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Full text of "Library Of Congress Catalog Books Subjects A Cumulative List Of Works Represented By Library Of Congress Printed Cards 19551959 Volume 11 India Army Juga"

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cClQ U58s 1955-59 60-227^-8 

collection i 

kansas city 
public library 
kansas city, 

Library of Congress Catalog 


A Cumulative List of Works 

Represented by Library of Congress 

Printed Cards 

* * * < 


v> . 



Pageant Books, Inc. 



A Catalog of Books Represented by Libuuy of Congieu Punted Cards (Cards issued from August 1898 through July 1942) 
Ann Arbor, Mich, Edwards Brotheis, Inc, 1942-46 Repnnted by Pageant Books, Inc. Paterson, N J 
167 Aolurnes ... ... 1500 (fob Paterson, N J) 

Supplement (Cards issued horn August 1942 through December 1947) Ann Arbor, Mich, J W Edwards, Inc, 

1948 Reprinted by Pageant Books, Inc, Paterson, N J 42 \olume* . ... $395 (fob Paterson, N J) 

The Library of Congress Authot Catalog 1948-1952 Ann Arbor, Mich, J W Edwards, Inc, 1953 Reprinted by Pageant 
Books, Inc., Paterson, N J 24 volumes . .. .$240 (fob Paterson, N J) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Authot List, 1953-1957 Ann Arbor, Mich, J W Edwards, Inc, 195& 

28 volumes . . . $955 (f b Ann Arbor, Mich ) 

(Volume 27 Music and Phonoiecotds and Volume 28 Motion Pictures and Filmstnps 
aie also axaiiable separately. $20 each plus postage) 

The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1958, 1959 .... $260 (plus f 3 00 postage) 

(This price oneis, in addition, the supplementary annuals of Motion Pictwes and Filmstnps 

and Music and Phonorecords) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1950-1954 Ann Arbor, Mich, J W Edwards, Inc, 1955. 

20 volumes $240 (fob Ann Arbor, Mich ) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books Subject^ 1955-1959 Paterson, N J, Pageant Books, Inc, 1960. 

22 volumes ... l $24750 (fob Paterson, N. J ) 


The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1960 

Monthly issues for January, February, April, May, July, August, October, Nox ember, and December, quarterly cumulations 

for January-March, April-June, July -September, and annual cumulation $260 (plus $3.00 postage) 

The subscription price of ?26Q for The National Umoji Catalog co\ers, in addition, the following two parts of The 
Libtary of Congress Catalogs which are also issued separately and are available at the prices listed Each part includes 
its own subject approach 

Library of Congress Catalog Motion Pictures and Filmstnps 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April- June, July-September, and paperbound annual cumu- 
la *ion $7 50 (plus 50 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Music and Phonorecords 

Semiannual issue and paperbound annual cumulation $425 (plus 25 cents postage) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books Subjects, 1960 

Quarterly issues for January-March, April-June, July-September, and annual cumulation $175 (plus $1 50 postage) 


Armed forces Medical Library Catalog, 1950-1954. (Part one; Authors; Part two: Subjects) Ann Arbor, Mich., J. W, Edwards, 
Publisher, Inc., 1955. 6 volumes $64 (f.ob. Ann Arbor, Mich) 

National Library of Medicine Catalog, 1955-1959. (Part one: Authors, Part two: Subjects) Washington, D C , Judd & Det- 
weiler, Inc, 1960. 6 volumes |60 (f.ob Washington, D. C.) 


Orders for the catalogs published by J W Edwards, Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich.; Judd & Detweiler, Inc, 1500 Eckmgton Place 
N.E., Washington 2, D. C., or Pageant Books, Inc., 128 Oliver Street, Paterson 1, N. J., should be placed with the publishers 

All the other publications are sold by the Card Division, Library of Congress, Washington 25, D C Their purchase 
may be charged against the accounts of subscribers to the card service, others must pay in advance by check or money 
order made payable to the Card Division, Library of Congress. 

Payments from foreign countries for these latter publications may be made with UNESCO coupons 

Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 
L. C. card 50*60682 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 



Prasad, Sri Nandan 

Expansion of the armed forces and defense organisation, 
1939-45 Edited by Bisheshwar Prasad t Delhi Combined 
Inter-Services Histoncal Section (India & Pakistan) 1956, 

303iv,546p diagra , tables 25cm. (Official history of the Indian 
armed forces in the Second World War, 1939-45 Cteneral war admin- 
istration and organisation) 

A 59-3217 
Bochester Univ Libr UAS42 


The Infantry journal v 1- 
July 1949- 
Mhow, India, Infantry School 

v in illus , ports 23 cm. semiannuaL 

UD1I58 3560954 59-2876T 


MuDaly, Brian Reginald. 

Bugle and kukri the story of the 10th Princess Mary's 
Own Gurkha Rifles Edinburgh, "W. Blackwood 1957 

492 p illus 26cm ' 

UA843I6M8 58-20980 t 


Graham, Cuthbert Aubrey Lionel, 1883- 

The history of the Indian Mountain Artillery. With a 
foreword by Viscount Alanbrooke. Aldershot, Gale & Pol- 
den, 1957 

470 p illua 23 cm. 
UA843.A7G7 *3564 3581 57-439361 


Woodyatt, Nigel Gresley, 1861-1936, ed 

The regimental history of the 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own 
Gurkha Rifles Simla jlndiaj J Ray, 1951- 

v illus , ports., maps (part fold.) 
UA843I6W62 57-29398 


Rajput A B 

The Constituent Assembly Lahore, Lion Press rl046*i 

Ti, 225 p 19cm. 

JQ215 1946 K33 55-i58113 


India (Domimon) Constituent Assembly. 

Reports of committees. 1st- ser : 

Dec. 1946/July 1947- 
Delhi [etc , 



52-21539 rev 


India (Domwton) Ministry o 

Report showing action taken by central and prorrncM 
governments on the recommendations made by the Famine 
Inquiry Commission in their Final report. Calcutta, 
Printed by the Govt of India Press, 1948. 

iv,l66p. 25cm. 
HD9016J42A532 83815 58-44069 


Morris-Jones, Wyndraeth Humphreys. 

Parliament in India. London, New York, Longmans, 
Green t !957 3 

ill, 417 p. tables. 23cm. 

JQ254JC6 328.54 57-2743 

Morris- Jones, Wyndraetli Humphreys. 

Parliament in India. {1st American ed.] Philadelphia, 
University of Pennsylvania Press rl957j 

ill, 417 p. tablea. 24cm. 
JQ254.M6 1957a 328.54 57-3446 


Jndia (DtmMon) Indian, Hutorfaal Record* Oommhsion. 

A retrospect, 1919-1948. Delhi, Manager of Publications, 

iSlp plates, ports. 22cm. 
CD208LA52 954 50-20838 rev 


Rawson, Geoffrey. 

Sea prelude. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 1958. 
260 p. Illus. 23cm. 
G540.R38 923.542 58-5752 t 


Wheeler, Sir Oliver, 1890- 

The Survey of India, during war and early reconstruction, 
1939-1946 Dehra Bun, Printed at the Office of the Geodetic 
and Eesearch Branch, Survey of India, 1955 

ill, 317 p Ulna , ports, fold. coL maps { in pocket) tables. 28 cm 
QB296I48W5 59-23744 


Seiij Anil Kumar. 

Inside A I R, a glance on Indian broadcasting t Cal- 
cntta! 1950j 

Til, 83 p Jllus , ports^ map 25 cm 
PN1991 3 1 4S4 *79294 79L4 58-S3007 


India (Republic) Mvrmtry of Home Afftdan. 
Descriptive memoir of Cabinet Secretariat 
t n P] 

v 34cm 
JQ242A3 58-43007 t 


Deadhueimer, Wilbur App, 1901- 

Report on the Central Water and Power Commissioa for 
the Government of India. Sponsored by International Co- 
operation Administration. E Washington] 1958 

ill, 67 1 maps (part fold, part col ) 27 era. 
TC503 D4 333 91 58-30427 


India (Repu&ltc) Orffonwxtooti md Methods Dwwon. 

Descriptive memoir of the Community Projects Adminis- 

in- Pi 

v 34cm 

HN682.5A34 58-41805 | 


India (Republic) OrgoamoMon and Methods Dvmwn, 

Descriptive memoir of Department of Parliamentary Af- 

T. 34c 

58-41803 t 


India (Republic) Mimstry of Some Afm. 

Descriptive memoir of Election Commissioa, April 1954 
[Delhi 1 1954, 
5p UIOB. Mm, 
- 57-38005 t 



Heron, Alexander Macmillan, 1884- 

History of geological surveys in Pakistan. Karachi, 
Muslim Print Press [195- *j 

44 iv S4cm. (Pakistan. Geological Survey Records, T 4, pt 2) 

XT S. Gwd. Surrey m>r 


Gfljbs,tf*r Gerald, 1896- 

SuTvivor^s story London, Hutchinson [1956} 
182 p. Illus 22cm. 
DA896G5A3 940344 57-125 J 


The Indian Cultural Delegation in China, 1955. Peking, 
Foreign Languages Press, 1955. 

103 p. illos 28cm. 
DS450.C5I5 ST-38310 t 


India (Republic) Organisation and Method* Dwrnon. 

Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of Commerce & In- 

v. 34cm. 

5S-41809 | 



India (RepuMc) Orgmiwtom md Method* Divmon. 
Descriptive memoir of Ministry of Commnnity Develop- 

58-41810 | 



India (Bepublic) Orgswwetum and Methods Dwtnon. 

Descnpti\c memoir of Ministry of Defence 
New Delhi, Printed by President's Press 




India (Republic) Organisation and Mei 

Descnptive memoir of the Ministry oi Education. 

in P3 ^ 

v 33 cm. 



India (Rt public) Cabinet Secretariat 

Descnptive memoir of Ministry of External Affairs, 1st 
April 1934 [Delhi 1055, 

45 p Ulna 3i cm 
JX1840A4 1055 57-S8000 t 


India (Republic) Mnwitry of External Affairs 

List of officers at headquarters & in emba^ies, legations, 
consulates, political missions, etc , abroad. 
New Delhi, Printed by the Manager, Govt. of India Proas. 




India (Republic) Organisation and Methods Dim&ion. 

Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of Food & Agncnl- 




India (RepublM) Organisation and Methods Dwmon. 

Descriptive memoir of Ministry of Health. 
[Simla , 

BA311.B5 m ' 58-44260 : 


India (Bepub&c) Orgmiwatiion and Methods Dwmon. 

Descriptive memoir of Ministry of Home Affairs. 
New Delhi, Printed at President's Press. 

T 3cm. 


India (Sepullic) Orgardwtwn and Meihods Dmmon. 

Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of laf ormafioa and 

t n. p j Printed by the Manager, Govt of India Pre. 

JQ250J6AM 58-41812 t 


LkHa (Sepub^) Orgmdwkum, emd Methods m*wm. 
Descnptive memoir of the Ministry of Iron & Steel 
n. p,j Printed by the Manager, Govt of India. Press. 

58-41806 f 


India (E&pv&ms) Organuaiiw and Method? Diviwn. 

Descnptire memoir of the iticistry of Irrigatior. and 


of ff<m* A< tfw. 

ir of Ministry of Labour as on 1st AprH 


30 p. illus. 34cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


India (Republic) Mim&try of Home Afairs* 

Descriptive memoir of Ministry of Law, April 1954. 
Delhi, Manager of Publications, 1954. 
11 p illus 34 cm. 

57-37542 t 


India (Republtc) Cabinet Secretariat 

Descriptive memoir cf Ministry of N E & S B as on 
1-4-1954 Simla, Printed bj the Manager, Govt of J"dia 
Press, 1955 

65 p lllus 34 cm 
HC433 5A517 57-38021 J 


India (Republic) Organisation and Methods Division 
Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of Production 
New Delhi, Govt of India Press, 

HC431 A36 



India (Republic} Organisation and Methods Dwmon 

Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of Railways. 
(Delhi , 

v 34cm, 
HE329LA25 58-42989 : 


India (Republic} Orgasmatwn and Methods Dwision. 
Descriptive memoir of Ministry of Rehabilitation. 

_ v 34cm. 
HY640.5 1 4A36 

58-4365$ J 


India (Republic) Organisation and Methods Dwiswn. 

Descriptive memoir of Ministry of Transport 
t n. p j Printed by the Manager, GovL of India Press. 

v 34 cm 
HE86A37 58-41808 


India (Republic} Organisation and Methods Division 

Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of Works, Housing 
and Supply 
tn. p.i Printed by the Manager, Govt of India Press 

v 33cm. 

HD4291A33 58-41807 



India (Repubka) Mimstry of W orvb, Housing and Supply. 
Stores Purchase Gommttee* 

Beport, March 15, 1955. Delhi, Manager of Publications, 

IT, 239 p. 25cm. 
JQ27&A57 58-45779 


Singh, Trilochan, 

Indian Parliament (1953-57) ^Personalities'* Series 2, 
Authentic, comprehensive and illustrated biographical dic- 
tionary of members of tihe two houses of Parliament New 
Delhi, Aranam & Sheel [1954?, 

JQ2545 * 55-25424 


lto& (BeptibMtt) . 

Ckaamittees and other bodies on which. Parliament is rep- 
resented wholly or partially, 1951-52. Hew Delhi, Paxfia- 
ment Secretariat, 1951. 

S4p. 25cm. 
JQ25LA56 59-26619 J 


India (Re-public] EUction Commission. 

A hand-book for candidates for election to the House of 
the People and the legislative assemblies. r New Delhi, 1957 

HOp. 25cm, 
JQ292A46 59-25445 t 



India. (Republic) Parliament House of the People 

Kules of procedure and conduct of business in the House 

of the People 2d ed New Delhi, Parliament Secretariat, 


78 p 25 cm 

JQ264A3 1952 


GadgH, Dhananjaya Kamcnandra. 

Indian planning and the Planning Commission. Ahmeda- 
bad, Harold Laski Institute of Political Science, 1958 

31 p 22 cm. ( Laski memorial lecture, 1958) 
HC435 G24 59-29183 


India (Republic} Organisation and Methods 

Descriptive memoir of President's Secretariat 
t New Delhi 3 

Y. 34 cm. annual. 
JQS41.A3 58-41804 t 


India (Republic} Ministry of Home Affairs 

Descriptive memoir of Prime Minister's Secretariat, 1st 
April 1954 c Delhin954j 

4p lllus 34cm. 
JQ242.A53 57-37420 J 


India (Republic) Organisation and Methods Division. 
Descriptive memoir of the Ministry of Hallways. 


v 34cm 


International Secondary Education Project Team. 

Teachers and curricula in secondary schools; report of a 
study by an international team With a foreword by Huma- 
ynn Kabir New Delhi, Ford Foundation, 1954. 

142 p. 25cm. 
LA1152I53 58-46446 t 


India (Republic} Parliament Howe of the People. 

Lofc Sabha debates on the Beport of the States Beorgani- 
sation Commission^ 14th December to 23rd December, 1955 
New Delhi, Lok Sabha Secretariat, 1956. 

2r (Iv,l826p,) 25cm. 
JQ299.A2A523 56-52691 


Shanna, Sri Ram. 

The Supreme Court and judicial review in India. Shola- 
pur, Institute of Public Administration t 1953j 
50p 23cm. l J 

57-37523 t 


(Republic) Organisation and Methods DivMon. 
Descriptive memoir of Union Public Service Commission, 
New Delhi, Printed at President's Press. 

v Mem. annual. 
JQ24SDS 58-41808 t 



Rajkumar, Nagoji Vasudev, 1915- 

The problem of French India. New DelM, 
Congress Committee [1951] 

108 p. fold. man t*nu 
DS497J& 9&8 52-42543 re* 


Morais, Alberto Fana de, 1891- 

India, terra nostra c Conferencia pronunciada no salao 
nobre da Camara Municipal de Vila ViQosa, em 2 de maio 
de 1947] Lisboa, Edigoes Santehno, 1954 

61 p illus 21 cm 
DS498M67 55-24237 t 

Pereira, Armando Gongalves. 

India Portuffuesa [Lisboaj Agencia Geral do Ultramar, 
DIVING de Pubhcasoes e Bibhoteca, 1953 t i. e, 1954] 

496 p illus, ports, fold col. maps 24 cm (Monografiaa doa 
territories do Ultramar) 
DS498 P44 55-30045 


India, Portuguese Argwvo Hwtoneo do Estado da India 
Agent es da diplomacia portuguesa na India (hindus, 
mu<;ulmanos, ]udeus e parses) Documentor coordenados, 
anotados e prefaciados por Panduronga S S Pissurlencar, 
director do Arquivo Histonco do Estado da India Bastora, 
Goa, Tip Rangel, 1952 

lix, 656 p facsuns 26 cm 
DS498 A5 55-29144 

India, Portuguese. Conselho do Estado 

Assentos Documentos coordenados e anotados por Pan- 
duronga S S Pissurlencar, director do Arquivo Histonco 
do Estado da India Bastora, Goa, Tip Rangel, 1955- 

v facslms 26 cm (Publtcac^es do Arquivo Hist<5rlco do 
Estado da India, 3 
DS498 A52 56-18451 


Cortez Pmto, Amenco, 1896- 

"Talant de bien faire," a divisa do Infante e a cnacjio 
do Estado da India [Lisboa] Agencia Geral do Ultramar, 
Divisao de Publica?6es e Bibhoteca, 1955 

S73p Ulus. 23cm. 
DS498C638 57-36167 J 


Gastao, Manuel Marques, 1914- 

depoimento do Brasil na questao da India Portuguesa 
Lisboa [Comp Nacional Editoraj 1954 

57 p Illus 23 cm. 
DS4987G38 57-32301 t 

Oliveira, Hermes de Araujo. 

problema da India Portuguesa. Prefacio do capitao 
de mar-e-guerra engenheiro Jos4 Rodngues dos Santos. 


55-15693 t 

271p UltiB 23cm. 

Portugal. Agencia Geral do Ultramar 

Portuguese India to-day [Lisboa, 1954i 
93 p illus 21cm. 
DS4987A5 9547 

Portugal. Mimsteno do Ultramar. 

Fundacao do estado da India em 1505, livro comemorativo 
[Lisboaj Agencia Geral do Ultramar, Dmsao de Pubhcagoes 

146 p illus , ports , coat of arms 24 cm 
JQ1052 A5 57-38585 


Bostrom, Irene, 1904- 

India in English fiction, 1770-1860 Ann Arbor, Univer- 
sity Microfilms [1956] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 16,146) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 16,146 Mic 56-1785 

Wisconsin. TJnlv LIbr 

INDIA-RUBBER see Rubber 

INDIA-RUBBER INDUSTRY see Rubber indus- 
try and trade 

INDIAN AIR FORCE see India (Republic) Indian 
Air Force 

INDIAN BASKETS see Indians of North 
America Basket making 

INDIAN BLANKETS see Indians of South 
America Textile industry and fabrics 


Oklahoma. University. Institute of Community Develop- 

Plan for development of Indian City U, S. A., Anadarko, 
Oklahoma. Norman, 1055. 

89 1. plates, maps, dlagrs,, plans. 28 cm 

A 56-515 
Oklahoma. Unlr Libr 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Callisthenics 

Gotta Sacco, Andreina. 

Gmnastica femmmile, setie di esercizi con la claretta. 

Roma, Labor t 1954] 

80 p mus 2 fold, plates (laid in) 24cm 

Ohio State Unlv Libr GV40LG68 

A 55-5968 

Nasmark, Anna Lisa. 

Gymnastik med kaglor Stockholm, Alraqvist & Wiksell 

85 p lllus 21 cm 
Ohio State Umr Libr 

A 56-1850 

Party of India 

National Congress 

INDIAN CORN see Maize 


California. Division of water resources 

Indian creek adjudication Report on water supply 
and use of water on Indian creek stream system, Plumas 
county, California [Sacramento, State printing office, 1946 

1 v maps (part fold ) tables, fold, diagr 2T| cm. 
TD24C2A5 1946 33391 46-27400 rev 2 


Lennon, Robert Earl, 1918- 

The reclamation of Indian and Abrams Greeks, Great 
Smoky Mountains National Park, by Robert E Lennon and 
Phillip S Parker Washington, U S Dept of the Interior, 
Fish and TTildlif e Service, 1959 

iv, 22 p tables 27 cm (Special scientific report fisheries, no 

[SH11A335 no 306] Int 59-89 

TJ S Dept of the Interior Library 

see India (Republic) Indian Cultural Dele- 
gation to China 

INDIAN ETHICS see Indians of North America 


Karaik, V B 

Es 13,000/- controversy X-rayed [Delhi, Secretary, In- 
dian Federation of Labour, 1945j 

32 p 17cm 
HD8682I56 55-26299 


China today, an account of the Indian Goodwill Mission 
to China, September-October 1951 t lst ed., Allahabad, 
Hindustani Culture Society C 1952, 

3cd, 701 p plate*, group ports., told, map 19 cm. 
DS710J58 54-44798 

INDIAN HEMP see Cannabis indica 

INDIAN HOSPITALS see Indians of North 
Am erica Hospitals 


American Society for Engineering Education. Mission to 

Report, on the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, 
to the Ministry of Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs, 
Government of India. New Delhi, U. S. Technical Coopera- 
tion Mission, 1959. 

82 L tables 28cm. 

Annex. New Dellu, U.S. Technical Cooperation 

Mission, 1959. 

IT (various payings) dlagra. tables. 28cm. 

T173J5A85 607.5425 

American Society for Engineering: Education. Mission to 

Reports of laboratory consultants, for the Indian Insti- 
tute of Technology at Kanpur, to the Ministry of Scientific 
Research and Cultural Affairs, Government of India. New 
Delhi. U S. Technical Cooperation Mission, 1S. 

2v. dlagrs^ tables. 28cm. 
TA41&A56 607.25425 

INDIAN LANGUAGES see Indians of Mexico 
Languages; Indians of North America 

Indie literature 

INDIAN MEAL see Corn meal 

Quinlan, James K 1928- 

Eraluation of synenzed pyrethrum for the control of 
Indian-meal moth in stored shelled corn t by James EL Qum- 
lan and Eobert F Millerj Washington, Marketing Eesearch 
Division, Agricultural Marketing Service, U S Dept. of 
Agriculture [1958] 

13 p illus 27 cm. (U S Dept of Agriculture Marketing re- 
search report no 222) 
HD175LA9183 no 222 63315 Agr 58-75 

U S Dept of Agr Libr lAgS4Mr no 222 

INDIAN MUTINY, 1857-1858 see India 
History Sepoy Rebellion, 1857-1858 


Desai, Bhukbhai Jivanji, 1877-1946. 

Defense of India's "collaborationists." t Manila 3 K. S 
Gill [1946^ 

ill, 134 p ports 19 cm 


Khan, Shah Nawaz, 1914- defendant 

Two historic trials m Bed Fort; an authentic account of 
the trial by a general court martial of Captain Shah Nawaz 
THian i Captain P. K. Sahgal and Lt Or S. Dhillon, and the 
trial by a European Military Commission of Emperor Baha- 
dur Shah, r New Delhi, Moti Ram, 1946 3 
vi t 422p plates, ports , tables. 25cm. 

Toye, Hugh. 

The springing tager, a study of a revolutionary. With a 
foreword by Philip Mason London, Cassell cl959 3 

238p mm 28cm 
DS481B6T67 923.254 59-1572 t 


Curran, Jean Alonzo. 

Memorandum on the Congress Party in India today 
Few York, International Secretariat, Institute of Pacific 
Eolations, 1950 

15L 28cm. 
JQ298I5C8 55-25639 t 

Indian National Congress. 

Congress souvenir, fifty-ninth session, Kalyani, West 
Bengal, January 1954. [Calcutta] Reception Committee, 
Publicity Sub-committee, Indian National Congress f !954, 

104 p. ilJua, ports., maps. 24 cm. 
DS485B46I5 1954h 55-43855 

Lakshman, P P 

Congress and labour movement in India Allahabad, Eco- 
nomic & Political Research Dept , All India Congress Com- 
mittee t !947] 

174 p tables. 22 on. (Congress economic & political studies 
series, no S) 

KD6812X3 59-33319 

Malkani,K R 

The rise and fall of the Congress. DdM, Vijay Pustafc 
Bhandar t introd. 1951j 

53 p. 19cm. 

JQ298I5MM 87-15142 t 

Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Bhogarajo. 

Why vote Congress? Bombay, Hind Batabs t 1945, 
T^Slp 17cm. 

DS448P34 55-45778 

Prasad, Bunla, 1925- 

The origins of Indian foreign policy; the Indian National 
Congress and world affairs, 1885-1947 Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms |1958j 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-1580 Mac 58-1580 

Columbia TJniv libraries 

Prasad, Rajendxa, Pres India, 1884- 

JLtmakatha t Lekhakaj Kajendra Prasada. Prathama 
samskarana. Parana, Sahitya-Samsaraj mukhya vitarana- 


Rajkumar, Nagoji Vasudev, 1915- 

Development of the Congress Constitution. Fore word by 
B. Rv Diwakar. New Delhi, AH India Congress Committee 
t 1949, 

vl, 147, tl] p. 21 cm. 
JQ298J5R35 329.954 6&-Mt54rer 

Ra jkumar, Nagoji Vasodev, 

The pilgrimage and after; the story of how the Congress 
fought and won the general elect ions. Foreword. Gulzarilal 
Nanda. Introd.:RR. Diwakar Edited by N.V.Eajkumar 
for the Central Publicity Board. C l3ted.j New Delhi, All- 
India Congress Committee [1952i 

Ti,17Sp itote^pofta^BiapBdartfeM.) 22ffl. 
DS480.84R33 '954.09 58-15475 

Tarkunde, Vithal Mahadev. 

The danger ahead, an analysis of Congress capitalist 
alignment jDelhi, Radical Democratic Party ^945?) 

7 p IS cm. 
JQ298I5T3 55-44076 


Sflarma, Jagdish Saran, 1924- 

Indian National Congress- a descriptive bibliography of 
India's struggle for freedom Foreword by TJ. K Dhebar 
Pref T^yShmnanNarayan. Delhi, S Chand,1959. 

xrtTiU, 816 p 25 cm ( National bibUographles, no 3) 
Z3208A5S47 016.9540S 59-2666 

Indie newspapers 


Bechet, Roger Octave. 

La piraterie dans 1'Ocean mdien, quelques dates, lea 
pirates a ux Mascareignes. n.p,1953! 3 

9 p 23 cm 
DS335 B4 58-23380 t 

Rees, Corahe (Clarke) 

Westward from Cocos; Indian Ocean travels, by Corabe 
and Leslie Rees London, G. G. Harrap in association, with. 
Australasian Pub. Co , Sydney r 1956i 

268 p fflos 21cm. 
DT365B36 *916.9 915 57-36703 t 

U. S. Office of Geography. 

Indian Ocean; official standard names approved by the 
United States Board on Geographic Names Washington, 
U S Govt Pnnt Off M 1957 

ill, 54 p 21x28cm. (TJ S Board on Geographic Names. Gsae 

DS335U5 *9169 915 57-6149C* 

ISLANDS see Islands of the Indian 


Indian Council of World Affairs. 

Defence and security in the Indian Ocean area, by a stndy 
group of the Indian Council of World Affairs Thirteenth 
conference, Institute of Pacific Relations, Lahore, Pakistan, 
February 1958 New Delhi, 1957. 

vili, 178 p 26 cm < It* InxUa paper no 4) 
DSS35J49 59-22320 

Indian Council of World Affairs. 

Security and defence problems in the Indian Ocean re- 
gion (political and economic aspects} A research report by 
a study group of the Indian Council of World Affairs to 
the Twelfth Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations, 
Kyoto, Japan, September 1954, New Delhi, 1954. 

I1.88L 28cm, 
DS335J5 *969 950 56-16560 

INDIAN OKATIONS see Indians of North 
America Oratory 


Ellis, Ererett Lincoln, 1919- 

The spectrochemical analysis of AMe* granute* (, 
LLndl. with particular reference to decay by Ecftmodontma* 
i^ctorkm, (Ellis) E. and E. Ann Arbor, Univemty Mkro- 

(tfkYenJty Mlcrofltoa, Ann Arbor, MIch. 3 PoWicatKm no 

Microfilm AC-1 
Washington, Univ. 

, . 

no. 20^76 Mic 57-786 

Seattle. library 

INDIAN RESERVATIONS see Indians of North 
America Reservations; and names of 
reservations, e. g. Shoshoni Indian Reserva- 
tion, Wyoming 


see alao Sculpture India 


Baraett, Homer Garner, 1906- 

Indian Shakers; a messianic cult of the Pacific Northwest. 
Carbondale, Southern niinois University Press, 1957. 

378 p. Him. 22 cm. 


67^8851 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Brown, Koger Hamilton. 

The straggle for the Indian Stream Territory. Cleve- 
land, Western Reserve University Press, 1955 t 1854i 

104 p. Ulna. 23cm. 
F42.C7B7 97421 55-3969 t 

Nadig, Henry Davis* 

They stood alone; the story of Indian Stream, by Henry 
Davis Nadig and George Avison. Hlosfcrated By George 
Avison, rlsted., Kw York, Button, 1S55. 

159p. fflns. 21cm. 




Frettyman, William S 1S2S-1932. 

Indian Territory, a frontier photographic record. Se- 
lected and edited by Robert 33. Cunningham. E lst ed.j Kor- 
man, University of Oklahoma Press t !957j 

174 p. fflos. 25cm. 
F697JP74 917.665 57-11193 J 

North America Trading posts 


see also Portages 

Replogle, Wayne F 

Yellowstone's Bannock Indian trails. Yellowstone Park, 
Wyo., Yellowstone Kafional Park, 1956. 

xll, 80 p Ulna, ports, maps (1 fold.) 22 cm. (TdJowstooe 
Interpretive series, no. 6) 
F722JB4 817.87 56-45690 


see also Indians of North America as 



U. S. Bureau of the Census. 

Indiana minor cinl divisions townshipa. 1950. Wash- 
ington, U. S. Gort Print. Off,, 195SL 
map 87 1 64 cm. 
<34091.Fri950.U5 Map 53-890 


Belks, Genevieve Hoehn, 1910- 

A check list of Indiana imprints (non-official) for the 
years I854H863; vttb. a historical introduction. Washing- 
ton, 105*. 

IT, 1721. 2Scm. 
Z128LB4 59-41718 

Byrd, Cecil K 

A bibliography of Indiana imprints, 1804-1853, by Cedl 
"SL Byxd and Howard H. Peckham. Indianapolis, Indiana 
Historical Bureau, 1955. 

acrf, 478 p. 24 on. (Indiana historical collections, v 35) 
Z1S81.B8 015,772 56-4194 

, Margaret Ruth. 

Revolutionary soldiers buried in Indiana; 300 names not 
listed in the Roster of soldiers and patriots of the American 
Involution buried in Indiana. Indknapols, 1949. 

42 IK 2am. 

~ " 485 names not listed in the Roster 

of soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution buried 
m Indiana (1938) nor in Bevolutionary soldiers hurled in 
Indiana (1949) Indianapolis, 1954. 
165 p. Meat. 

HUH SoppL 
E255-W3 973^6 50-20332 rer 


Civil defense for the schools of Indiana ^ Wilbur 
Touug, state superintendent of public infraction and direc- 
tor, Public Education Division, Indiana Dept of Civil 
Defense. Indianapolis, 1951. 

11 L 38cm. 



Sott, John, 1793-1838. 

The Indiana gazetteer; or, Topographical dictionary 
Indianapolis. Indiana Historical Society, 1954 

129 p. fold, map (tn pocket) faalms. 24 cm. (Indiana Histori- 
cal Society Publications, v. 18, no 1) 
F521 1 41 voL 18, no 1 55-1026 


Hart, Jolui Eraser. 

