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4019 U58s 1960-64 



kansas city 
public library 
kansas city, 

Library of Congress Catalog 


A Cumulative List of Works 
Represented by Library of Congress 

-"^ / (^ 

Printed Cards 

Y * 0, 



J. W. EDWARDS, Publisher 



A Catalog of Books Represented by Library of Congress Printed Cards. (Cards issued from August 1898 through July 1942). 
Ann Arbor Mich J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1942-46. 167 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and 

Littlefield, Inc. 1 $1500 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Supplement (Cards issued from August 1942 through December 1947) Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 

1948. 42 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $395 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The Library of Congress Author Catalog, 1948-1952. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1953. 24 volumes. 

Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $240 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

The National Union Catalog, 1952-1955 Imprints. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 1961. 30 volumes 

$420 (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1953-1957. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1958. 

28 volumes. Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $275 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Also available separately from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 : vol. 27: Music and Phonorecords, $20.00; vol. 28: Motion 

Pictures and Filmstrips, $20.00. 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1958-1962. New York, Rowman and Littlefield, Inc., 1 1963. 54 volumes 

$495 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Available separately: vols. 51 and 52: Music and Phonorecords, $40.00; vols. 53 and 54: Motion Pictures and Filmstrips, 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1963, I964 b $365 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1965. 5 

Monthly issues for January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November, and December, quarterly cumulations 

for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $400 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The subscription price of $400 for The National Union Catalog, covers, in addition, its Register of Additional Locations 
and the following two parts of The Library of Congress Catalogs which are also issued separately and are available at the 
prices listed. Each part includes its own subject approach. 

Library of Congress Catalog' Motion pictures and Filmstrips, 1965.* 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $7.50 

(plus 50 cents postage) 
Library of Congress Catalog Music and Phonorecords, 1965* 

Semiannual issue and annual cumulation $4.25 (plus 25 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1950-1954. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 1955. 20 volumes. 

Reprint edition available from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $274.50 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1955-1959. Paterson, N. J., Pageant Books, Inc., 1960. 22 volumes. Available 

from Rowman and Littlefield, Inc. 1 $247.50 (f.o.b. Paterson, N. J.) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1960-1964. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., 2 1965. 25 volumes 

$275.00 (f.o.b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1965. 6 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $200 (plus $1.50 postage) 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1961. Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc./ 

1962 $9.75 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1962. Hamden, Conn., The Shoe String Press, Inc., 3 1964 $13.50 

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1963-1964? $10.00 

Armed Forces Medical Library Catalog, 1950-1954. (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) 6 volumes out of print 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1955-1959, (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) Washington, D.C., Judd & Detweiler, 

Inc. 4 1960. 6 volumes $60 (f.o.b. Washington, D.C.) 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1960, 1961, 1 962 out of print 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1963, 1964. 5 (Part one: Authors; Part two: Subjects) $20 per year 

(plus 50 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 
L. C. card 50-60682 

Bowman and Littlefield, Inc., 84 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10011. 

2 J. W. Edwards, Publisher, Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104 

3 The Shoe String Press, Inc., 60 Connolly Parkway, Hamden, Conn. 06514. 

Mudd & Detweiler, Inc., 1500 Eckington Place N. E., Washington, D. C. 20002. 

5 These issues of the catalogs are sold by the Card Division, Library of Congress, Building No. 159, Navy Yard Annex, 
Washington, D. C., 20541. Their purchase may be charged against the accounts of subscribers to the card service; others must 
pay in advance by check or money order payable to the Card Division, Library of Congress. Payments from foreign countries 
lor these publications may be made with UNESCO coupons. 

Library of Co?tgress Catalog Books: Subjects 

Farley, Rawle, 1922- 

[Georgetown, British Guiana, Daily Chronicle, ltd., 1958] 
30 p. 18 cm'. 

A 60-3914 

Houle, Cyril Orvin, 1913- 

Adult education in the British West Indies; a report of a 
visit sponsored by the Department of Extra-Mural Studies, 
the University College of the West Indies and the Ford 
Foundation. [Chicago] Center for the Study of Liberal 
Education for Adults [1960, 

Kidd, James Bobbins. 

Adult education in the Caribbean; the Extra Mural De- 
partment of the University College of the West Indies. 
[Mona? Jamaica, 1958, 

288 p. lllua. 28cm. 
LC5317.M6K5 61-47660 J 


Berry, Frederick Henry. 

Filefishes (Monacanthidae) of the western North Atlantic, 

MONACKSM see Monasticism and religious 


France; the world and its peoples, New York, Greystone 
Press ['1 063, 

2 v. lllus. (part coL) ports, (part col.) col. maps. 29 cm. (Ibe 
Illustrated library of the world and its peoples) 

Purdy, Anthony. 

The Monte Carlo story. London, .World Distributors 


see also Microcosm and macrocosm; 




Vila, Marco Aurelio. 

Aspectos geograficos del Estado Monagas. Caracas, Cor- 
poracifin Venezolana de Fomento [Departamento de Kela- 
oiones Publicus, 1962. 

265 p. lllus., mapa. 28cm. (Corporaclto Venezolana de Fomento. 
Mcnograflns econfimtcas esta dales) 

155 p. lllus., geneal. to 

le, ports. IS cm. (Comul books, 781) 

Sherman, Charles L 

The five little countries of Europe : Luxembourg, Monaco, 
Andorra. San Marino, Liechtenstein. [Prepared with the 
cooperation of the American Geographical Society. Garden 
City, N. Y., N. Doubleday, 1963, 

84 p. lllus. 21cm. (Around the world program) 
D22.S5 1963 63-24495 t 


Handley-Taylor, Geoffrey. 

Bibliography of Monaco. London, 1961. 



Waagenaar, Sam. 

The little five, photos and tert f photo'g 88-80: Baron von 
Falz-Fein/Howell Conant, De kleine vijf, f oto'u en telrat 
Les cinq petits, photos et text t traduction franchise: Giaele 
Armelin, Die fcleinen Fiinf, Fotos und Text ,deutsche 
"Cbersetzung; Inge von Morze'] Utrecht, A. W. Bruna 
t 1960, 

72 p. Hint. 18cm. (Zwarte beertje*. no. 167-158) 
D22.W3 62-29221 t 


P " J SS l 2d e U vie Sconomique ,1906-1965, Prff. de 
Arthur Crovetto. Monaco Departement des finances et de 
1'economie nationale [1867 3 

Bernardy, Francoise de. 

Histoire des princes de Monaco, de Rainier i" a Eainier 
nr. Paris, Plon [I960, 

Bernardy, Francoise de. . 

Princes of Monaco; the remarkable history of the Gn- 
maldi family. Translated from the French by Len Ortzen. 

London, A. Barker [1961] 

' 23aD ' 


Projetti, Victor. 

Aspects industrials de la Principaiite". Monaco, Depwrte- 
ment des finances et de Peconomie nationale t l87j 

128 p. mug. 21cm. 
HC410.5.M6P7 83-85966 t 


Bernardy, Francoise de. 

Histoire des princea de Monaco, de Rainier r" a Rainier 
m. Paris, Plon (I960, 

' 62-36879 t 

Bernardy, Francoise de. 

Princes of Monaco; the remarkable history of the Gri- 
maldi family. Translated from the French by Len Ortzen. 
London, A. Barker r 1961, 

272 p. lllus. 23 em. 
DC945.B43 61^6802 J 

MONAD (SYMBOL) see Yin Yang symbol 

Bally, Peter R 

The genus Sfonadenivm, With descriptions of 21 new- 
species. Berne, Benteli, 1961. 


tfew York (State) Temporary State Commiasion of In- 

Report of an investigation into the conduct in office of the 
New York State Harness Racing Commissioner George P. 
Monaghan, and certain members of the Staff of the Hamesa 
Racing Commission, and certain aspects of the administra- 
tion of that office. [New York?] 1959. 


see also Diazabicyclononane 


Urquhart, Frederick A 

The monarch butterfly. Illustrated by the author, unless 
otherwise stated. [Toronto, University of Toronto Press 

xnlv, 361 p. lllus., 12 col. plates, maps, dlagra. 24 cm. 
QL561.N9U7 586,789 60-4304 


Green, Ivah. 

y. Drandngs by Priscilltt George. 

Gunderson, Harvey L 

The wonder of the monarchs. Ehstrated by Lee Ames. 
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1964. 

1 v. (onpaged) col. lllus. 24 cm. (A Young owl book) 
PZ10.G83WO 84-12021 

Kings and rulers 


see also Democracy; Despotism; Divine 
right of kings; Emperors; Ministerial 
responsibility; Prerogative, Royal; 
Queens; Sovereignty 

Anson, Luia Maria. 

La hora de la monarquta. t l. ed., Zaragoza, Editorial 
Cfrculo, 1958. , 

264 p. 19cm. (ColeceWn de doctrlna mooirgolca, no. 2) 
JC?81.A69 , a n * 60-25205 

(MO) ruttj o UDIVAI 

Canaval, Gustav A 

La monarquia, forma politica del manana. Prologo del 
Marques ds Vnldeiglesias. Madrid, Centre Europeo de 
Documentation e Infonnacion, 1957. 

JC381.C317 ' n emP *' T ' U<> ' 59-51698 

Domenico Rodriguez, Raul di. 

La gestion monarquica en Chile. Stgo. [i. a Santiago de 
Chile, Editorial Univetsitaria, 1962. 
49 p. -'2 cm. 

Eisenstadt, Shmuel Noah, 1923- 

The political systems of empires. London [New York] 
Free Press of Glencoe [1963] 



63-7656 t 

Fusilier, Raymond, 1927- 

Les monarchies parlementaires; tode sur les systemes de 
gouvernement (Suede, Norvege, Danemark, Belgique, Pays- 
Bas, Luxembourg) Prfif. de Marcel Prelot. Paris, Edi- 
tions ouvrieres r !96a, 

657 p. lllus, 28cm. 

JC405.F8 63-38SW J 

Heine-Geldern, Robert, Freiherr von, 1885- 

Conceptions of state and kingship in Southeast Asia, 
Ithaca, N. Y, Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Far East- 
ern Studies, Cornell University, 1956. 
rJ* 1 ' **,* (CcrneI1 t)mverslt y- Southeast Asia Program. 



57-38391 re 

Ikeda. Sakac, ISJOl- 

:T. E <?> Hi i'n ^ I'i'J & '& fit EH 
V r ft 17} Hfl fll 3-t [llisii, 



Krishna, Katraffadda Bala. 

Theories of kingship in ancient India. t lst ed. Vijaya- 
wada, Tisalaandhra Pub. Housej 1982 t i. e. I960] 

JC385.K7 19'60 S A 64-2428 

Ionian Trip-de Beaufort, Henriette, 1890- 

Rondom de kroon; historiele vertellingen. & drukj 
Amsterdam, De Bezige Bij, 1959. 

DJ1CO.L28 1959a 59-49267 J 

Martin, Marie Madeleine, 1914- 

Le roi de France; on, Lea grandes journfies qui ont fait 
la monarchic. Paris, La Table ronde ,1963, 

29tp. nins. 21cm. 
DC38.M4 63-35885 I 

Maurras, Charles, 1868-1952. 

Encuesta sobre la monarqufa. Prfilogo de Luis Mark 
Anson ; traduccicn de F, Berfran, ( 1. ed.j Zaragoza, Edi- 
torial CIrcub, 1958. 

886 p. 19cm. ( Colecdcn de doctrlna monirqulca, no 

Mohl, Rath, 1891- 

Studiea in Spenser, Milton, and the theory of monarchy. 
Kew York, TTagar [1962] 

144 p. 24cm. ' fl 
Plf511.M43 1962 82L09 62-10898 J 

Osgood, Samuel M 

French royalism under the Third and Fourth Republics. 

DCS69.08 62-72fi t 

Parra-Perez, Caracciolo, 1888- 

La monarquia en la Gran Colombia. Madrid, Ediciones 
Cultura Hispinica, 1987. 

F2275.P3 62-68881 J 

Petit-Dutaillis, Charles Edmond, 1868-1947. 

The feudal monarchy in France and England, from the 
tenth to the thirteenth century. (Translated from the 

'c E ' ^ tab? S W Y as rk> BamBS * Nt>We ' 19Ml 
' f ltabIe8 ' maI1 t4402T' 64-3684 

Petrte, Sir Charles Alexander, lart., 1896- 

The modern British monarchy. London, Eyre & Spottis- 

228 p. mm 23cm. 

DA44.P4 62-2262 t 

Seyasel, Claude de, U60 1-1520. 

La monarcbie de France et deux autres fragments poli- 
tiques; textes 4tabUs et presentes par Jacques Poojol. Paris, 

. (BIbllothSq Q eHTtrlenne. NOUT. er. : todei et 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONARCHY (Continued) 

Slavin, Arthur J ed. 

The new monarchies and representative assemblies; me- 
dieval constitutionalism or modern absolutism? Edited 
-with an introd. by Arthur J. Slavin. Boston, Heath [1964, 

mil, 96 p. 24 cm. {Problems In European civilization) 
D223.S55 321.61082 64-18582 

Torres, Joao Camillo d Oliveira, 1915- 

Do govOTno regio. Petropolis, Editora Vozes, 1958. 

JC381.T6 " ' ' 60-36755 J 

MONARDES, NICOLAS, 1512 (ca.)-1588 

Nicolas Bautista Monardes: su vida y su obra, ca. 1498- 
1688. Mexico, D. F. Compania Fundidora de Fierro y Acero 
de Monterrey. 1961. 

225 p. facslms. 28 cm. [Tale University. Dept 
Medicine. Publication no. 41, 

History at 

MONAS PRODIGIOSA see Serratia marcescens 

MONASH, SIR JOHN, 1365-1931 

Hetherington, John Aikman, 1907- 

John Monash ibyj John Hetterington. Melbourne, New 
York, Oxford University Press C 1962, 
30 p. lllus. 1 cm. (Great Australians) 
DU114.M56H4 64-5640 


see also Abbeys; Chantries; Convents 
and nunneries; Monasticism and reli- 
gious orders; Priories; Secularization 


see also Buenos Aires. San Francisco 
(Franciscan monastery) 


Mungenast, Emmerich. 

Joseph Munggenast; der Stiftsbaumeister, 1680-1741. 
Wien, Bergland Verlag (1963, 

89 p. Ulus., Dlatsa, maps, geneal. table. 18 cm. (osterrelch- 

Schaffran, Emerich, 1883- 

Reise-ABC Stifte in Osterreich, bearb. nach einera Manu- 
skript. Mit Originalbeitragen von P. Theoderich Doppler 
t et al., Linz/Donau, R. Trauner ["1962, 

BX2607.S3 ' Cta 63-38954 J 


lagen, [Von, Erik Thomson [Und, Hildegard Thomson. 
Frankfurt am Main, W. Weidlich, 1962. 


Franciscans. Bayerische Provmz. 

Bavaria Franciscana antiqua (Ehemalige Franziskaner- 
kloster im heutigen Bayern) Kurze historische Beschrei- 
bungenmitBildern. Landshut, 1958- 

T. IlIiM,, ports., maps, plans. 25cm. 
BX363SJ837A4 69-44930 

Mistier, Hans Herbert. 

Dome, Kirchen und Kloster in Brandenburg und Berlin. 
Nach alten Vorlagen. Frankfurt am Main, W. Weidlich, 

256 p. lllus., 38 plates, 3 maps on fold. 1. 19cm. (Dome, Kirchen. 
NAB574.B7M6 63-34889 


Guitert y Fontsere, Joaqufa. 

Siete florones de una corona condal; reaumen hist6rica de 
los grandes monasterios : Santa Maria de Ripoll, San Juan 
de las Abadesas, San Cucufate del Valles, San Pedro de 
Eodas, Montserrat, Santes Creus y Poblet, fundados en 
tiempos de los invictos condes de Barcelona, por Joaquin 
Guitert y Fontsere' con la colaboraci6n del Dr. Manuel 

a ernneicicajt, xar 

Gavrilova, AJekaandra. 

By>HOc Aftpec, I960. 

Meinardus, Otto Friedrich August 

Monks and monasteries of the Egyptian deserts. Cairo, 
American University at Cairo Press, 1961. 

438 p. lllus. 27 cm. 

Index. Cairo, American University in C 

Press, 1962. 

23 p. 27 cm. 

BX136.M4 2^ lEael 61-45016 re 


Russell, Dorothea (Moore) Lady. 

Medieval Cairo and the monasteries of the Wadi Natrun, 
a historical guide. c lst American ed New York, T. Nelson 

DT143'.B8 196~3 918.216 63-54 

845, t 2] p. plates. 
Princeton Un 

Dickinson, John Compton. 

Monastic life ia medieval England. London, A. & C. 
Black (1861, 

BX2592.D48 1981 


Dickinson, John Compton. 

Monastic life in medieval England. With 57 photos, and 
6 plans. New York, Barnes & Nobla [1962, 1961j 

BX2592.D48 1962 ' 271.069 62-934 

Harnett, Cynthia. 

S? ^ dOBi B< T ~ Batrford il96Si 


Evans, Joan, 1893- 
Monastio architec 

o architecture in France, from the Renaissance to 
the Revolution. Cambridge [Eng.] University Press, 1964. 

illHSep. 827 Ulna. (IncL plans) 29cm. 
NA5544.E8 726.70944 64-2430 


Reuther, Hans Hermann Paul, 1920- 

Dome, Kirchen und Kloster in Franken; nach alten Vor- 



, monasteries; inaugural lecture. 

[Nottingham, Eng.] University of Nottingham [1961) 

BX2616.K45 62-59995 J 

Kloster. Mit einem Vorwort von Ernst Ullmann. Dresden, 
Sachsenverlag, 19B8. 

18 p., 43 plates. 25cm. (UosareschSneHelmat) 
BX2616.K5 59-18636 rev 


Holler, Hans Herbert 

Dome, Kirchen und KISster in Brandanburg und Berlin. 
Nach alten Vorlagen, Frankfurt am Main, W, Weidlich, 

NA5574 B B7M6 63-34889 


Rumohr, Henning von. 

Dome, Kirchen und Kloster in Schleswig-Holstein und 
Hambur, nach alten Vorlagen. Frankfurt am Main, W. 
Weidlich, 1962. 

BOTp. lllus. 18cm. ( Dome, Ktrcaeii und KISster, Bd. 7) 
NA5582.S3R8 63-33775 J 

Miedel, Hilde, 1928- 

Die Pramonstratenser-Klosterkirchen Arnstein, Beselicls 
und Brunnenburg im Lahntal; ein Beitrag zur Baukunst 
des Pramonstratenser-Ordens im 12. und fruhen 13. Jahr- 
hundert. [Frankfurt am Main!, 1956. 

Qnellen zur Geschichte der Kloster und Stifte im Gebiet der 
.mittleren Lahn bis zum Ausgang des Mittelalters. Wies- 
baden, Selbstverlag der Historischen Kommission fur Nas- 
sau, 19 

Lindley, Kenneth Arthur. 

Abbeys and monasteries. London, JEduoational Supply 
Association C 1961] 

(laformaflon boolc: how to explore) 

. . 

68-36812 J 

Matthew, Donald. 

The Korman monasteries and their English possessions. 
[London, Oxford University Press, 1962. 

r.200p, 23cm. (Orford historical serlee, 2d ser.) 
BX2592.M3 S71.094 $2-5886 


Schefold, Max, 1896- 

Kirchen und Kloster in Wurttemberg und Hohenzollern; 
nach alten Vorlagen. Frankfurt am Main, W. Weidlich, 

255 p. lllus. 19 cm. (Dome-KIrchen-KItfster, Bd. 3) 
NA558S.S3 63-33460 t 


Leask, Harold Graham. 

Irish churches and monastic buildings. Dundalfc ,Ire.i 
un ess, 1955-60 

ates, plans. 2 

Monte Cassino (Benedictine monastery) 

I document! caasineai del seoolo x con formule in volgare, 
a cura di Ambrogio Mancone. ,Eoma] Istituto poligrafico 
dello Stato, Libreria dello Stato ,1960, 

16 p. 4(acslm9. 61cm. 
BX2624.M6A7 61^2778 

Nara Kokuritsn Bunkazai Kenkyujo. 

4, 02, 16 p. l 

,, plans (part col.) tables. 3 

ft 4 ) 

. 1-18 (3d irroup) 

. (iS? ft II ft 


Meinardus, Otto Friedrich August. 

The Copts in Jerusalem. Cairo, Commission on Oecu- 
menical Affairs of the See of Alexandria, 1960. 

BXlStSjW* 24Cm ' y E 64-682 

al-Shabushti, 'AH ibn Muhammad, Abfl al-Hasan, d. 1000. 

[1951, \\t>) icJjUli^ 


Mpke, Gerd. 

Dome, Kirchen und Kloster in Mecklenburg. Nnch alten 
Ve ^i a f n m Fra , n Q kfurt > Main, W. Weidlich, 1962. 

M Mendoza y Valdivia, Nicolas 

Cr6nica de la Provincia de Santiago de Xalisco, 1719-1722. y notas de Luis del Refugio de Pakcio, Guada- 

tUt Jali8ciense de Antr Polg^ e Historia, 

Leroy, Jules. 

Monks and monasteries of the Near East. Translated by 
PetoCollm. London, G. G. Harrap ^968, 

BWxwT'i^'* 22om> ^ mi 


Matthew, Donald. 

The Norman monasteries and their English poaseesions, 
tendon, Orfwd Umversity Press, 1962. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: , 


MONASTERIES (Continued) 

Or ]DomeKirchenMd Kloster in Ost -und Westpreussen. 
Nach alten Vorlagen. Frankfurt am Main, W. Weidhch, 

see also Gelatskii monastyr 1 


R ?ome H 1&cn\rund Klostei- in Schleswig-Holstein und 
Hambur, nach alten Vorlagen. Frankfurt am Main, TV. 
Weidlich, 19C2. 

307 p. illus. 10 cm. (Dome.Klrchen 


Grundmann, Gunther, 1892- 

Dome, Kirchen uM Kloster in Schlesien. Nach alten 
Vorlagen, Frankfurt am Main, W. Weidlich, 1963. 

WrT mm, toll mw. lcn. (Dc^iaben,KU*.B4M) 

Grundmann, Gunther, 1892- 

Schlesische Barockkirchen und Kloster. Lindo.ii, J. Thor- 

ps ^f^y mus.) 19 cm. (Thorbecke Kunatbtlcherel. Bonder- 

see also San Salvador de Leyre 
(Benedictine monastery) Navarre 


Torres Balbas, Leopoldo. 

Monasteries cwtercienw de Galicia. Santiago, 1954. 
62 p. Illus. 18cm. (Coleccl<Sn"Obrdolro."8) 


Monaaterio de Belmonte, Ooiedo, Spam. 

Colecci6n diplomatica del Monasterio de Belmonte; trans- 
cripci6n y estudio por Antonio C. Flonano. Oviedo, 1960 

459 p. Illus., genual, table. 2* cm. 

UlSsT fold. map. 19cm. (Dome, Klrchen w 


Turkey. Ban*-Y<wn Tvrim VtWt*. 

Les merveilles de Cappadooe, monasteres et eglises 
rupestres,Urgup, Goreme. Ankara, 1951. 

57 p. Illus. 20 cm. 


Turkey. Bann-Ya,yin w> Tvrim Vek&eti. 

Les merveilles de Cappadoce, monasteres et feguses 
x, Urgiip, Goreme. Ankara, 1951 



Kirchen unSoster in Wurttemberg und Hohenzolleni 
nach alten Vorlagen. Frankfurt am Main, W. Weidlich 


A look riund the monasteries of North-east Torkshi 
London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1962. 
NA5469?Y5Pr P ^ ^^ ^26.7094^4 6 


845, ,2, p. plates. 24cm. CV ( l 
Princeton Ualv. tlbr. 



MiDer, Robert James, 1923- 

Monasteries and culture change in Inner Mongolia, Wies- 
baden, O. Harrossowitz, 1959. 

xi, 152 p. dlagrs. 26 cm. (Aslatische ForecliuBgen ; Mono- 
graphlcnreilae zur Oeschlchte, Kultur und Sprache der TSlker Ost- uod 
Zentralaslens, Bd. 2) 

ONASTERIO DE LEYRE see San Salvador 
de Leyre (Benedictine monastery) Navarre 

j San Salvador de Leyre (Benedictine 
nastery) Navarre 


Jzadilla, Juan. 

II. Monasteries. (Cnraons, Departamento de Publicn- 
ciones del Ministevio de Educacion y Soeiedad de Amigos 
del Ifusco de Bellas Artes, 1962] 

,22, p. Ilhia., ports. 21x28 cm. (Plntores contemponSneos rte 
Venezuela, 1) 
ND4fl.MOC5 63-45550 

Monasteries) Iveron 


see also Asceticism; Celibacy; 
Hermits; Obedience, Vow of; 
Perfection (Catholic); Retreats 
for members of religious orders; 
Spiritual direction; Superiors, Reli- 
gious; Vows 

Alberione, Giacomo Giuseppe, 1884- 

Christ, model and reward of religious, by James Alberione. 
Translation by a Daughter of St. Paul. [Boston?, St. Paul 
Editions (1963] 
BX23 P 85.A5T 248.8 63-17306 

Bonareiitura, Saint, Cardinal, 1221-1274. 

A Franciscan view of the spiritual and religious life 
Edited by Titus Cranny. Garrison, N. Y., Franciscan 
Friars of the Atonement ,"1962, 

Carr, John, 1878- 

Happiness in the cloister. Westminster, Md., Newma 

D 10fl1 

Cashing, Richard James, ffgNKnO, 1896- 

Meditotions for reEgions. t Boston, St. Paul Edition 



Points worth pondering. Milwaukee, Bruee Pub. C 


Ford, John Cuthbert, 1902- 

Religious superiors, subjects, and p=ydii fl tnsts. Wes 
minster Mil.. Xemnan Press, 1963. 

Saiani, Vito, 1912- ed. 

For a better religious life. Translated by Father Patrick 
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see also Asceticism; Celibacy; 
Obedience, Vow of; Vows 

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Notre Dame, Ind. University. Sisterf Institute of Spiritu- 

Adaptation of the religious life to modern conditions [by, 
A. We [and others. Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame 



. ln * niodern 

e Institute! of Splrlttiallty, y, 1) 


y ' Univeraity - ***** I**** 

The vows and perfection (by, Bernard L Mullahy ,and 
' UniTersit y of Notre Owns PMJS 


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pices of the Conferences of Major Religious Superiors, Uni- 
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Biblioteka klasztoru cystorsck w Trzobnicy. Wroclaw, 
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MONASTIC LIFE see Monastic and religious 
life; Monastic and religious life of women 

MONASTIC ORDERS see Monasticism and 
religious orders 

MONASTIC VOCATION see Vocation (in reli- 
gious orders, congregations, etc.) 

see also Beghards; Brothers (in 
religious orders, congregations, etc. ) ; 
Brothers of the Common Life; Catholic 
Foreign Mission Society of America; 
Cluniacs; Confraternities; Contem- 
plative orders; Friars; Military reli- 
gious orders; Monasteries; Monastic 
and religious life; Novitiate; Retreats; 
Secular institutes; Superiors, Religious; 
Third orders; Vocation (in religious 
orders, congregations, etc. ); Vows; 
also individual religious orders, e. g. 
Benedictines, Carmelites, etc. 

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BROTHERS see Brothers (in religious 
orders, congregations, etc. ) 


Helbo, Florent. 

Ces iimtiles ; propos sur la vie relipieuse. Sous la direc- 
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see also Manifestation, of conscience 

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Qenernl Theol. Sem. Library 


see also Monasticism and religious 
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life. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. [1962j 

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pupils and colleagues ou the occasion of hia retirement .. 
University of Cambridge. Cambridge [Eng., University 
Press, 1963. 

387 p. illua. 28 cm. 
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see also subdivision Missions under 
names of individual monastic and reli- 
gious orders, e. g. Jesuits Missions 

Spain. Go use jo Superior de Uisiones. 

Espniia misionera; catalogo de los miaioneros y de los 
religiosos cspaiioles en el extranjero. ,1. sd.j Madrid, Edi- 
ciones Espafia Misionern, 1962. 

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see also subdivision Occupations under 
names of individual orders, with or -with- 
out local subdivision 


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Bnrcolonn, Abadfa de Monteerrat. 

v. 25 cm. 2 no. a year. 
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see Questions and answers 
Monasticism and religious 


see also Monasticism and religious orders 
for women Rules 
Ancren riwle. 

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Shepherd. London, T. Nelson ,1000, "1959, 

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Ancren riwle. 

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THIRD ORDERS see Third orders 
VOWS see Vows 

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des hi. Johannes Chrysostomua. Freiburg, Schweiz, Uni- 
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Centre italiano di studi aull' alto Medioevo. 

II monnchesimo noil' ulto Medioevo a la formations dolla 
civiltu, ociidcntiilc ( settimaniv di studij 8-14 aprile, 1950. 
Spoleto, 1057, 

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25 cS y?42( E i y 9W)tS^?) ir ' Mancl '" ter - Bnnetln ' M ndlert - 
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Klosterneuburg, A,uitria, (Monastery of Aufftutinian canons) 

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Im Zeitalter des Kampfes um die Glaubenserneuerung. 
(Am tiefsten Quell) Wien, Bergland Verlag ,1968, 

rr, 166-861 p. illu*, ports. IB cm. (tfctwrelcHaeihe, 208/205) 
BX2607.L3 64-407S6 


Tonmai, Belgium. Saint-Martin (Benedictine abley) 

Comptes et documents da 1'abbaye de Saint-Martin de 
Tournai sons I'administration des gardiens royaiuc (1813- 
1855) par Albert d'Haeiiens. BruxeUes, Palais dea Acade- 
mies. 1962. 

882 p. fncjlms. 22 cm. 


Belgium. Archives He F^tat, ffamir. 

Inventaire g&neral sornmaire des archives ecclesiastiques 
da 1ft province de N"amur. par J, Bovesse, conservatenr 
Bruxelles, 1962. 

irlv, 839 p. map, 25 cm. 

BR827.N3A5 64-82595 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Hussey, Joan Mervyn. 

Church & learning in the Byzantine Empire, 867-1185. 
New York, Russell & Kussell, 1963, 

250 p. lllus, 23 cm. 
AZ321.H8 1963 949.502 63-16164 J 


Convegno di studi oriental!, Some, 1958. 

H moimchesimo orientale; atti del Couveguo di studi 
orientale die sull predetto tema, si tenne a Roma, sotto la 
dh-ezione del Pontiftcio Istitnto orientale, nei giomi 9, 10, 11 
e 12 aprile 1958. Allocuzione di S. S. Pio xn; relazioni di : 
I. Hausherr fit al., Roma, Pont. Institntum Orientalium 
Studiorum, 1958. 

864 p. lllus. 25 cm. (Orlentalln Christiana analecta, 163) 
BX101.O7 no.lfiS 2T1 A GO-2232 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr, 

Festugiere, Andrd Marie Jean, 1898- 

Culture ou siintetfi, introduction au taonachiame oriental. 
Paris, Editions du Cerf, 1961. 

98 p, lllus. 25cm. (LesMoIneail'Orleiit,!) 
BX2877.F4 68-40664 


Dickens, Arthur Geoffrey, ed. 

Tudor treatises. [Wakefield, Printed for the Society, 

149 p, 23 cm. (Yorkshire Archsologlcal Society. Record series, 
T. 125) 

DA670.Y59Y6 vol. 126 208.2 61-S4286 

Dickinson, John Compton. 

Monastic life in medieval England. London, A. & C. 
Black ,1961] 

100 p, lllus. 26 cm. 
BX2592.D48 1961 271.069 62-4589 J 

Dickinson, John Compton. 

Monastic life in medieval England. With 67 photos, and 
6 plans. New York, Barnes & Noble C 1062, 1861j 

xlll, 100 p. lllus. 26 cm. 
BX2592.D48 1962 271,060 62-934 

Harnett, Cynthia. 

Monasteries & monks. London, B. T. Bataford ( 1968, 

176 p. lllus,, map, plana. 22cm. 
BX2592.H3 64-5271 

Knowles, David, 1896- 

The monastic order in England; a history of its devel- 
opment from the times of St. Dunstan to the Fourth Lateran 
Council, 940-1216. 2d ed. Cambridge [Eng. 3 University 
Press, 1968. 

xxL, 780 p. plate, dlagrs. 28 cm. 
BX2fi92.K57 1968 271.0942 64-29 

Knowles, David, 1896- 

The religious orders in England. Cambridge [Eng.j Uni- 
versity Pi-ess, 1948-69. 

Sv. fiojits. 2Scra. 
BX2592.K583 271.0942 48-10466 rev 8* 


Wyon, Olive, 1890- 

Livinp; springs: new religious movements in Western 
Europe. Philadelphia, Westminster Press [1962?, 

128 p. lllus. 20cm. 
BV4406.W9 271.8 63-14642 J 

Emery, Richard Wilder, 1912- 

The friars in medieval France; catalogue of French 
mendicant convents, 1200-1560. New York, Columbia, Uni- 
versity Press, 1962. 

xlx, ISO p. maps. 21 cm. 
BX2613.E4 271.0944 62-468 


Stgnret, Philippe. 

Abbayes et prieures du Percha; Sainte-Qauburge, La Val- 
Dieu, La Trappe, Las Clairets. HIus. de Or. Massiot et E. J. 
Garnier, comple't&g de reproductions de documents anciens. 
Paris, Editions Edicha [1958j 

. S2 p. lllus,, ports., mapa (part fold.) 22 cm. (Oahlers per- 
cherona, 8) 
DC611.P424C2 no. 8 61-32019 

Schulte, Aloys, 1857-1941. 

Der Adel und die dentsche Kirche im Mittelalter; Studien 
zur Sozial-, Rechts- und Kirchengeschiohte. C 3. Aufl.j 
Darrastndt,H. Gentner t 1958, 

460 p. 22 cm. 
BR854.S33 1958 60-20127 J 


Qaellen zur Geschichte der Kloster und Stifte im Gebiet der 
mittleren Lahn bis zum Ansgang des Mittelalters, Wies- 
baden, Selbstverlag der Historischen Kommission fur Nas- 
sau, 19 

v. 25 cm. (VerBffentllchuiigen der Elstorlwhen KommtssLon 


fllr Naawu, 12 

vol. 12, etc. 


1949- } 

Becker, Carl, 1903- ed. 

Adressbuch dos katholischen Krankenhauswesens ; Uber- 
sicht ubar die Anstalten und Einrichtungen der katholischen 
Gesundheitsf ursorge in DeutscMand nach dem Stande vom 
1. Oktober 1959. Hrsg. von der Zentrale des Deutschen 
Caritasverbandes Freiburg i. Br. Freiburg im Breisgau, 
Lambertus-Verlag, 1960. 

182 p. 20 cm. 
RA978.B4 62-86348 | 


Bieler, Ludwig. 

Ireland, harbinger of the Middle Ages. ( lst English ed.] 
London, Now York, Oxford University Press, 1963. 

rill, 148 p. lllus. (part col., part mounted) maps, Cacslms. 30 cm. 
BR704.BB13 1963 274.15 63-6010 

Bieler, Ludwig. 

Irland; Wegbereiter des Mittelalters. Olten, U. Graf, 

IBS p. lllus. 80cm. (Sttltten flea Gelstcs) 
BR794.B5 68-45860 J 

Ryan, John, 1894r- ed. 

Irish monks in the golden age, by various writers. Dub- 
lin, Clonmore and Reynolds r 1968i 

114 p. 19cm. 
BX2600.K82 64-7424 


Morelli, Gerardo. 

Gli ecclesiastici nel diritto italiano. Milano, Giuffre, 1960. 

401 p. 25 cm. 

61-41760 I 

Sambin, Paolo. 

Ricerche di storia monastica medioevale. Padova, Ante- 
nors, 1959. 

187 p. plute (fncslms.) 22 era. (lllaeollnnen crudlta, ()) 
BX2622.S3 A 63-222 

Harmrd Univ. Library 


Leroy, Jules. 

Monks and monasteries of the Near East. Translated by 
Peter Collin. London, G. G. Harrap [1968] 

208 p. lllus., portu,, map. 22 era. 
BL631L413 1968 64-39581 


Gorski, Karol. 

Od religijnosci do mistyki; zarys dzie]'6w zycia wewnetrz- 
nego w Polsce. [Wyd. l.j Lublin, Tow. Naukowe Kato- 
licMego Uniwersytatu LubelskieKO, 1962- 

T. 24 cm. (Towanystwo Naukowe Katollcklego Unlworay- 
tetn Lubeleklego. Hozprawy 'Wj'dilahi Hlntoryomo-Fllologlianego, 

BX1564.G6 68-37856 t 

Stryjewski, Czeslaw. 

Zakony. [Wyd. 1. Warszawa, Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1961. 
288 p. IT cm. 
BX2637.S8 62-30786 J 


Cruden, Stewart 

Scottish abbeys; an introduction to the mediaeval abbeys 
and priories of Scotland. Edinburgh, H. M. Stationery 

02 p, lllus. 10 cm. 
BX2697.C7 271.0941 61-661 t 


Teruel, Spain (City) San Francisco (Frcmeitcan monastery) 
Los inventarios del antiguo archive del Convento de San 
Francisco de Teruel, por Le<5n Amoros Paya. Teruel. 1960. 
x, P 8 P W. 24 cm ' (ltttuto de Eatudlos Turolenses de la Ercelen- 
tfelma DlputacWn Proylnclnl de Teruel. ColeccWn OatUogos docu- 
mentalea, D) 
BX2656.T4A4 68-86616 


Catholic University Conference of Clerics and Religious of 
the Catholic Students' Mission Crusade, Washington, 
1948. y ^ 

The guidepost; religious vocation manual for young men, 
compiled by the Catholic University Conference of Clerics 
and Religious. r4thed., Washington r !964 

Tivll, 244 p. lllM., ports. 2T cm, 

BX2606.CS 1948hd 2T1 64-19677 

HD, Helen (Linenberger) 1912- 

These are our religious, a genealogy. ( Hntchinson! Kan., 

816 p. lllus. 22x28 cm. 
OS71.H177 1950R 59-46111 

McCarthy, Thomas Patrick, 1920- 

Guide to the Catholic sisterhoods in the United States. 
With foreword by Amleto Giovanni Cardinal Cicognani and 
introd. by Egidio Vagnozzi. ( 5th ed., rev. and enl. Wash- 
ington, Catholic University of America Press, 1964. 

xll, 404 p. lllua., ports. 24 cm. 
BX4220.U6M3 1964 271.905878 64-16386 


Dello lacono, Cletus, 1924- 

A commentary on the canonical legislation for solemn pro- 
fession and sacred ordinations of friars. New York, 1960. 

ily, 188 p. 28 cm. 

271,3026 62-37762 

Ehl, Anton. 

Duszpnsterstwo zakonic; zosady oraz ich zastosowonie. 
Przetlumaczy! i opracowal Jan Nowicki. t Wyd. 1., Lublin, 
Tow. Naulcowo Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego, 

300 p. 20 cm. (Towarzystwo Naukowe Katollcklego Uniwersytetu 
Lubelskiego. [Wytlnwnlctwaj 54) 

BX4213.E513 62-88408 

Review for religious. 

Questions on religious life. Compiled from Review for 
religious, 1942-1961. St. Marys, Kan., 1964. 

xlll, 837 p. 24 cm. 
BX2432.R-1 271.069 64^3738 


Catholic Church. Codes juris canonici Orientdlis. De per- 

Code of Oriental canon law, the law on persons; rites, 
persons in general, clergy and hierarchy, monks and re- 
ligious, laity. English translation and differential com- 
mentary by Victor J. Pospishil. Ford City, Pa., St. Mary's 
Ukrainian Catholic Church, I960. 
XYl, 842 p. 24 era. 

348 61-19140 

Pujol, Clemente. 

De religiosis oriontalibua ad normam vigentis iuria. Roma. 
Pont. Institutum Orientalium Studiorum, 1967. 

xlx, BOO p. 25 cm. 



see also Monasticism and religious 
orders, Lamaist 

Dries, Marie Beuzeville, 

Journey into Burmese silence. London, Allen & Unwin 
t !962, 

220 p, lllus, 28cm. 
BL1478.6.B9 68-6867 t 

( n.p. 

Ch'Sn, Chien-min. 

Illl lit rtf ,!tt 2fi !|S P*H ftS I vi ffi- Sf'l f* fl! fi 
lff2R01 ]' ft (1057) | 
1, 2, 00 double 1. plate. 24 cm. 
Caption title, 

I. Title. 

Title romanitti: Ch'U kuni ditl tMn aunf chL 

BL1478.C5 C 59-2107 

Ch'en, Chlen-mln. 

W *i**1ft [iLp.1958, 
138 double I. Illui, iff cm. 

Title nmwnUet! Ch'U kung chl tuna tl chl, 


C 60-266 

Ch'en, Chlen-mln. 

BT! K W * JU ~ i*i if litj !S |!s|i fit i^ ffi 

,n.p. ft, Iff 2983 Rl|l (1966), 
[4Tj double 1. pliteg, 24 cm. 
Caption title. 

I. Title. 

Title romanimt: Ch'U kuiig chal wfln ehl. 
C 69-2100 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

BUDDHIST (Continued) 

Ch'en, Chien-min. 

0, 8, 7, 31 double I. 25 c 
Cnptlon title. 

I Title. 

Title romanteei: Chung huung tu chl plen. 

BL1478.C54 C 60-950 

Chu-hung, 1535-1615. 

KH 47(1958] 


Title TomaMzeA: Chu eh'uanR shul pt. 
C Bl-497 J 

Dutt, Sukumar, 1891- 

Buddhiat monks and monasteries of India; their history 
and their contribution to Indian culture. London, G. Allen 
and Unwin [1902] 

807 p. Illus., maps, 24 era. 
BL1478.D34 294.3004 63-24879 

Dult, Sukumar, 1891- 

Early Buddhist monachism. [1st Indian ad. rev.! Bom- 
bay, New York, Asia Pub. House [19GO, 

T, 172 p. 23 cm. 
BL1478.D85 19GOa C1-G5009 

Dutt, Sukumar, 1891- 

Early Buddhist monachism. [1st Indian ed., rev., New 
York, Asia Pub. Housa ,1960, 

X, 172 u, 28cm. 
EL1478.D8S 10GO 294.3 61-2737 

Hung-i, 1879 or 80-1942. 

1 1946, 
40 p. lOtra. 

BL1478.H8 1946 

Title romuteed: Hung I ta ihlh plah chl, 
C 81-791 J 

Kuan-hsiu, 832-912. 

Die sechzelm Lohans; eine beruhmte Bildnisreihe der 
chinesiscli-buddhistischen Kunst. Hrsg. von Gerhard Pom- 
mornnz-Liedtke. [Leipzig] Insol-Verlag, 1961. 

01 p. (chiefly lllue.) 10 cm. (Inuel-BUcherel Nr, 727) 
ND1049.K78PG 68-45760 t 

Liu, Kuang. 


nj f:|l 1958. 
lWp. 10 cm, 

r. Title. 

Sato, Mitsuo, 1901- 

Title romanitcd: Fun kun? llleh ylnj, 
C 01-901 t 


IS, 879, 23, 3, 10 p. 22 cm. 

Table of contents nnd summary In English, with added t. p. : A. 
study of the early Buddhist order In tie VInaya Plfakn. 
Includes bibliographical references. 

1. Monastlolsm and religious orders, nudillilflt. 2. Vlnayapltaka. 
I. Titlp, ir. Title: A study of the early liiiddhlst order In the Ylnnya 

Title ronmnlsei: Genslil BukkyO kyOdim no kenkyO. 
Michigan. Univ. Asia Library BL1420 

Suzuki, Daisetz TeitarS, 1870- 

Manual of Zen Buddhism, New York, Grove Press [I960] 
102 p. Illus. 21 cm. ( Evergreen original, E-231) 
BL1432.Z4S82 1660 294.329 60-7637 J 

Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro, 1870- 

The training of the Zen Buddhist monk. Illustrated by 
Zonchu Sato. [1st American ed,] New York, University 
Books ,1059, 

101 p. illus. 22 cm. 
BL1478.S85 1869 294.329 59-14575 t 


A comparative study of the Kathinavastu, by Kun Chung. 
's-Gravenlmge, Mouton, 1967. 

120 p. Illus. 25 cm. (Indo-Iranlim monosracua v 1) 
BL1453.K33C48 ' ' 62-51943 


rNam-par-grol-balu lam-las sByans-pa|ii yon-tan bsTan-pa. 

Vimuktimarga dhutaguna-nirde^a; a Tibetan text criti- 
cally edited and translated into English by P. V. Bapat 
Bombay, New York, Asia Pub. House [1964] 

xxx, 128 p. 25 cm. (Delhi University Buddhist studies, no. 1) 

Another issue, published in New York. 

BL147aNS13 1964a 
BL1478.N313 1964 S A 64-5231 

Yen-Kiat, BMkku. 

Mahayona vinaya. With a foreword by John Blofeld. 
Bangkok, Debsriharis, 1961. 

l p. Illus. 23 cm. 
BL1478.Y4 S A 64-0167 


see also Monasteries, Coptic 

Meinardus, Otto Priedrich August. 

Monks nnd monasteries of the Egyptian deserts. Cairo, 
American University at Ciiiro Press, 1961. 
438 p. IllUB. 27 cm. 

Index. Cairo, American University in Cairo 

Press, 1962. 
28 p. 27 era. 


BX130.M4 Inder 

271.8 61-45016 rev J 



Gokgen, Ibrahim, ed. 

Sicillere core xvr. vo xvir. asirlarda Saruhan zaviye 76 
yatirlan. Istanbul, Marifet Baaimevi, 194C. 

OSp. 24cm. (0. H, P. Mnnlsa Ilalltovl yayinlorclinton, siiyi 15) 
BP189.2.GO N E 63-657 


see also Monasteries, Lamaist 

Miller, Beatrice Diamond, 1919- 

Lamas and laymen; a historieo- functional study of the 
secular integration of monastery and community. Ann 
Arbor, Mich,, University Microfilms [1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3280 Mic 68-3280 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 

MUSLIM see Monasticism and religious 
orders, Islamic 


Blot, Francois. 

Communantes protostantea; la renaissance de la vie rfgu- 
li&re dana le protestantisms continental. Paris, Editions 
Pleurus t 1961] 

288 p. 10 cm, (Collection "Omnes gete") 
BV4405.B6 68-40867 J 

Blot, Francois. 

The rise of Protestant monasticism. Translated by W, J. 
Kerrigan, (1st ed.j Baltimore, Helicon t c 1963i 

161 p. 23 cm. 
BV4405.B513 271 63-19410 

Bloesch, Donald G 1928- 

Centei's of Christian renewal (byj Donald G. Bloesch. 
Philadelphia, United Church Press t 1964] 

173 p. 21cm. 
BV4405.B55 271 64-14140 

Prager, Lydia, ed. 

Frei fui 1 Gott und die llenschen; evangelische Bruder- 
und Sehwesternsdmften der Gegenwirt in Selbstdnrstel- 
lungen. t l, Aufl.j Stuttgart, Quell-Verlag der Bvang. 
Gesellschnft [ C 1959, 

538 p. 21 cin. 
BV4405.P7 60-45365 rev t 

Schutz, Roger. 

Living today for God. Translated by Stephen McNier- 
ney aud Louis Evrard. Baltimore, Helicon Press [1962; 




Wyon, Olive, 1890- 

Living springs: new religious movements in Western 
Europe. Philadelphia. Westminster Press r 1982?, 

128 p. Illua. 20cm. 
BV4405.W9 271.8 63-14342 J 


Goullart, Peter. 

The monastery of Jade Mountain. London, J. Murray 

189 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
BL1023.G6 299.51485 62-1063 J 

MEN see Monasticism and religious orders 



see also Beguines; Convents and 
nunneries; Monastic and religious 
life of women; Sisterhoods 

Ancren rlwle. 

Ancrene Tvisse : parts six and sevan. Edited by Geoffrey 
Shepherd. London, T. Nelson t 19fiO, "ISSO, 

Irxlll, 11(1 p, 10 cm. {Nelson's medieval nnd Renaissance library) 
PE1807.SS 271.90098 00-2005 

Ancren ri\vle. 

Ancrene wisso; the English text of the Ancrenu riwle, 
edited from rns. Corpus CliriHti Colloga, Cauibridge 402, by 
,T. R. R. Tolkien. With an introd. by N. R. Tver. London, 
New York, Published for the Early English Text Society by 
tho Oxford University Press, 11162. 

x\lll,22!!|). fucslma. 22 em. (EnrlyEngllsli Text Society. ,Publl- 
CfttlniiB, OrlBlniil nui'lfs, no. 210, 1002 (for !!))) ) 
PJU110.A2 no.241) 271.1)0008 03-2235 rev 

Ancren riwle. 

Tho English text of the Ancrene riwlc. Edited irom 
Cotton us. Titus D. xvin, by Frances M. Mack, Together 
with the Lanhydrock fragment, Bodleian us. Eng. th. c. 
70, edited by A. Zettersten. London, New York, Published 
for the Enrly English Text Society, by the Oxford Uni- 
versity Press, 1983. 

ivll, 171 p. facslma. 23 cm. (Early English Tteit Society. 
[Publications. Original aeries, no. 282) 
PR1119.A2 no.252 271.90698 64-1697 

Felician Sisters of the Order of St. Francis. Province of 

Fifty years; n, memoir on the fiftieth anniversary of the 
Mother of Good Counsel Province of the Congregation of 
tho Sisters of St, Felix (Felician Sisters) 1910, October, 
1000. ,Goni))ilo(l and edited by Sister Mary Felicinna. Chi- 
cago, 1960. 

140 p. Illus, 28 cm. 
BX434C.Z(iC3 271.979 81-34414 t 

Hall, Helen (Linenberger) 1912- 

These are our religious, a genealogy. ,Hutchinson f Kan., 

310 p. Illus. 22x20 cm. 
CS71.H177 lOBOa 59-40111 t 

Hilpisch, Stephanus, 1894- 

History of Benedictine nuns. Translated by If Joanne 
Muggli, edited by Leonard J. Doyle. Collegevillo, Minn , 
St. John's Abbey Press, 1968. 

122 p. Illus, 28cm. 
BX4276.H513 271.979 60-37396 J 

Hoedl, Celestine. 

Types of secondary schools and the development of re- 
ligious vocations. Mendham, N. J.. Assumption CoUejre for 
Sisters, 1962. 

123 p. 22cm. 
BX4210.H6 877.82 

McCarthy, Thomas Patrick, 1920- 

Guide to the Catholic sisterhoods in ths United States. 
With foreword by Amleto Giovanni Cardinal Cicogniini and 
introd. by Egidio Vagnozzi. c fith ed., rev. and enl. Wash- 
ington. Catholic University of America Press. 1964 

ill, 4M p. Illus., pot-ts. 24 cm, 
BX4320.U6MS 1964 271.905873 64-lfi886 

Malard, Suzanne, 1907- 

Religious orders of women, by Suzanne Cita-Malard. 
Transited from the French by George J. Bobinson. ,1st 
ed,. New York, Hawthorne Books [1964j 

110, |lj p. 21 cm. (The Twentieth canhay encyclopedia of Cathol- 
icism, T. 80. Section 8: The organizations at the church) 
BX4200.M31S 271.9069 64-14166 

Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 

WOMEN (Continued) 

Notre Dame, Ind. University. Sisters' Institute of Spir- 

Proceedings, 1953-60, Edited by Joseph B. Haley. 
Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame Press [1984-61] 

8 V. lllus., ports, 24 cm. 
BX4210.N6 271.9082 64-11413 rev 

Corns, Her wig. , 

Eepertorium universale siglorum ordinum et institutum 
religioForum in Bcclesia Cfltholica. Bruxelles, Commission 
beige de bibliographic, 1959. 

308 p. 21cm. (Blbllographln Belglca, 45) 
Z2405.B57 vol.45 00-2497 1 

Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius. 

Adveniat regnum tuum. Sisters of SS. Cyril and Metho- 
dius, Danville, Pennsylvania, 1909-1959. [Danville, 1959j 

80 p. IlluB. 32 cm. 
BX4491.8.A42 271.979 60-23469 J 


Burton, Doris. 

The loveliest flowarj ten foundresses of religious congre- 
gations, Fresno, Calif., Academy Guild Press [I960, 1959j 

ISO p. 20cm. 
BX422B.B8 922.2 60-9246 J 

Biffin, Kathleen, 1928- . 

Nun ; a gallery of Sisters. Foreword by Sister Maria del 
Ray. New York, Random House [1964, 
141 p. lllua. 29cm. 

BX4225.E55 271.9 64-18931 


Notre Dame, Ind. University. Institute for Loadl Svpe- 

Proceedings, 1962- Editor: Robert S. Pelton. [Notre 
Dame, University of Notre Dame Press, 1968- 

v. 23 cm. 

BX4200.N6 271.9 68-12511 


Lexau. Joan M ed. 

Convent We; Koman Catholic religious orders for women 
in North America, edited, and with an introd., by Joan M. 
Lexau. Forward t i. e. Foreword] by Sister Maria del Bey 
of Maryknoll, New York, Dial Press, 1964. 




Gambarl, Elio. . w _i 

The religious-apostolic formBtion of Sistera Foreword 
by Arcndio Cardinal Larraona, New York, Fordham Uni- 
versity Press [1964j 

ill, 188 p. 24cm. Ao_oaiTR 

BX4210.5.G3 68-28173 


Eckenstein, Una, d. 1931. 

Woman under monasticism; chapters on saint-lore am 
convent life between A. D. 800 and A. n. 1500. New York 
Russell & Russell, 1963, 
486 p. 25cm. 

BX4200.E3 1963 271.9069 63-110528 


Caesarius, Saiui, Bp. of Aries, 470 J-548. 

The rule for nuns of St. Caesarius of Aries: a translation 
with a critical introduction, by Maria Caritas McCarthy 
'Washington. Catholic University of America Press, 1960. 

Till, 230 p. 23 cm. (Catlollc University of America. Studies In 
mediaeval history, new ser., v. 10) 
BX4212.C318 271.90698 61-196 

Fanfani, Lodovico Giuseppe, 1876-1958. 

Canon law for religious women, by Louis G-. Fanfani anc 
Kevin D. O'Eourke, Dubuque, Iowa, Priory Press [1961] 
SflSp. 24cm. 

271,90698 60-68079 : 

OF MEN see Monasticism and religious 


Monastyrskil, Fedor VasU'evjeh. 

SCMJIJI. OMH-iaji EpOBBio, MOCIBI, BoeB, na^-so, 1962, 
22? p. Illns. a cm. (BoeHHue Henyapu) 
D811.M564 63-48587 ] 

MONAT, PAWEL, 1921- 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on . 

Soviet espionage through Poland. Hearing before the 
Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the In- 
ternal Security Act and Other Internal Security jLaws of the 
Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty- 
sixth Congress, second session. Testimony of Pawel Monat. 
June 13, 1900. Washington, IT. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1960. 

11, 41 p. 24 cm. 
UB260.U5 60-61930 


Villegas Domfnguez, Rodrigo. 

Vida de Abelardo Moncayo. Quito, Editorial Casa de la 
Cultura Ecuatoriana, 1961. 

STOp. lllua. 21cm. 
F3785.M723V5 63-29472 t 


Gascon, Jos Antonio Guerrelro. 

Subsidies para a monografia de Monchique. Portimao, 
Edicao da viuva do autor M. C. K. Guerreiro Gascon, 1965. 

403 p. [Hue. 24 cm. 
DP802.M64G3 61-44055 J 


Chatelain, Abel. 

Le Monde et ses lecteurs sons la rv* Bejrablique. Paris, 
A. Colin r 1962] 

270 p. lllus,, ports., maps, facslms., tablet, 18 cm. (Collection 
Kloeque, IS) 
PN5189.P3M6 63-68762 


Casal, Jean Marie. 

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de la 



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see also Credit; Fiscal policy 

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rle roinanlttt: Hwnp'e kQoiyiui Don, 



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duccion y de la construccion de obras publicas y viviendos 
en gran escala, dc 5 a 10 aflos. Santiago de Chile, 1962. 

118 p. 26 cm. 



Devaluacidn 1062 [i. e. mil novecientos sesenta y dos, Sua 
orfgenes y proyecciones; historia documental de un proeeso 
econOmiL'o t por, Alberto Lleras ( et ol., Texto comploto del 
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22 p. 25 mi, (Istltuto dl economla azleadole dell'UnlTerslta com- 
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Geldprobleme der europaischea Wirtschaft; Wiihrungs- 
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1949- ) 

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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


INDIA (Continued) 

Lakshminarasimhan, S 

Development with stability, the Indian experiment jbyj 
S. L. N. Simhn, [1st ed., Bombay, Vora [1963] 

ill, 131 p. tables. 23 cm. 
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The role of monetary policy in a developing economy. 
With a foreword by A, C. Joshi. [1st ed,] Chandigarh, 
Panj ab University Publication Bureau t 1963] 

41 p. 10 cm. (Prof. BrlJ Naraln Memorial Lectures, 1001) 
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Money, banking, and international trade; full view at a 
glance. New Delhi, Sudha Publications [196-, 

182 p. 22 cm. (Full Tlew nt n glance aeries) 
HG221.S22 S A 63-1318 t 

Sethi, Jai Chand Dev. 

Problems of monetary policy in an underdeveloped coun- 
try; with special reference to India, Bombay, New York, 
Asia Pub. House t 1961] 

386 p. 23 cm. 
HG1235.S4 SA62-9B5 f 


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Monetury policy and economic growth. [1st ed.j Bom- 

bay, Vora rl!)82, 
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Bank of Israel, Jerusalem. Research Dept. 

Comments on the report "Israel's industrial finances, a 
second look" prepared by E. A. Tenenbaum. [for Continen- 
tal-Allied Company, inc., Washington, D. C.] Jerusalem, 

81 1. 27 cm. 
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La politica monetaria e creditizia itah'ana, 1945-1953. 
Locarno, 1969. 

SIT p. 24 cm. 

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Ch5, Ynkio. 

> 3 T.f-t 


277 p, dlagrs., tables. 22 cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes, 

1. Monetary policy Japan. 2, Japan Economic policy. 
i. Title. 

Title romontiet: Nlbon Icelzal shlsfl sbl kenhyfl. 

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Bg fq 82 [1967, 
2, 8, 802 p. lllus,, ports., tables, 26 cm. 
ftH (p, i51|-88e) : 

J 64-780 

* <T> 2. 


1. Finance Japan Hlit, 2. Finance, Public Japan. 8, Banks 
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TUle mmtmizet: Nlhoa kln'yfl mlsel hL 


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S&tft 88*1131,1966, 

1, Ninon Olnko. a. rinuM Jp*n. S, Monetary policy Jiptn, 


TOM nmaiKMtf: Win kunl no kla'jO 
Mldo to kln'ra Mluku, 


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O^epitH njiaimpoBaHFiJt flencacnoro oCpameiiuji. Mocina, 

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iT^foS'^I?^' 8 " tnble8 ' 24 om> (TrBde "MWatlons monographs) 
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Conference on Fiscal and Monetary Policy; [proceedingsj 
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23 p. 22 cm, (iti llulletln, no. M) 
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5B8 p. dlngre,, tables. 24 cm. 
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U- S Vi B r"''f ( S overnors f the Fe<ier ^ Reserve System. 
Ina I'ederal Kosorvo and the Treasury; answers to ques- 
tions from the Commission on Money and Credit. Prepared 
for the Commission on Money and Credit. Enirlewood 
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U. S. Oonoress. House. Committee on Banking and Cur- 

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ing and Currency, House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth 
Congress, first session ... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print 
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v, 412 p. lllus. 24 cm, 
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U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Cur- 

-n'f St !! cly T? ? f ^w' 61 ^ 1 credit programs. Subcommittee on 
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HF6006.S6 no. 70 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. (Continued) 

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Montevideo, 1900. 

1)7 p. tublon. 24 cm. (ITnoultad de Clenclns BconSmlcas y do 
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bllcactonea, no. 10) 
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Fernaut Ardanaz, Manuel 

La Bituaci6n monetaria. Surie 19 

Caracas, Ucniversidad; datfilica; Andres, B t ello, pr61ogo 

v, 22 cm. (Colecclfin Samin, no. 
HG915.P4 62-68190 f 

question; Money 


see also Sterling area; also names of 
specific monetary unions, e.g. Euro- 
pean Payments Union 


Gallez, Alfred. 

Le brigand Moneuse, capitaine des "Chauffeurs du Nord"; 
un emvile de Cartouche sous le Directoire. Bruxelles, Brepols 

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de 1'hlstolre," 2) 

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Consejo de Kstudios de Deiecho Aragones. 

Homenaje a la memoria de don Juan Moneva y Puyol. 
ZaraRozn, 1954. 

688 p. port, 25 cm, (Estudios de derecbo aragonee) 



see also Bank deposits; Bank-notes; 
Banks and banking; Banks and banking, 
Central; Barter; Bills of exchange; 
Capital; Circular velocity of money; 
Coinage; Coins; Counterfeits and 
counterfeiting; Credit; Currency con- 
vertibility; Currency question; Defla- 
tion (Finance); Finance; Finance, Pu- 
blic; Foreign exchange; Gold; Gold 

standard; Inflation (Finance); Mints; 
Money, Primitive; Occupation cur- 
rency; Paper money; Precious metals; 
Prices; Purchasing power; Quantity 
theory of money; Reproduction of money: 
documents, etc.; Silver; Silver ques- 
tion; Social credit; Tokens; Wealth; 
also names of coins, e.g. Cent, Dollar 

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vlll, luo p. 23 cin. (BIbllotheque generate d'eeonomle polltlque) 
[HG221.A ] A 60-3071 

New York Unlv. Libraries 

Azarova, Maria. Maksimovna. 

^eiitnt npu KamiTajiii3Me. [MocKnaj Hafl-no MOCKOB- 
CEoro ynmiepcnTCTa, 1801. 

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Oro, nionete e cambi di tutto il mondo e di ogni tempo. 
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B4 n. IT cm. 
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3 v. (704)5,) aiagra. 24cm. 

HG255.B435 A 01-3428 

New York Univ. Libraries 

Boder, Eugfene M 

Liberalisme ou mariisme? ou, Vers la solution integrals 
et aans arbitraire du probWme Sconomique et eocial. [Ge- 
neve, Perret-Gentil ,1961, 

109 p. 22 cm. 
HB199.B55 68-37877 J 

Boneh, Eliezer. 

[Tel-Aviv, 1962. j"3BTi] ma' 

1ST p. tablM. 28 cm. 

.ja&on nunpj; 


Bregel', Enokh lAkovlevich, 1&03- 

Toaapuoe npon3BOflCTBO H ^entm. Mocsna, 1961. 
142 p. 20cm. 
HB179.B8223 62-48764 rev \ 

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HG221.B667 1950 62-34021 t 


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I!T, COOp. IlluB., tables. 24cm. 
HG221.C448 1084 332 64-12798 

Ch'oe, Ho-jin, 1914- 

4285 [1952, 
248 p. 21cm. 

1. Money. 2, Ourreocy question. 8. Finance, i Title. 

Title romontMtf; Hwap'e Wmyunj non. 

HG221.C48B K 62-196 t 

Ch'oe, Ho-jin, 1014- 

tt m * ** AI -i- ^ s M ft ^ 2 mi 


2W p. 22 cm. 

1. Mmicy, I. Title. Title romaniiet: Hwap'eroa. 

HO^J.C-19 K 59-165 J 

Congrcs des Iconomistes de langue franchise, Paris, 1981. 

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fransalse, 10B1) 

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248 p. 17 cm. (Tlie Horns university library of modern knowl- 
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Eshapr, Eprime. 

From Mai-shall to Keynes; an essay on the monetary 
theory of the Cambridge school, Oxford, B, Blackwell 

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La demande de monnaie. Louvain. Editions Nauwelaerts, 
1959, ^ 

210 p. dlagrs. 24cm. (ircIvers!tcathollQuede Louvain Facultfi 
des sciences economlques et soclales. Collection de 1'Scole des sciences 
tomomlques, no 66) 
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Introduction to a cultural theory of money. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms ,1958, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3969 Mic 58-3969 

Gallani, Ferdinando, 1728-1787. 

De la monnaie (1751) Traduit et analyse aveo biblio- 
gra,phiej introd. et notes, par G.-H. Bousquet et J. Crisafulli. 
Paris, M. Eiviere, 1955. 

147 p. 25 cm. (Blbllothfrque de la Faculty de drolt d'Alger. v. 21) 
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Garg, K N 

Dravya, karansi aura vinimaya. ,Lekhaia-, Kantanatha 
Garga. [Trtiya. samskaranaj Eahabada, Kitaba. Mahala 

208 p. 18cm. 
HGS21.G3255 60-41043 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONEY (Continued) 

Gesell, Silvio, 1862-1930. 

The natural economic order. Translated by Philip Py 
,Rev. Enclish ed., London, P. Owen t l9fi8, 

HB1T5.G38 1968 


Giusti, Joseph P 

A manual for money & banking, by Joseph P. Giusti on< 
James F. Cawley. Latrobe, Pa., Archabbey Press, 1961. 

1S51. Illus. 28cm. (Tne Saint Vincent College series) 
HG2491.G5 332.102 61-11429 

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Moeda e precos, crfidito e bancos. Rio de Janeiro, Irmaos 
Pongetti, 1947. 

264 p. 23 cm. 
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Gomes, Luiz Souza. 

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Kio de Janeiro; Edicoes Financeiras, 1954. 

244 p. 28 cm. 
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Pub. House C 1963, 

lv, T2 p. 18 cm. 
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The decay of money; a survey of Western currencies 
1912-1962. [Washington, Institute for Monetary Eesearch 

ton, D P 'c.j Monograph no. if 1 *** f< * Monetary Il " 

Gurley, John G 

Money in a theory of finance, by John G. Gurley and Ed- 
ward S. Shaw. With a mathematical appendix by Alain C. 
Enthovea, Washington, Brookings Institution [I" 

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Hong, U, 1913- 

8*31* Hill ZLSlfcit 4286,195 
2T6 P . 10cm. (***> 

K 62-198 t 

'^. c - p ^ 

HF1041.H82 C 60-2230J 

Jacobsson, Per, 1894-1968. 

The role of mony in a dynamic economy. [New York, 
Graduate School of Business Administration, New York 
University t 196Sj 

18 p. 23cai. (The Arthur K. Salomon lecture,!) 
HG221.J22 ' 63 _ 8 855 

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Jongman, Cornelis Dirk, 

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Illlillographlcal footnotes. 



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duplical ion, University of Chicago Library] 1960. 
Microfilm 0049 II li Mic 60-7707 1 

Chicago. Univ. LIbr. 

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K 61-489 t 

e romanteei: Hwap'e kumytag non kongil 
HG221.K485 K 64-291 

KUs, Eugene Storm, 1908- 

Money and banking. 3d ed. Cincinnati, South-western 
Pub. Co. t 1964, 

HG1601.K518 1864' 382.1 64- 

, . 

staatlichen Theorie des Geldes; ein Brief wecbsel, 
1905-1920 ,voni G. F. Knapp t und, F. Bendixen. Ausge- 
wahlt und hrsg. von Kurt Singer. Basel, Kyklos-VerlaR, 

1. Money. i. Title. 

Kim, S-bong. 

nf 8 i p ^? 0rt ?; 2 * cm - (^ereffentllchunffen Her List Gesellsciatt, 
Bd. 10. Relhe B : Stndlen zur Okonomlk der Gegenwart) 
HG221.K584 59-46211 

orner, Emil. 

Entdeckung des wertbestandigen Geldes. Berlin, Duncker 

SWp. 24cm. ' 

. . 


Korteweg, S 

. A. G. 

v V ' - 

( New York, Longmans [I960, 1958j 

HG888.KOKJ IDS' 332.4 CO-1314 

Krans, Otto Josef, 1908- 

Geld Kredit-Wahrung; eine kurzgefasste Einfuhrun 
Berlin, Duncker Humblot ,1958, 

262 p., dlaers. 24cm. 

New York Univ. Libraries HQ221 A60 ~ 2660re 

Lechner, Hans H 

HG221X35 ' 

Lerat, Eugene, 1903- 

Les structures e'conomiques et la monnaie 
Editions de la Librairie encyclope"dique, 1961. 

Leutner, Helmut 

an der TJnlveraltit K 

HG221.L48 1962 

Loria, Achille, 1857-1943. 

Opere: Analisi della proprieta capitnlisticn (vol. i) Ln. 
sintosi ocononiicn, II vnlore dclla monota. Con pref. di Giu- 

e Miux'o Fanno. i 


rinoj Unione tipografico editriuo tori- 
60-2124,0 J 

LuntS, Lazar" Adol'fovich, 1892- 

npa^e KMtmaxncrawcxux cipait. OCKBS, IOpi W . na^-so 

214 p. 20 cm. (BcecoiosHbift HHCTHTyr ropHAHiecKHx Hayic Vie- 

Hue Tpyaw, Bbin. 14) 

HG221.L895 48-24577 rev' 

Manullang, Manginar. 

Pengantar teori ekonomi moneter. Medan, Deli Pertje- 
takan & Toko Buku, 1962. 

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Masihah, Wahtb. 

Mason, Will Edwin, 1012- 

.Clarification of the monetary standard; the concept and 
its relation to monetary policies and objectives. University 
Park, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1968. 

HG220^A2M35 382.4 62-20541 t 

Mass*", Pierre, 1898- 

Los reserves et la regulation do 1'avenir dans In vie &ono- 
miquo. Prcf. dP_Eoffer Bouttovilk Paris, Hermann, 1946. 

BrOTionlT""^^ 7 " 1008 33 ' 182 A 48-4474 rev* 

Mathur, Raj Narata. 

Introduction to money, exchange and banking. Delhi, 
'soo p. 28 cm. ' 
HG221.M885 S A 68-146 J 

Moll, Bruno, 1885- 

4. ed., (impliamente corr. y nun 

Lima, Libreria Interoacional del Peru ,1959, "1988, 



61-34789 t 

NarsW, Zygmunt. 

Za.rys analizy zjawisk pienieinych vr adecentralizowanej 
gospodui'ce planowej. Poznali, Nakl. Wyteej Szkoly Eko- 
nomicznej, 1959. 

82 p. 21 cm. (Wyfaza SikoJa HJonomicuia w Posnanln. Prace 
monograflczne, zecz. 14) 
HG221.N3 62-25805 t 

Newlyn, Walter Tessier. 

e0rym Oxford ' Ckremdon Pre6 a. 19 62. 

Nierop, Hendrik Abraham van, 1881- 

Schets van het bankwezen. 4. druk, horssien in aunen- 
met C. D. Jongman. Haarlem, De Erven F. Bohn 


HG3094.N5 ~1957' 
Obicg pienieiny i krcdyt; pr 

(Volk. Unl yer,Itoito blbllotheek. 2. reek,, no. 24) 

; praoa zbiorova. ( Qpracowali; M., et al., Wyd. 2., popr. i usup. 3w! z , Pnrtstwowe 
Wydawn. Naukowe, 11300- 

HG258.022 61^6576 

Obst, Georg, 1873-1938. 

Geld-, Bank- und BBrsenwesen; eine Kemeinversttndliche 
Darstellung. 85. vollstandig neu bearb. und stark erwei- 
terte AuH. von Otto Hintner. Stuttgart, 0. E. Poeachel, 

ill', 788 p. Illus, 22cm. 
HG178.02 1963 <^ sm 

Perkins, John Randolph. 

Undenrtanding money, unemployment, and inflation: why 

aL a S 1S UtoPift ' (IS * 6d ' 1 NW Y0rk> 

' Homwood ' IU '> 

Boston ' Hou llt o 

Prather, Charles Lee, 1899- 

Pritchard, Leland James, W03- 

xp. Ulna,, ftwa 
HG221.P953 1964 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONEY (Continued) 

Quintero Ramos, Angel M 

Moneda y banca, por Angel M. Quintero Bamos, Fran- 
cisco Sanchez Arau y Carmen Delia Rodriguez de Ortiz. 
San Juan, P. R., Edicbnes Juan Ponce de Leon, 1963- 




Quintero Ramos, Angel M 

Trabajos sobre moneda y banca iporj Angel M. Quintero 
Karaos ffj Carmen Delia B. de Ortiz. t Kto Piedrasj Univ 
sidad do Puerto Eico, Colegio de Admiuistracl6n Comerc' 
Departamento de Finanzas [1961, 

1 T. (various payings) 23 cm. 


Sachdera, T N 

Monetary theory; full view at a glance. 2d ed., radically 
rev. & elaborately enl. New Delhi, Sudha Publications 

Money, banking, and international trade; full view at a 
glance. New Delhi, Sudha Publications ,196-, 

182 p. 22 cm. (Full view at a glance series) 
HG221.S22 S A 63-1318 I 

u, Sudha Publications (law l, 

10S, 128 p. lllus. 22 cm. (Full view at a glance series) 
HB501.S24 S A 62-254 t 

Sahara, Takaomi, 1893- 

4, 8, 886 p. lllus. (part col.) 22 on. 
1. Money. x. Xlti*. 

Title romatiMt: Kihel DO cocfi rlron. 

HG221.S253 J 64-1388 

Sahara, Takaomi, 1893- 
3yntheses of monet 
blications Trading Co", 1964. 

HG221.S2533 "" 



Sampaio, Aide, 1894- 

Monnaie, change et systeme mone'tture. PrM. de F. Divi- 
sin. Paris, Dunod. 1958. 

138 p. lllus. 24cm. 
HG221.S2B65 59-45557 J 

Sanz, Angel Bernardo. 

Psicologia del dinero, Pr61ogo de Joei Castafieda. Ma- 
drid, Editorial Sopec, 1968. 
. 20 cm. 



62-36924 f 

Schilcher, Rudolf. 

Geldfunktionen und Buchgeldschopfung; ein Beitrag zur 
Geldtheorie. Berlin, Duncker & Humblot ["1958] 

219 p. 24 cm. (Wlrtscbaftswtssenschaftllche Abnandlungen; 
Voiles- und betrlebswlrtschaltltche Schrlftenwlhe der Wlrtichafts- 
und Soslahvlssenschiiftllcnen Pakultat der Frelen TTnlversltat Berlin, 

59-53158 t 
Schneider, Erich, 1900- 

Money, income and employment Translated by Kurt 
Klwppholz. London, Allen & Unwin [1962, 

HB60l'.S333*' 1962a 889.2 62-62970 t 

Schneider, Erich, 1900- 

Money, income, and employment. Translated by Kurt 
Klappholz. New York, Macmillan, 1962. 

HB601.SS33 ' 389.2 62-3243 t 

Sen, Satyendranath. 

Money, trade and public finance t byj Satyendra Nath Sen 
and Sisir Kumar Das. Calcutta, Bookland [1968, 

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IncUides bibliography. 

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WONEY (Continued) 

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see also Banking lawj Foreign exchange 



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BonpocH rocy^apcTBCHHiJx $nnancoB, -eptRjna. ^ene*- 

aHT-pu, 1962. 

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Austria. Lows, itectute, tto. 

Osterreichisches "Wahrungs- und Devisenrecht, samt No- 
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seln, Gesetze, Verordnungen, Zahlungsabkommon, Kund- 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONEY (Continued) 

Deaver, John Virgil, 1922- 

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cago (Dept. of Photoduplication, University of Chicago 
Library; 1961. 

Microfilm 6887 HG Mic 61-7454 J 

Chicago, TJnlv. Llfcr. 

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fftttttrfitWiStLftf JttIA-r# .It# <U!i r nirt 

iW Stir-: ifii I'A'i 10(12. 

17,88.1 p. 2Ln. 

Ti'llr rtimniit/ted: t'h'lng till huo p)' i-liHi Jung ehlh kn. 
HG1222.Y38 COS- 117 

Miyashita, Tadao, 1009- 

' I M fl'f iliU <" ** W 'ft i!r ft '! ' M Hi i*i M 1 5: ^ W "/E 
('; i-' ,& -iff; "' * v; 1-1 ^ 't- fff ft; w tw ft 1 27 


Bibliographical footnotes. 

iDgoku hfilsel no tokus 

'ntlo romnniica: Chflij 
Sogabe, Shizuo, 1901- 

It Bg^n 24 [1949j 
206 p. lllus., map, tables. 2 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

1. Money China Hist. 2. Honey-^Tapan Hist. i. Title. 

Tide romanlaat: Nlchl, S8, Kin kahe! kSryd shi. 

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Dominican Republic. Law, statutes, etc. 

Compilaci6n de las diaposiciones legales diotadas sobre la 
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1947. Ciudad Trujillo [Editora-Montalroj 1955. 

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TOsSFS"^" 8 ' An " ^"^S"' PUWICat MiTfi^OS 


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A la recherche clu frano perdu t par] Divisia, Dupin t et] 
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maps, dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Yale studies In economics, 
HG976.M5 332.4044 (53-7042 

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Du franc Bonaparte au franc De Gaulla. Paris, Cahnann- 

^H.P-'J!'" a 19cm - (Q^tlo^d'actuallW) 

Toulemon, Andre. 

La stabilisation moniStaire; sa necessity, son mocanisme, 


Spinola, Domenico. 

Sommario di quello die si contiene nelli due libri rossi 
della moneta, a euro di Ubaldo Meroni. Mantora, 1953. 

.ecca eno7n, A 60-2014 

New lorli Univ. Libraries SG1040 


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MB p. lllus., tables. IS cm. 
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1949- ) 

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furt am Main [1967?, 

Germany (Federal Republic, 19$- ) Laws, statutes, eto. 

Die Wahrungsgesetzgebung. Hrsg. von dem Deutschen 
Raiffeisenverband, Bonn. Bearb. ron Franz Erich Muller. 
[Neuwied, 194 

Unser Geld; ein dokumentarisches Bildwerk fiber das Geld. 
[4. Aufl. Idee: Karlheinz Lohr; Textredaktion : Heinz 
Holtmann; Bildredaktion: Erich Koch, Hannover, Stein- 
bock (1959, 

unpaged [chiefly lllus.) 28cm. 
HG999.5.U5 1959 82-39585 % 


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With a new introd. by Frank C. Genovese. Homewood, 111., 
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Report. London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1963 
^w, 253 p. llluBL 25cm. ([Gt. Brit Parliament Papers by eom- 

HG03A5 1963 64-163 

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suchung auf der Grundlage des englischen Rechts. t Vom 
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Hawaiian coins, tokens, and paper money ; an illustrated 
history and price list of the coins, tokens, medals, patterns, 
paper money, and transportation tokens that were once is- 
sued for use in our 50th State 1836 to date, by Maurice M. 
Gould and Kenneth Bressett 2d rev. ed. Racine, Wis., 
Whitman Pub. Co. [1861] 

CJ4634.G6 1961 


61-19274 J 

Gould, Maurice M 

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an illustrated history and price list of the coins, tokens, 
medals, patterns, paper money, and transportation tokens 
that were once issued for use in our 60th State-1836 to 
date, by Maurice M. Gould and Kenneth Bressett. Racine, 
Wis., Whitman Pub. Co. ,1960j 

45 in 

60-1371 t 

CJ4534.GS 737.49969 


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A forgalomban leVS p^nzmennyis^g es a lakossag penz- 
k&zlete. [Budapest] Kozgazdasagi & Jogi Konyvkiado, 

minyl'lnt&eWnek kffemea^?^ 03 Akaaftala K^ea^'^S* 140 - 
HG970.H8V3 61-S3019 J 


Dravya, karansl aura vinimaya. [Lekhaka, Kantanatha 
Garga. (Trtiya aamskararm) Ilahabada, Kitaba Mahala 

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Library of Congress CatalogBook: Subjects 

Korea (Republic} Laws, statutes, ete. 


INDIA (Continued) 

Laws, decrees, ordinances, regulations, and principles con- 
cerning emergency currency measures and emergency mone- 
tary measures. Translated and printed by the Bank of 

Batyrev, V M 

^eneacKOC oSpamemte B CCCP ; nonpoca Teopnn, opraHH- 

Vaish,M C 

Principles of financial organisation ; a study in money and 
banking. [2dj rev. and enl. ed. Agra, Batan Prakaahaz. 

Korea. r Seoul] 1962. 

3ainnt n imniiponaim,!!. MoCEoa, roc$HHH3flaT, 19S9. 
379 p. 23 Cm. 
HG1074.B34 60-3S091 t 

Mandir [1962] 

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Opraiiiiaamia n nraanpoBainie flenexHoro o6pamenna B 

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288 p. lllus. 22 cjo. 

1956-58 [fltlas, 1956, 
2 v. lllus., facslms. and atlas (116 p. of lllus., facsims.) 28 cm. 
HG802.B8 61^1657 


HG1074.B35 ' 1959 60-29284 J 

Kronrod, Gt, A 

flcHtnt t conHOJiHCTHiecROM o&necTBe ; oiepKH Tcopmt. 

HG1232.M3 1960 333.4954 61-59831 t 

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2., nepep. iisfl. MocEBa, roc^nnnsflai, 1960. 

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Die Munzen und das Papiergeld Esttands, Lettlands, 
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Die Munzen und das Papiei-geld Estknds, Lettlands, 

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Kronrod, fl A 

Das Geld in der sozialistischen Gesfillschoft; theoretischer 
Grunclriss. c Ubers. von Amalie Hoft und wiss&nsohaftlich 
benrb. von Wilhelm Schmidtj Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 

Litauens. N'eue ergiinzte Stockholm, M, C, Hirsch, 

il958) l\A 

Numismatische Abt., 1957. 
v, 2021. plates. 30cm. 

HG1074.K68S 64-88504 

HH$SuFi? (toIm) MCm ' NE 62-697 

HG1080.2.P54 1987 37-38610 rev 

Rubanov, Lev Abrantovich, 



Platbarzdis, Aleksandrs, 1899- 

caonajMtoro ofipaaonanHji ECCF, 1961. 

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Die Munzen und das Papiergeld Estlnnds, Lettlands, 
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HG1074.E8 m ' 64-39686 

nmnita, 1958. 

Numismatische Abt., 1957. 
v, I'Oa 1. plates. 80 cm. 

Ylasenko, V E 

HG1025.C' "' 62-46142 J 

HG1080.2.P51 1957 57-38610 rev 

fleneacnaa peifopwa a Foccini, 1805-1808 rr. Knea, H.^-BO 


Platbarzdis, Aleksandrs, 1899- 

217 p. tablJi' K 2Scui'. 

Die Munzen und das Papiergeld Estlands, Lettlands, 

HG1074.V5 CO-3822S 

SakudS, YBtaro, 1924- _^ 

Litiiuens. (3. Aufl., Stockholm, 1953. 

Vlasenko, V E 

5 -fi H$1ltffifJ& fcit^rfcfiRIS 1 K^ ?iTfc^" 

11, 192 I. SO cm. 
HG1080.2.P54 55-41855 rev 

Teopnii A*ner B Poccim; iraiieu; xix-^ooKTaCpicEiifl 

0g;f[133 1958j 

nepiioA xx B. [Krien, HS^-BO KiiencKoro yHirscpCHTCTa, 1963. 

8011,. ma.. 18 cm. (rf*#f* 93) 


HG220.RST5' 84-40240 

1. Money-Japan, i. Tltle^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Jongman, Comelis Dirk. 

Zlobin, I D 

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CoacTCKiitt pyS^t. Mocissa, SnaHHe, 1961. 

HG1276.S3 J 59-254 1 

Kroese, 1959. 
i, 839 p, aiagr. 2Scm. 


TflkHhsi.shi, Taizfi, iw:-- ,,/. 

HG106B.J6 62-46878 

AS262.V833 ser. 3, 1961, no. 6 62-427441 

-frfiW, i'.iii!$iiKlJffF:ttlJfe i y,' ft ft ft is'Ku. 

Jongman, Cornelis Dirk. 


-.^i,. inn. i!>,.m. in riH)v> ?Hh SM 

De Nederiandse geldmarkt. Leiden, H. E. Stenfert 

I. Miiiiry-.Tnimii. 2. H;mk mitt lulliklnu ..lijiniij ^ ^VMl.'. ^ 

Kroese, 1S60. 

Luchinskif, Mikbaa FranOevkh. 

x,343p., tables. 23cm, 

^enira na Pycu nt-xn m. HpoiHs OAaoro omn(SosMoro 

iHiiai.vra .1 (w-iMD t 

Harvard Univ. r, ll)rllry A BMOTl 

rcia, 1958. ' yBHBCp H " 



CK C r P "H !8 T Cin ' <yiieiUJe f m<:m K3*HCKCrO ({iHHaHCOBO-SKOHOMH. 

SakudB, YBtarO, 1924- 

H '$ it fl'f ft J$! 'J: lf ' -W 41!; f i: ff> f, ? ;l-i ;UJ It I .: 


Cuadra Cea, Luis. 

Aspectos historicos de la moneda, en Nicaragua.. (Mana- 
gua, Banco Central de Nicaratcna, 1963. 
2r. lllus,, plata. tables. 26 cm. 

HG2S.K3 vyp.12 61-36453 

MeO, Nonna Dmitrievna. 

Hani pySw, ; iicropn-jecicHft oiepic. MOCKBS, COHSKPHS, 

370, Up, aiagti, tables. 22 em. 

Nicaragua. Laws, statutes, eta. 

HG1072.H4 63-43882 

ograp ca ou no es. 

El plan Max; banoa y moneda de Nicaragua, Managua 

^SOft'p. tHblfld. 27 cro . 


I. Miiuey Japan Hint. I. Title. 


Wfelandt, Friedrich, 1906- 


Sobaflhauser MUnz- und GeldgescOiiolite. Hrsg. von der 

HG1273.S2 J 62-701 

ScJiafThauser Kantonalbank aus Anlass ihres 75jahrigen 

Wierzbicki, Jamraz. 

Beatehens. [Schaffhausen, 1989] 

Shinto Hiroshi, 1902- 
History of the yen ; 100 years of Japanese money-economy. 

Podatawy finansdw. Pozn&li, Nakl. Wyiszej SzkotyEko- 

223 p, lllus., platen (1 col.) porn., fa calms. 28 oui. 
HG1180.S3W5 62-5048S 

[Kobe, Japan, Research Institute for Economics & Business 

Administration, Kobe University [1962, 
lit, 111, 205 p. tables. 24 cm. (KCbe economic & business research 

HF5550.W453 ' 64-30603 


HG1272.S45 68-29564 
Sogabe, Shizuo, 1901- 

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WShrung, Pwisentwidclimg und Kaufkraft des Geldes in von 1226-1864. Neumtinster, K. Wach- 
holtz, 1962-59. 

Rozprsiwy o pieni%dzu w Polace pierwszej polowy ivn 

2v. taWes. 2)WOcm. (Quello, ad rorwhungoo *> r Oewhlctte 

wieku. [Wyd, 1, "Warszawaj Paidstwowe Wydavrn. Nan- 

ScWeawlg-Holstelns, Ba. 28) UCTMUWJW 

If Bgfll 24 [1949] - 

towe, 1959. 

KD491.S622Q4 Bd.26 A 53-4702 rev 

208 p, niia, map, tablet. 22 cm. 

HG10ST.S23 SO-26809 J 

Bllllojiaphlctl footnotes. 
T. Money China Hist 2. Money Japan HUt. i. Title. 
Tine romanizct: Nidi, S, Kin kahel kOrytl obi, 



HG122S.SB J 61-1805 

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Die lliinz- und Geldgeschichte des Herzogtums Preusaen, 
1569-1701. Hit einem Qeleitwort von Wilhelm Jesse. 
Heidelberg, QuelleS Meyer t 1909, 

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Emisiones monetarias de la Guerra de la Independencaa 
Espanola, 1808-1814 [Zaragoza, Istituci6n "Fernando el 
0Wlico" (C. S. L 0.) de la Excma. Diputacion Provincial 
de Zaragoza, 1059. 

Hanguk tnliaeivg. Palkwonbu. 

HG1010.P8M4 21 Cm ' <St0<Uen ZUF eMhlChte Pr9 T!5si2i1 

Ouerra Se^Ina^^' a " C I '^!!t HI ?-' :<lrlCO In * erDllclon<l1 * > 

tt) epen a y .u po, Ziwagow, 19 (, p on en(fl 


HG1138.B4 8S-SB840 

3f t i 

Gould, Maurice M 

Legends In Korean and Engllan; on coyer: The money of Korea. 

1962 catalog of the money of Puerto Rico, an illustrated 
history and price list of the coins, tokens and paper money 


which were once issued for use in the Commonwealth that 

Burri, Joseph. 

1, Money-Korea. I.T1H*. n. Title : a ' rhe 1 ^ OIler b ^ s K: ^ egwttn . 

may someday become our filst State, by Maurice M. Gould 
and Lincoln W. Biggie. Racine, Wis., Whitmaa Pub. Co. 

Das Wiohtigsta_vom Geld- und BarJrwesen. 7., durohge- 
oenene Aufl. Zurich, Verlag des Sciweiz. KaufmSnnischen 
Tereins, 1960. >vu. 

HG13I1.K8H2 K 61-29 

HG782.G6 US ' ""' 62-5680 J 

62 p. UHs. 18cm. 
HG8204.B3 1960 62-34056 j 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

SWITZERLAND (Continued) 

Teichmann, Marianne. 

Die gegenwartige Struktur der schweizerischen. Geldver- 

Friedman, Milton, 1912- 
A monetary history of the United States, 1867-1960 [by, 
Milton Friedman ,tind] Anna Jacobson Schwartz. Prince- 
ton, Princeton University Press, 1963. 
**lv.8eO p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. (National Bureau of Eco- 


see also Money (in religion, folk-lore, 

fassung. Winterthur, P. G. Keller, 1960. 

HG538.F86 332.4073' 63-7521 

Yimck, John A 

A 00-4827 


The lineage of Lady Meed; the development of mediaeval 

Dame Press, 1963. 


Lowenstein, Dyno. 

xll!, 850 p. 24 cm. (University of Notre Dame. Publications la 

Achi, Georges. 

Money. Pictures by Adolar. New York, F. Watts [1963j 
68 p. lllus. 23cm. (The Young adult library) 

PN68Tv4YS ea ' 809.7 63-9262 

' V^ EJJ*" 1 "l2.\^T^ ^"^ r JMliJI 

HG221.5.L6 j 332.4 62-8424 t 

414 ->5cni <i5 . . fj ] 


HG1311.S95 A65 N E 64-3108 


see U.S. Money Order Center, Kansas City, 


Odicini Lezama, Antonio. 


Kolerkihc., Ekrem. 
Osmanli Imparatorlugunda para. Ankara, Dogu? Mat- 
baasi, 1958. 

Monograf ia sobre el regimen monetario de la Kepublica 
Oriental del Uruguay, 1829-1955. [Montevideo, cover 1958, 
286 p., xlli L lllus. 25cm. 59-53537 J 

MONEY-ORDERS see Postal service 

HG1164.K63' ' KE 63-1615 
Tiirkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasi. 


MONEY RAISING see Fund raising 

Espinosa, Alfonso. 


El proceso monetario: Venezuela 1930/1960. Caracas, 

HG3871.T8T8' " ' ' 60-25660 

Editorial Arte, 1003. 


U S 

HG915.E8 m ' 63^4721 

Colli, Giuseppe, 1924- 

Monferrstp. Torino, Socistsi editrice internazionale 

Pernaut Ardanaz, Manuel. 


How money is'made. New York, Dedd, Mead [1963] 
64 p. lllus. 19 1 24 em. 

En torno al Decreto 724. Caracas, Impr. Nacional, 1962. 

DG9r5 P :M672C6 22Cm ' 63-438011 

HG457.CG 685.318 62-17988 t 

HG915.P38 * * ** 62-89712 J 


Money in motion; a graphic portrayal of the nature of 


(African tribe) 

money and the American monetary system. New York, J. 
do Grail, 1961. 
3tvll, lp. lUus. 29cm. 

Pardo, Mercedes Carlota de. 

Monedas venezolanas. Caracas, Banco Central de Vene- 


HG538.D18 332.4973 61-7363 

zuela, 1961. 

2 v. plates. 24 cm. (OoleccWn hlstorlco-economlca venezolana, 

Griswold, Alexander B 

Dahlberg, Arthur Olaus. 

Money in motion; a graphic portrayal of the nature of 

HG912.P3 62-34142 

King Mongkut of Siam. New York, Asia Society ,1861, 
60 B? lllus. 22cm. ' 

money and the American monetary system. Eev. ed. New 

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York, J. de Graff, 1962. 


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Dunne, Gerald T 

Higgle, Lincoln W 

2Mp. ima. '23 cm. 

Monetary decisions of the Supreme Court. New Bruns- 
wick, K. J., Rutgers University Press t 1960, 
112 p. 22 cm. <Th Rutgers bunking series) 
332.4973 60-9690 t 

The colonial coinage of the U. S. Virgin Islands; an illus- 
trated history and guide to the coins, tokens and paper 
money issued for the U. S. Virgin Islands under Danish 
and United States administration. Racine, Wis., Whitman 

DSS81.M6 923.1593 61-16666 t 

Pub. Co. [1962, 

61 p. lllus. iOcrn. 


Money, banking and monetary policy. New York, Ronald 

HG7S1.H5 332.4872972 S2-4737 J 

Hulstaert, G 

Press Co. ,1962, 
607 p. HUM. kcm. 
HGS38.K73 332.4978 62-11644 J 


Dictionnaire lomongo-frangais. Tervuren, 1957- 
v. ^8 cm. (Annales du Musfe royal flu Congo telge Tervurea 
(Belglque) Srle in-S. Sciences de Vlwmme. UnffulstlUDe. T. 16 

Zadravec, Franjo A. 

PL8518.Z5H8 6^42984 

Meigs, Alexander James, 1921- 
Free reserves and tie money supply. Chicago t Dept of 
Photoduplication, University of Chicago Library, 1960. 

Problemi suvremenog novca. Zagreb, Naprijed, 1960. 
sop. lllus. 20cm. 
HG221.Z3 62-365W J 

MONGOL TALES see Tales, Mongol 

Microfilm 0729 HG Mic 62-7288 t 

Selden, Richard T 



The postwar rise in the velocity of money, a sectoral anal- 
ysis. [New York] National Bureau of Economic Research, 
Research. Occasional paperTS) m ' * ""^ ureau 

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Magic, myth, ad money ; the origin of money in religious 
ritual. [New York) Free Press of Glencoe [1962] 

MaiakH, Iran MikhaHovich, 1884- 
MoarcoiBa aaxasyse pticMoqxx. 2., nepep. aifl. Mo- 
cicoa, Hafl-so BOCTOiaofl XKi-pn, 1959. 

DS7931M7M26 1959 60-18797 t 

H11.N2432 no. 78 382.401 62-12880 

GN436.2.D4 291.37 62-10584 J 

Mongolia Society. 

U. S. Congress, ffouse. Committee on Banking and Our- 
Silver legislation. Hearings before the Committee on 
Banking and Currency, House of Representatives, Eighty- 
eighth Congress, first session, on H. R. 4413, a bill to repeal 

other purposes ... Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

Rivkind, Isaac, 1895- 

[New York, 1959, .VBT1 .niTiT! 'JHltf rpJpn 
11, 303 p. lllus. 30 cm. 
GR950.M6E5 58-8683 

Occasional papers, no.l- 
Bloomingtoa, Ind., 1964- 
uo. 80cm. ownlannual (rt.PnbllcatIoM) 
DS798.M575 91S.17 64-472 

MoHroaicjorft cfiopHHK: 3KoaoitnKa, Hcropira, apxeoaorHX 
MocKia, Esfl-BO BOCTo^Bofi anT-pa, 1959. 
KOM 1 eTO m T P 24) CSima ' 23Cm ' (yi!ellbie 3anHC1CH H HCTHryra BOCTO- 

lv,184p. dia&rs., tables. 24cm. 


DSS01.A512 t.24 60-30377 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and ffw- 

cular velocity of money 


Conmiittee on Banking and Currency, United States 


Ono, Katsutoshi. 

Senate; BOth anniversary, 63d Congress, 1913, to 88th Con- 

gress, 1863. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1868. 

see also Wooden money 

v, 100 p. ports., tables. 24 cm. (88th Cong., 1st sees. Seoate 

[ ' 

HG538.A3' 1963a 63-61413 
Welfflng, Weldon, 1912- 

Dentsch, Jttrgen. 

Die Zahlungamittel der ffaturvolker in Afrika, Mar- 
burg, 1957. 

l 9 li MODg fc, 'n. 3 ^^ 10 

Money & banking in the American economy. Washing- 
ton, Council for Advancement of Secondary Education t l0, 
IMp. lllus. 28cm. (Study on economic education. 0. A. S. K. 

HG235'.D4 Cm ' 62-4S852 
Tncci, Giovanni 

DS793.M705 j 8^773 j 

HGmW43 tt y **"*' D 332.0973 60-4041 J 

Sistemi monetari airicani al lume deU'economia primitiva. 


Napoli, Eivista di etnografia, 1950. 


132 p. 21cm. 
HG1322.T8 62-68422 t 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Btblioteka. 

Burr, Susan S 

Money grows up in American history. Washington, Serv- 

^^?uf^?R SoF'r^ili"? ^ Hpy ^" 

ice Center for Teachers of History ,1962, 
36 p. 23 cm. (Service Center tor Teachers of History. Publlca- 


j^^iSa'* " ' MMI " ian ' a paH BCKoro - 

HGSOoW 332.4973 62-10817 J 

see Quantity theory of money 

ZS107.M7A65 62-37251 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Ming shih lu. 

Ch'ing chu Nei Mcng-ku tzfl chih ch'B ch'eng li shih chou 
nien ch'ou pei wei ytian hui. 

Chang, Hsing-t'ang. 

Sf) .Bflfl] 20-84(1054-50, 
18 v. _22rai. 

Sr^J!$} 4tS KKsttiftSitt 105T. 

** Sl47 E 1958j 

wlt^fv^*^ ^' : " : ' M ' ? (10 ' 18 P-) Witt> ' 6It '" EnK "" 1 "' lssueit 


8,6,2,278p, IB cm. <***) 

CUHTB'RTS. ,J-i * t'i ^ l--|10| Si'i'jffilOiSii^ ft 

i"!i -ffl? xl 1 '*~' 1T ' JTi N * s '*^' *' i ' i ' <l ~ tl ' 1 1H Li * 

LUonftolUU inner Mongolia) ,. Tide. ^ 

It . I- . distil. 

t. JKinphurlu HW.-HOUMM. a. MoijgwIlH-Hlst. Sources. B. 

Tllict-Hit.-aoureeB. r. Kyoto Palraku. flunwkuhu. n. Title, 
r(c roBHiBteed; Jtlndm Jtuii-WolilryO. 

DS703.M7C40 C (iO-10-20 t 

I. Mongolla-Blbl, Title romintet: Utoc-ku Wan k'ao aim nra. 

I)H7tl3.4.MS .T 08-043 

Huan, Chen-chii. 

Z3107.M7C53 C 60-5213 



Ulan-Bator, Mongolia. Gosudarstvennaia publichnaft bl- 

Aberle, David Friend, 1918- 

Ohahar nnd Dagor Mongol bureaucratic administration: 

120p. Illus. IT cm. (frfBft**^) 

EHS.TOorpaijH* paCoi no MOHTOJHH; ysasareji, KHHT H 

1912-1943. New Haven, HRAF Press ,1962, 

CTaiefl aa pyccsoM a. ^pyrax eBponeflcKiix XSKJOX, nocty- 

JQ1519.M6A62 354.517 82-20010 J 

m^TO K lmTCv^* y E B^xJ?^ Pe- 

Li, YU-ghu, 

1 Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) i Title 

jaKTopn T. PHHieHcanSy H B. M. Bja^HMapoia. YraH- 

Titlf foman(s<ji:'chung-kuo tl Nei-niSng tuu ch'H 

Barop, 1962- 

waSi* #Jt WWWtioeai 

DS793.M7H77 063-453 J 

Z3107.M7TI4 ' 64-51496 

4-W4|i foli] imm Mem i)' * fVK:'r-ft 5!lBF1'fi' C 

Min tsu ch'u pan sh*, Peking. 





172 p. (chiefly Him.) 27cm. 
Gofer title. 

DS793.M7E5 63-38196 t 

C 63-048 


Uni-v/inlUnlv. (.'hliMu- .IiipniifflflLibrnry 8078.6 

L Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) iTlUe. 

Alfoldi, LaszUS. 

A szonvjazo sivatag. Budapest, M(5ra Ferenc Konyvki- 

Mongolia (Mongolian People's Repiiblio) Constitution. 
EoHCTHryqHa MoHro^BCEOfl Hapo^Kofl Pecny6xnEE. 

Title romontitt: Net M6ag-kn txtt cnlh cb'U hua chL 
DS793.M7M48 064-418 

ad6, 1060. 

Xypajia MonroJitcKofl Hapoffnofl PecnySanKit 4. coansaj 

DS79aM7A45 ^ 61-34969 t 

YaaH-BaTop, rocH3fl-so MHP, 1961. 

Nei Mcng.ku jen min ch'u pan she, Kuei-sui. China. 

Hue, fivariste Regis, 1813-1860. 
Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie. [Paris] Club 
des libraires de France ( 1962, 
858 p. Illus. 20 cm. (Collection D&ouverte de la terra, 24) 



ft %']*]' !*-] fft E fife . -l-Jfl 'f- fc -& i" !|i |A] %' i 1 , 1 A. K 
ffi IK tt ffl W PfW i!H^ 1957. 

DS709.H8S4 62-67475 J 

Chimitdorzniev, Sh B 

JisI, Lumfr. 

y^aH-V^D 1050 

Mongolian journey. Translated by Till Gotthainer. Lon- 
don, Batch-worth Press [1861, "I960] 

24 p.' 21 'cm. 
DK68.7.M6C47 64-5347C J 

1. M.nwila^in.w "jJg^W ^ ^^^^ B ^ h ^, ^ 

N7346'.M6J483 ' 63-28309 


DS793.M7N4 C 61-832 J 

K6na-Tas, Andras. 

Nbmadofc nyomiban; etnogrifus szenunel Mong61i&ban. 
Budapest, Gondolafc, 1961. 

275 p. Illus. 22cm. (VUagJ4rok, 21) 
DS793.M7E65 61-41606 t 

Jial, Lumfr. 

Mongolei ; Kunst und Tradition. t r>eutsch von Ferdinand 
und Charlotte Kirschner. Praha, Artia (I960, 
30 p., 144 p. of Illus. (part fold., part col.) 28 cm. 
N7346.M6J484 62-46050 

Nei-mng-ku jih pao. Hu-bo-hao-t'i, China. 

ft -A' teK-t;** ft)HSt*tt W** tt 



,uHWAll4:*ft/ ...i^)*! 1 

Maiskii, Ivan Jlikhaflovich, 1384-'i-ssu-ch'in, 1914- 

l. Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) i. Ncl-meng-ku jen min ch'u pan 

MoHrojra* HaiasyHe pesoawnHH. 2., nepep. asfl. Mo- 

CKBa, H3I-BO BOCTOSHOfi JHT-plI, 1959. 
310 p. Illus. 23cm. 

sbc, Kuel-su , ln. n. ^ ro ,, mntee( ,, Nel-meng-ku t*0 chih ch'll 
ch't nien Inl ko hdang clilen she shin 
yen tl wei ta ch'eng chm. 

DS793.M7M26 1959 60-18797 t 

2 v. (4, 2,2,293 p.) tablM. 19cm. ( SlftH^S**nSSiilif 

DS793.M7N42 C 62-2186 t 



Tao, K'o-t'ao, 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institui voitokevedentia. 

?9 SS'S' S;SlflSj!l (WfiS) ffl SEi#^f nf^u^-^p ? 

PyccKO-MOHroJttCEHe omomeHH*, 1607-1636; cfiopHiis flo- 

KyiieETon. CocraBiiJiH : JL M. ratayMma, M. H. Tommx, 
T. II. C^ecaptyK ; oTBeic-rBeHKHe peflamopit : H. R. SjaiEHH, 
H. B. YcTKiroB. MoCKBa, HS^-BO Bocro^Hoft jinr-pH 1959 

(H^rp^u^r'i ear Moneolli) s - Mow111 

Title romanisei; Ueng-ku chih chin hsl. 

v. tablet. 21cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

350 P. fold, map, facsW fflm. (MaxepHa no Hwop pyc- 


S19-C47 060-5051 

DK68,7JH:6A6 60-23892 

Indiana. Unly. Llbr. 

Tang, Peter S. H., 1919- 
Bussian and Soviet policy in Manchuria and Outer Mon- 

CWna. KwfaHffpv.^OIWviwoM. 

1. Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) I. Title. 
Tint romanisetl: Nel-rntag-ku fa clinn hal shu. 

golia, 1911-1931, by Peter Shen ff -hao Tang. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms ( 198, 

Km 00 ( 19tflj 
308 p. [Ihu. 19 cm. 

DS793.M7T33 C 60-151 

( .University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no. 10,814) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 10,814 Mio 59-192 rev 

Title rvmmitet: Wei Mel Mtur-ku 


Chang, Mu, 1S05-1849. 

D8793.M7A44B C 62-1854 

Ch'ingr ehu Nei Meng-ku tzfi chih eh'ii ch'eng li shih chou 
nien ch'ou pel wei yuan hui. 

Miner, Robert James, 1923- 
Monasteries and culture change in Inner Mongolia, Wies- 
baden, 0. Harrassowitz, 1959. 
xl, 152 p. dlign. 26 cm. (Aalatlsche ronclwingea Moao- 
SSHS 6 M ^ chichte ' Kultur und a ttu * a *rTWfi?6SS5 

Ht" RW 48ilOSOj 

3- H 6-J ft * Inner Mongolia today. i$HHfaW^ 

BL148B.M5 1 ' 294.32 59-82096 

2. 3, 410 p. 10cm. 

JStt Peking, Nationalities Pub. House, 1987. 


ITS p. (chiefly Jllu.) 27cm. 

Lo, Chi. 

Issued also in Chlneee. 

^ftBttit SiKilBIF S'it M -? ft JiS It 1957 

1 lion -oil,, Hist 

^Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) i. Tide. a. Title: Inner Won- 

74 p. 190,1. 

'title romsnfaed; Meng-ku yu DIU chL 

Tttte romtniieS; Chin Jlh tl Nei Meng-ku. 

1 Moneolla (Inner Mongolia )-Descr. & ttav. ,. Title 

Tttte romoninet: Sal wm reng kuang 

J)S793.M7C45 063-118 

DS793.M7CS 060-1028 

DS7 ^MrL6 60-1393 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Chuang, Wei. 

fSapkin, N V 

^' t l i AKJUfiH&Ift H. B.S^t* S*I? 


tBKSIh 1955. 

4t AE^ftiJikirrt 1951. 

Shang wu yin shu kuan. 

85 p. maps. 19cm. 

TnmslntioT of MTHroihCiiaa Ha o Ha* Pecn fiJiHKa (trnnsliter 

$ff3I-f*jSI-WiStS:ffi iSf&EnHftil ;ltMi959. 

ated: llonsol'skaffl Narod'naffl Respubllk-n) 

1. Slnklang Deacr. & trav. 2. Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) Descr. 

1. Korea (Democratic People's Republic) 2. Vietnam (Democratic 
K*pumic, 1M6- ) 8. Mongolia (Mongolian People's Republic) 

Title romanized: Hsin-chlang, Nel- 

mSng, Ch'lnf-hai san chl. 

mln mln chu kuo chla! 

kung ho kuo nlao k'an, 

DS793.S62S45 060-838 J 

BS932.C55 004-1015 

DS788.T722 C 60-1493 I 

Sun, Chin-chu. 

Hirba, Lukasz. 

Nowa Mongolia. Warszawa, Wiedza Povszeohna, 1953. 



142, ft, p. lllus., ports., map. 21cm, 
DS798.H55 63-50835 

Akademifa nauk SSSB. 

46 p. lllus. 19 cm. 

1. Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) Descr. & trav. 
Title romanteed: Nel meng-ku tl 11. 

DS793.M7S8 061-681 J 

HiSel, EmiL 

Mongolski lidoTa republika. rVyd. 1, Praha, Stfitni 
nakl. politick! literatury, 1960. 
123 p. lllus. 21cm. 
DS798.H7 61-30126 t 

rOTBeTCTBeHHiift pCflaKiop C. B. Knce^cBj MocKEa, 1962. 
GN85B.OOA527 62-67276 
Eudenko, Sergei Ivanovich, 1885- 

Imahori, Seiji, 1914- 

IvanytsTcyi, MykhaBo Naumovych. 

MoHro.iiCi.i8i Hapoflna Pecny6.!iiKa. KBIB, ^epac. BH^-BO 

Ky-ibTvpa xyEBOB H HOHiiyjiiiHCKiie sypraHir. JennHrpafl, 
Hsfl-Bo AKa^eHHff na/K CCCP [JeEJiHrpaflCEDe OT^-HHC, 

ff'fflltffitt-^ $lf ilf S(pf ifp ;*!)$)[; & It 4th 

HO^iT. JliT-pH YPCP, 1961. 

203, [3)0. Ulna. 27cm. 

53 p. lllus. 29 cm. 

D141.E8 64-45981 

z?-$l EH ^^sis PIS: ^JSM HH S?C S ^P 1 ?- 

DS798.I9 62-28576 { 

fffl '!Bf ifl.w. 

Maslennikov, Vasilii Alekseevich. 


Summary In English, with added t. p. : Chinese feudal society: in. 
1, China Soc-. concllt. 2. Mongolia (Inner Mousolia) Soc, condit. 

Contemporary Mongolia t by 3 V. A. Maslennikov. Trans- 
lated from the Russian by David C. Montgomery. Bloom- 
ington, Ind., Mongolia Society, 1964. 
papers*' no 1)' (Publtcatl<>ml of tlle Mon eo"a Society, Occasional 

Akademifa nauk SSSR. Btilioteka, 

KHHTH u cTaria H a pyccKoa asiiKe, 1951-1961. [CocxaBH- 
TCJIH P. n. Eai^aeE H H. H. Bacones] Mocssa, HS^-BO 

3. Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) Boon, conrtlt. i. Title, n. Title: 

DS798.M575 no.l 915.17 64-20504 

BOCTO^HOfl ^HT-pIt, 1963. 

new en r(c rownnw-rf; Chnpiku hdk alinknl nokikfl. 
DS721.I5 .T 60-23 

Maslennikov, Vasilii Alekseevich. 

23107.M7A63 64-S3528 



jrai-pa, 1961. 

Yii, Yuan-an. 

DS798.M3 61-42433 t 

Aprodov, V A 

6000 KiuoueipoB no MHP; sanncsii reojora. Mocsaa, 

rtSh'fi'j'liM f^JLltft _l:if* l-.HSM^K 

Foe. H3^-oo reorp. jHT-pw, 1952. 

HUifrl: 1!>58. 

MongoMa (Mongolian People's Republic] Nauchna-vsgledo- 
vatd'skvi Teomitet, 

208 p. lllus. 20cm. 
DS798.A69 62-59406 t 

s 1 irixr Vi r^ w * ,', n MX a -v -,. T. 

Mouro.m,civ-aa Hapo^naa PecnyCMita. ,no r i; pe^. H. 
>KarBapa,ja, Yjian-EaTop, 1950. 

DS798'.A55 3 ' ' 00-43439 

Bitsch, tyrgen. 
Mongolia, unknown land. Translated from the Danish by 
Reginald Spink. London, Allen & Unwin [1963] 

Includes Mbllojrraphlos. 

MoHro^icKiift cfiopmis: 3KOHOMia, Hcropiur, apxeo^orujt. 

DS788.B513' 1963 ' 63-4950 J 

1. Monp.lin ( Inner Mowlta^-jHI.^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

M Ml K r'map fl Cta T %Tm.ySe3f m K,, H^yn .OCTC- 

Bitsch, tyrgen. 

Mongolia, unknown land. Translated from the Danish 

I>S7i)3.M7Y C 63-1939 

DS501.A612 t. 24 60-30377 

by Reginald Spiuk. ( lst American ed.. New York Dut- 
ton, 1963. 

Imahori, Seiji, 1914- 

P'an, Lang. 

,',-/U\i#fliW i^W]K : hiia 'I''f-Wtn 
r-'Jfii'Mi 1 ;' lano. 

150 p. Illiis. 23 cm. 
DS798.B513 1063a 915.17 63-11287 t 

Bitsch, Jrfrgen. 

4rao*S*-Wi8:i* *ff~ H*^ 

7Sp. Won. (ff'I'Wrill'l^li, 1 !') 

Ukendt land; rejse i Mongoliet. [E^benhavnj Gyldendal, 

186, ( 2, p. cot platee, map. 24 cm. 

DS798.B5 1962 64-29045 

18,837: up. llkia,,nmu (1 fold.). mules. 32cui. 

Summary In English, with added t. p.: Chinese feudal society: nn 
intensive Investigation of social groups In Kel-sUtnc*lM4. 

David, Kurt, 1924- 
Im Land der Boganschutzen; Keisebildar aus der Mon- 


225, ,3, p. lllus. (part col.) map (on lining papers) 22 cm. 

Tittf rnmtiniifa: ChnirokN hOkcn slinknl no ktfcfl. 

DS708.1M3 C ('-'-I !W t 

DS798.D3 64-26007 

DS721.1 5 J 60-23 

Sakamoto, Koretada, 1918- 

MacColl, Ren, 190!- 
Ths land of Genghis Khan, a journey in Outer Mongolia. 

London, Oldbourne 1963, 


BgfD 30 ( 1955j 

220 p. lllua. 28 cm. 
DS798.M24 64-42043 
Muizaer, Ed M 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut narodov Aaii, 

^^AK^ftffl (.^jtS> IS^tLlfi*! 1 fi 

MoHro^tCKas Hapo.^Haa PecnyCjiiua, 1921-1961; cSop- 

HHK CTareB. tOTDeTCTBemrue peflaKiopa C. ,3;. ^MJIHEOB, 

2, 2, 529p. lllus., port., maps (part fold., 1 col.) 21 cm. 

1. Mongolia (Mongolian ,?/P le ) ^ l ^^j^ hu J'^^K owakoku 

DS79S.A.67 ' ' 63-306fi6 t 

Die Asiatischen Lander der Volksdemokratie. Lehrheft der 

DS798.S3 J 61-625 t 

Erdkunde fur das 8. Schuljahr. rBearb. yon der Verlags- 

Shu yiian pseud 

radaktion Erdkunde unter Mitwirkung von Karl Troeger, 

1. Mongolia (Mongolian People's Hepubllcl Deecr, & trav. 

4., durchgesehene Aufl. Berlin, Volk und Wissen, 1953. 

Tip. lllus. 23 cm. (Lehrhefte der Erdkunde) 
DS518.1.A78 1963 61-23540 1 

ifrt 1961. 

DS798.M812 C 60-5025 

Chicago. Univ. Tar Eastern Library 

Cha-ch'i-ssu-ch'in, 1914- 

P'an, Lang. 

7- H ffi ?! H IS & 3S )' Sftf _h }'S 4 1 S fi\t& fpii 

**Sl-t K 044 1 19553 

S = 3SS 1 '2fSJ KS3G [19-17] 
10, 4, 272, 8, 4 p. lllus., ports,, map. 10 era. 


DS798.S45 62-432 t 

tt *****:*<,.,> 

COB CMCHHaa Monrojraa o^mecTBeHHo-noiHTiraecKHfi H jnrrc- 

1. Mongols Hist 2. Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) 3. Mongolia 
(Mongolian People-, K^uMlc^^JJUe^^ M4ngku cMh chm hs[ 

asr. 1056- 

1. Mongolia (Mongolian People's Renubllc) -Descr. & trav. i. 
Title, Title ronuailxta; Chin jto ti Wai MSng. 

DS19.C47 060-5051 

T. in lllus., ports. 27-33 cm. 

DS798.P3 60-5433 

Indiana. Univ. Llbr. 

DS798.S6 62-36M2 

Harvard Univ. CHnese- Japanese library SOTS.e 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Xatarka, Dominib. 

Clovek na cestach, ( 1. vyd. V Bratislava) Slovansky 
spisovatel', 1957. 

256 p. lllus. 21cm. (Pdvodni priza) 
D922.T3 61-22153 t 


Bavrin, E P 

MoETOiLCKaa Hapoflnas PecnyCjnrea ; sKosOHHia H 

Chung yanjr yen chiu yuan. <7Afo to' ahih, yen cMu, to, 
* I* K H A- % : A (1917-1919) 

Prom oil lamp to electric power station; Mongolia's giant 
leap from the Middle Ages to socialism. [Vienna, World 
Federation of Trade Unions (19(33 ? , 

HC4S8.M6L6~ ' 63-3399 

Mongolia (Mongolian PeopWi Republic) Qowdantoennoe 
fientri&'-ntxi ttatiiticJuskoe uproielenie. 

Hapo^HOe xosaitcTBO MoHrojncitott Hapofluoft Pecny- 
(SJBEH aa 40 in; cxaiHCrasecicaft cCopHHE. yjian-Baiop, 

19S p. (dually dlagis., tablea) 21 cm. 

HA1707JK6A5 62-66585 

Ovdienko, Ivan Kharitonovich. 

MoHro.Tt.CKax Hapoflnaa Pecnyfi.niKa; ssoHOKnKO-reorpa- 
$HiecKiift oSaop. Hocofine flia y^HTtiett. Mocrsa, Toe. 

y *15M?ip! Illas.', maps (I foil) 'tables. 21cm. 

HC428.M6O9 63-88612 

Osipov, Anatoli! Aleksandrovich. 

BaeniKJUi noJumiKi MOHTOJICKOR HapOAnoit PecnyS- 
JIEKIC. MocKsa, Hsff-so Hn-ta MeKflyjtapofliiux oraoraeaHtt, 



tt 1866. 
TSp. Worn, 

B cipanax A3BH B 1917-19S8 IT. na upmiepe KHiaa, Monro- 
jraH,Kopen, MocKBa, 1960. 

DS777.44.G6' 62-4T196 I 

Lattimore, Owen, 1900- 

Komiids and commissars; Mongolia revisited. New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1862. 

DS798X3 ' ' 951.73 62-16575 

Li, Yii-shu. 

^ 50 t l 

, .. . 

1. MonpillB (Mongolian Peopled EepuUte) Htot. I. Titl 

(Series: Cbung yaug yen chin ytlsn. Ohln til hlh yen chin so, Na 

^ 08 *' hUne **** ye ChlU TtUn Chln tal Shlh y Chltt B 

ai Mng-ku ch'4 chit w8a fl. 
DS798.L5 C 61-2731 

Moscow. Institut mezhdnnarodnykh otnoehenfl. 

40 MT Hapoflsoft MonrwiEir. Mocsia, 1961. 
185,, Ijp. 22cm. 
DS798AI6 Sl-44828 J 

ffeedenbal, ffrmzhagfin, 1916- 

CopoKaifiTiie BejtiiKCro OrrxSps H MOnmiLCKHft napos. 
MocKia, Toe, Bifl-no no^Hi, JIHT-PU, 1957. 
5* p. 20 cm. (OKtjjQpuxa* peBO^FOBBn B POCCHH H MHpoaoe 


myrazhiev, Dashi/fSyren Batuevieh. 

MoHioatcsaa Hapoflsa* PecnyfisHsa crpoBT c<, toll maps, racsiras., ta 

1. China For reL-Rnssla. 2. Mongolia (Mongolian ri j >p ^ n ^ 

DS740.5.R8C58 061-140* 


Knutson, Jeanne NickelL 

Outer Mongolia; a study in Soviet colonialism. r lst ed.] 
Kowloon, Hong Kong, Union Research Institute ( 1959j 
J lagrs. 20cm. (Communist Ohlna problem re- 

DS798.K55 981.78 61-66370 

Mongolia (MonyoUan Peopled Republic) Oonttitutio*. 

larvardt'ulr. Chinese- Japanese Library flSOfi.R 



Modern Mongolian; a primer and reader, by Jainea E. 
Bosson. Bloomington, Indiana University, 1064. 

|jc, 2flU p. 23 cm. (Indiana Uiilverelty publication*. Urnllc an4 

PL40rBC5' V ' 38> 494.2 64-63945 

see also hPhags-pa alphabet 

Cursed, t 


ft cipoft MoRrojitcicoft Hapo^HOft Pec- 
a, Toe. HS^-BO ropHfl. JHT-OH, 1961. 
m. (rocyAapcTBeSHufl crpofl CTpaH MHpa) 

62-30761 t 

siialisma, oleb. J. Tsedenbal. Dja- 
S A 64-6688 

kartd, Jajasan Pembaruan, 1962. 

DS798.T8 Cm ' 


ChoJbalsan, Khorloin, 1895-1952. 

H36pa HaH e crarra n pera. HepesOfl e Monroatooro. 
MocKEa, Has-BO HHOcxpaHHofl Jinr-pn, 1961. 

DS798[C48 <m ' 64-31187 

fSedenbal, fiJmzhagiln, 1916- 

Hsfipamiue CTarin n pein. MOCKBB, Foe. HSA-BO IIOJHT. 

JIHT-pM, 1862. 

DSrkTTSC " '"' 62-68021 rev t 

Lattimore, Owen, 1900- 

Nomtuls mid commissai-s ; Mongolia revisited. New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1962. 

238 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
DST98.L3 951.78 62-19578 1 


Mongolia (Mongolian PeopWt BejnAUo) fftaudantvmnot 
Gentral'noe itaHtticheikoe uprovleme. 

Hapoflnoe xosaftCTBO MoHroai-cKOfl HapoflHOH Pecny- 
CJHKH sa 40 MT, ctaiHCWwecKHft cCopaar. yjiaH-Baiop, 

195 p. ( eblefly dlagn., tWe) 21 cm. 


Japan. Koan OhosachS. 

32-3^ (1957-58, 

Memolrs of an unlden 
his Imprisonment by the ] 

1. World War, 18SS-1945-Prloners and prisons, Russian. 2, Con- 
centration caraps-MongoIla, Outer. 3. Mongolia, Outer Descr. & 
trav. i. Title, (Series : KOan chflsa shlryS) 

Sitte ronnnizet: GalmO klkansha no shukl. 

Hoover Institution 

MONGOLIAN ART see* Art, Mongolian 


DaSdendev S 1912- 


, , . 

ongolian-English dictionary. Compiled by Mattni Hftl- 
tod t and others, Berkeley, University of California Press, 


Kowalewski, J6zef Szczepan, 1800-1878. 

Dictiounaire mongol-rua?e-franais. Kasan, Impr. do 
I'Dhiversite", 1844-49. New York, Paragon Book Keprint 
Corp., 1964. 

3 V. (xlll, 2000 p,) 2T cm. 
PL408.K74 et-16083 


1. Mongolian Unguags-DIetlonMlMJnpanes*. t. Title. 
it. Title: Slim Mo-Ntchl ]lten. t 

PL407.A2 J 61-4 

Kowalewski, J5zef Szcispan, 1800-1878. 

Dietionnaire mongol-russe-frangais. Kasan, Impr. de 
PUniversite", 1844-49. New York, Paragon Book Beprint 
Ckirp., 1964. 

3 T. (xiii, aeao p.) 27 cm. 
PL406.K74 64-16088 

Kaghu Vira. 

Mongol-Sanskrit dictionary, with, a Sanskrit-Mongol in- 
dex. New Delhi, International Academy of Indian Culture, 

50,S p. 28 cm. (Satapltaka, v. 3, Mongol-pltaka, v. 1) 
PK946.M6R8 S A 62-75 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 






see also Buriats; Hazaras; Khitan 


A grammar of the Mongol language. New York, Ungar 


Mongols; Mogul Empire; Monguors; 

173 p. 24 cm. 

Ma, Ch'ang-shou. 

PL404.C5 494.2 62-22262 t 


Halliday, Michael Alexander Kirkwood. 

The language of the Chinese. Secret history of the Mon- 

see also Mongolian languages; and 

K I ffi a 962 ' 

gols C7C|J3$!-) .Oxford, Published for the Society by 
B. Blackwell, 1959. 

individual Mongolian languages and 

Bibliographical footnotes. 

xvl, 235 p. tables, 23 cm. (Publications of the Philological 


Society, IT) 

PL419.Y83H3 494.2 60-4937 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut vostokovedenifa. 

1. Mongols. i. Title. 

Sanzheev, Garma Danfsaranovich, 1902- 


Title romanized: Pel-tl yd Hslung-nu. 

CTOIHOfi JTHT-pa, 1959. 

MocKsa, Hafl-Bo BOCTO^HOB Jin-pa, 1960. 

DS19.M3 C 63-1372 

102 p. 22 cm. (JI3UKH sapyoewHoro Bocroxa u Acjjpmui) 
PL403.S28 60-34113 1 

PL21.A125 ' ' 61-27821 


Sanzheev, Garma Danfsaranovich, 1902- 
CoBpeiieHHHa HOHrojucKnfi muz. Has. 2., ncnp. Mo- 


Akadeniiia nauk SSSR. BtbKote&a, 

crsa Hafl-so BOCroiHOft jmT-pu, 1960. 
102, ,2, p. 22 cm. (JfcuxH sapySexmoro BocTona M AcbpHKH) 


B^,T^ l o^^ C C^^^^ 


Ssanang Ssetsen, Chungtaidsohi. 

Jlemmrpafl, 1962. 
88, t l,p. 21cm. 

Lo, Ch'ang-p'ei, 1899- 3T . . . , ^ -, 

Poetical passages in the Erdeni-yin tobiii; a Mongolian, 
chronicle of the year 1662 by Sagang Se&n, by John E. 
Krueger. VGravenhage, Mouton, 1961. 
281 p. table. 25cm. (Central Asiatic studies, 7) 

Z3107.M7AG5 62-37251 

ti&&m- its? MM it 1959. 

DS327.C4 no. 7 63-298 

see also China History Yuan dynasty, 

lv, 127 p. lllus., plates, facslms. 25 cm. 



Akademiia naufc SSSR. Iiatitut narodov Asii. 

1. hPlfagspa alphabet. 2. Chinese tanguMfr-Phanrtjjw. 3. Moo, 
Cn lanmaKe Phonology, r. Ts'ai, Mel-plan, Jnint author, u. 
n mnwuiKs-^v rom j,^. tzu yl i y Utln t al Han yU. 

Ho33ax Hapoflnoit MoHrojinH. [Bcxyn. CTaiba Esr. floaMa- 

OTiceS xm-xiv BB, JlepecoA c ApesiieapMaHCKOro, npeflnot. 

PL409.L6 C6 - 893 

PL42o!K3P6 ' 63-29932 | 

C. R. ^U-IBIKOB, MocKsa, HS,!(-BO BOCTOTinoft JIHT-PH, 1962. 
153 p. facslms. a cm. 



DS19.AB4 63-59451 

Austin, William M 
Mongol reader, by William M. Austin, John a. Hangin 
[and] Peter M. Onon. [New and rev. ed.j Bloomington, 
Indiana University, 1963. 

MONGOLIAN TALES see Tales, Mongolian 

BartoI'd, Vaailil Yladimirovich, 1869-1930, 
Turkestan down to the Mongol invasion. Translated from 
the orijrinnl Russian and rev. by the author with the assist- 
ance of H. A. E. Gibb. 2d ed. t with corrections and addi- 

tions] London, Luzac, 1958. 

PL405.A9 1963 494.2 63-68942 

MONGOLIANS see Mongols 

nil, 513 p. told. col. map. 26 cm. ("B. J. W. Glbb memorial" 

PJ709.Q62 voL5 1958 858.4 60-40982 



Cha-ch'i.ssu-ch'in, 1914- 

Bawden, Charles R 

Mongolian in Tibetan script. Helsinki, 1960. 
15 p. 23 cm. (Studla Orlentalla edidlt Socletas Orlsntalls Feu- 

Benda, Clemens Ernst, 1898- 
The child with, mongolism (congenital acromicria) New 

*SHt R B 44 [1955, 

nlca, v. 26 : S) 
[PJ9.S86 vol. 25, no. 8] A 62-2346 

York, Grune & Stratton, 1960. 

2v. (4,2,2,295p.) tablet. 19cm. (?ligR***na*# 

YaleUnlT, Library 

RC571.B4 132.2432 60-12076 J 



Kalb, Hannes W 1926- 

see also Buriat language; Dagur 

Zur Kenntnis des "Mongolismus" ; ein Beitrag zur Anthro- 

language; Kalmuck language; Khalkha 

pologie der Schwachsinnsformen. Munchen, 1957. 

(Mongolla^ > Pe7pS t Repuwic) 1B:OU l TlUa' Montolla) 3 ' MoB K Iia 

language; Mongolian language; Mon- 

RC571.K3 ' 69-48091 

Title romanlzet: Meng-ku chlh chin nsl. 

guor language; Tungusic languages 

DS19.C47 C 60-5051 

Konig, Karl, 1902- 


Der Mongolismus; Erscheinungsbild und Herkunft. Hit 
einem Beitrag fiber die Behandlung und Erziehung mongc- 

Chsrol, Michael, 1894- 

Todaeva, B Kh 

loider Kinder und Jugendlicher. Stuttgart, Hippokrates- 

Tha Mongol Empire; its rise and legacy, by Michael Praw- 
dm. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. [Rev. 4th im- 

Eocwmoil JIHT-PU, 1960. 
133, ,S, p. fold, map (in pocket) tables. 22 cm. (JteuKH aapyfiew- 

RC57l'.K6 """ OT ' 62-46749 J 

pression) London, G. Allen and Unwin , 1961] 
581 p. maps, port. 23cm. 


DS19.C522 1961 951.7 64-7297 

PL409.T6 61-33820 

Krantm, Elizabeth R 


Heissfe, Walther. 

Die Familien- und KirehengescMchtsschreibung der Mon- 
golen. Wiesbaden, 0. Harrassowite, 1959- 

Families of mongoloid children. [Washington, U. S. 
Dept, of Health, Education, and Welfare, Welfare Admin- 
istration, Children's Bureau; t for sale by the Superintend- 
ent of Documents, U. S. Gort. Print. Off., 1963. 
56 p. 23 cm. (U. S. Children's Bureau. Publication no. 401) 
HQ773.7.K7 HEW 63-82 
Oopr B HVTil AS2 Dfl 4"1 

Polo, Marco, 1254-1323? 
The travels of Marco Polo. Edited and with an introd. 
by Milton Rugoff. t New York] New American Library 

1 302 V port., map, geaeal. table. 10 cm. (A Signet classic, CD87) 
G370.P72 1961 915 62-2157 

gen; Mono'graphtenrelhe 1 Bur^&eBdilclite.'^Kulttir and Sprache Her 
VBlker Ost- un Zentralaslens, Bd. B) 
PL415.H4 64-4030 

U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 
Rethault, Eugene. 

Spider, Bertold, 1911- 
Les Mongols dans I'histoire. Paris, Payot, 1961. 
198 p. lllus. 23cm. (BlbUoth*aue hlstorlque) 


L'eaucation d'un enfant mongolien. Paris, Editions so- 

DS19.S57 62-26011 t 

RasipungsuY, ft. 1774-1775, 
Bolor crike, Mongolian chronicle. With a critical introd. 
by Antoinc Mostaert and an editor's foreword by Francis 
Woodman Cleaves. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

RC57i:R4 Cm " (fidocatIOD - MntS ' famme) 64^9008 

Schultz, Edna Moore. 

They said Kathy was retarded. Chicago, Moody Press 

Ssanang Ssetsen, ChmgtaidsM. 
Der Kienlung-Drucfc des mongolischen Geschichtswerkes 
Erdeni yin tobci von Sagang Secen. Hrsg. von Erich 
Haeniscb, Wiesbaden, F. Sterner, 1959. 
Till, *acsim.: 271 p. 28 cm. (Akadeode der WJsaensehafteinind 
der Llteratur. Veritffeutllchuiigeii der Ortentallschen Kommlaalon, 

[186Jj I])M ^^ 


g) v " cm ' arw e C ' S 

PL419.S8E7 1959 62-30369 

PI410.KSBC 58-10388 

HQ 73. .S3 

Sun, K'o-k'uan. 

Vikramacarita. Mongolian version (Araji Booji) 
Tales of King Vikramaditya and the thirty-two wooden 
men. Mongol text and translation by C. R. Bawden. New 

U. S. CMren>x Bvrem, 
Tho monTOloiil baby. (Washinston, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1060, 

SJS R m 47 t 19S8j 

Delhi, international Academy of Indian Culture, 1960, 

182 p. 29 cm. (Sataplfaka, v. 18. Mongol-pltake, T. 3) 
PL419.V52 1960 S A 64-6861 

pm!AM "o^O] HBTVOO-m 



Mlkhaflov, G I amp. 

Seagoe, May Violet, 1906- 
Yesterday was Tuesday, all day and all night; the story 

1. China Hist Ytlan dynasty, 1280-1S6& 2. Mongols Hist 

CKoro. CocraBHxejiH : T. MnxaftjoB, B. CaSaHOB. MocKBa, 

of a unique education [by. May V. Seagoe. [1st ed.j Boston, 

> " MWl ' Han'wenliuamcblu! 

Bo. HSA-BM961. 

Little, Brown [1964, 
H, 229 p. lllus. 21cm. 

DS752.S83 C 61-4463 

pSaO-BaM? 62-33008 t 

RC571.S4 1325432 64-21490 

Harvard UnlT. Chlaae- Japanese Library 2700 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

n ch'ao pi shift. 


8 1956. 

She-riakov, Vasilii Nikolaevich. 


1. Mongols-Hint 

Title romunized: Mfing-ku pi shlh. 

Yiian-ch'ao pi-shih. 

Mogollnrm gizli tarihi. Manghol-un niue.* tob^a'an. 
Yazdigi: 1240. E. Haenisoh'in Almanca Te S. Kozin'ia 
Kusgn. tereiimesim Mogolca ash ila karjilastinp dilimize 
geviren Ahmet Temir. Ankara, Turk Tarih Kurumu Basim- 
evi, 1948. 


DS19.Y7TB18 "' 

NE 62-1064 


tables. 22 om. (X$l*tt* ! 42) 

Summary In English, with added t p.: Studies 01 
Far East; Mongolia. 

)ld. map in pocket, geneal. 

1. Mongols Hlt. Addresses, essays, lectures. . . 
( Series : TSyO Bunko, Tokyo. TOj.) Bunko ronsO, dal 42) 

Title romance!; TOa shl kenkytt ; MOko hen. 

DS19.W3 J 63-637 


SsanangSsetsen, ChwigtaidteM. 

Poetical passages in the Erdeni-yin tobSi; a Mongolian 
chronicle of the year 1662 by Sagang Secen, by John B. 
Krueger. 's-Gravenhage, Mouton, 1961. 

231 p. table. 25 cm. (Central Asiatic studies, 7) 
DS327.C4 no. 7 63-298 

Wang, Kuo-wei, 1877-1827. 

Rig 51 (1962, 
I, 682 p. 22cm. 
Facsimile reproduction of 18 

DS83.W3 1926a 063-1277 


Schumann, Herbert Fnuo, 

The Mongols of Afghanistan; an ethnography of the 
Moghols and related peoples of Afghanistan. 's-Graven- 

435 p. lllus., fold. map. 24 cm. (Central Asiatic studies, 4) 
DS327.C4 no. 4 62-51457 


see also China History Yuan dynasty, 
Serruys, Henry. 

The Mongols in China during the Hung-wu period, 1368- 
1398. Bruges, Impr. Sainte-Catherine, 1959. 

DS75&S46 1959 ' 62-48316 f 


Aida, Nir6, 1897-1945. 

1. Mongols in Japtt 

Title n 

Ira! no kenkytt. 
J 59-256 t 

Schroder, Dominik. 

Aus der Volksdichtung der llonguor. Wiesbaden, 
Harmssowitz, 1950- 

T. ports., maps, music. 2S cm. (Aslatlsche FptKhungei 

Schram, Louis, 1883- 

The Monguors of the Kansu-Tibetan frontier. With 
int-rod. by Owen Lattimore. Philadelphia, Americun Philo- 
sophical Society, 1954-61. 

American Philosophical Society, new scr., v. 44, pt. 1 ; v. 47, pt. 1 ; 
Q11.PG n.s.,vol.44,pt.l,etc. 54-6120 rev 

Copy S. 0S731.M65S3 

MONICA, SAINT, d. 387 

McGerr, Patricia. 

My brothers, remember Monica; a novel of the Mother 
of Augustine. New York, P. J. Kenedy ,1964, 


see also Deir 


telgium. Archives de V&at, Namur. 

Inventaires des archives de la famille de Monin et de la 
famille de Ville de Goyet, par Juliette Eouhart-Chabot, 
archiviste-paleographe. Bruxelles, 1981. 

see also Dualism; Idealism; 
Materialism; Pluralism 

Ostwald, Wilhelm, 1853-1932. 

