment of their topographies and maps. 

Bibliographical footnote. 

1, ootnraunlcatlon and trafficChina. 2. Communication and traf- 
flc OhJna Mapw. 8, Truniiwrtatlon-Ohlna. t Title, 

Title rtsrMnlied: TO BO Jldal DO HOtafl 
to Chilbl chlu no kenkyO. 

J 64-011 

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1. Ooromunlctlon and traffic Ohlwi, r. 71tl. 

TitH rvmenitrt: Ohuof-huo chin p*i 
nlM cfaUo t'unt hlh, 

JpnMl4brarr 4488 

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Table of content! alio in BnglUo, with caption title: Study of th 
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Bibliographical footnotes 

1, Communication and traffl(^~0hlna. 2. Communication and traf* 
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Titlo remanUM: TO 80 jldal DO kOUO 
to cbUhl cbUnt no keokyO. 


J 64-611 

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Ceakoslovenaki spoje. 
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v. In llliw., port,, map, 29cm. monthly. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



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Doprava a spoje; fasopis pracujxclch v dopravS a spojfch. 
rod. 1- 8. led. 1959- 


r. In 111ns., ports. 46 cm, semimonthly. 
HD8039.T72C93 64-38047 

Lajnat Kutub Qawmlyah. 

6, 58 p. 111ns. 20 cm. (\\ . < 

N E 64-411 



Kit SJi Ai # fill n itfi fr It ifi fffli W 

12, 4ft4, 2, 7 p. lllus., maps. 22 cm. (3Ut jfi '^ 

1. Communication and traffic Japan Salkawa (Mlyagt Prefec 
ture) 2. Port-roads, a Stations. x. Title. (Series: Tohoku 
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Titto rmantort: Oiho kaldO shukuektoel no kenkytL 

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al-Shaml, Salah al-Din. 


uJl; JU1 AJi 

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90S. mtj 
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262 p. 8 maps (part ioli, part coL, inaerted) 20 cm, 
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CTBC y6"- 


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Komunikacyjne, 1955. 

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<I>HHaHCH xoaaflCTBa CBasK. ,_,__._._ 


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Toe. H3#*a,*HT-!Ma no sonpocaM CBSSH H paaiio, 1&54. 

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Microfilm copy (positive) 

Microfilm Slavic 704 T 
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DKOHOMHEE H miaHHpoBaime csaaii. flonymeso B saie- 
CTBC y^e(5. nocoOna fljta sjierrpoTexHii syncs csaau. Mo- 
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Tpancnopi i 3u'*30K YKpaHH B c 
BHA-BO nojiiT. jiit-pn 7PCP, I960] 

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Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 

Transportation and Oommunication Dept. 

Summary of activities. 

v. 28 cm. annual. 
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Savezna saobracajna komora. 

Izveltaj Upravnog odbora. 1955- 

v. tables. 20-28 cm. annual 
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see McLean, Va, Communication Center 

munication in management 

see also Employees, Reporting to 

Abajian, Albert N 

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nication, [ii. p.! 1963- 

T. illus. 28 cm. 
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t 1959, i. e. 1958! 

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Norman R. F. Maier t and others. With supplementary es 
says by Rudolf Flesch and others. New York t 1961, 

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Hanpt Heinz. 

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A 62-97 
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Iberia Parish, La. Trade School, New I^ria. 

Human relations and supervisor developmeat; a series of 
traininjj c-onferences for the supervisory personnel of the 
Morton Chemical Company, the Morton Salt Company con 
ducted bv Iberia Trades School. New Iberia { 198&i, 

ML itHiu. 28cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


L'lnformation dans Tentreprise; una experience aupres des 
cadres subalternes de trois entreprises. ^Itude execute pour 
1'Office beige pour I'accroissement de la productivite. Liege, 
Impr. H. Vaillant-Carmanne, 1959. 

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G2-3277 J 

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vll, 37 p. '2-i cm. ( Small business management series, uo T) 
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Das betriebliche Inf ormationswesea im Dienste der Leis- 
tungsstei/rerung und als Yerpnichtung gegeniiber dera Mitar- 
beiter. [Hamburg, 1958. 

iil, 114 p. illus. 21 cm. 
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Business and industrial communication; a source book 
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MicrofihnAC-1 no. 59-1350 

Washington Univ., St. Louis. Library 

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( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlcli.i Publication no. 1!2,108) 
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Iowa. Univ. Library 

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munication. Illus. [byi Sam Heidelberg. New York, Mac- 
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Englevood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1060. 

140 p. 122 cm. 
HF5415.P249 651.7 60-5077 t 


see also Health education; Medical 
Libraries; Medical writing; Medicine 
Information services 
Bowers, Warner Fremont, 1906- 

Techniques in medical communication. Springfield. 111., 
Thomas fH963] . ' 

T, 88 p. lllus., map. 24 cm. 
R118-B6 610 68-19575 


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Airlie Home, 1968. 

A conference record und reference for those who will be 
engaged in bringing about greater use of health and medi 
cal information. cWashingtonj U. S. Dept, of Health, Edu 
cation, and Welfare, Public Health Service, 1963. 

1 7' 119 ?i dlagr8 - M ^ (U - s - P^ 110 Healtlx Service. Publl- 
cation no. 998) 

E118.S85 1962 63-60839 

munication in science 


see also Communication in medicine; 
Communication of technical informa 
tion; Science Information services; 
Science clubs; Science news; Scien 
tific libraries 

American Documentation Institute. 

Automation and sciwitiJu- ooiimiumeiition; short, papers 
contributed to tho theme sessions of the 20th Annual Meet- 
in^ of the American Documontution Inniituto nt Chicago, 
Pick-Congas Hotel, October (Ml, 19BJJ. Edited by IT. P. 
Luhn. Wftshinffton ^1963! 

2 v. (884 p, (p. 888-384 blank)) 

lllua., tltRBra,, forms. 28 cm. 


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Information Exchange Psychology. 
Reports. Washington, 1063- 

v. dlagrs., tables. 26 cm. 
BF38.5.AG 150.18 04-17049 

British Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Dons or crooners ? Three lectures on tho subject of com 
munication in tho modern world. [London] Granada TV, 

Ill p. illus,, ports. IS cm. (The British Association Granada 
lectures, 1050) 
P87.B7 62-B9024 

Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland. Operations RQ- 
tearah Group. 

An operations research study of tho tUsominaHon and use 
of recorded scientific information. Clovftlund, 1000. 
vl, 081. dlugi-H, 2Tcm, 

OK) 61-01560 

Columbia University. Bureau of Applied Social Research. 
Roviow of studios in the flow of information among scien 
tists. Prepared for the National Science Foundation. [Now 
York?, I960. 

2 v. In 1. ttibl 08, 30 cm. 

501,8 (51-60278 

Institut de science economique appllqu(5e. 

Cuhiora. S6rio T : I'roblftmos f conomiquoa do la recher 
che ot de I'inforndntion, scienlifuuioH ct techniques, no 1- 
Pariis, 11)59- 

v. 22 cni. 
Q180.A1 1 55 08-45628 

KonferentSiiTi po obrabotke InformaCIti, mashinnomu pere- 
yodu i fivtomalicheskomu chtcnliu tekstu, Moscow, 1061. 

BwincjruTCflr.iia^ H KK$opMamxOKHa TCXKHKE; crtopiiHK 
uaTepnajtOB Koit(T)epeHirHK. MocKoa, 1962. 

220 p. Ulna. 26 cm. 
TK7885.A1KO IDOlo 64-30714 

Scientific and technological communication in the Gov 
ernment ; a ^ovornmenfc research report, [Wasliington, Dis 
tributed by U. & Dopt. of Commerce, Office of Technical 
Services (100?j 

111, 81 p. dlagra. 27 cm. 


Seminar on Biological Science Communication, American 
University, W6L 

Informal ion and conirmmiwi! ion in biological wiwu-o.: a 
report, prcpamjl for tho Biolo^icul HcienceH Cornnninication 
Project, American Institute of Biological Sciences ( by, 
Lowell II. Ilattory. ( Wiwhinton, Center for Technology 
and Adminiat ration, School of Government and Public Ad 
ministration, American University, 1061 

99 p. dlagrs. 22 cm. 
QH815.S4 WW 010.78 08-4173 

Southern Regional Science Seminar for University Infor 
mation Officers, University of Florida, 1961. 

Southern Regional Science Seminar for University In 
formation Officers; proceeding. Gainesville, Fln.j 1961. 

T11.S66 1901 508.2 A 62-9115 

Florida. Uulv. Ubrnry 

U. S. A A Hoc Advisory QwmtitM on Mental Health Com 
munications. Meeting^ Silver Spring, Md.. 1968. 

Report. [Bethesda? Md,, 1962, 

16 p. 27cm, 
EA700.5JT5 62-64818 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Oper 

Interagency coordination of information. Hearings be 
fore the Subcommittee on Reorganization and International 
Organizations of the Committee on Government Operations, 
United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, second ses 
sion. Agency coordination study, pursuant to S. Res. 276, 
87th Cong. Federal plans for improvement in the design, 
management, and use of scientific, engineering, and other in 
formation systems ... Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 

pts. illus, 24cm. 



U. S. Federal Council for Science and Technology. Com 
mittee on Scientific Information. 

Statu-, report on scientific and technical information in 
the Federal Government C A Government research report. 
"Washington, U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office of Technical 
Services, 1963. 

xI.lSp. 27 cm. 
Q223.U52 64-G0203 

U. S. President's Science Advisory Committee. 

Science, government, and information: the responsibilities 
of the technical community and the Government in tie 
transfer of information ; a report. Washington, For sale by 
the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

v, 52 p. 24 cm. 



The languages of science; a survey of techniques of com 
munication. Introd. by Philippe Le Corbeiller. [Contribu 
tors] John Wolfenden [and others^ New York, Basic Books 

xvll, 173 p. Illus., dlagrs. 22 cm. [Science and discovery series] 
Q3GO.L3 006 63-20023 


Information for Industry, inc^ Washington, D. C. 

The augmentation of man's intellect by machine. General 
editor: Paul W. Howerton. Associate editor: David 0. 
Weeks. Washington, Spartan Books, 1963. 

vll, 233 p. illus., dlagrs., tables. 25 cm, (Tlstas In Information 
handling, T. 1) 
Q360.I53 006 63-14866 


Conference of Information Scientists, Mysore, 196S. 

Conference of Information Scientists, Mysore, 18 to 21 
May 1963. [New Delhi] Publications and lifonnation Di 
rectorate, Council of Scientific & Industrial Eesearch t !963] 

Till, 76.p. 24 cm. 
Q223.C657 1963c S A 64-2986 

Conferences on Training Science Information Specialists, 

Georgia, Institute of Technology, 1961-1962. 

Proceedings of the Conferences on Training Science In 
formation Specialists, October 12-13, 1961 [and] April 12- 
13, 1962, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, 
Sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Dorothy 
M. Crosland, general chairman. [Atlanta, 1962] 

139 p. dlagrs., tables. 23cm. 
Q223.C66 1961-62 63-62738 


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orga 

Monthly bulletin on scientific documentation and termi 
nology. May inSS-Nov./Dec. 1960. Paris. 
9 7." In 28 cm. 

Q1.U4 64-4240 

see Communication of technical 


Glidden, Horace K 

Eeports, technical writing, and specifications. New York, 
McGraw-Hill t 1964, 

xlr, 312 p. inns. 21 cm, 

Rosenstein, Allen B 

Engineering communications [by] Allen B. Kosenstein, 
Robert R. Kathbone c and] William F. Schneerer. Engle- 
wood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall r 1964] 

vili, 129 p. iUus. 24 em. (Prentice-Hall series In engineering 
design. Fundamentals of engineering design) 
T10.5.K6 658 64-7564 

cations research 


Confidential communications 


see also Electronic data processing 
Military intelligence; Military 
telegraph; Military telephone; Mili 
tary television; Mobile communica 
tion systems; U.S. History Civil 
WarCommunications ; also sub 
division Communication systems 
under armies and navies eg. U.S. 
Navy Communication systems 

Agafonov, Vasilii Prokhorovich. 

Boennaji csast. MocEsa, BOCH. HSA-BO, 1962. 
232 j>. nius. 22 cm, 
UA945.R9A55 63-31091 J 

Ranous, Charles Albert 

Communication for engineers r by] Charles A- Banons. 
Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 1964. 

Till, 183 p. Illns. 24cm 

Arsen'ev, N 

repoH-CBS3HciH. Moczoa, (HOCAAC&, 1963. 
145, & p. illus., ports., dlagrs. 20cm. 


Taschenbuch fur den Fernmeldedienst 1.- 
Darmstndt, Wehr und Wissen Verlagsgesellschaft. 

v, Ulus, dlagrs. 15cm. 
UG605.G4T3 63-41191 

U. S. Congress. Souse. Committee on Government Oper 

Military communications satellite program. Hearing be 
fore a subcommittee of the Committee on Government Op 
erations, House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, 
first session. April 23, 1963. Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1963. 

Ill, 51 p. illus,, maps. 24 cm. 
UA943.A43 63-61772 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astro 

Project Advent: military communications satellite pro 
gram. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Space Sci 
ences of the Committee on Sciences and Astronautics, U. S. 
House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second 
session. August 15 and 17, 1962. Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1962. 

HI, 140 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
UA943.A449 62-64598 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astro 

Project ADVENT: military communications satellite 
program. Report of the Committee on Science and Astro 
nautics, U. S. House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh 
Congress, second session, pursuant to House resolution 55, 
87th Congress, 1st session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1962. 

vll, 9 p. 24cm. (87th Cong., 2d seas. House report no. 2558) 
UA943.A45 62-64470 

U. S. Dept. of the Army. 

Tactical communications center operations. [Washing 
ton] 1961. 

50 p. Illus. 24cm. (Itg Field manual FM24-17J 
U408.3.A13 FM24-17 61-64790 J 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Examination of rentals charged for equipment owned and 
operated by Morrison-Knudsen Company, inc., Boise, Idaho, 
a subcontractor under Department of the Air Force prime 
contract AF33 (600) -29717 wth Western Electric Company, 
incorporated, New York, N. Y,, in construction of the White 
Alice Communication System in Alaska; report to the Con 
gress of the United States by the Comptroller General of the 
United States. Washington 3 1963. 

105 L 27 cm 
UA944,A4A5 63-61347 

U. S.' General Accounting; Office. 

Review of the excessive costs of long-distance message 
communications in the armed services; report to the Con 
gress of the United States by the Comptroller General of the 
United States. Washington] 1963. 

42 1. 27 cm. 
UA943.A53 63-61333 


Przegla,d Tvojskowo-techniczny. 

v. In Illus., maps (part fold.) 20cm. monthly. 
UG1.P75 60-57450 

tions, Military 

roadsCommunication systems 

see Artificial satellites in telecommunica 


see also Content analysis (Communica 

Arons, Leon, 1907- ed. 

Television and human behavior; tomorrow's research in 
mass communication, edited by Leon Arons and Mark A. 
May. New York, Appleton-Century-Oofts ,1963j 

SOT p. Ulus. 24 cm. 
PN1992.5.A7 301.243 63-15796 1 

Barcus, Francis Earle, 1927- 

Comittunications content : analysis of the research, 1900- 
1958 (a content analysis of content analysis) Ann 'Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms [I960] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 60-H3 Mic 60-143 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Belson, William A 

A series of four lectures on mass media research. Sydney, 
Published, for the Market Research Society of Australia by 
West Pub. Corp., 1961. 

44 p illus. 24 on. 
P91.B4 62-5628 t 

Blum, Eleanor. 

Communications research hi U. S. universities, a directory. 
Urbann, Institute of Communications Research, College of 
Journalism and Communications, University of Illinois. 

lv, 27 L 28 cm. 

A 63-54 rev 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Columbia University. Bureau of Applied Social Research. 
The flow of information among scientists; problems, op 
portunities, and research questions. Prepared for the Na 
tional Science Foundation. rJfew York?i 1968 

IT, I75.A27U tables. 28 cm. 
Q180.A1C64 507.2 60-33078 

Columbia University. Bureau of Applied Social Research. 

Keview of studies in the flow of information among scien 
tists. Prepared for the National Science Foundation, c New 
York?] 1960. 

2 v. in L tables. 38 cm. 
Q223.C65 501.8 61-60278 

Dexter, Lewis Anthony, ed. 

People, society, and mass communications. Lewis An 
thony Dexter t andj David Manning White, editors. iNev 
Yorkj Free Press of Glencoe t 1964j 

ill, 593 p. Illus. 24 on. 
HM258.D4 301 64-11222 

Dow, Clyde Walton, 1907- ed. 

An introduction to graduate study in speech and theatre. 
East Lansing, Michigan State University Press [1961, 

388 p. 24 cm. 
PN4121.DT5 808.52 61-16932 | 

Johnstone, John Wallace Claire, 1931- 

Social structure and patterns of mass media consumption. 
Chicago [Dept of Photoduplication, University of Chicaeo 
Libraryj 1961. 

Microfilm G899 HM Mac 61-7456 1 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Klapper, Joseph T 

The effects of mass communication. Glencoe, HL, Free 
Press [I960] 

302 p. 22 cm. (Foundations of communlcationa research) 
P91.K4 384 60-14402 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Nafriger, Ralph ed. 

Introduction to moss communications research. Edited by 
Ralph 0. Nafziger and David M. White. [Rev. ed.] Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana State University Press t l963] 

281 p. Illus. 24cm. (Journalism monographs, no. 6) 
PN4853.J6 no. 6 1963 070.72 63-8228 J 

Pennsylvania. State University. University Division of 
Instructional Services. 

Research on the communication process ; a report covering 
the period September 1958-September 1960, by the Division 
of Academic Research, and Services, the Pennsylvania State 
University. University Park, Pa., 1960. 

IT. ( various paglngs) tables. 29cm. 

P91JP45 384.55072 A 61-9065 rev 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


U. S. President, 1063- (Lyndon E. Johnton} 

Report on activities and accompli shments under the Com 
munications satellite act. Message transmitting si report on 
the activities and accomplishments of the Communications 
Satellite Corporation, pursuant to section 201 (a) of the 
Communications satellite act of 1962. TTashington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1964. 

HI, 6 p. 24 cm. (SStli Cong., 2d sess. House docnment no. 225) 
HE0721.U5A634 6^60701 

COMMUNION see Lord's Supper 
COMMUNION, FIRST see First communion 


Bbdienek, Jan. 

Swietych obcowanie w nauce Stanislas Hozjusza. [Wyd. 
LI Lublin, Tow. Naukowe KatolicMego tTniwersytetu 
LubelsMego, 1960. 

116 p. 24cm. (Towarzystwo Naukowe Katollcklego Unlwewytetu 
Labdsklego. Eoxprawy Wydzlata Teologtctno-Kaiionlcznego, 20) 
BT972JEI63B6 62-40282 J 

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945. 

The communion of saints; a dogmatic inquiry into the 
sociology of tlie church. New York, Harper & Row r c !963i 

256 p. 22cm. 
BT972.BG13 260 G4-10749 rev 

Bonioeffer, Diefaicb, 1906-1945. 

Sanctorum communio; a dogmatic inquiry into the soci 
ology of the church. London* Collins, 1968. 

256 p. 21cm. 
BV600J36473 64-8383 

Lamirande, fimflien. 

The communion of saints. Transited from the French 
by A, Hanson. [IstecL New York, Hawthorn Books [1963] 

154 p. 21 on. (Ttw Twentieth century encyclopedia of Catholi 
cism, Y. 26. Section 2; The basic truths) 
BT972.L31S 235 63-10986 J 


Rnpp, Ernest Gordon. 

Last things first; four lectures on belief in the communion, 
of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the 
body, and the life everlasting, by Gordon Bupp. Philadel 
phia, Fortress Press r IlHMri 

BT993.2.BB 1 " 288.11081 64-18952 


Benko, Stephen, 1924- 

The meaning of sanctorum communio. Naperville, EL, 
A. R. Allenson jl964i 

152 p. 22cm. (Stadias m historical theology, 8) 
BT993AB413 238.11 

COMMUNION PLATE see Church plate 


Gealv, Fred DanieL 

Let us break bread together; communion meditations for 
the church year. New York, Abingdon Press t 1960 3 

143 p. 21cm. 
BV4257.5.G4 265.3 60-6930 I 

Mead, Frank Spencer, 1898- ed. 

Communion messages. jWestwood, N. J., Eevell iI061, 

BV4257.5.A1M4 265.3 61-5929 t 

Munson, Edwin C 

The mysterious presence, communion sermons. Philadel 
phia, Fortress Press [1963] 

112 p. 2icm. 
BV4257.5.M8 62-20739 J 

Nagel, Herman Kyle. 

Finding mesming in the Lord's Supper. San Antonio, 
Naylor Co. ['19&8, 

91 p. 20 cm. 
BV4257.5.N3 265.3 60-196 J 


see also Ant i- communist movements; 
Collective settlements; Communist 
parties; Communist revisionism; 
Communist state; Communist strat 
egy; Communists; Dictatorship of 
the proletariat; Land, Nationalization 
of; Nationalism and socialism; Propa 
ganda, Communist; Shakers j Socialism; 
Socialism and youth; Trade -unions and 
communism; Tribes and tribal system; 
Village communities; Women and 

Abalo, Luis Jose", 1908- 

Manifiesto democra-tico, ideario del Movimiento Neo-demo- 
crdtico Interhacional. Critica del marxismo-lenmismo, 
Demos-tracion de hi inadecuaci6n del comunismo. Revisi6n 
y adecuacion estructural del sistema economico vigente. El 
sistema total resultante: La neodemocracio. 1. ed. vene- 
zolana. Caracas, Tip. Vol&zquez, 1962. 

269 p. 24cm. 
HX179.A65 64-41919 t 

Adjitorop, Jusuf. 

Demokrasi sosialis dalam pekerdjaan peradilon don pem- 
buatan undang-undang. Djakarta, Jajasan Universitas- 
Rakjat, 1962. 

90 p. port., dlagrs. IS cm. 
HX404.A62 S A 63-8417 

Afanas'ev, Viktor Grigor'evich. 

Marxist philosophy, n. popular outline t byj V. Afanasyev. 
[Translated from the Russian by L. Lempert. Edited by 
j. Riordun, Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House f !9 

892p. 21cm. 
B809.8.A3273 64-55554 

Afanas'ev, Viktor Grigor'evich. 


2., nepep. H floir., H3fl. Mocssa, HS^-BO coijaajruio-aKOH. 
JHT-PH, 1962. 
899 p. 22cm. 
B809.8.A32 1962 62-48076 J 

Aguirre, Manuel Agustfn. 

El socialismo cientfficoj breves loceiones dndns en la 
Facultad de Filosofia, Letras y Ciancias de la Educacion de 
la TTniversidftd Central. t 2. ed.j Quito, Editorial Univorsi- 
taria, 1963. 

444 p, 22cm. 
HX56.A532 63-47248 

Aidit, D N 1928- 

Langit takkan runtuh, Diakarta, Jaiasan Pembaruan* 

40 p. 21cm. 
JQ770. A65 S A 64-944 

Aidit, D N 1923- 

Tentang Marxisme. Tjet. 2. Djakarta, Akademi Ilmu 
Sosial Aliarohain, 1968. 

118 p. port. 22 cm. 
HX40.A49 S A 04-2950 

Ajao, Aderogba, 1930- 

On the tiger's back. t lst ed.j Cleveland, World Pub. 
Co. [1962j 

14&p. lllus. 23 cm. 
HX450.NBA7 335.482 62-15705 J 

Ajao, Aderogba, 1930- 

On the tiger's back, London, Allen & XJnwin t lM2, 

lie P. muit. 28cm, 
HX450.N5A7 1962a 


Aktion "Niemals vergessen." 

Einige Gedanken zum Thema : die kommuiUBtisohe Gef ohr, 
die Entwicklungsiander und wir. Geleitwort von Wilhelm 
Ropke. r3, Aufl) Bern, P. Haupt [1961] 

64 p. 21 ew. 
HX44.A45 1961 62-59164 J 

Aleksandrov, Petr Aleksandrovich. 

O HVTJIX noctencHHoro ttepexo^a or coi^uajinaMa K KOMMy- 
Hnsxy. (MocKBaj MOCKOBCKIXW patfo^nfl, 1954. 

Clp. 20cm. 
HX314.A5 56-3100Trev 

Altamar Cortes, Jorge. 

I Alcrta ! Bogota, Editorial Minerva, 1953. 
186 p. 24 cm. 


Ancona Ponce, Mario. 

Un libro do comunistas para anticomunistas. Mfirida, 
Mexico, Editorial Vucatanonsc "Club del Libro," 1952, 

17T p. 1!8 cm. 
HX44.A55 03-372(59 J 

Anderson, Thornton, 1916- 

Maslcrs of Russian Marxism. New York, Apploton-Cen- 
tury-Crofts r 1968, 

m p. 21 cm. 
HX40.A7,'J 835.43 63-11196 J 

Andrzejewski, Jerzy. 

() czlowioku radxiockim. Wai-szawa, Ksiq,*ka i "Wiotlza 
1!),H. ' 

(>7p. LM cm. 
KX314.Z6A5 60-38703 

Anti-defamation League. 

The profile of commuinam; a fact-by-fact primer, New 

HO p. iilciu. (/taBTeodomboola) 
HX80.A08 835.43 00-58508 t 

Anti-defamation League. 

The prolilo of ootmmmiHin: a fuct-hy-fact primer. Rov. 
and oditcd by MoHlw Pool or. Now York, Collier Books 
C 1901j 

100 [). 18 cm. ( Collier txx>lc ASM ) 
IIXHO.A;i 10(1 la 335.43 01-17489 J 

Atkinson, James David. 

The edge of war. Foreword by Arloigh A. Burko. Chi 
cago, H, Rognery Co., 1960. 

818 p. 22 cm. 
U21.2.A7B 827,1 60-14054 J 

Babenko, Vasyl' Vlktorovych. 

Ociioriui pitCK itOMyjiioTitMtiioi i/jcojiori?, Kuin, BM^-BO 
KmBCi.Koi'o yiiiiicpcuTCTy. 1901. 

102 p. 20 cm. 
HX44.IWB 02-06524 | 

BaJTrey, Stephen A 

The KPd myth; n hfatory of communiam from Marx to 
Khniblwhov. An adaptation from the television smes, the 
Rod myth. [Stanford University, (Wif., Stanford Univer 
sity ,1962, 

120 p. I11U8. 20 cttl. 


Balabanoff, Angelica, 1878- 

Lenin visto da vicino. L ed. Komaj Opere nuove 1959] 
225 p, nin, worn. (Plcwia hlbUotwa Dofitlw-lettwarla, 18) 

WINM.U.. Univ. Ubr. A 5M620 t 

Bales, James D 1915- 

Coninniniwn, its fuith ami fullucicH; nn imposition and 
cnticiwii. <Ji i uu<l Unt)ulh. Ukw Hook HOUHO, MHW. 



Balmaahnov, Aleksandr Aljksandrovlch. 

yitapoAoc patfotee ABWJKCMKC. MOCKBSI, Etofl-uo co^Hiwt,- 

BtOOJCOH. JMT"pW, 1961. 

180 p. 20cm: 
HX44.B8 62-40633 J 

Baran, Paul A 

Marxism and psychoanalysis [by, Paul A. Damn. Com 
ments: Aron Krich ( and others, Reply: Paul A. Baran. 
Appendix : The Soviefc view of psychoannlysis, by IX Flo- 
tov. Comment: Norman Reidar. ( Naw York, Monthly Ke- 
view Press, I060i 

. r ' 22 t>U1 ' ^ Ioil " ll y rvlv pumphlrt WI-IM, no, II) 
HX56.B3 885.48 60-8009 J 

Barnette, Henlce H 

^Communism: who? what? why? Nnahvttle, Broadman 

04 p. 21 MH. 
HX44.BJ15 385,4,3 02-15824 J 

Barnette, Henlee H 

An introduction to communism, by Henlee H. Bamette, 
Grand Bapida, Baker Book House, 1964. 

117 p, 2l CQJ, 

HX44B858 883.4 64-15680 

Bauer, Koland. 

Der wissenschaftliche Sozialismus und das Godesbemr 
Qrundflfttzprogramm, t l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz. 1960. 
' * 1 UhtIon<1 " " 

A 60-5878 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Bauman, Zygmunt. 

Z dziejow demokratycznego idealu. Warszawa, Iskry, 

187 p. JO cm. (Biblioteka unlwersytettfw robotnlczych) 
JC433.B34 60-45847 

Benson, Ezra Taft. 

The red carpet. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft [196^ 
325 p. illus. 24 cm. 
E841.B4 909.82 62-41019 J 

Benson, George. 

Communist propaganda themes, aims, und outlets; the 
semantic idiom and other indoctrination techniques of inter 
national communism. [Manila, 1002 t i. e. IOCS] 

135 p. Illus., ports 27 cm. 
HX44.B3S 1063 63-61361 

Blagoev, Dimitur, 1856-1924. 

HTO TaKoe con;iia,iii3M n iiiieer in OH nosuy y nac^ MapK- 
cusM inn fJepHoiTeilHiiaHCTBO? OnnopryHiisM inn cou;iia- 
.iiiSM? K itapKciicMy. ^iiKTaiypa inn AeMOKpatiia? Mo- 

CKBa, FoC. 1I33-BO HO-IIIT. .TIIT-pH, 19(50. 

222 p. port. 20 cm. (BHfi.iHOTeHKa no HaynHOMy couna.nn3My, 
Bbin.2 J 

HX15.B47 vol.23 

61-27748 rev 

Blflimin, IzraiT Grigor'evich, 1897- 


pe,a[, <X>. 5L. IIojrHHCsoro. MocEsa, Bucmax miojia, 1961. 

266 p. Illus. 22cm. 
HB75.B67 62-39245 t 

Bobkov, Karl Hlarionovich. 

Ociiouiiwe lepru ncpexo,i;iioro ncpiio^a OT j;aniiTa.iri33ia E 
conjiajimiy ; .leiujitJi. Moctcna, BHCIIIIU niEo.ia, 1960, 

03 p. _'_' cm. (JlexuHH no nojiimmecKoft SKOHOMHH) 
HX44.BO (U-220:Jf. 1 

Bocharova, Mania Vasylivna, 

Upo TnnH peso-iJoijiftHoro nepexofly napo^is flo coin'a- 
jtisuy. Kms, BIIJ-BO Aica^eim nays y~Ep. PCP, 1963. 

132 p. 20 cm. 
HC59.B585 64-48774 

Bochenski, Innocentius M 1902- ed. 

Handbook on communism. Edited by Joseph M. Bochen- 
ski and Gerhart Niemeyer. New York, Praeger (1962] 

686 p. 24 cm. (Praeger publications In Eusalan history and world 
communism, no. Ill) 
HX276.B723 335.43 62-17483 t 

Bocheiiski, Innocentius M 1902- 

Die koramunistische Ideologie und die Wiirde, Freiheit 
und Glcichheit der Menschen im Sinne des Grundgesetzcs 
fur die Bundo-republik Deutschland vom 23. 5. 1949. r Bonn : 
Bundeszentrale fur Heimatdienst f !956i 

75 p. 21 cm. ( Schrlf tenrelhe der Bundeszentrale ffir Heimat 
dienst. Heft 21) 
HX276.B73 59-48244 J 

Bohlman, Mary Edna (McCaufl) 

Democracy and its competitors r by, Edna McCaull Bohl 
man, under the direction of the Committee on Experimental 
Units of the North Central Association of Colleges and Sec 
ondary Schools. Columbus, C. E. Merrill Books t 1962] 

80p. Illus. 23cm. 

Borkenau, Franz, 1900-1957. 

World communism; a history of the Communist Inter 
national. New introd. by Raymond Aron. t Ann Arbor, 
University of Michigan Press [196^ 

442 p. 21cm. (Ann Arbor paper backs for the study of communism 
and Marxism, AA67) 
HX11.1 5B6 1962 335,44 62-3037 J 

Bowen, Robert 1920- 

The truth about communism, Northport, Ala., Colonial 
Press C l962j 

145 p. 23cm. 
HX56.B6 835.43 62-6388 J 

Boldakov, Vladislav Prokop'evich. 

BejuHzaflt z^ejn>: HTO TSKOC KOMM} 

EHH^HOe H3A-BO, I960. 

61 p, 20 cm. (BeceAM o KOMAtyiuaM 

jit, Ilepucioe 
61-44522 I 

Bfilgarska akademiia na naukite, Sofa 

BtnpocH na AHajrerrHiecKH* MaTepHaaH^K H na nacr- 
HHTC nayEn; t o6aaeeH) cfiopHnr craTHH, nocsereHH sa asa- 
ACJIHK TOAOP HawoB no c.iyian neroBara ceAeMfleceTro^Hin- 
Husa. (Oxr. pe^asrop A. Eo.inKapOBj Co$n*, 1961, 

834 p. inus.,port. 29cm. 
B809.8.B77 63-45964 

Burlak T Valentina Nikolaevna. 


pasHOiHHczHtt nepHOA ocso<5ojHTeJiBHoro ^BHKCHS. Mo- 
CKBa, BacnraH xatcoxa, 1961. 

60p. 22cm. 
HX312.B78 62-39644 J 

CadweU, Roy. 

Communism in. the modern world. Philadelphia, Dor- 
ranee C 1962] 

251 p. 22cm. 
HX44.C3 335.43 62-11054 t 

Carranza, Carlos P ^^ 

Intelectual jPor quS eres comunista? Pr61ogo de Eoberto 
F. Giusti. [Buenos Airesj Asociaci6n Argentina por la 
Libertad de la Cultura. r 1959j 

139 p. 19cm. (BIblioteca de la libertad, 2) 
HX184.C3 60-43676 t 

Catholic Action of the Philippines. Vigilance Committee. 
Philippine anthology on communism. [Manila, 1962?- 

v 2icm. 
HX406.C3 63-42542 

Centre de Documentacidii e Information Social Cristiano, 


Socialismo, mamsmo t y] bolchevismo. Habana c Edi- 
ciones Obreras, I960] 

61 p. 20 cm. 
HX156.C4 62-38937 t 

Chamberhn, William Henry, 1897- 

Appeasement, road to war. [1st ed.] New York, Rolton 
House [1962] 

211 p. 22 cm. 
E744.C462 327.73 61-12419 t 

Chambre, Henri, 1908- 

De Karl Mars a Mao Tse^-Tong. [Paris] Spes 

838 p. 23 cm. (Blbllothfeqne de la recherche soclale) 


Chambre, Henri, 1908- 

From Karl Marx to Mao Tse-tung; a systematic surrey 
of Marxism-Leninism. Translated by Robert J. Olsen. 
Pref. by Thurston N. Davis. New York, Kenedy rl963] 

SOSp. Illus. 22cm. 
HX39.C483 335.43 62-16529 t 

drang-Io, pseud. 

iS \Kifl fife ft 1956. 

70 p. 19 cm. 
Another issue. 

HXS89.046 1968a 

1, Communism. t. Jo-yQ, peead., Joint author, n. Title. 

Title romonizet: Shlh mo shlh 
kong ch'an chn 1 shft hnl. 

HX389.C46 1956 060-3060 J 

Chanier, Maximilien. 

Aspects et probltmes du ctxpitnlisnie contemporain. Aix- 
en-Frovence, TA Pens^e universitaire, 1960. 

16& p. Illufi. 28 cm. 
HC59.C514 63-40724 t 

Chase, Harold William, 1922- 

The case for democratic capitalism c by] Harold W. Chase 
and] Paul Dolan. New York, Crowell [ a 1964] 

xi, 148 p. illus., dtagrs. 22 cm. 
JC433.C47 321.8 64-12106 

Cheremnykh, Pavel Semenovich. 

HTO Tasoe ^HKraTypa npojierapnaTa. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO 
HO^HT. jrnT-pH, 1958. 

50 p. 20 cm. (ITony^HpHaji 66jiHOTeiKa no MapKCM3My-J!CHH- 

59-29462 rev t 

50 p. 



Chieh fang she. 

100 p. 19 cm. 

1. Society, Primitive 2. Capitalism. 3 Communism. i, Title. 
Title romanized.- She hul fa chan chien shlh. 

Chieh fang ah& 

C 60-2555 1 


122 p. 21cm. 
At head of title: 

1. Society. Primltire. 2. Capitalism, 8. Communlam. I. Title. 
Title rwncM&A: Sh6 hul fa chan chien shit 

GN400.C5 li>50b 

C 61-2191 t 

Chieh fang she. 

IT ^ 


120 p. 21 cm. 
At head of title. 

1 Society, Primitive. 2. Capitalism. 3. Communism. i Titlf 
Title romanised: SW hui fa chnn <-hien slilli. 

GX40n.C3 1030 C 61-1277 

Chieh fang shS. 


85) p. 10 cm. 
At head of title: 

1. Society, Primitive. 2. Capitalism. 3. Communism, i. Title. 
Ttttf romantzed: Stie hul fa chan chit-n shib. 

GN400.C5 1950a 

Chos5n Nodangdang. 


C 61-2156 

,V-Yi I960 Ull :/ 


78p 20cm. 

1. Conference of Representatives of Commanlrt and Workers' 
Parties, Moscow, I960. 2. Comauniam. t Title. 

Title romonizadC: Kongsandang mlt Nodongdan? 
taep'yodol Q! hoefil munhftn, 

K 64-215 

Harvard UnlT. Chinese- 
Chou, Shih-fu, 1906- 

Japanese Lttirary 4280^ 


2, 3, SI p. l&cm. 
Cover title. 

L Chiang, Kai-shek, 1886- Chieh chfieh kong ch'an chu I ssft 
halanjr. 2, Gornamnlsm, I. Title, 

Title ramanittd: Obleh ch&eh kung 
ch'an chu i ssfi hslang. 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4290.2 

Christiansen, Werner Christoph, ed. 

Kleiner kommunistischer Zitatenschatz. Bad Godesberg, 
Esto, 1960. 

240 p. 19 cm. 

A6L-4999 t 
Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Chugai Chosakai. Jou i fienkyu linkai. 

248 p. fold, tables 19 cm. 
Cover title : * r* ft 

1. Communtsm. r. Title 

Title romantseS; Kakkoku kyiSsantS no JlttaU 

J 61-4194 
Hoover Institution 
Chung-kilo kung ch'an tang. L'/wng yony wtt ywtn AW*. 

102 p, 21cm. 

L CommunUm. 2. China (People's BepubUc of China, 1949- ) 
For. reL EtwU. S. Russia For. reL-Chlna (Peopte-t Itepuhllc of 
China, 1M&- ) L Coornunlsttchetkala partlfl Sovetakoxo 
8oAa. Aentral'nyl KomlteL n. Title. 

Tte romatUxet: Kuan yQ ktto chl 
konc ch'anchuljttntnn*. 


C 68-2882 

Chung-kilo kung ch'an tariff. Chung yetng wet yuan, Aw*. 

Upe^jio-A-emie o reHepajttnoft .IIIHICII MCK^-HapoAHOro 
KOMMVHiicTiiiecKoro ABua;cHirfl ; oTBer I[eHTpa.T:tHOro KOXH- 
xeia KoMHyKuctn^ecKoti napinu Knras na nnctwo I^eHT- 
partHoro EoicHTeia KoMMyHnciii'jecKOtt napxnn CooetCKoro 
Cojosa OT SO Mapta 196.1 To r ia. ITeKim, H^-BO .inx-pn na 
HHOctpaHHttx rtSHKax, 1963. 

119 p. 19 cm, 
HX314.C4716 63-58413 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Chard League of America. 

A manual for survival, a counter-subversive study course. 
meaton,EL 1961j 

197 p. 28 on. 
HX86.C534 61-17316 J 

Civera, Marin. 

La industrializaeion del esplritu; evolucion de las doctri- 
nas sociales de vanguardia. t l. ed-i Mexico, Editores Mexi- 
canos Unidos [1962 3 

258 p 22cm. 
KN18.C45 64-36875 

Cogniot, Georges, 1901- 

Qu'est-ce que le communisme? Paris, Editions sociales 

r !960, 

205 p. 19 cm. (Notre temps) 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

A 61-3934 

Cohen, Carl, 1931- ed. 

Communism, fascism, and democracy, the theoretical 
foundations. New York, Random House [IWJSj 

704 p. 21 cm. 
HX44.C6 320.15 62-10779 J 

Colegrove, Kenneth Wallace, 1886- 

Democracy versus communism. Edited by Hall Bartlett. 
2d ed. Princeton, N. J., Published and distributed for the 
Institute of Fiscal and Political Education by Van Nostrand 

442 p. illos. 24 cm. 
HX86.C69 1961 


59-8063 J 

Colegrove, Kenneth WaDaee, 1886- 

The menace of communism r by] Colegrove t and] Bartlett. 
Princeton, X. J., Published and distributed for the Institute 
of Fiscal and Political Education by Van Nostrand [1962, 

2S4 p. Bins. 24cm. 
HX44.C64 335.43 62-1312 t 

Comitato civico nazionale. 

Documentazione sul comunisrao t a cura di Severino Tog- 
noru Edizione del Comitato civico nazionale, Ispettorato 
delLazio. Roma, 1953, 

61 p, 17cm. (Collana degll attlvlsti) 
HX29-2.C65 63-37394 t 

Communist Information Bureau. 

28 1963j 

4, B, 317 p. 22 cm. 

1 Communism. 2 Communism Japan. i. Nlkkan RCd5 Tsushln 
Sha, Tokyo. Title romanized: Komlnforunm JOyC bunkcn aim. 

J 59-3206 
Hoover Institution 

Communist International. Executive Committee. 

TesucH, pe30.iiDnnn H nocraHoiueHHjr. 
MOCKBE, MocsoBCKHft patfoiiift. 

v. 11-21 cm. 
HX11.I5A453 50-53169 rev 

Communist Party of India. 

Questions of ideology in the international communist 

movement t New Delhi, 1963] 

4v.ini. 22 c 

S A 64-977 

Conference of Representatives of Communist and Work 
ers' Parties, Moscow, 1960. 

36 million Communists say . . . ; statement and appeal of 
the world's Communist Parties, Moscow, November 1960. 
^London, Communist Party of Great Britain, I90?i 

40 p. 22cm. ] 

HX44.C66 1960 62-30353 t 

Corta, Jose Francisco. 

Como luchar contra el comunismo ateo. Ed. para Latiuo- 
am&rica. Zaragoza, Editorial "Hechoa y Dichos" [I960, 

Sip. IS cm. 
HX44.C67 63-39736 : 

Corvalan L , Luis. 

Chile y el nuevo panorama mundial. [Informs a la sesi6n 
plenaria del Comite* Central del Partido Comunista de Chile. 
Santiago de Chile?] 1959. 

5Sp. 18cm. 
F309S.C6 62-27211 J 

CotaHo, Jos6 Lois. 

La gran mentira del comunismo. Cficeres, 1954. 
131 p. 15cm. 
HX344.C6 60-50167 

Cronin, John Francis, 1908- 

Communism: threat to freedom. "Washington, National 
Catholic Welfare Conference t !962, 

80 p. 19 cm. 
HX44.C7 335.43 62-15259 J 

Cronyn, George William, 1888- 

A primer on communism; 200 questions and answers. 
Edited by Howard Oiseth. With an introd. by Franklin, L. 
Burdette. Rev. eel. New York, Dutton, 1960. 

192 p. 20 cm. 
HX56.C7 1060 335.4 60-12206 J 

Gushing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 

Conferences on communism. [Boston] St. Paul Editions 

76 p. lllus. 18 cm. 
HX44.C8 62-14509 J 

Cushing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 

Questions and answers on communism. 2d ed., rev. [Bos 
ton, St. Paul Editions [1900! 

155 p. 10 cm. 
HX86.C95 J!)60 335.43076 00-822 J 

Cushing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 

Questiona and answers on communism. 4th, rev. ed. 
(1962-63) [Boston] St. Paul Editions C 1962j 

241 p. 18cm. 
HXS6.Ci>5 1962 335.43076 61-18332 J 

Dallin, Alexander, ed. 

Diversity in international communism; a documentary 
record, 1001-1903. Edited by Alexander Dallin with .Jona 
than Harris and Grey Hodnett for the Reswirch Institute 
on Communist Affairs, Columbia University. New York, 

Columbia University Press, 1963. 

887 p. 22cm. 
HX44.D25 335.43082 


Daniels, Robert Vincent 

The nature of communism. New York, Random House 
t 1962j 

388 p. '21 cm. 
HX56.D3 335.43 61-8254 

Daniels, Robert Vincent. 

The nature of Communism, by Robert V. Daniels. New 
York, Vintage Books t !963, '1962, 

XTl.SUSp. 19cm. 
HX56.D3 1963 64r-56C64 

Daniels, Robert Vincent. 

Understanding communism, Syracuse t N. Y.] L. W. 
Singer Co. [ C 1964j 

201 p. lllus., ports., maps. 24cm. 
HX36.D2 64-846 

Davydkov, Igor 7 Aleksandrovich. 

188 p. 17 cm. 

nft HurepiranHOHaflHSM 
T, 1962. 

6S-47561 t 

Dellevaux, Raymond. 

Le communisme marriste. Bruxelles, La Lecture au 
foyer, 1962. 

08 p. 21 cm. (Cnhlen Salnt-Oaplstmn) 
HX304.D4 0344464 J 

Diaz Versdn, Salvador. 

El quinto jinete del Apocalipeis. Miami, 1063. 
313 p. 22cm. 

fiilas, Milovan. 

Ppcetak kraja i po^ietka, ili o dogafajima u "sovjetskoj" 
sferi poslije Staljinove smrti. [Beograd] Nova misao, 1953. 

48 p. 28 em. 
HX365.5.0513 59-44581 J 

Dodd, Thomas J 1907- 

Freedom and foreign policy. New York, Bookmaker 
C 1962 3 

321 p. 21 cm. 


62-5511 J 

Drakeford, John W 

Red blueprint for the world. Grand, Rapids. Eerdmans 

166 p. 21 cm, 

62-18954 t 

Ebenstein, WUliani, 1910- 

Communism in theory and practice. NVw York, Holt, 
Einehart and Winston ^964, 

96 p. illus., ports. 21 cm. (American problems series) 
HX44.E25 64-1780 

Ebenstein, William, 1910- 

Today's isms : communism, fascism, capitalism, socialism. 
3d ed. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall. 1961. 

248 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
HN18.E2 1961 335 61-9220 J 

Ebenstein, William, 1910- 

Today's isms: communism, fascism, capitalism, socialism. 
4th ed. Englewood Cliffs, N. T., Prentice-Hall [1064, 

vll, 2-18 p. lllus., dingrs. 22 cm. 
HN18.E2 10G4 335 64-14021 

Ebenstein, William, 1910- 

Two ways of lifo, tho Communist challenge to democracy. 
New York', licit Binehart and Winston C 19C2, 

4oap. iiluM. '25 cm. 
JC423.EU 342 C2-51C48 J 

3KOHOMit'iccKiie 3ai:nin,i comin.ni3Ma u x ncmvn.aonaime. 
[110,1; pcfl. H. A. EpMaicoiui] MocKua, Tla^-wo coninuiMio- 
SKOir. jniT-pM, 1900. 
420 p. ill CUi. 

HC6.E48 (U-S238(J() i 

Elliott, Delbcr Harvey. 

Doom of tho dictators. Grand Rapids, Kordmans C 1959] 
02 p. 21 em. 
BTl21li.K-i a;JO.O 59-14581 J 

Elliott, James Robert, 1024- 

Tho appeal of communism in tho undor-dovolopedl nations. 
Dnbuque, Iowa, W, C. Brown I took Co, [IDIISj 

inop. 23 cm. 
HCO.K'l- B.-t 02-14-170 t 

En apoyo dej la justa luolia del puoblo cubano y do los 
olros puobloH liitinoiiinerioanoFi contra (\\ hnporialismo de 
KE. Ul r . IMcfn, Kdii'ionos ciu L<i^nas KxtrunioniH. IOCS. 

li)l p. portjs. 10 em. 

Erkl^rung dor Beratung von Vertrotorn der Komnttunisti- 
schen uiul Arboiterpartoicn, rTovomber 1000, Rofdrat Walter 
Ulbrichts und Entaohliessung dor 11. Tugung <iM ZK der 
SED, 15.-1T. Dozember 1900. t l. Aufl-i Berlin. Diota [1061, 

180 p. pintcfl, ports. 20CDQ. 
DD20L2.E7 02-42801 

Erlijmun, Jacob. 

El problwnia clol comuniamo on Ainfrioa Lutina; m& Holu- 
oionoH. [BiuMioH AiroH] Kditoi'iul "La Fraguii" i\WA\ 

80 p. HM'in. 
IIX18-1.K72 04-84201 

Falcionelli, Alberto. 

El liconciado, ol seminarista, y el plomoro; glosario dol 
comunismo en acci6n. Buenos Aires, Editorial La Mandri- 
gora, 1061. 

841 p. lllUH. liOem, 
HX184.F25 02-007JJ8 t 


1. Anil-c'oiiutiunlist rnovoa)otH(Jltlnu, 2, Ootmrnmtntu. x, Vu 
lion c-h'u parish^, Kowloon, 

Tiilo romonisod: Fuo kunj; ttni 
cheng yU JOn id chlon t'u, 

Cornell Unlv, IJbrury 

Fedorova, Alcksandra Tikhonovna, 

C (IJV4758 


MUCC, r MocKnft| I'IH-, 


200 p. 21 wn, 

Ferklss, Victor. 

Comnuniism today : belief and pruotlce. New York, Peus 
Books, Pftuliat Press [1062, 

102 p. 10 cm. 
HX44.F4 $85.48 62-11029 t 

Fetscher, Iring. 

Die Froiheit im Lichle dos Marxiinnua-Loiiiniainus. 
Bonnj UunUoHstentrule f Ur Heiinatdiensi jl969i 
7S p 1 CIIIt (Schrlftenrelh fler Uundof mill-flic fttp Helmut- 

68-84606 J 

JN80C6.A* Hoft40 

Fetscher, Iring, 

Die Frwheit im Lichte des MftpxismuH-Louiniflmua. 8,, 
xim einen Anhnng erwciterto Aufl. [Bonn, DundcimAntralo 
fUr Heimaklionfit r !862, 

110, rl) p. 21 cui. (Schrlftenrellie der Bunda:ntrftle fUr Helmut- 
dienst, Ploft li)) 
rN3966.A-1 Heft 40 lOfiii 88-68808 

Fisher, Harold Henry, 18&0- 

The communist revolution; an outline of strategy and 

tactics. Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press. 1966. 

v, 80 p. 28 cm. (Hoorer Xutltute stadtw. Series ATCtawrfti 

studlee, no. 2) 

H3C66.F5 S85.4 66-7670 rev 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Fog, Mogens Ludolf, 1904- 

Kommunisinen og demoaratiet. t K0beiiaur.. 4 Dialogs 
forlag i 1957] 

40 p. '21 cm. (Socinllsiuens fremtld, 1) 
HX324.F6 59-53181 

Freiheit, Aktion der Jugend. 

Arguments und Zitate aus sowjetischen und sowjetzonalen 
Quellen, zusammengestellt als Material fur die Auseinander- 
setzung mit dem Stalinismus t von der "Freiheit" Aktion der 
Jugend, Bundesstelle Bonn 3 2., vollig veranderte Aufl. 
Bonn, 1953. 

160 p. 15 cm. 
HX277.F7 1953 61-42678 t 

Fried, Albert, ed, 

Socialist though t: n documenhu-y history. Edited by 
Albert Fried and TJoimld Siimloi-s. Garden City, X. Y., 
Anchor Books. 1004. 

x,r>44p. IS em. 

irx:',n.F7S 355 04-11.112 

Fromm, Erich, 1900- 

May man prevail ? An inquiry into the facts and fictions 
of foreign policy. [1st ed. 3 Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 

252 p. 22 cm. 
D843.F76 909.82 61-13813 t 

Fuglsang, Villy. 

Kommunisterne og dagens debat jK^benhavn, Danmarks 
kommunistiske parti; i kommission hos Forlaget Tiden, 

23 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
HX324.Z5F8 62-65166 | 

Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism; manual. [Translated 
from the Russian, edited by Clemens Dutt] Moscow, For 

eign Languages Pub. House, 1961. 
"~ p. 22cm. 




Fundamentals of Marrism-Lemnism; manual [Translated 
from the Russian. Edited, by Clemens Dutt] Moscow, 
Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1961. 

890 p. 22 cm. 
HX314.0833 62-38062 

Gal'diaev, Petr Kapitonovich. 

^ITO raicoe iiayiuwft conH 
no.iiiT. .THT-pLt, 1959. 

05 p. ^0 cm. 

M. MocKua, 1'oc. HS^-B 

Ganin, Nikolai Ivanovich. 

rjiaBHNte saKOHOMepnocTH nepexoflHoro nepno^a OT Kaun- 
xaflHBMa K con;iia.T:H3My ; nayiHO-nonyaapHHe o^epKH, Mo- 
cKBa, Ha^-Bo Iln-ra MeacflyHapoflRHX OTHomeHHft, 1961. 

215 p. 22 cm. 
HX44.G32 61-36826 J 

Garaady, Roger. 

Libei-nlismo y coimmismo. Habana, Ediciones Populates 

62-43274 J 

40 p. 18cm. 

Garaudy, Roger. 

MapKcitcrcKJin rywainisM; mm, no/icinficcKii.x oiepKQB. 
TTepeno,^ c tfjpannyacKoro C. A. 3<JmpoBa n T, E. AraCeKOua. 
TTpe,;iici. u o<5maji pe,j. M. T. Honiyica. Mocicna, Ilsfl-uo 
iniocTpJimioft jixrr-pK, 1959. 

292 p. 21 cm. 
B800.8.0207 60-;)9457 J 

Gladkov, Ivan Kel'seevich. 

rn6"ejrt KarcHTajiHsita HCHaCeacHa. Hofl otfin;eft pe^. B. <I>. 
Hocosa. fJIenHHrpafl] JIeHH3flaT, 1961. 

88 p. 20 cm. (BeceAw Ha nomrrHsecKHe TCMU) 
HX314.Z5G55 61-37220 t 

Glezerman, Grigoril Efimovich. 

Der Maracismus-Leninismus iiber Basis und tJberbau. 
Berlin, Dietz, 1951. 

36 p. 21 cm. 
HX314.G53 55-25311 rev t 

Glezerman, Grigoril Efimovich. 

OT con;HaJiH3*M EfcM KOMyHH3^JI. tUpeaeji : J-I, MOJIXOB. 

74 p. 18cm. 
HX314.G55 1949 

51-16105 rev 

Glezerman, Grigoril Efimovich. 

OT conHa.iH3tit KT.M KOuynm^M. npeso^ OT pycKii t . 
MOJIXOB] 2, nsfl. [Co^n^j Hapo^na wjia^ex t !949j 

HX314.G55 ' 1949a 51-24990 rev 

Gomez, Eugenic. 

Historia de una traicion. Montevideo, Editorial Elite 


149 p. 20cm. 

Goodman, Elliot Raymond, 1923- 

The Soviet design for a \vorld state. "With a foreword by 
Philip E. ]\rosely. Xew York, Columbia University Press, 

xvill, 512 p 24 cm. (Studies of the Russian Institute, Columbia 
JC361.G66 1960 3-21.041 60-7625 

Gordon, Andrew, 1906- 

Communisiu is evil. Bel Air Park jBritish Guiana, 
Printed by the Argosy Co. [I960! 

22 p. 20 cm, 
HX40.G585 64-28403 

Gorz, Andre. 

La morale de 1'histoire. Paris, Editions du Seuil r l&59] 

283 p. 20cm, 

HX266.G57 A. 62-2275 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Griffith, William E 

"World communism divided [byj William E. Griffith, 
jNew York, Foreign Policy Association t !964] 

48 p. muftrpoEtB. 20 cm. (Headline series, no. 166) 
E744.H43 no. 166 64-23945 
Copy 2. BX44.G73 

Griffiths, Sir Percival Joseph, 1899- 

The changing face of communism. London, Bodley Head 
C l961j 

223 p. 23 cm. 
HX246.G86 62-3113 J 

Grnndlagen des MaTxismus-Leninismufl; Lehrbuch, ^Dia 

t3t>ersetzung besorgte ein "Obersetzerkollektir. Wissen- 
schaftliclie KontroBredaktion: Horst Ullrich, et al. 5. 
Aufl Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

8S& p. 23 cm. 
HX40.07S5 1960 62-34646 t 

Guillen, Abraham. 

El imperialismo del d61ar, Ajn^rica. Latina: revoluci6n o 
alienacion. rBuenos Airesj A. Pena LUJo t !962] 

702 p. tables. 24cm. 
HC165.G73 64-36969 

Gunawardhana, Theja. 

Khrushchevism. t 2d ed.j Colombo, Swadeshi Printers 
t 1963, 

71,454, IT p. 22cm. 
HX40.G755 1963 S A 64-5160 

Gupta, Kalyan Chandra, 

A critical examination of Marxist philosophy. [Calcutta, 

237 p. 23 rni. 
HX394.G3 S A 62-761 t 

Gurian, Waldemar, 1902- 

Bolshevism, an introduction to Soviet communism. Notre 
Dame, Ind., "University of Notre Dame Press [1963j 

189 p. 21 cm. (International studies of the Committee on Interna 
tional Relations, University of Notre Dame) 
HX40.G76 1963 335.4 63-5465 t 

Gnstafsson, Berndt. 

Marxforsknhg och Marxdebatt efter andra varldskriget; 

forsok till orientering. Stockholm, Studiebokforlaget C 1960j 

61 p. 19 cm. ( Sverlgea kyrkliga BtudlefQrbnnd. SkrLftaerle nr. 

HX44.G8 62-36878 t 

al-Haddad, Samir. 

v. 24cm. 
Princeton Unlr. LIbr. 

NE 64-1582 

Hahn, Walter F ed. 

American strategy for the nuclear age. Walter F. Hahn 
and John C. Nefl, editors. 1st ed. Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday, 'I960. 

v, 134 p. 80 cm. (DouWeday anchor books) 
E744.H25 327.73 60-13549 rev 

Harmsen, J 

De weg naar een nieuwe wereld, beknopt overzicht van 
de doelstellingen. van het communisme. Amsterdam, 
Pegasus, 1947. 

fi2p. 20cm. 
HX309.H;) 59-53889 t 

Hirano, YoshitarS, 1897- ed, 


$W Wilh/tL Hi'i HI 23 t 1948, 
131 p M cm. 

1. SiK-inllsni. 2 Coiunumigin. i. Title, 

'Iitle romanisfd: Eien noahJnrl, jlyQ, by&AQ no hlhaa. 


J 62-763 t 

Hoffer, Eric. 

The ordeal of change; [essays. 1st ed.] New York, 
Harper & Row C 1963] 

150p. 22cm, 
HX36.H6 301.24 63-10601 J 

Hoover, John Edgar, 1895- 

The Communist Party line. Prepared for the Subcom 
mittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal 
Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of tha Com 
mittee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-sev 
enth Congress, first session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., 1961. 

Ill, 6 p. 24 cm, (STth Cong., 1st Bess. Senate document no. 58) 
HX44.H6 61-64779 

Hoover, John Edgar, 1895- 

One Nation's response to communism. t n. p. 5 1960. 
14 p. 10 cm. 
HX86.H787 61-61428 

Hoover, John Edgar, 1895- 

A study of communism. f lst ed.j New York, Holt, Rine- 
hart and Winston C 1962j 

212 p. Illus. 24cm. 
HX40.HC3 335.43 62-20617 t 

Hoover, John Edgar, 1895- 

A study of communism. [School ed. 7 New York, Holt, 
Rinehart and Winston C 1963j 

228 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
HX40JH63 1963 335.43 63-2280 t 

Houart, Pierre. 

Les ovenements du Congo; precisions et documents 
nouveaux sur Tattitude politique des leaders congolais et sur 
les tentatives n6o-colonialistes. Eeponse a la brochure "M. 
Lumumba at le eommunisme." c BruxelIeS] Centre de docu 
mentation Internationale, 1961. 

411. 28 em, 
DT658.HG 01-34949 J 

Hrabovs'kyi, Volodymyr KJvmentovych. 

MapKCirsM-JteiiiHisM npo eKOHOMi^HHft Gaanc i a 
tKniBj 1959. 

53 p. 20 cm. 
HX40J37 64-2944G 

Hu, Chung-ytin. 

f i ^ te n & i: 


24p. Illus, Iftcm. 

1. Soclaliam. 2. Conjmuntsm 


r. Title. 

Title rcmanigfi: Shlh ruo h!h shp 
hul chu I ho kung ch'an dm I, 

CGO-3361 t 

Hung ch'i. 

More on the differences between Comrade Togliatti and 
us; some important problems of Leninism in the contempo 
rary world, by the Editorial Dept of Hongqi (Red flag) 
Peking, Foreign Languages Press, 1963. 

198 p. 19 cm. 
HX44.H783 63-39443 

Hunt, Robert Nigel Carew. 

Socialism into communism. Oxford, St. Antony's College. 

2 v. 84 cm. { St. Antony's papers on Soviet affairs) 
HX50.H8 57-17492 rev t 

Hunt, Robert Nigel Carew. 

The theory and practice of communism, an introduction. 
With a new pref. by Leonard Schapiro. Baltimore, Pen 
guin Books [1963] 

815 p. 18 cm. <A Pelican book, A578) 
HX36.H8 1963 335.4309 3-24902 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

D'in, Archzhil GUdmovich. 

HoBtift coKpyraHTejii,atift y^ap no coBpeueHHOMy onnop- 
iyHH3ity ; o 3HaieHnn AOKyueHTon MOCKOBCKOFO coBemanntf 
npe^ce^aie-ieS EOjtMyHircrinecEnx u pa6oinx napinfi 1960 
r. xxx zpHTHEH coBpeneaHoro peBasnoHnsMa a pe$opMH3Ma. 
MocEua, SHanne, 1961. 

47 p. 22cm, (BcecowsKoe oCmecTso no pacnpocrpaHCHMK) nojiH- 
TOTCKHX H HayHHMc MaimfiL iHwaiBWi Cepiot 2.: <t>Knoco4>Hsr, 10) 
AS262.T833 ser.2, 1961, no. 10 

Imai, Tadashi, 1904- 

ft 1948. 

321p, IllBS, 19cm. 

X Communist parties. 2. Communism. L Title. 

Tttte remmised: Sekal kySaantO no gensel. 


J 62-1266 

Ingensand, Harald. 

Die Ideologic des Sowjetkommunismus; philosophische 
Lehren. Hannover, Verlag fur Literatur und Zeitgeschehen 

9Sp, illus. 21cm, (HefteznrOstkunde, Heftl) 
HX56J5 62-67407 

Inoki, Masamichi, 1914- 

1. Totalitarianism. 2, Communism. i. Title, 

TI romanized; Kokusal selji no tcnkni. 

jGiSU 55 

Inoki, Masanricftf, 1914- 

J 60-840 


297p. Iflcm. 


Bnssia Hist IfllT- 

DK266.1 67 

2. Communism. j. Title. 
ritfe romortwed.- Roshla knkumei slil. 

J 60-2(51 

Iribadzhakov, Niko&L 

e KPHTHXH Mapicnsna; $nJioco$CKO-conHOJfO- 
(Jopt5u npoma coBpeMCHnoro aHTH- 
. fl c <5ooirapcKoro JI. B, BopoSfcesa, E. B. 

OcunoBofl H jl. T. fflicaEOBa. ITofl pe#. E c nocjieoioBHCM 
M. T. HoB^yra. Mocisa, HSA-BO BtnocrpaHHOfl JUT-pu, 


Jain, Girflal, 1921- 
What Mao really 



63-43614 t 

Delhi, SidcEhartha Publications 
S A 62-1121 t 

Janicek, Frantigek. 

Spory s levicaky v Komintern na pralm dvacat^ch let; 
kI^oinOTfDStsfc6nemod^7iaK^ M vkomTmismn. r Tyd, 
Lj Praha, Sttni nakL politick^ literatury, 1959. 

100 p. 22cm. 
HX1LI5J3 61-22251 J 

Jn min jiB pao, Pdcvy. 

Eme pas 06 HCTOpH^ecK 
pnara; craiwr B ra3*re 
Hpas^a, 1&56. 

38 p. 20cm, 


3S p. 20 on. 

iBuenos Airesj 1957. . 


Jen min jih pao, Peking. 

fiUlfc 1956. 
20 ji 19 CHI. 

Issued ulao In English. 


Title rovwnised: Taai luu wu t'lt'itn chleh 
chi ehuau chfing U H shih chlnff yn. 

C61-95 t 

J6n min jih pao, Peking. 

Weitere Bemerkxingen uber die historischen Erfahrungon 
der Diktatur des Proletariats. t l. Aufl.j Berlin, Dietz, 1957. 

44 p. 21 cm. 
HX389.J394 62-31870 t 

Jen min jih pao, Peking. 


42 p. Iftcm. 

<-ONTKN.-X J &I A 1'fri'i 

V!ltfltjJ 1 Ht r i 1 ' l Wl 

I. ^nnnuibm. r. Title. 

chuan cheng H 11 alilli chlng yon. 
0M88 J 

Jessup, John Knox, 1907- 

Comn^unism, the nature of youv enemy, by John 1C .Tossup 
and the editors of Life. c New York, Time, inc., 1902, 

74 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
HX40.J43 02-3168 J 

John Birch Society. 

Blue book. c lst r 
tBelmont ], Mass.] 

T. 23 cm. 

John Birch Society. 

Belmont, Mass. 

v. 24-29 cm. monthly. 

print; 1959- 

368,978 61-4156 rer 


Kalbe, Ernstgert, 

Freiheit fiir Dimitroff; dor Internationale Kamp 
die provokatorische Reichstagsbnvndstiftung und den Lieip- 
ziger Prozess. t l. Aufl.j Berlin, Button & Loenin^. 1968. 

850 p. 2fi cm. (Schrlftenrelhe des Instltuts fUt Geechlchte der 
Bur^aiBChen Volksdemokratiett an der Karl.Marx-tJntvflrsltJtt Lclp- 

DD256.5.K22 68-41170 

Kat6, Nagao, 1912- 

^ttK3L3L%h&i&%m M&#tf Mi 

H iiBf I960. 

283 p. tables. 18 cm, ( )$?&-$; ^ <r> )Hc 'iff i: ^ ft w) 

Bibliographical footnotes. 

1. Socialism. 2. QoromunlBra. x. Title, 

Title romantoed; Shakal-mlnBhushugl to kyOaanshugl, 

HX414.K3 J 61-853 

Kay, Thomas 

The Christian answer to communism: an NAE study se- 
M ru.^ t>^ ;J , ^, pubi House (1 ^ 



61-16287 { 

Ketchum, Richard M 1922- ed. 

What is communism? A picture surrey of world com 
munism. Newly rev. and brought up to date by Abraham 
Brumberg. Art director: Will Anderson. Picture editors: 
Kuth TrauriK [andj Pierce G. Fredericks. New rer. ed. 
New York, Dutton, 1968. 

192 p. llluB, 28cm, 
HX56X4 1963 886 62-7816 J 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894- 

For new victories for the world Communist movement, 
concerning the results of the meeting of representatives of 
the Communist and workers' parties (by, Nikita S. Khru- 
flhchov. Prague, Peace and Socialism, 1968. 

50 p. 28cm. 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1804- 

The now content of poacoful cooxistenco in (ho nuclear 
age; speech at the Oth Congross of tho Socialist Unity Party 
of Germany, Berlin, January Itt, U)C!J. Now Vork, Cross 
currents Press (lOOJJj 

48 p. 22 cm, ( Documents of current history, no. SJO) 
HX44.K47 63-14090 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1RO-1- 


niui; ii3 nucTyn.tieinin iOIHMSMM rr. Mocicna, IIa^-o jtm- 
pu na anocTpainiHX UIJK;VX, 10(51$, 

127 p. 20 oui. 
HX44.K175 (M-H)887 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894- 

Tho revolutionary workin/Df-class and Communist move 
ment; splortad pasHages, 1050-0,'i t by 3 N. S. Khrushchev. 
Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub, House, 10(58. 

Ill p. 20 cin, 
HX44.K47S8 64-5788 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894- 

SocialiHin und amnnuniam; wilwtwl pasHup;^, IOBG~(5 
N, S. Khrurthehov. Moscow, Foreign Language Pub. House, 

175 p. 20 0111. 
HX814.K533 88.43 045786 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1804- 

ComiajtusM K KOMMyunau; HU BHtctyxwicunft 1056-1008 rr. 
MOCKBIV, TT3A-o .lur-pw nn ititocTpaunux iiausax, 1008. 

101 p. MO cm. 
HX314.K58 04-40572 

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1R04- 

3a nonuc no^e^w Miipoiiora KOMMyimoTuwcKoro ^BUJKC- 
KHH ; K irmniM Omeinniuwr npCACTanHTCJiett noMMyHKCTnie- 
CKHX u pado'inx naimift, MocKua, Toe, U3,n;-no IIO^MT, JMT- 
pw, 1961. 

82 p. 20 em, 

HX44.K48 0-W0886 

Ivirkpatrick, Jane J ?d, 

Tho strategy of tfacoptiou : u study in world-wide commu 
nist tactioH. Now Vork, Fiirrar, fltrnttn [1068, 

xxv, 4-M i. 21 OBJ. 

Kitaoka, Juitsu, ed. 


.it iw ^ & m 

0,'J 17067 

n i u m 

t i058, 

H(l p, 17 n, 
Cover tltlo. 

1. Nihon KyfldftiUfl, 2. 

. . 

Title )'t>mani*e<i: Nlhon Ky<}n(0 no hotl. 

,T BO-3180 

Hoover Instlturion 

Klennr, Fritz. 

Ewigo Kreiheit? Renaiasancft oder X 
Europa V'erlag t1902) 

ll!2p, 21 cm. (Europlil*chal>ttrpflktlvoti) 

Wien t 
68-4170B t 

Kluckhohn, Frank L 

The naked rise of communism; a penetrating study of 
communism, its origins and doctrines, it* Btwngtha and weak 
nesses. Special foreword by Karl Mundt Derby, Conn., 
Monarch Hooks rl962j 

280 p. 10 cm, (Monarch Mtot book*, M86) 
HX40.K04 385,43 62-51288 t 

K*rara MX Txnjt wo xapKCKCTcxott 

TOG, H3,VBO nOJMIT, JIMT-pM, 1900, 

004p, 2lcm. 

KOan Kykai, 

co^ifu;. Mocwua, 
01-34608 t 


8 v, in c 


1. Communism, 2. SoclaUira. i, TUl, 

Titl* nmanited: Bkal undo ihl buiikon nhQ. 

J 00-22 JO 
Hoover I nstttutlon 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMtHSnSM (Continued) 

Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovetskogo Soiuza. f&en- 
trd'nyl KowAtet. 

OxKpijToe nucLMo lUenTpajntHoro KoMnteia KoMMyHHCTn- 
necKOft napTim CoseTCKoro Coiosa naprnftHHii opraHnaa- 
HHJIM, seen KOMMynncTaii CoBCTCKoro Corosa. MocKBa, 
ITpaBfla, 1963. 

62 p. 20 cm. 
HX314.K5CS 63-55328 

Kommunisticheskaia parti& Sovetskogo Soiuza. Vysshafo 
partnnam shkola. 

BejiiiKaji cii.ia .leaiiHCKiix ii^efl. [Fjiau. pe^aEiop C. M. 
IleTpOD] Mocicua, 1960. 

534 p. illus. 23cm. 
HX40.K66 61-20944 t 

Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovetskogo Soiuza. Vysshaia 
partnnam slikola. Kafedra marksistsko-leniTiskol filosofii. 
HcTOpHicci;nft MarepnajiHSM. IIo^ pe^. A. $. MaKaposa, 
P. B. Tepaesa n E. H. ^eciiOKOna. Mocnna, E[3a;-B0 Ellin 
H AOH, 1963. 
349 p. 23 cm. 
B809.8.K663 64-42748 

Kosa, John. 

Two generations of soviet man ; a study in the psychology 
of communism. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina 
Press 11962, 

214 p. 23 cm. 
HX44.KCM 335.43 62-16111 J 

KStani, Etsuo, 1903- ed, 


322 p. lllua, 22ctu. 

1. Communism. 2 UoaimuntaL pnrtlua. I Title. 

'1'ttlu romunited: Kokusul kyfwiu 
aelryoku no t 


J 62-1841 J 

Kovalev, P 

Mew,iy EaniiTajiinMOM H KOMMytnisMOM; lejioseE B nnfly- 
CTpnaji!,HDM oGmecTue. MWHXCH, USA-BO D>HTp. ofoeflnne- 
HHta noairr. aMHrpanroB H3 CCCP, 1959. 

67 p, 21 cm. 
HX56.K65 62-42664 J 

Kflyama, Iwao, 1905- 
-?)\,? x'XA 

ft HS #J 24 [1840, 
253 p. 10 cm. 
Colophon Inserted. 

1. Communism. 2. Philosophy, Modem. t. Title. 

Title roTwwttred; Marnkushiiurau no chOkoku. 


J 62-728 

Kozlova, Ollmpiada Vasil'evna, ed. 

OCmecTBCHHHft xpy^ a nepno^ pasBCpHyroro cxpOHtejit- 
crsa KOMMyHHSMa. MocKBa, Hafl-ao corjHajii,HO-3KOH. JIHT- 
PH, 1963. 

306 p. tables. 21 cm. 
HD8526.5.K68 63-51639 

Kozlovskft, Vladimir Evdokimovich. 

B. H. JfeHHH o ^HajieETnKC npoiHBOpeiHft. MocKsa, 3na- 

HH, 1960. 

45, [81 p. 22 cm. (BcecowsHoe oSmeciBo no pacnpocrpaHeHMio 
noJiHTHHecKHx H HayiHbix SHaHMft. [MsAaHHjij CepHjt 2.: 4>juio- 

AS262.V888 ser. 2, 1960, no. 7 61-23822 

Ki-ishna, Raghuvir. 

Fnllncies of Mtirx's commuuisin and its practice. New 
Delhi, ()iu World Order ( Yopi Mission) jlOOH] 

xvtli, Iv, C2lii>. ports., maps, IScni. 
3IX.1W.K7 S A 63-4488 

Kuroda, Hirokazn, 1027- 

204 p, 19 c 


. 2.ComnjimltreTLrionlii. i. Title. 
ritteromatod: Geadal nl okeru helwa to kaknvel. 

J 62-1268 

Kuskov, Elizar E'ich. 

HoBuft aran Miipoaoro KOMMyHiicin^ecEoro flBuxceHH^. 
MocKsa, Snanne, 1959. 

47 p. 22 cm. (BcecoiosHoe oCmecrBO no pacnpocTpaHCHHro no^H- 
TMiecKHx H nayHHwx sHaHHfi. [HsAaHHflj Cepiw 7.: MeyHaDOA- 
Hafl, 10) 
AS262.V833 sei-. T, 1959, no. 10 59-54815 J 

Landauer, Carl, 1891- 

Contemporary economic systems, a comparative analysis. 
Philadelphia, Lippincott [1964] 

s. 500 p. 25 cm. (The Lippincott college economic series) 
HB87.L34 330.1 64-14849 

Landesverband Freier Schweizer Arbeiter. 

Ost oder West? Der Arbeiter im Sowjet-'Taradies." 
rFlawil, Buehdruckerei Flawil, 1959, 

46 p. Illus. 19 cm. (Its Sozlale Schrlften, Heft 28) 

,. L,b, 

Lange, Marianne. 

BOrgerHches und marxistisch-leninistisches Menscnenbild ; 
eineStudie. c l. Aufl. 3 Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

69 p. 20cm. 
HX280.A2L28 62-37423 J 

La Pelleterie, Henry de. 

Au niveau du monde, Paris, Editions du Scorpion r 1962i 

254 p. 19 cro. 


68^65695 J 

Lauwers, L 

Het communisme en de cultuur, ondergang of renaissance? 
Tilburg, Di-ukkerij van het K. K. Jongensweeshuis, 1956 
OOp. 20cm. ( 


60-18287 J 

Leferre, Bernard. 

L'Occideut en peril. Paris. Nouvelles Editions latines 

269 p. 22 n. 
HX40.L3Si 63-32560 t 

Leff, Gordon. 

The tyranny of concepts : a critique of Marxism. London, 
Merlin Press c '1961] 

203 p. 23 cm. 
B809.8.L36 146.3 62-3357 J 

Lenin, Vladimir n'ich, 1870-1924. 

Karl Marx, riwajathidup singkat dengan, uraiaa t 
Maradsme, Djakarta, Jajasan Pembaraan, 1962. 

44 p. 20 cm. 
HX39.5 JL4495 g A 64-38W 

Leningrad. TJxdversitet. 


168p, 22cm. 

3 oCra;ecTBa. t Oi- 
HHHrpafli 1961. 

62-26457 J 

Leonidov, Fedor MikhaHovich. 

HoCe^Haa nocxynt KOMMyi 

HHajtBHO-3KOH. JtHT-plI, 1960. 

109 p. 20cm. 

Liao, Ch'un-feng. 

MocKBa, HS^-BO co- 

, [1949] 
56 p. 19cm. 

1. Communism i. Title, 

Title romanized: Kung ch'an chu 1 p'l p'an. 


C 6U-2418 

Lippert, Heinz. 

Der Kommunismus eine Neuroeel [1. Aufl. Gieasen, 
Rodtberjrverlag, 1962, 

84 p. 18cm. 
HX40.L& 64-36990 

Liu, Shao-ch'i, 1900- 

Como ser un buen comunista. [Habana, Comision de Pro 
paganda del Comit^ Municipal del P. S. P., 195~j 

59 p. 19 cm. 
HX389^7L486 60-33934 J 

Liu, Shao-ch'i, 1900- 

HIM 1962. 
76 p. ID cm. 
1. Communism. i. Title. 

HX389J57L49 1962 

Title romanieed: Lun kung ch'an 
tang yilan tl hslU yang. 

C 63-1496 I 

Liventsov, Valentyn Olefcsandrovych. 

Iloinra i ocTaro^na nepejiora co^ia^i3iIy B CPCP ia 11 
KiacuapoAHC 3HaCHHK Kuin, BIIA-BO AKa^esiii aavK YED. 
PCP, 1960. 

79 p. 20 cin. 
HX313.L55 69-48749 { 

Liventsov, Valentyn Oleksandrovych. 

npoieTapCLMift iHxepHanioii.-uiaM i E^HICTI. Mianapo^Horo 
pyxy. Kiin:, Bu^-co AKa^enii nayic 7i:p. 

PCP, 1958 

71 p 20 cm. 

59-29457 rev J 

Lortz, Joseph, 1887- 

Europa und das Christentum; drei Vortrage von Walther 
von Loevrenich, Fedor Stepun und Joseph Lortz. Hrsg. 
von Joseph Lortz. Wiesbaden, F. Steiner, 1959. 

204 p 25 cm. (YerBffentUchungen des Instltuts fttr EuropSIache 
Geschlchte Mainz, Bd. 18) 
D1055.L6 63-59262 

Lovenstein, Meno. 

Capitalism, coinmunism, socialism (comparative economic 
systems) Ruth Haines: consultant. Minneapolis, Curricu 
lum Eesources, C 1962. 

150 p. Illus. 22cm. (Economic series, 55) 
HB171.L83 62-5159 J 

Lowenthal, Richard^ 1908- 

World communism, the disintegration of a secular faith. 
New York, Oxford University Press, 1964. 

ancil, 3)6 p. 21 cm. 
HX44.L673 335.43 64-20265 

Lowry, Charles Wesley. 

Communism and Christ. New,re-v.ed, NBTV York, Collier 
Books L 1962j 

221 p. IS cm. (Collier books. AS2SO) 
HX86.L84 1962 335.43 52-14002 J 

Magrind y Salvat, Cayetano. 

El milagro de Espafia: Cartas al P. Eoig Gironella, Mus 
solini y el pacto de Letran, Kemorias, Catolicismo, protestan- 
tismo y commusmo. Barcelona, Ediciones Bumbos, 1955. 

105 p. 17 cm. ( Crftlcas y ensayoe) 
BP269.17.M3 60-37055 % 

Maitan, Livio. 

Teoria e politica comunista nel dopoguerra i 
Schwarz r !959, 
287 p. 22 cm. (Collana dl rtorla e culture, 18) 

"Wlaconsln. Unly. Llbr. 

A 60-247 J 

Malik, Charles. 

Will the future redeem the past? An address delivered 
at the eighteenth-century capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia, 
June 11, I960. Opening remarks by Winthrop Rockefeller. 
"Williamsburg, Colonial \Villiamsburg [I960, 

24 p. 24 cm. 

D844.M3332 A 61-9234 

Virginia. State Library 

Mandel, Ernest 

Traite* d'eonomie mandate, Paris, R. JuUia.rd t 1962i 

2 v. 20 on. 4 



Maneli, Mieczyslaw. 

dzialalno^ci panstwa socjalistycznego. Wftrszawa, 1958. 

" 61-24212 J 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

Melawan karja gaja delapan didalam partai : oleh, Mau 
T] e-tun^r. Djakarta, Ja jasan Pembaruan, 1962. 

24 p, 21 cm. 
H ^44.M32 SA6W247 

Mares, Delia S 

Know your enemy. Illustrated by V. Hollan. 2d ed. 
Houston, Tex., Gulf Pub. Co. r 1961, 

260 p. Illus. 21cm. 
HX86.M3115 1961 335.43 61-14522 J 

Mares, Delia S 

Binow your enemy. Nev, rev. ed. New York, Collier 
Books t 1962, 

189 p. lllus, 18 cm. (Collier books, AS288) 
HX86.M3115 1962 335.43 CD 62-295 t 

Martinet, Gilles. 

Marxism of our time; or, The contradictions of socialism. 
Translated from the French by Frances Kelly. New York, 
Monthly Kevie\v Press, 1964. 

126 p. 23cm. 
HX40.M2873 335.43 64-17415 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Martinet, Gffles. 

Le mandsme de notre temps; ou, Les contradictions du 
socialisme. Paris, R. Julliard t !963, e 1962 3 

ITSp. 20cm. 
HX44JU35 64-32755 

Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. 

The Communist manifesto jbyj Karl ilarx and Friedricli 
En^eR Principle? of communism jbjj Friedricli Engels; 
a new u.nv-hitiun by Paul M. Sweezy. The Communist 
manifesto after 100 years { bv } Paul M. Sweezy anil Leo 
Hubernun. Xew York, Monthly Review Press" f IOB4, 
v, 123 p, 23 em. 



Le Marasme-Leninisme. Paris, La Cite catholique [I960] 

399 p. 21 cm. 
HX40 5130 

Mayo, Henry Bertram, 1911- 

Introduction. to Marxist theory. New York, Oxford Uni 
versity Press, i960. 

334 p. 21cm. 
HXSG.M3G KiGO 33r..42 (10-5276 J 

Meinvielle, JnKo, 1005- 

El poder destnictivo de la dialectics comunista. Buenos 
Aires. Ediciones Theoria t 1962, 

2r8 p. 21 em (Blblioteca de ensajlstas contemporflneos) 
B809.S.M4 64-756 

Meyer, Alfred G 

Communism. New York, Random House r e 1960i 

217 p. 19 cm. (Studies in political science, PS34) 
HX40.M43 335.43 60-6200 J 

Meyer, Alfred G 

Communism. r Rev. and enl ed., New York, Random 
House t 1963, 1962, 

218 p. 21 cm, 

HX40.M43 1963 335.43 62-20546 J 

Mikhaflovskii, Anatoli!. 

Der Kommunismus in der Weltpolitik unserer Zeit. Vor- 
trag TOD A. Michailowsky, Munchen, gehalten an der Rigita- 
#ung 1959 der VPU. Mit einein Vorwort von H. G. Stockar. 
Schaffhausen, Meier, 1959. 

46 p. IS cm. (Veretolgunff fgr Freles TTnternetmertum. Schrlf- 

jMerhavyah, 1950j 
175 p. i? cm. 

Mills, Charles Wright 

The Marxists. t New York, DeU Pub. Co, 1962, 
480 p. is cm. (A Laurel edition, LX141) 

Mitrany, David, 1888- 

Marx agabst the peasant; a study in social dogmatism. 
New York, Collier Books t !961, 

320 p. 18cm. (Collier books, BS25) 
[HX550] 323.330947 61-18128 

Mobns, Gerhard. 

Behnnptung ohne Beweis: zur Analyse und Kritifc des 
"^^I^ninismna. Osnabruck, A, Fromm r e 1961 7 
130p. 20cm. (PoMtik fler Gegeawart, Bd. 6) 


Mondojf o, lUdoIfo, 1877- 

Materialisfflo Mstorico. Boldbevismo y dictadura. Bue 
nos Aires, Ediciones Nueras, 1962. 
65 p. 19cm, ^ 


Morris, Mai, 1928- 

Hov? to win over communism. Grand Rapids, Mich- 
Zondervan Pub. House C 1962i 

63p. 21cm. ' ^ 

HX536JI64 62-5^33 J 

Moscow. Afcademife obshchestvennykli nank. 

coqHaOTCTH^ecroft HAeojrorHH. c 
M. M. rpuropi^H H ap.j MOCKBI, 


61 _23870 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

O6mne aaKonoMepjior.TH nepexo^a t coijiiajiiiSMy n oco- 
6einiocTi! itx: nposinemui B paauux crpanax [Fias, pe^aK- 
TopII A Xmfiiii, MocKBa, Bnni, 1960 

234 p. 21 cm. 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk, 


BUIU, iono. 

411 p. i*l cm. (Its VieHbie saniicKH) 
HX314.M68 59-53708 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

BonpocH coBpeMCHHoro Me^yHapo^Horo KOMMyniicTiiie- 
CEoro n pafioiero ^BirA-eHiia. [F^aB. pe^aErrop B. T. OOMHHJ 
MocKsa, BniU n AOH, 1961. 

271 p. 21 cm. 
HX40.M634 63-44550 

Moscow. TJniversitet. Fflnsofden fakul'tet. 

P.onpocu MapKCiiCTCKO-ieiinncicort reopuit n r ioi:yMeHTax 
CoRerqaniur rrpe^CTaRine-ieft ncwryniicTiiiecKnx n pafionnx 
napnrft; \taTepna.iH TeopeTiniecrcort Kon^epennitn. t^To^ 
pe^;. R. II. MecnoKoaa, -T. M. Kapanerana, B. H. Pasnua. 
MocKsaj IT3,-;-Bo MOCKOBCKOIO yHnnepcnTera, 1061. 

153 p. 20 cm. 
HX44-.Mf>.> 02-40037 rev t 

Mowrer, Edgar Ansel, 1892- 

An end to make-believe. [1st ed.] New York, Duell, 
Sloan and Pearce [1961J 

241 p. 21 cm. 
D840.M6 909.82 61-14128 t 

MoacHo .in npe^Bii^eTi, Cy^ymee? (ITo Maiepnaiaw $ujtoco$- 
cKoro cewHHapa vi BcewnpHoro $ecTnna.iH MoaofleacH u cry- 
flCHTOB, MocEBa 1957 r.) MocKua, Snaime, 1958. 
71 p. 22 cm, (BcecorosHoe oOiuectBO no pacnpocTpaueHHio no^H- 

THMCCKHX H HayiHUX 3H3HHfi. CepHJt n, Nfi 81-82) 

HX40.M68 59-51530 t 

Mukhanov, Konstantin Ivanovich. 

OCmiie saKOHOMepiiocxH H OCO^CHHOCTH nepexo/ja K co- 
nnajcn3uy B pa3*HiHHX cxpaaax. c Pa6crra noflroTOBJtena ... 
K. H. MyxairoBLiM H p. Hop, pe^. E. K. TonHJiima, K. H. 
Myxanosa H A. H. HsaHOuaj MocKBa, H3fl-BO conHaatKo- 

3EOH. ^HT-pU, 1962. 

481 p. 21cm. 
E84T.M8 63-38199 t 

Murata, Yflichi, ed. 

K ^ n li'J il - ff W ft ^i 


32flp. Wcm. 

1. Communism. T. Tukahnshl, Katauynkl^jolnt C<1, n. TltUi. 
Titlerornanizcd: Shakalahuffi o no 7,eri8liln. 


J 64-388 t 

Murphy, Agnes, 1912- 

An evil treej the story of communism. Milwaukee Bruca 
Pub.Co. t 1961j 
116 p. 21 cm. 
HX86.M93 335.4 61-9101 J 

Murphy, Apes, 1912- 

An evil tree; the story of communism. Kev. and enl. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. rl962, 

212 p. is cm. 
HX86.M93 1962 335.43 62-20897 J 

Musatti, Cesare Luigi, 1807- 

Paesi del socialismo e problem! clella democraaia. Fi- 
renze, Parenti t !957j 

201 p. 23 cm. ( SaggI dl cultura moderna, v. 211 
JC423.M849 A 57-6577 rev J 

Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. * 

113 p. 22cm. (T <JASH 4 


Nabeyama, Sadachflca, 1901- 

[1961] 1VU 

NE 62-1200 

ISp. 19cm. 

X Youth. 2. OommuniBm, 

i Title. 

Titte romentsed: Selnen to Icakuahin. 

J 60-2529 

Nagata, Hiroshi, 1904-1947. 


/A" Hg |P 24 ,1049] 
22L' p. 10 cm. 

1, Dlalcc-tlcal uiiiUTialism. 2. Ooninmnlsni i Tltlf 

Title ro man ard: Shlteki yulbutsim 


Nasim, Mahir. 

jb ^ S^UJUI . , 

125 p. 17 cm. (V ( 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Nasim, Mahir. 

120 p. 20 cm, 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Nasim, MShir. 

J (U-127 J 


t 1961j 


NE 62-1388 

N E 63-518 

95 p. 20 cm. 


N E 63-802 

Neipp, Paul C 

Let's take the offensive; a detailed blueprint showing what 
the patriotic American can do to win the victory over com 
munism. Nashville, Parthenon Press t !962i 

147 p. 10 cm. 
E748.5.N4 62-2014 | 

Neves, Herculano. 

321 t i. e. Trezentas vinte e urna, perguntos a urn Brasileiro. 
Sao Paulo, EditCra Fulffor, 1962, 

30 p. 2lcm. 
F2509.N38 63-28481 t 

HJUCOH npo(5^eitit na iramata cijnpeMcmtocx; ctfopiiHK OT cxa- 
THH. [Pe^aKTOpn : Feno BJOIIKOB n flp.j CO$HK [B^arapcsa 
rcoMyiiiK-TiiiecKa nap-rim] 1962. 

