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q019 U58s 196O-64 67-01261 



kansas city 
public library 
kansas city, 

Library of Congress Catalog 


A. Cumulative List of Works 

Represented by Library of Congress 

Printed Cards 



J. W. EDWARDS, Publisher 




A Catalog of Books Represented by Library of Congress Printed Cards. (Cards issued from August 1898 through July 1942). 
Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1942-46. 167 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and 

Littlefield, Inc. 1 $1500 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Supplement (Cards issued from August 1942 through December 1947) Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 

1948. 42 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $395 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The Library of Congress Author Catalog, 1948-1952. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1953. 24 volumes. 

Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $240 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The National Union Catalog, 1952-1955 Imprints. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 1961. 30 volumes 

$420 (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1953-1957. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1958. 

28 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $275 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Also available separately from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 : vol. 27: Music and Phonorecords, $20.00; vol. 28: Motion 

Pictures and Filmstrips, $20.00. 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1958-1962. New York, Rowman and Littlefield, Inc., 1 1963. 54 volumes 

$495 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Available separately: vols. 51 and 52: Music and Phonorecords, $40.00; vols. 53 and 54: Motion Pictures and Filmstrips, 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1963, 1964* $365 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1965. 5 

Monthly issues for January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November, and December, quarterly cumulations 

for January-March, April- June, July-September, and annual cumulation $400 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The subscription price of $400 for The National Union Catalog, covers, in addition, its Register of Additional Locations 
and the following two parts of The Library of Congress Catalogs which are also issued separately and are available at the 
prices listed. Each part includes its own subject approach. 

Library of Congress Catalog Motion pictures and Filmstrips, 1965. 5 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $7.50 

(plus 50 cents postage) 
Library of Congress Catalog Music and Phonorecords, 1965. 5 

Semiannual issue and annual cumulation $4.25 (plus 25 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1950-1954. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1955. 20 volumes. 

Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $274.50 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1955-1959. Paterson, N. J., Pageant Books, Inc., 1960. 22 volumes. Available 

from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $247.50 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1960-1964. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 1965. 25 volumes 

$275.00 (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1965* 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April- June, July-September, and annual cumulation $200 (plus $1.50 postage) 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1961. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 

1962 \ $9.7-5 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1962. Hamden, Conn., The Shoe String Press, Inc., 3 1964 $13.50 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1963-1964* $10.00 

Armed Forces Medical Library Catalog, 1950-1954. (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) 6 volumes out of print 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1955-1959, (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) Washington, D.C., Judd & Detweiler 

Inc. 1960. 6 volumes $60 (f.o.b. Washington, D.C.) 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, I960, 1961, 1962 out of print 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1963, 1964* (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) $20 per year 

(plus 50 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 
L. C. card 50-60682 

'Rowman and Littlefield, Inc., 84 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10011. 

2 J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., Arm Arbor, Mich. 48104 

*The Shoe String Press, Inc., 60 Connolly Parkway, Hamden, Conn. 06514. 

4 Judd & Detweiler, Inc., 1500 Eckington Place N. E., Washington, D. C. 20002. 


W^hfn^T 'n^r ^^ ^ 8 are ld by th u Ca L rd Division > Library of Congress, Building No. 159, Navy Yard Annex, 
Washington, DC., 20541. Their purchase may be charged against the accounts of subscribers to the card service; others must 

R^ D > Lib y * <*** ^yments from foreign counsel 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Bars, Henry, 1911- 

Maritain en notre temps. Paris, B. Grasset ^959, 

397 p. 21 cm. 


Canfield, Francis X ed. 

Literature and the modern mind. Detroit, Sacred Heart 
Seminary t c 1962] 

41 p. 23 cm. (Cardinal Mooney lecture series, 1961-1962) 
PN1136.C33 62-20532 

Evans, Joseph William, ed. 

Jacques Maritain: the man and his achievement. New 
York, Sheed and Ward [1963] 

xii, 258 p. 22cm. 
B2430.M34EO 194 63-17143 

Freeman, David Hugh. 

Eecent studies in philosophy and theology. Philadelphia, 
Presbyterian and Reformed Pub. Co., 1962. 

150 p. 22 cm. (International library of philosophy and theology. 
Philosophical and historical studies series) 
B804.F75 189.4 62-21164 J 

Hwa, Yol Jung. 

The foundations of Jacques Maritain's political philoso- 
phy. Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1960. 

65 p. illus. 23 cm. (University of Florida monographs. Social 
sciences, no. 7) 
B2430.M34H9 194 60-53589 t 

Viotto, Piero. 

Jacques Maritain. [Brescia] La Scuola [1957] 

167 p. 19cm. (Pedagogisti ed educatjpl) ** 

IM^"' A 62-568 

HarvardUni, Library 


Gallagher, Donald A il t \S. 

The achievement of Jacques and^afesaMaritain: a bib- 
liography, 1906-1961 [byj Donald & Idella Gallagher. [1st 
ed.j Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1962. 

256 p. ports. 24cm. 
Z8550.34.G3 016.848912 


Martini, Clare Joseph, 1928- 

Maritain and music. Ann Arbor, Mich., University 
Microfilms r !959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-5769 Mic 58-5769 


Meer de Walcheren, Petrus Balthazar Albertus van der. 


AUes is liefde: Leon Bloy, Raissa Maritain, Christine en 
Pieterke t Bruggej Desclee de Brouwer C 1960] 

150 p. Illus. 20cm. 
CT135.M4 62-33076 


Gallagher, Donald A 

The achievement of Jacques and Raissa Maritain: a bib- 
liography, 1906-1961 [byj Donald & Idella Gallagher. c lst 
ed] Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1962. 

256 p. ports. 24cm. 
Z8550.34.G3 016.848912 

Maritime Administration 

see Alpes-Maritimes, France (Dept.) 


(in geography) 

seamen Legal status, laws, etc. 


see also Admiralty; Arrest of ships; 
Atomic ships (International law); Aver- 
age (Maritime law); Bills of health; 
C. I. F. clause; Carriers; Charter- 
parties; Coastwise shipping Law and 
legislation; Collisions at sea; Com- 
mercial law; Contracts, Maritime; 
F. O. B. clause; Free ports and zones; 
Freedom of the seas; Freight and 
freightage; Government vessels; 
Harbors Regulations; Insurance, 
Marine; Marine accidents; Marine 
protests; Merchant seamen Legal 
status, laws, etc. ; Naval law; 
Pirates; Prize law; Rule of the road 
at sea; Salvage; Ship mortgages; 
Shipmasters; Ships Inspection; 
Ships Nationality; Ships Safety 
regulations; Slave trade; Terri- 
torial waters; War, Maritime ( Inter- 
national law); Wreck 

Bailey, Sir Kenneth Hamilton, 1898- 

Australia and the law of the sea. Adelaide, Australian 
Institute of International Affairs, 1959. 

31 p. 22 cm. (Roy Milne memorial lecture, 9ti, 1959) 
JX4411.B3 347.75 60-33207 J 

Bierzanek, Remigiusz. 

Morze otwarte ze stanowiska prawa miedzynarodowego. 
[Wyd. 1.] Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1960. 

854 p. 21 cm. 

Cleveringa, Rudolph Pabus, 1894- 

Zeerecht. 4. druk. Zwolle, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 
1115 p. illus. 24 cm. (Publiek- en privaatrecht, 5) 

62-58049 t 

Colombos, Constantine John, 1886- 

The international law of the sea. 4th rev. ed. t Londonj 
Longmans, 1959. 

Slip. 23cm. 
JX4411.C6 1959 341.57 60-925 t 

Colombos, Constantine John, 1886- 

The international law of the sea. 5th rev. ed. 
Longmans, 1962. 

836 p. 23cm. 
JX4411.C6 1962 63-2534 

Ehrlich, Ludwik, 1889- 

Suwerennos*6 a morze w prawie miedzynarodowym. t War- 
szawai Wydawn. Prawnfcze, 1961. 

235 p. 24 cm. 

Ferron, Olivier de. 

Le droit international de la mer. Geneve, E. Droz, 

2 T. tables. 26 cm. (fitudes d'nlstolre economlque, polltiaue et 
soclale, 26, 32) 
JX4412.F4 60-4153 

Franklin, Carl M 

The law of the sea: some recent developments, with par- 
ticular reference to the United Nations Conference of 1958. 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print, Off., 1961. 

vuTs&p. dlagra. 24cm. ([U.S., Naval War College. Inter- 
national law studies, T. 58) 
JX1295.U4 voL53 341.57 

Giannini, Amedeo, 1886- ed. 

Le convenzioni internazionali di dirifcto marittimo. Mi- 
lano,Giuffre, 1952-59. 

2 v. 25 cm. (Fontl e document! del dlritto della navlgazlone, 1, 

JX4408.G5 1952 

56-33657 rev 


Deniz ticareti hukuku. 3. tabi. Istanbul, 1. Horoz Basim- 
evi, 1946. 

xxxrli, 387, 24, 13 p. forms. 26cm. (1st ttalversltesi yayinlan, 
no. 308) 


Gutierrez de la Camara, Jose Manuel 

Derecho maritimo; obra adaptada al cuestionario de la 
asignatura para las escuelas oficiales de nautica. Madrid 
t lnstituto Francisco de Vitoria, Secci6n de Derecho Mari- 
timo, Const'jo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Mi 
nisterio de Murinuj 1956. 

507 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Colecclon de estudlos de derecho Inter- 
nacional marftimo. Serle A: Obras generales, no. 3) 

'^.-frk 61-41716 

670126 1 

Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization. 

Basic documents. London [1962] 
128 p. 21cm. 


Kolodkin, Anatoli! Lazarevich. 

npaBOBOit pe^cnM BOA n OTEpuxoro 
Hop*. MocKsa, MopcKOft TpaHcrropi, 1961. 

172 p. 22cm. 

Komachiya, S6z5, 189.V 

$ its u; * w r tf & : :'& i n # 

Hg fD :54-:5r> i HWJMJO, 

1. Maritime law. 2. Maritime law Japan. i. Kubot, Hirosht, 
1921- Joint nuttoor. n. Title. 

title romanteed: 

J 62-85KJ t 

Latty, Jean Michel Marie Etiennc, 1888- 

Droit maritime applique. [Paris] Impr. nationale r!952j 

768 p. illus. 27 cm. (Cours o> sciences Juridlques, eeonomiques 
et sociales, appliquees a la construction navale) 
JX4412.L35 62-67857 J 

McDougal, Myres Smith, 190&- 

The public order of the oceans; a contemporary interna- 
tional law of the sea, by Myres S. McDougal and William 
T. Burke. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1962. 

xxv, 1226 p. 25cm. 
JX4411.M3 841.57 

Matme-Daftary, Ahmad. 

Cours abrege sur la contribution des conferences de 
-Geneve au developpement progressif du droit international 
de la mer. 

(In Hague. Academy of International Law. Becueil des cours, 
1961, r. Leyden. 25 cm. v. 102 ([1962j) p. t635 a -i67S] port) 
[JX74.H3 voH02] A 62-2900 

Northwestern Univ. Sch,ofLaw. Library 

Mttller, Johannes, 1885-1943. 

Handbuch ftir die Schiffsfuhrung. 6. neubearb. AufL 
unter Mitarbeit von Karl Terheyden, hrsg. von Joseph 
Krauss [Undj Martin Berger. Berlin, Springer, 1961-62. 

2 T. Illus. 24 cm. 
VK155.M822 61-19562 rev J 

Okay, M Sami. 

Deniz ticareti hukuku. Istanbul, S. Garan Matbaasi, 

T. 24 cm. (Istanbul tJnlversltesl yayinlan, 958 

NE 63-2637 

Ray, Jos Domingo. 

Concepto de buque en el derecho argentine y comparado. 
Buenos Aires, Editorial Abeledo f 1956j" 
47 p. 23 cm. 

58-18318 rev J 

Ripert, Georges, 1880- 

Droit maritime. 4. ed. Paris, Editions Rousseau, 1950- 
3v. 23cm. 

, Mise a jour au 1" avril 1963, par R. Rodiere, 

Paris, Dalloz, 1963. 
7111, 322 p. 22cm. 

51-32694 rev 2 

SiUng, Aleksandr Nikolaevich. 

HapymeHHa HMnepHajrHCTHi:ecKHMH rocy^apCTsaMH CBO- 
6op,u MOpenjuasaHHa BC pH^ojiOBCTBa B OTKPHTOM Mope. Mo- 

CKBa, FOG. H3fl-B0 IDpHfl. JtHT-pIJ, 1963. 

42p. 20cm. 
JX4419.S5 64-42397 

Singh, Nagendra. 

International law problems of merchant shipping. 

(In Hague. Academy of International Law. Recuell des cours, 
1962, m. Leyden. 25 cm. v. 107 (W6S) p. [1]-167. port, map) 
JX74.H3- vol.107 A 64-1014 

Northwestern Univ. Sen. of Law. Library 

S^rensen, Max. 

Law of the sea. [New York] Carnegie Endowment for 
International Peace, 1958. 

195-255 p. 20 cm, (International conciliation, no. 520) 
JX1907.A8 no. 520 347,750631 59-92 rev t 

Taha, Mustafa Kama 

.<-u ju^_5" jik^ jOJi 

1961] \\*\\ t o 
510 p. 24cm. 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

J _wr 

-t Ai>JU5 
KE 63-394 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MARITIME LAW (Continued) 

United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. 1st, 
Geneva, 1958. 

Four conventions and an optional protocol formulated 
at the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea; 
message from the President of the United States trans- 
mitting four conventions on the law of the sea and an 
optional protocol of signature concerning the compulsory 
settlement of disputes. t Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., 1959] 

80 p. 24 cm. (86th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Executives J to N, 

JX234.A23 86th, 1st 1959 J-N 60-61218 


United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. M 

Law of the sea. Convention on the high seas between the 
United States of America and other governments, done at 
Geneva April 29, 1958. t Washington, For sale by the 
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963, 

17 p. 24 cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 5200) 
JX235.9J.32 no. 5200 63-60582 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. 

Conventions on the law of the sea. Hearing before the 
Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, 
Eighty-sixth Congress, second session, on Executives J, K, 
L, M, K, 86th Congress, 2d session. January 20, 1960. 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1960. 

ill, 129 p. tables. 24cm. 
JX4411.U5 341.57 60-60932 

Vorokhobsfciu A L\ 

PaccaeflOBaHHe MOPCEHX asapiift sa pydeaiOM. MocKsa, 
MopCKOft TpancnopT, 1963. 
Tip. 22 < in. 


Yfinns, *AJT Hasan. 

* - 

576p. 24cm. 
Princeton Uflir. LIbr. 

Yfrras, 'AH Hasan. 


NE 63-419 

Princeton Univ. LIbr. 
Yunus, 'AH Hasan. 


640 p. 24cm. 

JX4418.A7Y8 1964 


NE 64-2873 

Zaorski, Remigiusz. 

Konwencje genewsHe o prawie morza. r Wyd. l.j 
Gdynia, Wydawn. MorsHe, 1962. 

274, ,1, p. iHns. 21cm. 
JX4418.P6Z3 63-37119 

Zoetmolder, R F 

Op reis door het zeerecht Eotterdam, Wyt, 1960. 
202p. 24on. 

62-33817 I 


JngoslaYenska akademi ja znanosti i umjetnosti. JadransJd 

Zbornik za pomorsko pravo. t sv. 1,- 
Zagreb, 1951- 

v. illus., maps, 25 cm. (Pomorsko pravo) 

55-35260 rev 


Liitem, tihan. 

Deniz hukukunda gelismeler: Birlesmig Milletier Deniz 
Hukuku Konf eransL Ankara, Balkanoglu Matbaacilik tL, 

S cm. 



Bocznik prawa noorskiego. 1954- 
Warszawa, Wydawn. Prawnioze, 

NE 63-1783 



Arseven, Haydar. 

Deniz ticareti hukaku dersleri Istanbul, Mentes Kitab- 

NE 64-2429 

rUl,144p. 20cm. 

CONFLICT OF LAWS see Conflict 
of laws Maritime law 


International Conference on Maritime Law, Brussels^ 1961. 
[Provisional proceedings and documents. Brussels, 1961] 
2T2 pieces. 30cm. 

United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. 1st, 
Geneva, 1958. 

Derecho del mar; la Coiiferencia de Ginebra. Panama 
[Departamento de Bellas Artes y del Minis- 
terio de Education] 1959. 

JX4408.U554' 1958ad 60-25449 rev % 

United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. 1st, 
Geneva, 1958. 

The law of the sea; the Final act and the annexes of the 
United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, Geneva, 
1958, together with a synoptical table of claims to jurisdic- 
tion over the territorial sea, the contiguous zone and the 
continental shelf. London, Society of Comparative Legis- 
lation and International Law, 1958. 

Ill, 42 p. table. 25cm. 
JX4408.U554 1958g 58-4987 rev 

United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. 1st, 

Geneva, 1958. 

Official records. f New York, 1958-59 j v. 1, 1959j 
7v. illus., maps, diagrs., tables. 28cm. ( [United Nations. Doc- 

ument] A/Oonf. 13/37-43) 

J1Q977.A2 A/Conf.13/37, etc. 341.570631 59-4546 rev 

-- Copy 2. 

United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. Qd, 

Geneva, 1960. 

Official records; summary records of plenary meetings 
and of meetings of the Committee of the Whole; annexes 
and final act. [Geneva, United Nations, 1 9 60 3 

xxx.ll, 176 p. 22cm. ( United Nations. [Document] A/CONP.19/8) 
JX1977.A2 A/Conf.19/8 341.57 61-620 

-- Copy 2. JX4408.U554 1960 

United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. fid, 
Geneva, 19GO. 

Official records. Committee of the Whole; verbatim rec- 
ords of the general debate. New York, 1D62. 

xlll, 431 p. 28 cm. (United Nations. t Dociunentj A/Conf.19/9) 
JX1977.A2 A/Conf.19/9 6$~52353 

-- Copy 2. JX4408.TJ554 1960c 



Chartering and shipping terms; practical guide for steam- 
ship companies, masters, ship's officers, shipbrokers, forward- 
ing agents, exporters, importers, insurance brokers and 
banks. 5th ed. Hilversum, Netherlands, 0. de Boer Jr.; 
general distributors: Barker & Howard, London {I960; 
label : New York, W. S. Heiomani 

410 p. Illus. 24cm. 

387.5403 61-2840 J 


Fletamentos y terminos de embarque; gufa practica para 
las companias maritimas, capitanes y oficiales, agentes mari- 
timos, consignatarios, ezportadores, importadores, agentes 
de seguros y bancos. (Recomendado por el Institute of 
Chartered Shipbrokers, Londres) Traduccion castellana de 
S. de Uriarte y Larraondo. 2. ed. Madrid, Oficina Central 
Marftima 1959i 

343 p. mug. 25cm. 

HE567.B418 1959 

61-20927 J 

Cialdea, Basilio. 

La formazione dell'ordinamento marittimo nelle relazioni 
internazionali (secoli xrv-xvra) Pref. di Amedeo Giannini. 
Mlano, Giuffre, 1959- 

v. 25 cm. (latituto di studl storico-polltlcl, TJniversItA dl 
Boma, Facoltft dl sclenze polltlche. t Pabbl!cazloni] 2 



Maritime Law Association of the United States. 

Articles of association and by-laws, officers and former 
officers, list of members. 
t New York, 

v. 23 cm. (It Document) 

52-29541 rev J 


Nederlandsche Reeders Vereeniging. 

Internationale verdragen. van belang voor de zeescheep- 
vaart. [VGravenhagej 1957, 
82 p. 28cm. 


Bamford, Brian Reginald. 

The law of shipping in South Africa. Cape Town, Juta, 

xx, 161 p. 26 cm. 



Pan American Union. General Legal Division. 

Antecedentes inf ormativos sobre la labor desarrollada por 
la Organizacion de los Estados Americanos en relacion con 
el derecho del mar. Documento preparado c por la Division 
Juridicaj para la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el 
Derecho del Mar, Ginebra, Suiza, 1958. Washington, De- 
partamento de Asuntos Juridicos, Union Panamericana, 

vi,48p. 28cm. 

P A 58-23 rev 
Pan American Union. Library. 

Pan American Union. General Legal Division. 

Background material on the activities in. the Organization 
of American States relating to the law of the sea. Prepared 
[by the Legal Division] for submission to the United Nations 
Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, 1958. Washington, Dept. 
of International Law, Pan American Union, 1957. 

vl, 47 p. 28 cm. 

341.57 PA 58-20 rev 

Pan American Union. Library. 


Malagarriga, Carlos C 1891- 

Derecho comercial, inclusive maritimo, aeronautico y quie- 
bra. 9. ed. corr., ampliada y actualizada. Buenos Aires, 

352 p. 23cm. 

62-39854 t 

Ray, Jose Domingo. 

Concepto de buque en el derecho argentine y comparado. 
Buenos Aires, Editorial Abeledo r 1956i 
47 p. 23cm. 

58-18318 rev J 


Bailey, Sir Kenneth Hamilton, 1898- 

Australia and the law of the sea. Adelaide, Australian 
Institute of International Affairs, 1959. 

31 p. 22 cm, (Boy Milne memorial lecture, 9th 1959) 
JX4411.B3 347.75 ' 60-33207 J 


Lloyd anversois. 

Annuaire maritime. 

v. illus., maps (part col., part fold.) 24 cm. annual. 



Brazil. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Regulamento da Capitania dos Portos e leis complemen- 
tares, organizado e atualizado por J. Edvaldo Tavares. Rio 
de Janeiro, Livraria Freitas Bastos, 1959; 

420 p. 24cm. ' 


Lacerda, Jose" Candido Sampaio de, 1909- 

Curso de direito comercial maritimo e aeronautico ; direito 
privado da navegagao. Bio de Janeiro, Freitas Bastos, 1949. 
490 p. forms. 24cm. 

50-37424 rev 

Lacerda, Jose" Candido Sampaio de, 1909- 

Curso de direito comercial maritimo e aeronautico; direito 
privado da navegagao. 2. ed. melhorada e atualizada. Rio 
de Janeiro, Freitas Bastos, 1954. 

xtl, 496 p. forms. 23 cm. 

54-35739 rev 

Lacerda, Jose Candido Sampaio de, 1909- 

Curso de direito comercial maritimo e aeronautico; direito 
privado da navegacjio. 3. ed., melhorada e atualizada, Rio 
de Janeiro, Freitas Bastos, 1957. 
586 p. illus. 23 cm. 

58-49255 rev t 

Ricci Maira, Luis. 

Las naves ante nuestra Iegislaci6ru [Santiago de Chile] 

104 p. 27cm. 

60-21746 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHILE (Continued) 

Salvo Mores, Hector. 

El particularismo del derecho maritime, especialmente en 
el Libro in del Codigo de comercio chileno. Santiago, 1954. 
59 p. 27 cm. 

60-25458 t 


Cheng, Yii-po. 

t 1961, 

9, 172 p. 21 cm. 
Bibliography: p. 172. 

1. Maritime law China. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Hai shang fa. 

C 61-1915 

Kuei, Yii. 

( i96S, 

2, 13, 3, 607 p. 21cm. 
At head of title : 

Bibliography : p. 540-558. 

: p. 588-553. 

Maritime law China. i. Title. 

Title romaiiized: Hai shang fa lun 

C 63-725 

Kg ft 

Princeton Univ. Gest Oriental Library 

Wang, Kuang. 

*tJ#3;&& .T.ift* -iM 
m 45 (1956, 
2, 4, 300 p. forms. 19 cm. 
Colophon title. 

1. Maritime law hina. t Title. 

Title romanteed: Hang cheng fa kuei yao i. 

C 64-1191 


Denmark. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Samling af danske sjzffartslove, udarb. af A. O. Bache. 
Udg. ved Navigationsdirektoratets foranstaltning. 2. udg. 
Kplbenhavn, J. J0rgensen, 1954. 

515 p. 27 cm. 

-- Tillseg. K^benhavn, J. Jtfrgensen [I960] 
230 p. 26 cm. 

54-41661 rev 

Denmark. Laws, statutes, etc. 

S#f artslove og -bestemmelser m. v. K^benhavn, 1954- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) illus., dlagrs. 22 cm. (Love og bestemmelser for 
forsvaret, 24. hefte) 


Fonder, Th P 

Praktisk navigation. 10. udg. K0benhavn, J. Frimodt 


163 p. illus. 20 cm. 
VK559.F8 1961 

62-59880 rev 

Neergaard, Aage, 1890- 

Lterebog i s^ret til brug ved navigationsskolerne; utg. af 
Ministeriet for handel, industri og stffart. 4. udg. Kjzfben- 
havn, Trykfc hos J. Jffrgensen, 1955. 
801 p. 23cm. 

63-44440 t 


Taha, Mustafa Kamal. 

* JUS" 

Princeton Univ. Libr. 
Tfiha, Mustafa Kamal. 



J *Z- 

510p ' * BL 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

United Arab Republic. Laws, statutes, etc. 

.4_j <uu ctuvn, oibjudu ^j 
"\i964j >sJ\3 ^w e., 

151 p. 20 cm. 

NE 64-2252 

Blegean, Auguste Blarie, 1885- 

Traite de legislation maritime. A 1'usage des candidats 
aux examens de la marine marchande. Nouv. ed. mise ^- jour 
par P. Bran. Paris, Societ^ d'Sditions geographiques, man- 
times et coloniales, 1950. 
2v. 26cm. 

54-34964 rev t 

Chauveau, Paul, 1898- 

Traite de droit maritime. Paris, Librairies techniques, 

777 p. 22 cm. 

59-48222 J 

Gufrin, Femand Louis Joseph, 1885- 

Precis de legislation maritime. Conforme aux pro- 
grammes des 17 octobre 1960 et 16 mars 1962. 10. eU, rev. 
et cx>mpletee par Ph. Avron. Paris, Grautbier-Villars, 1962- 

T. 21 cm. 


Queguiner, Jean. 

Legislation maritime. Pan" 1 ?, Editions nmritimes et colo- 
ninlfs, 1SJ5T. 

84 p. 23 cm. (Cours de patron de peche et de lieutenant de 
pSche, 7) 


Rodiere, Rene". 

Cours de droit maritime, re*dige d'apres les notes et avec 
1'autorisation de Rene Rodiere. Licence 4 annexe, 1959-1960. 
Paris, Cours de droit t !960] 

423 P< X CnL 62-40083 J 

1949- ) 

Germany (Democratic Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, 

Das Seerecht der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, 
von einem Autorenkollektiv unter der Leitung von Heinz 
Propp. [2. geanderte, erweiterte und verb. Aufl.] Berlin, 
Deutscher Zentralverlag, 1960 c 1955] 
xv, 839 p. 22 cm. 


1949- ) 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 
Schiifahrtsrecht; Textsammlung wichtiger reichs- und 
bundesrechtlicher Yorschriften und Bedingungen der See- 
und Binnenschiffahrt, hrsg. von Kurt von Laun und Fritz 
Lindenmaier, unter Mitwirkung von Otto Rudolf von Laun. 
Miinchen, Beck, 1953-56. 

2 v. 20 cm. 

54-22964 rev 

Glerke, Julius von, 1875- 

Derecho comercial y de la navegaci6n. Traduccidn de 
Juan M. Semon. Buenos Aires, Tip. Editora Argentina, 


2 r. 24cm. 


Schaps, Georg, d. 1918, ed. 

Das deutsche Seerecht; Kommentar und Matenalsamm- 
lung. Begriindet von Georg Schaps, fortgefuhrt von Max 
Mittelstein und Julius Sebba. 3. umgearb. und erweiterte 
Aufl. von Hans Jurgeu Abraham. Berlin, De Gruyter, 

v. 25 cm. 


Bonwick, George James. 

Ship's business, by George J. Bonwick and E. C. Steer. 
4th ed. London, Maritime Press [1961; label: New York, 
W. S. Heinman] 

330 p. Illus. 23cm, 

347.75 62-5412 J 

British shipping laws. tGeneral editor: Sir Bushby Hew- 
son 3 London, Stevens, 1961- 

r. 26cm. 62-34245 

Chorley, Robert Samuel Theodore Choriey, 5<wj, 1895- 

Shipping law, by Lord Chorley and 0. C. Giles. 4th ed. 
London, Pitman t !959, 
374 p. 23cm. 

Cole, Sanf ord Darley. 

Merchant shipping acts ; being a practical guide to the acts 
and regulations for shipmasters and all connected with the 
mercantile marine. 8th ed. By W. V. J. Clarke. Glasgow, 
Brown, Son & Ferguson [1960] 


62-1002 J 

Marsden, Reginald Godfrey, 1845-1927. 

The law of collisions at sea. [llth edj by Kenneth C. 
McGulSe. London, Stevens, 1961- 

Ixxrri, 975 p. 26 cm. ( British shipping laws, v. 4) 

347.75 62-34230 


Greece. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Code of private maritime law : Act, 3816 (Greece) , Febru- 
ary 28, 1958. Translated into English by Michael Com- 
nenos. London, Hellenic Society, London School of Eco- 
nomics, 1958. 
56 1 34 cm. 



Prodjodikoro, Wirjono. 

Hukum laut bagi Indonesia. 
Vorkink-van Hoeve t !958?] 
176 p. 25 cm. 

tTJetakan 1 5 Bandung, 

S A 62-573 


Alberto, Mario. 

II capitano marittimo; manuale pratico amministrativo 
legale. 3. ed. Milano, L. di G. Pirola, 1959. 
452 p. illus, 23 cm. 


Italy. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Codice della navigazione, a cura di M. Fragali. 5. ed. ag- 
giornata con i regolamenti per la navigazione marittima e 
interna. Milano, Giuffre t !957j 
413 p. 17cm. 


Italy. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Legislazione per la marina mercantile, settembre 1935- 
ottobre 1947. Roma, 1947. 
136, 220 p. 21cm. 


Italy. Za-uw, statutes, etc. 

Manuale per Pudienza civile, a cura di Rosario Nicolo. 8. 
ed. aggiornata. Milano, Giuffre t !961] 
Ixcl^ t 1714] p. 17 cm. 


Italy. Mini&tero di grasia e giustizia. 

Relazione al Codice della navigazione presentata nel- 
1'udienza del 30 marzo 1942 per 1'approvazione del testo def- 
mitivo. Milano, Giuffre C 1957 3 
462 p. 17cm. 


Lefebvre d'Ovidio, Antonio. . . . 

Manuale di diritto della navigazione [dij Antonio Le- 

febvre d'Ovidio fy Gabriele Pescatore. 3. ed. Milano, 
Giuffre, 1960. 

603 p. 22 cm. (Manual! Gluffrfe) 62-25771 t 

Manca, Plinio. 

Studi di diritto della navigazione. Milano, A, Giuffre, 

v. 23 cm. 

60-25695 t 

Sandiford, Roberto, 1887- 

Diritto marittimo. Milano, Giuffre, 1960. 
709 p. 25 cm. 

60-34787 | 

Semo, Giorgio de, 1885- 

Elementi di diritto private, compreso il diritto della navi- 
gazione; manuale per gli istituti tecnici commerciali. Mi- 
lano, Giuffre, 1960. 

648p. 22cm. 

61-21843 t 

Vignolo, Guido. 

Elementi di diritto della navigazione marittima ed mterna 
per gli istituti nautici e per la preparazione ai concorsi. 3. 
ed. Roma, A. Signorelli t !958i 

242 p. 21 cm. 

63-39855 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARITIME LAW (Continued) 


Japan. Laws, statutes, etc, 

2, 146 p. forma, tables. 21 cm. 

1. Maritime law Japan. 2. ShippingJapan. i. Japan. Un'yu- 
shS. Kalunkyoku. n. Title. 

Title romamzed: Kalsei Kaijo imsO 
h5 oyobl kankei hCrel. 

J 60-522 

Japan. laws, statutes, etc. 

$158 p. forms., tables. 22cm. 

1. Maritime law Japan. i. Japan. Un'yusho. Sempakukyoku. 
Tltae TUle roma^iged: SempakuM oyoW kankei hSret 

j 63-1046 

Kodama, Masakatsu, 1897- 

35 ,1960] 
214 p. 22cm. 

1, Maritime law Japan. I. Title. 

Komachlya, Sflzfi, 18D.V 

Title romanized: KaishOhO. 
3 62-297 t 

ffg ft 34-85 ,1D5JMK>, 
2v. mm. 22cm. 

1. Maritime law. 2, Maritime law Japan, i. Kubotn, Hiroflhl* 
1921- Joint nuthor. n. Title. 

fWe romanized: KalahflhO. 

J 68-898 

Minami, Masahiko. 


317 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

*:fcft 1959. 

1 Maritime law Japan. r. Title. 

Tttle romanteeA: Sempakuh5 kalsetsu. 

J 60-526 

Nebu, Zenzo, ?. 

Bg#]34 t 1959] 
405 p. 19cm. 
Includes legislation. 

1. Maritime law Japan. 2. Merchant marine Safety measures, 
r. Japan. Laws, statutes, etc. n, Title. 

Tim romanised: Kaljl silnsei tetsuzukl sCran. 

J 60-496 

Shizuta, Ujiharn, 1925- 

Q ft 8* [IWj 
208 j). 18cm. 

1. Maritime law Japan. x. Title. 

Title romanized: KaJJl rlppO no batten. 

J 60-341 t 

Kuwait, Arabia (State] Laws, statutes, etc.^ 

t !959. 
44, 44 p. 25 cm. 


Barrera Graf, Jorge. 

El derecho mercantil en la America Latina; [Conferencias. 
1. ed.] Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 

H Qgg 

90 p. 24cm. (Publicaciones del Institute de Derecho Comparado. 
Serie D. Cxiadernos de derecho comparado, no. 4) 
JX6311.B84 64^-39378 


Hakim, SEA 

Study in Lebanese merchant shipping laws and practice. 
Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanese & Arab Documentations Office 

NE 63-2011 



Libya. Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Libyan maritime code. Unofficial translation, by 
0. A. Good. [Benghazi, 1956] 
1 v. (unpaged) 27 cm. 


Libya. Laws, statutes^ etc. ^ 

La JJUM ^jj j*l 4 

" [1954? 
23, 468 p. 23 cm. 


Lopez Rangel, Ana Maria. 

Estudio sobre el buque y su regimen juridico-administra- 
tivo. Mexico, 1960. 
148 p. 24cm. 

63-29447 I 


Cleveringa, Rudolph Pabus, 1894- 

Zeerecht. 4. druk. Zwolle, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 
1115 p. Illus. 24cm. (Publiek- en privaatrecht, 5) 


Eijfc,N W A van. 

Staatsinrichting en scheepvaartrecnt, ten dienste van het 
onderwijfs aan scholen voor scheepswerktuigknndigen, 
machinisten-cursussen, a d. 3. geheel bijgewerkte druk. 
[Amsterdam] J. F. Duwaer rl958 3 

216 p. iUus. 20cm. 

59-50424 t 

Netherlands (Kingdom, 1815- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Schepenwet. Wet van den Isten Juli 1909, S. 219, hou- 
dende bepalingen ter voorkoming van scheepsrampen, tot 
het instellen van een onderzoek omtrent voorgekomen 
scheepsrampen en omtrent maatregelen van tucht ten op- 
zichte van kapiteins, stuurlieden of machinisten, zooals deze 
laatstelijk is gewijzigd bij de Wet van 31 December 1952, 
S. 678. Marine-Scheepsongevallenwet, S. 1935, no. 531. 
Wet van dem 16den Maart 1928, tot het instellen van een 
openbaar onderzoek omtrent rampen en ongevallen, over- 
komen aan Nederlandsche oorlogsvaartuigen, zooals deze wet 
is gewijzigd bij die van 25 April 1935, S. 225 en Binnenvaar- 
trampenwet. Wet van den 9den Juli 1931, S. 289, houdende 
bepalingen omtrent onderzoek naar scheepsrampen op de 
binnenwateren, met aantekeningen, ontleend aan de beraads- 
lagingen en gewisselde stnkken, besluiten ter uitvoering, enz. 
9. drufc, door A. Steensma. Zwolle, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 

60S p. diagrs., forms. IS x 9 cm. (Nederlandscbe ataatswetten, 
no. 16) 


Netherlands (Kingdom, 1815- ) Laws, statutes, eta. 

Schepenwet. Wet van den Isten Juli 1909, S. 219, hou- 
dende bepalingen ter voorkoming van scheepsrampen, tot 
het instellen van een onderzoek omtrent voorgekomen 
scheepsrampen en omtrent maatregelen van tucht ten op- 
zicbte van kapiteins, stuurlieden of machinisten, zooals deze 
laatstelijk is gewijzigd bij de Wet van 31 December 1952, 
S. 678. Marine-Scheepsongevallenwet S. 1935, no. 531. 
Wet van den 16den Maart 1928 ... gewijzigd bij die van 25 
April 1935, S. 225 en Binnenvaartrampenwet, Wet van den 
9den Juli 1931, S. 289 ... met aantekeningen, ontleend aan de 
beraadslagingen en gewisselde stukken, besluiten ter uit- 
voerinft enz. 10. druk, bijgewerkt tot 1 Januari 1961, door 
K. M. Thomson. Zwolle, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 1961. 

T52 p. diagrs., forms. 20x9 cm. (Nedertandse staatswetten no. 


Scheepvaartwetten; leerboek voor scheepswerktuigkundi- 
gen, door G. Seret en F. A. Pen. 4. druk. Haarlem, H. 
Stam 1954] 

96 p. 21 cm. 

60-36876 t 


Pakistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Merchant shipping act, 1923 (xrt of 1923) as modi- 
fied up to the 15th July, 1959. Karachi, Manager of Publi- 
cations, Govt. of Pakistan, 1960. 
xili, 160 p. 25cm. 


Veto, William. . 

The law of transportation and public service. ^ 1st ed. 
iityj Mimeograph service by F. P. Agustin, 1960. 

Cm ' 61-29078 


Rocznik prawa morskiego. 1954- 
Warszawa, Wydawn. Prawnicze. 
v. 21 cm. 



Hartingh, France de. 

Les conceptions sovietiques du droit de la mer. Pr^f . par 
Andre Gros. Paris, Librairie g^nerale de droit et de juris- 
prudence, 1960. 

iil, 198 p. 8 fold. maps. 23 cm. (Blbliotheque de droit interna- 
tional, t. 8) 
JX4422.R9H3 60-35342 

Meshera, V F 

OpraHHsaijHJ! itopcicoft 

BOBOft CnpaBO^HHK. MoCKBa, MopCKOfi TpEHCnOpT, 1952. 

Microfihn Slavic 863 VK Mic 56-4127 rev 

Ramzaifsev, Dmitrii Fedorovich. 

Ap^HTpaaK B ToproBOM MOpeiuiaBaHHH. MOCKBE, MopCKoS 
TpancnopT, 1960. 
130 p. 20cm. 

60-44765 J 

Shmigel'skii, G L 

OCHOBH coBCTCKoro MOpCKoro npasa. ^onyn^eHO B Ka^e- 
CTBC yiefiHHKa %xx KypcaniOB cyflOBOflHTe^BCKOii CIIe^HaJn- 
HOCTH MopexoflHHtx y^aziiin,. MocKBa, MopcKOft TpancnopT, 

233 p. 23 cm. 


ShmigeFskii, G L 

OCHOBH coscTCKoro MOpcKoro npasa. Ha^. 2., nepep. 
YTsepac^eHO B Ka^ecise yte<5HHEa ^Jia KypcanTOB cy^osoflH- 
TejiBCKOfl; cneijHajt&HOCTH Mopexo^nnx yiHJiHm. MocKsa, 
MopCKOfi Tpancnopx, 1963. 

249 p. 23cm. 



Garibi, Jos Maria. 

Derecho maritimo practice. Madrid, Oficina Central 
Maritima r !958 3 
833 p. 25 cm. 

62-49337 t 

Gonzalez Vieytes, Luis, ed. 

Leyes maritimas de Espana; navegacion y transporte 
maritimo t por 3 Luis Gonzalez Vieytes t y] Francisco Farina 
Guitian. Madrid, Editorial Nautilus, 1952-55. 
4v. illus. (part col.) fold. map. 25cm. 

Suplemento. Madrid, Editorial Nautilus 

t !957 t- 

v. 24cm. 

54-32903 rev 

Gutierrez de la Camara, Jos^ Manuel 

Derecho maritimo; obra adaptada al cuestionario de la 
asignatura para las escuelas oficiales de ndutica. Madrid 
[Institute Francisco de Vitoria, Secci&i de Derecho Mari- 
timo, Consejo Superior Ue Investigaciones Cientificas, Mi- 
nisterio de Marina] 1956. 

507 p. illus. 24 cm. (Coleccldn de estudlos de derecho inter- 
national maritimo. Serie A: Obras generales, no. 3) 

61-41716 t 

Navarro Dagnino, Juan. 

Legislaci6n marftimo-mercantil y pesquera de Espana. 
[Madrid] Editorial Naval, 1959. 
531 p. Illus. 25cm. 

61-33036 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MARITIME LAW (Continued) 

Gutierrez de la Camara, Jose" Manuel. 

Ensayo de jurisprudencia maritima, de Espana. Madrid, 

v, 24 cm, (ColeccWn de estudios de derecho internactonal 
maritime. Serle : Bnsayos, no. 1, 4, 6, 8- 

54-22534 rev 


Casariego Fernandez, Jesus Evaristo, 1913- 

Historia del dereclio y de las instituciones maritimas del 
mundo hispanico. Madrid, 1947- 

T. lllus. 22 cm. (BIblioteca moderaa de clendas hlsttfrtcas. 
Seccitfn 2 : Estudlos morltlmos ) 



Sweden. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Sjplagen och Sjomanslagen saint Sjoarbetstidslagen m. fl. 
admiiristrativa kungorelser och fdrfattningar jamte fork- 
laringar och prejudicerande utslag samt formula* avensom 
Lag om avtal och. Lag om kop och byte av 16s egendom samt 
Allnian svensk sjb'forsakringsplan. Utg. av. C. 0. Hiljding, 
Nils Grenander [Och] Anders Lindstedt 10. uppl. Stock- 
holm, Nautiska forlaget, 1958. 

xvl, 1067 p. maps, forms, 23 cm. 



Goknil, Mazhar Nedim. 

Deniz ticareti hukuku. S.tabi. Istanbul, 1. Horoz Basim- 
evi, 1940. 

xxxvli, 387, 24, 13 p. forma. 26 cm. (1st. tralversltesi yayinlan, 
no. 308) 


Render, Rayegan. 

Denizde kurtarma-yardim. 1910 tarihli Briiksel Konvan- 
siyonu ve Tiirk hukukuna gore. Istanbul, Fakulteler Mat- 
baasi, 1962, 

xil, 144 p. 24cm. (Istanbul ttnlversltesl yayinlan, no. 052) 

NE 63-968 

Okay, M Sami. 

Deniz ticareti hukuku. Istanbul, S. Garan Matbaasi. 

v. 24 cm. (Istanbul ttnlversltesl yayinlan, 958 

NE 63-2637 

Sevig, Muammer Rait, 1885- ed. 

Devletler hususi hukuku. [Hazirliyanlarj Muammer Sevig c ve] Vedat Sevig. 3. basi. Istanbul, t 
Akgiin Matbaasi, 1962. 

xxlii, 768 p. 25 cm. (Istanbul tMversltesl yayinlanndan, no. 832) 

NE 62-1318 

Tekil, Fahiman. 

L'avarie commune en droit turc et les regies d'York et 
d'Anvers. Lausanne, Nouvelle bibliotheque de droit et de 
jurisprudence, 1961. 

290 p. 28cm. 


Turkey. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Son degisikliklere gore Ticaret kanunu. Kanun no. : 1440 ; 
kabul tarihi : 13/V/1929. [Istanbul] Inkilap KLtabevi, 19 
v. 17cm. (Kanunlar serial, sayi 



Okay, M Sami, ed. 

Deniz ticareti hukukuna iligkin Yargitay kararlan, 1943- 
1961. Genisletilmis. notlu 2, basi. Ankara [1963] 

xill. 896 p. 24 cm. (Banka ve Ticaret Hukoka Antinna Bnsti- 
ttlsd. Yayinno. 86) 

KE 64-2387 


Arseven, Haydar. 

Deniz ticareti hukuku dersleri. Istanbul, Mente Kitab- 
evi, 1961. 
viil, 144 p. 20cm. 

NE 64-2429 


Baer, Herbert B 

Admiralty law of the Supreme Court. Charlottesvalle, 

Va..Micbie Co. ^963, 
861 p. 24 c~ 


63-251S t 

Denniston, Frederick W 

Regulation of water earners, by Frederick W. Denniston, 
assisted by Gilmer B. Randolph. Serial 6376 [replaces 5425. 
Ed. 1] Scranton, International Correspondence Schools, 

52 p. 19 cm. 

387.51 59-46824 J 

fida, Hideo, 1913- 

* i- i h H 1^ ?fe Jff ts iv r >v ^S ^ .ft a- Be IK 

^fMw^ mmr$mff ^:; $1111;:??$ w 

III 37 C 1962j 

v, 200 p. tables. 22 cm. 

f'J H ( p. t 165 r 193) : 1. -t- -f- jj; P. L. 87-346. 2. ft -f - }j, 

esc '/. * : <T) *? jti -5. jy m it flj wi y.--fi a p. L. W-254.-4. 

i'teiE tt^iUJft 1 fi JjjJl >>. tr.<n Jf M -45. Public Law 87-254.- 
. Public IMW 8T-*t6. 

Btbllographical footnotes. 

1. Maritime law IT, 8. 2, Shipping conferences, r. U. 8. 
Laws, statutes, etc. Shipping act. 

Title romantzed; BonS-liO to 
kokusai katun karuteru. 

J 63-1168 

McFarland, Myron E 

Ship's business; and, Cargo loss and damage. Rev. c and 
enl. ed.] by W. A. Walls. Cambridge, Md., Cornell Mari- 
time Press, 1963. 

vii, 183 p. forms (7 fold, in pocket) 2;; cm. 

387.510973 G2-18219 

Pike & Fischer shipping regulation. t By a Henry O. 
Fischer c and] John W, Willis. "Washington t !96i- 
3 r. in. (loose-leaf) maps (part fold.) 29 cm. 

347.750973 61-31808 rev 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Merchant Marine 
and Fisheries, 

Merchant marine legislation. Hearings before the Sub- 
committee on Merchant Marine of the Committee on Mer- 
chant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-sixth Congress, second session on S. 2185 ( and others) 
... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print^Gff., 1960. 
iv,i90p. 24cm. 


U. S. Congress. Bouse. Committee on Merchant Marine 
and Fisheries. 

1962 miscellaneous merchant marine legislation. Hear- 
ings before the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisher- 
ies, House of Eepresentatiyes, Eighty-seventh Congress, 
second session, on H. R. 11728 t and othersj July 18, Sep- 
tember 25, and October 2, 1962. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print Off., 1963. 

Ill, 105 p. lllus. 24 cm. 


U. S. Congress. Home. Committee on Merchant Marine 
and Fisheries. 

Review of dual-rate legislation, 1961-64. Hearings be- 
fore the Subcommittee on Merchant Marine of the Commit- 
tee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Repre- 
sentatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, second session, on the 
activities of the Federal Maritime Commission and its ad- 
ministration of the Shipping act of 1916, and other laws 
under its jurisdiction ... Washington, U. S. Govt, Print. 
Off., 1964. 

ri, 761 p. lllus. 24 cm. 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. 
Codification of title 46, U. S. code "Shipping." Report 

to accompany H. R. , a bill to revise, codify, and 

enact into law, title 46 of the United States code, entitled 
"Shipping." [Committee printj Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1947. 

Ul,6,A536p. tables. 24cm. 

387.5173 61-1 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce. 

Maritime, Coast Guard r andj Coast and Geodetic Survey 
legislation. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Merchant 
Marine and Fisheries of the Committee on Commerce, 
"United States Senate, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, 
on S. 82 t and others] April 1, 1963. Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print Off., 1963. 

T, 100 p. 24 cm. 


U. S. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Marine laws; navigation and safety t bvj Frederick K. 
Arzt. t 2ded.j Orford, N. H., Equity Pub. Corp. [1963, 
2 v. lllus., dlagrs, 24 cm. 



XI. S. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Progress report from the Federal Maritime Commission. 
Hearing before the Antitrust Subcommittee (Subcommittee 
No. 5) of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Repre- 
sentatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session. Sep- 
tember 26, 1962. Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1962. 
Ill, 181 p. Illus. 24cm. 



Robinson, Forrest G 

Robinson's notes on decisions of the Federal Maritime 
Board and its predecessors. rGalveston? Tex.i "1959. 

255p. 24cm. 

Robinson's notes (supplementary) on decisions of the 

Federal Maritime Commission and its predecessors. cGal- 

v, 31 p. 24 cm. 

347.750973 59-54077 rev J 


U. S. Maritime Administration. Ojfice of General Counsel. 
Index of current regulations of the Federal Maritime 
Board, Maritime Administration [and] National Shipping 

016.34775 59-61647 rev t 


Yugoslavia. Laws, statutes, ete. 

Zbirka pomorsMh propisa. 
Beograd, 19 

v. forms. 24 cm. 


Jtigoslavenska akademlja znanosti i mnjetnosti JadransJci 


Zbornik za pomorsko pravo. t sv. lj- 
Zagreb, 1951- 

v. tllus., maps. 25cm. (Pomorsko pravo) 

55-35260 rev 



MARITIME MUSEUMS see Naval museums 


The Maritime postal handstamps of Great Britain; an index 
of occurrence, a check list, and a. guide to valuation. 
[Pinner, Eng.j 

T. Illus. 27 cm. 
EE6183.M3 383.224 60-29623 t 

Robertson, Alan William. 

The maritime postal history of London. [London, R. 
Lowe, I960j 

68 p. Illus. 29 cm. 
HE6959.S4R63 63-28923 t 


__ ^aEniiOHHaK KOiieraa IL A. AHTOXIIH 

H flp.] B-iaftHBoeroK, npHHOpcKoe KHHKHOC ESA-BO, 1958. 
473 p. lllus. 28cm. _ 


59-52884 1 

Primorskiy kray. Otdd pereseleniia i organisovannoffo 
fiabora rdbockikh. 

/l^oCpo noa;a.iorsaTi, B ITpiniopCKiift Kpaft. B.-inAimocTOE, 
npiiMOpciioe Kimaciioe m^-so, 1959, 

48 p. illus. 20cm. 
DK771.M3A5 GO-31601 J 

Tereshenkov, Efim Hkovlevidu 

Kpaft CCMII coKpoBiirn;. B.ia,\iiBocTOK, ITpuMOpcKoe KHUJK- 
HOC HSfl-rto, 1059. 

223 p. 21cm. 
DTCr71.M,'JT47 60-42300 t 


Okladnifcov, Aleksei Pavlovich. 

.Hajiesoe uponuioe UpHMOp&Ji; oiepKH no fl 

HpHMOpCKOe KHKKKOe HSfl-BO, 1959. 
290 p. illUB. 2Tcm. 

DK771.M304 60-22950 


Kostromin, Petr Iitnokent'evich. 

Ho raeacHOwy IIpHMOptJO. Bja^HBocioE, npi 

KHH^HOe H3fl-B0, 1958. 

114 p. Illus. 21cm. 
DK771.M3K6 60-23877 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Akademifc nauk SSSR. Ddl'nevostochnyi /EZfoZ, Vladivostok. 


{SnxHOoflmnHHoro crrpo* flo nacroamero BPCMCHH. t y*e<5. 
noco6He. OTMTCTBeHHHtt pesarrop A. E. KpymaHOBj 


222, 2, p. llltis. 22cm. . ft 

DK77LM3A7 64-43440 

H'iukhov, Nikolai Kirillovich. 

napinaaECKoe BeHHe B UpHMOpte, 1918-1922. Mc~ 
cKsa, BOCH. ESS-BO, 1962. 

277 p. illus., maps, ports. 21 era. <M Kn *An 

DK265.8.M26 1 43 64-50540 

H. C. Xpymes B HpHMOpfce, 4-7 oKTaCpa 1959. 


59 p. inns 20cm. 

61-31059 J 

Okladnlkov, Aleksei Pavlovich. 

^ajieKoe npomioe HpHMOpta; oiepEH no flpeuHefi H 


e KHHacHoe HS^-BO, 1959. 

MARITIME SURVEYING see Hydrographlc 

MARITIME WAR see War, Maritime (Inter- 
national law) 

DE, 1688-1763 

Durry, Marie Jeanne, 1901- . 

A propos de Marivaux. Paris, Soafte 1 d'edition d'en- 
seignement superieur, 1960. 

146 p. Illus., facsims. 19cm. A 61-427 

Illinois. TTniv. Library 

Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de, 1688-1763. 
Marivaux par lui-mSme. t Parj Paul Gazagne. [ 

Tang, Peter S. H., 1919- 

Russian expansion, into the Maritime Province: the con- 
temporary Soviet and Chinese Communist views, by Peter 
S. H. Tang. Washington, Eesearch Institute on the Sino- 
Soviet Bloc E 1962, 

50 p. 28 cm. (Research Institute on the Slno-Sovlet Bloc. Studies. 
Monograph series, no. 4) 
DK771.M3T3 327.470577 


Fay, Stephen. 

World demand for the principal export products of the 
Atlantic Provinces; a report prepared for the Atlantic 
Provinces Research Board. t n. p. 3 1959. 

351. 86cm. 
HC117.M35F3 62-42297 t 


Wolfe, James N 

Taxation and development in the Maritimes; a study of 
possible routes to economic development for the Maritime 
Provinces. Toronto, Canadian Tax Foundation, 1959. 

47 p, 28 cm. (Canadian tax papers, no. 16) 
HCI17.M35W6 63-3908 t 


Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. 

Financing industrial development in the Atlantic Prov- 
inces, by F. E. Lounsbury. Commissioned by Atlantic Prov- 
inces Research Board. Halifax, N. S., 1960. 

245 p. Illus. 28cm. 
HG185.C2A8 62-38743 t 

Fay, Stephen. 

World demand for the principal export products of the 
Atlantic Provinces; a report prepared for the Atlantic 
Provinces Research Board, jn. p., 1959. 

85 L 36cm. 
HC117.M35F3 62-42297 t 

Parks, Arthur Cannichael, 1923- 

The economy of the Atlantic Provinces, 1940-1958. Com- 
missioned by Atlantic Provinces Research Board and pre- 
pared by Atlantic Provinces Economic Council t 2d ed.j 
Halifax, N.a, I960. 

179 p, map, diflgrs., tables. 29cm. 
HC11T.M35P3 1960 330.971 60-41194 


Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. 

Secondary manufacturing in the Atlantic Provinces, by 
F. E. Lounsbury. Commissioned by Atlantic Provinces Ee- 
search Board and prepared by Atlantic Provinces Economic 
Council. Halifax r N,S.,1961. 

ill, 148 p. tables. 28cm. 
HD9734.C3M33 62-45471 


The Atlantic year book. 

Fredericton, N. B., Published for the Atlantic advocate by 
Brunswick Press t etc.j 

v. illus. 23cm. (An Atlantic advocate reference book) 
F1085.8.A8 62-32212 rev 

ey La Sfntion dans le theatre d'amour de Marivaux. Sao 

5pcm. (Uaiversidade de S2o Paulo Faculdade de Filo- 
Bofla, Clencias e Letraa. Boletim no. 238. Cadeira de Ifngna e litera- 
tura francesa, no. 4) 

MAUK ANTHONY see Antonlus, Marcus, 
837-30 B.C. 



Hoffmann, Poul, 1928- 

The fleeing follower. Translated by Bernard H. J. Habel. 
Minneapolis, Augsburg Pub. House C 1962] 

144 p. 21cm. 
PZ4.H6994F1 62-9089 t 

Luebeck, William J 1891- 

The young man who fled naked; the story of Mark, the 

defender of the spirit of Christianity. [1st ed.] New York, 
Exposition Press [I960] 

291 p. 22cm. 
PZ4X948Yo 60-51724 t 

MARK TWAIN, pseud, see Clemens, Samuel 
Langhorne, 1835-1910 


Bergstrand, Carl Martin, 1899- 

Livet i Mark pa 1700-talet. Goteborg, Akademiforlaget- 
Gumpert i distribution [1960- 

T. 28cm. 

see Bible. N. T. Mark 


U. S. Forest Service. North Central Region. 

Mark Twain National Forest ... Missouri. 7.5 minute 
planimetric series. Milwaukee, 1959- 

maps 44 x 36 cm. 
G4161S.K9M3 31.U59 Map 62-477 

TJ. S. Forest Service. North Central Region. 

Mark Twain National Forest ... Missouri. 7.5 minute 
planimetric series. Milwaukee, 1959 

col. maps 44 x 36 cm. 
G4161s.K9M331.U6 Map 62-476 


see also Special sales 


Kostelijk, Pieter Jan. 

Marken [doorj P. J. Kostelijk en B. de Kock. Amsterdam 
De Bezige Bij, 1955. 

DJ40LM3K6 60-40429 j 


MARKET GARDENING see Truck farming 


see also Advertising campaigns; 
Advertising research; Consumer 
panels; Consumers' preferences; 
Public opinion polls; Store location 

Hummel, Francis E 

Market and sales potentials. New York, Ronald Press 
Co. [1961} 

310 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.H87 658.8 61-14417 \ 

Robinson, Patrick J 

Promotional decision making: practice and theory; a 
study in marketing management [by] Patrick J. Robinson 
r and, David J. Luck. New York, McGraw-Hill [1964, 

xxvl, 254 p. illus. 25 cm. (McGraw-Hill Marketing Science In- 
stitute series) 
HF5415.3.R6 658.8 64-25175 

A T6k& konjunktura alakuHsa. 1957/58- 
Budapest, Kozgazdasagi 6s Jogi KonyvMadtf. 

T. dlagrs. 10cm. ammaL 
HF499.T6 62-^5192 

Wolfe, Harry Deane, 1901- 

Pretesting advertising, by Harry Deane Wolfe c and 
others. New York, National Industrial Conference Board, 

212 p. Illus. 28 cm. (National Industrial Conference Board. A 
research report from the conference board. Studies in business policy 
no. 109) 
HF5006.N3 no. 109 659.1127 63-24061 


Thompson (J. Walter) Company. 

The South African market, 1960. [1st ed. New York] 


39 p. illus. 28cm. (World market series) 
HC517.S7T43 658.83968 60-42208 t 

Winkle", F F 

Economic regions of the Republic of South Africa for 
statistical and business purposes. Pretoria, Bureau of Mar- 
ket Eesearch, University of South Africa, 1961. 

51 p. 3 fold, maps (in pocket) 25 cm. (Bureau of Market Ee- 
search, University of South Africa. Research report no. 2) 
HF5349.A4S6 no. 2 63-32258 rev 


Herald Research, Melbourne. 

Changes in the Australian market on population, basis; 
analysis. 3d ed. Melbourne, 1961. 

231. 26 cm. 

HC605.H4 1961 62-32309 J 


Schell, Eileen. 

Changes in Boston's retail landscape ; a geographical study 
of fourteen years change in retail distribution patterns. 
New York, Retail Research Institute, National Retail Mer- 
chants Association [1964j 

T, 141 p. Illus., maps. 22 cm. (University studies In retail re* 
' v.4) 





Hansen, W Lee. 

Markets for California products ; an analysis of the sources 
of demand: entire State of California, Los Angeles-Long 
Beach, San Francisco-Oakland, balance of state. A report 
prepared for the State of California Economic Development 
Agency by W. Lee Hansen, R. Thayne Robson t and] Charles 
M. Tiebout. [Sacramento, 1961] 

70 p. Illus., map, tables. 28 cm. 
HF3161.C2H3 61-64142 


Canadian consumer survey. 

Toronto, Canadian Daily Newspaper Publishers Associa- 

r. tables. 28cm. 
HC120.C6C3 64-30991 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Hammond (C. S.) and Company, inc. 

Sales planning atlas of the United States and Canada. 
Produced in co-operation with Sales management, the maga- 
zine of marketing. Maplewood, N. J. r 1962i 

160 p. maps (1 fold, in pocket) tables. 28 cm. 
G1201.Q4H35 1962 658.83084 Map 62-21 


Connecticut. Business and, Industrial Development Division. 

Connecticut market data. 

v. illus. 28 era. 
HF3161.C7A32 61-63398 rev J 


Wagenfiihr, Horst, 1903- 

Grossmarkt Europa ; Verkaufschancen in Gegenwart und 
Zukunft. Opladen, C. W. Leske C 1961j 

280 p. illus., maps, dlagrs., tables. 30 cm. (Die Grossen Markte 
HF3496.W3 62-52046 

WMam-Olsson, Wmiam Frits, 1902- 

Marketing survey of the European common market. 
Stockholm, Eacportbyriln, "1960. 

1 v. (various paglngs) maps. 31 cm. 


The Reader's digest. 

The European Common Market and Britain. [Pleasant- 
ville?N.Y., c !963 1 

v p., 68 tables. 22 x 28 cm. 
HC240.K28 64-1851 


Hulse, Fred Elbert, 1917- 

Coordinated marketing for Florida fresh citrus shippers; 
views on its need and feasibility. [Washington] Farmer 
Cooperative Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1961. 

IT, 36 p. illus., map. 27 cm. ( t U. S. Dept of Agriculture! 
Marketing research report 492) 

HD1751.A9183 no. 492 Agr 61-365 

TT.S.Nat'lAgr.Libr. !Ag84Mr no. 482 


Det Franske marked; beretning over en studierejse. For- 
eningen til unge handelsmsends uddaxrnelse. [Kjibenhavnj 
E. Harck, 1963. 

921. 30cm. (HandelsWJskolea 1 Kjflxsnhavn. BkBportlnstituttets 
studierapporter, 1) 
HF3556.F75 64-36919 

1949- ) 

DIVO-Institut, Frankfurt am Main. 

Der westdeutsche Markt in Zahlen; ein Handbuch fur 
Forschung, Werbung und Verkauf. [Frankfurt a. M.] 
Europaische Verlagsanstalt [1958] 

190 p. maps. 24 cm. 

HC286.5.D6 A 60-289 rev 

Chicago. Univ. LIbr. 

DIVO-Institut, Frankfurt am Main. 

Der weetdeutsche Markt in Zahlen; ein Handbuch fur 
Forsclumg, Werbung und Verkauf. Neubearbeitung' 
[Frankfurt a. M. 3 Europaische Verlagsanstalt, 1962. 

238 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HC286.5.D6 1962 62-45563 J 


The Reader's digest. 

The European Common Market and Britain. [Pleasant- 
viUe?N.Y., c 1963 1 

v p., 68 tables. 22 x 28 cm. 
HC240.R28 64-1851 


Geographia, ltd., London. 

Great Britain: a "Geographia" marketing and media sur- 
vey. Produced under the direction of P. H. Thorpe. Lon- 

fr. (various paglngs) coL maps (part fold.) tables. 39cm. (Jtt 
Markets and media) 
G1811.Q4G4 1961 


Thompson (J. Walter) Company. 

The Hawaiian market, 1960; a survey of the 50th State as 
a market. c lsted. New York, 1960j 

43 p. illus. 28cm. (Its World markets series) 
HC687.H3T5 658.8309969 60-1490 t 


Cunsolo, Felice. 

II potere d'acquisto del mercato italiano. Milano, Gor- 
lich [1958! 

273 p. 34 cm. 
HC305.C8 60-35327 t 

France. Centre national du commerce exterieur. Services 
d'etudes des debouches. 

Le marche italien. Paris, 1962. 

2 v. (743 p.) coL maps, (part fold.) diagrs., tables. 26 cm. 
HC305.F67 64-31437 


Nihon Seisansei Hombu, Tokyo. 

Long range sales forecast in Japan. [Tokyo?] Long 
Range Sales Forecast Study Team, Agency for International 
Development, Japan Productivity Center, 1962. 

84L 25cm. 
HF5415.N55 63-65384 


Nederlandse Stichting voor Statistiek. 

Handboek van marktanalytische gegevens. ['s-Graven- 
hagej Contactgroep Opvoering Productiviteit t !958] 

2 v. (loose-leaf) col. maps, tables. 31 cm. 
HC325.N37 60-22284 


New York mirror. 

New York market analysis: New York City & suburbs 
population and housing. Prepared by New York mirror 
c and others. New Yorkj 196&. 

1 v. (unpaged) maps (part fold, col.) 28 cm. 
HC108.N7N35 64-7178 


Consejo Superior de las Camaras Oficiales de Comercio, In- 
dustria y Navegacion de Espana. 

Atlas comercial de Espana. Madrid, 1963. 
182 p. 57 col. maps. 86 x 49 cm. 
G1966.Q4C6 1963 Map 64-151 

France. Centre national du commerce exterieur. Services 
d'etudes des debouches. 

Le marche espagnol. 2. ed. mise a jour rev. et augm. 
Paris, 1961. 

492 p. maps (part coL) tables. 27 cm. 
HC385.F68 1961 64^31436 


Consejo Superior de las Camaras Oficiales de Comercio, In- 
dustria y Navegaci6n de Espana. 

Atlas comercial de Espana. Madrid, 1963. 
182 p. 57 col. maps. 36x49 cm. 
G1966.Q4C6 1963 Map 64-151 


Anderson, Kenneth Eugene, 1926- 

The household market for selected canned fruits and vege- 
tables [by Kenneth E. Anderson and Russell L. Hawes. 
Washington] U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Mar- 
keting Service, Market Development Research Division 

1 33 p. illus, tables. 26cm. ([U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Market- 
ing research report no. 427) 

HD1751.A9183 no. 427 Agr 60-356 

U.S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. !Ag84Mr no. 427 

Business Economics, inc., Chicago. 

Area patterns. National ed. [Chicago] 1961. 
1 T. (various paglngs) maps, dlagrs., tables. 80cm. 

Dynamic aspects of consumer behavior. [Editor: Charles 
Liningerj Ann Arbor, Mich., Foundation for Research on 
Human Behavior [1963] 

vlii, 116 p. dlagrs., tables. 28cm 
HC110 C6D9 658.83973 63-20860 rev 

Keeney, Josiah Bruce, 1885- 

Market and media memo book, with basic index to all 
maps of the United States that show county names and 
boundaries, plus guide to location of major mass communi- 
cations media, English language daily newspapers, radio 
stations, television studios. Waterford, Conn. [1961] 

106 p. 28cm. 
HF5343.K4 658.83973 

Magazine Advertising Bureau. 

"The profitable difference"; a study of the magazine 
market: its size, quality, and buying. Prepared by the 
Magazine Advertising Bureau of Magazine Publishers As- 
sociation. New York C 1960] 

277 p. illus. 22s 28 cm. 
HF610B.U5M32 659.132 60-16264 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

Graphic guide to consumer markets. 1960- [New 

y. diagrs. (part col) 28cm. annual. 
HC101.N3183 658.83973 61-4523 rev 

The outlook on consumer behavior. [Editor: Charles Lin- 
inger. Ann Arbor, Mich.! Foundation for Research on. 
Human Behavior [1964] 
ix, 131 p. illus. 28 cm.' 
HC110.C6083 658.83973 64-22475 

Printers* Ink Publishing Company, inc., New York. 

Sales data and maps ... portfolio [containing various sub- 
jects of the Market explorations] New York C 1949 ?j 

1 v. (unpaged) fold. col. maps. 36 cm. (Printers' ink market 
HC106.5.P69 60-25653 

U. S. Office of Marketing Services. 

Changing metropolitan markets. 1950-60; population 
trends in standard metropolitan statistical areas. [Wash- 
ington] 1961. 

37 p. illus. 23cm. 
HF5343.A535 62-60565 t 

Weidenbaum, Murray L 

The military market in the United States. [Chicago] 
American Marketing Association, 1963. 

55 p. illus. 23 cm. 
UC263.W4 63-4878 \ 


U. S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. 

Who buys canned salmon, and why ? A study of consumer 
motivation in three cities. Prepared in the Branch of Eco- 
nomics. Washington, 1960. 

46 p. illus. 27 cm. (U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Circular 

SK361.A29 no. 80 


U. S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. 

Who buys canned sardines, and why? A study of con- 
sumer motivation in three cities. Prepared in the Branch 
of Economics. Washington, 1960. 

66 p. illus. 27 cm. (U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Circular 
SK361.A29 no. 90 60-64443 t 

U. S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. 

Who buys canned tuna, and why! A study of consumer 
motivation in three cities. Prepared in the Branch of Eco- 
nomics. Washington, 1960, 

60 p. illus. 27 cm. ( U. S. Pish and Wildlife Service. Circular 
SK361.A29 no. 88 60-64441 t 

___TJ. S. MAPS 

Hammond (C. S.) and Company, inc. 

Sales planning atlas of the United States and Canada. 
Produced in co-operation with Sales management, the maga- 
zine of marketing. Maplewood, N. J. [1962] 

160 p. maps (1 fold, iu pocket) tables. 28 cm. 
G1201.Q4H35 1962 658.83084 Map 62-21 

Rand McNally and Company. 

Ranally trading area map of the United States. Chicago 
t !963] 

col. map 111 x 161 cm. 
Trading area manual. Chicago, C 1963. 

24 p. map. 28 cm. 

G3701.Q4 1963.E3 Suppl. 

Map 64-199 

Volume feeding management. 

Volume feeding marketing map, showing the 231 counties 
that comprise 70% of the market. Based on U. S. census 
of business reports of sales by restaurants, cafeterias, 
caterers, in-plant food contractors, and refreshment stands. 
Prepared by Research Dept, Institutional feeding and hous- 
ing, volume feeding magazine. New York [1957] 

coL map 56x87 cm. 
G3701.Q4 1957. V6 Map 59-755 rev 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Telecasting yearbook-marketbook issue. 1952-1957/58. 
[Washington, Broadcasting Publications! 

7 T illus 32 cm. 
HF6146.T42B7 3845505873 53-40346 rev 2 


{feterreicMscher Gewerkschaf tsbond. 

Inventor im Kleiderkasten; Erhebung uber Bestand und 
Bedarf an Bekleidung und Wasche in Wiener Arbeitneh- 
merhamaalten. [Mtarbeiterin Herta Firnberg et al. Wien, 

57 p. 29 cm. 



Virginia. Division of Industrial Development and Planning. 
Survey of captive and competitive markets for a Clinch 
Valley Portland cement plant. [Richmond] 1955. 
30 L maps, tables. 28cm. 

A 57-2487 rev 2 
Virginia. State Library 

Virginia. Division of Markets. 

Area grain marketing study. Market Expansion Section. 
[Richmond, I960] 
16 p. maps. 28 cm. 

A 61-3853 
Virginia, State Library 

Virginia. Division of Markets. 

Area hay marketing survey. Market Expansion Section. 
(Richmond, I960] 
61. 28cm. 

A 61-9646 

Virginia. State Library 

Virginia. Division of Market*. 

Where do Virginia apples go ? Richmond, 1961. 
18 p. illus. (1 coL) maps. 23cm. 

Virginia. State Library 


American University, Waskuiffton, D. 0. SeTiool of Buti* 
nest Ad-ministration. 

The consumer market for major appliances in the Wash- 
ington, D. C. metropolitan area t by, Frank G. Coolsen, pro- 
fessor of marketing. Washington, 1962. 

81 p. illus, 28 cm. (The American University School of Busi- 
ness Administration. Publication series. Marketing studies) 
HD9999.H83D5 62-53482 t 


France. Centre national du commerce exteriewr. Services 
d?etude des debouches. 

Lemarcheyougoslave. Paris, 1961. 

376 p. maps (part fold. coL), tables. 27cm. 
HC40T.Y6F73 64-31435 


see also Commodity exchanges; Cus- 
tomer service; Distributive education; 
Export marketing; Merchandising; New 
products; Price discrimination; Price 
maintenance; Price policy; Sales manage- 
ment; Sales promotion; and subdivision 
Marketing under names of commodities, 
e. g. Onions Marketing; Sweet potatoes 

'AM al-Fattah, Muhammad Said. 

t !963j 1 WT < *J j 
659 p. diagrs. 24 cm. 

'AMvh, 'AE 'AM al-MajId. 

N E 64-T38 

448 p. tables. 24 cm. (Sis JUV * 
HF5415A3 NE 63-2678 

Acker, Jos E van. 

Bewuste commerciele beleidsvoering, met een woord voo- 
raf door A. J. Vlerick. Gent, Seminarie TOOT Productm- 
teitsstudie en -Onderaoefc, Ri]ksuniversiteit, 1962. 

461 p. diagr. 25cm. (Blbllothe^: Toor wetenschappelljk bedrUte- 

HT5415.A32 1962 62-66156 

Alderson, Wroe. 

Planning and problem solving in marketing, by Wroe 
Alderson and Paul E. Green. Home-wood, 111., K. D. Irwin, 

x, 661 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.A393 658.8 64-21029 

Alexander, Ralph Samuel, 1893- 

Industrial marketing, by Ralph S. Alexander, James S. 
Cross, and Ross M. Cunningham. Rev. ed. Homewood, 
H1.,R.D. Irwin, 1961. 

659 p. Illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.A415 1961 658.8 61-16920 t 

American Management Association. 

The marketing job; responsibilities of the top man and 
bis staff. Contributors: I. J. Berni t and others, Edited 
by Elizabeth Marting. New York t 1981j 
HF^15.A55343 658.8 61-13860 t 

American Management Association. Packaging Division. 

The package: key component of marketing strategy; de- 
veloping the package to strengthen merchandising, to sup- 
plement advertising, and to promote the corporate image. 
t Hew York, 1964 3 

36 p. illus. 28 cm. ([American Management Association] Man- 
agement bulletin, 53) 
HF5770.A6523 64-56399 

American Management Association. Research and Develop- 
ment Division. 

Maintaining the product portfolio; the commercial de- 
velopment concept. New York [I960] 

87 p. 23 cm. ( AMA management report no. 42) 
HF5415.A2A56 658.57 60-2419 t 

Andersen, R Clifton, ed. 

Marketing insights; selected readings t by, R. Clifton 
Andersen and Philip R. Cateora. New York, Appleton- 
Century-Crofts [1963, 

ill, 395 p. illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.A618 658.8082 63-18012 

Association franchise de marketing. 

Le marketing et Pentreprise t par R. Darval et aLj Paris, 

Editions d'organisation t !961] 

258 (L e. 250) p. diagrs., table. 25 cm. 

Baranoff, Seymour. 

Future changes in the structure of retail institutions, loca- 
tion, and consumer buying behavior [by] Seymour Baranoff 
t andj John E. Flaherty. New York, Pace College Founda- 
tion, 1963. 

ii, 218 1. diagrs., tables. 28 cm. (Executive Research Confer- 
ence. Project no. 2) 
HF5415.B29 64-1229 

Bartels, Robert, 1913- 

The development of marketing thought Homewood, HI., 
R.D. Irwin, 1962. 

284 p. illus. 2400. 
HF5415.B36 658.809 62-16521 J 

Bastogi, Ugo. 

Analisi di mercato. [Firenze, Centre internazionale di 
studio, 1958, 

160 p. illus. 24cm. 

A 61-4185 I 
New York Univ. Libraries HT6415 

Beckman, Theodore N., 1894- 

Marketing t by] Theodore N. Beckman t and] William R. 
Davidson. 7th ed. New York, Ronald Press Co. [1962] 

873 p. fflus. 24cm. 
HF5415.B423 1962 658.8 62-9764 J 

Berg, Thomas L ed. 

Product strategy and management. Edited by Thomas 
L. Ber# t ndi Abe Shuchman. New York, Holt, Rinehart 
and Winston r !963j 

xil, 610 p. diagrs., tables. 25cm. 
HF5415.B4206 658.8 63-17028 

Biscayart, Jean Laurent Michel, 1901- 

Vendre; marketing. Prt de H. Toulouse. 3. Sd. Paris, 
Dunod, 1962. 

289 p. illus. 25cm. 
HF5415JB455 1962 

Bloomfield, Daniel, 1890- 

The advance of marketing and distribution in a changing 
world. r An address] East Lansing, Bureau of Business and 
Economic Research, College of Business and Public Service, 
Michigan State University, 1960. 

30, ix p. 23 cm. (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, 
Michigan State University. Marketing and transportation paper 

HF5415.B484 658.8 60-62936 t 

BorgstrSm, Gustaf. 

Handeln och konsumenterna; synpunkter p& aktuella di- 
stributionsproblem. Stockhohn, Natur och kultur [I960] 

114, t l] P- plates, diagrs., tables. 20cm. 

HF5415.B585 A 64-48 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Bovet, Eric David, 1900- 

The dynamics of business motivation; its impact on the 
economic climate. Washington, Spartan Books, 1963. 

357 p. 24 cm. 
HB199.B59 330.1 62-21136 t 

Boyd, Harper W ed. 

Contemporary American marketing; readings on the 
changing market structure. Edited by Harper W. Boyd, Jr., 
and Richard M. Clewett. Rev. ed. Homewood, 111., K. D. 
Irwin, 1962. 

402 p. illus. 24cm. -... 

HF5415.B622 1962 658.8 62-18176 t 

Britt, Steuart Henderson, 1907- 

Marketing management and administrative action r by : 
Steuart Henderson Britt c and] Harper W. Boyd, Jr. New 
York, McGraw-Hill [1963] 

xvi, 772 p. Illus. 25 cm. (McGraw-Hill series in marketing and 
HF5415.B674 658.8 63-20443 

Brown, Milton Peers, 1919- 

Problems in marketing c by] Milton P. Brown, Wilbur B. 
England c and] John B. Matthews, Jr. 3d ed. New York, 
McGraw-Hill, 1961. 

862 p Illus. 24cm. (Harvard Business School casebooks) 
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Text and cases in marketing; a scientific approach. En- 
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HF5415.B776 658.8 62-15413 t 

Buskirk, Richard Hobart, 1927- 

Principles of marketing: the management view. New 
York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1961] 

647 p. illus. 25 cm. 
HF5415.B78 658.8 61-9814 J 

Canfield, Bertrand R 

Sales administration, principles and problems. 4th. ed. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1961. 

637 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.C26 1961 658.81 61-6761 J 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 

Domestic Distribution Dept. 

Value added by distribution, presented by the Domestic 
Distribution Committee and the Business Statistics Com- 
mittee of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. 
Washington, 1956. 

42 p. 28 cm. 
HB201.C4T 64-54739 

Charrat, Frank J 1916- 

Marketing management, a quantitative approach, by 
Frank J. Charvat and W. Tate Whitman. New York, 
Simmons-Boardman t !964] 

xli, 369 p. Illus. 24cm. 
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Committee on Marketing. 

Principles of marketing. New York, Pitman [1961] 
572 p. illus. 24 cm. (A Pitman collaborative textbook) 
HF5415.C5473 658.8 61-790 J 

Conference on Marketing Policy, North Carolina State Col- 
lege, Raleigh, 1961. 

Papers. Sponsored by the Agricultural Policy Institute, 
North Carolina State College, Raleigh. rRaleigh, 1961 3 

184 p. diagrs., tables. 28 cm7 C K ' 

HD9006.C715 1961 338.14082 63-62717 

Coolsen, Frank Gordon, 1915- 

Marketing ideas of selected empirical liberal economists, 

1870 to 1900. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 


Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-489 Mic 59-489 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Coolsen, Frank Gordon, 1915- 

Marketing thought in the United States in the late nine- 
teenth century. Lubbock, Texas Tech Press, 1960. 
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Corey, E Raymond. 

Industrial marketing: cases and concepts. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1962. 

470 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5416.C654 658.8 62-14969 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Bools: Subjects 

MARKETING (Continued) 

Cox, Reavis, 1900- 

Theory in marketing : second series, edited by Eeavis Cox, 
Wroe Alderson [and, Stanley J. Shapiro. Prepared under 
the sponsorship of the American Marketing Association. 
Home-wood, 111., R. D. Irwin, 1964. 

xiv, 414 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.C6917 658.8 64-21023 

Crisp, Richard D 

Sales planning and control. New York, McGraw-Hill 

402 p. illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill series in marketing and ad- 
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Cundiff, Edward W 

Basic marketing: concepts, environment and decisions c by] 
Edward W. Cundiff [and] Richard R. Still. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t 1964j 

xlv, 576 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.C79 658.8 64-13096 

Dartnell Corporation. 

The sales promotion handbook; c a Dartnell handbook for 
sales and advertising executives] 3d ed., rev. Edited by 
John Cameron Aspley. Chicago, 1960. 

1053 p. illus. 20cm. 
HF5415.D325 1960 658.8 62-2573 t 

Davis, Kenneth Rexton, 1921- 

Marketing management. New York, Ronald Press Co. 
824 p. illus. 24cm. 

- Instructor's manual. New York, Ronald Press 

Co. [1961, 
214 p. 23cm. 


HF5415.D37 Manual 

658.8 61-7743 rev 

De Voe, Merrill, 1915- 

How to tailor your sales organization to your markets. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t !964] 

199 p. port 29 cm. 
HF5415.D483 658.81 64-10227 

Diamond, William Montgomery* 

Distribution channels for industrial goods; a study of 
channels used and margins allowed by manufacturers in the 
distribution of industrial machinery, equipment, and sup- 
plies, with particular emphasis on the industrial distributor. 
Columbus, Bureau of Business Research, College of Com- 
merce and Administration, Ohio State University [1963] 

xslll, 185 p. illus. 24 cm. (Ohio State University. Bureau of 
Business Research monograph no. 114) 
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Dirksen, Charles J ed. 

Readings in marketing. Edited by Charles J. Dirksen, 
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Balanced distribution. New York, Philosophical Library 

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with particular reference to its role in pricing. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1957, 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 22,077) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,077 Mic 57-5095 

Iowa. Univ. Library 

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Selected cases in marketing management. Englewood 
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352 p. illus. 24 cm. 
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Fiflk, George, 1922- 

Leisure spending-behavior. Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania Press [1963] 

202 p 22 cm 
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Fiffle, Hans. 

Der Absatz der Erzeugnisse unserer sozialistischen In- 
dustrie. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1960, 

36 p. illus. 23cm. (Die Okonomlk der sozialistischen Industrie- 

A 61-4263 t 
Wisconsin, Univ. Libr. 

Fukuda, Keitar5, 1896- 

23 f 1948j 

2, 9, 206, GO p. tables. 22 cm 
Hlbliogi'Hphy p. [10] 5G (Mh gro 

I Marketing. 2. Rationing, Consumer, t Title. 

Title romanteed: HaikyGron. 


J 64-516 

Geisser, Heribert 

Marktf orschung in der schweizerischen Produktionsgiiter- 
industrie. Freiburg, Schweiz, Universitatsverlag t 1961] 

203 p. illus. 24 cm. (Verdffentlichungen des Wirtschafts- und 
Sozialwissenschaftlichen Institutes der Universitat Freiburg, Schweiz, 

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Gentry, Dwight L 

Fundamentals of managerial marketing : a first course, by 
Dwight L. Gentry and Donald L. Shawver. New York, 
Simmons-Boardman Pub. Corp. [1964] 

ix, 557 p. illus., map. 24 cm. 
HF5415.G398 658.8 64-16816 

Gould, Douglas P 

Marketing for profit. New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. 

202 p. illus. 20 cm. (Reinhold management science series) 
HF5415.G62 658.8 61-18196 J 

Greenhut, Melvin L 

Microeconomics and the space economy; the effectiveness 
of an oligopolistic market economy. Chicago, Scott, Fores- 
man [ C 1963j 

357 p. illus. 22cm. 
HB171.G75 338.018 62-14066 t 

Gross, Alfred. 

Sales promotion ; principles and methods for intensifying 
marketing effort. 2d ed. New York, Ronald Press Co. 
t 1961i 

504 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.G76 1961 658,8 61-5657 J 

Gross, Herbert, 1907- 

Der Mut zum Neuen; am Markt von Morgen. t l Aufl.j 
Dusseldorf, Econ-Verlag r 1963j 

381 p. 21 cm. 
HF5415.G764 64-43560 

Gross, Herbert, 1907- 

Neue Ideen in der Wirtschaft; Schlaglichter auf Wand- 
lungen in Produktion, Vertrieb und Unternehmensfuhrung. 
Dusseldorf, Econ-Verlag [I960] 
330 p. diagrs. 21 cm. 

A 61-2860 
Chicago. Univ. Libr. HF5415 

Hall, Laura Margaret (Linfoot) Lady, 1910- 

Distribution in Great Britain and North America; a study 
in structure and productivity, by Margaret Hall, John 
Knapp and Christopher AVinsten. [London] Oxford Uni- 
versity Press, 1961. 

xW,231p. diagrs., tables. 29cm. 
HF5415.H183 658.83 62-153 

Halverson, W Stanton. 

A president looks at marketing, by W. Stanton Halverson, 
Jr. Hamilton, N. Y., Presidents' Professional Association, 

221. illus. 28cm. (PPA special study no. 18) 
HF5415.H186 64-55634 

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Marketing: text, cases, and readings. Rev. ed. Home- 
wood, HI., R. D. Irwin, 1961. 

940 p. illus. 24cm. 
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Marketing r by 3 Myron S. Heidingsfield [and] Albert B. 
Blankenship. 1st ed., rev. New York, Barnes & Noble 

270 p. Illus. 21cm. (College outline series, no. 83) 
HF5415.E355 1959 658.8 59-15186 t 

Heidingsfield, Myron Samuel, 1914- 

Marketing [by] Myron S. Heidingsfield c and] Albert B. 
Blankenship. 2d ed. New York, Barnes & Nobel 1964] 

si, 292 p. illus. 21 cm. (College outline series, no. 88) 
HF5415.H355 1964 658.8 64-22477 

Henell, Olof. 

Distribution. Stockholm, Biblioteksforlaget [I960] 

Hogan, Edward Benjamin, 1919- 

An analysis of the rate of adoption of a differentiated 
commodity form : a case study of chicken meat marketing. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-5349 Mic 58-5349 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

Holloway, Robert J ed. 

The environment of marketing behavior; selections from 
the literature [bjj Robert J. Holloway [and] Robert S. Han- 
cock. New York, Wiley t !964 1 

ix,352p. illus 26cm. (The Wiley marketing series) 
HF5415.II742 658.8082 64-25889 

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Marketing: executive and buyer behavior. New York, 
Columbia University Press, 1963. 

218 p. illus. 22 TO. 
HF5415.H78 658.8018 63-10525 t 

Howard, John A 

Marketing management; analysis and planning. Rev. ed. 
Homewoort, 111., R. D. Irwin, 1963. 

xi, 487 p. maps, diagrs , tables. 24 cm. 
HF5415.H7!) 1963 658.8 63-16895 

Hummel, Francis E 

Markot and sales potentials. New York, Ronald Press 

Co. [1961] 

310 p. Illus 24 cm. 



International Chamber of Commerce. International Dit- 
tribution Commission. 

La distribuzione guarda 1'awenixe; nuove tec-niche di 
vendita per i servizi ed i beni di consumo. Milano, Giuffre, 

Ill p. 25 cm. 
HF5415.I575 63-36824 t 

Jones, Fred Mitchell, 1905- 

Jjatroduction to marketing management t by] Fred M. 
Jones. New York, Appleton-Centnry-Crofts t 1964j 

viii, 651 p. illua. 25cm. 
HF5415.J63 64-14409 

Kampen om ktfberen i U. S JL; beretning fra en studierejse 
i U. S. A. marts-april, 1954. Udg. ved Udenrigsministeriets 
foranstaltning. c K0benhavn, I kommission hos A. F. H0stj 

93 p. illus, 24 cm. (Teknisk bistand under Marshallplanen, TA 

HC60.T45 no. 273 63-26732 t 

Kao, Shih-chia. 

2, 6, 232 p. Illus. 22cm. 
Bibliography : p. 231-252. 

1. Marketing. L Title. 

Title romantoed: Shin ch'ang hsiieh. 
C 64-1121 

Kawan, Alfred, 1931- 

Marktf orschung, Absatzpolitik und Werbung als betnebs- 
wirtschaftliche Hauptprobleme einer Investment-Gesen- 
schaft. [Munchenj 1958. 

I79, 4jp. 21cm. 
HG4530.K3 64-35120 

Kelley, Eugene J ed. 

Managerial marketing, perspectives and viewpoints; a 
source book t by 3 William Lazer t andj Eugene J. Kelley. 
Rev. ed. Homewood, 111., R. D. Irwin, 1962. 

717 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.K44 1962 658.8082 62-18179 t 

Kim, Hyo-rok. 

1 ft fll^it 

C 1957) 

229 p. illus. 21cm. 

1. Marketing. 

Title romanisseA: Sijang non. 
K 61-350 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARKETING (Continued) 

Kim, Hyo-rok. 

rfr^ffc *l 

4293 11960] 

221 p. illus. 21 cm. 
1. Marketing- x. Title. 

HF5415.K52 1960 

WU romtnteed: Sijan* non. 
K 61-457 J 

Kirzner, Israel M 

Market theory and the price system. Princeton, N. J., Van 
Nostrand ( 1963] 

824 p. illus. 24 cm. (Van Nostrand seriw in business admin- 
istration and economics) 
HB771.K46 S38.5 63-608 J 

Kjasr-Hansen, Mai, 1896- 

Afsaetmngsj&onomi. Ktfbenhavn, E. Harck, 1945. 

144 p. 28 cm. (Foreningen til unge handelsmands uddannelse. 
HandelsWJskolen i K0penbavu. Skrlftrakke A, 4 : Drlfts^konomiske 
HF5415.K53 50-56340 rev 

Kjar-Hansen, Max, 1896- 

Afsffitnings0konomL 2. udg. K^benhavn, E. Harck, 

2 r. dlagrs. 26 cm. (Forenlngen til tinge handelsmands ud- 
dannelfle. HaadelsifJjskolen i KjJbenham Skrlftnekke A, 4: Drifts- 
jtaraomteke hovedproblemer, S, 6) 
HF5415.K532 55-23429 rev 2 

Kjaer-Hansen, Max, 1896- 

Salgets drifts0konomi. K0benhavn, E. Harck, 1960. 

255 p fllus. 20 cm. (Forentngen til unge Jiandelsmsends uddan- 
nelse. Handelshtfjskolen I Ktfbenhavn. Stortftrsekke F : Skrifter fra 
lastitutet for salgsorganlsation og reklame, 30) 
HF5415.K535 63-51958 J 

Kosik, Vladimir. 

Odbyt a jeho smluvnl zajisteni. t l. vyd.] Praha, Orbis, 

227 p. illus, 21 cm. (Ekonomicke' edice. Organlsace) 
HF5349.C9K6 61-21195 J 


-*M 1963. 

7,280p. 21cm. 

Colophon Inserted. 
Bibliography : p. 273-274. 

1 Marketing. L Title. 

Title romanteed; Sijangpaegttp wdllon. 
K 64-238 

Kurnal, Jersey. 

Zasady gospodarowania ushigami handlowymi w polakim 
mod&lu gospodarczym. Warsmwa, Szkola Giowna Plano- 
wania i Statystyki, 1959. 

105 ix tables. 22 cm. (Zessyty naukowe Sxkofcr G-WwneJ Piano* 
vanla. 1 Statystyki. Monografle I opracowanla, 1) 
HF&349.P6K8 62-27681 

Laloire, Marcel. 

L'^volution de la distribution en Belgique vue sous 
1'optique des petites et moyennes entreprises. Bruxelles, 
Institut d'etude Sconomique et sociale des classes moyennes, 

84 p. tables. 24cm. 
HF5349.B4L3 64-55382 

Larson, Gustav Edward, 1913- 

Comment trouver, lancer, vendre des produits nouveanx, 
sud-vi d*un appendice sor La propriety industarielle en France. 
Traduit par F. W. Grose. Paris, Dunod, 1960. 

101 p. 22cm. 
HF5353X354 61-839 J 

Lazo, Hector, 1899- 

Management in marketing,* text and cases t byj Hector 
Lazo iand, Arnold Corbin. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1961. 

657 p. illus. 24 cm. (McOraw-HlU series la marketing and ad- 
KF5415.L333 658 60-12775 J 

Lazo, Hector, 1899- 

Iktoketing'. New York, Alexander Hamilton Institute 
t !962 3 

353 p, 20 cm. (Modem business; a series of texts prepared as 
part of the modern business course & service} 
HF5415.L334 1962 658.8 62-32314 J 

Leitherer, Eugen. 

Geschichte der handek- und abattzwirtscnaftlichen Lite- 
ratav Koln, Westdeutscher Verla^, 1961. 

215 p, 24cm, 

HF5415.U4 62-43218 t 

Levitt, Theodore, 1925- 

Innovation in marketing, new perspectives for pront and 
growth. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1962. 

253 p. 21 cm. (McGraw-Hill series In marketing and adver- 

HF5415.L48 658.8 62-13817 I 

litvak, Isaiah A ed. 

Marketing : Canada ; recent readings. Edited by Isaiah A. 
Litvak and Bruce E. Mallen. New York, McGraw-Hill 
t 1964, 

xii, 344 p. illus., map, plan, 24 cm. 
HF5349.C2L56 658.80971 64-25687 

Liu, Tso-j&i, 

51 (1962; 
818 p. 10cm. 
Bibliography : p. 318. 

1, Marketing. i. Title. 

Title romanised: Slilh ch'ang hstleli. 

McCarthy, Edmund Jerome. 

Basic marketing, a managerial approach. Homewood, 
111, R. P. Irwin, 1960. 

770 p. illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.M22 658.8 60-10852 t 

McCarthy, Edmund Jerome. 

Basic marketing, a managerial approach [bjj E. Jerome 
McCarthy. Kev. ed. Homewood, HI., B. D. Irwin, 1964. 

sviil, 978 p. illus., mapa 24cm. 
HF5415.M22 1964 658.8 64-14785 

Matthews, John B 

Marketing, an introductory analysis c by] John B. Mat- 
thews, Jr. t and othersj New York, McGraw-Hill t 1964j 

r, 612 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.M337 658.8 63-23046 

Mauser, Ferdinand F 1914- ed. 

Modern marketing management; an integrated approach. 
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1961. 

502 p. Illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill series in marketing and ad- 
HF5415.M343 658.8 61-8658 J 

Mellerowicz, Konrad, 1891- 

Der Markenartikel als Vertriebsform und als Mittel zur 
Steigerung der Produktivitat im Vertriebe. Freiburg im 
Breisgau, R. Haufe [1959] 

119 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. ( Schrif tenrelhe des Forschungslntituts f iir 
das Markenwesen, Berlin, in Verbindung mit der Gesellschaft zur 
Erforschung des Markenwesens e. V., Wiesbaden, Bd. Nr. 1) 

A 61-2081 
New York TJniv. Libraries HD69 

Michel, Marcel. 

Strategic du marche; theorie de la firme et vente sous 
marque. Gembloux, J. Duculot, 1960. 

246 p. illus. 25 cm. (UnlversltS catholique de Louvatn. Facult4 
des sciences <conomlques et soclales. Collection de 1'tcole des 
sciences 6coaomiques, no 70) 
HF5415.M53 63-38417 t 

Mickwitz, Gosta. 

Marketing and competition, the various forms of competi- 
tion at the successive stages of production and distribution. 
Helsingfors, 1959. 

263 p. dlagrs. 24cm. (Societag Sclentlarum Fenniea. Commen- 
tatlones humanamm lltterarum, xsar, 2) 
[P9>F5 t. 24, no. 2] 
lUInols. TTnlv. library 

Moderne markedsfjiring; rapport fra en studiereise til 
U. S. A., T. A. 48-184, arrangert av Office of International 
Trade, United States Department of Commerce og det Kgl. 
Nbrske handelsdepartement Utg. av Norsk produktivitets- 
institutt. [Osloj 1954. 

188 p. illus., port, map, tables. 16cm. 
HF5415.M547 62-36404 

Munthe, Preben. 

Produsentens vertikale markedspolitikk som pristeoretisk 
problem. t Bergen, Universitetsforlaget t !960j 

62 p. illus. 25 cm. (Skrlfter fra Norges handelsh^yskole. Bek- 


Hske avhandllnger, 4) 

63-57697 rev | 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

f The development of marketing objectives and plans, a 
symposium. [New York, 1963] 
56 p. Illus. 23 cm. (Experiences in marketing management, no. 

HF5006.E9 no. 3 658.8 63-6464 


National Industrial Conference Board. 

Management, marketing, and public policy : three keynote 
talks. t New York, 1963j 

40 p. 23 cm, (Experiences In marketing management, no. 2) 
[HE5006.E9 no. 2] A 64-838 

Oklahoma. Univ. Libr. 

National Industrial Conference Board. Division of Business 


Building a sound distributor organization; a symposium. 
r New York, 1964, 

93 p Ulus 23cm. (Experiences In marketing management, no, 6) 
HF5006.E9 no. 6 658.8 64-56608 

Nepveu-Nivelle, Frederic, 1899- 

Distribution et organisation commerciale. Pref, de Jean 
Chevalier. Paris, Dunod, 1949. 

xil, 136 p. diagrs. 22 cm. 
HF5415.N35 49-51160 rev* 

Nepveu-Nivelle, Frederic, 1899- 

Techniques modernes d'expansion des ventes dans 1'indus- 
trie. Pref. par le comte Pierre Baruzy. Paris, Editions 
d'organisation t !959] 
187 p. illus. 25cm. 
HF5415.K357 63-49640 rev t 

Nepveu-Nivelle, Frederic, 1899- 

La vente des produits industrials et d j e*quipement. Pr6f. 
par P. Baruzy. Paris, Editions d'organisation C 1954j 

140 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.N36 55-42561 rev J 

Nihon MSketingu Ky6kai. 

1286 p. lllUB. 22cm. 
Includes bibliographies. 

1. Marketing. i. Title. 


Title romanlzed: Makettngu benran. 
J63-206 t 

Nihon Seisansei Hombu, Tokyo, 

Marketing in Japan, 1958 [by 3 the Marketing Specialists 
Study Team n, Japan Productivity Center. t Tokyo 1 1958 3 

58 p. Illus., ports., dlagrs. SO cm. 
HF3826.N55 60-43732 

Otteson, Schuyler Franklin, 1917- ed. 

Marketing; the firm's viewpoint. Edited by Schuyler F. 
Otteson, William G. Panschar t andj James M. Patterson. 
t Bloomington] Bureau of Business Research, Graduate 
School of Business, Indiana University, 196- 

v. illus., diagrs., tables. 28 cin. (Indiana readings in busi- 
ness, no. 37 
HF5006.I6 no. 37 658.8 63-63763 

Otteson, Schuyler Franklin, 1917- 

Marketing: the firm's viewpoint f byj Schuyler F. Otteson, 
William G. Panchar t andj James M. Patterson. New York, 
Macmillan t 1964i 

xill, 718 p. Illus. 25 cm. (The Macmillan marketing series) 
HF5415.O83 1964 658.8 


Marketing, suatu pengantar, oleh Panglaykim dan Hazil. 
Tjet, 2, ditindjau kembali, ditanibah dan diperbaiki 
Djakarta, Pembangunan, 1960. 

270 p. 18 cm. (Pustaka sardjana, no. 28) 
HF5415.P235 1960 S A 64-2943 

Parker, Donald David, 1920- 

The marketing of consumer services. Ann Arbor, Mich,, 
University Microfilms r!959] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-1230 Mic 59-1230 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 

Peretiatkowicz, Roman. 

Systemy rejonizacji masy towarowej. [Wyd. l.j War- 
szaxva, Panstwowe "Wydawn. Ekonomiczne, 1962. 

278 p. diagrs., tables. 20cm. 
HF5415.P43 64^-36972 

Pessemier, Edgar A 1922- 

Experimental methods of analyzing demand for branded 
consumer goods with applications to problems in marketing 
strategy. Pullman, Washington State University, Bureau 
of Economic and Business Research, College of Economics 
and Business, 1963. 

165 p. diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Washington State University. 
Bureau of Economic Research. Economic and business studies bulle- 
tin no. 39) 

HB31.W3 no. 39 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MARKETING (Continued) 

Phelps, Dudley Maynard, 1897- 

Marketing management, by D. Maynard Phelps and J. 
Howard Westing. Rev. ed. Homewood, HL, R. D. Irwin, 

846 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.P456 1960 658.81 60-15376 J 

Phillips, Charles Franklin, 1910- 

Marketing : principles and methods t byj Charles F. Phil- 
lips and Delbert J. Duncan. 4th ed. Homewood, HI., R. D. 
Irwin, 1960. 

779 p. illus. 24cia. 
HF5415.P4S3 1960 658.8 60-10698 t 

Phillips, Charles Franklin, 1910- 

Marketing : principles and methods t byj Charles F. Phil- 
lips and Delbert J. Duncan. 5th ed. Homewood, HI., R D. 
Irwin, 1964 

xlx, 865 p. illus. (part coL) maps (part col,) 24 cm. 
HF5415.P483 1964 658.8 64-17243 

Printers* ink. 

New products marketing, by the editors of Printers' ink. 
New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce [1964] 

296 p illus. (part col.) ports. 29cm. 
HF5353.P75 658.83 64-S353* 

Profit Research, inc., Mineola, N. 7. 

Bootstrap bonanzas. [Prepared under the editorial direc- 
tion of Sidney Walton. Mineola, 1962] 

62p. 2Tcm. 
HG6021.P7 62-26987 J 

Rational butiksdrift uden for frfdevareomridet; mamiskripter 
til foredrag holdt af amerikanske konsulenter ved kurser i 
ofctober-november 1954 t af Glenn H. Bridgeman et al.j 
Udg. ved Udenrigsministeriets f oranstaltning. [K^benhavn, 
I kommission hos A. F. Hjfetj 1956. 

81 p. forms. 24 cm. (Teknisk blatand under Marshallplanen) 
HF5438.R33 64-40008 

Rondini, Ottavio. 

Bank financing of marketing functions. [Trieste] 1958. 

76 p. 24 cm. (Unlversita degll studi dl Trieste. Tacolta di eco- 
nomia e commerdo. Istttuto dl ragtoaerla e tecnlca commerclale. 
[Pubbllcazlonl, n. 1) 

HF5415.R57 62HU105 

Rosscnbeck, Hermann. 

Kaufma'nnische Betriebsvereinfachung; Erlebnisse, Er- 
gebnisse, Nutzanwendungen. Stuttgart, Seewald Verlag 


528 p. Illus. 22cm. 

62-48379 J 

Schaffir, Kurt H 

The role of non-functional variety in business decision 
making. t New York] Columbia University, 1961. 

1,871. diagrs., tables. 28cm. 
HF5415.S323 62-37672 

Scherer, Adolf. 

Die Zeit ist reif zum Handeln; der Umbruch am Markt 
und die Antwort des Bauern. t l. Aufl.] Neuwied am 
Rhein. Verlag der Raiffeiseadruckerei 11961! 

l(Wp. 21cm. (Balffetaen-Hefte, Nr. 7) 
HF5415.S3235 64-35373 

Schiess, Gaston. 

Eisiko, Absatzrisiko, Absatzrisikopolitik, mit einem An- 
hang iiber die Exportrisikopolitik der schweizerischen Ma- 
schinenindustrie. Winterthur, P. G. Keller, 1961. 

137 p 21 cm. 
HB615.S32 1961 63-37545 t 

Schiff , Michael. 

Financial management of the marketing function; a re- 
search study and report prepared for the Financial Execu- 
tives Research Foundation (formerly, Controllers Institute 
Research Foundation) by Michael Schiff [and, Martin Mell- 
man. r New York, Financial Executives Eesearch Founda- 
tion, 1962, 

262 p. lllus. 24cm. .. ^ 

HF5415.S324 658.81 62-5373 % 

Schiller, Karl, 1911- 

Absatzwirtschaft als produktive Aufgabe. [Hamburg] 

48 "p. Illus. 24 cm. (Schriften der Forschiingsstelle ftir Kon- 
sumwirtsdxaft) M ^ . 

HF5415.S325 60-17452 J 

Schwartz, George* . 

Development of marketing theory. Cincinnati, South- 
western Pub. Co. [1963] 

152 p. Illus. 25 cm. (Editor's series) 
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Verkehrsmarkte; Marktform, Marktbeziehung, Markver- 
halten. Basel, Kyklos-Verlag, 1959. 

vl, 198 p. diagrs., tables. 24 cm. (VerSffentUchungen der List 
Gesellschaf t, Bd. 14. Eelhe B : Studlen zur Okonomlk der Gegenwart) 

A 61-3968 
Rochester. Unlv. Hbr. HF5415 

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Adam Smith continued. Middlebury, Vt t 1962] 

89 p. illus. 22 c 


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655 p. tllus. 24 cm. 
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Co. t !963] 

xttl, 486 p. diagrs. 22 cm. 

Smirnov, Petr Vasii'evich. 

Opranusan;!!^ n nJtaHiipOBauHe c^nxa n 
npo^yicmiH B CCCP. 13o^ o6meft pe^. H. B. 
^onymeHO B EaneciBe y^e6. HOCO^H^ RXX BHCUIHX y?e6. 
aasefleHHtt. MOCKBE, FociuiaHHSsaT, 1960. 

391 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
HF5349.K9S55 60-45219 t 

Smith, Charles Whitley, 1913- 

Making your sales figures talk. [1st]- ed. "Washing- 
ton, All [i. e. Small] Business Administration; [for sale by 
the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

v. illus. 24 cm. (Small business management series, no. 8) 
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Smykay, Edward W 

Physical distribution management; logistics problems of 
the firm [byj Edward W. Smykay, Donald J. Bowersox c and] 
Frank H. Mossman. New York, Macmillan t 1961j 

283 p. illus. 24 cm, (A Macmillan marketing book) 
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Stanton, William J 

Fundamentals of marketing. New York, McGraw-Hill 
t !964] 

xiii, 754 p. diagrs. 25 cm. 
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Sundhoff, Edmund. 

Absatzorganisation. "Wiesbaden, Betriebswirtschaftlich- 
er Verlag Dr. Th. Gabler r 1958j 

96 p. 25 cm. (Die Wlrtechaftawtssenschaften, 6. Lfg. Relhe A: 
Betrlebswirtschaftslehre, 14. Beltrag) 

A 61-3905 
New York Univ. libraries HF5415 

Suzuki, Yasura, 1899- 

270 p. iUus, l&cm. 
Includes bibliographies. 

1. Marketing. i. Title. 

Title romanizetl; Halkyfl. kelzai yOron. 
J61-18S t 

Taylor, Weldon Johnson, 1908- 

Marketing: an integrated analytical approach, by Wei- 
don J, Taylor and Eoy T. Shaw. Cincinnati, South-west- 
ern Pub. Co. [1961] 

710 p, illus. 24cm. 
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Thompson (J. Walter) Company. 

Population and its distribution; the United States mar- 
kets. 8th ed. New York, McGraw-HiU, 1961. 

sill, 471 P. maps (1 col. In pocket) 29 cm. [World markets 

HB1965.T5 1961 658.83973 61-19604 

Tpusley, Rayburn Dean, 1911- 

Principles of marketing t by, Rayburn D. Tousley, Eugene 
Clark [andj Fred E. Clark. New York, Macmillan C 1962] 

716 p. illus. 25cm. 
HF5415.T65 658.8 62-7024 t 

Ullrich, Ren& . _,. 

Super-marches et usines de distribution; hier aux Etats- 
TJnis, aujourd'hui en France. t Paris t Plon [1962] 

207 p. illos. 20cm. COOAQAA t 

HF5415.U22 63-30304 J 

U. S. Operations Mission to tfepdl. 

Sales training and distribution. Washington, Technical 
Aids Branch, Office of Industrial Resources, International 
Cooperation Administration [1961?] 

36 p. 28 cm. CiU- S. International Cooperation Administration. 
Office of Industrial Resources] Training manual no. 109) 
HD30.U4 no. 109 658.85 61-60728 t 

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure. 

Industrieller Verfcrieb, unter Mitarbeit yon Fritz Zeidler 
t et al.j Dusseldorf , VDI-Yerlag, 1957. 
357 p. IUus. 22cm. (VDI-Taschenbueh) 

A 61-3875 t 
New York Univ. Libraries HF5415 

Walters, Sherwood George, ed. 

Readings in marketing nbyj S. George Walters, Max D. 
Snider and] Morris L. Sweet Cincinnati, South-western 
Pub. Co. [19623 

832 p. lllus. 24cm. 

HF5415.W313 658.8082 60-8322 t 

Warzecha, Boleslaw. 

Zagadnienia organizacji obrotu materialowego. t Wyd. 
1., Warszawa, Polskie Wydawn. Gospodarcze, 1961. 

219 p. Illus. 21cm. 
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Weiss, Edward Benjamin, 1899- 

Management and the marketing revolution; merchandis- 
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is, 349 p. 22 cm. 

HF5429.W374 658.8 63-23118 

Weiss, Edward Benjamin, 1899- 

The vanishing salesman. NBW York, McGraw-Hill C 1962j 
282 p. 21 cm. 
HF5415.F393 658.85 62-18978 t 

Western business round-up (Radio program) 

Western business round-up. [Report] 
Tempe, Arizona State University. 
T. 29 cm. 

HF5415.A2W4 61-64141 : 

Wu, Chn-hsiung. 

r|j tJJf*Ji Principles of marketing. f IL M Qt # : )i i] 
& ifj 1962. 

Title i wimniscd: Shlh oli'iuw lisitoh. 
062-2046 J 

412 I>. 31 MIL ( 
In Chinese. 

1. Marketing. i. Title. 

Yu, Pung-no. 

mm ma. 

387 p. lllus. 21cm. 

1. Marketing, i. Title, 

Title romunlsed: iiauk'ett'ing. 
K 62-545 t 

Yu, Puns-no, 

TfJ $ PI & H Principles of marketing research. 

Title mmtuiscA: HIJang chneturon 

301 p ilUi. 21 tin 
In Korean. 

1 Marketing. r Titlf. 


Zakrzewski, Zbigniew. 

Obrot towarowy w ujciu przestrzennym. Poznan, 196! 

134 p. diagrs. 25cm. (PoznaiiskieTowarzyatwoPrzyjaclolNau 
Wydzial Historli i Nauk Spolecznych. Prace Komlsjl Nauk Spde 
znych, t 10, zesz. 2) 
H31.P6 torn 10, zesz. 2 63-2751 

Zappa, Gino. 

L'economia delle aziende di consumo. Milano, Giuffri 


xii, 80C p. 25 cm. (Istltuto dl economla aziendale deirnnlverall 
commercials "L. Bocconi," Milano. [PnbbUcazionl] Ber. n, 18> 
HF5415.Z3 64-3251 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARKETING (Continued) 

Zober, Martin. 

Marketing management New York, Wiley cl964j 
Till, 48S p. dlagrs. 24 cm. (The Wllejr marketing aeries) 
HF5415.Z6 658.8 64-15002 


Barfcsdaie, Hiram C ed. 

Marketing ia progress: patterns and potentials. New- 
York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston i!964j 

xl, 740 p. map, dlagra., tables. 23 cm. 
HF5415.B352 658.8082 64-11409 

Behrens, Karl Christian, ed. 

Wandel im Handel; Festschrift zum 10-jahrigen Bestehen 
der Beamten-Einkauf eGmbE Koblenz. Wiesbaden, Be- 

triebswirtschaftlicher Verlag T. Gubler t !962, 
215 p, 24cm. {BetriebtmdM&rkt; Studlenrelhc, Bd. 6) 



Bliss, Perry, ed. 

Marketing and the behavioral sciences; selected readings. 
Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 1963. 

560 p. 22cm. 
HF5415.B47 658.8082 63-13000 J 

Barsk, Edward Coffins, 1907- ed. 

Modern marketing strategy. Edited by Edward C. Bursk 
t andj John F. Chapman. Cambridge, Harvard University 

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rlx, 360p. IUUB. 24cm. (The Easiness administrator) 
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Marketing: change and exchange; readings from Fortune. 
Edited by H. C. Barksdale. New York, Holt, Hinehart and 
Winston (1964, 

x,322p. lllus. 21cm. 
HF5415.F5G7 658.8082 6+-19809 

Gupta, Ajit Ranjan. 

OS p. lllua. 23 cm. 

1. Marketing Addrwaes, ewayi, lector*. L Title. 

Title traiulitented: Becft kenfi. ramaayft. 


S A 63-2653 

Holmes, Parker M ed. 

Readings in marketing, edited by Parker M. Holmes, 
Ralph E. Brownlee [and, Kobert Bartels. Columbus, Ohio* 
C. E. Merrill Books C 1963, 

625 p, illus. 24 cm- 

HF5415JE747 658.8082 63-13953 t 

Sehwantag, Karl. 

Die TJberwindung von Absatzkrisen in der Unterneh- 
mung. Mainz, Verlag der Johannes Gutenberg Buchhand- 


p. 21 cm. (Kalnzer tTnlversltEts-Eeden, 20) 


64-40005 t 

Shaw, Steven J ed. 

Marketing in business management; text and readings 
t edited by> Steven J. Shaw and C. McFerron Gittinger. 
New York, Macmillan [1963] 

472 p. lllus. 24 cm. 

HF5415.S42 658.8083 63-13130 J 

Wstingr, John Howard, 1911- ed. 

Modem marketing thought by 3 J. H. Westing and Gerald 
Alfoaom. New York, Macmillan ^964, 

430HL 23m. 
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Advertising Federation of America. Bureau of Research 
and Education, 

Books for the advertising and marketing man; a classified 
bibliography on advertising, marketing, selling, and related 
subjects. Eev.ed. New York, 1957. 
STp, 26cm. 

-Supplement New York, "1958. 

15 p. 28cm. 


Z716iC81A25 1957 SuppJ. 
016.6591 57-1298 rev t 

Bedtman, Theodore N^ 1894- 

Wholesalmg, by Theodore N. Beckman and Alton F. 
Doody. Washington, Small Business Administration., 196S 
[1 e. 1964, 

20 p. 26 cm. (Small boslness bibliography, no. 55) 
Z7164.C81UT18 ao,55 d2-6027T 

^riftS fiber Absatz und Werbung. In Auswahl 
zusammengestellt von Oeorg Bergier. [Nurnberg, I960] 

^iTinm. (MarfctwIrtschafttmdVerbrauch.Bd.W) 
Z7164.M18B4 63-S5898 I 

BmzeU, Robert Dow, 1933- 

A basic bibliography on mathematical methods in market- 
ing. [Chicago, American Marketing Association t 1962j 

62 p. diagr! 23 cm. (AMA. bibliography series, no. 7) 

Clarke, George Timothy. 

Bibliography of advertising and marketing theses for the 
doctorate in United States colleges and universities, 1944 to 
1959. tfew York, Advertising Educational Foundation 

C 1061i 

28L 2cm. 



Frank, Nathalie D 1918- 

Market analysis: a handbook of current data sources, by 
Nathalie D. Frank. New York, Scarecrow Press, 1964. 

268 p. 22 cm. 

HF5415.F686 658.83 64-21969 

Kelley, Eugene J 

Marketing management: an annotated bibliography, com- 
piled and edited by Eugene J. Kelley t and others^ Chicago, 
American Marketing Association t !963j 

xiv, 71 p. 23 cm. (AMA. bibliography series, no. 8) 
Z7164.M18K4 016.6588 63-4358 

Marketing inf onnation. guide. 

r Washington] 

T. in 28 cm. monthly. 



59-30923 rev 

Massy, William F 

Planning in marketing; a selected bibliography. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., M. I. T. Press r !962j 

viii,56p. 23cm. 

Mertes, John E 

The management of marketing; a graduate course sylla- 
bus and reading list of current literature in managerial mar- 
keting. Norman, University Book Exchange, University of 
Oklahoma, C 1961. 

Ir,205a. 28cm. 

Mertes, John E 

Marketing policy and strategy; a syllabus and reading list 
of current literature in managerial marketing. Norman, 
University Book Exchange, University of Oklahoma, C 1959. 

v,84L 28 cm. 
Z7164.M18M4 016.6588 61-63086 

Mertes, John E 

Mutations in the marketing environment: a series of read- 
ing Hste emphasizing an eclectic approach to the study of 
marketing. Norman, Dept. of Marketing, University of 
Oklahoma, 1961. 

1 T. (various pagrags) 29 cm. 

Oklahoma. TTniv. Ltbr. 

U. S. Air Force. Pacific Air Forces. 
Management Nov. 15, 1957- 


v. 28 cm. (PAOAP basic bibliographies) 


U. S. Business and Defense Services Administration. 
0-fiwe of Distribution. 

Guides to information sources for education in distribu- 
tion. tWashingtonj 1961. 

33 p. 23 cm. 
Z7164.M18U53 61-61721 t 


'Who's who in market research. 1st- ed,; 


Lausanne, J. A*"v- 
T. ports. 22cm. 

HFS415.W5463 63-27012 


Boyd, Harper W 

Cases in marketing strategy t byj Bichard M. Clewett, 
Ralph Westfall t andj Harper W. Boyd, Jr. Rev.ed. Home- 
wood, III, E, D. Irwin, 1964. 

3d, 824 p. lllTUt, dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 
HF&415.B621T 1964 658.8 64-14787 

Fabrizi, Carlo. 

Applicazioni di tecnica della distribuzione e del mercato 
,dii Carlo Fabrizi & Renato Piro. Padova, CEDAM, 1960. 

vii,237p. maps (part col.) dlagrs. 25cm. 
HF5415.F25 64-86935 

Judge, George 6 

Spatial price equilibrium analyses of the livestock econ- 
omy, by Cr. G. Judge and T. D. Wallace. t Stil!water, Okla.] 

v illus., map. 23 cm. (Oklahoma. Experiment Station. 
Technical bulletin, TB-78) 
HD9433-U4J8 338.176 59-63484 

Lazo, Hector, 1899- 

Management in marketing; text and cases t by] Hector 
Lazo jand, Arnold Corbin. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1961. 

657 p. illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill aeries In marketing and ad- 
HF5415.L333 658 60-12775 t 

Leighton, David S K 

Canadian problems in marketing jhyj David S. R. Leigh- 
ton and Donald H. Thain. Toronto, New York, McGraw- 
Hill Co. of Canada [I960, C 1959j 

858 p. lllus. 25cm. 
HF5349.C2L4 658.8082 63-3601 t 

Lewis, Edwin Henderson. 

Growth of the marketing concept in manufacturing com- 
panies ,byj Edwin H. Lewis, Robert J. Holloway t and] 
Robert S. Hancock. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, 
Division of Research, Graduate School of Business Adminis- 
tration, 1964. 

56 p. illus. 26 cm. 
HF5415.L485 658.8 64-64543 

Lockley, Lawrence Campbell, 1899- 

Cases in marketing c byj Lawrence C. Lockley [and] 
Charles J. Dirksen. 3d ed. Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 1964. 

xlll, 318 p. dlagrs., tables. 22 cm. 
HF5415.L56 1964 64-14270 

Marketing Science Institute. 

Marketing development in the European Economic Com- 
munity. Prepared under the direction of Bertil Liander, 
director of international studies. New York, McGraw-Hill 
t 1964, 

XVC182 p. map. 29 cm. (McGraw-Hill Marketing Science Insti- 
tute series) 
HF5349.E9M3 658.8 64-24605 

Parkhurst, Charles Chandler, 1904- 

Case studies and problems in business communication. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall. 1960. 

140 p. 22 em. 
HF5415.P249 651.7 60-5077 t 

Westfall, Ralph L 

Cases in marketing management, by Ralph Westfall and 
Harper W. Boyd, Jr. Homewood, 111., R. D. Irwin, 1961. 

577 p. illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.W42 658.8 61-14493 J 


Buskirk, Richard Hobart, 1927- 

Cases and readings in marketing. New York, Holt, Rine- 
hart and Winston t !961] 

208 p. lllus. 24cm. 
HF5415.B778 658.8082 61-17473 J 

The Printers* ink portfolios for planning, portfolio 1- 
New London, Conn. f etc,, Printers' Ink Books r 1955- 

110 In T. lllus. 28 cm. 


56-537 rev 

Vershofen, Wilhelm, 1878-1960, ed. 

Der Mensch im Markt; eine Festschrift zum 60. Geburts- 
tage von Georg Bergier. Hrsg. von Wilhelm Vershofen 
c et al.j Berlin, Duncker & Humblot r !960, 

464 p. lllus,, port. 24 cm. 
HF5415.V42 1960 62-58476 


American Marketing Association. 

Proceedings of the national conference. Dec. 1939- 
"dcap;o tetc.] 

v. illus., dlagrs. 23-26 cm. 


61-66187 rev 

American Marketing Association. 

Proceedings of the winter conference. 
Chicago [etc.) 

v. dlagrs. 23-26 cm. annual (Irregular) 
HF5415.A2A582 63-3534 rev 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CONGRESSES (Continued) 

Seminar in Marketing Management, Miami University. 

Oxford, Ohio. 

v. 20 cm annual, i Bureau of Btwine*. Research, Miami 
University. Business report) 
HF5415.M52 658.06377175 60-30161 

Augustowski, Zbigniew. 

Koszty obrotu detalicznego. Warszawa, Polskie Wydawn. 
Gospodarcze, 1956. 

81 p. 2lcm. 
HF5349.P6A9 60-37299 J 

Bakanov, M I 

HaflepHCKu rosapHoro o6pa.rn.emix B CCCP. MocKsa, Foe. 

H3A-BO TOpPOBOft JIHT-pH, 1959. 

335 p. illua. 23 cm. 
HF5349.R9B26 60-40875 t 

Buzzell, Robert Dow, 1933- 

Value added by industrial distributors and their pro- 
ductivity. Columbus, Bureau of Business Research, College 
of Commerce and Administration, Ohio State University 

101 p. 24 cm. (Ohio State University. Bureau of Business Re- 
search. Monograph no. 96) 
HF5415.B85 658.86 60-63167 t 

Compagnie nationale des experts comptables. 

Les couts des circuits de distribution; e*tude presentee an 
congres de la Compagnie nationale des experts comptables, 
Amiens 1960, par Marcel Audy, president t et aLj Paris 

93 p. 24cm. 
HF5418.C54735 64-30244 

Erwin, Robert D 

Merchandise management accounting; a guide to item 
profitability for small and medium retail stores [byj Robert 
D. Envin. r Stillwater, College of Business, Oklahoma 
State University, 1964. 

128, 9 1. illus. 28 cm. (Small business management research re* 
HF5415.E75 64-63942 

Jonuscheit, Karl Heinz. 

Kosten und Kostensenkung im sozialistischen Einzel- 
handel der Deutschen Demokratischen Kepublik. Berlin, 
Akademie-Verlag, 1958. 

208 p illus. 24 cm. (Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu 
Berlin. Schrlften des Institute fiir Wirtschaftswissenscaaften, Nr. 8) 
HF5349.G33J6 59-44530 J 

Kjaer-Hansen, Max, 1896- 

Salgs- og reklameomkostningerne i Norden; en analyse 
og vurdering af udgifterne til kommerciel reklame i Dan- 
mark, Finland, Norge og Sverige. E#benhavn, I kommis- 

144 p. 25 cm. (Nordisk salgs- og reklaraeforbunds skriftserle, 
HF5813.S3K55 57-26958 rev 

Kjaer-Hansen, Max, 1896- 

Selling costs and advertising expenditure in Scandinavia; 
an analysis and evaluation, of the cost of commercial adver- 
tising in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Copen- 
hagen, 1956. 

40 p. 25 cm. (Federation of Nordic Marketing Associations. 
Publication no. 1) 
HF5813.S3K553 58-35203 rev 

Langer, Hans. 

Kosten, Handelsspannen, Preise im sozialistischen Einzel- 
handel. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1960. 

55 p. illus. 23 cm. (Die Okonomik der sozialistischen Handels- 

HF5349.G3L33 A 64-65 t 

Wisconsin. TTniv. Ltbr. 

Merles, John E 

What are marketing costs? Norman, Bureau of Business 
Research, College of Business Administration, University 
of Oklahoma, e !962. 

23 p. 20 cm. (Oklahoma. University. Bureau of Business Re- 
search. Studies in business and economics, no. 42. Sales manage- 
ment series, no. 1) 

[HC107.O506 no. 42] A 63-108 

Oklahoma. Univ. Libr. 

Mossman, Frank Homer. 

Differential distribution cost and revenue analysis, a new 
approach. East Lansing, Bureau of Business and Economic 
Research, Graduate School of Business Administration, 
Michigan State University, 1962. 

30 p7 illus. 26 cm. (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, 
Michigan State University. Marketing and transportation paper, no. 

Rasulev, M 

CTpyinrype n ^imaanEe HS^epaceK oCJpameHna B POSHE^- 
Hofi ToproBJie noTpe6Hxeai>CKOfl KOonepar^HH YatfeKHCTaHa. 
TamKeiir, Haa-BO CAIY, 1958. 

27, (1) p. 20 cm. 
HF5349.EDR3 61-25071 

Selivanova, Ekaterina VasiTevna. 

HsflepacKH oo"pam;eHHJi. Eapiiayji, Ajtraftcxoe KHHSKHOC 

H3A-BO, I960. 

27 p. 20 cm. (B noMOiiy, HaynajouwM Bonpocti SKOHOMHKH rop- 

Senger, Hans Giinther. 

Beurteilung der Vertriebskosten. Berlin, Duncker & 
Humblot ,1963, 

244 p. tables. 24 cm. (Ntirnberger Abhandlungen xo. den Wirt- 
schaffs- nnrt Soziahvlssenscbaften, Heft 20) 
HF5686.M35S4 64-44160 

Shehakin, Fedor Mitrofanovich. 

HsflepacKii ncpOHSBOscTsa u o6pameHiia npn coECHa.TH3Me n 
rtyrn HX ciiniiceiiiur. MocKna, Il3 r i;-BO BITIIJ n AOH, 1963. 

79 p. 20cm. 
HD47.S45 63-42820 J 

Thornton, Norman. 

Retail budgetary control and costing, an introduction. 
London, Business Publications r 1960i 

166 p. illus. 28cm. 
HF5429.T456 658.87 60-36422 t 


Kniffin, Fred W 

Distribution cost analysis. Washington, U. S. Small Busi- 
ness Administration, 1960. 

8 p. 27 cm. (Small business bulletin. Bibliography no. 34) 
HF5006.XJ56 no. 34 60-61714 J 


Geiger, Siegfried, 1932- 

Lexikon Marketing und Marktf orschung r von 3 Siegfried 
Geiger, Wolfgang Heyn t und 3 Wemer Seydlitz. [Konstanz, 
Delta Marketingforschung, 1961, 

213 p. 21cm. 
HF5415.G39 62-59546 J 

Strand, Stanley. 

Marketing dictionary. New York, Philosophical Library 

810 p. 23 cm. 



U. S. Business and Defense Services Administration. Office 
of Distribution. 
Selected United States marketing terms and definitions. 

5 v. 20 cm. 
HF5415.U5156 1960 658.803 60-60918 


Carpenter, Robert N 

Guidelist for marketing research and economic forecast- 
ing. New York, American Management Association {1961! 

94 p. 23 cm. (American Management Association. Research 
study, 50} 
HD21.A6 no. 50 016.65883 61-66130 t 

Frank, Nathalie D 1918- 

Market analysis: a handbook of current data sources, by 
Nathalie D. Frank. New York, Scarecrow Press, 1964. 

268 p. 22 cm. 
HF5415.F686 658.83 64-21969 

Rembeck, Max. 

Im Dienste der Marktf orschung; Marktf orschungsinsti- 
tute in Europa [Vonj Max Eembeck C und 3 Giinther P. Eieh- 
holz. r l. AuflL] Bad Worishofen, H. Holzmann t !962j 

288p. 21cm. 

HF5349.E9E4 62-59513 J 


Buzzell, Robert Dow, 1933- 

Mathematical models and marketing management [byi 
Robert D. Buzzell. Boston, Division of Research, Graduate 
School of Business Administration, Harvard University, 

vr t 281 p. lllns. 22 cm. 
HF5415.2.B8 658.8018 64-19812 

Day, Ralph L ed. . 

Marketing models: quantitative and behavioral. &<ntea 
by Ralph L. Day. Scranton, International Textbook Co. 

[1 xtv? 671 p. Illus. 24 cm. (International's series In marketing) 
HF5415.2.D3 658.8018 64-23493 


Mathematical models and methods in marketing, edited by 
Frank M. Bass t and others] Homewood, 111., E. D. Irwin, 

545 p. illus. 24 cm. (Irwln series in quantitative analysis for 
HF5415.M335 658.8018 61-8831 t 


Andrews (George H.) Engineering: Associates, inc., Wash- 
ington, D. 0. 

Training course in marketing. Washington, Office of In- 
dustrial Resources, International Cooperation Administra- 
tion r 1959 3 

Till, 90 p. diagrs. 28 cm. < C U. S. International Cooperation Ad- 
ministration) Technical bulletin no. 61) 
HD30.U4 no. 61 658.802 

Mertes, John E 

The management of marketing; a graduate course sylla- 
bus and reading list of current literature in managerial mar- 
keting. Momma, University Book Exchange, University of 
Oklahoma, C 1961. 

lv.205p. 28cm. 
HF53T6.M47 62-64053 


Canadian market data. v. 1- 

TorontOj Maclean-Hunter Pub. Ca 

v. Illus. 31cm. annual, 


Marketing times, v. 1- Apr. 1958- 

(New York] Marketing Services, General Electric Company. 

v. illus. 2Tcm. quarterly. 
HD9695.A1M3 658.805 60-33679 

Modern distribution. 

New York, International Statistical Bureau r 

v. illus. 29 cm. weekly. 



Corbin, Arnold. 

Decision exercises in marketing, using the principles of 
SysteMetrics t by, Arnold Coibin : andj George Blagcmdow, 
in collaboration with Claire Corbin. New York. McGraw- 
Hill t !964, 

Til, 176 p. iUus. agon. 
HF5415.C652 658.8018 63-23465 

RESEAKCH see Marketing research 


Vidal, Maurice. 

Analyse statistique des facteurs de la vente, par Maurice 

Tidal t etj Gilbert Castelknet. Paris, Donod, 1963 t 1962] 

281 p. Illua. 22cm. (Collection Volea noareDes de rorganlsatlcm, 

HF5415.V49 63-26974 t 


Angel, Juvenal Londono, 1907- 

Careers in marketing. 2d ed., rev. and enl. New York, 
World Trade Academy Press t e 1969] 

30 p. 26 cm. (Modem Vocational Trends career monographs, 
monograph 13, v. 2) 
HF5415.A64 1959 62-43460 t 

Bull, Robert L 

Training middle management in food distribution. New- 
ark, Eetail Marketing Section, Agricultural Extension 
Service, University of Delaware, 1959. 

50 p. 30 cm. 
HF6201.F74B8 60-62631 J 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. Euro- 
pean Productivity Agency. 

Education and training for distribution, by E. G. Magnus 
Hannaford, E. P. A. consultant for Project 353. Paris 

150 p. tables. 24 cm. 
HF5415.06T 658.807 61-2719 rev 

Rondini, Ottavio. 

Bank financing of marketing functions. [Trieste] 1958. 

76 p. 24 cm. (TJnlverslta degll studi di Trieste. Facolta dl eco- 
nomia e commerclo. Istituto dl raglonerla e tecnlca commerdale. 
[Pubblicazloni, n. 1) 
HF5415.K57 62-41105 

U. S. Busmess and Defense Services Administration. 
Office of Distribution. 

Guides to information sources for education in distribu- 
tion. [\VashingtOttjl961. 

33 p. 23 cm. 
Z7164.M18U53 61-61721 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARKETING (Continued) 

American Marketing- Association. Committee on Definitions. 

Marketing definitions; a glossary of marketing terms. 
Chairman : Ralph S. Alexander. t Chicago, American Mar- 
keting Association, e 196Qj 

2p. 23cm. 
HF5W5.A57548 61-2002 


see also 

Consumer education; 


Coles, Jessie Vee. 

Consumers look at labels. Greeley? Colo.] Council on 
Consumer Information t !964, 

55 p. illus. 19 cm. (Council on Consumer Information. Con- 
er pamphlet no. 15) 


Havas, Nick, 1926- 

Custo-mers* shopping patterns in retail food stores; an 
exploratory study t by Nick Havas and Hugh M. Smith. 
Washington, TJ. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Mar- 
keting Service, Market Development Research Division 

1 14 p. Illus. 27 cm. ( t U. S. Agricultural Marketing Service] 


[HD1751.A91&4 no. 400] Agr 60-345 

U. S. Dept of Agr. Libr. A280.39M34Am DO. 400 

Huff, DarrelL 

How to lower your food bills j your guide to the battle of 
the supermarket t by] Darrell and Frances Huff. [New 
York, Macfadden-Bartell Corp., 1963] 

157 p. 18 cm. 
TX356.H8 641.S1 63-4399 J 

Magazine Publishers Association. 

Grade labeling and the consumer, an informative study. 
New York t !945j 
98 p. 20cm. 

339.4207 45-7460 rev* 

Morrison, Wendell Wallace, 1897- 

Tips on selecting fruits and vegetables. [Washington, 
TJ. S. Govt Print Off., 1961] 

iv, 44 p. 24 cm. (U. S. Dept of Agriculture. Marketing bulletin 
no. IS) 

Agr 61-162 
U.S. Dept. of Agr. Libr. A280.39Ag8M no. 13 

Spindler, Evelyn L (Blanchard) 1909- 

Planning your family food supply; a guide for county 
extension workers. t Washingtonj Federal Extension Serv- 
ice, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture [1961, 

19 p. illus. 26 cm. ( C U. S. Dept of Agriculture] PA 425) 

Agr 61-110 
U.S. Dept of Agr. Libr. !Ag84Pro no. 425 

U. S. Agricultural Research Service, Consumer and Food 
Economics Research Division. 

Family food budgeting for good meals and good nutri- 
tion, j Washington, TJ. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1964] 

15 p. illus. 27 cm. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Home and 

garden bulletin no. 
[TX7.46 no. 94] 
U.S.Nat'l Agr. Llbr. 


Agr 64-98 

Wright, Carlton E 

Food buying; marketing information for consumers. 
New York, Macmillan t !962j 

410 p. illus. 22 cm. 
TX356.W7 641.31 62-7211 J 

produce Marketing 

MARKETING OF FRUIT see Fruit Marketing 

see also Cooperative marketing of 
livestock; Domestic animals Grading 


Haandvaerkerbanken i Kj^benhavn. 

Twek af torvehandelens historie. r Kj0benhavn] 1959. 
48 p. Illua. 23 cm. 
HD9715.D42H2 62-36918 t 


Haas, John Thomas, 1932- 

Veal calf pooling; improved marketing through grading 1 
and commingling. t Washingtonj Farmer Cooperative Serv- 
ice, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1963. 

Jv, 43p. illns., map. 26cm. ([U.S. Dept. of Agriculturej Mar- 
keting research report 615) 

HD1751.A9183 no. 615 Agr63-38 

U.S.Nat'l Agr. Llbr. lA84Mr no. 615 


Bishop, Dwight R 1914- 

Uruguay's livestock and meat industry. t Washington] 
Foreign Agricultural Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 

12 p. illus. 26 cm. 
[S2LZ2S83 no. 150] 

U.S.Nat'l Agr. Libr. 

J. S. Foreign Agricultural Service] 

Agr 63-345 
A281.9F76Fm no. 150 


Randell, Cortes Gilbert, 1896- 

Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association; a Wis- 
consin operation. [Washington;, Farmer Cooperative Serv- 
ice, TJ. S. Dept. of Agriculture; [for sale by the Superin- 
tendent of Documents, Govt. Print. Off., 1963 ] 

Ti, 78 p. illus., maps. 24 cm. (tU. S. Farmer Cooperative Serv- 
ice] PCS circular 32) 

HD1491.U5A38 no. 32 Agr 63-56 

TT.S.Nat'1 Agr. Llbr. A28O29F22 no. 82 


see also Consumer panels; Market 
surveys; Motivation research (Market- 
ing); Retail trade Research; Sales 

Adler, Max, 1905- 

A short guide to market research in Europe. London, C. 
Lockwood [1962, 

87 p. 19 cm. 
HF5415.A32153 64-3896 

Alderson, Wroe. 

Marketing and the computer. Editors: Wroe Alderson 
t and] Stanley J. Shapiro. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice- 
Hall, 1963. 

443 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.A38 658.018 63-7403 J 

American Marketing Association. Committee on Marketing 
Research Standards. 