Wissensohaft contra Gottesglauben ; aus den atheistischen 
Schrif ten des grossen Chemikers. Hrsg. und eingeleitet 
Friedrich Herneok. ,1. Aufl., Leipzig, Urania-Verlag 

B827.O85 "i960 ' 


Blair, Clay, 1925- 

Dlving for pleasure and treasure. With photos, by Walter 
Bennett, ,1st ad., Cleveland, World Pub. Co. [lC60j 


0-11449 t 

Keeler, William Frederick, 1821-1880 

Aboard the USS Monitor: 1862; the letters of Acting 
Paymaster William Frederick Keeler, TJ. S. Navy, to his 
,vifc, Anna. Edited by Kobsrt W. Daly. Annapolis, U. S. 

Niival Institute ( 1064j 

rnnps. 24 o 

stters series, 

Kelland, Clarence Budington, 18? 

The Monitor affair: a novel o 
Dodd, Mead (I960, 

the Civil War. New York, 

Shirreffs, Gordon D 

Powder boy of the Monitor. Illustrated by James Heugh. 
PMadelphia,Westainster Press ,1961, g | 

PZ7.S5584Po ' 61-11010 J 


Donovan, Frank Robert, I90C- 

The ironclads. Illustrated by Frank Kramer. New 
York. BRIIWS t 1961i 


Knleta, Roman. 

Prekursorzy OSwiecenia. Monitor, z roku 1763 na tie 
swoich czasow. Mitsslor de Kolof, redaktor i wydawoa, 
t Wyd. 1., Wroclaw, Zakfad Narodowy im. Ossolinskich, 

MONITOR (WARSZAWA, 1765-1784) 

Kaleta, Roman. 

Prekursorzy OSwiocenia. Monitor z roku 1763 na tie 
swoich ezasow. Mitzler de Kolof, redaktor i wydawca, 
[Wyd. l.j Wroclaw, Zaklad Narodowy im Ossolinskich 

833 p. faoltns. 28 cm. (Instytut Badafi Lltaracklch PolskleJ 
Akademll NauH. Studta hlstorycznollterackle, t. 20) J 

PN5355.P6K32 61-47945 



Nowaczyk, Erwin. 

^ISiS^^SScL^^^ 1 ^- tKra - 

Ml ji. 20 cm. (MntcrlaJy do blbllcsrafli muzykl polsklej, torn i2) 
ML134.M65A3 63-45492/MN 


Korev, S 

Tajrr.ica" C. MotrramKO. 2. na^. HOA offmen pen; 

UWUIMIO* H3fl-B0, 1901. 

MONK, MARIA, d. ca. 1850 

Monk, Maria, rf. oo. i860. 

_ Awful disclosures of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery. With an 
introd. by Bay Allen Billington. Fucsim. of 1836 ed Hanv 

878 ]T'c ArChon Bwk8 ' 1962- 
BX4216.MaA3 1836aa 271.9069 62-16004 J 

MONKEY GOD see Hanuman, (Hindu diety) 


see also Aotes trivirgatus; Apes; 
Cercopithecus; Chimpanzees; Gorillas; 
Kra; Lemurs; Orang-utans; Salmiri 

Akademifa meditSinskikh naufc SSSR, Sfosoovs. Inttitot 

etawmmentd'nol patologii i terapii, SuMum. 

Barnard, Peggy. 

Monkey^in ttw 

QLTJ)5.M7B3 1 

2d ed., London, Cassell ^WSO) 
61-65364 t 

Barnard, Peggy. 

Monkey in the house. ( lst American ed., New York, But- 
ton ,1961, -I960, ' ' 

128 p. lllus. in cm. 
QL795.M7B3 1961 599.82 61-12452 J 

Berke, Joseph Jerold, 1933- 

An experimental study of the, external capsule, the ex- 
treme capsule, and the claustrum of the macaque. Ann 
Arbor,, Lmveraity Miwofllras ,1030, 

S^ 1 ^ 1 ,^' 8 - 7083 ar,c 38-roaa 

Caveness, William F 

Atlns of elertrwwsplwl^PBphy in the developing monkey 
im" "' ' Re " din ff' Af!lss '' Addison-^esley Pub. Co. 

il t lp. lllus., dlagrs., tables. 29cm. 
RCS80.5.C3 616.8084 61-14034 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONKEYS (Continued) 

Cornell, Thomas Browne. 

The monkey; etchings. With an essay by Thomas H. 
Huxley. t n. p.] Apiary Press, 1959. 

[27, & 10 plates. 35 ci. 

NE2210.C65A5 769 i81 27425 

Mizuhara, Hiroki, 1931- 

B-$-*f/\,-~ ff)& ri Srtt^ifiJt-Tkll-ff-ijSTS 
MfU H- ft*- 1957. 

QL737.P9M55 J 60-084 J 

Truepeney, Charlotte. 

Zephyr. New York, Soribner ,1964, "1963, 
190 V Ulna. 22 cm. 
QL795.M7T77 1964 599.82 64-17905 

Vachananda, Bhuket, 1927- 

An experimental and anatomical study of the major spinal 
afferent systems to the cerebellum and of the cerebellar corti- 
conuclear connections in Macaco, mtdatta. Ann Arbor, 
Mich,, University Microfilms [1958, 
Microfilm AC-l' no. 58-7795 


Illinois. 'Water Sumey. 

Local climatological data, Monmouth, 1901-1954. Data 
compiled from official XT. S. Weather Bureau records. 
iTJrbana, 1955. 

t4j p. (chiefly tables) 28 cm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


Oilman, Charles Malcolm Brookfield. 

Monmouth road to glory, by C. Malcolm B. Oilman. Red 

ical Research [1964, 

E24i.M7G5' " ' " 973.333 ' ' 64-6963 

Mielke, Franz, 1922- 

Die Sohlacht von Monmouth; Friedrich Wilhelm von 
Steuben in Amerika [Vonj Franz Fabian ipseud.j Berlin, 
Deutscher Militarverlag, 1961. 

spotted sawyer 

ToporeeS, ArkadH Sergeevich. 

Mic 58-7795 


Gisler, Donald B 

Correlation of skeletal growth and epiphyseal ossification 
with age of monkeys t by, Donald B. Gisler, Stephen G. 
Wilson, Jr., t and, Gerrit L. Hekhuis. Brooks Air Force 
Base, Tex., School of Avifttion Medicine, XJSAF Aerospace 

Medical Center ( ATC) 196 . . 

8 p. lllTis. 2T cm, ( t U. 3., School of 
port, 61-U) 
BC1050.U57 No. 61-11 

Medicine. [Be- 
61-60781 t 

Hartman, Carl Gottfried, 1879- ed. 

The anatomy of the rhesus monkey, Maeaoa mulatto, by 
T. H. Bast r and others, Illustrated by Benjamin Kopel. 
Edited by Carl G. Hartman and William L. Straus, Jr. 
New York, Haf ner Pub. Co. [1961, 1933, 

QL787.P9H26 1961 599.82 

61-8601 J 

Lampel, Gerolf. 

Variationsstatiatische und morphologische Untersuchun- 
gen am Gebiss der Cercopithecinen. Basel, New York, S. 
Karger, 196S. 

122 p. tllus. 25 cm. (Acta anatomlca. Supplementum 45, S ad 
vol. 49, 1962) 

. 45 63-5678 J 

Snider, Ray Solomon, 1911- 

A stereotaxic atlas of the monkey brain (Macaco, mulatta] 
[by, Ray S. Snider [and, John C. Lee. [Chicago] University 
of Chicago Press [1961] 

1 v. (unpaged, chiefly tllus.) 30 cm. 
QL937.S68 599.82 61-8079 


Lapin, B A 

Comparative pathology in monkeys, by B. A. Lapin and 
L. A. Yakovleva. [Translated from Russian by U. S. Joint 
Publications Research Service, With a foreword by I. V. 
Davydovskiy. Springfield, 111., Thomas C 1968j 

272 p. Hlus. 24 cm. (National Institute of Neurological Dis- 
eases and Blindness. Symjtosla In neuroanatomlcal sciences) 
RB114.L313 619.98 

With an essay by Thomas H. 

8 ' 1959 - 

769 8127425 


Cornell, Thomas Browne. 

The monkey; etchings. 

NE2210.C65A5 ' 


Quest of the curly-tailed horses; an autobiography. Illus. 
by the author, ^ydneyj Angus and Robertson [1962] 
QH31 P M54A8 ^ ""' 63-25321 J 

MONKS see Monasticism and religious orders 


Ennion, Eric Arnold Roberts. 

The house on the shore; the story of Monks' House Bird 
Observatory. London, Routledge and Paul [I960, '1959, 

Smith, Samuel Stelle. 

The Battle of Monmonth. Monmouth Beach, N. J., Philip 
Freneau Press, 1964. 

32 p. Illus., faosim., maps. 32 cm. 
E241.M7S5 973.334 64-56379 


Flood, Charles Bracelet!. 

Monmouth, a novel. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1961. 

348 p. 22 on. 
PZ4.F63Mo 61-15065 t 


Moss, George H 

Nauvoo to the Hook ; the iconography of a barrier beach, 
by George H. Moss, Jr. Locust, IS. J., Jervey Close Press, 

F142.S25M6 '' " ' 974.946 64-22451 

Smith, Samuel Stelle. 

Sandy Hook and the land of the Navesink, Monmouth 
Beach, N. J., P. Freneau Press, 1963. 

32 p. Illus., ports., maps, facsims., plans. 32 cm. 


Clark, Arthur. 

Tha story of Monmouthshire. Llandybie, Cams., 0. 
Davies t lfl62- 

MONNET, JEAN, 1888- 

Fontaine, Fran S ois, 1917- 

' i Monnet. [Lausanne] Centre de recherches 

18 p. port 24 


Hubbard, Douglass H 

Ghost mines of Yosemit*. ,Fresno ! Calif, 1958, 


Elsasser, Albert B 

Indians of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. 
Three Rivers, Calif,, Sequoia Natural History Association, 


Schultz, Leonard Peter, 1801- 

A new pinecone fish, Monocentris reedi, from Chile; * 
new family record for the eastern Pacific. 

(f TJ. S. National Museum. Proceedings. Washington, at cm, 
v. 106 (1959) p. 237-239. plate, table) 
Q11.US5 vol. 106 61-270 

Cuba, Emil Frederick, 1897- 

Monograph of Monochaetia and Pestalotia. Cambridge, 
Harvard University Press, 1961. 

JTHT-pH, 19B_. 

264 p. uiua. 21 cm. 



Metcalfe, Charles Russell. 

Anatomy of the monocotyledons. Oxford, Clarendon 
Press, 1960- 

see also Alphabets; Anagrams; Artists' 
marks; Initials 

Bergling, John Mauritz, 1366-1933. 

Art monograms and lettering; an encyclopedia of mono- 
grams for the use of engravers, designers, and all lorers of 
art. 20th ed., complete 1964 de luxe yol. Coral Gables, 
Fla., V. C. Bergling [1964, 

111) p. Illus. 2l cm 
NK3640.B4 1964 745.6 63-22577 

Moscow. Publichnafa biblioteka. Otdel red-hath kni ff . 


Abe, Yoshishige, 1883- 

^isteiftas-* ^v> 'jMiij'rvi Hflfliwr- 


Abe, Yoshishige, 1383- 

J 63-843 t 

Ttnt romaniied: Ichi Nlhonjln to shite. 

ACW8.A2 J 62-781 J 

Academic canadienne-francaise. 

Cduers. 1- 1956- 


ACS20JL25 ' 62-29191 

Acosta Corcino, J F 

El saber y la verdad; origen, prineipio y destino del 
hombre. Ciudad Trujillo, Editora del Caribe, 1958. 


62-41712 t 

Adivar, Abdiilhak Adnan, 1882-1955. 

Dur, dusun. Istanbul, A. Halit Etabevi, 1950. 

240 p. 25cm. 
AC141.A3 61-26463 t 

Agarwal, Shriman Narayan. 

The tragedy of a wall, by Shriman Narayan. New Delhi, 
S. Chand ( 1963j 

flSp. 22cm. 
AC8.A34 S A 63-22941 

Agren, Giista. 

Din makt ar aUtf6r stor; ett antal berattelser och betoak- 
telser. Helsingfors, Soderstrom [1862] 

Agniar, Manoel Pinto de. 

Homens, livros e idsias. Pref. de Vitorino tfemesio. 
tSalvador, Progresso r 1960, 

ICiSp. 19cm. 
AC75.A34 61-25803 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 

Ahlberg, Alf, 1892- 

Teknikens himmelsfard; betraktelser vid ett tidssfafte. 
Stockholm, Natur och kultur (I960, 
AC55 P A4 2a Cm ' 61-49176 t 

Alkawa, Yoehisuke, 1880- 

tle 'rtmumtttA: ZullUtau gomokuruestit. 
J 64-888 t 

N E 64-1040 $ 

> Y a 1962. 

175 p, Illus. 18cm. 

Akata, Hamdi. 

Geregince. Fikralar. 

A.C141.A6 Cm ' 

Alberdi, Joan Bautista, 1810-1884. 

Recuerdos de viaje, y otras p&ginas. c Selecci6n y prologo 
de Enrique Popolizio. Buenos Aires, Editorial XJnirer- 
sitaria de Buenos Aim [1862, 

119 p. IS cm. (Serte del algloy media, 40) 

Altmann, Riidiger. 

ue Gesellschaft ; Bemerkungen zum Zeitbewusstsein 

F. Vonverk ,1958, 
A035.A4S~ C '' 

50-52247 J 

Alvarado, Edmnndo. 

El arte y el hombre, y otros ensayos. Monterrey, Umver- 
sidad de Nuevo Le6n, Departamento de Extension Universi- 
taria, 1061. 
ACTOJLM Cm ' 64-40065 

Alvarez, Pedro I 

Anotaeionia del ver y andar. Prologo de Guillermo Me- 
neses. Portada. de Victor R. Alvarez. [Caracas, 1961. 

143 p. 26cm. 

AC75.A64 61-36646 t 

Alvarez Lopez, Jose. 

El valor del hombre. Cordoba (B. A.) Impr. de k Uni- 
veradad, 1960. 

A075JV.68 CIU " 

Alzate Avendafio, Gilberto, 1910-1960. 

Sus mejores paginas. Manizales lEditorial Renacimiento, 

288 p. Illus. 16cm. 
A075.A73 63-28555 J 

Amador Guevara, Jose. 

Costa Rica en Ita, y otros artioulos. San Jose, C. It., Edi- 
torial A. Lehmann, 1960. 

43 p. Jllna 21 cm. 
AC75.A724 61-36158 1 

The American scholar. 

The American scholar reader, edited by Hiram Haydn, 
and Betsy Saunders. [1st ed., Nevr York, Atheneum, 1960. 

521 p. as cm. 
AC5-A56 041 60-18016 J 

Amsterdam. Vrije Universiteit. 

De actualiteit der wetenschappen. Interfacultaire voor- 
drachten in 1957 gehouden aan de Vrije TJniversiteit, door 
J. Booij ,et aL, Kampen, J. H. Kok [1957, 

ACiala.6 60-31425 

al-'Aqqld, 'Abbas 

, 1889-1964. 

- ' 

Arguedas, Alcides, 1879-1946. 

Obras completas. Preparaci6n, prologo y notaa por Luis 
Alberto Sanchez. Mexico, Aguilar, 1959. 

AryUello Mora, Manuel. 

Obras literarias e bisttfricas. [Compilaci6n da Victoria 

Azofeifa Camacho; prfilogo y notaa orfticas del Prof. D. 

Abelardo Bonilla B. y un apendice oomplementario de ano- 

taciones historioas, del Prof. D. Carlos Melfindez. 1. eij 


A 1 Cl06.A65 Cn> " 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Arcfla Farias, Ednardo. 

Historic de la soberbia, y otros ens&yos. Caracas [Direc- 
ci6n de Culture de k Univeraidad Central de Venezuela, 
1963. ' 

IBtp. oa. 


. ., ports. 21 c 
Arriola Grande, F M 

Pueblo Oontinente, 1958. 

245 p. 21 cm. (Oolecclfa : Hnsajos) 

62-25265 t 

nier, Pierre. 

Tane\ Thfeel, Pharis. Valence-/s-Bhtoe, Imprimeries 
150 p. 17cm. 
AC2.A9 64-40608 

Banahatti, Shrinivas Narayan, 1901- 

(^?TTi 'sflfa'IK) TTtPTT fd^jl'. 

isas, 1962} 

Baralt, Rafael Maria, 1810-1860. 

Antologla ; ( verso y prosaj Caracas, Edicionea del Minia- 
terio de Educnci6n, Direccifin de Cultura y Bellas Artes, 
Departamento de Publicaoionea, 1961. 

2 T. 19 cm. ( Biblloteca popular venezolana, 81-82) 
AC75.B2558 1961 63-84648 t 

Baralt, Rafael Maria, 1810-1860. 

Obras completas. Presentaci6n del Dr. Antonio Borjas 
Romero. Introd. del Dr. Guillermo DSaz-Plaja, Prfilogo 
del Prof. Augusto Mijares. Maracaibo, Universidad del 
Zulia, 1960- 

28cm. 60^43782 t 

Barbosa, Buy, 1849-1928. 

Textoa escolhidos. Por Gladstone Chaves de Melo. Rio 
de Janeiro, AGIE 1962. 

106 p. fflus. 18 cm. <Nowi clinlcM, 97) 
AC75.B28 63-28409 t 

Bariiiu, Georgiu, 1812-1893. 

Scrieri social-politice. Studiu ?i antolo^e de Viator Che- 
reste?i, Camil Mure?an t ?i] George Em. Marica. Bucu- 
re?ti,Editura Politick, 1962. 

41 p. port, facslms. 20 cm. 
AC9S.E8B3 1962 64-88142 

Barrionuevo Sanchez, Alfonsina. 

Andanzas de una reportera. Con un prfilogo de JosS 
Gabriel Cosio y un juicio critioo de E. Lopez Albujar. 
Cuzco, Editorial Future [1955] 

120p. 21cm. 
AC75.B274 60-30812 t 

Betancur, BeUsario, 1923- 

El viajero aobre la tierra. Fotograflaa de GuiUarmo An- 
gulo. (Bogota! Tercer Mundo ( 1963j 

1ST ii, Illus. 34 cm. (Colecclfa Caballlto de mar) 
AC75.B52 64-43992 

Biermann-Rat jen, Hans Harder, 1901- 

Kultur nnd Staat; Eeden und Schriften aus den Jahren 
1945-1959. E Zm 60. Geburtstag des Verfasaers am 23. MSw 
1961 hrsg. von W. Gramberg, 0. G. Heise und J. Staube- 

Bishop, James Alonzo, 1907- 

Some of my very best. Kew York, All Saints Press, 1S60. 

Blanco Moheno, Roberto. 

Autopsia del periodismo meiicano; ,artfculos publicados 
en diferentea revistas, Continuation de Mexico, S. A. ,1. 
ed, Mexico, LibroMex, 1961. 

AC75JB54 "*' 62-85828 J 


Esta difieil libertad, impoMcas revelaciones sobre la 
muerte, la libertad, el poder y otras superstioiones menorea 
ti. ed., Buenos Aires, Union de Editores Latinos [195S, 

182 p. 20 cm. 
AC7B.B63 60-27782 t 

Boyd, Lizzie Edmunds. 

Wide horizons; a collection of spiritual and travel essays. 
Boston, Bruce Humphries ['I960, 

Brnpbacher, Fritz. 

Dcr Sinn des Lebena. Zurich, Opreoht [ e !946, 
218 p. port. 20cm. 

Buchmann, Eugene, 1883- 

A la recherche de la veritf dans la comfidie humaine 
souvenirs. Notes de Henri Bens. c l. &d. 1^6^,1955, 

AC75.B79 ' 60-38860 t 

Bulgarska akademifa na naukite, Sofia. 
a My. 


Bullard, John Lovic, 1895- 

and ha 
Ushers [ 


Hast thou a star to guide thy pnth ? A formula for peace 
d happiness. ( lst ed.] New York, Greenwich Book Pub- 

Buno. Washington. 

Imaginaciones y walidades; [ensayos, Montevideo, Bi- 
blioteca Alfar, 1960. 

Burgos Ojeda, Roberto. 

Pensamiento y vida. Cartagena, Universidad de Carta- 

Burton, Katherine (Kurz) 1890- 

Woman to woman. Foreword by Ralph Gorman. Edited 
by Julie Kernan. New York, Kenedy [1961, 

217p. 22cm. 
AC8.B765 081 61-13287 | 

Campogrande, Annibale. 

"Parli la bocca dalla pienazza del cuore" (parafr. Matteo, 
xn, 34) t 2. ed., Diagnosi dell'mtimista. Bologna, Tra- 
pano-autoreditore [1963j 

, 287. xx, 628 p. portg. 25 cm. 
AC45.C2 1963 64-80648 

Carnelro, Jos*' Fernando, 1908- 

olusao e reaci , , 
faneiroj AGIR, U 


Carvalho, Carlos Livino de. 

A couvada. Bgastenia. A tomada do Crato. t Ensaios, 
[Recife, Grdfica EditSra do Recife, 1959. 

81 p. 24cm. (EdltBos Qersa, 3) 


Casanovas, Ignacio, 1872-1C36. 

Belfquies libraries. A cura del P. Miquel Batllori. Bar- 
celona, Bditorial Balmes, 1060. 

478 p, 10 era. ( Blblloteca hl6rica de la BlbUotoca BImei, fc 

AC95.C3C3 196 

Casas Cadilla, Rogelio. 

Vcinticuatro articulos, (Madrid ?j Editorial Bstades, 
Artes GrAficas, 1955. 

128 p. Mem. 

Cebola, Luiz, 

Estado novo e Republics ( Liabo&] 1955. 

AC75.C:i5 ' 61-28661 t 

Cevallos Garcia, Gabriel. 

De aquf y de alia; nleocUn de artfoulos y estudios pub- 
hcados en log ultimos diez anos. Cuenca ,Casa de la Cultura 
Ecuatoriana, Moleo del Azuay, 1962- 
AC75 T C4? "" e^OTH 

Chang, Pang-haO. 
*A^ lOr 


losp. iscm. CUM' w SKI .'? i fro: 

i. TIB*. 

Titlt romanced- Euang Jung Jen chin. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 

Chang, I-uk, iROfi- 

Jl K '^li fit - '-II 'I- "I- ' 'I' 1 ; flf 1": ft "I I '. A> ft ! lll< 

flJMtf M :' ^"'iffh Mfc! 4291 ,1958, 

Chauveau, Pierre Joseph Olivier, 1820-1890. 

Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau. Textes choisis et pr6- 
sentes par Andre Labarr&re-PaulS. Montreal, Fides ,1962] 

95 p. port. IT cm. (Collection CtasslQues canafltens, 24) 
AC25.C46 1962 64-39837 

Ch'iu, Ping-nan, 1024- 

a $ Ji m s w 

tt HS ft 33 ,1957, 

w * as , *s 

Oho, Ky6ng-hW, 1919- 

,lfi *BCtt* ,A|R-i 'I' 1 ., 
ftli 4288 [1955, 

Ch'oc, Sin-hae, 1919- 

ii'KIKAn; H 


.lupunese Library 5073.H 
fctSJS* -MS' IKfHh 


Harvard TJnlv, Ohloeee- Japanese Library SOT8. 

Chong, Yag-yongr, 1762-1836. 

I Uuebumgi. 
K 69-409 

iS 4293-94! [1960-61?, 

AC148.C55 1936& 
Utah Press, 1962, 

l.- ChongTasan chonsS. 
K 62-734 

Clark, Gregory. 

Greg's choice. Foreword by Qillis PnrcelL Toronto, 
Eyerson Press [1961, 
1M p. a cm. 

Comfort, Alexander, 1920- 

Darwin and the naked lady; discursive essays on biology 
and art. London, Eoutledge & K. Paul r 1961, 

ITOp. lllus. 28 cm. ' 

AC8.C585 824.912 61-59844 { 

Cfirdova Chirino, Jacobo. 

Desde mi cofa. San Juan Bautista, de Puerto Rico, 1953. 


Fabulous yesterday; Coronet's 25th anniversary album. 
Edited by Lewis W. Gillenson. fisted., New York, Harper 

246 p. illus. 29cm. 
AC6.C737 051 61-1483S t 

Cortes Ahumada, Ernesto. 

Los molinos de viento. Bogota, Editorial Iqueima, 1961. 


Cotereau, Jean. 

Que 1'homine soit ! Pour un liunuiniane universe! d'ex- 
pression franuiee. Paris, Librairie Fischbacher r !959j 

Crosby, John, 1912- 

With love and loathing. New York, McGraw-Hill ,1968i 

AC8.C76 818.54: 63-15018 t 

m las eataoiones. (Camaguey, Cuba, 1956] 

Cuadernos de a: 

unpaged. Ill 


Daniels, Herb. 

The modem almanac: fact, fancy, and memorabilia of- 
fered for your approbation. Foreword by Harry Golden. 
Chicago, Quadrangle Books (1962j 

ISSp lllns 25cm. 
AC8.D333 818.54 63-17139 rev t 

Davies, Myles, 1662-1720. 

Athenae Britannicae, 1716-1719. Selected, with an introd. 
by K. George Thomas. Los Angeles, William Andrews 
Clark Memorial Library, University of California, 1962. 

vlli, [53j p. 21 cm. (Augustan Eeprlnt Society. Publication 

AC7.D18 1962 043 64-3550 

Milwaukee, Milwaukee joi 

nal, '1961. 
AC8.D458 62-4703 t 

Dedera, Don. 

A mile in his moccasins. Edited by Thomas K. Sanford, 
Jr. Drawings by Kearney Egerton. [1st ed.) Phoenix, 
Ariz., McGrew Print. & Lithographing Co. [I960, 

De MatUis, Alfredo. 

The human life. Brooklyn, ST. Y., T. Gaus' Sons ( 1961 : 
143 P. 23cm. 
AC8.D52 081 61-15424 I 

Desai, Dolatrai M 

Thoughts for thinkers. Roodepoort t Sonth Africa, 1981j 



Deshmukh, Sir Chintaman Dwaricanath, 1896- 

On the threshold oi India's citizenhood; tlectures, New 
Delhi, University Grants Commission t 1962j 

AC8JD554 Cm ' S A 64-3124 

The Dial. 

A Dial miscellany. Edited with an introd. by William 
Wasserstrom. [Syracuse, Syracuse University Press, 198. 

Di Rayata, William Robert, 1914- 

Di palo in frasca. New York, International Press Service 
of America t 1961 : 

Domingnez, Manuel, 1869-1935. 

Estuclios hist6ricos y Hterarios. Asuncion [Editorial 
Emede, 1056 t cover 1957, 


Dupont-Durand, Jacques. 

Quelques pensees d'un homme libre. Paris, Editions du 


(Collection "Alteraance") 

Die SteUung der Wissenschaften im historischen und 
dialektischen Materialiamus; sieben Vortragsprotokolle. 
[Mainz, 1959, 


61-26213 J 

Eliot, George, pseud., I a. Marian Evans, afterwards Cross, 

Daniel Deronda. Introd. by Emrys Jones. London, 
Dent; New York, Dutton ,1964, 

2 Y. (ill, 812 p.) 19 cm. (Everyman's library, no. 539-5#>. FIc- 

AC1.E8 110.539-540 1964 64-3704 

Ellem, pseud. 

see Maranelli, Luigi 

Ensayistas de La Libertad. E Lima, Ediciones de Cuadernos 

Trimestrales de Poesia r 1858, 

132 p. 18cm. ( Festival Mllbro <te La Libertad) 
AC70.E55 01-30547 t 

Fabela, Isidro, 1882- 

Homenaje a. Isidro Fabela. Mexico, Universidad Nacio- 
nal Autonoma de Mfaico, 1959. 

2v. lllus., ports, 24cm. 
AC75.F28 60-40041 

Fernandez, Julio Fausto. 

Una concieneia frente al mundo. t Disciirsos, charlas y 
conferencias. 1. ed., San Salvador, Ministerio de Cultura, 
. Editorial [I960, 

Fernandez Mira, Ricardo M 

- - ' ' ' tierra; 

>-er yd 
Buenos Aires, 1961. 

Del espiritu y k tierra; ensayos, relates y apuntes sobre 
Sl^k. 9 *?** &:. *> del Dr ' (W rid 

Fernandez Santos, Francisco. 

El hornbre y su bistoria. Pr61ogo de Dioniaio Ridruejo. 
[Madrid, Ediciones Arion ,1961, 

828 p. 20cm. (Colecclon Nuevoensajo) 

AC75.F42 A 62-88 

Illinois. TJuiv. Library 

Filimon, Nicolae, 1819-1885. 

Fraga, Clementino, 1880- 

Paisagens do outono; ensaios e eicertoe. Rio de Janeiro, 

Livraria Sao JosS, 1960. 
326 p. 23 cm. 

ACT5.F66 6CM6824 { 

Franco, Horacio, 1898- 

Un testimonio y un mensaje. Medellin, Editorial Gran- 
america ,1963, 

481 p. port 22cm. 

AC75J7 64-32176 

Friend., Rando, 1905- 


S50(i lUw. lon. 

Fukuda, Tsuneari, 1912- 

AC14P..F8 J 61-19241 

Fttkushimfl. Kdko ISM) 1900- 

218 p. Him. 18cm. 

l Title 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 

Gupta, Suresh Chandra, 1933- ed. 

Ingenieros, Jose", 1877-1925. 
Antologfa; su pensamionto en sns mejores patinas, Se- 
leccifc y prdlogo por Delia Kamia. Buenos Aires, Editorial 

Losada t 1961, 

Die Geistige Situation unserer Zeit in den Einzelwissen- 
schaften. Vortrage von Anton Vogtle ,et al., Freiburg i. 

^r^t!^' 19621 

408 p. ports,, fcicslm, 21cm. (Panoramas) 
AC75.I5 1961 63-52891 

Br.. H. F. Schulz, 1850. 
105 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Frellmrjer dies unlversltatta, Bd. 4, 

In Hindi 

Internationale Hochschulwochen, Alplaoh, Austria, 19tf. 

Wissenschaft und Gogonwart; Internationale Hochschul- 

AC30.G37 60-25749 t 

wochen des Osterreichischen College, Alpbach-Tirol, 25. 

Gerretson, Frederik Carel, 1884- 

I- TUle ' Title trantMeratrt.- Pratlnldiii nlbaudha. 

August bis 10. September 1945, hrsg. uuter Mithilfe von 
Robert Muth von Simon Moser. Innsbruck, Tyrolia [1846, 

Gerretson de strijdbare. Vesrtig artikelen over actuele 
onderwcrpen, gaselecteerd door A. J. M. Goedemans en G. 

AC121.G84 S A 63-2069 t 

AC30J5 m ' A F 48-5018 rev* 
a e 

PucMnger. [Amsterdam] De Telegraaf ( 1958 ?, 

AC19.G43 US ' Cm ' 60-31426 t 

Guzman Esponda, Eduardo, 1891- 
Sitios y figuras. Bogotit, Editorial Pax ,1961, 

Mikawa, Jun, 1899- 

'SliSfM'a' ^TJili>?--|f ^ff-; ^^-^ft^'ti eg 

Ghallab, 'Abd al-Karlm. 

ACTsVr S ' 21OT ' 62-66218 t 

ft 27 ,1952, 

Sl p. 11) cm. 

ACmG45 ' NE 63-2309 

[1962? f mr < j-i-Jij ^y*" *^j* J ' J'-*N ' ^j* 1 * 1 '. 

ACU6.1 75 j sa-aa j 

Ghose, Joges Chandra. 

Whither bound are we? c Translated by E. J. Spencer 

ASowS*"" fe/> L ^ A " U " U)1 ' ' NE 63-14821 

Ismail, Sidqt. 

and Pares Ch. Bhora. Dacca, S. C. Sarkar, 1962?] 

1963 ]\\V 5 <-JU)l b co ' j vi 

Hani, GorO, 1901- 

AC8.G4863 8 A 64-1259 

3 ft <n ffi K W t' S. IP IF S & ft J 1 1 Vf Mi' ^ 

AC106.1 8 N E 03-2593 

Ghosh, D N professor of Engtith. 
Advanced essays for higher university and service exam- 
inations. 2ded. Calcutta, Modern Book Agency, 1968. 

^f,' 1 ^!. 

PrincetonTJnlv. Llbr. Od-J5D3 
James, Henry, 1843-1916. 
The ambassadors. Introd. by Frank Swinnerton. Lon- 

jJ%S Sw" S A 64-292 

don, Dent; New York, Dutton rl9C2, 

fir, 870 p. 19 cm. (Bveryman'a library, 967) 

Gildersleeve, Virginia Crocheron, 1877- 
A hoard for winter. New York, Columbia University 
Press, 1962. 

I. Title. 

A01.E8 no. 987 64-4511 

Junta, Alexander, 1908- 
Duch niespokojny. London, Gryf, 1957. 

AC8.G553 814.912 62-2031,0 J 

281 p 22cm. 

AC140.H8 J 61-1072 I 

A065.J8 58-43240 1 

Gimene Z Igualada, Miguel 

Los caminos del hombre; epistolario. t l. ed., Mexico, 
B, Costa-Amic, 1961. 

Harris, Sydney J 

Last things first. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1961. 

Jensen, Jens Marinus, 1898- 
Levestandard og livsstandard; foredrag. [Aarhus, Aros 

AC75 P G49 10m ' 63-45601 J 

888 p. 22 cm. 
AC8.H3C68 1961 081 61-8712 t 

lOiip. 20 cm. 

Giovanna, Ettore della. 

Le lettere non spedite. nius. di Sergio Barletta. [Roma, 
Edizioni di "Eotosei" [1961] 

Stop pushingl [1st ed., Garden City, N. Y., Hanover 

Journal of the history of ideas. 

House, 1961. 

Ideas in cultural perspective. Edited by Philip P. 

AC45.G56 ' ' 68-45082 t 

182 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

Wiener and Aaron Noland. New Brunswick, N. J., Rutgers 

Gobetti, Pietro, 1901-1926. 
Opera complete. [Torinoj G. Binaudi, 1860- 

Hokroft, Montague Harry. 

The eye of the lizard; a selection of editorials from the 

University Press ( 1952, 
758 p. lilus. 24 cm. 
AC5J68 082 62-lsrW 

AC^.GH} 22011 ' 62-50208 | 

New Zealand listener, 1949-59. Wellington, A. H. & A. W. 

al-Juhayman, 'Abd al-Karlm. 

Gonzalez Feo, Mario. 

Reed (I960, 

to JjH -oWM rijn\ a.* jOJiTj v*-iii ^ *j} ,\j\ 

Nihil. San Jose, Costa Rica, A. Lehmann, 1961- 

AC8.HT58 m ' 042 81-26858 t 

t 1962f] <*Uill jb 

Acrs^Gea ""' 6i-464eo t 

Honda, Akira, 1898- 

258 p. port 24 cm. 
AClOe.J?^ NE 64-2073 

Gonzalez Suarez, Pederico, Alp., 1844-1917. 

fS^fc^Wl: ^2-ISt^ STIC JtS-t HS 

Princeton rjnlv. Ubr. 

Federico Gonzalez Suarez. [Estudio y seleceiones de Car- 

*P ;W ,1957, 

al-Juhayman, 'Abd al-Karim. 

los Manuel Larrea, Puebla, J. M. Cajica Jr. [1959, 

628 p. 22 cm. (Blblloteca wuatorlana minima. La colonia y la 


[1968?, -011111 

AC75.G68 60-42576 

BS5 p. port It cm. 

Goodman, Paul, 1911- 

AC106.J78 NE 64-2072 
Prlncttou Univ. Llbr. 

Utopian essays and practical proposals. New Tork, Ean- 

dom House [1962, 

al-Jnhayman,JAbd al-Karlm. 

ACS.G^ 118 ' *"' 814.52 62-8962 J 

i. ntle. Title romantetf.-Idalna jlkl nl. 

'. J " 3j\m\ f^ ^ " ' i .L\ <3\ J oLJb- 

Gottlieb, Hans Jordan, ed. 

AC14G.H6 J 60-263 J 

C-;j , jJ "-'jjJ -0 . . fiJ^ "^* .^J-J 

Fields of learning; a coDege reader [edited by, Hans J. 
Gottlieb (Mid] Edwin B. Knowles. New York, Harper ,1961] 

Hoz, Manuel Ezequiel de la. 

182 p. port. Slciu. 
AC106.J8 N 15 63-1945 

AC5.G62~ 082 61-5455 t 

CrJtica y ensayos t por, Manuel Ezequiel de la Hoz ( yj 
Magdalena Vengoeohea de do la Hoz. Barranquilla, Colom- 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 
Jnin, Hubert. 

Grases, Pedro, 1909- 
Gremio de discretes. Buenos Aires, Impr. Lopez [I960, 
132 p. 19cm. 

bia, 1962. 
AC76JH68 C ' 62-66217 t 

Chroniques sentimantales. [Paris, Mercure de France, 

AC75.G72 1960 61-28504 t 

Humboldt, Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1767-1835. 

AC25.J82 6S-59475 

Griffith, Corinne. 

Truth is stranger. New Tork, Carlyle Books [1964, 

Werke. Hrsg. von Andreas Flitner und Klaus Giel. 
[Stuttgart, J, G. Cotta, 1960- 

Kamei. Kateuichird, 1007- 
ft # 8* - fflS * ft' : * * 3K ftl 'A & *& ,* 27-28 

132p. 22cm. 

AC85.H83 m ' 61^3541 


AC8.G9 081 64-20176 

Guisa y Azevedo, Jesus, 1900- 
La palabra hiunana t por, J. G. Azevedo t y, A. M. Garibay 
JL Mexico [Universidad Nacional AutcSnoma de Mexico, 

HySndaein Kangjwa P<ynch'anhoe. 

ii K A & H*. fll ^ \ ^ I'it iB H fr SI A | ft n '%> 

*h 1962. 

^s^ls}^^*^'* 1 ***^ 

Direcoion General de Publicaciones, 1958. 


ttfc ~!$ 4 $ ^Ciplrt'^RI^Iii^lft^ Si''"' ~^R 5 & ^'^ : 

88 p. 17cm. (Bd!c!onesFllooflayletras,84) 

/\.<n^f%.'^. A, wft'8i^%tta '^ T- 5 ^^ ~~lfs 6 4? <1 r -1i"^2, ; 

Gupta, Narottama Lfila. 

COKTENT9, 1 A, (H| ''-HSiff. 2 ''plil'li I'lfllll 3 W'!| 4$ 

rta nmantoet: Kamei KateulchlrC choaaku aha 

"f^RTJ fl~; ntTd* fMFEf %!! cf?$i 

9) ft ttS'MSM. 

AC146.K22 J 64-514 

*rfm*r srra jpff ' sflpjr.* C 5m TOTI3 f*- 

TUle romaniied: HySndaelii fcanRJwu. 

Kaneko, Mitsuharu, 1895- 

wT, aRfl* yti?R ^9623 

AC14T.H9 K 64-192 

e^A(zoi,>T ^- ^ ^fe B| ]( ^fAtt 

IMp, '10 an. 

IT in, M. , pseud. 


'lit Hindi. 

see Marshak, Il'ia. fAkovlevich, 1895-1953. 

217 p. 19cm. <&WfFlr& 1) 

i. Title, 

Indiana. Ball State Teachers College, Mun<ne. 

I TtH 

The Danforth lectures 1957-1960. Muncie [196, 

vlll, 1S5 p. 25 cm. 

T< romantjej.- Ninon Jin nl raulte 

' A!Cl,2il,G8 , ' "' S A 62-688 t 

AC5.1 64 63-64204 

AC146.K25 J 61-283 1 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 
KaaB, KOklchi, 18C6-1942. 

wiffVrit** &wm&m nai suA 

Bfjffl 33 [1958, 
5, 1,214 p. port. 18cm. 

Kaian Singh, Sadr-i-RiyiHat of Jammu and Kashmir, 1931- 
Varied rhythms. New York, Asia Pub. House ,1960] 

A08JEB1? ""' 081 61-19053 J 

Karashima, Kichizd, 1906- 

iftA.&jSfrS*-fcfc l^ffi 

= * *S rtH^HIII 1961. 

220 p. illus. 18cm. (!*? 3) 

KatB, ShQichi, 1919- 
H*fHtt I960. 

Kohn Olaya, Rodolf o. 

Memoria de un ciudadano esiguo al Jefe del Estado. Bo- 
gota, Tall. Graf. Mundo al Dia, 1958. 

187 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

ACT5.K6 61-22355 t 

Koht, Halvdan, 1873- 

Verda og Noreg; historie ft* skilde tider. Oslo, Aseie- 
lioug, 1962. 

220 p. 20cm. 
AC55.K64 64-31620 

Bg ft] 37 ,1962, 

JG.'t-963 t 

ed; T0ky nlkkl. 
J 61-1347 J 


J 61-1390 t 

Kettering, Charles Franklin, 1876-1968. 

Prophet of progress; selections from the speeches of 
Charles F. Kettering. Edited by T. A. Boyd. tlst ed., 
New York, Dutton C 1961j 

252 p. ma. 22cm. _._ 4 

Kim, Chin-sdp, 1903- 

AC148.K5 K 01-185 t 

Kisch, Egon Erwin, 1886-1948. 

Gesammelte Werke in Einzelausgaben. (Berlin, Aufbau- 
Verlag, 19 

"""" 63-36164 t 

Kobayashi, IchizS, 1873-1957. 

*M*_;=* ^-f**>Ktt Hgffi 
37 [1962, 

7v. nii. 18cm. 

Title ramnriMl: KobvaBhl IchliOMMlitl 


Kohn Olaya, Rodolfo. 

La impfa ta- 

onn uiaya, KOQOUO. , 

La impfa tauromaquia y su corruptor mflujo; signinca- 
tivos datos para ua balance de la cultura e-n Colombia, t Ed. 
(l.)j Bogota, Tall. Graf. MundoalDia, 1952. 
AClM* 18Cm " 61-22853 J 


Copecky, Jan. 

Ceska zeme matka chleba; zapisnlcek 1958-1960. c l. 
ryd.j Praha, Oeskoslovenskf spisovatel, 1960. 

139 p. illus. 20cm. (JHvot kolem Bis, ST. 9) 
AC65.K64 61-30787 t 

Kotake, Munio, 1894- 

Sft*ifi.*W**!0'il'* /httHlia* ^P5 

^tt 1958. 

Koyama, ShSnosuke, 1885- 

ftBTftlfe /MUiEitt* 

: Tasogare. 
J 61-1274 t 

lK, romonfaerf: Kabutocho l.6dan 

Kripalani, Krishna, 1907- 

Faith and frivolity. [1st ed., New Delhi, Malancha 

S A 63-2297 J 

Kratch, Joseph Wood, 1893- 

If you don't mind my saying so ... Essays on man and 
nature. Foreword by John M. Hutchens. New York, W. 

AC8.K84 814.52 

Kuwabara, Takeo, 1904- 

Title romanixei; KenhyfUha to jlBMnaJii 

AC146.K8 JflO-1069 

La&i Entralgo, Pedro. 

Ocio y trabajo. Madrid, Revista de Occidente t !960, 
325 n 19 cm 
AC75L23 ' 62-25961J 

Kirianduse radadelt; artikleid ja amistusi, 1960-1963. 
Tallinn, Eesti Eiiklik Kirjnstus, 1962. 
Amiia 23 ' 6IM8199 

Obras completes. t l- d-3 San Salvador, Ministerio de 
Cultura, Departamento Editorial C 1960- 
AC75.L257 CW ' 60-4320T J 

Laser, Marvin, ed. 

Ideas and issues; readings for analysis and evaluation 
Edited fay Marvin Laser, Robert S. Cathcart [Wdj Fred H 
Marcus. New York, Ronald Press Co. [1963, 

Le Moyne, Jean. 

Convergences; I essais ] Montreal, Bdi 
324 p. 21cm. (CtoUectlon Convergences,!) 

Montreal, Editions HMH, 1962. 

Lerner, Leo Alfred, 1907- 

The italics are mine. La Salle, EL, Open Court Pub. Co. 

24$ p. 21cm. 

AC8.L46 041 60-15589 J 

Les Lettres nouvelles. 

nouv. ser., no 1-36, 4 mars 1059-30 dec. 1959/jan. 1960; 
nouv. [i. e. 3., ser., no 1- mars/ami 1960- 

Paris, Julliard [etc.] 

AC20.L45 ' ' 60-40476 rev 

I^vi-Strauss, Qaude. 

Bntretiens avec Claude L4vi-Strauss [par] Georges Char- 

AC20.L45 ser. 3, no. 10 

Linhares, Temistocles. 

InterrogacSes. r l. ed. : Rio de Janeiro, J. Olympic, 1959- 
AC75.L4S ' 60-17856 t 

Lins, Alvaro. 

A g!6ria de Cesar e o puchal de Brutus; id6ias polfticas, 
situa^ora historicas, qnes^es do nosso tempo: ensaios e estu- 
dos, 1939-1958. Rio de Janeiro, EditSra civilizagao Bra- 
sileira [1962, 

322 p. 21 cm. (ColesSo Tera Cruz, literature brasllelra. T. 42) 

Lleras de Ospina, Isabel 

arbitrarias. Bogota, 1960. 


61-37931 J 

Lockhart, Washington, 1914- 

El mundo no es absurdo y otros artJculos. Montevideo 
[Editorial Asir, 1961, 

121 p. 20cm. (Bdlclones Aslr, T. 9) 

Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957. 

Pompi'i, nujourcVhui. Ln traversre du Panama. Poemes, 
Correspoudance. fttudes de Bonnefoi c et al. 
Paris, Julliard [I960, 

McCarthy, Mary Therese, 1912- 

On the contrary. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy 

McDowell, caiarle?, 192*- 

One thing after another. Richmond, Dietz Press, 1960. 


60-51572 J 

McDoweU, Charles, 1926- 

IVhat did you have in mind? With drawings by Hugh 
Haynie. New York, Morrow, 1963. 

AC8.M1746 Cln ' 081 63-12634 J 

McFarlane, John Ebenezer Clare. 

The challenge of our time ; a series of essays and addresses. 
Kingston, Jamaica, New Dam Press, 194S. 

AC8.M177 ' reSSer A 48-8381 rev* 

New York, I. Washburn. 

AC5.M43 ' 

223 p. 24cm. (112 < Vj aij J^l o-) 

AC106.M28 NE 64-2952 

[Maranelli, Luigi, 

Nel pnese di cuccagna: Ilntelligenza umana e quella degle 
animali, le cure di ringiovanimento, le "spiegazioni dello 
spiritismo," ed altri scritti r del, dr. Ellem [pseud., Pref. 

pino ,1945, 

AC45 P M26 <m ' 62-^6741 

Marias Aguflera, Julian. 

Ensayos de convivencia, Buenos Aires, Editorial Sud- 
americana T 1955] 

287 p. 20cm. 
AC75JI3176 60-39078 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 

Moufa, Jaime Salinas de, 1904- 
Perspectiva critica. Lisboa, Sociedade de Eipansao 
Cultural, 1961. 

d-Nacuash, JaJ*' : 

[1903. 1 "^IT, - jU! jb t jftUIIj . ^ilixll 

Marias Aguilera, Julian. 
Obras. [Madrid, Kevista de Occidente, 19 

AC75.M77 ^ 64-40931 
Mukai, Hiroo, 1919- 

135 p. iron). <Ttt <yi) 
AC106.N34 N E 63-2276 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

AC75.M3177 64-42328 

^. W 5 f) ff) H ^ i~ fj: Z> | IP] # l& W. -'S $! S 

Nasser, David. 

^P^ffffi B|D33 ( 1958, 

velho capitao, e outras histdrias. c Kio de Janeiro, Edi- 

Maridtegui, Jose 1 Carlos, 1895-1980. 

Qoes O Cruzeiro [1961, 

El alma matinal, y otras estaciones del hombre de hoy. 

30 p. W cm. 

357 S . 23cm. 

[2. ed., Lima [Empresa Editora Amauta, 1959. 

AC75.N3 62-58278 t 

283 p. 17 era. (Edlclones populmes do las obras completas <Je 

Joss Carlos Marlategnl, 3) 
AC75.MS178 1959 61-24730 J 

National review (New York) 
An evening with National review ; some memorable articles 

Marshak, U'& fAkovlevieh, 1895-1953. 

i, Title 

from the first five years. New York [I960, 

EbfipaHHise npoimeAemut. t MocKa, Foe. MS-BO xyfloz. 

Title rowan Isef: Kaao kuni uno Irani. 

AC5.N32 ' ' 60-51484 J 

S y. bus. '21 cm. 
ACB5.M32 63-45916 J 

A.CU6.M8 J 61-831 t 

New York times. 

Martf, Jose; 1853-1895. 
Problemas socisJes. [Ordenamiento y notas de Francisco 
Basza Perez. JHabana, Patronato del Libro Popular [1961, 
2 v. 15cm. (Hit Obras completas, 23-24) 
AC75.M322 62-40310 J 

Munier, Roger, 1923- 
Contra la imagen, ensayo. Montevideo, Editorial Alfa, 

78 p. 20cm. (Ooleccloa Oarabela, 8) 
AC25.M818 63-47806 J 

Background and foreground; an anthology of articles 
from the New York times magazine. Edited with an 
introd. and notes by Lester Markel. Great Keck, IT. Y.. 
Channel Press [1960j 

AC5.N48 "' 081 60-15693 J 

Masaki, Hiroshi, 1896- 
ifQ -24 ,lf)40i 

Mnfioz Azpiri, Jose 1 Luis. 

Capricho italiano. [Buenos Aires, Ediciones Culturales 
Argentinas, Miniaterio de Educaci6n y Justicia, Direccion 
General de Cultura ,1961, 
205 p. 21 cm. (Colecelto TeatlmonloB) 

Nocera Palco, Maria. 

Dall'alba^al tramonto. [Nardo, Leone jprel 1954, 
AC45.N6 ' 60-26232 J 

50 p. 10cm. 

AC75.M86 63-27305 J 

Mufioz Meany, Enrique. 

Cronicas y apuntes. [Trabajos literarios escritos entre 

Nothin, Torsten, 1884- 
Reflexioner fr&n vagkanten. Stockholm, Wahlstrom A 

1925al940j Prologo de Cesar Branas. I Guatemala 1 Edi- 

ciones Revista de Guatemala t 1961j 

228 p. 21 cm. (CoteceWn Letraa de euatemala, 8) 

Title mmkl:ci: KIHoiijln IKI nTwIii.,. 

AC75.M84 63-28262 J 

O, Chong-Bik. 

AC14&M8 J 64-105!i 

Munoz Meany, Enrique. 

WJtiS* &fimw ^t R** 1 !! 429S 

Mashhur, Kajnal SaTim. 

Las estreUas, las rosas, y la lampara j jprosas esoritas entre 
1927 a 1930, Unas palabras de Miguel Angel Asturiaa. 

SOTp. lem. 

[1962? flVU ej*UHj 

[Guatemala, Ediciones Kevista de Guatemala t 1960j 
78 p. Him. 21cm. (OoleccUn Letrmg de Guatemala, 6) 

101 p. illus. 24 cm. (UUt ^ 

AC75^[845 63-28273 J 


AC106JH3. NE 63-1042 J 

MusS, Salamah, 1887-1958. 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Mayer, Maton Sanford, 1908- 
TOat can a man do! By Milton Mayer. A selection of 

(1963.' mr 3 fjj^j >^u i^j* *-iL- ij*iai 

ISCp. 20cm. 

i. Title. 
Title romonieed: Tfinbuk manpll. 

his most challenging writings. Edited by W. Eric Gnstaf- 

AC106.M8 1963 K E 64-887 

AC14R.02 K 62-1007 

son. Chicago, University of Chicago Press [1984, 

Till, 810 p. 23 cm. 

Princeton TJnlv. Llbr. 

HarrardUnlv. Chinese- Japanese Library 59TO.8 

AC8JH413 818.54 64-15801 

Nag oya Daigakn. BungaJn&u. 

Odium, Floyd B 

Mejia Colindrea, Vicente, Prut. Sendum*, 1878- 
Eecuerdos del cnmino. [Tegucigalpa, 1953, 

-^a***i*i^tL^^uw, * h> ' 

Selected speeches, 1930 to 1980. c New York, Published by 
Random House for private distribution by E. B. Odium t ln- 

AC75.M42 " 54-39406 rev J 

i. T. (rarloiifl pagiuss) lllus.. maps, dlagm., tabled. 27 cm. 

dio, Calif., I960, 

Menendez Serpa, Gabriel Jos*. 

BrraSfslip Inserted. 

AC8.02 041 61-8948 J 

Crflnicas. Pensamientos, [Habana, 1960. 

Odobescu, Alexandra lonescu, 1834-189B. 

110 p. 21 cm. 
AC75.M48 62-39158 J 

Opere. Edifie Sngrijita, cu glosar, bibliografia scriito- 
rului 51 atudiu introductiv de Tudor Vianu. [Bucuresti] 

Hestorino, Orestes. 

"*" ' '^fMhtoBnWnMronilifl! 

Editura de stat pentru Literature, si Arta [1955- 
T. ports., facstas. 21 cm, (Olaslcll romlnl) 

la escuek, en el taller, en la calle y en todas partes. Buenoa 
Aires, Edicioaes Troqnel [1962, 

ACl45.If3 J 62-4139 
al-NahSr, Beirut. 

AC95.R803 61-27362 
Ckawa, Shumei, 1886-19S7. 

AG75.M485 " 68-51989 I 

^jj\t uijn ^J*vi o, <i-_r ' i \oA-nrr jUJi 

x m s w& * * a m m w & * fu ff ^ 

Miner, Caroline Eyring. 

[1958. UoA 


To wirm the heart; selections. Salt Lake City, Deseret 
Book Co. r 1961, 

AClOsSs^ "' Cm ' NE 61-142 

141 p. 20cm. 
AC8JJ56 040 61-4887 \ 

Najl, Ibrahim, 1898-1953. 
Vji" jUn Cij.131, -^U ^Ijjl <JJfr !U.1 SIL-j 

Miyake, YfijirS, 1860-1945. 

i!962? flMX >^Jb<*MJl 

ti BgI 30 [19557 

AC106.N3 1962 " HE 63-1483 J 

Title rommited: 5k*wu Shflmel zenshQ. 
AC146.035 j 63-495 

546 p. nice. 22cm. 

Nakaya, DWchirt, 1900-1982. _ 

Princeton UnlT. Geat Oriental Library 


Okuno, Shintart. 

0p. 111m. 10cm. 

29 (1954, 

Colophon lorte<l 

230p. 19cm. 

I. Title. Title nmanisei: Jlnsel hachlmenian. 


AC95.J3M5 J 60-296 J 

Moragas, Jeronimo de. 

L'edat eterna. Palma, de Mallorca, Editorial MolJ [1959, 

TOM nxMKimr.- Sboua Mkkl. 

ISSp, 16cm. (BlbUotecaRatra,S4) 
AC75.M65 60-27781 J 

AC146.N& J 63-1009 

Title rvmoniied: Tatsu DO yokcgao. 

Moreno fcazibal, Lois G 

BuvardUnlT. Ohlnw JapuwnUbnr; 91(8 

AC143.024 J 61-1831 I 

Eeporfajee de ayer. Mexico, Edicionea de I* "BevisU 

f Fa4 ?u^' 1 M S L 

fflrri^diwa sijtuam&sfi. cffjp^ajofrfa C.U. 

Okuno, Shintaro. 

AC753I724 60-30891 rev 2 J 

(5@<fuurr. d&anpi&urr tcnuuL 1962 


Moscovr. UniFersitet. Kafedra istorii flosofi. 

Hs'fipaznme npOH3BC^eHua nporpeccHBH&ix HOJII.CIHX MHC- 


p. cm. 

HHH E. C. Mnjuepa n JL. C. Hapci'oro, MocEBa" Toe *) 

^mto! 1 ' 

j. Title. 

ITOJWT.WT-PH, 1956-58. 


Title nmamitt: tlkiy o kuxukago. 

AOMJOT 56-47744 rev 

AC12B.N3A3 S A 68-1711 J 

AC146.O88 j 84.401 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 

Orgaz, Raiil Andres, 1888-1948. 

Ensayos historicos y filosoficos. PnSlogo del Dr. Henoch 
D. Agniar. Cordoba ,Rep. Argentina, Assandri ,1960, 

354 p. illus. 27cm. (Sil Obras completes, 3) 
AC75.O68 60-46318 J 

Orians, Abraham Shalom, 1893-1959. 

vnj> TBID n^pBDKi nisiwim *}~\w ;D'fiix mm 

[Jerusalem, 1962/63] .rstSTl .101-1 .D a 
499 p. port 25 em. 
AC102.07 1962 


Orol tatrSnski. roc. 1-3, (1.-07. cis.) ; 8. klasna, 1845-6. 
2ervna 1848. V PreSporku. t V Bratislava, V Slovenskom 
vydavatel'stve politickej literattiry vydal Novinarsky stu- 

facslm. (774 p.), ,1] p. 34cm. 
AC65.0T 62-31514 

Osmanczyk, Edmund Jan, 1013- 

O ksiazkach i ludziach. ["tt'arszawa, Cfsytelnik, 1052. 

165 p. 20 cm. 

AC05.O75 61-26217 rev J 

Pak, W6n-sik, 1006- 

tii Ml tt K W ffi . ; . PS 31; 1fc A| ;,; ii- 1% 4 |; tf't fa 

4288 ,1960, 

wu pipXCov 11946] 
AC9S P G8P32" 



j? i|nflTJc;. Amctuio. ( 'Aiv(U] Ot $0oi 


Partisan review. 

The Partisan review anthology. Edited by William Phil- 
lips and Philip Rahv. t lst ed., New York, Holt, Sinehart 
and Winston [1962] 



62-12136 J 

Patxot 7 Jubert, Rafael, 1872- 

Guaitant enrera; fulls de la vida d'un ootogenari. Ed. 
privada. Geneve, 1952. 

949 p. Illus., ports. 29 cm. 
AC95.C3P3 64-26639 

Pereira, Mannel de Campos, 1906- 

Journal de um romancista; jpensamentos e crfaicasj Lia- 
boa, Editorial ImpSrio [1963- 

Perez Corona, Felipe. 

Monografias y escritos diversos. Guadalajara, Mexico, 

AC75.P453 m ' 64-39140 t 

Pers, Anders, 1860-1951. 

Stanniskor, mark, meningar; artiklar i VLT Sren 1900- 
1047. Vaateras, Vestmanlands lans tidning { 1960, 

503 p. illus., ports. 21cm. 

AC55.P4 A 61-1974 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Piazza, Giuseppe, 1882- 

Noi parlammo in Elzeviro; saggistica minima meti. 
Novecento. Roma, A. SignoreUi il961] 

S16P. 20cm. 
AC45.P5 62-48277 t 

Picon-Salas, Mariano, 1901- 

Crisis, cambio, tradicion; ensayos sobre la forma de nues- 
tra eultura. Caracas [Ediciones EDIME, 1955?, 

238 p. 21 n. (AutoresYenraoIimos) 
AC75.P5 59-43604 t 

Pilz, Gtinther, ed. 

We^t im Blickpunkt. t l. Aufl., Berlin, Verlag Neues 
Leben, 1961. 

ACso P p47 ea-srwo t 

Pineda, Salvador, 1916- 

Signos de America; cronicas y ensayos. Mexico, Libro 
Hex, 1961. 

240p. Ulus. 22m. 
AC75.P58 62-35841 t 

Pinto Ferreira, Loiz. 

Petite histoire de la litt&ature br&ilienne. 2. eel. Ca- 
ruaru [Breal, Facultfi de droitdeCaruaru, 1960. 

78 p, 23cm 
AC75.P613 1960 61-21916 t 

Piquet, Julio, 1861-1944. 

Julio Piquet, pagiims escogidas; selecoion y notes de Jose 
Pereira Rodriguez. Prologo de Remy de Gounnont. Mon- 
tevideo 1955. 


60-30214 J 


The laws. Translated with an introd. by A. E. Taylor. 
London. Bent ; New York, Button [I960, 

AC1.E8 no. 275 321.07 61-1381 

Pont Flores, Rafael. 

El deports en broraa y en serio, cronicas. rl. edi San 
Juan, P. R., 1952. 

Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804. 

Joseph Priestley, selections from his writings. Edited by 
Ira V. Brown. University Park, Pennsylvania State Uni- 
versity Press, 1962. 

Prudencio Clanre, Alfonso. 

Bolivia: typical pals jpor, Alfonso Prudencio Clanre 
(Paulovich) La Paz, Editorial "Letxas" 1960t, 

M5p. 20cm. {aiHotlclasiJeperfll[t.l|) 
AC75.P77 61-45569 J 

Purani, Ambalal Balkriahna. 

Title tmrulittratei: Ointananlip pushpo. 
S A 64-2029 

Quffler-Couch, Sir Arthur Thomas, 1863-1944. 

The astonishing history of Troy Town, t by : Sir Arthur 
QuiUer-Couch. Introd. by Basil Willey. London, Dent; 
New York, Button t !963 

XT!, 272 p. IS cm. (Everj 
AC1.E8 no. 471 1963 


Nayi samiksha. Lekhaka Amrtaraya. [Prathama sam- 
skarana, Banarasa, Hindustani PablWiiga. Hausa jl950j 

ACmKS 1 ' 61-23350 t 

Rajadhyaksha, Mangesh Vitthal, 1913- 

tTOW^ ,1963, 

TUle tnaalUantet: XkSte bhUhltS. 

AC125.M3E3 SAC3-4902 

Ramaswami Aiyar, Sir Chetpat Pattabhirama, 1879- 

Selections from the -writings and speeches of C. P. 
Ramaswami Aiyar. Edited by P. G. Sahasranama Iyer. 
Trivandrum, Printed by the Superintendent, Govt Press, 

Ramos, Jos4 Luis, 1783-1849. 

Joso Luis Ramos. Estudio preliminar de Luis Beltran 
Caracas, 1861. 

Rau, B Govinda. 

The one world plans of education & other essays, includ- 
ing an essay on the place of Sanskrit and English in the 
new system of education and one world government [1st 
ed., [Mangalore, 1962, 

iv, 181 p. 21 cm. (The One worW literature eriei, 1-fi) 
AC8.B28 S A 64-^26 

The Reader's digest 

40th anniversary treasury; a selection of outstanding 
articles, book condensations, and huaor published by the 
Reader^ digest dnring its first 40 years, 192S-1W1. Pleaa- 
antvine. N. Y. t 19li 

578 p. Ulna 20cm. 
AC5JS38 062 61-18346 J 

Relgia, Eugen. 

Las aroistades de MMa. t Bnenos AireSj EdMoaea "Sn- 

Reyes Baena, Juan Francisco. 

Palabras visadas. Caracas, Ediciones Sursum, 196 

Riva Aguero, Jose de la, 1885-1944. 

Obras completas. Lima, Pontificia ITniversidad Cat61ica 
del Peril, 1962- 



Rivara, Joaquim Heh'odoro da Cunha, 180Q-1S79. 

Cunha Eivara. Pref. e seleccao de Luis Silveira. Lisboa, 
Ediefies SNI, 1040. 

161 p. 16 cm. (Idearium, antologla do pensamento portuguOs) 
AC75.R54R 52-64312 rev 

Rodriguez Feo, Jos^, 1920- 

Notas crMcas; primera serie. Habana, Unifin de Escri- 
toresyArtistasde Cuba, 1962, 

ITS p. 22cm. (EwldonesUnlc5n:EiiBayi 
AC75.E584 ^^ 

Rodriguez Morales, Luig ManueL 

Ensayos y conferencias. Barcelona, Ediciones Eumbos, 

Rojas, Armando. 

La redencifin de Lucifer y otros ensayos, Caracas, Asocia- 
cion de Esmtores Venezolanos, 1960 t i. e. 1961, 
llas - 18cm> Cna 

Rneda Vargas, Tomas, 1879-1943. 
Eseritos. Bogota [Antares, 1963. 

AC7 T 5.RVo m "l963 

Ruiz Pineda, Leonardo. 

Ventanas al mundo; autobiograffa, accion paxlamentaria, 
articulos de prensa. Con una semblanza del autor por 
Eamon J. Velasquez. t San Crisixftal, Venezuela, 196L 

377 p. tllus. 24 em. <B!bllofa de aotores y temas tachlrenses, 

Russo, Luigi, 1892- 

Invito alia resistenza, Manduria, Lacaita, 1960. 

Si, Victor de. 

Historia e actaalidade. Braga jDepositaria: Livraria 

Salesky, Aurelio. 

Trasuntos de la rida.; ensayoe. [Buenos Aires, Ediciones 
El Ceibo de Editorial Pleamar ,1960, 

Obras completas. Sao Paulo, Editora das Americas t !954- 

20 T. Illus., facslma. 20cm. 

AC75.S17 60-37140 

Sails, Jean Rodolphe de, 1901- 

Im Lauf der Jahre; fiber Geschichte, Polit* und Litera- 
tur. Zurich, Orell Fussli jises. 

Sanchez Astudillo, SfigoeL 

AC75.S24 ' 
Sanchez Fogarty, Federico. 

Sanchez Rivas, Ricardo, 

El mundo del maSana. Led. Basnos Aires, 1963. 

Sand, Robert Morrifl. 

Sandscript selected. [Paterson, N. J., Colt Press, I960, 

247 p. 24 cm. 
AC8.S24 041 

Santander Arias, Jorge. 

El jnicio parficalftr; ensayos. i&nisales, Colombia, Bi- 
blieteca de Escritores Caldensee t 1960, 

337 p. ISon. (BlbUotecadeescrltoreac*l(lWB. SegmwH Sara, 

Santo Donnngo. Utuveraidd. 

Trabftjos premMos en distintas facaltades. 1946- 
Ciudjid Trujillo. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Singh, Teja. 

Suzuki, BunshirS. ^_ 

^t 3i 15J) 151 i| \> ^ 3t Si SJj ^ tfll IT K 5*. 4 1 ^ 

COLLECTIONS) (Con.tta.ued) 

VKjtfl Ifw [1962j 

ffe^t Gg f[l 24 ,1949, 


182 p. 19 cm. 

287 p. 18 cm. 

J>. ^ * OOIIO u i ji i J^T 

In Punjabi. 

^i ^| ^|i|ui ifiH^l t w i ^ i i r*i f ?i 6*n yH 

806 p. [Hug. 26cm. 

I Title 
Title trwuWtrutea: Gusalakhiliia te liora lehha, 

i Title. 
Title romonlsed: BunanlrO zulhltsu. 

In Hindi. 

AC125.P3S6 S A 63-31081 

AC146.S87 J 60-26 t 

r. ChaturTedl,SrtNanOn,1806- at n. Title. -a-.,. 
Tttle nuwlero*l: Htraka Jayantl ankn, 1900-195&. 

Singh, Ujagar. 

Takada, Hiroatsu, 1900- 

AC121.S3 S A 63-2633 J 

yt fa Hiy [1962] 

~77^^b^^t i^BBtS'l : ^M MERg: 
IS BS f P 25 [1950, 

Sardi, Jnh'o, 18821-196L 

nilii. 10 n". 

711, 300 p. Illus. 10 cm. 

Paginns olvidadas. Merida, Venezuela, Univeraidad de 

In riinjiibl. 

Loa Andes, 1962. 

218 p. mas. 24 cm. 

AC75.S282 1962 6S-3B782 t 

SatB, Haruo, 1892- ^ 

T ' ' " U '' Title tramlltcrated: Bhawn^kiitn to horn nilmnilhu. 

H^s-'S'ri 13: w ^ 4? JS- M ijUPfirSj B Til 

i. Title. Title romanteed: Furnnsu to Nllion to. 

31 ,1956, 

AC125.P8SB3 S A 63-3592 

AC95. J3T3 J 60-3026 

JIT p. Him. 18 cm. 

Hoover Institution 

&f tt^^Sfc W "m S" ISUS BSffl 81 1956 

S81, Ci-slk, 11)01-1934. 

tHtd^y'zr's. JR. M w. * ww t 

tja -Mr li) < fc Sin |ji | j$ ^ M ^ "S" S 5E S 

Takahashi, SeiichirS, 1884- 

211 p. 18 cm. 

43 - 

#Sfrt?r ftffiW-IB* *M ffi#^ US 

AC143.S3S Suppl. 

It ftlTC 4280(1*47) 


106 p. llliu. IS cm. 

TU 24 ,1049, 

i Title 
Title rowanteei: Hakuun kyoral. 

I Title. 
Till* romntlni: Hatbonj Ibu. 

2, 4, 237 p. 19 cm. 
Colophon Inserted 

AC146.S35 J 62-352 

AC148.S65 K 62-774 J 

Schmitt, Paul, 1900-1953. 

S6I, Ci-sik, ino 1-1854. 

Eeligion, Idea uud Staat. Aus dsm Naehlass hrsg. von 

fi$ $C IU fid iff & M M "i Ml ft ',' ! y. if h ffl ffi 

Heihvig von Boqucs-von Beit,unterHinzufugung von unge- 
driickten Schriften und Gedichten. Bern, Francke [1959, 
654 p. lllns. 25 cm. 

4281 ,1948, 
256 p. IS cm. 

TUIt romantied: ghotal no uchlioto. 
AC95.J3T316 J 63-855 

AC35.S17 60-18915 t 


Harvard Unlv, Onlnege- Japanese Library 9188 

Schbndube, Claua, ed. 

tffi ;;().|i|'f l^fi[r.]- 

Takata, Yasuma, 1883- 

Bei uns und anderen; ein Buch fur jnnge Bfirger. Her- 

^- loliS !& iojEHfS.^^ SM ^ i^il?^ Srffith 

ausgeber: Europaische Aktionsgemeinschaft. [Haagdar 
bei Bonn,H.Warnecke, 1959? 
160 p. Illus. 19cm. 

i. Tongn llbo, Seoul, Korea, n. Title. 
Title romanited: Haebang Ij6n. 

T. 184 p. 19 cm. 

AC30.S32 62-31510 t 

AC148.S64 K 68-762 

Colophon Inserted. 

Seasongood, Murray, 1878- 
Selections from speeches, 1900-1959. Compiled with fore- 
word and head notes by Agnes Seasongood. t lst ed.] New 
York, Knopf, 1960. 
STOp. 22cm. 

Soler, Bartolome^ 1894- 
Occidente, Madrid, Sahara, Venezuela; asf habl6 Barto- 
lomg Soler. [1. ed.j Barcelona, Editorial Juventud [1961) 

141 p. 18 cm. 
AC75.S63 64-34151 

r. Title. 
Title romonteet; Oakumon aenro. 

AC8.S429 Oil 60-10498 t 

Sperber, Manes, 1905- 

AC146.T28 J 64-65 

Shewring, Walter Hayward. 
Making and thinking; essays. With a note on Greek 

The Achilles heel. Translated by Constantino FitzGibbon. 
tlst American ed., Garden City, N. Y.. Doubledav, 1960 
t c 1959] 

Tanaka, MichitarS, 1902- 

sculpture by Eric Gill. London, Hollis and Carter t 1957!. 

224 p. 22cm. 

.. ' -*- L. *i-!JHfL OH in' nn 

106- p. lllua. 24 cm. 
AC8.S533 1957 62-44887 t 

AC25.SG53 1960 834.914 59-9H2 J: 

4,8S4p, 20cm. 

Shewring, Walter Hayward. 
Making and thinking; essays. With a note on Greek 
sculpture by Eric Gill. Buffalo, Catholic Art Association, 

Steffen, Albert, 1884- 
Brennende Probleme: Volkerrecht und Menschenrechte. 
Oasen der Ifenschlichkeit Atomforscher. An die Verant- 
wortung-Tragenden. t 2. Aufl., Dornach, Sohweiz, Verlag 


furSchone Wissenschaften ,1956] 

105 p. mm. 24cm. 

T4p. 20cm. 

I. Title. 

ACB.S633 1958 62-44881 t 

AC35.S64 1966 59-54532 J 

TUle romtmlted: Oanshtryolru Jldal nl omou. 

Shimizu, BtatarB, 1907- 

Studi letterari-filosofici-storici. Milano, Fratelli Bocca ( 1950] 

AC146.T29 J 04-686 

Jjv> A, f! (; ijlf ^CsS^CpR 'ft l^M ^w>" H 

422 p. plates. 25 cm. { Stadia GhUIeriana, >er, 2, T. 1) 

ffl 26 il951. 

AC40.S8 A 52-5162 rev 

Tani, Zennojfl, 1900- 

Chicago. TJolv. Llbr. 

JW . .-T\ 'M fill J^Lafe -^f J* ~*& TtT fi* Tf -^ Jl E:/ nTT 

ISSp. Mem. 

'L^ ^ Jim IL-. 1 r Tr A_ il> ft ^3. Jft xR ^ p-l ^7 PQ 

Siiddeutsche Zeitung, Munich. 

fll 36 t 1961, 

SZ, 1945-1955. [Miinchen, Snddeutscher Verlag t 1955j 

271) p. 19 cm. 

unpaged. Illus. 21 cm. 

AC30.S84 61-41804 J 

i Title 
Title nmanteed: Wakal hltoblto nL 

Suekawa, Hiroshi, 1892- 

AC146.S45 J 61-1514 t 

fil 26 ,1961, 

I. Title 

7'i/l-c /omimL-cii- /enuliln un lii'iirekl. 

200 p. 10cm. 

al-ShinnawI, Sayyid Fahml, 

AGD5.J3T33 J 02-1010 t 

,196-. 1 \ V t 1JV1 jb ( *jl3l, tfjLL^II 

Tayraflr, Mahmud, 1894- 

mf, Iflcm. 

- J C* **J^*J (^*J l^ tJJjl ** C ^ .,u.*n (JjU 

AC106\S45 NE 63-1108 J 

^ -('M ** "^- ' jiUUI . (JjVl -u-iJl . lit-.' 'ji-^ uLJt? 

i. Title. 

mieromaufceif.-Heliva no chlkal. 

[1963. 1V\V, *ij-oU 

SflHman, Benjamin, 1779-1864. 

258 p. 20 cm. 

Letters of Shahcoolen (1802) ; a facsimile reproduction 

AC146.S7S J 62-2056 J 

AC106.T3 NE 64-1508 

with an introd, by Ben Harris McOIary. Gainesville, Fla., 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Scholars' Facsimiles 4 Reprints, 1862, 

SunUta, ShOichi, 1893- 

Torrealba, J F 

nil rx, racslm. : 152 p. 20cm. (ScboUn 1 taoimlles & rqprtnti) 
AC8JS547 1802a 817^ 62-701S 

tttt Bg^f] 26,1940, 

Voces para sordos; sueltoe periodisticos. San Juan de 
los Morros [Venezuela, Tip. 0. T. P., 1958. 
126 p. 19cm. 

Singh, Joglndar, td. 

MTp. IB on. 

A075.T587 69-48136 J 

Where minds meet; an analysis of contemporary thought 
on economics, education, science, literature, art, culture, de- 
mocracy and history, Delhi, Indian Scholar, 1957, 

i. Title. 
Title romaniict: Z*lkvl kankal 

TriUhaas, Wolfgang, 1903- 
Akademisehe Beden, 1950-1952. Gottingen, Dieteridi- 
sche Univeratats-Buchdr. ,1952?, 

180 p. 22cm. 

68p. 24cm, 

AC5.S5 S A 64-538 

AC146^8 J 63-961 1 

AC35.T73 60-18469 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 

Trilling, Diana. 

Claremont essays. [1st ed. 3 New York, Harcourt, Brace 
Worlil [1964, 

rl, 243 p. 21 cm. 
AC8.T732 041 64-11530 

Tripathi, Ramakant, 1900- 

My own cup of tea; occasional essays. 1st ed. Jaipur, 
Bharat Pub. House, 1951. 

167 p. 19 cm. 

AC8.T733 62-1380 \ 


Anthology of True ; silver anniversary. Edited by Charles 
If. Barnard. New York, T. Nelson t 1962j 

411 p. 26cm. 
AC5.TT6 051 62-20146 J 

Tsuda, S5kichi, 1H7S-10B1. 

- ,t- > A ^M 
i|'4i I-:,, i|'l n/Ull 23,1948, 

225 p 18 cm. 

TWo rrawiiijc-i: Nlhi.iijln no nhlsotrkl tnlilo. 

Tsurumi, Shunsuke, 1022- 


2S3 p. 19 cm. 

i. Title. 


Title nmoniMd : 3tch(Uhugl DO tnchlba, 
J 64-373 t 

Twice a year. 

Civil liberties and the arts ; selections from Twice a year, 
1938-48. Edited -with an introd. and notes by William Was- 
serstrorn. [Syracuse, N. Y.j Syracuse University Press, 

ill, 331 p. lllns., ports. 24 cm. 
AC5.T9 082 64-23340 

Universala biblioteka. 
(Stockholm] Z. Abele, 19 

v. 10 em. 


Uribe TJribe, Rafael, 1859-1914. 

La voz del heroe. [MedelUn, fcnpr. Departamental] 1959. 
78 p. lllus. 23cm. (Autores antloauefioa, T. B) 
AC75.U7 61-37278 f 

Valenti, Jaek. 

Ten heroes and two heroines [and other writings] IlluB- 
trated by Victor J. Green. Houston, Tex., Premier Print. 
Co., 1957. 

126 p. illus. 22cm. 
AC8.V143 041 58-7625 J 

Valenznela, Victor M 

Hombres y temas de Iberoamerica. New York, Las 
Americas Pub. Co., 1959. 

85 p. 23cm. 
AC75.V22 60^921 rev t 

Vaflejo, Felix AngeL 

Viajes de un novicio oon Lucas de Ochoa. t Bevisado y 
corregirto por el autor] Dibujos de Horacio Longas. Me- 
dellin, Colombia, Editorial Gamma r l960- 

v. Urns. IS cm. 
AC75.V25 64-82181 J 

Vargas, Jose" Maria, Pro. Venezuela, 1786-1854. 

Obras completes. Compilnci6n y uotas del Dr. Bias Brtuu 
Celli. Caracjis, 1958- 

T. lllus. 24 cm. 
AC75.V28 62-47958 t 

Vargas Valdfe, Jos* Joaquln. 

Articnlos y ensayos. Introd. y selecci6a de Anibal Vsrgas 
Baron. Eugene, Ore., University of Oregon Books, 1963. 

rcLlll, 187 p. 23 cm. 
AC75.V20 S*- 717 

Vasconcelos, Ary. 

Corpo 10 [i. e. dez. Rio d& Janeiro] Ministerio da Educa- 
Sao e Saiide, Servijo de Documentacao r 19S8] 

IBS p. 22 cm. (Colecfio "Aapectoa" 18!]) 
AC75.V813 60-39859 J 

Vasconcelos, Jose", 1882- 

Obwa completas, t l. ed.} M&rico, Libreros Mericanos 
Unidoe r !957- 

T. port. IS cm, (ColecclSn Laurel) 
AC75.V3145 58-25341 rev 

Vaz Ferreira, Carlos, 1872-1958. 

Algunas conferencias sobre temas cientfflcos, artfsticos y 
socinlP". 1* st-rie) Buenos Aires, Editorial Losada t !956j 
273 11. 20 cm. (Blblloteca flloadflea) 

A 59-126 rev 
Eocheeter. Univ. Llbr. PQ8519 

Veerabhadrappa, K 

Reflections [byj K. Veerabhadrappa t and, G. S. Hilappa. 
Bangalore, Deccan Publications [1949 ?, 

199 p. 18 cm. 
AC8.V228 081 60-30068 

Velasquez, AtOio, 1905- 

El pensamiento nuestro de coda dia. Bogotd, Editorial 
Iqueima, 1961. 

178 p. 17 cm. 
AC75.V333 62-46434 J 

Venkatachalam, Govindraj, 1895- 

Leaves from my scrnp-book. Bangalore [Raj Book Housej 

216 p. lllua. 21cm. 
AC8.V26 S A 63-361 J 

Vision (Karachi) 

Ten years of Vision. Edited by Yunus Said. "With an 
introd. by A. K. Brohi. [1st ed. Karachi. Y. Said, 1963i 

xi!ll,338p. 23cm. 
AC5.V48 S A 84-7362 

Vlaikov, Todor G 1865-1943. 

OsiHHCHiur. Coijaa rdDiaflnpaaa FJ EH-BO "XeMvci," 

v. 24 cm. 
AC65.V5S 61-57387 t 

The Wall Street journal. 

The new -world of the Wall Street journal. Edited by 
Charles Preston. Nc\v York, Simon and Schuster, 1963. 

381 p. illua. 24 cm. 
AC5.W29 082 63-19278 

The Wall Street journal. 

The world of the Wall Street journal: Main Street and 
beyond. Edited by Charles Preston, with an introd. by 
Vermont Eoyster. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1959. 

485 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
AC5.W3 082 59-11200 t 

Warner, Phebe K 1866-193E. 

Selected editorials. San Antonio, Naylor Co. rl964i 
1111,181 p. port 22cm. 
AC8.W)li658 081 64-18988 

Wasiutynski, Wojciech. 

Listy o ludziach. Londyn, Nakl. Myall PolsKej, 1955. 
195 p. 22cm. 
AC65.W37 59-43239 % 

Welt im Blickpunkt. 1959- 
Berlin, Verlag NeuesLeben. 

T. Illua. (part col.) 25 cm. annual. 
AC30.W35 62-37900 rer 

Westman, Heinz, 1902^- ed. 

Man in his relationships. London, Boutledge A Paul 

Till, 140 p. plate. 23 cm. 
AC5.W4 042 66-682 rev 

Winger, Roy Martin, 1886- 

Ne plus ulcers; views from an ivory tower [by] R. M. 
Winger. Phoenix, Frye & Smith, 1964. 

T, 214 p. port 24 cm. 
AC8.W74 041 64-22897 

Wolanowski, Lncjan. 

Dok^d oczy ponioa(. [Wyd. 1. Watszawaj Wydawn. 
Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej ( 19B9] 

302 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
AC65.W6 63-45080 t 

The Yale literary magazine. 

Art and tie craftsman ; the best of the Yale literary maga- 
zine, 18ae-1961. Edited by Joseph Harned and Neil Good- 
win. New Haven [1961] 

352 p. Ulna 24 cm. 

AC5.Y28 082 61-16738 J 

Yanaihara, Isaku, 1918- 


Nil p. lcm. 
I. Title. 

Hoover Institution 

Yasuofca, Maaahiro, 1898- 

33 [1958, 
318 p, 19ctn. 

Title nmanitei: relko no elJiln, 
J 89-3073 



(Seritu: Shlyfl wnttto, IT) 


Title rautUM*.- OjodX). 

Yasuokn, Masahiro, 1898- 

lit ^f ft 

344 p. lou. 

Yi, Hffl-sfing;, 1896- 

4291 t 1958j 

380 p. 11IUB., port 21cm. 
Colophon inserted. 

Title romaitbei: VDrnkushL 
J 62-1704 t 

TUIe romanltet: PflngSrl naDg kajOni. 
K 64-11 

Seattle. FnrEajtern Llbrarj 


Yi, Hut-sung, 1896- 


2IH p. I Hun. 21 cm. 
I. Title. 

Title mn*l*et: SogrSng Hi ctamkkodae. 

AC148.Y5 K 62-477 t 

Yi, Kyn-gyfingr, 6. 1788. 


ij 4292 ,1959, 
2r. lllus. 22cm. 

At head of title: " 
Colophon Inserted. 
Tacslmlle reproduction of 
Each page represents 2 leaves ol Itoe t 
3L )Hl 9 S : T. 2, p. 861-1212. 
i. KoJSn Kanhaenghoe. i. Title. 

Title ramanteet: OJa yjnmun dmngjon san'go. 

AC148.Y52 1959 
Yl, Yu-w5n, 1814-1888. 

K 61-217 

H 4294,1961, 
16, 25 p., faralm.:98p. 21cm. 

Colophon Interted. 

Repnxiuctlon of ma. cop;. 

Each page represents 2 leaves of the original. 

AC148.Y54 1961 
Yu, Kwang-ny51, 1898- 

Title ronnninet: Imha p'Ugl. 
K 62-703 


287p. ports. 19cm. 


Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Yn, Tar-yong, 1911- 

&, ff AJ 

"ft fiS 1) 

Title nrnwHifcrf.- p-odo 01 ch'Srhalc. 
K 64-253 
Japane Library 9190 

406 p. 18cm. 



Yukawa, HideU, 1907- 

Title nmiatlttt: lnaefig noctfl. 
K 62-628 | 

23 (1948, 

4,296p. port*. 23cm, 
Colophon Inaoted. 


Title nmmtut: Oenthl to nlngen. 
J 64-688 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

COLLECTIONS) (Continued) 


, 1908- 

< o jjri , 

J ol 

jVl !UWlj 

190 p. 20cm. 

[1963] u#>JI 
NE 64-2874 

Zyeniewiez, Tadeuaz, 1922- 

Ludzie ziemi nieiwietej. [Wyd, l.j KrafcSw, Znak, 1961. 
231 p. lllns. 21cm. 
AC6S.Z9A3 83-28817 J 

MONOLITHIC CHURCHES see Cave churches 


see also Joruri 

Honan, Park. 

Browning's characters ; a study in poetic techniques. New 
Haven, Yale University Press, 1961. 

82T p. 25 cm. 
PR4238.H6 821.8 61-6819 J 


Draper, Rnth, 1881-1856. 

The art of Ruth Draper ; her dramas and characters. With 
a memoir by Morton Dauiven Zabel. [1st ed.j Garden City, 
X. Y., Doubleday, 1960. 

373 p, lllos. 22 on, 
PX4305.MBD67 1960s 815.62 60-8691 I 

Draper, Ruth, 1884-1956. 

The art of Ruth Draper; her dramas and characters. 
"\Vith ft memoir by Morton Dauxven Zabel. Tendon, Oxford 
University Press. 1960. 

386 p. Him. 22cm. 
PX4305.H6D6T 1960 815.52 60-2403 J 

Fontaine, Robert Louis. 

Humorous monologues for teen-agers, a collection of 
royalty-free 'drainntic sketches for young people. Boston, 
Pkys, inc. r 1 OB3, 

127 p. 21 cm. 
PN4306.1I6F65 815.54 63-1S361 J 


| Mononucleos is 


Pejme, Jaime, 1918- 

Infectious mononucleosis; a clinical and haematological 
study of patients and contacts, and a comparison with health, 
subjects. Stockholm, 1964. 

83 p. Ulna, tl coL) tables. 24 cm. (Acta mefllca Scanilnavlca. 
Supplementum 413) 

A 64-992 
Ohio State Univ. LIbr. 

MONOPHTHALMIA see Eye Abnormities and 


Antkowski, Perdynaad. 

La chronologic de la monophtongaison des diphtongues 
dans Ics langues indo-europeennes. Poznan, Pafiatwowe 
Wyda-wn. Xnukowe, 1956. 

53 n diners 25cm. fPoznanskle Towarzyatwo PrzyjacliH ^nuk. 
TVydzial FIloIoglczno-Fllozoflczny, Prace Komlajl Filologlcznej, 1. 18, 

PTOOJLS 6 - 20291 


see also Ethlopic Church 

Cerulli, Enrico, ed. 

Scritti teologici etiopici dei secoli rvi-xvn. Citta del 
Vaticano, Biblioteca apostolioa vaticana, 1958- 
T. 25cm. (Stndleteatl, 188,204 

A 62-5140 
Iowa. Unlr. Library 


Bar Hebraeus, 1226-1286. 

Le Candelabre du sanctnaire de Grcgoire Abou'lfaradj 
dit Barhebraeua. Troisif'ine base: De la theologie. 
Testa syriaque udit6 pour la premiere fois avec traduction 
frangaise par Pi-ancois Graflin. [Paris, Krmin-Didot, 1957j 

angaise p . [, - 

488-626 p. 29 cm. (Patrologla orlentalls, t 27, faac. 4) 

General Theol. Se 

A 68-389 

1. VonotofDM. 2. TmlM, JapuuM. L Totblkiwa, Tcuhlo, 100T- 

TUlt rommlui: KMnn meluku lenahO, 

PK43B6J8K6 J 68-1128 

Princeton UnlT. Oat Oriental Libftn 

Murray, John, 1C28- 

Modern monologues for young people; a collection of 
humorous royalty-frea dramatic sketches for teen-agera, 
Boston, Plays, inc. [1961] 

Ip, 21 cm. 
PN4305.M6M75 815.82 61-7066 rev t 

Nejedly, Ladtofcv, ed. 

Postavy sv&ovQio drama tu; 200 monologu z divadelnfch 
her. [l.vyd.] Praha, Price, 1960. 

ST7 p. Ulns, 21 cm. (V knlfald iliot T klabeca, v. 79) 
"" 61-31158 t 


Ireland, Nonna (Olin) 1007- 

An index to monologs and dialogs. Rev. and enL ed. 
Boston, F. TV. Faxon Co., 1949. 

xiv, 171 p, 28cm. (TIjefal reference series, no. 77) 
^Supplement Boston, F. W. Faxon Co., 1959. 

Dill, 133 p. 21 cm. (Useful reference series, no. S9) 

rN4S05iIOI8i 1848 Sappl. 
PJT430SJ16I64 1949 016.815 49-8379 rev* 

see Joniri 


see also Fixed ideas 


D. S. Army. Corps o 

!* River, Pittsburgh, Pa. to Ftinnonfc, W, Va. 
, 148- 

&S762B.M64.U5 Mtp 63-196 


see also Competition; Corporation law; 
Government monopolies; Oligopolies; 
Restraint of trade; Shipping conferences; 
Trusts, Industrial 

Borisov, furil Vasil'evich. 

MoHOno^HH 3JieAnme ipani napOflOB. [MociBa] Mo- 

62 p. 17 cm. 
HD2721.B58 62-59336 J 

Caldeira, Admardo Terra. 

A empresa e a fixacao doa precos; conconencia e monopo- 
lio. Belo Horizonte, 1969. 

90 p. dlagrs. 28 cm. (Estudcw econOmlcog, polltlcos e eocUlj, 10) 
HB221.C2 64-35969 

Caldeira, Admardo Terra. 

Fonnacao da prejos problemas. Belo Horizonte, Facnl- 
dade de Ci&ncias Economicas da Universidade de Minaa 
Gerais, 1961. 

118 p. lllus. 23 cm. (Estudos econOmlcos, polltlcoa e soclala, 23) 
HB221.C22 62-58350 t 

Chamberlin, Edward, 1899- 

Teopux uouonoiucTHiecKoft lOHKypennnH ; peopneHia- 
^IIJ^ Teopim CTOIIVOCTII. IlepeBO^ c aHrmficEOro 3. F. 
JeftEima n Jl. Si. PoaoscKoro. IIo^ pe^. A. SI. OjtLCCBHia. 
Mocssa, Hafl-so BnocrpanHott jiuT-pw 1959. 

414 p. lllus. 21 en. 
HB201.C516 60-44986 

Chftmberlin, Edward, 1899- 

The theory of monopolistic competition; a re-orientation 
of the theory of value. 8th ed. Cambridge, Harvard Uni- 
Tersity Press, 1962. 

888 p. Illiu. 22 cm. (Harrard economic itudlM, T. 88) 
HB20LC6 1962 830.162 63-649 J 

Bean, Charles It 

Industrial maturity and monopoly behavior. c New York] 

T, 157 L Uiagrs., tables. 28 cm. 
HD41.D42 838,826 61-2767 

Biteman, WJf ord John, 1902- 

Price determination in. oligopolistic and monopolistic sit- 
uations. Ann Arbor, Bureau of Business Research, School 
of Business Administration, University of Michigan [I960] 

45 p. fflus. 2S cia. (Michigan boalDeaa reportj, no. 88) 
HF5417.E4 338.52 60-63554 t 

Fouraker, Lawrence E 

Bargaining behavior [byj Lawrence E. Fouraker [and] 
Sidney Siegel. New York, McGraw-Hill [1968, 

Ir, 309 p, dlngre., tables. 22 cm. 
HB7M.F6 338.5018 83-17387 

Johnson, Harry Lee. 

Price behavior and product differentiation. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms [1959, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4231 Mic 59^231 

Virginia. I'nlv. Llbr. 

Mashura, Vasilil Filippovich. 

KoHnenipan;tt nponaBOflCTBa 11 uoHono^icit. MocsBa, 
BHin, 1960. 

58 p. 20cm. 
HD2721.M34 60-44754 J 

Munthe, Preben. 

Horisontale karteller. [Bergen] Norges handelsh^yskole 

172 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Skrlfter fra Norses handelshfiiakole, 1 
iffikken ffkonomlfike aThandllnger, ar. fi) 
HD2736.M86 62-68881 t 

Ott, Alfred E 

Marlrtform und Vorhaltensweise. Stuttgart, Fischer, 

153 p. lllus., tables. 24 era. 
Chicago. TJilv. Llbr. 1111201 

A 00-964 

ReTdam, Thomas. 

Monopolernes tyranni; monopoler og storpolitik. K0ben- 
havn, Danske forlag t 1962] 

202 p. maps. 21 cm, 

Sepulveda, Cesar. 

Los monopolios, las practices comerciales restrictivas y 
los modernos intentos legislativos para su control ; inf orme 
eobre el Symposium de la Conforencia de Colonia, de la 
International Bar Association. Mexico, 1968. 

81 p. 28 cm. 

61-26819 I 

Siegel, Sidney, 1916- 

Bargaining and group decision making; experiments in 
bilateral monopoly [by] Sidney Siejfel t and] La-wrence E. 
Fouraker. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

132 p. illus. 22cm. 
HB771.S54 338.82 60-8844 t 

TJmar, Hosayn. 



177 p. lllua. 24 cm. 
Princeton Un IT. Llbr. 


NE 62-694 

Communist Party of Australia. Oongreit. IQtK, Sydney, 

The people against monopoly. Sydney, Current Book 
Distributors t !961] 

87 p, 18cm. 
JQ4088.C6Aa 1961 68-59278 


Natan, Zhak. 

MononojiHCTireecitnaT KanHTajinaiM e EiJirapHJi. Co$ror, 
HayKa n nsicyciBO 1958. 

887 p. 22cm. 
HD2891.5.N3 6CW5087 


Klein, Dieter. 

_ Monopole, Integration, Aggression; die EWQ-, eineunhei- 
lige Allianz der Imperialisten Regen Frieden, Demokratie 
und Sonialismus jvonj Dieter Klein [Undj Hannes Wundei> 
lich. [1. Aufl.j BerHn, Dietz, 1963. 

883 p. 20cm. 
HCS241^.K56 64-31953 

1949- ) 

Axster, Herbert 

Das "marktbeherrschende Unternehmen" im Entwurf 
eines Gcsetzes gegen Wettbewerbsbeschrankungen. K61n, 
Heymanji, 1956. 

108 p. 23cm. 

60-24061 t 

Gunzert, Rudolf. 

Konzontvation, Harkt und Marktbeherrschung. Frank- 
furt am Main, F. Knapp t 1961] 

122 p. 21 cm. (WlrtwhaftsgozlologUche Studlen, Heft 2/8) 

Mestmficker, Ernst Joachim. 

Daa marktbeherrschende Unternehmen im Eecht der 
Wettbewerbabeschrankungen. Tubingen, Mohr C 1959, 
24 p. 23 cm, (Walter Buckeu InsUtut VortrMge und Aufstttie, 

61-26977 t 


Library of Congress CatalogBooh: Subjects 


1949- ) (Continued) 

Seidel, Joachim, 1931- 

Ein Verbot faktischer Monopole urid das Grundgesetz. 
,Munchen? 1956j 
xv, 155 1. 20 cm. 



Hutbei, Patrick. 

Wanted a monopoly policy. [London, Fabian Society, 

36 p. 22 cm. (Fabian Society [Loadouj Research series, 219) 
HX11.N42 no. 219 62-B212 J 

Menndl, William. 

Takeover, the growth of monopoly in Britain, 1951-61. 
London, Lawrence & Wishart, 1962. 

212 p. 22 cm. 

Wilberforce, Richard Orme, 1907- 

The Inw of restrictive trade practice and monopolies, by 
B. O. AVilberforce, Alan Campbell and Neil P. M. Elles. 
Consvdtinp; editor, R. Gesham Cooke. London, Sweet & 
Maxwell, 1857. 
ulT, 877 P. 26 cm. 

CunnJative supplement. 1st- Feb. 1962- 

London, Sweet & Maxwell, 
v. 25cm. 

67-3321 rev 

Wood, James MaxwelL 

The challenge of monopoly. [Manchester, Co-operative 
Union, I960] 

24 p. 22cm. 
HD2847.W6 63-34910 t 


Franceschelli, Remo. 

Studi riuniti di diritto industriale. Milano, A. Giuffre, 


vll, 813 p. 26 cm. 

A 60-4830 
Illinois. TJntv. Library 


Mainero Alvarado, Carlos Guadalupe. 

El articulo 28 t L e. veintiocho] constitutional y la ley ae 
monopolios. Mexico, 1957. 
85 p " '' Cm ' 69-53643 t 


Barnch, F 

Grote macht in klein land; ean beeld van het monopolie- 
kapitaal en zijn invloed in Nederland. [2. druk.j Amster- 
dam, Uitgeveri] Pegasus, 1962- 

v. Illus., ports., maps. 21 cm. (NT reeks, deel 3 
HD2872.B32 64-37478 


Hermansson, C H 

Monopol och storfinans. Stockholm, Arbetarkulturs for- 

lag, 1962. 

484 p. Ulna., map. 22 cm. 



fiTdanov, filril Ignaf evich. 

MeKflyHapoflime MOHOHOJEH nTseilqapHH. MocKsa, Hs; 
En-ia Ji cjc^yiiapOflHtix oTHonieauft, 1961. 

131 p. 20cm. 
HD2890.I85 62-28406 

Ch'en, Han-shins, !!)(-- 

', M \- PHi -a 1- Hi vir<f: X 41 M lit Vr- In m * h 

1. ilonrtiK.llts U. S. i. Title. 

'I'itlo rewiflrtiierf; Mcl-kuo lung luau ta pSn. 

HD2701.C47 C62-2M)1 t 

Dean, Charles R 

Industrial maturity and monopoly behavior. Nev York] 

v, 1B71, cllugrs., tables, 28cm, 

HD41.D42 388.826 61-2576T 

Hawley, EUia Wayne, 1929- 

The New Deal and the problem of monopoly, 1984-1938 : 
& study in economic schizophrenia. Ann Arbor, Mich^ Uni- 
versity Microfilms [1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-713 Mo 59-713 

Wisconsin. Unlv. Llbr, 

Massel, Mark S 

Competition and monopoly; legal and economic issues. 
Washington, Brookings Institution r 1962, 

xilt,7p. 24cm. 
HD2731.M38 838320973 62-17634 

Massel, Mark S 

Competition and monopoly; legal and economic issues. 
Garden City, N. Y., Anchor Books, 1964 

IU1, 380 p. 19 cm. (A Donbleday anchor book) 
HD2731.M38 1984 338.820973 64-11730 

Mnogoletova, N I 

lipostimijieniJHe Moitono.tini CJIIA nooe Btopofl Mnpo- 
non BOfliiu. MocKea, HS.I-BO AEaAciinii nays CCCP, 1959. 

271 p. 21 cm. 


Quinn, Theodore Kinget, 1893-1961. 

Unconscious public enemies. Foreword by Estea Eefau- 
ver. New York, Citadel Press rl962i 

2S8p. 22cm. 
HD2785.Q53 338.80973 62-14810 t 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on, the Judiciary. 

Administered prices: a compendium on public policy. 
Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly of the Committee 
on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-eighth Con- 
gress, first session, pursuant to S. Ees. 56. "Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1963. 

v, 276 p. dlagrs., tables. 24cm. 
HB235.U6A616 63-61586 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on tfie Judiciary. 

Professional boiing. Hearings before the Subcommittee 
on Antitrust and Monopoly of the Committee on the Judici- 
ary, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, second 
session, pursuant to S. Hes. 238 ... "Washington U. S. Govt 
Print Off,, 1960- 

pts, 111ns, 24 on. 

796.8302673 60-62499 

D. S. Dept. of Justice. Antitrust Division. 

Clayton act, anti-merger material. ["Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print. Off., 1960- 
1 v. (loose-leaf) Ulna, 23 cm. 

838.80973 60-62018 

Zorin, Valentin Sergeevieh. 

MoHOnoJiHH B nojHiHKa CIHA ; uoHono.iuit H ssyrfRSExx 
nojnraEa peciryCjHSaacKoa uapxaH CHIA n 1983-1860 rr. 
Mocisa, Hsfl-so HH-Ta jiexflyHapo^HiDt oiBOmeHHfi, 1960. 

422p. 21cm. 
HD2785.Z6 61-25065 t 

Racca, Luigi. 

Monopoli e controlli economici negli Stati Uniti. t L ed. 
Romnj Opere nuove t 1960j 

75 p. 18 cm. ( Saggl e Inctleate, 14) 
HD2791.SS 63-48830 J 


MONOPOLIES, PARTIAL see Oligopolies 
MONOPRINT see Monotype (Engraving) 


Johnson, Phyllis Truth, 1926- 

A revision of the species of UonopsyVrus Kolenati in North 
America, (Siphonaptera, Ceratophyllidae) Washington, 
Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Dept of Agriculture, 

68 p. lllus, maps. 24 cm. {[U. S. Dept. or Agrlculturej Tech- 
nical bulletin no. 1227) 

S21.A72 no. 1227 695.775 Agr 61-176 

US. Dept. of ABT. Llbr. lAs84Te no. 1227 


Hellgren, Gosta. 

On the theory of monopulse radar. Goteborg, 1960. 

ISO p. dlajtra. 25 cm. (DoktonavluindlLnjar Tld Omlmert tek- 
nlaka hOgjltoln, nr. 28) 

Single -rail 


Nakhmanovich, M I 

PeannHH voHocaxapHflOB. Mocssa, 

168, i2, f, 28 cm. 
QDS21.N2 61-85529 

StanBc, JaroslaT. 

The Monoeacchurides t byi Jiroaliv Stanfl: t ind others. 
Translated by Ksrel Mtyerj New York, Academic Press, 

1006 p. djatrs., Uble*. 28 cm. 

QD321.S8153 M7,f813 64-lB2Tfi 


StanSk, Jaroslav. 

The monosaccharides [byj Jaroslav StanSc t and others. 
Translated by Karel Mayer, Prague, Pub. House of the 
Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 1968, 

1006 p. dlogrs., tables. 28 cm. 
QD321.S8153 1963a 64-86374 

Stanek, Jaroslav. 

Monosacharidy. c l. vyd M Praha, NaH, Ceskoslovensk^ 
akademie vf d, 1960. 

BIO p. Ulna. 23cm. 
QD321.S815 60-38771 t 


see also Polytheism 

Niebnhr, Helmut Richard, 1894- 

Radical monotheism and "Western civilization. Lincoln, 
University of Nebraska, 1960. 

101 p. '21 em. (Montgomery lectureship on contemporary civiliza- 
tion, 1957) 
BL221.N5 211.3 60-11341 J 

Niebnhr, Helmut Richard, 1894- 

Radical monotheism and "Western culture, with, supple- 
mentary essays. Kew York, Harper t lP60i 

144 p, 22cm. 

BL221.N52 211.3 60-11784 



Kohn, Bernice. 

Jlarvelous mammals : monotremes and marsupials. Ulus- 
trated bv E. Harper Johnson. Englewood Clifls, X. J., 
Prentice-Hall ,1964, 

e$p. HIus, 22 cm. 
PZ10.K631Inr j 599 64-11561 


Brilliant, Hark Bavidorich. 

Pesepnu noBameaHH nponajo^HTeJitHOCTH liOHorana, 
MocKaa, HcsyccTBo, 195S. 
100 p. Illus. 20 cm. (FlepeAOBoft onwr B rwuu-paijjmccicfi npo- 


ZS53.B83 60-40400 J 

Rambonsek, Antonln. 

Sazba tabulek a. vzorci na stroii monotype rVvd. 1 , 
Praha, 1966. '' 

118 p. Illus. 21cm. 

Z253.E315 60-438BO J 

Shnl'meister, Moisei VTadiroirovich. 

MOHOTHIT; ycipoflciBo B 3KcjuiyaTanBH SyKBOOUHBHirx 
Hao"opHHX Mamnir. MocKBa, HCIVCCTBO 1961-68. 
2v. lllna. 28cm. 

UpjLioaceHHe K EHire l-[2] Cocraaium: M. B. 

Hy-BbiieflCTep it M. Z. BpHJLinaar. MocKsa, Ecrycciao, 

3v. InL 15i22cm. 

Z258.S547 SnppL 
22S3.S547 64-49854 


Rasmnsen, Henry N 

Printmaking -with monotype. [1st ed. 3 PhUadelphia, 
C!hilton Co., Book Division r !960i 

182 p, Illus. 27cm. 
NE850.R3 766.7 60-14987 J 


Christophersen, Half dan Olans, 1&02- 

Mnrcus Jacob Monrad; etblad av norsk dannelses historie 
i det 19.irhundre. Oslo, Gyldendal, 1959. 
tiQ p. iilua. 23 an. 

B4438.M34Z73 61-S4811 rev J 


Kitzfngei, Ernst, 1912- 

I mosuici di Monreale. Traduzione di Fsnny Bonajuto 
rdel testo inglese, Palermo, S. F. Flaccovio ( 1960j 
132, IT f. lllug. (part col.) 107 platw (102 coL) Sti cm. 

A 62-31 
HiT*rd Unlr. Ltbnuy 

Kitzinger, Ernst, 1912- 

Tha mosaics of Monreale. Palermo, S. F. Fltccovio [IB60i 
coVf^cS. WM. (P*rt col.) WT plitw find, plin ; part fold., put 

729.72 62-5722 

MONROE, JAMES, PRES. U.S., 1758-1831 

Smithsonian Institution, 

Profiles of the time of Junes Monroe, 17S8-1881 ; an exhi- 
bition commemorating tie 200th annrrersary of the birth of 
the fifth President of the United States, October 86-Novem- 
bar 23, 1958. Washington : 1959, 

iS^! p. mounted port, dlagr. 24 cm. (Itt EtolUaonltn pnbHca- 

923.178 60-60130 T 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONROE, JAMES, PRES. U. S., 1758-1831 

Wilmerding, Lucius, 1906- 

James Monroe, public claimant. New Brunswick, N. J. 
Rutgers University Press [I960] 
144 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

E372.W5 923.173 60-11625 rev ] 


U. S. Library of Congress. Manuscript Division. 

Index to the James Monroe papers. Washington [For 
sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off.j 1963. 

sill, 25 p. 2S cm. (Its Presidents' papers Indei series) 
Z8587.8.U5 62-60006 
Copy 8. 

MONROE, JAMES, 1832-1863 

Summers, Alexander. 

"Gone to glory at Farmington." A profile of Col. James 
Monroe of Mattoon, hero of two regiments in the Civil War. 
Mattoon, 111., Mattoon Historical Society [1963] 

SB p. map (on lining paper) 22 cm. 
F647.C6M6 64-2332 

MONROE, MARILYN, 1926-1962 

Capell, Frank A 

The strange death of Marilyn Monroe, by Frank A. 
Capell. [Staten Island, N. Y, Herald of Freedom, 1964. 

70 p. Illus., lacslms., ports. 24cm, 
PN2287.M69C28 927.92 64-6224 

Carpoza, George. 

Marilyn Monroe. [New York, Belmont Books, 1961, 
222 p. Him. 18cm. (Belmont boots, LS08) 
PN2287.M69C3 927.92 61-4052 J 

Conway, Michael 

The films of Marilyn Monroe, by Michael Conway and 
Mark Ricci. With a tribute by Lee Strasberg, and an intro- 
ductory essay by Mark Harris. New York, Citadel Press 

160 p. ports. 29 cm. 
PN2287.M69C6 791.437 64-18248 

Violations of the child Marilyn Monroe. By her psychia- 
trist friend. [Prelude signed by H. P. S.] Cover and illus, 
by Veno. New York, Bridgehead Books, 1962. 

150 p. Ill m. 22cm. 
PN2287.M69V5 927.92 62-21278 

Zolotow, Maurice, 1918- 

Marilyn Monroe, lst ed.] New York, Harcourt, Brace 

840 p. tlras. 22cm. 
PN2287.M69Z6 927.92 60-10934 J 


Monroe, William G 1905- 

It was fun while it lasted ; the memories and musings of 
a real American "old-timer." (1st ed.] New York, Green- 
wich Book Publishers [1959] 

333 p. 21 cm, 
CT275JM578A3 920 59-12562 



Johnson, Frances Ann. 

The history of Monroe, New Hampshire, 1761-1954. 
[Littleton, N.H.] 1955. 

038 p. illua., ports., mape, facslms, 21cm. 
F44.M8J6 974.23 60-22312 


Johnson, Frances Ann. 

The history of Monroe, New Hampshire, 1761-1954, 
[Littleton, N.H.] 1965. 

63S p. illus., port]., mnpe, factlms. 24 cm. 
F44.M8J6 974.23 60-22312 



Pennsylvania. State University. Bureau of Butmesi Be- 


An economic survey of Monroe County [by Alice Warne, 
research associate and Helen M. Pierce, research, assistant, 
Conducted by the Bureau of Business Research, College of 
Business^ Administration, Pennsylvania State University in 
cooperation with Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce. 
[University Park, "1959) 

85 p. inn*, maps. 26rS6cm. 
HC107.P42M67 1959 61-63913 


see also Drago doctrine 

Auguste, Carlet R 

Haiti dans le cadre de la doctrine de Monroe et du pan- 
americanisme. Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Impr. de 1'Etat, 1948. 

19 p. 22 cm. 
E183.8.H2A8 64-84054 

Bolkhovitinov, Nikolai Nikolaevich. 

^OKipuna Monpo; nponcxoHCflenue u xapaKiep. MocEna, 
Hafl-BO Hn-xa Me/K^ynapo^HBix OTiroraeitnli, 1959. 

334 p. 23cm. 
JX1425.B74 60-22856 

Donovan, Frank Robert, 1906- 

Mr. Monroe's message; the story of the Monroe doctrine. 
New York, Dodd, Mend [1963, 

240 p. illus. 22 cm. 
JX1425.D73 327.7308 63-18822 rev 


The consolidation of the Monroe doctrine aa proposed to 
the peoples of the Americas by the Republic of Guatemala in 
Central America through the offices of the Organization of 
American States (O. A. S.) Guatemala [Govt. Print. Off., 

16 p. port 21 cm. 


Logan, John Arthur. 

No transfer; an American security principle. New 
Haven, Yale University Press, 1961. 

IT, 480 p. maps. 23 cm. (Tale historical publications. Studies, 




Nieto Navia, Rafael. 

La doctrina de Monroe, presencia histo'rica. Bogota, 

98 p. 25 cm. 
JX1425.N5 63-52864 

Pereyra, Carlos, 1871-1942. 

El mito de Monroe. [Buenos Aires, Ediciones El Buho 

238 p. 19 cm. 
JX1425.P382 61-28221 J 

Perkins, Dexter, 1889- 

A history of the Monroe doctrine. Boston Little, Brown 
t 1963j 

462 p. 20 cm. 
JX1425.P384 1963 327.73 63-3507 I 

Planas-Suarez, Sim6n, 1879- 

Les principes nmdricains de politique Internationale et la 
Doctrine de Monroe. [Bale, Verlag fur Eecht und Gesell- 
schaft, I960, 

244 p. 23 cm. A 61-1679 

Harvard Unlv. Library 

Rappaport, Armin, ed. 

The Monroe doctrine. New York, Holt, Einehart and 
Winston [1064, 

122 p. 24 cm. (Americau problem studies) 
JX1425.E24 827.73 64-25181 

Whitaker, Arthur Preston, 1895- 

The United States and the independence of Latin America, 
1800-1830. New York, Russell & Russell, 1962 [1941] 
682 p. 22 cm. (The AJbert Shaw lectures on dJplomatlc history, 

F1418.W6 1962 327.7808 61-13785 t 


Winslow, John Durfee, 1923- 

Engineering geology of dam site and spillway areas for 
the Monroe Reservoir, southern Indiana, by John D. Win- 
slow, Gary R. Gates [and] Wilton N. Melhorn. Blooming- 
ton, 1960. 

10 p. maps (1 fold.) dlegr., tables. 23 cm. (Indiana. Geological 
Surrey. Report of progress no. IB) 

QE109.A3 no. 19 GS 61-153 

TJ. S. GeoL Survey. Llbr. 


Sly, John Fairfleld, 1893- 

The free port and harbor of Monrovia, Republic of Li- 
beria; a survey and analysis of management policies and 
procedures, prepared by John F. Sly and Walter P. Hedden. 
t n. p.] 1954. 

72p. Illus., fold, maps, 28cm. 
HE560.M5S5 62-48462 

TJ. S. Treaties, etc., 1963- (Lyndon B. Johnson) 

Port of Monrovia; transfer of title to Liberia. Agree- 
ment between the United States of America and Liberia 
effected by exchange of notes signed at Monrovia April 13 
and 14, 1964. [Washington, For sale by the Superintendent 
of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print Off,, 1964, 

Sp, 24cm. (Treaties and other International acts series, 5583) 
JX235.9.A32 no. 5583 64-61998 


Fraenkel, Merran. 

Tribe and class in Monrovia,. London, .Published for the 
International African Institute by the Oxford Universitv 
Press, 1964. 

ill, 244 p. Illus., maps. 23 cm. 
DT637.M6F7 309.1666 64-6843 


Liberia. Dept. of Agriculture and Commerce. Bureau of 

Census of population of Monrovia; inhabitants by sex and 
age. Monrovia, 1956. 

6, [4, L maps, tables. 28 cm. ( Iti OP report no. 1-1966) 
HA2178.M6A57 63-32255 


Fraenkel, Merran. 

Tribe and class in Monrovia. London, Published for the 
International African Institute by the Oxford University 
Press, 1964. 

ill, 244 p. Illus., maps. 23 cm. 
DT637.M6F7 809.1666 64-6843 


Hoff, Advertus A 

A short history of Liberia College and the University of 
Liberia, by Advertus A. Hoff. Monrovia, Liberia, Consoli- 
dated Publications, 1962. 

vli, 128 p. maps, ports. 24 cm. 
LG621.L6H6 64-6377 

Mon (Southeast-Asiatic people) 


Terraine, John. 

Mons, the retreat to victory. New York, Macmillan 1960 
224 p. illus. 23cm. 
D542.M7T4 940.421 60-3697 J 


Monsen, Marie. 

A present help. Translated from the Norwegian by Joy 
Guinness. London, China Inland Mission; agents: Lutter- 
worth Press [1961, "I960] 

103 p. 19 cm. 
BV8427.M52A38 1961 61-45014 J 

MONSIEUR BILL see Rapin, Georges 


Johnson, Emil Robert, 1877- 

The Jolmson-Manson-Elm families in America. Re- 
search and narrative by E. Robert Johnson. Edited by 
Ruth Parsons Heidgerd. ,n. p., 1961. 

59 1. Illus. 80 cm. 
CS71.J7 lOOlii 62-4057 J 



Monson Historical Society. 

History of Monson, Massachusetts. rMonson, 1960 
171 p. Illus. 29cm. i j 

F74.M6SM6 60-12212 J 

PWelaborde, Pierre. 

ill!, 106 p. charts, dlagrs. 21 cm 
QC939.M7P413 551.618 


Watsuji, TetsurS, 1S80-1960. 

A climate; a philosophical study. Translated by Geoffrey 
ST a.i' cm"' ' Pl ' int ' I!m ' eft "> Japanese Govt. [H961, 
" 11 ' 




see also Deformities; Dragons; 
Dwarfs; Sea serpent; Vampires; 
Helm, Thomas. 

Monsters of the deep. Illustrated with photos., and with 
drawmgs by Alexander Key. New York, Dodd, Mead, 

232p. Illus. 21cm. 

591.92 62-16829 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONSTERS (Continued) 

Soule, Gardner. 

The maybe monsters. New York, Putnam [1963] 
192 p. illus. 21 cm. 
QL89.S6 500 G3-7758 J 


Spicer, Dorothy Gladys. 

13 monsters. Illustrated by Sofia. New York, Coward- 
McCann [1964, 

121 p. Illus. 27 cm. 
PZ8.1.S767Th j 398.4 64-17992 


Noppenberger, Franz Xaver, 1889- 

Die eucharistische Monstranz des Barockzeitalters ; sine 
Studie iiber Geschichte, Aufbau, Dekoration, Ikonologie und 
Symbolik der barocken Monstranzen vornehmlich des deut- 
schen Sprachgebietes. Miinchen [19B8j 

72 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
NK7215.N66 739.2282 61-24857 



Devies, Lucien, 1910- 

La chaine du Mont Blanc, par Lucien Devies, Pierre 
Henry t etj Jacques Lagarde. 2. 6d. Paris, B. Arthaud, 
1951-59. [1946-59j 

ST. lllus. 17cm. (Guide TaUot) 
DQ841.M7D42 56-29123 rev J 

Prison-Eoche, Roger, 1906- 

Mont Blanc and the seven valleys [byj Roger Frison- 
Roche r and] Pierre Tairraz. Translated and adapted by 
Roland Le Grand, with the cooperation of Wilfrid Noyce. 
New York, Oxford University Press, 1961. 

267 p. Illus. 23 cm, [Les Beaux paysj 
DQ841-M7F693 914.449 61-4042 J 

Rgbnffat, Gaston. 

Entre terre et ciel, par Gaston Rftraffat et Pierre Tairraz. 
[Paris] Arthaud ( 1962j 

183 p. Illus. 21cm. 
DQ841.M7R4 62-42411 J 

Rftuffat, Gaston. 

Mont-Blanc; jardin feeriqne. [Paris, Hachette [1962] 
188 p. lllus. (part col.) ports., maps, facslms. 25cm. 
DQ841.M7R45 63-89862 


Bird, Michael J 1928- 

The town that died; the true story of the greatest man- 
made explosion before Hiroshima. [1st British ed., Lon- 
don, Souvenir Press t !962] 

192 p. illus. 22cm. 
F1039.5.H17B5 1962 971.622 62-68136 J 

Bird, Michael J 1928- 

The town that died; the true story of the greatest man- 
made explosion before Hiroshima. [1st American ed.j New 
York, Putnam ,1963, "1962] 

192 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
F1039.6.H17B5 1903 071.622 63-7364 t 


Gallai, Max. 

Le tunnel routier sous le Mont Blanc. [Paris, De- 
partement d'information et de relations eit^rieurs de 

S3 p. lllus., col. maps (part (old.) col. dlajrs. 31 cm. 

A 60-3857 
Michigan. TInlv. Llbr 


Pastore, Arthur Ralph, 1822- 

Dynnmite under the Alps; the challenge of the Mont 
Blanc Tunnel. New York, Coward-McGinn [1963, 

87 p. lllus. 22cm. ( Challenge books) 
TA820 .M6P3 j 624 63-10179 J 


Adams, Henry, 1838-1918. 

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres. Witt an introd. by 
Ernest Samuels. [New York] New American library [1861j 

883 p. illus, 19cin. {A Mentor book, JCTS17} 
DC20.A2 1961 914.4 61-4330 J 

Adams, Henry, 1838-1918. 

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres. With a new introd. by 
Lewis Mumford. New York, Collier Books [1963, 

882 p. Ulna. 18 cm. 
DC20.A2 1968 914.4 62-21621 t 



llont Saint-Michel. Introd. by Bernard ChampigneuUe ; 
translated by Gladys Wneelhouse. [Munich, TV. Ander- 
mannjj distributed by Doubleday, Garden City, N. Y. 
t n063j 

01 p. col. lllus. 17 era. (Panorama-books) 
DCS01.M83R413 914.421 64-1662 



Mont Saint-Michel. Introd. by Bernard ChampigneuUe; 

translated by Gladys Wheelhouse. [Munich, W. Ander- 
mnnn,; distributed by Doubleday, Garden City, N. Y. 

Bl p. col. llhis. 17 cm. (Panorama-books) 

DCS01.M83R413 914.421 64-1662 


Harper, Francis, 1886- 

The friendly Montagnais and their neighbors in the Un- 
gava Peninsula. Lawrence, University of Kansas [1964j 

v, 121 p. lllus., ports. 23 cm. .(Dnlveralty of Kansas. Museum 
of Natural History. Miscellaneous publication no. 37) 
E99.M87H3 970.3 64-64386 

McGee, John T 

Cultural stability and change among the Montagnais In- 
dians of the Lake Melville region of Labrador. Washing- 
ton, Catholic University of America Press, 1961. 

Till, 159 p. lllus., map. 23 em. (Oatlollc University of America. 
Anthropological series, no. 19) 
E99.M87M25 970.3 62-51609 

WORTLEY, 1689-1762 

Halsband, Robert, 1914- 

The life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. New York, Ox- 
ford University Press, 1960. 

313 p. illus. 21cm. (A Galaxy book, GB44) 
DA501.M7H3 1960 928.2 60-50029 J 

Pressly, I P 

Some notes on the Judges' Lodging, by L P. Pressly 
[Georgian York, a contemporary newspaper sketch by F. B. 
Wright, and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu at Middlethorpe 
Hall, by I. P. Pressly. York, Eng., 1945, 

24 p. 22 cm. (York Georgian Society. Occasional papers, no. 1) 
DA690.Y6P68 64-29929 


Montague, John V 1878-1960. 

Genealogy of John V. Montague, Middlebury, Connecti- 
cut; bom: April 5, 1878, Bandera, Tesns; died: Aug. 15, 
I960, Middlebury, Connecticut. This history and genealogy 
was compiled, designed and drafted by John V. Montague, 
himself. [Middlebury, Conn., C 1961. 

geneal. table, coats of arms. 205 x 108 cm. 
CS71.M759 1961 61-26605 


Andrea, Daniel, 

Michel de Montaigne. Stockholm, Natur och kultur [1959j 
92, [1, p. port 20 cm. (VarldsfBrfattare) 

A 60-3181 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Brown, Frieda S 

Religious and political conservatism in the Essais of 
Montaigne. r l. ed.] Geneve, Droz, 1963. 

108 p. 26 cm. (Trayanx dTramanisme et renaissance, 69) 
PQ1645.B7 64-38359 

Knecht, Loring DaM, 1921- 

Sainte-Beuve en face de Montaigne et de Pascal. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms rl957, 

((TJnlTerslty Mlcrofllms. Ann Arbor, Mich,] Publication no. 22386) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,386 Mic 57-4172 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr, 

Martinez Estrada, Ezequiel, 1895 

Heraldos de la verdad: Montaigne, Balzac, Nietzsche, 
Buenos Aires, Editorial Nova. : 1958, "1957] 

265 p. 21cm. 
B785.M74M28 61-S5992 J 

Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662. 

L'Entretien de Pascal et Sacy, ses sources et see enigmes. 
t Texte, notes et commentaire parj Pierre CourceBe. Paris, 

182 p. 23 cm. (Blbllotheqne des tertes jhllosoplilquE*. Textea et 

[B1901.E ] A61-053 

Illinois. Ualy. Library 



Salin, Edonard. 

Quarante ans apres: une maison frangaise, Montaign en 
Lorraina. Nancy, Berger-Levrault, 1962. 

29 p. illns. 24cm. 
NA7736.M58S3 64-36640 


Uribe Arce, Armando. 

Una experiencia de la poesia: Eugenio Montale. [San- 
tiago de Chile, Centro de Investigaciones de Literatnra 
Comparada, Universidad de Chile, "1962j 

100 p, Ului 19cm. (HIEspeJodepapel) 
PQ4829.0565Z93 68-41067 J 


Montalto, Saverio. 

Memorials dal carcere. Milano, G. M. Lerici [1957, 
129 p. 20cm. (Narratorl d'orei, 2) 
CT1138.M63AS 62-38999 

Montalva, Eduardo, 1911- 

MONTALVO, JUAN, 1832-188S 

Gonzalez, Clodoveo. 

San Juan Montalvo; soldado y campeon de la libertad, 
maestro de los maestros laicos. Quito, Editorial Atahualpa, 

426 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
PQ8219.M5Z745 60-43208 t 

Guevara, Dario C 

Magisterio de dos colosos: Montalvo, Rod6. Quito, TaH. 
Grdf. "Minerva," 196S. 

B2p. 22cm. 

Martinez de Tinajero, Blanca. 

Cervantes y Montalvo. Ambato [Ecuador] 1959. 
18p. Ulus. 21cm, 
PQ6337.M16 62-29173 

Pino de Ycaza, Jos Joaqnfn. 

Tres conslructores de la Republics. ( n. p., 195-?j 
134 p. 20 on. 
F3736.P6 62-46532 



U. S. Bureau of the Cennu. 

Montana: Census county divisions. 1960. Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print. Off., 191. 

map 58 x 98 cm. 
G4251.F7 1960.U6 Map 62-286 


Montana. Legislative Council 

State treasury fund structure; a report to the Thirty- 
eighth Legislative Assembly. [Helena] 1962. 

ill, 427 p. dlagr., tables. 28 cm. (Jtt Eeport no. 9) 
HJ545.A3 1962 63-62935 


Montana. State Library Oommistian. 

Books about Montana and the West; a salected list, com- 
piled by Rita McDonald. Missoula, 1862. 

Sip. 28 cm. 
Z1305.M76 62-62993 t 

Montana. State Library Commission. 

Montana books; [a selected list Missoula, 1959, 
21 p. 28cm. 
Z1SOS.M77 016.9786 59-3242rev J 

CITY PLANNING see Cities and towns 
Planning Montana 

Boiler, Henry A 

Among the Indians; aht years in the Far West, 1858- 
1866. Edited by Milo Maton Quaife. Chicago, Lakeside 
Press, 1859. 

TTTJT, 461 p. ffln&, port, foil. map. IS cm. (The lakeside dju- 

FflM.BrW 1950 917.8 60-2275 

Bradley, James H 1844-1877. 

The march of the Montana Column; a prelude to the Cus- 
ter disaster. Edited by Edgar I. Stewtrt. Normanj Uni- 
versity of Oklahoma Press [l&61j 

582 p. Ulna 24 cm. (The American exploration and travel series, 

E83.876.B8 978,82 61-6494 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONTANA (Continued) 


Christopherson, Edmund. 

This here is Montana. Ulus. by Elwood Averill. [1st ed, 
Missoula? Mont, 1961j 

88 p. Illus, 23 cm. 
F729.3.C5 917.86 61-19204 J 


Hoffmeister, Harold Arthur, 1900- 

The Mountain States. [Prepared with the cooperation of 
the American Geographical Society] Garden City, N. Y., 

N.Doubleday [1963, 

94 p. ntiu. 21cm, (Know your America program) 

F721.H68 1963 




Montana. State Planning Board, 

Montana directory of firms interested in Government pr. 
curement contracts, including research and development. 

V, ffmpB. 27 cm 
HC107.M9A348 63-63047 

Montana. State Planning Board. 

Montana survey of communities' economic developmen 
potential, 19G3. Compiled sxiul published in cooperation witi 
the Industrial Committee of the State Chamber of Com 
raerce. Helena t 1963j 

141 p. Ulus. 27cm. 
HC107.M9A65 1963 63-62880 


Montana. Legislative Oounett. 

Executive reorganization; a report to the Thirty-eighth 
Legislative Assembly. [Helena?] If" 

xlll, 63 p. 28 cm. (lit Report no. 7) 
JK7341A55 352.0786 63-62557 


Abbott, Newton Cari. 

Montana in the making. 12th ed., rev. Revision by A. V. 
HimsL Billings, Mont, Gazette Print. Co., 1959. 

664 p. Illus. 20cm. 
F781.A14 1959 978.6 60-18531 

Abbott, Newton Cart. 

Montana in the making. 13th ed., rev. by Adelia M. 
Price. Billings, Mont,, Gazette Print. Co., 1964. 

485 p. lllos., maps (1 fold, col) ports. 23 cm. 
F731.A14 1964 978.6 64-55191 

Henry, Ralph Chester, 1912- 

Our land Montana. [Helena, State Pub. Co., 1962, 
4S7p. OlM. 28cm. 
F781JH48 878.6 62-6379 

Jones, Agnes L (McGrath) 

Crow country. [Billings? Mont, 1962?] 
77 p. Ulna. 28cm. 


62-4987 J 

Randall, Leslie Watson, 1893- 

Footprints along the Yellowstone. San Antonio, Naylor 
Co. [1961, 

186 p. Illus. 22cm. 
F737.Y4K3 978.63 61-8943 } 

Wlllard, John, 1915- 

Adventure trails in Montana. Sponsored by Montana 
Historicnl Society. [Helena, 1964] 

243 p. Illus., fold, map, ports. 22 cm. 
F731-WB8 978.6 64-5390 

WoIIe, Muriel Vincent Sibell, 1898- 

Montana pay dirt; a guide to the mining camps of the 
Treasure State. I>enver, Sage Books C 1963j 

486 p. Illiu. (part col.) maps, 29cm. 
F781.W6 917.86 G3-146SO 

Wright, Robert C 

Montana, territory of treasures: people, places, events, by 
Bob and Kathryn Wright. Billings, Mont, Gazette Print 
Co. ,1964, 

flZp. U10&, ports., maps. 23cm, 
F781.W67 64-2446 

S. 0. S. Writers' dob. 

Montana's little legends. Illustrated by Eva Bower. 
Hamilton, Mont, Dnjly Ravalli republican t 1963j 
72p. Illus. 28cm. ' 

F731.6.S17 63-25981 

McDonald, Rita. 

Teachers? reference manual for Montana, history, geogra- 
phy, and government Tentative. Helena, Superintendent 
of Public Instruction, 1963. 

tT,lB8p. 28cm, 

JF730AM2 94-63406 


Davis, Jean (Walton) 1909- comp. 

Shallow diggin's; tales from Montana's ghost towns. 
Caldwell, Idalio, Caxton Printers, 1962. 

375 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
F731.D25 978.6 62-8188 J 


Bailey, Bernadine (Freeman) 1901- 

Picture book of Montana. Pictures by Kurt Wiese. Chi- 
cago, A. Whitman, "1961. 

unpaged. Illus. 17x22 cm. 
F731.3.B3 j 917.86 61-9969 J 


Helburn, Nicholas. 

Montana in maps, by Nicholas Helburn, Milton J. Edie 
t andj Gordon W. Lightf oot. (Bozeman, Mont] The Research 
and Endowment Foundation at Montana State College 

84 p. maps (part cot) 23x81 cm. 
G1470JI4 1962 Map 62-471 


Henry, Ralph Chester, 1912- 

The people of Montana; a study of Montana Government 
for students in Montana schools. t 2d ed. Helena, Mont, 
State Pub. Co., -1958] 

237 p. Illus. 28cm 
JK7325 1958 JT4 353.9786 62-4584 1 

Montana directory of public affairs. 1864/1955- 
[Hamilton? Mont.j 

r. illus., ports., maps (part fold.) 32 cm. 
JK7330.M65 56-62504 rev 


Montana. Legislative Council. 

State lands and investments ; a report to the thirty-seventh 
Legislative Assembly. [Helena] 1960. 

xrt, 74 p. Illus. 28 cm. (Itt Eeport no. 4) 
HD184.M9A65 61-62577 


Montana directory of public affairs. 1864/1956- 
[Hamilton ? Mont.j 

v. llluB., ports., maps (part fold.) S2 cm. 

JK7330.M65 fi6-62504rv 


Montana. Highway Planning Survey, 

City plats. Prepared by Montana State Highway Com- 
mission, Planning Survey Division in cooperation with U. S. 
Dept of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. [Helena?, 

111,1241, maps (5 fold, la pockets) 22x80cm. 
G147LP2M5 1961 Map 81-68 

Montana. Highway Planning Survey. 

City plats. Prepared by Montana State Highway Com- 
mission, Planning Survey Division in cooperation with U. S. 
Dept of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. [Helena, 

111,1241. maps (5 fold. In pockets) 22*28 cm. 
G1471.P2M6 1962 Map 62-345 


Montana. Legislative Council. 

Legislative procedures, a report to the Thirty-seventh 
Legislative Assembly. [Helena] 1960. 
xl, 41 p. dlagra. 29 cm. (Itt Report no. 2) 

JK7371.A52 60-54879 


Montana. Legislative Assembly. Senate. 

Rules of the Senate and joint rales of the Senate and 
House of Representatives and rules of the House, thirty- 
seventh Legislative Assembly, State of Montana, together 
with the roster of the Senate and the House. Helena, State 
Pub. Co., 1961. 

98 p. 15cm. 
JK7876.A2 1961 61-6488B J 


Montana. Legislative Assembly. Senate, 

Rules of the Senate and joint rules of the Senate and 
House of Representatives and rules of the House, thirty- 
seventh Legislative Assembly, State of Montana, together 
with the roster of the Senate and the House. Helena, State 
Pub. Co., 1961. 

95 P, 13 cm. 

JE7376JL2 1961 61-64888 J 



Gillnly, Bob, ed. 

The Grizzly gridiron ; football through the years at Mon- 
tana State University. Missoula, Montana State University 
Press [I960, 

108 p. illua. 23cm. 
GV958.M9G5 796.33263 60-64061 \ 

MONTANA FORMATION see Geology, Strati- 
graphic Cretaceous; Paleobotany Creta- 
ceous; Paleontology Cretaceous 



Boisdeffre, Pierre de. 

MontanS. Geneve, P. Cailler [19B9j 

28 p. illus. (4 mounted coL) 17 plates, port. 19 cm. (La Nou- 
velle ecole de Paris, 8) 

A 622044 
Harvard TJnlv. Library 

MONTANE VOLE see Microtus montanus 


U. S. Qongrets. Senate. Committee on Oomimerae. 

Authorizing carriage of 60-50 cargoes by vessels Montauk 
and Glenbrook. Hearings before the Merchant Marine and 
Fisheries Subcommittee of the Committee on Commerce, 
United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, second ses- 
sion, on S. 3849, a bill to provide that the vessels Montank 
and Glenbrook may be United States flag commercial vessels 
for the purposes of section 901 (b) of the Merchant marine 
act, 1936. September 6 and 13, 1962. Washington, U S 
Govt Print. Off., 1963. 

III. 65 p. table. 24cm. 




Potau Torre de Mer, Arfruro, 1886- 

Montblanch y comarca, visto por el pintor Potau. Comen- 
tarios por Jose 1 Frances [6t al. Montblanch] Museo- Archive 
de Mont blanch y Comarca (1962, 

[SO] p. (chiefly Ulna., portx.) 20 cm. 
ND813.P6A5 64-88S47 


Lewis, Meriwether Listen. 

Montcnhn, the marvelous marquis. [1st ed.] New York, 
Vantage Press ,1961] 

178 p. Illus. 21cm. 
E199.M7375 923.544 62-1169 \ 

Parkman, Francis, 1823-1898. 

Mortcabn and Wolfe. With a new introd. by Samuel 
Eliot Morison. New York, Collier Books [1962, 

669 p. IScui. ([Collier books, BS95) 
E199.P255 1962 973.26 62-16974 J 

Schull, Joseph. 

Battle for the rock; the story of Wolfe and MontcaJm. 
Illustrated by Lewis Parker. New York, St Martin's Press, 

158 p. Illus. 22cm. (Great Btotles of Canada, 21) 
E199.S4 971.018 60-61601 J 

Du Montcel, Jean 


AHoway, David Nelson. 

A goodly heritage; a commemorative history of Mont- 
cloir, New Jersey, by David Nelson AJloway and Mary 
Trims Amy. Montclair, Tercentenary Committee. '1963. 

82 p. Illus., ports., col. maps. 28cm 
F144.M7A62 974.981 64-1213 

Nuten, P 

De 'Madrigali spiritnali' van Filip de Monte. 1521-1603. 
isrussel, Paleis der Academien, 1958 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Herald, George W 

The big wheel ; Monte Carlo's opulent century [byj George 
W. Herald ( andj Edward D. Radin, New York, Morrow, 

247 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
DC946JH4 914.4949 68-13217 J 

Purdy, Anthony. 

The Monte Carlo story. London, "World Distributors 

155ii. Lllus., geneaL table, ports. 18cm. (Cocsol books, T81\ 
DC946.P8 64-54983 


Gibson, Michael Dara. 

Monte Carlo Rally. Kew York, Watts [1959, '1988, 
128 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
PZ4.G44S3MO 59-11261 rev J 


Gasparinetti, Andrea P 

La cartiera di Montecassino a S. Elia Fiumerapido. Leti- 
zia Marini ha illustrate il testo. Marielisa Donvitp ha curato 
1'edizione. [Milano, Edizioni cultural! della rivista "L'ln- 
dustria della carta," 1956j 

58 p, tllos. 29 cm. 
TS1093.I8G3 59-493621 

SEEGE, 1944 

Connell, Charles, 1910- 

Monte Cassino, the historic battle. Foreword by W. An- 
dars. London, Elek Books [1963j 

206 p. lllus., maps, plans, ports. 22 cm. 
DT63.I82M62 84-5450 

Cras, Hervg, 1910- 

Cassino ( par] Jacques Mordal [pseud.j Paris, Amiot- 
Dumont [ 19fi3, e 1952j 

20 P. lllus. 21 em. (Archives d'hlstolre contemporalne) 
0763.1807 940.542 54-16919 rev J 

Letter, Horst. 