Illinois and Indiana. t Pnblislied with the cooperation 
of the American GeograpMcal Society Garden Ciiy, 2ST T , 
1ST Donbleday t 1959 3 
dp fflos, 2lcta. (Koowyonr America program) 

917.T2 59-2619 J 


Indiana. University. Bureau, of Business Research 

Indiana's economic resources and potential, prepared for 
Gorge K. Craig, Governor of Indiana, under the direction 
of Schuyler F. Otteson, director, Bureau of Easiness Re- 
search, School of Business, Indmna University c Blooming- 


14 T lllaa. 28 r 

57-63000 t 

Indiana. University. Softool of Business 

Indiana's economic resources and potential, a projection 
to 1970 . highlights. [Prepared for George If Craig, Gov- 
ernor of Indiana. E vansnlle ? 1956j 

t6T,p lUua, tables 22x28 on, 
HC107J6I45 56-82966 


50-21595 rer 2 

Economic Council. 
Miscellaneoua publication, no,l- 
rlndiaaapoliS] 1949 

no. maps (put fold.) 28cm. 


Morrison, Olin Dee. 

Indiana, Hoosier State, new historical atlas, economic, 
social, political, for schools and libraries, business and in- 
dustry. Athens, Ohio, E M. Momson, *1958~ 

1 v (loose-leaf) fflus, maps. 30 cm. (Hit Indiana series, v, 2) 
G1401JS1M6 1958 Map 59-264 


Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences. 

Proceedings of the annual meeting 1956- 
Indianapolis, Indiana Economic Council 

HC107J6I47 58-6M71 


HeDer (Robert) and Associates, Cleveland. 

State of Indiana ; final report, March 31, 1956 Cleveland 


1 r. (various paglngs) dlagrs., tables. 28 c 
JKS6381956JH4 353.772 

Study Commission on 
Export Indianapolis, 1954 
Tfll,lMp. ilHw^map. Seem. 

Supplement Institutions Committee report on the 

physical condition of twenty-four State institutions. In- 
dianapolis, 1955. 

JX5638 1954A55 55-62409 


Dept. of Conservation. Division of Land* and 

A map of Indiana, showing its history, points of interest, 
and the holdings of the Indiana Dept of Conservation, 
Lee Carter, cartographer. 1932, Ear. 1954. ^Indianapolis, 

Morrison, Olin Dee. 

Indiana, Hoosier Stale; new historical atlas, economic, 
social, political, for schools and libraries, business and in- 
dustry. AtJ M a i Oko i E.M,MorriB<%*1958- 

1 r. (too>4ef) fflas^ maps. SO cm. (Hit Indiana series, T. 2) 
Gl40tSlM 1958 Map 59-264 


Lewis, Dorothy P 

The Indiana story HIus. by George Jo Mess. Chicago, 
Wheeler Pub Co t c 1951j 
244p iiius 21cm. 

9772 57-58311 J 

Lodcridge, Ross Franklin, 1877-1952. 

The story of Indiana; with additions by Herbert L. 
Heller tSded.! Oklahoma City, Harlow Pub. Corp , 1955. 

4lTp IlllM. 24cm. 
F526JL78 1955 977.2 55-12691 t 

Marshall, Lucile (Carr) 

I, alone, remember. Drawings by Jacqueline Hammes. 
Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1956 

24&-S44 p. Ulna. 24 cm. (Indiana Historical Society Pabllca- 
tionfl, r 18, no 3) 

F521I41 vol.18, no 3 9207 57-815 J 
CopyZ. CT275M45&14A8 

Thornbrough, Gayle, ed 

Readings in Indiana history, compiled by Gayle Thorn 
brough and Dorothy Biker Indianapolis, Indiana Histor* 
cal Bureau, 1956 

xil, 625 p 24 cm. (Indiana historical collections, T 36) 
F521.T4 97720082 57-62616 
Copy 2 F52LI88 TOL86 


Krauskopf, Frances, 1920- ed. and tr. 

Ouiatanon documents, translated and edited by France 
Krauskopf Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1955 

129-234 p 24 cm (Indiana Historical Society Publications 
T 18, no 2) 

A 56-5240 
Indiana. Unlv Llbr F522 

Thornbrough, Gayle, ed 

Headings in Indiana history, compiled by Gayle Thorn 
brough and Dorothy Hiker. Indianapolis, Indiana Histor* 
cal Bureau, 1956. 

xli, 625 p 24 cm (Indiana historical collections, T 86) 
F521T4 97720082 57-62616 
Copy 2 P52U88 voL86 


Barnhart, John Donald, 1895- 

Indiana, the Hoosier State t bjj John D Barnhart [and 
others] Chicago, Wheeler Pub Co C 1959] 

310 p Ult 2Scm. 
F5263B3 9772 59-14011 


Indiana. Dept of Oommerce, Agriculture, fnchtstry and Pu5- 
lie Rdatztm* 

New and expanding industries of Indiana, 1958. [Indian- 
apolis, 1959 

t 23, L 28 cm. (It* Bulletin no 2) 
HC107J6A26 no. 2 33809772 59-63034 


Blackburn, George McCoy, 1926- 

The Hoosier arsenal. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 
t 1957, 

( ttfnlTerslty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 17,987) 

IGcrofilmAC-l no. 17,937 Mic 57-551 

Indiana. Economic Council 

Geographic and industry aspects of recent manufacturing 
growth,* facts underlying the industrial development of the 
State, Indianapolis, 1955 

22 L 23 cm. (Its Miscellaneous bulletin no 9) 
HC107J6A485 no. 9 338.4 


Association of Commerce of South Bend. 

Industrial production services inventory South Bend 
tlnd-i Manufacturers Division, Association of Commerce of 
South Bend, '1956- 

IT (loose leaf) 80cm 
T12.A8 56-21749 


Jtaype Brothers, Detroit. 

Official Hearne Brothers polyconic projection map of In- 

Map 55-421 

lana. Detroit t !955, 
COLPMIPOB sb*it 165^11^ o 
O4090 1055JB& 

Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 


MAPS (Continued) 

__Indiana. Geological Survey 

meral res urces of Indlana 

lv (loose-leaf) aiaps 56cm 
G1401 HI I 3 1953 

Scott, John, 179&-1838 

Map of Indiana CentreviIIe, Ind , 1826 India' 
Indiana Historical Society, 1954 
map 45 x 34 cm, 

04090182683 Map 56-389 

U, S. Geological, Survey 

G4090 1953 U55 

U.S. Post Office Dept 

Post route map, Indiana 

col maps 107 x 69 cm 


Map 55-567 


Indiana. Dept of Oons.eroa.twn Diwston of Lands and 

A map of Indiana, showing its history, points of interest, 
and the holdings of the Indiana Dept of Conservation. 
Lee Carter, cartographer 1&32 Bev. 1954 rlndianapolos, 

coL map 8T x 61 cm. 

G4091 SI 1954JL 5 


U. S. Geological Survey, 

Index to maps of Indiana 

coL maps 48x32 cm fold, to 27 x 22 cm. 

G4091 A2 year.UB Map 53-678 



Constitution of tha State of Indiana, and of the United 
States. Indianapolis, Legislative Bureau, 1954. 



Indiana. Dept of public instruction General committee on 
social studws. 

American government for senior high schools t lndian- 
apoliSj C T Malan, state superintendent of public instruc- 
tion, 1947 

cover-title, Ip I, vI,4S (i e 42) numb 1 23 cm. (Indiana. (Dept. 
of public Instruction, Bulletin no 183-D ) 
JK277I552 1947 34273 47-32406 rev 

Legislative, Advisory Commission. 

Report to the General Assembly of 1959: committee re- 
ports, proposed bills r lndianapolis, 1958 ! 3 

rl, 25 p taMes 28cm. 
JK5625 1959 A315 328.772 

Indiana. University. Bureau of J&wtmesa Research* 

Indiana's economic resources and potential, prepared for 
<3eorge If Craig, Governor of Indiana, under the direction 
of Schuyler F. Otteson, director, Bureau of Business Re- 
search, School of Business, Indiana University, [Blooming- 
ton] 1955 

lir mas 28cm. 
31010716144 57-63000} 

Indiana. University. Bureau of Government Research. 

A. report to Hoosiers on your government at work ; a sum- 
mary of the proceedings of the Indiana Governors confer- 
ence, October 2S-28, 1955. t Bloomington, Id55tj 

unpaged. Ulna. 15x2$ cm. 
JK5625 1955.1 5 56-63603 t 

Noble, Noah, 1734-1844. 

Messages and papers relating to the administration, of 
Noah Noble, Governor of Indiana, 1831-1837, edited by 
Dorothy Biker and Gayle Thornbrough. Indianapolis, In- 
diana Historical Bureau, 1958. 

Tin, 945 p Ulua* ports. 24 cm. (Indiana historical collections. 

J87I61T 1831 



American Aufa 

Official road map, Indiana. 
"Washington. * 

col. nmps on sheets 61 x9T cm, fold, to 21 x 10 c 

Map 54-26T 

Automobile Association. 

Special map of Illinois-Indiana 

maps 58 1 86 cm fold to 21 1 10 cm arnniaJ 
G410lP2yearA55 " ~ "~ 

Indiana, faate Highway Commission 
State highway system of Indiana 

Map 55-343 


col maps 78x35 cm or smaller, fold to 21 x 12 cm 
G4091 P2 year 1 5 Map 49-831 rev* 


Indiana. University. Bureau cf Business Research 

Indiana's economic resources and potential, prepared for 
Gr&orge H" Craig, Governor of Indiana, under the direction 
of Schuyler F Otteson, director, Bureau of Business He- 
search, School of Business, Indiana University. rBlooimnsr- 
ton, 1955 

14 v illus 2Scm 
HC107I6I44 57-63000 J 


Jftsher, Wayne B 

Wolcott's Mills; a historical novel La Grange, Ind, 
Cavalier Pub Co r!959 3 

854p 21cm, 
P24F536TWo 59-15853 | 

Wolford, Leah Jackson. 

The play-party m Indiana Edited and rev byW. Edsoa 
Richmond and William Tillsoa. Blustrated by J\ r ancy Gil- 
bert Indianapolis, Indianapolis Histoncal Society, 1959 

103-326 p Illus ~23 cm (Indiana Historical Society Pnbllea 
ttons, v. 20, ao 2} 
F521I41 vo!20,no2 793319772 59-3985 t 


Indiana. State Chamber of Commerce. 

Statistical abstract of Indiana counties Indianapolis, 

lv ( various pagings) map 28 cm 
HA366I55 56-3156! 


Toops, Myrtle Dewey. 

Working in. the core program in Burris Laboratory 
School Muncie, Ini, Ball State Teachers College, 1955. 

60 p. Illns 23 cm. dlndlana. Ball State Teachers College, 
Mnnctet College publication 154) 
LB1570T6 373.773 55-28744 % 


Indiana. Dept. of Public Welfare, 

State of Indiana Department of Public Welfare j back- 
ground, history and organization^ Prepared for IndiaM. 
Governor's Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, October 26- 
28, 1955 tlndianapolis, 1955 !j 

12L mug. 28cm. 
HV86J75 1955 614.061772 


McPheron, Edwin Bod. 

Apportionment and reapportionment in. Indiana; political 
implications of Indiana reapportionment, by Edwin B Mc- 
Pheron and George Boberts. [Bloomington] Bm*au of 
Government Besearch, Indiana University, 1&57. 

**' 57-^mo t 


fleQer (Robert) and Associates, Cleveland. 

State of Indiana Highway Department; summary report. 
Cleveland, 1#55. 

IT. (various pagings* dla^rs., tables. 28cm. 
HE356J6H4 m.1 



Dean, Mark Edward, 1917- 

A history of intercollegiate athletic at Indiana, State 
Teachers CoUege. t La Crosse, Wis., ivortheni Engraving & 

Indiana. Unlv Ilbr. 


Crawford, Mary Mazeppa, 1898- 

Student spending at Indiana University, 1951-1952, by 
M. M. Crawford, Stanley Stemkamp ^and] E L. Haoswald. 
[Bloombgtonj Division of Besearch and Field Services, In- 
diana University C 1955, 

82 p fortns tablea 2S cm (Bulletin of tie School of E 
Indiana University. T 31, no 6) 

Indiana Unir LIbr 



Eberle, August Wifiianx. 

A brief history and analysis of the operation of tae educa- 
tional placement service at Indiana University r Blooming- 
tonj Division of Research and Field Services, Indiana Uni- 
versity ( 1955j 

30 p 23 cm (BoHettn of the Scliool of Education, Indiana Uni- 
versity, T 31 no 1) 
LB1780E23 *37142T 55-631401 


Htmelhoch, Jerome, 1916- ed. 

Sexual behavior in American society, an appraisal of the 
first two Kinsey reports. Edited for the Society for the 
Study of Social Problems by Jerome HuaeUboch and Sylvia 

Flos Fava. t lst ed , New York. Norton t 1955 3 





Kinsey-rapportene i s^kelyset Av Albert Deutsch et aL 
Osloj Dreyers forlag r !954 3 

181p 22cm. 
HQ18.U5I66 5S-43714t 

Karramore, Clyde M 

A Christian answers Kinsey, Wheaton, HI , Van Kampen 
Press t !954] 

32 p iHus 19 on. 
HQ18.U5I67 3926 55-16499 i 

HUMAN MALE see Kinsey, Alfred Charles, 
1894- Sexual behavior in the human male 


Lowell, Mildred (Hawksworth) 

Indiana University libraries, 1829^-1942 CMeagQ Dept. 
of Photodaplication, University of Chicago library] 1957. 
Microfilm 55642 Mic 58-4673 t 

CMeago. XTalv Li&r. 


Rock, Dorcas Irene. 

A history of the Indiana University Training School for 
Nurses. Bloomington> Indiiam University, 19&6- 

T. fflus-, ports. 24cm. 
RT81I7H6 610.730711772 56-^2975 


Botaford, PanI Lewis. 



Some customary practices of rural life, 187Q-lftlS,inparta 
of Indiana and Jefferson Comities, Pennsylvania, ADM 
Arfaoi-, TJnirorsily Mfaofites {OS^ 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, BUch., Publication oo. 880T> 

MicrofiltaAC-l naSSSrtT SOcASS-WS 



Uwsoa, Tli 


, rf , - ~ - 

TOfc aMfflmaa to ti sea; % Gril Wwr leftta* Sub A 

,*fa*i^ WftadwiUianmtrod. 
Bkiaiiiingtiai, IwEbna TJw- 




Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

Indiana. State Teachers College, Terre 



Community Surveys, inc., Indianapolis. 

Community Chest- a case study in philanthropy, support- 
ing studies (65) [bjj John E Seeley [and othersj Indian- 
apolis, 1957 

1 v (various paglngs) map, diagrs., tables 29 cm. 
HV99I5C6 57-4710 

Community Surveys, Inc., Indianapofa 

Community Chest; a case study in philanthropy (by 3 JoL 
E. Seeley t and others. Toronto] University of Toronto 
Press, 1957 

Til, 593 p illus. 25cm. 

[HV99.I5C ] A 57-6677 

Wisconsin Unlv Llbr 


Cram. (George F.) Company. 

Indianapolis, pocket map Rev ed Indianapolis [1955] 
col map 87x62 cm 
G4094 1 4 1955 C7 Map 55-1079 

Cram (George F.) Company. 

Indiarapolis and Manon County, 402 square miles. In- 
dianapolis [1954] 

col map 116 x 119 cm. 
G4094 J 4 1954.C7 Map 54-963 

Cram (George F.) Company. 

Indianapolis and Marion County, 402 square miles. In- 
dianapolis [1955] 

coLmap 115x118 cm, 
G4094J 4 1955 C72 Map 56-244 

Cram (George F.) Company. 

Large indexed Indianapolis street map, with special map 
of central business district Indianapolis [1953] 

2 maps (1 col ) oo sheet 92x64 cm. fold, to 24x11 cm. 
G4094I41953C7 Map 53-509 

Sanborn Map Company. 

Insurance maps of Indianapolis. 

v eoL maps. M cm. 
G14Q4I4S3 1956 

New York, 
Map 57-328 

U. S- Geologwal Survey. 

Indianapolis and vicinity, Marion County, Indiana. Pre- 
pared in cooperation with, the State of Indiana. Ed. of 1951. 
Washington 1951] 

cot map 100 x 79 cm. 

G4094.I41951.U5 Map 53-878 


U. S. Congress Smote. Committee on PubMc Works 

Investigation of highway right-of-way acquisition, State 
of Indiana. Hearings before a subcommittee of the Com- 
mittee on Public Works, United States Senate, Eighty-fifth 
Congress, first session . Washington. U. S Govt Print. 
Of., 1957 

2pts. (vl,230p) form. tanks. 24cm, 
HE35615 J 5XJ5 57-60631 rev 


The circle, tile center of our universe. Indianapolis, 
Indiana. Historical Society, 1957 

448 p, illus. 24cm. (Indiana HUrtorical Society publication^ T. 

FfiSLIU vaL18 r no.4 977.282 57-683421 

-- Copy!. F534.I8H6 



Indianapolis and vicinity. Marion County. f. 
pared in cooperation witih theState of Indiana. Ed.ofl95L 

Map 53-878 


Roberts, Claude Martin, 1903- 

Water resources of the Indianapolis area, Indiana, by 
C M Roberts, L, E. Widman, *nd P. N Brown. Wash- 
ington, 1955 

if, 45 p. fold. map, dlagra, tables. 27 on. (U S. Geological 

QE75C5 no 366 551.48 GS 55-285 

CopyZ GB7CG.I4R6 

TT S On! SnrfM- TJhr 


Lilly, Eli, 1885- 

Histor * the Little Church on the Circle , Christ Church 
Parish, Indianapolis, 1837-1955 Indianapolis, The rector, 
wardens, and vestrymen of Christ Protestant Episcopal 
Church, 19 r ~ 

,. Sp Illu. 26cm 
Bx*.598QI5C5 283772521 59-2357 t 


Newcomb, Richard F 

Abandon ship ! Death of the U S S Indianapolis. New 
York, Holt r !958j 
305 p Ulus 22 cm. 

D774I5N4 940545 58-112181 


Verlin, Bob. 

The race, photography by Bob Verlin; text by Angelo 
Angelopolous Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill t !958j 

unpaged (chiefly Illus.) 16x36 cm. 
GV1029V4 *79672 57-9339 t 

Yates, Brock W 

The Indianapolis 500; the story of the motor speedway 
New York, Harper [1956] 

147 p. ttlus 22cm. 
GY1029. Y3 *796 72 56-5154 t 


Catlin, George, 1796-1872. 

Episodes from Life among the Indians, and Last rambles 
With 152 scenes and ports, by the artist Edited by Marvin 
C. Ross. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press t 1959j 

xrv, 357 p 132platest 27cm. (The Civilization of the American 
Indian series, 55) 
E58C3535 9701 59-7959 

Ethnohistory. v t lj- Apr. 1954- 

[Bloomington, etc., Indiana Universityj 

v 24 cm Quarterly 
E51.E8 970 1 

Giroux, Thomas Edmond, 1897- 

Le jour de llndien. Quebec, 1955, 'l&S^ 
416 p. 20cm. 


58-38234 t 

Golden, Gertrude. 

The Amencan Indian then and now San Antonio, Naylor 
Co C 1957] 

76 p. 22 cm, 
E58G6 9701 57-13842 rev t 

Jansen, Johan Victor. 

Volkerenatlas, Amerika Breda, De Faam C 195-j 

1 T (unpaged) mounted coL fflus, maps (on lining paper) 

28x81 cm. 

E58J3 57-30423 

Lips, Eva. 

Das Indianerbu**. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhans, 1956. 
443 p illus 21cm. 
E58.L63 56-44760 J 

National Geographk Society, WatUngton, D. 0. 

National Geographic on Indians of the Americas; a color- 
illustrated record t byj Matthew W Stirling, with contnbu- 
tions by Hiram Bingnain and others] Illustrated with foil- 
color reproductions of 149 paintings by W. Langdon T&jkn 
and B;. M Herget Foreword by John Oliver La Gorce. 

431 p Illus, (part coL) maps. 27cm. 
E58.N3 9701 55-4531 

National Geographic Society , WasUngt&n,D. O. 

National Geographic on Indians of the Americas ; a color- 
illustrated record r by, Mat&ew W. Stirling. With contri- 
butions by Hiram Bingham t and others} Illustrated with 
full-color reproductions of 149 paintings by W. Langdon 
Kihn and EL M. Herget Foreword by John Oliver La 
Gorce. Washington, 1957, 1955. 

431 p, Illus. (part coL) maps. 27cm. (National Geographic story 
ox man Horary ) 
ES8JJ3 1957 970.1 57-12186 

Bauson, Nicolas* 1600-1067. 

America^ 1667; a translation of L'Amerique, wnttan in 
1667 by Sanson d*Abbeville. Transktionby Pauline Carson 
Bloch {and] Robert Martinon Edited by Louis M. Bloch, 
Jr. Cleveland, Bloch t !959- 

v. fold, col maps, facslm. 24 cm. 
E143.S243 917 59-7994 


International Congress of Americanists. 

Miscellanea Paul Eivet, octogenano dicata | 
Umversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1958- 

y illus (part col ) ports., maps (part fold , part col ) 23 cm 
E53 1 52 59-41029 

see also Man, Prehistoric America 

Ashton, Dore. 

Abstract art before Columbus Photos by Lee Boltin 
Pref by Andre Emmerich New York, Andre Emmerich 
Gallery r !957] 

40 p illus , map 28 cm. ( Andrg Emmerich Gallery [Publica- 
tion] T 2) 
E59 A7AT 970 65717 57-13859 

Imbellom, Jose, 1885- 

Epitome de culturologia C 2 ed 3 Buenos Aires, Editorial 
Nova [1953] 

356 p illus, maps 20 cm (Humaaior, biblioteca del ameri- 
canista moderno, seccldn A. Proped&itica, t 1) 
CB103I5 1953 56-28887 

Kelemen, Pal 

Medieval American art; masterpieces of the New World 
before Columbus New York, Macmillan, 1956 

andl, 414, 33 p 308 plates, map (on lining 1 papers) 29 cm 
E59A7K4 1956 9706571 57-335 rev 

Lehmann, Henn. 

Les civilisations precolombiennes. c l ed] Pans, Presses 
universitaires de France, 1953 

125 p illus 18 cm ("Que sals-je?" Le point des connalssances 
actuelles, 567) 
E58L3 55-17568 I 

Wflley, Gordon Randolph, 1913- ed 

Prehistoric settlement patterns in the New World. New 
York, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Re- 
search, 1956 

viii, 202 p Illus , maps, 26 cm (Viking Fund publications In 
anthropology, no 23) 
E53W5 *970 9137 57-134 


Chicago. Art Institute. 

Animal sculpture in pre-Columbian art [Chicago, 1957] 
48 p (chiefly Illus) 24cm. 
E59A7C& 980657173 58-1559 t 

Covarrubias, Miguel, 1904-1957 

The eagle, the jaguar, and the serpent, Indian art of the 
Americas North America Alaska, Canada, the United 
States. [1st ed.] New York, Knopf, 1954 

arm, 314, xi p illus , plates (part col ) maps 28 cm 
E98JL7C63 97067 52-6415 rev 

Kelemen, Pal 

Medieval Amencan art; masterpieces of the New World 
before Columbus. New York, Macmillan, 1956 

xxli, 414, 33 p 808 plates, map (on lining papers) 29 cm. 
E59A7K4 1956 9706571 57-335 rev 

Schuster, Alfred B 

The art of two worlds, studies in pre-Columbian and 
European cultures, Berlin, Gebr Mann, 1958 

188 p. Ulus , 32 plates, maps 26cm. 

[N65015S ] A 59-6044 

Harvard Univ Library 

Schuster, Alfred B 

The art of two worlds; studies in pre-Columbian and 
European cultures. New York, Praeger r !959i 

188 p inn, 32 plates. 26cm. (Books tat matter) 
N650L5S35 709 59-7723 


Ashton, Dore. 

Abstract art before Columbus Photos, by Lee Boltin. 
Pref by Andre Emmerich, New York, Andre" Emmerich 
Gallery r !957] 

40 P- fflus., map 28 cm. (AndnS Emmerich Gallery [Publica- 




Baltimore. Museum of Aft 

The Alan Wurtzburger collection of Pre-Columbian art. 
[Baltimore, 1958 3 

46 p illus. (part coL) map 28cm. 
E59A7B33 970.65717 58-1809 

Bliss, Robert Woods, 1875- 

Pre-Coltimbian art Text and critical analyses by S. K 
Loihrop, W. F. Foshag t andi Joy Mahler. New York, Phai- 
don Publishers; distributed by Garden City Books, 1957. 

285 p, Ulus., plates (part coL) maps. 35cm. 
E59A7B63 97065717 57-14181 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Chicago. Natural History Museum. 

Indian art of the Americas, [Catalogue By Donald Col- 
lier] Exhibition designed by Daniel Brenner. [Chicago. 

[64] p (cMefly Illus.) 21cm 
E59 JL7C42 970 65717 59-3841 

BASKET MAKING see Indians of 
North America Basket making 

Comas, Juan, 1900- 

Los Congresos Internacionales de Amencanistas; sintesis 
histonca e indice bibliografico general, 1875-1952 Mexico, 
Institute Indigemsta Inter-amencano, 1954 
Icccm, 224 p ports 24 cm. (Edldones eapedales del Institute 

E51 1 73 016 9701 54-42430 

Dockstader, Frederick J 

The Amencan Indian in graduate studies, a bibliography 
of theses and dissertations New York, Museum of the 
American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1957. 

xvii, 309 p 23 cm. ( Contributions from the Museum of the Amer- 
ican Indian, Heye Foundation, T 15) 
E51N4EJ vol.15 0169701 57-10880 


Vasquez Benavides, Oscar. 

Informes y documentation presentados al Consejo Direc- 
tivo del Institute Indigemsta Interamencano sobre el Con- 
greso Indigemsta del Cuzco, reunion en la N U-, y xxrx 
Congreso Internacional de Amencanistas. Mexico t lnsti- 
tuto Indigemsta Interamencanoj 1949 

63 p 23 cm 

E51J495 1949h 57-21677 


Anthropological Society of Washington, Washington, D, C. 

New interpretations of abongmal Amenean culture his- 
tory 75th anniversary volume Washington, 1955 

viii, 135 p maps, diagr 24 cm 
E58A59 *970 9137 55-3752 

Gonzalez Ruiz, Felipe, 1904- 

Evolucion de la cultura en America; estudios de imciacion. 
Madnd, Sapientia [1953, 

592p lllua 25cm 
F14083G65 55-30967 J 

Lai. Chaman. 

Hindu Amenca, revealing the story of the lomance of the 
Surya Yanshi Hindus and depicting the imprints of Hindu 
culture on the two Americas [3d ecLj Bombay, New Book 
Co, 1948. 

xxlll, 267 p Ulua , plates, port. 25 cm 
E109H5L2 1948 97311 57-43168 

Thompson, Raymond H ed 

Migrations in new world culture history Tucson, Uni- 
versity of Arizona Press, 1958 

68 p iUus. 23 cm (University of Arizona bulletin, v 29, no 2 
Social science bulletin no 27) 
E58T5 9706572 59-62528 t 


Inter-American Cultural Council. Committee for 

Estudio sobre comumdades de promocidn mdigena (Reso- 
lucidn vn de la prunera reunion del Consejo Interamericano 
Cultural) Washington, Departamento de Asuntos Cul- 
turales, Union Panamencanaj 1954 
8p 28cm. (Jt CAC-R-12, espaflol) 

Pan American Union. library JX198045 

Inter-American Cultural CounciL Committee for Outtwral 

Estudio sobre las bases de una politic* educativa qua eon- 
sidere los problemas provenientes del proceso de incorpora- 
cion de los grupos indigenas u otros grupos minowtanos a 1 
vida nacaonal (Resolucion xmn, 3, g, de la primera reunion 
del Consejo Interamericano Cultural) Washington, Depar- 
tamento de Asuntos Coltarales, Uni6n Panamericana, 1958, 

88 p 28cm. ( Itt CA.O-B-6, eapafiol) 

Box American Union. Library JX1980J5 

filter-American Cultural CounciL Commute for Cuttwvl 

Estudio sobre un plan para promover el intercambio, entre 
los pafees amencanos, de las experiences logradas por cada 
uno de estos en el campo de la educaaon mdigena (Besota-* 
aon aomr de la pnmera reunion del Consejo Interamencano 
Cultural) Washington, Departamento de Asuntos Cul- 
turales, Union Panamericana, 1958. 

16 p. 28cm. (/t* CAO-B-5, espafiol) 

Pan American Union. Library JX1980.45 

Inter- Amencan Cultural Counal. Committee fot Cultuxi* 

Estudo das bases de uma politica que considere os pro- 
blemas prp\ enientes do processo da incorporacao das popu- 
laQoes indigenas e de outras minonas a vida nacional (fieso- 
lucao xLvm. 3, g, da primeira reumao do Conselho Cultural 
Interamencano) Washington, Departamento de Assuntos 
Culturais, Umao Pan-Amencana 1953 

26 p 28cm (/teCAC-E~6(portugufe)) 
Pan Amencan Union Library J5198043 P-^. 57-114 

Inter-American Cultural Council. Committee for Cultural 

Estudo sobre comumdades de fomento mdigena (Resolugao 
vn da primeira reuniao do Conselho Cultural Interamen- 
cano) Washington, Departamento de Assuntos Culturais, 
Umao Pan-Americana, 1954. 

8 p 28 cm (Its CAC-E-12 (portugute) ) 

PA 57-117 
Pan American Union. Library JX1380 45 

Inter-American Cultural Council. Committee for Cultural 


Estudo sobie um piano para promover o mtercambio, 
entre os paises amencanos, das experiencias adquindas por 
cada um no setor da educagao indigena, (Resolugao xxsnr da 
pnmeira leuniiio do Conselho Cultural Interamencano) 
Washington, Departamento de Assuntos Culturais, Umao 
Pan- Americana, 1953 

18 p 28 cm (Its CAC-E-5 (portuguSa) ) 

PA 57-104 
Pan American Union Library JX1980 45 

Inter-American Cultural Council. Committee for Cultural 
At tion 

fitude d un plan vi&ant 1 encourager entre les pays amen- 
cams 1'echange de donnees en matiere d'educataon indigene 
(Resolution xxxv de la premiere reunion du Conseil culture! 
interamencam) Washington, Dep des affaires culturelles, 
Union panamencaine, 1953. 

ISp, 28cm. (KCAO~B-6(francaIfl)> 

PA 57-133 

Pan American Union. Library J3198045 

Inter- American Cultural Council Committee for Guttural 

Etude sur les communautes de promotion indigene (Reso- 
lution vn de la premiere reunion du Conseil culturel inter- 
amencain) Washington, Dep des affaires culturelles, Union 
panamencaine, 1951 

8 p 28 cm (Its CAC-E-12 (frangals) ) 

PA 57-121 
Pan American Union. Library JX188045 

Inter-American Cultural CounciL Committee for Cultural 

Etude sin les f ondements d'une politique de 1'education qui 
considere les problemes lies an proces d'integration des 
groupes indigenes et d'autres groupes mmontaires a la vie 
nationale (Resolution XLVHI, 3, &, de la premiere reunion du 
Conseil culturel interamencam) Washington, De"p. des 
affaires culturelles, Union panamencaine, 1953 

28 p 28cm (Its CAC-E-6) 

PA 57-120 
Pan American Union Library J2Q980 45 

Inter-American Cultural Council. Committee for Cultural 

General report on functioning, activities and studies com- 
pleted, submitted to the Tenth Inter- Amencan Conference 
for consideration in connection with the topics of chapter iv 
and topic 2S-a of chapter v of the agenda. Washington, 
Pan American Union, 1953. 

IT (various paginga) 28cm. (Inter- American Conference, 10th, 
Caracas, 1954 Doc. 22 (EngUsb) SG-22) 

PA 55-28 

[F1405 1954 A2 no 22] 
Pan American Union 

Inter- Amencan Cultural Council. Committee for Ctdtwral 

Action . 