Criteria to assist users of marketing research. [Prepared 
by Joseph C. Bevis, chairman^ assisted by members of the 
American Marketing Association Committee on Marketing 
Eesearch Standards. Chicago, American Marketing Asso- 
ciation, C 1962. 

21 p. 23 cm. 
HF5415.A57549 62-6987 t 

American Management Association. International Manage- 
ment Division. 

Market research in international operations: tools, tech- 
niques, and organizational approaches. New York t !960] 

88 p. illus. 23 cm. (AM A management report no. 5S) 
HF5415.A2A537 658.83 61-932 J 

Associazione italiana per gli studi di mercato. Cammu- 
sione di studio per le ricerche di mercato nel campo dei 
leni strumentalL 

Le ricerche di mercato nel campo dei beni strumentalL 
Collaborator!: Guglielmo Eizzi t et alj Settpri: Attrezza- 
ture elettromeccaniche, Autoveicoli industriali, Prodotti 
chimici, Industria meccanica, Apparecchiature sanitarie. 
Milano, Giuffre, 1959, 

be, 104 p. illus. 25 cm. (QnadernI dell'ABSociazione Italiana per 
gUattadldi mercato, 5) 
HF5415.A2A84 64-36861 

Barksdale, Hiram C 

Problems in marketing research; in-basket simulation. 
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1963, 

446 p. illus. 28cm. 
HF5415.B353 658.83 63-9469 J 

Behrens, Karl Christian. 

Demoskopische Marktforschung. Wiesbaden, Betriebs- 
wirtschaf tlicher Verlag T. Gabler t !961, 

167 p. 25 cm. (Betrieb und Markt ; Studlenreihe, Bd. 1) 
HF5415.B427 63-31051 

Behrens, Karl Christian. 

Marktforschung. Wiesbaden, T. Gabler r 1959j 

163 p. 24 cm. (Die Wirtschaftswissenschaften, 14. Lfg. Heine 

A: Betriobswirtschnftslebre, 15. Beltrag) 

A 60-3518 

New York Univ. Libraries HF5414 

Bierf elder, Wilhelm. 

Die Marktentnahme; eine Analyse ihrer Bestimmungs- 
faktoren. jNurnberg, 1959j 

236 p. diagrs 21 cm. ( Markt wirtschaft und Verbrauch, Bd. 10) 
HF5415.B447 63-57493 

Bottomley, David T 

, Introduction to market analysis; notes for students. 
[Melbourne Market Research Society of Victoria C 1959] 
loop, illus. 21cm, 

A 61-4171 t 
New York Univ. Libraries 

JBoyd, Harper W 

Marketing research; text and cases, by Harper W. Boyd 
and Ralph WestfaU. With the collaboration of William 
D Barclay on the sampling chapters. Rev. ed. Homewood, 
HL,E.D. Irwin, 1964. 

xvii, 791 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.2.B65 1964 658.83 64-3469$ 

Britt, Steuart Henderson, 1907- 

The spenders. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 
293 p 22 cm (McGraw-Hill series In marketing and advertising) 
HC110.C6BT 658.83 60-14994 J 

Castellanos, Diego Luis. 

Manual para estudios de mercados, guia metodol6gica. 
[Caracas, Tall. Graf, de Mersifrica, I960] 

126 p. 23 cm. 
HF5415.C29 62-43385 J 

Cati, Benedetto. 

Le ricerche di mercato nel settore bancario. Pref. del 
prof. G. TagKacarne. Milano, A. Giuffre, 1959. 

vii, 100 p. maps, diagrs. 25 cm. (Quadernl dell' Associazione 
italiana per gli studi dl mercato, 4) 

HG1616.C33 A 60-3253 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Coleman, John A 

Tabulation: elements of planning and techniques L by] John 
A. Coleman, chairman, Edward Murray c and] C. H. Judson, 
Jr rChicagOi American Marketing Association, 1962. 

18 p illus 23cm, (Marketing research techniques series, no. 5) 
HF5415.C5427 63-3533 t 

DeBoer, Lloyd Martin, 1923- 

Segmental market analysis; an analysis of intra-market 
behavior. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1957] 

([University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 23,317) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 23,317 Mic 57-4573 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Ferber, Robert 

Marketing research t byj Eobert Ferber, Donald F. Blan- 
kertz c and] Sidney Hollander, Jr. New York, Eonald Press 
t 1964] 

xi, 679 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.F418 658.83 64-16615 

Ferrero, Giovanni. 

JLa clientela nell'analisi delle vendite; problemi di rileva- 
zione. Milano, Giuffre, 1958. 

208 p. 25 cm. (University degll studi di Torino. Istituto di 
ricerche econoiuico-aziendaii. Pubblicazloni, 6) 
HF5415.F44 63-36798 J 

Ferro, H 

Marktonderzoek in die praktijk. Bussum, G. J. A. Ruys, 

HF5415.F45 ' ' ' 59-44681 

Foundation for Research on Human Behavior. 

Psychological research on consumer behavior. Ann 
Arbor, Mich. t !962] 

74 p. tables. 28cm. 
HC110.C6F595 62-16526 

Frank, Ronald Edward, 1933- ed. 

Quantitative techniques in marketing analysis: text and 
readings r by 3 Eonald E. Frank, Alfred A. Kuehn t andj 
William F. Massy. Homewood, 111., R. D. Irwin, 1962. 

556 p. illus. 24 cm. (Irwin series in quantitative analysis for 
HF5415.F69 658.83 62-20666 J 

Greenlaw, Paul Stephen, 1930- 

Marksim; a marketing decision simulation, by Paul S, 
Greenlaw and Fred W. Kniffin. Scranton, International 
Textbook Co. [1964j 

x, 195 p. illus. 28 cm. (International's aeries in marketing) 
HF5415.2.GT 658.8018 64-24528 

Haldi, John, 1931- 

Simulated economic models; a laboratory guide to eco- 
nomic principles of market behavior, by John Haldi and 
Harvey M. Wagner. Homewood, 111., R. D. Irwin, 1963. 

xll, 172 p Illus. 20 cm 
HF5415.H18 658.807 63-16886 

Heidingsfield, Myron Samuel, 1914- 

Marketing and business research t by] Myron S. Heidings- 
field t and] Frank H. Eby, Jr. New York, Holt, Rinehart 
and Winston [1962] 

250 p. illus. 22 cm. (Modern management series) 
HF5415.H356 658.83 62-19305 t 

Heiskell, Andrew. 

The role of marketing research in today's business man- 
agement. East Lansing, Bureau of Business and Economic 
Research, College of Business and Public Service, Michigan 
State University, 1958. 

21 p. 23 cm. (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Michi- 
gan State University. Marketing and transportation paper no. 1) 
HF5415.H357 658.83 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Herpel, George Lloyd, 1921- 

The position and status of research within the marketing 
functions of the shoe manufacturing industry. Ann Arbor 
Mich., University Microfilms [1959;, ' 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-899 Mi c 59-899 

Heyn, Wolfgang, 1926- 

, on, - 

Stichprobenverfahren in der Marktforschung. 
urg, Physica- Verlag, 1960. 
108 p. illus. 24 cm. 


. . 



Hill, Richard M 1923- 

Techniques of measuring market potential for whole- 
salers. Urbana, Bureau of Business Management, College 
of Commerce and Business Administration, University of 
Illinois [1962] 

60 p. illus. 23 cm. (Illinois. University. Bureau of Business 
Management. Bulletin no. 820) Business 

HF5415.H52 A 62-9640 rev 2 

Illinois. Unir. Library 

Holbsek-Hanssen, Letf. 

Markedsforskning; et hjelpemiddel til bedre beslutninger 
i bedriftene. Oslo, J. Grundt Tanum, 1958. 

316 p. illus. 23 cm. 

HF5415.H735 63-43539 \ 

Holloway, Robert J 

Marketing research and market planning for the small 
manufacturer. Prepared by the University of Minnesota 
under the Small Business Administration Management Re- 
search Grant Program, by Robert J. Holloway. Minne- 
apolis, 1961. 

02 p. diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Small business management re- 
search reports) 

Holmes, Parker M 

Marketing research, principles and readings. Cincinnati, 
South-western Pub. Co. t !960i 

646 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.H745 658.83 60-8321 J 

Internationale Beitrage zur Markt- und Mekungsforschung. 
[Tubingen, Demokrit Verlag, 19 

v. 22cm. 

Iowa. State University of Science and Technology, Ames. 
Cooperative Extension Service in Agriculture and Some 
Consumer marketing handbook. Ames, 1959-61. 

5v. illus. (part col.) maps. 28cm. 
HC110.C6 1 56 6S-62780 

Kawan, Alfred, 1931- 

Marktf orschung, Absatzpolitik und Werbung als betriebs- 
wirtschaftliche Hauptprobleme einer Investment-Gesell- 
schaft. [Mimcheni 1958. 

179,c4ip. 21cm. 
HG4530.K3 64-35120 

Kjaer-Hansen, Max, 1896- 

Ef terf rageanalys ; ett verktyg inom marknadsf orskningen. 
Goteborg, 1956. 

61 p. illus. 23 cm. (Institute! for cjistributlonsekonoralsk och 
administrativ forskning vid Haudelshogskolan. i Gbteborg. Medde- 
landenr. G) 
HF5415.K533 64-42987 t 

Lucia, Luigi de. 

Problem! di tecnica campionaria nelle analisi di mercato ; 
la stima delle proporzioni. Prel di Giuseppe Pompilj. 
Milano, A. Giuffre, 1958. 

126 p, 25 cm. (Quaderni dell'Assoclazione Italiana per gll studi 
dl mercato, 3) 

HF5415.L76 A 63-429 t 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Luck, David Johnston. 

Marketing research t byj David J. Luck, Hugh G. Wales 
t andj Donald A. Taylor. 2d ed. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 
Prentice-Hall, 1961. 

541 p. illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.L78 1961 658.83 61-8228 J 

Merk, Gerhard. 

Wissenschaftliche Marktforschung. Berlin, Duncker & 
Humblot [1962] 

155 p. 24 cm. 
HF5415.M46 63-54900 

Meyer, Carl Walter. 

Die Koordination von Unternehmung und Markt; ein 
systematischer Grundriss. Berlin, Duncker & Humblofc 

86 p. 24 cm. (Vertrlebswirtschaftlichft Abhandlungen des Insti- 
tuts ftir Industrielle Verbrauchaforschung und Vertrtebsmethoden der 
Technischen Universitat Berlin, Heft 3) 
HD38.M47 63-47548 J 

Nielsen (A. C.) Company. 

jChicago ?j 

v. illus. 28cm. annual. 


Organization for European Economic Cooperation. Euro- 
pean Productivity Agency. 

Market research on a European scale; Paris Conference, 
29th June-lst July 1959, Project no. 5/39. Paris t 1960j 
136 p. 24 cm. 

HF5415.0683 658.83 61-19138 

Paquet, Pierre, 1913- 

Investissements et etudes de marche* Paris, Sirey 1962 
180 p. iilus. 23 cm. (Recherches Sconomiques, 7) 
HG4011.P25 63-32432 t 

Production and Marketing Research Conference for the 
Benefit of Small Business, University of Hawaii, 1958. 

Proceedings. [Honolulu, Economic Planning and Coor- 
dination Authority, 1958. 

xitl, 121 p. 28 cm. 
HC687.H3P7 1958 658.5709969 60-63486 

Radel, P E 

Market research practice in South Africa. Pretoria, Bu- 
reau of Market Research, University of South Africa, 1900. 

55 p. 25 cm. (Bureau of Market Research, University of South 
Africa. Research report, no. 1) 
HF5349.A4SS no. 1 63-32252 rev 

Rembeck, Max. 

Im Dienste der Marktforschung; Marktforschungsinsti- 
tute in Europa t von 2 Max Rembeck C und 3 Giinther P. Eich- 
holz. [1. Aufl., Bad Worishofen, H. Holzmann f 1962i 

288 p. 21cm. J 

HF5349.E9R4 62-59513 t 

Robinson, Patrick J 

Promotional decision making: practice and theory; a 
study in marketing management t byj Patrick J. Robinson 
[and] David J. Luck. New York, McGraw-Hill [1964, 

xxvi, 254 p illus. 25 cm. (McGraw-Hill Marketing Science In- 

HF5415.3.R6 658.8 64-25175 

Schad, Hans. 

Marktabenteuer oder Marktforschung? Betriebswirt- 
schaftliche Marktforschung als Mittel der Umsatzsteige- 
rung. Wiesbaden, T. Oabler t 1957 } 

54 p. 24 cm. (Fachbiicher fiir die Wirtschaft) 

A 60-5004 
New York Univ. Libraries HF5415 

Scheubrein, Harald. 

Horizontal, vertikale und totale Konkurrenz; eine 
absatzwirtschaffcliche Studie. r Nurnbergj Gesellschaft fur 
Konsumforschung C 1958 3 

198 p. 21 cm. (Marlttwirtschaft und Verbrauch, Bd. T) 


Schreier, Fred T 

Modern marketing research; a behavioral science ap- 
proach. Belmont, Calif., Wadsworth Pub. Co. [1963] 

xix, 4SU i>. ilhts. 24 cm. 


Smith, Dihnan M K 

How to avoid mistakes when introducing new products, 
by Dilman M. K Smith. t lst ed.] New York, Vantage 
Press L 1964, 

131 p. Illus. (1 col.) 21 cm. 
HD69.N4S6 658.83 64-55855 

Smith, Paul Ignatius Slee, 1905- 

Technical and industrial advertising and marketing. 
London. Business Publications r!963i 

261 p. illus. 23cm. 
HF5823.SC2 63-4888 J 

Stacey, Nicholas A H 

Industrial marketing research: management and technique 
c by] Nicholas A. H. Stacey and Aubrey Wilson. London, 
Hutchinson [1963] 

284 p. illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.S743 658.83 64-4085 

Tagliacarne, Gugliehno. 

Tecnica e pratica delle ricerche di mercato. 3. ed., com- 
pletamente riv. e notevolmente_ ampliata con mimerosi esempi 
ed applieazioni ai mercati italiani. Milano, A. Giuffre, 1960. 

912 p. 111U8. 25cm. 

[HF5415.T ] A 62-703 t 

New York TJniv. Idbrarie* 

Theunissen, Jean. 

L'etude- du marche; la cle de la prosperity de 1'entreprise 
et de la paix sociale. Bruxelles, Les Editions de la Librairie 
encyclopedique, 1959. 

231 p. diagrs., tables. 24 cm. 

HF5415.T497 A 60-2037 

New York Univ. Libraries 


Villalobos Saturno, Rito Raul. 

Metodologia y procedimientos de las investigadones de 
mercados. Mexico, Editorial Gultura, 1955. 

116p, illus. 24cm. 
HF5415.V53 60-32230 t 

Wasson, Chester R 

The. strategy of marketing research [by 3 Chester B. Was- 
son. New York, Appleton- Century-Crofts ^964, 

x, 661 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5415.W33 658.83 64-15387 

Weston, John Frederick. 

Defense-space market research. Cambridge, Mass., M. I. T. 
Press f !964j 

iz, 189 p. illus. 25cm. 
TJG633.W38 658.8S 64-16416 

WilUams, Roger, 1920- 

Technical market research, a bird^s eye view. ,Genevaj 
Roger Williams Technical & Economic Services, 1962 

118 p. 21cm. 
HF5415.W5473 658.83 63-4095 J 


Market analysis and forecasting, selling and advertising; a 
summary of proceedings of a seventh one-day conference of 
owners nnd managers of manufacturing and processing 
plants, held at Dalhousie University on June 15, 1960 in 
cooperation with the Nova Scotia Dept. of Trade and In- 
dustry t and othersj Halifax, Bureau of Industrial Rela- 
tions, Institute of Public Affairs, Dalhousie University, 

-*, KU \ J S , cnj ' ( Daltlousl * University tHalifax, N. S.j Institute of 

Public Affairs. Current publications no 18) 

HF5415.M28 4-32395 I 


American Bankers Association. "Dept. of Automation and 
Market Research. 

A bankers bibliography on market research. r New York, 

53 p. 23 om. 

Carpenter, Robert N 

Guidelist for marketing research and economic forecast- 
ing. New York, American Management Association f !961i 

94 p 23 cm. (American Management Association. Kesearch 
Btuay, 50) 

HD21.A6 no. 50 016.65883 61-66130| 

DeBoer, Lloyd Martin, 192&- 

Marketing research procedures. Rev. Washington, Small 
Business Administration, 1959 

bulfeti'a (&C*W) BUSlQeSS MmlnlStrati0a - SmaU business 
HF5006.U56 no. 9 1959 016.65883 59-62250 rev t 

Wales, Hugh G 

A basic bibliography on marketing research, compiled by 
Hugh G. Wales and Robert Ferber. f 2d ed. 3 Chicago, 
American Marketing Association t 1963j 

xli, 182 p. 24 cm. (AMA bibliography series, no. 2. 1963 re- 
Z7164.M18W3 1963 016.65883 63-6047 


Institut de science economique appliquee. 

Cahiers, Srie K: Provision economique et economic de 
Paris, 195 

v. Illus 22-2Tcm. 
HF5006 J 65 

Oklahoma. State University of Agriculture and Applied 
Science, Stillwater. School of Commerce. Market Re- 
search Service. 

Market research study. 

v. illus. 28 cm. 
HF5415.0553 55-22978 rev J 


EMNID-Arbeitstagung fiir Verbrauchs-, Vcrkaufs- und 

EMNID-Arbeitstagung fiir Verbrauchs-, Verkaufs- und 
Werbeforschung. [Berichtej 
Bielefeld, EMNID GmbH & Co. 

v. Illus. 30cm. annual. 
HF5415.E2 54-36296 rev 


Rotsch, Lothar. 

Kleines Fachworterbuch der Markt- und Meinungsfor- 
sctiung und der Werbung; eine grundlegende Zusammenstel- 
lung englisch-deutscher Fachvrorter. 2. verm. Aufl. Tiibia- 
gen, Demokrit Verlag, 1961 ['I960! 

40 p. 21 cm. (Internationale Beitrage zur Markt- und Meluungs. 
f orschung:, Bd. 2) 
HF5415J6 Bd.2,1961 63-32925 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



XL. S. Agricultural Marketing Service. 

Marketing research directory: Agricultural Marketing 
Service; field locations, personnel in charge. (Washington, 

20 p. 26cm. (/fcrAMS-495) 

[HD1751.A9184 no. 495] Agr 63-100 

U.S.Nat'lAgr.Llbr. A280.39M34Am no. 495 


see also Commodity exchanges; Fairs; 
also subdivision Markets under 
names of cities 


Bohannan, Paid, ed. 

Markets in Africa. Edited by Paul Bohannan and George 
Dalton. Evanston 5 HI.) Northwestern University Press 

[1 xrli,762p. maps, dlagrs., tables. 24cm. (Northwestern Univr- 

altyiEnuwton.!!!., African studies, no. ) 

HF5475.A42S73 338.140967 61-12383 

Japan. Norinsho. Shokwryo Eannkyoku. 


4, 84 p. 21cm. 
Caption title 

1. Markets China. I. Title. 

Title romanined: Shlna jOdal no sbijo. 

J 61-4529 

Harvard Univ. CMm 

Japanese Library 4543 

Kfeoma, Takae, 1916- 

t IS iff * <n to ft #J ft % .\'. 

2, 4, 822 p. table*. 22 cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

L China Comm. Hist 2. China (People's Kepubllc of China, 
1M9- ' ) Comm. 8. Markets China. t Title. 

Title nmamisted; Chflgoku shijd no MteOteki henkaku. 


J 64-1237 


Parnicki-PudeBfo, Stefan. 

Agora; geneza i rozw6j rynku greckiego. [Wyd. 1.] 
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163 p. lllus. 25 on. (Blblioteka archeologlczna, t 8) 
DE6LA4P3 60-39613 t 


Hongkong. Go-operative Development Dept. 

Departmental report by the commissioner for co-operative 
Hong Kong, Govt Printer. 

T. 21 cm. annual (Hongkong. Annual departmental re- 
HD3540.A3H6 57-34108 rev J 


Dewey, Alice G 

Modjokuto: the village market in Java. Cambridge, 
Mass., Center for International Studies, Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, 1957. 

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Reinhard, Hans, writer on legal topics. 

Der Marktkauf in. den. schweizerischen Stadfarechten des 
Mittelalters. Aarau,H.R.Sauerlander,19^ .^ 

xttl, 109 p. 23 cm. (Zflrduer Betfag zur BechtBwlasenadmft, 
n. P.. Heft 216) 



Ozde, Gunduz. 

Turk cargilan. Istanbul, Pulhan Matbaasi, 1958. 
9 p. lUu& t map, plans. 90 cm. 


Sajamska tribina. 

v. In llliis., ports. 41cm. wsmlmonthljr. 
HF5474.Y82B44 64-86851 


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Point d'orgue; entretiens avec Claude Rostand. Paris, 
R. Julliard ['1959! 
195 p. port. 19 cm. 

Oregon. Univ. LIbr. 



Genealogy and history of the Jacob Markey family of 
York County, Pennsylvania, 1750-1961. t iu p., 1961?, 

124 p. lllus., ports., coL coat of arms. 28cm. 
CS71.M344 1961 62-6846 


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Admirals in collision. London, H. Hamilton [1959] 

174 p. lllus. 22cm. 

DA88.1.T8H6 1959a 942.08 60-179 t 

MARKHAM, EDWIN, 1852-1940 

Synnestvedt, Sigfried T 

Bread, beauty, and brotherhood; the ethical consciousness 
of Edwin Markham. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro- 
films [1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4665 Mic 59-4665 

MARKHAM, GERVASE, 15687-1637 
Gittings, Robert. 

Shakespeare's rival; a study in three parts. London, 
Heinemann [I960] 

138 p. lllus. 23 can. 
PK2912.M3G5 822.33 62-6698 J 

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Gervase Markham. 

(In English Association. Essays and studies. London. 22 cm. 
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A 62-3028 rev 
Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


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Vargin, Nikolai Fedorovich. 

KoMHCcap BojiaccKOfi $JIOTHJIHH. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO 

nOJIHT. JIHT-pM, 1961. 

84 p, Illua. 20cm. (PepOH H noABHra) 
DK265.35.V6V3 62-67233 1 

MARKING (STUDENTS) see Grading and mark- 
ing (Students) 


see also Stencils and stencil cutting 

MARKING -OUT see Laying-out (Machine- 
shop practice) 


Burin, Ivan. 

MapKO KpaaeBHTH. CO$H, E-MrapcKH nHcaTea, 1959. 
80S p. lllus. 28cm. 
PGH037.B85M3 61-21007 t 

Boric, Vojislav J., 1912- ed. 

KpajBftBHh MapKO. Eeorpafl, HapOAna Kaara, 1952. 
100 p. illus. 20cm. (HapOAHe necjvie) 
PG1464.D82 55-57498 rev t 

Bnri6, Vojislav J., 1912- ed. 

Hapo^He jyaaiKe necMe o Mapxy Kpajbesahy. 2. na^. 
Beorpa^;, HO.IHT, 1958. 

139 p. 17cm. (UlKOflcica CHC^HOTeKa, 29) 

195R 59-32273 rev 1 


MARKOFF PROCESSES see Matrkov processes 

MARKON see Markup 


Dynkin, E B 

OcHOBanna Teopnii MapEoscsnx npoijeccou." MOCKBE, Toe. 
HSA-BO $n3HKO-MaTeMaTii^:ecKOtt jtHt-pH, 1959. 
227 p. 21 cm. (TeopHji BepOHTHOcrefi H MareMaTMHecKax craTH- 



Pavlov, V E 

MapKOBniH B <5oax H noxo^ax aa POCCHK B o 
HOfl BOftne 1917-1920 ro^os. Hapnac, 1962- 


Durii, Vojislav J., 1912- ed. 

HapoflHe necne o KpajhesHhy Mapsy. Beorpa^;, [1951] 

244 p. illua. 21 cm. 

55-20639 rev 



Bulgarska akademiia na naukite, Sofia. Bibtiotelca. 

BjiaflHMHp MapKOs; 6Ho6n6^Horpa$H. CO$H, EtJtrap- 
CKa aKaflCMna na HayKHie, 19GO. 
201 p. ports. 21 cm. (Its EHo6H6"JiHorpacj)HH Ha foflrapCKH 

R5T5.B8B8 63-40163 

MARKOV CHAINS see Markov processes 


Bharucha-Reid, Albert T 

Elements of the theory of Markov processes and their ap- 
plications. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

468 p. illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill series in probability and sta- 
QA273.B57 519.1 60-6960 J 

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Statistical inference for Markov processes. [Chicago] Uni- 
versity of Chicago Press [1961] 

75 p. 25 cm. ( Statistical research monographs, v. 2) 
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Markov chains with stationary transition probabilities. 
Berlin, Springer, 1960. 

is, 278 p. 24 cm. (Die Grundlenren der mathematlschen Wis- 
senschaften in Elnzeldarstellungen, Bd. 104) 
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Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Dynkin, E B 

Die Grundlagen der Theorie der Markoffschen Prozesse. 
Ins Deutsche iibertragen von Josef Wloka. Berlin, Springer. 

174 p. 24 cm. (Die Grundlehren der mathematlschen Wtssen- 
schaften In Elnzeldarstellung en mit besonderer Berflckalcntlgung 
der Anwendungsgebiete, Bd. 108) 
QA273.D915 61-42822 1 

Dynkin, E B 

MapKOBCKHe nponeccH. MocKsa, Foe. IIS^-BO ^HSHKO- 
MateMaTiiHecEOtt JIHT-PH, 1963. 
859 p. 21 cm. (TeopHji BepoaTHocxefl H MareMaTHHecKa* craTH- 


QA273.D89 63-46927 J 

Dynkin, E B 

OcHOBaana TeopHH MEPKOBCKHX npon;eccoB. MocKBa, Foe. 
USA-BO $H3HKo-MaxeMaTOTecKOfi ^KT-PH, 1959. 
227 p. 21 cm. (Teopiw BepOHTHOcrefi H MareMaTHqecKasi craiH- 



Dynkin, E B 

Theory of Markov processes. Translated from the Rus- 
sian by D. E. Brown. Edited by T. Kovary. New York, 
Pergamon Press, 1960. 

210 p. 22 cm. 
QA273.D913 519.1 60-15549 t 

Dynkin, E B 

Theory of Markov processes. Translated from the Rus- 
sian by D. E, Brown. Edited by T. Kovary. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1961 [1960, 

210p. 23cm. 
QA273.D913 1961 519.1 61-3296 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Howard, Ronald A 

Dynamic programming and Markov processes. [Cam- 
bridge, Technology Press of Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology [I960, 

136 p. illus. 24cm. 
QA264.H6 519.9 60-11030 J 

Kemperman, Johannes Henricus Bernardus, 

The passage problem for a stationary Markov chain. c Chi- 
cagO] University of Chicago Press t !961] 

127 p. 25 cm. (Statistical research monographs, v. 1) 
QA273.K34S 519.1 61-8080 

Nelson, Edward, 1932- 

On the operator theory of Markoff processes. Chicago 
[Library Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University 
of Chicago j 1955. 
Microfilm. 4583 QA Mic 62-7288 

Port, Sidney C 

Some theorems on functionals of Markov chains r byj Sid- 
ney C. Port, Santa Monica, Calif., Rand Corp., 1964. 

vil, 36 p. 28 cm. (Rand Corporation. Memorandum RM-3985- 
Q180.A1K36 no. 3985 64-6828 

Skorokhod, Anatoli! Vladimirovich. 

HcCvieflOBaHKa no TeopaH cjiyiafiHux nponeccos; cioxa- 
cxuHecKiie flii<|><|>epe!mHajii>HHe ypasHCHna H npeAeni,HHe 
TeopeMH fljia npoujeccoB MapKOua. [KaeS] 1961. 

215 p. 23 cm. 
QA273.S62 62-59314 

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Markov learning models for multiperson interactions, by 
Patrick Suppes and Richard C. Atkinson. Stanford, Calif., 
Stanford University Press, 1960. 

296 p. Illus. 26cm. (Stanford mathematical studies in the social 
sciences, 5) 
HM251.S84 301.150151 60-11632 J 


Nemenschousky, Leon. 

A day with Alicia Markova. Translated by Margaret Mc- 
Gregor. [Photos. : Pierre Rondiere. London, Cassell, I960] 

32 p. illus. 25 cm. 
GV1785.M3N413 927.933 61-556 J 


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Svetozar Markovic" and the origins of Balkan socialism, by 
Woodford D. McClellan. Princeton, N. J., Princeton Uni- 
versity Press, 1964. 

Till, 308 p. port. 23 era. 
HX377.M3M3 335.094971 63-23410 

Prodanovtf, Dimitrije. 

Shvatanje Svetozara Markovic*a o drzavi. Beograd, 1961. 
134 ! 20 cm 
HX377.M3P7 62-43088 J 


Plate, A F 

BjiafliiMEtp BaoMtCBH 1 ! MapKOBHHKOB ; oieps JKHSHH H 
flearejibHOCTH, 1837-1904. Mocxsa, HSA-BO AicafleMHH nayK 
CCCP, 1962. 

150, [2, p. llltiB., ports. 20 cm. 
QD22.M37P548 62-48733 

MARKS, ARTISTS ' see Artists' marks 

MARKS, HOUSE see House marks 

MARKS, POTTERS' see Pottery Marks 

MARKS, PRINTERS' see Printers' marks 

MARKS IN PAPER see Water- marks 


see also Certificates of origin; Trade- 

Conference Internationale pour la protection de la proprie'te* 
industrielle, London, 193^ 

International agreement regarding false indications of 
origin on goods. London, 2nd June, 1934. Irish accession 
took effect on 14th May, 1958. Dublin, Stationery Office 

10 p. 25cm. ([Ireland (Eire) Treaties, etc.) Treaty series, 1958, 
no. 14) 
JX640.I7A3 1958, no. 14 

[Conference Internationale pour la protection de la propriete* 
industrielle, Lisbon, 1Q5B 1 

International agreement regarding false indications of 
origin on goods. Lisbon, October 31, 1958. London, H. M. 
Stationery Off., 1959. 

7 p. 25 cm. ([Gt. Brit. Foreign Office] Miscellaneous, 1959, no. 


Macdonald-Taylor, Margaret Stephens, ed. 

A dictionary of marks: metalwork, furniture, ceramics. 
With an introd. by L. G. G. Ramsey. London, Connoisseur 

318 p. Illus., col. plate. 22 cm. 
NK7210.M25 1962a 63-1876 

Macdonald-Taylor, Margaret Stephens. 

A dictionary of marks: metalwork, furniture, ceramics; 
the identification handbook for antique collectors. With an 
introd. by L. G. G. Ramsey. [1st ed.] New York, Haw- 
thorn Books [1962] 

318 p. illus., col. plate. 22 cm. 
NK7210.M25 704.987 62-17114 

Union Internationale pour la protection de la propriety in- 
dustrielle. Bureau. 

Die Beschllisse der Revisionskonferenzen von Nizza und 
Lissabon des Verbandes zum Schutz des Gewerblichen 
Eigentums. Wien, Verlag im Osterreichischen Patentamt, 

59 p. 30 cm. 


Union Internationale pour la protection de la proprie'te' in- 
dustrielle. Bureau. 

Les indications de provenance et les appellations d'origine, 
dans la legislation de certains pays de 1'Union de Paris pour 
la protection de la proprie'te industrielle. Berne, Bureau 
international pour la protection de la propriete industrielle, 

62 p. 29cm. 

61-28636 I 

1949- ) 

Hauffe, Hans Giinter. 

Die liebe Konkurrenz; Spielregeln. im Kampf urn den 
Kunden. c l. AuiL, Diisseldorf , Econ-Verlag [1962j 


Kerly, Sir Duncan Mackenzie, 1863-1938. 

Law of trade marks and trade names. 8th ed. by R. G. 
Lloyd. London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1960. 
Ixiv, 704 p. 26 cm. 

608.87 61-1233 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and For- 

Steel container labeling and woven label identification. 
Hearing before a subcommittee of the Committee on Inter- 
state and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, on H. R. 4994 t and 
othe^ ... November 6, 1963. Washington, U. S. Govt. 
Print. Off., 1964. 

Ill, 66 p. tables. 24 cm. 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance. 

Marking of imported articles. Hearing before the Com- 
mittee on Finance, United States Senate, Eighty-eighth 
Congress, first session, on H. R. 2513, to amend the Tariff 
act of 1930 to require certain new packages of imported 
articles to be marked to indicate the country of origin, and 
for other purposes; and amendment proposed thereto, to 
require marking of all imported lumber and wood products 
to indicate to the ultimate purchaser in United States the 
name of country of origin. March 21, 1963. Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 
Iv,144p. Illus, 24cm. 



MARKS ON PLATE see Hall-marks 


MARKSMANSHIP see Shooting 

Gurley, John G 

Liquidity and financial institutions in the postwar period, 
by John G. Gurley. Profits, profit markups, and productiv- 
ity : an examination of corporate behavior since 1947, by Ed- 
win Kuh. Materials prepared in connection with the study 
of employment, growth, and price levels for consideration 
by the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United 
States. Study papers nos. 14 and 15. Washington, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1960. 

Ix, 111 p. dlagrs , tables. 24 cm, 

HG538.G03 332.4973 60-60584 

Heinrichs, Wolfgang. 

Die Handelsspanne und die Planung der Erlose im sozia- 
listischen Einzelhandel t vonj Heinrichs, Freyer c und] Per- 
gold. Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaf t, 1959. 

131 p. 22 cm. { Schrif tenreihe Der Handel, Heft 11 ) 
HF5349.G33H42 60-30722 \ 

Langer, Hans. 

Kosten, Handelsspannen, Preise im sozialistischen Einzel- 
handel. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1960. 

55 p. Illus. 23 cm. (Die Ckonomik der sozialistischen Handels- 

HF5349.G3LS3 A 64-65 t 

Wisconsin. Univ. Ltbr. 

Liening, Ernst, 1911- 

Die Eegelung der Handelsspannen fur industrielle Er- 
zeugnisse 1945 bis 1958 in der SBZ. Berlin, 1959. 

vll, 121 p. tables. 21 cm. (Berichte des Osteuropa-Instituts an 
der Frelen Unlversltat Berlin, Heft 39. Wlrtschaftswlssenscbaftliche 
Folge, Nr. 10) 
HC287A2B36 Nr.10 60-18616 

Mellerowicz, Konrad, 1891- 

Die Handelsspamie bei fre-ion, gebundenen und empfoliL- 
lenen Preisen. Freiburg im Breisgau, R. Haufe [1961j 

258 p. lllus. 21 on. (Sdirif tenreihe des Forscbungsinstttuts fur 
das Markemvesen, Berlin, in Yerblndong mlt der Gtesellschaft zur Br- 
forscbting des Markeuwesens, Wiesbaden, Bd, Nr. 5) 
HD69.B7B4 Bd.5 63-51955 J 

M/RKUS, EMILIA, 1860-1949 

Cenner, Mihaly. 

Mirkus Emilia, Budapest, SzfnMztudomanyi Intezet, 
Orszagos Szinhaztorteneti Muzeum, 1961. 

ISlp. 21cm. (SzMiaztOrtenettkOnyvtar,4.8z.> 
PN2618.M3Z6 63-33559 


CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Marl, Germany 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. SttirsJcoe otdelenie. 

H MepreJiH KyjiyHA HE CKOft cxenn. 
T. B. SaCoao^Hft. [ABtopii: A. T. J 
HoBOCHtfupcK, Hsfli-BO CafinpcKoro OT^-HH AH 
CCCP, 1061. 

106, A p. lllus^ tables. 20 cm. 

Ruffin, Edmund, 1794-1865. 

An essay on calcareous manures. Edited by J. Carlyle 
Sitterson. Cambridge, Belknap Press of Harvard Univer- 
sity Press, 1961. 

199 p. Illus. 22 cm. (The John Harvard library) 
S643.E92 1961 631.82 61-6352 J 

Schwartz, George Melvin, 1892- 

Investigation of the commercial possibilities of marl in 
Minnesota; a cooperative project of the Office of Iron Range 
Resources nnd Rehabilitation, State of Minnesota, in coop- 
eration with the Minnesota Geological Survey, University 
of Minnesota, by George M. Schwartz and others. [St. Paul] 
Office of the Commissioner of Iron Range Resources and 
Rehabilitation, 1959. 

123, Yil, Tfr-190 p. lllus., maps, tables. 23 cm. 
TP886.S3 n 553.68 A 59-9070 

Minnesota. TJnlv. Llbr. 


Mathews, John Joseph, 1895- 

Lif e and death of an oilman ; the career of E. W. Marland. 
With drawings by J. Craig Sheppard. t lst ed. 3 Norman, 
University of Oklahoma Press t 1951, 

258 p. Ulna, 22cm. 
HD9570.M3M3 923.273 51-13242 rev t 


CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Marlboro, N. J. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Andrea, Leonardo. 

Abstracts of divisions of estates of Stubbs and allied fam- 
ilies of Marlboro County, South Carolina, by Leonardo An- 
drea and Joseph Edward Hill. Columbia ? S, 0., 1964. 

3231. 29cm, 
CS7LS9SS 1964 64-56205 

DUKE OF, 1650-1722 

Foot, Michael, 1913- . 

The pen & the sword. New York, Monthly Review Press, 

387 p, iilus. 22cm. 
PR3726.F65 1962 


Otraba, Gustav. . , . _ . 

Prinz Eugen und Marlborough; Weltgeschichte nn Spie- 
gel eines Briefwechsels. Wien, Bergland Verlag i!961j 

110 p. lllus. 18 cm. (Osterrelch-EelJie, Bd. 137/138) 
D274.E808 61-44:746 J 


Kenyon, Prank Wilson, 1912- 

Glory and the dream. London, Hutchmson [1963] 
269 p. 21 cm. 
PZ3.K42&O1 63-4446 J 

Kenyon, Frank Wilson, 1912- 

The glory and the dream. New York, Dodd, Mead [1963] 
Til, 402 p. 21 cm. 
PZ3.K425G12 63-18375 


Dobree, Bonamy, 1891- 

Three eighteenth century figures: Sarah Churchill, John 
Wesley t and 5 Giacomo Casanova. London, New York, Ox- 
ford University Press, 1962. 

248 p. 23 cm. 
D285.1.D6 920.02 62-1635 J 


Kenyan, Frank Wilson, 1912- 

The glory and the dream. New York, Dodd, Mead i!963] 
Til, 402 p, 21 cm. 
PZ3.K42&G12 63-18375 


Betanconrt, Justo G 

Eicardo Harley t i. e. Marleyj ; resena biografica y nn breve 
ensayo soeiologico. Habana t lmp. Maronj 1959. 

108 p. 16 cm. 

CT518.M3B4 A, 60-5173 

Florida. Univ. Library 

MARLO, KARL, pseud, see Winkelblech, Karl 
Georg, 1810-1865 


Bakeless, John Edwin, 1894- 

The tragicall history of Christopher Marlowe, by John 
Bakeless. Hamden, Conn., Archon Books, 1964- 

v. facslms., fflua. 23cm. 
PR2673.B32 1964 822.3 64-19943 

Cole, Douglas. 

Suffering and evil in the plays of Christopher Marlowe. 
Princeton, N, J., Princeton University Press, 1962. 

r,274p. 23oa. 
PB2674.C6 1962 822.3 

Henderson, PhOip, 1906- 

Christopher Marlowe. t Eev. ed. London, Published for 
the British Council by Longmans, Green [1962] 

4T p. illus. 22 cm. (Bibliographical series of supplements to 
British book nws on writers aud their work, no. 81) 
PR2673.H43 1962 63-3684 t 

Hoffman, Calvin. 

The murder of the man who was "Shakespeare." New 
York, Grosset &Dunlap t l960i 

264 p. lllus. 21cm. ( The Universal library) 
PR2947.M3H6 1960 822.33 61-3653 t 

Jacobsen, Eric, 

Translation a traditional craft; an introductory sketch 
with a study of Marlowe's Elegies. Copenhagen, Gylden- 

219 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Classlca et medlaevalta. Dlssertatlones, 6) 
PA51J3 63-54345 

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Christopher Marlowe: a study of his thought, learning, 
and character. New York, Kussell & Russell, 1962 t 1946j 

344 p. 22 cm. 
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Marlowe; a critical study. Cambridge, University Press, 


Tannenbaum, Samuel Aaron, 1874?-1948. 

The assassination of Christopher Marlowe (a new view) 
Hamden, Conn., Shoe String Press t !962, 1928 3 

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and Dryden. London, Chatto & Windus, 1962. 

224 p. lllus. 23cm. 
PR658.T7W3 822.0903 62-5630 t 

Waith, Eugene M 

The Herculean hero in Marlowe, Chapman, Shakespeare 
and Dryden. New York, Columbia University Press, 1962. 

224 p. lllus. 22cm. ^ 

PR658.T7W3 1962a 809.93 62-7592 { 


Brockbank, John Philip. 

Marlowe: Dr. Faustus. Great Neck, N. Y., Barren's 
Educational Series t 1962] 

62 t l| p, 19 cm. (Studies in English literature, no. 6) 
PR2664:.B7 822.3 62-19949 


Battenhouse, Roy Wesley, 1912- 

Marlowe's Tamburlaine, a study in Renaissance moral 
philosophy. Nashville, Vanderbilt [1964j 

xv, 266 p. lllus., port. 23 cm. 
PR2669.B3 1964 822.3 64-18963 

Fieler, Frank R 

Tamburlaine, part i and its audience. Gainesville, Uni- 
versity of Florida Press, 1961 r 1962 1 

80 p. 23 cm. (University of Florida monographs. Humanities, 
no. 8) 
PR2669.F5 1962 822.3 

MARLOWE, JULIA, 1865-1950 

Ovington, Adelaide (Alexander) 

The star that didn't twinkle. [Isted.j New York, Vantage 
Press [1961] 

145 p. illus. 21 cm. 
PN2287.075A3 927.92 61-3197 t 


Darle, Francofee. 

Marly; ou, La vie de cour sous Louis xiv. Paris, F. 
Lanore [1959j 

116 p. lllus. 22 cm. (Collection "Vie en France") 
DC126.D27 63-37843 t 


Tengbergr, Eric. 

Adalskravallerna i press- och Riksdagsdebatt; en opinions- 
undersokning:. Lund, Gleerup t 1957] 

ill p. 25 cm. 

HD5403.W6M3 1930 A 60-8534 

Minnesota. Univ. IJbr. 


Marmion, Columba, Allot, 1858-1923. 

English letters. With a foreword by Amleto G. Cardinal 
Cicognani. Baltimore, Helicon Press ^962] 

228 p. Ulus. 23cm. tBenedlctlne studies, 4) 
BX4705.M411A4 922.2415 62-15237 J 

MARMORACEAS see Mosaic diseases 



Mafiiscalco, Joseph. ^ . . 

Marty the marmot. Nashville, Southern Pub. Association 

1 v. 1 (unpaged) col. lllus. 28cm. 
PZlO.M43T6Mar 63-12810 


Palazzo, Tony, 1905- 

Waldo the woodchuck. listed.;, New York, Duell, Sloan 

and Pearce [1964, 

[42, p. col. illus. 29cm. 
PZ10.P24Wal 64-12449 

Ripper, Charles L 

Woodchucks and their kin. Written and illustrated by 
Charles L. Ripper. New York, Morrow, 1963. 

64 p. illus. 2icm. 
PZ10.R53Wo j 599 63-8799 J 

MARNE, JEAN LOUIS DE, 1752-1829 

Watelin, Jacques. 

Le peintre J.-L. de Marne, 1752-1829. Paris r !962] 

260 p. lllus., facslms., plates, ports. 24 cm. (Blbllothftque des 

arts 10) 

ND553.M34W3 64-43118 



France. Institut national de la statistique et des etudes 

Nomenclature des ecarts de la Marne. Reims C 1952] 
247 p. 21x2Tcm. 
JS4991.M3F7 60-31786 J 


France. Institut national de la statistique et des etudes eco- 

Inventaire de la Marne. t Reims, 1957 3 

31 p. tables, and atlas (16 p maps (part col.) diagrs., tables) 
HC277.M3A54 61-32504 

France. Institut national de la statistique et des ttude* 


Evolution demographique et socio-demographique du de*- 
partement de la Marne. [Eeims, 1960 ?] 

Tip. maps, diagrs., tables. 2Tcm. 


France. Institut national de la statistique et des ttudes 

Bulletin regional de statistique: Champagne (Ardennes, 
Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne) Picardie (Aisne, Oise, Somme) 

maps, diagxs., tables. 28 cm. quarterly. 
HA1228.C5A3 64-44068 

France. Institut national de la statistique et des etitdet 


Situation demographique, ^conomique et sociale dans la 
region : Aisne, Ardennes, Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne. 
-1959. [Reimsj 

v. diagrs., tables. 27 cm. annual. 
HA1228.C5A33 64-44075 

France. Institut national de la statistique et des etudes 

Situation demographique, economique et sociale dans la 
region : Champagne (Ardennes, Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne) 

v cliagrs., tables 27cm. annual. 
HA1228.C5A332 64-44073 



France. Institut national de la statistique et des etudes eoo- 

Nomenclature des ecarts de la H" Mame. [Reims, 1952, 
187 p. 21x27 cm. 
JS4991.M32F7 60-36017 J 


France. Institut national de la statistique et des etudes 

Bulletin regional de statistique: Champagne (Ardennes, 
Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne) Picardie (Aisne, Oise, Somme) 

v" in maps, diagrs., tables. 28 cm. quarterly. 
HA1228.C5A3 64-44068 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


STATISTICS (Continued) 

France. Institut national de la, Btatistique et des etudes 

Situation demographique, economique et sociale dans la 
region: Aisne, Ardennes, Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne. 
-1959. [Reimsj 

v. diagrs., tables. 27 cm. annual 

HA1228.C5A33 64-44075 

France. Institut national de la statistique et des etudes 

Situation demographique, economique et sociale dans la 
region . Champagne (Ardennes, Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne) 

v. diagrs., tables. 27 cm. annual. 
HA1228.C5A332 64-44073 


Asprey, Robert B 

The first Battle of the Marne. t lst ed.] Philadelphia, 
Lippincott t 1982j 

212 p. illus. 21cm. (Great battles series) 
D545.M3A8 940.421 62-7177 1 

Blond, Georges. 

La Marne. Paris, Presses de la Cite [1962, 

308 p. Illus. 22cm. 



Blond, Georges. 

Die Preussen kommenl Die Marae-ScHacnt. t Berech- 
tigte "Obersetzung aus dem Franzosischen von Willy Thaler] 
Wien, P. Zsolnay C 1964) 

343 p. Illus., ports., col. map (on lining papers) 21 cm. 
D54S.M3B615 64-38B12 


Chatou, France. Laboratoire national d'hydraulique. 

$tude sur modele reduit de Pecluse de Rechicourt t Cha- 
toui 1958. 

70 p. illus., map, dtagrs. 27 cm. 

A 60-929 
Iowa. Univ. Library 

MAKOKKO see Morocco 


Lograsso, Angeline Helen. 

Piero Maroncelli ; con pref . del sen. Luigi Sturzo. Roma, 
Edizioni dell'Ateneo, 1958. 

xr, 327 p. 25 cm. (Quadernl del Hisorglmento, 11-12) 

A 60-220 
Rochester. Univ. Llbr. PQ4716 


Chabot, Jean Baptiste, 1860-1948. 

Les listes patriarcales de 1'figlise maronite; etude critique 

(In Acactemle des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Parts. Me"molres. 
Paris, 1951. 28 cm. t. 43, 2. pile, p. [2l]-43) 
[AS162.P311 vol. 43, pt. 2] A 60-745 

Newberry Library 

MAROT t CLEMENT* 14957-1544 

Mayer, C A 

La religion de Marot. Geneve, E. Droz, 1960. 
186 p. 27 cm. (Travaus d'humanisme et renaissance, 

MAROTSE see Barotseland; Lozi (African 


Link, John W 

Theory and tuning: Aron's meantone temperament and 
Marpurg's temperament "i." Boston, Tuners Supply Co., 

135 p. tables. 21cm. 



Gross, John J 1912- ^. ^ ^ QM 

John P. Marquand. New York, Twayne Publishers [1963] 
191 p. 22 cm. (Twayne's United States authors series, 33) 
PS3525.A6695Z68 813.52 62-19477 t 

MARQUE, LETTERS OF see Privateering 

El Marque's, Mexico (Guerrero) 


Danielsson, Bengt. 

Forgotten islands of the South Seas. Translated by F. H. 
Lyon. London, G. Allen & Unwin ,1957, 

204 p. illus., maps, ports. 23 cm. 
DU700.D3513 64-56162 

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891. 

Typee: a peep at Polynesian life during a four months' 
residence in a valley of the Marquesas, with notices of the 
French occupation of Tahiti and the provisional cession of 
the Sandwich Islands to Lord Paulet. Garden City, N. Y., 
Dolphin Books t 196l] 

318 p. Illus. 10cm. [ A Dolphin master, CSftL) 
PZ3.M498T40 61-2419 t 

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891. 

Typee, a peep at Polynesian life during a four months' 
residence in a valley of the Marquesas. t New York? 3 West 
Virginia Pulp and Paper Co., C 1962. 

324 p. illus. 24 cm. 
PZ3.M498Ty 42 63-2556 

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891. 

Type. With an introd. by Clifton Fadiman. New York, 
Bantam Books [1964] 

xxl, 294, ( 2, p. Illus. 18cm. (A Bantam classic) 
PZ3.M498Ty43 64-12089 

Suggs, Robert Carl, 1932- 

The hidden worlds of Polynesia; the chronicle of an 
archaeological expedition to Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas 
Islands, rlst ed.i New York, Harcourt, Brace r!962i 

247 p. illus. 22cm. 
DU700.S83 919.63 62-9445 t 


Kistner, Rita Custado. 

South Sea adventure cruise. fisted.] New York, Vantage 
Press t 1960] 

119 p. illus. 22cm. 
DU700.K5 919.62 60-16088 J 

MARQUET, ALBERT, 1875-1947 

Belgrad. Narodni muzej. 

Albert Marquet, 1875-1947: rkatalog, Beograd 1960 
18 p. illus. 24cm. rt ' 

NDS53.M343IJ4 759.4 60-41876 J 

MARQUET, RAMON, b. ca. 1235 

Soldevila Zubiburu, Fernando, 1894- 

L'almirall Ramon Marquet. Barcelona, Editorial Barcino, 

49 p. 16 cm. (Col leccid popular Barciao, v. 156) 
DP130.S58 60-38589 I 


Arkwright, Peter. 

Marquetry and veneering. [London, Arco Publications, 

149 p. illus. 19cm. (An Arco handybook) 
TS870.A7 63-560 J 

Causa, Raffaello. 

Tarsie cinquecentesche nella Certosa di S. Martino a 
Napoli. Milano, Officine grafiche Ricordi t !962] 

( 14] p., 12 1., 12 coL plates (in pocket) 45 cm. (Edlzioai Beatrice 
NK9920.C3 62-43130 

Liamin, Ivan VasU'evicn. 

MosairKa no flepesy; npaKTH^ecsoe pyKOBOflcxso. Mo- 
cKsa, rooiec6yMH3flaT, 1961. 

60 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

Sturm, Heribert, 1904- 

Egerer Reliefintarsien. Munchen, E. Lerche, 1961. 
280 p. illus., plates (part col.) 26 cm. (VerBffenfltehungea des 
Collegium Carolinum, Bd. 13) 


Steck, Francis Borgia, 1884- 

Marquette legends. Edited by August Reyling. t lst ed.] 
New York, Pageant Press E 1960] 

350 p. illus. 21cm. 
F1030.2.S75 973.18 60-11873 t 



Derleth, August William, 1909- 

Father Marquette and the great rivers. Illustrated by Al 
Schmidt. Condensed for very young readers from the orig- 
inal Vision book. New York, Guild Press t 1962 3 

75 p. Illus. 24cm. (A Junior vision book) 
F1030.2.D4 1962 j 92 62-5973 t 


Host, David. 

Education for journalism; notes on the Marquette con- 
cept [Milwaukee, e !962 3 

20 p. 19 cm. 
PN4791.M2H6 070.71177595 


Smal-Stocki, Roman, 1893- 

The Slavic Institute of Marquette University, 1949-1961, 
by Roman Smal-Stocki and Alfred J. Sokolnicki. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Slavic Institute, Marquette University t !963?] 

vii, 37 p. 23 cm. (Marqnette University, Milwaukee. Slavic In- 
stitute. Papers, no. 11) 
DK3.M295 no. 11 63-25013 

MARQUIS, DON, 1878-1937 

Anthony, Edward, 1895- 

rare Don Marquis, a biography. [1st ed.] Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday, 1962. 

670 p. Hlus. 22 cm. 
PS3525.A67Z57 928.1 62-7596 t 

MARQUIS DE SADE see Sade, Donatien 
Alphonse Francois, comte, called 
Marquis de, 1740-1814 

Akademua nauk SSSR. Institut arkheologii. 


K. OrBeTCTBeHHHii pe^aKTOp A. 
sayic CCCP, 1953, 

Map K cn3Ma B apxeoaoraa; t c5op- 


54^3504 rev 

Dekan, Jan. 

Za stalinske riesenie otazok etnogenezy. Bratislava t NafcI. 
Slovenskej akademie vied a umenij 1951. 

88 p. 17 cm. (PrednaSky Slovenskej akad&nle ried a tunenf, ST. 

P105.D35 61-41879 J 

MARRANOS see Maranos 


see also Betrothal; Bigamy; Celibacy; 
Child marriage; Common law marriage; 
Concubinage; Courtship; Divorce; Do-' 
mestic relations; Endogamy and exog- 
amy; Family; Family life education; 
Free love; Home; Husbands; Marriage 
counseling; Polyandry; Polygamy; Re- 
marriage; Sex; Sexual ethics; Weddings; 

Aginsky, Bernard Willard, 1905- 

The bio-social lavs of society. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms f!955j 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 15,460) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 15,460 Mic 55-1813 rev 

Ai, Feng. 

86 p. 19cm. 

1. Love. 2. Marriage. L Title. 

Title romanced: Hslng fa tl plea yea. 


Ai, Ong. 

C 60-2113 


1. Family. 2. Marriage. i. Title 

Title rommized: Ch'ing cli'un san pu ch'fi. 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MARRIAGE (Contuiued) 
AIL Ahmad Rifai, 1909- 

Tierdas E cover 1962j 

42 p. (p. 42 advertisements) 18c 

,_ , 


o A u_ftftft 
S A 64-688* 

AH, Ahmad Rifai, 1909- 

Soal-soal suami isfceri, oleh Rifai All. Medan, Tierdas 
[Cover 1961, 
H&4SJ&7? S A 64.5478 

Amour et fiartcailles; 70 questions et reponses sur 1'amour 
et le manage. Geneve, Labor et Fides t!960j 
141 p. illua. 19cm. 

A 61-4583 
Ohio State Unlr. Lite. HQ744 

Baner ji, Sndhakar. . 

Palmistry, sex and marriage. t lsfc ed. varanasi, Kamala 
Publishers, 1962, 

19m " S A 62-1263 J 

Barnheim, Friedricn. 

Dex Liebes-Knigge; erne Fibel fur Liebende und solche, 
die es werden wollen. [4. verb, und erweiterte Aufl.] Stutt- 
gart, Weltspiegel-Verlag t !960, "1957, 

152p. link 19m (SitteTindSexM.!) 
HQ801.B3 1960 

Bart&k, Vladimir. 

Cten! pfed manSelstvim. [Lvyd.j Pwha, Mlada fronta, 


220 p Illus 21 cm. 
HQ743.B3 62-25804 % 

Baruch, Dorothy (Walter) 1899- 

Sex in marriage j new understandings, by Dorothy Walter 
Baruch t andj Hyman Miller. [1st ed. New York] Harper 

277 p. 22 on. 
HQ31.B3413 301.424 62-9883 t 

Basse tt, Marion Preston. 

A new sex ethics and marriage structure, discussed by 
Adam and Eve. New York, PMlosophical Library [1961j 

332 p. 22 cm. 

HQS1.B3415 173 60-53155 t 

Batten, Charles Edward, 1910- 

Fit to be tied; an approach to sex education and Christian 
marriage t byj Charles E. Batten and Donald E. McLean. 
Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press, 1960. 
124 p. 21 cm. 

HQ56.B295 301.42 60-7474 t 

Becker, Howard Paul, 1899-1960, ed. 

Family, marriage, and parenthood, ed. by Howard Becker 
and Eeiiben Hill. Contributors: Howard Becker t and 
othersi Boston, D.C. Heath [IMS, 

x,S29p. illua. 25cm. 
HQ728.B385 1948 301.4 48-8059 rev* 

Becker, Howard Paul, 1899-1960, ed. 

Family, marriage, and parenthood. 2d ed., edited by 
Howard Becker and Reuben Hill, with the editorial assist- 
ance of Marguerita Steffenson. Contributors: Howard 
Becker t and othersj Boston, Heath [1955] 

849 p. inns. 25cm. 
HQ728.B385 1955 *301.42 392 54-8793 rev { 

Beeck^ Hans. 

liebe und Ehe im Lichte von Yin und Yang. Munchen, 
Drei Eichen Verkg t 1961, 
48 p. 19cm. 

A 62-1710 
State Univ. Library 

Blood, Robert 

Marriage. t New York] Free Press of Glencoe C 1962i 

515 p, Illos. 25cm. 
HQ784.B657 1962 80L426 62-11845 J 

Boigelot, Rene. 

Building a happy marriage, by Pierre Dufoyer t pseud.] 
Translated by TJna Morrissy. New York, P. J. Kenedy 

160 p. 21 cm. 
HQ46.B613 301.426 62-18130 rev J 

Boigelot, Ren& 

The choice of a husband t byj Pierre Dufoyer, t Trans- 
kted by Elinor A. Paul, Statea Island, N. Y., Alba House 


127 p. 19cm. (The Carni aeries) 
HQ737.B592 301.425 64-21800 

lg The'choSe'of a wife c byj Pierre Dufoyer. [Translated by 
Gerald J. Schneppj Staten Island, N. Y., Alba House t !964] 

135 p. 19cm. (The Gana series) 
HQ737.B597 301.425 64-21801 

Boigelot, Rene". 

Marriage, a word to young men, by Pierre Dufoyer 
t pseud.j Translated by Una Morrissy. New York, P. J. 
Kenedy r !963] 

Cm ' 301.426 63-11329 t 

N E 63-33 

Boktor, Amir, 1896- 

t !961?j 

281 p. 17 cm. W 0=0 
Princeton IJnlv. libr. 

Boll, Eleanor Stoker. . 

The man that you marry. Philadelphia, Macrae Smith 


63-12439 t 

Bolton, Charles Dewey, 1921- 

The development process in love relationships. Chicago 
[Dept. of Photoduplication, University of Chicago Libraryj 

Microfilm 6388 HQ Mic 59-8005 t 

Chicago. Univ. Libr. 

Bowman, Henry Adalbert, 1903- 

Marriage for moderns. 4th ed., with a foreword by David 
K. Mace. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

545 p. illus. 25 cm. (McGraw-Hill series in sociology) 
HQ734.B76 1960 301.426 59-15455 t 

Breig, Joseph Anthony, 1905- 

The mysteries of marriage. New York, Sheed and Ward 

176 p. 21 cm. 
HQ734.B812 301.426 63-8534 J 

Brown, Hugh B 

You and your marriage. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft tl960j 

203 p. 24cm. 
HQ734.B86 301.426 60-29621 t 

Brown, Ivor John Carnegie, 1891- ed. 

A book of marriage. Selected and with a foreword by 
Ivor Brown. Decorated by William McLaren. London, 
H. Hamilton [1963;, 

xv, 28S p. illos. 23 cm. 
PE1111.M3B7 64-54748 

Bundgard, Niels. 

Vi skal giftes [afj Niels Bundgird og Eudolf Larsen. 
K|benhavn, Politikens f orlag, 1960. 

127 p. illus. 17cm. (Politikens handbjteer, nr. 229) 
HQ743.B85 62-66997 t 

Burke, Thomas William. 

The gold ring; God's pattern for perfect marriage. Fore- 
word by Maurice O'Leary. American foreword by Thomas 
J. O'Donnell. New York, D. McKay Co. t !963j 

176 p. 20cm. 
HQ734.B919 248.84 63-12426 t 

Burns, Robert W 

The art of staying happily married. Englewood Cliffs, 
N. J., Prentice-Hall [1963J 

223p. 22cm. 
HQ734.B927 301.426 63-12023 t 

Butterfield, Oliver McKinley, 1891- 

Sex life in marriage. Foreword by Sophia J. Kleegman. 
Elus. by Eobert L. Dickinson. E Rev. ed.] New York, 
Emerson Books, 1962. 

192 p. Illua. 21 cm. 
HQ31.B96 1962 301.426 62-1248 % 

Calderone, Mary Steichen. 

Release from sexual tensions; toward an understanding of 
their causes and effects in marriage, by Mary Steichen Cal- 
clerone and Phyllis and Robert P. Goldman. Foreword by 
Robert W. Laidlaw. Xew York, Random House [I960] 

238 p. 24 cm. 
HQ81.C228 301.426 60-5562 t 

Caprio, Frank Samuel, 1906- 

A psychiatrist talks about sex. New York, Belmont 
Books [1962] 

HQ31.C23S ' 301.424 62-5174 t 

Carvalho, Pedro Paulo Paes de. 

Aspectos psico-biologicos do matrimonio; fundamentos de 
uma etica conjugal: introduQao ao estudo da gamologia. 
Pref . do Prof. Hamilton Nogueira. Rio de Janeiro, Editora 
Civilizacao Brasileira r !961 1 

118 p. illus., cliagrs. 21 cm. 

Illinois Univ. Library 

Cavan, Ruth (Shonle) 1896- ed. 

Marriage and family in the modern world ; a book of read- 
ings. Few York, Crowell [I960] 

607 p. illus. 23cm. 
HQ734.C382 301.42 60-6058 t 

Cavanagh, John R 1904- 

Fundamental marriage counseling; a Catholic viewpoint. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [I960] 

616 p illus. 23 cm. 
HQ734.C39 1960 301.426 60-3472 t 

Cavanagh, John R 1904- 

Fundamental marriage counseling, a Catholic viewpoint. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. t !962] 

652 p. illus. 23cm. 
HQ734.C39 1962 301.426 62-10266 | 

Cavanagh, John R 1904- 

Fundnniental marriage counseling, a Catholic viewpoint. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1963] 
xxiv, 680 p. illus., dingi-s. 23 cm. 

1J)C>:J 301.42G 03-22448 

Chang, Shan-tseng. 

48 p. 19(-m 


1. Love. 2. Marriage. r. Title. 


Title rwnanized; Yu kuan bun yla 
wfin t'l tl hslang shfing san p'len. 

C 61-2791 

Chesser, Eustace, 1902- 

Woman and love. [London 3 Jarrolds C 1962] 
175 p. 22 cm. 
HQ46.C45 62-58161 

Ch'ing nien ch'u pan she, PeTemg. 

' JfcjR 1953. 
p. 15 cm. 

1. Family. 2. Marriage. I. Title. 

Title romanised: Lua shfi hui chu i shfi hui tl al 
ch'Ing, hun yin ho chia t'lng. 


C 61-2204 1 


07 p. 18cm. 

l.Love. 2. Marriage. r. Olilang, Plng-chlh, 1907- 

Tttle romanlxed: Ch'lnu nlou tl llea 
al ytl hun ylu wfin t'L 


C 02-1982 

Chishtu, I A 

The choice of a life-long partner. [Karachi] 1962. 
91 p. 19 cm. 
BF1729.L6C5 S A 63-646 J 

Christensen, Harold T ed. 

Handbook of marriage and the family, edited by Harold 
T. Christensen. Chicago, Rand McNally r 1964T 

1028 p. illus., forms, maps. 25 cm. (Band McNally sociology 
HQ728.C478 301.42 64-11104 

Chuanff, Chi. 


75 p. 19 cm. 

1. Marriage. 2. LOT*. i. Title. 

Title roNMntoetf .- Tftn yaug: ch'u 11 al ch'lng. 


C 63-1390 1 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARRIAGE (Continued) 
Chung-kiio ch'ing men ch'u pan she, Peking. 

44 p. 19cm. 

1. Love. 2 Marriage. i. Title. 

Title romanized. Yu i, ai ch'ing ho hun yin. 

C 61-4290 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Japanese Library 4172 

Clark, Alma Beth. 

Economic contributions made to newly married couples 
by their parents t by] Alma Beth Clark and Jean Warren. 
Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell University, Agricultural Experiment 
Station, New York State College of Home Economics, 1963. 

23, tli P- 23 cm. ([New York, igrlcnltural Experiment Station, 
Ithaca, Memoir 382) 
TX326.C39 63-64128 

Clemens, Alphonse Henry, 1905- 

Design for successful marriage. 2ded. Englewood Cliffs. 
N. J., Prentice-Hall 964, 
xvnt.seSp. tables. 22cm. 
HQ734.C592 1964 301.426 64-13876 

Crawley, Alfred Ernest, 1869-1924. 

The mystic rose; a study of primitive marriage and of 
primitive thought in its bearing on marriage. Rev. and 
greatly enl. by Theodore Bestennan. New York, Meridian 
Books r 1960j 

xx, 375, vli, 840 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. (Meridian boolw, MG24) 
GN480.C8 1960 392.5 60-12990 

CronjS, Geoffrey. 

Man en vrou in die huwelik; 'n ontleding van die pro- 
bleme van die egtelike verhouding, met 'n voorwoord van 
Wm. Nicol. Kaapstad, H. A. TJ. M., 1959. 

323 p. 25 cm. 
HQ743.C7 61-35114: t 

Croofe, Roger H 

Let's get married; a manual for engaged couples. St. 
Louis, Bethany Press t 1962] 

96 p. 21 cm. 
BT706.C7 301.426 62-8758 t 

Dabney, J Luther. 

Dabney-Frost debate on marriage, divorce, and remar- 
riage: Must adulterers separate before being baptized! 

iFort "Worth? Tex., 1959] 

225 p. illus. 21cm. 
BT706.D3 265.5 59-51217 

Davis, Maxine. 

Sexual responsibility in marriage. Introd. by Allan C. 
Barnes. New York, Dial Press, 1963. 

880 p. 24cm. 
HQ31.D27S 63-10556 % 

Deal, William S 

A happy married life, and how to live it. Grand Rapids, 
Zondervan Pub. House [1963] 

117 p. 2lcm. 
HQ734D4 301.426 63-3296 t 

Dehoney, Wayne. 

Homemade happiness. Nashville, Broadman Press t 1963j 
121 p. 2lcm. 
HQ734.D43 301.426 63-11163 t 

Denting, John Edmund, 1919- 

Sex primer for George's wife. r lst ed New York, 
Pageant Press ["1961] 

32 p. 24cm. 
HQ46.D4 61-17909 J 

Deutscher, Irwin, 1923- 

Manied life in the middle years; a study of the middle 
class urban postparental couple. Ann Arbor, Mich.., "Univer- 
sity Microfilms t 1959j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2622 Mic 59-2622 

Missouri. Unlv. Llbr, 

Dicks, Russell Leslie, 1906- 

Premarital guidance. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice- 
Hall r !963j 

141 p. 21 cm. (Successful pastoral counseling series) 
HQ734D612 301.426 63-14726 t 

Dietz, Francis X 

"What Catholic girls should know about marriage. Notre 
Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers Association [I960, 

lOft ~ 1C /.wi t \ 17tAaa rtfvmo Honk. TlRt 

uamej .UiCl., J? lues ruuus 
128 p. 18 era. ( A Fides d 


e book, D3) 



Dodds, Robert C 

Two together; a handbook for your marriage. With a 
chapter on sexual technique by DonneU W. Boardman. 
New York, Cnmell ^96^ 

ITS p. Illus. 21cm. 

HQ734JD64 1962 301.426 

Duse, Giorgio, 

Altii, alei . t 
201 p. Ulus. 20cm. 

Ohio State Univ. Ltbr. 

A lui, a lei [dij George t pseud. Milanoj Humour [1958j 

A 60-796 

Duvall, Evelyn Ruth (Mfflis) 1906- 

Being married, by Evelyn M. Duvall t and] Reuben Hill 
With chapters in collaboration with. Sylvanus M. Duvsll. 
Boston, Heath J1960, 

440 p. illus. 24CU1. 

HQ734.D957 301.42 60-9107 t 

Duvall, Evelyn Ruth (Mfflis) 1906- 

Being married, by Evelyn M, Duvall [andj Reuben Ball. 
"With chapters in collaboration with Sylvanus M. Duvall. 
New York, Association Press 1960, 

440 p. illua. 24cm. 
HQ734.D957 1960a 301.42 60-8522 J 

Duvall, Evelyn Ruth (Millis) 1906- 

When you marry t byj Evelyn, Millis DuvaJl L and] Beuben. 
Hill, with chapters in collaboration, with Sylvanus M. Du- 
vall. High school ed, Boston, Heath [1962] 

837 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
HQ734.D96 1962 301.42 62-5072 t 

Duvall, Evelyn Ruth (Millis) 1906- 

When you marry E byj Evelyn Millis Duvall t and] Eeuben 
Hill. With chapters in collaboration with Sylvanus M. Du- 
vall. Rev. for older teens. New York, Association Press 
t !962, 

337 p. illus. 23 cm. 
HQ734.D96 1962a 301.426 62-17S04 t 

Eberhard, Ernest, 1909- 

What shall we do with love? Salt Lake City, Bookcraft 

252 p. Illus. 24cm. 


63-1229 J 

Ellis, Albert, 1913- 

Creative marriage, by Albert Ellis and Robert A. Harper. 
New York, L. Stuart C 1961j 

288 p. 21 cm. 
HQ734.E448 301.426 60-11426 J 

Encyclopedia del matrimonio. Direttore, Tuflo Goffij segre- 
tario di redazione, Pier Giordano Cabra, c Brescia 3 Quiri- 
niana [I960] 

xrrt, 937 p. 25 cm. 

A 61-688 
Catholic Unlv. of America. Library 


All about women. Edited by Saul Maloff and the editors 
of Esquire magazine. Illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. [1st 
ed.j New York, Harper & How r !963i 

xil,301p. illus. 25cm. 
HQ1221.E76 396.082 63-16536 

Evans, Louis Hadley, 1897- 

Your marriage duel or duet? t Westwood, N. J-j F. H. 
Eevell Co. [1962] 

128 p. 21 cm. 
BT706.E9 248.84 62-8411 J 

Feher, Klara. 

A jo hazassag abeceje. [Budapest] Kossuth K6nyvkiad6, 

HQ743.F4 63-30308 t 

Fields, Wilbert J 

"Unity in marriage. Saint Louis, Concordia Pub. House 
t !962] 

156 p. 22 cm. 
HQ734.F43 301.426 61-18222 J 

Mnck, George Haas. 

A comparative analysis of the marriages and families of 
participants and non-participants in a course in marriage 
education. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms {1954^ 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication, no. 8257) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 8257 Mic A 54-1624 

Florida. State Univ. Library 

Fischer, Frank, 

Yerheiratet leben, gliicklicher leben; em Bucn uber die 
Ehe fiber Erziehungs- und Familienfragen und fiber die 
Kunst, in der Liebe glucklich zu sein. Hit Beitr'igen yon 
Frank Fischer t et al. 2. erganzte und verb. Aufl.j Wien, 
Verlag fiir Jugend und Volk [1956] 

248p. HIM. 22cm. 
HQ739.F58 1956 61-44962 t 


Fishbein, Morris, 1889- ed. 

Successful marriage; a. modern guide to love, sex, and 
family life. Edited by Morris Fishbein and Ernest W. 
Burgess. New and rev. ed. Garden City, N. Y., Double- 
day C 1963, 

xxlr,552p, IHas. 22o. 
HQ728.F45 1963 301.426 63-24507 

Fortes, Meyer, ed. 

Marriage in tribal societies. Cambridge c Eng.j Published 
for the Dept. of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Uni- 
versity Press, 1962. 

Til, 157 p. Ulna. 25 cm. (Cambridge papers In social anthropol- 
ogy, no. 3) 
GN480.F6 301.42 

Freeman, Lucy. 

Emotional maturity in love and marriage [by 3 Lucy Free- 
man and Harold Greenwald. Foreword by George S. Ste- 
venson. New York, Harper rl&61 3 

255p. 2fcan. 
HQ734.F76 301.426 61-8611 J 

Friedman, Leonard J 

Virgin wives; a study of unconsummated marriages. 
Foreword by Michael Baliat. f Londonj Tavistock Publica- 
tions; [Springfield, Hl.j C. C. Thomas [1962] 

161 p. 22 cm ( Mi ad & medicine monographs, 5 ) 
HQ21.F85 1962 301.426 62-5816 t 

Frijlrag-Schreuder, E C M 

Het onvolledige gezin. Assen, Van Gorctun, 195$. 

87 p. 23 cm. 

HQ743.F73 A 60-2958 

Ohio State Univ. Llbr. 

Gains, Henry S 

Teen-age brides; a compassionate study of young people 
trapped into premature marriage. Derby, Conn., Monarch 
Books t 1961) 

142 p. 19 cm. (A, Monarch Jiumac behavior book MB517) 
HQ734.ai8 301.426 61-66655 J 

Georg, Iwan Engen. 

Die Fraa und die Ehe; der Wieg zu naturgetreuem Ehftle- 
ben. Mit Tabellen uber die imfrachtbaten Tage der Frau. 
t 7. vollig umgearb. AufL] Munchen, Aufsteig Verlaf 

IQOp. Illtts. 21cm. 

Ohio State Uair. Libr. 


Georg, Iwan Eugen. 

The trutli about rhythm. Translated from the German 
by Edward Gallagher. New York, P. J, Kenedy t !92j 

212 p. illus. 22cm. 
HQ766.G393 613.943 62-16531 J 

Gibert, Henri, 1920- 

Love in marriage; the meaning and practice of sexual love 
in. Christian marriage. "With an introd by George A. KeEy. 
Translated from the French by Amdr Humbert. [1st ed. 3 
New York, Hawthorn Books [ 1964 ] 

224 p. 24 cm. 
HQ31.G433 301.426 64-13279 

Glantz, Peter. 

Intime Fragen des Liebes- und Ehelebens. Berlin, 
Falken-VerlagB. Sicker jl&Sdj 

123 p. Illua., 3 forms (in pocket} 25 cm. 

A 60-2966 
Ohio State Univ. Ubr. HQ31 

Glover, Leland E 

How to marry someone you cam live with all your life. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t 1964j 
xv, 1ST p. 24 cm. 

HQ10.G55 301.425 64-1&000 

Goode, William Josiah. 

The family t byj William J. Goode. Englewood Cliffs, 
1ST. J., Prentice-Hall t !964j 

viii, 120 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Foundations of modem sociology series) 
HQ728.G&6 301.42 64-17074 

Goode, William Josiah. 

World revolution and family patterns. t Kew Yorkj Free 
Press of Glencoe 1963, 

432 p. 24cm. 
HQ728.G59 301.423 63-13538 J 

Gottlieb, Sophie B 

What you should know about marriage t byj Sophie B. 
Gottlieb and Bernhardt S. Gottlieb. Indianapolis, Bobbs- 
Merrill r !962j 

1^ p. 22 cm. 
HQ734.G713 301.426 62-19320 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARRIAGE (Continued) 

Guarise, Serafino. 

Gioia di vivere; note psicologiche sul fidanzamento e sul 
matrimc-nio. C 2. ed. aecresciuta] Brescia, "La Scuola, 
editrice i!959j 

248p - ^ A60-4638 

Ohio State Univ. Libr. HQ741 

Gupta, Manmath Nath. 

Yauna-vijnana aura viavahika jlvana. Lekhaka Sriman- 
mathanatha Gupta, t Prath*ma samskaranaj Banarasa, 
SarasvatI Presa [1949, 

36, ,33,-SSO p. 22cm. 

HQ3LG96 A 60-1867 

Pennsylvania. Univ. Library 

Haas, Harold. 

Marriage. Philadelphia, Muhlenberg Press [I960] 

56 p. 20cm (A Fortress book) 
BT70S.H3 265.5 60-3806 J 

Earing, Bernhard, 1912- 

Ehe in dieser Zeit Salzburg, O. Muller r !960] 

580 p. 21 cm. f Studia theologlae moralls et pastoralls, t 6) 

A 62-4384 
Harvard TJnlr. Litany 

al-Hakim, Muhammad TaqL 

JU* fSu c^-41 o>KJ> 


88 p. 20cm. 

NE 64-2928 

Hamilton, Eleanor, 1909- 

Partners in love; the modern bride book of sex and mar- 
riage. New York, Ziff-Davis Pub. Co. [1961] 

HQ734.H2585' 301.426 61-14231 t 

Han, Shan-ch'eng. 


Til. 2,316 p. 21cm. 

Added title on verso of t p. : The family, by Daniel Han. 

1. Marriage. i. Title. 

Title romanized: CbJa t'lng. 
C 64-881 

Sarnik, Bernard. 

Emehung iind Selbsteraehung zur Ehe. {L AuflL] Zu- 
rich, Gotthelf -Verlag- C 1960, 
79p. 20cm. 

A 61-3915 
OMo. StateTJnlT. library HQ56 

Havemann, Ernest. 

Men, women, and marriage. [Isted.] Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday, 1S62. 

HQ734.H385 301.426 62-17698 t 

Heigl-Evers, Annelise. 

Geben und Nehmen in der Ehej eine tiefenpsycihologische 
Stndie von Annelise Heigl-Evers und Franz Heigl. Stutt- 
gart, "Verlag fur Angewandte Psychologic t 1961j 

87 p. 21cm. (BheleuteunterslcJti,Bd.l) 
HQ7B9.E5 Bd.l 62-43458 

Heigl-Evers, Anneliro. 

Gdten und Gdtenlassen in der Ehe; eine tiefenpsydio- 
logisdie Studie von Annelise Heigl-Evers und Franz Heigl. 
Stuttgart, Verlae fur Angewandte Psychologie [1963, 

151 p. 21 cm. (Eheleute nnter slch, Bd. 2) 
HQ739.E5 Bd.2 64-28355 

Hollander, Walther Georg Heinrich TOO, 1892- 

P^'cnologie des Ehmannes. Zurich, W. Classen rl961i 
1ST p. 1 cm. (Aagewandte Psycholo^e) 

A 62-2290 
Michigan, State Unlr, Library 

Honcharenko, Ivan. 

KoxaaHa ft 

no,a[pyJK'ni.oro XIITTJI. 

Si p. 13 cm. 

^; mo noxpifiHO X.~LX n^acjuisor 
eu-Ulmj YKpaTHCkKi stcxi, 1959. 


Hostetter, B Charles. 

How to build a happy home. Grand Rapids, Zondervan 
Pub. House 1960 3 

ll&p. 21 on. 
HQ734JE86 80L426 60-2682 J 

Horanii, Shigetd, 1883-195L 

^D 25 t 1050, 
221 p. 19 cm. 

1. Marriage 2. Marriage-Japan, 
Hsin Chung-kuo f u nii she, Peking. 

it: Kekkon tokuhon 
J 62-756 


56 p. illns. 19cm. 

1 Marriage. 2. Family. i. Title. 

Title romantiet: Hun yln ho chla t'ing ti ku shilx. 

HQ503.H3 C 59-2776 J 

Hunt, Morton M 1920- 

Her infinite variety; the American woman as lover, mate 
and rival. [Isted-j New York, Harper & Eow t !962j 

Husnl, Munlrah. 


132 p. lllus. 20cm. 


NE 64-1022 

Button, Isabel Galloway (Emslie) 1882- 

The sex technique in marriage. Selections from the origi- 
nal introd. by Ira S. Wile. Rev. and enl. ed. New York, 
Emerson Books, 1961. 

191 p. lllus. 21cm. 
HQ21.H8 1961 301.426 61-7949 t 

Jansen, Fons. 

Het huwelijk in kerk en wereld, verkenningen voor het 
geweten. Hilversum, P. Brand, 1959. 

115 p. 25 cm. 

A 60-2686 
Ohio State Univ. Ubr. HQ743 

Josephine, pseud. 

"Tell me, Josephine." Edited by Barbara Hall. New 
York, Simon and Schuster, 1964. 

142 p. 21 cm. 
HQ734J73 301.42096894 64-13343 

, Chlao. 

108 p. 19cm. 

1. Family. 2. Marriage. L Title. 

TUto romuttnt: K*n yang plea hao al ch'lwr tl ko. 


C 60-448 

Karlsson, Georg, 1917- 

Adaptability and communication in marriage. 2d rev. 
ed. [Totowa, N. J. : Bedminster Press C 1963j 
88 p. 24 cm. 

963 301.426 63-18089 

Kaufmann, Edward. 

You and your marriage. London, Naldrett Press [1951] 
185 p. 21 cm. 
HQ734.K34 1951 301.42 59-46172 J 

Kay, Hether, comp. 

A new look at marriage and the home. Illustrated by 
Kathleen Peyton. t lst ed. Ixmdonj Educational Produc- 
tions t !961; stamped: distributed by Sportshelf, New 
Eochelle, K Y., 

64 p. lllus. Idem. (New look series) 
TX145.K38 640 61-66389 J 

Kelso, Alec John, 1930- 

' An investigation of assortative mating based on selected 
biological characteristics. Ann Arbor, Mich., University 
Microfilms ,1068] 

Microfilm AOl no. 58-7740 Mic 58-7740 

Michigan. TTntv. Llbr. 


Kent, Robert Warren. 

How to choose a husband & make your marriage a success. 
Brookline, Mass., Kent Family Trust t !962] 

179 p. 21 cm. 
HQ734.K384 301.426 62-3392 J 

Kharchev, Anatoli! Georgievich, 

MapKCiiSM-JieHHHHSM o <5paice H cewte ; MatepnajiH K CCMH- 
napcKOMy sanarHK) no Kypcy ^Eta-ieKTHHecKoro H HCiopH'ie- 
CKOTO MaTepnajiH3Ma. MocKua, CoaeTCKaji nayKa, 1959. 

86 p. 22cm. 
HX546.K45 59-53700 rev J 

Kirkpatricfc, CUfford, 1898- 

The family as process and institution. 2d ed. New 
York, Eonald Press Co. L 1963] 

705 p. lUus. 24cm. 
HQ728.K48 1963 301.42 63-10429 J 

Kohut, Nester C 

A manual on marital reconciliations; a socio-legal analysis 
of divorce for the unbroken marriage. Chicago, Adams 
Press C 1964j 

100 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
HQ728.K6 301.426 64-12460 

Krich, Aron M 1916- ed. 

Facts of love and marriage for young people, a guide to 
successful family living. t New York, Dell Pub. Co., 1962j 

820 p. lllus. 17cm. (Laurel edition, L0184) 
HQ734.K95 301.426 62-3919 J 

Landis, Judson T 

Building a successful marriage t by] Judson T. Landis 
and Mary G. Landis. 4th ed. Englewood Cliffs, K J., 
Prentice-Hall [1963, 
557 p. lllus. 24 cm. 

HQ734.L25 1963 301.426 63-14900 t 

Landis, Judson T 

Personal adjustment, marriage, and family living- (byj 
Judson T. Landis and Mary G. Landis. 3d ed. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall r !960j 

384 p. lllus 24cm. 
HQ734.L215 19GO 301.426 GO-7657 % 

Landis, Paul Henry, 1901- 

Making the most of marriage. 2d ed. New York, Apple- 
ton-Century-Crofts r 1960, 

674 p. illus. 24cm. (Sociology series) 
HQ734.L266 1960 301.426 60-7042 t 

Lantz, Herman R 

Marriage; an examination of the man- woman relation- 
ship [by 3 Herman E. Lantz and Eloise C. Snyder. New 
York, Wiley [1962] 

417 p. lllus. 24 cm. 



Leclercq, Jacques, 1891- 

Vers une f amille nouvelle ? Paris, Editions universitairea 

184 p. 19 cm. ( La Vie et 1'amour, 5 ) 
HQ737.L36 64-42268 

Lederer, Esther Pauline. 

Since you ask me, by Ann Landers tpseud. 3 Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall rl961j 

206p. 21cm. 
HQ734.L375 301.42 61-15070 J 

Lee, Alfred McClung, 1906- 

Marriage and the family, by Alfred McClung Lee and 
Elizabeth Briant Lee. New York, Barnes & Noble t 1961, 

307 p, 21 cm. (College outline series, no. 87) 
HQ734.L377 301.42 61-13228 J 

Ligon, Ernest Mayfield, 1897- 

The marriage climate; a book of home dynamics [byj 
Ernest Mayfield Ligon and Leona Jones Smith. Illustrated 
by Marilyn Stevens McCurry. St. Louis, Bethany Press 
t 1963j 

240 p. lllus. 23cm. 
HQ734.L56 301.426 62-22318 t 

Lilar, Suzanne, 1901- 

Le couple. Paris, B. Grasset [1963-, 
305 p. lllus. 21 cm. 


Linner, Birgitta, 1920- ed. 

Giftastankar; en bok om aktenskap och karlek. Stock- 
holm, Raben & Sjogren [1959, 
240 p. 19cm. 

Ohio State TJnlv. Llbr. HQ748 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MARRIAGE (Continued) 

Liswood, Rebecca. 

A marriage doctor speaks her mind about sex. [1st ed.] 
New York, Button [1961J 

192 p. illus. 20 cm. 
HQ31.L59 301.426 61-6024 J 

Lorenzen, Annemarie, 1918- 

Ehret die Manner ! Ein Fruhstiicksbrevier fur Damen, 
riber cpseU(L:i Manchen > W. Heyne t 1957j 

Ohio State Univ. Libr. 

A 58-5815 rev 

Lorenzen, Annemarie, 1918- 

Seid gut zu den Frauen. Ein Kopf kissenbuch fur Manner, 
von Annemarie Weber t pseud.] Munchen, W. Heyne [1956] 
202 p. illus. 19cm. 

A 56-6500 rev 
Ohio State Univ. Libr. 

Luckey, Eleanor Braun. 

An investigation of the concepts of the self, mate, parents, 
and idenl in relation to degree of marital satisfaction. Ann 
Arbor, Llich., University Microfilms [1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2361 Mic 59-2361 

Minnesota. Univ. Libr. 

Ludden, Allen. 

Plain talk for young marrieds. New York, Dodd, Mead 

xlil, 174 p. 21cm. 

Ma, Ching-ch'iian. 



1. Marriage. 2. Home. i. Title. 

Title romanteed: Lien al, hun yin yU chla t'ing. 


C 60-3390 J 

McManus, William P 

Marriage guide for engaged Catholics. New York, Paulist 
Press t 1961, 

128 p. 18cm. (Deus books) 
HQ731M22 301.426 61-17236 J 

Marshall, John, 1922- 

Preparing for marriage. Baltimore, Helicon Press [1962j 
119 p. Illus. 18cm. 
301.426 62-11185 J 

Martinson, Floyd M 

Marriage and the American ideal New York, Dodd, 
Mead, 1960. 

401 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
HQ734.M4274 301.42 60-7184 J 

Michigan. State Curricufam, Committee for Home and 
Family Living. 

Education for home and family living; a curriculum 
resource material for secondary schools. Lansing, Dept. of 
Public Instruction, I960. 

52 p. 28 cm. ( f Mlchigaru Dept of Public Instruction] Bulletin 
no. 2141) 
L162.B3 no. 2141 62-63815 t 

Mihanovich, Clement Simon, 1913- 

A guide to Catholic marriage C by 3 Clement Simon Mihano- 
vich, Gerald J. Schnepp r and 3 John L. Thomas. c Rev. ed.] 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. r !963] 

344 p. illus. 23cm. 
HQ734.M56 1963 301.42 63-17497 t 

Miller, Be Witt L 

If two are to become one ; a cooperative text. Elgin, HI., 
Published for the Cooperative Publication Association by 

Brethren Press t 1960i 

96 p. 19cm. (Faith for life aeries) 

96 p. 


Morgenthaler, Walter, 1882- 

Der Mensch in Geschlecht, Liebe und Ehe. 3., verb. Aufl. 

[Zurich] Europa-Verlag t 1960j 
426 p. Illus. 24cm. 

Ohio. State Univ. 

Library HQ21 

A 61-3920 

Nachenius,J C 1890- 

De verhouding van man en vrouw in dea nieuwen trjd. 
S.druk. Amsterdani, Storm t !94~i 

National Catholic Welfare Conference. Family Life Bit- 

Together in Christ, a preparation for marriage. Wash- 
ington 1:1960] 

1 v. illus. 23 cm. 
HQ734.N35 301.426 60-16427 

Nedoma, Karel. 

Tfi uvahy o manzelstvf a rodicovstvi. [Vyd. 1.] Praha, 
Statni zdravotnicke nakL, 1961. 

129 p. Illus. 21cm. 
HQ743.N4 62-34630 J 

Neubert, Rudolf. 

Fragen und Antworten zum "Neuen Ehebuch" und zur 
"Geschlechterfrage." Rudolfstadt, Greifenverlag 1960i 
223 p. 22 cm. 

Ohio State Univ. LLbr. 


Neubert, Rudolf. 

Das neue Ehebuch; die Ehe als Aufgabe der Gegenwart 
und Zukunft. t Neue, iiberarb. AufL 3 Rudolstadt, Greifen- 
verlag C 1959j 

357 p. Illus. 23cm. 

A 61-3919 
OMo. State Univ. Library HQ739 

76 p. 18cm. 

1. Marriage. 2. Family. 

C 62-1271 t 

Nichols, Paralee, 1916- 

When my girl marries, by Perry Wampler. Philadelphia, 
Dorrance tl955] 

101 p. 20cm. 
HQ734.N59 *301.426 392.5 fi^-12868 rev 2 J 

Nicole, pseud, 

L'A. B. C. des scenes de menage. Paris, Julliard [I960] 

167 p. 19 cm. 

A 61-3985 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Norris, Martin LaVern, 1922- 

Before you say "I do." Anderson, Ind., Warner Press 

112 p. 19 cm. 
HQ734.N78 301.426 64-12621 

Oheim, Gertrud, 1898- 

Bie gute Ehe; ein Eatgeber fiir Mann und Frau. tYon 3 
Gertrud Oheim, Guido Muring tund! Theo Zimmermann. 
i L Aufi. Guterslohi C. Bertelsmann t 1959 7 
475 p. Illus. 20cm. (Prakttsehe Eatgeber) 

A 60-178 
Ohio State Univ. Libr. HQ7S9 

Oman, T Peter. 

Marriage guidance for young Ghanaians. With a fore- 
word by Charles 0. Easmon. London, New York, Nelson 

148 p. illus. 20cm. 

63-4354 | 

Oraison, Marc. 

L'harmonie du couple humain. Pref. de Maurice Monta.- 
clair. Paris, Editions ouvrieres [1962, "IQW^ 

110 p. 19 cm. ( Collection "Sacerdoce et lalcat" ) 
HQ737.067 1962 63-39756 J 

Pavek, Franti^ek. 

Aby naSe man2elstv bylo ICastn^. FrantiSek Pavek, 
Josef Prchal. c l. vyd.j Praha, Prace, 1961. 

180 p. 20cm. 

Pei-ching ch'u pan sh6. 

oop. lcra. 

1. Marriage 2 Family, 




Petersen, Mark E 

Guide to a happy marriage. Englewood Cliffs, 2T. J., 
Prentice-HaU tlWk 

128 p 21 cm 
HQ744.P4 301.426 64-11475 

Peterson, James Alfred. 

Education, for marriage. 2d ed. New York, Scribner 
t !964 ] 

xvll, 526 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HQ734.P52 1964 63-10391 

Peterson, James Alfred. 

Toward a successful marriage. Kew York, Scribner { 1960j 
256 p. illras. 22cm. 
HQ734.P53 30L42 60-6S33 t 

Phillips, Pauline. 

Dear Abby on marriage, by Abigail Van Buren r pseud. 
1st ed.] New York, McGraw-Hill C 1962j 

148 p. illus. 21 cm. 
HQ734.P65 301,426 62-12096 1 

Picard, Herv& 

Liefde, huwelijk, jeeluk. Een levensgids op de weg naar 
het ware geluk aan alle jonge mannen en alle jonge vrouwen 
die in him leven een grote liefde verlangen. Geautoriseerde 
Nederlandse bewerkmg van Jozef BaeyeBs. Bruggej Des- 
clee, de Brouwer t 1960j 

155 p. illus. 18 cm. 
HQ743.P524 62-27717 t 

Pineo, Peter Camden, 1934- 

Dyadic and change analysis in a study of marriage and 
divorce. Chicago c Bept. of Photoduplication, University of 
Chicago Library, 1960. 
Microfilm 6588 HQ Mic 60-7724 I 

Chicago. Univ. Libr. 

Piper, Otto A 1891- 

The Biblical view of sex and marriage. New York, Scrib- 

23&p. 22cm. 



Piper, Otto A 1891- 

Die Geschlechter; ihr Sinn und ihr Geheimnis in biblischer 
Sicht. Hamburg, Furche-Verlag r 6 1954i 

400 p. 23cm. 
BT708.P52 54-24759 rev J 

Planque, Daniel. 

The Christian couple. Translated by Martin and Pa- 
tricia McLaugHin. Notre Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers 
t 1963, 

xl!, 164: p. 21 cm, 
HQ737.P553 301.426 

Podolsfcy, Edward, 1902- 

Sex technique for husband and wife. New York, Cadillac 
Pub.Co. t 1960,1949 3 

158 p. illm 21cm. 
CHQ31] 136.1 61-19833 J 

Polatin, Phillip, 1905- 

Marriage in the modern world, by Phillip Polatin and 
and Ellen C. Philtine. c Rev. ed. 3 Philadelphia, Lippincott, 

313 p. 22 cm. 
HQ734.P74 1964 301.426 64-24007 

Popenoe, Paul Bowman, 1888- 

Can this marriage be saved 1 By Paul Popenoe and 
Dorothy Cameron Disney. New York, Macmillan [I960) 

299 p. 22cm. 
HQ734.P755 30L426 60-8124 t 

Popenoe, Paul Bowman, 1888- 

Sex, love, and marriage. New York, Belmont Books 1963] 
173 p. 18 cm. 
HQ734.P76& 301.426 63-4268 J 

Porterfield, Austin Larimore, 1896- 

Marriage and family living as self-other fulfillment 
Philadelphia, F. A. Davis Co. 1962j 

408 p. illus. 24cm. 
HQ728.P6 301.426 62-19468 J 

al-QabbanT, Husayn Muhammad. 

139 p. illua. 24 cm. (AY t 

NE 64-1107 

Richard, Gustave. 

SexualitS et fidelite" dans le mariage. I>tisanne, Payot 

97 p. 20cm. 
Ohio State Univ. Libr. 


A 62-1482 

Riker, Charles. 

Understanding marriage, by Charles and Audrey Riker. 
New York, Paulist Press 1963 3 
ISlp. 18cm. (Detw books) 




Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARRIAGE (Continued) 

Sakd, Jeanne. 

"Wfcat about teen-age marriage? Foreword by Rebecca, 
Liswood. New York, J. Messner t 1961 3 

190 p 22cm 
HQ734.S15 301.426 61-7998 J 

Sands, Sidney L 

Growing up to love, sex, and marriage. Boston, Christo- 
plier Puli. House t 1960j 

131 p. 21 cm. 
HQ31.S17 301.426 60-6477 % 

Sattier, Henry V 1917- 

Two to get ready. Notre Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers 
t 1963, 

171 p. 21 cm. 
HQ734.S27 301.426 63-12554 

Schimel, John L 

Your future as a husband. listed.] New York, Richards 

Rosen Press [1964, 

150 p. 20cm. (CJareerB la depth) 
HQ784S8T7 801.48$ 64-10206 

Schimel, John L 

Your future as a wife. c lst ed.j New York, Richards 
Rosen Press [1963] 

137 p. 20cm. (Careers In depth, 42) 
HQ734.S378 301.426 63-13420 

Schmiedeter, Edgar, 1392- 

Looking toward marriage; t a modern text for the high 
school student. With prefatory note by Irving A DeBIanc. 
Washington, Family life Bureau, National Catholic Wel- 
fare Conference [I960?] 

90 p. 22 cm. 

Sendder, C W 1W5- 

The family in Christian perspective. Nashville, Broad- 
man Press r !962i 

167 p. 22cm. 
HQ734.S456 301.42 62-19142 t 

Shou-chlng, pttud. 

-It ft 

111 ':Wft1?i 1080, 
74 p. Mem. (iH' 

J. lyovit, 2, Marriage. r. Cthunf-tt, p*eii<t., Joint atifUor. 
1 1, Til lit. 

.- MOD H! yl! olttoh him. 


Spettacy, Frank. 

Courtship and marriage. [Bostonj St. Paul Editions 

83 p. illus. 22 cm. 



Spinelli, Marc. 

Beauty and the beast, by Count Marco jpseud.] Cartoons 
by Eric Gurney. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall 

117 p. lllo*, 21cm. 



Spotnitz, Hyman, 1908- 

The wandering husband: love, sex, and the married man 
(byj Hyman Spotnitz t and] Lucy Freeman. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall (19W, 

224 p. 22 cm. ^ 

HQ756.S6 301.4243 64-14010 

Stein, Joseph, 1910- 

Maturity in sex and marriage. New York, Coward- 
McCann 1963 3 

518 p. mas. 22cm. 
HQ21.S3 136.1 63-10155 t 

Steinemann, Hans. 

Vom Lieben im Dreieck; die Fnmenfrage einmal ganz 
anders gesehen. Hum, Wartverlag r 1960, 
198p, mm, 22cm. ' - I 3 

A 61-3928 
OMo, State Univ. Library HQ728 

Steiner, Lee (Rabinowitz) 1901- 

Romantic marriage; the twentieth-century illusion. [1st 
ed.] Philadelphia, Oulton Books t 1963j 

20p. Illtis. 21 cm. 
HQ734.S853 301.42 63-10424 J 

Stenback, Asser, 1913- 

Vi tv& t av Asser Stenback, et aL Borgi, Forbundet for 
svenskt forsamlingsarbete i Finland, Svenska befolknings- 
f orbundet i Finland t 1958j 

29 p. illus. 21 cm. 

OMo State TTnlT. Libr. 


Steward, Verne. 

Are they qualified for marriage? A guidebook for par- 
ents, ministers, pastors, rabbis, counselors, and others con- 
cerned with encouraging wise marriages and preventing 
unwise ones. Minneapolis, T. S. Denison t 1964 3 

168p. 23cm. 

HQ734.S868 64-13904 

Stokes, Walter Raymond, 1898- 

Married love in today's world. Foreword by David R. 
Mace. New York, Citadel Press C 1962] 

157 p. illus. 21 cm. 
HQ734.S884 301.426 

Suflenger, Thomas Earl, 1893- ed. 
Negl&cted areas in family living. 
Pub. House [I960] 

447 p. 21 cm, 

HQ734.S976 301.42 

Sun, Ch'ing. 




1. Marriage. 2. Family. i. Title. 

Title romamlaed; Tafia yang chien li bain* 
fa tl chla t'ta*. 

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Galateo coniugale. [Bellinzona, A. Salvioni, I960] 
59 p. 20 cm. 

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TomSi*, Vida. 

O braku i porodici u sociializmu. Beograd, Kultura, 

88 p. 20cm. (PolltiOca btblloteka) 
HQ658.5.T6 6&-34635 J 

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72 p. 17cm. 

1. Marriage. 2. Husband and wife. r. Title. 

Title romanized: Hun yln shfing huo chlh tao. 


C 61-747 t 

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54-S6832rev2 t 

Ujvary, Alexander de, 1904- 

Liebe, Himmel oder Holle; ein ernstzunehmender und 
heiterer Ratgeber fur Eheleute und jene, die ea werden 
woUen, mit eiaem Geleitwort yon K. BL Waggerl. MQnchen, 
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A 62-3210 
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7K ^ ? f ft m * ), L Jx It 1953. 

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1. Love. 2. Marriage. i. Title. 

Title romanised: Lien ai yii chieh hun. 


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Wm 1947. 

178 p. Illus. 10 cm. 
1. Marriage. 2. 8r. 

Yin, Teng. 

L Title. 

Title romoftiMd: ObKA hua helng tien. 

C 61-1966 J 

It 1957. 
78 p. 18cm. 

1. Marriage. i. Title. 

Title romemized; Chleh hun shlh tsu mo hut shlh. 


C 61-1755 


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Lyckligt gift; femton man och kvinnor berattar om sitt 
aktenskap. [Stockholm} EFS-forlaget t 1961, 

170 p. 28 cm. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Love is forever [by^ Henri Daniel-Hops t and othersi Mary 
Pyle: translator. [Chicago, Scepter Books ,;1964i 

11V} r, 1Q nrf, 




Froy, Herald. 

How to avoid matrimony; the layman's guide to the lay- 
woman. With pictures by Dennis Mallet. London, Muller 
C 1958, C 1957] 

221 p. illus. 20 cm. 
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New York, Vantage Press [ 1959 3 

unpaged. Illus. 28 cm. 
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The battered bride; things your mother never told you. 
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The absolute truth about marriage. Illustrated by John 
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1 T. (unpaged) col. Illus. 22 cm. 
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Marriage Protestant Episcopal 
Church in the U.S.A. 

see also Divorce 

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ed. aggiornata con la collaborazione di Giuseppe Tosatti. 
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103 p. 28 cm. (fUnlted Nations. Document] B/ON.6/415) 

k, 1964. 

Document, B/CN.6/415/add,l) 

^~ Adcfendu 

-- Copy 2. 


([United Nations. . 

JX1977.A2 E/CN.e/415/add.l 




Lopez del Carril, Julio J 

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85 p. 20 cm. (Monograffas Jurfdlcaa, 8) 


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Das nc.6es de desquite, milidade e anulacjLo do casamento; 
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Distribxridora Record Editora, 1959. 

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59-39634 rev 

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Nulidades no direito matrimonial; a condifiao a simula^ao 
e a reserva mental no direito candnico e no direito civiL Sao 
Paulo, Edicao Saraiva, 1961. 

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61-42892 J 


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marriage, and separate maintenance. Denver, 1949. 
217 p. 24 cm. 

Supplement 1955- 


v 23 cm 

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v. 28 cin. (Its Public health statistics. Special report) 
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Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


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Uniewaznienie malzenstwa. [Wyd. l.j Krak6w, NakL 
Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego, 1958. 

161 p. 26 cm. (tTnlwersytet Jagiellonski. Rozprawy i studla, t. 



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Catholic University of America Press, 1961. 

xlv, 289 p. 23 cm. (Catholic University of America. Canon law 
studies, no. 418) 



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lurisprudentia pontificia: Be metu, oc. 214 et 1067. 
jEomaeilypis Polyglottis Vatacanis ( 1056, 

^ * 28Cm ' 



Grelot, Pierre, 1917- 

Man and wife in Scripture. [Translated by Eosaleen 
Brennan , Freiburg, Herder C 1964] 

126 p. 21 cm. 
BS680.M35G73 220.8301426 64-54623 

Grelot, Pierre, 1917- 

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128 p. *2lcm. 
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Couples of the Bible. Notre Dame, lad., Fides Publishers 

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Pub. House rl961] 

84 p. 21 on. 
BS680.M35W45 220.830142 61-15198 J 


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So this is matrimony; cartoons, New York, Pocket 
Books l962j 

n fc 741.5973 


Ungerer, Tomi, 1931- 

Inside mJirria^i wftdding pictures. Xew York, Grove 
Press ,1960] 

unpaged (chiefly illus. ) 12 x 17 cm. 
NC1429.U:> 741.5944 60-7636 J 

see also Separation (Canon law) 

Barrau, Paul, 1916- 

Familles ouvertes sur le monde t parj P. Barrau, K. Fau- 
reau t et 3 G. Pourchet. Paris, Les Editions ouvrieres 1962] 

143 p. 19 cm. f Collection Sacerdoce et Meat ) 
BX2351.B3 63-32338 t 

Caffarel, Henri 

Love and grace in marriage. Translated by Frederick X 
Crosson. Notre Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers Association 

ITS p 21 cm 

60-13440 J 

Castrillo Aguado, Tomas, Abp. 

Abuses del matrimonio. Sevilla, Impr. San Antonio, 1959. 
45 p. 22 cm. 

A 59-8514 
Ofclo State Unlr. Libr. HQ1051 

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Fundamental marriage counseling, a Catholic viewpoint. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. r 1962] 

652 p. Ulos. 23cm. 
HQ734.C39 1962 301.426 62-10266 t 

Cavanagh, John R 1904- 

Fimdumental miirriajre counseling, a Catholic viewpoint 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. t 1963j 

xxlv, 680 1>. illus., diagri-s 23 ciu. 
HQ7r,4.C.".f) 1%?, 301.426 63-22448 

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What they ask about marriage. Chicago, Fides C 1955j 
322 p. 21cm. 
BX2250.C62 265.5 55-7774 rev 

Daniec, Francois. 

Happy homes; Christiaja ideals in married life. [Trans- 
lated by Fred D. Wieck and Patrick Holland] "With a pref. 
by Denis E. Hurley. Westminster, Md., Newman Press 
r !960, 

187 p. 21 on. 
BX2250.D313 265.5 60-51427 J 

Dantec, Frangois. 

Love is life; a Catholic marriage handbook. Eev. and 
adapted by Albert Schlitzer. Foreword by Theodore M. 
Hesburgh. [Notre Dame, Ind.] University of Notre Dame 
Press t !963j 

212 p. 22cm. 
BX2250.D313 1963 265.5 63-9230 t 

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I)e matrimonio. Milwaukee, Ex typographia Bruce C 1964j 

BX2250.D64 11 ' 64-19863 

Fabregaes, Jean de. 

Christian marriage. Translated from the French, by Kose- 
mary Haughton. t lst ed New York, Hawthorn Books 
il959 3 

109 p. 21 cm. (The Twentieth century encyclopedia of Catholi- 
cism, v. 54. Section 5 : The life of faith) 

59-12171 t 

, . 


Ford, John Cuthbert, 1902- 

Contemporary moral theology, by John C. Ford and 
Gerald Kelly. Westminster, Md., Newman Press, 1958-63. 

2v. 23cm. 
BX1758.F65 241 58-7530 rev t 

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Incontro alia vita, a coloro che si preparano al matrimonio. 
Presentazione di Carlo Trabucco. 2. ed. Milano, Editrice 
Ancora [1959, 

819 p, IT cm. (OoUana"Ediflcare,"6) 
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Geissler, Eugene S 

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Gerard Pottebaum. Notre Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers 
Association r !962i 

159 p. 18cm. (A Fides dome book, D-15) 
BX2250.G4 265.5 62-1682 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



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Anselm of Laon to Thomas Aquinas. Washington, Catholic 
University of America Press, 1963. 

rvi, 212 p. 23 cm. (Catholic University of America. Studies in 
sacred theology, 2d set., no. 134} 

Ho'ffner, Joseph. 

Ehe und Familie; Wesen und "Wandel in der industriellen 
Gesellschaft. Miinster, Verlag Begensberg C 1959j 
184 p. 20cm. 

A 60-1335 

Ohio State Unlr. Libr. 


Irving, Gordon James. 

Factors and characteristics of Catholic mamage separa- 
tions in five dioceses. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro- 

SSofitoAO-1 no. 59-3660 Mic 59-3660 

Kerns, Joseph E 

The theology of marriage; the historical development of 
Christian attitudes toward sex and sanctity in marriage. 
New York, Sheed and Ward [1964] 

xlv, 302 p. 22 cm. 
BX2250.K42 261.83 63-17145 

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Christian marriage; a guide- for young people. Mil- 
waukee, Bruce Pub. Co. t 1962] 

223 p. 11108. 22 cm. 
BX2250.L35 265.5 63-16837 J 

Li, fin-chl 

S 1962. 
179 p. 1 on. 

1. Marriage Catholic Chwcft. t Tltku 

^^JW romuttatd: Tim chv cfaUo ytt ban yln wte ft 


C 63-1651 

Lovasik, Lawrence George, 1913- 

CathoKc marriage and child care. Boston, Christopher 

Pub. House L .. 
861 PL 21cm. 



Love is forever c byj Henri Daniel-Hops [and others] Mary 
Pyle: translator. [Chicago] Scepter Books t !964] 

103 p. 18cm. 
HQ1051.L663 301.426 64-20887 

Lynch, "William Albert, 1917- 

A marriage manual for Catholics, by William A. Lynch. 
With a foreword by Richard Cardinal Gushing. New York, 
Trident Press, 1964. 

XX, 359 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
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McAnley, Claire, . 

Whom God hath not joined. With an introd. by Maisie 
Ward. New York, Sheed and Ward [1961j 

159 p. 21 cm. 
HQ1051.M15 265.5 60-12873 t 

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N. Y., Alba House t 1963 3 

xli, 201 p. 23 cm. 
BX2250.M16 301.426 

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A guide to Catholic marriage c by } Clement Simon Mihano- 
vich, Gerald J. Schnepp t andj John L. Thomas. [Rev. ed.] 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. r !9e3j 

844 p. Illus. 23cm. 
HQ734.M56 1963 301.42 63-17497 t 

Murphy, Thomas J 

The supernatural perfection of conjugal life according to 
Pope Pius xn. Mundelein, HI., Saint Mary of the Lake 
Seminary, 1960. 

154 p. 23 cm. (Pontlflcla Facultas Theologlca Seminar!! Sanctae 
Mariae ad Lacum. Dissertattones ad lauream, 83) 
BX2250.M84 265.5 61-1795 

Novak, Michael, ed. 

The experience of marriage; the testimony of Catholic 
laymen. New York, Macmillan [196*3 

HQ1051.N6" m ' 301.426 64-21756 

Nugent, Vincent Joseph, 1913- ed. 

Christian marriage; some contemporary problems. Ja- 
maica, N. Y., St. John's University Press r 1961] 

(St. John's University studies. Theological series, 

$9 p. 23 cm. 


61-9608 J 

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ix,H6p. 23cm. 

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The sacrament of matrimony, a dogmatic study. Mil- 
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God's world in the making. Pittsburgh, Pa., Duquesne 
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ix 207 p. 23 cm. (Duquesne studies. Theological series, 2) 
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Suenens, Leon Joseph, Cardinal, 1904- 

Love and control; the contemporary problem. [2d rev. 
ed.j Westminster, Md., Newman Press [1962, C 1961] 
200 p. 20cm. 

-- 62-51931 t 

HQ1051.S813 1962 



Catholic Church. Pope. 

Le manage. Presentation et tables par les moines de 
Solesmes. [Tournaij Desclee C 1954] 

lx 417, 15, 89 p. 18 cm. (Les Enselgnements pontificaux) 

A 55-3659 rev 
Catholic of America. Library 

Catholic Church. Pope. 

Matrimony. Selected and arr. by the Benedictine monks 
of Solesmes. Translated by Michael J. Byrnes. [Boston 3 
St. Paul Editions ["1963] 

617 p. 19 cm. (Papal teachings) 
BX2250.A4313 265.5 

Pius XH, Pope, 1876-1958. 

Dear newlyweds; Pope Pius xu speaks to young couples. 
Selected and translated by James F. Murray, Jr., and Bianca 
M. Murray. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy t !961] 

288 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
BX2250.P46 265.5 61-5382 J 

Pius XH, Pope, 1876-1958. 

The dignity and happiness of marriage; selected addresses 
of Pope Pius xn to married couples. Translated by John 
Joyce. Foreword by the Marchioness of Lothian. London, 
Campion Press , 1959i 

106 p. 19cm. 
BX2250.P47 252.1 60-2277 t 


Marriage (8t. Meinrad, Ind.) 

Catholic marriage reader; a selection of articles from Mar- 
riage magazine. [St. Meinrad, Ind., Grail Publications, 

64 p. Illus. 20cm. 
HQ734.M36 301.42082 60-2246 t 

Sussman, Marvin B ed. 

Sourcebook in marriage and the family. 2d ed. Boston, 
Houghton Mifflin t 1963] 

566 p. Illus. 26cm. 
HQ728.S87 1963 301.42082 63-265 t 


Vagaggini, Cipriano, 1909- 

Patriarcbi oriental! cattolici e dispense matrimonial! ; 
storia del loro potere di dispensare dagli impedimenti di 
consanguineita e di afhnita. Koma, Pont. Institution Orien- 
talium Studiorum, 1959. 

adl. 254 p. 24 cm. (Orlentalla Christiana analecta, 154) 
[BX101.O7 vol.154] A 60-3640 

Chicago. Univ. Libr. 

Aoyama, Michio, 1902- 

t !949j 
2,2.219p. 22cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

1 Family Hist 2. Marriage Hist i. Title. 

Title romote*: Kuokudkl no ahotnondal. 


J 61-1660 

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Eattray Taylor. New York, Macmillan tl960] 

451 p. illus. 23 cm. 
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Briffault, Robert, 1876-1948. 

The mothers; t the matriarchal theory of social 
Abridged, and with an introd. by Gordon Rattray Taylor. 
New York, Universal Library C 1963] 

451 p. illus. 21 cm. (Grosset's universal library) 
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281 p. nius. 21 c 

(Populdrnf pr&vnlcki knlhovna) 


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Wachset und mehret euch ; die Gescbichte der Ehe. [Miin- 
chenj Kindler t!959j 

243 p. illus. 25 cm. 

A 60-1339 
Ohio State Univ. Libr. 

IMPEDIMENTS see Impediments 
to marriage 

see also Marriage (Islamic law) 

Alhamidy, Md 'All. 

Islam dan perkawinan. Djakarta, Alma'arif t 1951?] 
105 p. 22cm. 
HQ525.M6A7 60-23491 t 

Hijab, Ahmad Muhammad. 

lj OUL41 oUj jl! <^j jll 4JLuJ.l oliT 

JUA -U>-t jJCu 
C 1961j* \\\\ ttfjj^i 

N E 64-117 

47 p. port 24 cm. 


Princeton Univ. Llbr. 


see also Marriage, Mixed 
Sofer^ Josef Leyb, 1860 or 61- 

^ru o^nnxi D^itB^no Dnsptfn ... D^IID ... IBID 
o^ipn DJ? tsnnD DSTJ JTiaoin oy 
[1963] T w Dn cjNQDtn:!] pn^ TO .IBID 3^ 

5 v. In 3. 24 cm. 
BM518.C5S6 HE 64-337 


Forsee, Aylesa. 

My love and I together; the stories of six famous mar- 
riages. With decorations by Ruth Macrae. Philadelphia, 
Macrae Smith Co. [1961] 

208 p. Illus. 22cm. 
CT107.F59 ] 920 61-14954 J 


Graf, Arthur E 

A marriage manual for church weddings; designed to 
help pastors in their premarital counseling and to furnish 
the bride and groom with a guide for the conduct of a 
wedding which is Christian. Springfield, 111., Faith Pub- 
lications [1961] 

33 p. 19 cm. 
BX8074.M3G7 265.5 61-16951 t 

Sundby, Olof. 

Luthevsk Jiktenskapsuppf attning ; en studie i den kyrkliga 
akteskapsdebatten i Sverige efter 1900. Mit einer deutschen 
Zusammenfassung. Stockholm, Svehska kyrkans diakoni- 
styrelses bokforlag, 1959. 

343 p. 24cm. 
BX8074.M3S8 62-42170 


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BeHHaerc^ pa6a EOKH . , . MocKsa, Toe. HSA-BO nojim. 

JIHT-pH, 1959. 

Mp. illus. 20cm. 
BX378.M2S8 60-34250 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARRIAGE (Continued) 


Michigan. State University, East Lansing. Dept. of Ef- 
fective Living. 

Modern marriage and family relationships; syllabus c for 
2d quarter of the Effective living course, Basic 152} pre- 
pared by Judson T. Landis, assisted by George E. Myers. 
c lst revisionj East Lansing, Michigan State College C 1948 3 

vi,112p. dlagrs. 28cm. S i l 

HQ744.M5 392.5 48-16502 rev 2* 

sanguinity; Marriage law 



Rodenmayer, Robert N 

I, John, take thee, Mary; a book of Christian marriage. 
Greenwich, Cxmn., Seabury Press, 1962. 

182 p. 22cm. 
BX5949.M3R6 301.426 62-12783 t 

Questions and answers Marriage 


Brunner, Josy, 1905- 

Fahrt durch die Ehe. t Luzeni] Katholische Miittervereine 
der Schweiz r 1959, 

lv. (unpaged) Illus. 18cm. 

A 60-145 
Ohio State Unlv. Llbr. HQT44 


All-Africa Seminar on the Christian Home and Family 
Life, Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia, 1963. 

The All- Africa Seminar on the Christian Home and Fam- 
ily Life ; r report Geneva, 1963] 

72 p. 21 cm. (Oikoumene) 
HQ691.A75 1963 64-56230 

Binet, Jacques, 1916- 

Le mariage en Afrique noire. Paris, Editions du Cerf 

176 p. illus. 19 cm. (Fol vlvante. Serie "Vie des missions") 
HQ691.B5 60-58696 J 

ZanStl, Mahmud Sallam. 

r !963. 

100 p. 17cm. (Uf tlj>\) 
Princeton Untv. Llbr. 

N E 63-1484 

Mace, David Robert. 

Marriage : East and West, by David and Vera Mace. t lst 
ecL, Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1960. 

359 p. 22cm. 
HQ665.M3 301.42095 60-5944 t 

Mace, David Robert. 

Marriage: East and West t by] David and Vera Mace. 
London, MacGibbon & Kee, 1960. 

852 p. 23 cm. 
HQ665.M3 1960a 301.42095 61-25826 J 

Konstantinov, Dimitur Iv 

BpaK H ceMCftCTBO. CO$H*, Z3fl-B0 Ha 

CBBCT Ha Ore^ecTBCHHH $POHT, 1956. 

53 p. 21 cm. (BH6jiHOTeKaHaJieKTOpa,17) 

57-492T1 rev 1 


Broom, Leonard. 

Marriages of Japanese- Americans in Los Angeles county, 
a statistical study, by Leonard Bloom c i. e. Broom] Ruth 
Riemer, and Carol Creedon. Berkeley and Los Angeles, 
University of California press, 1945. 

1 p. 1., 23 p. Incl. tables, dlagrs. 24 cm. (On cover: University of 
California publications in culture and society, v. 1, no. 1) 
H31.C1T vol,l,no.l 312.5 A 45-138 rev 

California. Univ. Llbr. 


Ardener, Edwin. 

Divorce and fertility, an African study. jLondonj Pub- 
lished for the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic 
Research jbyj Oxford University Press, 1962. 

171 p. Illus. 19 cm. (Nigerian social and economic studies, no. 3) 
GN480.A7 392.6 62-51649 t 

CHINA, 1949- ) 

Ch'ang-chiang jih pao, Hankow, China. 

IE5t*iilE3I4 S 
%u tmAKffiJ&H 1052, 

40 p. 18cm. 

1. Marriage-China (People'* Republic of China, 1W9- ) 
I. Title. 

Title romantied: Cnfing ch'tieh tl 
ch'u 11 bun yin wfin t'l. 


C 62-2718 

44 p. 19cm. 

1. Marriage China (People's Republic of China, 1M9~ > 

Title romanized: Haln Chung-kuo tl ban yin wen t'l. 

HQ667.H78 061-1752 t 


Maruiak, Martin. 

O manSelstvi a rodine". Vyd. 1. Prahaj Statni nakl. poli- 
ticke literatury, 1957. 

81 p. 22 cm. 
HQ621.M3 61-20017 J 


Berlas, Aquila Begum. 

A comparison of the attitudes toward mate selection held 
by a selected sample of Pakistani and American undergrad- 
uates. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1955i 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.j Publication no. 12.393* 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,393 ' Mic A 55-2143 

Florida. State Univ. Library 


Audiat, Pierre, 1891- 

Vingt-cinq siecles de mariage. Iconographie de Marie- 
Therese May. jParisj Hachette t 1961 3 

04 p. IUus. 24cm. (Tout par 1'lmage, 84) 
GT2749.A8 62-29327 t 

Camp, Wesley Douglass, 1915- 

Marriage and the family in France since the Revolution; 
an essay in the history of population. New York, Bookman 
Associates [1961j 

203 p. maps, diagrs., tables. 22 cm. 
HB1213.C3 1961 301.32944 61-8606 

1949- ) 

Dierl, Wolf hilde. 

Liebe, Ehe Scheidung? Unter Mitarbeit von Hans- 
Joachim Muller. t 5. AufLj Leipzig, Urania-Verlag i c 1961] 

167 p. Illus. 18 cm. (Passat-BUcnerel, Bd. 3) 
HQ625.D5 1961 62-43095 J 


Ashley, Maurice Percy. 

The Stuarts in love; with some reflections on love and 
marriage in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. [Lon- 
don] Hodder and Stoughton t 1963j 

256 p. ports. 23cm. 
DA377.1.A8 64-1208 

Ashley, Maurice Percy. 

The Stuarts in love, with, some reflections on love and mar- 
riage in the sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, by Maurice 
Ashley. New York, Macmillan t 1964j 

ir, 284p. ports. 22 cm. _ 

DA377.1A8 1964= 942.06 64-11756 



Denmark. Udvalget for samfundsforskning I Gr&riland. 

Familie og segteskab i Vestgr^nland. K0benhavn, 1961- 

T. forms. 24 cm. (Its (Publtkationi 2 

AgarwaIa,S N 

Age at marriage in India. Foreword by Ansley J. Coale. 
Allahabad, Kiteb Mahal, 1962. 

2S6p. illus. 23cm. 
HQ66&.A64 S A 63-1867 J 

DfttS, Pi3r Singha, 1910- 

ftfw s3fr. f& 

116 p. 19cm. 
In Panjabl. 

1. Marriage India. 


i. Title. 

Title transliterated: Yuwaka gandesha. 

S A 63-4531 

, C T 1921- 

Intercaste and inter-community marriages in India. 
Bombay, Allied Publishers t !963j 

236 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
HQ669.K24 S A 63-2277 J 

Pillai, Govinda Krishna, 1887- 

Love, beauty & marriage, rlst ed.i Allahabad, Kitab 
Mahal, 1962. 

212 p. 19cm. 

HQ669.P5 S A 62-264 rev J 

Seeran, pseud. 

o/rf 3 G&OJ c peeud. 

104 p. 10 cm. 
In TamIL 

1, Family India. 2. Marriage India. i. Title. 

Title transliterated: Nalla kuturnpam 


S A 63-046 

Thomas, Paul, 1910- 

Indian women throogh. the ages; a historical survey of 
the position of -women and the institutions of marriage and 
family in India from remote antiquity to the present day. 
Bombay, New York, Asia Pub. House 1964! 

x, 392 p. 23 cm. 
HQ1742.T48 396.0954 S A 64-2689 

Varma, Savitri Devi, 1911- 

W, 1963- 
303 p. Illua. 22 on. 
In Hiadl. 
1. Marriage India. 



Title trwuliteruted: Suno kftna mein. 
S A 64-2003 

Gabriel, Kuno Ruben. 

IVSP 'fnzrb mnT-n 

[Jerusalem? 1957 ? 3 . 
30, 275, 13 p. diagra. 84 cm. 


Panizzon, Gaetano. 

Contributo allo studio delle tavole di nuzialita. Padova, 

CEDAM, 1958. 

143 p. lUus. 25 cm. 

Hort, Hidehiko, 1902- 

t 1957, 

194 j. 16cm. (3K,'ftt6: 2 )t^lJ5| 138) 
1. Marriage Japan. r Title. 

63-29141 J 

** tt4r 

J 61-1643 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


JAPAN (Continued) 

Hozumi, Sbigetd, 1883-1951. 

#1 25 t 1950j 



Dzhumagulor, A 

COMBS H <5paK y KHprasou HyScicofi flo;tHHtt. Opynse, 
HQ686.D9T' 60-41948 


Berlas, Aquila Begum. 

A comparison of the attitudes toward mate selection held 
by a selected sample of Pakistani and American undergrad- 
uates. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1955] 

(rUnlversIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 12.398) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,393 Mic A 55-2143 

Florida. State Univ. Library 


Pennsylvania. Dept. of Health. 

Pennsylvania marriage and divorce statistics. 1956- 
Harrisburg, Dept. of Health, Division of Statistics and 
Records, Statistical Methods Section. 

T. 28 cm. (Its Public health statistics. Special report) 
RA141.B226 A 59-9917 rev 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


Piasecki, Edmund. 

Integracja ludnosci m. Wrodawia w s*wietle statystyki 
malzerfstw i rozwodow. "Wroclaw, 1963. 

193 p. maps, dlagrs^ tables. 25cm. (Materialy 1 prace antropo- 
loglcztMi, nr.66) ,,, 

HB3596.B7P5 64-58554 


Colson, Elizabeth, 1917- 

Marriage & the family among the plateau Tonga of North- 
ern Rhodesia. [Manchester, Eng.j Published on behalf of 
the Ehodes-Livingstone Institute, Northern Rhodesia by 
Manchester University Press t e !958j 

379 p. illus. 22 cm. 
GN657.T5C63 572.96894 60-32588 J 


Khaxchev, Anatoli! Gcorgievich. 

Epas H CCMBJI B COBCTCKOSC o<5m;ecTBe. [JleHHHrpafl] JTe- 
HHHrpa.acKoe raaerHO-xypHajttHoe H KHHXHOC HSA-BO. 1955. 

Wp, 20cm- 
HQ638.K45 57-22724 rev t 

Suglobov, Grigorii Alekseevich. 

Bejraerai patfa EoacH* . . . MocKua, Toe. HSA-BO IXOJIHT. 
J:HT-PH, 1959. 

54 p. Illus. 20cm. 
BX378.M2S8 60-34250 t 


Freedman, Maurice. 

C3hinese family and marriage in, Singapore. London, 
H. M. Stationery Off., 1957. 

249 p, illus,, tables. 25 cm. [Gt Brit] Colonial Office. Colonial 
research studies, no. 20) 
JV33.G7A48 no. 20 *301.426 392,5 57-4166 rev 


Stmdbr, Olof . 

Luthmk aktenskapsuppfattning; en studie i den kyrkliga 
akteskapsdebatten i Sverige efter 1900. Mit einer deutschen 
Zusammenfassung, Stockholm, Svenska kyrkans diakoni- 
gtyreises bokforlag, 1959. 

343 p. 24cm. 
BX8074JI3S8 62-42170 

Bell, Robert R 

Marriage and family interaction. Homewood, B1., Dorsey 
Press, 1963, 

465 p. 24cm. (The Dorsey series In anthropology and sociology) 
HQ535JB44 301.42 63-16898 

Blood, Robert . . 

Husbands & wives; the dynamics of mamed living, oy 
Robert 0. Blood, Jr., and Donald M. Wolfe, Glencoe, HI, 
Free Press [I960] 

*' 301.42 

EIUs, Albert, 1913- 

The American sexual tragedy. t 2d ed. rev.j New York, 
L. Stuart r 1962 a 



Hummel, Adam A 

Parenthood; a guide. t lst edj New Tork, Vantage 

Press C 1962] 

227 p 21 cm. 
HQ535.H78 301.426 62-6175 t 

Oliver, Bernard J 

Marriage and you ; a sociological and psychological study 
of American marriage and family life. Foreword by Paul 
Popenoe. Xew Haven, College and University Press [1964] 

328 p. 23 cm. 
HQ536.04 63-17366 

U. S. National Vital Statistics Division. 

Where to write for marriage records. 1958- 
[Washington] U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare, Public Health Service: t for sale by the Superintendent 
of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off.j 

v. 2T cm. ( t U. S.j Public Health Service. Publication 


59-60612 rev 


DiSanto, Joseph E 

Marital status, 1900-1960, and marriage 1960, of Wiscon- 
son's population. E Byj Joseph E. DiSanto with Carolyn 
Chambers, Laura M. DiSanto t and] Douglas Marshall. 
Madison, Dept. of Eural Sociology, College of Agriculture, 
University of Wisconsin, 1963. 

T, 75 p. diagra., tables. 29 cm. (Wisconsin's population) 
HB3525.W6W5 no. 7 64-63411 


Gaudemet, Jean. 

Cours de droit romain et d'ancien droit francos, r&iige* 
d'apres les notes et avec 1'autorisation de Jean Gaudemet. 
Licence 4? annee, 1961-1962. Paris, Cours de droit t !962j 
808 p. 26cm. 



see also Clandestinity (Canon law); 
Divorce (Canon law); Impediments 
to marriage (Canon law); Marriage 
Annulment (Canon law); Marriage 
Dispensations; Matrimonial actions 
(Canon law); Separation (Canon law) 

Bacher, Jean. 

Evolution de la legislation matrimoniale dans le Valaifl 
episcopal. Sion, 1957. 
185 p. 24cm. 


Bender, Ludovicus, 1894- 

De matrimonio commentarius. Torino, L. L C. E., K. 
Berruti t 1958j 

Biskupski, Stefan. 

Prawo malzenskie Kos*cioJa RzymskokatolicMego. OIsz- 
tyn r Kuria Biskupia Diecezji Warminskiej] 19 
T. 25cm. 


Burns, Dennis J 1920- 

Matrimonial indissolubiHty : contrary conditions; a his- 
torical synopsis and a commentary. Washington, Catholic 

of America. Canon law 

University of America Press, 1963. 
Ix, 158 p. 23 cm. (Catholic Unlveralty 

Castaneda Delgado, Eudoxio, 1911- 

La locura y el matrimonio ; psiquiatria y jurisprudencia 
de la Sagrada Btota Romana, Valladolid, Editorial Sever- 
Cuesta [1955] 
292 p. 23cm. 

60-27348 t 

Catholic Church. Canons, decretals, etc. 

Legos Ecclesiae de matrimonio sive substantiales sive pro- 
cessuales post promulgatum Codicem X C. editas collegit 
Joseph Marcone. Romae, Desclee C 1956] 

358 p. 25 cm. 

Cloran, Owen Michael, 1898- 

Previews and practical cases on marriage. Milwaukee, 
Bruce Pub. Co. t 1960- 
v. 24cm. 

301.42026 60-8432 J 

Dwyer, Adrian I . 

Marriage cases, a handbook for parish pnests. bpnng- 
field, 111., Templegate Publishers [1964! 
x. 100 p. 20 cm. 

265.5 64-4135 

FernAndez Aller, PlAcido. 

La impotencia en el matrimonio. Salamanca, Ediciones 
Sigueme, 1960. 
223 p. 22cm. 

A 62-209 
Ohio State XJniv. IJbr. HQ1024 

Galtier, Francisque, ed. and tr. 

Le manage, discipline orientale et discipline occidentale; 
la ref orme du 2 mai 1949. [Beyrouth] 1950. 

xxlli, 456 p. 25 cm. (University S 1 Joseph de Beyrouth. FacultS 
de theolo?ie. Publications du 75 s annlversalre) 


Gangi, Calogero, 1879- 

Dercclxo matrimonial. Traducci6n del italiano de Miguel 
Moreno Hernandez. Madrid, Aguilar, 1960. 
483 p. 25cm. 

Hervada Xiberta, Francisco Javier. 

Los fines del matrimonio; su relevancia en la estructura 
juridica matrimonial. Prologo de Pedro Lombardia. Pam- 
plona Studium Generale, 1960. 

227 p. 22 cm. (ColeccWn candnica del Estudio General de 
Navarra, no. 4) 64-43090 J 

Michal, Jaroslav Josef. 

Kanonicke manzelsk^ pravo s prihlednuum k platnemu 
pravu v Ceskoslovensku. t Vyd. I. Praha, Katedra Msto- 
ricko-pravni na RImskokatolicke cyrilometodejske bohoslo- 
vecke f akultS, 1958j 

210 p. illus. 30 cm. 


Portugal. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Leis da f amilia, anotadas e actualizadas t por] Abel Pereira 
Delgado. Leis do- casamento: Decreto no. 1; Concordata 
com a Santa Se* ; Decreto no. 30 615. Lei dos filhos : Decreto 
no. 2. [Coimbrai Coimbra Editora, 1961. 
182 p. 23cm. 


Regatillo, Eduardo Fernandez, 1882- 

Derecho matrimonial eclesiastico. Santander, Sal Terrae, 

459 p. 25 cm. (Bibllotheca Comillensis) 


Roberts, Rnf us Putnam. 

Matrimonial legislation in Latin and Oriental canon law : 
a comparative study. Westminster, Md., Newman Press, 

Yili, 110 p. 22 cm. 

265.5 60-14812 

Rybczyk, Jozef. . . 

Uzdrowienie malzenstwa w zawi$zku. Sanatio in raaice- 
c. 1138-1141. [Wyd. l.j Lublin, Tow. Naukowe Katolickiego 
Unhversytetu Lubelskiego, 1958. 

444 p. 22 cm. (Towarzystwo Naukowe Katolickiego Uniwersytetu 
Lubelskiego. Bozprawy Wydzlalu Teologlczno-Kanonicznego, t 14) 

Samek de la Espriella, Eduardo. 

El matrimonio civil ante el derecho canomco y la ley 
colombiana. Bogo^,1960. 
1MP " **- 62-4*750 t 

Schleck, Charles A 

The sacrament of matrimony, a dogmatic study. Mil- 
waukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1964] 

3dl,290p. 24cm. 
BX2250.S34 265.5 64-15488 

Van Ommeren, William M 1926- 

Mental illness affecting matrimonial consent. Washing- 
ton, Catholic University of America Press, 1961 c i. e. 1962] 
xl, 243 p. 23 cm. (Catholic University of America. Canon law 
studies, no. 415) 

348 63-5701 


Catholic Church. Canons, deeretah, etc. 

Legos Ecclesiae de matrimonio sive substantiales sive pr^ 
cessuales post promulgatum Codicem L C. editas collegit 
Joseph Marcone. Romae, Desclee [1956] 
358 p. 25 cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Galtier, Francisque, ed. and tr. 

Le manage, discipline orientals et discipline occidentale; 
la ref orme du 2 mai 1949. [Beyrouth] 1950. 

xxlil, 456 p. 25 cm. (University S l Joseph de Beyrouth. FactUt<J 
de thSoIogle. Publications du 75 anniversalre) 


Pospishfl, Victor J 

Motu proprio "Crebrae allatae" il ro^OBni SMIRK B no- 
flpy^KHbOMy npasi KaiojiHEiB BisaHTiftctico-cjroBaHCBKoro 
ofipflfly, KOtpi HajieacaTt #o rajiHHi.KO-niflKapnaTci.KOi #HC- 
HHUJiiHH. Oiuia^eji^w, EnncKoncLKHft op^HHapijiT, 1951. 

23 p. 22cin. 

00-23908 J 

Roberts, Ruf us Putnam. 

Matrimonial legislation in Latin and Oriental canon law : 
a comparative study. Westminster, Md,, Newman Press, 

vilt,110p. 22cm. 

265.5 60-14812 


India (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Hindu law of marriage, by S. V. Gupte, assisted by G. M. 
Divekar. Bombay, N. ML Tripathi, 1961. 
xxl, 272 p. diagrs. (part fold.) 25 cm. 


India (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Hindu marriage act, 1955 (no. 25 of 1955) Commen- 
tary by Deoki Nandan Agarwala. Allahabad, Ram Narain 
Lai [prel 1955] 
47, 2 p. 25cm. 


India (Republic} Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Hindu marriage act, 1955, with an exhaustive, ex- 
planatory and critical commentary, prior Hindu law with 
up to date case law, comparative study, matters res integra 
solved, forms of petitions and answers thereto, and rules of 
the high courts under the act, by Kashi Prasad Saksena, 
With a foreword by Orby Howell Mootham. [3d ed.] 
Lucknow, Eastern Book Co. r 1964j 

xliv, 424, cclv p. 25 cm. 

S A 64-4693 


Alhamidy, Md 


Islam dan perkawinan. Djakarta, Alma'arif t 1951?] 
105 p. 22 cm. 


60-23491 J 

ABhshiddiqy, Muhammad HasbL 

Polygami menurut hukum Islam. Djakarta, Bulan-Bin- 
tang, 1955. 
20 p. 20cm, 

S A 62-493 

Badran, Badran Abu al-'Aynayn. 