Das war Monte Cassino; die Schlacht dsr Grunen Teufel. 
[2. Aufl. Stuttgart] E. Wancura [1958] 

250 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
D763.I8L76 1968 63-43688 J 

Mrowiec, Alfons. 

Przez Monte Cassino do PolsM, 1944-1946. [Wyd. 1., 
Katowice, Wydawn. "Slask," 1959. 

228 p. lllus. 24cm. 
D765.M7 61-44676 I 

MONTE CETONA see Cetona, Mount 


Monte dei paschi di Siena. 

Monte dei paschi di Siena; a banking institution operating 
in the public interest, established: 1624; origins and devel- 
opment throughout the centuries. Siena, 19B8. 
20 p. 11IUB., dinars. 30cm. 

A 60-5651 
NewTorkUnlf. Libraries H02100 


Cassa di risparmio di Roma. 

La Cassa di risparmio di Roma alia Moetra del TOO ro- 
mano. [Pubblicazione edita a cura delTOfficio sviluppo dell* 
Cassa di risparmio di Roma. Roma, 1959 1] 

Sl p. lllus. 21 cm. 
HG3090.R64M63 63-44451 

Faldi, Italo, 1919- 

La quadreria della Cassa deposit! e prestitL [Bonutj Isti- 
tuto poligrafico dello State, Libreria dello State [1956] 

81 p. 60 plates. 27 cm. 
ND614.F3 62-46101 


Fitte, Ernesto J 

Castelli y Monteagudo; derrotero de la primera expe- 
dicion al Alto Peru. Bnenos Aires, 1861. 

66 p. Mm 28 cm. ^^ 

F2235.F5 61-37879 


Bajarlfa, Juan Jacobo. 

Monteagudoj drama en tres actos, el tercero dividido en 
dos cnadros. Buenos Aires, TaUa. t 1962, 

55 p. Dtot, port 19 cm. (GotecdSn mnerlouui to taitro, 21) 
PQ7797.B22M6 68-49806 


Ente narionale per la assistenza agli orfani dei lavoratori 

Piano di impostnzione dello Istituto alberghiero Enaoli. 
Roma [1954, 

111 p. lllus. 22cm. 
HV1195.MC6 1 83 59-48191 t 


R0nne, Arne Falk. 

Abenteuer auf Monte Christo. [Bearbeitung der Uber- 
setzung nus dem Danisehen von Manfred Keller] Stuttgart, 
Franckh ,1957, 

182 p. lllUB. 20cm. 
DG875.M6744R6 59-47247 t 


Boschetto, Antonio. 

Benozzo Gozzoli nella chiesa di San Francesco a Monte- 
falco. Milano, Istituto editoriale italiano [1961] 

32 p. llliis. (part mounted col) 32cm. 

A 84-486 
Harvard Univ. Library 


Boschetto, Antonio. 

Benozzo Gozzoli nella chiesa. di San Francesco a Monts- 
falco. Milano, Istituto editoriale italiano [1961] 

32 p. lllua. (part mounted col.) 32cm. 

A 64-486 
Harvard Univ. Library 

Count of Morrtefeltro, Duke of Urbino, 


Franceschini, Gino. 

Saggi di storia montefeltresca e urbinate. Selci Umbro, 
Stab. tip. "Pliniana," 1957. 

lv, 261 p. 26 cm. 
DG975.U72F7 61-45874 

Rossi, Maria. 

I Montefeltro nal periodo feudale della. lore signoria 
(1181-1375) Con document! inediti. Urbania, Scaola tip. 
"Bramante," 1957. 

220 p. 22cm. 
DG975.M675R6 60-2877B 


Ceriana Mayneri, Carlo. 

I Lante Montefeltro delk Rovere. Milano, Ceschina 

250 p. lllus. 20cm. 
CS768.C4 62-49373 J 


Claude Montefiore lecture. 
London, Liberal Jewish Synagogue. 

v. 22 cm. annual. 
BM42.C55 64-36064 


Wiener Library, Lmdon. 

On the track of tyranny; essays presented by the TViene 
Library to Leonard G. Montefiore, o. n. z., on the occasion o 
his seventieth birthday. Edited by Max Beloff- London 
Vallentine, Mitchell t 1960j 

rl, 232 p. port 23 cm. 
DD266.5.W48 943.086 6S-:6043 



Barras, Sylvia J 

Sir Moses Montefiore: champion in a stagecoach, by Syl- 
via Barms. New York, Bloch Pub. Co. [1994, 

167 p. lllus., ports. 21 cm. 
DS1S5.E6M867 64-20587 


Noraes, Maria Stella de. 

O presidenta Jeranimo de Souza Monteiro. jRio^ 
Janeiro] Departamento Administrativo do Serviso Pfiblico 
Serviso de Documentacjio, 1960. 

02 p. IS cm. ( Peijuenw estudos sObre tdniliUttradorea bruslleirca, 


Jofre" Barrpso, Haydee M 

Monteiro Lobato; trayectoria da una fidelidad. t Estudio 
critico-biogrificoj Buenos Aires, Editorial Futuro [1959] 

76p. lllua 20cm. (ColecdfinEnrlnaii.fl) 
PQS697.M72Z76 61-22349 | 

FEIJOO Y see Feijoo y MontenegrOj 
Benlto Jeronlmo, 1676-1764 


Montenegro, Yugoslavia, [Editor-in-chief : Oto BIhal]i- 
Meriii] Beograd, Jugoslavia [1961j 

92p. llliu. (partcol.) porta. 31cm. 
DR106.M6 914.974S 61-19710 

Petrovic; Rude. 

Narodna Republika Makedonija. Zagreb, Znanje, 19B9. 
6Tp. plates, maps. 15cm. (E > roT]etiui knjlfiilca, 5. kolo: Jujo- 
laTlJa, ST. 5) 

DH381.M3P4 64-37S99 

Ciapime Upat Tope. 1- 1963- 

Hernjte [OtfoAi 

T. Ulna 27 cm, 


60-44588 t 



Cetinje, Yugoslavia. Centralna narodna biblioteka NRCG. 

IzdavaSka. djelatnost u NR Cmoj Gori, 1945-1958. 
[Odgovorni urednik Niko S. Martinovifi. Knjige obradio 
"Vasilije Jovovid, periodiku obradio Ifiko S. Martinovid] 
Cetinje, 1959- 
v. 80 tm, 
22911.04 60-31491 


ForeD, Fritz voa, 1893- 

Schwarze Berge, blaues Meer; verliebte Reise dnrch Mon- 
tenegro. Muhlacker, Stieglitz-Verlag [1962] 

224 p. [Una., map. 19cm. 
DR110.F65 64-81117 

SodjalistiSd sarez radnog naroda Crne Gore, fflavni 

Drug! plenum Glivnog odbora SSRlf Crne Gore. Cetvrti 
plenum CentralnoR komiteta SK Srbije. Glavni urednik 
Ijjubica StaniniiroviiS. Beograd, Knltura, 1931. 

106 p. H) cm, ( Polltl'!ka doVuuientadJa, 3 ) 
JN9859.A5K655 6S-S6323 

SodjalisticTd savez radnog naroda Crne Gore. Kongrst. 
4th, Tiiogrod, I960. 

Cetvrti kongres SSKK Crne Goie. Peti kongres S9EN 
Mikedonija. [Urednje redakcioni odbor, glivrd orednik 
Ljubica StanimiroTic'] Beograd, Knltora, 1960. 

151 p. 20cm. (Polltiaa<tolniin6ntadja,9) 
HC40737S6 1960 64-30240 

Jovanovii, Batrid 

I(paa Topa y Hapo^soocjo6o^;miKOM pary H connjaJH- 
CTHHKOJ pesoaynHJH. Beorpa^ [BoJEO fleiO] 1960- 

v. lllu^ portt., fold. maps. 20 tm. (Ms pTe npouuoCTH 
D766.62.M3J6 62-28681 

Radoaavovic, ffija. 

Medunarodni pololaj Cms Gore u m vijeku. Beograd, 

140 p. 21 cm. 
DR148.R3 61-20701 J 


Dnrkovic-Jaksic, Ljubomir. 

CpCnjaacia nnaitna o Baeromy u IfpHOJ Fopn, 1833-1851. 

255 p. port, fold. mop. 25 cm. (Cpncu amonxii aayiu, Ppalja 

iKH.. S| HCTOpHCKH HHCTHTyT. fpt>jt, Mb. S |L C. 1)) 

AS346.B53 voL3 52-44417 rav 

Montenegro (Fedfraisd Republic, 1945- ) 

I^psropcxe Hcopasc xvi-ur uajcia. 
Hninejah a Bpaaio HaiBrieBEdi. Ufiicmt, 1964. 
rri, 23C p. (acataa H cm. (/d Hcropujcu rpal), ift. i) 


Zadar, Dalmatia. Drsmm xrftat. 

HeKOimo ^oK/HCHara o HHCHJ'H mesa ^oirapyiosor y 
Upaoj Fopn {1769) ITpEOnhno H octjacano GrJeiiaH Aaro- 
*ar. Ileraae, 1949. 

TSp. 22cm. (HcTOpnnmicnrrvTH.P. UpfleTope. |HuttarJJ 


Cubrflovic, YMO. 

' TepMBHOiioraja juencacxor spymTBa y Ilpnoj Topa. 
ypcflMK Eo j pnsoje ^po6aiJCOBnh. EeorpaA, Havniro s"o, 

56 p. 25cm. (Cpncitaic(uoi3Ha]r)L IloceeHaH3AUba,iat.821. 
EtHorp4>aw MHcnrryr, m, S) 
AS34835S vol. 321 80-31726 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Vizcaino, Sebastian, 1550 1-1615. 

Letter written from Monterey on December 28, 1602, and 
sent to New Spain by the almirantti. Carmel? Calif., T. W- 
Norris, 1948. 

F851.5.V5 Cffl ' 60-46036 


Cntter, Donald C 

Malaspina in California. [San Francisco, J. Ho well, 


vlll. 96 p. Illus. (part col.) map. 29 cm. 
F864.M27C8 917.94 00-52214 


Hoffer, Dominga L (Cervantes) 

Tiburcio Vasquez, by Dominga L. Cervantes Hoffer. Im- 
pressions by Gestetner completed. Puynllup, Wash., 
Printed by Historic Memories Press, 1964. 

vl, 107 p. Ulna., maps, ports. 28 cm. 
HV6452.C3V3 1964 923.4173 64-7965 



El Norte, Monterey, Sfeatioo. 

Constructores de Monterrey. [Monterrey] Editorial- 
Instituto Tecnol<5gico y da Estudios Superiorea de Monte- 
rrey [1945, 

155 p. 28cm. 
F1881.M7N6 62-27265 J 


Covarrubias, Ricardo. 

Las cnlles de Monterrey. [Monterrey] Tip. Garza y 
Jimenez, 1947- 

F1391.M7C63 ** ' 60-20261 J 

Saldana, Josi P 

Episodios de ayer, Monterrey, Mexico, Sistemas y Servi- 
cios Tecnicos, 1959. 

229 p. illus. 22 cm. 
F1391.M7S29 60-30911 t 


Reyes, Alfonso, 1889- 

AJbores, segundo libro de recuerdos. [1. ed.] Mexico, El 

180 p. lllns. 20 cm. (Sit Ordnlca fle Monterrey, 1 ) 
PQ7297.E386Z52 61-29730 | 


Covarrubias, Ricardo. 

Lns calles de Monterrey. [Monterrey, Tip. Garza y 
Jimenez, 1947- 

v. Illus 24 cm. 
F1391.M7C65 60-20261 t 



Monterey, Mexico. Institute Tecnoldgied y de Estudios 

La historia de Mexico y la Biblioteca "Salvador Ugarte. 
[Monterrey, 1958, 

S3 p. Illus. 25 cm. 
Z740.M7M6 60-35567 rev ] 



Circle of enchantment ... Morro Bay to Monterey. 1964- 
;Big Sur, Calif., E. White, 

T. Itlns. (part col.) 28cm. 
F868.S18C5 917.947 64-15566 


California. State Library, Sacramento. Library OonmJtan 

Monterey Park Public Library, a study with recommen 
dations [by, Arlene Hope, library consultant. Sacramento 
California State Library, 1950. 

81 1. 28 cm. 
Z733.M777C3 027.479493 60-62892 rev 


MONTEREY PINE IPS see Ips radiatae 


see Eehandi Montero, Enrique, 1866-1959 

y Montero, Jos< Toribio, Pres. Peru, 

MONTERREY, MEXICO see Monterey, Mexico 


Taboada, Jestis. 

Monterrey. Santiago de Compostela, 1960. 

1ST p. Illus., 16 plates. 25 cm. (Cuadernoa de eatudloa gallegos. 
DP402.M56T3 6&-44916 

MONTES, DOMINGO, 1784-1827 

Iribarren-Celis, Lino. 

Yida militar de Domingo Montes, ilustro proeer de J 
independencia. Caracas, Ediciones Parajruachoa ["I960, 



Urquizo, Francisco Luis, 1891- 

Un pedazo de historia de la Bevolucifin; el Oral. Fede- 
rieo Montes. [MSricOj Libro Mex, 1960. 

F123 2 4 P M7 2 8U7' 61-20937 t 

LUNA, MARQUES DE, 17th cent. 

Mirfl Quesada Sosa, Anrelio. 

El primer virrey-poeta en America : don Juan de Mendoza 
y Luna, marquSs de Montesclaros. Madrid, Editorial Gredos 

274 p. 21 cm. (BlDlIoteca romanlca htepanlca. 2. Estcdlos y en- 
Pa6415.M68Z7 63-84983 



Sanders, Joan. 

The marquis, a novel. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1963. 
405 p. 23 cm. 
PZ4.S1945Mar 63-8045 J 



Sanders, Joan. 

The marquis, a novel. 
405 p. 23 cm. 

i, Houghton Mifflin, 1963 
63-8045 J 


DE, 1689-1755 

Althusser, Louis. 

Montesquieu; la politique et I'histoire. t l. ^d.) Paris, 
Presses universitaires de France, 19S9. 

lie p. 10 cm. (Initiation phUoscphlque) 

A 59-8366 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. JCU79 

Haln eUh BUh ch'n put At, Shanghai. 

M p. llltu. 10 cm. 

1, Schiller, Johmnn Obrutoph Frledrlch TOO. lTSfr-1906, 
wlcm, Adam, 1798-1808. 8, Montewjulmi, Ohula Lool> de Secoodat, 
btnw de L BrMe et de, 1688-1TO. t. Anderm, Haot OhrtatUn, 
ItOO-lSTO. L Title, 

Tla nnuuniet: Shlh chleh ml u wen hu mine )ta. 

C 59-2809 J 

Eassem, Badreddine. 

Decadence et absolutisme dans I'osuvre de Montesquieu 
Geneve, E. Droz, 1960, 

288 p. 25 cm. (Etudes d'hlstolre economlqne, politique et soclali 
JC179.M8K3 68-83821 

Shackleton, Robert 

Montesquieu; a critical biography. (London, Oxforc 
University Press, 1961. 

xlv, 482 p. Illus., port. 23 cm. 
JC179.M8S35 1981 928.4 61-4884 

Stark, Werner, 1908- 

Montesquieu, pioneer of the sociology of knowledge. Lon- 
don, Eontledge & Paul [I960, 

214 p. 23 cm. (International library 'of sociology and social 
B2098.S6S8 194 61-2867 J 

Stark, Werner, 1909- 

Montesquieu, pioneer of the sociology of knowledge. To- 
ronto, University of Toronto Press, 1961 ("I960] 

214 p. 23 cm. 

B2098.S6S8 1861 194 61-38578 J 


Montesquieu, Charles Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brede 

et de, 1689-1755. 

Catalogue de la bibliotheque de Montesquieu, publiS par 
Louis Desgraves. Ouvrage publifi avee le concours du Cen- 
tre national de la recherche scientiflque et de la Ville de Bor- 
deaux. Geneve, Droz, 1954. 

xx, 277 p. 25cm. (Socie'te' de publications romanes et franffalses. 
[Publlcatlonsi 43) 

A 55-1470 rev 
Illinois, Univ. Library 


1689-1755. DE L'ESPRIT DES LOIS 

Berselli Ambrl, Paola. 

L'opera di Montesquieu nel Settecento italiano. Firenze, 
L. S. OlsclJji, 1960. 

280 p. ports., facsirns. 24 cm. (Biblioteca dell 1 "Archlvum Ro- 
manlcum." Serle 1: Storla, letteratura, paleografla, T. 61) 
JC179.M8B45 63-35449 t 

Durkhelm, fimile, 1858-1917. 

Jlontesquieu and Rousseau: forerunners of sociology. 
Foreword by Henri Peyre. Durkheim, Montesquieu, and 
Rousseau, by Georges Davy. Note, by A. Cuvillier. (Trans- 
lated by Rnlph Mnnheim, Ann Arbor, University of Michi- 
gan Press [1900, 

xvl, 155 p. 22 cm. 
J0179.M8D83 301 60-5669 


B^gouen, Henri, 1863-1956. 

Les cavorncs du Volp : Trois Freres, Tuc d'Audoubert, a. 
Montesquieu-Avantes (Ariege) par Henri BSgouen [et, H. 

- -- --- 1958. 

fold. map. 82 cm. 


Breuil. Paris, Arts et metiers graphiques, 1958. 

123 p. 115 111ns., 82 plates (IncL ports., map) 
(Travaux de I'Instltnt da paleontologle numalne) 
N6310.B44 741.921 

MARQUIS DE, 1739-1798 

Berthoud, Dorette, 1883- 

Le general et la romancftre ; 1782-1798, Episodes de 1'emi- 
gration fransaise en Suisse d'apres les lettres du general de 
Montesquieu it Mme de Montolieu. Neudmtel, La Bacon- 
nicre t 1959, 

Z59p, lllun. 20cm, 
DC158.1.B42 60-39862 J 


Montesquiou Fezensac, Arnaud, comte de, 1895- 

La maison de Montesquiou Fezensac depuis la fin de 

rAncien Regime. Paris, 1862. 
219 p. coats of arms, geneal. tables. 28 cm. 

OS599.M66 1962 63-32639 


Fischer-Buck, Anne, 1S20- 

Naturgemasso Erzieliung; ein Vergleich der Lehre von 
Pestalozzi und Montessori, angewimdt auf die heutige psy- 
chologische Piidagogik. Bonn, 1957. 

Iv, 291 p. 22 cm. 

LB629.F5 61-28724 

Sigsgaard, Jens. 

Frfibel og Montessori Kffbenhavn, Munksgaard ( 19C9] 

28 p. Illus. 20 cm. 

LB638.S5 62-28099 t 

Standing, E Mortimer. 

Maria Montessori, her life and work, t lst American ed., 
Fresno, Calif., Academy Library Guild [1959, '1957] 

854 p. Him. 22 cm. 

LB775.M8S78 1959 923.745 59-12591 t 

Valitutti, Salvatore. 

L'educazione sociale nel pensiero di Maria Montessori. 
Roma, Edizioni "Vita dell'infanzia," 1956. 

2Tp. 21cm. 
LB775.M8V29 62-36525 1 


Costa-Minnecidi dl ViDareal, Joyce. 

The Montessori elementary curriculum content and the 
corresponding American curriculum content; a cross-cultural 
study. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms (1959, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-2808 Mic 58-2808 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Gnana Prakasam, Antony. 

What you should know about your child, by Maria Mon- 
tessori. Interpreted and edited by A. Qnana Prakasam. 
Colombo, Bennett, 1948. 

vi, 138 p. 21 cm. 
LB775.M8G5 373.3 S A 82-838 

Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952. 

The advanced Montessori method. Translated from the 
Italian. Cambridge, Mosa, E. Bentley, 1964 ["1917, 
2 v Illus , forms, music. 22 cm, 

LB775.M72 1964 372 64-7247 

Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952. 

The discovery of the child. Rev. and enl. ed. of The 
MonteSFori method. Translated by Mnry A. Johnstone. 
Madras, Kalakshetra Publications (1962, 

xlr, 308 p. plates, port. 22 on. 
0)775.117 1062 372.3 SACS-3900 

Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952. 

The Montessori method; scientific pedagogy as applied to 
child education, in the Children's Houses, with additions and 
revisions by the author. Translated from the Italian by 
Anne E. George. With an introd. by Martin Mayer. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., E. Bentley, 1964. 

ill, 877 p. illua., forms, ports. 22 em. 
LB775.M7613 1964 372 64-5673 

Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952. 

The Montessori method. [Translated from the Italian by 
Anne E. George, Introd. by J. McV. Hunt. New York, 
Schocken Books ,1964, 

xxrlx, 376 p. illua. 21cm. 
LB775.M7C13 1964a 372 64-24014 

Montessori in the home; a preliminary study and practical 
application of the principles and method of Dr. Maria Mon- 
tessori for the use of parents in the home. C 2d ed. Bethesda, 
Md., Elad Enterprises, 1963, 

f, i8 p. diasra. 23 cm. 

LB775.M8M57 1963 372.3 63-23213 

Munat, Charles E 

Maria Montessori and American education. Chicago, 

28 p. 23 cm. 


Orem, R Calvert. 

Twenty-seven major elements hi Dr. Maria Montessori's 
philosophy and practice, by R. Calvert Orem [and. Gene- 
vieve Tarlton Alexander. Corpus Christi, Tex., lilliput. 

Schoolhouse, 1964, "1963. 
[4], 20 p. 22 cm. 

LB775.MS07 372 


Rambnsch, Nancy McCormick, 

Learning how to learn; an American approach to Montes- 
sori. Foreword by George N. Sinister. A Montessori bib- 
liography of materials in the English language, 1909-1961, 
compiled by Gilbert E. Donahue. Baltimore, Helicon Press 

ISO p. tllus. 23cm. 
LB775.M8R34 373 62-13977 J 

Rambnsch, Nancy McCormick 

Learning how to learn ; an American approach to Montes- 
sori. Foreword by George N. Sinister. A Montessori bibli- 
ography of materials in the English language, 1909-1961, 
compiled by Gilbert E. Donahue. Baltimore, Helicon [1963, 

188 p. Ulns. 23 cm. 
LB775.M8E34 1983 372 83-4030 J 

Rao, Leelavati M 

Montessori method. [1st ed. Bangalore, 1961] 

117 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
LB775-M8R36 S A 63-1675 J 

Standing, E Mortimer. 

The Montessori method; a revolution in education. 
(Fresno, Calif., Academy Library Guild, 196% 

208 p. illus. 22 on. 
LB77B.M8S78-2 372 61-16772 J 


American Montessori Society. 

Proceedings of the national seminar. 
(New York, 

T 28 CJH. flpnTuQ. 

LB775.M8A6 873 64-S281 

MONTEUX, PIERRE, 1875-1964 

Montenx, Doris Gerald (Hodgkins) 

Everyone is someone [by] Fifi Monteux. New York, 
Farrar, Straus & Cudahy ( 1862] 

ISSp. 21 cm. 

927.8 6&-16687 t 


Grisanti, Angel. 

Los Ribas Herrera, tioa de Bolivar y primoa da Moate- 
verde. Caracas, 1961. 

46 p. coat of arms. 23 cm. 
F2324.G7 64-35971 t 


Studi in onora di Angelo Monteverdi. Modena, Societa tip. 
editrice modanese, 1959. 

2 T. (924 p.) port, mapB, facslms., music. 27 cm. 
P26.M65 60-45477 


Arnold, Denis. 

Monteverdi. London, J. M. Dent; New York, Farrar, 
Straus and Cudohy (1963, 

212 p. Ulna. 20 cm. (The Master musicians aeries) 
ML410.M77A8 927.8 63-2544 t/MN 

Oslhoff, Wolfgang. 

Jfontpvordistudien. Tutzing, H. Schneider, 1980- 

v. Illns 21 cm. (Mtlnchner VerSffentllchunjen zur Muslfc- 
geschlchte, Bil. 3 
ML410.M77O8 02-fiS45 

P&ndl, Marianne* 

Claudio Monteverdi. Budapest, Qondolat Kladd, 1981. 
133 p. illns. 15 cm. (KI renei kfajnrtir, 19) 
ML410.M77P28 62-40051 t 

Roche, Maurice. 

Monteverdi. [Paris, Editions da Senil [I960] 

177 p. Illus. IS cm. (Collections Mlcrocogme. SolKges, 14) 
ML410.M77R6 62^0009 J 


Passuth, Laszl6. 

Monteverdi ; der Roman eines grossen Musikers. [Nach 
dem ungarischen Original iibBrtragen von Alexander 
Sacher-Masochj Wien, P. Neff, 1959. 

575 p. 23cm. 

ML3925.M55P4 61-30845 t 


CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Montevideo 

Palhorifcs, Lucien. 

Atlantique austral ; escales en Amerique du Sud. Paris, 
E.Puyfimrcatnls t 19S9j 

215 p ID cm. 
F2516.P28 SO-39188 t 

Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino, Pres. Argentine Reptibia, 

Travels; a selection. Translated from the Spanish by 
Ines Munoz. Washington, Pan American Union, 1963. 

TTTH. 297 p. 21 cm. (UNESCO collection at representative 
vorfes : Latin American serial) 
E166.S273 PA 64-113 

Fan American Union. IJbrary 


Fogsey, Pierre. 

Montevideo : 150 dibujos a lapiz y tuita, china tornados del 
natural Montevideo, Ediciones Rex [196-lj 

125 p. (chiefly Illus.) 20cm. 
F2714.F6 63-43520 


Arredondo, Horacio. 

El trnitsporte a sangre en el antiguo Montevideo y BU 
extensi6n al ulterior. [Montevideo?) 1959. 

245 p. Illus. 28 cm. 
HE240^7M6 6S-59862 

De-Maria, fcidoro, 1815-1906. 

Montevideo antiguo; tradiciones y reonerdoa. Prfilogo da 
Juan E. Pivel Devotp. Montevideo ( Ministerio de Instruc- 
cion Publica y Previsifin Social] 1957. 

2 T. 20cm. (BlbUoteca ArHa. CoIeccWn fle diijcoe urnpiayoB, 
T. 23-24) 
F2781J338 1957 64-36146 

Mariana de San Juan de la Cruz, FaiJier. 

La ensenanza en Montevideo durante Lt fipoca coloniaL 
Montevideo, 1960. 

106 p, 20cm. 
LA604AI6M28 61-28178 I 

Bon Espasandfn, Mario. 

Panorama de los cantegriles; conferemeia pronuncdui en 
la Facultad de Derecto da la Univeradad de Gordobm. in. 

18 p. mm. 29 cm. 
HN3603I6B6 68-36874 J 



Santiago, Luis R d. 

La Catedral de Montevideo ; historia, de su restauracion, 
1941-1061. Montevideo, 1961. 

76 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
NA5427.M6S3 6&-28307 J 

DREN'S INSTITUTE see Interamerican 
Children's Institute 

de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay. 
Museo Bancario 


Petit Munoz, Eagenio, 1894- 

El derecho de nuestra Universidad a darse su propio esta- 
tuto. Montevideo, Editoria.1 Ciencias, 1961. 
93 p. 20cm. 

63-28544: t 

Oddone, Joan Antonio. 

Historia de la Dniversidad de Montevideo ,porj Juan 
Antonio Oddone r y, M. Blanca Paris da Oddone. Monte- 
video [Universidad de k Kepublica, Dpto. de PablicacioneSi 



T. tables. 20cm. (Historia ycultura, 2 


Domfngnez Noceto, Josi, 

Plan de estudios da la, Facultad de Ciencias Epon6mieas y 
de Admimstracion; proyecto del decano, jnlio ds 19B3. 
[Montevideo, 1953] 

22 p. tables (Inserted) 24cm. 

H67JH83D6 62-29249 


GOBIERNO, 1808-1809 
Montevideo. Museo Histdrico NadonaL 

Bocumentcs relativos a la Junta MontevidB&na da Go- 
biarno de 1808. t Edici6n a cargo del Museo Historico Na- 
cJonul] Montevideo, 1958-60. 
S T. port, facslms. 26 cm. 

F2723.M6 69-43091 rev 

MONTEZ, LOLA, 1818-1861 

Hansen, Olive Scott, 1899- 

Royal interlude, by Shirley Murrell [pseud,] London, 
E. Hole ,1962] 

190p. 21cm. 

PZSH10867Eo 64-30811 

ca. 1398-ca. 1468 

Gilhnor, Frances, 1903- 

TLo Eng dnnced in the market place; a biography of 
Hueliue Motecziunn Ilhuicamina Clmlchiuhtlatonac, the Old 
"Wrathful One, Archer of the Sky, "Who Shone Like Jade. 
[Mexico, 1957] 

sill, 288, 23, 5 I. lUus., 2 foil maps, geneal. tables. 23 cm. 
F1219.G47 9-23.172 58-49383 

Gillmor, Frances, 1805- 

The King danced in the marketplace. Illustrated by 
Carolyn Huff Kinsey. Tucson, University of Arizona 
Press, 1964. 

rrt, 2T1 p. Illus.. map (on lining- papers) geneal. table. 24 cm. 
F1219.G47 1064 923.172 63-11970 


CaniHeros, Miguel Mnfioa de San Pedro, conda de. 

Dona Isabel de iioctezuma, k novifr de Extrem&dura; 
historia. Caceres, 1964. 

32 p. IB em. (Cuideraos, Alcintlra, 8.1 
F1230J16C3 59-46096 J 


Rennie, Bden Ward 

Tale of two to was. Dillas, Eoyl Puk Oo. [1961j 

175 p. Ulna. 21 cm. 
F889.M0B4 61-4TB8fi 

Library of Congress Catalog Bools: Subjects 


Medina-Ascensio, Luis, 1912- 

Historia del Seminario de Montezuma; sus precedentes, 
fundacion y consolidaci6n, 1910-1953. Prfilogo del K. P. 
Pablo Lopez de Lara. r l. ed.j M&dco, Editorial Jus, 1962. 

m 288 p. plato, ports, map*, facslms. 24 cm. (Seminario de 
Monteznma. EWIcIones del xzr anlveraarlo : 198T-1962) 
BX915.M76M38 63-28864 

Medina-Ascensio, Luis, 1912- 

Montezuma fntimo; su escenario, su gente, su vida. Co- 
leccion de articulos de distintos autores y dpocas recopilados 
por Luis Medina Ascensio. t l. ed., Mlrico, Editorial Jus, 

407 p. lllns. 24 cm. (Seminario de Montezuma. Edlclones del 
JGCT anlversarlo: 1987-1962) 
BX015.M76M4 63-28863 J 



Periot, GIsele. 

Tillage provengal. Monte-Carlo [Regain, 1959, 
46 p. 19 cm. (Cahlers des poetes da notre temps, no 216) 

A 61-928 
nilnoU. Tlnlv. Library 


LEICESTER, 12087-1265 
Labarge, Margaret Wade. 

Simon de Montfort. London. Eyre & Spottiswoode [1962] 
S12p. 28cm. 
DA228.M7L3 1062 928.242 62-3460 

GOMERY, 1st VISCOUNT, 1887- 


Clark, Ronald William. 

Montgomery of Alamein. London, Phoenix House; New 
York, Roy Publishers r 1960, 

109 p. Ulus. 19 cm. (The "LlYln? biographies" Berles) 
DA69.3.M56C6 923.B42 60-14081 t 


Montgomery, Lucy Maud, 1874-1942. 

The Green Gables letters, from L. M. Montgomery to 
Ephraim Weber, 1905-1909. Edited by Wilfrid Eggleston. 
Toronto, Ryerson Press [I960] 

102 p. 28 cm. 
PR6025.045Z53 828.1 60-50636 t 


Maryland, Maryland-National Oapiial Park and Planning 

Community resources in Montgomery and Prince George's 
Counties, Maryland. [Riverdale, 1959, 

43 p. 11 maps, tables. 28 cm. (lit Technical bulletin no. 8) 
[HB8525.M3A3 no. 8] A 60-9026 

Enoch Pratt FreeLlbr. 

Montgomery County handbook. 1960/61- 

[Boekville] Montgomery County Maryland Chamber of 

T. Him 18 cm. 
F187.M7M72 61-22894 1 


Maryland. Maryland-National Oapiial Park and Planning 

Commercial land use in Montgomery and Prince George's 
Counties, Maryland. [Riverdale, 1969, 

80 p. col, mapa, dla^r., tnWw. 28 cm. (lit Technical bulletin 

[HB3625.M3A3 no. 9] A 60-9007 

Enoch Pratt Free Ubr. 

Maryland. Dept. of Saonomia Development, 

Community economic inventory, Montgomery County, 
Maryland. Compiled and published in cooperation with the 
Montgomery County Dept. of Information and Economic 
Development Annapolis, 1904. 
49, [11] p. lUns., mapj (Ifold.) 28cm. 

A, 64-751 
Enoch Pratt Free Library 

Farquhar, Roger Brooke, 1876- 

Old homes and history of Montgomery County, Mary- 
land. Silver Spring, Md. [1962, 
I, &B8 p. lllns,, portj., map. 28 cm. 
F187.M7F37 1962 976.284 

Farquhar, Roger Brooke, 1876- 

Old homes and history of Montgomery County, Miry- 
land. Silver Spring, Md. [1962] 
1,086 p. Ill us,, porti^ map. 29cm. 
F187.M7F37 1962 978584 62-376C8 


Hinge, Frank H. M., firm, Landsdale, Pa. 

Atlas of Montgomery County, Maryland, from official 
plans and records and actual surveys. Landsdale, 1959 

V. coL maps. 58 cm. 
G1273.M6K5 1969 Map 60-112 

Maryland. Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning 

Street map of Montgomery County. Compiled by Ad- 
vance Planning Section. 1st ed., March 1960. Silver Spring, 
Md., =1960. 

4 coL maps 101 1 123 cm. 

A street index by census tracts for Montgomery County, 

Maryland, Jan. 1960. Silver Spring, Md. [I960, 

56 p. mnp. 28 cm. 

G3848.M6 1960.118 Index 
G3843.M6 1960.M3 Map 60-67 


Allied Civic Group, Silver Spring, Md. Government Opera- 
tions Committee. 

Survey of Montgomery County government; report and 
recommendations. Silver Spring [1962] 

201 p. 28 cm. 
JS451.M39M62 63-26948 rev t 

League of Women Voters of Montgomery County (Mary- 

This is Montgomery County, Maryland; (handbook. 
Silver Spring, 1960. 
66 p. UluB. 23 cm. 
JS451.M39M66 352.075284 60-21729 J 

Montgomery Co, Md. Ordinances, eta. 

Montgomery County code, 19CO; consisting of a compila- 
tion and codification of the public local laws of Montgomery 
County, the laws applicable to special taring areas, the city, 
town, and village laws, the bicounty district laws, and the 
ordinances, rules, and regulations of the county ... in force 
on December 7, 1960. Published by order of the County 
Council, under the supervision of Alfred H. Carter, county 
attorney. Tallahassee, Municipal Code Corp., 1961. 

2T. (xll,2542p.) 2Bcm. 

352.075284 62-88764 


Dunn, Frederick Luther, 1922- 

Programs and procedures of desegregation developed by 
the Bonrd of Education, Montgomery County, Maryland. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms t 1960j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 69-6845 Mic 59-6845 



Stoudt, John Joseph, 1911- 

Montgomery County, a cultural picture. [Prepared for 
the Montgomery County Commissioners. Narberth, Pa., 
Livingston Pub. Co., 1969] 

86 p. lllus. 23cm. 
F157.M7S73 917.4812 59-49218 1 


Scott, James D 

Combination atlas map of Montgomery County, Pennsyl- 
Tama; compiled, drawn, and published from personal ex- 
aminations and surveys. Philadelphia, 1877. [Norristown, 
Pa., Montgomery Co. Planning Commission, 1969, 

42 p. (chiefly maps) SO cm. 
G1263.M7S3 1909 Map 68-182 


Beer, Jean de. 

Montherlant; ou, LTiomme encomhrf de Djen. Avec dee 
remarqnes par Henry de Montherlant. tParis] Flammarion 

448 p. illus., ports. 20 cm. (PortnUt-dtalome) 
PQ2625.O45Z56 64-36767 

Debrie-Panel, Nicole. 

Montlierlant; 1'art et 1'amour. Pref. de Henry de Mon- 
therlant. Lyon, E. Vitte [I960] 
237 p. 18 cm. ( SInpilIeni et mal connua, 5) 

Harvard tTnlT. Library 

Dn Pay de Clinchamps, Philippe. 

Montherlant, bourgeois ou. gentilhomme de lettreal 
[Par, Antoine Bouch [pseud. Paris] 196L 

16 p. coats or arms. 24 on. 

A 51-6669 rev 
Ullnols. TJnlT. IJbrary 

Perruchot, Henri, 1917- 

Montherlant [Paris, Gallimard t 1959j 
SU p. lUoa. 19 cm. (La Blbllotheqne Idtele) 


59-47200 J 


Dn Puy de Clinchampa, Philippe. 

Montherlant, bourgeois ou gentilhomme de lettresf 
[Par] Antoine Bouch [pseud. Parisj 1951. 
16 p. coats of arms. M cm. 

A 51-6669 rev 

Ullnols. TJnlv. Library 


Delacoste, Suzanne. 

Monthey. Texte de Suzanne Delacoste. Photos de Marco 
Barman. Neuchatel, Editions du Griffon t !962] 

16 p. lllus. 25 cm. (Treeora de mon pays, 108) 
DQ851.M76D4 63-42608 t 



Belting, Natalia Maree, 1915- 

Calendar moon, by N~atalia Belting. Illustrated by Ber- 
narda Bryson. t lst ed.. New York, Holt, Rinehart and 
Winston [1964] 

1 v. (unpaged) lllns. (part coL) 24 cm. 
PZ8.1.B4128Cal j 898 64-18251 

Goarnan, Muriel. 

Your book of the year. Illustrated by Yvonne Skargon, 
London, Faber and Faber rl968, 

149 p. lllus. 21cm. 
GE930.G6 j 629 64-2648 

Jackson, Richard Webber, 1935- 

A year is a window, Paintings by Erik Blegvad Verses 
by Eichard Jackson. 1st ed. Garden City, N. Y., Double- 
day, 1963. 

62-15921 | 

Folgore da San Oimignano, ft. 1309-1317. 

The months of the year; twelve sonnets. With a transla- 
tion into English by Thomas Caldecot Chubb. Sanborn- 
ville, N. H., Wake-Brook House [I960, 

[63, p. Ulus. 22 cm. 
PQ4471.F6A7 1960 857.1 60-11604 

MONTI, VINCENZO, 1754-1828 

Amid del musei di Roma. 

Mostrn Vincenzo Monti a Roma, a cura degli Amici dei 
musei di Roma, sotto gli auspici del ministero della pubblica 
istruzione e del comune di Roma. Oatalogo t a cura di Carlo 
Pietrangeli e Giovanni Incisa della Rocchetta, Roma, 
Palazzo Braschi, marzo-aprile 1955. t Roma, 1955, 

97 p, plates, ports., facelms. 22 cm. 
Z8592.4.A6 62-34791 


Yernaux, Edmond. 

Histoiro de Montigny. [Ed. originale. Bruxellesi Labor 
1963. ' 

2v. lllus., imips, ports, 25cm. 
DII811.M78Y4 04^3051 

MONTMARTRE see Paris. Montmartre 

Junecke, Hans. 

Montmorency, der Landsitz Charles Le Brun's. Ge- 
schichte, Gestalt und die "He enchantee." Berlin. B Hess- 
ling, 1960. 

144 p. illus., map, plans, 26 cm. 

NA7736.M6J8 A 61-4884 rev 

Illinois, TJnlv. Library 

MONTMORET FAMILY see Montmorot family 


Mehra, Om Prakash, 1931- 

Specific surface determination of layer silicates in tile pres- 
ence of mica. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-3207 Mic 50-3207 

7718000810. DnlT. Llbr. 


Droste, John Brown, 1927- 

Clay minerals in the Playa sediments of the Mojave 
Desert, California. San Francisco, 1961. 

19 p. nins., map, tables. 28 cm. (California, Division of Mine* 
Special report 88) 

TK24.C2A33 no. 69 GS 62-283 

TT.S.GeoL Survey, Llbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Ives, William, 1931- 

OccuiTpnce, nnd blenching properties of some Kansas 
montmorillonite clays, by William Ives and Walter E. Hill, 
Jr. Lawrence, Kan., 1960. 

152-188 p. nmps, dlagr., tables. 23 cm. (Kansas. State Oeo- 
loglcal Surrey. Bulletin 142, pt. 4. 1960 Reports of studies, pt 4) 
QE113.A2 no. 142, pt. 4 a S 61-154 

TT. S. Geol.,Sur7ey. Llbr. 


Montmorot, Georges, comte de, 1899- 

Monrmorot-Montmoret, tine seals et meme fumille; prSci- 
sions onomatologiques et genSalogiques concernant cette 
famills. [Paris, A. Devrne, 1959?) 

44 p. illus. 25cm. 
CSG99.M575 1959 61-47860 t 

BARONNE DE, 1751-1832 

Berthoud, Dorette, 1888- 

Le general et la romonciere ; 1792-1798, episodes de 1'emi- 
gration frangaise en Suisse d'apres les lettres du R&ie'ral de 
Montesquieu a Mme de Montolieu. Neuchatel, La Bacon- 
nicre [1959] 

809 p. 111UB. 20cm. 
DC158.1.B42 60-59562 t 

MONTORO, RAFAEL, 1852-1933 

Martinez Bello, Antonio M 1911- 

Origen y meta del autonomismo; exegesis de Montoro 
(ensayo da filosofia de la historia de Cnbfl) La Habana, 
Imp. P. Fernandez, 1952. 

179 p. 22 cm. 
F1783.M76M32 63-28912 J 

MONTOYA, ANTONIO, 1585-1652 see Ruiz 
de Montoya, Antonio, 1585-1652 


Crespo de la Serna, Jorge J 

5 ;i. e. Cincoj interpretes de la ciudad de Mexico: Diego 
Eivera, Feliciano Pena, Gustavo Montoya, Ajnador Lugo, 
Haul Aaguiano. Textos por J. J. Crespo de la Serna. [Me- 
xico, Ediciones Mexiconas, 1949, 

i31j p. Ulus. (part mounted col.) 22 r 80 cm. 
N6555.C7 759.972 50-3896 rev 


Constans, Lais G 

Francesc de Montpalau, abat de Banyoles, ambaixador del 
general de Catalunya. Barcelona, 1960. 

126 p. 25 cm. (Instltut d'Bstndls Catalans. Memories de la 
Secclfi Hlstorlco-Ariiueologlca, 21) 
DP302.C57I65 voLSl 61-44662 

VI de Montepessulano, Saint, 1100 or 01-1162 



Platter, Thomas, 1574-1628. 

Journal of a younger brother; the life of Thomas Platter 
as a medical student in Monrpellier at the close of the six- 
teenth century. Translated and introduced by Sean Jennett, 
with a foreword by Jack Lindsay. London, F. Muller 

275 p. Illns,, facslm, maps, port. 28 cm. 
D918-P553 914.4 64-9872 


Platter, Felix, 1536-1614. 

Beloved son Felix; the journal of Felix Platter, a medical 
student in ifontpellier in the sixteenth century. Translated 
and introduced by Sean Jennett. With a foreword by Jack 
Lindsay. London, F. Holler [1962, "1961, 

167 p. Hint, portt, maps, facslmg, 2Jcm. 
E147.P55A33 914.484 63-6056 



Montreal. Notre-Dame 

Premier registre de I'egliae Notre-Dame de Montreal. 
Montreal, Edition, des Dix, 1961. 

lp. 28cm. 
BX4605.M6N7B 68-3181>rev 


Regnier, Michel 

Montreal: Palis d'Amerique. Paris of America. 130 
photos de Michel Regnier. Pref. de Felix Leclerc. Textea 
de Michel Kegnier, de Louis Dudek et de 18 poetes eanadiens. 
English tests selected and introduced by Louia Dudek. 
Montreal, Editions dn Jour ,1961, 

160 p. Illus. 28cm. 
F1054.5.M8R4 63-28520 J 


Regnier, Michel. 

Montreal: Paris d'Amerique, Paris of America. 130 
photos de Michel Regnier. Pref. de Felix Leclerc. Textes 
de Michel Regnier, de Louis Dndefc et de 18 poetes Canadians, 
English texts selected and introduced by Louis Dndek. 
Montreal, Editions du Jour [1961, 

160 p. illos. 28cm. 
F1054.5.M8R4 63-28520 J 

Tata, Sam. 

Montreal [by, Sam Tata [and] Frank Lowe. Toronto, 
McClelland and Stewart [1963j 

86 p. illus. 18cm. 
F1054.5.M8T3 64-56299 


Lacoste, Norbert. 

Les caractSristiques sociales de la population du Grand 
Montreal; etude de sociologie urbaine. Louvain, Ceuterick, 

275 p. maps (1 fold.) dlagra, tables. 25 cm. (University cath- 
ollqne de Louvaln. Collection de 1'ficole des sciences pollUqnes et 
soclalea, no 187) 
HC118.M6L3 62-67782 


Gronpe de recherches sociales. 

La situation des immigrants & Montreal ; dtude sur 1'adap- 
tation occupationnelle, les conditions rfaidentielles et les 
relations sociales. [Montreal, 1959] 

Til, 378 p. 28 cm. 
F1064.5.M3G86 64-55285 


Collard, Edgar Andrew. 

Montreal yesterdays. [Toronto] Longmans Canada 

820 p. 11IU3., ports., facslms. 22cm. 
F1054.5.M8C62 64-32439 


Montreal. Parkt Dept. 
Rapport. Report. 

v. Illus. 28 cm. annual. 
SB485.M72A8 61-^5415 t 


Ligue d'action civique. 

Memoire soumis a la Commission d'etude du systeme ad- 
ministratif de Montreal (Commission Champagne) Mon- 
trfeal, L' Action civique ( 1960j 

2pti.liil foL col. plan. 29cm. 
JS1761.4J11L5 64-28134 


Memoire de la ciWi de Montreal a la Commismon royala 
d'enquete sur les problemes constitutionnels, 1" sept 19B6. 

col dlasr^ table*. 27cm. 



Patenande, J Z Leon, 1BS5- 

Le vrai risage de Jean Drpeu. Montreal, Editions dn 
jour tlC62, 

126 p. 20cm. (idlHooi du Jonr. [Publication*, 23) 
F1054JS3I8PS 64-35279 


The Montreal herald. 

This was Montreal in 1814, 1815, 1816, and 1817; life in 
Canada's metropolis as culled verbatim from the editorial, 
news, and advertising columns of the Montreal herald, a 
four-page weekly newspaper published nearly 160 years ago. 
Compiled by Lawrence M, Wilson, cist ed. Montreal; 
t Priv, print, for Chilean de Bamezay, I960. 

205 p. IlJui, porte, map (on lining paper) fold, tactlm. (In 
pocket) 24 cm. (iMontre*], Cbaietn de Bamexaf. Hooofnpb 
F1054JSABM874 971.4281 60-53608 



LovelPs East A North-east Montreal snlmrban directory. 
Montreal, J. LoTslL 

-F1054JLM8L8I6 8J-S8827 


see Association des universites entifere- 
ment ou partiellemenl: de Langue frangaise 

Ligue d'action civique 


TremHay, Jacques. 

Scandale au DIP: 1'affaire Gnenn; on, Le Frere Untel 
ayait raison. Montreal, Editions du Jour t 1982] 

124 p. 20cm. (Les fidiaona dn Jonr. iPubllcatlons. Han collec- 
tion] C-2) 
LA418.Q7T72 64-3808 


Lef ebvre, Esther. 

Marie Morin, premier historien Canadian de Villemarie. 
Pref. du aianoino Lionel Groulx. Montreal, Fides ,1059, 

211 p. Illus. 25cm. (Collection Fleur de lys; etudes blstorlqnes 
F1054.5.M8M875 CO-2MC2 t 

Lefebvre, Esther. 

Marie Morin, premier historien canadien de Villemarie. 
Pre"f. du chanoine Lionel Grouls. Montreal, Fides C 1961, 

211 p. Illus. 25 cm. ( Collection Flenr de lys ; etudes htotorlques 
F1054.5.M8M875 1961 63-81739 f 

see LLgue d'action civique 


Montreal. University Association des professenra. 

L'univeridtS dit non aux Jfenites. Prff . da Leon Lortie. 
2. ed, Montreal, Editions de ITiomme; distributaur exdu- 
m-f ; L'Agence de distribution populaire [1961] 

168 p. 21 cm. 
LE3Jt699 1961 64-36802 



Goilbert, Jean. 

Les institudons municipales de Montreuil-sur-Mer. 
[Arras, 1954. 
214 p. fold. map. 25 cm. 



Bnchan, John, 1875-1940. 

Montrose. With an introd. by Keith Foiling. London, 
Oxford University Press, 1957. 

449 p. Illos. 16cm. (Tte World's dasftca, 63E) 
DA803.7.A8B83 1957 923.641 61-38318 J 

Wedgwood, Cicely Veronica, 1910- 
The poems of Montrose, 

(In English Association. ESMJJ and stndle*. London, ys cm. 
new er, v. 15 (I960) p. [49rfli) 

[PB13.E4 n.s.,ToL18] A8CM785 

Penmjlvinla. State UnlTetslty. Lftnuy 



Scott, Florence Dplrre. 

Montrose, as it was recorded, told about, and lived. Ulus. 
[by, Kiehard Joseph Scott [Montrose! Ala,, 1859 [I960, 

168 p. Him., poruu, aacp*, oats of arnu. 27 cm, 
FS34if73S35 976.121 61-^21819 


Scott, Florence Doliye. 

Montrose, as it was recorded, told about, and Irred. Ulna, 
t by, Kichard Joseph Scott t Moatrose! Ala., 1959 ,'190, 
188 p. lllui, parts, mp, coett ot arms. 27 cm. 


MONTS-DE-P1ETE see Pa-wnbroklng 


FeriiH, Jaeqneft. 

Antour de Mont8<gur, de ITiistoire on des hatoire*! 

erpignan, Imp. dn Midi, 1940] 
l*Tp, Hem. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MONTSEGUR (Continued) 

Oldenbourg, Zoe% 1916- 

Le bflcher de Montsegur ; 16 mars 1244. [Parisj Gallimard 
t 13B9, 

452 p illua. 21 cm. [Trente journfes qul ont fait la France, 6) 
DC83.3.047 59-62422 t 

Oldenbourg, Zee", 1916- 

Massncre nt Montsogur; a history of the Albigensian Cru- 
sada Translated from tie French by Peter Green. [New 
Yorkj Pantheon Books [1962/1981, 

120 p. llliffi. 23 cm. 
DC83.3.0473 2T2.S 62-11076 t 


Corona literaria oferta a la Mare de DSu de Montserrat. 
Abadia de Montserrat, 1957. 

381 p. 22cm. (Blolloteca Uontserrat, 2) 
PC3929.C6 61-47447 J 


Amades, Joan. 

Llegendea i tradicions de Montserrat, Amb iHustracions 
d'E.-C. Eicart. ( 1. ed.] Barcelona, Editorial Selecta r 1969, 

255 p Ulus. 18 on. (BlbUoteca Selects, 268. Folklore) 
DP302.M6A67 60-55140 t 


Sagarra, Jose" Maria de, 1894- 

El poema de Montserrat. Barcelona, Editorial Alpha 

506 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
PC3941.S3P57 61-37379 } 


Lladonosa Pujol, Jose". 

Manuel de Montsaarj president da Catalunya, 1410-1491. 
Barcelona, E. Dalmau t 1982, 

S3 p. 17 cm. (Eptsodli da la btitorla, 88) 
DP302.C65L57 64-28999 


Knowles, David, 1896- 

Great historical enterprises. Problems in monastic his- 
tory. London, New York, Nelson [1964, "1963, 

Till, 281 p. 23 cm. 
BX62.K6 907.2 64-2794 

Antiquities; Christian antiquities 


see also Historical markers; Mega- 
lithic monuments; Memorials; Obelisks; 
Poets' monuments; Pyramids; Sepul- 
chral monuments; Soldiers' monuments; 
Statues; Tombs; Topes (Monuments); 
War memorials; also subdivision 
Monuments under names of cities 

Crelghton, Thomas Hawk. 

The architecture of monuments ; the Franklin Delano 
Eoosevelt Memorial competition. New York, Beinhold 
Pub. Corp. [1962] 

122 p. Ulna 24cm. 
NA9S50.TOC7 7S5.94 62-8989 J 


i iatorii orJsMtelettay i ttroitdfndl ttkhn&i. 

ygasamiji no oprannsaimn oxpaHHHx 30 H nawjnniiKOB 
apxinerrypti. [ E. U. HJjyKHira] Mocssa, Toe. 
HSfl-Bo aHT-pa no CTpoHTejicTBy, apxH-resrype z crpoHT. 
uaTCpnajraif, 1Q62. 

23 p, tuns. 21 cm. 
NA0211.A8 63-43314 t 

Roberts, Frank Harold Hanna, 1897- 

The river basin salvage program : after 16 years. 

(In Smithsonian Institution, Annual report, 1000. Washington, 

1881, 24 cm. p. 523-648. illu.) 

Q11.S66 1060 63-259 

Turkey. Eski Eserler vt M&eler Umum 

TSrkiye tarihi amflari; ontasan. Ankara, Miffi Egitim 
Basunevi, 1946. 

133 p. Ulna. 24 can. (Mill! Egtttm Baianliii. Bti Eserler re 
HUieler 0mum MUdOrlttJU j-ayimlariadsn, Krt 6, sayi 2) 
DR431.A55 NE64-18S1 

Vigil, Carlos. 

Los monumentos y lugares hisWricos da la. Argentina. 
2. ed. Buenos Aires, Editorial Atlfotids t 19S9j 

473 p. Hlus. 26 cm. 
F2808.V52 1959 60-84021 J 


Buschiazzo, Mario Jos^, 1902- 

Argentinii : Moniunentos historicos y arqueologicos. Foto- 
grnfins del autor. Jlexico Jristituto Pnnnjnericano de Geo- 
{?rafia e Historia, Comision cle Historiaj 1959. 

114 p. illns. 24cm. (Monumentos lilaWrlccs y arqneoWglcos, 11) 
F1401.P1.13 no. 228 GO-1707 J 


Grunberg 1 , Alexander. 

PeatsaulBn in Osterraich. Wien, Bergland Verlag t 1960j 
24 p. Illua IS cm. (Ostetrslco-Kelhe, Bd. 122/124) 
NA9348.AOG7 61-24194 J 


Ceskoslovenski ahademie v?d. Zabinet theorie a dejin 

Umelecke pamStky Cech. Zprac. pracovnfci kabinetu: A. 
Ba-rtu&k et al, Bedigoval Zdenek Wirth. t l. vyd,] Praha, 
Nakl, Ceskoslovenskfi akademie yed, 1957. 

033 p, 21 cm. (UmeiecM pamStky Repnbllky feskoslorenskS, ST. 

DB194.C4 60-18414 


Draganov, Kuncho Ivanov. 

Myaeu u naaerHimn B Hapo^na PenyfijuEa B^irapmi; 
BOfla^. t Ci, : K. SparaHos, M. Patties, C. Granies] 
Co^inx, HayKa ir nsKycTao, 1959. 

654 p. lllus. 2lcm. 
Alf69.B8D7 CO-3G594 t 


Kostarev, S P 

Hcropii^ecKHe nauarHiiEii EypaTHii; EpaiKirfl cnpaso?- 
SHE. Ilofl ofimeft pe#. I. H, PyMJIH^eIJa. YjiaH-y^a, EypaT- 
CKoe KHiiatHoe nsfl-so, 1959. 

87 p. illus. 20 cm. 
DIC771.B8K8 60-41989 t 

Jen min mei shu ch'u pan sh, Peking. 

4t 1989. 
23 p. (chiefly illus.) 19i2Tan. 

1. Monuments China. 

Shang, Ch'engr-tsn, 1S02- 

i. Title. 

Title rom&niief: Shou tu ]8a min ylns 
halung cM nlen pel tloo su chl. 

060-1961 t 


2 T. (double leaves) In case. 27 on. 

1. Inscriptions, Ohlnese. 2. Monnmenls China. 8. OhlEeae lan- 
gnage WrlUnj, i. Ohnjg-fcno Jc'o hgdeh yflan. K'ao ku yen cilu 
BO, Peking, n. Title. (Series: E'ao kn hsflen chuan k'an. I cnunj, 
tl 4 hao) Title romanttei: Salh fo chuan wSn plen, 


Lin, Chlh-wan, 

C 68-5383 

2,8,1790. IBcm. 
Oarer title. 

151 M() 

1. laicrlptlou, Chlnew. 2. Monumeoti Formosa, t, Tal-wiu 
Tin but. Ollni chl yen chin ihth, u. Tide, (3rlei Til-win 
wto hsleo trang k'an, H in chanc) 

rule romuttod; Til-wan ctunr 
pupei wfnchl ch'enf. 

Hirrard Dnlr. Cnlnwe- 

C W-10BO 
Jap*iw*IJbrrr 9110|S4TS 

Ladoue, Pierre, 1881- 

Et Versailles fat sauvegardS; souvenira d"un conservateur, 
1939-1041. Paris, H. Lefebvre r !960j 

101 p. mus. IS cm. 
DC801.VS7W 64-27106 t 

Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell, 1910- ed. 

Monuments. Edited by Sir Hugh Casson. [London, 
Published by Chatto and Windns for the National Benzole 

Co. rirns, 

boo^) P ' U '" 8 ' (Part COL) ' L mlpSi 19 cra - (Natlon ' Benzole 


Crouch, Marcus. 

Britain in Trust; England and Wales. Text and photos. 
by Marcus Crouch, London, Constable Young Books t !963j 

104 p. Illus., map. 24 cm. 
DA655.A1N3*7 942 63-25028 

Japan. Bunkazai Hogo linkm. 

( 1957- 
v. Illua., plates, mops (part fold.) 27cm. 

L Japan Antlq. 2. Monuments Jnpan. 3. Natural monuments 
Japan, t. Japan Historic bouses, etc. i. Title. 

TIM romaniset: ShUeltl melshO tenneo. 
klncnbutau cbosn hOltoku. 

DSSOO.A25 J 64-874 

California. Univ. Bust Asiatic Library 


Lithuanian S. S. R. Valstybint arohttektSros panuiMf 

apsaugoa inspekcija. 

MetraStis. 1- t 

Vitoius, 1958- 

v. Illus., (acslms., plans. SO cm. 
NA9X5 62-26942 


Sorrmy, Pierre de. 

Album des monuments liistoriques de llle Maurice. Port- 
Louis, Mauritius Print. Coy t 1960, 

unpaged. Illus. 82 cm. 
STA1597.M3S6 63-43823 t 


Missouri. State Historical Society. 

Missouri historic sites catalogue. Edited by Dorothy J. 
Caldwell. Columbia, 1963. 

rrl, 100 p. lllus., ports., map. 30 cm. 
F467.M6P 83-63864 

Ciapnne Ujpiie Tope. 1- 1963- 

T. lllus. 27c 



Miller, A EarL 

Eestoration & preservation of Nevada's historic ceme- 
teries; ,report, Carson City, Nevada Legislative Counsel 
Bureau, 1D62. 

18 p. 28 cm. (Nevada, Legislative Counsel Bureau. Bulletin 
no. 51) 
]?843.M5 63-62912 J 


Olinskil, Moiset ftkovlevich. 

HciopHTCCKHe nccia H naiMTHHEii KpHica. rpasnpH 
A. MnmeHKO. CnuiJeponojiB, KpHvasiaT, 1960. 

108 p. ulus. IT cm. 
DK511.C704 62-44689 J 


ShvartS, Vserolod Sergeevich. _ 

nparopoffH JeHHHrpafla. ^eHHnrpas, HcKyccTso, 1961, 
S09 p. Illus. 15 cm. (XyflowecTBeHHue nawjiTHHKH) 
NA1195.L4S5 02-34505 t 


Nikolaey, Sergei Nikolaevich. 

ITaHHTHHBH H nauJiTHBie vecra B HpnMopte. Bjia^zBO 


86p. Ulus. 20cm. 
DK771Jtf3N-5 61-46976 t 

Belprad. Zavod za zajtitu i naufno proucaranje spomenika 
kulture NR Srbije. 

CaomuTeaa. sa. 1- 1956- 

V. lllus., maps. 28 cm, 

DA311.A1B42 61-45774 

Belgrad. Zavod za zaStitu i nauino proniavanje spomenika 
knlture NR Srbije. 

CnoMenn^ syjuype. [Ype^HHE M. HaEHh-Cypen] Eeo- 
rpaA, Upocaeia, 1961. 

S8Sp. Ulus. 20cm. 
DE311.B45 60-36540 t 

Varinsky, VJadimfr. 

Pamatnflry revolncnelio hnutia na Slovensku. rVrd. 1 
Bratislavaj Osveta, 1963. 

1 T. (unpaged) Illua, 21 cm. 
DB678.V3 63 _ 6(H60 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MONUMENTS (Continued) 

Turkey. Eki Eserler ve Muaeler Urnum ^^v,,^*. 

Turkiye tarihi anitlari; ontasan. Ankara, Mill! Egitim 
Basimeri, 1946. 

133 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Mill! Egltta BakanUgi. Hakl Eserler ve 
Miizeler Uraum MOdurlllgtl yayunlarmdan, serl 6, aayi 2) 
DR431.A55 N E 64-1851 


Butterfield, Ben. 

National monuments. [Prepared with the cooperation of 
the American Geographical Society] Garden City, N. Y., 
N. Doubleday [1963, 1958j 

64 p. illus. 21 cm. (Know your America program) 
E159.B95 1963 917,3 63-5897 J 

Lobsenz, Norman M 191&- 

The first book of national monuments. New York, F. 
Watts [1959, 

90 p. illus. 23 cm. 
E159.L8 917.3 59-12205 rev 


U. S. National Park Service. 

Soldier and brave ; Indian nnd military affairs in the trans- 
Mississippi West, including a guide to historic sites and land- 
marks. Introd. by Ray Allen Billington. [1st ed., New- 
York, Harper & Row, 1963. 

ivlll, 279 p. Illus., ports., maps. 25 cm. (National survey at 
historic sites and buildings, v. 12) 
F591.U59 978 63-10600 


Tomifi, Stevan. 

Pravna zastita spomenika kulture u Jugoslaviji. Protec- 
tion juridique des monuments historiques en Yougoslavie. 
Beograd, 1958. 

167 p. lacalms. 28 cm. 
DR311.T6 60-32973 

Yugoslavia. Savet so, nauku i Teultuni. 

Propisi o prikupljanju, euvanju i povremenom skartiranju 
arhivskog materijak. [Beogradj Izd. Sluzbenog lista 
FNRJ, 1952. 

8 p. IT cm. 
DR311.A55 60-32128 1 



BOUTET-, known as MLLE. MARS see 
Mars, Anne Franjoise Hippolyte Boutet- 
Monvel, known as Mile. Mars, 1778 or 9-184' 


Monypeny, Agnes MabeL 

Bibbie, the sunflower from Plymouth; education in Ne- 
braska and Kansas, 1889-1961. [1st ed.j New York, Ex- 

position Press [1963) 
116 p. Illus. 21 cm. 



SIGNORA DI see Leyva, Marianna de, 
known as Signora di Monza, 1575-1650 


Grabar, Andre^ 1896- 

Ampoules de Terre Sainte (Monza, Bobbio) Photos, de 
Denise Fourmont. Paris, C. Klincksieck, 1958. 

69, 1 2, p. 56 plates. 24 cm. 
NK4695.P6G7 61-30505 


Brown, Leo Kingsbnry. 

The private devotional lives of Finney, Moody, and Spur- 
geon. ,San Rafael ? Calif., 1968j 

91 p. Illus., ports. 23 on. 
BV3780.B7 64-28496 

Curtis, Richard Kenneth, 1924- 

They called him Mister Moody. t lst ed.j Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday, 1962. 

878 p. 22cm. 
BV3785.M7C& 922 62-7618 t 

Mabie, Janet. 

The years beyond; the story of Northfield, D. L. Moody, 
and the schools. East Northfield, Mass., Northfield Book- 
store, 1960. 

238 p. lllns. 22cm. 
LD7S01.N8772M3 373.7442 60-18080 | 

Pollock, John Charles. 

Moody: a-biographical portrait of the pacesetter in mod- 
ern mass evangelism. New York, Macmfflan [1963, 

o36 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
BV3785.M7P6 922 63-11807 J 

MOODY, RALPH, 1898- 

Moody, Ralph, 1898- 

The dry divide. Illustrated bj Tran Mawicke. [1st ed.j 
New York. W. T\'. Norton 1063, 

230 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
CT275.M5853A27 S18.54 62-16992 J 

Moody, Ralph, 1898- 

The fields of home. Illustrated by Tran Mawicke. New 
York, Norton t 1962j 
835 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
CT276.M5853A28 1982 917.88 62-52718 % 

Moody, Ralph, 1898- 

Man of the family. Illustrated by Tran Mawicke. New 
York, Norton [1862, 
274 p. Illua. 22 cm. 
CT2T5.M5853A32 1962 917.88 62-62720 J 

Moody, Ralph, 1898- 

Mary Emma & Company. Illustrated by Tran Mawicke. 
[Isted., New York, Norton [1961, 

2S3p. lllns. 22cm. 
CT275.M5853A323 818.54 61-7481 t 

Moody, Ralph, 1898- 

Shaking the nickel bush. Illustrated by Trim Mawicke. 
[1st ed.j New York, Norton r !962, 

234 p. lllua. 22cm. 
CT275.M5853A327 818.54 62-10101 % 


Halpern, Martin. 

William Vaughn Moody. New York, Twayne Publishers 

208 p. 21 cm. (Twayne's United States authors series, 64) 
PS2428JH3 811.52 64-20714 

Lichtenstein, Hyman, 1919- 

TVillinm Vaughn Moody, a poet on the eve of the American 
poetic ivimissance. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro- 
films [1959, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2586 Hie 59-2586 

Columbia Univ. Libraries 


Laughlin, Ledlie Irwin. 

Joseph Ledlie and William Moody, early Pittsburgh resi- 
dents; their background and some of their descendants. 
[Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press [1981, 

r, 208 p. illus., ports., geneal. tables (4 (old. In pociet) 24 cm. 
CS71.L465 1961 60-53564 


De Remer, Bernard R 

Moody Bible Institute; a pictorial history. [1st ed.j Chi- 
cago, Moody Press [I960, 
128 p. illug. 28cm. 

BV4070.M76D4 207.77311 59-16906 t 


Raman, A S 

Sailoz Mookherjea, 9 colour plates and 30 monochromes. 
New Delhi, Dhoomi Mai Dharam Das t 19fil?, 

1 T. (chiefly Illus.) 18x28 cm. 
ND1010.MGR3 S A 63-635 t 


Mooraaw, Jack Clifford, 1892- 

Recollections of a Eocky Mountain ranger. [Longmont, 
Colo., Times-Call Pub. Co., 1963, 

216 p. illns. 23cm. 
SD129.M66A3 926^ 63-5479 J 


see also Occaltations; Space flight to 
the moon; Tides 

Abendanon, Eduard Cornelias, 1878- 

Les extf rieurs de la terre et de la lune. La Haye, C. Blom- 
mendaal, 1953-58 ( v. 1, 1955, 

4 T. plates, maps (1 fold.) 25 on. 
QB631.A2 S6-S3426rev 

Asimov, Isaac, 1920- 

The double planet Illujs. by John Bradford, London, 
New York, Abelard-Schuman [I960] 

168 p. Ulus, 21cm. 
QB631.A75 525 60-13922 | 

Azevedo, Rubens de. 

Lua, degran para o infoMto 1 ,Sio Paulo, EdArt [1962j 
168 p, lllmu, mips, dligrs. 21 cm. (Ooleclo YE(o do unlrerw, 

QB68LA9 63-39408 


Barabaahov, Nikolai Pavlovich. 

Hcoe^oBEHiie $miiiecEnxyc.TOBiift iia .lyne u njanerax. 
XapLKoe, HS^-BO Xapi/EoncEoro roc. yHnsepciireTa, 1952. 

270 p. llius., plates. 21 cm 
QB581.B3 54-40814 rev 

Barabashov, Nikolai Pavlorich. 

The moon, by N. P. Barabashov, V. A. Bronshten, et al. 
,n. p., 19C1. 

a-g, 11,5051. lllns. 28cm 
QB581.B323 62-60227 

Bonov, Angel D 

Jlynaia z oaiaflHsaneTO fi OT lOBeia. CO$HH, H3/[-BO Ha 
HannonaiHim CT.BCT Ha OreiecTBeHHa $POHT, 1959. 

57 p. illus. 21 cm. (EHCnHoreKa ncuiHTmecKH H Hayiiw 3HEHHH, 
QB581.B57 64-41489 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

Apollo and the moon, by Franklyn JI. Branley. t lst ed.. 
Garden City, N. Y., Published for the American Mnseum- 
Hayden Planetarium by the Natural History Press, 1964. 

82 p. Illus. 21 cm. (Astronomy highlights) 
QB581.B68 64-17467 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

Exploration of the moon, Garden City, N. Y., Published 
for the American Museum of Natural History ,byi the 
Natural History Press, 1963. 

143 p. Illus. IS cm. (American ilusenm science boots) 
TL799.M6B72 629.4353 63-16276 % 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

Exploration of the moon. Gardea City, N. Y., Published 
for the American Museum of Natural History t by, the 
Natural History Press, 1964 c "1963] 

il!. 127 p. lllns., maps. 22cm. 
TL799.MGB72 19G4 629.4353 63-23748 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

The moon, earth's natural satellite. Illustrated by Helmut 
K. Wimmer. New York, Crowell [I960, 

114 p. Illus. 23cm (Explorlngour universe) 
QB5S1.B7 523.3 60-6251 t 

Brenna, Virgflio. 

The moon. New York, Golden Press t 19S3, 
101 p. lllns. (part col) 29cm. (A De tare Golden boolc) 
QB581.B73 j 523.3 63-14911 

Callatay, Vincent de. 

Atlas dB la lune, astronomie-astronautic[ue. Prif. d'Au- 
douin Dollfus. Paris, A. de Visscher t !962, 

illl, [I,, 160 p. lllus., mape, dinars. 82 cm. 
QB596.C3 63^2384 

Callataf, Vincent de. 

Atlas of the moon: astronomy, astronautics. Translated 
by R. G. Lascelles. Pref. by Sir Bernard Lovell. London, 
Macmillan ; New York, St Martin's Press, 1964. 

160 p. lllns., maps. 82 cm. 
QB595.C313 523.39 64-7287 

Firsoff, Valdemar AxeL 

Strange world of the moon ; an enquiry into lunar physics. 
London, Hutchinson [1959, 

228 p. lllus. 24cm. 
QB581.F46 1959 523,3 60-27689 t 

Firsoff, Valdemar AxeL 

Strange world of the moon; an inquiry into its physical 
features and Hie possibility of life. New York, Basic Books 
[I960, =1959, 

226 p. Jllus. 24cm. 
QB5S1.F46 523.3 60-7751 t 

Galiana, Th de. 

La lune; station sid&ale no i. Monte-Carlo, Editions dn 
Cap, 1960. 

DO p. fflns., Jlagrs. 23 cm. (Dlagramraes, 46) 
QB581.G25 63-29591 

Gttttler, Adalbert 

Der Mond; Kulturgeschichte nnd Astronomie dee Erdtra- 
banten t vonj Adalbert Gutfler t nnd] Winfried Petri Hei- 
delbersr, U. Moos ,1962, 

69. & p. nins. (part mounted col) maps, 25 cm. (Forum imagi- 
nnm, 8. B4) 
QB581.G97 64-41112 

Havrylov, Ihor Yolodymyroyych. 

B OO^ESTHBI Micxmi. Km, BH^-BO AiajeMii Hayi VKD. 
PCP, 1962. 

39 p. lllus. 21 cm. (AiceMi HayK yupalRctxoT PCP. HayxoBO- 
nonyJWpHa flireparypa) 

QB581.H29 02-C8634 t 

Hayes Corporation, Klraunffham, Ah, Btsearvh Station. 

Lunar study ; a presentation of established physical data, 
for the earth's natural satellite and an acceptable theory for 
its origin, by William G. McLougtlin, chief of research. 
[Birmingliiim, Ala.] Hayes Aircraft Corp., 'I960. 

441. lllns. 28 on. 
QB581JI3 623.3 60-1E620 rev \ 

HMervan, P*ter. 

A hold fizildja, Budapest, Gondokt. 192. 
125 p. lllns, maps, (Htgrs, 21 cm. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MOON (Continued ) 

Kaiser, Hans E 

Planeten und Monde. Stuttgart, Francfch t l>flOj 
80 p. illns. 20cm. (Die Kosmos-BIbllothek, BO. 228) 
QB505.K3 61-40278 J 

Xopal, ZdenSfc, 1914- 

The moon, our nearest celestial neighbour. London, 
Chapman and Hall, 1960. 

Til, 131 p. plates, dlagre. 22 cm. 

A 61-3587 

Rochester. Univ. Llbr. 


Kopal, , - 

The moon, our nearest celestial neighbour. New York, 
Academic Press f 1961] 

Ml p. Ulna, 23cm. 
QB58i;E6 623.3 60-16985 J 

Kopal, ZdenSk, 1914- 

The moon ; our nearest celestial neighbour, ftd ed.] New 
Tork, Academic Press, 1864. 

vlll, 102 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
QB581.K6 1964 523.3 64-316T 

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Physics and astronomy of the moon. New York, Aca- 
demic Press, 1962. 

IT, 538 p. lllus., ilagra, tables. 24 cm. 
QB581.K62 523.3 62-4411 

al-Maghrabl, Muhammad 'AH. 

. 1Y1Y 

192 p 1HU3., maps, dlngrs. 20 cm. 


N E 64-998 

Markov, Aleksandr VTadimirovich, 1897- 

Jlyea. Hop, pefl. A. B. MapKosa. Mocjcua, Toe. HS^-BO 
JmsHKo-MaTeMaTntecKofi jrai-pti, 1960. 

8S4 p. lltus., diajrs., charts (2 la pocket) 23cm. 
QB581.M3 60-38446 

Markov, Aleksandr Yladimirovich, 1897- td. 

The moon; a Russian view. [Translated from the Eus- 
sian by Roger and Eoger, inc. Chicago] University of Chi- 
cago Press [1962] 

Uc, 891 p. lllus., charts (2 fold, la pocket) , dlagn. US cm, 
QB581.M31S 523.3 62-9115 

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The moon, meteorites, and comets, edited by Barbara II. 
Middlehurst and Gerard P. Kuiper. Contributors : Edward 
Anders [and others] Chicago, University of Chicago Press 

nil, 810 p. lllus, maps, dlagre., tables. 25 cm. (The Solar 
system, 4) 
QB501.S6 vol.4 523 62-18117 

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A survey of the moon. t lst ed.] New York, TV. W. Nor- 

882 p. Him. 22 cm. (Xhe Amateur astronomer's library) 
QB581.M683 623.3 63-9881 J 

Osmundsen, John A 

The moon. [Prepared with the cooperation of Science 
Service, Garden City, if. Y., N. Doubleday [I960, 

04 p, Illua. 21cm. (Science program) 
QB581.07S 623.3 60-1049 t 

Osnmndsen, John A 

The moon. [Prepared with the cooperation of Science 
Service, Garden City. If. Y., Doubleday t 1963j 

84 p. Ulna 21cm. (Science Service. Science program) 
QB581.075 1963 523.3 


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A Vienna demotic papyrus oa eclipse- and Innar-omina. 
Providence, Brown University Press, 19B9. 

(SB p, 9 pUtes. 82 cm. (Brown Egyptological rtodles, Y 2) 
QB19JP8 523.88 60-33193 

Parshin, Igor' Altksandrovich. 

Jlyna. Ilofl pe^. B. B. IHaooHOBa, Mocwa, toe. HS^-BO 
$H3BKO-xaTeMarmecioit anr-pir, I960. 

63 p. lllus. 20 cm. (norryjupnue jieKQHH no acrpOHOMHH, sun. 10) 
QB581.P29 61-29550 t 

P/affe, Herbert. 

Hallo, Nachbar im All; Reportage fiber die sowjetische 
Mond-, Mars- und Verasf orschnjijr, von Herbert Pfaffe und 
Hoist Hoffmann. t l. AufL] Berlin, Verlig Knltnr mid 
Fortschritt, 1963, 

126 p. Illni, mt-yt, DOrto. 21cm. 
QB501.P47 64-43168 

Reddi, K S 

" aft 

ro'oijS (SSAtfwooifio [1902| 
71, ,1, p. Him. is cm. 

Added t j>. : f " > ""1""i'-* 
RlbUojrtphy: p. [72| 

IMooo. tTltla. n. Title : Ctuuidjuuju, 

title tmntUermttt; CtDdamlnu. 


S A 64-1721 

Sadil," Josef. 

The moon and the planets. Illustrated by Ludek PeSek 
[Translated into English by Kca Pol4kov&, London, P. 
Hamlyn r 1863, 

22 p. lllus., 40 fold, plates (part col.) 85 cm. 
QB601.S283 523.4 64-1737 

Sagan, Carl, 1934- 

Organic matter and the moon, by Carl Sapjan, Panel on, 
Extra-Terrestrial Life for the Armed Forces-NEC Commit- 
tee on Bio-astronautics. Washington, National Academy of 
Sciences-National Research Council, 1961. 

vl, 49 p. 25cm. (National Research, Council. Publication 75T) 
QB591.S32 61-60064 

Salisbury, John W 

An introduction to the moon. Bedford, Mass., Besearch 
Instrumentation Laboratory, Geophysics Eesearch Directo- 
rate, AF Cambridge Eesearch Laboratories, Air Force Re- 
search Division ( AEDC) U. S. Air Force, 1960. 

80 p. fold. col. plate. 28 cm, dU. S. Air Force. Cambridge 
Eesearch Center. APCRd-TUBO-lKI) 
QC1.UB3 no. 60-456 523.3 60-64634 

Sharonov, Vsevolod Vasfl'erieh, 1901- 

%o 11 ti snaeu o Jlyae. [JteHnarpa^j JTeHHSflaT, 1960. 

76 p, Illua, 20 cm. (Bm3jinoTe4Ka ccTecrBeHHO-Hayiiitix aHaimB) 

'Microfilm copy (negative) 

lllcrofllm Slavic 1681 QB 
QB581.S52 62-66565 J 

Taille, Jean. 

The earth and the moon. Translated from the French by 
Rhys llatthews. New York, Walker : 1963, 

148 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Walker sun books, 8B-22. Physics and 
QBB31.T353 525 62-19512 t 

Urey, Harold Clayton, 1893- 

Tho orifrin and nature of the moon. 

(In Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1960. Washington, 
1961, 2i cm. p. 251-265. lllus.) 
Q11.S66 3060 

Weyer, Edward Moffat, 1904- 

Daylight and darkness in high latitudes. [Revision. 
"Washington) Technical Assistant to Chief of Naval Opera- 
tions for Polar Projects (OP-03A8) 1950. 

11, 22 p, lllus,, dlagre. 2T cm. 
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University Press, 1963. 

Till, 278 p. lUus., ports., maps, charts, dlaers. 23 cm. (The Har- 
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QB601.W6 1063 523 63-17216 


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Pulkovn, 1960. 

Tlie iuox>n. Edited by Zdeiiek Kopal and Zdenka Kndla 
llikhailov. London, New York, Academic Press, 1962, 

XIII, 671 p. lllos., fold, maps (1 In pocket) dlagrs. 29 cm. 
QB581.I55 1960 523,3082 62-16905 


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Investigating the lunar atmosphere and planetary atmos- 
phere t l>yi Judy Hayes. Pasadena, Jet Propulsion Labora- 
tory, California Institute of Technology, 1960. 

Ill, 16 p. 29 cm. (Astronautics Information literature search, 
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TJ. S. Geological Sitrvoy. Military Geology Branch. 

Bibliography of the moon. Compiled for Intelligence and 
Mapping Division, Office of the Chief of Engineers, Dept. 
of the Army. Washington, 1960. 

170 p. 27cm. 
Z5164.M7U6 016.B233 60-64606 

D. S. Library of Congress. Aerotpaoe Information Divi- 

Lunar dimensions; annotated bibliography of Soviet-bloc 
literature. [Washington, 1968. 

vM91. 28cm, (/tiAff> report B-68-100) 
Z663.23.A2 no. B-68-100 64-60798 
" Copy 2. TL50T.TT87 no.B-8S-100 


KozUc, S 



n cxeaatmecKaji Kapia B36paHanx jrynHHX 
oCteirrnji pjz noxaoxyuHX, MocKBa. Hsfl-so Asa^eMHH 
sayc CCCP, 1960. 

30 p. court 26cm. 
QB591.K6 61-20465 

Kozik, S M 

Table and schematic chnrt of selected lunar objects. 
Translated by Prasenjit Basn. New York, Perffamon Press 


W p. lllus. 24 cm. 


Kuiper, Gerard Peter, 1905- ed. 

Orthographic atlas of the moon. Supplement no. 1- 
to the Photographic lunar ntlns. Edition A, showing the 
standard orthographic coordinate grid. Tucson, University 
of Arizona Press, 1960- 

pts. In (chiefly photos.) 47i59 cm. ([Arizona. Unlver- 
sltyi Lunar und Planetary Laboratory. Contributions, no 1 
QB595.A7S no. 1 523.39 60-53621 

Kuiper, Gerard Peter, 1905- ed. 

Orthographic atlas of th& moon. Supplement no. 1- 
to the Photographic lunar atlas. Edition B, showing the 
standard orthographic coordinate grid and the mean latitude- 
longitude grid. Tucson. University of Arizona Press, 1981- 
pts. In (chiefly photos.) 47x69 cm. {[Arlzontu tJnlvBr- 
sltyj Lunnr and Planetary Laboratory. Publications, no 2 
QB595.A73 no. 2, etc. 523.39 ' 61-13539 

Watts, Chester Burleigh, 1889- 

The marginal zone of the moon r by C. B. Watts, Wash- 
ington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1963. 

S51 p. (chiefly lllus., charts) 29 cm. (Astronomical papers pre- 
pared for the use of the American epnemerls and nautical almanac, 

QB3.U6 vol.17 64-62305 
Copy 2. QB595.WT 

Wilkins, Hugh Percival, 1896-1960. 

Moon nrnps, with a chart showing the other side of the 
moon ba?ed upon the Soviet photographs. London, Faber 
and Faber (I960, 

88 p. (p. 37-38 blank (or "Notes" ) 27 maps. 29 cm 
QB595.TP5 1980a 523.38 61-1014 

Wilkins, Hugh Percival, 1806-1960. 

Moon maps. With a chart, allowing the oilier side of the 
moon, based upon the Soviet photos. New York, Macmillan, 
1900 [1059] 

38 1). ( p. S7-BS Mnnk for "Notes") 27 mnpa. 20 cm. 
QB595.W5 523.39 CO-3297 


Arizona. University. Lunar and. Planetary Laboratory. 

Communications, v. 1- (no. 1-6 ) 

Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1962- 

T. In lllus., plates, charts, dtagrs., tables. 27cm. 

QB4.A8 522.1979177 62-63619 

Arizona. University. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. 

Contributions, no. 1- 
Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 1960- 

v. lllus. (part col,) 39x59 cm, (no. 1-2; 48x59 cm.) 
QB595.A73 523.082 61-29727 rev 2 


Conference on Lunar Exploration, Virginia Polytechnic In- 
stitute, 19S2. 
Proceedings. Blacksburg, 1968. 

T. Illus., dlngrs. 28 cm. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
[Blacksburg, Engineering Experiment Statloni Engineering Experi- 
ment Station series, no, 162) 

TA7.V5 no. 152 A 63-7658 

Virginia Poly. Inst. Library 

I. A. U. Symposium on the Moon, Leningrad and PvXkvoo. 

HOBOC o jyne; floK^a^u n cootSmemui na Mc)Kflynapo/(- 
HOM cnunosiiyue no iiccjieflODanuio Jiynu, 6-10' flCKafipn 
1960 r., n/jKOBO, CCCP. [Orn. peflasiop A. A. MnxaftaoB] 
JleHiiiirpa^, Ha^-uo AEafleumi HayK CCCP [JeHHnrpaflCKoe 
oi^-HnC) 1963. 

426 p. Ulna., dlagrs,, tablM. 27 cm. 

QB581.I2 1960 63-46627 

ECLIPSES see Eclipses, Lunar 

Rronteira, Joaquim Carlos do Rego. 

Da possivel influoncia lunar sobre os noscimentos. Lisboa, 
Centro de Estudos de Estatlstica Econ6mica, Institute Su- 
perior de CiSncias Econ6micas e Knanceiras, I960 

1", (li P. fllagrs., tables. 28 cm, 

^^^3 69Ht6357rev 

Heckert, Hilmar. 

LunationsrLythmen dea menschlichen Organismus, Metho- 
disches und Ergebnisse. Leipzig, Aksdemische Verlagsge- 
sellschaft Qeest ft Portdg, 1961. 

12 p. lllus, 24 cm. (ftobleme der Blolcllmatologle, Bd. 7) 
QP84.H36 62-85848 t 

Binder, Otto Oscar, 1911- 

The moon, our neighboring world. Illustrated by George 
Solonevich. New York, Golden Press, "1959. 

56 p. lllus, 21cm. (The Golden library of knowledge) 
QB581.B6 523,3 59-4070 rev t 

Binder, Otto Qatar, 1811- 

The moon, our neighboring world. Illustrated by George 
Solonevich. New York, Golden Press. "1861, 

p. lllus. 24cm. (Golden library of knowledge) 
QB581.B5 1961 j 623.3 61-S460rer J 

Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

The moon seems to change. Illustrated by Helen Borten. 
New York, Orowell ,1960] 

unpaged, lllus. 22x23 cm. (Let's read and find ont) 
PZ10.B65Mo 60-8796 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Branley, Franklyn Mansfield, 1915- 

What the moon is like. Illustrated by BobrL New York, 
Crowell r 1963] 

unpaged. Illus. 21 r 28 cm. (Let's-read-and-flnd-out science book) 
PZ10.B65W1 ] 623.3 63-8479 J 

Chester, Michael. 

The moon: target for Apollo, by Michael Chester and 
David McClinton. Illustrated with photos, and line draw- 
ings by Robert Bartram, New York, Putnam [1963] 

160 p. Ulus. 21 cm. (A Science survey book) 
QB581.C45 j 629.4 63-7734 J 

Fenton, Carroll Lane, 1900- 

The moon for young explorers. Illustrated by the author. 
New York, John Day Co. t !963] 

64 p. illus. 22cm. 

PZ10.F37Mo j 629.4 63-10237 J 

Polgreen, John. 

A look at the moon. Text and pictures by John and 
Cathy Polgreen. 1st ed. Garden City, N". Y., Doubleday, 

unpaged, Illus. 27 cm. (First steps Into science) 
PZ10.P62Lo 62-18302 J 

Rocea, Angelo. 

The moon. Hlostrated by Fedini. New York, Duell, 
Sloan and Pearce [1963j 

68 p. col. Illus. 82 cm. (A Splendor book) 
QB581.E66 j 523.3 63-16837 

Sntton, Felix. 

The how and why wonder book of the moon. Illustrated 
by Haul ilina Mora. [Deluxe ed.j New York, Grosset & 
Dunlap [1963, 

47 p. Ulns. 29cm. 
PZ10.S94Hr j 523.8 63-16315 J 

Throneburg, James. 

Man on the moon; our future in space. Illustrated by 
Peter Plasencia. New York, Knopf [1961] 

63 p. illus. 22 cm. 
PZ10.T423Man j 629.4 B1-812S J 

Wilkins, Hugh Percival, 189&-1960. 

The true book about the moon. London, F. Muller [1961, 
'I960; stamped: distributed by Sportshelf, New Rochelle, 

141 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
QB581.W6 823.3 61-19367 J 


Akademifa nauk SSSR. 

AT.THC oCpaiHott cropOHu Jlyim ; [OOpasoisaHiiH, BII^BJICH- 
Hiie na oCpaiHOft cxopone JlyHH no <{>OTorpa<j>iiJi5, nojyien- 
HHII aBTOMamwcKOft ueHcmiaHeTHOfl craimireft, 7-ro OKTsfipJi 
1959 roffa] Ilofl pefl. H. II. EapaCamoea, A. A. MnxattJioaa, 
KX H. JlmrcKoroj MocKua, 1960. 

149 p. plates, charts. 30 cm. 
QB595.A46 61-25131 rev 

AkademUa nauk SSSR. 

An aflns of the moon's far side; the Lunik m reconnais- 
sance. Editorial board: N. P. Barabashoy, A. A. Mikhailov 
[andj Yu. N. Lipsky. Translated by Richard B. Rodman. 
New York, Interecienee Publishers, 1961. 

vll, 147 p. Ulus., charts (1 fold. In pocket) SO cm. 
QB595.A463 1961a 523.34 61-13212 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. 

Atlas of the other side of the moon. Editors: N. P. Bar- 
abashov, A. A. Mikhailov t andj Yu. N. Lipskiy, Translated 
into English by Leon Ter-Oganian. New York, Pergamon 
Press [1961] 

141 p. illus., charts (1 fold. In pocket) dlagn., tables. 31 cm. 
QB595.A463 623.34 61-11156 

Firsoff, Valdemar Axel 

Moon atlas. London, Hutchinson [1961, 
32 p. lUus., col. maps (2 fold.) 36cm, 
QB595.F5 1961 


Firsoff, Valderaar AxeL 

Moon atlas. New York, Viking Press [1862, 1961] 
32 p. IIUis., col. maps (2 fold.) 36 cm. (A Studio book) 
QB595.F5 1962 62-13587 

Hackman, Robert J 

Engineer special study of the surface of the moon, by 
Robert J. Hackman and Arnold G. Mason. Prepared for 
Office, Chief of Engineers, Dept of the Army. Washington, 
U. S. Geological Survey, 1961, 

4 sheets. 3 col. maps. IDlilSB cm, fold, to 80x24 on. (U. 8. 
Geological Surrey. MIscellaneoiis geologic InTestlgattons, MP 1-351) 

G3192.M6 1951.H3 
Copy 2, 

Map 62-280 

Q8701s.08vBr.TO2 1-351 

HepeSta, Josef. 

Mapa mesfce, ( 1. vyd.j Praha, Ustfednl sprava, geodeeie 
akartografie, 1954 

Sip. 2 foil maps. 80cm. 
G3192.M6 1854JK5 Map 61-173 

Mapa mfsfce. t 3. vyd., Praha, Ustredni sprava geodezie 
a kartografie, 1960. 

34 p. Illus., 2 fold. maps. 80 cm. 
G3192.M6 19GO.K5 Map 61-175 

HepeSta, Josef. 

Mondkarten, erstes und letetes Viertel; mit einem interes- 
santen Beitrag uber Wissenswertes vom Mond [Von, Josef 
Klepesta und Ladislav Lukes. t l. deutschaprachige Ausg., 



Map 61-174 

Kuiper, Gerard Peter, 1905- ed. 

Photographic lunar atlas, based on photographs taken at 
the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald, and 
Yerkes Observatories. With the collaboration of D. W. G. 
Arthur ( and others. Chicago] University of Chicaco Press 
t 1960j 

23 p. tables. 28 cm. and atlas (230 photos.) 56 cm. 
QB595.K8 523.39 60-2602 

Schurig, Richard. 

Himmelsatlas (Tabulae caelestes) enthalt alle mit blossem 
Auge sichtbaren Sterne beider Hemispharen fur das Jlqui- 
noktium 1950.0 auf 8 dreifarbigen Earten und eine Mond- 
karte [von, Schurig/Gotz. 8. Aufl. Hrsg. und neu bearb. 
von Karl Schaifers. Mannheim, Bibliographisches Institut 

[8, p., map, 8 coL charts. 80 cm. (B, I.-HochschultaschenMeher, 

QB65.S415 63-2364 

U. S. A eronauticdl Chart and Information Center. St. Low. 

USAF lunar chart. LAC 1- 
St Louis, 1960- 

coL maps on sheets 68 T 74 on. 
G8195s 1.000.U52 Map 63-111 

U. S. Air Force. Cambridge lienearch Laboratories. 

Lunar ntlas. ( A cooperative endeavor between Air Force 
Cambridge Research Center and the Aeronautical Chart and 
Information Center. 1st ed. St. Louis] U. S. Air Force 

QB595.U5 '' 60-61463 rev 

U. S. Congress. Souse. Committee on Soienoe and Attro- 

Army lunar construction and mapping program. Report 
of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, TJ. S. House 
of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session. 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1960. 

vll, 18 p. Ulus. 24 on. (86th Cong., 2d less. House report no. 

TL789.8.U6L38 629 60-1881 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Soienoe and Aitro- 

Lunar mapping and construction in support of space pro- 
grams. Hearing before the Committee on Science and Astro- 
nautics, U. S. House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Con- 
gress, second session. May 10, 1960. Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off., 1980. 

ill, 84 p, Ulos. 24cm. 
TL789.8.TJ6L39 629 60-61430 

Wilkins, Hugh Percival, 1896-1960. 

Moon maps, with a chart showing the other side of the 
moon based upon the Soviet photographs. London, Faber 
and Faber [I960] 

38 p. (p. 37-38 blank for "Notes") 2Tmap*. 29cm. 
QB595.W5 1960a 523.39 61-1914 

Wilkins, Hugh Percival, 1896-1960. 

Moon maps. With a chart, showing tho other side of the 
moon, based upon the Soviet photos. New York, M'-'ni11iLn ) 
1960 [1959, 

38p. (p.37-38blankfor"Notes") 27 maps. 29cm, 
QB596.W5 523.39 60-3207 

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Division of 
the Geological Soienoei. 

Annotated bibliography of physical observations of the 
moon 1920-1960. Edited, with an introd. to the literature, 
by Alexander Pogo. Annotations and editorial assistance by 
Eleanor Helin [and others, Pasadena, 1961. 

881. 28cm. 
Z51543I7C3 84-63604 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. 

First photographs of the reverse side of the moon. [Trans- 
lated from the Russian by George YankovatV] Moscow, 
Foreign Languages Pub. House, I960. 

38 p. Illui. 26 cm. 

QB695.A513 1960b 523.34 61-23369 t 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. 

The other side of the moon. Translated from the Russian 
by J. B. Sykes. Oxford, Ifew York, Pergamoa Press, 1960. 

38 p. IISus,, dlajrj. 27cm. 
QB595.A513 523.34 60-9936 

Akademiia nauk SSSR. 

Hepatic $oTorpa$nii oCpaTnoft CTODOIIH .lynn, Mocssa, 

80 p. llluj. 26cm, 
QB595.A5 60-18008 

AkademUa nauk SSSR. 

ITepBiie $oiorpa$nn oCparaofi CTODOIIU Jlyss. MocEsa, 

83 p. fllua. 27 cm. 
QB595.A5 1959a 60-20545 

Alter, Dinsmore, 1888- 

Pictorial guide to the moon. New York, T. Y. Crowell 
Co. ,1963, 

183 p. Ulns., main, dlagrs. 28cm. 
QB595.A58 fi23.39 63-9198 

Arizona. University. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. 

Communications, v. 1- (no. 1-6 ) 

Tucson, University of Arkona Press, 1962- 

v. In Illns^ plates, charts, dlajsra., tables. 27cm. 
Q B4 - A8 522.1979177 62-63619 

Bogatov, Geral'd Borisovich. 

KaK CHJIO nojiy^eno HSofipaKCHHe ofipaxHOfl cropoint 
Jlys-a. Mocrsa, Toe. HSfl-so 3Hepr. inr-pii, I960. 

2 p. illns. 20 cm. (AUccosaa pa*Ho6H6jiHOTeica. sun. 886) 
QB595.B65 61-S9044 t 

Callatay, Vincent de. 

Atlas de h. lime, astronomie-astronautique. Prfif d'Au- 
douin Dollfua. Paris, A. de Visscher ,1962, 

illl, ,1,, 160 p, llltUL, maps, dlaun. 82cm 
QB596.CS 6^42384 

Callatay, Vincent de. 

AtJas of the moon: astronomy, astronautics. Translated 
by R. G. Lascelles. Pref. by Sir Bernard LorelL London, 
Macmillan; New York, St. Martin's Press, 1964. 

180 p. lllns, mapa 32 cm. 
QB595.C313 523.39 64-7287 

Suzuki, Keishin, 1905- 

^ ^ K f ft. s^B^ft. 
iSSr^Sfjttt XML 

278 p. (chiefly Illua.) 27cm. 

L Moon Photofrmphs. L Tltl*. 


Title nmunlitt: TtuU 
J62-638 J 

U. S. National Aeronautics and, Space Admmiitration. 

Ranger m; special report to Congress, August 4, 1964. 
[Prepared by the Office of Public Information, National 
Aeronautics and Space Administration. Washington, 1964, 

TL789.8.UBR35 ""' 64-62250 

Whitaker, Ewen Adair, ed. 

Rectified lunar atlas; Supplement no. 2 to the Photo- 
graphic lunar atlas ,by, E. A. Whitaker t and others] Pro- 
duced with the technical assistance of the staff of tie Lunar 
and Planetary Laboratory and the Air Force Aeronautical 
Chart and Information Center. Tucson, University of 
Arizona Press, 1963. 

1 v. (chiefly lllns.) 89x49 on. (Contribution* of the Lnntr anj 
Planetary Laboratory, no. S) 
QB595.A73 no. 3 63-17721 


Philippines (Republic) Weather Bureau. 

Tables of sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise and moonset 

v. tnbles. 27cm. annual. 
QB216.P5 SA6S-3442 

Dow, T. W., 1921- 

The moon has no rotation; 350 year old moon's rotation 
theory repudiated. Also some corrections in. the concept of 
libration and sidereal month. Washington, Publication 
Services [19S8j 

32 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
QB585.D6 523.33 S9-16920rev J 


Baldwin, Ralph Belknap, 1918- 

The measnra of the moon. [Chicago] University of 
Chicago Press [1963, 
488 p. II Ins. 25 cm. 
QB691.B88 523.84 82-20028 J 

Diggden, Johannea van. 

Photometric properties of lunar crtter floors, .Utrecht. 

114 p. lllns. SO cm. 
dntpedrt, ITT, 2) 
QB4.U8 Iivr.l4,pt2 

dtoeberebe* MtronomliioM de I'Obnrraioln 
, 2) 



Fielder, Gilbert. 

Structure of the moon's surface. Oxford, New York, 
Perframon Press, 196L 

268 p. inn*. 25 cm. 
QB59LF5 628J4 60-3606 J 

Firsoff, Valdemar AzeL 

Surface of the moon; its structure nd origin. London, 
Hutchinson [1961] 

128 p. ffloi. 22cm. 
QBS81JT56 SSSM 61-65232 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


SURFACE (Continued) 

Gorynia, Anton Ageevich. 

Pejt,eij> KpaeBOft SOHK JTyEH. Ho $ororpa$H^ecKHM na- 
SiiofleHHjm na aciporpaijje acrpoHomiiecKofl oCcepBaTopaa 
KneBCsoro roc. yHHBepcHTera HM. T. T. ffleaieHKO. Knee, 
Hafl-Bo AEafleHHH nayc YKP. CCP, 1962. 

162 p. (chiefly tables) 27 on. 
QB681.G62 62-48984 

Kozik, S M 

KaTa.ior u cxeaaiiiiecEajj sapra usSpaHHUX Jiynnax 
ofiteiTon P.AX nojlaoJiyUHji. MocKea, HS^-BO Aicaflejtmi 
HIVE CCCP, 1060. 

BOp. chart. 26cm. 
QB591.KC G1-204G5 

Eozik, S M 

Table and schematic chart of selected lunar objects. 
Translated by Prasenjit Basu. New York, Pergamon Press, 

H p. Illua. 24 cm. 
QB591.K613 61-1533T t 

Ponce, Tomas. 

Los erateres limores no son de origen volcanicc, a prop6- 
sito da la nfiraaci6n del rnso Dr. IT. A. Kozirev. t l. ed.j 
San Salvador, Ministerio de Cultiiraj Departamento Edi- 
torial [19GO| 

68 p. 21 cm. (Coluccli5n Certamen naclonal da cnltura, 10) 

QB591.Prs 61-21227 t 

Sadil, Josef. 

Oil mosic. [Ilustrace do dal autor j pfilozenou mapu mesice 
nakreslil Pavel PHhoda. 1. vyd., Pnha, Orbis, I860. 

820 p. Illua., maps (1 (old. col. in pocket) 21cm. (V5danIvot) 
QB591.S3 61-3816 

Sytinskaia, N N 

Hpnpofla JLysa. MocEna, Toe. nsfl-so (fmsnuo-MarenaEH- 
^ecEoft .iHT-pn, 1959. 

ITS p. lllus. 21cm. 
QB591.S9 60-20523 t 

TeUeV, V 


9 p. 22cm, 

noBCpxnocTH Jlyan. Je 

61-34567 | 


Lunar Surface Materials Conference, Boston, 1963. 

The lunar surface layer; materials and characteristics. 
Edited by John TV. Salisbury [and : Peter E. fflaser. New- 
York, Academic Press, 1964. 

ixrl,S32j>. HIM. 25cm. 
QB501JL85 1863 5123.34082 64-19601 


Arthur, DWG 

The system of lunar craters, quadrant i- by D. W. G. 
Arthur ( and others. Tucson, University of Arizona Pressj 

T. cliartB. 27 cm. (Communications of the lunar and plane- 
tary Laboratory, T. S, no. S ; T. S, no. 40 
QB4A8 voL2,no.3,etc. 523.3083 64-64418 

Gorynfa, Anton Ageerieh. 

Peiie$ Kpaeaqft SOHH Jiysa. Ho $OTorpa$HieciHJ< na- 
<SjrofleHtiaii na acTporpa$e actpoHOsiHiecBOft oScepaaropHH 
EneBCKoro roc. ynHBepcineia mi. T. T. UleaieHKO. KHCB, 
2sfl-BO Aica^euaii nayic yp. CCP, 1962. 

182 p. (chiefly tables) 21cm. 
QBB91.G62 62-48984 

Grafikoni izlaza, i zalaza sunca i mjeeeo*. 

Split, Hidrografski institut Jugoslovenake rfttue mornnrice. 

T. lllus. 2i cm. annual 
QB216.GC8 61-25672 


Belting, Natalia Maree, 1915- 

Calendar moon, by Natalia Belting. Ulustrated by Ber- 
narda Bryson. [1st ed.] New York, Holt, Eineihirt and 
Winston t !964, 

1 T. (imposed) Illua. (part col) 2icm. 
PZ8.1.B4128Cal j 898 64-18251 

GUttler, Adalbert. 

Der Mond; Knltnrgeschichte and Astronomie des Erdtra- 
banten rvon, Adalbert Guttler [imd 3 WInfried Petrt Hei- 
delberg, H. Moos t '1962] 

68, [4]P. lllUB. (part mounted col.) maps. 25 cm. (Forom Imagt- 
nam, 8. Bd.) 
OB58LG97 64-41112 

MOON, FLIGHT TO THE see Space flight to 
the moon 


Brown, Ernest William, 1866- 

An introductory treatise on tha lunar theory. New York, 
Dover Publications [I960] 

202 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QB391.B9 1960 521.13 60-30877 J 

MOON, VOYAGES TO see Interplanetary 

MOON BASES see Lunar bases 


Oberth, Heimann, 1894- 

Das Mondauto. t l. Aufl o Dusseldorf , Econ-Verlag C 1959] 
99 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
TL480.02 629.2 60-S2071 t 


American Rocket Society Space Power Systems Confer- 
ence, Santa Slonict, <7oK/., 1968. 

Power systems for space flight; a. selection of technical 
papers based mainly on the American Rocket Society Space 
Power Systems Conference. Edited by Morris A. Zipkin 
[and] Russell N. Edwards. New York, Academic Press, 

xrj, 948 p. lllus., dlagre., tabled. 25 cm. (Progress la astro- 
nautics ojm aeronautics, v. 11) 
TL1100.A5 1962a 629.4 63-6294 

of the Moon National Monument 

MOON PROBES see Lunar probes 
MOON SETTLEMENTS see Lunar bases 

MOON SYSTEM see Blind Printing and 
writing systems 

MOONLIGHTING see Supplementary employ- 


Pye, Edmund Arthur, 1902- 

Eed mains'!, by Peter Pye. [Hev. ed.j London, R. Hart- 
Davis, 1861 [L e. 1962, 

186 p. lUttt. 20 on. (The MwtaBrt lltrary DO. 44) 
GV822.M6PS 1862 797.14 62-52468 t 

Pye, Edmund Arthur, 1S02- 

A sail in a forest; Jfoonraker in the Baltic, by Pater Pye. 
London, K. Hart-Daris, 1961. 

174 p. Ulna. 23cm. 
DK460.2.P9 61-40008 t 

Pye, Edmund Arthur, 1902- 

The sea is for sailing t by, Peter Pye, c lst TT. S. A. ed.] 
New York, J. De Graff, 1961. 

192 p. Illua, 28 cm. 
GV822.M8P93 1961 910.45 61-66818 t 

Printing and writing systems 

MOONSHINING see Distilling, Illicit 


Amsterdam. Stedelijk Museum. 

Christian de Moor. [Tentoonstalling, Stedelijk Museum, 
Amsterdam, 16 Nov.-10 Dec. 1962. Amsterdam, 1962, 

[20, p. UIus, (port coL) 26 cm. (Amsterdam, penst der 
Geineentetuuscn. CatnlopiSj nr. 328) 
N50T2.A55A3 no. 823 64-44001 


Khalaminskil, fijrii fAfcovIevlch. 

^. Moop. Moatsa, CoBcicrHtt xysoacaaK, 1981, 
220p. Ulus. 2Tcm. 
N01679.M6K5 61-88926 

MOOR, EMANUEL, 1863-1931 

Pirini, Max, 1898- 

Emanuel Moor. (1st ed.j London, P. E. Macmillan 

207 p. lllns. 20cm. 




Lutterrelt, Remmet van. 

De "Turksa" schilderijeii van J. B; Vaiimour ea zijn 
school; de verzameling van Cornelis Calkoen, A-mbassadeur 
bij de Hoge Porte, 1725-1743. Istanbul, Nedarlands His- 
tonsch-Archaeologisch Instituut in het Nabije Oosten, 1858. 

50 p, plates (1 col.) port 28 cm. (Ultgaren yon het Nedarlanfa 
Hlstorlsch-Arclmeologlscti lostltuut te Istanbul, S) 
ND663.MT76LS 69-54108 



Economisch-Technologisch Instituut voor Zuid-HoDand. 

Moordrecht; sociaal-economisch rapport somangesteld in 
opdrnclit van het Qemeentebestuur door het Economisch- 
Technologisch Instituut voor Zuid-Holland en het tnstituut 
Stnd en Lnndschap van Zuid-Holland. [Rotterdam, 1955, 

1 v. (various pugings) mapa, dlogra. 27 cm. 
HC328.116E3 (50-21242 


Kraus, Bertram S ed. 

Vistas in orthodontics; presented to Alton W. Moore. 
Edited by Bertram S. Kraus and Richard A. Riedel. Phila- 
delphia, Lea & Febifrer, 1962. 

887 p. tUns. 25cm. 
EK621.K73 617.648 62-17822 t 


Moore, Archie, 1916- 

The Archie Moore story, ( lgt ed.j New York, McGraw- 
HiU tlB60, 

240 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
GV1132.M75A3 927.9683 60-12825 t 

MOORE, DAVID, 1814-1907 

Wilson, Mamie F 

Old Salem Academy and it's first principal, 1845-1862. 
t n. p.) 1959. 

unpaged. 24 em. 
LDT501.G776W6 373.76217 60-31417 J 

MOORE, EDWIN WARD, 1811-1865 

Wells, Tom Henderson. 

Commodore Moore and the Texas Navy. Austin, Uni- 
versity of Teras Press r 1960j 

218 p. Illua, port., facslms. 24, cm 
F390.M803W4 976.404 60-7667 


Braithwaite, Richard Sevan. 

George Edward Moore, 1873-1958. 

(In British Academy, London (Foondefl 1901) Proceedings, 1861. 
London. 26cm. v. 47 (1962) p. ,293r809. port) 
[AS122.L5 vol.47] A 64-14 

Wisconsin, TJnlv. Llbr. 

Carney, James Donald. 

G. E. Moore's refutation of Berkeley's idealism. Ann 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms t 1959j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4371 Mic 69-4371 

Nebraska. 'DnlT. Llbr. 

Gellner, Ernest. 

Words and things ; a critical account of linguistic philoso- 
phy and n study in ideology. TTith an introd. by Bertrond 
Russell. London, Gollancz, 1959. 

270 p. 23 cm, 
P105.G35 401 60-1028 t 

Gellner, Ernest. 

TPbrdfi and things; a critical account of linguistic- philos- 
ophy and a study in ideology. With an introd. by Bertrand 
Eussell. Boston, Beacon Press r !960, "1959, 

2TOp. lllus. 22cm. 
P105.G35 1960 401 60-16123 J 


Moore, Gerald, 

Am I too loud, a musical autobiography. New York, 
Macmillan t 1962, 

288 p. UIus. 22 tm. 
ML417.M85A3 927.8 62-11924 J 


Gt Brit Sritih Council. 

Henry Moore. t Tentoonstelling) georganiseerd door The 
British Council en het Stedelijk Museum, 9 Juni-10 Jttli 
1961, [Amsterdam, 1901, 

[32) p. lllui. 26 cm, ((Amsterdam. Dleiut der Qemeentemuseaj 
Catialognsj no. 275) 
N5072.A55A3 no.27B 62-66226 J 

Grohmann, Will, 1887- 

The art of Henry Moore. New York, H. N. Abrams [I960] 
278 p. Ulna., plates (part coL) ports, 28 cm. 
NB497.M6GT5 780.942 60-7798 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOORE, HENRY SPENCER, 1898- (Continued) 

Grohmann, Will, 1887- 

Henry Moore. Berlin, Rembrandt- Verlag t !960] 
275 p. illus. (part coL) ports., facslm. 28 cm. 

NB497.M6G77 61-38374 

Neumann, Erich. 

Die archetypische Welt Henry Moores. Zurich, Raschor 
Verlag ,1961] 

Til, 140 p. Ilius. 26 cm. 
NB497.M6N4 730.9-12 61-3840 

Russell, John, 1919- 

Henry Moore stone and wood carvings, an essay. London, 
Marlborough Fine Arts; Hew York, M. Knoedler t 1981, 

22 p. lllus. 23cm. 
NB497.M6R8 62-641 t 


Engel, Bernard F 

Marianne Moore, by Bernard F. Engel. New York, 
Twayne Publishers [1964, 

176 p. 21 em. (Twayne's United States authors series, 54) 
PS3525.O6filGZ65 811.52 63-20613 

Sargeant, Winthrop, 1903- 

Humility, concentration & gusto; a profile of Marianne 
Moore. With original woodcuts by Richard Bennett 
Brooklyn, Pratt Adlib Press, 1960 [1967] 

21 p. Illus. 31 em. 
PS3525.O5616Z8 928.1 60-50005 \ 


Moore, Virginia Blanck. 

Seeing eye wife. [1st ed., Philadelphia, Chilton Co., 
Book Division [I960, 

177 p. 21 cm. 

HV1792.M6MG2 371.911 60-12507 \ 

MOORE, THOMAS, 1779-1852 

Moore, Thomas, 1779-1862. 

Journal, 1818-1841. Edited by Peter QuennelL [Rev. 
ed.] New York, Mncmillan [1964j 

IT, 25U p. lllus , ports. 21 cm. 
PR5056.A5 19G4 928.2 64-13351 


Moore, Marcella (Werlan) 1928- 

Moore genealogy, compiled by Mrs. Herman Moore. 
[South Plymouth ? N. Y., 19G2, 

17 1. coat of arms. 30 cm. 
CS71.M82 1962 63-5339 

Moore, Robert Allan, 1901- 

The ancestors of Richard Allan Moore and Calvin Cooper 
Moore, by Robert Allan Moore and Ruth Miller Moore. 
Brooklyn, 1964. 

Ill, 209 p. lacslms., geneal. tables, maps. 28cm, 
CS71.M82 1964 64-5602 

Rapier, Regina. 

Stubbs and Moore trees; ances. & descs. of diaries Luther 
Moore (187.V1944) and his wife Martha Jane Stubbs of 
Ga. [Rev. Atlanta? 1953, 

2 geneal. tables (In folder) 29 cm. 
CS71.S932 1053 61-43646 


Robinson, Blackwel Pierce. 

A history of Moore County, North Carolina, 1747-1847. 
Southern Pines, N. C., Moore County Historical Association, 

270 p. Illus, 23cm. 
F262.M7RC. 975.635 36-14478 rev J 

Wellman, Manly Wade, 1905- 

The county of Moore, 1847-1947; a North Carolina re- 
gion's second hundred years. Southern Pines, N. C., Moore 
County Historical Association, 1962. 

254 p. lllus. 2S cm. 
F262.M7W4 975.635 63-37708 \ 



Holmes, Martin Rivington, 1905- 

Moorh'elds in 1559, an engraved copper plate from tha 
earliest known map of London, London, H, M. Stationery 
Off., 196S. 

84 p. lllus. 22cm. 
DA685.M6H6 63-462T f 


BID, Fred Adelbert, 1850-1936. 

Life on the Red River of the North, 1857 to 1887; e 
the history of navigation on the Red River of the North! 
by Fred A Bill, and life on the river towns of Fargo and 
Moorhead by J. W. Riggs. Introd. and pref. by Usher I, 
tfunhck. Baltimore. Wirth Bros.. 1947 

122 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
F612.R27B5 9 17.76 48-1850 rev* 


Richard (F. J.) and Company, Fargo, ft. D. 

Quarter section atlas: Fargo, North Dakota; Moorhead, 
Minnesota. Jnn. 1959. Fargo, C 1959- 

1 v. (urose-leaf) maps. 39 it! cm. 
G1444.F2R5 1959 Map 60-351 


Moorhouse, Eric Gtlling. 

The Moorhouses of Bear Creek, Bathurst, and Brockville. 
Kingston. Can., Jackson Press, 1962 

411 p. Illus. 24cm 
CS71.M83!) 1962 63-5338 t 

MOORING OF SHIPS see Anchorage 
MOORINGS, DEEP-SEA see Deep-sea moorings 


MOORISH ART see Art, Islamic 



see also Bogs; Marshes; Peat -bogs 

Aichinger, Erwin. 

Die Zwergstrauehheiden als Vegetatioasentmeklungs- 
typen. Wien, Springer, 1956-57. 

S T. lllus. 24 cm. (Angewmdte Pflanzensozlologle. VerSffent- 
llehungen fles Instltuts fUr Augenandte Pflamensozlologle des Landes 
Karten, Heft 12-14) 
QK938.M6A35 581.5263 61-23692 J 

Burgeff, Hans, 1888- 

Mikrobiologie des Hoclunoores mit besonderer Berfick- 
fflchtigung der Erikazeen-PUz-Symbiose. t Die Ubersetzung 
der Zusammenfassung in die englisehe Sprache besorgte 
Hans Hirsch, Stuttgart, G. Fischer, 1961. 

187 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
QR111.B84 63-42380 J 

Dimbleby, G W 

The development of British heathlands and their soils. 
Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1962. 

120 p. lllus., 8 col. plates, map. 28cm. (Oxford forestry memoirs, 
no. 28) 
S599.G7D5 631,4742 62-6762 

Friedlander, Cecil Paul 

Heathland ecology. London, Heinemann [I960] 
94 p. lllus. 19 cm. (The Scholarship series In biology) 
GH541.ri.MBF7 574.52 61-2049 f 

Frommhold, Erhard, of Radebeul. 

Vom heimlicheu Leben im Moor. Wittenberg Lntherstadt, 
A. Ziemsen, 1956. 

117 p. lllus. (part coL) 24 cm. 
QH87.6.F7 66-45757 rev t 

HoIubiScova, Bohnmfla. 

VegetaM pomery okresu Sturovo; synekologiokS studi* 
z jizniho Slovenska. Bratiskva, Vydavatefstvo Slovensfcej 
akadfeie vied, 1958. 

345 p. lllus. 24 cm, 
QK956.C95H6 62-47426 J 

Kovfics, Margit 

Die Moorwiesen Ungarns. [Ubersetzung Johanna Raab. 
Budapest, Verlag der Dngarischen Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften, 1962, 

214 p. illtu., fold. coL mmp, aiagra^ talta. 25 cm. (Die Vegeta- 
tion nnjarlscher ILandschtften, Bd. 3) 
QK310^33 voLS 6S-40417 

Pop, Emil. 

Mlastinile de turba din Republic* Popakra RomJna. 
[Bucarestij Editura, Acttdemiei Republicii Populftre Eomlne, 

511 p. lllus, maps (1 fold.) fllajrsL, taWes. 2S on. (BIWloteca 
de biologic vesetali) 


Popp, Egon, 1032- 

Die Biilte als Lebensraum, unter besonderer Berucksieliti- 
gung ilirer Milbenfauna; eine Stiindoi-tsmonographie. 
[Munclicn?] 1958. 

'1 I. 30 cm 

QtI87.5.P6 60-38755 

Homanova, Efrosinua Andreevna. 

Feo^oTaHn^ecEHe OCHOBIJ rHflpo.iorinecKOro Hsyicttun 
sepxoBHx fin.ior c ncno-iiaoBaHiieu aspoiforocteuKn, Je- 
HHHrpaA, rnflpOMeieopoJtormecKoe H3fl-so, 1961. 

248 p. Illus., map. 27 cm. 
GB628.65.RG 62-43818 

Schubert, Rudolf, 1927- 

Die zwergstrauchreichen azidiphilen Pflanzengesellschaf- 
ten Mitteldeutschlands. Jena, G. Fischer 1960 

235 p. iUiB 28 plates, maps (part fold, col.) tables. 24 cm. 
(PflanzensnilolOEle; eine Relhe Tegetatlonskundllclier Oebtetsmono- 
graphlen, Bd. 11) 

QK938.H4S3 64-35482 

Siebold, Werner, 1887- 

Tiere in TViese, Feld und Jfoor. Mannheim, Bibliograph- 
isches Institut r 1958j 

32 p. 38 Ulna. 20cm. (Meyers BlIdWLncheD, a F, Bi 7) 
QL115.S5 63-2286 

Wasylik, Kazimierz. 

Desmidiaceen der Moore in der TTmgebung von Korvanea 
in Sodankyla, Finnisch-Lappland. Helsinki, 1961. 

46 p. illus., map. 24 cm. (Socletas ScIeoUarum Pennies. Com- 
mentatlones blologlcne, mil, 10) 
Q60.F553 vol. 23, no. 10 62-45335 


Pimlott, Douglas Humphreys, 1920- 

Koin-oduction, productivity and harvests of Newfoundland 
inoo 1 ^. Ann Arbnr, Mich., Fnirersity Microfilms r 1959, 
3ficrafiliii AC-1 no. 58-11TS Mic 50-1178 

Wisconsin. Univ. Lllir. 


Rowlands, John J 1892- 

Spindrift from a house by the sea. Illustrated by Henry 
B. Kane, ,1st ed.. Xew York. Norton [I960, 

232 p. illus. 22cm. 
F74.C6R6 017.443 60-7585 J 


see also individual moot courts 


Lithgow, Geoffrey W 

Mootn-miree, nn nboriginnl Garden of Eden; an intro- 
duction to the botany, gwlogy, natural history, and archae- 
ology of this aboriginal retreat in Australia. Broken Hill, 
New South Wales, 19C1. 

unpaged, lllus. 22 cm, 
QH77.A8L57 61-59870 t 

MOQUE INDIANS see Hopi Indians 


Pinto Vargas, Ismael, ed. 

Pequena. antologia de Moquegua, t 1641-1960j Lima, Edi- 
torial Ausonia, I960, 
SS6p. Illng. 21cm. 
F3451.M8P52 61-28983 J 


see also Miwok Indians 

MOQUI INDIANS see Hopi Indians 


Kitaibel, Pil, lT;i"-IS17. 

DiaserfnfH) de tsime motu in genere, sc in specie M6reBsi, 
anno 1810 die 14, januarii orto. Conscript* a Paulo Etai- 
bel et Adamo Tomtsfinyi. Bndae, Typis Regi&e Universita- 
tis Hnngaricae, 1814. [Bndapest, Akad&niai Kiado, 1960j 
jSj p, faislm. (110 p. fpld. map), Irlll p. ports, mapn (part fold.) , 
factim. SI cm. 
QE53B.K5 1814a, 62-28330 


Mom, Constanda de fe, 1906- 

Doppelter GUni; die Lebensgesciichte einer spanischen 
Fwu. (Autorisierte Ubersetzung an dam Spanischen von 
Oil* Evrert. 7. Aufl., Berlia. Diete. 1961. 

715 p. 21 aa 
DPS64Jtf7A314 1961 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Mora, Jose' Joaqoin de, 1783-1864. 

Don Jos6 Joaquin de Mora en el Peru ; cartes al mariscal 
Santa Cruz. [Presentaci6n porj Estuardo Nunez. Lima, 

84 p. 23 cm. ( Publlcacionea del Departamento (er-Inatltuto) de 
Lltcratarn de la Facultad de Letras de la UnlTenaldad Nadonal 
Mayor de San Marcos, 12) 
F2236.M82 64-28451 

COSTARICA, 1814-1860 

Rodriguez Porras, Armando. 

Juan Rafael Mora Porras y la guerre contra los filibus- 
teros. San Jose, Costa Rica, Impr. Las Americas, 1955. 

212 p. illus. 26cm. 
F-1547.5.RB 60-22644 J 


Mora. [Mora, 1958- 

T. lllns. 20 cm. 
DL991.M58M6 62-44989 \ 


Dios, Anders. 

Om Zornmuseets tillkomst, av Anders Dios [Och Qerda 
BoethiuS] Mora, 1960. 

Tip. Illus. (8 mounted col.) ports. 25cm. 

A 62-1108 
Harvard tlnlv. Library 

Hungary. Mbra Ferenc Mtizeum 



Singh, Baljit 

The economics of small-scale industries; a case study of 
smnll-scale industrial establishments of Morndabad. New 
York, Asia Pub. House ,1962, 1961] 

144 p. 23cm. 
HC438.M6S5 338.7 62-234 \ 


Janeiro, Armando Martins* 

Peregrine. Lisboa, LiTraria Portugal [1962] 
67p. IBem. 



see also Boulders; Drift; Glaciers 

German, Riidiger. 

Die "Wurmvereisung an Rhein- und Ulergletacher zwi- 
schen Federseebecken und Gunztal, yon Rndiger German. 
Zur Kenntnis des Spat- und Postglazials in Bayern, Ton 
Karl Brunnacker. Munchen, 1659. 

150 p. maps (one fold. col. Inserted) profiles, tables, 25 cm. 
(Geolotfca Bararlca, Nr. 43) 
QE269.G36 Nr.48 62-80126 

Riiydd, Stefan Zbigniew, ed. 

Pracc o plejstocenie Polski srodkowej. Studies of the 
Pleistocene of middle Poland. Special issue for the rath 
INQUA Congress, Warsaw 1961. Warszawa, Wydawn 
Geologiczne, 1961. 

256 p. lllul., plate*, profile!. 24 cm. 
QE276.B.R6 6S-28970 

Rukhina, Evgenifa. Valerianovna. uopennux OT.ireKentifl. [.Teminrpa, 1 ^ 1960. 
140. (8, p. lllns., mnpa <1 foil) 22 cm. 
QE578.R8 60-39487 J 

Slfrer, Milan. 

Porefje KamniSke Bistrice v pleisto cenu. The basin of 
Kamniska Bistrica during the pleistocene period. Ljubljana, 

211 p. Illus., fold. coL map, profiles. 25 cm. (Slovenska alca- 
detnlja inanostl In nmstnostl. Bazred xa prlrodoslovne In medlclmke 
vede. Dela, 12. InStltut u eeografljo, [Dela, 6) 
QES9T.S55 68-30437 


see also Sex customs; also subdivision 
Moral conditions tinder names of coun- 
tries, cities, etc. 


see also Euthenics; Religious 
education; Student ethics 

Akademua pedagogicheskikh nank RSFSR, Moscow. Inttb 
tut teorii i istorii pedagoifiM. 

^opsmposaHjie JHIHOCTH ntKO^tHEia E louesrHje. 
[Cdopiimc cocraiueH a noflroionieH P. T. FypoBoft] Mo- 
ciBa, Hsfl-no AxaACMHH nc^aror. nays PCOCP, 1959. 

70 p. 20 cm. (FlejiarorHiecxHe Tremifi) 
LC314.R9A546 64-5901B J 

Akademiia pedagogicheskikh nauk RSFSR, Moscow. Insti- 
tut teorii i istorii pedagogHd. 

HpaBCTBCHHoe BocrmtaHHe y^amnxcH v-vin K.TRCCOB; us 
onuia BHeKjiacHott H BHemKOJitHOtt paSorii. CocraBHiejiH : 
B. H. EojamaKOB n A. F. yuaHCKHft, MocKBa, Hsfl-BO Asa- 
flCMHH neflaror. nayK PCOCP, 1960. 

133 p. 20 cm. (rteAarorHHecKHe MTCHHa) 



2115 p. 22 cm. 

1. Hdnrfitlon of children. 2. Jfnral dlurntlnn. I. Nakuz 

Title romantird: Atarashll W'l 
shldo to (llitoku s 


J 62-294 

Avramova, Soflfiu 

K'LJI B"&npoca 3a HpaBCTBCHOTO BianmaHHe B flercKaia rpa- 
fliraa. FepOH, EMa H ^HUHTposa, CaeTja. BiafleftcTBHe na 
saHHTHara no HpaBCTBeno BisHHiaHHe s^pxy HHKOH nponecn 
na BUcmaTa nepBHa fleftnocT H ycroft^HBOC-na Ha BHHua- 
Hueio Ha flei;aTa npH fleicKara rpa^Hna; cKcnepHMeHiajiHa 
HsweflBaHHH. CO|HJI, E-LirapCKa aKa^CMHH na nayKuie, 

855 p. 21 cm. 
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H4] aiiomf w f . i*PKmt., 
T, 4-15 p. Illufl. 22 cm. 
In Rujnrntl. 

1. Hornl education. r. Title. 

Title trantliterateA: ftllmliMnn-rliitii 

LC815.1 4B45 

HA 04-55 1H 

BllnkoT, loaif Abramovich. 

O OTKO.II.HUX rpaflnn;iurx. Mocssa, Foe. yiefiHO-ne^aror. 
HS^-BO, 1961. 

102 p. 20cm. 
LB8605.B55 62-65615 | 

Bogdanova, Ol'ga Sergeevna. 

Bonpocu HpaBCTBCHHofi no^roioBEH niKOJttHHEOB E ipyfly. 
MocKBa, H3^-Bo AsaflejiHH nejaror, nayi PC$CP, 1962. 

142 p. lllns. 21 cm. 
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80 p. 10 cm. 

1. Children Management 2. Moral education. t. Title. 

Title romantted: Ho chla changt'an fan tsnl 

qhla t'Ing chung tsdn yang p'el ynnj 

nal tzu tl yu halu p'ln chlh. 

HQ769.C39 C 60-3180 t 

ChSng, Hsiao-ch'ieh. 

X National characteristics, Ohlnwe. 2. Moral equation, 
i. OlQe. 

Title romaniaiei: MIn tsn chlng shn ohUo yd 
yfl hsln 11 chlen k'ang. 


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jfi^tlicWSIIa tf Spiritual values; moral and spirit- 
ual values in the public school. 'I 3 J X L $C "ff W 'Jt pjf ffl Al 
c * ?! '1 4388 ,1088, 

1. Moral education. i. Title. 

I7/te)Y)uiHiifzed:Tofl[ kyiiyuk ill dildi'liu. 


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nporpeczBHH TpaflnjiHii na CJ-utrapciHa H apo,n B npaB- 
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loO p. 20 cm. ' 


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Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Furukawa, Tesshi, 1912- 

^W frJHt *S1 

BS ft 33 [1958, 

1. Mornl education. i. Horl, Hidehlko, 1002- joint author 

u - Tit' 6 - Title romanised: DOtoku kyeiku shojltfm! 

J 60-2813 

Harvard Univ. Chinese- 

Japanese Library 1655 

Have, Tonko Tjarko ten. 

Karakter, karaktervonning en lichumelijke opvoeding. 
[Den Hnag, 1947, 

20 p. 24 cm. (Oeschrlften van het Jan Lultlng Fonda, no. 16) 
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J 61-587 1 

ig 1959. 
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1. Moral education. 2. Education-Japan. t Nagayuu, Akl- 
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J 61-218 

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^Lv^B^^illE^W Ktt^ttV KS US 
#$f)ttt Bg ft 32 [1957, 
322 p. 22 cm. 
1 Moral education. i. Title, 

Title romantic t: AtaraahllNlhonno dotokukyoUcu. 

LC315.J3K33 J 60-438 t 

Kang Chin lao kung- chiao yti ts'u chin hui. 


246 p. Ulna. 19cm. 

I. Moral education. 2. Teaching. j. Title. 

Title rtmanliet: Wu al chlao yfl tl tao lu. 

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C 61-2441 

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J 60-276 

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Microfilm AC-1 no. 60-1093 Mic 60-1093 

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262 p. 19 cm. 

1. Moral eflucatioa L Title. 

Title romanizet: Gendal no dOtoku kyolku. 

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'I i: v- B|.1i| !. ,_; 4-288,1955, 
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1. Ethics. 2. Moral education. t Title. 

Title romai:ct: III'E.UI toill fli liii. 

Koyama, Buntaro, 1891- 

1C (12-155 

214 p. 10 cm. 

1. Moral education. I. Title. 

Title romanteei: DOtoku kyoIku no wadaL 


J 60-441 

Krasnobaev, H'lli Mironovich. 

BopMHpOBaHuc HpaBCTBCEHBix yfieatflfiEHfl y CTapmnx 
mKOJiiHHEOB. MocKBa, Foe. yieSno-neflaror. KS^-BO, I860. 

159 p. 21cm. 
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Ho ontiia upaBciBeuuoro npocBemeaaji B cpe^acfl mEOJe. 
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BonpocM HpaBCTBCHEoro BocimasHJi micutHHiOB ; cfiop- 
HHK ciaTeft. ,OTB. peflasrop A. A. FopnesCKHfl. TTeHHHrpafl] 
E3fl-BO JEeHHHrpaflCKoro yHHBepcnTera r 1960. 

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the lower socio-economic group. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms [1957, 

((University Ulcroataa, Ann Arbor, Mich,] Publication no. 21,250) 
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intake, 1916- joint ed. 

Title romanizet: DOtokn jlkan o meguru 
roknjnto no glmon. 

Mori, Shinzo, 1896- 



29S p. 19 cm. 

1, Mora] education. 2. BdncaOon Japan. i. Tide. 

IW nmunintf: DMDkn kTBDm no. 


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1. Horn! education. r. Title. 

Title nmanizci: Atarajhll dOtoku 

Ogawa, TarS, 1907- ed. 


ft If X it tt 1858. 
858 p. 19cm. 

1. Moral education. r. Title. 

r( romaniiei: Kokumta no tame no dfltoku kyOlku. 

Oshima, Yasumasa, 1817- 

j 69 _ 14 9 

268 p. 18cm. 

L Moral education. i. Title. 

Tttte Tomantzed: DCtoku kyOUcu o megntte. 



Panfilova, T S 

PaciHTL Deleft BUCOIOHACJIHIJJJH. MocKsa, 1961. 
31 p. 20 cm. (KnHru AJIX pOAHTueA) 
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Qua npiiuepa u ySeatfleHaa B iJiopuiipoBaHHH HOBOFO ie- 
JOBCra, TaniEeHi, CpeflHJiJt H Eticmaa nuco^a yaCCP, 1932. 

BO p. 21 cm. (rm cteaj KI1CC) 
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190 p. 19cm. 
LB775JR8 1861 



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Lt morale bantoue et la probleme de redacation morale lu 
Congo. rBraxenesj UniTeraitt libre da Brnrelles, Institnt 
de sociologie Solviy [19W, 

126 p. 25cm. (Irada itrtealnel. 8) 
LCS808.C6R8 82-83437 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

Salmi, Tadao, 1913- 

485 p. illoi. 22cm, 

1 Moral education. 2, Ethics, Chinese, 8. Taoism. I. Title. 

Title romntiei: CMgoSu nsno no kenkyfl. 


J 61-716 rev t 

Schulte-Repel, Dorothea, 1920- 

Dia ministeriellen Richllinieii fur Volksschulen des Landas 
Nordrhein-"Westfalen in ihren padagogisch-anthropologis- 
chen Voranssetzungen. Miinster, Westfalea, M. Kramer, 


159, [5| p. 21 can. 


Selivanov, Vladimir Ivanovich. 

BocnaianHC BOJTH raKOjiLHHKa. MocEBa, Toe. ytetfHO- 
noflaror. HS^-BO, 1949. 

202p. 20cm. 
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BocnHTHHHe BOJIH mno.iE.HHKa. Ha^. 2., nepep. MocKBa, 
Foe. yqeCHO-neflaror. HS^-BO, 19S4. 

207p. 21cm. 
LC314.R9S4 1954 85-37830 rev J 

Shantung, tfAino. ffAioo y i'injjf, 


1. Moral education. 

. Title. 

Title roamnlsei: Tul hslao IsOeh shSng 
ts8a yang en In hsing p'ln t chlao yfl. 

Shitahodo, Yukichi, 1904- 

C 60-3187 

32 [1957, 

344 p. 19cm. 


J 61-212 t 

SnchodolsH, Bogdan. 

program swieckiego -wychowania moralnego. t Wyd, l.j 
"Warszawa, Nasza Ksieg., 1961. 

119 p, 20 em. (Blblloteka wychowaata moralnego, t 1) 
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Bzup. Warszawa, Naaza Ksiecarnia, 1947. 

1ST p. 20 cm. (Blblloteka dale! pedasoglcznych, 66) 
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Bepwe B ^exoaesa. [MocKaa] Mojso^aji nap^nir, 1960. 
Ulp. 20cm. 
LC314.R9S74 61-34683 J 

tt, MocEBa, 1962. 

62-49917 J 

vskil, Ivan Fomich, 1895- 
HpaBCTaeHHoe BocnHTanae Ae 
178 p, 21cm, 

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Zagadnienin wychowa.aui moralnego. tWyd, l.j War- 
szawa, Pafistwowe Zatlady Wydawn. Szkolnych, 1961. 
858 p. 22 cm. (Problemy wi>6tezesnejo wychoWBnla, t 3) 

t8 62-41834 t 

Tateuchi, Yoshitonio, 1918- 

, 1959. 
22Tp. Mom. 

1 Education-^Iapan 1W5- 2. Moral education. i. Title. 
Tiile romtmteed: Kolumln kyOJIni to dfltokn kyOllra. 


J 61-54 

Uruta, Keiichi, ed. 

201 p. lllDB. 22cm. 

L Moral edncaHon. 2. Dducatlon Japan. L Title. 

Title romanlied: OhflgakkS dOtolcn shlds no kelkakti. 


J 61-63 J 

Wade, Francis C 

Teaching and morality. Chicago, Loyola University 
Press, 10G3. 

260 p. 24cm. 
LC501.W24, 377.2 63-17962 t 

Wakamori, Taro, 1916- 

233 p. IB cm. 

1. Moral edacatlon. 

anaed: Beklahi to ilfltokii 


Wilhelm, Theodor, 1906- 

Sachlichkeit und Menschiichkeit; Eichtpunkte fur die 
sittliche Erziehung in der Gegenwart r vonj Friedrich Oetin- 
ger [pseud.] Stuttgart, J. B. Metzler [1966] 

61 p, 19 cm. (Materiallen 1 ttr die staatsbllrgerllche Fortblldune) 
LC270.W55 66-27786 rev J 

Wu, Chiin-shene, 1901- 

m t-t 

3, 15B p. 18 <ra. 

Colophon title. 

1. SIoi-ul educutlou. j. Title. 

THUS rvmOMiiet: Tfi yU yllun li. 

LC2G8.WO 8t-01B 

Yamada, Sakae, 1002- ed. 

Ill B ##* 

2r. Him. Mem. 

1. Moral cducntlon. i, Title, 

Title nmanbed: DfltnVu J 
lalan to ihlrj-fl l 

LC816.J8Y8 J(!8-:i(U J 


Unione cattolica italiana insegmnti medi. 

La morale, i giovani, la scuola. Eoma, 1958. 
204 p. 20cm. (Luce nolle prof eeslone, 12) 
LC283.U5 61-45389 t 


Little, Lawrence Calvin, 1397- 

Bibliography of doctoral dissertations in character and 
religious education. Pittsburgh, Dept. of Religious Edu- 
cation, University of Pittsburgh, "I960. 
278 p. 29 cm. 