866 p. 21 cm, 


HXKOH BtnpocH ita c^BpcMC 
Bapiia, ZCTtpsK. H3.ff-B0, 1962. 

242 p. aocm. 


63-44137 | 

Nihon Ky6sant6. ChiW Iirtkai, Sendm KySikubu 

H * 


1. Gomuiuiitmn. 2. OapltalKcQ. t Title. 

Title romani*e<t: KyOaanslmgl tokuhon. 

J 62-1837 | 

[MocKaaj Hafl-no MOCKOBCKOH) 
61^4504 J 


Nikitin, Petr Ivanovich. 

iHsepcHTexa, 1961. 

184 p. 22cm. 

Nislu'mura, Toshio, 1H08- 
238 |>, iKirt, ID cm. 

1. CoinniuiilRni. r. Til It', 

Hoover Institution 
Nlrlund, Ib. 

^^iS^^J * tid ', t?^?! 1 ^ 7 ?' ^ai^iftrks kommuni- 

62-36930 t 

ntto romantsed: Nlhon nl semaru kyol. 
J 59-2918 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Nollau, Gunther. 

Zerfall des Weltkommunismus; Einheit oder Polyzentris- 
mus. Koln, Kiepenheuer & Witsch t !963i 

154 p 21 cm. (Information, Bd. 5) 
HX44.N585 64-37022 

Novoselov, Sergei Pavlovich. 

CaMaa BJUHsiejiBHaH CHJIE cOBpeiieHHOCTE ; Mnposoe BOM- 
MyHucxniecKoe ABiraeHHe Ha cospeaieHHOM 3Tane. Mocssa, 

FOG. H3A-BO HOJtHT. JIHT-pH, 1962. 

TOp. 20cm, 
HX44.N63 63-54607 

Obayashi, Ken'ichi. 

78 p. 19cm. 

1, Communism. 



I. Title. 

Title romanized: KySsanshtigl to no helwatetd 
kyOson ws. kanO ka. 

J 61-1071 t 

Okulov, A F 

BftHHKoe $njioco$cEoe npon3Be;;eHne TBOpiecicoro MapE- 
cn3iia. K 50-jiernio Buxo^a B CBCT Ennni B. H. JTeHDHa 
"Marepua-insM n 3iranpHOKpnTHn;n3M," 1909-1959. MocEsa, 
foe. n3^-BO no-inr. .ini-pti, 1959. 

79 p. 21 cm. 
B809.8.L42037 59-59682 J 


jpy^ax B, H. lemma. t ABTOpu : H. #. KOJCCOB n jsp.j Mo- 

CKBa, HSA-BO COHHaai,HO-3KOH. JHT-pK, 1960. 

462 p. 21 cm. 
HX314.08 61-38781 1 

OCHOBH MapKCii3Ma-.ieHiiHii3sia , yieCHoe aocoCae. MocKsa 
Foe. ii3^-BO no:mT. .iHi-pti, 1959. 

773 p. 23cm. 
HX40.O73 60-29280 

OCHOBM MapKCH3ua-^eHHHH3Ma; y?e<5Hoe noccXSne. Hsfl. 2, 
t PyKOBO,iHTejiE> asTOpcicoro xoxieKTHBa 0. B. KyycnHCH] 
MocKsa, Foe. HSA-BO HOJIHT. JIHT-PII, 1962. 

782 p. 28cm. 
HX314.O75 1962 62-57842 

Ovcrstreet, Harry Allen, 1875- 

The Iron Curtain : -where freedom's offensive begins f by 3 
Harry and Ronaro Overstreet. [1st ed.j New York, Norton 

229 p. 22 cm. 
HX44.O85 335.43 63-8073 J 

EocvomxAv 2muo6v 

Papaioannou, Kostas Str 

To: deu^Xia TOV MaoEtouov. 'AMvou 1954- 
v. 25 cm. (Aiyiootniw Kivipoo Eocvom 
A. 2. B. 2.. 10) 

Parted Komonis Indonesia. 

Sosialisme. ^arii^T & haxiesok bangsa-*. t Djakarta, 1963] 
79 p. 21 cm. (Poataka Manls, 1) 
HX44JP25 SA64-6140 

Parti liberal democratique vaudois. 

Visage du manisme; gtude lib^rale. iLausannej 1961. 

43 p. 21 era. 
HX351P3 63-49957 

Partido Comnnista de Chfle. Covvti Ctntrd. 

JIacia la conquista de xm gobierno popular; r informe del 
ComitS Central al m Congreso del Partido Commxista de 
Chile rendido por el secretario general del partido, camarada 
Luis Corvalan, el 13 de marzo de 1962, en el Salon de Honor 
del Congreso Nacional. [Santiago, 1962^ 

54 p. 24 cm. 
F3099JP3 63-30894 J 

PazhitnoY, Leonid Nikolaevidi. 


"3KOHOMiiiecEO-$nJ!oco$cEHe pvEonHCH 1844 ro^a" E. 
MapKca. MocEna, HS^-BO coi^Hajii,HO-3EOH. ^Ht-pu, 1960. 

168 p. 20cm. 
HX39.P3 60-41688 1 

Pefflcani, Michde. 

Radiografia del comnnismo. Pref . di Ignazio Silone. t l. 
ed. Eoma-, Societa editrice democratica t !961i 

erp. 21cm. 
HX44JP36 4-36991 

Pemberton, Prentiss L 

Christians face the total menace of communism With a 
chapter by W. Alvin Pitcher. Valley Forge rp a ., Judson 
Press r !962, 

108 p. 20 cm. 
HX44.P4 335.4382 62-14077 J 

PennsylTania. Dept. of Public Instruction. 

A comparative study of democracy and communism. 
Harrisburg, 1960. 

9 p. 28 cm. (Itt Curriculum services series, no. 2) 

A 63-568 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Peralva, Osvaldo. 

retrato. Belo Horizonte, Editora Itatiaia [1960, 
400p. >cm. C ] 

HX192.P4 1960 63-51393 

Peralva, Osvaldo. 

retrato; (tlepoimento sobre o comunismo no Brasil] 
Kio de Janeiro, Kditora Globo [1962 : 

275 p. 18 cm. (ColecSo Cataveato, 61) 
HX192.P4 10(52 63-57695 rev 

Perovi6, Mirko. 

Socijalizam i odumiranje drzave; teorija i praksa. Beo- 
grad, Kultura, 1950. 

179 p. 18cm. (P0HttCkabIblloteIi,14) 
HX40.P44 60-31312 J 

Petrov, Kirfl Stoianov. 

Poutara aa naysaia B KOnyHHCTH^ecKoro otfmecrBO. Co- 
$HJI, Haysa H HssycTuo, 1962. 

125 p. a cm. 

Platig, E Raymond. 

The United States and the Soviet challenge. [Chicago, 
Science Research Associates, 1960j 

66 p. illua., maps. 17x22 cm. (Foreign relations series) 
DK274.3 19CO.F55 327.73047 61-5 


y^efi. nocofiaja no nojiHT. SIOHOMHH KO.SL SKOH. Byaos 
^asyjCBTexoB. Mocrsa, Bucmajc HHCOJCE, 1960. 

781 p. 22cm. 
HB179.P688 61-29443 

Prado, Cak). 

mundo do socialismo. [Sao PanlOj Editora Brasiliense 

185 p. 24 cm. 

64-41952 t 

Pragne. Universita Karlova. FZloaofako-Tustorickd fdhdta. 
Spolek posfachaSv j&osofie. 

Diskuse s univ. prof. dr. Arno?tem Kohnanem. ( 1. vydj 
Praha, Orbis, 1946. 

57 p. 21 cm. (PfednaSky a dlskiae, ST. 1) 
HX314.Z5P7 59-51729 

Pravda, Moscow. 

jiyHiicTOB BCCX crpan. 
saHHtic B rasexe 

Sip. 20cm. 

y^enHe KOM- 
&H, ony6"jiHKO- 
or 10-12 iiaa 1964 r.j MocKsa, 


Pravda, Moscow. 

MHpa n coi;na,in3Ma ; pe^a^noHHaa crarta, ony- 
tfjHKOBaHHaff B rasere "HpaB^a," 7 aHsaps 1963 ro^a. Mo- 
CKsa, 1963. 

Sip. 20cm. 
HX44.P67 63-46935 

Pravda, Moscow. 

B CAHHOM crpou; [raaersi 6parcEHX naptHfi na cipaHHuax 
"IIpaBflH." PcAaKiop A. JTyxoaen;] MocKBa, 1962. 

446 p. Ulufl., ports, 21cm. 
D847J?7 63-51824 

Problemy mira i sofsiahzma. 


B zypnajne "UpofioieMH vnpa n coi^ 
H con^a^HSM, 1962. 

125p. 20cm. 

a." Upara, Mnp 

Pntiato, Stepan Mitluulovich. 

Xaparrep axoBOHEraecxHX aaxoHos connaaHSMa, 3xo- 
HOKH^ecEax poJiL conaajiHCTH^ecKoro rocy/tapciBa. Jlex- 
^HH, npoiHrasHHC B ara^euHH. Mocssa, 1960. 

68 p. 20cm. 
HB179.P8T 64-34849 t 


iQue es el comunismo? Sus origenes, tacticas y errores, 
por I. J., profesor de asuntos internacionales. Cooperativas 
jverdad o no? Por J. A Hough. Traduccion de M. Selga. 
Mexico, Ediciones Occidentales [1951] 

95 p. 21 cm. 
HX246.TT4S.3e 60-19238 I 

jQue es la izquierda? t Porj Ernesto Giudici t et aLj 
Buenos Aires, Editorial Docmnentos, 1961. 

Ill p. 20 cm- 
HX184JZ5Q4 62-30321 J 

Radio Free Europe. 

Scaling the wall; talking to Eastern Europe; the best of 
Radio Free Europe. Edited and with an introd. by George 
R. Urban. Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1964. 

303 p. 23cm. 
HX523.R3 1964 335.43082 64-18955 

Rakowski, Mieczyslaw F 

Zachod szuka ideologii. [Wyd. 1. "Warszawaj 
MinistersU-a ObronyKarodowej 196l3 

112 p. 17 cm. 
E169.LR26 62-49400 J 

Reisberg, Arnold. 

Lenins Idee der Koexistenz wird tritunphieren. t l. . 
Berlin, Bietz, 1960, 

47 p. 20 cm. 

A 61-2353 
Wisconsin. Uniy. LIbr. 

Riron Sha, Tokyo. 

256 p. 18 cm. 
Colophoa Inserted. 

1. Communism. L Hatauaka, JTasaharn, 1907- tt. Title. 
Title romani:ti: K.vflsanshugi e no gjfl no gimon. 


California Univ. at 

J 60-3495 

Los Angeles. TJbrary 

Romaneses, Traian, pseud. 

Amos y esdaros del siglo xx (por que avanza el 
comunismo) t l.ed.j Mexico, 1958. 

173 p. 22 <an. 
HX114.E66 59-49524 J 

Romerstein, Herbert. 

Communism and your child. New York, Bookmailer 

123 p. 18c 


62-5532 J 

Romerstein, Herbert 

The Communist International youth and student appara 
tus. A monograph prepared for the Subcommittee to In 
vestigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act 
and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the 
Judiciary, United States Senate. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1963. 

x, 83 p. illus., map, ports. 24 cm. 

Rossiter, Clinton Lawrence, 1917- 

Marsism : the view from America. t lst ed.] New York, 
Harcourt, Brace [I960] 

338 p. 22 cm. (Communism In American life) 
HX86.RT9 335.42 60-10916 J 

Rozhin, Vasiffl Pavlovich. 


74 p. 20cm. 

Rozhin, Vasilil Pavlovich. 

PasBETHc xxn ctesflOM KHCC 
TeopHH. TtesHHrpa^, 1963. 

63 p, 20 cm. 

62-66476 J 


Radinsky, Joseph F 

The challenge of the steppes: roots of the cold war. New 
York, R. Speller t 1963, 

xx, 342 p. 24 cm. 
D1053.R8 943 

Runuanfsev, Aleksei Matveevich, ed. 

KoMMynncTH E MO-soAeaci, ; Maiepnajm ofiiteHa MHCHHJIMH, 
cocToaBmeroor B pe^aK^mi sypna^a "IIpoo'jteMu icnpa H 
co^Ha.^tH3sla," npara, HJOHI, 1961 ro^a. Itpara, Mzp H 
{MexjtyHapo^Hwe AHCKyccuH wapKCHcrroB. 6) 



2ST p. 20 c 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Ruszko\vsld, Andres. 

El comunismo; diez conferencias de Extension Universi- 
taria. \l. ed. 3 Lima [Editorial Universitaria] 1961. 

245 p. illus. 22 cm. (Publ!cad<5n de la Poatlficia Uai^eisidad 
Catfillca del Peril) 
HX224.RS 61-34787 t 

Sankrityayana, Rahula, 1893- 

Bhago njtTiYm (duniyako) badalo. fLekhakaj Kahuk 
SanMrataj-ana. t Cauth! chapaj Dahabada. Kitaba Mahala. 
r 1955, 

6, 300 p. 19cm. 

A 60-1575 
Pennsylvania. Univ. Library 

Sano, Manabu, 189:2-15)53. 

2, 284 p. 19 on. 

1 War and socialism. 2. Communism. r. Title. 

Title romanised: KyOaanshagi sensO ron. 


Sange, Georges. 

Echec au comxnun 
t 1959 s lOSSj 

208 p. 19 cm. 
EX266.S225 1959 

2. ed. rev. Paris, Les UBS d'or 
60-26558 I 

Scheuer, Marceflus J 1916- 

Philosophy of man in communism. Washington, Catholic 
University of America Press, 1952. 

4 cards. 7Jrl2J on. Catholic University of America. Philo 
sophical 143] 

Microcard HX59 Micp A 55-22 rev 

Catholic TTnlT. of America. Library 

ScWesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917- 

The vital center, the politics of freedom. With a new 
introi by the author. Cambridge, Mass., Riverside Press, 

2T4p. aem. < Sentry tuition, 14) 
JC48LS38 1962 821 62-58684 J 

Sehlesuiger, Ina. 

Communism, what it is and how it works t by : Ina Schle- 
singer [and, Jonah Blustain. New York, Macmillan [1964] 

TV, 271 p. illus., maps, ports. 21 cm. 
HX56.S32 335.43 co ** 

Schram, Stuart R 

Coinmumsrae et nationalisme dans les pays sous-develop- 
pfa; quelques variations regionales par Stuart R. Schram et 
Franchise GuHlaume. Paris, 1960. 

341. tables. 29cm, {rondatlon nationale des sciences polltlqiiei. 
Centre <T#nde des relations Internationales. iPublleatlonsi Sfirte C: 
Eecberches, no 1) ' 

HX44.S85 64-30954 

Sdmke, Flete, 1894-1935. 

Briefe und AtifzeichnungeiL aus dem Gestapo-Gefingnis 
in BGamburg. iHt einer einleitenden Skizze von Erich 
Weinert. t l.Aun., Berlin, Dietz. 1959. 

140P, mas. 22cm. * 

HX273.S43 60.J8953 j 

Schwarz, Fredadck Charles. 

You can trust the Communists. Englewood Cliffs, N". J., 
Prentke-Hall t !960, 

1ST p. 22cm. 
HX56J537 335.43 60-11732 J 

Setadtf , Radodav. 

Ka5demu dhKb, taJdemu rufej 6teni o komunismu. {L 
vyd-j Praha, Mladi fronta, 1962. 

8 p. illiffl. 16x17 cm, (BdlceDobryvftr,T.21) 


Sctenkfc, Philip, 1919- 

Bkfc, Philip, 1919- 

The organizational weapon ; a study of Bolshevik strategy 
tid tactics. With a new pref. by the author. Glencoe, EL, 
l ree Press ,1960, 

and tact^^ , , 

Free Press f !96a 

SoOp. 24cm. ' 

HX56.S4 1960 



Seminar on Countering- Conununiat Subversion, 

Seminar on Countering Communist Subversion. Baguio, 
Phihppins, November 1957. t n. p. 1957 1, 

Ml p. 25cm, 
HX5aS43 1957 335.43 58-36349 rev 

rbanescu, I 

Maradsm-leniaismul despre problema razboiului si pacil 
Lupta pentru pace, sarcina primordialll a partidelor comu- 
mste si rnuncatorestL BucurestL Editura PoHticS, 1961. 

134P- 20 cm. (Probfeme to bai ate teoriel marxtet-^euintete) 

64-40671 J 

Shafiev, K N e& 

ECojiHTH^ecKax SKOHOMiia; KOMMyHueruiecKirft cnocoC5 
npOHSBO^CTBa. yneCHUK. 2., irepep. n ^on. RS^. MocKBa, 
Hsa. con;iiaHi>HO-3KOH:. JIHT-OM. 1963. 

599 p. 22cm. 
HB179.S446 1963 63-48200 

Shafiev, K 



icoiJieriifl:: 1C. H. IIIa^neB, 3. K). Jlosmnx, P. H. 


526 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
HB179.S446 61-29810 

Shariia, K S 

HeKOTOpue BonpocM cooTHoraeaHfl AByx $as KOMMyHH- 
crmeCEoro otfmecTBa. TdnaacH, HS^-BO AKa^enHH nays 
TpySHHCKOft CCP, 1961. 

58 p. 20 cm. 
HX44.S485 64-32940 

Sharma, Ram Prakash. 

The future of democracy in India, Ambala Oantt,, Indian 
Publications C 1963j 

148 p, 22cm. 

JC423.S47 S A 63-2240 t 

'A- i!t k Jfe ,'F /r 1 , K M 37 ,1048, 
4, 3, 208 p. l&cm. 

1. Capitalism. 2. Communism, i. Yang, Sun*, n. Ch'Cn, Po-ta, 

Title runwniscd; Hh hut k'o hsllch 
chl oh'u rhino ch'Oriff. 

C W-1280 

al-SMb&nl, Ahmad. 

158 p. 24cm. 

ITE 64-2931 

Siddiqi, Mohammad Mazharuddin, 1915- 

Marxism or Islam. t lst ed.] Hydorabad-Dn., Maktaba 
Nashate-Saniah t !95l, 

312 p. 19cm. 

Siddiqi, Mohammad Mazharuddin, 1915- 

M ?J?^ or ,I slam? t2ded.j Lahore, Orientalia C 1954j 
ZTiii, 168 p. 25 cm. 

Harvard Univ. Library A 60-1484 

Sflone, Ignario, 1900- 

Mi paso por el comunismo. Prx51ogo de Amfirico Ghioldi. 
Buenos Airesj Asociaci(5n Argentina por la Libertad de la 
Cultura t !959j 

11 ' < BtbUotet ' a ^ la llbertad, 8) 

62-38063 J 

Simard, Emile. 

Communisme et science. Quebec, Presses de rUniversitS 
Laval, 1063. 

527 p. 23 cm. 
HX541.S5 63-5203T 

Siracky, Andrej. 

Za socialisticku vedu a kulturu. [Vyber zo Studil, flfinkov 
a kniin.veh publikacil zostavil a predhovor napfsal Jdn Bod- 
narj Bratislava, Vydavatel'stvo Slovenskej akaddmie vied 

864 p, 25 em. 
HX260.C8S5 ' 61-23511 t 

bkiba, Mateusz. 

Jednostka w ustroju sowieckimj studium spoleczno-filozo- 

fi( ^ e- J^y^ Oontemporary Life and Culture, 1948. 

> p. id cm. 
HX315.7.S5 60-38260 1 

Soveshchanie predstaviteM kommunistlcheskikh i rabo- 
chM parta sofslallstichedclkh stran, MOSCOW 1967 
^cjuapauM CoBemaHH,necTaBiiTe.7eft ftMM- 

,. ucTHie- 

CKHX H patfoiHX napTHft co^^a.lacT^'^ecK^x erpaH. MaK- 
MH ^ IoCKBa ' r Cl II3 ^' BO nojinT - Jcirr-pu, 1957. 

D844S73 957 

62-28583 rev 

Soveshchanie predstavitelei kommunisticheakikh i rabo- 
chikh partii sof&ialisticheskikh stran, ^foncoio^ 1957. 

,3>KJiapaE(HJi ooueinairiui, MainnI^rT Miipu. (Mncuna, 
Foe. ii3A-o no TUT, .TiiT-pi,i| lOfiS, 
Microfilm Slavic 1282 D Mi c 00-7339 

Sowjctideologie heute. [Frankfurt am Main] Fischer Buch- 
erei [1962-63; v. 1, 1963, 
2v. 18cm. ( Fischer BUcherel, 460-481) 



Spiridonova, Nina Sergeevna. 

Odu^iocxi, aaKonowepaocTcrt u cuocrtrtpjuiuc (Jiopn nepe- 
xo^a painiiinux cxpan OT KaniiTa.aii3Ma K comia.iinMy. Mo- 
CKna, SHliinie, 19fi8. 

OS p. 22 cm. (BcecoK33Hoc oOmecruo no pacnpocTpancHHio OOJIH- 
TH'iecKHx H iiaynibix 3nHHH. CepHfl in, Ni 31-82) 
H80.V8 1058, no. l-82 50-154434 t 

Spratt, Philip. 

A new look at Marx. London, Phoenix House r !957 1 
R2 p. 10 cm. (A Uuckground book) 

i ti ?J;- i: 


I. OonununlMu k| 2. uoiomunltit education, t, Al, ftflfh'l, IIXXJ- 

Harvard Unlv, Ohltiow- JnpnnMo Library 4202,^ 

Stanton, Robert. 

Forces for freedom. In collaboration with Arthur Fitz- 
' .>J^ ahinffton ' Public Affairs Press C 1D61 3 

i>09.82 01-9825 t 

Stevens, Paul M 

The ultimate weapon Christianity ; the case for a foreign 
policy of militant Christianity, Now York, Nelson C 1001j 

BT1215.S75 1 "' 280,0 61-7748 t 

Stewart-Smith, D G 1984- 

Tho defeat of communism, rlst ed.) London. Ludffate 
Press 1964, 

482 p. ill us, 38cm. 
HX44.S8B 885.48 04-8511 

Strtiiika, Anton, 

Socialistic^ reprodukt-ia. ( 1, vyd.j Bratislava C 81oven- 
s)c6 vydttvntfrl'Bivopolitiekej lilwutury, 1058. 

120 p. lilus, 21 cm. (<?o naaknM^ venlot') 
HD86.S82 60-3JJ769 t 

Suarez, Alberto. 

Los comunistas y los problemas del mundo contempordneo; 
a propfisito de la Conforencia de los Partidos Comunistas y 
Obreros, Montevideo, Secoi6n de Propaganda del Partido 
Comunistn, 1961. 

45 p. 20 cm. 

Sufirez, Alberto. 

^Los fundamentos de la organizaci6n del Partido Comu- 
nista. Montovido, Uruguay, Kdiciones Pueblos tJnidos 

160 p. 20 cm, 
HX229.S8 0^ 5ori5 j 

Sukiennicki, Wiktor. 

JKolumbowy bind; szkico % histoi'ii, teorii i praktyki w 
wiei-kiego "komumsanu," Puryi, Inetytut Literacki, 1950, 

^UiVp. z2 oin, (I'Okuiucinty [7i) 
HX40.S818 61-31223 rev 1 

Sverflin, Matvel Abraroovich, 

cpKai^HOHaJinajt w OCHOBHO aranw ero 
Bwcraaa ranojia, 1902. 



Tanabe, Tadao, 1891- 

^c ' 

243 p. 18 cm, 

1. Communism, 

df KyflMhUKl rlron no hlhan. 
J 68-156 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Book s; Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

Tanaka, Kotaro, 1890- 

^fttt Bg|Q 32 I 1957, 
190 p. 19 cm. 

1. Communism. i. Title. 

Title romanizel: KyOsanshugl to sekalkan. 


J 61-1745 

Telunts, Ashot Matevosovich. 


lecicoM otfmjecTBe. Epesan, HS^-BO AKa,^eMmi nays ApMtfH- 
CKOft CCP, 1963. 

289 p. 23cm. 
HX541.T4 64-27602 

Teoria dhe taktika e levizjes korauniste nderkombetare. (Ma 
terial studimi per format c aresimit ne parti) Tirane, Insti- 
tuti i Historise se Partiso prang, KQ te PPSH, 1960. 

236 p. 22cm. 
HX40.0732 61-27177 

Testimonio, R 

Hacia las fuentes del comunismo. [Florida, Eepublica 
Argentina! Ediciones Paulinas [1962] 

133 p. 20 cm. ( Rerum novarum ; colecci<5n de sociologf a crlstlana, 
HX184.T4 64-30951 

Thomas, Norman Mattoon, 1884- 

Socialism re-examined. r lst ed. } New York, Norton 

280 p. 22cm. 

Timiriazev, Kliment Arkad'evich, 1843-1920. 

Kpacnoe 3iiaMH; npiiTia yienoro. MocKsa, HSA-BO "Co- 
BCTCKaK Poccna," 1938. 

22 p. illus. 22 cm. 
HX:514.25T5 59-49701 t 

Ting, Ta-nien. 


tt 1952. 
75 p. 17 cm. 

l. Communism, r. Title, 

Title rotiKtntzfd: Kunu ch'jtn clui I rhlunjr liua. 


Harvard Univ. Chlm 


JnpnnK Library 4200.1 

Tilarenko, Stepan Lazarevich. 

MH HHTCpnanHOHajiHCTH. MocKsa, Mooro^ax 
, 1956. 
48 p. 20cm. 
HX314.T5 57-24802 rev 

Tito, Joeip Broz, Pre*. Yugoslavia, 1892- 

Perdjuangan. untuk perdamaian dan sosialisnae. [Dja 
karta, Djambatan C 1963] 

47 p. port 23cm. 
HX44T55 S A 64-6289 

Togliatti, Palmiro, 1893- 

Per avanzare verso il socialismo; rapporto al is Congresso 
del Partito comunista italiano. c l. ed. Romai Riuniti [1960, 
117 p. 17-cm. (Probleml del jloroo : documentl) 

A 60-4477 t 
Wisconsin, Univ. Ltbr, 

Togliatti, Palmiro, 1898- 

Problem! del movimento operaio inteniazionale (1956- 
1961) ( l.ed. Romaj Editor! Riuniti tl962 3 

410 p. 22cm. (Blblloteca poll t tea) 
HX44.TC 63-36817 % 

Torres Calleja, Mario. 

Necesidad de una politioa crediticia. La Paz, 1961. 
25 p. 19cm. 
HG3701.T63 64-36965 

TrolSka, Lev, 1879-1940. 

Basic writings. Edited and introduced by Irving Howe, 
New York, Random House ['1963, 

427 p. 22 cm. 
DK254.T6A25 1968 63-16157 

Tsushima, Tadayuki, 1901- 

244 p. IS cm. 

". ; lffJ27 

1. Cojiitnwiijuii 2, Uouimunlem Russia. i. Title 

Title i-cnnaniied: Sutfirin-siiugl no hihun. 


J 62-1571 J 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

FactN on communism. "Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1950- 

v. 24 cm. 
HX30.TJ48 335.4 60-G04C7 

U, S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the J-udiciary- 

Communist and Workers' Parties' manifesto adopted No 
vember-December, 1960; interpretation and jiimlysw. Hear 
ings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administra 
tion of the Internal Security Act und Other Internal Se 
curity Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session. Testi 
mony of Jay Lovestone, January 26, February 2. 1061. 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1901. 

il, 108 p. 24cm. 
HX44.U55 01-60844 

U. S. Dept. of State. Bureau of InteUigenoe and Research. 

Chinese Communist world outlook; a handbook of Chinese 
Communist statements, the public record of a militant ide 
ology. [Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of 
Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1962. 

rill, 130 p. 26 cm. ( ,U. S.j Dopt. of Shite. Publication 7878. 
Far Eastern series, 112) 

U. S. Dept. of State. Office of Intelligence Research and 
Series 3. 

v. 28 cm. 


56-2894 rev J 

U. S. ^ Dh'ectoratt' for Armed Forces Information and Edu 

Ideas in conflict : liberty and communism. [Washington, 

vil, 160 p. 47 cm. (Tti DOD Pam 8-11) 
UA23.2.A345 no. 3-11 62-60807 rev 

TJ. S. Library of Congress. Legislative Reference Service. 

Khrushchev's speech of January 6, 1961. A summary and 
interpretive analysis prepared at the request of Alexander 
Wiley. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1961. 

HI, 9 p. 24 cm. (87th Cong., 1st seas. Senate. Document no. 14) 
DK274.3 1961.U6 61-60801 

Urbanek, Eduard. 

Zalady marxistickS filosofis. Eduard Urbdnek, Martin 
Marusink. . c Vyd. 1., Praha, Statni pedagogickS nakl, 

v. 20cm. (UCebuftextyvysok^chSkol) 
HX56.U7 60-46008 t 

TJrdaneta Arbeldez, Roberto. 

El materialisms contra la dignidad del hombre, su im- 
pacto en la vida colombiana. t l. ed. Bogotfi, I960] 

877 p. 28 cm. 
CB451.U7 61-86569 J 

VasU'ev, fibril Aleksandroviclu 

B. H. JleHHH B HeroTOpiie Bonpocw nay^Horo npeflBH^e- 
HHa B o6n;ecTBeHHOtt XHSHH. MHHCK, Foe. HS^-BO BCCP ; 

Pftfl. COHHaJtHO-SKOH. JHT-pM, 1962. 

188p. 21cm. 
HX40.V88 68-50569 

Vejroda, Jaroslav. 

Zboini vyroba ve sUtnim socialistickem sektonu t l. vyd.] 
Praha, Nakl. CeskoslovenskS akademie v5d, 1060. 

894 p. 21cm. 
HB701.V37 61-20688 J 

Vela Monsalre, Carlos. 

Golpeteo comunista; 107 trozos brevee denunciando loa 
m&todus, los errorea, la inmoralidad comunista, [Quito, Edi 
torial Don Bosco, 1962j 

158p. 2icm. 
HX44.V4 62-44931 J 

Vela Monsalve, Carlos. 

Ticticas y directivas contra la farea comunista. [Quito] 
Editorial Col6n t 1962] 

146 p. 22cm. 
HX199.V4 68-88401 J 

Verkuyl, Johannes. 

De geest van communisms en kapitalisme en het evangelie 
van Christus. Batavia, Opbouw [1948i 

58 p. 16cm. 
HX309.V38 62-35399 J 

Vfflegas, Osiris G 

Guerra revoluciona.ria comunista. Buenos Airea, Edito 
rial Pleamar t 1963] 

205 p. maps, dlagrs. 20 cm. (Biblioteca de clenclas aociales) 
HX44.V5 64-89362 

Vinatrel, Guy. 

Communisme et franc-maconnerie. [Parisj Presses con- 
tinentales flflSlj 

182 p. 19 cm. 

Le XXH* t i. e. vingt-deuxifeniC] Congr&s du P. C. sovi&ique 

et 1'avenir du communisme. Paris, Julliard, 1962. 

119 p. 22 cm. (La Net, 19. ann<5e, nour. s6r., catxlcr no 9) 
JN6598.K5 19ftlf 63-42160 J 

Vischer, Stanley. 

Understanding communism. New York, St. Paul Publi 
cations [I960] 

43 p. ^i cm. 
HX86.Y57 335.43 60-2572 J 

Vokrouhlick^, ZbynSk. 

Antikomunianus zbraii svetovej reakcie. t l. vyd.j 
Bratislava, Vydavatel'stvo politickej Hteratury, 1963. 

148 p. tables, 21cm. J ' 

HX44.V6 64^36561 

Volpi, Alberto EzequieL 

Radiografia del comunismo. 3, ed. Buenos Aires, Ciudad 

199 p. 20 cm. (CoIeccWn Perfll de nuestro tlempo, 4) 
HX40.V64 1960 

Waiss, Oscar. 

Los problemas del socialismo contemporaneo. t l. ed.j 
Buenos Aires, Ediciones Iguazu [1S61] 

146 p. 20 cm. (Colecclo'n Dacumeutce, 2) 
HX40.W23 63-44731 

Wartburg, Wolfgang von, 1914- 

Vom Wesen und der Bedeutung des Kommunismus. 
Hrsg. von der Aargauischen Vaterlandischen Verehiigung. 
[ZofingiMij 1062. 

55 p. Illua., map. 21 cm. 
HX44.W25 64-38490 

Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research. 

Two communist manifestoes; tests of statement issued in 
the name of world communist leaders, meeting in November 
of 1960. and of an address by Premier Khrushchev on Janu 
ary (5, 19(31. With an introd. and brief commentary by 
Charles Burton Marshall. Washington, 196 1. 

108 p. 22 cm. 
HX44.W3 335.43 61-3837 t 

Wessling, Heinrich, writer on political science. 

cxxxvi [i. e. Hundertsechsunddreissig] Thesen der Demo- 
kmtie im Wettstreit mit der kommunistischen Ideologie. 
cMunster, I960, 

120 p. 21cm. 

Wisconsin. Unit. Llbr. 

A 61-2287 

Whiting, Kenneth R 

Ideologies in conflict. Maxwell Air Force Base, AIa, t 
Air Command nnd Staff College. Air University r !962i 

v, 111 p. 27 cm. J t i 

JC433.WC2 04-80295 

Wtckrnn, CarL 

The total state; a philosophical interpretation of con 
temporary and future society, Boston, Forum Pub. Co. 

300 p, 20 cm. 
HM101.W44 320.1 64-3138 

Wiles, Peter John de la Fosse. 

The political economy of communism. Oxford. Black- 
well, 1962. ' 

wen, xyoa. 

xv, 404 p. Illua. 22 cm. 
HX44.W5 1962 


63-2209 rev 

Wiles, Peter John de la Fosse. 

The political economy of communism. Cambridge, Har 
vard University Press, 1962 t i. e. 1968i 

404 p. Illua. 22cm. 
HX44.W5 385.43 68-2365 t 

Library of Congress CatalogBooh: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

William and Mary College, Williamburg, Va. 

Charter Day, I960; ^xercises commemorating the 267th 
anniversary of the granting of the charter for the establish 
ment oC lk College of William uml Mary, Monday, Feb 
ruary 8th, l!)fiO, Phi Beta Knppn Memorial Hall, Address 
by Walter Spencer Robertson. fWilliamsburg! 1960. 

[21j p. 21 can 

A GO-9 
Virginia, State Library 

Wu, Man-chiin. 

2, 4, 82 p. illua. 19cm. 

1 Communism, i. Title-, 

Title romanized; Kungch'an ting li lua p'l p'an. 

C 63-060 
Harvard Unir. Chinese Japanese Library 4290.03 

Yaroslavl', Russia (City) Gosudarstvennyi pedagogiche- 
skii institut. 

O EeEOTopHx Kiieropnax no.iHTHiecEoft SEOHOMHH co- 
Hira.iH3jia. ilji.peitfucrop A. H.KamenKO, HpociaMb 1960 

272 p. 28cm. (lit yqentie aanHCKH, sun. 46) 
HB179.Y3 61-29459 

Yin, Li-yen. 

ttfc ^ArriF tit lEimiiMi- i^ 

49 c I960, 

, 8, 4, 4, 344, 20 p. port, tablw. 23 cm. 

L C liniiwfert. t. li. sauting; title from colophon. 

o " - wlth adc!ed < p ' : World * r - 

1 S.Hnl proWeniB. 2. ContmuiiUtn, i. Title. 

Title rwnanteed . Kal uwo ihlli olileh. 


C 63-1010 

Yotuel, Alan. 

Guerra revolucionaria y comuaismo. Buenos Aires, Edi 
torial La Mandi-agora 1961- 

r. 18 cm. (ColeeeWn "Clangor") 
HX184.YH 63-32434 rerj 

3a caaoEHOCTt 

PH, 18(14 

288 p. 2i 

H MaiepHajm [ICHCC H 
eitCTaaj MocKBa, HM-BO nojHT JIHT- 


ay mandsmu-leninismu; u5ebnf pomftcka. r Z ruakflio 
originalu pfeL Z. KozehnaloviL et al. Vyd. 1. Praha, 
StfitnS Bald. politick^ literatuiy, 1960. 

TSflp. 21cm. 

HX40.0733 61-39186 J 

Zarodov, K 

O $opuax nepexo^a paMH^HHX cipaH OT xanimuiraKa K 
coga^ns^y^MocKM, Toe, HSA-BO HO^HT. flnr-pw, 1959. 

HX4&B9 *"" 59 _ 53r21 j 

Zawadzfci, Jfeef . 

Od kapitalizmu do socjalizmu. Warszawa, Polskie 
Wydavn. Gospodarcze, 1051. 

86 p. 21cm. (BlbnotekataaoinilctwaBocJaUzmo ( t.9) 
HX315.7.Z38 54-43656 rev 

Zinchenfco, Georgi! D'ich, 

o^ or KarraTajiESMa K cozjuavinauy OCHOBHOC co- 
e coBpeMenffoit 3110x11. Mocssa, HS^-BO coniiaatHO- 

3EOS. JIHT-pH, 1962. 

175 p. 20cm. 

HX44J553 6a . 57835 j 


Akademiia nauk Kirgizsfcol SSR, Frwze. Otdd fksolii i 

Bonpoctr souiiyHHCTHHecKoro BocnHTaHEar. [OxBeTCTBes- 
fiixft pe^aExop A. A. AsmHm6aea 3 Opynse, HSA-BO Asa- 
^CMHH Hayx KHprascKoft CCP, 1968. 

89p. 22<m 
DK916.A67 64^2757 

Akaderaiia nank SSSa Znttifat jOosofii 

Berasax xapra^ EOMstyHHcxH^ecEHX H pafio^HX naprntt; 
Tsop^eocoe paaBHiae JcapECHCTCKo-jteHaacEofi xeopHH B A<> 
xyHeHiax CosemaHEa- upe^craBHTeaefi KosfMyHncxirceczHX 
napiaft, cocxoitBineroca B Mocsse B HOJidpe 1960 
Eojurernji: A. H. ApHojiB^os H >, 

^ cccp ' 1M1 - 


Berlin. Institut fiir Gesellschaftswissenschaften. 

Soxialismus und Friedea. t l. AufL Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 
269, tl| p. 24 cm. 
HX44.B42 64-27663 

Chicago Regional Strategy Seminar, 1960. 

Peace is war: current Communist non-military strategy; 
the proceedings of the Chicago IRegional Strategy Seminar, 
September 23-24, 1960. Published as a joint project of 
Chicago Junior Association of Commerce and Industry, 
Institute for American Strategy [and] Fifth U. S. Army 
Headquarters. [Chicago, I960) 

127 p. dlagrs. 23 cm. 

Ching: chi i ts'ung. 


162 p. 21 cm. 

1. Communism Addresses, essays, lectures. i Title. 

Title romanised: Su-llen ehlng chl hsllph chta hm 
kung oh'an ebu 1 chlen shfl wOn r'l. 

HX40.C58 C 01-13081 

Conservative Political Centre, London. 

Contemporary communism, ^ndon, 1963] 

64 p. group port (on cover) 22 cm. (0. P. 0. tpubltcatlonaj no. 




Footman, David, 1803- ed. 

International communism. Carbondule, Southern Illinois 
University Press. 1960. 

151 p aa em. ( St. Antony's papers, no, 0) 
HX40.F595 1960 335.413 00-13451 

Gaitanides, Johannes, 1909- ed. 

Die Zukunf t des Kommunismus. Munchen, P. List r!963i 
189 p, 21 cm, 
HX44.G2 68-68708 rev 

3 v Illus, 21 cm. 
CoNTBMTa.-l. -? ' 

1. Oonummlam Addresses, css^ya, loeturfs. li. Sociulimu Ad 
dress. OHWIJW lectures, t, Kozal, YoBhishlKf 1 , 11)01- ed. 

TWeramanised: Gemini Mjinikiiau-aluigl. 

HX414.G4 J 62-1173 

^T^SSL^?.? 6 ' ^l^J 1 ?? 1 !? 8 01 ? problems of Marxism- 
-^ ,. -. .. i. House [19C3j 

HX44 - GT 

S A 64-1269 


BHTCJTH : C. T. Kajcraxiair, K). H. neipoa H B. T. I 

MoCKBa t Foc. H3A-BO HOJIHT. aHT-pBI] 1961-62. 
8V. 22cm. * 

HX15.K48 61-32802 rev J 

K6nya, Istvan. 

Tanulminyok a marxianus-leninizmus kor^Ml ,a oee 
omllitotgk K6nya Istvan, Molnfir L&szLS 5s Po6r S 
S TsGO ^^ MSZMP Haidd - Bihtr Me W Bizott- 

256 p. 24cm. 

Kuosinen, Otto Vilhelm, 1S81- 

Die Frage der wisaenscliaftlidien Voraussicht in der 
Iheone cles Mamsmus-Lemnismus uad einige Perspettiven 

der Demokmtie und cles Sozinlismus. c l. AuB.j Berlin, 

W p. 20 ctu. 

HX44.K84 A fi4_ 17 Q t 

Wisconsin, Vnlv. Llbr. -a04^17S J 

, J, Walter Ze'ev, 1921- ^. 
The future of communist society, edited by Walter 
Laqueur and Leopold Labedz. Ne* York, Praeger ^962! 

Jt p> M taWe1 ' . 22cm ' < Pra er publications In Busalao history 
n<i wona communism, no. 101) 

HX313.L3 1962 335.430947 62-9509 

Laqueur, Walter Ze'cv, 1921- ed. 

Polycentrism, the new factor in international communism, 
edited by Walter Laqueur and Leopold Labedz. New York 
Praeger t !86*2 3 


HX44.T-3 1062 



Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-11)31. 

O co^Ha^iicTH'iecKOft saKOHitocrjr. [CocTaBiiTCJn ; A K 
roQiapou H flp. Ilsfl. 2., flon.] MocKBa, Toe. IIS^-BO OOAHT' 
JIHT-PU, 1961. 

558 p. Hlua. 22 cm. 

. . 

HX313.L42 1961 


Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-1924. 

O saicouoxepKocTjnc B03itnKiroiicKH a pasmiTiw comn 
Jtnawa ii KOKMynnsMa. MOCKB.I, Toe. na^-no HOJIHT. >TO7 vp^ 

Tlip. 21cm. 
HX314.L35B3 62 _ 35025 j 

Leiun. Vladimir H'ich, 1870-1924. 

Uber die international kommunisticsche und Arbeiter- 
bewogung; eine Sammlung ausgewaMilter Aufstitze Reden 
und Brief o. c l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

370 p. 21 cm, 

Marxismus-Leninismus; Geschichte und Gtestalt t mit Beitrii 

1961. " 

A 62-2430 

Wisconsin. tw T . Llbr. 
Miura, Tsutomu, 1911- 

215 p. IT cm. 

1. aommunlsnt Addresses, essays, lectures. i. Title, 

Title romanised: Koao chokugoa o aetesuru. 

Harvunl TTniv. 

J 61-4463 
Japanoae Library 4200.8T 

More on the groat debate; aolcctod writings on problems of 
Marxism-Lcninism today. c New Delhi, People's Pub. 

House ,1904, 

284 t>. aa cm. 

S A 64-6158 

Nihon KyCaantft. rhwS finkai. ftenden RyNkufa. 

1W p. 10 cm. 

1, Comrauniim Addresses, ewayj, lectures, t Title. 
Title romanixed; Nlhon kakumel 

Opaiopw patfoiero 

t Title. 

, inuuiJ kakumel DO temW 
kokuanl kyOsanahugl undo, 

J 62-1351 t 


680 p. Ulus., ports. *28 cm. 

Pellecer, Carlos Manuel. 

Ilenunna al eonwuismo. 


The Reader's digest. 

Communism, menace to freedom. Articles adapted from 
.Header s digest. Study materials prepared by George G. 


HX44.E4 335.48082 62-5637 

Shang-hai Chung Su yu hao haieh hul, 

WyfliU UjK -^-.fJiJ fiff iFfr ")A fk'. Ar Wi. in r.rt /K *V- i| i. ..j.,4 

l. Coimuuntaui-.-AddreMw, 


Harvard Unlr. Ohm** 

wmlfftitf Unng ko chAn 

C 03-880 


84 p. 10 pin. 

1 "" C111Un ' 2> Comillu " lH1 " ' 

says, lee- 


Title mnanlsrd; Shflnffll il cn'l 
c-hlh, t'uini ohleh tl ch'i chlh. 

C 62-117 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Simon, Brian, ed. 

The challenge of Marxism. London, Lawrence & Wishart, 

206p. 22cm. 



Smal-Stocki, Roman, 1893- ed. 

Russian and Communist imperialism in action. Edited 
by Roman Smal-Stacki and Alfred J. Sokolnicki. Mil 
waukee, Slavic Institute of Marquette University [1963] 

205 p. 23 cm. (Papers of the Slavic Institute of Marquette Uni 
HX44.S57 321.642 

The Socialist register. 1964- 

New York, Monthly Review Press. 

v. 22 cm. annual. 
HX15.S59 320 


Stalin, losif, 1879-1953. 

Der Marxismus uncl die nationale und koloniale Frage; 
eine Sammlung ausgewiihlter Aufsatze und Reden. [2. 
Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1952. 

416 p. 21 cm. (BUcherei dps Mtirxlsmus-Lenlnlsmus, Bd. 21) 
HX550.N3S684 1952 63-39515 J 

Swearer, Howard R ed. 

Contemporary communism, theory and practice [by] 
Howard R. Swearer and Richard P. Longaker. c Belmont, 
Calif., Wadbworth Pub. Co., 1963] 

405 p. 23 cm. (Wadsworth continuing education series) 
HX44.S95 335.43 63-18331 I 

Szantd, Ladislav, 1894- 

Vybranfi state. Bratislava, Vydavatel'stvo Slovenskej 
akademie vied, 1958. 

339 p. 21 cm. ( Slovenskd akndtailp vied. Sekcla spoloCensk^ch 
vied, Pilozoflckfl blbltottka, zv. 3, Prumene, zv. 1) 
HX40.S95 62-50168 

TrotSkii, Lev, 1879-1940. 

The age of permanent revolution; a Trotsky anthology. 
Edited, with an introd., by Isaac Deutscher (with the as 
sistance of George Novack) t Now York, Dell Pub. Co., 

384 p. in cm. (Dell Laurel edition) 
HX40.T713 19G4 335.43081 64-55028 

Tummineffi, Michele M 

La lunga strada dell'uomo ; saggi e discorsi. Milano, Edi- 
zioni Centre culturale lombardo t 1957j 

262 p. 21 cm. 
LB775.T833 63-34468 J 


Armstrong, John Alexander, 1922- 

An essay on sources for the study of the Communist Party 
of the Soviet Union, 1934-1960. t n, p., 1961. 

Z7164S67A7' 016.9470842 61-19256 J 

Armstrong, John Alexander, 1922- 

An essay on sources for the study of the Communist Party 
of the Soviet Union, 1034-1900. [Washington] 1961. 

41 p. 27 cm. dU. S. Dept. of State. Bureau of Intelligence and 

. . . . . . 

Research) External research paper 137) 
H35.U42 no. 137 016.9470842 


Books on communism (1950-1956); a reader's guide. 
[London? 1956?, 

148 p. 25cm. 
Z7164.S67B65 60-41411 rev 

Canberra, Australia. National Library. 

Russian socialist pamphlet collection ; catalogue of a col 
lection mainly of pamphlets on socialism and related sub 
jects. Canberra, 1963. 

45 p. 83 cin. 
Z7164.S67C34 64-55254 

Delaney, Robert Finley. 

The literature of communism in America; a selected refer 
ence guide. Washington, Catholic University of America 
Press, 1962. 

xu,433p. 24 cm. 
Z7164.S67D4 016.33543 

Garaj, Jan E 

Prechod od socializmu ku komunizmu; vfber literatdry. 
Zostavili : J. K. Garaj, J. Pleskot. Odborne spolupracoval 
J. PKvara, Bratislava, tfstredna" ekonomick4 koiinica, 19 
v. 22 cm. (EkoaomlcM aktualtty. Blblloffraficltf 2pravodaJ, 
Z7164.S67G3 62-88537 

Gesamteuropaisches Studienwerk. B&liothek. 

Literatur als Gegenstand sowjetmarxistischer Kulturpo- 
litik; September 1959. Vlotho/Weser [1959] 

o5 1. 30 cm. (Its Auswahlverzelchnis Nr. 14) 
Z7164.S67G4G Gl-21234 J 

Hunt, Robert Nigel Carew. 

Books on communism, a bibliography. London, Amper 
sand Ltd. [1959] 

I, 385 p. 20cm. 
Z7164.S67H8 016.33543 60-234 

Kniha, Prague. 

tifiastnfkum stranickeho koleni 1959-1960. [Praha, 1059] 

35 p. 20 cm 
Z7164.SC7KG63 60-24979 { 

Kolarz, Walter. 

Books on communism, a bibliography. 2d ed, New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1964 C C 1963] 

vin,5G8p. 19cm. 
Z7164.S67K666 1963 016.33543 64-5233 

Lehmbruch, Gerhard. 

Kleiner YTegvreiser stum Stadium cler Sowjetideologie. 
Hrsg. von der PublikntioMssfelle dos Bunclesminteteriums 
fur Gesunitck'utsche Fnxgen. Bonn C 1958i 

00 p. 21 cm 
Z71G4.S67L35 59-512G6 J 

Leningrad. Publichnaa biblioteka. 

SarcoHOMepnocTH crpoHTejitcrsa cozjnaJiH3Ma H EOMMy- 
HH3na it ctpanax coniia-iiiCTuiecBioro .larepjt; peKOMCHfla- 
*ejriHnft yica3aTe.ii> jniTepaiypu. JleHiinrpapt, 1960. 

121 p. 21 cm. 
Z7164.S67L43 64-34625 

Levin, Lev Abramovich. 

Die Klassiker des Murxisinus-Leninismus in empfehlenden 
Bibliogruphien [tibers. von Giinther Reichardtj Leipzig, 
0. Harrnssowitz, 1953. 

30 p. 21 cm. (Bibllothekswlssenschaftllche Arbelten aus der 
Sowjetunion und den LUndera der Volksdemokratlc la deutscher ttber- 
setzung, Uellie A, Heft 2) 
-Z7164.SG7.U7 56-37780 rev- 

Los Angeles. University of Southern California. Research 
Institute on Oommuniist Strategy and Propaganda. 

Recent publications on communism; a bibliography of 
non-periodical literature, 1957-1962, compiled by Mtirin 
Puncleir, research consultant. [Los Angeles, 19C2. 

IT, 68 1. 28 cm. 
Z7164.S67L65 64-55013 

Massachusetts. Division of Oiuio Education. 

An inquiry into teaching about communism in Massachu 
setts public high schools; final report. [Boston^ 1962. 

19 p. 22 cm. 
HX19.M33 64-63732 

Moscow. Gosudarstvennafa publichnaik istoricheskaft bib 

MapKCKCtcKO-aeHHHCKaa nporpaMMa KOMM/HHCTOB scero 
Mapa; upaTKHtt yKaaaiejii. ^nxepjiTypti o coBemamiH npefl- 
craBHTeJiefl: KOMMyHHCTHHecsHx 11 pafioinx napiHft 1960 
ro^a. MocKsa, Hafl. Toe. fintfjiHOTCKH CCCP HMCHH B. H, 
JleniiHa, 1961. 

28 p. 22cm. 
Z7165.B9M53 64-39786 J 

Moscow. Gosudarstvennyi bibliotechnyi institut 


[(Honymeiio B KaieciBe yiefiiiKKa RAX 6ii6jinoTeHiriJX HH-TOBJ 
MoCKsa, Toe. HS^-BO KyjttTypHO-npocBCTHrejrtHOfl JIHT-PH, 

v. illuB. 28 cm. 

-- Microfilm copy (negative) 

Mlcroaim Slavic 922 AO 
Z7164.S67M575 56-41277 rev t 

Moscow. Publkhnaft biblioteka. 

HTO inraTL o KOMMyHHCTHiecKoft MOpa^H ; KpaTKiitt PCKO- 
itenAaTe^bHMtt yKaaareTt JiHrepaTypu. Modcsa, 1960. 

83 p. 22 cm. 
27164.S67M633 61-47059 t 

Moscow. Publichnafa biblioteka. 

OCHOBM no^HTiiHecKJix 3HaHHft ; 

eJiH : C. M. BoaKHHa H fl 
91 p. 22 cm. 

eceflM o Knarax B no- 
M caMooSpasoBSHHev. 
MocKsa, 1960. 


Novy, Vilem. 

Lenin a leninisraus; bibliografie dSl V. I. Lenina, o Leni- 
novi a leninismu v (5eskem jazyce. K 90. vyrofii jeho naro- 
zenJ. [Prahaj Ndrodni knihovna, 1960. 

86 p. 21 cm. (Blbllograficltf katalog CSR. Cesk knlhy, 1900. 


Popova, Liudmila Vasil'evna. 

Snaii, KHiiry, y&ieTL padoian, c iieft; (5n6.inorpa$n^ B 


^eHii3,3;aT, 1961. 

52 p. 20 cm. 

Prague, tlstav dSjin Komunisticke strany Ceskoslovenska, 


Karel Marx a Bodrich Engels v nfkteryeh ceskych a 
nftneckych delnickych, socialn? dcmokratickych a komu- 
nistickych casopisech a novinach, vycliuzejicicli na nasem 
uzemi v letecli 18G7-193S. Pralm, 1957. 

191 p, 29 cm. {/taBlbliosraflcktSpomflclty) 
Z8551.67.P89G 62-25464 

Sofia. Bulgarski bibliografski institut. 

MapKCiiCTKO-.ieniincKarcHH^iiuiia n E-iarapun, 1917-1957; 
6'ii6'-' i niorpJi(J>CKji ii3BOpn. Ho ciy^a/i 40-ro^iiiJiHiiHa.xa Ha 

[HspaSoTiuiii : Hu. D|O.IOB n fl. K. EonniasoB, no^ pe^. na 
Pa^ocJiaB ^THieB] Cofaux, HayKa n iiaKyctuo, 1957. 
67 p. 20 cm. (Its HopeAHua BwC^HOrpa^HH, Na 17) 



U. S. Dept. of State. Office of Intelligence Research and 

Research on international communism. Oct. 1, 1952. 

8 p. 27 cm. (External research report Research list) 
H62.U485 60-43591 

U. S. Dept. of the Army. 

U. S. national security and the communist challenge: the 
spectrum of East- West conflict. [Washington] 1961. 

93 p. dlngrs. 26 cm. 
Z6465.U5U433 016.32773 61-62348 

U. S. Library of Congress. Legislative Reference S&rw'ce. 

World communi&nij a selected annotated bibliography 
(bibliographic materials through September 1963) Pre 
pared at the request of the Subcommittee to Investigate the 
Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other 
Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
United States Senate. Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 

x, 394 p. 24 cm, (88th Cong. 2d seas. Senate. Document no, 68) 
Z7164.S67U55 64-61471 

Watanabe, Yoshimichi, 1901- ed. 

H *tt&&Tfcittftiifc--^i 
#4 T-ffcBB&afi JfcEHJF&ftfitt 

# *fl t<)'J 1958. 
339, 31 p. lllua. 22 cm. 

^ ci- fiHr t 
?< R: V J: n ? n k H ^ 

. u fflJll ^ 

1. ScK'iallKin In Japan BIbl, 2. Communism HIM. i, noso- 
Jjuwn, Kurtiku, 1888- Ninon slmhalshuRl btmk'n kalsotati. it. 

Title. Title romanised; Nlhoii ahukulshugl bunkiiti kalsetsu. 

Z7l(>4.fc5G7W)l J50-W50 

Hoover Institution 


Hosax caseTCKafl ^nxeparypa no ^HJIOCO^HK. 

v. 20 cm. monthly. 
Z7129.B9N65 64-27432 


Communism and the changing world. Carrollton, Ga., West 
Georgia College, 1962. 

i5tt p. 24 cm. (West Georgia College. Studies tn the social sci 
ences, v. 3, no. 1) 
HXl,").C(? 63-04236 

Dux, Dieter, ed. 

Ideology in conflict; communist political theory. Prince 
ton, N. J., Van Nostrond [1963, 

108 p. 18 cm. (Comparative government books ) 
HX44.D8 035,43 63-5053 J 

En torno a la unidad de la clase obrera- [pot] Daniel (Ju&rin, 

Carlos Kautski C y 3 Harold J. Laaki. Buenos Aires, Edi- 
oiones Popularea Argentinas rlOGO, 

IW m on /<* l ' 

122 p. 20 cm. 


Footman, David, 1895- ed. 

International communism. London, Chatto & Windus, 

151 p. 23 cm. (St Antony's papers, no. 9) 
[HX40.F ] A 62-1138 

JRochester. Univ. Llbr. 

Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- ed. 

The new Communist manifesto, and related documents. 
Evanston, 111., Bow, Peterson [1961j 

218 p. 2icm. 
HX44.J2 335.44 61-11503 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


COLLECTIONS (Continued) 

Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- ed. 

The new Communist manifesto, and related documenta 
2d ed. Evanston, EL, Row, Peterson t 1962j 

250p. 2lcm. 
HX44.J2 1962 335.44 62-4372 

Mendel, Arthur P ed. 

Essential works of Marxism. New York, Bantam Books 

t 19li 

582 p. 18cm. (A Bantam classic, SC125) 

Moscow. Moskovskii gosudarstvennyi pedagogicheskii in- 
stitnt. Kafedra diaLekticktekogo i tetoricheskogo mate- 

MocKsa, 19 


v. 23 cm. (MocKOBCjmfi rocyAapcTBeHHbifi neAarornjecKHft 


TMowak, John, 1905- comp. and tr. 

The Red interpreter; a compilation of Soviet and com 
munist writings and speeches. (Washington? 1953] 

4p. <1965p.) 2Tcm. 
HX15.N65 335.4082 55-32035 rev 2 

Petersen, William, ed. 

The realities of world communism. Euglewood Cliffs, 
N. J., Prentice-Hall C 1963j 

222 p. 22 cm. (University of California, Berkeley. University 
extension series on public issues, no. 1) 
HX44.P43 335.43 63-18802 

Soviet world outlook; a handbook of communist statements. 


v. 26-28 m. 

U.S. Air Command and Staff QoUege. 

Background information of the Soviet Union. Prepared 
by Kenneth R, Whiting. Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., 
Command and Staff College, Air University [I960] 

T, 112 p. maps, dlagra. 27 cm, 

Collected readings on international communism. 

Maxwell Air Force Base, AJa., Command and Staff College, 
Air University [1961, 

lT,210p. 27cm. 

DK18.U6 I960 Suppl 
DK18.U6 1960 

U. S. Air Command and Staff College, 

Background information on the Soviet Union. Prepared 
by Kenneth R. Whiting. Maxwell Air Force Base. Ala. 
t 1962, 

V. 105 p. 2Tcm. 

DK18.U6 1962 64-6029G 

Chnnff-kuo ch'ing nien ch*n pan she, Peking. 

ft fi 1958. 

287p. 19cm. 

L Communism Congressee. 2. SoYeshchante predstevltelel kom- 
mTmtettchsknch 1 rabochlkh partll waiallstlchesklkh atran, Moscow, 
1957. t Title. Title romcuHzet; Wei ta tl ko mine hslian yen. 

HX13.S58 1057a 

C 5S-770 

Communist International 1st congress, Moscow, 1919. 

Der x. ,L e. erste] und IL Kongress der Kommunistischen 
Internationale; Dokumente der Kongresse und Reden W. I. 
Lenins. Hrsg. vom Institut fur Marrisraus-Leninismus 
beam Zentralkomitee der Sozaalistischen Einheitspartei 
Deutschlands. rl.Aufl.j Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

828 p. 25cm, 

HX11J5A546 1919 A, 59-8535 

Wisconsin. Xliiiv. Llbr. ^ur-ouow 

Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties. 

Comunicado, declaracI6n, Hamamienfo, rHabanaN Edi- 
ciones de la revista "Estudios," 196L 

top. 20cm. 
HX13.C68 1960 64-41988 

Influence des experiences communistes sur les doctrines; 
aemaine d'ftudes, 27-31 octobre 1958. Centre d'etude des 
pays de PEst, Institut de sociologie Solvay, University libre 
de Bnrxelles en collaboration aveo le Centre national pour 
Pftude des pays a regime communiste. [Bruxelles, l959j 
3d, 187 p. 24 *"rt\i 

HB87JS 64-42973 

Komunisticka strana Ceskoslovenska. Sjezd. 

Protokol. f adn^ sjezd 

[VPraze, Ustfedni vybor KSC. 

v. 22cm. 
JN2229.A5K6 52-15346 rev 

Soveshchanie predstavitelei kommunisticheskikh i rabo 
chikhpartii sotsialistichesklkh stran, Moscow j iff 
^OKyweHTio: cosem;aHHtt. 

MOGKBa, TOG. H3fl-B0 nOJtHT. JIHT-pH. 

HX13.C64 69-36497 rev 2 

Soveshchanie predstavitelei kommunisUcheskikh i rabo- 
chikh partii sodialisticheskikh stran, Moscow, 1957. 

npOrpaMUHMC flOiyKCHTH tfOp&5iI 3a MHp, ^CMOEpaTHK) H 

Eoafipe 1957 r., B Byxapecxe B HWHC 1960 r., B Mocsae B 
Hoa6pe 1960 r. MocKBa, Foe. H3fl-B0 HOJIHT. Jiai-ptr, 1961. 

92 p. 20 cm. 
HX13.A3S6 62-39243 t 

Surat, S P 

3aR7einie Conemamut npe^CTamn'e.iefl KO.VMynncTiiie- 
CKIIX H pa6oinx napTiift MapKciiCTCKo-TcimncKajr npo- 
rpauna jieiKAyHapOAuoro KOMMyiincTiiiecKoro ,iniiiueiii[. 
MocKBa, 3aH e. 1961. 

46 p. 22 cm, (Bcecoioauoe oflmectBO no pacnpocTpaiieiuiK) nojui- 
THiecuHx H HayiHwx snaHHft. [H3AamtJT| Ceptw 1.: HcropnR, 5) 
AS262.rS3:) ser. 1, 1901, no. 5 62-40(570 t 


De Roster, Lester. 

Vocabulary of communism : definitions of key terras, sum 
maries of central ideas, short biographies of leading figures, 
descriptions of significant things and events. Grand Rap 
ids, Eerdmans [1964] 

224 p. 22 cm. 
HX17.D4 385.4303 68-17784 


Marko, Kurt. 

Sic et non; kntischea W8rterbuch des sowjefcrussisclion 
Marxismus-Leninismus der Gegenwart. Wiesbaden, 0. 
Harrassowitz, 1962. 

204 p. 25 cm. (VerSffentllchungen des Osteuropa-Instltutos 
MOnchen, BU. 18) 
HX17.M3 64-54642 


Trevisani, Giulio. 

Piccola enciclopcdia del socialisino e del comunismo. 4. 
ed. Milnno, Soc. cd. de "II Cnlcnclurio dd popolo" f 1958i 

735 p. plates, ports., facslms. 22cm. 
HX17.T7 1058 (SO-IKIOOO 

Nikkan R6d5 Tsushin Sha, Tokyo. 

74f5, 18 p. 22 cm. 

\. CcMumunlain Dictionaries Jjiiiiiium i. Title. 

Title romanteed; KyOsanahugl yAtcn. 



Alekseev, Aleksel Grigor'evich. 

KIICC nepeflOBOft OTpflfl Mnpouoro ) 
flBiraceima. JleaiiHrpafl, 1061. 

75 p. 20 cm, 

Almond, Gabriel Abraham, 1911- 

J 01- lift 

61-48384 J 

R 8(45(1958, 
192 p, uiua. 19cm. 
Translation of The appeals of communism. 

1. Communlam Hist. 2. Communlrt partial, r. Title, 

Title nwumtoed; Rung ch'an chu I tno li chlh yen chlu. 


Barbashev, Vladimir. 

KHHre B. H. 
KOMuynnaMe"; jreicijHii, npo*m 
KUCC. MocKna. BHIir, 1959. 

40 p, 20cm. (ricropH* W1CC) 

C 60-1125 

B 3BHDI npa E(K 
60-37fi3 t 

Beckert, Peter. 

Von Marx bis Chruschtschow. Bad Godesberi? Hoh- 
wacht-Verlag t !963i *' 

158 p. lllus., porta^ facfllnw. Idem. 

Benson, George. 

The preat deception: Communist imperialism and colo 
nialism. t 11 - P-i 106'2- 

v. U7 on). 
DK08.3.B45 C3-4031 J 

Berlin. Institut fur Gesellschaftswissenschaften, 

Problwwe dixs prololari.schcn Intornationalismus. Aus dem 
Protokoll dor Konfcronx doa Institu(R fiir Gcsollschaftawis- 
scnschal'ton boim ZK der SKD iibor dio Bodoutung des pro- 
letarischon lulornalionalisinus im Kampf fiir Friedon und 
Sox.ialisnms 12. und J5. .Funi 1058. fl. Aull.] Berlin, Dietz, 

107 p. 21 cm, 
IIX40.B40 50-^110 

Berlin. Parteihochschule "Karl Marx." 

Die Grossi^ Rozialistisoho Okloborrovolution der Bpginn 
einor nouon Epocho dor Wollgesohicht*. [1. Aufl.j Berlin, 
Dictz r lf)58] 

[4) p., 80 col, plates ( part fold. ) 43 om. 
DK205.15.B4 58-t!J77 rov 2 

Black, Cyril Edwin, 1915- ed, 

Communism and revolution; the strategic uawi of political 
violence. Edited by Cyril E. Black and Thomas P. Thorn 
ton. Prince-ton, N. T., Prinwton TTninirmty Protw, 1J)64. 

IX, 4(57 p. IW cm, 

HX44.B5r 8nO.'180D 63-18640 

Bolle, Jacques. 

_A propoa d la coexiHtence. T^es ekHduotaons du commu- 
niamo, do In Bible ft- noa joura; osaai. Paris, Morgan (1957j 

10D ii. 

, tublo, tablos, ID cm. 


Brzezinski, Zbigniew K 1928- 

Idooloffy and power in Soviet politics. New York, Prae- 
ger [1002] 

180 p. 21 tun. fPrntw publtcatlon* in Ruiwtau btotory and 
world communism, no. 108) 
JN6515 190a.HT 047.085 62-0288 t 

Buber, Martin, 1878- 

! 11)60. 

1 1JJT 

207 p. 121 cm. 


Caldwell, John Cope, 1913- 

CominuniHni in our world. With u foreword by Harry D. 
Gidoonse. Itov. od. Now York, John Day Co. f ll)62i 
120 p, lliuM, 22m, 1002 335.400 0^-10030 1 

Carr, Edward Hollett, 1802- 

Studiaa in revolution, t Reprlnted with corrections. Lon 
don, F. Cass, 1002 (i. e. 1968j 

vll,22p. Mem. 
HX36.C35 1003 823.2 68-447 

Chernov, Leonid Nlkolaevich. 


e KOXKyacKCTRvecxoe K padovee flBHweirae 



Chesnokov, Dmitri! Ivanovich. 

Pojtt comia.tnoTiiiecKoro rocy^apcTua u cTponTc.ucme 
1059. *-, unuia,ti,i[(Ktw>H. .nn-pw, 

70 p. aOcin. 
HX44.00 Aft~fl274!J rev J 

The Communist blueprint for the future; the complete texts 
of all four Communist manifestos, 1848-1061. Introd. by 

^ib^SJo 1 *' ^t) h cm n6y ' tl8t ed>1 <NOW Y rfc> Dutton ' im> 
HX818.CO ' 835.480047 82-0460 

Crook, Wilfrid Harris, 1888- 
Communism ond the e 

Shoe String Press, 1060. 

xu, 488 p. 28 cm, 

general strike. Hamden, Conn., 



Daniels, Robert Vincent, < 

A documentary history of communism; edited, with 
introd., notes, and new translations, by Robert V. Daniels. 
New York, Random House rioeo, 

821, 898 p. 21cm, 

885.4809 60-6880 rev J 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Defrancq, R 

De boer onder hamer en sikkel. Roeselare, Hernieuwen- 
Uitg. iin47, 

62 p. 21cm. 
HD1993 1947.D4 59-53839 J 

Dunayevskaya, Raya. 

Marxism and freedom . . . from 1776 until today. Pref . 
by Herbert Mnrcuse. C 2d ed. 3 New York, Tvrayne Pub 
lishers [1964, 

363 p. 21 cm. 
HX36.D8 1R64 335.409 64-10037 

Foster, William Zebulon, 1881- 

The historic advance of world socialism. New York, In 
ternational Publishers [I960] 

48 p. 21cm. 
HX40.F597 335.42 60-16855 t 

Foster, William Zebulon, 1881-1961. 

Toward Soviet America. The book the communists tiled 
to destroy ! Foreword : Francis E. Walter; chapter notes: 
Maurice Ries. Balboa Island, Calif., Elgin Publications 

343 p. 23 cm. 
HX40.F617 335.430973 62-27017 J 

Gyorgy, Andrew, 1917- 

Communistn in perspective. Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 

Til, 309 p. illus., maps, ports. 21 cm. 
HX40.G9 335.4309 64-4773 

Hook, Sidney, 1902- ed. 

World communism : key documentary material Prince 
ton, N. J-, Van Nostrand C c 1962j 

256 p. 18 cm. (An Anvil original) 
HX44.H. r >8 833.W 63-815 t 

Huttenbach, Henry R 

World communism in review. Pref. by Richard Cardinal 
Gushing. t Boston, Daughters of St Paul, I960] 

64 p. l&cm. ( St. Paul editions) 
HX44.H8 335.43 60-50096 J 

tzard, Georges, 1903- 

Viol d'un mausolee; le sens et 1'avenir de la destalinisation. 
Paris, E. Julliard 11957! 

220p. 18cm. 
HX44.I95 61-45381 J 

Johnson, Gerald White, 1890- 

Communism : nn American's view. Illustrated by Leonard 
Everett Fibher. New York, Morrow, 1964. 

160 p. illus., ports. 23 cm. 
HX312JO j 335.4 64-11557 

Kalicka, Felicjm, 

Problemy jednolitego frontu w miedzynarodowym rudra 
robotniczym, 1933-1935. ( Wyd. 1. Warazawaj Ksiaika i 
Wiedza, 1962. 

469p. 22cm. 
HX40.K29 62-43085 t 

Earataer, Nikolai Konstantinovich, 


uapKCHSiia AO BejiHKOfi OKra6ptcsofi peBOJr^^^^. Kypc 


742p.' 23cm. 
HX39.K33 62-34292 t 

Karnovskii, D 

^epirurt ro r ^ 
16 p. 21 cm. 

p.j 1957. 

Karpflenko, Stepan TrofimovicK 

JeHHHCKoe eflHHCTBo napTHH pemaDmee ycaoBHC yc- 
nemHoro crpoHTeaiCTBaconHajiiH3na a lOMuyHHsita B CCCP. 
JleHHHrpaA, 1961. 

Wp. 21 cm. 
JN6598.K7K366 62-29730 J 

Kechek'ian, Stepan Fedorovkh, 1890- ed. 

HcropiLs: nojHTHiecKHX yjesuft, HOA pA- C. <X>. Ke- 
^CEi^Ha n P. BE. Oe^tKnna. 2, na^. ^onymeHO B KanecxBe 
yne6HHKa ^jc* pn^. HH-TOB H $aEyjtTeroB. MOCEBS, Toe. 

H3^-BO pHA- JfHT-pH, 1S60. 

893 p. 25 on. 
H51.K4 1960 61-24410 

Blfiist, Peter. 

Chruschschow 50 t i e. 
tingen, K. W. SchStz {L& 
388 p. Illas. 25mt. 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Km vor Hamburg. Got- 
A 60-101 t 

Knupffer, George. 

The struggle for world power. 2d rev. ed. London, 
Plain-Speaker Pub. Co. r !963, 

264 p 22cm. 
HX40.K62 1963 64-32313 

Lehfeld, Horst. 

Die kommunistische Weltbevregung eine Bewegung des 
Sieges. r l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

83 p. 21 cm. (Internationale Eeihe) 

HX40.L384 A59-S902 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Lichtheim, George, 1912- 

Marxism; an historical and critical study. KTew York, 
Praeger [1961! 

412 p. 23cm. (Books that matter) 
HX36.L48 335.4209 61-8694 t 

Mehring, Franz, 1846-1919. 

Geschichte der deutschen Sozialdemokratie. c l. Aufl.j 
Berlin, Dietz, 1%0. 

2 v. 22 cm. ( His Gesammelte Schriften, Bd. 1-2) 
[HX279.M ] A 61-2594 

Wisconsin Univ. Libr. 

Meyer, Alfred G 

Marxism since the Communist manifesto. Washington, 
Service Center for Teachers of History t l961j 

22 p. 23 cm. (Service Center for Teachers of History. Publi 
cation no. 41) 
HX40.M44 61-17825 t 

Miller, William Johnson. 

The meaning of communism, by William J. Miller, in 
association with Henry L. Roberts and Marshall D. Shul- 
man. jMorristown, N". J. 5 Silver Burdett Co., book trade 
distribution by Simon and Schuster t New York, 1963! 

102 p. illus. 24cm. 

Another issue, 

HX40.M597 335.43 63-10162 t 

Modelski, George A 

The Communist international system. [Princeton, N. J.j 
Center of International Studies, Woodrow Wilson School 
of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, 
1960 flWlj 

78 p. 28 cm. (Princeton University. Center of International 
Studies. Research monograph no. 9) 
HX44.M56 335-43 61-2428 J 

Moscou, au tournant; du rapport Khrouchtchey i l^nsurrec- 
tion hongroise t pari Georges Altman t et al.j Paris, Editions 
Spes f 1957 1 

324 p. idem. 
HX44.M57 61^5380 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk, 

npojieTapCEHft miTepHanuoHa.ni3M doesoe siiaM^ KOM- 
MyHncTnieci:oft irapriin; cCopHnKCTarert no Bonpocaw IICTO- 
pini KUCC. MocKia, BIIIII, 1959. 

36p. Slcra. (mVieKMesanMCKM) 
HX40.MG3 59-53671 t 



^aa poacfleHna 
AasTOp Jl. H. F 

48Tp. 21cm. 

CTaiett E 140-JCTHB CO 

TBexcTBeHHHtt pe- 


Moscow. Zaochnaia vysshaUt partiinaia shkola. 

CoBpeiieHHoe MeKAynapo^Hoe KOMMVHHCTH^ecKoe, pa6o- 
^ee H Ha^OHajtHO-ocBO<5oAHTejrt,Hoe ABHKemae; y^efiHO- 
MeroAHHecKoe nocoCne. MocKsa, USA-BO BHIH n AOH, 



Muhler, Emfl, 1892- 

Die roten Patriarchen; Studien zum Maradsmus. Miin- 
ehen, Yerlng Bayern-Kurier, 1961. 

151 p. 21 cm. " (Sditiftenreihe der Chrlstllch-Soztalen Union In 
Bayern, Bd. 0) 
HX40.MS 63-46235 t 

Nasim, M9Mr. 

95 p, 19cm. (t 

C i96i. mi 

NE 63-550 

Neill, Thomas Patrick, 1915- 

Communism: why and how it works, by Thomas P. Neill 
and James Collins. With an introd. by E. J Henle. New- 
York, riheed and Ward L 1964j 

vin, 216 p. 22cm, 
HX40.N37 335.41 64-19900 

HeKOropue npo6jenu: Teopnn n nparniEH crpoHTeitcTBa ro- 
Myiinsita ; cSopsns CTaieft B nouoim, nsyiaBiUHX MapKCH3M. 
MocEsa, Boen. IISA-BO, 1961. 

316 p. 21 cm. 
HX44.N44 61-57094 % 

Nevett, Albert. 

India going redi C 2d ed. } Poona, Indian Institute of 
Social Order, 1954. 

322 p. 22cm. 
HX40.N4 1954 56-53433 rev t 

Nomad, Max. 

Political heretics, from Plato to Mao Tse-tnng. Ann 
Arbor, University of Michigan Press [1963] 

367 p. 22 cm. 
HX36.N6 323.2 63-9895 

0*DonneIl, James Joseph, 1932- 

Communisni, its progress and perils t by 3 James J. O'Don- 
nell, in collaboration with the Haryknoll Fathers, Mary- 
knoll, Xe\v York. New York, W. H. Sadlier tlSS^ 

vJH, 110 p. illus., maps (part col.) ports. 21 cm. (Issues and 
challenges, 302) 
HX40.O3 335.4309 64-5502T 


Como se coostruye un mundo nuevo y be defiende la pazj 
experiencias recogidas en los congresos de los partidos comu- 
nistas y obreros de las nuevas democracias y en In Uni<5n 
Sovietica. Buenos Aires, Editorial Anteo, 1954. 

<S1 p. 20 cm. 
HX40.P4 D9-50M5 J 

Potsdam. Deutsche Akademie fur Staats- und Rechtswis- 
senschaft "Walter mbricht" 

Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift; Sondenwrnuner zum 40. 
J'ahrestag der Grossen SozialistiscKen Oktoberrevolntion. 
iPotsdam-Babelsberg, 1958] 

180 p. 30 cm. 
HX40.P72 63-3403a J 

Prague. tTstav d^jin Komunlsticto? strany CkoalovenAE. 

Pfehled historick^ch dat nejdfikzitejSich sjezdft a vd&- 
lost! z mezinarodniho a, naleho revolucniho dSnickfiho hDnH 
[Odpovfdna redaktorka Vera Bfachovl 2^, aut TycLj 
Praha, Statnf nakl. politick^ literatury, 1955. 

100 p. 17 cm. 
HX36.P7 1955 62-46128 t 

Protasenko, Zofa Mikhailovna. 

BonpocH HCTopH^ecioro M 
JEa^apra. r .1eHHHrpaAi 1962. 

109 p. port. 22 cm. 

a rpy^ax IIoxiz 

Riis, Sergius Martin, 1883- 

Karl Marx, master of fraud. Introd, by Frank L. How- 
ley. t lsted.j New York, E. Speller f 1962 : 

116 p. 28 cm. 
HX40.R53 335.409 61-18789 t 

Salvadori, Massimo. 

La aparicion del coraunismo moderno; una breve historia 
del movuniento comunista en el siglo xx. Traduccio'n de 
Angela Miiller Montiel. Mexico, Institute de Investiga- 
ciones Sociales, Universidad Nacional t !954, 

208 p. IS cm. (BIblloteca de ensayos socloWglcoa. Cuaderno* de 



Salvadori, Massimo. 

120 p. 19 on. 

Translation of The rise of modern conununlana. 

1 Communism Hist 2. Etropc Htet 20tli cent i. TSfle. 

Title rmwatoed: Kung ch'an chn 
1 ytLn tung cblen shlh. 

C 60-5274 

Cornell Unlr. Library 

Salvadori, Massimo. 

The rise of modern communism; a brief history of twen 
tieth-century communism. Rev.ed. New York, Holt, Rine- 
hart and Winston ^1963, 

xii, 220 p. 19 cm. {Berkshire studtes In European history) 
HX40.S28 1963 335.4309 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Seton- Watson, Hugh. 

From Lenin to Khrushchev, the history of world com 
munism. Xe\v York, Praep;ev (I960, 

432 p 22 cm, i Books that matter) 
HX40.S39 335.4309 60-6999 J 

Shestakov, Mikhail Grigor'evich. 

PaaBiiTiie MapiccucTCKoft (Jm-iocoiJiHif rrocJie IlapniKCKoft 
jsoujiyHU. [MocKsaj Ifofl-BO MocicoucKoro yHHnepcHTeia, 

46 p. 2Scm. 
HX39.S46 61-33623 J 

Staley, Ronald. 

Peace on earth; communism and Catholic principles of 
social justice. Foreword by John McCluskey. Los 
Angeles, Lawrence Pub. Co. [1964] 

xiv, 232 p. Illus., mape, ports. 22 cm. 
HX36.S8 335.4309 64-6132 

raborsky, Edward. 

Conformity under communism; a study of indoctrination 
techniques. Washington, Public Affairs Press [1958, 

88 p. 23 cm. (Annals of international affairs) 
HX40.T25 335.4 58-10885 rev t 

Tanaka, Shigeyuki, 1898- 

-? n. 7 * u - ~ v J; & ft ,Yi P\[ ,,ft 

Ffl ty fi Z. # TK ^.'iTj ifrt 0tf III 24 [1949, 
3fi3 p, 19 cm. 

3, ronitminlMu Hist. 2. C'lttss struggle. 3 Despotism. 

T\tlf ronianizcd: Kalkyfl, MryoXu, dokusul. 

HX36.T3 J 62- 1131 J 

Tsonkov, Geno. 

OijmoTo u cneituijiiiiiioio u pasuuTiiero iia couiiiaincTimc- 
cKara prnmioniift. CotfuiH, Etirapcua ICoityiniCTiinecKa 

170 p. 21 cm 


TJlam, Adam Bruno, 1922- 

The unfinished revolution; an essay on the sources of in 
fluence of Marxism and communism. New York, Random 
House 1 1960] 

307 p. 22cm. 
HX39.U6 335.42 60-12136 J 

U. S. Information Agency. Research and Reference Serv 
Communist propaganda, u fact book, 1957-1938. Wash 

ington, 1958. 

vi, 192 p. niua. 

vi, lD2p. Illua., maps, tables 24 cm. 

61-2G739 r 

U. S. Information Agency. Research and Reference Service. 
Worldwide communist propaganda activities. 1954- 

r. 27cm. annual. (IRI Intelligence summary) 
HX44.UC3 56-61861 rev 

U. S, Library of Congress, legislative Reference Service. 
"World communist movement; selective chronology, 1818- 
1957. Washington, XT. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1960- 

v. 24cm. 
HX39.U65 335.4 60-62050 

Vakar, Nicholas P 

The taproot of soviet society, t lst ed.j New York, Harper 

tins, F 

204 p. 22cm. 
DK266.V210 914,7 61-10238 

Vogt, W J ed. 

For the whole world to see : the real face of communism. 
Pretoria. Anticom. 1958. 

95 p. is cm. 

Weingast, David Elliott, 1912- 

This is communism; the Communist conspiracy in the 
United States and in the world. Rev. ed. With a foreword 
by Edward F. Kennelly. New York, Oxford Book Co., 




63-3032 J 

Wilson, Edmund, 1805 

[IDs .0 : 

376 p. 22 cm. 

runnn ? 

, 195fi/5] .T"t2t:'n ,-Plj? DJ? 
60-56547 t 

Wolff, Georg, 1914- 

Warten aufs letxte Gefecht; Aspekte dcs Kommunisinus : 
Marx, Lenin, Mao. Koln, M. DuMont Schaiiberg [ C 1961] 

207 p. Ulus. 20 cm. 
HX40.W53 63^6523 t 



489 p. Ulus. 22 cm. 

1. Communism Hist. r. Title, 

Title ramanizcd: Hnnffuk konpnnjviftl undong pip'nn. 


K 00-104 

Z jiskry vzoSel plainer ; sbornik pf ednfiSek o IMjnovfi rovoluci. 
t Vyd. 1. Pruhaj Stitn nakl, politickfi litenitury, 1957. 

110 p. 2 cm. (Nn ponioc propngnntllatOin a stuflujfolin nmrxla- 
HX40JZ2 Gl-30288 t 

Zagoria, Donald S 

The Sino-Sovic-t Conllict, 1950-10(51, Prinonton, K. ,T M 
Princeton University Press, 10(!2. 

484 p. 25 cm, 
DK68.7.C5Z3 327.47051 02-10800 | 

Zagoria, Donald S 

The Sino-Soviet conflict, 1956-1961, by Donald S. Zagoria. 
With ft new prel. New York, Atheneum, 1964. 

xlx,434p. 21cm. (Atheneum paperbacks, 68) 
DTCG8.7.C523 1964 332.47051 04-21216 

Zamyslova, Zinaida Alekseevna. 

MescflyHapo^HOc paCJowc ^nHweinie n nepwoA penojim- 
mioHHoro no^eMa 1918-1923 ro^on, MocKBa, Toe. H3fl-no 
HOJIHT. ^iiT-pti, 1962. 

00 p. 20 cm. (B noMomb HaynawmMM MexcAynapOAiioe KOMwynH- 
cTHHecKoe H paConee ABHXCHHC) 
HX40.Z26 68-800C4 I 

Zaremba, Zygmunt, 1805- ed. 

Soc] alizm, marksizm, komunizm ; praca zbiorowa, Paryi, 
Swiatlo, 1058, 

241 p. lOein. (BiMlotekuspohwm.t.S) 
HX40.Z28 C9-62851 

Zatsepilin, H 

ICi iMymaM -rrpanop cni-rnnoro pcnminniftiioro pyxy. KiiTn, 
cpiK. nit T-BO no.iiT..iT-pii Vf'CP, 10(M. 
Oli p. ii(3 cm. (OcuOBit Hayiconoro KOw 

Zscha'bitz, Gerhard, et. 

Traum und Tat; Kiunpfe der Yolkmasson in der Geschi- 
chte. [Tlerausgeber: Gerhard Zschabitz, Johannes Kalisch 
und GKSnther Kriiger. 1. Aufl., Leipzig, Urania-Verlog 

482 p. Ulus. 28 cm. 
HX21.Z75 68-87880 I 


Cwrtiss, John Shelton, 1899- ed. 

Essays in Russian and Soviet history, in honor of Gerold 
Tanquary Robinson. Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1968. 

xx, 845 p. 25 cm. (Studios in Bast European hUtory, 8) 
DK4.C8 1963a 64-8381 

Curtiss, John Shelton, 1899- ed. 

Essays in Kussinn and Soviet history/in honor of Geroid 
Tanqunry Ilobinson. New Yorlc, Columbia University 

Press, lyttj). 

xx, 345 p. IX cm. 



62-9706 rev 


Berlin. Institut fur Marxiamus-Leninismus. 

Unter dem Banner des proletarischen Internationolismus; 
Dokumente und Materialien zur G-eschichte der interna- 
tionalen Arbeiterbewegung, Februar 19C6-Dezamber 1959. 
Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

758 p. 25cm, 

Wisconsin. TJnlv. LIbr. A61 " 1762 

Fetscher, Irinff, ?d. 

Dor Marxismus ; seine Geschichto in Dolcumenten. Miin- 
chon, R. Piper r 1908, "1962- 

v. TO cm. (SmnmlunK Piper: Problems und Ergehnlsse dor 
nwdornon Wlssenschnft) 
HX30.F4 64-80945 

Koch, Hans, I804- ed, 

Thoorio, Talctilc, Tochnik cloH Wcltkominunismns; cine 

Zitjilon^unnilun^ von Marx bis ChniHohtsdiow. Hrs^. von 

ILuiB Koch, bcnrl). von Kugou Wiobor. PfaiFonhofon/Ilm 

IlnijDfiiuvpi'ln^, 1959. ' 

fi(H p. '2'A cm. 

WlBwwiMln. Untv. LIbr. A01-9G 

Richer, Alfred J <>tl. 

llxo USSU and connuuiuHin : Hourco readings and inter- 
prntatiouH. Edited by Alfral J. Rii>hoi- ni) Roburt C 
KolBon. Classroom adviwir: Daniel I > owcll. Chicago Scott' 
Fov^innti, ]1)4. ' ' 

8SK) p. UlUH., col. mnps (on rovor) 23 cju. 
IIXai3.I{|iS 83B.430047 64-20465 


Bittclman, Alexander, 1890- 


(M p. lt> wu. 

Now York ( t047j 


Epatdn, Mclech. 

_The .low ami coinmuniHm; tlio Btory of oarly Communist 
victoria und ultiinutoi dofoatH in tlui Jewish community 
U. S, A., U) 10-10*1. Now York, Trade Union 'Sponsoring 
Committee t 19l59j 

1I{8 p, 2'2 <'tii. 

IIX80.EO 885.430078 60-50928 t 


Joint Committee of the National Education Association 
and the American Legion. 

Teaching about eommunisni : ^uideliuoa for junioi* nnd 
senior ]i|jfh wihool tcwiohnrs. Indiannpolifl, Distributed by 
the American Legion, '1002. 

28 p, 'M om. 

Tufts University. Worfahop en Ratio fsuwn i . 

I<l(olo^y and world afTaii'H; a w^ourex 1 nnil; for toachors. 
Modford, MIIHH., PubliHlied for <le NwiheaKtern States 
Youth CiliwMwliip Projed, (by, Lincoln Mlene Center for 
OitXzrinHliip und Public AffairB, Tufts tTnivorsity. 100B. 

xx, 5H p, niUM, a cm. ( Unwlo \mm In clttxenHlilp no. 1 ) 
,TA3<UWfl no. 1 mi C8-21C86 


Beigrad, Institut am izu&ivanje radnKSkofc pokreta. 

Dokumcntaoioni bilten. <K> li- 
1057- 3 




mornh; madjulah teori dun politik Marxiflme-Lenin- 

[Djuknrln, Jajasun Pembarutxni 
v. au-iti. 

S A 04-5703 

Common Cause. 


monthly (irrular) 

Lo Contrat social, v. 1- 
mars 1957- 

Pnrifl, Inatllut d'histoiro aociale. 
v -i" 28ojn. Ono. nyear 

Dossiers du commumsrae. 

no. in y, 84cm. monthly, 

Etudes. 1 ^. 

tBruxelleS] Institut Imre Nacy' 

v. in 24 cua. 

62-27088 J 





International socialist miscellany, no, 1- 
[Bombay, S. A. Bangs and G. Adhikari; distributed by Peo 
ple's Pub. House Private, New Delhi, 1961- 

no, Jiu cm, lri'flular. 
HX0.I5 S A 62-1017 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


PERIODICALS (Continued) 



v 27cm. monthly. 


v. Illus., ports., maps. 24 cm. monthly. 

Eeiopyccnii, TeopeTH^ecKHfi n 
MUHCK, 3ast3Aa t etc.] 

v. illus. 28cm. monthly. 




H ; TeopermecEHfi H 
KHmHHCB, HapTHftHoe HS^-BO ITK KH Moifla 

T. ports. 26 cm. monthly. 



[Puraj JTaTBHftCEoe rasexHcwKypHajfcHoe H3fl-BO. 

v. in illus., ports., maps. 28 on. 

HX8.K568 60-35093 

Leningrad. Vysshafa partiinaia shkola. 