JJkr e* r iUV\ J 

854 p. 24cm. 
Princeton Univ. Libr. 


1961] 1VU 

NE 62-242 

Maghniyah, Muhammad Jawad. 

. 5^i- j1j>. JU* i-iJt- c <L*U5f1 t-AJU <_,!* Vv-i- 

C 1961. mtj 4-1" 
173 p. tables. 19cm. 

NE 63-1271 
Princeton TJnlv. Llbr. 

Wafi, 'AH 'Abd al-Wahid. _ - - uj _ 


114 p. 20 cm. (V < fX VI t) 

NE 63-1959 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 


Madhava, Anand. 

Marriage and dissolution of marriage in Muslim law, with 
a commentary on the Dissolution of Muslim marriages act, 
by Anand Madhava & Mirza Kazim Husain. Lucknow, 
Eastern Book Co., 1950. 

Cm - 6W9708 

Sethi, Raghbirlal Bhagatram. 

Muslim marriage and its dissolution; being an exhaustive 
and critical exposition of Muslim law of marriage and its 
dissolution with a commentary on the Dissolution of Muslim 
marriages act (Act vm of 1939) with up-to-date case-law. 
2d ed. Allahabad, Law Book Co., 1961. 



Loebis, Ali Bas ja. 

Hukum perkawinan. Islam dan hubungannja dengan per- 
adilan agama di Indonesia. [Jogjakarta, pref. I960] 
35 p. 13 cm. 

S A 62-622 


Ashraf , Mohammad. 

The Muslim law of marriage; containing prohibitions on 

marriage, essentials of valid marriage, muta, option of 

puberty, dower, conjugal rights, maintenance, parentage, 

etc., etc. 2ded. Lahore, All-Pakistan Legal Decisions, 1953. 

176 p. 25 cm. 

SA64-3864 J 


Farran, Charles d'OIivier. 

Matrimonial laws of the Sudan, being a study of the 
divergent religious and civil laws in an African society. 
London, Butterworths, 1963. 

xvi, 325 p 23 cm. (Buttenvorth's African law series, no. 7) 



see also Agunah; Halitsah; Ketuba 

Algazi, Israel Jacob, 1670 (oo.)-1756. 

iBrooklyn [195-?] .D*n* .n .apy WNJ 
59, 134 p. 28 cm. 
BM522.21.L45 I899a 61-55977 

Birnbaum, Solomon Asher, 1891- 

The Bar Menasheh marriage deed; its relation with other 
Jewish marriage deeds. Istanbul, Kederland Historisch- 
Archaeologisch Instituut in het Nabije Oosten, 1962. 

26 p. facslm. 2T cm. (Ultgaven van het Nederlands Historlsch- 
Archaeologlsch loatitunt te Istanbul, IS. Publlcatloos de I'lnstitut 
Mstorique et arch^ologlaue neerlandals de Stamboul, IS) 

NE 63-2326 rev 

Falk, Ze'ev. 

nav nnn^a. 

131, 2 1. 32 cm. 

Grossnass, Arje Leb, 1912- 

[Jerusalem, 1958j 


12 p. 22 cm. 

nam .nrftn rays 

London 1955/56, 

61-56520 J 

Jeroham ben Meshullam, IJ^th cent. 

[Venice, 1553. Tel-Aviv, 1959/60-60/61] 

2 v. 31 cm. 
BM700.J42 61-55113 rev 

Kraus, Zadok. 

[Jerusalem, 1950/51- 
y. 35 cm. 


.rtBWp ni3%T ,K -J\WH yna HD^H nnno 
.mpino .a noD-rn .rtm-'a nD^n j 
nvnnon *m nannn 
t i9)64 

Rozen, Leon Szczekacz, 1910- 

Marriage and divorce; comparative reflections on mar- 
riage and'divorce in the Mosaic law and in the present laws 
of domestic relations, by Leon S. Rozen (Leon Szczekaez 
Rozen) New York, United Jewish Religious Writers, 1961. 

74 p. HUM. 23cm. ^^ 

droit hebraiique. Pitt de R. TajourL 
Tanger, Editions marocaines et Internationales, 1960. 
121 p " "^ 


Wilson, Gordon M 

Luo customary law and marriage laws customs. [Nairobi, 
Govt, Printer] 1961. 


153 p. 25cm. 



Gaudemet, Jean. 

Cours de droit romain et d'ancien droit fransais, re*dig6 
d'apres les notes et avec Fautorisation de Jean Gaudemet. 
Licence 4 e annee, 1961-1962. Paris, Cours de droit [1962! 

808 p. 25cm. 


Silva Riesco, Bernardino. 

El matrimonio en el derecho romano. Santiago de Chile, 

83 p. 27cm. 

60-26631 t 

WyszyBski, Michat 

De matrimonio Romano ob metum contracto. tWyd. Lj 
Wroclaw c Zakiad Narodowy im. OasolinsMcb/, 1962. 

60 p. 25 cm. (Prace Wrodtawsklego Towarzystwa Naakowego. 
Serla A, ar. 80) 
AS262.W7 nr.80 6^-45847 t 

MARRIAGE, CHILD see Child marriage 


Conference on Intennarriage and Jewish Life, New York, 

Intermarriage and Jewish life; a symposium. Edited by 
Werner J. Cahnman. New York, Herzl Press [1963j 

212 p. tables. 23 cm. 
HQ1031.C63 1960 

LoweU, C Stanley. 

Protestant-Catholic marriage. Nashville, Broadman 
Press c!962, 
HQ10 P 31.L76 ' 


Mayer, John E 1921- 

Jewish-gentile courtships; an exploratory study of asocial 
process. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1959^ 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2864 Mic 59-2864 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Mayer, John E 1921- 

Jewish-Grentile courtships, an exploratory study of a 
social process. New York 3 Free Press of Glencoe 1961j 

240 p. 22 cm. 
HQ1031.M38 301.42 61-18320 t 

Pike, James Albert, Bp., 1913- 

If you marry outside your faith; counsel on mixed mar- 
riages. Kev. [i. e. 2d 3 ed. New York, Harper t !962j 

158 p. 21cm. 
HQ1031.P5 1962 301.422 62-11135 t 


Gouw, Giok Siong, 1928- 

Segi-segi hukum peraturan perkawinan tjampuran 
(Staatsblad 1898 no. 158) cTjetakan 2. Djakarta, Djam- 
batan t 1958j 
ill, 246 p. 24 cm. 

S A 62-572 

Gouw, Giok Siong, 1928- 

Segi-se<ri hukum peraturan perkawinan tjampuran 
(Staatsblad 1898 no. 158) t Tjetakan 3. Djakarta, Djiun- 
batan r !861, C1958, 
rtl, 21 p. 24 cm. 

S A 62-516 

Burchinal, Lee G 

Factors related to interreligious marriages in Iowa, 1953- 
57, by Lee G. Burchinal and Loren E. Chancellor. Ames, 
Agricultural and Home Economics Experiment Station, 
Iowa State University of Science and Technology, 1962. 

672-695 p, 28 cm. (tlowa. Agricultural and Home Economics 
Experiment Station, Ajnesj Kesearch bulletin 510) 
HQ1031.B8 63-63084 t 


Uwemedimo, Rosemary (Howard) 

Mammy-wagon marriage. tLondonj Hurst & Blackett 


238 p. llltw. 21cm- _ nnfr . 

HQ1031.U9A3 62 ~ 60T * 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA, 1949- ) (Continued) 

tf m#\ HiiAK&RSit 1958. 

29p, 15cm. 

L Marriage fcw-Cbln* (People* Bepablic of China, 1M*- 

n tt ^ 
062-476 J 

IK ^ KM It 1051. 

40p. 10cm. 

1 Marriage law China (People's Republic of China, 104- ) 

i. jurnmv u w i^^ romcn | ir< . < f .. Chung-hun jn in 

kung ho kuo him y In fa chlang him. 

C 02-2345 | 

Pang, Tun-chlh. 

TOp. 18c 

1. Marrinfe lawChina (People'* Bepubllc of China, 1M9- ) 
TItl * rwte wmwttos*.- HIn hun yin fa chl pen Jen Bhlh. 

C 63-810 J 

iBangkokj -fr 

SOp. 19cm. 

1. Marriage law China (People's Republic of China. 194&- ) 

Title ramanued; Tg'ung chin bun Inn ho 

slmn chuiiK hsfleh ti kuan tlen p't p'un 

Chimp kung tl hsln him yln f. 

C 62-2759 | 

Tso, Sung-f em 


55 D. 18c 

L Marriage law China (People's Bepablic of China, 14- > 
, Title. Title romanteeA: Hsln hun yln fa t'ung sc chiang hua. 

C 60-2340 J 

Wang, Nai-ts'ung. 


p. 19 cm. 

1, Hurrhige lawChina. ( People's tteimbllc of Clilaa, 1041>- ) 
i. China (People's IteiMibllc of China, !!!>- ) Laws, statutes, 
etc. Hun yln fa. n.TMf. 

Tills roinanized: Hsln Uuu ylu in 
\v6n t'l chleh ta hul pleu. 

C 62-2388 


Jen min ch'u pan she, Peking . 


48 p. inns. 18cm. 

X Marriage law China (People'* lUpublic of China, IWfr- ) 
JnvenHe lltera tare. i. Tltte. 

Title romanteete Htm yln fa fnng au 
Chiang chleh ta'al Mao. 

061-2155 t 


Samek de la EsprieHa, Edmrdo. 

El matrimonio civil ante el dereclio canomco y la ley 
Colombians Bogota, 1960. 

62^8750 J 


Michal, Jaroslav Josef. , 

Kanonicke rnanzelske praro s pf ihlednutim k platnemu 
pravu 7 Ceskoslovensku. t Vyd. 1. Praha, Katedra histo- 
ricko-pravnl na Rimskokatolicke cyrilometodejskS bohoslo- 
vecke fakulte, 1958] 

210 p. m S . 30 cm. 


Lutter, Marcus. 

Das EhescUiessungsreclit in. Frankreich, Belgien, Luxem- 
burg und DeutscHand. Frankfurt am Main, A. Metzner, 

230 p. 21 cm. (Schrlftenrelhe der Wlssenschaftllchen Gesell- 
schaft ftir Personenstandswesen und Verwandte Geblete, n. P., Bd. 4) 



Cours de droit romain. et d'ancien droit frangais, r&lige* 
d'apres les notes et avec 1'autorisation de Jean Gaudemet 
Licence 4' annee, 1961-1962. Paris, Cours de droit 11962, 

808 p " 2Scm ' 63-59514 


Lelievre, Jacques. 

La pratique des contrats de mariage chez les notaires au 
Chatelet der Paris de 1769 a 1804. Paris, Editions Cujas, 

402 p. 25cm. 

61-38458 t 


Stubbs, Robert S 

Marriage and divorce in. Georgia; selected cases and notes 
tbyj Robert S. Stubbs n. Atlanta, Lamar School of Law, 
Emory University, 1964- 
v. 28 cm. 



Germany (Territory under AUied occupation, 1945-1955) 
Laws, statutes, etc. 

Ehegesetz vom 20. Febraar 1946. Gesetz NT. 16 des Kon- 
trollrates (in Kraft seit 1. Marz 1946) Textausg. mit An- 
merkungen. Anhang: Durchfiihrungsverordnungen zum 
Ehegesetz. Hrsg. von Felix Niesert. 1. bis 3. Aufl. Miin- 
ster (Westf.) Aschendorffsche Veriagsbuchhandlung, 1946, 
160 p. 20 cm. (Aschendorffs juristische HandbUcherel, Bd. 1) 


.1949- ) 

Germany (Democratic Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statute*, 

I>as Eherecht der Deutscheix Bemokratischen Eepublik; 
gesetzliche Bestimmungen und Eichtlinien des Obersten 
Gericlits. Zusammengestellt von M. Jaschik, H. Nagler 
t undj H.-J. Voigt. Berlin, Deutscher Zentralverlag, 1958. 
112 p. 15cm. 

1949- ) 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc, 
Ehegesetz vom 20. Februar 1946 mit Durchfuhrungs- 
verordmingen und alien einschlagigen Vorschriften; Text- 
ausgabe mit Verweisungen und Sachverzeichnis. 5. neu- 
bearb. Atifl. Stand vom 1. Dezember 1959. Muncheu, Beck, 

xll, ITS p. 16 cm. (Beck'sche Textausgaben ) 


G*rmany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Laws, 8tatote9, 

Eherecht; Textausgabe aller geltenden Gesetze, Verord- 
nungen und Ausfuhrungsbestimmungen, unter Ausschluss 
des ehelichen Guterrechts, mit kurzen Anmerkungen fiir die 
Standesamtspraxis von Ernst Peters. t4., neu bearb. Aufl.] 
Frankfurt am Main, Verlag fur Standesamtswesen, 1959. 
282 p. 17cm. 


Lutter, Marcus. 

Das Eheschliessungsrecht in Frankreich, Belgien, Luxem- 
burg und Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main, A. Metzner, 

230 p. 21 cm. (Schrlftenrelhe der Wlssenschaftllchen Geaell- 
schaft flir Personenstandswesen und Verwandte Geblete, n. P., B<1 4) 


Rietdorf, Fritz. 

Eheerfordernisse und Ehehindernisse; Darstellung des 
geltenden Rechts fiir die tagliche Arbeit des Standesbeamten 
mit Musterbeispielen von Fritz Rietdorf t und 3 Josef 
Schmidt. Frankfurt am Main, Verlag fiir Standesamts- 
wesen t !960j 

231 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Klelne Fachblbllothek des Standesbeam- 
ten, Bd. 1/2) 

61-38454 t 


Latey, William, ed. 

Latey on divorce; the law and practice in divorce and 
matrimonial causes. Editor-in-chief: William Latey, as- 
sisted by John Latey ; editors : J. B. Gardner c and] D. R. Le 
B. Holloway. 14th ed. London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1952- 

cv, 1541 p. 26 cm. 

301.428 52-34929 rev 2 


Hu, Hung-lieh, 1921- 


m S?5WHfcflEI 1957. 
143 p. 19 cm. 

L Marriage law ^Hongkong. 2. Inheritance and succession Hong- 
kong. I. Chung, Ch'1-Jung, joint author, n. Title. 

Title romanteeO,: Hsiang-kang ti hun yln yU chl ch'6ng fa. 



Hungary. Laws, statutes, etc. 

To'rv&ayjavaslat magyar allampolgarnak kulfoldi allam- 
polgarral valo hazassagkotesero'l, valamint kulfoldi allam- 
polgarok 6r6kbefogadasar61. Elfizetes targyal&s es jelen- 
testetel celjabol Madatott az Orszaggvules Jogi, Igazgatasi 
41 Igazsagiigyi Bizottsaganak. [Budapest, 1957] 
4 p. 33cm. 


Nam^nyi, Gyula. 

EljegyzSs, hazassag, valas a legujabb jogszabalyofc 4s 
joggyakorlat tukreben, Lektoralta Kiss Tiham^r 6a Matuz 
Karoly. [Debrecen] TTIT Hajdu-Bihar Megyei Szervezete 

36 p. 21cm. (Debrecenl frasofc, 4) 



India (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

The Hindu marriage act, 1955 (no. 25 of 1955) Commen- 
tary by Deoki Nandan Aganvala. Allahabad, Ham ISTarain 
Lai [prel 1955] 
47, 2 p. 25cm. 


India (Republic) Laws, statutes, eto. 

Indian law of marriage and divorce, by Kumud Desai. 
[1st ed Bombay, Popular Prakashan, 1964. 
xll, 376 p. 22 cm. 

S A 64-6323 

India (Republic) Laws, statutes, etc. 

Special marriage act, xun of 1954; an exhaustive com- 
mentary with various useful appendices, e. g., Special mar- 
riage (diplomatic and consular officers) rules ; a list of Indian 
marriage officers in foreign countries; Andhra Pradesh spe- 
cial marriage validation act; Special marriage rules of 
Andhra, Bihar, Madras, IT. P., and Jammu & Kashmir 
states; text of the Divorce act; Hindu marriage act; Parsi 
marriage and divorce act; Indian and colonial divorce juris- 
diction act ; English marriage act; Law reform (misc. pro- 
visions) act, 1950; Matrimonial causes act & rules; and ex- 
tracts from the Code of criminal procedure, by Mantha 
Ramamurti. Allahabad, Law Book Co., 1961. 

xvll, 506 p. 25 cm. 



Prodjodikoro, Wirjono. 

Hukum perkawinan di Indonesia. Tjetakan 2. Ban- 
dung, Vorkink-van Hoeve C 1958f] 
126 p. 25 cm. 

S A 62-575 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARRIAGE LAW (Continued) 

Fazzari, Giuseppe M 

L'esercizio della giurisdizione ecclesiastica in Italia; ri- 
flessioni sulla motivazione della sentenza contro il vescovo 
di Prato. Napoli, M. d'Auria t 1958j 

97 p. 24 cru. 

5 t 

Gangi, Calogero, 1879- 

Derofho matrimonial. Traduccion del italiano de Miguel 
Moreno Hernandez. Madrid, Aguilar, 1960. 
465 p. 23 cm. 


Pisapia, Gian Domenico. 

Eeati contro la f amiglia (titolo XT del Codiee penale, capo 
m-rv) Appunti di lezioni universitarie. Milano, 1947 
[Cover 1948j 
178 p. 24 cm. 


Socci, Corrado. 

L'istituto della cittadinanza, 1'istituto del matrimonio ed 
il servizio dello stato civile nel diritto internazionale e nella 
legislazione italiana. Bologna, Bevilacqua & Lombardini 
r !958j 

439 p. 24 cm. 

59-46248 J 

Kaji, Yoshikata, 1926- 


244 p. lllus. 18cm. 

1. Marriage law Japan. L Kajl, Chlzuko, 1926- joint 

author, n. Title. Title romantied: Kon'lnhO nyumon. 

J 61-878 

Kumagai, Kaisaku, 1920- 

HCSC S#*Jg i960. 

164 p. lllus. 19cm. 

1. Marriage law Japan. i. Title. 

. . 
romanized: Rekishi no naka no kazokuhO. 

J 61-600 t 

Ota, Takeo, 1917- 

259 p. 22cm. 

J 62-300 t 

Takanashi, Masayuki, 1915- 

287 p. lllus. 22cm. 

Kim, Chu-su. 

J 60-898 1 


102,22p. 21cm. 
Cover title : A study of marriage and divorce In the new civil code 
of Korea. 

Summary In English. 
Bibliography : p. 9&-102. 

1 Marriage law-Korea. i. Title. (Series: Hanguk yongu 
ch'ongsO, che 1-chlp) Title rowmined: Sin honinbop yOngu. 

K 59-82 

Lutter, Marcus. 

Das Eheschliessungsrecht in Frankreich, Belgien Luxem- 
burg und Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main, A. Metzner, 

i. 2 ^? & T 21 cm - (Schriftenreihe der Wissenachaftllchen 
scnaft fur Personenstandswesen und Verwandte Geblete, n. F., 


Soto Lira, Marina, 

La indisolubilidad del vinculo matrimonial. Mexico, 

104 p, 23cm. 


Moore, Arthur E 1901- 

Marriage, divorce, and separation; -with forma St Paul, 
West Pub. Co., 1954. 

2v. 27cm. (Michigan practice, v. 1-2) 

*301.42 392.5 54-3140 rev 


Zagouri, Abraham. 

Bu manage en droit hebraique. Pref. de E. Tajouri. 
Tanger, Editions marocaines et internationales, 1960. 
121 p. 25 cm. 

63-38851 t 


Barquero Montiel, William. 

El matrimonio. Le6n, 1954. 



Huff, Richard Maurice, 1914- 

Resume of marriage and divorce laws of Oklahoma. Rev. 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State Library, Law Division, 

41. 28cm. 

A 61-3941 
Oklahoma. State Ubr. 


Oregon. Legislative Assembly. Interim Committee on 
Social Problems, 

Report on marriage and divorce to the Fifty-second Legis- 
lative Assembly, State of Oregon. Salem, 1962. 

45 p. 28cm. 


Freedman, Abraham L., 1904- 

Law of marriage and divorce in Pennsylvania c by] Abra- 
ham L. Freedman and Maurice Freedman. 2d ed, Phila- 
delphia, G. T. Bisel Co. r !957, 
a v. 27 cm. 

*301.42 392.5 57-36814 rev 2 

Pennsylvania. General Assembly. Joint State Government 

Proposed marriage and divorce codes for Pennsylvania. 
Harrisburg, 1961. 
x, 134 p. la cm. 

A 62-9196 
Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


Lima, Fernando Andrade Pires de, 1906- 

Constitm'sao do estado de casado, ante-projecto de um doa 
livros do future c6digo civiL Coimbra, 1945. 
76 p. 25 cm. 

46-20594 rev* 

Portugal. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Leis da f amilia, anotadas e actualizadas t por 3 Abel Pereira 
Delgado. Leis do casamento: Decreto no. 1; Concordata 
com a Santa S6; Decreto no. 30 615. Lei dos filhos: Decreto 
no. 2. [Coimbraj Coimbra Editora, 1961. 
182 p. 23cm, 



Bilinsky, Andreas. 

Das sowjetische Eherecht. Herrenalb/Schwarzwald, Ver- 
lag fur Internationalen Kulturaustausch, 1961. 

144 p. 21cm. (Studlen des Instltuts fflr Ostrecht/Mflnchen, Bd. 

62-37598 t 


Kolibab, Konstantin Evgen'evich. 

3aK.TioqenHe dpasa, OTHomenna MCA^y cynpyraMii, noom- 
penite ir oxpana naTepniiCTBa, pacropxeane 6paKa, npiiSHa- 
Hiie Cpai:a ne^eucTBiiTe.iwiMM. MOCKBE, Foe. ji3#-BO K>PHA- 
jut-pa, I960. 

46 p. 20 cm. (KDpHAHHecKwe KOHcy^btaunH pjix HacejieHHH B 
Bonpocax H OTBeiax, 2) 



Escudero Escorza, Fernando. 

Matrimonio civil de los apostatas en Espana: Negocia- 
ciones entre EspaSa y la Santa Sede en 1887 sobre legislation 
matrimonial. Zaragoza, 1958 t i. e. 1959] 

79-119 p. 24 cm. (OoleccWn monc^rafica, 67) 


Regatiflo, Edoardo Fernandez, 1882- 

Derecho matrimonial eclesiastico. Santander, Sal Terrae, 
459 p. 25 em. (Bibliotheca Comlllensis) 


Farran, Charles d'OIivier. 

Matrimonial laws of the Sudan, being a study of the 
divergent religious and civil laws in an African society. 
London, Buttenvorths, 1963. 

xvi, 325 p 28 cm. (Butterwortb's African law aeries, no. 7) 



Mackay, Richard Vance, 1909- 

Law of marriage and divorce simplified. Rev. 4th ed., by 
Frances W. H. Kuchler. New York, Oceana Publications 
95 p. 19 cm. (Legal almanac series, no. 1) 

301.4202673 61-14006 1 


Pilpel, Harriet F 

Your marriage and the law { by 3 Harriet F. Pilpel and 
Theodora Zavin. With a foreword by Abraham Stone. 
New, rev. ed. New York, Collier Books t 1964j 

852p. 18cm. 

301.4202673 64-16136 


Bacher, Jean. 

Evolution de la legislation matrimoniale dans le Valais 
Episcopal. Sion,195T. 
135 p. 24cm. 



Yugoslavia. moa, statutes, etc. 

Komentar Osnovnom zakonu o braku. Zagreb, Skolska 
knj., 19 

v. 20 cm. (Udibenlci ZagrebaScos sveuU5ta) 

Marriage (Islamic law) 



Williams, Kathleen (Booth) 

Marriages of Amelia County, Virginia, 1735-1815. [Alex- 
andria, Vsu, 1961] 

165 p. 28cm. 
F232.A54W5 61-2283 J 


Davis, Bailey Fulton. 

An abstract of all A items in wills from 1761 to 1919, and 
A marriages from 1801 to 1854 of Amherst County, Vir- 
ginia. Amherst Courthouse, Va., 1961. 

lr. (various paglngs) 28cm. 
F232.A55D3 61-38329 

Sweeny, Lenora (Higginbotham) 

Marriage records of Amherst County, Virginia, 1815-1821, 
and Subscription for building St Mark's Qmrch, Amherst 
County, Virginia. t Lynchburgt Va., 1961 3 

28 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
F232A55S78 62-4681S 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1&2S- 

Marriage records of CaldweU County, Missouri, 1845- 

1871. Chmicothe,Mo M 196-?j 

11,501 28cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Ellsbeny, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marria#e records of Carroll County, Missouri, 1833-1856. 
CMUicothe, Mo. [196-?! 



Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marriage records of Chariton County, Missouri CM1K- 
oothe,Mo. r 196-!j 

721. 28cm. 
F472.C44E4 61-405T5 


Daughters of the American Revolution. Oregon. Tualatin 

Early marriage records, dackamas County, Wasco 
County, Oregon. Oswego, Oregon, 1960. 

65 1. 28 on. 
F882.C5D3 61-36315 J 


Luke, Julia Carey. 

Clay County, Missouri, marriage records, by Julia Carey 
Luke 'and Darlene R. Appell. Independence, Mo., Luke- 


61-34263 rev 


EDsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Early marriage records (1819-1850) and will records 
(1820-1870) of Cooper County, Missouri. Copied from the 
original records at Boonville, Missouri, county seat of Cooper 
County. Taken from marriage record books: A, B, and C 
and -will record books: A, B, and 2A, Chillicothe, Mo. 

Ill, 1461 28cm. 
F472.C7E4 61-40581 


Ellsbeny, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marriage records of Daviess County, Missouri, 1836-1855. 
Chinicotlie, Mo. J196-?j 

531 28cm. 
F472D25E4 61-40583 


EHsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Douglas County, Missouri: marriage records, 1866-1889; 
win records, 1886-1910. Chillicothe, Mo., 1961. 

691 28cm. 


Williams, Kathleen Booth. 

Marriages of (Joochland County, Virginia, 1733-1815. 
c AIexandria,Va.,1960j 

148 p. dlagr. 28cm. 
F232.G65W57 61-37842 


Rice, Thaddeus Brockett. 

History of Greene County, Georgia, 1786-1886; data by 
Thaddeus Brockett Rice. Edited by Carolyn White Wil- 
liams (Mrs. Carlton Candler Williams) Macon, Ga., J. W. 
Burke Co., 1961. 

848 p. nitts. 24cm. 
F292.G7R5 975.861 61-46746 t 


Hamilton Co* Ohio. 

Marriage records, 1808-1820, and wills (abstracts) 1790- 
1810. Compiled by Marie Dickore and Natalie Thomburgh. 
Cincinnati, 1959. 

F497.H2A52 929.3 59-49534 


McBride, David Newton, 1912- 

Mamage records of Highland County, Ohio, 1805-1880. 
Compiled by David N. McBride t andj Jane N. McBride. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., Lithographed by Edwards Letter Shop, 

xri,898p. 28cm. 
F497H6MS3 62-18334 


Hopkins Co,, Ky, 

Tax list, 1807; marriages, 1807-1869. [Madisonville, Ky., 

129 p. 29 cm. 
F457.H8A5 64-44229 J 


EHsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Lafayette County, Missouri: marriage records, 1821-1850. 
Chillicothe, Mo, [196-?, 

11,781, 28cm. 
F472.L2E4 61-40584 

Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Lillard and Lexuigton t i. e. Lafayettej County, Missouri 
marriage records; 1821-1850. [Chillicothe! Mo., 1961?] 

11,781. 28cm. 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marriage records ... of Linn County Missouri. [Chilli- 
cothe, Mo., 1956?- 


58-25431 rev 


EDsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marriage records of Livingston County, Missouri. Chil- 
licothe, Mo. r 195-?~ 
T. 27 cm. 

F472.L85E52 58-47549 rev 


Jewell, Aurelia M 

Loudoun County, Virginia, marriage bonds, 1762-1850, 
compiled by Mrs. Walter Towner Jewell. Rev. Berryville, 
Chesapeake Book Co., 1962. 

155, 63 p. 24cm. 

F232.L8J4 62-41379 


Manry Co., Tenn. 

Maury County, Tennessee, marriage records 1807-1837. 
Compiled by Virginia Wood Alexander & Bose Harris 
Priest [Columbia, Term,, 1962] 

155 p. 28cm. 
F443.M4A52 63-68144 


Daughters of the American Revolution. Virginia. Prest- 
woidd Chapter, South Sffll. 

Marriage records, 1811-1853, Mecklenburg County, Vir- 
ginia. r South Hill ? Va,, 1962 } 

235 p. 24cm. 

Elliott, Eatherine BlackweU. 

Marriage records, 1765-1810, Mecklenburg County, Vir- 
ginia. South Hill, Va. [1963, 

190 p. 24cm. 

F232.M4E4 63-4156 


Allee, Clara Gray. 

Moniteau County, Missouri: marriage records, 1845-1860, 
and will index 1845-1914. Copied by Clara Gray Allee in 
1915. Chillicothe, Mo., E. P. Ellsberry, 196L 

80 L 27 cm. 


Ntekles, Lillian Plant. 

Marriage book 4, Monroe County, Aberdeen, Mississippi. 
r Aberdeen? Miss., 1962 ?! 

451. 80cm. 
F347.M7N5 64-702 


Boyd, Hazel (Mason) 

Some marriages in Montgomery County, Kentucky before 
1864. Compiled and edited by Emma Jane "Walker and 
'Virginia Wilson for the Kentucky Records Research Com- 
mittee. tLexington! Kentucky Society, Daughters of the 
American Revolution, 1961. 

xl, 120p. 28cm. 
F457.M74B6 63-48181 


De Ville, Winston, tr. 

Marriage contracts of Natchitoches,- 1739-1803. Trans- 
lated and abstracted by Winston de Ville. With an introd. 
by Edwin Adams Davis. [Nashville?] 1961. 

62 p. 24 cm. 
F377.N4D4 61-35192 J 


Stancliff, Mary Harrel. 

Marriage bonds of Nelson County, Kentucky, 1785-1832. 
[Houston? Tex., 1962-63] 

2 v. col. map, f acsims. 28 cm. 
F457.N2S75 62-41022 rev 


Wingo, Elizabeth B 

Marriages of Norfolk County, Virginia, 1706-1792. [Nor- 
folk, 1961- 

v. 28 cm. 
F232.N8W49 61-36481 


Steenrod, Robert L 

Ogle County, Illinois, marriage records, 1837-1850. Bel- 
videre, 111., 1960. 

[28] 1. map. 28 cm. 
F547.03S75 61-35640 


Knorr, Catherine Lindsay. 

Marriages of Orange County, Virginia, 1747-1810. [Pine 
Bluff, Ark., C 1959j 

122 p. illus. 28cm, 
F232.06K55 60-518 rev \ 


Richart, Fern J comp. 

Piatt County, Illinois, marriage records, 1841-1853, and 
cemetery records. Urbana, 111., 1962. 

108 L map. 28 cm. 
F547.P5R5 62-58969 


Wingo, Elizabeth B 

Marriages of Princess Anne County, Virginia, 1749-1821. 
[Norfolk? Va., 1961j 

14Tp. illus. 28 cm. 
F232.P87W5 82-1898 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Putnam County, Missouri, records; marriage records, 
1849-1869; will records, 1856-1870; deed records, deed book 
A, 1847-1854. Chillicothe, Mo., 1961. 

122L 27cm. 


dark, Raymond B 1927- 

Queen Anne's County, Maryland; marriage licensee, 1817- 
1858, compiled by Raymond B. Clark, Jr. and Sara Seth 
Clark. Washington, 1963. 

88 p. map. 28 cm. 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Early marriage records of Randolph County, Missouri, 
1829-1859. Chillicothe, Mo. [196-?, 

111,801. 28cm. 
F472.R15E4 61-40580 


King, George Harrison Sanf ord, comp. 

Marriages of Richmond County, Virginia, 1668-1853. 
Fredericksburg, Va,, 1964 

zxiil, 368 p. Illus., facstms,, map, port. 28 cm. 
F232.R4K5 64-4291 


Vidrine, Jacqueline 

Marriage contracts of the Opelousas Post, 1766-1803. 
Translated and abstracted by Jacqueline 0. Vidrine and 
Winston DB Ville. With an introd. by John a L. Andreas- 
sen and a brief history of the Opelousas Post by Edwin A. 
Davis. [Ville Platte? La,] 1960. 

841. illus. 30cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marriage records of Saline County, Missouri, 1820-1850. 
Chillicothe, Mo., 1959. 

461. 28cm, 
F472.S35E4 61-40588 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Early marriage records of Shelby County, Missouri, 1836- 
1867. Copied from the original records in the county court- 
house in Shelbyville, Missouri Chillicothe, Mo. t 196-?] 

51 1. 28 cm. 
F472.S5E4 61-45638 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Marriage records of Sullivan County, Missouri. Chilli- 
cothe, Mo. t 1958?!- 


58-25432 rev 


Knorr, Catherine Lindsay. 

Marriage bonds and ministers' returns of Surry County, 
Virginia, 1768-1825. t Pine Bluff, Ark.] 1960. 

112 p. port, map. 28 cm. 
F232.S9K6 61-19235 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Texas County, Missouri: marriage records, 1847-1876. 
Chillicothe, Mo., 1961. 

661. 28cm. 



Spencer, Annie Laurie. 

Marriage bonds and ministers' returns of Union County 
Arkansas, 1829-1870. r lst ed. El Dorado? Ark., 1962. 

Ix, 188 p. map, diagr. 28 cm. 
F417.U5S6 62-22335 


Virginia Genealogical Society. 

Virginia marriages in Rev. John Cameron's register and 
Bath Parish register. [Richmond, 1963, 

83, 15 p. 23cm. 

Wulfeck, Dorothy (Ford) 1897- 

Marriages of some Virginia residents, 1607-1800. Series 
i- Naugatuck, Conn., 1961- 




Daughters of the American Revolution. Oregon. TudLatm 

Early marriage records, Clackamas County, Wasco 
County, Oregon. Oswego, Oregon, 1960. 

651. 28cm. 
F882.C5D3 61-36315 | 


Smith, Ethel Wheeler, ed. 

Washington County, Tennessee, marriages and wills. 
Transcribed from the original bonds and licenses at the 
County Courthouse, Jonesboro, by Ethel Depew Huffine and 
Ruth Stuart. Johnson City, Tenn., Parrish Print., 1961- 

v. map. 28 cm. 


Bejach, Wilena Roberts. 

Williamson County, Tennessee, marriage records, 1800- 
1850, compiled and published by Wilena Roberts Bejach 
,andj Lillian Johnson Gardiner. Memphis t 1957] 

296 p. 28cm. rt Afrn ^ 

F443.W7B4 62-478 J 


Steenrod, Robert L 

Winnebago County, Illinois, marriage records, 1836-1850. 
tBelvidere? HI, 1960. 

unpaged, lllus. 28cm. 
F547.W7S78 61-22274 t 


Ellsberry, Elizabeth (Prather) 1923- 

Wright County, Missouri: marriage records, 1897-1900; 
will records, 1859-1874. Chillicothe, Mo., 1961. 

76 L 28cm. 

F472.W7E4 62-37691 

MARRIAGE REGISTERS see Registers of 
births, etc. 


Graf, Arthur E 

A marriage manual for church weddings; designed to 
help pastors ia their premarital counseling and to furnish 
the bride and groom with a guide for the conduct of a 
wedding which is Christian. Springfield, HI., Faith Pub- 
lications C 1961] 

33 p. 19cm. 
BX8074M3G7 265.5 61-16951 J 


MARRIAGE STATISTICS see Vital statistics 


see also Marriages of royalty and 

Eliot, Elizabeth. 

Heiresses and coronets; the story of lovely ladies and noble 
men. New York, McDowell, Obolensky C 1959j 

282 p. illus. 24cm. 


58-12583 J 

Eliot, Elizabeth. 

They all married well London, Cassell t !960, e !959j 
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E168.E43 1960 917.3 61-19175 t 

Pearson, Hesketh, 1887- 

The marrying Americans. New York, Coward IfcCann 

313 p. illus. 22 cm. 



Pearson, Hesketh, 1887- 

The marrying Americans. New York, Coward McCann 
r 1961j 

318 p. illus. 22cm. 
CT3260.P43 920.02 61-5427 t 


Foreman, Clyde Melvin, 1920- 

Levels of aspiration and marital status on the college 
campus, Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1957^ 

( (tlnheisity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.j Publication no 22,164) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,164 Mic 57-3355 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 

National Opinion Research Center. 

Stipends and spouses; the finances of American arts and 
science graduate students t by 3 James A. Davis [Senior study 
director, with. David Gottlieb r and others, Chicagoj Uni- 
versity of Chicago Press t !962] 

Till, 294 p. tables. 25cm. 
LB2338.N29 378 62-12630 


see also Husband and wife; Parent and 
child (Law); Widows 

Congres des notaires de France. 36th, Vichy, 1958. 

La femme mariee dans 1'economie moderne. [Toulouse, 

Impr. du Sud, 1959] 

1 v. ( various pagings) 27 cm. 

Ohio State Univ. Ubr. 

A 60-94 

Seminar on the Status of Women in Family Law, Bucharest, 

1961 Seminar on the Status of Women in Family Law. 

Organized by tiie United Nations in colkboration with the 

Government of Romania. New York, United Nations, 1961. 

Ill, 29 p. 28 cm. (United Nations. [Document] ST/TAO/HE/U) 

JX1977.A2 ST/TAO/HK/H 


CONFLICT OF LAWS see Conflict of 
laws Married women 


Schmidheiny, Susanne. 

Die privatrechtlichen Folgen der selbstandigen Staatsan- 
gehorigkeit der Ehefrau; die privatrechtlichen Folgen aus 
Art. 9, 58-bis und 59 des Bundesgesetzes iiber Erwerb und 
Verlust des Schweizerburgerrechts vom 29. September 1952. 
Zurich, Juris- Yerlag, 1958. 

127 p. 23cm. 

59-48018 t 

United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. 

Convention on the nationality of married women,* histori- 
cal background and commentary. New York, 1962. 

IT, 75 p. 23 cm. (United Nations t^ocumftntj E/CN.6/389) 
JX1977.A2 E/CN.6/389 323,6 62-5163 
Copy 2. 


Hahlo, H R 

The South African lavr of husband and wife. With an 
appendix on jurisdiction and conflict of la^vs by Ellison 
Kahn. 2d ed. Cape To\rn, Juta, 1963. 

80& p. 26 cm. 

63-59948 rev J 


Canada. Dept. of Labour. Economics and Research Branch. 
Occupational histories of married women working for pay 
in eight Canadian cities. t Ottawaj Dept. of Labour, 1959. 

HD6099.A53 331.430971 61-32505 t 



Luijten, E A A 

Hoofd der echtvereniging; enkele rechtsvergelijkende be- 
schouwingen naar aanleiding van de privaatrechtelrjke 
emancipatie der gehuwde vrouw in de wetgevingen van 
Nederland en enige andere Europese landen. TJtrecht, Dek- 
ker & Van de Vegt [1960i 

21 p. 25cm. 

63-59516 J 


Congres des notaires de France. 56th, Vichy, 1958. 

La femme mariee dans 1'economie moderne. ^Toulouse, 
Impr. du Sud, 1959j 

IT, (various pagings) 2Tcm. 

OWo State Univ. Ubr. 


VedeL Edmond filie Marie. 

L'avenir de nos enfants, lenr manage, de rutilite* et du 
choLx d'un contrat, les droits de la femme mariee, ses avanta- 
ges. tTarbes, Impr. tarbaise, 1948 3 
78 p. 19 cm. 

60-20878 rev 


Herrmann, Algard Hedwig. 

Ein Beitrag zur Problematik der ausserhauslichen Er- 
n-erbstatigkeit yerheirateter Frauen. t Munchen? 3 1955. 

1 r. ( \ f arlous pagings) illus., maps. 29 cm. 
HD6H9.H4 58-32220 rev 

1949- ) 

Endres, Anna. 

Generalklausel Lebensgemeinschaft zum neuen Ehe- und 
Familienrecht [Niirnbergj Laetara-Verlag, 1960. 

96 p. 20 cm. 

A 62-634 
Ohio State Univ. Llbr, HQ1019 

Planken, Helgard. 

Die soziale Sicherung der nicht-erwerbstatigen Frau; eine 
Untersuchung iiber die Lage der nicht-erwerbstatigen Frau 
in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, durdagefuhrt im Aui- 
trage der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft unter Auf sicht 
von Hans Achineer. Berlin, Duncker & Humblot ( 1961] 

108 p. 24 on. (SozlalpolltIscheSchrlften,Hefl:14) 

63-33455 t 

Weber, Heinrich, doctor of jurisprudence. 

Die Frau im Recht; Heine Rechts- und (mit 
Beispielen) Hamburg, F. Schleicher C 1959] 
92 p. 21 cm. 

60-29535 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


1949- ) (Continued) 

Ziegler, Albert , . _,, , 

Das naturliche EntfeclieidungsrecM des Mannes in khe und 

Families ein Beitrag zur Frage der Gleichberechtigung von 

ra ^^^^ 

iStSis wfsoJialwissenschkft und PoUttk TMver- 
sitftt Freiburg/Schweiz, Bd. 11) 59-44808 J 


194 9- )_ LAW 

Brincker, Walter, 1935- 

Die Schlusselgewalt der Eliefrau nach dem Gleichbe- 
recjhtigungsgesetz c KoIn, 1962] 
142 p. 21cm. 



Hames, J H 

Applications under section 17 of the Married women's 
property act, 1882. London, Solicitors' Law Stationery 
Society, 195&. 

52 p. 22 cm. (Oyez practice notes, no. 42) 

59-47524 % 

London School of Economics and Political Science. 2>ept. 
of Social Science and Administration. 

Woman, wife, and worker. London, H. M. Stationery 
Off., 1960; [Stamped: agents in America: British. Informa- 
tion Services, New York] 

31 p. IIlus. 22 cm. (Problems of progress la Industry, no. 10) 
HD6137.L6 331.430942 61-1218 J 


Laijten, E A A 

Hoofd der echtvereniging; enkele rechtsvergelijkende be- 
schouwingen naar aanleiding van de privaatrech.telijke 
emancipatie der gehuwde vrouw in de wetgevingen van 
Nederland en enige andere Europese landen. Utrecht, Dek- 
ker & Van de Vegt 1960j 
21 p. 25cm. 

63-59516 J 


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Swedish working wives; a study of determinants and 
consequences. Totowa, N. J., Bedminster Press, 1963. 

xvi, 269 p. tables. 26 cm. 
HD6173.G4 331.4309485 63-18087 


Sozialdemokratische Frauengruppen der Schweiz. 

Der neuen Zeit, ein neues Eecht 1st die Stellung der 
Frau in unserem Familienrecht revisionsbediirftig? 
[Zurich, 195-, 

6& p. Id cm. 

60-35246 J 


Sper, Ode, 1869- 

Speer's marital rights in Texas, with forms including mar- 
riage, divorce, children, community property, homestead, 
administration, and statutory actions. 4th. ed., by Edwin 
St&cey Oakes, Eochester, N. Y., Lawyers Co-operative 
Pub. Co., 1961. 
*Y. 25cia. 



Morris, Richard Brandon, 1904- 

Studies in the history of American law, with special ref- 
erence to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 2d ed. 
Philadelphia, J. M. Mitchell Co., 1959 ^1958] 
285 p. 23cm, 

347.0973 59-14510 t 



La femme mariee en droit vietnamien j etude comparer des 
droits vietnamien et francais. [Toulouse, Impr. Soubiron, 

4*2 p. 2cm. <M&noIresdeFAcadtoiede legislation, 4) 



Rohr, Karl, 1900- 

Das menschliche Knochenmark; Anatomie, Physiologie 
und Pathologic nach Ergebnissen der intravitalen Mark- 
punktion. 3. vollstandig umgearb. Aufl. Stuttgart G. 
TMeme, 1960. 

59ft p. Illus. 25 cm. 
RC636.R56 1960 616.41 60-44522 rev t 

Zajicek, J 

Studies on the histogenesis of blood platelets and mega- 
karyocytes; histochemical and gasometric investigations of 
acetylcholinesterase activity in the erythrocyteerythropoietic 
and platelet-megakaryocytic systems of various mammals. 
Stockholm, 1957. 

32 p. illus. 23 cm. ( Acta physlologlca Scandinavlca, T. 40. Sup- 
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V A 60-1074 

Chicago. Univ. Libr. 


National Research Council. Committee on Pathologic Ef- 
fects of Atomic Radiation. 

Effects of ionizing radiation on the human hemapoietic 
system ; report of the Subcommittee on Hematologic Effects. 
Washington, National Academy of Sciences, National Re- 
search Council, 1961. 

v, 14 p. 28 cm. (National Academy of Sciences, National Be- 
search Council. Publication 875) 
BA1231.E2N33 612.01448 61-6002S 


Multiple myeloma. t New York, Grune & Stratton 

cm. (Seminars In hematology, 


v. illus. (part in pocket) 2 

BC633.A1S44 vol. 1, no. 1, etc. 

Studies on "abnormal" serum globulins (M-components) in 
myeloma, macroglobulinemia and related diseases; by J. F. 
Heremans t and others] Lund, C. Blom, 1961. 

126 p. Illus., tables. 24 cm. (Acta medlca Scandinavlca. Sup- 
plementum 367) 

A 62-767 
Ohio State TJnlv. Llbr. 


1778 or 9-1847 

Pollitzer, Marcel, 1888- 

Trois reines de theatre: Mademoiselle Mars, Marie Dorval, 
Bachel. Paris, La, Editions du Vieux Colombier 

ISip. illus. 23cm. 
T7isconsin. Univ. Llbr. 


see also Space flight to Mars 

Barabashov, Nikolai Pavlovich. 

Mapc. MocKsa, CoBercsaa: POCCHJI, 1963. 
63 p. Ulna. 15 cm. 
QB64LB25 1963 

A 60-3318 


Cerulli, Vincenzo, 1859-1928. 

Le opere di Vincenzo Cerulli, pubblicate per cura del 
Comitato per le onoranze in occasione del centenario della 
nascita. Pescara, Editoriale Trebi, 1959. 

260 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
QB641.C4 1959 63-45626 J 

demence, Gerald Maurice, 1908- 

Theory of Mars, completion. Washington, TJ. S. Govt. 
Print Ofi., 1961. 

261-833 p. tables. 29 cm. (Astronomical papers prepared for 
the use of the American ephemeris and nautical almanac, v. 16, pt 

QB3.U6 vol. 16, pt. 2 62-60975 
Copy 2. QBB41.C56 

National Research Council. Space Science Board. Ad Boo 
Panel on Planetary Atmospheres. 

The atmospheres of Mars and Venus, a report prepared by 
William W. Kellogg and Carl Sagan. Washington. Na- 
tional Academy of Sciences-National Research Council, 1961 
C fl 1962j 

vl, 151 p. dlagrs, 28 cm. (National Eesearch Council. Publica- 
tion 944) 
QB641.N3 523.42 61-64604 

Pfaffe, Herbert. 

Hallo, Nachbar im All; Reportage liber die sowjetische 
Mond-, Mars- und Verusf orechung, von Herbert Pfaffe und 
Horst Hoffmann. {L Aufl.] Berlk, Verlag Kultur und 
Fortschritt, 1963. 

126 p. Illua., maps, ports. 21 cm. 
QB501.P47 64-43163 

Quirino, Luiz. 

A muBier que fala com Marte; t as comunicafioes de uma 
mulher, dotada de extraordinanos podSres de percepcao 
extra-sensorial, com um iabitante do pUnftta Marte. t Sio 
Paulo, EdArt, 1962. 

268 p, 21 cm. 
BF1171.Q5 63-42788 t 


Slipher, Earl C 

A photographic history of Mars, 1905-1961. [Flagstaff, 
Ariz., Lowell Observatory, 1962. 

XT, 168 p. illus. (part col.) maps (part fold.) dlagrs., tables. 
32 cm 
QB641.S5 1962a 523.43 63-60811 

Slipher, Earl C 

The photographic story of Mars. Edited by John S. 
Hall. ( 'ambridge, Mass., Sky Pub. Corp., 1962. 

xv, 168 p. Ulus. (part col.) maps (part fold.) diagrs., tables. 

QB641.S5 523.43 62-21127 rev 

Sytinskaia, N N 

n^anera Mapc. Mocoa, Toe. HS^-BO $H3HKO-MaieMaTH- 
^ecicott JIHT-PEI:, 1962. 

61 p illus. 20cm. (rionyrapHbie acKUHH no acTpOHOMHtr, ssin. 12) 
QB641.S9 64-34895 J 

Vaucouleurs, Gerard Henri de, 1918- 

Physics of the planet Mars ; an introduction to areophys- 
ics. London, Faber and Faber tl954] 

365 p. illus. 23cm. 
QB641.V293 1954 523.43 55-20247 rev 

Vaucouleurs, Gerard Henri de, 1918- 

Physique de la planete Mars; introduction a 1'areophysi- 
que. Paris, Michel jttSlj 

420 p. illus. 20cm. (Sciences d'aujourd'hui) 
QB641.V29 523.43 51-33213 rev 

Vaucouleurs, Ge"rard Henri de, 1918- 

The planet Mars. Translated from the French by Pat- 
rick A. Moore. London, Faber and Faber [I960] 

87 p. illus. 23cm. 
QB641.V313 1950 523.43 50-4736 rev 

Vaucouleurs, Gerard Henri de, 1918- 

Le probleme martien. Paris, Editions Elzevir C 1946] 
63 p. illua. 17cm. (ProblSmes, 7) 
QB641.V3 523.43 49-20759 rev* 

Wroblewski, Andrzej Kajetan. 

Z tajemnic Marsa. t Wyd. l.j Warszawa, Panstwowe 
Wydawn. Naukowe, 1958. 

325 p. illus., ports., maps. 21 cm. (Biblioteka problemtfw) 
QB641.W7 60-18568 


Craig, Richard A 

Tides in the atmospheres of Earth and Mars, by Richard 
A. Craig. Prepared under contract no. NASw-704 by Geo- 
physics Corp. of America, Bedford, Mass, for National 
Aeronautics and Space Administration. [Washington ^ For 
sale by the Office of Technical Services, Dept. of Commerce 

5 p. 27cm. (NASA contractor report NASA CR-97) 
TL521.3.C6A3 no. 97 64r-627l7 

Norton, R B 

A theoretical study of the Martian and Cytherian iono- 
spheres, by K. B. Norton. Prepared under NASA order no. 
B-65 by National Bureau of Standards, Dept. of Commerce. 
[Washington! National Aeronautics and Space Administra- 
tion; for sale by the Office of Technical Services, Dept. of 
Commerce t !964] 

i 1., 55 p. illus. 27 cm. (NASA technical note, NASA TN D-2383) 
TL521.A3525 no. 2333 64-62084 


Bxonshten, Vitalii Aleksandrovicbu 

ATJiac pncynKOB Mapca. [OTBeTCTBeniraft pe^aKxop H. II. 
BapaSamoB] MocKBa, HS^-BO Aica^eium HayK CCCP, 1961. 

117 p. illus. 27 cm. 
QB641.B76 61-47039 


Krasc, W H 

Powerplants for atmospheric and surface vehicles on 
Mars. Santa Monica, Calif., Band Corp., 1960. 

lit L, 22 p. illus., diagrs., tables. 29 cm. (Hand Corporation. 
[Paper, P-1891) 
AS36.E28 no. 1891 63-38785 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

Mars, planet number four. Illustrated by Helmut K. 
Wimmer. Kev.ed. New York, CroweU C 1962] 

116 p. Illus. 2Scm. (Exploring our universe) 
QB641.B7 1962 j 523.4 62-11000 J 


Mottoni, Glauco de. 

Osservazdoni del pianeta Marte nel 1954 Milano, Hoepli, 

174-197 p. col. plate. 35 cm. (Pubblicazlonl deU'Osaerratorio 
astronomico dl Mllano-Merate. Nuora aer.. n. 11) 
QB4.M63 n.s.,no.ll 64-36470 

Copy 2. QB4Ud6 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARS (PLANET) (Continued) 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Komissiia po fizike planet. 

I'esy.ii.TaTtt itaC'iio^ennfr Mapca BO Bpeiia Be.niKoro npo 
TIIBOCTOJUIIIK 10.10 r r. CCCP. [OriseTCTneiniMn pe^aKiop 
H. II. BapaGaniORj Mocinsa, Hs^-no Ana^cnim nay*. CCCP, 


193 p. illus, tables. 2'-' cm. 
QB516.AS 60-22793 

Barabashov, Nikolai Pavlovich. 

(Doxorpa^iiHecKaa: ^OTOMeTpua Mapca co c 
BO BpeMfl ue-inKoro UPOTHBOCTOSHIU B 1956 r. XaptEOB, 
USA-BO Xapi,KOBCKOro roc. ynHuepcitTeTa, 1959. 

529 p. diagrs., tables. 23 cm. 
QB516.B245 60-37529 

flight to Mars 

MARS EXPLORATION see Mars (Planet) 
Exploration Equipment 



Widrig, Walter M 

The "West Church at Apollonia in Cyrenaica [by Walter 
M. Widrig and Richard GoodcMldj 

(In British School at Rome. Papers. London. 26 cm. T. 28 (new 
ser., v. 15, 1960) p. ,70]-90. Ulus., plates 26-33, plans) 
DG12.B85 vol.28 
Chicago. Univ. LIbr. 


Marsack, C C 

Samoan medley. London, R. Hale [1961] 

192 p. illus. 23cm. 



FORTUNY Y see Fortuny y Marsal, 
Mariano Jose Marfa Bernardo, 1838-1874 


Welsh, Mary Ann. 

Andrew Marschalk, Mississippi's first printer. Rochester, 
N. Y., University of Rochester Press for the Association of 
College and Research Libraries, 1959. 

1 card. 71 x!2i cm. (ACRL microcnrd series, no. 112) 
Microcard Z232 Micp 60-4 

MARSDEN, GEORGE, 1737-1817 

Marsden, Kenneth L E 

George Marsden, Revolutionary patriot: his family, 
friends, and descendants. c New Rochelle, N. Y., 1961] 

56 p. illus. 24 cm. 
CS71.M36 1961 61-39981 J 

MARSDEN, SAMUEL, 1765-1838 

Wannan, Bill. 

Very strange tales; the turbulent times of Samuel Mars- 
den. Mi ibourne, Lansdoivne Press [1962] 

223, [5j P 22 cm. 
DUl72.M:VnV.1 991.4 64-3026 

MARSDEN, WILLIAM, 1796-1867 

Sandwith, Frieda (Marsden) 

Surgeon compassionate ; the story of Dr. William Marsden, 
founder of the Royal Free and Royal Marsden Hospitals. 
London, P. Davies t 1960j 

234 p. illus. 21cm. ^ inn . , 

R489.M36S3 926.1 60-4801 t 

Earp, Charles Albert, 1917- 

Blackburn to Baltimore: a Marsden family genealogy. 
rBaltimore?] 1963. 

vii, SB p. geneal. tables. 22 em. 
CS71.M36 1963 64-5519 

Marsden, Kenneth L E 

George Marsden, Revolutionary patriot: his family, 
friends, and descendants. r New Rochelle, N. Y., 1961] 

56 p. illus. 24cm. ^^ 

CS71.M36 1961 61-39981 t 

Royal Marsden Hospital 



Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Le commerce et la marine de Marseille a travers les skVles; 
350* anniversaire de la Chambre de commerce de Marseille ; 
catalogue de 1'exposition, 11 septembre~9 octobre 1949. 
Marseille, Palais de la Bourse, 1949. 

107 p. illus. 22 cm. 
N6851.M3M8 59-46691 rev t 


Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

La Chambre de commerce de Marseille f !599-1949; le 
passe, le present, Pavenic. Marseille, 1949] 

110 p. plates, maps. 28 cm. 
HF306.M27 380.6244 50-23851 rev 

Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Histoire du commerce de Marseille, publiee sous la direc- 
tion de Gust on Rambert. P.iris. Plou [19 #>- 

v. ill us., maps (part fold.) dt.iKrs, fachims. ^ cm. 


fitabli par Raymond Mouchet, Antoine Pieretti et Madeleine 
Nicocl-Berge. " Paris, Plon 1 195ft- 

HF33UO.M3M3 Index 
HF3560.M3M3 382 50-18366 rev 3 

Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Marseille et 1'Afrique franchise. [Marseille, 1950] 
i v. illus. 27 cm. 
HC545.M3 56-26199 rev t 

Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Marseille sous le Second Empire; exposition, conferences, 
colloque organises a 1'occasion du centenaire du Palais de la 
Bourse, 10-26 novembre 1960. [Paris] Plon t !961] 

x, 251 p. plates, ports., maps (1 fold.) diagrs., facsim. 22 cm. 
(Its M6moires et documents pour servir a 1'hlstoire du commerce de 

HF3560.M3M33 64-43048 


Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

La Chambre de commerce de Marseille a travers ses 
archives. Marseille, 1947. 

99 p. facsims. 28 cm. 
HF306.M272 53-19858 rev 


Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Le commerce et la marine de Marseille a travers les siecles ; 
350" anniversaire de la Chambre de commerce de Marseille ; 
catalogue de 1'exposition, 11 septembre-9 octobre 1949. 
Marseille, Palais de la Bourse, 1949. 

107 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
N685LM3M3 59-46691 rev t 


Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Marseille et ses ports. [Marseille] 1952. 
Glp. illus. 22x28eui. 
HE558.M4M38 *387.12 53-31764 rev t 

Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Les ports annexes de Marseille: Port-de-Bouc, Lavera, 
fitang de Berre. iMaxseille] 1953. 

140 p. illus. (part col.) 20 cm. 
HE558.M4M42 54-38618 rev 


Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Marseille sous le Second Empire; exposition, conferences, 
colloque organises a 1'occasion du centenaire du Palais de la 
Bourse, 10-26 novembre 1960. t^a^i p l n r 1961 ] 

a:, 251 p. plates, ports., maps (1 fold.) diagrs., facsim. 22 cm. 
(Its M&noires et documents pour servir a rhlstolre du commerce de 
HF3560.M3M33 64-43048 

Tavernier, Felix L ed. 

Marseille et la Provence sous k royaute, 1481-1789. Aix- 
en-Provence, Centre regional de documentation pedagogique 

de Marseille (196-?! 

206 p. Ulus., maps (1 fold.) facsims. 24cm. 


Histoire d'une autonomie commtmale: Ix^privileges de 
la viUe de Marseille, du x* siecle a la Revolution. Pr6f. de 
Gaston Rambert. Paris, A. et J. Picard, 1961. 

884 p. Ulus. 2S cm. 



see also Marseille. Palais de la 


Guiral, Pierre. 

Marseille et 1'Algerie, 1830-1841. [Gap, Editions 
Ophrys, 1957, 

252 p. 25 cm. (Publication des Annaies de la Factilt6 des let- 
tres, Alx-eu-Provence. Noav. sr., no 15) 


Marseille. Chambre de commerce et d'industrie. 

Marseille sous le Second Empire; exposition, conferences, 
colloque organises a 1'occasion du centenaire du Palais de la 
Bourse, 10-26 novembre 1960. [Paris, Plon r !961] 

x, 251 p. plates, ports., maps (1 fold.) diagrs., facsim. 22 cm. 
(Its M&noires et documents pour serrir a 1'blstolre du commerce de 
HF3560.M3M33 64-43048 


Lowenthal, David. 

The Vermont heritage of George PerHns Marsh; an ad- 
dress before the Woodstock Historical Society. Woodstock, 
Vt, Woodstock Historical Society, 1960. 

I6p, niu& 23cm. 
E415.9.M185L64 63-41148 t 

MARSH, JOHN, 1799-1856 

Winkley, John W 

Dr. John Marsh, wilderness scout Martinez, Calif., 
Contra Costa County Historical Society [1962] 

95 p. illus. 21 cm. 
F865.M345 63-26445 t 


Plate, Robert. 

The dinosaur hunters: Othniel C. Marsh and Edward D. 
Cope. New York. D. McKay Co., 1964. 

vl, 281 p 21 cm. 
QE707.M4P53 925.6 64-17627 

MARSH-GAS see Fire damp 


King, Audrey (Marsh) 

Adventures in export, by Audrey Marsh King and Wal- 
ton C. Marsh. Belleville, 111., Marsh Pub. Co. t !964j 

Lr, 144 p. Illus., forms. 23 cm. 
HF1009.5.K5 658,8 64-15618 


Galanov, Boris Efimovich. 

C. SL. MapraaK ; oiepE JKHSHH H TBopiecrsa. [lisp;. 3,, ^on.j 
MOCKBU, Foe. IIS^-BO ^eicsofl .inr-pH, 1962. 

276 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
PG3476.M3725Z7 1962 63-38281 t 

Marshak, Samuil flkovlevich, 1887- 

At life's beginning; some pages of reminiscence, by 
Samuel Marshak. Translated by Katherine Hunter Blair. 
Foreword by Moura Budberg. Illustrated by G. Philippov- 
sky. r lst ed-i New York, Button, 1964. 

208 p. illus. 22 cm. 
PG3476.M3725Z523 1964a 928.917 64-19544 

see Pembroke, William Marshal, earl of, 

MARSHALL, ALFRED, 1842-1924 

Dodyk, Paul M 

Theories of corporate power. Amherst, Mass., Amherst 
College Press, 1961. 

58 pV 21 cm. (Amherst College honors thesis no. 5) 
HD2731.D6 338.701 61-16132 t 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Nomination of Burke Marshall. Hearings before the 
Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty- 
seventh Congress, first session, on the nomination of Burke 
Marshall to be an Assistant Attorney General. March 2 and 
15, 1961. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print, Off., 1961. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Pogue, Forrest C 

George C. Marshall. With the editorial assistance of 
Gordon Harrison. Foreword by Omar N. Bradley. New 
York, Viking Press C 1963- 

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Soldier and statesman; General George C. Marshall. New 
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227 p. port. 22 cm. 
E745.M37F3 923.573 64-17812 

MARSHALL, JOHN, 1755-1835 

Konefsky, Samuel Joseph, 1915- 

John Marshall and Alexander Hamilton, architects of tha 
American Constitution (by] Samuel J, Konefsky. New 
York, Macmillan r !964, 

Till, 274 p 22 cm. 

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Mason, Frances Norton. 

My dearest Polly ; letters of Chief Justice John Marshall 
to his wife, with their background, political and domestic, 
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xiv, 386 p. illus., ports., facslms , geneal. tables. 24 cm. 

923.473 61-15099 


Monsell, Helen Albee, 1895- 

John Marshall, boy of young America. Illustrated by 
Joseph Lluis PeHicer, Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill t 1962] 

200 p. Illus. 20 cm. (Childhood of famous Americana) 
PZ7.M762JolO 62-16621 J 


Steinberg, Alfred, 1917- 

John Marshall New York, Putnam [1962] 
192 p. 21 cm. ( Lives to remember) 
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Tucker, Caroline, pseud. 

John Marshall, the great Chief Justice. New York, Ariel 
Books 1962] 
209 p. 22cm. 

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Mason, Frances Norton. 

My dearest Polly ; letters of Chief Justice John Marshall 
to Ms wife, with their background, political and domestic, 
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zir, 386 p. illus., ports., facslms., geneal. tables. 24 cm. 

923.473 61-15099 


MarshaH, Peter, 1939- 

Two lives. t lst American ed. 3 New York, Stein and Day 
il963, c 1962j 

185 p. 22 cm. 
KC180.2.M3 1963 920.8 63-15978 t 


U. S, Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. 

Nomination of Thurgood Marshall. Hearings before a 
subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary, United 
States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session, on 
nomination of Thurgood Marshall, of New York, to be 
United States circuit Judge for the Second Circuit ... 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1962. 
v,209p. Illus. 24cm. 




Gott, John Kenneth. 

A history of Marshall (formerly Salem) Fauquier 
County, Virginia. jMiddleburg? Va.j Denlinger r !959?] 

94 p. illus. 23 cm. 
F234.M36G6 975.5275 60-24956 J 


Rimmer, William Gordon. 

Marshalls of Leeds, flax-spinners, 1788-1886. Cambridge 
t Eng.j University Press, 1960, 

341 p. illus. 22 cm. (Cambridge studies In economic history) 
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Faulkner, Charles H 

An archaeological survey of Marshall County. Indianap- 
olis, Indiana Historical Bureau, 1961. 

102 p. Illus., maps. 23 cm. 


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The story of Marshall County. Tucson, Ariz., Boad- 
runner Publications t !963] 

88 p. Olus. 25cm. 
F532.M6N6 63-42302 J 



Thompson (K. R.) Company. 

Atlas of Marshall County, Minnesota; containing a plat 
of each township, a county road map, a farm directory, a 
farm number system, and other features. Jan. 20, 1956. 
Moorhead, 1956. 

t 96, p. maps. 32cm. 
G1428.M35T5 1956 Map 56-475 rev 


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A history of Marshall County, Tennessee. t n. p. 3 1963. 
144 1. map. 30 cm. 
F443.M35W7 63-25916 


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The origin, growth, and transformation of Marshall Field 
& Company. New York, Newcomen. Society in North Amer- 
ica, 1963 t 1962j 

24 p. Illus. 23cm. (Newcomen address, 1962) 
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Pacific Islands (Ter.) Dept. of Education. 

A short geography and history of the Marshall Islands for 
Marshallese school children. Majuro, Marshall Islands, 

76 p. Illus. 28 cm. 
DU710.P3 996.8 59-64169 t 

MARSHALL PLAN see Economic assistance, 

W. VA. 


Marshall University, Hwntingrton, W. Va. Graduate School. 
Theses and problem reports submitted iu partial fulfill- 
ment of the requirements for the master's degree in Marshall 
College, from June 1940 through June 1953. Huntington, 
Graduate School, Marshall College, 1953. 

231. 29cm. 
Z5055.U5M35 378.754= 54-18301 rev J 

MARSHALLING YARDS see Railroads Yards 



Delderfield, Ronald Frederick, 1912- 

The march of the Twenty-six; the story of Napoleon's 
marshals. London, Hodder and Stoughton tiyoSj 

286 p. Ulus. 23cm. 
DC201.D27 63-163 J 

Valynseele, Joseph. 

Les marechaux de la Restauration et de la Monarchic de 
Juillet, leur f amille et leur descendance. Pr&f. de Fleuriot 
de Langle. Paris 1962j 

xx, 431 p. 25 cm. 
CS596.M3V3 64-29018 


Moll, Otto E 

, Die deutschen Generalfeldmarschalle, 1935-1945. Bear- 
beitung: Wolfgang W. Marek, ( 1. Aufl. Rastatt/Badenj 
E. Pabel t 1961j 

272 p. Ulna. 22 cm. 
D736.M6 62-26017 t 

States marshals 


see also 

Bogs; Moors and heaths 

Baker, John Augustus, 1925- 

Wetland and water supply. Washington, 1960. 

3 p. 27cm. ([U.S.] Geological Survey. Circular 431) 
QE75.C5 no. 431 G S 60-227 

Copy 2. GB705.M4B3 

TJ. S. Geol. Survey. Libr. 

Harris, Stanley Warren. 

Ecological effects of drawdown operations for the purpose 
of improving waterfowl habitat. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms [1957, 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 22,456) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,456 Mic 57-2977 

Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. 

Hejny, Slavomil. 

Okologische Charakteristik der Wasser- und Sumpfpflan- 
zen in den slowakischen Tiefebenen (Donau- und Theissge- 
biet) [1. vyd.j Bratislava, Verlag der Slowakischen Aka- 
demie der Wissenschaften, 1960. 

487 p. illus., 2 fold maps (In pocket) tables. 25 cm. 
QK956.C95H415 61-39340 

Jantzen, Paul G 

The ecology of a boggy marsh in Stafford County, Kansas. 
Emporia, Graduate Division of the Kansas State Teachers 
College, 1960. 

47 p. illus. 23 cm. (Emporia State research studies, v. 9, no. 2) 
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U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce. 

Wetlands acquisition and oil pollution of the sea. Hearing 
before the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Subcommittee of 
the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate, Eighty- 
seventh Congress, first session, on S. 2187, a bill to implement 
the provisions of the International convention for the pre- 
vention of the pollution of the sea by oil, 1954; and S. 2175 
and H. R. 7391, bills to promote the conservation of migra- 
tory waterfowl by the acquisition of wetlands and other 
essential waterfowl habitat, and for other purposes. July 
31, 1961. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1961. 

ill, 40 p. 24cm. 
TD425.U715 61-64847 


Brouwn, A E 

Land reclamation. Wageningen, International Institute 
for Land Reclamation and Improvement, 1960. 

37 p. 30 cm. (International Institute for Land Reclamation and 
Improvement Bibliography, 1) 


Masing, V 

Saksa-inglise-rootsi-soome-eesti-rene sooteaduslik oskus- 
sonastik. Hestenico -aHrjinflcKO-nrBe^CKO-^ 


Tartu, Tartu Riiklik tfiikool, Taimesustemaatika ja Geobo- 
taanika Kateeder, 1960. 

110 p. 20 cm. 
GB622.M3 63-51858 


Goetz, Delia. 

Swamps. Illustrated by Louis Darling. New York, Mor- 
row, 1961. 

63 p. Ulus. 22 cm. 
PZ10.G55Sw j 574 


Minsk. Belaruski navukova-dasledchy instytut meliiara- 
tsyi i vodnal haspadarki. 

TpyAH. T.l- 
MHHCK, HSA-BO AKa^euHE HayK ECCP, 1951- 

v. Illus., maps (part fold.) 23 cm. 
S621.M65 56-32957 rev 2 


Jacquemart, Serge. 

Ecologie d'une mare oligotrophe et des biotopes contigus 
(Colonster, province de Liege) par Serge Jacquemart & 
Eugene Leloup. Bruxelles, 1958. 

50 p. Illus., 3 plates, dtagrs., tables. 33 cm. (Instltut royal des 
sciences naturelles de Belgl<iue. Memolres. M&aolre no 144) 
[QH3.B85 no. 144] A 62-2472 

Stanford Univ. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


BELGIUM (Continued) 

Leloup, Eugene. 

Ecologie d'une tourbiere bombee ( Haute- Ardenne, la fange 
aux mochettes) par Eugene Leloup & Serge Jacquemart. 
Bruxelles, 1963. 

159 p. illus., 4 plates, diagrs. 30 cm. ( Institut royal des sciences 
naturelles de Belgique. Memolres. MSmoire n 149) 
[QH3.B85 no. 149] A 63-1019 

Stanford University libraries 


Keuning, Hendrik Jakob, 1904- 

Geest und Marscli. [Wilhelmshaven, 1957 3 

24 p. 21 cm. (Wllhelmshavener Vortrage; Schrlftenreihe der 
Nordwestdeutschen Unlversltatsgesellschaft, Heft 23) 
HD658.K35 60-32652 \ 


Cowgill, Ursula M 

El Bajo de Santa Fe t by] Ursula M. Cowgill and G. E. 
Hutchinson. With appendices by John E. Sanders and Oiva 
Joensuu. Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 

51 p. illus., map, diagrs., tables. 30 cm. (Transactions of the 
American Philosophical Society, new ser., v. 53, pt 7) 
Q11.P6 n. s., vol. 53, pt 7 557.281 
Copy 3. 


Sallm, Shakir Mustafa. 



2r. diagrs., geneal. table. 24cm. 


r 1956-57. 

N E 63-992 

Leningrad. Gosudarstvennyi gidrologichesku institut. 

e pacieiH npn ocymeHHH <5oiroT H sa6o- 
HOA pe. K. E. HsaHOua. 
ecKoe HSA-BO, 1963, 
447 p. diagrs., profiles, tables. 27 cm. 
-- IIpHJtoaceHHe ix: KapTH. JlenHHrpafl, 
MeTeoHSflai, 1963. 

40 maps ( part fold. ) 26 x 36 cm. 

TCW8.E9L4 Atlas 
TC978.R9L4 64r44662 

Romanov, Vladimir Vasil'evich. 

HcnapeHHe c <5ojioT EsponeftCKoft TeppHiopHH CCCP. 
JTeHHHrpafl, raflpOMeieopojiorHiecKoe HS^-BO, 1962. 

227 p. illus. (part In pocket) 23 cm. 
QC915.R6 63-27216 J 


The increase of productivity of swamped forests (Povy- 
shenie produktivnosti zabolochennykh lesov) Symposium 
papers. Translated from Russian [by A. Birron and Z. b. 
Cole] Jerusalem, Israel Program for Scientific^ Transla- 
tions; [available from the Office of Technical Services, U. S. 
Dept. of Commerce, Washington] 1963. 
153 p. illus., diagrs., tables 25cm. 




Prozorov, ffi S 

EojiOTa Mapeuoro jaHflraa^xa CpeAne-AMypcKoft HHSMCH- 
HOCTH. MocKBa, Hsfl-BO AKa^eMHii nayK CCCP, 1961. 

121, [3] p. illus., tables. 22 cm. 
GB628.79.P7 62-36347 


Vlastova, Natal'fe Vladimirovna. 

Top$aHBte tfojioxa CaxajtHna. JlemiHrpa^, HS^-BO Aica- 
fleMHH HayK CCCP [JEeiiHHrpaflCKoe OTA-HHCJ 1960. 

165 p. illus., maps (1 fold.) 23 cm. 
GB628.79.V5 60-43449 


Malmer, Nils. f . 

Studies on mire vegetation in the Archaean area of south- 
western Gotaland (South Sweden) Stockholm, Distribu- 



KKueva, K A 

BOAOC(5opOB na 

C CTOKE peic BCCP. HOA pefl. K. E. H 
MocKBa, FHApOMeTeopoaorHiecKoe MA-BO, 1959. 

288 p. tables, and atlas (89 charts) 26 cm. 
GB747.W45K55 63-51805 


see also Dikes (Engineering); Drainage; 
Halophytes; Reclamation of land 

Chapman, Valentine Jackson. 

Salt marshes and salt deserts of the world. London, L. 
Hill; New York, Interscience Publishers t !960i 

zvl, 392 p. Illus., maps. 28 cm. (Plant science monographs) 
QK938.M3C5 581.5265 60-3147 

M0Iler, Jens Tyge. 

Mand0 ebbevej j morf ologiske og hydrografiske problemer 
i forbindelse med kortlsegning af grsensen mellem to tide- 
vandsomrader. Summary in EngHsh. K^benhavn, C. A. 
Reitzel, 1960. 

43, [1, p illus., maps (1 fold, col.) dtagrs. 27 cm. (Folia 
geographlca Danlca, t. 8, no. 2) 

Miller, Jens Tyge. 

Vadehavskysten Emmerlev-Ballum. Summary in Eng- 
lish, K0benhavn, C. A. Reitzel, 1961. 

19, [1] p. illus., maps (2 fold, col.) diagrs. 27 an (Folia 
geographic Danlca, t. 8, no. 3) 
GB457.4.M62 62-53457 

Nichols, Lewis G 

Rockefeller refuge levee study. New Orleans, Refuge Di- 
vision, 1959. 

17 p. illus., maps (part fold.) diagrs,, profiles, tables. 30 cm. 
(Technical report of the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commis- 
TC337.N5 627.42 60-63491 

Thaeler, Charles S 

Variation in some salt-marsh populations of Microtits cali- 
forniffus. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1961. 

67-94 p. map, diagrs., tables. 26 cm. (University of California 
publications in zoology, v. 60, no. 2) 

QL1.C15 vol. 60, no. 2 599.3233 62-62638 
Copy 2. QL737.B6T5 


Salt Marsh Conference, Marine Institute, Sapelo Island, Go., 

Proceedings. Athens, Ga., Marine Institute of the Uni- 
versity of Georgia, 1959. 

ii, 133 p. illus., group port 28 cm. 
GB621.S3 1958 574.92 59-63234 

MARSICK, ARMAND, 1877-1959 

Centre beige de documentation musicale, Brussels, 
Armand Marsick. Bruxelles [1955] 

11 p. Illus. 20 cm, (Its Catalogue des euvrea die compositeurs 
beiges, nr. 15) 
ML134.M42A2 58-40731 rev J/MN 

MARSILEA see Marsilia 



Gupta, Kedar Mai, 1910- 

Marsilea, New Delhi, Council of Scientific & Industrial 
Research ,1962j 

vi, 113 p. illus., ports., diagrs,, tables. 25 cm, (Botanical mono- 

n SA63-4790 


Sossountzov, Lucienne. 

Influence de la nutrition minerale sur la morphologic, la 
croissance et Phistologie du sporophyte de Marsilea drumr 
mondii A. Br. en culture aseptique. 

(In Annales des sciences naturelles. Botanique et biologic vege- 
tale Paris. 24 cm. 12. sfir t 2 (1961) p. t 171,-397. illus., diagra, 

[QH3.A61 12. ser., 1 2] 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


see also Marsilia; Marsilia drum- 
mondii; Regnellidium diphyllum 

MARSILID see Iproniazid 
MARSMAN, HENDRIK, 1899-1940 

an ^n* bet expressionisme, met reproducties naar 
veelal ongepubliceerd materiaal. 's-Gravenhage, L. J. ^ 

lpls24cm. (HetNieuwevoorhout) 
FT5856.M64Z76 62-29353 | 


Verbeeck, Rene, 1904- 

De dichter H. Marsman. Lier, De Bladen voor de poezae, 

174 p. 21 cm. (De Bladen root de po&sle, 7. jaarg., nr. 3-5) 

A 60-5667 
Harvard Univ, Library 

MARSTON, JOHN, 1575?- 1634 

Caputi, Anthony Francis, 1934- 

John Marston, satirist. Ithaca, ST. T., Cornell Univer- 
sity Press t !961 3 

289 p. 24cm. 
PR2696.C3 827.3 61-14952 t 

Chametzky, Jules. 

Reason and desire in the plays of John Marston. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-7004 Mic 58-7004 

Minnesota. L'niv. Libr. 


see also Proteninodon 
MARTEN, CORNELIS, 1749-1842 

Nooyen, R H 

Cornells Martea y cien anja di Bonaire. cWillemstad, 
Curacao, 1959] 

133 p. illus. 21 cm. 

A 61-2301 
Florida. Univ. Library 

MARTEN, MARIA, 1801-1827 

Barton, Brian J 

The murder of Maria Marten; or, The red barn; a melo- 
drama in three acts by Brian J. Burton. Based on various 
anonymous Victorian tests. Music and lyrics by Brian J. 
Burton. Musical arrangements by Sheila Richards. Bir- 
mingham [Eng-! C. Combridge [1964, 

95 p. illus. 

. . 





Evgen'er, Georgii Evgen'evich. 

PcBO-iionHOHep, ^HnJiovar, yieHHS; o JT. K. Mapience. 

MoCKRa, TOC. HSfl-BO nOJIHT. JlHT-pH, 1960. 

31 p. 20 cm. (FepOH M noABHrn) 
D619.5.M3E9 62-36066 t 


Wayman, Clarence Marvin, 1930- 

Introduction to the crystallography of martensitic trans- 
formations t byj C, M. Wayman. New York, Macmillari 

C xl 193 p illus 21 cm. (Macmillan series In materials science) 
TN731.W37 669.951 64-21966 


McGerr, Patricia. 

Martha, Martha; a Biblical novel. New York, P. J. 
Kenedy C 1960j 

276 p. 22 cm. 
P23.M1737Mar 60-7787 t 


Cooper, Martha Kinney. 

The founding of the Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana li- 
brary; personal recollections of Martha Kinney Cooper as 
told to her daughter, Martha Cooper Judy. Cincinnati, 


17 p. Illus. 24 cm. (A Talaria book) 
Z733.C723C6 62-53308 J 



Blake, Frances. 

The Dolphin guide to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and 
Nantucket. Garden City, N. Y., Dolphin Books t !964, 

18 CD 

x, 188 p. illus , maps. 18 cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARTI, JOSE, 1853-1895 

Argilagos, Rafael G 1885- 

Marti: infancia, juventud y muerte. t l. ed. Santiago de 
Cubaj 1956. 

10* p. illus. 21 cm. (Publicadones del Departamento de Cnl- 
tura del Munldpio de Santiago de Cuba) 
F1783.M38A73 60-30918 

Centro de Estudios Martianos. 

Trajectory and actuality of Marti's thought; guide and 
[Outline for use in activities in honor of Marti. 2d ed. La 
Habana, 1961. 

51 p. 25 cm. 
F1783.M38C453 1961 63-370041 

Centro de Estudios Martianoe. 

Trayectoria y presencia de Marti; guia j temario para 
jornadas martianas. Habana, 1961. 

dp. 25cm. 

Chung-kuo jen min pao wei shih chieh ho p'ing wei yiian 

Commemoration of Chu Yuan, Nicolaus Copernicus, Fran- 
cois Rabelais, Jose Marti. Peking, Chinese People's Com- 
mittee for World Peace, 1953. 

41 p. illus. 27 cm. 
CT106.C45 57-35849 rev J 

Corbitt, Roberta Day, 1902- 

This colossal theater: The United States interpreted by 
Jose Marti. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 
t !960j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. GO-CM Mic 60-644 

Cue Canovas, Agustin. 

Marti, el escritor y su epoca. Mexico, Ediciones Cen- 
tenario, 1961. 

PQ7389.M2Z5624 61-45574 J 

Gonzalez, Manuel Pedro, 1893- ed. 

Antologia critica de JosS Mart!. Mexico, Editorial Cul- 
tura, 1960. 

543 p. 24cm. 

PQ7389.M2Z568 60-33920 rev t 

Gonzalez, Manuel Pedro, 1893- 

Jose Mart!, epic chronicler of the United States in the 
eighties. 2d ed. Havana, Center of Studies on Marti, 1961 

79 p. 23cm. 
F1783.M38G643 1961 62-35189 J 

Gray, Richard Butler, 1922- 

Jose Marti, Cuban patriot. Gainesville, University of 
Florida Press, 1962. 

307 p. 24cm. 
F1783.M38G67 928.6 62-20772 $ 

Havana. Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad. 

Rafael Serra, patriota y revolucionario, fraternal amigo 
de Martf. [Homenaje, Habana, 1959. 

144 p. 24cm. 
F1783.S473 60-39027 f 

Jimenes GruII6n, Juan Isidro. 

La. filosofla de Jose" Marti. t Santa Clara, Cuba 3 Universi- 
dad Central de Las Villas, Departamento de Relaciones Cul- 
turales, 1960. 

217 p. 21 cm. (Universidad Central de Las Villas. Nuevo plan 
de publlcaciones -21j) 

A 61-2509 
Florida. Univ. Library 

JoaS Martf t porj Julio G6mez Padffla c et al. Guatemala? 

63-33835 1 

4Q p. 22 cm. 

Lemus, Jose Maria, Preg. Salvador, 1911- 

Apuntes y reflexiones sobre la vida. y obra de Jose Marti. 
San Salvador, 1957. 

4Sp. illus, 16cm. 
F1783.M38L37 58-26320 jrev J 

Malaria, Jorge, 1898- 

Jose Mart! Habana, Ediciones Nuevo Mundo r!960- 

v, 18 cm. (Comprenslda de Cuba) 
F1783.M38M24 1960 63-50340 

Mafiach, Jorge, 1898- 

Marti, el apostoL Prologo de Gabriela Mistral. t l. ed., 
Kew York, Las Americas Pub. Co. t 1963i 

292 p. 21cm, 
F1783.MS8MM 1963 68-24137 

Marinello, Juan, 1899- 

Jose Marti, escritor americano; Marti y el modernismo. 
Mexico, Editorial Grijalbo, 1958. 
333 p. illus. 22cm. (Colecci<5nMirador) 

A 60-1012 
Florida. Univ. Library 

Marinello, Juan, 1899- 

Jose Marti, escritor americano; Marti y el modernismo. 
Habana, Impr. Nacional de Cuba, 1962. 

331 p. illus. 22 cm. 
PQ7389.M2Z7-27 1962 63-43374 J 

Marquina, Rafael, 1887- 

La mujer, alma del mundo; censo femenino en la obra de 
Marti. Habana, Editorial Libreria Marti, 1959. 

606 p. 25 cm. 
PQ7389.M2Z728 59-52144 J 

Marti, Jose, 1833-1895. 

Anticlerical irreductible. Estudio preliminar, por Manuel 
Pedro Gonzalez. Prologo de Salvador Azuela. Mexico, 
Ediciones Humanismo, 1954. 

70 p. 19 cm. (Letras de America, 1) 

BX4705.M2M34 A 57-1779 rev 

Missouri. Univ. Llbr. 

Marti, JosS, 1853-1895. 

Caracter de Jose Marti. [Ordenamiento y notas de Fran- 
cisco Baeza Perez. Habanaj Patronato del Libro Popular 
t 1961 3 

379 p. Ulus. 15cm. (Hit Obras completas, 21) 
F1783.M3625 63-30228 % 

Molina Parrado, Luis. 

El pensamiento social de Jose Marti. Prologo de Haul 
Eoa. Habana, 1955. 

48 p. 24cm. 
F178.3.M38M6 59-52468 J 

Nazoa, Aquiles, 1920- 

Cuba; de Marti a Fidel Castro. Caracas, Ediciones Po- 
pulares de "Pensamiento Vivo" [1961j 

46 p. illufl. 23cm. 
F1788.N39 61-49015 t 

Ojeda Fabricio. 

Presencia revolucionaria de Marti. t l. ed. Habana, Edi- 
torial Tierra Nueva, 1962i 

U5p. 21cm. 
F1783.M38O4 63-59216 

Perez Cabrera, Jose Manuel, 1901- 

Marti y el "proyecto Euz." Discurso leido en la sesion 
solemne celebrada el dia 27 de enero de 1955, conmemorativa 
del natalicio de Jose Marti. Habana, Impr. "El Siglo xx," 

24 p. 24cm. 
F1783.M38P4 60-33970 t 

Roig de Leuchsenring, Emilio, 1889- 

Caminos en la vida de Marti. [Habana] Oficina del His- 
toriador de la Ciudad de la Habana, 1961. 

20 p. illus. 23 cm. 
F1783.M38R635 61-34744 J 

Roig de Leuchsenring, Emilio, 1889- 

Marti, antimperialista. 2. ed. notablemente aumentada. 
Habana, 1961. 

135 p. 22cm. 
F1783.M38R657 1961 61-38561 J 

Roig de Leuchsenring, Emilio, 1889- 

Marti: sintesis de su vida. 3. ed. jHabana] Oficina del 
Historiador de la Ciudad de la Habana, 1961. 

Fl783.M38R66a 1961 61-38562 t 

Roig de Leuchsenring, Emilio, 1889- 

La Bepublica de Marti. 5.ed. Habana, 1960. 
164 p. 22cm. 
F1783.M38R668 1960 61-38519 

Salvi, Adolfo. 

JDiscurso del senor Adolfo Salvi, miembro del Concejo 
Municipal de Caracas, pronunciado en el recinto de la Ca- 
mara Edilicia el dia 28 de enero de 1953, fecha centenaria 
del nacimiento de Jose Marti. rCaracas ? 1953 ?] 

14 p. 22cm. 
F1783.M38S215 62-37694 

Sanchez Fernandez, Luis Amador, 1896- 

Cuatro estudios: Hostos, Marti, Rod6, Blanco-Fombona. 
Sao Paulo, 1958. 

110 p. 24 cm. (Unlverstdade de Sao Paulo. Faculdade de Fllo- 
soffa, C&nclas e Letras. Boletlm no. 140. Lingua e literature espa- 
nhola e hlspano-nmerlcana, no. 1) 
F1407.S25 59-46891 J 


Schulman, Ivan A 

Simbolo y color en la obra de Jose Marti. Madrid, Edi- 
torial Gredos [I960] 

541 p 2i cm. (Blblioteca romanlca Wspdnlca. 2. Estndlos y 

PQ7389.M2Z772 63-54655 

Sinclair, Walter Ward. 

Los Estados Unidos de Jose Marti. Mexico, 1959. 

1691. 28cm. 



Soto Hall, Maximo, 1871-1944. 

Marti y el general Justo Rufino Barrios. Ed. obsequio. 
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C 1953] 

1 v. (chiefly illus., ports., maps, facsima.) 23 cm. 
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unpaged. Illus. 24 cm. 
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Microfilms [1959] 
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see also Courts -martial and courts of 
inquiry; Habeas corpus; Military 
courts; Military law; Requisitions, 
Military; State of siege 


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S A 62-519 


Pakistan. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Martial law regulations and orders. Issued by Supreme 
Commander and Chief Martial Law Administrator in Paki- 
stan [I960, 

215 p. 19 cm. 

S A 64-984 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARTIAL LAW (Continued) 


U.S. Dept. of the Army. 

Lectures on martial law, [Washington] 1960. 

71 p. illus. 24 cm. 

344 60-64500 J 


Carrington, A G 

Aspects of Martial's Epigrams. Eton. [Eng.j Shakespeare 
Head Press [I960; 

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vtl, 208 p. 19 cm. (Our debt to Greece and Rome) 
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The poet Martial. 

(In John Rylands Library, Manchester, Bulletin. Manchester. 
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[Z921.M18B vol. 42] A 60-3043 

General Theol Sem. Library 


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v. facslm. 25 cm. 



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Martigny; de la capitale romaine k la cite moderne. 
Photos Oscar Darbellay. Neuchatel, Editions du Griffon 

C 52 p., [32j p. of illus. 25 cm. (Tr&ors de mon pays, 107) 


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Martigues; ville de tradition et d'avenir fparj Lucien 
Degut et Octare Vigne. E 2. ed.j Pre"f de Marcel Pagnol. 
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Los ciegos ven; drama bistorico. Morelia t Meadcoj Edi- 
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St. Martin de Porres, apostle of charity. Translated by 
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Is, 254 p. 21 cm. (Cross aud crown aeries of spirituality, BO. 26) 
BX4700.M397C33 022.285 63-21560 

62-20203 t 

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St. Martin de Porres. [Boston] St. Paul Editions C 1962] 
74 p. lllua. 22cm. 
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Life of St. Martin de Porres, patron saint of interracial 
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59-48317 t 

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47 p. illus 21 cm. (Her Easy reading books of saints arid 
friendly beasts) 
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MARTIN DE TOURS, SAINT see Martin, Saint, 
Bp, of Tours, 4th cent. 


Tasis i Marca, RafaeL 

Pere el Cerimonios i els sens fills. t l. ed.] Barcelona, Edi- 
torial Teide C 1957] 

255 p. illus. 21cm. (Blografles catalanes. Sferle hlst&rlca, no. 7) 
DP130.7.T28 60-34417 j 


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Marti el Jove a Sardenya. Barcelona, R, Dahnau il96S 3 
52 p. 17cm. (SplBodl8delaltlBt6rIa,&i) 
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MARTIN, SAINT, BP.of TOURS, 4th cent. 

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Tours, feude lexicologique et s&nasdologique. Nijmegen, 
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sermonem Latlnum CJhrlstlannm pertinentia, fasc. IS) 

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York, MacmiUan, 1962. 

118 p. 18 cm. (Your name your saint series) 
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Gardner, Bettic Sue. 

Alexander Martin and James Hunter of Rockingham 
County, N. C.: their part in the War of Independence. 


19L 31 cm. 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interstate and For- 
eign Commerce. 

Nominations Commerce Department. Hearing before 
Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, United 
States Senate, Eighty -seventh Congress, first session, on the 
nominations of Edward Gudeman to be Under Secretary of 
Commerce; Rowland Burnstan to be Assistant Secretary of 
Commerce for International Affairs ; Clarence Daniel Mar- 
tin, Jr., to be Under Secretary of Commerce for Transporta- 
tion. January 25, 1961. Washington, U- S. Govt. Print 

Off., 1961. 

ill, 2S p. 24 cm. 
HF73.U5 1961 353.82 61-00425 


Martin, Edward, 1879- 

Always be on time; an autobiography. Limited ed. 
Harris,bur*y, Pa., Telegraph Press [1959, 

183 p lllua 23cm. 
E748.M365A3 923273 60-246 t 

MARTIN, GABRIEL, 1873-1949 

Cnaigne, Louis, 1899- 

T&noin de la verite vivante : Monseigneur Gabriel Martin. 
(1873-1949) Paris, B. Grasset t !962, C 1961] 

218 p. illus. 19cm, 


Stin, Henry. 

To ride the vind; a- biography of Glenn L. Martin. New 
York, Messner C 196i, 

256 p. tllua, ports. 22cm. 
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Martin, Joseph Plumb, 1760-1850. 

Private Yankee Doodle ; being a narrative of some of the 
adventures, dangers, and sufferings of a Revolutionary sol- 
dier. Edited by George F. Scheer. t lst e<Lj Boston, Lit- 
tle, Brown r !962j 

805 p. 22 can. 
E275.M38 1962 973.38 62-8068 t 

Martin, Joseph Plumb, 1760-1850. 

Yankee Doodle boy; a young soldier's adventures in the 
American Revolution, told by himself. Edited by George F. 
Scheer. With maps & illus. by Victor Mays. New York, 
W. R. Scott i!964j 

190 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
E275.M38 1964 973.38 


Martin, Joseph William, 1884- 

My first fifty years in politics, as told to Robert J. Dono- 
van. New York, McGraw-Hill [I960, 

261 p. Silos. 22 cm. 
E748.M375A.3 923.273 60-15002 J 



Roberto, Brother, 1927- 

The merry watch maker; a story of Louis Martm. Ulus. 
by Carolyn Lea Jagodits, Notre Dame, Ind,, Dujarie Press 

94 p. illus. 24 cm. 
TS544.8.M3B6 922.244 59-65365 


Foley, Barbara Elizabeth. 

Zelie Martin, mother of Saint Therese of Lisieux. t Bos- 
ton] St Paul Editions C 1960! 

58 p. iiius. 20 cm. 
BX4705.M41235F6 922.244 60-53164 J 

Genevieve de la Sainte Face, Sifter, 1869-1959. 

The mother of the Little Flower (Saint Therese of the 
Child Jesus) 1831-1877; the sister of St Therese tells us 
about her mother. Translated from the Franch by Michael 
Collins. Dublin, M. H. Gill, 1957. 

128 p. Iihffl. 17cm. 
BX4705.M41235G4 922.244 60-39898 J 


Roberto, Krothtr, 1927- 

No wings for nine angels; a story of Zelie Martin. Illus. 
by Carolyn Lee Jagodits. Notre Dame, Ind., Dujarie Press 
t 1959j 

94 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
BX4705.M41235R6 922.244 60-19254 t 


Martin Descale, Jos Luis, 1930- 

A priest confesses. Translated by Rita Goldberg. ( lst 
American ed. Fresno, Calif, j Academy Guild Press C 1960] 

218 p. 22 cm. 
BX4705.M41242A33 922.246 60-14624 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Boak, Denis. 

Roger Martin du Gard. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1963. 
223 p. port 23 cm. 
PQ2625.A823Z56 843.912 63-5172 t 

Brennftr, Jacques, 1923- . 

Martin du Gard. {Paris) Gallimard 1 1961] 
236 p. Ulna. 19cm. (La Blbliothfeque td&le) 


Dais, Pierre. 

Reflexions sur la methode de Roger Martin du Gard, suivi 
de Lettre a Maurice Nadeau et autres essais. Paris, Editeurs 
francais reunis [1957 3 

362 p. 19 on. 

A 60-2237 
Harvard Unir. Library 

Gibson, Robert Donald Davidson, 1927- 

Kor Martin du Gard.' London, Bowes & Bowes [1961 3 
128 p 18 cm (Studies In modern European literature and 

*'"' A62-2448 

YaleTJniv. Library 

Gibson, Robert Donald Davidson, 1927- 

Koger Martin du Gard. New York, Hillary House Pub- 
lishers, 1961. 

128 p. 19 cm. (Studies In modern European literature and 
PQ2625.A823Z62 1961 843.912 62-2952 $ 


Moscow. Vsesofuznam gosudarstvennaia biblioteka ino- 
strannoi literatury. 

Poace MapieH RK> Tap; tfHO-<5H<5jTHOrpa$iiiecEHft yKasa- 
TCJII,. cABxop RCrync. craTLH H. M. SttmacKHHa. EH(XIHO- 
rpa^Kii CQCTaujreHa A. B. UaeBCKOii. OTBercTBCEHH 
Top E. JI. rastrrepHBtaj MocEsa, HS^-BO Bcec. 
naaaTH, 1958. 

42 p. Illus. 22 cm. (riHcatejiH sapyCeKHux crpan) 
28551.59.M6 61-41308 J 


Gee, Christine (South) IBM- 
Some of the descendants of Daniel Martin (1745-1829) of 
Laurens County, South. Carolina, and the allied families of 
Hudgens, McNeese, Eodgers, and Saxon. [Greenwood? 
S. C.; printed privately by Keys Print. Co., Greenville, S. C., 

v, 97 p. 24 cm. 
CS71.M38 1963 63-25667 

Martin, David Kendall, 1933- 

Martin (also Martyn) West Chazy, K Y. {1 
unpaged. 28cm. 
CS71.M38 1962 

Reed, Avery Henry, 1874- 

A genealogy of the Eeed (Reid) family, embracing the 
lineage of 5 Reed children, descendants of (i) John Reed 
and Mary Drake (Reed) including pedigree of some close 
affiliated families: Brewer, Mister, Davis, Martin, and 
Lovelace. t Charlottesville? Va., '1963. 

2 T. fflos., ports., maps. 29 cm. 
CS71.K284 1963 

Spfflers, Lorena (Martin) 1890- 

The Arnold-Martin family history: William Arnold, 
1759-1825, Revolutionary soldier, 1ST. C*, and his son, James 
Arnold, 1780-1825, whose daughter, Martha Anne Arnold, 
1817-1862, was married in 1834 to Henry Anderson Martin, 
1811-1897, in Washington County, Georgia; and their de- 
scendants. Tulsa,0kla,,1960. 

94 p, 24cm. 
CS71.A75 1960 60-43306 t 


U. S. Congress. House, Committee on Armed Services. 

Supplemental hearings released from executive session re- 
lating to entertainment furnished by the Martin Company 
of Baltimore, Md,, of U. S. Government officers. Subcom- 
mittee for Special Investigations of the Committee on Armed 
Services, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
first session, under the authority of H. Res. 19. Hearing 
held September 10, 1959. Washington, U. S. Govt Print 
Off., 1959. 

II, 204 p. Illus, 24cm. 
TL724.5JM3U5 60-60179 

TJ. S. General Accounting Office. 

Additional costs incurred in the procurement of P6M sea- 
planes from Glenn L. Martin Company, Baltimore, Mary- 
land, Department of the Navy ; report to the Congress of the 
United States by the Comptroller General of the United 
States. [Washington] 1964. 

SL,40p. 27cm. 
VG93.A7335 1964b 64-61008 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Examination of the pricing of F-101 airplane wings pur- 
chased from the Martin Company, Baltimore, Maryland by 
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, St. Louis, Missouri under 
Department of the Air Force negotiated contract AF33 
(600) -29841; report to the Congress of the United States 
by the Comptroller General of the United States. Wash- 
tingtonj 1960. 
UG633.A59 1960f 61-61662 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Examination of the pricing of F-101 airplane wings under 
a fixed-price incentive subcontract negotiated by McDonnell 
Aircraft Corporation, St. Louis, Missouri with the Martin 
Company, Baltimore, Maryland under Department of the 
Air Force prime contract AF33 (600) -23393; report to the 
Congress of the United States, by the Comptroller General 
of the United States. Wash[ington 3 1961. 

20 1 27 cm 
UG633.A59 *1961o 61-64943 


Patterson, Timothy Joseph. 

Plat book, Martin County, Indiana. [Jasper, Ind., 1959] 
[28, p. maps. 22x29 cm. 
G1403.M5P3 1959 Map 60-282 


Nelson (Thomas 0.) Company, Fergus Folia, Minn, 

Atlas of Martin County, Minnesota ; containing plats of 

each township, a county road map, a rural directory of 

farmers, a farm numbering system, and other features. 1 

Sept. 1961. Fergus Falls, 1961. 
[80] p. illus., maps. 34 cm. 

G1428.M4N4 1961 Map 62-149 

Official Farm Plat Book and Directory, Mankato, Minn. 

Official county plat book and farmers' directory of Martin 
County, Minnesota. Manicato, 1962. 

48 p. maps. 28 cm. 
(H428.M402 1962 Map 63-183 


Nelson (Thomas 0.) Company, Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Atlns of Martin County, Minnesota; containing plats of 
each township, a county road map, a rural directory of 
farmers, a farm numbering system, and other features. 1 
Sept. 1961. Fergus Falls, 1961. 

[80] p. illus., maps. 34 cm. 
G1428.M4N4 1961 Map 62-149 

Official Farm Plat Book and Directory, Mankato, Minn. 

Official county plat book and farmers' directory of Martin 
County, Minnesota. Manicato, 1962. 

48 p. maps. 28cm. 
G1428.M402 1962 Map 63-183 



North Carolina. State Highway Commission. 

Martin County, North Carolina. 

map?. 01 x 111 cm. ( Its fOeneral highway raapj 59) 
G8903.M5 year.N6 Map 55-966 rev 


Gonzalez Lanuza, Eduardo, 1900- 

Los martinfierristas. [Buenos Airesj Ediciones Culturales 
Argentinas, Ministerio de Educaeion y Justicia, Direction 
General de Cultura t 1861] 

142 p. illus. 21 cm. (Blblloteca del sesqulcentenarto. Colecclfo 
Movlmlentos llterarios) 
PK5010.M3G6 62-34805 t 


U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

"Wage chronology: Martin Marietta Corp. (Baltimore 
plant) 1044-61. t Washington, 1963] 

III, 19 p. tables. 26cm. (Its BLS report no, 232) 
HD8051AT876 no. 232 L 63-48 

U. S. Dept of Labor. Library 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Excessive cost to the Government for leasing, instead of 
purchasing, analog computer systems for use under nego- 
tiated defense contracts by the Martin Marietta Corporation, 
^Orlando, Florida: Department of Defense; report to the 
Congress of the United States by the Comptroller General 
of the United States. jWashington] 1963. 

14 p. tables. 27cm. 
UG485.U5382 63-65120 



Webb, Robert Kiefer. 

Harriet Martineau, a radical Victorian. London, Heine- 
mann r 1960! 

385 p. illus. 23 cm. (Kingswood books on social history) 
PR4984.M5Z93 1960 928.2 60-2670 t 

Webb, Robert Kiefer. 

Harriet Martineau; a radical Victorian. New York, 
Columbia University Press, 1960. 

xiii, 385 p. illus., ports., facslms. 23 cm. 
PR4984.M5Z93 1960a 928.2 59-11698 

Wheatley, Vera. 

The life and work of Harriet Martineau. London, Seeker 
& Warburg, 1957. 

421 p. illus. 23 cm. 
PR4984.M5Z95 1957a 928.2 62-4513 t 


Webb, Robert Kiefer, comp. 

A handlist of contributions to the Daily news by Harriet 
Martineau, 1852-1866. t New York? 1959 or 60, 

51 1. (In portfolio) 36 cm. 
Z8551.6.W4 61-2295 


Catalan Menendez-Pidal, Diego, ed. 

A Andre Martinet. Estructuralismo e historia ; t factores 
estructurales y factores hist6ricos en la evolucion de las 
lenguas. La Laguna, CanariaS] Universidad de la Laguna, 

2 v maps. 21 cm. (Miscelanea homenaje, 1) 


Romano, Francesco. 

II pensiero filosofico di Piero Martinetti. Padova, 
CEDAM, 1959. 

140 p. 25 cm. (Catania. Istituto universltario dl magistero. 
Pubblicazloni. Serie filosoflca. Monografle, n. 14) 

A 60-4607 
Chicago. Univ. Libr. B3636 

see Benavente y Martinez, Jacinto, 

Martinez, Rafael, 1884- 

bria Martinez, Vector, Abp., 1899-1952 


Martinez Alonso, Eduardo. 

Memoirs of a medico. E lst ed. 3 Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday, 1961. 

335 p. 22cm. 
R558.M35A3 926.1 61-9536 J 


Martinez Arenas, Jose". 

De mi vida: hombres y libros; semblanzas y comentaiios. 
Valencia, 1963. 

406 p 21 cm. 
PQ6623.AT8D4 64-40927 



Martinez de Campos y Serrano, Carlos, duque de la Torre, 

Ayer, 1892-1931. [Madrid;, Institute de Estudios Politi- 
cos, 1946. 

476 p. 25 cm. 

DP236.M337A3 A 48-2943 rev* 

Tale Univ. Library 


Billingsley, AUie Ward, 1908- 

The arsipreste de Talavera : author and masterpiece. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms t 1960j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4492 Mic 59-4492 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Homenaje a Pablo Martinez del Rio en el vlgesimoquinto 
aniversario de la primera edicion de Los origenes ameri- 
canos. Mexico, 1961. 

520 p. illus., ports., maps, dlagrs., profiles, tables. 24 cm. 
E53.H6 64-28437 


Sebreli, Joan Jose". 

Martinez Estrada, una rebelion inutil. Buenos Aires, 
Editorial Palestra 1960j 

10S p. 18 cm. (Coleccioa Agramante) 
PQ7797.M277Z82 61-30572 

Manuel, 1872- 


El Diccipnario geografico historico de Asturias, divigido por 
Francisco Martinez Marina, bajo el patrocinio de la Real 
Academia de la Historia. Compone la seccion m del Dic- 
cionario geografico histdrico de Espafia, que emprendio tan 
ilustre cuerpo. Madrid, Impr. de J. Benzal, 1959- 

v. illus., ports., facsims, 24 era. 


Barja, Ce*sar. 

Libros y autores contemporaneos : Ganivet, Unamuno, 
Ortega y Gasset, Azorin, Baroja, Valle-Inclan, Antonio 
Machado, Perez de Ayala. [Nueva ed.j New York, Las 
Americas Pub. Co., 1964. 

vii,493p. 19cm. 

PQ6072.B33 1964 


Fox, Edward Inman. 

Azorin as a literary critic. New York, Hispanic Institute 
in the United States, 1962 t '1960; label: New York, Las 
Americas Pub. Co.] 

176 p. 2lcui. 

PQ6623.A816Z59 1962 868.62 62-6487 J 

Granjel, Luis S 

Retrato de Azorin. Madrid, Ediciones Guadarrama t 1958j 
320 p. illus. 20 cm. (ColeccI6n Guadarrama de crftica y ensayo, 

'~ 60-27619 t 

LaJohn, Lawrence Anthony, 1930- 

Azorin and the Spanish stage. New York, Hispanic Insti- 
tute in the United States, 1961 ^1958 ; label: Las Americas 
Pub. Co.] 

208 p. 21 cm. 
PQ6623.A816Z66 1961 862 62-416 t 

Martinez Cachero, Jos Maria, 

Las novelas de Azorin. Madrid, Insula [I960] 

315 p. ports., facsims. 23 cm. (Coleccidn "Insula," v. 37) 

A 61-1353 
Illinois. Univ. Library 



Lott, Robert E 

The structure and style of Azorin's El caballero inactual. 
Athens, University of Georgia Press, 1963. 

108 p. 22 cm. (University of Georgia monographs, no. 10) 
PQ6623.A816F5 863.62 63-8044 t 


Moreno, Juan Carlos. 

Gustavo Martinez Zuviria. c Buenos Airesj Ediciones Cul- 
turales Argentinas, Ministerio de Educacion y Justicia, Di- 
rection General de Cultura t !962] 

107 p. illus 25cm. (Blblloteca del sesqulcentenarto. Argentines 
en las letras) 
PQ7797.M2SZ75 63-33367 t 


Zocconi, Mario. 

La composizione e la decorazione architettonica rinasci- 
mentale nella pala di Giovanni Martini a Mortegliano. 
[Trieste] 1958. 

34, [13] p. Ulus., 19 col. plates. 25cm. (Universitfc deglt studl di 
Trieste. Facolt& di scienze. Istituto di desegno. jPubblicazlonej 
NB623.M39Z6 730.945 


Delaunay-Belleville, Andre". 

Choses et gens de la Martinique; ce que la Martinique 
demande a la France. Paris, Nouvelles Editions Debresse 
r !963, 

350 p. map. 23 cm. 
F2081.D42 64-40971 

Gratiant, Gilbert. 

lie federee franchise de la Martinique; ecrit de morale 
politique destine a la "France essentielle" et democratique et 
i ce million d'hommes, de femmes et d'eniants qui peuplent 
la Guadeloupe, la Martinique, la Guyane et la Reunion. 
Paris, L. Soulanges [1961 j 

110 p. 20cm. 
F2081.G7 62-59216 J 

Martinique, Guadeloupe. 

[Limoges] Annuaires Nona [diffusion assures par G. P. 
Maisonneuve & Larose, Parisi 

v. Illus., maps. 24 cm. annual. 
F2151.M39 64-29171 


Bourgois, Jean Jacques. 

Martinique et Guadeloupe, terres franQaises de Antilles; 
avec 100 heliogravures et des cartes. Paris, Horizons de 
France t 1968 3 

154 p. illus. 24cm. (Visages da monde) 
F2151.B66 60-22309 J 


Le"mery, Henry, 1874- 

Martinique, terre frangaise; le conflit des races et Topinion 
metropolitaine. Victor Schcelcher. Paris, G.-P. Maison- 
neuve & Larose, 1962. 

145 p. 19cm. 


Leiris, Michel, 1901- 

Contacts de civilisations en Martinique et en Guadeloupe. 
[Paris] TTNESOO/Gallimard [1955, 

192 p. 22cm. (RaceetsocletS) 
F2151.L4 60-25463 t 


Bogdanov, Vaso. 

Jakobinska zavjera Ignjata Martinovida. Zagreb, Novi- 
narsko izdavaSko poduzede, 1960. 

228 p. 21cm. (PolitiSka biblioteka) 
DB932.9.M3B6 61-59260 J 


Casa do BrasU, Borne. 

Aldemir Martins, Arnaldo Pedroso d'Horta, 10-30 no- 
vembro 1961 [Sala de ExposigoeS] Casa do Brasil, Boma. 
[Eoma, 1961] 

29 p. illus. 20cm. 
NE1217.M29G) 63-49098 

Oliveira Martins, JoaquLm Pedro, 1845-1894 


Chandler, George, 1915- 

Four centuries of banking, as illustrated by the bankers, 
customers, and staff associated with the constituent banks 
of Martins Bank Limited. London, B. T. Batsford, 1964- 
v. illus. (part coL) ports, (part col) coats of arms (part col.) 
facsims. 24 cm. 
HG3000.L74M85 64-3833 


Bure, Miloslav. 

Bohuslav Martinu a Vyso5ina. {Vyd. 1.] HavliSkuv 

66 p. illus. 15 cm. (Postavy a tvafe Vyso5iny, sv. 2) 
ML410.M382B9 61-48161 t 

Safranek, Milo, 1894- 

Bohuslav Martinu; zivot a dflo. t l. vyd.j Praha, Statni 
hudebni vydavatelstvi, 1961. 

398 p. Illus., ports., music. 25 cm. 



Safranek, MiloS, 1894- 

Bohuslav Martinu, his life and works. [Translated by 
Koberta Finlayson-Samsourovaj London, A. Wingate c 1962 : 

36T p. illus., music, 50 plates (IndL ports.) 25 cm. 


Zouhar, Zdenfk, ed. 

Bohuslav Martinu; sbornik vzpomihek a studii V Brne, 
Krajske nakl., 1957. 

155 p. illus. 21cm. 
ML410.M382Z7 59-54700 % 


Prague. Statni pedagogicka knihovna Komensk^ho. 

Bohuslav Martinu. Sest. Eva 2izkova. Praha, 1960. 

10 p. 21 cm. (Its Bibliograflck^ letak, . 5. Gramofonovi deska 
ML134.M44PT 6S-33375/MN 

MARTINU, BOHUSLAV, 1890-1959. 

Mihnle, Jaroslav. 

Symfonie Bohuslava Martinu. t l. vyd. 3 Praha, Statni 
nakl. krisne literatury, hudby a umeni, 1959. 

94 p. music, 20cm. (Hudebnl rozpravy, ev. 6) 
HT130.M32M5 61-25665 


Festskrift til Martinus. K^benhaTO, 1960. 
193 p. col. illus., port., map. 25 cm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

A 62-81 



Gruszecka, Aniela. 

Po\\ie^c o ICronice Galk. t lvrakowj Wydawn. Literackie 
t !962- 

v. illus. 20 crn 
PG7158.G79P6 63-39664 J 

MARTO, JACINTHA, 1910-1920 

Olireira, Jose Galamba de, 1903- 

Jacinta; the flower of Fathna, by Humberto S. Medeiros 
and William F. Hill, arr. from the Portuguese of Joseph 
Galamba de Oliveira, with a pref. by Fulton J. Sheen. New 
York, Catholic Book Pub. Co. t 1946 3 

192 p. lllns. 19cm. 
BX4705.M4134O53 1946 922.2469 47-21448 rev* 


Marton Jaycee. 

A history of Marton and its people, 1849-1879-1954. 
t Marton,N.Z.,1954, 

109 p. illus. 22cm. 
DU430.M383M3 993.1 57-40803 rev t 


Gudiol i Ricart, Josep. 

Bernardo Martorell. Madrid, Institute Diego Velazquez 
del Consejo Superior d Investigaciones Cientificas, 1959. 

39 p. 48 plates. 23 cm. ( Artes y artistas) 
ND813.M395G8 759.6 61-22637 


Aloitso, Damaso, 1898- 

Priniavera temprana de la literature europea: lirica, 
epica, novela. Madrid, Guadarrama [1961j 

253 p. facsims. 19 can. (ColeccWn Guadarrama tie crftica y 
ensayo, 22) 

A 62-831 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

MARTOV, KTRl3f OSIPOVICH, 1873-1923 

Aronson, Gregor, 1887- comp. 

MaproB H ero 6.iH3Kne; cSopniiK. [IIoflroTO 

ApOHCOHOM I! AP-] HbU ftopK, 1959. 

170 p, illus. ^3 cm. 

F. H. 


Gefsler, I 


K), 0. MapTosy, cofipaHHiae as 
HCTO^HHKOB flix Inter-University Project on the 
History of the Menshevik Movement New York, 1961. 

unpaged. 28cm. 
DK254.M37G4 63-35807 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARTOVYCH, LES 1 , 1871-1916 

BfletsTtyi, Fdiks Ma/ianovych. 

Jleci, MapTOBHi. KHIB, 1961. 


3Ham> yjcpaiHCbxoi PCP. (Biwunixi Cepia 8., Ns 12) 
AS262.T563 ser. 8, 1961, no. 12 62-28389 J 


Chatou, France. Laboratoire national d'hydrauligue, 

La Charente a Martrou; etude sur modele rfiduit du de- 
boucM du nouveau pont levant. [ChatoU] 1958. 

58 p. illus., dlagis. 27ei!i, 

A 60-930 
low a. Cnlv, Library 


Marts, Arraud C 

Man's concern for Ms fellow man. [Geneva? N. Y., 1961] 
64 p, illus. 24cm. 
HV91.M34 361.7B 61-9105 | 


Derleth, August William, 1909- 

Forest orphans, by Augost Derleth. New York, Ernest 

92 p. illus. 24cm, 
QL791.DM 591.508 64-55455 

MARTYN, EDWARD, 1859-1923 

Setterquist, Jan. 

Ibsen and the beginnings of Anglo-Irish drama. Upsala, 
Lundequistj Cambridge, Harvard University Press [1951- 

2 v. 24 cm. f Uybala Irish studies, 2, 5 ) 
PR8789.S4 822.09 53-25T30 rev 

MARTYN FAMILY see Martin family 


RedTco, D I 

ITcpe^oBoil OIILIT MaptHHOBCKoro cmapTOBoro aaBOfla. 
MocEBa, ITHmenposma^aT, 19.56. 

47 p. illus. 20 cm. (Onwr HOBHTOPOB npOHSBOACTBa) 
TP590.R4 6:5-48942 J 


Hoppenbrouwers, Henricus. 

Recherches sur la terminologie du inartyre de Tertullien 
& Lactance. Nijmegen, Dekker & Van de Vegt, 1961. 

XT, 217 p, 24 cm. ( Latinltas Christlanorum primaeva ; studia ad 
sermonem Latinum ChrJstlanum pertinentia, fasc. 15) 

A 62-3261 
Tale TJniv. Library 


see also Martyrs 

Rahner, Karl, 1904- 

On the theology of death. [Translated by Charles H. 
Henkey 7 Freiburg, Herder r 1961, 

127 p. 22cm. ( Quaesltoaes dlsputatae, 2) 
BT825.R313 1961a 236.1 61-10178 J 

Rahner, Karl, 1904- 

On the theology of death, translated by Charles H. 
Henkey. New Yorkj Herder and Herder [1961] 

127 p. 22 cm. (QuaeBtiones dlsputatae, 2) 
BT825.R313 61-11443 J 


Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Martyr ology. Eng- 

The Roman martyrology, in which are to be found the 
eulogies of the saints and blessed approved by the Sacred 
Congregation of Rites up to 1961. An English translation 
from the 4th ed. after the typical edition (1956) approved 
by Pope Benedict xv (1922) Edited by J. B. O'Connell. 
Westminster, Md., Newman Press t 1962j 

xlx, 412 p. 24 cm. 
BX2014.A4C4 264.021 62-21497 

Hardy, Edward Rochie, 1908- ed. 

Faithful witnesses; records of early Christian martyrs. 
New York, Association Press c l0 f , 

80 p. 19cm. ( World Christina books, no. 8L Second series) 
BE1603.H3 922 60-6573 t 

White, Helen Constance, 1896- 

Tudor books of saints and martyrs. Madison, University 
of Wisconsin Press, 1963. 

vl, SSI p. facslms. 25 cm. 
BV4818.W483 820.993 63-13741 


see also Christian biography; Martyr- 
dom; Martyr ologies; Persecution; Ref- 
ugees, Religious; Saints 

Aim, Ch'un-bae, 1900- 

$li 4284 t 1951] 
4, 0, 272 p. front. 19 cm. 

1 Martyw. 2. Persecution Korea. r. Title. 

Title romanized: Sun'gyo sahwa chip. 

K 63-354 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 1963 


Verheyden, ALE 

Le nmrtyrologe courtraisienj et, Le martyrologe bruxel- 
lois. Pref. de I^on-E. Halkin. Vilvorde, Impr. E. Alle- 
court, 1950. 

122 p. illus. 25cm. 
BR1608.B4V43 61-21733 


Verheyden, ALE 

Le martyrologe courtraisien; et, Le martyrologe bruxel- 
lois. Pref. de Leon-E. Halkin. Vilvorde, Impr. R Alle- 
court, 1950. 

122 p. Illus 25 cm. 
BR1608.B4V43 61-21733 


Boutsen, Gabriel Marie, 1903- 

Het legioen van het bloed. Antwerpen, Standaard-Boek- 
handel, 1951. 

338 p. illus., ports. 22cm. 
BR1608.C6B6 1951 


Bowden, Henry Sebastian, 1836-1919, comp. 

Mementoes of the martyrs and confessors of England & 
Wales for every day in the year. Edited and rev. by Donald 
Attwater. London, Burns & Gates [1962] 

ix, 350 p. 17 cm. 


Huber, Gerhard, 1896- 

Krenze iiber Nagasaki; den sechsund2wanzig Erstlings- 
martyrem Japans zum Gedachtnis. Werl/Westf ., D. Coelde 
212 p. 20 cm. 

A 55-4148 rev 
Catholic Univ. of America. Library 

Suzuki, Kazuo. 

9 *tfc 

( 1959, 

1. Punishment Japan. 2. Martyrs Japan. 3. Prisons Japan. 
I. Title. 

Title romanized: Edo ankoku hlroku. 


Kataoka, Yakichl, 1908- 

J 60-1097 J 

tntJfU Si j 1057, 

HHi p. ilius., iwajm. 18 cm. 

1, Martyr* Japan Nagasaki. i. Title. 

Title romanixed: Nagasaki no junkyteha. 

J 62-4104 
Cornell Uulr. Library 


Gid2iunas, Viktoras, 1912- 

Legendariskieji pranciskon\i kankiniai Vilniuje. 
lynej Aidu leidinys [1954j 

45 p 19 cm. 



Faupel, John Francis, 1906- 

African holocaust; the story of the Uganda martyrs. 
New York, P. J. Kenedy t !962] 

242 p. illus. 23 cm. 
BV3625.U4F3 276.761 62-18003 J 

Lenoir, Yves. 

Par le f er et le feu ; drame en trois actes et six tableaux, 
sur les martyrs de 1'Uganda. [Bruxelles, Gr. Houyoux, 1959] 

90 p. 19 cm. (Editions des artistes, 5) 
PQ2623.E5165P3 59-53229 


Laridan, Pierre. 

Les martyrs noirs de 1'Ouganda. Illus. de Rene Follet. 
[Tournai] Casterman C 1962j 

25 p. illus. (part col.) 28 cm. (Collection "T\>u8 frferes") 

MARTYRS, BUDDHIST see Buddhist martyrs 

MARTYRS' SHRINE see Midland, Ontario. 
Martyrs' Shrine 

MAHUT-PUTRA see Hanuman (Hindu diety) 
MARUTSE see Barots eland 

MARVELL, ANDREW, 1621-1678 

Hyman, Lawrence William, 1919- 

Andrew Marvell, by Lawrence "W. Hyman. New York, 
Twayne Publishers r 1964] 

141 p. 21 cm. (Twayne's English authors series, 4) 
PR3546.H9 821.4 64-19029 

Leishman, James Blair, 1902- 

Some themes and variations in the poetry of Andrew 

(In British Academy, London (Founded 1901) Proceedings, 1961. 
London. 26 cm. v. 47 (1962) p. t 223]-241) 

A 64-218 
Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 


Ferris, David Frederic. 

Judge Marvin and the founding of the California public 
school system. Berkeley, University of California Press, 

Ix, 149 p. port., map, facsim. 24 cm. (University of California 
publications in education, v. 14) 
LB5.C2 vol.14 379.794 
Copy 2. LA243.F4T 

VON DER, 1777-1837 

Andreas, Willy, 1884- 

Geist und Staat; historische Portrats. C 5. neugestaltete 
Aufl.] Gottingen, Musterschmidt-Verlag t 1960i 

221 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
D106.A55 1960 62-58981 t 

MARX, BURLE see Marx, Roberto BurLe, 


Marx, Groucho, 1891- 

Memoirs of a mangy lover. Illustrated by Leo Hersh- 
field. [New York] B. Geis Associates; distributed by Ran- 
dom House r 1963] 

x,212p. Illus. 22cm. 
PN6162.M27 817.52 63-18454 

MARX, HARPO, 1893- 

Marx, Harpo, 1893- 

Harpo speaks ! With Rowland Barber. Illustrated by 
Susan Marx. t New Yorkj B. Geis Associates; distributed 
by Random House [1961] 
475 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

PN2287.M54A3 927.92 61-7834 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARX, KARL, 1818-1883 

Axelos, Kostas. 

Marx, penseur de la technique de 1'alienation de ITiomme 
la conquete du monde. [Parisj Editions de Minuit 1961] 
324 p. 23 cm, (Collection "Arguments," 2) 

A 62-14:90 
Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

Bartel, Horst. 

Marx und Engels im Kampf um ein revolutionares 
deutsches Parteiorgan, 1879-1890; zu einigen Problemen der 
Hilfe von Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels fur den Kampf 
des "Sozialdemokrat" gegen das Sozialistengesetz. t l. Aufl.] 
Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

276 p. 22cm. 
HX273.B3 63-53705 

Berlin, Sir Isaiah. 

Karl Marx; his life and environment. 3d ed. London, 
Xew York, Oxford University Press, 1963. 

295 p. 17 cm. (The Home university library of modem knowl- 
edge, 189) 
HX39.5.B4 19G:J 923.343 64-1146 

Bigo, Pierre. 

Marxisme et humanisme; introduction a 1'ceuvre econo- 
mique de Karl Marx. 3. ed. rev. et mise a jour. Pref. de 
Jean Marchal. Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 

228 p. 23 cm. (Bibltothfeque de la science economique) 
HX39.5.B53 1961 62-58007 \ 

Biffl, Edvard, 1881-1932. 

Karl Marx. Ny utg. ved Erling Schreiner, Oslo, Tiden 
norsk f orluff, 1948. 

187 p. 22cm 
HX39.5.B8 63-36818 J 

Chambre, Henri, 1908- 

From Karl Marx to Mao Tse-tung; a systematic survey 
of Marxism-Leninism. Translated by Robert J. Olsen. 
Pref. by Thurston N. Davis. New York, Kenedy t 1963j 

808 p. 11108. 22cm. 
HX39.C483 335.43 62-16529 % 

Chang, Chiang-ming. 


mm Afm* 

95 p. 18cm. 

1. Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. 2. Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-1924. i. 

Title romanised; T'an fan ila-k'o-sstl 
Lleh-ning chu 1 tl hstieh hsi. 

Chu, I-ch'ing. 

C 60-705 


51 p. 19 cm. 

1. Marx, Karl, 1818-1888. 2. Lenin, Yladlmlr n'lch, 1870-1984 
i Tltla 

Title romanfeMl: Trtn yang hvfleb. hat Ma-k'o-wrtl 
Lieh-nlng chu i Ulun. 

HX39.5.C55 061-1309 J 

Chung-kuo ch'ing nien ch'u pan she, Peking. 

ft *HHF<F-flSJ!S*i:W ttfl 1958. 

232 p. 19 cm. 

1. Man, Karl, 1818-1888. 2. Bngels, FrlMlrlch, 1820-1898. 3. 
Lenin, Vladimir Il'Irh, 1870-1924. 4. Stalin, I<if, 1879-1953. t 

Tittf romanlzed: Hillrh hst Ma-k'<HMQ, 
Ku-ko-UBfl. Ufh-nlnsr, 



Ciardo, Manlio. 

Scienza e mito nella dottrina di Carlo Marx. Messina, 
GK d'Anna t !960j 

262 p 23 cm. (Btblloteca di cultura contemporanea, 66) 
HX39.C64 A 62-3348 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Cornu, Auguste. 

Karl Marx et Friedrich Engels; leur vie et leur ceuvre. 
[1. ed.] Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1955-58. 

HX39.5.C59 A 56-5892 rer 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Cottier, Georges M Martin. 

L'atheisme du jeune Marx, ses origines hegeliennes. 
Paris, J.Vrin, 1959. 

884 p. 25cm. (Problemeset contro verses) 
BL2759.M34L6 1959 A 61-1204 rev 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Dahlke, Hans, 1928- 

Karl Marx uber das Wesen des Eechts. t n. p.j 1959. 
145 p. 21 cm. 

Dicke, Gerd. 

Der Identitatsgedanke bei Feuerbach und Marx. Koln, 
Westdeutscher Verlag [I960, 

210 p. 25 cm. (Wlflsenachaftllche Abaandlungen der Arbeitage- 
melnschaft fdr Forschung des Landes Nordrneln-Westfalen, Bd. 15) 

Harvard Unlr. Library 

Dupre, Louis K 1925- 

Het vertrekpunt der Marxistische wijsbegeerte; de kritiek 
op Hegels staatsrecht. Antwerpen, Standaard-Boekhandel, 

xvii, 193 p. 23cm. (Philosophischeblbllotheek) 
HX39.5.D8 A 55-162 rev 2 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Fdrder, Herwig. 

Marx und Engels am Vorabend der Eevplution; die 
Ausarbcitung der politischen Richtlinien fiir die deutschen 
Kommunisten (1846-1848) Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1960. 

iv, 334 p. 2.1 cm. (Deutsche Akademie der WIssenschaften zu Ber- 
lin. Sohriften dea Institute ftir Geschichte. Relhe i : Allgemeine und 
deutsche Gescliichte, Bd. 7) 

A 61-1022 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Fridlender, G M 

K. MapKC H <I>. 3nre^BC H sonpocn jrHTepaiypH. MocKBa, 
Toe. H3fl-BO xy,a;oHc. JIHT-PBI, 1962. 

605 p. 21cm. 
PN51.F73 63-38527 | 

Friedrich, Manfred. 

Philosophic und Okonomie beim jungen Marx. Berlin, 
Duncker & Humblot r !960] 

202 p. 24 cm. (Frankfurter wlrtecnafts- und sozlalwissenschaft- 
Uche Studien, Heft 8) 

A 61-5009 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Fritzhand, Marek. 

Mysl etyczna mlodego Marksa. [WarszaTvaj Ksi^zka i 
Wiedza, 1961. 

349 p. 20 cm. (BIblloteka studWw nad marksizmeoa, 1) 
HX15.B48 vol.1 

Fromm, Erich, 1900- 

Beyond the chains of illusion; my encounter with Marx 
and Freud. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1962. 

182 p. 21 cm. (The Credo series) 
B3305.M74F72 131.346 62-20464 J 

Fromm, Erich, 1900- ed. 

Marx's concept of man. With a translation from Marx's 
Economic and philosophical manuscripts by T. B. Botto- 
more. New York, F. Ungar Pub. Co. C 1961j 

xii, 260 p. 21 cm. (Milestones of thought In the history of ideas) 
HX39.5.F7 330.1 61-11935 

Fulton, Robert Brank. 

Original Marxism estranged offspring; a study of points 
of contact and of conflict between original Marxism and 
Christianity. Boston, Christopher Pub. House t 1960] 

167 p. 21 cm. 
B3305.M74F8 193 60-12993 t 

Gol'man, L I 

BosHiiKHOBeHiie MapKCH3Ma. EoptGa MapKca n 3Hrejrtca 
sa coa^aHHe peBO-iiorcHOHHOft npo.ieTapcEOft napTHH. Mo- 

CKBa, TOG. H3fl-BO nOJTHT. JIHT-pH, 1962. 

70 p. 20 cm. (B rtOMOim> HaynaioiUHM Mew^yHapOAHoe KOMiwyHH- 
CTHiecKoe H paCoiee AEHKCHHC) 
HX39.G6 62-45945 t 

Gomes, Orlando. 

Marx e Kelsen. [Salvador, Brasilj 1959. 

19 cm. (PublicacSes da Untversldade da Bahla. it, 17) 

87 p. 


Gurvitch, Georges, 1894- 

La sociologie de Karl Marx. Paris, Centre de documenta- 
tion universitaire r !961j 

93 1> 27 cm. (Les cours de Sorbonne) 
HX542.G8 64-32722 

From n Hegel to Marx; studies in. the intellectual develop- 
ment of Karl Marx tAm Arborj TJnivenrity of Michigan 

(Ann Arbor paperbacks for the study of communism 
320-15 62^-2978 i 


Hu, Yiieh. 

It &M 39 C 1950] 
63 p. 10 cm. 

1 Jlaix, Karl, 1818-1888. 

Title romanteed: Ma-k'o-ssfl ch^n? chlh ch& hsileh p'i p'an 


C 60-2427 

Hyman, Stanley Edgar, 1919- 

The tangled bank; Darwin, Marx, Frazer and Freud as 
imaginative writers. c lst ed,j New York, Atheneum, 1962. 

ill, 492 p. 25cm. 

Ivanov, Nikolai Nikolaevich, writer on the history of Marx- 

Be.uiKne ocHOBOnojrcoKHiiEii MapKCHawa; no MaiepHaJtaM 
Mysea K. MapKca n <D. 3Hrea&ca. MOCKBE, HS^-BO HOJTHT. 
JIHT-PM, 1964. 

179 p " 

9 p. illus., facsims., ports. 20 cm. 
HX39.5.I 9 

Jen min ch'u pan she, Peking. 




3. 107 i>. 21 nil. 

W ; 


1. Biography 2 H!iiorluj;tapli> M, Minx, Knrl. 1S18-188&. 

f ' ' ** '1'iHf 11,1,111 in :rd .Mji-k'o-Hsfl dm I ohinjj tiwi tt> 

chin Utn li htli Jf'ii wti p'iup chla w6n f I. 

C 03-90!) 
Hurvard ITnlv < 4 UUu-w- Jiimnuw Libra ly 4'-l ll 

Jen min ch'u pan she, Peking. 

1.5. 808 p. 20cni. 

1. HWorlofrophy. 2. Xlnrx. Karl, 1818-1888. r. Title 

Title minimised; Mn-k'<Hwfl chu I 

ttpn (MI chin Inn It uhlh k'n htiph, 

MiinnnirnU. Chtnene- Japanese Library 42901 

Kamenka, Eugene. 

The ethical foundations of Marxism. New York, Praeger 

xv7, J 208p. 23cm. (Praeger publications In Russian history and 
world coiinnunisin, no. 120) 
B3305.M74K3 172 

Klein, Matthaus. 

Karl Marx; Humanist, Denker, Eevolutionar. 1. AufL 3 
Leipzig, Urania-Verlafi [1958, 

48 p. 17 cm. (Gesellscliaft zur Verbreltung WIssenschaftllcher 
Kenntnisse. Schriftenreihe) 

A 60-223 
Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Koch, Hans, writer on Marxism, 

Marasmus und Asthetik; zur asthetischen Theorie von 
Karl Marx. Friedrich Engels und Wladimir Hjitsch I^enin. 
t l. Aufl-j Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

627 p. 21 cm. 
BH41.K6 62-43301 t 

Korsct, Karl, 1889- 

KarlMarx. New York, Russell & Kussell, 1963. 
247 p. Illus. 23cm. 
HX39.5.K6 1963 335.42 63-15166 J 

Kotov, Vladimir Nikolaevich. 

K. MapKC H <X>. 3iirejiic o POCCHH H pyccKOM napo^e. Mo- 
cKBa, SnaHne, 1953. 
63 p. 22 cm. (BcecowsHoe oOmecrBO no pacnpocTpaHeHMio nora- 

TOTCCKHX H HayiHMX SHEHlrfi. CepH I, NsNs 4 H 5) 

DK42.K62 53-29158 rev 

Kundel, Erich. 

Marx und Engels im Kampf um die revolutionare Arbei- 
tereinheit; zur Geschichte des Gotlwer Vereinigungskon- 
gresses von 1875. t l. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1962. 

HX273.K8 1962 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MAKX, KARL, 1818-1883 (Continued) 
Kong Jen eh*u pan she, Peking. 

ft* 1958. 
86 p. 19cm. 

1, Trade-union*. 2. Marx, Earl, 1818-1883. 8. Lenin, Vladimir 
H'ich, 1870-1924. i. Title. 

Title rovwnized: Hafati hal Mft-k'o-esft Ll&h-nlng 
cbu 1 tl kung hal H Ian. 


C 61-1813 

Kwant, Remigius C 1918- 

De wrfsbegeerte van Karl Marx. Utrecht, Het Spectrum, 

143 p. 21 cm. (Mens en medemens, aspecten der soclale wette- 
lljtoeld 83) 
HX39.5.K85 64-36887 

Leich, Helmut G R 1926- 

Die anthropologisch soziologische Methodik bei Karl 
Marx, Werner Sombart und Max Weber, t^oln, 195?! 

207p. 21cm. 
HM24JW2 59-49242 

Lenin, Vladimir B'ich, 1870-1924. 

Adjaran-adjaran Karl Marx; diterdjemahkan. oleh D. Su- 
radji. Tjet. 2. Djakarta, Hartunan ffidup, 1964. 

72 p. 22 cm. 
HX39.5JU5216 1964 S A 64-6143 

Lenin, Vladimir ITich, 1870-1924. 

Karl Marx, riwajathidup singkat dengan. uraian tentang 
Mamsma Djakarta, Jajasan Pembanzan. 1962. 

44p, 20cm. 
HX39.5X4495 S A 64-8861 

Lenin, Tkdhnir nich, 1870-1924. 

Marx-Engels. Leipzig, P. Reclam C 1952, 

67 p. 16 cm. (Reclama tJDlvCTsal-BIbllothek, NT. 7696) 



Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-1924. 

Marxismus o statu. Jhstitut marxismu-Ieniiiismu pfi "OV 
KSSS. jPrelozeno z ruskeho originaluj CeskS vyd. pripra- 
vil tJstav dejin Komunisticke strany Ceskoslovenska. [1., 
autorizovane" vyd.;, Praha, Statni nakl. politicke literatury, 

241 p. 21 cm. 
HX314.L35482 60-43587 J 

Lenin, Vladimir n'ich, 1870-1924. 