Infonne general sobre funcioaamiento, actmoaaes y 
estudios realizados, que el Comite" somete a la Decima Con- 
f erencia Interamericana para su consideracioii dentro de los 
temas fij ados en el capltulo iv y el tema 23- del capitulo v del 
programa Washington, Urtidn Panamencana, 1968. 

1 v (various paglngs) 28 em. (Dfidma Oonferencta Intewuaarl- 
cana, Caracas, 1954. Doc 22 (eapaOol) SG-22) 

[F1405 19M A24 no. 22] 
Pan American Uni 


PA 55-26 

Inter-American Cultural CoanciL Committee for 

Study on coordinated services for Indian communities 
(Resolution m of the first meeting of the Ijatar-American 
Cnltttral Council) Washington, Dept of Cultoral Affaira, 
Pan American Union, 1954, 

8 28cm <fftCAC-B-l2(BnHdi ^^^ 

Pan American Union Libcary JXI980JS 

Inter- American Cultural CounciL Committee for Cufaurdl 

Study on the bases of an educational pokcj that will take 
mto consideration the problems arising from the process of 
incorporating Indian or other minority groups into national 
life (Resolution XLVHI, S, g, of the first meeting of the Inter- 
American Cultural Council) Washington, Dept of Cul- 
tural Affairs, Pan American Union, 1953 

91 p 28cm. (Itt CAC-B- (Ensusb)) 

Pan American Union. library XOS8045 

Inter-American Cultural Council. Committee for Cultural 

Study lektive to a plan for promoting' an exchange of 
experiences in the field of Indian education among the 
Amencan countries (Resolution, xxxv of the first meeting of 
the Inter- Amencan Cultural Council) Wasbjngton, Dept 
of Cultural Affairs, Pan American Union, 1953 
IT p. 28cm. (/**CAC-E-S( English)) 

Pan American Union. library 1X198045 

ETHNOLOGY see Indians, Indians 
of Central America; Indians of 
Mexico; Indians of North America; 
Indians of South America 

FOLK-LORE see Folk-lore, Indian 

see also Indians Land tenure, Indians, 
Treatment of 

Bayle, Constantino. 

El protector de indios. E l ed.j Sevilla, 1945. 

175 p 25 cm { Publicaciooes de la Escuela de Estudios Hlspano- 
Amencanos de la Univeraidad de Sevilla, 10 (no general) Ser 1 
Anttario, no 5 (L e. no 3j) 
FM11.B38 980 5 48-12050 rev* 

Lipschiitz, Alexander, 1883- 

XA comunidad mdigena en America y en Chile su pasado 
Mstonco y sus perspecbvas. Ck>n un pr61ogo del Prof. Al- 
fonso Caso Santiago de Chile, Editorial Umverrobark, 

205 p 22 cm. (Colecclto AmMca nnestra) 
E59X3L5 58-S5277 | 


Arnullas, Pedro. 

Prograni of the history of American Indians. 
tioE by Glenda and Theo Crevenna] Washington, Social 
Science Section, Dept* of Cultural Affairs, Pan American 
Union, 1958- 

Soclal science monographs, 2 

E16A72S T0.1 PA 58-70 

Pan American Union. Library 

ArnuHas, Pedro. 

Programadehistonade America. Periodoind%eaa. Co- 
ordmaci6n del I>r. Pedro Axmin. Mexico, 1956 

2r 33cm. 
E16-A7 57-422S 

AnniDas, Pedro. 

Programa de hiatoria de 1 America indJ^em. 
ton, OiicMta de Ciencias Sociales, Departamento dfi Asuntos 
Cnlturales, Union Paaoansericana, 1957- 
U T^em. (tPutt AaHsr^TTMon. Sodal Sdeoce Seetten 

E10.A72 PA5T-M 

Pan, American Union, Library 

Stafford, Harry Errald. 

The early inhabitants of the Americas. Hew YoA Van- 




Pictures, iHastratfims, etc. 


Tacci, Joanna Lacy. 

Stone-age people and A 
of life and customs of 

i Indians; juvenile sketches 

Btetetod by Sim 
NageL flsteij Kew York, Expceition Press ,195^ 

&&, Illca 21 cm. 
PZlO.TSSt 59-4632 I 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

INDIANS (Continued) 


lipschutz, Alexander, 1883- 

La commudad indigena en America, y en Chile; su pasado 
histonco y sus perspectivas. Con ma prologo del Prof. Al- 
fonso Caso Santiago de Chile, Editorial Universitana, 

205 p 22cm. (ColeccWn America nuestra) 
E59.L3L5 58-25277 J 

LAND TITLES see Indians Land 


Aitina Franch, Jos&. 

Floresta Iiterana de la America mdigena; antologia de^Ia 
literature de los pueblos indigenas de AjaeVica, Madrid, 

Aguilar, 1957 

427 p 21 cm (Colecctfn Uterarta, novellstaa, dramaturgos, ensay- 

M88 ' POeta5) A 58-5937 

Wisconsin. TJniv LIbr. 

see also Folk- lore, Indian 

Ftary, LSzaro. 

Leyendas amencanas Ilus de Zulema Ciordia Buenos 
Aires, Ciordia & Rodriguez {1951 3 

151 ix illus 14 cm (Coleccidn Celbo, IS) 
E59F6F55 59-41957 J 

see also Medicine -man 


U.S. Bureau. of Am&rwan Ethnology. 

American Indian medicine. Washington i!95T, 

15 p. 27cm. 
212G9JJ48 58-60847 


Canals Fran, Salvador, 1893- 

Las civilizacioaes prehispanicas de America. Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Sudamerieana C 1955i 

647 n illus , maps, plana. 24cm 
E65C35 56-4667 

Covarrubias, Miguel, 1904-1957. 

The eagle, the jaguar, and the serpent, Indian art of the 
Americas* North America. Alaska, Canada, the United 
States, jlsfced j STew York, Knopf, 1954. 

rvlli, 314, xl p illus., plates (part col ) maps 28 cm. 
ESS A7C63 970 67 52-6415 rev 

Johnson, Harry Benjamin, 1888- 

Heads and tales, lst ed>j New York, Vantage Press 

190 p Hlos 21 cm 


50-501 J 

fettbefloni, Jose; 1885- 

La segunda Esfinge Indiana; antiguos j nuevos aspectos 
del problema de los ongenes americanoa. Buenos Aires, 
UbrerlaHachette l56j 

454 p. SUM. 24cm. 
B6UM 57-4817 t 

Juste Marten, Rara6n. 

sdelhombregaaranl. Bogota, 1957. 

58-38W J 

Who discovered America ? Revealing the pictorial story 

of the wHnorfal imprante of ancient TTM^I% l on. tibe two 

98 p. 


Miller, Fredrik Andreas, 1845-1018. 

Tbft CMOMCEI of the T^^^T*- 1 * and Aroiscica% fixst inhabitants 
discovered. TranalatM from ori^nal Norwegian and edited 
by Olga Moller Lidabl Pasco, Wash., <1956. 

Wiw Mem. 
E6U02S 970.1 57-33286 | 

Moreito-Mora, ManoeL 

El ongen de los mayas. Cyecca Casa de la Cnlrara Ecua- 
tarijum, NMeo del Asttajj 195S, 

E0LMM **" 

Powell, John Harvey, 1914- 

On the origin of the American Indians [Address 
adelphin, Athenseum of Philadelphia, 1946j 

24 p 23 cm 
E61 P69 970 1 

Rivet, Paul, 1870- 

Les ongines de lliomme aniericain. Pans, Galbmard 
t !957, 

182 p ffius 20 on. (LTSspece humalne, 13) 
E61E5 1957 57-58409 J 

Stafford, Harry ErraH. 

The early inhabitants of the Americas. KTew York [Van- 
tage Press, 1959 3 

492 p iUas,maps, 21 on 
E58.S8 9701 58-14031 

writing, Indian 


National Geographic Society, Washington, D 0. 

National Geographic on Indians of the Amencas, a color- 
illustrated record t by] Matthew W Stirling, with contribu- 
tions by Hiram Bingham t and othersj Illustrated with full- 
color reproductions of 149 paintings by W Langdon Kihn 
and H. M Herget Foreword by John Oliver La Gorce 
Washington, C 1955 

431 p illus (part coL) maps. 27cm. 

9701 55-4531 

National Geographic Sodety, WasUngton, D. 0. 

National Geographic on Indians of tihe Americas, a color- 
illustrated record t b yj Matthew W. Stirling. With contri- 
butions by Hmffp Bingham t and others] Illustrated with 
full-color reproductions of 149 paintings by W Langdon 
Kjhn. and H. M. Herget Foreword by John Oliver La 
Gorce. Washington, 1957, *1955. 

40. p. fflm (part col) maps 2T cm. (NatKmal GeogtapMc atoiy 
. library ) 

1957 970.1 57-12180 

REAL PROPERTY see Indians 
Land tenure 

see also Picture-writing, Indian 


see also Indians Government relations 

Bayle, Constantino. 

El protector de mdios. t l. ed.j Sevilla, 1945 

175 p 25 cm (Publicadonea de la Escuela de Eatudios Hispano- 

Americanos de la UnlTeraidad de Sevilla, 10 (no general) Ser 1 

Anwrlo no 5 (L e no 3j) 

F1411.B38 980 5 48-12050 rev* 

Durand, Jose. 

La transformacion social del conqiustador. M&ico, 
Porrfia y Obregon, 1953- 

v 18 cm ( M&cico y lo medcano, 1&-16 
F1411JD8 54-14930 % 

Frandsco de Vztoria^ 1486I-1546 

De Indis recenter inventis et De jure belli EQspanorum in. 
barbaros; relectiones. Vorlesungeii fiber die kOrzhch ent- 
dectea fcider and das Eecht der Spanier mm Knege ^gen 
die Barbaren, 1539. Lateinischer Text nebst deatscher Uber- 
setzung hr^g Ton Walter SchatzeL Einleitxing von Paul 
Hadrossek. Tubingen, Mohr, 1952. 

zxx, 178 p 25 cm. (Die Klaasiker des VfllierreditB la modernen 
deutschen Ubersetzungen, Bd. 2) 

[JX2158JD ] A 55-7542 

T. Mbraiy 

Gibson, Charles, 19-20- 

The Spanish conquest as reality and symbol ( n. p., 1955] 
16i 28cm. 
F14085,G5 56-4224 J 

Hanke, Lewis- 
Aristotle and t&e American Indians j a study in race preju- 
dice in the modern world. Chicago, EL Begnery Co , 1959 

Xtl&lp. lUus,. ports 23cm. 
F1411.H3S 1959a 972.02 59-16143 

Hanke, Lewis. 

Aristotle and the American Indians, a study in race 
prejudice in the modern world. London, Hollis & Carter 

1 x,184p Uftttupottsi 23cm. 

F1411JH3S 1959 972.02 59-184 

Hanke, Lewis. 

El prejuicio racial en el Nuevo Mundo, Aristoteles y los 
mdios de Hispanoamenca Tradueido por Marina Orellana. 
Santiago de Chile, Editorial Unrasrsitaria, 1958 

155 B mus 21 cm (Colecclfin America nnestra) 
F1411H3317 59-1539 t 

Romero, Francisco, & 1658 or 9 

Llanto sagrado de la America meridional j lo pubkca 
nuevamente conf orme a la edicion milanesa de 1693, con ma 
introduccion biografico-critica, Gabriel Giraldo Jaramillo 
Bogota, Editorial ABC, 1955 

138 p Illus , facsim 22 cm 
F1412K7 57 - 22321 


Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo. 

Promociones indigenas en America Quito, Editorial Casa 
de la Cultura Ecuatonana, 1957 


Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo. 

Promociones indigenas en America Quito, Editorial Casa 
de la Cultura Ecuatonana, 1957 

4O4p 21cm 
F2230E8 58-31372 t 


Lynch, John Francis, 1914- 

Concepts of the Indian and colonial society m Spanish 
wuters o* Guatemala, 1520-1620 Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms ^954, 

(tUnlYersiti Microfilms, Ann Arbor. Mich] Publication 7194) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 7194 Mic A 54-971 

Washington Unlv, Seattle Library 


see also Indians of Mexico Government 

Bamirez, Diego, d 1555 

Carta al Emperador de Diego Ramirez haciendo relacidn 
de lo ocurndo en la visita que habia hecho a diez pueblos. 
Mexico, Vargas Eea, 1953 

89 p 21 cm. (Biblloteca de Mstoriadores mericanos) 
F1231 R3 55-19458 

Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo. 

Promociones indfgenas en Ame'rica Quito, Editonal Casa 
de la Cultura Ecuatonana, 1957 

404 p 21cm 
F2230E8 58-81379 J 


Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo. . 

Promociones indigenas en Amtoca Quito, Editonal Cas 
de la Cultura Ecuatonana, 1957. 

5W18T2 t 


Brennan, Edward J 1926- 

Spamsh debates regarding the conquest of America and 
the treatment of the Indians, 1511-51. Chicago c Dept of 
Photoduphcaiaon, University of Chicago Library] 1959 
Microfilm 6144 F Mic 59-7416 t 

CJhicago Univ Hbr 

Casas, Bartolome de las, Bp. of Ghiapa, 1474-1666. 

Breve relaci^n de la destruccion de las Indias Occidentalea, 
presentada a Felipe EC siendo prihcipe de Asturias. Notaa 
del licenciado Ignaxao Eomerovargaa Yturbide. ( Bustra- 
donea de Vicente Koja. M6xicoi Libros Luciernaga t 1957i 

178p plates. 24cm. ^ W I I 

F141LC8174 58-16961 

Casas, Bartolome de las, Bp of Chiapa, 1474-1566. 

Las Casas; Leben und Werk. Leipzig, Koehler & Ame- 

274 p nius 21cm 
F1411 045 59-38674 J 

Casas, Bartofom! de las, Bp of CMapa, 1474-1566. 

Obras escogidas. Texto fijado por Juan P&rez de Tudela 
y Emiho Lopez Oto Estudio critico preluninar y edid6n 
por Juan Perez de Tudela Bueso. Madrid, Ediciones Atlas, 

v 26 cm (Blblioteca de autorea eepafloles desde la forma 
c!6a del lenguaje hasta nueatros dfaa (contlnuaclto) t 95- 

A 57-7801 
Arizona, Unit LIbr 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Casas, Bartolome de las, Bp of GMapa, 1474-1566 

Los tesoros del Peru. Traduceion y anotacion" de Angel 

Losada Madrid, Consejo Superior de Invesidgaciones Cien- 

tificas, Institutes "Gonzalo F de Oviedo" y "Francisco de 

Vitona," 1958 

azviii, 480 p facslms 25 cm. 

F1411C475 59-27265 

Konetzke, Richard, 1897- ed 

Coleccion de documentos para la histona de la fonnacion 
social de Hispanoamerica, 1493-1810 Madrid, Consejo 
Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 1953- 

A 54-6976 rev 


Eochester Unlv Libr 

Perena Vicente, Luciano. 

Mision de Espana en America, 1540-1560 Madnd, Con- 
sejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Institute "Fran- 
cisco de Vitona," 1956 

320 p ports 25 cm. 
F1411P42 57-46798 


see also Indians of North America 
Government relations 

Cory, David Monroe, 1903- 

Withm two worlds. Decorations by C Terry SauL New 
York, Friendship Press [1955;, 

ITTp 20cm 
E93 C8 970 1 55-6838 J 


Clark, Harold Edward, 1923- 

Femmore Cooper's Leatherstocking tales, a problem in 
race. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1955, 

( t Uni veralty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 14,6*8) 
McrofilmAC-1 no 14,648 Mic 55-1663 

Cortazar, Augusta Raul, 1910- 

Indios y gauchos en la hteratura argentina. [Buenos 
Aires, Institute Amigos del Libro Argentino [1956] 

289 p. 21cm 
PQ7623.I5C6 5T-36109 t 

INDIANS OF BOLIVIA see Indians of South 
Am erica Bolivia 

INDIANS OF BRAZIL see Indians of South 
Am erica Brazil 

INDIANS OF CANADA see Indians of North 
Am *nca - C anada 


see also Cakchike I Indians; Choco 
Indians; Cuna Indians) Guarani Indians; 
Guaymi Indians; Lacandon Indians; Mayas; 
Otomi Indians; Quiches 

Canto Lopez, Antonio. 

Apuntaciones sobre prehistoria e histona de Mesoamerica, 
Led Menda,1958. 

185p 23 cm, 
F1219C29 59-29061 J 

Karf eld, Kurt Peter. 

Versunkene Kulturen lebendige Yolker, Inka, Maya und 
Azteken, ein Farbbildwerk. [Text ron Walter Krickeberg 
Innsbruck] Apollo- Verkg [195-1] 

* . 81cm. 56-1423 t 

Oviedo y Valdes, Gonzalo Fernandisz de, 1478-1557 

Natural history of the West Indies. Translated and edited 
by Sterling A, Stoudemne, Chapel HU1, University of 

PC13.N67 no. 32 
__ Copy 2. 


ieclus, Armand, 184^1921^ 

Exploraciones a los Istmoe de Panama y Danen en 1876, 

wwteta'XoterfaSo.l) K Q_JIKAK 

FlltB298 158 58-46805 


see also 

Indians of Central America 

Batres Jiuregui, Antonio, 1847- 

La America Central ante la histona, por Antonio Batres 
Jauregui Guatemala, C A_, Impr de Marroquin her- 
manos, "Casa colorada," 1915-49 

3v 24cm. (v 3 l&aa,) 
F1436B34 9728 36-35287 rev 2 


Smith, Augustus Ledyard, 1901- 

Archaeological recoanaissance in central Guatemala. 
Washinrrton, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1955 

vii, 87 p illus, maps, plans 28 cm. (Carnegie Institution of 
Washington Publication t>08) 

F1465S67 *97281 9137281 56-56? 
Copj 3 AS82 A5 no 608 


see also Indians of Central America 

CoTarmbias, Miguel, 1904-1957 

Indian art of Mexico and Central America Color plates 
and line drawings by the author. t lst ed.] New York, 
Knopf, 1957 

360, xvli p illus , plates (part col > maps 28 em. 
F1219.3 A7C58 970 65717 57-59203 

San Jose, Costa Rica. Museo National de Costa Rica. 

El jade preeolombino en Costa Rica, por Carlos Balser 
San Jose, Impr Nacional, 1953 

25 p Lllos. 24cm. KO _t>KA& 1 

F15453A7S3 58-42543 1 


Parra, Manuel German, 1914- 

Bibliografia mdigemsta de Mexico y Centroamerica 
(1850-1950) por Manuel German Parra y Wigberto Jimenez 
Moreno Mexico, Institute Nacional Indigenista, 1954. 

d, 342 p 28 cm. (Memorlas del Instituto Nacional Indigenista, 
Z1209JP3 55-22536 re? 


Canals Frau, Salvador, 1893- 

Las cinhzaciones prehispanicas de America. Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Sudamencana t 1955! 

647 p Illus , maps, plans. 24cm 
E65 C35 

Seminario de Integration Social Gnatemalteou 

Coltara uidigena de Guatemala; ensayos de antropologia 
social t por Richard K. Adams et aL Veorsion castellana de 
Ana Maria Schlesinger de Rodriguez y de Julio Vielman, 
^Guatemala] Editorial del Ministerio de Educacion Publics, 

302 p 20cm, (IrtPnblteaddnno 1) 
F1465.S49 57-32576 

^ETHNOLOGY see Indians of Central 


Stone, Doris (Zemurray) 1909- 

The abonginal metalwork in tne Isthmian Region, of 
Amenca, by Doris Stone and Carlos Balser, San Jose, Costa 
Rica, Museo Nacional, 1958, 

83 p illus. 27cm. 
F14312 G6S8 571.7 59-19681 J 

ILLUSTRATIONS see Indians of 
Central America PictureSj illus- 
trations, etc. 


see also Gaayroi language; Kekcni 
language; Maya language; Mosquito 

Tulane University of Louisiana. Middle America* ResearcK 

Philological and documentary studies, v. 1- 
New Orleans, 1948- 

r Ulna 2Tem, (/^Publication) 


Arriola, Jorge Luis. 

Pequeno diccionano etimologico de Toces guatemaltecas. 
2 ed., enriquecida con numerosas geonmuas. Guatemala, 
Mimsteno de Educacion Piibhca 1954] 

199 p 18 cm ( Biblioteca de cultura popular, T. 50 ) 
PMS361A7 1954 54-43011 


Rios, Edoardo Enrique. 

Life of Fray Antonio Margil, o. F M. Translated and 
rev, by Benedict Leutenegger Washington, Academy of 
American Franciscan History, 1959 

150 p illus 27cm. 
BX4705 M3252E53 922.272 59-2882 t 


Fouchet, Max PoL 

Terres indiennes. Lausanne, Guilde da. lavre 1955i 

9Sp illus 29cm. 

Hoppenot, Helene. 

Guatemala. t Textes de KeJsey et Osborne et de Joaquin 
Munoz] Lausanne, Guilde du livre jlSSI^ 

xlx,80p (chleflfUlua) 28cm. 
F1465JS62 56-21% J 


Willey, Gordon Randolph, 1913- 

The Monagnllo culture of Panama, by Gordon E WiUey 
and Charles E McGimsey. With an appendix on archaeo- 
logical marine shells, by Kobert E. Greengo Cambridge, 
The Museum, 1954 

aclil, 158 p illus^ maps, plates. 2T cm. (Papers of tlie Peabody 
Museum of Ardueology and Ethnology, Earrard UalTerslty, T. 48, 

no 2) 

[E51.H337 vol 49, 

Harvard Unlv Library 

no. 2] 

A 55-8627 


Holmer, Nils Magnus, 1904- 

Nia-Ikala, canto magico para curar la locura. Texto en 
lengua Cuna, anotado por el indio Ouillexmo Hayans, con 
traducaoii espatola y comentarios por Nils M. Hohaaar y 
S. Henry Wassen. Goteborg,1958. 

137p inns. 24cm. (Etnologlata stndier, 23) 
[GNS.O6 voL23] SS9-S 

Smithsonian Instttntlon- Library 

Starr, Elizabeth W 

Ce^remonial structures in the present day Maya area. Chi- 
cago, 1949. 

(Microfilm collection of manuscripts <m Middle American cultnnd 
anthropology, no. 3X Theses on Middle America from tte Unlvenslty 
of Chicago, I tern G) 

Microfihn I486 no 31 F Me 50-7666 


Torres cte laneDo, Reiaa. 

La mujer cuna de Pannnia. Prologo de Manuel Ganiio. 
Mexico,, Institute ladigenista Interamencaiio, 1957. 

54 p. iitus. 24 cm. (Edlclones especlales del Instftnto Indlgeniata 
F1565^.C8T6 5&-49702 t 


Kohkemper Meza, Mainrad. 

Histona die laa travesiaa de la. cordillera de Talamanca, 
jSan Jose de Costa Rica, Museo Nacional, 1955j 

Tp. mm StoB.^^ -, 

F1549.T13K6 56-S670S t 

eee also Lacandon. Indians 

Adams, Hichard N 

Political drnnges In Guatemalan Indian 
tMiMwas* Wl HOT^ 


Arizona. Unlv Llbr. 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

GUATEMALA (Continued) 

EwaM, Robert Harold, 1922- 

San Antonio Sacatepequez culture change in. a Guate- 
malan commumtj Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1955] 

({University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no U^T4) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 11,274 Mic A 55-609 

Michigan "Cniv Libr 

Fuentes y Guzman, Francisco Antonio de 164S (co.)~1699 of 


Becordacion fionda, discurso histonal, demostracion ma- 
terial, nulitar y politica del reyno da Goathemala libros 
prunero, segundo y tercero de la priinera parte de la obra 
Guatemala, Mimsteno de Educacion Publica t pref 1951j 

127 p lllus. 18 cm (Biblloteca de cultura popular, v 0) 
F1466F954 55-15742 J 

Hoppenot, Helene. 

Guatemala c Textes de Kelsey et Osborne et de Joaquin 
Munozj Lausanne, Guilds dn livr* [1955] 

its; 80 p (chiefly lllus.) 28cm. 
F1465.H62 56-2196 \ 

Miles, Suzanne W 

The sixteenth-century Pokom-Maya: a documentary 
analysis of social structure and archaeological setting 
Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 1957. 

733-781 p maps, tables 30 cm. (Transactions of the American 
Philosophical Society, new ser , v 47, pt 4) 
Q1LP6 n s,vol 47,pt4 57-12782 

Seminario de Integration Social Guatemalteca. 

Gultura mdigena de Guatemala; ensayos de antropologia 
social tpor Richard N. Adams et aL Version castellans de 
Ana Maria Sehlesonger de Rodriguez y de Julio Vielmanj 
c Guatemalaj Editonal del Mimsteno de Educacion Publica, 

302 p 20 cm. ( ft* Publlcaclon no \\ 

F1465J349* 57-32576 

Library of Congress $1 

Starr, Elizabeth W 

Ceremonial structures in the present day Maya area. Chi- 
cago, 1949 

(Microfilm collection of manuscripts on. Middle American cultural 
anthropology, ao 31. Theses on Middle America from the University 
of Chicago, item G) 

Microfilm 1486 no 31 F 

Mic 59-7665 

Tenner, Franz, 1894- 

EtaologSa y etnografia de Guatemala. t Versi6n castellana 
de Ernesto Schaeffer y Alicia Mendoza H] Guatemala, 
Editorial del Mimsfeeno de Education, Publica, 1957. 

290 p Ulna. 20 cm, (Seminarlo de Integradon Social Guate- 

F1465T57 ^ 58-39368 J 

TaBadares, Leon A 

El hombre y el maiz j etnografia, y etnopslcologia de Colo- 
tenango Guatemala. 1957. 

299 p. Ulna. 21 cm. 

Wagfey, Charles, 1913- 

Santiago Chima] tenango; estudio antropol6gico-social^de 
una comumdad indfgena de Huehuetenango. f Version 
castellaim de Joaquin NoTalj Guatemala, Saminano de In- 
tegracion Social Guatemalteca, 1957. 

839 p 20 cm. (Seminarlo de Integradon Social GoatemaUeca. 
PnblicacJdn no, 4) 
R468JLS3m 1957 57-^9054 t 

Wolf, Eric Robert, 1923- 

Sons of the shaking earth. t GbicagOj University of Chi- 

p. tans. 21cm. 


59-12290 t 

Ymen, Fabian S 

Antropologia., cultura autoctona de Guatemala, y civillza- 
cioa maya Guatemala, 1955. 
T- IHwt. 21cm 

57-35782 J 

Zavala, Silvio Arturo, 1909- 

Contariljucion. a Is historia de las msttucione8 colonialfis fin 
GaattmaJa. Con uiiprologopor Ernesto Chinchilla Aguilar. 
Guatemala, Hxnisterio de Educacion Publica tprologo 105% 
111 p. mm. IS cm. (Biblloteca de cnltara popular, v 42> 

1953 55-1542 J 


Ewald, Robert Harold, 1922- 

Bibhografia comentada sobre antropologia social guate- 
molteca, 1900-1S55. t Vers:6n castellana de Carlos Delgadoj 
Guatemala, Seminano de Integraaon Social Guatemalteca, 

132 p, 18cm. 


Guatemala. Laws, statutes, etc 

Legislacion indigemsta de Guatemala Recopilacion de 
Jorge Skmner-Klee Mexico, Instatuto Indigenista Inter- 
amencano, 1954 

135 p. 24 cm (Edidones espedales del Instttuto Indigenista la- 



Chapman, Anne MacKaye, 1922- 

An historical analysis of the tropical forest tribes on the 
southern border of Mesoamenca Ann Arbor, Mich , Uni- 
versity Microfilms 1958] 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-2528 Mic 58-2528 

Columbia fmv Libraries 

Stone, Doris (Zemunay) 1909- 

The archaeology of central and southern Honduras Cam- 
bridge, Mass , Peabody Museum, 1957. 

xii, 135 p Illus , plates (part col ) maps (2 fold.) 27 cm (Papers 
of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard Unl- 
Tersity, T 49, no 3) 
E5LH337 voL49,no 3 A 58-1109 

*9728301 91S7283 
Harvard ttalr library 


Chapman, Anne MacKaye, 1922- 

An histoncal analysis of the tropical forest tnbes on the 
southern border of Mesoamenca Ann Arbor } Mich., Uni- 
versity Microfilms t 1958j 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-2528 Mic 58-2528 

Columbia Unlv Libraries 


Torres de laneflo, Reina. 

La mujer cuna de Psuiama Prologo de Manuel Gamio 
Mexico, institute Indigenista Interameneano, 1957 

54 p lllus 24cm (Edlciones espeelales del Institnto Indigenista 
F15652C8T6 58-19702 J 

Willey, Gordon Randolph, 1913- 

The Monagrillo culture of Panama, by Gordon R Willey 
and Charles B McGimsey With an appendix on archaeo- 
logical marine shells, by Robert E Greengo Cambridge, 
The Museum, 1954 

xiil, 158 p illus , maps, plates 27 on (Papers of the Peabody 
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, T 49, 
no 2) 

[E51H337 vol 49, no 2] A 55-8627 

Harvard Unlv Library 

INDIANS OF COLOMBIA see Indians of South 
America Colombia 


see also Aztecs; Basket- Maker Indians; 
Chiapanec Indians; Kickapoo Indians; 
Lacandon Indians; Mayas; Mixtec In- 
dians; Nahuas; Otomi Indians; Papago 
Indians; Tarahuraare Indians; Tarasco 
Indians; Toltecs, Yaqui Indians; Zapotec 

Barrios Berumen, Ernesto. 

La conquista esppanola , Hernan Cortes y sa obra. Prologo 
de Jose Tasconcelos. Mexico, Editonal Oonstancia C 1954j 

240 p. 21cm 
F1230JB25 1954 57-25526 t 

Canto Ldpez, Antonio. 

Apuntaciones sobre prehistoria e historia de Mesoamerica. 
1 ed. Merida,1958 

185 p 23 cm. 
F1219.C29 59-29061 t 

Caavijero, Francisco Javier, 1731-178T. 

. Histona antigua de Mexico 1 ed. del original escrito 
en castellano por el autor Mexico, Editonal Porrua, s a^ 

4 T plates (1 fold.) port, 2 Md. maps, 2 facaim. (1 fold.) 20 cm 
(Ooleceion dteecrft<w8 mericaaos, T-10) 

F1219C8285 972.01 A 45-4779 rev 

New York. Public Libr 

Cordan, Wolfgang, 1909- 

Mexiko; Versuch uber das TJnzerstorbare. rDiisseldorfj 
E.Diederidbs t 1955] 

102, A p. Jllm,84ptati!8na9. 24cm. 
F1219.C786 57-3570& 

Institute National Indigenista, Mexico 

Metodos y resultados de la politica indigemsta en Mexico, 
por Alfonso Caso t et al , Mexico, Instatuto Nacioiul Indige- 
rusta, 1954 

303 p 28cm (JteMemorfas, vol.6) 
F1219 1 5 56-43813 

Karfeld, Kurt Peter. 

Versunkene Kulturen lebendige Volkei, Inka, Maya und 
Azteken, em Farbbildwerk c Test ion Walter Krickeberg 
Innsbruck, Apollo- Verlag : IQ5~ 9 } 

79 p illus 31 cm 
E65 K35 56-142S t 

Primera j segunda zelaciones anonimas de la jornada que 
hizo Nufio de Guzman a la Nueva Gahcia, publicadas con 
una noticu poi Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta Mexico, Chi- 

malistac, 1952 

40 p 2J cm (Documentos para servlr a la historia de Mexico 
1 ser Soldados cronistas, 1) 
F1203D63 no 1 55-43453 

Roman, Sebastian. 

Kelacion de Maquih y otros pueblos Mexico, Vargas Eea, 


44 p 21 cm (Blblioteca de historiadores mesicanos) 
F1219R65 55-28170 

Seminano Mexicano de Sociologia. 