CtfopHHE ciarea Ea$eflp ofimecTBesHux nayz. BMH. 1- 
JEeHHHrpas, 1960- 

v. 22cm. 
HX8X43 61-40393 

no, in T. 24 cm. 

Marxism today. 

[London, Communist Partyj 

v. in 25cm. monthly. 

NE 64-2269 


The New International, v. 1-24, no. 2/3; July 1934-spring/ 
summer 1958. Kew York] 

24 v. in 23-30 cm. 

HX1.K35 40-20693 rev* 

Nova mysl ; teoreticky' a politidrf casopis "Cstfednfho v^boru 
Komunisticke strany Geskoslovenska. 
[Prahaj Rude pravo t etc.] 

v. in 22-26 cm. monthly. 

HX8.N57 61-28379 


MocsBa, SnaHHC. 

T. in 22 cm. 24 no. a year. 
B6.N64 64-32048 

Padomju Latvijas komunists. 

Riga, Latvijas laikrakstu un zurnalu izdevnieclba, 

v. in illus. 27cm. monthly. 

HX8.P23 61-37298 

Parti communiste francais. 

Conferences Sducatives. 1- se"r. Paris C 1951- 

v. 21 cm. 
HX261.P3 62-34051 

Pod zastavom internacionalizma; organ jugoslovenskih. revo- 
lucionarnih emigranata u NR Rumuniji. 


v. in illus., ports. 41 cm. 

T. In 
HX8 V22 

UliML, ports, 26 cm. monthly. 

Prirofituk za mlade aktiviste. 

T. illus., maps, ports. Id cm. 10 no. a year. 

Problems of Communism, v. t lj- 


59-23258 rev 


54-61675 rev 

EEpo6jieMi,i Miipa n coa;na_Tii3Ma; TeoperH^ecEiift 11 iiH$opjta- 
HHOHHHii acypHa.1 KOMJiyHucTn^ecEHX u pagoiHX napTHtt. 
r. 1- CCHT. 1958- 

Upara, "Mnp H conaajtHSM." 

T. tables. 26cm. monthly. 

Programme communiste. annee 

[Marseille, F. Grambinij 

v. in 23 cm. quarterly. 



Questions actuelles du spcialisme. no. 1/2- 
mars/avril 1951- 
jBeogriul, Jugoslavijaj 
no. In v 23 cm. 
HX365.5.Q4 53-40324 rev 

The Review, v. t lj- June 17, 1959- 

tBmsselS] Imre Nagy Institute for Political Research, 

v. la 24 cm. auarterly. 
HX5.E7S2 64-55318 

Rrnga e partise. 

v. In 25 cm, monthly. 

t Co$ns, 

T. In 

illus. (part coL), ports., music. 42 1 60 cm. 2 no. a 


T. Ill us. 25 cm. bimonthly. 
HX5.S58 64-27010 

Socialist thought and practice, no. 1- 
June 1961 
[Beograd, Izdavacki zavod Jugoslavia, etc.] 

no. in 28 cm. quarterly. 
HX365.5.S58 64-39301 

Sofa, Universitet 

Coijma, ]jayi;a n 

T. 23cm. 

ii. Annuaire. Chaires 


La Tribune des peuples; revue Internationale de la gauche. 
1. annee, no 1-6; mars/avril 1953-mars/avril 1954. [Parisj 

IT. 23cm. bimonthly ( Irregular > 
HX5.T7 64-27668 

^cHije aanHCKH Ea$e^p o<5rnecTseHHHx nayK sysos r. JTeHHH- 
rpa^a. BHIT. 1- 
[.leHHHrpafl] HS^-BO JTeHHHrpa^cKoro yHHsepcHiera, 1959- 

T. illus. 23cm. 
H8.IT3 60-30341 

World Marxist review, v. 1- 
Sept 1958- 
t Toronto, Progress Booksj 

26 cm. monthly. 


Youth and freedom, v. 1- May 1958- 

t New York] Institute for International Youth Affairs. 
r. in illus., ports. 29 cm. bimonthly (Irreirular) 
HX1.Y68 60-36812 rev 

Z pola walki; kwartalnik posViecony dziejom ruchu robotni- 
czego. rocz. 1- (nr. 1- ) ; 1958- 
Warszawa, Ksiazka i TViedza, 

v. in illus , maps (part fold.) 24 cm. 
HX315.7.Z2 61-32188 


Goldwater, Walter. 

Radical periodicals in America, 1890-1950; a bibliogra 
phy with brief notes. With a genealogical chart and a 
concise lexicon of the parties and groups which issued them. 
NeTC Haven, Yale University Library, 1964. 

xr, 51 p. 26 cm. 
Z7164.S67G57 64-6244 


Akademtia nauk Turkmenskol SSR, Ashkhabad. Otdel 
fttosofi i prava. 

A-so AKa^eMiiH HayicTypKMeHCKOft CCP, 1960- 
v. 23cm. 

Benson, George, 

International communist front organizations. c n. p.j 

66 p. 26 cm, 
HX11.B4 61-46341 

Benson, George. 

International Communist front organizations; aims and 
programs: 1962-1963. t iL p.] 1963. 

1 v. ( various pagtngs) 2T cm. 
HX11.B4 1963 64-6920 

Directory of international communist front organisations. 
t n. p., I960, 

45, 44, 37, 33 1. 33 cm. 

HX11D5 62-40543 


Organizaciones internacionoles comunistas de fachada, Me 
xico, Ediciones Occidentales [1956, 

' 63^22831 

Li. Kuane-ts'ai, 


2, 40 p. 18cm. 

Includes songs ia number notatloo. 

L Songs, Chinese. 2. Land tenure China (People's BepoWle of 

China, 1&4&- ) 3 Communism -- Songs and music. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Tu ti kai ko Jco chL 

C 63-1102 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Japanese Library 6740 


Sokhor, A 

Pyccicaa coseTCEan necna. .TeHiinrpap;, CoBeTcsufl EQH- 
no3HTOp, 1959. 

506 p. music. 23 cm. 
ML2537.S64 GO-20515 

Zhitomirskii, D V 

Ha HCTopHu neces: "Ciieio, TOBapmniH, B nory/* "Bapma- 
s^HEa," "KpacEoe SHaMa," "BecHyitxeci., THpaHH." MocKsa, 

38 p. illus. 17 cm. (B noaomi> cjiymareJiSM Bapojcnux ynHBepcH- 
TCTOB KyjibTypw) 
ifL3680.25 62-26871 J 


Akademiik pedagogichesMkh nauk RSFSR, Moscow. Inati- 
tut teorii i istorii pedogoffi&i. 

onutxa paGoiH B CTapnrax E.iaccax. IIo^ pe^;. jl. H. PosnHoS. 
MocKBa, HSA-BO Aica^euHH ne^aror. nays PCOCP, 1960. 

157 p. Illus. 21cm. (neAaromiecKHe TreHtw) 
HX19.A35 61-26127 | 

Arkansas. Dept. of Education. 

Strengthening America; a resource booklet for teaching 
the American way of life in the secondary schools of Arfctn- 
sas. Little Rock, Division of Instructional Services, State 
Dept. of Education, 1963. 

91 p. 23cm. 
HX19.A7 63-64416 

Arkansas. _ Legislative Council. 

Teaching of Americanism vs. Communism in the several 
States. Little Rock, 1961. 

10 1. 29 cm. (Its Research report no. 105) 
JK5174.A34 no. 105 62-62919 J 

Bales, James D 1915- 

Understanding communism; a study manual Grand 
Rapids, Baker Book House, 192. 

88p. 22cm. 
HX536.B25 267.7 62-6320 t 

Bi6jiioTCHKa iTpoiiaiuii^ncrit. [Xap 
BO t 1958 t 

8 no. In 1 T. ( in portfolio) 17 em. 

j o6ji. 


Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, 

A citizen's course in freedom vs. communism j the eco 
nomics of survival. "Washington r 1961i 

8v. illus. 22cm 
HC59.C42 61-18198 J 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 

A citizen's course in freedom vs. communism, the econom 
ics of survival; discussion leader's manual. [Washington? 

1 T. (loose-leaf } 30cm, 
HC59.C422 335.437 61-66T29 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Giou, Hsiu-mu. 


37.ini. 18cm. 

1. Study, Method of. } CJommunlsm Study and teaching 
r Title. Title romantied: Hsttefa hal w6n t'l chleh ta. 


C 60-2534 

Donskot Grigorii Markovich. 

Hsy^enae Bonpocos patfoiero a. conHajracTHiecsoro f 
senna B xypce nosofl ncxopHH ; nepsHfl nepnofl. 
Toe. ynetfso-ne^aror. H3fl-Bo, 1961. 

162 p. 20 cm. (Ha onwra ywewi) 
HX19J}6 62-47555 J 

Filippov, Aleksandr Petrovich, comp. 

rpafli JleHHSKax, 1959, 

ITTp. Ulna. 21 on, 
HX19.F5 59-40793 rev t 

Florida. State Dept. of Education. 

A resource unit: Americanism vs. communism. Talla 
hassee, 1962. 

s, 69 p. 2$ cm. 

HX19.F55 A 62-9553 rev 

Florida. Univ. Library 

George, E Madison, 1307- 

Which \ray , young Americans ? An expose" of communism 
for high-school students. Cald\vell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 

388 p. 23cm. 
HX19.G& 335.43 6&-8187 J 

Geten, Paid Francis, 1913- 

Christians confront communism, Nashville, Convention 
Press [1962, 

149 p. 19 cm. 
HX536.G4 62-11753 J 

Hogyaa szervezzuk meg a szmin&riumi foglalkozasokat? 
Budapest, Szikra, 1950. 

55 p. 21cm. (A Propagandlsta kCnyTWra, 1) 
HX10.K316 59-46656 

Institute for American Strategy. 

Education and freedom in a world of conflict; guidelines 
for teaching about communism. Edited by Clarence Perry 
Oakes t executive director, Editorial board: Samuel M. 
Brownell, William Y. Elliott [and] Benjamin C. Willis. 
Chicago, H. Regnery Co., 1963. 

340 p. 21 cm. 
HX19.I53 335.43 63-12886 I 

Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- 

The masks of communism. Evanston, 111., Harper & Row 
I 1963 ] 

240 P. illua 23 cm. 
HS19.J2 335.430947 63-4289 t 

Joint Committee of the National Education Association 
and the American Legion, 

Teaching about communism: guidelines for junior and 
senior hiffh school teachers. Indianapolis, Distributed by 
the American Legion, B 196S. 

28 p. 24cm, 
HX19.J6 62-52286 \ 

Khvostenko, Stepan Petrovych. 

HmsH ariraTopiR. KHIB, 
yPCP, 1960. 

48 p. Him. 20crn. 

K. BH^-BO nojtw. jiir-p 

Krupskaia, Nadezhda Konstantinovna, 1369-1939. 
cajtoo6"pa30BaHHH ; ctfopHHK. MOCKEE, 1960. 
82 p. 22cm. 
LC31.KS 61-28053 J 

Louisiana. Dept. of Education. 

Americanism versus communism, a unit of work in Amer 
ican history. Prepared by Raphael Teagle, director of high 

schools and others j Baton. Rouge, 1961. 
Y1.35L lllus. 28cm. (lt Bulletin no. 828) 
L154.B32 no. 928 


Louisiana Conference on Americanism, Jouih Education 
Center, 1961. 

Report Compiled by the staff of the Louisiana State 
Dept. of Education under the direction of J. B. Robertson. 
Baton Bouge, State Superintendent of Education t 1961) 

120 p, 28cm. (jLontelaas. Dept of Education, Bulletin no. 947) 
L154.B32 no. 947 62-63959 t 

Mallery, David. 

Teaching about communism, a definition of the problem 
and a description of some practices. Boston, National As 
sociation of Independent Schools t !962j 

72 p 23 cm. (National Association of Independent Schools. 
Committee on Research, Studies, no. 6) 
HX19.M27 63-742 t 

Massachusetts. Division of Qnio E&vcation. 

An inquiry into teaching about communism in Massachu 
setts public liigh schools; final report. r Bostonj 1962. 

19 p 22 cm 
HX19.M33 ' 64-63732 

Mehlinger, Howard D ed. 

Communism in theory and practice; a book or rending 
for ligh school students. Edited nnd with commentary by 
Howard D. Mehlinger. San Francisco, Clmmller Pub. Co. 

xlB, 27* P. Ulus., ports. 24cm. 
HX10.M4 335.4S083 G3-20S47 

Moscow. Akademiik obshchestvennykh naufc. 

nporpanMa Kypca "y^eiiHe o co^na.'III3^[e n KOmMyHU3Me" 
&.tx BeHepniixYHitBepcHTexoit napi:cic3Ma-jieHiiuu3ua. (<Da- 
Ky.ii.reT OCHOB MapKCii3Mta-.ieHitHH3Ma) IXoAroTOB-iena Ka- 
^e^pott uCTOpini KITCC AKa,nMn oSn^ecTBCHHUx nayn npw 
D|K KIICC. [OTBCTCTBeHHHft pe^aKTOp H. H. TpoineB] 
MocKsa, HSA-BO B1I1II n AOH npir D;K KIICC, 1062. 

26 p. 20 cm. 
HX19.M614 04-40213 J 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

yneCJKHe n.iaHM n nporpa&mti f(.in CUCTCMLI noiHTine- 
CKoro iipocBemeinifi ; 3.10. c.T.vmaTe.iefi no.nrTUiKO.T, KpyacKon, 
ceuiiHapoB, Haia-iLiiux 3KoiioaiKHecKiix IUKO,I, HIKO.I TCXMII- 
HHMyMa, arpoTexuH^ecEiix WKO.I 11 nayiaramux rro UH^HBIJ- 
flya.tii.HLiM nwmaM. jllo^ pe r i;. F. E, Liesepjiana, B. C. 
A^aiiaci.eiia n .1 M. Miniaenaj Moctcna, Un,vuo comia.u.ito- 
3Eoii. .tjiT-pa, 1962. 

44(5 p. 22cm. 


Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

ytertne nporpaMMtc ^.w aeiepinix yiintiepciiTeTon MfipK- 
CH3Ma-.7ciiuiui3Ma. IkuroTDi'.iciii.i Ktiftc^piiMn AK^CMIIII 
o6ra;CTBeiiuux iiayic n Bwcmefl naptiiflnofl JUKOIU upn I1.K 
KIICC. [OTneTCTBeunwe pe^aKTopu: A. A. TiiMoftfieucKaft 
n flp., MOCKKS, HSA-BO BHIU n AOH, 1902. 

719 p. 22 cm. 
HX19.M62 W-llTOa t 

New Hampshire. Dept. of Education, 

Democracy its meaning and challenges; a curriculum 
bulletin for New Hampshire junior high school and senior 
high school teachers. Concord, 19G3. 

08 p. dlaffrs, 23 cm. 
HX19.N29 64-83644 

New York (State) Bureau of Secondary Ourricutwn Do- 

Tench iiifjj about comiuunif-m; ft ^uitlc for socinl studieB 
tent-liers, grades 0-12. Albany, 1962. 

39 p. 23cm. 

HX10.N34 AC.V7024 

New Tork. State Llbr. 

Oklahoma. State Commtitu on the Improvement of In- 

*,, OTSVPV.. *,, v ,tv fjuvKw att\HHoe, 

A guide to the teaching of American ideals in the Okla 
homa schools, grades K-12; recommendations. [Oklahoma 
City] Oklahoma State Dept of Education, 1962, 

r, 17 p. 28 cm. ' 

HX19.03 A 68-7290 

Oklahoma, State Library *oo-iw 

Oregon. Dept. of Education, 

Understanding the nature of communism; a resource unit 
for teachers. Salem, 19S3. 
xlv, 65 \i. fnoshu. 20 em. 
HX10.07 63-64618 

Otechestven front, 

yKasanue na Ilaat-TKuTe.iHHrt KOMJITCT Ha Ha^uoHa-muflc 
ctaer H,I OieiecTBeHiifl ^poat, 

T. 18 cm. 

Russia (IfftS- U. S. S. S.) Upravlenie 
ooshaJiMtvennykh nauk. 

Administration of teaching in social sciences in the U. S. 
S. E.; syll&bi for three required courses: [Dialectical and 
historical materialism, Political economy. History of the 
C- P. S. U.] Ann Arbor, University of Michigan ( 1960j 

18ft p. 23 cin. 
HX19.R93 885.407 60-64178 J 

Stint Looia County Working Committee on Teaching about 
Democracy and Totalitarianism. 

Democracy and totalitarianism, a handbook for teachers. 
Edited by Robert B. de Jong. t St Louis?] Educational 
Council for Responsible Citizenship. 1962. 

129 p. lllus. 28cm. 
HX19J328 62-68991 t 

Santiago de Compostela. Universidad. 

Introihiccioii al ponsamionto marxista tporj C. Paris t et 
al, Un breve curso piiblico dosde ol IT de octubre hasta el 
6 de diciembre de 1058] Madrid, Edicionra Gnadurrama 

240 p. 10 cm. (Toxtoa unlvorsltarlos, S) 
HX19.S33 63-30153 

Scholastic magazines. 

What you should know about communism and why, by the 
editors of Scholastic mutfftxinen. Adapted by Matthew 
Mestrovic from the series of iifteeu articles publislied under 
the sumo title in Junior scholastic, November 1001- April 
10152. New York, Scholastic Book Services , 19(52, 

128 p. illua., ports., col. maps. 20 em. 
HX10.S35 1062a 02-20530 

Scholastic magazines. 

Whnt you should knoAv about communism and why, by 
the editors of Scholastic magazinws. Adapted by Matthew 
Mestrovic. Junior ed. New York, WhittloHoy House [1962, 

128 p. Ill us. 21 cm. 
HX10.S35 836. V)7 62-20520 J 

Scholastic magazines. 

What you ahouUl know about communism and why, by 
the editors ol Scholastic mugaxinen. Adapted from tha 
series of sixlwn urticles publiHlitsd under the same title in 
Senior Hcholimtic und World wcwk, JNovonibor IDfil-April 
1902. Kov. New York, Scholftstio Book (Servicea t 1064, 

180 p. tllus., portH., <>ol, maps. 20cm. ' 

HX10.S3B 1JKJ4 

Shan-tung jen min ch'u pan she", Txinan, China. 
4lj* V>Mty H *"* W ft 111 *fc ^ W W 
iffr^J 1982. 
178 1>. 18 cm. 

1. Corn CPU n lamStudy and touching. x. Title. 

Title rofnontasd; Kung ch'an chu I 
Mloh hi! ts'on k'uo tg'al Uao. 

HX19.S5 C 62-477 J 

Smal-Stocki, Roman, 1S98- ed, 

Euasian and Communist imperialism in action. Edited 
by ttomnn Smnl-Stacki and Alfred J. Solcolnicki. Mil 
waukee, Slavic Institute of Marquotte Univcrttity (1968, 

205 p. 2fl cm. (Iupm of tho Hluvlc IimtltHto of MarqueCta Unl- 


South Carolina. University. Institute of International 

Democracy mid fOiinuuniHin in world ull'ah'H; ylliibu.^ and 
guide for teacher wovkshops tuui Heminavrt. Undor the spou- 
Horship of the American Bur Awwintion, Standiup; Com 
mittee on Kducntiou Against Ooinniunism. [Columbia?] 

xxlll, !t(IO i, US on. 

HX19.S64 niiO.l 03 '.'18(50 rev 

Swearingen, Rodger. 

r JThe world of communism ; anawcrs to tlio 100 questions 
most of ton awkod by American hi|(h school students. Editor : 
Howard R. Anderson. Boston, Houghton Mifflin [1002, 

278 p, HluB. 22cm. (Klvei'Bldcv (t(ic!ivl t\n!lo iwrlw) 
HXW.S85 JJ35.4S076 GSi-2008 J 


Szv6lck., Sandor. 

A koll(?giunu ko'zona^g kinlakttisa, 
nyvkiad6, 19(50. 
85 p, yociw. 

seSnuc niruiM n nporpaMMM ,wx cent napTiinnoro itpocec- 

MoCKllJl, 1\K', HUrVBO 111) tin. .tllT-pW, 

v, 20 ptn. aanunl. 

W- ioMii rev 

U. S. Congre*n, 8wtf. Committee on the Judioiwy. 

Bductition for Purviral in the struggle agitinHl world com 
munism. A symposium prepared for the Subcommittee to 
Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act 
and Other Interiml Security Laws of the Committee on the 
Judiciary, United States Senate, Kighty-seventh Congress, 
second Bossion. Washington, U. S, Govt. Print. Off., 1962. 

v,i27p. 24cai. (87th Cong., 2dea. Senate. Document, no. 93) 
HX80.U55 62-61154 

Virginia. Dept, of Education, 

Communism in contrast with the principles of American 
freedom ; an outline I ov use in the high school senior gov 
ernment course, Richmond, 1962. 
letln' r JJ' n^&r"' ( ' virglnla< St * t * IJoar(1 0]C Education, Bui- 

Vlrglnla. State Library 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Washington (State) Dept. of Education. 

Guidelines for teaching American values versus commu 
nism. Recommended for use in all grades, K-12. Olympia, 
State Print. Plant, 1962. 

78 p. 23 cm. 

HX19.TV3 A 63-7666 

"Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 

headings Communism 


Davis, Mary Clair (Murphy) 1915- 

Soviet problems, propaganda and language, and dialectic 
dictionary, by M. Clair Davis, B. B. Culver c andj H. EL 
Beatia. Los "Angeles, Western Eesearch Pub. Co., 1961. 

74 p. 28cm. 
HX314.D3 335.41 61-47962 J 

Hsia,T A 

Metaphor, myth, ritual, and the people's commune, Berke 
ley, Center for Chinese Studies, Institute of International 
Studies, University of California, 1961. 

ri, 60 L 28 cm. ( Studies In Chinese communist terminology, no. 7) 
PL1489.S8 no. 7 61-64267 

Li, Ch% 1903- 

Preliminary study of selected terms. Berkeley, East Asia 
studies. Institute of International Studies, University of 
California, 1956. 

23 L 28 cm. (Studies In Chinese Communist terminology ft) 
PL1489.S8 no. 2 63-58111 J 

Li, Ch% 1903- 

The use of figurative language in Communist China. 
Berkeley, Center for Chinese Studies, Institute of Interna 
tional Studies, University of California, 1958. 

1!, 85 L 28 cm. ( Studies In Chinese Communist terminology, no. 5) 
PL1489.S8 no. 5 495.12 60-62716 

Pei-ching \vai kuo yii hsiieh yuan. Te-kuo yu yen win 
hftilfh Aw. 

Chiw-e-English dictionary of modem Communist Chi- 
neM- Uiage. "Washington, U. S, Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. Joint Publication? llewaivh Service, 

a-e. S31 |i. as cm. (.TPKS. 20,004) 
PLU,>3.P413 C4-61752 

Possony, Stefan Thomas, 1913- 

Wordsmanship: semantics as a Communist weapon; a 
study prepared for the Subcommittee to Investigate the Ad 
ministration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal 
Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1961. 

Ill, 18 p. 24 cm, * 


Standard translation of Chinese Communist terms. 




Kyriak, Theodore E 

International communist developments, 1957-1961 j an in 
dex and guide to a collection of US JPES translations 
emanating from Africa, Latin America and Western Eu 
rope. Compiled and edited by Theodore E. Kyriak. An 
napolis, Research Microfilms t 1962i 

ix,54L 22cm. 


Botzaris, Alejandro. 

Africa, jcontinente negro o rojo? Madrid, Institute de 
Estudios Africans, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones 
Cientincas, 10(50. 

407 p, 24 cm. 

A 61-4913 
Northwestern Univ. Library 

Botzaris, Alejandro. 

Africa e o comnnismo. Lisboa, 1959-61. 

2 T. 26 em. (JnnU de InveBtigafiCes do tFltramar. Centro de 
Bstudos Polfticoe e Sodala, Estudoa de dtodas politicals e socials. 
HX437.B6 63-30869 rev J 

Botzaris, Alejandro. 

Communist dogma and the African nationalisms. Lis 
bon, 196L 

88 p. 21 cm, 
HX550.N3B6 61-46342 J 

Botzaris, Alejandro. 

Communist penetration in Africa. Lisbon, 1961. 
71 p. 21 cm. 
DT38.9.R8B6 62-25109 J 

Diaz de Villegas, Jose. 

Africa en k postguerra; conferencia pronunciada en el 
XT Curso de Informacion Cultural, organizado por la Capi- 
tania General de la Primera Region Militar, el dm 23 de 
mayo de 1960. Madrid, 1960. 

23 p. 24cm. 

Northwestern Univ Library A 61-3105 

Filesi, Teobaldo. 

Comunismo e nazionalismo in Africa. [Romaj Istituto 
italiano per 1' Africa t l958j 

368 p. facslms. 25 cm. (Collana di studl cli storia e politics 
afrlcana, 2) 
DT31.F5 50-44588 

Curzman, Dan. 

Subversion of the innocents ; patterns of communist pene 
tration hi Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. New York, 
Eandom House f 1963, 

570 p. tuns. 22 crn. 
HX44.K3 335.43 62-8473 \ 

Lessdng, Pieter. 

Africa's red harvest. London, M. Joseph C 1962] 
207 p. 23cm. 
HX437X4 1962 

Leasing, Pieter. 

Africa's red harvest. r lst American ed.j New York, John 
Day Co. ,1962, 

207 p. 23cm. 
HX437.L4 1062a 960.3 62-21016 \ 

Mendiaux, Edooard. 

Moscou, Accra et le Congo. Bruxelles, C. Dessart C 1960j 
196 p. 19 cm. (Connaltre le Congo) 
DT38.9.RSM4 60-27764 J 

Murray, Andrew Howson. 

Red strategy and tactics. t n. p., South African Broadcast 
ing Corp., 1961 fj 

22, 22 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
HX518.SSM8 63-26930 J 

Spain. Direction General de Plazas y Provincias Africanas. 
La actividad comunista en Africa. [Madrid, 1958?] 
II, 134 p. Illus., ports., maps. S3 em. (Its Boletfn <Je information, 
no. 271) 
DT30.S66 59-44862 


Ngubane, Jordan K 

An African explains apartheid. New York, Praeger [1963] 
243 p. Illus. 22cm. (Books that matter) 
DT763.N45 968.06 63-7569 J 

Roax, Edward. 

.'Kme longer than rope; a history of the black man's 
struggle for freedom in South Africa. C 2d ed.j Madison, 
University of Wisconsin Press, 1964. 

rvlil,469p maps. 20cm. 
DT763J16 1964 968 64-12728 

Sacks, George. 

Communism for South Africa, Cape Town, D. P. C. 
of the Communist Party of South Africa, 194-?] 

40 p. 22 cm. 
DT779.7.S23 61-46156 J 


Brzezinski, Zbigniew K 1928- ed. 

Africa and the communist world. Contributors: Alexan 
der Dftllin t and others 3 Stanford, Calif., Published for the 
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace by Stan 
ford Univer&ity Press, 1963. 

xll, 272 p. map (on lining papers) 23 cm. (Hoover Institution 
DT38.9.R8B7 327.47067 63-17816 



Das albanische Yolk im, Klampf fur nationale Unabhangig- 
keit, fur Demokratie und SoziaJismus. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, 
Dietz, 1959. 

57 p. 21cm. { Internationale BeUke) 
DK70LS86C3 60-30681 J 

Albania China's beachhead in Europe. Translated by 
Victor Andersen. Xew York, Praeger r !9637 

176 p. Illos 22 cm. ( Praeger publications In Russian history and 
world communism, no. 127) 
DB701.S86H3S 949.65 63-14679 J 

3amm, Harry. 

Eebellen gegen Moskau ; Albanien-PeMngs Bruckenkopf 
in Europa. Koln, Verlaff TVisscnschaft and Politik r 1962, 

189 p. plates, port. 23 cm 
DE701.SSCH34 64-08134 

iffchaj Kristaq. 

HcTOpns npoi|icoE>3Horo ^BnaccHHJi B .^JtSaHnn. IlepeBO^ 
c ai6ancKoro P. Koin. [MocKBaj ETpo^iHS^aT, 1960, 

94 p. 20 cm 
HD6780.53I5 60-4i997 J 

Bashkim i Rinis* se Punes se Shqiperise. Komltei Qen- 

Tenui mbi edukimin. Komunist te rinise. 

T. 19 cm. annuaL 

63-40512 J 

Bashkim i Rinise se Punes se Shqiperis*. Komtiet Qen- 

Tenia mbi edukimin Komunist te riniae per organizatat 
e B. R. P. SH. te fshatit. 

T. Illus. IT cm. annuaL 
HXD.B312 63-i0514 J 

Bashkim i Rinise se Punes se Shqiperise. Komitet Qen- 

Tema mbi edukimin Komunist te rinise per organizatat 
a B. K. P. SH. te qytetit. 

T. iHus. 17-22 cm. annuaL 

HX9.B313 63-40515 % 

c Bashkim i Rinise se Punes se Shqiperise. Komitet Qen- 

Tema mbi edukimin Komunist te rinise; staruti die ma- 
terjal ndihmes. 

v. 17 cm. annuaL 
HX9.B32 63-40513 J 


Lombard, Pierre, physician. 

La crise algerienne vue d' Alger ; le regime contre la nation. 
[Alger, Editions F. Fontana, 1958! 

87, 8 p. illus. 22cm. 
DT285X6 60^33883 J 

Mignot, Elie. 

Deir Kampf der TfrvrnTnTrnisfJprbftn Partei Franfcreichs ge- 
gen dea Kolonialismus nnd fur Frieden in Algerian. {L 
Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

88 p. 21cm. (Internationale Bethe) 
DT295.M5 61-54877 J 

Morice, Andre". 

Les f ellagha dans la cite. Nantes, Editions de la Soci&e* 
dTfiditions du P. 0. t W59 3 

140 p. 23 cm. 
DT295Jtf545 64-37365 J 


Conte Agiiero, Lois. 

America contra el comunismo. Miami? Frenfce Anti- 
comtmista. Cristiano, 1961i 

197 p. JIlus., ports. 21 cm. 
F1788.C55 63-53902 

Falcdn-Briceno, Marcos. 

vm [i. e. Octavaj Eeuni6n de Consulta en Ponta del Este ; 
posiciou. de Venezuela. Caracas, Impr. Nacional, 1962. 

48 p. ports. 22 cm. (PaWlcadones de la Secretarfa General de 
la Presldeacia de la Repabllca) 
F1405.5.A1F3 6S-45S14 

Pan American Union. DepL of Ltgal A.ftaxr* 

Background memorandum on the convocation of the meet 
ing. Washington, Pan American Union, 1962. 

47 j>. 28 cm. (OBA/s.FAL8, Doc. 2 (English) corr.) 
[F1405.5 1959.07 OEA/ser.F/ii.8] PA 63-121 

Pan American Union. Library 

Pdypcnko, Atejo. 

Infiltracion comunista en las iglesias cristianas de Am6- 
rica. Buenos Aires, 1961. 

233 p. Iltus. 20cm. 
HX80.P4 62-44525 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 


Cotta, Goncalves. 

Grito de Angola; carta aos senhores Kennedy e Khruscht- 
chev. Lisboa,1961. 

123 p. illus. 24cm. 
DT611.7.C6 1961a 63-50842 

Cotta, Goncalves. 

Grito de Angola; carta aos senhores Kennedy e Khru 
shchev. [Loanda, A Minerva, 1961, 

88p. 25cm. 
DT611.7.C6 63-28799 I 

Hammadi, Sa'dun. 

jJU uLJ'lJ <5 .. 

jYi J J 
[1961. 1VU 

87 p. 18cm. 

Shumays. *Abd al-Munlm. 

X E 63-1577 

NE 63-2413 

U. S. Information Agency* Research and Reference Serv 

Selected Communist propaganda activities in the Near 
East and South Asia, 1962. [Washington, 1963, 

H, 101 p. tables. 27cm. 
HX44.U627 63-65101 


Faleroni, Alberto DanieL 

El comunismo contra nuestras fuerzas annadas; confiden 
tial [Buenos Airesj Ediciones "Frente Americano de la 
Libertad," 1961- 

v. 21cm. 
F2849.F3 63-37025 J 

Frondizi, Arturo, Pres. Argentine Republic, 1908- 

El 2obierno y el comunismo; t mensaje pronunciado por 

el Presidente de la Nacion, Dr. Arturo Frondiri, desde su 

despadio oficial en la Casa de Gobierno, el dia 23 de nov. de 

1&60. Buenos Aires] 1960. 
22 p. 23 cm. (Publlcaddn del Servtdo <Je Prensa de la Pres!- 

dencia de la Naclto) 

F2849.F699 6&-45307 J 

Fanes, Raf ad. 

IGto, democracia y oomunismo (un. tanto "a la criolla") 
con 4 "apendices." Buenos Aires, Ediciones Theoria [1961] 

75 p. 20cm. 
F2849.F8 62-80189 t 

Ortiz, S H 

El libro rojo de Rogelio Frigerio. [Montevideo. Editorial 
Yeraxj 1962. 

125 p. 19cm. 
F2849.F69607 68-29540 J 

iQne" es la izquierda? t Porj Ernesto Giudici t et al.j 
Buenos Aires, Editorial Documentos, 1961. 

ill p 20 cm. 
HX184^5Q4 62-30321 t 

Volpi, Alberto EzequieL 

Eadiograria del comunismo. 3. ed. Buenos Aires, Ciudad 
yEspiritu C 1960] 

199 p. 20 cm. (Colecddn Perfll de nuestro tlempo 4) 
HX40.V64 1960 


Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institui narodov Asii. 

IlaioaccHHe pa<Soieio Kaacca. H pafioiee flBHxeHite B cxpa- 
rox Aziiu ii A$PHKH, 1959-1961. tOxBeTCTBeHHiift p 
A. A. HcKeH^epoBi MociBa, HS^-BO BOCTOinoft 

243 p. 28cm, 
HD866.5A65 63-64602 J 

Anson, Luis Maria. 

El Gengis Kan rojo. t l. ed. Madridj Editorial Prenaa 
Espanola. r 1960i 

183 p, 19cm. 

Asian Peoj^es' Anti-communist League. Korea, 

A brief history of the Asian Peoples' Anti-communist 
League; its creation and development A monument of 
fighting spirit of the free peoples of East Asia and a record 
of innovation in the anti-communist front as a prelude to 
the Pacific era. Tested SeouL1956, 

mipaged. SOiSSon. ^ 


Baruett, A Doak, ed, 

Communist strategies in Asia ; a comparative analysis of 
governments and parties. Nevr York, Praeger [1963, 

Is, 93 p. 21 on. (Prneger publications In Husslan history uu 
world communism, no. 132) 
DS35.B3 950 63-10823 

Chang, Ch'un-ming. 

21 p. 20 cm. 
Cover title. 

1. Communism Aala. 2, China (People's IlepubHc, 1JM&- )~ 
For. rel. i Title. Tttlo romanised: Kung fei yd Ya-cliou wCn t'l. 

C fiO-5ii!4 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Japanese Library 4200.0 

Hashin, Dorothy (Clark) 1906- 

In spite of dungeon ; suffering for Christ in the Orient 
Grand Kapids, Zondervan Pub. House [1062] 

150 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
BV3151.H3 266.095 62-53519 t 

Imai, Tadashi, 1904- 

1. Communism Asia. 2. Communists, Oriental. i. Title, 

Title romanteed: AJla o Cu IryOaan knteuflO no Jculbfl, 


,T 61-268 

Kurzman, Dan. 

Subversion of the innoconts; patterns of communist pene 
tration in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Now York, 
Eandom House r 1963! 

570 p. Illus. 22cm. 
HX44.K8 335.48 62-8478 t 

W3n, Hsin-yen. 


174 p. illua. 19cm. 

1. Communism Asia, i, Title. 

Title romanized: Ya-chou kung tang tl tvmg lunn, 


C 63-1236 


Brimmell, J H 

Communism in South East Asia; a political analysis. 
Issued under the auspices of the Royal Institute of Inter 
national Affnirs. London, New fork, Oxford University 
Press, 1950. 

415 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
DS518.1.B7 959 60-61 t 

Budewig, Eckhard, 1924- 

"Wird Asien rot? Rubel und Dollar im Wettlauf mit 
Peking; ein Bericht aus Sudostasien. [Stuttgart, Sewald 

237 p. 21 cm. 

A 62-275 1 
Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Seminar on Countering Communist Subversion, Bagwo, 
Philippine^ 1957, 

Seminar on Countering Communist Subversion, Baguio, 
Philippines, November 1957, c n, p. 1957 ?, 

101 p. 25cm. 
HX56.S43 1957 335.43 58-36349 rev 

Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. 

Communist front organizations. [Bangkok. Thailand, 

1 v. (unpaged) 26 cm. 
HX382.S6fi S A 64-4138 

Trager, Prank N *. 

Mandsm in Southeast Asia; a study of four countries. 
Edited, with on introd. and conclusion. With contributions 
by Jeanne S. Mintz r and othersj Stanford. Calif., Stanford 
University Press, 1959. 

881 p. 24 on. 
DS518.1.T7 335.40959 59-12469 

U. S. fnfonnation Agenay. Rcwarak and ewanoe erv 

Selected CommuniHt propa^unda ncl,ivitiis in tho Near 
Bast and South Asia, 1002. [Washington. 15)63, 


InbloH. 127cn. 


Webb, Leicester Chisholm. 

Communism and democracy in Auatralia; a survey of tho 
1!)51 rtifiM'putlum. .Melbourne, I^uhlishod for iho Australian 
National Univornily |b.Yi l f . \V. Chwhiro [105-1, 

vlll, 214 p, tlhm. aiu-in, 
HX472.W4 SIJfi.4 65-31119 rev 

Webb, Leicester Chisholm. 

Ooniniuniam und doiuocracy iu AuHtralia; a .survoy of the 
1951 roiiVrondum. Now York, F. A. Praogw [1955, 

vlll, ail p. llln., tultlofs. 1!H cm, (Bookw thnt matter) 
ITX472.W4 1065 885.4 55-04(51 rev 


BUEV, AaopdurtAwauercoe roc. na 

v. 20 cm. 



Rautjes, John, U)2;J 

Thti role of commuiuhin during the Mun'u'h rtvoliitioiuu'y 
pei'iod, Novoiulicr, 1D1H May, 1D1!>. Ann Arbor, Mich,, Urn- 
vei'Hily Microlilius illlfiH] 

Microfihu AIM no. fit) -u(W Miefit)-B02 

lUInolR. t T nlv, Mlinuy 


Candia G , Alfredo, 

Bolivia: un oxpwimoulo cojuunista on la Am6rica, La 
Paz, Bolivia r 105-, 

241 p. HUM, lOoin, 
F3820.C33 00-29840 J 

Congreso Continental Anticomunlsta. ,fdf Lima, 1957. 

Kl ninrximno on Bolivia; infornici on muyoHa do In oomi- 
Hi('m (leHigiila por el ni (longrewo de la Confederaciun fntar- 
amevicana de Defowui del (Doiithuinixi, Hobve la Hituaddn in 
terim deBoliviu. ( Santiago de(/hile?i 1957. 
amp. liOcni, 


Partldo Comunista dc Bolivia. Qonffmo Naoionat. Itt. la 
Pax, /m. 

Documents: La Paa, 5 al 9 do abril, 1959, t Lft Paz, 

100 p. idem. 
JL2298.00A58 1059af 62-85768 


Savez komunista Bosne i Hcrcegovine. 

tHancrriTajM, l.j~ Koirrpcc; 1048- 

aee also Partido Communista do Brasil 

Dias, Everardo, 1888- 

Historia da lutas sociais no Brasil, Silo Paulo, Editora 


30 1. ai cm. (Oolectto "Teufltti brwUelroa." v. 8) 

Lobato, Jos^ Bento Montoiro, 1882-1048. 

Z6 Brnsil, this, de Candtdo lortinnri. Hio <le Janeiro, 

28 p, tllus, 2-txMctu, 

JIP498.LC 5-lW70rev J 

Partido Comunista do Brazil. Oomttd Central. 

programa do Partido Comunista do Braail*- bandeira 
de luta e da vit6ria; informe apresentado em nome do Co- 
mit8 Central ao iv Congresso do Partido Comunista do 
Brasil ( popj DWgones Arruda, secj-et&rio do ComttS Central. 
[Rio de Janeiro 1, 1054, 

80 p, 18 cm. (Documentwi do xv Oongrewo do Prtldo Oomunlsta 
do Brtiall) 

JT J 2498.COA7 08-42285 J 

Peralva, Osvaldo. 

retrato. Bolo Horizonte, Editdra Itatiaia 1960j 

400 p, 22cm. 
HX192.P4 1060 68-618&8 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


BRAZIL (Continued) 

Peralva, Osvaldo. 

retrato; t depoinieiito sobre o comunismo no Brasilj 
llio de Janeiro, Editora Globo [1962] 

275 p 18 cm. ( Cole^o Catavento, Cl) 
HX192.P4 1902 G3-57695rev 

Peri, Marcos. 

Perspectiva da revolucao brasileira. t Sao Paute, Edicoes 
Autores Reunidos, 1962. 

163 p diagrs. l&cm. (ColecSoNossosproblemas) 
HX194.P4 64-35894 

Prestes, Luis Carlos, 1898- 

A situagiio politica e a luta por urn governo nacionalista e 
democratico. E Rio de Janeiro] Editorial Vitoria [1959?j 

74 p. 19 cm. ( ColecSo Documentos polltlcos, 1) 
F2538.2.P72 62-44413 J 


Akhtar, Shameem, 

British Guiana ; a study of Marxism and racialism in iiie 
Caribbean. t -P.] B 1962. 

76 p. 23cm. 
P2384.A7 62-59977 J 


see also Bulgarska Komunisticheska 
partiia; Dimitrovski komunisticheski 
mladezhki sttitiz 
Bulgarska akademiia na naukite, Sofa, Imtitut po -flo- 

e n passimae na corjnaiHCTHiecEOTO ofimeciBO 
B BtJirapHs. [Pe^aEijHOHHa sojierna: 3KHBEO OmasEOB E 
Ap.i Coifmji, E-LirapCKa ana^eim* na nayKHTC, 1962. 

488 p, 25 cm. 
HX361BS 62-66041 

Bulgarska Komunisticheska parttta. Kongres. 7th, Sofia, 

JoK-ia^u, peraeiniH, peiii. 
335 p. 21 cm. 
HC407.B9RTS 1958 

j 1958. 


Bulgarska Komunisticheska partHa. VissU partnna tKkola. 
Katedra po istariSi na BKP. 

B-EJirapcKata KoMyHHCTHiecKL napina B 6op6a sa yTKLp- 
acflaBane Ha HapOAHOAeHOKparaiHara aiacr H sa iiocrpo*- 
sane OCHOBHTC na conaajrasita, 9 cenxeicBpH 1944-1952 r. 
r ABTOpH : Easel KOCTOB, Eei-ip HCHSOBJ CO$HX, Bump- 
era KoHyHHCTHiecra. napTna, 1957. 

177 p. 21cm. 
DR90.B8S 63-31942 t 

Martin, James Calbraithe, 1926- 

The communist seizure of power in Bulgaria; a study of 
communist methods. t Oberammergau? Ger.j 1962. 

50 L 31 cm. 
DR90.M3 63-61126 t 

Newman, Bernard, 1897- 

Bulgarian background. London, R, Hale [1961j 
206 p. illus. 23cm. 
DE60.2.N4 61-^4216 

KOMnier na Hao;HOHajiEn;!: 

Otechestven front. 

yKaaaniie na IlaniuiHi 
CT.BCT na OieiecTBCHna $POHT. 

T. 18 cm. 

Todorov, Angel Stoianov. 

Bopoaxa na peBO.^Io^IIOH^^Te MapsciiCTii npoiitB 6t.irap- 
CKHH peBiisnoHiistM, o(Sino r ie.iCTBOTO, 1900-1903. CO$H*, 
E-Mrapcxa KoMyHncru^ecna naprna, 1959. 

169 p. 21cm. 
JK9R09.A8K0855 CO-4C091 rev t 

56-44965 rev 

B noMom, Ha atymaTCJiHTe B 

T. maps (fold. coL In pockets) 21 cm. 


Sofia. Bulgarski bibliograf ski institut 

MapKCHCTEO-JnesHHCKa KSHXHuna B Btjurapax, 19171957 ; 
6H6.iaorpa$CKB HSsopH. Ho cJiynaft 40-roAHmHHHaTa aa 
BeamcaTa OKroicBpHftcsa co^HaaHCTHHecsa peBOXDaa. 
t H3paooTHJiH : HB. D;OJIOB H ^. K. BomnaKOB, no 
Pa^ootaB HHICBI Coin*, Haysa H HssyciBO, 1957. 

6Tp. 20cm. 

Sofia. Universitet. 

ideologique c s, 
Co<J)na, l^aysa H nac 

v. 23 cm. 


. . 




Bulgarska Komunisticheska partiia. Eongres. 

Ctenorpa^cKH HPOTOKO.T. 

v. In 21-24 cm. 
JN9609.A8K6 56-15963 rev 


Andreeva, Eatja. 

Xpncro Koiee ; 6norpa$nieH o^epK. CO^HJI, 1960. 
37 p. 20cm. 
HXS62.A67 64-51279 



T. In lllns. 27 cm. 

Annuaire. Chaires 


Burma (Union) Dept of Information and Broadcasting. 

Dhammantaraya, Buddhism in danger: ^ho in the Union 
of Burma are posing the greatest danger to Buddhism? 
Transhtion of a booklet published jointly by the Ministry 
of Information and the Ministry of Defence, Union of 
Burma* {Rangoon, 1959] 

111, 37 p. fllra, facslma. 28cm. 
HX550B8A5 S A 64-6668 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on ike Judiciary. 

Soviet intelligence in Asia. Hearing before the Subcom 
mittee to Investigate tlie Administration of the Internal Se 
curity Act nnd Other Internal Security Laws of the Com 
mittee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth 
Congress, first session. Testimony of Aleksandr Yurievich 
Kasnakheyev. December 14, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print Off., 1959. 
ill, 25 p. 23cm 
DS485.BS92U46 335.4309591 60-60214 


D. S. Congress. HOIKS. Committee on Un-American Ac 

The Northern California District of the Communist Party : 
structure, objectives, leadership. Hearings before the Com 
mittee on Un-American Activities, House of Eepresenta- 
tives, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session. "Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1960. 

4 v. (vl, 1921-2404, vll p.) Illos. 24 cm. 
HX91.C3A57 335.432 61-60288 


MiHer, Marion (Freed) 1920- 

I -was a spy. ilst edj Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill [I960] 
224 p. 22cm. 
HX92.L7M5 323.2 60-13590 J 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American 

Communist and Trotskyist activity within the Greater 
Los Angeles Chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. 
Report and testimony of Albert J. Lewis and Steve Roberts, 
April 26 and 27, 1962, Committee on Un-American Activi 
ties, House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, 
second session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1962. 

Ti, 1515-1585, vll p. ports. 24cm. 
HX92.L6A514 62-64971 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

The Communist-led riots against the House Committee on 
Un-American Activities in San Francisco, Calif., May 12-14, 
I960: report. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1960. 

vll, 22, L p. illus. 24 cm. (86th Cong., 2d sess. House report no. 



U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American A.Q- 

The truth about the film "Operation abolition." Report 
(supplemental to House Report no. 2228, Eighty-sixth Con 
gress, second session) by the Committee on Un-American 
Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh. Con 
gress, first session, Washington, TJ. S. Govt Print Off. 

ST. 24 cm. (87th Congress, 1st sesa. House report no. 1278) 
HX92.S3A54 62-60450 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

"United front" technique of the Southern California Dis 
trict of the Communist Party. Hearings before the Com 
mittee on Un-American Activities, House of Representa 
tives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session ... Wash 
ington, U. S" Govt. Print. Off., 19G2 t i. e. 1963j 

Ti, 53-221, vii p 24 cm. 
JK2391.C5U4727 63-62371 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American, Ac 

"United front" technique of the Southern California Dis 
trict of the Communist Party ; report and appendix. Com 
mittee on Un-American Activities, House of Representa 
tives, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session. Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

Till, 242, xiv p. illuiL, ports. 24 cm. (88th Cong., 1st seas. 
House report no. 631) 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac- 

Western section of the Southern California District of the 
Communist Party. Hearings before the Committee on Un- 
American Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-sbcth 
Congress, first session. October 20 r 22j 1959. Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1960. 

* pts. ( vl, 1115-1283, Til p. ) 24 cm. 
JK2391.C5TJ473 60-61224 


Buck, Tim. 

Hanra (Soptffa sa Kaiia^y; usSpaHHare uponsseAeKM, 
1923-1939. HepeuoA c aHr.inftcKoro r H- O. HancoBaj Mo- 
CEsa, HS^-BO iiHOCTpaftnoft THT-PK, 1961. 

430 p. fllra. 21 cm. 
HX103.BT87 62-48761 J 

Cair, WIffiani Guy, 1895-1959. 

The red fog over America. 2d ed. Willowdale, Out, 
National Federation of Christian Laymen, Publications 
Committee, 1957. 

280 p. 23cm. 
E743.5.C32 1957 335.43097 60-34738 t 

Carr, William Guy, 1895-1959. 

The Red fog over America. 3d ed. Los Angeles, St 
George Press, 1962. 

x, 280 p. facslm. 22 cm. 
E743.5.C3S 1962 335.43097 64-6100 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

La amenaza comunista a los Estados Unidos a traves del 
Caribe. ( IL p.] 1960. 
159 p. illus. 23 on 


Tobien, Hubertns von. 

Die Methoden. des sowjetischen Imperialisnras. [3. AufL, 
erganzt durch Hans Kluthj Bonn, KoUen Verlag t l959 

153 p. Illus. lcnu 
DR48.5.T6 1959 



Lafertte Gavmo, Elias. 

Vida de un comunista; paginas autobiogr&ficas. E 2. ed.] 
Santiago de Chile, 1981. 

350 p. Illus. 19 cm. 
F3099.L26 1961 62-67520 

Silva Cabrera, Lautaro, 1917- 

La horida roja de America. Ciudad Trujillo, Editora 
Handicap, 1959. 

2 ;v. 23cni. 
HX177.S5 60-25207 rev t 


Arsenfev, Aleksandr Ivanovich, writer on GMna. 

SBCS^H na^ KiiTaew. Ciiic^eponf>.ir., Kpsinns^ar, 1959. 
117 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

Barcata, Louis, 1906- 

China geht nicht Russlands Weg; Partner? Konkurren- 
ten? Gegner? Stuttgart, H. Goverts t !959j 

278 p. Ulna 21cm, 
DS777.55.I327 61-^4968 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA (Continued) 

Bell, Oliver. 

The two Chinas; an introduction to the history, geogra 
phy, culture, and economic and political problems of Com 
munist China and Nationalist China. Consulting spe 
cialists: George B. Cressey t and] C. Martin Wilbur. New 
York, Scholastic Book Services r !962, 

156 p. Illus. 20 on. (A Scholastic world affairs nanlti-tezt, SM4) 
DS706.B4 62-2128 J 

Berlin. Parteihochschule "Karl Marx.*' LehrstuM ge- 
scUchte der KPdSU und der Internatumalen Arbeiterbe- 


Axis dem Kampf der deutschen Arbeiterklasse zur Ver- 
teidigung der Revolution in China. Eine Auswahl von 
Dokumenten mid Materialien. aus den Jahren 1925-1933. 
[1. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

191 p. Illos. 28 cm. 

DS740.5.G2B4 A 60-2687 J 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

CaKc, fidouard. 

La Chine, grande puissance. Paris, A. Bonne [1950] 
288 p. lllus. 19 on, 
DS777.55.C26 6S-39817 t 

Ouuadraaekhar, Sripati, 1917- 

Communist China today. London, Asia Pub. House 1962j 
lp. 23cm. 
DS777.55.C337 62-44279 J 

Chandrasekhar, Sripati, 1917- 

Communist China today. [Reprinted with an additional 
chapter] London, Asia Pub. House t 1962j 

213 p. 23 cm. 
DS777.55.C337 1962a 63-2783 t 

Chang, Chfln-li. 

tt R 1547,1858, 
88 p. 19 cm. 

L Communism China, x Title. 

Title nmmtidt: Ghleh f al fteh nan 


Chao, Shu-li, 1905- 


r. lllos, 20 cm. 

L Title. 

Harvard Univ. Chinese* 

Ck*, CMf , 

Title romanteed; Ung-ch'tfan tunf. 
C 61-4105 
Japanese Library 4292.67 

' 1957. 
376 PL Ulna. 21 cm. 

L Commnntan China. 2. CWiut-HUt 1012*1967 Fiction, 
x. LI, Pal. novttttt, Joint ratbor. iLTltte. 

T01 n>M(itUe4; Hunt chfa pa p'm y 


068-6969 wv 

Ch'en, Kung-po, 1892-1946. 

The communist movement in China; an essay written in 
1924. Edited with an introd. by C, Martin Wilbur. New 
York, East Asian Institute of Columbia University, 1960. 

148 p. 28 cm, (Colombia University Bast Asian Institute- aeries, 
no. 7) 

DS777.44.C5 961.04 60-16481 

Ch'en, Po-ta 1905- 

fftt if^B^ 1951. 
29 p. 21cm. 
Prcvlouslr publlahftd under title: 

1 Mao, Tsfr-tunff, 1808- 

1XST7S.M:JC477 1951 

2. Ootuiuunlsui China. i. Titkj. 

Title, i-omanized: Mao Tsfrtung sefl lulang- 

shlh Mu-k'o-ssfl LJeh-nlng chu 1 yli 

Chung kno ko in Ing tl chleh ho. 

C 63-1050 t 

Chi, Wen-shun, ed. 

Eeadings in Chinese Communist documents; a manual for 
students of the Chinese language. Berkeley, University of 
California Press, 1963. 

xvl, 478 p. 29 cm. 
PL1117.C4 495.1864 63-21070 

Chieh fang chiin pao, Peking. 

Articles from the Chicom newspaper, Chieh-fang chun 
pao. (Communist China) New York, it. S. Joint Publica 
tions Eesearch Service, 1959. 

a,30-r-L 28cm. (JPBS:1S57-N) 
AS36.U57 no. 1357 335.430951 

China viewpoints, 

Contradictions. Hong Kong C 1962] 
213 p. 19 cm. 


Chou, Ching-wen. 


27 p. Idem. 

t !947, 

1. China Pol. & govt. 1912-1&49. 2. Oonamunlsm China. 
i. Title. 

Title romantied: Lun Ohung-kuo to shu JCn 
tl chGng ehlh lu fasten. 

C 61-4290 
Yale Univ. Library 

Chou, Ching-wen. 

48 ,1959, 
149 n. 19 cm. 

1. Oommunlann China, i. Tltl. 

Title nmoMitet: Wo wel 11 hlh Uo Cheng. 

Ch<tt, Shu. 

C 60-314 

t 106-, 

58 p, 19cm, 

L OommuoUm Ohlnm. E. Title. 

Titto nm**he4: Btaln min chu chu I yea chlu ch'u pa. 



Chn, T, 1886- 

The battle front of the liberated areas. C 3d ed.] Peking, 
Foreign Languages Press, 1962. 

79 p, port 19cm. 
DS777.53.C58 1962 64-32481 

Chu, T, 1880- 


47 p. ID cm. 

^ ^- World Wiir, l9S9-lM5-Chlna. 2. Communism-China. 
Title roHHnlfcd: Lun chlHi fn t-h'll cttMii 

DS777.50.C577 L94C 
Chu, Te, 1880- 

S)6t 1953, 


1. World War, 1969-1945 China. 2, Oommunlwn Ohlna. 

rI romoniftfd; Lun chleh fang ch'U chatt ch'ang. 

DS777.53.C577 1953 064-866 

CSiflgoku Kenkyfijo, Tokyo. 

m L v> 4- H ft 

138 p. 19cm. 

Errata slip Inserted. 

L Communism China. i. Title. 

Title romaniaed: Ataraahll ChQgoku. 

J 60-2891 
Hoover Institution 

ChQgoku Kenkyujo, Tokyo. 

1. China (People's Republic of China, 1049- ) 2. Communism 
China. i. Title. 

iaiilzet: ChnK^ku nl okpru Jlui- 
mlu inlnehufllmpl no 

Hoover Institution 

Chflgoku Kenkyujo, Tokyo. 

T <JO-229.'J 

150 p. 10 cm. 

1. CoiuiininlsniOlilun. i. Title. 

'fine romanlicd: Rhln OhQgoku oklKnku hltoblto. 

J fiO-2294 
Hoover InHtltutlon 

Chung-hua ch*iian kuo ch'ing nlen lien ho hid. 

Sohne und Tikshter Chinas ; Erlebnisse heroischor junger 
KUmpfer aus den Reihen der ohineeischen Volksfreivilligen- 
Ai'mee. t lns Deutsche Ubertragen von Johannes Schellen- 
berger. 1. Aufl. Berlinj Vorlag Neues I^eben, 1955. 

68 p. lllua. 22 cm. 

DS777.55.C468 55-87481 rev 2 J 

Chung-kuo ch'ing nien ch'u pan shf, Peking. 

84 p, 10 cm. 

1. Communism Chlnn. 2, Brnlnwiuhlnc. i, Title. 

Title ronuinlzcd: Oh'a hung ch'l pa pal 

ch'l pa tub ch'an chleh chl tl Uul 

boo cha tl to ch'U kuo lal. 


Chung-kuo ch'ing nien ch'u put she, ^Artn^. 

C 59-1698 J 


1, OommunUun Ohlna. i, Title, 
Title ro 

Hnrvnrd Unlv, 
Chung-kuo ch'ing nlen ch'u pan ihft, Peking. 

.niioi: Chn tou tl 11 Ch'tof. 
C 62-4045 
Library 4290,2 

qtK 1954. 
82 p. 19 cm. 
L Socialism in China. 


t Title. 

8h hui chu I kuog 
yh hua t'unjf u chlanf hua. 


Chung-kuo kung ch'an chu i ch'ing uien f nan. Ed-nan 
hung tto wi yiUtn Au. 

OOp. 18cm. 

1. Communism China. x. Title, 

TUI0 romon<<I; Tou hilang kong ch'an chu 1. 


C 84-711 

Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang. Kvanff-chou shift, wei yuan 



24 p. lllui. 19 cc 
Cover tltlt. 

1. China HUt 1912-1949. 2. Communlam China. i. Title. 

' mlng tou chin ohlx shlh. 

Harvard Univ. Chines- 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA (Continued) 

Chung-km tsung chiao t*u lien i hut 

47p. 18cm. 

I. Communism and religion. 2. Communion China i. Title. 
Tiite romanizfld; Kung fel p'o hal 
tsung cMao ta'aa k'ao tzfl llao. 


C 60-3414 

Coillie, Dries van, 19ia- 

Der l^zi'istevtc 1 ' Selbstmord ; im Gefiingnis unter Afao-Tae- 
tung. t -i. Auft., ungekiirztG Ausg. Deutsch von Ida Gruiter- 
man] Dona nworth, L. Auer [I960] 

472 p. 21 cm. 
BS711.C595 1950 62-44000 | 

Coiteux, Ferdinand. 

Pere Didace Arcand, o. F. ar., martyr du communisme a 
Chefoo le S fewier 1952. 2d. ed^ rev. et augm. Montreal, 
Editions franciscaines [1961 T 

226 p. illus. 19 cm. 
BX4705.A6668C6 1961 62-58661 t 

Communist China. 1955- 

Kowloon, Hong Kong, Union Research Institute. 

v. 26 cm. annual. (Communist China problem research se 
ries, EC15, EC18, 20 


58-758 rev 2 

Codidge, Olivia E 

Makers of the Red Revolution. Boston, HoughtonMifflin, 

240 p. Illus. 23cm. 
DK266.C598 321.642 63-10900 t 

Doi, Akio, 1896- 

2ftf r ports. 17 cm. 

1. Communism China 2 Clilnu Hurt UH*- i. Title. 

Title roinniuscd: SasUhiiulai no MO Taku-tfi 


Homer Institution 


Dufay, Francois, 19 1C- 

Red star versus the cross; the pattern of persecution t bv] 
Francis Dufay & Douglas Hyde. London, Paternoster 
Publications t 1954n 

144 p. 19cm. 
BX1665.D823 282.51 55-57970 rev J 

Dufay, Francois, 1916- 

The star versus the cross; translated by Br. Cassien- 
Bernard. Hongkong, Nazareth Press ( 1953j 

219 p. 19 cn>. 
BX1665.D82 282.51 54-24200 rev J 

Efimov, GerontiT Valentinovich. 

BopMSa KoMMyHHCTHiecKoa napTHH Knias npOTBB 6yp- 
xyaanoft Hfleo.*ornH. JEeHHHrpa^, 1957. 

46 p. 22cm. 
DS777.55.ES5 59-52398 rev t 

Endicott, Mary Austin. 

SlS*^ -ffl*lSf*HffiJ*. Five stars 
over China. #j*A5g *ffii* 4> 9 * 
^ 1957. 

437 p f illus. 2lcnu 

In Chinese. 

I. Chirm Sot condlt 2. Communism China. 8. China Religion. 
r. Title. Title t-ownfced: Ch'ung fang Chung-kno. 



Garvey, James Emmtt, 1917- 

MArxist-Leninist China.: military and social doctrine. 
,lsted., New York, Exposition Press t 190j 

447 p. 21 cm. (An ESxporttioQ-unlTersJty book) 
UA839.S.G3 355.0951 60-571 J 

Gironella, Jose" Maria. 

On China and Cuba. Translated, with a prologue, by 
John F. Byrne. Notre Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers 1963 3 

Ix, 175 p. 21 cm. 

Hai wai ch'u pan she, T~ai*pei. 

jfiLJ^^t-^ $ ft ft ft ft ft 
,1961 j 

1. Communism China. 2. China r People's Republic of Chlaa, 
IJMf)- )~Econ. condit. i. Title. 

Title romarused: HsUeh M chla stxu 1 Bhu. 

C 62-4019 
Harvard Univ. Cliineae. Japan'-^Llbrary 4292.65 

Haylen, Leslie Qement. 

Chinese journey; the Republic revisited. iSydney, Angus 
and Kobertson t 1959, 

240 p. Illus. 23cm. 
DS777.55.H32 951.05 60-180 t 

Herbert, Jacques. 

Deux innocents en Chine rouge t parj Jacques HSbert et 
Pierre-E. Trudeatu Montr&l, Editions de ITionimej dis- 
tributeur excluaif : A^ence de distribution populaire enrg., 
Montreal I 1961 3 

158 p. platea, group ports., coL map (on p. 4 of cover) 20 cm. 

A 6&-1892 
Rochester. Univ. Llbr. DS7U 

Hevi, Emmanuel John. 

AJI African student in China. Ne-w York, Praeger E 1963, 
C 1962j 

220 p. 23 cm. 



Ho, Kan-chin. 


1. Chtnji Hist 1900- 2. Communism China. i. Title 

2'ifle romanlsed: Chuug-Kuo hslen tul ko ming shih. 

C 59-5353 
Indiana. Univ. TJbr. DST74 

Ho, Kan-chUu 

A history of the modern Chinese revolution. [Translated 
by the English faculty of the Western Languages Dept of 
Peking University^ Peking, Foreign Languages Press, 

627 p. Illus., port, fold. map. 20 cm. (China knowledge series) 
DS774.H513 951.04 60-3095 

Hsiao, Tso-Iiang, 1910- 

Power relations within the Chinese communist movement, 
1930-1934; a study of documents. Seattle, University of 
"Washington Press, 1961. 

x, 404 p. 24 cm. (University of Washington publications on Asia) 
HX387.H75 335.430951 61-11573 

Hsin kuan ch'a. 

Articles from Hsin kuan ch'a, (Communist China) New 
York, U. S. Joint Publications Research Service, 1959. 

261. 28 cm. (JPRS:138&-N) 
AS86.U57 no. 1S6S 335.430051 59-60826 

Hsu, Cheng-fan. 

MV ft* sa at A &aiis it 

f>8 p. IQ cm. 

ft SEW. 

1. Comniunisno China. 2. CJoniinnnlst revistonlgm. 3 Lenin, Vln- 
dtmir Il'lca, 1870-1924. i. Title. 

Title romanlsed: Hstleh hsl Lleh-nhig fan tui hshi 
chfing chu I tou ch^ng tl chu yo chliip yen. 


C 00-120 


1 Chungino knnr ch'an tang Party work. 2. Oommunltta 
ChliUL I. Title. 

TMe muni**: 8h6 hut dm I chlao ytt to 
ch^ng tt yaea tu -wto chlen baton plen. 


Huang, Tao, 1925- 

.12 p. 18cm. 

i. Title. 

Title romanized; CUieli fang cli'U bol Ui- 

Harvard Unlv ChLneoe- Jpanee Library 

Hunter, Edward, 1902- 

The black book on Red China, the continuing revolt 5131 
ecL] New York, Bookmailer e l9583 

DS777.55H82 1958 951.05 61-374S1 

Isaacs, Harold Kobert, 1910- 

ITie tragedy of the Chinese revolution. 2d rev. ed. Stan 
ford, Calif., Stanford University Press L 1961] 

392 p. 24cm. 
DS774JT 1961 951.042 

Ishido, Seirin. 

61-11101 J 

1 n f- ^ 


1. Communism China. 2. Ccmmtmlanir Russia. 8. Chlni (Peo 
ple's Republic of China, 194&- ) For. reLEossIa. *. Boasia 
^or rpl China (People's Republic of China, 1&4&- ) LTltte. 
Title Tomanised: CntS-So roasC roc. 

HX387.1 8 
Mldilgan Univ. Asia 

J 64-1482 

i PXT44 

Jacquet-Francillon, Jacques, 1927- 

Chine a Luis clos. [Paris, Presses de In Cite i!960j 
315 p. Illus. 22cm. 
DS777.53.,T2. p i 60-22329 J 

J6n, Cho-hsftan, 1899- 

3, 148 p. 21 cm. 

1. Cluing kiio kui iff ch'an tang. 2. Cftmmnniwu China 3. Man 
B^-tiinu. 1*- Hsin min ehu chu I Ian. i. Title. 

Title rt>manised: Fel tanp li tun p't p'au. 


Harvard Univ. Chlnwfr- Japn- 

Jen min ch'u pan she, PtJdng. 

* Library 4292.1 

1953 t i. e. 1954, 
132 p. 8 fold. col. maps. 18c 
First ed. published in 1944 under title : 4 1 H JfettK H K^Sit 

1. China HIst.--l93T-1945. 2 Communism China. i. Titte. 
(Series : Chung-kuo listen taisblc tztl llao ts'unff fc*an) 

Title romanlifd- K'an^ Jlh chan ch^nc shih 
ch'l chleh fang ch'u knl k\iang. 

DS7T7.53.J3T 1953 C 60-5149 

Cornell Univ. IJbrary 

Jen min jih pao, PeMng. 

The differences between Comrade Togliatti and us. "Ren- 
min Rilwo" editorial, December 31, 1962. Peking, Foreign 
Languages Press, 1068. 

47 p. l& cm. 
DS777.55.J365 6^-6157 

Johnson, Chalmers A 

Peasant nationalism and communist power; the emer 
gence of revolutionary China. Stanford, Calif . T Stanford 
University Press, 196&. 

xll,256p. maps, tables. 24cm. 
DS77T.53.J58 951.042 62-16949 

Jomin, Henri 

La Chine. Paris, Flaramnrion [1961j 
218 p. 19 cm. (Collection "Vue* chrgtlenn 

Kaji, Wataru, pseud. 

snr ...") 

62-35574 J 

217 p. 10 m. 

1. China Civilization. 2. Communism China. x. Title, 

Title rontanised: ChQgoku bunla kakum*!. 

Real nan*: SeguchI Mltsngu. 
J 60-2672 
Hooter Institution. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA (Continued) 

Kaji, Watai-u, />*<?/. 

Rung fei pao cheng shih nien pien chi wel yiian huL 

:rjtf (t 7 u ~ n$M 

2lp II liia. li>cm. 

1. Alley, Ilewl, 1887- 2. Communlam china. i. Title 

Tide romanized; Sahaku no sclja. 


J 62-1281 

WiWi I960. 
70 p. 21 an. 

1, Chirm- ICwn, eondU.-" 1049- 2 Couinuiiilam OHltia. 

TW<jromart)(J: Kim dill tHimjy lu Iwlwi 
tl huiigch'I olil hull rh'lon chin. 

C 02-4207 
IlurvnrdUnlv. Ohlub*- Japanese Library 4202,75 

Kidd, David. 

All the emperor's horses. Drawings by Vasiliu. New 
York, Macmillan, 1960. 

190 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
DS727.K5 915.1 60-8122 + 

K'o, Chung-p*ing. 

5,207p, IT cm. 

I. Title. 

Title romanizeA: Plea ch'fl tzti wUhfln. 

C 64-352 
Harvard tTniv. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.67 

ff W) XJ. 

<Wf ft E W ft 
Kfxifrl' 1958. 

30 p. 21 cm, 

E'hutocppy. #*K Jc'/x 1961? 

1. Cnniinutiisni China, L Chung-kuo Jftti rain chleh fang chttn. 
rr Ch'lh.P'enff. 

Title romanixed; Kuan ch'6 tsuug lu hslen. 

C 63-2321 
Harvard Unlv, Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.74 

Kuang ming jih pao, Peking. 

,% #$ til 1 1 ifc iff ffi ,W dft tf M. <N >K i ft # Jib ft W 

f m i: RE ft- *r- ^iHt ..'. t lift* m ;*,- >t BJJ u ^R 10 fir 
i-Ji ii 4L v; t ivj H ni losu. 

0,89 p. II) era. 

1 Communism China. 2. CouimunUt wlncaHon. i. Title. 

Title romantietl: Hsln trilji chu rhu 
1 lun chlang shou t'l kung. 

C 63-1001 
Harvard Univ. <!hlnfw>- J_apane8e Library 4282.12 

39 p. 10 cm, 

1, Ooramunlflm China. 

Title romanized: Rung ch'an chu 1 tl jen shflng kuan. 


C 61-1594 


37 p. 21 cm. 

L CommunUm Chin*. 

Title rtmanbaf ; Kuo ch'an tl hlb ch 
C 60-3245 

2, 8, 4, 432 p, tables. 11) cm. 

1. Communism China. 2. China (People's Republic of China, 
19 JO- ) Pol. &govt. r. Title. 

2'ttte tomaniscd: Kunj? foi p'aochOnffsliih nlon. 

Harvard Univ. Chincse- 

C 01-4071 

Japanese Library 4202.2 

Leng, Shao Chuan, 1921- 

Sun Yat-sen and communism, by Shao Chuan Long and 
Norman D. Palmer. New York, F. A. Praeger [1901, "I960 

vlll, 28-1 p. 22 cm. (The Foreign Policy Research Institute series, 
no. 10) 
DS777.L4 1961 951.041 GO-1G126 

Levenson, Joseph Richmond, 1920- 

Confucinn China and its modern fate [by] Joseph 
Levenson. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1D58- 

v. ii3 cm. 
DS721.L538 015.1 /58-2791 rov J 

Li, Tien-min. 

~& (i i' -5 L 

L A: 

4, 238 p HIUR. 10 fin. 
Inchuk's bibliographies. 

1, Communist stntte^y. 2, ComumiilHm Clitim, i.TItU*. 

7'i/Ju roniaiiticd: Cliflkyft no kukiuiHM si'iirynku, 

Hoovci- IiiKtltutlon 
Li, Yu-nungr, 1903- 

KH40 I 1060, 
148 p. 10cm. 

; .it 

1. Conimunlatii Cliltin. 2, China (Pooplo'a Hwmbllc of China 
19W- ) Intellectual lift*. j. Title. 

Ttf romanlwil: Kunp: 1V1 Imllch whu RH(V 
hHlutiKp'l p'nn. 


C 01 -1584 

Lindqvist, Svcn, 1982- 

Inside China. [Manchester, En/?., Manchester Guardian, 
and Evening News r !963] 

40 p. lllus. 22cm, (A Guardian pamphlet) - 
DS777.58.L568 64r-CB&18 

Liu, Chen. 

l ^ IS 49 [I960, 
B2p. iiiua. 19cm. 

I. Oommunlsm China, i. Title. 

Title romanised: Kung ch'an chu 1 p'tK'h'nn lluo. 

Liu, Pai-yil. 

1,47 p. UhM. 17cn. 

i, Title. Chines*. 

C 61-789 

Title romonbed; Yen-an ihcng luio, 

Japanese Library 4388.67 

Liu, Shao-ch'i, 1900- 

Hofiefla MapKCH3Ma-jteHtnui3Ma B KHTSC. Gran* nanii- 
cana AJIJI wypnajia "IIpoCjteMK Mnpa n cou;wjun3Ma" B CBSSH 
c flCMxoft roAOBBjimoft otfpa30naHn KHtaflcKOft Ilapo^noft 
PecnytfjiuKii (14 ceHt. 1859 r.) UCKHH, HS^-BO JCIIT-PH na 

HHOCTpaHHHX 3MK3X, 1959. 

42 p. 19cm. 
HC427.9.L597 62-48780 i 

Liu, Shao-ch'i, 1900- 

Le triomphe du marxisme-lniniarae en Chine, ficrit pour 
La nouvelle revue Internationale Ji 1'occasion du x" anniver- 
saire do la R^publique populaire de Chine, 14 septembre 

HC427.9.L594 1961 



lau, Shao-ch'i, 1900- 


( - /L fi. L' ^ i- - jq * H ) iij ^ ,fr ft ' 


.Itw A. Ivi ,4'. Wi ifth 1057. 

14 p. 18 

- CommmiMn Cltli 

.HMiM.'ivf Twil j^VI rhln 

Mhlli \lli>lmlii>liiil ri 

i linn ulcn la Inil 

i; kn 

t Tlili> 

ilnjf t'lui 

<'<!! IUT 

'> MIC 1 1 

Liu, Shao-t'ang, 1021- 

Out of Red China ; by Liu Sluiw-txmtf. Translated from 
the Chinese by Jack Chin and Homy Walter. Introd. by 
Hu Shih. c lst od.j New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce 
C 1958j 

li0 p. 21 cm, 

DS777.65.L53 5Si12020 rev t 

*081.05 951.042 

MacGreffor-Hastic, Roy. 

The red barbarians; tho life and times of Mno TsS-tung 
t lat American d.j Philadelphia, Ohilton Co., Book Divt* 
sion t !902, "1001, ' 

224 p. Illua. UU'ui, 
DS778.MJJML>, < 1 10GU oa.lfil 


Mao, Ts-tung, 

LS p. IS) (-ill. 

Klint wl. publtHlMXt In 1IW8 uiutar title: 

1. ComrnunlBin -Ohlim. i, Tltlo. 

Titln rowwmtefldt." ciliunK'kuo tl hun 

oh'dnn WPI uhlh no tiflHjrkou ts'un tnul? 

DS777.55.M28 1051 C68-2S28 

HHrvurcl ITnlv, Chltiwe- Jiuwmiw Library 

Mao, Ts&tung, 1S90- 

(humyu xluMijjfquo ohuli renmin nwbu maoduu do wonii 
(Xhuyinbon)Ma<)XedonK,rfw, X J' iK fif'I ^ J'll > 

Mlihitft 1958. 
sa p, ti ciu. 

1. Ooramunlsin*"^hlnft. r, TK'ltv n. TUI: Kuan y 

ch'Iloh ch'u 11 J(*n mln uol pu iitt<> lun tl wftn t'l. 

Mao, Ts^-tunjj, 18}] 

5!) JU-IO 

ftJVf [1050, 
00 p. 10 cm. 
Oovor tlflo, 

rowttnt#fld.' Kolxat niondat lo 

novwlnt Kul ion 
Mao, Ts6-tun|f, 1893- 


i- 'jj -. i- u 

I: W 1 m W 

-PC. ffiiui rr 

J 01-4304! 

. / L /,- 
i- -4'jr A;^ 

"'i N rfil *)1 /JU W F 

mm: u)r>7. 

SH p, ll> ciu. 

1. Cihliiu ( l'(H[)lo' Ilopubllo of <!1U, HMD ) I'ol, A KOV!, 
a. (lommunlwm Chirm, i, Title, 

7'Wd rnnntnixi'd; Kunn yd cl>fin ch'llcli ch'u 
11 j$ uilu cl pu mno tun tl wfa t'l, 

DS7T7.M.M-27 (<!() 'J-W7 J 

Mao, Ts.timg, 1898- 

""" fc#ll 

80 p, 10 cm. 

1. OommunlimOhlnA. 2. China For. rel Japan. 8, Japan 
For. rel Ohlna, x. Tltlft. 

Tit* romanittd: Lun fan tul Jlh-pOn 

ti kuo cbu i ti tre iuh. 


059-1555 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA (Continued) 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

ft 1949. 
21 p. 19 cm. 

L Communism China. 2. China (People's Republic of China. 
194&- > Pol. Agovt i. Title. 

Title romanized; Lun j*u mla min chu chuan cheng. 

DS777.55.M285 1949 
Mao, Ts*-timf , 1893- 

C 62-2652 


21 p. 18 cm. 


Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

Tltle romantsed: Lun #n uitn min olw chunn cheng. 
C 62-4336 

ilncso- .Tnpnnwe Library 4292.11 


17 p. 19 cm. 

1. Communism China. 2. China (People's Republic of China, 194&- 
) Pol. & govt i. Title. 

Title romanized: Lun j5n min min chu chuan cli&njt. 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

C 60-2512 J 

58p. 19cm. 

3. World War, 1939-19t5-0hlna, 2. OomnranlBm- China, 
x. Title. Title nmwnteed: Lro Uea bo chtog fa. 

DS777.53.M25417 1946 
Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

C 61-589 J 


88 p. ^9 cm. 


1. World War. 193&-1945-China. 2. Communism- China. 

Title. Title romanizsd; Lon Hen fco cheng fa. 

DS777.53.M25417 1953 


Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

Mao Tse-tung : an anthology of Ms writings. Edited -with 
an. introcL by Arme Fremantie. [New York] New Amarican 
Library [1962J 

SOOp. 18cm. (A Mentor book, MT379) 
DST78.M3A516 951,05 62-14315 t 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

^ AKthfifeilfc 1951- 

1. Communism CMna. SL CWna PoL & oTt 1800- Ad 
dresses, essays, lectures. Title romamtod: Mao Tae-tung bflQan chl 


Mao, Tat-tnng, 1893- 

O 61-2269 


1. CommTmteni Cflina. 2. CWna *oL ft gort. 1900- Ad- 

<ires, essays, tectorea. 


Tia romowfee*,- Mao TsMnng hsaan diL 
C63-881 I 

Mao, Tse-timg, 188&- 

ST. Ulus. 19cm. 

drewes, essays, lectures. 



2. China PoL & gort 1900- Ad- 
: Mao Tae-tong hsQan chL 

C 58-5945 rer J 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

On new democracy. t 2d ed. 3 Peking, Foreign Languages 
Press, I960. 

78 p. port 18 cm. 
DS777.53JM253 1960 64-30552 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

Tlie political thouglit of Mao Tse-tung; fanthology, by, 
Stuart R. Schram. New York, Praeger 1 1963, 

ix, 310 D. 22 n. (Praeger puWIcuHong in Bnssian history and 
world communism, no. 134) 
D3778.M3A538 321.642 63-18539 

Mao, TsS-tung, 1893- 

Problcmes de la guerre et de k strategie. t 2. 6L, PeTcin, 
Editions en Jangues etrang^rea, 1960. 
85 p. lllus. 15cm. 

DS778^3A5554 19SO 63-49621 J 

Mao, Tse-traig, 1893- 

La Revolution, chinoise et le Parti communiste chinois. 
: 3d Sd.j Pekin, Editions en langaes etrangeres, I960. 
60 p. lllus. is cm. 

DS777.53334942 1960 

63-51076 J 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

Selected works. New York, International Publishers 
r !954-62j 
5v. ^cm. 

DS778.M3A52 *951.05 54-9751 rev 

Mao, Tse-tung, 1893- 

Selected works. t lst ed., Peking, Foreign Languages 

v. 23cm. 



Mende, Tfbor. 

China and her shadow, [London] Thames and Hudson 
[1961, C 1960) 

860 p. Illus. 22cm. 
DS777.55JI47 1961 951.05 62-1393 J 

Mende, Tiber. 

and her shadow. t lst American ed. 3 New York, 

Coward-ilcConn J1962, c l! 

380 p. Illus. 23cm. 
DS777.55.M47 1962 


62-7510 J 

Mou, Tsung-san. 

34 p. 19cm. 

1 Communism Chin*. 


L Title. 

Tide rofiw*toed: Kung ch'an Irao chl yfl 
Chung kung 1 p'l p'an, 

C61-245T J 

Nair, N Sreekantan. 

The Chinese pU2Kle. With an introd. by Meghnad Soha. 
iBombay, Progressive Publieationsj 1953. 

154 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
DS777.55.N27 S A 63-1076 t 

North, Robert Carver. 

Moscow and Chinese Communists. Stanford, Calif., Stan 
ford University Press t l953] 

be, 306 p. 24 cm. (Hoover Institute studies, Special studies) 
DS740.5.K8NG 951.04 58-10045 rev 

North, Robert Carver. 

Moscow and Chinese Communists. 2d ed. Stanford, 
Calif- Stanford University Press rl963i 

310 p. 24cm. 
DS740.5.R8N6 1963 951.04 62-1874S t 

Otalte, Fumio. 1900- d. and tr. 

L China (People's EApcbllc of Ohio*. 1M- ) InteUtrttud 
life. 2. Communtn CSiIna. i. Title. 

Tide rtHPHMiuflrf,' Hjiklut aomei. 


J 61-682 t 

Pajetta, Gian Carlo 

La via cinese verso il social ismo. Relazione sul viaggio 
della delo^azione del P. C. L nella Cina popolare, tenuta 
alia Sala Brancaccio di Eoma, il 20 maggio 1959. t Roma, 
Tip. SETI, 195&i 
55 p. 21 on. 

A 61-4269 t 
niT. Lflw. 


03 p 19ciD. 
1. Communism China. 


Title rowuinisft; Pao wel ira-yo-wfl Lleh- 
nlog chu I tl ch'un c&feh being. 

C 63-097 

Pennsylvania. Dept, of Piiblic Instruction. 

China today; a, resource unit in world cultures. 1st ed. 
Harrisburg, 1962. 

48 p. map. 28 cm. 

DS706.P4 A 63-7153 

Pennsylvania. State UniTersfty. library 

People's Chiia, Jan. 1, 1850-Dec. 16, 1957. rPekin*, For- 
ei^n Languages Press] 

8 T. In 16. illus. (part coL) ports, maps, dtasrs. 26 on. KB&- 

BS777.55.P4 52-17258 rev 

Schein, Edgar H 

Coercive persuasion j a. socio-psychological analysis of the 
"brainwashmg" of American civilian prisoners by the Chi 
nese Communists c byj Edgar H. Schein with Inge Schneier 
and Curtis H. Barker. c lst ed.] New York, W. W. Norton 

320 p. 22cm. 
BF633.S35 131.333 61-74S3 

Shan-tung jen min ch*u pan sh^ Tainan, Oktna. 

27 p. Illus. 16c 

Conunanism Cclna. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Chlen k*u fto ton rh shih san nlen. 

Shang-hai jen min ch'u pan she. 

C 60-248 

40 p. 19cm. 

1. CJonununlfiin China. i. Title. 

Title rwnanired: Hslen shSn ytt wel ta 
tl tung ch'fta chu i shih yen. 


C 60-818 

tf I960. 
84 p. ll>cm. 

L Communism China. 2, Communism - - AtWrtww, ssanys, lee- 

' ^^ 7itlc rowtflwfcrrf.- RhAnff It tl rh'i 

chin, t'uan chleh tl ch'I chin. 

Simonov, Konstantin MikhaDovich, 1915- 

C 62-1 17 

182&. 18cm. 

1. China HIat.--l45- 2. CommunUm Oilaa. i. Ttae. 

DS77T.53.S455 S A 62-112 ^ 

&iairnov-KamenskiI, Eygenii Arsen'evich, 

^sa ro^a B Karae ; aanacKH coseTCKoro apaia. CtaBpo- 
HOJIB, Kmrasoe HS^-BO, 1959. 

196 p. lllus. 18cm. 

Microfikaoopy (negative) 

Mcrofllm Slavic 1485 DS 
DS711.S5 6&41879 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA (Continued) 

Snow, Edgar, 1905- 

Red star over China. Introd. by John 3L Fair-bank. Nevr 
York, Groye Press t 1961, 

529 p. 18cm. ( A Black cat book, BD-8) 
DS775.S72 1961 951.04 61-5523 

Snow, Helen (Foster) 1907- 

My Yeaan notebooks, by Nym Wales [pseud.] Madison 
Conn., '1961. 
IT. 30cm. 
DS777.47.S52 951.05 61-39270 

Sun, Lin-sheriff. 

50 r 1961 3 
162 p. 19cm. 

1. Commnnlsm China. i. Title. 

Title romaniget: Kung ch'an tang J6n ! nl no6n ts'o Hao 


Sung, Chih-ti, 1914-1956. 

C 61-2405 

76 p, Illus. 19 cm. 

1. Communism China. i. TltlP. 

Title romamzed: Yen cho Imnjr chUn chan shlh tl chlau yla. 

C 61-4292 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4282.67 

Tachibana, Shiraki, 188I-104.V 

'{' N $ "N ^ ,ift Mi $ ft 'Ji Sj'C 1 1 1> ,,1- ,'? 'Hi ,'< 

10, 10, JL 1 ? p. iK>rt. 22 cm 
f^lopjion Inserted. 

1 Chirm Hist 1012-193T. 2. Communism Clilnii. i. Otsuka, 
*W, L 11. Title. 

Title romwtteed- ChOtfuku kukuniei hl ron. 

Tanaha, Teiz5, 1903- 


292 p. Ulna 18cm. 

1. Communism-China. 2. China (People's Republic of China, 1940- 
) Boon, condtt. i. Title. 

Title ronmnteed: ChOeoku to gassakushn. 

J 59-3142 
Hoover Institution 

Tan& Peter S.H., 1919- 

C5omniunist China today. 2d ed. rev. and enl, Washing 
ton, Kesearch Institute on the Sino-Soviet Bloo ,1961- 

. 01 v ' e maps , (<xn 1InlB * paperfl) 24 cm - (Research Institute on 
the Slno-SoTiet Bloc. Book eerles, no. 1 

DSrrr.5s.T253 951.05 

Tfeng, Hsiao-p*in^, 1900- 

Report on revision of the constitution of the Communist 
Party of China, by Ten* Hsiao-ping on behalf of the Cen 
tral Committee, delivered on the opening- day of the Congress 
in Peking on September 15, 1956. r Singapore ? 1956, 

24 p. 33 <*", 

JQl5mA5CS38 57-20155 rev 2 

ling, Ta-nien. 


1 Oimnujnlam China. i. Title. 

Title rom<Mited: Kunff ch'an chu I dtlo twtl yen ch'leu. 

C 61 -1901 J 

Tingr, Ta-nien. 

ftiih 1953. 

61 1>. 18 om. 

1. Communism China. r. Title. 

Title romanteed: Rung ch'an chu 1 j<!n shfinj: kuat 


C 60-3419 


1, China (People's Republic of China, 1049- ) Pol. & KOVL 
2. Communism CMnn, i. Chou, yUan-plng. 

Title romanisfd: Ts6n ynn ohPns cli'llcli JOn 
shlh ho oh'u 11 Jfai nilu n<M jiu iniio tun, 

C (HW417 

Tso, Ch'i. 

I'll p. col, Illus. 21cm. 

j, Title. 

Title roinanizvd: Ko nilng ah^ng j-a. 

PL2912.0127K6 C 63-2528 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Jupincse Library 4UWJ.U 

Tso chia ch'u pan shfi, Peking. 

f^ftflilKtt 1965- 
v. 21cm. 

' ^ 2 - Ohlnew Uteratur~20th cent.- 

& Communiflm China. 

TWJa romanlsd.' Hu Fftng wen I ntt 
hilaag p'l p'ati lun wSn hul chl. 


Ts'ui, Shu-ch'in, 1906- 



191 p. lllua. 21 cm. 

1, Sun, Tilt-sen, 1866-1925, 2, Communltim China. 

Title romanteed: Sun Ohung-shnn ytl KUIIR ch'an chu 1, 



Tung, Shih-chin, 1900- 

Secret diary from Red China. Transcribed by S. T, Tung, 
list ed.j Indianapolis. Bobbs-Merrill (1981, 

224 p. 22cm. l 

DS777.55.T9 051.05 61-7906 rev t 

Van der Sprenkel, Otto P N Berkelbach. 

New China; three views by Otto B. Van der Sprenkel, 
Robert Guillain ( andj Michael Lindsay. Edited by Otto B. 
Van der Sprenkel, with an introd. by Kkursley Martin, 
London. Turnstile Press r!950i 

xv, a*l p. Illus. 20 ctn, 
DS77T.53.V8 951.042 51-2194 rev 

Wan, Ya<kang, 1909- 

The rise of communism in China, 1920-1950. Edited bv 
on * kon *' Ohun Shu Pob. Co, C 1952, 

55-39546 rer J 

Watanabe, Ryflsaku, 1903- 

J, fl, Kp. 19 cm. 

1. Ominuiilflm Chlnn. 2. Kawaehlma, Ywhlko. 19067-1W8 


Hoover Institution 

-. x. 
ra mlta Ch,Qkyo. 


Winance, Eleutherius, 1900- 

Tho communist persuasion ; a personal experience of brain 
washing. Translniotl from tlm French by Emeric A. Law" 
ronco. iN'cw York, P. J. Koiunly rl050, 

280 p. 21 cm. J I I 

DS777.53, "\V483 3113.430061 08-12901 t 

Wint, Guy, 1010- 

Common sonso about China. London, V. Gollancz I960- 
c in ins. : distrb. by Macmillan, New Yorkj ' ' 

17(1 p. liOem. (ConinjOH8CMfl8rU8,2) 


Wint, Guy, 1910- 

Common sense about China. Now York Macmillan iflfsn 

170 p. 22cm. (Tho Common flomo mrlM) "*n,iwou. 

DS736.W5 1960a 951.05 60-15049 J 

Wu, Fei-min. 


01 IK 17cm, 


l Ohlna-HUt 1014-ltMO. 2, Oommuntsm-Chlna x Title 
; gu-wei-al 'hlh nlen. 