Marxismus und Staat ,k Aufl.j Berlin^ Dietz, 1S60. 

143 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Bttcherel dea Maralamua-Lenintflniua, 
HX314X35483 62-35405 J 

Lenin, Vladimir Dlch, 1870-1924. 


B3S-BO BCCWHT. JTHT-pU. 1961. 

886P. 21cm. 
B809.8JD4 1961 62-39618 J 

Lenin, Vladimir n'ich, 1870-1924. 
3fTT fTfncf. c 

a cffT. c 1 ^- 

C 1950 3 

119 p. 22cm. 
In HmdL 

1. Socialism. 2. State, Tlio. S. Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. I. Title. 

Title tr<utjitterae<l;Bajasattii aura krantl, 

Nntne oriffinaUy: Vladimir Il'tch XJl'flknov. 

HX314.L3525 S A 62-15 

Lenin, Vladimir n'ich, 1870-1924. 

The teackings of Karl Marx. New York, International 
Publishers t l964 t 

62 p. 21cm. (Little Lenin library t new ser.j) 
HX39.5.L452 1964 335.41 64-5216 

Li, Chih-yuan. 

/ 4^ 

1. Marx, Kiifl 1818-1883. '2. Enpels, FrUKlricli, lS2(V-l&C), 3. 
Ijmln, Vladimir inch, 1870-1924 4. Stalin, losif. 187JV-1053, i. 

1 itle rotnanised; Hslang wel ta tl ko 
mlnff tart (,hili lt*iU*h lisi. 


Li, Shu, 1883- 

IKtt 1963. 
189 p, 21cm. 
Bibliographical footnoted, 

1. Ohlna Hlt Bevolutlon, 1911-1912. 2. Mane, Karl, 1818-1888 

Title rvmanized: Ma-k'o-safl chu 
1 yu Chung-kuo ko mlng 


Lo, K'o-t'ing. 

89 p 19 cm. 

1 Marx, Karl, 1818-1888. 2. Dialectical materialism. i- Title. 
1 rtifc rowantoed: Ma-k'o^siS chu I ch6 listleh 

wel wu chu i tl cbl pen chlh shlh. 

C 59-2659 J 

Lii, Chi-lo. 


107 p. 19oo. 

1. Economics. 2. Marx, Karl, 1818-1888. 3. Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 
1870-1924. i. Title. 

Title romanize$: Hslleh hsl Ma-k'o-Bsfi Lieh- 
nlng chu I cheng chlh chlng chl heUeh. 


C 59-2665 

Miirz, Eduard. 

Die Marxsche Wirtscliaftslehre im Widerstreit der Mein- 
ungen; 1st sie heute noch giiltig? Mit einem Beitrag von 
Ernst Winkler. Wien, Verlag des Osterreichisclien Gewerk- 
schaftsbundes, 1959. 

271 p. 17 cm. ( Schrlf tenrelhe des Osterrelchlschen Gewerlcschaf ts- 
bundea, Nr. 78) 
HX39.5.M33 61-25460 J 



CCCP, 1961. 

58 p. 21cm. 

Hen3BecTHHX ciaTeft. MKH- 


Mara, Karl, 1818-1883. 

Karl Marx: privat; unbekaiuate Brief e. Eingeleitet nnd 
kommentiert von Wolfgang Schwerbrock. Miinchen. P. List 
{ 1962j 

162 p. 18cm. (List BUcher, 280) 
HX39.5.A4 1962 64-42513 

Mehring, Franz, 1846-1919. 

Karl Marx, Geschichte seines Lebens. r Die Herausgabe 
des Bandes besorgte Thomas Hohle. l.Aufl Berlin. Dietz. 

16, 619 p. 23 cm. (Sis Gesammelte Schrtften, Bd. 3) 
HX39.5.M416 1960 61-35300 

Mehring, Franz, 1846-1919. 

Karl Marx, the story of his life. Translated by Edward 
Fitzgerald. New introd. by Max Shachtman. Ann Arbor, 
University of Michigan Press t 1962 3 

575 p. 21 cm. (Ann Arbor paperbacks lor the study of com- 
immtem and Marxism, AA73) 
HX39.5.M4163 1962 923.343 62-53142 J 

Mende, Georg, 1910- 

Karl Marx' Entwicklung vom revolutionaren Demokraten 
zum Kommunisten. C 3., erweiterte und verb. Aufl.] Berlin, 
Dietz, I960. 

197 p. 21 cm. 
HX39.5.M43 1960 61-24583 J 

Mondolfo, Rodolfo, 18TT- 

Mark y marxismo; estudios historico-criticos. c l. ed.j 
Mexico, Fondo de Cultura Econ^mica r !960i 

246p. 22cm. J 

Chicago. Unlr. Llhr. B3305 A61-505T 

Moore, Stanley Williams, 1914- 

* Three tactics; the background in Marx. Few York, 
Monthly Keview Press, 1963. 

06 p. 23 cm. 
HX39.5.M65 335.41 63-16254 1 

Morgenthaler, Walter, 1882- 

Der Mensch Karl Marx. Bern, Ost-Insti- 
tut, 1962. 

96 p. lllus., ports., facslms. 25 cm. (Schwelzerisches Ost-Instl- 
tut, Bern. Schrlftenrelhe, Heft 12) 
HX39.5.M655 63-54736 

Moscow. Akademiia obshchestrennykh nauk. 

Aus der Geschichte des Kampfes von Marx und Engels 
fiir die proletarische Partei; eine Sammlung von Arbeitem 
t l. Aufl.] Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

694 p. 21cm. 
[HX39.M ] 
Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Moscow. Institut marksizma-leninizma. 

Us HCTopHH MapKCH3Ma H Meac^yHapo^Horo pa6onero ABH- ; K 145-jieTHio co ^sa poacflCHH^ Kapjia MapKca, t Ot- 
BeTCTBeHHiift pe^aKTop IE. H. TojitMaH] MOCKBE, Toe. HS^-BO 

HOJHT. JIHTT-pH, 1963. 

628 p. 21 cm. 
HX39.5.M664 63-64590 

Moscow. Institut marksizma-leninizma. 

Reminiscences of Marx and Engels. Moscow, Foreign 
Languages Pub. House t 196-? 3 

402 p. lllus. 23cm. 
HX39.5.M683 62-41733 J 

Muhler, EmU, 1892- 

Die roten Patriarchen; Studien zum Marxismus. Mun- 
chen, Verlag Bayern-Kurier, 1961. 

151 p. 21 cm. ( Schrlf tenrelhe der Chrlstllch-Sozlalen Union In 
Bayern, Bd. Q) 
HX40.M8 63-46235 J 

Pad, Enzp, 1911- 

Funzione delle scienze e significato dell'uomo. f l. ed. 

Milano, II Saggiatore r 1963! 

482 p. 21 cm, (La Cultura, 75. Storla, crltlca, testi) 

. , 



Partai Komunis Indonesia. 

Pengantar filsafat Marxis. Tjet. 3. Djakarta, Depagit- 

32 p. 21 cm. 
B809.8.P255 1963 S A 64-4871 

Plaine, Henry L ed. 

Darwin, Marx, and Wagner; a symposium. [Columbus] 
Ohio State University Press rl962i 

vlli,165p. 22cm. 
CB358.P53 1962 901 61-12066 

Porter, Eugene Oliver, 1899- 

Fallncies of Karl Marx. With an introd. by Samuel D. 
Myres. El Paso, Texas Western College, 1962. 

96 p. lllus. 23cm. 


Pra, Mario dal, 1914- 

II pensiero filosofico di Marx dal 1835 al 1848 (con par- 
ticolare riguardo alia filosofia della prassi) Milano La 
Goliardica ,1959] 

442 p. 24n. 

A 60-2130 
Chicago. TJnlv. Llbr. B3304 

Prenant, Marcel, 1893- 

Biologie et marxisme. Paris, Editions Hier et aujourdTiui 

335 p. lllus. 19cm. (La Science et rhomme) 
QH311.P8 1948 

Prozorova, Nataliia Sergeevna. 

Eopi.tfaK. Mapicca H O. 3nreji!,ca npotiiB anapXH3Ma ; JCCK- 
^lIfl: no Kypcy "HciopM rtojiHTii^ecKHX y^eHHft." [MoCKBaj 
HS^-BO MocKOBCKoro yHHsepCHTera, 1961. 

93 p, 22 cm. 
HX828.P7 62-34370 t 

Ragon, Michel. 

Karl Marx. PariS] Table ronde [1959, 
124 p. 19cm. (Meneurs d'hommes, 3) 


Rapoport, ffr M 

Us HCTOPHH csaaeS pyccKnx peBOJironHOHepOB c OCKOBO- 
nojioacHHKaMH HayHHOro co^HaJIH3Ma (K. MapKC H F. Jlona- 
THH) MocKsa, BniH, 1960. 

79 p. 20cm. 
HX39.R34 61-38778 

PaccicasH o MapKce H 3Hrej,ce; BOCnoMHHaHHx. fCociaBjre- 
HHC, o(5maa peA- H KOMMeirrapHH A. E. KoporeeBoftj Mo- 

CKBa, IOC. H3A-BO flCTCKOtt JIHT-pH, I960. 

288 p. lllus. 21cm. (HcTopHKO-peuojiiouHOHHaji CMCjiHoteKa) 
HX39.5.R3 61-44297 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MARX, KARL, 1818-1883 (Continued) 

Reding:, Marcel. 

Der Sinn des Marxschen Atheismus; tAntrittsvorlesungj 

Muuchen, A. Pustet [1957, 

30 p. 23 cm. ( Forum polltlsdber Blldtrag, Nr. 3) 

63-45057 J 

Riis, Sergius Martin, 1883- 

Karl Marx, master of fraud. Introd. by Frank L. How- 
ley, tlst ed.. New York, R. Speller C 1962] 
116p. 23cm. ] 

HX40.R53 335.409 61-18789 } 

Rose, Gunther. 

Karl Marx, Schopfer des wissenschaftlichen Sozialismus. 
Hrsg. vom Zentralinstitut fur Bibliothekswesen, Abt. Aus- 
und Weiterbildung. r Berlin, 1958] 

35 p, 21 cm. (Studienmaterial itir die hauptberufliehen blbllo- 
thekarisehen MItarbeiter der allgemeinblldenden. Bibllotheken in der 
DDE, Heft 6) 
HX39.5.R58 63-44737 \ 

Editor! Riuniti 

Rossi, Mario, of Messina. 

Marx e la dialettica hegeliana. 
t !960- 

v. 23cm. (Nuovablbllotecadicultura, 28 

Rovda, Kirill losifovich. 

Kapji MapKc n xyflOJKecTBCHHaa: jmTepatypa. JI< 

64 p. 20 cm. 
PN51.R74 63-59399 J 

Rozental', Mark Moiseevich. 

PasBHTne B. II. JleHriHHM uapKciicTCKOfl Teopmi no3Ha- 
HHta ; flooaa. MOCKBE, 1950. 

55 p. 20 cm. 
B3305.M74R67 51-38764 rev 

Rubel, Maximilien. 

Karl Marx devant le bonapartisme. Paris, Mouton, 1960. 

164 p. 24 cm. (cole pratique des hautes Etudes, Sorbonne. 6. 
section : Sciences Sconomiques et sociales. Soctete" et ideologies. 2. 
s&r. : Documents et t&nolgnages, 2) 

DC276.5.R8 A 61-2408 

Harvard Univ. Library 

Sagarra y de Castellarnau, Fernando de. 

Encrucijada: Jaime Balmes (1810-1848) -Carlos Marx 
(1808-1883) ; prefacio. [Barcelona] Publicaciones Cristian- 
dad t !957] 

142 p. 19cm. 

A 61-1090 
Catholic TJnlv. of America. Library 

Santiago de Cpmpostela. Universidad. 

Introduction al pensamiento marxista, c porj C. Paris t et 
al. Un breve curso publico desde el 17 de octubre hasta el 
6 de diciembre de 1958j Madrid, Ediciones Ouadarrama 
C 1961j 

249 p. 19cm. (Textos universitarfos, 3) 
HX19.S33 63-30153 

Sauvy, Alfred, 1898- 

Malthus et les deux Marx; le probleme de la faim et de 
la guerre dans le monde. [Parisi Denoel [196^ 

353 p. diagrs., tables. 20 cm. 
HB871.S24 64-34064 

Schenck, Ernst von, 1903- 

"Wer war Karl Marx ? Funf Radiovortrage und eine Aus- 
sprache. Zollikon, Evangelischer Verlagr t 1958j 
78 p. 20cm. 

HX39.5.S26 59-44651 t 

Schmidt, Alfred, writer on sociology. 

Der Begriff der Natur in der Lehre von Marx. [Frank- 
furt a. M.j Europaische Verlagsanstalt r 1962! 

182 p. 21 cm. (Frankfurter BeltrSge zur Sozlologie, Ed. 11) 
BD581.S32 62-58317 t 

Serebriakova, Galina losif ovna. 

Kap^: MapKc, MocKua, Moxoflaa rs 
088, f 2] p. ports., illus. 21 cm. (>KH3m> 

Cepnq oVpadwft, Bwn. 9 (342)) 


pAna, 1962. 

Shan-tung Jen min ch'u pan she, fjfoon, China. 

122 p. 18 cm. 

1. Murx, Karl, 1818-1888. 2. Unln, Vladimir Il'tch, 1870-1024. 

ronantosdt Pan txil chlnjc >en chu i jta 
cMii hstteli hut Ma Lieh dm 1 11 lun. 


Shto, Chlh-yiian, 1901- 


51 p. 19 cru. 

1. Mant, Karl, 1818-1888. 2. Cflpitflllam. r. Title. 

Ttttc rotMtnteed; Ma.k'o-wfl chu 1 wet w u Inn. 

Sitnikov, fiduard MikhaHovich. 

AOH, 1962. 

llSp. 20cm. 

C 03-395 

djrpacyasHoa $HJIOCO$H:H H 


Spratt, Philip. 

A new look at Marx. London, Phoenix House l957j 

52 p. 19 cm. (A Background book) 
HX44.S7 64-55137 

Stepanova, Evgeniia Akimovna. 

Karl Marx, short biography. [Translated from the Rus- 
sian by J. Gibbons; translation rev. and completed by L. 
Gavurinaj 2d rev. ed. Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. 
House, 1960. 

150 p. illus. 18 em. 
HX39.5.S813 1960 923.343 61-37999 J 

Touffleux, Paul, 1909- 

Introduction aux systemes de Marx et Hegel. t Paris 3 
Desclee t c !960] 
183 p. 21cm. 
HX39.5.T6 62-59511 t 

Tucker, Robert C 

Philosophy and myth in Karl Marx. Cambridge lEng.j 
University Press, 1961. 

283 p. 21 cm. 
B3305.M7T8 1961 193 61-65281 

Vas, Zoltan, 1903- 

Cserebe a vilagot. Budapest, G t ondolat] 1961. 
627 p. 19cm. 
HX39.5.V3 62-58464 

Victor, Walther, 1895- 

Der Mann, der die Welt veranderte; Karl Marx, sein 
Leben und sein "Werk. 5. Aufl. Berlin, Kinderbuch Vwlag 

103 p. illus. 17cm. 
HX39.5.V45 1960 

(DleWeltlnderTasche, Bd.17) 


Vidgop, Lev Naumovich. 

flpyn^a BeiHKa.ii H TporaTejifcEa^t ; 
Kapjta MapKca H >pHfl;pHxa Onrejitca. [2., nepep. H 
H3fl.] MocKBa, Mojio^aa rBapflna, 1960. 

190p. Illus. 21 cm. 
HX39.5.V5 1960 61-27778 

Yamanouchi, Fnsakichi, 1898-1952. 


It 1949. 
228 p. 22cm. 

1. Mane, Karl, 1818-1888. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Mantkusu-shugl seijigaku. 


Yin, Ch*ing-yao. 

J 61-1912 

96 p. illus 19 cm. 
1. Marx, Karl, * 

Yii, Kuang-yiian. 

ll t p - ch'an 1m 
C 61-9591 

48 p. 19 cm. 

1. Mane, Karl, 181S-1883. 2. Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-1824. 

T Tltle TUU rorwnieed: Hatteh hsi Ma-k'o^wtt 

Lleh-nlng chu i ch6 hsUeh. 


Yun, Wdn-gu, 

gfM fe^ 

^51 is - F 7C * 
C 1961i 
335 p 21 cm. 

v: 3- ).A"| 
P*i /fh W fei 42H 

1. Socialism. 2. Marx, Karl, 181&-1883. r. Title. 
HX431.K8Y8 K 62-40 ; 


Academia Bepublicii Popnlare Rornine. Bzblioteca* 

Marx ?i Engels in limba romina, 1871-1944. E Biblio^rafia 
intocmita in Sec^ia de Bibliografie a Bibliotecii Academiei 
R. P. R., de catre Ion Crian ?i Octavian Barbosa, redactor 
principal: George Baiculescu; studiul introductiv de Ion 
Crian. Bucure$tij Editura Academiei Republicii Popu- 
lare Romine, 1956. 

60 p. f acslms, 21 cm. (Its Serla de blbllografll retrospective, 1) 
Z8551 67 A23 62-26100 

Bravo, Gian Maria. 

Marx e Engels in lingua italiana, 1848-1960. Milano, 
Edizioni Avanti! 1962. 

175 p. 23 cm. (SaggI e docmnentazton!, 10) 
Z855L67.B7 63-53106 

Levin, Lev Abnunovieh. 

EHS.iHorpa^Ha 6H6jiHorpa$Hft npoBtsse^eEHli K. Mapsca, 
O., B. H. JleHHHa. MOCEB&, Toe. HS^-BO HOJIHT. 

JIHT-pH, 1961. 

238 p. 21cm. 


Levin, Lev Abramovich. 

En6.tHorpa$H:a npoiia 
MocKsa, Toe. m^-BO E 

234 p. 23cm. 

K. Mapsca H O. 3Hreatca. 

4D-25921 rer* 

Prague, tistav dejin Komunisticke strany Oeskoslovenska. 


Karel Marx a Bedrich Engels v n?kterj'ch ceskych a 
nemeckych delnickfch, sociiilne demokratickych a komu- 
nistick^ch casopisech a novinach, vychazejfcich na naem 
uzemi v letech 1867-1938. Praha, 1957. 

191 p. 29cm. (IteBtbliograflckSpomacky} 
Z8551.67.P896 62-25464 

Rose, Gunther. 

Karl Marx, Schopfer des wissenschaftlichen Sozialismus. 
Hrsg. vom Zentralinstitut fiir Bibliothekswesen, Abt. Aus- 
und Weiterbildung, [Berlin, 1958! 

35 p. 21 cm. {Studienmaterial fQr die hauptberuflichen blblio- 
thekarisclen Mitarbeiter der allgemelnbildenden Bibliotheken In der 
DDR, Heft 6) 
HX39.5.R58 63-44737 J 

Rubel, Maximilien. 

Biblio<?raphie des ceuvres de Karl Marx; arec en appen- 
dice un repertoire des ceuvres de- Friedrich Engels. Paris, 
M. Riviere, 1956. 

272 p. 2E>cm. 
Supplement. Paris, M. Riviere, 1960. 

74 p. 25 cm. 

Z8551.67.R8 SuppL 

Z8551.67.It8 A 56-5592 rev 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 


Serebriakova, Galina losif ovna. 

npcmereii ; poMaHTHHecsaH T 
BO xyAOHC- JIHT-PM, 1963 3 

3 T. in 4. 21 cm. 

ji. [MocsBa, Toe. H3^- 


Kettle, Arnold. 

Karl Marx, founder of modern communism. New York, 
Roy Publishers [1964, "1963, 

120 p Illus., ports. 19cm. (Roy's pathfinder biographies) 
HX39.5.K4 923.343 64-10671 

MARX, KARL,, 1818-1883. DAS KAPITAL 

Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895. 

Lo que trata "El capital" de Mars. Habana, Ediciones 
Populares f 1959, 

3& p. 18 cm. (PequeSa biblloteca de grandes autores, 1) 

Florida. Uuiv. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Horie, Tadao, 1915- 

SI** Q ft 38 (IMS, 
880 p. Illm. 21cm. 

1. Mane, Karl, 1S18-M88. DM Kapltal I. Title. 

TUte romoateel; Marukuira ketealgaku no sO*Otekl batten, 


J 60-159 

lAgodkin, Vladimir Nikolaevich. 

KOMMCHTapHH x iv OTflejy i TOME "KanHxaaa" K. MapKca. 
MocKsa, Biiana* raKOJia, 1961. 

60 p, 22 cm. (B noMomt HaynawiUHM "Karwran" K. MapKca) 
HB203.I3 62-65444 | 

ITenkov, fival'd VasU'evich. 

^aajteKTHKa adcxpaKTHoro a KOHEpeTHoro B 
MapEca. rMoCKB3] HS^-BO AKa^eMHH nays CCCP, 1960. 

284 p. 20cm. 
B809.7.I4 60-88367 

, Anastasio. 

Upoijecc HaKoaaeHHJi sanHTajiaj xoMMeHtapHH K 7-wy 
orrery nepBoro rcma "KanaTajra" K. MapKca. MocKsa, 
Enemas: raxojua. 1961. 

85 p. 22 cm. (B noMom> myraioimiM "Karmrai" K. Mapxca) 
HB501.M315 64-35584 

NarskH, I 

Bortpocu ^na 
tMocEBai Ifa^-B 

41 p. 22 cm. 


TiiKii nosHamia B "TCaniiTaae" K. Mapicca. 
MOCKOBCKOK) yniiBepciiTeTa, 1959. 

61-20432 t 

Piterfsev, N A 

06 HSVICHHH "KanHTana" K MapEca. MocKsa. 1959. 
41p, 22cm. 
HB501.M37P5 60-27041 J 

Rozenberg, David loklielevich, 1879- 

KoMMeHTapHH E nepBOuy- TOMy "KanHraaa" 

K. MapEca. OCA pefl. C. JI. BaroACEoro. MocKBa, HS^-BO 

COIJ!0:ajIBHO-3KOH. JtHT-pH, 1961 

T. 21cm. 
HB501.M37R67 61-38770 J 

Rozental', Mark MoiseevicB, 

Die Dialektik in Marx* Kapital. r tJbera von J. Harha- 
mer. LAufl.j Berlin, Dietz, 1957. 

44p. 21cm. 
HB501.M37K745 57-42555 rev J 

Rozental', Mark Moiseevich. 

Die Dialektik in Marx' "Kapital." tJbera. von J. Har- 
Immmer. 2., erM,nzte und iiberarb. Aufl.1 Berlin, Dietz, 

448p. 21cm. 

[HB501.M37R ] A 60-250 rev 

Wisconsin. Univ. LJbr. 

Rozental', Mark Moiseevich. 

Les problemes de la dialectique dans le Capital de Marx. 
Paris, Editions sociales, 1959. 

482 p. 20cm. 
[HB501.M87R ] 
Harvard Univ. Library 

A 62-20 

Rozental', Mark Moiseevich. 

Bonpocu flHMeKTHKK B "KanHTajie" Mapsca. MocKsa, 

FOC. H3A-BO H01HT. JtHT-pH, 1955. 

421p. 21cm. V 


55-59847 rev 

Shen, Chih-yiian, 1901- 


STp. 18m. 

1. Mane, Kari, 181-1888. DMKapUaL tittle. 

Title rowJnteed; Yea hai Txtt pftn Inn tt chan pel. 

Suzuki, KSichirS, 1910- 

C 02-547 ] 

8, 8. 280 p. 22 em. 

Colophon Inserted, 
Bibliography :p,4-7. 
W^ (p. 248-280) st 

1. Rent ( Economic ttworj) 2. Marx, Karl, 181S-1883. I>as Kapt- 
taL t EngeJa, Frtedrich, U82<KL8Q5. H. Title. 

Tifte rom<mteed: JIdalron ronsO. 

HB401JS8 J 62-805 

Zelen^, JindHch. 

logicke struktufe Marxova Kapitalu ; pnspevek ke zkou- 
man! zakladnich logickfclx otazek souSasneho marxismu 
[Vyd. 1., Praha, NaJd. CeskoslovenskS akademie ved, 1962 

238 p. 21cm. 


Bfitt 1952. 

06 p. 18cm. 

1. Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Manifest der KommunlgtBchen Partel. 

* Tltle ' Title romanlsed: Kung ch'an tang 

hsttan yen mlng tz'fl chleh shlh. 


C 63-1225 

Labriola, Antonio, 1843-1904. 

In memoria del Manifesto dei comunisti. Aggiuntavi la 
traduzione del Manifesto di K. Marx e Fr. Engels; a cura e 
con introd. di Bruno Widmar. Milano, Avanti, 1960. 
167 p. 17 cm ( Biblioteca socialista, 19 ) 

A 61-4606 
Wisconsin TJniv. Libr. 

Levin, Lev Abramovich. 

"Mann^ecT KoMMyHHcraHCCKOii napTHH" B POCCHH. Mo- 

CKBa, ToC. HSfl-BO KyjIBTypHO-HpOCBeTHTe^tHOft JIHT-pH, 1956. 

85 p. illus. 23 cm. 
HX312.M3L4 57-49225 rev t 

Obichkin, G D 

MaHH$ecT KonMyHHCTH^ecKoft napTHH K. Mapsca H <&, 
SHrejibca. MocKsa, CoBexcKaa BayKa, 1953. 

27 p. 20cm. 

Microfilm copy (positive) 

Microfilm Slavic 407 AC 
HX276.M3692022 61-47072 

Vasiukov, Af anasii Pavlovich. 

O "MaiiH^ecte KoMMyHHCunecKOft napTHH" K. MapKca H 
<X>. ; MaTCpnajr K JICKUHH. MocKBa, 1958. 

38 p. 20 cm. 
HX276.M3692V3 61-37071 t 


Shestakov, Mikhail Grigor'evich. 

O npoHSBefleHHH K. Mapcica "KpnxHKa FoTCicoa npo- 
rpaMMLt." MocKsa, Foe. H3,a;-Bo nojiiiT. JIHT-PH, 1954. 

69 p. 20 cm, 
HX276.M38S5 55-22066 rev J 


Brke, Angel Francisco. 

Bolivar visto por Carlos Marx. Caracas, 1961. 
86 p. 23cm. 

F2235.3.M385B7 62-40437 t 


Wang, Ch*ung-ytt. 


56 p. 19cm. 

1. Marx, Karl, 1818-1888. Theorlen fiber den Metrwert. 

L TItle ' Title romanteet; Ma-k'o-Bafi kuan ytt 

cbla chlh hslng t'al ti 11 Ian. 


Wu, Hai-jo. 

C 61-1595 

SB! ft \Rftiffil ft 1955. 
60 p, 19 cm. 

1. Marx, Karl, 1818-1883, Theorlen fiber den Mehrwert. i. Title. 
Tille romanteed: Kuan ya Ma-k'o-fistt tt tsat ahftng ch'an 11 lun. 


C 61-877 


Leont'ev, Lev Abramovich, 1901- 

O padoxe K. MapKca "K KPHTHKC noitHTH^ecKOfi; SKOHO- 
MHH" (1859-1959) MocKBa, Toe. HO^-BO nojtHT. ^Hx-put, 1959. 

138 p. 20cm. 
HB175.L53 60-37540 { 


Bardi, Pietro Maria, 1900- 

The tropical gardens of Burle Marx t by] P. M. Bardi. 
Photos, by M. Gautherot. New York, Reinhold t !964j 

155 p. Illus. (part col.) 30 cm. 
SB470.M27B3 1964 712.0981 63-19224 

MARXISM see Communism; Socialism 


Mary Florence, Sister^ o. s. F. 

Our mother; a portrait of Venerable Mother Mary Ade- 
laide, foundress of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Congre- 
gation of Our Lady of Lourdes, whose motherhouse is in 
Sylvania, Ohio. With a foreword by Karl J. Alter. t Syl- 
vania?] 1959. 

55 p. illus. 23 cm. 
BX4520.3.Z8M25 922.273 60-44 t 

GREAT BRITAIN, 1867-1953 

Pope-Hennessy, James. 

Queen Mary, 1867-1953. London, G. Allen and Unwin 
I 1959 ] 

685 p. illus., ports. (1 col.) fold, map, geneal. tables. 24 cm. 
DA574.A2P6 1959 923.142 60-354 

Pope-Hennessy, James. 

Queen Mary, 1867-1953. t lst American ed. 3 New York, 
Knopf, 1960. 

654 p. lllus. 25 cm. 
DA574.A2P6 1960 923.142 60-5256 J 

FRANCE, 1496-1533 


Hugo, Victor Marie, comte, 1802-1885. 

Mary Tudor (Marie Tudor) Istanbul, Mill! Egitim 
Basunevi, 1947. 

118 p. 19 cm. (Dttnya edeblyatindan tercUmeler; Fransiz klaslk- 
lerl, 143) 
PQ2285.M418 NE 62-1500 J 


Haycraft, Molly (Costain) 1911- 

The reluctant queen. c lst ed.j Philadelphia, Lippincott 

256 p. 21 cm. 


Pelletier, Marie de Sainte Euphrasie, Saint, 


Meyer, Wendelin, 1882- 

To the least; a biography of Sister Mary Euthymia, 
Translated by Herman J. Fister. Chicago, Franciscan 
Herald Press r 1960j 

85 p. 18 cm. 
BX4705.M4165M43 922.243 60-9292 J 


Mary Eleanor, Mother, 1903- 

Mother Mary Ignatius of the Society of the Holy Child 
Jesus, president of Rosemout College,' 1924-1939, With a 
foreword by Vincent A. Carroll. Philadelphia, P. Reilly 
Co., 1949. 

vlli, 200 p. illus., ports. 20cm. 
BX4705.M4215M3 022.273 50-2256 rev 3 


Emmerich, Anna Eatharina, 1774-1824. 

And she was called Magdalen ; the life of Saint Mary Mag- 
dalen, as revealed in the visions of the most outstanding 
stigmatist-mystic of the last century, Sister Anna Catharina 
Emmerick. Edited by Robert Emmet Curtiss. [1st ed.) 
New York, Vantage Press t 1962] 

47 p, illua. 21 cm. 
BS2485.E4 225.92 62-5295 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Grandjean, Louis E 1898- 

Schechina ; et mysterispil om Maria av Magdala. 
havnj Hjfet, 1959. 
45 p. 20 cm. 

Minnesota. Univ. Llbr. 

A 60-2078 


Gibbs, Willa, 1917- 

According to Mary, a novel of the Magdalene. New 
York, W. Morrow, 1962. 

249 p. 21cm. 

PZ3.G3555Ac 62-10555 \ 

t 19611- 
v. 19cm. 
Princeton Univ. Lite. 

NE 62-1765 J 


Mary Gabriel, Sister, s. B, M. 

But what is greatness; an account of the life of Mother 
Mary Odilia, foundress of the Sisters of St. Mary, by Sister 
Mary Gabriel and Jane L. Berdes. St. Louis, Sisters of St. 
Mary, 1959. 

131 p. illus. 24cm. 
BX4491.3.Z8M3 922.273 59-15707 J 


Ehrman, George Loren. 

Mary of Bethany; the love of Mary of Bethany and Jesus 
of Nazareth, in free verse. Illustrated by Betty Ehnnan 
Maletich. San Antonio, Naylor Co. [1961] 

52 p. illus. 20cm. 
PS3509JH665M3 1961 811.54 61-14826 J 


Bevan, Bryan. 

I was James the Second's queen; the authentic story of 
Mary of Modena, presented in autobiographical form. 
London, Heinemann r 1963 3 

iv, 143 p. illus., facsims., ports. 22 cm. 
DA450.B47 64-56535 

Lenanton, Carola Mary Anima (Oman) 1897- 

Mary of Modena, c London] Hodder and Stoughton t 1962j 
270 p. illus. 23 cm, 
DA450.L4 63-5539 { 


Mary of the Immaculate Heart, Sister, 1914- 

Inside out [by 3 Sister Ann Edward [pseud.] Fresno, 
Calif., Academy Library Guild C 1962] 

170 p. 22cm. 
BX4705.M4237A3 271.972 62-20461 t 



Simons, Eric N 

The queen and the rebel, Mary Tudor and Wyatt the 
Younger [by! Eric N. Simons. London, F. Muller [1964, 

272 p. illus., ports. 21cm. 
DA347.S49 942.054 64-55913 


William and Mary College, WilUams'burg, Va. 

- Ceremonies commemorating the 300th anniversary of the 
birth of Queen Mary n of gracious memory, who with her 
husband, King William in, granted the royal charter to the 
College in 1693. Held the thirtieth day of April 1962, at the 
Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall of Their Majesties College 
of William and Mary in Virginia. t Williamsburg, 1962! 
( 11, p. illus., coat of arms. 25 cm. co^oa 

Virginia. State Library 


Gerson, Noel Bertram, 1914- 

The Queen's husband, by Samuel Edwards ( pseud. 1st 
eel.-, New York, McGraw-Hill r !960, 

280 p. 22cm. 
PZ3.G32.-5Qe (50-8830 rev J 


tBoisguilkbert, Pierre Le Pesant, sieur de 3 1646-1714. 

The death of Mary, Queen of Scots. Greenock t Scot.j 
Signet Press, 1960. 

t 28] p. port. 19 cm. 
DA787.A5B63 923.141 61-4641 

Doublier, Gerda. 

Maria Stuart; ihr Leben als Konigin und Frau. Graz, 
H. Bohlaus tfachf., 1959. 

318 p. illus. 22 cm. 

MacNalty, Sir Arthur Salusbury, 1880- 

Mary, Queen of Scots, the daughter of debate. London, 
C. Johnson t !960j 

247 p. illus. 22cm. 
DA787.A1M23 923.141 61-2503 t 

Mary Stuart, Queen of the Scots, 1542-1587, supposed author. 

The casket letters of Mary Stuart, a study in fraud and 
forgery. A vindication of the Queen by KF.Diggle. rHar- 

139 p. 22cm. 
DA787.A36M3 923.141 61-1507 J 

Morrison, Nancy Brysson. 

Mary, Queen of Scots. New York, Vanguard Press t !960j 
286 p. illus. 23cm. 
DA787.A1M72 923.141 60-9723 J 

Rat, Maurice. 

Marie Stuart; arec 18 illus. hors texte. Bruxelles, 

(Collection "An cceur de 1'hlstoire," 5) 

Brepols [1059 3 

239 p. illus. 21 cm. 

Torres-Quevedo, Luis de. 

Una negociacion de Felipe n, algunas observaciones sobre 
su diplomacia; conferencia pronunciada en la- Escuela Diplo- 
matica el dia 30 de noviembre de 1950. Madrid, 1951. 

41 p. 25 cm. 
DP179.T6 62-44168 t 


see also Mary Stuart, Queen of the 
Scots, 1542-1587, in fiction, drama, 
poetry, etc. 

Lutyens, David Bulwer. 

Mary Stuart, a play with a prologue and four acts. Lon- 
don, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1952. 

108 p. 18 cm. 
PR6023.U75M3 822.914 61-36123 J 

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von, 1759-1805. 

Mary Stuart, a tragedy. A new, unabridged translation 
with an introd. by Sophie Wilkins. Great Neck, N. Y., Bar- 
ron's Educational Series i;1959] 

xiv, 166 p. 19 cm. (Foreign language classics in English) 
PT2473.M3W4S 832.6 60-647 

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von, 1759-1805. 

Mary Stuart, freely translated and adapted by Stephen 
Spender. With a pref, by Peter Wood. London, Faber and 
Faber t 1959, 

101 p. 22cm. 
PT2473.M3S6 832.6 60-2334 

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von, 1759-1805. 

Mary Stuart. The Maid of Orleans. Two historical 
plays, translated by Charles E. Passage. New York, F. 
Ungar Pub. Co. [1961j 

six, 135, xi. 124 p. 21cm. 
PT2473.M3P3 1961 832.6 60-13991 


see also Mary Stuart, Queen of the 
Scots, 1542-1587, in fiction, drama, 
poetry, etc. 

ffibbert, Eleanor, 1906- 

The captive Queen of Scots, by Jean Plaidy 
London, B. Hale t !963j 

411 p. 21cm. 
PZ3.H5212Cap 64-1687 

Oliver, Jaae, pseud. 

Queen most fair. Illustrated by J. S. Goodall. London, 
Macmillan; New York, St. Martin's Press, 1959 i. e. I960] 
246 p. Illus. 21cm. 

PZ7.047Qe 60-857 t 


Hibbert, Eleanor, 1006- 

The young Mary, Queen of Scots t by 3 Jean Plaidy t pseud.j 
Illustrated by William Eandell. New York, Koy Publishers 

144 p. illus. 21 cm. 



Vance, Marguerite. 

Scotland's Queen; the story of Mary Stuart, Illustrated 
by J. Luis Pellicer. fisted., New York, Button r !962j 

158 p. illus. 21cm. 
BA787.A5V3 j 92 62-14705 t 

1542-1587, IN FICTION, DRAMA, 

Phillips, James Emerson, 1912- 

Images of a Queen; Mary Stuart in sixteenth-century lit- 
erature. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1964. 

vl,336p. 24cm. 
PN731.P48 1964 809.93 64-17172 

MARY TUDOR see Mary, consort of Louis XII, 
King of France, 1496-1533 


Mary Teresa, Sister. 

The fruit of His compassion; the life of Mother Mary 
Veronica, foundress of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion. 
Foreword by Francis Cardinal Spellman. r lst ed. 3 New 
York, Pageant Press C 1962j 

563 p. illus. 24 cm. 
BX44JJ3.5.Z8M3 922.278 62-16331 t 


Andrew, Marguerite. 

Journal for Mary. Boston, Christopher Pub. House rl960, 

227 p. Illus. 21cm. 


GO-9031 J 

Buksbazen, Victor, 1903- 

Miriam, the virgin, of Xazareth. Philadelphia, Spear- 

230 p. 22cm. 



Carol, Juniper B 1911- ed. 

Mariology. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. 
3 v. 23cm. 
BT597.C25 232.931 

55-6959 rev 

Daniel-Rops, Henry, 1901- 

The book of Mary. Translated from the French by 
Alastair Guinan. c lst ed.] New York, Hawthorn Books 

224 p. illus 24 cm. 
BT601.D253 232.931 60-5895 t 

Du Manoir de Juaye, Hubert, ed. 

Maria; Studes sur la Sainte Vierge. Paris, Beauehesne, 

T. illufl. 25 cm, 
BT601.D87 51-27497 rev 2 

Gearon, Patrick J 1890- 

The imitation of Mary. With a pref. by Archbishop 
Carboni. Chicago, Carmelite Third Order Press rl960i 

167 p. 19cm. 
BT602.G4 232.9318 60-809 J 

Heline, Corinne (Smith) Dnnklee, 1882- 

The supreme initiations of the Blessed Virgin. Los An- 
geles, New Age Press, 1959. 

44 p. iilus. 21cm. 
BT602JB4 232.931 60-40443 J 

Heppler, Richard Leo. 

"Thou art all fair"; thoughts on Our Lady. Paterson, 
N. J., St Anthony Guild Press t !959j 

[BT602] ^ 232.931 59-65224 % 

Miffler, Alois, 1924- 

Ecclesia Maria; die Binheifc Marias und der Barche. 
Freiburg/ychweiz, Paulusverlag, 195L 

xvli, 242 p. front. 24 cm. (Paradoeis : Beitrgge zur Geschicbte 
der altchristllchen Llteratur und Theologle, 5) 

A 52-895 rev 
Catholic TJnlv. of America. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARY, VIRGM (Continued) 

Robertson, Archibald Thomas, 1863-1931 

The mother of Jesus ; her problems and her glory. Grand 
Eapids, Mich., Baker Book House, 1963. 

71 p 20 cm. 
BT601.R6 1963 232.931 63-20108 

Schmid, Mark Joseph, 1901- 

Mary, full of grace. New York, St. Paul Publications 
t 1961, e 1960 3 

176 p. 21 cm. 
BT602.S3 232.931 60-14930 J 


McNamara, Kevin, 1926- ed. 

Mother of the Redeemer, aspects of doctrine and devotion ; 
lectures of Maynooth union summer school. New York, 
Sheed& Ward, 1960. 

258p. 22cm. 
BT597.M23 1960 232.931 60-7308 J 


An anonymous homily for the Annunciation, edited by 
Henric Nordberg. Helsinki, 1962. 

19 p. 23 crn. (Socletas Sdentlarum Fennlca. Commentatlones 
namanarum litterarum xxvm, 2) 
P9.F5 t. 28, no. 2 63-824 


Budzeika, Juozas. 

Marijos apsireikimas Siluvoje. Marianpolis, 1953. 
46 p. iiius. 16cm. 
BX1560.S5B8 62-33392 

Connor, Edward. 

Recent apparitions of Our Lady. t lsted.j Fresno, Calif ., 
Academy Guild Press t 1960 3 

99 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
BT650.C56 232.9317 59-12594 J 

Delaney, John J ed. 

A woman clothed with the sun: eight great appearances 
of Our Lady in modern times. Illus. by Paul Galdone. 
lst ed.j Garden City, N. Y., Hanover House 11960! 

240 p. Illus. 22cm. 
BT650.D4 232.9317 60-5922 J 

Ford, Lauren, 1891- 

Our Lady's book. Pictures and words by Lauren Ford. 
New York, Dodd, Mead t !962j 

269 p. Illus. 24cm. 
BT650.F68 232.9317 61-15978 J 

Gallery, John Ireland. 

Mary vs. Lucifer; the apparitions of Our Lady, 1531-1933. 
Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. t !960 3 

176 p. 23cm. 
BT650.G3 232.9317 60-7346 J 

Lochet, Louis. 

Apparitions of Our Lady: their place in the life of the 
church. (Translation by John Dingle. 1st ed.j Freiburg, 
Herder t !960j 
127 p. Id cm. 
BT650.L573 232.9317 59-14849 t 

Lochet, Louis. 

Apparitions of Our Lady, their place in the life of the 
Church. [Translation by John Dingle. New York] Herder 
and Herder 1960j 

127 p, 19 can. 
BT650.L573 1060a 232.9317 59-14946 t 


see also Icons; Jesus Christ Art 

Bucina, Ferdinand. 

A book of madonnas. [Text by Ladislav Stehlik. Trans- 
lated by Iris Urwin. Prague] Artia [I960! j 

t87j p. Illus. (part col.) 35cm, 
NS070.B86 730.94371 61-65184 

Busch, Gunter. 

Jan van Eyck: Die Madonna desKanonikusPaele. Stutt- 
gart, P. Reckm fl959j 

32 p. Lllus. 16 cm. (WerkmoQOgraphlen zur blldenden Kunst In 
Reclame Universal-Bibllortiek, Nr. 40} 
ND673.E9B84: 6S-44842 J 

Coutinho, Bernardo Xavier da Costa, 1909- 

Nossa Senhora na arte; alguns problemas iconograficos e 
uma e\pos,iQao marial. Porto, Depositaria : Livraria Tavares 
Martins r l>59i 

vil, 348 i>. Illus. (part col.) 22 cm. 
N8070.C(!8 62-42099 

D&arreaux, Jean, 1899- 

Le Christ et la Vierge dans 1'art medieval yougoslave. 
Paris, Editions Tiranty [I960] 

40 slides (film) 2x2 la. and disc: 2 s., 10 In., 335 rpm. micro- 
groove. (L-Enc y clop4dlevivante) Me 62-7260 

Der Nersessian, Sirarpie, 1896- 

Two images of the Virgin in the Dumbarton Oaks Col- 

(In Dumbarton Oaks papers. Cambridge, Mass. 30 cm. no. 14 
(1960) p. t69,-86. illus.) 
N5970.D8 no. 14 63-23952 

Diirer, Albrecht, 1471-1528. 

The life of the Virgin. [Cleveland] Cleveland Museum 

.4, p. '(on double leaves), 20 plates (In portfolio) facslm. 27 cm. 
NE1205.D9A53 769.943 60-1316 

Eckener, Lotte. 

Madonnen: Bildwerke und Miniaturen. Aufnahmen der 
Bildwerke von Lotte Eckener, Miniaturen aus alten Hand- 
schriften der Badischen Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe, Text 
von Walter Manggold. Konstanz, Simon und Koch [1957] 

88 p. Illus. (part col.) 26 cm. 

N8070.E25 A 58-1672 rev 

Oregon. Univ. Llbr. 

Gerhard, Heinz Paul. 

Muttergottes. t 3. Aufl.;, Recklinghausen, A. Bongera 


74 p. 16 col. plates. 18cm. (Ikonen,lBdchn.) 
N8070.G43 1956 

Gonzalez Moreno, Joaqufn. 

Iconografia guadalupana; clasificacion cronol6gica y 
estudio artistico de las mas notables reproducciones de la 
Virgen de Guadalupe de Mejico conservadas en las pro- 
vincias espafiolas. Prologo del Pbro. Luis Martinez Cam- 
beros. [Led.] Mexico, Editorial Jus, 1959- 

v. illus. 24cm. 
N8070.G68 59-^8356 J 

Guitton, Jean. 

The Madonna. Illus. selected by Chantal Eenaudeau 
d'Arc. Book design by Roger Krause. New York, Tudor 
Pub. Co. [1963, 

143 p. Illus. (part mounted col.) 22 cm. 
N8070.G85 704.94855 63-25088 

Hartman, Charles. 

The life of Mary, mother of Jesus; 91 masterworks of 
art. Text selection and introd. by Charles Hartman. Pref. 
by Walter M. Abbott. New York, Guild Press [1963] 

"191 p. col. plates. 28 cm. 
NB070.H33 63-25670 

Jenny, Rico. 

Landliche Madonnen im Tessin; mit einer Einleitung und 
Bildtexten von Jo Mihaly t pseud.] Winterthur, Gemsberg- 
Verlag [1959] 

xti p. 28 plates. 19 cm. 
N8070.J4 755.55 

Karlsruhe. Badische Landesbibliothek. 

Miniatures of the life of Our Lady, from the collection of 
medieval manuscripts in the Baden State Library, Karls- 
ruhe, West Germany, with notes by Franz Schmitt. West- 
minster, Md., Newman Press, 1960. 

[28j p. mounted col. Illus. 21 cm. 
ND2898.K3A53 755.55 60-14824 

McCarran, Mary L 

The life of Mary in legend and art, according to the 
Apocryphal and Canonical Gospels. Illustrated with repro- 
ductions of well known masterpieces. [1st ed.] New York, 
Vantage Press [I960] 

80 p, illus. 22cm. 
N8070.M27 232.9319 60-11705 \ 

Maria im Rosenhag; Madonnen-Bilder altdeutscher und alt- 
niederlandischer Maler. Einfuhrung von Albrecht Goes; 
tBearb. des Bildteils : Otto Mullerj Konigstein im Taunus, 
K. R. Langewiesche Nachfolger t !959] 

79 p. (chiefly Illus., part col.) 27 cm. (Die Blauen Bttcher) 
N8070.M36 704.94855 

Niiss, Franz Josef. 

* Niederrheinische Madonnen; das Marienbild in der me- 
derrheinischen Plastik. Duisburg, C. Lange [1961, 

unpaged. 67 illus. 24 cm. 
N8070.N8 63-31662 J 


Wellen, G A 

Theotokos; eine ikonographische Abhandlung fiber das 
Gottesmutterbild in fruhchristlicher Zeit [Deutsch von 
Frans StokS] Utrecht, Spectrum, 1960. 

261 p. Illus., tables (In pocket) 22cm. 
N8070.W454 62-45862 


Tharian, Max. 

Mary, mother of all Christians. [Translated from the 
French by Neville B. Cryer. New York] Herder and Her- 
der [1964, 1963] 

204 p. 23 cm. 
BT611.T513 1964 64-13681 


Szostkiewicz, Z 

Bibliographia Mariana Polonorum ab anno 1903 ad 
annum 1955. Polska bibliografia Maryjna od roku 1903 do 
1955. Roma, Edizioni "Marianum," 1956. 

v, 76 p. 24 cm. 
Z8552.S9 60-27563 


Duyuran, Riistem. 

Efes. [Ankara] Basin, Yayin ve Turizm Genel Mudur- 
lugii t 1951] 

103 p. Illus. 20cm. 
DF261.E5D78 61-38304 J 

Garofalo, Salvatore. 

Mary in the Bible. Translated from the Italian by 
Thomas J. Tobin. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1961] 

106 p. 22 cm. 

BT605.2.G313 232.931 61-17436 t 


see also Mary, Virgin Motherhood 

Seboldt, Roland H A 

Christ or Mary? The coredemption of Mary in con- 
temporary Roman Catholic theology. Saint Louis, Con- 
cordia Pub. House t !963] 

60 p. 18 cm. 
BT640.S4 232.931 63-2688 t 


see also Czestochowa, Our Lady of; 
Lirios, Virgen de los; Marian Year; 
Mary, Virgin in the liturgy; Sacred 
Heart of Mary, Devotion to 

Broschart, Charles B 

Call her Blessed. Staten Island, N. Y., Society of St 
Paul f c !961 1 

278 p. 21 cm. 
BT645.B8 232.931 61-15618 t 

Brownson, Orestes Augustus, 1803-1876. 

Saint-worship t and] The worship of Mary. Edited and 
abridged by Thomas R. Ryan. Paterson, N. J., St. Anthony 
Guild Press r 1963j 

ix, 122 p. 23 cm. 
BX2333.B76 235.2 63-18551 

Delius, Walter, 1899- 

Geschichte der Marienverehrung. Miinchen, E. Rein- 
hardt, 1963. 

376 p. illus. 24 cm, 
BT610.D4 64-3609$ 

Grignon, de Mpntfort, Louis Marie, Saint, 1673-1716. 

True devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Foreword by Frank 
Duff. [Translated from the French by Malachy Gerard 
Carroll] Staten Island, N. Y., Alba House [1963, C 1962, 

xvl, 204 p. 20 cm. 
BT645.G72 1963 232.931 63-12679 

Hoyt, Edith, 1894- 

The silver Madonna; legends of shrines, Mexico-Guate- 
mala. La Virgen de plata; leyendas de santuarios de Me*- 
xico y Guatemala. Paintings by the author. t l. ed.] M^- 
xico, Editorial Letras, 1963. 

284 p. mounted coL Illus. 24 cm. 
BX2320.H67 231.73 63-20364 

Silic, Rufin. 

Kraljici neba i zemlje; Marija u povijesti ljudske due, 
katolicke crkve i bozjih planova. Sarajevo, 1955. 

159 p. illus. 20cm. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CULTUS (Continued) 
gkutans, St. 

Diva Motes kults un Moras zeme. Minchene, V. Loca 
izdevnlceiba, 1954. 

140 p. illus. 22cm. 
BT645.S6 62-31444 I 

Van Croonenburg, Engelbert Johannes, 1909- 

Kritiek der Mariaverering. rFreiburg (Zwitserland) 

124 p. 24cm. 
BT645.V26 50-18796 rev 

ViBaverde, A J 

Santlsima Virgen Maria do la Caridad del cobre, patrona 
de Cuba. t 2. ed Habana, E. P. A. S. I., 1959. 

16 p. 15 cm. (Folletos de orientacion catoiica actual) 

A 60-4706 
Florida. Univ. Library 


Graef , Hilda C 

The devotion to Our Lady. [1st ed.j New York, Haw- 
thorn Books r 1963 1 

108 p. 22 cm. (The Twentieth century encyclopedia of Catholi- 
cism, v. 45. Section 4 : The means of redemption) 
BT645.G68 232.931 63-17333 t 


Coloma, RafaeL 

Los lirios de la Font Roja. Alcoy [Espana, 1957] 

55 p. illus. 21 cm. (Edlclones del Institute Alcoyano de Cul- 

tura, 1) 

BT660.L6CO 59-54656 t 


Fabrega Grau, Angel. 

Santuarios marianos de Barcelona ; historia, leyenda, folk- 
lore. Barcelona, Editorial La Honniga de Oro, 1954. 

286 p. illus. 23cm. 
BX2320.F3 55-21223 rev t 


Hadgialy, Miguel. 

La Virgen del Valle en la vida margaritena, de la Mstoria 
y la leyenda. Caracas, Editorial Avila Grafica, 1951. 

40 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
F2331.M3H3 60-30782 J 


Klinec, Rudolf. 

Marija v zgodovini Gorislce. V Gorici, GoriSka Moho- 
rjeva druzba, 1955. 

138 p. illus. 21 cm. 
BT646.K55 59-47669 I 


Madrid, Roberto. 

La Virgen y el Ejercito espanol; los patronos de las 
armas espanolas y sus hojas de servicios. [Madrid, Edi- 
ciones Paulinas, 1954] 

364 p. illus. 19 cm. 
BT645.M23 60-20020 J 


Kurpita, Teodor, ed. 

noK-iin Mapu ; yicpaiHCBKa eadrpauLa B HiMeirorai Upera- 
crift .HIB! Mapii, BJtaflHiHui i oniicyHni YKpaiHH. MiOHxen, 
Hamc. Biifl-sa pejiiriftHOi jcix-pn, 1947. 

158 p. illus. 21 cm. (Cepin: JliTeparypHO-MHCTeubKi 30*ipHHKH) 
BT645.K8 62-39720 t 


Bundle, Pierre de, Cardinal, 1575-1629. 

Lesmysteresde Marie: Vie de Jesus. Elevations. (Euvres 
de piete. Textes recueillis et presentes par Marcel Eigal. 
Paris, B. Grasset t 196l! 

268 p. illus., ports., facsims. 19 cm. (Lettres chrfitlennes, 2) 
BT600.B4 62-68178 

Liguori, Alfonso Maria de*, Saint, 1696-1787. 

The glories of Mary. Translated from the Italian. Bal- 
timore, Helicon Press [1962-63] 

2v. 23cm. (His Ascetical works, v. 1-2) 
BT600.L722 232.931 62-21258 rev t 

Miracula Beatae Mariae Virginia 

Miracles de la Verge Maria, coHeccio del segle xrv. Text, 
pr&leg i notes de Pere Bohigas. Barcelona, 1956. 

120 p. facsim. 25 cm. (Blblioteca catalana d'obres antigues, 1) 
BT600.M5 63-34190 

Quaracchi, Italy. Collegium S. Bonaventurae. 

Tractatus quatuor de immaculata conceptione b. Mariae 
Virginis; studio et cura PP. Collegii S. Bonaventurae. 
Quaracchi, Florentiae, Ex typographia Collegii S. Bona- 
venturae, 1954. 

412 p. 25 em. (Bibliotheca Franciscana scholastica medii aevl, 

Cincinnati. Univ. Libr. 

A 64-622 


Birch, W Grayson. 

Veritas and the Virgin; or, Jesus, the Son of God and 
the children of Joseph and Mary. [Berne, Ind., Berne 
Witness, inc., C 1960j 

264 p. illus. 23cm. 
BT313.B5 232.93 61-21876 J 

Buscnmttler, Robert J 1920- 

The maternity of Mary in the mariology of St. Albert the 
Great. ( Carthagena? Ohio, 1959] 

106 p. -23 cm. 
BT610.B8 232.931 60-24875 t 

Delius, Walter, 1899- 

Geschichte der Marienverehrung. Munchen, E. Rein- 
hardt, 1963. 

376 p. IHus. 24 cm. 
BT610.D4 64-36096 

Fries, Albert. 

Die Gedanken des heiligen Albertus Magnus iiber die 
Gottesmutter. Freiburg, Schweiz, Paulusverlag, 1958 f "1959j 

x, 412 p 24 em. ( Thomlstische Studlen, 7. Bd. ) 

A 60-581 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Graef, Hilda C 

Mary; a history of doctrine and devotion. New York, 
Sheed and Ward C 1964, 1963- 

v. illus. 22 cm. 
BT610.G7 232.931 64-13565 

Tappolet, Walter, ed. 

Das Marienlob der Reformatoren: Martin Luther, 
Johannes Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli, Heinrich Bullinger. 
Hrsg. von Walter Tappolet unter Mitarbeit von Albert 
Ebneter. Tubingen, Katzmann-Verlag, 1962. 

365 p. illus. 21cm. 
BT610.T3 63-30353 J 


DoHen, Charles, ed. and tr. 

A voice said Ave ! Selected passages on Our Lady from, 
the writings of the fathers, doctors and theologians; free 
translations. rBostoni St. Paul Editions r!963, 

229 p. illus. 22cm. 
BT601.D55 232.931 63-18346 t 


Helena, Regent of Abyssinia, ft, 1508. 

Quae f eruntur preces et carmina. Edidit c et interpretatus 
est] Marcus van den Oudenrijn. Louvain, Secretariat du 
CorpusSCO, 1960-1961. 

2 v. 26 cm. (Corpus scriptorum CUristianorum orientalium, v. 
208, 211. Scriptores Aethloptcl, t. 39-40) 
[BE60.C5A4 vol. 39-40] 
General TheoL Sem. Library 

ICONOGRAPHY see Mary, Virgin 


Gearon, Patrick J 1890- 

Our Lady for boys & girls. Chicago, Carmelite Third 
Order Press f 1960j 

164 p. 19cm. 
BT607.G4 232.931 60-807 J 

Stromwall, Mary W 

The life of Our Lady. Pictures by Sheilah Beckett 
New York, Guild Press, 1963. 

30 p. col. illus. 29 cm. 
BT607.S8 63-25761 


Boyd, Beverly Mary, ed. , _ . 

The Middle English miracles of the Virgin, by Beverly 
Boyd. San Marino, Calif., Huntington Library, 1964 

ut,148p. Plates. '24cm. (Hmitlngtoa Ubrary pubUcatious) 
BT609.B67 1964 63-13992 


Gantier de Coincy, 1177?-1236. 

Les chansons a la Vierge. fid. musicale critique avec 
introd. et commentaires. Paris, Heugel, 1959. 

192 p music. 33 cm. (Publications de la Sod<5t< frangalse de 
musicologie, 1. s6r., 1. 15) 

A 60-3315 
Oregon. Cnlv. Libr, 

McCarran, Mary L 

The life of Mary in legend and art, according to the 
Apocryphal and Canonical Gospels. Illustrated with repro- 
ductions of well known masterpieces. t lst ed.j New York, 
Vantage Press [I960] 

80 p. illua. 22cm. 
N8070.M27 232.9319 60-11705 | 


Prunskis, Joseph, 1907- 

Motina Gailestingoji [Chicago] Lietuviskos knygos 
klubas C 1957j 

119 p. 20cm. 
BX2161.P73 61-23177 J 

Schudlo, MichaeL 

JIw6iM MapiD ; 32 posBa^aHH^: Ha TpaseHk. Let us love 
Mary; 32 meditations for the month of May. fioprroH, 
CacE., Kanaka, ^pyK. Fo.iocv Cnacureja:, 1957. 

443 p. Illus. 18cm. 
BX2161.SS 60-33543 t 

see also Mary, Virgin Coredemption 


Barbieri, Albert. 

Mary, Star of the Sea. Translated by Hilda Calabro. 
tBostonj St. Paul Editions t !962j 

162 p. illus. 21 cm. 
BT602.B313 232.931 62-18503 t 

Lyons, Mark J 

Mary and the priest; meditations. Milwaukee, Bruce 
Pub. Co. C 1963] 

233 p. 2$ cm, 
BT602.L9 232.931 63-8948 t 

Rahner, Hugo, 1900- 

Our Lady and the church. Translated by Sebastian Bui- 
lough. London, Darton, Longman & Todd rl961i 

131 p. 19cm. 
BX2160.2.R313 1961a 62-69 J 

Rahner, Hugo, 1900- 

_Qur Lady and the church. Translated by Sebastian 
Bullough. [New York] Pantheon Books C 1961j 

131 p. 21 cm. 
BX2160.2.R313 232.9318 58-13487 J 

Van Zeller, Hubert, 1905- 

Our Lady in other words, a presentation for beginners. 
Springfield, 111., Templegate [1968] 

92 p. 20 cm. [la other words series) 
BX2175.A8V36 232.9318 63-3366 t 


Manteau-Bonamy, H M 

Maternite divine et incarnation ; etude historique et doc- 
trinale de saint Thomas a nos jours. Paris, J. Vrin, 1949. 

xlii,2u3p. 25cm. (Blblioth&iue thomlate, 27) 

A 60-3440 
Columbia Univ. Libraries 

MUSIC see Mary, Virgin, in music 

NAME see Mary, Virgin Titles 


Catholic Church. Pope, 

Our Lady. Selected and arr. by the Benedictine monks of 
Solesmes. Translated by the Daughters of St PauL t Bos- 
ton] St Paul Editions t !961j 

591 p. 19 cm. ( Papal teachings) 
BT597.C29 232.931 61-14934 t 

Catholic Church. Pope, 1939-1958 (Pius xr/) 

Four Marian encyclicals and the apostolic constitution 
Munificentissimus Deus. With discussion club outlines by 
Gerald C. Treacy, Introd. by William F. Hogan. Edited 
by Edward R. Lawler. New York, PauKst Press t "1959j 

158 p. 19cm. 
BT598.C3 232.931 60-465 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARY, VIRGIN (Continued) 


Nicolet, Que. [Centre marial Canadian, 

v. iiliis., ports. 27 cm. bimonthly. 
BT595.M3 63-52095 

The Miraculous medal. 
[Philadelphia, etc.j 

Y In Ulua. 24cm. quarterly. 
BT595.M5 60-39918 \ 


Amades, Joan, ed. 

Goigs d'imatges de la Mare de Deu trobades en la noble 
ciutat dp Barcelona; aplegats i comentats per Joan Amades. 
CoHeccio 72 goigs. Barcelona, Terrell de Reus [1959?] 

72 sheets. Illua. 32 cm. 
BT609.A418 60-38561 


Bogurodzica. Opracowal Jerzy Woronczak; wstepjezy- 
koznawczy : Ewa Ostrowska ; opracowanie muzykologiczne : 
Hieronim Feicht. r Wyd. 1., Wroclaw, Zaklad Narodowy 
im. Ossoliriskich, 1962. 

416 p. 187 facslms., mtislc. 31 cm. (Blblioteka pisarzow polskich. 
Seria A. Liryka firedniowleczna, t 1) 
PG7136.B5 t.1 63-27481 

Boyd, Beverly Mary, ed. . 

The Middle English miracles of the Virgin, by Beverly 
Boyd, San Marino, Calif., Huntington Library, 1964 

xvUl,148p, plates. 24cm. (Huntlngton Library pnbllcatlons) 
BT609.B67 1964 63-13992 

CasweH, Helen Rayburn. 

Jesus, my Son ; Mary's story told in poetry and art. Rich- 
mond, John Knox Press C 1962] 

48 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
PS3505.A8565J4 811.54 62-19203 t 

Corona poStica en alabanza de la Yirgen Nuestra Sefiora; 
pliegos le los siglos xvr y xvn. Introducci6n: Vicente Cas- 
tanedayAlcover. Madrid, 1956. 

129 p. facslma. 27 cm. (ColeccWn Joyas blbllogrftflcas, 14) 
PQ6179.C6 62-43411 

Del Corte, Daniefcu 

Les mysteres du rosaire, poemes marials. t Fontenay-Ie- 
Comte 3 Altair [1959] 

88p. Idem. 

A 59-6293 rev 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Francis Patrick, Brother, 1884- 

Jesus with Mary and Joseph, as told in Marian poems. 
Fresno, Calif., Academy Library Guild [1958] 

unpaged. 23cm. 
PS3511.R2433J4 811.54 58-9165 J 

Grimaldos, RangeL 

Rosario lirico. [Santander? Colombia] 1961. 
92 p. lllns. 25cm. 
PQ8180.17.R5R6 63-31185 t 

Gutmaraes, Cassiano. 

Ave Maria; [poemasj Vila do Conde, Gral Santa Clara 

9Sp, 19 cm. 


Hartman, Charles. 

The life of Mary, mother of Jesus; 91 master-works of 
art. Text selection and introd. by Charles Hartman. Pref. 
by Walter M. Abbott. New York, Guild Press [ 8 1963j 

"191 p. col, plates. 28 cm. 
N8070.H33 63-25570 

Karlsruhe. Badische Landesbibliothek. 

Miniatures of the life of Our Lady, from the collection of 
medieval manuscripts in the Baden State Library, Karls- 
ruhe, West Germany, with notes by Franz Schmitt West- 
minster, Md., Newman Press, 1960. 

t 28ip. mounted coL lllus. 21cm. 
ND2898.K3A53 755.55 60-14824 

Len&k, Rado, ed. 

Slovenska marijanska lirika. [Zbral, uredil in spremno 
besedo uapisal Riko Lavrin, pseud.j Trst t Slovenski odbor 
za proslavo marijanskega leta v TrstU] 1954. 

TO p. Illus. 21cm. 
PG1914.L46 61-32453 t 

Lydgate, John, 13701-1451! 

A critical edition of John Lydgate's Life of Our Lady, by 
Joseph A, Lauritis, general editor, Ralph A. IQinefelter 
t &ndj Vtrnon F. Gallagher. Frontispiece: facsimile of Dur- 
ham University ms. Cosin v. iL 16, folio 75h. Pittsburgh, 
Duquesne University, 1961, 

IX, 742 p, fac&tm., dlagr. 27cm, {Duquesne studies, Philological 
series, 2) 
PR2034.L0 1961 821.2 60-11950 

Matka Boska w poezji polsMej. Opracowali: Maria JasWska 
Wyd. l.j Lublin, Tow. Naukowe Katolicmego Um- 

2 T *>4 cm (Towarzytwo ^aukowe KatoUckiego TJnlwersytetu 
Lubelskiego. Komisja Badan nad Literature Katollcka. [Wydaw- 
nlctwa]2-3) OKCQ t 

PG7062.M3 61-25683 t 

Moreira das Neves, Francisco, 1906- 

Cantares de Santa Maria. Lisboa, Umao Grafica, 1954. 


Pannullo-Parnofiello, Louise, ed. . 

We sing our praise to Mary, edited by Louise Tarnell 
tpseud.] Great Notch, N. J., Notch Pub. House [1959j 

2 T lllus 23 cm. 
PS591.C3P3 811.54082 58-59531 rev % 

Queen of All Hearts. 

Their music is Mary; selected poems from Queen of All 
Hearts magazine. With an introductory study on the 
Marian motif in Christian poetry by Clifford J. Laube. c lst 
ed,] Bay Shore, N. T., Montf ort Publications, 1961. 

186 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
BT609.Q4 811.54082 61-14928 t 

Rombach, Elisabeth. 

Die Mariendichtungen von Louis Mercier (1870-1951) 
Minister, Westfalen, Aschendorff [1959] 

10S p. 26 cm. (Forsdmngen zur romanlsclien Pbllologrfe, Heft 5) 
PQ2625.E52Z8 A 60-123 rev 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Verdagner, Jacinto, 1845-1902. . 

Flors de Maria, i altres poemes marians. Recopilacio i 
proleg d'Octavi Saltor; carta-prefaci de Gregori Modrego 
Casaus. r5. ed.] Barcelona, Editorial Selecta [1954] 

260 p. illus. 15 cm. (Blbltoteca Selecta, 150. Secctf: Poesla) 
PC3941.V4F5 1954 63-31413 t 

Sacred Heart of Mary, Devotion to 


Cashing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 
Mary. [Boston] St. Paul Editions [I960] 
152 p. 22cm. 
BT608.C85 232.931 60-50065 t 

Gushing, Richard James, Cardinal, 1895- 
Mary. r Boston] St. Paul Editions [1963] 
152 p. 22cm. 
BT608.C85 1963 232.931 

63-17866 t 

Dollen, Charles, ed. and tr. 

A voice said Ave ! Selected passages on Our Lady from 
the writings of the fathers, doctors and theologians; free 
translations. [Boston] St. Paul Editions [1963, 

229 p. lllus. 22cm. 
BT601.D55 232.931 63-18346 J 

-SHRINES see Shrines 


see also Mary, Virgin Coredemption; 
Mary, Virgin History of doctrines 

Alastruey Sanchez, Gregorio. 

The Blessed Virgin Mary. Translated by M. Janet La 
Giglia. [St. Louis] B. Herder Book Co. [1963- 

v. 24cm. 
BT602.A383 232.931 63-12532 J 

Bernard, Rogatien, 1888- 

The mystery of Mary. Translated by M. A. Bouchard. 
St Louis, Herder t !960] 

804 p. 21 cm. (Cross and crown series of spirituality, no. 16) 
BT613.B453 232.931 60-14099 J 

BeruHe, Pierre de, Cardinal, 1575-1620. 

Les mysteres de Marie: Vie de Jesus. Elevations. CEuvres 
de piete. Textes recueillis et presented par Marcel Rigal. 
Paris, B. Grasset [1961] 

268 p. Illua., ports., facslms. 19 cm. (Lettres chr&lennes, 2) 
BT600.B4 62-68178 

Booyer, Louis, 1913- 

The seat of wisdom; an essay on the place of the Virgin 
Mary in Christian theology. Translated by A. V. Little- 
dale. [1st American ed. New York] Pantheon Books [1962] 

212p. 22cm. 
BT613.B653 1962 232.981 59-11062 t 

Bouyer, Louis, 1913- 

Woman and man with God; an essay on the place of the 
Virgin Mary in Christian theology and its significance for 
humanity. A translation by A. V. Littledale. London, 
Carton, Longman & Todd [I960] 

212 p. 22cni. 
BT613.B653 1960 62-2044 t 

Donovan, Mary Annice, Sister. 

The mission of Mary. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. 1963] 
131 p. 22 cm. 
BT638JD6 232.931 63-10765 t 

Garrigou-Lagrange, Reginald, 1877- 

The Mother of the Saviour and our interior life. Trans- 
lated by Bernard J. Kelly. Dublin, Golden Eagle Books 

338 p. 21cm. 

A 51-419 rev 
Catholic Univ. of America. Library 

Miegge, Giovanni. 

La Vergine Maria j saggio di storia del dogma. 2. ed. 
empliata e riv. Torre Pellice, Editrice claudiana, 1959. 

253 p. 20 cm. 

[BT613.M ] A 61-2949 

Catholic Univ. of America. Library 

O'Connor, Edward Dennis, ed. 

The mystery of the woman ; essays on the Mother of God, 
sponsored by the Bept. of Theology, University of Notre 
Dame. Notre Dame, Ind., University of Notre Dame Press 


150 p. illus. 20 cm. 
BT613.O25 232.931 55-9517 rev J 

Rahner, Karl, 1904- 

Mary, Mother of the Lord; theological meditations. 
[Translated by W. J. O'Hara] Montreal, Palm Publishers 
t 1963, 

106 p. 21cm. 


Rahner, Karl, 1904- 

Mary, Mother of the Lord: theological meditations. 
[Translated by W. J. O'Hara. New York] Herder and 
Herder C 1963] 
106 p. 21 cm 
BT613.R353 1963a 232.931 

Schillebeeckx, Edward Cornells Florentius Alfons, 1914- 
Mary, mother of the redemption, by E. Schillebeeckx. 

Translated by N. D. Smith. New York, Sheed and Ward 

xvl, 175 p. 22 cm. 

BT613.S373 232.931 64-19913 

Semmelroth, Otto. 

Mary, archetype of the church. Translated by Maria 
von Eroes and John Devlin. Introd. by Jaroslav Pelikan, 
New York, Sheed and Ward r 1963, 

xiv, 175 p. 21 cm. 
BT613.S413 232.931 63-8547 


St, John's University, New TorJe. Mariological Institute, 

The Miiriological Institute lectures. Jamaica, N. Y., St. 
John's University Press, 1959. 

85 p. front. (St John's University studies. Theological series, 

BT613.S34 1958 232.931 A 63-681 

Allegheny College. Libr. 


Behringer, William. 

Mary and the Beatitudes. Staten Island, K Y., Alba 
House t 1964] 

128 p. 19 cm. 
BT602.B4 232.9315 63-12678 

Gearon, Patrick J 1890- 

The litany of Our Lady. With a pref . from J. D. Simonds. 
Chicago, Carmelite Third Order Press r !960] 

237 p. 1& cm. 
BT670.T5G1 232.9318 60-808 t 

Miegge, Giovanni. 

La Vergine Maria; saggio di storia del dogma. 2. ed. 
empliata e riv. Torre Pellice, Editrice claudiana, 1959. 
253 p. 20 cm. 

e$T613.M ] A 61-2949 

thollc Univ. o America. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MARY, VIRGIN (Continued) 


Senior, pseud. 

Ephesus or Jerusalem, the tomb of the Virgin Mary; or, 
Dormition. With the approbation of the Archbishop of 
Izmir Joseph Descuffi. [Istanbul ? 195- ? 3 

22 p. illus. 21 cm. 
BT635.S4 232.9317 60-31948 J 

see also Jesus Christ Brethren 


The Marian era. v. 1- 1960- 

Chicago [Published by Franciscan Herald '. 
Franciscan National Marian Commission, 

v. illus., ports. 29 cm. annual. 

; for the 

Marian studies. 

Paterson, N. J. L etc.] Mariological Society of America. 

v. ports. 23 cm. annual. 
BT596.M33 62-58313 


Cranny, Titus F 1921- 

Our Lady and reunion ; an essay on the role of the Blessed 
Virgin Mary, queen and mother of the world, in uniting all 
mankind with God. Garrison, N. Y., Chair of Unity Aposto- 
late [1962J 

176 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
BT638.C7 232.9316 62-21829 J 


Boyd, Beverly Mary, ed. 

The Middle English miracles of the Virgin, by Beverly 
Boyd, San Marino, Calif., Huntington Library, 1964. 

rviii, 148 p. plates. 24cm. (Hnntlngton Library publications) 
BT609.B67 1964 63-13992 

Matka Boska w poezji polsMej. Opracowali: Maria Jasinska 
t et al. Wyd. 1.] Lublin, Tow. Faukowe KatolicMego Uni- 
wersytetu Lubelskiego, 1959. 

2 T. 24 cm. (Towarzytwo Naukowe Katollckiego Unlwersytetu 
Lubelskiego. Komisja Badan nad Literatura Katollcka. [Wydaw- 
PG7062.M3 61-25683 J 

Meier, Theo. 

Die Gestalt Marias im geistlichen Schauspiel des deut- 
schen Mittelalters. [Berlin, E. Schmidt [1959, 

248 p. 21 cm. (Pbllologische Studlen und Quellen) 

A 60-3819 
Eochester. Univ. LIbr. PT621 



Bogurodzica. Opracowal Jerzy Woronczak; wstep j?zy- 
koznawczy: Ewa Ostrowska; opracowanie muzykologiczne : 
Hieronim Feicht. [Wyd. 1. 3 Wroclaw, Zaklad Narodowy 
im. Ossolinskich, 1962. 

416 p. 187 facslms., music. 31 cm. (Bibliotefea pisarzow polsklch. 
Serla A. Ltryka Sredniowleczna, t. 1) 
PG7136.B5 tl 63-27481 


Wojtkowski, Julian. .. 

Wiara w niepokalane poczecie NajsVietszej Marn Panny 
w Polsce w sVietle sredniowiecznych zabytkow liturgi- 
cznych; studium historyczno-dogmatyczne. [Wyd. 1.] 
Lublin, Nakl Tow. Naukowego Katolickiego Uniwersytetu 

^cm^tKatoUcM TMweraytet LubetekL Kozprawy dok- 
torskie, maglsterskle 1 seminaryjne. Wydzial Teologiczny, t. 6) 
BT620.W6 59-47455 



Blond, Georges. 

Le mystere de la Mary Celeste. Illus. de Roger Brard. 
Paris, Editions Bias [ C 1959 ] 

91 p illuh. (part col.) 21 cm. (Collection Anemones, 278) 
G530M314 60-40584 

MARY-SISTERHOOD see Okumenische 
Mariens chwesterns chaft 


Maryanna, Sister. 

With love and laughter: reflections of a Dominican nun. 
[1st ed. } Garden City, N. Y., Hanover House, 1960. 

2is p 22 cm 
BX4705.M4244A3 922.273 GO-7879 t 

MARYKNOLL FATHERS see Catholic Foreign 
Mission Society of America 

MARYKNOLL MISSIONERS see Catholic Foreign 
Mission Society of America 


Lyons, Jeanne Marie, 1904- 

Maryknoll's first lady. New York, Dodd, Mead t 1964j 
vi, 327 p. Jllus , ports. 24 cm. 
BV2300.M45L9 922.273 64-12763 

Maria del Key, Sister. 

Safari by jet: through Africa and Asia. New York, 
Scribner r !962, 

308 p. illus. 24 cm. 
BV2300.F6M32 266.295 62-17726 rev J 

Mary Francis Louise, Sifter. 

Maryknoll Sisters, a pictorial history. t lst ed. 3 New 
York, Button, 1962. 

184 p. illus. 28cm. 
BV2300.M4M3 271.972 62-14731 J 


Grace Theresa, lister. 

Maryknoll in print; a dictionary catalog of the writings 
and audio-visual materials by and about the Maryknoll 
Fathers and Sisters, 1911-1961. Washington, 1961. 

94 p. 29cm. 
Z7840.M34G7 63-2309 t 



Maryland. State Planning Dept. 

The counties of Maryland and Baltimore City : their or- 
igin, growth, and development, 1634-1963. iBaltimorej 

106 p. map. 23 cm. (Its Publication no. 126) 

A 63-7788 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


U. S. Bureau of the Census. 

Maryland : Minor civil divisions Election districts. Dela- 
ware: Minor civil divisions Kepresentative districts. 1960. 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1961. 

2 maps on sheet 91 x 122 cm. 
G3841.F7 1960.U6 Map 62-288 


Bayliff, William Henry. 

The Maryland-Pennsylvania and the Maryland-Delaware 
boundaries. 2d ed. Annapolis, Maryland Board of Natural 
Resources, 1959. 

120 p. Illus., maps, tables. 28 cm. (Maryland. Board of Natural 
Resources. Bulletin 4) 
HC107.M3A413 no. 4 1959 A 59-10045 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Bayliff, William Henry. 

The Maryland-Pennsylvania and the Maryland-Delaware 
boundaries. 2d ed. Annapolis, Maryland Board of Natural 
Resources, 1959. 

120 p. illus., maps, tables. 23 cm. (Maryland. Board of Natural 
Resources. Bulletin 4) 
HC107.M3A413 no. 4 1959 A 59-10045 

Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 

CENSUS, 1790 

U ' VaTo7 2* 2 nrst census of the United States, 
taken in the year 1790: Maryland. Washington, ^Govt. 
Print Off., 1907 [Spartanhurg, S. C., Reprint Co., 1964j 

188 p. map (on lining papers) 28 cm. 
F185.TJ5 312.09752 


CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Maryland 


Maryland. Civil Defense Agency. 

Report. 1953- 

v. 28 cm, annual. 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 

A 62-9248 

Maryland. Civil Defense Agency. 

Keport on Operation Alert, I960. Pikesville t !960j 

[2], 29, [13] I. col. maps. 29 cm. 

UA928.M3A.53 355.232 A 61-9001 

Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 

Maryland. Legislative Council. Committee on 

Beport. [Baltimore] 1962. 
17 p. 26 cm. 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


A 63-7358 


Sprouse, Edith Moore. 

Potomac sampler ; an historical index to the Mount Vernon 
area, [Alexandria, Va.j "1961. 

29 L 28cm. 
F227.S74 62-27127 J 


Bodine, A Aubrey, 1907- 

Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater. t 2d ed.j Baltimore, 
Bodine & Associates; distributed by the Viking Press, New 
York [1961, C 1954 3 

144 p. ( chiefly Illus. ) 31 cm. 
F187.C5B6 1961 917.5518 61-16293 J 

Bodine, A Aubrey, 1907- 

The face of Maryland, r lst ed.j Baltimore, Bodine and 
Associates; distributed by Viking Press, New York il961j 

144 p. Ulna., ports., map ( on lining papers) 82 cm. 
F186.2.B59 917.52 61-17906 

Maryland. Dept. of Education. 

Maryland picture portfolio series; a co-operative project. 
Eev.ed. [Balfcimorei C 1959. 

24 v. illus., maps. 27 cm. 
F186.2.A5313 917.52 60-63138 

Maryland. Dept. of Education. 

Maryland picture portfolio 
Eev. ed. [Baltimore, 1962. 

24 v. Illus., maps. 27 cm. 
Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 

s; a cooperative project 
A 63-292 



Taylor, Alice. 

Maryland and Delaware. [Prepared with the cooperation 
of the American Geographical Society 3 Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday [1964] 

64 p. Illus. (part col.) coL maps. 21 cm. (Know your America 
F186.2.T3 1964 917.51 64-5734 


Henderson, Leon. 

Maryland projections study; a special report compiled lor 
the use of the Maryland State Roads Commission by tie 
Maryland Dept. of Economic Development. Prepared by 
Leon Henderson and Martin Taitel. Annapolis, Economic 
Research Division, Maryland Dept. of Economic Develop- 
ment, 1963. 

60 p. map, diagr., tables. 28cm. A 64-114 

Enoch Pratt Free Hbr. 

Maryland. Dept. of Economic Development. 

Maryland basic plant location data. Annapolis [Indus- 
trial Development Division, Maryland Dept. of Economic 
Development, 19G2, 
28 p. mus. 22x28 cm. 

A 63-7325 
Enoch. Pratt Free Libr. 

Maryland. Dept. of Economic Development. 

The Maryland economy: composition, changes, and trends. 
no. 1~ 1962- 


T. diagrs. 28 cm. annual. 

H0107.M3 A4133 A 62-9287 

Enoch Pratt Free Hbr 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Maryland. Dept. of Economic Development. 

Report. 1st- 1960- 


v. illos. 28cm. annual. 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 

v. 28 cm. annual. 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Maryland. State Planning Dept. 

Maryland manual of coordinates. [New ed. Baltimore] 

168 p. maps (1 fold. col. in pocket) 12x25 cm. (It* Publication 
no. 120) 

A 63-457 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Bordley, James, 1874-1956. 

The Hollyday and related families of the Eastern Shore of 
Maryland; including the Truman, Vaughan, Covington, 
Lloyd, Robins, Chamberlaine, Hayward, Carmichael, Mur- 
ray, Bennett, Earle, Chew. Hemsley, Tilghman, Golds- 
borough, and other families. Prepared for publication by 
Walter Blake Norris and Walter D. Sliarp. Baltimore, 
Maryland Historical Society, 1962. 

344 p. il!us. 24cm. 
CS71.H73 1962 62-3722 J 

Bromwell, Henrietta Elizabeth. 

Old Maryland families; a collection of charts compiled 
from public records, wills, family Bibles, tomb inscriptions, 
and other original sources. Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. 
Co., 1962. 

23 p. 18x24 cm. 
F180.B86 1962 929.109752 63-497 J 

Thompson, Laura Catherine (Jones) 1899- 

Jones, Richardson, Duhamel, and allied families of Mary- 
laud. [Chicago? 1962] 

511 p. lllus., ports., maps, facslma. 29 cm. 
CS71J76 1962 63-54946 


McGhee, Lucy Kate, comp. 

Maryland Revolutionary War pensioners, War of 1812 & 
Indian wars. [Washington?] 1952. 

82i 28cm. 
F185.M15 59-37845 rev 


see also Ferry Hill Plantation, Md. 
Maryland. Cvril War Centennial Commission. 

Maryland remembers; a guide to historic places and 
people of the Civil War in Maryland. Hagerstown, 1961. 
64p. map, 22cm. 

A 62-9445 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Sprouse, Edith Moore. 

Potomac sampler; an historical index to the Mount Vernon 
area. [Alexandria, Va.i *1961. 

29 L 28cm. 
F227.S74 62-27127 J 


Delaplaine, Edward Schley, 1893- 

Maryland in law and history, by Edward S. Delaplaine. 
( lst ed. t New York, Tantage Press r !964j 

220 p. lllos., facsim., ports. 21cm. 
F181.D4 975.20081 S4-14729 


Agle, Nan Hayden. 

The Lords Baltimore [by] Fan Hayden Agle and 
Frances Atchinson Bacon. Illustrated by Leonard Vos- 
burgh. t lst ed.j New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston 

A 61-9573 

Maryland. State Planning Deft. 

Maryland county economic data book. 1950- 

v. maps, dlagrs 28-S1 cm. (IU Publication no. 66) 
HC107.M3A42 A 55-9453 rev 2 

Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 

Maryland. University. Bureau, of Business and Economic 

Tidewater Maryland development problems. College 
Park, 1961. 

23 p. ittos. 28 cm. (Its Studies In business and economics, v. 15, 
no. 2) 

A 61-9747 
Maryland TTnlr. Llbr. 


Maryland. State Planning Dept. 
Activities report. 1959/60- 

A 61-9078 

134 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

j 975.2 



Hall, Michael Garibaldi, ed. 

The Glorious Eevolution in America; documents on the 
colonial crisis of 1689. Edited by Michael G. Hall, Law- 
rence H. Leder, and Michael G. Kammen. Chapel Hill, 
Published for the Institute of Early American History and 
Culture at Williamsburg, Va., by the University of North 
Carolina Press [1964] 

iv, 216 p. maps. 24 cm. (Documentary problems In early 
American history) 
E191.H8 975.2 64-13552 


Manakee, Harold Randall, 1908- 

Maryland in the Civil "War. Baltimore, Maryland His- 
torical Society t !961 1 

173 p. lllus , ports., maps. 24 cm. 
E512.M33 973.73 61-1906 

Maryland. Civil War Centennial Commission. 

The Civil War centennial; a participating commemora- 
tion for all Marylanders. Hagerstown rl961i 
28 p. 23cm. 

A 61-9491 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Maryland. Civil War Centennial Commission. 

Maryland remembers; a guide to historic places and 
people of the Civil War in Maryland. Hagerstown, 1961. 
64 p. map. 22cm. 

A 62-9445 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Maryland. Dept. of Education. 

The centennial commemoration of the Civil War: 1962, 
Antietam commemoration year; suggestions for developing 
school program L S] Prepared by a State committee in co- 
operation with the Maryland State Dept. of Education. 
[Baltimore, 1962?] 

361. 29cm. 

A 62-2715 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Maryland. Dept. of Education. 

The centennial commemoration of the Civil War: 1962, 
Antietam commemoration year; suggestions for developing 
school program^] Prepared by a State committee in co- 
operation with the Maryland State Dept. of Education. 
[Baltimore, 1962?] 
361. 29cm. 

A 62-2715 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Maryland. Dept. of Education. 

The centennial commemoration of the Civil War: 1962, 
Antietam commemoration year; suggestions for developing 
school program^] Prepared by a State committee in co- 
operation with the Maryland State Dept. of Education. 
[Baltimore, 1962?] 

36L 29cm. 

A 62-2715 
Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 


Maryland. State Planning Dept. 

The counties of Maryland and Baltimore City: their or- 
igin, growth, and development, 1634-1963. [Baltimore] 
106 p. map. 23 cm. (Its Publication no. 126) 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. A 63 ~ 7788 


Maryland Science-Industry Conference, Baltimore, 1961. 

Proceedings. Convened by Governor J. Millard Tawes at 
the Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland. May 24, 
1961, under the sponsorship of Maryland Dept. of Economic 
Development in cooperation with the Maryland Industrial 
Development Association (MIDAS) [Annapolis, Research 
Division, Maryland Dept. of Economic Development, 1962j 
167 p. 28 cm. 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Maryland. Dept. of Economic Development. 

Directory of science resources in Maryland. [Annapolis, 

x, 117 p. 28 cm. 

Q180.U5M33 A 64-7012 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Maryland. Commission on Interracial Problems and Rela- 

Survey of non- white employees in Maryland State govern- 
ment. Baltimore, 1964. 
211. tables. 28cm. 

A 64-800 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Maryland. State Commissioner of Personnel. 

State employees personnel rules, as amended by the State 
Commissioner of Personnel and as approved by the Attor- 
ney General. [Baltimore, 1961 ?- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) 28 cm. 

A 62-1536 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 



Maryland. Legislative Council. Committee on Taxation 
and Fiscal Matters. 

Salaries of Maryland public school teachers and State em- 
ployees. 1959 report. [Baltimore, Legislative Council, 1959] 
16 p. 26 cm. 

A 60-9006 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Bard, Harry. 

Maryland today: the State, the people, the government. 
New York, Oxford Book Co. t !961] 

188 p. lllus. 21cm. 
JK3825 1961.B3 353.9752 61-65413 J 

Fenton, John H 

Politics in the Border States; a study of the patterns of 
political organization, and political change, common to the 
Border States: Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, and 
Missouri. New Orleans, Hauser Press r !957] 

vl, 230 p. maps, dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Galleon books) 
F209.F4 975 58-16327 rev 

Maryland. O 

Constitution of Maryland, with amendments to January 
1, 1961, and Constitution of the United States of America. 
Edited by Dept. of Legislative Reference. [Annapolisj Sec- 
retary of State of Maryland r 1961, 
132 p. 23cm. C 7 

Enoch Pratt Free Ltbr. A 64 ~ r469 

Maryland. Constitution. 

Constitution of Maryland, with amendments to January 1, 
1963, and Constitution of the United States of America, 
Edited by Dept. of Legislative Reference. tAnnapoliS] 
Secretary of State of Maryland t 1963] 
134 p. 23cm. 

A 64-7281 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 


Wagandt, Charles Lewis. 

The mighty revolution ; Negro emancipation in ^Maryland, 
1862-1864. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press [1964] 

xll,299p. lllus., maps. 24cm. 
E512.W2 975.203 64-24391 


Maryland. State Planning Dept. 

Maryland population, 1930-1960, by election districts, 
cities and towns. [Baltimore] 1961. 

t 2) 1., 51 p. of maps, tables. 28 cm. (Its Publication no. 113) 
HB3525.M3A53 312.09752 A 61-9577 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Maryland. State Planning Dept. 

Maryland population forecasts, 1965 and 1970, for politi- 
cal subdivisions by age. [Baltimore] 1961. 
51 p. dlagrs. 28cm. (It Publication no. 119) 

A 62-9117 
Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


MARYLAND (Continued) 


Maryland. State Planning Commission. 

Capital improvements authorized by General Assembly. 

v. dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. (Its Publication no. 92 
HD3890.M3A30 351.809752 A 56-9643 rev 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 

Maryland. State Planning Dept. 

Fiscal year capital budget. 1961- 

v. 28 cm. annual (/** Publication no. 106- 

Supplement showing preliminary plans and outline 

specifications for major building projects in. the fiscal year 

capital budget. 1961- 


v. plans. 28 cm. annual, (Its Publication no. 106A- 

A 61-920T 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. State Roads Commission. 

The Maryland State secondary highway system; a report. 

v. col. maps, tables. 32 x 50 cm. 

A 61-3103 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. Board of Natural Resources. Commission of Re-> 
search and Education. 

Final report t of 3 Maryland Commission on t sic 3 Research 
and Education, 1941-1961. t Annapolis !, 1961. 

21 p. 23 cm. (Educational series, 52) 

HC107.M3A412 no. 52 A 62-9135 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Bell, Charles W 

Precedents in pleading before the Circuit Court of Mont- 
gomery County, Maryland [byj Charles W. Bell t and] Mar- 
jorie E. Tobey. Rockville, Md., Lawyers' Service Bureau, 

2v. 28cm. 

58-37964 rev 


Bates, Sanford, 1884- 

Reports of surveys: Maryland Department of Correction 
and Patuxent Institution. [Baltimore, Board of Correction] 

32 p. 23cm. 

A 60-9153 
Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 


Maryknd. Dept. of Education. 

The Maryland State Department of Education: a manual 
outlining its legal foundations, functions, and services. 

Baltimore, 1961. 

29 p. 23 cm. ( Its Maryland school bulletin v. 38, no. 1) 

[L158.B52 v.38,no.l] 
Enoch. Pratt Free Ltbr. 


Bell, George Alfred, 1914- 

The legislative process in Maryland; a study of the Gen- 
eral Assembly jby, George A. Bell and Jean E. Spencer. 
2d ed. College Park, Bureau of Governmental Research, 
College of Business and Public Administration, University 
of Maryland, 1963. 

vl, 97 p. tables. 23 cm. (University of Maryland, Bureau of 
Governmental Research. Studies In government) 
JK3866.B4 1963 328.752 63-63707 

Maryland. Commission on More Equitable Representation fa 
the General Assembly. 

Final report. (Baltimore, Dept of Legislative Reference] 
15 p. tables. 28cm. 

A 60-0367 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 

Maryland. Commission to Study Reapportionment of the 
General Assembly. 

Keport to the Governor of Maryland. t Annapolisj 1964. 
381. 28cm. 

A 64-791 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. State Insurance Dept. 

Insurance Department recommendations and comments 
rOD] Proposed Insurance code for the State of Maryland. 
iBaltimorej 1962. 

251. 28cm. 

Enoch. Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. Dept. of Law. Dixeiswn of Securities. 

Rules under the Maryland securities act. Baltimore, 1962. 
37 p. 23 cm. 

A 63-7368 
att Free LIbr. 


Maryland. Legislative Council. Committee on Racing. 
Report. [Baltimore] 1960. 
36 p. map, tables. 28cm. 

A 61-3102 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. Dept. of Mental Hygiene. 

Another step ahead. t Baltimore, 1960i 
30 p illu-s. 31 cm 


Maryland. Commission on Alcoholism,. 

The psychiatric patient with alcohol pathology in the 
Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit, Spring Grove State Hospital. 
t By 3 Lillian M. Snyder, research associate. Baltimore, 

17 L diagrs. 28 cm. 

A 62-1634 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. Commission to Study the Advisability and Neces- 
sity of the Establishment of a State Dept. of Agriculture. 
Report. [Baltimorej 1961. 
15 p. 26 cm. 

A 61-5531 
Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Maryland. Governor's Commission to Study the Problem of 
Expansion of the University of Maryland. 

A plan for expanding the University of Maryland; report. 
tColIege Park? University of Maryland?] I960. 
*, 44 p. illu, 28cm. 

Enoch. Pratt Free Ltbr. 


Robinson, Ida Marian (Breed) 1903- 

The Health Sciences Library, University of Maryland; a 
history, 1813-1960. [Baltimore, 1962, 

[15] p. lllus., plans, 16x23 cm. 

Z733.M391SR6 A 62-9367 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 


Httton, George Woodman. 

The Ma & Pa, a history of the Maryland & Pennsylvania 
Railroad. Berkeley, Calif., Howell-North, 1963. 

183 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
HE2791.M3565 196S 385.065 63-17444 1 


Schildt, John W 

September echoes; the Maryland Campaign, of 1862: the 
places, the battles, the resulta t Mddletxmi, Md-, Valley 
Register, 1960j 

fiOp. lllus. 23cm. 
E474.61.S35 973.7836 

Tilberg, Frederick, 1896- 

Antietam Xational Battlefield Site, Maryland. Washing- 
ton, 1960. 

60 p. illus., maps (1 fold.) 24 cm. ([TT. S.j National Park 
Service. Historical handbook series, no. 31) 
E474.65.T5 973.7336 60-64539 

Tflberg, Frederick, 1896- 

Antietam National Battlefield Site, Maryland. Eev. 
Washington, 1961. 

60 p, illus., ports., maps (I fold) facslro, 24cm. (U.S. National 
aik Service. Historical handbook series, no. 81) 

E474.65.T5 1961 



MARYLAND CAMPAIGN, 1863 see Gettysburg 
Campaign, 18 S3 


Vandiver, Frank Ererson, 1925- 

Jubal's raid : General Early's famous attack on Washing- 
ton in 1864. (1st ed.] New York, McGraw-Hill t 1960) 

198 p. lllus. 22cm. 
E476.66.V3 973.736 6{>-16640 t 


Maryland, Legislative Council. Committee on Blue Gross. 
Interim report. jBaltimorej 1959. 
24 p. 26cm 

A 60-9154 

Enoch Pratt Free LIbr. 

Laws, statutes, etc. Maryland securities 

EDUCATION see Maryland. Dept. of 



Bartlett, F A 

Topographical survey of the borough of St. Marylebone, 
as incorporated & defined by Act of Parliament, 1832, em- 
bracing & marking the boundaries of the parishes of St. 
Marylebone, St. Pancras, & Paddington; also the extents & 
limits of the principal landed estates within the borough, 
and plans & elevations of the public buildings. Engraved 
by B. K. Davies from surveys & drawings by F. A. Bartlett, 
under the direction of John Britten. t London, 1834 T Lon- 
don, E. Stanford, 1963. 

coL map 108 s 87 cm. on 2 sheets 58 x 03 cm. 

G5754.M54 1834.B3 1963 Map 64-259 

Marynarka Wojenna 


Greil, Lothar. 

Die Luge von Marzabotto; ein Doknmentarbericht uber 
den Fall Major Eeder. t l. Aufl. Munchen-Lochhausen, 
Schild-Verlag t 195&, 

90 p. illus. IS cm. (Dokumentar-Reihe, Nr.2) 
D763.I82G7 61-34961 t 

Rothenberg, Benno, ed. 

DIBDT DT^a n'a ronai iw ?3 ITJ^K n^ 
:nflm nmtw .pr to tnyatwi .nan irw 
a^fcrtn jiaarvn in rrvn'DQK ronjn matix ,psn TWO 

t Tel-Aviy,l963? .THMMMtT* 
52 p. tllos, (part coL) map. 29x31 cm. 
DS110.M33R6 64-39631 


see also Arusha (African tribe) 

Keller, Weldon Phillip, 1911- 

Africa's wild glory. Photos, by the author ; Ike drawings 
by P. F. Wright [Londonj Jarrolds t 195&j 

824 p. illus. 24 <m 
DT434.E2K37 916.762 60-2749 rev t 

Thomson, Joseph, 1858-1895. 

Through Masailand -with Joseph Thomson. Edited and 
abridged by Eoland Young, from the original aorratm, 
[Evanston, DLj Northwestern University Press, 1962. 

218 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

PT861.T48 1962 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MASAI (Continued) 

Weisse Frau im Dornenkral. c Radebeulj Neumann C 1959j 
223 p. Illus, 25cm, 
HT443.U5 60-30055 \ 


Bleeker, Sonia. 

The Masai, herders of East Africa. Illustrated by Kisa N. 
Sasaki. New York, Morrow, 1963. 

155 p lllus. 20 cm. 
DT429.B55 j 916.7 63-12632 J 

Donna, Natalie. 

Boy of the Masai. Photos, by Peter Larsen. New York, 
Dodd,Mead ( 1964j 

[64, p. illus. 24cm. 
DT434.E242D6 j 916.7 64-10642 

Halmi, Robert. 

Visit to a chief's son ; an American boy's adventure with 
an African tribe, by Eobert Halmi, with Ann Kennedy. 
Illustrated with photos, by Robert Halmi. t lst ed. 3 New 
York, Holt, Einehart and Winston C 1963] 

95 p. illus. 2ft cm. 
DT434.E242H3 916.762 63-9450 J 



Tucker, Archibald Norman. 

A Maasai grammar, with vocabulary, by A. N. Tucker and 
J. Tompo Ole Mpaayei. London, New York, Longmans, 
Green J955] 

XTII, 317 p. 2 maps (1 fold.) 22 cm. (Publications of the Afri- 
can Institute, Leyden, no. 2} 
PL8501.T8 1955 64-3468 

MASAOKA, SHIKI, 1867-1902 
Gorai, Yasuyoshi, 1901- 

1. lit*** ShUd, X867-19Q2. 
PL811.A83Z65 J 64-860 


Fischl, Viktor, 1913- 

Hovory s Janem Masarykem. Tel-Aviv, IzraelskS listy, 

116 D. [lias. IS cm. 



Dolansky, Julius. 

Masaryk a Kusko pfedrevolucni. t l. vyd.j Praha, ISTakl. 
Ceskoslovenske* akademie vfd, 1959. 

322 p. illus. 22cm. 
DB217.M3D677 60-20118 J 

KKzek, Juri j. 

T. G. Masaryk a <5eaka politika; politicks vystoupeni 
ceskyeh "mlistfi." y letech. 1887-1893. t Vyd. L, Praha, 

61-40532 J 

326 p. Illm. 23cm. 

Masaryk, TontaS Garrigne, Pr&s. Czechoslovak RepubUc, 

T. G. Masaryk: his life and thought; edited by Otakar 
Odlozalik, witii an introd. by Harry D. Gideonse, designed 
by Ladislav Sutnar, for the 110th. anniversary of the birth 
of Thomas G. Masaryk. New York, Masaryk Institute, 

20p. 22cm. 
DB217JM3A253 923.1487 60-50884 t 

Newman, Edward William Poison, 1887- 

Masaryk. Prel by Eobert Bruce Lodkhart London, 
Campion Press t 1960j 

242 p. iiloa. 23cm. 
DB217.M3N49 923.1487 61-19254 J 

" 265 p. illus. 21 cm. (2lv& mlnulost, y. 35) 

Tijan, Pavao. 

Crisis del liberalismo en la Europa Central; el mito 
Masaryk Madrid, Editora Nacional, 1958. 

429 p Illus 22 cm. (LIbros de actual! dad polftica, 39) 
DB215.T53 60-33857 t 


Masarykova, Alice Garrigue, 1879- 

Detstvi a mladi; vzpominky a myilenky. [Pittsburgh, 
Masaryk Publications Trust, I960] 

128 p. ports. 21 cm. 
DB217.M3M34. 60-53177 

MASCAGNI, PIETRO, 1863-1945 

Silin, Mikhail Aleksandrovick 

KpnTHKa 6ypacyasHOft M^OZOTHB. a no<5efla wapKCHSMa- 
jeHHHusMa B HexocjioBaKHH. MocKsa, HS^-BO Hn-ta wewfly- 
aapOAHHX oTHomeHHft, 1960. 

212 p. 21 cm. 
B4691.M354S5 62-47094 J 

Syllaba, Theodor. 

T. G-. Masaryk a revoluce T Eusku. E Vyd. 1. 3 Praha, 

Anselmi, Angelo. 

Pietro Mascagni. Milano, Gastaldi 1959] 
74 p. 19cm. (Collana"Cultura") 

Oregon. Uaiv. LIbr. 

A 60-2164 


Masci, Manlio. 

Abruzzo anno zero (1943-1944) Pescara, Edizioni alter- 
nine, 1959. 

359 p. lllus., ports. 21 cm. (BIbltoteca dl Incontrl, 4) 
D811.M347 62-29863 

MASCOTS, MILITARY see subdivision 
Mascots under specific headings, e.g. 
Armed Forces Mascots 

MASE, JACOB, 1860-1924 
Rabiner, Ze'ev Aryeh. 

Ul p. ports. IT cm. 
Hebrew Union College. 

tTel-Aviv, 1957/58] 


Ffeher, Margery (Turner) 1913- 

John Masefield. London, Bodley Head C 1963] 
66 p. port 19 cm. 
PE6025.A77Z65 1963a 

A 61-5587 


Fisher, Margery (Turner) 1913- 

John Masefield. t lst American ed.] New York, H. Z. 
Walck 11963, 

67 p. port, 19 cm. 
PR6025.A77Z65 1963 828.912 63-14498 


Handley-Taylor, Geoffrey. 

John Masefield, o. M., the Queen's poet laureate; a bibli- 
ography and eighty-first birthday tribute, London, Cran- 
brook Tower Press t !960] 

96 p. Illus., ports., facslms. 22 cm. (Poets laureate series, no. 1) 
Kochester. Univ. Libr. 



Ibo Alfaro y Lafuente, Manuel, 1828-1885. 

El fantasma de Mosegoso; tragica leyenda de una aldea, 
soriana. Editada nuevamente, con datos historicos de Mase- 
goso por Florentine Zamora Lucas. Madrid, 1955. 

120 p. lllus. 18cm. 
PQ6529I3F3 60-34504 J 


Palladio, Veronese e Vittoria a Maser. Introd. di Bernard 

Berenson. Testi di Paola Ojetti c et al. MilanO] A. Martello 
C 1960j 

214 p. lllus. {part coL) ports., plan. 36 cm. 
NA7595.B3PS 64-41222 



Pommeranz-Liedtke, Gerhard. 

Frans Masereel. rBerlin, Verlag der Nation] 1960. 

[12j p. 3 plates, facslm. 35 cm. (Blatter der Deutschen Bticher- 
stube, Nr. 9) nor ,^^ 

NE1217.M3P6 62-28841 

Brotherton, Manfred. 

Masers and lasers, how they work, what they do. New 
York, McGraw-Hill [1964, 

xvi, 207 p. Jllus., dlagrs. 21 cm. 
TK7872.M45B7 621.381 

Goldenberg, Harold Mark. 

The atomic hydrogen maser. Cambridge, Mass., Lyman 
Laboratory of Physics, Harvard University, 1960. 

49-1041. lllus. 28cm. 
TK7872.M45G6 621.3815 61-19882 J 

Hogg, Christopher A 

Masers & lasers; a comprehensive study of the field of 
stimulated emission devices designed to : provide a clear and 
simplified technical review, relate the history of development 
t and] act as a guide to the future. Prepared by graduates of 
the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Ad- 
ministration : Christopher A. Hogg and Lawrence G. Sucsy 
in conjunction with Paul Arentsen t and others] Cover de- 
sign and artwork by Waldron Cluett. [Cambridge, Mass., 

226 p. lllus. 28 cm. 


Kosyrev, EvgeniJ Arkad'evich. 

Mo-HeKyiKpHHe reHepaiopH H ycHjraiejiH 
^acTox. MocKsa, Boen. HS^-BO, 1963. 

78, t 2j p. lllus. 20 cm. 

62-20627 J 


Lytel, Allan Herbert, 1920- 

ABC's of lasers and masers. c lst ed.] Indianapolis, H. W. 
Sams r!963j 

95 p lllus 22 cm. (A Howard W. Sams photofact publication) 
TK7872.L3L95 621.381 63-13053 t 

Michigan. University. Engineering Summer Conferences, 

Microwave and optical masers; an intensive course for 
engineers and scientists. c Ann Arbor, 1962] 

Iv. (various paglngs) lllus., dlagrs. 28cm. 
TK7872.M45M5 1962c 63-64477 

Siegman, A E 

Microwave solid-state masers. New York, McGraw-Hill 

[ 1964 ] 

xv, 583 p. illus., tables. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill electrical and elec- 
tronic engineering series) 
TK7872.M45S47 621.3815 63-12131 

Singer, Jerome R 

MasepH ; KsaHTOBBie ycHJiHTeHH H renepaTopH. UepeBOfl 
c aHMHttcKoro B. C. Syesa, H. B. Kapaosa H T. A. IHMao- 
HOBa. Ilofl pefl. <&. B. BynKHna. MocKsa, HSA-BO HHOcTpan- 

HOfi JIHT-pH, 1961. 

63-36750 J 

Stepin, Lev Dmitrievich. 

Kypc jreKUHft no KBaHTOBOft pa^HO^HSHKe. ,Honym:eHO B 
KaiecxBe y^e6. nocoCua pjin, cxy^eHTOB cnertnajiBHOCTH "Pa- 
^no$H3HKa H 3JteKTpOHHKa" sysoB 7CCP. XapBKOB, HSA-BO 
Xap&KOBCKoro roc. ynHBepCHTCTa, 1963. 

167 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
QC680.S8 64-59061 

Troup, Gordon. 

Masers; microwave amplification and oscillation by stim- 
ulated emission. London, Methuen; New York, Wiley r 1959j 
168 p. lllus. 18 cm. (Methuen's monographs on physical sub- 



60-168 1 

Troup, Gordon. 

Masers and lasers; molecular amplification and oscillation 
by stimulated emission. t 2d ed, 3 London, Methuen; New 
York, Wiley 1963] 

viil, 102 p. dlagrs. 18 cm. (Methuen's monograph on physical 
TK7872.M45T69 1963 621.381 63-6174 

Vuylsteke, Arthur A 

Elements of maser theory. Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand 

362 p. illus. 24 cm. 


60-16929 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

MASERS (Continued) 

Barber, Edda. 

Masers. Pasadena, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California 
Institute of Technology, 1960. 

IT, 32 p. 28 cm. (Astronautics information literature search, 
no, 57) 




Barber, Edda. 

Masers. Pasadena, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California 
Institute of Technology, 1960. 

iv, 32 p. 28 cm. (Astronautics Information literature search, 
no. 57) 
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Becker, Patricia Warren. 

Bibliography on masers, 1954-1961, compiled by Patricia 
Warren Becker and Stanley Edward Becker. Oak Ridge, 
Tenn., Becker and Warren, 1962. 

37 p. 24cm. 

-Supplement 1. Oak Ridge, Tenn., Becker and 

Warren, 1963. 
63 p. 24cm. 


Z5838.M3B4 Suppl.1 
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U. S. Defense Documentation Center, 

Masers and lasers (unclassified title) ; an ASTIA report 
bibliography. Arlington, Va., 1962. 

Hi, 69 p. 28 cm. 
Z5838.M3U5 62- 61335 rev 

U. S. Library of Congress, Aerospace Information Divi- 

Personalities and organizations active in Soviet maser and 
laser research; preliminary. jWashingtonj 1962. 

U, 28 1. 27 cm. (Its AID report 62-19) 

Z663.23.A2 no. 62-19 62-60964 

-- Copy 2. TL507.U67 no. 62-19 



Skobel'tsyn, Dmitril Vladimirovich, 1892- ed. 

Soviet maser research. New York, Consultants Bureau, 


186 p. illus. 28 cm. (Transactions (Trudy) of the P. K. Lebedev 
Physics Institute, v. 21) 
QC1.A4114 vol.21 621.381 64-16546 


Conference on Advanced Electronic Materials, Philadelphia, 

Metallurgy of advanced electronic materials ; proceedings 
of a technical conference sponsored by the Electronic Mate- 
rials Committee of the Institute of Metals Division, the 
Metallurgical Society, and Philadelphia Section, American 
Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engi- 
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New York, Interscience Publishers t 1963j 

x. 355 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Metallurgical Society conferences, v. 19) 

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Klein, H Arthur. 

Masers and lasers. Helen Hale, editorial consultant 
Frank Aloise, illustrator. c lst ed.] Philadelphia, Lippin- 
cott 11963, 

184 p. Illus., ports., diagrs. 21cm. 
TK7872.M45K55 621.381 63-18676 




interlude. Cape Town, Naaonale Boekhandel, 
Cm> 916.893 60-39541 J 

Rayner, William. 

The tribe and its successors; an account of African tradi- 
tional life and European settlement in Southern Rhodesia. 
New York, Praeger [1962j 

230 p. Illus. 23cm. (Books that matter) 
DT962.R3 968.91 62-9462 t 


Gelfand, MichaeL 

Shona religion, with special reference to the Makorekore. 
With a foreword by M. Hannan. Cape Town, Juta, 1962. 

184 p. illus., port, fold. map. 22cm. **_*<>**<> 

BL2480.M3G39 64-32533 

Gelfand, Michael. . 

Shona ritual; with special reference to the Chamiiraka 
cult. With a foreword by M. Hannan. Cape Town, Juta, 

217 p. illus. 23cm. 
BL2480.M3G4 299.63 60-29380 J 

salem. al-Masjid al-AqsS 

MASKOK3 INDIANS see Creek Indians 


see also Carnival; Mumming 

Bedouin, Jean Louis. 

Les masques. t l. ed.] Paris, Presses universitaires de 
France, 1961. 

127 p. illus. 18 cm. ("Que sals-je?" Le point flea connaissances 
actuelles, no 905) 

Hoef nagels, Lou. 

Maskers; maskers maken, er mee spelen. Purmerend, S. 
MUUSSPS [1953, 

02 p. illus. 22 cm. 
GT1747.HC 59-51363 J 

Valentine, Charles A 

Masks and men in a Malanesian society; the valuku or 
tubuan of the Lakalai of New Britain. Lawrence, Kan., 

76 p. illus., maps. 23 cm. (University of Kansas publications. 
Social science studies) 
DU553.N35V3 391 60-63967 J 

Verein f fir VoUcskunde, Vienna. 

Masken in Mitteleuropa, volkskundliche Beitrage zur 
europaischen Maskenforschung, anlasslich des sechzigjahr- 
igen Bestehens des Vereins fur Volkskunde in Wien. Hrsg. 
von Leopold Schmidt. Wien c Kommissionsverlag F. Ber- 
ger, Horn, N.-O] 1955. 

253 p. illus., maps. 24cm. (/** Sonderschriften. 1) 

GT1747.V4 61-24688 

MASKS (PLAYS) see Masques 


Bardon, Pierre. 

Collection des masques d'or Baoule* de IT. F. A. N. Dakar, 

22 p., 23 plates. 24 cm. (Institut franc.als d'Afrique noire. Cata- 
logues, 4) 
NB1310.B3 61-23568 

Hunt, Kari. 

Masks and mask makers t by] Kari Hunt and Bernice 
Wells Carlson. New York, Abingdon Press C 1961 3 

67 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
NB1310.H85 731.75 61-5097 | 

Picard, Max, 1888- 

Das letzte Antlitz; Totenmasken von Shakespeare bis 
Nietzsche, mit 32 Bildtafeln nach Aufnahmen von Fritz 
Eschen. Miinchen, Knorr & Hirth [ C 1959j 

16 p. 32 plates. 19cm. (Das Kleine Kunstbueh) 
NB1310.P5 731.75 60-44233 

Toronto. Royal Ontario Museum. Art and Archaeology 

Masks, the many faces of man. An exhibition presented 
by the Division of Art and Archaeology of the Eoyal On- 
tario Museum, February 11 to April 5, 1959. Toronto C 1959j 

(79j p. Illus. 22x31 cm. 
NB1310.T6 731.75 59-4115 rev 


**+** ****** 

246 p. Illus. (part col.) 22 cm. 
Colophon Inserted. 

1.NO. 2. Masks, Japanese. i. Kunmtohl, Sdsel. ir. Maenlshl 
YoaW - Title romanized: NO to nQmen uo sekal 

J 64-11' 



Pessanha, Sebastiao, 1892- 

Masc^rados e mascaras populares de 
Besenhos de Mily Possoz. Lisboa, Depositanos: Livrana 
Ferin, 1960. 

66 p. Illus. 25cm. A1 -45098 1 

OT1747.P4 B1-4SWS j 



Kraszewski, Jozef Ignacy, 1812-1887. 

Maslfiw: powie^6 z xi wieku. [Wyd. 1-j Warszawa, Lu- 
dowa, Spfldzidnia Wydawnicza, 1961. 
2 y. In 1. 21 cm. (Hits Cykl powlefid hlstorycznydi, obejmnjacych 

i06i 62-49123 t 

MAStOWSKI, STANISt-AW, 1853-1926 

MasfowsM, Maciej. 

Stanislaw MaslowsM; materiaJy do zyciorysu i twfoczo- 
sci. {Wjd. l.j Wroclaw, Zaklad Narodowy im. OssoM- 
skich, 1957. 

358 p. Ulna. 24 cm. (2n5dla do dziej<5w sztuki polskiej, t T) 
N6991.Z7 17 6^40682 t 


Bajarlia, Juan Jacobo. 

Sadismo y masoquismo en la conducta criminaL Buenos 
Aires, Abeledo-Perrot C 1959j 

183 p. 23cm. 
HQ79.B3 GO-26691 % 

Bergler, Edmund, 1899- 

Curable and incurable neurotics; problems of "neurotic" 

versus ''malignant" psychic masochisiu, Xew York, Live- 
right Pub. Corp. C 1961| 

471 p. 22cm. 
EC567.B43 616.85 61-10464 J 

Podolsky, Edward, 1902- 

Serual masochism; the sexual pleasure of pain, by Ed- 
ward Podolsky and Carlson Wade. lst ed.] New York, 
Epic Pub. Co., 1961. 

158 p. illus. 21 cm. 
HQ79.P6 132.75 62-27026 t 

known as, 1383-1440? 

Micheletti, Emma. 

Masolino da Panicale. Milano, Istituto editorials italiano 
t !959j 
59 p. mounted col. illus., plates. 32 cm. (Arte e penstero, 3) 

A 60-2694 

Harvard Univ. Library 


Trevelyan, Raleigh. 

A hermit disclosed. [Londonj Longmans 
308 p. lllos. 23cm. 
CT999LM3T7 1960a 920.8 


Trevelyan, Raleigh. 

A hermit disclosed. New York, St. Martin's Press t 1961, 

308 p. Illus. 23cm. 
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MASON, GEORGE, 1725-1792 

Cox, Marian Buckley. 

Beyond the Bill of rights. Lorton, Ya., Gunston Hall, 


iv, 15 p. Illus., port 23 cm. 
E302.6.M45C6 64-22789 

Griffiths, Frederick J 

Gunston Hall; home of George Mason, Lorton, Virginia, 
t Text by Frederick J. Griffiths. Photos, by Louis H. Froh- 
man. Lorton? Va., 1963i 

16 p. illus. (part col.) maps, plans, ports, (part col.) 21 cm. 
F234.G86G7 68-21672 

Rowland, Kate Mason, d. 1916. 

The life of George Mason, 1725-1792; including his 
speeches, public papers, and correspondence. With, an 
introd, by Fitzhugh Lee. New York, Russell & Russell, 


2 v. facslms., ports. 22 cm. 
E302.6.M45R8 1964 923.27S 64-23460 

Rutland, Robert Allen, 1922- 

George Mason, reluctant statesman. Foreword by Dttmas 
Malone. Williamsburg, Va., Colonial "Williamsburg; dis- 
tributed by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York t 1961] 

123 p. Illus. 21 on. tWIllIamsbarg In America series, 4) 
F234.W7W7 vol. 4 923.273 61-11480 t 


Murphy, Mildred, 1897- 

Henry Guthrie and John Lane Mason, their ancestors, 
descendants, and collateral kin. t Fontana? Calif., 1953j 

1791. 23cm. 
CS71.G984 1953 61-36318 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Bayliff, William Henry. 

The Maryland-Pennsylvania and the Maryland-Delaware 
boundaries. 2ded. Annapolis, Maryland Board of Natural 

A 59-10045 

s , tables . 23 cm (Maryland. Board of Natural 
Besources Bulletin 4) 
HC107.M3A413 no. 4 1959 

Enoch Pratt Free Libr. 

Cummings, Hubertis Maurice, 1884- 

The Mason and Dixon line, story for a bicentenary, 1763- 
1963. tHarrisburgj Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Depi 
of Internal Affairs [ C 1962 3 

114 p. IlltlS. 2acm. ft*JK>Kft1 t 

F157.B7C85 63-62581 I 


York, Scarecrow Press, 1961. 
027.4777 60-7274 t 


see also Arches; Bricklaying; Bridges 
Foundations and piers; Building, Brick; 
Building stones; Cement; Concrete; 
Foundations; Grouting; Plastering; Re- 
taining walls; Scaffolding; Stone-cutting; 

Akademua stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR. Institut 

"below i zhehzobetona, Perovo. 

TTHCTpyEHii^ no samHxe 3Keze3o(5exoHa H KanenHOft 
nura^KH .laKOEpaco^HHMH H niflpo$o6H3KpyK>n^HMn HOKPH- 
THJIMH. MocKBa, Toe, H3fl-BO jiHi-pH no cxpOHTeJTfcCTBy, ap- 
XBTCKType H cipOHT. siaxepHajiaM, 1959. 

58 p. illus. 21 cm. 
TA425.A47 64r41381 t 

Anokhin, Grigorii Aleksandrovich. 

KasteHHue H ne^nae paCoTH ; noco^He flJia ynam;Hxcff ix- 
xi Kzaccos cewcKoa cpeflnet rnsojiH. MocKsa, Toe. yie<5HO- 
iresaror. HS^-BO, 1961. 

231 p. illus. 23cm. nnj 

TH5811.A48 63-45904 t 

Bonchev, Ivan Dimitrov. 

Sa^ann KOncxpyKnjHH. CO$H, TexnHEa, 1959. 
264 p. mas. 24cm. 
TH119JUJG 60-40813 

Cassinello, Fernando. 

B6vedas de ladrillo. [Madrid, Patronato Juan de la 
Cierva de Investigacion Tecnica del Consejo Superior de 
Investigaciones Cieniificasj 1961. 

137, ft p. tables. 23 cm. (Manualea y normas del Institute 
Tecnlco de la Construccl6a y del Cemento) 

Illinois. TJnlT. Library 

ChoMski, Stanishw. 

Budynki z tworzyw cementowo-glinianych. [Wyd. l.j 
Warszawa, Arkady, 1958. 

84 p. illus. 21 cm. (Bndojemy saml) 
TH1077.C5 61-48049 J 

Czechoslovak Republic Mmtstergfao vystavty. 

Zedmcke prace. t l. vyd.] Praha, Prace; t nakL 

183 p. illus. 21cm, (PflrtifflteyproSkolaildSliiIkilpodletarlfiiQio 
kraliflkaenQio katalogu) 

Dalzell, James Ralph, 1900- 

Masonry simplified, by J. Kalph Dalzell and Gilbert 
Townsend. Chicago, American Technical Society, 1956-57. 

2r lllus. 22cm. (Building trade series) 
TH5311.D33 693 56-11193 rev t 

De danske mur- og betonerhverv; faglig, biografisk handbog 
for de organiserede erhvervsdrivende inden for handvserk og 
industri i inur-, steu- og betonerhvervene i Banmark. Udar- 
bejdet i samrid med erhvervenes institutioner og organisa- 
tioner. Faglig redaktjfcr: Tage Uhrskov. Biografisk redak- 
tion : Alfred Lar^n. K^benhavn, Forlaget Liber, 1961. 

2v. mns. t ports^diagrs. 27m. 
TH69.D3 63-32313 

De Cristof oro, R 3 

Concrete and masonry ideas for the home owner. Editor: 
"W". Stevenson Bacon. Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett Publica- 
tions, *1962, 

141 p. Illus. 24 cm. (A Fawcett book, no. 515) 
TH5321JD4 1962 691.3 62-5757 J 

De Cristoforo, R J 

How-to book of concrete and masonry, by R. J. DeCristo- 
foro. [Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett Publications, 1964] 

112 p. illus. 24cm. 
TA681.D423 64-6173 

Fishburn, Cyrus Charles, 1892- 

E fleet of mortar properties on strength of masonry. 
Washington, U. S. Dept. of Commerce, National Bureau of 
Standards, 1961. 

li, 45 p. illus., tables. 26 cm. ( t U. S.] National Bureau of Stand- 
ards. Monograph 36) 

TA437.F5 62-60299 
Copy 2. QC100.U556 no. 36 

Fornacon, Heinz. 

Der Mauerwerksbau. t Bearb, von der Eedaktion Bau des 
Volkseigenen Verlages Volk und Wissen nach einem Manu- 
skript von Heinz Fornacon und Georg Woopj Berlin, Volk 

119 p Illus., map, diagrs. 24 cm. (Lehr- und Fachbticlier fttr die 

Illinois. UniY. Library 

Forschungsgemeinschaft Bauen und Wohnen. 

Mauerwerk aus grossformatigen Steinen ; Hinweise fur die 
Praxis. Wiesbaden, Bauverlag t 1960j 

55 p ILlus 21 cm. (Its VerofTentllchung, Heft 65) 
TH5411.FG 63-33136 J 

Gemauerte und vorgefertigte Wande; TJntersuchungen 
durchgefuhrt im Auftrage des Bundesministers fur Woh- 
nungswesen, Stadtebau und Raumordnung, von P. Carlson 
,et ah-, Berlin, Vertrieb durch Verlag von W. Ernst, 1962. 
64 p. illus., diagrs., plans, tables. 30 cm. (Berichte aus der Bau- 
forschung, Heft 21) 
TH5311.G4 64-43194 

Graham, Frank Duncan, 1875- 

Audels masons and builders guide; a practical illustrated 
trade assistant on modern construction for bricklayers, stone 
masons, cement workers, plasterers, and tile setters ... New 
York,T.Audel t 1958-59j 

4v. illus. 17cm. 
TH5311.G73 693.02 58-3734 rev t 

Graham, Frank Duncan, 1875- 

Audels masons and builders guide; a practical illustrated 
trade assistant on modern construction for bricklayers, stone 
masons, cement workers, plasterers, and tile setters ... New 

v. illus. 17 cm. 
TH5311.G734 693.02 62-1530 J 

Ishchenko, Ivan Ivanovich. 

KaMCHHiie paCoiH. OflotfpeHO B KaiecTue y*e<5. HOCOOH* 

fljac npo$eccHOHajiBHO-TexH. y^HJiHn^. MocKBa, npo$xexH3- 


874p. lUus. 28cm. 


Kanits, Etkar. 

Minu kogemused muuritoode organiseerimisel. Tallinn, 
Eesti RiikHk Kiriastus, 1955. 

63 p illus. 21cm. (BesrlndlastetSOkogemusi) 
TH5313.K3 60-29413 J 

Kohl, Anton. 

Fachkunde fiir Maurer, von A. Kohl und K. Bastian. 11. 
neubearb, Aufl. Stuttgart, B. G. Teubner C 1960- 

T. Illus., diagrs., tables. 23 cm. 

[TH5501.K ] A 60-5122 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Logunov, Feofan Georgievich. 

OCitypoBKa KOTejitHBix arperaTOB. MocKsa, Foe. asepr. 

H3A-BO, 1961. 

391 p. diagrs., tables. 21 cm, 
TJ292.L6 61-45851 

Lowndes, William Shepherd, 1866- 

Stone masonry. Serial 1059-3. c Ed. 6 3 Scranton, In- 
ternational Correspondence Schools, "1961. 

74 p. Illus. 19 cm. 
TH541LL6 1961 693.1 61-47691 % 

Marcoux, Heliodore Aime. 

Thermal conductivity properties of some masonry build- 
ing materials, by Heliodore A. Marcoux and Charles E. 
Jones, Jr. Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1956. 

27 p. tl] P. Ulus., diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Engineering Experi- 
ment Station. Bulletin no 2. Mechanical engineering series no. 2) 
TA7.A7 no. 2 57-63261 

MeuS, Wfedyslaw. 

* Roboty murowe, betonowe i zdunskie; poradnik murarza 
wiejskiego. Wyd. 2., popr. i uzup. Warszawa, Arkady, 

42Tp. lllus. 25cm. 
TH146.M45 1961 62-47336 % 


Moscow. Vsesomznyi naudmo-issledovatel'skii institut po 

KaweHHHe KOHCTpyEn;HH ; nccJie^OBaHHa. t Hayi. pe^. 
Jl. E. TeMKHH] MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO JIHT-PH no cxpOHTCjrb- 
CTBy H apxHTCKType, 1955. 

237 p. iUus. 23cm. 
TH1199.M64 56-25658 rev 

New Jersey. Division of Vocational Education. ^ 

Mathematics i for masons, prepared by Victor Heppa, 
New Brunswick, Vocational Division, Curriculum Labora- 
tory, College of Agriculture, 1959. 

144, 32 p. diagrs. 28cm. 

QA447.N4 511 A 60-9866 

New Jersey. State Libr. 

Novy. Vladimir. 

Pfirucka pro dulni zedmky. t Vyd. 1., Praha, Stitni 
nakl. technicke literatury, 1962. 

275 p. illus. 21 cm (Odborne* pHruCky pro stavebnlctvf) 
TN292.N68 62-38462 t 

Pirogov, N D 

H3fl. 4., HCnp. PCKOMCHAOBaHO B Ka- 

. 1961. 

62-30544 J 


874 p Illus. 22 cm. 
TH1199.P499 1961 

Poliakov, Sviatoslav Vasil'evich. 

KaMerrnaa KJia^Ka B KapKacnnx ZR&HKXX; 
npo^HOCTH H acecTKOCTH KaMCHHoro sanojiHCHHa. MocKBa, 


186, [2, p. illus. 23cm. ,--- 

TH1199.P6 57-41168 rev 

Polfakov, Sviatoslav VasU'evich. 

KaMCHHHe H apMOKaMCHHHe KOHCxpyKmiH. MocKsa, Toe. 
H3.ZC-BO JIHT-PH no cxpoHTeJii.cTBy H apxHtcKxype, 1956. 

195 p. diagrs. 23 cm. (HpHMepw pacnera KOHCxpyKUHfi) 
TA670.P6 57-42672 rev 

Pohlifcov, Sviktoslav Vasil'evich. 

KaMCHHiie KOHCxpy^HH. ^onymeHO B uaiecxBe y^e^. no- 
co6n^ fljur iiHSKenepHO-cxponx. ByaoB H ^aKy^txexos. Mo- 
cKsa, Foe. nsfl-BO JIHX-PBI no cxpoHxejibCTsy, apxuxesxype H 
cxpOHT. MaxepaajiaM, 1960. 

306, [2jp lllus., diagrs. 23cm. 
TH5311.P6 61-35350 

Robillard, Jean. 

Construisez vous-meme, et reparez tous ouvrages en ma- 
Qonnerie et en ciment. Ouvrage etabli avec le concours de 
Jean Bobillard et la collaboration des eleves du college. 
Paris, Editions Eyrolles, 1961. 

63 p. lllus. 18cm. (Collection "Faltes-le vous-m6me," 3) 
TH5313.R6 693.52 61-30199 J 

Skvorfsov, Nikolai FiUppovich. 

KauenHHC patfoxti H Monxaac 

eMeoieHHHx H xexn. 
flar, 1959. 

426 p. illufl, 23 cm. 

B jcaieciue 


How to build walks, walls, patio floors. C 2d ed.] Menlo 
Park, Calif., Lane Book Co. t 1963] 

96 p. illus. 27 cm. (A Sunset book, 170) 
TH5313.S8 1963 693 63-7788 

U. S. Bureau of Yards and Docks. 

Engineered performance standards: masonry, formulas. 
Eev. Washington, 1961- 

lv. (loose-leaf) lllus. 27cm. 
VG597.U575 61-62168 

TJ. S. Bureau of Yards and Docks. 

Engineered performance standards: masonry handbook. 
Eev. Washington, 1961- 

1 v. (loose-leaf) illus., tables. 27 cm. 
VG597.U576 61-62106 

Yang, Wen-yiian. 


52 p. illus. 19 cm. 

1. Masonry. t Title. 

Title romanized: Chuan shlh kung. 
C60-2802 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MASONRY (Continued) 


Russia (1983- U. S. S. JR.) Ministerstvo trudovyKfi 

rezervov. UcTiebno-metodicheskoe upravlenie. 

HncrpyMeHT pj-R KaMenrnHKOB ; pa6onne lepreacn H TexHH- 
iecKHe yoiOBiiH. MocEua, TpyflpesepBiisAar, 1949. 

52 p. ( chiefly diagrs. ) 30 cm. 
TH5311.H78 63-36890 


Graham, Frank Duncan, 1875- 

Audels masons and builders guide ; a practical illustrated 
trade assistant on modern construction for bricklayers, stone 
masons, cement workers, plasterers, and tile setters. 1924- 
Kcw York, T. Audel. 

v. in illus, diagrs. 18 cm. 

TH6311.G68 63-1530 rev 


. 1951- 

Building construction, v. 11- 
rChicago, Industrial Publications, 

T. in Illus., ports., diagrs. 28 cm. monthly. 
THl M27 52-35634 rev 2 


Baranov, Lev Aronovich. 

IlaMHTKa no TCXEHKC SesonacHOcm A.IH 
USA. 2., Aon. Mocssa, Foe. HSA-BO JIHT-PBI no CT 
apxHxeKiype H cxponr. iiaxepHajraM, 1961. 

22 p illus. 15 cm. (TexHmca CeaonacHOCXH) 
TH5321.B3 1961 64-27483 

Bernadiner, Grigorii Petrovich. 

TexHHsa <5e3onacHOCXH npn npOH3BOACxse KaMCHHHX 
pa<5ox. MocKBa, Toe. HSA-BO jrax-pH rro cxpOHxejc&cxBy H 
apxHxeKxype, 1956. 

16 p. illus. 20 cm. 
TH5321.B45 63-47343 


American Standards Association. Sectional Committee on 
Building Code Requirement* and Good Practice Recom- 
mendations for Masonry, A41. 

Building code requirements for reinforced masonry. 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., I960. 

13 p. 24cm. ([XT- S.) National Bureau of Standards. Handbook 

QC100.U565 no. 74 693 60-64692 t 

_: Copy 2. TH5321.A62 

Russia (1023- V. S. S. R.} Go&udarstvennyi Jcomitet po 
dclim stroitel'stva. 

TCXH "iPCKTie vKasainrji na upoiiSBOACXBO H npiieMKy 
aHTiiEOppoaiiftHtix padox c npHMCHeHiieM ecTecxBeiniHX 
xecaiiux Kajineft CH 197-61. yTBep^eHH 15 AeK. 1961 r. 
[PeflaKiop T. A. Ba-iajacB] MocKBa, Toe. HSA-BO Jinx-pn no 
cxpOHTeni.CTBy, apxnxeKxype H cxpoiix. MaxepnajraM, 1962. 

14 p. 20cm. 

Russia (1923- U. S, S. R.) Gosudarstvennyi komitet po 
delam stroitel'stva. 

TexHH^ecKHe yoiOBHs na ZTPOHSBOACTBO H npaeMKy na- 
MCHHHX H ne^HHX pafioT, CH 46-59. YxBepacAeHH 25 $e B p. 
1959 r. Mocxsa, Toe. HSA-BO JIHT-PH no cxponxeatCTBy, 
apXHTemype H cxpom. HaxepnaJiaM, 1959. 

80 p. mas. 20 cm. nntinn 

TH5321Jt79 64-33520 t 


Anokhin, Grigorii Aleksandrovich. 

MexoAH^ecKoe nocodne Macxepy npoiiSBOACXBCHHoro ooy- 
HeHiiJi A^ noflroroBKH KaMenmHKOB B cxponxejibKHX H pe- 
MeoieHHux yTOJiHm,ax. MocKBa, TpyApesepBHSflai, 1958. 

191 p. illus. 22 cm. 


Osipov, Mikhail Ivanovich. 

npenoAasaHHe cne^aabHOft xexnojorini EaMCHHax pa- 
dox. MocKBa, Hpo$xexH3Aax, 1962. 

158 p. illtis. 22cm, f t 

TH5321.08 63-55556 t 


Alamdn, Aurelio. , 

Bnpermeabmdad de muros de ladrillo al agua de Uuvia. 
Madrid, Consejo Superior ^ Inve^gadones Ci^cas, 
Patronato "Juan de la Cierva" de Investigaci6n Tecnica, 

19 " ,10, P illus. diagra. 2T cm. (Monograffag e^ Institute 
M?aVdoToo3a dt'la C&racdon y del Cemento, n. ^ 




Diihrkop, Henry, 1901- 

Bestrygningsmidler til fugtige ydervsegge jaij H. Dunx- 
kop [Ogj C. Falk. Water repellents for exterior brickwork. 
With an English summary. KjJbenhavn, I kommisaion hos 

48 p. illus., Vans.* 80 cm. (Statois byggefowtalngslMtitiit 
SBI-rap'port40) m_KmiR 

TH9031.D8 64-55018 


Symposium on Masonry Testing. New York, 1968. 

Symposium on Masonry Testing; [papers, presented at the 
sixty-fifth annual meeting, American Society for Testing 
and Materials, 2few York, N. Y., June 28, 1962. Philadel- 
phia. American Society for Testing and Materials [1963 3 

v, 142 p. illus. diagrs., tables. 24 cm. (ASTM special technical 
publication, no. 320) 
TA679.S9 1962 620.13 63-12702 

MASONS (SECRET ORDER) see Freemasons 

MASONS (TRADE) see Stone-masons 


McClelland, Robert Crawford, 1901- 

Mapontown, Pennsylvania, and its environs: a contribu- 
tion to their history. Norfolk, Va., Norfolk College of 
William and Mary, 1962. 

ix, 209 p. illus., port., map. 28 cm. 
F157.F2M2 62-64134 


Margulies, Reuben. 

,pp ann nmn 

80 p. 25 cm. 


c jerusalem, 1964j . 



Kalendarz ziemi mazowieddej. 1960- 
tWarszawaj Instytut wydawniczy "Pax w 

T. illus. 24 cm. 

NotatM plockie; pismo regionahie Mazowsza plockiego. 
nr. 1- 1956- 


no. In v. tllua, ports., maps. 29 cm. irregular. 
DK651.P59N57 61-42784 


Kolberg, Oskar, 1814-1890. 

Mazowsze. [Wyd. 1. Warszawaj Ludowa Spoldzielnia 
Wydawnicza t 19 

T. col Illus. 22 cm. (Sis Dziela wszystMe, t. 24 



Wolff, Adam. 