Hechos y problemas del Mexico rural, mesa redonda, 
sobre sociologia rural mexicana, ponencias, trabajos, y discu- 
siones Avec un bref resume en frangais Mexico, 1952 

153 p maps 23 cm 
HD325 Si 56-17461 

Ulnch, Per. 

Blandt Mexicos indianere Tekst og tegmngei af Per 
Ulrich K0benhavn, Forlaget Tiden, 1956 

242 p illus 22 cm 
F1220U4 57-278721 

Wolf, Eric Robert, 1923- 

Sons of the shaking earUi (Chicago University of Chi- 
cago Press [1959-1 

302 p illus 21 cm 
F1210W6 9172 59-12290 t 


Held, Henry, 1902- 

Los uidios de Tepoztlan (Mexico) Coral Gables, Univer- 
sity of Miami Press, 1954. 

87 p 25 cm 
F1219 3 A5F5 55-17620 


see also Art, Aztec; Indians of Mexico 

Barba de Pina Chan, Beatrix. 

Tlapacoya, un sitio preclasico de transicion Mexico, 
Escuela Xacional de Antropologia e Historia, Sociedad de 
Alumnos, 1956 

204 p illus 23 cm (Acta anthropologies, epoca 2, v 1, no 1) 
F1219 1 T58B3 58-32733 J 

Bernal, Ignacio. 

Exploraciones en Cuilapan de Guerrero, 1902-1954 ME- 
XICO, Institute Nacional de Antropologia e Histona, 1958 

92 p lIlTis 24 cm. (Dlrecddn de Monumentos Pre-hlsp&nicos 
Infonnes, 7) 
F1219.1C78B4 58-46449 t 

Drucker, Philip, 1911- 

Excavations at La Venta, Tabasco, 1955, by Philip 
Drucfcer, Eobert F Heizer and Robert J Squier With. 
Appendixes by Jonas E Gullberg, Garniss H Curtis and 
A. Starker Leopold Washington, U. S. Govt Pnnt Off^ 

vill t 332p Illos., maps (part fold.) plates 24cm. ([US] Bu- 
reau of American Ethnology Bulletin 170) 
E51.U6 no 170 913726 59-60853 

Lister, Robert Hill, 1915- 

Archaeological excavations m the northern Sierra Madre 
Occidental, Chihuahua, and Sonora, Mexico, with reports hy 
Paul C Mangelsdorf and Kate Peck Kent. Boulder, Uni- 
versity of Colorado Press, 1958 

vti, 321 p illus., maps, tables 26 cm. (University of Colorado 
studies. Series in anthropology, no 7) 
F1219X68 *9721 91372 58-63188 

MacNeish, Richard S 

Preliminary archaeological investigations in the Sierra de 
Tamaulipas, Mexico Philadelphia, American Philosophical 
Society, 1958. 

210 p. illus, maps, 30cm. (Transactions of the American Phil- 
osophical Society r new ser , v 48,pt.6) 
Q11.P6 n.s.,vo!48,pt f 6 970.4721 58-14489 

CJopyS F12191.T215M2 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


ANTIQUITIES (Continued) 

MedeMn Zeml, Alfonso. 

Exploraciones en QuauhtochcQ Jalapa, 1952- 

v illns , map, plans, profiles 23 cm. 
F1219 1 V47M4 


Pifia Chan, Roman. 

Las culturas preclasicas de la cuenca de Mexico t l ed 
Mexico] Fondo de Cultura Economica r 1955, 

115 p iiius 24cm. J 

F1219P66 56-374181 

Porter, Munel Noc. 

Excavations at Chupicuaro, Guanajuato, Mexico Phila- 
delphia, American Philosophical Society, 1956 

515-637 p lllus , maps, plans, tables 30 cm. (Transactions of 
the American Philosophical Society, new ser, v 46, pt 5) 
Qll P6 n s , vol 46, pt 5 *972 4 913 72 56-12509 
Copy 3 F1219 1 C54P6 

Sahagun, Bernardino de, d 1590 

Histona general de las cosas de Nueva Espana, escrita por 
Bernardino de Sahagun y fundada en la documentacion en 
lengua mexicana reeogida por los nusmos naturales. La dis- 
puso para la prensa en esta nueva edicion, con numeration, 
anotaciones y apendices Angel Maria Ganbay K. Mexico, 

Porrua, 1956 

4 Y Ulos (part col ) port, maps, lacslms 25 cm (BIblloteca 
Porrua, 8-11) 

F1219S1316 1956 



Amabilis Dominguez, Manuel. 

La arqmtectura precolombina en Mexico, para el concurso 
abierto por la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fer- 
nando de Madrid Mexico [Editorial Orion] 1956. 

250 p illus (part col.) fold. coL maps, diagra (part coL) plans 
(part col) 24cm. 
F1219 3 A6A58 56-40927 

Ferdon, Edwin N 1913- 

A trial survey of Mexican-Southwestern architectural 
parallels Santa Fe, N. M., School of American Research, 
Museum of New Mexico, 1955. 

35, tl] p plans 28 cm (Monographs of the School of American 
Research, no 21) 
E59A67F4 97065718 55-12862 

see also Throwing-sticks 

see also Art, Aztec 

Covarmbias, Miguel, 1904-1957. 

Indian art of Mexico and Central America Color plate? 
and line drawings by the author t lst ed. 3 New York, 
Knopf, 1957. 

360, xvll p Illus., plates (part coL) maps. 28 cm. 
F1219 3 A7C58 970 65717 57-59203 

Covarrabias, Miguel, 1904-1957. 

Mezcala, ancient Mexican sculpture With notes by Wil- 
liam Spratlmg and a pref by Andre Emmerich. New York, 
Andre" Emmerich Gaiety t 1956] 

36 p illus , map 23 cm. 
F12193.A7C6 *97201 913.72 57-1714 

Freund, Gisele. 

Mexique precolombien. Texte de Paul Rivet; photogra- 
phies de Gisele Freund. Neuchatel, Editions Ides et calendes 
t 1954 3 

t I8, p., 80 plates 28 cm (Collection des Ides photographlqoes, 8) 
F12193A7F7 55-22556 

Groth-Kimbafl, Irmgard. 

L'art ancien du Meiique. Photographies de Irmgard 

E mdil,14p. 84platai(4coL)mapi Man. (CoBecttou Atlanta) 
[F1219AA7G ] *972.01 918.72 A 55-1129 

Harvard UniT Library 

Linn\ Sigrald, 1899- 

Mexikanaka konstakatter; konst och konsnantverk under 
tvA firtusenden. Sto<^olia, Nordisk rotogravyr ^956, 
131 p. Illns. (part mounted, col, ) 27cm. 


Liiuie\ Sigrald, 1899- 

Treasnres of Mexican art; two thousand years of art and 
art handicraft. [Translated by Albert Bead, Stockholm, 
Nordiak Eotognwyr [I960, 

181 p. mm (partcoL) 26 cm^- 
F1219SA7L51S 70072 66-67847 


Parra, Manuel German, 1914- 

Biblio^rafia indigemsta de Mexico y Gentroamenca 
(1850-1060) por Manuel German Parra y Wigberto Jimenez 
Moreno Mexico, Institute Nacional Indigenista, 1954 

d, 342 p 28 em (Memorias del Institute Nacional Indigeaista, 
vol. 4} 
Z1209 P3 55-22536 rev 


Garcia Granados, Rafael 

Diccionano bio^rafico de histona antigua de Mejico Me- 
jico, Institute de Histona, 1952-53 t i. e 1955] 

3 T 24 cm (Publlcaciones del Instltnto de Historla, 1 ser, 
no 23) 
F1219G27 54-44560 rev 


Aguirre Beltran, Gonzalo. 

El proceso de aculturacion t l ed. Mexicoj Umversidad 
Nacional Autonoma de Menco, Bireccion General de Publi- 
caciones rl957j 

268 p 22cm. (ProWemascientfflcosyfiloa6fico8,3) 
F1210A63 58-21712 

Canals Frau, Salvador, 1893- 

Las civilizaciones prehispanicas de America Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Sudamencana C 1955j 

647 p Illus , maps, plans. 24 cm 
E65C35 56-4667 

Dahlgren de Jordan, Barbro. 

La mixteca, su cultura e histona prehispanicas Mexico, 
Impr Universitana, 1954 

399 p illus 20cm. (Coleccifin cultura mexicaiia, 11) 
F1221 M7D3 55-22557 $ 

Garrard, James Lathrop, 1909- 

A survey of the education of the Indians of Mexico as a 
factor in their incorporation into modern Mexican society. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1956 3 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 18,496) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 18,496 Mic 56-3339 

"Washington Univ, Seattle. Library 

Noguera, Manuel G 

Mitologia, cultura y medicina en el Mexico precortesiano. 
Mexico, 1954. 

100 p Illus 20 cm. 
F1219.N78 56-44766 | 

Orozco y Berra, Manuel, 1816-1881. 

Historia antigna y de las culturas aborigenes de Mexico 
t 2 ed. mejorada con ilus. y ampliaciones, tomada de la pn- 
mera, Mexico, 1880] Mexico, Ediciones Fuente Cultural 

2 v fflus., maps. 28 cm. (BIblloteca de hlstorla de M&dco) 
F1219.075 1954 56-16642 

Peterson, Fredenck A 

Ancient Mexico, an introduction to the pre-HIspanic cul- 
tures Maps and drawings by Jose Luis Franco New York, 
Putnam r 195D 3 

318 p Illns 25 cm 
F1219 F42 



Synoptic studies of Mexican culture, by Munro S. Edmonson 
t and othersj New Orleans, Middle American Research In- 
stitute, Tulane University, 1957. 

240 p illus. 27 cm, (Tulane Univeralty. Middle American 
Eesearch Institute. Publication 17) 
F1421T95 no. 17 9701 57-3891 


Garrard, James lAthrop, 1909- 

A survey of the education of the Indians of Mexico as a 
factor in their incorporation into modern Mexican society. 
Ann Arbor, University Mcrofihns ( 1956i 

((University Microfilms, Aim Arbor, Mich.j Publication no. 18,496) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 18,496 Mic56-W9 

Washington. Univ., Seattle. Library 

Lima Cardenas, Juan. 

La educacion aztekatL M&dco, Vargas Rea, 1953. 
m p. illus. 21cm. (Biblioteca de Usrla<lotea meodcanos) 
F1219X96 5T-4S0U $ 

ETHNOLOGY see Indians of Mexico 

see also Indians, Treatment of Mexico 

Barba Gonzalez; Silvasso. 

Manuel Lozada. M&oco, 1956 

268 p lllus 23 cm (His La lucfca por la tiecra, 1} 


Anales antiguos de Mexico y sus contornos, Anales meaa- 
Mexico, Vargas Bea, 19 

no in v 22 cm. (BIblloteca AportadLda histtfrica) 
F1219 A56 56-28810 

Borah, Woodrow Wilson, 1912- 

Price trends of some basic commodities in central Mexico, 
1531-1570, by "VVoodrow Borah and Sherburne F Cook 
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1958 

[8], 89 p diagrs., tables 24 cm (Ibero-Americana 40) 
F1401I22 no 40 3S85 

Copy 2 

California. Univ Libr 


Relation anomma descnbiendo la dmson que tenian los 
mdios en tiempo de Motezuma y el orden que tenian en la 
sucesion de las mismas Mexico, Vargas Bea, 1953 

33 p 22 cm. (Biblioteca de hlstoriadores mericanos} 
F1219 E36 55-28181 

see also Metates 


see also Indians of Mexico Paper making 
and trade 


Bsrba Gonzalez, SilTano. 

Manuel Lozada, Mexico, 1956. 

268 p illus 23cm. (J5Ti La locba por la tierra, 1) 

58-19123 J 


see also Aztec language; Chioantec 

language; Chontal language; Euichol 

language; Maya language; Mazahua 

language; Mazateco language; Mixtec 

language; Papago language; Tarahirrnare 

language; Tarascan language; Yaqui 


Ugarte, Salvador, 1880- 

Catalogo de obras escntas en lengoas mdigeaas <2e M&MO 
o que tratan de ellas de k biblioteca particular de Salvador 
Ugarte. [Prdlogo de Darnel Eon Brooa, 2. ed. 
1954 t i. e. 1955 T 


Mexico. Lams, statutes^ etc. 

Legialaoon. mdigemsta' de M&dco Introd de Manuel 
Gamio Eecopilacife de Francisco Gonzalez d& Oosslo r cffc 

al I. ed.j Mexico, Insfcituto Indigemsta Interamericai^ 


198 p. 24 cm (Instltuto Indigeaista Interamerlcaiio 



89p. M. 


S^jonal, Lauwtte. _ 

SupferviTencias d0 un mundo- migico, wiagtswi o caasxa 
pueblos maaoMmoa. Dfibaqos 4e IQQO CarraDgtoa, t&*- 

116 p. U3s. 20cm. 
F1219 2kMS4S47 J55-S8171 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 


Noguera, Manuel G 

Mitologia, cultura y medicma en el Mexico precortesiano. 
Mexico, 1954 

109p illus 20cm. 

56-44766 J 


Aschmann, Homer, 1920- 

The central desert of Baja Calif ornia: demography and 
ecology Berkeley, University of California Press, 1959 

x, 815 p illos.. maps (1 fold.) diagrs., tables 24 cm (Ibero- 
Americana, 42) 
F1401J22 no 42 970422 A 59-9851 

Copy 2. P12191B3A7 

California. Dniv Ubr 

Bannon, John Francis, 1905- 

The mission frontier in Sonora, 1620-1687, Edited by 
James A. Reynolds New York, United States Catholic 
Historical Society, 1955. 

160 p map 24 on. (United States Catholic Historical Society 
Monograph, series, 26) 

F1346.B34 9721 55-13754 
Copy 2. E184.C3D6 voL28 

Davik Padilla, Agnstra, Abp of Santo Domtngo, 1562-1604. 

Histona de la fundacion y dtscurso de laProvmcia de San- 
tiago de Mexico, de la Orden de Predicadores. 3 ed Pro- 
logo deAgustinMillares Carlo. Mexico, Editorial Academia 
Literaria, 1955 

rrvil p^ facalm. (854 p.) 2T p plate, port, facstms. 24 cm. (Oo- 
Ieccl6n de grAndes crdnlca* mexlcanas, 1) 
F1231D25 1955 55-12822 

Dunne, Peter Hasten, 1889-1957 

Juan Antonio Balthasar, padre nsitador to the Sonora 
frontier, 1744-1745 , two original reports. ^Tucso^ Arizona 
Pioneers* Historical Society, 1957. 

ill, 122 p f old. maps (1 la pocket) 25cm. 

F1231J08 97202 A 58-3468 

Denver Public library 

Phelan, John Leddy, 1924- 

The millennial kingdom of the Franciscans ni the New 
"World ; a study of the writings of Grerooimo de Mendieta 
( 1524-1604) Berkeley, University of California Press, 1956. 

IS* p. 24 cm. (University of California publications in history, 

E173.C15 vol 52 972.02 A 56-9596 

California. TMv. libr. 

Franco, Felipe, 

Indonimia geogrifiea, del Estado de Puebla. c Hus. de 
Xochitbfcon. 2. ed 3 Mexico E Asociaci6n Fraternal de 
Ex-alumnos NotmalistasPoblanoS] 1955 t i. e. 1956t 

400 p. illns., ports, 24cm. 
F1826J72 1956 

Gavira, GabiM, 1867- 

Nbmbres indigeanas de todas las cindades y municipios de 
la Kepublica Mexicans con la traduccion de su significado 
encastellano, Mexico, 1953. 

100 p. 24cm. 
F1204.G34 55-3871 J 


Vindel, Francisco, 1894- 

En papel de fabrication azteca foe impreso el pnmer 
libro en America; apuntes qua compraebau la falta de vera- 
cidad a un dictamea de la Academia Mencana de la His- 
toric. Madrid, 1956 

42 p. mua., facsims. 33cm. 
F1219JJPSV5 57-21469 


YANj cienclas antropoTogicas. 1- 1953- 

T Ulas., toML, maps. 32 C*B. 



Leon Portffla, Miguel 

Lafilosofianahuatl, estudiadaensusfuentes. Prologode 
Angel M Garibay K Mexico, Ediciones Especiales del 
Institute. Indagenista. Interamericano, 10$. 

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California tlniv Llbr 

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Exploraciones en la Isla de Sacnficios, informe Jalapa, 

100 p Illns (part coL) map 24cm. 
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I>okeUnlT Library 


see also Mayas Religion and mythology; 
Nahuas Religion and mythology 

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Mexico] Fondo de Cultura Econonuca [195& 

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F1219 3 R38C3 

l ed 


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lOSp illus 20cm. 
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Me 59-7665 

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Chichen Itza and its Genote of Sacrifice; a comparative 
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Jx T ^ (S p ' ) mn8 ^ "^^ I * Uuis ' tables " M ^^ ( M nolr of the 
Peabody Mttseom of Ardise&logy and Ethnology, Harvard Unlvcr- 

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Zwei Jahre im mexikanischen Urwald; Erlebnisse einer 
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IflOp, mm. lttT^ 


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Copy 2 F1219 1 B3AT 

California. Univ Libr 


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94 p 20 cm (Blblioteca enclclopWica popular, 47) 
F1229C27 54-44561 J 

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Eebeliones indigenas en la Nueva Espana Con una nota 
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Contreras R Guatemala, Mmisteno de Educacion Pubhca 

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F1401.I22 no 42 970422 A 59-9851 

Opy 2 F1219 1 B3A7 

California Unir Libr 

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Kino reports to headquarters; correspondence from New 
Spain with Rome, Original Spanish text of fourteen unpub- 
lished letters and reports with English translation and notes 
by Ernest J. Burros Rome, Institutum Histoncwn Socie- 
tans Jesu, 1954, 

135 p 20cm 

. Supplement Facsimiles of documents and 

Kino'a 11683 map of Lower California. Rome, 1964. 

IT (12 facslms., 2 fold. maps) 25cm. 

F1246 * K5 972.02 55-12722 


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La comarca lagunera a fines del siglo xvi y principios del 
xvn segun las fuentes escntas Mexico, Umversidad Nacio- 
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124 p illus, maps 24 cm (PabUcaciones del Institute de 
HIstoria,! 30) 
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36 p plates, maps. 23 cm (Florida. University, Gainesville 
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Florida. Univ Library 

Relaa6n de las ceremomas y ntos y poblacion y gobierno 
de los indios de la Provincia de Michoacan (1541) Repro- 
ducaon f acsimil de ms. Q. iv 5 de El Escorial, con transcnp- 
cion, prologo, introd y notas por Jose Tudela, revision de 
las voces tarascas por Jos6 Corona Nunez. Estudio preluni- 
nar "La relacion de Michoacan como fuente para la histona 
de la sociedad y cultura tarascas," por Paul Eorchhoff Ma- 

a33dli,2dep illus. (part col ) 5Sem 

F1219M55R4 1956 



j Moisea 

Nneva Gahcia, M exico. Real Au&iencia 

Eeparhmiento de indios en Nueva Gahcia 

Gonzalez Navarro Mexico, 1953. 
287 p. 23cm. (Museo Nadonal de Htetoria. Serf* dentfflca, 1) 

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La propiedad comunal entre los zajoteca en 1 Istmo de 
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115 p. illos. 23cm. 




Los indios de Tepoztlan (M&rieo) Coral Gables, Univer- 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Cline, Howard Francis. 

Related studies m early 19th century Yucatan social his- 
tory [Chicago, University of Chicago Library, 1950 , 

(Microfilm collection of manuscripts on Middle American cultural 
anthropology, no 32) 
Microfilm 1486 no 32 F Mic 59-7750 


see also Aleuts; Algonquian Indians; 
Apache Indians; Arapaho Indians; Ankara 
Indians, Athapascan Indians; Atsina Indi- 
ans; Bannock Indians; Basket- Maker 
Indians, Brotherton Indians; Cherokee 
Indians; Cheyenne Indians, Chippewa 
Indians; Choctaw Indians; Chumashan 
Indians; Clackamas Indians; Cliff- 
dwellers; Cliff -dwellings; Comanche 
Indians; Cowichan Indians; Creek Indians; 
Crow Indians; Dakota Indians; Delaware 
Indians; Eskimos; Ethnology North 
America; Fox Indians; Haida Indians; 
Havasupai Indians; Hopi Indians; Hualapai 
Indians; Huron Indians; Ingalik Indians; 
Iroquois Indians; Kainah Indians; Kalapuyan 
Indians; Karankawa Indians; Karok Indians 
Kaska Indians; Kickapoo Indians; Klamath 
Indians; Kutenai Indians; Kwakiutl Indians; 
Lummi Indians; Mahican Indians; Malecite 
Indians; Mandan Indians; Menominee 
Indians; Micmac Indians; "Miwok Indians; 
Modoc Indians; Mogollon Indians; Mohave 
Indians; Mohawk Indians; Montagnais 
Indians; Mound-builders; Navaho Indians; 
Nespelun Indians; Nez Perce" Indians; 
Nootka Indians; Occoneechee Indians; 
Oglala Indians, Omaha Indians; Oneida 
Indians; Osage Indians; Ottawa Indians; 
Paiute Indians; Papago Indians; Pawnee 
Indians; Piegan Indians; Pima Indians; 
Pomo Indians; Ponca Indians; Pueblo 
Indians; Quinaielt Indians; Salishan 
Indians; Sanpoil Indians; Sauk Indians; 
Seminole Indians; Seneca Indians; Siksika 
Indians; Siouan Indians; Skitswish Indians; 
Spokan Indians; Stockbridge Indians; Tewa 
Indians; Tlingit Indians; Tsikotin Indians; 
Tuscarora Indians; Umatilla Indians; Ute 
Indians; Wampanoag Indians; Wanapum 
Indians; Washo Indians; Wea Indians; 
Wtnnebago Indians; Wyam- Indians; 
Yakima Indians; Yukian Indians; Yuman 
Indians; Yurofc Indians; Zum Indians 

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Coeor d*Akne Tribe. 

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U6p. mm. Menu 
-E77D896 970JL KMJ887 | 

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Hnalapai Tribe of the Hualapai Reservation, Arizona. 

Amended constitution and bylaws, effective October 22, 
1955 Washington, IT S Govt Print Off ,1957 
10 p 24 cm 

57-60935 t 

Hnalapai Tribe of the Hualapai Reservation, Arizona. 

Amended corporate charter, ratified October 22, 1955 
Washington, IT. S. Govt Print Off., 1957 

tip 24cm 

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adii, 515 p ttlus 24 cm. 
E123.L91 1959 973.16 59-6235 t 

Price, Gladys Bibee. 

Nun-mip-ni-sheek (we remember) The officially author- 
ized booklet commemorating the National Indian Encamp- 
ment, July 18-26, 1959, Pendleton, Oregon. Sponsored by 
the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce Portland, Or., Litho- 
graphed by Agency Lithograph Co , "1959 

E77.P86 ~ 97049569 59-3121 t 

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t c 19543 

144 p illus. 25 cm. (Arco handi-books for better living) 
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Printed for U S.Q.B.B. 

San Carlos Apache Tribe. 

Amended corporate charter, ratified March 7, 1955 Wash- 
ington, U S Govt Print Off., 1957 
6p 24cm. 

57-62030 t 

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42 p. 17cm, ' 


57-38860 t 

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E77.T9S 970.1 59-7744 t 

U.S. Bwvau of IntKm Affmv. 

Answers to your questions on American Indians ; questions 
on education, health, land, citizenship, economic status, tc. 


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Nordaonerikas mdianere. K^benhavtL Branner or Korch 

190 p. Olm 21cm. 

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59-37364 J 

341 p niua, 21 c 
E77 W89 


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Selbstverlag des Museums fur Volkerkunde und Vorge- 
schictte, 1951 

68 p 31 cm (Mittellnngen aua den Musemn fiir VdlkerJmade In 
Hamburg, 23) 
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Cultivated beans in the prehistoric Southwest Chicago t 
Librar} , Dept. of Photographic Keproduction, University of 
Chicagoj 1956 
Micromm 5191 SB Mic 58-6236 

AMUSEMENTS see Indians of North 
America Games; Indians of North 
America Social life and customs 


Wolfe, Louis. 

Indians courageous , illustrated by Gerald McCann. New 
York, Dodd, Mead, 1956. 

236 p lilua 22 em. 
E89W84 970.2 56-5186 % 


see also Indians of North America 
Implements; Indians of North America 
Pottery; Kitchen-middens, Monnd-build- 
ersj Mounds 

Archeological excavations in Iron Comity, "Utah t by 3 Gflment 
W. Meighan t and others. Salt Lake City, University of 

yiii, 132 p illos, mapg, diagrs^ profiles, tabtei 2S <?rr > (tTni- 
Tersity of Utah. Dept of Anthropology Anthropological papers, mo. 
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history. Drawings by Ingnd Fete. New York, Baadom 
House [1959! 

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E61.B8S 970 1 59-5727 J 

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Current views on Great Ba^n archaeology. Berkeley, 

II, 112 p Ulmsw maps, tables. 28 cm. (It* Besom, no 42) 
F863.C255 no 4S *9T93 S1379S 58-6804S 


Committee for the Recovery of Archaeological Raaains. 

The inter-agency archaeological salvage program after 
twelve years. [Columbia, University of Missouri] 1958. 

24 p, fflus. 28cm. 
E98.A6C6 913.73 59-6S787 | 

Di Peso, Charles Corradino, 1920- 

The Beeve ruin of sontheasteni Arizona; & study of & 
prehistoric western Pueblo migration into the Middle Sam 
Pedro Yall&y. ColMxaator: Hngk G Cirtier. Dragoon, 
Ajmu Amerind Foundation, 1958. 

1,189 p. iUua, maps (part fold.) ffem. (Amerind Fotnidation. 
tPnbllcatloa, DO. 8} 

M Pew* diaries Corradiiso, 1W>- 

m& of San Oyetano dl Tomacacon; m 
reoonstanctim of the Ootam of Fnaem 
Collabowfcora David A. Bwti3ite ,wi 


Brucker, PMip, 1911- 

Inffin of tte NofSiiwiSt coast New York, 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


ANTIQUITIES (Continued) 

Evans, Clifford, 1920- 

A ceramic study of Virginia archeology With, appendix, 
An analysis of projectile points and krge blades, by C (r 
Holland. Washington, TL S Govt Pnnt. Off., 1955. 

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Ethnology Bulletin 160} 

E51U6 no 160 970657153 55-60984 
Copy 2 E78 V7E9 

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The Modoc Rock Shelter a study of the processes of eco- 
logical adaptation of primitive culture in the central Missis- 
sippi Valley area Chicago [Dept of Photodnphcation, Uni- 
versity of Chicago Library^ 1959 

Microfilm 6299 E" Mic 59-7950 J 

Chicago Untv Libr 

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Prehistoric stone sculpture of the Western United States. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1956j 

dUnlTersIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 16,880) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 16,899 Mic 56-1950 

Colombia Univ Libraries 

Great Basin Archeological Conference. 


t Salt Lake City 7 

v Illus. 28cm 
E51.U8 *9793 913793 57-63479 

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A preliminary historical outline for the northwestern 
Plains t bj] William Mulloy The skeletal remains from 
Pictograph and Grhost Caves, Montana t byj Eichard M 
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W VjU958 

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E98A6P7 970.1 

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cago Natural History Museum, 1959 

14&-298p lllos, map 24cm (rCbJcago Natural History Mu- 
seomj Publication 884} 

0N2.F4 voL49,no 2 9704791 58-13826 
Copy 2. BT&ATB5 

jears, William Hulse, 1920- 

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Press tWSl-Sfy 

4 v mm , maps (part fold ) 25-28 cm. (UnlYerslty of Georgia 
series in anthropology, no 2-5) 
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Stepbenson, Robert Lloyd, 1919- 

Accokeek; & middle Atlantic seaboard culture sequence. 
Ann Arbor, UniTemty Microfihns 1957i 

( jUutmalty Wanmrns, Ana Arbor, MJeh.j Pnbtkatloit no 21,874) 
MictofiJm AC-1 no, 21,674 M5c57-S637 

Michigan. Unir. Ubr. 

Townsend, Earl C 

BmfeicHJfls of the North American Indian; a study of 
these most interesting; stone forms, the, area of their dis- 
trSmtotm, their cnlfcural provenience, possible uses, and antui- 
tiity. Indianapolis, 1959. 

x,719p. UJnsL, col plates, map 29cm. 
E98JL7T65 97065717? 59-4606 


see also Indians of North America 

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A trial survey of Mexican-Southwestern architectural 
parallels. Santa Fe, N. M^ School of American Eesearch, 
Museum of New Mexico, 1955. 

35, [liP Plan*. 28cm. (Monographs of the School of American 
R8arcb, no 21) 
E5&A67F4 970.65718 5-128 

see also Bow and arrow 

Hanson, Charles E 1917- 

The Northwest gun Lincoln, Nebrabu* ^<* 

Society, 1955 t i. e 1956, 

85 p illus 27 cm. (Nebraska State mstorlcal Society Publica 

tlons in anthropology, no 2) 

F661 N32 no 2 623 442 56-35986 \ 


Russell, Carl Parcher, 1894- 

Guns on the early frontiers, a history of firearms from 
colonial times through the years of the Western fur trade 
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1957 

XT, 395 p illus 24 cm 
TS520E85 6234 


see also Indians of North America 
Embroidery; Indians of North America 
Silversmithing; Sandpauitings 

Barbean, Charles Marius, 1883- 

Medicme-men on the North Pacific coast t Ottawaj Dept 
of Northern Affairs and National Eesources, National Mu- 
seum of Canada, 1958, 

95 p tllus 25 cm (National Museum of Canada. Bulletin no 
152 Anthropological series, no 42) 
QH1 C13 no 152 970 6736 59-654 J 

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The eagle, the jaguar, and the serpent, Indian art of the 
Americas North America Alaska, Canada, the United 
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xriii, 314, xl p illus , plates (part coL) maps 28 cm 
E98 A7C63 970 67 52-6415 rev 

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Prehistoric stone sculpture of the Western United States. 
Aim Arbor, University Mcrofilms t!956] 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication na 16,899) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 16,899 Mic 56-1950 

Colombia TJnlv Libraries 

Tanner, Clara Lee. 

Southwest Indian painting Tucson, University of Ari- 
zona Press t 1957 3 

xrtl, 157 p fflus (part coL) maps (on lining papers) 81 cm. 
E98A7T3 970675 57-59199 

Temple, Wayne Calhoun, 1924- 

Thepiasabird fact or fiction* Springfield, 1956. 

22 p mas. 2& an (Illinois State Museum t Springfleld, Be- 
port of Investigations, no 5) 

[AM101J374 no 5] A 57-9229 

Illinois. Unlv library 

Townsend, Earl C 

Birdstones of the North American Indian; a study of 
these most interesting stone forms, the area of their dis- 
tribution, their cultural provenience, possible uses, and antiq- 
uity. Indianapolis, 1959 

x, 719 p, lUm, cot plates, map 29 cm. 
E98A7T65 970.657173 59-4606 

Tsa To ke, Monroe, 1904-1937. 

The peyote ritual j visions and descriptions San Fran- 
cisco, Grabhorn Press r !957j 

svii, 66 p col tllns. 40 cm, 
E98.R3T8 [299.7] 97062 58-16338 

Vancouver, B. C. Art Gallery. 

People of the Potlatch, native arts and culture of the 
Pacific Northwest coast [Vancouver, 1956j 

47 p. illus 18 1 23 cm 

A 56-5216 
Cornell Unlv Library 


Paul, Frances (Lackey) 1889- 

Spruce root basketry of the Alaska Tkngit. Edited by 
Willard W Beatty. tLawrence, Kan.] Depfc. of the Intenor, 

Bureau of Indian Affairs 19543 

80 p lllus^ fold, map 25cm. (Indian handicrafts, 8) 
E98.I5U73 na8 



Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, Okla. 