ZT849.L5 016.377 60-522 | 

Prague. Stdtnf pedagogicka knihovna Komenskflio. 

Mravnl vfchova; vybSrov^ seznam literatury zafazenS ve 
Stfitni pedagogickfi knihovng Komenskho v Praze, ustfedni 
pedagogicke knihovne CSR, vs Stitni pedagogicke knihovnS 
v Brn5 a r Slovenskej pedagogicke] kniimci v Bratislava. 
tTJspofadal pracovni kolektiv Stfitnf pedagogic]^ knihovny 
Koroenskelio v Praze. Hlavni redaktor Pravoalav HykeS. 
Yyd. l.j Praha, Stitni pedagogickS aakl., 1959. 

41 p. 21cm. 
Z5814.M7P7 6^-35889 


CuHey, Jack F ed. 

Contemporary values and the responsibility of the college. 
Iowa City, Bureau of Labor and Management, College of 
Business Administration, State University of Iowa [I962j 

61 p. 23 cm. (Bureau o( Labor and Mnnagement, State Unlwr- 
slty of Iowa, Conference series, no. 5) 

Furnkawa, Tesshi, 1912- 


821, 11 p. 17 em. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 


1. Moral education Hlit 2. Education Japan Hut i. Title, 
Title romantxei: Nlhon dfitolra kyOItu Bhl. 


J 61-1814 



Research Planning Workshop on Religious and Character 
Education, Corned University, 1981. 

Research plans formulated at the Research Planning 
"Workshop on Religious and Character Education, Cornell 
University, August 18-29, 1961. Edited by Stuart W. Cook. 
Auspices of the Religious Education Association. t New 
York?] "1962. 

Till, 810 p. 28 cm. 
BV1473.R4 1961 62-2161 

MORAL JUDGMENT see Judgment (Ethics) 



Buchman, Frank Nathan Daniel, 1878- 

RemaHng tha world; the speeches of Frank N. D. Buch- 
man. [New and rev. ed.j London, Blandford Press [1958i 

832 p. lllua. 21cm, 
BJ10.M6B8 1958 170 60-44562 J 

Ch'en, Chi-ylng, 1908- 

ff* Kftitt* fi* SftStKilllKiit R 

S 51 r !962j 

1,183 p. lllus., ports. IB cm. 
Added cover title : When I was In Oaux 

1. Moral rearmament. 2. Buchman, Frank Nathan Daniel, 1878- 
1981. J. TlUe. 

Title rtmaniiiet: Tsal K'o-feng. 

Harraril Univ. Ohlnese- 

C 64-429 

Japanese Library 4218 

Dinger, Clair Melvin, 1927- 

Moral re-armament, a study of its technical and religious 
nature in the light of Catholic teaching. "Washington, Cath- 
olic University of America Press, 1961. 

ill, 188 p. 23 cm. (Catholic TJnlvenlty of America. Studies In 
sacred theology, no. 118) 
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Out of the evil night; translated from the Norwegian by 
John Morrison. London, Blandford Press t 1959j 

loop. nius. 21cm. 

BJ10.M6H553 248.25 61-S8472 t 

Howard, Peter. 

Frank Buchraan's secret. London, Heinemann [1961, 

125 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
BJ10.M6H567 1961 248.25 62-3297 J 

Howard, Peter. 

Frank Buchman's secret t lst American ed.] Garden 
City, N. Y,, Doubleday [1982, -1961] 

142 p. lllua. 22 cm, 
BJ10.M6H667 1962 24855 62-15095 t 

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Neither fear nor favour. London. Blandford Press r 1960, 

238 p. lllus. 23cm. J 

DA568.9.M32A3 923.242 60-52082 t 

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Un chnngement d'espe'rnnee a la rencontre du rarmement 
moral; des tSmoignages, des faits. [Parisj Plon [1958]" 

ill, 283 p. 21 cm. (Tribune Hbre, 3B) 
B J10.M6M3 A 59-3263 rev 

Illinois. TTnlv. Llbrnry 

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Fresh hope for the world: moral re-armament in action. 
Transited from the French by Helen Hardinge. [London] 
Longmans ( 1960j 

215 p. 23 cm. 
BJ10.M6M33 248.26 60-50439 rev J 


Howard, Peter. 

Design for dedication; selections from a series of ad- 
dresses. Foreword by Richard Cardinal Gushing. Chicago, 
Regnery t 1964] 

102 p. 17 cm. 
BJ10.M6H564 248.25081 64-23017 

see Copyright Moral rights 

MORAL THEOLOGY see Christian ethics; 
Christian ethics [various denominational] 
authors, e. g. Christian ethics Anglican 

MORAL VIRTUES see Cardinal virtues 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Atomic warfare- Psychological 
aspects; Employee morale; Fortitude; 
Military discipline; Psychological war- 
fare; Psychology, Military; Soldiers 
Recreation; War Psychological 

Alonso Rodriguez, Edison. 

La moral militar y las fuerzaa morales. Montevideo, 
Centro Militar [1959] 

240 p. 19 cm. (Blblloteca General ArrJgas, v. 42) 
U22.A44 64-12093 J 

Baranov, Alekse! Onufrievich. 

BoeHnaa TexnnKa H MopajitHO-Coeniie Ka^ecisa Bonna. 
MocKsa, Boen. HS^-BO, 1961. 

79 p. 20cm. 
U22.B3 62-37248 J 

Borojevic", Branko J. 

Druga strana rata; problem! borbenog morala. Beograd, 
Vojnoizdavac'ki zavod "Vojno delo," 1959. 

205 p. 20cm. (VoJEa blblloteka. Nail placl, knj. 16) 
U22.B58 60-42140 t 

Botojevid, Branko J 

Moraine vaspitanje u armiji. Beograd [Vojno delo, 1964. 
100 p. 21cm. (Mala vojna blblioteia, 16) 
U22.B6 59-21062 rev \ 

Bowman, Alien. 

The morale of the American Revolutionary Army. Introd. 
by Arthur Pope. Port WashingtoniJN'. T., Kermikat Press 
,1964, '1943, 

160 p. 22cm. 
E255.B76 1964 973.344 64-25652 

Coker, Avni. 

Kit'ada moral gahgnmlar. Ankara, 1. No. Basunevi, 1951. 
56 p. 24 cm. (Gokur. Bask, yayinlari) 
TJ22.C55 NE 62-448 

Goss, Hilton Proctor, 1903- 

Civilian morale under aerial bombardment, 1914-1989. 
Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., Documentary Research Di- 
vision, Air University Libraries, Air University, 1948. 

2 v. (T, 296 I.) 26 cm. ([U. S. : AJr University. Documentary 
research study) 
UG630.G68 358.42 49-5370 rev* 

Kim, Song-jin. 

ffifce 4281,1948) 
IM p. pert*. 18 cm. 

in n. fjaMP^KMffsm : p. oo-iw. 

1. Morale, 2. Military art and science. S. War. t YI, Kyn- 
w6n, joint author, n. Title, m. Title : Ghosfln kimsa popira. 

Title ronumized: Hwnrangdo kyef unjr 
ChusOn kunsa po^nm, 

K 64-358 
Harvard Univ. Chinese- Japanese Library 8924 

Lemus, Jose" Maria, Pres. Salvador, 1911- 

Etica militar. San Salvador, Ministerio del Interior, 

67 p. Ulna. 10 cm. 
U22.L4 53-28032 rev J 

Milovidov, Arsenii Stepanovich. 

Mopantntift EO^eKC H HpascTBeHHoe DocnaiaHHC BOHHOB. 
MocKsn, Been. HS^-BO, 1964. 

83 p. 20cm. 
U717.E9M5 64-52244 

Tolmachev, Ivan Ivanovich. 

YcTaBH o MOpajitHO-fioeBHx Ka^ecisax coseiCKHX BOHHOB. 
MocKsa, Boen. SSR-SQ, 1961. 

96 p. 17cm. 
U22.T6 62-45585 J 

Turkmen, Faik, ed. 

ManeTi silah: moral. Ankara, ahin Matbaasi, 1968- 

v. 20cm. 
U22.T8 NE 63-704 

U. S. of the Army. 

Character guidance discussion topics : Duty, honor, coun- 

T. Illus. 24-26 cm. 
U22.U4S 61-61080 \ 

Bonpocn naiHTHiecKoro H BOHHcxoro BOcnnraEHx; 

craieft. [Pe^aErop-cocTaBHTejB E. M. flenncoB] MocKsa, 
BOCH. HS^-BO, 1961. 

220 p. 21cm. 
U71T.R9V6 62-49589 t 


Sprung:, G M C 

The soldier in our time, an essay. Philadelphia, Dorrance 


167 p. 20cm, 


MORALE, EMPLOYEE see Employee morale 

16th cent. 

Backsbacka, Ingjald. 

Luis de Morales. Helsingfors, 1962. 

330 p. illus. 24 cm. (Socletas Scientlarum Fennlca Commen- 
tatlones humanarnm lltterarum, 81) 

P9.F5 t.31 A 64-368 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

Adolfo Morales de los, 1858-1928 


see also Drama, Medieval; Mysteries 
and miracle-plays 



Bevington, David M 

From Mankind to Marlowe; growth of structure in the 
popular drama of Tudor England. Cambridge, Harvard 
University Press, 1962. 

810 p. 25 cm. 
PR646.B4 1962 822.209 62-9424 t 

MORALITY see Ethics 

MORALS see Conduct of life; Ethics 

MORALS AND ART see Art and morals 

MORALS AND LAW see Law and ethics 

and morals 

MORALS AND WAR see War and morals 


Valsecchi, Marco. 

Italian moderns : De Chirico, Carra, Morandi. New York, 
Abrams (1959j 

75 p. 38 Ulus. (part coL) 17 cm. (The Pocket library of great 
ND623.C56V3 759.5 59-7242 


Cutlack, Frederic Morley, 1886- 

Breaker Morant: a horseman who made history; with a 
selection of his bush ballads. Sydney, U. Smith t 1962] 

176 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
DU114.M6C8 63-34183 J 


CarriDo Moreno, Jos& 

Pfo Gil. "El Capitan Tric6fero," Cipriano Castro; pan- 
fleto inedito por Pfo Gil t pseud.] Caracas, Tip. Vargas, 1955. 

185, [4, p. ports,, facslm. 23 cm. (Blblloteca "Hocinante," 2) 
PQ8549.M72Z58 61-41470 rev 


Redick, Patricia Cooghenour. 

An interpretation of Leandro Fernandez da Moratin the 
man. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1959j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-4405 Mac 59-4465 

Pittsmirgh. Unlv. Llbr. 



Joksimovic', Milntin. 

Odredivan]'e veliMh voda u sEvu Velike Morave. Beo- 
grad, 1958. 

70 p. maps, dlngrs., tables. 20 cm. (Ixdanje Saveznog hldro- 
meteoroloSkog lavoda. Kasprave I stndUe, 6) 


MORAVIA, ALBERTO, pseud, see Pincherle, 
Alberto, 1907- 



Ahnanach MM; vlastivfidnfi price Moravskfito muzea. 1- 


V Erne, KrajskS nakl. 
v. Illus. 23x29cm. 
DB541A65 63-27425 

Severn! Morava; vlastiv?dnf sbcanflc. [Sv. l,- 

Sumperk (Vydala vlastividni. muzea na Sumpersk^m okrese 
etc.] 1957- ' 

v. In Illus., ports, maps. 23 cm. 



Adimek, FrantiSek. 

Pravefce hradisko u Obfan. Brno, KJajsk^ nakl.. 1961. 

230 p. mm., ports,, maps. 30 cm. (MonograflckS price Morar- 
sWho mnzea v Bm5, sv. 1) 
H81.B68 sv.l 63-61848 

Jelinek, Jan, writer on cave-drmoingt. 

Anthropologie der Bronzezeit in MaLren. [PfeL Dr. 
Grunaj V Brn5, Moravskfi muzenm, Oddelenl pro diluvium 
"Anthropos," 1959. 

181 p. 59 plates, tables. 29 cm. (Anthropoj, tndle z ooorft an- 
tropologte, paleoetnologle a kvarteml geolorfe, 10 (N 32)) 
GN778.M6J415 64-40658 

Tihelka, Karel. 

Cezavy u Blu^iny ve svMe archeologick^ch vyzfcumu a 
nalezu. [l.vyd.j Brno, KrajskS nakl., 1957 
t H, ,T, p. lllns., map. 21 cm. (Vlastlvedna buhovoa moravska, 
GN2.V5 5.1 


Briinn. Universita. Knifimna. 

Minulost jizni Sloravy [Soupis literaturyj ( Archeobgick^ 
vyzkum Mikuluc, Pohnnska a Stnr^ho SIfeta) Sest 
Bozena Kyjovska. V Brne, 1963. 

Sip. 2lcm. (/MVyberovtueznam, 86) 
Z2124.M6B7 64^31831 


Olomouc, Moravia. Statni vMecki knihovna. 

Severomoravskf fcraj ; soupis publikacl a clinku. 

v. 29cm. (PublIkace) 
Z706.O44 64-33474 


Wegener, Wflhelm. 

Bohmen/Mahren und das Eeich im Hochmittelalter; 
Untersuchungen zur staatsre<;htlichen Stellung Bohmsna 
und Mahrens im Deutschen Reich des Mittelalters. 919-1253. 
Koto, Bohlau, 1959. 

271 p. 23 cm. (Ostmltteleuropa In Verganjenhelt und Geeen- 

62-37572 { 


Hruby, Karel Otto. 

Jizni Morava. iVyd. l.j V Brn?, ICrajske nakl., 1958. 
186 p. Dins. 81 on. 
DB549.-2.H7 60-22385 | 

Hurban, Jozef Miloslav, 1817-1888. 

Ceata Slovika k sloyanskym bratom na Morave a r Ce- 
chach, 1839. [PreL, poznamky a vysvetlivky spracoral 
Jozef AmbrnS. 1. vyd.] Bratislava, Slovenske' vydavHteT- 
stvo krasnej literatury, 1960. 

258 p. 21 on. ( PamatI a dokumentr, PI. 13) 
DB198.H818 1960 61-42786 J 

Hurban, Jozef Miloslav, 1817-1888. 

Obrazy ze slovenskSho zivota. ( Vybral a uspoMdal Jin 
Be^er. PfaL, doslov a poznamky napsala Anna. KfemenS- 
kova. Vyd. l.j Praha, Statni nakL krisnfi literatury, 
hudby a um?nl, 1960. 

325 p, Illus. 21 en. (Slovenski knlnoma, sv.S) 
DB678.H83 61-41620 J 

Sitaf, Ivan. 

Horolezecke" terfny na MoravS. jl. vyd.] Praha, Spor- 
tovni a luristicke nakl., 1960. 

21Bp. Illus. 17cm. 
G510.S52 61-30098 J 


Morava: tisIcOeti trtdice atatu t kultary. Jaroalav 
Bohm tet aL VJdeokf redaktor JarosUv Bohm. Vyd. l.j 
Praha, KtkL CeakoeloTenakfi akademie vecL 1968. 

OS p. llloi, faataa. 21 cm. 
BB557.V4 65-60451 

Htjonan, Pavel. 

Cesiy Mied nastroral FrsntdSefc Pfikryl t Vyd- L, 
Gottwaldov, Erajakfi nkL, 1960. 
SST p. ulna. 24 cm, 

62-48193 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Spacil, Jindfich. 

Lasky a rebelie; romanova kronika z JSasn nirodnlho pro- 
buzeni Moravy. [Vyd. l.j V Brne, ErajskS nakL [1961] 

415 p, lllus. 21 cm. 
PQS038.S67L3 62-49169 J 


Mikulov, Moravia. Okresni vlastivSdne" muzemn. 
Zpr&vy. led./un. 1959- 


Y. UlBS., maps. 20cm. 


Moravskfi zemske desky, 1480-1612. n-in. C V Brne, Said. 
Zemske banky pro Moraru a Slezsko, 1948,-57. 

2 v. In 4. fncslnis. 35 cm. 
DB543.MG7 55-32537 rev 

Prameny dojin moravskfch. 

T. faeslma 26 cm, 



Moravia (Margravats) Zemsky mem. 
Schluss des Landtages. 



Gottwaldov, Czechoslovak Republic (City) Krajsltf vlasti- 
vJdrrf ustav. 

Lidova kultura v^chodnf Moravy. t l. vyd., Gottwaldov, 

215 p. Ulua. 25 cm. (/* Studle, 5. 29) 
AS142.G6A3 voL2 62-69164 J 

Gottwaldov, Czechoslovak Republic (City) Oblastnf muzeum 
jihorf chodnl Moravy. 

Lidovi fcultura. vychodni Moravy; sbornlk narodopisn^ch 
Brno, Krajskfi nakL 

T. lllns,, music. 24 cm. 
NK944.M6G6 62-59061 



Gregory, Henry, clergyman. 

Historical sketches of early Moravia and St. Matthew's 
Church, Moravia, N. Y. [Moravia! 1956] 

llliL 28cm. 

F129.M767G7 60-38919 \ 


Gregory, Henry, clergyman. 

Historical sketches of early Moravia and St. Matthew's 
Church, Moravia, N. Y. [Moravia? 1956] 

jUil 28cm, 
F129.M767G7 60-38919 J 



Moravia and Silesia. Zerrwki sostupitelttvi. 

Zpriva o stavu a sprav vecl ndleJejicfch do pfisobnosti 
Zemskelio zastupitelstva. 

v. tables, maps, 29 cm, annual. 
HC267.M8A27 60-66811 


Drebert, Ferdinand. 

Alaska missionary, a testimony to God's faithfulness, and 
to the power of the Gospel. From the experiences of Ferdi- 
nand Drebert, for forty two years a Moravian missionary to 
the Eskimos of the Lower Kuskokwim River and the Bering 
Coast Bethlehem, Pa., Distributors: Moravian. Book Shop 
r 1959, 

1SS p. llluj. 23 cm. 
E99.E7D68 970.626646798 59-49222 J 

Oswalt, Wendell H 

Mission of change in Alaska: Eskimos and Moravians on 
the Koskokwim. Sun Marino, Calif., Huntington library. 

x, 170 p. mnps. 24 cm. 
E99.E708 917.98 68-19785 


Niebauer, Jan. 

Liturgie. Pf edml. opatril Jan Petrik. V Praze, Vydala 
Uzku, rada Jednoty bratrsk6 v Ustfednlm cfrkevnin nakL, 

211 p. SO on. 
BX8574.N5 60-43028 I 


MORAVIAN TALES see Tales, Moravian 


see also Bohemian Brethren 

Michel, Bernard E 

The belfry that moved, and other stories based on Ameri- 
can Moravian history. Illustrated by Ted "Wolfl. [Beth- 
lehem, Pa., Comenius Presa, 1959, 

64 p. lllus. 20cm. 
PZ7.M5816Be 60-23471 J 


Eller, Ernest McNefll, 1903- 

Salem: star and dawn. Foreword by J. Kenneth Pfohl. 
TV'inston -Salem, X. C., Woman's Fellowship, Monivinn 
Cliurch South [1962j 

86 p. Illua. 23 cm. 
F264.AV8E4 975.667 G2-21020 J 


Dribek, Jaroslav. 

Cteni o Moravslr^ch bratHch. New York [UniverBnm 
Press, 1062. 

68 p. 21 cm. 
BX8566.D7 68-36288 t 

McCorkle, Donald Macomber. 

The Moravian contribution to American music. Winston- 
Snlem, Moravian llusic Foundation, 1956. 

10 p. 23 cm. (iloravlnn lluslc Foundation. Publlcntlons, no. 1) 
AIL200.M24 62-3869 


Vratislavsky', Jan. 

Moravske kvarteto, 1923-1955. t l. vyd. 3 Praha jPanton, 

128 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Knllnlee Hudebnfch roihledfl. fiada A. 




Moravsky Krumlov; sedm set let mesta nad Rokytnon. 
[Uspofidal Miloslav Jurak s okruhem spolupracovnlkU] V 
BrnE, Krajske nakl., 1960. 
105 p. lllus. 21cm. 

DB879.M67M6 63-37310 J 


Endler, Mieczyslaw. 

Merofl MapHana MopascKoro. [ITepeBOA c noiBCKoro 

C. IIpOHHHa. MoCKBEj ITpO$H3flaT, 1956. 

27 p. 20 cm. (Hs onura HOBatopoa crpaa napoxnofi xeMoxpaTKH) 
HD8039.T42P617 61-40397 J 


Morawski, Stanislaw, 1802-1853. 

Kilka lat mlodo&i mojej w Wilnie, 1818-1825. Opracc- 
wali i \vstepem poprzedzili Adam Czartkowski i Henryk 
MoscickL [IVyd. 1. Warszawai Panstwowy Instytut 
Wydawniczy, 1959. 

640 p. lllus. 22cm. (Blblloteka pamletnlkSw potaklch 1 obcycn) 
DK435.5.SI7A3 1959 60-31366 J 



Hanvood, Alice. 

No smoke without fire; the tragedy of Mary Stuart's 
brother James. [Indianapolisj Bobbs-Merrill [1964, 
3dv, 530 p. 22cm. 



AMERICA, 1792-1842 

Alvarado Garcfa, Ernesto, 1904- 

La obra progreaista del general Francisco Moraz&n. 
[Tegucigalpa] Ministerio de Educncion Publica, 1960. 

38 p. 22 cm. (Onadernos cnlturales, 1) 
F1488.M8162 62-41777 

Duenas T , Ricardo. 

Biograffa del general Francisco Morazan. t l. ed.] San 
Salvador, Ministerio de Educacion, Departamento Editorial 
t 1961, 

443 p. lllus. 21 on. (OoleccWn Certamen national de cnltnra, 

F1438.M8168 62-66807 J 

Gnier, Enrique. 

El General Morazan. San Jos^, Costa Rica, A. Lehmann 

162 p. 20 cm. 
F1438.M8173 64-81023 

Lainez, Jos^ Jorge. 

Francisco eterno. San Josfi, Costa Bica, Impr. Kacional 

35 p. 21 cm. 
F1438.M8177 60-33972 J 

MORBID ANATOMY see Anatomy, Pathological 



France. Institut national de la statistique et des gfades 

Nomenclature des hameaux, ecarts et lieuxdits du Morbi- 
han. [Rennes, I960?, 

2 pta. In 1 v. 27 cm. 
DC611.M832A5 1960 63-54746 


France. Institut national de la statistique et des Stvde* 

Bulletin regional de statistique : Bretagne (Cotes-du-Nord, 
Finistere, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan) 

T. In maps, dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. quarterly. 
HA1228.B7A3 64-41872 

France. Institut national de la atatistiqve et des Studet 

Situntion demographique, economique et sociale dans la 
region: Bretagne (C6tes-du-Nord, Finistere, Ille-et-Vilaine, 

v. diugrs., tables. 2T cm. annual. 

HA1228.B7A33 64-44080 


Millar, George Reid. 

Oyster Kiver; one summer on an inland sea. London, 
Bodley Head ( 1963, 

190 p. lllus., mnp (on lining papers) diagrs. 23cm. 
DC611.M832M5 1963 63-25364 

Millar, George Reid. 

Oyster River; one summer on an inland sen. [1st Amer- 
ican ed.j New York, Knopf, 1964 ["1963, 

268 p. lllus., map, dlagra. 22 cm. 
DC6U.M882M6 1964 64-12318 


Gnstaw Morcinek w 70-lecie urodzin. t Wyd. 1. Katowice, 
Slask, 1961. 

158 p. lllus., ports. 21 cm. 
PG7158.M577Z68 62-49160 


Deguer, Andrei 

Museo Rieder, Ikonen. Icons. [Die Ubersetzungen be- 
sorgten: Hans Freiherr von Eedwitz ins Englische; Alice 
Eahmer, Henri Giraud ins Franzosische ; Susanne Kien- 
lechner ins Italienische, Munchen, Berghaus [1962, 

121 p. plates (part coL) map. 37 cm. 
N7969.D4 704.9482 64-6137 


Scott, Virgil, 1914- 

I, John Mbrdaunt. [1st ed.. New York, Harcourt, Brace 
& TVorld [1964, 

Ijf, 481 p. 22 cm. 
PZ3.S4299I 64-14634 rev 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institnt iazyka, 
literatury, istorii i Ekonomiki. 

CoseiCKaji MopflOBaa; [Oiepira, nocsameHHiie SO-jierniD 
pecnydaHKii. Ilofl pefl. T. 51. MepKymEHnaj CapanCK, 
MopsoBCKoe roc. H3fl-BO, 1950. 

840 p. ports. 21 cm. 
DK511.M57S3 52-42874 rev 


30 i MopflOBCsofl ACCP, 1930-1960. tEofl pe^. A. Jl. KHCC- 
Ba H K. A. KoTKOBaj CapaHCK, MopflOBCKoe KHHKHOC H3fl- 
BO, 1961. 

205 p. llliu. 21 cm. 
HC337JH56T7 62-44666 t 


fAshkin, Ivan Andreevich. 

OopKHpOBaHne HopflOBCKOft ccmHtUiHcrmecKOtt HIUHH. 
CapaHCK, MopflOBCEoe KHHatnoe HS^-BO, 1960. 

127 p. 21cm. 
DK61LM57I2 61-36817 J 

Kommunisticheskaia partita Sovetskogo Soiuza. MordovikR 
dblastnoi komitet. Partiinyl arkhiv. 

3a BJiacTB COBCTOB; cCopniiE BocnoiiHEaHuft yiaciHnsOB 
6opi6ii 3a yCTaHOB-ienne n VKpenjieHHC cose-rcKOft BJiacra B 
MopflOBCKOli ACCP. [Pe,a;aKTopH : H. H. JTotfaHOB, M. II. 
PoManoB] CapancK, MopjosCKoe KHIIHCHOC ii3 r i(-BO, 1957. 

126 p. lllus. 21cm. 
DK265.8.M55K6 61-29822 t 

Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institut iazyka, 
literatury, istorii i Ekonomiki. 

,3JoKyjieHTH ir Maiepiia/iu no ncTOpiut Mop^oBCKofl 
ACCP. EGA pej. HncTUTyia iicTopnn AKa^eMiiu HEVK 
CCCP. CapaHCK, 19 

v. 22cm. 
DK511.MB7S2" 51-17685 rev 


Lychagin, Viktor Alekseevich. 

KoMroiCKCHoe passHiHe npOHtmueHHOcm SKOHOMHie- 
csoro paflOEa H Tpy^oBBie pecypcu. MocKsa, MHCZL, 1864. 

90 p. ->0 cin. 
HC337.M56L8 64-59931 


Eiselev, A L 

ConiiajmcTniecxaH EyjiiTypa MopflOBHK. CapaHCK, Mop- 

flOBCKOe KHHSKHOe H3A-BO, 1959. 

819 p. 21cm. 
DK511.M57K5 61-23884 J 


Mordovskaya A, S. S. R. Constitution, 

KoHCfiiTya;iiJt (ocHOBitott aanon) Mop.iOBCKOtl ABTOHOM- 
Hoil CoBeTCEOfi Comia-iiiCTniecKOtt PecnyC.tnKH. C iisue- 
Heiiiurui! n flono-iHeniiHiiu, npuHHTHjin aa 7. ceccnii Bep- 
XOBHOPO Coseia MopflOBCioft ACCP 4. coauua. CapaucE, 
MopflOBCEoe KHiivKnoe ii3^-BO, 1058. 
21 p, 20 era. 



xoaaftcTBo MopflOBcroft ACCP; craTHcriiCKHft 
ctfopmiK. 1958- 

T. table*. 28 cm. 
HA1448.M59Ny 58-42768 rev 


Mordovskaya A. S. S. R. ConstUution. 

KoHCTHTynHa (OCHOBHO* saron) Mop^oscEoS ABTOHOM- 
Hoit CoBcrcKoa CcmHaiHCTHMCKOft Pecny&iEiH. C HSJts- 
HennaiiH u flonoJiHenHjtME, npnHjmiMH Ha 3. CCCCHH Bcp- 
XOBHOIO Coaeia Mopfloscsoft ACCP 5, cosasa. Capancr, 

MopflOBCKOt JCHBZHOC H3fl-BO, 1960. 

Zip. 20cm. 


MORDVA LANGUAGE see Mordvinlan language 


Saransk, Russia. Nanchno-issledovatel'skil institut iazyfca, 
literatuiy, istorii i 4konomikL 

O^epjot MopflOBCKHX aiaiexrOB. [Peflarropti: M. H. 
KoiKSCHioB, O. H. ^yflaeaaj Capancr, MopfloacKoe KHrac- 

HOC B3fl-B0, 1961- 

T. 28cm. 
PH77TJ38 63-46485 J 


Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institut fizyka, 
literatury, istorii 1 ekonomiki. 

3p3HncKO-pyccKiifl uoBapb. M. H. Ko.iaflcu- 
KOB H H. <I>. n;ttraHOB, nofl pe^. fl. B. EySpnxa. 1,1,000 OOB. 
C npmioxeniieM KpaTKoro rpaMMarjiiecEoro oiepsa 3p3jra- 
CKOTO astina, coctaB.ieHHoro M. H. KoJiflflenEOBuH. Mo 
CKBa, Foe. H3fl-B0 HHOcrpaHHHx n naiiHOHajiiHHX tnosapefl 
1949. ' 

292 p. map. 21cm. 
PR775.S28 50-18310 rev 

Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovaterskn institnt iazyka, 
literatnry, istorii 1 konomiki. 

PyccKO-3p3ancKnft c-ioaapL; no^ oSmefl pe^. M. H. Ko4a- 
AenicoBa H H. O. E^tiranoBa. OEOJO 25 000 CIOB. MocsEa, 
Toe. n3fl-BO HHocipaHHBix H HaquonajiBHuic cjiosapefl 1948 

<13p. 21cm. 

PH77S.S3 49-19651 rev* 

Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institut iazyka, 
literatury, istorii i Ekonomiki. 



6Sp. 20cm. 
PH775.S314 55-59883 rev t 


Jtthasz, Jen6. 

Moksn-mordvin szdjegjze^. Gyfijtotte ds kkddsra elfl- 
Wszitetta Juhasz JenS, sajt6 all rendezte Erdflyi Istvan. 
Budapest, Akad&niai KiadS, 1981. 

262p, 20cm. 

PH775.J8 61-37356 

Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institut fazyka, 
literatury, istorii i ikonomiki. 

MoKiuaHCEO-pyccEiiil tioaapi,. CocTaairjH C. F. IIoTan- 
KHH H A. K. HuxpesoB; no^ pea. R. B. ByCpnxa. OEOJO 
17000 C.TOB. C npEJioaceEnCM EpaiEoro rpaMuaTiinecKoro 
o^epsa MOKraaHCEoro a3HEa, cociaEaeKHoro C. F. IIoTanKH- 
HHU. MocKBa, Foe. HS^-BO HHOcrpaHHHx H Ha^HOHaJII.HHx 
ciOBapeft, 1949. 

359 p. 21 cm. 

PH775.S29 50-24096 rev 

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PyccKo-MOKmaucKnft c-ionapii. CocTaama C. F. Horan- 
IHH H A. K. HnpeKOB. OTBetCTBeHHHtt pe^aKiop F. R. 
MepEymKiiH. OKOJIO 40 000 CJIOE. C npHJOVKCHKeM rpaMMa- 
TH^CCIHX TaC^im pyccEoro ^3UKa. MocEaa, Foe. iisfl-BO 
HHOcrpaHHBix H HaiinonajiiHux csoaapett, 1951. 

688 p. 21cm. 

PH775.S32 52-30471 rev 

Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-lssledovatel'skil institnt iazyka, 
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^ecEiix repMHHOB. O^o6pen Hayi. ceccnett no sonpocaii 
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6Tp. 20cm. 
PH775.S33 55-38770 rev 


Johasz, Jenff. 

Mokssi-mordvin szfijegyzflc GyB]'tfitta ea Madasra e!6- 
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Budapest, Akad&iuai Ead6, 1961. 

262 p. 20cm. 
PH775.J8 61-37366 


Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-Issledovatel'sfcU inatitnt fiuyka, 
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3p3HncEO-pyccEiilt cJiOBapt. CocrasHiH M. H. KojafltH- 
KOB H H. 0>. DiuraHOB, no* peA. A- B - BySpnxa. 15,000 CIOB. 
C npiuoxeHHeii ipaiKoro rpajmaiHiecKOTO o^epta 3paH- 
croro snra, cocraBJCBHoro M. H. KoMflEHEOBUii. Mo- 
cjcsa. Foe. na^-BO HHOcrpaHHHx H nan;HOHaitHHX ciosapH, 

292 p. map. 21 cm. 
PR776.S28 50-18310 rev 

Saransk, Russia. Nauchno-issledovatel'skfl institnt fizyka, 
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MomiaHCKO-pyccEHfl cjosapi- Cocraeitiii C. T. IIoTan- 
ran H A. K. HM*pexoB; noj pc^. ^. B. ByOpHxa, OEOJO 
17000 CJOB. C npHaoxenaot KpaTKoro rpaxicaTireecKoro 
oiepKa MOKmaHCEOro aairea, cociaweHHoro C. F. 
BUM. MocKsa, Foe. BTSS-BO HHOCTpasr^sx R HaHB 
dOBapeft, 1949. 

859 p, 21cm. 


50-24066 rer 

MORDVINIAN TALES see Tales, MordvUdan 



Ivanov, Petr Petrovich, 1886-1942. 

Maiepna-iH no jrcropmi Mop^Bti vm-xi BB. ; ^HCBHHB: ap- 
xeojioraiecEHx pacitoqoK. [KpitjEOBCEO-KpEHOBCKnft MO- 
roJLEHE. Pefl. n aciyn. irraTi.^ A. U. CnHpHOBa. Mop- 
maiicKi HS.H. MopmaHCKoro EpaeBejHecsoro iivsea 1952 

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Saransk, Russia. Kauchno-issledovatel'sku institnt iazyka, 
literatury, istorii i konomiki. 

^OKyneHTH n uarepna-iu nu iicmpnii j\top^oncKO(i 
ACCP. Ilcy pej. HncraTyTa iicropiin Ana^eiimi uayE 
CCCP. CapanCK, 19 

T. 22cm. 
DK511.il57S27 51-17685 rev 


Ignoffo, Carlo Michael. 

The life history and ga]] development of Mordwilkoja. 
vagabundn TVnlsh, (Homoptera: Aphididae) on Populus 
deltoides ilarsli. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rl58i 
dUnlTersltj- Mlcrofllma, Ann .Arbor, Slich.j ImbUcatlon no 24688) 
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Minnesota. Univ. LIbr. 

MORE, HANNAH, 1745-1833 

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High above Qie sun; lives of St Thonus More and BL 
Edmund Campion, Pulsski, Wia, Frtuioiscan Pnbliahera, 
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Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Roper, William, 1496-1678. 

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MORE LANGUAGES see Moss i languages 


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critical essay of 1878. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 
t 195B] 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 13,099) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 13,099 

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Harvard Dnlv. Library 

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The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in collaboration 
with the Art Institute of Chicago. Garden City, N. Y., 
Distributed by Doubleday r !961j 

184 p. lllus. (part col) 24cm. 
ND553.R35N4 759.4 61-17804 

see Maupertuis, Pierre Louis Moreau de, 

MOREIRA, JUAN, 1819-1874 

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Buenos Aires rlmpr. Lopez, 1959. 

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t,, 3 ? 5 p ' i, Ind - facatoa --' 82, 8, 40 p. 2 ports. (1 coL) ) 24 cm. (Bl- 
blloteca Naclonal de Mexico. InsUtnto Blbllogrtflco Uerlcano. 
Pnbllcadones, 9) 
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Evolucidn de las localidades en el Estado de Morelos 
segun los censos de poblacion, 1900-1950. Mexico, 1962 

112 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
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Tirlau, Andre's. 

Morelos historico y romdntico. Morelos historic and ro- 
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Cuernavaca, Mexico. Universidad de Morelos. Centra da 
Estudios Historians Fray Bernardino de Sdhagun. 

Boletfn de divulgacion cultural, [no.] 1- primavera 

no. in v. 29 cm. quarterly. 
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B v. 24 cm. (ColeccWn HevolucWn Mexicana) 
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Holt Buttner, Elizabeth. 

Evolucion de las localidades en el Estado de Morelos 
segun los censos de poblaci6n, 1900-1950. Mexico, 1962. 

112 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
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Moreno, Gabriel, Pres. Ecuador, 1821-1875 


Sanabria Fernandez, Hernando. 

Gabriel Rene 1 Moreno. [Mexico, Editorial Cultura, 1961] 
54 p, lllns. 23 cm. 
F3320.6.M6S3 63-28368 t 


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Lettres a Marguerite Moreno. Texte 6tabli e t annotfi par 
Claude Pichois. Paris, Flommarion [1959] 
366 p. ports. 21 cm. 

A 61-1131 
Harrard Dnlv. Library 

MORENO, MARIANO, 1778-1811 

Dorcas Berro, Rolando. 

j"Delenda est" Moreno? Buenos Aires, 1961 ,i e. 1962, 

Sip. lllus. 27cm. > i "i 

F2845.M8465 63-28427 J 

Galvan Moreno, C 

Mariano Moreno, el numen de la Revoluci6n de Mayo. [1. 
ed., Buenos Aires, Editorial Claridad [I960] 

221 p. 21 cm. (Blblloteca de grnndes blograHas, ser. B, v, 17) 
F2845.M2515 61-26785 1 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MORENO, MARIANO, 1778-1811 (Continued) 

Levene, Ricardo, 1885-1959. 

Ensayo histdrico sobre la Revoluckin de Mayo y Mariano 
Moreno ; contribucion al estudio de log aspectos politico, ju- 
ridico y ecouomico de la Kevoluci6n de 1810. 4. ed. corr. 
y ampliada. [Buenos AireSj Ediciones Peuser [I960] 

3 v. lllus., port., mnps, facslms , tables. 24 cm. 
F2845.L663 60-40188 

Martinez Zuvirfa, Gustavo Adolfo, 1883- 

Afio X [porj Hugo Wast jpseud.j 2. ed. Buenos Aires, 
Thau Editores, 1960. 

820 p. 19 cm. (Hti Obraa completes, t. 89) 
F2846.M35 1960 63-68] 63 J 

Pardo, Roman Francisco, ed. 

Mariano Moreno. [Documentos, Nbta preliminar de Luis 
Peralta Ramos. Adhesion al sesquicentenario de la Revo- 
lution de Mayo. Buenos Aires, Casa Pardo, 1960. 

171 p. ports., facslms. 32 cm. (Institute Bonaerense de Numls- 
matlca y AnUguedades. Documentos, 1) 
F2845.M85S 61-39975 


Ferraz, Geraldo. 

Rosario Moreno ; peintures 1954-1961. [Sao PauJoj Musen 
de Arte de Sao Paulo [1961] 
68 p. lllns. 16 cm. 

ND339.M03F4 62-1139 J 


Trinka, Z'dena. 

Medora; the secret of the Badlands. Centennial ed. 
(Lidgerwood, N. D., First Award Books [I960] 

279 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
F644.M4M6 1960 978.494 61-20943 t 

MOHET, JOSE DE, b. 1615 

Campion y Jaime-Bon, Arturo, 1854-1936. 

Algo de Mstoria. Pamplona, Impr. y Lib. de Erics y 
Garcia, 19 

(Hia Euskartana, 4., 7., 11. ser.) 
Microfilm 8208 DP Mic 52-466 rev 


Haldane, Charlotte (Franken) 1894- 

Daughter of Paris: the life story of Celeste Mogador, 
Comtesse Lionel de Moreton de Chabrillan, told by herself 
and Charlotte Haldane. London, Hutchinson [1961] 

254 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
PN2638.C5H3 68-55289 J 


Mackaness, George, 1882- ed. 

The discovery and exploration of Moreton Bay and the 
Brisbane River (1739-1823) with an introd., notes, and com- 
mentary. Svdney, D. S. Ford, Printers, 1956. 

2 v. lllus. "25 cin. (Australian historical monographs, no. 33-86) 
DU280.M7M3 994.3 59-53202 J 

MOREY, SAMUEL, 1762-1843 

Hodgson, Alice Doan. 

Samuel Morey; inventor extraordinary of Orford, New 
Hampshire. Orford, Historical Fact Publications, "1961. 
24 p. illus. 24 cm. 

VM140.M8H6 926.238 61-4299 

MORGAN, ANN, pseud. 

Morgan, Ann, pseud. 

Letters to my lovers. Boston, Bruce Humphries [1963] 
123 p 22 cm. 
PS3563.08L4 816.54 63-19787 

MORGAN, CHARLES, 1894-1958 

Duffin, Henry Charles, 1884- 

The novels and plays of Charles Morgan. London, Bowes 
& BOWPS [1989, 

221 p. llliia. 23 cm. 
PB6025.0645Z64 822.91 60-648 t 

Lacher, Walter. 

L'amour et le divin : Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Ann 
de Noailles, David-Herbert Lawrence, Charles Morgan. 
[Genevej Perret-Gentil t 1961, 

16* p. 22cm. 
PQ145.1.L6L8 63-28685 t 

MORGAN, DANIEL, 17367-1802 

Cauahan, North. 

Daniel Morgan, ranger of the Revolution. [1st ed.] New 
York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston ,1961] 

842 p. illii9. 22 cm. 
E207.MSC3 923.573 61-5300 t 

Higginbotham, Don. 

Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary rifleman. Chapel Hill, 
Published for the Institute of Early American History and 
Culture at Williamsburg, Va, by the University of North 
Carolina Press [1961] 

239 p. Ulna. 24cm. 
E207.M8H5 923.573 61-17062 t 


Bryant, Bernice Morgan, 1908- 

Dan Morgan, wilderness boy. Hlustrated by Nathan 
Goldstein. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill r c l&62] 

200 p. Illua. 20 cm. (Childhood of famous American!) 
PZ7.B834Dan 10 62-16600 J 

Tucker, Ernest Edward, 1916- 

Dan Morgan, rifleman. Emmett A. Betts, editor, niiis. 
by Jack Merryweather; maps by Carl A. Anderson. Chi- 
cago, Wheeler Pub. Co. rl955) 

ISO p. Illus. 19 cm. (The American adventure series) 
PZ7.T8213Dan 55-2072 rev J 


Roady, Thomas G ed. 

Essays on procedure and evidence. Edited by Thomas G. 
Roady, Jr., nnd Robert N. Covington. Nashville, Vander- 
bilt University Press, 1961. 

xxii, 2S8p. port 23cm. 

347.90973 Gl-17203 


Morgan, Edward P 1910- 

Clearing the air. Washington, E. B. Luce [1968] 
287 p. 21 cm. 
PN4874.M585A25 1963 818.84 63-9332 J 


Morgan, Sir Frederick Edgw-orth, 1894- 

Peaee and war; a soldier's life. London, Hodder and 
Stonghton [1961] 

320 p. Illua. 23 cm. 
DA69.3.M58A3 62-5605 I 

MORGAN, SIR HENRY, 16357-1688 

Calderon Ramirez, Salvador, 1869-1941. 

Aquino, Morgan y Paterson. San Salvador, Ministerio de 
Cultura, Departamento Editorial ,1955] 

127 p. 19cm. (Blblloteca popular, 7, 8) 
F1407.C23 69-49379 { 


Mason, Francis van Wyck, 1901- 

Cutlnss empire. t lst ed.j Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 

ill, SOB p. Illua., mar* (on lining papers) 22cm. 
PZ3.M385r.Cu 49-1719 rev* 


D. S, ffongreas. Senate. Committee on Interstate and For- 
eign Commerce. 

Nomination of Howard Morgan to be a member of the 
Federal Power Commission. Hearings before the Commit- 
tee on Interstate nnd Foreign Commerce, United States Sen- 
ate, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session, on the nomination 
of Howard Morgan to be a member of the Federal Power 
Commission for the remainder of the term expiring June 22, 
1963. April 11 and May 2, 1961. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print Off., 1961. 

Ill, 88 p, UIus. 24cm, 
HD9685.U5A475 1961 61-61328 

MORGAN, JOHN HUNT, 1825-1864 

Butler, Lorine Letcher. 

John Morgan and his men. Philadelphia, Dorranee [1960, 
857 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
E467.1JH86B8 923.573 

60-S555 J 

Dnke, Basil Wilson, 1838-1816. 

A history of Morgan's Cavalry. Edited with an introd. 
and notes by Cecil Fletcher Holland, Bloomington, Indlwia 
University Press ,1960, 

595 p. filus. 21 cm. (Civil War centennial serlas) 
E547.M8D84 97S.742 80-8607 J 


Resek, Carl, . 

Lewis Henry Morgan, American scholar. [Chicago] Uni- 
versity of Chicago Press t 1960j 

18tp. UlM. 28cm. 
GN21.M8B4 925.72 60-5468 J 



Sturtevant, Alfred Henry, 1891- 

Thomas Hunt Morgan, September 25, 1866-DecEmber 4, 

(In National Aendcmy of Sciences, Wnshlnglon, D, C, Bloffraphl- 
cal memoirs, New York. 24cm. v. 38 (1858) [llth memoir, n. ,2S3 r 
325. port) 
Q141.N2 vol. 33, llth memoir 61-36 

T'an, Chia-chen. 

44 p. lllus. IS cm. 

1. Min-itiin, Tlinmna ilunt, lKi-i;t4r>. i. Tltlp. 

Title nnaubrd;T'iin t'un Mo-*rh-k6n 
hsikh p-nl I i-li-nnii hflfieh ehun. 

QH4:!l.T:.n C 02-2744 


Kluegel, Helen (Richardson) 

Ancestors of William Morgan, 1769-1825, Pembroke, 
~S. H. ; Richard Morgan, progenitor. Honolulu, 1962. 

1 v. 29 cm. 
CS71.M848 1962 63-30223 J 



Fine Arts Study Group. 

Mountains conquered; the story of Morgan with biog- 
raphies. [Morgan, Utah, Morgan County News, publishers, 


355 p. Illua. 24cm. 





Pine Arts Study Group. 

Mountains conquered; the story of Morgan with, biog- 
raphies. [Morgan, Utah, Morgan County News, publishers, 

335 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
F832.M6F5 079.226 60-17330 J 


see also Justin Morgan (Horse) 

MeUin, Jeanne, 1927- 

The Morgan horse. With illus. by the author. Brattle- 
boro, Vt., S. Greene Press, 1961. 

238 p. lllus. 22cm. 
SF293.M8M4 636.12 61-13021 J 


Paton, Lucy Allen. 

Studies in the fairy mythology of Arthurian romance. 2d 
ed., eiil. by a survey of scholarship on the fairy mythology 
since 1903 and a bibliography by Roger Sherman Loomi8. 
New York, B. Franklin, 1960. " 

it, 316 p 24 cm. (Burt Franklin bibliographical series, 18) 
PNCS5.P3 19CO 809.93 60-3723 

of royalty and nobility 


Duke, Basil Wilson, 183S-1916. 

A history of Morgan's Cavalry. Edited with an introd. 
and notes by Cecil Fletcher Holland. Bloomington, Indiana 
University Press t 1960j 

303 p. lllns. 21 cm. (Civil War centennr! sales) 
E547.M8DS4 973.742 CO-8607 { 


Gard, Ronald Max, 1913- 

Morgan's Raid into Ohio. Lisbon, Ohio, 1963. 
02 p. iUu=. 24cm. 
E478.18.G3 973.734 63-5176 J 

Keller, Allan. 

Morgan's Raid. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill E 1961] 
272 p. lllus. 24cm. 
E475.18.K4 973.734 61-15137 t 


Havighurst, Marion M (Boyd) 

The sycamore tree. t lst ed Cleveland, World Pub. Co. 

220 p. IlHw. 21 ou. 
PZ7JJ306Sy 60-7205 t 

McGiffin, Lee. 

A coat for Private Patrick. ( lst ed.! New York, Button. 

1BO p. illus. 21 cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. Deft, of Commerce. Office of Area Development. 

Morgantown, West Virginia; report on Federal programs 
useful in community development. [Washington] 1955. 

50 p. 27cm. 
HC108.M87A54 65-63791 rev \ 


Core, Earl Lemley, 1902- 

Morganto-wn Disciples; a history of the First Christian. 
Church of Morgantown, West Virginia. Parsons, W. Va., 
McClain Print. Co., 1960. 

229 p. Illus. 24cm. 
BX7331.M66C6 286.675453 60-53183 t 

MORGANWG, WALES see Glamorganshire, 


Forster, Leonard Wilson, 1918- 

Poetry of significant nonsense, an inaugural lecture [deliv- 
ered in Cambridge on 9 May 1962] Cambridge [Eng., Uni- 
versity Press, 1962. 

46 p. 19 cm. 
PN1525.F6 1862 62-52728 t 

Morgenstern, Joseph, 1889- 

272 p. 18 im. 

1. Mnrl, ORBI. 1882-1022 i. Kau-Hniurn, Kdklchl, 1806- 
rttlo romanisi-il- Mori f)enl k 

,r (i2-4272 

Hunn.UI'nlv. Chlnran- ,luiinip Ulirnrj fifWIi 

Okawa, Hakuu. 

t !949j 
270 p. 19 cm. 

1. Mori, Ogal, 1862-1922. 

Harvard TJnlv. Cbinese- 

Title ronumbed: Mori Ogal. 
J 63-944 
Japeneee Library 5688 

[1962] C| 

261 p. port. 22 cm. 
CT275 .M5944A3 HE 64-122 


Berger, Richard, of Morgtst 

La contree. de Morges. Ulus. de 1'autenr. Merges, Edi- 
tions de k f euille d'avis, 1957. 

189 p. Illns. 21 on. 
DQ851.M85B4 60-24995 J 

Favitre, Andre. 

Evolution de la population de Merges. Lausanne ( Soci- 
it& d'etudes economiques et socialesj 1960. 

27 p. map, tables. 21 cm. (etude reglonale mr Morges et sea 
environs, no 2) 

A 62-2354 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. HB3624 

MORGNER, WILHELM, 1891-1917 

Kunst- nnd Musemnsverein, Witppertal. 

WUhehn Morgner, 1891-1917: Gemalde, Aquarell, Zeich- 
nnng, Graphik. t Ausstellung] 6. Juli bis 17. August 1958, 
Stadtisohes Museum Wuppertal. [WuppertaL 1958] 

52p. Illus. 21 cm. 
ND588.M72K8 59-53374 t 

MORI, OGAI, 1862-1922 
Hasegawa, Izumi, 1918- 

#1 37 [1962, 
4, 456 p. Ilia*. 19 an. 
1. Mori. Ogal, 1862-1022. 

Itagaki, Naoko (Hirayama) lxi)7- 

3CM WJfitfBc 

IW rtMM*fce: Mori Ogal ron Jco. 
J 64-584 

III 24 [1940, 
1, (I. 10, J4li p. 1 cm- 

I.NHIflunif, SiVsi'ki, 1807-1018. 2.Mor[,Ognl, 1862-1D22. 3.Shlmu- 
Mk), T.ton. 1872-1043. r. Title. 

Title rvmanised: SMekl. Ogal, Town. 

J 03-287 
Hoorir Institution 
Koganei, Klmiko (Mori) 1871-1056. 

1$ HS fQ 31 [1956, 
4, 4, 269 p. ports., factlnu. 2O cm. 

1 Mori, Ogl, 1862-1922. i. Title. 

Title romanite4: Ogil no omolde. 

PL811.07Z75 J 61-4552 

Harvard 0nlT. Chinese- Japanese Library S888 



Stoat, August 

Pictorial history of the Moriches. Center Moriches, N". Y., 
Central Fre&s [1964, 

1 v. (unpaged) llltu., map (on rarer) f<^m, 28 cm. 
F129.M77S8 64-8990 

M(5RICZ, ZSIGMOND, 1879-1942 

Fiilop, Janos. 

Visszaterni j6, Mfiricz Zsigmond riportjai nyomaban. 
[Budapest, Szepirodalmi Konyvkiadfi, 1962. 

SOB p. Illus. 19 cm. 
DB917.F8 64-26461 I 

M6ricz, Miklos, 1886- 

Mfiricz Zsigmond induldsa. Budapest, Magvetfi Konyv- 
kindo, 1959. 

313 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
PH3291.M5Z72 60-3G061 J 

Vargha, Kahnan, ed. 

Kortfirsak M6ricz Zsigmondr61. Budapest, Akad&niai 
Kiad6, 1958- 

v. 21 cm. (CJ magyar moieum; Irodalml dokumentumolc 
gyOJtemfinye, 2 
PH3291.M5Z95 61-32075 

MORIN, MARIE, 1649-1730 

Lefebvre, Esther. 

Marie Morin, premier historien canadien de Villemarie. 
Prcf. du Ohftnoino Lionel Groulx. Montreal, Fides ,1950, 

211 p, Illus. 2S cm. (Collection Fleur de lys; Studes hlstoriqucs 
F1054.5.M8M875 60-249C2 J 

Lefebvre, Esther. 

Marie Morin, premier historien canadien de Villemarie. 
Prdf. du chanoine Lionel Groulx. Montreal, Fides [1981, 

211 p, Illus. 25cm. (Collection Fleur delys; udes hlstflrlques 
F1054.5.M8M875 1961 63-31739 t 


Morin, Raul. 

Among the valiant; Mexican-Americans in TVW n and 
Korea. Los Angeles, Borden Pub. Co., 1963. 

290 p. Illus. 23 cm, 
D769.88314M6 940.6404 63-4249 | 


Kostenko, V 

MopHnnj; tfaitrisruHHa seiHEoro Koflaapji. [Asiop- 
ynopHflHHi B. K. KOCTCHKO. Ooro E, O. Mis^eu. KHIBJ 
MBcrenTso ,1964] 

rW, p. (chiefly Illns., port*) 16 on. 
PG3948.S5Z0843 64-50914 

Foster, Joan. 

Poetes, moriscofl i capellana. Valenoit, I/Estel, 1962. 
l0p, 22cm. (SerleTaronJ*,!) ^^ 

DP802.V16F8 64-26004 

InJn, Muhammad 'Abd Allah, 1896- 

Vl j r iL-Vl *JjJ c 

. ,j i, .< 

518, rt p. lllaa, ports., maps (1 fold.) iacslnu. 25 cm. 
DP116.I5 NE 61-46 


Lapeyre, Henri. 

Gfiographie de 1'Espagne morisque. [Paris, S. E V P 
E. K, 1959. ' ' 

804 p. fold, maps, facslm., tables. 25 cm. (D&nographle et so. 
elites, 2) 


Morison, Daniel. 

The doctor's secret journal. Edited by George S. May. 
Illustrated by Dirk Gringhuis. Maclrinac Island ( Micb,i 
Fort Mackinao Division Press, 1960. 

f! p. 111U8., facslms. (on lining papers) 28 cm, 


Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887- 

Xnthaniel Holmes Morison, 1815-1890, provost of the Pea- 
body Iii^fitiito of nnltimove. 1867-18PO; nn address given at 
the centeiminl celebration of the Penbody Institute of tlie 
City of Baltimore, February 12, 1957. [Baltimore, Penbody 
Institute, 1957, 

27 p. illus. 20 cm. 
Z720.M7M72 59-51260 t 

MORISOT, BERTHE, 1841-1895 

Huisman, Philippe. 

Morisot : charmes. t Les teztes des legendes des illus. sont 
extraits des poemes de circonstance de St^phane Mallarmfi. 
Lausanne, TAR [1962] 

66 p. mounted col Ulna. 21 cm. (Rythmea et conlcurs, v. 9) 
ND553.M88H8 64-S9193 

Huisman, Philippe. 

Morisot, enchantment. [Translated by Diana Imber, 
New York, French & European Publications [1963, 

05 p. mounted col. Illus. 21 cm. (Rhythm and colour, 8) 
NDS53.M8SH83 759.4 63-23750 

Moritz, David. 

[New York, 1949/50, 

156 p. Illus., ports. 22 cm. 

D765.2.D9DM6 A 52-10B74 rev 

New York. Public Llbr. 


Franzel, Helmut 

Moritzburg t von] Hehnut Franzel, Kurt Burk t undj Hans- 
Joachim Schwark. Leipzig, Bibliographisches Institut, 

62 p. Illus, 18 cm, (Stttdte und Landgcnaften, Heft 6) 
DD901.M6256F7 62-31817 t 


Dresden. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen. 

Das Barockmuseum Schloss Moritzburg. [Text : Dr. Rud- 
loff-Hille, Dresden, Verlag der Kunst, 1953. 

79 p. Illus. 21cm. 
NA7741.M6D7 61-42072 t 

Franzel, Helmut. 

Moritzburg [Von, Helmut Franzel, Kurt Burk [Und, Hans- 
Joachim Schwark. Leipzig, BibliographiBohes Institut, 


Harvey, Ruth. 

Moriz von Craun and the chivalrio world. Oxford, Clar- 
endon Press, 1961. 

Till, 838 p. front 22cm. 
PT1568.M59H3 831.2 62-322 


Ricci des Ferres-Cancani, GabrieDa. 

Francesco Morlacchi, 1784-1841; un maestro italiano alia 
corte di Sassonin. Firenze, L. S. OlsohM, 1958. 




Morley, Frank Vigor, 1899- 

Christopher Morley; or, The treasure of the abandoned 
mine. [Haverford? Pa,, 1959, 

19p. 29cm, 
PS3625.O71Z75 928.1 69-50902 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

1890-1957 (Continued) 


Texas. University. Humanities Research Center. 

An exhibition of C. D. M. manuscripts & first editions at 
the Humanities Research Center, the University of Texas, 
Austin, Texas, December 1961-February 1962. [Austin, 


48o, lllus., facslms. 28x10 cm. 
Z8594.T45 016.0915 62-62708 

MORMON CHURCHES see Churches, Mormon 
MORMON CONVERTS see Converts, Mormon 

see Cataloging of Mormon literature 


Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909- 

The gathering of Zion; the story of the Mormon Trail, by 
Wallace Stegner. [1st ed.] New York, McGraw-Hill [1964, 

331 T) lllus., maps. 23 cm. (American trails series) 
F593.S85 978 64-19216 


see also Book of Mormon; Cataloging 
of Mormon literature; Converts, Mor- 
mon; Jesus Christ Mormon inter- 
pretations; Nephites; Pastoral theol- 
ogy Mormon Church; Polygamy; Utah 
Expedition, 1858-1858 

Bailey, Paul Dayton, 1906- 

Grandpa was a polygamist; a candid remembrance. Los 
Angeles, Westernlore Press, 1960. 

181 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
BX8638.B3 289.3 60-13175 J 

Berrett, William Edwin. 

The restored church ; a brief history of the growth and 
doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 
Saints. 10th ed, [Salt Lake City] Deseret Book Co., 1961. 

480 p. lllus. 27 cm. 
BX8611.B35 1961 289.3 61-65165 J 

Bible. English. 1959. Authorised. 

Holy Scriptures of the Church of Jesus Chri?t of Latter- 
Day Smuts: Holy Bible. Book of Mormon. Doctrine and 
covenants. Pearl of great price. Including indexes, con- 
cordances, and the combination reference to the four stand- 
ard works, masterpieces of religious nrt, a pictorial history 
of the church, family genealogical records, Bible maps, nnd 
other inspirational and informative features. t lst ed.] Salt 
Lake City, Published by Deseret Book Co., for Wheelwright 
Publications [I960, 

IT. (TOrlouspnelngs) col. tllus., col. maps, col. ports. 80 cm. 
BX8G21.D-1 1S60 2S9.3 60-2641 

Book of Mormon. Spanish. 

Libro de Morm6n. Traducido de las laminas originales 
al ingles por JosS Smith, hijo. [Traducido del ingles al 
espanol por Carlos R. Hield] Independence, Mo., Junta 
de Publicaciones, Iglesia Reorganizada de Jesucristo de los 
Santos de los Ultimos Dias, 1960. 

839 p. IB cm. 
BX8625.S7 I860 60-3007 

Brown, Hugh B 

Monnonism ... address ... delivered on Monday, Feb. 26, 
1962, to the students at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 
Pittsburgh, Pa, Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co. t 1962] 

62 p. Ulus. 20 cm. 
BX8687.B7 62-3768 f 

Burton, Sir Richard Francis, 1821-1890. 

The City of the Saints, and across the Rocky Mountains 
to California, Edited, with an introd. and notes by Fawn 
M. Brodie. New York, Knopf; [distributed by Random 
House, 1963. 

illT, 654, nil p, lllou., maps, racslm. 28 cm. (Classic commen- 
taries on America's past) 
F826.B973 917.92 63-9121 

Burton, Sir Richard Francis, 1821-1890. 

The look of the West, 1860; across the plains to Cali- 
fornia, Foreword by Robert G. Athearn. Lincoln, Uni- 
versity of Nebraska Press [1963, 

arm, 833 p. Illns., maps. 21 cm, (A Bison book) 
F826.B974 917.92 68-17080 

Dyer, Alvin R 

The Lord speaketh, the true significance of the Sacred 
Grove interview with the Prophet, Joseph Smith. Salt 
Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1964. 

nlll,887p. 24cm. 
BX8635.2.D92 64-8444 

Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lat- 
ter-day Saints. Polynesian Dept. 

Israel in the Pacific; a genealogical text for Polynesia. 
Written and compiled by William A. Cole and Elwin W. 
Jensen of the Polynesian Dept., Genealogical Society of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake 
City, Genealogical Society, 1961, 

458 p. illos. 24cm. 
BX8627.G42 289.396 81-44228 J 

Haden, Lila Carpenter. 

Bits of truth; essays of love and faith according to the 
teachings of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, by Aunt Lila 
tpseud. 1st ed.] New York, Greenwich Book Publishers 

114 p. 21 cm. 
BX8638.H25 241 61-10886 J: 

Hafen, LeRoy Reuben, 1893- 

Handcarts to Zion, the story of a unique Western migra- 
tion, 1856-1SSO, with contemporary journals, accounts, re- 
ports; and rosters of members of the ten handcart companies, 
by LeRoy R. Hafen and Ann W. Hafen. Glendnle, Calif., 
A. H. Clark Co., 1960. 

S2Sp. lllus., ports., map. 25cm. (The Far West and the Eockles 
Mstorlcal series, 1820-1875, v. 14) 
F591.F35 vol.14 917.8 59-14279 

Hoekema, Anthony A 1918- 

The four major cults: Christian Science, Jehovah's Wit- 
nesses, IVformonism, Seventh-Day Adventism. Grand Rap- 
ids, Keiilniiius [ItlflS, 

xlv, 447 p. S4 cm. 
BH516.5.I-N) 289.0973 63-17783 rev 

Jones, Daniel Webster. 

Forty years among the Indians; a true yet thrilling narra- 
tive of the author's experiences among the natives. Los 
Angeles, Westernlore Press, 1960. 

378 p. 22 cm. ( Great West and Indian series, IB) 
F596.J58 1960 923.973 60-16318 J 

Linn, William Alexander, 1846-1917. 

The story of the Mormons : from the date of their origin 
to the year 1901. New York, Russell & Russell, 1963. 

637 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
BX8611.L5 1963 289.3 63-12565 I 

Nelson, John Young, J. 1826. 

Fifty years on the trail, a true story of western life. The 
adventures of John Young Nelson as described to Harring- 
ton O'Reilly. With a foreword by Donald E. Worcester. 
t New ed.i Norman, University of Oklahoma Press t 1963, 

291 p 20 cm. (The Western frontier library [22,) 
F591.N42 1983 917.8 68-17168 J 

Nibley, Hugh, 1910- 

The world and the prophets. Salt Lake City, Deseret 

Book Co., 1962 t 1964] 

281 p. 24 cm. 
BX863B.N5 1962 


62-52146 t 

Piercy, Frederick Hawkins, 1830-1891. 

Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley. Edited 
by Fawn M. Brodie. Cambridge, Belknap Press of Harvard 
University Pi-ess, 1962. 

xxx, 313 p. llluK., ports., inap. 25cm. (The John Harrard library) 
E166.P66 1962 917.3 62-19223 

Spencer, Clarissa (Young) 1860- 

Brigham Young at home, by Clarissa Young Spencer with 
Mabel Farmer. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1961 
[ C 1940, 

301 p. lllus. 24cm. 
BX8695.Y7S58 1961 922.8373 61-3053 J 

Talmage, James Edward, 1862-1983. 

The house of the Lord; a study of holy sanctuaries, an- 
cient and modern. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft Publishers 


833 p. Illns. 23cm, 
BX8643.T4T3 1962 62-6078 I 

Tyler, Daniel, 6. 1816. . 

A concise history of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican 
War, 1846-1847. Chicago, Rio Grande Press [1964, 

878 p. 24 on. (A Bio Granda classic) 
E409.5.I72T9 1881a 973.624 64-15125 

Wallace, Irving, 1916- 

The twenty-seventh wife. New York, Simon and Scnu 
ster, 1961. 

443 P. lllus. 24 cm. 
BX8641.Y7W3 922.8373 61-9599 J 

Whalen, William Joseph. 

The Latter-Day Saints in the modern day world; an ac- 
count of contemporary Monnonism. New York, John Day 
Co. ,1964] 

819 p. 111ns., ports. 21cm. 
BX8635.2.W5 289.8 64-10944 

Zobell, Albert L oomp. 

Moments with the prophets. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book 
Co. [I960, 

218 p, 16 cm. 
BX8G08.ZG3 289.3 61-596 J 

ZobeB, Albert L eomp. 

Words of lifej continuing moments with tha prophets. 
(Salt Lake Cityj Deseret Book Co^lWl. 

Hip. 16cm, 
BX8608.Z65 62-1185 

Zuhlsdorf, Giinter, 1912- ed. 

Die Mormonen wia sie wirklich sind ; Urteile und Berichte. 
[2., nen hearb. und erganzte Aufl., Frankfurt a. M., 
Atharva-Verlag ,1947, 

84 p. 15 cm. 
BX8637.Z8 1947 61-21T54 t 


Benson, Ezra Taf t. 

... so shall ye reap ; [Selected addresses. Compiled by 
Heed A. Benson. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co,, 1960j 

351 p. lllus. 24cm. 
BX8609.B43 289.3081 60-51164 

Brown, Hugh B 

Continuing the quest Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 

542 p. lllua 24cm. 
BX8609.BG8 62-738 \ 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

Life's directions; a series of fireside addresses, by the gen- 
era] authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 
Saints. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1862 

181 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
BX8639.A1A3 289.3082 62-38083 J 

Deseret news, Salt Lake City. 

They have spoken; selections of inspiration taken from the 
pages of the Church news ,of the Deseret newsj Compiled 
by Monitor 0. Noyce. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co. 

84 p. lllus. 20cm. 
BX8639JD4T5 230.893 61-3015 J 

Evans, Richard Louis, 1906- 

Faith in the future. ( lst ed.] New York, Harper & Row 

224 p. 22 cm. 
BX8639.E8F3 248.4893 6J-21589 

Evans, Richard Louis, 1906- 

May peace be with you. t lst ed.j New York, Harper 

286 p. 21cm. 
BX8639.E8M3 1961 252.093 61-18283 J 

Haekworth, Dorothy South, comp. 

The Master's touch. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft ,1962, 

200 p. 24cm. 
BX8676.H3 1962 62-58005 J 

Lea, Leonard J 

Views from the mountain. Independence, Mo., Herald 
House, 1961. 

220 p. 21cm. 
BX8639X4Y5 248.489S 61-9682 J 

Petersen, Mark E 

Patterns for living. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft ,1962] 
325 p, 24 cm. 
BX8609.P44 62-5831 J 

Petersen, Mark E 

Toward a better life. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 

MB p. 24cm. 
BX8609.P4B 289.3 60-34861 J 

Robinson, Christine Binekley. 

Living truths from the Doctrine and covenants. Salt Lake 
City, Deseret Book Co., 1961. 

161 p. 20 cm. 
BX8639.R6L5 280.893 61-2976 

Sill, Sterling W 

The "lory of the mm. Salt Late City, Bookcraft [1961, 
887 p. 24cm, 
BX8689JS5G5 252.097 61-47648 t 

SID, Sterling W 

The upward reach. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft |1962j 
407 p. lllus. 24cm. 
BX8639.S5TJC 62-63817 J 

Yarn, David H 

Faith in a day of unbelief. Salt Laka City, Deseret Book 
Co. [I860, 

189j>. 20cm. 
BX8639.Y3F3 282.098 60-3651 t 


Nibley, Hugh, 1910- 

The myth makers. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft [1961, 
286 p. Stem. 
BX88M.5JT5 81-S9773 t 


Deseret news, Salt Lake City. (Indexes) 

Index to the Church news, a section of the Deseret news. 
Provo, Utah. 

t. S8 cm. 
Z7845.M8D4 64-48894 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Moss, James E 1875- 

Jimmy Moss. Sal[t] Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1963. 
243 p. Plus, 24cm, 
BX8695.M6A3 922.8373 63-5831 J 

Smith, Elbert A 1871-1959. 

Brother Elbert; the life of Elbert A. Smith, 1871-1959, 
rev. and enl. from his autobiography On memory's beam. 
Independence, Mo., Herald House, 1959. 

488 p. lllus. 21cm. 
BX8678.S57A3 1959 922.8373 60-17890 J; 

Strang, James Jesse, 1818-1856. 

Diary. Deciphered, transcribed, introduced, and anno- 
tated by Mark A. Strang. "With a foreword by Eussel B. 
Nye. [East Lansing] Michigan State University Press [1961] 

ilv, 78 p. port, facsim. 22 cm. 
BX8680.S88S8 922.8373 60-16420 

Velt, Harold Iven, 1893- 

Not in word only ; an autobiography. Independence, Mo., 
Herald Pub. House [1963] 

304 p. 21 cm. 
BX8678.V4A3 922.8373 63-22794 


Brooks, Melvin R 

L. D. S. reference encyclopedia. Salt Lake City, Book- 
craft, 1960. 

540 p. 24 cm. 
BX8605.5.B7 289.303 60^4463 


Barker, James Louis, 1880-1958. 

Apostasy from the divine church. [Salt Lake City?] K. M. 
Barker [I960] 
805 p. 24 cm. 
BX863B.2.B3 230.93 60-327D3 \ 

Boucher, Theophiel. 

Mormonism faith or fallacy. t lst ed.j New York, 
Pageant Press ,1960, =1959] 

432 p. 21 em. 
BX8645.B64 289.3 59-14473 J 

Budvarson, Arthur. 

The Book of Mormon, true or false? Grand Rapids, 
Zondervan Pub. House [1061, 1959j 

8S p. lllus. 21cm. 
BX8627.B8 1961 230.98 61-66230 t 

Clark, Joshua Reuben, 1871-1961. 

Behokl the Lamb of God; selections from the sermons 
and writings published and unpublished of J. Beuben Clark. 
Jr., on the life of the Savior. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book 
Co., 1962. 

382 p. I11U3. 24 cm. 

BX8639.C5B4 289.8 68-1088 J 

Crowley, Ariel L 

Statement of beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-Day Saints; doctrines and practices. [Idaho City? 

149 p. 24011. 

BX8636.2.C7 230.93 61-34299 I 

Dyer, Alvin R 

The fallacy. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1964. 
xl, 153 p. col. Illiis., col. ports. 24 era. 
BXS635.2.D!) 64-3037 

Green, Forace, oomp. 

Cowley & Whitney on doctrine. Salt Lake City, Book- 
craft [1968, 

517 p. lUns. 24 cm. 
BX8635.G74 289.8 68-4149 J 

Harrison, G T 1901- 

Mormonism now and then. [Helper? Utah, 1961, 
888 p. lUna. 24cm. 
BX8645.H29 280.93 61-16345 $ 

Hield, Charles R 

Baptism for the dead, by Charles R. Hield and Russell 
3T. Ralston. ( Rev. Independence, Mo., Herald Pub. House, 

56 p. 18 cm. 
BX8675.H5 1960 265.1 60-4213 t 

Jonas, Larry W 

Mormon claims examined. Grand Rapids, Baker Boot 
House, 1961. 

85 p. 22 cm. 
BX8645.J63 230.93 61-4439 J 

Loutensocfc, Sarah. 

The plan of salvation,- a Christian's defense of the eco- 
nomic system of Jesus Christ. Boston, Forum Pub. Co. 

504 p. Illus. 24cm. 
BX8628.L6 289.8 63-599 J 

Martin, Walter Ralston, 1928- 

The maze of Mormonism. Grand Rapids, Zondervan Pub. 
House [1962, 

188 p. 21cm. (The Modern cult library) 
BX8645.M39 289.3 62-7372 t 

Pearson, Glenn Laurentz. 

The Book of Mormon, key to conversion. Salt Lake City, 
Bookcraft [1963, 

84 p. 21 cm. 

Pearson, Glenn Laurentz. 

Know your religion. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft [1961] 
248 p. 24 cm. 
BX8635.2.P4 230.93 61-30602 J 

Petersen, Mark E 

One Lord, one faith! Salt Lake City, Deaeret Book Co., 

228 p. 24cm. 
BX8639.P404 289.3 62-52926 { 

Ralston, Russell F 

Fundamental differences between the Reorganized Church 
and tho church in Utah; a series of lectures delivered to the 
Melchisedec priesthood of Independence, Missouri, January 
4r-ll, 1959, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints. [Independence, Mo., Herald House, 1960 

244 p. 21cm. ' 

BX8674.R3 230.03 59-16813 t 

Ralston, Russell F 

Fundamental differences between the Reorganized Church 
and the Church in Utah ; a series of lectures delivered to the 
Melchidesec priesthood of Independence, Missouri, January 
4-11, 1959, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints, [Rev. ed. Independence, Mo., Herald House, 

S28 p. 21 cm. 
BX8674.R3 1963 230.93 63-25860 

Rich, Wendell O 

Distinctive teachings of the restoration. 1st ed. [Salt 
Lake City] Printed by Deseret News Press ,1962, 

210 p. 24cm. 
BX8635.2.R5 1962 289.3 63-4804 J 

Ricks, Eldin, oomp. 

New Bible ready reference ; a compilation of useful Bible 
passages for Latter-Day Saint missionaries, teachers, and 
students. A companion volume to the Combination refer- 
ence. [1st ed. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1961. 

282 p. 15cm. 
BX8631.RB 61-45730 1 

Smith, Joseph Fielding, 1913- 

Religious truths denned; a comparison of religious faiths 
with the restored gospel. Salt Lake City, Boofccraft r 19B9, 

4Up, 24cm. 
BX8685.2.S55 230.98 59-48894 t 

Widtsoe, John Andreas, 1872-1952. 

Evidences and reconciliations; aids to faith in a modem 
day. [1st ed. Salt Lake Cityj Bookcraft Co. [1943-51] 

8 T. 22 cm. 
BX8635.W58 289.3 43-1664G rev 2* 

Widtsoe, John Andreas, 1872-1952. 

Evidences and reconciliations. Arr. by G. Homer Dur- 
ham. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft ,1960, 

412 p. 24cm. 

BX8635.W582 230.98 60-29867 t 

Young, Seymour Dilworth, 1897- 

More precious than rubies; a Mormon boy and his priest- 
hood. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft [19B9] 

110 p. lllus. 24cm. 
BX8643.Y6Y6' 248.4893 60-29866 | 


Nibley, Hugh, 1910- 

Sounding brass ; informal studies of the lucrative art of 
telling stories about Brigham Young and the Mormons. 
Salt Like City. Bookcraft, 1963. 

286, 181 p. lUua. 24 cm. 
BX8645.5.N!) 289.3 64-5722 


Dunn, Paul H 

You too cnn teach; a how to book for the lay teacher on 
methods and techniques of teaching the gospel, by Paul H. 
Dunn in collaboration with Cherie B. Parker. With illus. 
by Hal T. Sperry. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft [1962, 

226 p. lllus, 24cm. 
BV16S4.D84 268.6 62-53281 I 

Hoole, Daryi (Van Dam) 

The art of teaching children, by Daryl V. Hoole. Dlus. 
[byj Dick and Mary Scopes. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book 
Co., 1964. 

xix. 230 p. lllns. 24 cm. 
BX8610.H6 64-4289 


The Instructor (Salt Lake City) 

A reader for the teacher; an anthology of ideas and teach- 
ing helps taken from the Instructor, the teacher's magazine 
of the church. Compiled by A. Hamer Reiser. Salt Lake 
City, Deseret Book Co., 1960. 

882 p. 24 cm. 
BX8610.1 5 268.893 

Rich, Wendell 

Distinctive teachings of the restoration. 1st ed. [Salt 
Lake Cityj Printed by Deseret News Press [1962, 

210 p. 24 cm. 
BX8035.2.R5 1962 289.3 63-4804 J 


Lauritzcn, Jonreed. 

The everlasting fire. t lst ed.j Garden City, N Y 
Doubleday, 1962. ' '' 

474 p. 24cm. 
PZS.L3745EV 62-11366 | 

Wonnaer, Richard Edward, 1908- 

Battalion of Saints; t a novel] New York, D. McKav Co 
[1961] J 

312 p. 22 cm. 
PZ3.W896Bat 60-18332 1 


Bennett, Archibald F 1896- 

Searching with success; a genealogical text Salt Lake 
City, Deseret Book Co., 1962. 

262 p. lllus. 24cm. 
CS16.B42 62-4379 t 


Young, Fred L 

Ministry of reconciliation and church court procedure. 
Independence, Mo., Herald House, 1960. 

200 p. 18 cm. (Pastors' reference library) 
BX8657.Y67 262.9 60-53060 J 


Barker, James Louis, 1880-1958. 

Restoration of the divine church. Salt Lake City, K. M. 
Barker ["I960, 

140 p. 24 cm. 
BX8611.B82 289.3 61-37788 J 

Berrett, LaMar C 

History of the Southern States Mission, 1831-1861. 
[Riverton, Utah, I960] 

806 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
BX8611.B33 289.3 61-21875 t 

Burton, Atom P 1913- 

Mormon trail from Vermont to Utah ; a guide to historic 
places of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
rRev. ed.j Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1960. 

103 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
BX8611.B78 1960 289.309 60-60906 t 

Burton, Alma P 1913- oomp. 

Stories from Mormon history, by Alma P. Burton and 
Clea M. Burton. 1st ed. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co 

310 p. 24 cm. 

BX8611.B79 289.S 60-58251 J 

Fouick, Edwin Duane. 

The cultural influence of Mormonism in early nineteenth 
century America. [Los Angeles?, 1963. 

XT, 204 1. 22 cm. 6 J 

BX8611.F6 63-25484 

Grant, Carter Eldredge. 

I saw another angel fly; story of the restoration of the 
gospel, Salt Luke City, Deseret Book Co., 1959 

856 p. mug, 24cm. 
BX8611.G68 289.378 59-52129 t 

Huntress, Keith Gibson, 1913- ed. 

Murder of an American prophet: events and prejudices 
surrounding the killing of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, 
Carthage, Illinois, June 27, 1844; materials for analysis. 
San Francisco, Chandler Pub. Co. [1963?] 

132 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
BX8611.H83 289.373 63-9886 t 

Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909- 

The gathering of Zion; the story of the Mormon Trail, by 
Wallace Stegner. t lst ed. 3 New York, McGraw-Hill t 1964] 

881 p. lllus., maps. 28 cm. (American trails series) 
F593.S85 978 64-19216 

Vetterli, Richard. 

Mormonism, Americanism, and politics. ( lst ed,, Salt 
Lake City, Ensign Pub. Co. ( 1961, 

785, [44, p. lllus., ports., COL map (on lining papers) 24 cm. 

BX8611.V4 62-12027 

Cornwall, J Spencer. 

Stories of our Mormon hymns. Salt Lake City, Deseret 
Book Co., 1961. 

SOOp, mm. 24cm. 
ML3174.C67 2455 61-44243 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Cornwall, J Spencer. 

Stories of our Mormon hymns. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, Descret Book Co., 1933. 

xx I, 302 p. ports, (part col.) 24 cm. 
ML3174.C67 1663 245.2 



Follick, Edwin. Duane. 

The cultural influence of Mormonism in early nineteenth 
century America. t Los Angeles?] 1963. 

TT. 284 L 22 cm. 
BX8611.F6 63-25484 


Bnrt, Olive (Woolley) 1894- 

Wind before the dawn, by Olive W. Burt, New York, 
John Day Co. [1964] 

191 p. 21 cm. (Daughters of valor series) 
PZ7.B9456W1 64-20702 

Jones, Helen Hinckley, 1803- 

Over the Mormon trail. Illus. by Carol Rogers. Chicago, 
Childrens Press [1963] 

125 p. tllua. 22 cm. (Frontiers at America) 
PZT.J717Ov 63-9706 t 


Cummings, David W 

Mighty missionary of the Pacific; the building program 
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, its his- 
tory, scope, and significance. Salt Lake City, Bookcraft 

344 p. lllus. 24 cm. 
BX8661.C8 266.9399 61-28197 t 

Dyer, Alvin R 

The challenge. [Salt Lake City] Deseret Book Co., 1962. 
216 p. 24 em. 
BX8661.D9 266.98 68-880 J 

Stowell, Addie (Spanlding) 1880- 

The red man's hope. Dallas, Royal Pub. Co. [1963, 
22T p. ports. 21 cm. 
E98.M6S8 64-2292 


Howells, Rulon Stanley, 1902- 

The Mormon story; a pictorial account of Mormonism. 
llth ed. Salt Lake City, BookeraJt, 1968. 

179 p. lllus. 82 cm. 
BX8638.H64 1963 289.3 63-8998 J 

Howells, Rulon Stanley, 1902- 

The Mormon story; a pictorial account of Mormonism, 
by Rulon S. Howells. 21st ed. Salt Lake City, Book- 
craft, 1964. 

100 p. lllns. (part col.) maps (part col.) ports, (part coL) 82 cm. 
BX8638.H64 1984 289.3 64-6467 


Hartman, Frances, comp. 

Poetic voices of the Restoration. Independence, Mo., 
Herald Pub. House [I960] 

227 p. 20cm. 
PS595.R4H3 811.5082 60-14175 1 


Zobell, Albert L comp. 

The glorious purpose; more moments with, the prophets. 
(Salt Lake Cityj Deseret Book Co., 1962. 

104 p. 16cm. 
BX8608.B.Z6 289.3 63-1321 J 

Zobell, Albert L comp. 

The Joy that endures. Salt Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 

96 p. 16cm. 

BX8608.B.Z82 63-4967 I 


Glanr, Rudolf. 

Jew and Mormon: historic group relations and religious 
outlook. New York, 1963. 

379p, 24cm. 
BX8647.Q5 289.3 63-16229 J 


Free> Jack 

Mormonism and inspiration; a study. Concord, Calif. 
Pacific Pub. Co. t'1962] 

381 p. 21 cm. 
BX8622.F7 289.3 63-2729 t 

see Mormons and Mormonism, Negro 


Oliver, David H 1894- 

A Negro on SI ormonism. [Salt Lake City f Utah, 1963, 
54 p. MILS. 22cm. 
BX8643.N4S84 63-45298 t 

Stewart, John J 

Mormonism and the Negro; an explanation and defense 
of the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 
Saints in regard to Negroes and others of negroid blood. 
[2d ed. Orem, Utah, Bookmark Division, Community Press 
Pub. Co., 'I960, 
54, 28 p. 19 cm. 
BX8643.N4S8 3960 63-5156 


Freestone, John WQfortL 

I remember. Glendale, Calif., A. H. Clark Co., 1963. 
85 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
CT275.F6954A3 63-18083 J 


Patton, Annaleone Davis. 

California Mormons by sail and trail. Salt Lake City, 
Deseret Book Co. [1961, 

197 p. Ulna. 24 cm. 
F870.M8P3 979.403 61-328: J 


Dyer, Alvin R 

The refiner's fire; historical highlights of Missouri. Salt 
Lake City, Deseret Book Co. ["19607 

141 p. Illus. 24 cm. 
BX8615.M8D9 289.3778 61-22324 J 


Ellsworth, Samuel George, 1916- 

Zion in paradise; early Mormons in the South Seas. 
Logan, Faculty Association, Utah State University, 1959. 

S6p. illus. 24cm. (Faculty honor lecture, 21) 
BX8617J8E4 266.93961 60-62538 t 


Kluckhohn, Florence (Rockwood) 

Variations in value orientations t byj Florence Rockwood 
Kluckhohn and Fred L. Strodtbeck, with the assistance of 
John M. Roberts ( and others, Evanston, 111., Row, Peter- 
son r 1961, 

437 p. HlUB. 24 cm, 
E184.A1K5 572.979 61-10702 \ 


Fnrniss, Norman F 

The Mormon conflict, 1850-1859. New Haven, Yale Uni- 
versity Press, I960. 

vlll, 811 p. lllus., ports., map. 25 cm. (Tale historical publica- 
tions, iuscellany, 72) 
F826.F85 979.202 60-7824 

Hance, Irma Watson, comp. 

Johnston, Connor, and the Mormons: an outline of mili- 
tary history in northern Utah. Published in commemora- 
tion of the 100th anniversary of Fort Douglas, Utah, Octo- 
ber 22, 10G2. Compiled by Irmn Watson Hnnce nnd Irene 
TViirr. ,n. p., 1962?, 

1781. Illus. 28cm. 
F826.H274 979.202 63-42312 J 

Larson, Andrew Karl. 

I was called to Dixie, the Virgin River Basin ; unique ex- 
periences in Mormon pioneering. [H. p.j Deseret News Press, 

081 p. IllttS. 24 cm. 

F882.W24L3 61-47624 { 

Miner, James Knox Polk, 1845-1891. 

The road to Virginia City : the diary of James Knox Polk 
Miller. Edited by Andrew F. Rolle. ( lst ed.j Norman, 
University of Oklahoma Press 1980j 

143 p. tllofl. 2t cm. (The American exploration and travel se- 
ries, 80) 
F739.V5M5 978.8668 60-8750 J 


Rogers, Hunter. 

The early history of the Mornington Peninsula, [isk ed.j 
Melbourne, Hallcraft Pub. Co., 1960 1 1957, 

95 p. tuns. 21cm. 
DU230.M6R6 61-55693 t 

MORO, SIR TO MAS see More, Sir Thomas, 
Saint, 1478-1535 


MORO LANGUAGES see Maranao language 
MOROCCAN JEWELRY see Jewelry, Moroccan 



Bin Barakah, al-Mahdl, 1920- 

Problimes d'edification du Maroc, et du Maghreb; quatre 
entretiens avoc el Mehdi Ben Barka, recueillis par Raymond 
Jem. [Paris, Plon [1959, 

70 p. 21 cm. (Tribune Hire, 52) 
DT324.B5 &0-3S640 J 

Fefland, Rolf, 1913- 

Marokko. Bonn, K. Schroeder, 1958. 
87 p. lllus. 21cm. (Die Llnfler JUrikaB, Bd. 12) 
DT305 J4 61-46704 t 

Bizb al-Istiqlal. 

Morocco under the Protectorate: forty years of French 
aclmini; .'ration. An annljbis of tlm fncte and figures. Xew 
York, The Istiqln.1 (Independence) Party of Morocco, Mo- 
roccan OftiL? of Information anil Documentation [1953, 

13 p. IHIK. Mom. 
DT324.H5S OW.04 53-32648 rev } 

Kochnbel, ffirC MykoMovych. 

MapoKio. Kmu, Repx, BB^-BO HOJIT. JIT-PH YPCP. 1960. 
40 p. 20cm. 
DT305.K6 62-30838 J 

Miege, Jean Louis. 

Le Maroc, [1. eVi.] Paris, Presses univeraitairea de 
France, 1950. 

122, [2, p, lllns., fold. mape. 18 cm. ("CJne sal-jer Le point 
das connaissajicea ntrtuelles, 438) 
DT305.M5 M6.4 51-24201 rev 

Miege, Jean Louis. 

Le Msroc. Couverture da Berthommg Saint-Andrfi. 
Paris, B. Arthaud [1952, 

229 p. lllus., fold, map (inserted) 23cm. ( Collectloo les Bcatnc 
pays, 112) 
DT305.M5 1952 916.4 53-327T6WT 

Monteil, Vincent. 

Maroc. ,Paris, Editions du Seuil, 1962, 
183 p. lllvs. (part col.) port*., col mip (on lining papt) fuciilm. 
IS cm. (Petite planke, SI) 
DT305JI57 68-60883 

Monteil, Vincent 

Morocco. Translated by Veronica HnlL [London, Vista 
Books; New York, Viking Press, 1964, 

192 p. nius. 18 on. 
DT305.M573 916.4 64-8840 

Ronffie, MarceL 

Le Protectorat a.-t-il fait faillite? Un chapitre de la crise 
maroeaine. Casablanca, fiditions de la S. I. P. E. F.. 1951. 

60 p. 24 cm. 
DT305JJ6 60-28762 t 

Rouze, Michel 

Maroc. [Lausanne?] Bencontre [1962, 

230p. lllus. 2Tc 

al-Sharqawi, Mahmud. 



[196fi ? 

78 p. illufl., maji, port. 20cm. 

XE 64-2801 

U. a Dept. of State. Office of Mtdia Ssrvicet. 

Morocco: fact sheet [Washington, Dept of State; ,for 
sale by the Superintendent of Documents, TJ. S; Govt Print 
Off., 1963] 

1* p. fold map. 22x10 on. (Department of State pnUlcattoa 
7583. African series, 88) 

DT305.U5 68-65310 

U. S. Dept. of State. Office of PvKKc Service*. 

Three new African nations: Morocco, Tnnisja, Libya ; 
background ( by the Public Services Division. Washington] 
Dept of State t !9S7, 

32 p. Illos., uuipi. 26 cm. (tU. S.j Dept f State, PnblleaBon, 
6567. Near anrt Middle Eastern aerie*, 27) 
DT204.TJ5 316,1 67-62198 rev 2 


jjB Jl 

o*>J jlorl Carte archeologiqne du Maroc 
.1861 ^ 

J2p, lllns, mipB (Hold.) 27cm. 
Q2461.E8M5 1961 

Zbias, SUmane Mostafiu 

KE 64-2456 

W p. 1DTH. IT cm. 

r 198. 

. t>i*J[ vUJ) 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOROCCO (Continued) 

al-Mikn3si, Ahmad Muhammad. 

^un jj u iyvi jJijUJ ^jij/jVi 

-Ua-l jlotl Carte archeologique du Maroc 

.1961 o1>-' -u-USJl 
32 p. lllus., maps (1 fold.) 27cm. 
G2461.E8M5 1861 NE 64-2455 


Rabat, Morocco. al-Khiz5nah al-'Ammah UI-Kutub wa-al- 

i-ijill <JljjjJ. i_.ll sLJVi Informations bibliographiques 

V. In 82 cm. 



56-16323 rev 

Husson, Philippe. 

La question des frontieres terrestres du Maroc, [Paris, 

128 p. Ulna. 27cm. 
DT305.H86 62-49361 J 

CENSUS, 1951 

Morocco. al-Maqlahah. (d-Markazli 

Recensement general de la population de la zone frangaise 
de 1'Empire cherifien, effectufi le 15 avril 1951. .Rabat? 

v. 28cm. 
HA2181.A5 1951 58-34076 rev 

CENSUS, 1960 

Morocco. td-Majlahdh cd-Marleaaiya}i lil-IfalTiySt. 

Recansement demographique (juin 1900) [Rabat, Service 
central des stntistiques, 1961]-62. 

2 v, fold. col. map. 22 cm. 
HA2181.A5 1962 NE 63-2499 

Kn-'Abd AMh, 'Abd al-'Azlz. 


110 p. Illiia., mope, plates. 22 cm. 


- 4H .JjVl 
NT E 64-3178 

Beaud, Michel. 

Le commerce erterieur dn Maroc. Rabat, Editions La 
Porte, 1960. 

127 p. table*. 25 cm. (TTnlveraltiS de Babat, Collection de la 
Facnlti des sciences jurldlqnes, economlques et soclales. Serle de 
Ian gne fransalse, 9) 

A 62-1283 
nilnoli. Univ. Library 


Annuaire dn Maroc; commercial, indnstriel, administratif, 
minier, agricole, viticole, et vinicole. 
Alger, Fontana, frferea. 

T. 25cm. 

HF5289.M6A6 63-65466 

Bottin du Maroc. 
Paris, Didot-Bottin. 

T. Illns., col maps. 27 cm. annual 



Wfllan, Thomas Staart. 

Studies in Elizabethan foreign trade. Manchester [Eng.j 
University Press [19G9] 
Ix, 849 p. 22 cm. 

A 60-2809 
Hochester. Univ. LIbr. HF85062 

Robert, Jacques. 

La naonarchie marocaine. Paris, Libraire generale de 
droit et de jurisprudence [1968, 
850 p. 20 cm. ( comment 11* ont goinernfa, 1 8) 


Lahbabi, Mohamed Aziz. 

Le gouvcjrnement marocnin u 1'uube du xx sieele. Prfif. 
de Jfchdi Ben Bnvka. Rnbnt, Editions techniques nord- 
nfricnineS] Ifl57. 

217 p. 24 cm. (Collection des centres d'etudes jurldtflueg da 
Maroc, t. 51) 

JQ3942.L25 195T 62-68214 rev J 

Robert, Jacques. 

La monarchic marocaine. Paris, Libraire gene'rale de 
droit et de jurisprudence [1968] 

S60p. 20cm. (Coaimeut llaMntgoUTernft, t 0) 


Dovre, Ole A 

Dct hendte i Marokko ; en Nordmanns opplevelser i frem- 
medlejrjionen. Oslo, HMdverkstrykkeriet, 1945. 

78 p. 'JO cm. 
TJA703.L5D63 64-34529 J 

Heinemeyer, W P 

Marokko ; in de bete schaduw van de Islam. Meppel, J. A. 
Boom, 1960. 

Slip, plates, maps. 24cm. (Terra-blbllotlieek[22|) 

A 61-2110 
Harvard Dnlv. Library 

EoHnek, Jan. 

Maroko eestou-necestou. [Z ceskflio originilu prel. Gusta 
Dofievsku, Vyd. 1. V Bratislava] Mkde letfi, 1961. 

182 p. lllus. 25cm. (slrym svetom) 
DT310.2.K618 62-25816 J 

Landau, Rom, 1899- 

Morocco independent under Mohammed the Fifth Lon- 
don, Allen & Unwin [1961; label: Hollywood-by-the-Sea, 
Fla., Transatlantic Arts, 

320 p. lllus. 23 cm 
DT324.L353 964.04 62-1T96 J 

McGivern, Maureen (Daly) 1921- 

Moroccan roundabout. New York, Dodd. Mead 1961 
175 p. lllus. 21 em. 
DT310.2JVT3 916.4 61-10361 t 

Mellor, Francis Horace, 1897- 

The true Morocco. [Casablanca, Argus, 1952, 

904 60-42041 J 

Mikesell, Marvin W 

Northern Morocco: a cultural geography. Berkeley Uni- 
versity of California Press, 1961. 

vl, ISO p. lllus., plates, maps. 28 cm. (University of California 
publications In geography, v. 14) 
G58.C3 voL14 916.42 62-62686 

al-Qalqashandl, Ahmad ibn 'AH, 1365 or 6-1418. 

Marruecos a comienzos del siglo rv. Tetuan, Editora 
Marroquf, 1951. 

170 p. 28 cm. 
DT319.Q317 54^0878 rev 2 


Annuaire general du Maroc. 

Casablanca, Editions Franco-Marocaines, 

v. 22cm. 
L V T304.A55 62-27920 


Becker, Horst J 

Marokko. t l. AufLj Kom-Marienbnrg, Polyglott-Verlag 

68 p. lllus, maps, plans. 20 cm. (Polyflott Betaefuhrer, 19) 

Grieben, firm, 

" "' 


Muirhead, Litellus Russell, 1896- td. 

Southern Spain, with Gibraltar, 'Ceuta & Tangier 
Edited by L. Russell Muirhead. 2d ed. London, E. Benn, 
1964. ^ 

guides) 111 ' 2S1 P ' maP " (l>art Iold- col-) plttlls- 1T cm - (Tnfl Blus 
DP14.M88 1964 64-6742 

Rosett, Arthur. 

Guide to Morocco & Gibraltar. 

T. lllus. (part coL) 22 cm. 
DT8 4.R66 53-56661 rev 


Beaud, Michel. 

Le commerce erterieur du Maroc. Rabat. Editions La 
Porte, I960. 

^ P. tables. 25 cm. (University de Babat CoDectlOn de la 
FacnltS des sciences jurldlQues, economlques et sodales. Serle de 
Isngne francalge, 9) 

Hllnola Univ. Library 

ConfederazJone generale deU'industria. Italian* Marooco, 
ottobre 1959. ,Roma? 1959 ?, 

154 p. illus. 82 cm. 
HC691Ji8C6 63-44486 t 

Cowan, Laing Gray. 

The economic development of Morocco. Santa Monica, 
Calif., Rand Corp., 1958. 

P-1522? 86 '' maP> tab ' M ' * Cm - CRand Ctonioratlon. [Paper, 
AS36.R28 no. 1522 330.964 60-31969 


Feiland, Rolf, 1913- 

Marokko. Bonn, K. Schroeder, 1968. 
67 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Die Lander Afrikas, Bd. 12) 

Middle East Research Associates, Washington, D. O. 

Morocco: a politico-economic analysis, 1956-60. Wash- 
ington [1961] 

53 p. map, tables. 28 cm. 
HC591.M8M47 ei _ aom 

Milleron, Jacques. 

Regards sur 1'economie marocaine. Pre"f. de Paul Ardoin 
[Rabat, 1954. 

204 p. lllus. 23 cm. 

Morocco. al-Maflahah al-Marlwsiydi - 
La conjoncture e'conomique marocaine. 

no - 1 ' 20 ! -dec. 1956. rRabat, 

v. dlagra., tables. 28-32 cm ' 

HC691.M8A35 ' NE 63-1117 

Morocco. Wisarat di-Iqtisdd cd-Watanl. 

L'evolution &onomique du Maroc dans le cadre du deu 
aeme plan quadrionnal, 1954-1957. [Casablanca ?, 1958 

297 p. lllus. 24 cm. ' 

HC591.M8A56 1958 61-32478 

Morocco. Wiaarat al-Igtijdd al-Wafani. 

Le guide de 1'industriel. [Rabat, Ministere de l'&nomie 
nationale,1960?, "uimo 

59 p. 24 cm. 
HCB91.M8A56 1960a NE 63-707 t 

Morocco. Wizarat cH-lq^ad al-Wafam. 

Tableaux economiques du Maroc, 1915-1969 rRabat 
faervice central des statistiques, I960, 

S (partfold ' ) a* fl'asra., tables. 21cm. 
1960 60-40642 

SolonitSkil, Aleksandr Sergeevlch. 

MapOKKO, 3ioHOMHsa n BHem 
BnemioprHSflaT, 1962. 

115 p. lllus. 22 cm. 

roproM^. MocKaa 


United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affmri. 

Structure et developpement de I'&onomie de quelques tiavs 
d'Afrique. New York, 1968. 

*JJ. '225 p. tables. 28 em. (Natlona unles. [Document] H/8187, 
JX1977.A212 E/3137,etc. 60-51266 


Morocco. "Wisarat al-Iqti$dd oZ-Wafani. 

Plan quinquennal; memento des objectifs de 1'industrie. 
[Rabat, Division de k coordination economique et du plan 
(1961?) * 

16 p. 24 cm. 
H05fll.M8A56 1961 NE 63-1074 J 

Waterston, Albert. 

Planning in Morocco, organization and implementation. 
[Washington] Economic Development Institute, Interna- 
tional Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1962 

vill, 72 p. fold. col. map, dlagrs. 28 cm 
HC561.MSW3 338.964 62-17545 


CaiUe, Jacques. 

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Abdallah (1757-1790) [Paris, Librairie generate de droit 
et de jurisprudence, I960. 

l,,rMJ " M (Fac "J t4 fl e aro " a" Maroc. Collection d'etudeg 
r??f;, p0l S lane * et tonom "l u es. Serle de langue francalse, 5) 
JX1588.M65C2 62-42318 


Abd al-Rahlm, Mahmud. 


183 p. lllus., maps. 24 cm, (nv 


NE 64-993 

Hamilton, Margaret L 1920- 

French policy toward Morocco: 1944-1956. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms [I960, 

Brace, Richard Munthe, 1916- 

Hnsson, Philippe. 

ISM (pee&on des fro^^ree terreetres du Maroc, 
128p. lllus. 27cm. 

62^9861 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Mellor, Francis Horace, 1897- 

The true Morocco. [Casablonca, Argus, 1952] 
123 p. lllua. 18 cm. 
DT314.M49 9G4 

60-42041 t 

Mikesell, Marvin W 

Northern Morocco: a cultural geography. Berkeley, Uni- 
versity ,of California Press, 1961. 

vl, 135 p. lllus., plates, maps. 26 cm. (University at California 
publications In geography, V. 14) 
G58.C3 vol. 14 916.42 62-62686 


Hesperis-Tamuda. 7. 1- 1960- 

Rabat. fictitious techniques nord-africainea 

v. Ulna, (part coL) facslms, 29 cm. 3 no. a year. 
DT301 JWfi N E 63-106 

HISTORY 647 - 1 5 1 6 
see also Beni Marin dynasty 

al-Qalqashandl, Ahmad ibn 'AH, 1885 or 6-1418. 

Mamiecos a comienzos del siglo rv. Tetuin, Editors 
Marroqui, 1951. 
179 p. 23 cm. 
DT319.Q317 64-40878 rev 2 

HISTORY 1516-1830 

al-'Aqqad, Salah, 1929- 

jlLJl j-iU. UUU1 olj-ili lijjU 

J <Jt JU 

NE 64-940 



139 p. 24 cm. 
Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

al-IfrSnl, Muhammad al-Saghlr ibn Muhammad, b. 1669 
or 70. 


t n. d. 

264, 8 p. 23 cm. 
DT321 J 353 



Dehedin, Charles. 

Adieu Maroc! Temoignage d'un rapatriS do. Maroc. 
Paris, Editions des Quatre Fils Ayrnon t 1959j 

183 p. ID cm. 
DT324.D43 60-33657 J 

Piris, Muhammad Khayr. 

8, 644 p. 24 OI 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 

Holme Nielsen, Esther. 

Inch.' Allah, E 0densej Skandinavisk bogforlag C 1959] 
170 p. Ulus. 24cm. 
DT324.H55 61-34159 J 

Landau, Rom, 1899- 

Morocco independent under Mohammed the Fifth. Lon- 
don, Allen & Unwin [1961; label: Hollywood-by-the-Sea, 
Fla., Transatlantic ArtSi 

820 p, tllns. 23 on. 
DT324X358 964.04 62-1796 J 

Lyantey, Louis Hubert Gonzalve, 135i-1934. 

Lyautey 1'africain; textes et letlres du mar&hal Lyautey, 
pr&entes par Pierre Lyautey. Paris, Plon [1953-57] 

4 v. maps (part fold.) 23 cm. 

DT324.L89 A 84-242 rev 2 

Indiana. Univ. Llbr. 

Sautamaria Quesada, Ramixo. 

iQuien ea el Glaui? Tetuan, Editorial Casado (1955) 
186 p. 17cm. 
DT324.3.G65S3 61-24551 t 

Vaucher, Georges. 

Sous les cedres dlfrane; libres entretiens a.vec Hassan n 
roi du Maroc. Paris, R. Julliard [196aj 
271 p. illu. 21cm. 

DT324.3JT3V8 88-87888 t 


Confederazfone generale dell'industria italiana. Marocco, 

ottobre!959. ,Roma? 1959?, 

154 p. lllus. 82 cm. 
HC591^I806 63-44488 t 

Morocco. Wiss&rat <&-Iqtfaad dt-Wafani 

Le guide de rindustrieL [Rabat, Ministere de 1'economie 
nationale ,1960)] 

58 p. 24 cm. 
HOfi91Ji8A56 1960a NE 63-707 J 

Morocco. Wisdrat d-Iqtif&d aZ-Wafani. 

Plan quinquennal; memento des objectifs de 1'industrie. 
[Rabat] Division de la, coordination economique et du plan 
[1961 j 

16 p. 24 cm. 
H0591.M8A56 1961 NE 63-1074 J 

Annnaire du Maroc; commercial, industrial, administratif, 
minier, agricole, viticole, et vrnicole. 
Alger, Fontana freres. 
_ v. 25cm. 
HF5289.M6A6 62-55466 


Notes marocaines. no 1-16 ; 1952-6L Rabat. 

16 no. In 2 T. lllm, maps (part fold.) dlajr*. 28 cm. cami<mnn.i 
BT301.N65 KE 63-678 rev 


Ashford, Donglas E 

Perspectives of a Moroccan nationalist [by, Douglas E. 
Ashford. [Totowa, N. J.] Bedminster Press ,1964, 

nil, 171 p. 23 cm. 
DT324.A778 320.964 64-13753 

Ashford, Douglas E 

Political change in Morocco. Princeton, N. J., Princeton 
University Press, IS 61. 

clafsclen P ' S}^^' ^^^ M "^ (Prlnceton oriental studies: so- 
DT324^A.777 964.04 61-6285 

Datlin, S 

Hapo^u Tynnca, A.isnpa, MapOKio B CopbCe sa iieaaBn- 
cnMOCTL. iMocnsaj Toe. n3^-so no.iiir. .iiiT-ptt, 1953. 

79 p. map. 20cm. 
DT264.D27 54-21630 rev 

Datlin, S 

IMe VOlkev Tuuesieus, Algeriens mitl Hnrokkos iiu Kampf 
fiiv ihro TTnabhangigkeit. [ttbers. von Nikolai Stscherbma. 
1. Ann.] Itorlin, Dietz, 1955. 

IK) p. lllue. 21cm. 
DT2()4.D2T 60-38567 J 

Farrukh, TJmar, 1906- 

Jj,UJI (jJUJII (J^ 1 jb < Oj jj . jji _,**) ( OjJUl iiij 


330, 13 p. lllus., maps, ports, 26 cm. 

tfE 64-2424 

al-Fasi, 'A115I, 1910- 

Memoire sur le regime repr&entatif an Maroc avant et 
apres le protectorat, presents au xu" eongres de HJnion 
interparlementaire tenu 1 Berne, 28 aout-2 septembre 1952, 
par Allal el FassL t n. p.] Orient Press International Fede- 
ration, ,1952?] 

16 p. 25 em. 
JQ3943 1952.F3 B4-S0575 rev 2 J 

Hizb al-Istiql&l. 

Calendrier de hi repression francaise au Maroc, novembre 
1951-novenibre 1052. New York, Moroccan Offica of Infor- 
mation and Documentation [1962] 

4, 108, 5 p. S6 cm. 
DT324.H5 64-HH497S rev 

Hizb al-IstiqlaL 

Marocco, Istiqlal Party documents, 1944-1946. English 
ed. [Paris, Documentation and Information Off. of the 
latiqlal Party, 1946, 

47 p. 24 cm. 
DT317.H6 964 48-15290 rev* 

Lahbabl, Mohamed Aziz. 

Le gouvernement niarocain a I'tiube ilu xs* siwle. Prfif. 
de Meluli Bon Bnvka. Unbat, Editions techniques nord- 
africaine.-, 1057. 

217 p. 24 cm. (Collection des centres a'Stuies jnrldlqaes du 
Mnroc, t. 51) 
JQ3M2.L2r> 1057 62-68214 rev I 

Morocco. Wiadrat dl-AnbS 1 toa-al-Siydhab. 

Realisations et perspectives; 16 novembre 1955 t auj 18 
novembre 1957. [Rabat, 1957?, 

150 p, plates, ports, 23cm. 
DT32tA48 60-24441 

Zartman, I William. 

Morocco: problems of new po^er. New York, Athertoa 
Press, 1964. 

if, 278 p. maps. 24 on. (The American Association for Middle 
East Studies series) 
DT824.ZS 964.04 64-10961 



al-Fial, 'AHfll, 1910- 

j ^un jiu .mi if jui j,ju\ t 
t-Ujjij -m. >>. i,-A<j5Us-m 

t 1960 'U'V- t*i- 
174 p. 25cm. 

KE 63-1644 
Princeton UnlT. Llbr. 


al-Fasi, 'AB51, 1910- 

JI Jile (ULJlj, Jj*ii\ j tJ^ill viuJ^ 
1966j nal'slOJU-JaU^U)! .JjVl 

KE 62-1642 

0, 202 p. 25 cm. 
Princeton TJnlr. Llbr. 


Morocco. Minwtcre de Vurbanisme et de Vhabitat. 

Deris general d'nrcliitecture. Ed. IDfifi. [Rabat, 1957] 
1S2, 31 p. 31 cm. 



Morocco. Wisdrat al-Athghdl alSUmwniyah. 
Morocco, public works. [Rabat, 1958j 
unpaged, lllua. 21x81 cm. 
HU436G.M8A, r )5 60-39642 J 

Morocco. Wizdrat dl-Athghdl aH-'Umunlyah 

[UoY f-tyi, -Vjill UI ta-j-Il'jliJVl Ujj 

" msis ' 21I3: cm ' 



Chavent, Marie Therese. 

Les hommes passent, I'csuvre reste [par] Madame Qnil- 
laume Chavent Pr&f. dn general E. Corniglion-Molinier. 
Tllim. de Alain d'Anzac de Lamartinie. Casablanca, Edi- 
tions Maroc-Presse [1948j 

Tt, 243 p. Ulns., ports. 28 cm. 
DT824.3.C47C5 NE 64-2692 

Farrfikh, TJmar, 1906- 

.1961 j-iJ)j 

839, 18 p. lllus., maps, ports. 25 cm. 

TurnbaH, Patrick. 

The hotter vrinds. London, Hutchinson [I960, 

107 p. 22cm. 
DT812.T87 916,4 60-51786 t 


Gidal, Sonia. 

My village in Morocco [byj Sonia and Tim Gidal [New 
York] Pantheon Books [1964, 

75 p. fllru n map. 26 cm. 
DT312.G5 j 916.4 64-18816 


Morocco. Wisdrat al-SiAhah aZ-'Z/mumtyaA. 

Bulletin de statistique sanitaire. 
Rabat, F. Moncho. 

v. dlagra., tables. 23 cm. 
RA352.M6A37 N E 64-842 


Diaz de ViDegas, Jose. 

Africa septentrional: Mamiecos, el nexo del Estrecho. 
Africa atlantica: las riberas fronteras de Canarias, islaa y 
territories del Golfo de Biafra. Madrid, 186L 

28 Jj. 24 cm. 

DT619.D5 64-39804 t 


Arques, Enrique. 

Hnellas de la historia. fabnlosa en la Libia mauritana; 
[Conferencia pronunciada en Centa ccn motivo de k aicnr- 
sifin a dicha ciudad de los alumnos de la Academia de Inter- 
ventores de la Delegaci6n de Asnntoa IndJgenis, en el curso 
de 1949-60] TetuSn,EditoraMarroquf, 1950, 

64 p. nina. 25 cm, (Altn OomHarit de EpiBa en Marraeeos. 
Publlcaclonas de U Dele^adoo de Ajontw Indlcinai) 
GN751.A7 60-24520 t 

Rihani, Ameen Fares, 1876-1940. 

[1952. \\ 
683 p. Ulro^portL 2S em. 
DT380.R5 60-25481 


Du Pmgaudeao, Odette, 1839- 

La Piste: Maroc-Sei^gal. Avec SI dessros dans le taste 
de Mariott Senonee, S illns. hors texte at 7 cartes. Paris, 
Plon ,1894, 

314 p. Ill tu. 21 cm, 

DT8SSJ38 60-41098 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Young, Roland Arnold, 1910- 

Limd and polities timong the Luguru of Tanganyika [byj 
Roland Young find Henry Foshrooke. London, Eoutledga 

& K. Paul [I960] 

XII, 212 p. Illns., ports., mapi (on Hrlnp: papers) 24 cm. 
[DT449.M6Y ] A 60-4123 

Bochester. ITnlv. Llbr. 

Young, Roland Arnold, 1910- 

Smoke in the hills; political tension in the Moiogoro Dis- 
trict of Tanganyika [byj Roland Young and Henry Fos- 
brooke. Evanston, Northwestern University Press [I960) 
xll, 212 p. lllus., ports., maps (on lining papera) 24 cm. (North- 
estern University [EranBton, IU| African studies, no. 4) 

967.82 60-6431 


western Un 


Young, Roland Arnold, 1910- 

Land und politics among the Luguru of Tanganyika [by] 
Roland Young and Henry Fosbrooke. London, Routledge 
&K. Paul ,1960, 

xit, 212 p. llhis, ports., mnps (on llnlnp papers) 24 cm, 
[DT449.M6Y ] A GO-4123 

Rochester. Dnlr. Llbr. 

Young, Roland Arnold, 1910- 

Smoke in the hills; political tension in the Morogoro Dis- 
trict of Tanganyika [by] Roland Young and Henry Fos- 
brooke. Evanston, Northwestern University Press [1960j 

:dl, 212 p. lllus,, ports., maps (on Untagpapers) 24cm, (North- 
western University jEvanston, ni.j African studies, no. 4) 
DT449.M8Y6 967.82 60-6431 


Sarmiento, Alberto. 

Monografia oientifica del oriente ecuatoriano. Quito, 1958. 
318 P. Ulna. 24 cm. 
F3741.N3S3 60-46350 J 

Vega Total, Tomls, 

Algunas consideraciones sobre nnestro oriente amazonico 
y monografia del Canton Gualaqniza. Cuenca, 1958. 

109 p. lllns, 22 cm. 
F3741.N3V4 60-46346 J 

MORONS see Mentally handicapped 


Hobbs, Horace Potls, 1876-1967. 

Kris and krag ; adventures among the Moros of the south- 
ern Philippine Islands. With, an introd., notes, & illus. by 
H. P. Hobbs, Jr. t n. p., 1962, 

191 p. Illus. 24cm. 
DS686.M7H6 62-62662 { 


Koromyslov, Boris Ivanovich. 

HsaH HHEOiaeBHH Mopoaos ; jiaciep xyaowecTBeHHOft un- 
HnaTBpa Ha nantc-uarae. Mocnaa, Bcec. soorrepainBHoe 

H3A-BO, 1959. 

20 p. Illns. 22 cm. (Macrepa xyAOwecraeHHux npoMUCJiOB) 
ND699.M66K6 62-68087 


Morozov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich, 1864-1946, 
IIoBecTn ifoeft xnsnn. MocEsa, 1961. 
2 v. ports. 23 on. 
DK254.H65A3 1961 61-37200 


Pawson, Henry CedL 

Cockle Park Farm ; an account of the -work of the Cock]. 
Park Experimental Station from 1896-1956. London, New 
York, Oxford University Press, 1960. 

261 p. lllus. 22 cm, (University of Dnrham publications) 
S543.M65P.-1 630.72 60-1557 I 

MORPHIA see Morphine 


see also Heroin; Opium 

Siminoff, Robert. 

Studies on morphine tolerance and the mechanism of mor- 
phine action. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 

Mic 69-1864 


Microfilm AC-1 no. 69-1864 

Yeh, Shu-Yuan, 1926- 

Stability of morphine in aqueous solution. Ana Arbor, 
Mich., University Microfilms ,1859] 

McrofilmAC-1 no. 59-3827 Mic 59-3827 

lowo. Univ. Library 


Gunne, Lars M 1933- 

Catecholamines and 5-hydroxytryptamine ia morphine 
tolerance and -withdrawal. Stockholm, 1963. 

91 p. dlagre,, tables. 25 cm. (Acta phjelologlcn Scanfllnavlca, 
T. 58. Snpplementum 204) 

A 64-736 
Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 


see also Botany Morphology; Mor- 
phology; Morphology (Animals) 

Advances in morphogenesis, v. 1- 
New York, Academic Press, 1961- 

v. illus., dinars. 24cm. 
QH491.A25 574.3 60-16981 

Suinott, Edmund Ware, 1888- 

The problem of organic form. New Haven, Yale Uni- 
versity Press, 1963. 

224 p. fflos. 22cm. (Trends ID science, V. *) 
QHS51.SB5 581.334 63-7947 t 


$H3HOJiornn pacieHHft. 1- 

[MocEBaj Jhfl-Eo MocKOBCKoro ynHBepcmeia, 1963- 

v. lllm., dlagis., tables. 2Son. 

MORPHOGENY see Morphogenesis 


Buchholz, Bernard. 

Reactions of benzyl diphenacyl amine, synthesis of 
phenyl-substitnted hydroxymorphozines [SiC] and a study 
of peroxide formation. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 


(, University Mlcrofllms, Ann Arbor, Mlch.i Publlcntloa uo. 22,885) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,885 Mic 57-3876 

Virginia. Ualr. Ilbr. 


see also Morphogenesis; Vestigial 

Airman, Philip 1 (A. 

Growth including reproduction and morphological devel- 
opment Compiled and edited by Philip L. Altaian and 
Dorothy S. Dittmer. Prepared under the auspices of the 
Committee on Biological Handbooks. Washington, Federa- 
tion of American Societies for Experimental Biology [1962] 

ill, 608 p. Ulus., table*. 29 cm. (Biological handbooks) 
QH310.A4 574.083 62-21069 

Gjertyv-Knudsen, Carl Oluf, 1892- 

Equivalent means of meeting a demand. [Translated 
from the Danish by C. Campbell-McCallumj Copenhagen, 
G. E.G. Gad, 1962. 

26 p. 21cm. 
QH351.G53 62-62768 | 

Lorenzen, Iwer Thor, 

Metamorphosen in. der Entwicklungsgeschichte von 
Mensch und Tier. Hambnrg-Fuhlsbuttel, 1958. 

161 p. lllua. 22 cm. 
QH869X6 576 80-37677 J 

Mayer, Edmund. 

Introduction to dynamic morphology. New York, Aca- 
demic Press, 1963. 

545 p. lllus. 24cm. 
QH351.M3 1963 674.4 62-21934 t 

Mohr, Charles E 

Inventions in. nature. [Prepared with the cooperation 
of the National Audubon Society 3 Garden City, ST. Y., 
Doubleday t 1963] 

M p. Illus. (part col.) 21 cm. (Nature program) 
QH351.M66 198S 574,4 63-24065 


Aiaderaiia nauk Gruzinskol SSR, Tiflis. Imtitut 
imntdllvA morfoloffii. 


v. lllus., maps. 26 cm. 

sayK FpyaHHCEoft CCP, 19 



Latvijas Padomju Socialistiskas Republikas ZinStnu aka- 
demija. ELiperimentalas tin klmiskas medioinas instituts. 

Bonp cu Moptlioiorini n (|)H3iio.ioriiii. 
Pnra, HSA-BO AKa^esmn nays JlaTsntlCKOil CCP, 195 

v. lllus., ports. 23 cm. (Its TpyAbi) ' 
RS50.L3 60-25629 rev 


Mayer, Edmund. 

Introduction to dynamic morphology. New York, Aca- 
demic Press, 1963. 

545 p. lllus. 24cm. 
QH361.M3 1983 674.4 62-21934 { 


see also Body size; Embryology; 

Allen, John M ed. 

The nature of biological diversity. New York, McGraw- 
Hill t 1963j 

rtl, 304 p. lllus. 24 cm. (University of Michigan. Institute or 
Science and Technology. Series |of lectures] 1961) 
QH573.A42 674.87082 

Brovar, Vladimir fAkovlevich. 

CEJIH THStecTH n itopc(>o.iornji KHBOTHBIX. MocKBa, HB^-BO 
Aiafleiinn nays CCCP, 1960. 

238 p. Illns. 23 cm. 
QL799.B75 61-^3332 

Hanson, Earl D 

Animal diversity. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice- 
Hall, 1801. 

116 p. Illus. 28 an. (Prentice-Hall foundations of modern blol- 

QL50JI32 591.4 60-12210 J 

Jollie, Malcokn Thomas. 

Chordate morphology. Nsw York, Reinhold [1962] 
478 p. Illus. 27 cm. (Relnhold books In the biological sciences) 
QL805.J6 591.4 62-17800 t 

Portmann, Adolf, 1897- 

Einfuhi'uug in die vergleicheiide M orpliologie der "Wirbel- 
tiere. 2., iibernvb. uncl enveiterte Aufl. Basel, B. Schwabe, 

337 p. lllu* 25cm. 

A 60-1160 
Purdue TJnlv. Llbriu.v 

Portmann, Adolf, 1897- 

Die Tiergestalt; Studien uber die Bedeutung der tierischen 
Erscheinung. 2., neubearb. und erweiterte Aufl. Mit 118 
Zeichnungen von Sabme Bousani-Baur. Basel. F. Eernhardt 
t 1960j 

274 p. lllus. 21cm. 

[QL799.P ] A 62-267 

Purdue TJnlv, Library 

Rud'ko, P D 

Haiienemie MOp^ojornnecKofl crpyKiypLi ce.n.CKOxosaft- 
CTECHHHX XIIBOTHLTX no^ B.niJiiiHeM co^ep-jraiiujt n ancn.iya- 
Taunn, CTa.Ti[iia6a^, 19fi8. 

283 p. lllus, 27 cm. 
SF761.B8 62-37316 

Russell, Edward Stuart, 1887- 

The diversity of animals; an evolutionary study. Leiden, 
E. J. Brill, 1962. 

151 p. lllus. 25 cm. (Acta blotheoretlca. Snpplementum Prlmum, 
addltum Actorum blotheoretlcorum, v, 18; 1. a BIbllotheca blotleo- 
retlca, v. 8) 
QL799.K78 68-2500 \ 

Saunders, John Tennant, 1888- 

A manual of practical vertebrate morphology, by J. T. 

Saunders nnd S. M. Manton. 3d ed. Oxford, University 
Press, 1959. 

Till, 272 p. mug. 25cm. 

A 60-3842 
Ohio State Unlf. Ltbr. QL805 


Rostov on the Don, Russia, Gosudarstvennrl rnedltSinskfl 

Bonpocti Mop$oJiorHH. [Ois. pe^airrop n. II. KoaajeHEOj 
PociOB-Ha-flony, 1962. 

(S02 p. illns., port. 22 cm. (/( CflopHHK nayroux TpyAoe, KH, 17) 
R9B.E6 kn.17 64-87249 

BonpocH MOp$ojorHn. 

v. lllus. 26cm. 
QM1.VG 64-44932 

Vsesrtuznyl s"ezd anatomov, gistologov i embriologor. 



T. In 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


BIfakher, Leonid lAkovlevich, 1900- 

AKaAeunH nayK CCCP, 1962. 

262 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
QL799.B55 63-28130 t 


The Journal of animal morphology and physiology. 
Baroda, M. S. University Dept. of Zoology. 

7 In Illus., plates, diagrs. 25cm. semiannual 
QL801.J75 61-66376 

Comparative and general Word formation; 
and subdivisions Inflection and Word 
formation under names of languages 




Keyes, Frances Parkinson (Wheeler) 1885- 

The chess players. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy 

633 p. Illus. 22cm. 

60-14365 \ 

Zagorianskil, Evgenil. 

IIoBecTt o MopifiH. MocKBa, <t>ii3Ey.i&Typa n cnopT, 1802. 
229 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
PG3476.Z217P6 63-56451 t 


Vermont Momll Land-Grant Centennial Oommittee. 
After 100 years; a report. [Montpelier, 1962?] 
38 1. 11VOS., ports. 28 cm. 
E664.M8V4 63-68756 



MORRIS, WILLIAM, 1834-1896 

Arnot, Robert Page, 189ft- 

William Morris, the man and the myth, by R. Page Arnot 
New York, Monthly, E t eview Press, 19B4] 

131 p, 20 cm. 
HX243.A8 335.4 64-19457 

Brooke, Stanford Augustus, 1832-1916. 

Four Victorian poets; a study of Clough, Arnold, Ros- 
setti t arid] Morris, with an introduction on the course of 
poetry from 1822 to 1852, by Stopford A. Brooke. New 
York, Russell & Russell, 1964. 

ill, 209 p. 23 cm. 
PR593.B7 1964 821.800 64-15024 

Brown University. Library. 

William Morris and the Kelmscott Press; an exhibition 
held in the Library of Brown University, Providence, Rhode 
Island, from October 9 to December 31, 1959. To which is 
appended an address by Philip C. Duschnes before the 
friends of the Library of Brown University, December 7, 
1959. Providence, 1960. 

ill, 49 p. 16 plates (IncL facslms.) 2T cm. 
Z232.M87B7 655.14213 60-4517 

Faulkner, Peter. 

William Morris and W. B. Yeats. Dublin, Dolmen Press ; 
[distributed outside Ireland by the Oxford University PresSj 

SOp. 21cm. 
PR5083.F3 821.912 63-2833 J 

Henderson, Stephen Evangelist, 1925- 

A study of visualized detail in the poetry of Tennyson, 
Rossetti. and Morris. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro- 
films [1959, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-3268 Mic 59-3258 

Wisconsin. Unlv, Llbr. 

Thompson, Edward Palmer, 1924- 

Willitim Morris, romantic to revolutionary. New York, 
Monthly Review Press, 1961 ,i. e. 1962, 1955] 

908 p. Ulus. 23cm. 
PR5083.T6 1962 928.2 61-17951 J 

Vest, Eugene Bartlett. 

The socialism of Buskin and Morris. Chicago, Univer- 
sity of Illinois, Chicago Undergraduate Division, 1966. 

icard. 7iil2Jcm. 
MicrocardPR6263 Micp63-l 

Robinson, Timothy Weymonth, 1820-1890. 

History of the town of Morrill in the county of Waldcj 

and State of Maine. Belfast, Me., City Job Print, 1944-[57J 

2v. lllua., ports. 24cm. J 

FMMS5R6 974.15 45-15636 rev* 


Robinson, Timothy Weymonth, 1820-1890. 

History of the town of Morrill in the county of Waldo 
and State of Maine. Belfast, Me., City Job Print, 1944- t 67] 

2v. llms., ports. 24cm. 
F29.M85R6 974.15 46-15636 rev* 

MORRIS, CARL, 1911- 

American Federation of Arts. 

Carl Morris, by Grace L. McCann Morley. New York 

27 p. Illus. (part col.) port. 18cm. ., 

ND237.M73A5 759.13 60-2801 


Morris, Claud. 

I bought a newspaper. London, Barker 1968] 
224p. 21cm. 
PN5123.M69A3 64-554o 


U. S. 86tk Cong,, let seie., 1959. . 

Acceptance of the statue of Esther Morns presented by 
the State of Wyoming. Proceedings in the Congress and m) 
the Rotunda, United States Capitol, April 6, 1960. Wash- 

ment no. 69) 


Morris, Sir Harold, 1876- 

Back view. London, P. Davies t !960j 
244 p. inns. 23 cm. 

923.442 60-2514 


Jenkins, Nelle (Morris) 1894- 

Morris genealogy, 1605 to 1959. Tuscaloosa, Ala., Willo 
Pub. Co. [1959] 

172 p. Illus. 23cm. 
CS71.M876 1959 59-51285 

Moon, Robert Charles, 1844-1914. 

The Morris family of Philadelphia; descendants of 
Antlioay Morris, bora 16541721 died. By Robert G. Moon 
... Philadelphia, R. C. Moon, 1898-1909. 

5 T. fronts., plates, ports., maps, facslms. 26 cm. 
-- Descendants of Samuel Morris, 1734-1812. 
Supplement. Philadelphia, 1959. 

vll, 163 p. port. 27 on. 

CS71.M876 1898 

CS7LM876 1888 SoppL 

98-1344 rev 3 

Morris, W R 1882- 

Folk lore of Blueridge Mountain, their first Sunday schoo 
and founders, other places of interest. Court records datinj 
back to 1605. [Fancy Gap? Va., "1953-60 ( v. 3, '1968, 

3 T (279 p.) Illus., ports., coL wat o( arms. 18-21 cm. 
975.6714 60-36358 

3 T (279 p.) 


see also Morris Minor automobile 

Glenn, Harold T 

MG, Morris, and Magnette repair and time-up guide. 
Philadelphia, Chilton Books, 1964. 

124 p. Ulus.. cllagrs., tables. 26cm. 
TL216.M6G55 629.287 64-17620 

Staton-Bevan, William Norman, 1912- 

The book of the Morris Eight and the Morris Minor; 
complete guide for owners and prospective purchasers of a] 
Morris Eights and Morris Minors, rev. by Staton Abbey 
rpseud.1 5th ed. London, Pitman, 1948. 

vll 140 p Illus, 18 cm. (Pitman's motorists library) 
TL215.M6S73 1948 629,222 49-17481 rev 



Hoskins, Barbara. . i_ 

Washington Valley; an informal history, Morns County 
New Jersey, by Barbara Hoskins [and others. Morristown 

S29p. illus. 23cm. 
F142.M8H7 974.974 60-50147 



Hoskins, Barbara. 

Washington Valley; an informal history, Morris County, 
New Jersey, by Barbara Hoskins t and others. Morristown ? 

N. J., 1960. 

320 p Ulns. 23 cm. 
F1423I8H7 974.974 60-50147 J 


'aimer, David Michael William. 

Morris and Austin Mini, including saloons, estate cars, 
vans, and Coopers. JTew York, Arco Pub. Co. [1964, C 1963j 

SO p. tllns. dinars. 28 cm. (Illustrated car servicing series for 
owner drivers) 
TL21S.M615P25 629.288 64-12842 


see also Morris Mini Minor automobile 

Francis, Dennis Vincent Wilson. 

Morris Minor, including Minor 1000, series II and series 
MM. XPW York, Arco Pub. Co. [1961, 1963, 

03 p. Illus., diagrs. 28 cm. (Illnstrated cur servicing series for 
owner drivers) 
TL215.M017F7 629.288 64-12845 

see also M.G. automobile 

see Financial General Corporation 

D.C. Morris Statue (Capitol) 


Wesche, Percival A 

Henry Clay Morrisou: crusader saint [Berne, Ind., 
Herald Press, '1963, 
208 p. 21 cm. 

BX8495.MfiSW4 64-1036 


Morrison, John Arch, 1898- 

As the river flows; the autobiography of John A Morri- 
son. Anderson, Ind., Anderson College Press t 1962] 

214 p. lUus. 21cm. 
BX7025JZ8M6 922.8773 62-20212 t 

and C lark Cavern State Park 


Bonny, John Bruce, 1903- 

Morrison-Knudsen Company, inc.; fifty years of construc- 
tion progress. New York, Newcomen Society in North 
America, 1962. 

21 p. lllos. 23 cm. (Newcomen address, 1062) 
HD9715.U54M63T 62-21237 t 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Examination of rentals charged for equipment owned and 
operated by Morrison-Knudsen Company, inc., Boise, Idaho, 
a subcontractor under Department of the Air Force prune 
contract AF33(600)-29717 with Western Electric Company, 
incorporated, New York, N. Y., in construction of the White 
Alice Communication System in Alaska; report to the Con- 
gress of the United States by the Comptroller General of the 
United States. Washington] 1965. 

105 l. 27 cm. 
UA944.A4A5 63-61347 


Langstaff, John Brett, 18S9- 

New Jersey generations; Macculloch Kail, Morristown, 
[1st ed., New York, Vantage Press ( 1964] 
229 p. Illus., maps, ports. 22 cm. 

974.974 64^5789 


Langstaff, John (Brett, 1889- 

New Jersey generations: Macculloch Hall, Morristown, 
list ed.] New York, Vantage Press [1964] 

229 p. LIlus,, maps, ports. 22 cm. 
F144JM3L3 974.974 64-B789 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MORSE, BLISS, 1837-1923 

Morae, Bliss, 1837-1928. 

Civil "War diaries. Compiled, edited, and published By 
Loren J. Morae. 1st ed. Pittsburg, Kan., Pittcraft, 1964 

92 p. lllus.. facatas, port 24 cm. 
E801.MB4 973.7S1 



Morse, Clive, 

The guest years of my life. Illustrated by Broadhurst. 
[Sydney] Angus and Robertson [I960] 

282 p. Ulna. 21 an, 
TXB41.T8M8 64Y.94944 61-26767 1 

U. 3. Ctmyress. Senate. Oommittet on Armed Service*. 

Nominations. Hearing before the Committee oa Armec 
Services, Fnited States Senate, Eighty-seveutli Congress, 
first session, on Stephen Ailes, of Maryland, nominated ti 
be Under- Secretary of the Army; Richard S. Morse, o: 
Massachusetts, nominated to be Assistant Secretary of the 
Army; William F. Schaub, of Ohio, nominated to be As 
sistant Secretary of the Army. February 23, 1981. Wash 
ington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961. 

Ill, 20 p. 24 cm. 
TJA24.A7 1961 61-50705 rev 


Snov, Dorothea J 1909- 

Samuel Moras, inquisitive boy. Illustrated by Walt Seed. 
Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill r !960, 

192 p. Ulna. 20 cm. (Childhood of famonj Americans) 
PZ7.S683Sam 2 59-14002 J 


Hays, Wilma. Pitchf ord. 

Samuel Morse and the telegraph. Pictures by Richari 
Mayhetr. New York, F. Watts [1860, 

63 p. lllus, 23 cm. (A First biography) 
TK6243.M7H3 927.5 60-5580 t 

Latham, Jean Lee, 

Samuel F. B. Morse, artist-inventor. Illustrated by Jo 
Polseno. Champaign, HL, Gamrd Press |1961j 

80 p. Ulna. 23cm. (A Disco very book) 
ND237.M75L34 } 92 61-11144 J 


Smith, Arthur Robert, 1925- 

The tiger in the Senate; the biography of Wayne Morse. 
c lst ed.] Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1962. 

45Bp, Ulna. 22 cm, 
E748.M76S5S 923 .2T8 61-12JS83 \ 

Tucker, Duane Emery, 1923- 

The radio and television speaking of Douglas McKay and 
Wayne Morse in the 1958 Oregon senatorial campaign. Ann 
Arbor. Mich., University Microfilms [1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-1185 Mic 59-1188 

Wisconsin, TTnlr. Llbr. 

MORSE see Walruses 

MORSE ALPHABET see Morse code 


Goffard,S June*. 

Experimental studies of skill in copying International 
Morse code. [Washington] Gorge Washington University, 
Human .Resources Research Office, 1960. 

Tip. 27cm. CHnmREO. Technical report 68) 
TT15.G4 no. 68 62-296 J 

International Teaching System*, Inc. 

Howard W, Sams international code training system 
[1st ed.j Indianapolis, H. W. Suns t 1963j 

98 p. Him, 19 on. and S phonodUcs (8 . 7 In. SSI rpm. mlero- 
trooTe) In pockets. (A Howrd TV. S*i training program) 
TK574S.I5B 62-21976 

Schwartz, Martin, 1928- 

Mastering th* Morse code. t 2d ed n, p., AMECX3 Pub. 
Corp.; distributed by AMECO Equipment Corp., MineoU, 

83 p. ulo*. 22cm. 
IKCT48.34 1968 




VsesofuznalS. torgovafa palata. Morskafi 
arbitrazhnala komissifa 



ttrdovich, A 


napycaMH B 33 BCKC; rmasaHHe raxyHH "3apa." 
MocKsa, loc. H3A-BO reorp. Jizi-pti, 1960. 

174 p. Dim 20cm. 
Q0825J 9 62-57867 f 


Morsman, Edgar Martin, 1873-1951. 

Edgar Martin Morsman, and His four sons. t Omaha? 
Neb., 19<W, 

70 p. Him. 25 cm. 
CS7l.H88f> 1963 68-51246 t 

see Starowieyska-Morstinowa, Zofia, 


Barnard, Alan. 

Visions and proflte; studies in the business career of 
Thomas Snteliffe Mort. (Parkvillev, Melbourne TTniTemty 
Press on behalf of the Australian National UniTsrsity t !961, 

234 p. Him, 28 cm. 
H0602.5Jd:eB3 61-59533 J 


see also Children Mortality; Infants 

Mortality; Insurance, Life Mathe- 
matics; Life span, Productive; Occu- 
pational mortality; Violent deaths; War 

Casualties (Statistics; etc. ); also sub- 
division Mortality under names of 

Berg, B J -van den. 

OngeyaRenstrefbe in Nederland, in het bijzonder bij kiri- 
deren; tegen. de achtergrond van het ongevallenvraagstuk 
inhetakremeen. [Leidenj 19B9. 

nil, 182 p. dlagn. 25 cm. (Teihandellng van bet Nederlandi 
IniHtantToorPraeventleve Geneeskunde, 47) 
HBW35.A5B4 68-46742 

Bfllgarska akadmiik na naukite, Sofia. Qtdelenie so. 
matemtOMJiAtki i teklmeKailA nauki, 

CnipiHOcrra sa aacweBnero B BiarapHJt npes n 
1887-19iO r.; cCopnHE or ciatHH. ETofl nayi. pe,n. na 
AT. HonoB. CO$HS, ETarapcia asa^evnu aa nayEHTe, 1959. 

20T, [S] p. lllus, 28 cm. 
HB1457^A5B8 64-43467 

Canada. Bureau of Statittioi. 

Canadian life tables. Tables canadiennes de mortalite"; 
1950-19621955-1957. Otta-wa, Dominion Bureau of Sta- 
tistics, Health and Welfare Division, Vital Statistics Sec- 
tion, 1960. 

13 p. 28 cm, (lit Beference paper. Document de reference) 
HB1859.A5 I960 64-35951 

Connecticut Safety Commitdm. 