Studia nad urze,dnikami mazowieckimi, 1370-1526. Wyd. 
1., Wroclaw, ZaHad Narodowy im. OssoMsMch C 1962] 

380 p. illus. (in pocket) 25cm. 
JN6769.M3W6 63-36130 t 


Gierowski, J6zef Andrzej. . 

Seimik Generalny Ksigstwa Mazowiecfaego na tie ustroju 
sejmikowego Mazowsza. Wroclaw, NaM. Wrociawstoego 
Tow. Naukowego; ski. gl. w Panstwowym Instytucie Wy- 

SO^pT^S'cm. '(Prace WrodawaMego Towarzystwa Naukowego. 
Seria A,"nr. 24) , 

AS262.W7 nr.24 59-47991 


Hoefnagels, Lou. 

Maskers; maskers maken, er mee 
Muusses [1953] 

92 p. illus. 22 cm. 

u Furmerend, J. 
59-51363 | 

Nicoll, Allardyce, 1894- . 

Stuart masques and the Renaissance stage. Witn 
illus. New York, B. Blom f 1963 e 1938j 

223 p. illus., diagrs.. Plans. 20cm. 
PR658J13N5 1963 792.02 63-23186 

Pandolfi, Vito, 1917- 

Isabella, comica gelosa; awenture di maschere. t Comai 
Edizioni moderne f !960i 
887 p plates (part col.) 2S cm. (Collana dl "Varia," 2) 

PN2688.A5P3 60-41274 

Petkovic, Milivoj A. 

j 1950. 

178 p. B 23 cm. (Cpncua" aKaAeMHJa Hayica. OocefiHa 
KH..166. OA^ette ^Hreparype H jeaHKa, KH>. 1) 
AS846.B5S vol. ICC 60-24 SO t 

7 Les inasques anglais ; Stude sur les baEets efc la. vie de cour 
en Angleterre (1512-1640) New York, B. Blom C 1964, 



Walton, Charles B . 

To maske in myrthe: Sj^nser's theatrical practices in tne 
Faerie queene. Emporia, Graduate Division of the Kansas 
State Teachers College, 1960. 

47 p Illus 23 cm. (Bmporfa State research studies, v. 8, no. 1) 
PK2358.W27 821.3 60-64262 t 

Welsf ord, Enid. 

The court masque; a study in the relationship between 
poetry & the revels. New York, Enssell & Eussell, 1962. 

434 p. Illus. 23cm. 
PN2582.C6W4 1962 821.09 62-13854 I 


see also Altar boys; Catholic Church. 
Liturgy and ritual. Missal; Lord's 
Supper; Monstrances; Transubstantia- 

Harden, William. 

What happens at Mass. t lst American ed.] Staten Is- 
land, N. Y., Alba House [1963j 

158 p. 21 cm. 
BX2230.2.B27 1963 264.02 63-14570 t 

Baur, Johannes. 

Liturgical handbook for Holy Mass. Translated by 
David Heimann. Rev. in accordance with the latest decrees 
of the Sacred Congregation of Kites. Westminster, Md., 
Newman Press, 1961. 

146 p. 19cm. 
BX2230.2.B313 264.025 60-10730 t 

Charmot, Frangois. 

The Mass, source of sanctity. Translated by M. Angeline 
Bouchard. Notre Dame, Ind., Fides Publishers 19647 

349 p. 23cm. 
BX2230.2.C513 264.02 64-16498 

Chevrot, Georges. 

Our Mass explained from the viewpoints of history, the- 
ology, piety. Translated by P. Holland-Smith. College- 
ville, Minn., Liturgical Press C 1958j 

241 p. 23 cm. 

A 62-2251 
Notre Dame Univ. Libr. 

Collins, John H 

When you go to Mass. [Boston] St. Paul Editions C 1961j 
100 p. illus. 16 cm. 

265.3 61-1330G t 

Croegaert, August Jan Maria Josef, 1889- 

The Mass; a liturgical commentary. Westminster, Md., 
Newman Press r 1958-59] 

2 T. mas, 23 cm. 
BX2015.C713 264.025 59-1093 rev t 

Flood, Edmund. 

In memory of me ; God's plan for men : present in history, 
made active in the Eucharist. New York, Sheed and Ward 
[ 1963, C 1962 ] 

117 p. 22cm. 
BT775.F55 1963 



Frenay, Adolph Dominic, 1889- 

The spirituality of the Mass in the light of Thomistic 
theology. Abbreviated ed. c Boston] St. Paul Editions 

t 1963, 

294 p 22 cm. 
BX2230.F73 1963 264.025 63-21392 

Howell, Clifford, 1902- 

The Mass commentator's handbook. CollegeviUe, Minn., 
Liturgical Press t 1960, 
6X2230.2^6 " 264.025 60-37443 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MASS (Continued) 

New & eternal testament. Translated by Eoger Capel. 
With a foreword by C. C, Martindale. Westminster, Md., 
Newman Press, 1961. 


61-8970 \ 

Lovasik, Lawrence George, 1913- 

The Eucharist in Catholic life. New York, Macmillan, 


274 p 22 cm. 
BX2215.2.L65 265.3 60-14294= \ 

Neunheuser, Burkhard, 1903- ed. 

Opfer Christi und Opfer derKirche; die Lehre vom Mes- 
sopfer als Mysteriengedachtnis in der Theologie der Gegen- 
wart. Diisseldorf, Patmos-Verlag [I960, 


Catholic TJnlv. of 

America. Library 

(XConnell, John Berthram, 1888- 

The celebration of Mass; a study of the rubrics of the 
Roman missal. New ed. rev. throughout. Milwaukee, Bruce 
Pub. Co. [1959] 

715 p. illus. 24 cm. 
BX2230.O36 1959 264.025 60-459 t 

O'Coraiell, John Berthram, 1888- 

The celebration of Mass; a study of the rubrics of the 
Roman missal. 4th ed, rev. throughout in accordance with 
the new general rubrics of the Codex rubricarum (1960) 
and the typical ed. of the Roman missal ( 1962) Milwaukee, 
Bruce Pub. Co. C 1964, 

XTlli,622p. illas., diagrs. 24cm. 
BX2230.O36 1964 264.02 64-14562 

Premm, Matthias, 1890- 

The year made holy; translated from the German by 
Colman J. O'Donovan. Milwaukee, Bruce Pnb. Co. [1961] 

180 p. 22 cm. 
BX2230.2.P713 1961 264.02 61-13004 J 

Rabau, Jean. 

La messe; notes doctrroales. Tournai, Centre diocesain de 
documentation t 1959) 
200 p. 17cm. 


Reinhold, Hans Ansgar, 1897- 

Bringing the Mass to the people. With an introd. by 
Frederick R. McManus. Baltimore, Helicon Press [I960] 

n4 p. lllos. 23 cm. 
BX2230.2.R4 264.025 60-13781 t 

ScMitzer, Albert L 1002- 

The prayer-life of the church. With a foreword by Leo 
A. Pursley. Notre Dame, Ind., University of Notre Dame 
Press, 1962. 

184 p. 22cm. 
BX2230.2.S33 264.025 62-13610 t 

Schnitzler, Theodor. 

The Mass in meditation. Translated by Rudolph Kraus. 
St Louis, Herder [1959-00, 

2 v. 21 cm. 

BX2230.S3413 264.025 59-10354 rev t 

Vismara, Ensebio Maria, 1880-1945. 

Funzioni sacerdotal! straordinarie; dirifcto liturgico e 
sacre cerimonie t di] Eusebio M. Vismara t a cura dij Armando 
Cuva. [Torinoj Societa. editrice internazionale t !962] 

730 p. 22cm. 
BX1970.V57 1962 62-6707S t 

Wickey, Harold J 

The living Mass. Milwaiikee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1961] 
188 p. fflua. 23cm. 
BX2230.2.W5 264.02 61-13005 1 


see also Concelebration; Lord's 
Supper Celebration 

Schmitz, Walter J 

Learning the Mass; manual for seminarians. Rev. accord- 
ing to the latest decrees of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. 
Milwaukee, Brace Pub. Co. t !962j 

BX2230.8.S3 1962 264.025 62-20565 t 


Seminar for Architects and Artists, University of Notre 
Dame, 1959. 

Report on the Seminar for Architects and Artists, August 
24-S5, 1959. Theme: Church structure and participation in 
the Mass. Notre Dame, Ind., University of Notre Dame, 

68 L dlasrs., plans. 28cm 
NA4800.S45 1959 726.582 60-34900 


Emser, Hieronymus, 1477 or 8-1527. 

Schriften zur Verteidigung der Messe; hrsg. von Theo- 
bald Freudenberger. Monster (Westfalen) Aschendorff, 

xxxvilt, 196 p. illus. 25 cm. (Corpus Catholicorum ; Werke 
katholischer Schrlftsteller im Zeitalter der Glaubensspaltung, 28) 
BR302.C6 voL28 59-49310 


Jungmann, Josef Andreas, 1889- 

The Mass of the Roman rite, its origins and development 
(Missarum sollemnia) Translated by Francis A. Brunner. 
Rev. by Charles K Riepe. New rev. and abridged ed. New 
York, Benziger Bros. C C 1961] 

567 p. 26 cm. 
BX2230.J8142 1962 264.025 62-1137 J 

Michell, Gilbert Arthur. 

Landmarks in liturgy. London, Darton, Longman & 
Todd ['1961! 

far, 237 p. 20cm. 


Dunphy, Mary A 

My Muss book; the story of the Mass for young com- 
municants. Illustrated by Alan Moyler. [1st ed.] New 
York, Exposition Press [1964] 

46 p. illus. 33 cm. 
BX2230.2.D8 j 264 64-1498 

McEvoy, Hubert. 

Children and priest at Mass. Photos, by Anthony Powell. 
Westminster, Md., Newman Press, 1960 i1959j 

95 p. Illus. 17cm. 
BX2238.5.M25 1960 264.02 61-425 t 


Mischke, Bernard C 

Meditations on the Mass, by Bernard C. Mischke. New- 
York, Sheed and Ward [1964] 

xvii, 201 p. 22 cm. 
BX2230.2.M5 264.02 64-19911 

Raymond, Father, 1903- 

This is love. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1964! 

vlU,150p. 23cm. 

- 64-14802 


Agnes Therese, Sister. 

Christ in the Mass; our perfect gift to God. Chicago, 
Loyola University Press [1960j 

72 p. illus. 21 cm. 
BX2230.A34 264.02 60-10574 t 


Robertson, Glendon E 

The development of the understanding of the Mass in chil- 
dren in Catholic schools. Washington, Catholic University 
of America Press, 1961. 

ix,128p. 23cm. 
BX2230.2.R6 264.02 61-45608 

Schmitz, Walter J 

Learning the Mass; manual for seminarians. Milwaukee, 
Bruce Pub. Co. [I960] 

63 p. 26 cm, 
BX2230.2.S35 264.02 60-15482 J 

Silid, Rufin. 

Sveta misa; katekizam i molitvenik. Sarajevo, 195T. 
Ill p. Illus. 14cm. (Pastoralna blblloteka, ST. 3) 
BX2238.S5 61-24803 t 

MASS (CHEMISTRY) see Atomic mass 

Jacobsson, Jacob. 

Massans budskap; en studie i de fasta, sangpartiema 1 
svenska massan under reformationstiden. Mit einer deut- 
schen Zusammenfassung. t Lundj Gleerup t !958i 

281 p. lacslms., music. 24 cm. (Bibltotheca tbeologlae prac- 
ML3142.J3 61-45697 

Krustev, Venelin. 

HacoKn B 6-MrapcKaia Macoaa necen. CO$HH, E-MrapCKa 
aKaAeH>t na nayKUTe, 1958. 

198 p. music. 21cm, 
ML3088.K78 60-24763 


Luce, Harold Talmadge. 

The requiem mass from its plainsong beginnings to 1600. 
Selected requiem masses. Ann Arbor, Mich., University 
Microfilms [1959 3 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-5993 Mic 58-5993 

Florida. State Univ. Library 

Sparks, Edgar H 

Cantus firmus in mass and motet, 1420-1520. Berkeley, 
University of California Press, 1963. 

3d, 504 p. music. 26 cm. 



MASS (NUCLEAR PHYSICS) see Atomic mass 


see also Atomic mass; Center of mass; 
Mass spectrometry; Mass transfer 

Jammer, Max. 

Concepts of mass, in classical and modern physics. Cam- 
bridge, Harvard University Press, 1961. 

230 p. 22cm. 
QC173.J28 531.54 61-13737 t 

MaTkovsku, Georgil Pavlovich. 


BO KaaancKoro yHHBepCHxeia, 1961. 

178 p. 23cm. 


MASS-BOOKS see Catholic Church. Liturgy 
and ritual. Missal 


Bowers, Warner Fremont, 1906- 

Surgical philosophy in mass casualty management, with 
detailed notes on practical care, by Warner F. Bowers and 
Carl W. Hughes. Springfield, 111., Thomas [I960] 

204 p. 23 cm. 
RD153.B6 617.99 59-14188 t 


U. S. Of oe of Civil and Defense Mobilization. 

Medical records for casualties. [Washington, 1959] 
Hi, 24 p. illus. 27cm. 
RA976.U5 614.88 

TREATMENT see Emergency 
medical services 

tion; Communication and traffic; Mass 
media; Telecommunication 

MASS CULTURE see Popular culture 

MASS FEEDING see Emergency mass 
feeding; Food service 

MASS HYSTERIA see Hysteria (Social 


BaHester, Eliel C 

Teoria y cuestiones de la libertad de information: prensa, 
cine, radio, television. Buenos Aires, Abeledo-Perrot C 1959] 

232 p. 21cm. 

Emery, Edwin. 

Introduction to mass communications [by] Edwin Emery, 
Phillip H. Ault t and] Warren K Agee. New York, Dodd, 
Mead, 1960. 

435 p. 22cm. 
P90.E4 808 60-9886 t 

Levin, Harvey Joshua, 1924- 

Broadcast regulation and joint ownership of media. t New 
York] New York University Press, 1960. 

219 p. illus. 22cm. 
P91.L4 384.5 60-10224 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MASS MEDIA (Continued) 

National Association of Educational Broadcasters. 

Report on project in understanding new media. t A report 
to the IT. S. Office of Education] Consultant: H. Marshall 
McLuhan. [Urbana? IlL, 1960. 

1 v. (various pagings) illus 28cm. 
P90.N27 371.33072 61-60188 

National Council of Teachers of English. Committee on the 
Use of Mass Media, 

Using mass media in the schools. Edited by William D. 
Boutwell [Chairma^ New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts 

292 p. 22cm. 


62-19196 : 

OTiara, Robert C 

Media for the millions; the process of mass oommuiuca- 
tion. New York, Random House C 1961] 

421 p 22 cm. 
P90.045 384 61-9677 t 

Pennsylvania, State University. Center for Continuing 
Liberal Education. 

The mass media; readings selected and edited by Charles 
H. Brown t and othersj University Park C 1961j 

506 p. 28cm. 
P87.P4 301.243 61-63206 J 

Schramm, Wilbur Lang, 1907- ed. ^ 

Mass communications; a book of readings. C 2d ed., Ur- 
bana, University of Illinois Press, 1960. 

695 p. illus. 24cm. 
P90.S37 1960 384.082 60-8343 J 

Schramm, Wilbur Lang, 1907- 

Mass media and national development; the role of infor- 
mation in the developing countries [by] Wilbur Schramm. 
Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press, 1964. 

xlv, 333 p. illus. 23 cm. 
P91.S3 301.243 64-17003 

Smythe, Dallas Walker, 1907- 

The modern media man and the political process. An 
address before the Adult Education Council, Chattanooga, 
Tenn., Nov. 17, 1960. Urbana, Institute of Communications 
Research, University of Illinois [I960, 

H * 1 "- A61-9477 

Illinois. TJniv. Library 

Tamiment Institute. 

Culture for the millions? Mass media in modern society. 
Edited by Norman Jacobs; with an introd. by Paul Lazars- 
f eld. Princeton, N. J"., Van Nostrand C 1961j 

XXY, 200 p. 24cm. n _ nn , 

P91.T3 301.243 61-8537 

Todd, Judith. 

The big sell, structure and strategy of the mass media; 
radio & television, press, cinema, advertising. London, 
Lawrence & Wishart, 1961. 

109 p 19 cm. 
HF5813.G7T6 62-65891 t 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Or- 

Freedom of information; development of information 
media in under-developed countries, report by the Director- 

mT% /tSeI28 ] cm 61 (UnIted Nation. ( Doeam* E/CN.4/ 

JX1977.A2 E/CN.4/814 61-1895 
Copy 2. P91.U5 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orga- 
nization. % 

Space communication and the mass media ; a Unesco report 
on the occasion of the 1963 Space Communications Confer- 

eil 24p C 27cm.' (Mass Communication Techniques Division of Unesco. 

Reports and papers on mass communication, no. 41) 

HE9719.U55 64-4598 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Or- 
ganization. Dept. of Mass Commumcatione. 

Mass media in the developing countries; a Unesco report 
to the United Nations. tParis, Clearing House of the Dept. 



United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orga- 
nization. Dept. of Mass Oommwucations^ f 

World communications: press, radio, television, film. t 4tt 
completely rev. ed.j New York, Unesco [1964, 

380 p. coL HUM., coL maps. 25cm. 
P90.U5 1964 384 


Smythe, Dallas Walker, 1907- 

The spiral of terror and the mass media. A lecture to 
the Annenberjj School of Communications, University of 
Pennsylvania, September 22, 1960. Urbana, Institute of 
Communications Research, University of Illinois (I960) 

27, ,2,1. 28cm. 

HM258.S57 A 60-9933 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Blum, Eleanor. 

Eeferonce books in the mass media; an annotated, selected 
booklist covering book publishing, broadcasting, films, news- 
papers, magazines, and advertising. Urbana, University of 
Illinois Press, 1962. 

vl, 103 p. 22 cm. 
Z5630.B56 016.384 62-62502 t 


Jacobson, Howard Boone, ed. 

A mass communications dictionary; a reference work of 
common terminologies for press, print, broadcast, film, ad- 
vertising, and communications research. New York, Philo- 
sophical Library t 1961i 

xr?i,377p. 24cm. 
P87.5.J3 006.03 60-53157 


Peterson, Wilbur, comp. 

Organizations, publications, and directories in the mass 
media of communications. 2d ed. Iowa City, Iowa C 1962] 

40 p. 28 cm. 
P90.P4 1962 62-63170 J 


Nafziger, Ralph ed. 

Introduction to mass communications research. Edited by 
Ralph 0. Nafziger and David M. White. c Rev. ed. 3 Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana State University Press tl963] 

281 p. illus. 24 cm. (Journalism monographs, no. 6) 
PN4853.J6 no. 6 1963 070.72 63-8223 J 


Peterson, Wilbur, comp. 

Organizations, publications, and directories in the mass 
media of communications. 2d ed. Iowa City, Iowa t 1962] 

40 p. 28 cm. 
P90.P4 1962 62-^3170 J 


Klapper, Joseph T 

The effects of mass communication. Glencoe, 311., Free 
Press flOeOj 

302 p, 22 cm. (Foundations of communications research) 
P91.K4 384 60-14402 t 


Peterson, Wilbur, comp. 

Organizations, publications, and directories in the mass 
media of communications. 2d ed, Iowa City, Iowa [1962] 

40 p. 28 cm. 
P90.P4 1962 62-63170 J 


Meeting of Experts on Development of Information Media 
in Africa, Paris, 1962. 

Developing information media in Africa; press, radio, 
film, television. [Parisj UNESCO [1962, 

57 p 27 cm. (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cul- 
tural Organization. Mass Communication Techniques DlYisloo. Re- 
ports and papers on mass communication, no. 87) 
P92.A4M4 1962 384 62-6661 


UNESCO Meeting on the Development of Information 
Media in Southeast Asia, Bangkok, 1960. . 

Developing mass media in Asia; papers. t Pansj 

1 <***<" and ****** OQ *" < ' nlcatlon 
POT880.U5 1960 384.095 60-4990 rev 


UNESCO Meeting on the Development of 

Media in Southeast Asia, Bangkok, I960. Delegation 
from the United States. 

Report tn.p.,1960. 

80t 28cm. 
P92.A7U5 I960 384 



Orel-ton, Henry* ed. 

Mass communications in communist countries. (&. p.j 1960. 
Ir. illus. 27 cm. 
P92.C6085 62-6790 J 

VIASS PSYCHOLOGY see Social psychology 

tfASS SPECTRA see Mass spectrometry 


see also Calutron; Molecular spectra 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. SibirsJcoe otdelenie. Inttitut ge- 
oloffii i geofiziki. 

Pa^uoiacTQTHBift Macc-cncKipOMerp ; teopna, packer n 
i;oneTpyupoBaiHie r OTBeTCTBe smart pe^EE-rop B. M. Kut- 
pOBCKn"ftj MocKsa, HSA-BO AKa^eami nayK CCCP, 1959. 

74, [2, p. illus. 22 cm. 
QC373.S7.U 60-2-2701 

American Petroleum Institute. Research. Project J/Ji~ 
Catalog of mass spectral data. [Washington, 194 
v. ( loose-leaf) 27 cm. 

Index of compounds. Pittsburgh, Petroleum 

Research Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Technology 
t !9 

7. 27 cm. 


Numerical index. Pittsburgh, Petroleum Re- 
search Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 19 
T. 27 cm. 

Araki, Shun, 1015- 


54-25439 rev 

1. Mil*-. slKHtrcIIM'tl> 

shirlzu, 2) 

Beynon, John Herbert. 

Mass spectrometry and its applications to organic chem- 
istry. Amsterdam, New York, Elsevier Pub. Co., 1960. 

640 p. illus. 25cm. 
QD95.B4 547.3533 60-8701 t 

Biemann, Elans* 

Mass spectrometary : organic chemical applications. New 
York, McGraw-Hill t !962, 

$70 p. Illus. 24 cm, (McGraw-Hill series In advanced chemistry) 
QD95B48 547.35S3 

Birkenf eld, Heinz. 

Massenspektrometrische Isotopenanalyse, von Hemz BIT- 
kenfeld, Gunther Haase [Und] Hans Zahn. Berlin, Deut- 
scher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1962. 

253 p. Mas. 24= cm. (PhysIkallachKiiemlache Trcon- und Meat- 
methoden t Bd.B) 
QB466.B45 63-43207 J 

Budzikiewicz, Herbert 

Interpretation of mass spectra of organic compounds t byi 
Herbert Budzikiewicz, Carl Djerassi c ajxd) Dudley H. Wil- 
liams. San Francisco, Holden-Bay, 1964^ 

adll, 271 p. dlagra. 27cm. 
QD95.B8 547.3533 64-14625 

Budzikiewicz, Herbert. 

Structure elucidation of natural products by mass spec- 
trometry [by, Herbert Budzikiewicz, Carl Djerassi ^and] 
Dudley H. Williams. Saa Francisco, Holden-Day t 1964- 
T. Illus. 27cm. (Holden-Day aeries la physical techoi<iiie8 In 

547.3533 64r-20573 

tH3H?ecKax aaerrpoHHEa; cCopHHK ciaxeft. sun. 1- 
MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO JIHT-PH B ofijraciH aroMHOtt sayKK a 

TCXHHKH, 1962- 

T. IlliML, table*. 22cm. 
QC53.F5 63-32751 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Lederberg, Joshua. 

Computation of molecular formulas for mass spectrome- 
try. San Francisco, Holden-Day, 1964. 

vi!, 69 p. lllus. 26 cm. (Eolden-Day series In physical techniques 
in chemistry) 
Q0451.L4 547.3533 64-20572 

McDowell, Charles A ed. 

Mass spectrometry. New York, McGraw-Hill ^963] 
x,639 p. lllus. 24cm. (McGraw-Hill series in advanced chemistry) 
QD95.M2 - 

McLaff erty, Fred W 

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OxeiecTBeHHtie Macc-cneKipoMeTpat ; CTenorpanMa JICK- 
IJHHC. JTeHHHrpafl, 1959. 

29 p. illus. 22 cm. (JleHHurpaACKHft AOM Hayrao-TexHHiecKofi 
nponaraHflw. CepHs: npHfiopu H ajieMCHTW aBTOMarHKH) 
QC373.S7S4 60-31103 1 

Vastola, Francis Joseph, 1928- 

A mass spectrometric study of the carbon-carbon dioxide 
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Spektrometria masowa, t Wyd. !., Warszawa, Panstwowe 
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563 p. illus. 25cm. 
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v. illus., dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 

Another issue, v. t lj- 

New York, Symposium Publications Division, Pergamon 
Press, 1959- 




Wyandotte-ASTM Punched Card Project. 

Index of mass spectral data, listed by molecular weight 
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mittee E-14 on Mass Spectrometry. Prepared under the 
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xxl p., 570 p. of tables. 18 x 25 cm. 
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American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Research Com- 

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Columbia. Univ. Libraries 

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Diffusional transfer for distributed particle sizes and ex- 
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Kafarov, V V 

OCHOBH itacconepeflaHH ; CHCTCMH ras JKH^KOCTB, nap 

ye<5. nocotfua HJIS XHMHKO-TexHOJtorHiecKHX Byaos. Mo- 
CKBa, Biicmafl niKOJia, 1962. 

854 p. Illus. 23cm. 
TP156.M3K3 63-45412 t 

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519 p. Illus. 28 cm. 
QC320X87 62-28587 $ 

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QC320X88 60-31105 rev 

Lykov, Aleksei Vasil'evich, 1910- 

Tenjio- H MaccoodMCH B npon;eccax cymKH. ^onymeHo B 
KanecTse yie6. nocodiiflt AJIK remioTexH, cnei^HaJitHocTeft 
BHcmiix y^e6. aaBefleHiitt. MocKBa, Too. snepr. HS^-BO, 1956. 

464 p. illus. 23cm. 
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Virginia Poly. Inst. Library 

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Vsesomznoe nauchno-tekhnicheskoe soveshchanie po vopro* 
sam teorii i praktiki protsessov zhidkostnoi ekstrakfsii, 

Leningrad, 1961. 

20-26 Maa 1961 r. HOA pefl. H. I. PoitaHKOBa. 
Toe. nay^HO-TexH. HSfl-so He4>THoS H ropno 
jrar-pH, 1963. 

388 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
TP156.E8V75 1961 64r41396 


Soviet research and development in mass transfer chemical 
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U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office of Technical Services t !960] 

ill, 109 p. 27cm. 


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v. Illus., diagrs. 25 cm. 
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Massachusetts. Dept. of Commerce. 

Your Massachusetts facts package. t Boston, 1962 3 

19 pieces (in portfolio) Illus. (part col.) ports., maps (part cot) 


F71.A53 63-62718 


U. S. Bureau of the Census. 

Massachusetts: Minor civil divisions Towns and cities. 
Connecticut: Minor civil divisions Towns. Rhode Island: 
Minor civil divisions Towns and cities. 1960. Washing- 
ton, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961. 

3 maps on sheet 122 r 91 cm. 
G372LF7 1960.U6 Map 62-287 


Massachusetts. Dept. of the State Auditor. 

Statement of general and special appropriations and ex- 

11 62-55896 \ 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. 

Portraits of women, 1700-1825. Boston, 1954. 

unpaged, lllus. 20 cm. (A Massachusetts Historical Society pic- 
ture book) 
N7634.M3 62-45529 J 

CENSUS, 1790 

U. S. Bureau of the Census, 

Heads of families at the First Census of the United States 
taken in the year 1790: Massachusetts. Washington, Govt. 
Print. Off., 1908 [Spartanburg, S. C., Reprint Co., 1964, 

363 p. map (on lining papers) 28cm. 
F63.U5 64-62657 


Adams, Brooks, 1848-1927. 

The emancipation of Massachusetts; the dream and the 
reality. With a new introd. by Perry Miller. Boston, 
Houghton Mifflin, 1962. 

534 p. 21cm. (Sentry edition, 19) 
F67.A22 1962 974.402 62-6030 t 

CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns -Planning Massachusetts 


Massachusetts. Agricultural Experiment Station, Amherst 
(1888- ) 

Climatological data, a seventy-year summary, 1889-1958; 
Observatory, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. 
fAmherstj 1959. 

35 p. ( chiefly tables) 23 cm. ( Its Bulletin no. 511) 
QC984M4A63 61-62537 J 


Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887- 

The maritime history of Massachusetts, 1783-1860. Bos- 
ton, Houghton Mifflin, 1961. 

420 p. lllus. 21cm. (Sentry edition, 6) 
HF3161.M4M6 1961 382.09744 61-19364 t 


Taylor, Robert Joseph, 1917- ed. 

Massachusetts, Colony to Commonwealth: documents on 
the formation of its constitution, 1775-1780. Chapel Hill, 
Published for the Institute of Early American History and 
Culture at Williamsburg, Va., by the University of North 
Carolina Press t !961j 

3d, 166 p. map. 24 cm. (Documentary problems In early American 

342.7449 61-2260 


Longwell, Chester Ray, 1887- 

Walks and rides in central Connecticut and Massachusetts, 
by Chester R. Longwell and Edward S. Dana. [Hamden, 
Conn.] Shoe String Press [1961, 1932] 

xiv, 229 p. illus., maps (part fold.) 20 cm. 
F102.N5L6 1961 917.46 61-4941 

Sandrof , Ivan. . , 

Massachusetts towns: an 1840 view. [Illustrated with 
wood engravings of fifty-eight Massachusetts towns, or 
in 1840 by J. W. Barber. Special foreword by Mrs. Endi- 
cott Peabody. Barre, Mass., Barre Publishers, 1963] 

116 p. lllus. 21cm. ,00*1 

F64.S34 974.4 63-18871 

Massachusetts. Commission on Administration and Fi- 

Special report recommending the establishment of the 
executive reorganization plan procedure for modernization 
of the State Government. Boston, Wright & Potter Print. 

,<*-.. Co, 196, House 


Massachusetts Geodetic Survey. 

Massachusetts localities. A folding list of Massachusetts 
cities and towns; and of villages, certain lesser localities, 
railroad stations, and post offices whose location is not 
localized within the appropriate cities and towns by tneir 
names, and other generally related material. Arranged for 
quick reference within one alphabet Boston, Dept of 
Public Works, Offset Print. Division, 1962. 

58 p. maps (1 fold.) 22 cm. (Massachusetts. Dept of Public 
Works. Publication no. SO) 
F62.M37 1962 917.44 

see also Deerfield, Mass. Ashley House 

U. S. Boston National Historic Site* Commfaivn. 

Final report of the Boston National Historic Sites Com- 
mission. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, trans- 
mitting the final report of the Boston National Historic 
Sites Commission, pertaining in particular to major prob- 
lems of historical preservation in the municipality of Boston, 
pursuant to the Act of August 4, 1959 (73 Stat. 279) Wash- 
ington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1961. 

*riil?261 p. illus., maps (1 fold.) 24 cm. (8Tth Cong., 1st wssa. 
House document no. 10T) 
F73.37.U5 61-61952 


Howe, Henry Forbush, 1905- 

Massachusetts: there she is behold her. Illus. and maps 
by John O'Hara Cosgrave n. c lst ed.j New York, Harper 
t !960] 

290 p. Illus. 22 cm. (A Beglons of America book) 
F64.H75 974.4 60-13447 J 

Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887- 

The maritime history of Massachusetts, 1783-1860. Bos- 
ton, Houghton Mifflin, 1961. 

420 p. lllus. 2lcm. (Sentry edition, 6) 

HF3161.M4M6 1961 



Reid, William James. 

Massachusetts, history & government of the Bay State 
t by] William J. Reid t and] Herbert G. Regan, New York, 
Oxford Book Co., 1956. 

300 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
F64.R4 974.4 56-1714 rev t 


Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. 

Prints, maps and drawings, 1677-1822. Boston, 1957. 
[32] p. (dilefly illus.) 22x28 cm. (A. Massachusetts Historical 
Society picture book) 



Adams, Brooks, 1848-1927. 

The emancipation of Massachusetts; the dream and the 
reality. With a new introd. by Perry Miller. Boston, 
Houghton Mifflin, 1962. 

534 p. 21cm. (Sentry edition, 19) 
F67.A22 1962 974.402 62-6030 J 

Haskins, George Lee, 1915- 

Law and authority in early Massachusetts; a study in 
tradition and design. New York, Macmillan, 1960. 
298 p. 22cm. 

340.09747 60-6416 t 

Ishihara, Hytei, 1895- 


252 p. illus., map. 19cm. 
Bibliography : p. 249-252. 

1. Pilgrim Fathers. 2. Massachusetts Hlat Colonial period. 
TItle " Title rtnntnized; SelkyOto. 


J 64-1009 


Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. 

The diary of Cotton Mather, D. D., r. R. s. for the year 1712. 
Edited with an introd. and notes by William R. Manierre, n. 
Charlottesville, University Press of Virginia [1964^ 

xxYll. 143 p. facstms. 24cm. 
F67.M4214 974.4 64-13720 

SewaU, Samuel, 1652-1730. 

Samuel SewaU's diary. Edited by Mark Van Doren, 
New York, Russell & Russell, 1963. 

Ferlsie 23 ^ 974.402 62-16693 


Bradford, William, 1588-1657. 

Of Plymouth Plantation. Selected and edited, with an 
introd. by Harvey Wish. New York, Capricorn Books 

f 227p. 21cm. (Capricorn giants, CAP21T) 



Mourt's relation. 

A journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth; Mourt's relation, 
a relation or journal of the English plantation settled at 
Plymouth in New England, by certain English adventurers 
both merchants and others. Edited from the original print- 
ing of 1622, with introd. and notes, by Dwight B. Heath. 
New York, Corinth Books; [distributed by the Citadel Press, 

33111,96 p. Illus., maps, facslm. 21cm. (The American experience 
series AE19) 
F68.M9363 974,402 62-17660 


Chidsey, Donald Barr, 1902- 

The wickedest pilgrim. New York, Crown Publishers 


288 p e>e> cm 
PZ3.C4346Wi 60-15400 } 

Gerson, Noel Bertram, 1914- 

The land is bright. r lst ed.j Garden City, N. Y., Double- 
day, 1961. 

356 p. U2 cai 
PZ3.G323Lan 61-12524 rev $ 



Vernon, Louise A 

Peter and the pilgrims. Illustrated by Tom Dunbebm. 
Washington, Review and Herald Pub. Association t 1963] 

127 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
PZ7.V598Pc 63-17755 


Borreson, Mary Jo. 

Let's go to Plymouth with the Pilgrims. Illustrated by 
Gerald McCann. New York, Putnam E 1963] 

48 p. col illns., col. map. 22 cm. (Let's go history series) 
F68 B72 3 974.4 63-15566 

Bradford, William, 1588-1657. 

Pilgrim courage, from a firsthand account by William 
Bradford ... Selected episodes from his original History of 
Plimoth Plantation, and passages from the journals of Wil- 
liam Bradford and Edward Winslow. Adapted and edited 
by E. Brooks Smith ( and] Robert Meredith and illustrated 
by Leonard Everett Fisher. r lsted.j Boston, Little, Brown 

62-8314 t 

108 p. Illus. 24cm. 

Gerson, Noel Bertram, 1914- 

Rock of freedom ; the story of the Plymouth Colony, by 
Noel B. Gerson. Drawings by Barry Martin. New York, 
J. Me&sner [1964! 

190 p. maps. 22 cm. 
F68.G4 974.402 64-20155 

Ziner Feenie 

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony, by the editors of 
American heritage. Narrative by Feenie Ziner, in consulta- 
tion with George F. Willison. [1st ed.! New York, Ameri- 
can Heritage Pub. Co. [1962, 1961] 

153 p. illus 26 cm. (American heritage junior library) 
F68 Z5 i 973.2 61-14735 rev J 


Oliver, Peter, 1713-1791. 

Origin & progress of the American Rebellion; a Tory view. 
Edited by Douglass Adair & John A. Schutz. San Marino, 
Calif., Huntington Library, 1961. 

xxl, 173 p. port. 24cm. (Huntington Library publications) 
E263.M4O4 973.311 61-13687 


Fast, Howard Melvin, 1914- 

April morning, a novel. New York, Crown Publishers 
t 1961j 

184 p. 22cm. 
PZ3.F265Ap 61-10306 t 

Hopkins, Joseph G E 

Patriot's progress. New York, Scribner t 1961 3 

245 p. 22cm. 
PZ4JI7943Pat 61-12330 

Mergendahl, Charles Henry, 1919- 

The drums of April, a novel. New York, Putnam t !963] 
320 D. 22cm. 
PZ3.M543Dr 63-9666 I 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Butters, Dorothy Oilman. 

The bells of freedom. Elus. by Carol Wilde. Philadel- 
phia, Macro Smith t !98j 

190 p. illus. 22cm, 
PZ7.B9815Be 63-19672 

Clarke, Mary Stetson. 

Petticoat rebel Illustrated by Robert MacLean. New 
York, Viking Press il964, 

255 p. lllus. 21cm. 
PZ7.C5543Pe 64-21477 

Fleming, Alice (Mulcahey) 1928- 

A son of liberty. Illustrated by Albert Orbaan. New 
York, St. Martin's Press t !961j 

182 p. illus. 21cm. 
PZ7.F5993So 61-13386 t 



Nolan, Jeannette (Covert) 1896- 

The shot heard round the world; the story of Lexington 
and Concord, New York, J. Messner t 1963] 

191 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
E210.N6 j 973.3 63-8652 t 

Russell, Francis, 1910- 

Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, by the editors of 
American heritaga Author: Francis Russell. Consultant: 
Richard M. Ketchum. 1st ed. New York, American Herit- 
age Pub. Co.; book trade distribution by Meredith Press, 

153 p. illos. 27cm. (American heritage junior library) 
E263.M4R8 j 974.4 63-10834 t 


Evatt, Harriet, 1895- 

An army ia pigtails. Written and illustrated by Harriet 
Evatt t lst ed.j Indianapolis, Bobbs-MerriU [1962, 
42 p. lllus. 29 cm. 


62-18094 t 


Massachusetts in the Civil War. Boston, Massachusetts 
Civil War Centennial Commission, 1960- 




Massachusetts. CivU War Centennial Commission. 

Report. Isfr- 1959- 

v. 2& cm. (Massachusetts. [General Court] Senate. {Docu- 
J87.M4 datef 61-62726 rev t 


KeUey, Shirley Whitney. 

little settlers of Vermont, a true story of the journey of 
a pioneer family through. New England. t Orford, N. H., 
Equity Pub. Corp., 1963j 

305 p. illus, 24 cm, 
F49.3JK4 j 917.4 63-17889 t 


Sandrof , Ivan. 

Massachusetts towns: an 1840 view. [Illustrated with 
wood engravings of fifty-eight Massachusetts towns, drawn 
in 1840 by J. W. Barber. Special foreword by Mrs. Endi- 
cott Peabody. Barre, Mass., Barre Publishers, 1963, 

116 p. Lllus. 2100. 
F64JSS4 974.4 63-18871 


Bradford, Gershom, 1879- 

In with the sea wind; the trials and triumphs of some 
Yankee sailors. Illus. by Harold Durand White. Barre, 
Mass., Barre Gazette, 1962. 

255 p. illus. 24cm. 
G540.B562 910.45 62-11511 t 


Dexter, Lincoln A 

Bay State briefs; a social studies primer of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts. r Rev. ed. Wilbraham? Mass., 


134 p. illus., maps, dlagrs., tables. 28cm. 
F64.3.D4 1963 64-39411 


The Massachusetts review, v. 1- 
Oct. 1959- 

[Amherst, University of Massachusetts] 
r. illus. 24cm, quarterly. 





Associated Industries of Massachusetts. 

How politics and government work in Massachusetts. 
Boston, 1960j 

40 p. illus. 23cm. 
JK3125 1960.A8 342.744 60-3979 J 

Governor's Conference on State, County and Municipal Re- 

Proceedings. 10th- 1958- 

Amherst, Bureau of Govt. Research, University of Massa- 

v 28 cm. annual 
JK3101.G6 64-44111 

Latham, Earl. 

Massachusetts politics, by Earl Latham and George Good- 
win, Jr. r Kev. ed. Medford, Mass., Tufts Civic Educa- 
tion Center t !960j 

85 p. lllus. 22 cm. (Tufts Civic Education Center. Publica- 
tions in politics and government) 
JK3125 1960.L3 329.09744 60-14074 t 

Mariner, Elwyn E 

This is your Massachusetts Government; a description of 
the structure and functions of the State and local govern- 
ments of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachu- 
setts, 2d ed. Arlington Heights, Mass., Mariner Books 

172 p. Illus. 29cm. 
JS451.M35M3 1959 342.744 59-15778 t 

Mariner, Elwyn E 

This is your Massachusetts Government; presenting A 
citizen's edition of the constitution, and a description of the 
structure, functions, and finances of the State and local gov- 
ernments of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachu- 
setts. 3d ed. Arlington Heights, Mass., Mariner Books 

183 p. illus. 29 cm. 
JS451.M35M3 1962 342.744 61-18543 J 

Reid, William James. 

Massachusetts, history & government of the Bay State 
tbyj William J. Reid t and] Herbert G. Regan. New York, 
Oxford Book Co., 1956. 

800 p. illus. 20cm. 
F64.R4 974.4 56-1714 rev t 

State government and public responsibility. 
Medford, Mass., Tufts Civic Education Center, Tufts Uni- 

T. 21 cm. annual. (Publications in politics and government) 
JK3101.S8 353.9744 60-14073 


Thomas, Leslie Joseph, 1922- 

Partisan politics in Massachusetts during Governor Ber- 
nard's administration, 1760-1770. Ann Arbor, Mich., Uni- 
versity Microfilms C 1960] 
Microfilms AC-1 no. 60-1022 Mic 60-1022 


Goodman, Paul, 1911- 

The Democratic-Republicans of Massachusetts; politics in 
a younjr republic. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

xiii, 281 p. 22 cm. (A Publication of the Center for the Study of 
the History of Liberty In America) 
JK2318.M34 1964 329.309744 64-22721 


Levin, Murray Burton. 

The compleat politician: political strategy in Massachu- 
setts. With George Blackwood. t lst ed. 3 Indianapolis, 
Bobbs-Merrill C 1962 3 

834 p. 24cm. 

F71.L4 329 62-18204 J 

Massachusetts. Commission on Administration and Finance, 
Special report on the programs and services of the State 
Government. Boston, Wright & Potter Print. Co., legisla- 
tive printers, 1960. 

62 p. 23 cm. (Massachusetts. [General Court, I960] House jof 
Representatives. Documents) no. 3423) 
J87.M4 1960g no. 3423 61-62727 J 


Massachusetts. Dept. of Commerce, 

Population movements in Massachusetts 1950-1960. Bos- 
ton, 1961. 

10 L map, tables. 28cm. (Its Publication no. 30) 
HB3525.M4A3 no. 30 61-62975 


Massachusetts. Dept. of Publio Works. 
Official route map, Massachusetts. 

Map 61-182 

col. maps. 29 cm. 


Massachusetts. Dept. of Commerce. 

Statistics of Massachusetts cities and towns by regional 
areas. Boston, 1956. 

Iv. illus, 29cm. 
HA432.A53 62-1322 J 

AMHERST see Massachusetts. University 


Massachusetts. General Court. Special Committee on the 
Correctional System in the Commonwealth. 

Interim report. Boston, Wright & Potter Print. Co., legis- 
lative printers, 1960. 

28 p. 23 cm. (Massachusetts. [General Court] House jof Repre- 
sentatives. Documents] no. 3400) 
J87.M4 1960g no. 3400 61-62532 



Facts and future; report for 1961 White House Confer- 
ence on Aging by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
Foster Furcolo, Governor. [Boston, I960] 

viil,7Tp. 28cm. 
HQ1064.U6M4 301.4359744 61-63667 


Massachusetts. Special Commission to Investigate and 
Study the Administration of the Department of Mental 
Health and Certain Laws Relative Thereto. 
Report January 24, 1962. [Boston, 1962;, 
00 p. 24 cm. (Massachusetts. [General Court, 1962j Senate. 
[Documents] no. 625) 
J87.M4 1962fno.625 63-62618 J 


Massachusetts. Dept. of Public WorTa. 

Report and legislation submitted to His Excellency the 
Governor, Foster Furcolo, by the Commissioner of Public 
Works, Jack P. Ricciardi in co-operation with the Commis- 
sioner of Administration, Charles Francis Mahoney, con- 
cerning recommendations for the reorganization of the 
Department of Public Works as submitted by the Stone and 
Webster Service Corporation, August, 1960. Boston, Wright 
& Potter Print. Co., 1960. 

2 v. In 1 (185 p.) tables. 23 cm. (Massachusetts. [General 
Court, I960] House [Of Representatives. Documents] no. 8308) 
J87.M4 1960g no. 3303 61-62530 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

WORKS (Continued) 

Massachusetts. General Court. Senate. Special Committee 
to Investigate the Department of Public Works. 

Report. [Boston, 1960. 

87 p. 23 cm. (Massachusetts. [General Court, I960] Senate. 
.[Documents] no. 765) 

J87.M4 1960f no. 765 



(etts. Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

Table of changes in the General laws of the Common- 
wealth. 1957- 

v. 23 cm. annual. 

345.22 58-63040 rev 


Kramer, Bernard M 

Day hospital; a study of partial hospitalization in psychia- 
try. With a foreword by Milton Greenblatt Principal in- 
vestigators (Project on Rehabilitation of the Mentally 111'... 
Massachusetts Mental Health Center) : Milton Greenblatt 
t and others] Advisory Committee for the Rehabilitation. 
Project : John J, Brennan t and others. New York, Grune & 
Stratton, 1962. 

xlT, 108 p. dlagr. 21 cm. 
RC439.K65 362.209744 62-12473 


The Prevention of hospitalization; treatment without admis- 
sion for psychiatric patients. By Milton Greenblatt t and 
others. Contributing authors: Margaret M. Anderson [and 
others. New York, Grune & Stratton, 1963. 

182 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
RC445.M4B93 362.2097446 63-11737 J 


Massachusetts. General Court. Senate. Special Committee 
to Investigate the Administration of the Metropolitan Dis- 
trict Commission. 
Report. t Boston?, 1960. 

100 p. 23 cm. (Massachusetts. [General Court, I960] Senate. 
[Documents] no. 755) 
J87.M4 1960f no. 755 352.0744 61-62527 

Massachusetts. Special Commission to Study the Organiza- 
tion and Operation of the Metropolitan District Commis- 

Report. Boston, Wright & Potter Print. Co., I960. 

16 p. diagrs. 23 cm. (Massachusetts [General Court, I960] 
House [Of Representatives. Documents] no. 3370) 
J87.M4 1960p no. 3370 352.07446 61-62529 


Umbarger, Carter C 

College students in a mental hospital ; an account of organ- 
ized social contacts between college volunteers and mental 
patients in a hospital community, by Carter C. Umbarger 
t and others. Prepared with the assistance and supervision 
of David Kantor and Milton Greenblatt New York, Grune 
& Stratton, 1962. 


62-14136 J 


Massachusetts. General Court. Joint Special legislatwe 
Committee on Transportation. 

Report, January, 1962. Under joint order S. 687 of the 
Senate and the House, May, 1961. Boston, Wright & Potter 
Print Co., legislative printers, 1962. 

163 p illus. 23 cm. (Massachusetts. t Geiwsral Court, 1962] 
House rof Representatives. Documents, no. 3400) 
J87.M4 1962g,no.3400 63-62686 t 

HERST see Massachusetts. University 


Dimond, Alan J . . , , 

The Superior Court of Massachusetts: its origin and de- 
velopment Boston, Little, Brown, 1960. 

347.99744 60-11997 t 


Adlow, Elijah, 1896- 

The genius of Lemuel Shaw, expounder of the common 
law. Sponsored by the Massachusetts law quarterly. [Bos- 
ton? 1962, 

888 p. Illus. 24cm. 

347.99744 63-5622 t 


Cary, Harold Whiting. 

The University of Massachusetts; a history of one hun- 
dred years. Amherst, University of Massachusetts, 1962. 

247 "p. illus. 24 cm. 
LD3234.M22C3 378.74423 



Hanson, John Francis, 1915- 

A bibliography of the writings of the Department of En- 
tomology, University of Massachusetts, through the year 
1955. Amherst, University of Massachusetts t !955 ?j 

133 p. Illus. 28 cm. (Fernald Entomological Club. Special pub- 
lication no. 2) 
QL461.M35 no. 2 61-24835 


Faxon, Nathaniel Wales, 1880- 

The Massachusetts General Hospital, 1935-1955. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1959. 

480 p. illus. 25cm. 
RA982.B7M515 362.11097446 59-12968 J 

Garland, Joseph E 

Every man our neighbor; a brief history of the Massa- 
chusetts General Hospital, 1811-1961. r lst ed., Boston, 

Little, Brown C 1961i 

56 p. illus. 24 c 


61-10083 t 

see Harvard University. Medical 
School. Anaesthesia Laboratory 


Billias, George Athan, 1919- 

General John Glover and his Marblehead mariners. c lst 
ed.j New York, Holt ,1960, 

xll, 243 r>. Illus., maps, ports. 22 cm. 
E207.G58B5 973.332 60-6602 


Fiske, George M 1842- 

Civil War journal of Pvt. George M. Fiske, 42d Massa- 
chusetts Regiment of Volunteer Militia, U. S. Army. An 
account of the battle oi Galveston and the subsequent for- 
tunes of the enlisted men of the Federal garrison as com- 
piled, arranged, and edited, by Richard A. Atkins and Helen 
Fiske Atkins from the notes, letters and diaries of Pvt 
George M. Fiske. Syracuse, R A. Atkins, 1962. 

59 L Illus. 28cm. 
E601.F534 62-2751 J 

CLASS OF 1961 

Sussman, Leila Aline, 1922- 

Freshman morale at M. I. T.: the class of 1961. Gam- 
bridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960. 

69 p. 23cm. 
T171.M49S75 607.7444 60-3413 t 




Massachusetts Institute of Technology. L&raarte. 

M. I. T. Chemical Engineering Department theses in the 
Institute Library, 1921-1947, inclusive. Cambridge, Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology, 1948. 

581. 28cm. (It* Technical reference list, no. 3) 
Z7409.M38 no. 3 62-1780 




Shillaber, Caroline, 1908- 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architec- 
ture and Planning, 1861-1961: a hundred year chronicle. 
[Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963 3 

134 p. illus., dlagrs., plans. 25 cm. 
NA2300.M4S5 63-3586 


Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs. History 


Progress and achievement; a history of the Massachusetts 
State Federation of Women's Gubs, 1893-1962. 2d ed. 
cBostonj Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs, 

288 p. Illus. 22cm. 
HQ1905.M4M35 1962 396.062744: 62-39838 t 


Pedreschi, Luigi. 

U Lago di Massaciuccoli e il suo territorio. Roma, Societi 

geografica italiana, 1956. 
225 p. illus. 25cm. (Me 

5 p. illus. 25 cm. (Memorie della Sodeta geograflca italiana, 
v. 23) 
G17.S69 voL23 


see also Angola Massacre, 1961; 
Mosul Massacre, 1959; and names 
of massacres, e.g. St. Bartholomew's 
Day, Massacre o^ 1572 

Faria, America. 

Dez chacinas monstruosas. lasboa, Livraria Classics, Edi- 
tora rl955j 

218 p. 18cm. (Sit Coleccfto dez, 19) 
D24.F3 60-38586 J 


see also Cardiac massage; Chiropractic; 
Electrotherapeutics; Osteopathy 

An-hui i hsueh yiian, Ho-fei, China. Fu shu i yuan. I Mao 
?i yu Vo. 


ioep. uiQ. idem. 

1. Massage. i. Title. 

Title romanised: Chung i an. mo hsueh chien pten. 


C 61-2035 J 


T. lllUB. IdCE 

1. Manage. r. Lu, Tlng-hna. 


; An mo Mao fa. 
C61-2T66 t 

Beard, Gertrude, 

Massage: principles and techniques tbvj Gertrude Beard 
tand] Elizabeth C. Wood. Ulus. by Yicki Catalan! Phila- 
delphia, Saunders, 1964. 

Ix, 163 p. tllus. 27 cm, 
KM72LB4 615.82 64-14746 

Chao, Cheng-Shan. 

tt 1962, 

4,T5p. lllu*. 19cm. 

1. Massage. i. Title. 

Harvard UalT. Chlneae- 

ft *C 

Title romafUMd.* Ohien 1 t'til na llao fa. 
Japanese Library 7988 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MASSAGE (Continued) 

"ftftgjfJI ffiftfeft* -bft 
J&tfc 1959. 

40 p illus. 19cm. 

1. Massage. L Title. 


yitte rewwmisedt.- Aa mo hsln plen. 
C 63-1696 J 

Kirsch, Richard, 1915- 

Sportmassage, mit Beilage : Das Skelett und die Muskeln 
des Menschen. t l. Aufl.j Berlin, Sportverlag [1959] 
126, [5j p. iUus. 25 cm. 

A 60-1700 
Ohio State Univ. Ltbr, RM721 

Komori, Yoshikatsu, 1892- 

200 p Illus. 18 on. (*) V> f^ 1 -7 s ? V ) 


Ku, Tai-fen*. 

Title romantecd: Massaji k5ka. 
J 04-524 


20 p. Illus. 19cm. 

1. Massage. i. Title. 

Title romoftfced; Pao chlea an mo. 
C 64-1217 t 

Licht, Sidney Herman, 1907- 

Massage, manipulation, and traction. New Haven, E. 
Licht, 1960. 

273 p. illus 24 cm. (Physical medicine library, v. 5) 
EM719.L5 615.82 59-5365 J 

Lo, Ju-hmg. 

it 1957. 

78 p, Illat. 19cm. 
1. Manage. i. Title. 


Title ronwHuteerf; Tu ko f ul na pi ihu. 
C 62-1500 t 

Moor, Fred Bennett, 1893- 

Manual of hydrotherapy and massage, by Fred B. Moor 
t and othersj Mountain View, Calif., Pacific Press Pub. 
Association r !964, 

lx,169p, Illus. t dlagrs. 23cm. 
KMB1LM66 615.853 63-23214 rev 

Sarkizov-Serazini, Ivan Mikhaflovich. 

CnoptEBHHft Maccaac. jJJoiiymeHO B Ka^ecrse y^e6. no- 
co6*H FJLS. HH-TOB $H3iraecKOft KyjtBTypH. Hs,!!;. 4. [MocKsa] 
<DB3KyjnTypa H cnopT, 1963. 

248 p. Ulna. 22 cm. 
RM721.S25 1963 64-52272 

Shang-hai Chung i hsueh yuan. Fu shu t'ui naisMh Ktueh 

Mi M\ t ft it- LM$ fe^K-It M& J& 1:,^ 
^ 4B I ". <M I: $ f I ^ ft >K Mi flk lit 1961. 

7p. mot. Won. 
1, Mttmuw. i. Title. 

Shang-hai Chung i hsueh yuan. Fu sKu fui na i shiJi htueh 

Title romanlted: Ohteti 1 f ul na llao fa. 

oes-65 1 

116 p. illua. 21cm. 

1. Massage. i. Title. Title romanteet: Chung 1 t'ul na hsUeh. 
EM721.S56 C 59-2497 t 

Tappan, Frances M 

Massage techniques, a case method approach. New York, 
Macmillan [1961] 

204 p. illus. 20cm. 
KM721.T218 615.82 61-6166 { 

MASSAI see Masai 


Tikhova, Nadezhda. 

MacajriiTHHOB. Co$Ha, Hayna H HSKyciBO, 1959. 
174 p. IUus. 18cm. 
PN2828.M3T5 60-45130 


Massardi, Romarina. 

Una artista lirica; anecdotas, descripcion de paises, tea- 
tros, ciudades, costumbres, la ensenanza del canto, medita- 
ciones y vida de Rina Massardi. Recopiladas y editadaa 
por Alba Luz Massardi. Montevideo, 195T. 

96 p. lllns. 25cm. 
ML420.M334A3 60-23398 t 

MASSART, ROBERT, 1892-1955 

Bosmant, Jules, 1893- 

Robert Massart Bruxelles, fidit^ par Elsevier, pour le 
Ministere de Peducation nationale et de la culture [1961] 

15 p. 29 plates, ports. 25 cm. ( Monographtes de 1'art beige) 


Pankhurst, EsteDe Sylvia, 1882- 

Why are we destroying the Ethiopian ports? With an 
historical retrospect, 1557-1952, and Asmara: the heart dis- 
ease of a lovely modern city. Woodford Green, Essex, 
"New Times and Ethiopia News" Books [1952] 

72 p. Illua. 22 cm. 
DT395.P29 61-48916 J 


Giglio, Carlo, 1911- 

L'impresa di Massaua (1884-85) Roma, Istituto italiano 
per 1'Africa, 1955. 

188 p. 26 cm. (Collana di studl dl storla e polltlca afrlcana. 1) 
DT398.M3G54 64-36135 J 

MASSAWOMEKE INDIANS see Iroquois Indians 

MASSE, ENEMOND, 1575-1646 

Pouliot, L^on. 

Aventurier de 1'EVangile; le Pere finemond Masse*, pre- 
mier missionnaire je*suite au Canada. Montreal, Editions 
Bellarmin C 1961] 

115 p. Illus. 18cm. 
F1030.8.M3P6 63-29101 J 


Popov, Vblodymyr Dmytrovych. 

TemiOBHli poapaxynOK yx^e-itmix BaKyyH-anapaiiB ; 
$l3Him OCHOBH i MCTO^HKa. KiiitB, ,2Jep:K. BH^-BO TCXH. xrr- 
pn, 1958. 

326 p. dlagrs. 21cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 1409 TP 
TP407.P6 60-35689 


see also Communion-service music; 

TO 1800 
see also In nomine (Music) 

MASSES, STELLAR see Stars Masses 


Massey, Vincent, 1887- 

What's past is prologue; the memoirs of the Eight Hon- 
ourable Vincent Massey, c. H. New York, St Martin's Press, 
1964 [^eS, 

540 p. Illus., ports. 23 cm. 
F1034.M34 923.271 64-16396 


Nicholson, Marian Leila (Massey) 1902- 

The Massey family, 1691-1961. t Saskatoon, Sask., 1961, 
24 p IUus. 27x36 cm. 
CS90.M297 1961 63-40460 J 


Evenhuis, Francis Dwight, 1914- 

Massinger's imagery. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Mi- 
crofilms 1959j 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-3794 Mic 59-3794 

Iowa. Univ. Library 


Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris. 

Andre Masson: dessins 1922-1960; Galerie Louise Leiris, 
26 octobre-26 novembre 1960. [Paris, I960] 

lv. (chiefly illus., part col.) 17 cm. (/** Catalogue, ser. B, no 2) 
NC1135.M334G3 62-25485 

Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris, 

Andre Masson: peintures 1960-1961; Galerie Louise 
Leiris, l er au 31 mars 1962. Paris, 1962] 

i7j p. 45 Illus. 17 cm. (Its Catalogue. Serle A, no 15) 
ND553.M36G28 62-4363 J 

Join, Hubert 

Andre Masson. t Paris, G. Fall, 1963] 
88 p. illus. 19cm. (Le Musee de poche) 

MASSORA see Mas or ah 


Satie, Erik, 1866-1925. 

Oui; [lettres adressees a Pierre de Massot. Ales, PAB, 

[12] p. Illus. 17 x 22 cm. 

A 61-4044 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


Ahlqvist, Johan. 

Liver mast cell counts during development of cirrhosis of 
the liver in rats on a low protein, high fat diet. Copen- 
hagen, Munltsgaard, 1960. 

64 p. illus 25 cm. (Acta pathologlca et mlcroblologlca Scan- 
dinavica. Supplementum 142) 

A 61-3800 
Chicago. Univ. Ltbr. 

Eelsall, Margaret Aston, 1919- 

Lymphocytes and mast cells, by Margaret A. Kelsall and 
Edward D. Crabb. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, 1959. 

399 p. illus. 24cm. 
QP95.K4 612.42 59-13510 J 

Riley, James F 

The mast cells. Foreword by Henry Dale. Edinburgh, 
E. & S. Livingstone, 1959. 

x, 181 p. Illus., dlagrs., tables. 26 cm. 

A 60-3671 
Kochester. Univ. Libr. 

Rudzltis, Kristaps, 1899- 

renapHHOtjHTBi (Caso^HJiBHHe jieftKon;HTH H 
MHH nayK JlaxBuftCKOft CCP, 1959. 

135, tlj p. plates, diagrs. 22 cm. 
QP95.R8 61-47025 

Valtonen, Erkki J 

The effect of ultra-violet radiation of some spectral wave- 
bands on the mast cell count in the skin; an experimental 
study on mice. Copenhagen, Munksgaard, 1961. 

96 p. illus., diagrs., tables. 25 cm. (Acta pathologtca et mlcro- 
biologica Scandinarlca. Supplementum 151) 

A 62-1839 
Chicago. Univ. Ltbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Agency (Law)j Apprentices; 
Employees, Dismissal of; Employees, 
Suspension of; Employers' liability; 
Employment references; Hire; In- 
ventions, Employees'; Negligence; 
Respondeat superior; Servants; 
Trade secrets 

1949- ) 

Griill, Ferdinand. 

Die Konkurrenzklausel; das vertragliche Wettbewerbsver- 
bot des Arbeitnehmers. 2. Aufl. Heidelberg, Verlagsge- 
sellschaft "Kecht und Wirtschaft" tl960j 

80 p. 20 cm. ( Schrlf ten des Betriebs-Beraters, Heft 13 ) 

61-31305 t 

Kauffer, Josef, 1933- 

Die Vor- und Nachwirkungen des Arbeitsverhaltnisses. 
c K6ln, 1959, 



Raaflaub, Hans EmanueL 

Die Treuepflicht des Arbeitnehmers beim Dienstvertrag. 
Winterthur, P. GK Keller, 1959. 

60-23122 J 

15th cent. 

Stange, Alfred, 1894- 

Der Hausbuchmeister; Gesamtdarstellung und Katalog 
seiner Gemalde, Kupferstiche und Zeichnungen. [1. Aufl.] 
Baden-Baden, Heitz, 1958. 

122 p. (p. 49-122 plates) 24 cm. ( Studlen zur deutschen Kunstge- 

A 60-400 

scbJclite, Bel. 316) 
Rochester. Univ. Llbr. 

15th cent. 

Rensing, Theodor. 

Der Meister von Schoppingen. [Munchenj Deutscher 

MASTERS OF SHIPS see Shipmasters 

Tilghman, Zoe Agnes (Stratton) 1880- 

Spotlight: Bat Masterson and Wyart Earp as U. S. 
deputy marshals. San Antonio, Naylor Co. t 1960] 

21 p. iy t-ui. 
F594.M33T5 923.573 60-12556 t 


Place, Marian (Templeton) 

Bat Masterson, by Dale White c pseud.] J. Messner 1960 3 
191 p. 22cm. 
F594.M33P55 923.573 60-12451 J 


Master-ton, Elsie. 

Off my toes. t lst ed. 3 Boston, Little, Brown [1961] 

CT275 JM4637A3 818.54 61-12806 1 


Forde, Thomas H 1898- . 

The principles and practice of oral dynamics c byj Thomas 
H. Forde. Illustrated by Joseph Skellchock and T. H. 
Forde. rlst ed.j New York, Exposition Press r 1964j 
293 p. illus. 21cm. (An Exposition-university book) 

KK528 C .06F6 617.643 64-6661 

Rnbirtov, losif Solomonovich. 

OnsHOJioraa H naTO<f>H3HCX!rarHS Kenan*!* H ootaHns. 
JleHHHrpa.a;] Metres, 1958. 
12, p. Olm. 22cm. 

(part COL, .. 
Harvard Univ. Library 


rreterorWaltensburg; em Beitrag zur GescMchte 
der Wandmalerei des 14. Jahrhunderts in der Schweiz. 
Marburg. 1959. 

183 p. 20cm. 

MASTERS > EDGAR LEE, 1869-1950 

Derleth, August Wffliam, 1909- 

Three literary men; a memoir of Sinclair Lewis, Sherwood 
Anderson, Edgar Lee Masters. New York, Candlelight 
Press, 1963. 

56 p. ports. 22 cm. 
PS3523.E94Z5C5 818.52 

MASTERS, EDGAR LEE, 1869-1950. 

Mitchell, Stewart, 1892-1957. 

Lincoln and "the devil's advocate." Boston, 1954. 
29 p. 25cm. 


Hartley, Lois Teal, 1923- 

Spoon River revisited. Muncie, Ind., BaU State Teachers 
College C 1963?j 

80 p. 23 cm. (Ball State monograph no. 1) 
PS3525.A83S518 63-17878 

Masters, John, 1914- . 

The road past Mandalay, a personal narrative. [1st ed,.] 
New York, Harper C 1961j 
D811.M3lf Cm> 940.548142 61-10210* 


Conner, Emma Margaret (Masters) 1908- 

Conner and Masters, pioneer families of Guernsey 
County, Ohio; from pioneers to the twentieth century. 
Compiled by E. Margaret Masters Conner and Eobert Mon- 
roe Conner. [Cambridge? Ohio, 1963] 

170 p. 24 cm. Kft0ft1 

CS71.C7528 1963 64-56261 


Flaherty, Tom. 

The Masters ; the story of golfs greatest tournament. r lst 
ed.j New York, Holt, Einehart and Winston (1961! 

150 p. illus. 24 cm. 
GV969.M3F5 796.352 61-7631 t 



MASTITIS see Breast Diseases; Udder 


Ponente, Nello. 

Mastroianni, Gran premio internazionale per la scultura 
alia xxix Biennale di Venezia. Testo di Nello Ponente. 
Roma, Edizioni d'arte moderna, 1963. 

107 p. 88 Illus. (part mounted coL) &4 cm, (Album d arte coa- 
temporanea, v. 2) 
NB623.M36P6 64-2721 

Ponente, Nello. , . . 

Mastroianni. Text by Nello Ponente. [Translation by 
Valentina Scordiai Rome, Modern Art Editions, 1963. 
107 p. Illus. (part mounted col.) 34 cm. (Album of contem- 

NB623?M36P63 730.945 64-3285 


Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, 1835-1910. . 

Some thoughts on the science of onanism ; or, Mark Twain. 
in erection, with apologies to Bernard DeVoto. [Charlottes- 
vffle? Va. 3 1964. 

7 p. port. IS cm. 
PS1322.S48 1964 64-5964 


Bailey, Charles James Nice. . 

Two contemporary theologies of worship: Masure and 
Earth; a study in comparative dogmatics. Nashville, 196d. 

vu.1361. 28 cm. 

BV8.B3 63-25852 


Ogrodzinski, Wladysfew, ed. , . 

Bursztynowym szlakiem; Warmia i Mazury. w prozie i 
poezji. t Wyd.l. Olsztynj Pojezierze, 1963. 
415 p. 25 cm. 



Sukertowa-Biedrawina, Emilia (Zachert) 1887- 

Bibliografia Mazur i Warmii w okresie dziesieciolecia, 
1945-1955. Olsztyn, 1960. 

122p 24cm. 
Z2244.M3S8 02-32125 re' 


Wajsbrot, Tamara. 

Literatura o Warmii i Mazurach, 1945-1960; poradnik 
bibliograficzny. Olsztyn, Wydzial Kultury Prez. Woj. Bady 
Narodowej, 1960. 

114, iv p. iUus. 22 cm. 
Z2244.M3W3 63-29756 


Czekansfca, Maria. 

Na wieIMm szlaku jezior. E Wyd. l.j Warszawa, Pan- 
stwowe Zatiady Wydawn, Szkolnycli, 1963. 

86 p. illas., ports., maps. 20 x 21 cm. 
DD491.0709 64-40962 

Paukszta, Eugeniusz. 

Warmia i Mazury. Warszawa, Wydawn. Sport i Turys- 
tyka, 1962. 

155 p. Illas. 29 cm. 
DD491.068P3 62-58396 t 


Kowalski, Waclaw. 

Dolina Wielkich Jezior Mazurskich; przewodnik turysty- 
czny. Wyd. 2. Warszawa, Sport i Turystyka, 1957. 

14 p mas. IT cm. 
DD491.07K6 1957 61-20613 t 

Kowalski, Waclaw. 

Mazury Garbate: Elk, Wydminy, Olecko, Goidap. War- 
szawa, Sport i Turystyka, 1954. 

58 p. illus, 17cm. 
DD491.07K62 60-33868 J 

Oriowicz, Mieczysfaw, 1881- 

Pojezierze Warminsko-Mazurskie; przewodnik krajo- 
znawczy. Warszawa, Kraj, 1952. 

154 p. illus. 17 cm. (BIblioteka turystyczna, t 13) 
DD491.06807 63-28082 J 

Oriowicz, Mieczyslaw, 1881- 

Wielkie Jeziora Mazurskie. t W "Warszawie, NakL 
Spoidzielczego Instytatu Wydawniczego "Kraj," 1950, 

7 p. map. 17 cm. (Popnlaraa biblloteka wczasowa, L 83) 
DD491.0707 60-33850 


Wankowkz, Melchior, 1891- 

Na tropach Smetka. c Wyd. 2. Warszawaj Czytelnik, 

440 p. illus. 25 cm. 
DD491.07W3 1959 63-28569 t 

Z dziejow Warmii i Mazur. Kedaktor: Edward Martuszew- 
sMj Olsztyn, Stowarzyszenie Spoieczno-Kulturalne "Po- 
jezierze," 1958. 

192 p. Illus. 25cm. 
DD491.068Z2 59-46574 J 


Chojnacki, Wfedyslaw, ed. 

Mazury i Warmia, 1800-1870; wybor zr6del, cWyd. l.j 
Wroclaw, Zaklad Farodowy im. Ossolinskich, 1959. 

MY, 745 p. lllns. 22 cm. 
DD491.O7C43 60-30039 J 

MASURIUM see Technetium 


Rayner, William. 

The tribe and its successors; an account of African tradi- 
tional life and European settlement in Southern Rhodesia. 
New York, Praeger C 1962j 

230 p. Ulna. 2$ cm. (Books that matter) 


MATABELE TALES see Tales, Matabele 


Pearce, William Martin. 1913- 

The Matador Land and Cattle Company. t lst ed.] Nor- 
man, University of Oklahoma Press [ C 1964j 

xlv, 244 p. illus., ports., maps. 23cm. 
HD9433.TJ52M3 338.1762 64-11321 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATADORS see Bull-fighters 


Ponte Dominguez, Francisco J 1906- 

Matanzas; biograiia de una provincia. Habana, Impr. 

"El Siglo xx," 1959. 
354 p. Illus. 25 cm. 

F1815.P6 61-34337 \ 

Nuestra SeHora de los Milagros (Spanish 


Pack, S W 

The Battle of Matapan. New York, MacMillan [1961] 
183 p, Illus. 23 cm, 
D775.5.M3P3 940.545942 61-2153 \ 

Seth, Ronald. 

Two fleets surprised; the story of the Battle of Cape 
Matapan, Mediterranean, March, 1941. Forewords by 
Angelo lachino and Sir William James. London, G. Bles 

t j 

201 p. illus. 23 cm. 
D775.5.M3S4 1960 




Goens, Kijklof ran, 1619-1682. 

l>e vijf gezantschapsreizen van Rijklof van Goens naar 
hot hof van Mataram, 1648-1654, uitg. door H. J. de Graaf. 
VGravenhage, M. Nijhoff, 1956. 

xvi, 280 p. group port, maps (1 fold.) 26 cm. (Werkea aitg. 
door de Llnsdioten-Vereenlging, 59) 
DS646.29.M3G6 57-46552 rev 


Casas, Joaquin, 1911- 

Calidoscopi de la ciutat blava. T l. ed., Vilassar de Mar, 

154 p. Illus. 17cm. (IJibres blaus de Vilassar 1 del Maresme, 2) 
DP402.M28C3 62-33098 t 

Casas, Joaquin, 1911- 

Cel-luloide ranci; el Mataro del men temps. Palma de 
Mallorca, Editorial Moll []958j 

146 p. 16cm. (BlbliotecaEalxa,T.26) 
DP402.M28C32 62-33086 t 

MATAS, RUDOLPH, 1860-1957 

Cohn, Isidore, 1885- 

Rudolph Matas; a biography of one of the great pioneers 
in surgery r byj Isidore Cohn with Hermann B. Beutsch. 
[1st ed.j Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1960. 

4Slp. mm. 25cm. 
R154JH29875C6 926.1 60-9471 t 

see Kuwait, Arabia (State) Matba'at 

MATCH BOX LABELS see Matchbox labels 
MATCH COVERS see Matchc overs 

Fnjii, Shiffera, 1908- ed. 

fftt I** 

x,S80 p. dlagrs^ tables. 22cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

1. Match industry. 2. Match Industry Japan. i. Title 

Title romanized: Matcbl kogy6 kOeO ton. 


J 64-1284 

Kreuger, Torsten, 1884- 

Kreuger & Ton. Forord och. utredning av Robert 
Kristensson. Stockholm, Nutur och knltar E 1963j 
288 p, lUos., ports, lacalm, 25cm. 


Vanchenko, Petr Demidovich. 

OiSopyflOBaHHe cnnieKHoro nponsBOACTBa, ero PCMOHT H 
MOirraac. ^onynteno B Ka^ecxse y?e6HHKa ,a;jrK TexHHKyMOB. 
MocKsa, rocjrec6yMH3flax, 1960. 

207 p. illus. 28cm. 


Gt. Brit. Monopolies Commission. 

Report on the supply and export of matches and the sup- 
ply of match-making machinery. London, H. M. Stationery 

Off. [1953, 

T, 135 p. 25 cm. dOt. Brit. Parliament, 1958-1954, House of 
<3ommons. [Beports and papers] 161) 
HD9999.M23G75 54-42484 rev 

Fujii, Shigeru, 1908- 

x, 380 p. dlagrs., tables. 22 cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

1. Match Industry. 2. Hatch industry Japan. i. Title. 

Title romanized : Match! kOgyO kOz5 ron. 

HD9999.M23J3 J 64-1284 


Smimov, Aleksandr Vasu"evich. 

ITepcneKTHBH paasHTHH $as:epHOfi H cmiieiHoft npOMHin- 
JICHHOCTII B 1959-1965 rr. MOCKBE, rociec6yMH3aT, 1960. 

31 p. 22cm. 
HD9769.P62R9 63-i5222 J 


see also Matchcovers 

Cruse, Alfred J 

Match-box labels of the world; with a history of fire- 
making appliances from primitive man to the modern 
match, together with a history of the world's labels, by A. J. 
Cruse. London, R. Ross & co. ltd. (sole distributors: Rolls 
house publishing co. ltd) [1946j 

127 p. incl. col. front, plates (part col.) 22 cm. 
1TC1885.C7 662.5 47-17710 rev 


see also Matchbox labels 

Minshall, Madeline E 

Matchcover hobby, handbook for collectors, by Madaline 
Minshall. 1st ed. Gardena, Calif., Printed by Clearmarfc 
Co. r !963 3 

158 p. Illus., facslma. 22 cm. 
NC1885.M5 741.67 64-7011 


see also Match industry; Matchbox 
labels; Matchcovers 

Bystrov, G P 

TexHOJtonaui cimiesHoro npOH3BOflCTaa. MocKsa, TocJiec- 
tfyMHSflaT, 1961. 

219 p. lllas. 22cm. 
TP310.B9 62-47029 t 

Cheng, Hsi-ming. 


Lessa, Luis Carlos Barbosa. 

Chimarrao. Sao Paulo, Departamento de Cultura, 1953. 
9, 362-460 p. Illus., music. 23 cm. 
GT2920.M3L4 55-34446 rev 


Kuczynski, Stefan M 

Grunwald. Warszawa, Arkady, 1960. 
57 p. illus. 82cm. 
DK426.K79 61-20044 J 

see Lopez Mateos, Adolf o, Pres. Mexico, 


Zuno, Jos Guadalupe. 

B. Juan A. Mateos; boceto biogrifico. 

53 p. illus. 24 cm. 


15 p. 18cm. 
At head of title : A KIT ffl X^ * 

1. Matches. 2. Match Industry. x. Title. 

TtOe romanized: Shlh ynog huo ch'al kung i ahou ts'6. 

TP310.C5 C 60-134 t 


Villanueva, Amaro. 

El mate; arte de cebar. Buenos Aires, Compania General 

Fabrili:dLtora L 1960, 

254 p. Ulufl. 27cm. 

SB279.M4V5 1960 



61-40072 J 


Garza Ruiz, Antonio. 

Estirpe liberal de Lopez Mateos. Prologo del Lie. Jos4 
Luis Martinez. Mexico, Editorial "Aloma," 1958. 

344, xxi p. illus. 23 cm. 
F1235X63G3 60-21740 J 


see also Anesthetics; Aphrodisiacs; 
Drugs; Drugs Dosage; Homeopathy 
Materia medica and therapeutics; 
Medicine Formulae, receipts, pre- 
scriptions; Pharmacognosy; Pharma- 
cology; Pharmacy; Poisons; Thera- 
peutics; Veterinary materia medica 
and pharmacy; and names of drugs 

Adami, Enrico. 

Farmacologia e farmacoterapia. 5. ed. interamente ri- 
f atta. Milano, Istituto editoriale cisalpino, 1960. 
1245 p. illus. 25cm. 

[RS187.A ] A 61-1574 

Temple Univ. Library 

Hale-White, Sir William, 1857-1949. 

Materia medica, pharmacology and therapeutics, 31st ed. 
by A. H. Douthwaite. London, J. & A. Churchill, 1959. 

525 p. 20 cm. 
RM121.H3 1959 615 60-36117 t 

JKrug, Elsie Evelyn, 1904- 

Pharmacology in nursing. 8th ed. St. Louis, Mosby, 1960. 
805 p. illus. 25 cm. 

Supplement. [St. Louis] Mosby, '1962- 

v. 24 cm. 

ES153.K7 Suppl. 
RS153.K7 615.1 60-12473 rev J 

Krug, Elsie Evelyn, 1904- 

Pharmacology in nursing. 9th ed. Saint Louis, Mosby, 

825 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
RS153.K7 1963 615.1 63-8059 t 

Lien, Chieh-ch'iin. 


218 p. illus. 19 cm. 

1. Materia medica. 2. Therapeutics. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Tsui hsin yao wu chih Hao hsiieh. 

Masutomi, Kazunosuke, 1901- . 

C 60-1189 

t 1958, 

211 p. lllua. 27cm. ( 

^ 1) 

1. Materia medica. 2. Mineralogy. x. Title. (Series: ShO. 
Oln no kObutsu, dal 1) 

Title romvnized: ShMOtn yakubuteu o chOshln 
to sura kodal aekiyaku no kenkyfl. 

J 63-700 
Harrard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 7971 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Li, Shih-chen, 1518-1503. 

Shan-hsi sheng Chung i hsiieh hsiao, T'ai-yiian, China. 

CHINA (Continued) 

^:^:|^g t 52^j ^^fi^^H All ^tJftURfi 

- P III m -i T is.-?- x m 7 ill H A R 

Hsu, Ta-ch'un, 1693-177 1. 

if 1957. 
^6,, 1622, 2, 2, 118 p. 20cm. 

$jf& ffrfc 1959. 
226 p. illus. 19cm. 

83 p. 10cm. 

1. Materia medlca China. 2. Botany China. i. Title. 
Title romanteed; Pn ts'ao kang mu. 

1, Materia medicu China. i. Title. 
Title romanteed: P6n ts'uo Chiang i. 

1. Materia njedicaChlua. i. Title, 
Tif Ze romanized: Shen-nung pen 

RS180.C5L45 1957 063-1081 

KS180.C5S43 C 60-^02 t 

ts'ao chlng pal chung lu. 

RS180.C5H75 1956 064-431 

Lin, Min-ju. 

Shang-hai Chung i hsiieh yiian. Chung yao hsueh chiao 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 7908 

Ifi % B-J w ffi w w m WwlWmw e vs w ^ Ifll 

& -Kt^m y [- > ^ttiBi' iiJv i5$:iil*i' xu 'M' ; 5ff^Hli^ : 

Urib-fJ 1958. 

Huang, Kung-lisiu, fl. 1769-1772. 

146 p. illus. 19cm. 

_h$$ _h ^ f 4 ^ fe ^ tb R5 fi 1960. 

2f JJL ^ft JUJ, jlO^Jc 3 X S SU 3R: _t ffifc JI W TT *F ?x 

572 p illus. 21 cm. 

$? ffi lilsi It 1959. 

376 p. 21 cm. 

1. Plants Nutrition. 2. Materia medlca China. r. Title. 
Title romanized: Chih wu tl pi mi ho kung yung. 

1. Materia medica China. i. Title. 
Title romanised: Chung yao hsiieh Chiang i. 

QK867.L65 060-3476 J 

RS180.C5S47 C 61-309 J 

L Materia medica China. i. Title. 

TitZe rowwntoeiJ: P6n tsao ch'iu chen. 

Lu, K'uei-sheng. 

Shanghai. Wei sheng chti. 

RS180.C5H77 1959 060-3098 t 

^^f-f^Ht^ftfJ^ s^^H"-. TO WiS -hiftRl 

_h JH 7U $k K" ife $IJ ^1 vS _h $* rh" -13. *k fej $ Jt"- ? J* 

Huang, Lan-sun, ed. 

flf It K^ 43 [1054] 

J- jfjf4^ jfc 7ft {ti )!g t 1959. 

^IsSltWtl^f^W^b XlBTiRiJS JbJS ^f 1 ^ 

2, 12, 280 p. 19cm. 

145 p. 19 cm. 


In colophon : Jii US ^" Sti"'^ ui llw. ift 

200 p. Ulna. 19cm- 

1. Materia medlca China. i. Title. 
Title romanized: Chung yao k'o 
hsueh hua ta tz'ti tlen. 

1. Materia metlica China. 2. Drugs. t. Title 
Title romanised: SluuK-hil sliih jln 

1. Materia medica China. x. Title. 
Title romanfeed.* Chung-kuo yao 
wu tl k'o haQeh yen chiu. 

RS180.C5L8 064-424 
Harvard TTnlr. Chinese- Japanese Library 7971 

p'leu p'ao chih kuei fan. 
RS180.C5S45 C .10-3-244 t 

RS180.C5H78 062-1087 t 

Mou, Hung-i, ed. and tr. 

jglHt^lf!^^ Kl'lS'^f ^JBllflSli _LS '4t 

Shen, Shih-yu. 

Ibragimov, Fatikh Ibragimovich. 

^f^te) 1953. 

^H^^^^ ^^FPHIiW (n.p.i H^AI^Ep 

OcHOBHiie JteicapcTBeHHHe cpe^cTBa KHTaftcKofi MC^H- 

Ifj'J K 1951. 

HHHH. TIoA pefl. A. <J>. TaMMepMaH. MocKBa, Me^rns, 1960. 
410, t 2 i p. illus. 23 cm. 

12, 2, 788 p. 10 cm. 

294 p. 18cm. 

RS180.C5 1 2 61-24520 

Knang-chou Chung i hsiieh yiian. 

1. Materia medlca China, i. Title. 

$n flc ^ ffl 4 1 1? r* 4'H * s r s is ^ r~ MI r* & 

Title romanteed: Kuo yao tl yao It hafleh. 

1. Pharmacy. 2. Materia medica China. t Title 

Affflj&it I960. 

RS180.C5M6 062-1707 

Title nmarized: Chung hai yao hirileh ching yao. 

248 p. 21 cm. 

RS70.S5 c 62-1014 t 

Nan-ching Chung i hsiieh yiian. 

Shih, I- jen. 

1. Materia medica China. r. Title. 

#351 A Kffif'i ttl US it 1959. 

ijjf 1956. 

Title romanized: Lin ch'uang shih yung Chung yao. 

9, 830, [3] 27 p. Illus., tables. 21 cm. 

RS180.C5K8 061-10 J 

Errata slip inserted. 
Bibliography : p. [831] -[833] 

551 p, illus. 10 cm. ( frf j fe, tf H -flj ) 

Rung, I-fei. 

^Pl H Bf & fiff 1952. 

1, Materia medica China. i. Chlang-su sheng Chung i yen chlu 
so, Nanking, n. Title. Title romanized: Chung yao hsueh. 

1. Materia medica China. i. Title. 
Title rotiutnieed: Chung-kuo yao wu hsueh. 

153 p. 18cm. 

RS180.C5N29 C 61-380 

RS180.05S52 1956 C 62-1620 J 

Pan, Hsing-chX 1882- 

Shih, I- jen. 

1. Materia medica China. L Title. 


is &S wwtiaA *jt nif^:^"w 

Title rottmnised: H>itv flmuif? y<> suou ts'P. 

/n PC |sy 4 (lOtJOj 

8, 4, 30, 48T, 2 p. lllua. l&cm. 

r tjajs * 

RS180.C5K86 062-1610 J 


Kang, ring-hsieit, fl, 1577-1593. 

f-j f I: ft #i W!" Rfc A US H [ $Si R $ , 4 1 M 3 s Hi 

1. Pharmacology Dlctlonarle* Ohlneae. 2. Materia medlca 

1. Pharmacognosy China. 2. Materia medlca China. 

T- PTU f f ' $J f W IR $i 4t IK A K; H t-; ,41 ltf>t ft 1962. 

China. i. Title. 

i. Title. 

129 p, ltcm. 

Title romoftfeeft Piao ebon yao hslng ta tzti tleo. 

Title romanised; Chung-kuo yao wu hsueh. 

1. Materia medica China. i. Pel-chlnsc Chung 1 hsiieh yuan. 
Chung yao chluo yen tau. a. Title. 

RM36.P8 062-^60 

RS180.C5S52 1060 C 61-2565 J 

Title romanced: Yao nalng ko k'uo 

sail pal wel pal hua chleh. 

SatS, Jumpei. 

Su, Shih, 1036-1101. 

RS180.C5K8 1962 063-1982 t 

g||S|tfOl^||i^ ^^iPH^F^ ^^ ^^HfJifc 

Hyfcci^j t io&] I$ft i/fctS Hf , fM^ci'*'^, 

H^ 1959. 

4t^ A K^^ th US it 1956. 

O, Sh!h-chn, 1518-1598. 

11, 5. 476, 26 p. illua. 27cm. 

100 p. 21cm. 

It 1954 

Added title : On the Chinese medical plants. 

Fac&imlle reproduction of ~/\ Sfi Hf ^^4" M ^ 
Each page represents 2 leaves of the original. 

6v. InS. illus, 18cm. 

L Materia medlca China. 2. BotanyChina. i, Tltie 

1. Materia medica China. L Title: On the Chinese medical 
plants. Title romanized: Kan'yaku no genBhokubutsu. 

1 Materia medlcu China. i. Shen, K'uo, 10817-1095? 
i. Title. 
Title romanized: Su Sh6n Hang fang. 

RS180.C5L45 1954 063-189 

RS180.C5S25 J 59-360 

RS180.C5S9 1956 C 62-2702 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA (Continued) 

T'ang, Shen-wei, fl. 1086-100.'}. 

,30 &, 


12 v (double Iwres) in 2 cases. Hint. 23 cm 

1. Materla medlca China. i. Title, u. Titl*'- C'ltins shili 
lei pel yung pe ts'ao. 

RS180.C5T3 1057 

otn<iiti:c<l: Cli'miK hsiu du'iip ln ohinff 
shih cWng lei pel yunp p^n ts'no. 

C 02-760 

T'ang, Shen-wei, ft. 1080-109:3. 

1 \\'i iKc fll IS S& ;f $t ii JfJ f r 30 % 
-It *K A K. fir ^fe fi j Jftt f't 1957. 

550, 2 p. illus 26cm. 

life & in f r- < 1204 ) fc ix c // i'- >fft #j HI> ivj * H- 1^ f n 

Bach, page represents 2 leaves of the original. 

1. Material medica China, r. Tltlt*. n. Title: Chiug shih 
Ch6ng lei pel j ung pn ts'ao. 

Title )<)>iiunise&: Ch'ung hslu ch?ng ho chtng 
ahlh chng lei pel yung {>6u ts'ao. 

ES180.C5T3 1057a C 62-2994 

Wang, Ang, ft. 1664-1694. 

.ijMf 1048. 
iv. it) cm. 

1. Matorln tuedlca China. i. Title. 

Tltl& ratnanize&: Pen ts'ao pel vo. 

RS180.C5W29 1948 
Wang, Ang, ft. 1664-1694. 

C 63-307 

2J.320P. Ulus. 19c 

Wang, Hao-ku, ft. 1298-1308. 

C 59-2373 

JlfeiiH: 1956. 

00 p 21 cm 
FacRluillc ivproduction, 

1. Materin tnedlcuChlna. i. Title. 

Title rowanteed; T'ang 1 p6n ts'ao. 

C 62-4190 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Wang, Su-yti, ed. 

Japanese Library 7991 

It fir** fife th 1957. 

IS, 67S p. illua., tables. 21 cm. 

1 Pharmacopeias Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Matcria 
China. i.Yeh,Chen. n. Title. 

Title romanized: Yao wu shuo ts'6. 

Harvard UiUv. Chlneae- Japanese Library RT0TS 

Wu-han shih Chung i yao hsxieh hui. 

81 p. 19cm, 

1. Materla medlca China. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Chung yao ch'leh chlh kuel fan. 


C 60-1821 J 

Yang, Shih-t'ai, ^ 1830. 

24,6<32p. 21cm, 

1. Materla medlca China. 2. Plmrnwcogiuosy. L Title. 

TiWc romanizcd: Pfin ts'ao ahu kou jflan. 

C 62-4325 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 
Yen, Chieh, ft. 1781. 


Japanese Library 7971 


( various pagings) 19 cm. 

1. Materla medlcaChliia. 
Yen Chieh, f. 1761. 


i. Title. 

Tte romonteed : T6 p'el j>6n ts'ao. 

C 6^-1913 


1 Matwln m1lrn -China I. Title. 

Title rrnnni:ed; W p'el r^ tu'ao. 

C 63-1 178 
Columbia Univ. East Asiatic Library 


Chee ? B M 

Ilmu pengobataE (super subur) oleh B. M. Ghee. Memuat 
resep 312 matjam obat-obatan dengan bahan-balian Jang 
mudah didapat di kepulauan Indonesia, dan 92 petundjuk- 
petundjuJr disertai da=ftar bahan-bahan makanan jang 
mengandung Titamin-vitamia Jang sangat berharga untuk 
kesehatan ikuti wet-alam. Semarang, Mandira [Cover 1963j 

91 p. ports. 22cm. 

[RS125] S A 64-5242 

Printed for PL 480 

Nihon Gakushiin. Nihon KagaJtwhi Karikokaz. 

1. Materla medica Japan, i. Title. 

Title romanised: Melji-zen Nihon yakubutsugakushL 

ES180.J3N5 J 60-403 


see also Zoology, Medical 
Gurov, V&cheslav Alekseevidu 


v. HIM. 22cm. 
Includes bibliographies. 

cuptio H npoasBOACTsy opranonpeitapaTOB. MocEBa, 

aT, 1961. 
307 p. Ulna. 20 cm. 
ES162.G8 62-65629 t 



Dobbs, Edward Clarence, 1903- 

Pharmacology and oral therapeutics. For students and 
practitioners. 12th ed. St. Louis, Mosby, 1961. 

578 p. Illus. 25cm. 
KK701.B62 1961 615.1 61-S949 t 

Francis, Lyman Elwood. 

Dental pharmacology and therapeutics t by] L. E. Francis 
rand, D. R. Wood. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1961. 

288 p. illus. 21cm. 
RK701.F7 615 61-14307 t 


Kutscher, Austin H ed. 

Pharmacotherapentics of oral disease. Edited by Austin 
H. Kutscher, Edward V. Zegarelli t and, George A. Hyman. 
Jfew Tork, BlaMston Division, McGraw-Hill r 1064j 

rx, 690 p. illus. 2Tcm. 
EK701.KB 617.63 63-16466 


see also Botany, Medical; Herbs; 
Medicine, Medieval 

Deryng, Jakub. 

Atlas sproszkowanych rosTinnych surowcdw leczniczych. 
Przy wspolpracy Bogusla^vy DobrowoMriej, Janiny Kamifi- 
sHej i Ewy WalewskieJ. t Wyd. L 3 Waisza,wa, Panstwowy 
Zakf ad Wydawn, LekarsMch, 1961. 

378 p. illas. 25 CJUL 
ES164.D3S 62-34116 t 

Drobotlio, Tiktor Hryhorovych, 1885- 


ciBeHHWft pe^arrop B. F. ^pofSoTticoj KHCB, HSS-BO Asa^e- 
MHH nays Ysp. CCP, 1958. 

335 p. 23cm. 
ES164.D7 61-43364 

Grieve, Maud, 

A modern herbal; the medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and 
economic properties, cultivation and folk-lore of herbs, 
grasses, fungi, shrubs & trees, with all their modern scien- 
tific uses. With an introd. by the editor, Mrs. C. F. LeyeL 
New York, Hafner Pub. Co., 1959. 

2v. (xvi,888p.) 86 illus. "' 

QK9.G7 1959 


Harris, Ben Charles. 

Kitchen medicines. "Worcester, 
tions ( C 1961] 

207 p. 20 cm. 

Kariyone, Tatswo, 1893- 


Natora Publica- 
61-17211 t 

11, 510 p. Illus., col. plates. 26 cm. 
First ed. published In 1928 under title 

1. Botany, Medical. 2. Botany Japan. 3. Botany Chlaa. 4. Ma- 
teria medlca, Vegetable. i. Kirnura, Yflfih.Ir5, 1898- joint author, 
n. Title, in. Title : Wa-Kan yakuyO shofcnbutsu. 

Title romanteed: Salsbin Wa-Kan yakuvO shokubutsu. 

QK99.K3 1959 

S 60-228 

Maxwell, Nicole. 

Witch doctor's apprentice. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 


353 p. Illus. 22 on. 
F2230.1.M4M3 980.6581634 61-10774 t 

Myer, Joseph Ernest, 1878-1950. 

The herbalist. t Rev. and enl. ed. n. p., I960] 
304 p. mus. 19cm. 
RS164.M1 1000 615.32 61-413 t 

NosaT, MykhaSo, AndrHovych. 

JTiKapctKi potnHHH i cnocofia Ix 3acxocyBanH B napo^i. 
;. B F. ,3jpo6"oT&Ka. BH^. 2., ^on. i BHnpaBaeHC. 
, , :par. ticft. BH^-BO 7PCP, 1962. 
p. illus. 21 cm. 
QK99.N58 1962 63-55403 I 

Palnta, Luigi. 

Fitoterapia modema; ricettario completo di erbe medi- 
cinali. Torino, Societa editrice internazionale t 1958j 
T29 p. Illus., col. plates. 25 cm. 

Purdue Unir. library 

Pomini, Luigi. 

Erboristeria italiana. Torino, Minerva tecnica t 1959i 
827 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
QK99.PT6 60-37004 

Rosef, Roger. 

Fomulaire des plantes m&dieinales de France efc du 
Maroc. Pref . de Eoger Thabault Babat, ficole du livre, 


24Tp. 26cm. 
QK99.K65 ^E 64-2696 

Ruwayhah, Amin. 

NE 63-375 

877 p. Illus, 24 cm. 

Unlv, Ubr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Sastroamidjo jo, R A Seno. 

Obat asli Indonesia, oleh A. Seno-Sastroamidjojo. Tjet. 
2. Djakarta, Pustaka Rakjat, 1962. 

9e7 SA6W829 

Simmonite, William Joseph. 

The Simmonite-Culpeper herbal remedies t byj William 
Joseph Simmonite and Nicholas Culpeper. London, New 
York, W. Foulshani [1957, 

123 p. lEus. 21cm. 
BS164.S559 615.32 61-2184 t 

Steinmetz, E F 

Drug guide for importers, exporters, dealers, etc. of botan- 
ical drugs and spices throughout the world. Isted. Amster- 
dam, 1959 ; [label : New York, W. S. Heinman] 

1 T. tllus. 22 cm. 
KS164.S827 615.32 60-53206 J 

Turova, A D ed. 

JleKapCTBCHHHe cpeflciBa HS pacreHnit. MocKsa, Toe. 

H3A-BO He#. JTHT-pH, 1962. 

815 p. Illus. 22cm. 
KS164.T8 63-34235 J 

Vademecum fitoterapii. Antorzy: Lucjan DobrowolsM [Ct 
alj; zesp61 redakcyjiny: Jan Mus2yfisM t et al.j Wyd. 3., 

popr. i uzup. Warszawa t WPLiS] 1959. 

6 p. 18 cm. 
ES164.V25 1959 


Wieand, PaulR 

Folk medicine plants used in the Pennsylvania Dutch 
country. Allentown, Pa.. Wieand's Pennsylvania Dutch 

48 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QK99.W47 62-514 J 

Zololnifskafa, Sofifa CUcovlevna. 

.leKapcTBCHHMe pecypcii $JtopH ApMeniia. EpesaH, Hsfl- 
BO AEaflCMHH nays ApMHHCKOft CCP, 1958- 

v. fold. map. 23 cm. 
QK99.Z6 60-23848 


Vsesoiuznyi nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut lekarstren- 
nykh i aromaticheskikh rastenH. 

Moocua, Me#rH3, 19 

T. dlagrs. 23cm. 
QK99.V82 61-25128 

MATERIAL HANDLING see Materials handling 

see also Dualism; Idealism; Mech- 
anism (Philosophy); Monism; Natural- 
ism; Realism 

al- Afghani, Jamal al-DIn, 1838-189T. 

Ufl JU>- cjUty C^giykJN Jf. Jjlt 


108 p. 24 cm. tJ 
Princeton UnlT. LIbr. 

NE 62-900 

Brunner, Constantin, 1862-1937. 

Materialismus und Idealismus. [Neuauflage 1959, hrsg. 
vom Internationaal Constantin Brunner Instituutj Koln, 
IQepenheuer & Witsch r 1959, 
l^,i6,p. 2icm. 

A 60-938 
Chicago. TMv. I^br. B825 

Dmitriev, AJeksandr Andreevich. 

Eopt5a ^paHiryaa 



in n n;epKBH. MocKaa, SnaHiie, 1955. 
22 cm. (BcecoioaHOe oCmecTBQ no pacnpocrpaHemno 
x H nayqHux aaaaKft. Cepws i, Ns 30) 


Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895. 

Caaroe cesceftcTBO ; nan, KpnTHKa 3q>HTHiecKoft Kpn- 
(IIpOTHB Bpyso Bay^pa H KonnaHHa;) Mocxsa, Foe. H: 
ncuiHT. JIHT-PH, 1956. 

239 p. 23cm, 
B803JE54 60-2 

Hs HcropHH HCMensoro MaiepHa.iH3Ma (noace^EXji xperi, 
zvm BCES) MocEsa, HS^-BO Asa^eHHH nays CCCP, 1962. 

203 p. 20cm. 

Hartmann, Georg Max. 

Der Materialismus in der Philosophic der griechisch-ro- 
mischen Antike. Berlin, Akademie- Verlag t 1959] 

49 p. 21 cm. (Lebendiges Altertum, Bd. 1) 
B187.M28H3 60-32794 

Ho, Feng-chl. 

60 p. 19 cm. 

1. Materialism. i. Title. 


Title romamteed: She hut wu 
chlh shfing huo t'iao chien. 

O 60-2263 

La Mettrie, Julien Offray de, 1709-1751. 

L'homme machine; a study in the origins of an idea. 
Critical ed., with an introductory monograph and notes by 
Aram Vartanian. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 

264 p. 25 cm. 
B2063.H5 1960 612 60-5759 

Ley, Hermann, 1895- 

Sfcudie zur Geschichte des Materialismus im Mittelalter. 
Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1957. 

572 p. 24cm. 
B738.M3L4 58-41992 rev t 

Matisse, Georges, 1874- 

Qu'est-ce que le materialisme ? Herblay (Seine et Oise) 
Editions de 1'Idee libre r 194-?, 

16 p. 19 cm. (Falts, textes et portraits. Brochure n 91) 
B825.M34 60-59666 t 

Mayer, Charles Leopold, 1881- 

Man: mind or matter? Translated and with a pref. by 
Harold A. Larrabee. Boston, Beacon Press, 1951. 

xx, 168 p. 22 cm. 
B825.M352 146 51-10296 rev 

Mayer, Charles Leopold, 1881- 

Materialisme progressiste. Pref. de AndrS Maurois. 
Paris, Societ6 franchise de presse [1947] 

176 p. 19cm, 
B825.M36 51-32759 rev 

Mintz, Samuel I 1923- 

The hunting of Leviathan; seventeenth-century reactions 
to the materialism and moral philosophy of Thomas Hobbes. 
Cambridge fEng.j University Press, 1962. 

x, 189 p. 23 cm. 
B1247.M5 1962 192 

Morales VaUarta, Mario. 

Tres ensayos de reflexion materialista; conocimiento, 
hombre y derecho. Mexico, 1960. 

268 p. 24cm. 
B825.M6 60-29747 J 

Oikawa, Tomoo. 

tt 1948. 

314 p. Illua. 18cm. 
Includes hlbllography. 

1. Philosophers, French. 2. Materialism. i. 0?ltle. 

Title romanitet: Fnranau ynlbutauron. 


J 82-788 

Pantin, Igor' Konstantinovich. 

MaxepiiaMCTHiecicoe MHpOBOsapcHne H leopna noanaHH^ 
pyccEHx peBOJtionHOHHKx flewoKpaTos; o^epKH. MocKsa 
Bacrnaa niEOJia, 1961. 

116 p. 21cm. 
B4235.M3P3 62-39725 J 

Saigusa, Hiroto, 1892- 

383 p. illus. 19cm. 

1. Philosophers, Japanese. 2. Materialism. r. Title. 

Title romanized: Nthon no yuibutsuronsha. 

J 59-193 


Seely, Charles Sherlock, 1892- 

Modern materialism; a philosophy of action. New York, 
Philosophical Library t 1960j 
83 p. 20cm. 

146.3 60-16173 J 

Seely, Charles Sherlock, 1892- 

The philosophy of science; essays in contemporary realism, 
by Charles S. Seely. New York, Philosophical Library 
r !964j 

xii, 140 p. 21 cm. 
B825.S39 146.3 64-13327 

Sidorov, Mikhail Ivanovich. 


TOCKOfl $njioco$nn. MOCKBE, USA-BO Bnm H AOH, 1962. 

404 p. 21 cm. 
B4235.M3S5 62^5051 t 

Stiehler, Gottfried, ed. 

Beitrage zur Geschichte des vormarxistischen Matenalia- 
mus. [1. Aufl Berlin, Dietz, 1961. 

310 p. 2lcm. 

B825.S8 A 61-5533 

Harvard TJniv. Library 

Timoshenko, Vladlena Evtikhyevna. 

MaxepnajiHSM ^ewoKpHTa. MocEBa, H3,a;-Bo AKa^eMHH 
H ayK CCCP, 1959. 

93 p. 20 cm. 
B299.M3T5 60-17338 J 

Tlusty, VojtSch. 

Boj materialismu s idealismem. t l. vyd.] Praha, Orbis, 


88, (2j p. 21 cm. (Edlce spoleCensk6 vSdy, sr. 20) 
AS141.E4 sv.20 59-49919 J 

Wenzl, Aloys, 1887- 

Der Begriif der Materie und das Problem des Materialis- 
mus. Munchen, Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wis- 
senschaften; in Kommission bei Beck, 1958. 

13 p. 23 cm. (Bayerlsche Akademie der Wissenschaften. Phllo- 
sophisch-Historische Klasse. Sltzungsberichte, Jahrg. 1958, Heft 3) 
AS182.M823 1958, Heft 3 A 63-182 

Brown Untv. Library 



see also Building materials; Classifica- 
tion Books Materials; Extrusion pro- 
cess; Fibrous composites; Finishes 
and finishing; Foamed materials; 
Materials at high temperatures; Ma- 
terials at low temperatures; Materials 
management; Nonmetallic materials; 
Strategic materials; Weathering 

Abreu, Sylvio Froes, 1902- 

Recursos minerals do Brasil. Kio de Janeiro, 1960-62. 
2 v. illus., ports, maps, diagrs., tables. 23 cm. 
TN41.A6 61-20169 rev 

Adam, Cestmir. 

Manipulace s materialem. [Vyd. l.j Praha, Stitni nakl. 
technicke literatury, 1960. 

218 p. illus. 2icm. 
HD69.M35A3 61-25354 t 

Akademiia nauk Uzbekskol SSR, Tashkent. Otdelenie 

BonpocH 3HepreTiiKii, aBTOMatiiKH, ropnoro ^ 
npOMBini-ieHHOCTH. C OTB, pe^aKTOp M. 3. 
TamKCHT, Hafl-BO AKaACMini nayic y3<5eKCKOft CCP, 1961. 

243 p. Illus., map, dlagrs. 27 cm. 

Alekseev, Serge! Aleksandrovich. 

HopMHposaHHe H ys&i zcnojtisoBaHHK MaiepHajiOB B npo- 
HSBOflCTBe. MocKsa, TocnjiaHH3flaT, 1951. 

198 p. illus. 22cm. 
TA368.A4 52-33381 rev 

Alexander, John Malcolm. 

Manufacturing properties of materials t^Ji J- M- Alex- 
ander and R. C. Bi-ewer. London, New York, Van Nbstrand 


il, 489 p. dlagrs., tables. 24cm. 
TA403.A39 1963 620.11 

Bahl, S K 

Engineering materials. Delhi, Kainbow Book Ck>. 
150 p. illus. 28cm. 
TA403.B22 S A 68-1037 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATERIALS (Continued) 

Benev, Benko. 

KoMimeKCHOTO HanoJusyBane na cypOBUHHxe B passm-nexo 
na npOMHnweHOcrra npea nepaofla 1961-1980 r. CO$HJT, 
Hayra. H H3KycTBO, 1963. 

169, [8] p. tables. 20 cm. 
T58.B313 64-37267 

Buianov, Aleksandr Fedorovich. 

MaiepnajiH HacTOflmero H (Syflymero. MocKsa, Been, nsfl- 
BO, 1959. 

240 p. illus. 21 cm. (HayiHO-nonyjijipHaji CH&moTeica) 
TP149.B8 1959 60-29224 J 

Chandra, J 

Engineering materiala With a foreword by Romesh 
Chandra, jlsted.y Allahabad, Saroj Prakashan, 1962. 

288 p. illus. 22 cm. 

Chirkin, Viktor Sergeevich. 

Tenjio$H3HHecKB:e CBoHciBa Marepna-iOB ; cnpasoiHoe rto- 
co6*He. MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO (JmsiiKO-MaxeMaxHHecKoii JIHX- 
pu, 1959. 

856 p. tables. 21 cm. 
TA407.C57 60-17261 

Chirkin, Viktor Sergeevich. 

TerutonpOBOAHOcxi, npOMmmieHHHX MaxepnajroB. Hafl. 2., 
nepep. H flon. MocKBa, Mamrns, 1962. 

245 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
TA407.C58 1962 63-35993 J 

Chorlton, F 

Mechanics of materials for engineers. New York, Wiley 

158 p. 21 cm. 
TA405.C52 620.112 62-5581 J 

Christen, Hermann. 

Kleine Werkstoffkunde; ein Lehrbuch fiir den Unterricht 
und zum Selbststudium. Frauenfeld, Huber r!958j 

Till, 288 p. illus., tables. 21 cm. 

A 60-1997 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Conference on Physical Chemistry in Aerodynamics and 
Space Flight, University of Pennsylvania, 1959. 

Physical chemistry in aerodynamics and space flight; pro- 
ceedings. Edited by A. L, Myerson and A. C. Harrison. 
Oxford, New York, Symposium Publications Division, Per- 
gamon Press, 1961. 

vili,288p. Illus., diagra., tables. 26cm. 
TL573.C62 1959 629.1323 61-3592 

Drastik, FrantiSek. 

2elezni6ni materialy. Yyd. 1. Prahaj Dopravnl nakl., 

389 p. lllus. 21cm. 
TF345JD7 61-40158 J 

Flimm, Joseph, 1903- 

Werkstoffe. 3. Aufl. Braunschweig, G, Westermann 

T. Illus., dlagrs. 24 cm. (Westennann-Fachbticher fttr Inge- 
nienre. MaschLnentectralk) 
TA403.F532 64-32136 

Franciosi, Giovanni Francesco. 

Raffronti economic! relativi all'impiego, per una, determi- 
nata opera, di legname iniettato per la difesa contro gli 
agenti di&truttori del legno in luogo di legname allo state 
naturale. Estensione del metodo di raffronto economico di 
impiego a due qualsiasi materiali da costruzione. Napoli, 
Societa italiana Rueping (1958, 

44 p. Ulus., tables. 29cm. 

A 60-795 
Ohio State Univ. Ubr. TA424 

Gackenbach, Russell E 

Materials selection for process plants, New York, Bern- 
hold Pub. Corp. C 1960j 

318 p. Illus. 24cm. 
TA403.G3 620.11 60-11878 J 

Havli&k, Adolf. 

Hospodareni materialem v prumyslovych podnicfch. 
t Vyd. l.j Praha, Prumyslove vydavatelstvf, 1952. 

418 p. Illus. 22 cm. (Kntfnlce kovoprftmyslu, ST. 9) 
T56.H28 59-48654 J 

Hutchison, Thomas S 

The physics of engineering solids [by, T. S. Hutchison 
and D. C. Baird. New York, Wiley C 1963j 

868 p Ulus 24 cm. 
QC176.3.H88 531.7 63-12281 J 

International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. 

Materials of construction, by I. C. S. staff. Serial 5555A, 
c Ed. 1, Scranton, 1963- 

T. illus,, diagrs. 19 cm. 
TA403.1 53 63-25670 

Izo, Milan. 

Nauka o materiali i n pre elektropovolania- pre i a n 
rocnik OU a US. t 3. vyd.j Bratislava, Slovenske" vydava- 
teTstvo technicke] literatury t 1962j 

189 p. illus. 21 cm. (Bdfcla elektrotechnlclcej literatdir) 
TA403.I9 1962 

Jastrzebski, Zbigniew B 

Nature and properties of engineering materials. New 
York, Wiley t 1959i 

5Tlp. illus. 24cm. 
TA403 J35 620.1 59-14120 t 

Journees Internationales des gaz et materiaax humides, 
Paris, 1959, 

Journees Internationales des gaz et materiaux htmiides, 25, 
26, 27 juin 1959. Tenues dans le ca.dre de la Conference 
Internationale des arts chimiques 1959] Compte rendu 
etabli par Marcel Veron avec le concours de Henri Perdon. 
(Parisj Institut franc,ais des combustibles et de 1'enerde 

545 p. Illus., diagra. 27cm. 

A. 60-5443 
Illinois. UnlT. Library 

Kopecky, A 

Mechanische Technologie, von. A. Kopecky und K. Scham- 
schula. 2. neubearb. und erweiterte Aufl. Wien, Springer, 

431 p. illus. 24cm. 
TA403.K68 1961 620.11 61-19798 t 

Kopecky, Jaroslav. 

Jak zvf sit efektivnost spotf eby materialu ve strojirenstvf. 
c Vyd. 1.," Praha, Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1960. 

119 p. illus. 21 cm. 
HD69.M35K6 61-32482 J 

Koshiba, Sadao, 1911- 

2 T. (5, 525 p.) Ulus., diasra., tables. 22c 
Bibliography : p. |280j-272 ; p. t 522j-5KS. 

1. Materials. r. Title. 


ma romonfert; KOga zairyO. 
J 60-1087 

Liebig, KarL 

Unsere Werkstoffe. 3., verb, und erweiterte Aufl. Leip- 
zig, Fachbuchverlag, 1959. 

175 p. diagrs, (part fold.) tables. 24 cm. 

[TA403.L ] A 60-591 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Lokshin, Efraim lUdovich. 

BonpocH 3KOHOMHH MatepHajfcHHx pccypcos B npOMHni 
.leiiHocTii CCCP. MocEBa, FociuaHHSflaT, 1960, 

364 p. illus. 21cm. 
HD69.M35LO 60-44992 

Marin, Joseph, 1905- 

Continuum mechanical behavior of engineering materials. 
University Park, Pennsylvania State University, College of 
Engineering and Architecture, 1962. 

46 p Jtlua. 28cm. (Pennsylvania, State University. College of 
Engineering and Architecture. Engineering research bulletin, B-84) 
TA1.P35 no. 84 62-64185 t 

Marin, Joseph, 1905- 

Median icul behavior of engineering materials. Engle- 
woo 1 Cliffs. N. J.. Prentice-Hall, 1962. 

"02 p. Ulus. 24 cm. 
TAMVJ.M278 620.11 (52-7789 t 

Miller, Forrest E 

Mechanics of materials jbyj F. E. Miller t and] H. A. 
Doeringsfeld. 2d ed. Scranton, International Textbook 
Co. t 1962, 

550 p. Ulus. 24cm. 

TA403.M64 1962 620.11 62-12774 t 

Mretowa, Jadwiga. f . 

Organizacja gospodarki materialami i poiwyrobami w 
orocesie produkcyinym. Warszawa, 1960. 

74, 9 p illus. 2 cm. (Instytut Etaffiomlki I Organtatcjl Prze- 
mysla. Studla 1 matertaly. we. 145) 
HD69.P7MT 62-31566 t 

Partyk, Bohuslav. . 

Evidence a rozbor hospodafem materialem. t VJ^ 1 -i 
Praha. Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1963. 

IWp. diagrs., tables. 25cm. AA _^ A !TA. 

HD69.M35P3 64-37474 


Pascoe,K J 

An introduction to the properties of engineering materials. 
Kew York, Intel-science Publishers r 1961] 

295 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
TA403.P2S 620.1 61-66841 t 

Pennsylvania. State University. Dept, of Engineering Me- 

Materials engineering design for high temperatures. Pro- 
ceedings for a short course conducted by t the Dept of Engi- 
neering Mechanics and Greneral Extension Servicesj the 
Pennsylvania State University, June 30 to July 4, 1958 t with 
cooperation from Air Force Institute of Technology and 
othersj Edited by Joseph Marin. t University Park, 1958j 

418 p. illus., diagrs. 28cm. 

TA408.P36 620.1121 A 59-986 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Pennsylvania. State University. De'pt. of Engineering Me- 

Statistical methods in materials research; proceedings for 
a short course conducted by [Dept. of Engineering Mechan- 
ics and General Extension Servicesj tlie Pennsylvania State 
University, June 25 to June 29, 1956 t with cooperation from 
General Electric Company and othersj Edited by Donald 
E. Hardenbergk. University Park, 1956] 

155 p. diagrs , tables. 28 cm. 

A 60-4876 
Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Pogodin-Alekseev, G I ed. 

Cnpaao^HHK no MamnHOCTpOHxeJitHHM xaTepnasaif. Mo- 
CEsa, Mamras, 1959-60. 

4v. Illus. 2Ecm. 
TA403.P564 59-50213 rev 

Polivanor, P M 

x no^c^eTa seca ACTajteft n uaiepHazoB. Hs^. 
5., nepep. H AOH. MocKBa, Mantras, 1961. 

281 p. 27 cm. 
TA151.P74 1961 61-48336 t 

PoKvanov, P M 

Ta6jtHqH KXX no^c^era seca fferaaeft H KaTepHaaoB. Hs^;. 
6., nepep. H flon. MocKsa, Mamras, 1963. 

302 p. 27cm, 
TA151.P74 1963 64-29074 

Popov, Aleksei Aleksandrovich. 

ConpoTHBjreHHe uaTepHaaoB. ^onyrneno B Eaiecxse yv.e6. 


228 p. lllmt. 23cm. 
TA405.P64 53-31639 rev 2 

Popov, Aleksei Aleksandrovidi. 

ConpOTHB-ieHHe MaiepHajiOB ; TeopHa H aa^a^H. MocitBa, 
Foe. stayiHO-xexH. HS^-BO scamHHOCTpoax. J:HT-PSI, 1956. 

475 p. illus. 23 cm. 
TA405.P64 1956 

57-36470 rev 2 

Rajaraman, Sundaram Aiyar. 

Engineering materials, llth ed., with a foreword by L. 
Venkatakrishnan, Trivandrum, Printed at St Joseph's 
Press, 1962. 

308 p. Illus. 24cm 
TA403.K35 1962 S A 62-^933 t 

Rettenmaier, Adolf.; Chemie und Technologie c von Adolf } Eet- 
tenmaier t und Arnold j Yatter. 7., vollkommen neubearb. 
und neugegliederte AuS. Stuttgart, C. E. Poeschel [1960j 

4v. Illus. 24cm. 

[HF1041.E ] 
Wayne State University. 


A 61-2570 

Richards, CedricW 

Engineering materials science. San Francisco, Wads- 
worth Pub. Co. J1961! 

546 p. Ulus. 24cm. (Wadsworth engineering science series) 
TA403.K48 620.1 61-5917 1 

Rosenthal, DanieL 

Introduction to properties of materials. Princeton, N. J., 
Van Nostrand t!964] 

xxi, 359 p. illos. 24 cm. (University aeries In. basic eogtoeerin*) 
TA403.R573 620.11 64-65603 

Rumford, Frank. 

Chemical engineering materials. t 2d ed. 3 London, Con- 
stable 1960, 

884 p. Was. 23cm. 
TP157.E8 1960 660^8S 60-4815 t 

Sahasrabuddhe, Vasant B 

Properties, processes and uses of engineering materials ; a 
text book suitable for engineering students, with diagrams. 
t lst ed.j Poona, Anath Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan t !962] 

268 p. Ulas. 22 cm. 
TA403.S2 S A 62-935 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATERIALS (Continued) 

Shrfis, Pavd Abnmovfclk 

M.'iTepuMi.HurTexHiittOfcoe cia6**eime couEuaxacrme- 

, K..IM nj'O'HFjmicniKiKt upc^npn^TJifl. 2. in, 1 *., nepep. Mo- 

, Kfa, Tftf H31-EOIK.THT lUT-pU, 1059. 

Sfceln, Pavel Abramovkh. 

Fe:epp.H OICOHOKHU MaiepriMi,HHx pecypcoB. MocKaa, 

3aiine, 1961, 

(BcecamMM ofeecTBO no pacnpocrpaHeKHio nQJiHTiwecKHX H 
smmm. iHajwiwij Cepmr 8 ; 3KQHOMnica, 13) 

Microfilm Slavic 1809 HD Mic 63-31 

SheliitHrot, Mark l/vovielt. 

94 p. 'dims 22ca. 

iex KarepEtajiOB; c 


t Sart, Oraam B i 

Industrial uaes of selected mineral resources. Washing- 
ton, I*. S. I>pt. of Commerce, Business and Defense Services 
Administration, Office of Technical Services, Area Develop- 
ment Division, 1&54. 

U, 00 p. 27 n. 
TN15.IS3R 1!>54 660.838 58-62350 

Sorgfe, Felice. 

Merceologia; dalle lezioni del prof. Felice Sorges, anno 
accodemico 1950-60. Palermo, A. Renna., 1959. 

BCB p, dajgr&i t&Wea, 23 cm. 

A 60-4665 

Wnyap State University. Library 

Cnpa0TOMit no MaiepusuaM H o5opy^OBaHHK>. H3#. 2., Hcirp. 
a AGE. Mocxsa, PeiHOft TpancnopT, 1956-59. 

2 T. ilias., tables. 2ft cm. 
TA4Q5.SW 57-16951 rev 


374* Him 22 o 

1. Materkte. 2. Machinery- Cooatnicttan, T. Title. 

Title r&rwnize&i Chin kung kungr 1. 


C 63-1466 J 

Trostiimdkaim, Elena Borlsovna, td. 

Huaate Marepnaiu B TexiniEe. IT 03 pej. TpocrKHCEOfi, 
E E ., Ki i laiefijt, t. A , Cn n,i.ectpoBusa, C. II. ^onymjeHO B 
ia<3i\"Te yiC'l. nocotfug 4i CTV^CHTOE sucmnx rexn. yie6. 

saweACHiiii CCCP. Jlocoa, Foe. Hay<nra-TexH. IIS^-BO HC$- 

TXHftl a jnpHOTOHlllBHOft lUT-pH, 1962. 

Wp. Hiss. 2Scta. 
TA40S.TT5 6^-40778 J 

U. S. Z*5ry / Congress. Science md Technology Di- 


Ma,tiiaLs research chronology, 1917-1957, Compiled by 
Nathan Eejngold, with the assistance of James Park and 
Jobs Bice, Dayton, Directorate of Materials and Processes, 
Aercwatttical System? Division, Wright Patterson Air Force 


U. & .VWfeno? Bwm &f Standard*. 

Standard materials. t lst r ed.; 1954:- 

TA40S.I T 58i7 

. . (Ita (Spcnlar K2> 

QC100.US50 620.1 

57-61482 rev 

Fan Yliek, Lawrence H 

Ekaiients of caaterials flclence; an introductory text far 
ering stmlents. Sd ed. Reading, Ma,, Addiaon- 
Iey Fab. Co. ( 1964, 
% 445 p. t&w, SI cm, *Ad.l: 53 a- Wesley series Hi metallurgy 

TA4I,V Wt 



Kultorbedeatuiig der Woricstoffft, Mabz, Verla-g dw Aka- 
tefife il**r WiHtMssHkaftwi atl der Lite-raiar; in JCoaunla^on 
i F. Switier, Wksfeaden ( 2il&&) 

IS p. 25 OB. <AkMMl r Wiageasdiaftei tad <ter Uteratar, 

i Klasse. 

lu.VJ, Nr. 4 


Werkstoffe der metalbearbeitenden Industrie; Werkstoff- 

kunde fiir Metallberufe. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1960. 

248 p. Illus 23 cm. (LehrbUcber flir die Berufsausblldung) 

TA459.W48 62-27617 J 

Wu, Liu-sJienff. 

It K ^34 [1945] 
432 p. illus. 21cm. 
At head of title : ?FE SE ^c^ ffl H 

1. Mater-late. 


:.- Kunff ch'dog ta'ai lino shlh yea. 
C62-B39 t 

Wolff, John, 1903- erf. 

Structure and properties of materiala New York, Wiley 
t !964- 

r. Illus. 22 cm. 
TA403.W86 620.11 64-23854 

Zikeev, Boris VasU'evich. 

Kypc MaTepiiajtoBe^eHiiH c KP&TKHMH CBe^eHH^Mii no TCX- 
HOJorHH npoiisBO^CTsa. IIo^ pe^. A. K. IHyfiHHKORa. BEs^. 
2., nepep. H #on. MocKBa, 1961- 

v. illcs. 22 cm. 
T13 Z512 63-55599 

U. S. Library of Congress. Science and Technology Di- 

Materials research, abstracts, a review of the Air Force 
materials research and development. Edited by Charles D. 
Thibault. [Washington] Published for Directorate of Mate- 
rials and Processes, Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright- 
Patterson Air Force Base. Ohio, 1962. 

vll, 534 p 27 cm. 

TA403.TJ5825 620.1 63-60205 

-- Copy 3. Z663.41.MS 


Partyk, Bohuslav. 

Evidence a rozbor hospodafeni materialem. tVyd. 1. 3 
Praha. Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1963. 

1&4 p. diagrs., tables, 25 cm. 
HD69.M35P3 64-37474r 

Sibinakov, L E 

y^er HcnojrtsoBaHHa starepHajiOB B npoHSBOflCTBe. Mo- 
CKa, TociliHHHs^aT, 1961. 

81 p. 20 cm. (BHfijiHOTCKa Cyxrarrepa) 
HD69.M35S5 64-39691 J 

Volkov, Sergei Ivanovich. 

YHCT nocryn^eHHJi H xpaHCHna MaxepHaaoB. MocKsa, 
Foc^HHHssaT, 1961. 

04 p. Illus. 20 cm. (EMfi^HOTexa Cyxrairrepa) 
HF5681.S8Y6 64r-39705 J 


U. S. Wright AIT Development Division. Materials Central. 

Summary of technical activity. 1957-58 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OMo, Wright Air De- 
velopment Division, Air Research and Development Com- 
mand, tJ. S. Air Force t etc.j 

r. 28 cut. annual. (WADC technical note) 
UG633.A37757 016.62011 60-60546 rev 

Warsaw. Instytut Ekonomiki i Organizacji PrzemyshL 

Osrodek Informacji i Do&umentacji NauJcowo-Teehnicznej. 

Gospodarka materialowa w przemysle; zuzycie i oszcze.d- 

noid materialow. t Opracowala K. Milodrowskaj War- 

65 p. 29 cm. (Its Tematyeene zestawlenle dokumftntacyjne, 84) 
Z7914.M34W38 64-39880 


National Research Council. Advisory Committee on Per- 
spectives in Materials Research. 

Perspectives in materials research. Edited by L. Himmel, 
J. J. Harwood t and] W. J. Harris, Jr. Sponsored by Office 
of Naval Research, Department of the Navy, Washington, 
D. C. (Washington, Office of Naval Research, Dept. of the 
Navy, 1963j 

xli ( 771 p. dlagrs., tables 24 cm. (Surreys of naval science, 



Prague. Vyzkumny ustav materiala a technologic, 

Materialovy sbornik. 1956- 
Praha, Matice homicko-hutnicka. 

v. jlius. 24 cm. annual. 
TA401.P64 61-25511 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Work*. 

Study and investigations of use of materials and new de- 
signs, and methods in public works. Washington, IT. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1962. 

8 v. illus., maps. 24 cm. 
TA23.A457 62-^4900 


American Society for Testing and Materials. Division of 

Materiel Sciences. 

Symposium on major effects of minor constituents on the 
properties of materials ; presented at the sixty-fourth annual 
meeting, American Society for Testing and Materials, At- 
lantic City, N". J"., June 26, 1961. Philadelphia, American 
Society for Testing and Materials r !962 3 

v, 89 p. Illus., dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. (ASTM special technical 
publication no. 804) 
TA401.A696 1961 61-18599 

Golden Gate Metals Conference, San Frcmeiaco, 1962. 

Materials science and technology for advanced applica- 
tions. Edited by Donald E. Mash, for the Golden Gat& 
Chapter of the American Society for Metals. Englewood 
Cliffs, N . J., Prentice-Hall, 1962. 

787 p. Illus. 24cm. 
UG630.G57 1962c 

Golden Gate Metals Conference, San Francisco, 1964. 

Materials science and technology for advanced applica- 
tions, volume ii : Today's problems in the use of advanced 
materials. Technical papers. t San Francisco? 1964] 

736 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
TA401.G6 1964c 620.1082 64-5413 

Kanuner der Technik. Fachverband Maschmeribau. 

Werkstoffeinsparung und -Austausch. Ref erate und Dis- 
kussionsbeitrage der Tagung am 25. und 26. September 1953 
in Leipzig. Berlin, Verlag Technik, 1954. 

96 p. Illus. 21cm. 
TP5.K3 63-36354 J 

Material Sciences Symposium, Pam, 1961. 

Advances in materials research in the NATO nations; the 
proceedings of a NATO symposium organized by the Struc- 
tures and Materials Panel of AGARD upon the request of 
the Science Advisor to NATO. Editorial Committee, H. 
Brooks t and others] Oxford, New York, Published for and 
on behalf of Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and 
Development, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, by Per- 
gamon Press; [distributed in the Western Hemisphere by 
Macmillan, New York] 1963. 

Ix, 548 p. Illus., dlagrs. 26 cm. (AGAEDograph 62) 
TL500.N6 no. 62 530.82 63-12337 

Navy Science Symposium. Sd t Philadelphia, 1959. 

Materials research in the Navy. A symposium sponsored 
by the Office of Naval Research. Washington, U. S. Office 
of Naval Research, Dept. of the Navy r!959, 

2 v. (xxix, 764 p.) Illus., dlagrs., tables. 27 cm. 
V393.N3 1959 620.11082 60-60105 rev 

Research Conference on Structure and Property of Engi- 
neering Materials, North Carolina State College, 1968. 

Proceedings. Conducted by the School of Engineering 
and the College Extension Division of North Carolina State 
College in cooperation with the U. S. Army Research Office 
(Durham) Edited by H. H. Stadelmaier and W. W. Aus- 
tin. New York, Plenum Press, 1963. 

x, 335 p. illus., dtagrs. 24 cm. (Materials science research, v. 

TA401.R44 1962 


CREEP see Creep of materials 


see also Corrosion and anti -corrosives; 
Erosion of metals; Wood-decaying fungi 

Blahnlk, Roman. 

Mikrobialnl koroze. Napsali Roman Blahnlk a Valerie 
Zanova za spoluprace Silvestra Minare t et al. Vyd. L, 
Praha, Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1963. 

257 p. iUus. 21 cm. (Koroze v chemlck&n prumyslu a boj protl 
nf, sv. 10) 
TA407.B52 63-51832 


Environmental effects on materials and equipment; abstracts. 
v. 1- Jan. 1961- 

Washington, Prevention of Deterioration Center, Division of 
Chemistry and Chemical Technology, National Academy of 
Sciences-National Research Council. 

v. 26 cm. monthly. 
TA407.A1P72 64-3866 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATERIALS (Continued) 


The Encyclopedia of engineering materials and processes. 

Editor in chief: H. R. Clauser; Associate editors: Robert 
Fabian and Donald Peckner t and] Malcolm W. Riley. New 
York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. [1963, 

xi, 787 p. illus., diagrs., tables. 26 cm, 
TA403.E47 620.11 63-13448 



see also Fracture of solids; also 
subdivision Fatigue under specific 
materials, e. g. Concrete Fatigue; 
Metals Fatigue 

American Society for Testing and Materials. Committee 
E-9 on Fatigue. 

A guide for fatigue testing and the statistical analysis of 
fatigue data. 2d ed. Philadelphia, American Society for 
Testing and Materials fl964, 1963j 

vl, 83 p. Illus. 24 cm. (ASTM Special technical publication 
no. 91-A) 
TA410.A564 1964 63-16331 

Korchinskil, losif Lmtsianovich. 

MocKBa, Foe. ii3-Bo JIHT-PH no CTponre^tcTBy H apxnTCK- 
Type, 1956. 

71 p. illus. 21 cm. (UeHTpajibHwfi HayHHO-ncc;ieAOBa 
HHCTHTyT npOMbiuijieHHbix coopyjKCHHH. Hay-jHoe cooo"mei 
TA405.K58 63-47344 J 

6meHHe, Bbin. 


American Society for Testing and Materials. Committee 
E-9 on Fatigue. 

Five-year bibliography on fatigue, 1950-1954, -with index. 
Philadelphia, American Society for Testing and Materials 

y, 64 p. 28 cm. (ASTM special technical publication, no. &-AA) 
Z5853.M38A6 016.6201123 63-14392 


Mondin, Charles, 1892- 

jttateriaux de construction ; a 1'usage des ingenieurs, archi- 
tectes, entrepreneurs conducteurs, agents voyers, verifica- 
teurs, metreurs et commis de travaux. 4. ed. Paris, Dunod, 

215 p. Illus. 15 cm. (Aide-memoire Dunod) 
TA403.M69 1963 63-40605 1 

Sal'nikov, Georgii Pavlovich. 

KpaiKHft cnpaso^HHE MamHHOcrpoHTeji^. KHCB, Foe. H3- 

542 p. lUas. 21cm. 
TJ1165.S17 64-48865 

Chih-pin, ed. 

tt 1955. 
14, 417 p. (chiefly illus., tables (part fold.) ) 10 cm. 

1. Materials Handbooks, manuals, etc. x. Title. 

Title romanHed; Shlh yung ttfal 
llao kung tto ahou ta'6. 


C 60-2869 

see Materials handling 


American Society for Testing and Materials. 

Five-year index to ASTM technical papers and reports. 

v. 24 cm. 

TA401.A514 620.11082 57-2397 rev 

n. ASTM bulletin. (Indexes) 


Stambler, Irwin. 

Build the unknown; how scientists create the materials 
of tomorrow for the designs of today. t lst di ^ ew York 
Norton [1964, 

192 p. illus., diagrs. 22 cm. 
TA403.S69 620.1 63-11833 


Engineering materials and design. 
cLondon, Heywood] 

v. in illus., diagrs. 30 cm. monthly. 
TA401.E48 62-36516 

Umele hmoty; prehled informaci svetovelio tisku z obora 
novfch. uzitych a konstrukcnich hmot. 
Praha, Orbis. 

v. illus. 21 cm. 10 no. a year. 
TA401.TJ5 59-47583 

Effect of radiation on 

RESEARCH see Materials research 


Belgrad. Zavod za zatitu materijala. 

Godisnjak. 1957/58- 

v. illus. 24 cm. 


American Society for Testing Materials. Committee E-18 
on Appearance. 

Symposium on visual aids for standardizing and com- 
municating product appearance, presented at the sixty-sec- 
ond annual meeting, Atlantic City, N. J., June 25, 1959. 
Philadelphia, American Society for Testing Materials r !959j 
29 p. illus. 23cm. (ASTM Special technical publication no. 258) 
TA403.A545 1959 620.112 59-15657 


American Society for Testing Materials. 

Symposium on education in materials, sponsored jointly 
by the American Society for Testing Materials and the 
American Society for Engineering Education, presented at 
the sixty-second annual meeting, American Society for Test- 
ing Materials, Atlantic City, N. J., June 22, 1959. Philadel- 

phia [I960] 
IT, 51 p. 23 c 

. . , -1 p. 23 cm. (ASTM special technical publication, no. 263) 
TA401.A683 1959 620.1107 59-15655 


Davydov, Ivan Semenovich. 

Ta6:mn;u &3.S. no^ciexa pacxo^a MaiepHcLtOB. B noMom> 
HOpMHpOBinHKy npn HO^CICTC B eca ManiHHoerpOHT. Maiepua- 
JCOB. CsepflJioBCK, Mamma [ypajo-Cn6HpcKoe OT^-HHCJ 

254 p. 23cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 374 TJ 
TS210.D3 1954 56-17094 rev 

Lemasson, Georges. 

Materiaux de construction mecanique et electrique; desig- 
nations, classifications, caracteristiques, emplois, par G. 
Lemasson c et] L. Blain. Paris, Dunod, 1961. 

viii, 63, [Ij p. (chiefly tables) 27 cm. (Bibllotheaue de 1'ea- 
seignement technique) 

TA403.L43 A 61-5041 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

see also Materials Fatigue 

American Society for Testing and Materials. Committee 
E-ll on Quality Control of Materials. 

ASTM manual for conducting an interlaboratory study of 
a test method. Philadelphia, American Society for Testing 
and Materials r !963j 

41 p. Illus. 24cm. (ASTM special technical publication, no. 835) 
TA410.A5656 63-12699 J 

American Society for Testing and Materials. Committee 
E-ll on Quality Control of Materials. 

ASTM manual on fitting straight lines. Philadelphia, 
American Society for Testing and Materials t !962] 

v, 28 p. diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (ASTM special technical publi- 
cation no. 313) 

American Society for Testing Materials. 

Symposium on microscopy, presented at the sixty-second 
annual meeting, Atlantic City, N. J M June 25-26, 1959. Phil- 
adelphia t 1959i 

170 p. Illus, (part col.) diagrs. 24 cm. (ASTM special technical 
publication no. 257) A t 

TA406.5.A47 1959 578.082 59-15654 


American Society for Testing Materials. Committee E-l 
on Methods of Testmg. 

Symposium on shear and torsion testing; presented at the 
sixty-third annual meeting, American Society for Testing 
Materials, June 28, 1960. Philadelphia, American Society 
for Testing Materials rl96L 

v, 120 p. Ulna. 24 cm. (ASTM Special technical publication no. 

TA410.A555 1960 



Arkhangel'skil, Nikolai Andreevich, 1896- ed. 


no TOBapoBe#eHHK> npOMBiouieHHMx Tosapos. PeKOMeHflo- 
Bano B Ka^ecTBe y^e5. nocotSHji p,xx TosapoBeAHiix cj>aKy.ibTe- 

TOprOBOfi JtHT-pM, 1961- 

v. illus. 23cm. (TosapOBeACHHe npOMwmvieHHbuc TOBapoB) 
TA410.A7 62-65966 J 

Baron, Lazar' Izxailevich. 

HHJ* ropsHx 
nayi CCCP, 1962. 

217 p. tllus. 27 cm. 

nponeccos paspyme- 


Biuro Urz^dzen Techniki Jadrowej. 