The art and the romance of Indian basketry. c Tulsa, 

Tinpaged. illos. 22cm, 
E9BB3P4 58-43152 J 

BEADWORK see Beadwork; Indians 
of North Air erica Costujne and 


Fenton, Wifljam Nelson, 1908- 

American Indian and white relations to 1830, needs & 
opportunities for study, an essay A bibliography by L H 
Butterfield, Wilcomb E Washburn, and William N Fenton 
Chapel Hill, Published for the Institute of Early American 
History and Culture, Williamsburg, Va by the University 
of North Carolina Press, 1957 

x, 138 p 25 cm. (Needs and opportunities for study series) 
Z1209 F38 016 9701 57-2274 

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104 p 17cm (Program of the history of America, 1 Indigenous 
period, 3) 
F1401P153 no 154 9701 55-1302 

Jones, John Alan, 1923- 

List of unpublished doctoral dissertations and masters 
theses in the field of anthropology bearing on North Ameri- 
can Indians north of Mexipo c n p,1952? 3 

19L 2Tcm 
Z1209J6 0169706572 59-60510 

Murdock, George Peter, 1897- 

Ethnographic bibliography of North America 2d ed. 
New Haven, Human Relations Area Files, 1953 

xvi, 239 p map 28 cm (Behavior science bibliographies) 
Z1209M8 1953 0169701 A 55-1401 

Yale Unlv Library 


Associates of the John Carter Brown Library. 

The mirror of the Indian, an exhibition of books and 
other source materials by Spanish, French, and English his- 
torians and colonists of North America from the 16th 
throughout the 18th century. With an address, The Ameri- 
can Indian incorrigible iadrndualist, by Edmund S Mor- 
gan. Providence, 1958. 

57 p Illus 28 cm 
Z1209.A8 016 9701 58-43365 


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Indians on the warpath. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1957 
208 p Illus 21cm. 
E89C63 9702 57-74441 

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Yazzie) Tucson, Arizona Silhouettes, 1952 

55 p Illus 24 cm 
E89C85 *9701 9702 53-25013 rev J 

Mover, John William. 

Famous Indian chiefs Illustrated by James L Vlasaty 
Chicago, M A Donohue [1957, 

81 p illus 31 cm. 
FM84 9702 57-8406 J 



Heiderstadt, Dorothy. 

Indian friends and foes, a baker's dozen portraits from. 
Pocahontas to Oeronimo. Illustrated by David Humphreys 
IGner New York, D. McKay Co [1958] 

180p Illua 21cm 
E89H4 9702 58-5514 t 

Wolfe, Louis. 

Indians courageous; illustrated by Gerald McCann. New 
York, Dodd, Mead, 1956. 


6p Illus. 22cm 




BURIAL see Indians of North America 
Mortuary customs 


1JI Bonnie (Sage) 

Eed trails and white; the mysterious life of Caty Sage, 
tlst ed,j New York, Exposition Press tlQCSj 

62 p. 21cm. 
E87SSB3 970.3 64-11688 t 

Behen, Dorothy Forbis, 192o- 

The captivity story in American literature, Ifl<r7~1826. an 
examination of written reports in English, authentic and 
fictitious, of the experiences of white men captured by the 
Indians north of Mexico. Chicago [Library, Dept of Photo- 
graphic Reproduction, University of Chicago^ 1952. 
Microfilm 4406 E Mic 58-6227 

Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 


CAPTIVITIES (Continued) 

Bennett, John Nathan. 

Jennie "Wiley, pioneer, the true story of a Virginia fron- 
tier heroine, as told by her great-great-great-grandson. t lst 
ed T New York, Exposition Press t 1955] 

51 p 21 cm 
E87W66 9703 55-13i59 t 

Garst, Doris Shannon, 1899- 

John Jewitt's adventure Illustrated by Donald McKay 
Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1955 

211 p 1I1U3 22 cm 
PZTGl9Jo 55-5215 t 

Hunter, John Dunn, 1798M827. 

Manners and customs of several Indian tribes located west 
of the Mississippi , including some account of the soil, 
climate, and vegetable productions, and the Indian materia 
medica to which is prefixed the history of the author's life 
during a residence of several years among them Minne- 
apolis, Ross <S. Hames, 1957 

402p 23 cm 

[E87H ] A 58-5991 

Kentucky Univ Libr 

Jackson, Grace. 

Cynthia Ann Parker. San Antonio, Naylor Co C 1959j 
13Sp illns 22cm. 
E87P245 9703 59-12409 

Lee, Nelson, J 1807 

Three years among the Comanches, the narrative of Nel- 
son Lee, the Texas ranger, containing a detailed account of 
his captivity among the Indians, his singular escape through 
the instrumentality of his watch, and fully illustrating In- 
dian life as it is on the war path and in the camp With an 
introd by "Walter Prescott Webb t lst ed 3 Norman, Uni- 
versity of Oklahoma Press 1957] 

179 p 20 cm ( The Western frontier library [9j ) 
E87L47 1957 9703 57-111971 

McCutchan, Ken, 1913- 

Adventures of Isaac Knight, Indian captive , a true story 
of the Northwest Territory for young and old Americans. 
t lst ed.j New York, Greenwich Book Publishers t 1959j 
140 p 22 cm 

ES7K74M3 9703 

Quaif e, Milo Milton, 1880- ed 

The siege of Detroit in 1763 the Journal of Pontaac's 
Conspiracy, and John Rutherford's Narrative of a captivity 
Chicago, K E Donnelley, 1958 

IT, 283 p illus , ports , maps 18 cm. (The Lakeside classics, no 
E8376Q3 973.27 59-2198 

Rister, Carl Coke, 1889-1955. 

Comanche bondage Dr John. Charles Beales's settlement 
of La Villa de Dolores on Las Moras Creek in southern 
Texas of the 1830's With an annotated reprint of Sarah 
Aim. Horn's narrative of her captivity among the Co- 
manches, her ransom by traders in New Mexico, and return 
via the Santa Fe" Trail Glendale, Cakt, A, H. Clark Co , 

210 p Illus , ports., map, facstms 25 cm. 
E87.MB5 9764 55-3530 

Tanner, John, 17803-1847. 

A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tan- 
ner (U S interpreter at the Saut de Ste. Mane) during 
thirty years residence among the Tm^^n^ in the interior of 
North America, Prepared for the press by Edwin James. 
Minneapolis, Ross & Haines, 1956 

aoDclT l 42Tp port 24cm. 
[E87.T ] 
Kentucky. Italy Libr. 

Van Home, James, 

Narrative on the plains of Michigan. t Mddleboro, Masa, 


t9,p^fac8Jm.(18p facBfm.) 2&oa. -. 

E862.V25 1817* S7-59528 

Wheeler, Arville, 1900- 

TFhite Squaw the true stoiy of Jennie TVilej Illustrated 
bj Turw Bengtz Boston, Heath 195S 

163 p Illus 24cm 
PZ7TT35S5AYh 53-59939 X 


Havighurst, Robert James, 1000- 

American Indian and white children, a sociopsychologieal 
investigation, bj Robert J Havighurst and Bermce L Neu- 
garten f ChicagOj Unnersitj of Chicago Press t 1955j 

tin, 335 p tables 24 cm 
E98C5H3 970G1367 54-11208 

HJger, Inez 

Arapnho child life and its cultural background Wash- 
ington, U is GoU Print Of. ,1952 

xv, 253 p 40 plates (incl ports) 24cm dU Si Bureau of 
American Ethn tlogv Bulletin 148) 

E5LU6 no 148 *970 1 970 3 52-61296 rev 
Copy 2 E99.A7H5 

Hilger, Inez. 

Chippe-n a child life and its cultural background Wash- 
ington, U S Govt Print Off , 1951 

xiv, 204 p illus, map 24 cm. ( t TJ Sj Bureau of American 
Etfmologj Bulletin 146) 
E51U6 nol46 *9701 9706 52-60175 rev 

Copy 2 E9& C6H46 

Williams, Thomas Rhys, 1927- 

Socialization in a Papago Indian village A^n Arbor, 
University Microfilms C 1957] 

{ i Itm \ersity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.j Publication no 19,893) 
MicrofflmAC-1 no 19,393 Mic 57-1893 

Syracuse bun Libr 

CIVILIZATION see Indians of North 
America Culture, Indians of North 
America, Civilization of 


see also Indians of North America! 
Trading posts 

Crane, Verner Wmslow, 1889- 

The southern frontier, 1670-1732 [Ann Arbor] Univer- 
sity of Michigan Press r !956, "1929, 

350 p 21cm. (Ana Arbor boots, AA4) 
[F272] 975 57-1007 t 


U. S. Indzm Arts asnd Graffs Board. 

A business booklet for Indian artists and craftsmen. 
Washington r 1956, 
48 p Illus 24cm. 
E98 C7TJ54 970.665 57-60509 


Hunt, Walter Bernard, 1888- 

The golden book of Indian crafts and lore New York, 
Simon and Schuster t!954j 

HI p, lllua 29 cm 
E98C8H83 970.1 54r-B821 J 

Wildschut, William. 

Crow Indian beadwork, a descnptive and histoncal study, 
by William Wildschut t andj John C Ewers. New York, 
Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1959 

rli r 55 p Illusr (part coL) ports. 26 cm (Contributions from 
the Museum of tae American Indian, Heye Foundation, v 16) 
B5LN42 vol.16 970,67465 59-37M 


Here is entered literature dealing with the 
cultural condition of the Indian at a giver 
time or period. Works treating of the 
efforts to civilize the race are entered 
under the heading Indians of North 
America, Civilization of 

see also Hopewell culture; Indians of 
North America Art; Indians of North 
America- Education; Indians of North 
America Social life and customs; 
Mogolloa culture 

CaWweH, Joseph Balstoa, 1S16- 

Trendandtraditionintheprehistory of the eastern United 
States. Chicago [Library, Dept of Photographic Repro- 
duction, University of GhicagOj 1957, 
Microfilm 5828 B MSc58-6Ji J 

OMcago. tMv, Libr 

CaldweH, Joseph Ealston, 1916- 

Trend and tradition in the prehistory of the eastern United 
States Springfield, Published jointly by Illinois State Mu- 
seum and American Anthropological Association 1958 

rhr.SSp illus , maps 25 era. Clfflrols. State Mnaeom .Spring- 
fieldi SdecUfic papers, T 10) 

[Q11J352 \ollO] A50-908S 

Illinois. Unlv Library 

Carter, E RasselL 

The gift is rich Drawings by C Terry Saul New 
York, Friendship Press 1955i 

117 p LIlus 21 cm 
E77C3 0701 55-5762 J 

Cory, David Munroe, 1903- 

Within two worlds. Itecorations by C Terry SauL New 
York, Friendship Press C 1955 3 

ITTp 20 c 




HaHoweH, Alfred Irving, 1892- 

Culture and experience Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania Press, 1955 

xvl, 4M p map, diagr , tables 24 cm. (Publications of the PMla- 
delpMa Anthropological Society, T 4) 
G-N6J3S 9706 54-11540 

Roc, Frank Gilbert. 

The Indian and the horse c lst ed 3 Xonnan, Umrersity 
of Oklahoma Press r !955] 

XVL, 434 p illus , group port t fold col map 24 cm (The Civili- 
zation of the American Indian) 
E98H55E6 9706 55-6359 

Shiner, Joel Lewis, 1919- 

The McNar} Reseivoir; a study in plateau archaeology 
Ann Arbor, Unnersit} Micronlms [I955j 

( [Universiity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich i Publication no 11^215} 
MicrohlmAC-1 no 11^15 Mic A 55-610 

Arizona. Urn* Hbr 

Speck, Frank Gouldsmith, 1881-1050. 

The Iroquois, a srady in cultural evolution. 2d ed. 
jBloomfield Hills, Mickj 1955 

04 p Illus 23 cm. (Cranbrwk Institute of Science E BloorafieM 
Hills, MIch.i Bulletin no. 23) 

Oil C95 no 23, 1955 970J 55-42183 
Copy 2 B90J7ST 1955 

WIHis, William Shedrwk, 1921- 

Colonial conflict aud the Cherokee Indians, 1710-1760 
Ana Aibor, University Slicrofilms [ISSSj 

(tUnlversitj Microfilms, Ann Arbor, SHclLi Publication no 12,482) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 12,4S2 Mic 55-306 

Columbia ITtti* Obranes 

Wonnington, t h Marie, 1914- 

A reappraisal of the Fremont culture, with a sommary 
of the aichaeology of the northern periphery DenTOr, Bea- 
ver Museum of Natural History, 1955 

200 p Illus, maps (1 foM ) 23 cm (Dearer Mtiseem of 
Natural History Proceedings, no. 1} 
QHUD417 no 1 *079.2 913792 55-4509 

CUSTOMS see Indians of North 
America Social Me and customs 


see also Butterfly dance; Corn maidens 1 

Fergusson, Erxta, 1888- 

Danong gods; Indian ceremonials of Kew Mexico and 

AlbaqTOarqpie, tJniTOraiiy of N0w Mooco Pre^ 

E98JD2F4S 1957 97067018 


Hunt, Walter Bamarf, 1888- 

Tl gulden book of II&MI crafts and lota Hew 
Simou and Schuster {19M; 

Hip. illns. 2n. 
E98.C8H83 870^ 54^19881 1 


see also Indians of Korth America Hos- 

Cook, Sherburne Friend, 1 S9G- 

The epidemic of 1830-1833 m Calif onua wid Oregon. 

' " ' 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

DISEASES (Continued) 

U. S. Division of Indian Health Program, Analysis and 
Special Studies Branch 

Heart disease among Indians, continental United States, 
1955 "Washington, 1957. 

is p fflus. 27 cm. 
E98D6U53 970661415 58-60461 J 

U. S Dvtwzon of Indian, Health Program, Analysis and 
Special Studies Branch. 

Illness among Indians, incidence of notifiable diseases 
among Indians, continental United States, 1955 Washing- 
ton, 1957 

13 p illus. 27 can 
E98D6U54 970661415 58-60460 J 


see also Indians of North America 

Lanbm, Reginald. 

The Indian tipi, its history, construction, and use, by 
Reginald and Gladys Laubin (Tatanka Wanjik na Wiyaka 
Wastewin) With a history of the tapi by Stanley TestaL 
Norman, University of Oklahoma Press C 195T] 

208p illus 24cm. 
E98JD9L3 970657186 57-5958 J 


see also Indians of North America 

Kelly, William Henderson, 1902- 

The changing role of the Indian in Arizona. f Tucsonj 
Agricultural Extension Service. University of Arizona 
t 1958i 

36 p. ilhB, coL maps (on p t 2j aod j3j of cover 23 on. (Agri- 
cultural Extension Service, "University of .Arizona. Circular 2681 
E78A7K34 S704 

IT. S. Cmpress Home. Committee an Interior and Insular 


Indian relocation and industrial development programs. 
Report of a Special Subommittee on Indian Affairs of the 
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Kepre- 
sentatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, first session, pursuant to 
H Ees 94 Washington, U S Govt Print Off, 1958 

T, 37 p tables. 24cm 
E93U66582 1958 9705 59-60619 

U. S. Oonffre&s. Senate Committee on Interior and /nauZor 

Fedeial Indian policy Hearings before the Subcommit- 
tee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior and In- 
sular Affairs, United States Senate, Eighty-fifth Congress, 
first session, on S 809, S Con Kes. 3, and S 331, bills per- 
taining to Federal Indian policy Washington, U. S. 
Govt Print Off, 1957. 

vll, 295 p tables 24 cw. 


NOH. Dwmo* of POM A**i*toM*i 

Analysis of relief granted to needy Indians, July 1951- 
Junel956 [Madison, 1956} 

a IMl7,L<cfatefiy tables) 28 <m #r_tatni 

E78.WSW52 9706351 57-63216 


Anderson, Kenneth Eugene, 1926- 

The educational achievement of Indian children; a re- 
exxmlaatiom of the question : How well are Indian children 
educated* By Kenneth EL Anderson, E Gordon (Mister 
jandj Gsrl E. Ladd. (Lawxaoce? Kans.j Bureau of Indian 
Affaaa, Dept of the Interior I 1958 ] 

xritU&p mm. 26oa. 

*97<X1 970.687126 

Becker, Frank E 

Navajo way. Illustrated by Michael Sidrow. Staten 
Island, H. Y., Indian Association of America [1956^ 

61 p. mug. 25 on. 
E97.B85 970 J 66-1S8I1 t 

>ombs,L Madison. 

The Indian child, goes to school. & study of interracial 
differences, by L. Madison Coombs t and others. Lawrence? 
Kan.] U. S- Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 

ix24p, iitas. Sean. 
E97C7 970.687126 58-41381 

Dale, George Allan, 1900- 

Education for better living, a study of the effectiveness of 
the Pine Ridge educational program [Lawrence, Kan] 
U S Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. 1955 

245 p illus 26cm 
E97D3 371975 56-60663 

Indian education. 

Education for cultural change, selected articles from 
Indian education, 1944-51, by Willard W. Beatty and associ- 
ates, [Washington] U S Dept of the Interior, Bureau of 
Indian Affairs, 1953 

512 p 28cm 
E97I34 371975 54-61348 

Langley, Elizabeth G 

The development of a. liteiacy program among the Nav- 
aho Indians The influence of culture in beginning to set up 
a literacy program A proposal for developing an English 
literacy program among the Navaho Indians, with refer- 
ence to present motivations of the Navahos for learning to 
read Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1958] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Midi t Publica 

Microfilm AC-1 no 20,288 

ion no 20,288) 
Mic 58-4889 

Montana. Division of Indian Education. 

Report to United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

T 36cm. annual. 
E97M65 371975 57-63129 

New York (State] Bureau of Elementary School Super- 

Indian education in New York State, 18461953-54 Pre- 
pared by Euth A Birdseye [principal clerkj Albany 1954?] 

23 p table 28 cm. 
E97 X4 371 975 55-62912 

Officer, James E 

Indians in school, a study of the development of educa- 
tional facilities for Arizona Indians Tucson, Bureau of 
Ethnic Eesearch, University of Arizona, 1956 

x, 148 p plates, ports , maps 28 cm. (American Indian series, 
E975A7B no.l 371975 57-63864 

Oklahoma. Division of Indim Education 

Report of Indian education in Oklahoma under State con- 
tract 1st- 1948- 

v tables 28 cm annual. 

E97.5037 371975 AS3-10155rev 

Oklahoma, State Ltbr, 

U.S. Bureau, of Indian Afi ws. 

Basic needs of Indian people, special report, June 1957, 
prepared by school administrators. [Washington] Branch 
of Education, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dept, of the 
Interior t 1957j 

IT ( various pagings) 2Tcm. 
E97U583 371.975 58-61208 

U. S. Bwrew of Indian Affaxrs. 

Education for cultural adjustment j a special five-year pro- 
gram for adolescent Indians. rWashnigton, 1956i 
27p. IHua, tables. 26cm. * , i 

E97.U575 371975 57-61009 

. S. Bureau of Indiom, Affairs 

Minimum essential goals for Indian schools, levels five and 
six [byj Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs 
(Branch of Educationj 2d ed. ^Lawrence, Kan.T 1953. 

TL dlagr 18x26 cm. (Its Basic curriculum series) 
E97.U5872 1953 371975 53-63760 

U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

School ao^ministrators workshop, Brigham City, Utah, 
June 3-14, 1957; stunmary report t Lawrence, Kansas, 1957j 

TOp, lllos. 28cm. 
E97U5876 1957 371.975 57-61889 


Statistics concerning Indian education. 
T. 21 cm, 

56-60162 1 

Wisconsin. State Historical Society. 

The Indian m modem America-; a symposium held at the 
State Historical Society of Madison, Edited by David A. 
Baerreas. rMadison, 195U 

xc TOp. 20cm. 
E91W5 1956 970.5 57-62617 


Turner, Geoffrey. 

Hair embroidery in Siberia and North America Oxford, 
Printed at the University Press, 1955 

83 p illus , 17 plates, maps, tables 25 cm (Pitt Rivers Museum, 
University of Oi-ford Occasional paper on technology, 7) 

A 56-6614 
Northwestern Uaiv Library 


Arizona. State Employment Service 

Expanded employment services to reservation Indians in 
Arizona, 1953 [Phoenix, 1964 'j 

13 l 27 cm 
E59E3A7 970633111 54-63116 J 


Brandt, Richard B 

Hopi ethics, a theoretical analysis [ChicagOj University 
of Chicago Press C 1954i 

x,398p 22cm 
E98 E83B7 970 617 54-11206 

Ladd, John. 

The stiuctuie of a moral code, a philosophical analysis 
of ethical discourse applied to the ethics of the Navaho 
Indians Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1957 

rr, 474 p port 25cm 
E98 E83L3 970 617 56-13287 

Sanders, Daniel Clarke, 1768-1850 

A lost chapter from A history of the Indian wars (1812) 
Introd by Betty Bandel Burlington t Vt] Printed by H 
McArthur, 1953 

slip, reprint 281-293 p 17cm 
E81 S224 55-24505 

ETHNOLOGY see Ethnology 
North America, Indians of North 

FACTORY SYSTEMS see Indians of 
North America Trading posts 


Balch, Glenn, 1902- 

Little Hawk and the free horses Illustrated by Ezra Jack 
Keats New York, Crowell t!957j 

180 p Illus 21cm. 
PZ7B18Li 67-9247 J 

Hazeltine, Alice Isabel, 1878- comp 

Red man, white man; legends, tales, and true accounts of 
the American Indians. New York, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 

309 p 22cm 
PZ5.H33Re 54-7880 t 

Lott, Milton. 

Dance back the buffalo Boston, Houghton Mifflm, 1959, 

406 p 22cm 

58-9068 t 

Marriott, Alice Lee, 1910- 

The black stone knife. Illustrated by Harvey Weiss. 
New Yoik, Crowell C 1957j 

180 p Ulna. 23cm. 
PZ7 JMM8B1 67-6571 J 

MoDoy, Anne Steams (Baker) 1907- 

Captain "Waymouth's Indians Illustrated by Douglas 
Gorskne New York, Hastings House t 1956j 

189p. mas. 22cm. 
PZ7.M734Cap 66-11304 t 

Pryor, Elinor. 

The double man, a novel t lst ed.) New York, Norton 

452 p 22cm 
PZ8.P9568DO 57-6601 t 

Reader, Theodore Whitson. 

Treasury of American Indian tales. New York, Associa- 
tion Press r 1957 3 

310 p. 20cm, 
P27.K32Tr 8136 67-5046 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. Congress House Commzttee on Government Opera- 

Alaska native loan program Heatings before a subcom- 
mittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House 
of Eepresentatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, second session 
September 23 and 24, 1957 Washington, U S Govt Print 
Off , 1958 

v, 238 p tables 24 cm 
E78 ASU5S 970 6332742 58-60528 


U. S. Congress House Committee on Government Opera- 

Alaska native loan program Hearings before a subcom- 
mittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House 
of Eepresentatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, second session. 
September 23 and 24, 1957 Washington, U S Govt Print 
Off, 1958 

v,238p tables 24cm. 

Wilunovsky, Norman J 

The utilization of fishery resources by the Arctic Alaskan 
Eskimo. Stanford, Calif , Natural History Museum, Stan- 
ford University, 1956 

8 p map 26 cm. (Occasional papers of the Natural History 
Museum of Stanford University, no 2) 
E99JE7W65 97066392 56-4605 

Civilized Tribes 

FOLK-LORE see Folk-lore, Indian 

FOOTWEAR see Indians of North 
America Costume and adornment 


Hofsinde, Robert 

Indian games and crafts, written and illustrated by Robert 
Hofsinde (Gray-Wolf) New York, Morrow, 1957. 

126 p IlluB. 22cm. 

E98 G2H6 970 6745 56-5479 % 

Macf arlan, Allan A 

Book of American Indian games. T]Iffa. and diagrs. by 
Paulette Jumean New York, Association Press t 1958j 

284 p, fflua. 21 cm, 
E98G2M25 970679 5&-11522 J 


see also Indians, Treatment of U.S; 
Indians of North America Land tenure; 
Indians of North America Land transfers; 
Indians of North America -Canada -Govern 
ment relations; and subdivision" Govern- 
ment relations under names of tribes, 
e.g. Dakota Indians Government relations 

Arizona. Commission of Indian Affairs. 

Report 1954- 
t PhoeniZ] 

E78A7A3 ^ ^ 

Arizona. University. Bureau of Etfmc RetearoL 
Report 1953-54. Tucson. 
2r maps, diagrs,, tables 28cm, annual 
E93 A60 53-62871 rev 2 

Blumenthal, Walter Hart, 1883- 

American Indians dispossessed; fraud in land cessions 
forced upon the tnbes. Philadelphia, G S. MwiManns Co., 


55-8477 t 

California. Legislature. Smote Interim Committee on 
California Indian Affairs 

Progress report to the Legislature. Jan. 1955- 

E93C3 970.5 

Fey, Harold Edward, 1898- 

55-62684 rev 


; two ways of life most By 
t lsted.j N 

68-10368 J 

Friends, Society of. American Fnends Service Committee. 
Indians of California, past and present San Francisco, 
1955 j 

36 p illus 22 cm 
E78C15F7 9704 56-41341 

Fritz, Henry Eugene. 

The humanitarian background of Indian reform, 1860- 
1890 Ann Arbor, Mich , University Microfilms t !958j 
Microfilm AC-1 no 58-2170 Mic 58-2170 

Minnesota Univ Llbr 

Hatheway, Glover Gfflette. 

The neutral Indian barrier state, a project in British. 
North American policy, 1754-1815 Ann Arbor, Mich , Uni- 
versity Microfilms t !958] 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-3571 Mic 58-3571 

Minnesota Cniv Ltbr 

Minnesota, Intenm Commission on Indian, Affa&rs. 

Report of the 1958 Minnesota Interim Commission on In- 
dian Affairs to the Hon OnnUe L Freeman, Governor of 
Minnesota and the members of the Minnesota Legislature. 
t St Paul 1959?! 
100 p ports. 22cm. 

E78 M7M518 970 5 A 59-8581 

Minnesota. XJnlv Lifer 

Minnesota. Interim Committee on Ind^an Affairs 

Eeport submitted to the Governor and the Minnesota 

Legislature [St PauP 3 1957 
18p 23cm 

E78 M7M52 A 57-9745 

Minnesota. Unlv Lifer 

Minnesota. University. Center for Continuation Study. 

Proceedings of tibie conference on Indian rights and re- 

E93.M6 9705 54-42442 

New York (State') State Interdepcartmental Committee on 
Inakan Affairs. 

The Indian today in Hew York State, Albany, 1956. 

16 p illus 28 cm 

E78JJ7N79 A 59-9251 J 

New York, State Llbr 

Oregon. Intenm Committee on Indwn Affcatrts 

A reintroduction to the Indians of Oregon; report sub- 
mitted to the Fiftieth Legislative Assembly c Salemi 1958 

Sip. 23cm. 
E7806A55 970495 59-62715 

Schoolcraf t, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864. 

Expedition to Lake Itasca; the discovery of the source of 
the Mississippi, edited by Philip P. Mason. [East Lansing] 
Michigan State University Press, 1958. 

390 p 24cm. 
F597.S36 1958 917.7 58-6358 t 

Slotkin, James Sydney, 1913- 

The Peyote religion,* a study in Indian-white relations. 
Glencoe, III, Free Press, 1956. 

vil,l95p illos , group port, tables. 25 cm 
E98 E3S5 970,5 56-10583 

South Dakota. University. Institute of Indian Stodte. 

Program and proceedings of the conference on Indian 
affairs, held on the campus of the University of South. 
Dakota, July 7, 1955 jVemuIlion, 1955, 

E78 S63S62 



Texas. State Library, ^tw/i/k Archives Division. 

Texas Indian papers. Edited from the original ms. copies 
in the Texas State archives by Dorman H. Winfrey [State 
archivistj assisted by James M, Day, George R. Nielsen jaad! 
Albert D Pattillo. Austin, Texas State Library, 1959- 

Y. port, maps, facslms. 24cm. 
E78.T4T42 9705 

Trotter, George A 1874- 

From feather, blanket, and tepee New York, Vantage 
Piess t 1955, 

190 p 22cm. 

E78.WeTT 970 1 54-9189 J 

U. S. Conffrew, House, Committee on Interior and Insular 

Arizona Indians. Hearings before the Subcommittee on 
Indian Affairs pursuant to H. Ees. 30, to authorize the Com- 
mittee on Interior and Insular Affairs to make investiga- 
tions into any matter within its jurisdiction, and for other 
purposes. August 29 and 30, 195& Washington, TLS00vt. 
Print Ofi% 1955 

ill. 112 p 24 on. (ft* [Hearings before the Committee oa Interior 
Insular Affaire, Bouse of Representatives, Eighty-fourth Con- 

and , 

gress. Serial no. IT) 

no, 17 


U. S. C&ngreBs Home Committee on Interior and Inwlxr 

Indian relocation and industrial development profframs 
Seport of a Special Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the 
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Repre- 
sentatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, first session, pursuant to 
H Ees. 94 Washington, U S Govt Print Of , 1058 

v.STp tables. 24cm 
E93U66582 1958 9705 59-60019 

U. S. Congress Souse Committee on Interior and Insular 

Montana Indians. Hearing before the Subcommittee on 
Indian Affairs pursuant to H. Res 30, to authorize the Com- 
mittee on Interior a,nd Insular Affairs to make investigations 
into any matter within its jurisdiction and for other pur- 
poses. September 6 and 7, 1955 Washington, U S Govt 
Print. Off , 1955 

ULeap, tables. 24cm. (It* tHearings beforej t&e Committee on 
Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-fourth 
Congress Serial no 18) 
HP1TLA18A34 no 13 97066317 56-60235 

U. S. Conyress Bouse Committee on Interior and Insular 

Mu&kogee and Anadarko area Indian tribes, Oklahoma 
Hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs pur- 
suant to H Res 30, to authorize the Committee on Interior 
and Insular Affairs to make investigations into any matter 
within its jurisdiction, and for other purposes. August 25 
and 26. 1055 "Washington, U S Govt Print Off , 1056 

IT, 200 p 24 cm. {Its tHearingB before* the Committee on Interior 
and Insular Affairs, House of ^Representatives, Eighty fourth; COD 
gress Serial no 16} 
HD171 A18A.34 no 16 0705 36-60356 

U. S. Congress. Houm Committee on Int&nor and Insular 

Xorth Dakota Indian Affairs Commission Hearing before 
the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs pursuant to H Res. 30, 
to authorize the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs 
to maie investigations into any matters within its jurisdic- 
tion, and for other purposes September 8, 1055 Wash- 
ington, TL S Govt. Print Off, 1955 

ill, Ifl p 24 cm. (Its (Hearings beforej the Committee mi Interior 
and Inalar Affairs, Hoose of Eepresentatives jEignty fonrtn COB- 
gresstl Serial no 19) 
HD171 A1SAM no 19 5^-60277 

0. S. Congress House ffomtniUee on Interior end Insu- 
lor Affaira 

Present relations of the Federal Government to the Amer- 
ican Indian. Committee documents and information relat- 
ing to employment and expenditures in the Bureau of In- 
dian Affairs, the Indian claims situation, State eipenditarre 
for Indian welfare and the history of welfare activities 01 
each reservation, Indian voting, tribal assets and liabilities 
attorney services available to Indian tribes, organizations 
interested in Indian aff airs. Washington, TJ. S. Govt Print 


TUi,4p; 2 f old. maps. 3* cm. 
E93.U66582 1959 97Q.B 

U.& Congress. HWM. OommUee on Interior and fnmler 


Report with respect to the House 

the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs to conduct an 
investigation <sf th* Korean of Indian Affmus. 82^- 
Corag. WatogtOT, H. S, Govt Pan*. 0&% 1W- 

U. S. aanffftm. Bmate. OemmMm <m t**Om Afoim. 

Legislative calendar. Seventy-nicth Con^res. Final edi- 
tion, Aast3,191&. c WaiiangtonjTJ.a<3oTLPrM.Off. 

67 p. 23>cm. 