Accidental deaths in Connecticut. [Prepared by Sophie A. 
Frankel, special assistant Hartford, 1964, 

i!8i p. 28 cm. 
HB1323.A2C6 64-63924 

Desmond, Ellen Mary. 

Mortality in, the Brandywine population of Bouthera 
Maryland. "Washington, Catholic UniTOisity of America 

Ull, 88 p. 28 cm. (Catholic University O f America. Studies In 
odology, no. 47) 
HB1357i7D4 64-847 

Gershenson, Harry. 

Meosnrement of mortality. [CHcagOj Society of Actu- 
aries, 1961. 

S40p, lllus. 24cm, 
HG8781.G4 388.801 61-17987 } 

Howe, George Mdvyn. 

National atlas of disease mortality in the United King- 
dom, prepared by G. Melvyn Howe on behalf of the Boyal 
Geographical Society, London, New York, T. Nelson C 1963j 

lllp, mp(21iipoctat) J9cm. 


London. Hoyal Marsden Hospital, ff better Beatty Reteareh 

The Chester Beatty Eesearch Institute serial abridged life 
tables, England and "Wales 1841-1960. Compiled by 
.A.M.Case [ andothersj London, 1962- 
T. dlagrs. S3 cm. 

HB1415J16 68-28897 

Niedermann, Hans, 1916- 

TJntersnohungen uber den Wihrschainlichkeitscharakter 
derSterblichkeit. Bern, 1946 

P. 23cm. 
HB1S21.N5 69-53154 


Norway. Statistisk sentratbyrit. 

D^deligheten og dens irsaker i Norge. Trend of mor- 
tality and causes of death in Korway, 1856-1965. Oslo ( I 
kommisjon hos Aschehoug] 196L 

246 p. dlagm, tablat 24 cm. (Its SamlnnnB^kanomlate studler 
nr. 10) 

Pennsylvania. Dept. of Health. 

Soma comparisons of mortality data in Pennsylvania 
1940 and 1950. Harrisburg, Dept, of Health, Bureau of 
Statistics and Records, Division of Statistical Methods 19B6 

S 1. tables. 28 cm. (It> Special report no, l) ' 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Polskie tablics TFymieraJnos\:i. 1956/58- 

T. Ulus, tables. 29cm. (Statystyka PolakI) 
HA1451.A312 61-39830 

Society of Actuaries. 

Build and blood pressure study. [Chicago, 1859- 

HB1321.S6 ' 812561 61-38143 

Tassart, Juan Carlos. 

El descenso de la mortalidad por tuberculosis en la H- 
pubhca Argentina. Prologo del Prof. Dr. Ktundn Carrillo 
Buenos Aires, 1951. 

57 p. 111U8. 2T cm. 


Turkey.^ Devlet Ixtatiittk Enatitutii. 

Vilayet ye kaza merkezlerindeki olumler. 
Ankara, Nur Matbaasi [etc.] 

v. tables. 29 cm. (latatlatlk Gecel MUdurlOSU. Tayin) 
HA1911.AS NE 61-199 rev 

Vienna. Stotittuohet Ami. 

Familienstand und Sterblichkeit. t Wien, Magistrat der 
Stadt Wen, 1854, 

7 p. tables. W) cm. (Iti Mlttellnnpm atu Statlatlfc und Terwal- 
tune der Stadt Wlen, Jahr?. ISM, Sonderheft Nr 1) 
HB1422.V5A62 ' 62-4UM5 

Vienna. Statistiaohea Ami. 

Sterblichkeit und Todesursachen in Wien in den Jahren 
1950-1952. ("Wien, Magistrat der Stadt Wien, 19B3, 

27 p. tables. 30 cm. (Iti Mlttellungen ans Statigtlk und Verwal- 
tone der Stadt Wlen, Jaarjr. 1968, Sonderheft Nr. 2) 
HB1422.V6A53 62-27781 

Vienna. Stotittieohet Ami. 

Wiener Sterbetafebn. t Wien, Magistrat der Stadt Wien, 

U p. dlagrs., tables. 80 cm. (Iti Mlttellungen aus StatUtlk und 
Terwaltung der Stadt Wlen, Jahrg. 1953, Sonderheft Nr. 1) 
HB1422.V5A55 62-45354 

Wisconsin, State Bureau of Vital Statietios. 

Mortality trends, Wisconsin 1950-1960. Prepared by Di- 
vision of Statistical Services, Bureau of Vital Statistics, 
Wisconsin State Board of Health. [Madison, Wisconsin 
State Botird of Health;, 1964. 

31 p. illua. 28cm, 

HB1355.W6A5 64-64254 

Yugoslavia. Savesni zavod za itatistiku. 

Tablice mortaliteta, 1952-1954, 21 FNKJ i narodne re- 
publike. Beograd, 1960. 

77 p, dlagrs,, tables. 25 cm. (Its Prlrnenlcl 1 dela, 4) 
HB1458.5.A5 61-44010 


see alao Grouting 

AkademiA stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR. Znatitut or- 
ganiaafiii, mekhanistafUi i teJcfmichftkoi pomoshoM 

HncipyKuna no TpaHcnopTiipOBaKnjo u HarHerannB 
cipoiiTtimHx pacraopOB no ipyfionpOBOflait. [PaapafioTana 
T. E, HBHacKDM] Mocxaa, Foe. na^-BO JHT-PH no CTponiejit- 
CTEy, apxnTenrype E cxpoHi. naTepna.*, 1962 

71 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
TA436A65 6 3_ 56541 j 

Aleksandrovskii, Aleksandr Vasil'evieh. 


258 p. lllus. 28cm. 

e nxx mryicaiypOB, HJHTOIHHKOB H MO- 
eHo a Ea^ecrne y^efi. nocoCaa &xa npo- 
yauuun. MoczBa. IIpoiiTexHsaai. 1961. 

62-28504 t 

Davidson, Mikhail Genrlkhovieh. 

HoBoe B TCXHO.ioruB SHMHHX CTpoirreJi6HHX pafioi; EHp- 
ntrntzx KJiaflia. K omryiaxypaBaHHC sa paciBOpax c flotfas- 
KOft notama. [JeHHHrpaii JicsHaiHT, 1960. 

326 p. Ulna. 28cm, 
TH5501.D35 60-44075 

Davidson, Mikhail Genrlkhovieh. 

Hooe i TtxncworHH SHMHBX cjtpOHiejtiHHx patfoi; sa- 
nenHjje H nrryraTypHHe pacToiH na pacTBOpax c AoCaaicoft 
noiama. CxeHorpaiiHa iernnn. JTeHirarpajr 1962. 

B8p. mug. 21 cV ^ rt> 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MORTAB (Continued) 

Fishburn, Cyrus Charles, 1892- 

Effect of mortar properties on strength of masonry. 
Washington, U. S. Dept of Commerce, National Bureau of 

Standards, 1S61. 

II, 45 p. lllus., tatles. 26cm. ([U.S.] National Bureau of Stand- 
ards'. Monograph 86) 

TA437.F5 6a-60299 

_ . _ Copy 2. QO100.TJB5fl no. 88 

Grazhdankina, N 


MecTHtie uaxepua-iH B appHranaOHHOM 
TanuceiiT, Toe. USA-BO YsCCP, 1950. 

68-52380 J 

Harm&cek, Josef. 

Stavebnf pojiva; v^roba, dmhy, vlastnosti a pouziti pojiv. 
,Vyd 1.] Praha, Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1961. 

ZTs'p lllns. 25cm. (KnlZnlce pozemntto otavltelstvl) 
TP881B8 61-48019 J 

Jones, David Thomas, 

Limes, cements, and mortars. Serial 1830-4. Ed. 6] 
Scranton, International Correspondence Schools, '1962. 

BO p. lllua. 19 cm. 
TP877.J6 1962 62-42194 t 

Korolev, Konstantin Mikhaflovich. 

MamimncT pacTBOpocMecnTCJur n pacTsopoHacoca. Oflofi- 
pcHO B KaieciBC yiefi. nocodna K.IK iiKflnBUAyaJLKO-6pHrafl- 
HOro oCjnieHiiji pa6oinx Ha npoitaBoacTBe. MocKaa, ITpo$- 
iexn3flaT, 1962. 

265 p. lllus. 2Scm. 
TH900.K67 6d-d7UH J 

Malyshev, Dmitri! losifovich. 

IIpHroTOBaeHite paciBOpos H 6eTOHHirx cuecefl Ea aaso- 
flax H yrranoBKax. .ftennHrpafl, Foe. USA-BO ani-pu no 
CTpOHieaBCTBy, apxHTesrype H cxpom. uaTepnaiaii, 1961. 

247 p lllus. 17 cm. (CepHS noco(Snfl AJIH HaiHHaxtWHX paSoTOx) 
TP881.M25 62-32409 t 

Meng, Wilhehn, Bitter von, ed. 

Zusatz- und Anstrichmittel fur Mortel und Betoa 7. neu- 
bearb. Aufl. Wiesbaden, Bauverlag [I960, 
130 p. (p. 147-160 advertisements) tables. 21cm. 

Illinois. TlnlT. Library 

Mortel und Putz. Untersuehungan und Versuche durch- 
gefuhrt im Auftrage des Bundesministers fur Wohnungs- 
bau. Berlin, W.Ernst, 1968. 

Ill p. lllus., rtlagrs., tables. BOcin. .,,,,, 

A 60-141 
Illinois. TIclv. Library 

Moscow. Vsesoiiznyi nauchno-issledovatel'ski! institnt po 

EeioHH H pacTBOpa; nccjieflOBaHHa. MocKea, Toe. H3fl-BO 

JIHT-pH DO CIpOHTtatCTBy H apXHTCKTYpe, 1957. 

147 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
TA4S4.M83 58-34169 rev 

Moscow. Vsesoiuznyi naochno-issledovatel'skfl institnt po 

ECTOIIH u pacTsopii; nccJieflOBaHUH. [Hayn. peflacrop 
M. H. CyfifioTKiiii] MocKua, Toe. IWA-BO anT-pa no CTpon- 
TeJiBCiBy, apXHTeicrype H cxponT. MarepHaiav, 1959. 

181 p. lUus. 22cm. 
TA434.M83 1959 00-18701 

NiWtokfl, ATbert Sergeevich. 

TciopirrejiH TBepflCHHX CeronOB H paciBOpOB. MBHCK, 

40 p. lllus. 20 cm. ,, 4 

TP881.N54 64-26382 t 

Russia (1917- B. S. F. 8. R.) Miniiteritvo tA'ihogo 
Tehoz&istva. Glminne ttroitel'noe upravlenit. 

YxasaHHa no npHMeneHHD B cueraaHHUx H ESBecriOBinc 
paciBOpax opraHireecKoro iuracTH$HKaTOpa orxo^a coan> 
croKa. (Peflarrop H. H. ICpyiOB] Mocisa, Toe, HSA-BO IHT- 
pH no CTpoarejitCTBy, apxHieKrype H CTponr. iiarepHaian 

U ^ OA n>*1 

61-38718 J 

Russia (19S3- U. S. S. R.) Oomdarttoenrafi Jiomitet po 
ddam ttroitd'ttwi. 

EHCTpymmi no paciBOpaK A-M laneHnott uaflKH, L.H. 
43-59. YiBepafleHa 12 *nsap* 1959 r. Hafl. o$HHHa. 
MocESa, Toe. H3A-BO JIHI-PH no CTpoHTesBCTBy, apxHierrype 
H crpOHT. jcaTepnajaM, 1959. 

42 p. llln. 20<m. /-nojWflR 

TP887.R8 60-23798 

Skalmowsld, Wlodzimlerz. 

Gipsy i aahydryty TV Polsce; mozliwofci i Merunki ich 
zastoso-waniii TV budowniotnvie. Warszawa, Panstwow- 
Wyda-wn. Naukowe, 1969. 

fir p. Ulus. 24cm (Studlaziakresu bndownlctwa, nr. 4) 

TP88T.S5 60-20M7 

Stobodfanik, Ignatil fAkovlevich. 

Mknei B'^acy^i na nosia cnpoanni yrpaiBH. 3a aarait 
HOC pefl. I. X. Gio6oAHHHxa. KHIB, ^epx. BHS-BO jrii-pH 
fiyAiBHHUTBa i apxiTesrypH 7PCP, 1960. 

115p. lllM, 22cm. -,o 

TP887555 81-33S87 

okmakova, I A 

ETpnueHeniie pacrsopOB 11 CCTOHOB c flofiajKotl noTama 
rtpn npoii3BOflCTBe crpoHTejiHiix pafiot H suunee speitJi. 
Moccoa, Toe. n3^-so JST-PH no cipOHrejitcTBy, apxuTerrypc 
H cipOHT. HaTepna^ajj, 1963. 

79, [6, p. lllus. 21 cm. 
TH1461.T6 63-63574 

eber, Mikhail Abramovich. 

HHflycipnajmsaijHa nponssoflCiBa ciponTejEiHux pacrao- 
POB. .Temturpafl, Toe. HSA-BO JIHT-PH no ciponrejiLciBy, ap- 
XHTesrype n cipoHT. MarepuajiaM, 1960. 

S3 p. lllus. 22cm. 
TP887.V4 61-22998 t 

r orob'ev, Vasilfl Aleksandrovich. 

HpOHSBOflCTBO MnHepajitHux Bff^ymHx. ^onymeno B K- 
leciBe yieCnHKa ffaa yiamnxca cipOHi. TexHnKyitOB. Mo- 
CKsa, Foe. USA-BO JIHT-PH no CTponiejiBCTBy, apXHiejrrype E 
crpOHT. MaTepzajiau, 1960. 

SOS p. Ulna. 23 cm. 
TP887.V6 61-34463 t 

Llexandria, Egypt Jami'at al-Iskandarfyah. Euttiyat d- 

N B 65-713 

[Alexandria) Alexandria University Press. 

v. 25 cm, 

Baker, Lester Sidney. 

A study of the damping properties of mortar, by Lester 
S. Baker t and] Clyde E. Kesler. Prepared as a part of an 
investigation conducted by the Engineering Experiment 
Station, University of Illinois, in cooperation with the Divi- 
sion of Highways, State of Illinois, and Bureau of Public 
Roads, U. S. Dept of Commerce, Project IHE-72, Predic- 
tion of creep in structural concrete from short time tests. 
( Urbana, 1S61. 

v L, 54 p. lllus. 28 cm. (Illinois, University. Dept. of Theo- 
retical and Applied Mechanics. Report no. 506) 

Illinois. TJnlv. Library A62-29CB 

Glncklich, Joseph. 

The flexual static and fatigue failure of Portland cement 
mortar. Prepared as a part of an investigation conducted 
by the Engineering Experiment Station, University of 
Illinois, in cooperation -with the Division of Highways, 
State of Illinois, and Bureau of Public Roads, U. S. Dept 
of Commerce. Project IHR-73, Mechanism of fatigue 
failure in concrete. [Urbanai 1962. 

Till, 44 p. lllus, 28 cm. (Illinois. University. Dept ol Theo- 
retical and Applied Mechanics. Report no. 622) 

lUlnota. Univ. Library 

Eomilovich, ftTril Evgen'evich. 

HccvteflOBaHHJr npoTOociH paciaopOB n 6"eioHOB. Kneii, 
Toe. H3,VBO JtHT-pu no CTpOHTejiiCTBy H apxffieirype YCCP, 

288 p. lllus. 28cm. 
TA437.K6 61-27596 


Wittop Koning, Dirk Arnold, 1911- 

Nederlandse vijzels. Deventer, Davo, 1958, 
Hip, iUns. 24on. 


59-50078 rev \ 


Bulgaria, ifmisttratvo rut ruxrodnota ofbronn. 

CfiopHHK ciaxEH, MeTOffH^ecKa pa3pa6orra H fiofina np: 
itepn H3 onnta na lepoa^naTa C-LBercia Apxai ; crptifia 

1CHHOM6T. [CO$H] fltp^. BOCH, H3ff-lO, 1953. 

191p. Ulus. 24cm, 


Matthews, William, 1905- 

The tragedy of Arthur; a study of the alliterative "Marts 
Arthure," Berkeley, University of California Press, 1960 

2SOp, 24 cm. 
PR206634M3 I960 821.1 60-10359 


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La composizione e la decorazione architettonica rinasci 
mentale nella pala di Giovanni Martini a Morteglino 
.Trieste, 1958. 

84, [13 p. tllu*.. 19 raU platec. 25cm. (TJniTersItiiiegtl atndldl 
Trieste. Facoltt. dl sdema. Istltuto dl deseeno. "- ci ' 
n. 2} 
NB623.M39Z8 730.945 60-2030B 



Centre beige de documentation mnsitmJe, Sruuelf. 
LodeTrijkMortelmans, ,Brns9d, 1954, 
27 p. lllai. 20 cm. iltt Oatalogn* d* OMTie* e tompoJtai 
belief, no 6) 

Mortet, Luis, 1893-1957 


see also Agricultural credit; Mortgage 
bonds; Mortgage loans 

Darlehenskassa Niederhelfenschwfl. 

50 [i. e. Funfzig] Jahre Darlehenskassa Kederielfen- 
schwil, 1902-1952. [Niederhelfenschwil, 1952, 

100 p. lllus. 80cm. 
HG2051.S9D3 61-27138 t 


Maceda Martinez de Escobar, Antonio. 

Auditoria de balance en institnciones de crddito hipote- 
cario. IKxico, 1955. 

93 p. 24cm. 
HF5686.M67M3 59-49710 t 


Prayones, Eduardo Raul, 1880-1929. 

Tratndo de derecho hipotecario ipor] Eduardo E. Pra- 
youes, Julio Dfissen t y, Mnnuel A. Laquis. S. ed., rev. y 
puesta al dia. Buenos Aires, Abeledo-Perrot [1961] 
806 p. 23 cm. 

62-42277 t 


Ethnike Ktematike Trapeza tes Helados, Athena. 


r. lllus. SO cm. annual. 
HG2051.G9E8 60-43545 J 


Kongeriget Danmarks hypottkbank, Copenhagen. 

Eeport and accounts, 

T. 29 cm. ancnaL 
HG20B1J542C68 68-44765 J 


1948- ) 

Rieger, Kurt, writer on finance. 

Die Hypothekarkredit- und Pfandbriefinstituteim Gebiet 
der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1948-1959. Tubingen, 
Mohr, 1960. 

1ST p. 28 cm. (Schrlftea des. Iniitltats lUr Wohnungsreclit nnd 
Wobnuntswlrtaciiaft an der Unirerjltat KfHn) 
HG2051.G4EBJ 68-51438 J 


1949- ) YEARBOOKS 

Verband Privater Hypothekenbanken. 


T. SO cm. annual. 



Zachodnio-Polskie Towarzystwo Kredjiowe Mlejslde, Posen. 


W Poznaniu. 

T. table*. 81 cm. annual. 


American Bankers Association. Economic Policy Oonarat- 

New opportunities in the mortgage market ; interim financ- 
ing of F. H. A. and V. A. mortgages and the nationwide 
mortgage market, a joint study by the Economic Policy 
Commission and the Savings and Mortgage Division. New 
York, American Bankers Association [1959] 

SSp. 23 cm. 
HG2051.U5A62 332.72 59-48855 t 

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Mortgage companies: their place in the financial structure 
[by] Miles L. Colean for the Mortgage Bankers Association 
of America. A monograph prepared for the Commission 
on Money and Credit Englewood Cliffa, K. X, Prentice- 
Hill, 1962, 

Sip. 24 em. (Trade aMocUtiani nvxwfnplu) 
HGf2051.U5C557 882^ 62-15604 J 



Lizana Valenratla, Leondo. 

1 bono hipotecario del Banco del Bstado de ChDe, sn 
nglamentaoiott y su incidenci* en la constrncoi6n y 
cion. SantJagoJEditorkl Univwatuw, 1M2. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Solorzano Bejar y Padilla, Francisco. 

La em5si6n de ce"dulas hipotecarins. Mexico, 1961. 
126 p. 24 cm. 

62-30278 t 




Insurance, Mortgage guaranty 

MORTGAGE LENDING see Mortgage loans 


see also Mortgage banks; Mortgages 

American Institute of Banking. 

Home mortgage lending. New York [1963j 
x, 440 p. lllns., forms. 24 cm. 
HG5095.A65 1983 64-4143 

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46 p. 28 cm. (Mew York (State) [Legislature] Legislative docu- 
ment, 1061, no. 8) 

HG2051.U6N52 A 61-9677 

New York. State Llbr. 


see also Home Owners' Loan 

American Bankers Association. Mortgage Finance Com- 

Mortgage officer handbook. t New York] American 
Bankers Association [1968- 

1 v. (loose-leaf) Ulna, tables. 28 cm. 

American Savings and Loan Institute. 

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publications. 1st ed. Chicago, American Savings and Loan 
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*&mS2 832.72 

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California [ C 1961j 

xv, 281 p. dlagrs. 24 cm. 



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Princeton University Press, 1961. 

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search, School of Business Administration, University of 
Michigan, 1960. 

39 p. lllus. 23cm. (Michigan business reports, no 84) 
HG2051.UBM27 332.72 61-62992 J: 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Gw- 

Second mortgages, land sale contracts, and other financing 
devices employed in conventional mortgage lending. Staff 
report to Representative Albert Rains, chairman, Subcom- 
mittee on Housing of the Committee on Banking and Cur- 
rency, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
second session. Washington. U. S. Govt. Print. Off 1960 

vll, 04 p. 24 cm, 
HG20S1.U5A5S 19COa 332.72 60-60771 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. 

Direct housing loans. Hearing before the Subcommittee 
on Housing of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House 
of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session, 
on use of direct loan funds authorized by Public law 87-84; 
defaults and foreclosures on guaranteed and direct loan pro- 
grams ; operations generally of VA housing program. April 
4r, 1962. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off., 1962 

Iv, 2321-2421 p. 24cm. 
HG2051.U5A633 1962 332.72 62-61192 

U. S. Congress. Home. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. 
Providing home loans for veterans in housing credit short- 
age areas; report to accompany H. R. 5723. [Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961, 

House of Represen- 

HG2051.U5A533 1961 


U. S. Congress. Haute. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. 

VA housing program : [billsj H. R. 6662 and H. R. 7932. 
Hearings before the Subcommittee on Housing of the Com- 
mittee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, on interest payments 
resulting from transfer of funds from direct loan revolving 
fund to loan guaranty revolving fund; sales of direct loans 
to private purchasers; problems in management of defaulted 
properties. November 20 and 21, 1963. Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off., 1964 

111, 1703-1780 p. tables. 24cm. 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Cur- 

Loans by savings and loan associations on multifamily 
housing; report to accompany H. R. 13044. [Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print Off., 1962, 

9 p. 24 cm. (87th Cong., 2d segs. Senate. Report no 2103) 
HG2051.U6A64S 1962a 62-64621 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and 

Study of mortgage credit Does the decade 1961-70 pose 
problems in private housing and mortgage markets which 
require Federal legislation by 1960? Committee on Bank- 
ing and Currency, Subcommittee on Housing, United States 
Senate. Rev. Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1960. 

xvll, 481 p. dlagra., tables. 24 cm. 
HG2051.U6A543 1960a 332.720973 60-62291 

D. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Cur- 

Study of mortgage credit; does the decade 1961-70 pose 
problems in private housing and mortgage markets which 
require Federal legislation? Recommendations of Federal 
agencies. Committee on Banking and Currency, Subcom- 
mittee on Housing, United States Senate. Washington, 
U. S. Govt Print Off., 1961. 

IT, 255 p. fold, map, dlagra., table*. 24cm. 
HG2051.U5A543 1961 332.720973 61-61398 

U. S. General Accounting 0-ffioe. 

Increased risk of loss because of inadequate mortgage serv- 
icing activities, Federal Housing Administration, Housing 
and Home Finance Agency; report to the Congress of the 
United States by the Comptroller General of the United 
States. [Washington, 1964. 

2, M 1. illus. 27 cm. 

HD7293.A5 1964: 64-60634 

J. S. Veterans Administration. 

Pointers for the veteran homeowner; a guide for veterans 
whose home mortgage is guaranteed or insured under the 
Glbill. Rev. Washington, 1961. 

28 p. lllus. 24cm. (Its VA pnmpblet 26-6) 
HG205LU6A5969 1961 61-61894 f 


see Mortgage bonds 


see also Agricultural credit; Anti- 
chresis; Buildings Repair and recon- 
struction Finance; Chattel mortgages; 
Conveyancing; Foreclosure; Insurance, 
Mortgage guaranty; Liens; Mortgage 
loans; Priorities of claims and liens; 
Veterans Loans 

Mery Berisso, Rafael. 

Derecho hipotecario; estudio de derecho civil chileno y 
comparado. [Santiago de Chile] Editorial Juridica de Chile 
1958. ' 

4B8 p. 10 cm. 

60-37815 J 

TABLES, ETC. see Interest and 
usury Tables, etc. 


see also Taxation of bonds, securities, 


Belgium. Laws, statutes, eta. 

Code des droits d'enregistrement, d'hypotheque et de greffe 
et arretes d'ezecution. [Bruxelles, 1961- 
1 v. ( loose-leaf) 22 cm. 


Italy. Laws, statutes, eto. 

Codice dell imposts di successione, ipotecarie e del gra- 
tuito patrocinio; raccolta complete, della legislazione vigente 
corredata di note illustrative, commentata articolo per arti- 
colo con la giurisprudenza, la prassi amministrativa e la 
bibliografia [di] Gaetano Stammati, Armando Armani jOj 
Lando Ceccarelli. t l. ed. Roma] Jandi Sapi t 1959, 
ix, 656 p. 18 cm. [Manuall land! Snpl, 


[Romaj Jandi Sapi. 

T. 17cm. (Manual! Jandi Supl) 

59-50427 rev 
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successione ed ipotecarie. Milano, Giuffre, 1962 ' 

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Cape Town, Juta, 1961. 
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62-44905 J 

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puesta al dfa. Buenos Aires, Abeledo-Perrot [1961, 
806 p. 28cm. ' ' 

62-42277 J 

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_ Handbuch des Hypothekenwesens. Mit einem Abschnitt 
fiber die Bewertung von Liegenschaften, von Otto Philipp. 
Wien, Manz, I960. 

ivl, 277 p. tables. 22 em. 

New Tort TJnlv. Llbrarles A 62-696 

Fnlgeneio, Tito. 

Direito real de hipoteca; legislagao e seu comento, jurispru- 
dfincia, trabalhos parlamentares, formularies. [2., ed. atuali- 
zada pdo juiz Jose" de Aguiar Dias. Rio L de Janeiro] 
Forense [I960, 

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Maxwell and Stefan A. Riesenfeld. St. Paul West Pub 
Co., 1957. 

ill, 871 p. 27 cm. 

,- Supplement, compiled by Richard C. Maxwell ,and 


St Paul, West Pub. Co. 
v. 26cm. 


57-1528 rev 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MORTGAGES (Continued) 

Woodard, Herbert, 1904- 

Canadian mortgages. t lst ed.j Don Mills, Ont., Collins, 


400 p. Olus. 22 c 

Mery Berisso, Rafael. 



Berisso, Rafael. ..,,-, 

Dereoho hipoteoario; estudio de derecho civil cnileno 
mparado. [Santiago de Chile] Editorial Juridica de Chi 




453 p. 19 cm. 



Denmark. Arbejds- og boligministeriet. 

Beretning ora hypotekforeningernes virksomhed. 
1947/48. Keoenhavn, F. Bagges Kgl. hofbogtr. 

T. 26 cm. annual. 
HG2051.D4A25 67-19928 rev 


Sanchez Granados, Antonio. 

Breves consideraciones sobre In hipoteca. y el derecho 
hipotecario [P or, Antonio Sanchez Granados. Sociologia 
americana [P or, Guillermo A. Intriago A [Guayaquil, 
Universidad de Guayaquil, Departamento de Publicaciones, 

18 128 96 p 24 cm. (Biblioteca Tesis recomendadas. Jurlapru- 
a-encla y clencias soclales, v. 1) 61-35980 


George, John D 1922- . 

Disaster area, Fla.; the truth about the 8% industry. 
Brooklyn, T. Gaus' Sons [1962, 

81 p. 28cm. 
HG5095.G4 62-14815 t 


Own idetoit civil, redige d'apres la stenotypie du cours 
et avec 1'autorisation de Robert Le Balle. Licence 3' annee, 
1958-1959. Paris, Cours de droit [1959] 

800 p. 25cm 61-31289 

Mazeand, Henri, 1898- 

Cours de droit civil, redigg d'aprea la stenotypie du cours 
et avec 1'autorisation de Henri Mazeaud. Licence 3* annee, 
1959-1960. Paris, Cours de droit [I960] 

1312 p. 25cm. 62-47923 t 

1949- ) 

Biber, Wilhelm, 

Aufsatze und, Vortrage zum Wiederaufbau dea Realkre 
dits, 1945-1958. Miinchen, Bayerische Vereinsbank [1958] 

415 p. mus. 27cm. m OKOII < 

HG2051.G4B45 60-25313 , 

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Der Ruckubertragungsanspruch bei Sicherungsgrund. 
schulden. [Berlin, E. Schmidt [1958, 
88 p ' aitm 60-22204 J 

Francke, Jiirgen, 1929- 

Die Umstellung und AbwicHung von Grundpfandrechten 
auslandischer Glaubiger und ihre Eechtsfolgen. [Frank 

306 P ' 21Cm - 59-4803C 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1949- ) Statiafischet 

Boden- und Komnmnalkreditinstitute. 1949-55 
Stuttgart, Kohlhammer. 

T. dlagre. 80 cm. (Iti StaHstik fler Bnndesrepubltlc Deutscn 

HA12S1.A32 5T-38367rev 

Reim, Wolfgang, 

Die hypothekarische Sicherung kunftiger Forderungen. 
Mfinchen, 1959. 
U1 ' 1301 - ' 

Rieger, Kurt, writer on finance. . 

Die Hypothekarkredit- und Pfandbriefinstitute ira Orebi 
der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1948-1959. Tubingen 

1ST p. 28 cm (Schrtften des. Instltnts (Or Wohnnngsreont u 
HG2051.G4R63 63-51438 


Megarry, Robert Edgar, 1910- 

Tb.e rent acts. 9th ed., by Ashley Bramall. London, 
Stevens, 1961. 

IxicEvlil, 897 p. 26 cm. 


eda, Kciji. 


tj t IS L T g I fcl* 
... L 1 1 w T * 

Oolophoa Inserted. 

1 Mortgages Japan. i TlOe. 

Title ramanliet: Teltoken no settel to JlkiS tetmiiultl. 

J 61-312 

hang, Kyfing-hak, 1916- 


22,342p. 21cm, 
1. Security (I-w)-Eor. 2. * 

K 61-220 


Grebler, Leo. 

Junior mortgage financing in Los Angeles County, 1958- 
1959, by Leo Grebler and James Gillies. Los Angeles, Real 
Estate Research Program, Division of Research, Graduate 
School of Business Administration, University of California, 


71 'p. ll'ns. 22cm. (Heal Estate ^Research Program, Ualverelty of 
California, Los Angeles. Besearch report no. 2) 
HG2051.U6C27 61-62945 J 


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Deeds, mortgages, and easements. Rev. i. e. 4th] ed. 
Boston, Wright & Potter Print. Co., 1961. 
SS9 p 24 cm. (Wright and Potter series, no. 4) 


Vale Recio, Marcelino de. 

Bienes y derechos susceptibles de ser hipotecados. Me- 
xico, 1961. 
105p - 2iCm - 62-251741 


New Jersey. Legislature. Joint Commission to Study and 
Investigate Certain Allegedly Unfair Practices in Con- 
nection with the Making of Loans Secured, ly Mortgages 
on Residential Properties. 

Final report. [Trenton, IHOi). 

12L 28cm. 

A 110-0887 
New Jersey. State LIbr. 


Harrey, David Charles Barrett 

Real estate law and title closing; deeds, contracts, morb 
gages, v-'ith forms. 3d ed. New York, C. Boardman Co 

895 p. 24cm. 

56-2639 rev 

Marks, Edward, 1907- 

Mortgages and mortgage foreclosure in New York, b; 
Edward Marks, Richard J. Maloney [and, Lloyd L Paperno 
With text, forms, check lists, and practical suggestions cov 
ering real property mortgage transactions and procedures. 
Massapequa Park, N. Y., Acme Book Co., 1961. 
833 p. 24cm. (Lawyers' practical library) 

332.72026747 62-2474 

New York (State) Law Revision Commission. 

Acts, recommendation and study relating to tmnsactioi 
affecting the time limited for an action to foreclose a mor 
gage of real property. Submitted with Senate introductor 
no. 1126, printed nos. 1128, 1535; Assembly introductory n 
1683, printed no. 1685 ; Senate introductory no. 1124, printe< 
no. 1126; Assembly Introductory no. 1634, printed no. 1636 

1 66 p. y ss cm. ' ([New York (State) LegWatnre. LeelBUttre docn 
meat (1961) no. 65 < *> ] 82-6410 


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Panteretten. S.utg. Oslo, J. G. Tanum, 1962. 
S82 p. 23 cm. 




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Registration of land titles and deeds. 1961 rev. ed. Ma- 
nila, Central Book Supply [1961, 
xxrtl, 709 p. 24 cm. 

333.3409914 61-38171 


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Legal aspects of the real estate mortgage in South Dakota. 
Veraiillion, Business Research Bureau, School of Business, 
State University of South Dakota, 1959. 

22 p. Illus. 2S cm. (Business Eesearcli liuronn, State Cnlrevslty 
of South Dakota. Bulletin nu. 03] 
HF5006.S6 no. 63 332.72026783 59-63GS9 


Centro de Estudios Hipotecarios. 

Curso de conferencias de 1951 (sobre derecho inmobiliario 
registral) celebrado en el salon de actos del Institute Na- 
cional de Estudios Juridicos. Prologo del Eicmo. Sr. D. 
Raimundo Fernandez Cuesta. Madrid t !851j 

159 p. 25cm. 

61-25974 J 

Centro de Estudios Hipotecarios. 

Curso de conferencias sobre derecho inmoboliario registral 
(anos 1051-1952) celebrado en el salon de actos del Insti- 
tute Nacional do Estudios Juriilicos. Prologo del Excmo. 
Sr. D. Antonio Iturmendi Baiiales. Madrid ,1953?j 
Till, 215 p. 25 cm. 

Gonzalez- Alegre Bernardo, Manuel. 

Los procedimientos judiciales de la Ley liipotecaria. 3. ed. 
rev. y ampliada, Barcelona, J. M. Boseh, 1958. 
258 p. 20cm. 

63-35065 t 
Golldn Ballesteros, Antonio. 

El derecho real de, subhipoteca; las hipotecas aobre hipo- 
tecas. Barcelona, Bosch [1957] 
ITS p. 23 cm. 

62-39813 t 
Roca Sastre, Ramdn Maria. 

Derecho hipotecario. 5. ed. Barcelona, Bosch ,1954] 
4v. 25cm. 

Apendice de adaptation. Barcelona, Bosch 


210 p. 24cm. 

Suplemento. Barcalona, Bosch [1980i 

208 p. 24 cm. 

57-44981 rev 2 

Rodriguez del Barco, Jose. 

Cuestiones de derecho hipotecario y civil. Ajustada a los 
nnevos programas de la Escuela Judicial y Secretaries de la 
Admon, de Jnsticia de 2 de agosto y 19 denoviembre de 1954 
respectivamente. 2. ed. Madrid, 1955. 

104 p. 21cm. 

62-40389 t 

Salamero Cardo, Josj. 

El artfculo 41 t i. e. cnarente y unoj da la Ley hipotecaria; 
analogs y diferencins del proceso qua instaura con el 
declarative ordinario ejercitando accion reivindicatoria, 
desahucio por precario, interdictos, terceria de dominio, y 
procesos de la Ley de arrendamientos urbanos vigente. 
Texto, comentarios y ]'urisprndencia sobre cada uno de dichos 
procesos. Barcelona, Coleccion Nereo ( 1963] 

784 p. 23cm. 


Spain. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Leyes civiles de Espafia, por Leon Medina y Manuel Ma- 
ranon. Xovlsima ed, rev., corr. y puesta al dfa par Jos6 
Castia Tobefins t et al.] Madrid, Institute Editorial Reus, 

2v. 18cm. (Biblioteca "Medina yMaralicSn") 


Spain. Laws, staiutei, etc. 

Leyes hipotecarias. [Rev. y puestas al dia, Contiene: 
Ley y reglnraento hipotecarios, Ley y reglamento de hipoteca 
mobiliai'ia y prenda sin desplaiamiento de poseai6n, Ley de 
hipoteca naval, Reglamento del registro mercantil, leyes 
sobre regimen del suelo, concentracion parcehirid y Sjaci6n 
de unidades mmimas de cultivo. [Madrid] Aguilar [I860] 
CTllI,1066 p. forms. 16cm. 


Spain. Laws, statutes, eta. 

Novisima. Iegishici6n hipotecaria; Ley y reglamento apro- 
bados por Decretos de 8 da febrero de 1946 y 14 de f ebraro 
de 1947, anotados y concordidos, con disposiciones legales, 
inrisprudencia, roodelos, etc,, por la redaccion da la Revista 
de los Tribunales, 1. ed. Madrid, GSngora tl9*7] 

84S p. IT on. (CMIgos J leyea anotados; manualea teiirlc^ 


Spain. IMPS, statutes, etc., W3S- (Franao} 

Ley y reglimento hipotecario, con anoteciones, concordan- 
cias, jnrisprudencia. e indices sistematicos. Ed. oficial. B. 
ed. Madrid, Secci6n de Publicsciones, 1959. 

748 p. Inrnis. 22cm. 

^ 6M5468 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MORTGAGES (Continued) 

Hafliger, Fritz. 

Grundstiickverkehr und Hypotkekarrecht. [Em Lenr- 
und Nachschlagewerk] Zurich, Verlag des Schweizerischen 
Kaufmiinnischen Yereins, 1059. 

104 p. diatom*. 21cm. 

New York Univ. Libraries 


SalSmah, Ahmad. 

472 p - 2 - 1Cm - NE 64-406 

Princeton UnlT. Llbr. 


American Bankers Association. Economic Poliay Commie- 

New opportunities in the mortgage market ; interim financ- 
ing of F. H. A. and V. A. mortgages and the nationwide 
mortgage market, a joint study by the Economic Policy 
Commission and the Savings and Mortgage Division. New 
York, American Bankers Association [1959] 

89 p 23 cm 
HG2051.U5A62 332.72 S9-48855 J 

Eitel, Van Elga, 1929- 

Farm mortgages recorded in 1959; interest rates, terms, 
and sizes, with historical date, 1949-1059. (Washington, 
U. S. DepL of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, 
Farm Economics Division [1962] 

II, 33 p. lllus. 28 cm. dXJ. S. Dept ot Agriculture. Economic 
Research Service] BRS-61) 

TJ.S.DeptofAgr. Llbr. 

A28L9Ag83H no. 61 

Haar, Charles Monroe, 1921- 

Federal credit and private housing; the mass financing 
dilemma. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1960. 

408 p. lllus. 21 on. (ACTION series In housing and community 
HG99TO.M6H8 868.85 89-14451 t 

Mortgage and real estate investment guide. 

v. 80 cm. Irregular. 

332.7202678 56-25351 rev 

Sass, Frederick, 1877- 

Mortgages; with outline of study, lesson talks, and daily 
recitations. Chicago, La Salle Extension University (1060) 
80 p. illus. 23cm. 

332.72 61-32601 

U. S. Congress. Souse. Committee on Banking and Our- 

Current discounts on FHA &nd VA home loans, Staff 
report to Representative Albert Rains, chairman, Subcom- 
mittee on Housing of the Committee on Banking- and Cur- 
rency, House of Representatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
second session. "Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Office, 1960. 

x,258p, (chleflj- fornu) 24cm. 
HG205LU5A58 1960 332.72 60-60772 

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Secondary market facilities for conventional mortgages. 
Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Bank- 
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ri, BOOp. Ulna, map. 24cm. 
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Til, 75 p. dlagre., tables. 24 cm. 
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Sip. Ulna. 27cm. 
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U. S. Homing and Home Finance Agency. 

Capital funds for housing in the United States. [Pre- 
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see also Fiducia 



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Rose, Charles Marshall 

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see also Church lands; Religious 


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200 p. llloi. 19 cm, (Childhood of famona Americana) 
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Ttlt,841n. 2Scm. 
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Mantani ; a history of Mandan [and] Morton County, in- 
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1964. Compiled and edited by Sarah Tostevin. Mandan, 
N. D., Mandan Chamber of Commerce [1964] 

71 p. Illus., map. 23 cm. 
F644.M27T6 64-7010 

MORTUARY CUSTOMS see Burial; Crema- 
tion; Dead; Embalming; Funeral rites 
and ceremonies; Indians of North America 
Mortuary customs; Mourning customs; 
Undertakers and undertaking; Urn burial 

MORTUARY LAW see Burial laws 

Mortality; Infants Mortality; Mortality; 
Vital statistics 



Bourgogne, Morvan, Nivernais, Lyonnais. Paris, Hachette, 

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Toulouse, Larrieu-Bonnel [1962] 

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Tobacco mosaic virus 

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Biophysical and biochemical studies of squash mosaic 
virus a"d related macromoleciiles. Ann Arbor, Mich., Uni- 
versity Microfilms [1859] 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-1175 Mio 59-1175 

Wisconsin. TMv. Llbr. 

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(lUnlYerslty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 20,850) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 20,650 Mic 57-1482 

Wisconsin, Univ. Llbr. 

MOSAIC LAW see Jewish law 

MOSAIC PAVEMENTS see Pavements, Mosaic 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Mural painting and decoration; 
Pavements, Mosaic 

Mosaic art today. Seranton, International Textbook Co. 

lllus 27cm. (International textbooks In art education) 



81-11878 t 

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9 D 19 plates. 19 cm. (Orbls plctus, 1) 
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405 Tafeln nach unveroffentHchten Aufnohmen von Franz 
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Baden, B. Grimm [1958, 

21 p., 405 plates (port col.) 32 cm. 
NA3780.D37 60-18547 

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I mosaic! di Monreale. Traduzione di Fanny J3ona]uto 

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A 62-31 

Harvard Univ. Library 

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HjiHTO^Hne H JtosaHiHtie paSoiH. Hsfl. 2., nepep. H Aon. 
OAofipeno B KaiecTse yie6. nocofins flJia HHflHBHflyaJii,HOft H 
CpuraAHaft noAroiOBKn. MocKsa, TpyflpeaepBnsflai, 1959. 

268 p. lllus. 28 cm. ftftOSdOS t 

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Harvard Univ. Library 

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MosaiiKH CO$HH KneBCKott. C npMOHteHHeH crama A. A. 
EeieijKoro o rpeiecmrx naflnHcax Ha uosaaKax. [Mocssa, 

HciycciEO, I960] 

211 p. 83 lllus. (part col) 100 plates. 27cm. 


** ***** 


ITS p. lllus., col. plates, port. 21x22 cm 
Oo?er title: Solell nolr. 

1. Art Addresses, essays, lectures. 

Ottdenghi, Lnisa Bona. _ . 

Stila e derivazioni iconografiche nei riquadn cnstologioi 
di Sant'Apollinare nuovo a Eavenna. Ravenna, lip. Am 
grafiche [1955j 

" lllu6 ' mm - AB7-1670rev 

Harrard TJnlv. Library 

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2L A p lllus., 82 col. plates. 48cm. (Uneco world artrIM,ui 





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L'Orange und P. J.Nordhagen. [t)bersetzung aus dem No 
iregischen von Edmund Bickel, Munchen, F. Brockman 

92p. 106 plates (4 col.) 27cm. 

Harrard TJnlT. Library 

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Erchenbnues. Saarbrucken, 1957. 

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Schrlften der Phllosophlscnen FaknlBt) 
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national de la recherche scientifique; renseignements et vente 
au Comit6 technique de hi recherche archSologiqne en 

France. 1957- 

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Materials for the study of the mosaics of St Sophia. M 
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iKa M. B. JIoMOHOCOBa "HojrraBCKaa daiajiH*.' 
I, Hsfl-sp AKaflCHHH nays CCCP [Jtesirarpaff 
, 1961. 

v38m *" <*** 


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1S2, XT p. lUta. (part coL) 107 platei (Ind. plan; part WO., Pr 




United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orgam 

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Introd, (by, Michael Avi-Yonah. [Greenwich, Conn., ^ 
York Graphic Society [I960, 

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ktion. [Rome, Istituto Poligrafico dello Stftto, Libren 

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ot Italy, no. 87) 
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Testo di Gino Vinicio Gentili [Tavole a. cora di Annibale 
Bellin Roma, Edizioni mediterranee [1959] 

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X. Bartl [und, Julie Boheringer. Einleitarng von F. W. 
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Mosaici di S. Apollinare miovo di Ravenni; il ciclo cristo- 
rioo. [Firenzej Arnaud r !958i 

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Ravenna mosaics. With an introd. A notes by Bernard 
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tlOi p, 11 mounted coL ulna. 88 cm. (Masterplecw In colour) 
NA3780JH9 64-8840 


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Inventaire des mosaiques, feuille no 57 da 1'AOas archfco- 
logique: Sousse. Pref. de H. H. Abdul-Waiab. Tunis, 
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X.131P. 87 plates (Incl. map) 28on. 
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rar TJr- ond FrOhBeschlchte der Schweli, Bd. IS) 
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DasTriererlCornmarktmosaik. Kohl, M. DuMont Schsu- 
berg t 1960] 

82 p. moimted Htm. (pirt col.) 24 plata, pUn. SO cm. (Monn- 
menta aitis Bomanae, 2) 
NA3770.M78 6S-S1228 


Italy. Oomitato per la docwnmtationt dtffeptre i&ItdM 
i* Africa, 

Lltalk in Africa, Le scoperta archeologich* (a. 191I-L 
1943) TripolitaJiit, Roma, Istituto poligrttfico dello Stato, 

T. plata (part col.) maps. 25 cm. 

Italy. Oomitato per la dtxnmenitaione fcffopera deff Italia 
m Africa. 

Italy m Africa. Archaeological discoveries (1911-1948) 
Tripolitania, Roma, Istituto poUgraffco dello Stato, 1960- 

r. platet (partcoL) mapt. 25cm. 
N7888X6IT 61-49276 


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Caltanl Organ- 

Tnniais: ancient mosaics. Pret t^Ti Qiicomo Otpnto. 
Introd. t by,AbdeIriiDris5. jGwenwich, Conn., New York 

2i;^p, Hlna;i<ol,platw. 48cm. (UNKSOO-woddartied**, 
NAS760.U5 728JS09611 62-^1220 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MOSAICS (Continued) 


Pignatti, Terisio, 1920- 

San Marco : mosaiques, mosaics. Novara, Istituto geogra- 
flcoDa Agostini [1959i 

[14] p. 11 col. plates. 88 cm. (Exempla artlum) 
NA5621.V5P5 61-24035 


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organ- 

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Introd. [by, Abdelaziz Driss. [Greenwich, Conn., New York 
GrapHo Society ,1962] 

21,, Tip. illua., 32 col. platea 48cm. (0NHBOO world art states, 
NA3760.U5 729.609611 62-51220 


Demus, Otto. 

Two Pulaeologau mosaic icons in the Dumbarton Oaks 

(/ Dumbarton Oaks papers. Cambridge, Mass. 80 cm. DO. 14 
(M60) p. i87 r l!9. Itlua.) 
N59TO.D8 no. 14 63-23953 

Neumayer, Heinrich, 1905- 

Byzantine mosaics. Translated by Margaret Shenfield. 
New York, Crown Publishers [1964, 

62 p. 24 col plates. 19 cm. (Movements In world art) 
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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organi- 

Cyprus : Byzantine- nin=:uos nnd freBcocs. Pref. : A. H. S. 
Megaw. Intiod. : Andreas Stylianou. (Greenwich, Conn.] 
New York Graphic Society ['1963, 

18, ,4, p. Mlus., 32 col. plates. 48 cm. (UNESCO world art se- 
ries, 20) 
ND2819.C9U5 759.94961095645 63-25T02 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organi- 

Israel: ancient mosaics. Pref. [by, Meyer Schapiro. 
lutrod, [by, Michael Avi-Yonah. [Greenwich, Conn., New 
York Graphic Society [I960! 

24, [7, p. lllviB., 32 col. plates. 48 m. (Uneaco world art aeries 
NA3780.TT53 729.T095694 60-4113 


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Fruhrhristliche Mosaiken. Munchen, Enorr & Hirth, 

16 p. 82 plates (15 coL) 18cm. (Das Kleine Kunstbucli) 


Belloni, Giangnido. 

Pittura pompeiana. Milano, Edizioni Beatrice dTBate 

. (Plttora nnlTersale) 
759.9377 00-31516 


MOSCA, GAETANO, 1858-1941 

Luciolli, Mario, 1910- 

Gnetano Mosca y el pensamiento liberal. [Santiago de 
Chile, Institute de Ciencws Polfticas y Adrninistrativas, 
Universidad de Chile, 1959. 

21 p. 26cm. (ColeccWn: conterendas del I. C. P. A., no. 5) 
JC265.M65L8 59^8274 } 

[8% p. 12 col. plates. 

Nenmayer, Heinrich, 1905- 

Bjzantine mosaics. Translated by Margaret Shenfield. 
New York, Crown Publishers [1964, 

62 p. 24 coL plates. 19 cm. (Movement! In world art) 
NA3780.N413 759.02 64-24748 


Gonxenbach, Victorine TOD. 

Die Tomischen Mosniken der Schweiz. Basel, Birkhluser, 


870, SS P- Illua., platea (part COL) plain, 81 on. (MonograpHlen 
>ar Or- und Frilngeachlctle der Sohwelz, Bd, 13) 
NA3TTO.G6 62-44448 

Moreau, Jacques, 1918- 

DisTriererKornmarktmosaik. K6ln,M.DuMontSc]iau- 
berg [I960, 

82 p. mouoted lllus. (part coL) 24 plate*, plan, BO cm. (Mono- 
nenta artis Bomanie, 2) 
NA3770.M78 62-51223 

Stem, Heart 

Recuell general des mosalqnes de k Gaule, Paris, Centre 
nationnl de k recherche scientiflque; renseignements et vente 
au Comitfi technique de hi recherche archeologique en 

France, 1957- 

v. plates, plans. 28cm. (Supplement 4 "Gama," 10) 
NA3T70.S7 64-83440 


Icenhower, Joseph Bryan. 

The scarleb raider. t lst eij Philadelphia, Chilton Co., 
Book Division [1961, 

105 p. 21 oil. 

PZ7.I15Sc 61-5913 1 

MQSCAS see Chibcha Indians 


Dfigilev, V 

MOCEBB CTOJinna CCCP; EpaiEnfl oiepE o cioaiine 
nameti po^nnH. [MocKBa, MocKOBCrntt pafioiHft, 1862. 

818 p. Him. 17cm. 
BK601.2.D5 62-66551 t 

CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Moscow 


Aleksandrov, F compiler of directories. 

YHnBepirarn u iraraannu MOCKBH. [Ho COCTOHHHEI Ea 
1 OKI. 19S9 r. MocEsaj MoCKOBCKnft paflonnft, 1960. 

214 p. Ulna. IT cm. 
HF6191.M6A7 60-36578 I 

Tverskaia, D I 


meroca Bcepocciittcsoro paEEa. Hofl peff. M. K, THXOIIK- 
pOBa. MocKsa, 1959. 

123 p. 22 cm. (Tpyjiu Pocy^apcTBeHHoro HCTOpimecKoro wyaes) 
HF3630.M6TS 61-30378 


Bringmann, Karl 

Moskau, Mythos der Macht; Berichto und Bilder einer 
Moskau-Eeise 1955. Koln, TJnitas-Verlagsgesellschaft [195B] 

28 p. 111U8. 21cm. 
DK601.2.B7 61-20554 J 

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Moskova hatiralan, 21/11/1920-2/6/1922. Istanbul, 
"Vatan" Negriyati, 1955. 

848, li p. port., maps. 21cm. 
DK601.C4 NE 63-1667 

Giharovskii, Vladimir Alekaeevich, 1853-1935. 

MocEBa ii UOCEBU^H; o^epKH crapouocKOBCEoro fima. 
[TeiCTti nOAoSpanH H. B. THJiapoBCEofl. MocKsa, MOCKOB- 

374 p. illus. '23cm. 
DK600.G5 1959 61-40997 t 

Gorchakov, Aleksandr Sergecvich. 

ITpory^Ea no MocKse-pese, [MocsBa, Penaofi Tpancnopi, 

4Sp. lllus. 17 cm. 
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Ealmar, Gy'drgy. 

J6napot, Moszkva, 1 [Budapest] M6ra Perene KonyvMado 1 
180 p. Ulua. 20cm. 

DK801AK3 60-24136 t 

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Hemma i Moskva. Med teckningar av Sven Eyden. 
[StockhohB) Geber t 1962, 

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DK60L2X48 64-32686 

Lla, Pai-ytl. 

909 p. Ifiem. 
t Moow D 


: Mo-Mfl-k-o fan* wto chl, 
062-1684 t 


Vinberg, Margit. 

Moskva till vardags. ,Stockhohn, Bonnier [1959, 

186 p. lllns. 28cm. 

DK601.a.V54 60-19468 } 

Voinov, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1915- ed. 

CTOBO o MOCKBC ,1147-1947, ; jmrepaTypno-xyAOiKecTBeH:- 
HHB cfiopanK. hMocKga, Foe. B3fl-ao xy^OJK. Jinr-pn, 1947. 

341 p. plates. 21cm. 
PG3201.V6 49-53710 rev' 


Guide to streets and locations in Moscow. t n. p., n. d.j 

Microfilm 7282 DK Mic 62-7118 

Kovalev, Anatoli! Petrovich. 

KpatiraJt nyrCBOflHTeJifc no MOCKBC. MoCEsa, HS^-BO MH- 
HjicrepcTBa EOVMynajibsoro xoaHftcrsa PC'BCP, 1957. 

299 p. lllus., maps (1 Md) 18cm. 


58-17358 rev 

Kovalev, Anatoli! Petrovich. 

Moscou, petit guida Moscou, Editions en langnes 
Strangures, 1957, 

1BO p. lllns., 48 plates, fold. coL map (tajerted) 17 cm. 
DK597.K614 1987 64-87971 

Kovalev, Anatoli! Petrovich. 

Moscow, a short guide. [Translated from the Russian by 
V. Shneerson, Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub House 

168 p. lllus. 17cm. 

DK597.K613 *914.7S 68-22079 rev t 

Kovalev, Anatolil Petrovich. 

Moscow, a, short guide, by A. Kovalyov. t 2d, rev., ed, 
Translated from the Eussian by Victor M. Scimeiersonj 
Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1960. 

180 p. lllus. 18 cm. 

DKS97.K613 1960 914.731 61-65441 rev J 

Kovalev, Anatolil Petrovich. 

Moskau, kurzer Fiihrer. Moskau, Verlag fur Fremd- 
sprachige Literatur, 1957. 

181 p. lllus. 17 cm. 

58-31318 rev 

Kovalev, Anatolil Petrovich. 

IlyreBOflHiejn, no Mocsae. MocKsa, 

429 p. lllus., maps. IS cm. 

PC<DCP, 1963. 



Miachin, Ivan Kirillovich. 

Mocnna; KpaTKiitt nyietiojnTe.iE,. [H3fl. l.j- 
MOCKBE, Foe. H3fl-B0 reoip. JIIIT-PH, 1967- 

v. llluB., plates, maps (fold. col. In pockets) 20 cm 
DK59T.M43 57-49304 rev 

Moscow. Gorodskoe ekskursionnoe 

3ECEypcnii no MOCKBC; [CSopniiE ciaiefl. MocKBaj Mo- 
CKOBCEitfl patfoiiift, 1959. 

518 p. lllua. 18 cm. 
DK507.A53 GO-23896 J 

Moscow; a short guide. Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub 
House, 1955. 
Microfilm 7231 DK Mic 82-7116 

Mosgorgeotrest, Moscow. 

MoCKBa; KJuuocrpHpOBaHHaa ocena. [MocEsa, Moc- 
ropHcno.iKOM ; ApxHTeErypno-njanHpoBO^Hoe ynpaBieHne, 

col. map 72 x 75 cm. fold, to 20 1 11 cm. 
-- Microfilm (negative) Index 

Microfilm Slavic 1858 
G7004.M7 1957.M6 64-39668 

Moskau und Umgebung. Leningrad und Umgebung. 1. 


Aufl. Genf, New York, Nagel 1957, 

x, 270 P. mnps (4 fold, col.) 10cm. (Nagels Helseftlhrer) 
DK597.M525 60- 

MocKaa; cnyinnK lypncia. 1957- 
[MocKBa, MocKOBCEHfl pafio^Hn. 

T. lllus., maps (tola. col. In packets) IS cm. 

DE597JI596 62-3S717rev 

MOCKBH B HOBHX TpaHH^ax. MocEBa, MocsoBCKHft pafio^Hft, 

151 p. Ulna. 17cm. 
DK597.M598 62-87006 t 

aMxTKa 3KCKypcanra. [MocKBa, MOCKOBCCHS pafioina, 1961. 

149 p. nius, 17cm. 
DK597.P3 61-47087 J 

Ho MOCEBS ; KpaTEiift 
MocKsa, MocsoBCKi 

T. Ulns^ fold, 


55-18576 rer 

Ho y^H^ax MOCKBU ; nyreaoflHTejib. [HanucajH M. T. Kpii- 
BOpysio n ap.; nofl oSn?eft pe^, 3.. A . ^crpxeaCcEOro. Mo- 
CKsa, MocEOBCKHft pa6oiuft, 1962. 

481 p. lllus. 18cm. 
DKB97.P63 03-39021 

Reklamno-izdatel'skaia fabrika, Moteov. 

rocTjm MOCKBH; pemla4CHO-BH$opMa^^OHHIifl cnpasOH- 
HHJC. [CociaBHieat A. fl. EepesHH, MoCEsa, 'B.Sf.-sa MHHH- 
cTepctsa KOMKyHaJitHoro xoSHftcToa PCiDCP, 1961. 

127 p. lllna. 22cm, 

DK597.K4 62-65414 t 

Vsesoiuznji fientral'nyl sovet professional'nykh soiozov. 

Turiitsko-ekskunwnnoe upravlenie. 

3:EQsypcnn no MocKBe, npnrapoflau H Hysexx. t CocTa- 
Biua li. M. HeBSHep a Ap. OiBeicTBeHHiift pcflarrop H. M. 
PoroBcEnii, MocEBa, npo$H3flai, 1947. 

108 p. lllnB, 17 cm. 
DK587.V78 63-45854 J 


Salisbury, Harrison Evans, 1908- 

The key to Moscow. Philadelphia, Lippincott rl963i 

128 p. lllus.. ports., map. 21 cm. (Keys to tie cities series) 
DK601.2.S3 j 914.7 62-9330 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOSCOW (Continued) 


Constantini, Otto. 

Moscow [by, O. Constantini and H. Hubmnnn. Introd. by 
Hermann Porzgen. Translated by G. A. Colrille. [Munich, 
W. Aiidermannj ; distributed by Doubleday, Garden City, 
N. V. ['1958, 

B2 p. SO col plates. 18 cm. (Panorama-books) 
DK601.CG13 911731 64-56712 

Klepikov, Sokrat Aleksandrovich. 

MOCEBI B inoSpasiiTfituoM ncEyccTse. MocEBa, Foe. 
n3fl-BO ii3o6pa3iiTejii.i!oro ncnyccTsa, 1959. 

unpaged ( chiefly lllus.) SO cm. 
DK601.K49 60-23887 \ 

MocKBa. Moscow. [<I>OTorpa$nH M. Ajitrcepra H flp. Moacia, 
foe. HSfl-BO HaotSpasnieitHoro HCEyccTsaj 1960. 

1 v. (unpaged, chiefly Ulns., part col.) 29 cm. 
DKG01.2.M58 64-34818 

MocKaa. Moscow. ( (I>OTorpae(>anH.IIIariiHa n,np. Peflarrop 
M. KysbMHTCBaj MocKsa, Toe. HS/^-BO naofipasHiejiLHoro 
HCKyccraa, 1982. 

i2, p., 88 col. plates. 18 1 26 cm. 
DK601.2.M62 64-31233 

MOCKBI; 0111.6011 BIIAOB. Moscow; album of views. t T<5aJiHCH, 
Z3R. TpysHHCKOro OTfl-sna Mys$OHfta CCCP, 1961] 

109 p. (eWeflr lllus.) 17 cm. 
DKB01.2.M6 02-65411 

MocKBa; $OTona.HOpaim. Moscow. [OoTorpacjiim T. Eama&a. 
MocKsa, Foe. H3fl-so H3o6pa3HTejii.Horo nc.Kycc.TEa., 1963) 
1 T. (unpaged, chiefly o>L Illus.) 22x84 cm. 



Pravda, Moscow. 

MocKBa. conna^ncTniecEaji. Cnennajitnoe H3A., noeBH- 
meBHue SOO-.ieTTira MOCKBH. [Pea.: H. H. ^ami-ioB H flp- 
MocEsa, 1947j 

,40] p. illos., ports. 38 cm. 
DK601.PG5 49-10665 rav*J 

Shiing-hai shih Chung Su yu hao hsioh hui. 

'/: Rli f I , 't I ;fo ili 'I 1 
;j '. I 1 ' rjiHi.TJIfiinL 1966. 

48 p. ( rlileftV lllli.) II) Fin, 


llurrnrdltalv. Chinese- JnpnnenelJbrary SIW1 


EHTOEOC ofciy/KiiBaime MocEBiiieft ; [CnpaBoisuKj 1959- 

60-25988 rev 

v. 17 cm, 

Mocraa; spama* aApecso-cnpaBO-raaa 



Korotkov, Aleksandr Filippovich. 

Hyjitc KH3HH Haraero ropo^a. iMoCKBi] MoCKOBCiafl pa- 
6oinfi, 195S. 

109 p. llloa. 20 cm. 
HG338.M6K65 6S-4C049 

Moskovsko* gorodakoe soreshchanie agitatorov i piopagan- 
distov, Moscow, 1958. 

nepcnerrnBlx pasBHTUJi irpouunrjieHEOcm, CTPOHTML- 
cTBa H ropo^CKOro xossncisa MOCKBB 1 1959-1965 rr. [Mo- 
CKB3] MocKOBCKHft paOoiHft, 1959. 

47 p. 17 cm. (B nowomB annraTOpy H nponaramHcry) 
HC338.M6M66 1958 60-17348 I 

Ponomarev, Anatoli! Nikolaevich. 

B SopiCe sa peKOHCTpyK^HD napoflnoro xo3*acrBa; na 
acTopnn MocKOBCKoft napTHftHOfl opraHHsanHH, 1933-193T 
rr. fMocKBij MocKOBCKKtt pafio^nfl, 1960. 

lOSp. 20cm. 
HC3S8.M6P8 61-37768 J 

Stepakoy, Vladimir Blch. 

Ha HOBHC iSojitraEe ^tsa ; o paaBHTHH npoMunuieHHOCTH n 
ropoflCKoro xosHttciBa MOCKBM B 1961 ro^y. [MociBa, Mo- 
cKoBCKEfl pafio^nft, 1961. 

158 p. 17 tm. (B nOMOin> arnrsTOpy H nponaraHAHcry) 
HC338.M6S7 62-28270 1 

B Hory co ipcueHeic. t MocKBa] MocroBcsatt pafiOTHtt, 1962 

338 p. 17 on. (B BQMomb anrwropy H nponrHjgicTy) 
H03S8.M6Y2 64-160T | 


SeUvanor, Timofel Alekseen'ch. 

SCHjnmnoe n syiiTypEO-dHTOBoe cipoHTn,crBO a coaro 
ycipoBCTBO MOCEBH B 1960 r. [Mogssi] MocKOBcrnfl paoo- 
iHft, 1960. 

46 p. 17 cm. (B noMoab antTaTopy H nponaraiwtcTy) 
HC388M6S4 61-27801 


Gal'perin, fiTrfl Marraflovlch. 

Hyaeca TBOps-r noftz; [BHCraaia flOcmaceHHft aapoflHoro 
xoasacTBa CCCP: npojtLnmeHHOCTi H ipancnopTj IXyre- 


CCCP] 1962. 

78 p, fflna, 21 cm. 
T7671968.B4 64-84561 

Kovaley, Anatolil Petrovich. 

Myaeit IT iiicraEEn MOCEBU. rMocEBai MocEOBCKHfl pa<5o- 
inS, 1960. 

358 p. lllua. 17cm. 
AM61.M6K6 62-26528 { 

Moscow. Vystavka doatizhenfl narodnogo khozialstva 

IIvTe BojiiTe-ii.. 
MocEBa, Toe. naysHo-Texii. 03,1-80 MainnHocTpoiiT. .nir-pii. 

v. lllus. 21-23 cm. 
T757 1958.A16 62-67909 rev J 

Moscow. Vystavka dostizhenii narodnogo khoz&lstva 

BaciaBEa socinseHafl aapoflnoro xoanflcTBa CCCP. 
[Aarop cocTaBHieJii. K). ro3eHnyfl. Ooiorpa^au H. Ela- 
rBHa, B. Tapacesiiia a M. KorjinpOBa] MocKBa, Foe. nafl-so 
i[3o6pa3iiTeji,noro nCEycciBa, 1961. 

unpaged (chiefly lllns.) 16 123 cm. 
T757 19.18.B1A5 03-55121 J 


Berezin, Aleksandr Davydovich. 

Myaen jETepaiypn n iictryccrBa MocKBa n IIo^siocKOBi.. 
[MocKBaj HS.TBO MiinncTepcTBa KomtyHaaLHoro xosaflCTBa 
PODCP, 19G3. 

284 p. lUus. 27 cm. 
AMG1.MGIH 63-48186 

Kovalv, Anatolil Petrovich. 

raft, 1980. 

859 p. Illus. 17cm. 

j MocKoacHtft pafio- 
62-26528 J 

Moscow. Ostankinskii dvorefe-mmei. 

HyTeao r vrre.ii, no OcTaiiKimcKony ^nopiiy-siyaeio isup^e- 
cina KpviiucTiiLix. [TeECT P.. II. Haaionn] MocKna, 19B2. 
Microfilm Slai-ic 1257 NA Mic 60-7240 


Glazkor, Mikhail Mikhailovich. 

Xospaciei yiacTica nopia; HS onHTa paSoin MocEOBCEoro 
naflnnro nopia. MocKBa, PCTHOJI Tpancnopr, 1963. 
87 p. lllus. 23cm. 
HE558.M6G55 64-35589 


lAstrzhembsku, Lev Andreevich. 

PeBOiKmiiOHHtie naMSTHtie nccxa MOCEBII. IplBjopii xy- 
AOHHHKa AJI. Mnm;eHKO. MocKaa, CoBetcEaji Pocctix, I960. 

235 p. lllus. 17cm. 
DK609.I2 61-33724 { 

Zemenkov, Boris Sergeevich. 

HayKK H ^y-Ttiypn. [MocK 
500 p. lllua. 23cm. 

j MOCEOBCKUE pafionnfl, 1959. 
60-34207 J 


Akademifa nauk SSSR. Institut itttmi. 

Hcropna MOCEBH. MocKsa, HSS-BO AEa^enQii aayK 
CCCP, 1952-59. 

6 v. In 7. Illus., plates, ports., maps and portfolio (mspt, plain) 

DK601.2.A65 53-3S425rev 

Andrikanis, Evgenii Nikokevich. 

XOSHIIH "Hepiosa rHeasa." [MoczBi] MOCJCOBCEBS pa(Jo- 

wS, 1960. 

230 p. lllns. 21cm. 
DK254.S495A8 61-46873 J 

lAstrzhembskil, Lev Andreevidu 

Peao.iitmKOHHBie naMHTHMfi Mccia MOCEBH. FpaBDpti xy- 
^oKHHEa Aa. MnmeHKO. Mociaa, CoseTCEas POCCHJC, 1960. 

285 p. lllus. 17 an. 
DK609.I2 61-337241 

Eabanov, Petr IronoTich. 

PaffoBce B npo$co3Hoe niaaxxze B MOCSBC B 1905-1907 

40 p. 20cm. 
DK264u2.M6K3 ST-igUSerev 

EvdnashoVj Konstantin Vasil'evidi. 

MOCEKI B flaaeicoK nponLiov ; oiepra ropoACKOft ataaBB, 
6tiTa H apasoB MOCEBH rvt-irn BCKOB. [Mocsta, Moctos- 

894 p. lllns. 'seem. 



Kudnashov, Konstantin Vasa'evich, 

MocEBa B 1812 rofly: ISO r. 
paCoinn, 1962. 

94p. Ulna. 21cm. 

Lopatin, Pavel Iranovich. 

^FocKi:a; OHeprn no urropuii ae-ii 

SCI p. Itlus. 13cm. 



MocKBa n ijjex pecO-iEmn.ix; i:ocnuMiinatiii.i, Deepen, pac- 
CEaau. |, H. <I>. FiMLEipAii. OTDCicTEermufl pe- 
^attop F. ,1. KocTosiapor.] lloci:rn, CocciCKiift nucaTe.iL, 

388 P. lllus. 21 cm. 
DKCIM.Mi;7.1 61-22956 J 

Romanovskil, losif Semenovich, 

Mysefi ne.iHEoro ropoaa. ,2., ,\cm. HS^. MocEBaj Mocuoa- 
CKnfl paSoian, 1961. 

302 p. lllus. IT cm. (tlo MyaesM H BticraBKaM MOCKBU H (Tojt- 


DK601.MB2BE6 1961 62-47192 J 

MocEBa; EocnoiinHanEn coBpeueHHaKoa o MOCEBK 
sropoft noaOEHnH XLX aesa. [Ho^roiOBEa xeicTa, npe^HCJi. 
IT npHiieiannjt H. C. Amynna. MocBsaj MOCEOBCMH 

430 p. illus. 21cm. 
DK601.U8 64-59309 

Voyce, Arthur. 

Moscow and the roots of Russian culture. [1st eij Nor- 
man, University of Oklahomn Press |19G4j 

ilil, 104 p. Illus. 10cm. (The Centpra of civilization series, 14) 
DK32.V(i8 914.731 64-1S592 


Konchalovsfcaia, Natal'fi. 

Haraa ftpeaaait cioaiin^; EapraHB as nponuioro MocsaH. 
MocKBa, Toe. HSfl-ao fleicsoft JHT-OH, 1982. 

318 p. lllus. 22 cm. (UlKojitHan BuOJiHOTeKa) 
PZ65.K63 1962 63-40232 f 

HISTORY 1917-1921 

Belousov, IX E 

MOCKOBCEHC Oo^LineBnKii B nepnofl Tpnyy$a.itiioro me- 
CTBIIH CoEeicEotl Bjiacrii; Hon6pi, 1917 r.-$eBpajii, 1918 r. 
[MocKsa] Ila^-BO MocEOECEoro vHnBepritTCTa, 1961. 

09 p. 22 cm. 
DK265.8.MGIU 61-48492 t 

Grunt, Aleksandr L\n<rrich. 

HoCiefla OEraCpLCKott peBoanifun E MOCEBC, $eBpa.TL- 
OEiitCpb 1917 r. MocKBa, HB^-BO IlH-Ta sieafl}'aapojRus: 
ornoraeHnft, 1961. 

2W p. tables. 20cm. 
DK265.8.M6G7 G2-3433J 

Ignat'ey, Gennadi! SemenoYich. 

Orrafipb 1917 ro^a B MoCKBe, MOCKBS, Haysa, 1964. 
142 p. lllos. 20 cm. 
DIC265.S.-M6I34 64-49657 

Ignaf tv, Grmadil Stmenovlcli. 

3a napo^Hyio Baacri,; na ncropim 6opt(Ju 3a Biacri Cose- 
TOB B MOCEBC ii MocEOBCKOit rySepHaH. MocEaa, Cosercsan 
Poccmr, 1961. 

158. [4] P- ports., fold. col. map (In pocket) facslma. 17 cm. 
DK265.8.16 1 35 62-35088 t 

KpacHoe auaRir aafl Kpeujeu; cfiopnEE BOcnouHHaiiafl y*act- 


iPeflaKTOp H. TyflEOsaj Mocssa, Foe. HS^-BO nojtirr. JHT-PH, 

OS p. 17 cm. (CTpainmw iicropm CoBtrcicofl powHu) 
DK265.836K7 63-49025 t 

Lognnova, Tat'iana Afanas'evna. 

MocEOBcraji Kpacnajt Tsap^an s CopiCe 3a Ejacn COBCTOB 
B 1917 ro^y. [MocitBa.] Ha^-io MOCKOBCIOTO yHHBepCHTeraj 

123 p. lllns. 22 era. 
DK265.8.M6L6 61-36T94 J 

Maorer, Zhan Adamovici. 

OEiaSpiCEoe aoopysesHOe soccranac 1917 ro^a B Mo- 
CKBC. jMocKiaj HS^-BO MOCKOJCIOIO ynHBCpcBTeia, 1960. 

60-44355 J 
48-17935 rev* 


oiicKae ooatmonKa B Copide aa coa^aaiie soopy- 
iceHHMx en.i COBCTCBOJI Pjry6.mrti n 1917-191S rr, Mo- 
crsa, MoCKOsccnfl paSB^, 19SO. 

Iff, [l, F. lUus, 21 cm. 
UA772.MM 1950 Sl-17717rT 


Mints, Isaafc Izrailevich, 1896- 

BeaHEnft Ojcwfipi i Mocicse. 
So^ntt, 1S47. 
98p. 20cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOSCOW (Continued) 


VkdimiroT, Valentin Alekseevich. 

IIo MoCKse HI asTOHoCiLie ; TpaHSBiHue jiapmpyrti H 
aceHHe na juiomaflax. Mocisa, HS^-BO MHEHCiepcrBa EOH- 
icynajitHoro xosaftciBa PC<1>CP, 19(82. 

281 p. lllus. IT cm. 
GV1028.E8V55 63-31131 ] 


Kaic MH BnnojiH.neji pemenHJi napmflHoro ctesAa; t c6opHHE. 
MocEsaj MocKOBCKHtt paSo^Hft, 1962. 

llOp. 20cm. 
HC338.M6K3 63-43616 J 

Shimanskil, Vsevolod Pavlovich. 

3io noaeaao flia fleira; napTHSnuft EOHTPOJIE, u 
opyKHe B (Soptfie sa ceumieTEy. MocEsa, CosexCKaa Poc 
cmt, 1960. 

44 p. lllua. 20 cm. (Us ontrra napririiHOfl pafiOTu) 
HC338.M6S5 61-33293 J 

Stepakov, Vladimir n'ieh. 

Ha HOBHC CoJtmHe eza; o paaDUTHn npoinmuieHHOCTH H 
ropoflCEoro xosaflCTsa MOCKBH s 1961 ro^y. [MocKsa] Mo- 

CKOBCIHft paOOHHfi, 1961. 

159 p. 17 cm. (B nOMOiub anrraTopy K npona 
HC338.M6ST B2-282TO t 


KojLieKTUBH npouHniJieHHHX npeffnpHjmia MOCEBH B 
Sopbfie aa ceMiureTKy. [MocEsaj MOCEOBCKHS pafioizft, 

85 p. 17 cm. (B noHomt ann-atopy H nponaraHAHcry) 
HC338.M6Z47 60-44999 } 


Revflkin, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1900- 

MocKBa B xnaiiii n TBOpiecTBe A. H. OciponcKoro. [Mo- 
CKnaj MocEOBCEiift pafiotnn, 1962. 

542 p. llloi., ports. 21 cm. 

Zalfsev, Boris Kongtantlnovich, 1881- 

MocEBa. MBHXCH [Ha^-BO IJeHip. otfteflHHeHHji IIOZHT. 

3KHTpaHTOB H3 CCCPj 1960. 

161 p. 21cm. 
PG3470^23ZS 1960 62-28630 J 

Zemenkov, Boris Sergeevlch. 

UaxxTHBie uecia MOCEBU; cipannnu KHSHII flejiiticft 
HayKH n syjiwypH. t MocKsa] MOCKOBCEHB: pafiosott, 1969. 
509 p. lllns. 23cm. 



Moscow. Gosodaratvennyi zaochnyl pedagogicheddl instt- 

YieHue aaniicKn. T. 1- 
MoCKBa, 1958- 

T. Illna. 21-28 cm. 



AleksandroT, F compiler of directorut. 

BaSjinoTeKit MOCKBH. [MocKua; MocEoscuHft paOoiHtt, 

87 p. 17cm. 
Z819.A7 58-37601 rey 

Moscow. Publichnafi bibKoteka. 

100 aer, 1862-1962. MocKsa. 1962 
19 p. tlln. 1C cm. 
Z820iI834 63-31520 \ 

Moscow. PablichnaA biblioteka, 

Mocxsa, 19 

T, 17cm. 
Z820.M83T 59-44000 rev 

Moscow. Publichnaia biblioWou 

HyieflOflHTejt, [Asiop M. M. ICiejeHCKiiit. Pe^aErop 
A. H. Eif niioBa) MocEBa 1959. 

193 p. mas. 17cm, 
Z820.M838 60-28365 1 


Mosgroi^eotrest, Moscow. 

MOCEBB; HjuncrpHpoBasHaji cxeva. (Mocisaj Moc- 
ropHCno.iKOH ; ApXHTerrypHO-irjaHHpOBO^HOe ynpaBieHHe, 
col map 72 x 75 on. fold, to 20x11 cm. 

Microfilm (negatiYB) Indei 

Microfilm Slavic 18S6 
G7004.M71957J16 64-89668 


Kanevskii, Evgenii Markovich. 

E.iaroycTpoflcTBO ropoflcsoro ^Bopa. [MocEsaj MOCEOB 
CEnit pafioinit, 1961. 

76 p. lllus. 20cm. 
SB485.M75K3 62-45031 J 


Budantsev, Aleksandr Vasfl'evich. 

Xosaesa pattona. [MocEBaj MOCEOBCKHB paCoinfi 1962. 
85p. Ulna. 20cm. 
JS6082.B8 63-48194 { 

tf&idilin, Pavel Stepanovich. 

^yflecHOe cpe^CTBO. [MocEBa, MoCEOBCEHfi pafiointt 

53 p. lllua., ports. 20cm. 
JS6082.T7B 64-40216 


see also Moscow. Kremlevskit 
dvorefs s"ezdov; Moscow. Kremlin 


Aksenov, Petr Filippovich, 

PecTOpanH n Ea$e MOCKBH. MocEBa, Toe. iisfl-so Topro- 

BOft IHT-pH, 1858. 

97 p. lllus. 22cm. 
TX910.R9A63 60-17393 } 

Kiknadze, N S 

Hs onHia Ey.innapa. MOCEBB, Toe. HSJ-BO Toproaofl JUT- 
pn, 195,'.. 

42 p. Ulus. 21 cm. (OepeAOBofi onur B ofimecTBCHHOM mfraHHH) 
TX945.Kf, 63-47167 

VigiianskH, Nikolai DmitrieTich. 

MocKOBCEoe rocTenpHHMciBo. MocEBa Toe. HSJ-BO iop- 
roBort jtnr-pBi, 1959, 

26 p. 20cm. 
TX910.R9V5 60-28211 J 


Hani OHEIT npirroTOBJieHHJi iiHmH OTJIH^HOPO Ea^ecTBa. Mo- 
ciaa, Toe. Toprosoe HS^-BO, 1953. 

60 p. Ulna. 20cm. 
TX945.N29 63-47851 

SIEGE, 1941-1942 see Moscow, 
Battle of, 1941-1942 


Kajc MH BiinoJUHjieii pemenza napTHflnoro crtes^a; ( c6opHHS. 
MocEsaj MocEOBCEHft paCoinfl, 1962. 

110 p. 20cm. 
HC338.M6K3 63-43616 J 


Gil&rovskil, Vladimir Alekseevich, 1853-1935. 

[TeEcrti noflo6pami H. B. PiuiapoBCEoa. MocKBaj MOCKOB- 
CKnfl pafioiHft, 1959. 

874 p. Ulna. 28cm. 
DK600.G6 1959 61-40997 J 

Kokorev, Iran Timofeevich, 1826-1853. 

MocEBa copoEOBnx roflOB; O^CPEB u nosecrH o Mocrse 
six Beica. [IToflroioBKa Tescra, nocieciOBHe H npHHeHaraa 
E- 277 ^ Mn P e:HCKOro - MocEsaj MocKOBCKHft pafioHHfl, 1959, 
DK600.K6 60-22959 t 

Kudriashov, Konstantin VasU'evich. 

MociBa B flajeKOK nponuou; o^epjca ropo^CEoft SKHBHH, 
<5srra a HpaaOB MOCEBH xvi-ivn BCKOB. [MocKBa, MOCEOB- 
CEBfl pafiorafl, 1962] 

394 p. 1)108. 23cm. 
DK601.K8 62-69408 t 

. nainero ropofla; pacciaaa o MOCMnrax. t 

A. 3jcn5nH H B. MrocaSjOB. Mocxsai MOCIOBCKHJ 

801 p. 21cm, 
DK600iS2 62-47189 J 

)iep:ii MOCEOBCEofl XX3HH. jllpeflitd,, npziie^auiu, cocraB- 
aenne n no^roiOBEa Tescra E. C, SesieHEOBa. MocEsa] Mo- 

374 p. lllus. 21 cm. 

DK600.025 68-41817 J 


Moscow. Statistichetkoe vpravlmie. 

Mocrsa a HH^pax, 1959-1962 rr.; rpaiKHa craTHCTOTe- 
ciHft cCopHDE. MocEsa, CiaiHciHia, 1964. 

IBSp, 18cm. ^ 

HA1449.M8A66 64^1319 



Sytin, Petr Vasil'evich. 

OtEy^a npoinojn.iii uasBamin 
MocKOBCEnft paCoiiin, 1959. 

S85, [8, p. 17 cm. 



Kudelin, Petr Grigor'evich. 

Bospyr MOCEBH: EpaTEHfl cnpaso^HHE. 
CKOBCKiin pa6o^nft, 1963. 

238 p. Ulus., fold. map. 17 cm. 

Veselovskii, Stepan Borisovlch, 1876-1952. 


KBa] Mo- 

offuoCEOBEe ; navaTHiie Mecxa B nciopiin pyccEofl EyjiE- 
TypH xiv-six BCKOB. [OiepKii HaniicaHti C. BecejoscEHu, 
B. CBerupeBitif, B. SeuenEOBEiit. 2., son. n3 fl . MocEBa,' 
MocEOBCEaft pafiotHft, 1962. 

582 p. illus. 28cm. 
DK609.V4 1962 



Houghton, Norrls. 

JIosco-w rehearsals; the golden age of the Soviet theatre. 
With mi iiitrod. by Lee Simonson. New York, Grove Press 
,1962, "1936, 

291 p. Illus. 21cm. (An Evergreen book, E-S43) 
PN2726.MGH6 1962 792.0947 62-51261 1 

Ostrovskil, Akim Khaimovich. 

ABiofiyc, ipojuieafiyc, ipaiiBafl, raECH. [MocKBa, Mo- 
CEOBCEHfl paCo^Hft, 1962. 

90 p. Ulus. 20cm. 

1959 ' 

Thomas, John R 

Report on service with the American Exhibition in Mos- 
cow. Siuita Monica, Calif., Rand Corp., I960. 

IT, 103 1 29 cm. (Rand Corporation. jPaper] P-1859) 
AS36.B28 no. 1859 61-46414 

see Moscow. Publichnafe biblioteka 

IST COUNTRIES, 1957 see Conference of 
Communist and Workers' Parties of the 
Socialist Countries, Moscow, 1957 

PARTIES, 1957 see Conference of Repre- 
sentatives of Communist and Workers' 
Parties, Moscow, 1957 

Balabanovich, Evgenil Zinov'evich. 

#011 B KyflpiiHe; H3 JKHSHH A. H. Hexosa. [2., nepep. H 
. H3fl. MocEBa] MocEOBciraft pafioiHft, 1961. 

289 p. lllns. 17cm. 
PG3458^7B32 1961 

62-65558 J 

Kremlevskif dvores s"ezdov 


Moscow. Stroitel'stvo Dvortsa Soretov. 

OiAUoiHiie MaTcpuajiLi nxx A B PHa COBCTOB; cCopnnE. 
MOCKBS, HS^-BO AEa^ejinn apxuTeKrypn CCCP 1945-46 
2v. lllus. 26cm, ' 

leCKOfi KOH(tiepeHUHH. 

Microfilm copy (positive) 

Microfilm Slavic 77 AO 
NA4415.R02M03 50-40747 rev 2 

TETA see Moscow. Universitet. Gospital'- 
na& terapevticheskaia klinika 



Fiala, Vtadimlr. 

Die Tretjakow-Qaleriej die rnsdflche Malerei des 18. und 
19, Jahrlinnderta in der Tretjakow-Galerie lind anderen 
Sammlungen. t De U tBch von Eichard Measer. 2. Aufl. 
Png] Artia [1956] 

16,nvlp. 178 col. pistes. 85cm. 
ND687.P535 1956 759.7 60-37699 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Grosheva, E A 

Eojitmoft Tearp CCCP a npomjiOM n HacToam;eM. MOCKBI, 
CoBercKHit KounosHTop, 1962. 

96 p. lllns. 20 cm. (Beceju o My 


Poliakova, Luidmila Viktorovna. 

Moaa^eaci, onepnoft cn,eim Eoatmoro Teaipa. MocKsa, 

TOC. ny3UEUII>HOe H3fl-B0, 1952. 

110 p. Illus. 23cm. 
ML400.P73 53-40047 rev \ 


Las Ballets du Grand Theatre de Moscou. [Paris, fiditiona 
Cercle d'art, 1958, 

83 p. (chiefly IllUB., ports.) 27cm. 
GV1786.M6B33 64-40662 

Koegler, Horst 

Bolschoi-Ballett; das Ballett des Grossen Akademischen 
Theaters der UdSSR in Moskau. Berlin, Rembrandt- Vsr- 
lag [1959, 

64 p. lllus. 19 cm. (Eembrandt-Belhe. Bttline und Film, Bd. 

GV1786.M6K6 62-58642 \ 


Zograf, Nikolai Georgievich. 

Majiuft Teaxp B-ropoft DO.IOBHHH m sera. MocKsa, Hsfl- 
BO AKafleMHii sayK CCCP, 1960. 

647 p. lllns., ports. 23 cm. 
PN2726.M62G587 61-30883 

SHTERNBERGA see Moscow. Universitet. 
Gosudarstvennyi astronomicheskli 1 institut 
im. F.K. Shternberga 


Zhdanov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, 1898- 

naiumca o jrysee na cramiHH .flea Toacioft, SuBinee Acra- 
noBO. MOCKBB, Toe. HS.H-BO lyjitTypHo-npocBerHTeitHoft 

MT-PH, 1955. 

14 p. illus. 15 cm. 
PG3401.Z5 57-36399 rev t 


Markov, Pavel Aleksandrovich, 1897- 

PeacHCcypa Ba.H. HeMnpoBHia-flaHHCHKO B MysuKajnHOM 
xeaipe. MocKsa, Bcepoc. TeaipaitHoe o6-BO, 1960. 

408P. lllus. 28cm. 
PN2728.N4M27 61-48448 J 


Guzman, Petr Abramovich. 

B MHpe coBfiTcsott Haym H lexEHKK ; no saia* 
BHiecKOTo jcyses. MeraixyprEJt, XHMIM, TOUIHBO, ITo^ 
pefl. B. H. Ky3Hen.OBa. MocKaa, SnanHe, 1960. 

42 p. lllus. 29 cm, 
T185.G85 61-29236 t 

Pozdniakov, N N 

ncwinTexHHsecEHtt ayseft. [MocEBaj MocKQBCEaft pa<5o- 
witt, 1960. 
142 n. lllus. IT cm. (Ho MyaesM H aucraBKaM MOCKBU H UOAMO- 


T183.M74PG 1960 61-25197 t 


Lunacharskfl, AnatoKJ VasU'evich, 1875-1988. 

O BaxranroBe u BaxTaHroB^ax. MocKsa, HcsyccTBO, 1959. 
B4p. lllnB. 17cm, 
PN2726JH62Cr683 59-51649 t 

LENNOSTI see Moscow. Vsesofuzny? 
nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut miasnol 

SKL.IFOSOVSKOGO see Moscow. Nauchno- 
issledovatel'skii institut skoroa pomoshchi 
im. Sklifosovskogo 


Bazhants, Aahot Patvakanovich. 

.laaapeECKUd uncinTyi BOCIOIULIX nsui.on; iiCTOpiiqecKnil 
oiepic. MocKea, TIs^-BO BcicrnHiiolt .IIIT-PH, 1959. 

54 p. illas., ports. 20 cm. 
P.F7.B3 Gl-21072 


Shatanov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1904- 

MocKOBCKan ropoflCKaa op^ena -lemma KJiiHHHecEaji 
6dJii,Hima imeHn C. II. Eoimina. Modcna, Me^ms, 1957. 

81 D. Illus. 20 era. 
RA989.R85K55 80-40298 1 

see fSentral'nyi dom rabotnikov iskusstv 
SSSR, Moscow 


open CLesflos; siys H CBCT. [PeflaKiop H. H. 
a. Mocria, HcKycciao, 1962j 
unpaged, lllo*. 25 cm. 
NA4312Ji6K7 64-S4876 


Alexandrov, Victor, 1908- 

The Kremlin; nerve-centar of Eussian history. Trans- 
lated by Hoy Monkcom. New York, St Martin's Press [1963] 

836 p. ffluB. 23 cm. 
DK606.K7A63 1963 947 63-7280 t 

Alexandrov, Victor, 1908- 

Les mysteres du Kremlin, mills ana dliistoire. Paris, A. 
Fayard t 1960, 

424 p. lllns. 20cm. 
DK606.K7A6 62-26243 t 

Donova, Kira Vladimirovna. 

MoCKOBCKiift Kpeuji!. ; EpatBcajt cnpasEa. [3., flon. H3^. 
MocKaa, MocEoscKiitl pafioHutt, 1959. 

72 p. lllus. 17cm. 
DKC02.3.D6 1959 CO-28275 t 

Donova, Kira Vladimirovna. 

MocKOBCEnft; KpaiEaa cnpasKa. [4., son. H3^. 
MocEBai MocKoscKun paffoinfi, 1960. 
78 p. HUH. 17cm. 

1960 61-22953 J 

Duncan, David Douglas. 

The Kremlin. Greeniricli, Conn., Kew York Graphic So- 
ciety [I960] 

1TO p. mounted coL Illus. 31 cm. 
N6997.M7D8 709.47 60-S919 rev 

Goncharova, Aleksandra Alekseevna. 

.UpesHne co6opti Kpeium. [Moccsa] MocKOBCEHft pa6o- 
^aft, 1957. 

78 p. Illus. Won, 
NA5687.M6G6 58-28122 rev 

Moscow. Oruzhelnaja palata. 

MocjcOBCinft Kpeitii,. The Kremlin of Moscow. [Bcryn. 
cTaTr.a: n aHHorai(HH A. A. ToHiapOBOft B H. B. FopfleeBa. 
<I)OTorpa$Hii A. A. TapiasoBCKOro. O6mai P e A- A. M. 
Anflpeesa. Mociaa, Foe. HS^-BO jtai-pa no crpOBTtitciBy, 
apxHTCKiype H CTPOHT. uaTepnajiaii, 1958] 

1 T. (cUefly lllus.) 84 cm, 
NA7771.M6M6 58-S0263 

Oman, Charles Chlchele, 1901- 

The English diver in the Kremlin, 1557-1663. London 
Methuen ,1961, 

xvlll, 94 p. lllus., ports^ fold. map. 26 cm. 
NK7143.054 73953742 62-4C4 

no Kpeujic ; KpaTEii 

MocsoBCKHft pafioiHfl, 1960. 

303 p. illus. 28 cm. 
DK602.3.P6 1960 

2., son. H3fl. 


Rybakov, Boris JUeksandrovich, 1908- 

Treasnrea in the Kremlin- [Introduced and edited by 
B. A. Eybikovj London, P. Nevill t 1963, 1962] 
127 p. 120 coL lllns. 82 on. 

Zonova, O 

XyscwecTBeHHiie cotposHBia Mocioaqioro 
HroHu, crtHBajt acitBotiHct, MHHHauopH. [A^tBpH) Mo- 
cra, Toe. HS^-BO BSoCpasHTCisKOTa HOyccrsa, 1963. 

21,^0, p. 68 plate* (prtcoL) Menu 

10)886^6 64-41868 


Felber, John Edward. 

The Kremlin, Newark, S. J., Pm&ig CoMalttnts, 1988. 
map 54 1 41 cm. 




Andreev, Anatoli! MikhaHovich. 

EHfijiHOieia B. H. Jlenasa E Kpeiuc. MociBa, 1960. 
46 p. HIM. 20 cm. 
Z997.L567A5 63-31822 J 

USSR see Moscow. Publichnaia biblioteka 



Kantorovich, Aleksandr Veniaminovich, ed. 

TnvnpH3C3citaji ara^enHJi. MocicBa, 1957. 
118 p. Illoa, portt. 20cm. 
S539.R9M87 64-57931 

ZAVOD M. STALINA see Moskovskii 
avtomobil-'nyY zavod 


Markarova, M G comp. 

EtLeca A. IT. lexosa B MOCEOBCKOJC Xy^ozecTBeHHOSc 
leatpe. [CociasnTCJiH : M. T. Mapjcaposa H T. C. Mo^e- 
CTOsa. MocKaa, Hciyccrso, 1961] 

unpaged (chiefly ains.) 22 an. 
PG3458^7M3 63-48607 } 

Potiakova, Elena Ivanovna, 

TeaTp H flpaaiaxypr ; H3 oimia paSo-rat MOCKOBCKOIO Xy^o- 
JKecmeirnoro rearpa uafl ntecavn COBETCKSX HpauaTYproB, 
1917-1811 rr. MociBa, Bcepoc. learpajiHOe oO-so 1959 

SOSp. 21cm, ' 

PN2726JiIG2M:75 60-29074 J 

see Moscow. Uchilishche zhivopisi, 
vaianiia i zodchestva 

VERSITE DE MOSCOU see Moscow. Uiu- 
versitet. Zoologicheskii muzei 


Romajiorskii, loaif Semenovich. 

Mysefl BeiHsoro ropo^a. [2., ,^on. H3^. Mociaaj MOCKOB- 
CKHft paCoTOB, 1961. 

802 p. lllns. 17 cm. (Flo MyaeaM H BucraBiaj* MOCKBU H Floi- 


DK601.M626R6 1961 62-47192 t 


Volodin, Pavel MikhaBovich. 

KyryaoBOtaa nsCa. [MociBa, MoacoaciHft pafio^zfl, 1960. 
Sip. IHiUL, mup port. IT cm. (I7o Hyaesun H BIJCTMUM Mocuu 

DK169.K8V6 64-34888 

see Moscow, TSentral'nyi muzei 
Sovetskol Armii 

DER SOWJETUNION see Naohrichten fur 
die deutschen Kriegsgefangenen in derSowjet- 
union, Moscow 


VbdimiroTlch, Georgfl Araw'evich. 

HHCTuTyr HMCHH Ctut^ocoBcioro. Mocxsa, Me^nis, 

OS p. Him. 23 cm. (Hijnno-nonyjnpHM itemvaciaa Jurrcpa- 
E80iM58V5 62-66082 t 


OtiJiSpwacit pafioE Mocxm. (Hoxroronuoi JL H. Eaixzo 
H A, -JtKTHiiosa] MOCTEI, Hs^-o coHHajiHO-3iOH. jar-fa, 

161 p. lUto. 17cm, 

DK6Q&5.OKH 63-49001 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Bybakov, Boris Aleksandrovich, 1908- 

Treasures in the Kremlin. [Introduced and edited by, 
B. A. Eybakov, London, P. Nevill [1968, "1962, 

127 p. " 120 col lllus. 82 cm. 
NTC480.M7K913 64-4498 

SITY see Moscow. Universitet druzhby 


Arkhangel'skaia, L N 

Onii CIV/KM po^une; E lO-ienix) minycEa Bpaiefi 1-ro 
MO.IMII "miemi n. M. Ceneiiona, 1949 r. MocEBa [Hs;t. 1. 
MocKOBCEoro aie^. nn-iaj 1960. 

Sip. illus. 21cm. 
K532.A7 68-34240 \ 


Krasheninnikova, N L 

Grapoe s^aime Focy^apcTBeHitoft fjiKSjinoieKn CCCP 
juienii B. PL Jleniina (^OM ITainKOBa) EGA pe^. R. H. 
Cyxoaa n A. n. MnxafljiOBa. Mocxsa [Foe. n3^-so jint-pu 
no n apxnTeETypej 1957. 

80 p. illus., 38 plates. 85 cm. (ITaMiiTKH pyccitofl apXHTeKTypbi; 
oCwepbi H ncc/ieAOttamiH) 
NA7771.M64K7 60-23048 

OvsOnnikov, ftTril Maksimil'ftnoTich. 

JtyremecTBHe a crpany pasyva; oiepKH o FocyflapcrBeH- 
Eott Cafi-iHOTOKe CCCP nwenn B. H. JlenHHa. [MocKBa, Co- 


229 p. lllus. 17cm. 
Z820.M8809 C2-65798 t 

Romanovskii, losif Semenovich. 

Knura H SCHSHI. ; o^epiH o FocyflapcraeHHOft Snfi.iraOTeice 
CCCP IIMCHU Jlennna. [MocKeaj MocEOBCEHft pafioHHfl, 

885, [Si p. Ulus., ports., facslmj. 22 cm, 
Z820.M8GR6 61-20616 rev 


Moscow. PnbliehnaA bibliotdn. 

HcropHK FocyflapciBeHHOfl opflena JeHnna (SnoJHOTeKH 
CCCP HMCHH B. H. JleHHHa sa 100 aer, 1862-1962. [ABiop- 
CMtt EOjuerrnB : B. F, SHKHHS B flp. OTBercTBeHHKfi peflai- 

iopj&. C. AfipmocoBa] Mociaa, 1962. 

JlTSp, Illoa,, port, facBlma. SO cm, 


SSSR. 1st, 1923 

Fedorova, Mariia Ivanovna, 

Flepcaji BceconsHaa cwi,cKoxo3JiftcTBeHHaa atictaBica. 
[MocEsaj Hafl-BO MocKOBcsoro yHnpepCHTeia, 1983. 

118 p. 1UUB. 22 cm. 
S5573I853 54-38783 rev 

INSTITUT see Moscow. Moskovskaia 
seUskokhozfatstvennala akademifa imeni 


Tarnovskii, N 

La scuola russa nella "Scuola 110" di Mosca [di] ST. Tar- 
norskij . P. Qlagoler [6] S. TrofimoTa. [Tradnzione di Hanna 
Mirecka e di Luigi Volpicelli] 2. ed. Roma, Casa editrice 
Avio, 1954. 

85 p. 20cm. (I Problem! deUapedasogla, T.S) 
LF4435.M75T8 1954 60-22182 J 



Orthodox Eastern Church, Russian (Old Believers) Sta- 
roobnadcheikaSa arlcluepuilcoptia, JfosJeovikaSi i vseia Rui. 
^pesHire DKOHH CTapoofipa-fl^eCEoro ra^eflpaitHoro IIo- 
KpOBCKoro coCopa npn PoroatcsoK KiaflSEnie B MOCKBC. 
[Pe^aKi(nOHHafl: KOjjrerH : BacnanH OaiHnnoBiK Kopoaes, 
KnpiiJJi AjieKcanflpoBni AfipHsocoB, MnxaHJi HaaHOBai 
TIMHH. MocKsaj 1956. 

1S9 p. Illns. (part col., 2 mounted) 80 cm. 
N7956.0T 62^1802 

see Moscow, Oruzheinaia palata 

ACADEMY see Moscow. Moskovskafa 
sel'skokhoziaTstvennaia akademila imeni 

TRUBOK FABRIKA see fSeninnafa i 
tabaclinykh trubok fabrika, Moscow 

ISKUSSTV SSSR see flSerrtral'nyi dom 
rabotnikov iskusstv SSSR, Moscow 


Kuznetsov, Aleksei Lavrenf evich. 

Myseft CoBCTCKOil Apjinii. [MocEBaj MocEOBCEnfl pa6o- 
5Hfi, 1958. 

208 p. lllus., port 17 cm. (Ho HyaeaM n BUCTaBKaw MOCKBU n 


UA772.K94 61-30431 

Moscow. 'fSentral'nyi mnzel Sovetskol Armii. 

PeiHiBHH (Soesott cxaBH. MocEsa, BOCB. HS^-BO, 1962. 
166 p. lUns., port*., faolms. 21 cm. 
UA772AI666 64-84661 


Ihnatov, Oleh, Nykyforovych. 

Ey^HHOE Myaen B. I. Jenina B EHSBI. Knia, flepac. BHA-BO 
JiiT-pn 3 Cyflil3H^^TBa i apxiiesrypH YPCP, 1960. 

16 p. lllus. 17 cm. (naM'sTHHKJi apxircKTVpH VKpaiHCbKoT PCP) 
NA6700.1I6I4 61-42443 J 

MUZEl see Moscow. Universitet. Zoolo- 
gicheskii muzet 


Dmitrieva, Nina Aleksandrovna. 

MocKOBCEoe y^Hjrame HBonncn, Bajrana H soflHCCTBa. 
MocEsa, HcKycciBO, 1851. 

169, [Sj p. ports. 28 cm. 
N332.M6D6 52-28894 rev 

Dmitrieva, Nina Aleksandrovna, 

y^HJinme aiHBonncn, BaflHim n so^iecTBa. MocKBa, 
HCEJ-CCTBO, 1950. 

42 p. Illus. 17 cm. (MaccOBas SiififlHOTeica "HcKycctBO ) 
N332.M6D62 55-10924 rev t 


Moscow. Universitet. Geologicheskn fahul'tet. 

EciopHJi reo^orniecKHX Hays B MOCKOBCEOU yHHBepcH- 
ieie. Ho,; pe^. f(. H. Fop^eeBa. [MocKBa 3 HSA-BO MOCEOB- 
CKoro yHHBepcHTeia, 1962. 

851 p, Illus., ports. 27 cm. 
OK48.M6A53 62-59269 rev 

Prague. Universita Karlova. 

Praiska universita Moskevskfi universitS; sbornik k vy 1 - 
rodl, 175-1955. [Vyd.1., Praha,1955. 

M4p. Ulo.,port M cm, 
AS142.P954A6 63-B5889 

f&etlin, Lev Solomonovich, 1877- 

Ha nciopHH naygaon MHCJTH B Poccnn; Hayo n yienae B 
MOCKOBCKOM yaaBepcnieTe BO BTopofl noaoBHHe xn Beica. 
MOCEBB, 195S. 

275 p. 20 cm. 
LF4321.T75 59-58526 rev 

Varsanof'eva, Vera Aleksandrovna, 1889- 

MOCKOBCEOC oSmecTBO ncntnaTtneft npnpoflu n ero 3na- 
^eane B paaBHinn oie^ecTBeHHOft nayEn. [MocKsaj Ha^-BO 
MOCEOBCEOIO yHnBepcniera, 1955. 

100 p. illus. 22 cm. 
QH301.V3 56-42277 rev J 


Moscow. Universitet. 

floKyjieuTH n uaTepita.TLi no iicTopnii MOCEOBCEOIO yHii- 
sepciiieTa Bropofl no.ioBiiHti xvm sesa. IIo^roioBii.ia s 
neiaTn H. A. IlejmKO. [MocKsaj 1960-63. 

8 v. Illus. 23 cm. 
LF4317.A40 61-41045 rev 


Zinov'ev, Igor' Anatol'evich. 

K HCTOpnn Bucmero Ke^Bi^uuCEoro oSpasosaHHji B Poc- 
CHH; opraHitaaijiifl FocniiTaaiHoft TepaneBrn^ecEoft Ein- 
HHKH H Ka^e^pn naTOiorH^ecEott anaTOxnn B MOCEOBCEOM 
VHHBepCHreTe. MociBa, Me^rna, 1962. 

186 p. lllns., ports., facslms. 21 cm. 
R796.A6Z5 63-48850 


Martynov, Dmitri! fAkovlevich. 

Focy^apCTBeHHtiit acipOHOMUKeccurt uHcrnxyT 1111. n. K. 
IHTepnSepra. [MocKBaj 1958, 

80 p. lUus. 20cm, 
QB82.M76 60-35061 

KAIA KLINIICA see Moscow. Universitet. 
Gospital'naik terapevticheskafa klinika 


Turov, Serge! Sergeevich, 1891- 

SoojiorE^ecEHft Myaeft MOCEOBCEOPO yHHBepCHTeia. ( Mo- 
CEBai Hsfl-BO MoCEOBCEoro yHHBepcHTeia, 1956. 

40 p. I HUB. 22cm. 
QL71.M75T8 57-16809 rev J 


Rosen, Seymour Michael, 1924- 

The Peoples' Friendship University in the U. S. S. R. 
[Washington U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare, Office of Education [1962] 

il, IS p. 26cm. (U.S. Office of Education. Studies In compara- 
tive education) 

LF4425.M66E6 HEW 62-116 

U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 



Dol'nik, A 



263 p. lllus. 23 cm. 

tiu 14-fl n 1.1-n Bwcraiiojc TBopieciB 
MocEBa, IIOCAAd) 1959 




Fomin, Aleksandr Antonovich. 

Bcecoio3ntin IIHCTHTVT nayHHOd ii lexiiiiiecKofl nn(jiop- 
Manim n ero ^, ; crenorpaMiia ^OKjia^a, npoiiiTan- 
Horo B v1,HHTn na saiisTiijix ceiinnapa fl.ia pa(5oTinti;oB 
cji)TK(3 TexnniecKofi nn^opiiaifiiii. JTeHiiHrpas, 1959. 

17 p. 21 era. (JIcHHHrpawKHii AOM HayiHO-TexmiecKofi npona- 
ramu. CepHfl: McTOAima nocranoBKH HayiHO-TexHHiecKofi HHijiop- 
MBUHH H nponaranAw) 
Z7403.M78FG 60-38383 

National Federation of Science Abstracting and Indexing 


Some counterparts in perspective: a detailed report on 
visits to the Soviet All-TJnion Institute of Scientific and 
Technical Information, the Polish Central Institute for 
Documentation in Science and Technology, the Excerpta 
Medica Foundation, and the Danish Technical Informa- 
tion Service, by D. B. Baker t and othersj Period : Oct. 20- 
Nbv. 5, 1959. Washington, 1960. 

IT. (various pagmgs) lllus,, ports., dlagrs. 28cm. 
Q127.R9N3 606.14 61-38078 



fipshteui, Boris Pavlovich. 

BcecorjSHHft HaynHO-nccjieflOBaTejBCEHtt HHCTiixyx HJIC- 
HOH npoiiHimieHHOCTii. Hop, o(5mefi pe^. B. M. FoptfaiOBa, 
Ha^. 2., ncpep. H flon. MOCKBE, 1962. 

160, [8, p. UluB., tables. 28 cm. 
TS1967.MGE6 1962 63-53432 


iicEycciBO n fleftciBHTeatHOCTi,; [CTeBO- 
Hnjr BacraBKii npoitaBeflenuft iisoCpasn- 
leamoro HCEycciBa coi5HaiiHCTH^ecKHx cipanj MOCEBE, 
HcKycciBO, 1959. 

157 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
N6490.S6 62-28599 t 

see Moscow. Universitet. Zoologiches- 
kil muzei 



i MocEoacrnft paSo^nft, 1961. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Sosnovskfl, I P 

CpeflH saepeft H man. tMocEBaj MocKOBCjcufi pafioiHS, 


126 p. Ulna. 20cm. 
QL50.S75 60-35794 t 



Matiugin, Aleksandr Andreevich. 

MocEsa B nepnofl BoccraHOMenHfl napoflHoro xcmflcrsa, 
1921-1925 IT. rMocEBaj MocKOBCKnft patfo^Hfi, 1947. 

79 p. 20cm. (MocKBa coBercicas) 
EC837.M6M3 51-24458 rev 


Ignaf ev, Gennadil Semenovich. 

3a HapoflHyK) B^acTB ; as nciopiin 6opB(5u 3a B.iacii Coae- 
TOB B MocEBe n MOCKOBCKOH ryfiepHHH. MocKsa, CoBeTcssa 
PoccnJt, 1961. 

156, [4, p. ports., fold. col. map (in pocket) lacslms. 17 cm. 
DK265.8.M6 1 35 62-35088 J 

Kostomarov, Grigorfl D 

HesafiHBaejioe. [M 
174 p. lllus. 20cm. 

] MocnoBCKHft pa6oiaft, 1960. 
60-44668 J 


Kolobkov, N V 

K-ijm;iT MOCKBH n rMocKRaj MocKOBCEitft 
paCoHiin, 10GO. 

104 p. lllus. 17cm. 
QC989.RGM85 60-07645 rev t 



Kudelin, Petr Grigor'evicn. 

Bospyr MOCIBH: KpatKHfi cnpaBOHHHE. t M 

"are Ulua., fold. map. 17cm. .,, ocraoa 

DK511.M6K8 64-29328 


Moscow. Institut istorii partiL 

Ho c.TeflaM MHHyBraefl Boftat:; naMjrrHiie uecra OTeie- 
CTBeHHOlt BoaHH B MocEBe n noflMOCEOBte, 1941-1945 IT. 
[MocEBa] MocKOBCKnft pafloiEtt, 1961. 

319 p. lllus. 18cm. 
DK511JM6M56 62-45908 t 

Moscow. Oblaatnol kraevedcheskil mnzeL 

HaMaTHHC icecTa MocKOBCEOft oS.iacTn ; EpaiEHft nyieBO- 
flHTeni.. 3. H3^., son. n nepep. Cociasii-iH : E. B. EypHX [H 
^p. Hos o6n;ett pefl. K. A. KoHosaioBOft. MocEsaj MOCKOB- 
craft pa6oHna, 1960. 

784 p. Ulns. 17cm. 
DK511JM6M58 1960 61-33795 J 

Shepovalov, Tiraof el Ivanovich. 

Ho peEaic H osepau noflMocsoBka ; nemexo^HHe TypHcr- 
CKHC vapinpyrn. [MocEsaj MocKOBCKHfl patfoTOfl, I960. 

486 P. lllus., fold map. 18cm. 
DK511JH6S5 61-45783 

SokolovskH, flrril Efimovlch. 

Ho ro-iy6uM ^oporaM MOCEBH H nofluocEOBtH ; nyresosH' 
teat. MocEsa, Pe^noft xpancnopT, 1961. 

168p. lllus. 17cm. 
DK511.M6S58 61-48491 ; 

Mind, Aleksel Aleksandrovich, 

CTHEa. MocKBa, Toe. HS^-BO no.TiiT. ant-pH, 1961. 
801 p. Ulna. 21 cm. 

6 2 - 36001 


Foci jiaiepHa-HbHOio diarococTOaHits jiocEBmefi 11 aactie: 
MocEOBCEOil oC^acTH B 1959-1965 rr. [MocKBaj MOCIOB- 
CKEft pafio-intt, 1959. 

58 p. lUua. 17 cm. (B noMOny, arHTaropy M nponaraHAHCry) 
HD7036.E6 CO-20509 


Moscow. Institut Istorii partii. 

no c-ie^au MHHyBmea BOflnn; namrtHHe Mecia Ore^e- 
cTBtHHOtt BoftHH B MocEBe n nofluocEOBte, 1941-1948 rr 

[MOCEB3] MoCKOBCKHfl pafiOHHft, 1961. 

** ^ UCm - 65^5908 1 

Veselovskii, Stepan Borisovich, 1876-1952. 

HoflMocEOBte; naHaTHtie Mecia B iictopiiH pyccKOfl Kyai- 
lypu xiv-xrx BCKOB. [OiepKH HanncaHH C. BecejioBCEHM, 
B, CnerHpeBan, B. SeHeasoBHsi. 2., ^on. 113^. Mocssaj 
MoCKOBCEHlt paCoHHft, 1962. 

582 p. lllus. 23cm. 
DK609.V4 1962 63-39023 t 


Moscow (Province) Gosudarstvennyi wtoruiheskS, arkKfa. 

nyiCBOflniejit. HOA pe^- C. O. HtxnflTa. [OtBercrBeH- 
Eiili coctaBHTejL JI. H. raficHHCKaa] MocKBa, 1961. 

345 p. 23cm. 
CD1735.M6A52 64-26897 


BopiSa napTUn sa uomEutl noflieM napo^HOro xoaaflcTsa, 33. 
sasepnienne cTpontejitCTBa coi^iajiHaaa, 1953-1958 ro^H; 
EoncyJUTanHa, MeioflH^ecEEe coaeru. jCociaBHTeit H. 
BapcyKos. MocKBa, MocKOBCsnit pafioinft, 1963. 

157 p. 20 cm. (B noMomb nayiaiomiiM Hcropmo KF1CC, 17) 
JK6598JC7BC75 63-43865 J 


MocEsa, CTamc 

T. 18-23 c 


xosaiiCTBo MocKOBCEofi otfjiacTH; 



MOSCOW, BATTLE OF 3 1941-1942 

Baurdzhan Momysh-Uly. 

3a aaau MocEBa. [HcropHa o^nofi BO^H. KajmnHHj 
KajEHiincEoeKimxHoe HS^-BO, 1958. 

128 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
D811.B372 59-52887 t 

Bukov, Eonstantin Ivanovich, 

HofieAi ncfl MocKBoit. MocsBa, Foe. yiefiEO-nCflaror. 
H3fl-BO, 1962. 

156 P. Him. 21 cm. 
D764.B78 53-48580 J 

Dmitrevskil, Nikolai Nikdaevich. 

SamnTHHSH neSa CTO^I1^H. MocEBa, Boea. HSA- BO , 1962. 
93 p. lllus. 17 cm. (repomecnoe npouuioe Hauiefl PDAHHU) 
D792JR9D58 G3-46012 t 

MalakhoT, Mikhail Mironovich. 

Y^ap EOHHorBap^efii?eB ; o^epE o fioeBnx ^eacrsHjix 1-ro 
rsapAertcKoro EaaajrepHBCKoro Kopnyca, Hoat5p& 1941-HE)Hi, 
1942 rofla. MocKBa, Boen. B3fl-BO, 1961. 

143 p. lllus. 21cm. 
D764iM295 84-46330 J 

Saklarov, Sergei Dem'anovich. 

HCTti B SOHX sa MoCEBy. MocicBa, Boea. asfl-so, 


146 p. lllus. 20cm. 


Samsonov, Aleksandr MikhaJhmch. 

Die grosse Schlacht TOT Moskau, 1941-1942. [Bearbeiter 
der deutschea Ausg.: Erwin Engelbrechtj Berlin, Vftrlag 
des Ministeriums fur Nationals Verteidigung, 1959. 

143 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
D764.S2515 60-28761 rev J 

Sarasonov, Aleksandr MikhaHovich. 

BejzKajt fiHTBa nos MocKsoft, 1941-1942. MocEBa, Hafl- 
sa AsaAeMnn sayE CCCP, 1958. 

222 p. lllus., ports., maps (part felfl.) 20 cm. (AMAejow nayr 
CCCP. Haywo-nonyjii^man cepHs) 
D764.S25 58-44612 rer 

Solov'ev, Vladimir Konatantinovich, 1905- 

Hofl Hapo-<l>ouHHCKOM. MocKBa, BOCK, nsj-so, 1960. 
ISO p. lllos. 21 cm. (Boeifflfcie HEMyapu) 
D764.S597 60-25072 t 

TfiSygankov, Vladimir Petrovich. 

reponHecsaa MocEBa; BoeHHO-opramiaaiopcEaa ^eattji,- 
HOCTi MocEOBCKofl ropo^cEoH itapTufiHofi opraHU3ai;nii B 
ncpQOA repouTCCEOtl SUTBH nn^ MocKBQtt, 1941-1942 rr. 
MocKBa, Boen. na^-so, 1960. 

182p. lllus. 21cm. 
D764.T85 61-24504 t 

Vakhrusher, Andrei Maksimoyich, 

Ha jioaaflcEoit HanpaB-iennu ; aanKCEii ywcrHiiEa 060- 
pOHti MncEBH. MocEsa, Boen. HS^-BO, 1959. 

142 p. 1110J. 21cm. 
D764.V29 60-41983 t 


Semenikhin, Gennadil Aleksandrovich. 

Has MOCEBOD neeo^Bcroe;poMaH. MociBa, BOCH. HSA- 
BO, 1962. 

886 p^ UlDB. a cm. 
PG3476JS423N3 6^-27756 J 

Moskovskii Khudozhestvennyt akademic- 


Soveshchanie evTOpeTskikh gosudarstv 
po obespechenift mira i bezopasnosti 
v Evrope. 2d, "Warsaw, 1955 

PARTIES, 1960 see Conference of Repre- 
sentatives of Communist Workers' Parties, 
Moscow, 1960 


Ivanovo, Taf Cuia Aleksandrovna. 

MocKBa B ;ii3!!ii n TBOpiecrse M. K), .lepiioHTosa, 1827 
1832. [IIo^ oCSmeft P^- H. JI. Bpo^cKoro. MocEcaj 5fo- 
CEOBCEHft paCointt, 1950. 

188 p. lUua., ports. 20 cm. 
PG3337i f iZ8523 50-38719 rev 


Gorchakov, Aleksandr Sergeevich. 

nporyasa no MocEBe-peice. ( MocEEa] Pe-^noft ipaHcnopi, 

4Sp. lllus. 17 cm. 
DK601.2.G65 1960 60-41708 t 



Prolov, Vladimir Alekseevich. 

Ha fieperax poAnofl pesH. [MocEBaj MocioBCiHtt paSo- 
^Htt, 195-2. 

117 p. 20cm. (3emi!rHOCKOBCKaii) 
DK511.M6F7 83-28681 J 


Szymczyk, Norfaert J 

The destruction of the London Polish Government, 17 
September 1030-5 July 1945. lOberammergau ? Ger., 1962. 

100 l. 31 cm. 
DK441.SB5 63-61116 J 

MOSCOW TRIALS, 1936-1937 

Leites, Nathan Constant, 1912- 

Eitual of liquidation; the case of the Moscow trials [by] 
Nathan Leites (and, Elaa Bernaut Sinta Monica, Cali, 
KandCorp., e 1954. 

SIS p. 25 cm. (Band Corporation, Besearcb memorandum BM- 
Q180A1E36 no. 977 62-48005 


Kitaeva, Galina Valentmovna. 

MocKBa AcrpaxaHi; nyieB 
Aar, 1961. 

101, ft p. tllus. 17 cm. 


Sobotovich, Ivan Dmitrievich. 

IIo EaHa.iy niiemi MOCEBH; [nyreBOAnTMi.. Aaiopn: 


Tpancnopi, 1939. 

86 p. illus. IT cm. 
HR46r.J2r)MGG 60-22853 t 


Moseley, Sydney Alexander, 1888- 

The private diaries of Sydney Moseley. London, Parridi, 

567 p. Illm. 22 cm. 



Adam, Victor. 

Eeeita, contes et legendes da mon pays. Bins, de Jean 
Morettes Prff. de Een& Bour. Metz, S. M. E. L, 1958. 

IMp. Ulna. 24cm. 
DC511i91A3 60-44163 t 


France. Inttitut national de la itatiitiqvi ft da ftudes 

Bulletin regional de statistique: Lorraine (Menrthe-et- 
Moselle, Ifcuse, Moselle, Vosges) 

T. In map*, dlfL 

, tabla. 28 cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


STATISTICS (Continued) 

France. Institut national de la atat'istique et dei Studei 

Situation, demographique, economique et sociale dona la 
region: Lorraine (Meurthe-et-Moselle, Mouse, Moselle, Vos- 

v. diagra., tables. 27 on. annual 

HA1228.L65A33 64-44081 



Bingen, Ernst. 

Land irad Zeit zwischen Grenzen. Trier, Paulinus-Verlaz 

106 p. Illus. 19 cm. 

DD801.M7B6 62-32182 ] 


Grieben, firm, publishers. 

Die Mosel. Munchen, K. Thiemig [I960] 
1ST p. 4 maps (1 cot) on fold. L (In pocket) 17 cm. (Grieben 
HelBEflllirer, Bd. 280) 
DD801.M7G73 60-45285 

MOSER, LUKAS, 1 5th cent, 

May, Helmut. 

Lucas Moser. Stuttgart, E. Fink [1961, 

68 p. mounted Illus. (part col.) 18 cm. (Maler, lore Werfce ui 
IhrpZelt. Flnk-Belne, Ed. 4) 
ND588.M7SM3 63-8841 


see also Zipporah (Biblical character) 
Epstein, Mosheh, 1875-1955. 


[New York, 1910] 

2 T. in 1 (143 p.) 28 cm. 

61-65359 rev J 

Faerber, Rubin, 1869-1965. 

[Tel-Aviv, 196L -a'DtWv, .NTWIK J^trtfl . 

105 p. port 21 cm. 


Glasson, Thomas Frauds. 

Moses in the fourth Gospel. Naperville, HI., A. R. Allen- 
son ,1963] 

115 p. 22 cm. ( Studies In Biblical theology, no. 40) 
BS2615.2.G6 226.506 63-5666 J 

Haskin, Dorothy (Clark) 1905- 

The courtyard of Hur. Grand Rapids, Baker Book 
House, 1959. 

84 p. 21 cm. (Valor series, 6) 
PZ7.H278Co 59-15528 t 

Hasldn, Dorothy (Clark) 1905- 

The royal brickyard. Grand Rapids, Baker Book House, 

69 p. 21cm. (Valor series, 4) 
BS580.M6H36 221.92 59-15529 

History che Moises. La historia de Moises. Idioma 

zapoteoo de Villa Alta. Cnernavnca, Tip. Indfgena [1959?] 

47 p. Illns. 24cm. 

PM4549.H5 60-24472 t 

Kennedy, James Hardee. 

The commission, of Moses and the Christian, calling. 
Grand Rapids, Eerdmans [1964j 

74 p. 21cm. 
BS580-M6K4 248.4 64-16585 

Porter, Joshua Roy. 

Moses and monarchy; a study in the Biblical tradition of 
Moses. Oxford, B.BlackweU [1868] 

28 p. 22cm. 
BS580.M6P6 64-8697 

Rad, Gerhard von, 1901- 

Moses. New York, Association Press t 1960?] 
80 p. 10 cm. (World Christian boob, no, 82. Second erles) 
BS680.M6R23 221.92 60-8945 J 

Seebass, Horst 

Mose und Aaron, Sinai und Gottesberg. Bonn. H. Bou- 
vier, 1962. 

155 p. 21 cm. (Abhandlnngen zur evangellschen Theologle, Bd. 2) 
BS580.M6S38 6^43371 


Menotti del Picehia, Paulo, 1892- 

Poemas sacros: Moisis e Jesus. t Sao Pauloj Martms 

222 p. 22cm. (SfcObras) 
PQ9697.M48P62 60-52566 J 


Asch, Shalom^ 1880-1957. 

[New York, 1951] . 
491 p. 23 cm. 

Firer, Ben Zion. 

[Tel-Aviv, 1959, ."\"vr\ 
Sll p. lacslm. 22 on. 

Hebrew Union College. 

Gordin, Abba. 


[Tel Avivj 1962. 

405 p. 22 cm. 

.tt .B ,p1tP-W S\V8 

.WpB TIBD ,nn 
A 60-4150 


Hoffmann, Poul, 1928- 

The brazen serpent. Translated by David Hohnen. 
Philadelphia, Fortress Press [1964, "1968] 

vl, 288 p. map (on lining papers) 21 cm. 
PZt.H6985Br 63-19647 

Hoffmann, Poul, 1928- 

The burning bush. Translated by David Hohnen. Phil- 
adelphia., Muhlenberg Frees [1961, 

825 p. 21cm. 
P24.H6994Bu Gl-6748 J 

Hoffmann, Poul, 1928- 

The eternal flre. Translated by David Hohnen. Phila- 
delphia, Muhlenberg Press r !962, 

4S2 p. 21 cm. 



De La Mare, Walter John, 1873-1956. 

The story of Moses. Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. 
London, Faber and Faber [1959, 

llOp. illus. 22cm. 
BS580.M6D46 ] 220.9 61-3812 J 

Dolan, William M 

Moses and the liberation from Egypt Garden City, N. Y. 
[Doubleday, 1962] 

64 p. Illus. 21 cm, (The Catholic know-yonr-Blble-program) 
BS580.M6D59 j 221.9 63-3128 t 

Kellner, Esther. 

Moses and the liberation from Egypt Garden City, 

04 p. 21cm. (Enow your Bible program) 
BS551.2.K43 62-53412 J 

Libbey, Scott. 

Rebels and God. Illustrated by Shirley Hirsch. Boston, 
United Church Press (1964, 

89 p. Illus, (part col) 22 cm. 
BS580-M6L48 222.1095 64-14494 

Wheeler, OpaL 

Moses. Illustrated by Linford Donovan. [1st ed.j New 
York, Button ,1962, 

&tp. illus. 24cm. 
BS580.M6W48 j 92 62-7497 J 

of Chorene, 407 ? -492 ? 

MOSES BEN MAIMON, 1135-1204 
Bokser, Ben Zion, 1907- 

The legacy of Maimonides. [Bev. ed.] New York, He- 
brew Pub. Co. [1962, 
146 p. Illus. 24cm. 
B759.M34B6 1962 181.3 62-87013 J 

Fishman, Judah Loeb, 1875- 

JivmcDn vn^i in nvrtin .JID^O p nm 'a-i 

[Jerusalem, I960, .Vvn ,plp 3in TD10 

8B1 p. 25 cm. 


Handel, Nathan M 1886- ed. 

D'piDBrft D<y:wn nttfn piap 5'ra ,mv\n 

... 'npmn v iron TBDS o^wtajn ,mvi ivn'tn ntranna 

fri ... jia: 'ry D*aain '"m D^mBam T3in nwn DJ> 

[Tel-Aviv, 1963- -T3n ,yvs .K ,3'3 

BS116i.M63M3 64-43261 

Melber, Jehuda. 

The universality of Maimonides. rBriirhton ? Mass., 'I960, 

158,81. 28cm. ^ ' J 

B7S93C34M4 181.3 60-45998 

Raffel, Dov, ed. 

jiBinm Tunn ntya .D*amn *)v nwoi^Bn 

[Jerusalem, 1955- Jiy 

T. 21 cm. (K iitno ,'ix'ax fovna) 
B759.M34R3 60-55922 J 

Rossenbaum, Asher. 

-Tn .^tne" 'pvnn ^na 5v naom 

[Tel-Aviv, 1960- 

T. 24 cm. 
BM755.M6E6 62-55788 


Roth, Leon, 1896- 

Spinoza, Descartes & Maimonides. New York, Russell & 
Russell, 1963. 

148 p. 23 cm, 
B3998.R6 1963 190 65-15176 t 


i"3) ana DIP v\rb mion mia :mion i 
ton T'3) t|Di< yaf} tpn mistrai qos nioj? , 

[HtSTD 11K2 1tf D'D133 miB IBD^j "11H3 

.N'sB'n ,D^IT .tPtno oinai D^TS . 

[Jerusalem, 1980/61 : 
8 T. In 1. 22 cm. 
BM646.D36S43 64-45098 


Dienstag, Jacob Israel. 

[Jerusalem, 1960j 

7-34 p. facstms. 25 cm. 



Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon, 1186-1237. 
... nvyv mjtrm ni^Ht? ty ... maitsn .omaw ns-D 
nsoD ipnjnn . . . wycnrh npmn T ISD ^ . . . ^aan 5ton 
5>5> . . . "niaopiKa IIVN ... onson iswa KXDJ IK ^ aro 

[Jerusalem, 1959/60j -T't^n .D^t^n' .Jnjm^NJ 1U3 m 
67 p, 25 cm. 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

Diskin, Shim'on Mosheh. 

nsn '^na D"3Din ty 

138 p. 34 cm. 

Meltser, Isar Zalman, 1870- 
ntwj u^a^ npmn Tn .. 

[1961/62, 3"3n [JIK 
5 pts. In S v. 26 cm, 

[1S63/64] p13 133 . 

HE 64-317 

D1BT ,3'3-^, JID'B 13 
HE 64-199 

Minkowich, Meyer. 

nj .D"2Din ipDB 5>ji nnova mo^nn taatroa onpno 

[Jerusalem, 1956] 
180 p. 25 cm. 

Hebrew tlnlon College. Library 

Poleyeff, Moses Aaron, 1888- 

A 61-2369 

,D"wa mnsoB nao Jy Di?n'm nnjin I^K ntai .D 

[New York, 1959] 

69ft p. 24 cm, 
BM501.P59 64-33827 

Poleyeft, Moses Aaron, 1888- 
Ditfiin paip (onnaK ina 
nnjjn I^K m^i .DPDIBI D"am ,Dt?n 

.B'^n .pTp-va .o"tffa ninaoo nna ^y a^iT 
[New York, 1949, 

S44 p. 24 cm. 
BM501.P6 64-33815 


[Baer ben Jacob] IStJi, cent. 

j'">in yn np^i 'tn Wia ,yj> nma nw^ai .ruapn T 
tip no^rfi w .cyan nansi jnan ty ,n"aann HIT ^j) mxa 
i.Kp .2KB IBII rt^a ^xn rwsnn m'ao, man^n 
t n. p., 195-!] 

8 T. In 2 (320, 116 1.) 26 cm. 
BM520.8.B3 81-57599 

Belmonte, Isaac Nunez, 18th cent. 

,jiD"D p ns?a 13131^ npmn Tn ty 
ina ann^ -j^on DJ;B D'Kipjn 

aVi nxin ,piv iy ... msmn oy 

New York (1948/49, .B"n ,pN^MS ,n .0 
4, 58, 78, 50 1. 37 cm 
BM545.MB6B42 1948 61-55175 

Chehn, Solomon ben Moses, 1720 (<jo.)-l781. 

.ip JHB miK j nwin .ruan roaio 

[New York, 1947/48-48/49, v. 3, 1947/48, 

ST. in 2. 80cm. 

BM545AC66C5 61-55181 rev 

Greinlman, Chaim SanL 

,o^m' .0*381^ nvrun n'a n^n 5v ,nrnn nWa 

[Jerusalem, 1946/47, .T'lPn ,31in D1BT 
85 (L e. 37) L 25 cm. 

BM655.G7 61-55370 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Karelitz, Abraham Isaiah, 1878-1953. 

IBDMI lap^tf nimm D-win ,Diwa ;D"3Dnn ?j) B^N jim 
.B'wi .pnn- 11 :! .-"TIDD niBDin DJI B">N tun IIBDD 

,Bnei Brak, 1958j 

2 v. in 1 (848 p.) 25 cm. 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

Preis, Aryeh Loeb. 

[Jerusalem, 1957- 

v. 32 cm. 
BM545.MG6P7 01-55169 

Rosenthal, Abraham David. 

.n"w\rf? rniKi rbu mtfn ty anuci Q'wtn .-^on IKS 

[Jerusalem, 1946/47- 

T 85 on. 
BM545.M66R64 60-65289 

Shach, Elcazar Menahem Man. 

no .D'ODin TID ^ Q^ity ewuya oms^ .'my "OK 

[Benei Beraq, 1956] 

172 p. 34 cm. 
BM545.MCOS4 61-55196 t 

Tene, Solomon. 

13 j\m ~\vfi VTon 1BD3 Ditfnm cm3 ine't? nyu 

[Bnei Brak, 1957, -IIQ^D 
8 IBS P. 32 cm. 

BM545.MG6T4 A 58-4337 rev 

Hebrew Union College. Library 

Zaslanskr, Aaron Isaac. 

[Jerusalem, 1956- 

T. 23 cm. 
Hebrew Union College, 

-ream .Q^nT .T ^ji yap 

A 62-1489 

Zolty, Jacob BezaleL 

niafa win rraiwi 

[Jerusalem, 1953/54- 

v 35 cm. 


Assaf, Da-rid. 

vini^ niin njo TB 

[Haifa, 1960- -Tn 

T. 28 cm. 
Hebrew Union College. Library 


n \w> IXI 
.j'B ja nwo 

A 61-2356 

MOSES BEN NAHMAN, ca. 1195-ca. 1270 

Oiavd, Charles Ber, 1907- 

Kamban, his life and teachings. New York, P. Feldheun 

12Sp. 23cm. 
BM755.M62C4 63-154S 


Mokotovsky, Abraham. 

( n0] laiDD a 1 ^ nais 'T ^w i^^yni wniaa ,11'Ty tona 

[Jerusalem, 1955j .H D^TED HKXin [pseud.] 31B S 3 W 1 ' 
224 p. 20 on. (Hil J TBD ,npO >BI BH<on) 

BM755.M596M6 60-55923 

MOSES, OF CHORENE, 4077-492? 

Abramian, Ashot Gareginovich. 

MOBCCC Xopena^H. EpeaaH, Apitracioe roc. 

82 p. 13cm. 


Tramer, Hans, ed. . ._ 

In rwei Welten; Siegfried Moseg zum fOnfundaieDzigMwi 
Qebnrtstag. Tel-AriT, Verlag Bitoon, 1902. 

850,22 p. portt. 28cm. ^^ 

DS102.4.T7 64-289*8 


Strons*, Norman H 

The passionate pirate, by Norman H. Strouse, 
Hills, PIL, Bird & Bull Press, 1964. 

M.p. facslna, port 28cm. , 

Z232Jt886S8 64-56501 


rVilliams, John GrenfdL 

Moshesh, the man oa the mountain. [Illustrated by 
Eleanor WatHnS] 2d ed. London, Oriord University 
Press, 1959. 

148 p. Illua. IS em. (The English-readers' llbrajf) 
DT782.W65 1959 968.6 61-20676 } 

rtOSHI LANGUAGES see Mosai languages 


Selivanov, Fedor Tikhonovich. 

Oasa 6es HHCBH. Mocssa, Boen. nsfl-so, 1954. 
IMP. lllui 21cm. 
PG3476.M64Z8 56-19565 rev J 


Moscow. fSentral'nyl institat nauchno-tekhnicheskol in- 
fonnatsii elektrotekhnicheskoi promyshlennosti i pri- 

HoBjm 'rexsEEa na saso^e "Mocrafieji!.." Mocisa, 1961, 
170 p. Ulna 28 cm. 
TK3351.M63 64^7926 


see Moscow. Oruzheihafk palata 

MOSCOW see Moscow. Moskovskala 
sel'skokhozfklstvenna'ia akademiia imeni 


Lepeshkin, Dmitri! Dmitrlevich. 

HaraH pa^HOHaJH3aTopH. [Paccsaa R. TTenemrHHa S&HH- 
cai H aniepaTypao ofipaCoraa B. CyeieHjo. MOCXBB] Upoi 

H3S3T, 1958. 

110 p. lllns. IT cm. 
TL240J^43 64-88282 

see Moscow. Moskovskii Khudozhest- 
vennyY akademicheskii teatr 


Onin patfoiH MyroKoatHoro lOHfiHHata HMCHH 

[CfiopHHK] MocKsa, Esfl-so TCXH. H 3KOH. jHT-pn no jonpo- 
cau HyioMOJitHO-KpynxHo* H lonfiHiopMOBOft npominui 
3^cBaTopHO-ciuaAoro xowftcrsa, 1957, 

68 p. Hint 22cm. 
TS2135.B806 59-49636 


Kabanov, Nikolai IXkovlevich. 

IlepBHtt rocyAapcTBCEHHtt nopnmnHHioBHft aaao^. [M< 
cKaaj Upo$n3jaT, 1958. 

121 p. 17 em. (Ha ontna raopMOfCHHa aopMHpoBanm H oniaru 
Tpy*a M neptBOAa Ha conpameaHwH paCoiMfl jion.) 
HD9999.B132SI65 60-21049 J 


Tatarinovna, Liudmila ErdokinioTna. 

SCypHai "MocsoBCKHft Tuerpa^," 1825-1834. t Mocna 
HS^-BO MociOBcroro yHHiepcarera, 1959. 

29p. 22cm. 
PN5280.M6T3 60-27*94 

Moscow. Zoologicheskia park 


Varsanof eva, Vera Aleksandrovna, 1889- 

MoctoCKO otfmecTBO HcnuraTuea npapo^u H ero ana 
iCBJie B passHTHH areCTBtHHOft nayiH. [MoctBaj E 
MocKOBCioro yHUBCpCHTtra, 1955, 

100 p. Uhi. 22cm. ^^^ 

QH801.VS 6^42277 rev 


VAI^Nlfi I ZODCHESTVA see Moscow. 
Uchilishche zhivoplsi, valanilk i zodchestva 


Margolis, Semen tAkovlevich. 

3icnayaTanH3t aBiouofiHJa "MociBH^-407." MocKsa, 
HayiHO-TexH. nsfl-ao MnHUciepcrBa aBioMoSiLitHoro Tpanc- 
nopxa H moccettatix A9P r PC5>CP, 1962. 