Poradnik defektoskopii izotopowej. 0pracowali: Wla- 
dfaw Listwan, Marek DohrowolsHi Warszawa 11960?, 
61, ili p. illus. 21cm. 
TA406.5.B5 61-49198 

Bradfield, G 

Use in industry of elasticity measurements in metals with 
the help of mechanical vibrations. London, H. M. Stationery 
Off., 1964. 

xi, 159 p. illus., tables. 24 cm. ( [Teddington, Eng.j National 
Physical Laboratory. Notes on applied science, no. 30) 
TA410.B68 620.163 64-2648 

Davis, Harmer Elmer, 1905- 

The testing and inspection of engineering materials [by 3 
Harmer E. Davis, George Earl Troxell t andj Clement T. 
Wiskocil. 3d ed. Xew York, McGraw-Hill 1964, 

xvl, 475 p. illus,, diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (McGraw-Hill civil en- 
gineering series) 
TA410.D3 1964 620.112 63-21885 

Dolan, Thomas James, 1906- 

European research on the behavior of materials and ex- 
perimental stress analysis. A special report on a research 
project entitled: The behavior of materials under repeated 
stress. Project director: T. J. Dolan. Urbana, 1951. 

42 L 27 cm. (Illinois. University. Dept of Theoretical and 
Applied Mechanics. Beport no. 26A) 

A 63-1072 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Erdakov, Vadim Ivanovklu 

JlaCJopaiopHHfi zcpajcTHKyM no conpoTHB-ieHuiD MaxepHa- 
JHOB; AJM ciy^eHTOB saoiHHX BTVSOB. ^jorrymeHO B KSHC- 
CTBC y^e6. nocoCna AJLX BHCIUHX y^e6. sase^enHft. MOCKBE, 
BHcinaa mKcma, 1961. 

188 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
TA412.E7 64-47614 J 

Gepipari Tndomanyos Egyesulet. 

Rontgen anyagvizsgalat; a Gepipari Tudomanyos Egye- 
sulet tanfolyamainak jegyzete. t lrtak Sinay Gabor et aL] 
Budapest, Felsooktatasi Jegyzetellato Vallalat, 1958 

136 p. diagrs., tables. 30 cm. (Its Muszafcl kiadvanysorozat, 5) 

Hajdovsky, Vladimir. 

Zkouseni material^ a vyrobku rentgenovymi paprsky a 
paprsky gama. t Vyd. 1., Praha, Statni nakl. technickg 
literatury, 1956. 

402 p. illus. 21cm. 
TA406.5.H33 59-53304 

Illinois. University. Dept. of Theoretical and Applied 

Inelastic design of load carrying members. Sponsored by 
Wright Air Development Division, Contract no. AF 
33 (616)-5658, Project no. 7351. c Urbam, 1960- 

v. illus. 28 cm. (Illinois. University. Dept of Theoretical 

and Applied Mechanics. Report no. 174, 178, 180, 201 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

A 63-1066 

International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. 

Testing of materials, by I. C. S. staff. Serial 5670-3. t Ed. 
2i Scranton, 1959. 

103 p. illus. 19 cm. 
TA410.1 8 1959 620.112 59-50549 t 

Lehmann, Herbert. 

Werkstoffpnifung. 5., iiberarb. Aufl. Leipzig, Fach- 
buchverlag, 1961- 

v. illus, diagrs. 24cm. 
TA403.L392 64-28164 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


TESTING (Continued) 

BferjcaMs, Mark L'vovkh. 

K conpOMaMOCTB > 

naseiweaKi). Ho aTepiia.iaM BHHHHCM 
a X M. Hoaon- 

xaTwmatio naseiweaKi). Ho aTepiia.iaM 
AC it A CCCP. ,Aop*i: M. -1 Moprywc a 
nfij MocxBa, Foe nw-io -Mi-pH no crpoirw 
Terrype a CTOOHT. xaTepraua*, 1962. 

. . 

rwjfcCTBy, apxn- 

Te . eprau*, 1962. 

IS p ill w 22 on. CAoAewsfl* crpoHTCJibCTBa x ipnrreinypM 
CCCP HaBMiCcaeAOMTaiM:Kdi HHcnnryr opraHwaaiwH, MexaHM- 
^'H mwmnnftnoMoniH crpOHTeCTy. Bwpo TexrawecKoft 
Hajrmwe cootoeaw) A o,i 7fi7 t 

63-W767 t 


22 on. 

HCEHTarat sexaaeft H MaxepHMOB MarnaH a npa- 
i ; cdopHKK cratet. sun. 1- 

Mocim, Foe. HS^BQ JHT-PSI otfiacra aioMHoft HayKH H 

r, 1961- 
HtML 28m. 



M0sk0vskH doin imHchno-tekhiiicheskoi propagandy imeni 
F. Dz*ri3Bskogo. 

CtwpexeBUHe xeroxn EOHTPOJM MaiepiruoB <5e3 paapynie- 
IM. Ho* pefl, C. T. Hasapoua. Mocxsa, Mantras, 1961. 

25n. iDw. 28a. JA<I>M . ^_ 

TAAMAMM 63-46147 t 

Papaaiaa, Hratdi Sebo-tik. 

The response of linetr viscoelastic materials in the fre- 
quency domiin. Columbus, Engineering Experiment Sta- 
tkm, Colles* of Engineering Ohio State University r !962, 

x HT p. mm., taMM 28 em. (Ohio. State University, Colum- 
bag. Engineering Experiment Station, Bulletin no. 192) 
TAMO.P27 A 63-125 

OM State fair. Lfljr. 

' L H 

HaroroBzcue ofipasnos &IJE HcnHrasHft c noxom>x> ajtex- 


MMa jrexmix. JleHXHrwyt, 1963. 

46 r S 2i p, illtts. 22 cm, (JleHMHrpaACKHfi AOM Hayroo-TexHH'iecKOfl 
Cqwa: 3aacTporexHOJorHecKMe itpoueccu H ycra- 




RrimUtio, Abran 

l*6opa)pHHe pa6oisi no COHPOTHMCHHIO MaxepaajiO 
saji TexRHxyxo*. MOCKM, Enemas mKOJia, 1961. 

15p, Elw. 23 on. 
TA412.R8 63-45793 

, Mikhail Nikolaevich. 

paCorsi no conporHOCHHio MaiepiatajiOB. 

M. H. PyjimHHa. MKHCK, HSA-BO Maaa- 
BMCXOCTO, cpe^Hcro c^e^HaJ[!.HO^o H npo^eccno- 

Hmjwroro otfpasosaHHa BCCP, 1961. 

272 p. Ulus- 20 cm. 
TA405.B835 63-27715 J 

7. A & 5.) Jfonfe* regi&to S&SR. 
Zlpaitffjn, KcnuTaHUJ! cy^ocTponxoi,HMX H Manxnaocrpoa- 
TUI.BUX MaxepiiaaoB H H3j;Mi. MOCEBE, MopcKoft ipaHC- 


Mierofilm Slaw 408 TA Hie 56-4048 rev 

Ivan Stepanovich. 

K .ua^opaxopHiiM pafioraM no conpoxnEjie- 

Matepmajioi. I3o^ cxSmjeft pe^, H. C. CnHJcroBCKoro. 
B xa^ecrie y^cefi. noco^Ha &SJT CCJIKKOS. syaoB. 

MOCJCU, Bucrna^ mxoxa, 1961. 

181 p. Him. 21 CEO. 
TA41S.SS 64r-47623 t 

SovesfecSiame po metodam ispytanii na iznashivanie, Mos- 

1960. l 

MocKsa, HSA-BO 

coeroBieroot 7- 
T<^> M. M. 

237;;. Ste 


HH nayx 

Inapici trting of aatiaiials. Bev. and adapted by M. E. 

, "Usainw and Hudwa r*1961j 

62-48015 | 

SFith, Wilhehn. 

Iiwpwt twjttf of Bwteriak. Rev. and adapted by M, E. 
BaiDBr. New York, Gordon and Breach r 1961, * 

61-18792 1 




Symposium on High Speed Testing, Boston. 
High speed testing ; tproceedingsj v. 1- 


New York, Interscience Publishers. 

v. illus. 24-28 cm. annual (irregular) 


60-10589 rev 

U. S. Library of Congress. Science and Technology Di- 
vision. . _ 

Materials research abstracts, a review of the Air * orce 
materials research and development. Edited by Charles D. 
Thibatdt. [Washington] Published for Directorate of Mate- 
rials and Processes, Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright- 
Patterson Air Force Base. Ohio, 1962. 

620.1 63-60205 

Copy 3. 


Vsesoutoioe soveshchanie po teplo- i massoobmenu. 

Tenao- H Macconepenoc. 1.- coBemaaHc; 1961- 

MHHCK, Hsfl-ao AKaflCMHH nays BCCP. 
v. In lllos. 27 cm. 

Warren, Keith Alden, 1928- . 

Tensile and impact properties of selected materials from 
20 to 300 1C, by K. A. Warren and R. P. Reed. t Washing- 
tonj U. S. Dept. of Commerce, National Bureau of Stand- 
ards; for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. 
Govt. Print Off., 1968. a a 

ill, 51 p. diagrs., tables. 26 cm. (National Bureau of Standards 
monograph 63) ft /> 

QC100.U556 no. 63 63-60026 

_I Copy 2. TA410.W26 

Yugoslavia. Savezna Jcomisija sa nuklearnu enerffiju. 

Izotopi u industriskoj def ektoskopiji. [Seid Ferui<S, Olga 
Kova&vid- Jovanovid, Branislav Radakj Beograd, TehniSka 
knf., 1959. 

196 p. illus. 20cm. 

Znppiroli, Guido. . . 

Un grande impiantx> per prove statiche e dmamiche su 
grandi strutture. t Pubblicato a cura del Centro studi della 
Innocenti, soc. gen. per Tindustria metallurgica e meccanica 
con la collaborazione dell'Istituto di scienza delle costni- 
zioni, Laboratorio prove materiali del Politecnico di Milanoj 
Milano, Centro studi della Innocenti s. g. [1959?] 

89, t liP. Hlus., diagrs. 80cm. 
TA410.Z84 64-38195 


Symposium on Dynamic Behavior of Materials, University 
of New Mexico^ IffSS. 

Symposium on Dynamic Behavior of Materials. Pre- 
sented at Albuquerque, K Mex., September 27-28, 1962. 
Sponsored by University of New Mexico and Kocky Moun- 
tain District of American Society for Testing and Materials. 
Philadelphia, American Society for Testing and Materials 

r, 816 p. Illus. (part col.) 24 cm. (ASTM materials science 
series, 5) 

TA410.S95 1962 620.1125 68-20729 


Bdgrad. Institut za ispitivanje materijala NR Srt>jtf. 

Oddjenje aa komen. Rezultati itpitivanja prirodnoff jfeo- 



r. tables. 28 cm. (Institut za iBplttvanJe materijala MB 
Srblje. Publikaclja) 
TA401.B415 64-41288 

U. S. Library of Congress. Science and Technology Di- 

Charles J. deary awards for papers on material sciences. 
Edited by Lynn E. Catoe. [Washington] Published for Di- 
rectorate of Materials and Processes, Aeronautical Systems 
Division, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 1962. 

vli, 219 p. Illus., ports., diagrs. 27 cm. 

TA403.TJ5823 620.1 63-60206 
Copy 8. Z663.41.C43 


Symposium on Stress-Strain-Time-Temperature Relation- 
ships in Materials, Nvw York, im. 

Symposium on Stress-Straui-Time-Temperature Relation- 
ships in Materials; (papers and panel discussion j Presented 
at the sixty-fifth annual meeting, American Society for Test- 
ing and Materials, New York, N. Y., June 27, 1962. Phila- 
delphia, American Society for Testing and Materials t1962] 

T, 128 p. lllas., diagrs. M cm. (ASTM materials science series, 
TA401JS9 1962 


American Society for Testing and Materials. 

Five-year index to ASTM technical papers and reports. 




57-2397 rev 

Berlin. Bundesanstalt f ur Materialpriifung. 

Referatendienst Werkstoffkunde und Materialpriifung. 
Jalires-Index. 1955- 

Z5853.M4B48 " 63-42724 



Oulsnam, Stanley Repton. 

Engineering laboratory work t byi S. R. Oulsnam t andj 
B. G. Brothers. London, Cleaver-Hume Press 1960- 

v. illus., diagrs. 23 cm. 
TA412.08 64-41593 


MaterialprUfung. Materials testing. MatSriaux essais et 
recherches. Bd.l- Jan. 1959- 
t Diisseldorf 3 VDI-Verlag. 

v. illus., diagrs. 30 cm. monthly. 

Materials research & standards, v. 1- 
Jan. 1961- 
[Easton, Pa. 3 

r. illus., ports. 29 cm. monthly. 


Progress in applied materials research. 

London, Heywood, 19 

v. illus. 26 cm. 
Another issue. 

New York, Macmillan, 10 


60-4008 rev 


Armour Research Foundation, Chicago. 

Handbook of thermophysical properties of solid materials 
c by] Alexander Goldsmith, Thomas E. Waterman and] 
Harry J. Hirschhorn t ofj Armour Research Foundation. 
Rev. ed. New York, Macmillan, 1961. 

5 T. diagrs., tables. 29 cm. 
TA407.A72 1961 620.1129 61-11362 

Armour Research Foundation, Chicago. 

Handbook of thermophysical properties of solid materials 
jbyj Alexander Goldsmith, Thomas E. Waterman [and] 
Harry J. Hirschhorn t of] Armour Research Foundation. 
Rev. ed. New York, Pergamon Press, 1961- 

v. diagrs., tables. 31 cm. 
TA407.A73 620.1129 60-53345 

Chudnovskii, A S 

Tenjto$H3HHCCKHC xapaKrepHCTHKH flHcnepCHHX Maiepna- 




456 p. illus. 22 cm. 

62-65631 J 

Corruccini, Robert Joseph, 1917- 

Thermal expansion of technical solids at low temperatures; 
a compilation from the literature [byj Robert J. Corruccini 
and John J. Gniewek. Washington, TJ. S. Dept. of Com- 
merce, National Bureau of Standards, 1961. 

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Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company. 

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v, 293 p. diagrs., tables. 29cm. 
TA407.M5 620.1129 61-65236 

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Measurement of thermal radiation of properties of soEds; 
a symposium held at Dayton, Ohio, September 5, 6, 7, 1962. 
Sponsored by Aeronautical Systems Division, TJSAF, Na- 
tional Bureau of Standards t andj National Aeronautics and 
Space Administration. Edited by Joseph C. Richmond. 
Washington, Office of Scientific and Technical Information, 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration; [for sale 
by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print Off.] 

x,587p. ilhis., diagrs. 26cm. (NASASP-S1) 

TL521.A333 no. 31 620.1129 64-60165 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATERIALS (Continued) 


Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. Thermophysical Proper- 
ties Research, Center. 

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literature. Y. S. Touloukian, editor. New York, McGraw- 
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PenTcovskii, Vladimir Vladimirovich. 

^eftCTBiie o&iy^eHHJi na Metaj^iu n HCEOTOPHC TyromiaB- 
Kne MaxepnaiH. Kites, HSA-BO AxaaeiinH nays 7sp. CCP, 

182 p. Illus. 28cm. 
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Soveshchanie po probleme "Defetvie federnykh izluchenff 
na materialy," Moscow, 1960. 

ft Ha MarepnajiH. [OiBCT- 

HHft pea. C. T. KoHOoeeucKHfi] MocKBa, HSA-BO Aica- 
ACMHH HayK CCCP, 1962. 

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Effect of radiation on 






see also Metals at high temperatures 

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Landifa, N A 

Packer BHCOKOTeMneparypHux TerutoeMKOcxeit TBCPAHX 
HeopraHHiecKHX Bemecia no ctaH^apTKOft 3HTpomiH. TCn- 
JSHCH, HSA-BO AKa^eicHH nays TpyaHHCKOft CCP, 1962. 

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_: Copy 2. TA413.P5 


ZMtomirsMI, V K tr. 


cxpyicmiflx ; cfiopsHE CTateft. Hepesofl c amutHflcicoro B. K. 
2KfltTOMHpCKoro H B. H. KcwiTOBoro, IFofl pe#. I". B. yjKHKa. 
Mocicsa, H3A-BO HBoarpaHHOft JIHT-PU, 1961. 
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Nauchno-tekhnicheskoe soveshchanie po voprosam statiche- 
skoi i dinamicheskol prochnosti materialov i konstruk- 
tivnykh elementov pri vysokikh temperaturakh. 

Tpy^M HayHHO-xexBHiecKoro cosemaHHa. 

v. Illus. 28 cm. 
TA405.N35 64-50940 

Symposium on Chemical and Thennodynamic Properties at 
High Temperatures, Montreal, 1961. 

Chemical and thermodynamic properties at high tempera- 
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ical Thermodynamics, Commission on High Temperatures 
and Refractories, International Union of Pure and Applied 
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Structural mechanics series) 
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v. (loose-leaf) diagrs., tables. 30 cm. 
TA407JJ55 536.56 61-14568 


see also Cargo handling; Conveying 
machinery; Freight and freightage; 
Industrial electric trucks; Lifting and 
carrying; Loading and unloading; Motor- 
trucks; Ore handling; Pallets (Shipping, 
storage, etc.) 

Akademiia nauk URSR, Kiev. Instytut hidrol&gu i Mdro- 


HpnCopu RXX. HSMepeHHA napajferpOB rHflporpaHcnopTii- 
pOBanHa TBepflHX MaxcpnajiOB. Kates, HS^-BO AnaAeMHH 
Hays YKp. CCP, 1963. 

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Kompendier i produksjonstekniske og^ bedrifts0konomiflke 
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plBeringsridet for H&ndverk og industri. Oslo, Universi- 
tetsf orlaget, 1961. 

92 p. illus. 30cm. (NPI-prosjekt nr. 226) 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books-. Subjects 


Apple, James MacGw^wr, IMS- 

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RffaSd Press Co. ( 1MS] 

8.* ea-9241 t 



cwax. MocEia, M tarns, 1962. 

US pi *, tables. 22cm. 


BiI0na!iiensng des iimerbetrieblichen Transportwesens. 
Betrb. Ton E. Barteseh t efc tlj Berlin, Veriag Technik, 


3Mp. Him. 22cm. 
TSI4&.BS5 61-44837 t 

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MexaHHsaitBX norpyso^HO-pasrpysoiHBix H cwajcrax pa- 
6oT iia npominueBBsix npe^npHHTHJix. Mocsua, HSA-BO 

3KOH. 3HT-pM, 1968. 

are p. mm 22cm. 
TSISWW 64-44656 

Bornurr, Georgi Stoanov. 


TpaHCHOpi. LO$H, lex- 

Cepel, Edward, 

Wplyw oEganizuji transporta wewaetrzmego na. ksztalto- 
wanie si wjdajno&i pracy w stokmiach budowknych. 

Poznan, IMS. _^ ^ w _ 

50 D, tafctes. 24 en. (PomansMe Towarzystwo Pnqrjadol Jgnfc 

Wy*Klal Nauk Tectalcasydku Pracc Komtejl Bwtowy MaBzjn 1 Elek- 

treteetalkl, t 2, zesz, S) 

TJ4.P67 t.2,zesz.S 64-38186 


l*)r> p Him. 10 CHI. 

1, Mat* t uite tuuMliiog r. Title. 

\e romanfeetf: Wu liao eh'u li. 
C 60-38 t 

Republic, Mmwt&rstvo vmtrn&w obchodu. 

Zafin{ a medhanizmc'ni prostfedky pro velko-obchodni 
sklady; .katalog. UspoMdal R. Fiala. 1. vyd.j Praha, 

Vydavatelsvl obchsodu, 1962. 

TSl8.CS? l m ' m " 63-53129 J 

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Goide dm teckiiqiw d'implantaticm et de manutention 
duts Peatreprise, pax Daniel Dagallksr et Maurice Alary, 

Paris, GpaTiie francai^ d'WItions 1961j 

S2p. mm. Kern. 
TS1551S2 63-25878 t 

efc stwka^e industrials. Prl . de Marcel 

Anmolfc. Paris, Ckmptgnie franoaise d*Mitions t 1964, 

SS4p. S'lcs., siiagrs,, forms, tables. 25cm. 


transport; foeretning fra em studiereise i U. S. A. 

I ma|-jali ItM. Udg. ved Udwirigmiinisteriets foranstalt- 
ninc. fKffecBfeara, I kommissioo hos A. F. H#st 3 1&57. 
TO p, sHiw, 24 a |Teto!k bisstand under Marshallplanen, 

o.2ra 63-38876 t 

EwaM T Car! Heirz. 

Hben, Pahrea, Stapeln; ein Leitfeden fur rattonelle in- 
Mobdfcrkbliicli* Tnm^KMtarbeit mit Gabelstaplern t von] 
Ewmld juaii tfteia- Leipajf, Fachbachverlag, 1959. 

Ml p, mm 22 OB. 
TSH.E7 miM 60-32135 t 

- York} 

l materials Wadling case book, edited by Lewis K. 
ITrqa"hrt and Carrdl W, Bajce. New York, McGraw-Hill, 

Till, 44 JL Slink, Oaim, fionaw <ta pocket) ^ em, 
TS149.F2 658.78 51-2369 rev 

"Dm g^rcttetea Mi Ilicnen ; hochst Leb.rreiches aos dem Er- 
eines erfolgreicken Materiolflassingenieurs. 

61-S4748 J 

Franzen, Gerwirt, e. 

Materialflussgsrechte Planung eines Lagers. Hrsg. von 
VDI/AWF-Fachgruppe Forderwesen. Dusseldorf, VL>1 

Verlasr 1959. 

24p Illus 2lrm. (Materialfluss im Betrieb) A60 _ 3878 

Illinois. TJniv. Library 

Geiman, Anatoli! Abramovidi. 

rpysoTToaieiiHHe H TpancnopTHBre ycipoftCTBa B Aejuio- 
jo3HO-6yMa>i irott H AepeBOofipafiaTHBanmeft npOMHnureHHO- 
CTH. ^onymeno B KaiectBC y<5. noco6H ^JCH TexKHKyifOB 
00 xteuxwosHO-tfyMaaiHHM, jrecoxiiM. H flepeBOo6patfaTH- 
BEID^HM c^e^naJII,HOCTaM. MocKsa, rocjec6yMH3Aax, 1962. 

448 p. illus. 22cm 

,Wyd. 1., 
niczne, 1955. 

484, lit P- l!lus - 


Ja*far, Ismat Husayn. 

Padstwowe WydaTO. Th- 

NE 64-728 

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P. J. Elsey t andj R. H. Woolley. Rev. Salt Lake City, 


33 p. illus. 28 cm. (Bulletin of the Utah Engineering Experi- 
ent Station, no. 96) 



60-63179 rev 

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Jugoslovenske zeleznice. 

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43 p. Ulus. 29 cm. 
TF662J8 60-23161 J 

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PesepBH 3KOHOMKH Ha norpyao^HO-paarpyaoiHHX patfo- 
Tax B npoMHUMeHHOCTH ; Ha npHMepe MamHHOcrpoeHHK. 

319 p. Illus. 21cm. 
TS159.K33 63-27703 t 

Khazanovich, M P 

BBTjrrpHSaBQflCKHii Tpancnopi sasoflos ^epnofi : 
ran. yiBep^eHO B Ka^ecrse yie6. nocofina RX.X rexHHKy- 


u ^BeTHoS MexajutyprHii, 1951. 

243 p. illus. 23cm. 
TN677.K46 61-48577 t 

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6a-5H16 J 

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Vnitrozavodni doprava v prumyslovych stavbacn. [Vyd. 
I., Praha, Stitnl nakl. technickfi literatury, 1963. 

274 p. Illus, (part In pocket) 22 cm. 
TS149.L3 64-39873 

, Vladimir. 

Mampulacesmaterialem. t Vyd. Lj Praha, Stdtni peda- 
gogickfi nafcl M 1960. 

47 p. 29 cm. (Ucebnt texty Tysok^cb. fflcol) 
TS149X48 61-43788 t 


Materialbewegung im Betrieb; Beobadhtungen einer deut- 
schen Studiengruppe in USA, von Walter Fischer c et aL 3 
Miinchen, C. Hanser, 1954. 

79 p Illus. 24 cm. (Eatlonallslerungs-Kuratorlum der Deut- 
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Leitfaden der Analyse des innerbetrieblichen Transports. 
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204 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Irwin series in quantitative analysis for 



62-9134 J 

Podborskii, Leonid Ermolaevich. 

MamHHH flJta paarpyaKH H Tpancnopxa noponiKoo6pa3HHx 
MatepHaaoB. JLenHHrpaA, Mamms [JTenHHrpaflCKoe OT^- 

HHC] 1961. 

192 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
TS159.P63 63-26505 t 

Polishchuk, Froim fAkovlevich. 

TpysosaxBaTHBie npncn;oco(5jceHH;a B MeiajunyprHH ; HS 
onHta sasoflOB. XaptKOB, Foe. Haymo-TexH. nsfl-so ^nx-pu 
no ^epHOft H nBCTHOfi MerajwyprHH, 1959. 

109, [3j p. dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. 
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137 p. illus. 21cm. 
TS149.R45 60-39871 t 

Remta, FrantiSek. 

Lozne prace v doprave ; mechanizafinl prostfedky. Praha, 
Nakl. dopravy a, spoju, 1963. 

401 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
TS149.R47 64-39872 

Ridel', Eduard Ivanovich. 

KoumieKCHaji MexaHH3a^Hfl: H a 
HO-pasrpv3o^HHX pa6oi c xapHO- 
CKsa, MamrH3, 1963. 

205 p. Illus., dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. 

aiHsai^HH norpyso*- 
HBTMH rpyaamt. Mo- 


Ridel', Eduard Ivanovich. 

IIepeB03Ka TapHO-niTyiHux rpysos naKeiaMH. MocKsa, 
Toe. tpancn. aceji-^op. HS^-BO, 1959. 

105 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
TS149.R5 60-18700 1 

Riege, Werner. 

Handbewegliche Fordennittel. Wiesbaden, Krausskopf- 

Verlag t !959j 

100 p. (p. 95-1C 

100 p. '(p. 95-100 advertisements) IHus. 24cm. (Transportprob- 

leme gelst, Bd. 8) 

(1923- U. S. S. JR.) GosudarstvennyL Jcomitet po 
detain stroitel'&tva. Otdel ekonomilci i organizatfsii stroi- 

PyKoao^cTBo no TpaHcnopTupOBice, npneiiKe, cmiaAHpOBa- 

HHK) H XpaHCHHK) MaiCpHaJlOB, H3flCJI)<lK, KOHCTpyKI^Hfl H O<50- 

py,a;oBaHH B cTpoiiTejitcTBe. 2. H3fl., ncnp. H flon. [Cocra- 
EHJ O. O. EepsoHj MocKBa, Foe. IIS^-BO Jinr-pii no cxpon- 
TejrtCTsy, apxHTerrype H CTpOHT. MaTepnajiaM, 1961. 

350 p. Ulus. 23cm. 
TA403.R9 1961 62-36612 

Smekhov, Anatoli! Alekseevich. 

AsTOMaTH3aD[HK Ha ci 
267 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

MpcKsa, Manims, 1962. 

Taliaferro, WeUons C 1938- 

Guides for improving institutional wholesale grocery 
warehousing. [Washington^ U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 
Agricultural Marketing Service [1964] 

17 p. Illus. 26 cm. ( t U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Marketing bul- 
letin no, 31) 

Agr 64-225 
U.S.Nat'lAgr.Libr. A280.39Ag8M no. 81 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. Bureau of Labor Standards. 

Mechanical handling of materials. [Washington, I960] 
29 p. tllus., tables. 24 cm. (Its Bulletin no. 219. Safety in In- 
dustry. Mechanical and physical hazards, no. 2) 

L 60-65 
U. S. Dept. of Labor. Library 

U. S. Bureau of Naval Weapons. 

Handling equipment for ammunition and explosives. 1st 
revision. [Washington] 1962- 

v. (loose-leaf) Lllus., dlagrs., tables. 29 cm. 

U. S. Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (Nawy Dept.) 

Materials handling equipment maintenance manual. 
[Washington] 1961 t i e. 1962] 
vili, 97 p. illus., dlagrs. 26cm. 

Vorobtsov, Evgenil Stefanovich. 

Mexanimn-HH TPDMHHX, saroHHux H CEJiaflCKnx neperpy- 


nopT, 1961. 

346 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
TS159.V66 63-36868 i 

Vrablik, Jan. 

Hospodarna manipulace s materialem. t l. vyd.] Praha, 
Prace; t nakl. ROH] 1963 

147 p. illus. 21 cm. (Oeskoslovenska vSdecki technlckd spoleC- 
nost. Nova" technlka, 14) 
TS149.V7 64-29663 

Wilmot, Charles Archibald, 1921- 

Increasing the efficiency of power used for materials han- 
dling in Southwestern cotton gins [by Charles A. Wilmot 
and David M. Alberson. Washington] U. S. Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Economic Research Service [1964] 

IT, 18 p. illus. 26 cm. ( ( U. S Dept. of Agriculture. Economic 
Kesearch Service, BRS154) 

Agr 64-293 
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Purdue Univ. Library 

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Zajednica Jugoslovenskih zeleznica. 

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Mechanizacia vykladania pri doprave ; v^berov^ zoznam z 
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Drobova, Irena. 

Vnutrozavodna doprava v stavebnictve; vyberovy zoznam 
odporucanej literatury [ku Dim novej techniky, v dfioch 19. 
a 20. ix. 1962] Zostavili L Drobova a A, Kramarova. Bra- 

52 p. 20cm. 


New York. Engineering Societies Library- 

Bibliography on flow of bulk materials from storage. 
[Prepared for the ASME Research Committee on Flow of 
Bulk Materials. New York, American Society of Mechan- 
ical Engineers, Research Dept, 1962] 

28 p. 28cm. 

^EkoMmika^avodnej dopravy; v^ber literatury. Brati- 



Warsaw. Instytut Ekonomiki i Organizacji Przemysfo. 

Osrodek Informacji i Dokumentacfi Naukowo-Technicznej. 

Transport zakiadowy. t Opracowalaj Zofia Pawlukowaj 
Warszawa, 1961. 

38 p. 29 cm. (Us Tematyczne zestawieaie dokumentacyjne, nr. 24) 


Burt, Stanley Wayne, 1924- 

Apple handling and packing in the Appalachian area. 
tWashingtonj U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Mar- 
keting Service, Transportation and Facilities Research Di- 
vision [1961 T 

III, 92 p. illus. 26 cm. ([U. S. Dept. of Agrlculturej Marketing 
research report no. 476) 

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U.S. Dept. of AST. Libr. !Ag84Mr no. 476 


Material handling engineering directory & handbook. 1st- 

ed.; 1948- 
Cleveland, Industrial Publishing [etc.j 

v. Jllus., dlagrs. 30cm. biennial 
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Mechanical handling. 

Mechanical handling directory. London, Iliffe [1962] 
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Handling international. 
[London, L. H. Tearlej 

v. In illus., ports. 31 cm. monthly. 

see Information storage and retrieval 
systems Materials 


see also Purchasing; Stores or stock- 
room keeping 

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Materials management. Homewood, IIL, B. D. Irwin, 

447 p. Illus. 24 cm. (The Irwin series In management) 
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College of Business Administration, University of Washing- 
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30 p. Illus. 28 cm. (Bureau of Business Kesearch, University of 
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Materials management and the profit center concept [by] 
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American Management Association, Purchasing Division 

11 16 p. 29 cm. (American Management Association, Management 
bulletin 44} K0on 

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REPUBLIC, 1949- ) 

Strauss, Carl Jiirgen. 

Die Qualifiziemng des Materialwirtschaftlers. 
Verlaff Die Wirtschaft, 1960. w ^ _ 

72 ^ Ulu*. 22 cm. (Fragen cter Materialwlrtschaft Heft IS) 
HD69.M35S7 63-34997 


1949- ) 

68 D^e^aterialwirtschaft und die okonomische Hauptauf- 
eabe Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 1959. 
^Sp. 22 cm.' (Fragel der Materialwlrtschaft, Heft 11) 
HD69.M35T4 60-25189 J 



National Research Council. Committee on Scope, and Con- 
duct of Materials Beseareh. 

More effective organization and administration of mate- 
rials research and development for national security; a re- 
port to Detlev W. Bronk, president, National Academy of 
Sciences. Washington, National Academy of Sciences, Na- 
tional Eesearch Council, 1960. 

Ir, 30 p. dlagrs. 25 can. (National Research Council. Publica- 
tion 718) 
U393.0.N3 355.8072 60-60025 

U. S. Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research, and Engi- 
neerinfj] Office of Fuels, Materials and Ordnance. 

Summary of recommendations for research and develop- 
ment in materials. [Washington) 1960. 

Ill, 54 p. 27 cm. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Center of Materials 
Science and Engineering. 
Report of research in materials science and engineering. 

1st- loei /es- 


T. 25 cm. annual. 
TA417.M3A34 530 63-5953 


see also Insurance, Maternity; Mothers' 
pension; Unmarried mothers 

Wallace, Helen M 

Health services for mothers and children. With 2 chap- 
ters by John A. Rose. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1962. 

xlv, 460 p. illus., maps, dlagrs., tables. 26 cm. 
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World Health Organization. Expert Committee on Maternal 
and CMld Health. 

Report. 1st- 1951- 


v. 24 cm. ("World Health Organization. Technical report 
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SaEOHO^arejiHaTa saKpiuta na MaaiHHCTBOio. CO$JHH, Ha- 
HiiOHajtnn CI.BCT na OjeHecTBeHiiH Opour, 195fl. 
35 p. 21 cm. (BwCjiHOTexa EojiHTHHecscH H myim zmmx, 17) 

60-42826 J 


Eoranova, Evgenifa. 

SaKOHO^aiejcHaTa sasqpujia ua MafliiiHCTBOTO. Co^uia, Ha- 
i^iiOHa-iiitr CI-BCT ua OxeiecTBeHn^ <f'poiiT, 1959. 
35 p 21 cm. (BaoViHOTeKa no^HTMHecRM M HayiHH aHaHits, 17) 

60-42826 J 


Canada. Dept. of SatUrnd Health and Welfare. 

Mothers' allowances legislation in Canada. Eev. ed. Ot- 
tawa, Research and Statistics Division, Dept. of National 
Health and Welfare, 1960. 

94 p. Illus. 28 cm. (/** Sodal security series, memorandum no. 

HD7090.C3 no. 1,1960 362.710971 61-33169 t 


Germany (Democratic Republic, 19J&- ) Laws, statutes, 

Gesundheitsschutz fur Mutter, Kind und Jugend; die 
wichtigsten gesetzlichen Bestimmungen zum Gesundheits- 
schutz und zur sozialen Betreuung. Zusammengestellt und 
bearb. von Doris Miiller-Rudat und Ursula Bossdorf. t l. 
Aufl., Berlin, Deutscher Zentralverlag, 1962. 
845 p. dlagre., tables. 15 cm. 



Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- 

Arbeitszeitgesetze, Jugendschutz, 

schluss. Textausg. mit Einfixhrung, Erlauterungen und 
Sachverzeichnis von F. H. Schmidt 2.Aufl. Koln, C.Hey- 
mann, 1959. 

185 p. 18cm. 

LLaws, statutes, eto. 
utterschutz, Laden- 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 




Indfe (RejmbUc] Laws, statutes, etc. 

"Workmen's compensation act and other social insurance 
kesMms, union and state, by Jnanendra Nath Baksi anc 

Kumar Mitra, Calcutta, S. C. Sarkar C 1950j 
jnfV2j&. 23 on. < Labour kitiattaa,T.l) 


Lam, statutes, etc. 
Workmen's compensation act and other social insurance 
legislations (union and state) by Jnanendra Nath Baksi 
ad Jiteadra Kumar Mitra. 2d ed. Calcutta, S. C. Sarkar 

sill, 418 p, 23 n. 



Mexico (5tefo) e, tttotutes^ etc. 

CWigo de proteccion a la inf ancia para el Estado de 

Mew. ToIuoi, 1951 

Tip, 2SL 


Sofia E vseerna. 

EEpaaa Marepat B petfeHxa. B CCCP. 3. HS,H. MocKsa, 

effiw, I960. 

138 p, 20 cm. (HayzHO-nonyjiapKaa MeftHmfHCxag jiHreparypa) 

60-42365 t 


Sweden. Laws, statutes, etc. 

HjUpformer for modrar och barn; lagtexter med and- 
xugtrorhtillaggto.m. Stokt. 1957. Uppl.1957. [Stock- 
holm, 1957, 
TO & 18 OB. (SYtfflska sixialTlntafSrtraadets Mfftexter, 4) 

58-38174 rev 

Sweden. Leva, jteto*, etc. 

Hjalpformer for modrar och barn; lagtexter med andrin- 
far och HSKgg t. o. m. SI okt 1960. UppL I960. t Stock- 

!! Wli 

tip. Mm. fgver^ka social vardafBrtHiadetelagteiter: 4) 



Turkey. . 

Ana re cocuk aajfrhgi merkezleri talimatnamesi. Ankara, 
Garsoy BasimCTi,, 1959. 

15 p. 21 on. <T. C. Sihtat ve Icttaatf Maavenet Vekalet! 

*arlyatslan, BO. 238) 

N"E 61-99 t 


BonpocH oxpaHH Marep 
M^csia, Toe. USA-no : 

T. ffifBL, JWtS. 



a H ^excTBa. T. 1- 
T-psr, 1956. 

DtfL of NaM&md Hmltk and Welfare. 

Mothers* dtowancw legjabtioa in Canada. Rer. ed. 
fttawa, Besmrdi Kfiskm. Dpt oi National Health and 

p. cabtas. 28 em, (/( Social seraritjr series, memorandom 

HD7CaCS nal 19/55 

55-39443 rev 


1949- ) 

Hwnsen, Hans, igfW- 

Sdirtz Had I^raoj|^ for Frtwan and lander in der SOT- 
jteBlon ml m MirieMstechlMid. Hamburg, Akademie 
ftr Steatewdaia Im Hamlmrf , 19^6. 

Jtt pi, . (Zur fkiMArag uud Organisation des Gcsund- 



Kapoct. LttdM,H.M. Stationary Off^ 
vtllS'p; EaKes. 25esL 
HTTOftQTAi 19M M115094S 



Solares Carney, Jos Antonio. 

Consideraciones sociales sobre proteccion materno-infan- 
til en el area rural de Guatemala. Guatemala, 1962. 

80 p. Illns. 24 cm. 
HV700.GOS6 63-34906 J 


Illinois. Dept. of Public Health. 

Suggested policies for pregnant women, at their place of 
employment [Springfield, 1960j 
15 p. illus. 23cm. 

A 61-9532 
Illinois. Unir. Library 


Holemans, K 

Contribution a la protection inatemelle et infantile en 
milieu rural du Kwango. [Bruxelles, 1960j 

283 p. diagrs., tables. 25 cm. (Acad&nie royale des sciences 
d'outre-mer. Classe des sciences naturelJes et m^dlcales. Mtooires 
In 8. Nonv. s6r., 1 10, fasc. 1) 
Q111.B78 n.s.,tlO,fasc.l 60-40718 


Community Council of Greater New York. 

Deterrents to early prenatal care and social service 
among women pregnant out-of- wedlock, by Blanche Bern 
stein [director of research] and Mignon Sauber [Senior re 
search associate] Albany, New York State Dept. of Socia 
Welfare f 1960, 

179 p. tables. 23cm. 
HV700.5.C58 362.8 A 61-9557 

New York, State Libr. 


Komiteen for internasjonale sosialpolitiske saker. 

Family and child welfare in Norway, a survey. Oslo, 


55 p. 21 cm. 
HV788.A253 362.7 53-30241 rev J 

Langholm, Magne. 

Family and child welfare in Norway. [English version 
by Trevor Chadwick] Oslo, Norwegian Joint Committee 
on International Social Policy, 1961. 

146 p. illus. 21 cm. 


Harmsen, Hans, 1899- 

Schutz und Fiirsorge fur Frauen und Kinder in der Sov- 
jetunion und in Mitteldeutschland. Hamburg, Akademie 
fur Staatsmedizin in Hamburg, 1956. 

112 p. 20 cm. (Zur Bntwlcklong und Organisation des Gesund- 
heitswesens in Sorjetruasland, in osteuropatachen Volksdemokratien 
und in Mltteldeutschland, Bd. 4) 
HV700.G33H3 59-44694 rev 

Manannikova, Nadezhda Vasil'evna, 

Oxpana MaxepiiHcxBa n ^ercxBa B CCCP. Mocssa, 1959. 
101, [3| p. 21 cm. 
RJ42.R9M3 1959 59-53582 

U. S. Medical Exchange Mission to the 178 SB. 

Maternal and child care; report, October 12-November 11, 
1960. Bethesda, Md. t TJ. S. Dept of Health, Education, and 
Welfare, Public Health Service, 1962, 

140 p. Illus. 26 cm. (U. S. Public Health Service. Publication 
no. 954) 
BG964.R8TJ5 62-62092 J 

World Health Organization. 

Maternal and child health in the USSR; report prepared 
by the participants in a study tour organized by the World 
Health Organization. Geneva, 1962. 

Tip. dlagr. 22cm. (It* Public health papers, 11) 
RG964.B8W6 62-51670 


Gcsundung, Erziehung und Erholung in der Schweiz. Sante", 
education et convalescence en Suisse. Convalescence, edu- 
cation and recreation in Switzerland. 1962-64 
t Bale/Suisse, Sa-Na Verlag, 
T. illus. 25cm. annual. 
EA978.G4 64-39035 

Choate, Reba Estefle, 1907- 

TJnmarried parents: a guide for the development of serv- 
ices in pubEc welfare t byj Reba E. Choate [and, Ursula M. 
Gallagher. f Washington, IT. S. Govt Print. Off., 1961, 

63 p. 23 cm. (U. S. Bureau of Public Assistance. Public assist- 
ance report no. 45) 

HV700.5.CS3 HEW 61-130 

-- Copy 8. HYT4LA32 no. 880 

IL8.D<spt of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Florence Crittenton Association of America. 

Report of services. 

v. illus. 28 cm. annual. 
HV700.5.F55 68-57684 

U. S. Bureau of Family Services. 

Illegitimacy and its impact on the aid to dependent chil- 
dren program, prepared by the Bureau of Public Assistance. 
Washington, Bureau of Public Assistance, 1960. 

v, 82 p. diagrs., tables. 23 cm. 

HV700.5.U5 362.720973 HEW 60-75 rev 

U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

U. S. Children's Bureau. 

Grants for maternity and infant care: projects, policies, 
and procedures. [Washington, 1964. 
17 p. 2" cm. 

HEW 64-99 
U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

U. S. Children's Bureau. 

Maternal and newborn care in fallout shelters. Wash- 
ington, 1963. 

53 p. tables. 26 cm. 

HEW 63-67 
TT. S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Patton, Robert Gray. 

Growth failure in maternal deprivation, by Robert Gray 
Patton and Lytt I. Gardner. With an introd. by Julius B. 
Richmond. Springfield, 111., Thomas C 1963, 

04 p. illus. 24cm. 
RJ131.P33 618.92 62-20587 J 

MATERNAL LOVE see Love, Maternal 





United Community Services, Washington^ D. C. Family and 
Child Welfare Section. Committee on Standards for Ma- 
ternity Homes. 

Standards for maternity homes in the District of Colum- 
bia. Washington, United Community Services, 1957. 

30 p. 22 cm. (UCS publication, no. 16) 
RG501.W3U5 362.72 61-24793 J 

Gynecologic and obstetric 


MATERNITY WELFARE see Maternal and 
infant welfare 

ai-MATHAF AL-MISRl, CAIRO see Cairo 
al-Mathaf al-Misrl 


Rosenfeld, Irwin Joseph. 

Mathematical ability as a function of perceptual field-de- 
pendency and certain, personality variables. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms [1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3878 Mic 58-3878 

Werdelin, Ingvar. 

The mathematical ability; experimental and factorial 
studies. Lund, C. W. K. Gleerup t !958j 

356 p. illus., dingrs. 25 cm. ( Studia psychologica et paedagoglca. 
Series altera: Investlgatlones, 9) 
QA11.W36 151.26 59-50560 


Buddeke, Rita. 

Differential factorial patterns of boys and girls in alge- 
braic computation. Washington, Catholic University of 
America Press, 1960. 

vli,53p. fllua., tables. 28cm. 
QA11-B857 151.26 60-45431 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


TESTING (Continued) 

New York (State) University, Division of Educational 

Teachers' guide for the appraisal of arithmetic ability in 
business arithmetic classes. Albany, 1960. 

19 p forms 23 cm. 

HF5695.N45 A 61-9022 

New York State Libr. 


see also Algebras, Linear; Calculus; 
Engineering mathematics; Functions; 
Harmonic analysis; Mathematical 
optimization; Nonlinear theories; 
Random walks (Mathematics) 

Agnew, Ralph Palmer, 1900- 

Calculus: analytic geometry and calculus, with vectors. 
New York, McGraw-Hill [1962i 

738 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA300.A36 517 61-18624 J 

Altwerger, Samuel I 

Modern mathematics, an introduction. New York, Mac- 
millan [I960] 

462 p. illus. 24 cm. (A Series of mathematical texts) 
QA37.A38 510 60-5054 J 

Anderson, Kenneth W 

Sets, sequences, and mappings: the basic concepts of 
analysis t by! Kenneth W. Anderson c andj Dick Wick Hall. 
New York, Wiley r !963j 

191 p. 23cm. 
QA248.A66 512.817 63-9394 t 

Apostol, Tom M 

Calculus. [1st ed. 3 New York, Blaisdell Pub. Co. t 1961- 

2v. Illus. 27cm. (Blaisdell mathematics series) 
QA300.A57 517 61-11601 rev t 

Banks, John Houston, 1911- 

Elements of mathematics. 2d ed. Boston, Allyn and 
Bacon, 1961. 

465 p. Illus. 24cm. (College mathematics series) 
QA154.B25 1961 510 61-12648 J 

Bartle, Robert Gardner, 1927- 

The elements of real analysis ^ Robert G. Bartle. New 

York, Wiley t 1964 3 

xiv, 447 p. Illus. 24cm. 



Baumol, William J 

Economic theory and operations analysis. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1961. 

438 p. illus. 24 cm. (Prentice-Hall international series In man- 
HB74.M3B3 330.182 61-7763 J 

Bellman, Richard Ernest, 1920- 

Introduction to matrix analysis. New York, McGraw- 
Hill, 1960. 

ft*>n iiius. 24cm. jMcGraw-Hill series in matrix theoryj 

512.896 59-9983 J 

Bermant, Anisim Fedorovich. 

A course of mathematical analysis. Translated by D. E. 
Brown. Translation edited by Ian N. Sneddon. Oxford, 
New York, Pergamon Press; [distributed in the Western 
Hemisphere by Macmillan, New York, 1963. 

2 v. diagrs. 23 cm, (International series of monographs on pure 
and applied mathematics, v. 44, 30) 
QA300.B4913 1963 517.1 62-0695 rev 

Bermant, Anisim Fedorovich. 

KpaTKHft xypc MaxeHaxHiecxro anajiHsa &*.* sxysoB. IIpH 
pe^axuHOHHOM yiacxHH H. T. ApaMaHOBH^a. ,Hon:ym;eHO B 
xa^ecTBe yne6Hnica x&x. Bizcminc TCXH. y*eo*. saBCfleirHt, 
Mocxsa Foe HSA-BO ^HSHKo-MaxeMaxureecxott wi-pn, 1961. 

663 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA.300.B48 62-44737 t 

Bermant, Anisim Fedorovich. 

Kypc MaTCMaxireecKoro anajiHsa. Hs^. 6., nepep. H flon- 
^onymeHO B Kaiecxse y^eo". nocoCHX RXX BHCIUHX TCXH. 
y*e<5. saseAeHHSfc. Mocxsa, Toe, HSS-BO TexHHKO-xeopex. 
JIHI-PH, 1951-55. 

2r. dlagrs. 23cm. 
QA303.B516 52-26836 rev 

Bermant, Anisim Fedorovich. 

Kypc MaxeMaxuiecKoro anaaHsa. Hs^. 8., cxepeoxEnnoe. 
,Z(onymeHO B Kaiecxse yieo*. noco6HJt RXX BHCDIHX TCXH. 
y^e6. saBeAeHH**- MocKsa, Foe. HSA-BO $H3HKO-MaTMaxH- 

v. dlagrs. 23 cm. 

Bowman, Edward H 

Analysis for production management, by Edward H. Bow- 
man and Eobert B. Fetter. Rev.ed. Homewood, HI., K. IX 
Irwin, 1961. 

582 p. illus. 24 cm. (Irwin series In quantitative analysis for 
HD38.B65 1961 338.018 61-6987 t 

Burkffl, John Charles, 1900- 

A first course in mathematical analysis. Cambridge 
[Eng.j University Press, 1962. 

186 p. illus. 22cm. 
QA300.B86 517 62-51863 J 

CaBoway, Jean M 

Fundamentals of modern mathematics, by J. M. Galloway. 
Beading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. r !964] 

x, 213 p. illus. 24 cm. (Addison-Wesley series 10 mathematics) 
QA37.C17 510 64-16908 

Cogan, Edward Jack, 1925- 

Foundations of analysis. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Pren- 
tice-Hall, 1962. 

221 p. Illus. 24 cm, (Prentice-Hall mathematics series) 
QA154.C598 512 62-16451 t 

Crouch, Ralph. 

Introduction to modern algebra and analysis c by, Ralph 
Crouch c andj Elbert Walker. New York, Holt, Einehart 
and Winston [1962, 

152 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA154.C88 512 62-10869 rev | 

Crowder, Harold K 

Topics in higher analysis t byj Harold K. Crowder [andj 
S. W. McCuskey. New York, Macmillan [1964] 

3d, 545 p. lltas. 24cm. (A Series of advanced mathematics texts) 
QA300.C7 517 64-12861 

Dieudonne, Jean, 1906- 

Foundations of modern analysis. New York, Academic 
Press, 1960. 

361 p. 24cm. (Pure and applied mathematics; a series of mono- 
graphs and textbooks, 10) 
QA3.P8 vol.10 517 60-8049 J 

Eaves, Edgar D 

Introductory mathematical analysis [byj Edgar D. Eaves 
t and] Eobert L. Wilson. 2d ed. Boston. Allyn and Bacon. 

Xlli,490p. Illus. 24CQX 
QA300.E3 1964 517 64-19593 

El'sgorts, L fi 

Qualitative methods in mathematical analysis, by L. . 
El'sgol'c. t Translated from the Russian by X A. Brown 
and J. M. Danskin] Providence, American Mathematical 
Society, 1964. 

vli, 250 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Translations of mathematical mono- 
graphs, r. 12) 
QA303.E413 517 64-16170 

E venson, A B 

Modem mathematics; introductory concepts and their 
implications. Chicago, Scott, Foreaman. t 1962] 

208 p. Illus. 23cm. 
CiA161.E8 510 62-15791 J 

Pavard, Jean, 1902- 

Cours d'analyse de l'E<;ole polytechnique. Paris, Gau- 
thier-Villars, 1960- 

r. dlagrs. 24 cm. (Oahiers sclentlflques, fasc. 26) 

Columbia UnlT. libraries 

Pederer, Herbert. 

Analytic geometry and calculus jbyj Herbert Federer and 
Bjarni Jonsson, New York, Ronald Press Co. [1961] 

671 p. fllus. 24 cm. 
QA300.F4 516 61-6325 t 

Fikhtengol'fs, Grigorii Mikhaflovich. 

OCHOBH MaieMaTH'iecKoro anajtHsa. ^onymeno B sa^e- 
CTBC yie<5HHKa fl,ia MexaHnKO-MaxeMaTH^ecKHX H ^HSHKO- 
waxeicaxnHecKux $aKyjnxexoB roc. yHHaepcHxetOB. MocEaa, 
Foe. H3A-8O $H3nKO-MaxeMaxiiiecKoft jinx-pH, 1960. 

2 r. lllos. 23 cm. 
QA300.F372 60-42325 rev t 

Frolov, Nikolai Adrianovich. 

^H$$epeHHHajii,Hoe H imxerpaJi&Hoe HCHncjieHne; yie(5- 
Hoe nocoffae A^ ne^arorH^ecsHX syaoB. MocEsa, Toe. 
T*e6*HO-ne#aror. HS^-BO, 1955-59. 

2v, illus. 21cm. 
QA300.F75 56-41215 rev t 

Frolor, Nikolai Andrianovich. 

Kypc MaxeMaxiiHecKoro aita-tina. IlocoSne ,a;^a ^HSKKO 
MaxeMaTii^ecKiix $aKy.iLxexoB ne^aror, HH-TOB. MocKsa, 
Toe. yaeSHO-ne^aror. IISA-BO, 19 

v. Illus. 21cm. 
QA300.F75 59-54457 J 

Polks, Watson. 

Advanced calculus; an introduction to analysis. New 
York, Wiley t 19ftl, 

521 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QA300.F83 517 61-11255 I 

Gelbaum, Bernard R 

Counterexamples in analysis t by] Bernard R. Gelbaum 
and] John 11 H. Olmsted. San Francisco, Holden-Bay, 

xxiF, 194 p. Illus. 24 cm. (The Mathesls series) 
QA300.G4 517.5 

Grebencha, Mikhail Kuz'mich, 1897-1948. 
Kypc MaTenaTiwecKoro ana-ima. ^on 


ne^aror. IIH-TOB. Ha^. 3. Mocssa, Foe. yte6Ho-neflaror. 
USA-BO, 1951-61. 

2 T. dJajrs. 23 cm. 
QA300.G682 52-44983 rev 

Grebencha, Mikhail Knz'mich, 1897-1948. 

Kypc MareMaTHiecEoro anajrasa. Hsfl. 5. ,Hoiiyn;eHO B 

KyjttTexoB neAaror. EH-TOB H roc. yHHsepCHTCTOB. 
BHcmaa raKoaa, 1960 

v. lllos. 28 cm. 
QA300.G683 61-44561 

Guter, Rafail SamoHovich. 

3j:eMeHTi>i ^HCJieHHOro anaaHsa H MaieMaTH^ecKofi odpa- 
(SoxKH pesyatraTOB onuxa. Mocxsa, Toe. HS^-BO ^HSHXO- 
MaTeMaTH^ecKoft .IHT-PIJ, 1962. 

354 p. illua. 21 cm. (<t>H3HKO-MaTeMaTHHecKas 6n6.woTeKa 



Hartnet^ Wiffiam E 

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of analysis 
jby, William E. Hartnett. New York, Wiley t !964] 

xiv,154p. Illus. 22cm. 
QA37.H38 517 64-23838 

Hartnett, Wffliam E 

Principles of modern mathematics. New York, Harper & 
Row [1963- 

v. Illus. 23 cm. (Harper's mathematics series) 
QAG11.H33 513.83 63-7108 J 

Hayes, Charles A 

Concepts of real analysis t by] Charles A. Hayea, Jr. New- 
York, WHey ^964! 

vil, 180 p. fflos. 24cm. 
QA300.H37 517.5 64-14987 

Hille, Einar, 1894- 

Analysis. jlst ed.] New York, Blaisdell Pub. Co. rl964- 
y. illus. 25 cm. (A Blaisdell book la too pore and! applied 
QA37.H534 517 64-19129 

Hoffman, Stephen P 

Basic analysis. New York, Holt, Binehart and "Winston 
t !961j 

459 p. illus. 24cm. 


61-7858 $ 


Le fil d' Ariane, on, Variations sur deux themes : la f onction 
lineaire, la fonction exponentielle. Namur, "Weamael-Char- 

212 p. Illus. 23 cm, 
(JA37.H75 517.5 60-44310 t 

Indritz, Jack. 

Methods in analysis. New York, Macmillan t 1963] 
481 p. illus. 24 cm. (A Series of advanced mathematics texts) 
QA37.I48 517 63-8428 J 

Jaeger, Arno. 

Introduction to analytic geometry and linear algebra. 
Xew York. Holt, Rinehart and Winston t 1960, 

303 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA251.J3 512.807 60-12260 t 

Johnson, Richard 1913- 

Introduction. to mathematical analysis c by] Richard E. 
Johnson, Neal H. McCoy t and] Anne F. O'NeiU. New York, 
Holt, Rinehart and Winston t !962j 

476 p. iilua. 24 cm. 
QA37.J523 510 62-10872 t 

Johnson, Richard E 1913- 

Modem algebra : second course [by 3 Richard E. Johnson 
t and othersj Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. 
t 1962j 

594 p. illus. 24 cm. (Addison-Wesley science education aeries) 
QA152.J72 512 62-4687 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Keady, Menriii Laverae. 

A modern introduction to basic mathematics. Beading, 
Man., AddiK/n-W<*lev Pub. Ck>. t 1063 3 

3Sp. Silas. 24cm, ( Addtora-Wttler series in science and mathe- 

te' i ati>ii > _,, j. 

511 63-7769 t 

latwrre, Anthony Edward, 1922- 

EtaowBtary mathematical analysis. Reading, Mass., Ad- 
dlson-Wesley Pub. Co. f IWI, 
. .i^^Wj^I. W^^ 

, . . 

IttgeMeamatheinttik Mannheim, Bibhographiscnes In- 

ititut 7lfH84- 

r. illiw 19cm. (B. I.-HochschultaschenbQcher, 59 



o cxBixa H HeKoropHC HX npnate- 
EO $3H>-iiaTeManKeaco8 *HT- 

i p. 21 OL (Coupweimie npofacMM 

LSaleM, BraZkm. 

Structure of functions and eovariants and the analysis 
of motions and coordinates. z Gharlottesvillef Va>, 1962j 

4W p. lite, 28 cm, 
QA37.L605 517 62-50297 J 

LdHtcnik, Lazar' Aroraovkn, 1899- e& 


tt xexHssif. Mocirsa, MararHS, 1963. 
431 p. Him., diafrs,, tablet, 23 cm, 



HeBAia, Vincent Owen, 19I- 

latroduetory analysis. New York, Appleton-Century- 
Crofts ,1%!, 

198 p. iUttS, 23cm. < The Appleton-Century mathematics series) 
QAS7.M14 510 61-6044 j 

MeOart, Richard F 

Elementary analysis bjj Richard F. McCoart, Malcobn 
W. Oliphant i&n&i Anne E. Scheerer. San Francisco, 
Holden-Day, 1964. 

XT,, 251 p. Ilia*. 24 oa ( Holdea-Day series In mathematics) 



MkNtil, BavM B 

Hcxfern mathematics for the practical man. Princeton, 
N. J., Van Nostrand ( 1963, 

JXSIKjp. illu> 22cm, (Mattenaticsfor self study) 
QA37.M1? 512 63-24419 


He, Mocxxa, Foe. KS^-BO 
s 1961. 
S60 p. itias. 21 cm. (Of)a>HBa MateMaTiraecKas 

n HHrerpHpo- 
rH^ecEoft *HT- 

62-68029 J 

, ^eIIEze 

xSii. MocEsa, Fee. HS^-IO $H3HKo-MaTejfaTH^ecroft IHT- 
, 1961. 

Wp. fliagra. 21cm. (CnpaBOiHaa MareMarsraecxaa ( 

Mescr.kowski, Herbert. 

EHifShraBg in die modeme Maiitematik. Mannheini, Bi- 
Ukgnphadus Institnt ( 19Mi 

1, Illm. . (B. L-BodwdiidtiadiaDbBdier, 75) 
QA248.M45 512.8 64r-9090 

Analisi mttcmatica. ad uso degli ^udenti del biennio 

'rla. Milaoo, Hoepli, 1948-58. 
?, ins, 4!*cn. aSem. 

A 50-5746 rev 

!^ 1 . Ubr. 


Analytic trigonometry. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice- 
HalU 11W 
lft p, illus IS a, fPrmt!-Hall imtfeematics series? 

W 517 60-7836 J 

Mnaree, Maraiiai Kno^ 1918- 

f 196S, 

MS p, Mm. 24 cat CAMlsa-Wwttej s^rfaj ia nathmatks) 
QAW.M7I 517 62-18238 t 

Mamaghafi, Francis Dominic, 1893- 

Intdiirtk to appBd matJwmaties, New York, Dover 

Pafelkttloa* ( lf8, 
tx,a agfg. ttcn. 

1W 517 0-19512 

Narayan, ShantL 

A course of mathematical analysis. 7th ed.] Delhi, S 
Chand, 1962. 

*"- S A 63-1970 

Nevanlinna, Frithiof, ^ 

Absolute Analysis, von F. und R. Nevanlinna. Berlin, 

iffei", . 

p. 24 cm. (Die Grundlehren der mathematlschen Wissen- 
scbaften, Bd. 102) 

, . 

60-654 J 

Nicolson, Malcolm Macleod. 

Fundamentals & techniques of mathematics for scientists. 
Edited by D. R. Hartree and Daphne G. Padfield. Ifew 
York, Wiley t 1962, c l&6l! 

526 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA37.N57 1962 517 62-5767 t 

Ochan, ttTrfl Semenovich. 

MaTCMaTHiecKHft aHajtua ; yie^Hoe noco6ne RZSI ne#arorH- 
^ecKiix HHCTHryxOB. MocKBa, foe. y^eSno-neflaror. HSS-BO, 

879 p. Illus. 23cm. 
QA300.O25 61-44537 t 

Oehmke, Robert H 

Fundamentals of college mathematics. Boston, Allyn and 
Bacon, 1963. 

XT, 397 p. diagrs., tables. 24cm. 
QA37.032 512 63-18179 

Phillips, Edgar Giraldus. 

A course of analysis. Students' ed.j Cambridge [Eng.j 
University Press, 1960. 

361 p. illus. 22cm. 
QA300.P5 1960 517 61-2026 J 

Polya, George, 1887- 

Aufgaben und Lehrsatze aus der Analysis, von G. Polya 
und G. Szego. New York, Dover Publications, 1945. 

2 v. 22 cm. (Die Grundlehren der mathematlschen Wissenschaf- 
ten In EInzeldarstellungen, 19-20) 
QA300.P62 1945 517 46-5426 rev* 

Protter, Murray H 

Modem mathematical analysis, by Murray H. Protter and 
Charles B. Morrey, Jr. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley 

x, 790 p. illus. 25 cm. (Addison-Wesley series In mathematics) 
QA300.P97 517 64-16907 

Racine, Charles. 

An introduction to mathematical analysis. Allahabad, 
Central Book Depot "1963- 
T. 22cm. 

S A 64-2924 

Rankin, Robert Alexander, 1915- 

An introduction to mathematical analysis. Oxford, New 
York, Pergamon Press, 1963. 

xv, 607 p. diagrs. 23 on. (International series of monographs 
on pure ami applied mathematics, v. 43) 
QA37.R28 1963 517.5 61-10656 

Ribenboim, Paulo. 

Functions, limits, and continuity. New York, Wiley 
C 1964, 

Til, 140 p, Illus. 24cm. 
QA300.R47 517 64-17151 

Romanovskii, Pavel Ignaf evich. 

O(5m;Hft sypc MaxeMaTHreecKoro anajrasa B cacaTOM H3jro:e- 

HHH. MoCKBa, FoC. H3.H-BO (JlHaHKO-MaTeMaTHieCKOft JtHT-pH, 


331 p. Illus. 22cm. 
QA300.R58 63-30733 t 

Romanovskii, Vsevolod Ivanovich, 1879-1954. 

Hs6paHHHe rpy^u. 2. 113,^. TaraECHT, HS^-BO AKa^eMnn 
nays YsdJeKCKott CCP, 1959- 

T. diagrs. 23 cm. 
QA300.R6 60-20530 J 

Rudin, Walter, 1921- 

Principles of mathematical analysis. 2d ed. New York, 
McGraw-Hill t 1964j 

Ir, 270 p. diagrs. 23cm. (International series In pure and applied 
QA300.R8 1964 517 63-21479 

Rutledge, William A 

Mathematics for business analysis [byj William A. Rut- 
ledge ( uul] Thomas W. Cairns. New York, Holt, Rinehart 
and Winston t 1963j 

428 p. illus. 2-Jeoi. 
QA37.R86 512 63-14415 J 

Sehaaf, Wiffiam Leonard, 1898- 

Basic concepts of elementary mathematics. New York, 
Wiley t 1060, 

wV " 

Jp. Illus. 24 cm. 




Seifert, William W ed. 

Control systems engineering. Edited by William W. Sei- 
fert and Carl W. Steeg, Jr. Contributors : William W. Sei- 
fert c and othersj New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

964 p. Illus 26 cm. (McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic engi- 
neering series) 
TJ213.S4 629.8 58-8858 t 

Slby, Samuel, 1904- 

Sets, relations, functions; an introduction [by 3 Samuel 
Selby [and] Leonard Sweet. New York, McGraw-Hill ^963] 

233 p. Ulus. 24 can. 
QA248.S38 512.817 62-18862 J 

Shanahan, Patrick. 

Introductory college mathematics. Englewood Cliffs, 
N. J., Prentice-Hail, 1963. 

340 p. illus. 24cm. (Prentice-Hall mathematics series) 
QA155.S5 512 63-7784 t 

Shilov, Georgii Evgen'evich. 

najrHa; c^e^HaaI>HHft Kypc. flony- 

m;eHO B KanecTse yiedniiKa ^JIH MaxeMaTHiecKHx cnenHajii,- 


AHSHKO-MaieMaTH^ecKoft JHT-PH, 1960, 

388 p. 23cm. 
QA303.S55 60-39501 rev J 

Shilov, Georgii Evgen'evich. 

MaTCMaTiiHecKHft anaJiHa; cneijuaakHHii Kypc. Ha^. 2. 
^onymeHO B Eaiectse y^e<5HHKa ^,ia MaieMaiHHiecKHx cne- 

$H3HKO-MaTeMaTH^ceCKOft JIHT-pH, 1961. 

436 p. 23cm. 
QA303.S55 1961 62-36124 J 

Simmons, George Finlay, 1925- 

Introduction to topology and modern analysis. New 
York, McGraw-Hill 1963j 

372 p. illus. 24 cm. (International series In pure and applied 
QA611.S49 513.83 62-15149 J 

Singh, Jagjit. 

Great ideas of modern mathematics, their nature and use. 
New York, Dover Publications [1950! 

312 p. illus. 21cm 
QA93.S5 1959 510.81 60-1473 J 

Smirnov, Vladimir Ivanovich, 1887- 

A course of higher mathematics C by 3 V. I. Smirnov. 
Translated by D. E. Brown. Translation edited and addi- 
tions made by I. N. Sneddon. Oxford, New York, Perga- 
mon Press t TT. S. A. ed. distributed by Addison-Wesley Pub. 
Co., Reading, Mass.] 1964- 

v. illus. 24 cm. (International series of monographs In pure 
and applied mathematics, v. 57- 
QA300.S713 1964 517 63-10134 

Smith, William Kay, 1920- 

Modern college mathematics. Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 

411 p. 25 cm. 
QA37.S637 510 63-13525 J 

Thiel, Arnoud van. 

Analytische dialektiek. Helmond, Uitff. Helmond r 1958i 
48 p. plates. 25cm. 

Princeton tJniv. LIbr. 

T<ien, Ch% 1930- 

Mathematical analysis of ion-exchange kinetics in fixed- 
bed operations. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 
t 1959 3 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-229 Mic 59-229 

Todd, John, 1911- 

Introduction to the constructive theory of functions. New 
York, Academic Press, 1963. 

127 p. diagrs. 25 cm. (International series of numerical mathe- 
matics, v. 1) 

QA331.T54 517.5 63-20576 

Toshkov, Petfir D 

Bucma MareMaxHica. 3. H3#. CO$HH, TexHHKa, 1962. 
572 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
QA551.T6 1962 63-45447 

Vance, Elbridge Putnam, 1915- 

An introduction to modern mathematics. Reading, Mass., 
Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. [1963, 

534 p. illus. 24 cm. (Addison-Wesley series In mathematics) 
QA37.V238 510 63-14688 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Wall, Hubert Stanley, 1902- 

Creative mathematics. Austin, University of Texas Press 

189 p. iUus, 23cm. 


Wang, Hao. 

A survey of mathematical logic. Peking, Science Press, 

x, 651 p. dlagrs. 26 cm, (Studies in logic and the foundations 
of mathematics) 
QA9.W35 164 

Zamansky, Marc. 

Introduction, a 1'algebre et 1'analyse moderaes. Paris, 
Dunod, 1958. 

xiv, 333 p. 25 cm. (Collection universltaire de math&aatiques, 1) 
QA155.Z3 512 60-32156 

Zaporozhets, G 


niecKoe pyKOBO^cxso K pememiio 
EOMy anajiHsy. MocKsa, 1959- 
illus. 22 cm. 

61-25270 J 


Buck, Robert Creighton, 1920- ed, 

Studies in modern analysis. r Byj E. J. McShane t and 
others. Buffalo?] Mathematical Association of America; 
distributed by Prentice-Hall Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 1962] 

viii, 182 p. 21 cm. (Mathematical Association of America. 
Studies in mathematics, v. l) 
QA7.B8 510.82 62-11884 


Carleman, Torsten, 1892-1949. 

Edition complete des articles de Torsten Carleman. Pub- 
lie par rinstitut mathematique Mittag-Leffler avec Tappui 
du Conseil national suedois pour la recherche dans les 
sciences naturelles. [RMacteur : Ake Pleijel avec la collabo- 
ration de Lars Lithner et Jan Odhnoff-, Malmo, Litos re- 
protryk, 1960. 

552 p. illus. 25 cm. 
QA300.C3 1960 63-33209 

Krylov, Nikolai Mitrofanovich, 1879-1955. 

IfaffpaHHHe Tpy^u. KIICB, HS^-BO jf 
CCP, 1961. 

Sv. ports. 27cm. 

HH nayE Ysp. 


Symposium hi Applied Mathematics. 10th, Columbia Uwr 
versify^ 1958. 

Combinatorial analysis. tProceedings of the Tenth Sym- 
posium in Applied Mathematics of the American Mathemati- 
cal Society. Cosponsored by the Office of Ordnance Re- 
searchj Providence, American Mathematical Society, 1960. 

vi, 311 p. diagrs. 26 cm. (Proceedings of Symposia in Applied 
Mathematics, v. 10) 
QA165.S9 1958 512.5082 62-5685 

Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Automata, New 

York, 1962. 

Proceedings. Brooklyn, N. Y., Polytechnic Press of the 
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn; distributors: Inter- 
science Publishers, New York t !963] 

xix, 6iOp. illus., dlagrs. 23cm. ( Polytechnic Institute of Brook- 
lyn, Microwave Research Institute. Symposia series, v. 12) 
QA76.S92 1062 510.78082 63-11286 


Manheim, Jerome H 

The genesis of point set topology [by! Jerome H. Manheim. 
Oxford, Pergamon Press; New York, Macmillan [1964, 

xlli, 166 p. 20 cm. (The Commonwealth and International library 
of science, technology, engineering and liberal studies. Mathematics 
division, v. 16) 
QA611.M327 1964 517.521 64-13076 


Journal of mathematical analysis and applications, v. 1- 
June 1960- 

New York, Academic Press. 
v. 23 cm. Irregular. 

A 61-3043 
Joint University Libraries, Nashville 


Demidovich, B P 

Sa^a^u H ynpaacHCHHa no MaieMaTHiecKOMy auaJiHsy RX.X 
Biyaoa. HOA pe^ E. n. #eMHflOBiria. HSA- 2., Hcnp. ^ony- 
meno B KaiecTse yie6. nocoCH* MX BHOHHX TCXH. yietf. 
aaBeflCHHfi:. MOCKBE, Foe. HSfl-so ^HSHKo-MaieMaTHiecKOft 

JIHT-pH, 1961. 

472 p. IlluB. 22cm. 
QA300.D384 1961 61-48741 

Rivkind, L\kov losifovich. 

Problems in mathematical analysis [by 3 Ya. I. Rivkind. 
Translated by Scripta Technica, inc. Groningen, P. Noord- 
hoff C 1963j 

98 p. 22 cm. 
QA300.K5313 64-54760 

Rivkind, fAkov losifovidi. 

300 aa/tai no MaTewaTHiecEOMy aHaJH3y. MHHCE, Hs^ 
MnHHCTepcTBa BHcmcro, cpe^Hero cIIe^HaJII,HO^o H irpo|>ec- 
CHOHajtBHoro odpasoBaHHa BCCP, 19S2 

64 p. 22cm. 
QA300.R53 63-26366 

Zaporozhe^, G I 

PyKOEOACTso K penrCHHio sa^at no KaTCMaTHiecEOMy SHJ 

TCXH. y?e6. saBe^enHft. MocKsa, BHcmaa mKOJia, 1961. 

403 p. lllus. 22cm. 
QA300.232 62-65607 

see Crystallography, Mathematical 

drawing; Mechanical drawing 






see also Abacus; Analog computer; 
Calculating-machines; Drawing instru- 
ments; Planimeter; Slide -rule; Verniers 

Artobolevskii, Ivan Ivanovich, 1905- 

Mechanisms for the generation of plane curves t byj 1. 1. 
Artobolevskii. Translated by R. D. "Wills. Translation 
edited by W. Johnson. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press ; 
[distributed in the Western Hemisphere by Macmillan, 1964i 

xv, 278 p. illus. 26cm. 
QA77.A713 1964 621.81 63-11926 

Artobolevskii, Ivan Ivanovich, 1905- 

TeopiiH MexamiSMOB ^ia BOcnpousBe^emia H.TOCKHX Kpn- 
BHX. MocKBa, HSJ-BO AKaAesiini nays CCCP, 1959. 

253 p. illus. 27 cm. (npo6jieMH reopwH MaiiiHH) 
QA77.A7 59-534(51 J 

Chiang-sn chiao shih dda hsin hsQek yfian. 


44 p. 1UU8. 7C 

1. Mathematical Instruments. r. TiUe. 

TUlt rtmwnljwtf ; Shu halleh chlao chQ chleh flh&o. 


C 61-090 

Heinrich, Hehnut. 

Einfiihrung in die praktische Analysis. Leipzig, Teub- 
ner, 1963- 

T. illus. 24 cm. 
QA71.H44 63-39657 J 

Johnson, Donovan A 

Computing devices tbyj Donovan A. Johnson t and] Wil- 
liam H. Glenn. St. Louis, Webster Puk Co., C 1961. 

55 p. illus. 23 cm. (Exploring mathematics on your own) 
QA71.J6 510.78 61-3709 J 


see also English language Word, 
frequency; IPL (Computer program 
language); Language and languages; 
Language and languages Word fre- 
quency; Lincos (Artificial language) 

Bach, Emmon W 1929- 

An introduction to transformational grammars. New 
York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston ,1964, 

x,205p. dlagrs. 22cm. 
P12S.B3 410.18 64-12732 

Eflegard, Alvar. 

Structures and quanta: three essays on linguistic descrip- 
tion t byj Alvar Ellegard, Hans Karlgren & Henning Spang- 
Hanssen. Copenhagen, Munksgaard t e !96S] 

71, f l)p. 22cm. (Interdlsdpllmury studlea from the Scandinavian 
Summer University, v. 12) 
P123JE5 1963 64-3971 

Exact methods in linguistic research [byi 0. S. Akhmanova 
I and othersj Translated from the Russian by David G. Hays 
and Dolores V. Jlohr. Berkeley, University of California 
Press, 1963. 

x, 188 p. diagrs. 24 cm. 
P123.O2ia 410.18 63-19957 

Harris, Zellig Sabbettai, 1909- 

Discourse analysis reprints. The Hague, Mouton, 1963. 
73 p. tables. 23 cm. (Papers on formal linguistics, no. 2) 
P25.P38 no. 2 410.18 64-3403 

Harris, Zellig Sabbettai, 1909- 

String analysis of sentence structure. The Hague, Mxm- 
ton, 1961 ,"1962, 

70 p. 23 cm. (Papers on formal linguistics, no. 1) 
P25-P88 no. 1 410.18 64-2402 

Harvard University. Computation Laboratory. 

Mathematical linguistics and automatic translation. [Re- 
port submitted] to National Science Foundation. Cam- 
bridge, 1959- 

v. diagrs., tables. SOetn. (Its Report no. NSF-2 
PN242.H3 4=10.28 59-2361 rev 2 

Herdan, G 

The calculus of linguistic observations. 's-Gravenhage, 
Mouton, 1962, 

271 p. dlagrs., tables. 27 cm. (Janm llgnanmu Series major, 
P123.H35 410.18 64-6731 

Herdan, G 

Type-token mathematics; a textbook of mathematical lin- 
guistics. 's-Gravenhage, Mouton, I960. 

448 p. tables. 26 cm. < Janua Ilngoarxim, studla memoriae NIco- 
lal van Wljk dedicate. Series malor, 4) 
P123.H37 408.3 60-2663 

lordanskaia, L N 

T^sa oneparopa o6pa6oTKH ciOBOco^eTannft c "CHJI&HHM 
ynpaMenneM" (,^w aBTOKamTCCKoro CHHraKCH^ecKoro ana- 
jiHaa) MocsBa, 1961. 

32 p. 22 cm. (AKaaeMHa H ayK CCCP. HHCTMTVT R3UKO3Hann*, 





Matepnajtw no MaxeMarH^ecKoft JiHHrBHCTHKe H MannraHOity 
nepesoAy. C6opHHK 1- 
[JTesHHrpa^] HS^-BO JTeHEErpaACKoro yHHsepCHTera, 1958- 

v. tables. 22cm. 
P123.M3 64-35619 

Mel'chuk, I A 

^ua onepaiopa ycTaHOEjieniis cootBercTBHa (^aa aaxoMa- 
THtecKoro cEHTaKCEiecKoro aiiajiim) MocKsa, 1961. 

S7 p. illus. 22 cm. (AKaAeMwa HayK CCCP. HHcrsrryT SSUKO- 
SHaHHJt. CexTop CTpyKTypaoft H npHiuaAHofl JiHHrEMCTHra. IlpeABa- 
pHTejfcHMe nyfi^HKauHH) 
P123.M4 64-48803 t 

O TOIHIJX MCTo^ax iiccjieAOBaHHfl asHKa (o TSK i 

CKOBCKoro yHEBepCHTera, 1961. 

161 p. diagrs, 22 cm. 

Revzin, Isaak losifovich. 


ISO p. illus. 22 cm. 


i Hays CCCP, 
' t 

Somers, H H 

Analyse mathematique du langage; lols generates et 
mesures statistiques. Louvain, Editions Nau"welaerts t !959- 

v. mua. 25 on, 
P123.S57 62-25952 J 

Symposium in Applied Mathematics. 18th, New York, I960. 

Structure of language and its mathematical aspects. [Pro- 
ceedings. Sponsored by American Mathematical Society, 
Association for Symbolic Logic, and Linguistic Society of 
America] Providence, American Mathematical Society, 

vi, 279 p. dtagrs. 26 cm. ( Proceedings of Symposia in Applied 
Mathematics, v. 12) 
P121.S9 I960 410.18 62-5742 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Bar-Hilel, Yehoshmu 

Langauge and information : selected essays on their theo j 
and application. Heading, Mass., Addison-Wealey Pub. Co 

f x, $SB IL Silas. 24 cm. f AMIsoa-Wealey aeries In logic) 
P123.B36 410 64-55085 


Hosteler, Frederick, 1916- 

lisferaaee and disputed authorship: The Federalist [byj 
Frederick Hosteller t sndj David L. Wallace. Beading, 
Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub, Co. r 1964j 

an; Mr p. lite. 25 cm. (Mdteon-Wesley series to behavioral 
idence: quantitative methods) 
JK155.M6 S42.733 64-20828 

MATHEMATICAL LOGIC see Logic, Symbolic 

and mathematical 


see also Game theory; Japan Com- 
merce Mathematical models; Program- 
ming (Electronic computers); System 
analysis; also subdivision Mathematical 
models under specific subjects 

AkMmiia mudc URSK, Kiev. Institut MbernetSd. ^ 

war p met&dam. matematicJieileogo m&ddvrovanim i teorn 
e*kikh Bepei. 

Tpy^K ceMHHapa. KHCB, MSA-HO AK 

f. mm., dtegnu. tafcks. 22 cm. 

Hays Yep. CCP, 

MaxeMaimecsmt anaiHS passe^o^HOft CCTM. Mocssa, 

Foe. maywo-TexB, HS^-BO JIHT-PII no reo-xornH H oxpaue 
me&p, 1063. 

Hip, ditgrau tables. 22cm. 
TK270.B68 63-51809 

Brakes, II 

B Mo^eiaposaHite a x^MHiecKOft H He^ 
TexHaxorHH. MocEsa, Toe. Hay^Ho-xexH. 

t H ropso-TonjHBHofi JIHT-PH, 1961. 
S p. <$lagrs. 22 cm. 
QD454.BT 63-31861 

BrawBj Robert Givrav 

Istrwlaciion to linear systems analysis t byj Robert Grover 

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*B p. lllas. 24 cm. 



Tfee Concept and the role of the model in mathematics and 

natural and axial sciences; proceedings of the colloquium 
ipanaond by the Division of Philosophy of Sciences of the 
IntenuUkBiftl Union of History and Philosophy of Sciences 

organized at Utrecht, January I960, by Hans FreudenthaL 
Dor&reefet, D. Reidel Pub. Co.; New York, Gordon and 

Breach ,*l&61j 

Son. (Sytittaw library) 

5013 63-1436 

. Heray MutTB. 

Mattamttical mocWa, by H. Martyn Gundy and A. P. 
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QA1LC8 imi 510.78 61-6748 J 

and extensions. Santa Monica, 
51M2 59-50559 1 

Dantdg, George Barnard, 1914- 

Uair pn^raiwafflf and extensions. Priacetoa, N. J. 

ffl nTy rw. . 
wt, tt . MM ttcm, cm. tA tod 0wpattoa research 



Dantzig, G^rge Bernard, 1914- 

and extensions. 

*"*"* lT m * l V "' " i'R WMH W.llUt3JIUO, ja, J.TBjpV*V ytCMIWM, 

f cr U. S- -Vir Foro Project Rand. Ssaita Monica, Calii 

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Pufchov, Georgii Evgen'evich, ed. 

3-sexrpHiecKoe MO^ejHpOBaHiie sa^a^ cTpoHTeor&HOft 
xanHEH. fOTBeicTBeHHHft pe^aKxop F. E. HyxoBj KHCB 

285 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
QA821.P87 64-48488 

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Smirnov, Aleksandr Dmitrievich. 

CoBpeMCHHtie MaTeMaxH^ecKHe MarannH. MocKsa, Foe. 

H3^-BO (J)H3IIKOMaTeMaTHHeCKOft JIHT-pM, 1959. 

Ill p. illus. 20cm. 
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Prediction and regulation by linear least-square methods. 
Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand [1963] 
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A O7o ixTKo 51 ^ 8 64-9832 



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Dynamic programming; a bibliography of theory and ap- 
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T, 140 p. 28 cm. (Band Corporation. Memorandum RM-3951- 
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RAAG memoirs of the unifying study of basic problems in 
engineering and physical sciences by means of geometry, 
v. 1- 
Tokyo, Gakujutsu Bunken Fukyu-kai, 1955- 

v. illus., diagrs , tables 27 cm^ irregular. 

5t*t&W?mt no. 40. W on 1 m _^ M 

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Matheraatisclie und physikalisch-technische Probleme der 
Kybernetik; Yortrage, gehalten, auf der Konferenz der 
Forschnngsgemeinschaft der Deutschen Akademie der Wis- 
senschaften zu Berlin vom 20. bis 23. Marz 1962 in Berliii- 
Adlershof. Berlin, Akademie- Verlag, 1963. 

557 p. illus. 25 cm. (Uber wiasenachaftUche Grundlagen der 
^"" m Tecbnlk. Belhe A: Tagungen, Bd. 5) ^^ 



optamization techniques; papers, Edited 
Bellman, Berkeley, University of California 

dtagM.. taWes. 24cm. 
160 519.92 


see also Vector analysis 

Freitag, Herta Taussig. 

The number story t byj Herta Taussig Freitag t andj 
Arthur H, Freitag. Washington, National Council of 
Teachers of Mathematics [I960] 

76 p. illus. 23 cm. 
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Formulario mathematico. Riproduzione in fac-simile 
dell'edizione originale. Con introduzione e note di Ugo 
Cassina e col contribute del comune di Cuneo. Roma, 
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xxxvt, 463 p. diagrs. 26 cm. 

QA41.P42 1960 A 62-1616 

Princeton TJniv. Libr. 


Conference on Computing Methods on Optimization Prob- 
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x, 327 p. illus. 25 cm. 
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Optimization theory and the design of feedback control 
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391 P * diasrs< 24 cm - < M ^ r aw-Hlll electronic sciences 




Pontriagin, Lev Semenovich, 1908- 

The mathematical theory of optimal processes t by, L. S. 
Pontrj-agin t and others] Translated by D. E. Brown 
Oxford, New York, Pergainon Press; Distributed in the 
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vii, 340 p. illus. 23 cm. (International series of monographs In 
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Symposium on Mathematical Optimization Techniques, 

Santa Monica, Oatif., I960. 

Mathematical optimization techniques; c paperS] Edited 
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sdll. 202 p. diagrs. 24 cm. (Prentice-Hall International series in 
the physical nnd chemical engineering sciences) 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Boundary value problems; 
Dimensional analysis; Elasticity; 
Electricity; Electronics Mathe- 
matics; Engineering mathematics; 
Ergodic theory; Error functions; 
Existence theorems; Gases, Kinetic 
theory of; Hermite polynomials; 
Hydrodynamics; Invariant imbedding; 
Magnetism; Nonlinear theories; 
Optics, Physical; Perturbation (Mathe- 
matics; Potential, Theory of; Kandom 
walks (Mathematics); S-matrix theory; 
Sound; Switching theory; System anal- 
ysis; Thermodynamics; Transport 

Aeschlimann, Florence. 

Recherches sur la notion de systeme physique. Paris, 
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250 p. 23 cm. (Les Grands problemes des sciences, 11) 
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Fenyo". [3., verb. Ausg. Aus dem Ungarischen fibers, von 
Stefan Fenyflj Leipzig, Geest & Portig, 1962. 

Till, 449 p diasrs. 25cm. 
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Arzhanykh, I S 

OtfpameHHe BOJIHOBHX onepaiopos. TamxesT, HSA-BO 
AKWMHH H ayK YaCeiccKOfl CCP, 1962. 

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Modern mathematics for the engineer. New York, Mc- 
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Two-dimensional fields in electrical engineering. New 
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Hydrodynamicsj a study in logic, fact, and similitude. 
Eev. t i. e. 2dj ed. Princeton, N. J., Princeton University 
Press, 1960. 

184 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA911.B48 1960 532.5 60-3741 t 

Blaquiere, Austin. 

Me"thodes mathe"matiques de la mecanique quantique. 
Saclay, Centre d'etudes nucl&tires t !958- 

v. illus. 27 cm. 
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t !963j 

xiv, 577 p. illus. 25 cm. (McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic 
engineering series) 
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Cilliers, Andries Charl, 1898- 

Dimensie-leer; of, Logometrie; 'n verhandeling oor die 
grondslae van die simbole-rekening in die fisika. t Stellen- 
bosch, 1961, 

303-384 p. 25 cm. (Annale. Unlversiteit Tan Stellenbosch. v. 36, 
serie A, no. 7) 

[AS613.S8 vol. 36, sect. A, no. 7] A 63-485 

Ohio State Univ. Libr. 

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Differentialgleichungen fiir Ingenieure; eine Einfuhrung. 

2., neubearb. und erweiterte Aufl. Stuttgart, Teubner, 1960 

197 p. dlagrs. 22 cm. ( Leitfaden der angewandten Mathematik 

und Mechanik, Bd. 1) M jt , nnn 

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Conference on the Theory and Applications of Analysis in 
Function Space, Dedham, Mass., 1963. 

Proceedings. Edited by William Ted Martin and Irving 
Segal. Cambridge, M. I. T. Press t !964 3 

Ti, 218 p. 25 cm. 
QA401.C655 1963 530.15 64-18435 

Courant, Richard, 1888- 

Methods of mathematical physics, by R. Courant and D. 
Hilbert. 1st English ed., translated and rev. from the Ger- 
man original. New York, Interscience Publishers, 1953-K2 

2 v. illus. 24 cm. 
QA401.C724 530.151 53-7164 rev t 

Cowan, John D 

Introduction to circuit analysis tbyj John D. Cowan, Jr. 
and] Herbert S. Kirschbaum. Columbus, Ohio, C. E. Mer- 
rill Books ( 1961j 

312 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA401.C73 621.31921 61-7512 t 

Davis, Harry F 

Fourier series and orthogonal functions, Boston, Allyn 
and Bacon, 1963. 

403 p. iUas. 24cm. 
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Linear active network theory. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 
Prentice-Hall, 1962. 

535 p. illus. 24 cm. (Prentice-Hall electrical engineering series) 
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Edelmann, Hans, electrical engineer. 

Berechmmg elektrischer Verbundnetze ; mathematische 
Grundlagen und technische Anwendungen. Berlin, Spring- 
er, 1963. 

xv, 282 p. diagrs., tables. 2-4 cm. 

Ferris, Clifford D 

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Differential forms, with applications to the physical sci- 
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xiii, 203 p diagrs. 24 cm. (Mathematics In science and engi- 
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Y. Illus. 24 cm. 
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Frank, Philipp, 1884- ed. 

Die Differential- und Integralgleichungen der Mechanik 
und Physik, hrsg. von Philipp Frank und Richard v. Mises. 
Unveranderter Nachdruck der 2. verm. Aufl. Braun- 
.schweig, F. Vieweg; New York, Dover Publications t 1961i 

2v. illus. 21cm. 
QA40LF8 1961 517 61-19864 t 

Fried, Burton D 

The plasma dispersion function; the Hilbert transform of 
tib,e Gaussian t by 3 Burton D. Fried [and] Samuel D. Conte. 
New York, Academic Press, 1961. 

419 p. Illus. 26cm. 
QA331.F777 1961 517.8 61-16627 J 

Fu tan ta hsileh, Shanghai. 8hu hxw.h hti. 


480 p. tllu*. 21 cui. 

1. Mnilienmtlcal ihy*lc*. r. Ku, Uh'Ho-lmo, 3. n. Title. 

Title romanisedi Shu batten wu II fK ota^w. 

QC20.F78 COJWBW t 

Garsoux, Julien. 

Les systemes lineaires. Liege, Sciences et lettres, 1961- 

v. Illus. 25 cm. (Collection de mathematlaues appllquees) 
QA401.G28 63-46193 t 

Geminard, L . 

Techniques mathematiques a Tusage des ingenieurs du 
genie chimique et du genie civil. Cours de Pficole nationale 
superieure du pefcrole et des moteurs. Paris, Societe" dea 
editions Technip r 1962] 

2v illus. 24cm. ( Publications de 1'Institut franoals du petrole) 
QA37.G43 64-38990 

Goertzel, Gerald Howard, 1919- 

Some mathematical methods of physics t by 3 Gerald Goert- 
zel t and] Nunzio Tralli. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

300 p. Illus. 22cm. 
QA401.G65 510 59-14447 t 

Gol'df ain, I A 

BesTOpHMfl anajiHa H Teopa* nom. IIoA pA- H c n 
P. C. 1'yxepa. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO $H3HKo-Ma 
JCHT-PH, 1962. 

132 p. Illus. 21 cm. (HaCpaHHwe rjiasw Bbtcmeft 


QA261.G62 62-42760 


Graham, Dunstan. 

Analysis of nonlinear control systems [byj Dunstan 
Graham and Duane McEuer. New York, Wiley [1961] 

482 p. illus. 24 cm. 
TJ216.G7 629.83 61-15398 t 

Grodins, Fred S 

Control theory and biological systems. New York 5 Colum- 
bia University Press, 1&63. 

205 p. Illns. 24cm. 
QH508.G7 574.01 63-10521 t 

Gross, Bernhard, 1905- 

Singularifies of linear system functions, by Bernhard 
Gross and Elde Pires Braga. Amsterdam, New York, El- 
sevier Pub. Co., 1961. 

90 p. illus. l&cm. (Elsevier monographs, 12) 
QA401.G7 537.6 61-8864 t 

Gnillemin, Ernst Adolph. 

Theory of linear physical systems; theory of physical 
systems from the viewpoint of classical dynamics, including 
Fourier methods. New York, Wiley C 1063j 

zrll, 588 p. IHus. 24 cm. 
QA401.G9 530.15 63-16016 

Harman, Willis W 

Electrical and mechanical networks; an introduction to 
their analysis [by! Willis W. Harman t andj Dean W. Lytle. 
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1962. 

588 p. Illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic en- 
gineering series) 
QA401.H3 537.60151 61-17340 t 

Heading, J 

An introduction to phase-integral methods. London, 
Methuen ; New York, Wiley t 1962, 

160 p. illus. 20 cm. (Metbuen's monographs on physical HUD- 
QA372JH42 517J8 63-420 t 

Higman, Bryan. 

Applied group-theoretic and matrix methods. New York, 
Dover Publications t 1964] 

ill, 454 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA171.H58 1964 512.86 64-14303 

Hochstadt, Harry. 

Special functions of mathematical physics. New York, 
Holt, Kinehart and Winston r 1961, 

81 p. Illus. 25 cm. (Athena series; selected topics in mathe- 
QA401.H52 517.5 61-7857 J 

Hove, Leon van. 

Mathematische formalismen en natuurwetenschap. Am- 
sterdam, Noord-Hollandsche Uitg. Mij., 1955. 

26 p. 24 cm. 
QC20.H65 60-41370 t 

Huelsman, Lawrence P 

Circuits, matrices, and linear vector spaces. New York, 
McGraw-Hill [1963j 

281 p. illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill electronic sciences series) 
QA401.H8 530.15 62-22089 t 

Joos, Georg, 1894- 

Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik. 10., bearb. Aufl. 
Leipzig. Akademische VerlagsgeseUschaft Geest & Portig, 

842 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QC20.J6 1959 60-19202 J 

Jordan, Pascual, 1902- 

Strenge Losungen der Feldgleichungen der allgemeinen, 
Relativitatstheorie, von Pascual Jordan, Jiirgen Ehlers und 
Wolfgang Kundt Mainz, Akademie der Wissenschaften 
und der Literatur; in Kommission bei F. Steiner, Wiesbaden 

1 85 p. tables. 25 cm. (Akademle der Wissenschaften und der 
Llteratur. Abhandlungen der Mathematlsch-Naturwissenschaftllchen 
Klasse, Jahrg. 1960, Nr. 2) 
Q49.M22 1960, Nr.2 63-38436 

Judd, Brian R 

Operator techniques in atomic spectroscopy. New York, 
McGraw-Hill t 1963j 

242 p. Illua. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill advanced physics monograph 

QA43-2.J82 517.7 62-19246 t 

Kahan, Theodore. 

Theorie des groupes en physique classique 
c par] Theo Kahan, avec la collaboration de P. Cavailles c et 
al.j Paris, Dunod, 1960- 

v. Illns. 24 cm. 
QC20JK34 530.15 61-818 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Kuttororida, Leonid VitaFevkfe. 

npiilisaerrHHe MCTO^H BHcmeio anawsa. lisa. ."., Hcnp. 
MOT.SBS, foe, H3A-BO ^HSHKo-MaxeMaTHHecKOfl JiiT-pH, 1962. 

70S p, :Hs 22 em. 
QA401.K:!ri 1!*2 03-360031 

Kneselike, AKred, 1902- 

Different jsiiglelchungeB und Randwerfprpbleme ; Lehr- 
tweh fur NaiurwiaBMisdhaftler raid Ingenieure. Berlin, 


8 y, ' Silas. 21 


58-43440 rev 

ier, Max, 1911- 
Die Bexfeutung der Symmetrie in der Physik. Mainz, 
Verltg der Akademie der Wissemschaften und der Literatur; 
in Kommlssion bei P. Steiner, Wiesbaden 1962j 

Ui fc W P. 25 can. (Akateate to Wlsscnschaftea und der 

Dteratnr, AtotoadlOBgeB der Mathematlgdi-Naturwlssfflidiaftlldix 

Jabrr. IMS, Nr. 5) 

Kompaseets, AWksaadr Solomonovich. 

Theoretical physics, t Translated from tlie Russian; edited 
by George YankoYskyj Kew York, Dover Publications 

cm p, sum is em. 
QG20.K643 1982 



, Aleksandr 

Theoretical physic t byj A. S. Kompaneyets. t Translated 
from the Russian and edited by George Yankovskyj New 
York, Gordon and Breach t 1964] 

5fl2p. Him 23 on. 
QC30.K643 1964 580.15 63-22741 

Koshhakov, N S 

Differential equations of mathematical physics { byj N. S. 
Kosblyakov, M. M, Smirnov ,andj E. B. Gliner. Translated 
by Script* Teehniea, Inc. Translation editor: Herbert J. 
Eagle. Amsterdam, North-Holland Pub. Co.; New York, 
Intrsdice Publishers, 1964. 
. illos. 23 on. 


KasWffltov, N S 

,3H$$e]>e8fl!Ka3fcHue ypasHeHHa MaieMaiHiecEofl ^HSHZH. 

Ho* oSaptK pyKQfto^cTBQM H. C. KonurxEosa. MocKBa, Foe. 
KM-JBO- $H3&xo-xaTexaTH?ecxofi JBT-PH, 1962. 

T87 p. IlJttS. 22 cm. 
QAS71.K59 62-65585 t 

, Vladimir, 1912- 

Basac methods in transfer problems; radiative equilibrium 
and neutron diffusion, by V. Kourganoff, with the collabora- 
tkn of I. W. Budbridge! Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1952. 

2S1 p. Oliis, 24 cm. (The International series of monographs on 
QB801 JOTS 523.87 52-4481 rev J 

Eenrganrff, Vladimir, 1912- 

Basc aethods in transfer problems; radiative equilibrium 
and nentrcm diffusion. With the collaboration of I. W. Bus- 
bridge. New York, Dover Publications fl963] 
XT, Ml p, dlagrs, 22 cm. 

68 530.1 63-20251 

engmeering mathematics. New York, Wiley 
517 62-15182 t 

my. i!lm, 24 

KB, YI-Wi, 1902- 

Tranwnt circuit analyaia Princeton, N. J., Van Nos- 

tnod jiaeij 

*H p, Ulm S4 em, {lie Van Nostrand ter la electronics 




Kccera, Jaroslav. 

Tewory T d^trotechnice a v fyrice. c l. yyd.] Praha, 
NaM. C?kelwr5A^ aktdemie tM, 1963. 

198 B. mm, 2Sem. 
OA4W.K8 64-51872 

51atb, ! 'r.iatiq^ de la phyaiqus et de la tachnique. Paris, 
MBMUI } mi, 

fTSft Qiw, ttm, |lasdD0wtd88etecs) 
QAL1M 63-34960 1 

s IfO&ai! AMs 

Mt wewy; B E|MX sa^a'tax ^sa CHCTCM 
ypaiHc*ttt 3MnTiaECK>TO tana. Mocxsa, HS^-BO Aia^e- 


335 ji ffim Keaa. 
QE3I1LW -4l865 

Lavrenf ev, Mikhafl Mikhaaovich. 


CCCP, 1962. 


ransm calculus for electrical engineers [by 3 Roger 
Legros ,and, A. V. J. Martin. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 

Levin, Viktor losifovich. 

Differentialgleichungen der mathematischen Physik t von] 
W. I. Lewin und J. I. Grosberg. t tTbersetzung aus dem 
Eussischen: Maria Jensch] Berlin, Verlag Technik, 1952. 

484 p. Ulna, 25 cm. 
QA.4SLL555 55-17273 rev J 

Levin, Viktor losifovich. 



575 p. diagrs. 21 cm. (4>H3HKO-MaTeJwaTHiecKaji 6M6jiHOTeica 
QA43LL55 52-19057 rev 

Macke, Wilhelm. 

Wellen ; ein Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik. 2. durch- 
gesehene Aufl. Leipzig, Akademische Verlagsgesellscliaft 
Geest & Portig, 1961. 

465 p. Ill us. 24 cm. 
QC20.M3 1961 62-37906 t 

Mackey, George Whitelaw, 1916- 

The mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics; a 
lecture-note volume. New York, W. A. Benjamin, 1963. 

x, 187 p. 24 cm. (The Mathematical physics monograph series) 
QC174.5.M25 530.12 63-21773 

Madelung, Erwin, 1881- 

Die mathematischen Hilfsmittel des Physikera 7. Aufl. 
Berlin, Springer, 1964. 

xx, 536 p. Hlus. 24 cm. (Die GruncQchren der mathematlscheo 
Wissenschaften in Einzeldarstellungen, Bd. 4) 
QA37.M2 1964 510 64-16177 

Marchand, Jean Paul, 

Distributions ; an outline. With a foreword by Andre 
Mercier. Amsterdam, North-Holland Pub. Co.; New York, 
Interscience Publishers; r sole distributors U. S. A.: Inter- 
science Publishers, New Yorkj 1962. 

xii, 90 p. 21 cm. 
QA401.M37 63-274 

flargenau, Henry, 1901- 

The mathematics of physics and chemistry, by Henry 
Margenau and George Moseley Murphy. Princeton, Van 
Nostrand [1956-64] 

2v. illus. 24cm. 
QA37.M33 1956 530.151 55-10911 rev 

Massey, Harrie Stewart Wilson. 

Ancillary mathematics, by H. S. YT. Massey and H. Kestel- 
man. London, Pitman r !959, C 1958 1 

xvL900D. Mus,. diajers, 22cm. 

A 60-2292 
Brown Univ. Library QAS7 

Mathematische Methoden t von Josef Lense, et al.j Berlin, 
Springer, 1955-56 t v. 1, 1956;, 
2 v. illus., dlagra., tables. 26 cm, (Handbadtx der PfayBik, Bd. 

QC21.H327 Bd.1-2 62-53492 
Copy 2. QA401.M4 

Mathews, Jon. 

Mathematical methods of physics byi Jon Mathews ( andj 
E. L. Walker. New York, W, A. Benjamin, 1964. 

r, 475 p. iUus. 24 cm 
QA401.M42 510.24 64-21229 

Megareblian, Robert Vartan. 

Eeactor analysis t byj Robert V. Meghreblian jandj David 
K Holmes. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

808 p. Illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill series In nuclear engineering) 
TK9202.M258 621.483 59-15469 t 

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Fundamental formulas of physics. New York, Dover 
Publications C 1960- 

y. Illus. 21 cm. (Dover books on science, 8586} 
QA401.M492 530.15 60-51149 t 


Meschkowski, Herbert. 

Keihenentwicklungen in der mathematischen Physik. 
Mannheim, Bibliographisches Institut t !963] 

151 p. illus. 19 cm. (B. I.-HochschultaschenbUcher, Bd. 51) 
QA401.M5 517.21 63-5113 I 

Methods in computational physics. 
New York, Academic Press, 1963- 

v. rtlagrs. 24 cm. 
QA401.M514 530.15 


Moon, Parry Hiram, 1898- 

Field theory for engineers, by Parry Moon and Domina 
Eberle Spencer. Princeton, 1ST. J., Van Nostrand tl96lT 

530 p. Illus. 24 cm. (The Van Nostrand series In electronics and 
communications ) 
QA401.M6 530.1 61-8539 t 

Moon, Parry Hiram, 1898- 

Field theory handbook; including coordinate systems, dif- 
ferential equations, and their solutions, by Parry Moon and 
Domina Eberle Spencer. Berlin, Springer- Verlag, 1961. 

236 p. illus. 26 cm. 
QA401.M62 530.15 62-51628 J 

Murnaghan, Francis Dominic, 1893- 

Lectures on applied mathematics. [Washington, Spartan 
Books, 1962, 
3 v. 25 cm. 

QA401.M82 517.082 62-19096 t 

Nicolson, Malcolm Macleod. 

Fundamentals & techniques of mathematics for scientists. 
Edited by D. B. Hartree and Daphne G. Padfield. New 
York, Wiley C 1962, C 1961 3 

526 p. tllus. 23 cm. 
QA37.N57 1962 S17 62-5767 J 

Onicescu, Octav, 1892- 

Numere si sisteme aleatoare. [Bucuresti] Editura Aca- 
demiei Republicii Populare Eomine C 1962] 

259 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Oolectia "Teorla probablUtfitllor," 3) 
QA273.O6 63-30342 { 

Parodi, Maurice, 1889- 

Application de 1'algebre moderne a quelques problemes de 
physique classique. Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1961. 

350 p. Hlus. 24 cm. (Tralte 1 de physique th^orlgue et de physi- 
que mathematique, IS [I. e. 15j) 
QA401.P33 63-48119 \ 

Parodi, Maurice, 1889- 

Applications physiques de la transformation de Laplace. 
Pref . de Joseph Peres. t PariS] C. 3S". R. S., 1948. 

viii, 177 p. illus. 25 cm. (Centre d'e"tudes mathematiques en. vue 
des applications. [Monographlesj B. M^thodes de calcul, 1) 
QA432.P35 A 50-7547 rev 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Peskin, Edward. 

Transient and steady-state analysis of electric networks. 
Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand [1961, 

423 p. Illus. 24 cm. (The Van Nostrand series in electronics 
and communications) 
QA401.P43 621.31921 61-65821 \ 

Polya, George, 1887- 

Isoperimetric inequalities in mathematical physics, by G. 
Polya and G. Szego. Princeton, Princeton University 
Press, 1951. 

xvi, 279 p. 26 cm. (Annals of mathematics studies, 27) 
QA295.P6 530.151 51-6244 rev 
Copy 2. QA1.A626 no. 27 

Reed, Myril Baird. 

Foundation for electric network theory. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1961. 

354 p. illus. 24cm. (Prentice-Hall electrical engineering series) 
QC607.R38 537.6 61-8233 \ 

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Circuit analysis. New York, Ronald Press Co. [1961, 
455 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA401.S22 530.15 61-6789 \ 

Sabroff, Richard Robert, 1927- 

New concepts and generalizations of Kron's method of 
tearing. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1957] 

(tUnlveralty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIch.j Publication no. 22,411) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,411 Mic 57-3604 

Wisconsin. Univ. Ltbr. 

Sagan, Hans. 

Boundary and eigenvalue problems in mathematical 
physics. New York, Wiley t 1961] 

381 p. illus. 24cm. 
QA401.S24 530.15 61-11180 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Saner, Robert, 1898- 

Ingenieur-Mathematik. Berlin, Springer, 1959-61 
2v. illus. 24cm. * b 

QA401.S27 517 60-20059 rev t 

Sauer, Robert, 1898- 

Ingenieur-Mathematik. 3., erweiterte Aufl. Berlin, 
Springer, 1964- 

v. diagrs. 24 cm. 
QA401.S273 64-2307 

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Einf iihrung in die Theorie der speziellen Funktionen der 
mathematischen Physik. Berlin, Springer, 1963. 

viil, 249 p. 24 cm. (Die Grundlehrea der mathematischen WI- 
senschaften la Einzeldaretellungen mit besonderer Berucksichtlgoag 
der Anwendungsgeblete, Bd. 118) 
QA401.S33 530.15 

Segal, Irving Ezra. 

A mathematical approach to elementary particles and 
their fields. Notes on Mathematics 371 A, summer 1955. 
(ChicagOj University of Chicago C 1955i 

188 p. 26cm. 

A 59-S357 
Notre Dame Univ. Libr. QC173 

Semenchenko, V K 

HsSpaHHHe niaBti TeopeiHiecKoft $HSHEH. MocKsa, Toe. 
yTcefino-neflaror. HS^-BO, 1960. 

337 p. illus. 23cm. 
QC20.S46 61-47273 1 

Sneddon, Ian Naismith. 

Spez'elle Funktionen der mathematischen Physik und 
Chemie. Mathematische Formelsammlung n. Mannheim, 
Bibliographisches Institut r 1963] 

166 p. Illus. 19 cm. (B. I.-Hochsehultaschenbiicher, Bd. 54) 
QA351.S6415 517.5 63-5112 J 

Sobolev, Sergei L'vovich, 1908- 

HeKOTOpHe npHMCHeHHfl $yHKn;HOHajii>Horo anajinsa B MS- 

TeMaTHieCKOfl $H3HK6. HoBOCHO"HpCE, 1962. 

255 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA320.S6 63-28600 t 

Sobolev, Sergei L'vovich, 1908- 

Partial differential equations of mathematical physics [by] 
S. L. Sobolev. Translated from the 3d Russian ed. by E. K. 
Dawso i. English translation edited by T. A. A. Broadbent. 
Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press. $J. S. A. ed. distrib- 
uted by Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Reading, Mass., 1964 

x, 427 p Illus. 24 cm. (Adlwes International series in math- 
QA401.S613 1964 530.15 

Solov'ev, Vadim Georgievich. 

Effect of paii-ing correlation on energies and ^-transition 
probabilities in deformed nuclei. K0benhavn, I kommission 
hos Munksgaard, 1901. 

32 p. diagrs., tables. 2T cm. (Det Kongellge Danske vldenska- 
bernes selskab Matematlsk-fyslske skrlfter, bd. 1, nr. 11) 

A 62-3287 rev 
Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Sommerfeld, Arnold Johannes Wilhelm, 1868-1951. 

Vorlesungen liber theoretische Physik. 5. unveranderte 
Aufl. Leipzig, Geest & Portig, 1954- 
v. illus. 24 cm. 

59-54711 t 

Sommerfeld, Arnold Johannes Wilhelm, 1868-1951. 

Vorlesungen iiber theoretische Physik. 6. Aufl. Leipzig, 
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v. Illus. 24 cm. 
QC20.S657 62-65816 t 

Soo, Shao-lee. 

Analytical thermodynamics. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 
Prentice-Hall, 1962. 

437 p. Ulus. 24cm. 
QC311.S685 536.7 62-11891 t 

Souther, Arthur Fuller. 

Unified physics; the universal laws of nature, the equiva- 
lence of dimensions, and the radion, the fundamental entity 
of matter. Washington, "1956. 

180p. 22cm. 
QC75.S69 530.1 62-5561 J 

Stephenson, Reginald Joseph, 1903- 

Mechanics and properties of matter. 2d ed. New York, 
Wiley [I960, 

367 p. illus. 24cm. 
QA807.S82 1960 531.017 60-10326 t 

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Fundamentals of signal theory. New York, McGraw-Hill, 

346 p. Illus. 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic engl- 
neering series) 
QA401.S76 519.7 60-8041 t 

Strain, Margaret, ed. 

Mathematical methods for technologists. t lsted. 3 Prince- 
ton, N. J., Van Nostrand t !962, 1961, 

584 p. Ulus. 23cm. 
QA401.S78 517 62-1409 J 

Sutton, Sir Oliver Graham. 

Mathematics in action. With drawings and diagrs. by 
A. J. Laurie. New York, Harper r I960] 

236 p. illus. 21 cm. (Harper torchbooks TB51S. The Science 
QA7.S85 1060 510.4 

Symposium on Engineering Applications of Random Fane* 
tion Theory and Probability. 

Proceedings. 1st- 1960- 

,New York, J. Wileyj 

v. illus , diagrs. 24 cm. 
TA350.S92 620 63-1803 

Teichmann, Horst, 1904- 

Physikalische Anwendung der Vektor- und Tensorrech- 
nung. Mannhehn, Bibliographisches Institut r!963i 

206 p. illus, 19 cm. (B. L-HochschultaschenbGcher Bd 39/39a) 
QA433.T38 516.83 63-5115 J 

Tikhonov, A N 

Differentialgleichungen der mathematischen Physik, von 
A. N". Tychonoff und A. A. Samarski. { "Gbersetzung aus dem 
Russischen nach der 2. Aufl.: Gerhard Teschj Berlin, 
Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1959. 

660 p. illus. 24 cm. ( Hochschulbiicher fUr Mathematik, Bd. 39) 
QA401.T515 60-489 t 

Tikhonov, A N 

Equations of mathematical physics r byj A. N. Tikhonov 
and A. A. Samarskii. Translated by A. E. M. Robson and 
P. Basu; translation edited by D. M, Brink. New York, 
Macmillan, 1963. 

xvl,765p. diagrs. 23cm. (International series of monographs on 
pare and applied mathematics, v. 3d) 
QC20.T543 1963 530.15 

Tikhonov, A N 

Equations of mathematical physics t by] A. N. Tikhonov 
and A. A. Samarskii. Translated by A. E. M. Kobson and 
P. Basu; translation edited by D. M. Brink. Oxford, New 
York, Pergamon Press; [distributed in the Western Hemi- 
sphere by Macmillan, New York] 1963. 

svi, 765 p. illus. 23 cm. (International series of monographs on 
pure and applied mathmetlcs, v. 39) 
QC20.T543 1963a "30.15 64-5194 

Tikhonov, A N 

Partial differential equations of mathematical physics 
[byj A. N. Tychonov and A. A. Samarski. Translated by 
S. Badding. San Francisco, Holden-Day, 1964- 

v. Illus. 26 cm. (Holden-Day series in mathematical 
QA401.T513 530.15 64-15462 

Uhde, Kurt. 

Spezielle Funktionen der mathematischen. Physik. Mann- 
heim, Bibliographisches Institut t c 1964] 

2 T. 19 cm. (B. I.-Hochschultaschenbacher, 55/55a, 76/76a) 
QA401.U36 530.15 64-9093 

Wangsness, Roald K 

Introduction to theoretical physics, classical mechanics, 
and electrodynamics. New York, Wiley rl963i 

413 p. illus. 24cm. 
QC20.W3 530.15 63-14070 | 

Wangsness, Roald K 

Introductory topics in theoretical physics: relativity, 
thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and statistical mechanics. 
New York, Wiley t c 1963, 

x, 315 p. diagrs. 24 cm. 

530.15 63-22209 

Watson, William Heriot, 1899- 

Understanding physics today. Cambridge [Eng.j Univer- 
sity Press, 1963. 

218 p. 22 cm. 
530.101 63-3484 t 

Webb, Herbert Anthony. 

A mathematical tool-kit for engineers t byj H. A. Webb 
and D. G. Ashwell. t 2d ed. Londonj Longmans t 1959] 

116 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
TA350.W4 1959 517 61-1637 1 


Weizel, Walter, 1901- 

Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik, 3. verb. Aufl. Ber- 
lin, Sp inger, 1963- 

v. illus., (Jiagrg. 26 cm. 
QC20.W45 530.15 63-21506 

Whyte, Lancelot Law, 1896- 

The atomic problem, a challenge to physicists and math- 
ematicians. London, Allen and Unwin r 1961] 

56 p. 20 cm. 
QC6.W5719 61-65773 t 

Wilf, Herbert S 1031- 

Mathematics for the physical sciences. New York, Wiley 

284 p. illus. 24 cm. 


62-15193 J 

Wunsch, Gerhard. 

Theorie und Anwendung linearer Netzwerke. Leipzig, 
Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Geest & Portig, 1961- 

v. Illus. 24 cm. (Bdchere! der Hochfrequenztechnlk, Bd, 10 
QC607.W8 62-31906 J 

Zadeh, Lotfi Asker. 

Linear system theory; the state space approach [byj Lofti 
A. Zadeh & Charles A. Desoer. New York, McGraw-Hill 
C 1963 7 

xrl, 628 p. diagis. 23 on. (McGraw-Hill series la system 
QA401.Z32 517 63-14581 

Zel'dovich, fAkov Borisovich. 

Bucmaa MaieMaTHEa xxx HaiHHaiomHX H ee ttpH-ioxesHfl 

K $H3HEe. MoCEBa, FCC. H3^-BO $H3HEO-MaTeMaTH^eCEOft 
JIHT-pH, 1060. 

460 p. Illus. 21cm. 
QC23.Z4 61-24469 J 

Zel'dovich, tlfcov Borisovkh. 

Bucmax naTeuaTHKa A-^H na^EHaioinHX E ee npfluco 
K $H3HEe. HSA. 2., nepep. H ^on. Mocssa, Toe. 
$H3Hs:o-MaTeMaTH:iecKott JIHT-PH, 1963. 

559 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
QC23.Z4 1963 63-49301 


Cargese lectures in, theoretical physics. 
New York, W. A. Benjamin. 

v diagrs. 24 cm. 
QC20.C28 530.82 63-10983 

Murnaghan, Francis Domuiic, 1893- 

Lectures on applied mathematics; the Laplace transforma- 
tion. [Applied Mathematics Laboratory research and de- 
velopment report. Washington?! 1959. 

172 p. 27 cm. (Dept of the Navy. David Taylor Model Basin. 
Keport 1346) 
QA401.M83 517.7 61-40871 | 

Summer Seminar on Applied Mathematics, Unwersity of 
Colorado, 1960. 

Lect ures in applied mathematics ; proceedings. Mark Kac, 
editor. t Providence, American Mathematical Society, 19 

v. 24cm. 
QC20.S84 1960 530.15082 62-21481 


International bibliography of automatic control. Biblio- 
gniphie Internationale de la commande automatique. v. 1~ 


Bruxelles, Presses academiques europ&nnes. 

v. SO cm. quarterly. 


Carleman, Torsten, 1892-1949. 

Edition complete des articles de Torsten Carleman. Pub- 
lie par 1'Institut mathematique Mittag-Leffler avec 1'appui 
du Conseil national su^dois pour la recherche dans les 
sciences naturelles. tRedacteur : Ake Pleijel avec la collabo- 
ration de Lars Lithner et Jan Odhnoff] Malmo, Litos re- 
protryk, 1960. 

552 p. Illua. 25 cm, 
QA300.C3 1960 63-33209 t 

Krylov, Nikolai Mitrofanovich, 1879-1955. 

IIs^paHHBie Tpy^H, Kites, HSA- 
CCP, 1961. 

S v. ports. 27 cm, 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Moscow. Iilierao-fiakIe*I inrtftet 

C6opK aaysnHX patfot Kaf>epH EHcmeft MaieKar 

MocKim, Foe. H3JI-B0 JHT-PH TO aTOMHOft Hayxe H TCXKHKC, 

59-51594 rev 

f. diagrs., tablet 28m, 

EAAG mn0ira of the unifying study of basic problems in 

ginring tnd physical sciences by means of geometry 

Tokyo, Gakujuteu Bunken Fukyu-kai, 1055- 
v, illtM., <!., tables. 27cm. irregular. 
& ^* S BO. 40. 101 
QA4W.RI5 530.15 

Vn Mfces, Rkkard, 1888-195S. 

Vorleftungen. aus dem Gebiete der angewandten Mathe- 
matik. New York, M. S. Rosenberg, 1945- t'1931- 

T. U)u. 24 em, 
QA&V59 57-42068 rev 


ibr Sdialtkreis- raid Schaltwerk - Theorie, 

Jtam, im. 

Vortragftauszuge. Basel, BirkhSuser Verlag, 1961. 

198. p dtacrs. & cm. (International series of numerical mathe- 
matics. iBferaaticmtl* Sefcrlftenrelae zur nnraerlschen Mathematlk, 

QA4G1.C6* 1080 63-48116 

Conference on Mathematical Models in the Physical Sci- 
ences, Uniwrrrity of Notre Donne, 1962, 

Mathematical models in physical sciences; proceedings. 
Edited by Stefan Drobot and Paul A. Viebrock. Engle- 

wood Cliffs, N, J., Prentice-Hall ,1968) 
IMS'- Ultat., djagra. 24cm 

1962 530.15082 63-14982 

Czechoslovak Conference on Differential Equations and 
Ifcefe ApfKeatian^ Prague, im. 

Differential equations and their applications; proceedings. 
Prague, Pub. House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sci- 
ences, 1968. 

241 jn. 25BL (SytopwsIadSAV) 

1962 517.38 64-4163 

Waz, JoMpta B 1920- ed. 

Fluid (lynunics and applied mathematics; proceedings of 

the syrnfMJsiiiia sponsored by the Institute for Fluid Dy- 
nunies and Applied Mathematics, University of Maryland, 
April 28-2$, 1961, edited fay J. B. Diaz and S. I. Pal New 

York, Gordon and Breach t lM2, 

SOT Him, dUfn. 24 cm. 
QA&11.D48 196! 532 62-13425 

Lanfer, Rudolph Ernest, 1894- ed. 

Frontiers of mnDerical mathematics; a symposium con- 
ducted by the Mathematics Research Center, United States 
Amy and the National Bureau of Standards at the Univer- 
sity of Wlacwasin, Mjadiwn, Wisconsin, October 30 and 31, 
US*. Mmdiacm, University of Wisconsin Press, 1960. 

3d, 112 *, fiagra, 25 cm. < Publication of the Mathematical 
Bwwm*. Caster, UriM States Army, the University of Wisconsin. 

QA3.U45 na4 



Psrttml difcrential eqratioos and continuum mechanics; 

proceedings of an inteinaitional conference conducted by ttie 

MathfitaaticB lasearch Center at the University of Wiscon- 

riB,3SdWm,JT-15,lWO. Madison, University of Wis- 

Press, 16L 

xr. W^ P. taa, diflgrs. en. (PtiMicatloo of the Math- 
Mtta Bwwn* Owrtw, U. a lav, TMmstty of Wisconsin* no. 8) 
QM.U4S naS 517^88 61-60003 


Hattamtties of tie Anaerican Mathemati- 
! Sooety. Ck^oMored bj the 0& of Ordnance Be- 

cht Proriitwee, Ameriam Mathematical Society, 1961. 


Tl3*p, PB. 

Maomtttes, v. 11} 

Applied Mathematics. PJth, New Torlc, 1963, 
processes im mathematical phyaics and engineer. 

iag. jffidurf Mtew% editor* Profce, American 
>fSdieru:i.tical Society, l&M. 


Symposium on Network Theory, OranfteU, Eng.> 1961. 

Recent developments in network theory; proceedings of 
the symposium held at the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, 
September 1961. Edited by S. R. Beards. Sponsored by the 
Dept of Electrical and Control Engineering, the College of 
Aeronautics, Cranfield. Oxford, New York, Pergamon 
Press; dMributed in the Western Hemisphere by Macmil- 
lan, Kew Torki 1963. 

ill 250 p. diagrs. 24 cm. (International series of monographs 
in aeronautics and astronautics. Division n : Symposia, v. 03) 
TK3226.S95 1961 621.ai921 63-5315 

Symposium on Nonlinear Circuit Analysis. 

Proceedings. 1953- 
Brooklyn r etc.] 

v. dlagrs. 24cm. ( Symposia series, 2, 6 
QC601.S9 537.50151 55-3575 rev 2 

Symposium on the Numerical Treatment of Ordinary Dif- 
ferential Equations, Integral and Integro-differential 
Equations, Rome, 1960. 
Proceedings. Actes. Basel, Birkhauser, 1960. 
676 p. diagrs. 24cm. 
QA371.S9 I960 517.37 61-19639 


Archive for rational mechanics and analysis, v. 1- 
Berlhx, Springer. 

v.ia diagrs. 26cm. 

QA801.AT 531.017 61-492 

Journal of mathematical physics, y. 1- 
Jan./Feb. 1960- 
New York. 

v. 27 cm. bimonthly. 

Joint University 

Libraries, Nashville 

A 61-3320 

Progress of theoretical physics, v. 1- 
July 1946- 
t Kyoto, etc., 

v. in diagrs. 2T cm. 


tKyoto, Published for the Research Institute for Funda- 
mental Physics [byj the Physical Society of Japan. 
Y. 26cm. 


50-28989 rev 

U. S. National Bureau of Standards. 

Journal of research. B. Mathematics and mathematical 
physics, v. 63B- 
July-Sept 1959 

v. In diagrs. 27 cm. quarterly. 
QA1.U57 62-4414 

MeraMaiHKH H 



$H3HKH. T.I- 

rMocKBa, HSA-BO Aic 
v. diagrs. 26c 



Smirnov, Modest Mikhailovich. 

Sa^ann no ypasHeHHSM MateMaTH^ecKOfl; $HSHKH. Ha^;. 4., 
^on, MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO ^HaHKO-MaTeMaxH^ecKOtt JIHT-PH, 


112 p. Illus. 20cm. 
QC20.S55 1961 61-48747 J 


Lectures in theoretical physics. 
New Tork, W. A. Benjamin. 
v. illus. 23 cm. annual. 
QC20.L4 530.15 



see also Chess; Magic squares 

Abu al-' Abbis, Ahmad. 

l JUa-1 oLJt 

96 p. 22 cm. 

NE 64-1574 

Ball, Walter Wilham Rouse, 1850-1925. 

Mathematical recreations & essays. Rev. by H. S. M. 
Coxeter. t llth ed. reprinted with corrections! New York^ 
Macmillan, 1962. 

418 p. illus. 21cm. (MacmUIan paperbacks, W) 
QA95JB2 1962 793.74 62-75 J 

Barnard, Douglas St Paul. 

A book of mathematical and reasoning problems; fifty 
brain twisters. Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand [1962] 

109 p. Ultis, 21cm. 
QA95.B3 1962 793.74 63-5665 t 


BcOer, Albert H 

Recreations in the theory of numbers; the queen of mathe- 
matics entertains, by Albert H. Beiler. New York, Dover 
Publications C 1964] 

rrl,849p. lllus. 22cm. 
QA95.B44 1964 793.74 64-13458 

Bowers, Henry. 

Arithmetical excursions; an enrichment of elementary 
mathematics, by Henry Bowers and Joan E. Bowers. Lon- 
don, Dent; New York, Dover Publications [1961] 

320 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA145.B6 510 61-2208 t 

Dobrovolny, BohumiL 

Matematicke rekreace; zajimave problemy s 90 obrazky a 
sfesenim, t l.vyd.] Praha, Prace, 1961. 

139 p illus. 17 cm. (Technlck^ v^bSr do tapsy, sv. 37) 
QA95.D58 62-51347 t 

Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898. 

Mathematical recreations of Lewis Carroll [pseud. 3 New 
York, Dover Publications C 1958j 

2 v. Illus 21 cm. 
QA95.D6 793.7i 58-14299 rev 

Domoriad, Aleksandr Petrovich. 

MaieMaTHiecKHe nrpH H pa3BjreieHH. MocKBa, Toe. HS^- 
BO (fiH3HKO-MaTeMaTHH:ecKOft JIHT-PH, 1961. 

266 p. lllus. 20cm. 

Domoriad, Aleksandr Petrovich. 

Mathematical games and pastimes, by A. P. Domoryad. 
Translated by Halina Moss. Oxford, New York, Pergamon 
Press; [distributed in the Western Hemisphere by Mac- 
millan, New York, 1964. 

xl, 298 p. lllus. 23 cm. (Popular lectures In mathematics series, 
CiA95.D643 1964 793.74 63-16860 

Bonn, Angela, ed. 

Mathematical bafflers; a collection of the best puzzles 
from the famous Problematical recreations series of Litton 
Industries, together with dozens of provocative posers 
created especially for this volume. Woodcut illus. by Ed 
Kysar. New York, McGraw-Hill 1964, 

xlll, 217 p. lllus. 22cm. 
QA95.D85 793.74 64-17566 

Friend, John Albert Newton, 1881- 

More numbers : fun & facts. New York, Scribner [1961] 

201 p. 19 cm, 
QA95.F74 511 61-13364 

Friend, John Albert Newton, 1881- 
St ill more numbers: fun & facts. New York, Scribner 

xlll, 206 p. lllus. 19cm. 
QA95.F76 511 64-12035 

Frohlichstein, Jack, 

Mathematical fun, games and puzzles. New York, Dover 
Publications [196^ 

306 p. illus. 21 cm. 
QA95.F77 793.74 62-2485 J 

Gardner, Martin, 1914- 

Mathematical puzzles. Illustrated by Anthony Ravielli. 
New York, Crowell t !961j 

112 p. lllus. 22cm. 
QA95.G29 510.76 61-6142 t 

Gardner, Martin, 1914- 

The Scientific American book of mathematical puzzles & 
diversions, by Martin Gardner ... together with mathemati- 
cal commentaries by Mr. Gardner and addenda from readers 
of Scientific American, plus bibliographies and, of course, 
solutions. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1959- 

v. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA95.G3 793.74 61-12845 rev J 

Glenn, William H 

Fun with mathematics c by] William H. Glenn t andj Dono- 
van A. Johnson. St. Louis, Webster Pub. Co., 1960. 

43 P. illus. 23 cm. (Exploring mathematics on your own) 
QA95.G55 793.74 60-3264 J 

Glenn, William H 

Invitation to mathematics [byj William H. Glenn c andj 
Donovan A. Johnson. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1962 

873 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
QA93.G5 510 62-8932 t 

Hater, Philip, ed. 

Peter Pauper's puzzles & posers. With illus. by Jeff Hill. 
Mount Vernon, N. Y., Peter Pauper Press [1963] 

62p. col. Illus. 19cm. 
QA95.H224 793.74 63-3570 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Harding, Lowry Waring. 

Arithmeriddles. Columbus, Association for the Study of 
Educology, Ohio State University [1961] 

138 p. 22cm. 
QA95.H35 793.74 61-14362 J 

Hunter, James Alston Hope. 

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IIo desalt Hn^aropa ; saHHMaTejtHafl MateMaTHKa. Ife- 
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OiepKH o JtaxeMaTHiecKHX sa^arax na cueKajtKy ; nocoCSne 
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1. Mathematical recreations. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Suan suan ts'ou ts'ou. 


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SaHHMaxejiBHaH apn$MeTHKa; aara^EH H AHSOBHHEH B 
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189 p. Illus. 20cm. 
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2KHBaa MateitaTHKa ; MaxejtaTHiecEHe paccicasH H roioao- 
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6CM981 J 

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fi. Mocrsa, Foe. 

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70 p. Illus. 22cm. 



see also Biometry; Correlation (Statis- 
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Mathematical linguistics; Probabilities; 
Sampling (Statistics); Statistics; Time- 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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141?. Illm 20cm. sCtatakvSdfc'.S} 
QA273.D85 6S-27628 J 

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latxt)d,TOtioo to tibe mathamaticsi theory of probabiliirv' 
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Alada^dtyu onnanlarawk istatistik metodlarla 
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61-16048 J 

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HeKOTopue sonpocKc MaTeMamHecKOtt ciaTHCTHKH. Mo- 
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Osnovi matematicke statistike. Beo^rad, 1959- 

v. diagrs., tables. 25 cm. (Saveznl zavod za statistiku. 
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OCHOBH MaxeiiaTHTCCKOtt craTHCTKKH; y^e^Hoe noco^He. 

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PH, 1962. 

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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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QH324.K38 1964 



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BtipaBHHBaHHe craTHCTHHecEHx pa^os no neto^y Haxr- 
MeHtiiiiix KBa^paroB (cnocoC HeCJumeBa) ir raSJiimH jjui 
HaxoHflCHiifl ypaBHCHHft napaSo.THiecKiix KPIIBHX. 2. H3#. 
MOCKBE, Toe. eraTiicTHiecKoe HSA-BO, 1959. 

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38*026 1951, 
2, 4, 105, 156 p. diagrs., tables. 26 cm. 
Bibliography: p t 99 r 102 (3d group) 

1, Mathematical statistics. 


i. Title. 
Title romaniaed: Poason bumpuhyS. 

J 60-73 

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Linnik, ftrrii Vladimirovich. 

cxaTHCTHiecKOfl TeopHH o6pa6oTKn HadjnofleHHft. Hs#, 2., 
flon. H Hcup. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO $H3HKO-MareMaTHHecKOfl 

JHT-PH, r 

'" 99 tm 


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An application of the common chi-square test. Helsinki, 

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[Q60.F555 vol. 26, no. 8] A 63-972 

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MaTeMaraiecEaa ciaxHCTHKa B Hepaoft Meia-i-Typriin. ,^0- 
nymeHO B K.iHecTBe yie6. nocofliiH AJH TexHincyMOB Mo- 
CKsa, Foe. nayiHO-TexH. HS^-BO .'THT-PBI no nepHOfi n xjBCTHOft 
MeiaJuiyprHH, 1956, 

100, t 3] p. diagrs. 20 cm. 
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Mikhaflov, Oleg Aleksandrovich. 

MaTCMaTH^ecKM ciaTncTHKa a JiiiHeflHoe nporpaMMHpo- 
saHHe B ^epnoft MexaajiyprHii. MocKsa, Toe. HayHHo-xexH. 
H3A-BO J[HT-PBI no nepHOii H ^BeTHoa MexajJiyprHH, 1961. 

159, jlj p. dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. 
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MitropoI'skffA K 

TexHHKa CTaTHCTHcecKHX BH^HOteHHft. MocKsa, Foe. H3A- 

BO $H3HEO-MaTeMaTH^eCKOfl JIHT-pH, 1961. 

479 p. illus. 22 cm. (*H3HKC-MaTeMaTHHecKaH 6H6^HOTeKa HH- 
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Methodes statistiques en medecine et en biology par .a. 
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of Medicine 

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ITpjiMeHeHiie MaTeMaTHtecEofl CTarncTiiEii npii aaa-inse 
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JIJIT-pKt, 11)60. 

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^iicnepcnoHHMfi anajiua. Do^ pe^. H. n, ^(>-6EHHHa. 
HoBoartfnpcK, HSA-BO CnCtMpCKoro OT^-HHS AH CCCP, 

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: an introduction and 
Press t 1961, 

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Statistical reasoning in . 
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Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 1986 QA. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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UpmjiwreHHe xaTexaTRteecoft CTarncTHKH K anasHay npo- 
soscoxHMH'secicoro nposr3BO^;cTBa. XapsioB, Foe. 
-TexH. m^-no SHT-PH no lepnoft H HBCI-HOU Meraa- 

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ocaaLj Foe. w&yiKO-TCXH. HS^-BO 

MOft JUTOpU, 196$. 

JM, ft p, UhBL 28 an. 


ax. Mo- 


S josirom , S verker. 

Ora rtAdom kd amlyas. Goiborg, Elandera hoktr. t H. 
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v, Nikolai Vasil'ench. 

KjwTKai ^ypc MaxesaTa:^ecK>fi naiHcrasH ^a 
noes BpEiaK-eEatft. ^onj^meso B saiecrae y*e<5. 
4 pa: JKHCHZMX TCX, y^reo", sase^eHHa. MocKsa, Foe. 


655 >. 



MOCKB*, Foe. sta^-so 


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^Conferencias de preparacion matematica y estacustica, 

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Statisticke" metody v lesnictvi. TJcebmce pro lesmcke 
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2,3,292, ( lj p. HluB. 22cm. 
Bibliography : p. t28ft| 

1 Mathematical statistics. 


ma 0ang chl k'ual 

ch.1 ying runs shu nsuen. 


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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


California. University. University at Los Angeles. 

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tions Division, Pergamon Press, 1960. 

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Colloque sur 1'analyse statistique, tenu a Bruxelles les 15, 
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Vsesoiuznoe soveshchanie po teorii veroiatnostei i mate- 
maticheskoi statistike. 

BHJIBHIOC [etc.] Foe. H3#-BO HOJIHT. H nayi. jHT-pM J!HTOB- 
CKott CCP t etc.] 

v. diagrs., tables. 23-27 cm. 

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Sa^aiH no MaxeMaTHiecEofi cra-nic-niKe B npHMeneHHH E 
TCKCTHJII.HHM ncoieflOBaHHXM. Hofl pc#. A. B. TepioniHOBa 
H B. II. JleBimcKoro. ,ZI|oiiym;eHO B Ka^ecxse yie<5. 
fljifl TCXH. H HHacenepHO-BKOH. cner(Hajn,HOCTeii 
BHcrnHX yieo". aaBeflCHHfl. MOCKEE, Hs^-uo HayiHO-iexH. 
JIHT-PH PCflCP, 1960. 

144 p. illus. 23cm. 
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CtfopHHK sa^ai no MaxeMaTHiecKOfi: cxaxucxHKe H xeopnn 
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bility, v. 1- 

Providence, Printed for Institute of Mathematical Statistics 
by American Mathematical Society, 1961- 

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see Numerical weather forecasting 


see also Mathematics Teacher training; 
Mathematics as a profession; Mathe- 
matics teachers 

Biermann, Kurt R 

Vorschlage zur Wahl von Mathematikern in die Berliner 
Akademie; ein Beitrag zur Gelehrten- und Mathematikge- 
schichte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Berlin, Akademie- Verlag, 


75 p 30 cm. (Abhandlungen der Dentschen Akademie der Wis- 
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63-3569 1 

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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Careers in mathematics. tCo-sponsorS] : National Council 
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t New Yorkj New York University Press, ISeS- 

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62-17998 J 


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00 * 510.58 61-S8077 

1, If5, 141 p. IS cm. 