JKl240J^SA34 57-4Q61& 

U.8. 0w*ffrw. SmaSe, QomimxMee m I^mi&r ml /nwAr 

IWeral Inffiui pobey. Hii*n^ bCcw H* SAcoaaitr 
tee on Ind:au Affairs of tlie Committee on Interior oEd In- 
sular Af airs, United States Senate, Eigacy-fiMi Congress, 
Ast session, on S. W% & Coo. BM, S, md a * bilto per- 
iaiaiigtoMaiil Indkn po&y ... WtA^at, 0. a 
Goii, Flint OC1M7. 

Tii,29Sp. tahles. 24cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



U. S. Congress Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular 

Termination of Federal supervision over certain tribes of 
Indians Joint hearing before the subcommittees of the 
Committees on Interior and Insular Affairs, Congress of the 
United States, Eighty-third Congress, second session, on S 
2670 and H. E. 7674 t and others, providing for legislation 
pursuant to H. Con Bes. 108, 83d Congress* first session, 
declaring that it is the policy of Congress, as rapidly as 
possible, to make the Indians within the territorial limits of 
the United States subject to the same laws and entitled to 
the same privileges and responsibilities as are applicable to 
other citizens of the United States, to end their status as 
wards of the United States, and to grant them all of the 
rights and prerogatives pertaining to American citizenship, 
and directing the Secretary of the Interior to report to 
Congress his recommendations as to what legislation, in his 
judgment, may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of 
said resolution . Washington, U. S Govt Print Off., 1954 

12 pts (ill, 1604, ii p ) maps (part Md.) 24 cm 
E94U52 54r-61580 

U.S Dept of the Interior 

Alaska native service, request by Alaska Territorial 
Senate for investigation by Congress of the Alaska native 
service, an agency of the Department of the Interior, and 
material supplementary thereto Transmitted to the mem- 
bers of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs of the 
Senate by Henry M. Jackson, of Washington Washington, 
U S Govt Print Off , 1957 

v,28p tables 24cm. 
E93 TJ6S12 970 5 57-60359 

Wisconsin. State Historical Society. 

The Indian in modern America, a symposium held at the 
State Historical Society of Madison Edited by David A. 
Baerreis. r Madison 3 1956 

XT, 70 p 20 cm 
E01W5 1956 9705 57-62617 

Wouters, Herman. 

De Indianen vroeger en. nu Brussel, A, Mantean t 1957j 

341p illns. 21cm. 
E77.W89 59-37364 { 


see also Indians of North America Hos- 

U. S. Congress Souse Committee on Interstate and For- 
etffn Commerce, 

Indian sanitation facilities. Hearings before a subcom- 
mittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Com- 
merce, House of Bepresentatives, Eighty-sixth Congress, 
first session, on bills to provide for improvement of Indian 
sanitation facilities May 5 and 6, 1959. Washington, U S 
Govt Print Of, 1959 

ill, 76 p. diagr., tables 24cm. 
KA801TJ43 9706628 59-61335 

U.S. Dvmsim of Indian HeatiL 

Oral health, program ; annual report 

T. Ulna, 21x27 cm. 
BA801U46 58-62415 t 

U.S. Dwtefon of Ind&m Health. 

Plan for medical facilities needed for Indian health serv- 
ices. Prepared with the cooperation of Division of Hos- 
pital and Medical Facilities, Public Health Service, t Wash- 
ingtonjU S Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare r 1958 3 

T, lOSp, maps, tables, 2Tcm. 
EAS01US 970 63621 58^60266 

U. S. Dwmm of IwMtm Hedt&. Progrm 
Special. Studies Branch. 

Indian health highlights. Med. t Washington?, 1957. 

Till, 84 p. dlagrs^ tables. 27cm. 
BA80!U5a 1957 970.6614 58-4J0465 

If. S, P&Wi Hedth S&mce 

Progress in Indian health; a report on to Indian health 

tWashmgton, 105% 
Bios, 28cm. 
BA801U7 1959 970-6614 59-61003 J 

U.S. Pukkc Health SWVM& Office of the Surgeon GmertA* 

Health services for American Indians. Washington, U. S. 

Dept of Health, Edacation, and Wdta, Pubto Health 

Serace, Office of Surgeon General, Division of Public 

. WT S, 
Publication 00 531) 
RA448.5JSA53 970.6614 



see also Indians of North America 

Griffin, James Bennett, 1905- 

XJruted States and Canada, indigenous period. Mexico, 

104 p 17 cm (Program of the history of America, I Indigenous 
period, 3) 
F1401 P153 no 154 970 1 55-1302 

Hyde, George E 1882- 

Indians of the High Plains from the prehistoric period 
to the coming of Europeans jlst ed j Norman, University 
of Oklahoma Press C 19S9 3 
231 p lllos 24 cm (lie Civilization of the American Indian 

E78W5H97 9701 59-7963 J 

Paccino, Dano. 

Amvano i nostn; storia, del Pellerossa Milano, Edi- 

ziom Avanti, 1958 

320 p lllus 17 cm ( n Gallo , collana omnibus, 32-33) 

E77P13 57-46177 t 


Texas. State Library, Austin Archives Division 

Texas Indian papers Edited from the original ms copies 
in the Texas State archives by Dorman H Winfrey jState 
archivist; assisted by James M. Day, George B Nielsen c andj 
Albert D. Pattillo Austin, Texas State Library, 1959- 

v port, maps, facslms 24cm. 
E78T4T42 9705 59-63649 


Livingston, Robert, 1654-1728, comp 

The Livingston Indian records, 1666-1723, edited by 
Lawrence H Leder Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Historical 
Association. 1956. 

240 p Illus , ports , mape (1 fold.) 24 cm. 
E99I7L5 9703 56-4752 

South Carolina (Colony) 

Documents relating to Indian, affairs, May 21, 1750- 
August 7, 1764 Edited by William L McDowell, Jr Co- 
lumbia, South Carolina Archives Dept, 1958 

acdl, 592 p facsim 28 cm. (The Colonial records of Sonth Caro- 
lina. iSer 2 Tlie Indian books j) 





Colton, Ray Charles, 1907- 

The American Civil War in the western territories of NOT* 
Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah Ann Arbor, Uni- 
versity Microfilms [1955] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mica.] Publication no 11,882) 

Microfilm AC-1 
Maryland. tTnfT Llbr 

no 11,882 

Mic A 55-1082 

Coltoa, Ray Charles, 1907- 

The Civil War in the western territories Arizona, Col- 
orado, New Mexico, and Utah [1st ed.j Norman, Univer- 
sity of Oklahoma Press r !959j 

ix, 230 p Ulna , ports., maps. 24 cm. 

E4709C7 97873 59-7964 


U. S. Congress House Committee on Interior and Insular 

Transferring the maintenance and operation of hospital 
and health facilities for Indians to the Public Health Service 
Report to accompany H. R 303 r Wasktiigton, U S Govt 
Print Ofl%1953j 

18 p. 24 cm. (83d Cong, 1st sess House of Representatives 
Hefxwt no 870) 
RA981.A35A5 5S-61773 

U. S. Congress Some. Committee on Interstate and For- 
eign Commerce. 

Construction of Indian hospitals Hearing- before a sub- 
committee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Com- 
merce, House of Representatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, first 
session, on H. R. 2021 and EL K. 2380, bills to provide for the 
construction of Indian hospitals and to provide for grants to 
assist in the construction, of community hospitals which will 
serve Indians and non-Indians jointly. April 9, 1957. 
Washington, U. S Govt Pnnt Off , 1957. 

ill, 4Sp. mapa (1 fold.) tables. 24 cm. 
EA981AS5A47 57-60503 

ILLUSTRATIONS see Indians of 
North America Pictures, illustra- 
tions, etc. 


see also Folsom points; Harpoons; 
Throwing- sticks 

Fowler, Melvin Leo, 1924- 

Modoc Eock Shelter, preliminary report, by Melvin L 
Fowler and Howard D Winters, with faunal analysis by 
Paul W Parmalee Ulus by Bettye Broyles Springfield, 


58 p illus.maps 28 cm (Illinois State Maseum [Springfield] 
Report of ln\ estigations, no 4) 

[AM101 1 374 no 4] A 57-9313 rev 

Illinois Uaiv Library 

Russell, Virgil Yates, 1895- 

Indian artifacts With pen sketches by Stella L Russell 
Completely rev and enl t Boulder, Colo , Johnson Pub Co , 

170 p illus 24cm 
E98I4R8 1957 970657115 57-4713 t 

Woodbury, Richard Benjamin, 1917- 

Prehistonc stone implements of northeastern Arizona 
Cambridge, The Museum, 1954 

xlii, 240 p illus , plates, maps 27 cm (Reports of the Awatovl 
Expedition. Report no 6) 

[E51H337 vol 34] A 54-7834 

Harvard Univ Library 


see also Indians of North America 
Antiquities; Indians of North. America 
Basket making, Indians of North America 
Pottery, Indians of North America 
Trading posts 

IT. S. Congress House Committee on Government Opera- 

Alaska native loaa program Hearings before a subcom- 
mittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House 
of Representatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, second session 
September 23 and 24, 1957 Washington, U S Govt Print 
Off, 1958 

r, 238 p tables 24 cm 
E78 A3U53 970 6332742 58-30528 


Brookmgs Institution, Washwffton, D C Institute for 
Government Research 

Law and order in the New Mexico Pueblos, 1931-193S, 
report of a survey made at the request of Charles J Ehoads, 
Commissoner of Indian Affairs Committee on survey 
Mary Louise Mark, chairman, Elizabeth Long, Paul Gordon 


319 1. tables 31 cm 
E99 P9B75 


U. S. Congrm Senate Committee on the Jvdvmry 

Juvenile delinquency (Indians) Hearings before the Sub- 
committee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency of the Com- 
mittee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-third 
-Congress, second session, pursuant to S Res. 89, investiga- 
tion of juvenile delinquency in the United States Wash- 
ington, U S Govt Print Off, 1954 

T, 455 p 24 cm 

E98 C87U5 55-30374 rev 

U. S. Congress Senate Committee on the Judiciary. 

Juvenile delinquency (Indians) Hearings before the Sub- 
committee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency of the Com- 
mittee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-f ourtn 
n ___ *e4. coeeirtn nnmiiuit to S. Res. 62. invesfaeatioa 

uonoress, nrsc session, pursuauii w u. *-o. , -., 

of juvenile delinquency in the United States Washington, 
U S.Govt Print Off, 1955 

lv,47&p illus 24cm rrftlflao 

E98C87U5 1955 56-61932 

U. S. Congress Senate Committee on the Judiciary 

Juvenile delinquency among the Indians Interim report 
of the Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency 
to the Committee on the Judiciary pursuant to S Bes. 62 
and S Kes 125, 84th Congress, 1st session A part of the 
investigation of juvenile delinquency in the United States. 
Washington, U S Govt Print Off ,1955 

IT, 239 p Ota*, maps (part fold ) 24cm 
E98 C87U52 55-63329 

U, S. Congress Senate Committee on tlw JwKoiary 

Juvenile delinquency among the Indians. Eeport of the 
Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, made by 
its Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency, pur- 
suant to S Res. 62 as extended, 84th Congress, 1st session. 
Washington, U S Govt Print Off.. 1956 

lT,28&p. mm, map* (part fold.) 24 on. (84th Cong, 2d aces. 
Senate. Report no 1483) 
E98 C87U58 970 636436 56-60559 


Librafy of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Chandler, Edna Walker. 

Buffalo Boy Pictures by Jack Merryweather Chicago, 
Benefic Press C 1957j 

128 p illus 21cm (American Indians) 
PE1127I5C38 3724 57-2313 J 

Chandler, Edna Walker. 

Young Hawk Pictures by Jack Merryweather Chicago, 
Benefic Press [1957] 

128 p illus 2lcm (American Indians) 
PE1127I5C39 3724 57-59006 J 

Dorian, Edith M 

Hokahey' American Indians then and now t by, Edith 
Dorian and W ff Wilson New York, Whittlesey House 

112 p illus 26 cm 

E77D68 9701 5T-9416 t 

Fisher, Olive Margaret, 1889- camp 

Totem, tipi, and tumphne, stones of Canadian Indians, 
by Olive M Fisher and Clara L. Tyner With illus by 
Aunora Brown Toronto r!956, C 1955i 

264 p mus 23cm 
E78 C2F5 1956 970 4 56-4253 I 

Grant, Bruce, 1893- 

Amencan Indians, yesterday and today, a profusely illus- 
trated encyclopedia of the American Indian. Illustrated 
by Lorence F Bjorklund. t lst ed j New York, Button, 

352p illus, ports 24cm. 
E77 G78 970 1 58-9575 

Hofsinde, Robert. 

The Indian's secret world, written and illustrated by 
Robert Hofsinde (Gray-Wolf) New York, Morrow, 1955 

4 p illus 28 cm 




Pine, Tiflie S 

The Indians knew. Pictures by Ezra Jack Keats. New 
York, Whittlesey House [1957, 

32 p illus 26cm 



Pistorius, Anna. 

What Indian is it? Chicago, Follett Pub Co , 1956 
27 p mus 20x28 cm, 
E77P65 970.1 56-5122 1 

Wallower, Lucille, 1910- 

Indians of Pennsylvania, written and illustrated by Lu- 
cille Wallower, assisted by Martha E Trullinger State 
College, Pa , Peons Valley Publisher t !956] 

9Sp illua. 22cm 
E78JEW17 9704 56-4026 t 


see also Indians of North America 
Government relations 

McLane, Alfred Ervm, 1918- 

Oil and gas leasing on Indian lands Denver, F H. 
Gower and M. T. Bender Co., Albany, 1956, C 1955j 
x, Till, 407 p maps (1 fold.) 24 cm 

97063338 56-1338 

TJ. S. Gong)e$3 House Committee on Interior and Insular 

Cahforma Indians, 1957 Hearings before the Subcom- 
mittee on Indian Affairs on H R, 2576 t and otherj bills to 
provide for the distribution of the land and assets of certain 
Indian ranchenas and reservations in. California, and for 
other purposes .. Washington, TJ S Govt Print Off , 1&57 
ill, 106 p tables 24 cm (Its t Heariogs before ttae Oommitt^ m 
Interior and Insular Affairs. Hcrase of Representatives, Etgbty-fltth 
Congress, serial no 13) 
HD17LA18A35 no 13 57-60887 

XJ. S, Congress Home Committee on Interior and Insular 

Land allotments on Agua Calieute Reservation, Calif. 
Hearing before a special subcommittee on equalization of 
land allotments on the Agua Cahente Reservation in Cali- 
fornia. Palm Springs, Calif., October , 1957. Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print On% 1958 v ^ 

11L 116 p forms tables. 2* cm. (Ii jHeartngs beforej tine 00m- 
mitt^ on Interior and Inaflar Affairs, House of Bepreuentative*, 
ss, serial no IT) 

no. 17 58-60449 

U. S. Oowrevt. House. Committee on Interior md I**f 

Standing Rock, Lower Brule, and Crow Creek Indian 
Tnbes, North and South Dakota; department reports and 
information relating to H, R, 6075 (Berry) and othersj . . 
Washington, U. S Govt Pjriat. Off , 1958 

^ 58-60702 

U S. Congress. Senate Committee on Interior <md /TWM- 
l&e Affairs 

Indian land transactions, memorandum of the chairman. 
to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United 
States Senate. An analysis of the problems and effects of 
our diminishing Indian land base, 1948-57 Washington, 
U S Govt Print Off , 1958 

3od, 838 p illus , fold map , tables 24 cm 
E98L3U54 9705 59-60157 

LAND TITLES see Indians of North 
America Land tenure 


see also Indians of North America 
Government relations; Indians of North 
America Property 

Blumenthal, Walter Hart, 1883- 

Amerlcan Indians dispossessed, fraud in land cessions 
forced upon the tribes. Philadelphia, G S MacManus Co , 

200p 22cm 
E93B64 9705 55-8477 1 

see also Chippewa language 

Trager, George Leonard, 1906- 

North American Indian languages classification and maps 
t byj George L Trager and Felicia E Harben Buffalo, 
Dept, of Anthropology and Linguistics, University of Buf- 
falo, 1958 

35 p Illus 23 em (Studies in linguistics, occasional papers 5) 
P25S78 no 5 59-31057 J 


TJ. S. Solicitor for the Dept of the Interior 

Federal Indian law Washington, U S Govt Print Off, 

nx, 1106 p 24 cm 

970 6M 58-61351 

Wisconsin. State Historical Society. 

The Indian in modem America; a symposium held at the 
State Historical Society of Madison. Edited by David A. 
Baerras. tMadisonj 1956. 

** 70 p 20 cm 
E91W5 1956 9705 57-62617 

see also Folk- lore, Indian 

Cuadra Downing, Orlando, ed 

The adventures of Don Coyote, American Indian folk 
tales. t !st ed , New York, Exposition Press C 1955j 

100 p 21cm 


Dolch, Edward William, 1889- 

Lodge stories in basic vocabulary, by Edward W Dolch 
and Marguerite P. Dolch. Illustrated by Billy M. Jackson, 
Champaign, III , Garrard Pi ess C 1957j 

103 p llltis 21cm. (T&e Basic vocabulary series) 
P25D73Lo 57-14056 J 

Dolch, Edward William, 1889- 

Tepee stones, in basic vocabulary, by Edward W. Dolch 
and Marguerite P Dolch, Illustrated by Robert S Kerr. 
Champaign, J2L, Garrard Press iinfy 

165 p Illrcs 22 cm. (The Basic vocabulary series) 
PZ5J)73Te 55-1B04 J 

Bofch, Edward Wiffiam, 1889- 

Wigwam stories, in basic vwjabubary, by Edward W. DoWh 
and Marguerite P. Dolch. Illustrated by Robert S. Kerr, 
Champaign, EL, Garrard Press I956j 

165 p lllos. 22cm (Tbe Basic vocabulary series) 
PZ5D73W1 55-11205 I 

Fisher, Anne (Benson) 1S98- 

Stones Calif ornia Indians told. Illusfcrmted by Rufli R<jb- 
bin& Berkeley, Cdi, Parnasswa Press f lSSTj 
109 p. llloa. 24 cm, 

57-8065 J 

Hayes, William D 

Indian tales of the desert people, written and illustrated 
by WIEiani D. Hayes. New York, D. MeKaj Co, l t lMj 
11/1,. mus. 22cm. 

Hazeltme, Alice Isabel, 15TS- con^p 

Eed Hj,an, Tfhite man, legends, tales, and true accounts of 
the American Indians New York, Lottrop, Lee & Shepard 
C 15T, 

300 p 22 ccc 

PZ5J333Re 54-7580 J 

Jenness, Diamond, 18S6- 

The corn goddess, and other tales from Indian Canada 
Illustrated b> Winmfred K Bentley Ottawa, 1956 

141 Anthropolosical series no ^) 

QHl CIS no 141 398 22 57-1SH t 

Eroeber, Theodora. 

The inland whak Foreword by Oliver La Farge. Draw- 
ings bv Joseph Cnvy Bloomington, Indiana University 
Press (1959, 

20 p illus 22cm. 
E98.F6E:82 3982 59-0365 J 

Littlejohn, Flavins Josephns, 180^-1880 

Legends of Alichigan and the Old North West, or, A 
cluster of unpublished waifs, gleaned along the uncertain, 
misty line, dividing traditional from nistonc tunes, E AHe- 
gan County Historical Society edj Allegan, Mich., North- 
western Bible and Pub Co ,1875 r Allegan MiclL,*1956i 

5T2p lllns, ports 28cm. 
E78.M6L7 1956 9704 57-32582 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1S07-18S2 

Ilec ni, o FaflaBaTe IlepeBOA c aHnnficsoro H \ B\ irana 
MocKsa, Toe. ii3,i;-BO xypjo^K. IHT-PH, 1955 
220 p Illus 17cm 

PS226TAG7B8 1955 5T-24055 | 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882. 

The song of Hiawatha Centennial facsimile ed , 1855- 
1955, including the fabulous storj of the centennial twins 
America's mightiest mile, by William Ratigan. Grand 
Rapids, Eerdmans, 1955 

G8p,facsim. IT, 316 p Illus., port, map 16cm. 
PS2267A1 1955 811.34 55-8888 

MacmiUan, Cyras, 1880-1953 

Glooskap's country, and other Indian tales. IDttstrated by 
John A. HalL Toronto, New York, Oxford University 
Press, 1056 

273p HUB 23cai 
E98JF6M18 398^2 56-10102 J 

Schoolcraf t, Henry Rowe, 179S-18M. 

Indian legends from Algic researches (The myth of Hia- 
watha, Oneota, the red race in America) and historical and 
statistical information respecting the Indian tribes of the 
United States; edited by Mentor L. Williama {East Lan- 
sing] Michigan State University Press, 1956 

aadi, 822 p 24 cm 
E98 F6S32 396.22 55-11888 

Wallower, Lucille, 1910- 

The hippity hopper j or, Why there are no Indians in 
Pennsylvania, retold and pictured by loofe Wallower. 
t New Yortj D McKay Co, B 1957. 

unpaged Illus 24cm. 
E98F6W26 SQSM 57-680 | 

Weiss, Louise, 1893- 

Mythes des peatts-roages dn Paofiqoe nordi. 

</ Lea CBuvres llbtea. Paziau IS em. NOOT jrit, aj. KB IT S27) 


f 159r-200) 
[PQ1141.04 vol 327] 

NortliWateni Balv 


Lemert, Edwin McCarthy, 101S- 

Akohol and the Korthwest const Indians, Bffl4ley,Uni- 
vraty of California Press, 1951. 



Callforala. I3Ii f . Wlar 



. MANUFACTURES see Indians of 
North America Industries 


Dicus, Garner Parker. 

AmferW Indian tnbti areas Paaite, Ctof^ 195S. 

col. Map 28x44 em. 

O701.E1 l&SSJ Map M-SS 

Dicus, Garner Parker, 

American Indians. Pamta (Mil, Itttt. 

Q8701JU> 1952 D5 

Map 5^448 


Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

MAPS (Continued) 

Tryon, Rolla Milton, 1875- ed 

Indians during early exploration and settlement Edited 
by Eolla ildtoa Tryoa, James Alton. James t andj Carl Eos- 
sell Fish Indianapolis, G F Cram Co [1954, 

coL map89 x 128 cm 

G3701JS 1954 T7~ Map 54^99 


Barbean, Charles Manns, 1883- 

Medicme-men on the Xorth Pacific coast. [Ottawa t Dept 
of Northern Affairs and National Resources, National Mu- 
seum of Canada, 1958. 

95 p illus 25 cm (National Museum of Canada. Bulletin no 
152. Anthropological series, no 42) 
QH1 C13 no. 152 970 6736 59-654 t 

Romero, John Bruno. 

The botanical lore of the California Indians, with, side 
lights on historical incidents in California, by John Bruno 
Komero, "Ha-Ha-St of Tawee " New York, Vantage Press 

82 p 23 cm 
QK99R64 581.634 54-8325 J 

IZATION see Indians of North 
America as soldiers 

see also Jesuits Missions 

Baeklin, Dorothy O 

Strong hearts for God Ulus by W. Richard West t lst 
ed.i Philadelphia, Judson. Press t 1955j 

Xtlp Hlus 22cm. 
E98 J46B9S6 970 62666 55-76S4 t 

Carillo, Januarius M 

The story of Mission San Antonio de- Pala Balboa Island, 
Calif , Paisano Press C 1959j 

39p. illns I5x23an. 
F861C27 979498 59-43206 J 

Fritz, Henry Eugene. 

The humanitarian background of Indian reform, 1860 
1890. Ann Arbor, Mich , University Microfilms r !958j 
Microfilm AC-1 no 58-2170 Mic 58-2170 

Minnesota. Univ Libr 

Hancock, Aaron, 1894- 

My Father is rich, the biography of Aaron and Hilda 
Hancock as related to J. dark Hensley. Nashville, TO- 
hams Print Co. t 1956j 

214 p inns, 24cm. 
E78.O4SH3 970.62666 86-59019 t 

Heisuig, Heldemar, 

Missonjerung und Diozesanbildung' in Kalifornien 
cMunster, Im Selbstvfcrlag des Geographischen Instituts der 
Umvetmtkt Munster und der Geographischen Kommission 
fur Westfalen, 1968, 

116 u 4 msp (la podcet) 21 m. (WestfflUache geograpMsdie 


Hopkins,! G E 

Black robe peacemaker, Pierre de Smet, Hfastrated by 
W. E. "WBaoa. New Yorfc P J. Kenedy c lS58j 
288 P- illoa. 22 on. fAjnertcan bacS^roond books j8,) 

922378 58-11458 t 

KeBaway, WiKiam. 

The collection for the Indians of Mew 
U Joixn Bylawfe Library, Manchester 

2Tcn. V 39 (1957) p. 444-462) 

Z92LM18B voL39 

New Tori ITnlv 

A 59-412 

JLe Jan, Francis, 1665-1717. 

Carolina chronicle, 1706-1717, edited, with an iatrod. and 
notes, by Frank J Kitngberg Berkeley, UniTOrsity of Cali- 
fornia Press, 1956 

rt, 220 p illus., port 24 cm (University of CkHfornlt publica- 
tions in history, v 53) 

E173.C15 V0L53 A 56-0335 
Copy 2. 3EP272.L8S 

Notices & voyages of th famed Quebec mission to tha Pacific 
Northwest being the corre^ondence, notices, etc , of Fathers 
Blanchet and Demers, together with those of Fathers Bolduc 
and Langlois Containing much remarkable information on 
the areas and inhabitants of the Columbia, Walamette, 
Cowlitz, and Fraser Rivers, Nesqually Bay, Puget Sound, 
Whidby, and Vancouver Islands, while on their arduous 
mission to the engages of the Hudson's Bay Company and 
the pagan natives, 1838 to 1847. With accounts of several 
voyages around Cape Horn to Valparaiso and to the Sand- 
wich Islands, etc Englished out of the French by Carl 
Landerholm from related papers and documents in the 

Oregon Historical Society collections [Portland, Published 

for thej Oregon Historical Society t by the Champoeg Press, 

Reed College, 1956 
243p DUos 26cm 

F880M73 91795 57-4068 t 

Sapp, Phyllis ^Yoodmff, 1908- 

The ice cutter; the life of J B Rounds, missionary to the 
Indians Atlanta, Home Mission Board, Southern Baptist 
Convention [194^ 

9Sp, Illus .ports. 20cm. (Graded serial on frontiers) 
E98.M6S2 922 673 48-1931 rev* 

Zeisberger, David, 1721-1808 

Official diary, Fairfield, 1791-1795 r Translated and 
edited by] Paul Eugene Mueller Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms C 1956j 

([tfaiversity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 17,070) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 17,070 Mic 56-2253 

Columbia Unit libraries 


Manitoba* Dept of Agriculture and Immigration Social 
and Economic Research Office 

A study of the population of Indian ancestry linng in 
Manitoba Winnipeg, Dept of Agriculture and linmj^ra- 
tion, 1&59 

ST mas, maps, dlagrsL, tables. 28 can, 
E78M25A53 970.427 59-44192 


Sears, William Hulse, 1920- 

Two Weeden Island period burial mounds, Florida The 
W H Browne mound, Duval County The MacKenzie 
mound, Mtuion County Gainesville, University of Florida, 

35, [lj p illus, maps. 23 cm (Contributions of the Florida 
Museue ' 

mm social sciences, no 5) 
E74 J"6S4 913 759 

Florida. UaiT Library 

A 59-9907 


Denanow, Prances, 1867- 

Muac of Acoma, Isleta, Cochito, and Zufii Pueblos. 
WashingtoE, U. S. Govt Print Oft% 1957. 

3JI, 117 p fflas. 24 eta. dU Si Borean of American Ethnology. 

K51.U6 no. 165 *780.973 78Ln 57-60942 

Densmore, Frances, 1867- 

Semmole mumc. Washmgton, U. S Govt. Print. Off, 
BcStol^gS P- ports. (F a Boreau of American Ethnology. 

E51.U6 no. 161 *780978 780.^1 57-60180 

ffiggiason, Vincent, 1896- 

Hymnody in the American Indian missions. Hew York, 
Hymn Society of America, 1954. 

40 p Illus., music. 23cm. (The papers of the Hymn Sodety, 18} 
ML3270H9 no. 18 55-4S66 

McAllester, David Park, 1916- 

Eaemy way music; * study of social and esthetic values 
as seen in Navaho muatc, Cambridge, The Museum, 1954* 
ix, 86 p 27 cm. (Keport$ of the Bimrock project, walacfi series. 

[E51.H337 voL41,no.3] 
Hatrard Unlv Library 

A 55-5051 

KeftI, Brtino, 1930- 

North American Indian musical styles. Philadelphia, 
Amencaa FolMore Society, 1954 t i e., 195S, 

* v - ~~ (Memoirs of the American Folklore Society, 

fct,51p. lEus 25 1 
GELA5 voL45 

"78097E 781.71 55-14188 t 

Rhodes, Willard, 1901- 

Music of the American Indian Kiowa Recorded and 
edited by Willard Rhodes Notes on the Kiowa language by 
Edith Crowell Trager Washington, Library of Congress, 
Music Division, Recording Laboratory, Archives of Ameri- 
can Folksong, IB cooperation with the Bureau of Indian 
Affairs [195-! 

p illus. 23cm 

Rhodes, Willard, 1901- 

Music of the American Indian, Northwest, Puget Sound 
Recorded and edited by Willaid Rhodes Introd by Erna 
Guuthei Washington, Library of Congress, Music Divi- 
sion Recording Laboratory, Archives of American Folk- 
song, in cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and 
the Indian Arts and Crafts Board [1954=] 
36 p illus , facslm , map 22 cm 

ML3557 R45 

Copy 3 

Z663 378 MS 


Roberts, Helen Heffron, 1888- 

Songs of the Nootka Indians of western Vancouver Island 
t by 3 Helen H Roberts and Moms Swadesh Based on 
phonographic records, linguistic and other field notes made 
by Edward Sapir Philadelphia, American Philosophical 

199-32T p illus 30 cm (Transactions of the American Pnilo- 
sophical Society, new ser , T 45, pt 3) 

Qll P6 n s , vol 45, pt 3 55-5919 rev 

*780973 78171 

MYTHOLOGY see Folk-lore, Indian, 
Indians of North America Legends, 
Indians of North America Religion 
and mythology 


Dtuilap, Arthur Ray. 

Indian place-names in Delaware, by A. R Dunlap and 
O A. Weslager Wilmington., Archaeological Society of 
Delaware, 1950 

61 p lllus 23 cm. 
F162D8 *91751 9294 56-34659 % 

Huden, John Charles, 1899- 

Indian place names in Vermont [Burlington, Vt j 1957, 
32 p illus, maps 23cm. (Sis Monograph no 1) 
F47JT8 "91743 9294 58-26541 

Jones, Cyril Meredith, 1904- 

Indian, pseudo-Indian place names in the Canadian West 
Winnipeg, 1956 

19 p port 23 cm. (Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences 
Series Ouomastlca, no 12) 
F1060 1 J6 58-46327 

Simpson, James Clarence, 1910-1952 

A provisional gazetteer of Florida place-names of Indian 
derivation, either obsolescent or retained, together with 
others of recent application Edited by Mark F Boyd. 
Tallahassee, 1956 

x,158p port, 5 fold maps 23cm (Florida Geological Surrey 
Special publication no 1) 

F309S5 91759 A 56-9536 

Florida. TTnlv library 


Reynolds, Wyim Robert 

Persuasive speaking of the Iroquois Indians at treaty 
councils, 1678-1776; a study of techniques as evidenced in 
the official transcripts of the interpreters' translations. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms t 1957 3 

CtUnl varsity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 21,640) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 21,649 Mic 57-2612 

ORIGIN see Indians Origin 


Ettmohistory. v. tV Apr. 1054- 

Bloommgton, etio, Indiana "Universityj 

T. 24cm quarterly. 
E51B8 9T0.1 57-43843 

Smoke signals, v l- 
May/June 1949- 
t^ew York, etc., 

T in illus, 25-28 cm. bimonthly 
E77J415 56-88567 

writing, Indian 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Fondaburk, Emma Lila, 1922- ed 

Southeastern Indians life portraits, a catalogue of pic- 
tures, 1564-1860 Luverne, Ala , 1958 

135 p Illus , ports , maps 28 cm 
E78S65F8 9701 58-13588 

La Farge, Oliver, 1901- 

A pictorial history of the American. Indian New York, 
Crown Publishers 1956, 

rown uisers 1956, 
272 p Illus { part coL) ports, col map 32cm 
E77X245 970 1 


McCracken, Harold, 1894- 

George Catlin and the old frontier New York, Dial 
Press, 1959 

216 p Illus (part col ) ports (part col } 32 cm 
ND237C35M3 1959 75913 59-94M 

Pennsylvania. University. University Mweum. 