Wu, Un. 


l2lp, 10 cm. 

C 63-1655 

mi rr % it M i^ift 

1. Oomnounlm~Ohltt. *. Title, 

Title ronvanitatf; Hln mla Chu chu 1 hiUeb toil wen tt. 


Wu, Ming.lcung. 

45 ,1956] 
J Jl, 50 p, 18 cm. 

1, ComuitmlHin (Uilna, I, Title, 

Titlo rfiintinlxe&: Tul 'JPri niln ehaanjr* 
ti tl c'lttloh wDff. 

Hnrvura fiilv. Chined. 

M ' W $ fa i .f, r f 

nuwe tlbrary 4208,20 

li 'I . ^ .11: 4< ' I 1 Kl i 1 / f f- 

vlll, 111 i, Idem, 

1. riilnn -Hint, Itt'irubllo, IMiMMO, a, foinniuiilan) Chlnn, 

kuo ko uiliiff uiilii hun, 
C 59-5342 rev 


Tndltuw, Univ. Ltbr. 

Yu lien yen chin so, Kowloon, 

Oonununiam in China. Hong Kong, Union Research In 
stitute .1909] 

xlv, 2Mp. 23cm, 
DS777.55.Y77 951.05 60-21477 rev 



Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang. 


v. 21 cm. 


t (1(mimiinl*ui-r'|>lnn 
hi!, ji, Title, 


I,- ShOulchu Ichlnoytl K'o 
oh'0ii tl y Uh tu wCii chleu Uul plea. 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


LECTURES (Continued) 

ChungJcno kung eh'an tang. Shang-Juti *Uh wei yuan, hui. 


1. Cotnmimlsm China AddresBes, essays, lectures. L Title. 

Title romoiMzerf: Kan pu hsSeh 
hal ts'aa k'ao w5n chlen. 


Hsiieh hsi. 

C 63-1484 

1. Communism China Addresses, essays, lectures, r. Title. 

Title fonumfeeft Sh& hul chu i chiaoytt It'o 
ch'frng j-ueh tu w6n chlen hql plea 


CG3-4S80 J 

Kuang-chou ch'ii kao teng hsueh hsiao cheng chih k'o 
tsung chiao hsiieh wei yuan hui. 


823 1 IS ail. 

1. Man, TW-ttiiifr, t8l- Hslii min < hu chu I Inn. 2. Conumi- 

niaru China Address**, essays, Ipctuif* r. Title. 

Title rtjinninzcd' Hsin min <*hu I'hu 
j lun hstU-h hsi txft hfto 


Harvard Univ. Chlm 

Japanese Library 4202.12 

ISO p. 20cm. 

1. Communism China Addrwses, enwyR, Jwtnres. li. Totalitar 
ianism. r. Title. 

Title iwnattiwtf ; Jn nun min chu rhuan 
Chfiug ti 12 lun yil sail] chlen. 

C 68-188 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Japanese I Jhnry 4292.11 

Shang-hai jen min eh*n pan she. 

1. Communism China Addrcnea, ewaya, tectorec 
e ro*ut*fseA : 

Harrard Unlr. Chinese- 


lu nsten h*5eh h*l wto fl 

C 63-1133 

Japanese Library 4292.7 


Cole, Allan Burnett, 1914- 

Fotty years of Chinese communisDi; selected leadings 
wiih ctHnmentaiy, Washington^ Servi< Center for Teach 
ers of History t !962j 

43 p. 23 cm. (Service Center for Teachers of History. Publica 
tion no. 47) 
ZT165.C6C6 Q163SM30951 62-16901 t 

K nww; Fel ch'lnfi chuan f 1 
yea chin taking slia tfi yao 

C60-509 J 

Hsueh, Chiin-tu, 1922- 

The Chinese Communit movement : an annotated bibliog 
raphy of selected materials in the Chinese Collection of the 
Hoover Institution on "War, Revolution and Peace. r Palo 
Altoj Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace 
Stanford University, 1060- 

v. 26 cm. (Hoover Institution bibliographical series 8 II 
Z310S.A5HS 01G.a510i 


1 ft 

- |5 2 ^ 

L Cwmmunlgm China Collections. 2. Study, Method of 

Title romatwteA: HsQeh hsl wen hsSan 

Tung so tu wu ch*u pan she, Peking. 


v in 1. 1ft cm. C '&ftififtf fcJ? ) 

NTKKTO.-,!, ft& ^K .g.f*5 Ufl ^-,2, "f- i J j 

i. Title 

Ma/tfr^d. Slit- liiu chu I ihlt i n 
she .-hi i^n chili shtli. 


1. Communism China Collections. 
Jftte r 


Harvard Univ. Chinese 


Chien, Po-tsan, 1H98- 

Storia della Cina contemporanea ^tj Chien Po-tsan, Shao- 
Hsun-cheng [6] Hu Hua. [Traduzione di Giorgio Zucchetti. 
1. ed. Roma, Editori riuniti 1960i 

i i. 10 fiii. f EntlclwpedUi tascnblle, 12 ) 
DS775.C53188 6:i-6544 

Hsia,T A 

Enifjnin of the five martyrs : <a study of the leftist literary 
movement in modern, China. Berkeley, Center for Chinese 
Studies, Institute of International Studies, University of 
California, 1962. 

v, 150 p. 23 cm i Research, series of the Center lor Chinese 
Studies, no. 2} 
PL2302.H7 63-6008 

IJ, Wei-han, 1897- 

The straggle for proletarian leadership in the period of 
the new-democratic revolution in. China, Peking, Foreign 
Languages Pres& 1962. 

106p. 19cm. 

Trant-Wdser, Lndwig. 

Die geistigea und ideologischen Stromungen itn chinesi- 
schen Kommnnismus ; Kontinuitat und Wandel. tHrsg.j 
von der Niedersachsischen Landeszentrale fur PolitisdbB 
Bildung. Hannover, 1961] 

50 p. 21 cm. (Schrlftwirelhe der Landeazentrale fUr Helrnat- 
dlenst in Medersachsen. Ostprobleme, 4) 
HX387.T7 63-58870 J 


no. 5 n v. 27 cm. semimonthly. 
Some nos. issued la combined farm. 


Added title :HoucL 

No. l- reissued by /' ^ A. K, tM',1^ ft 

L Comaiunlsm ChinaPeriod. 
Chunj yang wel yQan hul. 

i. Chnng-kuo kung ch'an tang. 
Titter omamizet; Hung ch*l. 

Inside Soviet China. 

'no In v. illns. 25cm. 



CHINA, 1949- ) 

Chandrasekhar, Sripati, 1917- 

Red China; an Asian view. New York, Praeger t!961] 
230 p. 21 cm, (Praeger publications lu ftoaslan history and world 
communism, no. 92) 
DS777.56.C34r 951.05 61-9880 { 


Cheng, Ch'ien-yuiL 

%*% PSS 


54 p 1& cm. 

r. Chtog, I-fn, joint author, n. Title. Title romaJiued; Li mlng. 


Harvard IJnlr Chinese- Japanese Library 42S2.C7 

, Kcnkyijo, Tokyo- 

f'l- 1957. 
277 p, table. 19 c 

1. C3onjmunlHm-ChItta (People's BfipobUc of CWna, 19- ) 

Title romoMiscd: Oendai Caaokn shirt rooao. 

Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang. 

J 61-148 

72 p. 19 cm. 

i. Tens, Hsiao-ping, 1800- 



Kuan yfi hsiu kal tang ti chang 

Title rommizei: Chung-tuo kang ch'tn 
tang chang ch'Sag. 

C 61-1977 

Cohen, Arthur A 

The communism of Mao Tse-tung r byj Artinr A. Cohen. 
Chicago, University of Chicago Press 1964j 

210 p 23 COL 
HX387.C7 335.43 6^-23420 

Coillie, Dries van, 1912- 

Strahobe Mtajskih. je6; doavetja flamskega misjjomrja, 
pod rdeco vlado Mao Tse-tonga. Celovec t Dnitba, ST. 


. 21 on. 

Doolia, Dennis J ed. and tr. 

Communist China; the politics of student oppression. 
rStanford, Calilj Hoover Institution on War, Revolution 
find Pence, Stanford University, 1064. 

TO p. 23 cm I Hoover Institution studies I 
HX387.P6 535.430951 64-16879 

Holubnychy, Vsevoted. 

Der dialektische Materialismus Mao Tse-tungs im Vex- 
gleich mit den Klassikeni des M"ftrTijgrq i ns-TjeniTtism^g > miter- 
siwht als Faktor zur Benrteilnng der chmeasch-sowjetischen 
Beziehungen. [Hannover, Verlag fur Literatar und Zeit' 
geschelien, 1962, 

15-59 p. 28 cm. 


Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- ed. 

Chinese communism, selected documents, edited by Dan 
N. Jacobs and Hans H. Baerwald. New York. Harper & 
Row J1953! 

242 p. 21 em. (Harper torcibooks. The University library) 
HX387.J3 327.51 63-17133 J 

Jain, Girilal, 1821- 

Whnt Mao really means. Delhi, Siddhartha. Publications 
[1958 J, 

73 p. 22 cm. 
HX389J3 S A 62-1121 J 

Jen, Kan. 

116 p. 19cm. 


*. Tltte. Title rojtun&sei; Yuaff yfiaa ch'tett cMa. 

C 61-4335 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.67 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA, 1949- ) (Continued) 

Kung Jen ch'u pan she, Peking. 

& 1056. 
44 p. lllus. 19 cm. 

r. Title. Title romanised: Hsmg fu ti pao wet ch. 

C 61-4336 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.67 

Labin, Suzanne. 

The anthill; the human condition in Communist Chrno, 
Translated from the French by Edward Fitzgerald. Ke\v 
York, Prater, 1961, C 1060 : 

442 p. 22cm. (Books that matter) 
HNGT6.L253 951.05 GO-15061 t 

Latin, Suzanne. 

La condition hnmaine en Chine communiste. Paris, La. 
Table ronde r !959i 

510 p, 20cm. ( Collection "L'OrdreduJonr") 
HN676.L25 60-39635 J 

Lewis, John Wilson, 1930- 

Leadership in Communist China. Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell 

University Press t l! 
305 p. IHus. 24cm. 



Lewis, John Wilson, 1930- ed. 

ADijor doctrines of Communist China. t lst fed.) New 
York, .\orton [1004, 

x, 343 p. 22 cm. 
HX3S7.L4 333.430951 G4-10892 

Mu, Fu-saeng, pseud. 

The* wilting of the hundred flowers; the Chinese intelli- 
jrentsiu umlw Mao. Xew York, Prjiegor [1963, =1962] 

324 p. ii i ui. (Praeger iMiblloitlous In Itus^lan history and 
world coninmui-ui, no. 122) 
HX3S7.MS 335.430051 03-9812 J 

Petersen, William, ed. 

The realities of world communism. Englewood Cliffs, 
X. J., Prentice-Hull t 1963j 

222 p. 22 cm. (University of California, Berkeley. University 
extension series on public Issues, no. 1) 
HX44.P43 335.43 63-18802 

Pravda, Moscow. 

MapEcasM-jeHBnnsu: HHTepaaEtiiOHajiLHoc yienite KOM- 
MyancTOB ucex ctpan. t Pe^aKa;HOHHue cran-H, onytfjimco- 
Banime n rasere "Hpasfla" OT 10-12 Ma* 1964 r.i Mocssa, 

3Jp. 20 on. 
HX44.PG6 64-59189 

Tang, Peter S. H., 1919- 

The Chinese Communist impact on Cuba, by Peter S. H. 
Tang and Joan Maloney. Chestnut Hill, Mass., Research 
Institute on the Sino-Soviet Bloc r !962j 

ill, 125 p. tables L 27 COL (Research Institute on tie Stao-Sorlet 

Bloc. Studies. Monograph series, no. 12) 
HX157.T2 335.43097291 


Ting, Hsiao-p'ing, 1900- 

fti tt ARffllKii 1959. 
14 p. 21cm. 

L Communism China. i. Title. 

Title romauteed: Ohonjgr-lcuo jfin min ta t'uaa chleh 
ILO sblh chieh JSn inln ta t'uan chleh. 

C 61-2091 J 


Teng, Hsiao-p'ing, 1900- 

BejiHKoe cttaoieaHe KHraficKoro Hapo^a H BCaiiKOe cnjio- 
*eHHe napo^OB Knpa. Oratta Hanucaaa fljia coseiCKOfl 
r&3CTK TlpaB^a" B CBHSH c Rtcsnoft ro^OBimmoft o6pa.3ona- 
HH* KuraftcEofl Hapo^HOft Pecnytfjnneti. IleEHH, Hs^-so 

JtHT-pIt El HHOCTpaHHHX J!3HKaX t 1959. 

18p. IS cm. 
HX389.T417 64-30684 J 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American 

"Intellectual freedom" Red China style (Testimony of 
Ghi-chou Huang) Hearings before the Committee on Un- 
American Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty- 
seventh Congress, second session. May 24 and 25, "l962. 
Washington, TJ. S. Govt. Print Off., 1962. 

vl, 1365-1234 p. 24cm. 
HX387.TJ47 62-64793 

U. S. Dept. of State. Bureau of Intelligence and Research. 

Chinese Communist world outlook; a handbook of Chinese 
Communist statements, the public record of a militant ide 
ology. [Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of 
Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off 1962. 

viii, ISO p. 26 cm. ( ( U. S., Di-pt. of Stntt-. Publication 7870 
Far Eastern series, 112) 
HX387.U5 62-64858 


Cole, Allan Burnett, 1914- 

Forty years of Chinese communism; selected readings 
with commentary. Washington, Service Center for Teach 
ers of History r 198Sj 

43 p. 23cm. (Service Center for Teachers of History. Publica 
tion no. 47) 
Z7165.C6C6 016.335430951 62-16901 t 


Chung-kuo kung ch*an tang. Ctiunn Ttuc tai pioo ta hui, 
8tk, Peking, 1956, 

MaTepiiaau vnr BceKHtaflcKoro CT.e3#a KoMMyHHCTHie- 
cKOft nap-run KiiTaa. MocKEa, Foe. n3#-BO HOJIIIT. JIMT-PH, 

535 p. 2Scm. 

JQ1519.A5A(5 1956e 57-46133 rev 


Altamar Cortes, Jorge. 

lAlertal Bogota, Editorial Minerva, 1953. 

188 p. 24cm. 

HX204.A65 64-30974 

Saldarriaga Betancur, Juan Manuel. 

De la dictadura al comunismo. Medellin, 1962. 
20S p. lllus., ports. 24 cm. 
F2278.S2 63-50342 


Bartlett, Robert E 

Communist penetration and subversion of the Belgian 
Congo, 1040-1060. ,1st etl. Berkeley, Calif., Acorn Press, 

42 p. 28 cm. 
DTBfi^B. 1 ) 68-808 I 

Chome, Jules. 

__ K. Lumumba et le coramunisme. Variations 3, partir du 
livre de M. P. Houart. Bruxelles, Editions de "Kemar- 
ques congolaises" C 1961j 

79 p. lii cm. (fitudea coQgoIalsea, uo 5) 
DT658.H6S045 62-41044 t 

Houart, Pierre. 

La penetration communiste au Congo j commentaires et 
documents sur les fivfinements de juin-novembro 1960. 
Bruxelles, Centre de documentation Internationale r 1960i 

117 p. lllus. 19cm. 
DTC58.H6 61-384:18 I 

Sturdza, Michel. 

World government and international assassination. rBel- 
mont, Mnss., R, Welch, ^1963] 

78 p. port 25 cm. (American opinion reprint series) 
DT665.K3S75 04.388 


Savez komunista Hrvatske. KotarsM Jcomitet, JBjelovar. 

Prilozi za izuSavanje historije Komunisti^ke pftrtije ko- 
tara Bjelovar, 1919-1952. Uredio : redakcioni odbor. Bjelo- 
var, 1959. 

141 p. lllus. 21cm. 
JTN2199.C46K63 61-30022 t 


Savez komunista Hrvatske. Kongres. 

Stenografske biljeSke. 
Zagreb, Naprijed. 

v. 20 cm. 


SocijalistiOci savez radnog naroda Hrvatake. 

StenograJske hiljeSke. 
Zugreb, JS'aprijed. 

v. 20 cm. 

Acufia, Juan Antonio. 

Cuba {Eevoluci6n fruatrada? jQue el pueblo juzguel 
Montevideo, 1960. 

139 p. illus. 20cm. 
F1788.A6 5^9 

Acufia, Juan Antonio. 

Cuba: revolueion traicionadaj Fidel, hoy entregado al 
comunismo que fue aliado de Batista ayer. Documentos 
imfutablos do la alianza del comunismo con el tirano Ba 
tista y de la traiciou de Fidel Castro. Montevideo f !962 

108 p. illua. 10 cm, J 


Baciu, Stefan. 

Cortina de ferro sfibre Cuba. Prefacio de Salvador de 
Madariaga. Kio de Janeiro, 1901. 
101 p. Jllus. 18cm. 


Bacin, Stefan. 

Cortina do hiorro sobre Cuba. Prefucio de Salvador d& 
Mndariaga. Buenos Aires [Editorial San Isidroj 1961. 

210 p. lllus. 19 cm. 
F1788.B218 63-28376 \ 

Baeza Flores, Alberto, 1914- 

Las ondenos vionen de lejos; Cuba, America Lntina y la 
libertad. c l. ed. en espafioli Mexico, Editorial Letras. 1960 

748 p. 23coi. 
HX177.BIJ 62-25165 J 

Ball, George W 

TJ. S. policy toward Cuba ( by Goorge W. Ball. Washing 
ton, Dept. of State ; r for salo by the Superintendent of Docu 
ments, U. S. Govt. Print. Of!., 1964, 

22 p, 20 cm, (Department of State publication 76&0. Inter- 
American series, 8S) 

E188.8.COB8 64-61440 
Copy 2. P1401.TJ8B no. 88 

Bartos, Robert E 

The Soviet penetration of Cul>. t OberammerjDfau 1 Ger.i 

59 1. 81 mi. 
P1788,B2B5 68-61127 \ 

Calderio, Francbco, 1908- 

Lo quo dftt.ormina y contliciona la acrual situaci6n de 
Cuba, son los 6,xi(os aloanzados por la Rovolucion ; informe 
cle Bias Itoea t psoud., en ol plono del Oomitfi Nacional del 
P. S. P. ol 2# do onero do 1061. t Hi\biuw, Impr. Nacional 
de Cuba, 1061 ?, 

70 p. IHUB. 19 cm. 
F1788.C233 6^-07510 J 

Calderio, Francisco, 1908- 

Kl sociuliamo cubano y la rcvoluci^m da Fidel r por ( Bias 
Koca tpseud,] Lima, Editorial Libertad, 1061- 

v. 17cm. 
F1788.C2JJ5 Gl-39990 | 

Chao Hermida, Francisco. 

Un nfio despu^s; c enero 1, 1950-enero 1, i960] Mexico, 

31 p. 2Sciii. 

Colcgio Nacional de Ingenieros Agrdnomos y Azucareros 
de Cuba en el Exillo. 

Cuba : un fracoso mfis do la polltica agraria comunista. 
[Miami ! 1961. 

18 p. 28 cm. 

HD1887.C55 62-87023 t 

Conte AgUero, Luis. 

America contra el comunismo. (Miami? Frente Anti- 
comunista Cristiano, 1901, 

107 p, lllus., ports. 21cm. 
F1788.C55 68-33003 

Conte AgUero, Lois. 

Poctrina <le la contra intepvw\ci6n ; sovi<jtissaci6u do la 
economfa cubaua. Ionenchi8, discuraw y otros eaoritoa. 
Montevideo, JKdieiones Cruz del Sur, 1902. 

141 p. 20cm. 
F1788.COO 68-82697 J 

Darlo Roldan, Rubin. 

IBs Coatro un hombre honrado f Caracas, 1961. 
80 p, lllus. 24cm. 
F1788.C3D8 08-40458 t 

Defensa Institucional Cabana. 

Tres afxos. Introducci^n, notns y epilogo del Dr Leo- 
poldo Pfo Elizulde. c l. ed. 3 Mexico, Ediciones Betas, 1962. 

698 p. 22 cm. 


Dewart, Leslie. 

Christianity and revolution; the lesson of Cuba. C N< 
York) Herder and Herder t 1968i 

820 p. 21 cm. 3 

BR116.P7D46 261.7097291 

Diaz Vers6n, Salvador. 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


CUBA (Continued) 

Diaz Verson, Salvador. 

Cuando la razon se vuelve inutil. t l. ed Mexico Edi- 
ciones Botas, 1962. 

155 p. 19cm. 
F1788.D543 63-3572* J 

Draper, Theodore, 1912- 

Castro's revolution, myths and realities. New York, 
Praeger r 1962] 

211 p. 22 cm. ( Books that matter) 
F1788.D69 972.91064 

Elizalde, Leopoldo Pio. 

Difamacion. Mexico, 1961. 
110 p. 1& cm. (Publlcaclones de 

Instltnclonal cubana) 

ion o 
1962. Washington, Pan American 

Gironella, Jose Maria. 

On China and Cuba. Translated, with a prologue, by 
John F. Byrne. Notre Dnme, Ind., Fides Publishers rl^GSi 

IT, 175 p. 21cm. J 

DS777.55.G53 03-20806 

Hernandez, Heriberto. 

Cartas de un exilado. [Tampa? Fla., 1963j 
51 p. 22 cm. 
F17S8.H43 63.3377 

Inter-American Peace Committee. 

Report to the Eighth Meeting of Consultati 
ters of Foreign Affairs 1962. Washington, Pa 
Union C 1962] 

1 v. (various pagmgs) maps (part fold., part coL) 28cm (OAS 
Official records OBA/ser L/ni/CIP/1/62 (English)) 
F1405.5 1959.O7 OEA/ser.L/m/CIP/l/62 62-61824 


Inter-American Regional Organization of Workers of the 

Trade unions and people of Cuba against despotism. Enl. 
edL of the pamphlet published in October I960 under the 
title The Cuban trade union movement under the regime of 
Dr. Castro. Mexico City, OR1T Press and Publications 
Dept, 1961. 

64 p. 23 em. (ORIT-ICFTtT special publications) 

HD6577.I52 62-38740 J 

James, DanieL 

Cuba: the first Soviet satellite in the Americas. New 
York, Avon Book Division, Hearst Corp. rl961i 

320 p. IS cm. (An Avon book, V-2039) 
F1788J3 972.91063 61-65790 \ 

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, Pres. U, &, 1917-1963. 

The lesson of Cuba; address, April 20, 1961 f made at 
Washington, D. C-, before the American Society of News 
paper Editors. Washingtonj Dept. of State C 1961, 

7 p. 20cm. (Dept of State. Publication, 7185. Inter-American 
series. 68) 

E841.K38 63-62416 

-- Copy 2. F14Q1.TJ85 no. 68 

Martin. Edwin M 

Communist subversion in the Western Hemisphere. 
r Washington, For snle by the Superintendent of Documents, 
U, S. Govt. Print. Off., 1903, 

18 p. 27 cm. (Department of State publication 7509. Inter- 
American series, 85) 

HX1T7.M.1 (1.VC0883 

-- Copy 2. FI401.U65 no. 85 

Martinez Arizala, Aurelio. 

Fn infierno rojo en el Caribe r los crfmenes monstruosos en 
la Cuba comunista ; vibrante denuncia de alerta al hemisferio 
americano y al mundo libra occidental Pr61ogo de Gast6n 
Baquero. t n. p., 1962! 

214 p. 22cm. 
F1788.M27 62-67529 J 

Martino, John. 

I was Castro's prisoner: an American tells his story. By 
John Martino in collaboration with Nathaniel Weyl. New 
York, I>evin-Adair Co., 1963. 

280 p. 21 cm. 
F1788.M28 365.45 63-18458 J 

Masso, Jos Luis. 

Cuba: 17 t i e, diecisiete^ de abriL Pr61ogo de Agustfn 
Tamargo. Led. Mexico, Editorial Diana, 1962. 

170 p, 17cm. (Coleccion Halcdn, 23) 
F1788.M33 63-41785 

Mdla, Julio Antonio, d. 1928? 

La lucha revolucionaria contra el imperialismo. t Ha- 
bana?] Editora Popular de Cuba, y del Caribe, 1960. 

106 p. 17 cm. (Primer festival <lel pensamlento politico, 2) 
F1787.M47 60-42216 J 

Mikoian em Cuba. r Rio de Jajieiroj Editorial Vitoria, 1960. 
75 p. Illus. 23cm. 

A 61-2598 J 
Wisconsin Univ. Libr. 

Monahan, James, 1904- 

Tlie great deception: the inside story of how the Kremlin 
took over Cuba t byj James Monahan and Kenneth 0. Gil- 
more. Xe-w York, Farrar, Straus ,1968, 

213 p. 22 cm ' ] 

F1788.M5T 972.91064 63-12491 J 

Morray, Joseph P 1916- 

The second revolution in Cuba, New York, Monthly, 
revier, Press, 1962 t i. e. 1963, 
173 p, 23cm. 
F17S8.M6 972.91064 62-22106 t 

Organization of American States. Special Consultative 
Committee on Security. 

Cuba as a base for subversion in America; a study pre 
sented to the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administra 
tion of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal 
Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1963. 

m,23p. 24cm, 
F1788.073 63-60909 

Pflaum, Irving Peter. 

Tragic island; how communism came to Cuba. Engle- 
wood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t 196L 

196 p. Illus. 22cm. 
F1788.P48 972.91063 61-16757 t 

Phillips, Ruby Hart. 

The Cuban dilemma. New York, I. Obolensky 
C 1962] 

357 p. 24 cm. 

F1788.P52 1963 972.91064 62-18787 

Rowan, Richard Wilmer, 1894- 

Cuba: the big lied lie; the startling true story of Red 
Cuba, Russia's powerful new base for a vast network of 
spies and saboteurs undermining the Americas ! Report on 
Russian espionage. Kingston, N. Y.. Quinn Pub. Co. rl963j 

i)5p. 24cm. ( A National events report) 
F1788.R695 63-2448 J 

Rubottom, Roy Richard, 1912- 

International communism in Latin America. 
ni U. S. Dept. of State [I960, 

s " Dept of state - Publlcatlon 


Copy 2. 

F140LU65 no. 60 


Sardina 7 Sanchez, Ricardp Rafael. 

Seis minutos de tragedia cubana, t Miamij Ta-Cuba Print 
ing, 1962. 

345 p. Illus. 21 cm. 

Sanvage, I^o. 

Autopsie du castrisme. rParisi Flammarion rl962i 
348 p. 18 cm. (L'Actuel) 
F1788.S38 62-68386 

Stein, Edwin C 

Cuba, Castro, and communism. t New York, Macfadden- 
Bartell Corp., 1962^ 

lT5p. 18cm. < A Macfadden book, 50-144) 
F1788.C3S75 923.27291 62-6713 J 

Tang, Peter & H., 1919- 

The Chinese Communist impact on Cuba, by Peter S. H. 
Tang and Joan Maloney. Chestnut Hill, Mass., Eesearch 
Institute on the Sino-Soviet Bloc r !962j 

in, 325 p. tables. 27 cm. (Research Institute on tie Sino-Sovlet 
Bloc. Studies. Monograph series, no. 12) 
HX157.T2 335.43097291 62-21581 

Tikhmenev, Vladimir Evgen'evich. 

Ky5a ,54 ! MocKsa Foe. HS^-BO COJEHT. JIHT-PH, 1961. 
174 p. Illus. 18cm. (JlaTMHCKaa AMepraa ceroAHH) 

U. S. Congress. Souse, Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

Castro-communist subversion in the Western Hemisphere. 
Hearings before the Subcommittee on Inter- American Af' 
fairs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Repre 
sentatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session ... Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off. r 1963. 

lv, 295 p. tables. 24 cm. 
F1414.U47 6S-60846 

J. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on tTie Judiciary. 

Communist threat to the United States through the Carib 
bean. Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the 
Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other In 
ternal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
"United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
session ... Washington, U. S. Govt, Print. Off., 195&- 

pts. in Illus. 24 cm. 
F1414.U515 335.432 59-31823 rev 

U.S. Dept. of State. 

The Castro regime in Cuba. "Washington t !961?j 
23, 9 p. 27 cm. 
F1788.U497 6^-61554 % 

U. S. Dept. of State. Office of Media Services. 

Latin America. t Washington! Dept. of State; for sale 
by the Superintendent of Documents, T'. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1963! 

10 p. illus, ports 24 cm. (Department of State publication 
7545. later- American series, S3) 

F14I8.U52342 63-61807 
Copy 2: F140LTJ85 no. 83 

U.S. Dept. of State. Office of Public Services. 

Cuba. [Washington, 1961^ 

36 p. 20 cm. (Department of State publication 717L Inter- 
American series, 06) 

F1788.U5 61-61132 
Copy 2. P140LU65 no. 68 

Urrutia Ueo, Manuel. 

Fidel Castro & Company, inc.: Communist tyranny in 
Cuba. KVw York, F. A. Praeger [1964] 

xxlJ, 217 p. 21 cm. 
F178S.U7 64-13486 

Varona Loredo, Manuel Antonio de. 

El drama de Cuba,; o, La revolucion traicionada. [Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Marymar r !960j 

123 p. 18 cm. (Coleccitfn Polltela, no. 1) 

Varona Loredo, Manuel Antonio de. 

El drama, de Cuba ante America. Mexico, Organizacion 
Pro-Eescate Deonocratico Eevohicionario, 1960. 

48 p. 21cm. ' 

F1788.VS3 63-31682 t 

Velasco GU, Carlos M 

Ky6a ^;a! HHEH HCT! EepeBo^ c acnaHcsoro B. H. 
KyrettmHKOBOfi. Ho^ pej. H c acryit. cxaiteft C. A. FOHHOH- 
CKoro. Mocssa, Ea^-so zsocrpaHHoft joar-pii 1961 

282 p. UJM. 21 cm. ' 

F1788.V437 62-57913 J 

Viera, Eduaido. 

El dipcurso de Fidel y la revoluci6n latinoamericana; redi- 
toriales de El Popular! a, proposito de opiniones del Dr. 
Quijano publicadas en "Marcha." [Montevideo, Ediciones 
de Ja Cornision ]N r acional de Propaganda del Partido Co- 
munista, 1&62, 

52 p. Ulw. IT on. 
F1788.V5 63-268S3 J 

Weyl, Nathaniel, - 

Red star over Cuba, the Russian assault on. the Western 
Hemisphere. New York, Deyin-Adair, 1960. 

222 p. 22cm. 
F1788.W4 972.&10S3 60-53203 J 


see also Svaz kortmnistick^ mld,de2e 

Agather, Frederic G 

Benes and the army: his policy. [Oberammergau? Ger.j 

Tl 1. 31 cm. 
DB315.52.A4 63-61121 

Cech, JVladimir, doctor of philosophy. 

K historii revizionismu na Plzensku. t Vyd- 1., V PlznL 
Krajske nakl., 1959. ^ 

164 p. L'Ocm. 
HX2GO.C8C4 60^2910 t 

Celostatni konf erence pracovnikt ve ^poleSettskych 

Prague, 1962. 

Dalsi rozvoj socialisms a ukoly spoleSenskych vecl. ,Vyd. 
1. Praha, Nakl. politicks literatury, 1963. 

449 p. 21cm. 
HC267JB2C35 1962 6S-46470 

Ceskoslovensky svaz ml4de2e. 

Pf irucka propagandisty Ceskoslovenskeho svazu mladeze. 
[1, vyd. V Praze, Oddfleni agitace a propagandy "DY CSM 
v nakl. Mlada f rontaj 195T. 

83 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Na pomoc IdeovS T#chovn6 prtd CSM) 
HQ799.C9C365 60-26559 J 

Ceskoslovensky svaz mMde2e. Slovensky ustredni vybor. 

Prirucka propagandistu CSM. jVyd, l.Bratislava 3 
Vydalo Oddelenie agitacie a propagandy ST5T CSM v 
Smene, 1959. 

83 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Edfda UCebn^ rot 6SM) 

61-22612 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Cnalupa, Vlastislav. 

Rise and development of a totalitarian state, Leiden, 
H. E. Stenfert Kroese, 1959. 

204 p. diagrs., tables. 24 on. (Library of the Czechoslovak For 
eign Institute in Exile, 2) 

A 60-602 
Rochester Univ. Llbr. JN2212 

Fuchs, Gerhard, historian. 

Gegen Hitler und Henlein; der solidarische Kampf 
tschecMscher und deutscher Antifaschisten von 1933 bis 1938. 
r l. Aufl., Berlin Rutten & Loening, 1961. 

334 p. illus. 25 on. (Schriftenrelhe der Kommlsslon der His- 
torlker der DDE und der 6SSR, Bd. 4) 
DB215.F76 1961 62-34197 t 

Khalid, Waslm. 

t !961. mi j 
136 p. 19 cm. 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

NE 63-593 

Kneschke, KarL 

Vom Leben erzogen? Jugendjahre eines Arbeiters. t l. 
Aufl.j Berlin, Verlag Neues Leben, 1960. 
219 p. illus. 21 cm. 

A 61-3938 t 
Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Kolaf, Antonfn, 

Ekonomika prechodneho obdobi od kapitalismu k socia- 
lismu. ,Vyd. 1., Praha c Stfitnl nakl. politicks literature 

330 p. 22cm. 
HX260.CSK5C 61-23473 J 

Komunisticka strana Ceskoslovenska, Sjezd, 

Protokol. fadn^sjezd 

,V PrazeitFstredni vfbor KSC. 

JTN2220.A5K6 52-15346 rev 

Kozdk, Jan, writer on labor movement. 

And not a shot is fired. The American ed. of Jan Kozak's 
guidebook: "How parliament can play a revolutionary part 
in the transition to socialism, and the role of the popular 
masses." Translated from the original Czech. t New 
Canaan, Conn.] Long House, 1962. 

48 p. 23 cm, 
HX44.K653 1962 62-10793 t 

Lobkowicz, Nikolaus. 

Marxisrous-Leninismus in der CSR; die tschechoslowaki- 
ache Philosophie seit 1945. Dordrecht-Holland, D. Reidei 
t !962] 

267 p. 23 cm. (Sovletlca; Abhandlungen dea Orteuropa-Inatituts, 
Unlversltat Freiburg, Schwebi) 
HX260.C8L6 68-84595 { 

praci poraden a studoven marxismu-leninismu. [OdpovSdnS, 
redaktorka: Eva Sraidova. Vyd. 1. V Prazftj Statnf nakl. 
politicks literatury, 1960. 

108 p. 10 cm. (Knlliovna vystavby strany a stranickS price) 
HX260.C802 61-27141 J 

Reisky-Dubnic, Vladimir, 1923- 

Communist propaganda methods; a case study on Czecho 
slovakia. With an introd. by Hans J. Morgenthau. Ne-w 
York, Praeger [1061, e !960, 

287 p. 22 cm, (Books that rnatt&r) 
DB215.5.R4 1961 943.704 60-15447 J 

Sharab, FathI SSlim. 

t 196-! f U V < 
182 p. ports., mapa 20 cm. 
Princeton Univ. Ltbr. 

NE 82-1775 

Sirdcky, Aiidrej. 

Za socialisticku vedu a kulturu. t Vjrber zo Studif, aidnkov 
a kniin.vch publikacii zostavil a predhovor naplsal Jan Bod- 
nirj Bratislava, Vydavatel'stvo Slovenskei akadmie vied 

304 p. 25cm. 
HX260.C8S5 61-23511 J 

Taborsky, Edward. 

Communism in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1960. Princeton, 
N. J., Princeton University Press, 1961. 

ill, 628 p. 25cm. 
JDB215.5.T3 943.704 61-7425 


Jabftrkovd, Josefa (ftehova) 1896-1942. 

Za t<5stl lidu; [Vj'bor z Slanku. 1., aut. vyd.] Praha, 
St&tni nakl. politick^ literatury, 1953. 

421 p. illus. 21cm. 
HX260.C8J3 62-46031 J 


Bojove tradice Rovnosti; sbornik stati a filanku. ( 2prac. 
A. Kocmuix et nl. Vyd. 1. 3 Praha, Statni nukl. politicks 
literatury, 1956. 

542 p. 21 cm, 
HX260.M6R6 62-46877 t 

Smeral, Bohumfr, 1880- 

Historicfce price, 1908-1040. t K vyd. pfipravil Ustav 
dSjin KomunistickS strany Ceskoslovenska. Vyd. l.j Praha, 
StatnS nakl. politick^ literatury, 1961. 

506 p. Illus. 21cm. 
HX260.B2S58 62-48396 J 


Briinn. Universita. Knihovna. 

Soubor bibliograficky^ch letakfi. 
Brno, 19 

v. 20cm. 
ZT165.C9BG0 64-88478 

Matica sloverska, Turoiansky sv. Martin. 

Socialiaticky mysliet pracovafi a 2iff; anotovanfi vy"berova 
odporueajuca bibliografia. Bibliografickfi, pom6cka brigtl- 
dam socialistickej prfice, [Zostavil kolektiv Bibliogru- 
fickeho odboru MS. Hlavn^ redaktor: Juraj PaSkaj 2,, 
doplnene* vyd. Martin, 1960. 

47 p. 21 cm. (Na pomoc knlhomlkom a Cltatelom, C. 8) 
Z7165.C9M3 1960 61-47333 

Olomouc, Moravia. Paleckdho universita. Knihovna. 

Od Celosttoi konfercnce KSC 1950 k xi. Sjezdu KSC 
1958. [Sest.: L. MatlochovS, M. Nadvornik a M. Solcova". 
Redakcc : M. Nadvomikj Olomouc, 1958. 

37 p 29 cm, (Its Publikace, & 8/1058) 
27165.C9037 Gl-21235 


Mlikovska, Alena. 

Z dejin Jesk^ho d^lnicWho hnuti, 1945-1948. t l. vyd.] 
Praha, Orbis, 1955. 

27 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Edlce pfedndSek pix> oivtovA zaflzenf arv. 
HX260.C8M55 62-48392 t 

Prague, tstav d^jin Koreunlstick^ strany Ceakoolovenduu 

Pfehled historick^ch dat ne]dule5it5]8Ich sjezdfl a ud&- 
losti z mezinfirodnlho a naSeho revolu2nlho dSlnickfiho hnutf . 
tOdpovfdnd redaktorka V?ra Bfachovi. 2., aut. vyd.j 
Praha, Stdtn{ nakl. politick^ literatury. 1955. 

100 p. 17cm. J ' 

HX36.P7 1955 62-46128 t 


Budujeme. roc x . 1- 1049- 

V Prftze. 

T. illus,, ports., maps, 47 cm. weekly. 
HC267.n-.m3 61-200-28 


JakS, Alfrd. 

Hlad a prdce; kapitoly z dSjin strany a pracujfolho lidu 
naKadansku. Zprac. A. JakS, J. Fiala, J. Kyn6il. ( Vyd.l.i 
Karlovy Vary, Kra]sk6nakl., 1958. 

73 p. illus. 21 cm. (VlastlvSdn karlovorskft, >v. 8) 
HB8420.K3J3 60-42906 J 

Kawai, Sadakichi, 1901- 

1. ConiniiinlHoi East (Far Bast) x. Title. 

Title roHKiiiisrd; Aru kkiiuietl<ii no knlsO, 


J 60-108 


Crespo Toral, Jorge. 

El comunismo en ol Ecuador, rQuito, 1958i 
02 p. 22 cm. 


Vcla Monsalve, Carlos, 

Las lacticas del eomunismo. Quito, Editorial Don Bosco 

107 p. If) cm. 

6JJ-W730 | 


Giaroli, Giuliano. 

II comuuih-iiio o i ctmtudini doll'Enulin. Aspetti eoouomico- 
scK'iiili (lolTiijirnooUura ciniliiuuv o loro rapporto coll'orienta- 
nionto politico clello classi contmlhip. Kcjrgio Emilia, Li- 
bi'tn-ia oil it rice Bixxoochi flORR,. 

103 p. 24 cm. 

A60-S1G t 
WlHconaln. I'tilv. I.lbr, + 


Kitzberg, Leena. 

The sovictixation of Estonia, t n. p., 1962 ?, 
1141. 80cm. 
DK5H.E6KB8 68-28389 J 

p, Aleksei, 1902- 

The Katoninn people on the road to a now life. Tallinn 
State Pub. House, 1961. ' 

168 p. IliuB. 17cm, 
DK511.EOM813 03-231 S J 

Saat, Joosep, ed. 

im* i{ rr<>5 " rfthva K nttn. iToimotaja; J. Saatj Tallinn, 
128 p. 22cm. 

Saat, Jooeep, d. 

Noukoffudo Eeati konstitutsioonilise seadusandluse aja- 
loost; dokumontide kogumik. Tallinn, Eesti Riiklik Kir- 
jastua, 1960. 

480 p. 21 cm, 



Eestimna KommunlstUk Partel. KeMomitee, Partei 
AjaUo Imtltuut. 

Kosli Tooi-nhva Kommuini; dokunionfitl ju rnatwjulide 
koffumilc. [TonuotiiHo kolliwpuui ; A. Liibmnii, R. Mujnk ja 
A. PiiHS (vttstulttv toimctuja) KooHtujn: IT. Htirlniunui 
Tallinn, Kowti Kiiklik Kirjaatus, 1958. 

182 p, KJ-OUP port. 28 cm. 


Eesti kpmmuniat 

cTallinn, Kosti NSV Ajalehtode-Ajakinade Kirfastus, 
v. In 20 cm. monthly, ' 

JDK511.K4E2T 01-2W94 

iapTini OCTOHUH. 

v. In 27 cm. monthly, 



Brugmans, Hendrik, 1906- 

Knropa west 6u cost. Den Hnagj Europese Beweginff, 
B^W^^ft^Kuropese Federalists 195e 3 

D1060.BT6 ' " '"' 61-23994 t 

Giolitti, Antonio, 1915- 

II conumismo in Europa da Stalin a Krusciov. rl. ed. 
Milano, Garzanti t lD60, 

280 p. 18 cm, (La GuUuru modernu ; nntolottlo) 

Giolitti, Antonio, 1915- 

II comunismo in Europa da Stalin a Krusciov. c l ed Mi 
lano, Garzanti ( I960] 

280 p. 18cm. (Sapertutto, 164-167. Antologle) 
D1088.G5 60-88864 t 

Griffith, William B e& 

Communism in Europe; continuity, change, and the Sino- 
Soviet diBDute. Edited by Williwn E. Griffith. Cambridge, 
Mass., .M. I. T. Press f!964- 

v, 25 cm. 
HX44.G727 885.48094 64-21409 

Kraft, CHe Bj^nu 

2Wp e Sj? 1 ' ??i, K ^ benhav Nyt nordisk forlag, 1962. 
DK68.8JK68' ""' 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


EUROPE (Continued) 

Moscow. Institut marksizma-leninizma. 

Hs ncTOpnH uapKcnasia H MeacflynapoaHoro pa<5oiero SBH- 
jEeHiis ; x 145-JteTHio co ^HJI poz^eHna Kapia Mapsca. r Ot- 
BeTCTBCHHHfi p^ETc-p JL. H. raiBiiaHj Mocssa, Toe. HSfl-uo 
no.tHT. .SHT-PH, 1963. 

623 p. 21cm. 
HX39.5.M664 6a-S4590 

Moscow. Moskovsku gosudarstvennyi pedagogichesku in- 
stitut inostrannykh iazykov. 

Co*op:niK HayHHHx Tpy^ou; ciaitii, nocBsm;eHHHe Bonpo- 
CEM EOitMVHiiCTHHecKoro n pafioiero AaaaeHna H aieacsy- 
napoflHUM oTHOmetmjru. [OTBeTCTueHHtift pejaETOp H A. 
Cn^opOB] MocKBa, 1963. 

179 p. tables. 20cm. 
D442JH63 64-40192 

HporpaMMHtie AOsysieHTij EosiajyHiicTHHecEnx 11 pa6oiKX 
napTiift KaniiTa-iuCTiiiecnrix crpau Esponu. [Pe^airrop 
KD EropOBj MocKRa, Foe. IIS^-BO no.iiiT. nrr-pu 1960. 

47 p. 21 cm 
HX44.P6S 61-30909 rev | 


Arnol'doY, Arnol'd laaevich. 

Con;HajiH3ii H Ey^tTypa; Ky^rypnaa peBO.*K>n.ui s espo- 
neftcEHx cxpanax HapoaHOft AeMOKpaTEH. MocEBa, Hsfl-so 
AsaflCMHH navK CCCP, 1962. 

427 p. 22cm. 

Seki,Itaru, 1903- 

Bain, Leslie Balogh, 1900- 

The reluctant satellites; an eyewitness report on East 
Europe and the Hungarian revolution. Kew York, Mac- 
millan, 1960. 

233 p. 22cm. 
DB957.B27 943.9105 60-5406 I 

Birke, Ernst, 1908- & 

Die Sowjetisierang Ost-Mitteleuropas; TJntersuchungen 
zu ihrem Ablauf in den, einzelnen Landern. Im Anftrage 
des Johann Gottfried Herder-Forschungsrates hrsg. von 
Ernst Birke und Kudolf Neumann, unter Mitwirkung von 
Eugen Lemberg. [Sonderausg. fur das Bimdesininisterium 
fur Gesamtdeutsche Frageni Frankfurt/M., A. Metzner 

v. illua. 25cm. 
DB48.5.B52 * " 60-21673 J 

Bnrks, Richard Voylcs, 1913- 

The dynamics of communism in Eastern Europe. Prince 
ton, 1ST. J., Princeton University Press, 1961. 

HI, 244 p. maps, tables. 23cm. 
HX237.B8 335.43094 61-7400 

Bouart, Georges. 

Du kolklioze au kibboutz; sur lea chantiers de 1'amitie. 
[Parisj Plon J1961, 

342 p. Jllus. 20cm. 
HX44.D6 63-32010 J 

GirdSus-KlauOTtls, Jonas. 

Raudonieji viduramfiai, tai ynt dvideSimtojo amSiaus 
vidurio raganu mediiones fcronika. Londone rSantarvSi 

301 p. 18cm. 
HX237.G5 64-46784 J 

Matt, Alphons, 1920- 

Menschen im Programm; Gegensatze des Lebens hinter 
dem Eisernen Vorhang. Olten, Walter-Verlag t !961j 
300 p. inns. 21 cmT^ 1 

D847.M3 62-46184 J 

Megbonthatatlan egysegben; a szocialista orszagok kozotti 
targyalasokrol kiadott konnany-, es partkozlemenyek, nyi- 
latkozatok, 1956 oktober 30-t61 1957 januar 31-ig. Buda 
pest, Kossuth, 1957. 

102 p. 2O cm. 
BR48.5.M4 61-45356 

Nearing, Scott, 1883- 

Socialifim in practice; the transformation of East Europe. 
New York, New Century Publishers. 1962. 

KWp. 22cm. ^ 

DR48J5J^4 309.147 63-584 J 

Rettet die FreDieit. 

Wu* sie die Freiheit verloren; die Methoden der komniu- 
nistischen Madhtergreifung in den Landern Ostmitteleuro- 
pas. Eone Studie der Munchner Ajbeitsgruppe "Kommtt- 
nistische Infiltration und Madritampftechnik" im Komitee 
"Rettet die FreiheiL" ^1^1959, 

unpaid. 30cm. 
B3337JR45 63-56125 J 

32 [11)57, 

4, T. 472 11 fold, cnl. map, tnblw. 22 cm. 
BUHIojfniphy: p, 438-440. 

1 Rnrnpo. Kusmrn Poltttrs, 2 Communism Rumi*. Kastera. 
r Title. 

Tttle rf/w/>-d; HutiKJirl ilflraii <> rliiVUii 
to Hiiru TcVi ummliU m. 

HiK)\*>r Institution 


Akademiia nauk SSSB. Fund&mental'naia libliote'ka db- 
shcJi&st'v6JinyJch, naxjJc, 

.lirrepatypa o MCjE^ysapo^HOM peso:iE>EciioHHOit ^BHKC- 
EHEI : Bejinsaa OKiaCptcKaa con;Ha.iHCTEHecKaa peBOJrroijHS 
H no^-tea peBOjiKmnoHHoro ^BinKCHUK B EojirapHH, Ben- 

H waxes, Btrrae^mnx a cser a 1951-1958 rr. [CocTaBHiejrH : 
T. 51. EjiHceesa H jp.; OTBCTCTBeHHuft pe,a;aKTop E. M. Kan 3 
MocKsa, JI33-BO Asa^eMHH nays CCCP, 1959. 

ISO p. 21cm. 
Z7165.E82A55 60-32510 

Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue, 

[Cotp. nepecoA c ^nHCEoro, MocKsa, Toe. BS^-BO rrojrHT. 

.TIIT-pU, 19RO. 
206 p. 21cm. 
JXG719.A5K6516 62-20452 J 


see also Parti communiste 
Caute, David. 

Communism and the French intellectuals, 1914-1960 
New York, Macmillan ^964, 

412 p. 25 cm. C ^ 

HX266.C38 335.40944 64-12166 

Ceyrat, Maurice. 

La politique russe et le Parti communiste francais. 1920- 
1945. Paris, 1946. 

112 p. 22cm. 
DCS89.C4 61-24229 J 

Delou, Pierre, of Paris. 

Le syndicalisme chretien en France. Pre"f. de Georges 
Cogniot. Paris, Editions sociolee [1961] 

90 p. 20cm. (Politique et religion) 
HD8423.D4 63-31454 t 

)uclos, Jacques, 1896- 

L'avenir de la dSmocratie. Paris. Editions sociales f 1963] 
254 p. 18 cm. 
BC412.D75 63-40495 t 

Herbette, Francois. 

L'erpSrieneemarxiste en France; temoignage d'un cobaye 
conseient, 1936-1938. Paris, GSnin ^959, 

"Wisconsin. TJnlv. LIbr. 

Kuznetsov, Vitalil Nikdae^ich. 

Pa^BHTJue uapKcncTCKOft ^HIJIOCO^UH BO QpannHH nocxc 
Bropoa MnpOBOfl BoflHU, 1945-1961 rr.; jreE^. jMocKsaj 
ESS-BO MocEOBCsoro yHHsepcHTera 1962 

62p. 22cm. 

HX262.K8 63-37911 J 

Madiran, Jean. 

Us ne savent pas ce quHls font t 2. eUj Paris, Kouvelles 
Editions latines rl955, 

188p. 18cm. 
B^C5S63I325 1955 62-40350 J 

Micaud, Charles Antoine, 1910- 

Comniunisni and the French Left New York, Praeger 

808 p. 22 cm. (Books that matter) 
HX266.M48 329.944 

63-11160 J 

Morice, Andre\ 

Les fella^ia dans la cite*, Nantes, Editions de la SodSte 1 
d*ditions du P. O. t 1959j 

140 p. 23cm. 
DT295J1545 64-S7S65 J 

L'Observateur municipal. annSe 1- (no 1- ); 


T. In 29 cm. doartcaiy. 
JS480L026 * 63-32004 


Parti communiste fran^ais. 

Lenine et la France. C 2 
Lenine. Paris, 1954j 
61 p. illusL, ports. 21 cm. 

"WTsconaln. "Unlv, LIbr. 

anniversadre de la mort de 
A 55-987 rev 

Thorez, Maurice, 1900- 

Fils du peuple. Paris, Editions sociflles, 1964. 
253 p. Illiis. l&cm. 
HX2fiBT: 1954 

Thorez, Mamrice, 1900- 

Fils du peuple. r Noav.j ed reme et mise a jour. Paris, 
Editions sociales, 1960. 

369 p. Ulus 2icm. 

[HX26G.T ] A 60-4313 t 

Wisconsin. TJniv. Libr. 

Thorez, Maurice, 1900- 

Textes choisis : La France face au peril du militarisnoe 
allemande. Pref. de Jacques Buclos. [Paris, Editions du 
Parti communiste fran^ais, 1S62?] 

100 p. col, map, facslm. 20 cm. 
DC369.T55 64-29541 

Thorez, Maurice, 1900- 

Textes choisis sur la democratie. PrSf. de Waldeck 
Eochet. [Paris, Editions da Parti commtmiste francais. 

lOfiOS. ' 

86 p. 20 on. 



Parti communiste francais. Gongres national. 

Ctesfl <Dpa^nyscKofi KOMMyHHCTii^ecKOfi napTnir. 

MoCKBa, ToC. H3A-BO II0.1HT. JIHT-pH. 

T. 21 can. (j}KyMHTH H MaTepnajiu aapyCeacHKcx KOMMYHH- 
cmnecKHx H paCo'mx nap-raft) 
JN3007.C6A22 57-39170 rey 2 

Volgin, Viacheslav PetroTich, 1879- 

i\__ _ >i. . H9CCXH& EOMMJTHH3M, MoCXBS, 1960. 


S75 p. 28 cm. 


Parti communiste francais. 

Conferences Sducatives. 1- ser. Paris r !951- 

v. 21cm, 
HX261.P3 62-S4051 


Le Cri de k Loire, 
tSaint Etienne, Francej 

T. illos. 42-59 cm. weekly. 
HX5.C67 61-49258 % 


Xbmmnnisticliesfcaa partia Grnrii. 
rpajOTeacafi oner. 
, 3apa Bocrora. 





O D^EC KIT rpy 
v. Hlos. 10 x 15 cm. semi 


Angress, Werner T 

Stillborn revolution; the Communist bid for power in 
Germany, 1921-1923. Princeton, N. J., Princeton University 
Press, 1963. J 

IT, 513 p. 25 cm. 

Arlt, Wolfgang, 4 

Deutschlands junge Garde. t Zusammengestellt und bearb. 
von Wolijainnfi Arlt, Manfred Heinze and Manfred Tlhle- 
mann. 2., uberarb. und erweiterte AufL, Berlin. Verke 
Neues Leben, 1959- ^1964, 

v. HIM. 20cm. 
HQ799.G5A742 59-53939 J 

Bachmann, Peter, ed. 

Sieger der GescMchtej 120 Jahre GrsscHchte der deut- 
schen Arbeiterbewegung in Bildern tmd Dofcmnenten. t Za- 
sammenstellunff und Eedaktion: Peter Bachmaim, Manfred 
Kliem und Kurt Zeisler. 1. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1963 

120 p. Illo^ ports., mapa, facslms. 88cm. 
DD238.B25 64-28133 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 


GERMANY (Continued) 

Bartel, Walter. 

.TeBBie B repMaiicuofi connan-^euoiLpaTini B 6opi.6e npotnu 
nmuTapiiSMa n BOfuiu TTepeuo.T; c Heiten;i:oro B. E. Ba^, 
II. B. riouiEoBa a H. O. PH^-KOBa. Pe^. n Bcryxt. eraT&a 
H. F. KaSnna. MocKBa, ES^-BO UHOcrpaHHOli jmx-pfci, 1959. 

699 p. 21cm. 
DD22S.S.B2S17 61-20507 \ 

Bredel, Wiffi, 1901- 

Fiir dich Freiheit j Kurzgeschichten, Skizzeii und Anek- 
doten. [Berlin] Verlag des ilinisteriums fiir Rationale 
Verteidigung t 1959j 

212 p. iilus 19 cm. (KSmpfende Kunst) 
PT2603.R409F8 59-44949 t 

Deutsches Industrieinstitut, Cologne. 

Kommunistische Betriebszeitungen ; Stand und Taktik 
der kommunistischen. Betriebszeitongsarbeit und die recht- 
lichen Moglichkeiten ihrer Abwehr. Koln, Deutsche In- 
dustrieverlags-GmbH, 1956. 

114 p. 21 cm. 
PN5214.E6D47 61-37402 | 

Engelberg, Ernst 

Die deutschc No vemberre volution 1918/19. Leipzig, Ver 
lag Enzyklopadie, 1959. 

23 p. 21 cm. (Karl-Man-UnlTersltfit. Leipziger Universltflts- 
reden, neue Folge, Heft 4) 
DD248.E3.1 59-50335 

Golovachev, Fedor Fedorovich, 

PaCoiee ^snaceflHe n coi^Haji-^eMOicpaTHJt FepuanHH B 
ro^H HepBOfl MnpOBOfi BOftHii, asrycr 1914-OET,s<5pi> 1918 r. 
MocKsa, USA-BO AKajejinu nayK CCCP, 1960. 

504 p. 21cm. 
HDS450.G65 61-2T708 

Hirsch, Kurt. 

Die Blutlinie; ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Antikom- 
munismus in Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main, Koderberg- 
Verlag, 1960. 

291 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
DD238.H5 61-37438 J 

Hoffmann, Ludwig, writer on the theaier, ed. Arbeitertheater, 1918-1933; eine Dokumenta.- 
tion [Vonj Ludwig Hoffmann [Undj Daniel HofEmami-Ost- 
wald, (Hrsg. vom Institut fur Volkskunstforschung beim 
Zentralhaus fur Volfcskunst, Berlin, Henschelverlag, 1961. 

796 p. lllofl. 24cm. 
PN265^H6 62-41496 J 

Jannack, KarL 

TTir nit der roten Xelke. Bearb. von Hans Bruchner. 
Bautzen. Domowina Verlag, 1959. 

246 p. illus, 21cm. 

A 60-3724 t 
TVisconsin. Unlv, LIbr. 

Kolb, Eberhard, 1933- 

Die Arbeiterrate in der deutschen Innenpolitik, 1918-1919. 
Hrsg. von der Kornmiasion fiir Geschichte des Parlamenta- 
rismus und der politischen Parteien. Dusseldorf, Droste, 

432 p. 26 cm. (Beitrftge zur Geachlchte des Parlamentarlsmua 
und der polltlschen Parteien, Bd. 23) 
DD248.K65 63-36103 % 

Kolbe, Helmut 

Peso-ijonu^ 1918 ro^a B FepiiaHuii. MocKBa, SnaHiie, 

47 p. 22 cm. (BcecoxwHoe ofimecTBo no pacnpocrpaHeitHK) nanH- 
x H HayiHwx sHaHMfl. Cepnsi I, N 25-26) 

50-54802 \ 

Kommission der Historiker der DDR and der UdSSR. 

Wtssenxchaftliche Eonferenz. 1st, Leipzig, 1957. 

Protokoll der Wissenschaftlichen Tagung in Leipzig vom 
SS.^bis 30. November 1957. Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1958. 

DD2kK6 1957 59-39680 rev 2 

Krfiger, Horst, 1919- ed. 

Das Ende einer Utopie; Hingabe und Selbstbefreiung 
fruherer Kommunisten. Eine Dokumentation im zwei- 
geteilten Deutschland, hrsg. und eingeleitet von. Horst 
Kriiger. Olten, Walter-Verlag t !963, 

234 p. 21 cm. (Walter Paperbacks : Die Dlakussloa) 
DD243.K7 64-29569 

Laboor, Ernst. 

Der Knmpf der deutschen .Vrbeiterklasse gegen Militaris- 
mns luid Kriegsgefahr, 1927 bis 1929. t Herausgeber:] In 
stitut fur Gesellsehaftsvrissenschaften beim ZK der SED, 
Lehrstuhl fiir Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, t l. AufLj 
Berlin, Dietz. 1961. 
363 p. 21 cm. 

A 62-1994 
Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Liebknecht, Karl Paul August Friedrich, 1871-1919. 

Gesammelte Keden und Schriften. Mit einem. Vorwort 
von Wilhelm Pieck. cLAufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1958- 

v. illus. 21 cm. 
HX273X58 1958 59-23G02 rev t 

Liebknecht, Karl Paul August Friedrich, 1871-1919. 

IlaflpmiiiLie peiu, n [IlepeBO^ c ne.\ieu;- 
soro M. Ha^e.K^nHOft n E. FHe^riHa] MocKBa, Foe. USA-DO 

H01IIT. JIHT-pH, 1961. 

510 p. illus. 21cm. 
HX273.L5655 62-32910 t 

Popov, Sergei Ivanovich. 

eftHoe CaHKpoTCTBo coBpcMesHoro pe^opwiisMa; Kpii- 
$IUOCO$CEUX n conno^orHTCCKHx Eoa^ermiift sana^- 
CKnx npasux co^Ha. l IECTOB. Ilofl pefl. T. C. Bacen;- 
Koro. (MocKBaj HS^-BO MoctcoscKoro yHaBepcKTeTa, 1963. 

467 p. 21 cm. 
HX276.P75 64-30424 

Popov, Sergei Ivanovich. 

PasBjiTue napKCiicTCKo--ieHHHCKOfl UUCJIH B repiiaiiiit B 
c peiJiopMHSMOM H peBiiaiioHiiSMOM:, 1918-1959 rr. 

TOB roc. yHiisepciiTeTOB. OTB. pe^aicTOp A. H, 
[MocKBaj Ilspj-eo MocKOBCKoro yHiiBepciiTexa, 1960. 

65 p. 22 cm 
HX273.PO 61-29789 

Raatjes, John, 1023- 

The role of comniuuism during the Munich revolutionary 
period, Xovembor, UU8-Mny, 1910 Ann Arbor, Mich., Uni 
versity Miorofilms [1958] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-502 Mic 30-662 

Illinois. Unlv Library 

Eeimann, Max. 

Rettet das Vaterland ; Programm zur nationalen ^Viedei-- 
vereirugung Deutschlands. Hede nuf der vir. Tap^mg des 
Pai-teivorstancles der KPD. c n. pj Parteivorstnnd der KPD 

62 p. 21 cm. 
DD257.25.E43 60-18884 J 

Reisner, Larisa Mikhailovna, 1895-1926. 

Hamburg auf den Barrikaden und andere Reportagen, 
Mit einem Nachwort von Otto Braun. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, 
Dietz, I960. 

174 p. IS cm. (RoteDletz-Relhe,4) 

Wisconsin. Uni7. Ubr. 

A 61-245 

Rupprecht, Adolf. 

\Yie die Nazis das Eigentum der SPD raubten und zer- 
storten. Aus den Aufzeichnungen eines ehemaligen leiten- 
den soziuldemokratischan Funktionilrs. [1. Aufl] Berlin, 
Dietz, 1960. 

55 p. 18 cm. 

A 61-2277 t 
Wisconsin. Untv Llbr. 

Schmidt, Konrad, ed. 

Feuilleton der roten Presse 1918-1938: Rote Fahne, Junge 
Garde, Arbeiter-Illustrierte Zeitung, Eulenspiegel, Roter 
Pfeffer. Berlin, Verlag des Minieteriums fiir Nationals 
Verteidigung [I960] 

178 p. 18cm. (Kfimpfende Kunat) 
AC30.S318 62-37898 t 

Schneller, Ernst, 1890-1944. 

Arbeiterklasse und Wehrpolilik; ausgewahlte Reden und 
Schriften, 1925-1929. Hrsg. von Karl Heinz Hadicke t undj 
Rudolf Meier. Berlin, Verlag des Ministeriums fur JSTa- 
tionale Verteidigung, 1960. 

365 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
DD251.S314 60-29420 t 

Schuddefcopf, Otto Ernst. 

Linke Leute von rechts; die nationalrevolutiona'ren Min- 
derheiten und der Kommunismus in der Weimaror Republik. 
Stuttgart, Kolilhammer r 1960, 

547 p. 24 cm. 

A 61-2251 t 
Wisconsin. Unfr. Libr. 

Siemon, Fritz, 1003- 

Deckname M; aus meinen Erlebnissen, in der Zeit des 
Faschismus. [Literarische Bearbeitting : Gerhard Neumann) 
Halle (Saalc) Mitteldeutscher Vcrlug, 1880. 

220 p, Ulna. 10 cm. 
D805.G3S47S 63-47755 J 

Teschner, Gertraud, ed. 

Deutschland in der Zeit der faschistischen. Diktetur, 1933- 
1939; Dokumente und Moterialien. Berlin, Volk und Wis- 
sen, 1962. 

159 p. maps. 28cm. (Quellea zur Geachlchto) 
DD255.5.T5 64-52499 

Toppe, Hilmar. 

Der Kommuniflmus hi Deutschland. Miinchen, G. Olzog 

148 p. 20cm. 

63-28530 J 

Uhlemann, Manfred. 

Arbeiterjugend gegen Cuno und Poincare; das Jahr 1923. 
t l. Aufl j Berlin, Verlag Neues Leben, 1060. 
230 p. Illus., ports., facslms. 21 cm. 

A 61-2284 
Wisconsin. Unlv. Llbr. 

Volksbund fiir Frieden und Freiheit. 

Entlnrvter Kommunismus. [Tionn, 1050 j 
31 p. Illua. 28 cm. 
11X273 \7> 57-20US;) rev | 


Matern, Hermann. 

Im Kampf fur Frieden, Demokratie und Sozialismus; 
ausgewahlte Reden und Schriften. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 

2 Y. ports 21 cm. 

HX279.M3 63-53700 

Ulbricht, Walter, 1893- 

Zur Geschichte der deutschon Arbeiterbewegung; aua 
Reden und Aufsiitzon. t 7., durchgesehene und erweiterte 
Aufl.] Berlin, Diete, 1962- 
v. plutos, port. 21 cm. 
HX279.U43 63-51395 

Zetkin, Klara, 1857-1033. 

Ausgewahlte Reden und Schriften. Mit einem Vorwort 
von Wilhelm Pieck. [1. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1957-60. 

8 v. lllus. 22 cm. 
HX273.Z4A45 57-il810rev J 


Grundriss der Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung. 
t l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz ^963, 

803 p. 20 cm. 
HX278.G785 64-38501 

HUbner, Hans. 

Aus der Geschichte der roten Fahne. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, 
Dietz, 1962. 

no p. lllus. 20 cm. (Kttmpfe der deutschen ArbeiterklaBse, 8) 
HX273.H75 64-37047 J 


Werner, Kurt. 

Die Koponiekw Blulwocho 1938 [Voiij Kurt Werner t und] 
Kurl Ilcinx Biernat. Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

103 p. llluH. 20cm. 

[DD256.5.W ] A 61-106 t 

Wisconsin. Unlv. Llbr. 


Dresden, Museum fiir Geschichte der Dresdner Arbeiter 

Unter dor Palme der Revolution; dio Drosdner Arboiter 
im Kampf gegen don 1. Woltkricg, (lie Novcmberrovohition 
und die Grundung dor KPD in Dresden. 1014-1010. Dres 
den, 1959. 

92 p. lllus,, ports., facslms. 21 cm. (BettrUgo zur Oeschlchte 
der Drosclncr Arbolterhewcgung, Hoft 5) 
DD901.I)7ai)08 60-40570 


Krause, Use. 

Die Schumann-Engert-Kresse-Gruppe ; Dokumento und 
Materirilien des illegalen antifaschistischen Kampfes (Leip 
zig, 10-13 bis 1945) ( 1. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1060. 

150 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Sehrlftenrelhe Beltrilge zur Qeachlchte und 
Tbeorle der ArbclterbowgunK, Heft 22) 
DD2S6.3.K7 64-34046 t 


Handrick, Joachim. 

DDR-Vaterland der Sorben. Bautzen, Domowina, 1960. 
141 p. lllus. 20cm. ' ' 

Wisconsin. Unlv. Llbr. 


Kttller, Heinz. 

Kampfbiindnis an der Seine, Ruhr und Spree; der ge- 
meinsamc Kampf der KPF und KPD gegen die Ruhrbe- 
setzung 1923. t l. Aufl.j Berlin, Rutten & Loening, 1963. 

347 p. 25 em. (Schrlitenreihe des Institute lr Allgemelne Ge- 
sclvlchte an der HumboWt-Unlversltit Berlin, Bd. 8^ 

1949- ) 

Berlin. Institut fur Gesellschaftswissenschaften. 

Probleme des proletarischen Intcrnationalismus. Aus dena 
Protokoll der Konferenz des Instituts fur Gesellschaftswis- 
senschaften beim ZK der SED uber die Bedeutung des pro 
letarischen Internationalismus im Kampf fur Frieden und 
Sozialismus 2. und 3. Juni 1958. ( 1. Aufl.i Berlin, Dietz, 

107 p. 21cm. 
HX40.B4H 59-50110 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


LIC, 1949- ) (Continued) 

Berlin. Universitat. Imtlint fur PhRosophie. 

Der Staat sind \vir; Beitrage zu Problemen der Entwick- 
lung de? sozialietischen Staatsbevmsstseins in der DDE t L 
Aufl.;, Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

185 p. 21 cm. 

A 61-1753 

Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Cineris, KarL 

Jugendweihe und ihre Hiutergriinde. r l. AufLj Wurz- 
burg, Echter-Verlag ,1956, 
78 p. 21cm. 

A GO-910 
Wisconsin. TTrilv. I.lhr 

Eichhorn, Wolfgang. 

Uber die Widerspruche beim Aufbau des Sozklismus. 
Berlin, Deutseher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1959. 

73 p. 1*0 cm. (Taschentmchrelhe Unser Weltblld, Bd. 9*) 
HX2SO.A2E35 60-31837 J 

Freyer, Friedrich Karl. 

Sozialistische Kulturarbeit auf dem Lande. t l. AufLj 
Berlin, Dietz, 1962. 

202 p. 20cm. 
HX550.P4F7 64-32754 J 

Eager, Kurt, 1912- 

Zur geistigen Situation der Gegenwart; Tier Vortrage. 
1. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

106 p. 20 cm. 

DD261.2.H3 A62--993 J 

Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Janzen, Nikolai 

Ein Mensch-wie stolz das klingt Vom Sinn des men- 
schlichen Lebens. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, Verlag Neues Leben. 

270 p. 21 cm. 

AG2-964 t 
Wisconsin. Univ. LCbr. 

Elausener, Erich, 1917- 

Sie hassan Grott nach Plan ; zur Metihodik der kommunisti- 
schen Propaganda gegen Religion und Kirche in Mirtel- 
deutschknd. Berlin, Morus- Verlag [1962, 

308 p illu.. 23cm. 
HX536Jv53 63-59523 t 

Konfereaz Gber Probleme der Sozialistischen Gemein- 

schaftsarbeit, Balfenstedt, 1960. 

Erfahningen der sozialistischen Gremeinschaftsarbeit; 
Eeferat und Diskussionsbeitrage der Konferenz uber Pro 
bleme der Sozialistischen Gremeinschaftsarbeit 26. und 27. 
Marz 1960 in Ballcnstedt. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

174 p. 20 cm. 

A 61-1627 
Wisconsin. Dnlr. LIbr. 

Lange, Max Gustav. 

TVissenschaft im totalitiiren Staat; die "Wissenschaft der 
SowjetiHien Besatzungszone auf dem TTeg zum Stalinismus. 
Mit einem Yorwort von Otto Stammer. Stuttgart, Ring- 
Verlag, 1955. 

rriii, 29n p. 23 cm (Schriften des Instltuts fur Politlsche Wissen 
schaft, Bd. ,j| 
HX280.A2L3 60-29626 

Lohse, Eberbard. 

Handwerk, Privatindustrie und Aufbau des Sozialismus; 
ein Beitrag zur sozialistischen Umgesteltung des Handwerks 
mad der privatkapitalistischen Industrie in der DDR, von 
Eberhard Lohse und Siegfried Voigtsberger. Berlin, Deut- 
scher Zentralverlag, 1959. 

119 p. lllus. 22cm. 

A 60-246 t 
Wisconsin. Uolv, Lite. 

Miller, Reinhold. 

Vom Werden des sozialistischen Menschen; der Kampf 
des Xeuen gegen das Alte auf dem Gebiet der Moral. t L 
Aufl.j Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 
229 p. 21cm. 

A 60-3204 1 
Wisconsin. UnlT. LIbr. 

Potsdam. Deutsche Akademie fur Staate- imd Rechtswis- 
scnschaft "Walter TJlbricht** 

Der deutsche Arbeiter-und-Bauem-Staat. Berlin, Deut- 
scher Zentralverlag, 1960. 

403 p. illns. 25cm. 

A60-3723 1 
Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Prauss, Herbert. 

Doch es war nidrfc die Wahrheit; T^tsadbenbericht zur 
geistigen Auseinandersetznng nnserer Zeit. Berlin, Mornfl- 
Verlag tlSeO, 

295 p. nius, 20cm. 

A 61-244 t 
Wisconsin. UnlT. LIbr, 

Reinhold, Otto. 

_Das Tempo der okonomischen Entwicklung der DDK und 
die sicherung des Priedens in Deutschland. Der sxi. Par- 
teitag der KPdSU und die okonomische Hauptauf fmbe der 
DDR, t l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

43 p. 20 cm. 

A 60-249 t 
Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Ruhr, Albert 

Der Meister, Heifer seines Kollektivs [Vonj Albert Riihr, 
Herbert Kittmann : und] Stefan Otte. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, 
Tribune, 1960. 

215 p. IIIus. 20cm. 

A 61-2275 J 

Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr 

Schattenberg, Hans. 

'Wir schaffen das sozialistische Dorf ; die Aufgaben und 
die Arbeitsweise der Organe der Staatsmacht in den Gemein- 
den bei der Entwicklung des sozialistischen Dorfes jvon, H. 
Schattenberg t und 3 W. Becker. Berlki, Deutscher Zentral- 
verlag, 1959. 

80 p. 21 cm. 

A 60-3538 t 
"Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands. Zentrdllcomitce. 
Der Jugend gehtirt das Herz und die Hilfe der Partei im 
Kampf fur den Sieg des Sozialismus; Konferenz des Zen- 
tralkomitees mit jungen Mitgliedem und Kandidaten der 
Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutschlands, 21. und 22. No- 
yemberl959. t l.Aufl.3 Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 
184 p. lllus. 20cm. 

A 60-5085 t 
"Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Stolpovskii, Boris Gorgievich. 


aiiT-pu, 1962. 

93 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
DD261.SS2 63-48596 t 

Ulbricht, Walter, 1S93- 

"Cber die Dialektik unseres sozialistischen Aufbaus. t l. 
Aufl.! Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 
316 p. 21 cm. 

A 60-3600 

Wisconsin. Unlr. LIbr. 

Wortman, John Augiist. 

The minor parties in the Soviet zone of Grennany : the 
Communist preparation and use of "transmission belts" to 
the East German middle class. Aim Arbor. Mich., Univer- 
dty Microfilms t !959j 

Microfilm AG-1 no. 58-7412 Mic 58-7412 

Minnesota. Univ. LIbr. 

LIC, 1949- ) ADDRESSES, 

Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. Arbeitigruppe fur 

Wissenschaft und Politik. t l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 
181 i>, 20 cm. 
HX280.A2A65 64-41019 

Arbeitstagung fiber Rolle und Bedeutung des Proletari- 
schen Internationalismus, Hatte^ 1959. 

Proletarischer Internationalismus; Materialien einer Ar 
beitstagung liber Jlolle und Bedeutung des Proletarischen 
Internationalismus Halle, 6./7. November 1959. Zusam- 
mengestellt und bearb. von Alfred Anderle und Konrad 
Hecktheuer. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, Rutten & Loening : 1961, 

235 p. 25 cm. (TergffentllcLangen des Jnstitnts fQr Geschlcate 
der VSlker der UdSSR an der Martln-Luther-Universltat Halle-Wit 
tenberg. Relhe B : Athandlnngen, Bd. 1) 
HX280.A2AT 1959 

Jendretzky, Hans, 1897- 

Der gewerkschajftliche Kampf ran Frieden, Einheit und 
Sozialismus, 1945-1948; aus Reden und AufsStzen. Berlin, 
Verlag Tribiine, 1961. 
398 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
HD6699.A2J4 62-49270 t 

Matern. Hermann. 

Im Kampf fur Frieden, Demokratie und Sozialismus; 
ausgeTOihlte Reden, und Schriften. t l.Aufl.j Berlin, Dietz, 

2v. ports. 21cm. 
HX279.M3 63-53700 

1949- ) 

Albrecht, Ernst F 

Kontakte im Zwielicht; Ziele und Methoden der kommu- 
nistischen Infiltration im kommunalen Bereich. Bad Godes- 
berg, Verlag fur Publizistik, 1960. 

Sap. 21cm. 
JS5471.A2A7 63-46207 t 

Hath, Hans. 

Die KPD in der Bundesrepublifc; ihre politische Tatig- 
Iceit und Organisation 1945-1956. (L Anfl.j Koln, TTest- 
deutscher Verlag [1950] 

154 p. Hies 2*cm. 

A 60-102 
Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Richter, Karl, writer on communism., 

Die trojanische Herde; ein dokumentarischer Bericht 
Koln, Verlajr for Politik und "Wirtschaft t 1959, 
313 p. 19 cm. 

A 60-3722 
Wisconsin. TJniv LIbr. 

Sozialdemokratiscte Partei Beutschlands. 

Die Alternatiye unserer Zeit ; Auseinandersetzung der So- 
zialdemokratie mit dem Kommunismus. rBonn, 1960i 
24 p. 21 cm. 

A 61-4602 J 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

1 949 . ) CONGRESSES 

Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, Parteiddegisrtm- 
konferens, Cologne, 1960. 

Die Lajre in der Btuidesrepublik und der Kampf fur Frie 
den, Demokratie und sozialen IVohlstand; Protokoll der 
Parteidelegiertenkonferenz der Kommunistischen Partei 
Deutsclilands, Februar 1960. c l. Aufl. 3 Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 
247 p. IIlus. 20cm. 

A 61-2294 I 
Wisconsin TTnlr Libr. 


U. S. Conpre&s. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Is U. S. money aiding another Communist state? Hear 
ing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administra 
tion of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Secu 
rity Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States 
Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session. Testi 
mony of K. A. Busia, December 3. 1962. Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print. Off., 1963. 

ill, 165 p. lllus., ports. 24 cm. 
HC517.G6U5 63-61892 


Bernstein, Eduard, 1850-1932. 

Cromwell & communism; socialism and democracy in the 
great English Revolution, [Translated by H. J. Stenningj 
New York, Schocken Books [1963! 

287 p. 21 cm. (Schocken paperbacks, SB64) 
DA405.B4 1963 942.06 


Communist Party of Great Britain. Hist&naiuP Group. 

Our history. 

no. in v. 27 cm. quarterly. 
JN1129.C62A35 6&-30105 


Comite des re'fugife politfques grecs "Poor la democratic 
en Grece.* 

3a avHHCTiiio B ^pe^^H. 313,3;. KoatirreTa rpeiecinx noani- 

irysCEoro M. II. HHOBCEOS. MOCKBE, H3^-B< 
aiiT-pu, 1962 

120 p. 20cm. 


Comite Coordinator Anticomunista. 

El caso de Guatemala ante el Primer Congreso contra la 
Penetraeion Sovietica ea America Latina celebrado en M- 
adco en mayo de 1954. ^Tegucigalpa, 1 . _ 

79 p. port, diagrs., factfms. 23 cm. (Itt I 

Congreso Cantinental Anticomunista. lat, Mexico, 1954. 

El libro negro del comunismo en Guatemala. Comision 
Permanonte del Primer Congreso contra la Intervenci6n 
Sovietica en :Vmerica Latina. Mexico, Secretarla General 
t !954j 

328 p. Illus., porta, facsims. 20 cm 
F1466.5.C64 1954 5&-51366rev 

Congreso Continental Anticomunista. 3d, Lima, 1957. Dele- 
gaciSn de Guatemala. 

Informs al in Congreso contra la Intervencion Sovietica 
en la America Latina que tendra verificativo en la ciudad de 
Lima } Peru, durante los dias 10, 11, 12, 13 y 14 de abril de 
1957. Guatemala, 1957. 

24 p. 23 cm. 
F1466.5.C64 1957c 68-31365 rer 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


GUATEMALA (Continued) 

Guatemala. Secretaries <Le Propaganda y Dwulgaci6n. 

Dentro del cfrculo -vicioso: "El atnque al comunismo es 
un ataque al gobierno, el ataque al gobierno ea un ataque a. 
la patria." Bajo este sofisma tenebroso la prensa independi- 
ente de Guatemala vivio anos de terror durante el regimen 
de los comunistas. (Guatemala, Impr. Iboria, 1954?] 

(24j p. ports., facsima, 28 cm. 
F1466.5.A5 61-39983 

Hombres de la liberacion. [Primer aniversario de la libera 
cion, homenaje, 1854-1955. Guatemala ? 1055] 

60-46247 J 

00 p. lllua. 30 cm. 

U. S. of f State. Office of Pullio Services. 

A. case history of communist penetration: Guatemala, 
[Washington, 1957] 

xt, 73 p. Ilhis., map, ports. 24 era. ([U.S.] Dept of State. Pub 
lication 646i). Inter- American series, ~>2) 

F1466.5.U517 972.8105 57-61515 rev 
Copy 2. F1401.U65 no. 52 

Ydigoras Fuentes, Miguel, Pres, Guatemala. 

My war with communism, as told to Mario Rosenthal. 
Englawood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t !963] 

238 p. IIlus. 22 cm. 
F1466.5.Y3 323.2 63-14843 J 


Buchwach, Back. 

Hawaii, U. S. A., communist beachhead or showcase for 
Americanism? [Honolulu, Hawaii Statehood Commission, 

28 p. illus. 23 era. 
HD6940.H3B8 00-6:2024 J 

Hawaii. Commission on Subversive Aetwities. 

Report to the Legislature of the State of Hawaii. Feb. 
25, 1961- 

HX517.H3A35 63^4761 


Villeda Morales, Ram6n, Pres. Honduras. 

La defensn de la democracia frente a la amenaza comu- 
nista; mensaje del ciudadano presidents de la Espublica, 
doctor Kam6ji Villeda Morales, al pueblo hondureno [21 do 
julio de 18(52, Tegucigalpa, 19G2. 

06 p. 22 cm. 
F1508.V5 G2-67527 J 


see also Magyar Dolgozdk Partja; 
Magyar Szocialista Munkaspart 

Budapest. Legtijabbkori TortSneti Mflzeum. 

Legiijabbkori TorWsneti Muzeum eVkonyve. 1959- 

7. illus., ports., facslms. 24 cm. 
DB948.B83 60-33880 

Faludy, GyBrgy. 

My happy days in hell. Translated by Kathleen Szasz. 
[London, A. Deutsch [1962, 

403 p. 22 cm 
PH324LF2Z52 63-578S J 

Gimes, Miklos. 

Kepi demokr&cia fit a szocializmushoz, [Budapest] MDP 
Kozponti VezeUfegge Oktatasi Osztaly cl948i 

22 p. 22 cm. (SzemJnflriiimi ffeetek viroal alapfolcd aufr 

64^38027 J 


Kalman, Lajos. 

The lawyer in communism: memoirs of a lawyer behind 
the Iron Curtain. "With a foreword by Richard Cardinal 
Gushing. c Boston, St. Paul Editions C 1960i 

179 p. Ulna, 22 cm. 

847.9094391 60-4970 J 

Landler, Jentf, 1875-1928. 

Valogatott beszSdek Is frdsok. t Osszeallitotta & a beve- 
zetfi tanulmdnyt f rta : Gadanecz Be"la es Szab6 Agnes. Buda 
pest, Kossuth K5ny vkiadd, 1960. 

579 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
DB95S.L3 61-86204 J 

Ltngyel, Jozsef. 

Visegrader Strasse. Mit einem Vorwort von Bfila Kun. 
el. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

264p, 21cm. 
DB955.L475 59-51852 t 

Magyar Dolgozdk Partja. ESsponti Vezet&aSg. Pdrttor- 
ttneti fnteset. 

"Elfiro, Imrcra if jumunlds I" 1919-1945. t Dokumentum- 
gyiijtemeny. Ossze/illitotta Sved Liiszlo, a Magyar Munkds- 
mozgalmi Intczet tudomdnyos munkatarsa. Budapest, Ifju- 
sagi Konyvkiado [1954] 

813 p. Ulus., ports. 21cm, ( Vrtlofcatott IrAaok a uiagynr Ifjiiimin- 
kdsmozgnlom Imrcos nniUjftb<51, 2. Mt.) 
HQ799.H8M3 57-38025 rev 

Magyar Dolgozo"k Pdrtja. KSzponti Veactfoeg. Pdrttb'r- 

tencti Inteset. 

A Magyar TnnncskfixlurRasag 1010. 2. juv. kiad. Buda 
pest, Szikrn, 10,10. 

351 p. lllus. (part col.) ports. 20cm 

" rev 

Magyar Tudomanyos Akad^mia, Budapest. Attorn- es Jog- 
tudomdnyi fnteset. 

A Magyar Tandcskoztdrsasdg jogalkotasa ( Szorkcsxt6bi- 
zottsag: I-Ialasz Pdl, Kovacs Istvdn, Peschka Vilmos. Irta: 
Szab6 Imre el al.j Budapest, Kozgazdasdgi 6s Jogi Konyv 
kiado, 1959. 

8&9 p. fncjslras. 21 cm. 


Pentek, Gyula. 

Besw*l/J kovek; Budapest mimkfismossgtilim emldkeib^l. 
A Magyar Kommunista IfjusAgi Sz<iretag I. Kongrcsszusa 
t.isztoletero kiadjft a KISZ Budapest! Bizottsaga 6s Budapest 
!F6varos Tnnacsa. [Budapest, 1960. 

103 p. illus. 21 cm. 
DB876.P4 61-45354 J 

Szamuely, Tibor, 1390-1910. 

Alarm; ausgowiihlte Eeden und Aufsiitzo. Mit einom 
Vorwort von Bf'la Kun. Berlin, Dietz t 1959) 

244 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
DB055.S8375 60-32970 J 

Szelpal, Arpad. 

Ixis 138 t i. e. cent trentc-troiS] jours do B^la Kun. Paris, 
A. Fuynrd [1959] 

28G p. 20 em. 
DIJ055.S848 50-I8fl43 | 

U. S, Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

A Communist in a "workers' paradise," John Sanlo's own 
story; consultation with Commiltec; on Un-American Activ 
ities, House of Hepreseuiatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, 
first session. Washington, IT. 8. Govt. Print. O0., 10(53. 

v, 77, v p, 24 em, 
HX84.A4 1968 00-61280 

Vali, Ferenc Albert, 1905- 

Rift imcl revolt in Hungary; nationalism versus com 
munism, Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1061, 

xvli, 500 p. fold, map, dtntrm. SB cm. 
BB956.V3 943.9105 61-13745 

Zinner, Paul 

Revolution in Hungary. New York, Columbia Univer 
sity Press, 1962. 

XI, 880 p. 21 cm. 
DB956.Z5 948,9105 62-17062 



Magretdk. [Budapest] Tancsics Konyvkiad6 [1959, 

197 p. 20 cm. 
HX260.H8M3 62-65142 J 


Budapest. FSvarosi Szabd Ervin Kiinyvtir. 

Budapest munkdsmozgalma 1919-1045 ; bibliogrA/ia. [La 
bour movement of the city of Budapest, 1919-1945; a bibli 
ography. OsBzeilllitotta az MSzMP vir. kongresszusdnak 
tiszteletfire a FMroai Szabd Ervin IC5nyvtdr liudaposti 
Gyfljtem6ny4nek munkak8z6ssge. Szerk,: Zoltan J&aef, 
Budapest, 19B9. 

8 v, (1008 p.) lllua, (pai't fold.) 21 cm. 
Z7164.S67B84 60-26181 

Budapest. Fflvarosi Szabd Brvin K8nyvtfir. 

A magyar nSp szabadsagafirt : a magyar kommunista 
ifjtisagi mozgalom mdrtirjai; valogatott mtivek 6s cikkek 
biblioffrAfidja. t A biblior&fia munkdlataiban rfiszt vettek: 
Bilint Ldszl6 et al, Budapest. 1959. 

88 p. 21cm, 
Z2148.C6B8 61-22805 

Magyar Szodalista Munkaspart. Orssdffoa tirteleezlet. June, 

CKofl paCoieft napiiiu. By,a;aneniT, 27-29 nx)B* ( 1957 T, 
[Hepeso,!!; c BenrepcKoro ocymcctMwt rocno^HtnaflaTOM] 
MocKsa, Foe, IIS^-BO IIOJHT. ^nr-pw, 1958. 
158 p, 21 cm. (AoKyMCHTu M warepHWbi sapyfioKHWx KOMMVHH- 


JN2191.S97AB6 1957 61-84515 t 


Harrison, Selig: S 

Indiii: (he nmst dangerous decades. Princeton, N J 

1 Yinoot on nnivM-sit.v Press, 1900. ' ' '' 

STiOp. lllim. 25 cm.' 

jQ'2ir.]!)r>o.ll:; ;u5t 00-3749 j 

Krishna, Kaghuvir. 

Frtlliu'ii's of Mar.x's conmuuiiMu and its pradioc. Ne\v 
Delhi, <)m- World Onlor (YoRii jMi^sion) [liKi: 1 ,, 
xvlll, iv, ,"2li p. ixirta, maps. If) cm. 

Liebscher, Gcrtraud. 

Inclien im Aufbruch ; einigo Problem des antiimperialisti- 
schon Bofroiungskampfes des indischon Volkes. c l AufiLi 
Berlin, Diets, 1960. 

128 p. iJlciu. (luteruutloniileUelho) 
DS480.84.L5 61-22167 

Mohan Das, S R 

Communist activity in India (11)25-50) [Bombay] Demo 
cratic KcNcurdi Service* t 1060, 

in p. iiu em. 
DS4 80.45. MO G0-i5284 J 

Nevett, Albert. 

India iroing rod? t 2d p<l, Poonn, Indian Institute of 
Social Order, 1964. 

822 p. 22 cm. 
HX40.N4 1954 56-28483 rev t 

Ovcratreet, Gene D 

Communism in India (byj Gene D. Overstroet t andj Mar^ 
shall Wiudmillor. [2d ed,] Bombay, Perennial Press, 1960. 

xlv, (Wit p. 24 Mil. 
JQ298.COOD 1960 S A 64-986 


ra Nftth. 

a, 2, l(H>p IS n 
In Hindi. 

iil iiiiiicriitiimu. 2 ('oimumilftui- India. t, Title. 

Tltlx trnniiHttrnteii: Mftpkda kfl darteua. 

al-TttbjI, Fathl. 

*^ OJt; 

C 1901] 


06 p. 22 cm. (A < -*.MJ1 V^*) 

HX892.T8 ' 

Princeton Unlv, I^lbr. 


Padmanabha Pillai, Kalnikkara, 1800- 

Thp nd Intwliulo in TCornla. [Trivnadrumj Keral 

NE 02-1891 

11, 208 p. 21 cm. 

S A 04-088 

Singh, Jitndra, uwft- 

Oomrnuniflt rule in Kerala, New Delhi, Diwan Chond 
Indian lufoi-mation Centre r 1959i 

viuMSOp. tnblw, 22 cm, 
PS48S.IC4SB S A 04-687 

Adjitorop, Jusuf. 