1. Jlathematicians, Chinese. 2. Mathematics Hist. China i. 
Title. Title romanized: Cfa'ou J6n chnan ssft pieu. 



Hagino, K5g6, 1927- 

C 59-1787 

tt HEiX IK I: 

2, 2, 162 p. ill us,, ports., tables. 22 cm. 
Bibliography: p. 3-42. 

1. Mathematics, Japanese BiW. 2. Mathematics Hist. Blbl. 
3. Mathematicians, Japanese BlbL z. Title. 

Title romantsed: Xihon sdgaku shi kenlcyQ benran. 

Z6651JI25 JT8S-441 


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[RIAS. Baltimore, 1961!, 

1 v, (various paglngs) 30 cm. 
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Jan./Feb. 1960- 

London [London Matliematical Society; distributed byj 
Cleaver-Hume Press. 

T. diagrs. 26 on. bimonthly. 
QA1.R82 64-2220 


see also Algebra; Approximate com- 
putation; Arithmetic; Ausdehnungslehre; 
Axioms; Binary system (Mathematics); 
Biomathematics; Business mathematics; 
Calculus; Combinations; Congruences 
(Geometry); Conic sections; Coordinates; 
Curves; Determinants; Dynamics; Eco- 
nomics, Mathematical; Engineering mathe- 
matics; Equations; Errors, Theory of; 
Factors (Algebra); Forms (Mathe- 
matics); Fourth dimension; Frac- 
tions; Functions; Game theory; Geog- 
raphy, Mathematical; Geometry; Graphic 
methods; Graphic statics; Groups, The- 
ory of; Harmonic analysis; Hyper space; 
Induction (Mathematics); Kinematics; 
Least squares; Logic, Symbolic and 
mathematical; Mathematics as a pro- 
fession; Maxima and minima; Mensura- 
tion; Metric system; JN'umbers, Theory 
of; Numerals; Numeration; Numerical 
calculations; Permutations; Potential, 
Theory of; Probabilities; Projection; 
Series; Shop mathematics; Statics; 
Transformations (Mathematics); Trig- 
onometry; Vector analysis; also head- 
ings beginning with the word Mathe- 
matical; and subdivision Mathematics 
under specific subjects, e. g. Invest - 
m ents Mathematics 

Agachev, Pavel Egorovich. 

Kypc BHcmeft MaxeiiaTHSH 
aoco6*KJX #c* 

B Ka^ecrse y^e<S. 
oe. co3- 

Hoe HSA-BO cyflocipOHT, npoMHmx, 1961. 

671 p. inns. 21cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

AJadetaiia oaok SSSR. Institvt istcmi estestvoznamm i 

Giepiiii uiTi/piiii MaresiaTji:.n 11 iiexainiKii; c6"opiiHK cia- 

TCft. tOtBCTUTBCHUHft pejaKTOp A. T, fpUTOpWIH] MoC 

Hwo Auuf \inir nays CCCP, 1963. 

271 p. 22m, 
QA37.R8A65 63-38631 J 

AkademuS, muric SSSR. Matematichesku instifat. 

Mathematics, its content, methods and meaning. Edited 
by A. T>. Alekssmdrov, A. N. Kohnogorov c and] M. A. La- 
vrentVv. Providence, American Mathematical Society, 


T. illus. 24 cm. (Translations of mathematical monographs, 

QA36.A4M 63-22016 rev t 

naak SSSR. MatemattchesM mstitet. 

Mathematics, its content, methods, and meaning. Edited 
by A. IX Aleksandrov, A. N. Kolmogorov t and, M. A. 
Larrent'eT. Translated by S, H, Gould and T. Bariha, 
Cambridge, Mass., M. L T. Press r !964, e 1963j 

8 v mm. & cm. 
QA3S.A45* 510 64-7547 

Akaterafa pedagog^dieskikli itauk RSFSR, Moscow. 

OHUHwonefliw aaeMCHTapHofl MareMaTHKH. IIo pe^. 
U. C. AiescaH^poBa, A. H. MapsymeBim H A. #. Xanana. 
Mocxsa, Foe JIS^-BO xexHHEO-Teopex. JHT-PH, 1951-63. 

4r. l&u. SSoa. 
QA38.AS 52-18087 rev 

ADcn, Roy Gtoz-gr* Dongfcts. 

Basic mathematics. c New Yorkj St Martin's Press, 1962. 

Slip. mm. 23cm. 
QASTJL3M 510 63-127 J 

Alenctoerf er, Cari Burnett, 1911- 

Principles of mathematics ibj] Carl B. Allendoerfer [and] 
Geto 0. Oakley. 2d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill [1963] 

540 p. Olns. X cm, 
QA87.A37 1963 510 63-12123 t 

Andersen, Aksd Frederik, 1891- 

"JjKctSbost i matetniitik for gymnasiets ma.tematisk-nafcur- 
vMcn&ftbelig& link* { f } A. F. Andersen og Poul Mogensen. 
&ndg. K*benh*7n,Gyldendal,195 

T. IHtw. 24 cm. 
QAJL4 510 60-50618 J 

Apostle, Hippocrates George. 

A surrey of basic mathematics. Boston, Little, Brown 

4M p. mas, 25 eta. 
QA37.A5& 510 60-9004 t 

April*, Giorgio. 

Mafcematk-h* complementari; testo per la preparazione ai 
coneorei ,dij Giorgio Aprile ( et al. 3 Koma, O. Barjes r !960- 

ST. ^ters. Sim. 
QAS7.A 61-21226 rev 

Arc PnWisMiig Otttttpany, New YorL 

Mathematics simplified and self-taught. New York r!961, 

IT. fflo*. cm- 



j in die hohere Mathematik und ihre Anwen- 
_ a; ein Hilfsktch fBr Chemiker, Physiker tmd andere 
NttirwiaischAf&rr. S., verb. AufL Berlin, W. De 
Grayter, 1959. 

410 p. mm. <m (Atfeeitsmethodm der moderaen Naturwis- 
QA37.A8 1959 517 60-36305 t 

Ayres, William Leake, 1906- 

G-eaerml college mattenatics ^byj W. L. Ayres. Cleota G. 
Fiy I d,H.F.S, Jonah. 2ded. New York, McGraw-Hill 




B^MiSra, Na jib GhlB. 
p>l* Jl* i.^ UJtr 

59-9409 J 

T. Ufa*. 24 em. 


Bakhum, Xajib GhuE. 


ni r- 1 

FE 64-2254 

47. IHss. 24cm. 

Barlow, Melvin L 

The role of mathematics in electrical-electronic technology 
[byj Melvin L. Barlow andj William John Schill. Los 
Angeles, Division of Vocational Education, University of 
California, 1962. 

132 p. illus. 24 on. 
TK7845.B3 62-63756 t 

Bass, Jean. . 

Cours de mathematiques. 2. ed., rev. et augm. raris, 
Masson, 1961. 

2 v. dtagrs. 25 cm. 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Batnner, L M 

MaTCMaTHiecKtie MCTOAM B xHMHiecKoft TexHHKe. 
nepep. H x>v. Ho* odmeft pe^. M. E. HosHna. ^e 
Toe. nay^HO-xexH. H3.H-BO XHM. inx-pH, 1960. 

639 p. diagrs., tables. 23cm. 
QA37.B35 1960 61-30404 

Batnner, L M . 

Mathematische Methoden in der chemischen Technik [Vonj 
L. M. Bntnner und M. Je. Posin. [t^bersetzung: F. J. Hent- 
schel und H. Hildebrandtj Berlin, Verlag Technik, 1958- 

QA3T.B 3 r "^ ^TST, 

Baule, Bernhard, 1891- 

Die Mathematik des Naturforschers und Ingenieurs. 
Leipzig. S. Hirzel, 1954- c 1942- 

v. illus. 24 cm. 
QA37.B45 59-45042 

Beck, Robert A 

Sun-rise on the fields of mathematics. "Washington, Pa., 
Fridley Print. Co., 1960- 

QA93.B4 ' 510 60-11808 t 

Beckenbach, Edwin F ed. 

Modern mathematics for the engineer. New York, Mc- 
Graw-Hill, 1956- 

v. illus. 24 cm. ( University of California engineering ex- 
tension series) 
QA401.B4 510 55-11555 rev J 

Bergamini, David, 1928- 

Mathematics, by David Bergamini and the editors of Life. 
Consulting editors: Rene Dubois, Henry Margenau c and] 
C. P. Snow. New York, Time, inc. 1963j 

200 p. Illus. (part col) ports, (part coL) coL maps, diagrs 28 cm. 
(Life science library) 
QA93.B45 510 63-18983 

Bisharah, Sadiq. 


516 p. diagrs. 24 cm. 

NE 64-573 

Blakey, Joseph. 

Engineering mathematics, by J. Blakey and M. Hutton. 
New York, Philosophical Library t 1960] 

603 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA37.B69 510 60-3660 1 

Blakey, Joseph. 

Intermediate pure mathematics. 2ded. London, Cleaver- 
Hume Press [I960] 

458 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA37.B695 1960 510 60-4889 J 

Blakey, Joseph. 

Intermediate pure mathematics. 3d ed. London, Cleaver- 
Hume Press [1962] 

500 p. Mas. 23cm. 
QA37.B695 1962 63-4938 t 

Bohme, Gert. 

Mathematik; Vbrlesungen fur Ingenieurschulen. Berlin, 
Springer, 1964- 

T. diagrs. 24 cm. 
QA37.B73 63-23216 

Boon, Frederick Charles. 

A companion to school mathematics. t 2d ed., with a fore- 
word and new bibliography. London, Longmans r 1960i 

802 p. uius. 22cm. 
QA39.B625 1960 



Bowen, Earl K 

Mathematics; with applications in management and eco- 
nomics. Homewood, IU., R. D. Irwin, 1963. 

417 p. Illus. 24 cm, (Irwin series In quantitative analysis for 
QA37.B8515 517.S82 63-14231 J 

Brixey, John Clark, 1904- 

Fundamentals of college mathematics [by] John C. Brixey 
t and] Bichard V. Andree. Eev. ed. New York, Holt, Rine- 
hart and Winston t !961] 

750 p. 24cm. 
QA37.B857 1961 510 61-7863 J 

Carter, Hobart Clinton, 1907- 

Modern basic mathematics. New York, Appleton-Cen- 
tury-Ciofts t 1064] 

xi, 466 p. diagrs. 24 cm. (The Appleton-Century mathematics 
QA37.C28 63-19876 

Chawla, C 

Practical engineering mathematics; a text book for A. M. 
I. E., B. E., B. Sc, (engg.) & telecom, engg. Thoroughly 
rev. & enl. t 2d 3 ed. Delhi, New Asian Publishers, 1963. 

. . 

Yl, 458, 616 p. illus. 22cm. 
QA37.C52 1963 

S A 63-3641 

Chirgwin, Brian H 

A course of mathematics for engineers and scientists [by] 
Brian H. Chirgwin and Charles Plumpton. Oxford, New 
York, Pergamon Press, 1961- 

v. Illus. 23 cm. 
QA37.C549 60-13894 J 

Clarkson, Donald R 

Understanding today's mathematics; an introduction to 
the basic vocabulary and concepts of the new mathematics 
[by] Donald E. Clarkson t and] Robert S. Hansen. Hamden, 
Conn., Shoe String Press, 1963. 

vlli, 267 p. Illus. 28cm. 
QA93.C55 510 63-17390 

Clarkson, Donald R 

Understanding today's mathematics; an introduction to 
the basic vocabulary and concepts of the new mathematics 
t by 3 Donald K. Clarkson r andj Robert S. Hansen. Rev. ed. 
Hamden, Conn., Shoe String Press, 1964. 

Till, 265 p. Ulus. 24cm. 
QA93.C55 1964 510 64-9952 

Congres international les mathematiques de 1'ingenieur, 

Mons and Brussels, 1958. 

Coniptes rendus, publies sous la direction de L. Derwidue 
et N. Forbat. [Louvain, Ceuterick, 1959 ?j 

437 p. diagrs. 25cm. and portfolio (diagrs.) 85 cm. (M&nolres 
et publications de la SociiSte des sciences, des arts et des lettres du 
Hainaut Volume hors ser.) 

A 60-3040 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Cooke, Nelson Magor. 

Basic mathematics for electronics. 2d ed. New York, 
McGraw-HiU, 1960. 

679 p. illus. 24 cm. 
TK153.C63 1960 510 59-14441 t 

Cooper, Jacob Lionel Bakst. 

The main lines of mathematics. 

(In Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1961. Washington, 
1062. 24cm. p. 323-335. illus.) 
Q11.S66 1961 63-470 

Crank, John. 

Mathematics and industry. London, New York, Oxford 
University Press, 1962. 

91 p. Illus. 23 cm. (Oxford mathematical handbooks) 
QA7.C76 510.81 62-5954 J 

Crowhurst, Norman H 

Basic mathematics. New York, J. F. Rider, 1961- C 63] 
4 v. illus. 23 cm. (A Klder publication) 
QA37.C7 510 61-7327 rev 

Daniels, Farrington, 1889- 

Mathematical preparation for physical chemistry. New 
York, McGraw-Hill C 1959, a !928j 

310 p. Illus. 23cm. (McGraw-Hill paperback series) 
[QA37] 510 59-65242 t 

Defares, J G 

An introduction to the mathematics of medicine and biol- 
ogy by J. G. Defares and I. N. Sneddon. Amsterdam, 
North-Holland Pub. Co., 1960. 

663 p. Illus. 23 cm. 

QA37.D36 574.0151 62-744 J 

Defares, J G 

An introduction to the mathematics of medicine and 
biology, by J. G. Defares and L N. Sneddon. Chicago, 
Year Book Publishers, 1960. 

663 p. Illus. 23cm. 
[QA37.D ] 
Notre Dame Univ. Libr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

Delone, Boris Nikolaevich, 1890- 

AKa^eMHE Ha$HyTHft JE&BOBHI HefiMineB 

nrsoaa MateMaxHEH; peii, na TopacecxBeHHOM 

jotfnjiefiHOft ceccnH AKafleMHH Hays CCCP. MocKsa, 1945. 

8 p. 26 cm. 
QA29.C5D4 60-35048 t 

Dettman, John Warren. 

Mathematical methods in physics and engineering New 
York, McGraw-Hill, 1962. 

323 p. illus. 24 cm. (International series In pure and applied 
QA37.D46 510 61-17747 % 

Dieulefait, Enrique E 

Apuntes de matematicas para estadfstica, correspondientes 
al curso dictado por Enrique Dieulefait. Ciudad TruiiUo. 

265 p. illus. 28cm. 
QA37.D5 59-48379 \ 

Dodd, Kenneth Neilson. 

Mathematics in aeronautical research. London, New 
York, Oxford University Press, 1964. 

xlii, 130 p. illus., diagrs. 23 cm. (Oxford mathematical hand- 
TL565.D6 629.13018 64-1436 

Dodes, Irving Allen. 

Mathematics: a liberal arts approach; a textbook in gen- 
eral mathematics. New York, Hayden Book Co. t c !964] 

xii, 420 p. illus,, ports., map. 25 cm. (Hayden series in mathe- 
QA39.D59 510 64-10304 

Doherty, Robert Ernest, 1885- 

Mathematics of modern engineering, by Robert E. Doherty 
and Ernest G. Keller. New York, Dover Publications [1961, 

2 v. illus. 21 cm. 
QA37.D62 510 61-2027 t 

Elliott, William Whitfield, 1898- 

Mathematics: advanced course t byj W. W. Elliott, Ed- 
ward R. C. Miles t and] Thomas D. Reynolds. Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall [1962] 

434 p. illus. 24 cm. (The Prentice-Hall mathematics series) 
QA37.E42 510 62-S563 t 

Fadiman, Clifton, 1904- ed. 

The mathematical magpie; being more stories, mainly 
transcendental, plus subsets of essays, rhymes, music, anec- 
dotes, epigrams, and other prime oddments and diversions, 
rational or irrational, all derived from the infinite domain 
of mathematics. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1962. 

300 p. illus. 25cm. 
PN6071.M3F33 817.52 62-15492 J 

Fehr, Howard Franklin, 1901- 

Essential mathematics series r by Howard F. Fehr and 
VerylSchult. 2ded. Boston, Heath, 1962] 

2 v. illus. 24 cm. 
QA39.F36 1962 510 62-7026 t 

Fehr, Howard Franklin, 1901- 

Mathematics for everyone byj Howard F. Fehr t and] 
Max A. Sobel. New York, Pocket Books 1963j 

Slip, illus. 17cm. 
QA39.F364 510 63-25549 

Fowler, Frank Parker, 192ft- 

Basic mathematics for administration. t by 3 F. Parker 
Fowler, Jr. [and] E. W. Sandberg. New York, Wiley [1962] 

339 p. illus. 24 cm. 
HF5691.F67 510 62-15189 t 

Frankland, Thomas W 

Simplified solution of piping offsets. Chicago, F. J. Drake 

145 p. Illus. 20cm. 
TH6128.F7 1960 621.8672 60-5002 t 

Frohlich, Siegbert. 

Mathematischer Vorkurs. Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 

172 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA39.F84 510 59-52225 % 

Frohlich, Siegbert. 

Mathematischer Vorkurs. 3., verb, und wesentlich erwei- 
terte Aufl. Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft [I960] 

334 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QAL39.F84 1960 63-39309 J 

Gabler, Johannes. 

Mathematik und Leben; ein unterhaltsames Lehrbuch fur 
Erwachsene: Arithmetik, Algebra, Geometric. [Unter Mit- 
wirkung von: Dietrich Grossmann et aLj Mit 325 BMern, 
zahlreichen Beispielen und durchgerechneten Aufgaben. 
Leipzig, Fachbuchverlag, 1959. 

60S p. Illus. 24 cm. 

59-51936 J 

Gabler, Johannes. 

Mathematik und Leben. 3., verb. Aufl. Mit 337 Bildem, 
zahlreichen Beispielen und durchgerechneten Aufgaben. 
[Unter Mitwirkung von Dietrich Grossmann, et alj Leip- 
zig, 1963- 

v. diagrs. 24 cm. 
QA39.G233 63-51025 

Gasse, Erich. 

Mathematik fur technische Berufe. Braunschweig, F. 
Vieweg, 1962- 

2 v. Illus. 21 cm. (Viewegs FacbMcher fflr den Techniker) 
QA39.G33 63-33547 J 

Geminard, L 

Techniques mathematiques a 1'usage des ingenieurs du 
genie chimique et du genie civil. Cours de PEcole nationale 
superieure du petrole et des moteurs. Paris, Societe dee 
editions Technip [1962] 

2v. illus. 24 cm. ( Publications de I'Institut francajs du petrole) 
QA37.G43 64-38990 

Gerrish, F 

Pure mathematics: a university and college course. Cam- 
bridge [Eng.] University Press, 1960. 

2 v. illus. 24 cm. 
QA37.G48 510 60-51414 J 

Glenn, William H 

Invitation to mathematics t byj William H. Glenn c andj 
Donovan A. Johnson. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1962 

373 p. illus. 24 cm. 


62-8932 J 

Glicksman, Abraham M 

Fundamentals for advanced mathematics t by 3 Abraham 
M. Glicksman [and] Harry D. Ruderman. New York, Holt, 
Rinehart and Winston t 1964] 

xii, 651 p. diagrs. 24 cm. 
QA37.G52 64-589 

Grabbe, Eugene Munter, ed. 

Handbook of automation, computation, and control, pre- 
pared by a staff of specialists. Edited by Eugene M. 
Grabbe, Simon Ramo [and] Dean E. Wooldridge. New 
York, Wiley C 1958-61] 

3 v. diagrs , tables. 24 cm. 



58-10800 rev 

*B* ** * 

& m HiJiR It 1952. 
63 p. illus. 21 cm. 
Translation of Technlsches Hechnen. 

C 60-2242 J 


Hart, Walter Wilson, 1879- 

Mathematics in daily use r byj Walter W. Hart, Veryl 
Schult t and] Lee Irvin. 3d ed., rev. Boston, Heath t 1961 3 

374 p. Illus. 25cm. 
QA39.H3343 1961 510 61-5232 1 

Heisler, William Frederick. 

Mathematics applied to the firefighting service. In co- 
operation with the Dept. of Trade and Industrial Educa- 
tion and others] Stillwater, Okla,, College Book Store, 
Oklahoma A. & M, College, 1945. 

136 p. illus., diagrs. 28cm. 
QA39H39 1945 45-8531 rev* 

Henderson, Kenneth B 

Using mathematics: big ideas and basic skills [by] Ken- 
neth B. Henderson and Robert E. Pingry. Drawings by 
Henri A. Fluchere ; end papers, illus., and charts by Graphics 
Institute. 2d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill [I960] 

559 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA39.H42 1960 510 59-15430 J 

Henderson, Kenneth B 

Using mathematics, 7- t Byj Kenneth B. Henderson 

and Robert E. Pingry. Drawings by Henri A. Fluchere 
t and] Ramon Gordon. Illus. and charts by Graphics Insti- 
tute. Modern topics ed. New York, McGraw-Hill E 1961- 

T. Illus. 22 cm. (Big Ideas and basic skills series) 
QA39JI433 510 61-10536 


Henderson, Kenneth B 

Using mathematics. [Gradej 7 - Byj Kenneth B. 

Henderson and Robert E. Pingry. Drawings by Henri A. 
Fluchere t and] Ramon Gordon. Illus. and charts by 
Graphics Institute. Modern topics ed. [Teacher's ed. 3 New 
York, McGraw-Hill ,1961- 

v. Illus. 22 cm. (Big ideas and basic skills series) 
QA39.H432 510 61-10537 J 

Henderson, Kenneth B 

Using mathematics Tp- Byj Kenneth B. Henderson and 
Robert E. Pengry. Drawings by Henri A. Fluchere, illus. 
and charts by Graphics Institute. 2d ed. New York, 
McGraw-Hill r !961- 

T. lUtis. 22 cm. (Big ideas and basic skills series) 
QA39.H4332 510 60-53033 I 

Henfcin, ra. 

Retracing elementary mathematics jbyj Leon Henkm 
t and othersi New York, Macmillan 1962] 

418 p. illus. 24cm. (A Series of mathematics texts) 
QA9.H43 510.1 62-7986 J 

Herberg, Theodore, 1904- 

Elementary mathematical analysis t byj Theodore Herberg 
r and] James D. Bristol Rev. and enl. Boston, Heath 

414 p. illos. 24cm. 
QA39.H44 1962 


Hodson, John Darlington. 

Advanced pure mathematics, London, Macmillan; New 
York, St. Martin's Press, 1961. 

456 p. illus. 23cm. 
QA37.H553 510 62-5562 J 

Horton, Robert Eugene. 

Concept formation in freshman mathematics for engi- 
neers. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4391 Mic 59-4391 

lacob, Caius. 

Lectii de matematici superioare. Bucuresti, Editura 
Tehnica, 1959. 

663 p. illus. 25cm. 
QA37.I2 60-2C498 1 

Illinois. University. Committee on Softool Mathematics, ^ 
High school mathematics. [Students' ed. 3 Urbana, Uni- 
versity of Illinois Press, 1959- 

v. in illus 28 cm. 

Q A39.1 45 510 A 59-9879 rev 

Illinois. Univ. Libr. 

Ingham, Herbert S 1910- 

Discretus calculus, a variable-metric approach to physical 
theory. New York, Philosophical Library t 1964j 

six, 1B7 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
QA99.I4 510 

An Introductory course of mathematics and theoretical me- 
chanics. New York. Macmillau r l% 

7. illus. 23cm. 
QA37.1 53 510 61-10010 rev 

Jackson, John David, 1925- 

Mathematics for quantum mechanics; an introductory 
survey of operators, eigenvalues, and linear vector spaces. 
New York, W. A. Benjamin, 1962. 

97 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA37.J18 517 62-17526 J 

Jaeger, Chester George, 1896- 

Introductory college mathematics [by] Chester George 
Jaeger rand] Harold Maile Bacon. 2d ed. New York, Har- 
per [1962] 

423 p. Illus. 24cm. (Harper's mathematics series) 
QA37.J22 1962 510 62-7139 J 

James, Robert Clarke. 

University mathematics. Belmont, Calif., Wadsworth 
Pub. Co. f 1963j 

~"4 p. illus. 24 cm. 



Janowski, Witold, 

Matematyka; podrecznik dla wydzial6w elektrycznych. i 
mechanicznych politechnik, Warszawa, Pansfcwowe Wj- 
dawn. Naukowe, 1961- 

v. illus. 25<an. 
QA37.J28 C2-32114: t 

Jelenski, Szczepan. 

Ho oieAaM Hn^aropa; 3aHKMaTejii.Haa MaTewaTHKa. Ile- 
pesofl c noJitCKoro. MocKsa, Toe. HS^-BO A^TCEOft JtHT-pu, 

485 p. illus. 21cm. 


62-3630T t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

u, , T* * 

Exploring mathematics on your own bjj DonoTan A. 
Jdhmson A William H. Glenn. Garden City, N. T., Dou- 

bkday, 1961. 

""" 1 o ena. t 

Johnson, Donovan A 

Invitation to mathematics t by 3 Donovan A. Johnson [and, 
Wiffim H. Glenn. St Louis, Webster Pub. Co., "I960. 

C* P. Hlws, 23 em. {Exploring mathematics on your own) 
QAMJ58 510 60-16276 J 

Jones, Oscar Bernard, 1894- . . 

Mathematics and mechanics for engineers. t 4th print., 
with revisions, Ann Arbor, Mich., Printed by Edwards 
Brae. [19W~3j 

24<m 510 60-51745 rev t 

JTOZ!, Frank L 

Elementary technical mathematics s by, Frank L. Jusdi 
ia2j Clawrles A. Eodgers. Englewood Cliffs, N. X, Prentice- 

522 n. Him. 24cm. (Prmtlce-HaUmathemaUcs series) 
QA39.J84 510 62-14783 t 

Ke%-, Ftmnk Henm Churdiward. 

Practical mathematics far chemists. London, Butter- 


till, 148 p. fflagrs. 19cm, 



Kline, Morris, 1908- 

Matfarnatics: a cultaral approach. Beading, Mass., Addi- 
oa-Wealay Pub. Co. t !962, 

TOT p. IUUL 24 em. (Addlson-Wesley serlca In mathematics) 
QA36.K5 510 61-10970 J 

Kohimapji, VmSk. 

Matematilca v sdelovacf technice. 2., zcela pfepracovane 
doplaerrf ryd. Praha, Statai n&H. technickS literatury, 

1J2T p. Ulna. 22 em. 
QAS7.K72 1960 62-50088 J 

Kc-osov, Aleksei AJeksandrovich. 

Knura fjui useoaccHoro TtcHtia no MaTCMatHKe ; 
i ix Kiacca. MocEBa, Foe. 


ttlpL U1 



Kom, Granino Arthur, 1922- 

Mathematical handbook for scientists and engineers; defi- 
nitions, theorems, and formulas for reference and review t byj 
Granino A. Korn jantl] Tlieresa M. Korn. New York, 
McGraw-Hill, 1961. 

048 p. Kim, 24 cm, (McGrtw-HIll handbooks) 
QA37.KT4 510 59-14456 J 

Enxoa, Brtil, 1921- 

MafceEnttik Mekanik tav, Bertil Kroona [Ochj Anders G. 

LDMa. jStockhoinij Bonnier t !959j 

S09p. dUagrs, SI da. (Masklakonstrucktioner, 1-S) 

A 60-3248 

IBtorfa., Ubrmry 

Krisglak, Haym. 

B^c mathematics for the physical sciences [by] Haym 
Kragkk ad| John T. Moore. New York, McGraw-HiU 

12, 354 5>. IBM. 34 cm. 

QA37.KS 510 

Matematika pro dSlnlky a mistry. 2., nezmene& vyd. 
Pr&K StM naki technicke literatury, 1963. 

37Sp. mm. 21 eta. 
QAMLK78 1969 

La.nd, Frank. 



of mathematics. London. Murray r 1960, 
510 61-4022 

Land, Frank. 

bgaa of 


3@4ps, fflcs, 27 on. 
QA&3.LS4 1863 


Garden Q*y, N. Y., 
63-8772 t 

Lasley, Sidney J 

The new applied mathematics E by } Sidney X Lasley, 
Myrtle F. Mudd : and, Paul V. Rogler. 6th ed. Englewood 
(Bft, M. J^ FftnfiMBUI t im, 

457 P. mm. Mem. 
QA39.L35 1@4 510 64-15451 

New To*, 

Wiley 1963] 


Quantitative methods in psychology. New York, Mc- 

558 i> ^llus. 24 cm. (McGraw-HUl series In psychology) 
BFS9L4 1960 150.7253 59-11937 J 

Liu, Li-shih. 

1952-53 t v. 1, 1953j 
2 v tllus. 19 cm. 

1. Mathematics. L Liu, 
QA39.L57 C 61-442 rev J 

** ** * 

182 p. Illus. 10 cm. 

1. Mathematics. ^^^S^K^K^ Slkeh. 
QA37.M12 C 60-60J 

Madeiras, Erwin, 1881- 

Die mathematischen Hilfsmittel des Physikers. 7. Aufl. 
Berlin, Springer, 1964. 

is 530 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Die Grundlehren der mathematischen 
Wlssenschaften In Einzeldarstellungen, Bd. 4) 
QA37.M2 1964 510 64-16177 

Margenau, Henry, 1901- 

The mathematics of physics and chemistry, by Henry 
Margenau and George Moseley Murphy. Princeton, Van 
Nostrand [1956-64] 

2y. illus. 24cm. 
QA37.M33 1956 530.151 55-10911 rev 

Markovich, firaanuil Solomonovich. 

Kypc BHcmeS MaieMaTHKH. ^onymeno B Kaieciae yieo". 
nocoo'itfl fljwr saoHHNx SKOH. sysoB H ^aKyatxeTOB. c MocKBa 3 

PoCBV3H3AaT, 1963. 

407p. diagrs. 22cm. 
QA37.M333 64-37164 

Martin, Jean, 1903- 

Gours de mathematiques pour la preparation aux brevets 
de technicians superieurs et pour les e*coles d%genieurs. 
Paris, Bunod, 1963. 

689 P. Illus. 24 cm. (BIbllothfeque de 1'enseignement technique) 
QA37.M335 63-59957 t 

Martin, Jean, 1926- 

Notions de base en mathematiques et statistiques a 1'usage 
des medecins, pharmaciens et bioloppstes. (Premier semestre 
des etudes de medecine et de pharmacie, complements) 
Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1963. 

ri, IT, 284 p. dlagra. 24cm. 
CM37.MS36 64-44822 

Maryland. University. Cottege of Education. 

Mathematics for the junior high school, prepared by the 
University of Maryland mathematics project (junior high 
school) [College Park, 1959- 
T, Illus. 28 cm. 

Teacher's guide. [College Park, 1959- 

v. lllos. 28 cm, 

QA145.M3 Guide 
QA145J3 511 59-63659 t 

Maryland. University. Mathematics Project. 

Mathematics for elementary school teachers. Prepared 
with the support of the National Science Foundation. t Col- 
lege Park, Md^ '1063j 

T. Ulna. 28cm. 
QA39.M37 513 63-64341 

Massey, Harrie Stewart Wilson. 

AnciUary mathematics, by H, S. W. Massey and H. Kestel- 
man. Ix>ndon, Pitman r 1959, e !958, 
rvU 900 p. illus., dlagrs. 22 cm. 

A 60-2292 
Brown Unlr. Library QAS7 


Mathematische Auf gabensammlung : Arithmetik, Algebra 
und Analysis. [Von dem Autorenkollektiv Ernst Diedrich, 
et al., verfasst und von Friedrich Holtmann bearb. und 
redigiert] Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 

294 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA459.M34 57-40499 rev J 

Matthews, Kurt. 

Die Macht der Zahl. Hamburg, Hanseatische Verlagsau- 
stalt t !959- 

r. illus. 24 cm. 
QA37.M365 62-31352 t 

Matulionis, Jonas, 1906- 

Aukstoji matematika; aukstu]> technini^ mokyklp. kur- 
sas. 3. pataisytas ir papildytas leidimas. [KaunO] Valsty- 
bine politines ir mokslines literatures leidykla, 195 

v. illus. 23 cm. 
QA37.M37 60-41368 J 

Mayor, John Roberts. 

Contemporary mathematics r byj John B. Mayor t and 
others] Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall [1964] 

2v. Illus., diagrs., tables. 24cm. 
Another issue. 


QA39.M457 64-10019 

Medek, Viclav. 

Prehl'ad stredoskolskej matematiky. C 3., opraven6 vyd. 3 
Bratislava, Slovenske vydavatel'stvo technickej literatury 

1 805 3 p. diagrs. IT cm. (Edfcla teorettckej literatdry) 
QA37.M4 1963 63-53639 

Menninger, Karl W., 1898- 

Mathematics in your world. Translated by P. S. Morrell 
[andj J. E. Blarney. With illus. by Wolfgang Menninger. 
London, G. Bell, 1961, 

244 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA93.M413 62-52091 rev J 

Menninger, Karl W., 1898- 

Mathematics in your world. Translated by P. S. Mor- 
rell and J. E. Blarney. Illustrated by Wolfgang Menninger. 
New York, Viking Press 1962, 1961] 

291 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA93.M413 1962 510.1 62-8867 rev J 

Menninger, Karl W., 1898- 

Mathematifc in deiner Welt: von ihrem Geist und ihrer 
Art zu denken. Gottingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht [1954] 

232 p. lUus. 22cm. 
QA93.M4 1954 55-17850 rev t 

Menninger, Karl W., 1898- 

Mathematik in deiner Welt; von ihrem Geist und ihrer 
Art zu denken. 2., durchgesehene Aufl. Gottingen, Vanden- 
hoeck & Kuprecht [1958] 

232 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA93.M4 1958 59HU795 rev J 

Meserve, Brace Elwyn, 1917- 
Introduction to mathematics 

Bruce E. Meserve t andj 


Introuction to matematcs [yj ruce E. eserve t anj 
Max A. Sobel. Englewood Cliffs, N". J., Prentice-Hall 


lx,290p. Illus. 24cm. 


Meserve, Bruce Elwyn, 1917- 

Mathematics for secondary school teachers c by] Bruce E. 
Meserve c and] Max A. Sobel. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Pren- 
tice-HaU, 1962. 

86Tp. ulus. 22cm. 
QA39.M477 510.71273 62-8854 t 

Meyer, Herman, 1912- 

Precalculus mathematics. Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand 
C 1964j 

xl, 365 p. diagrs., tables. 24 cm. (The University series in under- 
graduate mathematics) 
QA39.M493 510 64-17964 

Miller, Leslie Haynes. 

Understanding basic mathematics. New York, Holt, 
Einehart and Winston t !961] 

499 p. illus. 23 cm. 
(&A39.M522 510 61-6363 J 

Milne, William Edmund, 1890- 

Iiitroductory college mathematics [byj William E. Milne 
t andj David K. Davis. 3d ed. Boston, Ginn [1962] 

579 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QA39.M527 1962 510 62-5287 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

Minnear, Festus L 

Review of mathematics; for beginning science and engi- 
neering students t byj Festus L. Minnear t and] Ruby M. 
Grimes. Drawings by Evan Gillespie. San Francisco, W. H. 
Freeman, 1960. 

198 p. Him. 18cm. 
QA39.M532 510 60-5903 J 

Monk, Clarence, 1917- 

The place of mathematics in modern agricultural educa- 
tion in the United States. Ann Arbor, Mich. University 
Microfilms, 1953. 

({University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 5200) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 5200 Mic 60-7184 

Montague, Harriett Frances, 1905- 

The significance of mathematics t byj Harriet F. Montague 
t andj Mabel D. Montgomery. Columbus, Ohio, C. E. Mer- 
rill Books [1963] 

xi,290p illus. 24cm. 
QA93.M63 1963 510.9 63-13954 

Moore, John, 1926- 

Basic mathematics for engineers t with problems and 
answers] Oxford, Pergamon Press; New York, Macmillan 

v. diagrs. 20 cm. (The Commonwealth and international 
library of science, technology, engineering, and liberal studies. 
General engineering division, v. l[aj 
QA37.M72 510 62-18999 

Moore, John T 

Fundamental principles of mathematics. New York, 
Rinehart [1950] 

630 p. Illus. 24cm. (Sinehart books in mathematics) 
QA37.M73 510 60-5113 J 

Munroe, Marshall Evans, 1918- 

The language of mathematics. Ann Arbor, University of 
Michigan Press t !963] 

M p. diagrs. 22 cm, (Ann Arbor science library) 
QA93.M83 510 63-14015 

Mustafa, Madanl Disuqi. 

iuJallj . jjik-o^ (j*j '-> u* 4 ^ 1 t v "*t'kj < 

E 1963. mtj 
11, 416 p. diagrs. 24 cm. 


Myshkis, A D 

JleKi^HH no BHcmeft M3.xeMa.THKe. 

Hayra, 1964. 

607 p. illus. 22cm. 

N E 64-264 


Nath, Vfehwa. 

Engineering mathematics, a text book for the examination 
of A. M. I. E. and B. Sc. (Engg.) New thoroughly rev., 
enl. ed. New Delhi, Tech India Publications, 1962. 

701 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA37.N34 1962 S A 63-810 J 

National Radio Institute, Washington, D. O. 

Mathematics for electronics and electricity, prepared by 
the staff of National Eadio Institute. New York, J. F. 
Eider Publisher t *1961i 

250 p. diagrs. 23 cm. 
TK3226.N35 510 63-20781 

Newsom, Carroll Vincent, 1904- 

Malhemtitical discourses: the heart of mathematical sci- 
ence. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall tl964 } 

121 p. diagrs. 24cm. 
QA93.N48 510.1 64-10138 

Niklitschek, Alexander. 

Im Zaubergarten der Mathematik. Neu bearb. von Kurt 
Wullschlager. Berlin, Universitas Verlag 1958j 

230 p. lUus. 22 cm. 
QA36.N5 1958 62-28206 J 

Obadovics, Jozsef Gytda. 

Taschenbuch der Elementar-Mathematik mit prakfaschen 
Anwendungen. 1. Aufl. der deutschen Ausg. nach der 3. 
umgearb. und erweiterten ungarischen Aufl. [Aus dem Un- 
garischen iibers. von Johanna Eaab und Istvan Miklds. 
Bearbeitung : Hans-Peter Leidholdj Budapest, Terra, 1962. 

888 p. illus. 18 cm. 1Mar . 

QA37.O215 62-84777 | 

Oriol, RenS, 1901- 

Mathematiques de 1'apprentissage. 3. &L, compl&ee et 
remanie"e conf orme aux recents programmes. Colleges d en- 
seignement technique, centres d'apprentissage, cours profes- 
aionnels, cours de promotion sociale, preparation aux cer- 
tificats d'aptitude professiormelle et aux brevets profes- 

Y. fflusTfflcm. (Biblloth&rae de roseInnMstit technique) 
CiA39.072 61-2045 t 

Osborn, Jesse Otto, 1804- 

Mathematics for daily neerK t byj Jesse Osborn jandj 
Hnzelmae Colestock. Illus. by Debi Sussman. St. Louis, 
Webster Pub. Co. il960 

504 p. Hlus. 24cm. 
QA39.O78 1960 510.76 


Osborn, Roger. 

Extending mathematics understanding jbyj Roger Osborn 
and othersj Columbus, Ohio, C. E. Merrill Books t 1961j 

278 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QA39.0785 372.7 61-13900 J 

Owen, George Ernest, 1922- 

Fundunientals of scientific mathematics. Baltimore, Johns 
Hopkins Press [1961 3 

274 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA37.087 510 61-12287 I 

Papin, Maurice Denis, 1900- 

Courb de muthematiqueh aiperiem-fb ;ippliqu<?es, a 1'usuge 
dps i'li!Vi'- <le 1'enseijjnenicnt supc'rieur scifntifique et tech- 
nique, cles ingunieui's, cles physiciem et <Us officiere des 
arnies Apecialifit'es, par Maurice Dpnife-Papin & A. Kauf- 
mann. Prof, par F. Esclniigon. Paris, A. Michel, 11)50-63. 

3 v diagrs., tables. 23-23 <-m. ( BIWiotMque de I'ing&alecr, 
electricien, mfcanioien ) 

QA:J7.P-2r. 510 51-19656 rev 

Person, Russell V 

Essentials of mathematics. New York, Wiley t !961 
646 p. illus. 24cm. 



Peterhansel, EmiL 

Die haufigsten Rechnungen des Elektropraktikers be! 
Planung, Priifung und Instandsetzung elektrischer Anlagen 
und Grerate, erleichtert durch einfache Formeln und Fluch- 
tentafeln. 2. verb, und erweiterte Aufl. Halle (Saale) C. 
Marhold, 1959. 

114 p. illus. 22cm. 
TK151.P46 1959 61-31342 rev J 

Piper, Edwin Bancroft, 1891- 

Applied general mathematics t byj Edwin B. Piper, Ran- 
dolph S. Gardner [and] Joseph Gruber. 2d ed. Cincinnati, 
South-western Pub. Co. rl960i 

566 p. Illus. 23cm. 
QA39.P49 1960 510 60-9506 J 

Piumpton, Charles. 

Sixth form pure mathematics [by 3 C. Piumpton c andj 
W. A. Tomkys. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 196 

T. diagrs. 23 cm. 
QA37.P56 510 61-10010 

Podtiagin, Mikhail Evgen'evkh, 1899- 

KpaTKHft rjrpc BHcmett MaxestaxHEH ; TeoperHHecKaa *acr& 
H upaKTHEYM. MocKsa, Foe. HSA-BO cejii-xoa. jnx-pH, asyp- 
Hajios H totaKatoB, 1961. 
286 p. UluH. 20 cm. (VieGmxM H yieCHwe noco&w jw BWCHIHX 

QA37.P59 62-26631 t 

Popken, J 

Mathesis en maatschappij. Groningen, J. B. Welters, 

24 p. 24cm. 

QA7.P58 61-30189 J 

Potter, Mary Athena, 1889- 

Mathematacs to use. Rev. ed. Boston, Ginn. [1962J 

519 p. illus. 24cm. 
QA39.P73 1962 510 62-6894 J 

Potvin, D J 

Secondary school mathematics [byj D. J. Potvin, F. W. 
Bedford [txnd, J. C. Pearson. New York, McGraw-Hill 
t e !963- 

v. Hlus. 24 cm. 
QA30.P73 510 63-20368 

Pfehled elementaml matematikf . 3., znovu revidovanfi vyd. 
Praha, Statni nakL, technicfcfi Kteratury, 106S. 

407 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
QA39.P76 1962 62-66356 t 

Rago, Gerhard. 

Korgem matemaatika. Tallinn, Eesti Riiklik Kinastus, 


T. illus., diagrs. 2S cm. 
QA37.R22 63-50816 

Rakovs'kyl Pavlo Semenovydu 

Kypc Bumoi MateMaTHKH. y^6oBMft nocitfHHK flax cry^eja- 
TIB arpoiioMhHHX i SOOTCXH. $aKy^fcTexiB djarocn. syais 
ypCP, XapKiB, BHA-BO XapxiBC!.Koro 

282 n. Illus. 28 CBU 

Rawweiler, MerriM Paul, 1010- 

Mathcniatics and measurements (byj Merrill Rassweiler 
t and 3 J. Merle Harris. 2d ed. IMmque, Iowa, W. C. 
Brown Book Co. !l962 3 

365 p. Hlus. SO cm. 
QA37.R35 1962 510 62-21593 J 

Reid, Constance. 

Introduction to higher mathematics for the general reader. 
New York, Crowell [I960, e !959j 

184 p. illus. 21 on, 

510 59-12509 J 

Rey Pastor, Julio, 188&- 

Anilisis matematico jpor 3 Julio Rey Pastor, Pedro Pi 

CaEeja jyi Cesar A. Trejo. Buenos Aires, Editorial Kape- 
lusz t 1952-59, 

ST. diagrs. 24cm. 
QA300.R4 52-27275 rev 

Rice, Harold S 

Technical mathematics jby } Harold S. Rice iandj Ray- 
mond M. Knight 3d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill jlSeSj 

QAS9 P R525 ra "l963 m 510 62-20187 J 

Rider, Paul Recce, 1888- 

First-year mathematics for colleges. 2d ed. New York, 
Macmillan, 1062. 
067 p. Hlus. 23 cm. 

196-2 510 62-7273 t 

g, Albert, 1887- 
Wegweiser durch die Mathematik; em praktasches Nach- 

schlagewerk. 2. erweiterte und verb. AuflL Berlin, Schiele 
& Schon t c 1958j 

2 T. 1IJ8. 21 CB>. 

OAa6.5.R6 1958 59-54017 J 

RomanoTskil, Pavel Ignat'e'iich. 

Mathematical methods for engineers and technologists. 
Translated from the Russian by M. Slater. Edited by T. 
K6vixy. New York, Pergamon Press, 1961. 

253 p. illns. 22cm. 
QA401.R613 517 60-14989 J 

Romanovskii, Pave! Ignat'evich. 

PJI^H Oypte. Teopua noia. AEajiiiTHHecKMe H cne- 
^^a,^BHMe ^yHo^BH. UpecHSpasosaHme JIanjaca. 

BHcmnx TCXH. y6. sase^eEHft. Mocssa, Toe. HSA-J*^ 
$03HKO-MaTeMariiHecKofl .SHT-PH, 1959. 
303 p. Illus. 21 cm. (HaCpaHHue r-iaBtt sbicuiefi Mate-warmm JIP 


QA401.R6 1959 60-20529 J 

Rose, William Neville. 

Mathematics for engineers. New York, J. F. Rider c W58 

2r. lints. 23 em. (A. Elder publication, no. 24$ 
QA37.R712 1958 510 60-16120 

Eostand, Francois, 1921- 

Soacid'exactit-ddeetBcrupnlesdesinaihsmaticiena. Paris, 

294 p. 23cm. (Problfemea et controverses) 

A 62-2551 
CWcaga TJnlv. IJbr. QA9 

Sarhan, Ahmad 

327 p. diagrs., tables. 24 cm. 

NE 63-2134 

Sawyer, Walter Warwick, 1911- 

Vision in elementary mathematics by 3 W. W. Sawyer. 
Baltimore, Penguin Books L 1964j 

346 p. illos. 18cm. (gig Introducing mathematlCB, 1) 
QA93.S3 510 64-6599 

Saxelby, Frank Moulton. 


^ 1953. 

2v. inl. Illus. 21c 
Translation of A course in practical mathematics, 

1. Mathematics. i. Title. 


Title romanised: Wu U tarns ch'fing 
fang mien tl chl pn suan hsUeh. 

C 60-1487 t 

Schaaf, WflKam Lwamrd, 1898- 

Mathematics for everyday use. Rev. ed. Garden City, 
N. Y., Dolphin Books t 1963, 
849 p, llW 19 cm. (DolpMn reference books, C380y 

1963 510 62-16821 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

SdtdeM, C W 

Building mathematics, London, E. Arnold t 1961j 

280 p. HJas. 28cm, MUUUUI t 

TH151.S38 62-45341 J 

Sduwl Mathematics Project 

The School Mathematics Project book T. Cambridge, 
University Press, 1964. 

ix, 2tt p. lite. 26 cm. <UftoA 

QAS0.S264 510 64-6690 

School Mathematics Study Group. 
Introduction to secondary school mathematics. Rev, ed. 

r Ann Arbor! Mich., C 1961~ 

ptoLla v. Ulna. 28cm. 

Commentary for teachers. Key. ed. [Ann 

Arbor? Mich., Idi- 
ots, ia T. OJaa. 28 can. 
^ QA39.S2712 Manual 

QAS1S2712 510 63-2827 J 

Sdtod Mathematics Study Group. 

Introduction to secondary school mathematics. Prepared 
under the supervision of a panel consisting of: V. H. Haag 
.and othersi Sdrev.ed. r n.p., e 1962~ 

xln HIM. 28cm- 
__ Commentary for teachers. 2d rev. ed. ( n. p., 




School Mathematics Study Group. 

Junior high, school mathematics units. Ami Arbor* 

Mich., 1059- 

T. lllus. 28 em. 
-- Commentary for teachers. E Ann Arbor? Mich., 



QA88.S265 Manual 

510.712 60-2633 

School Mathematics Study Group. 

Mathematics for high school : Geometry. Prepared under 
the supervision of the Panel on Sample Textbooks: Frank 
B. Alien and othersj Eev. ed. Am> Arbor, Mick, 1960- 

v. 28 cm. 
Commentary for teachers. Eev. ed. [Ann 

Arbor, Mich., 1960- 

V. 28cm. 


School Mathematics Study Group. 

Mathematics for junior high school. Prepared tinder the 
supervision of the pane! on 7th and 8th grades: R. D. An- 
derson and othersj Rev. ed. r Ann Arbor! Mich., 1960- 
T. illua. 28cm. 

Commentary for teachers. [Ann Arbor? Mich., 


v. tltas. 28cm. 

QA89.S27I152 Manual 
QAS9.S27115 64-7006 t 

School Mathematics Study Group. 

Mathematics units, t New Haven! 1959 j 
31 v. film, 28cm. 
QAM.S278 10.76 



Mathematics for students of technical schools, by B. Sea 
and P. P. GhattarjL Calcutta, World Press, 1962- 

QA37JS45 *"" S A 64-1577 

1, Matberastfcs. 


z. Son, Ttrng, Jotat author, n. Title. 

Title romasUsed: Kucg ch'ang ch'ang 
yungr shu hsBeh. 

C 61-1907 J 

SnelL Kenneth Scotchbunu 

New mathematics; a> unified course for secondary schools, 
by K. S. SoeU A J, B. Morgan. Cambridge [Eng.j Univer- 
sity Press, 1960-fla, 

IT. Oha. 22031, 
QASt.S7274 510 61-4412 rev J 

Sominskil, I S 

The wwChod of mathematical induction. Translated, from 
the Russian by Halina Moss. Translation editor: Ian K. 
Swsddon. Oxford, New York, Pecgamon Prws, 1961. 
VJ.BTp. mem. {Popuiar lectures In matlieiMitlefi series, v. 1) 

510 61-11532 

^J^ rfffiSLtta: a W d workbook for 

ry m 

college ^udents. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

257 p, iUus. 28cm. 59-15474 

Sperling, Abraham Paul, 1912- 

Mathematics made simple, by Abraham Sperling and Mon- 
roe Stuart. New rev. and enl. ed. Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday t 1962, 

192 p. lllus. 26 cm. (Made simple books) 
QA39^74 1962 510 62-16025 t 

Stein, Sherman K ..-,,.- * 

Mathematics: the man-made universe; an introduction to 
the spirit of mathematics. San Francisco, W. H. Freeman 
^SieV lllus. 25cm. (A Series of undergraduate books in raathe- 

Steinhaus, Hugo, 1887- .^ 

Kaleidoskop der Mathematik. [Autorisierte Ubersetzung : 
Herbert Karl, mit Verbesserungen, Anderungen und Zusat- 
zen vom Verf asser, Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der Wissen- 
schaften, 1959. 

KT 510.T6 

Steinhaus, Hugo, 1887- 

Mathematical snapshots. New ed., rev. and enl. New 
York, Oxford University Press, 1960. 

328 p. illus. 22cm. 
QA93.S713 1960 510.76 60-5104 t 

Stephenson, Geoffrey. 

Mathematical methods for science students. JNevr lorfc, 
Wiley [ C 1961j 

494 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
QA37.S815 1961 517.1 

Sudan, Muhammad 'AdiL 


NE 64-2677 

H TexHHKyMOB. ECafl. 5. .Iljo- 

Suvorov, I F 

Kypc BHcrnefz MaieM 
nynjeHO B KaiecTse y 
Bucnraa rcKoaa, 1960. 

351 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
QA37.S94 1960 

Tb'nnies, Christian. 

Praktische und angewandte Mathematik. Essen, W. Gi- 
rardet [1962- 

v. diagrs., tables. 19 cm. (Hepetltorlum des Ingenlenrwla- 



Trimbte, Harold Caflander. 

Basic mathematics for general education t by] Harold C. 
Trimble, E. W. Hamilton t and] Ina Mae Silvey. 3d ed. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t 1963, 

K2 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Prentice-Hall mathematics series) 
QA39.T68 1963 510 63-10007 t 

Trimble, Harold CaUander. 

Elementary analysis, a modern approach. t byj H. C. 
Trimble t and 3 Fred W. Lott. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 
Prentice-Hall, 1960. 

621 p. illus. 24 cm. (Prentice-HaU mathematics series) 
QA300.T7 517 59-12432 rev J 

U. S. Dept. of the Army. 

Principles and applications of mathematics for communi- 
cations-electronics. ^Washington, 1961. 

247 p. dtagre., tables. 28cm. (Its Technical manual, TM11-684) 
U408.3.A13 TM11-684 

Vance, Elbridge Putnam, 1915- 

Fundamentals of mathematics. Reading, Mass., Addison- 
Wesley Pub. Co. t 1960, 

469 p. illus. 24 cm. (Addlson- Wesley series In mathematics) 
QA37.V236 510 60-5165 t 

Van Engen, Henry. 

Seeing through mathematics, book 1- [By 3 Henry 

Van Engen t and othersj Chicago, Scott, Foresman [1961- 

v. la lllus. 24 cm. (The Basic mathematics program, 7- 

QA39.V314 510.712 62-1568 J 

Van Engen, Hemy. 

Seeing through mathematics t byj Henry Van Engen t and 
others) Chicago, Scott, Foresman C 1962- 

T, illus. 24 cm, (Basic mathematics program, 7- 
QA39.V3143 510.712 


Viatte Charles. 

L'essentiel des mathematiques. Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 


822 D illus. 18 cm. 
QA155.V5 510 61^3465 % 

Vygodskii, Mark fAkovlevich. 

Cnpaso^HHK no ajreMeHTapHOft MaxenaTHKe; 
, aJire^pa, reoMCTpHa, xpuroHOMexpHa, 
rpa$HKH. H3A- 14. MocKsa, Toe. HSA-BO $H3HKO-Maxe- 
xHiecKOft JHT-PH, 1962. 
420 p. diagrs., tables. 18cm. 
QA39.V9 1962 64-38718 

Washington, Allyn J 

Basic technical mathematics [byj Allyn J. Washington. 
Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. C 1964j 
xi, 403 p. Illus. 25 cm. 

510 64-16913 


Washington, Allyn J . 

Basic technical mathematics with calculus t by] Allyn J. 
Washington. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. 
tl964 : 

xti, 595 p. lllus. 25cm. 
QA39.W27 510 

Wilcox, Marie S . 

Basic modern mathematics [byj Mane S. Wilcox t andj 
John E. Yarnelle. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. 

Co. t 1964, 

viil,392p. Illus. 25cm. 
QA39.W487 510 64-20833 

Wilcox, Marie S 

Mathematics, a modern approach [by] Marie S. Wilcox 
[and] John E. Yarnelle. Eeading, Mass., Addison-Wesley 
Pub. Co. [1963j 

385 p. illus. 24 cm. (Addison-Wesley science and mathematics 
education series) 
QA39.W488 510 63-2850 J 

Witter, George E 

Mathematics: the study of axiom systems [byj G-. E. 
Witter. [1st ed.j New York, Blaisdell Pub. Co. [1964, 

xlv, 316 p. lllus. 24 cm. (A Blaisdell book In the pure and applied 
QA39.W55 510 64-10590 

Wylie, Clarence Raymond, 1911- 

Advanced engineering mathematics. 2d ed. New York, 
McGraw-Hill, 1960. 
696 p. Illus. 24cm. 
C&A401.W9 1960 510 59-13221 J 

Yamane, Taro. 

Mathematics for economists; an elementary survey. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-HaU, 1962. 
554 p. lllus. 24 cm. 


Yang, Tsung-p'an. 



297 p. illus. 25cm. 

1. Mathematics. i. Title. 

Title romanisseA: Shu hsiieh fen hsi ju men. 


C 60-1531 

Zaifsev, Ivan Lazarevich. 

Kypc BHcmeft MaxenaxnKii fljra TexHHKyMOB. no pefl. 
T. C. BapaneHKOBa. MocKBa, Toe. na^-so xexHHKO-xeopeT. 
JIHX-PH, 1954. 

356 p. diagrs. 21cm. 
-- Microfilm copy (positive) 

Microfilm Slavic 525 AC 
QA37.Z3 55-36806 rev 

Zaltsev, Ivan Lazarevich. 

Kypc BHcmeft MaxeMaiHKH wx. TexHHKyMOB. IIoA PA- 
T. C. BapaneHKOBa. Hsfl. 5. MocKBa, Toe. HS^-BO $HSHKO- 
MaTeMaxH^tecKOfl JIHX-PH, 1958. 

418 p. diagrs. 21cm. 
QA37.Z3 1958a 64-27752 

Zel'dovich, lAkov Borisovich. 

Bucraaa MaxenaxHica RX.SI Ha^HHaiom.HX H ee 


jiHi-pu, 1960. 

460 p. Illus. 21c 


Zel'dovich, lAkov Borisovich. 

Bwcmaa xatenaTHKa AXS Ha^HEann^ax K ee 
r $H3HKe. HSA- 2., nepep. H Aon. MocKBa, Toe. HS.H-BO 
$H3HKO-MaxeMaxHHecKOft JHI-PHC, 1963. 

559 p. lllus. 21cm. 
QC23^4 1963 63-49301 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

Zurmiihl, Rudolf, 1904- 

Praktische Mathematik fur Ingenieure und Physiker. 
3, verb. Aufl. Berlin, Springer, 1961. 

xlv, [2], 548 p. dlagrs., tables, 24 cm. 

QA37.Z7 1961 510 A 61-5379 

Michigan. Univ. LIbr. 

Zurntuhl, Rudolf, 1904- 

Praktische Mathematik fur Ingenieure und Physiker. 4. 
verb. Aufl. Berlin, Springer, 1963. 

542 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QA37.Z7 1963 517.6 62-21908 t 

ABILITY TESTING see Mathematical 
ability Testing 


Leningrad. Universitet. 

Herald. Mathematics, mechanics, and astronomy series. 
Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

T. 26cm. 
Q1.L43 63-3966 

Polska bibliografia analityczna: Matematyka. r. 1 

(1- ) Warszawa, Zaklad im. Ossolinskich, 1955- 

v. In 24 cm. quarterly. 

QA1.P57 60-41384 


Akademiia nauk Uzbekskoi SSR, Tashlcend. Institut mate- 
matiki i mekhamki. 

Hccjie^oBaHHa no MareMaTHHecKOMy anajinsy H wexanHKe 
B YsSeKiicTaHe. OTBeTCTBenHHfi pe^aicTOp H. C. ApacaHHX] 
TaraKCHx, HSA-BO AKaflCMHH nays YsSeKCKoft CCP, 1960. 

259 p. Illus. 27cm. 
QA7.A35 61-24474 

Bouligand, Georges, 1889- 

Aspects de la mathematisation, par G. Bouligand. Con- 
ference faite au Palais de la decouverte le 14 juin 1958. 
[Paris, En vente a la Librairie du Palais de la decouverte, 


39 p. ill us. 18 cm. (Les Confe'rences du Palais de la decouverte. 
S6r A, no 242) 
QA7.B6775 64-43941 

Fu tan ta hsueh, Shanghai. Shu hsueK A*t. 

2, 488 p. IlliM., dlagr., tables. 25cm. 

Errata slip Inserted. 

1. Mathematics Addrewea, eaaaya, lectum. i-Tit^ 

TUU rowwifaed : Shu hsueh lun wen chl. 

C 64-756 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 7029 

Goodstein, Reuben Louis. 

Fundamental concepts of mathematics. Oxford, New- 
York, Pergamon Press, 1962. 

279 p. Illus. 22 cm. (International series of monographs on pure 
and applied mathematics, v. 22) 
QA7.GKJ 61-14244 * 

Hardy, Godfrey Harold, 1877-1947. 

Ramanujan; twelve lectures on subjects suggested by his 
life and work. New York. Chelsea Pub. Co. r 19S9?j 

236 p. port. 24 cm. 
QA29.S67H3 1959 925.1 59-10268 

Hu, K'un-sheng, 1901-1958. 

r. Illufl. 20cm. 
Includes bibliographies. 

1. Mathematics Addresses, essays, lectures. L Ssft-ch'uan ta 


C 64-1035 

Kemeny, John G 

Random essays on mathematics, education, and computers. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall t !964j 

tx, 163 p. Illus. 22 cm, 
QA7.K24 310.81 64-15212 

Marks, Robert W ed. , , 

The growth of mathematics from counting to calculus, 
edited by Robert W. Marks. New York, Bantam Books 

1 217p. Illus. 18cm. (Bantam matrix editions) 

QA7.M3 510.9 64-17892 

Marks, Robert W ed. 

Space, time, and the new mathematics. Edited by Rob- 
ert W. Marks. New York, Bantam Books 11964, 

295 p. illus. 18cm. (Bantam matrix editions) 
QA7.M32 510.82 64-17896 

Michigan. University. Engineering Summer Conferences, 

Foundations and tools for operations research and the 
management sciences: recent mathematical advances in oper- 
ations research; an intensive course for engineers, scientists, 
mathematicians, and managers. [Ann Arbor, I962j 

1 v. (various pagings) dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. 
QA7.M5 1962 62-63764 

Mordell, Louis Joel, 1888- 

Reflections of a mathematician [by, L. J. Mordell. Mon- 
treal, Canadian Mathematical Congress, McGill University, 

vll, 50 p. port 22 cm. 
QA7.M79 508.1 64-548 1 3 

Moscow. Fiziko-teckhnicheskii institut. 

Hcc-ie^OBaHiiH no MexamiKe n rrpriKja^HOtt MateManiKe. 
MocKBa, foe. HSfl-BO o<5op. npoMBinn. 

v. diagrs. 23cm. (JtsTpyAM) 
QC1.M63 GO-25913 rev 

Niven, Ivan Morton, 1915- 

Mathematics: a house built on sand? [Eugene, Univer- 
sity of Oregon, 1959] 

S8p. 19x21 cm. 
QA7.N53 510.81 60-64190 J 

Rapport, Samuel Berder, 1903- ed. 

Mathematics. Edited by Samuel Rapport and Helen 
Wright Academic editorial adviser: Hollis R, Cooley. 
rNew York, New York University Press, 1968. 

819 p. Illus. 21 cm. (The New York University library of scl- 

QA7.R34 510.82 62-17998 J 

Saaty, Thomas L 

Lectures on modern mathematics. New York, "Wiley 

v. illns. 22 cm. 
QA7.S2 510.8 

Souza, Julio Cesar de Mello e, 1895- 

As grandes fantasias da matematica, Rio de Janeiro, 
G. Costa, 1945. 

348 p. illus. 24 cm. 
QA7.S65 510 50-26608 rev 

Stanton, Ralph G ed. 

Topics in modern mathematics. Edited by Ralph G. 
Stanton t andj Kenneth D. Fryer. Contributing authors: 
G. Berman t and others^ Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice- 
Hall [ C 1964) 

x, 187 p. diagrs. 24 cm. (Prentice-Hall mathematics series) 
QA7.S8 1964 510.82 63-20959 

Button, Sir Oliver Graham. 

Mathematics in action. With drawings and diagrs. by 
A. J. Laurie. New York, Harper t !960j 

236 p. illus. 21 cm. (Harper torcbbooks TB518. The Science 
QA7.S85 1960 510.4 60-2742 J 


Akademiia nauk SSSR. B&lioteJea. 

OcHOBiiue HHOCTpaHHue dntSinorpa^iiiecicne IICTOHHIIKH 
no naieMaTHKe n Mexannice, 1931-1957. Cocrasiua A. M. 
JEyEOMCKaa. HOA peA- C. M. JIoanHCKoro. JlenHHrpaA, Hs^- 
BO AKa^eMiiH HayK CCCP [JlenHHrpaflCKoe OT^-nHej 1960. 

181 p 22 cm. 
Z6651 A43 61-39060 

Alaska. Dept. of Education. 

Mathematics books for school libraries. Juneau (I960 <j 

Buffara, Regina. . . 

Matematica: bibliografia seletiva, orgamzada por Kegina 
Buffara e Jayme Machado Cardoso. Curitiba, CPUP, 1959. 

89 p, 24 cm. (UtUTewldade do Parana. Oonaelho de Pesqalsas. 
Serie blbUografla e documentacllo, no. 1) 


Aplikncia matematiky v ekon6mii ; vf ber literatuir. Od- 
borne spolupracoval L. Un5ovskf. Bratislava, Ustredni 
ekonomicka kniinica, 1960. 

409 L (In portfolio) 21 cm. (Ekonomlck^ akttiallty. Blbllogra- 
ficltfzpraYOdaJ, 1960,5. 8) 
Z6651.C5 61-^7384 

Hardgrove, Clarence EtheL 

The elementary and junior high school mathematics li- 
brary. Washington, National Council of Teachers of Mathe- 
matics [I960] 

32 p. 24 cm, 
Z6651.H3 016.51 61-4107 t 

Library Association. County Libraries Section. 

Readers' guide to books on mathematics. London, 1959. 
31 p. lcm. (Its Readers' guides, new ser., no. 51) 
Z6651.L5 60-220^ t 

Lukomskaia, Anna Moiseevna. 

EH(JjiHorpa$Ha ore^ecTBCHHoa aircepaTypH no MaieMaTHKe 
H $H3Hn:e; o6sop SH^JiHorpa^H^ecKHX HCTOIHHKOB. Ho^ 
pe#. B. H. dtHpHOsa. JTeHHHrpaA, HS^-BO Aica^eMHH nays 
CCCP [JTeHHsrpa^cKoe OT^-HHCJ 1961. 

155p. 22cm. 
Z6651X9 61-29622 

a B CCCP 3a copoK .tei, 1917-1957. HOA pe^- A. T. 
Kyporaa t n Ap-i Mocssa, Foe. IISA-BO ^nsiiEo-MaTCMaTme- 
CKOfi JiiiT-pu, 1959. 

2 v. 27 en). 
QA3.M38 59-43935 rev 

Pemberton, John E 

How to find out in mathematics; a guide to sources of 
mathematical information arranged according to the Dewey 
decimal classification. Oxford, Pergamon Press; New York, 
Macmillan t !963i 

x, 158 p. facstms. 20 cm. (Tne Commonwealth and international 
library of science, tedsnology, engineering and liberal studies. Li- 
braries and Technical Information Division, T. 2) 
Z665LP4 1963 016.51 

Rosenbaum, Robert A 

Bibliography of mathematics for secondary school li- 
braries, by Robert A. Rosenbaum and Louise J. Rosenbaum. 
3d ed. Middletown, Conn., Wesleyan University, Dept. of 
School Services and Publications, 1959, 

23 p. 22cm. 
Z6651.R77 1959 010.51 60-3800 J 

Schaaf, William Leonard, 1898- 

The high school mathematics library. Washington, Na- 
tional Council of Teachers of Mathematics t 1960 3 

36 p. 23cm. 
Z6651.S37 016.51 61-498 I 

Schaaf, William Leonard, 1898- 

The high school mathematics library. c Rev.j Washing- 
ton, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics r 1963 } 

55 p. 23cm. 
Z6651.S37 1963 63-24753 

Sparks, Jack N 

A collection of supplementary books in mathematics for 
the secondary school t by. Jack N. Sparks (and, Kenneth L 
Taylor. Rev. ed. Northlake, EL, Center for Instructional 
Materials, West Leyden High School, "I960. 

18 1. 28 cm. 
Z6651.S7 1960 016.51 60-24982 t 

Texas. Education Agency. 

Mathematics 7-12. Austin, 1962. 
189 p. 26cm. ( It Bulletin 820) 
QA11.T536 507.12 63-63009 t 


Cairo. Ma*had al-TakhtH al-Qawmi. Operations Research 

Subject guide to books of the Operations Research Cen- 
ter, Branch-Library. Cairo, 1963. 

385 D 26cm 
Z665LC35 ' NE 64-1884 


Akademie der Wissenschaf ten, Berlin. 

Sammelband der zu Ehren des 250. Geburtstages Leon- 
hard Eider's der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften 
zu Berlin vorgelegten Abliandlungen. Unter verantwort- 
licher Redaktion von Kurt Schroder. Berlin, Akademie- 

Veriag, 1959. 
, 336 


p. port., facsims. 25 can. 


Akaderaifa nauk Armianskoi SSR, Erivtm. Institut mate- 
matiki i mekhaniki. 

CootfmeHHJt. BBIH. 1- 
EpesaH, HS^-BO AKa^ewaH nayic ApMflHCKoS CCP, 1947- 

T. in diagrs. 21-26 cm. 
QA1.A26A2 60-40955 

Akademiia nauk AzerbaMzhanskoi SSR, Baku. 

matematiki i meManiJcL 

TpyflM. T, 1- 

BaKy, HS^-BO AKa,a;eMHH nayK AsepSaft^KaiicKOft CCP, 

27Cm> 62-33004 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh; Subjects 



Afowtenija sank Aterb^dzhansk^ SSR, Baku. VycMsU- 
$e?my> Gmtr. 
Easy, ESA-BO AyeH zayr AseptfafiffscaHCKoa CCP, 

T. Ulna sscm. 

Akadi& naak Gnmnsko! SSR, ft/Kj 

T6futmCK, HSJ-BO AB^CKM nays FpysHHCKOft CCP, 1960- 

Baku. Azerbatdzhanskil gosudarstvennyi ttniversitet. 

y*eHHe samicEH. Cepna ^mHKQ-MaTesiaTH^ecKHX HE XH- 
xnectox nays. 

T In Ulna. 27cm. bimonthly. 


Beigra<L IMveratet. EMtrotehnicU fdkultet. 
Publikacije. Serija : Matematika i fizika. 



BO. to T. illw, tablet. 25 cm. 


Beltaam, Richard Ernest, 1020- **. 

A collect ion of modem mathematical classics; analysis. 
New Yo:k, Dover Publications tlfleij 
282 p. illus. 24 cm. (Dover books on advanced mathematics, 

OA8.B43 1061 510.82 61-19058 J 

Karachi, Ltiigf, 1856-1928. 

Opere. A cur* dellHJnione matematica italiana e col con- 
tribnto del Consiglio nazionale delle rieercha, Roma, Edi- 

zioni cremoBese, 1952-59. 

11 T. la 32. port, dlagra. 28cm. 
QA3.B565 A 63-783S rev 

WiaiStttJniir. Libr. 

Calcutta Mathematical Society. 

Golden jubilee commemoration volume, 1958-1959. Cal- 
eotte, Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee [1959?] 

2 T lllua. 25 cm. 
QAAG254 S A 64-4394 

Otebysaev, Paf nut2 L'vovkh, 1821-1891 

Oeuvns. Publiees par les soins de A. Markoff et N. Sonin. 
New Yoric, Chelsea Pub. Co. [1962 tj 

2T. Him 22cm. 
QA3.C48 1962 508.2 61-17956 J 

Bizschek, Adalbert, 1895- 

Vorferozigen. fiber hdhere Mathonatik 3., verb. Aufl, 

Wien, Sprin|?er, 1960- 

T. mm. 26cm. 
QAS.B822 510.82 61-4316 J 

Enddfdia delte matanatiche elementari, a cora di L. 
Berzolari, G. Vivanti e D. Gigli. SClano, U. Hoepli, 1930- 


Sv. is 7, IHm,flkgra. 24cm. 
QA86.E& 510.82 S4-35033 rev* 

Fubini, Guido, 1879-1943. 

Open scelte, a cura dell'Unione matematica italiana e col 
eoiinbttto del Om^glio nazionale delle ricerche. Boma, 

Edizkwi crrawoese, 1957-62. 

ST. pert. 2 cm. 
QA3.W A 58-6019 rev 

Prteetettolir. LHwr. 

Galois, feyariste, 1811-1832. 

fierits et m^moires mathematiqn^. Ed. critique integrale 
de aes manuserits et publications, par Robert Bourgne et 
J.-P. Arra. Pf. de J. Dwctdorase. Paris, Gauthier-VH- 

lars, 1903. 

Ml p. IHW. n en. 
QAI.G16 1MB 63-49945 J 

Haar, Alfred, 1885-19SS. 

Haar Alfred tezegyfijtotfc mxmUL A Magyar Tudo- 
m&njos Akmd^ak megblsmbol sajto ala rendezt* SzSke- 
Budapest, Akademiai Kiado, 1959. 

59-52598 I 

Hetke, Erich, 1SS7-1047. 

Hr^g. iro Atsftrage d^: Akademie 
n 2u Gottingen. Gottlngen, Vandenlioeck 


Sf55p. port. 23 em. 

Katowice, Poland (City) Wyzsza Szkofa Pedagogiczna. 

Zeszyty naukowe. Sekcja matematyki. 
Katowice, Wydawn. "Praee Naukowe WPS.' 

v. Illus. 24cm. 

Krakow. Uniwersytet JagieBonsJd. 

Prace rnatematyczne. zesz.5- 

Krakow, 1959- _ ^ 

T. 24cm. (Its Zeszyty naukowe. Prace) 

QA1.K73 62 ~ 40411 

Lecture notes in mathematics. 1- 
Berlin, Springer, 1964- 

na 80cnL 64-54683 

Lobachevskii, Nikola! Ivanovich, 1792-1856. 

HojiHoe coSpanue coinneHiift. Ilofl ofin^eft pe^. B. O. 
KaraHa ( a flp.j T-ias. pe^aKTOp B. <!>. KaraH. Mocoa, Toe. 
ESA-BO TexHHKO-ieopeT. JTHT-PH, 1946- 

v, plates, ports., diagrs., facsiras. 26 cm. 
QA3.L6 49-18250 rev* 

Lublin (City) Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skfodowskiej. 

Annales. Sectio A. Matbematica. vol.1- 1946- 


v. In illus. 25 cm. 


Luzin, Nikolai Nikolaevich, 1883-1950. 

Coopanne coHHHCHHii. MocKsa, 1953-59. 
3 T. ports. 27 cm. 
QA3.L8 54-33055 rev 

ateMHTHKa B CCCP sa copoK JICT, 1917-1957. Hofl pefl. A. T. 
Kyporaa t Ap-i MocKaa, Foe. HS^-BO <{>ii3iiKo-MaTeMaTiiie- 

CKOfi JfMT-pH, 1959. 

2 v. 27 cm. 
QA3.M38 59-43935 rev 

Moscow. Inzhenerno-fizicheskii institnt. 

CKBa 3 H3,i;-B0 Fjias. ynp. no ncnojii,3OBaHHio aTOMHOft 3Hep- 


104 p. Illus. 23cm. 
QA3.M72 59-51594 J 

Moscow. Moskovskii oblastnoi pedagogicheskJ! institut. 

Bncniaa aarecSpa, 3JteMeHTapHaH MaTewaTHsa, MCTOflHKa 

. . 


HOBOC B 3KH3HH, Hayxe, TCXHEKC. CepHa 9 : <I>H3HKa, 
THKE, acrpoBOMEJi. 1964- 

, . 

no. la r. Illus. 22c 


Osaka Daigaku. Rigakubu. 

Collected papers from the Faculty of Science, Osaka Uni- 
versity. Series A. Mathematics, v, 1-11; 11933] 1943-47. 

U T. ta. 7. 28 cm. annual. 
Q77.07 ser.A 37-25564 rer 2* 

Ostrogradskii, Mikhail Vasil'evich, 1801-1861. 
UoiHoe co(5paHHe Tpy^oB. KHCB, 1959-61. 
S T. port. 27 cm. 
QA3.O83 59-51647 rev 

Pan American Union* Dept. of Sdentifio Affair*. 

Serie de matematica ; monografia. no. 1- 
Washington, 1963- 
v. 23cm. 

Pan. American Union. 


PA 64-103 

Peano, Giuseppe, 1858-1932. 

Opere scelte, a cura dell'Unione matematica italiana e col 
contribute del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche. Roma, 
Edizioni cremonese, 1957-59. 

ST. port 26cm. 

QA3.P43 A 58-6044 rev 

Princeton "Univ. Libr. 

Plzen. Pedagogick^institut. 

Sbornlk. Matematika a fyzika. 1- 
Praha, Stitni pedagogickS nakL, 1958- 

T. Illus., dlagr&t tables. 21 cm. 


Pol, Balthasar van der, 1889-1959. 

Selected scientific papers. Edited by H. Bremmer and 
C. J. Bouwkamp, with an introd. by H. B. G. Casimir. Am- 
sterdam, North-Holland Pub. Co., 1960. 

2 v. illus. 27 cm. 
QC503.P6 61-19860 J 

Pompeiu, Dimitrie, 1873-1954. 

CEuvre mathematique. t Bucarest 3 Academie de la Ee- 
publique populaire roumaine, 1959. 

533 p. illus. 25 cm. 
QA3.P75 510.81 60-20756 J 

Posen. Uniwersytet. 

Matematvka fizyka, chemia. zesz. 1- Poznan, 1957- 

no. in v. illus., dtagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Its Zeszyty 

naukowe) ^ Wrt 

QA1.P68 63-58566 

Ramanujan Aiyangar, Srimvasa, 1887-1920. 

Collected papers. Edited by G. H. Hardy, P. V. Seshu 
Aiyar and B. M. Wilson. New York, Chelsea Pub. Co. 
t !962j 

5 4 962 508.1 62-8326 J 

Ricci Curbastro, Gregorio, 1853-1925. 

Opere, a cura dell'Unione matematica italiana e col con- 
tributo del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche. Roma, Edi- 
zioni cremonese, 1956-57. 

2v. port. 26cm. 

QA3.R5 A 57-1783 rev 

Princeton Univ. Libr. 

Riesz, Frigyes, 1880-1956. 

Eiesz Frigyes osszegyujtott munkai. A Magyar Tudo- 
manyos Akademia megbizasabol sajt6 ala rendezte Csdszar 
Akos. Budapest, Akademiai Kiado, 1960. 

2r. (1601 p.) illus., ports., facslm. 29cm. 
QA3.R57 61-34042 

Rozprawy matematyczne. 

Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe [etc.] 195 

no. in v. illus. 25cm. 
QA3.R75 62-43196 

Scorza, Gaetano, 1876-1939. 

Opere scelte; pubblicate a cura dell'Unione matematica 
italiana e col contribute del Consiglio nazionale delle 
richerche. Roma, Edizioni cremonese, 1960-62. 

3 T. mus. 25 cm. 
QA3.S417 62-47421 rev J 

Segre, Corrado, 1863- 

Opere A cura dell'Unione matematica italiana e col con- 
tributo del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche, Roma, Edi- 
zioni cremonese, 1957 [ c l956]-63. 
4 v. ports. 26 cm. 


Princeton Univ. Libr. 

A 58-4594 rev 

Shadrinsk, Russia. Gosudarstvenny! pedagogicheskH in- 

y^eHHe sanHCKH. 
Kypran, COBCTCKOC Saypaate, 19 
illus., dlagrs. 21 cm. 


H^HPCKHH MaTewaTH^ecKHfi: aKypnaJi. T. 1- 
MocKsa, Hsfl-so AicaAeMHH nayK CCCP. 

v. dlagrs. 27cm. bimonthly. 



Souza, Julio Cesar de Mello e, 1895- ed. 

Antologia da matematica; historias, fantasias, biografias, 
lendas, paradoxes, curiosidades, recreacoes nnmeiicas, pro- 
blemas c^lebres, erros famosos, etc. [por 3 Malba Tahan 
rpseud.i Sao Paulo, EdiQao Saraiva, 1960. 

2v. iUus. 22cm. Mnn 

QA3.S66 ^*> m 

Stalinabad, Russia. Universitet. Fi&iko-inatematiche8k& 

H. 1957- 



v. Illus. 26 cm. (TaAHHKCKufl rocyAapCTBCKHbifi yHHsepCH- 
Ter. yneHbie sanHcxn) 


String figures, and other monographs. New York, Chelsea 
Pub. Co., 1960. 

72, 102. 179, 136 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA3.S83 510.8 59-11780 t 

Studies in mathematical analysis and related topics; essays 
in honor of George P61ya. Edited by Gabor Szego t and 
others. Contributors: Lars V. Ahlfors, and othersj Stan- 
ford, Stanford University Press, 1962. 

xxi, 447 p. port., diagrs. 25 cm. (Stanford studies in mathe- 
matics and statistics, 4) 
QA3.S8525 510.8 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 



Studies in mathematics, v. 1- 

t New Haven?] School Mathematics Study Group, 1959- 

v. dlagrs. 28cm. 
QA3.S8527 510.82 


Symposium on Spectral Theory and Differential Problems, 

StiUwater, OUa., 1950. 

Proceedings. Still-water, Mathematics Dept, Oklahoma 
Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1951. 

454 p. dlagrs. 26 cm. 
QA3.S983 1950 510.82 51-62584 rev 

Tartu. t)likool. 

Matemaatika- ja mehhaanika-alaseid toid. Tpy^H no na- 
TCHaTHEe H Mexamuce. 1.- 
Tartu, 1959- 

y. dlagrs. 23 cm. (Its Tolmetlsed) 
AS262.T22A25 62-68611 

Vojtech, Jan, 1879-1953. 

Zaklady matematiky ke studiu ved pKrodnich a tech- 
nickych. t 8. vyd.] Praha, Nakl. Ceskoslovenske akademie 

478 p. illus. 2lcm. 
QA3.V56 1959 60-24274 t 

Von Mises, Richard, 1883-1953. 

Selected papers. Selected and edited by Ph. Frank t and 
others] and G. Birkhoff, chairman. Providence, R. I., 
American Mathematical Society, 1963-64. 

2 v. illus., ports. 26 cm. 
QA3.V587 510.81 63-18572 rev 

Von Mises, Richard, 1883-1953. 

Yorlesungen aus dem Gebiete der angewandten Mathe- 
mittik. New York, M. S. Rosenberg, 19*5- C C 1931- 

v. illus. 24cm. 
QA3.V59 57-42063 rev t 

Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957. 

Collected works. General editor, A. H. Taub. New York, 
Pergamon Press, 1961- 
v. illus. 26 cm. 

Another issue. 

Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press. 

QA3.V594 510.81 59-14497 t 

Vsesoiiiznyi matematicheskii s"ezd. 

MocKun. IT3,T;-Ro AKa^eMim iiayK CCCP. 

v. in 26 cm. 

Q \3 V82 57-10715 rev 2 

Whitehead, John Henry Constantine, 1904-1960. 

Mathematical works. Edited by I. M. James. Oxford, 
New York, Pergamon Press, 1962. 

4 v. port., dlagrs. 26 cm. 
QA3.W5 1962 501.81 62-11568 

Zastosowanie matematyki. t. 1- 
Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1954- 

v. In Illus., tables. 25 cm. 



Russian mathematical surveys, v. 15- 
Jan./Feb. 1960- 

Ix>ndon ^London Mathematical Society; distributed by 3 
Cleaver-Hume Press. 

v. dlagrs. 26 cm. bimonthly. 
QA1.E82 64-0220 


Association franchise pour Favancement des sciences. 

Colloques de calcul numerique et mathematiques appli- 
<iaes tenus dans le cadre des congres de P Association fran- 
Qaise pour 1'avancement des sciences (Caen 1955, Grenoble 
1960, Reims 1961, Paris 1962) Actes reunies et publics par 
llngenieur general Vernotte. Paris, Service de documenta- 
tion scientifique et technique de Parmement, 1963. 

ill 127 p. mm. 17cm. (Publications sdmtlfiQaes et technlauea 
du MInlstferede 1'alr. Notes techniques, no 128) 
TL507.F74 no. 128 64-54946 
Copy 2. QA3.A8 

Conference of Arsenal Mathematicians. 


Durham, N. C., Office of Ordnance Research, Ordnance 
Corps, U. S. Army. 

T. Illus., diagrs. 27 cm, annual. (D. S. Office of Ordnance 
Research. Report) 
TJF526.3.A36 623.40151 60-61840 

Dartmouth College Mathematics Conference, ^1961. 

New directions in mathematics; E proceedrngSj Confer- 
ence arranged by John G. Kemeny t and 3 Robin Robinson. 
Edited by Robert W. Ritchie. Englewood Cliffs, N., J., 
Prentice-Hall, 1963. 

124 p. ports., diagrs. 22 cm. 
QA1.D28 1961 510.82 63-14729 

Hungarian Mathematical Congress. 

Congres mathematique hongrois. c Eztraits 3 
Budapest, Akad&niai Kiad6. 
T. In Illus. 28 cm. 


Hungarian Mathematical Congress. 1st, Budapest, 1950. 

Az EH> Magyar Matematikai Kongresszus kozlemenyei, 
1950. uujru-/tii!5 ri'.-Hzeptember ;i. A Magyar Tudomunyos 
Akademia tumogixtilsavsil kozwteszi a Bolyai Junob lltxtema- 
tikai Tarnilut. Szerkes-ztobixottsag: Alexits Gyorgy : et al.j 
Budapest, Akadi'miai Kiado, 10">2. 

78& p. sr> cm. 
QA1.H78 1050ab 55-15857 rev 

International Congress of Mathematicians. 

O63OpHHC flOOaflH. 

MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO $H3HKO-MaTCMaTHHecKOfi 
v 21 cm. (CoBpeMCHHtie npoC)jieMH MareMat 
QA1J810 61-36973 rev 

International Symposium of Geodetic Computations. 1st, 
Krakow, 1959. 

jProgram, summaries of papers presented at the sym- 
posium, reports, etc., and papers concerning the Geodetic 
and Cartographical Exhibition, Sept. 4 to 15, 1959, held 
in connection with the symposium, v. p., 1959- j 

pieces (In portfolio) dlagrs. 32 cm. 
QB321.1 63 1959 62-40943 

Nauchnaia konferentsiia po teoreticheskim i prikkdaym 
voprosam matematiki i mekhaniki, Tomsk^ 1960. 

^ooaflH KOH$epeH^HH. jPe^aKiop II. II. Ky^apesj 
TOMCE, 1960. 

126p. 25cm. 
QA1.N4 1960 62-29650 

Respublikanskafa konferentsiia po matematike i mekha- 


T. diagrs. 23 cm. 

Sfcandinaviske matematikerkongres. ISth^ HeMngfors, 

Kolmastoista Skandinaavinen Matemaatikkokongressi, 
Hensingissa 18-23 p. eloknuta 1957. Treizieme Congres des 
mathematiciens scandinaves, tenu a Helsinki 18-23 aout 
1957. Helsingfors, Mercators tryckeri, 1958. 

208 p. Illus., tables. 24cm. 
QA1.S5 1957 60-30837 

VofehviEo, E K 

Soviet developments in information processing and nm- 
chine transition. fUrgent tasks of scientific research and 
educational work in the field of logic, by Ye. K Voyshvillo 
and others. New York, IF. S. Joint Publications Research 
Service, 1959. 

a, 111. 27cm. (JPRS: 863-D) 
AS3S.U56 no. 868 160.634731 

Vsesoiiiznyi matematicheskii s"ezd. 

MocKsa, Ila.vuo AKa r i,eMHH nayK CCCP. 

v. in 26cm. 
QA3.V82 57-19715 rev 2 


Ballentyne, Denis William George. 

A dictionary of named effects and laws in chemistry, 
physics, and mathematics [by] D. W. Q-. Ballentyne and 
L. E. Q. Walker. 2d rev. and enL ed. London, Chapman & 
Hall, 1961. 

T, 234 p. Illua. 28 cm. 
Q123.B3 1961a 62-6314 

Ballentyne, Denis William George. 

A dictionary of named effects and laws in chemistry, 
physics, nncl mathematics t by 3 D. W. G. Ballentyne and 
L. E. Q. IValker. 2d rev. and enL ed. New York, Macmil- 
lan, 1961. 

v, 234 p. illus. 28 cm. 
Q123.B3 1001 ^0-*i fil-l G20 

Karush, William. 

The crescent dictionary of mathematics. Oscar Tarcov, 
general editor. New York, Macmillan, 1962. 
318 p. dia^rs., taWw. 25 em. 

510.3 61-17163 


Elaften, BertnoldL 

Mathematisches Vokabular; English-Deutsch/Deutsch- 
Englisch, Miinchen, Wila Verlag fur Wirtschaftswerbung, 

r, 185 p. 18 cm. 

A 61-5180 
Illinois. Uoiv. Library 

Marks, Robert W 

The new mathematics dictionary and handbook, by Robert 
W. Marks. New York, Bantam Books jl^ 
186 p. Illus. IS cm. ( Bantam matrir editions) 

QA5.M307 510.3 64-17893 

Meyers grosser Bechenduden; Anleitungen und Eegeln fur 
einfacbs und schwierige Eeehenvor^nge, Tabellen, Funk- 
tionstafehi, Formela und ein Lesikon mathematischer Be- 
griffe. Hrsg. von den Fachredaktionen des Bibliographi- 
schen Institute. Grosse Ausg. von JMCeyers Kechenduden. 
Mannheim, Budenverlag des Bibliographischen Instituts 
t 1962i 

1002p. mm, 20cm. 
QA5.M46 63-2485 t 

2, 117 p. 27cm. 

Addd t p.: BnSUih-OhlDtte IMctloniary of matbeiiMticftl terms, 
oraiJiled by Wang Chundhl aacl otnera. 

1 MathemattcaIVIctlimarles. 2. English language Oicllonarte* 
Ohin^w, i. Wang, Ohu-hat. n. 8u, Pu-ch'lflg, 1002- 

Title romonteed: Shu hslieh rniag tz'tl hut pten. 


Harvard Unir. Cblw 

Japanese Library 7026 

The Universal encyclopedia of mathematics. With a fore- 
word by James E. Newman. New York, Simon and 
Schuster, 1964. 

715 p, Hlus. 20 cm. 
<iA5.U5413 W0.8 63-21086 

if I "Wr 1 ilt llf| A -or'i% di<;tkjnary of mathematicg. 

Mr-ffi i m ??& .*! <ft M [' ,! M) iw2. 

1 MHtlu>iinllrM DlrtlounrlCH f'lilnw 2 'Mrnw - THoUoa- 
nii. Kngllflli. MuttK-inntltii IMrilmmrtw. 4 Rfigllflh language 
IMriioiifii'iPH rsiliu-w j TIM u Title, A (onHwdlrflotwry of 


7 if Ir rimtnttkra rhlm iriloff sliu ttstlch tx'tt t!r>n. 
QAfi.Vi C 03-23 

Chao, Uao. 

80R, 185 p. illus., amp, dtatfrs , tables. 23 cm. 

1. Mathematics Dictionaries Chinese. L Title. 

Title romcnized: Shu UgUeh tz'fl tleo. 


C 62-1101 

De Francis, John Francis, 1911- 

Chinese-English glossary of tit 
John DeFrancis. Providence, R L, American Mathemati- 
cal Society, 1964. 

v,275p. 28cm. 




Gould, Sydney Henry, 1909- 

A report on Chinese-English mathematical dictionaries, 
by S. H. Gould. Providence, American Mathematical So- 
ciety, 1964. 

19 p. 28 cm. (Contemporary Chines* research mathematics, T. 2) 
Z6651.C6 vol.2 64-57428 

Nagasawa, Kamenosuke. 

805, 185 P. lllus., map, dlftgra., tables. 20cm. 


C 61-365 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 




A. complete dictionary of 


47,1508 p. HI*. lo*. 

&n hBteh ta to'fi tlen. 


Japan*** Library B7026 

ffi ^Ifi 'r 1 If '- fil A connw dictionary of rnatlwuaticfi. 
I'.Tt 1 ft A ,*,,$& 'I 1 Mi 1M2. 

'DW! j Pi; , tablet SB 'm 

t ttatbnmitira lUrthimirK* <'hfwsp 2. Chin*** Diction- 
SHU* Erurifel! 8 MflthMnatlrs DMIonarlM. 4 Eugrllh lainruage- - 
l>i*nnar}w 1)Ii>w i Title it. Tltfe, A t'orvcise dictionary of 

j(f|<fTflwij?ff Ohlpn twlug shu IwDch ta'tt li*'n. 


Je&wta feskosloveikych matematikft a fysihft v Praze. 

Kirvy a zna?ky Ikolske matematiky. (Seat Terminolo- 
gicki inis Jednoty Ss. matematika a fysiku. Vyd. l.j 

Prtha, Statni pedagogickS nakl., 1959. 

74 p, 21 em. ( PoraocB^ knihy pro uCltelte) 
QA5J4 61-45056 t 


Akaiemiia nauk SSSR. Matmatickesku imtitut. 

AHMo-pyccrafi caosapi, MateacaTHTCCSEX TepMHHOB. Pe- 
OHHaa misers* : n. C. AjteKcaHApos C H flp.j MocsBa, 
o HitocTpasHOt JTHT-PH, 1962. 

i. tables. 22on. 


Hyawn, Cliarfes J 

German-English mathematics dictionary. jNi 
Interlanjruajre Dictionaries fl&W)] 

isip. ay on. 
QA5.H9 510.3 


Kailim, L A 

HcMenKO-pyccEHt MaieMaTH^ecEHfi cioBapt,. CociaBH.iH 
.1. A, KuiyxEBH t n AP-j EEofl peA. J. A. KwyacEHHa. Mo- 
Ca, Fjae. peA, HHocTpanHHx aayHo-TexH. caosapefl OHS- 

JSSn. 21cm. 



Kkf ies, BerthokL 

Mathematisches Vokabular; English-Deutsch/Deutscli- 
EngHsck Mftafihen, Wila Verlag fiir Wirtschaftswerbung, 

x188p. IS 
HBaste, CB!T. 

A 61-5180 

ftes, Jceef, 1906- 

Matiiimatiscties WHrterbuch, mil Einbeziehung der the- 

oretiKhen Physik, Im Aftrage des Institute fiir Reine 
Mattenatik an der Deutschea Akadenie der Wissen- 
schaften. zu Berlin bewrb. .nd Ersg. tinter Mitwirkung zaH- 
rekker Fachgelelirter von Josef Naaa und Hermann Lud- 
w% Sclaftid, Berlin, Akademie- Verlag, 1961. 

ST. Ola. 28 em, 
QA5.N25 63-2400 J 

OstrwskaUt, ATna ItJl'tnm, 2. 

H. SI. 

A, !0.j DcrpoBcioa, 

eei^ETeTa, I9!0. 

18 em. 

-xaTeMaxacsHft ciosapi,. 
AP-i IToA P^A- K). A. ji. e. 
j H3^-iso MOCKOBCKOIO ynH- 

61-20460 t 


QA5.1 8 

Nihon SugakkaL 


xxiii, 892 p. ports., dlagrs., tables. 22 cm. 

Errata (2 p.) Inserted. 
Bibliography : p. 780-783. 

1. Mathematics-Dictionaries-Japanese. i. Title, n. Title. 
SOgaku jiten. Title romanieed: Iwanami Sflgaku jiten 

J 61-929 


15, 638 p. illus., dlagra., tablea. 22 cm. 

In colophon : 

1. Mathematlc~I>IctIoMrl<-Japan>e. i. lyanaga, SMklcU, 


Yi, Song-hon, 

J 61-1541 

-ffctfc tt*B 4289 t !956 3 
1, 6, 655 p. llloa., dlagrs., tables. 18 cm. 

At head of title : 

Oa spine: 

1. Mathematicfr~Dlctlonarle Korean. i. Paek, Nam-s6. 

L Title. 2T*tZe romantged: Suhak sajon. 


K 61-292 


Mlklashevskaia, Nadezhda Efimovna. 

IIoJii>cso-pycCKHfi MaieMaTHHiecKHft oioBapB. CoeraBH-irH 
H. E. MuffliaineBCKaa H P. H. MBKrameBCBHtt. Mocxsa, 
TjtaB. pe^. HHocTpaHHtix nay^HO-TexH. otosapeft <X>H3icaT- 
rasa, 1963. 

212 p. 21cm. 
OA5.M48 64-446SO 


The International dictionary of applied mathematics. E W. F. 
Freiberger, editor-in-chief] Princeton, N. J., Van Nostrand 

C 1960, 

1173 p. diagrs. 27cm. 
QA.5J5 510.3 60-16931 


Burlak, J 

Kussian-EngHsh. mathematical vocabulary, by J. Burlak. 
With a short grammatical sketch by K Brooke. Edin- 
burgh, Oliver and Boyd; New York, Interscience Publish- 

ers, 1963. 

305 p. 19 cm. (University mathematical texts) 
QA5.B8 510.3 64-56462 

Chung-kuo k'o hsiieh yuan. Pien i ch'u pan wei yuan Kui. 

W^flJJStt 1030. 

58 p. 19cm. 

1. Mathematics Dictionaries Buwtaa 2. Russian language 
m<tf OMricsCMnwe. i. Title. 

Title romantoed; Chung: shu hgdeh mlngr tz'fl. 

C 63-963 

Harvard TJnlr. Chinese- 

Japanese Library 7026 

He J6, Ladislav. 

Rusko-6esky matematicky dovnik, {Vjd. l.j Praha, 
Statni pedagogicke" nakl., 1962. 

210 p. 20cm. (IXfebnf teity vysok^ch Bkol) 

Hudymenko, Fedir Sydorovych, 

aa^aii : ^>, C. Fy^H 
i Hays > T Kp. PCP, 1960. 

in.] KHIB, Bn,a;-BO 

162 p. 21 cm. 

Kramer, Alex A 1910- 

PyccKO-aHMHacKHft MareMaTHiecKHft otoBapi,. Eussian- 
English mathematical dictionary. rTrenton, *1961i 

W,12Sp. 22cm. 
QA5.K7 510.3 61-27972 


Milne-Thomson, Louis Melville, 1891- 

Bussian-English mathematical dictionary; words and 
phrases in pure and applied mathematics with roots and 
accents, arranged for easy reference. Madison, University 
of Wisconsin Press, 1962. 

T!V 191 p 26 cm. (Publication of the Mathematics Eesearch 
Center, United States Army, the University of Wisconsin, no. 7) 
QA3.U45 no. 7 510.3 62-7217 

Russian-English dictionary of the mathematical sciences. 
By A. J. Lohwater with the collaboration of S. H. Gould, 
under the joint auspices of the National Academy of Sciences 
of the USA, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR r andj 
the American Mathematical Society. Providence, Ameri- 
can Mathematical Society, 1961. 

sill, 267 p. 24 cm. 
QA5.B8 510.3 61-15685 


Yera, Francisco, 1888- 

Matematica ; lexicon Kapelusz. Buenos Aires, Editorial 
Kapelusz t !960, 

734 p. diagrs., tables. 24 cm. [Blblioteca de culture unlversl- 

QA5.V4 510.3 60-38757 


Euler, Leonhard, 1707-1783. 

BBe^eHiie B anajtas 6ecicoHe?HHx. UepeBOA c Jt 
B. C. FoxMana. Pe^. nepeBo^a, Bcxyn. ciaTBit n n 
H. B. UorpefiHCCKoro. Mocuaa, Toe. HSA-BO $H 

MaTHieCKOtt JIHT-pH, 19 

r. dlagrs. 27cm. 

Mamedbeili, G D 

fl HacnpaAAHH Tycs o Teopan napajurejctHutx 
H reopHH oTHomeHHii. BaKy, USA-BO AKa^eMHH Hays 
AgepdafiflacaHCKOfl CCP, 1959. 

98, t 2j p. illus. 20 cm. 
QA608.M26 60-39492 

Newton, Sir Isaac, 1642-1T27. 

Mathematical works. Assembled with an introd. by 
Derek T. Whiteside. New York, Johnson. Reprint Corp., 


T. Ulus. 27 cm. (The Sources of science [no. 3j ) 
QA35.N5649 510.81 64-17026 


Arco Publishing Company, New York. 

Teacher of mathematics: high school, regular and substi- 
tute. New York t 1961j 

lv. 27cm. (Arco teacher's license training tffirt) 
QA43.A725 507.1273 61-17559 t 

Arco Publishing Company, New Tork. 

.Teacher of mathematics: junior high, school, regular and 
substitute. New York C c 1960j 

1 v. 27 cm. (Arco teacher's license training text) 
QA43A727 507.1273 61-17484 % 

Genua, Albert J 

How to score high on the scholastic aptitude test and other 
college entrance tests. New York, J. F. Rider C 1962] 

218 p. Illus. 28 cm. 
PE1114.G4 371.26 

Eodson, John Darlington. 

Advanced pure mathematics. London, Macmillan; New 
York, St. Martin's Press, 1961. 

466 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
QA37JE553 510 62M5562 I 

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Evaluation in mathematics. Washington, 1961. 
Ill, 210 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Its Yearbook, 26) 
QA1.N3 26th 510.7 61-11906 


Illinois, University. Visual Aids Service. 
Science and math Catalog] 1959- 


Illinois. Univ. Library 


A 59-9847 rev 2 

Texas* Education Agency. 

Mathematics 7-12. Austin, 1962. 
189 p. 26cm. (lit Bulletin 620) 
QA11.T536 507.12 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

Carmichael, Robert Daniel, 1879- oomp. 

Mathematical tables and formulas, compiled by Robert D. 
Carmichael and Edwin R. Smith. New York, Dover Publi- 
cations t 19B2, C 1931j 

288 o. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA47.C3 1962 510.83 62-51392 t 

Krfflikowski, Jerzy. 

Matematyka; wzory, definicje i tablice. Wyd. 5., popr. i 
uzup. TVarszawa, Wydawn, Komunikacyjne, 1959. 

296 p. illus 18cm. 
QA41.K7 1959 61-31439 t 

Markushevich, Aleksel Ivanovich, 1908- 

Bekursive Folgen. (Aus dem Russischen ubertragen von 
Ursula Steudelj Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der Wissen- 
schaften, 1955. 

48 p. 21 cm. (Klelne ErgSnzungsrdhe zu den Hochsdralbiichera 

A 56-6126 rev 
Rochester. Univ. Libr. QA11 

Menzel, Donald Howard, 1901- ed. 

Fundamental formulas of physics. Hew York, Dover 
Publications C 1060- 

v. illus. 21 cm. (Dorer boofca on adence, S505) 
QA401.M492 530.15 60-51149 t 

Peano, Giuseppe, 185&-1932. 

Fonnulario mathematico. Riproduzione in fac-simile 
dell'edizione originale. Con introduzione e note di Ugo 
Cassina e col contribute del comune di Cuneo. Boma, 
Edizioni cremonese, 1960. 

xxxvi, 463 p. dlagrs. 28 cm. 

QA41.P42 1960 A 62-1616 

Princeton Univ. Libr. 

Rottmann, KarL 

Mathematisehe Formelsammlung. 2. AufL Mannheim, 
BibUograpMschesInsatut[ e 1961] 

174 p b diagrs. 19cm. (B. I.-HochflchultaachenblicIier, Bd. IS) 
QA4LR68 1961 510.83 63-2342 

The Universal encyclopedia of mathematics. With a fore- 
word by James K. Newman. New York, Simon and 
Schuster, 1964. 

715 p. Hlus. 20 cm. n no 

QA5.U5413 510.3 63-21086 


Uspenskil, Andrei Konstantinovich. 

Bu6*op Bii^a H HaxoH^enne napaMexpoB s 
$opMyjna : yiefiiioe nocoCiiie. Mocxsa, 1960. 

74, .Ij p. "diagrs. 22 cm. 


Bronshtein, E'& Nikolaevich. 

A guide-book to mathematics, for technologists and engi- 
neers? by I. N. Bronshtein and K. A. Semendyayey. Trans- 
la^byJaaJaworowsM and Michael N.Bleicher. Oxford, 
New York, Pergamon Press; [distributed in the Western 

^t^S^Sef" 1 ^"(international series of ~ 

graphs on pure and applied mathematics, v. 86) 

QA40.B713 1963 60-16788 

Bronshtein, H'ia Nikolaevich. 

CnpaBO^HHK no aTenaTHxe. Rut HHKenepoB B yraxiHXca 
BxysoB. Mocjcsa, Foe. HSA-BO TexHHXO-Teopet. JEHT-PH, 1945. 

556 p. dlagrs., tables. 15cm. 
QA40.B7 50-38765 rev 

Bronshtein, H'ia Nikolaevich. 

mnxot BTysoB. HSA. 3., nepep. Mocm, Foe. HS^-BO xex 

T-pH, 1953. 

Bronshtem, D'ia Nikolaevich. 

CnpanoiHitK no uaTexarBxe. fa* HHacenepOB H yia 
npxca BTysos. Hs^. 5., crepeoTUiiHoe, MOCKBE, Toe. HSA-BC 
xexHHEO-TeopeT. jHT-pti, 1955. 

608 p. dlagrs. 17cm. 
QA40.B7 1S55 


Bronshtein, H'ia Nikokevich. 

CnpaBOiHHK no MaieMawiKe. fax. HKxeaepOB n 
mnxca BtysQB, Hsj. 8., CTepeotiinHoe. MocKsa, Foe. x 

iHSHKO-MaTCMaTH^eCKOft -3HT-pH, 1959, 

608 p. dlagrs., tables. IT cm. 
Microfilm copy ( 


QA40.B7 1959 

Bronshtem, Il'ia Nikolaevich, 

Taschfnbtich der Mathematik, fur Iiigenieure und Stu- 

dcnten der tfichmsrhen Hoch^liulcn. von I. N. Bronstein 

und K. A. Semendjajew. : Dt>utaehe t^rsetzung: Viktor 
Ziegler s Leipzig B. G. Teubner, 1958. 

54Sp. Him. 18cm. 
QA40.B714 58-45376 rev J 

Bronshtein, B'fc Nikolaevidi. 

Taschenbuch der Mathemntik fur Ingenleure und Studen- 
ten der Technischen Hochschulen von I. N. Bronsteia und 

K. A. Stsraend j aje w. t Deutsche tJbersetzung und Redaktion r 
Viktor Ziegler, 3. Aufl. Leipzig, Teubaer, 1960. 

QA40 P B7i r I960" 61-1870 J 

Bronshtein, H'ia Nikolaeviclu . 

Taschenbuch der Mathematik von L N. Bronsteia und 
K A. Semendjajew. c Deuteclifl t)beraetzung und Edak- 
tion: Viktor Ziegler. 3. Anfl., Frankfurt/Main, H. 
Beutsch, 1&61. 

5&lp. tllufl. 18cm. 
QA40.B7H 1961 62-32113 | 

Faure, Robert, 

Mathematiques nouvelles, par R. Faure, A. Kaufmann c et, 
M. Denis-Papin. A Tusa^e des eleves de 1'enseignement 
superieur scientifique et technique, des eleves de mathema- 
tiques superieures et speciales, des ingenieurs, des physiciens 
et des economistes. Paris, Dunod, 1964 r c l%3j 

2v. dlagrs., tables. 15cm. (Aide-memoire Dunod) 
OA40.F3 64-S8&89 

U Maly pfehled vzorcfi; matematika, mechanika, termika, 
elektrotechnika. Pomucka ke studiu i pro praxl t l. vyd. 3 
Praha Prace: nakL ROH 3 1963. 

Sr p. Illus. 17 cm. (Technlc^ vf ber do kapsy, ST. 58) 
QA40.K6 64^1874 

Kudriavtsev, Vsevolod Aleksandrovich, 1885-1953. 

KpaTKiift Kypc Bucmeft MaieMaTiiKii. IIsj;. 2., nepep n 
^on. ,Hon:vin;eHO B EaiecTce yiefj nocoGna A-ia <SnoToro- 
noiBeiuiBix, ICOT. n reorp. 4)aEyji,TeTOB roc. yHHBepcnreTOB. 
MocKua, Foe. HSA-BO $H3HKo-siaTejiaTHiecKott -iiiT-pu, 1959. 

432 p. diagra. 23 cm. 
QA40.K8 11559 C0-t>&024 t 

Kudriav^ev, Vsevolod Aleksandrovich, 1885-1958. 

KpaiKHft Kypc Bwcmefc MareMaTHKH. Ha^- 3., nepep. n 
son. flonymeno B KaCT0e yiefi. nocodna ^Jt* 6110.1010- 
noeHHHX, reoa. H reorp. $aKy^weTOB roc. yHHBepcHieroB. 
MocKsa Foe HS^-BO ^aaHKOMaTeacaTn^ecKOii .niT-pu, 1%- 
528 p. 'lUm 23cm. _aqpu~ t 

QA40.K8 1962 63-3954, J 

Merritt, Frederick S 

Mathematics manual ; methods and principles of the vari- 
ous branches of mathematics for reference, problem solving, 
and review. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1962. 



Meyers grosser Rechenduden; Anleitungen und Regehi fur 
einfache und schwierige Rechenvorgange, TabeUen, Fu^- 
tionstafeln, Fonneln und ein Lesikon mathematoctor Be- 
griffe HrW. von den Fachredaktionen des Bibhographi- 
then Instituts. Grosse Ausg. von Meyers Rechendude^ 
Mannheim, Dudenverlag des Bibliographischeii Instituts 


10Q2p. Ulna. 20cm. 


Zakkdn! vypociy v chemicke" vvrobS. 



^ Bant m^h*ematics and useful tables. Waterford, Com, 
National Foreman's Institute, Bureau of Business Practice, 
National Sales Development Institute i W 

162 p. lima. 21cm. I Complete management library, T -> 


. 4., CTCpeotan 

Vygodskii, Mark iAkovIevich. 

Cupa-BO^EHK no BHcmett jfatesiarHt 
HOC. Moccsa, Foe. HS^-BO 4in3UEO-Ma 

788 p. mm. 17 em. 
QA40.V9 1959 

v **g!Z%2-~-. ^-.. 

Hcup. MocsBa, Foe. HSA-BO ^ESHKO-MaTeMaxHHecKOft M 
pja, 1962. 

810 P. Was. 17cm. fiJU97H8 

QA40.V9 1962 6 ^ 2TU8 


Becker, car, - 

Grume und Grenze der matheinaf ischen Denkweise. if rai- 
burg, K. Alter, 1969. 

174 p 21cm. (Studi 

er ^VomWI^e zwr Wahl von Mathematikern in die Berliner 
Akademies'ein Beitrag zur Gelehrten- und Matliematikge- 
schichte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Berlin, AkademieA erlag, 

19 ?f'p 30 cm. (Abbandlungea der Deatsehen Akademte der Wto- 
senschaftm xu Berlin. Kiasse fiir Matbematik, Pbysik uDd Tecbnifc 
Jahrg. i960, Nr. 3) . fta 11tA 

[Q49.A37 1960, Kr. ft] A 62-1363 

Stanford Univ. Library 

Bourbaki, Nicolas, pseud. . . 

figments dTustoire des inathematiqiies. Paris, Hermann 

A 61-4006 


, . 
Episodes fnwn the early history of mathematics. cN 

^^iSlfSSVl? 1 ( 

QA22.A1S " 810.901 

kademiia nauk SSSR. Imtitut utorii 

library, W 

n ^ 

Ha IKTOPHH ^paimyscKoit Haysn ; cCopHHK crateJi. r ut- 
B eicTB,iHue pe^awopH : B I'. KysneuoB, A. T. Fpiirop^Hj 

MocEsa, USA-BO AEa^eMini BSJ-K CCCP, I960. 

180 p. 21 cm _ t 

QC7.A33 61~J^1 I 

BaH, Walter Wiffiam Rouse, 1850-1925. _ 

A Miort arroiint of the history of mathnti<*. Aew 1 ork, 

Borer Publications r 1960 2 

61-25674 J 

BeO, Eric Temple, 1883-1060. 

The last problem. (New Yorkj Simon and Scnnster, 101. 

1 " 513.S18 ei-ifisca | 

sp. 21 cm. 

Harvard Univ. library 

Boyer, Carl Benjamin, 1906- 

The history of the calculus and its conceptual develop- 
ment (The concepts of the calculus) With a foreword by 
Richard Courant New York, Itover i!959j 

346 p. diagrs. 21 em. 
[QA303.B ] 
North Carolina. Univ. Library 


R a 50 t 1961, 
llittsL 19cm. 

joint author, n. Title. 


2. Mattematlo, Chinese x. Hrt, Tieo- 
Tte romawiffed; Sha toBeh ft U ibit. 
C 62-1750 t 

Chistiakov, Vasilii Dmitricvidi. 

MaTepna-iu no HCTOPHII MaieMaTHEH B Karae HH^IIH; 
noco<5He ^ia sneoaccHOft paSoxa. Mocssa, Foe. yneSHO- 
ne^aror. 113,1-^0, 1%*1. 

166 p. illus. 21 on. 
QA2T.C5C;> 02-W475 J 

oolidff*, Julian Lowell, 1873-1954. 

The mathematics of great amateurs. ( Aew eo.] new 
York, Dover Publications il063i 

211 p. Utes. 22cm. 
QA28.C6 1963 510-0 63-35t9 t 

Dantzig, Tobias, 1884- , _ e 

The bequest of the Greeks. N"ew York, Scnbner, 1955. 
191 p. Ulua 22 cm. (Fw Matlwmat.c-s Sn retrospect! 
QAU2.D8 W55 510.9 

55-7193 rev 

Datta, Bibhutiblmsan. 

History of Hindu mathematics, a source^boolc. By Bib- 
hutibhusan Dittta and Avadhesh Xarayan Singh. Bombay, 

New York, Asia Pub. House {1062] 

2 v. In 1. tables, 22 cm. ..,, 

QA27.I40282 510.1)54 S A 63-419 

Dedron, Pierre. 

Mathematiques et mathematiciens jparj Fierre JUedron 
t etj Jean Itard. Paris, Magnard C 1959j 

'* MM 60^4=17 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


-HISTORY (Continued) 

DcMna Ivan Hk<MrwdL 


H. Mocoa, Foe, MA-BO A ercKOfi 
'; ports. 20cm. (B nooiiu> 

57-42515 rev 

0an mathematics; a study of Friednch von 
Hardenberg's Fragments on mathematics and its relation to 
, music, religion, philosophy, language, and literature. 

Eves, Howard, 1011- . 

An introduction to the history of mathematics. Bev. ed. 
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston r 19Mj 

XFi,4s>. map, dlagrs. 24cm. .,,. 

QA21.E8 196* S10.9 64-11205 

Felix, Ludeane. 

The modern aspect of mathematics. Translated by Julius 
H, HIavaty and Fancille H. HIavaty. New York, Basic 

184 p. llltn. 24cm. 
QA9.F433 510.9 60-6780 J 

of mathematics. t lst American ed.j New 

York, Mftcmillan 3 1961j 



Freebary.H A 

A history of mathematics, for secondary schools. London, 

Gassell c l&58j 

198 p Illus. 28 on. 
QA21.F7 1958 62-1406 J 

Hath, Sir Thomas Little, 1861-1940. 

A manual of Greek mathematics. New York, Dover Pub- 
lications (1968] 

552 p. fltes. 21cm. 
QAS2.H42 1063 510.938 63-3571 t 

Hefataim, Joseph Ehrenfried, 1900- 

Claaaeal mathematics; a concise history of the classical 
era in mathematics, translated from the German Ge- 

schkhte der Mathematik by Henrietta 0. Midonickj New 

York, Philosophical Library t !960, *1959j 

159 p, 22cm. 

QAS4.H64-1 510.9 60-1015 I 

Hofmann, Joseph Ehrenfried, 1900- 

Ge^hlehte der Mathemitik. Berlin, De Gruyter, 1953-63. 

ST. 1ft coo. ?SamJBtangGSdien,Bd.226,875,S82) 
QAS1.H72 54-22393 rev J 

Hofnaann, Joseph Ehrenfried, 1900- 

The history of mailMmatics. E Translated from the Ger- 
man by Frank Gaynor and Henrietta 0. Midonick] New 
York, Philosophical Library t 1957j 

182 p. 21 cm, 
QA21.H7S3 510.9 57-1793 rev J 

Hogben, Lancelot Thomas, 1895- 

Mail&ieittatlcs in the making. London, Macdonald {I960] 
BO p. IHm (part coL) mape (part col) dlngm. (port d.) 

1MO 510.9 61-3954 

Hegben, Lancelot Thomas, 1S95- 

Matlaemttics in the making. Garden City, N. Y., Double- 

: col) maps (part col.) dlagra. (part coL) 
510.9 61-5067 


Huang, Ctvung-cfclin, 

1, Mattentietos, CklmtK. 2. Mahematt-HM. r. 

Title. Titte rtMMie4: Ctfw jt cbBan sst plen, 

C 59-1787 



Kttis, BH-SO Arawesiil sayic Yep. FCP, 1059- 

s to probability; history^of the ^mathematks of 
certainty and chance ^ Amy C. King ^ Cecil B. Read. 



Wyd. 2., popr. 

Wiedza Powszechna, 1962. 

339 p. Illus., ports., map. 20cm. 
QA21.K58 1962 

KoI'man, fimest. 

MateMatHKa flo anoxn Bospoacflenaa. MOCKEE, 1 oc. 

BO <|>H3HKO-MaTeMaTH*eCKOfl JIHT-pH, 1961. 

2 T. illus. 23 cm. 




29Sp. illus 19cm 

L Mathemntlcs-Htst. 

QA27.C5L484 1959 

r 1 ! ft 

062-2804 I 

Manwell, A R , . J _ 

Mathematics before Newton; an inaugural lecture given 
in the University College of Khodesia and Nyasaland. Lon- 
don, Oxford University Press, 1959. 

Marks, Robert W ed. 

The growth of mathematics from counting to calculus, 
edited by Robert W. Marks. New York, Bantam Books 

1 ' 

1 2rr'p Hlus. 18cm. (Bantam matrix editions) 



Martin Company. Research Institute for Advanced Study, 

Summary report of the Panel on Soviet Mathematics 
tRIAS. Baltimore, 1961?] 

lv. (various pagings) 30cm. 
QA27.R8M35 63-23891 

Meschkowski, Herbert. 

Ways of thought of great mathematicians; an approach to 
the history of mathematics. Translated by John Dyer- 
Bennet San Francisco, Holden-Day, 1964. 

viii 110 p. illus, ports. 28cm. (The Mathesls series) 
QA21.M413 510.9 64-21712 

Montague, Harriett Frances, 1905- 

The significance of mathematics t byj Harriet F. Montague 
t andj Mabel D. Montgomery. Columbus, Ohio, C. E. Mer- 
rill Books 1 1963, 

si, 290 p. illus. 24cm. 
QA93.M63 1963 510.9 63-13954 

Montucla, Jean fitieiuie, 1725-1799. 

Histoire des mathematiques, par J. F. t sic] Montucla. 
Nouv. tirage augm. d'un avant-propos par Ch. Naux. Paris, 
A. Blanehard, 1960. 
4 v. dlagrs. 25 cm. 
QA21.M82 61-46377 rev 

Recent Soviet contributions to mathematics. Edited by J. P. 
LaSalle and S. Lefschetz. New York, Macmillan tl962 2 

824 p. 22 cm. 
QA27.K8R4 510.82 61-17260 t 

Reichardt, Hans, 1908- ed. 

C. F. Gauss, Uben und Werk. Mit Beitragen von W. 
Blaschke t et al.j Berlin, Haude & Spener, 1960. 

251 p. Illus. (part mounted) ports^ fold, plate. 30 cm. 
[QA29.G3R ] A 61-5514 

Harvard TJnlT. Library 

Reid, Constance. 

A long way from Euclid. New York, T. Y. Crowell Co. 

lx,20Bp. dtagrrs. 21 da, 



Rybnikov, Konstantin Alekseevich. 

~~ tHJi icaxeuaTHKH. .Hjonymeno B xa^ecrse yned. rcoco- 


CpcHTer, - 
r. ports., diagra., facslm. 23c 


Smith, David Eugene, 1860-1944. 

Mathematics. Introd. by Thomas Little Heath. New 
York, Cooper Square Publishers, 1963. 

x 175 p. 19cm. (Our debt to Greece and Borne) 
QA22.S65 1963 510.9 63-10294 

TurnbuD, Herbert Westren, 1885-1961. 

The great mathematicians. New York, New York Uni- 
versity Press, 1961. 
141 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA28.T8 1961 925.1 61-16934 J 

Wolff, Peter, ed. 

Breakthroughs in mathematics. t JNew York] New Amer- 
ican Library [1963 3 

285 p. diagrs. 18cm. ( Signet science library) 
QA21.W62 510.9 63-25512 

Yen, Tun-chieh. 


42 p. illus. 19 cm. 

1 Mathematics, Chinese. 2. Mathematics Hist. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Chung-kuo ku tal 
shu hsiieh ti ch'6ng chiu. 

QA27.C5Y43 C 60-108 t 

4294 t 196l! 

240 p. illuB., ports., diaffr., facln., table*. 

Colophon inserted. 
Map on lining paper. 
Bibliography ! p. t218j-815. 

1. Mftthematlc-Hit I. Title. 


Title fomented: Segye auhak M. 
K 62-624 


Schaaf, William Leonard, 1898- ed. 

Our mathematical heritage ; essays on the nature and cul- 
tural significance of mathematics. New, rev. ed. New York, 
Collier Books tl963, 

284 p. illus. 18 cm. 
QA9.S33 1963 510.1 62-21525 J 

Hagino, K6g5, 1927- 

2, 2, 102 p. illus., ports., tables. 22cm. 
Bibliography: p. 3-42. 

1 Mathematlci, Japanese Bibl. 2. Mathematics Hist. Bibl. 
3. Mathematicians, Japanese BibL x. Title. 

Title romanised: Nlhon sOgaku shi kenkya benran. 


J 63-441 


Convegno di storia delle matematiche, Brescia, 1959. 

Convegno di storia delle matematiche, 30-31 maggio 1959; 
atti del convegno editi a cura di Arnaldo Masotti. Brescia 

xi, 174 p. ports., facsims. 25 cm. 
QA29.T33C6 1959 64-43178 


Adler, Irving. 

The giant golden hook of mathematics; exploring the 
world of numbers and space. Illustrated by Lowell Hess, 
With a foreword by Howard F. Fehr. New York, Golden 
Press t 1960] 

91 p. Illus. 31cm. (jA Giant golden book] 762) 
QA40.5.A3 1960 510 60-14879 J 

Adler, Irving. 

Mathematics; the story of numbers, symbols, and space. 
Illustrated by Lowell Hess. New York, Golden Press, 1961. 

54 p. illus. 24cm. (The Golden library of knowledge) 
QA40.5.A3 1961 510 61-5441 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Bobrov, Sergei Pavlovich, 1889- 

ApxHMeflOBo JICTO; MH, ECTOPHJI coflpyacecTBa KHHX ita- 


v. lilus., ports. 22 cm. 
QA40.5.B6 64-29081 

Clark, Frank. 

Contemporary math. New York, F. Watts r 1964, 
203 p. Illus. 22cm. J 

QA40.5.C57 510 64-12131 

Feravolo, Rocco V 

Wonders of mathematics. Illustrated by Robert Bartram. 
New York, Dodd, Mead t 1963j 

64 p. illus. 25cm. (Dodd, Mead wonder books) 
QA40.5.F4 j 510 63-14371 

Highland, Esther Harris. 

The how and why wonder book of mathematics, written 
by Esther Harris Highland and Harold Joseph Highland. 
Illustrated by Walter Ferguson. [Deluxe ed.j New York, 
Grosset & Dunlap r !961j 

48 p. Illus. (part col.) 29 cm, (How and why wonder books) 
P210.H493Ho 61-1724 

Haft, Ch'un-faitg. 

101 p. illus. 18cm. ( RH W>]"rt" '} % r 1 ! ) 

1. Mathematics Juvenile literature. i. Tide. 

Title ronuinteed: Sim hsth'h luun fan, 

Huang, Haing-lin. 

C 63-88 

102 p. Illus. 19cm. 

1. MathematicsJuvenile literature 

Harvard Univ. Chlnese- 


L Title. 

Title romanteed: Tsto yang 
chleh suan ylng yung t'L 

C 64-589 
Japanese Library 7045 

Johnson, Donovan A 

Logic and reasoning in mathematics. St. Louis, Webster 
Pub. Cp., 1963. 

64 p. illus. 23 cm. (Exploring mathematics on your own) 
QA40.5.J59 63-2091 J 

Johnson, Donovan A 

The world of measurement c by] Donovan A. Johnson t andj 
William H. Glenn. St. Louis, Webster Pub. Co., C 1961. 

64 p. Illus. 23 cm. (Exploring mathematics on your own) 
QA40.5.J6 j 510 61-16199 J 

Jonas, Arthur. 

New ways in math. Illustrated by AIM [pseud.] Engle- 
wood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall C 1962] 

70 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QA40.5.J65 j 510 62-8716 J 

Krivin, Feliks Davidovich. 

KapitaHHaa raKOJta. PjacyHKH E. MnryHosa. 
SaKapnarcKoe oo"jr. KHracno-raseTHoe HS^-BO, 1962 

206 p. illus. 17cm. 


Lieber, Lillian (Rosanoff) 1886- 

Mathpinatics; first s-t-e-p-s. Illustrated by Hugh Gray 
Lieber. Xew York, F. Watts t!963j 

81 p. Illus. 26 cm. 
PZlO.L7Mat ]" 510 62-21752 J 

Nagibin, Fedor Fedorovich. 

MaTCMaTHiecKaj* micaTyjtKa. USA. 2. Moca, Foe. 
Ho-neflaror. H3fl-so, 1961. 

166 p. IllUS. 21cm. (BHQTlHOTeKa UIKOJIbHHlCa) 

QA40.5.N3 1961 62-51059 t 

Shaw, Harold Alan. 

The story of mathematics, by Alan Shaw and Keri Fuge, 
Illustrated" by Paul Sellers. New York, St Martin's Press, 

64 p. illus. (part col.) map. 25 cm. 
QA40.5.S48 j 510.9 64-12048 

Smith, George Oliver, 1911- 

Mathematics: the language of science. Illustrated by 
K. C. Prochaska, New York; Putnam (1961 j 

72 p. illus, 22 cm. 
PZ10.S7135Mat 61-5711 J 

Strader, William WeHer. 

Five little stories. Washington, National Council of 
Teachers of Mathematics t !960] 

16 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA4Q.5.S75 61-20711 t 

LABORATORIES see Computation 


Gould, Sydney Henry, 1909- 

A report on Chinese-English mathematical dictionaries, 
by S. H. Gould. Providence, American Mathematical So- 
ciety, 1964. 

19 p. 26 cm. (Contemporary Chinese research mathematics, T. 2) 
Z665LC6 vol. 2 64-57428 


Missouri. State-wide Secondary Curriculum Committee. 

Mathematics curriculum guide, grades seven, eight, and 
nine r grades ten, eleven, and twelve] Tenative report. 
[Jefferson City 3 H. Wheeler, commissioner of education, 

2 v. illus 28 cm. ([Missouri. Dept. of Education Publication 
no. 1M-G, 111-G) 
QAH.M56 510.712778 61-28889 

New York (State) Bureau of Secondary CurncuTam, De- 

An experimental course in mathematics for the twelfth 
year (mathematics 12x) [Prepared and edited by Aaron 
Buchman, associate in mathematics education] Albany, 

61 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

QA11.N535 510.712 A 60-9953 

New York. State Libr. 


Annales Polonici mathematics. 1- 
Warszawa, 1955- 

v. in 25 cm. 


Aplikace matematiky. sv. 1- 

v. In illus. 24 cm. bimonthly. 





Canadian mathematical bulletin. BuHetin canadiea de 
[Toronto] Printed at the University of Toronto Press. 

v. 25 on. 3 no. a year. 
QA1.C372 64-3964 

Commentarii mathematici Universitatis Sancti Pauli t 1- 

Dec. 1, 1952- 
Tokyo, Rikkyo Daigaku, 

v. In 26 cm. irregular. 

Indian journal of mathematics, v. 1- Dec. 1958- 
AHahabad, Allahabad Mathematical Society. 

v In 25 cm. semiannual. 
QA1.I495 S A 64-4399 

Israel. harMo i atsdh, k&U itmit Ze-mepor ide-fituah. 

Bulletin. Section F: Mathematics and physics, v. 7F- 

Dec. 1957- 

Jerusalem, Weizmann Science Press of Israel. 
T. in Illus., dlagrs. 25 cm. 4 no. a year. 
QA1.1 9 63-24251 

The Journal of computing systems, v. 1, no. 1-3; June 1952- 
July 1953. St. Paul, Institute of Applied Logic. 

199 p. illus. 25 cm, 

Journal of mathematics and mechanics, v. 1- 
Bloomington, Ind. 

v. 26 cm. 

QAl.J97f> 510.5 A 53-8626 rev 2 

NortliCan>Hii. I'alv. Library 

Mathematica Japonicae. v. 1, no. 1- May 1948- 

Tokyo (etc.! Meiwa Shoin. 

QAl.M4222 Cm " 510.5 60-19561 rev 


Mathematical journal of Okayama Universitrf. v. 1- 
Mar. 1052- 
Okayamn, Japan, Dept, of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, 

Okayama University. 

v. m diagrs. 26 cm. 2 no. a year (irregular) 
QA1.M428 63-24270 

atheinatil^ Techrdk, Wirtschait; Zdtschrift fur moderne 

Rechenteclmik und Automation. 1. Jahrg.; 

Jan. 19,")4- 

[Graz, etc.. Stia&ny etc.j 

v. illus., dlagra. 24-30 cm. 

QA1.M837 61-1021 

Mathematika. v. 1- (no. 1- ) ; June 1954- 
London, Dept. of Mathematics, University College. 

T. !n 26 cm. semiannual. 
QA1-MS4 510.5 59-47603 

The Michigan mathematical journal. 

Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 
v. illus. 25cm. Irregular. 




Moscow. Universitet 

ayniHEifi xypHajr. CepHa I : MaieiiaTHKa, exa- 
. 1960- 

T. In dlagrs. 26 em, blmontWy, 



Nihon Sugakkai. 

Jounial. v. 1- 

v. In 

Sept. 1948- 

26 cm. quarterly (Irregnlar) 

52-35105 rev 

Praxis der Mathematik. 1.- 
Kohi, Aulis Verlag Benbner. 

T. iUos., dlagrs. 24 cm. moothly. 

Jatrg.; Apr. 1959- 


Re vista matematica cuyana. v. 1-2, Fasc, 2; 1955-56. San 
Luis t etc.] Argentina, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Insti- 
tute de Matematica. 

2 T. in 1. 26 cm. 
QA1.R39 62-1496 rev 

Revue de mathematiques pures et appliquces. 1. 1- 
[Bucarestj Academie de la Republique Populaire Roumaine. 

v. diugrs. 25 cm, 
QA1.R445 63-25992 

Russia (1923- U. S, S. JR.) Mmiaterstvo vywhepo i ared- 
neffo spefsic&'nogo obrt 

KaaaHi,, HS^-BO Toe. ya 

T. in dlagrs. 27 cm. bimonthly. 


aa (19S3- U. S. S. ft.) Miniztenstvo vyssteffo i sred- 
nego Kpefsial'noffo obrazovanim. 

HayiHwe ^OK.ia^H BHcmefl IIILOIM. OiisiiKo-MaTextaTnie- 
CKiie navEii 1958-50, A? Ji. MocKna, CoBercKaa HayKa. 

2 v, illus. 26 cm. bimonthly. 
QA1.R8 60-21879 rev 

SIAM review, v. 1- Jan. 1959- 

Philadelphia, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathe- 

v. In Illus. 28 cm. 
QA1.S2 64-89558 

Studia mathematica. Sena specjalna. zesz. 1- 
Warssawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1963- 

T. 25cm, 
QA1.SS2 64-49814 

U. S. National Bureau oj Standards. 

Journal of research. B. Mathematics and mathematical 
phvsics. v. 63B- 
July-Sept. 1959 
c Washington, 

T. !n USagrs. 27 cm. quarterly, 

QA1.U57 62-4414 

Zeitschrift fiir mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der 
[Berlin] Deutscher Yerlag der Wissenschaften. 

v. In dlagre. 24 cm. quarterly. 
QA1.ZS8 62-6836 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Corrfcinued) 


Staeres, Henry Alan, 1916- 

Busman journals of mathematics; a survey and checklist. 
New York, New York Public Library, 1961. 

*""" 61-12302 


see also Continuity; Kant, Immanuel 
Mathematics; Metamathematics; 
Semantics (Philosophy) 

Baiter, Stephen Francis. 

Philosophy of mathematics byj Stephen F. Barker. 
Englewood Cliffs, N. X, Prentice-Hall t 1964j 

xfU, 111 p. IHos. 23 cm. (Foundations of philosophy series) 
QAJ.B26 510.1 64-19005 

Becker, (Wear, 1880- 

Grusse und Greaze der mathematisclien Denkweise. Frei- 

burg, K. Alber, 1959. 

174 p 21 cm. f Stucilum universal) 



Benaeerxaf, Paul, ed. 

Philosophy of mathematics; selected readings. Edited 
and with an mtrod, by Paul Benaeerraf and Hilary Put- 
nam. Engfewood CHSs, N. J., Prentice-Hall 194j 

Til, 536 p 24cm. <Prentlce-Hall philosophy series) 
QA0.B8&7 510.1 64-13262 

Belli, Evert Wffiern. 

Hie foundations of mathematics ; a study in the philosophy 
of science. Amsterdam, North-Holland Pub. Co., 1959. 
xsvl, 741 p. 2S cm. ( Studies in logic and the t ooadatlons of math* 

A 60-1428 

Itostgers Unir. Library 


Betk, Evert WiHem. 

Konstantea van het wiskundige denken. Amsterdam, 
Noord-Hollandsche Uitg. Mij, 1963. 

27 p. 24 em. {Mededellngeo der Koninkltfkft Nederlandse Akade- 
nte Tan Wetensdwppea. AftL Lettertrande. NIeawe reeks, deel 26, 

Bfe 1) 

A 63-1012 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr, 

Boyer, Carl Benjamin, 1906- 

The history of the calculus and its conceptual develop- 
ment (Hie concepts of the calculus) With a foreword by 

"Eichard Gourant. iNew York 3 Dover t 1959] 

846 p. fiiagra. 21 cm. 

[QAS03.B 3 A 60-3661 

North Carolina. Cniv. Library 

Buchanan, Scott Miiross, 1805- 

Poetry and mathematics. With a new introd. r lst Key- 
stone ed. 3 PMkdelpMa, Ltppincott tl962j 

156 p. mas, 21 cm. (Keystone books, KB--43) 
PN1081B84 1962 62-10547 

Beniscv, Petr Ivanovidu 


25 p. 22cm. 

sonpocH MaTeuarEKix. 


Felber, Stubby. 

FiluEofifc m&tematiky. Bratislava, VydavateTstvo Slo- 

Yoskej akadeiraie vied, 1959. 

IMp. Hies. 21 cm. (FJloaoacMblWiot^ka, zv.4) 
Q1S.F42 59-50111 t 

Felix, Laeieime. 

The modern aspect of mathematics. Translated by Julius 
H. Hkvftry and Fancllle H. Hlavaty. New York, Basic 
Books flfttO, 

194 p, Utas. 24 em. 
QA9.F433 510J 60-6780 J 

Fraenkel, Abraham Adolf, 1891- 

md Logik. BerKa, Dumcker & Humblot 

A 60-1745 


Frefe, CMfktb, 

TTte fo4ftti00s of aritteietic; a, logieo-matheinalicaJ en- 
quiry iate the concept of wuaber. Tr. by J. L, AoistiB. 2d 
xtff.ed NrwYoricHamrrim 

U>u f Harper toSxxfc) 

[QA9.P ] A 62-1847 

FtteMtonCnlr. L&r. ^02-^0*1 

Gierulanka, Danuta. 

Zagadnienie swoisto^ci poznania matematycznego. 
l.j "Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydami. Naukowe, 1962. 

188 p. 24 cm. 

Hausmann, Bernard Andrew, 1899- 

From an ivory tower, a discussion of philosophical prob- 
lems originating in modern mathematics. Milwaukee, Bruce 

Pub. Co. [1960 3 

122 p. Illus. 22 cm. (Impact books) 

122 p. 