118 p. IHoB. 20cm. (BHSjujOTCKa ujo4iepa) 
TL215.M63M3 63-31592 t 

Polevoi, Boris Petrovich. 

CaxajHHi. JOa^o-CaxajHECi, Caxa- 

IHHCEO6 IHHaCHOft H3S-BO, 1959. 

llfl, [lj p. Bios., maps. 20 cm. 
DK771.S2P63 61-24393 


MOSLEMS see Muslims 


Mosler, Edwin H 

Protection, inc., the Mosler Safe Company. New York, 
Newcomen Society in North America, 1959. 

24 p. Illus. 23cm. (Newcomen address) 
HD9999.S284M65 59-15114 t 


Cross, Colin. 

The Fascists in Britain. [London] Barrio and Kockliff 

212 p, Uln. 23 on. 


Cross, Colin. 

The Fascists in Britain. New York, St Martin's Preas 
[1963, "1961, 

214 p. Qla&, portt 22 cm. 
DA574JH6C7 1963 942.088 63-18765 

Li, Lin-brim, ed. 

China. Series Pnb. 

Translations and annotations of 
Mo-soclasaita (six volumes) 
^aS Taipei 
Committee K ffl 46 (1857, 
1 1. (Tartonspagliip) 26cm. 

1. Mo literature. i. Title, 

Title rmwnbaf ; Mo-luleb chlm ties 1 cha lln chlng. 

Liu, Ch'ao, ed. 

C 60-161T 


283 p. 21 cm. 

1. MOM lltemtnre. i. Chtmf -krw to hsOeh jtUn. Wen lufleb yen 
chlu to, Pektaj. ilta chSen wta irtea tm. n. Title. 

Tidt ronuaUset: N*.hit tm tl ko. 

PL3S11.W7L5 C 58-2930 J 

YOn-nan ahtef min taa mta chUn irte hsfleh I^ehUnf 
tioch ( itL 

Rp. lllui. IScnu 

1 UOM lltirtton; t, Hifl, ChU-Jnl, U8T- H Ho, 

PL831lJi7Y85 68-1884 rev 



Uzsoki, Andras. 

Mosownagyarovlr, Sopron, Qyfir-Sopron Megye Tani- 
csinak Idej^enf oigtlmi Hintala, 1858. 

10* p. mm. IT on. 
DB879iI68U8 60-87043 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

al-Khfill, 'AH Mujianunad al-Shadhili. 

66 p. llllufl. 20cm. (I. <*-*-' S-2 

Princeton Univ. Llbr. 




Flynn, Norma Louise, 1917- 

History of the famous Mosquito Pass. [Denver? 1959j 

225-288 p. lllus. 23cm. 
F782.R6F55 978.859 60-33566 1 

NE 63-2719 MOSQUITO RESERVATION see Mosquitia 

see also Pastoral theology (Islam) 

Gazaiba, Sidi. 

Mesdjid pusat ibadat dan kebudajaan Islam. Pola ibadat 
dan kebudajaan Islam makna dan fungsi mesdjid; konsepsi 
mesdjid dalam kebudajaan moderen; kenjataan sedjarah 
sampai kini; krisis umat Islam; mendjawab tantaugau. 
Djakarta, Pustaka Antara, 1963. 

863 p. lllas. 28cm. 
BP184.G3 S A 64-1842 

Egypt. WiztiTat al-Awgaf. 

S - - , 4^j . Jt f\ -UL-- ,-w < *** -*=-' 

2 V. (6, 148 p.) Ulna., 24S plates (part coL) plans. 46 cm. 
NAG081.A512 N E 62 -^ 1:L 

Egypt. Wiaarat al-Awq&f. 

The mosques of Egypt from 21 H. (641) to 1365 H. 
(1946) ; being a series of views in colour and monochrome 
of the principal mosques of Egypt with a brief note on each 
monument, describing its history and architectural features, 
accompanied by detailed plans and maps. Giza, Reproduced 
and printed by the Survey of Egypt, 1949 t i. e. 1954, 

2 v. (A-D, iBS p.) ilia*, 248 plates (part coL) plana. 45 cm. 
NA6081.A5 7265 55-2954 rev 


Indonesia. Departemen Agama, Perputtakaan Itlam. 

Album mesdjid. Diselenggarakan oleh Kementenan 
Agama Bg. Perpoestakaan Islam oentoek kas mesdjid. 

[28|p. ulna, llx 20 cm. (Serle A. Mesdjid dl Indonesia) 
NA8025A.53 S A 63-778 t 


Qetintag, Sedat. Cami ve benzerleri cami dejildir. Istanbul, Maarif 
Baamevi, 1958. 

26 p. plans. 24cm. 
NA5965.C4 60-55204 


Gt-Brit Treatiei, etc., 1901-1910 (E dward ru) 

Harrison Altamirano treaty (Signed at Managua, Nica- 
ragua, April 19th, 1905j and Hosquito Convention. t n. p., 
n. d., 

itt p. 20 cm. 
F1S26.27.G7 60-57193 

MOSQUITO COAST see Moequitta 

MOSQUITO FLEET see U.S. Navy. Motor 
Torpedo Boat Squadrons 


Gt Brit Treaties, sic., 1901-1S10 (Edward vn) 

Harrison Altamirano treaty [Signed at Managua, Nica- 
ragua, April 19th, 1905, and Mosquito Convention. t n. p., 

I6p. 20cm. 
F1526.27.G7 60-57198 


Bible. O.T. Ptdmt. Motgwto. 1960. 

Salmo Lawana Nani ; los Sahnoa. ( n. p., Soa'edades Bfbli- 
cas en AmfricaLatina [1980j 

SMp, 21cm. 
BS346.M783 61-26633 J 

MOSQUITO LARVAE see Mosquitoes Larvae 


see also Aedes; Aedes aegypti; 
Anopheles; Anopheles macilipennis; 

Baenos Aires. Institute de Entomologia Sanitaria. 

Publicaciones del Institute Regional de Entomologia Sani- 
taria, nos. 1-8 (1948-1950) Buenos Aires, 1962. 

144 p. Ulna. 23 on. 
RA640.B9 61-43829 t 

Clements, Alan Neville. 

The physiology of mosquitoes. Oxford, New York, Pergu- 
mon Press ; [distributed by Macmillan, New York, 1963. 

898 p. lllns. 24 cm. (International series of monographs on pure 
and applied biology. Division: Zoology, T. 17) 
QL535.C56 1963 595.771 62-19280 1 

Foote, Richard Herbert, 1918- 

Mosquitoes of medical importance, by Richard H. Foote 
and David R. Cook. Washington, Agricultural Research 
Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1959. 

158 p. 11 las. 29 cm. ([U. S. DepL of Agriculture] Agriculture 
handbook no. 152) 

RA640.F6 614.4323 Agr 50-260 rev 

U.S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. ligS4An no. 152 

France. Direction de la documentation. 

Les moustiques. [Paris, Documentation francaisej 1058. 
lfl, p. illus,, 5 col. plntes, map. 30 cm. (La Documentation pbo- 
togrnpIUque. Dossier hors srle) 
EA640.F7 62-46586 

Nielsen, Erik Tetens. 

Swarming and mating in mosquitoes, by Erik Tetens Niel- 
sen and James S. Haeger; and A revision of the genus CTda- 
enius Bonelli (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in North America, 
by Ross T. Bell. [Washington, Entomological Society of 
America, 1960, 

72-186 p. lllus., maps. 27 cm. (Miscellaneous publications of 
toa Entomological Society of America, v. 1, no. 3) 
QL461.E563 vol.1, no. 3 595.771 61-2780 

Pratt, Harry D 

Mosquitoes of public health importance and their control 
[hy, Harry D. Pratt, Ealph C. Barnes and Kent S. Littig. 
Atlanta, U. S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare, 
Public Health Service, Communicable Disease Center; [for 
sal by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., Washington, 1963, 

IT, 64 p. lllus. 28 cm. (,U. S. Communicable Disease Center, 
Atlantai Training guide : Insect control series, pt. 6) 
RA640.P7 63-65201 

Smith, Carroll Newton, 1909- 

Factors affecting the protection period of mosquito re- 
pellents [by Carroll N. Smith and others. Washington, 
Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 

86 p. lllus. 24 cm. dC. S. Dept of Agriculture, Technical 
bulletin no. 1283) 

[S21.A72 no. 1285] Agr 63-272 

U. S. Nat'l Agr. Llbr. lAg84Te no. 1285 

Stone, Alan, 1904- 

A synoptic catalog of the mosquitoes of the world 
(Diptera, Culicidae) by Alan Stone, Kenneth L, Knight 
[and, Helle Starcke. [Washington, Entomological Society 
of America, 1959.. 

S58 p. 24 cm. (Tnomas Say Foundation. [Pnbllcatlonsi v. 6) 
QL536.S79 016.595771 59-15339 


Stone, Alan, 1904- 

A, synoptic catalog of the mosquitoes of the world 
(Diptern, Culicidae) by Alan Stone, Kenneth L. Knight 
: and, Helle Starcke. [Washington, Entomological Society 
of America, 1959. 

858 p. 24 on. (Thomag Say Foundation. iPnbUeatlons, T. 6) 
QL536.S79 016.595771 69-15339 

see also Aeronautics In mosquito 

Eichler, Wolfdietrich. 

Makriabekampfung durch Streuflugzeuge. Jena, Q-. 
Fischer, 1956. 

68 p. lllus. 25 cm. (Panultologtoche Schrlftenrelhe, Heft S) 
EA640.E4 64-43911 

Fluno, John Arthur, 1914^ 

Controllmg mosquitoea in your home and on your prem- 
ises, [Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off., 1962, 

12 p. lllus. 24 cm. (D. S. Dept of Agriculture. Horn* and 
garden bulletin no. 84) 
[TX7.U6 no. 84] 
tJ.S. Nat! Afr. Llbr. lA84Hg no. 84 


King, Willard Van Orsdel, 1888- 

A handbook of the mosquitoes of the Southeastern United 
States, by W. V. King ( and others, Washington [Agricul- 
tural Research Service, U. S. Dept of Agriculture] 1960. 

188 p. lllus. 24 cm. (TJ. S. DepL of Agriculture. Agriculture 
handbook no. 178) 

QL536.K45 1960 595.771 Agr 61-17 

U.S. DepL of Agr. Llbr. JAg84AJi no. 17S 

Fampana, Emilio. 

A textbook of malaria eradication. London, New York, 
Oxford University Press, 1963. 

508 p. lllus. 23 cm. (Oxford medical publications) 
RA644.M2P32 814.53 63-2802 t 

Pan American Sanitary Bureau. 

Guide for the reports on the Aedes aegypti eradication 
campaign in the Americas. Washington, 1960. 
15 p. 23 cm. (Iti Miscellaneous publications, no. 49) 

. . 

RA10.P246 no. 49 


Pratt, Harry D 

Mosquitoes of public health importance and their control 
[by, Harry D. Pratt, Ralph C. Barnes and Kent S. Littig. 
Atlanta, U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, 
Public Health Service, Communicable Disease Center; [for 
sals by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Govt. Print 
Off., Washington, 1963, 

IT, 64 p. lllns. 26 cm. ([U. S. Communicable Disease Center, 
Atlanta] Training guide : Insect control series, pt 6) 
EA640.P7 63-65201 

Quimby, John Miller. 

ilosquito control in Kentucky. Frankfort, Ky., Legisla- 
tive Research Commission, 1961. 

T, 51 p. lllus., maps. 28 cm. (Kentucky. Legislative Research 
Commission. Research report no. B) 
EA640.Q5 62-63072 


Arkansas-White-Red Basins Liter-agency Committee. 

Arkansas-White-Rad River Basins; a report on the con- 
servation and development of water and land resources, 
prepared by Federal end State agencies under authorization 
of section 205 of the Mood control act of 1980. t n. p., 19M] 

2 pts. In 2S T. maps (part fold^ part coL) dtagn., tables. 27 on. 

Annotated bibliography supplement to pt n, 

section 10; Mosquito control and allied problems. t n. p., 

154 p. 27cm. 

HK79.A165A8 SappL 

HN79 A165A8 883,91 5T-61725 rev 


Conference for Co-ordinated Program on Wildlife Manage- 
ment and Mosquito Suppression, Yosemtie National Park, 


Proceedings. Sponsored by the California Mosquito Con- 
trol Association r and others, Thomas D. Mulhern, editor, 
[n. p., 1963. 

120 p. group port 28 cm. 

RA640.C6 1962 64-63273 

Chaudonneret, Jean. 

Quelques dispositifs remarquablea dans les organea de lln- 
gestion ehez ]a larve de monstique (Diptera, ffematoaera) 
(In Annales des sciences natureUea. Zoologle et blologle anlmaK. 
Paris. 25 cm. 12. ser., t, 4 (1902) p. r478H87. lllus.) 
[QH3.A62 12. sen, fc 4] A 64-487 

Illinois. Unlr. Library 
Scherpner, Christoph. 

Zur Okologie und Biologie der Stechmiicken des Gebietea 
von Frankfurt am Mum (Diptera, Culicidae) 

(In Berlin. Unlversltit. Zoologlschea Museum. Mlttellungen. 
Berlin. 24 cm. S8. Bd., Heft 1 (I860) p. [4|-89. lllus., tables) 
[QL1.B38 Bd.36,Heftl] A 62-8049 

Ohio State TJnlv. Llbr. 

Senevet, Georges, 1891- 

Les moustiques de i'Afrique du Nord et du bassin mediter- 
raneen, par Q. Senevet et le docteur AndarellL Avec une 
prff. du professeur Edmond Sergent Paris, P. Lephevalier, 

r. Illus., dlagrs. 25 cm. (EncydopeMIe entomologlque. S&r. 
A: Travam generaui, 87) 
QL536.S4 595.771 61-22124 

Gjullin, Qaude M 1903- 

The mosquitoes of Alaska, by C. M. Gjullin t and others] 
Washington, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Dept of 
Agriculture, 1961. 

11,98 p. lllus., maps. 24cm. ([U.S. Dept of Agrlcnlturej Agri- 
culture handbook no. 182) 

QL536.G52 595.771 Agr 61-94 

U.S. DepL of Agr. Libr. lAg84Ah no. 182 


Scherpner, Christoph. 

Zur Okologie und Biologie der Stechmucken. des Gebietes 
von Frankfurt am Main (Diptera, Culicidae) 

(In Berlin. Unlversftat Zoologlaches Mnfeum. Mlttellnmeo. 
Berlin. 24 cm. S6. Bd., Heft 1 (1960) p. ,49]-9e. Ulna,, tables) 
[QL1.B38 Bd.36,Heftl] A 62-8049 

Ohio State Dnlv. Llbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOSQUITOES (Continued) 

Leon J Romeo de. 

Los onofelinos trasmisores de malaria en Guatemala; 
revista de especies clasificadas. Guatemala, 1952. 

UpT illus 24 cm. ( Publlcaclonea ael Inatltuto de InventlgacI 

Clentfflcas de 1 


Patel, Raojibhai Chhotalhai, 1927- 

Studies on the habitat and incidence of mosquitoes in Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin Arboretum. Ann Arbor, Mich., Uni- 
versity Microfilms [1959, 

Mfeofilm-AC-1 no. 50-2774 Mic 59-2774 

Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 


Inatemala, no. 7) 


58-18002 rev 

Indonesia. Departemen Kesehatcm. 

Illustrated map of the anopheline imagines of Indonesia. 
(English translation) Djakarta, Ministry of Health of 
Indonesia, Section : Malariacontrol, 1949. 

60 p, illus. 28 1 40 cm. 
QL53G.I 513 


Belkin, John N 

The mosquitoes of the South Pacific (Diptera, Culicida*) 
Elus. by Charles L. Hogue. Berkeley, University of Cali- 
fornia Press, 1962. 

2v. lllus,, maps, 20cm. 
QL536.B44 595.771 62-11490 

Laird, Marshall. 

Studies of mosquitoes and freshwater ecology in the South 
Pacific. Wellington, Royal Society of New Zealand, 1956. 

213 p. illus., map, coL plates. 25 cm, (Boyal Society of New Zea- 
land. Bulletin no. 6) 
QL536.L23 595.771 61-23259 


Quimby, John Miller. 

Mosquito control ill Kentucky. Frankfort, Ky., Legisla- 
tive Research Commission, Iflfll. 

T, 51 p. Ulna, maps. 28 cm. (Kentucky. Legislative Research 
Cornmlffilou. Research report no. 5) 
EA640.Q3 02-63072 


Senevet, Georges, 1891- , 

Les moustiques da 1'Af rique du Nord et du bassm mediter- 
ranfen, par G. Senevet et le docteur Afldarfllh Aveo nn 
pref . du prof esseur Edmond Sargent. Paris, P. Lechevalier, 

1M9 ~7 Ulua, dlagTB. 25cm. (BacyclopMle entomologtque. Sir. 


QL536.S4 595.771 W--WL44 


Guy, Yves. 

Les anopheles du Maroc. Rabat, 1959. 

285 p. 25 cm. (M&nolres de la Socl6t6 des sciences naturelles et 
physiques du Maroc. Zoologte, nouv. sSr., no. T) 
QL1.S68A25 no. 7 


Stojanovich, Chester James. 

Illustrated key to common mosquitoes of northeastern 
North America, [Atlanta] "1961. 

49 p. Illus. 28cm. ,,+ 

QL53B,S7S4 6 s - 458 t 


King, Willard Van Orsdel, 1888- 

A handbook of the mosquitoes of the Southeastern United 
States, by W. V- King ;and others] Washington [Agricul- 
tural Research Service, U. S. Dept of Agriculture, I860. 

188 p. tllus, 24 cm. (n. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Agriculture 
handbook no. 173) _ 

QL536.K45 1960 595.771 Agr 81-17 

U.S. Dept otAgr. Llbr. lAgMAh no. ITS 

Stojanovich, Chester James. 

Illustrated key to common mosquitoes of southeastern 
United States. [Atlanta?, "I960. 

38p. Ulua. 28cm. 
QL536.S785 595.771 6(M24S2 J 


Thurman, Ernestine Hogan Basham, 1920- 

A contribution to a revision of the Cnlicidae of northern 
Thailand fDiptern : Culicidae) Ann Arbor, Mich., Univer- 
sity Microlilms [1959, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2540 Mic 58-2540 

Thurman, Ernestine Hogan Basham, 1920- 

A contribution to a revision, of the Culicidae of northern 
Thailand. [College Park) University of Maryland, Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station, 1959. 

IT? p. dlagrs., tables. 23 cm. (Maryland. Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station, College Park. Bulletin A-100) 
QL536.T47 63-64648 

Batr, Heinz Werner. 

Anopheles und Malaria in Thuringen. Jont, Q-. Fischer 

15* p. lllna, fold. coL map (Inaerted) 25 cm. (Pinurttoloflacli 
ScnrtttenreUie, Heft 12) 
BC163.G4B3 64-64695 


Moss, James E 1875- 

Jimmy Moss. Sal[t, Lake City, Deseret Book Co., 1963. 
243 p. Illvis. 24cm. 
BX8695.M6A3 922.8373 63-5831 \ 


Moss, StirUng, 1929- 

AU but my life; Stirling Moss face to face with Ken 
W.Purdy. [IstecLj New York, Button, 19S3. 

239 p. lllua., ports. 22cm. 
GV1032.M6A3 1963a 796.72 6S-20845 


Moas, Columbus Joseph, 1887- 

A genealogical record of the Moss family in America; 
John Moss, Sr.'s line. Lake Charles, La. [19G4- 

Iv. (loose leaf) ports. SO em. 
CS71.M918 1964a 64-54831 

Moss, William Paul, 1886- 

Biographical sketches of tha Mosses : Paul Moss, Thaddeus 
A. Moss, Howell Moss, Howell C. Moss, Henry Moss, 
Amanda Holden Moss, [Odessa? Tex., "I960. 

1 T. (unpaged) ports, (part col.) ooL coat of arms. 87 cm. 
CS71.M918 1960 61-20890 

Moss, William Paul, 1886- 

The Moss family : William Paul Moss, Thaddeus Augustus 
Moss, Amanda Holden Moss, Howell Moss, Crestus Howell 
Moss, Henry Moss, their families and progenitors. [Com- 
piled and written by Paul Moss. Odessa! Tes., 1964, 

28 p. port. 23cm. 
CS71.M918 1964 64-56046 

Wulfeck, Dorothy (Ford) 1897- 

Mosa of Virginia: court records, queries, brief lineages, 
genealogical notes. Naugatuck, Conn. [1962?, 

421. 29cm. 
CS71.M918 1962 62-58280 J 


Tnte, Warren. 

The grey top hat; the story of Moss Bros of Covent 
Garden. Illustrated by Giles. London, Cassell [1981, 

163 p. Illus. 2Bcm, 
HD9940.G83M65 54-34310 t 


Mflanges de linguistique et de philologie, Fernand Mosse 1 
in memoriam. Paris, Didier, 1959. 
534 p. port. 23 cro. 

A 60-3826 
Harvard TJnlv. Library 


see also Bryology; Calymperesj 
Fissldens; Fontirialaceae 

Index Muscomm. [Edited byj R. van der Wijk (chief edi- 
tor) W. B, Margadant [and, P. A. Florschutz. Utrecht, 
International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomen- 
clature of the International Association for Plant Tax- 
onomy, 1959- 

v, 28 cm. (Regnum vegetablle; a series of pntllaHons for 
tie use of plant taionomlsts aid plant geographers, T. 17 
QK96.R4 vol. 17, etc. 62-66912 


Savich, ladia Ivanovna (LfibiSkaft) 1886- 

OrreAejnnejii, jincTOCTe6e.ubHUX Jixoa Aprrnm CCCP 
- -1- 'I- CaBHi-tfioSnriKOft. .leBiiHrpa,^ HM-BO Ata- 
Hays CCCP [JlaniiHrpaACSoe OT^-HHCJ 1961. 
71*p. HIM. 2TcrQ. 
QK537.S2 62-S4458 I 


Podpfaa, Josrf. 

Conspectus muscomm Europfleorum. {L vyo.j irww 
Nakl,CeskoslovenskiSakademiavpd,ieM. ,,..,... 

68T p. 25 on. (Price otrtortemsuM ttademl* TM. Skce Wo- 



Breen, Ruth (Schornherst) 

Mosses of Florida, an illustrated manual. Gainesville, 
University of Florida Press, 1903. 

iliv, 273"r. Hill's . map (on lining paper) 2-1 cm. 
QK541.E7 588.208759 62-19677 

Redfearn, Paul Leslie. 

A study of the bryophytic Delation of limestone out- 
crops in Florida. Ann Arbor. Cniversity Micrcfilms [1957i 

('riil-ifiTily MliTiihliii'i. A 
MicnililraAC-1 n. ^i,! 
Flnridn. Sditt-Unii. 


Feld, Johannes. 

Mooallora der Rheinprovinz. Oberarb. und erganzt von 
Ludwip Liven. Bonn, Im Sclbstverlage des Niturhistori- 
schen Vereins, 1953. 

fri p. 30cm. (Dechenlana. BIhefte, 8) 
QK5W.GuF4 588.0D4342 61-23251 


Taylor, Peter. 

British ferns and mosses. Colour and tert illus. by Ann 
V. Webster. [Londorjj Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1960. 

281 p. Hint, col. plata. 19 cm. (The Kew series fa) 
QK527.TS 587.0942 61-20110 


Holmen, Kjdd. 

The mosses of Peary Land, North Greenland ; n. list of the 
species collected between Victoria. Fjord and Dnnmnrk 
Fjord. Kfibenhavn, C. A. Reit^el, 1060. 

M p. Ulna., maps. 29 cm. [Meddelelser om Grfinl.ind, ndg. at 
Kommlralontn for vldenokabellge undersffielsr I Offlnland, bd. 183, 
Q115.D39 bd.103, nr.2 A 61-5714 

Copy 2. QK54B.H58 

Illinois. TJnlv. library 

Inoue, Hiroshi, 1932- 


HS #137 ,1962, 
182 p. lllusi 19cm. 

1. Mosses Japan 

QK545.J32 1 5 



Darlington, Henry T 

The mosses of Michigwi [bjj Henry T. Darlington. 
[BlooivRplcl Hills, Mich., Crnnbrook Institute of Science, 

x, 212 p. Illus, man, '2i cm. (Cranbrook Institute of Sdenca 
[Bloorafleia Hilts, SIMM Bulletin no, V) 
QK541,I>:i 688.209774 64-25250 


Pursell, Ronald Arling. 

A taxnnoiiiic revision of North American Fintideng, sec- 
tion Br"nStt!um. Ann Arlw. University Microfilms [1957] 
( ,fnu"i!r-,iij- ilirrullliiiR. Aim ArlHir, Mlth., I'ubllwitlon no. 2S.983J 

Microfilm AC-1 no.2:),!)83 Mic 57-4452 

Floridn. Stiiti" Tii'iv, Librarj' 

Reese, William Dean. 

The genus Oalymperta in North America, Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [195", 

1 itrnlrereitr Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 23,865) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 23,965 Mic 57-4454 
Florida. State Tjnl?. Llnrajy 


Szafran, Broniskw. 

Mchy (Musci) [Wyd. 1,, Warszawa, Paristwowe Wy- 
dawn.Xaukowe, 1957-61. ,,,, 

2 v. lllns. 25 cm. (Flon polBka; rcffllny larodnltaiwe Polakl i 

QK544.P6S9 59-18238 rev 

ShMSkov, R N 

$iopa jHCTOcretfcaiHiix XXOE XHSHHCIHX rop. (Myp- 
uaHCE] Mypniacroe rHEcraoe B3^-o, 1961. 

2p. lllus. 2Tcm. 
QK544.ROS5 63-50552 


Skinner, Elliott PeravaL 1827- 

Tha Mossi of tlie Upper Volta; the political development 
of the Sudanese people. Stanford, Calif., Stanford Uni- 
versity Press, 1964. 

be, 236 p. lllc.. Hup. 21cm. 
GN655AICSu5 916.01 64-12074 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Protestant Mission, Ouagadougou, Upper Volta, 

More, language of the Mossi tribe; phrase book. [Ouaga- 
dougou, 19 | 
86 L 88cm. 
PL8521.P7 61^65TO rev J 

Hall, John Fenderson, 1906- 

Dictionary and practical notes: Mossi-English languages, 
by John F. Hall [and Cuba Hall. Ouagadougou? French 
West Africa, 1950] 

38, 43, 78 p. Illua 22cm. 
PL8521.H3 62-40024 J 


Garfield, Brian Wynne, 1939- 

The lawbringers. New York, Macmillan, 1962. 
179 p. 22 cm. 

PZ4,Q2315Law 62-18377 t 


Najl, Hilal, 1929- 

The bloody hands in Iraq. Cairo, Al-Karnak Pub. House 

175 p. Illua. 17 cm. 

Naji, Hilal, 1929- 

NE 63-580 J 

1962, 1 V\ r "^ jS3l 





Cascudo, Luis da Caraara, 1899- 

Notas e documentos para a historia de Mossoro. [Natal, 
Brasil, 1955, 

254 p. 24 cm, (ColecSo Mossoroense. Serlfl O (Llvros) T. 2) 
F2651.M6C3 56-42768 rev t 

see Favored nation clause 


Slmdes, Manuel Rodrignes. 

Mosteiro de Arouca, Trabalhos f otograficoa de Marquee 
Abreu. Junior. Porto, Marques Abreo, 1960. 

23 p. 40 lllus. IGon. ( A Arte em Portugal, no. 20) 
N7121.A2A7 no. 20 61-45206 J 

see Alcobaja (Cistercian abbey) 

MOSTEL, ZERO, 1915- 


Frank, Robert 

Zero Mostel reads a book; [photographs. New York, New 
York times, 1963] 

unpaged, lllus. 28 cm. 
PN2287.M77F7 817.64 63-4674 J 


Noether, Gottfried EmanueL 

Guide to probability and statistics. Especially prepared 
for Continental classroom. Reading, Mnaq, Addison- 
Wesley Pub. Co. r 1961) 

72 p. lllus. 28 cm. 
QA273.M79GN6 519 61-1310 t 


EMILIA, 1956 see Reggio Emilia, Mostra 
medici filatelisti, 1956 


Ibn al-Athlr, Tzz al-DTn, 1160-1233. 

213 p. 

Princeton Unlr. Llbr. 

al-Davwachl, Said. 


V. Illua., plans. 24 cm. 
Princeton Univ. Hbr. 


Hotala hembygdsfb'rening. 

Dar vagarna motas; en forsta bok om. Motala och trakten 
daromkring. [Motala, 1958] 

78 p. illus., maps, 24 cm. 

A 60-539 
Minnesota. TJnlv. Llbr. 

NE 64-764 


26, 265 p. facfilms. 28cm. 
DS51.M7I2 1963 
Princeton UnlY. Llbr. 

NE 64-1772 
al-TTmari, Yfisfn ibn Khayr AMh aJ-KhaJIb, fl. 1746-1811. 

846 p. 25cm. 
DS513I7U4 1955 

NE 64-2107 


j see also Shiitea 

al-AsadabSdl, 'Abd al-Jabbar ibn Ahmad, d. 1025 or 6. 
JLi.\ JU ,-^J.l ^1 ,bU ( JoJIj J^. jdl oljjl j ji 

o'UiJl Sjljj i : j*^", -06-^ -^ '-'IjJ^ ' ^Tj 

.19 <iiliiJ) <*UI SjU 

T. facslnu. SO cm. (tJly) 

Princeton TTnlT. Llbr. 

NE 64-1629 

Ibn Mflfid, Malijub, 1916- 

pli . <JLJl Ujb oj^ jl < f jJlj 


800 p. 21 cm. 
Princeton Univ. L!l>r 

NE 64-432 

MOTECZUMA see Montezuma I, Emperor of 
Mexico, ca. 1398-ca. 1468 


Gonn, Clare A 

Motel planning and business management t by] Clare A. 
Gfunn and Robert W. Mdntosh. Dubuque, Iowa, W. 0. 
Brown Co. ,1964] 

Till, 288 p. lllus. 24cm. 
TX911.G9 647.97 64-22009 

Podd, George 

Planning and operating motels and motor hotels [byj 
George 0. Podd & John D. Lesure. New York, Ahrens 
Book Co. ,1954] 

Till, 843 p. Illqs., map, forms, tables. 24cm, 
TX911.P58 647.97 64-15835 

Whittingtpn, Harold. 

Starting and managing a small motel Washington, 
Small Business Administration; [for sale by the Superin- 
tendent of Documents, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1963. 

rl,70p. lllus. 24cm. (The Starting and managing series, T. T) 
TX911.W46 63-61928 


Hatheson, Jean U 

A selection of choice inns and restaurants of NOT& Scotia 
and en route. 
T. 22cm. 

TX910.N87M3 62-fi0259rev 

U. S. 

Morgan, Howard Edwin, 1918- 

The motel industry in the United States: small business 
in transition. Prepared by the Bureau of Business and 
Public .Research, University of Arizona under the Small 
Business Administration management research grant pro- 
gram, by Howard E. Morgan. Project director: Harold 
J. Hoflich. Tucson, 1964. 

nil, 218 p. lllus., maps. 28 cm. (Small bnsmea management 
research reports) 
TX909.M57 647.970978 64-64296 



see also Madrigal 

Sparks, Edgar H 

Cantus firmus in mass and motet, 1420-1520. Berkeley 
University of California Press, 1963. ' 

xl, 504 p. music. 28 cm. 




see also Nemopalpus 

Military supplies Preservation 


Sleeker, Claas Jouco, 1893- 

De moedergodin in de oudheid. Den Haag, Da&men. 

148 p. lllus. 22cm. 
BL825.M6B56 62-42019 J 

James, Edwin Oliver, 1886- 

The cult of the mother-goddess; an archaeological and 
documentary study. London, Thames and Hudson r 19B9i 


800 p. 28 cm. 
BL325.M6J3 1959a 



James, Edwin Oliver, 1886- 

The cult of the mother-goddess; an archaeological and 
documentary study. New York, Barnes & Noble ,1981 

"10KQ. ' ' 


800 p. 23cm. 
BL325.M6J3 1961 




see also PearL button industry 



see also Grandparents; Love, Maternal; 
Maternal and infant welfare; Maternal 
deprivation; Mother's Day; Parent 
and child; Prenatal care 

Altman, Charlotte, 1908- 

The relationships between patterns of maternal attitudes 
and child personality structure at latency age. Chicago [Li- 
brary, Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University of 
Chicago] 1954. 
Microfilm 4224 BF Mic 60-7370 

Bishop, Leila, 1931- 

Some relationsliips bet-ween infants' and mothers' be- 
liaviov. Chicago ,Dept. of Photoduplication, University of 
Chicago Library] 1959. 

Microfilm 6396 BF Mic 60-7168 1 

Chicago. Univ. Llbr. 

Cornell University. Thailand Project. 

_ Maternal and child health in a Siamese rice village: nutri- 
tional aspects; studies in Bang Chan, 1952-1954, by Hazel 
M. Hauck with the assistance of Anusith Raiatasilpin ,and 
others] Ithaca, N. Y., 1969 

TXRfin W!?" tablea ' ^ cn ^ n (/ " lDterto reports Mrlea - no - 6) 
TX860.T48C63 649.3 60-63474 rev 

Duvall, Elise Barrett. 

Conceptions of mother roles by five- and sbc-year old chil- 
dren of working and non-working mothers. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms t 1955, 

([University Mlcrofllms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 12,394) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 12,394 Mic A 55-2144 

Ilorlda. State Duly. Library 

Erard, Maurice. 

Mutter- Arbeit; Untersuchung in einer schweizerJBchen 
Industriesrndt, durchgefuhrt unter der Leirung von M. 
Erard. Schaffhausen, Meier r !959] 

192 p. tables. 23 cm. 

A 60-6049 
Ohio State UnlT. Llbr. HD6180 

Gutter, Laurie M 1922- 

Self -concept and physiological adaptation: a study of 
mothers of premature infants. Chicago ( Dept of Photo- 
duplication, University of Chicago Library] 1959. 
Microfilm 6466 QP Mic 60-7298 t 

Chicago. TTnlv. hlbr. 

Hoffman, Lois Norma (Wladis) 1929- 

Spme effects of the employment of mothers on family 
structure. Ann Arbor, Miclu, University Microfilms ( 1959j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3675 Mic 68-5675 

Mchlran. UnlT. Llbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

MOTHERS (Continued) 

Hooton, Bruce, ed. 

Mother and child in modern art, edited by Bruce Hooton 
and Nina N. Kaiden. Foreword by A. Hyatt Mayor. Com- 
mentary by Frances L. Eg. ( lst ed., New York, Dudl, 
Sloan and Pearce [1964, 

17 p. 49 plates (part col.) 26cm. 
NT630.HT5 TOi.9424 64-21992 

Hughes, Elmer Ray. 

Famous mothers from the Bible and history; the stones 
of great men and the women behind them. [1st ed.] New 
York, Exposition Press [1963] 

150 p. 2! cm. 
CT3203.H8 64-3101 

Hyde, Vance, 1022- ed. 

Especially for mother; an affectionate anthology. New 
York, Crowell [I960, 

157 p. IlLus. 21 cm. 
PS509.MBH9 811.5082 60-9157 \ 

lafcister, Clair. 

"What is your problem, mother? A conuaoE-sense ap- 

proach to motherhood and child care. Illns. by Joan, Abbott 
Springfield, 111., Thomas [I960, 

208 p. lllus. 23cm. 

[KJ61] 649.1 60-4534 t 

Israel Mi*rad Jw-hinuM, vehtt-torbvt. 

HOTI !>"m I-UTI tnpnn B"? mrw nvro rojriDD DKTI 
( n. p., 195-f] JT>rvin t\\svf> npton .ninnm iunn 

27 I 16r21 cm. 
LC37.I8 61-554611 

Kinstler, Donald Butler. 

An experimental study of the role of covert and overt ma- 
ternal rejection and acceptance in the etiology of stuttering. 
j^rni Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms ( lfl59j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 69-1850 MieS9-18SO 

Lapin, Konstantin. 

CJOBO o naiepH. MocEsa, Foe. njfl-so no.mT. jim-pH, 

117 p lllus 20 cm. (Ha cepra KOMMyHHcnwecitoft Mopum) 
EQ759X36 82-36006 t 

Meeting the childbearirig needs of families in a changing 
world ; report of a work conference sponsored by Maternity 
Center Association, New York. [Prepared and edited by 
Hazel Corbin, Isabel K. Brown, and Horace H. Hughes, 
New York, Maternity Center Association, 1962, 

115 P- 25 cm - 

Peterson, Evan Tye, 1325- 

The impact of maternal employment on the mother-daugh- 
ter relationship and on the daughter's role-oriantation. Ana 
Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1959, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 50-2165 Mic 59-2165 

Michigan. Univ. Libr. 

Rayner, Claire. 

Mothers and midwives. London, G. Allen & Uiiwin [1962, 
157 p. 20cm. 

BG864.G7K3 62-45272 t 

RoeenthaL Maurice J 

A study of mother-child relationships in the emotional dis- 
orders of children t byj M. J. Rosenthal t ond others, 

(/ Genetic psychology monographs. Prcvlncetown, Mass. 26 cm. 
T. 60 (1959) p. ,65i-116. tables) 
LB1101.G4 vol.60 60-50568 

Sapone, Edith. 

To you. Mom. [Boston, St. Paul Editions ( 1961, 
184 p. Illns. 22cm. 
HQT59.S25 801.42 61-10981 t 

Sayres, Avivah L 

A comparison o attitudes toward child rearing of mothers 
who differ significantly in self-concepts. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms ( 1959] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 39-1020 Mio 59-1020 

Shepherd, Irma Lee, 1927- 

Attitudes of mothers of schizophrenic patient*. Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-2285 Mic 58-2286 

Pennsylvania. State University, Library 

Stewart, Lawrence H 

Mother-son identification and vocational interest 
(/n Genetic psychology rnonoerapni. ProTtncetown, MBM, 26 cm, 
T. SO (1858) p. iSlj-ffil. tables) 
LBU01.G4 vol.60 60-50569 

Tathan Munhwa Fodoaa, Stcnd, Kama. 


4281 [1958, 
230 p. port*. X cm. 
Added cover title : Selection! from Korea'a foot, mother! of today, 

1. Mother*. L Title. 

Titif ntantttd: Taehut&l hyonrao ch'uvllp. 

K 64-2,1 
HurrartUnlv. Chlneje- Jpnee Library 4tT6 

Davistocfc Seminar on Mother-Infant Interaction. lft-Sd, 
London, 1S39-1961. 

Determinants of infant behaviour; proceedings. Edited 
by B. M. Foss. With a foreword by John Bowlby, London, 
Methuen; Kew York, Wiley [1931-63, 

2 T, lllus., dlagrs, 22 cm. 
BF723.I6T3 1061 136.73B2 62-205Srev 

U. S. Congress. Souse. Committee on Post Office and 
Civil Service. 

Amending the Veterans' preference net of 1044, to redefine 
the term "mother." Hearing before the Committee on Post 
Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives, Eighty- 
sixth Congress, second session, on H. R. 1907 ... April 6, 
1960. Washington, TJ. S. Govt. Print Off., 1900. 

Ill, 12 p. 24 on. 

JK720.A6 1960 351.13 GO-SHOO 

Waterink, Jan, 1890- 

Moeder en haar opgroeiende Knderan. 1. dink. Wagen- 
ingen, Gebr. Zomer en Keunings Uitgeversmrj. [1962] 

167 p. 23 cm. 
HQ759.W35 64-42280 

Welngarten, Violet 

The mother who works outside the home. [New York, 
Child Study Association of America. 1861, 

25 p. illus. 21cm. 
HQ7S9.W4 61-2863 J 


Greenburg, Dan. 

How to be a Jewish mother, & very lovely training man- 
ual. [Illus. by Gerry Gerstein. Los Angdesj Price, Stern, 
Sloan ; distributed by Pocket Books t New York, 1964j 

89 p. IDiu. 20cm. 
PN6281.M58G7 817.54 64-56430 

RoMn, Betty. 

Mothers are funnier than children. Supplementary evi- 
dence provided by Jean Kerr and others. Special art by 
Sergio Aragones. [1st ed.i Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 

ISO p. Illua. 2Tcm. 
PN6231.M68R6 817.54 64-11614 

in the Bible 


Bnrchinal, Lee 6 

Maternal employment, family relations and selected per- 
sonality, school-related and social-development characteris- 
tics of children. Ames, Iowa, 1961. 

240-272 p. 28 cm. (Agricultural and Home Economics Experi- 
ment Station, Iowa State Unlrenlty of Science and Technology. Bft- 
earch bulletin 497) 
HQT69.B793 62-63186 J 

Lajewski, Henry C 

Child care arrangements of full-time working mothers. 
[Washington, U. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare, Social Security Administration, Children's Bureau, 

vl, 28 en. tables. 23 on. (TJ. S. Children's Bureau. Publica- 
tion no. 378) 






Klein, Viola. 

Employing married women. London, Institute of Per- 
sonnel Management, 1961. 

51 p. lllus. 22 cm. ([Institute at Personnel Management! Oc- 
culontl pipers, no, 17} 
HD61S7.K5S 63-41431 t 

Yudfcm, Simon. 

Working mothers and their children, & study for the 
Council for Children's Welfare [byi Simoc Yudkia 4 An- 
thea Holme. London, H. Joseph (196S) 

ISO p. dlam. 2> cm- (MMuei loceDh bovfei on UTC line*) 
HD61S7.Y8 362.7 64-1947 


Perez Pefia TeUez, Bertha. 

La desorguiizacion famlur cnando 1 mtdre tnbaja, 
Mexico, IMS. 

40 p. dtasn. M em. 
HD6101.P4 64-S9B44 


Henog, Elizabeth. 

Children of working raothara, t Wisiiiigtoiij IJ, S. Deft, 
of Haltn, Education, and Welfare, Soci*I Seoority Admliit- 
istratiort, Children^ Bureau, I960. 

Ill, 38 p. rtmru. 28cm. (U S. aJlHntn 1 ! BtHMU. PnWlcatloa 
DO. 382) 

HQ768SC24 HEW 80-118 

Copy 3. HT74LAJ2 w>.Sffi 

B.S. Dept of Health, Bdacatlon. aid Vtr. I.lbrlrj 


Nye, Francis Ivan, 1918- ed. 

The employed mother in America, by F. Ivan Nya |andj 
Lois Wladis Hoffman. With contributions by Jean Adam- 
son [ind others, Chicago, Rand IfcNally ,1963] 

i. 406 p. IllUB., tables. 21 cm. (Rand McNillj- Kcloloxy seilM) 

HD6095.NO 301.4233 65-5244 

Society for Research in Child Development 

Research issues related to the effects of maternal employ- 
ment on children; a symposium presented at the biennial 
meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development 
on March 16, 1SI61 at University Park, Pennsylvania, Ed- 
ited by Alberta Engvall Siegal. University Part, Social 
Science liesearch Center, Pennsylvania State University, 

60L 28m. 

Pennsylvania. SUte 

UnlYtrslty. Library 

U. S. CJuUrenfi Bureau. 

Working mothers and day care services in the United 
States. Facts about children. [Washington TJ. S. Govt, 
Print Off.] 1962. 
i5, p. tablet. 27 cm. 

HEW 62-109 
U. S.Dej)t of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 


Vermont. Dept. of Employment Security. 

Special study of the long-term unemployed married sec- 
ondary wage earners. Analysis by Harris Thurber, in co- 
operation with research and statistics. Montpelier, 1B62. 

IT. 28 cm. 
HE6056.V4 63-B3745 J 


Raflauer, Ruth Shaw. 

Mothers aw that way. Pictures by Ainer Graboff, Lon- 
don, New York, Abelnrd-Schuman t !961, 1960. 

unpaged, illua. 26 cm, 
PZ10JB2Mo2 60-13918 t 


Cannell, Douglas Edward, 1002- ed. 

Maternal mortality ; edited by D. E. Cannell. Malignancy 
associated with pregnancy; edited by Milton L. IfcCMl. 
[New York] Hoeber Medical Division, 1863. 

815-1063 p, tllns.. port., tables. 24 cm. (Clinical obttetrtc* tn<J 
ajiiecologj, T - 8, no. 4) 


Buchsbaum, Herbert, 19S4- 

Yergleichende MortmlitStsstatistik -wahrend der Qeburt 
und im Wochenbett bei Mutter und Kind, in Muncien und 
New York. ,Mimchenl 1961, 

88 p. 21 cm. 
EJ59.B8 63-48700 


Gnatemala (City) BiblioUca National. 

Antologfa, poitica ; homemje de la Biblioteca Nacional a la 
madre guatemdteci, en su dia. iQuitemtU] 19SS. 

85 L SScm. 

PQ7496.G8 61-20906 J 

Henry, Janet. 

This ride of sanity; part-time handbook for full-time 
mothers; ( poemS] Ulus. by Jamea O'Connell Morgan. 
Cleveland, Cope t !958 or 9j 

105 p. Him. 21cm. 
PSS5155763TS 811.54 60-1276 J 

Hyfe, Vance, 1922- ed. 

Especially far mother; an affectionite anthology. Nw 

1ST p, illia. 21 cm. 
PSBW-M6H9 811^062 60-9187 J: 

Kanffman, Donald T ed. 

Wha lore to mother. Westwood, IT. J, P. H. BCTB!! Go. 
Mp, IT OB. 


Nagele, Rolf. 

Dk Muttersvmbolik bei Clameas Brentano, "Winterthur, 
P. G. Keller, 1959- 
131 n. 21cm. 

K*et. Cuir. Ubr. FT1HS 

Reich, Hanm 

Children and their mofhets. New York, Hill and W*ng 

IS p., rS4i p. of Ulna era. (A Tern masfca took) 
TR68JtS98 77SJS4 54-S1833 


Reich, Hanna. 

(Mdrar. and fedr mothers. New York, Hifl nd Wtng 


15 p., [Mi p. ft tthia. 3 cm. (A TMTH tk book) 
TR680.RSS8 77954 64-S4833 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOTHERS (Continued) 


Pius Franziskus, Father. 

Mother lore ; a manual for Christian mothers with, instruc 
tions for the Axcheonfraternity of Christian Mothers. Eng 
lish revision of 1960 by Bertin EolL New York, F Puste 
Co. [I960, 

691 p. illus. 15cm. 
BX2853.P513 1060 248.37 60-794 t 

see Folk-lore of woman; Mother -goddesses 



Wolfe, Howard E 

Mothers Day and the Mothers Day Church. [Kingsport 
Tenn.j 1062. 

274 p. lllus, 24 cm. 

HQ769.W58 391208 62^3025 ; 


Baker, Joseph Baer, 1877- 

Sermons on our mothers. Grand Rapids, Baker Book 
House, 19R3. 

125 p. 20cm. 
BV4281.B3 1963 252.6 63-12753 


Hooton, Brace, ed. 

Mother and child in modern art, edited by Bruce Hooton 
and Nina N. Kaiden. Foreword by A. Hyatt Mayor. Com- 
mentary by Frances L. Ug. [1st ed.j New York, Dnell, 
Sloan and Pearce [1964] 

IT p. 4fl plates (part col) 26 cm. 
N7630.H75 704.9424 64-21992 

Modersohn-Becker, Paula, 1876-1007, 

Mutter und Kind. Einfiihrung yon Carl Georg Heise, 
Stuttgart, P. Eeclam ,1961, 

' " 1U8 ' 16 Cm ' (W8rteloI10 8 ra P hIen Mr blldenden Kunst, 




Ceballos, Celia de, ed. 

Imagenes maternas. Hus. de Angel Rueda. Mexico, 1958. 
250 p, illus. 22cm. 
PN6110.H6C4 59-48796 J 

al-Jiddawi, Zlnat, comp. 

tfjl-M-1 oLjj fc .OL.I.IJ JA^JJ oljbi c^l 

[1964 <>^llj 5UUJI iL^I jUll c^U^ 
160 p. Illus, 24 cm. (100 i Lr -\ f l\ <-tN) 
PJ7519.M6J5 ' NE 64-2724 

Loderhose, Karl Erich. 

Das Antlitz der Mutter im Spiegel der Literatur. Bad 
Homburp; Tor der Hohe, M. Gehlen i!959] 

103 p. ports. 21 cm. 

A 60-3750 
Illinois. Univ. Library 

Sainte-Marie-EIeulhere, Sister. 

La more dans le roman Canadian, fransais. (Juibec, Presses 
de FCniversite Laval, 1964. 

214 p, 23cm. (71edeslettrecanai]lennea,l) 
PQ3912.S3 1984 64-3549 rer 


Hoz, Francisco de la. 

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476 p. Him. 21cm. 
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see also Child welfare; Family allowance; 


Denmark. Enkepentiontvdvalyet , 1856. 

Bettenkning om problemerne omkring en almindelig en- 
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84 p. 24 cm. (Betauilcnlinj nr. 205) 
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vlll, 245 p. dlagrs., tables. 22 c 

Colophon Inserted. 
Bibliography: p. 2ia-245. 

1. Old age pensions Japan. 2. Mothers' pensions Japan. 
8. Child welfare Japan. i. Title. 

Title romanbed: Mrelshaboshl no Jlttal. 


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Chronicle of a crime: the Larry Lord Motherwell story 
[by] Eleanor Dabrohna with Ray Brennan. [1st ed.] 
Garden City, N. Y., Published for the Crime Club by 
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Pasadena, Calif. Art Museum. 

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see also Acrolepia assectalla; Bee- 
moth; Bryophaga tavaresi; Butterflies; 
Carposinidae; Caterpillars; Clothes 
moths; Codling-moths; Gipsy-moth; 
Nantucket pine moth; Olethreutidae; 
Phryganidia californica; Psychidae; 
Saturniidae; Tobacco horn-worm; 
Tortricidae; Winter moth 

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j 595.7 


Howe, William H 

Our butterflies and moths; a true-to-life adventure into 
the wonderland of the butterfly world and its related insect 
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.,, With 25 water-color paintings and 70 black and white 
wash illus. by the author-artist North Kansas City Ifo 
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Biological and taxonomic studies on Tortricine moths. 
ith reference to the species in California, Berkelev TM 



versity of California Press, 1964. 

Jlcalions^oSo^ si)" ^ 
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61 _ 2130 

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Gleerup ,1961] ' "' A " 

2, bd P 57 ^ "P' 2 ' (LnDd3 unlT6rsltete 4*rlft, n. (., avd. 

Chlcnso. TInlv. Llbr. A 63-61 


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--.-._, . -J-, f^. M^J UL j_u t-pj n'^[^^lg Iconesheter- 
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Teiso EsaH ,et aL] Osaka $c W -tfc Hoikusha, 1957-58. 

2 v. 111ns., col. plates, tables. 22cm. (SWttllS'feHS 21- 

In Japanese, with nomenclature In Latin. 
Colophon dates : BSffl 84-35 ^1969-60, 1958-59] 

-L Moths-Japan. i. Title, n. Title: Icones heterocerorum 

Japonicorum In colorlbns natnrallbus. 

Title romanteed: Qensholru Ninon garul zukan. 




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BryopJiaga tavaresi nov. sp. (Lep. Scythr.) [Porto, Cen- 
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^t*^'' 2 ^ (PubUca S Be *> In ttato *> Zoologla "Dr. 

QL1.06 no. 80 


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Especies portuguesas do genero Anaitis Dup. (Geome- 
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v. IS &, ^SSSfflMZ:) ProMedlnp '- **>>. * -. 

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Collins Radio Co., "1961. 

138 p. lllus. 25cm. 
QL561.S2C67 595.78 

intestinal motility 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOTILJTY OF CELLS see Cells Motility 
MOT1LITY OF MUSCLE see Muscle Motility 

Spermatozoa Motility 


Antonio de Alodcer, Father, 1929- 

El indio motion y su historia. Puente Comun [Colombia] 
Bdiciones Paz y Bien [196^ 

282 p. Ulus. 21cm. 
P2319AM6A6 64-36156 J 

MOTILONES see Motilon Indians 


see also Acceleration (Mechanics); 
Force and energy; Kinematics; 
Mechanical movements; Mechanics; 
Movement, Psychology of; Perpetual 
motion; Rotational motion; Speed; 
Stability; Vortex-motion 

Broer, Marion Ruth. 

Efficiency of human movement. Photos, by E. F. Marten. 
Pliiladelphisi. Saunders, 1060. 

351 p. illus. 23 cm. 
QP301.BSS 612.70 60-7454 t 

Chnng-kuo wn U hctteh hul. Shang-hai ftn hui. 


TT p. lllul. IB cm. i 

L MOtloO. L tltlt. 


; tdn tung bcttoh. 
CG2-1808 t 

Dove, Richard C 

Experimental stress analysis and motion measurement: 
theory, instruments and circuits, techniques cbyi Richard C. 
Dove [and] Paul H. Adams. Columbus, Ohio, C. B. Merrill 
Books [1964, 

ill, 515 p. Illus., dlagrs. 24 cm. 
TA648.3.D66 624.17 64-12874 

Dow, T. W., 1921- 

Repenl Kepler's laws: Newton and Kepler's planetary 
theory rejected; circular and uniform motion restored; the 
law of angular momentum and conservation of energy re- 
vised. Washington, Celestial Press, 1960. 

176 p. Illus. 24cm. 
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Illinois. University. Dept. of Theoretical and Applied 
Mechanics. . 

Final report on an analysis of the motion of missiles, by 
M. Stippes. A research project, sponsored by Dept of the 
Army, Redstone Arsenal. Project no. 5B99-01-004, DA- 
11-022-506-OED-3488, ORD project no. TW-205. Ur- 
bana, 1961. 

8 L 28 cm. (Ill Report no. 210) 

A 63 &59 

Illlaola, TJnlT. Library 

Infeld, Leopold, 1898- 

MotioE and relativity, by Leopold Infeld and Jerzy rie- 


60-14864 t 

Kapfiov, N P 

BO TeoperiwecKoit MexanHie. OTB. peflarrop A. B. Kpmon. 

Mocsna, 1959. 

Microfilm Slavic 2067 QA Mic 63-9 

Karacharov, Konstantin Andreevich. 

BaeflCHHe B TexHHiecKym Teopnn ycioflitiBOCTa 
HHJT. Mocsna, Toe. IISA-BO $H3Hi;o-MaTejraTHiec!ioft 

248 p. Ulna. 21 cm. 

6S-40101 1 

Leningrad. TJniversftet 


B npnpo*e. lOmeTCTBeHHHR peflaEiop B. H. 
JTenHHrpafl] 1962. 

IWp. 22cm. K + 

QC1BLL4 63-31656 t 

Roftenberg, fXkov Naumovich. 

HesoTOpue samara ynpaaieHH* flBnaceHiteK. Mocwa 
Toe. HM-BO ifiHSHKO-itaTeMaTH^ecKOtt inr-pH, 1963. 

MS, [2, p. dlaers, tatles. 20cm. 

ee npoaB.ieHna. 

othman, Esther P 

Some aspects of the relationship between perception and 
motility in children. 

(In (JfiiL-tlc- psychology monographs. Provlncetown, Slaas. 25cm. 
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BF311.SB2 152 62-18943 

okolov, Aleksandr Pavlovich. 

Ccjiepn^eczoe ^Biraeniie TBep^oro TCJIH n 3-ieMCHTH reopHH 
rnpocKona. yTBepac^eHO B Kaiccyse y^e6. noco6H HHK 
cryAenTOB. MocEBa, 1961. 

or p, uioB. a cm. 
QA808.S6 63-52138 

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rpa^, 1959. 

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Vislobokov, Aleksel Dmitrievich. 


owpx. MocKsa. Foe. H3a-io HOJIHT. JHT-PH. 1955. 

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Q. S. Bureau of Natval Personnel. 

Mechanics of motion. [Washington, 1964. 
T, 194 p. Illus. 28cm. 

Answer sheets. [Washington, 1964. 

Iv. (various paglngs) Illns. 28cm. 

QC127.tI57 Answers 
QC127.U57 64-62394 

VIOTION) PERPETUAL see Perpetual motion 


Houssiadas, Lambros. 

An exploratory study of the perception of causality. 
Cambridge [Eng.] University Press, 1964. 

vl,88p. Illns. 23cm. (The British Journal ot pnytholofy. Mono- 
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picture cameras 

VIOTION PICTURES see Moving-pictures 


see also Movement, Psychology of; 
Time study 

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stndlums, Bd. 1) 

[T58.B ] A 60-3619 

New York Univ. Libraries 

, Wfliajn (J 1932- 

Filling polyethylene film bags viti citrus fruit 
ington, U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Agricultural Mwketmg 
Service, Transportation and Facilities Research 

1 30 p. Ulus. 26 on. [[U. S. Agricoltnrtl Marketlue STl) 

[HD1751.A9184 no. 503] Agr 63-285 

.IJbr. A2805QlAm no. BOS 

, G I 

Me Arbeitspktzgestaltang tn WsriaeogmaBchinen mn 
Montagevorricntnngen *uf der (Jrnndlage aner Anaiya* 
TOR Griffon und Bewegnngen, rAus dean Rosskhan ins 
Deutsche ubertrageii Ton einera ubeisetierkollektiv! Ber- 
lin. Tribune Verlag und Dmcfcerwen da FIXJB, 1952. 

88p. IDn. 22cm. 

T60JH66G815 69-48281 t 


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Scientific motion analysis studies of movement interaction. 
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'Wlsttmsiu. Tnlv. Llbr. 

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The basic motions of MT1L [Pittsburgh, Maynard Foun- 
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IT. (Tariompasiags) llJtis^ dligrs. 24cm. 
TGO.T5HC 64-2516 

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study, and wnge payment. 3d ed. Ilomewood, 111., R. D. 
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E6S p. Illus. 24 on. (The Irrcin series In management) 
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Quantitative analysis of motor coordination by means of 
scientific techniques of motion analysis. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Jlicrofilms [1959, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 53-1401 Mic 59-1401 

Wisconsin. Univ. Libr. 

Rousseau, Lucien. 

Contribution de Porganisation scientifiqne a la reduction 
de la duree du travail, par L. Rousseau et H. de Valkeneer. 
(BruxelleS] Editions de 1'Institut de sociologie Solvay [1960- 
T. Illns,, dlagrs. 25 cm. (Cahlers dn Centre national de K>- 
clologle du travail, no 1 
T30.T5R64 63-48064 


Kruger, Kurt, writer on. Tnanagement, 

Die amerikanischen Begriffe des Arbeits- undZeitstudiums 
mil Definitionen und doren deutscher Cbersetzunp. Im Auf- 
trag des REFA-Instituts, Darmstadt, zusammengestellt und 
bearbedtet. ,1, And.] Berlin, Beuth-Vertrieb t !95S, 

104 p. 21cm. 
T60.T5KT 60-20153 


Andrews (George E.) Engineering Associates, inc^ Waik- 
ington, D, C. 

Time and motion study. Washington, Technical Aids 
Branch, Office of Industrial Resources, International Co- 
operation Administration rl960] 

6T p. 11! u. 28 cm. ((U. S. Intemfltlonil Cooperatloa AitmlnlT- 
tratloo. Office of Indmtrtal EewurcMi Training nunoil no. 80) 
HD30.U4 no.90 61-60145 J 


see also Arrest of judgment 

Spdlman, Howard Elton, 1899- 

Motions during trial ; the anatomy of a trial Englewood 
Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall [I960, 

ixl!, 3K! p. 28 cm. 

S4T.91 60-7189 

Tripp, Samuel S 1908- 

A guide to motion practice; litigated motions in the Hew 
York civil courts; vrith a foreword by Bernard L. Shienttg. 
Rev.ed. New York, Central Book Co., 1M9. 
ixrl, CSO p. 24 cm. 

Cumulative supplement 1948/1965- 

New York, Central Book Co. 
v. 23cm. 



see also Achievement motivation; 
Conflict (Psychology); Dissonaiice 
(Psychology); Motivation research 
(Marketing); Refugees, Political 
Psychology; Reinforcement 
(Psychology); Rewards and punish- 
ments in eduation 

Almeida, Maria Susana 6 de. 

Motivacpea no trl)lho; inqnerito MB operirioa das in- 
dustrias metilomecanicas da regiao da lisbon. Preffaao do 
Prof. Pkne de Bie, Ilsboa, 1962. 

SW p. frrtd. mtpi, tHe. a cm. (AWKtadt* IndMtrUl Portn- 


AnwW, MagdaB 

Story sequence analysis ; a new method of measuring moti- 
ration and predicting tchievesnent. New York, Columbia 
University Press, 1962. 

ZSTp. a* on. 

BF4S3.A6A68 151J28 63-21695 1 

Aadnson, John Wflfiam, 182S- 

An introdnctKia to modvation, by John W. Attanson. 
Princeton, N.J^ Van Nostrand [13W, _ 

illLSMp Illa. 29cm. (Tbt UnlTerrtty ierlffl In psjcioiOfT) 
BFS.AS 189.4 64-289S1 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Banks, James Huber. 

Differential response as a function of reduced and non- 
reduced (irrelevant) drives. Aim Arbor, Mich., University 
Microfilms ,1059, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-2347 Mic 59-2347 

Minnesota. Cnlv. Llbr. 

Berth, Rolf. 

Wahler- und Verbraucher-Beeinflussung ; empirische 
Grundlagen und theoretisehe Ansatae. 14 Vorlesungeu 
uber systematische Sozialstrategie. Stuttgart, G. Fischer, 

416 p. lUna. dlagra. 25 cm. 
HF5822.B4 63-50403 

Bimey, Robert Charlea, 1925- ed. 

Measuring human motivation, an enduring problem in 
psychology; selected readings, edited by Robert 0. Birney 
and Richard 0. Teevan. Princeton, K. J., "Van Nostrand 


181 p. Ulus. 19cnt (An Insight loot, 0) 
BF199.B63 159,4 62-4260 J 

Blackburn, Harold Lawrence, 1924- 

Effects of motivating instructions on reaction time in cere- 
bral disease. Aim Arbor, University Microfilms t 1957, 

(.University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, illch.i Publication no. 22,071) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 22,071 Mic 57-3323 

Iowa. Univ. Library 

Blake, Xathryn A 

Studies of the effects of systematic variations of certain 
conditions related to learning, i. Conditions of reinforce- 
ment, June 1, 1958-September 30, 1959. Kathryn A. 
Blake, project director, with the cooperation of Edward T, 
Donlon ,and others. Syracuse, K. Y., Syracuse University 
Research Institute, Office of Research in Special Education 
and Rehabilitation] 1659. 

nil, S58 p. tables. 28 cm. 
LB1065.B55 154.4 61-62329 

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The motivation of behavior. New York, McGraw-Hill, 


401 p. lllus. 24 cm. (McOraw-HUl series la psychology) 
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Terry Townsend. New York, Association Press [1962] 

63 p. lllus. 18cm. (A Leader-training workbook) 

B5WB8 801.155 62-21510 t 

Cattdl, Raymond Bernard, 1905- 

An integrating study of the factor structure of adult 

attitude -interests (by, Raymond B. Cattell and Jonn Horn. 

(/ Genetic psychology monograpW. Prorlncetown, Mass. 25 cm. 

T. 87 (IflfiS) p. 89-149. tables) 

LB1101.G4 voL67 63-3101 

CatteD, Raymond Bernard, 1905- 

The nature and measurement of components of Motiva- 
tion. by R. B. Cattell, J. A. Radcliffe, and A, B. Sweeny. 

(/n Genetic paychology monograph!. Prorlncetown, Mass. 25 cm. 
r. 88, Ut half (196S) p. ^Br-ZU. table*) 
LB110I.G4 voL68 63-25774 

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BFS83.C6 159.4 64-1321* 

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The strategy of desire, rlst ed] 
Doubleday, 1960. 

HM268.D45 801.1523 

Garden City, N. T. 

60-11880 ! 

Dinkmeyer, Don. 

Encouraging ohildren to learn : the encouragement proces 
[by, Don Dinkmeyer [and) Rudolf Dreikurs. Englewood 
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182 p. 22 cm. ( Prenllte-Hitll psychology series) 
LB1065.D5 154.44 03-12528 rev 

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Problem solving and motor skill behaviors under condi- 
tions of free-choice. Arm Arbor, JBch., University Micro- 
films [1958, 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3655 Mic 58-3856 

Mlcttlgan. Univ. Llbr. 

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A study of the effectiveness of audio-visual teaching ma- 
terials when prepared according to tie principles of motive 
tioaal research. Monmouth, Teaching Research, Oregon 
State System of Higher Education, 1963. 

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UBt043.ES 64-68188 

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Adolescent achievement and mobility aspirations. Chapel 
Hill, Institute for Research in Social Sciences, University 
of North Carolina, 1962, 

288 p. 23 cm. <Moaogiih and retearcb paper* of the Inrtltute 
for Heeearch In Social Science) 
BF724.E4T 136.7354 64-5468 t 

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Mankind behaving: human needs and material culture. 
Springfield, 111., Thomas t lS6j 

vll,275p. 24 an. 
BF6S3.F4 159.4 


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vl, 118 p. dlagrs. 19 cm. C Studies to psychology, PP26) 
BF199.F8 159.4 63-19367 

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804 p. 24cm. 
BCF5548.8.G4 658.01 63-16332 J 

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New York, Ronald Press Co. [1963, 

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BF1.PS vol. 77, no. 6 64-473 
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With a prof, by Roy B. Grinker. New York, Russell & Rus- 
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RJ49D.L5 018.9289 60-6368 J 

Low, Lorraine A 1932- 

The role of discrimination in establislinig a conditioned 
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.Pennaj-lrtuiln. Slate University. Library 

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Hyldrogj Copenhagen, Munksgaard, 1969. 

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BF683.M313 169.4 59-44916 

Madsen, K B 

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Mrs. and Mr. Arne Hyldkrogj 2d ed. Cleveland, H. Allen, 


856 p. 25 cm. (A Series of books In psychology) 
BF683.M313 1961 159.4 62-2624 J 

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ICO p. 24 cm. (Unlveraldada Us SIo Paulo. Faetildade de FUo- 
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I/ernens und ihre Bedeutung fdr den Schulunterricht 
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Motivf orsdiung und Tiefenpropagands, Vortrage TOU M, 
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Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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Blanchet. Paris, Hermann il961, 

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Anthropologische Grundlagen der Erportmarktfor- 

achung. Berlin, Duncker & Hnmblot [1959] 

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National Industrial Conference Board. 

Use of motivation research in marketing t by Lawrence C. 
Lockleyj New York [I960, 

27 p. 28 cm. (Itt Conference Board reports. Studies In holiness 
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Methoden der Motivforschung j Befragung und projektive 
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see also Consideration (Law); Mistake 


Sousa Neto, Joaquim de, 1916- 

motive e o dolo. Rio da Janeiro, Lrmria FreitaB 
Bastes, 1949. 
Sttp - 23Cm - 51-158OreT 


Enschede; Ch J _. , 

Motivering en motief. Zwolle, W. E. J. Tjeenk Willmk, 


Khararishvffl, B 

BonpocH M 
npase. TfiaiHCH, 


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Der "wichtige Grund" und seine Auwendung in ZGB und 
OE. Aarau > H.R.Sauerknder t 1958 1 

184 p. 23cm. (Zttrcher Beltripj mr E*chtBwlMenchft; a F^ 


MOTOJI, SHINGUMA, 1876-1947 
Iwakiri, Noboru, ed. 

J, 0. -17(1 p. Mill* , ports. 22cm. 

1. Motoji, Shlnguma, 187&-1W7 

Title romanaed; Motoji Shlnguma dea. 

J 61-4191 
Hoorer Institution 

MOTOKIYO, SEAMI see Seami, 1363-1443 


see also Mechanical ability 

Earl, Robert WflUam, 1920- 

Problem solving and motor skill behaviors under condi- 
tions of free-choice. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro- 
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Paarnrne OCEOBHHX jBnxeHUft y fleteft soraiOJitHOio soa- 
pacri. Moccsa, Hs^-uo Arajesinn ne^aror. nayi PC'I'CP, 

IMp. 23cm. 


VQrtorov, Boris Akkseevieh. 

OTO m -axax npecryiiKMX Mocoa, lot 
. amr-pH, 1888. 


Mfles, Guy Henry, 1924- 

Drive summation and reaction to failure as factors in sus- 
ceptibility to interference hi performing complex perceptnal- 
motor tasks. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms jl957] 

((University illeronims. Ami Arbor, Mtci.i PnbllfttloQ Do. 23,770) 
MicrofihaAC-1 no. 23,770 Mic5T-4911 

Iowa, rjnlv. Library 

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Quantitative analysis of motor coordination by means of 
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Acquisition and transfer performance in a motor task as 
a function of variation in level of relevant symbolic infor- 
mation. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms ;1958i 
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Wisconsin. I'nlr. Llbr. 

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The viewing of oneself performing selected motor sKIto in 
motion pictures and its effect upon the expressed concept of 
self in movement [by, Hope M. Smith and Marguerite A. 
Clifton. Los Angeles, UniTersity of California, 1961. 

201. tublM. 28cm. 
BF285.S55 6S-6M74 


Ciofalo Zfifiiga, Francisco. 

Proceso de nonnalizacion de la serie de praebas Minne- 
sota para explorer Ii hibilidad manual. CoatribncMn a to 
citedra de psicologut experimental- Mfatico, DapartHnento 
de PsicolORfa de k Facnltad de FikMofi* y Letrw de la 
Universid*d Ncionil Aut6non de Mexico, 18B1. 

79 p. mu. ^4 r*". 
BF8053I6C5 CO-32256 t 

King, Joseph Ernt, 1917- 

jnent, a minor study in aviation psychology. Chicago, 1946. 

-rill, liB L Ulna, d&*r*. ttera. 
BCH85J55 1946 81-miT 

Merrinum, John Burton, 1928- 

The Telitionship of peraorulity traits to motor ability. 
Aim Arbor, MiclL, Univwaty Microfilms jl959j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 69-3809 Mic 59-8809 

lowu Unit. Ltbrur 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


TESTING (Continued) 

Stish, Eugene Elliot, 1921- 

Klectromyographic analysis of contralnteral effects of 
biceps bracliii. Ann Arbor, MicL., University Microfilms 

Microfllm AC-1 no. 58-5806 Mic 58-5866 

Iowa. Univ. Library 


see also Marine dies el motors; Motor- 
boats Gasoline engines; Outboard 


Emel'fanov, ftr V ed. 

Bo^HO-MOTOpnHjl cnopi ; no^roTOBsa cnoptcsienOB-pas- 
paanitEOB. MocKsa, OnaKyabiypa n cnopr, 1959, 

216 p. Illns. 20cm. 
GV635.E5 60-27342 t 

Phillips-Birt, Douglas Hextall Chedzey, 1920- 

Famous speedboats of the world. London, F. Muller 


141 p. tllus. 10cm. [Globe books, 

GV835.P5 797.125 60-5016T J 

Phillips-Birt, Douglas HextaH Chedzey, 1920- 

Famous speedboats of the world. New York, St Martin's 

Press [1959] 

141 p. lllus. 22cm. 

VM341.P49 623.8231 60-16877 J 


Power boat. T. 1- 

[Los Angeles, Trend Books] 

T. In Mus. 90 cm. 


faU 1959- 



see also Hydroplanes; Outboard 
motor-boats; Planing hulls; U. S. 
Navy Boats 

Borgeson, Lillian. 

Family boating, by Lillian Borgeson and Jack Speirs. 
Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett Publications, 'I960. 

144 p. Ulus. 24cm, (A Fawcett now-to book, 488) 
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Borgeson, Lillian. 

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Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett Publications, 1961. 

144p. Illns. 24cm. (A Fawcett how-to book, 478) 
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New Tork, Arco Pub. Co. ( 1981, 1960, 

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Boating ideas. Greenwich, Conn^ Fawcett Publications, 

112 p. ulut, dlagn. 24 cm. 
GV8S6.B68 64-3349 

Chapman, Charles Frederic^ 1881- 

Seamanship ; a practical manual on. boating: inboard, out- 
bosrd, and saiL Bev. and enl. New Tork, Motor boating, 

822 p. Illns. W cm. (Motor boating's Ideal series, r. 19) 
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Crowther, Sam. 

New handbook of boats & outboards. New Tork, Maco 
Magazine Corp., T.961. 

128 p. lllus. 24cm. (Maco M&I) 
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Power-boat cruising. New Tork, St. Martin's Press [1861, 

223 p. lllus. 24cm. 
GV835D4 797.125 61-9823 t 

Doliveux, Louis. 

Mannel du pldisancier; canots et vedettes a moteur: le 
choix ; IPS coques; lea moteurs et propulsenrs; la manoeuvre; 
la securite; les emmenigements. Prff. de SI. C. Bouilloui- 
Lafojit Paris, Editions maritimes et coloniales, 1960. 

140 p. Ulna, dlagrs. IS cm. 

A 60-5029 rev 
Michigan, TJnlr. Llbr. 

Da Cane, Peter. 

High-speed small craft. ( 3d ed.j Tnckahoe, N. T., J". de 
Gruff [lfl<!4, 

illl, 460 p. lllus. 26 cm. 
VM341.DS5 1964 623.823 64-21427 

Educational Productions, ltd. 

Motor boating and water ski-ing. [Published] in collabo- 
ration with the Tacht & Motor Boat Association and the 
British Water Ski Federation. [1st ed. London, E. P. 
Pub. Co., 1963] 

48 p. lllus. 14x21 cm. (Know the game series) 
GV835.E3 797 63-4523 

Gantman, Vladimir Benfsianovich. 

4000 EiuoHeipOB na KOiopntix .lo^nax. MocEsa flOC 
AAO, 1960. 

118 p. lllus. 21cm. 
GV835.G3 60-12752 t 

Gantman, Vladimir Bentsianovich. 

Ha Jtoflie B flajitHee masaHHe. MocEBa ,ZOCAA<1>, 

228 p. lllus. 20cm. 
VM341.G27 63-49027 J 

Granvflle, Wilfred. 

Inshore heroes; the story of H. M. motor launches in two 
world wars, by Wilfred Granville and Robin A. Kelly. 
London, W. H. Allen, 196L 

820 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
D771.G67 6H5298 J 

Hoss, Emil' Emfl'evich. 

Moiopnaa jioflra. "Mnp." MocKBa. JTOCAAO 1957 

SO p. lllus. 22 cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm SlaTlcOSj VJI 
VM348.Ki")l 60-44140 

Moss, Emil' Emfl'evich. 

Moiopnuft saxep "Typaci." MocKBa, flOCAAO, 1960. 
117p. lllus. 20cm. 
VM341.K55 61-26170 

Kurfaev, Timofel Antonovich. 

IlocoCne cyflOBOAUTCjio-jnfiiiTe.iK). MocEsa, Pe^nofi 
ipaHCnopr, 19,19. 

97 p. lllus. 'JO cm. 
GV830.K84 G0-1983i t 

, Timofel Antonovich. 

IlocoOiie BOflnTtin HOTOpnott jiOflKH n Kaiepa. MocEsa, 
Pe^aott Tpancnopi, 1962. 

210 p. lllus. 20cm. 
GV835.3.E8IC8 63-29375 J 

Massachusetts. Division of Motorboats. 

Report. 1st- 1960/61- 

T. 23 cm. annual (Massachusetts. Public document) 
J87.M4 date p 62-63386 

Pearsall, William. 

The young sportsman's guide to motorboating. New 
York, T. Nelson C 1962] 

95 p. lllus. 22 cm. (The Young sportsman's library) 
GV835.P4 797.125 62-7459 t 

Phillips-Birt, Douglas Hextall Chedzey, 1920- 

Famous speedboats of the world. London, F. Muller 

141 p. Ulus. 10 cm. iGIobe books, 
GV835.P5 797.125 60-50167 t 

Phillips-Birt, Douglas Hextall Chedzey, 1920- 

Famous speedboats of the world. New Tork, St. Martin's 

Press ["1959, 

141 p. lllus. 22cm. 

VM341.P49 623.8231 60-16877 J 

Potter, James E 

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128 p. lllus. 24 cm. (Trend book 148) 
VM341.P64 623.823 57-7769 rev I 

Romanenko, Leonid Leont'evich. 

Moiopnaa -JOflEa; irocofine p,ax. JsjCmejefl. JTeHnHrpafl, 
Foe. coiosHoe HS^-BO cy^ociponT. npoutinKi.. 1959. 

250 p. Ulus. 23cm. 
VM341.R64 60-28380 J 

Romanenko, Leonid Leonf evich. 

MoTopnaji joflsa; nocofine ftia jiDfiniejefl. 2., ncnp. a 
flon. H3fl. .TcHHHrpa,!?, Toe. coBsaoe HS^-BO cyAOcrponr. 
npoHHnu., 1962. 

338 p. Ulus. 22cm. 
VM341.R64 196S 63-26417 t 

Royce, Patrick M 

Trailerboating illustrated, written and illustrated by 
Patrick M. Royce. Newport Bench, Calif., Koyce Publica- 
tions t 1960, 

I T. fflus. 20 on. 
VM341.E68 623.8231 61-30659 J 

Royce, Patrick M 

Trailerboating illustrated, written and illustrated by Pat- 
rick M. Royce. 2d ed] Cohunbia, Mo., Distributed by 
ABOS ["1961, 

1 T. lllus. 21 cm. 
VM341.RC8 1961 628.8231 62-8360 t 


Sapo3inykov, fDkhym Nusilovych. 

nocofine cyflOBOAnrejriD-.'iiolSnTe.iE). Kites, Foe. asfl-no 
TCXH. JHT-PH, 1961. 

215 p. Ulus. 17 cm. 
VM341.S25 62-48632 J 

Sapoznnykov, ftlkhym Nusflovych. 

IlocoSne cyflOBO^HTean-.inCHxejiD. H3fl. 2., nepep. H flon. 
Kaes, TexHisa, 1964. 
277 p. lllus. 17 cm. 

VM341.S25 1964 64-59352 

Scharff, Robert. 

The Collier quick and easy guide to motor boating. t ist 
ed.j New Tork, Collier Books [1962, 

128 p. lllus. 28cm. 
GV835.S35 797.125 62-16138 J 

Smith, Geoffrey Guy, 1905- 

Power boating presented in pictures. Photography by 
John Keller and Geoffrey Smith. New Tork W Funk 
1955. ' ^ 

96 p. lUus. 23cm. (An Enterprise boot) 
GV835.S65 797.125084 55-5482 rev J 

Teale, John. 

Fast boats; a guide to speed under sail and power. Lon- 
don, Temple Press [1961] 

116 p. Illns. 23 cm. 
VM32LT4 6 2_77 fi j 

Teale, John. 

Fast boats; a guide to speed under sail and power. New 
Tork, St. Martin's Press [1962, 19611 

115 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
VM321.T4 1962 797.1 62-12449 J 

lt, H J 

Motorbaden; anskaffelsen, pasningen, vedligeholdelsen. 

K^benhavn, Hp'st [I960, 
247 p. Illns., tables. 22 

Ohio. State UnlT. 

Library VMS41 

-A- 61-3709 

U. S Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations 

National Park Service, Department of the Interior 
Hearings before n subcommittee of the Committee on Ap- 
propriations, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
second session, on proposed boating regulations for Tellow- 
stone Lake. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print Off. 1960 

IT, 174 p. map, fllagr., tables. 24cm 
SB482.W2A57 1960 719.32 60-61010 

U. S. David ~W. Taylor Model Basin, Oarderook, 3fd. Hy- 
dromechajuos Laboratory. 

Applicability of a supercavitnting propeller to a small 
speedboat, by E. Venning, Jr. [Washington!, 1960. 

IT, 28 1. plates, dlagrs. 2T cm. (,13. S. DaTld W. Taylor Model 
Basin, Carderock, Md., Beport 1459) 
VM755.TJ65 623.873 61-60316 

Wallace, Bill. 

The golden guide to power boats. New Tork, Golden 
Press : e 1961j 

159 p. lllus. 16 cm. (A Qolden handbook) 
GV835.W25 623.8231 62-2851 J 

Witt, Glen L 

Inboard motor installations in small boats. Bellflower, 
Calif., Glen L t !960, 

133 p. illus. 20 cm. 
VM771.W5 623.8723 60-44328 t 


Accidental deaths involving small boats. 

Chicago, Outboard Boating Club of America. 

v. lllus.. dlagrs. 21 cm. annual 
GV811.A25 63-118 

Wisconsin. State Conservation Dept. Law Enforcement 

Annual boat accident and drowning report. 

T. 28cm. 
GV835.2.W6A3 64-4668 


Cantiere navale italiano, Pisa. 

Catalogo, progetti e costruzioni, primavera 1959 ... [Pisa, 
Zincografiea fiorentina, 1959, 
[ljL,i22,l. of lllus. 20cm. 

Michigan. TiilT. Llbr. 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Interior and Insu- 
lar Affairs. 

Land and water conservation fund. Hearings before the 
Subcommittee on National Parks of the Committee on In- 
terior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, on H. R. 3846 [and 
otherj bills to establish a Land and Water Conservation 
Fund to assist the States and Federal Agencies in meeting 
present and future outdoor recreation demands and needs 
of the American people, and for other purposes. May 27 
and 28, 1963, Washington, D. C. Washington, U. S. Govt 
Print. Off., 1963. 

vl, 287 p. dlagrs., tables. 24 cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


FUEL TAXATION U.S. (Continued) 

0. S. Congress. Bouse. Committee on Inferior and Insu- 
lar Afairs. . 

Land and water conservation fund act; report to accom- 
pany H. R. 3846. tWashington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 

59 'p tables. 24 cm. (88tli Cong., 1st sesa. House of Herjresen. 

U. S. Congress. Home. Committee on Interior and Insu- 
lar Affairs. 

Land conservation fund. Hearinjrs before the Commit- 
tee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representa- 
tives, Eighty-seventh Congress, second session, on H. R. 
11172 (Aspinall) [and other] bills to provide for the estab- 
lishment of a land conservation fund, and for other pur- 
poses. July 11, 12, and August 8, 1962. Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print. Off., 1962. 

IT, 114 p. tallies. 24 cm. 


U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. 
Tax features of Land and water conservation fund act of 
1963. Hearing before the Committee on Ways and Means, 
House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, first ses- 
sion, on sections 2(c) and 1 (revenue provisions) of H. E. 
3846 ... July 10, 1963. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. 
Off., 1963. 

T, 112 p. fliagr., tables. 24 cm. 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insu- 
lar Affairs. 

Land and water conservation fund. Hearings before the 
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States 
Senate, Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, on S. 8fi9, a 
bill to establish, a land and water conservation fund to assist 
the States and Federal agencies in meeting present and 
future outdoor recreation demands and needs of the Amer- 
ican people, and for other purposes. March 7 aid 8, 1963. 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print. Off., 1963. 

v, 242 p. tahlea. 24 cm. 


IT. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and In- 
sular Affairs. 

Land and water conservation fund. Hearing before the 
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States 
Senate, Eighty-eighth Congress, second session, on H. E. 
3846, an act to establish a land and water conservation fund 
to assist the States and Federal agencies in meeting present 
and future outdoor recreation demands and needs of the 
American people, and for other purposes. July 28, 1964 
Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1964:. 
Ill, USE. 24 cm. 


U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and- Insu- 
lar Affairs. 

Land and water conservation fund act ; report to accom- 
pany H. B. 3846. [Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. O ff., 1984, 
89 p. 24 cm, (88th Cong.. 2d seas. Senate. Heport no. 1364) 


see also Outboard motors 

Latham, Robert F 

Marine engines and equipment. 1st ed. Englewood, N. J n 
Educational Dept, United States Power Squadrons [1962] 

425 p. lllua. 24 cm. 
VM771JL8 623.872 62-2288 J 

Miller, Conrad. 

Small boat engines, inboard and outboard. 'With an in- 
trod, by Boris Lauer-Leonardi. Illustrated by Allen 
Beechel. New York, Sheridan House [1861] 

16 p. Ulna. 22 cm. (A. Rudder book) 
VM771.M49 623.8728 61-17772 t 

Kabb, Edward H 

Care and repair of your inboard engine. Philadelphia 
Chilton Co., Book Division, "1961. 

128 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Chllton'a modern boatlnjr guide series, 412, 
VM771.N3 623.8723 61-11070 t 

Tjjftuholt, H J 

MotorbSden; anskaffelsen, paanirgnn, vedUgeholdelsen. 
KfJbenhavn, Htfst [I960, 

247 p. Ulna., tahlM. 22cm. 

A 81-3709 
OMo. State UnlT. Library VM841 


U, S. Coast Guard, Auxiliary. 

Vessel examiners guide. CG-289. 
ury Dept, U. S. Coast Guard, 1960. 

84 p. 2* cm. 
HE591.U5A19 1960 614.864 

Power boat. v. 1- 

[Loa Angelea, Trend Boofai 

T. to Ulna. 80 cm. 

mj Tress- 
61-60593 J 



Pennsylvania. Governor's Advisory Committee on Water 
Vehicle Safety. 

Report to the Governor. rHarrisburg?, 1969. 
2, 4 1. 28 cm. 

A 60-9408 rev 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 

Popular mechanics boating annual. 
[Chicago, Popular Mechanics Co.] 





see also Wages Motor bus drivers 

Andrew, Pavel Stepanovich. 

HaMHTica moijepy aBTo6yca. MocKBa, Hayino-TexH. Mfl- 
BO MninicrepcTBa anTowofSini.noro ipanciropia ti mocceft- 
HHX flopor PCUCP, 1959. 

41 p. lllua. 17 cm. (TexmiKa OeaonaciiocTii Ha aBrorpaHcnopre) 
TL232.A52 GO-20454 J 

Civil Service Publishing Corporation, Brooklyn,. 

How to pass surface line operator: questions & answers 
Brooklyn, 1963. 

1 v. lllus. 28 cm. (Government career examination series 123-O) 
HE5634.N5C5 351.338846 63-6859 t 

Evdakov, Aleksandr Alefcsandrovich. 

MacTCpCTBO Boa^enug aETofiycos ; us ontiTa pafjoru nepe- 
flOBux moijiepOB 1-ro amooycHaro itapEa -TemiHrpa^a. Mo- 
cicua, HayiHo-iextt. IIS^-BO airroTpaucn. .IIIT-PH, 19n6. 

48, [3j p. illus. 20 cm. (OrujT HOBaropoa asiOTpaHcnopra) 
TL232.EK 63-47347 

Ivanov, Kondrat fAkovlevich. 

40 aer SesaaapHflHofl pafioiu sa aBtovcWSHjie. MocKBa, 
HayiHO-rexH. na^-BO aBTOTpancn. jraT-pu, 1956. 

27 p. lllua. 21 cm. (Onttr HoaatopOB iBio-TpaHcnopTi) 
11,232.184 63-52764 t 

Lopes, Antonio Augnsto de Si. 

A odisseia de um motorista, [Sao Paulo, Editora Obelisco 


133 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
F2881.1 815L6 63-42305 t 

Maryland. Dept. of Education. 

Guide for the selection and training of school bus drivers 
in Maryland. Baltimore, 1961. 

96 p. olagr., forms. 23 cm. (Ill Maryland school Valletta, v. 87, 
no. 15) 

L158.B52 vol. 37, no, 16 379.175 A 61-9750 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

Maryland. State Board of Education. 

Standard rules and regulations governing public school 
transportation for the State of Maryland, being Bylaw 12 
as passed by resolution of the Maryland Sta-te Board of 
Education on February 28, 1962. Baltimore, Maryland 
State Dept of Education, 1962. 

32 p. lllus. 23cm. 

XB2864.M34 A 62-9548 

Enoch Pratt Free Llbr. 

New York (State) University. 

Jlflnual for the instruction of school bus drivers of the 
Suite of Xew York. 

lllus. 2S-2S on. 


63-64141 rev 

Texas. Education Agency. 

Handbook for school bus drivers. Austin, 1956. 

ST p. lllus. 17 cm. (II* Bulletin 560) 
LB2864.T3G S7-633S1 rev 

Titov, L\ I 

noaHmuraoiia KHJIOUCTPOB 6ea EanaTaataoro pexoHia. 
[PaccKas aanacaJi H jmiepaTypHO otfpa6oKii H. Eci 
MocKsa, npo$n3flaT, 1954. 

11T p, dlagra, IT cm. (Pacwaaw BosaTOpOB) 
TL232.T53 63-81S38 


Schurter, Hans. , 

Strassenbahn, Trolleybns, Antobus: ibre wirtschfcfthcne 
Arbeitsteilung im stadtischen Nahverkehr. Winterthnr, 
P. G. Keller, 1962. 

3d, 187 p. dlagnu. table*. 21cm. 
HE4211.S36 1962 9S-tT088 


Glukhov, A S 

Mexannaana* jmera s aBTo6ycHi xoaxftciBax, Mooraa, 
Haymo-rexH. HS^-BO MaBircrepcrBa aBioKotfEJrtHoro ipaHC- 
nopra H mocctflKHX ^opor PCPCP, 1962. 

141 p. diagrt, forms, tmblea. 2Tcm. 
HF5679.G55 64-51174 


see also Motor bus drivers 
Murakami, NobohiVo, 1900- 

TttU mnoniJtii: Kou no telfaku. 
J 62-456 t 

J?>fE .=. Sw 1959. 

2-Mp. 18cm. rf H Ktl 182) 

L Motor bus line* BmplojtM. 
L Title. 



Kotler, Joseph. Mark. 

Alphabetical index of Canadian transportation, tokens. 
iGlencoe? 111., 1863, 

31 29cm. 
CJ4912.K6 63- ei3 o J 

1949- ) 

Germany (Federal Republic, 1943- ) Laws, statutes, etc. 
Personenbeforderungsgesetz; Kommentar von Wolfgang 
Graf. Munchen, Beck, 1961. 

xv, [1|, 3TS p. 20 cm. 


Germany (Federal Repullia, 19$- ) Lava, statutes, eta. 

Das personenbeforderungsrecht; Personenbeforderungs- 
gesetz (PBefG) Durchfuhrungsbestimmungen and ergin- 
zande Vorsehriften. Kommentar von Alfred Bautenberg 
t und, Heinz Prantzioch. Bad Godesbercr, Kirschbaum ,1961, 

288 p. forms. 21 cm. ' 


Germany (Federal Republic, 19}9- ) Laws, itatuta, eta. 
Personenbefjirderungsrecht; Kommentar zum Personanb*. 
forderungsgesetz nebst sonstigen einschlagigen Vorschriften, 
von Helmuth Bidinger. [Berlin] E. Schmidt ,1961] 
498 p. dlagr. 24 cm. 



Italy. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Rassegnn di giurisprudenza snlle concession! di pubbliche 
autolinee (L. 28 settembre 1939 n. 1822 modificata dal D. P. 
28 giugno 19j5, n. 771) A cur.i di Giulio llanzftri. Ed. 
integrata e aggiornata. Milano, GiuflW, 1959. 

ill, 210 p. 25 cm. (Raccolta dl glurlgprudenza e trlbutarla) 


STATIONS see Motor bus terminals 

Buses annual. 
London, I. Allen. 

T. lllus, (part col) maps. 25cm. 



Schmid, Hetaut, writer on transportation. 

Das Autobusnetz Osterreichs. Wien, F. Berger, 1968, 

62 p. Ulna. 24 cm. (Wiener geographlicbe Scbrtften, 5) 
HE5667A6S35 59-44675 


stamped: distributed by 
61-2176 TXT I 

ABC Birmingham city buses. 
London, I. Allan [19 
Sportshelf, New Rochelle, N. Y., 

v. lllua. 16 cm. 


Connecticut. General Atssmbly. Special ffoamtttes on But 

The challenge of mass transportation ; report. [Hartford, 

36 L 28cm. 
HE5533.C7AG2 388.322 61-42745 J 


Mendel, Stefan. 

CestoTinie aatobusmi CSAD; prirucka o zT&vSch. cefltov- 
nelio, tnrilflch, cestovnjct ponadkocli a o oatataycb. pod- 
mienk&ch prepr&vy antobusmi CSAD. [Vyd. 1. Prahij 
Dopravnl nakL, 1958. 

91 p. IIlu*. 21cm, 
HE5667.C9M4 60-S1826 J 


ABC Ribble buses ind cochea nd Stendenriclc cocbee. 
London, I. Allan, 18 ,stamped: distributed by 

Sportdialf, New BocheUe, N. Y., 

T. fflns. 16 em. 
B3&663.A1A2 S88.SS2 61-19600 rv t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


GT. BRIT. (Continued) 

Gt. Brit Committee on Rural JBiu ServieM. 

Report. London, H. M. Stationery Off.. 1061 
rt, 63 p. dlaga., tables. 25 em. 
HE5663.A4 1961 63-4142 

Kaye, David. 

Veteran & vintage public service vehicles. London, 1 
Allan [1962, stamped : distributed by Sportshelf, New Ro- 
chelle,N. Y. 

04 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
TL232.K3 62-6283 

Marshall, Prince J 

ABC British bus fleets t by, P. J. Marshall and Basil C 
Kennedy. London, I. Allan [I960- ; stamped: distribute 
by Sportahelf, New Rochelle, N. Y.j 

T. lllns. 17 cm. 
HE5663.A6M3 388.322 61-448 rev 


Italy. Laws, statutes, etc, 

Codice dei trnsporti in concessione: le autolinee; raccoli 
completa della, legislazione vigente e delle circolari ministc 
rioli, corredata di note illustrative e commentata con '. 
giurisprudenza ,dij Luigi Galateria C 8j Vittorio Zanvmi 
[1. ed. Romaj Jandi Sapi ( 1959j 

mrll, 1069 p. J8cm. [Manuall Jandi Saplj 


Italy. Law*, statutes, etc, 

Raswgna di ginrisprudenza sulle concession! di pubbliche 
autolinee (L. 28 settembre 1939 n. 1822 modificata dal D. P 
28 giugno 1955, n. 771) A cura di Giulio Manzari. Milano 
A. Giuffrp, 1957. 

i, 189 p. 25 cio. (Unceolta ill glurispradenza ammtnistrstlTa 

59-54564 rev 

ABC London transport 
London, I. Allan. 

T. mas. IB cm. 



61-1170 rev 

Rivers, Robert Louis, 1920- 

Post-war problems of selected Massachusetts urban bus 
companies operating in cities under 200,000 population 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms ,196^ 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication no. 23,382) 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 23,382 Mic 57-3955 

nilnota. TJnlT. Library 


Lugo Verduzco, Fernando. 

Los servicios pdblicos de autotransportes da personas por 
carreteras. Mexico, 1957. 
106 p. 24cm. 

60-17874 1 


St*>T, AnatolH Ivanc-vich. 

OocieAOBZHHe naccautHponororoi irroSycoi. Mocrw, 
Hayrao-iexH. ra^-ao MuHHCTCpcria airouotfiULHoro ipmc- 
nopra a mocceftinnc aopor PODCP, 1963. 

7T p. mm. 22 ctn. 
HE37S.R93M66 64-S5688 

Volodln,E P 

naccsuraponoroiH Ha Mipnrpyrax anooycoi B pafioaax 
oojtacnt. Mocxaa, Hayrac-iexK. HJS-BO MaicTepCTia a- 
TOwXJitiLHoro TpuuropTa H jnocceftsirx flopor PCOCP, 

83p. Dint. 22cm. 


6i-8568T t 

New Jersey. Legitlatiee Commitsion on Intrattate Biu 

Report. Trenton, 196L 

88 L table*. 28cm. 

HE5633.N5A53 A 61-9496 

New Jeney. State Ltbr. 


Arco Publishing Company, New York, 

Surface line dispatcher, by the Arco Editorial Board. 
New York ( 1962, I960, 

1 r. mm. 27 cm. (Tie Arco tot for job ud tot tnlnlnc) 
HE6634J^5A8 B51.33S8822 62-20*88 J 


Akfcsandrov, Alekaandr Petrovieh. 

AnTooycinia Tpanciropr. Moci 
xos*8cTna PCOCP, 1948. 

1ST p. lilu*. 26 cm. 
HE56T5A6A55 50-S1651 rev 


Vance, Jack Allan, 1936- 

Operational factors affecting bus terminal capacity 
Berkeley, University of California, 1961. 

25 L aiagrs. 28 cm. CiOallfornla. umversltri Institute 
Transportation and Traffic Engineering. Graduate report) 
HE5634.S4V3 62-6286 

Ystehede, Fredrik. 

Express bus operations in the Oakland area. Berkeley 
University of California, 1962. 

82 L Ulna. 28cm. 


Gt Brit HigUand Trantport Enquiry, 

Bus services in the HSghlands and Islands. London 
H. M. Stationery Off., 1961. 

19 p. 25 cm. 
HE5665.S35G7 68-41741 


Morland, WiWam Vane, 1884- 

Pieport of enquiry into road transport conditions in th 
Protectorate of Umrndii. ,n. p.. 1953, 

55 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
HE5704.U5MO 388.322 GO-21230 


Morland, William Vane, 1884- 

Keport on road transport passenger fare structures, to- 
gether with a statement by the Uganda Government 
[Knmpala? 1053 3 

10 p. 25 oil. 
HE5704.U.-illn2 ,",88.322 GO-21231 1 


Autobosni red vo2nje FNRJ. 

Beograd, Savremena administracija. 

T. Illns., tables. 20 cm. 
HE5G85.5.A1A8 61-31S86 


see also names of particular terminals, 
e. g. New York. Port Authority Bus 


see also subdivision Regulations under 
names of particular terminals, e.g. New 
York. Port Authority Bus Terminal 


Vance, Jack Allan, 1936- 

Operational factors affecting bus terminal capacity 
Berkeley, University of California, 1961. 

25 L dlagrs. 28 cm. ([California. TJnlTenltr] Inrtitute o 
Trnportaon and Trtfflc Engineering. Graduate report) 
HE5634.S4V3 ^ 62-62858 


see also School buses; Trolley buses 

Bofansack, Hans. 

"Werkkunde des Karosseriebauers. 2., verb, und erganzte 
AufL [Hamburg, Verlap; Handwerk und Technik r !958- 
T. Illua., tables. 20 cm. 

Ohio State fnlv. IJbr. TL25B ~ 15S 

Carter, Ernest Frank, 1899- 

The boys' book of buses of the world. New York, Roy 
Pnbliahers t !961, 

14Sp. Hha. 26cm. ffhe Boya 1 book arlei 
TL232.C3S 62952233 61-14224 t 

CSchowski, Andrzej. 

LI TVarszawa, Wydawn. Komnnikacyine, 1958. 

Soap. ulm. 21cm, 

Efremov, Tamir Fflippovich. 

ABioCyc KAB3-51A; ycrpoflBO a 
CBepfljOBCr, MamTHs t ypaao-Cn(JHpcioe OT3-Hxe, 1981. 

BSOp. IDn*. 28cm. 
TL282.E37 62-81008 

Golifsyn, Leonid Alekseevich. 

OHHT patfoni CpHra^H oecapefl npa TO-2. Mocma, 
Hay^Ho-TfXH. HS^-BO aarOTpaHcn. JHT-PH, 1956. 

26 p. Uluj. 20cm. (Ontrr HoMTOpOB MTOTpaHcnoDTa) 
TL232.Q6 60-26965 


Kaye, David. 

Veteran & vintage public service vehicles. London, L 
Allan [1962, stamped: distributed by Sportshelf, New BO- 
chelle, N. Y. 

84 p. IILuB. 22 cm. 

TL232.K3 6 2_6 2 83 J 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skii institnt avtomobil'noeo 
transporta. Leningradikn filed,. 

3Kcn.iyaTanujr aaroSycoB "HKapyc-60" ; H3 onura 31-ft 
aBTOKOJOHHH JtenHHrpaACKoft oiSjacrn. [Epommpa nann- 
cana H. H. flpaimenim, MocKBa, Hayino-texH. Baa-so 
aBTOipancn. JIHT-PBI, 1958. 
Microfilm Slavic 1235 TL jfic 00-7178 

Osepchngov, V V 

ABxoSyc JCA3-695E "Jims"; yctpoftcrBo, ooatyXHuaHae 
IlOfl pe^. B. B. OceniyroBa. MocKsa, Mamnta I960 
185 p. lllus. 2S cm. ' 

T^ 32 ' 075 61-29271 I 

Stepanova, Elizaveta Alekseevna. 

AsroSyc 3HC-155; onHcanne KOHcrpyicuHH it py KO BOfl- 
CTBO no 3Kcn.iya T aunit. MocLaa, Toe. nayiHO-iexH. HSJ-BO 

MamHEOCTpOHT. JIHT-ptl, 1952. 

251 p. dlogra. 23 cm. 

T ^ 32 -S8 53-16767 rev 

Tftglov, Andrei Petrovieh. 

YBejinieHiie cpoKa cjiyjufiH arperaios aBTOKoCmm. Mo- 
cssa, Hay^no-iexH. IISA-BO aBTOipancn. JIHT-PH, 1957 
r^i^^ nm ' ^^ ( nuT HOMT OPOB aBTO-TpaHcnopra) 
TL232 - T4S 60-20453 t 

Trussler, David J 

Early buses and trams [by, David J. Trussler. London 
H. Evelyn ,1964, 

" - (unpaged) 10 col. plates. 85x48 cm. 



Greene, Carla, 1906- 

A trip on a bus. Photography by Jack Warford. New 
York, Lantern Press [1964, 

02 p. Illua. 23cm. 



6oTH 1-ro 

Denmark. Laws, statutes, eta. 

Bekendtgffrelse nr. 180 om regnlativ for omnibuskfSrsel 
med motorkf(ret)<jer (Ministeriet for offentlige arbejder den 
26. maj 1962} Ejibenhavn, Jespersen og Pio, 1962. 
7 p. 18cm. (Flos love, nr. 71) 


Gurevich, H'A Solomonovica. 

aanH* pafioin aaToCycHoro napia; as onuia pa- 
eHHHrpaflczoro asro<5ycHoro napra. Mocssa, 
. HS^-BO aBTOTpaacn. JCHT-PH 19B6 

Malyshev, GeorgM Andreevich. 

PestOHT aBiotfycHux EysoaoB. MOCKBE, Hay-mo-TCXH. 
us^-uo MirnncrepcTBa aBTOMoCiui.Horo Tpancnopra n moc- 
ceftHnx Aopor PC'ICP, 1963. 

288, i8| p. Ulna. 28 cm. 
TL232.M24 53^0470 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skfl institnt avtomobiTnoeo 

OpraunaanHji TexaHMecKoro oScjyjmBaHHa aBTOMofiiuelt 
B CIEA; ofiaop. [EpomDpa cociaB^CHa E. C. KysHenpamii 
n IBa 'nm 3 l2 " TeXH ' n3fl " B aBTOT P aHCn . -"IT-PH, 1956. 


Moseow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skii institnt avtomobOWo 

Op^au^3a^nx Teximiecicoro oCciyacHsaHHa aBioo(5HJieft 
B CHIA; oCteop. [Epomrapa coctasjieHa E. C. KyanenoBHVi 
n a 'm Hay ~" iexH ' us fl- BO aBioipaHCB. JiHT-pH, 1956. 

OD ' 63-59027 


Buses annual. 
London, L Allen. 

T. Illua. (part coL) mapi 25cm. 

MOTOR-CARS see Automobiles; Railroad 

MOTOR COURTS see Motels; Tourist 
camps, hostels, etc. 

iIOTOR DEXTERITY see Motor ability 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



see also Aeroplanes Fuel; Auto- 
mobiles Fuel consumption; Diesel 
fuels; Jet planes Fuel; Liquid fuels; 
Motor-boats Fuels; Petroleum as 
fuel; Petroleum products 

Bobrov, N N _ 

HpHenenne TonjinBa H ciiaaoiHUx iiaTepnajioa. Ilo^ 
o6mefi pA- H - H. EoOpoua. flonymeno a Kaiectse yietS. 
nocoSHH JJIK BHCHIHX TUXH. yie<5. aaucReHHft CCCP. Mo- 
cjcua, Toe. Hay-rao-iexa. MA-BO He^Tanoft ti ropHO-TonaHB- 

HOfi ZHT-pH, 1962. 

Sp. UlUB. 22cm. 
TPS43.B58 63-36408 J 

Bmsiant&ev, N V 

AinoMo6mn.Hiie TOnanaa; 3cruryaTai<KOHBiie CBOftciua II 
npBueHeHae. MocKaa, Haymo-TexH. HSS-BO MnnuciepciBa 
awoMoCHJibHoro ipancnopTa H moccefimix flopor PCOCP, 


08 p. Illus. 22cm. 
TP343.B782 68-30075 1 

Bokowiecki, Antoni, 1910- 

Studien uber die Korrosionsangriffe durch Vergasertreib- 
stotfe, unter besonderer Beriicksichtigung der Rolle ihrei 
Wasser- und Siiuregehalte. Zurich, 1948. 

92 p. 11 1 us. 30 cm. 
TA467.B8 62-46730 

[iraure, Nagisa, Id 10- 

n M i|i nur ,iii w ,'', --. \ -r ,'t 

.'i-^AftpfL Hfl III 3fi ,1060, 1!)58. 
11 [us. iBom. 
s bibliography. 

nnd lubricants, a. Automobiles 

:;> V.HIQ .KW-iers f 

ffenko, O G 

AsTOMofiaJitsHe Tomtnaa H CMasoiHue uiTepHajcir. Ho- 
BoiepEaccK Peflan;noHHO-ii3flaTe.ii.CKHit OT^CJI HUE, 1960. 

lllp. Uloa. acm. 
TP343.I4 63-49527 t 

Jantsch, Franz. 

Kraftstoffhandbuch. 6., neu. bearb. Aufl. Stuttgart, 
Franckh ,1960j 

814 p. lllua. 20 cm. 
TP343J3 1060 63-31829 J 

KaT&lek, Ladislav. 

Paliva a maziva v silnicni dopravS; pomficka pro Stolen! 
fidifiu z povolanl. 2., doplniing a pfepracovane 1 vyd. Praha, 
JfakL doprnvy a spoju, 1962. 

IflS p. Illus. 20 cm. 

TP343.K35 1962 63-28804 t 

KitcheU, Eunice, 1908- 

Statistical investigation in the elasticities of demand for 
motor fuel, United States, 1629-67. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms tl960, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-6717 Mic 59-6717 

Losev, Boris Ivanovich. 

Oisep^euHoe jiotopHoe TODJIJIBO. 
Stsinn Hays CCCP [1959j 

213 p. illus. 23 cm. 

] HS^-BO Axa- 
60-22923 J 

Nagfev, M P 

XmtHfl, rexHOJiornit H pacnei ^po^eccoB cnHTeaa leotop- 
HHX TonjiuB. 2., nepep. a flon, H3fl. Baicy, Hsfl-BO AK 
MHH Hays AsepCattflataHCiott CCP, 1961. 

Z T. lUns. 2T cm. 
TP690.N24 1961 62-32424 rev 

Nagiev, M P 

Torunaa ftia flBHiaT&iefl coBpeaeHHOtt TCXBHIH. Easy, 
Toe. HayiHO-rexH. USA-BO neCjiTXHOfl a ropso-toiUHBSOft 
JHT-pn, AsepSaftA^aacKoe OTS-HHC, 1954. 

129 p. dlagrs. 23 cm. 
-- Macrofilm. copy (positive) 

Mlcrofllm Slavic 510 AC 

TPS43.N3 61-47117 

Papok, -S.lS.ed. 

MoTopnue, peaKTUBHiie H paKeisiie TonjiHsa. 4,, nepep. H 
Ron. asfl, HOA ptA- K. K, llano* H E. T. CCMCHHSO. Mocsna, 
Tex:. Hajrroo-rexH. H3fl-B0 HC$TKBOS H ropHo^ronJtuBHOft 
jrar-pH, 1862, 

T41 p. UlUB., port. 22 cm. 
TP319J3 1962 62-87269 

Pwel, FrantiSek. 

Hospodarenie pohoanymi hmotami { Do slovenJSiny preL 
Stefan DoEnsky\ Vyd. 1. Prahaj DopravnS nakladateT- 

Mffl p. Ulos. 21 on. 
TP348JP848 60-37766 J 

Phillips Petroleum Company. 

Interpretation of motor fuel survey data; contributions 
by technologists of Phillips Petroleum Company to a better 
understanding of the relationship between motor fuel vola- 
tility and motor vehicle performance. t By Oscar C. Bridge- 
man, Elizabeth "W. Aldrich, and T. "W. LegatsH, Tulsa, 
Okla., Natural Gasoline Association of America |1961, 

183 p. Illus. 29 cm. 
TP343.P48 665.53827 59-15540 J 

Eitter, Erich. 

ICraft- und Schmierstoffe aus Erdol und Kohle. Leipzig, 
Fachbuchverlag, 1961, 

187 p. 111ns. 19cm. (Polytechnlnche Blbllottek) 
TP355.K55 63-31216 t 

Sablina, Zinaida Aleksandrovna. 

ITpncaflun K aOTOpatiM Ton^neait, MOCKCI, Foe. nayino- 
TCXH. 113,1-no ne^iraiioft ji ropHO-TormiBKoft JHT-PH, 1959. 

184 p. illaera., tables. 22 cm. 
TP343.S22 CO-22738 

Seregin, A V 

fopmee fljia flsaraTejiefi. MocKsa, BOCB;. H3fl-BO, 1958. 
185 p. fllna^ ports. 20 on. (HayqEO-nonyjiapHaa 6H6jiHOT6Ka) 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 1126 TP 
TP343.S38 61-32230 

Socit des ingnieors de I'automobile. 

... L'industrie gaziere et les carburants de remplacement, 
gaz carburant, gazocoke, benzols-lubrifiants; cycle de con- 
ferences donnees a la Section Caiburajits de remplacement de 
la Societe des ingenieurs de I'automobile ... Paris, J. & R. 
Sennao, 1S45. 

S22p, 11. Illus. (Ind. maps) dlagra. 27i21cm. 
TP343.S56 A F 47-4572 rev 

New York. Public Llbr. 

Stroase, Charles Bay, 1889- 

Automobile carburation and fuels, by 0. E. Strouse, t Ed. 
3j Scrnnton, International Correspondence Schools, 1964. 

86, 4 p. Illus. 10 cm. 
TL212,S85 1864 629.253 64-6246 

Sulelmanova, Fat'ma Gamzaevna. 

3KCnj} r aiaB;nonuKe CBOficTsa TO run a H cMasoinux uactii 
AXX coBpeneHHiix ^BHrarejca BHyrpeHsero cropaHHjr. 
Easy, HSS-BO AiaAejcHH nays AaepfiaS^xaHCioft CCf, 1961. 

ISO, ,2) p. lllua., table*. 27 cm. 

TPS55.S8 8^7172 

Wachal, Andrzej. 

Materialy pedne i olejs silnikowe do wspolczesnycb. Bunik6w 
tlokowych, odrzutoirych, przelotowycl i raMetowycK 
t"Wyd. 1. Warszawaj Wydawn. Ministerstvra Obrony Na- 
lodowej, 1959. 

TT1 p. 111., port, maps. 25 cm. 
TP343.W25 60-43753 : 


see also Gasoline Anti -knock and 
anti -knock mixtures 


[Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio^ 

Bibliography of fuel stability. "Washington, Office of * 
Chief of Ordnance : 1954j 

11, 125 p. 28 cm. 
Z7914.F8S6 1954 *016.6655S 56-61i88rBv 


caoftcrBa H npffM 

voSujiEntix TOIUIBB, cMaaoiHux xaiepHa-TOB H 
creB ; c(5opHHK craTeS. 
MOCKBE, ABioTpancn3A aT . I 9 

T. 1UUI. 22 cm. 
TP319.E55 68-30596 


Toiunnto f,xx flBHraiezea. Hss- o$HHHaj!,Hoe. MocKaa, Toe, 
H3fl-B0 ciaHflapiOB, 1860. 

- , . 

78 p, 21cm. (CCCP. rocyAapCTBemuie 



Budaror, Ivan Prokof evlch. 

Iloicpit or Hcnapenita jioiopHirt -rontHJ npa 
Mocisa, BHHHCT TMBrasa CCCP; " 

282p. Utqs. 2San. ' 
TP81B.B78 63-50100 I 

see also Gasoline Taxation 


Indiana. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Indimia petroleum acts; motor fuel tax, fuel use tax, oil 
inspection nnd Petroleum severance tai lairs nnd regulations 
issued by the Indiana. Department of State Revenue. Issued 
and administered by Indiana Dept of State Eevenue. In- 
dianapolis, 1959. 
76 p. 23 cm. 

3305786655382 60-62544 t 


Kansas. Motor Fuel Tax Division. 

Motor- fuel gallonagd report. 

v. 23cm. 

43-52945 rev*J 


Michigan. Laws, ttatuta, eta. 

Motor fuel tax lawa [Lansing] Michigan Dept. of Rev- 
enue, 1960. 
42 p. 23 cm. 


Michigan. Motor Fuel Tata DMtion. 


T. lllua. 23-34 cm. annual. 
HD9579.G45M52 336.278665538 45-16933 rev*I 

Michigan. Motor Fuel Tan Diviticn. 

Eeport reflecting comparative revenue years, refunds, and 
distribution of net collections. 

v. 22 1 25 cm. annual. 



National Highway Users Conference. 

Highway taxation, finance and administration; interpreta- 
tions ajid definitions. Washington, 1945. 

14 p. S) em. 
HE355.2.N3 1945 388.1 45-2096rev* 

National Highway Users Conference. 

Eegistration fees and special taxes for motor vehicles. 
Washington r 1047i 

1 v. (loose-leaf) SO cm. (Ill Motor vehicle law series. Service 2) 
HE5623.A5N325 629.21342 47-27139 rev* 


Virginia. Advisory Legislative OotincU. 

Refunds to servica stations for gasoline losses. Eeport to 
the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia. Rich- 
mond, Commonwealth of Virginia Dept. of Purchases and 
Supply, 1961. 

12 p. 26 cm. (["Virginia. General Assembly, 1962, Senate. 
Document no. 6) 

A 63-9845 
Virginia. StateLlbrary 


American Society for Testing Materials. 

ASTM manual for rating motor fuels by motor and re- 
search methods. 4th ed. Philadelphia, 1960. 

206 p. lllns. 24 era. 
TP343.A643 1960 665.53827 60-16219 1 

American Society for Testing Materials. Committo* D-S 
on Petroleum Product* and Lubricant*. 

1961 supplement to ASIM manuals of engine test meth- 
ods for rating fuels : Changss in motor and research manual 
(1960) Changes in supercharge and siviation manual 
f!958) Changes in cetane manual (1959) [Prepared by 
Research Division i on Combustion Characteristics of 
ASTM Committee D-2 on Petroleum Products and Lubri- 
canta] Philadelphia, American Society for Testine Mate- 
rials [1961, 

120 p. LUM. 24 em. 
TP348.A648 1960t, 665.688 82-2105 t 

European Council for the Study of 00 Test Procedures on 
the Patter AT I Engine. 

Methods d'eseai CEC/AT4 Procedure CEC/AT4. Paris, 
Societfi des Editions Technip. 1960- 

IT. (locse-lctT) Ulna. JO cm. 
TP843.E8 81-48008 J 

Spencer, Henry A 

Investigations of the automotive uses of liquefied petro- 
leum gases. Edmonton, Alia., Research Council of Alberta, 

25 L oJijri. 28cm, (Reirch Council of Albert*. Information 
Kriu, no. IS) 
TP345.S63 1-454SO 

MOTOR GRADERS see Graders (Earthmoviag 

MOTOB HOTELS see Motels 

Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 

Psychology of 


Albano, Juan Carlos. 

La moto-scooter (Vespa, Lambretta, IBO, etc.) Servioio 
mecanico, entretenimiento, reparaci6n. Barcelona, Editorial 

Sintes ( 1960] 

252 p. lllus., tables. 23 cm. 

A 60-562T 
Olilo State Univ. Llbr. TL450 

Educational Productions, ltd. 

Scooter riding. [Published] in collaboration with the 
Royal Automobile Club. [1st ed. London, Niblick Pub. 
Co., 1961; stamped: distributed by Sportshelf, New Ro~ 
chelle, N. Y., 

55 p. Ulus. 14 1 21 em. 
TL450.E4 62958 61-66308 t 

Ginfsbnrg, Matvel Griffor'evich. 

yCTpOftCTBO H o6~CIJTKHBaHHC MOTOUBKJOB. Hjfl. 2., nepep, 

MocKBa, Mamras, 1963. 

819p. lllus. 22cm. 
TL440.G5 1963 64-29499 

Graupner, Alfred. 

Das IQeinkraftrad; eine kleine Verkehrs- und Fahrzeug- 
kunde fur Moped- und Kleinrollerfahrer t von] Alfred 
Graupner (Undj Hans Kadner. Berlin, Transpress [1960j 

79 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
TL450.GT 68-49424 J 

Melzer, ZdenSc. 

Maloobsahovfi vosndla. t l. vyij Praha, Price, 1961. 
147 p. lllns. 17cm. (Technics^ vjber do kapey, v. 83) 
TL151.M38 62-27999 J 

Osborne, BernaL 

Your scooter: how to choose, manage, and maintain, it. 
London, Temple Press [I960] 

169 p. lllus. 20cm. 
TL450.075 629.227 60-28857 t 

Raboch, Vaclav. 

Uiebnire fidica niotocyklu, mopedu a skutru. t l. vyd.j 
Praha, Svaz pro spoluprici s armadou, 1961. 

246 p. lllns. 22 cm. (V^crUfova kuBnlce HdlSO, ST. 21) 
TL440.R25 62-25711 t 

ShvaJfcovskH, V V 


TopOiiepoB. HIA, 3., nepep. Mocisa, flOCAAO, 1961. 

287 p. Him. 21cm. 
TL440.S47 1961 62-48646 J 

SnabL, Hannfi. 

Skutr. t Vjd.l.] PrEh^StatnlnatLtechnickeliteratury, 

159 p. lUns. 21cm. 
TL450.S6 60-37923 t 

Tendeloo, J 

De scooter; handleiding voor gebrnik en ondarhoud van 
scooters. De-renter, IB. E. Kluwer t 19B5] 

111 p. Dins. 21 cm. 
TL450.T4 61-38494 

Webb, Bobert Forrest. 

You and your motor scooter. With photos, by Brian 
Holder. London, W.&G.Foyle (1963, 

90 p. UMUL, dlagrs. 19cm. (Forles handbooks) 
TL450.W4 629527 65-26044 

Wilson, M J 

ABC scooters and light cars. London, L Allan, 1961; 
[Stamped : distributed by SportaheM, New KocheUe, N. Y., 

72 p. Ulna. IB cm. 
TL450.W5 629.2222 61-2174 t 

Motor cycling ... scooter tests. 1st- 
London, Temple Preee. 

T. I llui., dUgn, iTcm. Irregular. 
TL450.M67 629527 59-27748 rev 


N ebcsnov, Viktor Ivanovidi. 

Packer sKnjYaranHOHHHX PCKHHOB patfoiu CHJOBO: 
ycraaqsKH Miuioxoaa, MocEaa, Mopcicoft Tpancnopr, 1962 

Ulp. tllu, 22cm. 

MOTOR SKILL see Motor ability 


f&reoal'er, Igor' Nikolaevich. 

Aapocann; tax nocipoint jtencae aspocaBH. Mocrs 
^OCAA<P, 1962. 

lifip. Ulna, 20cm. 
TL460J:8 64-S8773 

U.S. NAVY see U.S. Navy. Motor 
Torpedo Boat Squadrons 

transport workers 

IOTOR-TRUCK FREIGHT see Transporta- 
tion, Automotive Freight 



Port of New York Authority. 

Union motor truck terminals: rules and regulations. 
[Xevr York, 1958!, 

71. 28 cm. 

A 60-0090 
NewYoflc. StBteUbr. 

trucks Transmission devices 


see also Campers and coaches. Truck; 
Dump trucks; Fork lift trucks; Indus- 
trial electric trucks; Industrial power 
trucks; Materials handling; Motor- 
truck terminals; Refrigerated motor- 
trucks; Tracklaying vehicles 

Alaska. Dept. of Highways. 
Truck weight report. 

r. lllus. 22x28 cm. annnal. 


Bowser, William Clyde, 1923- 

Motortruck leasing by fanner cooperatives. [Washing- 
ton] Farmer Cooperative Service, U. S. Dept of Agricul- 
ture, 1961. 

IV, 18 p. lllus. 24 cm. ([IF. a Farmer Cooperative Service] In- 
formation 14) 

Agr 61-267 
U.S. Dept. of Agr. Llbr. A280.29F221 no. 14 

Bowser, William Clyde, 1923- 

Piggyback transportation for Pacific Northwest coopera- 
tives. [Washingtonj Farmer Cooperative Service, TJ. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture, 1960. 

Iv, 82 p. UlUB. 26cm. ( t D. S. Farmer Cooperative Service] Gen- 
eral report 86) 

TJ. a Dept of Agr. libr. A280-29F22Q no. 86 

Bronshteln, Lev Abraraovich, 

yjynneHHe HcnoJiHOBanmi aBToxofiKJieft H CHnaceHHe 
cefiecTOHMOCTn nepesoaor. MouKBa, Toe. HaytHO-Texn. BSR- 
BO MamnHocrpOHT. u cyAOCTpOHT. JIBT-PH, 1954. 

140 p. lllus. 21 cm. (B noMouu> uicxpepy-CTOTHCirnDiKy) 
TL230.B7 59-50297 rev 


Das muss der Lkw-Fahrer wissen ! Ein Taschenbuch fur 
dea Fahrer im Guterkraftverkehr unter Beruckaichtigung 
der neuen Verordnung zor Anderung der Strassenverkehrs- 
znkssungsordnung nnd der StrsflsvenYerkehrBordnung vom 
21.Marzl956. Munchen, H. Vogel, 1956. 

32 p. lima. 15cm. 
HE373.G3B8 62-35383 

Chi ch'e pien chi w'ei yflan hni. 

1 T. lUos. 19 cm. 
1. Motor-tradd. 




Title Tomcntiei; Cb'ug } r nng huo ch'S hilnf 
neng tzfl lloo ahoa WA. 

C 61-1040 

Qchowski, Andrzej. 

Samochody cieiarowB i autobusy; opisy techniczne t Wyd, 
I.. WarszaTO, Wydawn. Komnrnkacyine, 1958. 

383 p. lllus. 21cm. 
TL2SO.C47 60-43764 

Davidovich, S M 

ycrpoflCTBO TpaireopoB n aBTOKofinJieS. JTeHnHrpa^, Toe 

668 p. lllus. 25cm. 

TL230.D37 Sl-32897 ; 

Epifanfsev, VitalH Fedorovich. 

(jjpaBO^HHK roo^iepa. Kaes, foe. na^-BO lexa. JH: 
yCCP, 1961. 

647 p. Dins, (pert In pocket) IT cm. 
TL230.E47 62-58717 t 


Fidelev, A S 

TpouiefiBO3HHfl Tpaacnopi. KHCB, Toe. 
JIHT-PH YCCP, 1963. 
101 p. UlnE. IT cm. 


Gabler, Wflli, ed. 

Betriebsanleitung fur den IFA-Lastkraftwagen H6 ; von 
einem Kollektiv unter Leitung von Gabler. Als Hrsg. 
wirkte mit Siegfried Eauch] Leipzig, Fachbuchverlag, 

191 p. tllus. 22cm. 

A 60-135 
Detroit. Public Library 

Gal'perin, Abram Isaevich. 

MamRHii ^.TJI nepeB03Kn xpyfi H n.iered. PeKOjteii^oBaiio 
B Kaiecrne yicfi. nocoflHa npn noArotOBKe n noBHineHHn 
KBa.TiiifiiKai<iin paCoTHnKos anroMofin.TLnoro rpaiicnopia. 
MocsBa, Toe. HayiHO-iexH. ns^-ao iie^THHOft it ropHo- 
TOBJiiiBHOtt JIHT-PM, 1962. 

115 p. lllua. 20 cm. 
TL230.G:!,-.S 04-27525 | 

Graham, Prank Duncan, 1875- 

Audels truck and tractor guide for mechanics and drivers 
of gas & diesel motors. New York, T. Audel ,1960, 

1298 p. lllus. IT cm. (Audels helping nandbooka for mechanics) 
TL230.G7 1960 629.224 60-50604 t 

Hardonk, J 

Handbook bedrijfsantomobielen; afstelgegevens voor ben- 
jzine-bedrijfsautomobielen, door J. Hardonk, G. v. Twist ( enj 
A. E. 11. Sadee met medewerking van L. M. J. H. Holhnan. 
Haarlem, Boom-Ruygrok, 1951. 

186 p. 20 cm. 
TL230.H3 61-40915 | 

Hunter, John Hobart, 1933- 

Costs of operating exempt f or-hire motor carriers of agri- 
cultural commodities; a pilot study in Delaware, Maryland, 
and Virginia. [Washington) U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 
Economic Research Service, Marketing Economics Division 

16 p. lllns. 27 em. ([U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Economic He- 
search Service] ERS-109) 

Agr 63-145 
0. S.NaflAgr. LIbr. A2819Ag83B no. 109 

fAranfsev, Nikolai Nikolaevich. 

ABTOMofinJtHne nepeBOSKH fljHHHOMepHoro nposara p- 
HHX iiexajuoB. MocKsa, ABTorpaHcaaflaT, 1962. 

40 p. 111ns. 22cm. 
TL230.1 15 63-27732 t 

loflnov, S A 

3EcnjyaTai;na asioMoSn.iefi B ce.ii.CKOM xosaftCTBC. Ha^. 
3., ^on. n nepep. .leHiinrpa^, Foe. H3,VBO cebiLXoa. .iiii-pn 
[JleiinHrpa^CKoe OTA-HIICJ 1960. 

408 p. 1I1UH. 23cm. 
TL2:!f).I (i lilliO 00-40354 t 

Ivanov, Dmitril Nikolaevich. 

UoBumeHBe npoxoflHMOcm aBTOuoSnjcn. Mocima, Boeff. 
ii3,^-Bo, 1962. 

60 p. Hint 21 cm. (3a aotHHO-TexiiHMecKHe siiaHHj) 
TLS.'iO.1 9 63-55122 t 

Ehokhnakov, Vladimir Stepanovich. 

UpoeKTHpOBaHHe n opraHii3ai;nn pa6o Kaptepnoro as- 
TOTpaBcnopra. MocEsa, Toe. HayiHO-rexH. H3fl-so jni-pa 
no ropHouy flejiy, 1963. 

165 p. Ulns. 22cm. 
TN341JJ47 63-44572 t 

Eorenkov, Viktor. 

OHLIT pafiOTij aa pyjieu zsionoSnsx 3HC-150. ^niepa- 
rypHaji o6pa(5oiKa E. Ho.THHaj MocKBa, HS^-BO MnnHciep- 
CTBa KOVMVHMiHoro xosHttciBa PC3>CP, 1951. 

49 p. 2o"cm. 
TL230.K58 63-46563 I 

Lyzo, G P 

Tpajcropii, aaioaoCHjiH, flBurare-iH. HOA oSnteft pe^. 
T. IT. JIii30. ^onynieHo B KaieciBe jnieC. nocotfmi %x.a sysos 
cejBxoa. nanzHHOCTpoeHn^r. MoCKsa, Btrcmaa mEO^a, 1962. 

481 p. lllns. 27 cm. 
TL230X9 63-38986 t 

Makhotin, Aleksel Nikolaevich. 

SscjuiyaTamiJi aBrono5Hja FA3-51A. Mocrsa, Hay^so- 
TCJCH. Hsfl-BO MaHncrepciBa asTOMO(SaKBoro Tpancnopia H 
mocceflsirx: Aopor PC<I>CP, 1961. 

84 p. lUua. 20 cm, (EnonioTeiia moipepa) 
TL230.5.G3M3 62-30506 J 

Nildtin, Valentin Ivanovich. 

JIoBunieHne jrpOH3BOflHreatHOCTH rpysoBoro aBTOvo6n-ijt. 
Ha^. 2., nepep. H flon. MocKoa, Hay^BC-iexH. nas-so asio- 
Tpancn. jrnT-pu, 1956. 

74 p. Ulng. 20 on. (Onur noaaropOB aBTOTpaHcnopri) 
TL230Jf53 1956 68-S2762 

Rickenbaeker, Joseph Edward, 1917- 

Safety-checking livestock trucking to reduce loss and 
damage. [Washington] Farmer Cooperative Service, U. S. 
Dept of Agriculture f 1963] 

39 p. Illaa, 23x11 cm. ( ( f. S. Farmer Cooperative Service] 
Information 83) 

[HD1491.U5A38S no. 38] Agr 63-116 

r/.S. Nat! AIT. LIbr. A280^9F221 no. S3 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOTOR-TRUCKS (Continued) 

Shupliakov, Sergei Ivanovich. 

PasBUTne Hosoii TCXHUEH Ha aBroMOfinjBHOM TpancnopTe 
E B ^opo;nnoM xcaHtlcTse. MocKsa, HayiHo-iexH. M^-BO 
MiiHHCTepCTBa aBTOiioCuJir.Horo Tpancnopia H mocceflniix 
aopor PC^CP, 1960. 

118 p. lllus. 22cm. 
TL230.S48 61-25207 J 

Stephenson, Benson E 

Truck weight trends related to highway structures, by 
Henson 1C. Stephenson, James S. Noel, and A. Dwain May- 
field. College Station, Tex., Texas Transportation Institute, 


184 p. lllus. 2Q cm. (Texas Transportation Institute, College 
Station. Bulletin no. 18) 
HE56-23.S63 63-63826 t 

Tmcks fact book. 1959- 

rChicago, Popular Mechanics Co.] 

y. lllus. 24cm. 



U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Review of the need for procurement of electric and tele- 
phone line construction trucks by the Department of tha 
Air Force ; report to the Congress of the United States by 
the Comptroller General of the United States. [Washing- 
ton] 1860. 

15 L 27 cm. 
UG633.A59 1960d 61-61652 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Review of unnecessary costs incurred because of failure 
of the Army to store M35 trucks in covered storage space; 
report to the Congress of the United States by the Comp- 
troller General of the United States. Washington] 1963. 

211. 27cm. 
UG683A5 1968 63-61329 

U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Ac- 

Cost of transporting freight by class i and class n motor 
common carriers of general commodities, New England re- 
gion, 195T. Prepared by Cost Finding Section. Washing- 
ton, 1958. 

2 v. tables. 28 cm. (/fat Statements, no. 3-58, 4-58) 

A 58-8988 rev- 
Bureau at Railway Economics, Library HE5618 

U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Ao- 

Cost of transporting freight by Class i and Class n motor 
common carriers of general commodities, New England re- 
gion, 1962. Prepared by the Cost Finding Section. [Wash- 
ington, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. 
Govt. Print. Off.] 1963. 

2 T. tables. 27 cm. (Its Statements no. 8-63, and no. 9-63) 
HE5624.A55 A 64-7122 

Bureau of Hailiray Economics, Library 

U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Ac- 

Cost of transporting freight by class i and class n motor 
common carriers of general commodities, Southwest region, 
based on year 1958 operations adjusted to reflect 1959 level of 
costs. Prepared by the Cost Finding Section. "Washing- 
ton, 1960. 

U, 48 p. tables. 26 cm. (lt Statement no. S-60) 
HE5630.A53 A 60-9758 

Bureau of Ballway Economics. Library 

U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Ac- 

Cost of transporting oil field equipment and supplies by 
class i and class n motor carriers; summary showing per- 
formance factors, unit costs, and cost scales for motor car- 
riers operating principally within Southwestern Region, 
1957. Prepared by Cost Finding Section. Washington, 

38 p. tables. 27 cm. (Its Statement no. 1-59) 

A 59-9946 rev 
Bureau o( Hallway Economics. Library HBS618 

U. S. Interstate Commerce Oommimon. Bureau of Aa- 

Formula; for the determination of the costs of motor car- 
riers of property, prepared by the Cost Section. Washing- 
ton, 1955. 

91 p. dtagrs., tables. 32x51 cm. (lit Statement no. 4-56) 

A 58-9842 rev 
Bureau of Hallway Economic). Library HB5618 

U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Ao- 
aounts, Cost Finding and Valuation. 

Simplified procedure for determining cost of handling 
freight by motor carriers. 1950- 

T. 28x44 cm. 

HE5618.TTS87 A 50-9481 rev2 

Bureau of Hallway Economics. Library 

Vetchinkiii, Nikolai Sergeevfch. 

Tjrra aa jecorpaacnopTC ; OCHOBH TJtro- 
IHX pacieroB H nponsBOanTejrtHOCTi uamnH. ^onymeno B 
sa^ccrie yieo". nocotSna XXH jrecoTCXH. Byaos. 2., nepep. n 
flon. HS.H. MocKsa, TocjiecfiyKaaiaT, 1958. 

420 P. Ulna. 23cm. 
TL230.V4 1958 69-50987 

Vilaca, Marcos Vinicios. 

Em torao da sociologia do caminhao ; notas para um estudo 
das relac.6es do caminhao e do motorista com a paisagem e o 
homem brasileiros, em geral, e nordestinos, em particular. 
Kecife, Institute Joaquim Nabiico de Pesquisas Socials, 1961 

162 p. illus., facstm. 28cm, 

Vishnakov, Nikolai Nikolaewch. 

Pery.rapoBKa ipexocHKx aBTOMoSnjieft HA3. MocKaa, 
Haymo-xexH, USA-BO MuHHcrepcrBa aBTouoCHjiiHoro ipanc- 
nopia n moccefiHHX sopor PC<t>CP, 1960. 

55 p. ilius. 22cm. 
TL230.5.I2V5 61-43255 J 

Vyrskii, Sergei Pavlovich. 

3iccn;iyaTaii;ufl .leconojuHx aaioMoCioen. MocEBa, Toc- 
.7ec(5yMii3xaT, 1936. 

61 p. lllus. 22 cm, (B noMoiut .vexawiaaTOpaM jiecosaroTOBOK) 
TL230.V89 CO-23765 

Webb, Tarvin Flannis, 1922- 

Improyed f acilities for washing and disinfecting livestock 
trucks. [Washington, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricul- 
tural Marketing Service, Transportation and Facilities Re- 

search Division r !960, 


TJ. S. Dept. of Agr. LIbr. 

D. S. Agricultural Marketing Service] 
Agr 60-162 

A2S0.39M34Am no. 375 

Zakin, fAkov Khononovich. 

SscnjiyaTamis rpysoBax aBTOMofinjuHnx noes^os. Mo- 
CKaa, HaysHo-iexH. HS^-BO MmmcTepcrBa aiTouofiHj&Horo 
Tpancnopia H mocceftHLix aopor PC<DCP 1962 

181p. IUus. 22cm. 
TL235.Z3 63-30512 % 



Southern motor cargo. 

v. lllus. 29cm. monthly. 
TL230.A1S6 60-37674 

CHASSIS see Motor-trucks 



Malakhovskii, fA fi 

Cn,ernieHnji. Ilofl oCn^eft pe^. A. A. -TunrapTa. MocKBa, 
Mamrna, 1960. 

191 p. lllus. 3 cm. (ITpoeitTHpOBaHHe aBTOHofiiwit) 
TL230.M34 60-37521 


snuofl. Mocssa, Toe. 

Ginzbnrg, Zakharil Semenovich, 

llycK aBTOMofitutaiix ^BHrai 
3Hepr. E3A-BO, 1962. 

43p. Ulna. 21cm. 
TL230.G5 64-34967 J 

Krasheninnikov, Evgenii MikhaHovich. 

Siiicmn 3Ecn.iyaTai;H JCCOBOSHBIX TpasropoB H aBioao- 
Cuaeft. HeiposaBOscE, Toe. HS^-BO KapeJitCEOft ACCP, 1960. 

107 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
TL230.K72 62-37810 J 

Losavio, Georgii Simonovich. 

Cnoco6n nj'CKa aBionoCii.TtHHX sapCKipaiop- 
HHX ^BuraieJtefl npn HHSKHX Tejcnepaiypax. Mocsa ; Hay^- 
HO-TexH. ns^-BO aBTeipajjcn. .IIIT-PM, 1957. 

84 p. lllns. 22cm. 
TL230.L6 62-68583 

Losavio, Georgii Simonovich. 

SHSTEHX 3KcroiyaTanHfl aEroiiofixuefl. MocKsa, HayiHO- 
TCXE. H3fl-BO MnHHciepcTBa aBTOMoOiuibHoro rpancnopTa n 
mocceflnux flopor PC3>CP, 1961. 

IBSp, lllus. 20cm. (BHSmOTCKa moi))epa) 
TL230.L62 62-685n t 

Moscow. Nauchno-iasledovatel'skil institut avtomobll'nogo 

Sniiuna aKcn^yaraiiUJi aaToaoOji.icti ; cflopHiii; craTeft. 
MocKBa, ABTorpaHCHSAai, 1954. 

185 p. illus. 22cm. 
TL230.M08 55-41198 rev 

Ryzhkov, Aleksel Nikolaevich. 