Madjulah intoligensia Indonesia, bflrkeruinun disekitar 
Munipol, Pielato sambutau janp diutjapkan dalam sidang 
pleno k-iiT CX- PKI padn nchir tahun 1001. Djakarta, 
Jajnsan Pembnruau, 1962. 

40 p. 10 cm. 
HX402.A68 S A 64-4284 

Aidit, D 



HH^OHentirtCKoro. iIIcpCBo^^MKH: r. Jt. Kecce^bCpCHHcp it 
flp.j MorKoa, MSA-BO WHOctpaHHOtt ^(iiT-pw. 1962. 

782 p. port. 21 cm. 
HX402.A057 68-47886 

Aidit, D N 1928- 

Probloms of the Indonesian revolution t bv] D, N, Aidit. 
tBiuulunffi Demos, 1968. 

612 p. port. 22cm. 
JQ77S). A55 A88 S A 64-7488 

Aidit, D N 1828- 

Soeialismo Indonesia dan sjarat-sjarat pelakaanaannja, 
Pjakarta, Akademi Ilmu Sosial "Aliarcham," 1962, 

310p. llluH., mape, 28cm. 
H0447.A75 S A 68-2284 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


INDONESIA (Continued) 

Benda, Harry Jindrich, ed. 

The communist uprisings of 1926-1927 in Indonesia: key 
documents; edited and with an introd. by Harry J. Benda 
and Ruth T. McVey. Ithaca, N. Y., Modern Indonesia 
Project, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Far Eastern 
Studies, Cornell University, 1060. 

ml, 177 p. maps, tables. " 28 cm. ( Cornell University. Modern 
Indonesia Project. Translation series) 
DS643.B4 991.02 60-750 rev 

Brackman, Arnold C 

Indonesian communism, a history. Kew York, Praeger 

336 p. 22 cm. ( Praeger publications In Russian hlstor? and world 
communism, no. 123) 
HX402.B7 335.430991 63-9391 t 

Jajasan Pembaman. 

Kita tjinta damai, tetapi lebih tjinta kernel dekaan ; gera- 
kan perdamain dunia dan gerafcan pembebasan nasional. 
Djakarta, 1062. 

74 p. 15cm. 
HX402. J2 S A 6^4246 

Jajasan Pembaman. 

Memerangi subjektivisme. Djakarta, 1963. 

89p. 15cm. 
HX402. J23 S A 64-4221 rev 


Pembinaan djiwa llarhaenisme. Djakarta, Pantjaka 
t cover 1963- 

v. lllus. 18 cm. 
HX402.J8 S A 64-4249 

Lukman, M H 

Adjakan PKI kepada kanm pengusaha, nasional tolehj 
M. H. Lukman. Laporan tambahan waHl ketua I CO PEC 
kepada sidang pleno i CC PKI, disampaikan pada tanggal 
11 Februari 1963, Djakarta, Jajasan Pembaman, 1963. 

32 p. port. 15 cm. 
HD3616.I42L8 S A 64-4231 

Partai Komunis Indonesia. 

Program Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI) ; disable n 
oleh Kongres Nasional ke-vn (har biasa) 25-50 April 
1962. Djakarta, Depagitprop CCPKI, 1962. 

31 p. 18 cm. 
JQ779.A55A6 S A 64-7469 

Pauker, Guy J 

Current communist tactics in Indonesia, Santa Monica, 

Calif., Rand Corp., 1961. 

U,17L 2ficm. (Band Corporation. jPaper] P-2254) 
AS36.R28 no. 2254 


Pauker, Guy J 

Recent communist tactics in Indonesia. Santa. Monica, 
CaKf ., Rand Corp., 1960. 

Ill, 22 p. 29 cm. ([Rand Corporation) Besearch memorandum. 
Q180.A1R36 no. 2619 61-42533 

Shih chieh chlh shih ch'u pan fthfi, Peking. 

ft ft *n 8 ft IK ft ft ft 


85p. IB . 

1. Commununn IndotMrta, 

HarrordUnlT. Chines 


L Title. 

Tttt* roMOftbe*.' tin-tu-ni-hil-ja knnf 
ch'an tang- Ian fan chlh mln chu L 

C 83-1553 
Japans Library 4294.522 

Agakhi, A M 

PacnpocrpaHCHHe H^eft icaprcH3Ma-.ieHHHH3Ma B Hpane 
fao Bropoft MnpOBOft BOKHH) Easy, Hsfl-so Asa^eMHH 
nays: A3ep<5aft,zpcaHCKofi CCP, 1961. 

250 p. 21cm. 
HX417.A35 62-49929 J 

Bulgakov, Aleksandr Afekaa 


7 paooinx BraiHir. 
135 p, IIItB. 20cm. 

, 1961. 

62-47162 J 

Cammett, John McKay, 192T- 

Antonio Gramsci and the "Ordine nuovo" moTmeait; a 
study in the rise of Italian communism. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms {1960, 

Microfilm AC-1 no.5fr-6m Mic 59-6999 rev 

Columbia UnlT. Hbrarles 

Gramsci, Antonio, 1891-1837. 

Mocrsa, HS^-BO HHOcrpaHHOS Jivr-pu, 19 

T. Wm. 21cm. 

60-18766 J 

Maitan, Livio. 

Teoria e politico comunista nel dopoeuerra r 
Schwarz r !959, 

28Tp. 22cm. (Collana di storla e coltura, 16) 
Wisconsin. Dniv. Libr. A 60-247 t 

Massola, Umberto. 

Marzo 194E r i. e. millenoTecentoquarantatrej, ore 10 [i. e. 
dieei 1 Prei di Luigi Longo. Roma, Edizioni di cultura 
sociale, 1950. 

103 p. illus 19cm. ( Stndl e memorle, S) 
DG572.M33T 60-25132 J 

Passalacqua, Giuseppe, 

3 r L e. Tre, domande a Togliatti jdij Giuseppe Passalacqua 
[S, Micliele Panrella. A cura del Gruppo dissidente "A. 
Gramsci." NTapoli, 1951. 

63 p. 22 cm. 
.TN5657.C03P37 63-48309 J 

PeDicani, Michele. 

Radiografia del comnnismo. Pref . di Ignazio Silone. [1. 
ed. Roma-, Societa editrice democratica t 1961i 


. . 

d. Roma-, Societa editrice democratica t 1 
67 p. -i cm. 

Scocdniarro, Mburo. 

Hosas ^eiOKpaTH. IlepeBO^ c HTaitaHCKoro A. 
josa. MocsBa, HS^-BO HHoc-rpaHHoa zzr-pn, 1959. 

257 p. 21cm. 
DG577.S35T 61-26051 I 

Togliatti, Palmiro, 1893- 

Problemi del movimento operaio internazionale (1956- 
1961) [1. ed Roma, Editori Riuniti t 1962, 

410 p. 22 cm. (Blblloteca politlca) 
HX44.T6 63-36817 J 

Togliatti, Palmiro, 1893- 

CKoro. Mocssa, I 

405p. 21cm. 

Yamazaki, Isao, 1907 

ji co6"pa.Hiiii. HepeBOA c H 
asocrpaHHOft -laT-pii, 1959. 

00-36525 I 

222 p. 30cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes 

L Italy Pol. * ort. 1946- 2. CommoiLlwn Italy. 

Title roMttUMtf: Mlrahuabujl nl okeni 
4bbakalshngt e no zensbln. 


J 64-671 


Partita comunista italiano. Oongreuo. 9th, Rome, 1960. 
Atti e risoluzioni. r l, d. Roma, Editori riuniti r 1960, 
2 T. 21cm. (Biblloteca politic*, 23-24) 
JN5657.C62A55 1960 62-43373 


Spinella, Mario. 

2* t i. e, Secondoj breve corso Gramsci : Dalle lotte popo- 
lari per il Risoigimento alle lotta del lavoratori per una 
Italia socialista. t A cura del Partite comunista italiano. 
2. ecL Roma? 1954j 

167 p. Illua. 24cm. 
HX288.S67 1954 61-48271 J 

Arahata, Kanson, 1887- 

1 Sm-lulmm In Japan. 2. OfunmuniBin Japan. r. Title. 

Titlf rwiwmfaed.' Ksnaon. jtden. 

Communist Information Bureau. 

J 62-1293 

4, 6,51Tp 22cm. 

1. Communism. 2. Communism Japan. t NIkkan KMO Tuflahln 
Sba, Tokyo. Title romomzed: Komlnformnn JftyO bonken shtt. 

J 59-3206 


1. Commonlsm Japan. 2. Ninon KyOeantO. 

Title ronoBizMt.- IcfaDuwa SMlchl 


iti<n,itsiiu AI:i,-ao, 

J 64-797 

ItK) p 1ft cni ( Jl| ^} 45) 

iiPiu Japan. i Tttte. 

d: KyOiarattmflstiJi BO kukoro. 

Jiji Mondai Kenkyujo, Tokyo. 

-7 v > } Front. B^f -^ [Hi 510 W % p[ 
HB #185 ,1980, 
20T p. illns. 19 cm. 
In Japanese. 

L Communism Japan. 2. CoaummJt Btratagy. i. Title. 

Ti/I romanized; Furooto. 


Jiky oku Mondai Chosakai. 

JS3-606 t 

109 p. Illos. (part coL) porta^col. map. 22 o 
Colophon inserted. 

L Communism Japan. t, Titte. 

Title remaxteed: Waxera ika nl ambeki kit. 

HX412 J5 J 59-2963 

Hoover Institution 

Kamiyama, Shigeo, 1905- 

827 p 22cm. 

n inserted, 

1 Japan Hist 1912-1&45. 2. Connnunlsm Japan. t. Ittte 
Title rortcaired.- Nlhoo nl okwn kaknme 
undo no klbon monda.1 

DS8S9.K35 J 61-430: 

Cornell UniT, library 

Kamiyaraa, Shigeo, 1905- 

^^f-Jjt,' 1953. 
412 p. lllus. 19cm. C 

1. Japan PL 4 gort 1M&- 2. 

rare romanisd; Sengo Nlhoo kokka no shomoadal. 


Kawakami, Hajime, 1879-1946, 
at HE WJb** II 

27 1 1052, 

2v. llliw. 18 cm. 

r. Title. 
HX412.K337 1062 

J 60-904 

; CkdcoebA oikkL 
J 63-966 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Shiso no Kagaku KenkyQkai. 


JAPAN (Continued) 

ft |H] W ^S 15 fa] ,, $ ft fl- '-^ 0F 'jfc ^ ffl iK M' 


KokuryS, GoichirS, 1902-1943. 

^>L tt BS ^ 84-87 [1959-62] 
3 1. 22 em. 

Watanabe, Masanosuke, 1899-1 >28. 

^^^ %&&%$ 1963. 

CONTENTS. -h ^^5 1 ^ lUJfiif- ^ ^sfS 2 ftj 'jfli'f 1 1' ffi 

i 1 4- to IW f^ iock ' '^ ' ' ! " ^' lt % t|J ^ ^ 

184 p. 18cm. 

11)7 p, 18 cm. 

H 4- J^$"'i.fl'j *Vl 40 JM 1 'lifLl'fci) 'JV.,.jN;'^. y^'l'ilj^ 

1 JflpanIntelleotual life. 2. Communism Japan, r. Title. 

n. Title :Tenko. 

Title romanteed: KyOdO kenkyQ, tenkO. 

1. Communism Japan. 2. Labor and laboring classea Japan. 
i. Tamataoto, KenzS, 1895-1042. 
Title ronMniset: Kokuryo Oolclilro, 
Vflijiamoto Ktmr.ft ehosaku-ahfl. 

DS821.S546 J 60-2844 rev 
California. Unlr. East Asiatic Library 

1. OoinuiunlHiu .rman AddrcnsMj, essays, ketures. 
'fit It' roniaiitzad: Wntmuibe AJUisanosuke clioatikiisl n 

HX4RK6 J 61-035 

Tokuda, Kyuichi, 1S94-I958. 

HX4UW88 JftM086 

Lander, Paul Fritz, 1915- 
The Japanese Communists and their struggle for power. 
[Santa Monica, Calif.] Rand Corp., 1962. 

^igfitt 0g^D22 [1947] 
161 p, 18 cm. 


HI., 39 p. 28cm. ( r Eand Corporation. Paperj P-2571) 
AS36.E28 no. 2571 62-39667 

Koyama, Hirotuke, U)ia- 
l j ^ ^7 1 1 !; il I 1 ); ft: ^ 2K f J!i $F "/"g Ai IHU H"J- iWi & ?> !R 

Makise, Kikue. 

fj'/. aU /J M 1 1 l jy, 4* ffl *K JfU - ; . / J ^ /^ 1 067. 

ill ^w^fcrtu -i^ftg^fe MM 

Ul), (tp. 22 cm. 

Syfx^- $LJR ^^lljf B S$J24[1949] 

1. Communism-Japan. i. Shlga, Toshlo, 1001- n Title 

203, 4 p. 19 cm. 

Title romanteet: QokuchQ JQhaclilneo. 

J 59-2456 

Hoover Institution 

1. Lulior mul lul>rliiK rlnsacH -- Japan --lUM. 2. Soclftllam la 
Jftimn-Hllil. 9. <tomuiuilm-Jnpim Hlbl. i, Tltlo. 

XU'hida, J8kichi, ISllil- 

Titlv roinmtecd: Nihon rfldfl undo 
Hliaknl undo konkyQ shl. 

1. Communism Japan, r. Title. 

1 1 fc -u- ^ I .^ ,irr 'i> i^j 1 1 1 Wl .',' t i)f in* , *: M 

,T CO-2801 

Title tomamaed: Utaukiiahlkl minor! no tame ni. 

!|l| WiTJf^JpL 1040. 

Hoover IttHUtvtlou 

J 60-2145 

2 v. tuples, liii em. 

Hoover Institution 

ItlhUoKniphy: v. 1, p. 8WJ-481. 


Miyamoto, KenjI, 3908- 
H k ifi M,T fl ^ 1 V! m M til! JtfJ rli J'r i. '^ Hi W 1 : W 

OiN-n-NTO.- I '. ffi ?l[ L ^ ' |li| WII ^* J'l'. ft'f- " fc *M : 1' fr W 

Nihon Kyosanta. grnkofat TS TalkaL 
C'ic:t,^ KoMMyinictitHCCicott irapruii ^Inomm, 

f'f r*"i 4l. V H "i 1 "' J'-''^ J - 'K 'j' -^ ''-' H '-^ i'1'i ^'^ fi'l^ 1001- 

1 f 'Dtiiiuuiilsm Ju[mn. r. Tlllft. 

Mociciia, Too. H3$-B0 irojiiiT. JIHT-PM, 

aw p. it) ( in 

Vi/M mm/iuiiccf: Nlhiui sUlhonahugl t'oiwA. 

v. 2i on. (AoKyweiiTW H Marcpiia^w 3apy5cHwx KOMMVHH- 
CWICCKHX H pndo'inx rmptHfl) 

uX'tiauao HMO Jeswios 

tTQ1098.Ks>A(ift 62-42674 

Watanabe, Haruo, 1389- 

n.-mm-.T*rT T? f "-M TT _ y T t ?' f A 1ST T^liMJTA'MT/*^ A 1 o 

Tltln ronwtili'i'il: Nllum kiikutwl m> >mlifl 

JK fV'^1!?'^ 19R7. 
l!18ii. UlUH. 10cm. 

"-IVJ.J,\L.TJllJL^jJ.r5 i. ^UN -A JiiJxJ.UlJlL'AljO 


.J r Ql(K)8.Kl)Mfl JfbUlHM 1 


v. i!7 cm. monthly, 

Nihon KyosantS. Ckuo linked. Jichitai Tawakubu. 

IIXB.Kf>'l 02-28273 

B^^&^u KW^mKm&%m ti^KmJL 

1. .Socialism in Japan. 2. Kutuyuom, Bon, 1H5D JDIW, ;t. I'oinmu- 

I PX^S a?nffx*r1ftfB*j| ^5^ B^ftiljit 

nUui Jiipnn. i/Htlt 1 . 

& ^ .1 ^ 12 15 Bg $J 32 ^sYj 

Titlo rtn>M(~<'d; NIUon Murukuau- 
Hhiiw' undo no n>liiu>l, 


60 p. 18 era. 

HX*12.W .1 Cd-l(M)0 

Chos6n Nodongdang. 

^ % r 5t*C : p. 55-60. 

'.'j* .! [' i', ( 4' ( y 'r. (l l| '^<>| A| I,H ^ ' ; -0,| t ^-o|' |"| fUjj 

Watanabe, Kango, 1915- 

^')' V! 1 'i' '"I 'i 1 . ''i '''" t*i" M /h l I960. 

r. Title. 

i-j -A; 4 J. Xi. W rfyl. rh jujR .'JL M , It. M: (U 1 ,', ,y *!(,' 1 1; 1 .'( 

Tttte rowumizedE; Nihon KyosantO kokkal 

. .K j < x. ;>a t j n ^is js 1 1 

42 p. 2<> cm. 

chlho glkal rlln tnelbo. 

Hflfll 30(1905] 

J 61-4787 

30S p. illus. 22 cm. 

Hoover Institution 

IncliKjiiB bibliography, 

Nihon Ky6sant5. Chuo linkai. Senden Kyoiku JSunkabu. 

1. OoiiimunlMitt Koraa. i, THk\ 

gj pujit ftjijl i^iSStit S^^cM^jfc-- "it fti; lli - II 4*" 

7'i(ifl rf>tmi-nifl(*: Tutiff ttl kujo wa ydnedo e 

dtife & cb xtL :*: S A '*;- *fr ^ ''YI' Jtlf fl il- ' 

lnmttHft mlnjujufll clHinjfungchlpkwonje. 

3> / "^ T 1 s ^ M * S. 12* 3x ff x. 1 u rr[j Wm 1(C /j', H I* 
^t^ "^* ^t 3 5^ ^ @ ^" ttj 1^3 *ll 1963 

1. socialism In Japan, 2. CotumunUim Japan. i, Title, 
ride romfl^ijrcd.- Nihon ahukal uudO Bhl. 


211 p. 18cm. 

HX41S}."\ViJ5 J 62-478 t 

Harvard Univ. Ohlnoe~ Jnp*uiBe Llbrory 4200.11 

1. Nihon KyCsantB. 2. Communism-Japan. i. Nihon Kyflsanio. 
Zenfcoku TO Talkal. 8tn, Tokyo, 1901. n. Title. 

WatannK Tetszfl r 18BIV- 

/i i)jji /: i^ pq i f|t <E j/j ^ $ ft t jj( n 1 1 1 r > 

Kim, Il-9on(?, 11H2 

1 ; . i 1 ! '.'. I 1 , V!" *ll 4 ^\- m v-l 'Ml A| <Jf(- ,-!;' V!' ( ,M V! ' ; 'l M' ( N A- 

Tfe romantecd : Kokuaal kyosanhuffl 
undo to Nllion KyOsnntO. 

T^h flflfllfllrlOM, 

''Mi'. '' (looi'i 1 DVi! U 1 , 1 ') '!V'^i ( '5 '-'Vlj ' s i 1 

400 p. Ill no. 22 cm. 

'il 'v 'o i'?' I' ^ '(* 1061 

JQ1698.K9A59 J 64-807 

1H7 p. port 20 cm. 

fti, Hirosuke, p^nd. 

"A'SS^'Hffll "Jr \\']$i 'fhlf ^"^.' -W" 'i'to' Hi''' jfill 

1, Koron, (Domocrutle Pwipiu'n Rcumhiic) 2. Ohosftn NiKlouffdnng, 

,% (loinnnnnlBin Koroa. x. Tltlo. 

j L0")(>] 

1. Jnpun Pol, Ajrovt. - AdelfMtsen, PBHIIVH, liM-hifw, 2, imimiii> 
iilmn irnpan. r, TIHo. 

fitlti romaniaed: Ohourtn NiHlonsdnnft (ihe 
4-ch'tt Taehoe wO hn OhuiiRiuiK Wl- 

iJtip, is) cm. 

Vitln rownitiwd; niiimon ImnkyftHltljOnon, 

wftnhoc *aftp ch'onghwu PKO, 

1 ' 'orniininlHrn -Japan, t. Title. 

r^l/e rwnxwUactf; Sayoku lennowt. 

1)8880. W30 J(W"305 1 

IXSOfM.KfUO K 62-713 

Real nuin: A0 KaUrhlrO, 

IiXil4.03f> J 62-1364 J 

Yamamoto, Katsunosuke, 1002- 

Kim, fl-s^ng, 1012- 

Sano, Manabu, ISJS-ISI.'SS. 

1W3F K^ l&'&'lF/S 1 B ^025 [1050j 

ii$. j ^t- 1^1 A tii ^ f t $8 Ife "p- ^ ^f [iSJ 3 tti IK -tfc 1058. 

f^ f *f' "^' ft : ^ 4C V. f 'r. ff f -? : r^i ft* 4(i I'lJ i r j^ H'i 

170 p, 18 CU). 

7, 581 p. port. 22 cm. 

^fl 82-33 [1957-58, 

Colophon Inserted. 

5 v. ports. 22 cm. 

Bibliography: v 5, p, !>78-988 

1. Socialism In Jurmn. 2 rotnruuiilfliit Jnpan. 3. Socialism Ad- 
(Iressefl, essays, let-tares. 
ritla romanizei; Sano Manabu choBakuahO. 

1, Communism Japan. r, Title. 
ITitto roiMiilsi'd; KyiSaiinshucl tulguku. 

1. Korea (People's Democratic Republic, IMS- ) Bcon. condlt 
2. Communism Korea. r. Title. 
Title romantted; Wuffa kuni de no shakal- 
shugl kelzal kenaetsu no tame nl. 


J 50-3195 

HX412.S2(J J 62-227 

Hoover Institution 

Hoover Institution 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


KOREA (Continued) 

Kim, Si- jung. 

HH 91 ? I a* of| J ft -& Ofl o . 0] Ai it fll El- ?.[ 0|. E o [ 

zilitMi^ltf ?i S-ft4a|^tft|^ ?M| 

^O N ;i-&y-M 1957. 
124 p. 19 cm. 

1. Korea Hist Independence movement, 1919. 2. Communism- 
Korea, i. Title. 

Title romaniztd; Paeil minjok 
haebang undong e issfcd. 


K 61-312 

Oegungmun Ch'ulp'ansa, P-yongyang, Korea. 

^, .,,-. J .,^ 3WI **.= Kmi&ftj.&m$% 

03 p 21 cm. 

1. Communism Korea. i. Title 

Title ronumised: Hslang ch'dan shih chleh 
al hao ho p'ing jen min k*ung su. 

C 63-1610 
Japanese Library 4294.16 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Oegungmun Ch'ulp'ansa, Pyongyang, Korea. 

180 p 21 cm. 

1. Communism Korea. S. Korea Pol & govt 1945- L 

Title Ttfte roroanfeetf: Sokoku no heiwatekl tflitsu no tame ui. 

J 60-2531 
Hoover Institution 


- o[ ii| yj iii -* . o| /. j |.AJ nj-oj ni ?y 

F ?. ^ - - f. fri ',' is- ',] aj ft J vi f J r c-, n r f ] 

i ^ k 1 1 H ft ''f- 1960. 

42 p. 10 cm. 

L Korea-HIst-CWfceo, 1910-1945. 2. CommunlMn-Korea. 
r. Title. 

Title romtmized: Koagsanjutllja 
till Hi panll minjok. 


Pak, Kwan-su. 

K 61-268 


219 p. port IB cm. 

HH -|K ^W^ I- i *l U. : p. 18ft 2 

L Kore* Pol 4 govt--194&- 2. Comoiunlam- K(*rea. 
L Title. 

Titfo rona*lMeA; HyOndae Haii'^uk 

Yan, Sung-ho. 


K 64-242 

U. S. Dept. of State. 

North Korea: a case study in ike techniques of takeover, 

C 121 p. dlagrs., tables. 26 cm, (Iii Pnbllcaflon 7118. Far Eastern 

series, 103) 

DS935.U6 951.93 61-61265 

302 p. 19 cm. 

I. Conmrantem Korea. 2. Korea (Democratic rn>le's 
lic) Pol. & govt. i. Title. 

Title roiuanlzed: Hwuiisaiif; kwa liyonsil. 


K 62-308 

Ill p. port. 16 cm. 

1. Communism Korea. L Title. 

Ti/le romatrd: Drl minjok 01 ptnnannfia ch6nf oag-. 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Japanese library 4294.X1 


ChosSn Nodongdang. Taehoe. 3d, P-yongyang, Korea, 

Documents and materials c of the] Third Congress of the 
Workers' Party of Korea, April 23-29, 1956. Pyongyang, 
D. P. R. K., Foreign Languages Pub. House [1956] 

475 p. 22cm 
JQ1729.5.A98C42 1956 58-47003 rev 


An, Hong-gi, e d. 


107 p. 19cm. 

1. Communism Korea (Democratic People's Republic) 


: Hullyung b.aa Nodongdang 
w6a 1 toegi 

K 62-20 J 

Chosdn Minjujuiii Inmin Konghwaguk Kwahagwon. 6no 

Munhrik Yortguao, Pyongyang^ Korea. Munhdk YSn'- 


L Communism Korea (Democratic People's Republic) 2 Ko 
rea Civilization. r. Title. 

Title romawzed: Koogsanjuttl 
kyoyang kwa art munhak. 

Kim, Il-sfing, 1912- 

K 60-93 rev 

37 p. 19cm. 

1. Comamnlom Korea (Democratic People's Republic) 

d: HyOn'gyedaa e IssoaS cfaJbang 
klgwan tal fil Immu wa ySknwaL 

K 62-19 

Kim, Il-s5ng, JO IS- 

81 p. 

l.<ToiiiiwualRm~ Korea (l>emocrntlc ['coiile's Rppuhlli:) 
i Title. 

TitHs roma^izcd: Nodonffdaruf fll-U'anfiiii|i>K\.!v 

Kim, It-stag, 1912- 

(1952 y 12 1 is 91 i ?! A Vi tf <V9r V-I V! *l x il 5 *I- 
*i ^ ^ ii. ,1.) i l o j AJ t ;.; 3 ^ (>f .^ 

73 p. llloa. 19 cm. 

1. Communism Korea (Dnocratlc People's Republic) 
i. Title. 

Title romcwtzed: Nodoagdang m chdjikcbok sasangjok 
kangbwa nun urL sfingnl al klcii'o. 



Kim, n-s6ng, 1912- 

i' ) 

18p. iflcm. 

1. Communism Horea (Democratic People's Republic) 
i. Title. 

Title romani:ei: Puk ChosSn kongsandang 
tanch'e tQl 01 aaop. 

K 62-17 


Kim, n-sdng, 1912 
10 ^Sfy^ 


2^ p 10 cm. 

L Communism Korea (Democratic People's Republic) 2. Im 
perialism, r. Title. 

Title romanteed: Slwfil hjongmyong 
kwa Chosfin iwnln tti. 


Kim, Tae-rfn. 

K 62-24 % 


1 p. 19 cm. 

1. Communism Korea (Democratic People's Republic) 
i. Title 

Title romaniz&l: Sahcwjufll monhwa 
hyflngmy Ong e t 


Kim, Yongsuk, pwvd. 

K 62-18 

^ 42!);i fl'JG 
475 p. ID cm. 

Harvard tntv. Chinese- 

Pak, Ch'ung-bae. 

f t roinawued: Ch'ongeh'im ilgi. 
Japanese Library 42&4.167 

1. foiiuniiuUiu Korea ( I 


Socijalisttfki savez radnog narocta Kosova i MetoMje. 01- 

lasna k&nferenrija, 

Ha, OfijiacHH o#6op CCPHC 3a KOCOBO a MeTOXHJy. 
v. 21 cm. (rio^HTOTKa 66jmoTeKa) 
JN9659.K6S6 62-68065 


Accifa Anticomumsta Ecuatoriana. 

jCubanizar al Ecuador? iQuito, Editorial Don Bosco, 


136 p. 21cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


LATIN AMERICA (Continued) 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut mirov&i ekonomiki i 
dunarodnylth otnosh&nn. 

Hai;iioiia,ibHO-ocBoCo^HTe,ij,Hoe ^BiiaeeHne B JlaxiiHCKoft 
AwepiiEe na coBpenemiOM ararre; MaTepnajiH pacmupemioft 
ceccnir y^enoro coBera. IIo# pe,i. B. 5L. AsaptiHa n M. B. 
^anmeBiii. MocKna, HS^-BO coniiajitno-3KOH. .uirr-pti, 1961. 

297 p. 21 cm, 
F1414.A43 62-32974 J 

Alba, Victor. 

Esquema hist6rico del comunismo en Iberoamfirica. 3. ed., 
revisada y aumentada, da Historia del comunismo en America 
Latina, 1954. Mexico. Ediciones Occidentales rl960i 

206 p. 20cm. 
HX177.A4 1960 60-32745 J 

Arevalo, Juan Jos, Pres. Guatemala, 1904- 

Anti-ICommumsm in Latin America; an X-ray of the 
process leading to new colonialism. Translated from the 
Spanish by Carleton Benls. New York, L. Stuart r a 1963, 

224 p. 21cm. 
HX177.A713 335.43098 C3-7912 

Ar^valo^Juan Jose, Pres. Guatemala, 1904- 

Ajatikomunismo en America Latina ; radiograf ia del pro- 
ceso hacia unn nueva colonizacion. Buenos Aires, Editorial 
Pnlestra C 1959j 

194 p. 21 cm. (ColeccWn; VerUentes de la libertad) 
HX177.A7 60-19162 J 

Arevalo, Joan Jos, Pres. Guatemala, 1904- 

Antikomunismo en America Latina ; radiograf fa del pro- 
ceso liacia unn nueva colonizacidn. 3. ed. Habana, Edi 
ciones La Tertulia. 1960. 

206 p. 20cm 
HX177.A7 19RO fil-20920 J 

Arismendi, Rodney. 

Problemas de una revolucidn continental. Montevideo, 
Ediciones Pueblos Unidos r 1962j 

556 p. 24 cm. 
F1414A72 62-46518 \ 

Asian Peoples' Anti-communist League. China. 

Latin America's Bed peril; a factual account of Chinese 
communist plots in Central and South Americas. [Taipei] 

38 p. 19cm. (/* Pamphlets, 45) 
HX177.A75 335.43098 61-44953 J 

Baeza Flores, Alberto, 1914- 

Las cndenas vienen de lejos; Cuba, America Latina y la 
libertad. C L ed. en espanol, Mexico, Editorial Letras, 1960. 

748 P. 23cm. 
HX177.B3 62-25155 J 

Basaldua, Pedro de. 

La garra comunista en AmeVica Latina. PnSlogo de 
Manuel V. Ord6nez. tBuenos Airesj Asociacion Argentina 
por la Libertad de la Cultura C 1662i 

S77 p. 19 cm. (Blblloteca de la libertad, 12-13) 
F1414.B35 63-37013 f 

Berie, Adolf Augustus, 1895- 

The cold war in Latin America. Storrs? Conn., 1961?] 
20 p. 23 m. (The Brian McMahoa lectures, 1961) 
F1418.B410 62-63027 J 

Berle, Adolf Augustus, 1895- 

Latin America: diplomacy and reality. [1st ed] New 
York, Published for the Council on Foreign Relations by 
Harper & Row C 1962] 

144 p. 22cm, < Pol ley books) 
F1414.B49 327.7308 62-16826 t 

Castro Delgado, Enrique, 

S. 0. S. al mundo libre. t l.ed.] Mexico, Editorial Letras, 

164p. 20cm. 
HX179.C3 61-59573 t 

Oements (John A.) Associates, New York. 

Inf&rme sobre Venezuela. Nuera Tork, 1958. 
182 p. 22cm. 
F2326.C558 61-59710 t 

Conferencia Latinoamericana por la Soberanla National, la 
Emancipacidn Econtfmica 7 la Paz, Memoo, 1961. 

Conferencia Latinoamericana por la Soberanla Nacional, 
la Emancipacion Economica y la Paz, Mexico, marzo de 1961. 
[Mexico, 1961j 

32 p. illus, 25cm. 
F1405.9.C69 1961 62-44419 J 

Congreso Continental Anticomunista. 

Memoria. 1.- 1954- 


T iiius,, ports. 23 cm. 
F1415.C58 58-31368 rev 

Congrreso Continental Anticomunista. 3d, Lima, 1957. 

Eesoluciones del Tercer Congreso contra la Infiltracio'n. 
Sovietica en America Lntina, celebrado en Lima, Peru, del 
10 al 14 de abril de 1957, convocado por la Confedoraci6n 
Interamericaiu de Defensa del Continente. [Lima? 1957, 

80 p. 18cm. 

F1415.C6 1957g 58-29976 rev 

Congreso Continental Anticomunista. 4th, Antigua, Guate 
mala, 1958. 

rr t CuartO] Congreso Continental Anticomunista: actos 
de las sesionea, rersi6n taquigr&fica, resolucionea; 12 a 16 de 
octubre de 1958, Antigua, Guatemala. Guatemala, 1961. 

418 p. Illus., ports. 26 cm. 
F1415.C6 1958ae 68-40457 

Conte Agtfero, Luis. 

Doctrina de la contra intervention; sovietizacion de la 
economin cubana. Ponencius, diycursos y otron cscritos. 
Montevideo, Ediciones Cruz del Sur, 1902. 

141 p. 20cm. 
F1788.C66 &KJ2507 t 

Cordovfn, Juan Jose. 

Lo que yo vi en Cuba. [Buenos Aires, Editorial San 
Isidro, 1962j 

112 p. 22cm. 
F1788.C68 68-40459 J 

Corporation for Economic and Industrial Research. 

TTnited States-Latin American relatioiw: Soviet bloc Latin 
Aaaeric-n nctivitii'.s and their implicutionH for United Statofi 
foreign policy. A study prepared at the request of the Sub 
committee on Ampricau Ifepublics Affairs of the Committee 
on Foreign Eelntiona, "United States Senate ,.. No. 7. 
Washington, IT. g. Govt. Print. OUT., 1900. 

vll, 127 p, innps, dlngrs,, tables. 23 era. 
F14 15.004 980.0,') 

Cott, Vitoldo. 

El ORO bianco va al Polo Sur ; la Ant&rtida y la penetra- 
ci6n conmniata en America. (1. ed.] Buenos Aires, Bases 

234 p, 21 cm. 

Danilevich, M V 


fi AnepHKB. MocKaa, Foe. HS^-BO HOJIHT. 

468 pt 21 cm. 


Dillon, Dorothy Rita, 1917- 

International communism and Latin America; perspec 
tive and prospects. Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 

40 p. 23 cm. (The Lntln American monograph eerlee, DO. 19) 
HX177.D5 62-63321 { 

Donovan, John. 

Red machete,- Communist infiltration in the Americas, 
jlst ed.j Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill ( B 1962, 

310 p. 22 cm. 
HX177.D6 ,'535.432098 62-19307 f 

Dubois, Jules, 191ft- 

Operntion America; the communist conspiracy in Latin 
America. Nevr Tork, Walker C 1963] 

861 p. 22 ciu. 
HX177.D8 335.43098 63-11771 t 

Erlijman, Jacob, 

El problenaa del comunismo en America Latina; sus solu- 
ciones. [Buenos A.iros 3 Editorial "La Fragua" ( 1963] 


Faleroni, Alberto Daniel. 

La aubversi6n comunista- on Lntinonni^rion, sus pnrtidos 
y dirigentes, los ageutes secretos, estructuro y nparatoe, 
prensa y finanzas, repatriacidu y eapionaje, escuelas clnndes- 
tinas. Buenos Aii-es, Ediciones "JFrent'e Americano de la 
Libertad" r 1900 ?, 

29 p. 21cm. 

HX177.F35 61-45302 rev t 

Harbron, John D 

Castro in the Americas, TorontOi Canadian Institute of 
International Affairs, 1S61. 

17 p. 21 cm. (Behind the headline*, v, 21, no. 8) 
F1034.B4 vol. 21, no. 3 62-2174 J 

McClellan, Grant S ed, 

U. S. policy in Latin America. New York, H. W. TTilson 
Co., 196D. 

263 p. map. 20 cm. (The Inference shelf, T. 35. no, 1) 
F1418.M13 327.7308 63-7300 

Madariaga, Salvador de, 1886- 

Latin America between the eagle and the bear. New York, 
Praeger C 1962j 

192 p. 22cm. (Boaitt that matter) 
F1414.M28 827.8 61-10518 t 


Martin, Edwin M 

Communist .subversion in tho Western Hemisphere. 
iT\'Hsh5ntftcm, For Milo by tht v Superintonrtont of Documents' 
IT. S. Govt. Print. OIF., 10:l, ' 

IS p. 27 <'in, ( Dopurtnu'iit of Stato publication 7508 into- 
Aaorlcnn scries, 85) ' r " 

HX177.MH fi,V80883 
Oopya F1401.U05 no. 85 

Martin, Edwin M 

Cuba, Lut in America, and communism. [Washington, 
Dopt. of State; t for wild by the Superintendent of Docu- 
juonts, U. S. QovU Print. Off., 1003, 

20 p. U!2 x 10 cm. ( Dopurtinont of State publication 7021. Inter- 
Atui>rlcnn series, 80) 

Pl418.MWi 64^60535 

_ Oiw2. F1401.1T05 no. 86 

Meetinff of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of 
American States, 7A, San Jost, Goata Rioa, 1960. 

Poc. 1-Rfl (Kngliflh) San Joflf, Costa Rica, I960. 
1 v. (various paRlnm) 28 cm. (QMA/sw.F/n,T) 

Pan Atnerlcun Union. 


P A 61-104 

Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of 
American States. 7th, flan Jo&f, Oosta Rica, 1960. 
I)o6. l-R3(ftspafiol) ^anJosisC'oHlii Kieu.lOOO 
83 pts. ln2v, aocm. (OHA/sor,F/rr,7) 

P A B2-104 
Pan Amerlcnn Union. Library 

Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of 
American States. 7th, San /<w, Oosta Rioa, I960." 
Final not. Washington, Pan American Union, 1960 
80 p. 27 cm. (QHA/aer.O/n.7 (English)) 

Fan American Union. Llbraty 61-128 

Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of 

American States. M, Punta del Ksto^ Uruguay, 1968. 

Final act. Washington, Pan American Union, 1962. 

20 p. 28 cm. ( OHA/aer,0/.8 ( English ) ) 
[F1405.S 1059.07 OEA/ser.C/.8J PA 62-122 

Pan Anwlcun Union. Llbrnry 

Nardone, Benito. 

Peiligro rojo ^n America latinii. Montevideo, 1061. 
40 p. jilua. 21cm. 
HX2ii7.N;j 01-508JJ3 1 

Obrenovich, Alexandra. 

^Vho ia responsible. New York, Carlton Press, 1962. 

444 p. HUM. 24 cm. 
F1414.O28 327.7S 02-6301 

Olmedo, JoaS. 

Cuba: la revolud<5n de America. c l. ed.] Bogotd, Bdi- 
cionra Suram6rica, 1&6B, 

18fl p, 21 cm. ((WeecItSn Atndrlcu do hoy, 1) 
HX 167.04 6 64-28368 

Organization of American States. Special Consultative 
OommlttM on Security. 

Initial general report. A\*ashington T Pan American 
Union, 1062. 

70 p. 28 cm. (OEVwr.r/x/n:.!, rev, 2 (Bntflah) ) 
[F1408.C 1050,07] P A 62-124 

Pan American Union. Library 

Pflaum, Irving? Peter, 1006- 

Arena of decision: Latin America in crisis. Knglewood 
Cliffs, K. J., Prentice-Hall ( 164, 

xvll, 884 p. 24 cm. 
FH14.P48 327.7308 63-18185 

Poppino, Rollle E 

Intenmtional communism in Latin America; a history of 
the movement, 1917-1068 ,by, Rollie E. Poppino. t New 
Yorkj Five Press of Glencoo rlOO-li 

C ' 

Till, 247 p, 22CUJ. 




AOKyweHTiut xoxMyHHCTa^ecKHx H pa<Jo*HX nap- 
THtft cTpan AwepHKa. MoCKua, Toe, HS^-BO HOJHT. JCHT-PH, 

88S p. 21 cm. 
HX177.P7 64-34869 

Ravines, Eudocio. 

La gmn estafa. Madrid, Editorial Autorcha. 1058. 
587 p. 28 ciu. 
HX177.R8T 1058 63-3861 J 

Ravines, Eudocio. 

La grand estafa. t 5. ed. 3 Habana, Editorial Librerias 
Unidae, I960. 

lp, 10cm. 
HX177.R37 1960 61-35998 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


LATIN AMERICA (Continued) 

Ray, Philip Alexander, 1911- 

South. vind red; our hemispheric crisis. Chicago Ree- 
nery,1962. ' & 

242 p. 22 cm. 


Rivero, Nicolas. 

Castro's Cuba; an American dilemma. Washington, Luce 

239 p. 21cm. 



Rowan, Richard Wilmer, 1894- 

Cuba: the big Red lie; the startling true story of Red 
Cuba, Russia's powerful ne\v base for a vast network of 
spies and saboteurs undermining the Americas! Report on 
TH espionage. Kingston, N. Y., Quinn Pub. Co. t 1963j 
24 em (A National events reportl 

63-2448 J 


Rubottom, Roy Richard, 1912- 

International communism in Latin America. A 
tonj U. S. Dept. of State j!960, 
InSviWta^fliF 1 - 8 - 1 DCPt f StatC - ^llcation 70S*. 
Copy 2. FMOUJ65 no. 60 

Rmmanfscv, Aleksei Matveevici, ed. 


$pOHxa; MarepHajiH otficena UHeHBSMn, opraHHSosaHEorc 
pcflaEnnefi iKypnaia "UpocoreMH Mnpa H coijHajiHSMa" jieroij 
1962 roaa. Hpara, Mnp H conaaiHsic, 1963. 

Shih chieh chih shlh eh*n pan sh, Pekfaff. 



201p. 19c 

L Oommnntim Spanish America. 2, Oommunlst parties. 

3We roik<i*l: Ting 700* ton chto* chung ti La-tin 
ko kuo kun* ch'an tang. 


C 61-1489 

Sflva Cabrera, Lautaro, 1917- 

La herida roja de America. Ciudad Trujillo Editora 
Handicap, 1959. 

2v. 23cm. 
HX177.S5 60-25207 rev t 

Tisdelle,A C 

Wake up America ! Remember Pearl Harbor! r Ciudad 
Trujillo^Impresora Arte y Cincj 1959. 

A 60-3916 
Florida. Unlr. Library . 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affair*. 

Castro-communist subversion in the "Western Hemisphere. 
Hearings before the Subcommittee on Inter- American Af 
fairs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Repre 
sentatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session ... Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

IT, 295 p. tables. 24 cm. 
F1414.U47 63-60846 

U. S. Congress, House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

Castro Communist subversion in the Western Hemisphere, 
report by Armistead I. Selden, Jr, t and othersj of the Sub 
committee on Inter- American Affairs of the Committee on 
Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, submitted pur 
suant to H. Res. 55; a resolution authorizing the Committee 
on Foreign Affairs to conduct thorough studies and investi 
gations of all matters coming within the jurisdiction of the 
committee, Washington, U. S. Govt Print, Off., 1963. 

Jr, 13 p. 24 cm. (ffith Oonf., 1st sess, Honse. Report no. 195) 
E18.85.U6 63-60904 

U. S. Congress, Souse. Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

> The communist threat in Latin America. Hearings be 
fore the Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs of the 
Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-sixth Congress, second session. June 17, 20, and 24, 
I960. Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off.. 1960. 

111,81 p. 24cm. 
P1415.U6 980.03 60-64620 

U.S. Congress, Senate. Committee on. the Judiciary. 

Communist threat to the United States through the Carib 
bean. Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the 
AAniBistwdion of the Internal Security Act and Other In 
ternal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, nrstrfleoondj 
session... Washington, U. S. Govt Print Ofi% 1959- mam. 24cm. 
FI4I4.U515 33&43S 59-61823 rev 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary 

Cuban aftermath Red seeds blow South; implications for 
the United States of the Latin American Conference for Na 
tional Sovereignty and Economic Emancipation and Peace. 
Hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Admin, 
istration of the Internal Security Act and other Internal Se 
curity Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session. Testi 
mony of Joseph F. Thorning. March 16, 196L Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961. 

ii, 62 p. 24 cm. 
F1405.9.C59 1901 62-60111 

Vela Monsalve, Carlos. 

Golpeteo comunista; 107 trozos breves denunciando los 
m&odos, los errores, la inmoralidad comunista. rQuito, Edi 
torial Don Bosco, 1962j 

158 p. 21cm. 
HX44.V4 02-44931 J 


California. University. University at Los Angeles. Center 
of Latin American Studies. 

Communism in Latin America, a bibliography; the post 
war years (1945-1960) Compiled by Ludwig Lauerhass, 
Jr. c research assistant] Los Angeles, 1962. 

x,78p. 22cm. 
Z7164.S67C3 016.33543098 62-63357 J 

MOlers, Visvaris. 


CEsa, Toe. H3A-BQ jopHfl. *HT-pH, 1961. 

174 p. 21cm. 

JN6733 196LM5 

Steinbergs, Valentins. 

^fl^fe 2 * d&JK P^^' tt ^P ^17. gada. 

260 p. illos, ports., facslma. 21 cm. 


Trcijs, Richards. 

Komunistista darba kustiba Padomju Latvijas uznemu- 
mos, 1958-1961. Riga, Latvijas PSS Zinatnu akademijas 
izdevnieclba, 1962. 

121 p. 17cm. 
HX315.6.T7 64-^5395 


EXOKHOT arHiaTopa. 

pnra 3 -TaTBHacEoe raseTHO-acypHajitHoe H 

T. maps. 10 1 15 cm. seinlmonthl7. 



tParaj JIaTBHflcKoe ras .. ._ rfjr 

T. in Illus., port*, maps. 26cm, 

Padomju Latvijas komunists. 

Kiga, Latvijas laikrakstu un iurnalu izdevnieciba, 

T. in Ulofl. 27 cm. monthly 
HX8.P23 ' 61-3729S 

see also Lietuvos Komunistu partija 

Atamukas, Salomonas. 

Buti komunistu garbej xxn TSKP suvaziavimas. Vil 
nius, ValstybinS politines ir mokslines literatures leidykla, 

112p. 20cm. 
EX313.A8 64-43669 

Cibiras, Kazimieras, 1911- 

Diez anos de martirio; la ocupacion sovietica de Lituania 
desde la perspectiva de un decenio tporj Casimiro Verax 
Jpseud. Editado por Francisco Ramanauskas ha jo los 
auspicios del Centro pro Liberaci6n de Lituania en Argen 
tina, Buenos Aires, 1950. 

74 p. iiix*. 20 c 



53-28857 rev t 

lietavos TSR Moksh? akademija, Vifaa. Visvotink 

Moksks Tarybu Lietuvoje. c Redakcine kolegija : J. Matu- 
lis et al., Vilnius, Valsfcybinfi politines ir mokslines litera- 
turos leidykla, 3861. 

3S4p. dlagn. 23cm. 

Murauskas, Vytaotas Jonas. 

Komunistine morale. Vilnius, Valsiybin^ politines ir 
mokslines literaturos leidykla, 1960. 

151 p. 20 cm. ( Auklfejlmas ir sariankla ) 
BJ1390JVI8 63-42408 J 

VaJSaoras, Feliksas, 1897- 

I Sviesu gyvenim%; i atsiminimgL Vilnius, Vaktybine 
politini>s ir mokslines literaturos leidykla. 1960 

251 p. ports. 21 cm. 
HX315.65.Y3 64-44738 

Vinickis, Jankelis. 

Duonos nebuvo per dang. Vilnius, Valstybine groSneB 
literatures leidykla, 1960. 

574 p. Illos., ports. 21 cm. 
HX315.65.V5 64-38059 

A visit to Soviet occupied Lithuania, by a Chicagoan. 
Chicago, Lithuanian American Council, 1962. 

101 p, Illus, IS cm. 
DK511.L27Y48 63-37730 { 


, 1SM-W58. 

U2 liaudies laime; atsiminimai, stoipsniai, laiSkai, kalbos. 
tSudare J. Lebedys, Vihaius Valstybine politines ir moksli 
nes literatures leidykkj 1963. 

357 p. illos., ports. 21 cm, 
HX315.65.D5 63-55719 

BJIOKHOT arniaTOpa. 



T. 10 1 15 cm. aemimontlily. 


Louisiana. Legislature. Joint Committee on Un-American 

Activities of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, 
inc., in Louisiana, Baton Rouge, 1963-6C 

2 v Illus., ports. 23 cm. {lit Report no. 4-5) 
HX91.L8A3 no. 4, etc. 64-63311 rev 


SodjaKsti&i sojuz na rabotniot narod na Makcdonija. 

Konrpec na ConiijajiHCTHiKiiOT cojys Ha paootHHOT sapo^ 




SodjalisticTd sojuz na rabotniot narod na Makedoniia. 
G-laven odbor. 

BHJTCH ; HH^opMaTHBHO-iiHcrpymjBeH opraa. r. 1- 

v. In 24cm. moathly. 
JN9679.M3S585 63-38563 


Holman, Dennis, 1915- 

Xoone of the ulu. With a foreword by Gerald Templer. 
London, Heinemann r 195S] 

253 p. 11 [us. 22 cm. 
DS595&N6H6 015.95 59-29204 rev J 

Robinson, John Bradstreet Perry. 

tion in Malaya, London, Seeker & Warburg, 

232 p. fold. map. 21c 
New York Univ. 



A 57-4392 r 

Confederation de Trabajadores de Mexico. 

La CTM contra las actividades antimexicanas. JJILBULCOJ 
Confederacion de Trabajadores de Mexico, Comite NacionaL 

40 p. 2$ cm. 
HD8112.C48 59-482T5 t 

Garcia Trevifio, Rodrigo. 

La ingerencia rusa en Mexico y Sudamerica: pruebas y 
testunonios; documentos fehacientes de Lazaro Cardenas, 
Diego Rivera, Vicente Lombardo Toledano, David Alfaro 

Mexico, Editorial America, 1959. 

Sp. 20cm. 

60-26294 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 


Partido Comunista Mexicano. Congreso. 

Han;iiOHajii>HHft ctesfl MeKCHKancKoft KOMMyHiicniiecKoft 

v. 20 cm. (floKyweHTW H waTepiiajiw aapyCexHbix KOMMVHH- 
CTHHecKHx H pafiowx nap-rufi) 
JL1298.C6A25 62-42673 rev 


TeopexaiecEHft H 

B, HapxHfiHoe HS^-BO Eft KH MOJIAE 
v. ports. 26 cm. monthly. 



SocijalistiCki savez radnog naroda Crne Gore. Glavni 

Drttgi plenum Glavnog odbora SSRN Crne Gore. Cetvrti 
plenum Centralnog komiteta SK Srbije. Glavni urednik 
T/jubica Stimhnirovic", Beograd, Kultura, 1961. 

103 p. 20 cm. (Polltiffta dokumeataclja, 3) 


Laqueur, Walter Ze'ev, 1921- 

Communism and nationalism in the Middle East. t 2d ed., 
with a postscript] London, Routledge & K. Paul ,1957, 

375 l>. 23 cm. 
DS63.L35 1957a 


61-38571 J 

al-Muti% Lam'L 

158 p. 22 cm. (1 < 3~A_-Jl <j3 

C 1961j 1VU cdJ 

al-Nimr, *Abd al-Mun'kn. 

16Tp. 25 era. 

HX380.5.N r r> 

C 1952? f m 

N E 62-598 

al-Nimr, 'AM al-Munlm. 

234 p. 22 cm. 
Princeton Univ. Ubr. 

Qal'ajl, Qadri. 

[1956. ]\o\ 

200 p. 21cm. 


U. S. Information Agency. Research and Reference Sera- 

Selected Communist propaganda activities in the Near 
East and South Asia, 1962. [Washington, 1963, 

II, 101 p. tables. 27cm. 
HX44.U627 63-65101 

Bakker, M 

JHHT-PH, 1957. 


ecKa^ peBOJIIo^ua H patfoiee 
MocEsa, Toe. HS^-BO HOIHT. 


58-33967 rev 


U. S. Congress, House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Communist activities amon^ PuertxTRicans in New York 
Uty and Puerto Rico. Hearings before the Committee on 
Un-American Activities, House of Representatives Ei^htv- 
sirth Congress, first session ... Washington, U, S. Govt 
Pnnt Off., 1960. 

2 pts. (v, 1505-1722, Iv p.) 24 cm. 
HX172.TJ5 335.43097295 60-61234 


Scott, Sidney Wilfred 

1 in a 
255 p. iiina. 

Auckland, Collins t 1960? 3 



U. S.^ Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac- 

^ Communist activities in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Hear 
ings before the Committee on Un-American Activities, 
House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress second 
session ... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off, 1962 

2 pts. (vl, 080-1163, vlli p!) mi,,. 24 cm, ' 



Dubois, Jules, 1910- 

Danger over Panama. Indianapolis. Bobbs-Merrill r 1964i 

409 p. 22 cm. ' ' J 

F1567.DS 986.205 64-23196 


Ynsfran, Edgar L 

La irrupcion moscovita en la Marina Paraguaya. Asun 
cion, 1947. 

89 p. illus., ports., fold, map. 21 cm. 
F2689.Y54 089.2 49-15561 rev* 

Ynsfran, Edgar L 

Tapejuasa (Encrucijada) ; o camino de Yenan o camino 
detradici6n. Asunci6n, ISftl. 

28 p. 21 cm. 
F2689.Y55 62-41786 J 


Cvetic, Matthew, 1909- 

The bigfocision ; based on tlio experiences of Matt Cvetic, 

p muB 




U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Revitalizing of the Communist Party in the PhiltuMphiu 
area. Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate (he 
Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other In 
ternal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session. 
October 29 and 30, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1059. 

2 pts. ( HI, 108 p.) Illus., ports. 24 ran. 
HX92.P5A48 1950 320.8 C(M)825 


see also Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan 
(Philippine Islands) 

Catholic Action of the Philippines. Vigilante Committee. 
Philippine anthology on communism.. [Manila, 1962 ?- 

HX406'.Cs m 63-42542 t 

Sabelino, Conrado S 1911- 

A study of the legal (or parliamentary) struggle of the 
communist movement in the Philippines, [Quezon City?j 

241 p. Illus, 28cm. 
JQ1419.A5C66 S A 62-900 t 


see also Polska Partia Bobotnicza 
Cyrankiewicz, J<5zef, 1911- 

62 UdU 22 my W8p(51ny dom * Warsaawa, Ksiaika, 1948. 
JN67 P e'9.Ai5C9 

Gryfin, Maciej. 

Warszawa, Iskry, 1054. 


60-30560 J 


Krzemieri, Leszek. 

'ojczy^nie i patriotyzmie. cWa 

"S p. 22 cm. 

Krzemlen, Leszek. 

Przeciwko ideologicznemu rozbrajaniu partdi; o niek- 
t6rych problemach rc-wizjonizmu na tie pewnych publikacii 
prasowych w Polsce w latach 1956-57. "Wyd. 2.. popr. 
[Warszawa, Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1959 

137 p. 21cm. 
HX315.7.K7 1959 60-193JJ3 t 

Milosz, Czeslaw. 

El pensamiento cautivo. Pref. de Karl Jaspers. Tra- 
duccion de E. BevoU ( 2. ed. espanola. Eio Piedras, Edi- 
d de Pu erto Rico [1957] 

DK411.M488 1957 


Penzik, Irena. 

Ashes to the taste. New York, University Publishers 

378 p. 22 cm. 
DK443.P42 943.805 6 i_ 8736 j 

Radio Free Europe. Audienoe Research Section. 

Some aspects of the social-psychological and Do 
^ attitUd 8UrVe ^ Munich mi. 


Staar, Richard Felix, 1923- 

Poland, 1044-1962; the Sovietization of a captive Deot>l ft 
c Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press 1963 
xvUI,SOOp. Illus., mapa. 25cm. y ^ t1862 ' 



Weztowe zagadnionia budownictwa socializmu 
t Wyd.l. Warzawa]Ksi^kai Wiedza, 1960 
^ m ' (Ma 

aterIa!y do 


la podstaw markstzmu. 

61-28476 J 
Zawadzki, Sylwester. 

Dyktatura proleturiatu i jej specyfiezna forma \v- naszym 
kraju; na podstnwio stonogramu wykladu wygloszonego na 
contralnym kursio Wydaiulu Propagandy i Agitacji KG 
P/PR. M yd. 1. Warszawaj Ksiaika i Wiedza 1958 
TTVO?' 2~ Cm ' < liu > llotoczka zugndnloft murkslzmu-lonlnlzniu) 
HX315.7.Z4 59-51993 J 


Aktualne zagadnienia polityki partii i rzadu: materialy dla 
k6l dyskutowania bieiacej polityki partii i rzadu. Na pod- 
stawie stenogram6w wyklad6w wygioezonych na centralnym 
kursie partyjnego aktywu propagandowego w lutym 1957 r 
t J. Morawski et al. Wyd. 1. Warazawa, Ksi%4ka i Wiedzaj 

150 p. 2lcra. 

Szerer, Barbara, ed. 

Z niedawnej przeszloaci ; wspomnienia KPP-owc6w. 

[Wyd. 1.] Wroclaw, Zaklad Narodowy im, Ossoliriskich, 

1959. ^ 

854 p. 20 cm. 

HX81fi.7,S85 64^30616 t 

Korman, Zanna, ed, 

Miilorialy do bibliogrufu polHkicgo ruchu robotniczego, 
11)18-10119. [Wyd. 1.] Wfimuwu, Pafiatwowe Wydawn. 
Nuukovvo, 1900- 

Z7105.P7KO ' 60-12060 

Krzemien, Leszek. 

Kropla w potoku. Warszawa, Iskry, 1961. 
430 p. illus. 22cm. 
HX815.7.K68 62-65155 t 

Ludzie bliscy. Warsziawa. Iskry, 1960 

210 p. ports. 20cm. 
HX815.7.L85 63-45660 

Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza. Komitet OmtraTny. 
Za&lad Ttistorii Partii, 

Zarys historii polskiego ruehu robotniczego, lipiec 1944- 
styczeA 1017. Zfflpdl autorski: Wladyslaw G6ra t et al. 
Wyd. 1. Warszawa, Ksiaika i Wiedza, 1061. 

260 p. 21 cm. 
JN6709,A5K(i29 62-27712 

Szczygielski, Zbignlew. 

Z dziej6w rad delegated robotniczych w Polsce. rWyd. 
1. Warszawaj Kaia.z;ka i Wiedza. 1960. 

110 p. niuB. 2lcm. ' 

JN6769.A5K66 61-87552 J 


Z pola \valki ; kwartalnik po^wicony dziejom ruchu robotni 
czego. rocz. 1- (nr. 1- ) ; 1058- 
Warszawa, Ksi%zka i Wiedza. 

v. in llius., mupa (part fold.) 24cm. 
HX315.7.Z2 61-32188 


Szkice z dziej<5w ruchu komunistycznego w wojewodztwie 
krakmvslnm. Opracowali: J6zef Buszko r et al. Eedalctor: 

HX26 B 6.K7S8 2lCm ' 59-46182J 

Steyer, Donald. 

Organizacje robotnicze na terenie wojew6dztwa pomor- 
skiego w latach 1920-1939. Torun, Wydawn. Uniwersytetu 
Mikolaja Kopernika, 1961. 

23dp. 24cm. 
HD8589.P62S7 62-67493 J 


see also Partida Comunista Portugues 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COMMUNISM (Continued) 

El Caribe, Santo Domingo. 

Puerto Rico: breeding ground for communism. Cudad 
[Sic] Trujillo, 1954. 

17 p. 24 cm. 
F1976.E6 55-22552 rev 1 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Communist activities among Puerto Ricans in New York 
City and Puerto Rico. Hearings before the Committee on 
Un-American Activities, House of Representatives. Eighty- 
sixth Congress, first session ... Washington. U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1960. 

gpts. ( v, 1505-1722, iv p.) 24 cm. 
HX172.U5 335.43097295 60-61234 


Rumilly, Robert, 1897- 

L'infiltration gauchiste au Canada frangais. Montreal 

147 p. 19 cm. (His Mon cahler, no 1) 
F1053.R94 59-53273 


Florian, Radu. 

Teoria mamst-leninista" a revolutfei socialiste. Bucuresti. 
Editura Politica, 1961. 

149 p. 20cm. ( Probleme de bazl ale teorlel mandat-leninlste) 
HX372.F55 62-36921 { 

Institutul Romin pentru Relate Culturale cu Strainatatea. 

Les visiteurs Strangers parlent de la Republique populaire 
roumaine. rBucarest, 1952i 

161 p. 24cm. 
DR267.1 57 54-27681 rev 2 I 

lonescu, Ghita. 

Communism in Rumania, 1944-1962. London, New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1964. 

ivl, 378 p. 2S cm. 
DR267.1 65 949.803 64-55367 

Pantari, Radu. 

Filozofia marxista in Rominia; sfirsitul secolului al ux- 
lea si inceputul secolului al xx-lea. Bucuresti, Editura Poli 
tica, 1963. 

221 p. 20cm. 
HX372.P25 64-84296 

Partidul Muncitoresc Romln. Comitetul Central. 

Statement on the stand of the Rumanian Workers' Party, 
concerning the problems of the world communist and work 
ing-class' movement, endorsed by the enlarged Plenum of 
the C. C. of the R. W. P., held in April 1964. [Bucharest] 
Rumanian News Agency [1964] 

54 p. 24 cm. (Documents, articles, and Information on Rumania) 
JN9639.A5M816 64-4987 

Partidul Muncitoresc Romln. Comitetul Central. Institutnti 
de Istorie a PartiduM. 

Victoria insurectiei populare de la 23 August 1944, organi- 
zata si condusa de P. C. R. In condole inaintarii Armatei 
Sovietice eliberatoare pe teritoriul Romlniei; lupta maselor 
populare conduse de P. C. R. pentru instaurarea regimului 
democrat-popular, 6 Martie 1945. Elaborat de un colectiv 
al Institutului de Istorie a Partidului de pe llnga C. C. al P. 
M. R. Bucuresti, Editura de Stat pentru Literature, Po 
litica, 1956. 

50 p. 20 cm. (In ajutorul eelor ce nrmeazft cercurlle de atndlere 
a istorlel P. M. R.) 
DR267.P3 58-43103 rev 

Puni, Simion. 

Formnrea constiintei socialiste a oamenilor muncii din 
R. P. R, Bucuresti, Editura Politica t 1960j 

116 p. 20 cm. (Probleme de bazfi ale teorlel marrlat-lenlnlBte) 
HX374.Z7P8 1960 62-44125 J 

tPuni, Simionj 

Form area constiinjei socialiste a oamenilor muncii din 
R. P. R. Bucuresti, Editura Politica r !961 1, 

111 p. 20 cm. (Probleme de bazft ale teorlel maixteMentalste) 
HX374JZ7P8 1961 62-44126 t 

Rubsel, Raoul S 1881- 

Messages de 1'enfer. Version francaise par Alain Corn- 
bier. Paris, Librairie Fishbacher C 1958] 

310 P. 22 Cut 


Rura, Michael J 

Reinterpretation of history as a method of furthering 
communism in Rumania, a study in comparative historiogra 
phy. Washington, Georgetown University Press, 1961. 

n, 123 p. 23 cm, 
DR216.7.R8 949.8 62-3973 


Academia Republicii Populare Romine. Institutul de Ftto- 

Dezvoltarea constiinfci socialiste. in Republica Populara 
Romlna; contribufti la cercetarea problemei (Redactia 
generala : Marcel Breazu. Bucuresti] Editura Academiei 
Republicii Populare Romine f 1961i 

516 p. 21cm. 
HX374.A65 62-40224 


Contribu^ii la istoria organiza^iei marxist-leniniste de 
tineret din Romtnia, de Gh. Mo^, V. Stefanescu ^ C. 
Mocanu. [Bucuresti] Editura Tineretului, 1959- 

v. Illus. 20cm. 
HX372.M6 60-29486 I 

Partidul Muncitoresc Romln. Comitetul Central. Iwtituttit 
de Istorie a Pwtidulwi. 

Lectfi i" ajutorul celor care studiazn istoria P. M. R. 
Bucure?ti, Editura Politica, 1960. 
658 p. 23 cm. 

JN9639A5C6493 62-27645 

Partidul Muncitoresc Rorain. Comitetul Central. Institutul 
de Istorie a Partidului. 

Lektionen zum Studium der Geschichte der RAP. 
Bukarest, Politiseher Verlag, 1960. 

781 n. 22cm. 


see also Civics, Russian 
Afanas'ev, Viktor Grigor'evich. 

BcJHKHfl npHHD(Eir. [MocKBa] MoJtOflaa rBapflHa 1962. 
Tip. 17cm. ' 

HX313.A55 64-32973 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. fnstitut -fOcso-fU. 

CTpOHTejacrBO KouuyHHSMa n npo&ieMH KyjiLTypu. 
t llo oGmeft pe r v A. H. Maoinna n A. H. ApHOJiBAOBaj 
MOCKBQ, USA-BO Ajcaaeaniii nayK CCCP, 1963. 

489p. 22cm. 
BK276.A7 63-51654 

Akademia nauk SSSR. Otdelenie flosofsWch i prwovykh 

OT coutuajiHaMa K KouMyHH3My. [PeflEojmerHJi : II. H. 
Oeflocees H ,^p.] MocKsa, Hai-so AEaaewnH Hays CCCP 

749 p. 22cm. 
HX313.A63 63 11108 J 

American Committee for Liberation. 

Two sides of the coin; a demonstration of the need for 
objectivity. New York ^SBS, 

15 p. 22 cm. 
DK266.A2A49 56-18403 rev J 

Andropov, ItTrii Vladimirovich. 

JIeHKHii3M oaap^er Hani nyn.; AOiwa^ na TOp/KecTBCHEOM 
sace^annn B MOCKBC, nocBJimeHnoit 94-n roflosruHHe co P.S.X 
poiEflCHiiH B. II. JleHHHa 22 anpeaa 10G4 ro^a. MocKaa, 
HSA-BO noJiHT. JIHT-PH, 1964. 

80 p. 20 cm. 
HX313A66 64-59927 

Ashkhabad, Russia. Imtitut istorii partii. 


RXX nponaraa^HCTOB. [UoA pe^. O. 0. ffinxMypa^OBa H 
A. A. PocMKOsaj AmxaCafl, TypxneHCKoe roc. HSI-BO, 

128, [4] p. 20 cm. 
HC336.2.A84 64-34656 

.tamukas, Salomonas. 

Buti komunistu garbe; xxn TSKP suvaziavimas. Vil 
nius, Valstybin6 politines ir mokslines literaturos leidykla, 

112 p. 20cm. 
HX313.A8 64-43669 

Bantina, N V ed. 

3KOHOMHTCCKH6 sasoHOMepHOCTH ncpexofla OT co^Ha- 

K KOMyHH3My. MoCKBa, H3^-BO 3KOH. JIHT-pH, 1962. 

291 p, 21cm. 


63-41720 J 

Belov, MikhaU Vasil'evich. 

Be^ynjas ciiaa passuraa coBCTCKoro oCmeciBa. MocKBa, 
HS^-BO \ Ka.TeMiiit Hays: CCCP, 1960. 

403 p 23 cm. 
JlS'6508.K7n.'57: > > G1-23S47 

Berdiaev, Nikola! Aleksandrovich, 1874-1948. 

The origin of Russian communism. [Translated from the 
Russian by R. M. French. Ann Arbor] University of Michi 
gan Press t i9603 

191 p. 21cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks. AA34) 
HX312.B42 1960 335.411 60-50122 

Berdiaev, Nikolai Aleksandrovich, 1874-1948. 

The Russian revolution. [Ann Arborj TJniversiiy of 
Michigan Press t 1961j 

91 p. 21 cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks for the study of commonlfim 
and Mandsm, AA55) 
BR936.B44 1961 209.47 61-42468 J 

Bobkov, Karl Elarionovich. 

OcHOKHtie HeptH ncpexo^uoro nepnoAaor EanirrajnaMa E 
ccmiia.ijrauy , .iCKnna. Mocnsa, Bucruajt niEo.ia, 1960. 
3 p. -S2 cm. (JleKUHH no no-mTHHecKofi SKOHovini) 

Bochenski, Innocentius M 1902- ed. 

Handbook on communism. Edited by Joseph M. Bochen 
ski and Gerhart Niemeyer. K"ew York, Praeger [1962J 

686 p. 24cm. ( Praeger publications In Russian history and world 
communism, no. Ill) 
HX276.B723 335.43 62-17483 J 

Boffa, Giuseppe. 

Le grand tournant (de Staline fi. Khrouchtchev) Traduit 
de 1'italien par Jean Koaro. Paris, F. Maspero, 1960. 

337 p. 21 cm (Cahlers llbres, no &-10) 
DK274.B614 61-36199 J 

Borisov, Aleksaiidr Alekseevich. 

IIojHaa n osoHiaTe.ii.Hafl: no6e^a con0ajrB3Ma B CCCP. 
jleHiiHrpa^, 1960. 

55 p. 20cm. 
DK274.3 19GO.B6 Cl-252^7 J 

Borisov, Viktor, 

CTHH 3Mon;Efl . . . ; ^etteTOHii. MDHXCE, HS^-BO n;eHTp. 
HOJIHT. 3siErpaHTOB na CCCP 1960 


66p. 21cm. 
DK274.3 1960.B63 

Bregel', Enokh lAfcovlevich, 1903- ed. 


HoJiiiTii^ecKaLa SEOHOMHJI co^HajiHSMa. ^onymeHO B sa- 
^eciBe yieS. nocodna no HOJHT. SSOHOMILH ^J 


THBOM, noA pefl. 3, SL. Bpere-ta H AP-: MocKsa, B 
mKOJia, 1963. 

476 p. Ill us. 22cm. 
HB179.B8222 64-48476 

Brezhnev, Lonid D'icli, 1906- 

Jleunniisir Be.iiiKoe 3HaM fioptfiH sa topxecTBO KOMicy- 
Hii3iia; ,Toma^ na TOpHcecTsenHOM sace^aHnn B MOCEBC, 
nocBsmeiinoM S9-ft ro^OBiqiiHe co flna po^eHiur B, H. 
Jleiinna. MocKBa, Toe. IISA-BO ITO.IHT. JTHT-PH, 1959. 

29 p. 20 cm, 
HX313.B7 60-18760 t 

Budennyi, Semen MOchailovich, 1883- 

HepymHJiHa coB3. t MociBa] Hpo^HSfliT, 1959. 
134 p. 17cm. (MaccoBaKCHCjraoTeicapaoWro) 
DK266.IJ83 60-41971 t 

Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich, 1888-1938. 

El A. B. C. del comunismo. t 2. ed. La Paz, Bolivia 

Editorial Trabajo, 1954, ' 

151 p. lcm. 
HX314.B827 1954 63-37110 t 

Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich, 1888-1938. 

. . . ABC do comunismo, traducao de Aristides Lobo. Curi- 
tiba [etc,, Editdra Guaira limitada C 194-j 

200 p., 2 L 18 cm. (Estante do pensamento social, n. 2 ) 
HX314.B826 47-370iarev 


Buldakov, Vladislav Prokop'evich. 

BeJiHEaa n;ejii, ; ITO Tanoe EOMirynH 
KHHKHOe H3^;-Bo, 1960. 

61 p. 20Cm (BeCCAU KQMMVHM3Me) 


CadweU; Roy. 

Communism in the modern world. Philadelphia. Dor- 
ranee [1962] *^ 

251 p. 22cm. 

HX44 -C3 335.43 62-11054 t 

Cantril, Hadley, 1906- 

Soviet leaders and mastery over man. New Brunswick, 
N. J., Rutgers University Press t 1960 T 

178 p. 21 cm. 
HX312.C3 321.642 60-14204 t 

Castro Ddgado, Enrique. 

La vida secreta de la Komintern; c<Jmo perdl k fe en 
Moscu. [i. ed., Madrid, Ediciones y Publicaciones Espa- 
nolas, 1950. * 

419 p. 22cm. (Coleccloa Temas actualef ) 
HX11.I5C35 1950 62-50459 t 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 

A citizen's course in freedom vs, communism; the eco 
nomics of survival Washington rl961 7 
ST. lllus. 22cm. 

^59.042 61-18198 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 

A. citizen's course in freedom vs. communism, the econom 
ics of survival; discussion leader's manual. [Washington? 

1 T. (loose-leaf) 80cm. 
HC59.C422 335.437 61-66729 J 

Changli, Irina Ivanovna. 

<5oiHft, 1962. 

78 p. 17 cru. 

] MocKOsciCHtt pa- 
62-06532 J 

Cheanokov, Dmitri! Ivanovich, ed. 

SaKoiioMepHocTii nepexo^a or con;ua.in3Ma K KOMiiymisMy 
MocKua. Bucmaa nrKoaa, 1961. 

246 p. 22cm. 
HX31D.C47 64-48934 

Cliff, Tony. 

Russia : a Marxist analysis by] T. Cliff. [London, Inter 
national Socialism, 1964] 

8S4 p. 21 cm. 
HC335.C523 64-B5414 

The Communist blueprint for the future; the complete texts 
of all four Communist manifestoes, 1848-1961. Introd. by 
Thomas P. Whitney. t lst ed.i New York, Dutton, 1962. 

iiv, 240 p. 19cm. 
HX313.C6 335.430947 62-9460 

CoolidRe, Olivia E 

Makers of the Red Revolution. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 

240 p. illus. 23cm. 
DK266.CS98 321,642 C3-10900 t 

Dallin, David J., 1889- 

fcfc ff) V & The real Soviet Kussia. 

8, 4, 859 p. port,dlagn. 19cm. 
la Japanese. 

1. Russia HUt -1917- 

Hoover Institution 
Daffin, David J., 1889- 

2. Communlam Buwla, <. Title. 
TitU romantoeA: Shlnjltau no Sorcn. 

Nome ortpinaay: David Ifo'erlch Levin. 
J 61-4114 

m 39 [1950, 
800 p. Uliw. 19cm. 

1. Russia Hlt 1917- 


2. OommtraUm RtuBia. i. Title. 
Titlti romanced: Su-llen cbn hiLaatV 

DarW ftn'erlch Lena. 


Daniels, Robert Vincent. 

The conscience of the revolution : Communist opposition 
in Soviet Russia. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

xl, 526 p. dlagrs. 25 cm. (Russian Research Center studies, 40) 
HX312.D34 947.0841 60-10035 

Daniels, Robert Vincent, ed. 

A documentary history of communism; edited, "with 
introd., notes, and new translations, by Robert V". Daniela 
New York, Random House t 1960, 

321,39Sp. 21cm. ' 

HX40.D3 335.4309 60-6380 rev J 

Davis, Mary Clair (Murphy) 1915- 

Soviet problems, propaganda and language, and dialectic 
dictionary, by M. Glair Davis, B. B. Culver tandj H. H. 
Beatia. Los Angeles, Western Research Pub. Co., 1961. 

74 p. 28 cm. 
HX314.D3 335.41 61-47962 J 

Dewey, John, 1859-1952. 

Impressions of Soviet Russia and the revolutionary world, 
Mexico, China, Turkey, 1929. Introd. and notes by Wil 
liam W. Brickman. ( New York, Bureau of Publications, 
Teachers College, Columbia University t 1964i 

178 p, 18 cm. (Teachers College, Columbia University. Com 
parative education studies) 
DK267.D4 1964 908 64-12485 

Dmitriev, Viktor Nikolaevich. 

KoMMyHHSM CBCTJIOC tfyflymce lejioueiecTBa. Ilofl o(5- 
njeft pe^. <t>. B. HocoBa. c JleHHiirpa,n;j ./Ienii3Aa.T, 1960. 

. . . . , . 

46 p. 20 cm. (BeceAw a nojiHTHiecKHe TEMU) 

61-37075 % 

Dmitriev, Viktor Nikolaevich. 

besfla KflCC B )Kii3m> I) 

is^aT. 1962. 

77 p. 20 cm. (PeuieiiHji XXH c 

Bbenstein, William, 1910- 

Communism in theory and practice. Now York, Holt, 
Rinehart nnd Winston r 1964, 

96 p. Ulus., ports. 21 cm. (American problems aeries) 
HX44.E26 64-1780 

pe^. B. H. 

854 p. 28cm. 

auua CTpOHTCJii.CTBa KOMMynnaua. 
MocKBaj 3KOOMHKa, 1964. 


Falk, Heinrich. 

Die Weltanschauung das BolschewiBmus; hiat'oriaclior und 
dinlektigcher Materialismue gemeinverstandlich dargelogt. 
C 9., ergiinzte Aufl,] Wiiraburg, Echter-Vevhiff r!959] 

112 p. 21 CHI. 

B800.8.F3 1950 00-17578 

Fedorova, Aleksandra Tikhonovna. 

POJIL conajtHCTHxecKoro Tpy^a B KOMMyiniCTituccKoM 

HOJIMT. JIMT-pH, 1951. 

206 p. 21 on. 

HX314.F4 62-1705-1 x-ov 

Fedoseev, Aleksandr Sergwvich. 

Die schopferische Kolle dos Sowjotstaates und clou Sowjofc- 
rechts bei der Errichtung dor sozialistisohon und der kom- 
munist.ischou Goscllschaft. tubers, vom tjberartsserlcolloktiv 
des Instituta filr Staats- und Kechtstiheorie dor Karl-Marx- 
UniveraitSlt Leipzig. Vorantwortliche Redaktioa dor t)ber- 
setzung: H. Arzingor. Berlin, Verlag Kullur und Fort- 
schritt, 19B4. 

207 p. 25cm. (Sowjetwlsaeiwcliuft. BoIheftSS) 
HX813.F374 55-18058 rov t 

Fedoseev, Aleksandr Sergeevich. 

TBop'iecna/i portr. concrcKorn rocy^apcrua H rrpana no- 
cTpnciiiiii conim,iim'ii t iec'icoro it KOMMyiincTiniccicoro o(5- 
m;c-cTna. IIo^ pe^. M. H, Kapenort. MOCKIUI, Toe. ua^-no 
lopn^. JiHT-pw, 1051. 

28U p. '28 cm. 

Fedoseev, Aleksandr Sergeevich. 

Tvur?i uloha, sov^tskdho atatu a pr&va p?i vystavM so 
cialistic!^ a komunistickfi spole^nosti. C Z ruskfiho origindlu 
prel. Helena Sitk<m<5ov& a ZdenJSk Madar, I. vyd.j Praha, 
Orbis, 1955. 

287 p. 21 cm. 
HX813.F372 56-43874 rev J 

Fedoseev, Petr Nikolaevich* 

KoxieyHJisnt H $Haoco6nw. MocKaa, Hafl-uo AKaAxaj 
Hays CCCP, 1962. 

478 p. 22 cm. 
HXB42.F4 64-84668 ; 

Fedoseev, Sergei Sergeevich, 

CoqnaxKCTK^ecxoe rocyflapcrno B rtepMOA passcpsyroro 
cTpOHTCJitcTBa KOMMyHHCTHtccKoro o(Sra;ccTBa. JIcKHiarpafl. 

48 p. 20 cm. 
J0474.F4 61-27764 | 

Fiedler, Rudolf, uv/frr for radio. 

Lenin im VeratJr ; was wttrde Lenin heute sagen ? DUBael- 
dorf, Verlag fur Politische Bildung, E. Kttmmerer tl967j 

Filimonov, Nikolai Petrovich. 
JlenHHCKHft nyrt x 

JTHT-pH, 1962. 

ISop. 20 on. 

y. MocKsa, Ha^-ao SKOH. 
63-54489 J 

Filimonov, Nikola! Petrovich. 

HoBMft sran B ocyrnecTBjeHHn .ICHHIICKHX u;<eft noctpoe- 
H KOMMyiiHSua. MocKea, Toe. HS^-BO ITO.IWT. JIKT-OM, 1959. 

64 p. 21 cm. 4 

HC336.2.F5 60-89897 J 

Filipov, Aleksandr Pavlovich, 1891- 
coucTCKon jweo.ionui n 


MIOHXCH, 1962. 
63-45867 t 

Furt&eva, Eknterina Alekseevna, 1910- 

TTo jienuncKOMy nyxu -K no6e^e icoMKynimMa; floiu 
anpeju 1 957 ro^a na TOpHcecTiiciniOM aaceflaumi B MOCKBC 
nocBflmeinioM ^~ fi ro^ouiniinc co fliin pojicfleHiifl B. H* 
Jleiinna. Mocicna, Foe. inft-no TIO^HT, JIHT-PIJ 1957 

80 p. 1HU8. 20 cm. ' 

DK274.8 1957.F8 

Furtseva, Ekaterlna Alekseevna, 1910- 

Pe*iL ira anco'icpc^noM xxi ctca^e ICITCC, 29 HiiBap^ 1959 
rofla. MocKna, Toe, H3^-no IIOJXIIT. JIHT-PM. 1959 

18 p. 20cm, 
DK274.5J 10BO.F8 61-24497 J 

Ganin, Nikolai Ivanovich. 

rjianiiuc aaicoiiOMCpirocTM ncpcxn^uoro i 
TajiwaMa K commjiiiSMy; imyHiio-nonyjijipHMc OHcpKH. Mo- 
cKa, Hs^-no Tln-rn Mcjicflynapo^uMx oTitouieHHft 1961 

2lBp. 22 cm, 

(Jankin, Ol#R (Hess) 

'rho HolHhovilw and tho World War; iho origin of the 
Third I'UoniiiimiuiI, hy Oltfii TJcBH Onnkiu and IT. IT, Fisher. 
Stanford, ( 1 tlif., Stun ford Uiuvoraity Protw : 1000i 

svlll, Kfid i), IM cm, (Tho lloovcn- Llhi'tiry on War, Kovohitton nn.i 
I'oum PuMlcatloti no. 1,'| . >muonanl 

moo m.>tt 

Garcia Ledeama, H 

Staliu y la burooracia contrarrevolucionaria. Buenoa 
Air8, Editorial Indoam^rJoa f 1954) 

OH p. aoojn. (HlWlotooadolanuevBgwioi-ncWn. 1) 


59-46765 J 

Garcia Moyano, G 

El estado sovi^tioo y su ovoluci^n ; oonf crencia pronunciada 
el 10 U> diciembre de 1969, bajo los auspicios del Institute 
Cultural Uruguayo-Sovie'tico. Montevideo. 1961. 

20 p, 20 cm, 


Tepoii iiaiuiix rtneft, tCocTamiTMn: M, E. HcpaeuKo a flp.j 
uaH Ko.n^rnn: IT. A. CJITRIKOB u ^p. Mocoai 

010 D. iiiiiM, 27 <*>. 

62-32514 1 

Gloffolev, Vaailil FOlppovlch. 

CoB[Kaji3M ^peuta^a coa COBPCXCHHOCTII. MOCXBH, 
Toe. Biw-no nojtHT. JiMt-pw. 1962. 

70 p, aocm. 
HX818.G55 64-84662 

Glezerman, GHgoril Eflmovich. 

r>yflymec, Kofopoc iinuinuvn'i'Ji fcro^nw; o crpoHTCJiiiCTBe 
KOMMyitii'jMH ('( VI 1 . (MocKitti) M.IOAR rnap^n, 1959. 
138 p. 20 cm. (MortOAOMy c'rpoiirtwK) KOMMyiuiaMii) 

00-^5573 i-ev J 

Glezerman, Grlgorll Eflmovich. 

c, Koropoc KasHnacTc 

KOMMyjtU3Ma B CCCP, 2., flOH. 1.3^. 

rnap^itj*, I960, 

143 p. 21 cm. (MortOAQMy erpoiiTwrio KO 
HC886.52.050 I960 

Glezerman, Grifforil Eflmovich. 

68-40848 J 

ii utiKoiiouepno- 

era nq>cpncTaint eonnn/ntaMfi n 
3ua(uw, 11)50. 
81 p. 22 cm, (BcecoKrtHQc ofluiccTBo no pcnpocTpanenHK> no^H- 

THHeCKWX M HHyiHWX SHIVHMft. t MSAni(MR| CpMff 2.! <tWiaCO<|jHK, 16) 

A88(Ifi.VH:W wr. B, 1050, no, Id 50-510,18 rev t 

Glezerman, GrigorU Eflmovich, 

JHIT-OM, J040, 

^8& p, 21 ci. 

aKc-iuonraropcRMx K.Tacccin u npeo^ojemie 
tnsitn B CCCT. tMncicmi] foe. HM-BO naiiir. 

50-33854 rev 

Glezerman, GrlgorW Bflraovich, 

OT comiwunM KTUM KOMyJlH3^M. [TTpeaej : H. MOJIXOB, 
CoAnaj Hapo^na M.ta^w l949j 

74 PI 18 cut, 
HXailG55 1040 51-16105 rev 

Glezerman, Grigoril Bflmovich, 

Or comwniaiM KI.M icouyntiai.M. npeooA OT pycsit [H. 
MojxoB] 2. 113,^, (Co^rwj Ilnpo^ira w^a^eac t 1949j 

HX3H.G55 ' 1940a 51-24090 rev 

Glezerman, Grigoril E0movich. 

Camia.tncTHHCcKoc rocy^apeTno rjiaBiioe opy,nnc crpoir- 
Te.ii.cTna cowMynrt3Mi, E MocKnni Mo.uojafl; mp;mfl, 1952. 

40 p, 22 cm. 
HX814.Z7055 68-18298 rev 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Gtererman, Grigoril Efimovich. 

Die Zukunft, die heute beginnt. [1. Aufl. Ins Deutsche 
iibertra^en von Ren at* Katzsclmer. Berlin, Verlag Neues 
Leben [1961, 

166 p. lllus. 21 era. 
HC336.2.G554 62-46871 rev t 

OA Hameft atMHH. I- 1961- 

: MocKBai CoBercKa* POCCHK. 

T. lllus., ports. 22 cm. 


Gribachev, Nikolai Matveevieh, 1910- 

OpdHTa BCKa; ny6jrHHHCTHKa. MocEaa, CoBercraft naca- 
TCtt, 1961. 

92p. 17cm. 
D844.G72 64-26902 J 

Guins, George Constantine, 1887- 

Communism on the decline ... The Hague, M. Nrjhoff, 

2STp. 25cm. 

HX312.G8 335.430947 59-47311 t 

Gurian, WaMemar, 1902- 

Bolshevism, an introduction to Soviet communion. Notre 
Dame, Ind., University of Notre Dame Press t !963, 

189 p. 21 cm. (International studies of the Committee on Interna 
tional Relations, University of Notre Dame) 
HX40.G76 1963 335.4 63-5465 J 

Hendel, Samuel, 1909- ed. 

The Soviet crucible; the Soviet system in theory and prac 
tice. Edited with introductory notes. 2d ed. Princeton, 
N. J., Van Nostrand t 1963j 

706 p. lllus. 24cm. ( Van Nostrand Political science series) 
JN6511.H4 1963 335.430947 63-1015 J 

Horak, Stephan. 

IcropHiHHft niJMX Pocii jo CoJ 
BO Co3y yxpaiHuiB y Bea. BpiTanii, 1958. 

100 p. illos. 18cm. 


fXkushkin, L\kov Semenovich. 

xxi ctesA KIICC o nepexo^e or coijuajtaaMa E 
HH3My. .lennHrpaA, I960. 

47 p. liOcm. 
HX313.1 3 


O(SjHecTBHHHe Hayra H xoicHyHHSif. Mocsua, 1963. 
180pi 21cm. 
HX313.I4 63-48869 

Institut zur Erforschung der UdSSR* 

Problems of Soviet internal policy; a symposium of the 
Institute for the Study of the USSR. (Proceedings of the 
Twelfth Institute Conference) : Edited by Oliver J. Fred- 
eriksenj Munich, 1960. 

140 p. 24cm. 

DK274I5 1960 62-67798 

Ishidfl, Seirin. 

214 p, Idem. 

1. Communism China, 2. Communism Russia. & Chin* (Peo 
ple's Repobilc of China, 10*9- )~Por. reL Russia, 4 RustU 
Tor. rel China (Peoples Republic of Oilna, !*&- ) t TMte. 
Title romtmiMd: Chfl-So ronsO TOIL 

Michigan Univ. Asia 

flldin, Pavd FedoroTidu 

Of connajtHSiia E 
HOJIHT. inT-pistj 1962. 

133 p. 20cm, 

rtqpsai $aaa 

MocKaa, rbc 

64^4^70 J 

ccpdft cdrpKLTKCTH^ecBOTO 



. 21cm. 

Ivanov I vaa Konstantinoviclu 


Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- 

The masks of communism. Evanston, III, Harper & Row 


240 p. Ulna 23 cm. 
HX10.J2 335.430947 

Kargal'fSeva, Evgeni& Stepanovna. 

JlenimcEiift rrian nocrpoeHiui conna_iii3Ma n KOMMyHH3M 
B CCCP ; ien?KK. Hocusa, BHIIT, 1959, 

117 p. Mem. (HcTOpH* KHCC) 
HX313.K3 61-25249 

Karpilenko, Stepan Trofimovich. 

nporpaMMa KIICC aAefl 
Tejii,CTEa KOHiiyHHSMa. .Te 

79p. 20cm. 

cciaa ocaosa cxpon- 

Kautsky, Karl, 1854-1938. 

The dictatorship of the proletariat Introd, bj Jolm H. 
Kautsky. tTranslated by H. J. Stenning. Ann Arbor] 
University of Michigan Press [1964, 

xxrvii, 149 p. 21 cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks for the stacly of 
communism and Marxttm) 
D3C265.K33 1964 335.413 64-55366 

Kazan, Russia (City) Universitet Kafetra dialekticfo- 
skogo i istorichetikoffo niatendKama. 

ConaajiHSM H KOMKyHHSM. t rjraB. pe^arrop M. H. A6- 
ApaxMaHOB. Kaaantj HS^-BO Kasancioro yHEBflpcaTcra, 

231 p, 23cm. 
HX313.K37 63-64601 

Khrushchev, NiMta Sergeeviclt, 1894- 

40 ji. e. Vierzigj Jahre Grosse Sozialistische Oktoberre- 
volutionj Festrede in der Jubilaumssitzung des Obersten 
Sowjets der UdSSK 6 November 1957. t l. Aufl. 3 Berlin, 
Dietz, 1957. 