60-12928 | 

Kneebone, G T 

Mathematical logic and the foundations of mathematics; 
an introductory survey. London, New York, Van Nostrand 

435 p. Illus. 24cm. 


62-19535 t 

Korner, Stephan, 1913- 

The philosophy of mathematics, an introductory essay, 
London, Hutchinson University Library r 1960j 

198 p. 10 cm. ([Hutchinson university library:] Philosophy) 
QA9.KG77 510.1 61-2584 J 

Korzybski, Alfred, 1879-1950. 

Science and sanity; an introduction to non- Aristotelian 
systems and general semantics. 4th ed., with new pref. by 
Kussell Meyers. Lakeville, Conn., International Non- Aris- 
totelian Library Pub. Co.; distributed by Institute of Gen- 
eral Semantics t 1958, "1962] 

806 p. illus. 24 cm. (International non-Aristotelian library) 
B820.K6 1962 149.94 63-3953 J 

Le Roy, fidouard Louis Emmanuel Julien, 1870-1954. 

La pensee mathematique pure. t l. ed.] Paris, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1960. 

vlil, 3UO p. 23 cm. (Btblioth^que de phllosophle contemporalne. 
Loglq^e et philosophle des sciences) 

A 61-1038 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Lieber, Lillian (Rosanoff) 1886- 

Human values and science, art and mathematics. Text by 
Lillian E. Lieber. Drawings by Hugh G. Lieber. t lst ed.j 
New York, Norton tl961j 

149 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
QA9-.L48 510.1 61-11342 t 

Menninger, Earl, 1898- 

Mathematics in your world. Translated by P. S. Morrell 
and J. E. Blarney. Illustrated by Wolfgang Menninger. 
New York, Viking Press t !962, C 1961] 

291 p. illus. 22cm. 
QA9.M413 1962 510.1 62-8867 J 

Meschkowski, Herbert. 

Wandlungen des mathematischen Denfcens; eine Einfiih- 
rung in die Grundlagenprobleme der Mathematik. 2., durch- 
gesehene und erweiterte Aufl. Braunschweig, F. Vieweir, 

141 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA9.M45 1960 62-35233 J 

Mullin, Albert Alkins, 1933- 

Philosophical comments on the philosophies of Charles 
Sanders Peirce and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Sponsored by 
National Science Foundation Grant 17414. Urbana, Elec- 
trical Engineering Research Laboratory, Engineering Ex- 
periment Station, University of Illinois, 1961. 
11,681 28cm. 

A 62-1886 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Nelson, Leonard, 1882-1927. 

Beitrage zur Philosophic der Logik und Mathematik. 
Mit einfiihrenden und erganzenden Bemerkungen von Wil- 
helm Ackermann, Paul Bernays t und] David Hilbert. 
t Frankfurt a. M., Verlag Offentliches Leben ^1959, 

125 p. 22cm. l 

QA9.N4 A 60-4587 rev 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Nidditch, P H 

The development of mathematical logic. New York, Free 

Press of Gleneoe r !962i 

88 p. 18cm. (Monographs 

In modem logic) 

Peremans, Wouter. 

Diepte in de wiskunde. Groningen, J. B. Wolters, 1958. 
16 p. 24 cm. 

A 61-1243 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Poincart, Henri, 1854-1912. 

Mathematics and science: last essays. Demieres pensees. 
Translated from the French by John W. Bolduc. New York, 
Dover Publications r e 1963i 

121 p. 22cm. 
Q175.P713 68-21678 


Polya, George, 1887- 

Mathematics and plausible reasoning. London, Oxford 
University Press, 1954. 

2v. Illus. 25cm. 
QA9.P57 1954a 510.1 56-2788 rev J 

Polya, George, 1887- 

Mathematics and plausible reasoning. Princeton, N. J., 
Princeton University Press, 1954. 

2 v. dlagrs., tables. 25 cm. 
QA9.P57 510.1 

Ramsey, Frank Plumpton, 1903-1930. 

The foundations of mathematics and other logical essays. 
Edited by R. B. Braithwaite, with a pref. by G. E. Moore. 
Paterson, N. J., Littlefield, Adams, 1960. 

292 p. 21 cm. (International library of psychology, philosophy 
and scientific method, no. 214) 
QA9.K23 1960 510.1 60-51106 J 

Reiss, Samuel. 

The basis of scientific thinking. New York, Philosophi- 
cal Library t 1961i 
262 p. 23cm. 

BF455.R38 153 61-10612 t 

Singh, Jagjit. 

Great ideas of modern mathematics, their nature and use. 
New York, Dover Publications C 1959] 

312 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA93.S5 1959 510.81 60-1473 J 

Vuillemin, Jules. 

Mathematiques et me'taphysique chez Descartes. c l. e*d,] 
Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1960. 

188 p. illus. 20cm. ( fipimth(5e ; essais philosophiques) 

A 61-1219 
Chicago. Univ. Libr. B1878 

Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947. 

Principia mathematica : to *56, by Alfred North White- 
head and Bertrand Russell. Paperback ed.] Cambridge 
t Eng.] University Press, 1962. 
410 p. 21 cm. 

QA9.W52 510.1 62-1708 J 


Schaaf, William Leonard, 1898- ed. 

Our mathematical heritage ; essays on the nature and cul- 
tural significance of mathematics. New, rev. ed. New York 
Collier Books [1963] ' 

284 p. illus. 18cm. 
QA9.S33 1963 510.1 62-21525 t 

Scholz, Heinrich, 1884-1956. 

Mathesis universalis; Abhandlungen zur Philosophie als 
stronger Wissenschaft. Hrsg. von" Hans Hermes, Friedrich 
Kambartel [Undj Joachim Ritter. Basel, B. Schwabe [1961] 

483 p. 25 cm. 
B29.S42 1961 64-26928 J 


Prance. Centre national de la recherche scientifique. 

Le raisonnement en mathematiques et en sciences experi- 
mentales. Paris, 1958. 

140 p. diagrs. 25 cm. (Its Colloques Internatlonaux, 70) 
QA9.F68 63-24106 


Antonov, Nikolai Petrovich, 

CO"OPHHK sa^a 1 ! no ajreMCHTapHOil MaieMaTHKe; noco6ne 
flj^i caiiooGpasosaKHx. H3,n;. 6. MocKua, Toe. HS^-BO $n- 
SHKo-Mar. iiiT-pu, 1960. 

532 p. diagrs. 21 cm. 
QA48.A54 1960 60-43491 

Antonov, Nikolai Petrovich. 

Co*opHHic sa^a^ no aseMeirrapHOft MaieMaiHEe; nocotSae 
K&x. caMooo'pasoBaHHJi. Hs^. 8., cTepeornnHoe. MOCKBE, 

TOC. H3fl-B0 ^HSHKO-MaTCMaTH^eCKOtt JIHT-pH, 1962. 

528 p. dlagra. 21cm. 
QA43.A54 1962 64-27756 

Ayrea, William Leake, 1905- 

General college mathematics t bj] W. L. Ayres, Cleota G. 
Fry c andj H. F. S. Jonah. 2d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill 

327 p. Illus. 24cm. 
QA37.A95 1960 510 59-9409 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Bradis, Vladimir Modestovich, 1890- 

Lapses in mathematical reasoning t byj V. M. Bradis, V. L. 
Minkovskii t and] A. K. Kharcheva. Translated by J. J. 
Schorr-Kon. English translation edited by E. A. Maxwell. 
Oxford, Pergamon Press; New York, Macmillan [1963, 

201 p. illus. 20 cm. (The Commonwealth and International 
library of science, technology, engineering, and liberal studies. Mathe- 
matics division, v. 5) 
QA43.B6953 1963 510.76 62-22058 I 

Bulavko, Iraida Grigor'evna, 

ToiHjae H npH6.iiiaceHHHe KHqacieHiia. MHHCI:, HS^-BO 
MiniHCiepcTBa BHCraero, cpe^nero cnen;Haji&Horo H npo$ec- 
CHonajiBHOro otfpasoBaHHa ECCP. 1963. 

106 p. Illus., dlagra., tables. 20cm. 
QA221.B8 63-58458 

California. University. University Extension. Dept. of 
Correspondence Instruction. 

Mathematics, by A. C. Burdette in consultation with Ran- 
dolph Church. Berkeley, 1948. 

Tip. 23cm. (Its Kef resher course series) 
QA43.C19 510.76 49-45002 rev* 

Cetkovtf, Simon, ed. 

Prirucnik za prijemne ispite iz matematike na tehnickim 
fakultetima. Beograd, Zavod za izdavanje udzbenika Na- 
rodneRepublike Srbije, 1959. 

113 p. tables. 21 cm. (MatematiCka blblloteka, nr. 11) 
QA43.C4 61-31436 

It 1956. 
194 p. lUtUL 10 

Mathematics Probl 

TVtoronantoe*: Ch'l ch'4 shlh yon* aha h 


062-1559 t 

Crowder, Norman A 

The arithmetic of computers; an introduction to binary 
and octal mathematics. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 

472 p. 22cm. (A Tutor text) 
QA43.C85 1960 511.1 60-13380 J 

Crowder, Norman A 

The arithmetic of computers; an introduction to binary 
and octal mathematics. t 2d revision] Santa Barbara, Calif., 
Western Design Division, U. S. Industries 1960, 

2v. 22cm. (A Tutor text) 
QA43.C85 1960 511.1 60-52361 t 

Dumas de Rauly, Daniel 

Problemes de mathematiques. Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 

221 p. diagrs. 25 cm. 
QA43.D84 63-50817 

Dynkin, E B 

Mathematical conversations ^j } E. B. Dynkin and V. A. 
Uspenskii. Translated and adapted from the 1st Russian 
ed., 1952, by Xorman D. TVhaland, Jr., and Robert B. 
Brown. Boston. Heath t 1963- 

v. illus. 21 cm. 
QA43.D913 510.76 G3-19838 

Eves, Howard, 1911- 

An introduction to the history of mathematics. Rev. ed. 
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1964, 

xvl, 439 p. map, dlagrs. 24 cm. 
QA21.E8 1964 510.9 64-11205 

Germanovich, Panteleimon ftTTevich. 

MaxeMaxn^ecKiie BHKIOPHHH ; as ontixa pa6oxu. MocKBa, 
Toe. yie6HO-ne,3;aror. HS^-BO, 1959. 

74 p 20 cm 
QA43.G44 60-2710G t 

Germanovich, Panteleimon fDl'evich. 

CfiopHiiK aa^ai no MaxeMaxnice aa coo6pa3Hxejn.HOCT& ; 
noco^ne #u yiHxejreft. MocKBa, Toe. yjedHO-neaaror. H3- 
BO, 1960. 

223 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
QA43.G46 61-48280 J 

Gitmter, Nikolai Maksrimovich, 1871-1941. 

Ct5opHiiK sa^a-* no BHcraeft MaxestaxiiKe. Hs;*. 13., nepep. 
^onymeHO B icaiecTBe y^eo". nocoCJua &i* Bwcmnx xexn. 
yieo*. saise^eHiin. MOCKBE, Toe. ns^-so xexmiKO-xeopex. JIHT- 
PH, 1957-58. 

2 v. dlagrs. 23 cm. 
QA43.G57 58-21962 rev 

Happach, Vollrat 


ft m &L It 1952. 
63 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
Translation of Technlsches Kechnea. 

1 Mathematics 2. Mathematics Problems, exercises, etc. L, 
Title. " Title romanized: Shlh yung t'u suan fa. 


C 60-2242 

Heading, J 

Mathematics problem book. Oxford, Pergamon Press; 
New York, Macmillan t !964- 

T. 21 cm. (The Commonwealth and international library of 
science, technology, engineering, and liberal studies. Mathematics 
division, v. 1-2) 
QA43.H34 510.76 64-13073 

Holtmann, Friedrich, 1895- 

Arithmetische Aufgaben. 2., verb. Aufl. Mit ... einem 
vollstandigen Losungsteil im Anhang. Leipzig, Fachbuch* 

565 p. Illus. 20cm. 
QA43.H6 1960 510.76 60-51944 J 

Kaplan, ITfa Abramovich. 

npaKTiiiecKiie aaH^xHH no BHcrnett MareMaTHKe. ,Zljony- 
meHO B KaiecTse yie6. noco6na xxa. ay^em-OB BHCHIHX TCXH. 
yne6. aaBCAenHft YCCP. Xapi>Kos, HSA-BO XapbKoscKoro 
roc. yHHBepCHTera, 1960- 

v. Illus. 23cm. 
QA43.K28 61-34533 1 

Krel'shteui, Boris H'ich. 

e H flOCiaTO^HHe yotOBHK B MaxeMarHEe; .ajjia 
yiamHxcfl vm-xi KJiaccos. MocKBa, Foe. y^e6HO-neAaror. 

H3A-BO, 1961. 

61 p. lllus. 20 cm. (BHe^HOTCKa inKOJifaHHKa) 
QA43.K7 64-48994 t 

Kiirschak, Jozsef, 1864-1933. 

Hungarian problem book. Based on the Eotvos competi- 
tions, 1804- f 1928 : Rev. and edited by G. Hajos, G. Neu- 
komm t and J. Suranyi. Translated by Elvira Rapaport. 
New York, Random House [1963] 

2 T. diagrs. 23 cm. (New mathematical library, 11-12) 
QA43.K783 63-16149 

Kushchenko, Vasilii Semenovich. 

CdopHHK KOHKypcHHX sa^a^ no MaieMaTHKe c pemeHH^MH. 
JEenHHrpa^;, Foe. COMSHOC H3fl-BO cyAOCTpoax. npOMHEM., 

374 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. 
QA43.K8 61-25278 

Lidskii, Viktor Borisovich. 

Sa^a^H no 3JieMeHxapHofi MaxeitaxHKe. Mocssa, Foe. H3,a;- 

BO $H3HKO-MaieMaXH^eCKOft JTHX-pH, 1960. 

463 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA43X63 61-29496 J 

Malov, V N 

MexoAniecKHe yKasanna H npHMepn no MaieiiaxHKe H 
$H3HKe; B noMom;i, nocTynaED{HM B HHonaxyx. JlenHnrpafl, 

110 p. Illus. 21cm. 
QA43.M25 62-30834 t 

Mathematische Aufgabensammlung: Arittrmetik, Algebra 
und Analysis. tVon dem Autorenkollektiv Ernst Diedrich, 
et al., verfasst und von Friedrich Holtmann bearb. und redi- 
giertj 3., iiberarb. und erweiterte Aufl. Leipzig, Fachbuch- 
Verlag, 1961. 

2 v. Illus. 23 cm. 
QA43.M333 62-923 rev J 

Modenov, P S 

nocoSae no MaxeMamEe ^Jta nocxynaromnx sysH. t Mo- 
CKaj HS^-BO MocKoscKoro yHHsepCHTexa, 1961. 

406 p. dlagrs. 22cm. 
QA43.M68 1961 64-27856 

Modenov, PS 

Uoco6ne no MaieMaiKKe ^Jta nociynaxDmHx B sysw. USA. 
2. nepep. [MocEsa] HS^-BO MocroscKoro yHHsepCHxexa, 

425 p. dlagrs, 22 cm. 
QA43.M68 1963 64-27855 

Modenov, P S 

CO"OPHHK sa^ai no cnencnajiKHOMy sypcy 
MaxeMaxHKH. Hsfl. 2., Aon. H acnp. 

raaa msojia, 1960. 

766 p. dlagrs. 27cm. 
QA43.M73 1960 



Moscow. Fiziko-tekhnicheakii institot 

3a^a>5H no MaxeMarHxe H $H3HKe, ^a 



v. diagm 22 on. 



Neki nereSeni problemi u matematici Posve&no Joadpu 
Plernelju povodom devedesetogodinjice njegova rodenja. 
iTTrednik B. S. Mitriaovic', Beograd, Zavod za izdavanje 
udzbenika SocijalistiSke Republike Srbije, 1963. 

193 p. port, diagrs. 20 cm. (Matematiclia blblioteka, 25) 

QA43.N38 64-40933 

Ogflvy, Charles Stanley, 1913- 

Tomorrow's math: unsolved problems for tha amateur. 
New York, Oxford University Press, 1962. 
182 p. illus. 21 cm, 

510.76 62-16577 t 

y, Richard H 

Basic mathematics, a problem-solving approach; a pro- 
grammed text. With an introd. by George Polya. Under 
the auspices of Behavioral Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, 
Calif. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. E 1963- 
v. Illus. 28 cm. (An Addlson- Wesley programmed text) 
QA43.045 510.76 63-12637 t 

Parry, Dorothy Walton. 

Mathematics of drugs and solutions. 3d ed. New York, 
Putnam r 1061 3 

142 p. illus. 23cm. 
ES87.P3 1961 615.4015 61-16092 J 

Polya, George, 1887- 

How to solve it; a new aspect of mathematical method. 
Princeton, N. J., Princeton University Press, 1945. 

xv, 204 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. 

QA11.PG 510.7 A 45-3112 rev* 

Princeton Univ. library 

Polya, George, 1887- 

How to solve it; a new aspect of mathematical method. 
2d ed. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1957. 

253 p. 18cm. (Doubleday anchor books, A93) 
QA11.P6 1957 510.7 57-5794 rev t 

Polya, George, 1887- 

jBisrft tram 115? .mra-p pi-w 

{ Tel-Aviv, 1&61, 
Till, 193 p. dlagrs. 24 cm, 


J3 .V 

Polya, George, 1887- 

Mathematical discovery; on understanding, learning, and 
teaching problem solving. New York, Wiley t 1962- 

T. Illus. 24 cm . 
QA43.P62 510.76 62-8784 t 

Ro&iik matematicke' olympiady. 
Praha, Statnf pedagogicke nakl. 

v. illus. 17 cm. (Edlce Pomocne' knttiy pro Mky) 
QA43.R62 61-46369 

Russia (1917- R. S. F. S. B.) Glavnoe upravlenie sh&ol 
Salami* X.T.S. yiajnnxca aao^nofl cpeAHefl IIIEOTH : A,ire6pa 
u reoMerpus. vn oacc. Cocxaaiu B. B. FypeBn^, H3 r t. 8. 
MocKsa, Foe. yneSHO-ne^aror. IIS^-BO, 19.4 

79 p. diagrs" 23cm. 
QA11.R94 1954a 55-2S454rev 

Salkind, Charles T 1898- 

The contest problem book; problems from the annual high 
school contests of the Mathematical Association of America. 
Compiled and with solutions by Charles T. Salkind, ( New 
Yorkj Random House [1961] 

154 p. illus. 23 cm. (New mathematical library, 5) 
QA43.S2 510.76 61-13843 t 

School Mathematics Study Group. 

Mathematics units. [New Haven? 1959 3 

3 v. illus. 28 cm, 
QA39.S273 510.76 60-178 t 

Shakhno, K 


Ilocodtne no MaxcManiKe ,iix irocTynaiom;nx B Buccme 
yyediiHo Mrie^eHna ; cuopimn KonnypciiBix 3ap[a i i no ataxe- 
MaxiiKe, c pemeinuiMii. IIs,^. 4. MIIHCK, HS^-BO Be.iroc- 
yHiiBepcirreTa, 1060. 

233 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA43.S53 1960 60-43511 J 

Shakhno, K TJ 

Hocodne no MaxeMaxiiKe ^* nocTynawmiix B BUcmHC 
yietSHKte saBCAeHiix ; c<SopHHK KOHtcypcHiix sa^a 1 ! no waxe- 
itaxHEe, c peniesuHMH. HSA- 6. MHHCK, USA-BO MHHHCTCP- 
cxsa BHcmero, cpeAuero cnen;Ha.i!>Horo H npo^eccHOHUt- 
Horo ofipasosaHHx ECCP, 1962. 

245p. Illus. 20cm. 
QA43.S53 1962 63-45846 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



The FSSE olympiad problem book; selected problems 
and theorems of elementary mathematics by 3 D. 0. Shklar- 
akj, N. N. Chentior .and, I. M. Yaglom. Eev. and edited 
by Irving Suonun. Translated by John Maykovich. San 
Francisco, Freeman [1962, 

4BBp. 111QE. 22cm, (A teles of undergraduate books iamathe- 

61-15273 t 


aw, 1882- 

Cao upocxHX, HO oAHOBpeMCHHO H rpy 
pK$Menixn. Ha rparane reosferpHH B ap 
co5ne AM ysiiTtM. HepcBOfl c nojicsoro, 
xetaaxx B, A. ToaytfeBa. Mocxsa, Foe. 


Sknitfe, Da-rid Pettit, 1807- _. , 

Mathematics review exercises, by David P. Smith, Jr., and 
LesIifeT. Fagan, 4th ed. Boston, Ginn r 1961j 

B* 510.T6 61^75 t 

e; nrocotfHe fl 

SotaMtrfk, VniamiB Sotomonovkli. 

CGbpnx BOnpocoB aaAa* no M 
nocrynanmxx B cpeA HKe cneijHaJi&HHe yne<HHe aaBeACHHJi 

(TexsHxyMH, y*Mnma, mxoJH) Mocisa, BHcmaa rnscuia, 


T, I S 

The mBtibod of mathematical induction. Translated from 
the Russian by Halina Moss. Translation editor: Ian N. 
Siwddon. New York, Bkisdell Pub. Co. C 1961, 

m p 22 cm. (Popular lectures In mathaaatlcs series, v. 1) 
OA161.S61S 510.1 61-16703 t 

iF-nsi, I S 

The method of mathematical induction. Translated from 
tike Russian by Halina Moss, Translation editor: Ian N". 
Sneddcm. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1961. 

TlI,fiTp. 23 can. (Piq^ilar lectures In mathematics series, T. 1) 
QA9&S61S 510 61-11532 

Steinlwiis, Hugo, 1887- 

One Jjundred problems in elementary mathematics. With 
a foreword by Martin Gardner. New York, Basic Books 

174 p, dlagra. 22 on. 


Steinha^s, Hugo, 1887- 

CTO sa^ai. Hepeno^ c nojttcsoro T, <E>. Boapcsoft H B. B. 
IkwpcKOTO. MocKta, Foe. HS^-BO $H3HKO-MaxesiaTH^ecKott 

JHT-OH, 19&9. 

U56 p. mm. 20cnu 
QA4S.S786 61-S9614 t 

Straszewkz, Stefan. 

ZManm z olimpiad matematycznyck t Wyd. 2.j War- 

azaw% PaAstwowe Zaklady Wydawn, Szkobiych, 1960- 
7. IJ5 as, 22 cm. 

61-46007 t 

MCp. UHw. 10 d 

1. Martati Pmblasis, exercises, etc. r. Title. 

Title romance*; Shu hsifeh fans fa chli jhi. 


Oam, S M 

A coilectioa of mathematical problems. New York, Inter- 
sewnce Publishers , I960- 

W p. Si cm Unterscleoce tracts In pore and applied mathe- 

QA4S.TO 510.76 60-8486 J 

Wemacht, losef Hermann, 

Pjijw^piw wr LSomaw mathematiscber Probleme. Bratut- 
seb weiff, R Tie we ffi 1953. 
viU, liGj.. diagrs, 21m. 

A 61-21 

ington, Sigma Press, I960] 

1 v. iilus. 14x14) cm. 

QA43.W64 510-76 

Zatogin, Nikolai Savel'evich. 

KoHKypcin aa^aii 3 Maie 
TCXH JtiT-pn YPCP, 1959. 

438 p. Illus. 23cm 

Kooic t 

60-52216 J 

H. KHIB, ^epac. BH-BO 

Rn ^u.TR' 7 t 
60-44767 t 

Zbornik matematickih problema, sa prilozima i numeridkim 
Beograd, Zavod za izdavanje udzbenika Narodne Republike 

Srbije, 1 

T. Ulus. 24cm. 
OA.43.Z35 61-39940 


Campbell, Vincent N 

Effects of mathematical ability, pretraining, and interest 
on self-direction in programed instruction byj Vincent N. 
Campbell, Lyle W. Bivens c andj Donald F. Terry. Techni- 
cal report, grant no. : title vn 7-48-0000-183, Office of Edu- 
cation, U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. 
Leslie J. Briggs, principal investigator. Palo Alto, Calif., 
American Institute for Research, 1963. 

161. tables. 29cm. 
LB1028.5.C32 64-60856 

OTHalley, Richard H 

Basic mathematics, a problem-solving approach; a pro- 
grammed text. With an introd. by George Polya. Under 
the auspices of Behavioral Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, 
Calif. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. [1963- 
v Ulus. 28 cm. (An Addlson-Wesley programmed text) 

510.76 63-12637 t 


Acadcmia Republic!! Populate Romtoe. FiKda lafi. 

Studii $i cercetari stiin^ifice. Matematica. anul 7- 

T. la 24 cm. 2 no. a year. 

Akademiik nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR, Baku. Institot 
fiziU i matematikl. 

Tpy^Li. Cepna MareMaTii^ecKaji. 

BaKy, Ha^-so Asa^eMnn nayK Aaep^aftA^aHCKOft CCP, 

QA1A27A3 ' 59-49048 rev 

Akademiaa nauk SSSR. 

News. Mathematics series. 

Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

v. 26 cm. 
QALA3523 510.822 60-31238 

Akademiia nauk Uzbekskoi SSR, Twhkend. 

HsBecTux. Cepn^ iJiHaHKO-MaTeuaTHiecKHX HayK. 

T. in Illus^ ports., maps. 26 cm. monthly. 
QCLA449A2 60-18850 

American Mathematical Society. 

Combined membership list 

v. 21-24 cm, annual 
QA1.A523 56-23732 rev t 

Australian Mathematical Society. 

Journal, v. 1- 1959-60 


v. lllus. 25 cm. 
QA1A9 6S-32530 

Budapest Tudominy-Egyetenu 

Annales Universitatis Scientianun Budapestinenais de 
Rolando Eotvos nominatae. Sectiomatiiematica. tl- 

T, In 24 cm, 
OA1.B766 64-4729 

Dresden, Hochschule f ur Verkehrswesen. 

WissenschattlicheZeitschrift, 1.- Jahrg. (Heft 1~ ); 



T. in Ulus. 30cm. Irregular. 
TAI001JD7A2 59-53318 J 


DruStvo matematicara i fizi^ara N. R. Srbije. 

BecHHK. r.l- 1949- 


v In 24 cm. quarterly. 

QA1.D7 64-43488 

Druwtvo na matematicarite i fizicarite od Narodna Repu- 
blika Makedonija. 

BHUTTCH. Bulletin. KH. 1- 
CKonje, 1950- 

v. In illus. 26 cm. Irregular. 

QA1.D722 60-17997 

Frunze, Russia, Universatet. Fisi&o-matematichesM fakut'- 


te, 19 
v. lliuf 

International Association for Analog Computation. 

Liste des membres, 1957. Bruxelles E 1957j 
21 p. 26cm. 
QAU 677 57-58543 rev 

CTOpHKO-MaTeMaTH^tHHfi 3(5ipHnE. 1- 

KHIB, BHA-BO AKa^eMii HayK Yicp. PCP, 1959- 

v. illus., ports. 22 cm. 


Uetuvos TSR Mokslu akademija, Vilna. Fizikos ir mate- 
matikos institutas. 

Publikacija. nr. 1- 

Vilnius, Valstybin6 politines ir mokslines literaturos lei- 
dykla, 1958- 

T. 21 cm. 
Q60.L495 60-33844 

Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia, Budapest. AlkcHmazott 
Matematikai Inteset. 

A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Alkalmazott Mate- 
matikai Intezetenek kozlem^nyei. Tpy^Bi. Publications. 
1.-3. kot.; 1952-54. Budapest. Akademiai Kiado. 

8 v. dlagrs. 25 cm. 


56-32484 rev 

Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia, Budapest. Matematikai 
Kutato Inttaet. 

A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Matematikai Kutato 
Intezetonek kozlem6nyei. Tpy^u. Publications. 1- 
cvfolyam; 1956- . 
Budapest, Akademiai Kiado. 

v. In Illus , dlagrs. 25 cm. 

QA1.M242 63-44417 rev 

Moscow. Moskovskii oblastnol pedagogicheskii institut. 

Kafedra vysshel algebry, elementarnol matematiki i 

MocKsa, 19 

v. dlagrs. 22 cm. (MOCKOBCKHM oS^acTHOfl 
HHCTHTyr. yqenwe aanncKH) 


Orenburg, Russia. Gosudarstvennyi pedagogicheskii insti- 

Yienue aanncKii. Cepn^ (Jnsiiico-MaieMaTii'jecKiix HayK. 
^icasoB, 19 

r. diagrs. 21 cm. 
QC1.07 57-49G20 rev 

Osaka Shiritsu Daigaku. RikSgakubu. 

Journal of the Institute of Polytechnics, Osaka City Uni- 
versity. Series A: Mathematics, v. 1- 
Feb. 1950- 

T. in 26 cm. 2 no. a year ( irregular) 
QA1.0733 510.82 61-915 

Paris. Institut des hautes etudes scientifiques. 

Publications math^matiques. no 1- 

Bin-es-sur-Yrette tetc.^ 
no. in v. 28 cm. 
QA1JP22 63-2155 rev 

Paris. University Semwaire Bourbaki. 

Textes des conferences. 1.- annee; 1948/49- 
Paris, Secretariat math^matique. 

v. 28 cm. annual. 
QA1.P325 61-20300 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


SOCIETIES, ETC. (Continued) 

Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne. 

Roczniki. Seria 1. : Prace matematyczne. 1- 

Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe. 
v. In illus,, ports. 24 cm. irregular. 

QA.1.P625 61-34211 

Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne. 

Eoczniki. Seria 2: Wiadomo&i matematiczne. 1- 
Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe. 

illus., ports., tables. 24 cm. Irregular. 



Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, Belgrad. Matematicki 

Publications, t. 1- 

v. Illus., ports. 27 cm. 
QA1.S7T2 52-33774 rev 

Bonpocti 3.ieM6HTapHOft H Bucmefl MaTeMauiKn. sun. 1- 
Xapi.EOB, H3#-BO Xapi.KOBCKoro roc. yHUBepcHTexa, 1952- 

v. diagrs., ports. 26 cm. 
QA1.V5." 61-20475 


see also Mathematical models; Mathe- 
matics Teacher training; Mathematics 
teachers; Television in mathematics 

Abu al-'Abbas, Ahmad. 

NE 64-122 

Abu al-'Abbto, Ahmad. 

.oL-iUJl ^jjj J 


842 p. dlagra., tablea. 24cm. 

NE 64-1158 

Akademiia pedagogicheskikh nauk RSFSR, Moscow. Insti- 
tut obshrheffo i poMtekhnicheskogo obraaovanifa. 

O npeno^asaHHH HaxeMaxHEH B soctMnjieTHeft HIKOJIC. 
Ilofl pe#. A. fl,. CeMyraHHa. MocKBa, Hsfl-BO AKEACMEH ne- 
jaror. nayj: PODCP, 1961. 

175 p. Illus. 21cm. 
QA11.A545 62-57853 J 

Allerton House Conference on Education. Study Group on 

The teaching of mathematics in Illinois; report. Ur- 
bana, ILL, 1058] 

44 p. 23 cm. 

QA11.A56 510.7 A 58-0815 rev 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Association of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Some lessons in mathematics, by members of the Associa- 
tion of Teachers of Mathematics. Edited by T. J. Fletcher. 
Cambridge, University Press, 1964 

xiil, 366 p. Illus. (part coL) 23 cm. 
QA11.A83 510.7 64-5191 

Bradis, Vladimir Modestovich, 1890- 

OmntfKii B MareMaTHiecKHx paccyac^eHnax. HSA- 2., 
nepep. MocKsa, Toe. yietfno-neflaror. H3fl-uo, 1959. 

175 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
QA11.BG99 1959 60-36760 t 

Bull, Mervyn Ansley, 1907- 

The qualifications and supply of mathematics teachers. 
Wellington, New Zealand Council for Educational Kesearch, 

73 "p. tables. 22 cm. (New Zealand Council for Educational Be- 
search. Studies in education, no. 18) 

A 61-179 
Teachers College Libr., Columbia tMv. 

California. State Curriculum Commission. Advisory Com- 
mittee on Mathematics. 
Summary of the Report. t Sacramento, 1963j 
ill, 49 p. illus. 23 cm. (Bulletin of the California State Dept of 
Education, v. 33, no. 6) nt .,. 
L124.B62 voL33,no.6 64-63870 
Copy 2, QA11.C15 

Cambridge Conference on School Mathematics, Cambridge, 
Mass., 196S. 

Goals for school mathematics; the report of the Cambridge- 
Conference on School Mathematics. Boston, Published for 
Educational Semces-inc., by Houghton Mifflin Co. [*1963j 

ix, 102 p 23 cm. (Houghton Mifflin Company. Modern mathe- 
matics program) 
QA11.C17 1963c 510.7 64-341 

Conference for the Advancement of Science and Mathe- 
matics Teaching, University of Texas. 

f Austin ?j 

T. 28 cm. annual 
Q181.A1C63 64-32161 

Cooley, William W 

Evaluation and follow-up study of a summer science and 
mathematics program for talented secondary school students 
[by] William W. Cooley and Robert D. Bassett Cambridge, 
Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, 1960. 

78, xjoctl 1. tables. 29 cm. 
Q181.C614 507.12 61-60280 

Corotto, Loren Vincent, 1929- 

An evaluation of selected aspects of the mathematics pro- 
gram at the University of Houston. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms [1958, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-5558 Me 58-5558 

Houston, Tex. Univ. Libraries 

Dienes, Z P 

Building up mathematics. [London, Hutchinson Educa- 
tional il961, I960; label : Humanities Press, New Yorkj 

124 p. illus. 20cm. 
QA11.D5 510.7 61-2338 1 

Dorf, Petr iAkovlerich. 

Harjur^HHe nocotfna no HarCMa-raKe E HeTOflHxa HX npn- 
iteHeHHa B cpeflHeft msojce; nocotfue RJLX y^HTCJieJl. Hs^;. 2., 
nepep. H flon. MocKBa, Toe. yne(5Ho-n:e^aror. HS^-EO, 1960. 

333 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA11JD6 1960 62-51060 t 

Dubisch, Roy, 1917- 

The teaching of mathematics, from intermediate algebra 
through first year calculus, by Roy Dubisch with the assist- 
ance of Vernon E. Howes. New York, Wiley ^963, 

124 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA11.D77 507 63-14078 t 

Erdniev, Pfurvia Muchkaevich. 

CpaBHCHHe H o(SoCrq;eHHe npn ofiy^CHHH HaTevaTExe ; no- 
coCae RMX yroiejiefl:. Mocssa, Foe. y^e(5HO-ne^aror. HSA-BO, 

149 p. iUus. 21cm. 
QA11.E7 61-41120 J 

Frame, James Sutherland, 1907- 

Buildings and facilities for the mathematical sciences t by] 
J. Sutherland Frame with John W. McLeod. Washington, 
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, 1963. 

170 p. illus., dlagrs., plans. 28cm. 
NA6602.M3F7 63-15804 

Georgia. Division of Instruction. 

Mathematics for Georgia schools. Atlanta, Dept. of Edu- 
cation, Division of Instruction, Curriculum Development, 

3T. illus 28cm. 
QA11.G444 64-63977 

Germany (Democratic Republic, 1949- ) Deutsches Pa- 
dagogisches Zentralinstitut. SeJetion Unterrichtsmethodtk 
und Lehrplane. 

Mathematikunterricht; methodisches Handbuch fur den 
Lehrer. Ausgearb. von einem Kollektiv padagogischer 
Wissenschaftler und Lehrer unter Leitung von Heinz Junge 
und Fritz Neigenfind. Eedaktion : Johannes Gronitz, Sieg- 
mar Kubicek t und] Herbert Vockenberg. Berlin, Volk und 
Wissen, 1960. 

387 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. (Bibllothek des Lehrera. AbL 2: 
QA11.G45 62-37546 

Han, J A P ed. 

Computers in education; proceedings of & conference on 
"the computing laboratory in the technical college/* held at 
Hatfield College of Technology. Oxford, New York, Sym- 
posium Publications Division, Pergamon Press, 1962. 

xvi, 122 p. dlagrs., forma. 24 cm. (International tracts In com- 
puter science and technology and their application, v. 10) 
QA76.H26 510.7884 62-19032 

Hess, Adrien L 

Mathematics projects handbook. Boston, Heath t 1962] 
60 p. 21 cm. (Thinking with mathematics) 
QA11.H44 510.7 62-21062 1 

Hind&xn, YahyS. 

153 p. Illus. 24 cm. 

>E 63-1893 

Hua, Lo-kngr, 101 1- 

ft 1956. 
80 p. Illus. 19 cm, 

1 Mathematics Study and teacbing. t. Title, 

Title romanteed: Chi ch'lng nlen s hu hsiieli dhia. 


C 59-1007 1 

Illinois. State Normal University, Normal. 

A summer of challenge for the academically talented, 
grades 5 and 6. Explorations in teaching mathematics ibyj 
Elinor B, Flagg. Obseri-ations in teaching science fbvj 
Thomas Edwards. Approaches to teaching social studies 
t by 3 Theodore Sands, ^'ormal, I960. 

32 p. illus. 23 cm. (lit Teacher education, field service bulletin, 
April, I960, v. 22, no. 4) 

[LB1705.T36 vol. 22, no, 4] A 60-9518 

Illinois. UniT. Library 

Illinois. University. Committee on School Mathematics. 

UICSM research report, no. 1- 
Sept 1063- 
t Urbanaj 

v. illus 28cm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Johansson, Malte. 

Handledning i mal^matilremderviHrimg for larare vid 
realskolan och forsoksskokns hogstadimn. t Stociholm] 
Knngl. skoloverstyrelsen ^1961? 

158 p. illus. 24cm. (KcngL SkolSrerstyrelaena Bkrtftaerie, 4T> 


6JW3495 t 

Johnson, WendeH GObert, 1922- 

A relation between high-school and college mathematics 
grades. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1956j 

{[University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 18.022) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 18,022 Mic 56-3040 

Syracuse. Univ. Ubr. 

Joint Commission on the Education of Teachers of Sci- 
ence and Mathematics, 

Improving science and mathematics programs in Ameri- 
can schools, a report. r Washington 3 American Association 
for the Advancement of Science, 1960. 

41 p. 23 CM. 

A 63-421 
Ohio UniT., Athens. Library 

Knight, Lyman Coleman, 1915- 

A study of the effectiveness of the subject matter of mod- 
ern mathematics in the preparation of elementary school 
teachers. Ann Arbor, Mich,, University Microfilms jl958i 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 5S-5616 Me 58-5616 

Pittsburgh, UniT. Ltbr. 

Kordemskil, B A 

Oiepra o MareMaxH^ecKHX sagarax na CHCKunry ; nocofiae 
ffpx y^ETOtefl. MocKsa, Foe. y^eCHO-ne^aror. HS^-BO, 1958. 

114 p. Illus. 21cm. 
CiA.95.K57 64-29287 J 

Laffin, Charles Wesley. 

Preparation of mathematics teachers for public two-year 
colleges in New York State ; a study of selected factors in 
the educational programs of public two-year colleges in 
New York State that relate to the pre-service preparation of 
mathematics teachers for these colleges. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms t!960j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 60-1115 Mic 60-1115 

McNair, James Stuart, 1906- 

The junior college program in mathematics. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms t 1959] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-3206 Mic 59-3206 

Wisconsin, Univ. Llbr. 

Mires, Kathrine Carrie, 1914- 

The need for and nature of one type of course in mathe- 
matics for general education at the college level. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1956] 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no. 10,487) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 19,497 Mic 57-2043 

Oklahoma. Univ. Ubr. 

Moscow. Gorodskol institut usovershenstvovaniia uchitelei. 

Ocoo"eHHOCTH npeno^asaHEx MareMaraKH B v-vn oaccax 
no HOBOft nporpaMMe ; jceTO^HiecKEte y saaaHiia fljtz yHHTe^reft 
r. MOCKBLI. tCocTaBHTean E. ^. SarocKHna H K. II. Cnsop- 
cxHtt. IIoA pe^. E. H. BejtHiKOBCxoro. MocKBa.] MOCEOB- 
ciHfl paoo^nft, 1962. 

84 p. 21cm. 
QA11-M63 63-47395 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Antttlyib of new mathematics programs. Washington 


ft, 88* 23 cm 


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Evaluation in mathematics. Wa 

H1.2MP. ditfrs., table*. 24 cm. .< 

QALNJJ 26th 510-7 


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

The growth of mathematical ideas, grades K-12. \\ asn- 




. 24 . </** 

Ohio, State University, tfolwnbu*. Research Foundation. 

The development of a mobile laboratory for the in-service 
education of teachers of science and mathematics, by John 
S Richardson and T. Handley Diehl Columbus, 1961. 

I T. (various paging*) Illus., map. 28 cm. ftonoiuw 

Q181.048 62-6309^ 

Oklahoma. State University of Agriculture and Applied 
Science, StStoat*. Dept. of Mathematic*. 
Mathematics, its vocational aspects ... Stmwater^im. 
S p. 23 cm. COMaltoma A. and M. College, StUlwater. Bulletin, 


Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 

New thinking in school mathematics. [Paris, 1961] 

PMladelphia Suburban School Study Council Group "A" 


Improving today's curriculum for tomorrow's challenges; 
a cooperative venture in developing the mathematics curricu- 
lum. Danville, 111., Interstate Printers & Publishers r 19W, 

ol'lLP565 ^ 510.7 64-200*4 

P^ya, George, 1887- 

How to solve it; a new aspect of mathematical method. 
2ded. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1957. 

253 p. 18cm <Dcratolfiday anchor books, A93) 
QA1LP0 1957 510.7 57-5794 rev t 

Polya, George, 1887- 

[Tel-Aviv, 1961, .rrron im 

Til!, 183 p. dlagrs. 24 cm. 


.^p JJ .ff 


Siddhfi, Kulabira Singha. 

3lfej fhftlW, [3*J 

tffntf u^ftraraa [1961] 

The SoTiet training programfor automation and computer 
specialists. Washington, Diluted by U. S. Dept, of 
Commerce, Office of Technical Services t 1960?, 

Regional Orientation Conferences in Mathematics, PMla- 
M'pkia, etc., 1960. 
The revolution in school mathematics; a challenge for 

administrators and teachers, a report, Washington, Na- 
tional Council of Teachers of Mathematics t 1961j 

IT. SO p. tttas. 2Scm. 
QA.ll.R4S l%0c 61-18588 

RocenttiBer, Viktor Markovich. 

3.ieacHTU nfjitiiTex:nH t JecLoro oCyieinta Ha yposax Mare- 
MatHKH B micaax pa,i5o?eft uozo^exm; nocoCae 
jteit Mocxsa, Toe. yietfuo-ne^aror. HSA-BO, 1960. 

"- "1-329871 

U.8.8.R.) Miwtentvo vy&hego obra- 

Bucmax MaTeMatasa; sieTOAHiecKHe yKasaHaa H KOH- 
ojtbsxie saA&HHJi ^jia ciy^cKTOB aaotHHx BHCIOHX TCXHH- 
cKHX ye<Six smseseHHa. 9. HS^. IIo^ pe. B. A. Oyicca. 

oCEia, CorTcrta nayxa, 1958. 
ITOp, iagm, tabhc 20cm. 

MS 64-33008 

Sharp, Evelyn. 

D. Ruderman, c lst ed.j 
180 p. illiss. 22 cm. 


Pref. by Harry 


105 p. 19cm 
In Panjabi. 

!. M atheinatic*-Study 


S A 63-4631 t 

Stevenson, Fred Gray, 1885- . 

The status of mathematics and science in accredited 
Michigan schools, second semester, 1957-1958; report of a 
survey for the Bureau of School Services, the University of 
Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 1958. 

Till, 65 p. dlagrs., tables. 26cm. KQ _o ft oa 

Q181.S73 58-63829 

Texas. Education Agency. 

Suggestions for teachers of mathematics, prepared under 
the leadership of Ida May Bernhard in cooperation with the 
Mathematics Section of the Texas State Teachers Associ- 

ation. Bev. Austin, 1954 t cover 1953 3 
x,125p. mus. 23cm. (Its Bulletin 548) 
QA11.T54: 1954= 510.7 

55-62093 rev 

Toranzos, Fausto IsmaeL 

Ensenanza de la matematica. Buenos Aires, Kapelusz 

^4040 illus 22 cm. (Biblloteca de clenclas de la educacitfn, 7) 
QA11.T7 59-45032 rev t 

U. S. Office of Education. 

Junior-year science and mathematics students, fall 1957- 
c Washirgtoni 

v. 29 cm. annual. (Its Circular) 
L111.A72 507.11 HEW 58-4 rev 

2d set Q181.U546 

U. S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

U. S. Office of Education. 

Modern mathematics and your child, by Harry L. Phillips 
and Marguerite Kluttz. [Washington, For sale by the 
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1963] 

iv,28p. illus. 15x24 cm. 

OAH.TJ52 HEW 63-107 

U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

U.S. Office of Education. 

Science and mathematics teachers in public high schools, 
by Ellsworth S. Obourn and Kenneth E. Brown. t Washing- 
ton, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, T7. S. 
Govt. Print. Off., 1963] 

vl,35p. tables. 23x11 cm. 

Q181.U557 HEW 63-124 

U. S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

U. S. Office of Education. Division of Siffher Education. 

Guide to undergraduate programs in mathematics [by] 
Clarence B. Lindquist. [Washington] U. S. Dept, of Health, 
Education, and Welfare, Office of Education; c for sale by 
Superintendent of documents, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1962] 

T 25 p 26 cm. 

QA11.U53 HEW 62-147 

U. a Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

Van Tonder, J C 

Die invloed van verbeterde leermetodes op die denkpresta- 
sies van st. vni-leerlinge in wiskunde. Pretoria, 1954. 

76 p. illus. 22 cm. (Opvoedkundlge studies, uitg. deur die Werb- 
gemeenskap ter Bevorderlng van die Pedagagiek as Wetenskap, 
Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, TMversiteit Pretoria, nr. 6, 2. jaarg.) 
QA11.V28 60-26503 t 

Washington University, St. Louis. 

Psychological problems and research methods in mathe- 
matics training. Edited by Rosalind L. Feierabend and 
Philip H. Du Bois. r St. Louis, 1959! 

lv,2iap. dlagrs, 28cm. 
QA11.W34 510.7 60-60757 


& Karol. 

Film a diafilm vo vyucovaai matemataky. t l. yyd., Bra- 
tislava, Slovenske pedagogick^ nakl., 1963. 

175 p. illus. 17 cm. (Knltnlca metodldtfch priruKek, zr. 113] 
QA11.D75 64-41109 

Gromov, Aleksandr Petrovich. 


niiojte ; nococoaie flenx. yiHTejtefi. MocKBa, Foe. 
ror. H3,a;' B o> 1961. 

Wp. illus. 20cm. (Ha onutra yTOTCJiJi) 
QAH.O83 64-29286 


Understanding mathematics, with visual aids. Paterson, 
N J , Littlefield, Adams, 1962. 

174 D illus. 21 cm. (The New Littlefield college outlines, no. 76) 
QA11.K48 510.84 61-17791 % 

Krulik, Stephen. 

Multi-sensory techniques in mathematics teaching t byj 
Stephen Ivrulik and Irwin Kaufman. t Englewood Cliffs, 
N J.i Teachors Practical Press f c !963j 

*64p dlasrs. 23cm ( Prentice-Hall education series) 
QA11.K8 63-15852 

Malinovskii, Vladimir losif ovich. 

MHHCK, Toe. yieSno-neAaror. HS^-BO MuHHerepCTBa npocBe- 
meEHa BCCP, 1962. 

89, [3jp, Illus., dlagrs. 21cm. 



Briinn. Statni pedagogickd knihovna. 

Metodika matematiky; bibliografie kmzmch publikaci a 
5asopiseckych clanku. Sest. Eduard Lend! a Josef Sotolaf. 
Hlavni redaktor: Frantisek Plachy. V Brne, 1959. 

59 p. 29 cm. (Its Sbfrka bibliografif metodik uCebnlch pfedmfitu, 
a. 2) 
Z5814.M3B7 62-32118 

Putnam, Elizabeth Anne, 1927- 

State curriculum guides for science, mathematics, and 
modern foreign languages, a bibliography by E. Anne Put- 
nam and Ralph P. Frazier. [Washington] U. S. Dept. of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Education [I960] 

111 28 o 26 cm (U. S. Office of Education. Circular no. 627) 
L11LA72 no. 627 HEW60-127 

U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


T-pH [etc.] 

MaieMaTHiecicoe npocBemenHe : MaieMaTHsa 
Hiie, npjuioaceHHfl H ncTOpus. nun. 1- 
MocKaa, Toe. nsj-uo (JuraiiKO-MaTejiaTHHec 

v. in illus., ports. 22 cm. 



Conference on Future Responsibilities for School Mathe- 
matics, Chicago, 1961. 

Report. [Chicago? 1962] 

iii,39p. 23cm. 
QA11.C64 1961c 63-3963 

Conference on Psychological Problems and Research 
Methods in Mathematics Training, Washington Univer- 
sity, 1959. 

Research problems in mathematics education, reports. 
[Washington] TJ. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare, Office of Education tl960] 

Til, 130 p. 23 cm. ([U. S. Office of Education Cooperative re- 
search monograph no. 3) 

QA11.C647 1959c HEW 60-125 

U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Dartmouth College Mathematics Conference, 1961. 

New directions in mathematics; [proceedings^ Confer- 
ence arranged by John G. Kemeny t and> Robin Robinson. 
Edited by "Robert W. Ritchie. Englewood Cliffs, N., J., 
Prentice-Hall, 1963. 

124 p. ports., diagrs. 22 cm. 
QA1.D28 1961 510.82 63-14729 

ENSV Matemaatikute ja Fiiiisikute Teaduslik-Pedagoogi- 
line Konverents. 

Luhiettekannete kogumik. 
Tartu [Tartuskii gosudarstvennyl universitet, 19- 

v. 20 cm. 
QA11.E15 64-32822 

Inter-American Conference on Mathematical Education. 

lit, Bogota, 1961. 

Mathematical education in the Americas, a report. Edited 
by Howard F. Fehr. New York, Bureau of Publications, 
Teachers College, Columbia University, 1962. 

vili, 180 p. 23cm. 
QA11-I47 1961c 510.7 63-1864 

National Conference of State Supervisors of Mathematics, 

Washington, 1961. 

The leadership role of State supervisors of mathematics; 
report of a conference under the auspices of the U. S. De- 
partment of Health, Education, and Welfare [Office of Edu- 
cationj Washington, June 19-23, 1961. Prepared by Daniel 
W. Snader. t Washington 3 U. S. Dept. of Health, Educa- 
tion, and Welfare, Office of Education [1962] 

v, 107 p. 24 cm. [U. S. Office of Education) Bulletin, 1962, no. 1 

[L111.A6 1962, no. 2] HEW62-88 

U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Orientation Conference for SMSG Experimental Centers, 
Chicago, 1959. 
Report. c New Haven ?1959j 
143 p. 28cm. 
QA11.075 1959c 510.712 60-19563 

Seminario Colombiano sobre la Ensenanza de las Matema* 
ticas en el Nivel Universitario. 1st, Bogota^ 1956. 

Primer Seminario Colombiano sobre la Ensenanza de las 
Matematicas en el Nivel Universitario. Bogota, 8, 9, 10 y 11 
de octubre de 1956. Bogota, Empresa Nacional de Publica- 
ciones, 1957. 

170 p. dlagrs. 25 cm. (Serie "Reforma universltarla") 
QA11.S44 1956 60-26324 

Southampton Mathematical Conference, 1961. 

On teaching mathematics; a report on some present-day 
problems in the teaching of mathematics, being the outcome 
of discussions and lectures at the Southampton Mathemati- 
cal Conference, 1961, under the chairmanship of Bryan 
Thwaites. New York, Pergamon Press, 1961. 

rxiv, 116 p. diagrs. 20 cm. (The Commonwealth library of 
science, technology, and engineering. Mathematics division, v. 1) 
QA1.C716 vol.1 507 61-15566 

Symposium on Engineering Mathematics, Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus. 

Proceedings. 1st- 1957- 

[Columbus, Engineering Experiment Station, Ohio State 

v. 23 cm. annual. (Ohio. State University, Columbus. En- 
gineering Experiment Station. Special report) 
Ohio State Univ. Libr. 


Matematika ve skole; casopis pro metodiku matematiky. 
[Praha] Statni pedagogicke" nakl. 

v. illus., ports. 21cm. 10 no. a year. 
QA1.M4155 60-29708 

Matematyka; czasopismo dla nauczycieli. 

"Warszawa t Panstwowe Zaklady "Wydawn. Szkolnychj 

v. Illus. 25cm. bimonthly. 
QA1.M4175 60-17084 

Mathematik, Physik, Astronomie in der Schule. 1.- 
Jahrg.; 1954- 
Berlin, Volk und Wissen. 

v. Illus., diagrs. 24cm. 
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Meio^iiEa apn$MeTHEH H reoMCTpHH B nepBtie ro,a;H o6y- 
ieHH#. ITepeBcvt c nojiBCKoro H. 3. TpeiKHHa. IIocotfHe 
fljia y^Hxejeft HaiajtBHOft HIKOJIH. MoCKsa, Foe. y^e6no- 
neflaror. HS^-BO, 1960. 

175 p. illus. 21 cm. 



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Metodika poctu v 1. az 5. rocniku. t Zprac. Imrich Lecko 
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Science & mathematics: countdown for elementary schools; 
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the Advancement of Science, American Association of School 
Administrators, and Council of Chief State School Officers. 
r Oklahoma City, Frontiers of Science Foundation of Okla- 
homa, I960] 

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United Arab Republic. 


SOp. 25cm. 

al : TarUyaK 

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Mejo^niecKiie yKasaniui E npeno^anaHHio MaieMaTiiEH B 
ix K-tacce; noco6iie A.TS yraxe.iefl. MOCKES, Foe. yneSHo- 
neAaror. HSA-BO, 1959. 

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BHinc.iHTe,Ti.Haa padoia s Kypce KareMaTHKii cpeAHeft 
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1. Mathematics Study and teaching (Secondary) i. Title. 

Title romanized: Chung hslieh shu fasiieh 
k'o wat huo tung. 


C 61-103 

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Didatica da matematica. [Rio de Janeiroj Ministerio da 
Educa^-ao e Cultura f 1960] 

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JlaCoparopaae pa<5otH no MaxeitaTHKe ; nocoCEte ^.TH y?n 
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- - . Report Appendices. New York, College Entrance 
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QA11.C56 Appr. 
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a npenosasaHHa MaxeMaTHKH. 
BO jreHHHrpa,ncKoro yHKBepCHTeia, 1960. 

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Procesy aksjomatyzacji a nauczanie matematyki. t Wyd. 
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Library of Congress Catalog Bools: Subjects 


(SECQNDAKY) (Continued) 

Efcfflfcifri, Aaron. 

MMaingfal nmthaaaties teaching. fist ed.j Valley 

Stream, N. Y. t Teachers Practical Press 1961j 

62 p. films. 2$ on, (Teacfcew Practical Press handbooks) 
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OCSM project for the improvement of school mathe- 

matics. Project director: Mas Beberman. t Urbanaj 1962. 
tr. (wtoui pom* > Illus - 28cm A 63-676 

Illinois. Ualy. Library 

University. ^*^'^ ^ fl 

IKtfi srliool mathematics. Units 1 through 4. Teachers 
! t'rUftna. Univerait j of Illinois Press, 1959. 

IlDooia. W. Library 

510 . T12 

A 50-9880 

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T. mm 28cm. 

1,170 p. Mm, charts, dinffrs,, Eabk*. 10cm. 

1 )ItfcBie-Study aad teaching (Secondary) 

x. Title. 

okeru slgak.ik* no rtron to JUueo. 
J 63-1278 
Japanese Library 7025 

GhMoyu&nff. CUao htueh yen 

i3p. inns. 

1 lbthMtfa-8tn4r and teaching (Secondary) x. Title 

Tttte rowwrnto!*: Kao chung shu hatiefa M hsl tzQ llao. 


C 60-2840 

Lchek, Arro Bphraim, 1919- 

Enrdlment characteristics and teacher preparation in 
Michigan secondary school mathematica, Ann Arbor, Mich,, 
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Modernisation of mathematical teaching in the Nether- 
Edited by F. Loonstm and P. G. J. Tredenduin. 
InmiiuND, J. B. Wolterau 1962. 
TTpTfllig. B. (Sbeonmlttw for to* Netbertencte of the 
- , "-Tnntarioa Mathematical Instrnctloa. tHeporti 6) 

68-S9913 $ 


1 Mat!-;at;cs~~Srjdj- and teaching (Secondary) i. Title. 

Title nmMted; Tsui eimng tisiieh shu hsflefc 

ehlao bsieh dnn Jn bo p'ei yan 

hsiith sbf-ag ti lo chl ssQ we! 

QA1LM1X6 C 60-107 t 

Martin, William Edgar, 1305- 

Fac; lilies and equipment for science and mathematics: 

rcpiwiiicnts and wcxwKHSiidstwns of State Departments of 
Education t Wssbingtaii U. S. Dept of Health, Education, 


IIIULSU' o.S4 507^ HEW60-52 

U. S, Ife>p- ci Health. Edueitionaixd Welfare. Library 

Is for efpipEaeat ftat scieace and mathematica 
National defense education act, Titfe ra. Rev. 

and W4&ED. Office of Education ( ld60j 

rtt-mp. lita. <& t[C. S. Office 

Maryland. Dept. of Education. m . 

Suggested lists of science and mathematics facilities and 
equipment, secondary science and mathematics. t Baltimorej 
lorp. 28 on. A 65-1086 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Minnesota. Dept. of Education. 

Applied mathematics; secondary schools, grades 

1321 fflxjwcni. (Its Curriculum bulletin no. 20A) 
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attoa eucation in Rhode Island public s&condary 
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tion t 1962?, 

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Croft Educational Services ^964] 

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Advanced placement program in mathematics. Albany 

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IT, 28 p. (chiefly tables) dlagrs. 
and reports series, no. S) 

[L194JB55 no. 5] A 60-3551 

Pennsylvania, State University, Library 

28 cm. (Itt Research studies 

School Mathematics Study Group. 

Mathematics for high school: Intermediate mathematics. 
Prepared under the supervision of the panel on sample text- 
books : Frank B. Allen t and othersj Preliminary ed. t l T " 
Haven? 1959- 

T.ln iUos. 28 cm. 

Commentary for teachers. Preliminary ed. 

t Kew Haven? 1959- 
T. HUua. 28cm. 


QA11.S183 Guide 



School Mathematics Study Group. 

Mathematics for junior high school. Prepared under the 
supervision of the panel on 7th and 8th grades: B. D. An- 
derson and others] Kev. ed. c Ann Arbor? Mich., 1960- 

v. illus. 28 cm. 
. Commentary for teachers. t Ann Arbor? Mich., 


v. illus. 28cm QA8B, sjnaa Manual 

QA39.S27115 64~ftX)5 J 

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Trends in the education of mathematics teachers; a study 
of the education of senior high school mathematics teachers 
in selected teacher education institutions in the United 
States in the period 1920-1958. Ann Arbor, Mich., Univer- 
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and statistics in the high school program. Ann Arbor, 
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Texas. Education Agency. 

Mathematics 7-12. Austin, 1962. 
189 p. 26cm. (/** Bulletin 620) 
QA11.T536 507.12 


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The comparative effectiveness of sound motion pictures 
and printed communications for the motivation of high 
school students in mathematics. r lowa City] State Univer- 
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721. diagrs , tables. 28cm. 

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1 v. illus.! diagrs., tables. 23 cm. (lit Bulletin 1960, no. 6- 
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U. S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


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report of a conference under the joint auspices of the U. S. 
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and the Na- 
tional Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Washington, 
March 17-19, 1960. jWashingtonj U. S. Dept. of Health, 
Education, and Welfare, Office of Education; t for sale by 
the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

vi, 109 p. 23 cm. (U. S. Office of Education. Bulletin 1961, no. 

L111.A6 1961, no. 10 510.712 HEW61-92 

Copy 2. Q A11.B844 

U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Akademiia pedagogicheskikh nauk RSFSR, Moscow. Insti- 
tut metodov obucheniia. 

O Epeno^aBanHE MaieMaTHKii B mKOJte. 1959/60- 
MocKBa, Hsfl-BO AKafleMira ne^aror, nayK PC<DCP. 

r. illus. 20 cm. 
QA1LA496 60-36450 rev t 


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Enrichment mathematics for high school. Washington, 

li,388 p. diagrs. 23cm. (Its Yearbook 28) 
QA1.N3 28th 510.712 63-14060 

Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

see also Division Tables; Factor 
tables; Integrals; Logarithms; 
Multiplication Tables; Ready- 
reckoners; Reciprocals; Squares, 
Tables of; Trigonometry Tables, 

Abramowitz, Mflton, 1915-1958, ed. 

Handbook of mathematical functions with formulas, 
graphs, and mathematical tables, edited by Milton Abramo- 
witz and Irene A. Stegun. Washington. U. S. Govt. Print. 

Off 1964 

xiV, 1046 p. illus. 27 em. (U.S. National Bureau of Standards. 
Applied mathematics series, 55} 
QA3.U5 no. 55 64-60036 

Andreev, Pavel PaYlovich. 

CTHiecKoe USA-BO, 1958. 

281 p. 23cm. 
QA47.A55 1958 

3. 3#. MocKua, Toe. 

60-17308 * 

Asatiani, L G 

Majiue TatomH BH^iicjieHiLa npon;eHTOB, 

flCJieUHfl. 2. H3#. T6HJHCH, H3^-BO MHH 

roB;m TCCP, 1960. 

367 p. 22cm. 
QA47.A8 I960 


British association for the advancement of science. 

Mathematical tables. Cambridge, Pub. for the Associa- 
tion at the University press; [etc., etc.] 1931-46. 

12 v. 28icm. 
QA47.B7 510.835 33-7080 rev 3 

Bronshteln, DTa Nikolaevidu 

CnpaBOiHHK no xaTeuaTBKe, Rxx HH^enepOB H y^ammcai 
BT730B. MocKsa, Toe. HSA-BO TexHHXO-Teoper. JIHT-PH, 1945. 

556 p. dlagrs., tables. 15cm. 
QA40JB7 50-38765 rev 

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Cnpaso^HHK no MaTCMaxuKe. 
mnxot BiyaoB. Hafl. 3., nepep. 

HHEO-TCOpeT. JtHT-pH, 1953. 

608 p. Ulufi. 18 cm. 
QA40.B7 1953 

^Ji^ HHacenepoB H y*a- 
ocEsa, Foe. HSA-BO TCX- 

54-27931 rev 1 

Bronshtem, n'fa Nikolaevich. 

CnpaBOiHiiK no MaxeMaTHxe. Rxx HHacenepOB n yia- 
miixca BiysoB. USA. 5., crepeoTHnHoe. MocEsa, Toe. HS^-BO 

TCXHHKO-TeopeT. JIHT-pH, 1955. 

608 p. dlagrs. 17 cm. 
QA40.B7 1055 56-37724 rev 

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Taschenbuch der Mathematik, fiir Ingenieure und Stu- 
denten der technischen Hochschulen, von I. N. Bronstein 
und K. A. Semendjajew. [Deutsche ftbersetzung: Viktor 
Zieelerj Leipzig, B. G. Teubner, 1958, 

548 p. Illus. 18cra. 
QA40.B714 58-45376 rev J 

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dusky, Ohio, Handbook Publishers t 1958, 1948j 

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QA47.B8 1958 510.83 60-1498 J 

Carlsten, Kirk Finley. 

Book computer, by Kirk Finley Carlsten and Karsten 
Gene Hellebust. Denver, Metron Instrument Co. t 1960j 

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QA47.C3 1962 510.83 

Chiansr, Nai-yung, 1913- 

*&WJ 1959. 

,2<p. niiiB., dlagrs., tables. 14cm. 

1. Ready-reckoners. 2. Buslneew muth^roatica. ft Mathematics- - 
etc. i. Title ^ ^MizeA : Jlh yua* obi suau *hoa tr. 

Columbia tlnlr. East 

C 60-5392 rev 

Asiatic Library 

Davis, Harold Thayer, 1892- comp. 

Tables of the mathematical functions. Computed and 
compiled under the direction of Harold T. Davis with the co- 
operation of Muriel E. Adams ( and others] Rev. and end. 
ed. San Antonio, Pruicipia Press of Trinity University 
t !963- 

v. illas. 26cm. 
QA55.D312 510.83 63-5764 J 

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Tafeln elementarer Funfctionen. 3. Aufl. Leipzig, Teub- 
ner, 1959 t c l940j 

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QA55.EO 1959 510.83 61-20314 J 

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Sechsst.ellige Tafel der transformierten Cauer-Parameter 
fur antimetrisclie TP-Filter. Munchen, Verlag- der Baye- 
rischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; in Kommission bei 
Beck, 1962. 

55 p. dlagra., tables. 31 cm. (Bayerische Akademie der Wten- 
schaften. Mathematlsch-NaturwUtsensdiaftliche Klasse. AJtbanfi- 
longen, n. F., Heft 106) 

AS182.M817 n. F., Heft 106 A 64-333 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Gogler, Gustav Adolf. 

Praktischer Gefass-Rechner. Amtlich gepriifte Tabellea 
zur raschen, sicheren und bequemen Ennittlung des Raum- 
inhaltes und Fliissigkeits-Inhaltes von Fissem, Bottichen 
und Zylindern, nebst einer allgemeinen Anleitung und Ge- 
brauchsanweisungen. 12. Aufl. Ravensburg, 0. Meier 
r !960j 

six, 256 p. ( chiefly tables) 21 cm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Handbook of mathematical tables. 1st- 
Cleveland, Chemical Rubber Pub. Co. 

v. tables. 25 cm. 
QA47.H32 510.83 62-15661 

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T. illus. 24 cm. 
QA71.H44 63-39657 I 

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mathematics, physics, electricity. Compiled by Erik Ingel- 
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99 p. (Inel. cover) illus. 22 cm. 
QA47.1 513 510.83 64-7415 

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Tables of higher functions c by] Jahnke, Emde t andj 
Losch. 6th ed. rev. by Friedrich Losch. New York, Mc- 
Graw-Hill [I960] 

318 p. illus. 26cm. 
OA55.J3 1960 517.5 60-13611 } 

Jahnke, Eugen, 1863-1921. 

TadztHUH $yHn;Ha c $opMyjtaMa H XPHBHMH. IlepeBO^ 
c Hellebore- JL. H. Ce^osa H P. B. ToacTOBoa. Hafl. 3. Mo- 

CKBa, TOG. H33-BO $H3HKO-Ma T eMaTH^eCEOfi JIHT-pH, 1959. 

420 p. ctiagrs., tables. 23 cm. 
QA47.J318 1959 

Karpov, Konstantin Andrianovich. 

Tafiaima $yKi^a F(a)=Je xt dv B KOMir-ieKCHOft ofijia- 

CTH. MOCKBE, H3fl-Bo AKa^eMHH HayK CCCP, 1958. 
517 p. 27cm. (MareMaTHiecKHe Tafi^Muw) 

59-19115 rev 

Karpov, Konstantin Andrianovich, 


tfJiacTH. MocKsa. HS^-BO AKa^eMHH nays: CCCP, 1954. 
585 p. diagrs. 27 cm. (MaTCMariHecKHe T 


jiH jlarpanaza ; npHJtoxeHHe. MocKsa, HSA-BO 
MHH HayK CCCP, 1954. 

rap - acBL QA55.K83 Tables 

QA55.K33 55-23266 rev 

Krylov, Vladimir Ivanovich, mathematicitm. 

crenieHHuMH OCOSCHHOCTJIMH iMatfaeanaticait function ffiv&n] 
MHHCK, HS^-BO AsaAexBB HayK Eexopyccxoft CCP, 1%3. 

434 p. 22cm. 
QA55.K76 68-55396 

Kusch, Lothar, 1922- _ , 

Mathematische und natarwissenschaftliche Formeln und 
TabeUen. [Essen! Girardet [1959j 
'"~ 510.83 


Leningrad. Elektrotekhnichcsld! institut sviazL 

Tatfjimtt H ^opMyjw cyaiM pa^OB BHAOB t mathematwai 
equation given-i HOA peA- A. M. Saesflaoro. JleHHErpaA, 


Lyte!, Allan Herbert 1920- 

Handbook of algebraic & trigonometric functions, by 
Allan l>tel. [1st ed.j Indianapolis, H. W. Sams [1964, 

160 it, * 22 cm. (A Howard W. Sams pbotofact publication, no. 
QA47.L1* 510.83 64-25044 

Th new mathematics dictionary and handbook, by Robert 
W Marks. New York, Bantam Books i!964] 

186 p. lite. 18oa. (Bantam matrix edition) *,.,**#> 

QA5.M367 510.3 64-17893 

Massero, Ferdinando. 

II tecnico d'officina; formole, tabelle, data, ricette di mate- 
matica, meccanica e tecno-logia, 8. ed. MHano, HoepH, 1960 

Mlchtgaa. Uaiv. 

Mathematical tables from Handbook of chemistry and 
Cleveland, Chemical Sufcber Pub. Co. 

r. Illua. 17-19 cm. 
QA47.M316 510.83 61-66242 J 

Mitropol'skii, A 

KpaxKiie xaTeKaTii?* 

95 p. tables. 24 cm. 

. Mocrsa, Foe. 
, 1959. 

MuDer, Fritz, mathematician. 

Filnfstellige Logarithmen- und andere mathematische 
Tafeln. 7. Aufl. Leipzig, Fachbuchverlag, 1959. 

206 p. 24cm. 
QA.55.M92 1959 510.83 61-20141 % 

Muller, Fritz, mathematician. 

Ffinfstellige Logarithmen- und andere mathematische 
Tafeln. 8. Anfl. Leipzig, Fachbuchverlag, 1961. 

2(S p. 24 cm. 
QA55.M92 1961 

Pagurova, V era Iguat'evDa. 

function giv&n } Mocffsa, 1959. 

ad, 151 p. 27 cm. (MaxeManrtecKHe rafi^naw) 


Proti6, Milorad. 

JIorapniaMCKe H HyMepnise TadJ[H^e aa HCTHPH 
Majina Mecra. Beorpa^, HQ.IHT, 1956. 

186 p. 17cm. 


Reid, Joseph Boutelle, 1913- 

Table of factorials 0! to 9999! By J. B. Reid and 
G. Montpetit. Sponsored by the Committee on Revolving 
Fund for Publication of Mathematical Tables of the Divi- 
sion of Mathematics. Washington, National Academy of 
Sciences-National Research Council, 1962. 

unpaged 28cm. (National Besearcb. Coiincil. Publication 1089) 
QA55.R4 510.83 63-60020 J 

Rottmann, Karl. 

Mathematische Funktionstafeln ... Mannheim, Biblio- 
graphisches Institut t !959j 

2<k p. (chiefly tables) 19 cm. (B. I.-HochschulUachenbacher, Bd. 

OA55.R636 510.83 

Ryzhik, losif Moiseevich. 

Summen-, Produkt- und Integraltafeln. Tables of series, 
pi-oducts, and integrals iby } I. M. Kyshik [and] I. S. Grad- 
stein. 2., berichtigte Aufl. t t!bersetzung aus dem Russi- 
schen: Clu-ista Berg und Lothar Berg. "Cbersetzung ins 
Englischc; Martin Straussj Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der 
Wissenschaften, 1963. 

rsiil. 438 p. dlagrs. 28 cm. 
QA55.R91-3 1&63 510.83 63-25905 

Ryzhik, loaf Moiseevich. 

TaSaama; EHxerpajtoB, cyitM, PAOB H np. 
4., nepep. npn yiaciHH K). B. TepOHHMyca H M. D. 
anaa. MociBa, Toe. HS^-BO ^HSHKO-HaTeMaTsiecKOft SHT- 
PH, 1962. 

1100 p. 27 cm. 
QA65.R94 1962 03-27211 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


TABLES,, ETC. (Continued) 

reteliig Logarithraen end ZaUeutafeln for die 90- 

l.Aufl. ' 

Sdntii, CJfiratfeer, 1903- 

PoteMen, Wurzeln, ICrelsumfSnge und Kreisfladiea der 
Zahien ton 1 bis 10000. Diisseldorf, M. Triltech, 1959. 
178 p>, taMes 21 cm. (SchsLz-rabelleDbticljer, Bd. 1) 

Ifflaota. OBIT. Library 

s TaoaimH. MocKua, 1948. 
51-40414 rev 

TadaHUK. MocxBa, 1950. 

51-15442 rev 

450 p, 3Bm. 
QA47.S4 1948 

Segal, Benfsiou laxaSevkh. 

IIaTH3HaiHHe MareMari 
463p. 27casu 
QA47.S4 1950 

Scfd, BenOfoi Izrailevidu 

rTaTBSHS^Etue xaTvarHYeczne ladaanjiJ:. Hs^. 2. Mo- 

CKM, FOG. H3A-O $K3KKO-)(aTettaTK?eCK0ft jHT-pH, 1959. 


QA47.S4 1959 

Segal, BaiGicm Izrailevkli. 

oe, &3A*BO ^Hs 

483 p. UM. 2Tcm. 
QA47J34 1962 

nH. Hs^. 3. Mo- 
ft JZHT-PH, 1962. 

63-36460 J 

Setalus, das Otof . 

Tafel der JCetfenbriaehe mit idealer Approximation fur 
Quadratwurzeln aus naturlichea Zahlen. Ekens, Abo 
akadeai, I962i 

$7 p, 25 cm ! Acto Aeademlae Aboensis. Mathematica et pby- 
giea, xxn, 10 j 

[AS202.A33 vol 22, no. 10] A 63-546 

Ohio ?tt Univ. Lite. 

Seffltia, AzriM' Abramomh. 

Ta&iHir,!! Ae.ieHH.n oxpyacBOcra Ha 

rpaAycax, MsiHyrax, ceKj'a^ax) JleHH 
<H-BO cyAOCTpoHi. npoMHunc , 1959. 

181 p. lllua 21cm. 

Stitafaki, Wasao, 1 

or 2 #o 220 (B 

60-35784 t 


diagra., taWes 2T cm. 

; added t p. : 0.01^ tables of elementary func- 

Vssso Slbagakl, 

: p. 1W-J1S. 

1. Matl*EMtic~Tabl, ete 2, Fanctl^iw. t Title: Shots kan- 
steyd, :i. Title: Tabtes of elementary functions. 

eUten-rel-Schl pSsento sbOt kansahyO. 

.T 60-81 

Saftfc, Bwley Y 

Mttiiffloatics tables and how to use them. Edited by 
Bradley V. Smith. Nw York, Bantam Books t 1964] 
185 I8m (Bwt Matrix editions) 

510.8S 64-17894= 


T4 p, fllw. 22 

MHOFHX irepe- 
wcjieHHoro H HOMorpa$>HHecEoro irpe^- 


HayK CCCP. Tpyw BMwom- 

U. S. 

tomm 0/ standards Computation, labors 

Table of are aim x. Prepared by the Mathematical tables 
project, conducted ndr the qvomorAip of the National 
Ixtrwa of ^rodtida. Present volume began under the 

awykw of tlket Wcwk prqwts administration for the tity of 
New York and cosnpldWI with the. support of the Office of 
KkrnMSe naaick attd dwelopaafflt I/yman J. Biiggs, 
director, National bureau of standards, official sponsor. 
AracM E. Loiran, prof ect director, Mathematical tables 
prJet Nerr Tork^Co 
ale, m,^ p. 7} cm 

U. S. National Bureau of Standards. Computation Ldbora- 

Tables of Bessel functions of fractional order. New- 
York, Columbia University Press, 1948- 

Columbia Dnlv. 

U. S. Nationd bureau of standards. Computation laborer 

Tables of fractional powers. Prepared by the K athemati- 
cal tables project, conducted under the sponsorship of the 
National bureau of standards. Present volume begun under 
the auspices of the Work projects administration for the city 
of New York and completed with the support of the Office 
of scientific research and development. Lyman J. Briggs, 
director, National bureau of standards, official sponsor. 
Arnold N. Lowan, project director, Mathematical tables 
project. New York, Columbia university press, 1946. 

QM7.U5 ' 8 l946 27i ^ 510.83 A 46-5118 rev 2 

Columbia Unlv. Libraries 

U.S. National Bureau, of Standards. Oomputation Latora- 

Tables of functions and of zeros of functions; collected 
short tables of the National Bureau of Standards, Computa- 
tion Laboratory, [Washington, U, S. Govt. Print. Off.] 


focfau p. iUus. 27 cm. (U. S. National Bureau of Standards. 
Applied mathematics series, 8T) 
QA3.U5 no. 37 54-3316reY 

TL S. National Bureau of Standards. Computation Labora- 
Tables of normal probability functions. 

Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1953. 

It, 344 p. 27 cm. (U. S. National Bureau of Standards. Applied 
mathematics series, 23) 
QA3.TJ5 no. 23 519.083 53-61727 rev 

U. S. National JSureau of Standard*. Computation 'Laboraf 

Tables of the Bessel functions JT (Z) and Ji(Z) for com- 
plex arguments. Prepared by the Mathematical Tables 
Project, National Bureau of Standards. 2d ed. New York, 
Columbia University Press, 1947. 

iUv, 403, [4, p. dlaKTs. 28cm. 

QA408.U5 1947 517.35 A 47-37 rev S* 

Columbia Xfnir. libraries 

U. S. National Bureau of Standards. Computation Labora- 

Tables of the confluent hypergeometric function Ff 1 !* ij *) 
and related functions. Washington, "U. S. Govt. Print. OH, 

xxli, 73 p. 26 cm. (Applied mathematics series, 3) 
QA3JD5 no. 3 517.5 49-46667 reV 

U. S. National Bureau of Standards. Computation Labora-> 

Tables of the error function and its derivative. iMabhe- 
iwtical equation given. Washington, XJ. S. Govt. Print. Off.] 

3d, 802 p. 2T cm. (TJ. S. National Bureau of Standards. Applied 
mathematics series, 41) 
QA3U5 no. 41 519.0835 54-63200 rev 

U. S. National Bureau of Standards. Computation Labora- 

Tables relating to Mathieu functions; characteristic val- 
ues, coefficients, and joining factors. New York, Columbia 
University Press, 1951. 
aavii,278p. 28cm. 

A 51-5275 rev 
Columbia Hair. Libraries 

The Universal encyclopedia of mathematics. With a, fore- 
word by James E. Newman. New York, Simon and 
Schuster, 1964. 

715 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
QA5.TJ5413 510.3 63-21086 

VitushMn, Anatoli! Georgievich. 

OijeHKa caoacKOCTH sa^aia xatfyjinpoBanHJi. MocKsa, 

TOC. HS^-BO $H3HKO-MaTeMaTHHeCKOft JIHT-pH, 1959. 

228 p. 21cm. (CoBpeMeinate npoC^CMH 

Vitnshkin, Anatolii Georgievich. 

Theory of the transmission and processing of informa- 
tion. Translated from the Russian by Ruth Feinstein. 
Translation editor: A, D. Booth, New York, Pergamon 
Press, 1961. 

206 p. 28cm. 
QA355.V513 519.7 61-14043 J 


Vogel, Alfred, 1911- 

Vierstellige Funktionentafeln. 2. Aufl. Stuttgart. K. 
Wittwer, 1961 [ e !958] 

157 p. Uln*. 24cm. 
QA55.V6 1961 63-30346 J 

Vzorova, A I 

Tables for solving the Laplace equation inside an ellipse. 
(Translated from Russian by L. Herdanj London, Info- 
search t c 1958] 

256 p. 29cm. 

[QA405.V ] A 60-1323 

Cteorgia. Inst. of Tech. Library 

Warmus, Mieczysfaw. 

Tables of elementary functions. Kew York, Pergamon 
Press t 1960i 

564 p. 31cm. 
QA55.W8 510.83 CO-53114 J 


Davis, Harold Thayer, 1892- 

A bibliography and index of mathematical tables, pre- 
pared under the direction of Harold T. Davis with the as- 
sistance of Vera Fisher. Evanston, HI.. C 1949. 

xxll, 2S61. diagr., tables. 29cm. 
Z6654.T3D3 016.51083 


U. S. National Bureau of Standards. Boulder Laboratories. 

Reference handbook; mathematical tables. 
Boulder, Colo. 
T. 27 cm, 
Z6654.T3U5 62-2982 J 


Hetcher, Alan, 1903- 

An index of mathematical tables. 2d ed., by A. Fletcher 
and othersj Beading, Mass., For Scientific Computing 
Service [by 3 Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1962. 

2 v. (xi, 994 p.) 26 cm. (Addlson- Wesley international series) 
QA47.F55 1962 510.83 62-13521 

Lebedev, Aleksandr Vasil'evich. 

A guide to mathematical tables byj A. V. Lebedev and 
K. M. Fedorova. English ed. prepared from the Russian by 
D. G. Fry. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1960. 

586 p. 25 cm. 

Supplement, no. 1- 

Oxf ord, New York, Pergamon Press, 1960- 
v. 25 cm. 

60-10217 J 
M. MocKsa, 

Z6654.T&U2 016.51083 

Lebedev, Aleksandr Vasil'evich. 

CnpaBOiHHK no MateMaTHnecKHM 
MHH nayn CCCP, 1956. 

549 p. 27cm. 

, H3-Bo 
26 cm, 

H nays CCCP, 1959- 




56-56690 rev 

California. State Curriculum Commission. Advisory Com- 

mittee on Mathematics. 
Summary of the Report. [Sacramento, 1963] 
xii, 49 p. mm 23cm. (Bulletin of the California State Dept of 

Education, v. 33, no. 6) 

L124.B62 voL33,no.6 64-63370 

-- Copy 2. QA.11.C15 

DeVault, M Vere. 

Television and consultant services as methods of in-service 
education, for elementary school teachers of mathematics, by 
M. Vere Devault, W. Robert Houston, and Claude C. Boyd. 
Austin, University of Texas, 1962. 

124 p. 23 cm. (University of Texas. Bureau of Laboratory 
Schools. Publication no. 15) 

QA11.D4 62-63582 t 

Van Horn, Charles. 

A study to determine the relative effectiveness of the use 
of a series of filmed demonstrations hi teacher education for 
a nevsr high school mathematics curriculum; report. (Ur- 
bana?Hl.,1961? 3 

55, Ix L tables. 28 cm, 
QA11.V23 6&-6S748 

Brown, Kenneth E 1904- 

Inservice education of high, school mathematics teachers; 
report of a conference under the joint auspices of the U. S. 
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and the Na- 
tional Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Washington, 
March 17-19, 1960. Washington] "U. S. Dept. of Health, 
Education, and Welfare, Office of Education; tfor sale by 
the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

vl, 109 p. 23 cm. (U. S. Office of Education. Bulletin 1961, no. 

L111.A6 1961, no. 10 510.712 HEW 61-92 

-- Copy 2. QA11.B844 

U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATHEMATICS (Continued) 

Tuan, Yfi-hua. 

A complete dictionary of mathematical 



47, 1502 p. HIus. 19 cm. 

1. Mathematic--I>lctlonarle Chinese. 2. Mathematics Termi- 
nology, i. Chou, Yuan-jul. u. Title, in. Title: A. complete dic- 
tionary of mathematical terms, 

Tit la romtmteet; Suan hiUeh ta ta'O tlen. 

C 613-1118 
Harvard Cnlv. Chinese- Japanese Library R702G 


Akadenuia nauk SSSR. 

News. Mathematics series. 

Washington, Distributed by TJ. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

v. 26 cm. 
QA1.A3523 510.822 60-31238 

Applied mathematics and mechanics. 

Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept, of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

T. 26 cm. 
QA801.P7132 531.0822 60-31755 

Mathematics symposium. 

Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

v. 26 cm. 
QA1.M4113 510.822 60-31235 

Progress of mathematical sciences. 

Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

QA1.V633 510.822 60-31221 

Russia (19%3- U. S. S. R.) Minxterstvo vysshego i 
srednego s-pefsicH f nogo oftrazovanifa, 

News of institutes of higher learning. Mathematics. 
Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

v. 26 cm. 
QA1.R7814 60-31753 rev 

Ukrainian mathematics journal. 

Washington, Distributed by U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office 
of Technical Services. 

T. 26 cm, 
QA1.A4227T 510.822 60-31750 


ateMariiKa; nepno^niecKiift cCopaiiK nepeso^OB iinocTpaH- 
HMX ciaTeft. 1 1957 

MociCBa, HS^-BO HHocTpaimon .IIIT-PH. 

v, L'6 cm. 
QA1.M414 GO-25635 

SovStska veda: Matematika, fysika, astronomie. 

v. ilhis., ports. 24cm. bimonthly. 


Soviet mathematics, v. 1- Jan. 1960- 

[Providencej American Mathematical Society. 

v. in 28 cm. bimonthly. 

QA1.A3493 61-59871 


Dye, Leaman Andrew. 

A quintic transformation in S 3 , by Leaman Andrew Dye. 
Modern misconceptions of the mathematical achievements 
of the ancients, by George Everett Reves, Charleston, The 
Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, 1962. 

22 p. 28cm. (The Citadel monograph series, no. 8) 
QA602.D9 63-2351 t 

Wussmg, Hans. 

Mathematik in der Antike; Mathematik in der Periode 
der SklavenhaltergeseUschaft. Leipzig, Teubner, 196& 

245 p. illus, 24 cm 
QA22.W8 63-33546 t 


Ibn Turk, *Abd al-Hamld ibn Wasi*. 

Abdiilhamid ibn Tiirk'iin katisik denklemlerde mantikt 
zaruretler adh yazisi ve zamanin cebrL Logical necessities 
in mixed equations by k Abd al Hamid ibn Turk and the alge- 
bra of his time. jHazirkyanj Aydm Sayili. Ankara, Turk 
Tarih Kurumu Basimevi, 1962. 

178 p. lllua. 25 cm. (Ttirk Tarih Kurumu yayinlanmlan, 7. seri, 
no. 41) 

QA32.1 25 1962 N E 64-1979 

Tuqan, Qadri Hafiz. 

JiiU tfjUS' 

oL-ibJl J (jJUl o 

11, 518 p. 24 cm. 
Princeton Univ. Litr. 


Vaunan, A A 

nTyMepo-BaBiuoHCEaa MateMaTtiKa, ni-i ruca 

H. 3. MoCKBa, Hs^-BO BOCTO^tHOft JtHT-pH, 1961. 

277 p. dlagra., faesims. 23cm. 

[19033 nit 

XE 64-686 


Waerden, Bartel Leendert van der, 1903- 

Science awakening. English translation by Arnold Dres- 
den, with additions of the author. Few York, Oxford Uni- 
versity Press, 1961. 

306 p. Ulus. 26cm. 
QA22.W314 1961 510.93 61-19368 J 


Chang, Peng-feL 

86 p. lllus. 19cm. 

1 Mathematics Hist. 2. Mathematics, Chinese. i. Had, TTieo- 
yu, joint author, n. Title. 

Title romanizeA: Shu hstteh fa, ta shin. 

Hsu, Ch'un-f ang. 

C 62-1750 

90 p. illus 18cm. 

1. Mathematics, Chinese. L Title. 

Title romanteed: Oiung-kuo suan shu ku shin. 

Hsii, h*un-fang. 

C 59-2613 

96 p. Ulus. 19c 

L Mathematics Chinese. i. Title. 

Title romanixed: Chuag-kao suan shu ku ahtt. 

QA27.C5H7 1962 
O, Yen, 1880?- 

C 63-1631 

v. Illus. l&cm. 

1. Mathema tics, Chinese, 
II. Title. 


L Tu, Shih-Jan. joint author. 

Title romaRised: Cuuu^kuo ku 
tal shu hslleh chten shlh. 

C Gi-J08 


Li, Yen, 1880?- 

5lt 1958. 
27. illus. 21 cm. 

1. Mathematics, Chinese. x. Title. 

Tit te romanisei: Chung-kuo shu hstteh ta kang. 

C 60-5152 

Harvard Univ. Cblaese- Japanese, library 7028 

Mikarai, Yoahio. 

The development of mathematics in China and Japan. 
New York, Chelsea Pub. Co. t 1961, 

347 p. illus. 21cm. 
QA27.C5M5 1961 510.951 

63-1997 J 

Yen, Tun-chieh, 

42 p illus, 19 cm. 

1 Matlionmtlra, Chinese 2. Mathematfes Hist t Title. 

Ttile romauwedL" Chung-kuo ku tai 
shu hsfleh ti ch'fing ehiu. 


Ting, Fu-pao, 1874-1952. 


7, j37) , 98, 23, p. < on double lear8 ) 27 cm. 

L Mathematics, Chinese BlbL i. Chou, Yiin^hHag, Joint 

author n. Title. 

Title rwnanteed: Ssfl pu taung lu suan fa plen. 

Harvard Onir. Chineae- 

Japanea* Ubrary 7024 

e nmthcmatifH, 1!)1H-3!MK). \Vabli- 

L MttthoiaatUu, Chinee Blbl. i TlHe. 


Lundsgaard, Erik, 1896- 

JBgyptisk matematik. K^beahavn, J. H. Schultz, 1945. 
38 p. illus. IT cm. 
QA22.L8 61-2G3S1 

Waerden, Bartel Leendert van der, 1903- 

Science awakening. English translation by Arnold Dres- 
den, with additions of the author. New York, Oxford Uni- 
versity Press, 1961. 

306 p. illus. 26cm. 
QA22.W314 1961 510,93 61-19368 t 


see also Geometry Early works to 1800 

Apollonius Pergaeus* 

Treatise on conic sections. Edited in modern notation 
with introductions, including an essay on the earlier history 
of the subject by T. L. Heath. New York, Barnes & Noble 
f 1961, 

254 p. illus. 23cm. 
CiA3LA5 1961 513 61-65130 t 


Les 03UVT8S completes d'Arehimede sumes des commen.- 
taires d'Eutochis d'Ascalon. Traduites du. grec en franoaia 
avec une introd. et des notes par Paul Ver Eecke. t 2. eUj 
liege, Vaillant-Carmanne t c 1960j 

2 v. ( lir, 783 p. ) lllos., diagrs. 28 cm. 
QA31.A693 1960 64r-38983 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Onex. HepesoA H cxyn. c-mnx x aoiweHTapHH 
H. H. RecejoECJtoro, HepeBO^ apa6crax TCKCTOB E. A. 
Po9ex$uria. Mocrsa, Foe. HS^-BO ^asHio-iiaTeiiaiKie- 
cioft xKT'pu, 1962. 

9p. llim, porta., dtegw, cm- 
QA31.AW7 64-37169 

Bin byzantiHlscIies Rechenbudb des 15. Jahrhunderts. 
1CW Aafgtben aim dem Codex Vindobonensi& Phil. Gr. 65. 
Text, t*berwtzung und Kommentar r von, Herbert Hunger 
end Kurt Vogd. Wfcn, H. BShlaus Nachf.; Kommissions- 
vtrii* der Drterreichisdbm AJcademie der Wissenschaften, 

iSf tL Slw. 100 foM ptatM (In pocket) 80 cm. (o^terrelchlsche 

*t wESSffiw, SU*hUchJaor*aie Klaase 

DwtoArtSta, T& Bd., 2. AMuffiffltrng) ^ 64r-550 


Th* tone* of tie Greeks. Hew York, Scribner, 1955. 
iMp. lUns, 22 em. <JK* Mathematics In retrospect) 
QA&JDft 1956 510.& 55-7193 rev J 

, Estelle Afflen, 1011- 
Badid and geometry. New York, F. Watts r lW8, 

22cm, (Iiawertafe of science) 

513.09 63-13575 J 

Heerifa, *r Ttwmas Little, 1861-1W& 

A mwioal of Greek mathematics. New York, Dover Pub- 

Bmtioas rlW 3 

552 p. was, 21 cm. 
QA2SJH42 1963 510.938 63-3571 t 

Huxley, George Leonard. 

Anthamias of TraJtes, a study of later Greek geometry. 

Cambridge ,Mu&, W9. 
42 * daps. 2Scm (Gre^, Bwaan aM Byzantine mon&grapha, 


59-14700 rev 

Nkontachns . 

Tobtt b. Qfflrm% ambisdbe tJbersetaamg der * 
tlrfteY J 'l &"*> Nikfflcnftchom \ on Gerasa zum ersten 
T Willielm Kuth. Beyrouth, Impr. catholiquc J1950J 

Ir, M& p. 38 em. Reeterdtes poUiteg sous Ja direction de I'lnstt- 
tut rJe Mtrw orii-atales de Beyrouth, t 0) 
QASI.N66S NE 63-2318 

Niebel, Ecktard. 

Uiitersucatmgen iiber die Bedeutung der geoinetrischen in der Antike. Kola, Kolner UniveraitAts- 

, Nr. 76) 


, Qaadins. 

der Astronomie. Deutsche Ubersetzang und 
^fcitwn^e Annaerkungea TOU K. Manitius. Vorworfc und 
von O. Neugebauer. Leipzigi B. G. Teubner, 



IMp. Hiss, 23CEL {KaDtBtTidien. 

^ Nr.76] 

2v. IcitL chan (La poctet i diegrs., tables. 21cm. 

Terry, Leon. 

*He mtiuMo. liartrated by P. A. Hutduson. Mathe- 
djtwiBgs by John Techet New York, McGraw- 




Waerden, Bartel Le*ndert Tarn der, 1903- 

Sck^ce awakenbg. Er.glisli translation by Arnold Drea- 
der., with additions of tie author. New York, Oxford Uni- 

versity Press, 1%1. 

6 p, ffin. 

X9C1 510.98 



1 * 


ti^ a somrce book. By Bib- 

t im 
l J 

g A 3-410 

see also Mathematics, Maya 

Fujiwara, MatsusaburS, 1881-1946. 

v. lllus., diagrs. 22 cm. 

1. Mathematics, Japanese. x. Nihon Galtusblln. Nihon Ka^a- 

JcusiJ! Kank^kai. a Title T , , . , 

Tttte romantzed: Meijl-zen Nlhon sflgakushi. 

Fujiwara, Matsusaburd, 1881-1946. 

J 60-404 

1 1952 3 
316 p. Illua, 21 cm. 

1. Mathematics, Japanese. i. Title. 

Hirayama, Akira, 1904- 

: Nihon sugaku shi yd. 
J 60-158 t 

i e t i9ei, 

I08p. Illus. 

t. Matbematlca, Japanese. r. Title. 

Title romanteeA; Waean no rekishl. 

J62-3B4 t 

Mifcami, Yoshio. 

The development of mathematics in China and Japan. 
New York, Chelsea. Pub. Co. t !961j 

347 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
<iA27.C5M5 1961 510.951 60-1997 1 

Hagino, K6g5, 1927- 

2, 2, 162 p. lllus,, ports., tables. 
Bibliography: p. ^42. 

1. Mathematics, Japanese Blbl. 2. Mathematics Hist BLbl. 
3, Mathematicians, Japanese BlbL T. Tltla 

Title romttnised: Nlhon gOgaku shl kenkyd benran. 

Ginsburg, Jekuthiel, 1889-195T. 

J 63-441 

c TeI-Aviv, 1960 1 
811 p. 23 cm. 

A 61-381 
Hebrew Union College. Library 

MATHEMATICS, LOGIC OF see Mathematics 


Sindie^ George Isidore, 1906- 

Arithmetic in Maya, [Austin ! Tex.. 196L 

T4p. mus. 21cm. 3 


61-42041 1 


Shtokalo, IOS>T> Zakharovyeh. 

Hapnc po3BHTry MareMaTiiKH na 5'Kpaini aa 40 poKiB pa 
A*HCtxoi aiaAH. KHIB, BH^-BO Asa^eMii Hays Yep. PCP, 

81p. 21cm. 
QA27JR8S5 5&-6iai J 

Angel, Juvenal Londono, 1907- 

Careers lop niajors in mathematics. Kew York. Worid 
Trade Academy Press [ e 1959] 

JO p. 26cm. (Modem Vocational Trends career monographs. 6S2, 

QAllJLe& 6^-1709 I 


Gehman, Harry Merrill, 1898- 

Opportunities in mathematics. New York, Vocational 
Guidance Manuals ("I960] 

80p. 22cm. 
QA11.G418 61-19168 I 

Gehman, Harry Merrill, 1898- 

Opportunities in mathematics careers, by Harry M. 
Gehman. New York, Vocational Guidance Manuals r 1964i 

88 p. 20cm. (VGM career series) L ^ 

QA11.G418 1964 510.69 64-14776 

Kolmogorov, Andrei Nikolaevich, 1903- 

O npo$eccHii MaxeiiaTHKa. Hs^. 3., ^on. fMoczsaj Hs^- 
BO Moci.oBCKoro VHHBepCHTeTa, 1959. 

28, t 4,p. 22cm. 
QA11.K75 1959 60-31114 

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

Careers in mathematics. [Co-sponsorS] : National Council 
of Teachers of Mathematics [and] National Academy of Sci- 
ences-National Research Council. Washington rl961t 

28 p. lllus. 14x22 cm. 
QA11.N28 510.69 61-3525 1 

Oklahoma. State University of Agriculture and Applied 
Science, Stttlwater. Dept. of Mathematics. 

Mathematics, its vocational aspects ... Stillwater, 1945. 

30 p. 23 cm. (Oklahoma A. and M. College, StIUwater. Bulletin, 
T. 42, no. 18) 
QA11.O4 510.69 45-37425 rev* 

U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Employment in professional mathematical work in indus- 
try and Government; report on a 1960 survey prepared for 
the National Science Foundation in cooperation with the 
Mathematical Association of America. [Washington, 1962 3 
iz, 82 p. lllus. 26 cm. 

L 62-83 
U. S. Dept. of Labor. Library 


Shedd, Aaron Neal, 1927- 

Careers in engineering, mathematics, science, and related 
fields; a selected bibliography, by A. Neal Shedd, Anita K 
Scott, and James M. McCullough. (Washington] U. S. 
Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Educa- 
tion rl961j 

T, 39 p. 28 cm. ([U. 3. Office ot Education Bulletin 1961, no. 

L111.A6 1961, no. 8 HEW61-55 

Copy 2. Z7405.P7S5 

TJ. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Investments Mathematics 


Mueller, Francis J 

Mathematics education in Rhode Island public secondary 
schools; a status report. Providence, State Dept. of Educa- 
tion [19621] 

vli,46p. tables. 23cm. 
QA11.M72 63-64056 


U. S. Office of Education. 

Science and mathematics teachers in public high schools, 
by Ellsworth S. Obourn and Kenneth E. Brown. r Washing- 
ton, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. 

Govt Print, Off., 1963] 

vi,35p. tables. 23 x lie 
U, S. Dept of Health, 

HEW 63-124 
Education, and Welfare. Library 


National Association of State Directors of Teacher Edu- 
cation and Certification. 

Secondary school science and mathematics teachers; char- 
acteristics and service loads. Report of a survey by the Na- 
tional Association of State Directors of Teacher Education 
and Certification and the American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science for the National Science Foundation. 
[Washington, National Science Foundation ; for sale by the 
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963, 

vl, 45 p. tables. 26cm. 
Q181.N24 63-61255 



Die Mathematisch-Militarische Gesellschaft in Zurich und 
ihre Bibliothek. Zurich, Kommissionsverlag Beer, 1904-55. 

2 *. faeslnw. 26 cm. (Neujahcsblatt der Feuerwerker-Gesell- 
schaft (ArtiUerte-KoIlegtum) in Zflrlch auf das Jahr 1054-1&55, 145- 
TJ3.M3M3 60-23351 rev 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MATHER, COTTON, 1663-1728 

Boas, Ralph Philip, 1887- 

Cotton Mather, keeper of the Puritan conscience, by 
Ealph nd Louise Boas. Hamden, Conn., Archon Books, 

1964 r j 

Is, 271 p, 21 cm. 
F67.M422 1964 



Wendell, Barrett, 1855-1921. 

Cotton Mather, the Puritan priest. With a new introd. 
by Alan Heimert. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World 

248 p. 21cm. (A Harbinger book) 
F67.M452 1963 

63-12740 J 


Manierre, William Reid, 1923- 

Cotton Mather and the plain style. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms t 1950 3 

Mcronim AC-1 no. 58-3708 Mic 58-3708 

Michigan. Univ. Libr. 

MATHER, INCREASE, 1639-1723 

Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. 

The autobiography of Increase Mather, edited by M. Gk 


(/ American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. Proceedings. 
Worcester. 25 cm. v. 71, pt 2 (1962) p. t 271j-360) 
E172.A35 vol. 71, pt. 2 A 63-410 

Newberry Library 

CALIF, see U.S. Mather Air Force Base, 
Sacramento, Calif. 


FranSc, Jiff F 

BohumilMathesius. t Vyd.l.j Praha, St&nl nM. krfsne* 
literaturv a umgnf, 1963. 

800, A p. illus., ports., facslms. 21cm. 
PG5038.M387Z64 63-68343 


Mathews, Alfred Edward, 1831-1874 

Interesting narrative; being a journal of the flight of 
Alfred E. Mathews, of Stark Co., Ohio, from the State of 
Texas, on the 20th of April, and Ms arrival at Chicago pa 
the 28th of May, after traversing on foot and alone a dis- 
tance of over 800 miles across the States of Louisiana, 
Arkansas and Missouri, by the most unfrequented routes; 
together with interesting descriptions of men and things; 
of what he saw and heard ; appearance of the country, habits 
of the people, &c., &c., <&c. c n. p.] 1861. t Denver, N. Mumey, 

34 p. 22 cm. 
E601.M43 1861a 


Mumey, Nolie, 1891- 

Alfred Edward Mathews, 1831-1874: "Union soldier, illus- 
trator of Civil War battles, author, traveler, map maker, and 
delineator of Western scenes, especially those of the Terri- 
tories of Colorado and Montana jbiographyj Boulder, Colo., 
Johnson Pub. Co., 1961. 

xlr, 78 p. port, fold. map. 26 cm. 
NC139.M3M8 927.6 61-41488 


ffirshberg, Albert, 1909- 

The Eddie Mathews story. New York, J. Messner t 1960 3 

192 p. lllus. 22 <*m- 
GV865.M36H5 927.96357 60-12452 \ 


Mathews, John Joseph, 1895- 

... Talking to the moon. Chicago, University of Chicago 
press [1945] 

vlH, 243, t li P. iUus. 23 cm. 

CT275.M4644A3 928.1 A 45-3207 rev 

Chicago. UnlY. Libr. 


Scott, Jim, 1912- 

Bob Mathias, champion of champions. t Bev,ed.j Minne- 

apolis, T. S. Denison t !963] 

210 p. 22cm. (Men of achievement series) 
GV697.M3S35 1963 j 92 63-19061 

Mafhjasen, Hans. 

Havet m^rkelagt K^benhavn, Borgen, 1960. 
825 p. 21 cm. 
D771.M32 61-48883 J 


McLachlan, Norman William, 1838- 

Theory and application of Mathieu functions, by N. W. 
McLaohlan. New York, Dover Publications r 19Mj 

xii, 401 p. lllus, 22 cm. 
QA405.M3 1964 517.35 64-16333 

U. S. Aerospace Research Laboratories, Wright-Patterson 
Air Force Base., Ohio. 

Tables relating to the radial Mathieu functions. Wash- 
ington, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. 
Govt Print. Off. r !9G2- 

v. 27cui, 
QA405.U5 517.35 63-60189 rev 


CastHIon du Perron, Marguerite. 

La princesse Mathilda. Paris, Librairie academique 
Perrin (1963! 

339, ft p. mot, ports., geneal tables. 22 on. (Presence de 
rhbrtofre; collection hUrtorfciue) 
IX3255.M3C3 64-29516 

Mattrar, Jagdish Chandra, 1917- 

PIW SWFtFT [1963] 
161 PV, ports. 22 cm, 

In Hindi. 

1. India BU*. i. 

Title trantWra**d: Dasa t 

CT1503.M3 S A 63-3316 



Slovenska akad^mia vied. HistoricTcy ustav, 

Matica slovenski r naHch dejinach; sbornlk statl c V"e- 
decM redafctori: Julius M&aroi, Miroslav Kropilik. 1. 
vyd.j Bratislava, Vydavaterstvo Slovenskfiii akademie vied, 

431 p. plates (loci, facatm.) 25 cm. 
AS142.M43S55 64-27171 


Matica slovenska^ Turciansky sv. Martin. 

YydavateTsk^ dielo Matice dovenskej; bibliografia a 
prehl' adorn. V Marline, 1963. 

551 p. 11109. 25cm. 
Z5055.S42M34 63-44943 


Diaz Soler, Luis M 

Rosendo Matiemo CiMron, Eio Piedrasj Instituto de 
Literatura Puertorriquena, Universidad de Puerto lico, 

2r. fllus. 24cm. 
P1975.M3D5 61-82583 J 

CONQUEROR, d. 1083 


Gerson, Noel Bertram, 1914- 

The conqueror's wife. [1st ed. 3 Garden City, . i. 
Doubleday, 1957. 

57-8142 rev 

MATING BEHAVIOR see Courtship of 

MATIRAMA, fl. 1664 
Singh, Tribhuvan, im~ 




nPd < i *i <ww 

BlbUogmphj: p. 38HM2. 


MATISSE, HENRI, 1869-1954 

Barnes, Albert Coombs, IS 72-1 951. 

The art of Henri-Matisse, by Albert C. Barnes and Yio- 
lette de Mazk. Merion, Pa., Barnes Foundation Press 

xri, 464 p. mm., port 24 cm. 
NP553.M37B3 1S50 759.4 


Escholier, Raymond, 1882- 

Matisae: a portrait of the artist and the man. Translated 
by Geraidine and H. K. Colvile. With introd. and notes on 
the Ulna, by E. H. Wilenski. 2few York, Fraeger t 1960] 

226 p. lllus., plates (part col.) 26 cm. (Books that matter) 
NB553.M37E83 759.4 60-8715 

Elipstein & Kornf eld, Bern. 

Henri Matisse: das illustrierte Werk, Zeichnun^en und 
3>ruckgniphifc [Ausstellungj 15. Ltezeinber 1960 bis Ende 
Januar 1061. Bern i!960, 

47 p. Bias. 23cnx 
NC248.M4K55 61-42075 t 

New York. Mwscmn of Modem Art 

The la,st works of Henri Matisse: large cat gouaches, by 
Monroe Wheeler. The Muum of Modern Art, New York, 
in collaboration with the Art Institute of Chicago and the 
San Francisco Museum of Art. Garden City, N. Y M Dis- 
tributed by Doubleday t !961 3 

47,A-Pp. lite., port, col plates, 25cm. 
ND553.M37N43 759.4 61-18453 

Set, Jean. 

Matisse. E Transkted from the French by A. P. H. Hamil- 
ton, New York, Crown Publishers 19643 

M p. lllus. (part moulted, part coL) yoxts. (part Mounted, part 
coL) 2&can. 
NB558.M37S383 759.4 64-54749 


Zadneprovskil, N 
A^asacHa M 

H3A-BO, 1958. 

73 p. illiffi. 21 cm. 


oBCKOe o6s. 
60-38341 | 


Prehi^ory of the Mafcjes Ei-ror Eock Shelter. t Bloemf 011- 
teinj 1960. 

143 p, illus., map, dlagrs. 26 cm. (Natiooal Mosemn, Bloemfon- 
teln. Memoir ao. 1) 

DT848.M3L6 5734 61-34184 

see Czestochowa, Our Lady of 

Jugoslavenska aiademija inanosti i urojetnosti. Institut, 

A. G. Mato ; fcatalog izlozbe. Origbaalni rukopisi, biljei- 
nice, pisraa, dokumenti, fotografije, izdanja djela. 28. XL- 
28. xn. 1954. Zagreb, 1954. 

47 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
PG1618.M35J8 6^-31527 t 

MATOS, GREG6RIO DE see Matios Guerra, 
Gregorio de, 16237-1696 

MATOS, LUIS PALE'S see Pale's Mates, Luis 


Kristfif, Sandor. 

Mtra; utikalauz. 2.b6V.kiad. [Budapestj Sport Lap- es 



8 p. lllus. 17cm. 
DB975.M33K7 1956 

MATRAY, GABOR, 1797-1846 

Szabokm, Beace, 1899- e& 

Erkel Ferenc fe Bajto'fc Ba emleMre. Szerfc. Szabdca 
BencefeBarthaD^n^. Budapest, Akad&niai Kiad6, 1954. 

558 p. Him., ports, facaiios, music. 25 cm. (Zenetadominyi 
tanulminyok, 2) 
ML55.E7S9 63-62723/MN 

Szabolcsi, Bence, 1899- ed, 

A magyar zene torttnetebSL szerk. Szabolsci Bence 6s 
Bartha Denes. Budapest, Akademiai Kiad6, 1950. 

287 p. lllus., facalms,, music. 25 cm. (Zenetudominyl tanul- 
ML248597 68-52990/B4N 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Family; Matrilineal kinship; 
Woman History and condition of 


Briffault, Robert, 1876-1948. 

The mothers. Abridged, with an introd. by Orordon 
Batey Taylor, New York, MacmSIIan tl96Qj 

451 p, illofl. 23 as. 

HQ508.B8S 30M2 60-840 J 

Bdffratt, Robert, 1876-1048, 

The mothers; (the matriarchal theory of social origins] 
Abridged, and with an introd. by Gordon Kattray Taylor. 
New York, Universal Library r !963] 

411 p, mm, 21 em, (Growers universal library) 
HQB6S 1963 301.42 63-6161 

Eberz, Jakob, 1878-1958. 

Sophia-Logos und der Widersacher; eine geschichtspliilo- 
aophiache These. r Aus nachgelassenen Schriften hrsg. und 
rait Fremdwort-Erklarung und Kurzbiographie des Autors 
wrsehen ron Lticia Eberz. 1. Aufl.j Munchen-Solln, So- 

60-26135 J 

208 p. lem 

Takanrare, Itsae, 1894- 

4, 4, 7, 043, 4 p. port, genetl. tables. 22 cm. 

56 1) 

1 Matriarchy. 2, Family Japan. 3. Names, Personal Japan, 
i. Title TitU ramanizet: Bokeisei no kenkyQ. 

HtrnurdrnlT. CWnese- 

J 60-2944 

Japanese Library 4176 


see also Games of strategy (Mathematics); 
Linear programming 

Aimmdseit, Herdis. 

litt determinant- og miLtriseregning for statastikere og 
i&oiMBier; fonlemingar hfteten 1951. [Oslo, 1952. 

SO L lew. 80 cm (Memorandum ra TJnlverBltetets Sodal- 
0KMMBMH tetititt, Oslo} 
QAI9UL55 64-36367 t 

Argyris,! H 

Eoergj theorems and structural analysis; a generalised 
discourse with applications on energy principles of struc- 
tural analysis including the effects of temperature and non- 
linear stress-strain relations. Co-author of part n: S. Kel- 

ny. Ixmdon, Butterworth, 1960. 
85 p. 



BaaicSilewiez, Tadeusz, 1882-195! 

Baelraaefc faxkowiaaowy 2 zastosowaniami. t Wyd. l.j 
Warauwa, Pa&stwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, 1959. 

M &. iltes. 25 cm. 
QAS63.B3 63-40618 J 

Beck, Guide, 1003- 

On the physical interpretation of complex poles of the 
-utrix, by G. Beck and H. M. Nussenzveig. Rio de Ja- 
neiro, Geotro BrasiMro de Pesquisas Fisicas, 1959- 

v, flfas, SBCB. (Centre Brasileiro dc Pesquisas Ffs leas. Notas 

63-37671 | 


Bellinan, Richard Ernest, 1920- 

Imtrodttetioai to matrix analysis. New York, McGraw- 
Hill, im 

S28p. mm. 24 em. jMcGraw-HiH series In matrix theory s 

512J96 59-9983 t 

Bickley, William Gee. 

BCatrices; tJwbr meaning and manipulation rbyi "W. GL 
Bfekley f sij R. S. H. G, Thompson. Princeton, K J., Van 

Blaquiere, Austin. 



BJamt-nthal, Benshard, ^o,^ ra ^V^ 
tn die 

g: fur Mchtmatl 




Borg, Sidney F . 

Matrix-tensor methods in continuum mechanics. Prince- 
ton, N. J., Van Nostrand r 1963, 

313 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QA433.B62 517.2 63-949 t 

Bowman, Frank, 1891- 

An introduction to determinants and matrices. London, 
English Universities Press t *1962] 

Ix, 183 p. dlagrs. 23cm. (Applied mathematics series) 
QA191.B6 64-729 

Braae, R 

Matrix algebra for electrical engineers. London, I. Pit- 
man; Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. [1963] 

xl, 162 p. dlagrs. 23 cm. (Adlwes International series In the 
engineering sciences) 

1963 512.896 64-9785 

Brouwer, Willem, 

Matrix methods in optical instrument design. New York, 
W. A. Benjamin, 1964. 

xi, 290 p. Illus. 24 cm. (Lecture notes and supplements to 
QC371.B847 681.4 63-21984 

Colin, Paul Moritz. 

Linear equations. Glencoe, HI, Free Press [I960, e !958j 

75 p. illus. 19cm. (Library of mathematics) 
[QA195] 512.21 61-66597 

Dice, Stanley Frost. 

On summability by a class of upper-triangular matrices. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms C 1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-26 Mic 59-26 

Pittsburgh. Univ. Libr. 

Efimov, Nikolai Vladimirovich, 1910- 

KBaApaTHiHsie 4>opuu H MaTpnn;u. MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO 

$H3HKO-MaTeMaTH^eCKOft JTHT-pU, 1962. 

159 p. mug. 21 cm. (HatfpaHHwe waBH Bucmeft MaiewaTHKH AIIX 
QA243.E3 64-27586 t 

Efimov, Nikolai Vladimirovich, 1910- 

Quadratic forms and matrices, an introductory approach 
t byj N. V. Yefimov. Translated, and edited, by A, Shenitzer. 
New York, Academic Press t !964j 

ix, 164 p. iUus. 21 cm. (Academic paperbacks. Mathematics) 
QA243.E313 1964 512.87 64-24669 

Eisenman, Richard L 

Matrix vector analysis. New York, McGraw-Hill t 1963j 
Ix, 314 p. dlagrs. 22 cm. 
QA261.E4 512.895 

Falco, Giampaolo Marcello. 

Introdusao ao c&lculo matricial t porj Giampaolo Marcello 
Falco. Baizes caracteristicas de u'a matriz t por] Flavio 
Fausto Manzoli. Matrizes de "entradas e safdas" r porj 
Flavio Fausto Manzoli. Sao Paulo, 1962. 

131 p. tables. 27 cm. (Faculdade de dfincias EconOmlcas e Ad- 
mlnlstratlvas, Unlversldade de So Paolo. Boletlm no. 26. Oadelras 
QA263JF3 64-39123 

Filin, Anatoli! Petrovich, ed. 

CoBpeneHHHe MCTOAH pacieia CIOJKHHX ciaTHHecKH ne- 
onpe^ejiHMux cncTew ; c6opHHK craTeft. HepcBOA c anrjtHft- 
CKOro JI. H. (tanHHoft. JenHHrpa^, Foe. cojoanoe HSA-BO 

875 p. Illus. 27cm. 
TG260.F53 63-37171 J 

Finkbeiner, Daniel Talbot, 1919- 

Introduction to matrices and linear transformations. 
Drawings by Evan Gillespie. San Francisco, W. H. Free- 
man t!960j 

248 p. illus. 25 em. (A Series of undergraduate books in mathe- 
QA263.F45 512.896 60-7179 t 

Fog, David, 1896- 

Matricer og deres anvendelse i udjaevningslseren, t Kjiben- 
havnj Studerendes rad ved den ICgL Veterinaer- og land- 

A 61-3430 

87 p. 22 cm. 
Princeton TTniv. 

Fraeijs d Veubeke, B ed. 

Matrix methods of structural analysis. Oxford, New 
York, Published for and on behalf of Advisory Group for 
Aeronautical Research and Development, North Atlantic 
Treaty Organization, by Pergamon Press; t distributed in 
the Western Hemisphere by Macmillan, New York] 1964. 

T,84Sp. Illus. 26cm. dAGARDograpb. 72) 
TL500.Ne no, 72 04-9692 

Fuller, Leonard E 

Basic matrix theory. Englewood Cliffs. N. J,, Prentice- 

245 p. 24cm. (Prentice-Hall mathematics series) 




62-12104 J 

Gallagher, Richard H 

A correlation study of methods of matrix structural an- 
alysis, by Richard H. Gallagher, with contributions by 
Ivan Rattinger t andj John S. Archer. .Oxford, New York, 
Published for and on behalf of Advisory Group for Aero- 
nautical Research and Development, North Atlantic Treaty 
Organization, by Pergamon Press; [distributed in the 
Western Hemisphere by Macmillan, New York] 1964. 

113 p. dlagrs., tables. 26 cm. (AGAKDograpb. 69) 
TL500.N6 no. 69 624.171 63-19239 

Gantmakher, Feliks Ruvimovich. 

Applications of the theory of matrices. Translated and 
rev. by J. L. Brenner, with the assistance of D. W. Bushaw 
and S. Evanusa. New York, Interscience Publishers, 1959. 

317 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
QA263.G3532 512.896 58-13804 J 

Gantmakher, Feliks Ruvimovich. 

The theory of matrices, by F. R. Gantmacher. [Transla- 
tion by 1C A. Hirschj New York, Chelsea Pub. Co. rl959] 

2 y. 24 cm. 
QA263.G353 512.896 59-11779 J 

Caspar, Gyula. 

Matrixszamitas muszaki alkaJmazasokkal. Budapest, 
Miiszaki Konyvkiad6, 1963. 

358 p. illus. 17cm. 
QA263.G37 63-55734 

Gibbs, William John. 

Electric machine analysis using matrices. London, Pit- 
man 1962] 

vii, 70 p. diagrs. 23 cm. 
TK2211.G5 63-24517 

Hall, Arthur Stanley. 

Frame analysis t by, Arthur S. Hall t and, Ronald W. 
Woodhead. New York, Wiley rl061i 
247 p. illus. 24 cm. 

TG260.H22 624.171 61-11167 J 

Hall. George Garfield. 

Matrices and tensors. Oxford, New York, Pergamon 
Press, 19G3. 

106 p. Illus. 24 cm. (The International encyclopedia of physi- 
cal chemistry and chemical physics. Topic 1: Mathematical tech- 
niques, v. 4) 
QD453.I5 topic 1, vol. 4 512.896 62-22063 J 

Hancock, Norman Napoleon. 

Matrix analysis of electrical machinery t byj N. N". Han- 
cock. Oxford, Pergamon Press; New York, MacmillaJi 
t !964j 

zii 244 p. 20 cm. (The Commonwealth and International library 
of science, technology, engineering, and liberal studies. Applied elec- 
tricity & electronics division, v. 7) 
TK2211.H3 1964 62L313 

Hellman, Olavi. 

On the Schrodinger eigenvalue problem. K^benhavn, I 
kommission hos Munksgaard, 1960. 

2 v. 24 cm. (Matematisk-fysiske meddelelser udg. af det Kon- 
gelige Danske vldenskabernes selskab, bd. 32, nr. 4, 10) 
AS281.D215 bd. 32, nr. 4, 10 A 61-3564 

Copy 2. QC174.5.H44 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 

Higman, Bryan. 

Applied group-theoretic and matrix methods. New York, 
Dover Publications C 1964] 

xii, 454 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QA171.H58 1964 512.86 64-14303 

Hoffmann, Thomas Russell, 1933- 

Generation of permutations and combinations. [Madi- 
son*] 1959. 

281. 28cm. (University of Wisconsin. Engineering Experiment 
Station, report no. 13) 
FTA1.W74 no. 13] 512.5 60-399 t 

Hoffmann, Thomas Russell, 1933- 

Permutfltions and precedence matrices with automatic 
computer applications to industrial problems. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms [1959] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-3259 Mic 59-3259 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

Hohn, Franz Edward, 1915- 

Elementary matrix algebra. 2d ed. New York, Macmil- 
lan r 1964, 

xiv,395p, illus. 24cm. 
QA263.H6 1964 512.896 64-16862 

Herat, Paul, 1903- 

Matrix algebra for social scientists. New York, Holt, 
Binehart and Winston t 1963] 

517 p. Illus. 24cm. 
H61.H6S5 300.18 63-7368 t 

Houbolt, John Cornelius, 1919- 

A recurrence matrix solution for the dynamic response of 
aircraft in gusts. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1951. 
II, 81 p. diagrs. 80 cm. ([U. S.j National Advisory Committee 
for Aeronautics. Report 1010) 

TL521.A33 no. 1010 629.1323 52-60114 rev 
Copy 2. QA930.H67 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MATRICES (Continued) 

Householder, Alston Scott, 1904- 

The theory of matrices in numerical analysis c byj Alston S. 
Householder. r lst ed.j New York, BlaisdeU Pub. Co. f 1964j 

vlil, 257 p. 24 cm. (Introductions to higher mathematics) 
QA263.H67 512.896 64-10007 

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Modrinskii,N I 

npHMeaeHHC KpaxoBjiHOB B reo^esniecEHX 
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Analyse matricielle et ses appEcations 3i k statisfciqne 
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Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MATRICES (Coirtiaued) 

Weta, Alemiier Ton, 1915- . 

Matrix aaalyfis for electrical engineers. Translated by 
Ejwn Brwroer. Princeton, N. J., Van Koetwnd t l964, 

*~ W18H 64-19830 

Zeft*r, G . . ^ . , 

liable matrix algebra and transistor circuits. Oxford, 

New Turk. PMjrainon I'rt'M ,<lth'ilnitp<l in the Western 

HmiHriicre In Maourillan, New York, 1063. 
xv, lift p. 28 na 

TK7M7&T7:JZ4 IJKtt 62I.8S131 63-10098 

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H&trizen tad ihr teehniseihen Anwendungea 3. 
MntauHb. AU& Berlin, Springer, 1961. 

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1961 62-34913 J 

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Mtfcnaen. and ihre technischen Anwendungsn. 4. neu- 
bwrb, Ann. Berlin, Springer, 1964. 

US, 452 D. film. 24 cm. 
QAS6&Z8 19&4 512.896 64-19867 

MATRICIDE see Parricide 
see also Matriarchy 

Schneider, David Murray, 1918- *L 

Matrilbml kinship, edited by David M. Schneider and 
KatMeen Owigk Btateley, University of California Press, 

is, 761 p. lUm, map. 24 cm. 
1961 3 


MATRILINY see Matrilineal kinship 


see also Alimony; Divorce suits; Mar- 
riageAnnulment; Separation (Law) 

Xtfav, Samuel G 1910- 

Tht cwapfete #oi<Je to divorce. [New Yorkj B. Geis Asso- 

ektes; distributed by Eatidom House 1963 3 
til, SO* p, ft! cm. 

301.42026 63-18457 

Mta, Tfi&asatemrB, 18f~ 

Hffl*=* ^^ * 

X Mtrtmlal aettaw. 2. Marriage law, t. Title, 

Titl rom&nteed: Kon'hi jlken eoshO no kenkyJL 

J 60-2697 


Winter, Walter T 

HAW! of California domestic relations procedure. San 

Fwwseo, Bmiar, WS. 
Sgp, ferm m 


Medawar, Nidbola-s Antoine. 

in a nutshell, ly K. A. 
and Haurdid Witaoa. London, Sweet & Maxwell, 

132 P. tt. 

rf E. 


With the 

(XGorrnan, Hubert J 

,l*n^f ' 
& ptft 

, staty of Infwroal prts- 
'fw Tcki 'Free 


Kling, Samuel G 1910- 

The complete guide to divorce. [New York] B. Geis Asso- 
ciates; distributed by Random House t !963] 
vill, 304 p. 25 cm. 

301.42026 63-18457 


see also Marriage Annulment 
(Canon law); Separation (Canon law) 

Catholic Church. Conyregatio de Disdplina Sacramentorum. 
Iwtructio Servanda a Tribunalibus Dioecesanfo in Per- 
tractandis Causis de NuZUtate Matrimoniorum,. 

Processus rnatriraonialis. Neapoli, M. d'Auria, S. Sedis 
Apostolicae Typographus, 1947. 
c4j L, 874 p. 25 cm. 

392.5 48-12068 rev* 

Semana de Derecho Can6nico. 4th, Abbey of Montserrat, 

Las causas mntrimoniales; trabajos de la cuarta Semana 
de Derecho Canonico celebrada en el Monasterio de N.* S-* 
de Montserrat. Salamanca, 1953. 
570 p, 25cm 



MATRIMONIAL REGIME see Husband and wife 
MATRIMONIAL SUITS see Matrimonial actions 

MATRIMONY see Marriage 

see also Quantum statistics; Quantum 
theory; Wave mechanisms 

Alder, Kurt 

On the theory of multiple Coulomb excitation with heavy 
ions, by Kurt Alder and Aage Winther. Kjzfbenhavn, I 
kommission hos Munksgaard, 1960. 

71, [Ij p. tables, dlagrs. 24 cm. (Matematisk-fyslske meddelelser 
ndg: af det Kongellge Danske VIdenskabernes selskab, bd. 32, nr. 8) 
AS281.D215 bd.32,nr.8 A 63-844 

Copy 2. QC3174.5.A3& 

Columbia TMv. Libraries 

Chew, Geoffrey P 

S-matrix theory of strong interactions; a lecture note and 
reprint volume. New York, W. A. Benjamin, 1961. 

182 p. iilus. 23 cm. (Frontiers In physics; a lecture note and 
reprint series) 
QC174.3.C45 530.12 61-18178 t 

Segal, Irving: Ezra. 

Foundations of the theory of dynamical systems of in- 
finitely many degrees of freedom. Ktfbenhavn, I kommis- 
sion hos Munksgaard, 1959- 

T. 25 cm. (Matematisk-fyslske meddelelser, utg. af det Kon- 
gellge Dansfce rldenskabernes selskab. bd. 31, nr. 12 
AS281.D215 bd. 31, nr. 12, etc. A 59-8339 rev 

Copy 2. QC174.45.S46 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 



Shkadarevich, I I 

noflirar MaTpocosa, MOCKBE, Boea. nsa-BO. 1961. 
lOOp. Ulns. 20cm. 
DK268.M36S49 62-32502 J 

Tang, rieh-hai. 

flf ft n i . & 


23 p. idem. 

1. Matrosov. Aleksaadr Matveerkb, 1924-1&43. i. Title. 

Title romanized: HsUeh iu*l Ma-t'e- 
Io-8o-fu tl yu hfllu p'lu clilh. 

C 62-2561 t 


Konovalov, Vladimir Mironovich. 

COTDK; iryreiKHi?au, no Kypojwy CoiHr Mantecra Xocra. 
pj Kpacao^tapCKoe KHHacatoe H3-ao, 1959. 
Slavic 1548 BA Hie 62-7491 



Glasser, Moiuu 

King Kong; a venture in the theatre. Photos, by laa 
Berry. Cape Town, N. Howell 1960j 
78 p. iilus. 23 cm. 

ML410.M427G6 62-33780 t 

MATSIJS, QU1NTEN see Metsy, Quentin, 
d. 1530 



Chiang, Ching-kuo, 1906- 

K 49 t !960j 

1 v. (various pagings) 15 cm. 

1. Chiang, Kai-shek, 1887- 2. China Hist Civil War, 1945- 

1949. 3. Quemoy Defenses. 4. Matsu Defenses. i. Title. 

Title romanized: Fu chung chin yfian. 

C 61-4368 
Columbia Univ. East Asiatic Library 

MATSUBARA DAM (Projected) 
Murohara, TomoynkL 

178 p. illug. 18cm. 

1 Eminent domain Japan. 2. ShimoukeDam (Projected) 
8. Matsubara Dam ( Projected) i. Title. 

Title romanfee*; Shlmouke damiu 


Hemmi, Kenzo, 1923- 

J 62-789 

2, 2, 188 p. map^dlagrg., tables. 21cm. ( 


Bibliographical footnotes. 

1. Truclc farm log Japan. 2. Matnudo, Japan Bnvlrona. t 
t JMS!L : ! W* ^^ KenkyflJo.'Tol^o. NOgyC SOgO Ken- 
kenkyfl aOaoo, dal 4-gO. Series: NOgyO 80gO Kenkyfllo Tokyo 
SdgOKenky(yotankbutBu,dalli-gC) "yw, Kyo. 

Ttfte rottumtewf: KlnW sosalken 
no seiHtau jOken. 
HD1476JS6H4 J 64-780 

MATSUI, SHIGERU, 1866-1945 
Matsui, Shigeru, 1866-l94, r ). 

fe#3t fifo ic ^ fe^-^ ft n RJ f r fr Hfl flj 

2r t 1952, 

4,^,8,5481). ports. 22 cm. 

J'ttfp mimiuixrd: .Mnlsul Shljwni 
JTUiton Univ. (test Oriental Llhrnry 

Miyake, Seiki, 1896- 

*ff2feipi z^Bfjfir ^^ 


254 p. fllus., ports. 18cm. ( 1| A{) 

1. Matronaga, Yasiunetooo, M75- Z BlectrMlcatton Japan. 
Title romanized: Mafcranaga Yasuzaemon. 

HD9685J32M5 J 64-781 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MATSUO, BASHO, 1644-1694 
Abe, Kimio, 1909- 

7,244 p. lllus,, ports., map*. 18on. 

Colophon Insetted. 
Bibliography: p, 242-244. 

1. Muteuo, B8h6 t 1644r-16M. (Series; Jlrabutsu 08ho, 71) 

Title rwwinteed; Mattiio BanM. 

J 62-1473 

Hirosue, Tamotsu, 1919- 

t" 1957. 
328 p. 22 cm. 

1. Matsuo, BashS, 1644-1004. 2. Ihara, Salknku, 1642-16,03, 
3. Chlkamatsu, Monzaemon, 1053-1723. i Title, 

Title nmantecd, Gcnroku Imngaku kt'nkyQ. 

Yamamoto, Kenkichi, pseud. 

7 t 503 p. 20 cm 

1. Matsuo, BasliO, 1644-16&4. 

Yamazaki, Kiyoehi, 1908-1957. 

J" 60-532 

Title routniscd: Baahd. 
J 64-451) 

22 t 1047, 

4, 2, 378 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

1. Japanese literature Hist. & crlt. 2. Matsuo, BashO, 1644-1604. 
i. Title. 

rate rcwuMt&ed: BnshO to monjin. 

J 61-4396 rev 
Cornell Univ. Library 

Sakuragi, Shunko, 1894- 

38 ,in63j 
480 p. lllus., ports., fold. map. 20cm, 

1. Mutsuo, Hasha, 1644-10SH Dictionaries, Indexes, etc. 

Tttto romance* Baghfr Jiten. 


Kon, T5k5, 1808- 


tt ,&, 
238 p. ilia*, maps {on linlar papew) 22 cm. 
Colophon Inserted. 

:; p. 215-286. 

1. Matsun, BashO, 1644-16(H Homes and baunto. 
SOwi. u. Matsuo, BasbS, 1644-1M. Oku no hogomlch!. ro. 
IT, Title: Oku no hosomlchi. 

Title WMHM<: Karoera kltt ofeu no 


J 64-127 

36 [1961! 

288 p. WM, 10cm, 
X Mateuo, Baho, le 



Asanuma, InejirS, 1898- ed, 

44 p. iiiui. 10cm, 
Cover titl*. 

1. MatMioka, Koroaklchl, 1888-195a I. Title. 

rte rwwawfeai; Ko MatswHra Koma- 

klchl Kun t6s6 tsuitdroka 

J 60-2032 

Hoover Institution 


Matsushima, Hiroshi, 191!i~ 

*H*1JCHA1 fei&1*7t *CJi 
83 t ll>58, 
32." p. idux., miips, 10 em. 

1. China Descr, & trav. 2 Slno-JnimtMsse Conflict, IOQ7-1W5 
I'ersonnl narratives, Japanese i. Title. 

Title rojH<wue<f: Kac-hfl JQguu nllckl. 

I)S7lO.War J 64-11!) 


Matsuyama, Japan (Ehime Prefecture) 

1-4, 685 p. illus.. fold. col. oiate. ports., mapa, plans, tables. 22cm. 
TJ romaned: Matuyama-lil *hL 


Demoto, Inshfi, 1891- 

t ^En ft if it fMt-n u 

HC3K ^}d*9 1968. 

24 p. lllus. ( part mounted col. ) port. 87 cm. 

J 63-664 

.1: f I- J,'; Vtte fW Hi 

Added t. p, : New forma tire arts of Insho Domoto. 
Colophon inserted. 

1. Hatttizakaya. n. Title: New formative am of Insao Domoto. 
Title romanized: DOmoto InahC ahln ^kei wkvln 

Okado, Buhei, 

J 64-779 

7, 441 p. illus., ports. 22 cm. 

1. MatsuBikaya. 2. It5 family. I. Title. 

Title romttnizeO,; ItO ke 

Hoover Institution 
MATTA, RAPHAEL, 1924-1959 

J GO--2229 n>v 

Le cr^puscule des h<Mnmes; Mafcta, le l^gendaire Kongo 
Ma^a, Pr&E. de Ecanain. Gary. Paris, Del Duca [195&J 

220 p. map, photos, 20 cm, 

A 60-8179 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


Ydverton, Caii S 

Food habits of the Canada goose at Lake Mattamuskeet, 
North Carolina t l>yj Carl S. Yelverton and Thomas L. Quay. 
Photos, by Jack Dermid, Raleigh, Game Division, North 
Carolina Wildlife Resources Commissaon, 1959. 
4.4 p. lUos. 23 cm. 


Itoh, Henri. ,,. 

Enrico Mattel, chevalier des temps modernes. Sion, Edi- 
tion de la Soci^ TaMsanne de pedwrches 6cottomi<jtia et 
sociales, I960. 

35 p. illus., port 21cm. 
minds, Unl''. Ubrary 


Votaw, Bow. 

Th& sis-Ie^ed dog: Mattei and ENIa. study in power. 
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1864. 
_ *U, 172 p. 24 oa._ (PttWtoattoffli of tte Iragtitote of Business and 

Mrdb, UntT^sIty at California) 

ECD0575J82V6 1964 338.826665 

, SAINT see Matthew, Saint, 


Giudice, ifaiuo del 

Cronistoria del proc^o Matteotti. Prel e note di A. 
Scabelloni e S. ICgliorino. In appendlce: L'epicedio di 
Rlippo Tarati. Palermo, JLo Monaco t !954j 

110 p. Him 22 cart 

60-17557 J 


see also Form (Philosophy); Hylomor- 

phism; Interstellar matter; Substance 
Adam, William J 

The cybernetics of creation. t 2d ed. Newport Beach, 
Calif., Technibook, 1959, 

sil,281p. lllus. 23cm. 
QC75.AS 1039a 528.1 60-21D7 

, Fedor Timof eevich. 

Hay E CCCP, 1961. 
271 p. 21cm. 


EaTeropajs. MocKsa, HS^- 


Booth, Term Hobson. 

Physical scaenoe; a study of matter and eaesrgy. Nvw 
York, Maanillan r !962j 

Tl&p. lllns. 24 <m 
Q160.B6 500 62-7271 t 

Booth, Verne Hobson. 

The structure of atoms. JSew York. Maemillan /1964i 
lv,204p. dlagra^ tables. 22cm. 
QC17LB(525 539.14 63-21226 

Budrelko, Nikolai Andreevich. 

IIosHaHHe TaftH MaxepHH; $XXOCO$CKX& o^eps, Moczsa, 

Foe. HS^-BO UOJtHT. ffHT-BH, 1962, 

188 p. mas. 20 era, (6pHst "*iaoco4>w H ecrecTBOBaaiie H ) 
QC171.B83 64-43489 J 

Christiamen, Gordon Secrist. 

Structure and change; an introductioa to die aaence of 
matter c by } G. S. Oirisdansen t andj Patd BL Garrett DraTr- 
ings by Evan L. GUlespia San Francisco. W. H. Freeantn, 
1960. ^^ 

608 p. Hlua. 26 on, 
QC171.C48 539.1 59-12013 t 

Druianov, Lev Aleksandrovich. 

HTO tasoe Harptta. I!OA pe^. H. ,5. EaairxaBa. MocKsa, 
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