The noble savage, the American Indian in art. 
fcouj 8 May-8 Sept, 1958, University Museum, Philadel- 
phia. c Pkladelphia,1958j 

unpaged. Illus 23cm. 
E89P37 58-2565 J 

see also Indians in literature 

Johnson, Rosamond Laurie. 

Kitsap tyeej an epic of the Evergreen State. t lst ed. 3 
New York, Exposition Press ^954, 

162p 21cm. 
PS3519 028593K5 8115 54-12948 J 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882 

HecHi, o rafiasaie IZepeso^ c aKrvaficxoro H A EyHHHa 
MOCEB&, Foe H3A-BO xyfloa;. JTHT-PH. 1955 

220p iiius 17cm. 
PS2267.A67B8 1955 57-24055 J 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882. 

The song of Hiawatha, Centennial facsimile ed., 1855- 
1955 , including the fabulous story of the centennial twins 
America's mightiest mile, by William Eatigan. Grand 
Rapids, Eerdmans, 1955 

68p,facslm Iv,316p Illua, port, map 16cm. 
PS2267A1 1955 81134 55-8888 


Ewers, John Canfield. 

Charles Bird King, painter of Indian visitors to the Na- 
tion's Capital. 

(7n Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1953. Washington, 
1954. 24cm p. 463-473 Ulns, ports.) 

Q11S66 1953 55-2702 

Moyer, John William. 

Famous Indian chiefs. Illustrated by James L. Vlasaty. 
Chicago, M A. Donohue t !957] 

81 p Illus 31 on 
E89M84 9702 57-8406 t 

Pennsylvania. University, Vnbenitjf Mwmm. 

The noble savage; the American Indian in art. (Exhibi- 
tion] 8 May-8 SepL, 1958, University Museum, Philadel- 
phia. tPhdadelpHajlDSSj 

unpaged, tllus. 23 ""?. 


Field, dark. 

Indian pottery of the Southwest, post Spanish, period, 
idark Field collection. Tulsa, Philbrook Art Center, 10S8j 

unpaged, lllns. 21 cut 
E98.P8F5 58-46420 J 

Heimlich, Marion Donlevy. 

Guntersville Basin pottery. University, Geological Sur- 
very of Alabama, 1952. 

<&p. tabka 28cm. (Gwloglcal Snrvey of Alabama. Museum 
paper, 32} 
E98JP8H4 970.657155 55-62184 

Kroefcer, Alfred Loras, 1876- 

Mohave pottery, by A. L. Kroeber and Michael J. Harner. 
tBerkeley, Universal of Calif omia Press, 195&, 

v, 30 p; baseplates. 28cm, CAaOm>pololciilreconJs,T l^ao.1) 
-BRLjUSS vol 16, no 1 970.6788 A55-5S8 

Oalttorala. TJniT IJbe, 

White, Marian Emily, 1921- 

Iroquois culture history in the Niagara, frontier area of 

New York State Ann Aibor, University Microfilms [I937j 

([University Microfilms Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 21,373) 

Microfilm AC-1 no 21,373 M 1C 57-1892 

Michigan. TJmv Libr 


see also Indians of North America 
Financial affairs, Indians of North 
America: Land tenure 

U. S. Congress Senate Committee on Interior and Insu- 
lar Affairs 

Review appraisal Klamath Indian assets Hearing be- 
fore the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee 
on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States Senate, 
Eighty-sixth Congress, first session, on review of appraisal 
of reservation assets of the Klamath Indian Reservation 
March 23, 1959 Washington, U S Govt. Pnnt Off 1959 

Ul.eSp 24cm 
E99E:7U567 9703 59-61121 


Hallowefl, Alfred Irving, 1892- 

Culture and experience Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania Press, 1955. 

rti^'^S, ma ,P' ^Sr, tables. 24 cm. (Publications of the PMla- 
delpWa Ant&ropological Society, T 4) 
GN6H3 9706 54-11540 

Havighurst, Robert James, 1900- 

Amer can Indian and white children , a sociopsychological 
investigation, by Robert J Havighurst and Berniee L Neu- 
garten. [Chicago^ University of Chicago Press [1955] 

Till, 335 p tables 24 cm 
E98C5H3 970613S7 54-11208 


see also Indians of North America 

-REAL PROPERTY see Indians of 
North America -Land tenure 

RECREATIONS see Indians of North 
America Games 


see also Corn maidens' dance; Indians of 
North America Dances; Katcinas; Peyote 

Bailey, Paal Dayton, 1906- 

Wovoka, the Indian messiah. Los Angeles, Westernlore 
Press t !957j 

223 p Illus 22cm. (Great West and ladlaa aeries, 10) 
E99P2W6 970.2 57-13272 J 

Hultkrantz, Ike. 

Conceptions of the soul among North American Indians; 
a study in religious ethnology. Stockholm, 1953 

544 p. 24 cm, (EthnograpMcal Museum of Sweden, Stockholm 
(Statens etaograflska museum) Monograph series, publication no 1) 
E98E3H8 A 55-1557 

Minnesota, Unlv. IJbr 

Relander, Click. 

Drummers and dreamers: the story of Smowhak th& 
prophet and his nephew Puck Hyah Toot, tibte last prophet of 
the nearly extinct River People, the last Wampums. By 
dick; Kelander (Now Tow Look) With a foreword by 
Frederick Webb Hodge CaldweH, Idaho, Caxton Printara, 

845 p lllos, 22cm. 
E99W26B4 9702 

WachtmeisUr, Arvid Albrekt Axebson, greve, 1889- 

Sjalavandnngsforestallningar hos Nordamerikas iadia- 

ner Stockliolm, Natur och kultur [1957] 
l&ip 22cm. 

E98E3W3 58-24994 



Oalifernia, Indian Afmn. 
Progress report to the LegislKtmre. 

Inform OommxUw 

Embry, Carlos B 

America's concentration camps; the facts about GOT Indui 

reservations today New York, D McKay Co e 1056 3 

242 p 22cm ' 

E93E5 9705 56-13678 t 

Kelly, William Henderson, 1902- 

The changing role of the Indian in Arizona. {Tucson 

Agricultural Extension Service, University of Arizona 

28 p illns, col maps (on p & and $3 of cover 23 cm (Agri- 
cultural Extension Service, University of Arizona. Circular 263) 

E7SA7KM 9704 58-63298 

U. S. Division of Indian Health Program, Analyses and 
Special Studies Branch 

Indians on Federal reservations in the United States a 
digest. Washington, 1958 

T map STcm. (US Public Health Service Publication 
no 615) 
E93.U69M 970 5 58-61775 


U. S. National Archwes, 

List of cartographic records of the Bureau of Indian 
AJtairs (Record gronp 75) Compiled by Laura E Kelsay. 
Washington, 1954 

v, 127 p 27 cm. (Its Publication 55-1. Special lists, no 13} 
CDS035 B8U5 016 9705 A 54-9587 

U S National Archives Library 


see also Butterfly dance; Corn maidens 1 

Tsa To ke, Monroe, 1904r-1937. 

The peyote ritual , visions and descnptions San Fran- 
cisco, Grabhorn Press r 1957 3 

jcvti, 06 p eol illos 40cm. 
E98R3T8 [2997] 97062 58-18338 

SCHOOLS see Indians of North 
Am erica Education 


Hofsinde* Robert. 

Indian sign language, written and illustrated by Boberfc 
Hofsinde (Graj-Wolf) New York, Morrow, 1956 

96 p illus 21 cm. [Morrow junior booksi 
EOS.S5H6 419 1 56-5178 J 


Mera, Hany Percival, 1875-1051 

Indian alverwork of the Southwest, illustrated. Olobe, 
Anz , D S King, 1959 

T. illus., 23 on, 
E98J355M42 070673923 


Embry, Carlos B 

Americans concentration camps ; the facts alxrafc oar 
reservations today. New York, D. McKay Co *196j 

242 p 22cm. 

E93E5 9703 56-1B67S 


see also Indians of North America 
Dances, Indians of North America 


Mans of the Southwest Decowtkm by 
Pewada. San Antonio, Baylor Co r l858j 

383 p inns, 23enu 
E78^7AS 19158 $7M W-T 5tt 1 

Edmoason, Miinro S 

Stains terminology and the social structurs of Xorth 

Amewaa ladkaa, Seattle, T%nrcn% df Wadtoaglon 
Press, 1958, 

ceremonialism 'on tlie Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon. 

Sficroffltoa AC3-1 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Hunter, John Dram, 17981-1827. 

Manners and customs of several Indian tribes located west 
of the Mississippi, including some account of the soil, 
climate, and vegetable productions, and the Indian materia 
medica to which is prefixed the history of the author's life 
during a residence of several years among them Minne- 
apolis, Ross &. Haines, 1957 

402 j> 23 cm 

[E87H ] A 58-5991 

Kentucky Cniv Llbr 

Kefly, Rabin Arthor. 

The sky was their roof London, Mdrose t 1955i 
252p iilus 22cm, 
F591 K4 978 56-33586 

Kohl, Johami Georg, 1S08-1S7S 

Kitclu-Ganii , wanderings round Lake Superior London, 
Chapman and Hall 1860, Minneapolis, Ross and Haines. 

IIIus 23 cm (Mid-America 

[11, p, facsttm. [Viij-xii, 428 p 
[E99 C6K ] 
Kansas Ualv Library 

A 57-582 

Morgan, Lewis Henry, 1818-1881 

The Indian 3 ournals, 1859-62 Edited, and with an introd 
hy Leslie A. White Hlus selected and edited by Clyde 
Walton Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press t 1959 3 

229 p lllns (part col ) ports , maps, facsims 26 s 28 cm. 
E78W5M6 97048 58-10122 

Norbedt, Oscar E 

Book of Indian life crafts Illustrated by John B Eves, 
New York, Association Press 1958 t 

253 p Illus 2400. 

E77 Jf 6 970 6745 58-6037 f 

Northey, Sne. 

The American Indian. End sheet illus. by Oreorge Gray 
San Antonio, Naylor Co. tl954j 

216 PS. 20cm. 
E98S7N76 1954 9701 55-195 J 

Olson, BonaH Le Roy, 1895- 

Social life of the Owikeno Kwakmti t Berkeley, Univer- 
sity of California Press, 1954j 

213-259 p map 28 cm. (Anthropological records, v 14, no 3) 
[E51A58 YoL14,no.3] A 54-9595 

California. Golv Libr 

Sdmltz, James WiHard, 1859- 

My life as an Indian Adapted by Robert E Gardj illus- 
trated by David Humphreys Miller [1st ed 3 New York, 
Duell, Sloan and Pearce [1957, 

151 p Illus 20 cm 
E99S54S315 9703 57-7573 J 

Social antluopologj. of North. American tribes, by Fred 
Eggan < md others f Fred Eggan, editor Enl i e 2dj ed. 
L GhicagO] University of Chicago Press 1955] 
574 pu illra. 22cm 

E98S7S6 1955 


Tanner, John, 17801-1847 

A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tan- 
ner (U. S interpreter at the Saut de Sfe. Marie) dunng 
thirty years residence among the Indians in the interior of 
North America, Prepared for the press by Edwin James 
Minneapolis, Ross & Haines, 1956. 

xndT, 427 p. port, 24cm. 

[E87T ] A 57-5969 

Keatocky Dnlv Llbr 

SPORTS see Indians of North 
America Games 


Cook, Sherburne Friend, 1896- 

The aboriginal population of Alameda and Contra. Costa 
Counties, California, ^Berkeley,, University of California 
Press, 1057j 

Hi, 231-154 p maps 28 cm, (Anthropological records, v, 18, 

E51A58 vol. 16, no 4 
California, TJnlv Llbr 


Cook, Sherbttrae Friend, 1896- 

The aborigmal population of the north, coast of Califor- 
nia, r BerkeJey, University of California Presa, 195$! 

ill, 81-12& p 28 cm (Anthropological iecwd*> v. 1> no, ) 
E5LA58 vd. lft no. 3 970.4 A 56-0822 

<3alifornla. Unlv Llbr 

U. S Bureau of Indian Affairs 

Statistics concerning Indian education. 
v 21 cm 


5e-60162 J 

of North America Implements 


see also Indians of North America 

Kent, Kate Peck, 

The cultivation and -weaving of cotton in the prehistoric 
Southwestern United States. Drawings by Frances K Kay- 
nolds and Malcolm Witters. Philadelphia, American Philo- 
sophical Society, 1957. 

457-732 p illus., maps, tables 30 cm. (Transactions of the 
American Philosophical Society, new set , v 47, pt 3> 
Q1LP6 n.s,vol.47,pt.3 970674552 57-11240 



Adams, William Yewdale, 1927- 

Shonto, a study of the role of the trader in a modern 
Nawjo community Ann Arbor, Mich., University Micro- 
films t l58j 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-2783 Mic 58-2783 

Unlv Llbr 

Yost, Billie (Wffliams) 

Bread upon the sands, by Biliie "Williams Yost. A point 
of departure, by Merle Anmtage Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton 
Printers (1958j 

245 p Illus 22cm 

E78.A7Y6 9704791 58-5331 t 

TRAILS see Indian trails 

see also Indians of North America 
Government relations; Indians of North 
America Land transfers 

TREATMENT see Indians, Treatment 
of U.S. 


Simsa, Paul Joseph, 1924- 

Sakrales JConigtum bel Indianern des nordamerikanischen 
Sudostens. Mainz, 1952. 

3<K>L mounted Uloa., ntapis. 29cm. 
E98.T77S5 55~433&4 

see also Indians of North America as 
soldiers; and subdivision Wars under 
names of Indian tribes 

Cooke, David Coxe, 1917- 

Indians on the warpath. New York, ]>odd, Mead. 1957 
206 p Him 21cm. 

9705 57-7444 1 

Koddis, Louis Hairy, 1886- 

The Indian wars of Minnesota. Cedar Bapida, Iowa, 
Torch Press tl966j 
Slip, Illus. 24cm. 

970.4 56-58876 t 

Wettman, Paral feeHn, 1898- 

Indian wars and wamors. Illustrated by Lorence Bjork- 
lund Boston, Hbughton Miffluu 1959- 

v, Illus 22cm, (Norti star books rlO, 
E81W47 973 59-7473 J 


Morris, Richard Brandon, 1904- 

Therst book of the Indian wars. Illustrated by Leonard 
Everett Fisher. Maps by Mildred Waltrip. New York, 
Watts t 195#j 

Sap Ulna 23cm. 
E81M6 978 59-979$ t 

, Paul Iselin, 1898- 

Indian wars and warriors, West Illustrated by Lorence 
Bjorklund Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1959 

182 p Illus 22cm. ( North star boots t ll]) 
E81W48 973 59-13356 J 

WARS 1600-1750 

see also Chickasaw Indians Wars, 
1739-1740, King Philip's War, 1675- 
1676, U.S. History King George ' s 
War, 1744-1748 

_WARS 1750-1815 

see also Pontiac's Conspiracy, 1763-1765; 
U,S. History French and Indian War, 

WARS 1790-1794 

see also St. Clair's Campaign, 
Wayne's Campaign, 1794 


Anderson, John, 1771- 

A short history of the life of John Anderson, transcribed 
from the Michigan State Archives by Eichard C Kjnopf 
Columbus, Ohio, Anthony Wayne Parkway Board rl956i 

481 20cm 
E381A8 973528 56-63040 t 

Buell, John Hutchinson, 5 1753 

Diary. Edited by Eichard C Knopf Columbus, An- 
thony Wayne Parkway Board, Ohio State Museum, 1957 




Van Every, Dale, 1896- 

Men of the western waters, a second look at the first 
Americans. Boston, Houghton Mifflm, 1956 

244p illus 22cm, 

F517V3 977 55-11986 J 


Tilghman, Zoe Agnes (Stratton) 1880- 

Nanek, fnend of Little Turtle, illustrated by Buth Monro 
Augur Oklahoma City. Harlow Pub Corp , 1955 

195 p Illus 20cm. 
PZ7T457Nan 55-14715 1 

WARS 1790-1794^ SOURCES 

Wayne, Anthony, 1745-1796 

Campaign into the wilderness; the Wayne-Enox-Picker- 
mg-McHenry correspondence. Edited by Kichard C, Knopf. 
Columbus, Anthony Wayne Parkway Board, Ohio State 
Museum, 1955 

5v 21cm. 


WARS 1812-1815 
see also Creek War, 1813-1814 

see also Black Hawk War, 1832; Pacific 
Coast Indians, Wars with, 1847-1865, 
Seminole War, 2d, 1835-1842 

Dunn, Jacob Piatt, 1855-1924. 

Massacres of the mountains, a history of the Indian wars 
of the Far West, 1815-1875. New York, Archer Housej dis- 
tributed by Herman & Stephens r!958i 

66&p. Illus 23 cm 
E81D92 1958 9705 58-13726 J 

Hal en, Le Roy Reuben, 1893- ed. 

Relations with the Indians of the Plains, 1857-1861; a 
documentary account of the military campaigns, and negotia- 
tions of Indian agents, with reports and journals of P. G. 
Lowe, It M, Peck, J E B. Stuart, S D Sturgis, and other 
official papers. Edited with introductions and notes by 
Le Roy E Hafen and Ann W. Hafen Glendale, Calif, 
A. H. Clark Co, 1959 

310 p. illos, ports,, fold col map, 25 on. (The Far West and 
the Bodcles historical series, 1820-18TT5, v 8) 
F591.F35 TO! 9 973.68 59-8477 

WARS 1862-1865 

see also Birch Coulee, Battle of, 1862; 
Dakota Indians Wars, 1862-1865; Sand 
Creek, Battle of, 1864 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

WARS 1 866-1895 

see also Apache Indians Wars, 1883-1886, 
Bannock Indians Wars, 1878; Dakota 
Indians Wars, 1876; Dakota Indians 
Wars, 1890-1891; Modoc Indians Wars, 
1873; Nez Perc6 Indians Wars, 1877; 
Ute Indians Wars, 1879 

De Barthe, Joseph. 

Life and adventures of Frank Grouard. Edited and with 
an mtrod by Edgar I Stewart t New ed.j Norman, Uni- 
versity of Oklahoma Press C 1958] 

268 p illus 24cm 
E83866G88 1958 923973 58-11651 J 

Dunn, Jacob Piatt, 1855-1924 

Massacres of the mountains, a history of the Indian wars 
of the Far West, 1815-1875 New York, Archer House , dis- 
tributed by Herman & Stephens rl958j 

669 p illus 23cm. 
E81D92 1958 9705 58-13726 J 

Morgan, Thomas, 1870- 

My story of the last Indian war in the Northwest ; the Ban- 
nock, Piute, Yakima, and Sheep Eater Tribes, 1878-1879 
[Forest Grove Or , 1954] 
29 p illus 23 cm. 

55-18998 J 

Rickey, Don. 

War in the West, the Indian campaigns. Crow Agency, 
Mont., Ouster Battlefield Historical and Museum Associa- 
tion [1956] 

37 p Illns 23cm 
ESS 866 R5 59<-27829 J 

Stewart, Edgar Irving. 

Ouster's luck Norman, University of Oklahoma Press 


zvi,522p Illus , ports , fold, maps 24cm. 
ESS 866 S85 973 82 

WEAVING see Indians of North 

America Textile industry and fabrics 


Richards, Cara Elizabeth, 1927- 

The role of Iroquois women a study of the Onondaga 
reservation. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rl957j 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mica.! Publication no 24,774) 
Microfilm AO-1 no 24,774 Mic 57-4417 

Smithson, Carma Lee. 

The Havasupai woman, t Salt Lake City, University of 

Utah Pressi l 95 ^. 

170 p. Illus, maps. 28cm. (University of Utah. Dept of Anthro- 
pology Anthropological papers, no 38} 
E5LU8 no 38 970.3 59-63167 


Emerson, William Canfield, 1893- 

The Land of the Midnight Sun, the story in words and 
pictures of the Alaska Highway, Alaska, the ATy^lra Tndi*", 
and the Alaska Eskimos. Illustrated with photos, by the 
author. Philadelphia, Dorrance t 1956j 

179 p, Illus. 2lcm 
F909.E52 917.98 56-8628 t 

U. S. Congress. House Committee on Government Opera- 

Alaska native loan program. Hearings before a subcom- 
mittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House 
of Kepresentataves, Eighty-fifth Congress, second session. 
September 23 and 24, 1957. Washington, U. S. Govt Print 
Off., 1958. 

v,288p. tables. 24cm. 
E78.A&U53 970 6332742 

U. S. Dept of the Intenor, 

Alaska native service; request by Alaska Territorial 
Senate for investigation by Congress of the Alaska native 
service, an agency of the Department of die Interior, and 
material supplementary thereto. Transmitted to the mem- 
bers of the Committee oa Interior and Insular Affairs of OB 
Senate by Henry M. Jackson, of Washington Washington, 
U. S. Govt. PnmX Off., 1957. 
v26p table* 24cm. 

970.5 57-60059 

Zagoskin, Lavrentii Alekseench, 1808-1890. 

nyTemecTBHa H HcozesosaHHa jreftTenaHTa JlaBpenTiia Oa- 
rocKHHa B pyccEOfl AMCPHEC a 1842-1844 r r t 06m.aa peA , 
npHMeiaHHs H EOMMeniapHH M B HepECHSo, F A Arpa- 
Eax, E 3 B^OMEBHCT] MocKsa, Foe HS^-BO reorp JIHT-PU 
1956 F ' 

453 p tllus., port , maps (1 fold, in pocket) 23 cm 
F907218 1956 56-45885 


Arizona. Commission of Indian Affair* 
Eeport 1954- 


Di Peso, Charles Corradmo, 1920- 

The Eeeve ruin of southeastern Arizona, a study of a 
prehistoric western Pueblo migration into the Middle San 
Pedro Valley Collaborator. Hugh C Cutler Dragoon, 
Anz , Amerind Foundation, 1958. 

x, 189 p illus , maps (part Md.) 27 cm. (Amerind Foundation. 
iPablicationj no 8) 
E78.A7D48 *9791 013791 58-3006 

Di Peso, Charles Corradmo, 1920- 

The Upper Puna of San Cayetano del Tumacacori; an 
archaeohistoncal reconstraction of the Ootam of Pimeria 
Alta. Collaborators. David A. Bretermtz c and others] 
Dragoon, Ariz , Amerind Foundation, 1956 

nlT, 589 p illus , maps (1 fold ) 26 cm. (lAmeriiid Foundation. 
Publication] no T) 
E78A7D5 *979.1 913791 57-3058 

Bixon, Keith A 

Hidden House , a cliff ruin in Sycamore Canyon, central 
Arizona Flagstaff, Northern Arizona Society of Science 
and Art, 1956 

x, 90 p illus , map 26 cm (Museum of Northern Arizona. Bui 
F806M95 no 29 *9791 913791 58-3452 

Dozier, Edward P 

The Hopi-Tewa of Arizona. Berkeley, University of 
California Press, 1954 

Ti, 2S&-376 p maps. 27 cm (University of California publica- 
tions in American archaeology and ethnology, v 44, no 3) 
[E51 C15 vol 40, no 3] A 54-9783 

California, Univ. Llbr 

Fergussott, Erna, 1888- 

Dancing gods; Tn^ifl-Ti ceremonials of New Mexico and 
Arizona. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press 
t !957j 

mi, 276 p illus 24 cm 
ESSJOSFiS 1957 970.67933 58-2210 

Kelly, William. Henderson, 1902- 

The changing role of the Indian in Arizona. t Tucson 3 
Agricultural Extension Service, University of Arizona 

28 p. Ulna, col maps (on p t 2j and [3j of cover 23 cm (Agri- 
cultural Extension Service, University of Arizona. Circnlair 263) 
E78.A7K34 9704 

Officer, James E 

Indians in school; a study of the development of educa- 
tional facilities for Arizona Indians. Tucson, Bureau of 
Ethnic Besearch, University of Arizona, 1956. 

x, 148 p plates, ports , maps. 28 cm. (American Indian series, 
E97.5.A73 no 1 37L97S 57-63864 

San Carlos Apache Tribe. 

Amended constitution and bylaws of the San Carlos 
Apache Tribe of Arizona, effective February 24, 1954. 
Washington, U S Govt Print Off., 1907. 

Schroeder, Albert H 

Montezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona, by 
Albert H Schroeder and Homer F Hastings. Washington 
t U. a Govt Print Off , 1958. 

40 p illus., maps, dtagra* profile. U em. ( t U. 84 National 

irkSeerice. EBstortcal hawfiwok series, no 2T) 



Shaeffer, James Ball, 1915- 

Kimshba; a classic site of the western pueblos. c n. p.] 
U. S Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs jl956 

16 p, lllos., map 20cm, 

" 97049135 

Taylor, Walter Willard. 

Two archaeological studies in northern Arizona; tha 
Pueblo ecology study: hail and farewell, and & brief aarvey 
through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado Biver. Flag- 
staff, Arm, Fort&ern ArfBona Soaetjjr of Sciwooe and Art> 

"afrp, mas. 28ai>. (l 
F806.M95 no. 30 

U. S. Congrem House C&mmittee o>n Interior and Insular 
A fain 

Arizona Indians Hearings before the Subcommittee on 
Indian Affairs pursuant to H Res 3D, to authorize the Com- 
mittee on Interior and Insular Affairs to make investiga- 
tions into any matter within its jurisdiction, and for other 
purposes August 29 and 30, 1955 Washington, TJ 5 Govt 
Print Off , 1955 

Hi, 112 p 24 cm ( IU -Heatings before t the Committee OB Interior 
and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives Eighty fourth Con- 
gress Serial no IT) 
HD171 A1SA34 no 17 970 4 56-60233 

Wheat, Joe Ben. 

Crooked Ridge Village, Arizona "W 10 15 Tucson, Uni- 
versity of Arizona, 1954 

183 p Illus , 2 fold maps 23 cm (Arizona, University Bulle- 
tin, v 25, no 3 Social science bulletin no 24) 
F813 W48 970 3 55-62155 

Yost, Bdiie (Williams) 

Bread upon the sands, by Billie Williams Yost A point 
of departure, by Merle Armitage Caldwell, Idaho, Carton 
Printers 195Sj 

245 p illus 22cm 
E78A7Y6 97Q47&1 58-5331 t 


British Columbia. Provincial Museum, Victoria, 

Anthropology in British Columbia 

no illus. 27 cm. 
E78B9B95 9704 58-23810 rev 

Hawthorn, Harry Bertram, 1910- 

The Indians of British Columbia; a\ study of contempo- 
rary social adjustment t by 3 H. B. Haivthom, C. S BeMmw 
c andj S. H. Jamieson, [Berkeley] University of Gahf omi 
Press, 1958 

ii,499 p. maps, tables. 25cm. 
E78JBSH35 1958 970.4 58-2612 

Hawthorn, Harry Bertram,, 1910- 

The Indians of British Columbia; a study of contemporary 
social adjustment, by H. B. Hawthorn, C S Belshaw andj 
S M Jamieson Torontoj University of Toronto Press, 

ix, 499 p map, tables. 25 cm. 

[E78B9H ] A58-62S1 

Eocaester Univ Libr 

Lemert, Edwin McCarthy, 1912- 

Alcohol and the Northwest coast Indians. Berkeley, Uni- 
versity of California Press, 195C 

303-406 p 24cm ( University of CalifoiTiIa pabllcattoss la cnltnre 
and society, v 2, no S) 

H31C17 vol 2. no 6 97061786 A 54^602 

California TJniv Llbr. 


Agua Callente Band of Mission Indians. 

Constitation and by-laws, adopted June 28, 1955, amended 
February 26, 1957 Washington, U. S Govt. Print. Off, 


57-^105 J 

Baumhoff, Martin A 

Calif ornia Athabascan ffwops. c Berfcafoy, TJnivrsity of 

California. TTnlv Ubr 

California. legMatwe. Smote Inform, 
Gateforwut Indim J[jfw, 

Progress report to &e Legislature. Jan,l&55- 

E83.CS ^ 970.5 55-62684 rev 

Cook, Sfeerbunie Friend, 189*- 

The abongmal popukaoa of the north coast of Califor- 
nia, ,Berfceiey T University cGaWoroi& Press, 1056j 

H,81-32p. 28cm. 
E61A58 voL18m& 

California. Univ. Ube. 

K^Bkmr Afme ( BenfiOnV 18& 

Stories California Indians told. UlastealedbjBrfb Kob- 

Friends, Society f. Anerwm Frimfo 

Indians of (kliforma, put arf psat 
1955 ? 3 

IIlnB. 22cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CALIFORNIA (Continued) 

Harrington, Mark Raymond, 1882- 

Ancient life among the southern Cabf omia Indians Illus 
by Clarence Ellsworth. Los Angeles, Southwest Museum, 

38 p illus 20 cm ( Los Angeles Southwest Museum Leaflets, 
no 26) 
E7S C15H3 970 4 56-58172 

Kroeber, Alfred Louis, 1876- 

Ethnographic interpretations, 1-6 Berkeley, University 
of California Press, 1957 

191-234 p map 26cm (UnlTerslty of California publications In 
American archaeology and ethnology, v 47, no 2) 
E51C15 vol47,no2 9704 A 58-9062 

California. Unl? LIbr 

Kroeber, Theodora. 

The inland whale Foreword by Oliver La Farge Draw- 
ings by Joseph Cnvy Bloomington, Indiana University 
Press t 1959, 

205 p Illns 22 cm 
E98.F6K82 3982 59-9565 J 

Meraam, Clinton Hart, 1855-1942. 

Studies of California Indians Edited by the staff of the 
Dept. of Anthropology of the University of California. 
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1955. 

xvlli, 233 p Illus., 48 plates, port, map, plans 27 cm 
E78C15M48 9704 55-6796 

Mitchell, Annie Rosalind, 1906- 

Jim. Savage and the Tulareno Indians Los Angeles, 
"Westernlore Press t !957j 

US p ilins 22 OB (Great West and Indian series, 8) 
F868S173S315 823973 57-75771 

Peck, Stuart L 

An archaeological report on the excavation of a prehistoric 
site at Zuma Creek, Los Angeles County, California. t n. p 3 
Archaeological Survey Association of Southern California, 

xlr, 83* t55j p. fflna,ma.p8. 28cm. (Archaeological Surrey Aaso- 
datloa of Southern California. Paper no 2) 
E78C15P35 97049493 59-37499 

U. S. Congress Hov&e Committee on Interior and Insular 

California Indians, 1957 Hearings before, the Subcom- 
mittee on. Indian Affairs on H R. 2576 jand other] bills to 
provide for the distribution of the land and assets of certain 
Indian ranchenas and ressrva-taons in California, and for 
other purposes . Washington, U S Govt Print Off , 1957. 
Ill, 106 p tables 24 cm (Its [Hearings beforej the Committee on 
Interior and Insular Affairs, House of EepresentatiTCS, Elgaty-fiftli 
Congress, aerial no 13) 
HD171.A1SA35 no IE 57-60887 


Harrington, Mark Raymond, 1882- 

A Pinto site at Little Lake, California, Los Angeles, 
Southwest Museum, 1957. 