95 p. lllus. 2lcm. 
DK274.3 1957.K435 6lHt4681 J 

Knupflfer, George. 

The struggle for world power. 2d rev. ed. London, 
Plain-Speaker Pub. Co. ^963, 

264p. 22cm. 
HX40.K62 1963 64-32313 

Kommunisticheskaia. partiia Sovetskogo Soiuza. 

Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 
draft [To be presented to the party's twenty-second con 
gress in October, 1961j New York, Cross-Currents Press 


128 p, 22 cm. ( Documents of current history, no. 15) 
JN6598.K6P659 329.947 61-19987 


nporpauxa H ycras KITCC. 
pu, I962j 
287 p. 18cm. 

irtiia Sovetskogo Soflna. 

-BO nojtKT. JHT- 

Kommunisticheskaa partiia Sovetakogo SoAza. 

HparpajcMa KoKiiyHHcxH^ecKoft naprHH CoBercioro 
Coiosaj npoesr. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-EO noanr. JCHT-PH, 1961. 

142 p, 20cm. 
JN6598.K6P712 61-4395 t 

i Sovetskogo Sofitza. 

Projekt programu Komunistycznej Partii Zwi^zku Ka- 
dzieckiego, c Wyd. 1., Warszawa, KsiaMca i Wiedza t !961i 

16Tp. 20- cm, 
JN6598JK6P74 62-42182 

Kommunistichedca& partifii Sovetakogo Soflrau 

Rules of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 
(draft) Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1961. 

27 p. 20 cm. ' ' ' * , ' ijl 


Kommqnisticheflkafli parti& 

Soviet commtuasm ; prog^ans aad tfef official texts of 
l&19 t 1952 (19S6) 1961. Edited fry Jaa *. TriAtk. San 
OhandJer Puib, 06. t a962j 


KomrounistkhesfcaUt partiik Sovetskogo Sotuza. 

YCKLB. UpffH^r e^icHarjacKo xvui cKc^oac BKH(ff) 
Mocacwa* Toe. TOS^-BO now?. *a!T-pJi|, 19461, 
^Ecarofpm Spavin 1260 JB ^ e^-7000 


Kommunisticheskaja partiia Sovetskogo Soittza. 

BonpocH HAeoJorHiecicoft patSorw:; cCopHHK taacncftinHX 
peraCKHfl KIICC, 1954-1961 ro^K. Mociaa, Poc. HSA-BO 

nOJIZT. JHT-pH, 1961. 

326 p, 23cm. 
JN6598JK6V5S 61-44510 1 

KommnniHticfaeakaQ, partifi. Soretskogo Soittra. 

Moscow, 1961. 

Documents of the 22nd Congress of the CPSTJ. Nfw 
York, Crosscurrents Press t 1961- 

T. 18 cm. { Documents <rf current history, no. 18-1& 
JN6598.K5 1961 338.947 62-347 

Kommunisticheskaia partiiJi Sovetskogo Soioza. 'fSentrtf- 
nyi Komitet. 

KhruahcheT's "Mein Kampf ." With background by Har 
rison E. Salisbury. t New York, Bebnont Books ,l61i 

208 p. 18cm. 
JN6598.K7K557 947.085 61-66024 

Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovetakogo So&za. 

OT^CT xxii cic3^y napiHH; 
CJIOBO 17 H 27 03ET6p 1961 ro^a. MocKsa, Foe. MS^-BO 

nCMHT. JCHT-pU, 1961. 

lS9p. 20cm 
JN6598.K5 1961d 62-47567 J 

Kommunisticheskaia partifa Sovetskogo Sofiiza. 

ntf Komitet. 

10,244 (1. e.424)p. 21cm. 

1, Kommtmiatlcheakaa partia Soretakogo Sofliza, 2. Oonunu- 
nlam Russia. i. Shanna. Rambllaa. tr TL, Title. 

Title trantlitcrateJ: Sftrtfata SaAgbakl 
Kamyonlata Paittta Itihflaa. 

JN6598.K55H5 1949 S A 61-78 

Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovetskogo Soittza. 

porf/InajS iKkolti. Kafedta jxilitichexkoi ekonomii 
no noJHTHiecEOft SKOHOMHH flj 

iiapscnsiia-jneHHSHaita rrpn ropEOMax nap- 
THH, 3KOHOMniecKHX nitoj, xpyxcoB H: ceitHEapOB CCTH nap- 
THftHoro upocBdE^eHHJt, a raoKe x*.t caMocroarejiBjo H3v^a- 
mnx nojiHTHTecKyjj aiOHOXKD. Moacsa, Foe. HS^-BO 
noaiiT. jtHx-pu, 1959. 

Mp, 20cm. 
HB179.K5644 64-40436 

Kommunisticheskaa partttk Sovetskogo Softza. 

Kafedra soveUlcci ekonomSd, 

warepHajOB rm cbcs^a KIICC 

^JM ropOflCEHX Ea^ajfcHBix 3ioHoxH^ecKHX raKOJt H xpyac- 
KOB. {PeflasTop A. PyuaHj?CBj Mocjcsa, 1961. 

22 p, 20cm, 
HX313JSI62 63-37224 t 

Komunisticka strana Ceskodovenfika. fittredrivylxrr. Od- 
d&eni propngondy, ogitcux a JeuUury. 

Jak bojovaii a zvitezili delnlci a rolnici v Eusku; osnova 
pro prvni thema roku stranickaio Skoleni, 1949-1960. 

81 p. 21 cm. CMatertalproaKdenlTKSS) 
HXS12JC56 59-52349 t 

Konstantteov, Fedor Trofimovich. 

Ham KHtepiBa^HOHajsHHlt flOKr, t MocKBaj 

, ,. 
p. 20 cm. (PemeHiai m c%eMa KTICC a j*accw) 

60-31693 t 

Kwtroma, Russia (City) Goettdarstvennyi pedagogieheskfl 


Sergei WSttofeuwvJdu 

logictelcosfficiam Soviet 

29cm, |CrarefcSo^tthougtot) 

Ktdak^WMy^a^W?BeMr IMS- , *, , 

"" ^j*em<M&&Ms*^*& i % 

Sfjx^WS* ~ H 

Mf i 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Kurnin, I P 


e passHTHe B pemeHHax T33i cLes^a IQICC. B 
aH saOTnoro H BeiepHero ofiy^eHH*, nsy- 
am TTTT ctes^a KTTCC. tMocsaa] Pocsya- 
r, 1963. 
3S,iS]p. 21cm. 
HX313^85 64-43459 

KmBdnen, Otto Vilhelm, 1881- 

npexBOpCHHe B aos3Hi H^eft JEenHHa; 
CTBCEHOK sace^asHH B MOCEBC, nocsineHHOM 90-fl TOAOB- 
ntEHe co (HJt poacflCHiM B. H. ^enHna, 22 artpeia 1960 ro^a. 

MoCEBa, FOG. H3-BO HOJHT. .IHT-pH, 1960. 

29 p. 20 on. 
BK2T431960JC8 61-31733 J 

Kunslnen, Otto Whelm, 1881- 

IlepeTBOpeHHa K ZHrra: i^efi Jleniaa; ^onoBiAi- sa ypora- 
crosry- sacisanm B MOCEBI, npncajiieHOify 90-M pOEOBnHa* 3 
AHS HapoAxeHHa B. I. JEcsma, 22 XBITHX 1960 posy. KHIB, 
^epaL BHS-BO nosix. JIIT-PH YPCP, 1960. 

DK274.3 1960.K818 62-28288 J 

Knzin, Viktor VasfFevkn. 

Eopt6*a IvOsufYHncrniecEOft napTHii c aHapxo-cnH^HKa- 
jncTCEnri VK.IOHOX E 1920-1922 rr. MocEsa, SHanne, 1958. 

47 p. 22 "cm (BcecoicoKJe ofimecTBO no pacnpocTpaH^mo noiiH- 
TH%CCHX H Hayrahix sHamfi. Cepwa i, Ns 34) 
HX312.K35 59-49713 J 

Kur'ininov, I I 

Einige Fragen der okonomisehen Theorie beim Aufbau 
des Konmiunismus in der Sowjetunion. tJbersetzung aus 
don Russischen t von Ingrid Stolte 7 Berlin, Verlag die 
Wirtschaft r 1961, 

143 p. 22cm. 
HX313.K015 63-39781 J 

Kozfrninor, I I 

HesoTopue Bonpocii SKOHOMH^ecsofl TeopHH B cseie saAa^ 
KoniiyHncTH^ecKoro crpoHTe-ibcxBa. MocKsa, BTTTTT, 1959. 

59p, 21cm. 
HX313.KO 60-17928 t 

Kysil', Anatolii Stepanovych. 

PatosHa pHca cjraacsocri, Kais, ^epx. BH^-BO noiix. JIT- 
PH YPCP, 196L 
Mp. 2Don. 

64-32041 J 

labntin, Akkael Ivanovich. 



62-41225 J 

la PeBeterie, Henry de. 

An nivean du monde. Paris, fidhaons da Scoipicax rl962j 
25* p. l&an. 
HX266X34 68-65685 J 

Lemn, Vladimir IFich, 1870-1924. 

AnpejLcrne reaHCEr. MocKsa, Foe. HSA-BO JIOJIHT. JHT-PII, 

DK265JL4A6 1960 61-31585 J 

Lenin, VhMfimir mch, 1870^1924, 

MOp. 23cm. 


L Kaetsky, Karl, 1851-1103. Die Dlktatur dea Proletariats. 

Ttf fc trmlUeratd: Mazadflra krftntl 
aura fhaddlra KotakL 

,Yntc orifFfcurfltf: Vladimir Hlch TTl'anoT. 
HX314.L35S45 S A 62-14 

Lenin, Vladimir inch, 1870-1924. 

O npHBjercEHH Hacc E yirpaBJteHH> rocy^apcTBOic. Mo- 
csara. Toe. HS^-BO noiHT. iHT-pii, 1962. 

JN6515 1962X4 64-34846 

Lenin, Vladimir IFIclt, 1870-1924, 


*H3ica a icoiofyHH3ica. MociBa, Toe. HS^-BO HOJKT. JHT-pH, 

711 p. 21cm. 
HX314X3553 62-35025 t 

Lenin, Vladimir ITidi, 1870-1924. 
npOTHB ^oncarHSiia H Ha^eT 
canta, Foe. HS^-BO noxHT. IHT-<>H, 1957. 

Sip, 20cm. 


Lenin, Vladimir H'ich, 1870-1924. 

BonpocH crponrejibCTBa conHa.iu3Ma n KOMMyHnsiia B 
CCCP. MocKsa, Foe. HSA-BO no.iiir. .iiiT-pu, 1959. 

93 p. port 20 cm. (BHCflMoreiKa no HayiHOMy couHajwsMy, 
sun. 16) 
HX15.B47 vol.16 59-52745 

Lenin, Vladimir fllch, 1870-1924. 

"Wie soil man den Wettbewerb organisieren ? [1. Aufl.j 
Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

14 p. ^1 cm. (Kleine Bucherei des Marsismus-Leninlsmus) 
DK265JUK315 GO-45033 J 

Leonhard, Wolfgang. 

Schein und "\Tir3dichkeit in der Sowjetunion. Berlin, 
Verioff Freics Wort r !952, 

148 p. illns 21 era 
DK266.L393 GO-3SG33 J 

Leont'ev, Ler Abramovich, 1901- 

OT co^^a.^II3Ma E EOJtMysHSity. [MocEBE] MocEOBCKn 
paSoturt, 1959. 

63 p. 21 cm. (PeuieHHH 333 cteaaa KHCC B Maccw) 
HC3^6.2.L4 60-17943 

laapin, A P 

ftffiff 4fc3K 
91 p. 10cm, 


Tttfe romafitotd: Ta'ung sh6 hul chu I din pn 
kuo tu tao tung ch'an chu L 

C 61-2082 I 

Lin, Yutang, 1S95- 

The secret name. New York, Farrar, Stilus and Cudahy 
t !958j 

268 p. illus. 21cm. 
DK268.3X54 *947.085 58-12487 rev J 

Liu, Shao-ch'i, 1900- 


l-l ji IS cm. 

f- M fh 
h 1957. 

t X. ^pr 
- H^H) 

in Ru-wla 2, (Vuurnuni-iii Tliinn i Title 

Tttlr > mnaiiltcd: Twil IV! chlnp ko chlfh ch'ing chu 

shth >U*h she luil i-hu I ko inlng ssd nhih 

rhou uifn ta liui slianp t! ehiang hna. 

C 61-4417 
i 'hi new- Tap' v Library 4Jyj,ll 

Oventsov, Valentyn Oleksandrovych. 

Hapo^Hi nacH Cy^iBHHKH KonynisMy. KHIB, ,3jep. BH^- 
BO nojii. JTIT-PH YPCP, 1961. 

80 p. 20cm. 
HX313JL54 62-68536 t 

Liventsov, Valentyn Oleksandrovych. 

Hosna i ocxa-rcina nepeMora conia-iissiy B CPCP ia il 
MiacHapOfliie 3Ha^eHii. KIIIB, Bn r i;-BO AKaJiii navK 7Kp. 
PCP, 1960. 

TOp. 20cm. 
HX313.L55 62-48749 t 

opatka, Adam. 

Kierownicza rola partii komunistycznej w stosunku do 
panstwn socjalistycznego; zasady leninowsfcie. [Wyd. 1. 
Poznaii] "\Tydawn. Poznafiskie t l960i 

162 p. 24cm. 
HX40X56 61-22243 J 

Luxemburg, Rosa, 1870-1919. 

The Russian Revolution, and Leninism or Marxism ? New 
introd. by Bertram D. "Wolfe, r Ann Afborj University of 
Michigan Press t !961] 

100 p. 21cm. ( Ann Aorbor paperbacks, AA57) 
DK265X882 1961 947.0841 61-44218 J 

McNeal, Robert Hatch, 1930- ed. 

Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev: voices of bolshevism. Engle- 
vood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall [1963, 
MO p. 21 em. ' 

JN6598.K7M15 335.43082 63-13818 t 

Mao, Tsi-tang, 1893- 

K Bonpocy o npaBoitHOM pasperaesHu npOTHBOpe^aii sny- 
xpa napoAa; pent, npoHSHeccHHa^c 27 $eBpaa:i 1957 ro^a na 
11-M pacranpeHHOM saceflaHHH BepxosHoro rocy^apCTBeH- 
Horo cosemaHHa. TCKCT Aaerc^ na OCHOBC OTpeAaKTHpoaaH- 
HOfi asropoM creHorpa^H^ecKoft sanacH H c BneceHHUMH HM 
HcroiopHMH Aon-OCTeHMMH. MocKsa, Upas^a, 1957. 

47 p. 20 g 

Maslaric, Bozidar. 

Moskva, Madrid, Moskva; se<5anja. Zagreb, Prosvjeta, 

133 p. 18cm. (Blblloteka "Prosvjete") 
DK267.3 1952.M3 60-31880 J 

Mead, Margaret, 1901- 

Soviet attitudes toward authority. t An interdisciplinary 
approach to problems of Soviet character Jan., 1951. 
Santa Monica, Calif., Rand Corp., C 1951. 

148 p 23 cm. ( [Rand report] R-199) 
AS36.R3 R-190 014.7 52-19347 rev 

Metelitsa, Lev Vladimirovich. 

IlepexoA ox KaniiTajiuawa K KOMMVHH3My nytt pasBHTiia 
HejiOBeiecTBa. [MocsBa] PocsyansAaT, 1963. 

53, [2] p. 20 cm. 
HC50.M46 6^48775 

Meyer, Alfred G 

Communism. New York, Random House t c 19GOj 

217 p. 19 cm (Studies In political science, PS34) 
HX40.SH3 335.43 60-6200 t 

Meyer, Alfred G 

Communism. [Rev. and enl. ed.-, New York, Random 
House [1963, 1962! 

218 p. 21 cm. 

HX40.M43 1963 335.43 62-20546 J 

Meyer, Alfred G 

Leninism. New York, Praeger C 1962, 1957] 
824 p. 21cm. (Praeffer paperbacks, PPS-81) 
[HX314] 335.430947 62-10312 t 

Miller, William Johnson. 

The meaning of communism, by William J. Miller, in 
association with Henry L. Roberts and Marshall D. Shul- 
man. Morristown, N. J.j Silver Burdett Co., book trade 
distribution by Simon, and Schuster [New York, 1963i 

192 p. illus. 24cm. 

Another issue. 

HX40.M527 335.43 63-10162 J 

Mitin, Mark Borisovich, 1901- 

On-iocoijnifl n coBpenenHOCTi. ; neKoroptie npoS.ieMH uapK- 


nayK CCCP, 1960. 

282 p. 23 cm. 
HX313.M5 61-25261 t 

Molodtsov, V 

SaKOHOMCpnocTii nepexoAa K icoMMyiniSMy. MocKsa, Siia- 
Hiie, 1050. 
31 p. 22 cm. (BcecorosHoe ofimeciBO no pacnpocTpaneHHio TIOM- 

THHCCKHX H HayHHblX 3HaHHfi. [H3AaHHj CepHSt 2.: <!>HflOCO(J)H5I, 18) 

AS262.V833 ser. 2, 1059, no. 18 00-18776 t 

Moroz, Konstantin VasiTevich. 

^HajreBrrnHecKnft MaTepnaJiHSM n^eftHoe opyacne 
aa KOMwyHHSM. MocKsa, BIHU, 1960. 

n p. 20 cm. (najieKTHHecKHfl H HCTOpmecKHfl MatepHajmsM) 
B809.8.M03 61-48776 J 

Morozov, VitaliX Dndtricvich. 

KanyHiaM zxxixzx, M3Ta naptiii i napo^a. MIHCK, flflxpy:. 
BH^-aa BCCP ; Pa^. ca^LIfl[JII t Ha-^KaHaMi^;Haft jiiT-pur. 1962. 

77 p. 17cm. (ryrapid a6 HOBaft nparpaMe KHCC) 
HC336J2.M578 63-47709 

Morton, Henry W 1929- 

Soviet sports; a school for communism. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms r !959j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4082 Mic 59-4082 

Columbia Unlv, Libraries 

Moscow. Akademia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

xxii cteafl KIICC H MeMCflynapo^Hoe KOMMyHiiCTHiecsoe 
ABHwenne. [PeAaK^noHHa KOJuteraji : B. B. JTesnii H B. M. 
^ettfiaoH] MOCKBE, HS^-BO BHIE H AOH, 1962. 

206 p. 21cm. 

JN6598.K7M6225 63-53472 

Moscow. Akadcmifi obshchestrennykh nauk. 

UporpaMMa uayieniu* Maxepaa-iOB xxn ctea^a KIICC put 
nojiHrniKOi, KpyacKOB ncropnn KITCC, OCHOB xapKCHSMa- 
JieHnHHSMa ir xcKymteft nojiiiTHKH.' IIoAroTOBJieHa Ka^e^ 
HCTopna KIICC AKaACMHn o6m[ecTBeHHHX Hays npn 
KHCC. MocKsa, 1961. 

80 p. 20cm. 

Moscow. Akademia obshchestrennykh nauk. 


nayiHoft CCCCHH aKa^eitHH. Haas. pe^aK- 
Top IO. II. 0>paHn.eBj MocKsa. BIHII, 1959. 

877 p. 21cm. 
JN6598.K7M6315 62-28412 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh rank. 

yieSnae nporpaMMti zix BeiepHiix yiniBepciiTeTOB jcaps- 
cnsMa-.i^niimrsMa. ncuroiomenu car|ie^;paiiii A catena n 
o6rn;ecTBeHHLix nays 11 Bucmert napTiifinoft IUKO.IM npn D.K 
KITCC. [OTEeTCTBCHHue peAaETopu: A. A. Tnsio^eeBcsHfi 
H jp.j MocKBa, HSJ-BO Bnin n AOH, 19G2. 

719 p. 22 cm. 
HX19.M62 G3-41792 J 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

BejnEoe TopxecTso n^eQ jenHHHSMa. [Fjias. pe^aETOp 
KX n. OpaHneBj MocEBa, BHH, 1960. 

483 p illus. 23cm. 
DK254X4M628 61-29303 J 

MOSCOW. Institut Tna.rkgigtna.]iiniMtn T 


[OTBercTBeHHtifl pe^asrop K). H. UTapanoB] MocKaa, Foe. 

H3fl-B0 HO-TIIT. .THT-pU, 1961. 

seep. 2icm. 
HX313.M6 62-41229 

Moskatov, Petr Georgievich. 

Paooiml K.iacc CCCP n cTpoiiTe-iu-TBO tuJiiivHus 

, , . 

97 p. 17 cm. (MaccoBajt CHSjiHoiesa paSoiero) 
HD8526.M5fa GO-23369 I 

Motylev, Aleksandr Samuilovich. 

Ho zrynr K KOMMyHH3My. MocKBa, Foe. H3#-BO HOIHT. 

JHT-pil, 1961. 

HX313.M65 64-37841 t 

Murav'ev, Aleksei Mikhaflovich. 

JlapTna n iiapo^ E nepno,i pasBepnVToro 


Nairay, Mikhafl, 1889- 


199 p. plate, ports. 20cm. 

N E 64-2571 

VHiiBcpCHTCT syxiiypu : 
er. 1961. MocsBa, 
20 no. In 1 r. Illns. 20 cm. 


Nebenznhl, Leon, tr. 

Arbeit rmd Kultnr im Kommunismus; Probleme des ent- 
f alteten A ufbaus des Kommmiismus in der TJdSSK. 1. Aufl.] 
Berlin, tiietz, 1961. 

170 p. 21 cm. f Internationale Relne) 
HN527JS T 415 63-55716 t 

Neffl, Thomas Patrick, 1915- 

Communism : why and how it works, by Thomas P. Neill 
and James Collins. With an introd. by R. J. Henle. New 
York, Sheed and Ward t !964] 

viii.216p. 22cm. 
HX40JS 7 37 335.41 64-19900 

Nieto Caballcro, Affustin, 1889- 

El secreto de Rush. Bogota, 1960. 
332p. iScra, 

62-50302 J 

Nikolaev, Vladimir Yladimirorich. 

POJL coBCxcioro rocyflapcrsa B nepno^ passepHyroro 
crpOHTejtCTBa soMMyHH3Ma. [Mocxsa] MOCSOBCKHU pa(So- 
raft, 1959, 

47 p. 20 cm. (PemetDM m cte3Aa KTTCC B MHCCM) 
DK274.3 1959^5 60-28093 t 

Nikolaeva, Lidiia Vasil'evna, 

CBo6o^a Heotfxo^HMiia npoxyrr HCTOpH^ecKoro passH- 
TH^. MocKBa T H3A-BO MocioBCsoro yHHsepcHTexa, 1964. 

290 p. 21 cm. 
HX313.N5 64-44918 

Novak, Joseph, pseud. 

Homo Sowjeticus; der Mensch nnter Hammer trad Sichel 
[Einzig berechtigte "Obertragnng aus dem Amerikanischen 
von Bemhard Kempner. 1. Aofl.j Bern, A. Scherz t 1962j 

Novak, Joseph, pseud. 

No third path, tlstedj Garden City, 

359p. 22cm. 
DK276J!{67 335.430947 

M Doubleday, 

Novikov, Avraam Izraflevich. 

138 p. 17cm. 

s^aT, 1962. 
63-37491 J 

Au^eKTiiEe passing coBCTCicoro co^^a.^HCTE^ccE:o^o 06- 
ecTsa. [Eo^ o6n^efi pe^. H. B. HiuiHneHEO H F. M. 
TipaKcaj MocEsa, Foe. HS^-BO no.iHi. .IET-PH, 1962. 
253 p. 21 COL 

63-29214 \ 


O KOMnyHH3ue; SHEra ,z^a ^reHHa:. fBcTyu. crarta H 

pefl. B. B. ILraTKOBCKoro. MocKBa, Foe. HS^-BO HOJIIT. 

JIHT-pH, 1063] 

556 p. Illns., pods. 21 cm. 
HX313.023 63-53191 

Olaya, Francisco. 

Be una a otra reroluci6n, 1789-1918. Buenos Aires, 1961. 

190 p. 21 cm. 


Ostrovitianov, Konstantin Vasfl'evich, 1892- 

CTponrejLCTBo EOMityHHSiia H TOBapHO-AeEexHHe OTHO- 
meELBS. ^locsBa, Foe. HSI-BO TLOZZI. JIHT-PM, 1962 

150 p. 20cm. 
HB199.08 64-35583 J 

Overstreet, Harry Allen, 1875- 

The war called peace, Khrushchev's comimmism, by Harry 
and Bonaro Overstreet. r lst ed., New York, Norton [1961! 

368 p 22cm. ^ ' J 

DK274.08 327.47 61-5CI2 t 

Peteisen, William, ed. 

The realities of world communism. Englewood Cliffs, 
IS". J., Prentice-Hall J1963J 

222 p. 22 cm. (University of California, Berkeley, tlnlrerslty 
extension series on pnbllc Issues, no. 1) 
HX44.P43 335.4S 63-18802 

Petrov, Fedor Nikolaevich, 1876- 

65 JCCT B pa^ax jtenHHCKOft napTHH ; BOCnoitHHaHaLa. Mo- 

CKBa, FOG. HS^-BO nOJIHT. JTHT-pH, 1962. 

159p. ports., tocslma, 20cm. 
HX312.P45 64-34593 

Petrov, Sergei MikhaHoTich, 

JCoMMyHHCTEHecEaa naprna B CJoptGe aa aasepmeHiie 
crpoHTe.ii.CTBa co^^a.^II3Ma n nocTeneHHurt nepexo^ E EOM- 
ityHnsiiy B npe^BoeHHue ro^H, 1937-HJOHi, 1941 ro^a. Mo- 
cKsa, SnaHHe, 1958. 

60 p. 22 cm. (BcecojosHoe o^mecTBO no pacnpocrpaHMDiK) n<win- 

THHCCKHX H HayHHhDC SHaHHfi. CepHJl I, N 30-31) 

HX314.P45 1958 59-50235 t 

Pflavof In, KemaL 

Komiinizme hucum! E Ankara.] M. QaputQuoglu t 1949j 
110 p. 20cm. 
DK266.P5 NE 62-1333 t 


2., nepep. MocKsa, BHcraax mKo^a, 1962. 

614 p. 22cm. 
HB179.P6882 1962 

Politicheskoe samoobrazovanie. 

K HsyHeHHD nporpaiom KUCC; 
MaTepHa.ioB. c PeflaKTOp A. 

BO nOJHT. <!HT-pH, 1962. 

214 p. 20cm. 

MocKBa, Foe. 


Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza. Komitet Centrdlny, 
Plenum, Mw., 1961. 

ix r i. e. Dziewi^tej plenum KG PZPE, 21-22 listopada 
1961 r. Podstawowe problemy gospodarM narodowej w 
roku 1962; referat Biura Politycznego KG PZPR. Spra- 
wozdanie delegacji PZPE na xm Zjazd EPZE wygloszone 
przez tow. Wladyslawa Gromulke,. Uchwaly DC Plenum KG 
PZPR, [Wyi L Warszawaj Ksiazka i Wiedza, 196L 

164p. 20cm. 
HC337.P7P644 1961 64-40800 

Pomeranfsev, E 

HHS nOJIHT. 3MHrpaHTOB H3 CCCP, 1960. 

28 p. 14cm. 
DK274.3 1960.P58 

63-49324 t 

Popova, Nina Ivanovna. 

Coq;na.iH3M H KOitnyHHSM ; B *CM OHH e^HHH H B ^cit pas- 
jiH^ar>TCJi. IlepMt, IlepMCKoe KSH^Eoe US^-BO, 1960. 

67 p. 20cm. (BeccAM o KOMwyHH3Me) 
HX313 J5S 61^5874 t 

Prague. Umversita Kariova. FUosofidco-kutoridcd fakutta. 
Spolek -posluchacu fiLosofie. 

Diskuse s univ. prof. dr. Arno^tem Kolmanem. t l. vyd.j 
Praha, Orbis, 194G. 

57 p. 21cm. (PfdnA5kyadlakuse.sT.l) 
HX314^5P7 59-51729 

?rakharenfca, Ivan Daanisavich, 

UepepacraHne conEajHcraiecEHx npOHSaoACTBeHHinc OT- 

HO-3EOE. JXHT-pU, 1963 

131 p. 20cm, 
HX313.P68 64-35577 

Pravda, Moscow. 

xxi ctes^ EI1CC o TeopermecEiix sonpocax,- 
CTsa EoMyHH3Ma ; cSopsiiE crareil. IVfoKrcsa, 1959. 

134p. 20cm. 
HC336.P74 60-34240 rev I 

Pravda, Moscow. 

OTBCTH Ha sonpocu ^Hrarezeft; cSopHHS craieft, ony- 
CjrKEOBaHHHX B rasere r 1IpaB^a." MocEsa, 1950. 

69 p. 20cm. 
HD85JP7 51-17720 rev 

Pravda, Moscow. 

Ho^ sHajteaeit np;eft .TeniiHa-CTajiiiHa ; cSopniiE craieft. 
MOCKM, npasAa, 195L 

101 p. 20 cm. 
HX313.P7 59-36239 rev 

Pravda, Moscow. 

BtsaxHC H^eajH EOirjfyHH3va [Hffp, Tpy,^, csotfo^a paseH- 
CTBO, SpaTCTBo, ciacTtc. Pe^aEiop H. A6ajtEHHj Mocisa, 
Upas^a, 1962. 

414 p. iltas., ports. 21cm. 
HX314.P73 63-52462 

Probfcmy mira i sotsializma. 

JleHEHHSSf B ,J(eftCTB2H ', cfiopEHE CTaTeft, OHY&rggOBagHMX 

a acypnaje "Epo5jeMH itnpa H co^HaJtH3Ha." Ilpara, Map 
H conHajHSH, 1962. 

125 p. 20cm. 
HX44.P678 64-35690 

: EOvyHicTiiHHoro GyAiBHUHTsa B pimeHHSX xn 3 ispy 
KIIPC; 3(SipEHK crarea [BijjnoBi^aatsnn pe^asnop K. 1C. 
.^yfiiiHa] KniB, ^epA'. BIU-BO HO.IIT. jfr-pa 7PCP, 1960. 
SISp, 21cm. 


Riabinin, Boris. 

Giennadij Fukalow. Warszawa, Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1S50. 
81 p. 21 cm. (M3o<M w ^nibte socjalfcnra) 
HX313.E5 60-36016 t 

Rieber, Alfred J 

A study of the USSR and communism : an historical ap 
proach, by Alfred J. Rieber and Robert C. Nelson. Chicago, 
Scott, Foresman r l962j 

2T2p. illus. 23cm. 
DK42J15 947.084 63-21256 t 

Rieber, Alfred J 

A study of the USSR and communism: an historical ap 
proach, by Alfred J. Eieber and Robert C- Nelson. New 
York. Putnam t 1964, e !962i 

256 p. Illus., ports., maps. 24cm. 
DK42.R.5 1964 914,7 64-10401 

Riis, Sergius Martin, 1883- 

Karl Mars, master of fraud. Introd. by Frank L. How- 
ley, t lsted.) New York, R. SpeUer [1962, 

116 p. 23 cm. 
HX40.R53 335.409 61-18789 J 

Rosental, E 

Communism brings happiness. London [Soviet Booklets! 

31 p. Illus. 19 cm. (SoTlet booklet no. 83} 
DK276.R6 62-50451 

Royster, Yennont 

Joumey through the Soviet Union. New York, D. Jones 

89 p. Illus. 18cm. 
DK276.R65 914.7 62-52268 t 

Rozental', Mark Moiseevich. 

BejriiEaji OET^SpBCKa^ co^HajtHCTKHecKaji PCBOIBHEJI a 
$opMHposaHHe HOBOIO ^ejOBCEa. CTeHorpauxa ny&iHraoft 
JCKUHE, npo^HxaHHOfl 14 orrxfipx 1947 roaa B MOCEBC. 
MocKBa. fHpasfla] 1947. 

29 p. 22cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 2W DK 
DK267.R63 49-52221 rav*t 

Rozhin, Vasilii Pavlovicb.. 

a raEoe 
61 p. 20cm. 

tarasxaT, 1959, 

60-43372 J 

Rozhin, Vasfli! Pavlovich. 

Tsop-iecEoe passatHe sxi C-LS^OM IQICC 
aeHMacKoft Haysn. ^enHHrpa^, 1960. 

52 p. 20cm. 

61-22015 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Bozhin, Vasflu Pavlovich. 

Bse^ttme 3 Teopau HaytHoro 

163 p. 22cm. 

Rossdl, Bertrand Rnssefl, W effl*, 1872- 

The practice and theory of Bolshevism c byj Bertrand 
Russell. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1064 ( 193j 

125 p. 21 ***" 
DE265.RB2 1964 335.4 64-21187 

Saher, Ernest 3 

Deutschknd und der SowjeUcornrrmrnsmus; die Bewah- 
run|* der Freiheit t Originalausgabe 3 Munchen, K. Piper 


306 p. 21 on 

63-41950 J 

Sanakoev, Shalva Parsadaaovich. 


nepexosa x coi*Ea*H3Hy, Mocrsa, Foe. HS^-BO ncunrr. JEHT- 

Dti 1962. 

3Sp. 20m. (Koi^j&T3HBH no HcropHH KHCC) 
EX313.S2 64-38647 

Schwartz, Harry, 1919- t 

The many faces of commnnism. t Jfew York] Berkley 

62-3406 J 


Sekirov, Mikhail Sergeevich. 

Secern 06 ocHosax HapECHcrcroft $asoco$HH. 
fiypr, OpenSj'prcsoe KHHJKHOC HS^-BO, 1963. 


Shachtmam Max, 1903- . 

The hnreaucratie revolution; the rise of the Stalinist 
state. New York, Donald Press J1962J 


62-11406 J 

Sh&ckf ord, R H 

The truth about Soviet Ess. Washington, Public Affairs 
Press 1962j 

224 p. 24 on. 
HX313JJi7 909.83 62-17452 J 

, Vasffii Vasa'evich. 

B area nama cirra ; oieps o lyxoenojt odfanKe coBCTCKoro 
napo^a n BOHHOB sooppceHHirx CHS CCCP. Mocna, Boen. 
H3*-BO, 1960. 

143p. 21cm. 
U717.R9S43 61-35311 J 

, Frd Porfir'evidu 

O HOJHOft B oKOHiaxeaLHoft nodeAe coAHa.TH3Ma B CCCP. 

61-36853 1 

72 p, 21 on. 

Shteppa, Konstantiii Feodostoich, 1896-1958. 

A syllabus on Soviet communism; a compilation from the 
commentaries of Soviet developments prepared for Radio 
Liberty, 1953-1959. New York, American Committee for 
Liberation ,1960 ? 7 

HX313J352 63-28097 rey J 

Smirnor, Georgii Liikich- 


isesKfi. Mocrsa, Foe. HS^-BO HOXHT. JMT-PH, 1962. 
5S PL 17 on. (B nomOG^b H3ycucxnHM. MarepHajai rtn ci>eaj(a 


Smimov, Georg3 LofcidL 

> xaa^oro. Mocxsa, CoBe-rcKaa Pocciur, 




StadnydMnko, Vafentyna SarhSrvBa. 

B be** B<JHKOI stem., t O^ecca : O^ectre KHHWSOBC 


Bp. 20cm. (BkSjmTea ariraropa) 

Stafin, loa^ 1879-1953, 

Mastering boishevism. New York, New Century Pub- 
lisbers I 1946, 

48 p. 19 cm. ( Mjinist pamphlets, no. 1) 
BK267^1937JS7 61-28338 

Stramilin, Stanislav Gustavovich, 1877- 

aeMBr co^HaJE3Ma H xomcyHHSxa B CCCP. MocKsa, 

3KOH.5HT-pH, 1961. 


Snkiennicki, Wiktor. 

Kolumbo\ry T bl^d; szkice z historii, teoru i praktyn so- 
vrieckiego "komunizmu." Paryz, Instytut Literacki, 1959. 

203 p. 22cm. (Dokumenty t 7]) 
HX40.SS1S 61-31223 rev t 

Saslov, Mikhail Andreevich, 1902- 

H^en JleHHHa osapaioT nyri, K KOMMynnaMy; oaaafl 21 
ansapa 1948 r. na TOpKecTBCHHO-TpaypHOM sace^anmi B 
MOCKBC, nocsameHHOit rsrv roAOBmnne co ^H^ cwepTH B. H. 
JTeHHHa. Mocjcsa, Toe. HS^-BO noanr. JDT-PH, 1948, 

SO p. port 20cm. 
DK265.17^85 48-24080 rev* 

Snslov, Mikhail Andreevich, 1902- 

Pe^t na BHeoiepeAHOM xn crtesAe KHCC, 30 amaps 1959 
ro^a. Mocssa, Toe. HS^-BO nojraT. jrar-pM, 1959. 

18 p, 20cm. 
DK274^1959.S8 61-25084 t 

Sntotskil, Sergei Borisovich. 

10 KHiiHOHOB EflyiqHX snepeflH, KIICC napma scero 
napo^a. Mocssa, HSA-BO noinr. jtHt-pii, 1963. 

68 p. 17 cm. (BuSjiHOTeqKa wo^oAoro KOAtwyHHcra) 
JN6598.K7S689 64-51308 

Tazeront, Mohand. 

Le communisme sovietique et la sociologie de la coexis 
tence pacifique. Rodez, Editions Subervie t 1959 3 

283 p. 23 011. (Sis Au congrts des dvllIseX 1 5) 

A 59-8390 
Chicago. Univ. Libr. 

Terikev, G V 

^BC $a3H EQMMyHHCTiiHecEOro ofiinecisa H saKOHouepKO- 
CTH nepepaciaHiia coi^iia.iii3Ma B EOMMynn3M. MocEoa, 
BIIIJI, 1959. 

95 p. 20 cm. (UnaneKTHHecKHa H HCTOpiwecttHfi MaTepwaJiHSM) 
HX313.T4 CO-32391 1 

Teriaev, G V 

^se tf>a3H EoicuyTiHCTHiecEoro oCn^ectBa n saEOHOMepHO- 
CTH nepepacTaHHJi co^HaJIH3Ma B EOMMyHiiait ; E sonpocy o 

^HH. MocEBa, BnUI H AOH, 1962. 

IMp. 21cm. 


Timasheff, Nicholas Sergeyevitch, 1886- 

iiiP-ift^^if|6^^^m^;i The great 
retreat; the growth and decline of communism in Eussia, 
j# ** 

t 1954j 

L Communism Russia. L Title, n. Title: The great retreat. 
Title romanteed: Ta t'ul ch'Ueh. 


C 61-2274 J 

TrofSku, Lev, 1879-1940. 

The Stalin school of falsification. Introd. and explana 
tory notes by Max ShacUtman. Translated by John G. 
Wright ,2d ed.T New York, Pioneer Publishers t !962j 

326 p. IIlus. 22 cm. 
HX314.T713 1962 947.084 62-11728 

TroSfcS, Lev, 1879-1940. 

Terrorism and communism j a reply to Karl Kautsky. 
Foreword by Max Shachtman. With France at a. turning 
point, and introd. to the 2d English ed., by Leon Trotsky. 
t Ann Arborj University of !Michigan Press rl961j 

191 p. 21cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks, AA56) 
HX36.K35T8 1961 336.4 61-42490 J 

Tsnda, Mlchio, 

290 p. IS cm. 



2. Trofiktl, L&T. l*TV-ld*0. x. Title. 
TWe nmmtMtt Gcodal no TorotwkHanm. 

J 61-1077 t 

Tsushima, Tadayuki, 1001- 

t !952, 

244 p 18 ci 

'r 1 ? Pic H,'iflJ27 

1 ConiuniniMii 2 Cnuiuiunisiu Russia. i. Title. 

Tttle roinani;cd: SutHrln-shugl no hihnn. 


J 62-1571 


B noMomB nponaraHflHciaM n oiyniaTejiflM EOMCOMOJIBCEHX 
nojiiiTicpy^EOB "KoMMynnsM npaETiiiecKaa sa^aia namero 
noEO.neiiHH." r MocEBaj* ruapflna, 1960. 

237 p. lllus. 20cm. 
HX313.U25 61-42366 J 

Ukrainfsev, B S 

^HajiesTiiKa nepepaciaHiur cor^iia.iiiSMa B KOMMyHii3M ; 


pasBiiTHn coniiaJinsMa. MOCEBE, Hsfl-so AKaAemni nayE 
CCCP, 1963. 

326 p. 22cm. 

Ulam, Adam Bruno, 1922- 

The new face of Soviet totalitarianism. Cambridge, Har 
vard University Press, 1963. 

233 p 22 cm. ( Russian Research Center studies, 47) 
HX313.U4 321.642 63-10876 I 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Communist propaganda, and the truth about conditions 
in Soviet Eussia (testimony of David P. Johnson) Hear 
ing before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House 
of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session. 
May 22, 1962. Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1962. 

71, 939-987, 1 p. I11U8. 24cm. 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Testimony of Captain Nikolai Fedorovieh Artiunonov 
(former Soviet mivnl officer) Hearing before the Commit 
tee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, 
Eighy-sixth Congress, second session. September 14, 1060. 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.. 1000. 

v, 1003-1020, 1 [). 24 cin. 
UA770.UO GO-G-1697 

Vasil'ev, Arkadil Nikolaevich. 

Bnorpa^nx Besa. MocKsa, Foe. USA-BO flCTCKoft JIHT-PH, 

95 p. ill us, 21 cm. 
HX313.V25 64-49834 

Vdovychenko, Heorhil Hryhorovych. 

mfc Tase nosna i oCTaroina nepeMOra coniajriaiiy. KHIB, 
.Hepac. BTIT-BO nrwiit, .lix-pn 7PCP, 1960. 

70 p. 20 cm. 
HX313.V35 61-27777 t 

Bjia#nMHp H^I>H? JleniiH o CTpoiiTeJtLCTBe con;najiii3Ma n KOM- 
icyHH3na. [PeflaKunoHHaji KojrjierHK: A. H. HsaHos (npe^- 
ceflaTejtb) H ^p. CapaxoB] HS^-BO CapaxoBCKoro ynnBepcH- 
Teia, 1960. 

252 p. 23 cm. 
HX313.V55 64-32942 

VladimirtSev, Vasilil Sergeevich. 

MocKsa, Been, HS^-BO, 1961. 

80 p. 20 cm. 
JN6598.K7V57 61-46900 t 

Vogt, W J ed. 

For the whole world to see : the real face of communism. 
Pretoria. Anticom, 1958. 

95 p. 25cm. 
HX40.V6 62-34268 J 

Volksbund f iir Frieden und Freiheit. 

Entlarvter Kommuru sinus, r^oim, 1 
31 p, flliis. 28 cm. 

57-20US;) rev | 

Weisbord, Albert, 1900- 

Critique of the ne-w draft program of the Communist 
Party of the Soviet Union. Chicago, E. Clemente t l962?] 

48 p. 22 cm. 
JN6598.K7W4 342.47 62-4502 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Book: Subjects 


RUSSIA (Continued) 

Wefts, Herbert George, 1866-1946. 

POCCHJI BO t nepenoA c anntHficEoro B. Hactoesa n 
H. Biiccep] MocEsa, Foe. H3-BO .IHT-PH 1959 

102p. 20cm. ' 

DK265.W3T15 1959 CG-23S8S J 

Wetter, Gnstav Andreas. 1911- 

Der dialektische Materialismus, seine Geschichte und sein 
System in dor Sowjetunion. 4., benrh. und erweiterte Aufl. 
Freiburg. Herder jlfloSj 

xli, 8SQ p. 23 cm. 

[HX314.W ] A 59-4641 rev 

Wisconsin. Cniv. Libr. 

Wilbur, William Hale, 1888- 

Russian Communism, a challenge and a fraud, by William 
E. Wilbur. Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1964 

xlil,286p. 22cm. 
DK276.W55 914,7 64-17829 

3a jeKHHCKHfi CTHIS B paooTe ; coopHHK crajeft. [IToj ocTmefl 
pea. H. K. Eetoryposa. CocraBHTejn, K. O. CoporzHj KHCB, 

IOC. H33-BO nOJHT. JHT-ptt, I960. 

iSSp. 21cm. 
HD49(>LZ13 64-54219 J 

Zal&ev, RostisfcT L'vovidi. 

ITepepacTaHne corjHajHcrinecsoro Tpy^a B 
Tpy,?. Hepexo^ s EOMic 

TSM. MocKsa, Enemas 

57 p. 22 on. (MarepHaati s JiecoiZM no n<XHHT3K>HOMHH) 
EX313.Z17 63-40844 J 


Laqnenr, Walter Ze'ev, 1921- ed. 

The future of communist society, edited by Walter 
Laqneur and Leopold Labedz. New York, Praeger r !962] 

106 p. tables. 22 cm. (Praeger publications In Hessian hiKory 
and world communism, no. 101) 
EX313.L3 1962 335.430947 63-9509 

Lenin, Vladimir ITich, 1870-1924. 

"Ober das Bfiudnis der ArbeiterkUase mit dar warktiiigen 
Banemschaft; eine Sammlung aosgewabjiar Anfeatze und 
Beden. t l.AnfLj Berlin, Dietz, 196L 

209 p. 21 cm. (Bflcherel des MarrfenmB-LpnTnfgrmg, Bd. 00) 
HX550P4L4 64-3698S J 


Kkv. Derztavna respublikans^a MMioteka TJTISR imeni 

Tpy^oBnft repo?3M <SyfliBHHKiB KOHynisify; oeci^a npo 
ISHTH. iCtiaia G. C. ^epitaHj Km 
YPCPj 1939. 

24, t 2, p. 20 on. (Ha jionoory 6i6.OTeitapeBi) 

Moscow. Akademiia obshciestr 


Ilporpaica BHBICHHS icarepiajriB xxn ala^y KHPC; 
TcoperiiiHux cexiHaptB 3 icropii KHPC i OCHOB 
jeHiHiaity. Ili^roTOBJieHa Ka4>e 1 5po icropii EH PC 
sdi cycnlitEHX Hays: rrpa UK KHPC. KHIB, ^epx. 


64-41326 J 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennyth 

IIporpaMica Kypca "YTCHHC o co^gaJCH3^te H 
^jji sepHHX yHHBCpCHreroB napscH3jra-jeHHHH3iia. (Oa- 
Ky^LTer OCHOB JtapECE3iia-.ieHHHH3Ka) IIo^roTOBJieHa sa- 
^e^poft HC-ropnH KIICC AKa^eMHa o5m;ecTBeHHux nays upa 
EpK KIICC. rOrBercTBCEHHa peAaxrop H. H, 
Mocxsa, HSS-BO BmU H AOH npn EQE KIICC, 1962. 

28 p. 20cm. 

64-40213 J 

Moscow. Gosudarstvennaia pubEchnaft istoriehestafi. bi- 

paobxa EUCC Hory^ee opyacae B 
obptfie 3a BOMMVHHSII; peKonea^arejaHidl yiasaTeii jocre- 
parypii B nOMOmt nponaraHAe pemeggfi HBHtcxoro, 1963 r^ 
nienyTta UK EUCC fCocraxarejai Jl A. KoreitHxroBa K 
H.A.Htoxraaj Mocna, EsHra, 1961 


Moscow. GOT 


e: pa>seE^aTt3iHafi yiaaaTCJ 
B Hoaoay. y^areiu. iCbcraBiCH H. 5i. SepHecox H 
Ho^ pe*. M. ji. HTBffHa, Mocrsa, HS^-BO Bcec. KHH^ 
caaani, 196S. 

Moscow. PnbUciaaia bibKoteka, 

K nooe^e roMMyHHCTH^eczoro ipy^a ; peKone^aTeitHufl 
yrasaxeai, araiepaTypH. jCocraBKreii, H. SL KepHecj Mo- 
craa, 1963. 

TTp. 22cm. 
Z7165JB9M614 63-54478 

Moscow. Pablichnaia bMoteka. 

OcaoBH no.niTiiiecxnx 3HaHHft; <5ece,a;i o 


H : C. M. BossHHa a ap.j MocEsa. 1960. 
Sip, 22cm, 
Z7164.S671I6M 61-21664 

Moscow. PuWichnaia bibfioteka. Nauchno-metodicfoskS, 
otdd bibliotekovedeju& i bibliogTafiL 

HponaraHAa peraeHiifi n BaTepua.iOB BHeoiepe^Horo ixi 
ctes^a KoMMVHiicTn^ecEofi napTMii CoBeicsoro CODSE; 
coVspHHK 6H6jrHOrpa$H?ecsHX n JtCTo^HiecEHx vaTepna.tOB. 
^Cmaa p^. B. H. Iljeroje&of?] Mocsna, 1959. 

ISSp. 12cm, 
Z7l&i.S67MC9 00-18011 

Moscow. Poblichnaia biWioteka. 

otdel bibliotekovedeniia i bibH&grafii. 

IIponaraHAa pcmeHHft H MaiepHa-ioa TTTT ctesja KoMMy- 
HHCTHtecEOft napriia CosexcEoro Coiosa; cCopHHE 6n6jiHO- 
rpa$H^eciMx B MCTO^HHCCKHX MarepHajoB. [Pe^aKTopH 
E. E. TponnEajt H F. n. fcoHOTOBj MocKsa, 1962. 

278p, 22cm. 
Z7165J19SI66 62-57935 J 


Apon Record Corporaiipn, New York. 

Kotnnnistickf zvefinec. Communist zoo. Xetv York, 
C 1961. 

unpaged (chiefly fllus.) 13x21 on. 


Irkutsk, Siberia. Vysshaia partimaia shkola. 

C6opHHE craieS. BHIL 1 
jHpiyrcE] HpsyrcEoe KHKEHOC HSA-BO, 1959- 



Khabarovsk. Ins ti tat inzhcnerov zhek2iiodorozhiioffo 
tran^xirta. K&fedrci jnGFfesisTnci-lffniTu&nui, 

CoopHzi ciareft. BHH. 1- 
iXaoaposcKi Xa<5apoacKoe SHH'A'HOC na^-ao, 1960- 

HXS1LK452 62-45026 


Kommmusticheskaia partfia Sovetskogo Soioza. 

KoxMyHHCTHHecsaji rraprnx Cosercsoro Cousa B peaojiio- 
^KiX H pemesasx CBCSAOB, soH^epenu;Hfi: H rueayiioB IPC, 
1898-l960j Hsfl. 7. tMocKsaj Foe. HS^-BO ncaHT. JIHT-PH, 


55-23234 rev 

KommmiistichesJmia partiia Sovetskogo Sonrza. 

Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; 
adopted by the 22nd Congress of the C. P. S. U., October 31, 
196L New York, Crosscurrents Press t c 1961, 

143 p. li) cm. {Documents of current Jilstoiy, no. 20) 

1961af 342.47 62-1123 rer 2 

Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovet^ogo Soiuza. 

Program of the Communi^: Party of the Soviet Union. 
With a special pref. to the American ed. by N. S. Khru 
shchev. .\ew York. International Publishers r 1963i 

143 p. a em. 
JX6598.K6P712254 320.947 

Kommnnisticheskaia partha Sovetskogo Soifeza. 


Moocsa, Foe. ES^-BO HOZHT. JHT-PH {etc.! 

r. 23cm. (ItyoTOKooH H T^orpnt>mecKe emerM ( 
H Jcoa4>epHinfi KoMityHKCTHTCCKofl napTHH CoseTCKOTO Coiosa) 
JN6598JK4P73 47-44558 rev 3 

KommanisticheskaA partiia Sovetskogo Sotoza, SL 


y xxi <n*3fly KUCC. MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO HO.IHT. 

JHT-PH, 1959. 

806 p. Iltes. a cnt 
JN6S98.K5 1959a 


Roesiisfcaia soSial-demokraticheskaia rabochaia partiia. 7. 
Jbow/tfrmfiwo, Lenmffrad, 1933. 

Ce^staa {atrpeaicsaji) BcepoccHacsaji ^K)H^epeH^H 
(<5o^tineBHEO8) HeTporpaACKaa oCnteropo^CKaji 
PC^PII (oojifcrnesHKOB) anpeai, 1917 ro^a. 

MoCKBa, FOC. H3fl-BO nOJTHT. JUTC-pH, 1958. 

"xH, 423 p. ^ cm. (np<mwojai H creaorpa^wjeaoae CXTMTN cies- 
OB H XQ6$epeam& KoMMymcnpiecKOt napnm COBCTCKOTO COKBH) 
~ 19l7g 63-44551 


Johnsan, Gerald White, 1890- 

Commnni^m : an AnierieanV view. Illusrittted, bv 
Everett Fisher. X&TT York, Morrow, 1964, 

160 p illus,, ports. 23 cm. 
HX312 JfJ j 335.4 ^ 

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Gostidar&tveniiyf pedagogidiesfcS in- 

KpacHoapcs, 195 

v. 21cm. 

Lenin, Vladimir IUch, 1870-1924. 
O EOMifyBECTHiecEofi HpaBc 

H3A-BO CO-IIIT. JIHT-pH, 1&61. 

233 p. 21cm. 


:i. MocEsa, Foe. 
62-29435 t 

Lenin, VTadimir D'ich, 1370-1924. 

O KOMHyHHCTHHecjcoft HpascTBeHHOCTE. USA- 2. ilocrsa, 

FOC. H3A-BO HO-1IIT. JIHT-pH, 1963. 

278 p. 21cro. 
HX312JW& 1963 63-55159 

Moscow. Moskovskfi ^osudarstvennyi pedagogkhesfc2 in- 
stitnt. Kafedra iitorii A'PSS. 

Tpy r iu. Bwrr. 1- 
MocKaa, MFITEI, 19 

T. in 23 nu. (.MOCKOBCKHH rocyaapcTBCHHi.* ncaaror- 

necKufi HHcrirryr HMCHH B. H Jlemnta. .VieHwe saroictH) 
AS262.if6 60-31ffB rev 

Pjatnifsku, Oap Aronovich, 1S>- 

Rompieado la noche ; memorias y revelaciones de un bol- 
chevique, ayer y hoy, el mundo maiiana. r l. ed-, mejod 
y ampliada j Mesico, Ediciones Pavlov r 19&- ? 3 

4^3 p. 23cm. (ColecdtePavloT) 
HX312.P5 61-37993 t 

PodLaahuk, Pavel I 

TosapHm Hnecca, ^oiyiieHTa3LHaa noBCcrt. Mocisa, 

FOC. H3-BO HOJHT. JIHT-pH, 1963. 

164 p. nios. 20cm. 
HX312A75P6 63-49572 

Rieber, Alfred J ed. 

The TJSSE and communisn: source readii^s and inter 
pretations. Edited by Alfred J. Rieber and Kobert a 
Nelsoa Classroom adviser: Daniel PoweS. Chicago, Scott, 
Foresman, 1964. 

320 p. Illoa, col. maps (oo corer} 23 oa, 
HX313.E53 335.430947 64-20465 

SansbJdii, Nikobu Maksmwvklu 

O Kyattre JJITOOCTH H aBTopHTere. Mocssa, Foe, zajt-ao 

nOJtHT. IHT-pH, 1962. 

47 p. 20cm. (KoacyjBiTamfflDOBCTOpaHKnCC) 

63-44583 t 

Tanaka, Shigeyiiki, 1898- 

2, 7, 408, 15 PL taWea. IScm. 
Bibliography : p. 11-15 (ttli groap) 

HX312.T3 J 61-185 


Kaasil', Lev Abramonch, 1905- 

Hpo zu2H COBCCM xopomyr>. tMocxsa, Foe. E^-BO xer- 
ciofi JET-pii, 1963] 

ISSp. illas. 23on. 



MocrBa, Foe. HS^-BO norar. rar-pH, 1959- 

no. la T. 21 cm. 


Teopero^ecroft E 

T. In 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



HX8. V22 

ne. p, lj- 1957- 
v. In Illoa^ ports. 26 cm. monthly. 

59-23268 rev 


BJIOKHOT aniTatopa, 

v. In illus. 11 x 13 cm 3 no a month. 




Bfelousov, Viktor Ivanovych. 

Ha unaxy jo nepexoni; 3 iciopii KOityincTii-uroi oprani- 
aatfi SaKapnaTCLKoi yxpaiini, 1929-1938 pp. Y^-ropo*, 3a- 
KapnaTci.Ke o&iacne BIU-BO, 1958. 

237 p. 21 cm. 
JN2220.A5KC324 60-27021 1 


Spivak, Borys Ivanovych, 

7 noiyMl peBOJiioniftHHX <$OIB; 30 icropil BUHHEHCHH* i 
jUmwocri nepraHX rOMVHicTHHHHX opraHisanitt na 3asap- 
aaTCtKifl yspami. Yacropofl, SaKapnaTCLjce 061. BH^-BO, 

llSp. 20 cm. 
HX260.R9S6 64-32949 t 

Socijalistiai savez radnog naroda Crne Crore. Glow* 

Drugi plenum Glavnog odbora SSEN Crne Gore. Cetvrti 
plenum Centrnlnog komiteta SK Srbije. Glavni urednik 
Linbica Staninurovid Beograd, Kultura, 1961. 

103 p. 20 cm. ( PoIitlCka dokumentaclja, 3) 



T, in Illns^ ports. 38cm. biweeWy. 
JN9659.A5K65 59-54440 


Antondw, MichaJ, ed. 

Organizacje komunistyczne na G6rnyiu sl%sku i w Zagl- 
biu DabrowBkim, 1918-19-22; materialy zrtSdtowe. Zebrali i 
opracowali : Michal Anton 6w, Henry k Rechowicz i Jerzy 
Sochanik. t Wyd. 1., Katowice, ^Yydawn. "Slask," 1958. 

340 p. Hlus. 21cm. 

59-51200 t 

Kahiia, Adam, td. 

Wspomnienia konranistxSw dasHch. OpracowaH A. Ka~ 
foia. i H. Recho-wicz. t^yi lo Katowice, Sla^, 1962. 

207p. 21cm. 

Hai wai ch*u pan she, Pai-pei. 



C 61-4199 

Japans Library 4294^5 


Holotfkova, Zdenka, 

Gibor aliMrj fivot leyolacionara. r^ed, : tJstav d|ui 
Komtoastfc&sf stoiny SKoYensk^poboaouTJdKSO. 

Motoaa, Vladimir. 

na SJoven^kji. Brati- 
j 195ST, 



Skerb*c, Mati ja, 

]Bd&tzver,pijanakrTi Po ori^aaalnili virih. Clevelaiid 
tAmeri^a domovinji] 1950-^ 
4 no. la 1 r. illus. 22 cm, 

89-46577 J 


Regent, Ivan. 

Poglavja iz boja za socializem. Ljubljana, Cankarjeva 
zalozba, 19 

v 20 cm 
HX365.5.R4 64^1198 

. H<5para- 


Tashkend. Universitet. 

Hcxopna KUCC. t O 

*a ^S^SJ 
CKHe HayKH, KB. 40) 
DS1.T32 kn.40 


Bolloten, Burnett, 1909- . . , 

The ^rand camouflage; the communist conspiracy in tne 
Spanish Civil War. London, Hollis & Carter, 1961. 

?Sk 946.081 61-65073 J 

Bolloten, Burnett, 1909- . 

The grand camouflage; the communist conspiracy in the 
Spanish Civil War. New York, Praeger t 1961] 

350 p. Hlus. 23cm. (Books that matter) 
DP269.B656 946.081 61-10522 t 

CarlaviDa, Mauricio. 

Anti-Espana 1959; autores, complices y encubridores del 
comunismo. Madrid, NOS, 1959. 

DP270.C25 Cm 60-29436 J 

Carrillo, Santiago. 

Sobre algunos problemas de la tactica de lucha contra el 
franquismo. Montevideo c Ediciones "Espana Democra- 
tica"j 1961. 

89 p. 19 cm. 
DP270.C277 62-43045 rev J 

Castro Delgado, Enrique. 

Hombres made in Moscu. Para la portada de este libro 
ha sido utilizado un cuadro del pintor Eam6n. Pontones. 
Mezico, 1960. 

TSTp. Illus. 20cm. 
HX344.C385 60-43215 J 

Ibarruri, Dolores, 1895- 

El unico camino. Habana, Lnpr. Nacional de Cuba, 1962. 

462 p. 21 cm. 
DP233.I2 68-47622 1 

Marafidn, Gregorio, 1887-1960. 

The liberal in the looking-glass. [Translated from the 
original French by Denise Loire in collaboration with John 
Howland Snow. 1st American ed. New Canaan, Connj 
Long House, 1964. 

75, i5) p. 23 cm. 
BP269.MS535 1964 946.081 64-13294 

Maranfa, Gregorio, 1887-1960. 

Liberalism and communism t 
Revolution. Madrid C OID] 1961. 

47 p. 21 cm. 
DP269.M3535 1961 

on the Spanish 
61-44697 1 

Maslaric, Bozidar. 

Mo^cva, Madrid, Moskva; se6anja. Zagreb, Prosvjeta, 

133 p. 18cm, (Bibllotda "Prostate") 
DK267.31952.M3 60-31880 t 

Spain. 0-fioma, d& Informaciori Diplomdtioa. 
M Frente Popular en Espana. Madrid, 1948. 
88p. IDwb 20cm. Afrnt ~ 

DP257A4 1948 51-37247 rev 

SPAIN ias TORY "'''/; :<: 

Partido Comunista de Espana. . 

Bejiny Eommunistick^ strany SpaneTska, t ^prac, Komise 
tJstfedniho vyboru KomunistickS stcany SpanSbfea ?a pfed- 
sedtoictvi Dolores IbirrurL Ze SpaiieHskeTio original^ P*eL 
Oldrieh 3te. Vyil. Prahaj StStnl nakL politicH Etera- 
tuxy > 1962, 

289p. 21cm. * ,-' i " ; 


SWEDEN - ', 

see also Sverges kommunistiska parti 



Kommunismus in der Schweiz; Skizze uber seine ^Anfange, 
Gcschichte und Gegenwart. Lausanne, Aktion Freier Staats- 
biirger ,1055, 
174 p. 13cm. 
HX352.K6 59-iS459 


craaa; anHOTHpo- 
5e, 1962. 


O paiyp na HHO- 

Nikolaeva, M V 

saHHLifl yKasaxejib .iHTepaiypH. 

82$ p. 23cm. 


O TH<5eTCEOM Bonpoce. IleKHH, E 
cipaiiHHX flSHKax, 1959. 

808 p. 19cm. 


Holzer, G 

Fasti e nefasti della quarantena titina a Trieste. [Trieste, 

86 p. plates, ports. 24 cm. 
JN5690.T7II6 64-36179 


Regent, Ivan. 

Poglavja iz boja za socializem. Ljubljana, Oankarjeva 
zalozba, 19 

T. 20 cm. 
HX365.5.R4 64.41198 


TursunoT, Kh T 

KoMMyHHCTH^ecKHe napiHH TypKecrana, Eyxapn H Xo- 
pesna B nepHOfl HannoHaJTBHO-rocyAapCTBCHHoro pasMeacesa- 

HH B CpeflHCfl ASHH. TamKCHT, TOC. H3A-BO 73(5eKCKOfl 

CCP, 1959. 
82p. 20cm. 

JQ1089.U8T8 61-44497 t 

Ustinov, Viktor Mifchailovich. 

""iHHHCKaa noJiHTHKa rrapTHH na BOCTOKC; o pysOBOACTBe 
"PKII(6) KoMnapxHeft TypKecrana B 1918-1924 rr. 
rj 'H3, KaprESCKoe roc. HSA-BO, 1963. 
170 p. 21 cm. 



Tikkiyede komunist hareketleri. r lstanbul, 1961-62, v. 1, 

2 v. in L llluB., ports., facsims. 17 cm. (Toprak der^st yayinlan, 
no. 10) 
HX357 D3 N E 63-1500 

Tiran, Osman. 

Turkiyede komiinizmin kaynaklan. Ankara, ark M'at- 
baasi, 1964. 

64 p. 19cm. 
HX357.T8 N E 64-1052 

Ashkhabad, Russia. Institut istorii partii. 




Ivanov-Potemkin, I 

HomHpCHHx icapECESuy i nepmi xapxcKCTCbKi 
na YKpaiHL Kai^, ^epac. BH^-BO noxir. jrii-pn YPCP> 1961. 

128 p. 20cm. 
JN6598.R6I8 62-39234 J 

AraxaSa.i;. TypKMencKoe roc. 

v. 'JO cm. 

EMeHHCTana ; TeopeiaiecKHfl H i 

v. ports. 26 cm. 

, , 

Commmttism : the enemy of mankind ; documents about the 
.methods and practice of Russian Bolshevik occupation in 
Ukraine. With a- foreword by W. Mykula, London, 
Ukrainian Youth Association in %eat Britain, 1955. 

120 p, fllus. 20 cm. 
DK508.8.K29 -947.71 59^51277 I 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


UKRAINE (Continued) 

LVOT. Politekhnichnyi instytut Kafedra istorii SPSS. 

TopsecrBO .leniHCLKHX i^efi; aCipHUE crarefi, npnCBZHe- 
Eufi OO-piTnD 3 XB.X Hapo^CHHs Bctto^Hitspa LLiiia -lenina. 
jPeAasrop M. I. Paxnoj .I&siB, 1960. 

168 p. 22 on. (Its HayKosi saimcKH) 
HX313.LS5 61-37092 J 

Vatkevycfa, Volodymyr Ivanovych. 

lEoBHa i ocraToiHa nepeitora coniajosicy B CPCP KHIB 

SSp. 20cm. 
EC337.TJ5V35 61-32799 J 

Zaporozhets', Sydir. 

fi noBHHCH 3Haxn. 
2S3p. 21cm. 

D fiopr, 1952. 



Kommunisticheskaia partiia Ukrainy. S'*ezd. 

Maiepiajn sla^y. 
KIIIB, (HJepiK. BII^-BO no.m. -lir-pii. 

v. 27cm. 
JN6598.K75M3 57-22490 rev 


Anderson, Edward W 

Where do we go from here? Seattle 1960, 
135p 22cm. 
[BT1215] 239.9 

60-5452 J 

Btttefrnan, Alexander, 1890- 

A Communist views America's future, [U. p.] 1960. 
272 p. 28 cm. 
B3T58.B5 63-29557_J 

Brose, Lambert. 

HOTV to fight communism today. Saint Louis, Concordia. 
Pnb. House t 1962j 

90 p. 19 cm. {Concord books) 
HX86.B7S326 335.430973 62-6294 J 

Cannon, James Patrick, 1890- 

Tlie first ten years of American communism, report of a 
participant- [1st ed. 3 New York, L. Stuart (1962] 

343 p. 22 ciu. 
HX8G.C13S 335.430973 62-15692 t 

Capefl, Frank A 

Freedom is up to you; American handbook for anti-Com 
munists. Staten Island, X. Y., Herald of Freedom t 1962] 

98p. 28cm. 
HXS6.C168 62-45470 J 

Church League of America. 

A manual for survival, a counter-subversive study course. 

61-17316 J 

I97p. 28cm. 

Cronin, John Frauds, 1908- 

Communism : threat to freedom. Washington, National 
Catholic Welfare Conference C 1962i 

SOp. lcm. 
HX44.C7 335.43 62-15259 J 

De Toledano, Ralph, 1916- 

Seeds of treason, by Ralph d Toledano and Victor Lasky. 
Rev. and updated by Ralph de Toledano. Chicago, Reg- 


14 p. 21cm. ( Great debare series) 

E743-5.H55D47 1962 


Draper, Theodore, 1912- 

American communism and Soviet Russia, the formative 

period. New York Viking Press, I960- 

558 p. 22 COL (Communism in American life} 
HX83J>6S 335.430973 60-7672 J 

Foster, Wiliain Zeimkm, 1881-196L 

Toward Soviet America. The book the communists tried 
to destroy! Foreword: Francis E. Walter; chapter notes: 
Maurice Ries. Balboa Island, Calif., Elgin Publications 

343 p. 23cm. 


62-27017 J 

Carman, Witford Ohlen Blgget, 1899- 

CommunSst infiltration in the churches. PitisbQrgh? 

36 p. 22cm. 



Gnttmann, Allen, ed. 

Communism, the courts, and the Constitution. Edited 
with an introd. by Allen Guttmann and Benjamin Munn 
Ziegler. Boston, D. C. Heath r l964, 

132 p 24 cm. f Problems la American civilization ) 

343.3 64-4424 

Hargis, Billy James, 1925- 

The facts about communism and our churches. Research- 
documentatiou by Julian "Williams. lst ed., Tulsa, Oklsu, 
Christian Crusade rl962, 

246 p. IT cm. 
HX87J3:i5 3:i5.430973 62-53046 I 

Hoover, John Edgar, 1895- 

A study of communism. t lsc ed-j New York, Holt, Rine- 
hart aud Winston r!962 : 

212 p. IUus. 24cm. 
HX40.HC.1 335.43 62-20617 t 

Hoover, John Edgar, 1895- 

A study of communism. jSchool ed. 7 New York, Holt, 
Rinehart and Winston t !963] 

228 p. illos. 25 era. 
HX40.H63 1963 335.43 63-2280 J 

Mast, RosseH L 

Christianity and ctanmi 
Life Press t 1962j 

32 p. 2Scm. 

tNewton, Kan.j Faith and 
62-52290 J 

Noyes, John Humphrey, 1811-1886. 

History of American socialisms. New York, Hillary 
House, 196L 

Trt,678p. 23<m- 
HX83JS T 9 1961 335.10973 64-3781 

Roy, Ralph Lord. 

Communism and the churches. [1st ed.j New York, Har- 
court, Brace t 1960, 

495 p. 22 cm. I Communism in American life) 
BR517JE164 261.7097S 60-10941 % 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American. Ac- 

Communist penetration of nulio facilities (CouelrRd-^om- 
munitations) Hearings [find reportj before the Committee 
on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-sikth Congi-ess, second session,; Eighty-seventh 
Congress, first sessioiij ... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 15HW-61. 

2 pts. 24 an. 
HE8670.U6A45 19(50 3S4.542 G0-64725rev 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American 

TI. S. Communist Party assistance to foreign Communist 
governments (Medical Aid to Cuba Committee and Friends 
of British Guiana) Hearings before the Committee on Un- 
American Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty- 
seventh Congress, second session, November 14^15] 1962. 
Washington, U. S. <Jovt Print. Off., 1963. 

ST. (Ti, 1837-2015, xv p.) Hlus., map. 24cm. 
HX86.U52 63-60550 

U. S. Federal Bureau, of Investigation. 

The current Communist threat; a statement, by J. Edgar 
Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sub 
committee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal 
Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Com 
mittee on the Judiciary, United States Senate. October 1962. 
Washington, U. S. Govfc. Print. Off- 1962. 

iU,7p. 24cm. 
HX86.A115 1962 62-64491 

Welch, Robert Henry Winborae, 1899- 

liie life of John Birch; in the story of one American boy, 
the ordeal of his age. Chicago, Regnery, 1954. 

USp. illus. 20cm. 
D767.3.W4 940.5351 54-12105 rev t 


Oranes'ian,S A _ 

Hos-Beu paoo^ero ^BroKenns B CHLA. B 1919-1921 IT. Mo- 
cxsa, HS^-BO AxafleitHH nays CCCP, 1961. 

^ 62-31014 

U. a 1917- 
see also Communism in education 

Anderson, Jack. 

McCarthy: the man, the Senator, the 'ism," by Jack An 
derson nnd Ronald "W. May. Boston, Beacon Press t !952i 

431 p. 22 cm, iBeacon studies In freedom and power] 
E748.M143AD 923.273 52-11115 rev J 

Andrews, Bert, 1901-1953. 

A tragedy of history ,- a journalist's coafklenfcial role in the 
Hiss-Chambers case, by Bert Andrews and Peter Andrews. 
Washington, R. B.Lnce r !962 : 

235 p. 21cm. 
E743^JI55A5 364.13 62-18476 t 

Arevato, Jnan Jose, Pres. Guatemala, 1904- 

Anti-Kommunism in Lprin. America; an X-ray of the 
process leading to new colonialism. Translated from the 
Spanish by Carleton Beals. New York, L Stuart ^963^ 

224 p. 21 cm. 
HX177.AT10 335.43053 63-7912 

Arevalo, Juan Jose, Pres. Guatemala^ 1904- 

Antikomuaismo ea America Latina: radioj^rafla, del pro- 
ce=o hacia una nueva colonizacion, Buenos Aires, Editorial 
Palestra [1959] 

194 p. 21 cm. (ColecciiSa: Verteatea de la Illertad) 
HX177.A7 60-19162 t 

Arevalo, Juan Jose, Pres. ff-uatemafa, 1904- 

Antikomujiiano en America Latiaa; radiografla del pro- 
ceso hacia una nueva colonizacion. 3. ed. Habana, Edi- 
ciones La Tertulia, 1960. 

206 p. 2ft ciu. 
HX177.A7 1060 G1-20JV2JJ J 

Benson, EzraTaft 

Title of liberty. MM* A. Benson, compiler. Salt Late 
City, Deserefc Book Co., 1964. 

234 p. coL port. 24 cm. 
E743.5.B3S 64-4317 

f Charles. 

L'AmenqnetraMejMacCarthyavaitraJsoii. Paris, Dif 
fusion : Societe de presse et d'editions de la "Croix e&tiqoeP 

1ST p. IS cm. 

63-45095 J 

Buckley, Wflliam Prank, 1925- 

McCarthy and his enemies; the record and its 
t byj Wm. F. Buckley & L. Brent Bozell. Prc4ogae by Wil 
liam Schlamrn. t New ed., Chicago, H. Regnery Ca ( 1S54 
: i e, 1961! 

425 p. 24cm. 
E74831143BS 1961 973.918 61-66796 J 

California. Ltvislatitre. Assembly. Interim, Qomm&tee on 
Constitutional Amendments. 

Transcript of heftring oiij ACA3S (ilembers of Com- 
mnnist Party and other aibversive organizations) San 
Francisco, California, January 15 and 16, 1962. t San Fran 
cisco, 1962, 
276 L 29cm. 


Carr, Wffliam Guy, 1895-1959. 

The red fog ora- America. 2d ed. TTiIlowdale, Out, 
National Federation of CKristian Laymen, Publications 
Committee, 1S57. 

E743.5".C32 1957 335.43097 60-34738 t 

Carr, WIfflain Guy, 1895-1959. 

The Red fog over America. 3d ed. Los Angeles, St. 
George Press, 1962. 

x,280p. facslm. 22cm. 
E743.5.C32 1962 335.43097 64-6100 

Communist Party of the United States of America. 1 7th 

convention, New York, 1959. 

The Negro question in the U. S. A ; resolution adopted by 
the 17th national convention of the Communist Party, 
U. S. A^, together with the address to the convention by 
Claude Lightfoot. t Ne\r York, New Ceuturv Publishers. 


E185.61.C745 1959g 30L451 


Dies, Martin, 1901- 

Martin Dies' ttorv. Netr York, Bookmailer 11963, 
283 p. 22 cm. 
E743.5.D52 328.36 63-14765 J 

Epstein, Melech. 

The Jew and communism; the story of early Communist 
victories and ultimate defeats in the Jewish community, 
TJ. S. A., 1919-1941. New York, Trade Union Sponsoring 
Committee r 1959] 

438 p. 22cm. 
HX89.E6 335.430973 59-50923 t 

Hargis, Billy James, 1925- 

Commanist America must it be? [1st ed. Tulsa Okla 
Distributed by Christian crusade [1960, 

185 p. 19 cm. J 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


U.S. 1917- (Continued) 

Hargis, Bflly James, 1925- 

The far left 1st ed. Tulsa, Okla^ Chrisfciwi Crusade, 


288 p. 17cm. 


Himelstein, Morgan Yale. 

Drama was a weapon: the left- wing theatre in New 
York, 19-20-1911. With a foreword by John Gassner. New 
Brunswick, N. J., Rutgers University Press J1963, 

300 p. illns. 22 cm. 
PN2277.N5H5 792.097471 62-21161 t 

Hoover, John Edgar, 18&5- 

One Nation's response to communism. t n. p.j 1960. 
14 p 19 cm. 
HXS6.H7S7 61-61428 

Howe, Irving. 

Ike American Communist Party, a critical history, by 
Irving Howe and Lewis Coser with the assistance of Julius 
JacobsozL Few York, Praeger 1962] 

612 p. 21cm. (Praeser paperbacks, PF&4) 
JK239LC5H68 1962 329.8 62-10367 J 

Manddbaom, SeynKHir J 

The social setting of intolerance: the Know-nothings, the 
Bed scare, and McCarthyism by, Seymour J. Mandelbaum. 
Chicago, Scott, Foresman 1964j 

ITBp, 23cm. { Scott Foreman problems In Americas history) 
E183.9.M3 301,45 64-18702 

Matthews, Joseph Brown, 1894- 

Gxnmunism and the NAACP. r Atlanta, Georgia Com 
mission on Education, 1958 ?i 

ST. 23illcm. 
E185.5.M3 325.26709731 

Murray, Norfxarf, 1906- 

Legacy of an assassination. t lst ed. 3 New York, Pro- 
People Press !l964i 

479 p. map, ports. 23 cm. 
ES4Utf8 973.922 63-17305 

Packer, Herbert L 

ET-oommunist witnesses; four studies in fact finding. 
Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press, 1962. 

Tiii,27p. 23cm. 
HX83.P2 823.2 

Publishing Committee, Cincinnati. 

A compilation of public records, 614 Presbyterian Church 
TJ. S- A., clergymen. Cincinnati, 1958. 


60-25468 J 

Rosenberg, Ethel (Greengfcss) 1916-1953. 

Dopisy z domn smrtL jZ americkeho origualu "Death 
house letters" a z innych materialu preL, a dilo doplnili 
Alois HumpKk a A, J. Sfastnyj Praha, NaU CS. vyboru 
obrsncfi mira, 1953. 

185 p. Him 21cm. (SttiLS mlra, ST. 9) 
HX84.B6A352 58-16955 rev t 

Saposs, David Joseph, 1886- 

Comnninism in American politics. Washington, Public 
Affairs Press [1960, 

2SSp, 24cm. 

335.430973 59-15843 t 

Sterner, John A 

None dare call it treason, by John A. Stonner. Floiis- 
sant, Mo., Liberty BeU Frees [19^ 

32&2 64-5300 

oBsfif Irwm. 

The American ultras; the extreme right and the military- 
industrial complei. KefwYwk, New America r !962i 

65 p, 23cm. 
E74&&S9 62-1461 J 

Truman, Harry , Pr. U. , 1884- 

Freedom and equality, addresses. David S. Horton, edi 
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. 24cm. 



D. S- ftongres*. ffw&. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Communist activities among seamen and on waterfront 
facilities. Hearings before the Committee on Tin- American 
Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
second session ... PL 1. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
OC, 1960. 

v, I74T-1S54, ill p. 24 em. 
HD8039.S42U6 i960 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 
tivities. /TTT 

Communist activities in the peace movement (Women 
Strike for Peace and certain other groups) Hearings before 
the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Repre 
sentatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session. De 
cember 11-13, 1062, including index. Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

71, 2047-2201, vli p. illus 24cm 
HXS6JU15 1963 63-61357 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activi 

Communist espionage in the United States; testimony of 
Frantisek Tisler, former military and air attache, Czecho 
slovak Embassy in Washington, D. C. Hearing before the 
Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representa 
tives, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session. Released May 
10, 1960. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1060. 

T, 172&-1732, 1 p, 24cm. 
E743.5.A5 1960 60-61249 

U. S. Conffress. Souse. Committee on Un-American Ac 

A Communist in a "workers' paradise," John Santo's own 
story; consultation with Committee on Un-American Activ 
ities, House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, 
first session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

v, 77, v p. 24 cm. 
HX84.A4 1963 63-61289 

U. S. Congress. Souse. Committee on Un-American Ac~ 

Communist outlets for the distribution of Soviet propa 
ganda in the United States. Hearings before the Commit 
tee on Un-American activities, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-seventh Congress, second session ... Washington, 
TJ. S. Govt Print Off., 1962. 

2 pts. ( vi, 1587-1780, Til p.) 24 cm. 
Z479.U63 63-60238 

U. S. Congress, Howe. Committee on Un-American Ac 

The Communist Party's cold war against congressional 
investigation of subversion : report, and testimony of Robert 
Carrillo Ronstadt Committee on Un-American Activities, 
House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second 
session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1962. 

Til, 1467-1514, T p. 24cm. 

JK1430.U5A47 62-64757 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Communist training operations. Hearings before the 
Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representa 
tives, Eighty-sixth Congress, first r secondj session ... Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1959-60. 

3pts. illus. 24cm. 
HX89.A4 1959a. 335.430973 59-62162 rev 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American 

"Intellectual freedom" Red China style (Testimony of 
Chi-chou Huang) Hearings before the Committee on Un- 
American Activities, House of Representatives, Eighty- 
seventh Congress, second session. May 24 and 25, 1962. 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1962. 

vt, 1165-1234 p. 24cm. 
HX387.TJ47 62-64793 

U. S. Congress. House, Committee on Un-American Ac 

Issue*, presented by Air Reserve center training manual. 
Hearing before the Committee on Uu- American Activities, 
House of Representatives. Eighty -sixth Congress, second 
session. February 2", l-OGO. Wnshingtou, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., 1900. 

vl,l2&V132l ( Jlp. 24cm. 
PIX80.A4 1060 :tfjU30973 00-60722 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activ 

Manipulation of public opinion, by organizations under 
concealed control of the Communist Party. (National As 
sembly for Democratic Rights and Citizens Committee for 
Constitutional Liberties) Report pursuant to H, Res. 8, 
87th Cong., and Public law 601, 79th Cong. Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print Off., 1961- 

pts, mug, 24 cm. (87th Cong, 1st ess. House report no. 

HX86.U5 62-60441 

U. S, Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Ac 

Testimony by and concerning Paul Corbin. Hearings be 
fore the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of 
Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session ... 
Washington* U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1962. 

YiJ, 1235-1465, vt p. mo8.,port, 24cm. 
HX86.A11S 1962a 62-64402 

U. S. Congress. Hoitse. Committee on Un-American Ac 

U. S. Communist Party assistance to foreign communist 
parties (Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade) Hear 
ing before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House 
of Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session 
July 29, 1963. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

v 601 -OoO, 111 p. Illns. 24 cm, 
HX89.A4 1963 64-60216 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Communist appeal to youth aided by new organizations. 
Hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Admin 
istration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal 
Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
State Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session. April 
25, 1961. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961. 

Ill, 42 p. Illus., ports. 24 cm. 
HX89.A42 1961 61-61822 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Communist infiltration in the nuclear tost ban movement. 
Hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Admin 
istration of the Internal Security Act, and other Internal 
Security Liuvs of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, second .session 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1060-01. 

2pts. (til, 150, x p.) 24 cm. 
I-IXS9.AW lOOOa JkW.S 00-64473 rev 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Communist leadership : "tough guy" takes charge. Hear 
ings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administra 
tion of the Internal Security Act ami Other Internal Se 
curity Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session. Testi 
mony by and about Gus Hall. February 2 and .3, I960. 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1000. 

HI, S3, vli p. 24 cm. 
HX89.A42 1960 364.10 00-60922 

U. S. Congress, Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Education for survival in the struggle against world com 
munism. A symposium prepared for the 'Subcommittee to 
Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act 
and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the 
Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, 
second session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1962. 

T, 127 p. 24 em, (87th Cong,, 2d sess. Senate, Document, no. 93) 
HX80.U55 62-61154 

U. S. Conffress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Guide to Communist tactics among the unemployed. A 
staff study prepared for the Subcommittee to Investigate 
the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other 
Internal Security Laws. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print, 
Off., 1961. 

ill, 82 p. 24 cm. 
HX86.A115 1961 61-64631 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

The new drive against the anti-communist program. 
Hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Ad 
ministration of the Internal Security Act and Other In 
ternal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, first ses 
sion. July U, 1961. Washington, U. S, Govt, Print Off., 

U, 82 p. 24 cm. 
E743.5.A5334 61-62215 

U. S. Congress. /Senate, Committee on the Judiciary. 

Pacifica Foundation. Hearings before the Subcommittee 
to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security 
Act and Other Intei'nal Security Laws of the Committee on 
the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-eighth Con 
gress, first session. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

pts. Illus. 24 cm. 
HE8698.A444 63-62104 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Proposed antisub version legislation. Hearings before the 
Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the In 
ternal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of 
the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 
Eighty-sixth Congress, first session, on S. 8 t and others] ... 
Ft. 1. Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1959. 

2v. (lv,706p.) mug. 24 cm. 
E748.5.A5335 343.3 59-61482 

U. S. Couyrts*. Senate, Committee on the Judiciary. 

Relationship between Teamsters Union and mine, mill & 
smelter workers. Hearing before the Subcommittee to In 
vestigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act 
and Other Internal Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, 
United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session. 
October 13, 1961. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1062. 

ill, 197 p. Illua. 24 cm. 
HD6515.T3U55 62-60715 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


U.S. 1917- (Continued) 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Eeport of the Subcommittee to Investigate the Adminis 
tration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal 
Security Laws to the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-fourth Congress, second session, for 
the year 1956. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1957. 

14 nos. ( 7ii, 338 p. ) port, tables. 24 cm. 
HXS6.A115 195T 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Eeport of the Subcommittee to Investigate the Adminis 
tration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal 
Security Laws, to the Committee oa the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session, for the 
year 1953. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 10o9. 

vi,132p. 23cm. 
HX89.A43 1959a 335.430973 60-60986 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Scope of Soviet activity in the United States. Hearing 
before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration 
of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security 
Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Sen 
ate, Eighty-fourth Congress, second session r Eighty-fifth 
Congress, first session^ ... Washington, U. S. Govt Print. 
Off., 195&-59. 

95pts. ILlus., fold, maps, ports. 24cm. 
E743.5.A534 864.13 56-60524 rev 

U. S- Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary, 

Testimony of Dr. Linus Pauling. Hearing before the 
Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the In 
ternal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of 
the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 
Eighty-sirth Congress, second session ... Washington, U, S. 
Govt Print Off., 1960. 

2 pts. (H.666, 7 p.) Ulna. 24cm. 
HX89.A42 1960b 335.430973 60-64485 rev 

U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Communist target: youth. Communist infiltration and 
agitation tactics. A report, by J. Edgar Hoover, director, 
illustrating Communist strategy and tactics in the rioting 
which occurred during House Committee on Un-American 
Activities hearings, San Francisco, May 12-14, 1960. Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1960. 

Til, IS, I p. ports. 24cm. 
HX89.A45 1960 60-61957 

Uphaus, Wiflard Edwin. 

Commitment t lst ed.j New York, McGraw-Hill ,1063, 

E743.5.U6 m 923.673 63-13167 J 

Voros, Sandor. 

American commissar, jlsied.] Philadelphia, Chilton Co., 
Book Division r 1961j 

477 p. 21cm. 
HXS4.V6A3 335.430973 Cl-9024 I 

Wherry, Joe H 

Bed blueprint for the conquest of America, by Joseph H. 
Wherry. San Antonio, Naylor Co. 1964, 

xrili. 240 p. illna, mapu 22 cm. 
HX86.W478 64-18153 


Ite&aey, Robert Flnky. 

The literature of communism in America; a selected refer 
ence guide. Washington, Catholic University of America 
Press, 1962. 

til, 488 p. 24 cm. 
Z7164LS67D4 016.33543 

Communist Party of the United States of America. 


MoCKBa, ToC. H3-BOnOIHT.,IHT-p:u. 

T. 21 cm. (oKyj*effTH H MarepHaaw sapyoeKHtuc KOMMYHK- 
cnntecEHx H pa6oa nap) 
JTE2391.C5A32 59-36510 rev 



Vance, Suzanne. 

Youth on a pendulum. Fore-word by Chester Ward. 
Oaldwell, Idaho, Caxtoa Printers, 1963, 

106 p. 23cm. 
E74LV3 87SJ2 63-8065 J 


Counterattack; fads to combat communism aad those who 
aid its caose. May 16, 1947- 
New York, American Business Consafttrats. 


Arismendi, Rodney. 

La lucha por la paz, k independencia nacional, la demo- 
cracia y el bienestar del pueblo uruguayo. r lnfonne ren- 
dido sobre el primer puntp del orden del dia: Balance de la 
actividad del ComitS Kacionalj Montevideo, Comisi6n Na- 
cional de Propaganda del Partido Comunista ,1958, 

6ip. 20cm. l ] 

JL3698.C74 1958c 63-27077 { 

Confederacidn Interamerkana de Defensa del Continente. 

Intrigas rojas en el Uruguay; infonne. Montevideo. 
1957 ? 3 

&9p diagrs. 19cm. 
F2728.C6 64-26111 

Nardone, Benito. 

Peligro rojo en America, latina. Montevideo, 1961. 
49p. IIIus. 21cm. 
HX227.N3 61-598 

Partido Comimista del Uruguay. Oongreso. 17th, Mont* 
video, 1968. 

ilnfonnesj Montevideo, Comision National de Propa 
ganda del Partido Comunista ,n. d., 

ST. 20ou. J 

JL3698.C74 1958b 62-43018 

Snarez, Alberto. 

Los fundamentos de k organizacion del Partido Comu 
nista. Montevideo. Uruguay. Ediciones Pueblos Unidos 

169 p. 20cm. 

EX229.SS 63-59715 J 


Tashkent. Universitet, 

Hay^EHC TpyflH acrrapaETOB; BCcxopna EUCC, $HIOCO- 
$HS, HCTOOBJL I P^Ma[eraa : SL H. Cepizft, IL A, KosaJtes, 
A, M. BancMaHj TamiCHT, 19^. 

2 p. 25 en. {It* iTpyAH. Hosajr ceptai BHEU 207) 
HX425 U9T3 64-59569 


Anti-commTmist Liberation Movement of Venezoda. 

Proof of the communist domination of Venezuela. Cara 
cas, 1959. 

SI p. 18 cm 
- - - 987.063 60-29783 

Clements (John A.) Associates, New 7ork. 

lof onne sobre Venezuela. JTueva York, 1958, 
182 p. 22em. 
F2326.C558 61-59710 t 

Marquez, Pompeyo. 

jHacia d6Ede va el 23 [L e, veinte y tresj de enero? Ca 
racas, Pensamiento Vivo r!959i 

168 PL 24 cm. 

60-26291 J 

Venezuela. Presidencia. Secrefaria General. 

Oobierno y nacion defiendeii en Venezuela el regimen 
democrntico ; actos contra el terrorismo comunista. [Cara 
cas, 1963! 