BesrapaacHoe xpaHCHae asrorpairopHoro napia Ha aeco- 
saroroBEax. MOCEB?, TocjiecfiyKHa^aT, 1961. 

lisp. mas. 22cm. 
TL230.R87 64-30063 J 


Camp, Thomas Harler> 1929- 

Motortruck operating costs of farmer cooperatives. 
[Washington, Farmer Coopejative Service, U. S. Dept of 
Agriculture, 1964. 

vl, p. illm. 28 cm. ([XT. a rarmer eJooperetiTft Serrtcej Gen- 
eral report 121) 

[HD1491.U5A382 no. 121] Agr 64-312 

U. S-NaOAgr-Llbr. A28O29P22O no. 121 



Graves, Albert H 1924- 

A complete-opening endgate for faster unloading of grain 
from farm trucks. [Washington] U. S. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Transportation and 
Facilities Research Division t 1963j 

6 p. tllns. 28cm. {[U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Marketing bul- 
letin so. 23) 

Agr. 63-170 
U. S. Nat'l. Agr. Ubr. A280.SO Af&M. no. 23 

National Highway Users Conference. 

Size nnd weight restrictions on toll roads and turnpikes. 
Washington, 1962. 

Q 1. 28 cm. ( Its Motor vehicle laws digest series ) 


Khimki, Bussia (City) fentral r nyl nanchno-issledovafel'- 
sku institnt mekhanizafsii i energetiki lesnol promysh- 

AJLCJOM iepTes:ett Aeraiefl peuoirraHx paawepoB u ^onoj- 
HHTejibHHX fleia-Tefl (nacaAKoa) auroiiofjn.iH MA3-200/501. 
MocEsa, Focjiecfiyjraa^aT, 19 

r. (chiefly dlagrs.) 23x30 cm. (THnosan TexHOjionw M- 
Moirra JiecoaaroTOBHTMbHMx MauMH H MtxajnaMOB) 
TL230.5.M2K43 64-35701 

Ehimki, Russia (City) -fSentral'nyl nauchno-issledovatel'- 
skd! institut mekhanizafiii I 6nergetM lesnoi promysh- 

AjitiSoK paiSo^nx ^epjeaea OCHOBHUX flerajiett a ynos an- 
TOMo6aja 3HJT-157. MocEsa, Focjiec6yiiH3AaT, 19 
^^ T. (chiefly UIuj.) 29 1 41 cm. CTnnoBan TexBononu pewoHra 
Jieco3aroTOBHTem>Hux Manmn it wexaHHSHoa) 
TL230.K45 63-39205 J 


Gel'fgat, David Beniaminovich. 

PaMH rpysoBHX aBTOMoCTuefl. IIo^ pe r t. A. A. jlnnrapia. 
SlocKBa, Mamrns, 1D59. 

31 p. Illus. 23 cm. (MpoeKTHpoBauHe HBTOMOSMS) 
TL255.G4 63-34407 

GEARING see Motor-trucks 
Transmission devices 


Colby, CarroU B 

Trucks on the highway : pickups, panels, flatbeda, big rigs 
and special-purpose cargo movers, by C. B. Colby. New 
York, Coward-McCann t 1964, 

48 p. UIus^ port 28 cm. 

TL230.C58 629.224 64-17988 

Elting, Mary, 1909- 

Trurks at work. Illustrated by Ursula Kberiag. t Eev. 
ed., L.Tington-on-HudBon, N. Y,. Harvey House ,1962, 

SB p. illus. 22cm. ' 

PZ10,E45Ts 5 i 629.2 62-17260 t 

Zaffo, George J 

The big book of real trucks, by George J. Zaffo. New 
York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1964. 

rll, p. illus. (part col.) 29 cm. (Sliver dollar) 
PZlOJZSBi 3 64-24425 


Illinois. Bureau of Traffic. 

Permit regulations for oversize and overweight move- 
ments, 19.V2- 

V. Illus., maps, forms. 23 cm. 

A 61-9302 rev 
Illinois. Univ. Library 


New Jersey. Ltgitlature. General Assembly. Committee 
on Highways, Transportation and Public UtiKtiei. 

Public hearing on Assembly bills 184, 235, and 442 f meas- 
ures for safer operation of trucks on the highways) Held 
December 15, 1959 . . . /Trenton, 1959, 

6Tp. 28 on. 

HE371.N5A53 1959 388.312 A 60-9175 

New Jersey. Stute Ubr, 


National Highway Users Conference. 

State restrictions on motor reticle sizes and weights. 
Washington. 1952- 

1 v. (loofe-W) lllns, mapg, tables. SO on. (Iti Motor rehlde 
law series. Service no. 1) 



Virginia, Dspi. of Highway!. 

Hauling permit manual: overweight, overdimensioE, 
house trailer, coal hanling, old equipment, speckl equip- 
ment [Eichmond] Commonwealth of Virginia Dept of 
Highways, Maintenance Division, 1960, 

73p, Utas^torme, 28cm. 

A 64-723 
Virginia. Ste library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOTOR-TRUCKS (Continued) 


Divishek, losif Stanislavovich. 

PafioTa aBTOMofiH.'iLiioft KOJOBHH; 113 onuia asTOKOJioiiHn 
N 33 KpacnoAapcKoro aBTOrpecra. MocKBa, HayHBO-Texa. 
USA-BO aBToipancn. JBT-PH, 1968. 

34 p. lllus. 22 cm. (OoHen TexmnecKHM OHUTOM aBroxoasAcTB) 
TL280.D56 63-48954 j 

Dotsenko, Nikolai Dlarionovich. 

BoccTaHOBjiGHae KOjieBiaTHx aajros aBTouotfaJiefi ajies- 


58 p. lllns. 22cm. 
TL152.D59 64-27847 

Epifantsev, Vitalil Fedorovich. 

CnpaaoianE no penoETy re TexnnHecEOHy o(5c.iya;HBajiiiJo 
aBTOUofiiueft. KBB, Foe. USA-BO itxs. .ini-pu yCCP, 1961. 

630 p. lllus. 21cm. 
TL152.EC 02-07954 t 

Evtiukhin, I E 

IToflroTOBxa aBToaoSitia K peflcy 11 oficjyanaaaHe ero B 
nyiH. MocEsa, BOCB. BSA-BO, 1960. 

45 p. lllns. 21 cm. 
TL230.ES 63-44399 t 

Gurevich, Matve! Eflmovich. 

ontira fv flora aBTOtfaau Jfe 1 Kaescjcoro Tpecia yspMaB- 
xjieO. MocKsa, Hay^no-Texa. H3fl-B0 asrOTpaHCB. jar-pu, 

Tip. lBus_ ports. 22cm, (00MCH TexHHiecioiM OIUITOM BBTOHO- 

fflUbHUX X03flflCTB) 

TL230.GS8 64-37255 

Indikt, Eflm Aleksandrovich. 

OpraHH3ar(ij)t nponaBO^ciBa B ipynnoM aBroxooaflCTse. 
MocKsa, Hayrao-Texa, BSA-BO MaaaCTcpcTBa aBioiioSHJit- 
BOTO TpaBCnopra a raoccettHiix Aopor PC^CP, 1962. 

Ill p. lllns. 22 cm. (OCmea TucHmecKHM onbiroM aBTOTpaac- 

TL152.I54 R4-39777 J 

Kartashov, Vladimir Petrovidu 

ArperaTBiia HCTOA oficryacBBaBa^ aBTOMofiaieft BO spenji 
yCopKH ypozad. [Caparoaj CapaTOBCKoe KHHXBOC BSA-BO, 

25 p. lllus. 20cm. 
TL230JBa 63-40144 J 

Khimki. ffetntral'nrT nauchno-issledovatel'skil institnt 
mekhanixafsil i energetiki lesnol promyshlennosti. 

TexHanecrite yciOBHH aa loarpoat n copiaposKy (pa3- 
SpaiOBiy) ACTa-ieft aiTOMo6iuitft MA3-200 a MA3-501. 
Mocrsa, FocoiecfiyvnaAaT, 19 

T. Ulns. 22x29 cm. (THnosas TexHOJiorHH peMOHra jiecosa- 
rOTOBHrejiiHiDC MaimiH H MeaamBMog) 
TL230JS312E:45 63-43580 t 

Kbchnov, VasHS Nikolaevidu 

PenoBi J3CBE rpysoamc aBToitofioiea na norore. Mo- 
CKua, HayTHO-Texa. HSA-BO MHaacrepcxBa asroxotfituHoro 
Tpaacnptira n mocceflBiix Aopor PC<I>CP, 1962. 

78 p. mot. 22cm. (OflmeH TexHmeOtHM OHUTOM aBTOTpaHaiopr- 

TL152.K583 64-58788 t 

KoUasinskii, Zigmund Stanislavovich. 

MfxannsanHH paafiopKa a cfiopia rpyaajnx aBTOuoCa- 
neli. MoCEia, Hay^BO-iexH. H3S-BO MaHacrepcTBa asiouo- 
(JaitHoro ipaHcuopTa a raocceflaHx sopor PCOCP, 1962. 

70 p. fflns. 22 cm. (06nen TexHmecKHM onurosi aBTOTpaHcnopr- 
Httx npunptumril) 
TL230.K67 68-50623 

, Eonstantin Timof eevieh. 

OCBOBU opraansanHa airopexosiHoro 
Ba; paaftopoiHO-MOCTHiJe paCorn, itaprapyrHaa 
BOCcraHOMCBxi s' 1 * 16 *! cCopia no xerow 
ceierrajBOro noflfiopa flerajreft, Moc)tBa] PocBysHs^ar, 

TOp. mns,formi. 20cm. 


Kntiior, Georgfl Semenorieh. 

noTCHHoe TexHOTecioc o6ccyzHaHHC aBTOn 
Mociia, HajTHO-iexH. Ha^-ao MHHHcrepcrta asro 
w>ro TpaBcnopta n mocceftHUX sopor PCOCP, 1962. 

IMP. um. aim. 
TLlfi^KSSS 68-40148 ; 

Livshie, Leonid Gerasimovich. 

BO ceiixos. JHT-PH acypnajoB H masaTos, 1962. 

818 p. llln. 21 cm. 


Medredkov, Yladimir Ivanovkh. 

PeiyiKpoara auronodHjeft 3HJI-150 a SHJU-lSl. Mo- 
CJCBS, HajTao-TcxH. HS^-O aBTOipHcn. jjtT-pu, 1957. 

CSp, Ifln*. 22cm. 
TL230Jd8 64-S49BO 

Hbtin, Ivan Antonovich. 

MtxaHHsa^iti E aiTOMaTBsansj lapaxHioc nponeccoi ; as 
omrra 'aBTQxoaaftcTB JlflnenpOTa coBHapxosa. Moctsa, 
Tpaacnopr, 1964. 

88 p. fllM. 22cm. (0(SeH TexBmecnui onuroM aBTOTpaHcnopr- 
TL162.M712 64-52T95 

Nesvitskfl, fi. I 

TexHniecEa oKCiuiyaTanna ^onymeuo B 
zaiecTse y^e6HHEa fljia ciyflCHioB aBTOMotfHJiLHO-sopoacHHX 

BH-TOB 7CCP. KH6B, TOC. II3A-BO TfiXH. -THT-ptt YCCP, 1961. 

40f7p. Ulna. 22cm. 
TL230.N49 62-47687 J 

Kussk (1923- U. S. S. B.) Minuteritvo oborony. 

PyKOBOflCTBO no TexsaiecEOMy oficiyKHBaHHB asroxo6H- 
jefl FAS-SI, FA3-63, FA3-69 H rA3-9A, ,CocraBmiH 
H. T. JlydeHHOB H A. M. fleHHCOBj MocKsa, Boen. HSA-BO, 

147 p. lllns. 2ft cm. 
TL230.5.G3R85 62^5992 t 

Russia (1863- U. S. S. B.) MMitertfvo oborony. 

TexHn^ecioe ofioiyacHBaBHe aBroitoSiucft FA3-51, FA3- 
63, FA3-69 a rA3-69A; pyiOBOflcrso. [CocraBHjiH H. T. 
JTy6ennoB H A. M. ^enacoBj MocKBa, BOCH. HSA-BO, 1962. 

150 p. Illus. 23cm. 
TL230.E827 63-43563 J 

Serov, A V 

OpraHngaijHa n iiexanusaitHa TexHH'jecKoro oScjrysnBa- 
HHH aBTOTpaKTOpnoro napKa B jrecnoft npouHinjieHHOCTH. 
MocKBa, Toc-iecCyMnsflaT, IOCS. 

849 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
TL152.S454 64-59157 

Tiraspol'skiJ, Lev Aronovich. 

MapmpyrHaa iexHOjiom Ha aBiopenoHTHOii npeflnpa.*- 
JHH; onui pafioiii no MaprapyrHOft Texnojoma 1-ro KaeB- 
cioro asTOpeKOBTHoro saso^a. MocitBa, Hay^HO-iexH. ns^- 
BO MnHHCiepcTBa asioxofiHJiLHoro ipancnopra a inocceft- 
HHX Aopor PCQCP, 1959. 

87 p. Ulns. 22cm. (OflMen rexsineciiKM ontrrOM aBTOTpaHcnopT- 
Htot npM.npmTHfi) 
TL152.T57 64-38750 J 

Vostrikov, Lev Ivanovich. 

PeryjinpoBKa aBioHoCnJieft MAS. MocKBa, Hay^HO-iexn. 
H3A-BO MnHHCiepcxBa aBTOuofin.TtHoro Tpancnopia a moc- 
certHHx sopor PODCP, 1962. 

Mp. lllns. 22cm. 
TL230.S.M2V6 64-39759 t 


Boltinskil, V N 

Teopnx, soacrpyiUHji a pacier ipaKropHBtx a aBTOiio- 
finjtHHx ABirarejea. MocEBa, H3fl-Bo ce.nxo3. jar-pH, 
acypaaJtOB a MaKaioa, 1962. 

800 p. lllOB. 27 cm. (yieCimitH H yHtfiHue nocoCiu) AJIH BUCIUHX 



Gaenko, Tjimr* BCkhaflovich. 

ITpHpaCoTHa H ncnuxaHne aBTOMoCiLUBHUx ABaraxejiett 
HOCUS peaoHTa, MocKaa, ABTorpaacBSAaT, 1961. 
ST. $1 P. Ulns. 22 cm. 

TJ799.G3 64-47627 


trucks Cost of operation 


Western trucking. -37, no. 11; -Nov. 1958. 

E Los Angeles, J. W. Loveton, J. K. Wilson, etc.] 

T. Illus. 29-82 cm, monthly. 
TL280.A1W4 629^24 46-82951 rev 2*J 

TAXATION see Automobiles Taxa- 
tion; Transportation, Automotive 


VerbH&kO, Ivan Ivanovich, writer on, mttomobih ttrei. 

SjccnJtyaTauBJi a peicosr aBTOxotfanirHX man B VCIOBH*X 
jeco3aroioBBTiHUX npesnpaarafl. MOCEBB, TocJiecCyM- 
H3Aar, 1963. 

183 p. lllns. 2S cm. 
TLS70.Y4 63-27176 J 


Kriukov, A D 

BuCop rpaacxHccHfl rycesH^HHx n KO.ICCHHX itamaa. 
.Teffnarpa^, Manuraa [JleHnHrpaflCKoe orA-nne, 1963. 

319 p- dlajrs. 22 cm. 
TT^OOJCTS 63-58474 

dtepanova, Elizaveta Alekseevna. 


Mocrsa, Mamraa, I960. 

128 p. lllm. 28cm. 


17. S. General Accounting Office. 

Unnecessary costs incanred because of delay of the Army 
in equipping M161 utility tracks with necessary fiitnrea to 
facilitate use in airborne operations; report to the Congress 
of the United States by the Comptroller General of the 
United States. [Washington, 1963. 

25 p. Ulns. 2T cm. 
UQ68SA5 1963 63-61631 



Clark, Ronald Harry, 1903- 

The development of the English steam wagon t by, Ronald 
H. Clark. Norwich [Eng.j Goose, 1963. 

rvll, 207. [30| p. lllua., tecslms. 26 cm. 
TJ705.C57 64-6867 


Automobilove" zavody Hementa Gottwalda, Prague. 

Mldndnf automobil nosposti 5 tun Praga S5T; popis, 
obsluha a udrzovant [PriruSkn zprac. : Vladimir JaSfeek 
a Fruati&k Eadosta. Vyd. 1., Praha, Statnl nakl. tech- 
nick4 Iiteratiu7, 1957. 

74 p. lllus. SO cm. (KnlZntce strojnlckSllterahiry) 
TL230.5.P7A8 62-41617 J 

Belorusets, fisfir' ArnoI'dovna. ninoAa-1201. MocKBa, Hayino-iexn. nsA-ao 
MiinncicpCTna aBTOaofiii.ii.noro xpancnopTa n moccefiHtix 
flopor PCC>CP, 1962. 

116 p. lllns. 22 cm. 
TL230.5.S4B4 C3 _ 58488 

power trucks 


Fabryka Samochoddw Cieiarowych v Lublinie. 

Ksiaika obshigi samochodu "Lublin." [Opracowal 
Roman Skwarek, Wyd. 4., popr. Warszawa, Wydawn. 
Kbmunikacyjne, 1959. 

124 p. lllns. 21cm. 
TL230.5JL8F3 1959 60-45348 J 


Apanovich, Ivan Evstaf'evich. 

CnpasoiEUE nro^epa. [CaepA^oscK] CsepAJOBCEoe IBBSC- 
BOC BSA-BD, 1962. 

ISSp. lllns. 21cm. 
TL230.5.M6A6 63-58915 

BiaUk, Lev Grigor'evich. 

CaiiocsajtHHe asTonoesAa; H3 onma aaiosoitCuHaTa 
>6 2 FjiaBuocaBToipaaca. MocBBa, Haynao-Texa. BSA-BO 
MnaaciepCTBa aBTOuoCaJtBoro ipancnopTa z mocceflHux 
Aopor PCOCP, 1963. 

61, iSj p. Ulna. 22 cm. (Ofl.Meii TcxronecKHM OHUTOM BTO- 
TpaHcnopTHtix npeAnpHUTHfi) 
TL230.B5 64-52824 

jecosoaaoro aBTOMofiiutiHOro ipaacaopia. Mo- 
ciBa FocnecCyjiasAaT, 1962. 

296 p. lllos. 28 cm, 
TL230.E45 03-46906 t 

Epifantsev, Vitalil Fedorovich. 

CnpaaoianK no peitoHiy n TexannecKoxy otfcJiysiiBaHiiJO 
asTOico6iaert. Knes, Foe. HSA-BO TCXH. Juax-pH 7CCP, 1961. 

630 p. Ulns. 21cm. 
TL162.E6 62-67954 J 

Flshbeln, Pavel Aref evich. 

KoHcrpyKTBBHiie ESKeHeHHa H B3aasi03aiceHaeicocTB yMOB 
a AemieB aaTOMofiaJiefl 3HC-5, ypaj3HC-355, 7paJi3HC- 
355B H ypa,i3JIC-355M. MocsBa. ABTorpaHCHSAaT. 1961. 

56p. Illus. 22cm. 
TL230.5.Z16P5 61-48570 t 

Gal'perin, Grigoril L'vovich. 

IHape acaojiBjosaT!. peaepBH aBTOTpaacnopia ; ns oaura 
pafioTH aBTotfasKr J4 12 MHBCKOTO ropOACioro aBioipecxa. 
Mancr, Foe. HSA-BO BCCP, 1960. 

58 p. Illus. 20 cm. (BHff^HOTMKa BOBaropa) 
TL230.G26 61-33657 t 

Gorokhovskil, D U 

ABTOvofiajra FoptKOBcEoro aBrosaBOAa. [FoptKHflj Fopi.- 
XOBCEOC rniCEHoe n3A-BO, 1963. 

390 p. lllus. 27 cm. 
TL86.G6G6 63-46559 J 

L\roslavskil avtomobfl'nyl zavod, YarotlauV. 

Kaiajror aanacanx Hacrcrt aarojiolSnjea JIA3-210, HA3- 
210F, JIAS^Wfl n flA3-210E. (HoA ofimen pc^. R. H. Kpa- 
meaBBHiiKOBa) MocEBa, Mamrns, 1958. 

878p. Illns. 27cm 
TL230.I2 59-52763 

Khimki, Russia (City) ffeentraTnyl nanchno-issledovatel'- 
sku Institnt mekhanizafsii i energetiki lesnol proraysh- 

leprexeft ^eiajeft peuoHTBHx pasuepos H Aoaoa- 
X fleiaieft (aacaAiOB) aBTOnoo'Hja MA3-200/501. 
Mocisa, FocjecfiyxHSAaT, 19 

T. (chiefly OSttn.) 2Si30 cm. (Twranc Teiaojona pe- 
MOBT* jecoaaroTOBHTemaix luumra H 


Khimki, RnasU (City) fSentrarnyl naochno-igaWoTitel'- 
akfl institut mekhmniiaftil i energetiki lesnol promyih- 

AJIOOK pa6oiHx uepieiea OCHOBHUX xeraxefi a yaxoias- 
TOxoCitM 3H3-157, Modsa, FociecoyxHsflaT, 19 

T. (chiefly lHo.) S&zClan. (THDOBM Texsojonor peaoirr* 

68-39906 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Leksau, Igor 1 Nikolaerich. 

CnpasoiHHK mo$epa JiecoBOsnoro aBTOwooais. MocKBa, 

mt>. Illo*. 21 cm. 
TL230L38 64-27477 

Medvedkov, Vladimir Ivanovich. 

PeryjinpoBKa rpyaoaux aBTOMofiHJiefl lAi. USA. A, 
nepep MOCKS*, Haywo-TexH. HS^-BO MnHiiCTepcxaa aaio- 
MoO'HJJiSoro rpancnopTa B mocceftHHx sopor POTCP, 1962. 

Moscow. Kauchno-issledovatel'sfcil institut artomobfl'nogo 

Aon^Tiio corTr n nra I 'iia 1 l <: anp. ISGfl i., Mocsna, AUTO- 

^^p'^iliiis, ( part col.) dlngra , tables, in cm. 
TL207!Mfi 1901 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skii Institut avtomobil'nogo 

transporta. _. . 

HpaTjoift amouoSiMiKHft cnpaBoiHHE. HSA- 4., nepep. H 
S on ,Ho cocTOssHK) Ha 1 nu 1962 r., Moc KB a, ABTO- 
TpaH-aBAaT, 1963. 

Slip. 1UM. 28cm. (14,45798 

TL207.M6 1963 6fr40fa 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skii institat avtomobil'nogo 

t TS^or P y3,nK # aBioo5w 3KC-150. MOCKE*, 
Wav^HO-iexn MA-BO aBT<npaHcn..inT-pH 1 1956. 

MB. Ulna. '20cm- C/< Hn^opMauHOHHO-TexmiMecKoe iwcbMo] 
TI2SO.S.Z16M66 157-28178 TBV 

Moscow. Nanchno-issledovatel'skil instltnt avtomoba'nogro 

TexHHqeciHC yciosra Ha KOHTpojit-copiHpoBKy flerajea 
asiOMoCiuen MA3-200 n MA3-205 npn KanirrajiHOM pe- 


Ba ABTOTpancnsjaT, 1960. 

ettjp, ding. 15x24 cm. 
TL230.5.M2M58 61-2S393 I 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institut avtomobil'nogo 


aBniMoiiineft MA3-200 n MA3-203. Mocjena, ABioipaHC- 
113^1, 19n. 
1T4P. mi..r. (10-40305 t 

Moscow. Nanchno-iasleaovatel'ska institnt aYtomobU'nogo 

TexHiiiecme ycjiosua na peuoirr, cSopicy H BcnuraHBe 
arperaTOB n aBTOMolSaJieil 3HJ-150 H 3KH-585 upa Kana- 
taw,ou peuoHTe. H 3fl . 2., nepep. MocsBa, AwoTpancHS- 
,nar, 1960. 

189 p. Ulna. 23ai- ._ .. + 

1960 60-44815 I 

Moscow. Naachno-issledovattl'skfl inatitat avtomobil'nogo 

TexHOmnnecKiie taptw no TexHiiiecKOUy oOtnywHea- 
BBO awo)io6n.M MA3-200. MocKBa, Hay^HO-iexa. nsfl-BO 
iMorpiHcn. jtiiT-pH, 1954, 

lS6p.{dUe5yUlu,Ub1e) 14 1 23 cm. c ..,aaftnv 

TL230.5AI2M6 55-38800 rev 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skii institnt 

YuoBiut roAHoeru K 3Kcn.iyaTaunn aBioxodae 
n 3HC-150. [Pafiora BMnoJECHi fl. M. ^CBHHHK H 
pe^am*poBaHe BHnojseHO T. C. FposoBCKiiM) Mo 
HaytHO-TCXK. asa-so aBTOTpaacn. ^nx-pa, 1954. 

67 p. llln*. 20cm. 
TL230.M66 B5-41188iev 

Moscow. Nanchno-issledovatd'ska institut avtomobD'nogo 

Boxjemie rpvaotux aaioJioCJii.ien ; pyKOno^cTBO ffun rao- 
$5pOB. NfocKBa, Hay^BQ-Texa. HS.VBO asTOTpancn. jBT-pn, 

71, ,1, p. Him. 20cm. , QJ , K T, 

TL230.M67 56-1 9457 rev 

Nerovnov, Vasilil fAkovIevich. 

3i;ciiJiyaTaniiH rpyaosoro aBTOMoCJji.iJt. ItocKBa, HayBO- 
TCXH. u3,i-BO MiiBiicTepCTBa aBToiioCini.uoro Tpaiicitopia 11 
mocceftuux jopor PC'SCP, 1960. 

89, [3, p. lUus. 20 cm. 
TL230.5.Z14S4, 01-21081 

Nesvitskil, fX I 

FpyaoBHe aBioiioen.iH : FA3-MM, FA3-51, TA3-63, 
3HC-. r j, 3HC-150, 3HC-151, HA3-200. Hs^. 2., ncnp. n f.oa. 
Ktien, Foe. HS^-EO TCXH. JUT-PH YCCP, 1953. 

428 p. Illus. 21cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 522 \0 
TL230.5.G3N4 1953 62-370T5 t 

Plekhanov, Ivan Petrovich. 

^Hse-itHtie asioitofiHiB; nocofine niojiepy. Hafl. 3.^ 
nepep. MocKaa, Hay^ao-TexH. u3^-so MnnnciepcTBa aiTO- 
vofiotHoro ipancnopia E mocceftHBX APr PC<DCP, 1962. 

180 p. lllus. 22 in. 
TL230.P6 1962 63-26515 \ 

Pa36opKa n cSopEa aBioitoSuJm 3H.T-150. Mociaa, HayiHO- 
ICXH. H3A-BQ MiinncrepcTBa aBTOiiofin-iLHoro Tpancnopia n 
moccefluHx .vpor PCOCP, 1930. 

280 p. 1UUS. 23 cm. 
TI.230.5.Z14R3 59-54388 J 

Russia (IMS- V. S. B. R.) Avtotraktornot wpraolewe. 
ABiOMofiHJii 3H1-15T. [H. E. TcwoflOBCKHa z W- n 
ofimefl pefl. B. C. HepiEKaj Mocisa, Boen. HS^-BO, 1960. 

827p. Illus. 2Scm. 
TL230.5^I6B82 61-20218 J 

Russia (198S- U. S, S. R.) Minutentvo oborony. 

TexHH^ecroe ofittyKHBaHHe aBTonoCaitfi SHJI-150, 
3BUI-l&t, 3HJI-151 H 3ELH-157 ; pyiOBO^crBO. [CocraBjieHO 
B, H. TapaCapa H A. H. ITOIISOBH*] MOCKBO, Boes. H3fl-so, 

128 p Ulna. 22cm. 

TL230.6.Z14EB 68^0789 t 

Shestopalov, E S 

CaecapHO-iiOHTaacHue pafioru H TCXHEICCKOC oScJtyatHBa- 
nne aBTOMoSn.. MocKsa, flOCAAO, 1960. 

28Tp. UlUB. 23cm. 
TL230.S4r. 60-44071 t 

Vostrikov, Lev Ivanovich. 

PeryanpoBia aBioxofinneS MAS. Mocssa, Hay^ao-iexir. 
ESS-BO MnHHCtepcTBa aBtoKotfH^tHoro tpanciiopTa H raoc- 
cefiHHX flopor PCOCP, 1962. 

Hp. Illni. 22cm. R-ftOTRo t 

TL230.B.M2V6 64-39759 I 

ZisK.S G tt r A ^-K1 TA3-63 

Auiac KOHcrpymaft maccn aBTOMOOHiea i AJ 01, i n^-uo, 
TA3-63A ; ^epiesH yaios B pa(3o?Ee PJCKH ^eiajiefl. Ilofl 
otfmeft pefl. H. H. EopncoBa. MOCEBB, Marants, 1957. 

218 p. (chiefly dlagrs.) 27x42 on. ,, 

TL233.B55 1957 58-30192 rav 

ZWn ' S G * ft rA^1ArA3- 

Awac soHcrpymnfi macca aBTOHOOHJCH i AO-OIA, i nv- 

63, FA3-63A H cefleatnux Tara^ea rA3-5in, TAS-^sn, 
TA3-63JI;. USA- 2., nepep. H flon. ,Pe^arrop H. M. HOHOB. 
MOCKS*] Mantras, 1963. 

288 p. (chiefly dlr.) 2Ti^2cm. 196S 64^33992 

Znbarev, Aleksei AfanasVvich. 

PeryanpoBia aBTOicoCiuw 3HS-130. MocitBa, Haynw- 
lexH HS^-BO MEHHCTepcToa asrono6awHoro Tpaacnopra a 
raocc'eflEHx sopor PCOCP, 1962. 

STp. mm. 22 an. 
TL280.5.Z1S28 64-31160 j 

Belitskil, Mikhail Semenovich. 

Kar yseaninTL npofier aBiOHoCnafl flo pesouTa. MocEBa, 
Hay 9HO-TCXH. JIS^-BO M H ancrepciBa aBTOxo6Hji.Horo ipaac- 
nopia n moccettHtix sopor PC6CP, 1959. 

ST. ,8, p. Ulna. 20 cm. (BHfijjHOTtm iiioijiepa) 
TL230.B37 60-35652 

California, Legislature, Astemhly. Interim Committee on 
Pvblia Health. 

Motor vehicle created air pollution, a control program for 
California, [Prepared by the, Subcommittee on Air Polln- 
tion. [Sacramento, Assembly of the State of California, 

48 p. Illus. 23 m. (Assembly Interim committee reports, 1959- 
1961, T. 9, no. 22) ^ 

J87.C2 1959-61jd vol. 9, no. 22 

DolmatovskD, fft A 

OCHOBU so EcrpynpoEaHHa aBTOHo 
2., nepep. MoCKBa, Mantras, 1962. 
813 p. Illus. KJcm, 

TL256JD5-2 1962 

Moskovskfi avtomobn'nyl zavod. 

164P, aBTOXoflHaeft-caKocBaj.oB 3HJI-MM3-S85H IT 3HJI- 
MM3-585K H CHflejtiHOTO Mraia 3HJI-MM3-154H. ,Cocra- 
BHTCJI H. E. TepiiaH, MocKua, Mararas, 1959. 

808 p. lllm. 2Tan. i_aM(KO t 

TLS30.S.Z153M62 61-Ww j 

Moskovskil avtomobil'iiyl zavod. 

Kaiaior aanacHttx -ractefi Tpexocaoro awoiiooiu* 3iU>- 
157 ceAeroaroro T*raia 3EU-1B7B. t CocTaBHreiH : H. t. 
H A. B. CanpacoB. Peflanop A. r. 

.jniwr * 

60-349TT t 


vehicles Fuel systems 

vehicles Transmission devices 


see also Automobiles; Commercial 
vehicles; Ground-effect machines; 
Moou cars; Motor vehicles. Amphib- 
ious; Motorcycles; Trafficability 

] Mocna, Mamrni, 1959. 

. , ZTcnu 


Dvali, R 


r. flltu. 23 cm 

HJiBHUx KysoBoi. Es^, 
62-65720 t 

ii.Ts. T6toncir, 1B61- 
62-36614 J 

Edler, Karl Hdnz. 

Motorsport ABO (vonj Karl-Heinz Bdler jiiiidj Wolfgang 
Boediger. [L Aufl.] Berlin, Verlag Neues Leben, 196L 

191 p. lllas. 18 cm. (PMwt-BOchereJ, Bd. 42) 

Fajnhaien, Henryk. 

Samochody specjalne i specjalizowane. ["Wyd. 1] "War- 
szawa, WyJawa. Komtinikaoyjne, 19B9. 

82Jp. Lllus. 21cm. 
XL230.F3 60-33789 J 

Gutmau, losif Moisfrevich. 

TpasropH B asroinotfiiaH; cnpaBOiaHi lOjaosEOro pafior- 
HiiEa. Csep^iOBCE, Mainms [^paJio-CHlSHpCEoe OTfl-HHej 

163p. tUus. 21 cm. 
TL230.G93 61-23939 

Ilarionov, Vitalii Alekseevicli. 

Teopmt zBToaoSssjix. ffpvymt&o B sa^ecme yieS. noco- 


HayjHo-Texii. ns^-so MnSHCTCpCTBa airono(5njiiHoro rpanc- 
nopTa H nioccettHHX^opor PC&CP, 1960. 

191 p, aiagra. 23cm. 
TL145.I4: 61-27577 

Kovafik, Jaroslav. 

Automobil v ter&m. t l. vyd, Praia, Naie vo]sko, 196L 

TL14WK:68 63-26136 J 

Krasheninnikov, Evgenii Mikhaflovich. 

JIccorpancnopTHue jiamiiBa; EpaTcuB cnpaBOiHHc. He- 
TpoaaBotci:, Toe. USS-BO ii3,vK)EapeJ!w:iort ACCP, 1958. 

210. ft, p. HIUB. 21 cm. -,,, 

TL230.K7 CO-20416 

Lrfniak, Witold, <f. 

Samochody od A do Z. ( Wyd. S.j Varszawa, TVydswn. 
Komunikaq'i i J^tzncsci, 1961. 

85: p. fflcs., maps. JO on. 
TL205JU9 1961 62-27988 

Mithaaovska, EvgtnU Vasa'evich. 

TeopM Tpaxiopi H aBTOMOSM, ^onymeao la-iecrse 
yictf. nocoCmi ff HH-TOB H (jjaiy.itTeioa iiexaHHsaqaB: ceat- 
cicoro xcoaficTBa. MocKsa, Foe. HS^-BO ccjtxos. anT-pn, 

S85 p. Una. 23 on. (yiefimiM H yiefittbie nocoftia JM aucnnu 

TL14BJ45 61-S5179 

, Kazinuerz. 

Techniia tnuisportn. [Wyd. l.j "WarazaTra, "Wydiwn. 
Komun : bacvjne, 1955. 

815, ,2, p. lUu*. 21 cm. ^^ 

TA1145.P6 6S-8S627 

, Ptdor MQdudBorieli, 

Auonaiatanaa ynpaaitEBJi 
ce-itcioxc)3n(lCTBenHH5ii nanrnHavH. 


eHBiie aBTOsoCiait. Mocm, Mararas, 18U. 

756 p. HIM. 25cm. ftn^iQi? t 

TH45.\ 60-44817 t 

Artameowv, Mikhail Dmitrievich, 

Tarosiie vaoinHU sa jiccosaroroBBut. ^onymeao EMC- 
CTBeyTc6BBiQffi J OTexH.TexHniy>ioB. Mocwa, rooec- 
SyiiESAaT, 1959. 

SMp. DIM. 2mn. ftfUtfilS7 t 

TLBSOJL74 60-3818T I 

Russia (7?J7- ^. -ST. f. S, R.) Mimttentoo aetaauiMf- 
nogo transport* < iJurtMZfiykk dong. 

PaUHCMU-insaTOpH aBTorpaHcnoprBint H ^opoxaux opra- 
HHsanKft. MocKBa, ABTorpaHCB3AaT, 1858, 

103 p. ffl- 23 cm. 
TL230 $83. 60-17218 v J 

y6sa: mo$epi BTOporo siticca. Ha^.S., neptp. Hjon. 
Mocnia Hay?ao-iexH. aaA*"o MeHKcrepCTia awwicHJitc.- 
aoro TpaECBDpra unjocceflMx sopor PGDCF, 1961. 

T, (tin* 22 fff], 

Mi 62-34969 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Sabinin, A A 

yieCmiK raoijepa sioporo E.iacca. IIs^. 3., neap, n ,ion. 
,Hoayn;cir n EaieciBe yieGauca apu noflroroBEC mo^epos 
Bioporo E-iacca. [KpacaospCEj KpacnoapCEoe EaroEHoe iwfl- 
BO, 1962. 

440 p. Ulus. 21 cm. 
TL205.S2 1902 63-12074 t 

Slavflc, KareL 

Bezpecnosfi a hygiena v automobilovej doprave. ( Z 
2eskeTio vyd, prel. Stefan Mendel. Vyd, l.j Bratislava, 
Praca; vydavatel'stvo ROH, 1957. 

285 p. lllus. 21 cm. (KnUEnlca odborovfch svSzoT-OBP, XT. 9) 
TL230.S531S 60-46081 J 

Stepanifskfi, fAlov Moiseevich. 

Sasopu B ipacropax a aBTouo6a.iax ; KapiiaaaHii cnpaso^- 


E. MOCKBS, Toe. ns^-so cejitxos. JIHT-PU, 1959. 
865 p. 17 cm. 



Studzinski, Kazimierz, erf. 

Techniczny poradnik samochodowy ; praca zbiorowa. 
TVyd. 2., zmienione i popr. Warazawa, "Wydawn. Naukowo- 
Techniczne [1962i 

2 v. 111ns, 24 cm. 
TL145.S86 1962 63-28987 J 

Takahashi, SatarS, 1885- 

HSf 1133,1958, 

t. Title, 


Tttte 1-omonfcod; Kusawate untensnu. 
J 62-1695 t 

25 -wheel projects. 

[Chicago, Science and Mechanics Pnb. Co., 

T Illua, 24 cm. (Science and mechanics handbook annual) 
TL154.T9 684.7 61-998 rev t 

U. S. General Accounting Office. 

Beview of the need for the Navy's mobilization reserve of 
commercial-type vehicles; report to the Congress of the 
United States by the Comptroller General of the United 
States. Washington, 1063. 

24L 27 on. 
VC573.A54 1963 63-60571 

U. S. Military Academy, West Point. Dept. of Ordnanoe. 
Elements of automotive engineering. [West Point] 

lv. {various pagings) lllus., diagrs. 28cm. 
TL145.U6 629J2 61-60525 

VeUkanov, D P 


1965 rr. Mocsma, Hay^HO-rexH. HS^-BO MaHHCrepcrBa asio- 
MOO'iLitnoro Tpaacnopra 11 mocceitHHx flopor PC$CP, 1960. 

72 p, lllOK. 22cm. 
TL85.V42 60-44014 1 


Egorov, Leonid AndrianovSch. 

Topvosane arexaHHSMH. t B. F. Po3anoBun ocymeciB-ieiia 
ofimaji pe^.j MocEsa, Toe. Haymo-iexH. HS^-BO nainnHO- 

CtpOHT. .IHT-pH, 1955. 

165^ 18] p. lllns. 22 cm. {MerOAw Hcnurjuoijt asroHofliuia H ero 

MattH3MOB, BUn. 6) 

vol. 6 66-28264 rer 


see also Automoblles^ Cold weather 

Filatov, Leonid Strgeevieh. 

3jccn.TyaTaitH rparropoa n aBTOHoSnjea B anusax ycio- 
snxx. Mocrsa, HSA-BO CMIXOS. .inr-pn jeypnanoB n n.iaia- 

Jfilp. illu*. 20 cm. 

62-38145 J 

Petrovskil, Dmitri! Vladimirovich. 

SKCiijyaTanHi aBTOKotfH^cfi aa Kpaftnev Censp*. Mo- 
cza, HayiHO-Ttxa. nsfl-BO MnHHCTepcrsa aBiouo6asi,Horo 
TpaHCHopra B mocceftnux jopor PCOCP, 1960. 

65 p. Ulnjt 22 cm. COfiMeH TCCHOTKIOU* onUTOM aBTOTpaHcnopr- 
mot npejuipMJTjril) 
TL152.P397 61-43222 I 

Pokrovskil, Aleksandr Nflfcolaevich, 

SEciuyaranHa aBTOMotfmeft c KapfiKiparopHHHH flBara- 
TtiJMH B ycJoimax HHsrax reirnepaxyp. Mocrsa, Hay^ao- 
TtXH. E3A-BO MuHHcrepCTBa aBTOvoCujtHoro rpancnopra a 
mocceftatix^opor PCOCP, 1961, 

171 p, lllni. 22cm. 
TL208.P58 62-29471 J 

Omsk, Siberia. Sibirskil avtomobil'no-dorozhnyl institnt 

[OMCKj 0(5j. KBHsnoe BS^-BO, 19 

T. lllus. 22 cm. 



MalakhovsMI, Q. fi 

HeHeijKO-pyccEHft aBiOTpaETOpHHft ciOBapB. MocKBa, 
Txae. pefl. nHocTpaaHux aay^HO-iexH. aioBapefl OnsuaT- 
rnaa, 1961. 

411 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
TL9.M3 62-65642 

Znamenskii, Aleksel Nikolaevich. 

HeMenKO-pycCKiifi asToipaHcnopTHHit cjosapi.. Cocra- 
Biun A. H. 3Haj(ctiCEiin ir I*. II. KiuHKOBmTenn ; no^ pe^. 
H. C. III.Timne. MoCKna, Haytiio-Texu. IIS^-BO Miiniicrcp- 
CTB3 aBTOiioumi.Horo Tpaucnopra n moccefinux ^opor 
POTCP, 1963. 

336 p. 21 era. 
TL230.Z58 63-45899 

see also Motor vehicles Skidding 

Babkov, V F 

npoxoflimocTi KOJiecHiix Maraim no rpynty. MocKBa, 
HayiHO-iexH, n3fl-BO MnHnciepCTBa aBTOMofiaJBHOro xpaac- 
nopia n mocceftnux AOPr PCOCP, 1959. 

187, |5j p. lllus., map. 22 cm. 
TA350.B23 60-25522 

Bekker, Mieczyslaw Gregory. 

Off-the-road locomotion j research and development in 
terramechanies. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press 
f 1960, 

220 p. lllus. 24cm. 
TL243.B4 629.282 61-5020 J 

Silaev, A A 

CneKrpajiiiaii Teopua noflpeccopuBaaiia TpaHcnopTaax 
uamna. MocEBa, Mamraa, 1963. 

136 p. diagrs. 22 cm, 
TL154.S5 63-49493 


Aronzon, Gavriil Semenovieh. 

3,ieicTpoiexHHEa u ajcKrpoofiopy^oBaHue aaioiiofiiLjefl. 
jHonymcim B EaieCTse yteGnnEa , CTy^eaTOB aBTono6aJii- 


HHcrepCTBa aBTOMo6njn.aoro rpaacnopTa n nrocceflaBix flopor 
PCOCP, 1960. 

558 p. lllus. 23cm. 
TL272.A7 61-20392 t 

ABTOipaETOpHoe sieETpoiexHa^ecEoe oCopyflOsaaHe. Ha^. 

o$ai?Hajt.BOe. MocKBa, Foe. HSA-BO CTaH^apiOB, 1959. 

176 p. lllus. 21 cm. (CCCP. rocyAapcTBCHawe CTawapTH) 
TL272.A8G 61-32262 t 

, Vddav, engineer. 

Elektrotechnika a schemata elektricke" v^zbroje motorc- 
vfch vozidel. t l.vyd.) Praha, Price, 1959. 

258 p. lllus. 22 cm, (V Kalinlcl Odboroveho avflzn umSstnandl 
T dopravS a spojfeh, ST. 15) 
TL272.C4 60-46075 J 

Cholevfk, Jaroslav. 

Elektricke 1 sch&ny a zariadenia u nas pouzivan^ch moto- 
rov^ch vozidiel. (Prel. Ivan Burger. Vyd, l.j Bratislava, 
Slovenskc" vydavatel'stvo technickej literatury, 1959. 

338 p. lllns. 25cm. 
TL272.C523 60-33785 J 

fiterlei, Nikolai Semenovieh. 

SieErpn^ecEBe siamiiHU. O^ofipeiio B KaMCcrse yie<5. no- 
cofiaa RJIX rexa. y?aJna(. MOCEBB, Foe. HS^-BO ceitxos. 
ZBT-PH, 1960. 

289 p. lllus. 21 cm. (yqeOHHKH H ytefiubie nocofiwr fjut nOArc- 
Toara CMbCKOxo3RcTBeHHbu KaxpOB Maccoaoft KaajHtJiHKaiuiH) 
TK2000.E8 60-40797 J 

Kierdorf, Bruno. 

Das grosse Bnch der Kraftfahrzeug-Elektrit t Ein 
Hand- und Reparaturenbnch fur den Itraftfahrzeugelektri- 
ker nnd Krnftfalrzeughandwerker] Braunschweig, E. C. 
Schmidt [1962, 

688 p. illus., dlagre. 24 cm. 
TL272.K:45 63-44018 

Latvijas Padomjn Socialistiskis RepubhTtas Zinatnu aka- 
dSmija. EnergetUem institute. 

Cncrcsm 3jeKrpocaa63;eBit5t ipaacnoprBUX cpeflcrs. 
[Oia. pe^aETOp F. H. UlTypMaH] Para, Hafl-so AsafleKaH 
naye .laiBEflCKOft CCP, 1958- 

T. diagrs. 28cm. (Iti Tpyxu, 6-7, 9 
TK4X32 voL6,etc. 59-40768 rev 

Lnaf, DnSan D. 

Elektricni urataji n motornim vozilinu. 5., prerrfeno i 
dop. izd. B eograd, TehnicTia kn] ., 1063. 

2M p. lllUB. 20 an. 
TL272JL8 1963 64-44869 

Mozhaev, V N 

ABTOTpaEiopaoe 3.ieErpooi5opyflOBaane. O^ofipeBo B ca- 
^ecise yiefi. nocofina ^.ijt yinjina; vexanH3aa.HB ctitcKoro 
xoaaftcTfla. MocEBa, Foe. as^-BO ce-itxos. jar-ptr I960 

303 p. lllus. 23cm. 
TL272.M73 61-29225 J 

Pavldk, Milan. 

Opravy elektricke v^'zbroje motorov^ch vozidel. [Vyd. 1., 
Praha, Statni nakL technicke literatury, 1963. 

230 p. lllus. 21 cm. (Prattlckfi elektrotechnlckS pllruclcy, ST. 21) 
TL272.P33 63-52272 

Pechonyi, Kh D 

CnpaBOiBHE no 3JieErpoo6opy^oBaBaio aBTOMoSaiieft 
ipaETopoB, MOTcmBEJiOB. 2., flon. B3A. KHCB, Marnraa fKDz' 
aoe OTfl-aae, 1961. 

248 p. lllns. 21cm. 
TL272.P42 1961 

62-34408 | 


Keler, Kazimierz. 

Tablice do obliczania zuzycia paliwa przez pojazdy me- 
chaniczne. Wyd. 2., uzup. Warszawa, Wydawn. Komuni- 
kacii i Laczno&i, 1981. 

88 p. (chiefly tables) 21 on. 

TL154.K4 1961 

National Research Council. Highway Research Board. 

Motor vehicle time and fuel consumption ; presented at the 
39th annual meeting, January 11-15, 1960. Washington 

91 p. lllus^ diagrs., tables. 25 cm. (/( Bulletin 276) 
TE7.N28 no. 276 61-61716 

Popov, Nikolai Nikiforovich. 

Onpeje-TCHHe pacxofla JKnflKOro TOmrasa aBTOMofiaJaitH H 
TpaKTopajiu ; cnpaao^aHe Ta5Jr^^II. MocEBa, Foe. Hay^ao- 
TCXH. nsfl-BO ae$TJiHo!t n ropao-Ton.iBBBoii JIBT-PH 1961 

62-58720 J 

197p. !Sxl7cm. 

Popova, IzabeHa Veniaminovna. 

TaSJIH^tI P.XX. noflcieia nopic pacxo^a ^HflEoro xonansa 
flin aBTono(5iuie(S. Mocuaa, MararHS, 1961. 

191 p. 21cm. 
TL154.P6 62-32898 J 


Mordukhovich, Meer Matveevich. 

ToiuiaBHaji annapaiypa aBTOMoffiuitaBix ^BaraTejtefi. Mo- 
CKBa, Mamrn3, 1960. 

254 p. illus. 23 cm. 
TL210.M58 61-39423 t 

Panfilov, Vladimir Trofimovich, 

npnGopij CIICTCMH niiraHus ^BiiraTe.ieil aBionoCnJicJl 
3HJT. MOCKBH, Mararus, 1961. 

179 p. Ulus. 23 cm. 
TL210.P25 62-34438 J 

GEAKING see Motor vehicles 
Transmission devices 


Groniowski, Kazimierz. 

Z dziej'6> motoryzacji. ( Wyd. 1., Warszawa, Wydawn. 
Kaukowo-Techniczne t 1963] 

282, ,2i p. Ulna. 28 cm. (Z dzlejdw technlkl) 
TL15.G75 64-40942 


Jburne"es Internationales pour 1'inspection technique des 
veliicules automobiles, Brussels, 1958. 

Journeys internationnles pour 1'inspection technique des 
vfliicules automobiles, organisees par le Groupement des 
organismes de controle automobile a 1'occasion du 25"" nn- 
niversaire de sa fondation, les 11, 12 et 18 septembre 1958, 
dans leslocauidu Palais des congres a Bruxelles. [Verviers, 
Groupement des organismes de controls des veliicules auto- 
mobiles, 1958. 

2 T. Ulus., maps (1 fold.) diagrs., tables. 32 cm. 
TL285.J6 1958 60-29650 


California. Legislature. Assembly. Interim Committee on 
Transportation and Commerce. 

Motor vehicle inspection, report of the Committee on 
Transportation and Commerce. [Sacramento] Assembly of 
the State of California, 1963. 

Tip. Illua. 23cm. (Ajssemhly Interim committee reports, 1961- 
1963, T. 8, no. 10) 
J87.C2 1961-63jd vol. 3, no. 10 63-63073 J 


Pennsylvania. Bureau of Traffic Safety. 

Official inspection station rules and regulations, jHarris- 
burg) 1959- 

1 T. (loose-leaf) 26 cm. 

PennsylTanla. State UnlTerslty. Library 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



California. Legislature. Assembly. Interim Oommittee on 
Transportation and Commerce, 

Motor vehicle inspection, report of the Committee on 
Transportation and Commerce. [SacramentOj Assembly of 
the State of California, 1963. 

71 p. Illus. 23 cm. (Assembly Interim committee reports, 1961- 
1983, T. 3, no. 10) 
J87.C2 1961-G3jd vol. 3, no. 10 63-63073 J 

see also Automobiles Lubrication 

Knznetsov, Evgenii Semenovich. 

PexiiMii cuasKii aBTOuofimieJi. MocEBa, HayiEO-iexz. 
MA-BO MuHncTepcrsa aBTOMofinJir>HOTO ipaHcnopra n moc- 
cefiHHx flopor PC'I'CP, 1960. 

77, [2, p. lllus. 22 cm. 
TL153.5.KS4 61-22433 


Barashkov, Ivan Vasil'evich. 

CoBpeneHHue MeTOAH opraBB3an.nE TextmiecEoro oficjiy- 
KUBamiJT n TCEyz;ero peMOHia asTOnofiujieft. Ilofl peg. B. F. 
KpanapeiiKO. [MocEsaj Pocsy3H3flaT, 196$. 

56, [4| P- mns. 22 cm - 
TL152.B265S 64-51950 

Bernard, Ivo, 1926- 

Technologie oprav motorovych vozidel. t Vyd.l.] Praha, 
Statni nakl. technicke Hteratury, 1957. 

822 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
TL152.B37 61-26368 J 

Chekrygin, I G 

TexHiisa SesonacuocTn npH TCXHiiiecEOM oficJiysnBaHHE 
n penoi'Te aBTOMofiiueil. IIa,v 4., iicnp. Mocoa, Haymo- 
TCXH. USA-BO MiniECTCpCTBa aBTOJioCn.ii.Horo Tpancnopra E 
niocceilHux jopor PCOCP, 1960. 

68 p lllus 17 cm. (TexmiKa 6e3onacHOcrn ua aBTOTpaHcnoprej 
TL152.C52 ' 1960 61-20391 t 

Czechoslovak Republic. Ministerstvo dopravy. 

Cenik praci pfi stf ednich a b?znych opravach nakladnicL. 
automobilu n autobusa a pfi planovanfi udriibS zahranicnfch 
znafek. Typy: Csepel, Ikarua, Garant (Phanomen), 
Granit Plati od 1. led. I960. [Praha, Dopravni nakl., 1959. 

84 p. 12 x 17 on. 
TL152.C9 61-40161 J 

Dolzhenkov, Andrei Tunof eevich, ed. 

UpaETHEyK no peuOHiy TpasropoB, aBTOMofiirjeft z ct&- 
CEOXosaftCTBeHEtnc MaraiiB. ^ozymeno B Kaiecise y 
nocofiza fljui HH-TOB H c[iaiyjri.TeTOB MexaHH3a^zz cejncKoro 
xosaflCTsa. MoCKsa, Foe. zafl-so CCJBXOS. JIHT-PH, 1960. 

431 p. Ulna. 21 cm. (VqeSHMKH H yiefiHiie nocoflna AJin cejft 

TLIS^M 1 " 8 ^ 08 61-32264 J 

Donskol, Dmitrii Ivanovich. 

HoBtimesze saiecisa peMOHTa aBTOuo6E.itHHX ^Baraie 
jceH. Mocisa, ABTOipaHCHasai, 1960. 

28 p. Illns. 22cm. 
TL152.D56 61-2587Y 

Efremov, Vladimir Valentinovich. 

PewoHT aBTOMofiaaefl. 2. zsfl., ncnp. z Aon. ^onymezo 
ra^ecTse y^eS. nocotSzs fl-ia aBTOuoSzJtHO-^opOKHHX TCX- 
HHxyHOB. MocEsa, Haymo-iexE. 3fl-BO aBTOipaHCii. IHT- 
pn, 1957-58. 

2 T. Illns, 23 cm, 
TL162.E36 58-31755 rev 

rcnayaiauM H peiiOHT rpancnopTHHX cpeACTB H no;riej[HJD 
uaniEH ne$THHOfl H raaoBOfl npoKJimieHHOCTz ; cnpaaon 
HZK. [CocxaBETOH: B. O. ffliep z AP-J MocEsa, Toe 
HayHHO-iexH. H3fl-so Heijtanofi z ropzo-TonjWBHOft jm-pa 

396 p. Illus. 23cm. 

63-27714 J 

GrepachevskH, Aleksandr Grigor/evich. 

nauTEa nesmiKy aBToxoaHitcraa. MocKBa, HayiHO 
TCXH. H3.vo MuHHCiepCTBa aBTOuotfiMiHOro Tpancnopra 
mocceflnux AQpor PC<DCP, 1959. 

27 p. Illns. 16cm. (TexHHKa SeaonacHOCTH na aBTOTpaHcnopre. 
TL152.GC5 60-22754 t 

KazarfSev, V I 

HepeflOBiie cnocofin BocciaHOBseHHa aBiorpaKTOpHHX ff- 
Tiien. MocKsa, Toe. IISA-BO ce^ixoa. ani-pa, 1958. 

205, ft p. lllus. 21cm. 
TL152.K35 60-2696; 

KlebanoT, Boris Yladimirovieh. 

PenoHT aBTOnoSaiefi n jpairropoB. HOA oCmea pe^. E. B 
KjefianoBi. flooymcHO Ea^ecrse y^efi. nocofina ppx asT 
AOpoacHiix TexHHsyMOB YCCP. KHSB, MararHS [TO^cz 

OTfl-HHCj 1961- 

T UlUS 22 I'm 


Kolaci, FrantiSek. 

Zarizeni pro udrJbu a opravy silniiinich vozidel. [Vyd. 
l.j Praha, Nakl. dopravy a spoju, 1962. 

266 p. lllus. 21cm. 
TL153.K58 62-48140 J 

Coliasinskii, Zigmund Stanislavovlch. 

MexaHHaai^HJi z aBTOvainsanHs aBiopeuoHizoro npona- 
BOflCTsa. MocEBa, HajmHO-Texji. HS^-BO MnnHCTepCTBa aa- 
TOMofiiijiiiHoro ipaHczopia ji raocceflnux flopor PC'I'CP, 

165, (S] p. lllus. 22 cm. 
TL152.K587 64-41397 

Sutikov, Georgii Semenovich, 

TeximiecKoe oSc.iyxnaaH[i aBioMofinjien. MocKsa, 
Hay^HO-iexii. IIS^-BO MiiimcTepcTBa aBTOMofin'.ii.Horo Tpanc- 
nopra z mocce/lHux ^opor PC5>CP t 1961. 

53 p. lllus. 20 cm. (HayMHO-nonyjispHasi finCjiHOTCKa HBTOMO- 



Knznefsov, Anatoli! Ivanovich. 

Kypcosoe zpoeETiipoBanne zo peMOHiy aBTonofiiLTeli 11 
flopoacHiix Mamiiii. .Hoayzjeno B KaTCCTBe y^eC. nocoCnx 

HO-iexit. n3^-BO MiinnciepcTBa aBTOiioflujLHoro ipancnopTa 
H mocceftimx sopor PCOCP, 1962. 

190 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
TL152.K898 63-42075 t 

lasitskil, A A 

-ladoparopEBifl npaErnEyii no pesiOHty aBioMofimeft. 
^onymeno p. EanecxBe yie6. nocoCua fl.Ta,HO- 
^opoxnux lexniiKyuoB. MocKBa, Hay^no-Texit. H3fl-BO Mn- 
EucTepCTita aBTOMofiiijimoro Tpancnopra n mocceftHHX flo- 
por PC<DCP, 1960. 

98, [2| p. lllus. 23 cm, 
TL152.L529 61-23937 

Malyshev, Georgii Andreevich. 

HpzMeneHze njracritacc npn peMOHTe EyaosoB aBToaoSn- 
jteft, MocKBa, HayHHO-iexH. HSA-BO aBTOuofiBLiitnoro Tpazc- 
nopia H ziocceftHiix ^opor PCfl>CP 1960. 

no p. mus. 22 cm. 
TL152JM24 62-30991 t 

Moscow. Nanchflo-issledovatel'skfl institnt avtomobil'nogo 

TexHHiecKHe yc.iOBEx za Konrpo^B-copinpOBKy fleiaieft 
aBTOMoSz-iefl 3H.T-150 z 3H^-585 npn EazirrajiiHOM pe- 
OHie. MocKBa, ABTOTpazcna^aT, 1960. 

495 p. Illus. 15 1 22 cm. 
TL152.M657 62-35944 J 

Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatel'skil institnt avtomobil'nogo 

Bozpocu rexzHHecKoro nporpecca na aBiouofiiutHOH 
Tpancnopie ; cfiopnnE uarepzajiOB 7-fi zay^Hon EOHcfepeB:- 
HHH. MocEBa, AsroTpaHCHSflaT, 1961. 

149 p. lllus. 22cm. 
TL152.M6715 64-39732 t 

Moscow. Vystavka dostizheni! narodnogo khozfilstva 

MexaznsairHJi TexHunecsoTo oCoiyacnBaHan v. peuoHTi 
aBTOKofliueft n BOOccTanoaaemif aBTOMo6HJi.Hiix mnH 
cfiopHHE MaTCpnMOB EO TeiiaTHHecKOfl BHCTanKe. IIo,^ pe^ 
C. H. myruiEOBa. MociiBa, 1962. 

237 p. Illns. 23 cm. 
TL152.M678 63-50002 

Naumov, Vasilii Ivanovich. 

3Ecn.TyaTaz.HH, TexuziecEoe o6c.iyxnBaEne n peatOHT aa- 
TOiiofin.iert ; cnpaBoiHtie narepHajiH. Hs^. 2., zepep. z ffm. 
JEeniiHrpa^, Foe. nay^HO-Texn. IIS^-BO varauHOCTpoHr. JIZT- 

!T ma nmnt* 'frrn TTHP Ift'ii 

405, [1] p. lllus. 21 on. 

XGcrofllm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 485 T 

TL152.N317 1954 55-38851 rev 

Neogodov, Pavel Strgeevich. 

BoccranOBJieHHe ACiaaett KoaeczuxH rycezniHiixjiamnH. 
MocKBa, Boen. IISA-BO, 1959. 

351 p. illtn 23 cm. 
TL152.N322 GO-17230 

Pavlik, Milan. 

Opravy alektrickf. vyzbroje motorovych vozidel [Vyd. 1.) 
Praia, Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1963. 

289 p lllus. 21cm. (PrattlcW elektrotechnlckS pf IrocTcy, ST. 21) 
TL272.P33 '"- Kn ^ 

Petrov, Vasil. 

MoHiaxHH np 
2S6p. lllns. 23cm. 

PCMOHT jteco3aroTOBKTtn.HUX H aecoxo3JjaciBeHHiix 

flonymezo B laiecme y^etJ. nocofimt fljia JCCOTCXH. BHCDJBX 

Co$an, THHia, 1961. 




Shadrichev, V A 

OCHOBH mSopa pan^oHiitBoro cnocofia 
aBTOMOfiEJtHHX ^erajea uenuaonoipjxrjvaca. 
MararHS (JteHBHrpaflcroe OIS-HHCJ 1862, 

295 p. llltm. 22cm. 
TL15S.S46 63-26510 


Tarasov, Viktor Sawich. 

ITaMaTEa no TCXHHEB tfeaonacnocm ^.T uecapeA no pe- 
MOHTy aBTOMoSit.ien. Knee, Manrnis [JOacKoe OT^-nnej 1959, 

48, A p. lllus. 20 on. 
TL152.T3 CO-37627 

Pokarev, Georgii Georgievich. 

Pai;nozajiHEie cpOEn c-iysfin aBioMoCTiijett. MocEBa, 
ABTOTpanciis^ar, 1962. 

77 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
TL152.T65 64-30073 t 

Vol, fSalel' Moiseevich. 

npHueneHze njiacmacc E Eaees npn peaoHic aBTOHofin- 
aett. MocEsa, Hay^zo-Texz. E3fl-ao MzzzcTepctBa aBTOo- 
oro Tpazcnopia H raoccenntix flopor PC<J>CP, 1961. 

119 p. lUus. 22cm. 


Zhelikhovskaia, Amalii^ Isaakovna. 

Pai<noHajiiHaH opraniiaanna aBTOpeMOEinoro nponSBO,!- 
ciBa. MocKBa, Tpaiicnopr, 1964. 

25 p. Illus. 22cm. 
TI.152.Z52 64r-53536 


Finkel'shteln, E S 

^c$opHa^Ha foOKa nninJWpoB [Hj ee B.inHHHe HI pafioiy 
sopeantix zoflmnnnnEOB flBnrarejii. Ho^ pefl. B. B. E$pe- 
MOaa, [MocKBa] PocaysnaflaT, 1963. 

21, |S| p. lllus. 22 cm. 
TL164.F5 64-49638 

Lyzo, G P 

TpaKTOpHj aBTOitoSiLin, flsiiraiejin. IIo^ otftucS pe^. 
r. n. JIij3o. ^onyn;eHO B EaieciBe yiefi. noco6H f^is. sysoa 
cejrtxos. MaiazHOCTpoeHnji. MocKBa, BHcinaa rasoja. 1962. 

481 p. lllua. 27cm. 
TL230X.9 63-38986 t 

Mikhailovskii, Evgenii Vasfl'evich. 

AfiTorpaBropHKe flBErarejiii. [FopLEni'ij FopbEOBCEoe 

IHHJCHne H3A-BO, 1963. 

802 p. lllus. 22 em. 
TL145.M48 64-51238 

Moscow. Vystavka dostizhenu narodnogo khoarfiistra 

AsTOTpaKTOpniie ^anraTtin n nx Mo^iitjiiiKaunn; ;no ita- 
Tepnajiaa TeuaTuiecEOfl uuciaBEii "^auraie-iu BHjrrpeHHero 
cropanna aBTOMofin.itHotl n TpaETopHoft npOMtintieHaocrn 
H nx uo3Hc[lIIEa^un." : A. JI. .IjofiaraeBCEaa, 
E. P. Mapro.inH, K. F. Henamesj MocEsa, Mamma, 19G2, 
74 p. Illus. 20 cm. (ABTOMo5mn>Han H TpajtropHast npOMuuuien- 
Hocrb Ha BucraBKe AOCTHMeraifl RapOAHoro xossflcrea CCCP) 
TL145.M645 64-40388 

Peter, Mai. 

Der Fahrzeng-Dieselmotor, sein Bau und Betrieb, seina 
Pflege irnd Eeparatiu^n. Unter Mit&rbeit von Albert H. 
Albrecht |Bt al.j 5. vollstandii; nenbearb. Anfl. Brarm- 
schweig, E, C. Schmidt [I960] 

504 p. Ulns. 24cm. 
TL229J)6P4fl 1960 61-43799 J 

Shneider, G K 

PCMOIIT ^Biiraie.icR aBioK 

nepep. H orr. [Fop 

423 p. Illns. 23 cm. 
TL152.S49 1960 

KofiiueJl FA3 E YA3. 
FoptKoscioe EzirasHoe 

61-46920 J 



T. in 


Automotive world. 

York, Johnston Export Pub. Co. 3 

lllus. 29 **". 

T. In 

lllns. 29 cm. monthly. 

T, In Ulnt, portt, map*. 40cm. monthly. 


FAP; fasopis fnbrike automobila Priboj. g. 1- 
(br. 1- ) 1950- 


T. In lllma., ports. 29 cm. 





JinnQvek, mezfigazdasigi gepek. 
[Budapest, IWszaki KonyvMado, etc.] 

r. In lllus., ports., dla^n. 30 cm. monthly (IrremUr) 



Moto-revija. g. I- 

T. In Ulna, ports, map*. 40cm. 

Motor (Wanaio) 

Warszawa, "Wydawn. Komunikftcji i Z^cznosbL 
T. In IllB*, port*, mspm. 40 cm. "- 


no. in T. HTM. 28-82 cm. monthly. 




60-88101 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


PERIODICALS [Continued) 

VozaJ. g. 1- 1958- 

Zagreb, Tu-motor. 

v. IlluB., ports. 28 cm, monthly. 


REPAIRING see Motor vehicles 
Maintenance and repair 


Salov, AlekstI Ivanovich, 

TcxaHira CesonaCHOCtH npn aicoiyaranHH H PCMOBTC as- 
TOMOo'iuefl. flonymeno B KaneciBe yie6. nocofina ftjfl cry- 
flCHTOB aBiOKoi6iLii.Ho-^opoxBtnc sysoB. MociBa, Hay^no- 
TCXH. H3fl-BO MnHHCTepcTBa aBioMoSKJBHoro TpaHcnopia. 
mocceftHwcAOporPCOCP, 1961. 

175 p. lllm. 23 on. 
TL152.S315 62-30566 J 

Slavrov, Boris Vasil'evich. 

PafioTa BO^Hitajt aBtoiiofiazm B yoioBHax npnMeHCHH 
aronHOro, XHviriecKoro 11 fiaErepnojomiecEoro opyiKiif 
MoCEBa, ;i,OCAAO, 1960. 

79p. lllua. 21cm. 
TL152.S728 C1-2:J953 

SERVICING see Motor vehicles 
Maintenance and repair 


National Research Council. Highway ffeitarch Board. 

Skid testing, 1961. Presented at the 40th annual meeting, 
January 9-13, 1961. Washington, National Academy oJ 
Sciences-National Research Council, 196L 

84 p. Ulua^ map, dlagr. 25cm. (Iti Bolletln 802) 
TE450.N3 62-60694 

National Research Council, Highway Research Board, 
Meeting. 4Jst, Washington, D. 0., 1969. 

Skidding measurement techniques: 1962 developments. 
Washington, National Academy of Sciences-National Re- 
search Council, 1962. 

7T p. lllttt, dtegrs. 25 cm. (,NatIonal Besearch Council] Hlgb 
way Research Board. Bulletin 848) 
TE7.N28 no. 348 63-60638 


National Research ConndL Highway Research Board. 
Committee on Bond Surface Properties Belated to Ve- 
hicle Performance. 

Roadway surface properties; S reports presented at the 
42nd annual meeting, January 7-11, 1963. Washington, 
Highway Research Board of the Division of Engineering 
and Industrial Research, National Academy of Sciences- 
National Besearch Council, 1963. 

97 p. Ilraa. 25 cm. (Highway research record no, 28) 
TETJH5 no. 28 626.8 64-61291 


International Skid Prevention Conference. 

Proceedings. 1st- 1968- 

Charlottesville, Virginia Council of Highway Investigation 
nd Research. 

T. lihu. 28 on. 
TL296.I6 62-63740 

Symposium on Skid Resistance, Now York, 1969. 

Symposium on Skid Resistance (1962); [papersj Pre- 
sented at the sixty-fifth Annual Meeting, American Societ; 
for Testing and Materials, New York, N. Y-, June 29, 1962 
Philadelphia, American Society for Testing and Material 

t 1962, 

114 p. IHo*, <H*p. 24 cm. (ASTM special technical pobllca 
Honno. S2) 
TE460JS9 1962 62-2224t 


SOatv, A A 

CneEipaifctaui leoptti ncvrpeccopHiaHHa Tpascnopra 
narauH. Mocna, Mamtvs, 196S. 

166 p. dlt^n, 22 r*n, 
TW5tS6 68-4949 


Srovnavad a typovfi tabulky motorovych yoridel i pHsluien 
stvt SestJmBfeBna^taL Vyd.Lj Praia, Stitnl nakl 
technickfi literatury, 1960. 

272 p. (chleJl j Uln.) IS 1 22 cm. 
TL16LS78 61-48066 


see also Automobiles Tires; Motor 
vehicles Skidding 

BeJov, Valerfl Petrovieh. 

ABTOHotfmEHe mHHH. Mociia, BOCK. IS^-BO, 1961. 
82p. Olni. 20cm. (3 BoeaHO-Tenoneaoie a 

Roma, Carlo J 

Scaled vehicle mobility factors, scale model toes in snow; 
prepared by Carlo J. Roma [and, Robert P. McGowan. 
Fort Eustis, Va., U. S. Army Transportation Research Com- 

m yil, 63 p. lllos., map, dlagrs. 27 cm. (TCRBO technical report 
UC273A1823 no. 61-118 61-64860 

Saltykov, Aleksandr Vasil'evich. 

OCHOBH cOBpevrettHott TexHO.tornn aBiovofiajtHHX rann. 
H3^. 2., nepep. H flon. MocEsa, Toe. Hay^HC-iexH. HS^-BO 


483p. lllns. 23cm. 
TL270.S3 1960 61-26021 

fSSukerberg, Solomon Maksimovich. 

HoBHe aBTOMoCHjtBHHC niHHH. PesojieHflOB3HO B Ea^e- 
CTBC yueC. nocofimi. Hofl pe#. P. B. Kpanapenso. [Mocssa] 
PocBy3H3flaT, 1963. 

M, [81 p. Ulus. 21 cm, 
TIJ270.T68 64-46890 


Ivanchenko, Pavel Nikolaevich. 

3aeErp 0>(exaHBTCCKHe nepeflaTH; Teopiia H paciei. IIo^ 
pefl. IT, H. HBafMCBKO. JleHBHrpaA, Mararas [JeHHHrpa^- 
cioe oifl-HHC] 1962. 

481 p. HIM. 22cm. 
TL260.I9 63-31816 J 

Rodman, Zalaman Leibovich. 

Asio>fo6H^tEHe H MOTOHHEjerHBie nujKHC sajit. Mocrsa, 
Majnras, 1960. 

75 p. lllus. 20cm. 
TL260.R53 61-45936 t 

fSitovich, I S 

Pac^cTBi no npeflejBHHSf coCTOnnnaM BOJIOB, meciepeH H 
HO^UIHIIHHKOB aBTOuo6nj[A. MnHCE r Pe^aKnpioHHo-H: 
TeaicKHft OTflea BUH, 1960. 

120, [S] p. dlagrs., tables. 27 cm. 
TL260.T75 61-31633 


Prokol'er, Vladimir Nikolaevich. 

icttecHBrx z ryceBiraBHX na 
mnH. MocKBa, BOCH. HS^-BO, 1960. 

299 p. illus., dUagra. 28cm. 

see also Landing craft 


Eojrimott nvtaBacmHa aaTOjiotfnjr, BAB. MocKBa, Boen. 

H3fl-B0, 1961. 

87 p. Illos. 20 cm. (3a BOCHHO-TexHtciecitHe 3HauHx) 
TL229.A5PS 62-34958 t 

Pavlov, Sergei Pavlovich. 

PyccHirtHiift ruaBacmHft Tpancnoprep K-61. Mocrsa, 

BOCH. H3J-BO, 1963. 

182 p. lUo&, dlacn^ table*. 21 cm. (3a Boenjo-TexHineame 



Redtin, Mikhail Georgievich, 

TI.iaBaiomne rycenn^Hiie n SO.TCCHHC xamnHH, MocKaa, 
BOH. n3j-Bo, 1959. 

151 p. dtagnu, tablet 21cm. 
TL229.A6R4 1959 00-26975 

U. S. Marine Oorps. 

Maintenance m^n^itl, ordnance; maintenance, second 
through fifth echelon for landing vehicle tracked LVTH 6 
(armored amphibian assault howitzer carriage) [Washing- 
ton] 1968. 

1490 p. illQB. 24cm. 

VE86o^AS6 623.488 69-62460 


Beatley, Walter Owen, 1888- 

The cars in my life. London, Hutcbinson [1961] 
ISBpv llhu. 24cm. 
TL140.B88A88 1961 829522 63-S15 

Benttey, Walter Owe^ 1888- 

The cars in my life. New York, Macmillan, 196S [1961] 
IMp. lllnt Men. 
TU40B86AS3 1963 629522 68-149 


BnreS, Antonln. 

3&zenfandrulba,automobiluSkod8,T06. iVyd.L] Praia, 
Stitnl jiakl techniokfi Uteratnryj 1968. 

153 p, Ulua, 21cm. 
TL280375 60-26214 


Simik, Antom'n. 

Technickn udaje silni?nlch motorov^ch vozidel a trattorfi 
es. vyroby. c Vyd. l.j Pralm, Stiitni nnkl. technicke litera- 
tury, 1E59. 

106 p. (chiefly lllus.) 17cm. 
TLl(iO.S5 60-30838 rev J 


Afanas'ev, Leonid Leonidovich. 

CnpaooiHiiK aBTOkofiiLiLHoro vexanHKa. Ilofl o&nefl pea. 
Jl. Jl. A$anactesa. Hsfl. 3., nepep. H ^on. Mocisa, Mamrna' 

891 p. Ulua. 23cm. 
TL85.A756 1959 60-25910 t 

Anokhin, VasilQ Ivanovich. 

Ore'iecTBeHHtie aBTojiofinjrn. MocEaa, Mamrus 1960 
758 p. lllns. 25cm. 



ABTOMoCium, npimenti, fleraan s vaTepnajiH, npHieemtejiac 
B aBTOjiofiiuecTpoeHiiii ; [CTan^apTH, yTsepxflenHtie flo 1 
HJOHX 1962 r.] Hsfl. o^HnnwtHoe. MoCKaa, Toe. H3fl-Bo 
craHflapioa, 1962. 

270 p. lllus. 29 cm. (CCCP. TocyAapCTBeHHwe cramapTM) 
TL154A9 64-46006 

DobnatoYskQ, ffi A 

TparropH H aBTOMofiHJH; KpaxKHft cnpaso^HHK. Has. 3., 
acnp. H flon. MocKBa, Foe. H3fl-BO cejttxos. JHT-PH. 1960 

864 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
TL85.D6 1980 61-29754 { 

Isaev, Aleksandr Sergeevich. 

Oi caiiofierjofl KOXXCKB. flo 3HJ 111 ; 23 nciopHH aBTOHO- 
6'axz. [MocKBi] MocKOBCEBft paSo^Hft, 1961. 

1ST p. Ulna. 20cm. 
TL85.I76 64-37884 t 

Mikhaflovskil, Evgenii Vasil'evich. 

iHHxnoe HSA-BO, 1963. 

802 p, lllua. 22cm. 


Nagula, G E 

HiflpyiHHK mo^iepa Tpenoro saacy. BHfl. 2., nepep. la 
flon. KHIB, flcps, BHfl-so lexn. aiT-pn YPCP, 1962. 

457 p. 11100. 21 cm. 
TL88.N319 1962 68-32127 t 

Nagula, G E 

7He6HHK mo$epa ipertero Kiacca. Ha^. 3., nepep. H flon. 
^onynieHO B laiecrae y^eOHnsa K&SL noflrotOBKn mo$epos 
3. Ejacca. Mocssa, Hay^uo-iexH. B3fl-so MnHHcrepCTsa 
aBTO>io6jur.Horo Tpancnopra H mocccftHitx flopor PCOCP, 

810 p. lllua. 23cm. 
TL152ifl8 1960 60-42244 t 

Nagula, G E 

y^etfniiE rao$epa rpeiiero K-iacca. Ha^- 4., ncnp. n jon. 
Mocrna, HajniHO-TexH. H3fl-so MHHBCrepcTBa aBioitotfn.Ti.- 
Boro Tpancnopra H nroccensHX ^opor PC<t>CP, 1961. 

882 p, 111ns. 28cm. 
TL152.N18 1961 C2-49609 J 

Naumov, Vasilil Ivanovich. 

^rcnJIyaTa^HH, icxHH^ecEoe oSwy^UBaHne H peMOHi aB- 
Tonoo*H.ft ; cnpaBOHHHc iiaTepnajiii. Hsfl. 2., nepep. H flon. 
JleHHHrpa^, Toe, HayiHO-Texn. HS^-BO vainHHocipOHT. ZHT- 
PH [.IftHHBrpajCKoe OT^-ane] 1954. 

495, ,1] p. lllns. 21 cm. 
-- Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 485 T 
TL152.N317 1954 55-38851 rev 

Orlov, Vladimir L'vovieh. 

Kai npaBFUBHO arcEayarnpOBan flBHraituH ^tA3. Mo- 
cxaa, BOCK. HSS-BO, 1960. 

206 p. lUus. 21 cm. 
TL230.07 60-40834 t 


Sodedad Espanol* de Aatomovfles de Tnrfamo. 

Memoria y balance. 

T. Him- 25 cm. umnal. 
TL383I8S58 62-87036 t 

Sodedad Espanola de AutomdvUes de Turismo. 

Sooiedad Espanola de Antomdviles de Turismo. [Ma- 
drid 11953, 

41 p. lllui. 84cm. 
TL88-M8S6 60-20748 J 

MOTOR VEHICLES IN WAR aee Automobiles, 
Military; Motori2iation, Military; Tanks 
(Military science); Transportation, Military 


Archer, LeaHe, 1929- 

ScrambleB and moto-oroas. London, Temple Frees t !962] 
86p, mm. 19cm. 
aVIOflOJLT 1962 62-44781 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Husak, Pavel. 

Velki cena. [Vyd. 1. V Brn.5, Erojskl nakL, 1968] 

191 p. Ulna. 14 1 21 on. 

GV1060.H8 64-50689 

Ivanov, Sergei Mlkhaflovich. 

Hyrb K xaciepcTBy. Mocrsa, ,HOCAA<I>, 1955. 
SB p. 111ns- 20 cm. (HeMtraOHH H penopACMeau flOCAA*) 
GV1060.I 9 64-27914 

King, Max, 1916- 

Trials riding. With, a foreword by Hugh Viney. t 2d 
ed., London, Temple Press [I960] 

148 p. lllns. IS cm. 
GV1060.K5 1960 796.75 60-2228 | 

Ladtfk, FrantiSek, sports writer. 

Sest velkych. dnfi; historie Mezinarodni Sestidennl moto- 
cyklove souteze. |1. vyd.j Praha, Sportovni a turistickS 
nakL, 1957. 

162 p. lllns. 21cm. 
GV1060.L8 59-54681 t 

Okrouhlicky, Ivan. 

Terenni jizda; technickd upravy motocyklu a priprava 
jezdce pro terenni jlzdu. [Vyd. 1. V Praze, NaSe vojsko, 


230 p. Hlus. 28 cm. (Telki knlinlce motorlsmn, sv. 12) 
GV1060.05 59-52454 

Surtees, John, 1934- 

Motoreycling boot London, F. Muller [1988, '1961] 
127 p. Illus, port*. 26 on. 
GV1060.S85 1963 796.76 68-147 

Snrtees, John, 1934- 

Speed; John Surtees' own story. London, A. Barker 

168 p. Ulna., ports. 21 cm. 
GV1060.S8G 796.7 63-6209 


Auto, moto, sport; tygodnik ilustrowany. nr. 1- 

v. In fflus., ports. 30 on. 
GV1029A76 64-42244 


see also Motor scooters; Motorcycling 

Albrecht, Earl Heinz, of Jena. 

Mit dem Kraftrad ins Gelande. [Neuenhagen bei Berlin] 
Verlag Sport und Technik, 1960. 

98 p. Ulns. 18cm. 
GV1059.6.A4 62-58643 J 

Bruckner, Gerhard. 

Betriebsanleitunff fur das Motorrad Typ AWO 425. [Als 
Hrsjf. arbeitete mit Siegfried Bauchj Leipzig, Faehbuch- 
verlajr, 1954. 

^ft p. illus* 22 en. 

A 60-152 
Detroit Public Library 

Brflekner, Gerhard. 

Betriebsanleituiig fur das Motorrad Typ AWO 42B. 3., 
verb. Aufl. Leipzig, Fachbuchverlajf, 1955. 
120 p. Illus. 22cm. 

A. 60-138 
Detroit Public Library 

Bnrghard, Waldemar. 

Beaeer fahren. mit dem Motorrad j ein Handbueh. Biele- 
feld, Verlag Klasing [1955] 

223 p. Ulns. 22cm. (Besser tahren) 

A 80-134 
Detroit Public Library 

Carter, Ernest Frank, 1899- 

The boys' book of Cycles and motor cycles. New York, 
Boy Publishers [1962j 

144 p. lllns. 26cm. 
TL440.C38 1962 629527 62-16749 J 

Cannter, Cyril Frauds, 1899- 

The history and development of motorcycles, as illustrated 
by die collection of motor cycles in the Science Museum. 
London, H. M. Stationery Off., 1955-58. 

2r. Illus. 29cm. 
TL440.C84 6295275 58-29792 rev J 

China (People 1 ! Sspublio of China, 1949- ) Ti yA yfin 
twig u>ei yuan hvi. Lu tfumy ytin fang uv. 

*ft*IHt ~" ' 

42 p. Ola*. 19cm. 

1. Motorcycla. r. Tide: 

Title nnmiMi! Mo f o ch'6 ehU rtlli. 
C61-H75 1 

Cichowski, Andrzej. 

Motooykle nowoczesne; opisy techniczne. [Wyd. l.j 
Warszawa, Wyda/wn. Komunikacyjne, 1980. 

358 p. Ulna. 21cm. 
TL440.C47 80-46064 t 

Edler, Earl Heinz. 

Kraftf ohrzeuge von der Auswahl bis znr Zulassnng [Vonj 
Karl-Heinz Bdler [Und] "Wolfgang Boediger. (L Amfl., 
Berlin, Verlag Neues Leben, 1960. 

ISlp. illuB. IS cm. (Faaaat-BQcherel, Bd. 23) 
TL154.E45 61-41945 J 

Educational Productions, ltd. 

Motor cyclirijT. Published in collaboration with the Auto- 
CycleUnimi. r l=tecl. London, N'iblick Pub. Co., 1061, 'I960; 
stampetl : ilistrlbutecl by Sportbhelf, \'ew Rochelle, N. Y.j 

48 p. Illns. 14 1 21 cm. (Know the gnrae series) 
GV1059.5.ES TOfi.73 G1-50S I 

Fronk, Josef. 

Automobil a motocykl v obrazech. 1. vyd. Praha, Ifase 
vojsko, 19 

T. Utus. ana atlas. 20 cm. [VycrlkoTa knlinlce HdlCft, ST. 23) 
TL151.F76 62-67699 

E'ronk, Josef. 

Automobil a motocykl v obrazech. 2. vyd. Praha, Naife 
vojsko, 1956- 

T. and atlas. 25 cm. (Velka knlZnlce motoriamn, ST. 4 
XL151.F75 1956 61-49198 

Graupner, Alfred. 

Das Kleinkraftrad; eine kleine Verkehrs- uad Fahrzeng- 
kunde fur Moped- and Kleinrollerfahrer vonj Alfred 
Graupner jundj Hnnn Eladner. Berlin, Transprees [I960] 

79 p. Illns. 21 cm. 
TL450.G7 68-49424 \ 

Griffith, John Panter. 

Built for speed; twenty-four motorcycles of outstanding 
design and performance. London, Temple Press Books 

88 p. Ulus. lSx20cm. 
TL440.G7 1962 

68-28207 t 

Husak, Pavel. 

Zavodnt motocykly. Spolupraoovali a upravili Jan Ciiek, 
Joromir Cimburek, Jaroslav Hausman. ( Vyd. 1.] Praha, 
Stitnl nakL technickS literatury, 1960. 

Ill p. lllns. 20cm. 
TL440.H8 61-25524 \ 

Irving, Philip Edward, 1903- 

Motorcycle engineering. London, Templa Press [1961] 
826 p. Illua. 23cm. 



Irving, Philip Edward, 1903- 

Tuning for speed; how to increase the performance of a 
standard motorcycle engine for racing and competition work. 
[4th ed.] London, Temple Press [I960] 

294 p. ulna. 20cm, 
TL445.I7 1960 6295276 60-86399 

Jansa, Vladimir. 

Konstrukce motocyklu. [Vyd. 
technickd literatury, 1960. 

746 p. lllns. 25 cm, 

Praha, Statni nakL 


Jidfeha GijvtsokmL 

Automobiles, 1951. [Tokyoj Society of Automotive Engi- 
neers of Japan [1951] 

unpaged. Illus. 28 cm. 
TL105.J5 6295 58-23376 rev 

Jozif, J 

Motocykly Jawa: CZ 125, 150, 250, 350. [Vyd.1., Praha, 
Statni nakl. technicke' literatnry, 1957. 

238 p. lllns. 21 cm. 
TL448.J27J6 60-20169 

ESmpf, Kurt 

Betriebsanleitung fur das IFA-Motorrad BE 850. [Als 
Hrsg. wirkte mit Siegfried E*.uchj Leipzig, Fachbaehver- 


108 p. lllns. 22 cm. 

A 60-186 
Detroit Pnbllc Library 

Eraftfahrzeoge auf unseren Stnssen. [Bearb. von einem 
AntorenkollektiV] Berlin, Verlag Technik [1959j 

171 p. Him. 81cm. 
TL145X75 629520948 60-24558 

Mares', EareL 

Vyrobni pr&ce iikft a vyroba; souvialost votty obsahn, 
raetod a organiiacnlch. foram vyrobnl price Hku s vyr^ 
cinnosti zivodu. t Vjd. l. T Prahv Ce. spoleSiost pro Hrenl 
poMctych a vedeckych zrmlosti, 1968, 

150 p. inn*. 21 aa. (Polytechnlctt knHnlcft 41 r. t J4y Co 

Meber, Zdenft. 


, 17cm, 



Motocyclocatalogue, dictionnaire dn cycle et du motooycle. 
Paris, Editions S. O. S. P. 

T. lllos. 32 cm. 
TL400.1IC6 61-40936 t 

Northwestern University, Evamton, Itt. Traffic Inttiiute. 

Motorcycle operation; a manual for riders. [Evanston, 
111., 1904, 

18 p. illus. 28 cm. 

- Instructor's manual for training motorcycle riders. 
[Evnnston, I1L, 1964. 
II, 38, 18 p. Illus. 28 cm. 

TL440.N6T Manual 
TL440.N67 84-20570 

Poradaik motocyklisty. [Zespoi antorfiw: Er^ysztof Brnn. 
ei al.j Wyd. 2., popr. i uzup. Warazawa, Wydawn. Zomu- 
nikacji i Lacznosci, 1962. 

515 p. Ulus. 18 cm. 
TL440.P65 1082 63-55628 

Raboch, Vddav. 

TTcebnice fidice motocyklu, mopedu a skutru. [1. vyd.j 
Praha, Svaz pro spoluprici s armadou 1961. 

24S p. lllns. 22 cm. (Vycylkori knlinlce Hdldfl ST. 21) 
TL440.R25 62-26711 J 

Rio, Agostin. 

Esquemas da automovilss americanos y europeos; descrip- 
ci6n de las instalaciones el&tricas, con. sus caracteristicas 
fundamentales, de las mas importantes marcaa de coches 
actualmente existentes. 1. ed. Buenos Aires, A. EIu r 1960i 

419 p. lllns. 24cm. i i j 

TL372.B52 60-45527 J 

Sanchez, Mario A 

Auiilinr del motorista en carretara, por Mario A, Sfachez 
y Aureliano Bustos. Madrid, Editorial Dossat, 1961. 
125 p. Illua., tables. IS cm. 

A 62-198 
Ohio State Unlr. Llbr. TL440 

Sheldon, James. 

Veteran and vintage motor cycles. London, Batsford 

208 p. lllns. 23 cm. 
TL440.S465 6295275 61-44609 J 

Shvalkovskfl, V V 

CoBpeueHHKe xoroqiiKJCH ; ycrpoScTso IIOIOIIBEIOB H xo- 
TOpojuepOB. Hsfl. 2., nepep. Moacsa, flOCAAO, 1961. 

287 p. lllns. 21 cm. 
TL440.S47 1961 62-48645 t 


Teohiiickii udaje silniSnlcli mototOTych. vozidel a traktorii 
cs. vyroby. [Vyd. l.j Prahn, Stitnl nakL technicM litera- 
tury, 1959. 

108 p. (chiefly Illaa.) 17 an. 
TL160.S5 60-36838 rev t 

Smith, Philip Hubert, 1906- 

The scientific design of exhaust and intake systems. With 
the cooperation of John C. Morrison. Cambridge, Mass., R. 
Bentley, 1962. 

212 p. Ulna. 23 cm. 
TL210.S493 625562 62-51689 J 

Ttma, Adolf. 

UJebnice fidiJe motocyklu. 5., prepracovanfi a doplnenS 
vyd. ipfepracoval a dopmil A. Tftma mladS] Praha, NaSe 
voisko, 1960. 

167 p. Illus. 28cm. (TycrttOTa kalinlce Hdlifl, IT. li) 
TL440.T85 1960 61-26375 J 

Warszawska Fabryka Motocykli. 

Motocykl WFM 125, model M 06; budowa, dzialanie, 
obshiga, naprawa, [Opracowanie: Tadensz Heryng] 
4. Warszawa, Paistwowe Wydavn. Techniczne, 1958, 

158 p. Ulus. 18cm. 
TL448.W46W3 1958 60-20168 J 

Wilson, M J 

ABO motor cycles. London, L Allan t !960f ; stamped: 
distributed by Sportehelf, Hew Eochelle, N. T. 3 

84 p. UJui. 17cm. 
TL440.W48 6285275 61-446 

, Lynn. 

The complete book of motorcycling, by Lynn Winehnd 
and the editors of Hot rod maguue. (Log Angeles, Peter- 
sen Pub. Co. [1964, 

OS p. UltDL, ports. 28 cm. (Hot rod T^g^in. tedmlaU library) 
TL440.W69 6295275 64-66988 


Al'okov, D 

TepjtHHOJiorHJi BO KOTOUHJaernyiM. Oflo6pHa or ITpo- 
rpajiHO-Mero^mHaia cemai npa HayHO-xcro,ninHBJi CMCT 
BK4>C. Co4>H, MtAmmsa H ^nsryxrypa, 1957. 

82 p. Olas. 20 cm. 
TL489JL4 60-^935 


Der Kupfenrurm; Elektrotochnik, Zundung und, Lichfc- 
technac an Krmftrahrieo^n. t L AufL] Stuttgart, Motor- 
Presse-Verlmg [1961; 

Ttt, 888 p. Turn, dUftm. S2 en, (StnttfMtw Motorrlb8ch, 
Bd. S) 
TL445JI4 68-48261 

Ltbrary of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Osborne, BernaL 

Motor cycling electrical manual t 2d eij London, Tem- 
ple Press [I960] 

1S8 p. llluB. 20 cm. 
TL446.08 1960 6295275 60-39868 J 

Pavlak, Milan. 

3aerrpooC5opyAOBaHHe Moxon^oa. [IlepeBOfl c lemczoro 
B. K. KomEHHa. Hofl pefl. K). M. FajiKHHa, MocsBa, Toe 
Hayroo-iexH. HS^-BO uanmHoc-rpojiT. aar-pH, 1961. 

196 p. Ulax. 21 cm. 
TL445.P318 63-33245 1 


Informator Bamochodowo-motocyklowy. 1967- 
Warszawa, Wydawn. Komunikaeyjne. 
v. tllus., fold. coL maps. 15 cm. 

TL151J 53 

60-29060 rev 


Motor cycling. 

Motorcycle maintenance illustrated. London. Temple 
Press [1961, "1960, 

28p. Ulna 27cm. 
TL445.M625 1961 61-29684 t 

Motor cycling. 

Workbench wisdom. Reprinted from "Motor cycling 
with scooter weekly." C 2d ed.j London, Temple Press 
t 1961] 

81 p. lllns. 19 cm. 
TL445.M633 1961 62-1881 

Osborne, BernaL 

Modern motorcycle maintenance. t 3d ed.] London, Tem- 
ple Press [1961] 

240 p. lllns. 20cm. 
TL440.08 1961 629.2275 62-2822 

Sanchez, Mario A 

Auxiliar del motorista. en carretara, por Mario A. Sanchez 
y Aureliono Bustos. Madrid, Editorial Dossat, 1961. 
125 p. mus., tables. 18cm. 

A 62-193 
Ohio State UnlT. LIbr. TL440 

Santholzer, Robert 

UdrJba a opravy nitSru automobilu a motocyklu. [Vyd. 
l.j Praha, Sttni nakL tochnicke' literatury, 1959. 

189p. Illus. 21cm. 
TL164.S23 60-26568 J 

Silkin, A N 

TexHHsecxoe o(5cjyacnBa.HHe H penoHT 

182 p, fflns. 20cm, 


63-30B07 J 



T. In 

mot, ports, map*. 40cm. monthly. 

REPAIRING see Motorcycles 

Maintenance and repair 


Motor cycling- sports year book. 1951- 
London, Temple Press. 

T. lllns^ ports. 23 cm. 
TL1.M9183 629.2275058 52-66885 rev 


Kowalald, Jerzy, automotive engineer. 

Usprawniam motocykl W. F. M. jTVyd. L, Warsaw*, 
Wydawn. Komunik&cii i L^cznofci, 1962. 

48 p. Ulna, (part In pocket) 21 on. 
TL448.W45K8 6WS2060 


Denienf ev, Konstantin Ivanovich. 

CnpaaoiHHi noronHuacra. H3#, 2., Hcnp. a fftn. Mo- 
cisa, OnSKyitiypa H cnopr, I960. 

Hip. 111m. 21cm. 
TL440JH 1990 61-25853 J 

GinGburg, Matvel Griffor'evich. 

ycipoflcTBo H o5cjyacnBaaie MoicupnaoB. Hs^. 2, nepep. 
Mocrsa, Mamras, 1963. 

819 p. Ulta. 22cm. 
TL440.G5 1963 64-29499 

baer, MOthafl Pornr'eTki. 

Moron^uM "HK-56" a "HK-Kmrrep"; ycipocro, 
yxof n oacjryacHBasHe. HOA otfnjeft p. C H. 4>Hmepa 
C. M. Tearoom. Haceci, y^nyprcroe rawcsoe HSA-IO, 

207 p. fflm. Zlorn. 
TL440J8 62-66728 t 

Markovlch, Moisel Eflmovich. 

BeaocHne^HHfi flBaraiej& 
jiiiHrpa.iCKoe otfl-HnC] 1959. 

92 p. MlpH. 22 cm. 

JTeanHrpafl, Mamrns [Je 

PozdnAkov, M A 

MoTonTiEa K-760. Kites, Mamrns rlOmioe < 
278p. Ulna. 22cm. 

Shvafltovskir, V V 

y^etfHHE HaiHHatimero noron;HEjiHCTa. Hi 
flon. MocsBa, laasyjitTypa H cnopr. 1962. 

ISlp. lllns. 22cm. 
TL440.S48 1962 

. 4., nepep. H 


Educational Prodactions, ltd. 

Motor cycling. Published in collaboration with the Auto- 
Cycle Uninn. r lsted. London, Xiblick Pub. Co., 1901, C 1D60; 
stamped: distrihuted by Sportshelf, New Rochelle, N. Y., 

48 p. illus. 14x21 cm. (Know the game serins) 




Noble, Dudley. 

Teach yourself motor cycling and scootering for beginners. 
[New cd., London, English Universities Press t !961; 
stamped: distributed by Sportahelf. New Rochelle N Y, 

160 p. Ulna. 18cm. (The Teach yourself books) 
TL440.N65 1961 629.2275 61-2884 1 

Thorpe, John, 1928- 

Motor cycling guide to the driving test; how to qualify 
as a rider, and to become proficient in the handling of motor- 
cycles, scooters, and sidecar outfits. London, Temple Press 

85 p. Illus. 19 cm. 
TL440.T55 629.28 50-54030 J 


see also Automobiles, Military; 
Mechanization, Military; Tanks 
(Military science) 

Munzel, Oskar. 

Panzer-Taktik; Kaids gepanzerter Verbande im Ostfeld- 
zug, 1941/42. Neckargemilnd, K. Vowinckel, 1959. 

136 p. lllns. 21 cm. (Die Wehrmacht Im Kampf, Bd. 20) 
D757.W37 Bd.20 59-54638 t 

Ogorkiewicz, Richard H 

Armor; a history of mechanized forces. New York, 
Praeger [I960] 

478 p. Illus. 25cm. 
UQ446.5.O5 1960 623.438 60-11276 J 

RedTdn, Mikhail Gtorgievieh. 

BpOHerpaHcnopiepH. MocKoa. Boen. HSI-BO, 1961 
fl6p. Illm. 20cm. 
UG446.5.IJ4 62-37243 J 

Senger and Etterlin, Ferdinand Maria von. 

Die Panzergrenadiere; Geschichts und Gestalt der mech- 
nisierten Infanterie 1930-1960. Mflnchen, J. F. Lehmann 

267 p. lllnsn dlogrs. tables. 20 cm. 
UQ446.5.S397 64-27228 


Latilla, Domenico. 

"Vade mecum" per I'nfficiale e il sottnfficiale delle unitt 
motorizzate. 4. ed. agnsto 1958. [Torino? 1958, 
768p, Illus. 19cm. ' 

U0345J8L8 1958 63-31406 J 


Berkachenko, Ivan Grigor'evich. 

BoeHHHt Bo^Hiera. Mocisa, BOCH. HSI-BO, I960. 
89p. Ulna. 20cm. (Canary H wiipocy o sofae) 
U0345.IJ9D4 61-259SC : 

MOTORIZED TROOPS see Motorization, 

MOTORLESS FLIGHT see Gliding and soaring 


IT. S. General Accounting Ojlee, 

Eiflrnmiition of the pricing of certain components of cor- 
poral missiles under Department of the Army negotiated 
fiied-price subcontracts awarded by GilfUlan Bros., inc., Los 
Angeles, California to Motorola, inc., Western Military Elec- 
tronics Center, Phoenix, Arizona; report to the Congress of 
the United States by the Comptroller General of the United 
States. (Washington, 1961. 

27L 27cm. 
UG6S3JU59 196U 61-61846 



see also Alcohol motors; Diesel motor- 
Dynamos; Electric motors; Electric 
railway motors; Gas and oil engines; 
Hydraulic motors; Machinery; Outboard 
motors; and subdivision Motors under 
applicable subjects, e.g. Sports cars 

Albano, Juan Carlos. 

La moto-scooter (Tespa, Lambretta, Iso, etc.) Servicio 
mecamco , entretemmiento, reparacidn. Barcelona, Editorial 
omtes [I960, 

252 p. Illus., tables. 23cm. 

Ohio State Univ. Llbr. TL450 A 60-5627 

DorSe-riiS, Svetozar A. 

Moiopn: EenaHH-MOTOpa; flH3e.i-MOTop H ; racmi uoTOpn; 

TJ755.D73 1962 

Levin, Mark loaifovich. 

; or BO^SHOTO Kojieca 

-Pa, 1957. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 822 AC 
TJ755I4 61-42201 t 

Levin, Mark losifovich. 

MaSina-dzineis (no udensrata lidz atomdzinijam) [Tul- 
kojis J. KalnciemS] Riga, Latvijas valsts izdevnieciba, 1958 

208 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
TJ7S5.L416 60-22516 J 


Nelskyla, Georg. 

_Teknisk handbofc for montorer och metallarbetare; tek- 
nisk uppalagsbofc for alia. 2. omarb. uppL Stockhohn 
Lindquist [1946, 

192 p. illus. IB cm. 
TN67LN4 1946 6^3326 t 

MOTORWAYS see Express highways 


Yoong, Clarence H 

Foundation for living; the story of Charles Stewart Mott 
and Flint, by Clarence H. Young & William A. Quinn. [1st 
ed.j New York, McGraw-Hill ,1963, 

254 p. Illus. 22 cm. 
F574J62M6 923.673 63-13163 


Mott, Frank Luther, 1886- 

Time enough; essays in autobiography. Chapel Hill, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina Press r !962, 

248p. 28cm. 
PN4874.M59A3 818JS2 62-5873 t 


Hopf, Donald Wffliam, 1923- 

An analysk and evaluation' of the speaking of John 
Raleigh Mott Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-7363 Mic 58-7363 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 


Burnett, Constance (Bod) 

Lucretia Mott, girl of old Nantucket. Illustrated by 
Nathan Goldstein. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill t 1963, 

200 p. Ulna. 20 cm. (Childhood of famoni American!) 
PZ7.B93LnlO 62-16602 t 


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Lucretia Mott, gentle warrior. [1st ed.. Garden City, 
N. Y., Doubleday ,1964, 
287 p. jeneal table. 2Z cm. 



Families marchandes sons I'ancien regime: les Danse st 
les Motte, de Beauvtia. Paris, S. E. V. P. E N 19B9 
ixlT, 182 p. dlagra, 25 on. (Affaln et pan ffutauw, 18) 

NewTorkTJnlT. Llbrarle* HF4S6 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


aee also Slogans 

Boone, Abbott. 

Our hypocritical new national motto: In God we trust; 
a study of the congressional substitution for E pluribus 
unum and its theological implications. [1st ed.j New York, 
Exposition Press [1968, 

114 p. 21 cm. 
BL2775.2.B6 261.7 62-21054 I 


Turfek, FrantiSek J 

Muflon, Ovis musimon Schreber, na Slovensku. [Vyd. 1. 
Bratislava, Svaz pol'ovnickych oohrannych spolkov na Slo- 
vensku, 1919, 

45 p. 25 illus. 19 cin. (KnUnlca "Porovnfckeho obzoru," sv. 4) 
QL737.U5T8 59-37734 rev J 


Centre beige de documentation musicale, Brussels. 

Eaymond Honlaert. Bmxelles [1954] 

19 p. Ulus. 20 cm. ( Catalogue des (euvres de composlteurs 
beiges, oo. 8) 
ML134.M73A15 58-43190 rev J/MN 

MOULAGE see Prosthesis 


Southall, Ivan. 

Softly tread the brave ; a triumph over terror, devilry, and 
death by mine disposal officers John Stuart Mould, G. o., o. jr., 
and Hugh Randal Syme, o. o., o. H., and Bar. [Sydneyj 
Angus and Robertson [1960j 

293 p. Ulus. 23 cm. 
D787.S65 940.541242 60-41535 J 

MOULD (BOTANY) see Molds (Botany) 
MOULD, VEGETABLE see Humus; Soils 
MOULDING (METAL) see Molding (Founding) 
MOULDING SAND see Sand, Foundry 

MOULDINGS see Moldings 

Burma-Siam Railroad 


Monition, Lucien. 

Etude geologique de la region de Mechra-IQilaj basse 
Moulouya (application & I'ftude d*un project de barrage) 
Rabat, Editions du. Service geologique du Maroc, 1958. 

96 p. llras., maps (part fold.) diagm, tables. 25 cm. (Morocco. 
Service geologique. Notes et memolres, no 140) 
[QE339.M8A3 no. 140] a S 61-17 

IT. S. Oeol. Surrey. Ubr. 

Sneuer, Anne Gertrude, 1883- 

A vanished world. Ulus. by Nancy B. Perkins. [Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., Syracuse University Press, 1964. 

T, 885 p. Urns. 22 cm. 
F127.O6S63 917.4785 64-16923 


Shetrone, Henry Clyde, 1876- 

The mound-builders; a reconstruction of the life of a pre- 
historic American race, through exploration and interpreta- 
tion of their earth mounds, their burials, and their cultural 
remains. Port Washington, N. Y., Kennikat Press [1964, 

xr, EOS p. llla&, port, maps, facstms. 23 cm. 
E73.S5B 1964 970.65719 64-15642 


Scheele, William E 1920- 

The mound builders; written and illustrated by William 
E. Scheele. ,1st ed., Cleveland, World Pub. Co. [I960] 

60 p. Illus, 22 cm. 
E7&S35 970.477 60-11463 t 


Ritchie, William Augustus, 1903- 

The eastern dispersal of Adena, by William A. Ritchie, 
State areheologist, and Don W. Dragoo, assistant curator, 
Section of Man, Carnegie Museum. Albany, University of 
the State of New York, 3060. 

SO n. illus., mnp, cliiisr., tulips, i'i cm. (New York Wtiita Mu- 
seum ami Science ScrTlce. Bulletin no. 379) 
Q11.N82 no. 379 970.3 A 60-0483 

Copy 2. ET4.O3R5 

New York. State LIbr. 

Setzler, Frank Maryl, 1902- 

Welcome Mound and the effigy pipes of the Adena people. 
(In U. S. National Museum. Proceedings. Washington. 24 cm. 
T. 112 (1960) p. 451-458. lllns., maps.) 
Q11.U55 vol.112 62-6005 


Scheu, Rolfe F 

1,000 years on Mound Key; the story of tie Caloosa 
Indians on west coast Florida, centering around Ft. Myers 
Beach and its surrounding bay waters. With illus, and 
photon, by the author. Ft. Myers Beach, Fla., Island Press 

89 p. Illua. 23 cm. 
E99.C18S3 63-6420 J 


see also Earthworks (Archaeology)j 
Kitchen -middens; Ship burial 

see also Helena Crossing site 

Ford, James Alfred, 1911- 

Menard site: the Quapaw village of Osotony on the Ar- 
kansas IJiver. New York, 1961. 

133-191 p. Illus., maps, tables. 27 cm. (Anthropological papers 
of tie American Museum of Natural History, v. 48, pt 2) 
GN2.A27 vol. 48, pt 2 970.65719 61-66689 


Ponce Sangines, Carlos. 

Cuatro cistas prehispinicas de Pifiiko. [La Paz, Direc- 
ci6n General de Cultura de la H. Municipalidad de La Paz, 

46 p. Illus. 24cm. 

F3S20.1.P6F7 61-23418 t 


Bndinsky-Kricka, Vojtech. 

Slovanskfi mohyly v Skalici. Slawische Hugelgraber in 
Skalica. Bratislava, VydavateFstvo Slovenskej akademie 
vied, 1959. 

211 p. Illus, (1 mounted coL) plates. 80 cm. (Archaeologtca 
Slovaca, fontes, t. 2) 
GN796.C9B8 61-43079 


Ramskou, Thorkilo*. 

Himmerlands oldtidsminder. Kjfbenhavn, J. Gjellernp, 

B4p. 111UB. 18x16 on. (Damnarks herlljheder) 
DL291.H52R3 62-S8082reT J 

*948.9 913.489 


PlSgott, Stuart 

The West Kennet Long Barrow excavations, 1955-56, 
London, H. M. Stationery OfL, 1962, 

ill, 103 p. Ulas, maps (1 Mi. col.) profllta, tables. 2B cm. (iGL 
Brlt-j Ministry of Works, Archaeological reports, no. 4) 
GN796.G7P5 1962 63-6476 


Jordan, Douglas Frederick. 

Papers on the Jungennan and Goodman sites, Florida [by] 
Douglns F. Jordan, Elizabeth S. Wing, and Adelaide K. 
Bullen. Gninesville, University of Florida, 1963. 

TO p. Ulna, dlagrs., tables. 28 cm. (flomrfbettoiis-of-the Florida 
State Museum : social sciences, no. 10) 

E78.F6J6 970.6S719 A 64-7099 

Florida. CTniv. Library 

Sears, William Hulse, 1920- 

The Bayshore Homes site, St Petersburg, Florida, 
Gainesville, University of Florida, 1960. 

S5 p. Illus, map. 23 cm. (Contrtlratlona of the Florida State 
Museum : social sciences, no. 6) 

E74J6S39 970.65719 A 80-9883 

Florida, UnlT. Library 

Snow, Charles Ernest, 1910- 

Indian burials from St. Petersburg, Florida. QauYesvfflB, 
University of Florida, 1962. 

28 p. flhu, tiblet. 28 on. (OontritaUom of tlw Florid* Stmte 
Mneom,ocUllence^iio.8) .,,. 

E98-i65S62 A 62-9887 

Florida. UnlT. 



Kelly, Arthur Randolph, 1000- 

A Weeden Island burial mound in Decntur County, 
Georgia and related sites on the lower Flint River. Athens, 
Laboratory of Archaeology, Dept of Sociology und Anthro- 
pology, University of Georgia r 195-, 

111,401 28cm. ( University of Georgia. Laboratory 
of Archaeology series. Report no. 1) 
E78.G3K4 870.475899 60-S3502 


Ashbee, PauL 

The bronze age round barrow in Britain; an introduction 
to the study of the funerary practice and culture of the Brit- 
ish and Irish single-grave people of the second millennium 

B. o. London, Phoeniz House tl960j 

222 p. Ulus , maps, ports., profiles, tables. 26 cm. 
GN796.G7AS 61-2520 

see also Steuben site 

Snyder, John Francis, 1830-1921. 

John Francis Snyder: selected writings. Edited by Clyde 

C. Walton. With a biographical essay by Phyllis E. Con- 
nolly and an appraisal of Snyder's archaeological -work, by 
Melvin L. Fowler. Springfield, Illinois State Historical 
Society, 1962. 

T, 829 p. plates, ports. 27cm. 
F541.S68 62-84087 


Fowler, Melvin Leo, 1924- 

Ferry site. Hardin County, Illinois. Springfield, 1957. 
36 p. lllus., maps. 28 cm. (Illinois. State Museum, Springfield. 
Scientific papers, T. 8, Bo. 1) 
Q11.I352 vol. 8, no. 1 A 58-9318 rev 

-- Copy 2. E74I2F74 

minols. Univ. Library. 

Fowler, Melvin Leo, 1934- 

Rutherf ord Mound, Hardin County, Illinois. Springfield, 

44 p. Illus., maps. 26cm. (Illinois. State Museum, Springfield. 
Scientific papers, t. T, no. 1) 

Q11.I352 vol. 7, no. 1 913,77398 A 58-9317 rev 

-- Copy 2. E74.I2F75 

Illinois. Univ. Library 


KeUar, James H 

The 0. L. Lewis Stone Mound and the stone mound prob- 
lem. Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1960. 

377-481 p. lllns., map, plan, tables. 26 cm. (Indiana Historical 
Society. Prehistory research series, T. 3. no. 4) 
E74I SK4 970.47259 60-52035 

Salts, Tadashi, 1008- 

Bg ft 36 ,1961, 

Bibliographical footmXM. 
ft (p. 1-S*, 4th group) : #?) 1 
^ 3 

- 2 

1. Tiiuilw JPMII. !i. Hounds Jnin. t. Title, 

Title routtiui;?*: Nlh kiifnn no kenkyQ. 




BrastinS, Ernests, 1892- 

Latvijas pilskalni. Riga, Pieminekln valdea iideTmns, 

T. illus., nape. 81 cm. (Plemlnekln Taldes mute-lain 



Jenson, Peter. 

Eooney burial mound, by Peter Jenson & Wilda Anderson. 
St. Paul, Science Museam tl961 fj 

21-28 p. Illua, tables. 22 cm. dSt Pnl Injatttte, St Psnl, 
IQnn.] Science Museum. Science bulletin no T) 
E743I5J4 970.47647 61-4044 



Rttdenko, Sergei Ivanovich, 1885- 

Kyjirypa xynaoB B HOHByjHHCSHe KypraHH. .leaHHrpafl, 
HS^-BO AOWMHH Bays CCCP (^eaHarpa^croe oifl-KHei 

Ulns. 2Tcm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOUNDS (Continued) 


Lloyd, Seton. 

Mounds of tie Near East. [Edinburgh] Edinburgh Uni- 
versity Press ( 196Si 

319 p. Illus., map. 26 cm. (Tba Bhlnd lectures, 1981-1902) 
DS56.L56 918.89 64-1689 


Huitema, T 

Het ontstaan van de terpen in het noordcn van ons land 
en hot opslibben von het zeekleigebied waarin men de terpen 
aantreft. Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandsche Uitg. Mij., 1958. 

14 p. map. 24 cm. (Mededellngen der Konlnklljke Nederlandse 
Atademle van Wctensebflppen. Afd. LeUerkunde, NIeuwe reeks, 
deel 21, no. 10) 
AS244.A.51 n.r., deel 21, no. 10 A 60-610 

Copy 2. GN796.N4HS 

Chicago. Univ. Lfbr. 


Glasbergen, Willem. 

De am van Toterfout en de reformatie van de Britse 
Bronstijd. Groningen, J. B. Wolters, 19B7. 

24 p. 24cm. 
GN778.N4G53 61-35296 J 


Bakken, AsbjVrn. 

Kongshnugen pi Gokstad. [Sandefjordj Sandefjord 
sjfifartmusenm. 1959. 

24 p. fflns. 21cm. 
DL696JS3B3 63-31613 J 


Oregon Archaeological Society. 

Wakemap Mound and nearby sites on the long narrows of 
the Columbia Biver. Portland, Oregon Museum of Science 
and Industry, 1959 t l e. I960] 

38,|3|P. Ultu., mips. 28cm. (Iti Publication no. 1) 
E74.06507 970.47954 60-4874 


Espejo Ndfiez, Julio V 

Katayok y Molle-Ukru. Lima [Editora MSdica Peruana, 

91-98 p. HIM. 25 cm. 
F8429.1.A45E78 61-25833 } 


Ivanov, Petr Petrovich, 1886-1S42. 

Marepnajm no HCTOPBH MopflBH vm-n BB.; ^HCBHHK ap- 
xeoiorHHCCKHX pacxonoc. [KpioEOBCEO-KyJEHoacKntl MO- 
raitHBi. Pefl. H BCTyn. crarta A. It. CKHPHOBS, Mop- 
mancij USA. Mopmancroro KpaeacflTCCKOro jrysts, 1952. 

282 p. Ulna. 31cm, 
DK34.M6 1 9 66-19481 rev J 


Kelly, Arthur Randolph, 1900- 

Cbanga mound and village site (38 Od) in Oconee 
County, South Carolina, by A. E. Kelly and B, S. NeitzeL 
Athens, Laboratory of Archaeology, Dept of Sociology and 
Anthropology, University of Georgia, 196L 

tr, 67 p. ffina., map. 28 cm. (Cnlrenlty of Georgia. Labora- 
tory of Archseoloty series. Scport no. 3) 
E74.S7K4 970.45721 61-63671 


Shetrone, Henry Clyde, 1876- 

The mound-builders; a reconstruction of the life of a pre- 
historic American race, through exploration and interpreta- 
tion of their earth mounds, their burials, and their cultural 
remains. Port Washington, N. Y., TTnnTiiHt Press tM***> 

xx, 506 p^ Utns, port, mop*, facdms. 23 cm. 
E7aS65 194 970.65719 64-15543 


Norona, Bdf, 1895- 

MonndsviDe's mammotli mound. 3d ML, rer. Moonds- 

62-B769B t 

eop. mm. 23cm. 
E74.W5N6 1983 

Setder, Frank Marrl, 1902- 

"Welcome Mound and the effigy pipes of tte Adeca people. 
(I* D. S. Natlooal Mnagnm. Proceedlngi. Wtihlttiton. 24 em. 
T. 112 (I960) P.4C1-43S. rUut,mp.) 
Q1LU65 voLllfi 62-6008 


Cooper, LduuL 

Indian llouitds Park, Bice Lake, Wisconsin.; archeologi- 
cal site. St. Paul, Science Museum of the St Paul Institute, 

ir, SO p. platM, nup, profile*. 28 cm. (St Ptnl Inrtttnte, 8t 
P0,MLiin. Sdene* Mu*eom. Science bonetin no. 8) 
E74.W8C73 61-69825 


Norona, Delf, 1895- 

Moundsville's mammoth mound. 3d ed., rev. Mounds- 
60 p. lllns. 22 cm. 
E74.W6JT6 1962 62-37692 J 


Gnissard, Lucien. 

Emmanuel Monnier. Paris, Editions nniversitaires ( 1962] 
123, ,5|P. port 18cm. (Classlqnes <Ju n 4 slWe, 60) 
B2430.M694G8 64-40732 

Moil, Candide. 

La pensee d'Emmanuel Mounier. Paris, Editions da 
Seuil ,1960, 

842 p. 23 em. (Collections "Esprit" La condition humalne) 
B2430.MB94M57 A 61-376 rev 

Montani, Mario, 1927- 

II mes^aggio personalista di Emmanuel Mounier. Milano, 
Edizioni di Comunita, 1959. 
886 p. 23 cm. 

A 60-4681 
Chicago. TJnlv. LIbr. B2430 

Roncuizi, Alfredo. 

La rivista Esprit ed Emmanuel Jfonnier. Boma, I. C. E- 
1961. ^ 

112 p. 24cm. 
PN6190^76B6 68-66779 


Jayanta Vijayaji, Munimj, 1884-1948. 

Holy Abu; a tourist's guide to Mount ibu and its Jaina 
shrines. Translated from Gujarati, -with an introduction, by 
Umakant Premauand Shah. Foreword by V. S. Agrawala, 
1st ed. Bhavnagar, Shri Yashovijaya Jaina Granthamala, 

215 p. llloi 23 cm. 
DS4S6AI68J33 S A 62-1137 J 

MOUNT ATHOS see Athos, Mount 

FORCE BASE see U.S. Selfridge Air 
Force Base, Mount Clemens, Mich. 


Collier, Sargent F 

Green grows Bar Harbor; reflections from Kebo Valley, 
including profiles of the tovrn that refused to die. Introd. 
by Cleveland Amory. Photos, and text by Sargent F. 
Collier. [Bar Harbor? Me., '1964, 

107 p. IIlus, (part col.) ports. 24 cm. 
F27.M9C63 974.145 63-23150 

Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887- 

The story of Mount Desert Island, Maine. [1st ed.j Bos- 
ton, Little, Brown [I960] 

Sip. Illus. 20cm. 
F27.M9M6 974.145 00-9352 t 


Longstreet, Rupert J 

The story of Mount Dora, Florida. [Mount Dora, Mount 
Dora Historical Society, 1960. 

248 p. Illus. 25cm. 
F318.M9L6 975.922 61-233 t 

MOUNT EVEREST see Everest, Mount 
MT. FUJI see Fuji 



Tttnum, Clarice, 1899- 

A survey of the speaking activities of graduates of a 
liberal arts collepe for women. Ann Arbor, Mich., Univer- 
sity Microfilms [1959, 

Microfilm AC-1 no, 58-5867 Mic 58-5867 

Iowa. Univ. Library 


Mount Holyoke College. Alumnae Association, 

Alumnae address list. 
South Hndley, Mass. 

T. 22 cm, 
LD7092.3A45 89-19605 rev*J 



U. S. Forest Service. Paaific Northwest Region. 

Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon. Compiled at regional 
office, Portland, Or., 1957-1668. jTVashington] 1958. 

coL map 104 1 101 cm. 
G4291.K9M6 1958.U5 Map 60-87 


Blainey, Geoffrey. 

Mines in the spinifex; the story of Mount Isa Mines. 
[Sydney, Angus nnd Bobertson [I960, 

242 p. lllns. 28 cm. 

MOUNT KATMAI see Katmai, Mount 

MOUNT LAMINGTON see Lamington, Mount 

Taylor, George Anthony Morgan, 1917- 

Eruptive activity and associated phenomena, Langila 
Volcano, New Britain, by G. A. Taylor, J. G. Best and 
M. A. Beynolds. rCanberra] 1957. 

53 p. plates (1 fold.) fold, map, dlagra., tables. 25 cm (Aus- 
tralia. Bureau of Mineral Besources, Geology and Geophysics. He- 
port no. 26) 

QE340.A392 no. 26 551.21 GS 58-50 rev 

U. S. GeoL Survey. Ubr. 


Hnrie, Adolph, 1899- 

Mammals of Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska. 
Sketches by Olaus Murie. Photos, by Charles J. Ott. c n. p., 
Mount McKinley Natural History Association, 1962i 

56 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
OJ^719.A55M8 599.097983 63-i825 t 

Pearson, Grant H 

My life of high adventure, by Grant K. Pearson with 
Philip Newill. Englewood Cliffs, N. J., Prentice-Hall ,1962, 

284 p. Illus. 22cm. ' 

F909.P4 917.98 62-8667 t 

Strong, Charles Stanley, 1906- 

The king ram, a novel. New York, John Day Co. [1961j 
192 p. Hlns. 21cm. (The Your-falr-land series) 
PZ7.S9235IG 61-7489 t 

U. S. National Park Service. 

A history of Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska, by 
Grant H. Pearson, superintendent [Washington] 1953. 

Ill, 91 p. lllus., ports. 2Tcm. 
F912.M23U67 979.83 61-24099 

MOUNT OF OLIVES see Olives, Mount of 

see Olympic National Park 

MOUNT OMEI see Omei, Mount 


Green, Emagene (Veech) 1921- 

And she held forth her hand; history and genealogy of 
Mt. PulasW, Illinois and surrounding vicinity, ,1st ed. 
Lincoln? HL, 1961, 

117, 170 p. Illus. 24cm. 
F549.M93G7 61-37884 t 


Green, Emagene (Veech) 1921- 

And she held forth her hand; history and genealogy of 
Mt Pulnski, Illinois and surrounding vicinity. t lst ed. 
Lincoln! HL, 1961, 

117, 170 p. Illus. 24cm. 
F549.M93G7 61-37884 J 


Haines, Aubrey L 

Mountain fever, historic conquests of Rainier. [Portland] 
Oregon Historical Society, 1962. 

ilil, 2S5p, Dins., ports., mapB. 24 cm. 
F897J12H3 917.9778 62-68446 

Weldon, Robert K 

A guide to the trails of Mount Rainier National Park 
thy] Robert K. Weldon and Merlin K. Potto. Bev. Long- 
mire, Wash., Mount Rainier Natural History Association, 
1960, I960. 

48 p. lllM. 22cm. 
F897Jt2W45 1960 917^778 60-61277 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Virginia. Dept. of Conservation and Economic Development. 
Mount Rogers, Virginia. [Richmond, 1968] 
r!2i p. llloa., maps. 28 cm. 
; -- - A64r-7106 

Ylrffinla, State Library 


Schuster, Mary Faith. 

The meaning of the mountain; n history of the first cen- 
tury nt Mount St. Scholastica. Baltimore, Helicon [1963] 

329 p Illua., ports. 23 em. (Benedictine studies, 6) 
HX4278.ASS:! 271.9790978136 63-19401 


Schuster, Mary Faith. 

The meaning of tlie mountain ; a history of the first cen- 
tury nt ? fount St. Scholasticn. Baltimore, Helicon ,'1963, 

329 p. lllus., ports. 23 cm. (Benedictine studies, B) 
HX478 ASS: 1 , 271.9790978136 63-19401 


Wurm, Theodore G 1912- 

The crookedest railroad in the world; a history of the Mt. 
Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad of California, by 
Theodore G. \Vurm and Alvin 0. Graves. t 2d rev. ed., 
Berkeley, Calif., Howell-North, 1960. 

123 p. Illua. 24cm. 
HE4071.U5M6 1960 385.5 60-53893 J 



Borreson, Mary Jo. 

Let's go to Mt Vernon. Illustrated by Monete Barnett 
New York, Putnam [1962] 

47 p. lllus, 21 cm. 
PZ9.B4477L1 j 917.65 62-7528 t 



Illinois. Water Survey. 

Local climatological data, Mount Vernon, 1901-1954 

Data compiled from official U. S. "Weather Bureau records. 

[Urbanai 1955. 

r*i p. (chiefly tables) 28 cm, 

A 60-332 
Illinois. TJnlr. Library 

MOUNT WASHINGTON see Washington, Mt., 
N. H. 

Field and mountain 

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING see Mountaineering 


see also Alpine flora 

MeD, Rudolf, 1878- 

Bergwaldtiere: am Tropenrand. Stuttgart, Franckh 

87 p. lllus. 20cm. (Kcwmos-BlblIoUiek,B(i22T) 
QL300.M4 591.95 60-42684 

Teberdlnskil zapovednik. 

] CiaBponoJifcCKoe KHHXHoe HS^-BO, 19 
T, uluL,mapa (put fold.) tables. 28 cm. 
SB484.R9T43 64-48468 

MOUNTAIN FLORA see Alpine flora 


Nightingale, Wffliam Thomas, 1887- 
Th* Mountain 

pany. New York, Newcomen Society in North 


24 p. Htm, 23 cm. (Newconwn 

HD968LU58M68 88-180CT 



Franklin, Jerry P 

Mountain hemlock ; a bibliography with abstracts. Port- 
land, Or., Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment 
Station, Forest Service, U. S. Dept of Agriculture, 1962. 

50 p. lllus. 27 cm. ([U. S. Forest Serrlce. Pacific Northwest 
Forest Experiment Station, Research paper SI) 

Aer 63-205 
U S. Natl AST. Llbr. 1.9622P2R81 no.Bl 



Brooks, Juanita, 1898- 

The Mountain Meadows Massacre. [New ed., Norman, 
University of Oklahoma Press ,1963, 1962] 
illl, 816 P. lllOB., ports., maps, fncslm, 24 on. 
F826.B87 1963 9795 62-18053 


see also subdivision Passes under 
names of mountains, e. g. Alps Passes; 
also names of specific passes, e.g. 
Brenner Pass 

Hartley, Henry Alexander, 1900- 

Famous mountain passes of the world. Illustrated by B. 
Woodward. Maps prepared by the author. London, F. 
Mnller [1963j 

144 p. lllua., mnps. 19cm. (Globe books) 
GB511.H3 64-511 

of mountains 


see also Railroads, Cable 

LeMassena, R A 

Colorado's mountain railroads. Assisted by E. A. Konzio 
[and, C. S. Ryland. Golden, Col., Smoking Stack Press, 

v. lllus., maps (part fold.) facslms. 23 cm. 
TF688.C6L4 385.6 63-23230 

Rothlisberger, Peter W ed. 

Bergbahnen der Schweiz; eine allgemeinverstandliche 
Darstellung der technischen und wirtschaftlichen Entwick- 
lung der Zahnradbahnen, Standseilbahnenj LuftseUbahnen, 
Sessel- und Skilifte im klasaischen Land der Bergbahnen 
und des Fremdenverkenrs. Mitarbeiter: R. V. Baud [6t al, 
Vorwort von EL Leibbrand. 1. Aufl. [Siebnen, Obersee- 
Verlag, 1959, 

556 p. lllns. 25cm. 
HE4071.S9R8 61-S2183 


Kodua, Aleksandr Galaktionovieh. 

KoirraeKcaa* xcxaHHsaiiB* seiuiHux pafioi aa ropmnc 
floporax. MocKBa, Hay^Ho-iexH. HS^-BO MHHHCiepciBa. a- 
TOKo6ttii,Horo Tpancnopra H raoccefiHitx flopor PC<I>CP, 

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ZsnacaHHs H npoerrnpoBaHHe npa peKOHcrpymHH rop- 
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Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


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see also Mountaineers; Photography of 
mountains; Rock climbing; Trails 

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ft IK 


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1. UoontilimrliK. J, Nuvda Dvrt. L Till* 

Tttta tntuUttnlti: NimUWou N 


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Ha npocropax POAHHH ly^ecHOft. CCopHHE Kaje^pn ^n- 
saiecKOro BocnBiaHaa a cnopra H [Ka$ev(pH] oSmefi $H3H- 
^ecsoft reorpa^BB XaptsoBCKOro roc. ysHBepcHTera, Xapt- 


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najtrria no Tenure tfesouacsocra fti* reoflC3HCTOB H 
tonorpa$OB npa paCorax a Bucoicoropnux pafiOBax. Mo- 
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3 ; omcaaHe nyrcfl BOcxox^eHHJi m *ep- 
mHHH OT xaccasa Eapa-iaa t ^o Etyxopcioro nepesaia, 
Mocisa, dasKyjn.Typa a cnopr, 1962. 
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Leipzig. Deutsche Hochschule (fir Korpcrkultur and 

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(Tout par I'lmnge) 


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DQS41.GO.S1 60-1843 

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Ho oreflait yuoxsmsx roiocos ; ranra o sepurHHax H o 
rex, no Bcraei same BHCOKHX rop. Mocisa, Toe. as; 
fleicKoft .IHT-PH, 1961. 

287 p. illus. 22cm. 
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Spedizione comasca aUe Ande pernviane, 1958. 

Yucay, montagna degli Incas. La, Spedizioue comasca. 
alle Ande peruviane, 1958 tdi 3 Mario Fmtin. Pret di Ltugi 
Binaghi Bologna, Tamari [1958] 

180 p. lllaa, ports, maps (part col.) 28 on. 
F84BLA5S6 1958 63-37008 


Styrsa, Josef. 

Napoj rekfi. [Ilustroval Ladisla.v EJxouSek. L Tyd.j 
Praha, Statni nakl. detske knihy, 1963. 

142 p. Illus., ports. 25cm. (DaletS krale) 
DK511.C2S7 64-30557 

Sotton, GeofErey. 

Artificial aida in mountaineering. London, N. Kaye 

(H p. Illus. 19 cm. 

Svenska turistfdreningen. 

Fjallturer i Jamtland, Hlrjedalen, Dalarna- [Utarb. av 
Ingegerd Rydelins under medverkan av Birgitta Ahlberg et 
al. Redaktion: Birgitta Ahlberg och Ingegerd RydeliuSj 
Stockholm, Svenska tnristf oreningens f orlag [1953 3 
477 p. fold, map, tables. 17cm. (STT fJallturbBcker) 
DL607.S815 56-33228 rev 

Svenska turistfdreningen. 

Fjallturer i norra Lappland. (Redaktion: Nils Froling, 
Gosta Lundquist, Ingegerd RydeliuSj Stockholm, Svenski 
turistforeningens forlag [1948] 

T, 491 p. maps (part fold.) 17cm. (STFa EJallttirbBcier) 
DL971.L2S874 51-22523 rer 2 

Ivenska turistfdrenuigen. 

Fjallturer i norra Lupplniul. [Redaktion: Nils Froling, 
Gosta Lundquist, Ingegerd Rydelius, 2., revid. uppl. 
Stockholm, Srenskn, turistforeningens fSrlog [1954, 

Jfflp. maps (part fold.) 18cm. (STP:s fjailturbOcker) 

DL971.L2SS75 1054 

5 6-27763 rev 

Svenska turiatfdreningen. 

KebnekaisefjRllen. Bestigningsleder och vandringsturer 
jamte handledning i alpin tekm'k. [Utarb. av Emmericli 
Rossipal i samarbete med Gosta Lundquist, Stockholm, 
Svenska turistforeningens forlag [1952, 

156 p. lUus., maps (part fold.) 17 cm. (STFa fJUltarbBcker) 
DL971.K4S9 57-20019 rev 

Szczepanski, Jan Alfred. 

Siedem kregow wtajemniczenia. "Warszawa, Sport i 
Turystyka, 1959. 

313 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
G510.S93 60-33644 | 

TexHinca cnopTHBHiix ropOBOCxoK^eHHft. MocKBa, <CE3Eyjt- 
Typa n cnopT, 1962. 

167 p. Illus. 20 cm. 
G513.T4 63-41812 J 

Terray, Lionel, 1921- 

The borders of the impossible; from the Alps to Anna- 
purna. Translated by Geoffrey Button. r lst ed. in the 
U. S. A., Garden City, N. Y,, Doubleday, 1964. 

S50 p. Illus-, maps, ports. 22 cm. 
G512.T45A313 1964 927.9652 64-19233 

Terray, Lionel, 1921- 

Les conqu^rants de 1'inutile des Alpes a 1'Annapurna. 
[Paris, Gallimard [1961] 

568 p. Illus, 21cm. 
G512.T45A3 62-28089 J 

Terray, Lionel, 1921- 

Conquistadors of the useless; from the Alps to Auim- 
purna. Tranalatl by Geoffrey Suttoti. Ix)iidon, Gollnncz, 


351 p. plates, ports., mapa. 23 cm. 
G512.T45A31S 1903 6:3-24970 

Typncr HPB. 2. npep. H 
^inaKyjiivpa, 1962. 

227 p. "illus. 18cm. 
G504.T8 19fi2 



Unman, James Ramsey, 1907- 

The age of mountaineering. t New ed.] Philadelphia, 
Lippincott ,1964, 

3t p. Illus., maps, ports. 24 cm. 
G510.U38 1964 796.52 64-24035 

UDinan, James Ramsey, 1907- 

Americans on Everest; the official account of the ascent 
led by Xorraan G. Dyhrenfurth. By James Ramsey Ull- 
m.n and other members of the eipedition, t lst ed.] Phil- 
adelphia, J. B. Lippincott [1964] 

m, 429 p. Ulns. (part coL) maps, ports. 24 on. 
DS486.E8U38 915.496 64-14475 

Wright, Jerimial Ernest Bamford, 1897- 

The technique of mountaineering; a handbook of estab- 
lished methods. With drawings by W. J. Kidd. London, 

144 p. illus. 21 cm, 
G510.W7 796J2 66-18121 rev J 

Zatulovskii, D M 

TJI Fira und Fels der Siebenttusender; Qipfehiege in 
Mittekrien. t Gekurzte t5bertrgimg ua dem Rassischen 
von Gerhard Hoppej Leiprig, F, A. Brockhwis, 196L 

482 p. Illus. 21 cm. 
DK971J J 2Z3S5 61-41566 t 

Zuccarelli, Gian Carlo. 

La montagns. fe la. (breve storU deiralpinismo) [Torino] 
Sooieta editrics internazionala (I860, 
rill, 176 p. Urns, 20 cm. 

A 61-2181 
Ohio State Univ. Ubr. 0510 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Red Cross. Germany (Federal Republic) Deuttchet Botet 
Sretts. Bayerischei Rotes Kreus. Bergwacht. 

[Miinehan, Alpiner Verlag, 

DO. 21cm. 
G506.B414 61-22986 rev 

BIOGRAPHY see Mountaineers 

Affentranger, Irene, ed. 

Picchi, colli e ghiacciai t di, Affentranger [6, Balliano. 
tTorino, Societi editrice internazionale t !961] 

548 p. illas. 24 on. 
G507.A3 62-46776 


Collorab, Robin G 

A dictionary of mountaineering: definitions, names, and 
terms and their explanations used by English-speaking 
mountaineers, particularly in Britain and on the continent 
Glasgow, Blackie, 1957. 

176 p. illtu. 20cm. 
G508.CS 796.6208 57-58284 rev 

Collomb, Robin. G 

A dictionary of mountaineering: definitions, ^n"", and 
terms and their explanations, used by English-speaking 
mountaineers particularly in Britain and on the Continent 
New York, Philosophical Library, 1958. 

175 p. 111m. 20cm, 
G508.C6 1958 796.5203 68-14718 rer 

Fans, Agustfn, 

Diccionario de la montafia. Prologo de Julian Delgado 
Ubeda. ,1. ed., Barcelona, Editorial JuTentad [1968, 
581 p. Ulna. 28 cm. (ColeecWn AJre litre) 




Clark, Ronald William. 

Great moments in mountaineering. Illustrated by Thomas 
K. Beck New York, Roy Publishers ,1956, 

128 p. lllua. 20cm. (The Great moments series) 
[G510] 706.52 56-8390 rev J 

Clark, Ronald William. 

Mountaineering in Britain; a history from the earliest 
times to the present day, by Ronald W. Clark and Edward 
C. Pyatt. London, Phoenix House [1957, 

288 p. Ulns. 26cm. 
G510.C4S6 796.52 58-24103 rev t 

Warwick, Alan Ross. 