9T p. ilins, portx, facslms. 32 cm. ( Its Publlcadones) 
P2326.A527 64-32430 


A Heroic people: memoirs from the Revolution. Hanoi, 
Foreign Languages Pub, House, 1960. 

282 p. 19 cm. 
DS557A7H4 S A 64-1024 

Ho, Shih-ming. 


cssa, Toe. H3,a;-BO HOOTHT. JHT-PH, 1960. 

54 p. Illos. 20 cm. (BirtS.TOOreHKa no naytHOMy 
EX15.B47 Tol.60 

. Mo- 


Ho-chi-Miiih, Pres. Democratic Republic <J Vietnam, 18841- 

T. port, 19c 



TWerom<*U*<*: Ha OhQi-mlag brilu chL 

CMaae- JtpaDCMUbrair 428C8U 

A short history of the Vietnamese workers' and trada 
union movement. Hanoi, General Confederation of Labour 
of Vietnam, 1960. 

09 p. illos., port. 1& cm. 
HX400.V5H6 S A 64-451 

In the enemy's net, memoirs from the EevolBtaoa t 

Duy Trinh and othersj Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. 
House, 1062. 

153 p. M on. 
DS557.A5 1 45 S A 63-3744 J 

South Viet Nam National Front for Liberation. 

Manifesto. L n. p., 186-j 
28p. ill us. 19cm. 

Tanham, George Kflpatrick. 

Communist revolutionary -warfarej the Vfetminh in Indo 
china. Kew York, P_raeg^r r !961 r 

166 p. lllos. 22cm. (Boots that mattw) 
DS557A5T3 S59.7 61-16698 rer t 

Primer for revolt ; the Communist takeover in Viet-Nam, 
A f acam. eoL of The August Bevolution and The resistance 
will win. With an introd and notes by Bernard B. Tsfl. 
Nevr York, Praeger t !963j 

213 p. IDos. 21 cm. (Praeeer poUicatfoitt IB EnssUn 
and world coftimmriian. 00. 1SS) 

I. Vietnam Hist 2. CommualKD Tletnam. L Title. aTltte; 
The August Hevotatioa. m. Title: The resistance will wla. 




U. S. Dept. of State. Q-ffice of Public Service** 

A throat to the peace; North Vlet-Nam's effort to conquer 

South Viet -Nam. r Washingtonj Dept. of State flWttj 
2 pte. Illos^ maps, 24-26 cm. (Departant of Stale paNic*- 

tlonTSOa Far Eastern series, UO) 

DS557.A6U48 959.7 62-60178 


La politique agressive des Viet Minh ccanmuni^es et la 
guerre subversive conimtiniste aii Sud Vietnnm : penode <fe 
mai 10G1 a juin 1062. Saigon, 1962. 

201 p. illus., fncslms, 24 cm. 
DS557.A6A44 S A 64-723 

LIC, 1946 } 

Honey, P I 

CkHnnmnism in North Vietnam, its role in the Sino-Soviefc 
dispute. Cambridge, MassL, M. L T. Press I e 1963 3 

adli, 207 p. 21 cm. (Stndtes In Intwnattonal Ll 

DS557.ATH64 959.7 


BJCOKHOT araraTOpa. 


v. la ffins. llr 15 cm. 8 DO. a moatb. 



CooUdge, (Hivia 

Makers of the Bed devolution. Boston, Houribtoa Ififfiin, 
1963. ^^ 

240 p. illlis. 23 <*n 
DK266.C59 321.642 63-10900 J 

Hoffman, George Walter, 1914- 

Yugodavia and the new communism ibjj George W. Hoff 
man tandj Fred Waxner NcaL New York, TVeatieth Cen 
tury Fund, 1962. 

irJ,546p. maps, dtagis^ tables. 24cm. 
DR37058 949.702 62-13485 

Kardelj, Edvard, 1910- 

L& democracia socialista en 1& prictica yugodava; tcon- 
fereada. Santiago de Chitelj Prensa ' " 

64 p. 19cm. 


Mayhew, Cicdy. 

What is Titoism? By Cicely Kayhew and Christopher 
Mayhew. London, Batchworth Press f 1951j 

58 p. 19cm. (A Bacfegroond book) 
DR370.M37 64^54598 

Meier, Paul Jakob, 1928- 

Der sozialistische WoHfaltrtsnatiomEsfca&t aJs Spitform 
der industriellen ProduktionfigeselbckAft (Die FoderaiivB 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


YUGOSLAVIA (Continued) 

Narodna omladina Hrvatsfce. Centralni komitet. 
Prirufnik za idejni rad mladin. Zagreb, 1960. 
SQTp. 17cm. 
HQ799.YSN22 62-36927 

OmrSanin, Ivo. 

Istina o Drazi Mihailovicu. Munchen, New York [Logos] 

316 p. 24 cm. 
DR359.M5O4 60-39601 J 

Savez komimista Jngoslavi je. 

Cetrdeset godina revolucionarne borbe Komunistieke par- 
tije Jugoslavije; govori rakovodilaca o proslavi 4Q-godis- 
njiceKPJ. Beograd, Kultara, 1959. 

IS* p. 21cm. (PoIItiSMblblloteka) 
J^9679A5K6157 60-26744 % 

Savez korannista Jngoslavije. 

Beograd. Kultura iCtc.j 

r. 17-21 cm. 
JX9671U.3K615 58-43746 rev 

Savez kooranista. JogosJavije. 

The programme of the League of Yugoslav Communists. 
Ixsidon, International Society for Socialist Studies, 1959. 

rrt, 1S8 p. 22 cm. (Socialist docnmeats A views, no. 1) 
HX15.S5S no.l 61-39144 


Jugoslavsky revizkmisnus vpoliticke ekonomii socialismu. 
t Tyd. 1. Prahaj Statnl nakl politicke literatury, 1959. 

S3p, 22cm. 
HX365.5.S55 60-45309 J 

Tito, Joaip Brez, Pres. Yiyoilavia, 189&- 

Izgradnja socijalizma i nloga i zadaci Socrjalistiekog 
saveza radaog naroda Jngoslavije; referat na v. Kongresu 
SSKNJ u Beogradn, 18 aprila 1960 god. tBeograd, Kul- 

107 p. 18cm. 
HC407.Y6T47 63-28014 J 

Zalar, Charles. 

Yugopl&v communism, a critical study. Prepared for Hie 
Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the In 
ternal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of 
the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 
Eighty-seventh Congress, first session. October 18, 1961. 
Wasiiingtcra, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1961. 

xtt.S8Tp. 2Scm. 
HX365.5.Z3 61-64859 


Savez fcomunista Jagttslavije. 

Hie programme of the League of Yugoslav Communists; 
adopted by the vii. Congress of the League of Yugoslav Com 
munists held from 22 to -26 April, 1958 in Ljubljana, B<*- 
grad, Edition Jugoslavia, 1958. 

271 p. 21cm. 
JN9679.A^K654 1958 335.4309497 59-22261 rev 

SocijaKstiai savez radnog naroda Jogodavije. 

Beograd, Kultura. 


SocijaSst^d savez ra&iog naroda Jngoskvije. 5. Tumors*. 

v. rQubtOj congresso M\K Alleanza socialists, del popolo 
lavoratore delk Jugoslavia, Belgrade, 18-22 aprile 1960. 
Milano, Avanti, 1960. 

237 p. 17cm. (ElWloteca Bodailxta, 20) 

UnJr. Lite. A62-T26 

REpovic, PHiji. 

Izabrani spisi. Predgovor Jovan Veselinov; izbor i red. 
Edib Hasanagic. Beograd, Kulfeura, 1962. 

2 T. (621 p.} ports, fectfffia. 21 OH. (BlWiot^a DrHfitrcno poll- 


Tepatevif, SSvfeo. 

2aceei socijalizma i fcomunizma u Jugoskvijl London, 
1^ Peasant Jugoslavia, I960. 

132 p. Hem. 
HX365.5.T8 60-45513 J 


Socijalizanu g. 1- 1958- 
Beograd, Kultura! 

v. In tables, mapa 2S cm. bimonthly. 
HX365.5.S63 61-24577 


Dimitrov-Goshkin, Georgi 

BxnpocH na $!LiocQ$HSTa, ecTeTHKaia, KpiiTHEara. Co 
$HJI, BtirapCEn nncaiej, 1962. 

ftLSp. Ulus. 21cm. 
HXf)2lJ>55 63-45461 \ 

Fichev, L 


HOIHT. JIHT-pH. 1963. 

Clp. 20cm. 

HcryccTBo H acB3Ht; c 
HHK PCOCP, 1963. 
ITSp. lllua. 22cm. 
N6988 J 8 

:apofly. MocEsa, Toe. B3fl-sc 
63-42838 J 

Kagan, Moisel Samoflovich. 


47 p. lllas. 'l cm. (Hosoe B amaHH, uayxe, TCXKHKC. vi Cepusi: 
JlHTeparypa n HCKycciBo, 5) 
AS261.N6 no. 5 63-51143 

KaIoshin,F I 

KoMuyHHcrniecKaa H^eftHoc-rt H HapOAsocxi, cosexcKoro 
ECKyccrsa. MocEsa, 1963. 

41 p. lllus. 22 cm. (En6jiHOTeKa no H3o6pa3nrejnHOMy MCKVC- 


caMOAejrrejibHocra H mKOJitaux CmJ^HOTeK) 

K6988Jv3 64-26888 

Kommmiisticheskaia partiik Sovetskogo SoAza. f&entralf- 
nyl Kemitet. 

HociaHOBjeHiie ipc KUCC OT 28 xas 1958 ro^a "0<5 
ncnpasjieHHH onmooE B o^eaKe onep 'BejrHs 
tHHUKHft' H 'Oi scero cep ( 2^^a' " ; 
. MocKsa, CoBexcKjifi EOMnosHTOp, 1958. 

62-26875 J 



Kozachuk, Ivan Mykhaflorych. 

HapTittHa npeca B 6'opOTt6i sa KOMyaicTH^ 
jthepiTypH t HHCte^Ba, 1946-1960 ; napnc. [JltBiBj 1961. 

174 p. 25cm. 
PN5277.C6KG 62-47545 t 

Osipov, Dmitrii Mikhaflovieh. 

CKHfl XyflOXHHE, 1960. 

US p. lllus. 21cm. 
XD688.08 61-23059 J 

Pazhitnov, Leonid Nikolaevich. 

CKOC TeaTpa.Tti.Hoe 

OTp. 14cm. 

BO, 1962. 

. MocKBa, BcepoccHft- 


Sopotsinskii, Oleg Igorevich. 

flejnurx ncEyccTBa. MocKsa, COBCTCSHS xyjoacHHK 1962 

60 p. Illus. 20cm. (BeceAbi ofi HCKyccrse) 
N6988.S63 63-50598 J 

Tolstoi, Vladimir Pavlovicli. 

Laan MOHyiteHTa-tMiofi nponaraii^ti B ^ 
CTBHH. MocKsa, 1961. 
54 p. Illus. 22 cm. (Bn6JiHOTeKa no naoopaSHTMbHOMy HCI 


63-48235 J 

> H HanHOHaar.Hoe KHorooCpasHe COBCT- 
csoro HCEvccxBa. Modcaa, 1962. 


Burma (ZTnton) Dept. of Information and Broadcasting. 

Dnammantaraya, Buddhism in danger: who in he Union 
of Burma are posing the greatest danger to Buddhism? 
Translation of a booklet published jointly by the Ministry 
of Information and the Ministry of iJefence, Union of 
Burma, jRangoon, 1959 5 

III, 37 p. IlloSn facabus. 28 cm. 
HX550.B8A5 S A 64-6668 

see Communism and religion 


al-'Aqqad, 'Abbas Mahmud, 1889- 

jj^ft ,-jLtaC t a,. J U i /'iL^i'jn <jjJi jj <*j 

[1963. mYj iWI . 
350 p. -.7 cm ( m t Jil+J^ ->bf) 
Princeton Univ. LIbr. 

'Arafah, Mo(ianmiad> 

' " jb < '" 

N E 63-2423 

Princeton Univ. LJbr. 

NE 62-212 

Conference on Islam and Communism, New York, I960. 

Islam and communism ; a conference sponsored by the In 
stitute for the Study of the USSE, at the Carnegie Inter 
national Center, New York City, June 25, 1960. [Edited by 
JaanPennar. New York, 1960 *] 

72 p. 21 cm. 
HX550.M7C6 1960 62-3270 

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164 p. 21 cm. 
HX550.M7G5 S A 63-4734 

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Bintanff, 1955. 

247 p. illus , ports. 20 cm. 
HX550.M7H3 S A 63-3444 


189 p. 20cm. 

mm iiayK CCCP, 

NE62 - 235 


Himovich, LiTifsian Ippolitovich. 

HoraM ; n^epKK. MocKsa, Ha,i;-no AKa^ 
286 p. 22 cm. (AKaACMHH nayK CCCP. 

c 19Glj 

He. TamKenx, HS^-BO 
ystfescKott CCP, 1960. 

84 p. Illns. 20cm. 

COMMUNISM AND LAW see Law and socialism 


Aaron, Daniel, 1912- 

Writers on the left, episodes in American literary com 
munism. r lst ed New York, Harcourt, Brace A World 

xvl,460p, 22cm. (Communism In American life) 
PS228.C6A2 810.904 61-13349 

Chang, Kuang-nien. 

2, 174 p. 21cm. 

i Tit?e hlneSe llterature HlBt - & crlt. 2. Communism and literature. 
Title romanized: Wfin I plen lun chi. 
C 61-4534 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 5212 

Ch'ang-chiang wen i. 

/f'h 1958. 
84 p. 10 cm. 

1. Ponitmmlsna nad literature i. Tltte. 

Harvard Univ. Cbtn 

Title rinnnniset: Hal hsin. 
C 62-4106 
Japanese Library 4292.67 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


I-ch'fin, pseud. 

Kuo, Mo- jo, 1894- 

Wang-chiang wen L 

^JiflnlJ^B^ iRl^lilJ^^S lifif Li' ff 

^tS^cft-i^lS^SSLSi^ 15;'^^^ H^^O^^ 

'hr^fi-J"^^" *'^ cT^CS n ii8 l KIS iHf! J- 

3:Rit 1958. 

4t^ ^^^C^ai^lt 1958. 

rE 3: Hut} Sift 1956. 

. ^ 

4T p. port. 15 cm. 

66 p. Ulua. Mem. 

1,138 p. em. ( ) 

L Mao, Trt-tnng; 18G8- Poetry. 2. Comnmnlfti. 8.CmBo. 
cisni and Hteratare. 

Title rontoiUwtf : Ifao 1-tij tt 
cfal chl* ytag Jfing pio ysag. 

1. Communism and literature, L Title. 

Harvard UniT. Chinese- Japanese Library S558 

Title romanized: Wo men tl wfcn I fang hslang 

1 Children's Rtorlf*. 2. Communism and literature. I. Title. 

bo ch'uanj tao fang fa. 

Jttle rinimnizf'il: Hulan tol tl pi mL 


Id, Jui, literary critic. 

c 6&-KM53 

Harvard TTnlv. Chlneae- Japanese library 4292.6T 

iS^lMSiH^ ^fiW ^:iH SLE^CSiij^ 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japamsu* Library r.Tttiv 

St 1956. 

ffichev, L P 

168 p. 21 on. 

Chiang, K'Ting-yang. 

HcsyccTBO npHHa^JiexHT Hapo^y. MOCKBE, Toe. HS^-BO 

in"*fr~ 7 s " 'Tic ft^i IB ftp 3S7I E;SF F- '"-55 5Jr" J $*4fc | 4 J WJ 

noJiET. auT-pst, 1963. 

B.x.-f- Si-Tva-jf^im JrrlLwW _L_<T$ 5pTX.5*IjnR 

61 p. 20cm_ 

It 1957. 

N6988.I55 63-42838 J 

148 p. 10 cm. 

Ivanov, Aletsfti Ivanovich. 

1. Communism and literature. i. Title. KoMitynHCTHHecEofi naprna B CTaaOB-iennH H pasBH- 

Title rooumjzed: W6ai w& ti taaa lea chL 

THH coECTCTOfi JiiiTepaTypu. jCapaiOB^ CapaTOBCKoe EHHTE- 


HOC K3^-co, 1958. 

1. Literature Addresses, essays, lectures. 2. Communism and lit 

173 p. 2O cm. 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library S21S 

erature. I. Title, 
Title ronumtzed: Lun wen hsOeh. 1 shu ti fS cbSng. 

PG302G.CGI9 60-334221 

Mao. Tse-tmig, 1893- 

PN58.C49 C 58-6295 t 

Ivanov, Aleksei Ivanovich. 

H^;^ 1 -) B -K ^i^^j?] 4ttS A.^^c^iii 

Po^t MHpoBosspeHHa B TBop^ecTBc niicateja. [Caparosj 

J9ztt i960. 

Chou, Yaag, 1908- 

H3^-BO CapaTOBCKoroyHUBepCHTera, 1962. 
885 p. 23cm, 

104 p. port. 21 cm. 

ft^*rH-j#|-7KH\j$f 1\: Wi*7^ t x v ?, Ir^ra 

PN45.I9 63-58361 I 

/ 1949. 

134 p 18 rtn. 

Kaji, Watam, pseud. 

1959. ~~ X ~" 

1 Communism and literature. : Title 

Title romanisfit: I Jin wfn bs&efa y& i shu. 

1. I'lMiimtuiism and literature 2. Chinese literature- -2lXh i-ent - - 

2p. 18cm. (H - -fi'f 204) 

C 63-1075 

Hist, fc ,-rlt. i. Title 

Title rvnuinisrd: Pino hsien lisiu 
ti i-h'flu chung ti shili tai 

Harvard Tnlv Chines?- Japanese Ubrarv 4202.11 

PL230:l.C433 C5l>-376 % 

1. Japanese literature 20th centHist, ft crlt 2. Communlam 

Minshu Hyoron Sha, Tokyo. 

and literature, L Title 

g?] i** ^) 3j t ^.1t xs sy /rS. TC^ ^aBittj^^^ 

Chon, Yang, 1908- 

TtiZe romanced; JIdentekl na bunHkQshL 
Real name: Seguchl Mitsugu. 

ffi X*c Bgfaasa^, 

^ffitt-K Jl X.^^ 2, ^ft'jjL ifft ?l 7 1 ; O * f- -t H 

PL726.65.K3 J 61-4367 

4,212p. 19cm. 

~-t - :i H -fr: ^ ni 3: 2 * T: fi ft $ 3. -t f t & _b 

Hoover Institution 

Colophoa Inserted. 

ffj-fii rrf HHs | nilj 4t gC \ K ^ /ft Rfc #t I960. 

72 p. 19cm. 

Ko, Haien-ning, 1907- 

IIB ?^ F1 fi tj ^c ^ Isi f\ %* ^ -^ 4t ^ J ^ ^ f fc ifi tti 

L Authors, Japanese. 2. Commcnism and literature. i. Title. 

4^ ^ i& H ^ i^c IS 44 rl955i 

rr. Title : Bcnka and* galshL Title mma.isfd: Tatakai 00 ato. 

1. Communism and literature i. Title. 

2,l,124p. 19cnx ( J& ft &S IX 3~ ^iU^tjJI 6!f5 8 IH) 


Title romanizcd: Wo kuo she hul cbu I 

\vn hslleh 1 ahu tl tao lu. 

Bfoover Institution 


Moscow. AJaufemiia obshciestyermykh naok. 

Harvard UnlT. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.07 


Fang, Chi. 

1. Chinese literature 20tn cent Hist. & crtL 2. Communism and 
lltprature. L Title. 
Title romonteed: Lon than tou tt wto hsUeh. 

HOM siane. t rxaB. peaaKtop A. C. MJTCHKXOBJ MocEBa, 
H3A-BO BHin H AOH, 1962. 
Slip, 21cm. 

* tt'I ^ ~ft Iti ^ ?C i 1^ 7C i I 1 " Aw IV; il'i Ifa Iph 1957. 

PL2303.K6 059-5013 

PG3026.C6M58 63-51145 

1, ITTp. llVcm. 

Indiana. Univ. Llbr. 

Moscow. Akademna obdidMstvauiykh naok. 

HaprsfiHocrt jratepatypH z rrpo6^eitsi xy^ccKecrneHHoro 

->J-/.|- J-Q.\ jj^Otilj. o ^j jjj.$f. -^ut: JLJ.5F s-J -^^l" Aj- 

icacxepcT3a. iTxsit, pe^axrop A C. MHCHHIOBI Mcxusa, 


Emu, 1961. 


STlp. 21cm. 

151 p. 21 cm. 

PG3026.C36M6 63-27883 

1. Chlmiie lUerature Hist & crit. 2. nuwinn litt'Mttirv- Hlrt. 3t 

<Tlt. 8 rnuHiiiinlsm nnd literature. I Title 
Title rotHrtHisrd; IIsdHi chleu vlil. 

Nadzieja, Jozef . 


Wykorzystaaie literatury piknej w pracy propagandowej 
i agitacj-jnej. jWyd. 1. Warszawa, Wyda-wn. Mini^easfcwa 

Harvard I'litr. Chinese- Japn- "* Library 5Jwl> 

Obrony Narodowej rl9547 

61 p. 21 cm. (Blbllotefca "Wojafca ludowegoi") 

1 CoiniuuiuMii and literature. 2. Couuuuntet education. 

HX531.N3 61-26295 J 

Fridlender, G M 

Title romoKiMd: Kongsanjutll 

K. Mapsc H <3>. 3Hreai,c H sonpoc&i aETepaiypK. MocKsa, 
Toe. HS^-BO xy^ox. .IHT-PK, 1962. 
605p. 21cm. 

kyoyang kwa nrl muohak. 
K 64-41 

Nosov, Aleksandr Petrovicli. 

B. H. -TEeBtHH o napTaeHOCTH iHTepaTypa ; Jieso^aa: no ciien- 

PN51J73 63-38527 t 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4282.16 

lypcy: "H^eojorg^eriffur pa5ora napraa.' 1 rMocsBaj 1960. 
63 p. 22cm. 

BK254XAN65 61-31583 t 

Garcia Bachaca, Editlu 
La teoria de k snpetestructora; la- Uteratora y d. art&. 
Habana, Edidones del Cocsejo Nacional de Cnltora, 196L 

Kozachuk, Ivan Mykhaflo vyctu 

Hap-riftHa upeca B CopoxtCi sa KOHyHicrH'iHy l&ctivicn 
jttiepaTypa i MHCreiriBa, 1946-1960 ; Hapnc. [JlbBtB] 1961. 

O JtHTepaiype; cfiopHHK AOKyMftHTOB. tCocraBareja. M. B. 
Kcura^ni] MocKBa, Toe. yietfHo-ne&aTor. HS^-BO 1960. 
252p. 23cm. " ' 

HX531.G^' 64-39324 t 

174 p. 2J cm. 
PF5277.C6K6 62-47545 t 

PG3020.5.C6O2 62-65554 t 

Haaiig, Yfl. 

Odagiri, Hideo. 1916- 

^rXctsf^-^M i^t^w rm r s A. K ffi K it 

Krleza, Miroskv, 1893- 

'j^^^.1 / j^ffiiO^'^^ liiX ^fH 1^it^ 


Govor aa koagresu knjizevnika u Ljubljam. t Zagreb, 

fr 1050. 

SSp. Iftcm. 

Zora, 1952 3 
38p. lllus. 29cm, 

179 p 18 ou- 

HX365.5.K7 59-53026 

X Chtoejie bunfle CompoBlthm and exerdae& 2. Communljm 
arc! literato*, i. Title. 
TWe nw*to5tf ; Oilto dura* l*teb t nn t*aa. 

Knnifsyn, GeorgS IvanovidL 

B. H. JTenitH o raaccoBocTH H napTHfiEOCTH JiHTepaxypu. 
MocKsa, BmH, 1960. 

1. Kv>haiashl, Taklji, 1809-1933. 2. Commualsm and literature 
Title rontiufsed; Kobnyasni Takljl. 

92p. 20cm. 

PL1271JB9 O 80-1S4S t 

BK254.L4:K825 61-38880 t 

PL83-2 O3Z8 -T 64-482 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

<)t Hirosuke, /wi/rf 

3tp 18 an. 

J.IJWW-MC iiU'umin- -Hlsl. & rrlL 2. Cmmmwiwn and liierulutf 
^ Title luuittuurA. Huwftiku-li.1 

Onchi, Temtake, pseud. 

' 1958. 

257 p. UlBS. IS cm. 

1. Japanese poetry- 
llteratare. t litte. 


r 20tn cent Hlat & cr!L 2. Communism and 
Title romanized: Gendaisbl no talken. 

_ , 
3 61-1354 

Pd-ching saih fan ta hsfiek, Fan * It* Jun fct*. 


Bibliographical footnote*. 

literature. L Title. 


Pet-dun? shih hsi ch'u pien tao wet yian hoL 

lectures. 2. Communism and 
Title romantod: Wfen tafieh 11 Ion 

Wei-hsiian, pseud, 


22 p. 

L Chinese Iwllads and songa. 2. Communism and literature. 
r Vnnjr. ( 'blh-lma, joint author, n. Title. 

^ Tttte romanttrf; Ch'lng ch'un tl II Uangr. 

C 62-4056 

Harvard Unif. Chinese- 

Library 5729 

Yarmolinsky, Avrahm, 1890- 

Literature under communism; the literary policy of the 
Communist Party of the Soviet Union from the end of 
World U'ar n to the death of Stalin, Bloomington, Ind., 

IBS p. 22 cm. (Indiana University. Russian and East European 
Institute. Russian and East European series, v. 20) 
DK268.3.Y3 891.70904 60-63134 f 

Yii, Lin. 



128p. 19cm. 

L Oitocae ballads and sooga. 2. Communira and literature. 
I. Title. 

Title nrnuutised: Sain yen t'iea. 


HatmrdUnlr. Chinee- Japanese Ltbnury 5728 

Fetching ta hsfitlL Chung-Jew yti yen teen hsUfk A*i 

1 Chinese Iltprnturo Hist & crlt. 2. f'naimunism and literature. 

Title romanized: Wei ch'uang tsao hslu 
tl J^n wu tien hslng 6rh ffin tou. 

C 62-4089 
arvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 4292.67 

Zalesskii, Mikhail Petrovich. 

XyAoacecTBeHHaa jtHiepaxypa B nouomt H3ycaEira;Hic HCTO- 
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535 p. 28cm. 
PG3026.C6Z3 63-54021 


Rappoport, Semen Khaskevich. 

TsopHTi, HEP no aasoHaii rpacoTM. Mocrsa, CoBerciHfi 

EOMH03HTOp, 1962. 

138 p. 17 cm. (BonpoCH MysuKMbHOft acreraKH) 
ML63J826 63-31274 J/MN 

erty and socialism 


see also Christianity and economics; 
Communism and Islam; Socialism 
and Catholic Church 



1. OhloeBe language Addresses, essays, kxtore*. 2. Cojmnuntom 
and literature. I. Title, 

Title rtmannxt>d: YQ yen hafieh yen ch.iu yU p'i p'aix. 


HarrardUiiIr. Chlnfie- 

Rovda, Kirffl losif ovich, 

Kapj MapEK jr 

64 p. 20cm. 

Japanese Library 6003 

^ jnTpaTypa. 

RfiMe, Jiergen, 19S4- 

I^teratirr itnd Revolution ; di Schriftsteller rmd dear Koai- 
munismus. Koln, Kiepeaheaer A Wiisch t 1960j 
610 p. ports. Stem. 

A 61-2748 
Harvard 0nlr, Library 

Swayre, Harold. 

Political control of literature in the USSR, 1946-1959. 
Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1962u 

ix, 301 p. 25 cm. (Buasian Eeaeardi Center studies, ) 


Forradalmi magyar irodalomj tenuimanyot a magyar 
ocialista irodalom tortenetel)61 Szerk. Szabolcai M3M6s 

o ene) zer. zaoca 

& Dies Laszl6. ^ rovidftett kkd., Budapest, Akademiai 


. 19cm. 
PH301{LS95 1963 



TaDuhninyok & magyir szocialista irodalom tdxtenet&0L 
Szerfc. Szaboksi MHd6e & nife Laml6. Badpt, AJcadi- 


(Irodalom ociallnua) 


The American protest. 
r New Torkj 

v. In lUna., ports. 28 a 

monthly (except July and Aug.) 

Aatoni, Ange. 

Spoutnik et fivangile, [Courbevoie, Seine. I960] 
62 p. 21cm. 
HX5S6JL45 62-89079 1 

Armstrong, E 

Religion can conquer communism, by 0. K. Armstrong 
and Mftrjorie Moore Armstrong. London, New York, Nel 

son r !9(H:| 

258p. 21cm. 
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Bales, James D 

Underatanding communiam j a study manual. Grand 
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Tha Communist encounter j t vital C5uristianity is the only 
adequate answer, Kansas City, Mo., Beacon Hill Press 

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Banning, Wfflem, 1888- 

Kerk en Communisme, 's-Grarenhace, Boekencentrum, 

llflp. 20cm. CKerk en \\-ereld reeks, nr. 4) 
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EHT H pejrnmji. MocicBa, Boen. HSA-BO, 1961. 

63 p. 20 cm. (HayiHO-nonyjwpHaji CnOjiHOTeKa BoeHHoro H3ia- 



Bennett, John Coleman, 1902- 

Christianity and communism today. New York, Associa 
tion Press [1960 3 

188 p. 20 cm. (A Haddam House book) 
HX586.B3G 1060 333.4382 60-0553 t 

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Russian by R. M. French. Ann Arbor] University of Michi 
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191 p. 21 cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks, AA34) 
HX312.B42 1960 335.411 60-50122 

Biragov, S R 

O npeoflO-ieitHH nepeacuiKOB uponuioro B cosnaHun ji- 
^eft. Op^OHHKH^ae, Cesepo-OceTHHCKOe EHHacnoe HS^-BO 

56 p. 20 cm. 
HX536.B48 62-30755 J 

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Bible vs. Communism. Fort Worth, Tex., Broiralow 
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180 p. lllua. 21 cm. 
HX536.B83 61-39194 J 

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Communism vs. Christianity; a twentieth century Chris 
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via, 112 p. 22 cm. 
HX536.C15 239.9 

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259 p. 23cm. 
HX536.C33 61-20645 J 

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Christianisme et communisme. Paris, A. Fayard [1959, 
117 p. 20 cm. (Je aais, Je crola; encyclopWle du cathollque au 
xx* 1 "* Bli-cle, 05. 9. ptle : Lea problemee du monde et de 1'figllse) 
HX536.C35 59-48481 J 

Chambre, Henri, 1908- 

Christinuity and communism. Translated from the 
French by R. F. Trevett c lst pel.] New York, Hawthorn 
Books [1000] 

125 p. 21 cm. ( The Twentieth century encyclopedia of Catholicism, 
v. 96. Section : The Church and the modern world) 
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vl, 88 p. 22cm. 
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The movement of ''progressive Catholics" in Poland. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms C 1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-7097 Mic 58-7697 

Mlchlgnn. Univ. IJIir. 

Chung-kuo tsung chiao fa lien i huL 


t n. p.] 
47p. 18cm. 

1. OommunUm and rellftoo, 2. OommunUm China, i. Title. 
Title romantoetf: Kung fel p'o hal 
tuns; chlao ti'an k'ao tzfl llao. 


C 60-3414 

Clement, Marcel, 

Le communisme face fi. Dieu. [Paris) Nouvelles Editions 
Iatines t 1960] 

188 p. 19cm. 

A 60-3497 t 
Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Colmenares Diaz, Luis. 

La espnda y el incenstirio; la Iglesia bajo P6rez Jimenez. 
Caracas, 1961. 

135 p. 22 cm. 
BR730.C6 62-59791 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Gushing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 

Conferences on communism. [Boston] St. Paul Editions 

T6 p. Illns. IS cm. 


Davidiuk, Georgu Petrovich. 

HecoBMecTHMOCTt pejrnrH03EoS H^ecwoniH 
HH3Ma. MHHCK, HS^-BO MsHHcrepcrBa Bucinero, 
cnenEajttsoro E npo^ecczoHajiEoro otSpasoBanas ECCP, 

S4p. 20cm. 
HX536.D25 63-55142 

De Koster, Lester. 

Communism and Christian faith. t Eev. and ooL 
Grand Rapids. Eerdmans t !962j 

158 p. 23cm. 
HX536D32 1962 336.4382 

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Manrisme et religions. t l. ed.] Paris, Presses 
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125 PL lllos. idem. (MytheaetreligioiM,4S) 
HX536JD33 63-38606 

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El quinto jinete del Apocalipsds. "M^ 1953. 
31Sp. 22cm. 

Dolgikh, Fflipp Ivanovich. 

KosfKyHHcnFiecEoe BocninaHHe H peiHraa. MocEsa, 
Been. n3fl-Bo, 1964. 

151 p. < p. 150-151 adTBrtisenaents) 20 cm. 
HX536.D6 64-41330 

EKzalde, Enrupie C 

Nociones de comunismo para catolicos. Prologo de Leo 
nardo Castellani. Buenos Aires, Editorial Pobkt, 1961. 

141 p. 20cm. 
HX536.E4 62-46191 t 

Eryshev, AnatoUS AteksandrovkiL 

Pejrarnjz spar paBHonpasiu E ^yjcfiH napo^ou. KKCB, 
MSA-BO AjEMteitHH nays Ysp. CCP, 1962. 

56p. 20cm. 

Faenza, LUiano. 

Oomunismo e cattolicesinio in 
( l.ed.j Mikno, Feltrinelli 
8p. 22cm. 

Wisconsin. UnlT. Ilbr. 

parrocchia di cam- 
A59-S316 J 

Earner, Koorad. 

Fragen und Frager; Christ nnd l&raist bettte: an 
Gesprich auf der Leiter. DQsseldorf, Progress-Verlag J. 
FIadung t 1959!j 

47 p. 23 <**" 

A60-fl6 J 
Wisconsin. UnlT. Hbr. 

Fisiier, Emmanml Grigor / cvich, 

Mopajri ioiocyHHCTHHecrajB[ H itopaj:^ perarHosHas. 
tfapoBcx, Xa6ap^>BCioe snaaiHoe HS^-BO, 1960. 

Fulton, Robert Brani. 

Original Marxism estranged offspring; a study of points 
of contact and of conflict between original Marro and 
Christianity. Boston, Christopher Pub. House 1960j 

167 p. 21cm. 
B33053I74F8 193 60-32993 t 

Gafflard, Albert, pasteur. 

Marrisme et chrisdanisme. fCabors, IS 
ISlp. iScm. (OoUectJon "Lea Bergen et tea 


Geofa, Jortfn B 

148 p. 

Gwai, Pari Franctt, 1913- 

Press tiseaj 

149 p. iac 

UadiTille, Comreatfon 

Gottinff, Gerald, 1923- 

Ber Christ sagt ja znm Sozialismus. Berlin, Union Ver- 
bff [196th 
247 p, 21cm. 

A60-5S54 t 
Wisconrfn. Unlr. Ubr. 

Gucht, R yander. 

Les socialistes et la. religion j quelquee aspects de tear atti- 
tade aetuene. Broxelles, La Pensee catiolique, 1959. 

332 p. 20cm. (fitudes sodates. Actuality 29-30) 
H5536.GT5 62-34593 f 

Gaerry, mile Maurice, J.5p., 1891- 

Eglise catholiqae et communiame atLee; ponrquoi l^glise 
oppoae-t-elle un refos f onnel i la doctrine antireligieiise du 
communisme sovietiqae? Lettre pastorale a son cle^?6 rt 
amc militants de son diocese. Paris, Bonne Preaae f leO, 

238p. 20cm. 
BX1396.4.G8 63-26873 J 

Hargis, Bffly James, 1925- 

The facts about communism and our churchee. Kesearch- 
documtutation by Julian Williams. lst ed.j Tnlsa. Okla, 
Christian Crusade { 196B] 

246 p. 17cm. 
HX87J535 335.430973 62-63046 t 

Hayit, Baymirza, comp. 

Documents : Soviet Russia's anti-Islam-policy in Turk 
estan. Introduced and collected by Ba.ymirza Hayit DSs- 
seldorf, 195&-59. 

2 v. map. 21 cm, 
BPS3.R82T83 297.09584 59-38451 rev 

Heimann, Ednard, 1889- 

Reason and faith, in modern society : liberalisn, 

and democracy. t lst edj Middletown, ConrLj Weeleyan 
UniTersity Press t l61, 
342 p. 24cm. 

HX536.H30 335.4382 61-6974 J 

Hromadka, Josef Lukl, 1889- 
EyangeliniQ. fur Atheisten. 
83 p. 19 cm. (Unterwegs; ein& 

Internationales Comitfi zor Verteidigung der 

Vortragstexte. t lj- 1954/55- 


v. Slan. annual 
BT1215.A1 1 52 60-22416 

Johnson, Frederick Ernest, 1884- 

A vital encounter: Christianity and communism. Edited 
by the Board of Social and Economic Relations of the 
Methodist Church. New York, Abingdon Press t 1962j 

132 p. 22 cm. 
EX536.J55 335.43 62-11521 t 

Jordan, Gerald Bay, 1896- 

Christ, comTrmmnm, and the clock Andenon, Ini, 
Warner Press t l96$j 

128 p. 21 cm. 
BR481J64 270.8 

Kay, Thomas O 

The Christian answer to communism; an, NAE study se 
ries. Grand Rapids, Zondervan Pub. House |1961j 

125 p. 21cm. 
HX86JE186 26L7 61-16237 

Kischkowsky, Alexander, 1912- 

Die so^vjetasche Beligionspolitik und die Eussische Ortho- 
doze Kirche. 2. erganzte Aufl. [Munehen, Institut zur 
ErforacihuTig der UdSSE, I960. 

171 p. 24 cm. (Institnt zor Erforactamr der UdSSB, MttJicben. 
iifonograpMenj Serte 1, No. 58) 

1960 61-33185 

Kbuseiter, Erich, 1917- 

Siehassea Gott nach Plan; ror Methodik der kornmordsti- 
schen Propaganda, gegen Beligioc. nod Karche in Mittel- 
deatschlftnd. Berlin, Moras- Verlag c *1962j 
308 p. illTis. 23 cm. 


Koch, Harts Gerhard. 

The abolition of God; materialistic atheism and Christian 
religion. I Trans3ated by Eobert W. Fnn, PhiladetomX 
Fortress Press t 1963i 

181 p. 22cm. 
BT1215JC613 21L8 63-13877 


Pseado-Bafcrale Staateakte in MhteldentschlAiid. Witten, 
lather- Yearly, 1962. 
Tip. 22<m. 

Kolonitskii, Petr Fedottmch. 

MapKcu3M-.ieHiiHii33 o peinrniT. CresorpaHua 
noii .iCTtunn, npmiiTaiiHoft s Mocsse. Mocssa jI 

HX536.KG 1050 51-20525 rer 2 

Koloni^dl, Petr Fedotondu 

rBap^Es, 1951. 

37 p. 20cm. 
HX536.K6 1951 

51-40490 TET 2 

Kolonifskii, Petr Fedotorich. 

MapKCH3i-^eHiiHn3 o petarEH. Moctia, BOCH. HS^-BO, 

120 p. 20 on. (HayiHO-nonyj8pHas fiaCaHorota) 
HX536.K62 61-20SG1 t 

H GDaercioe irpaBHreiLcxBO o pe- 

MoCCBa, PoC. H3^-BO HOJBT. JHT-pSI^ 1961. 

62-42706 J 


llOp, 20cm. 



118 p. 20c 


iap7H2 n CoBcrcEoe npaaHTeawcTBO o 
MocEsa, Foe. HS^-SO nconr. 


i Vitafcvich, 

Horo KOMM7EH3ica. MocKBa, Bncmajt mxoia, 1961 

ITS p. 22 oa. ' 


Kryvelev, lodf Arooorkn. 

JCHHH o pejarHH. Mocsaa, 1060. 
238 p, lUnes. 20 cm. 

Kysely, Jan. 

Modenn <flov^ * nfihofeoscrt t Vyd. L V Praze, Siattni 
nakl. politicke literaturyj 1962. 

141 p. 21 cm. 


Het communisme en de cultunr, ondergang of renaissance ! 
Tilb-urg, Drufckeri} ran ht E. EL Jongensvreeshnis, 1956. 

90 p. 20cm. (Oproanmdlgebn}CimreniEei3,nr. 175} 
HX309.L3 60-18287 t 

LebeffimS, Garri HUdtaBtrndu 

O Kopawoc pejraraH. JIwtoBi HSA-BO JbBoacioro 

60 p. 22cm. 
BL2780JL56 60-30504 


CoBpeucEEoe xpHCTHaHcrso H conzaxtHstft nporpecc. 
MocxBa, ITs^-BO conHaiiHO-ajcoa. iHT-pH, 1962. 

206 p. 20<m. 
HX536X.S3 63-37623 t 

Lorraine, Jean. 

GhrStiezi ou mandste? Paris, A. Toumon, 1949. 

174 p. 19cm. ^ ^ 


M<Bran, Jean. 

Us ne saTOnt pas ee (ju^s f out 
Editions latines [1955i 

158 p, 18cm. 
HX536^f325 1955 

61-20546 t 

Paris, Nouvdles 
^-40350 t 

Les Marristes repoadent a leors critiquefl catboBqiMS cp*Tj 
Henri Denis ^t aL] Coadnsicai par Laurent Casanor*. 
Paris, Editions sociales ,1957j 

96 p. I&CEL 


Christiaiiity and communisin. [Kewton, Kaa.j Faith and 
Life Press [1962, 
82 p. 23 cm. 


MemvkHe, Jiriio, 1905- 

1 comunismo en la. rerolncioTi 
Aires, Ediciones T^eor^, 1961 , 

189p. 21c 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

Minshushugi Kagakusha KySkai. 

IS It 1949. 
133 p. 1& cm 

L Communism and religion. L SakI, AMo, 1806- n. Title. 
Title romanized: KySsanshugi to sh(Sky5 no sh8raL 

HX536.M53 J 61-4410 

Hoover Institution 

Mltrokhin, Lev Nfltolamcli. 

XpncTHaHCEaa "naysa ZHSHH." MOCKBE, loc. HSA-BO 

HOXHT. JHT-pH, 1961. 

127 p. 20 on. (Hayao-nonyMpHas 6"H<5JiHOTe<nca no aieiQMy) 
BJ12753C55 62-42717 J 

McvraHca a nabozenstvo. t ZostaYil J. E&nsky'. L yyd. Bra- 
tislavaj SlovenskS TydavateTstvo politicise] literatury, 1961. 

211 p 21 cm. 
BJ1390.M63 62-42018 t 

Morris, Max, 1928- 

How to win over communism. Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Zondervan Pub. House t 1962. 


Moscow. Universitet Kafedra istorii i teorn ateuma. 

OcEOBHTue Bonpocn nayiHoro aTeaaita. [Ho^ pe^. IS.. R. 
nasuxasa] MOCEBS, HSA-BO coijHajitHQ-^KOH. JIIT-PH, 1962. 

412 p. 21cm. 
BL2747.3.M6 62-58840 

Nakano, Kyotokn, 1924- 

ISO p. Ulna. IS cm. 

L Chtmg-kuo kung ch'an. tang: 2. Communism and religion. i. 
Title. rilteromanised:ChtlgotuKyflsuit5no8liQkyOselflaku. 



Parti cornmtmistc fran^ais. Comite central. 

Les marxistes repondent 5. leurs critiques catholiques. 
Conference organises par le Comlte" central du Parti com- 
muniste fran?aisj Paris, Editions sociales [1957] 
S3 p. 19cm. (Pwbltoeg) 

A 58-2693 rev 2 
Wisconsin. Unlr. Lftr. 

Infiltraciott comunista en las iglesias cristiauas d& Am- 
rica. Bnenos Aires, 1961. 

233 p. Illus. 20cm. 
HX80.P4 62-44525 J 

Pemberton, Prentiss L 

Christians face tlie total menace of commimisro. With a 
chapter by W. AJvin Pitcher. Valley Forge r Pa. 3 Judson 
Press 192] 

1QS p. 20 cm. 
HX44.P4: 335.4382 62-14077 t 

Pfet, St%haDe Joseph, 1899- 

Socialisme et commtinismt devant la conscience chr^tienne. 
Paris, ditions francdscaines t 1957] 

150p. Iflcm. 
HX536JP45 64-44721 

Plojhar, Josef. 

Kjest'aiig a socialismua. t Vyd. l.j Praia, Lddovi demo- 
tracie, 1W1. 

116 p. 21cm. (PolitldcafaiIhovnaO&trnjlIdOTS.*T.fiO) 
11X536^55 1-43574 t 

Potocek, Josef. 

Zikladni problemy mamsticko-leninskeho uceni o nibo- 
Zenstvl t Yyi LI Praha jStatni nakl. politick^ literaturyi 

142p. 22cm. 


Poulain, Jean Claude 

L'Sglise efc la classe ouvri^re. Paris, fiditaons sociales 
t !960, 

188 p. 20cm. (PoUdqaeet religion) 

A 61^267 t 
Wisconsin, Untr. Llbr. 

RumHly, Robert, 1897- 

L'infiltration gauchiste au Canada franoais. Montreal 

147 p. 19cm. dffeMoacaWer.nol) 
F1053.E94 50-53273 

Rnndblom, Oscar. 

Kommunismen och kyrkan, ett f orsok till inventerag och. 
bedomning. Stockholm, DiakonistTrelsaas bokforlag [1961j 

492 p. Illus. 23 cm. 

EX536.R8 1961 63-31443 t 

Rundblom, Oscar. 

Kommunismen och kyrkan; ett f orsok till inventering 
och bedonrning. t 2. omarb. uppL] Stockholm, Diakonisty- 
relsens bokf i>rlaff t 1961j 

365 p. Illus. 23cm. 
HX536JR8 1961 62-44035 t 

Sagarra y de Casteflarnau, Fernando de. 

Encrucijada: Jaime Balmes (1810~1848)~Carlos Marx 
(1808-1883) ; prefacio. [Barcelona] Publicaciones Cristian- 
dad [1957] 

142 p. 19cm. 

A 61-1090 
Catholic Univ. of America. Library 

Sanz, Carlos. 

Consecuencias historicas del descubrimiento de America 
1492-1 902: discurao preparado para ser leido en la inaugura- 
cion de la Exposicion Bibliografica y Cartografica, celebrada 
con motivo de una Semana de Misionobgfa. Madrid, 1962. 

31 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
E110.S23 68-28523 J 

Semaine de missiologie. $7th, Lomain, 1957. 

Communisme et misaons; rapports et compte rendu de 
la rrvn" Semaine de missiologie, Ix>uvain 1957. [Paris] 
Desclee, De Brouwer r 1958j 

192 p. 24 cm. (Museum Lesslanum. Section mlsslologlque, no 

BX1396.4.S4 1957c 


Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. 

Communist treatment of religion. [Bangkok, Thailand, 
1959 3 

14 p. Illus., maps. 26 cm. 
HX536.S58 60-46169 

Strobe, William P 

The Star over the Kremlin. Grand Rapids, Baker Book 
House, 1962. 

108 p. 21cm. 
HX536.S84 261.7 62-17679 J 

Snkhor, A D 

Co^^aJII,HK^e n rHOceojorH^ecKHe KOpHH peJUHraH. Mo- 
cKsa, HSA-BO AicafleKHH naye CCCP, 1981. 

188p. 20cm. 
BL2780.S76 61-48775 % 

Togliatti, Pahniro, 1893- 

^Per un accordo fra comunisfci e cattolici per salvare la 
civilta umana; discorso tenuto al Comitato centrale del 
P. C. I. il giorno 12 aprile 1954, c Roma, 1954] 

SOp. 22cm. 
HX536.T6 62-34600 t 

Verkuyl, Johannes. 

Kedjiwaan, komunisme dan kapitalisme dipadu dengan 
indjil Kristus. Djakarta, Pembangunan r lH9t 

72 p. 1ft cm. 
BT1215.V4 60-21601 rerj 

Verret, Michel 

Les marristes et la religion; essai sur 1'atheisme moderne. 
t 2 6d, rev. et corrigee. Paris, Editions sociales, 1961] 

296 p. 19cm. (Les Esaals dela X. 0., 8) 
HX536.V43 1961 63-30315 J 

Voobus, Arthur. 

The communist menace, the present chaos, and our Chris 
tian responsibility. C 2d ed.] New York, ETSE t 1957] 

116 p. 22cm. 
HX536.V59 1957 60-23283 t 

Waldrop, W EatL 

How to combat communism. St Louis, Bethany Press 

62 p. 22cm. 


62-17918 t 

West, Charles C 

Communism and the theologians; study of an encounter. 
New York, Maonillan t !963, 1958, 

899 p. 23 cm. 
BT28.W45 1963 261.7 63-2966 t 


Christian crusade. 

rTulsa. Okla., etc., Christian Echoes National Ministry etc.i 

v. In lllua, ports. 29cm. J 

BV3750.C5 62^30072 


Jones, Francis Price. 

The church in Communist China; a Protestant appraisal. 
New York, Friendship Press C 1962j 

180 p. 19cm. 
BR1285J6 275.1 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut filosofiL 


crinecKoro o6m;ecTBa. [Ilofl o(5m;eft peA. H. H. <DefloceeBa, 
A. H. Co6o.TeEa, H. H. I^aMepaHaj MocKBa, HSA-BO Aicafle- 
XHII nayK CCCP, 1960. 

442 p. 23cm. 
HX542.A35 61-29811 t 

Aleksandrov, Nikolai Grigor'evich. 

xxi c-hes^; KIICC o pojiu coneTCKoro rocy^apcrsa H npasa 
B CTpouTC.ii.CTBe KOMMymisMa. MocKsa, Foe. HSfl-BO X>PH^. 
jHi-pBi, 1959. 

55 p. 20 cm. 
JC474.A4 61-31705 t 

Alekseev, Vladimir Vasil'cvich, writer on ethnology. 

60 p. 20 cm. 


tt, MocKa, Toe. HS^-BO nojcnr. Jtai-pu, 1 

62-47560 J 

Bollhagen, Peter. 

Einfiihrung in den historischen Materialismus. Berlin, 
Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaf ten, 1962. 

186 p. 20 cm. (Taachenbuchrelhe Unser TVeltblld, Bd. 26) 
HX542.B55 64-33888 

Borzenko, Anatoli! VasiTevich. 

Ilpofijieva x^ejiK a o5m;ccTBeHHOM pasBUTitii. MOCKBE, 
HSA-BO Bnm n AOH, 1963. 

77 p. 20 cm. 
HX542.B6 68-50918 

Davidovich, Vsevolod Evgen'evich. 

OtfnxecrBO H jiii^HOCTt. MocKBa, Bwcuia^ ruKOJia, 1962. 
50 p. 21 cm. (Marepmuibi K ^CKU,HSM no 4>H,noco4>iiH) 
HX542.D8 68^5952 

Dmitriev, Viktor Nikolaevich. 

PemaiOD^aji cmia B CTPOUIC^BCTBC KOMMynnaMa. [JTeHiiH- 
rpa^j JleHiiaflax. 1962. 

77 p. 20 cm. (PeiueHHK xxu cie3Aa KOCC B JKiiaiib !) 
HX313.D57 63-44524 t 

Fedorova, Aleksandra Tikhotvovna, 

EHC, 1959. 
45 p. 22 cm. (Bcecowanoe ofiiMecTBO no pacnpocTpaHCHHio no^H- 

THHCCKHX H Haj'HHWX SHaHHft. r H3A&HH^i CepHX 2.: <t>HJIOCO(})Hir, 84) 

AS262.V833 ser. 2, 1959, no. 34 61-29855 J 

Fedoseev, Petr Nikolaevich. 


Hays CCCP, 1962. 

478 p. 22 cm. 


Fischer, George, 1928- 

Science and politics; the new sociology in the Soviet 
Union. Ithaca, K. Y., Center for International Studies, 
Cornell University, 1964. 

66 p. 23 em. (Cornell research papers in International studies, 1) 
HM22.R9F5 801.0947 64-15198 

Fomina, Vera Aleksandrovna. 

p. 28 ctu. 

o MocROBCicoro yHHBepCHTCTa, 1960. 


^iia, 1903. 

MCCTHO CT-tqecTByBane. Co$iur, BxjrrapCKa aKa^CMHa na 
aayKHTe, 1962. 
451 p. 21 cm, 
HX542.G34 64-59930 

Frish, Aleksandr SamoIIovich. 

^ew 5orar ie.iOBei;. (Mocs 
157 p. 17 cm. 

Ganovski, Sava. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Gazenko, V I 

iiii no ncTopniecEOMy MaTepna-insnv. MocKsa, 


v. 22c 

01-82334 J 

Glezerman, Grigorii Efimovich. 

Baza i nadbudowa przy przej&iu od socjalizmu do komu- 
nizmu. t Tlum. Kazimierz Krakowskij Warszawa, Kgipfrft 
i Wiedza, 1952. 

27 p. 21 cm. ( Zagadnienla teorii markslzmn-lenlnlzmu, 8) 
HM61.G625 54^42602 rev 

Glezerman, Grigorii Efimovich. 

EESHC n naflerpottEa B COBCTCEOII oCrnecTse. CTCHO- 
rpaMMH ny6,iiiiHUX .iei;i;iiii ; npoHHTannHX B MocKse. Mo- 
CKca t FIpaB^a] 1951. 

47 p. 22cm. 
HM61.G63 53-32095 re>- 

Glezennan, Grigorii Bfimovich. 

BasHC n Ha^CTpoftsa B COBCTCKOU ofimecTse. MocEBa, 
HSA-BO AicaAeMHH nays CCCP, 1954. 

S46p. 23cm. 
HM61.G628 55-27632 rev 

Gurvitch, Georges, 1894- 

La sociologie de Karl Marx. Paris, Centre de documenta 
tion universitaire ^961] 

93 p. 27 cm. (Les cours de Sorbonne) 
HX542.G8 64-32722 

Eager, Kurt, 1912- 

Zur geistigen Situation der Gegenwart; vier Vortrage. 
cLAufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 196L 

lOSp. 20cm. 

DD261.2JH3 A 62-993 J 

Wisconsin. Univ. LIbr. 

Hochf eld, Julian. 

Studia o marksowskiej teorii spoleczenstwa. iWyd. 1 3 
Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Nankowe, 1963. 

271 p. 21 cm. 
HX542JI58 64-30112 


Der dialektische Determinisnms in Natur und Gesell- 
schaft. Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der "Wissenschaften, 1962. 

143 p. 20 cm. (Taschenbuchrel&e Unser WeltbQd, Bd. 34) 
HX542.H6 63-46555 t 

Hotter, Eric. 

The ordeal of change; t essays. 1st ed.j New York, 
Harper & Bow t 1963j 

150 p. 22cm. 
HX36.H6 301.24 63-10601 J 

HruSovsky, Igor. 

Dialekdka spolocenskflw) vyvinu. t 2. vy<L zredigoral A. 
Mrazj V Bratislava, Obroda t l49j 

95 p. 23cm. (Edlda Obroda) 
HX542JBC7 1949 61-30015 

Hrzal, Ladislav. 

Spolecnost, lid, jednotlivec; aktoalnl otizky. r Vyi 1.] 
Pralia, Nakl. politicke literatury, 1963. 

297 p. 21 cm. 

1 ft 4 7 H V! -l 

Hwang, Chang-y5pw 

^l VI 
5. {!?. 

42p. 20cm. 

L Indlvldoallitn. 2. Social groupe. S, Communlinn And society. 
L Title. 

TU> Tomanised; Iftcsa paiehon et5 iomln. 


fXdov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, 

H^ecutoraz EEK $opica .jryxosHc 
iJTesHHrpaAi 1961. 

120 p. 22cm. 


K 81-307 I 


ff, 1960. 

67 p. 20 cm. (CMSoxeAOcrynHaa 6n&Dioraxa no 

61-297T6 t 

Jankowski, Henryk. 

Jednostka, moralno^S, socjalizm. jWyd. 1. Warszawaj 
Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1963. 

G5p. 20 cm. 
BJT1390.J29 64-34023 J 

Kapich, Mikola. 

7. I. JlesiH a6 xsopiaa asrHyHacni Mac y CyAayniirrBe 
EaMVHiswa. MIHCE, .ZTsapac. sua-Ba ECCP, 1960 

38 p. 20cm. 
HX542.K3 64-32948 t 

Kazakov, Anatoli! Pavlovich. 

MarepHajtHoe HPOHSBOACTBO ocHOBa o6mecTBeHnoro 
pasBHTiia. [.leamirpa.^] USA-BO .TeHnarpaACKoro ynHBep- 
cnTera, 1957. 

25 p. 20 cin. (MetoAHHecKoe nocoCHe) 
HM35.K3 59-53660 \ 

Kelle, Vladislav Zhanovich. 

OopMH ofimecTBesHoro c 
no^HT. ."nt-pa, 1959. 
262 p. 2i cm. 

Kelle, Vladislav Zhanovictu 

Bucroaa: mEOjia, 1962. 

478 p. 28cm, 


MocEsa, Foe. HSA-BO 
61-29424 J 

63-31954 t 

Klof 5, Jaroslav. 

O rozporech ve spoleSnostL t Vyd. L Prataj Stitni nafcL 
politicke literatnry, 1962, 

278 p. 21cm. 
HX542.K5 6^46477 t 

Kocliin, Ivan Nikolaevich. 

ICpeofloaeHHe coi^aJibHO-3zoHOitHHecEHx paasn^Hfi ueac- 
^y ropo^OM H ^epesHefl. MocEsa, 3s:oHOMHEa, 1964. 

206 p. 21 cm. 


Kohlcr, Hans, 1911- 

Das Menschenbild des dialektischen. Materialismus. Mun- 
cien, A. Pustet ^957] 

Sip. 23cm. (Forum polltischer Bildnng, Nr. 2) 
HX542JK56 63-44970 J 

MOCKBE, Hsfl-s 
Slip. 21cm. 

iaB. pe^aKrop 
PH, 1964. 


Komunisticki strana Ceskoslovenska. tfatrtdri vybor. Ofc 
deleni propaganda/, agitace a leuitury. 

SociaJistickS spoleSenskS zfizen! v CSSR; krouzky zaklad- 
nich politick^ch. malosii Vyd. 1. V Prazej Oddeleni 
propagandy a agitace "Cstfedniho T^boru KomunistickS 
sfcrany Ceskoslovenska, 1960. 

a*p. 22cm. 
HN418.C9K6 61-43568 % 

Konference o teoretickych probl&nech v^atavby sodafismu 
a komonismu, Libtict, 1961. 

Zakladni teoretickfi otazky rfstavby socialismu a komu- 
nismu ve svetle vvsledku spolecenskfch ved; materifi-ly kon- 
ference konanS v Liblicfch ve dnech 26. az 29. dubna 1961, 
Sbornik uspofadal a k tisku pfipravil Jin HouSka. : Vyd. 
l.j Praha, Nakl. Ceskoslovenske akademie ved, 1962. 

745 p. 25 cm. 
HX542.K6 1961 62-49265 

Korac; Vdjko. 

Marks i savremena sociologija. Beograd, Kultura, 1962. 
381 p. 20 cm. (Filozofcka bffiHotefca) 
HX542.K64 63-44460 t 

KovalevsTcyi, Borys Pavlovych. 

IlepezHTKH KaniTaiiany B CBI^OMOCTI jrx>flea ia mxsnss. Ix 
noflOJKiHHJi. KBUB, ^epac. BHA-BO HOJUT. JHT-PH 7PCP, 1960. 

Ill p. 20cm. 
HX536.K65 64-37205 J 

Kriazhev, Petr Efimovich. 


ps, 1961. 



Krober, Erich. 

Sozialistische Gemeinschaftsarbeit nnd demokratischer 
Zentralismus. Berlin, Dentscber Zentralverlag T19621 
issp. 2icm. *- i -i 

HX542X67 64-27020 J 

Kmglikov, Fflipp Vasil'evich. 

TQro crpoHTMscTBa r 

53 p. 20cm. 

e HHTepecu B nepno^ passepHy- 
JteHHHrpa,^ 1960. 

1-29786 | 

Kngel', Samnil Aronovich. 

meerBa npn nepexo^e r 

3EOH. JIIIT-pH, 1963. 

132p. 21cm. 

Larionova, Tat'iana YasU'evna. 

IIcvcTeEeHHiiQ nepexo^ ox connai 
MocKRa, BiicmaH inEOJra, 1964. 

69 p. 20 cm. (CTyAcm-y, HsynaiomeMy 

Mocssa, Hs 


Lem, GJencher Petrovich. 

O rtepexo^e OT craporo jca^ecxsa E nosoKy B 

HOM paSBHTKH. MoCKBa, FoC. H3ff-BO HQJIHT. JHT-pH, 1958, 

198 p. 20cm. 

Leningrad. Universitet 

Bonpocn MapECHCTCK 
ceMHsapi. [OT 

138 p. 22cm. 

co^Eoao^^IH ; ipy^H con^oaora- 
rcxBeB^Ha peflariop B. IL PO 


Lewis, John, 1889- 

Soc'al'sm and the individual. New York, International 
Publisher* t !9ea, 

125 p. 21cm. (Newworld books, NW-W) 
HM136.U7 321 6S-19656 t 

Machonin, PaveL 

Oesty k beztHdni spolednosti; tHdni vztahy v obdobi vy- 
stavby socialismu a komnnismu. t^yd. L Prahaj Statni 
nakl politick^ literatory, 196L 

168 p. lllns. 21cm. 
HX5423I28 61-46351 J 

Mdchova, Jifina. 

Lide a socialismus; problemy socialistickeho zpflsobu 
2ivota. , 1. vyd-i Praia, Svobodn^ slovo, 1963. 

187 p. 21 cm. (2lv mjfileity) 
HXM23I29 64-27023 


Marksistowski materializm a filozoficzna koncepqa czio- 
wieka spolecznego. t'VVyd, 2^ popr. i oznp. Waxszawaj 
K"sia7fr, i Wiedza, 1960. 

85p. 21cm. 
HX542JM3 I960 61-30054 J 

Mashkov, Aleksandr Platonovidh. 

KoMMyHHSM canoe cirpaBeAJEaBoe otSmecrBO. J[CHHH- 

64 p. 21cm. 

Moscow. Akademifa obshchestvennykh Bank. 

HsMeneHne Kiaccosoft crpyinrypH o^mecrsa B irponecce 
crpOHTejtBCTBa co^HajHSHa H EOJtMyHasxa. t PeAaznaoHEajt 
Kojueriui: F. E. FjeaepjtaH, IT. C. "^eptMStix, M. A. 
^po^tEO ] MocKsa, Bmn, 1961. 

862 p. 21 cm. 
HX542.M55 61-45881 J 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

Bonpocn reopHH conrBaJiiicTiRecEoro oo*n];ecTBa. 
HHOHHaa: EOMernac: FaE, F. M., Fanoixa, IE. H., 
B. A.j MocKsa, BFJUI, 1960. 

25Sp. 2l cm. 
HX542.M56 61-37084 J 

Moscow. Universitet Kafedra didtektichesJeogo i i&toriche- 

skogo materi<di3-/na pumanitarnylck fakulftetov, 

KopiH o(5m;ecrBeHHOro coanamaa. tOTBercTBeHHHfi pe- 

AaKxop F. M. Fas:. MocKsaj HS^-BO MocsoBCKoro yHHBepcu- 

lera, 1960. 
376 p. 21cm. 

HX542.M6 61-32795 J 

Moscow. Universitet. Kafedra didLektiche&kogo i istoriche- 
skogo materiatiama. gvmantiarnykh fokuXtetw. 

BsanMO^eacTBHe $opH otfmecTBCHHoro COSHIHHJB:. t OrB. 
peAaKiop A. #. ^vraes. MocKBa] Ha^-so MOCKOBCKOTO VHH- 

BepcHTera, 1964. 

SlOp, 23cm, 

Netsenko, Aleksandr VasO'evich. 


sasoHOB B co^EaJIHCTH 1 ^ecB:oM; cXSn^ecTie. 

36 p. 20 cm. 

61-38806 J 

NIkolaev, Nikolai Nikolaevich, writer on foray* relations. 

tfapoaa Pmnapa. 


jQff p. Til int. 20 * 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


O AnajeETHEC pasanrHJi coseTCKoro ccmHazECTH-iecsoro oct- 
mecTBa. t llo3 Q6mefi pe^. H. B. HujrHiieHEo H P. M. 
BJipascai Mocisa, Toe. HSA-BO no^HT. JHT-PH, 1962. 

253p. 21cm. 
HX313.02 63-29214 J 

e z JH^HOC; co^eraHHe ofinecTBeiiHtix n JHIHHX 
HHiepecoB B ycioBHjrx pasBepHyxoro crponreibCTBa Kouay- 
Hmsta. r IEo pe^. I". A. AaenniHoft H AP-] Boponeac, Hs^- 
BO BopOHttKcsoro YHHsepcHreTa. 1961. 

220 p. 23cm. 
HX542.02 63-51792 

Pavbuchenfco, Anatolil Maksimovich. 


otfmeciBeBEoro passa-ras. MHHCE; HS^-BO EtxrocyHHsep- 
cirreTa, 1960. 
65 p. 22cm. 

EX542JP3 61-29806 J 

Perovii, Mirfco. 

IJYod u sociologijn. Beograd, Savremena administracija, 

Hv.-WSp. 24cm. (Blbliotekastrntoihlzdanja) 

Poder, Heinz. 

Etie Einhat von Polltik and Qkonomie; ein ejitscheiden- 
des Prinzip der Leitungstitigkeit beim Aafbaai des Sozialis- 
mus und im Kampf nm den. Frieden t von] Heinz Puder, 
et aL {Hrsg. vom Piasidittm. der Gesellschaft zur Verbrei- 
tung Wissenschaftlieher Komtnisse, Sektioa Wlrtschafte- 
wfeBenschaftj Berlin, Verkg Die Wirtsehaft t l&60j 

144 p. 21cm. CWteen hlirt alegrai. Heft 12) 
HD84JPT5 63-46T17 t 

Form area contiiii$e! socialiste a oamenilor muncii din 
B.P. E. Bucure?ti,Editura Politiea tl&SOj 

118 p. 20cm. (Probleoedebazialeteorlelmarzlst'Ienlalate) 
HX37iZ7P8 1960 62-44125 t 

, ] 

F<HTOre* con?tiintei socialiste a oamenilor mundi din 
E.P.K. Bacnre^Editora Politica rlSSllj 

Ill p. 20 cm. (Protleiae de barf, ale teoriel marxlst-lenlnlate) 
HX374J27P8 1961 62-44128 t 

Katfcovic, Radoslay. 

Og^edi o problemima saYwmenog druStra. Beograd, Kul- 

133 p. 20cm. (Blbiloteta DrnStreco-polltiae tndye) 

Rogacher, Petr Mikhafloviclu 

POIB HapOjjjHHx icacc H JK^HOCTH B ECTOPBH. Mocssa, 
Toe. na^-BO HOJCHT. JMT-PH, 1963. 

46 PL 20 on. (MerojtHwocHe cosem no $Haoco4>HH) 
HX542JR54 63-54434 

Rozfain, Vaaffi Pavlovidu 

Bse^eicHe B nap:Hcra:yT> 

IKp. 22cm. 

Srapfcarin, Anatolfl VaatfericlL 

KIICC no coBepmeHCTBOBaHHi> 
oSiqecTBa, Moczsa, BHona 

68 p. 22 on. (Mait^Haai K MKHHSK no HCTOPHH KIICC) 
JN6515 1963.S45 64-52846 

Las dos faentes de la revohicidD; contemporaiiaa. t L ed.j 
endoza f Argentinaj 1962 r l e. 1963t 
48IL 2Tcm. 
HN37.C3S56 1963 64-36385 

, fidnard Mikhaikmdi. 

f asaiopH 

US p, 20cm. 


B tfypaEyasHofl $aaoco^HH K 
Mocxsa, HS^-BO BTTTTT K 


StepairEan, EWnard Khristof orovich. 

Ofi oTHOCHrejttHoa cajcocroxreatHocTH HfleoaorHH. Mo- 
maj HSA-BO MocioBCJtoro yHHBCpCHrera, 1961. 


, ftrrii VTadimiroviclu 

lift p. 22cm. 

p^^, Hepwcroe KHHacnoe BSA-BO. 1960. 
34 p. 20 cm. (Becotu o K 

61-43634 t 

Swiat-ninatowicz, Irena. 

Jafc iyje nowa klasa w Polsce ? Loadyn, Gryf, 1959. 
52 p. 22cm 
HX542.S9 61-30035 % 

ISameriaii, Ivan Petrovich. 

^TO Tasoe HCTOpH^ecKHft MarepHajHSM. t MocKBaj Mo- 

CKOBCEHfi pa^O^Hfi, 1958. 

TO p. 20 cm. (OfJmwocrynHasi OHfijiHOTeiKa no (JJHJIOCO^HH) 
HX542.T74 61-29803 rer J 

Tumanov, Vladimir AJeksandrovich, ed. 

AHTSKOMwyHHSu HfleflEO-nojrHTHHecKoe opyflae HMne- 
npccax rocy^apcTsa H npasa. HOA pefl. B. A. TyuanoBa. 
MocKsa. MeacAynapo^Hfiie otHomeHHa, 1964. 

28?p. 21cm. 
HX542.T8 64-59774 

Ugriumov, Viktor IvanoricL 

HoBenmne xeopHH cospeMeHHOft SypacyasHoft co^HOJIO- 
rsH. MocKaa, Bucma^r niKOjra, 1961. 

68 p. 22cm. 
HX542.U35 62-49963 J 

Vfilor, Todor D 

3a pojjiTa na cyCeKTHSHH^ $aKTop B odnjecTBeHOTo passH 
THC. Co$aa, Et-irapcEa ICoMyHiicrjiiecKa napiiia, 1957. 

216 p. 21cm. 
HX542.V8 61-29802 

Wiatr, Jerzy J 

Szkice o materializmie historycznym i socjologii. i"Wyd. 
3. Warszawa a Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1962. 

238 p. 19cm. 
HXW2.W5 63-26750 t 

Yaroslavl', Russia (City) Gosndarstvennyi pedag-ogicheskil 

institut. Kafedra, floaof*. 

HejcoTopue sottpocti aasoHOMepaocTefl passnTHa COBCT- 
CKoro cOE(HajiHCTn i iecEoro otfii^ecTBa. [F^. pe^anxop F. M. 
IHxpaKCj JTpociaBJii, 1957. 

175 p. 23 cm. (SpocnaBCKHfi rocvAapCTBeHHtril neAarorHHecKHfl 
MHCTHTVT. yieHMe sanHCKH, nun. 23 (88)5 
HX542.Y3 61-29799 

Zak, Semen Efimovich, 

jcaccn H xapaicrep HX 



Zaremlm, Zygmmit, 1895- 

Narodzinyklasyrz%d2acei-wZ.S.E.E. Paryi, Wydawn. 


CHrera. 1962. 
289p. 21cm. 


309 p. 18cm. (BlbUotekaapolecnia,t2) 

Zhtiravlev, Vitalii Vasil'eTich. 

CTH o^njecTBCHHoro 

Ittp. 20cm. 

MocKsa, Bacmaa inKOJta 

2ivkovi, Ljnbomir. 

DruStveua nagradnja. Zagreb, Naprijed, 1960. 
669 p. 22cm. [Sodologijaj 
HX542^5 61-39824 t 

a^tovii Ljubomir. 

jalnog odraiavaaja. Zagreb, Naprijed, 1962. 



WorM Congress of Sociology. #A, Milan and Stract^ 1959. 

Soziologie und Oeeallschaft; Beitrage zum rr. Weltkon- 

gress fur Soziologie. Hrsg. voa Hermann Scheler, Eobext 

Sdiulz t tmd, Gunter Soder. t l. Aufl-j Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

HX542.W6 1959 A&3-897 1 

Wisconsin, TJnlT. libr. 


The Rumanian journal of sociology. 1- 

tBucharestj Pub. House of the Academy of the Btnnanian 
People's Republic t 1962?j 

T. IUM. 25cm. 
HM1.A1R8 63-27576 


Trade-unions and communism 


and youth 

Oren, Mordecai. 

.tt^sjnjn WBDJ)'T I^NTfi I^T 

2 v. {628 p.) 22 cm. 

Oren, Mordecai. 

Prisonnier politique ft. Prague, 1951-1956. Traduit de 
Fh6breu par Erwin Spatz. Paris, R. Julliard f 1960i 

380 p. 20 cm. (Les Temps modernee) 
HV6295.COO714 60-51979 J 

Le Probleme juif en XJ. R. S. S.; documents et esquisse d'utie 
solution. t PariS] Notre drapeau, 1960. 

20 p. -2.1cm. 
DS135.K9P7 62-51814 


Beezley, P C 

Education for what ? Including The square of the curric 
ulum, a 30-States survey by SPX Research Associates. New 

207 p. 22 cin. 
LA209.2.E37 370.1 63-14764 J: 

Froese, Leonhard. 

Sowjetisierung der deutschen Schule; Entwicklung und 
Struktur des mitteldeutachen Bildungswesens, Freiburg. 
Herder t !962j 

83 p. illus. 21 cm. (Das PHdasofflsche Gesprttch) 


see also People's democracies 
Ahashkova, Tet&na VasyUvna. 

KOMyniaMy IHJIJDC posBHrx 
. KHIB, Jtepac. BHA" BO nojiii. jrii-pH VPCP, 1962. 
20 cm. (Ha AonOMOry BHBiajOHHM MarepiajiH xxn slaji 


Bruz, Volodymyr Semenovych. 

CniBApyacHicTt cou(iajticTHiHHX Kpain Moryrnift $arrop 
MHpy. KHIB, flepw. BH^-BO nojriT. jiir-pH YPCP. 1961. 

82 p. 20 cm. 
D847.B68 62-30686 J 

Brzezinski, Zbignicw K 1928- 

The Soviet bloc, unity and conflict. Cambridge, Harvard 
University Press, 1960. 

xxli, 470 p. 24 cm. (Russian Research Center atady no. 87. Cen 
ter for International Affairs study no. 1) 
E847.B7 909.82 60-7989 

Brzezinski, Zbigniew K 1928- 

The Soviet bloc, unity and conflict. Rev. ed. New York, 
Praeger t !961] 

648 p. 21 cm. (Books that matter) 
D847.B7 1961 909.82 61-17111J 

Dorman, Mcnahem. 

.Twn . 

c Tel-Aviv, 1960, 

271 p. 23c 


Freidin, Seymour. 

The forgotten people. New York, Scribner [1962j 
386 p. lUua. 24 cm. 
D847JF7 947 62-17727 

Goldman, Luis. 

Or6nica de un suefio. Pr61ogo del Dr. Emilio Troise. 
Buenos Aires, M. Gleizer, 1958. 

268 p. Illua. 20cm. 
B847.G6 60-29787 t 

Hiln hu ahih shlh ta'ung k'an shl. 

BO p. 18cm. 

i. 1HI lo. 

2'MM rc*M*itcd: Jfln ml a toln oba 
Iran chin knv rh'nn tn. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Mnp coi(HcL!H3Ma B nn$pax H ^arrax; I cnpaBoiHHK] 1962- 

Y. tables. 17 cm. 
HCT04.M5 64-42400 

Mukhanov, Konstantin Ivanovich. 

OSmae saEOHOMepnocTH n oco6eHHOCTH nepexo;^ s co- 
n#ajiH3My B paaiH^HHx crpanax, t Pa6ora no^roroBjeHa ... 
K. H. MyxanoBUM H ap. Hofl pej. n. K. TonnzHna, K. H. 
Myxanosa H A. H. HsaHOBaj Mocssa, HSA-BO COITHU&HO- 

3SOH. JIHT-pU, 1962. 

481 p. 21cm. 
D847.M8 63-58199 1 

XOSKRCTBO comia-rHCrniecEnx CTpan. cxaTHCTHiecEHx ynpaRiennfl. 

v. a) cm. 
HC704.N35 63-35157 

Nikolaev, Boris Serafimovich. 

CorcnajiHSJC pemar>m;Hft $ asT P coBpejteHHOCTH. Mo- 
cKBa, HS^-BO Hs-ia Mea^yHapoHHX OTHomesHft. 1962. 

54p. 20cm. 
HC59.N495 64-35581 J 

Nyilas, Andras. 

A moszkvai nyilatkozat a szamok tukreben. r Budapestj 
Kossutb. K6nyvMad6, 196L 

119 p. illus.* 20 em. 
HG704JS T 9 62-59166 J 

PasBHTHe asoHOMnEii cipaa aapoAHOfi ^esforpaTHn; ofoop. 


MocKBa, ITs^-BO con;ua.i[,Ho-3i;oH. JHT-PH retc.i 

v. ^3 cm. annual. 
HO244.R3 56-44232 rev 2 


ASEH ; craTHCTHiecEaa cfiopnHE t sa 1955-1959 IT.] MocEsa, 
BHCnrTopras^aT, 1961. 
470 p. tables. 23cm. 
HC704.E3 C2-4T133 

Rozmowy o gospodarce. Stamslaw Albinowski [et al] 'Ko- 
mitet redakcyjny: Andrze] KaipifisM, STymon Jakubowicz, 
Henryk Huber. E Wyd. L Warszawa, TTai^hi i "Wledza, 

2 T. Illns. 20 cm. 
HC33TJ > 7E63 63-26677 

Shamberg, Vtadimir MikhaHoTich. 

O CypzyasHEix EOH^eI^^Ex 3EOHOvniecEoro copeBHOsa- 
EHJI AByx CHCTCM; rpHTHTCCKnii onepE. MocEsa, E3-BO 

COHHajI,HO-3EOH. aiIT-pM, 1962. 

ISO p. 20 COL 
HC704.S48 63-44155 J 

SMriaev, f&rfi Semenovich. 

CEHX crpaH. MocKBa, BucinaH niKoia, 1960. 
61 p. illus. 22 cm. (MarepHaAW K jtempam no 


HC59.S43 60-41696 

Stepanenko, Stanlslav Ivanovich. 

crpaa. MocKsa, HS^-BO co^HaJI,HO-^KOH. JHT-PH. 1962. 
86, ;2j p. tables. 20 cm. 


Stepov, A D 

Epa-rcEoe corpyj^HHTCCTBO connaiHC 
CEsa, Foe. H3-BO HO2HT. JoiT-pn, 1962. 
17 cm. {B noMOffi> 



crpan. Mo 
MarepHaxu xza cbeaxa 
63-30649 t 

Tolknnov, Lev NikoJaevich, ed. 

Co^a:aJIHCTH^ecEHa jrarept; 
noiETHEO-aroHOMHHecEHft cnpaso^HHE. t KoJueEXHB asro- 
POB: JI. H. ToiiynoB H ^p. 3 Mocxsa t roc. HS&-BO noiKT. 

iHT-pH] 1962. 

430 p. mape (1 fold.) dlagriL, tables. 21cm. 
D847.T6 62-48743 

Yang, H 




K 62-125 



PH, 1962. 

85 p. 20cm. 
HC70LZ47 62-45917 t 


Bratislava. Vysoka kola ekonomicka. 

Sbprnik. 1960- 
Brataslava, SlovensJc^ pedagogicke Tia.Tr1. 

__ v, illus., tables. 24 cm. 

) Bimdwstdle fur 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- 

Maiktinf ormationsdienst B : Ostwirtschaftsberichte. Nr. 
Koln, 1957- 

v. 81 cm. Irregalar. 



Problems of economic, v. 1- 
May 1958- 
New York [6tc. 3 International Arts and Sciences Press. 


Die Wirtschaft des Ostblocks. 
Bonn jetc., K. Procnazka. 

T. In 30 cm. weekly. 





Chalnpa, Vojtech. 

Dostdhneme a pfedstilmeme. PfedmL napsal Vaclav 
Pasek. rlvyd.j Praha, Prace, 1960. 

118 p. Illus 21 on. (KniZulceodbor4fe,sT.U7) 
HC704.C5 61-47570 t 

po.iL. rocy^apcrsa npn connajrasMe. IIo^ 
otfrqefi peju. A, M. PyflHnesa. rCocTaBnie^i, : F. IT. ITyrnen] 
Hpara, Mwp H co^QaJI^3M, 1961. 
265 p. 20 cm. 

HC704.E-1 62-49965 t 

KScr, Drago, 

Zakon planoviteho rozvoje narodnfno hospodafstvi. [Tyd. 
1. V Prazej Statni nakL politicke literatury, 196L 

145 p. 21 on. (VeIMtoIhoTnapolltIcWekon<imie,sv.44) 
HC704.F5 61-44957 

Holubushyn, f&ril Serhiiovych. 

Co^iasicTH^Hi Kpainn na imiaxy .ajo KOitymsify. E^Is, 

51 p. 20 cm. (npo&ieMH KCwcytt'cTOTHoro CyjOBBHUTBa B cshri 
rm slajiy KnPC) 


Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovetskogo Soiuza. VysshaQ 
pcrtZnaia sHcola. Kafedra politicheskoi tkonomM. 

Co^HaflHCTH l ^ecrHfi cnocotf nponsBOflCTBa. MocEma, Hs^- 
BO Bird H AOH, 19 
T. 20cm. 

Kanecny, Cestroir. 

Socialistidc^ mezinarodni uver, tVyd. l.j Pralia, NakL 
CeskosIovenskS akademie vSd, 1964. 

290 p. diagrs, tables. 21 cm. 
HF14U^64 64-40682 

\ Anatoli! Stepanovych. 

TojcOBHa paca cyrocHOcri. KHIB, ^epsc. BHA-BO ncutit. JUT- 
pn yPCP, 1961. 

64 p. 20cm. 

64-32041 J 

Lfikhov, Petr Andreevich. 

MnpoBaji cacrena, 

177 p. map, tables. IT cm. 


Madiava, DnSana. 

CSSE v socialisticke mezinarodni dSIbe price. t Yyd. L 
Prahaj KakL politicke literatury, 1962, 


MeteHfsa, Lev Yladiroirovidi. 

Ilepexofl OT sanHrajHSMa E EOMMVHHSMy nyr& paasaTHa 
^eioBeiecTsa. rMocKsaj PocsysHS^ax, 1963. 

58, & p. 20 cm. 
HC59.M46 64-48775 

Moscow. Alrartftnifl obshchestvennyfch naok. 

iPe^asuHOHHaa roxjieraa: B. B. Jlezzu H B. M. 
IHJ MocEua, Ekfl-BO BOTH H AOH, 1962. 
21 c 

206 p. . 



Moscow. Institat povysheniia kvalitaafsn pnpodarotddt 
obshchestTennykh nanfc. Kafed ra poK&he&oi MoMmO. 

OlCpEH nO HO.1HT3EOHOMHH COE(!ia.H!33(a. Bfo^ pCJ. JI. C. 

KyjiaienEo. r MocEBaj HS^-BO MOCKOBCKOTO yHHBepcHrera, 

175 p. 21cm. 
HB17931S54 61-i8r07 t 


O6 o6*in;H3 

H Eoirayc23ica a cBoeo^pasBZ EX npoiMCHHJt B pa%KX 
crpanax. MocEBa, Bticniajr Tmcojra, 1963. 

83 p. 22 cm. (MarepHajiu K jtejoroow no $KJOco4H) 
HC704J*5 64-32966 

Pochekanov, ] 

Hamara erroxa enoxa na EpymeEHero na 3 
CO<PHK, 113,3-80 na Ha.nHOEa.iHHJi CSBCT sa. 1 
IJ^POHT, 1959. 

39 p. 20 cm. (BH&wQTeica "ncuHnraecjoi K Bayroa sazatx," 15) 
HC59.P55 C4-4S937 

Schcnk, Priiz. 

Magie der Planwirtschaft. Koln, Ejepenheaer & Witscfc 

288 p. Ulna. 21cm. 

A 61-2276 rev t 

Wisconsin. Uulv. Llbr. 

Seid-Gnseinov, Asad Gazievicn. 

FocyAapCTBCHHiift EanHraTH3K B nepexo^EHS ; 
EamiTa.Tn3Ma E conHajnsMy. Moczza, HS^-BO < 

3EOH. .IHT-pH, 1960. 

141 p. 20cm. 
HC704.S44 61-27753 t 

Sheviakov, Fedor Nflcolaevich. 

TexHz^ecsHfl nporpecc H crpystypa. npoaaBo^crsa; port 

~ ->ro irporpecca B crpyirypHsix c^BHtax i 

MocKsa, SnasHe, 1963. 


no. 15 64-33497 

Silhan, VeneTc. 

V. L Lenin o Kzeni a planovani socialistikelio nirodniho 
hospodafstvi. c Vyd. Lj Praha, Statni nakL poKticie lite- 
ratury T 1060. 

90 P. 21cm, (T^mnttgrma^lrliiri v^-^v^vj' yv^ Tfamrg) 

HC704.S54 61-35552 t 

Spiridonov, Mikhail Kfippovidi. 

Maposag conHaaECTHHecsaa cHcreiia xoarfcTBa; J^K^EX. 
MocEsa, HSA-BO BIEQlH AOH, 1959. 

HC70436 ^ MWBOM I 64-35546 

Siponifsldi, Samml Abnuaovicm. 

Onepescax Bpeatx. Mocraa, CoBercEa* POCCM, 196L 
141 p. jlltcs. 20cm. 
HC336^.S79 61-46^0 rev J 

Urban, Bohranfl, grf. 

Politicfca efconomie socialismu- Kolettir. iOpraTenfi 
vyd., Praha,, Statnf pedagogiciB nakL, 1962. 

447 p. illos. 24cm. (U&Sia teity Tjrofejdi ftol) 
HC704.U7 63-38135 J 

Zhamin, Vitalii Akkseeviclu 

MnposaJt conHajtHcrOTCCEasc cacreMa; jiemHi. c MocxBa 3 
HSA-BO MocKOBcsoro yHHsepcBrera, 1961. 

HC704JZ46 CnL 64-58665 t 


Ittstitnt de science ^conomique aw>Kgjiee. 

Cahiers. Serie G : Economie planifiee, no 1- 
Paris [1936]-- 

T. taWes. 22-28 cm. 
HC70LI55 60-1290 rev 

Abalkim Leonid Ivanovich. 


HuajiHSna. MocKBa, Bacraax msoaa, 1963. 

84 p. taWes. 22 cm, (MarepHaau K aatuHSM DO nojnrrsKjDHOwai) 
HF1411.A25 63-51634 

Akademiia naok SSSL tmtitut MonomSti mirovoi so&o- 
UstichesJtoi sisterly. 

3EOHOMH^ecEoe coTpy^HHiecrso n B3auxonoifom> corfaa- 
:nx crpaa. iOTBTCTBeaHHfi pcjaErop A. ,3^. 
.__, MoCEsa, HS^-BO AEa^eacnir nayr CCCP, 1962, 
_-_;p. 21cm. 
HF1411A37 63-59429 J 

Akadenvu^ naok SSSR. 

ticheskdi sitiemy. 

CrpOHrejitcTBO KOKuyHBcsna B CCCP HI 
conHajtHCTHiecEHx CTpan. Ho# ofin^efl p^. F, M. Copo- 
EHna. Mocssa, HS^-BO SEOH. .ZHT-PH, 1962. 

834p. Ulna. 2Scm. 
HC704.A4 63-44319 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


COMMERCE U. S. (Continued) 

D. S. President, 1961-1963 (Kennedy] 

Reasons for this Government's decision not to prohibit the 
sale of surplus American \vheat, wheat flour, feed grains, and 
other agricultural commodities for shipment to the Soviet 
Union and other Eastern European countries during the next 
several months. Communication from the President of the 
United States transmitting a report to the Congress. t Wash- 
ington, U. S. Govt Print. Ofi% 1963, 

11 p. 24 cm. (SSth Cong, 1st sess. House of EepresentatlTca. 
Document no. 183) 

HF1456 1963.A5 63-65315 


Pisar, SamndL 

A new look at trade policy toward the Communist bloc; 
the elements of a common strategy for the West. Materials 
prepared for the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy 
of the Joint Economic Committee. Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print Off., 1961. 

vtli, 103 p. tables. 24 cm. 
KF499.P52 382 62-60132 

Pryor, Frederic L 

The Communist foreign trade system. Cambridge, 


296 p. 21cm. 



Boffuslavskii, Mark Moiseevich. 

Die Zivllrechtsverhaltnisse zwischen den sozialistiscien 
Landeni. [Ubers. von Gunter Wirth, Horst Wiemann und 
Helga. Kudolf j Berlin, Deutscher Zentralverlag, 1959. 

78 p. 21 cm. (Hammer fiir Aussenhaiidel der Deutschen Demo- 
Jtratlscin Hepcbltk. Schrlftenrettie Bechtsfragen des Ausseahandels, 
Heft 3} 

60-37420 t 


nauk SSSR. Institui gosudantva t prava. 

oe npaso connajiHCTHCEHX crpan ; Chop 
craTca. EGA peA- B. 0. Korosa H H. IE. <Dap<5*pOBa. 
Moorea, HS^-BO A^omE nay* CCCP, 1963. 
328 p. 21 cm. 


Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut prava. 

BortpocH rocy^apcTBa 11 npasa cTpan napo^iroft A e MOEpa- 
THH; cfinpmiE cTareft. ITo^ o6m.cil pe^. B. CC>. PCoTOKa H 
H. EL (kipftepona. ^locfisa, Toe. USA-BO K>PHA. JIHT-PU, 1960. 
255 p. 21cm. 


China (People's Republic of Ctena, 19&- 
yuan hui. 

) Fa cMh icei 

232 p. UluB. 21cm. 

L Commnnirt cocntries Conititntional law, x. Title. 

TUlt fomonised: J6u mln tuln chu 
kao cfcia hslen to tral pleo. 

060-8373 % 

Eotok, V P 

PocyAapCTBeHHoe npaso cipau sapoAHOfi ^eMOKpaTHH. 
Hofl pe^. B. <&. KorOEa. ,3[onyn;eHO B EaiecTse y^te^HHEa 
XXs. yEUBCpciiTeroB n lopu^. syaoa. MocKBa, Toe. USA-BO 

DpH. JIHT-pH, 1961. 

571 p. 21 cm. 


Makohon, Serfaii OrsBfovydu 

^epaasHe npaso Spain napoAHOi AeMOKpatii; KOHCUET 
jieKB[ift. [KitiBj BIIA-BO KniBCtEoro ymBepcHTeiy, 1959. 
203 p. 21cm. 