With Whymper in the Alps, by Alan R. Warwick. Illus- 
trated by Harry Toothill. London, F. Muller [1964, 

148 p. Ulna, port. 19 cm. (Adventures In geography series) 
G512.W5W3 796.52094947 64-072 

(Mob, Helen. 

Mountain rescues. New York, T. Nelson [1963, 
MB p. lllus., ports. 22cm. 
G510.O7 j 796.5 63-17329 


Turistika a horolezectvi; odbomf caaopie CeekoalovtmsWho 
svazu Ulesnfi vychovr. 
(Prahaj Spor-tov a turisticifi nakL 

r. In Ulux. 23 cm. montWy (except Jane ud July) 

G505.C453 62-42155 


Clark, Ronald William. 

A picture history of mountaineering. New York, Mao- 
mfflaa [1956, 

IT. (chiefly Iflus^ ports.) 28cm. 

G510.C438 796.52081 A 57-8606 rev 

Darrer. Public library 


Appalachian Mountain Crab. 


T. 24 cm. annul. 

G505.A57 61-67898 t 

Clnb alpino italiano, 

Atti del LSI (i. e. settantesuno, congresso nazionale del 
Clnb alpino italiano tenntosi a Lucca dal 31 agosto al 6 set- 

tembre 1958. rBologua, Arti gndiche Tunari, 1959, 
57 p. aim. 24 cm. 

Oblo State TJnlT. Llbr. 


Kndinov, Boris. 


20Tp. UlM., mupt, IT cm. 
G510.K8 1950 

xarepx. USA. 4., jon. fMocnaj Hpo$- 

Polskie Towarzystwo Tatrzanskie. 

Sprawozdanie z dziaJalnosci. 

T. tables. 24 cm. annual, 


eering Societies, etc. 


Affentranger, Irene, ed. 

Picchi, colli e ghiacciai t di, Affentranger [6] Balliano, 
(Torino, Societa editrice internazionale [1961, 

548 p. llloa. 24cm. 
G507A8 62-46776 t 

Clark, Ronald William. 

The early Alpine guides. London, Phoenix House ,1949, 
208 p. lllna., ports, mapt 22 cm. 
DQ824.C5 1949 796.621 60-2619 rev 

dark, Ronald William. 

The early Alpine guides. Drawing by Christopher Cham- 
berlain. New York, Scribner, 1950. 

208 p. Ulna., porta, maps. 22 cm. 
DQ824.C5 786.521 50-528 rev 

Clark, Ronald William. 

Six great mountaineers. London, EL Hamilton r I956i 

203 p. lllua. 20cm. 
G512.A2C58 1956 796.52 57-18291 rev J 

Moffat, Gwen. 

Space below my feet Boston, Houghton, Mifflin, 1961 
302p. lllus. 22cm. ' 

G512JI6A3 927.9652 61-5371 J 


dark, Ronald William. 

The Victorian mountaineers. London, Batef ord r !953i 
231 p. lllus. 28cm. 


64-1176 rev 


see also Geology, Structural; Moun- 
tain ecology; Mountain passes; Moun- 
tain wave; Mountaineering; Photog- 
raphy of mountains; Pingos; Vol- 
canoes; Watersheds; also names of 
mountains, e. g. San Bernardino 
Mountains; Sikhote-Alin Range 

Gardinier, Jean Paul. 

La. montagne. Ulus. de Maurice Parent [Tournai, Cas- 
terman [1961] 

92 p. Him. 30cm. (Encyclopedic Cterman) 
GB511.G3 62-28086 J 

Haefner, Harold. 

Vegetation und Wirtschaft der oberen snbalpinen und 
alpinen Stufe im Luftbild, dargestellt am Beispiel des 
Dischmatales und weiteren Teilen der Landschaft Davos, 
Schweiz. Bad Godesberg, Selbstverlag der Bundesanstalt 
fflr Landeskunde und Raumforschamr, 1963. 

,S^ * *S?\ K an - (I*n<leiilninailchB Lnftb0d*Mwertiiiir Im 
mltteleoropilsclien Eanm, Heft 6) 

GB501JI3 64-7199 

Hoxley, Anthony Julian, 1920- ed. 

Standard encyclopedia of the world's mountains. [1st ed.] 
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1962, 

883 p. Ulna, (part col.) port, coL maps. 26 cm. 
GB501JI8 1962a 62-52638 

Huxley, Anthony Julian, 1920- ed. 

Standard encyclopedia of the world's mountains. r lst ed., 
New York, Putnam ,1962, 

S8S p, lllns^ coL plates, coL mapc. 25 cm. 
GB501.H8 551.4303 62-7984 

fAkushova, Aleksandra Fedorovna. 

HHe n paapymeHne rop. Mocisa, SnaHHe, 1961. 
(BcecoKUHOe oSmecTBo no pacnpoerpaHemno mwnnmeciooc n 
BtyroiDt SHHHHfi. (Husmoii Ceprl2.,9) 
Microfilm Slavic 1713 QE Mic 63-161 

MeLringer, Pan! 

Lea montagnes. [Pariflj Hachette il968, 
Sip. rans. 24cm. (icydople pr rimmge) 
GB6ILM46 1858 

60-48141 J 

Milne, Lorus Johnson, 1910- 

The mountains, by Lorus J. Mime and Margery Milne and 
the editors of life. New York, Tune inc. t 1962 T 

182 p. Him. 28 on. (IJfc Mtuw llbrmry) 
GB51LM63 551.48 62-11577 t 

ObrndieT, Vladimir Atanufeviefc, 1868-1856. 

IIpoacxoa^eHae rop H nartpHiOB. PiicyHXH M. TeniaH- 
cxoro. Mocma, Foe. SM-BO flerciott jurr-pu, 1966. 

124 P. Ulna. 28cm. (UliojhHn faCjotoreM) 
QE621.022 1966 5T-34974rev t 


Shchukin, Ivan Semenovich. 

>Kn3HL rop; OHBIT ana-iim ropnux cipan EQE KoaiiueEca 
noacuHX .iaHAina$TOB. MocEBa, Foe. 113^-30 reorp JUT-DH 
1959. v ' 

285, [3, p. lllus., map. 21 cm. 
GB501.S5 CO-271U 

Thomas, Lowell Jackson, 1892- 

Lowell Thomas' book of the high mountains. New York 
J. Messner [1964, ' 

512 p. Illua, maps, ports. 26 cm. 

GB511.T5 910.914 64-23118 

U. S. Dept. of tht Army. 

Mountain flying sense. [Washington, 1962. 
84 p. lllos. 28 cm. 
UG633.A466 1962 62-62215 t 

Vadhanapanich, Charoen. 

An investigation of the combined influences of large-scale 
differential heating and orographic obstacles in creatine 
quasi-permanent forced perturbations of the circumpola? 
westerlies. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms r 1958, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-1591 M,V. BflLi MI 

Florida State Cnlv. Library 

Mic 58-1591 

White, Anne Terry. 

All about mountains and mountaineering. New York, 
Random House t !962, 

144 p. lUus 24 cm. (Allabout books, 41) 
GB511.W5 796.52 62-7882 t 

Wolff, Ferdinand Ludwig von, 1874- 

Vulkanausbriiche,ErdbebenundGebirgsbildungen. Voll- 
standjg neu bearb. und hrsg. von Rudolf Gaedeke. Leioziff 
Urania- Verlag (1956, ""P^g. 

128 p. lllua. 18cm. (EHelne T3ranla-Bncherel> 
QE521.W64 1956 551.2 6(M0715 J 


Goetz, Delia. 

Mountains. Illustrated by Louis Darling New York 
Morrow, 1962. ' 

6ip. lllas. 22cm. 
PZ10.G55Mo ] 551.4 62-11901 % 

Koch, Dorothy (Clarke) 1924- 

Up the big mountain [by, Dorothy Koch, Pictures by 
Lucy and John. Hawkinson. New York, Holiday House 

[85, p. coL lllus. 26 cm. 
PZlO.K59Up 64-7107 

Pyatt, Edward C 

The boys' book of mountains and mountaineering [by, 
E. C. and M. E. Pyatt New York, Roy Publishers r!964, 
1963, ' 

144 p. Ulus. 26 cm. 
GB5U.P0 ] 796.5 63-16203 

Smith, Prances C 1901- 

The first book of mountains [by, Frances Smith, New 
York, F. Watts [1964, 
87 p. 11108. 23 cm. 

PZlO.S7l3Fg j 55L4 6t-17791 


Gualco, Giorgio. 

Olimpo nero. Milano, Cnsa editrice Ceschina ,'1960, 
842 p. lllus. (part col.) fold. mnp. 23 cm. 

A 62-198 
Ohio State TJnlv. Ubr. DT8S1 


Mills, James, 1926- 

Airborne to the mountains. New York, A. S. Barnes 

281 P. mm. 22cm. 
F912JH23M5 917.983 61-9611 J 


monta Ile - 

119 p. IlJns. 21 cm. 

Editionfl "Aftton- 



Belyea, Helen R 

The story of the mountains; Banff National Park. Ot- 
tawa, Geological Survey of Canada, Dept of Mines and 
Technical Surveys ,1960, 

42 p. Ulns. 18cm. 
QE186.B4 657.1233 61-142 t 

Rabensteiner, Wolf. 

Der Soldat im Gebirge; Grundlagen des Gebirgskampfea, 
Salzburg, Verlag Das Bergland-Buoh" ,19li 
MB p. Hint 21 cm. ' 

U240JS3 61-40879 1 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MOUNTAINS (Continued) 

Lin, Ch'ou. 



84 p. Illus. 19 on. 

I. Mountains China. I. Title. 

Title romanizei: Chung-kuo tl mlng ehan. 

GB545.C5L5 C 59-3055 t 


Heckel, Vflein. 

Sonnige Bergwelt; Photographien von Vilem Heckel, 
Text von Ota, Pavel. [Deutsch von Eva Svorcikovfi. Praia, 

Artia [1962] 

unpaged (chiefly Illus.) 28 cm. 


63-37307 J 

Cooper, Gordon. 

The mountain and lakeside resorts of Europe. London, 

Cassell [1961, 

272 p. Illus. 10 cm. 



Germany (Democratic Republic, 1949- ) Sektion Touri- 

Der Bergsteiger; ein Kletterfuhrer dnrch die deutschen 
Mittelgebirge. [Berlin, Sportverlag, 1953- 

- "^ 62-34700 

Landschaft der Mittelgebirge. Mit einem Vorwort von 
Paul Beyer. Dresden, Saohsenverlag, 1956. 

13 p., 48 plate*. 25 cm. (TJnsere BchSne Helmut) 
DD801.B54L3 57-22008 rer 


Griffin, Arthur Harry. 

In mountain Lakeland, by A, H. Griffin. Preston [Eng.j 
Guardian Press, 1963. 

216 p. Illus. 24cm. 
DA670.LLG73 64-65208 

Johnson, Michael Raymond Walter, ed. 

The British CaJedonides, edited by M. R, W. Johnson and 
F. H. Stewart Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd [1968j 

11,280 p. illna., maps (1 fold.) 27cm. 
QE621.J6 64-55708 


Temple, Philip. 

Nawofc! The New Zealand expedition to New Guinea'* 
highest mountains. London, J. M. Dent [1962] 

illl, 188 p. fflui, (port col.) nupo, fort*. 28 cm. 
DU744.T4 64-54918 


Bnbani, Dino. 

Piano generale di bonifies, montana (Legge 25 luglio 1952 
n. 991) Relazione generale, 30 ottobre 1958 t dii Dino Bu- 
bani [6, Giuseppe Puppini. Faenza, Stab, grafioo F. Lega, 

222 p. taMe,. 32cm. 

Purdue TJnlv. Library 

Kammuri, Matsujirfi, 1888- 


1118 p. I Him. 21cm. 

1. Wfnmtalu Jftpin. 2, Villy. i. lltl*. 

Title nnntUut; Tmnl. 


Nagao, Koya, 1004- 


fti Bfl fil 34-33 [1!)5SMX>, 
8v. Illus. lUcni, 

CONTCTTB.-1. # T / 


tray. I TIB*. 

hou ungaku radokl. 

J 68-794 

aora, Nobuo, 1902- 

ftn- * <r> i'i '.'t I* t - ift L'i (, 

321 p. Illus., maps (part fold.) 1 cm. 
Bibliographical footnotes. 

1. Japan Descr. & trav. 1&45- 2. Trails Japan 
8. Mountains Japan. i. Title. 

Title romanized: TOpremlchl. 


asukawa, Shigeo, 1926- 

J 64-1064 

fll 36 [1961, 
2S4 p. Illus. 22 cm. 

1 Miuuitnliu Jiptiu. 2. Jopnn--rie8cr. & trar 11H5- 
i Tltlt? 

T<* raiiMMitenl: neklelil no yauiutabl. 

DS811.Y35 J 8i 


\uiabe, Jflji, 1884- ed. 

r. llloa. 21cm. 

iu 7 X ?) l 

T /I. b'- 7, h 17) T^'L! 'J>filft7K-- 2 - 

^[fltf. *-. 

5)1113; - 

1. Monntalni Jipcn Addrew, oust, lectare*. 2. Alj. 
Tltta - 

; Ninon Mnfiku melcho umiho. 


Ti, Un-sangr, 1903- 


93 p. plte, fold, oup (In pocket) 18 cm. 

1. Korea Derer. & trrr. i. Title. 

Title romunired: Chojfulc kangsnn. 

K 60-073 
Washington. TJnlY., Seattle, Far Eastern Xlbranr M90 


Brongersma, Leo Daniel, 1907- 

To the mountains of the stare, by L. D. Brongersm* and 
G. F. Venema. Translated from the Dutch by Alan G. 
Readett London, Hodder and Stoughton 1962, 

818 p. lllus. 23 cm. 
DU744.B76S 62-4822 1 

Brongersma, Leo Daniel, 1907- 

To the mountains of the stars, by L. D. Brongersma and 
G. F. Venema, Translated from the Dutch by Alan G. 
Keadett Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1968 1 1962, 

818 p. llhift. 2S On. 
DU744.B763 1963 919.51 61-12498 t 

Brongersma, Leo Daniel, 1907- 

Het witte hart van Niauw-Gninea; met de Nederlandse 
Expeditienaar het Sterrengebergte ( door] L D. Brongersma 
ten, G. F. Venema. Amsterdam, Scheltens & Giltay t !960, 

281 p. IHnT plates (part col,) maps. 28 cm. 
DU744.B76 A 61-985 

Harvard TJnlv. Library 


Allen, Martha Norburn. 

Asheville and land of the aky. Key. and enL ed. Onar- 
lotte. Heritage House [I960] 

2fl6p. Him. 24cm, . 

F2B9A78 1960 917.568 60-10821 t 


Ahalakov, Evgenfl Mikhailovich, 1907- 

Ha BHCO^aJtramc sqpmaEax Cosercioro Coosa. [Mocnaj 
EW-BO Ara^enHH nayx CCCP [1963j 
Bp, mns. (part col) port*. 21 on. 
DK27.A2 64-29547 



Zeremsld, MUoi. 

Peyi.ei$ aiaHnne Tape. La relief de la moatagne de Tara. 
Eeorpafl, 1956. 

5i p. Illus. 23 cm. (nocefiua ra^ajta CpncKor reorpacbcxor 
Apyurrsa, CBecxa 33) 
GB542.Y8Z4 62-34498 t 


MikhaQor, Nikolai Ivanovich. 

Foptt K)zHott CnSHpz; oiepr npnpOflBi. MOCKBE, Toe. 
HSS-BO reorp. JIHT-PH, 1961. 

230 p. Illua. 21cm. 
GB545.S6M5 62-34502 J: 


Iglesias y Fort, Jos*. 

Les muQtanyes de Prades, el Montsant i Serra la Llena; 
guia itinerant! precedida dMn esbos raonoKrafic, per Josep 
Iglesies i Joaquim Santasusagna. S. ed. de 1'obra anterior- 
ment publicada pel Centre de Lectura de Reua, completa- 
ment refosa pels sens antors i per Ramon Amigfi i Angles. 
Barcelona, R. Dalmau, 1960. 

2 T. (846 p.) Ulas., fold. maps. 18 cm. 
DP302.T13I3 1960 61-46708 


Blumenthal, Maurice M 

Bolu civari Oe asagi Kizihnnak mecrasi arasuidaH Kuzey 
Anadolu silsilelerinia jeolojisi. Un apper?u [SiC] de la geo- 
logie des chnlnes nordanatoliennes entre 1'ova de Bolu et le 
Kmhrmak inferieur. [Yazan, Mor. It Blumenthal. An- 
kara, 1948. 

265 p. illaa., fold, maps (part coL, 2 ID pocket) dlagrs., profiles. 
27 oii [ JIaden Tetklk Te Arama BnstltOsO yayiolannoan, Serl B, 
no. 18) 
TN2A45 no. 18 60-26780 


Bloch, Marie Halon. 

Mountains on the move. Illustrated with drawings by 
Robert Gartland and photos. New York, Coward-McCann 
t 1960, 

96 p. Ulna. 27 cm. 
GB525.A5B5 551.430973 59-6240 t 

Heath, Monroe, 1899- 

Great American mountains at a glance, Menlo Park, 
Calif., Pacific Coast Publishers t 1962, 

46 p. Ilia. 28 cm. (Hi* The great Ametlcinj series, T. ID) 
E189.H429 62-51608 t 


Bonney, Orrin H 

Guide to the Wyoming mountains and wilderness areas 
(by; Orrin H. Bonney and Lorraine Bonney. Denver, Sage 
Books ,1060, 

380 p. tllua,, maps. 25 cm. 
F759.3.B6 917.87 60-9150 


see also Mountains in the Bible 


Tnz, Gtorges de, 1381- 

Lo, montagne et lee peintres par Francois Foec* jpeeu 
Paris] Bibliothecjue des arts [I960, 

119 p. Illm. 20cm. (Sooreiiln etdocomecti, li) 
N8225 .M6T7 68-28001 


see also Mountains In the Bible 

Wanls, Ramsls. 

96 p. li cm. (T (1,^01 Ij-iJ) 


NE 64-1681 

COUNT, 1643 (ca.)-1694 

Mnrphy, John Angostine. 

Justin MacOarthy, Lord Monntcaahel, commander of the 
First Irish Brigade in Prance. jCork, Ire.j Cork Univer- 
sity Press t 1959] 

fc p. 22 em. ( ODoonen mcnorUl Kctme, IBM) 
DA940JSJfT5M8 61-56179 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Mountevans, Edward Ratcliffe Garth Russell Evans, Jaron, 

Happy adventurer, an autobiography, Ulns. by S. 
Drifrin. New York, W. Funk, 1951. 
180 p. 111ns. (part coL) 20cm. 

A 52-9348 rev 
Dayton.Ohio. Public Library 

Pound, Reginald. 

Evans of the Broke; a biography of Admiral Lord 
Mountevnns, K. c. B., D. s, o., LL. D. London, New York, Ox- 
ford University Press, 1963. 

ill, 323 p. lllns., ports. 23 cm. 
DA89.1J16P6 1963 923.542 63-26233 

MOUNTIES see Canada. Royal Canadian 
Mounted Police 

Magallanes Moure, Manuel, 1878-1924 


see also Mourning customs, Jewish 

Waldenberg, Eliezer Judah. 

yyj rvD^n npm uvn nvrs *fra ,5m nm 
nan rvi5n jaw nynp DDU o^in -iipo rmuni 

[Jerusalem, 1956/57, .l"'t?n ,B'5BW 
12, 68, 18 p. 35 cm. 



see also Funeral rites and ceremonies; 

Tucatriflsky, Jehiel Michael, 1871-1955. 

joy ^*y 5H< jiyipm nicoin DJ> 3 mnnD .n^nn IOT 
[i960] o^enT .'PD:^PIB pni> 

8v. In2. 25cm. 

BM712.T8 1960 A62-COOrev 

Hebrew Onion Oollese. Ubrarj 


Hanson, Harold Carsten, 1917- 

The mourning dove in Illinois, by Harold C. Hanson and 
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Dept. of Conservation and Illinois Natural History Survey 
by Southern Illinois University Press [1963j 

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Technical bulletin no. 2) 
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523-551 p. dUgra, 24 cm. (UnlTErslty of Kansas publications. 
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The. mourning dove in Tennessee; final report, Federal 
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fNashville, 195-?, 

59 p. Uln&, map. 2S cm. 
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vl,153p, 2Tm. (0.3. Pten and Wildlife Service. Clrcolarl38) 
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Mourning dove newsletter. Feb. 1949- 
Washington [etc.] 

T. lllns., dlagn. 26-28 cm. annoal (Irregular) 
QLG96.C6M7 538,65 61-60140 

MOUSE see Mice 


Yglesias, Dorothy. 

The cry of a bird. London, W. KImber (1962, 
168 p. lllu* 24cm. 
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Yglesias, Dorothy. 

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AUGUSTO, 1855-1902 

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Deux constructeurs d'empire : Mouzinho et Lyautey. Tra- 
duit du portugais par Robert Filliatre. Paris, Syndicat des 
journalistes et ^crivains de Paris [1955, 

25 p. Ulna. 22cm. 
DC342.8.L8C314 60-22356 J 

Teixeira, Luiz, 1904- 

Consciencia; de cumprir apenas um dever. [Conferencia 
pronunciada no Salao Nobre do Palacio da Independencia, 
na noite de 7 de Janeiro de 1955, para inaugurar as comemo- 
raQoes do centenario do nascimento de Mouzinho de Albu- 
querquej Lisboa, 1955. 

68 p. 19 cm. 
DT36.T4 60-38517 t 

MOUTAN PEONY see Tree peony 


see also Gums; Jaws; Lips; Saliva; 
Salivary glands; Teeth; Tongue 

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Paris. 25 cm. 12. ner., t 4 (1902) p. r478r-7. llltu.) 
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Ullnola TJnlv. Library 

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C 62-1875 

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Twice a victim. London, Faber and Faber t !959, 
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60-630 t 

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In radiation therapy) 
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U. S. Veterans Administration. 

Oral exfoliative cytology: Veterans Administration co- 
operative study, 1962. Washington t For sale by the Super- 
intendent of Documents, U. S. Govt Print. Off.] 1963 [i. e. 

xlll, 84 p. llliis. (part col.) 24 cm. 




Conference on Oral Exfoliative Cytology. 

Transactions. 1st- 1960- 

[Washington? Veterans Administration] 

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It 1961. 
t, IDS p. U[u., tablet 18 on. 

1. Month DlMUM. 2. Tch-DI)ai. L Tia. 

Title roautHbei: K'oa ch'lh chl 
pln enl fan* chlh kalian. 


C 92-1401 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


DISEASES (Continued) 

Cheraskin, Emanuel, 1916- 

Diagnostic stomatology; a clinical ptithologia approach. 
New York, Blakiston Division, McGraw-Hill [1961j 

338 p Illus 24cm. 
RK301.C54 616.31 60-12763 1 

Color atlas of oral pathology: histology and embryology, 
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A 61-2751 
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234 p. 20 cm, (The Postgraduate dental lecture series) 
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42J p. Ulna. 26 cm. 
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Radioactive sulphur as benzidine sulphate ; a methodologi- 
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A 60-1914: 
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VIOUTH HARMONICA see Mouth-organ 


Raisner, Albert. 

Le livre de 1'harmonica, [Paris, Presses du Temps 
present, 1961] 

222 p. illus. 22 cm. 
HL105S.R3 62-28184 J 


Raisner, Albert 

Le livre de 1'harmonica. [Paris, Presses du Temps 
pr&ent, 1961] 

222 p. illus. 22 cm. 
ML1055.R3 62-28184 


Joint Committee on Mouth Protectors. 

Report [Washington, I960] 
21 p. Illus. 21cm. 
GV749.M6J6 62-51146 t 



F&on, Arthur. 

lie Mouvement familial rural a vingt ana. Paris, MonTe- 
ment familial rural [1961, 

S06p. 22cm. 

BX2348.Z8F64 63-42411 t 

Rousseau, Georges, 1913- 

Les pauvres dans le monde rural. Paris, Editions S. O. S, 

87 p. 19 cm. 
BX2348.Z8F83 63-45053 J 

MOUVEMENT POUJADE see Union de defense 
des commerpants et artisans 


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The MRP and French foreign policy. New York, 
Praeger t 1963, 

196 p. 22 era. 
DC404.C34 944.082 63-10821 rev } 

Capelle, Russell Beckett, 1917- 

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1954. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms 1959j 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3092 Mic 58-3092 

Mousinho de Albuquerque, Joaquim 
Auguflto, 1855-1902 

MOVE GAMES see Board games 


see also Rhythm 



MOVEMENT, FREEDOM OF see Freedom of 



see also Motion perception (Vision); 
Motion study; Motor ability; Muscular 
sense; Rhythm 

Biriukova, Z I 

Hepsnaj; cncieita n cnopi. Mocssa, OnasyjiTypa n 
cnopT, 1962. 

39 p. Illus. 20 cm. (EHftmOTeiKa cnop-rcMCHa} 
QP356.B53 63-40112 t 

Bottcher, Hans, writer on psychology. 

Zur Analyse und Beurteilung von Handlongen. Berlin, 
Volk und Wissen, 1959. 

85 p. Ulna. 22cm. 
BF295.B62 60-32601 t 

Christian, Paul, 1010- 

Vom "\Vcrtbeivusstbciii ini Tun; ein lieitrng zur Psycho- 
physik IprA^'illkiirbewefnmiivon P, Cliriftian. ZurPsycho- 
physik der hniubverklichen Bewegungen bei Gfesunden und 
Hinigeschlidisti'ii von Albert Denvort. Stuttfftirt, F. Enke, 

77 p. dingi-s. 26 cm. (Beltrfige aus der allgemeinen Mecllzln, 4. 
BF295.C-1 59-51213 

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Cratty. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1964. 

832 p. Illus, 24 cm. (Health education, physical education, and 
recreation series) 
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Francis, Robert Jay. 

Motor characteristics of the mentally retarded, by Robert 
J. Francis and G. Lawrence Rarick. [Washington) U. S. 
Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Educa- 
tion [I960, 

Till, 40 p. dlagrs., tables. 28 em. ([U. S, Office of EdncaHonj 
Cooperative research monograph no. 1) 

RJ499JF7 1960 136.776 HEW 60-105 

U.S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare. Library 

Gambarian, Leon Sarkisorich. 

Bonpocu $H3KOXoniH ^BsraititBoro aHa-insaTopa; Dicne- 
pHMentajtHoe ncc-neflOsaHHe. MOCJCKI, Me^rBa, 1962. 

288 p. illot, 21 cm. 

McCormack, Peter Deyey, 1931- 

Negative transfer in motor performance following a criti- 
cal amount of verbal pretraining. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms ,1957, 

((University Mlcrofllma, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 23,768) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 23,768 Mic 57-4938 

Iowa. TJniv. Liorary 

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The effects of space perception variables upon perform- 
ance. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms ,1959, 
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Wisconsin. Univ. Llbr. 

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The effects on discrimination performance of the similar- 
ity of previously acquired stimulus names. Ann Arbor, Uni- 
versity Microfilms [1957, 

([Uolverslty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 28,774) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 23,774 Mic 57-4940 

Iowa. Unlv. Library 

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Personality factors iu motor learning and reminiscence. 
Ann Avlxir, Mich., University Microfilms t 1958] 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3028 Mic 58-5628 

Pittsburgh. Univ. Ubr. 

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Acqnisition and transfer performance in a motor task as 
a function of variation in level of relevant symbolic infor- 
mation, Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1959j 
Mkrofilm AC-1 no. 59-7:27 Mic 59-727 

Wisconsin, t'nlv. l.lbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Souk, Louis Camille, 1888- 

Une methods d'analyse objective des fonctions psychomc. 
trices; conference faite au Palais de la decouverte le 2 
octobre 1954. [Paris, Universite', 1955j 

21 p. dlagrs. 18 cm. (Leg Conferences flu Palais de la decouvert 
ner. A, n' 199) 
BF295.S6 60-3011 

Zaporozhefs, A V 


AsaflCMnit neflaror, nays PCQCP, 1960. 

42Tp. lllus. 21cm. 
BF29S.Z3 60-43450 


BorUn, Helen. 

Do you move as I do! London, New York, Abelarc 
Schnmnn [1963, 

unpaged, lllus. 27 cm. 
PZ10.B4Dn j 158 63-10466 

MOVEMENT CURE see Gymnastics, Medical 


Denny-Brown, Derek, 1901- 

The basal ganglia, and their relation to disorders of move 
ment. [London] Oxford University Press, 1962. 

144 p. lUcu., dlatra. 24 cm. ( Oxford neurological monographs; 

A 63-605 
Wisconsin. Unlv. Llbr. 

locomotion; Animal mechanics 

Irritability and movements 

MOVIE CAMERAS see Moving-picture camerai 
MOVIETONE see Moving-pictures, Talking 



Summer Institute of Linguistics, 

Vocabularies bolivianos. Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1962- 

T. mn*. 20 em. -j > 


Christian Family Movement 


Ayala Mercado, Ernesto. 

Befensa de la revphicMn de abril; ( iilgunos discursos par- 
lamentarios y trabajos disperses. La Paz, Ediciones Nuev* 
Era, carer 1961, 

247p. 22cm, 
F3326.A95 63-69740 

Bedregal, Gnfflerrap, 1825- 

EconomJa mcional y defensa de Latuioamerica tporj 
Guillermo Bedregal Imperialifimo y desarrollo ( porj Au- 
gusto C&pedes; ,<xniferenciasi La. Paz, 1963. 

78 p. tables. 18 cm. 
HC182.B38 04-30968 

Bedregal, GniHenno, 1926- 

La revoluoifin boliviww, sus realidades y petspectivas 
dentro del ciclo de Iibenwa6n de los pueblos latinoainericanoa. 
[Espomcion en el Foro Politico-Econfaiico organizado pot 
la Federacion de Twbajadores Fabriles de Bolivia] I* Paz 
(Direction National de laformacionee de la Presidencia de 
la Repiblica, 1862. 

119p. Iflon. 

F8SSe,B8 63-38435 J 

Bedregal, GtriUermo, 1926- 

La ruta histonea de la revolncWn boliviaiui. jContribucWin 
al Foro PoHtico-Eeonoraico organizado por el Ontro de 
Estudiantes de In Facnltud de EconomJa y Finnnzas de In 
Universidad Mayor de San Andres. La. Paz, Direccion 
National de Information es de la Presidencia, de In Republics, 

70 p. 10 cm, [DocnmeatoaptralB hljtorladeJ 1C.N. E..S) 
F3326.B4 59-03650 

Bolivia, Direction National de Inforauuaonet. 

Bolivia : 10 aiios de revolucion [1953-1962. Dirigida. por 
Jacobo Libennann Z., director naciond de infornuciones, 
1 ed. La Paz, 1962, 

268 p. lllia. 29 on. 

Bolivia. Presidents, 1960- {Pan Estenssoro) 

Discurso inaugural, dirigido al honorable Congreso Na- 
cional fi de agosto de 1960. [La Paz, Direcci6n Nncional de 
Infonnaciones de la Presidencia de 1ft Republica, 1960, 

SI p. 18 cm. (Tercer goblerno de la Reroliiclfin Nacional, 1) 
J204.N35 1960 63-44775 

Chavez Ortiz, fiuflo. 

Cinco ensayos y un anhelo. Caratnla de Walter Sol6n 
Romero. [Led., La Paz, 1963. 

289 p. 22 cm. 
F3326.C45 64-31021 

FeUman Velarde, Jos& 

Victor Paz Estenssoro; el hombre y la revolnci6n. 2. ed. 
La Paz, 1955. 
2SOp. 20 fy\, 
F3826.P3F4 1955 60-30234 J 

Franco Guachalla, Alfredo. 

Acotaciones para la doctrina del Partido. La Paz [Edit 
"Casegural", 1961. 

78 p. 19 cm. 
F3326.F7 62-58978 3 

Gueiler Tejada, Lydia. 

La mujer y la revoluci<5n ; autobiograf ia polftica. t La Paz 

280 p. lllns. 19cm. 
F3326.G8 60-25098 J 

Guzman Galarza, Mario V 

El M. N. B, y la revolnci6n americana, en marcha; ( dis- 
curso] La Paz, Bolivia, 196L 

[8] p. is on. 
F3326.G88 62-68162 t 

Lore, Gnfllermo. 

Hacia el gobierno obrero-eampesino. ( La Paz, Ediciones 
Masas," Partido Obrero Revolncionario [1962, 

6Tp. 18cm. 


Mbyimiento Nacionalista Revolncionario. Avanaada U*i- 

Documentos de la conf erancia nacionaL 
[La Paz?j Bolivia, 

v. 18cm. 
F8326JkIfi3 64-56618 

Pardo VaUe, Nazario. 

Calendario hist<5rico de la revoluci6n nacional. La Paz, 
M[ovimient0] N"[acionalista, Ktevolucionario, 1957 

144 p. 19cm. 

F3326.P26 60-32263 J 

Partido de la Izqnierda. Revolacionaria. Oomiti Departa- 
mental de Cochdbamba. 

P. I. R. y desarrollo naoional ; soluciones para los proble- 
mas nacionales. [Cochabambaj Partido de la Izquierda 
Revolucionaria, 1961. 

268 p. 19 cm. 
F3326J>27 63-35364 % 

Paz Estenssoro, Victor, Prut. Bolivia, 1907- 

El pensamiento revolucionario de Paz Estenssoro. t La. 
Pazj Secretaria Ejecutiva del Ctomitfi Politico Nacional del 
M. N. R. [1954, 

80S p. lllns. 16 cm. (EdlcWn "Fnnflajnentw y doctrina.") 
F3326J ) 28 60-32285 t 

Penaloza, Luis. 

Politica. econ6mica oligirquica, y polltica econ6mica de la 
revolnci6n nacional ; t contribnci6n al i oro politico-econ6mico 
organizado por el Oentro de Estudiantes de la Facultad de 
Economia y Finanzas de la Universidad Mayor de San 
Andres. La Paz, Direcci6tt Nacional de Informaeiones de 
la Presidencia de la Republica, cover 1958] 

70 p. IS cm. (Docmnentosparalajilstoriadel M. N. a, 6) 
HC182.P44 60-30266 t 

Ruiz Gonzalez, RauL 

Bolivia, el prometeo de los Andes. Buenos Aires, Edi- 
torial Platina [1861, 

28p. 20cm. (OolecclSnI>ro)jIemasdejinirica,T.2) 
FS326.R8 62-27142 rev 


Castro, Fidel, 1927- 

Pan sin terror; discurso pronunciado en el Parque Central 
de New York. rHabana, Ediciones Movimiento, 1959 

A ' 

de JQIio. fPubUcadini 1) 

F1788.C279 A 59-8320 

Flortda. tJnlv. Library -o-uo-ooau 


Randall, Margaret 

The home encyclopedia of moving your family. iNew 
York, Berkley Pub. Corp. ,1959, 

138 p. lllas. 17 cm. (A Brkley book, G207) 
TX301.R35 fl43 59-6469 J 

MOVING INDUSTRY see Storage and moving 


see Microcinematography 

Academy awards (Moving-pictures) 



Bamberger, Stefan. 

Studenten nnd Film; eine Untersuchung an den sciwei- 
zenschcn Universitaten und Hochschulen. Hrsg TOI der 
Redaktion des "Filmberater," Zurich, Olten, O. Walter 

185 p. 21 cm. 

MUnster. Universitat. Institut fiir PuWeistik 

Filmbesucher und Wochenschan; eine Untersuchung. 
Hrsg. von Walter Hngemnnn. Emsdetten (Westf.) Lechte 

l('p. lllus. 24 cm. (BeltiUge zur rilmforschung, Bd. 5) 
Southern Calif,, Unlv. of. Library "^ 60 ~ 00!) 

Shibata. Yoshio, 1905- 

245 p. lllus. 10 cm. 

1. Jlen ins-picture audiences. 2. ilovlng-plctures-jupun 


Wortig, Kurt. 

Hire Hoheit Lieschen Muller; Hof- und Hin 
grache urn Film und Femsehen.' ^unchen, 

159 p. dlagrs. 25 em. 
Southern Callt, TJnlv. of. Library 

J 60-804 J 

A 62-679 

picture plays 

pictures Awards; Moving-pictures, 
Documentary Awards 


see also individual makes of moving- 
picture cameras 

Courtney-Pratt, J S 

Image dissection in high speed photography. rDarmstadt. 
0. Helwich, 1958, ^ 




Freytag, Heinrich. 

- Schmalfilmen mit Qummilinsej 8-nun-SchmaIfum-Technik 

188 p. lllns., dldgrs. 19 cm 

Pollock, Norman. 

Basic 8mm movie reference guide. Philadelphia, Chilton 
Co.,Book Division, 'I960. 

127 p. lUna. 20 cm. (The Modern camera gnlde series, 6BB) 

778.6349 60-53129 1 


Shih, Tnng-shan. 

ft (Sit 1957. 

X MoTtng.plchire cameras. i. Title. 

Tint romanisti: Lun tlen ylng tl chlngfou tsu chleh. 


C 60-2549 


One year boot 1962- ed. London, M. Hentloir 

Publications ; distributed by Fountain Press. 

T. inns. 22 cm. annntl. 
TR880.C6 63-86948 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

see also Comedy films 

Barton, C H 

How to animate cut-outs for amateur films. London, New 
York, Focal Press [I960, 

119 p. lllus. 19cm. (A Focal clnebook) 
[NC1765] 741.58 61-19925 | 

Benayoun, Robert. 

Le dpssin nnim apres TYalt Disney. [Paris, J.-J. Pau- 

vert, 1061. 

ITS p. Him. 19 cm. 
NC1765.B4 63-31497 J 

Chevalier, Denys. . ,. . . ^ 

J'aime le dessin animfi. Collection dingee par Jean- 
Pierre Moulin et Yvan Dalain. Teite de Denys Chevalier. 
Photos d'archives. Lausanne, Editions Rencontre [1962j 

258 p. IHus. 14 1 20 cm. 

Deutsche Fflm-A.-G. 

Trickfilme. Trick films. Berlin, DEFA-Ausserihandel 
( 1960] 

unpaged, lllus. 26 cm. 
PK1998.D45 63-35820 t 

Halas, John. 

Comment faire des dessins nnimes d'amateurs [par, Halas 
et Privett; traduit d'un livre de Focal Press, Londres. 
Paris, Tiranty [1952, 

129 p. lllus. 18 cm. (CoUectlona Cine 1 guides) 
NC1765.H314 52-41784 rev t 

Halas, John. 

Design in motion [by, John Halas [and, Roger ManvelL 
Mew York, Hastings House [1962, 

160 p lllos (part col.) 29 cm. (Visual communication books) 
KC1765.H28 741.68 62-11588 

Halas, John. 

How to cartoon for amateur filing t by, John Halas and 
Bob Privett 3d ed. London, New York, Focal Press [1958] 

131 p. lllus. 19cm. (A Focal clnebook) 
[NC1765] 741.58 61-66006 J 

Levitan, Eli L 

Animation art in the commercial film. New York, Bein- 
hold Pub. Corp. [I960] 

128p. Ulna. 27cm. 
NC1765.L45 741.58 60-13163 J 

Levitan, Eli L 

Animation techniques and commercial film production. 
New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. t !962] 

192 p. lllus. 24cm, 
TR898.L4 778.5347 62-10717 1 


Gianeri, Enrico, 1800- 

Storia del cartone animato [di. Gee [pseud. Milano, Edi- 
trice Omnia [I960, 

279 p. lUus. (part col.) ports. 22 cm. (Storte di cose, no. 2) 

A 60-4574 
Southern Calif H L T niv. of. Library 

pictures Distribution. 

picture film collections 

see Comedy films 


see also Moving-pictures Evaluation 

Haacke, Wilmont, 1911- 

Aspekte und Probleme der Filmkritik. tGnterslohj C 
Bertelsmann t "1962j 

87, [1, p, 28 cm. (Randfuni, Film, Fenaeben; etoe Scnrlften- 
PN1995.H18 64-2649 

Jahrbnch der Filmkritik. [1959- 

Emsdetten (West!) Lechte. 

v. nine. 21 cm. 

A 62-21 

Southern Calif., Univ. of 


Jeanne, Rent, 1887- 

Le cinema et la presse, 1895-1960, par Ren& Jeanne e 
Charles Foi-d. Paris, A. Colin [1961, 

296 p. lllus. IB cm. (Collection Klcaqne, 14) 
PN1995J4 68-30908 

pictures Production and direction 

pictures Distribution 


Halendrier des evenemeats internationauz du cinema et de la 
[Paris, Conseil international du cinema et de la television. 

v. 24 cm. 
PN1993.C28 62-33330 J 

lanifestazioni d'oggi; testi di Floris Lnigi Ammannati [6t 
al. Firenze, Vallecchi ,1959, 

170 p. lllns. 25 cm. (Collezlone del Vleusseuz, 6) 

Southern Calif., Univ. ot Library 


see also Moving-pictures, Documentary 

Knzin, A A 

KnHO-$OTO-<jiOHoapxHBi>i. IToA pefl. K. r. MiiTseaa. Mc~ 
CKBa, 1960. 


Hufl HHCTHTyr. KadieApa TMPHH H npaKTHKH apxuBUoro AMI VieS- 

Htie nocoGHA no apxHBOBeAeHHio) 

Z692.M9K8 62-56200 t 

Russia (1933- U. S. S. R.) f&entral'nyi gotudantven- 
nyi arkhiv kino-foto-fonodokumentov. 

Orpaitimti acnsofi HCIOPHH; o^epK-nyTeBOAHTeiii. [Ae- 
ropn : Ji. JI,. Asctiipofl H flp. Hop, pefl. C. C. FBHaSypraj 
MOCKBE, 1961. 

150 p. lllus. 20cm. 
PN1993.4.R8 64-33658 J 


Aslib. Film Production Librarians Group. 

The directory of film production libraries [including re- 
corded music libraries for films & television, London [1959, 

82p. 20cm. 
PN19S8.A1A75 026.79143 61-34002 t 


see also Moving-picture audiences; 
Moving-pictures Production and 

Ghelli, Nino, 1918- 

I problemi di gestioiie nelle imprese einematografiche di 
spettacolo e di noleggio. Roma, Edizioni deli'Ateneo [1955, 

238 p. lllns. 22cm. (Nuovlsaggl,12) 

PN1993.5J 88G5 60-17433 J 

HUrfeld, Werner. 

' Die optimale Untemelunungsgi-ossa in der Filmprodnk- 
tion. [Hrsg. von Theodor Beste und Arno Haukei Dussel- 
clorf,Droste [ 1 'lft58 I 

239 p. 22 cm. (Fllmn-lrtschaftllche Studlen aus deui Induttrle- 
remlnnr der fnlversltat zn KISIn, 2) 

A 60-908 
.Southern Callt, Univ. of. Library 

Souknp, Jan. 

Abeceda, svStovfi Mnematografie. [L Tyd. V Praia, 
Ceskoslovensky fihn, 1958, 

161 p. 21 cm. 
PN1994.S62 61-43827 % 

see also Amusements Taxation 

Bureau international dn cinema. 


v. IT cm. 

Ch'tng, Chi-hua. 

60-35293 t 

IT. lllm. Jlcm. 

X MorlBf^ctnn IndMtrj China. t Tlth, 

THU nmmtiti: Chmn-fcao tKn >lc f <*" "> 

Hsiang, Ch'en. 

149 p. lllos. 19cm. 

X Moving-picture indtntrr Otlna. 

C 88-8180 

Title nmmOaet: Ytai; tarns 1 ma. 
C 60-1811 

Hu, Fu-yiian. 

S'lifnil-ifh 1957. 
Him 23cm. 

:>> IU04.U7fl5 
Lu, Sau. 

lurtiialry -I liina i. Title 

Title nananizril-Tlru yliii; chili p'lcn kunji 
jph tl ahi'ns eh'un clil 8hu kuun II fa 

C 02-2000 1 

WF ? 'M m it t M ti fc ft W * t 1962- 

1. Mnvlns-plctiire Industry Chloa. i. Title. 

Title romanteci: 71a;p'liig I chin. 

Harvard Uaiv. Chinese- Japjneee Library 0838.1 

Yang, Ts'un, 

203 p. Illus. 19cm. 

1. Moving-picture Indnstry China. r. TlUe. 

Title romantzed: Chunff-kuo tlen ylnj i nlen. 

PN1904.Y3 C 59-2807 J 


Blaha, Rudolf. 

Ekonomika Js, kinematopfrsfle; utebnice pro m. a IT. 
rocnik Prumyalovfi filmovfi Skoly v Cimelicfcb a pffruJka 
pro fUmove pracovnlky. Praha, Ceakoslovensk^ stitnl film, 

191 p. flluB. 29cm. 
PN1993.5.C9B5 81-44027 t 

Havelka, JifL 

Gs. filmovl hospodafstvL t Vyd. 1., Praia, Stitnl pada- 
gogick^ nakl., 1958- 

v, SO cm. (TJfebnt tarty vjsolcjcli Skol) 
PN1993.5.C9H28 60-24450 t 


Degand, Claude. 

Essai BUT une unification des industries cdnematograpli- 
iques europeennes. Paris, Centre europeen du spectacle, 

11, 82, a-d, a-c, a-e, a-r p. map (on lining paper) dlagn., tables. 
PN1993.5JE8D4 ei-31151 


Adam, WWried. 

Dig Risiko in der detitschen Fihnviitscn&ft Wiesbs4eji- 
Dotzheim. Verlg fur Fihmrirtschaft und Filmkunde ,1959, 

206 p. dlagrs, formt, tablo. 22 on. (FUmirtrtscbaftllche Stu- 
dies SQJ dem Indojtriejemmmr der ttnlvenltKt ra KBln, 8) 


1949- ) 

Verband Dentseher Fflmproduztnten. 

(Frankfort am Main!] 
v. 30 cm. umual. 
PN1983.5.G3V4 64-88744 

Spraos, John. 

The decline of the cinema; an economist's report Lon- 
don, G. Allen & TTnwin t 1962; label: British Book Centre, 

IBS p. Ulna, 28 cm. 
PN1M3J5.G7S7 1962 7L4S094 6S-6270 t 

Blnarri, libero, 1926- 

L'Lndustria cinematografica [di] L. Bizzarri e L. 
SokroIL Firanze, Pirenti { 1968j 

262 p. Ulns. 2& cm. (Sanct 41 cnlhira modern*, r. 27) 

Ghffl,NiBo, 1918- 

I problem! di gestiona nelle imprese cineni.tograficne di 
spetticolo e di noIeRgki. Roma, Ediiioni dell'Atoneo il955i 
236 pi Dim. 22cm. (NnoTlral, 12) 

60-17488 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Imamura, Kanae, 1907- 

'r f J- 'it f?i # ,*; ft t-fiil 1 ft - ; E i 

210 p. Illus. 18cm. (H 1-i/ir V. ' 'I-'. 12} 
Includes bibliography. 

1. MdTlns plrture Industry Japan. r. Tnkumlya. Susumu 

1IXB- ed. IL Title. 

Title romanlMd: Elga sangyfl 

Kido, Shiro, 1894- 

J 82-721 t 


ajS p. illus. 19 cm. 

r * t- -7 in fa, i: 6 -~ * *F ... -e 

""" ' 

1. Moving-picture Industry Japan. :. Title. 

Tide romanfied: Klhon clgn den. 

Nikkatsu Kabushikl Kaish*. 

BrSES + ^i KM 
212 p. Ulna., fold, table. 27cm. 

j 6 ii-7!)3 J 

Title ronaniiet: Nikkatsu shljnnenshl. 
Hoover Institution 


Amado G , Francisco. 

El cine en M&rico; estudio Bociologico ^r, Francisco 
Arnado G. y Alicia Echeverria M. Mexico, 1 960. 

219 p. 24cm. 
PN1993.5.M4A62 61-31920 t 


Pakistan. Film Fact Finding Committee. 

Rejiort of the Film Fact Finding Committee, Govt. of 
Pakistan, Ministry of Industries, April 1860-April 1981. 
Karachi, Manager of Publications. 1B62. 

xl,410p. tables. 25cm. 
PN 1993.5.P3A5 S A 63-228 


Babitsky, Paul. 

The Soviet film industry, by Pan! Babitsky and John 
Rimberg. Foreword by Alex Inkeles, New York, Pub- 
lished for the Research Program on the U. S. S. R. by 
Praeger, 19S6. 

xl, 877 p. dlagn. 2J on. (Smdl of the Bseearoh Prorram on 
theTJ. S.S.B,no. 12} * *792.83 791.4 55-11078 rev 

Kotenko, S 

aop. WOE. 17cm. 




ShapoYalov, S A 


Hofl pcfl. B. T. HepnoBa. Moca, HczycorBO, 1960. 

77p. 20cm. 
PN1994.A5R87 60-45126 J 


Sweden. Filmutrtdnmgen^ 190. 

Statligt stod at svensk filmproduktion; betaokande. 
Stockholm, K. L. Beckmans boktr. ; [distribneras av Nordisfca 
bokhandeln, 1951. 

TS p. 23cm. (Stateos offentliga utrednlngar 1951 : 1) 
J406.R15 1951:1 63-17839 MT 


Conant, Michael. 

Antitrust in the motion picture indnstry; economic and 
legal analysis. Berkeley, University of California Press, 

xvll, 240 p. 111ns. 25 cm. (Publication* of the Bureau of Busi- 
ness ana Economic Bejearch, UnlTersltr of California) 
PN19S3.5.UGC63 791.43 60-7084 

see also News photographers 

Jeanne, Rend, 1887- 

Le cinema et la presse, 1895-1960, par RenS Jeanne et 
Charles Ford. Paris, A. Colin r !961, 

295 p. Illns. 19 cm. (Collection Klosque, 14) 
PN1995.J4 63 _3 0908 . 


Biamonte, S G ed. 

Musica e film. Roma, Edizioni dell'Ateneo [ C 1959j 
x, 274 p. Illus., ports. 24 cm. 

A 60-1664 
Oregon. Univ. Library 

Skinner, Frank. 

Underscore. [Xew York, Criterion Music Corp., I960, 
239 p. Illns., music. 24cm. 
MT40.S75 1060 781.61 60-2587 

Biamonte, S G ed. 

Musica e film. Roma, Edizioni dell'Ateneo [=1959, 
x.274 p. Illns., ports. 24cm. 

Oregon. Tin,, Utauy 

Dearborn, Mich. Public Library. AwKo-Vitudl Dept. 

A selected list of recorded musical scores from radio, 
television find motion pictures. Compiled by James L. Lim- 
bacher, Dearborn ,1960?, 

a I. 28 cm 
ML1283I7D4 62-52543 J 


Biamonte, S G ed. 

Musica e film. Roma, Edizioni dell'Ateneo ,'1950 
r,274p. Illos., ports. 24cm, 

r,274p. Illos., ports. 
Oregon. TJnlv. Library 

A 60-1664 

Manvell, Roger, 1909- 

Tecnica della musica nel film t dij Roger Manvell [Bj John 
Huntley. [Veisione itoliona di Gioia Angiolillo Zannino. 
1. ed. Romaj Edizioni di Bianco e Nero [1959j 

821 p. Illus., mualc. 21 cm. (Collana ai stndl crltlcl e scientific! 
flel Centre spertmentale dl cinema tografia, 6) 
ML2075.M23 61-24843 


Boganova, Taf Ana Vasa'evna. 

KHHOMysHia T. H. XptHHHKoaa. Mociaa, CoBercsHfl 
iOKno3HTOp, 1961. 

28 p. 14cm. 
ML410.K4B6 62-47078 J 

Bor, Vkdimlr. 

Trojan, fitoovi hudba. r l. vyd., Praha, Stataf nakL 
brasnS literatury, hudby a nmSn^ 1958. 

168 p. Ulns ports., music. 17 cm. (Edlce Hudebnf proflly) 

ML410.T77B7 60-20801 

Hacquard, Georges. 

La. musique et le cinema. Paris, Presses universitaires de 
France, 1959. 

" IU9 " mU8lC ' ^ "^ (BlbIIoaiS ue Internationale de 

Orepra. Univ. Llbr. 

A 60-2210 

Kuna, Milan. 

Hudba v kritkem filmu; pHrucka pro filmovfi amatery 
tL vyd., Praha, Orbis, 1961. 

62p. Ulni. 20cm. 
ML2075.K85 62-34561 1 

Manvell, Roger, 1909- 

Tecnica della musica nel film t di] Roger Manvell [6, John 
Huntley. jVexsione italiana di Gioia Angiolillo Z&nnino. 
1. ed. Romaj Edizioni di Bianco e Nero [1959j 
del Centre sperunentale dl clnematografia, 6) cr c e cnt c 

ML2075.M23 61-24842 

Massimo, Leone. 

Breve stork della musica occidentale; corso di storia. della 
musica per gli allieri dei corsi di regia, scenografia, costume 
e direzione di produzione. [Roma. 1957, 
HI SSL* 1 2 ,S "" Centro sperimentale dl dnematoerana. Collana 
dl testlperl'Insegnaioento, 6) 

Southern Callf n Enlv. of. Library 9-8231 

Pilka, JiK. 

Tajemstvi filmove hudby. t l. vyd-j Praha, Orbis, 1960. 
72p. Illns. 21cm. fKnlinlceFItniadolm) 
MI.2075.P5 61-27421 t 

Thiery, Herman, 1812- 

Lantarenmuziek; eeo nieuwe bnndel fihnaUek, ter gelegen- 
.heid van het 60ste jaarfest van de bioscoop t doorj Johan 
Daisne- [pseud.] Antwemen, Nederlandsche Boekhandel. 

2S8 p. Illua. 22 cm. (tntgave van het Wlllemi-ronda, nr 198) 
ML2075.T5 60-58978 t 



see also Comedy films; Film adaptations 

Antonioni, Michelangelo. 

Screenplays. With an introd. by the author. t Transhited 
by Roger J. Moore and Louis Brigantej New York Orion 
Press [1963, 

861 p. Illus. 23 cm. 
PN1997.A57 1963 791.437 62-15018 J 

BeUaey, Vladimir Pavlovich, 1909- 

HsaHHa; nraonoBecTt. MocEBa, HcKyccrBo 1960 
180 p. Ulus. 17 cm. (BH6jmoTejca KHBOApaMaTyprHH) ' 
PN1997.B36 62-47265 J 

Cleopatra (Motion picture. Twentieth Century-Fox Film 

20th Century-Fox presents Elizabeth Taylor in Joaeph L 
Mankiewicz' Cleopatra, starring Richard Burton as Mark 
Antony and Rex Harrison as Julius Caesar ,Nnw 
National Publishers, 1963] ' ' OTK> 

unpaged. Illus. 32 cm. 

Duras, Marguerite. 

Une aussi longue absence. Scenario et dialogues- Mar 
guente Duras [et, Gerard Jarlofc. Realisation : Henri Gobi 
[Pans, Gallimard [1961, * ' 

103 p. illus. 2lcm. 

Illinois. Univ. Library A 62-1965 

Duras, Marguerite. 

Hiroshima mon amour. Text by Marguerite Duras for 
the film by Alain Resnais. Translated by Richard Seaver 
Picture editor: Robert Hughes. New York, Grove Press' 

PN?99 P 7.D9T 5 * ^ (ET 1 ~'- 6wou ^ 

Ezhov, Valentin Ivanovich, 1921- 

Eaoa^a o compare. MocKna, HcsyccTBo, 1960. 
99 p. Illns. 17cm. (BHOjraoTCKa KHHOApaMarypra} 
PN1997.B25 61-29393 J 

Faust (Motion picture) 

Gustaf Grundgens Faust in Bildern r von, Rosemarie 
Clausen. [Braunschweig, G. Westermann ,1960i 
77, ,3] p. Illus. (part col.) S3 cm. 

Southern Calif., Univ. of. Library A 62-2906 

Feuini, Federico. 

Ladolcevita, [English translation by Oscar DeLiso and 
Bernard Shir-Clifi. New York, Ballantine Books ,1961, 
Tv5t^ llnS - 19cm - (BUntlneboota,SB17K) ' ' 

PN1997.F385 791.437 61-19268 J 

Feng, HsUeh-feng, 1903- 

91 p, 10 
I Title. 

Harvard Ilnlr. Chin 


TUIe romonlrerf; Shang-jao chl chunjylny. 

Jananese Library 0838.7 

Galant, Tomis. 

Seai6n de cine, Valencia, Fomento de Culture ,1959, 
220 p. 20cm. ' ' 

Purdue Univ. Library A 60-469 

Hangmark, Erik. 

Sadan layer man drejebog. [K0benhavn, Skrifola, 1960j 
124 p. Illns. 19cm. (Skrifola ,fotobog, 8) 

Southern Calif., TJnlr. of. Library A 61-5598 

Hawkins, Robert, ed. 

Barabba di Richard Fleischer, a cura di Robert Hawkins. 
("Ologna, Cappelli [1962, 

"lua. 21 cm. (Dal loggetto al film, 21) 

62-43974 J 

Hiroshima mon amour (Motion picture) 

Hiroshima mon amour, scenario et dialogues ,par, Mar- 
^60 Si rfalisation: Alain Eesnais - Paris, Gallimard 

140 p. Him, 21 em. 

Illinois. Univ. Library 

A 61-4491 

TOp. Uho. 19cm. 


TiOf rmuaitei: TI taU ahao teKn tnL 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


KemaL, Orhan, pseud. 

Senaryo teknigi ve senaryoculugumuzla ilgili notlar. 
Istanbul, 1963. 

04 p. 20 era. (Ellf yayinlnri, no. 8; slnema dizisl, no. 1) 
PN1996.K38 N E 64-367 

Knorre, Fedor Fedorovich. 

PUTS ; KHHOCiieEapHit. MocEaa, HcKycciBo, 1059. 
87 p. Illua. 17 cm. (BHCjmOTeKa KHHOApaiwaTypra) 
PN1997.K5S 62-49580 t 

Mdivani, Georgu Davidovich. 

KHHO-cneaapun. MocEBa, HCKVCCTBO, 1959. 
349 p. 21 on. 
PN1997.A1M4 60-28102 t 

Michaud, Jean, of Paris. 

Armand Gatti, L'enolos. Paris, A. Fayard [1962, 
175 p, 20 cm. 
PN1997.G35 62-65118 t 

Moscon, Giorgio, 1925- ed. 

Bivorzio nll'italinna di Pietro Germi. [Roma] Ediziom 

F. M. [1061] 

15S p. plates, ports. 21 cm. (II Olnematoffrafo: Gil autori e la 

PN1997.G43 63-40550 

NapoK, Anna di, 1931- 

Come elnborare un soggetto per il cinema. Napoli [Isti- 
tutodellfistampa] 1058. 
14 T) 18 cm. 

A 60-806 
Southern Calif., Univ. of. Library 

Pagnol, Marcel, 1895- 

Trois lettres de mon moulin. Adaptation et dialogues du 
film. D'apres 1'ffiuvre de Alphonse Baudot Paris, Flam- 
mariou [1954] 

218 p. Illus. 20 cm. 

A 55-10436 rev 
Southern Calif., TJnlv. of. Library 

Pudovkta, Vsevolod Dlarionovich, 1893-1953. 

Film technique, and Film acting. Translated and edited 
by Ivor Montagu. Memorial ed. [rev. and enl.j with por- 
trait, memoir and a rev. and completed record of the author's 

film work. New York, Grove Press [1960i 

388 p. Illua. 21cm. (Evergreen original, E-24S) 
PN1995.P832 1960 791.4302 


Rohbe-Grfllet, Alain, 1922- 

Last yew at Marienbad. Test by Alain Rohbe-Omllet, 
for the Him by Alain Resnais. Translated by Richard How- 
ard. Picture editor: Robert Hughes. New York, Grove 

Press [1962, 

108 p Ulna 21 cm. (Evergreen original E-B20) 
PN1997.R595 781.437 82-13052 t 

Rossetti, Enrico, 1919- ed. 

Jovanka e le oltre di Martin Ritt. [Bolognaj Cappelli 


195 p. illns. 21cm. (Dal soggetto al film, 14) 
Southern Callt.TJnlT. of. Library 

A 61-4221 

Rouch, Jean. 

Chronique d'un dtS [par] Jean Eonch t et] Edgar Monn. 
[Paris, Interspectacles, 1962] 

184 p. Illua., ports. 18 cm. (Domalne cinema, 1) 
PN1997.R6T8 63-88137 

Shang-hai shih nlen wen hsueh hsiian chi pien chi wei yiian 


It I960. 
1214 p. 21cm. 

1. Moving-picture playi. 

Title romtntzed: Shans-hal hlh nien wen hsdeh 
h0an chi ; tlen ylng chfl pen hsOan. 


G 60-2175 

Shind6, Kaneto, 1912- 
x i- i) t 

qesapnn yafieKCEoro EBHO ; cSopHHE, [CocxaBHieai. C. Myxa- 
MCflOBj TaraECHT, Foe. HS^-BO xyAOK. JIHT-PH YaSencKofl 
CCP, 1958. 

286 p. 23 cm. 
PN1997.S79 6147287 t 

Vailland, Roger. 

Les liaisons dangereuses 19BO, un film de Roger Vadim. 
Adaptation de Roger Vadim et Roger Vailland, avec la col- 
laboration de Claude Brule. Dialogues de Roger Vailland 
d'apres le roman de Choderlos de Laclos. Paris, Julliard 

168 p. Illua. 20 cm. 

A 62-1094 
Illinois. TJnlv. Library 

Vaifland, Roger. 

Roger Vadim's Les liaisons dangereuses; screenplay by 
Roger Vailland, Roger Vadim and Claude Brule. Trans- 
lated by Bernard Shir-Cliff. [New York, Ballantine Books 

23B p. Illus. 18 cm. (An Original Ballnntine book, S586) 
PN1997.V22 791.437 62-2339 

Wilder, Billy, 1906- 

Inna la douce; a screenplay, by Billy Wilder and L A. L. 
Diamond. t lS T ew York, Tower Publications, 1963, 

127 p. Illus. 18 cm. 
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Sol ziemi. [Tlum. Irena Nomaiezuk. Wyd. l.j "War- 
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141 p. illus. 2lcm. 

1. Moving-picture plays. 2. Moving-picture Blays Hist. & <rlt i. 
Xltfe. Title rofflonfeed.- Shlnnrlo no kOsel. 

PN1996.S45 J 60-795 I 

Spaso v, Pavel. 

HOA KIOTO; nraociffHapHfl no t^soauessea. ponan aa 
Euan Basra. Co$na, Hayia H HarycTBO rl951j 

106B - MCffl - 6M26891 



Bandeira, Iloberto de Queiroz, 1933- 

A literatura no cinema. Rio de Janeiro, Irmaos Pongetti, 

140 p. llliis. 10 cm. 

PN1997.85.IM 63-41046 J 

Chung-kuo tien ying ch'u pan she, Peking. 

196(1- ,r. 1,1062, 

v. 21 cm. 

1, Moving-picture playi Collection!. t. Title. 

JVflc romonlicrf: Chunj-kuo tl*it 
ylnffchll pn lisnan ch! 



Dovznenko, Oleksandr Petrovych, 1894-1966. 

HaSpaHHoe. [Beryn. ciarts H. C. TnxoHOBa] MocKoa 

609 p. Ulna. 23 cm. 
PN1997.A1D63 59-17400 rev 

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The film script London, Fountain Press E 1962j 
03 p Illus. 17 em. (Fountain movlebook series) 
PJST1905.8.TB 791.432 64-3054 

Valsfel'd, I 

MactepcTBO KHHO-^pawaTypra. MocKBa, CoseTCEHfl nHca- 
TCJII, 1961. 

802 p. 21 cm. 
PN1994.V22 62-47536 t 

see Moving-pictures Production 
and direction 

STORIES, PLOTS, ETC. see Moving- 
pictures Plots, themes, etc. 

pictures Production and direction 


see also Moving-picture projectors 

Andereg, G F 

OfiopyfloaaHne EHHorearpoB, Mocsua, HCEVCCTBO, 1962. 
483 p. Hint 22 on. 
TR890.A515 64-43492 

Andereg, G P 

CnpaBoiHax KHiira KitHonexanuEa u snnoiexunEa (cia- 
nnonapnue KiinoycTaHOBKii) IIcu pea. IT, 1C. KatvpnHa. 

499 p. Illua. 2J cm. 
TR890.A52 CO-23TD-3 J 

Benediktov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 

SsyEOBaa Tacit EimonpoeKTopa. Ila^. 2., nepep. 11 ,ion. 
H. B. IIIopOM. MocEna, HciycciBo, 1962. 

187 p. Illus. 20 cm. (BHOjuiOTCKa KmoMexamnia) 
TE8SO.B39 19G2 63-48041 t 

Danilov, Konstantin Borisovich. 

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ISO, ,4, p. 1 fins. 20cm. (BnS.iiiOTEKa KHHOMCxamiKa) 
TR800.D3 60-44790 

Goldovskii, Evsei Mikhaflovich. 

162 p. illns. 20 cm. (EcfijiHOTexa KHHOMCxamiKa) 
TR890.G625 63-37964 J 

Goldovskii, Evsei Mikhailovich. 

Grundlagen der Breitwand-Fihnverfahren. [Ubersetzer: 
Thea Kraatz, Halle, SaaJe, Fotokino Verlag, 1959. 

148 p. Illus. 21 on. 

TR890.G6385 778.55 59-47591 J 

Hsu, Chien. 

sCpanHLie cuenapuE coBercKoro EHHO. 
MocKsa, rocKEHOHSAaT, 1949-50. 

v. 23cm. 
PN1997.I9 1949 

50-56559 rev 

ijeHapHn aMcpHiraHCEoro Kiino. MoCEBa, IIcKyccTEO, 1960. 

638 p Illus. 23 cm. (3apy6e)KHan KiiHoapa.MaTypniB) 
PN19H7.A1S74 C2-3B016 t 

CncHapim nra.ii.flHCKoro KHHO. MocEaa, HcsyccTBO, 1958. 

573 p. ill. 23 cm, (3apy6e)Kiia Kimonp^MiTypnts) 
PX1987.A1S78 60-22782 J 


Blelman, Mikhail ItTr'evich. 

IIpaBaa peBOjtrmnn npas^a ncEj'ccTsa. MocEaa, Hcsyc- 
CTBO, 1961. 

63 p. Illus. 20cm. 
PN1998.5J19B5 62-34273 t 

Grzelecki, Stanisiaw. 

Archipelag spraw osobistych; szkice o fihnie psychologic- 
ziiym, [AVyd. l.j Warszawa, Wydawn. Artystyczne i Fil- 
mowe. 1962. 

177 p. lllus. 21 cm. 
PN1995.G7 63-38961 f 

Shcherbak, Anatoli! Ivanovych. 

CyiacHicTt. B yspaiHctrift mHO^pasiaTyprii ; cuenapna 
TBop?icrt yspaiHciKKK nHCiMCKHHsiB 1945-1960 pp. KH!B, 
flepac. BBS-BO XVAOZ. JiT-pn, 1962. 

285p. Illns. 21cm. 
PN1993Ji.U4S5 S3-30053 t 

Shinda, Kaneto, 1&12- 


235 n. Illus, 10 cru. 



1, Movlng.pictnre projection. L Title. 

Title romniicd: Tien j ing fane jinj 
Chi tl tlen jlian she pet 

TR890.H7 CfiO-2624 1 

Irakfl, GrigorQ Lazarevien. 


283 p. lllua, tables. 22cm. 
TR890.1 68 62-67160 

Korovkin, V D 

TexHEreecsaji 3EcnayaTai(HJi 5fmjbvoronHS MOCKBS, 
HciycciBo, 1962. 

127 p. UloB, 20 cm. (BHDjraoreKa KHHOMexasmca) 
TR890.K68 68-29875 t 

Kozlov, Pavel Viafl'erieh- 

IIojnucpH B CBEeuaiorpajiHE H $OTOrpa$Hn. Mocrsa, 

HcryccTBO, I960. 
lT6p. lllna. 20cm. 


Krasovskii, fiduard fiduardovich. 

HocoOHC iHHOHCxaHHKy. MaHcr, Foe. HS^-BO BCCP, 
Pe^. HayiHO-TCXH. JJIT-PH, 1960. 

S14p. Illns. 21cm. 
TR890.K69 61-32251 

Krasovskii, fiduard fidnardovich. 

B nosiomfc KSBoaexaHHEy ce.ij.c>colt KUHonepeftBHKKii. 
Sinner, Toe. HSA-BO ECCP, 1955. 

183, (Sj p. Ulra. 20 on. 
TR890.KT 1955 63-47350 

Meinel, Walter. 

nilfSrach fQr den FilmvorfBhrer in Frajp und Antwort. 
13. Aufl. Dasseldorf,W.Knapp,1958, 

325 p, llluB. 21 cm. 

A 60-432 
Purdne'Unlv. Library 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Melik-Stepaman, A M 

flera-iu n 3(exanii3MLi EtiHoannapaTypti. flonymeno B 
saiecTse yiefi. nocoSiiir zxx EiiHoaysoB. MocKsa, HcKyc- 
CTBO, 1959. 

431 p. lUus. 23cm. 
TR890.M38 60-32415 

Samygin-Zhekhor, Vladimir AlekseeTieh. 

CfiopHzr jaCopaTOpninc pa<Soi fj.* noflroioBJOi XHHO*e- 
xasHicoB. Mocisa, Hpo$TexK3,na. i r, 1961. 

108 p. 22cm. 
TK890.S24 62-39811 \ 

Sewell, George Harold, 1899- 

Making and showing your own films. London, G. Newnes 
t !954, 

. Ulns. 21 on. 

778.5349 60-35452 t 

820 p. Ulns. 21 on. 
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Shmyrev, V I 

KuHixjuubM H jHHonpoern,HOHHaj! anttapa.Typa. Ilofl 06- 
mefl pefl. C. M. UpCBOpEosa. 03^. 3., nepep. n a,on. ^" 
CKsa, HcKycciBo, 1961. 

2p. lllua. 22cm. 
TR890.S46 1961 61-42293 J 

Shor, Isaak Vladunirovich. 

Kimna leirrpncTaiujnii ; ytoonne IKMTOOUC ^x yyamnxcK 
KimiwcniiEyjiOB. ilocKBa, COBCTCKBS Poccna, 1960. 

272 p. Illu '28m 
TK4033.MfiS45 (10-42279 

U. S, Bureau of If aval Pertonnel. 

Projectionist's ro"<Ti1, [Washington; for sale by the 
Superintendent of Documents, TX S. Qovt Print. Off., 1964. 

it 99 P. nitu. 27 on. 

TK890.TJ62 1964 64-61423 

Ushagina, Valentina Ivanovna. 

iiiiiioEpoKu;ufl. Mocma, HciycciBO, 1960. 
86 p. illus. 20 cm. (EiitLiHOTeica KHH<uuo6HTeJW) 
TR8UO.U75 60-44826 I 


Guide de 1'opfirateur de projection sonore. 6. &L "16-35- 
70 nun" entierement refondue avec d'importantee additions 
et de nombrenr remaniementB. Paris, Editions B. P. I., 

2T5 p. Illus. 21 cm. (FraUqne et thforle da teconlfluea mo- 
TE890.V5 1960 778.5544 61-21688 t 

VrsotskS, Mikhail ZinorWdu 

UlEpOKoacpaHEoe crepeo^oHH^ecroe KBHO. Mocssa, 
HC^CCTBO, 1957. 

ira p. ulna. 23 cm. 
TB807.V88 58-32274 rev 



[Warszawa, Filmowa Agencja Wyda'wiuczaj 

y. In EUoi. ( ports. 80 cm. montbly. 
TB845Jv49 60-32059 

see also Safety film Law and legislation 


Barbanef, Simon Rafaflorleh. 

PenosT EHBonpoemHOHHofl annapaiypH. PeioneH^o- 
sano B laiecTM y?(5. ffoccdaji &ix KHHOBVSOB H SHHOrex- 
HHiyiioi. MocKsa, HcxyccrBO, 1965, 

266 p. Him. 2Sem. 
TE89aB28 56-89132 reT 

ifiH It 1959. 
lOBp. Oho. 19cm. 

L Mortnc-DlctMre projector!. i. Title. 

Ttfto rmuM^wtf.- Tlen rial Cur rtC yH hau yln. 

TE890.C46 C 60-2828 t 

Or ECMoro JCBHO jc nanopaMHOMy- MocicBa, Hsfl-so Ara- 

I4T P- illna. 20 cm. (KHHO-Ttxrooca mmHx ABtfl) 
TB890.G634 62-S8517 J 

Ho)b*k, Svend 

Indk^b af tonefilmanbeg. t H^b*nh,Tn] Statons Film- 
can tnO, 1960. 
Sip, 21cm, 

8<mUiniCJIt,CnlT. et 

Karipidi, Sokrat DmitrieTich, 

EoHtpooii,BLie ijjnjitsrti. MocEsa, HcrycciBo, 1956. 
91 p. Ulns. 20 cm. (BnSjiHOTeKa KHHOMHcaHJrea) 
TE890.K5 63-48100 

, F cwmp. 

Cnpanoiuajj KEnra ctitctoro iHHOiiexaHHKa. MociBa, 
CoBercKaa Poccna, 1961. 

441 r. Ulns. 21 cm. 

Ln, Yeh. 

237 p. 21cm. 

1. MoTlne-plctare projectors. i. Title. 

TUIe romonfceiJ: Tlep ring fang yiag chl yfl 
tlen ylog yOan. 


C 60-1586 

Podkulko, Sergei D'ich. 

EsKepeHHJi B ycaiHTtiax KHHOycTaaroBOE. Mocssa, Ho 
ryccTBo, 1960. 

141 p. lllos. 20 cm. (EHoVmoreEa cino.MexaHHica) 
TK7682.M38P6 64-29498 J 

^W^Ji^^fi! Jtv; 'I'l-Hl'b^.'I'.llUl umii. 

<T. InL tlliu. 19 cm. 
Cornwrrs. ,1, 

1. Moving-picture projcctara. i. Title: I tung ahlU lien ylug fany 
Ting chl. n. Title: I tuiig ehlb fa tune fa tlen chl. in. Title: Fang 
ylng Irtio yln chl. IT. Title: Fang ylng tlen kuiig clil ch'u, 

Ttlte nnanliKd: Tlen ylng fung 
y Ing chl aim rhino ch'Sng. 

TR890.T6 CftMOMJ 


Lahue, Kalton C 

Continued next -week; a history of the moving picture 
serial, by Kalton C. Lahue. With a foreword by Kent D. 
Eastin. [1st ed.j Norman, TTniTersity of Oklahoma Press 

rril,2S3p. Illus, 28cm. 
PN'1995.9.S3L3 79L435 64-20767 


see also Moving-picture projection 

Akademiia atroitel'stra i arkhitektury SSSR. Imttiut ol- 
thchethiennyjth sdarm i soorushenu. 

KnaoTearpH c nrnpoKHM 3Kpanoii. T ABTOpii:B. E.BHKOB, 
K). II. rnesoBcKiifl, H, H. MaiBeesa; no;? otfrnett pe^. B. E. 
EuKOBaj MocEBa, Toe. n3A-"O .int-pu no ciponrtTtcTBy, 
apxHienype ir crponi. MaTepna.ian, 19i59. 

190, [2j p. Hint. 2T cm. 
NA6845JL39 60-21863 

Andereg, G F 

oBaaHft MHOreaTpOB. Mocrna. HcrycciBO 1962 
488 p. mm, 22 on. ' J 



Borisenko,! y 

TexHiira CeaonacnocTH na EHHoycraHoixax a ^Kzmoo'a- 
sax Has. 3., Harp. H ^on. MociBa, Hcryccrso, 1961. 
TH944B.T4B6 1961 "*"'") ^^^ ^ 

Kaeherovich, A If 

AiycTHKa a apXHierrypa XHEOTeaxpa. MocKsa, Horyc- 
CTBO, 1961, 

38Bp, ffltn. 21 cm. 
NA6845X23 62-47632 t 

Panfilov, Nikolai Deinenf evich. 

ArycTirsa KnHorcarpa, MctKBa, HcsyccTBo. 1957. 
95 p. lllm. SO on. (Ewfijmortica KHHOMexajmia) 
NA28QO.KJ8 60-27136 J 

TL S. Butmett and De/ente Strvictt Adminutration. iSaitn- 
tifto, Motion Picture and PhotoyntpMo Product! Dimrion. 
World gnrvey of motion picture theater facilities. Wash- 
ington, 1WO. 

5 p. ttb}e. 27cm. 
PKT1W4.A2 1960i 61-60236 


Knopp, Leslie. 

The dnemntograph regnktions, 1955. London, Cinema 
Frees [1956, 

185 p. Illtu. 22 cm, 

791.4302642 50-54548 


Hall, Ben M 

Tie best remaining seats; the story of the golden age of 
the KIOTO pahc*. ( lst ed., Kew Torfc. 0. N". Potter ,1961] 

2p. Him. (prt roL) port*. 89cm. 

lfA6846JI3 791.480978 61-11768 


pictures Titling 


see also Art in moving-pictures; 
Comedy films; Horses in moving- 
pictures; Moving -picture journalism; 
Moving-picture projection; Realism 
in moving-pictures; Supernatural in 

Agel, Henri. 

Le cinenia. 5. ecL rev. [Tournaij Castennan, 1963 ["1964, 
412 p. lllns. 20cm. (Syntheses contemporalneg) 
PN1894.A53 1968 64-38150 

Agel, Henri 

Voyage dans le cinema jparj Henri et Genevieve Age]. 
[Tournai, Castennan, 1982. 

187 p. illus. IS cm. (Collection "Adolescent, qnl ec-tnl" Ser. 
PNl994_i535 64-27184 

Alpert, Hoffis, 1916- 

The dreams and the dreamers. New York. Sfacmillan 

268 p. 22cuj. 
PN1994.A59 791.43 62-19752 t 

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Ln. bntnlla del cine. Madrid, Visor [1961, 
x, 97 p. 18cm. ' 

Sonthern Calif., Univ. ot 


A 02-680 

Bamberger, Stefan. 

Stndeuten und Film; eine Untersuchung an den schwei- 
zerischcn UniversitSten und Hochschulen, Hrsg. von der 
Bedafction des "Filmberater," Zarich. Olten, 0. Walter 

185p. 21cm. 
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Barleben, Sari August, 1901- 

Earning money -with your movie camera. Philadelphia, 
Chilton Co., Book Division, "I960. 

127 p. Illus. 20 cm. (Tie Modern camera guide series, 5S2) 
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O cinema nt. pol&nica do tempo. Lishoa, Gomes & Eod- 
rigues, 1959. 

227 p. Ulua. 20cm. 


SonthernCallt,TrnlT.ot IJbrary 

Beaumont, Charles, 1929 or 30- 

Eememberf remember? New Yorfc, Macmillan ,1963, 

218p. 22oB. [ ' 

E169.LB355 917.3 63-15275 

Bereflmyl, ftor ftTrflovych. 

Axrop B DHO. E., ^on. BHA. MB, ^epac. BH^-BO ofipaao- 
TBOpTOro uacienTBa i KvaHrooi jii-pn 7PCP, 1962. 

88 p. Ulm. 20 on. (HfljiJoTtTOii 3 rmraiu, jracreirrBa. Ktoo) 
PN199B.B36 1962 63-32761 J 

Bianca, Giovanni A 

H cinema, Pattore a il rapporto arte-Tita. Messina, G. 
d'Anna r lfi60, 

225 p. 23 cm. (BlbUoteca dl cultura contemporanea, 66) 
PN1994JB47 A 81-1 fiB3 

EarrardUnlT. Library 6 

B^rge, Vagn, 1904- 

Weltmacht Film; das geasfa'ge Gesicht einer neuen Knnst. 
[Wienj Austria-Edition [I960] 

488 p. plates. 22 cm. (Bncnrellrt der Oaterrelclitachen UMKC- 
Kommlffllon, Bd. S) 
PN1994^B6 61-87388 

Branca, Rtmp, 1897- 

Qnestioni del cinema, Eoma. Biblioteca nnovo cinema 

212 p. Ulm. 19cm. (Biblioteca nuoro cinema) 
rai99i.B6o A 53-6886 rev 2 

SoathernCtllt, TJnlT.ot IJbrary 

Bronx, Hnmberto. 

EJ cina foro y elementos de cinematografla, [1, ed.j Ifo- 
dellin. Secretariado Arqnidioceeaao da Cine. 1959 

112P. iscm. ^ 

PN1994.B72 61-S6647 J 


TTn ofkao del aiglo reinte. Salecci6n, notas, prologo y 
epflogo de Guillermo Cabrsra Tnfnte, Diaeno de B&dl 
Martinez. Dibujoe de Sergio y B. K. TTbnii. Edicionee 
E, 1968 t'1962, 

527 p. Hint. 21 cm. 
PN1994.C26 68-9060 

Chabannes, Jacques, 1902- 

L coulisses dn dn&na. [Parisj Haohette [1958] 
lw p. 21 on. 
PNl98Ji.F7C43 B9-M228 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Chauvet, Louis. 

Le cinema a ti'avers le monde, par Louis Chauvet, Jean 
Fayard [6t] Pierre Mazars. [Paris] Hachette t 1961] 

848 p. Illus. 21 cm. (A travers le monde) 
PN1994.C3435 61-42614 J 

Chiarini, Luigi, 1900- 

Arte e tecnica del film. Bari, Laterza, 1962. 
807 p. 22 on. (Blblloteca dl culture moderna, B69) 
PN1994.C455 63-35705 t 

Cbirkov, Boris Petrovich. 

Ha aspane H sa sEpanoM. MocKsa, 1961. 
141 p. lllus. 15 em. (EHSjiHOTenxa XHHOsp 


Cinema univers de 1'absence? Le sort de 1ft perspnne dans 
1'oeuvre filmiciue iparj Jean Vassal c et al. Parisj Presses 
universitaires de France [I960] 

196 D 19 cm. (Nouvelle recherche, 16) 

A 61-2209 
Southern Calif., TJnlv. of. Library 

Clark, Henry, 1922- 

Academy award diary, 1928-1955; a motion picture his- 
tory. [1st ed.j New York, Pageant Press , C 1989, 

188 p. 21cm. 
PN1993.5.TJ6C55 791.43079 60-1775 t 

Claude, Robert, of Pant. 

Pnnorumique sur le 7"" art, par Robert Claude, Victor 
Bnchy, ot Bernard Tuufour. Paris, Editions universitaires 

223 p. Illua. 21cm. 
PN1994.C.v;s 60-41883 1 

Cohen-Seat, Gilbert 

Problemes actuels du cinema et de I'information visuello 
[par, Gilbert Cohen-Seat, avec In, collaboration de Claude 
Bremond. Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1959. 

2y 24cm. (Cahlers defllmologte. Cahler no 1-2) 
PN1994.C547 63-38792 

Cohen-S&t, Gilbert. 

Problemes du cinema et de I'information visuelle. Paris, 
Presses universitaires de France, 1961. 

246 p 23 cm. (Blbllotheana de phlloBophle contemporalne) 

A 62-1856 
Southern Callt, UnlT. ot Library 

Daquin, Louis, 

Le cinema, notre mfitier. PrSf . de Rene 1 Clair. Paris, Les 
fiditeurs frangais reunis [I960] 

Ill,290p. 18cm. 

A 61-5479 
Southern OHH, UnlT. ot Library 

Davidson, William, 1918- 

The- real and the nnaL rlst eij New York, Harper 

27* p, 22cm, 
PN1993.5.U6D28 191 



Debrii, Jean R 1906- 

Les fondements de 1'art cinematographique. Pans, Edi- 
tions du Cerf, 1960- 

T. illus. 18 cm. (7 1 art) 

A. 61-2210 
Southern Callt, UnlT. of. Library 

Deutsche GeseDsdiaft fib Film- and Fernsehforschung 

WiuentchafOiohe Taguny. W, JtfunicA, I960. 

Film- und Femsehf ragen ; Vortrage der Dritten Wis- 
aBnschaftlichen Tagung der Dentschen GeseUschaft fur 
Film- und Fernsehforschung e. V., Munchen, 15, bis 18 
Man 1960. Hrsg. von Erich Feldramn, Hermann M. 
Qorgen c und] Martin Keilhacier. Fjnsdetten (Westfalen] 
VerlajrLechte [1961, 

TUI282 p. dlagr*. 24 cm. (Beltilge ror nlmfor<*nng, Bd. 6. 
PN1994JM5 1960 63-30384 

Dobta, Eflm Semenovich. 

62-47680 t 

MOCIM, Hcxyccno, 1961. 

228 jt 21cm. 

Doom, Bernardns Johannes van, 1914- 

Film in opspraak, door B. J. Bertuia [pseud.] Ingeleit 
door A. van Domburg, Nijmegen, De Koepel [1950] 

vlll,21p. lllus. 22cm. 

PN1994JJ66 A51-89T4rev 

Southern Calif., TnlT.ot Library 

Dorigo, Francesco. 

Civilti e cinema. Vonezia, S. Marco, 1959. 
137 p. Hint. 21cm. 

Soothem CilIT, Dnlr. of. 


Esenstdn, Sergei MlkhaHovich, 1898-1948, 

Gesumnelte Aufsatze. [tJbertraguDg aus 
Ton. Lothar Fahlbusch] Zurich, Arche [1961- 
T. Hint. 20cm. (SunmlnmClDem,Bd.2 


isenstein, Sergei Mikhaflovich, 1898-1948. 

Notes of a film director. [Translated by X. Dankoj Lon- 
don, Lnivrence & "\Vishart, 1959. 
207 p. ulutea, ports. 23 cm. 

A 60-3122 
Rochester. Univ. Lll>r. PN198S 

lisenstein, Sergei Mikhaflovich, 1898-1948. 

Notes of a film director. [Compiled and edited by R. 
Yurenev. Translated from the Russian by X. Dankoj 
Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House [1959 (j 

207 p. lllUR. 23 cm. (Arts library) 
PN1998.A3K523 1959 62-50963 t 

Feldmann, Erich, 1893- 

Theorie der Massenmedien : Presse, Fihn, Funk, Fern- 
sehen. Munchen, E. Reinhardt, 1962. 
209p. 24cm. 

63-31661 1 

art an p&asfi. 
63-58145 t 

A 62-2289 

Jotterand, Franek. 

J'aime IB cinSma, Collection dirigee par Jean-Pierre 
Moulin et Yvin Dakin. Photos: Magnum, Texte: Franek 
Jotterand. Liusanne, fiditions Rencontre [1962] 

2v. Ulua. 14x20 cm. 
PHT1994JT6 62-31142 rev J 

E'o hsueh hua pao. 

escourt, Henri, 1886- 

La foi et lea montagnes; ou, Le ssptieme 
Paris, P. Montel [I960, 1959, 

496 p. 21 cm. 

II Film. 1- 

[Caltjuiissetta-Roma, S. Sciascia, 1960- 
T. llloi 21 cm. 

Southern Calit, T/nlT. ot 

Fflmevkonyv. 1961- 

[Budapest, Gondolat Kiad6. 

T. Illus., ports. 21 cm. 


Fischer, Edward. 

The screen arts; a guide to film and television apprecia- 
tion. New York, Sheed and Ward [I960, 

184 p, 21 cm. 

PN1994.F45 791.4301 60-12869 t 

Ford, Charles, 1908- 

Breviaire du cin&na; soixante ans de pensfe oinegraphi- 
que. Avant-propos de Marcel L'Herbier. Paris, Contact 
Editions Publications [1859, 

153 p. IS cm. ( Collection Cinema taeVUIon) 
PN1994.F55 62-27849 t 

fridman, Isidor Mironovich. 

SKCn-iyaianiifl <j>H.iBMOKOiiufl. MocKsa, HcKyccrao, 1959. 
285 p. Illus. 20cm. 
TR890.F7 CO-18732 

Gardiner, Harold Charles, 1904- 

Tenets for movie viewers [byj Harold C. Gardiner and 
Moira Walsh. t New York] America Press [1B62j 

56 p. 20 cm. 
PN1995.5.G3 68-454 J 

Gastel, P A van. 

Resensi film, oleh P. A. vau Gastel; rditerdjemahkiui olen 
TVinnktu, Djakarta, JajasanPrapantjarCOverWeij 

91 p. 22cm, 
PN1994.G36 S A 64-6859 

Georges, Paul 

ABC du cinema; lexique. Pre*i de Jean Mitry. c Panfl, 
Bloud & Gay [1961, 

22S p. Illus,, ports. 19 cm. 
PN1994.G38 94-26184 

Geraaimov, Sergei Apollinar'evich, 1906- 

O inno-HciyccTBe; oiepic ^Ju MOJOAewH. [Mocisa] Mo- 
josa* ruapAHx, 1960. 

143 p. Illua. 20cm. 
PN1994.G4 61-37036 t 

Herle, Roman. 

Die 9. (i. e, neuntej Seligkeit ; Licht und Dunkel dea Fflms. 

246p, lllus. 21cm. 
PN1994JH4 68-41296 J 

HJavaSek, Lubofi. 

Nesmrtelni ve filmu ; umelci a um5nl v dflech svitovfi kme- 
nutografie. [Lvyd.] Praha, Orbis, 1961. 

147 p. lllos. 21cm. (KnUmlce Film a doba) 
PN199455 61-82465 t 

Houston, Penelope. 

The contemporary cinema. Baltimore, Penguin. Books 


222 n. UliM^ ports. IS c 

( Palloan book) 


Irzykowski, Karol, 1873-1944. 

Dzieei^ta mnza; zagadnienia estetycine km*. 
Waisznwa, "Wydawn. Artystyczrifii Filmowe, I960. 

281 p. lllus. 20 cm. 
PN1994JT6 1960 61-28680 

njtkevich, Sergei losifovich. 

O KttHOHCjryccrBe; nstfpaiiHoe. MocKBa, Haj-so Aufle- 
KH* ay* CCCP, 19621 

961 p. Urns. 22cm. 
P.Nl94a85 68-47211 J 


a tb HI t 1957. 

p. lllus. J9cm. 

1. Moving-pictures. i. Title. Title nmantzei: Hsln tlen ylng. 
PN1904.K55 C 60-3075 t 

Koenigil, Mark. 

Movies in society (ser, crime, and censorship) [1st ed.j 
New York, R. Speller t 1962, 

214 p. lllus. 22 cm. 
PN1994.K57 791.43013 61-18790 J 

Kracauer, Siegfried, 1889- 

Theory of film; the redemption of physical reality. New 
York, Oxford University Press, 1960. 

3W p. illus. 24 cm. 
PN1994.K7 791.43 60-13209 J 

Lacalamita, Michele. 

Cinema e narrativa, ( 1. ed. Eomaj Bianco e nero [1859i 

108 p. Illus. 22 cm. (Oollana dl stiidl crltld e sdentlfld del 
Centre Bperlmeatale dl cinema tograflo, 7 ) 

A 60-952 
Kouthern Cnllf^ Univ. (if Library 

Lawson, John Howard, 1895- 

Fihn : the creative process ; tha search for an audio- visual 
language and structure. Pref. by Jay Leyda. t lst ed.j 
New York, Hill and Wang [1964] 

xx, 380 p. plates. 22 cm. 
PN1994JL34 791.43 64-20101 

Le cinema et la crise de notre temps. Paris, Editions du 
Cerf, 1060. 

133 p. lllus. 18cm. (7- art) 

A 61-2207 
Southern Calif., tTnlv, of, Ubrary 

Lherminier, Pierre, ed. 

L'art du cinema, [Paris] Seghers [1960j 
631 p. tltUB. 22cm. [Collection Mellon 

Sontlern Oallt, Univ. of. 


A 61-2206 

Lindgren, Ernest. 

The nrt of the film. [2d ed.. New York, Macmillan, 1963. 
25p. platea. 23cm. 
PN1995X47 1963 791.4 63-6007 

Martin, Marcel 

Le este'tics de la expresSon cinematografica. t Traduccidn 
de Jos6 Maria Otero, Madrid, Ediciones Rudp. 1958. 

275 p. lllus. 19cm. (Libra de cine, 8) 
PN1994.MS48 60-20687 

Martin, Marcd. 

Le langage cinematograpliiqne. Paris, fiditions dn Cerf, 


267 p. Illm. 19 on. (Collection T* uV) 



A 56-6940 rev 

Mendonca, Alvamar Fnrtado de, Ills' 

Jazz, cinema B duc*$io; [Biuaioe, Natal, 1961. 
flip. 24cm. (Coleclo"HenrliiueOJtrlcUno") 
AC753I458 63-27804 J 

Michel, Manuel, 1928- 

1 cine y el hombre contomporineo. PnSlogo de Ctrlot 
Fnentes. [Xilapa, Unireraidad Veiacnmna, 1862 r 

184 p. lllni. 28 cm. (Ctudemu de li Fandtad de 
Letru j Ctenda*, Tolamen utrm, 14) 
PN1994.M516 S8-5J741 

Morm, Edgar. 

The stais. Translated by Richird Howard, New York, 
Grove Press ,1960! 

188 p. Illnx, 18cm. (Ertrpn profll* boot 7) 

PN199aA2M57B 827JS 159-T6M t 


Det fSrlorade paradiset; esaier om film t avj Qerd Osten 
(Pavane) Stockholm, Kooperativa. forixmdeta bokforlag, 

1M p. Dim. 24 cm. 
PN1994.O8 68-39677 J 

Perez Lozano, Joai Maria. 

Fornutoi&i omematografica, ; metodologfs, del cineforum. 
Bftrwlona, J. Flora, 1959. 

301 p. luus. a en. 
, PK1991PS9 60-26783 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


PetrM, Vladimir. 

Carohni ekran. Beograd, Narodna knj., 
80S p. Illua. 16cm. (Sedmanmetnoit) 

Pondelicek, Ivp. 

Psychologie ve vztahu k nmSnf, jrnenovite filmovemu. 
tVyd. 1.) Praha, Statni pedagogicke nakl., 1961. 

102 p. Illus. 29 cm. (TJcebnt texty vysofcfch Btol) 
BF408.P57 62-66819 J 

Pudovkin, Vsevolod Hlflrionoyich, 1893-1053. 

Film technique, and Film acting. Translated and edited 
by Ivor Montagu. Memorial ed. t rev. and enl.] with por- 
trait, memoir and a rev. and completed recori of tlie author's 
film work. New York, Grove Press t !960, 

388p. Illus. 21cm. (Evergreen original, B-248) 
PN1995.P832 1960 791.4302 60-11104 J 

Quaderni di filmologia. rl- 

Boma, Centra nazionale per i sussidi audiovisivi [195 
v. 25cm. 

A 60-2946 
Southern Calif., DnlT. of Library 

Richter, Eberhard. 

Film zwischen Idee und Premiere. [1. Aufl.j Leipzig, 
Urania-Verlag- [1959) 

187 p. IllUB. 18 cm. (Pasaat-BDclierel, Bd. 17) 
PN1993.5.G3R4C 60-24244 J 

Sangeet Natak AkadamL 

Film seminar report, 1955, Edited by R. M. Ray. New 
Delhi, 1956. 

X, 271, 1111 p. inns, ports. 25 cm. 
PN1993.5.ISS25 1955 791.430954 61-26219 

SemoInJ, Jean. 

Dreyer. Paris, Editions universitairea (1962] 
ISO p. lllta., port. 18 cm. (OlMBlijuM da dnftnii, 10) 
PN1998.A3D74 63-5S765 

Shih ylieh ch'u pan she, Peking. 

Its 1951. 

115 p. IS cm. 

Shnang, Shan. 

C 61-544 \ 

MSp. 19cm. 


C 60-2164 J 

Sjoroan, Vilgot 

I Hollywood; reseberattelse. Stockholm, Norstedt [1961] 

822 p. 23 cm. 


Southern Cal If ., Unlr. at Library 

Tartarini, Osvaldo. 

L'influenza del cinema nelh narritiva, contemporanea. 
Roma, E. R. S. t !9B8i 

148 p. 21 cm, 
PN1994.T35 63-33963 

Taylor, John Russell. 

Cinema, eye, cinema ear; some key Shu-makers of the 
sixties. [1st American ed. } New York, Hill and Wang 

294 p, illua, ports. 21cm. 
PN1998.A2TS8 78L4309 64-15884 

Tyler, Parker. 

Tha three faces of the film. New York, T. Yoselofl [I960] 
ISO p. Ulna, 28 cm. 
PN1994.T9 791,4301 60-10847 

Vaccaro, Maria Rosa, ed. 

Los mnestros de antes, hoy: Chaplin, Renoir, Clair, John 
Ford, Uirectores: Alberto Tabbia y Edgardo Cozarinsky 

-n -~ ii f?l-..l.l.-,.1_ tt\on 

[Buenos Aires, Flashback, 1060, 

110 p. 24cm. (Flubbadc2) 


VaDet, Antoine, 

Au-dela de l^image. Aveo I collaboration de Charles 
Eambaud. Paris, Ligel t l60j 

142 p. illus. 21cm. (PerapectlTes, no 486) 

Vallet, Antoine. 

Lea genres du cinema, par A. Yallet, avec la collabora- 
tion de C. Rambaud et F. Louis. 2. &L rev. Paris, Ligel 

115 p. lllus. 21 on. (Perepectlvee, no 461) 
PN1994.V27 1958 60-57972 

Vereker, Barbara. 

The story of filrna. London, Hutohinson [1961, 
128p. mug. 21cm. 
PN1994.V46 791.43 61-19228 t 

Villegas Lopez, ManneL 

Arte, cine y sociedad. Madrid, Taurus [1959] 
IMp. Ulna. 18cm. ( Ser y tlempo, 9) 
PN1994.V53 60-23199 J 

Warshow, Robert, 1917-1955. 

The immediate experience ; movies, comics, theatre & other 
aspects of popular culture. t lst ed.] Garden City, N. Y., 
Doubleday, 1962. 

282 p. 22cm. 
PN1993.5.U6W34 791.43 62-7694 J 

Wortig, Kurt 

Ihi-e Hoheit Lieschen Miiller; Hof- und Hinterhofge- 
sprache urn Film und Fernsehen. ,Miinchen. Kreissehneier 

158 p. diagrs. 25 cm. 

Sonthern Cfllit, Unly. ot 


Wortzalius, Hugo, ed, 

Fihnboken; en bok om film och fllmskapare. Redaktion: 
Hugo Wortzelius [Och] Nils Larsson. Uppsala, Bokforlaget 
Orbis ,1951-53, i. e. 57j 

2 v. (983 p.) Illus. 28cm, 
PN1994.W67 64-41654 rev 2 J 

Wa, rien. 

t. Movlng-plctnres, I. TH1&. 

Title romaniied: Tien ylng chlen nun. 



Zavattini, Cesare, 1902- 

Come nasce un soggetto cinamatografico; monologo in due 
tempi. [Milanoj Bompiani [1959, 

141 p. IS cm. (Pegaso teatrale; teatro nntlco e moderno, v. 18) 

A 60-394S 
Southern Calif., Univ. of. Library 


awards (Moving-pictures) 


Barbara, Umberto, 1902- 

II film e il risarcimento maraista dell'arte. Con un profile 
di Luigi Chiarini e una nota di Galvano della Vblpe. t Rom*i 
Riuniti ,1960] 

zxlU,843p. 23cm, (Nuova blblloteca dl cnltura, 24) 

A 60-5662 rev 

Domborg, Adrianns Johannes Petrua van, 1895- 

Oogomoor. Nijmegen, Dekker A Van de Vegt t !960 ?] 

PN1994.D64' A 60-3949 

Southern Calif.. CnlT. of. Library 

Festival mondial dn film et des beam-arts de Belgiqu*. 

Sd, Knokke and Zoute, 1S$9. 

Le cin&na I Enokke-Le Zoute, 1949. Bruielles t 1949, 

77 p. IDua. 24 on, 
PN1998.4.F4 57-30184 rer t 

Fihn je um?nl; [Sbornfk stati Uspofidali Jaroslav Broi a 
Ljubomfr Oliva, 1. vyd., Praha, Orbis, 1963. 

286 p. dlagrs. 21 cm. (Knlhoraa fllmov^ teorle) 
PN1994.F439 64-S145C 

Itarni, Mansaku, pseud. 

[J>J-J-7fft 5 -^* *ffC ff.W$h} 1961. 

S r. rot llluf., port*. 20 cm, 

L Morlnt-plcturet Jtpta 2. Horbif-plcrure* AddreuM, any*, 

Title rowuuttiei: lunl llinuka Muha. 

Nakarto, Shlreharu, 1902- 

J 63-1072 

217 p. Him. 20 cm. 

.L Morlng-ptctuna AddraBet, attj*, lrture. i. TItl*. 

TUlt remibe<: Bin ukkio. 


J 81-1064 


Nihon Eigajin DSmeL 

Bg ft 25 ,1950] 
Illus, 18cm. 

J. Moving-pictures Addresses, essays, lectures. i. Title. 

Tide romanbed: Hyakumannln no elga chlahlfcl. 

J 60-2691. 
Hoover Institution 

Rossi, Ernesto, 1897?- 

Lo stato cinematografaro. Firenze, Parent! [I960] 
147 p. Ulna, tables (part fold.) 21 cm. (Testlmonlanze del 
tempo, v. 60) 

A 60-3945 
Southern Calif., Univ. of. Library 


Bianca, Giovanni A 

n cinema e il problema estetico. Messina, G. d' A Tina 

234 p. 23 cm. (Blblloteca di cnltura contemporanea, 61) 

A 69-8414 
Sonthern Callt, TJnlv. ot Library 

Covi, Antonio. 

La critica estetica del film. Mlano, Editrice Selecta. 
238 p. Ulna. 19 era. 

A 69-8417 
Southern Callt, Unlv, ot Library 

Garmendia de Otaola, Antonio. 

Estetica y ffica del cine; gufa practica para cines y cine- 
clubs. Bilbon, El Mensajero del Corazon de Jesus, 1959 
322 p. ^2 cm. (Colecci<Sn"ElCIne,hoy,"no. 2) 

A 60-1864 rev 
Southern Calif., Dniv. of. Library 

Getlein, Frank. 

Movies, morals, and art t by] Frank Getlein and Harold C. 
Gardiner. New York, Sheed and Ward [1961] 

179 p. 21 cm. 
PN19S5.G45 791.43013 61-7289 J 

Imfeld, Justus. 

Der Film als Kunstwerk. Basel, F. Handschin rl958i 
134 p. 2lcm. 

A 61-4224 
Southern Calif., Unir. of. Library 

Jacobs, Lewis, ed. 

Introduction to the art of the movies; an anthology of 
ideas on the nature of movie art New York, Noonday Press 

802 p. Illus. 21cm. 
PN1995J27 791,43013 69-15129 t 

Koszegi, Ladislaus. 

Der Film ; Gesamtkunstwerk und vielseitigster Ausstroh- 
ler und Retter der Schonheit. Detmold, 1959. 
28L 80cm. 

A 60-4931 
Southern Calif., Univ. ot Library 

Tyler, Parker. 

The three faces of the film. New York, T. Yoseloff [I960] 
ISO p. Illus. 26cm. 
PN1994.T9 791.4S01 60-10847 t 

Yandenbunder, A 

Inleiding tot de filmesthetica. en de filmgeschiedenis, 
Antwerpen, Nederlandsche BoekhandeL 1958. 
29 p. Ulns. 23cm. 

A 60-714 

Southern Calif., Univ. ot Library 


Moger, Art. 

Some of my best friends are people. t lst ed.] Boston, 
Challenge Press [1964] 

xi, IBii p. ports, 21 cm. 
PN1994.9.M6 791.48088 64-16418 

Cho, Ko-yfln. 

It 1956. 
28 p. l&cm. 

1. MoTinf-plcturw Appndition. i. Tltlfc 

Title nrno*i4: Tut fu k*U 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Koraiya, K0z5, 1917- 

'*. - ^ S fft .!: & i* 

ftjjC ?(J ^-i*!'^ Hflfll 30 r 1955, 
230 i>. Illus. 18 em. ( 54 ^' 'il''! 1 ' ) 

picturpH Appreciation. i. Title. 

Title romanfaed; Elga Iqrfishltsu. 


J 61-1344 

Peters, Jan Marie Lambert. 

Teaching about the film. [Parisj UNESCO [1961] 

120 p. Illus- 21 cm. (Press, film, radio and television In the 

world today) 

PN1994.P43 791.43 62-2914 J 

Siersted, Ellen. 

Filmitndervisning; en vejledning. [TC^benhavnj Gylden- 

dal, 1901. 

73 ,1] p. Illus. 28 cm. (Nye fag, nye arbejdsfonner) 

Southern Calif., Univ. of. Library 

AUDIENCES see Moving-picture 



see also Academy awards (Moving- 

Besonders wertvoll; Kultur-, Dokomentar-, Lehr- und 
Jugendfllme. Feb. 1956-Jan. 1959 
[Wiesbaden-Biebrich, Filmbewertungsstelle "Wiesbaden] 

V. [Una. (part col.) 16x21 cm. 
PN1995.9.D6B4 64-31881 

Besonders wertvoll; [Spielfilme. l.j- 
Wiesbaden-Biebrich, FilmbewertungBstelle Wiesbaden, 1958- 

v. llltu. 15x21 cm. annual. 
PN1998.B45 64-31622 

Golden eagle films; awards. 
Washington, Committee on International Non-theatrical 


v. 22cm. 
PN1993.4.G64 791.435 62-22189 J 

National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, New York. 
30 years of the "10 best"; the movies, players, directors, 
etc., designated as the best, 1930 through 1959. Compiled, 

with an introd., by Henry Hart. New York ,1959 
unpaged. 23 1 41 fold, to 23 r 10 cm. 



Oberhausen, Ger. Westdeutsche Kurzfllmtage. 

Oberhansen, K. M. Laufen. 

v. illus. 21 cm. annual 



Cairo. Dfir al-Kntub al-Ml^riyah. Qwm cH-Iri'hdd. 


p. 24cm. 

N E 62-1410 

Copenhagen. Danske filmmuseum. 

B0ger om film; fortegnelse over bjfgerne i det Danske 
filmmuseums Bibliothek. [K^benhavn] 1961. 

189 p. 21 cm. 

A 62-2123 
Southern Calif., Unlv. of. Library 


italog; internationaler Katalog der gesamten Literatur 
fiber Film, Fernsehen, und verwandte Gebiete, Schallplatten 
und Zeitschrif ten. 

T. 21cm. 

A 63-2787 

Southern Calif., Unlv. of. 


Moscow. Publichnaia biblioteka. 

HCKVCCTBO KHHO. MocKBa, HcsyccTBO, 1961. 

46 p. 20 cm. (B nojwom> cjrymaTeJilM ymBepCHTeroB Kyjo-rypi 
PeitOMeH*aTejn>mift yMsarejb, van. 7) 
Z5784.M9M56 63-32732 

Rotha, Paul, 1907- 

Documentery film; the use of the film medium to interpret 
creatively and in social terms the life of the people as it 
exists in" reality, by Paul Rotha in collaboration with Sm- 
clniv Road [and, Richard Griffith. [3d ed., rev. and r~ 
New York, Hastings House [1963] 

412 p. Illus. 23 cm. (Communication arts books) 
PN1995.9.DBR68 1963 791.436 64-57388 

U. S. Naval photographic science laboratory, 

Selected bibliography of volumes relating to the creative 
aspects of motion picture production. (Washington) Pro- 
ducers-directors section, Photographic science laboratory, 
branch, Bureau of aeronautics, United States Navy 194B?] 
wrer-UUe, i23] p. 28} cm. 

Z5784.M9U72 016.7914 46-25469 rev 


Agel, Henri. 

Les grands cine'astes. Paris, Editions universitaires [19S9, 

306 p. tlluB. 21cm. 

PN1998.A2A57 A 60-3425 

Southern Calif., Unly. ot Library 

Alpert, Hollis, 1916- 

The dreams and the dreamers. New York, Macmillan 

258 p. 22 cut. 

PN1994.AC9 791.43 62-19752 t 

Baroche, Jacques. 

Vedettes au microscope. Pref. de Jean Cocteau. Paris, 
Contact Editions-Publications ,1961] 
125 p, facslm. 19cm. (Plalslr dea arts, 1) 

A 02-1991 
Southern Calif, Unlv. of. Library 

Bocek, Jaroslav. 

Znfite je z platna. t l. vyd.j Praia, Mladi fronta, 1959. 
183 p. Illus. 1ST 18 cm. (Dobr^vftr, ST.6) 
PN2285.B64 60-27412 t 

Dictionnaire du cinema. [Paris, Seghers, 1962] 

388 p. ports. 17 cm. (Collection Seghen) 
PN1998.A2D5 63-32500 

Pihnlexicon degli autori e delle opere. ,1. ed.j Roma, Bianco 
e nero [1958- 

T. illus. (part coL) 27cm. 

A 69-8549 
Southern Calif, Unlv. of. Library 

Golden, Milton M 

Hollywood lawyer. [New York] New American Library 

192 p. 19 cm. (A Signet book, D1S74) 


Hamman, Jean, 1883- 

Du Far- West a Montmartre; un demisiecle d'aventures. 
Prff. de Jean Cocteau. Avaut-propos de Jean Savant 
Paris, Les fiditeurs fran^ais r&inis [1962, 

235 p. lllua. 23 cm. 
PN1998.A3H3 63-32303 t 

Parsons, Louella (Oettinger) 1885- 

Tell it to Ixjuella. New York, Putnam [1961] 
816 p. 22 cm. 
PN1998.A2P42 927.92 61-16721 t 

Reinert, Charles. 

Wir vom Film; 1300 Kurzbiographieii aus allar "Welt mit 
rund 10000 Fihntiteln. Redaktion: Hanspeter Manz und 
Theo Maria Werner. [Freiburg im Breisga,n, Herder, I960] 

488 columns. IS cm. (Leilkon des Films, Bd. 2 ) 
PN1998.A2R4 62-48997 

Tan, Chung-hgia. 


rnJ 1961. 

281(1. Illue, 

1. MoTlnK-pli'lurei Blog. 2. Aetrewes, Chlneflt-. i Title. 

Title romnnized: LI chin ts'angsancalilh niel J(>n 


C 62-1387 

Taylor, John RusseU. 

Cinema eye, cinema ear; some key film-maiers of the 
sixties, ilst American ed.] New York, Hill and "Wang 
t 1964j 

294 p. Illus., ports. 21 cm. 
PN1998.A2T3S 791.4309 64-15384 

Vaccaro, Marfa Rosa, ed. 

Los mnestros de antes, hoy : Chaplin, Renoir, Clair, John 
Ford, Directores: Alberto Tabbia y Edgardo Cozarinsky, 
rBuenos Aires, Flashback, I960] 

110 p. 24cm. (Fluahbaclc2) 
PN1998.A2V3 61-42861 

Wagenknecht, Edward Charles, 1900- 
Th e movies in the age of innocence. [1st ed-i NTonntn, 

TJnivi-reity of Oklahoma Press ( 1!)62] 
Till, 280 p. Illn8,norte. 24cm. 791.4309 6a-.16478 


I, MovlHK t>Wuru 


2. llariinr pU-turw Ohlnn, t Wl 
i; Wo tl trunj jlniMnf huo. 

CATALOGING see Cataloging of 


see also subdivision Film catalogs 
under specific subjects, e. g. U. S. 
History Civil War Film catalogs 

American Library Association. Audio-Visual Oommitiee. 

Films for libraries, selected by a subcommittee of the 
American Library Association, Audio-Visual Committee. 
Chicago, American Library Association, 1962. 

81p. 24cm. 
PN1998.A653 791.43 62-20326 t 

Arizona. University. Bureau of Audio-Visual Services. 

16 mm educational motion pictures. 
Tucson, University of Arizona Press. 

T. 23-28 em" biennial (University of Arizona record) 
PX19B8.A1A7 371.33523 48-t5134 rev 2*J 

Association Films, inc. 

Selected 16 mm. free loan motion pictures. 
[New York] 

v, Illus. 22-28 cm. annual (irregular) 
PN1998.A7 51-39560 rev 

Assoeiazione generale italiana dello spettacolo. 

Film nazionali dal 1947 al 31 marzo 19BO. Film victati ai 
minori di anni 16 ; elenco al 31 marzo 1960. Film per la gic- 
ventu ; elenco al 31 marzo 1960. [Roma, I960, 
08 p. IBs 22 cm. 

A 61-1071 
Southern Calif, Univ. of. Library 

Belgrad. Jugoslovenska kinoteka. 
Eitrait du cataloque des films. 

T. 28 cm. annual. 
PN1998.A1B4 60-34755 

Besonders wertvoll; [Spielfilme. Lj- 
Wiesbaden-Biebrich, FilmbewertungBstelle Wiesbaden, 1958- 

v. lllua. 15 1 21 cm. annuaL 
PN1998.B45 64-31622 

British films. 

v. Ulua. 22x20 cm. annual. 
PN1993.5.G7B73 63-36791 I 

The British national film catalogue, v. 1- 

v. 29 cm. 
PN1998A1B75 64-54937 

Castello, Giulio Cesare, ed. 

Tenezia 1932-1939; filmografia critica, a cura di Giulio 
Cesare Custello e Claudio Bertieri. [Roma] Bianco e nero 

25S p. Illu.s. 24 cui. (TestI e document! per la storla del Sim, 12) 

A 60-2179 
Southern Calif, Unlv. of. Library 

Centre cattolico cinematograBco, Some. 
Film per dibnttiti. t Roma, 1959] 

181 p. 24 cm. 

Southern Cnllf., Unlv. of. 


A 60-903 

Cinema 16, inc., New York. 

A catalog of the experimental and independent cinema 
available for rental or sale from Cinema 16. ( New York, 

it p. Ulna. 22 cm. 
PN1998.A1C57 64-7233 

Colorado. University. Bureau of Audio-Visual. Intimation. 
General film catalog; a union catalog of Iff mm sound 
motion pictures. 1858/60- 

T. 28 cm. biennial. 
LB1044.Z9C562 68-52197 

Coronet Instructional Films. 

Catalogue of 16mm sound motion pictures for educational 

v. Illus. 8 cm. annual (Irregular) 
LB1044.ZSC6 371.33528 52-4129 rev J 

Davis, Alton Burt, 1904- 

Educntional teaching films for use in Louisiana schools. 
Prepared under the direction of J. B. Robertson, assistant 
superintendent, elementary and secondary education. Baton 
Rouge, Issued by S. M. Jackson, State superintendent of 
public education, 1961. 

Slip, 28 cm. (LoaWaiM, De[it of Educttlan. Bulletin no. 940) 
L154.B82 no. 940 871.33SSS 62-63TS9 j 

Dentsehes Indnstriemstirat, Cologne. 

Films of Gtermtn industry ... (CatsJoguej K61n, Deutsche 
Industrieveriags-GmbH, 1859. 

228 p, lllos. Hem. 
T65.S.M6:D47 016.60846 60-^4676 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CATALOGS (Continued) 

Esnault, Philippe. 

Chronologic du cinema. mondial des origines a nos jours. 
Paris, Grands Films classiques t 1963] 

224 p. 24 cm. 
PN1998.E8 63-44119 J 

Fernandez Cnenca, Carlos. 

Cine religiose; filmografia critica. En colaboracion con la 
Filmoteca Nacional de Espafia. t l. ed. Valladolid, Sever- 
Cuestaj 1960. 

881 p. 22 cm. (Publlcaclones de la Semana International de Clna 
Eellgioso 7 fle Valorea Homanw de Valladolld, r. 1) 
PN1998.F45 61-26238 

Rim Outer, Washington, D. C. 

Entertainment film library, 10 mm. sound. 


v. Illua. 28 cm. 
PN1998.A1F482 65-5957 t 

Films, a union catalog of 16mm motion pictures. 1951-60. 
rPullman, etc., Wash.] Washington Film Library Associa- 

10 T. SI cm. 
LB1Q44.F46 781.430838 63-132 rev 2 

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 
Fisheries Division. 

List of films on fisheries and related subjects. [Rev. and 
augmented ed.j Rome, 1957. 

ilOp. 29cm, 
SH331.F6 1957 639.2084 59-50557 1 

Germany (Democratic Jlepublie, 1949- ) StaatlioJuss 
Negativ Katalog. Berlin, 1959- 

v. 21cm. 
PN19D3.G5 68-44801 J 

Gnla dft peliculas. Madrid, A. Vassallo, I960. 

288 p. 20 cm. (Oolecdon 1 eatreUu) 
PJfl998.G8 1960 


Idaho. State University, Pocatetto, Film Library. 

Visual aids to education; educational film service cata- 

T. 27 on. 
LB1044JZ9 1 3 371.335230838 fiS-63568 rev 

Illinois. Deft, of Conservation. 

16 mm sound & color conservation educational movies. 

Y. 24 1 10 cm. 

HCW.1 3A368 A 58-8333 rev 

Illinois, TJnlv. Library 

Illinois. University. Graduate School of Library Scienee. 
Educational films in Illinois; a partial listing of 16mm 
non-theatrical motion pictures in Illinois film libraries, 
1850-1952, compiled by the Demonstration Laboratory, 
University of Illinois Library School, and published under 
a grant from the Film Council of America. TJrbana, Illi- 
nois Library Association, 1953. 

71,203 p. 28cm. 
LB1044J48 371.835230838 54-27877 rev 

Indiana. State College, Ttrre Haute. Audio-Visual Cen- 

Catalog of film and filmstrips. 
Terre Haute. 

LB1048.5JZSI5 791.4S5 60-S25l8rev t 

International Advertising Film Festival 

Otalogo dai films. Catalogue des films. Catalogue of 
films. Venice t^tc.) 

T In (lira. 25cm. annual. 

PN19aAl 1 53 A 60-905 rev t 

Southern Calif.. Univ. at. Library 

International Institute of Films on Art. 

Le film snr 1'art; repertoire genernl international <lu film 
snr Tart, 1053-1960, par 3es spins do Pasquale Rocchetti et 
Cesare Molinari de llnstitut international du film sur Part. 
t l. ed. Venezia, N. Poaza rlWSj 

xiT, 324 p. 22 cm. (lUccoitt plnoa dl ttssl e stodl, 12) 
N87.I n 64-56481 

Iowa. University. Audto-Vintal Center. 

Motion pictures produced by Unrveisifrf of Iowa. Iowa 
City, Available from Bureau of Audio- Visual Instruction, 
University of Iowa r 1963j 

43 p. find, cover) 23 cm. (Unlrenlty of Iowa. Bulletin no. 80S) 
LC6301.I65 no. 808 64-64273 

Iowa. University. Bursau of Audio-Visual /m (ruction. 

Catalog of educational motion pictures for schools, 
churches industries, clubs, adult education groups [1960- 
1963, Iowa City (1963?, 

223 p. uhn. 28cm. 

- Educational motion pictures. l!HJ2- ( 1863i supplement. 
t lowa Citv, 1963*, 

48p. 2Scra. 

LBlO-JtLZOie Suppl. 
LB1044-Z9I6 63-64047 

London. National Fihn Archive. 

Catalogue. Foreword by G. M. Trevelyan. London, 
British Film Institute, 1951- 

v. 22 en. 

PN1998.L58 52-4264 rev 

792.93 79L4085 

London. National Fihn Archive. 

Catalogue of the Lending Section. London, British Fihn 
Institute, 1946. 

4Tp. plates. 22 cm. 
PN1998.L6 1946 791.4085 48-18617 rev* 

Maflery, David. 

The school and the art of motion pictures; a challenge to 
teachers. With a discussion of new and old films available 
in theatres and in 16 mm film rental libraries. Boston, 
National Association of Independent Schools [1964j 

101 p. 23 cm. (National Association of Independent School!. 
Committee on Research, Monograph no. 0) 
PN1998.M27 791.43013 64-3881 

North Carolina. University. State College of Agriculture 
and Engineering, Raleigh. Visual Aidi Film Library. 

Visual Aids Film Library. [Catalog] 

v. 28cm. 
S533.N6 630.848 60-C3350 J 

North Dakota. State University of Agriculture and Ap- 
plied Science, Fargo. Division of Supervised Study. 

Fihn catalog. 16 mm. 

T, 22 cm. biennial. 

PN1998A1N9 54-23304 rev J 


Paris. Cinematheque centrale de I'enseignement public. 

Catalogue de la cinematblque de I'enseignement public. 
Paris, Institnt pfidagogique national, 1961. 

285 p. 24 cm. 
LB1044-Z9P3 62-65101 

Peliculas estrenadas, 1960; guia de las pelicnlas estrenadas 
en 1960 y del material de 16 mm. de la temporada 1960-61. 
[Con ficha tecnica y sintesis argnmental, Madrid, Ediciones 
Alonso [1961, 

248 p. 23cm. 

PN1998.P4 63-38081 

Reid, Seerley. 

U. S. Government films for public educational use, 1960 
[by, Seerley Keid, with the assistance of Katharine W. 
Clugston and Annie Rose Daugherty. [Washington, U. S. 
Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Educa- 
tion r 1961j 

Ix, M2 p. 26 cm. ([U. S. Office of Education] Circular no. 655) 
L11LA72 no. 655 371.S8523 HEWB1-145 

Oopy 2. LB1O44^8B1 

U. s. Dept, of Health, Education, and Welfare, Library 

Russia (19&3- U. S. S. R.) Upravlenie Tnnofikatsii i 

MocEaa. IlcKyccTBo. 19 

v. 21cm. 


San Francisco. International Film Festival. 

San Francisco International Film Festival; 
[San Francisco}) 

7. 1HQ&, port>. lft-22 on. ^rn]iiT- 
PN1993.4.S3 64-89666 

Scheuer, Steven H 

TV key movie reviews A ratings; the newly revised and 
up-to-dute edition of TV movie almanac and ratings. New 
York, Bantam Books , 1961, 

232 p. I llun. IS cm. ( Ban torn boots, S23) 
PN1992.8.F5S.3 1961 62-696 J 

Tennessee. University. Dept. of Film Services. 

16 """- educational film a. 1959-1962 

v. 26 cm. (The University at Tennessee record) 
LB104439T4 871.33523 A59-D322 

Teonenee. Un[r. Llbr. 

U. S. Dept. of AgnaMwre, Office of Information. Notion 
Picture Service. 

Television film catalog of the U. S. Department of Agri- 
tWashington, U. S. Qovt Print Off. 

T. 24 on. (0. S. Dept of Agrlcnltnre. Acrlcoltnn huid- 
bookno. 131) 

S533.A376 630^4 Agr 57-213 rev 

TJ. S. Dept of Ajr. Llbr. 1 AIIU*II no. 1S1 

Virginia. Dept. cf Garaeruation and Economic Develop- 

Motion pictures on Virginia subjects. [Richmond, Divi- 
sion of I'urdiasc nnJ Print., 1D48, 

31 j). 23x10 cm. 

F231.V77."> IMS 917,S:i A 49-10070 rev 

Virginia. State Library 

Virginia. Dept. of Contervation and Economic Dtvelop- 
meni. Dwition. of Public Relationi and Advtrtiring. 

Free Virginia motion pictures for group showing or tele- 
casting, 1961-62, distributed on ]oan by Virginia Dept of 
Conservation and Economic Development, Division of Public 
Relations and Advertising, Richmond [1961] 
22, A p. lUvu- 28 1 10 cm. 


VlrgioU. State Library 


Wisconsin Fihn Society. 

Film notes, edited by Arthur Lennig [president] Madi- 
son [I960, 

139 p. lllus. 22cm. 
PN1993.5.A1W53 791.4309 GO-50350 J 

Yugoslav features. 

Fihns yongoslavea 

BelRrade, Yugoslavia Fihn. 

v. lllus. 21-30 cm. 
PN1993.5.Y8V8 64-37172 J 


Schumach, Murray, 1913- 

The face on the cutting room floor; the story of movie and 
television censorship. New York, Morrow, 1964^ 

805 p. Illu8 n porta 24 cm. 
PN1994^2S3 791.43 64-17880 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on Poit Office and 
Civil Service. 

Self-policing of the movie and publishing industry. Hear- 
ing before the Subcommittee on Postal Operations of the 
Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Repre- 
sentatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session ... Wash- 
ington, U. S. Govt, Print. Off., 1960. 

Ill, ITS p. tables. 24cm. 
PN1994.A2 1960 791.43013 80-607-25 


Burma. Board of Centers. 

Manual. Published by authority. Kangoon, Superin- 
tendent, Govt. Print, and Stationery, 1947 

40 p. lurms. 16 cm. 


Kobayashi, Masaru, 1903- 

175 p. lllus. 18 cm. 

1. Movlng.plctures Censorsnin Japan. i. Title. 

Title mmtuHiet: Klnjlrnretu flrumu. 

PK1B94.A5J3B j (jO-H68 t 


Beckoff, Samuel. 

An infjuiry into the operative principles applicable to the 
licensing of motion pictures in New York State. Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich., University Microfilms [I960, 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 59-6236 Mic 59-6236 


Crowther, Bosley. 

Movies and censorship. ( lstei New York, Public Affairs 
Pamphlets, 1962] 

28 p. luua. 19 cm. (Pnbllc affairs pamphlet BO. 832) 
PN1994.A2C69 62-52189 t 

CIRCULATION see Moving-pictures 


Documents de cinema. 1- 

Lausanne, Cinematheque suisse, 1959- 

T. Illns. 30 cm. 
Son them dllf, UnlT. of. 


A 59-8418 

Moscow. Vsesoftzny! gosudarstvennyl institnt kinemato- 

y^eHae aanncKB. BUH. 1- 
MocrBa, HcEyccruo, 1959- 

r. lllnv. 23cm. 
PN1893Ja3i 61-26108 


Calendrier des 4venements internationaux du cinema et de 1* 

[Parisj Conseil international du cinema et da la television. 

T. U cm. 

PN1993.C28 69-83330 t 

Calvin Production*, inc, Sanaa City, Jfo. 

Annnal 16mm motion picture production workshop. 
Kansas City. 

T. (loose-Mat) 30 on. 

PK1995.9.P7CJ 86-68799 rer 

GeseUschaft fur Dentsch-Sowjetische Freundschaft. Sek- 

tion Film. 1. Kongrut, Berlin, 1950. 

Der Sowjetfihu im Kampf fOr den Frieden. Beritxht vom 
ersten Kongress der Sektion FUm der Qesellschaft fBr 
DeotBch-Sowjetiscie Freundschaft, 14. und 15. Deiember 
1950 in, Berlin, (Berlin, Im Deotechen Filmverkg, 1J51, 

TSp. UlEt, ports. 24cm, ^^ 

PNI998.5.Q8G4 1950o W-S1981 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CONGRESSES (Continued) 

International Advertising Film Festival. 6th, Venice, 1958. 
Programmn, ufficiale e elenco dei delegati; official pro- 
gramme and list of delegates. Lido di Venezia, 1958. 

IT. (iinimged) 21 cm. 

Souther" Cnllf., Univ. of. Library 

Loisirs actifs par le film, A'amur, 1959. 

Compte rendu des travaux du stage "Loisirs actifs par le 
film," organise par le Service national de la jeunesse, Namur 
aout!959. BmxelleStWSg?] 
1 T (various paglngs) 30 cm. 
PN1993.L5S 1959ab 60-30660 

Oberhausen, Ger. Westdeutsche Kurzfllmtage. 

Oberhausen, K. M. Laufen. 

T. Illus. 21 cm. annnaL 
PN1993.4.O2 64-6960 

COPYRIGHT see Copyright Moving- 

COSTUME see Costume 

CRITICISM see Moving-picture 


FBrnlexicon degli autori e delle opere. t l. ed., Roma, Bianco 
e nero ,1958- 

T. mns. (partcoL) 27cm. 

A 59-8549 
Southern Calif, Univ. of. Library 

Gnriler, Frantisek. 

FotografickJ a filmovy slovnicek anglicko-Ceskf a cesko- 
anglickj. t l. vyd.j Praha, Ceskoslovenski filmovfi nakl., 

88 p. Illus. 18cm. 

TB9.G83 61-59704 

Shinde, Madhavrao Krishanji, 1908- 

Dictionary of cine art and film craft, (for students, edu- 
cational institutions & people in profession) Bombay, Pop- 
ular Prakashan r !962, 

180 p. Illus, ports, tables. 22 cm. 
TK847.S5 S A 63-4084 

SkUbeck, Oswald. 

ABC of film and TV working terms. London, New York, 
Focal Press [I960, 

157 p. illus. 20 cm. 
PN1995.9.D5S55 791.408 60-W32 \ 


Gfirtler, FrantiSek. 

Fotografick^ a filmovy slovnicek anglicko-cesk^ a Sesko- 
anglicky. [1. vyd.j Praha, CesfcoslovenskS filmovfi nakL, 

88 p. lllns. 18cm. 
TE9.G83 61-69704 


Girand, Jean, intptator of technical education. 

Le leriqne francais du cinema, des origines it 1980. [Paris 

263 p. 25 cm. 
PN1995.9.D5G5 63-28472 

DIRECTION see Moving-pictures 
Production and direction 


Hand book of the Indian film industry. 1949. Bombay, 
Motion Picture Society of India, 

483 p. 2UcnL 

PN1998.A1H35 52-26937 rev 

*792.93068 791.4 

Kemp's international film & television directory. 
London, Kemp's Commercial Guides. 

T. 22cm. annual. 
PN1998.A1K39 781.430584 59-47486 


see also Moving-pictures, Documentary 

Miranda Matamoros, Mauro M 

Orgoliizaci6n de una, empresa distribuidora de pelicnlas. 
Mexico, 1954. 

B7p. tiiim, 23cm. 
PK1993.B.M4M5 00-1(114 

Shapovmlov, S A 

BonpocH 3IOHOKHEH npoEaTa. KHHo$aiwto s CCCP> 
Hoj pefl. B. T. 'lepHOua. Mocxna, Hciyccno, 1960. 

77 p. 20 **"* 
PN1994.A6R87 60-45126 J 

see also Moving- picture criticism 

llastner, Ferdinand. 

Der Film in der Volksbildung. iGraz, Stiasny [1959, 
141 p. illus. 19 cm. (Schrlftenrelhe des OberBsterrelchlschen 

Volltsblldangswerkes, Bd. 6) 

PN1995.9.E9K3 62-28663 J 

IVashington (State) State University, Pullman. 

EGA film project Pullman, State College of Washing- 
ton [1952, 

unpaged. Illui. 22 cm. 

PN1995.9.E9W3 53-82425 rev J 

*792.93 791.4 


'estival mondial du film et des beaux-arts de Belgique. 

ed, KnoTcke and Zoute, 194S. 
Le cinema a Knokke-Le Zoute, 1949. Bruxelles ( 1949, 


77 p, Illus. 24 cm. 

PN1993.4.F4 57-30184 rev J 

Semana Internacional de Cine Religiose y de Valores Ha- 
manos. 8th, Valladolid, 1961. 

vt [i. e. Sexta, Semana Internacional de Cine Eeligioso y 
de Valores Humanos, Valladolid, 9-16 abril 1961. [Valla- 
dolid, 1961, 

108 p. (chiefly illus.) SI cm. 
PN1993.4.S4 1961 61-47453 t 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organi- 
zation. Dept. of Mass Oommunicationt. 

Film programmes for the young; report on a presentation 
of children's films organized by the International Centre of 
Films for Children, Brussels, 19-23 September 1968. [Paris, 
Unesco [1959, 

SO p. 27 cm. (Its Beports and papers on mass communication, 
no. 28) 
PN1995.9.C45U5 791.43 60-1422 

FESTIVALS see Moving- picture 


Agee, James, 1909-1955. 

Ages on film. Drawings by Tomi lingerer. [New York, 
McDowell, Obolensky ( 1958-60, 

2 T. llius. 24 ciu. 

PN1093.5.A1A35 58-12581 rev t 

792.93 791.409 

Agel, Henri. 

La cinema. 5. Id. rev. [Tournalj Casterman, 1968 ( 1954] 
412 p. Illus. 20cm. ( Syntheses contemporalnes) 
PN1994.A53 1963 64-S8150 

Agel, Henri. 

Lea grands cindastes. Paris, Editions universitaires [1959] 

306 p. lllns. 21 cm. 

PN1998.A2A57 A 60-3425 

Southern Calif., Univ. of. Library 

Aristarco, Guido. 

Storia delle teoricha del film. Suova ed. completamenta 
riv. e ampl. [Torino] G. Einaudi, 1960. 

438 p. Illus. 22 cm. (SaggI, 144) 

A 60-3942 
Southern Calif., Tnlv. of. Library 

Bianchi, Pietro. 

Storin del cinema [di, Pietro Bianchi [6, Franco BeruttL 
[1. ed. ililano, Garzanti [1961, 

823 p. 18 cm. (La Cultura moderns) 

[PN1903.B.A1B] A 62-682 

Southern Calif, Dnlv. ot Library 

Day, Beth (Feagles) 1924- 

This was Hollywood; an affectionate history of filmland's 
golden years, ,1st ed-j Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 

287 p. lllns. 22cm. 
PS1993.5.U8D3 791,430979494 60-9472 I 

Esnault, Phih'ppe. 

Chronologie du cineina mondial des origines i nos Jours. 
Paris, Gnvnds Films classiqnes [1963j 

234 p. 24 cm. 
PN1S98.E8 63-44119 

Bverson, William K 

The bad guys; a pictorial history of the movie villain, 
by William. K. Everson. t lst ed. 3 New York, CEadel Preas 

lill, 241 p. IlluJL, portB. 29 on. 
PN1W5.9.GSE9 791.43 

Forlani, Reno. 

CirL&nft, television. Dessins de Tanguy Brntfi de Remnr. 
Paris, Edicoperioei, 

TOp, mol. (put col.) port*, faolm*. 80 cm. (Collection 
LBomme et wn Tentm, lbom, no 5) 
PN19HFS7 63-30847 


Classics of the silent screen; a pictorial treasury. New 

York, Citadel Press [I960, "1959 
255 p. Illus., ports. 29cm. 




Fulton, Albert Rondthaler, 1912- 

Motion pictures; the development of an art from silent 
films to the age of television. [1st ed., Norman, University 
of Oklahoma Press [I960] 

820p. Mils. 24cm. 
PN1993.5.A1F8 791.4309 60-13471 J 

Jeorges, Paul 

ABC du cinema ; lerique. Prdf. de Jean Mitry. t Paris, 
Bloud & Gay [1961, 

223 p. lUua., ports. 18 on. 
PN1994.G38 64-26184 

Ghirardini, Lino Lionello. 

Storia generals del cinema (1895-1959) Con problematic^ 
introduttiva. Milano, C. Marzorati [1959, 
2 v. Illus. 25 cm. 

A 61-1006 
Sonthern Calif., TJnlv. of. Library 

Giammatteo, Fernaldo di. 

Cinema e costume. [Torino, ERI [I960] 
132 p. Illus. 18 cm. (Classe milca, 101) 

Southern Collf.,Unl7.ot Library 

A 61-1604 

Giivemli, Zahir. 

Siuema tarihi; baglangicmdan bugiine Turk ve dflnya 
sinemasi . Istanbul, Varlik Yaymevi [i960, 

264 p. ports. 17cm. (Faydali Utaplar, 8) 
PN1993.5.A1G8 NK 6:1-2329 

Hendricks, Gordon. 

Beginnings of the hiograph; the story of the invention of 
the mnfoscope and the biograph and their supplying cam- 
era. New York, Beginnings of the American Film, 1964. 

U, 78 p. plates, ports. 24 cm. 
TE848JI39 778.5 64-15409 

Tacobs, Lewis, ed. 

Introduction to the art of the movies; an anthology of 
ideas on the nature of movie art. New York, Noonday Press 

802 p. Illus. 21cm. 

PN1995J27 791.48018 59-15129 J; 

Jennings, Gary. 

The movie book. Illustrated irith photos. Kew York, 
Dial Press, 1963. 

212 p. mm, ports. 24 cm. 
PN1983.5.UGJ4 791.4309 

tnletzsch, Horst 

Film gestem und hente; Gedanken und Diten ru sieben 
Jahrzehnten Geschichte der Fihnlmnst. t 2^ -verb, und er- 
weiterte AufL, Leipzig, Urania- Verlajf [1983] 

573 p. niDL. portaL, facalmi. 24cm. 
PN1993.5j4.lK55 1963 63-58238 

Leinwnnd; 60 Jahre Film. t Anf der Grundlage 
eines Manuskripts und einer Bildauswahl von Gerhard 
TVahnrau, beirb. von TC'erner Wendt und Fritz Kodel, Ber- 
lin, Henschelverlag, 1958. 

315 p. fflns. 25cm. 
PN1993.5.A1L37 59-47198 t 

Leprohon, Pierre. 

Histoire du cinlm a. Paris, Editions du. Cerf, 1961- 

v. Illus. 18 cm. (Collection 7* ut) 
PN1S93.5.A1L43 B4-S8694 

Lindgren, Ernest. 

A picture history of tha cinema. New York, Maonillan 

160 p. lllui, ports. 28cm. 
PN1993.5.A1L5 791.4309 60-50981 

McCallum, John Dennis, 1924- 

Scooper ; anthorized story of Scoop Coition's motion pic- 
ture-world. Seattle, Wood *Beber, I860. 

274p. llln*. 24cm. 
PN2287.C*8M8 791.4309 60-692 t