Moscow. Vseswuznyi luridicheskfl zaochnyi insfitnt 

Focy^apCTBeHEoe npaso cipan napoAHoft A e MOEpa 
EOA pe^. A, X. MaxneHEo. OAO^PCHO B Kaiecxse y 
noco5Ha wx CTyACHTOs BBD3H. MocKsa, 1959. 

418 p. 22cm. 

Voevodin, Leonid Dmitrievich. 

TocyAapcTBeHHOe upaso ctpaH napoAHOii ACM 
,3|oiiyinao B Ka^ecrse jnieSHHKa RZSI PHA- HH-TOB H 
*reroB. MocKna, TTafl-so Hn-ra a 


1p. 22cm, 


Bticuiire opraim rocy^apcTBeHiion B.IECTU crpan napoAiioft 
AejiOKjiaTiin ; coopnnic iiopsiaTiiniux arc-ron. 06m,iH peA. 
M. II. Jede/jeua. MOCKBU, Toe. ii3 r T-BO mpn^. .IIIT-PH, li>60- 

r 21 ciu. 

y;jifw rev 



107p. 19c 

China (Peopl&'s Bepubllc o* Ohlna, 1W&- ) Oonjtltntlooal 
l. 2. CommunUt countrlea-Ooostltutlonal law. r. Title. 

r^rowaia;ed: Halen fa chl 
p6o cblh hlh chlang hua. 

062-1122 I 

Donnelly, Desmond. 

The March wind; explorations behind the Iron Curtain. 
[1st Amprionn ed., New York, Putnam [I960, "1959] 

256 p Illus. 22cm. 
DR16D6 10(iO 914.7 60-0110 t 

Baden, Ben, 

I see their faces. [Johnson City, Tenn., Boyal Publishers, 

C 1963j 

xiv, 184 p. illus., ports. 23cm. 

914.7 63-25534 

Oravsky, Ednard. 

A nepi demokratikus orezagok foldrajzu. t Szlovakb61 
forditotta : Eduavd Oravsky. Vyd. l tl Bratislava, Sloren- 
ske peda<romck6 nakl., 1955. 

864 p. illus. 29cm. (VysofcoSkolske' ufebn< testy) 
D847.07 63-44021 t 

Su, Ch*ang-yu. 



1. Pommuniat countries IVsor. A trav, r TitU'. 

Title rwmwMJferf: Cli'n kuo chU'ti wvil. 



Torres, Joaquin. 

Viaje a Rusia y a o-tros paises socialistas. Buenos Aires 

286 p. illus. 24cm. 
DH16.T6 63-37273 t 


Akademiik nauk SSSB. Institut ekonomflci mirovct sofsidl^ 
ticheakoi sistemy. 


conHazrHCTii^ecKnx CTpaH. ITo^ o(Sn;eft pe/j. F. M. Copo- 

KHHa. MoCKBa, Hsfl-BO 3KOH. ^IIT-ptl, 1962. 

334 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
HC704.A4 63-44319 t 

Akademha nauk URSR, Kiev. Instytvt ekonomiky. 

EsoHOMkni OCHOBH nepexo^y Kpala CBITOBOI coi[ 
HOI CHCTCMH AO KOMyHi3My. t IIiA sarajitHOD pe^. B. IT, ^eM- 
^HKa! KHIB, BHA-BO Asa^enii nays Ysp. PCP, 1963. 

265 p, 21 cm. (TTpo(5jieMH KOMjndcTHTOoro Cy^BHHUTBa B CBird 
puuem, rxa 3'isAy KuPC) 
HC704.A44 64-40226 

r^flA"HX nocofinft no no-ii 
pasAca: Coniia-inaM. [OTBeTCTBCKHMft pe^aKiop T. A. 


40 plates of dlagrs. (In portfolio) 33 1 48 cm. 
HC336.A75 61-47159 

Blaiek, Miroalav. 

Hospodarskogeograficky pfehled sociaJiatickyh zeml 
Praha, Stdtnl pedagogicke" nakl, 1962. 

148 p. maps, tables. 21cm. (Ucetof tscty rywk/ch Blcol) 
HC704.B55 1962 63-54320 

Brauer, Rudolf. 

Wir und die sozialistische AVeltwirtsclmft; was jedcr 
davon wissen sollte t vonj Rudolf Brauer t et ul.j Berlin, 
Verlag Die Wirtschnft t 1960 3 

108 p. Illus. 22 cm. (WIsaen hllft ategen, Heft 4) 
HC704.B7 62-58481 | 

cacreita a 

Dobrev, Krustm. 

HeftnaTa penrasama pojw B pasBHTneTo na 
CO$HJI [BijrrapcEa KOMyHHCTHiecEa napTH^j 1963. 

47 p. 20cm. 
HF1411.D55 64-46674 

Dragilev, M S 

POCT MHpOBOtt CHCT6MM conHajcHSMa H oCocTpcHne npo- 
THBOpeinft EanHiajiHSMa. Mocicsa, HSA-BO SEOH. SHT-PU 

210 p. 21cm. 
HC54.D7 4-33496 J 

Dudinskii, H'la Vladimirovich. 

MapOBafl ciiCTCMa couiua.TtnsMa n saKOHOMepnocTii ee paa- 
BHTIW. Mocicsa, HSA-BO con;iia.ii.HO-3KOH. .iiiT-pu, 1961. 

292 p. 21n. 

Dudinskii, D'ia Vladimirovich. 


142 p. 20cm. 

u, 1963. 



KOHOMUKa oonnaiucTit'iecKiix cTpan it ^^(|)pax; KpaiKiift CTa- 
THCTiiHecicurt cdopiiin;. 1060- 
MocKnn, TI3A-RO comiair.Ho-sKoii. niT-pw. 

v. tables. 17 cm. 
HCT04.E4.-J C2-6G541 rev 

3icoHOMHKa CTpau cor^HajtusMa. 1960-62 
MocKsa, 3KonoMiiKa. 
y. tables. 21 cm. 


Jvanov, Nikolai Ivanovich^ economist. 

3soHOMHiecKoe coTpyAnniecTBO u BsaHMonoMon^t crpan 
coi^najiii3Ma. MocKBa, HS^-BO coi;naJii,HO-3KOH. JIHT-PH, 

821 p. 2lcm. 
HC704.I9 63-29215 t 

Jahn, Georg Max, 1885- ed. 

Die YTirtschaftssysteme der Statiten Osteuropas und der 
Volkarepublik China; Untwsuchungen der Entstehung, 
Entfaltung und Wandlung sozialistischer Wirtschafts- 
systeme. Hrsg. von Goorg Jahn und W. M. Frhr. v. Bia 
sing. Berlin, Duncker & Humblot, 1961- 

v. Illus. 24cm. (Schrlften deaVerelna fUr Soclalpolltlk, 
n. F., Bd. 23/1 
HB5.V42 n.F.,Bd. 23/1, etc. 62-66983 t 

Karaundzhev, Dmitri! Aleksandrovich. 


JIHT-PH, 1962. 

58 p. 20 cm. (BHSjiHOTeiKa BHemiiefl HOJIHTHKH CCCP) 
HC704.K3 63-31917 J 

Konstantinov, Fedor Trofimovich. 

IIpo nepexiA ^o KoaiyniaMy coniajicTH^irnx Kpam. Kms, 


3H3Hb yKpalHCbKOl PCP. [BnAaHHji] Cepiji 3., Na 1) 

AS262.T5G3 ser. 3, I960, no. 1 60-35115 J 

Kuleshov, V U 

CoipiajiHCTHiecicoe BOCHPOHSBOACTBO. MocKBa, Bacma^ 
mEOfla, 1961. 

75, [81 p. 22 cm. 
HC704.K8 64-37914 

Kyprova, Vera. 

Ekonomickd strankd pfechodu od kapitalisrau k socialis- 
mu, [Vyd. 1. Prahaj Stdtnf nakl. politick^ literatury, 

200 p. 21 cm. (Velki knlhovnn politick^ elconouile, sv. 42) 
HC704.K9 61-26287 J: 

Magyar Szocialista Munkaspart. Kosponti Bizotttdg. 

Az agitdtor kezikSnyve: t^nyek 6s adatok. r Budapestj 
Koesuth K6nyvkiad6, 1958-59. 

2 y. Illus., col. maps (part fold.) dlagrs., tables. 18 cm. 
HC704.M25 62-58456 

Maly, Bohuslav. 

SvStovd socialistickfi hospoddfsk& soustava. t Vyd. L, 
Praha Statni nakl. politick^ Hteratury] 1961. 

140 p. 22cm. J 

HC704.M3 61-48985 J 

Mervart, Josef. 

Ekonomicky rozvo] socialistick^ch zemt J. Mervart, 
C. Konecnf. c Vyd. 1. Praha, Nakl. politick^ literatury, 

324 p. tables. 22cm. 
HC704.M4 64-30111 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Map coijHajiHSMa B n;H$pax H ^azrax; [CnpaBOiHHK] 1962- 
MocKBa, HSA-BO nojinx. jtHT-pw. 

T. tables. 17cm. 
HC704.M5 64-12400 

Mukhanov, Konstantin Ivanovich. 


HaajiHSMy B pasjtH^HHx cxpanax. [Pafioxa noflroiOBJieHa ... 
K. H. MyxanoBHM H flp. HOA pefl. n. K. Tonn^Hna, K. H. 
Myxauosa H A. H. HsancEa] MocKBa, HS^-BO cci^HajitHo- 

3EOH. JIHT-pH, 1962. 
481 p. 21cm. 

D847.M8 63-38199 t 

saflcTBO coi;Ha.'rHCTii^ecKiix cxpan. Cooo*meHHfl: 

Ba, H3A-BO 3KOH. JtHT-ptl. 

T. 20cm. 


Nikolaev, Boris Serafimovich. 

Con;HajrH3M pemaiomHft ^aicrop coBpeneHHocxH. Mo- 
cKBa, HSA-BO Hn-xa MeaeflyHapOflHHX OTHOraeHHfl, 1963. 

54 p. 20cm. 
HC59.N495 64-35581 J 

Nyilas, Andras. 

A moszkvai nyilatkozat a szamok tukrfiben. t Budapest] 
KossutlxKonyvMad6, 1961. 

119 p. illus. 20 cm. 



MoCKBa, H3A-BO COmia.1t,HO-3KOH JTIIT-pH jetC.j 

v. 13 cm. nnnual. 
HC244.K3 56-44222 rev 2 


ASHH ; CTaTHCTHiecKHft ctfopHHE c sa 1955-1959 IT.] MocKsa, 
BnemTOprHSflaT, 1961. 
470 p. tables. 23cm. 
HC704.K3 62-47133 

Rozmowy o gospodarce. Stanislaw AlbinowsH iet at, Ko- 
mitet redakcvjny: Andrzej Karpiiiski, Szymon Jakubowicz, 
Henryk Huber. c Wyd. 1. Warszawa, Ksiazka i Wiedza, 

2v. Illus. 20cm. 
HC337.P7R63 63-2667T 

Shambers, Vladimir Mikhanovich. 

O CypacyasHLix KOHijeimHflx asoHOirH^ecKoro copesHOBa- 
HHX flsyx CHCTCM; EpHTHCKHtt oiepK. MocEBa, HSA-BO 

COB(HajI!>HO-3KOH. JIIIT-pH, 1962. 

189 p. 20 cm. 
HC704.S48 63-44155 J 

Shiriaev, iUrii Semenovich. 

BupaBHusaHHe otfmefl jnmmi pasBHina coi^HajiHCTH^e- 
CKHX CTpan. MocKsa, BHcraaff raKOJia, 1960. 
61 p. Ulus. 22 cm. (MarepHa^H K JICKIIHHM no nojraTHiecKOft 


HC59.S4S 60-41696 J 

Stepanenko, Stanislav Ivanovich. 

Hay?no-TexHHiecicoe corpyflHH^ecTBO coEtHajmcxH^ecKHx 
crpan. MocKsa, HS^-BO co^HaJI^HO-^KOH. JIHT-PH, 1962. 

86, A p. tables. 20 cm. 
HC704.S76 63-31958 

Stupov, A D 

BpaicKoe coipy^HH^ecTBo co^HaJIH:cTHHecKHx crpaH. Mo- 

CKBa, IOC. H3fl-BO nOJIHT. JtHT-pH, 1962. 

JQ_p. 17 cm. (B noMOm> iraywiomHM MaTepHaau x 




Tolkunov, Lev Nikolaevich, ed. 

Co^HaJIHCTHHecKHft Jiarept; KparKH 
nojHTHKO-asoHOMH^ecKHft cnpaBOHHHK. jKoJuieBrrHB 4 aBio- 
POB: Jff. H. ToJtKyHoa H ^p.] MocKBa c roc. H$fl~BO HOJIHT. 
jHT-pij] 1962. 

480 p. maps (1 fold:) dlagrs., tables. 21 cm. 
D847.T6 62-48743 

T. tables. 21cm. 

L "cominixiilat counttCMH-Bcoii. coadlt -tTltte. ,. ' , 

',,, , :T ? r ^j * " -i "*"^*"*' / * t ' lvftnn 

Zhamin, Vitalil Alekseevich. 


^HaJ^HCTlI'^ecKIIX cipan. MocKBa, Foe. HS^-BO noJHT. JIHT- 
PH, 1962, 

85 p. 20cm. 
HC704.Z47 62-45917 | 


Bratislava. Vysoka Skola ekonomicka. 

Sbprnfk. 1960- 
Bratislava, SlovenskepedagogickSnakL 

v. illus., tables. 24cm. 

Gennany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Bwndeistelfe fur 

Marktinfonnationsdienst D : Ostwirtschaftsberichte. Nr. 
Koln, 1957- 

no.ln v. SI cm. Irregular. 
HC701.G4 63-3256T 

Problems of economics, v. 1- 
May 1958- 
New York [etc.] International Arts and Sciences Press. 

T. la illus. 30 an. monthly. 
HC10.P753 61-658 

Die Wirtschaft des Ostblocks. 
Bonn [etc.! K. ProcKazka. 

v. in 30 cm. -weekly. 


63-44083 t 

Champa, Vojtech. 

Dostihneme a pfedstihneme. Pfedml. napsal Vaclav 
Paek. rl. vyd-i Praha, Prace, 1960. 

118 p. illus. 21 cm. (Kntfnice odborife, ST. 117) 
HC704.C5 61-47570 J 

icaa po^t rocy^apCTBa npH corinajrasMe, UOA 
oCiqefi pe^. A. M. PyM^Hnesa. t CocTaBHTejib: T. IT. ITyraeBj 
Ilpara, Map H co^HaJIII3M, 1961. 

265 p. 20cm. 
HC704.E4 62-49965 t 

FiSer, Drago. 

Zikon planovitelio rozvoje nirodnlho hospodafstvi. [Yyd. 
1. V Prazei Statni nakL politicke literatury, 1961. 

145 p. 21cm. (VelMknihoTiiapolltick^ekonomle, sr.44) 
HC704.F5 61-44957 

Holubushyn, flrrii Serhiiovych. 

Co^iaJricTH^Hi rpaiHH na nuraxy A KOMynisMy. KHIB, 

51 p. 20 cm. (IlpoffjieMH KOMyHicnnBoro ffy^BHHUTBa B CBiTJrf 
piineHb xzn sTsAy WlPC) 
HC704.H6 64-33492 

Kommunisticheskaia partiia Sovetskogo Sofuza. 

partunala sTikola. Kafedra politichesfan ekonomU. 

Co^HaJIHCTH^ecsHe cnocoC npoH3BOflCTsa. Mocssa, Hsfl- 

T. 20cm. 

^, Cestmir. 

Socialisticky mezinarodni uv5r. [Yyd. 1.] Praha, NakL 
CeskoslovenskS akademie ved, 1964, 

290 p. dlagrs., tables. 21 cm. 
HF1411J8:64 64-40682 

Kysil', Anatoli! Stepanovych. 

TojiOBHa pHca cyicHOCTi. KHIB, ^epac. BH^-BO nozix. JTIT- 
PH YPCP, 1961. 

64p. 20cm. 
HC704^93 64^32041 t 

Liakhov, Petr Andreevich. 

Maposaa CHCXCMa co^HaJH3Ma. 

177 p. map, tables. 17cm. 


lyiachova, DuSana. 

socialisticke mezinarodni d51b& price. t Vyd. 1. 

252 p. diagrs. tables. 

ocBysHS^ax, 1963. 

3foscowi , Aka 

' - 

Moscow. Institnt povysheniia kvaJifikatSii prepodavateW 

obshchestvennykh naok, Kafedra politichetkoi ekonomti. 

O^epKH no no.inx3KOHOMJiH coi^Haiit3Ma. Hoj pe,n. SL. C. 

KyMaieiiKO. t MocKBaj HS^-BO MOCKOBCKOTO yTTHBepcHxera, 


175 p. 21 cm. 
HB179.M854 61-48707 J 

Pflipenko, N V 

O6 oCmax saKOHOMepHOcwix crpoHTeatcTBa co^HaIH3lIa 


cxpanax. Mocxsa, Bncmaa: nucoota, 1963. 

83 p. 22cm. (MarepHaJimt JICKIWUM no ^miocodHiH) 
HC704J>5 64-32966 

Pochekanor, fAnaki. 

HaraaTa enoxa enoxa na KpymeHnexo na KannTa.in3Ma. 
CO^UH, USA-BO na Ha^H;oHaJIHHK c-bsex na OreiecTBeHHJi 
^POEX, 1959. 

39 p. 20 cm. (EHfijiHOxeica "HoJiHTHqecKH H aay^HH SHama," 15) 
HC59.P55 64-48937 

Schenk, Fritz. 

Magie der Planwirtschaft. Koln, Kiepenheuer & Witsch 

286 p. Illus. 21 cm. 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

A 61-2276 rev 

Seid-Gusemov, Asad Gazievich. 

rocyA a PCTBeHHiift KanHTatHSM B nepexoAHHtt nepao^ OT 
KanniajiHSMa E conHajinsuy. MocKsa, HSS-BO cor^naaibHO- 

3KOE. JIIIT-pBr, 1960. 

141 p. 20 em. 
HC704.S44 61-27753 t 

Sheviakov, Fedor Nikolaevich. 

ecKHft nporpecc H cipyicrypa nponsBOflCTBa ; poat 
nporpecca B CTpyicrypHHX cAsarax npOMHm- 
JICHHOCTH. MocEBa, SnaHHc, 1963. 

38 p. 21 cm. (HoBoe B mam, Hayxe, rexHrace. m cepmi: 


HC331.A1N6 no. 15 

gilhin, Vengk. 

Y. L Lenin o rizenf a planovanl socialistickflio narodnHio 
hospodafstvl. Yyd. 1., Praha, Sttn nakl. palitickg lite- 
ratury, 1960. 

90 p. 2lcm. (LenlnlroiDS,zakladv^stavby80claIUmu) 
HC704.S54 61-35552 t 

Spiridonov, MikhaO. FOippovich. 

Mnposaa conHajiHCTHHecKaji cHCTeica xosaflcrBa ; JtexxcKfl. 
MocEBa, HSA-BO BniH a AOH, 1959. 

71 p. 20 cm. (ncunrnnecxa* SKOHOMHS) 
HC704^6 64-35546 

Suponifskii, Samuil Abramovich. 

OnepWKaa: speMa. MocEsa, CosercEaa Poccua, 1961. 
141 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
HC336.2.S79 61-46890 rev J 

Urban, Bohumil, ed. 

Politicka efconomie socialismu. Kolektiv. [Opravenfi 
vyd-T Praha, Statni pedagogickS nakL, 1962. 

447 p. Illus. 24cm. (UCebiJtexty vywk^ch flcol) 
HC704.U7 63-88135 t 

Zhamin, Vitalil Alekseevich. 

Mnposaa cozjHajHCTHHecKW CHCTeica ; JteK^H. t MocKBaj 
H3#-BO MocEOBCEoro yHEBepcarera, 1961, 

66 p, 22cm. 
HC704JZ46 64-38665 J 


Institnt de science economique app&qjuee. 

Cahiers. SerieG: ficonomie planifiee. nol- 
Faris r 1956]- 

v. tables. 22-28 cm. 
HC701J55 60-1290 rev 


i itapoBoro co- 

Abalkin, Leonid Ivanovich. 

3KOHOMHHecKae saroHOuepaocrH 
^BcajtirsKa. MocKBa, Bucmaa mKOJia, 1963. 

94 p. tables. 22 cm. (MarepHajiu K JICKUHJIM no nojurr3KOHOMHH) 
HF1411.A25 63-&1634 

Akademiia nank SSSR. Imtitut ekonom&i mvrovoi o&ia- 
Usticheakoi siafemy. 

y^Hii-iecTBO n ssanMonoitoim. coi^Ha- 
t OrBeTCTBeHKuft pCAaKxop A; ,2j. 
MociBa. HM-BO AKa^CMHH nayic CCCP, i962. 


63-59429 t 

Akademiia nank SSSR. Institvt tkonow&i mkovoi to&oto- 

.. / 


crpaBt, nofl one* pe^. T. M. Copo- 
aKO-E. JiHt!-p, 19^2. 

' ' 1 \ - 

63-44319 I ; h 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Alekseev, Aleksandr Miklialtovkh. 

a, 3lOHOKHia, 1964. 



5 p. 21cm. 

Bfllerbeck, Klaus. 

Soviet bloc foreign aid to the underdeveloped countries; 
an analysis and a prognosis. Translation: Jean Boll- 
kampeij Hamburg, Hamburg Archives of World Economy, 

161 p. 29cm. 
HC60.B483 338.9147 61-65836 \ 

Braner, Rudolf. 

Problems der Ennittlung des okonomisehen Nutzens der 
sozialistischen iuternationalen Arbeitsteilung ttnd des Aus- 
senhaadels sozialistischer Staaten. Berlin, Verlag Die 
^Virtschaft ^96^ 

1ST p. lllns. 22 cm. (Schriftenrelbe Soztalistlsche Weltwirt- 
scbatt, Heft 5) 
HF1408.B7 64-38901 t 

CHcreva H 

l>obrev, KrusfaU 

Hcfinara pemasanca pou B pasBETHero na 
CO^HS jEtirapaa xouyOTCTE^ecEa naptna] 1963. 

47 p. 20cm. 
HF1411.3>55 64-46674 

Frd, Lazar 7 Isaeviciu 

TOproaair coiiHa 
jpx, 1960. 

228p. 23cm. 

pac^erw H ^HHaHCHpOBaa 
ireecEirx crpan. MocEsa, 

60-38254 1 

Furaev, Viktor Konstantinovich. 

MeagornapOAEoe aHaienne ceMHJterHero naa^a. JIeHSH- 
rpa^i JleEus^aT, 1959. 
HC336.2.F8 61-27716 t 

Heymann, Hans, 1920- 

Comnmnist economic subversion: ft reappraisal, {Bang 
kok, Thailand. Sonth-East Asia Treaty Organization, 1959?, 

HF14H.H45 11 " 63-37706 t 

Kommmiistichskam partife Sovetskogo Swuza. Fyttftaft 
pcrtmuaa thkola. Kafedra potittcheshti ekonom& 

ConHajHCTniecrafl cnocotf npOHSBo^cTBa. MocsBa, Hs^- 
BO BUG! a AOH, Ifl 

T. 20cm. 
HCT04.K6 63-49321 

Kanecny, Cestmir. 

Socialistickf mezinirodni uver. r Vyd. 1 Praia, NaM. 
Ceskoelorenske akademie ved, 1904. 

290 p, dlagrs., tabtea. 21 on. 
HF14UJK64 64-40682 

, Petr Andrwvich. 

Maposa* cacrexa coqHarHsita. 

177 p. mi 


Magyar Szodaliste. Mtmkaspart 

Mamzmns-leninigmiis tankonyr a Magyar SzociaHsta 
MunHs^rt egj^ros kozeplskoHia szamfira. tBudapesfcj 
Kossatb. K6nyvfciad6, 1964. 

580 p, fflns. 20cm. 
BB08.8Ji285 64^55177 

Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia, Budapest. 

MaTcpaajH no axoEOMjreecnnc BonpocaM CCCCHE BeHrep- 
cioS aEa^eitHH aayx. 

StodiengeseDscbaf t for Wirtschaf tlkhe Entwidfrm*. 

Eutxwklungabilfe innernalb des Ostblocks. Frankfort/ 


122 p. Illos. 24 cm. (Arbelten cor Wlrtschaftskuode der But- 
HF141LS85 62-58336 t 

TJ. S. 2>^i. c/ State. 

Communist economic policy in the less developed areas. 
tWashington, Office of Public Services, Bureau of Public 
Affairs, I960, 

38 p. Hint, map. 24 cm. (It* PubHcatioo 7020. Bnn^ean and 
British. Ootnmonwealt]} aefiee, 00) 
HC59^3U52 I960 338.9147 

U. S. Dept. of State. Bureau of Intelligence and Research. 
The Sino-Soviet economic offensive tbrougb June 30, 1962 
rbvi Roger Hilsman. [Washington] 1962. 

i L, 49 p. tables. 27 cm. (Its Research memorandum, RSB-145) 
HF1408.U5 62-64735 

Zhamin, Vitalii Alekaeevidu 


PM, 1962. 
85 p. 20cm. 

HC704547 62-45917 J 

^Burba, Semen losy-povych. 

cniBpo6iTHH^TBO. Kais, ^eps. BHA-BO iroiit. 

JKT-PH yPCP, 1981. 

102 tt 20 cm. 
HFl4lLZi6 62-i2790 t 


Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) BundesateUe fur 

Marktinformationsdienst. D : Ostwirtscliaftsberichte. Nr. 
Koln, 1&57- 

no. In v. 31 cm. Irt^olar. 
HC701.G4 63-32567 

Hamburger Wirtschaftszeitung West-Ost. 1.- 
JTahrg. Sept. 1954- 

Hamburo; West-Ost Verlap, ete. 7 
T. in Ulos^ ports. 30-48 cm. 




Brzezinski, Zbigniew K 1928- ed. 

Africa and the communist ivorld. Contributors : Alexan 
der Dallin t and otliersj Stanford, Calif., Published for the 
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace by Stan 
ford University Press, 1963. 

vil, 272 p. map (on lining papers) 28 cm. (Hoover Institution 
DT38.9.R8B7 327.47067 63-17816 


Hgen, Konrad. 

Freundschaft in Aktionj die okonomische Hilfe der So*r- 
jetunion fflr die volksdemokratischen Lander und fur anti- 
imperialistische NatiomOstaaten. c l. Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 

25Sp. ulna. 20cm. 
HF15581961J4 62-6641 t 

Sladkovskii, M I 

nriecKoro Jiarepa, Mocsua, HS^-BO Hn-Ta neac^yHa- 
OTHOineHatt, 1959. 
Sip. 20cm. 
HF1558.15.C6S5 60-36573 t 


Kulinych, Ivan Markovych. 


Haita comiaxisuy. KMIB, 1962. 

54 p. 20 Cm. (npOfiJICMH KOMyHiCTHHHOrO SyAtBHHUTBa B CBiTJli 

pimeHb xru 3l3y KTIPC) 

HF1558.9.U5K8 63-38624 J 



O xapaKTepe oraomeHHfi MCK^ 
CTpaHavir. MocsBa, MHCJIB, 1964. 


SOp. 20cm. 


Kapchenko, Nikolai Ivanovich. 

BHemsjuc ncunrrHKa con;HaaHCTK*ecrHX crpas ^ncaaTHia 
KHpa. MociBa, HS^-BO Hs-xa Heac^yHapo^HMx OTHOraeHntt, 

119 p. 20cm. 
D847JK3 6^-48769 J 

Karaundzhev, Dmitril Aleksandrovich. 

YKpenjieHHe H pa3BHm xapOBOfi CHCTCMH coi^HajiHSua ; 
BeaHKOC co^pyacecTBo Hapoflo. Mocrsa, Toe. HS^-BO DOJIHT. 
JHT-PH, 1962. 

38 p. 20 cm. (Bjafcraowaca BBemaeft noaimliai CCCP) 
HC704.K3 63-31917 J 

Tang, Peter S. EL, 1919- 

The nature of Communist strategy in the areas of emerg 
ing nations,- a study delivered at the fourth; annual round- 
table conference, Institute of Ethnic Studies, Georgetown 
University, April 21, 196L Washington, Eesearch Institute 
on the Sino-Soviet Bloc C i062j 




BoFshafa sovetskaia entsiklopediia. 

Dcjiny lidovj^ch demokracii; pfeklady pfislusn^ch kapitol 
z hesel Velke sovetske encyklopedie. Pfipravil Dimitrij 
Erandi.ilov. tVyd. 1. 3 Praha, Statni pedagogickS nokL 

285 p 2J> cm. (UCebnf teity rysok^ch Skol) 
D847.B6 61-41675 J 


Abalkin, Leonid Ivanovich. 

3KOHOMniecEEe saKonoiiepHOCTH pasBiirna MHposoro co- 
i^iiajiHSna. MocEBa, Bucraaji raKO-ta, 1963. 

84 p. tables. 22 cm. (Marepna^u K JCKUHHM no noflHTSKOHOMHH) 
HF1411.A25 63-51634 

Akademifa nauk SSSR. Institut ekoncmiU. 

CoijHajrHCTHiecKaa HHflycTpHaJIII3a^Ha cipaH napoflHoa 
fleMOKpaxuH. [Pa(5oia noAroTOB^eaa K usfl. CeKTopOM DKO- 


AKaACMEH Hays CCCP] MocEBa, FociMaHEaflaT, 1960. 

299p. 23cm. 
HC704.A35 61-30931 t 

Akadenuia nauk SSSR. Imtitut Skonomiki mirovm 
UstichesTcol sistemy. 

3KOiioniiHecKOe cOTpy^Hii^ecxBO n BsaimonoMomt co^IIa- 
JTHCTH^CCKHX cTpan. [OTBCTCTBeitHMft peAairrop A. fl. 
CiynoBj MocKBa, HS^-BO Aca^eMnn nayK CCCP, 1962. 



Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut ekonomflci mirovol so&ia- 
Ustioheskoi sistemy. 

Co^HaJIHCTIr[ecKoe Mex^ynapo^Hoe pas^e-^eHHe rpy^a. 
HOA otfmeft pe^. H. IT. OjiettmiKa. MocKBa, HS^-BO SEOH. 

JTHT-pM, 1961. 

350 p. 28cm. 

Alekseev, Aleksandr MikhaHovich. 

CospeiceHBLifl aran axoHOKH^ecEoro copeaHOsaHHa ^syx 


2Wp. 21cm. 
HF1411.A4S 64-59264 

Bul'ba, Taras Vladimirovich. 

Comia,TiicTHHecKa^ namioHajiuaamna nponunxneHHocTH. 
MocKsa, Bwcraaflt mKo^a, 1960. 

68, ( 1; p. 22 cm. (MarepHanw K JICKUHSM no noflHTHnecKOH SKO- 
HDS856.I CBS 61-22945 

Denisov,fAkov Andreevich. 

Me;KAyKapo,a(Hoe comiajtHCTHnecEoe pasfltieaiie rpy^a. 
JteHHHrpa^, 1962. 

60 p. 21cm. 
HD51.D35 62-47164 t 

Grabig, Gertrud. 

Internationale Ai^beitateilung und Aussenhandel im sozia 
listischen TTeltsystem. Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft [1960j 

102 p '22 ciu, (Schrlfteiireme Sozlallstlsche Weltwlrtschaft, 
Heft 2) 
HC244.G67 61-26432 

Haba. ZdenSk. 

Studia o ekononxick^ch. zSkonoch a ich posobeni v pre- 
chodnom obdobl k socializmu. [1. vyd.j Bratislava, Vyda- 
vatel'stvo Slovenskej akademie vied, 1962. 

2T7 p. lllus. 21 on. 

HB179.H25 63-40428 J 

Kriiger, Karl, 1897- 

Der Ostblock; die Produktion des ostlichen Wirtschafts- 
blockes einschliesslich China nach dem Schwerpunktpro- 
gramm. Berlin, Safari C 1960j 
895 p. lllua. 25 cm. (Die Welt des Wtaens) 

A 61-1628 t 
Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 


Andrew, George. 

The spiritual liberation movement, [Washington, Photo- 
duplication Service, Library of Congress, 1956, 

(tNatlonal Committee for a Free Europe. Mld-Buropean Studies 
Center. Research documents, no-i 856) 
Microfilm 255 1 no. 356 DR Mic 60-7727 

IT. S. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

Recent developments in the Soviet bloc. Hearings before 
the Subcommittee on Europe of the Committee on Foreign 
Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, 
second session ... Washington. U. S. Govt, Print. Off., 1964- 

pts. tabU*. 24cm. 
DR23.U5 64-60873 

U. S. Congress. House* Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

Recent developments in the Soviet bloc. Keport on hear 
ings before the Subcommittee on Europe of the Committee 
on Foreign, Affairs, pursuant to H. Ees. 55 (88th Congress) 
... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1964. 

Til, ^ p. Si cm, (88th Oong^ 2d sea. House report no. 1442) 
DR23.U52 64-61943 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



American Academy of Political and Social Science, Phila 

Communist China and the Soviet bloc. Special editor: 
Donald S. Zagoria. Philadelphia, 1963. 

i, 251 p. 24cm. (/ Annals, T. 349) 

H1.A4 voL349 63-24525 
Copy 2. DS777.55.A78 

American Security Council. National Strategy Commxttee. 

Guidelines for cold war victory. [Chicago, American Se 
curity Council Press, 1964, 

127 p. (p 123-127 blank for "Notes") 23 cm. (Peace and freedom 
through cold war victory) 
E744.A538 32T.73 64-24366 

Dflas, MOoyan. 

Conversations frith. Stalin. Translated from the Serbo- 
Croat by Michael B. Petrovich. t lst ed. 3 New York, Har- 
court, Brace & World t 1962j 

211 p. 21 an. 
DR359JD513 949.702 62-14470 t 

Dux, Dieter, ed. 

Ideology in conflict; communist political theory. Prince 
ton, N. J-, Van Nostrand il963] 

198 p. IS cm. ( Comparative government books ) 
HX44.D8 335.43 63-5653 t 

Gasteyger, Curt Walter, 1929- ed. 

Die f eindlichen Bruder. Jugoslawiens neuer Konflikt mit 
dem Ostblock 1958 ; ein Dokumentenband, hrsg. von Peter 
Sager. Bern, 1960. 

314 p, 23 cm. (Schriftenrelhe des Schwelzerlschen Ost-Instltuts, 
Keibe Dotumente, Heft 2) 
DK370.G34 62-33097 rev \ 

Goldwin, Robert A 1922- ed,. 

The Communist bloc, four essays by Merle Fainsod t and 
others. Chicago] Public Affairs Conference Center, Uni 
versity of Chicago, "1962. 

1 T. (various pagtngs) 30 cm. 

Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- ed. 

The new Communist manifesto, and related documents. 
Evanston, III, Row, Peterson [1961 : 

218 p. 21 cm. 
HX44.J2 335.44 61-11503 t 

Jacobs, Daniel Norman, 1925- ed. 

The new Communist manifesto, and related documents. 
Sded. Evanston, HL, Bow, Peterson [1962] 

250p- 21cm. 
HX44J2 1962 335.44 62-4372 

Limaye, Ttfadhn. 

The Sino-Indian war; its historical and international 
background and pre-conditions of victory. [Bombay, H. 
Jhaveri, 1962 or 3j 

62 p. 21 cm, 
DS480.85X5 S A 63-2514 J 


Struktur TmtpftgBTnant. (\m\ organifiasi H^lm^ beberapa 
negara soeialis [Olehj Panglaykim. dtn H**fl T Djakarta, 
Pembangnnan t 1962i 

156 p. dlagro. 22 cm. 
JC474J25 S A 64-2690 

Pentony, DeVere Edwin, 1924- ed. 

Red world in tomult: communist foreign policies. San 
Francisco, Chandler Pub. Co. t !962j 

290 p. fling. 22cm. (Chandler stBCtles In International and In ter- 
cnltural relations) 

D847.P4 827,47 62-18716 J 

Sanakoev, Shalva Parsadanovkbu 

BCJHKOC coflpyacecTBo csoooflHtix H cysepesHiix napoAOB. 
ModKsa, Hayica, 1964. 

180 p. 20 cm. (AjcajeMHS gay* CCCP. Hayqao-nonyaapnaa 
HX44.S25 64-59843 

PROPAGANDA see Propaganda, 


U. S. Dept. of State. Division of Biographic Information. 

Biographic directory. 

v. 27 can. 
DE5.U55 61-60655 


Corporation for Economic and Industrial Research. 

United States-Latin American relations : Soviet blocLatia 
Americ-n activities and their implications for United States 
foreign policy. A study prepared at the request of the Sub 
committee on American Republics Affairs of the Committee 
on Foreign Relations, United States Senate ... No. 7. 
Wasliington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.. I960. 

vli, 127 p. maps, fllagrs., tables. 2& cm. 
F1415.C64 980.03 GO-60732 


KpMTian, George Frost, 1904- 

On dealing -with the Communist world, t lst edj Jfow 
York, Published for the Council on. Foreign Eolations by 
Harper & Row t 1964i 

il, 57 p. 22 cm. (The ElUra Boot lectures, 196&-64) 
D1065.U5K4 327.73 64-15263 


Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

eHHe oaccosofi cTpyirrypEi oo*m;ecTBa B nponecce 
fcCTBa connajHSMa H KoicjiyHHSMa. rPe^amHOHHaa 
: F. E. TjesepMaH, H. C. Hepeuntix, M, A. 
MocEna, BHIH, 1961. 
HX542.M55 61-45881 J 


3KOKOMHK3 coqiia.iiiCTiiiecEiix crpan B r 
. 1960- 

MocKBa, Il3^-BO coi^na.-rr.Ho-3EOH. .11 

T. tables. 17 cm, 

x ; EpiTKHfi cia- 

62-66541 rev 

Konakov, D M ed. 

IIojtHTHiecKaa 3KOHOMHa; HarjM^Hoe nocofine. CocrasH- 
TCJH : 3. Be-iaeaa H ^p. MocKBaj Toe. HS^-BO HOJIHT. JIHT-PH, 

159p. (cWeflynios.) 23cm. 
HC54.K62 60-33492 t 


JIojiHTH^ecKas 3KOHOMHa; Harxfl^Hoe noco^ne. Hs^. 3^ 
nepep. ABTOpH-cocraBirrejiH : 3. Beaaesa ... #. KonasoB 
(pyKOBO^HTCJCB asropcKoro KOJLseKTHsa t H pp. MocKsa, Foc- 
nojHTH3flar, 1963i 

175 p. (chiefly dlaera.} 21 cm. 
HC54.K62 1963 64-35582 

PasBirrze BKOHOMHKH ctpas Hapo^Eofl ^CMOKPETHH EspoiiH H 


Ji. A. HHKH$OPOB H sp.j MocKsa, BHemToprHSflaT, 1961. 

470 p. tables. 23 cm. 
HA4026.R35 63-34263 

CxpaHii con;naj[ii3Ma H KanHTajrasua B r(H^ipax; 
craTHCTHiecicHfi crcpaBOHHHK. t Ho^roxoBion R. A. 
B. T. HcyiroB H JO. H. TToicaTaeBj MocEsa, HSA-BO 

JHT-pH, 1963. 

207 p. tables. 17 cm. 
HA4026^75 G4-38667 


Ackermann, Gottfried. 

Die Arbeiterklasse erzieht ihren ITachTrachs. 
Gottfried Ackermann, et aL Anleitong der Autoren, Zusam- 
tnaai afcAllitP g und Bearbeitung i Ernst Berwig nnd Horst 
Schmidtj Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1961. 

262 p. lllxia. 22cm. 
HD4885.G3A57 63-46236 J 

Akshkin, Dmitrillvano vich. 

in ctesfl KIICC H aa^aiH ronMyHHCTHiecKoro Bocnira- 
HHJI. tEe^ropofl] EejtropoflCKoe KHTCKHOC ESS-BO, 1960. 

88p. 20cm, 

Arheitsgemeinschaf t Sudetendeutecier Erzieher. 

"V^ederveremigung mad Schule, Munchen, R, Lerche, 

72 p. 21 cm. 
LC1030.A7 61-28744 J 

Bereday, George Z F ed . 

The politics of Soviet education. Edited hy George Z. F. 
Bereday and Jaan Pennar. N"e\v York, Praeger t !960j 

vl, 217 p. 22 cm. (Praeger pabllcations in Riosaaa history and 
world conmiDnlsm, no. 86) 
LAS31.82.IU2 370.947 60-6993 

Bohn, Helmut 

Die Aufrustung in der Sowjetischen Besaizungszone 
Deutsdilands, von Heknut Bohn und and^ren. Hrsg. vom 
Bundesministerium fur Gesamtdeutsche Fragen. Bonn 
[Ausliefenmg: Deutscher Bundes-Yerlag-j 1958. 

174 p. 21 cm. (Bonner Bericbte EOS MIttel- und OstdeotBcbland) 
UA719^.B6 59-54184 

Bohn, Helmut. 

Die Aufrustung in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone 
Deutschlands, von Helmut Bohn und anderen. 2., dureh- 
gesehene und erganzte AuLj Bonn, Bundesmiaisteriton fur 
Gesamtdeutsche Fragen [Auslieferong fur den BucMandel: 
Deutscher Bmides-Terla^, Bornij 1960. 

216 p. 21 cm. (Bonaer Berlchte ana MIttel- md Oetdemschlsnd) 
UA719.3.B6 1960 62-30065 

Buggel, Dse. 

Zu einigen Anfgaben des Gmppenrats. Berlin, Volk und 
Wissen, 1963. 

105, [2, p. 22 cm. 

Bund Deuischer Jugend. 

Denk c ohrift iiber die ?ysterantische Torbereitunj? des 
Krieges durch die Sowjetische Besatznngsmacht in der 
"Freien Deutschen Jugend 1 * (FDJ) Den Yereinten Na- 
tionen uberreicht von einer Delegation der freiheitlichen 
Jugend Gesamtdeutschlands. t n. p., 1953?] 

16 p. 30 cm 
DD261.2.B8 61-33847 I 

Bushka, A E 

BOcmiTasHe VHamnxca Be^cpaea (CSCCH- 
JH B I^po^ecce ocSy^esaji. Mocssa, HSA-BO Axa- 
aror. aayr PC<J>CP, 1962. 
40 p. 20 gpi, (BenepSHe r*"*yrrH^ cpcAHne CBCOJQI) 
LC5556JR8B8 64-38691 t 

Ch'in, Hfll*. 

80 p. 19 can. 

1. Couimuntet education. 


i. Wai, Al-pi. Joint author, rr. Title. 

Title romantsed: Cfal fu mil bo cfalao sfalti 

chleb shao rht dnuvchffto jQ t wu. 

C63-385 J 

Ch'en, Hsi-en, 1902- 

Teacher training in Communist China, by Theodore Hsi-en 
Chen. Washington, U. S. Dept. of Healti, Educatkai, and 
Welfare, Office of Educaticm, Division of International Edu 
cation, 1960. 

vl,49p. tables. 26cm. ([U.S. Office of Etecattonj Stndtesln 
comparatiTe education) 

LB1727.C5C45 HEW61-52 

U.S.DeptofHealtb, EducaHoD, and Welfare: Library 

Chou, Yuan-ping. 

(.'!I)B m te < 

18 p. lcm. 

J: ;g A Ft as E it 1958. 

1. Communist education t. Title. 

Title rcrmattLzed: Lfleh Ion yu hung yu cho&a. 

C 59-3164 t 
Chung-kuo chiao y& kung hoi. SKang-hai ahift wei yuan 


301 p. 21 cm. 

L Commnnist i'dvi ulim i. TftU> 

Tith- rvmanised: Esfiefa hslao chttn^ tt 
chen chih sett hslang dilao ytt. 


C 62-1446 

Deutsche Pestalozzi GeseOschafL 

Ostpadagogik; ein wicttiger Zweig der Ostforschung. 
Vort[rjage gehalten anf Arbeitstagungen des "Wissenschaftii- 
chen Beirats der Deutschen Pestalozzi-Gesellsenaft r DSs- 
seldorf j Wegwiser, 1957. 

114 p. 21 cm. (Schrlftenreihe fQr die Ost-Wet-Begegnung. Tor- 
LC1030.D4 61-22737 J 

Deutsches Institot fur Bemfsausbfldmtg. 

Die allseitige Forderong der Arbeiter- und Banemkmdw 
in der Berufsausbildtmg, E Von ebeai] Autorenkollelcthr 
tGerhard Curtlx, et aL Endbearb. Ton Horst Schmidt tmd 
Ernst Berwig] Berlin, Volk and Wissen, 1959. 

88 p. Illus. 21 cm. (jUlgemelM Sdiriften znr Bera&aosbildnng) 

A6S-2712 J 
Univ. I^br. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

Dom detskoi knigL 

BOcnHTaHHe H coBpeMCHHaji o 

lypa RXX acres H DHomecTsa. jPe^a^HOHHaji KOJUtera* : 
E. A, .HMSOB H Ap.j MocKsa, Toe. ESA-BO flercsofi anr-pH, 

338p. 21cm. 
PN1009.B8D595 62-47549 t 

Fomenko, Lidiia Nikolaevna. 


Tasirti napo^a. MocEua, Toe. n3^-BO syjETypHO-npocBeTH- 

TCjrtHOft JSHT-pH, 1953. 

39 p. 22 cm. (EH&HHOTe>iKa B noMOin> jieKTOpy, Na 19) 
PG3021.F58 56-47736 rev J 

Frendlovsky', FrantiSek. 

Otazky vfchovy k vSdeckgmu svStovemu nazoru a k 
ySdeckemu ateismu ve Skole. Vyd.2.j Praia, Stitnl peda- 

59 p. 2100. (Napomocnateli) 
BL2747.3.F7 1960 62-28164 J 

Germany (Demorratic Sepitblic, W4&- ) DeutscTies /- 
rfftirt fur Berufsausb&dung. 

Die all^itige Forderung der Avbeiter- und Bauernkinder 
ia der Beruftansbilduiig. t Von einem, Autorenkollektiv 
t Gerhard Curth, et al. Endbearb. von Horst Schmidt und 
Ernst Berwig] Berlin, Volk und Wisseu, 1959. 

88 p. nins. 21cm f Allgemelne Schriften zur Eerufsausblldung) 

A 62-2712 rev t 
Wisconsin Unir. LIbr. 

Hager, Kurt, 1912- 

Die \veitere Entvdcklung der polytecknischen. sozialisti- 
scliett Schule in der DDR; Referat auf der 4. Tagung des 
Zentralkomitees der Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutsch- 
lands am 15. Januar 1959. tlber die sozialistische Enl- 
wickluug des Schulwesens in der DDR (Thesen des Zentral 

es) rLAufl.! Berlin, Dietz, 1959. 

, 20c 


Wisconsin, Unlv. Ufor. 

A 59-8598 

Hna-timg shih fan to hsfieh, Shanghai. CKino y* fin. 

fc K. f? 'i 1 /r & & %. $ * ft'; -I T f i' f - -^ "iii ,11 

46 p. 10 c 

1 Communist edumu>a . Title. 

Title Hunanket: Teal chitto >d kun ts> ch 
Ifai chan HanB t'lao tao In ti t<m r-li 


t !959 3 

158 p. diagrs. 21cm. ( 

1. Education Itussla. 2. Education China 3. Communist educa 
tion, i. Title. (Series: Kyoikn chOsa, dai 51-shtt) 

Title Jomanized: Sori to ChflkyO no kySiku kalkaku. 

J 61-4470 
Hoover Institution 

Kalinin, Mikhail Ivanovich, 1875-1946. 

Clier kranmunistische Erzielmng imd militarische Pflicht. 
Gesammelte Aafsatze und Keden ZTisammengestellt von 
M. W. Kabanow. Berlin, Verlag des Ministeriums fiir Ra 
tionale Yerteidigtmjr, 1960. 

T14p. lllus. 22cm. 
LB775.K16364 60-45739 t 

King-, Edmund James, 1914- ed. 

Communist education, Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill rlSSSi 
Till, 80S p. diagrs. 23cm. 
LC1030JK5 1963a 370.947 63-12184 

King, Edmmui James, 1914- ed. 

Communist education. London, Methuen C 1963] 
vlli, 309 p. diagrs, 23cm. 
LC1030.K5 370.917 63-4815 

Der Klassenkampf. 

Zur Padagogik und Schulpolitik der KPD in der Wei- 
marer Republik ; erne Ausvrahl aus der Zeitung "Der Klas- 
seiikampf," ausgewalilt, eingeleitet und erlautert von Rose- 
marie Wothge t et al^ Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1961. 

275 p, 22 cm. (Erzlehung und Gesellschaf t ; Materlallen zur Ge- 
schlchte der Erzlehung) 

A 62-1997 J 
Wisconsin. TJnlv. LIbr. 

Klingberg, Lothar. 

Gegen denpadagogischeii Formalismus; zu emigen Fragen 
der Anwendung des dialektischen Materialismus bei der 
tJberwindung des Formalismus und Verbalismus in der Un- 
terrichts- und Erziehungsarbeit. Berlin, Deutscher Verlag 
der Wissenschaften, 1959. 

63 p- 21 cm (Padagoglsche Wissenschaft und sozialistische 
Schule, 1) 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

A 60-1905 

Konference o ukolech komunistick^ vychovy mladeze, 

Prague, 1961. 

tJkoly komunisticke r^chovy mladeze v Praze ; z referdtu 
Antonina Cerneho, tajemnika Mestske*ho vyboru KSC T 
Praze na Konferenci o ukolech komunisticke vy'chovy 
mladeie, konane 11. dubna 1961. Vynatky z nekterych dis- 
kusnich pfispevkfl. c Vyd. 1. V Prazej Statnf nakl. poli- 
ticke literatury, 1961. 

109 p. 20 cm. (Knlhovna v^stavby strany a stranlck^ prace) 
LC1030.K57 1961 63-37380 J 

151 p. 31cm. 

1 C<)inmunihin and literature. 2 Oouuuunlst educatlou. 

Title romanized: Kongsaujudl 
kyoyang kwa url munhak. 

K 04-41 

Harvard Univ. Ohlneae- 

Japaneae Library 4292.16 

Koval', Mykhaflo Klymovych. 

Icxopmna naysa i (JopuycaHHa cBirorjiafly ^lo^imu. 
KHIB, BIIA-BO AKaAewil nays 7Kp. PCP, 1963. 

38 p. 21 cm. (AxaaeMia HayK yKpalncbKOl PCP. Cepix HayKoao- 


Kovalev, Sergei Mitrofanovich. 

BocnHraHne Tp 
HSA-BO conHajii.HO-3KOE. ^HT-PH, 1960. 

525 p. 28cm. 


:. MocKBa, 
61-32386 t 

Kovalev, Sergei Mitrofanovich, comp. 

EOJHT. JtHT-pH, 1962. 

486 p. 21 cm. 
LC1030.K(52 63-6728fl J 

Krapp, Gotthold. 

Marx und Engels tiber dia Verbindung des Unterriclita 
nut produktiver Arbeit und die polytechnische Bildung. 
Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1958. 

200 p. 22 cm. (DIskusslonsbeitrttge zu Fragen dpr Pttdujsosik, 
T65.3.K7 1958 C07 00-37769 J 

Kravtsev, Ivan fevmenovych. 

RexKi nnranHJi KOMynicTH^noro auxoflaHii^ Mac. KHIB, 

66 p. 20 Cm. (TOBapHCTBO fljl* nOUlMpCHHH nO^iTHHHHX i HayKOBHX 

3Ham, yKpalHCbKoT PCP. rBHAaHHii) Cepi 1., Ni 4) 

AS2C2.T563 ser. 1, 1050, uo. 4: 59-52812 J 

Kuans: ming jih pao, Peking. 

dtftt Jt^IB* 1950. 

6,89 p. 19 cm. 

1 Communism China. 2. communist education. i. Title. 

Title romaniied: Hsln mln chu ch\i 
1 lun chlang shou t'l kang, 

Japanese Library 4292.12 

Harvard Unlv. Chinese- 

Lushnikov, Aleksandr Maksimovich, 

Hsyieniie B Kypce otfmecTBOBe^enna no^Teiiw "OopMHpo- 
saHHe He.TOBCKa EOsfuyiiiicTitiecKoro o6mecTBa"; us onma 
paooTti. ITop; pe^. A. T. KiiHKjvn>KHHa. MocKBa, HS^-BO 
AKaaeMHH ne^aror. HayK PC<PCP, 1963. 

95 p. 20 cm. (neAarornHecKait 6H6flnoreKa yHHrenji) 
LC1030J,8 64-29312 

Mehnert, Wolfgang. 

Der Beitrag Edwin Hoernles zum schulpolitischen und 
padagoprisehen Kampf der KPD in der Zeit der Weimarer 
Republik (1919-1929) Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1958. 

170 p. 21 cm. (Dtskussionsbeltrage zu Frnsen der I'ttdagoglk, 

LA237r.H58M4 1958 61-27831 t 

Mendyk, Inge. 

Grundsiitze und Erfahrungen zur Forderung der Ar- 
beiter- und Bauernkinder [Von, Inge Mendyk t undj Hans 
Joachim IIolz. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1959. 

21G p. lllus,, fncslms. 21 cm. 

A 60-3791 
Wisconsin. Unlv. LIbr. i7i 

Moscow. AkademiiS, obshchestvennykh nauk. 

KoMMyiniCTinecKoe Bocniiianiie ipy^nT^iixcn B conpeMeH- 
HHft nepno^. [FjiaB. pe^aKiop A. <1>. IO^CHKOBI MocKsa 
H3 fl -Bo BHin u AOH, 1962. 

250 p. 21cm. 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

O fleflTOjihHOCTii napTiiftnttx oprainiaamirt no BocniiTamiio 
MO^OflCHvii B (5pnra,n;ax EOMMyinicTiiHecKoro Tpy^a. t PeflaK- 
itHOHHa^i KO.i.iern^: B. M. ^oncKott H E. M. MoposoB] Mo- 
CKBa, Bnni, 1960. 

144 p. 20 cm. 
HD(i230.Rl)2MO 61-33292 | 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

OcnoBiit KOMMyiiucxii'iecKOro BOcnmaHu^; y^eCHoe noco 
(Jne. MocKBa, foe. nafl-BO HOJIIIT. jiiiT-pw, 1960. 

462 p. 21 cm. 
LC1030.M58 61-38969 t 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 

OCHOBM KOMMyniiCTiinecKoro nocniiTaniifl; yieSnoe noco- 
(Sne. 2. ii3#. MocKaa, Foe. UUA-BO no^ut ^iix-pw, 1962. 

447 p. 21cui. 
LClQ,30,Mr>8 1002 63-35787 t 

Moscow. AkademUa obshchestvennykh nauk. 

npo6,neMi>i KOMMyiuicxH'iecKoro nocniiTaiuut. [Pe^aK 
^iioiut;ur ICOT icriiM : B. H. Kn.ifiniioncKHrt, IT. C. HepeMiiux, 
M. A. ripom-Ko, MOCKB.I, BHIir, 1060. 

218 p. 21 cm. 
LCl030.M(i 61-21662 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestvennykh nauk. 


Tanna. ( Pe,i;aKi;noitna KO.weruw: F. E. F.tesepMaH u ^p 
MocKiia, Ha^-no BTTIU u AOH, 1962. 

306 p. 21 cin, 
IX3l030.M(i2 63-47703 

Moscow. Universitet. Kafedra didUktioheskogo i intoriohe- 

skogo niateriali&ma gwnia'Kitarnykh fakul'tetov. 

Bonpocw KowMyHMCTuiecKoro BOcaHtairHJi ; c^opiiHK cta- 
TCft. (PcAKo.MCniH; F. M. Fare, #. M. yrpnnoBH^t, A. K. 
yjieflon. MocKsaj HsA-no MocKoncKoro ynHBepcnTcxa. 1961. 

177 p, 22 cm. 
LC1030.M65 61-48524 | 

Nastainczyk, Wolfgang. 

Makarenkos Sowietpada^ogik ; kritische Analyse seiner 
Kollektivation. Heidelberg, Quolle & Meyer, 196S. 

813 p. 23 cm. ( Verglelchende ErzIehungawlssenBchaf t und PEda- 
goglk dca Auslnnds, Bd. 4) 
LB775.M34N3 64-7246 

Neubert, Gerhard. 

Arbeiter als Erzioher der Pioniero und Schttler. Berlin, 
Volk und Wissen, 1963. 

151 1), Illus. 22 cm. 
HQ7J)0.Gi53N4 64-38089 

Nosov, F V 

HoBHtt ICJOBCK ^opMHpycTca cero^iw. [Jlei 
H3^aT, 11)62. 

82 p. 20 cm. (PeiueHHH XXH ctesAa KnCC BWH 


Nuzhnyl, Nikolai H'ich. 

Baiiace K HCHSHH, TpyAy; H3 onwia patfoT 
napTuflnort opranH3ai?Hii. [JTeHitmrpa^] ICeHaaflar, 1962. 

48 p. 20 cm. (BHOjiHOTCHna ceKperapji naptHflnoA opramsauHH) 
LA831.82.N8 64-48942 t 

Pao, TS-t. 

H: 8149(1958) 

22 p. lllus. ID cm, 

1, Communist education. i. Title, 

Title romanised: Kung ch'an chu I hsla tl hstleli sh6ng. 


C 60-1826 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Pedagognsok Szakszemsete. 

A szocialista, erkolcsi nevelesr51; szemelveny-gyujtemeny. 
Kiadja: A Pedagogusok Szakszcrvezete Koznevelesi Osz- 
talya, Budapest, 1960 *, 

54 p. 23 cm. (PedagiJgnsok SzatsBerreiete. Szemelvny- 
gytijtein&iy az 1959-60. tanfrrl szaksEerreseti anJcftofclxw, 1) 
LC1030.P4 62-41333 

Pei-ching ch'u pan she. 


88 p. 21 cm. 

2, Brain-washing. 2. Communist education, L Title. 

Title romanised: Tang sbih wo bn t& bsin ti sh&ng mlng. 


C 60-1799 J 

Pottorak, David loaf orich. 

BocnHTaHHe IDEO.II,HEKOB B ,a;yxe npo.terapcroro 

Hai?HOHa.TH3Ma ; H3 OHHTa BHCEJacCHOfi pa6"OTH 

nocanz >ffi 706 MOCKBH. Ho^ pe^- JL H. PoanHOft. Mocjcsa, 
HSJ-BO AKa^eiCHH ne^aror. nayi PCOCP, 1958. 

57 p. Illos. 22 cm. (rieaaronraecEHe irenini) 
LC1030.P6 59-49736 J 

Riakin, M N camp. 

naprafiime opraHH3an;im 11 uiEO-ia, cCopanE craieft. 
[Cociaiueii M. H. PSEIIHBIM noj; oGmeQ pe^- B. H. ^epfiE- 
HOBa, H. ^. Kosuinsa n M. H. PaEiinaj MocEsa, Toe. H3- 
BO noiHT. .-inr-pH, 19v>9. 

343 p. 21 on. 
LAS31.S2.R5 CO-2396G J 

Ricciardi, Maria (Ruocco) 

Utopia e educazione. Ban, Adriatica r !958j 
246 n. 24 cm. 

246 p. 24cm. 


63-26853 J 

Rudman, Herbert Charles, 1923- 

Stracture and decision-making in Soviet education. 
"Waahingtonj U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel 
fare, Office of Education; t for sale by the Superintendent of 
Documents, U. S. GovL Print Off- 1964, 

ir, M p. diagrs. 24 cm. (U. S. Office of Education. Bulletin, 
1964, no. 2 

Llll^.6 1964,uo.2 HEW 64-40 

-- Ctopyi LiyW3.Tt8 

U.S. Dept of Health, Education, aad W^fara, Lflwary 

Schlette, Heinz Robert 

Sowjethumanismus ; Pramissen and Maximen. konununisti- 
scher Padagogic. Munchen, Kosel 1960j 
135 p. 20cm. 


Wlscrai^n. Univ. IJbr. 

Sfcalkora-Prochazkova, Jarmfla. 

K otazce vf chovneho vyncovanJ T socaalisticfcS ikole, 
rVyd. Li Praha, Statni pedagogiekS nakl., 1956. 
_m_p. 21 cm. (Na pomoc ijfiteU; isanlce pro daffl waSATLnl 

58-16767 rer t 

Skmka, TomaS. 

Komunisticka stranicfcosE vo -y^dioye. Veaiovane 
Sjazdu Komuni^ickej ^xany Ce^odoreaiEfca. {L -vy 

Bratislava, Slovenes pedagogickS Tinkl., t 

208 p. 2S cm. 



2. Cotnoamlst edueattoo. 

. OS- 

Harvard UaiT. QUnete- 

, VasflS Aktoandrovidu 


. H. 

Mocrua, 1961. 

Tien-chinf chiao rfl sM. 


240 p. 13 ci 

edncttkNB OUnt ( 

) 2. CocmnuuUt edocfttton. 

Peopled Bepcbllc of Chin*, 1&4&- 
x. Title. 

; caoit ktmc ehiao 


Harrirfl UulT. 

JaptoenUbnur 4298JST 



Ulbricht, Walter, 1893- 

Entstehang und Per^pektiven der sozialistischen Univer- 
sitat, von Walter Ulbricht rmd Georg Mayer; Eeden auf 
dem Festakt des Akademischen Senats znr 550-Jahr-Feier 
der Karl-Marx-Universitat am 12.10.1959. Leipzig, Verlag 
Enzyklopadie, 1959. 

20 p. 21 cm. (Karf-Man-TTnlversttfii. Leipodger UniTersltats- 
reden;n.P, Heftll) 
LC189.U4 61-46063 J 

U. S. Dept. of State. Office of InteUiyence Research and 

Political and social implications of recent trends in educa 
tion in the TJSSR. Washington, 1946. 

581. 27cm. (/fjB&Ano.30T9) 

UB250.U33 no. 3079 370.947 SD 50-107 rev 

U. S. Dept of State. Library 

Vinnkoenko, I A 

BocnHTaxeiiHaji pafioia B auraccax c 
oCv^eHneH; HS ontiTa patfoiu mso^ 
Mocssa, Foe, y^etfHO-ne^aror. KS^-BO, 1&61. 

97 p. 20cm. 

Wang, Shih-hua, romp. 

ra *r- - - "' 



fil p. IT cm. 

X Communist edin ation. i. TUte. 

T,f /f j nwtiHlsrit, sn liRlanp knl tsao fan U. 

HarvardTJnlT. Chlnest- Japanese Library 42)2.5 

Wiederkehr, EmiL 

Jugend im Bannkreis der roten Moral; Dokumente und 
Tatsaclienberiehte fiber die Jugenderziehnng und die Ju- 
gendjustiz in den Ostsfcaaten. 2. Aufl. Bern, Hilfskomitee 
fiir die Opf er des Kommunismus r !958] 

SSSp. Ulna, ports. 21cm. 
HQ796.W49 1958 59-44717 

Wiederkehr, EmiL 

So erzieht der Kommunismus die Jugend; Dokumente 
und Tatsachenberichte fiber die Jugenderziehung in don 
Oststaaten. Bern, Hilfskomitee fur die Opfer des Kcrai- 
monismus [195&J 

64 p. fflns. 21 cm. 
LC1030.W5 61-28751 t 


182p. 18cm, 

L CJommtutift education. 


3. Title: 

Title rooto04: Ju ho chin t 

C 68-1008 

Zenov, IVCkbafl Samuflovich, 

Bocnnxanne jnrarntnxai na peso.ncmnoaHSix H rpy^osHX 
Tpa^HnuJix coBCTCEoro aapo^a. Mociraa, Foe. yie<5HO-nesa- 
ror. HS^-BO, 1961. 

98p. 21cm. 

62-37830 t 


Zhuravkov, M G 

soimyHacTHiecKOM BOcnataHHE 
CEsai MoocoBCEKfi pa5o^Hfi, 1959. 

5Tp. 20cm, 


Khrushchey, Nikita Scrgeevidi, 1S94- 

O KOiotyEHcriraecroaf BocuHraEHH. MocEsa, HS^-XJ 
iroJtHT. JIIIT-PH, 1964. 

LCia?OJv45 64-46335 

Komunistft o rv-ciove; [VjboT clanfcn a projevu o knltefe, 
vychove a Tzdelanl Tyd. Lj Praka, Statni pedagogkfcB 

246p. 27cm. 

B. Mocxaa, 

63-45218 J 

3a lOKKyHncTHiecxoe BOcnataHEe mso 
Toe. y^efiHO-neAaror. HS^-BO, 1963. 

207 p. IIIos. 22 cm. 


Nanchnaia. konferenfsna "Konmttmistidwskoe 

tnid&shchilvhsia v period razveraatogo sfcroitefstva 

HoBocHtfHpcr, 19 
r.' 21cm. 

LCIOSO^S 1961 63-54025 


see also Scwialist ethics 

Aidit, D N 1923- 

Pengantar etika daji moral komnnis. Djakarta, AfrMfcrrri 
Ilmu Sosial, 1962. 

32 p ^& cm 
BJ1300^.47 S A 64-3107 

AnainKT GOTgie7idt. 

o COBCCTH. { MocEBa} MocroBcrafi pa&yist, 

4& PL 17 cm. (Bece^K o HpaacTBeaaocni) 
BJ1390A5 ea-44687 t 

Antonenko, VolodyMyr Hryhotttrydi. 

HE3JI.EO-3IOH. JET-pH, 1963. 
271 p, 21cm. 

. IiocrB2, EJa^-so o> 

ArkhangeFsfcfi; Valentin AkitnoTkh. 

BBICOKOC ssanHe tostscyHHCra. Tainxear, Foe. HS^-BO 
ya^ercKQ* CCP, 1S68. 

106p. 20cm. 
BJ1390.A72 64-42754 

Aseeva, Klardiii Andwevna. 


Topy. nCapaiOB] Caparoscioe IHEKHOC HS^-BO, 1960. 

6.inSHtOro." EEIB, Bs r i-BO AKa^ei*ii HavK 5"ip. PCP, 1961. 

85p. 21cm, 
BL2775.&A5 C3-35279 | 

Arkhan^l'sfcii, Leo 



Bandzeladze, Gela Doment'evkh. 

OUST HSJoacesEJi CHcrea 
JHCH, CaG^OTa Cazapraeto, 1963. 

4T4p. 23cm. 

6S-37214 t 

;. TCfz- 

Bardin, Stepan MikhaEoyich, 

ITpas^a, lecTHOCTt, (SecKOpHcrae. Moc-E&a., Cosercraji 
67p, 17cm. 
BJ1390.B3 62-44683 t 

Bezuglov, Anatofii Alekseeviclu 

He CTH^HO EH ! rMocKsai Moczo 

64-S2095 J 

Biragov, S R 

O npeoAOJreHHH nepeararcoB nponuEoro B COSBSHHK J 
seft. OpA^oEHEH^se, CeBepo-OceTHHcroe naacHoe 

56 p. 20cm. 
HX5a6.B48 63-30755 J 

Boeck, Hans* 

Zur marsistiselien EtMk und sozialistischeti MoraL Ber- 
lin, Akaclemie-Verlag, 1959, 

168 p. 23 cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


BoMyrev, Nikolai Ivarwmch, 

BocuHTaHBe EOMJtyHHCTHiecEofi Mopajjs y ^erefi B ce 
Mocssa, SHE Kite, I960. 

27, t* i- 21 cm. (BcecowsHoe ofimecTBO no pacnpocrpaHCHHio 
nosHTwiecKHX H aaya-tHx aaaHnfi. jJiuamwj Cejwa U.: ITeAaro- 
AS262.V833 ser. 11, 1960, no. 10 61-2304$ 

BrnBer, Jean, 1902- ed. 

Morale chretienne et morale marsriste j>arj Vercors t pseud- 
etaLi Paris, La Palatine r 1960 3 

235 p. 19 cm, (CJiristlaolsme et actoaliW) 

A 61-5390 
Chicago. UniT. Ubr. BJ1063 

ChaJin, Mikhail Lavrenf ericlu 

Mopajt cTpoHrezz roMirj T HH3Ma, MocEsa, Hsfl-s 
x AOH, 1963. 

fclp. 20aa. 


Cherepakhova, Ha Matveevra. 

Bfirri z taaaTtcx. t MocKBaj MoczoscEEfi pa6oatfl, 1964. 
31 p. IT cm. {Eec o HpaBCTBeHHOcra) 
BJ1390.C44 64-59289 


40p. 19cm. 

t CQHnaanl*t ethics. 

i. Titte. 

Title romaaizeA: Ch'Ing nlen ylng kal chl 

ch! ta'an chia Can fan wn, fan lang fei, 

fan Irean liao chu I tl ton eh^ng. 

C6Q-6Q3 J 


eh'an cha i tao M 
C 60-2516 ; 

ethics. 2. Mao, Trt-tong, 1809- L Title 

Title rwiuwiwal.- Hrfteh bfll Mao OM-tnng chu 

C 61-4523 
. Chinese- Japanese library 4282JJ. 

Chmtg-kno ch%ig nien db*n P*n J*^ Ptteng. 
Ill, 80 p. 18 <m 

Harvard tJnlv. Clilnee- 

-an cbu 1 tl Uoti. 
C 63-2088 

Japnee Library 

Chtwg-kuo Iranfir ch*an chn i ch*ingr nien fnan. 
^wn^ Uo w&ywm Aw. 

It 1952. 
4Sp. 18c 

L Toath China People's Republic of China, 1&40- ) 2. 0n- 
muntot ethics. x Title. 

rZ romaniyed: Tafin yauy tso I 
Ico cdUngr nlen t^ian jUan. 


C 68-091 

Chung-kno kung ch*an chn i ch*infr nien t*oan. 

kuna tso wei yuan hui. 

88p. 19c 

1. Communist ethics. L Title. 

Tit le romanizcd: Kun* <*'an <* I # sheng Jraan. 

BJ1390.C5 1951 

C 64-868 

kung- ch'an chu i thing nien fuu. 

Tevng too wei yucn hvi. 

L Co-nmnnlst ethics. i. Tltte. 

Title remanifd; Kong cfa'an <u I ifin sMn koao. 

BJ13W.C5 1&52 
Harvard Unir. O&tnese- 


Japanese tJbrary 4292,5 

Pauielian, MaTfeda Surenovna. 

HeKOTOpHe Borrpocu KapKCncTCKCKaeHHHCKoft 3THKH, 
EpesaH, Ha^-BO AH ApjiancKofi CCP, 1962. 


lS5p. 21cm. 

Ddinina, Natal'ia Grigor^evna. 

55 p. IT 


. 1961. 
64-59653 t 

TO B otJuiae coaercKOro lejioueica. [CocraBareiB H. A. 

133 p. illos. 20 cm. (Ha ceptm o ROMMyHHCTHiecKofl MopanO 
BJ1533.C8E8 62-58845 t 

Fedorenko, & 

W^ Sen? ' 

tt HpaBCTBCHHOCTL, jKlICBj 1958. 

60-28000 1 

Fedorov, Igor' Borisovidt. 

Ha OCHOBC Aoaepaa. jHen 
-3 p. 17 cm. (HoBoe BXOAHT B 

r, 1961. 


, Vasili! Stepanovich. 

asHjmHH Tpy^a na ^opKHpoBaHae^apairepa 
MocKsa, npo^TecHs^aT, 1860. 
42, A p. 20 on. (BocronranMe KOMMyHHCTHHecxoro OTHOIUCHHJI K 

HD4904.F5 64-37141 

Pritzhand, Marek. 

Myfl etryczna mlod^o Marksa. rWarszawa, Ksiaika i 
Wiedza, 1951. 

3^ p. 20 cm. (Biblloteka atudWw nad marksixmem. 1) 
HX15.B48 vol.1 

Pnchs, Emil, 1874- 

Christlidie und marristische Ethik; Lebenslialtung und 
rfm des Christen im ZeitaJter dea werden- 

pjs * Koehler & Amelang, 1956-69. 

57-88579 r*Yt 

MocKsa, HS^-BO 


', Irina Pavloviuu 

Ifo flcury rpaacsaHHaa, Moocsa, Toe. HE^-BO DOJIHT. 
t-pH, 1962. 


H AOH, 1962. 
62 p. i*0 cm. 

Gorelik, Lidiia Romanovna. 

Bo BCCJC <5HTt qecTHHii a 
H3Aaj, 1962. 

3* p. 20 cm. (BeceAu o MOpajitaoM KOAe 

63-36271 1 

Grechko, Airfrci Antonovieh, 1903- 

Bwcoxoe npHSBasae ; E ^exy otfasHBaex COB^TCKOIO Bonna 

H3^-BO, 1962. 
S8. ITon. 

63-30751 t 

Grigor'ev, Boris Grigor'evich. 

^TO Memaer nan KETB H padoiaTi,. t JIei 
flaT, 1962. 

88 p. 20 cm. (BeceAN o MopajitHOM. KOACKCC) 

Hsin Chungr-kuo fu nfi she^Pefcwi^. 

ftttff *K 1966. 
73 p. 1& cm. 

1. Communist etWca. t. Title. 

Titte romanfeed: Lua she hul chu ! ahd 
hui tl al ch'lQg, bun yln ho chla t*lng. 

Huang-, Lin. 

C 60-3413 t 

59 p. 19cm. 

1. Communist ethics. r. Title. 

Title romnnined: Tso 1 ko she hui chu 1 chlh shlh ftn tzfl. 


C 59-2510 

Ivanysenko, Viktor Panasovych. 

IToeaia i xojtysicra^aa. Mopajct. KHIB, BHJ-BO 
nays yicp.PCP, 1961. 
48 p. 20cm, 


Jankowski, Henryk. 

Jednostka, moraa u, 
Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1963. 

65 p. 20 era. 

62-67196 t 

socjalizm. c Wyd. 1. Warszawa] 
64-34023 J 

Jankowski, Henryk. 

wlalciwy wyb6r moralny. Warszawa, Iskry, 1960 

^S^cSUg!^ "^ ** -^' b ' b ^ -* 

BJ1390.J3 g^g^ j 

Janzen, Nikolai, 

Kompass fiirs Leben. t l. Aufl Leipzig, Urania- Verlag- 

C 367 p. 22cm. 

Janzen, Nikolai 

Ein Mensch-wie stolz das klingt. Vom Sinn des men- 
schlichen Lebena 1. Aufl.j Berlin, Verlag Keues Leben, 

270 p. 21 cm. 



Kalachnikov, ArseniJ Vital'evich. 


Boen. H3A-RO, 1960. 
BJ1390.K23 11 ' 


H arHTaropy) 

64-37814 J 

KalashrOkova, Lidiii VasU'cvna. 

O KyawypHOM otfjtHice cOBercKoro teaoBesa. Xa(5apOBCK, 
XaoapOBcxoe KHHacsoe KSJ-BO, 1959. 

88p. 20cm. ' 

BJ1390JC24 64 _ 37812 j 

Kamenka, Eugene. 

The ethical foundations of Marxism. New York, Praeger 





p. 10 cm. 

1. Ooraoiunijt ethics, *. Title. 



Tto romantted: Jen ti l aheu* 
ylng tang tafia rang tu kuo. 

C 62-1136 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Eansky, Jiff. 

Co je zmyslom naeho zivota? c l. vyd. 3 Bratislava, 
Osveta, 1961. 

92 p. 20 cm. (Maid knlznlca ffiozofle) 
BJ139Q.K28 62-37501 | 

Kapto, Oleksandr Semenovych. 

Y cynepeizax napOAacyeTBCJi icTHHa. KHIB, MOJOJL, 1962. 
34 p. 20 cm. (Ei6jnore<nca KQMCOMoa&cbKoro nponaraHAHcra) 
HQ799.E9K353 '33-58932 J 

Karanfilov, Ef rem. 

CCHKH OT MHHaao-ro; oiepmi z ecera aa ESSOH ocran>nn 
DasHHJi nopal B con^aracTHTCcsoTO o6n^ecxBO. t 2., 

BJ13^JC28T 1963 64-59283 

Karasev, Vladimir iAkumovich. 

Oi.iniHOft ciya-Cofi Epacns cojr^ai. t HmepaTypHaa sa- 
nnci, Bia^niiupa BflieciaBOBnia A^opHHCsorOj Mocsaa, 

BOCH. H3A-BO, 1962. 

42 p. 17cm. 
BJ1390.K288 63-45236 t 

Karbovskaia, Varvara Andreevna. 

Hex, MHpHTtca He 6y&xl MocsBa, Toe. H3fl-so HOJIHT. 
JHT-PH, 1962. 

54 p. 20 cm. (MopajibHbifl KOA6KC crporrejiji KOMMVHH3Ma) 

Karbovskaia, Varvara Andreevna. 

SariflHHTe B CBOC cep^jje. MocEaa, foe. HS^-BO HOJIHT. 

JIHT-pLt, 1960. 

69 p. illns. 20 cm, (Ha cepHH o KOMMyHHcrmecKOff Mopam) 
BJ1390.K3 61-23912 t 

Kareva, Mania Pavtovna. 

158 p. 21cm. 

(WIT- ) 2. Comnrantrt etbtei. t TlOe. 

TUtoromanbKd.- SM hoi dm 1 sb hul tl 

C 61-1838 J 

Khmara, Viktor Vasfl'cvich. 

He^OBeBy naflo sepHTt. MocEsa, Toe. HS^-BO HCUHT. JBT- 
pn, 1960. 

30 p. 20 cm. (H3 CepHH CpOmiOp KOMMyHHCTOTCCKOfl MOpajH) 

BJ1390.K5 61-28013 t 

Kolbanovskii, Varien Viktorovich. 

Caaaar ^tioBeiraaji. MocEBa, Foe. 113^-30 HCXIET. JtHT-psi, 

80 p. 21 cm. (IIonyjijipHiie Cpotmopu no sonpocaw KOMMVHHCTW- 
HCCKOH wopajm) 
BJ1390.K61li 60-2475T J 

KokmiGkii, Petr Fedotovkh. 

Ein Dofcument antirdigioser Propagandit ans dear Sow]*et- 
union. Hrsg. vom Bundesministerium fur Cksamtdeutsclie 
Frag^L Bonn, 1954. 

54 p, IUTM. 21cm, 
BJ1390.K634 1954 55-36412 rev J 

Kolonitskii, Petr Fedotovich. 

Ein Dokument antireligioser Propaganda aus der Sowjet- 
union. ^ommunistische und religifee Moral. 2. Aufl.j 
Bonn, Bundesministerium fur Gesamtdentsche Fragen, 1954. 

86 p. Ulus. 21 cm. 
BJl390.Ke34 1954a 58-15649 rev 

Kolonifskii, Petr Fedotovich. 

Kommunistasch* und religiose Moral t^^S- vom Zea ~ 
trakat der Freien Deutedien Jugend, Abt. Kultar. t)ber- 
sefczer: Gottfried J. WojteL Berlin, Verlag Jnnge Welt 


56-47852 rev J 

Kolomfskii, Petr Fedotovkk. 

Mapazt KOMyHicTii'SHaji i Mapaort pajirittHaa. Mines, BM- 
AawmBa AH ECCP, 1952. 

35 p. 20cm. 
BJ1390.K638 58-21915 rev J 

Kolonifskii, Petr Fedotovithu 

i, sOMMyBncriraecsaji n sopa-it pcnnrnosHaa. Mo- 
p^na, 1952. 


52-67884 rev 2 

KoIonifskG, Petr Fedotovich. EOHMyHncTinecEas H pe.inra03Haji. Mo- 
CEsa, Snairiie, 1952. 

29 p. 22 cm. (Bcecox>3Hoe oCmecrso no pacnpocTpaneHHio nojai- 
BJ1390.K63 1952a 52-67889 rev 2 

a Mopajt H aoHHCKafl^ootr; cOopirar craieft. 

TaBHTejiii A. n. ^MHTpenso H B. A. 3y<5apeB 3 
MocEsa, Boen. HS^-BO, 1960. 

iS9p. 21cm. 

Eomimizam i moral: Boris Ziherl, Vuko Pavi&vid, Veljko 

Vlaliovi6. [Banja Luka 3 Glas rl961j 

95 p. IT cm. 
BJ1390.K65 62-31433 t 

Kononcnko, Elena VOrtorovna. 

ZOJHT. JHT-pH, 1962. 

Sip. 20cm. (Mopajn,Hfi K 

wpicH] Mocssa, Toe. aa^-so 

C crpomrejiH KOMMyHH3Ma) 

63-35270 J 

Kononenko, Elena Viktorovna. 

spacore symeBHoG. MOCEBH, Foe. H3^-so no-inx. JIHT- 
PH, 1050. 

70 p. 20 cm. (nonyjixpawe Cponnopw no FOnpocaM KOMMVHHCTH- 
HCCKOH Mopajm) 
BJ1300.K6G 60-28001 J 

Kononenko, Elena Viktorovna. 

OEpujeHHue ne^TOfi. [MocEBij MocKOBCKHfl pafioiaft, 

77 p. mos. 20cm. 
HC340.S6K6 62-S8305 t 

Kosa, John. 

Two generations of soviet maix; a study in the psychology 
of communism. Chapel Hill, University of North. Carolina 
Press [1962! 

214 p. 23 cm. 
HX44.KG35 335.43 62-16111 J 

Hosolapor, Samnfl Moiseevich. 

HpascTBeHHHe npHHunnH ctpoHTftia KoimyHHSKa, t Mo- 
acBa] ifncKOBCKHfi paCoTOfl, 1962. 

86p. 17cm, 
BJ1390.K68 64-32053 

KavalevsTcyi, Borys Pavkvych, 

nip. soa 

B csiflOMOcii 

Eral, Josef, 1882- 

a price, 1948. 

Sl^tljp. 17cm. 

Kubarev, ATbert Aleksandrovict, 

3a BCC B oxsere. t MocKBa) Mocsoaczu 
28 p. 17 cm. (EeceAM o 

maxxn ix 
YPCP, 1960. 

64-37205 J 

-. Praia, Zivot 

^fl, 1962. 
6;3-35274 t 

AKttUSIt 1955. 
50 p. Idem. 
L Communlat ethlo. L HiU, Tflevfi, d. 


1 ta* M tl chl fco wn tM. 

C60-2658 t 

Kao, Hslao-ch'uan, 


72 p. 17cm, 

1. OommnnlBt ethtc*, L Gb'fto, JMao-yQ. n. Title. 

Title romnnised: Ft baft oilng pal ko mtn tf hlh chl. 



Lenin, Vladimir ITkh, 1870*1924, 

O soKMyKBCTHiecEofi spaucTneHHOCTJi. Mocssa, Foe. 

H3ff-BO HOJHT. JJHT-pIZ, 1961. 

298p. 21 on, 
HX312X89 62-29438 1 

Lenin, Vladimir H'ich, 1870-1924 

O soMsiyHHCTniecKOii HpaBCiBeHHOcra. Hs^.2. Mocxsa, 
Foe. HS^-BO ncaur. .TIIT-PU, 10G3. 

279 p. 21cm. 
HX312.LB9 lOGi 63-55159 

Levikov, Aleksandr Il'ich. 

O BpeaeHB K o ce<Se; rosoprtT nepaoe nosojieiiiie coxscy- 
EECSMa. MocKsa, CoseTCKaa Pocciw, 1962. 

75 p. 17 em. 
HX314.Zr>L45 3-26635 J 

Losonczy, Geza, 

Kommunista erkolcs. t Budapestj MDP Kozponti Vezet5- 
sege Oktatasi Osztaly il948] 

23 p. 22 cm. ( SzenOnarinml fQzetek rirosl alapfotaS azemlniiln- 
mok szamAra, 8) 
BJ1390X6 63-68491 J 

Jtir* w; 

T. 19cm. 

1. Communist ethics. 2. Conduct of life. 

Title rnntanistd- Lnn loJDg tso ssfi hsling fang &. 

Harvard Univ. 

Jjapanwe Library 


Etika a dneeek, c l.vyd,j Priha, SvobodnS alo-vo, 1960. 

18Tp. 21 cm. <2iTSmj%leofcj-) 

B J1390J424 1-31332 J 

Markov, Vladimir Semenovicli, journalist. 

BUT se -sacTHoe ^ejto. MocEsa, HS^-BO ncurar. 

61 p. 17 era. 

Marysova, Lmdmyia lo^ypivna. 

7 ^oicy rpaca pa^aHctrot JU^BHH. KHIB, 
mioja, 1963. 

96 p. 20cm. 
BJ1390.M28 6S-45&66 J 

Medyn^ii, Grigorfi Alefcsandrovich, 1899- 

He ocycKaa raa3. tMocKsa! MocioBCKEi palSoiafi 1961. 
54 p. 17 cm. (Bece^bt o HpaKTBeHHOCTH) 
BJ1390^I38 62-67266 1 

Medynskii, Grigorii Aleksandrovich, 189- 

He onycsaa iaaa. Hs^. 2., c nocaeciOBHeie aBropa. r Mo- 
cKBaj MocxoscKHft pa(5o*Hft, 1963. 

78 p. 17 cm. (BecejtH o HpaBcraeHHocrnO 
BJ1390M38 1963 64-33483 

Mikhalevich, Aleksandr \Tadimirovidu 

Jln^E H npHSQHiiH. Mocrsa, Poc. HS^-BO nozar. J 

107 p. 20 cm. (Mopau&Hiifl KO^CEC rrpOKTua KOMMjBH3Ma) 
BJ1390.M478 64^6913 

Mikhaleyich, Aleksandr Vladiminmch. 

CTpacrax H CTpacTnniKax. MocKBa, Toe. HS^-BO HCUHT. 

JIHT-pS, 1960. 

77 p. lllos. 20cm. 
BJ13903T48 61-24435 rev J 

MiDer, Reinhold. 

Vom Werdea des sozialistischen. Menschen; dftr Kampf 
des ]S r uen gegen das Alte auf dem Gebiet der Moral. E l. 
Aufl.j Berlin, Dietz, 1960. 

229 p. 21cm. 

A60-5204 1 
Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

Milovidov, Arsenii Stepanovich. 


MocKsa, Boen. HS^-BO, 1964. 

83 p. 20cm. 



He BuCapafl jerxmc nyrcft B XKSEH. 
KSflaT, 1962. 

87 p. 20cm. (Bectnu o MOpu&BMt 

Mopajit, sas ce noHaitaT KOicjiyHHCTH. iCooaJsrexE ctfop- 
HHKa: H. B. EHrarosa, P. A. JTaspoB, B. A. JOEiXSHmesaj 

MoCKBa, ToC. HM-BO HOIHT. JIHT-pH, 1962. 

206 p, 20cm. 
BJ1390.M62 64^32096 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


a nabo2enstvo. t Zostavil J. Kansfcf. L 7yd. Bra 
tislava! Slovenskg vydavateTstvo poliiickej literatuiy, 196L 

2H p. 21 cm. 

Moralnoe i wychowame; [ZbiSr arfcykalSw, Wy<L 2., popr 
Warszawa r Ksiazfca i Wledsa, 1960. 

STOp. 21cm. 
BJ1390.M65 I960 61-24810 

Moscow. Afcademaa obshchestvennykh nank. 


naji KO-uermi: F. M. Fas, M. vT. ^aiEH, II. 
Mocxaa, ESA-BO BEEH a AOH, 1962. 

162 pt 21cm. 
BJ1390.M66 63-29266 J 

Moscow. Akadfmrik obshchestvennykh naufc. 

Bocnzrasae KOHicyHHCTH^eciofi: cosHaiejCBHOCTH. [Fias. 
pejarrop E asrop gpeffgcx H. E. Fpomesj Mocrsa, MUCK, 

Slip. 21cm. 



^TO THraTt o KOKHyHHCTH^ecEoft sropajH ; 
neHarejiBrH8 yzasaieit JtHrepaTypir. Mocssa, 1960. 

S3 p. 22cm. 
Z7l6iS67M63S 61-47059 J 

Mitrauskas, Vytantas Jonas. 

Komniustine moralfi, Vilnius, ValstybinS politin& ir 
mokslinfe literaturos leidykk, 1960. 

151 p. 20cm. (AnMAJImasIrsaYlaiilcla) 
BJ1390.M8 63-42408 t 

JSauchnoe soveshchanie po voprosam marksistsko-Ieninskoi 
etfld, Leningrad, 1959. 

Bonpoont HapicHcrcKo-JieHHHCKoS BTHKE; KatepHaju 
nay^Horo coBemaHaa. [Ho^ o&nefl P^A. A. O. ffinniKHHa] 
Moataa, Foe. HS^-BO norar. JTHT-PH, I960. 
2S2p. 2acm. 

1950 61-35434 J 

Nesterenko, Georgu fXktfvievich. 

e co3Eanja;e H ero AOPKH : JCKIIHE. Mocssa 


n, 1959. 
lOSp. 20cm. 

Nikofafrnko, Iran Ivano^ych. 

SpHiii PHCH sovym^yy. KBIB, MoJtojt, 1961. 
94 p. into. 20cm. 
HIMSOS.K'S 62-42649 


ITp. 19 on. 

1. Communist ethics. x. Title. 

Title romanised: Kong ch'ati chu i tao tfi. 

BJ13DO.N5 060-3111 | 

Nosov, F V 

HoBHfi TCXOBCX $opicHpyercjr ceroAH*. t JTeHHHrpaAj Jlen- 
HSAat, 1962. 

82p. 20cm. (Petnesmi xrn c-beajw KnCC BauoHt!) 
LC1030JT6 64-29306 t 

Obshchestro po rasprostraaenift politicheefcikh i nauct- 
nykh znanii RSFSR. 

O roMsryHHCTHHecEOfl 3THEC ; [.ics^iiH. Hay^. pe^aKiop 
M. H. Jtz^anoBj JeHEHrpaa, 1962. 

428R 20cm. 
BJ1390.O25 63-39283 t 

Pan, Lang. 


76 p. 10 cm. 

1. Coiumuuiat ethics. 


t fc 
Title ronuaUsed: Hsln mln chu chu 1 tt tao t 

Partolin, Fedor Grigor'evicli. 

EopB(5a KOMiyHaacTKieacofi napran sa ocymecTMeHHe 
"ETO HC patfoxaer, TOT ne ecr." MocKsa, ES^-BO 
H AOH npn I[K KECC, 1962. 
7p. 20cm, 
HD4904.P3 64-378S3 J 

HOTOMJCH Kop^araHa. tCoc