Ti, 91 p, Illus., maps (part fold.) 26 cm. (Southwest Museum 
papers, no, 17) 
B-889JL8S05 no. 17 *9794 913.704 57-50140 


Snedden, teevra (Sisson) 1373- 

Docas, Indian of Santa Clare, IBmsfcrafced fcy Jane Bate- 
man. B<wton t HJBaib.il958 1 

iflSp, mm, 24cm. 
P27JS66SD 5 38-1479 t 


Sleeker, Sonia. 

Tha mission Indians of Cahf omia. HJustrabed by Althea 
Kux. HftirYorfc,MomwI9M. 

142 p. Htm 20cm. tMorrow Junior booksj 
mCl5B55 970-4 56-486? J 


Cook, Sherborne Fnend, 1896- 

The aboriginal population of Alameda and Contra Costa 
Counties, California. jBerfceley, University of Caltfornia 

Press, 1957j 
Jii, 131-154 p map*. 28 cm. (Anthropological records, T. 16, 

E51.A58 voL16,no.4 9704 A 57-0628 

California. Unlr, Uw 


Cook, Sherburne Friend, 1896- 

The aboriginal population of Alameda and Contra Costa 
Counties, California [Berkeley, University of California 
Press, 1057j 

ill, 131-154 p maps 28 cm (Anthropological records, T 16, 
no 4) 

E51.A58 vol 16, no 4 9704 A 57-9628 

California Umv LIbr. 


Raymond, Lee. 

Mann Indians, text by Lee Raymond t andj Ann Rice. 
Illus bj Geraldine Von Hanssen. [n p , 1957j 

15 p Illus. 24 cm. 
E99.M69R3 57-44899 J 


Stockton, Jesse D ed. 

Spanish trailblazers in the south San Joaquin, 1772-1816, 
edited bj Jesse D Stockton, Glendon J Rodgers t and, W. 
HarlandBoyd. Bakersfield, Calif , 1957 

40p fflus 24cm 
F868 S173S8 57-40142 I 


Jones, Phihp Mills, 1870-1916. 

Archaeological investigations on Santa Rosa Island m 
1901 Edited by R F Heizer and A B Elsasser [Berke- 
ley, University of California Press, 1956j 

201-280 p Illus , map 28 cm. (Anthropological records, v IT, 
no 2) 

[E51A5S vol 17, no 2] A 56-9356 

California. Univ LIbr 


Fisher, Olive Margaret, 1889- comp 

Totem, tipi, and tumplme, stones of Canadian Indians, 
by Olive M. Fisher and Clara L. Tyner With illus by 
Aiinora Brown Toronto t 1956, C 1955, 

264p Illus. 2Son. 
E78C2F5 1956 9704 56-4253 % 

(jrironx, Thomas Kdmond, 1897- 

L jour de llndien. tQaebec, 1955, *1954, 
416p 20cm. 

58-38234 t 

Harmon, Daniel Williams, 1778-1845 

Sixteen years in the Indian country ; the journal of Daniel 
Williams Harmon, 1800-1816 Edited with an introd, by 
W. Eaye Lamb Maps by C a J. Bond. Toronto, Mao- 
mllan Co of Canada, 1957. 

xxvm, 277 p port, maps. 22 cm. (Pioneer books) 

[F10607H ] A 58-1394 

Rochester Unlr LIbr. 

Jwiness, Diamond, 1886- 

The com goddess, and other tales from Indian Canada 
Illnstrated by Winmfred K Benfley. Ottawa, 1956 

lllp mas 25 cm, (National Mnseam of Canada, Bulletin no 
141 -^ thropologlcal series no 39} 
QH1C13 no 141 398^2 57-1S14 t 

Jenness, Diamond, 1886- 

The Indians of Canada 3d ed. t Ottawa, E. Cloutier, 
Queen's printer, 1955i 

adl, 452 p mus. <part col > maps (1 fold. coL In pocket) 26 emu 
(National Museum of Canada. Bulletin 65 Anthropological series, 
no. 15) 
QH1.C13 no 65 1955 573.897 55-4797 

leaness, Diamond, 1886- 

The Indians of Canada. 4th ed. t Ottawa, National Mu- 
seum of Canada, 1958j 

ill, 452 p lllua (part coL) maps (1 fold. coL tn pocket) 26 cm. 
(National Museum of Canada. Bulletin 65. Anthropological series, 
no. 15) 
QH1.C13 no. 65 1958 572.897 59-307 

MacmiDan, Cyrus, 1830-1953. 

Glooskap's country, and other Indian tales. Ulnstrated by 
John A. HalL Toronto, New York. Oxford Uaiversity 

1>rM. IQKft 


273 p Illus. 2cm. 


5^-10102 J 

Robertson, Archibald F 

The Mojiawit Trail, and Apples of Avaloaj a selection of 
legends and records. Boston, House of Edinboro (1954} 

1W pi Ulna. 16cm. 
E78.C2K6 970.4 55-27378 t 

Vancouver, B C Art Gallery 

People of the Potlatch, native arts and cultuie of the 
Pacific Northwest coast ^Vancouver, 1956, 

47 p Illus 16x23 cm 

A 56-5216 
Cornell TTniv Library 


Canada. Indian Affairs Branch 

Census of Indians in Canada Becensement des Indiens 
du Canada, 1944 Ottawa, E Cloutier, printer to the King, 

32p tables 25cm 
E78 C2C323 970 4 46-4454 rev* 

Canada. Indian Affairs Branch 

Census of Indians in Canada Eecensement des Indiens 
du Canada, 1954 Ottawa, E Cloutier, Queen's printer, 

39 p (tables) 25cm 
E78C2C323 1955 9704 56-43154 


Canada. Parliament House of Commons Special Com- 
mittee Appointed to Consider BiU No 79, an Act Beapect- 
ing Indwns 

Minutes of proceedings and evidence no 1- 
Apr 12, 1951- 

no In v 25 cm 

Canada. Parliament House of Commons. Special Com- 
mittee Appointed to Consider Bill No 79, an Act JSespect- 
in<? Indians 

Proces-verbaux et temoignages fascicule no 1- 

no In v 25 cm 
E92 C272 55-24851 

Canada Parliament Special Joint Committee to Examine 
and Consider the Indian Act 

Minutes of proceedings and evidence May 28, 1946- 

v 23cm 
E92 C3 970 5 48-15078 rev*t 

Canada, Parliament. Special Joint Committee to ExarrwM 
and Consider the Indian, Act 

Proces-verbaux et temoignages. 28 mao. 1946- 

v 25cm. 
E92C32 48-20452 rev*J 


Anthropologies n. 1- 1955- 

{ Ottawa] Research Center for Amerindian Anthropology, 
University of Ottawa, 

T maps (part fold.) 27 cm 
E78 C2A53 56-4160 


Colorado. State Historical Society. 

The Indians of Colorado. [Eer. ed., Denver, State Hia- 
torical Society of Colorado, State Museum, 1957. 
- Illus 21cm. 

1957 9704 57-68297 1 

Watson, Don. 

Indians of the Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde National Park, 
Colo., Mesa Verde Museum Association t 1955j 
Illus 23cm 

97048827 59-33221 J 


Cox, Ross, 1793-1853 

The Columbia River; or, Scenes and adventures during a 
residence of six years on the western side of the Rocky Moun- 
tains among various tribes of Indians hitherto unknown ; to- 
gether with a journey across the American Continent 
Edited and with an introd. by Edgar L Stewart and Jane R 
Stewart. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press tl957] 

888 p. fflng. 24cm. (The American exploration and travel series, 

F880.C868 1957 917.973 57-11191 t 

Drydcn, Cedl Pearl, 1887- 

Up the Columbia for furs; illus. by B. Joseph Dreany. 
Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1949. 

309 p Illus (part col.) map (on lining papers) 24 cm 
F880JD86 91795 49-9021 rev* 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Malouf, Carlrag Isaac, 1916- 

The cultural connections between the prehistoric inhabi- 
tants of the Upper Missouri and Columbia River systems 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1957 3 

(ttJnlversity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlch-i Publication no 20,588) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 20,588 Mic 57-2635 

Columbia Umv Libraries 


The Archeolog. 

t n pj 

v In illus , maps, plates 29cm. irregular 




Greene, Richard A 1903- 

The Indians of Delaware County t byj Bichard A. Greene. 
Prepared bj the staff of the Public Library of Fort Wayne 
and Allen County c Fort Waynei 1954 

14 p illus 19 cm 
E78I53G7 56-34878 J 


Blassingame, Wyatt. 

Seminoles of Flonda [Tallahassee, Fla , Dept. of Agri- 
culture, 1959j 

t48j p Illus (part coL) col map 22 x 8 cm. 
E99 S28B54 970 3 A 59-%18 

Florida. Dniv Library 

Edwards, William Ellis, 1926- 

The Helen Blazes site of cehtial eastern Floudaj a study 
in met 1 !"'! utili/injr the di c ciplires of aicheology geologj 
and pedoloin Ann Aiboi "TnHersitv Miciofilms [1954^ 
([Univeism Microfilm 5 !, Ann \rbor Michf Publication no $654) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 8654 Mic A 54-18Si 

Columbia t mv Libraries 

The Florida anthropologist 

iGainesvilIe] Flonda Antliropological Society 

v m illus 24 cm 4 no a year 
E78.F6F58 913.759 56-28409 

Seminole Tribe of Florida. 

Constitution and bylaws, ratified August 21, 1957. Wash,- 
ington, TJ S Go-rt. Print Off , 1958. 
Up 24cm. 

58-60134 t 

Seminole Tribe of Florida. 

Corporate charter, ratified August 21, 1957. Washington, 
U. S. Govt. Print. OfL, 1958. 
lip 24cm. 

58-60123 t 

Smith, Hale Gilham. 

The European and the Indian j European-Indian contacts 
in Georgia and Florida, Gainesville, 1956. 

150 p Illus, maps. 23 cm. (Florida Anthropological Society 
Publications, no 4) 

A 56-9739 
Florida Univ Library 


Allen, Ivan Earnest, 1877- 

The Cherokee Nation - Fort Mountain, Vaun House, Ches- 
ter Inns, New Echota. Atlanta, L Allen Co t !958?j 

59 p illus. 16cm. 
E99C5A76 59-37841 t 

Smith, Hale Giluam. 

The European and the Indian; European-Indian contacts 
in Georgia and Flonda. Gainesville, 1956. 

150 p illus., maps. 23 cm. (Florida Anthropological Society 
Publications, no 4) 

A 56-9739 
Florida. TJnlv Library 


California. University. California Archaeological Survey. 

Current views on Great Basin archaeology. Berkeley, 

U, 112 p IHos maps, tables. 28 cm. (/** Beports, BO 42) 
F868,C255 no 42 *979.S 913.793 58-63043 
Copy 2. E78.W5CS 


McFaitn?, Lloyd, ed. 

Exploring the northern plains, 1804-1876, edited and 
illustrated by Lloyd MeFarlinfr CaldweH, Idaho, Caxton 
Printers, 1955 

Iflp, ffina. 22cm. 
F59LM14 9780082 55-Q75S t 


Eootenai Tnbe of Idaho. 

Constitution and bylaws approved June 16, 194:7 "Wash- 
ington, U S Govt Print* Of , 1957. 
Sp 24cm. 

57-60871 t 


Benton, Colbee Chamberlain, 1805-1880. 

A visitor to Chicago in Indian days "Journal to the 'far- 
off West ' " Edited by Paul M Angle and James E Getz 
Chicago, Caxton Club, 1957 

121 p fold map 26 cm 
E165B45 9173 58-1452 

Deuel, Thome, 1890- 

Amencan Indian ways of life, an interpretation of the 
archaeology of Illinois and adjoining areas. Springfield, 
HI , 1958 

76 p mas 23cm. (Story of IHlnolB series, no 9) 
F541J4 no 9 *9773 913773 

Peithmann, Irvm M 

Echoes of the red man, an archaeological and cultural sur- 
vey of the Indians of southern Illinois (Isted] New York, 
Exposition Press [1955i 

134 p illus 21cm. 
E78J3P4 913.773 54-12888 t 


Deuel, Thome, 1890- 

The Modoc shelter t Spnngfieldi 1957 
6 p Illus 29 cm. (HUnoIa State Musenm, Springfield. Beport 
of investigations, BO 7} 

[AM101J374 no 7] A 58-9262 

Illinois Ilnlv library 

Fowler, Melvm Leo, 1924- 

Modoc Eock Shelter, preliminary report, by Melvin L. 
Fowler and Howard D. Winters, with fannal analysis by 
Paul W. Parmalee Bins, by Bettye Broyles Springfield, 

58 p Illus, maps 28cm (Illinois State Museum jSprlngfleldj 
Beport of investigations, no 4) 

[AM101 1 374 no 4} A 57-9313 rev 

Illinois Univ Ubrary 

see also Five Civilized Tribes 


Farley, Alan W 

The PeUware Indians in Kansas, 1829-1867 [Kansas 
City? Kan , '1955. 

16p 23cui 
E99D2F3 9703 55-57262 t 

Imag, John Treat, 1812-1906 

Indian sketches, taken during an expedition to the Pawnee 
Tribes, 1833 Edited and annotated by John Francis Mc- 
Dermott t New edj Norman, University of Oklahoma 
Press t 1955j 

slit, 275 p Illus , ports, fold. map. 24 on (American explora- 
H<HI and travel. clSj) 
E99P3I73 1955 9703 55-6365 


Vietzen, Raymond Charles, 1907- 

The saga of Glover's Cave, by Eaymond C "Vietzen j also, 
Metoo,bj RuthG Vietzen. t Wahoo* Neb , 1956. 

30$ p Illvs , ports., mapa. 31 cm. 
E78.K3V5 *9769 913 79 56-38458 


Fried, Jacob, e/Z. 

A survey of the aboriginal poptdations of Quebec and 

Labrador. MmfareA^McGfflUnTOrai4y,W6S- 

Iv, 121 p maps (1 fold.) 28 cm. (Eastern. Canadian anthro- 
pological series, no. 1) 

Leacock, Eleanor. 

The Montagnais "hunting territory" and the fur trade, 
Wis.j American Anthropologicftl Association 

xi, 50 p. maps. 
0K2AM no. 78 
- . - OwX 
Oberlia CoUege. LIbrarr 

A 55-^75 


RitcMe, WiSsam Augustus, 1903- 

Th Stony Brook site and its relation, to archaic axid transi- 
tional cultures on. Long Maud. Albany, University of the 
State of New York, 1S50 

160 p. illns , map (on lining; papers) profiles: 23 on. (New York 
State Museum and Science Serri.ce. BoBetin 373) 
Qll N82 no 372 970 4iT2l 59-63942 


Ford, James Alfred, 1911- 

Poveriy Poiat, a late archaic site in Louisiana (byj James 
A. Ford and Clarence H. Webb, in coUaboratioa witih Jumus 
B Bird and Michael Beckmaa New York, 1956 

136 p I1U&, maps 27 cm (Antiiropologlcal papers of the Amer- 
ican Museum of Natural History, v 46, pt L) 

Bibliography p 131-132 

GN2A27 vo!46,pt.l *9763 91S763 58-3029 

E74 L8F69 

Mdntue, TVlffiani O 

Pr&histonc Indian settlements of the changing Mississippi 
River Delta Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press 
t !958j 

x, 128 p Illus, fold maps 2Scm. (Louisiana State University 
studies. Coastal studies aeries, no 1) 
E78L8M3 *9763 913763 58-5065 

Quimby, George Irving, 191S- 

The Bayou Goula site, Ibennlle Pansh, Louisiana Chi- 
cagOj Chicago Natural History Museum, 1957 

Sl-170 p illus , maps 24 cm. (tChlcago Natural History Mn- 
seomj Publication 814) 

GN2F4 vol47,no 2 
. copy 2 

*9763 913763 


Webb, Clarence H 

The Belcher Mound; a stratified Caddoan sue in Caddo 
Pansh, Louisiana Salt Lake City ^Society for American 
Archaeology, 1959 

aill, 212 p. Illus , maps, profiles 26 cm. (Memoirs of the Society 
for American Archaeology, no 18) 
E51S7 no 16 97046399 59-3189 


MacNeish, Richard S 

An introduction to the archaeology of southeast Manitoba. 
Ottawa, Dept of Northern Affairs and National Resources, 

T, l&i p illus,, maps IS cm (National Museum &f Canada. 
Bulletin no 157 Anihropologi<al series, ao 44} 
QH1.C13 no. 157 970.4127 89-8215 

Manitoba. Dept of Agnctdtwr& md Imm^/nOwn^ 000% 
and Eoonomta Research O-ffiee 

A study of the population of Indian ancestry living in 
Manitoba Winnipeg, Dept, of Agncultaxe and Immigra- 
tion, 1959. 

ST illus , maps, diagrs., tables. 26 cm. 
E78.M25A53 970.427 59-44192 


Maaakee, Harold Randan, 1908- 

Indians of eaxfy Marylund; a book ou Maryland life. 
Baltimore, Maryland BSstoncal Sociefy 18% 
47 p, illus. 26cm. 

970-453 IS8-856 t 


Littlejohn, Flavins Josephtis, 1304-18SO. 

Legends of Mchigmn and tiie Old Forth, West; or, A 
cluster of unpublished waifs, gleaned along the uncertain, 
misty line* dividing traditional from Msfaric times. fABe" 
gan County Historical Society ed. : Allegro, Mich., 

572 p. iliu&, ports, 2Se 

BTOffiCT 1036 

Mason, Ronald J 

Late Pleistocene geocbxc-nology and tlha 
penetrat loa into the foyer MieLigan pcaif nanU. A ^ Arbor, 

"DniTersi^of MieitaB, 196& 
Jj^wSx)iOiy,UMiBe^ofl^ TM-iseas. 

~~ no, 11 

Univ. libr. 

Quimby, George IrviBg, 1913- 

Hha. oH copper cdtaw and the Kfsren,w Wa.<wvy fa j 
George I. Quimby and Albert C. Spauldrng. jCliicago- Chi- 

cago Kutertl E&tey Hweisn, t0 

no. S30) 

Natural History 2 

*977.4 911174 


Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

MICHIGAN (Continued) 

Shurtleff, Mary Belle, 1900- 

OM Aibre Ciothe [Cioss Village? Mich, 1D55, 
48 p illus 16 cm 
F574C76S4 97T488 55-36310 


Minnesota. Interim Commission on Indwn Affairs. 

Keport of the 1S58 Minnesota Interim Commission, on In- 
dian. Affairs to the Hon Ornlle L. Freeman, Governor of 
Minnesota and the members of the Minnesota Legislature 
t St Paul* 19599, 

100 p ports. 22 cm 

E78M7M518 9705 A 59-9581 

Minnesota. Umv Libr 

Minnesota, fntenm Committee on Indian Affairs 

Eeport submitted to the Governor and the Minnesota 
Legislature St Paul?] 1957 
18 p 23cm 

E78M7M52 A 57-9745 

Minnesota Univ Libr 


Missouri. University. 

A report of progress [Hi] archaeological research 1955- 

v Illus 28 cm, 
E78 M8M5 


Cooper, Pan! Lemen, 1909- 

The archeological and paleontological salvage program in 
the Missouri Basin, 1950-1D51 Washington, Smithsonian 
Institution, 1055 

it, 90 p plates, fold map 25 cm (Smithsonian miscellaneous 
collections, v 126, no 2 and of volume) 

Qll S7 vol 12ft no 2 *978 913 78 55-61009 
Copy 2 E78MS2CS 

Malouf, Carfing Isaac, 1916- 

The cultural connections between the prehistoric inhabi- 
tants of the Upper Missouri and Columbia Biver systems. 

Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1957j 

rerslty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MldLj Publication no 20,588) 


Microfilm AC-l 
Colombia tlniv 


no 20,588 


Mic 57-2635 

Maloiif, Carling Isaac, 1916- 

The cttltaral connections between the prehistoric Inhabi- 
tants of the Upper Missouri and Columbia River systems. 
Ann Arbor, UniTersity Microfilms t !957j 

(tUnf vanity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 20,588) 
Microfilm AC-l no 20,588 Mic 57-2635 

Columbia Uaiv Libraries 

Montana. Divmon of /dm Education. 

Eeport to United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

E97.M65 ^ 871975 57-63129 t 


Irving, John Treat, 1813-1906 

Indian sketches, taken during an expedition to the Pawnee 
Tnbes, 1833 Edited and annotated by John Francos Mc- 
Dermott [New edj Norman, University of Oklahoma 
Press 1955, 

xlJtt, 275 p mist, ports, fold, map 24 cm (Arican explora- 
tion and travel. jlSj) 
E99JP3I73 1955 970.3 55-6365 

see also Elko Indian Colony 


Grosscop, Gordon L 

A bibliography of Hevada archaeology. rBerkeley, Uni- 
versity of California Archaeological Survey, Dept. of An- 
thropology, UnJTOmty of (Miforma, 1957j 

551. nap. 28 en. (University of Calif omia archaeological sur- 
rey Beports, ao. 86) 

o,36 070493 57-62751 


Fowler, William Smith. 

Tea thousand years in America. Illustrated by the au- 

thor from authentic artifacta. tlsted,, New York, Vantage 

Press t !957, 

190 p. tuna. 2101. 

57M 56-10666 J 


Bisbee, Ernest Emerson, 1880- 

White Mountain scrap book, stories and legends of the 
White Mountains of New Hampshire as told hy Ernest E 
Bishee and ai ranged by W De Groot Van Embden Lunen- 
burs, Vt, North Country Pub Co , C 1956 

64 p ffias 24cm i 

P413B57 1956 97422 5M4913 t 


Archeological Society of New Jersey. 

Bulletin, no 1- 
July 1948- 

maps, slates 26cm. Irregular 
*974.9 913749 



Bluhm, Elaine Ann, 1925- 

The Sawmill Site, a. Reserve Phase village, Pine Lawn 
Valley, western New Mexico [ChicagOj Chicago Natural 
History Museum, 1957 

80 p illus, maps 24cm. ((Chicago Natural History Musemni 
Publication SIS) 
GN2F4 vol 47, no 1 57-59501 

*9789 913.789 
Copy 2. 

Brookmgs Institution, Washington, D. C Institute for 
Government Research 

Law md order in the New Menco Pueblos, 1931-1932; 
report of i srxe\ made at the request of Charles J Khoads, 
Commissoner of Indian Affairs Committee on survey 
Mary Louise Mark, chairman, Elizabeth Long, Paul Gordon. 
rWashington, 1957j 

319 1 tables SI cm. 
E99 P9B75 58-42014 

Ferdon, Edwin N 1913- 

An excavation of Hermit's Cave, New Mexico Santa Fe, 
School of American Research, 1946 

29 p Illus 28 cm (Monographs of the School of American Re- 
search, no 10) 
E78N65F4 *9789 913789 55-33261 J 

Fergnsson, Erna, 1888- 

Dancmg gods; ]Qidiaii ceremonials of New Mexico and 
Arizona. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press 

xrvt, 2TS p Illos 24 cm 
E98JD2F43 1957 



JFudd, Nefl Merton, 1887- 

The material culture of Pueblo Bomto With appendix, 
Camd remains from Pueblo Bomto and Pueblo del Arroyo, 
by Glover M Allen. Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 

xil, 398 p. iUcu, maps (1 fold) 24 cm (Smithsonian miscel- 
laneous collections, v 124, whole volume) 

Q11ST voLl24 *9789 913789 55-^0163 


Judd, Neil Merton, 1887- 

Pueblo del Arroyo, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico Wash- 
ington, Smithsonian Institution, 1959 

Til, 222 p illus (part coL) fold, map, dtegre, 25 cm (Smith- 
sonlan miscellaneous collections, T 138, no I) 
Q11S7 vol 138, no. 1 9704897 59-61582 

Martin, Paul Sidney, 1899- 

Higgins Flat Pueblo, western New Mexico [by, Paul S 
Martin and otheis ChicagOj Chicago Natural History 
Museum, 193G 

218 p illos, map, plans, tables 24 cm (tCMcago Natural 
History Museum, Publication 790) 
GN2F4 voL45 *9789 913.789 56-2918 

Martin, Paul Sidney, 1899- 

Late Mogollon communities; four sites of the Tukrosa 
phase, vrestern New Mexico c byj Paul S. Martai, John B 
Rinaldo t and] Eloi^ R. ^rter. tChicagO! Chicago Katural 
History Museum, 1957. 

144 p illus 24 cm. ((CMcago Natural History Muaeumi Pub- 
lication 823) 

vol. 49, no 1 *978^ 913 T8T 57-12415 

Priestley, Joint Boynton, 1894- 

Joumey down a rainbow [bjj J. B Priestley tfaulii Jac- 
quetta Hawkes. London, Heinemann-Cresset^ 1955. 

F786P95 * 




Priestley, John Boynton, 1894- 

Journey down a rainbow [by : J B Pnestley [and] Jac- 
quetta Hawkes New York, Harper C C 1955] 

288 p 22cm 
F786 P95 1955a 917 9 55-8031 I 


Lambert, Marjone F 

Paa-ko, archaeological chronicle of an Indian village in 
north central New Menco, by Mar] one F Lambert, parts 
i-v With part vr by Spencer L Rogers The physical type 
of the Paa-ko population Sante Fe, School of Amencan 
Eesearch t c 1954! 

6 pts in 2 v illus, map 28 cm ( [Santa Fe, N M Schools of 
American Research.] Monograph 19) 
E78N65L35 "-9789 913789 55-2429 


Guthe, Alfred Bidder, 1920- 

The late prehistouc occupation in soutluv estern New York 
an inteipietne analysis Ann Arboi, University Microfilms 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich] Publication no 18,609) 
Microfilm AC-l no 18,609 Mic 56-3615 

Michigan Univ Libr 

Guthe, Alfred Kidder, 1920- 

The late prehistoric occupation in southwestern New York 
an interpretive analysis Albany, New York State Archeo- 
logical Association, 1958 

r, 100 p illus, maps 26 c (Researches and transactions of 
the New York State Archeological Association, v 14, no 1) 
E7SN7G8 1958a 970447 59-5986 

Guthe, Alfred Kidder, 1920- 

The late prehistoric occupation in southwestern New 
York an interpretive analysis Rochester, N Y , Rochester 
Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1958 

T, 100 p illus, fold map 26 cm. (Research records of the 
~ ' Museum of Arts and Sciences, no 11) 

E78N7G8 1958 


New York (State) Bureau of Elementary School Super- 

Indian education in New York State, 18461953-54 Pre- 
pared by Ruth A Birdseye (principal clerkj Albany [1954 ?j 

23 p table 28 cm 
E97N4 371975 

New York (State) Dept of Social Welfare Dwtston of 
Administrative Fznanoe and Statistics 

Manual of Indian affairs and procedures (including his- 
torical data) Local Assistance Bureau, Division of Admin- 
istrative Finance and Statistics [Albany] New York State 
Dept of Social Welfare, 1954 

24L 28cm 

E78N7N75 55-62519 J 

New York (State) State Interdepartmental Committee on 
Indian Affairs 

The Indian today in New York State Albany. 1956 
16 p illus 28cm. 

E78N7N79 A 59-9251 J 

New York. State Libr 

New York State Archeological Association. 
Bulletin, no 1- July 1954- 

no la 

8cm. 8 no a year 



New York (State) State Science Service. 

The chance horizon; an early stage of Mohawk Iroquois 
cultural development, a report, by William A. Kitchie, State 
archeologist Albany, 1952. 

S3 P Illus 23 cm (New York State Museum, Circular 29) 

A 56-9696 t 
New York State Libr. 


Haag, William George, 1910- 

The archeology of coastal North Carolina, Baton Eouge, 
Louisiana State University Press [1958] 

ad, 186 p ulus, maps. 28 cm. (Louisiana State UnlTenflty 
studies. Coastal studies aeries, no 2) 
E78JT74H3 1958 *9756 913.756 58-5064 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Lederer, John. 

The discoveries of John Lederer, -with unpublished letters 
by and about Lederer to Governor John Winthrop, Jr , and 
an essay on the Indians of Lederer's Discoveries by Douglas 
L Rights and William P Cumming Edited with notes 
by William P Gumming Charlottesville, University of 
Virginia Press, 1958 

ad, 148 p maps (part fold ) lacsim 24 cm 

F229 L46 1958 



Rights, Douglas Le Tell, 1891-1956 

The American Indian in North Carolina 2d ed Win- 
ston-Saleni, J F Blair, 1957 

XX, 298 p ilius , ports , maps (1 fold ) 24 cm. 
E78N74R5 1957 9704 57-9277 

U. S. Congress House Committee on Interior and In- 
sular Affairs 

Cherokee Indians, North Carolina Hearing before the 
Subcommittee on Indian Affairs pursuant to H Res. 30, to 
authorize the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs to 
make investigations into any matter within its jurisdiction, 
and for other purposes September 17, 1955 Washington, 
U S Govt Print Off, 1955 

III, 63 p tables 24 cm ( It* {Hearings before] the Committee on 
Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-fourth 
Congress Serial no 21) 
HD171 A18A34 no 21 55-63286 


Devils Lake Sioux Tribe, North Dakota. 

Constitution and bylaws, approved February 14:, 1946 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print Off , 1957. 
4p 24cm. 

9705 57-60911 

U. S. Congress House Committee on Interior and Insular 

North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission Hearing before 
the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs pursuant to H Res 30, 
to authorize the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs 
to make investigations into any matters withm its jurisdic- 
tion, and foi other purposes September 8, 1955 Wash- 
ington, U. S Govt Print Off , 1955 

111, 19 p 24 cm (It* {Hearings before^ the Committee on Interior 
and Insular Affairs, House of Bepresentatlves [Eighty fourth Con- 
gressi Serial no 19) 
HD171 A1SAM no 19 56-60277 

U. S. Congress. House, Committee on Interior and Insu- 
lar Affairs. 

Standing Eock, Lower Brule, and Crow Creek Indian 
Tribes, North and South Dakota; department reports and 
information relating to H R 6075 (Berry) c and others] 
Washington, U S Govt Print Off, 1958. 

ffl,8Tp tables 24cm. 
E98.L3U52 58-60702 


Canada. Northern Admmwtrafoon and Land* Branch. 
Peoples of the Northwest. Territories. Ottawa, 1957. 
41 p lllus 25 cm 
F10609C2a55 57-489651 

Hearne, Samuel, 1745-1792. 

Coppermine journey; an account of a great adventure. 
Selected from the journals of Samuel Hearae by Farley 
Mowat. Boston, Little, Brown ^958] 

IMp. 21cm. 
F1060.7JIM5 917.12 58-8279 J 

Heame, Samuel, 1745-1792. 

A journey from Prince of Wales's fort in Hudson's Bay to 
the Northern Ocean, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772. Edited witii an 
introd. by Eichard Glover Toronto, Macmillan Co of 
Canada, 1958. 

bQdl.SOlp um, port, fold. map, faeslm. 28cm. 
F1060.7.H42 1958 917.12 59-3217 


Brice, Wallace A 

History of Fort Wayne, from the earliest known accounts 
of this point, to ifce present period. Embracing an extended 
view of the aboriginal tabes of the Northwest, including, 
more especially, the Mamies with a sketch of the Me of 
General Anthony Wayne; mctadiiig also a lengthy biogra- 
phy of . pioneer settlers of Fort Wayne. Also an account of 
the manufacturing, mercantile, and railroad interests of Fort 
Wayne and vicinity. By Wallace A Brice ... Fort Wayne, 
Ind., D. W. Jonas & son, printers, 1868 

iri,S24,3Sp. front, plates, ports. 22cm. 

Index to the Wallace A, Brice history of Fort Wayne 

and to the life of Anthony Wayne and other biographies 
contained in this 1868 mblicatlon. Compiled by GLeo Goff 
Wilkens. t Fort Wayne? Allen county-Fort Wayne histori- 
cal society ^ 1957. 

26p. 21cm. F384.F7P8 lade* 

IWJ7B8 1^-1688 rev 

Gagern, Fnednch, Frezkerr von, 1882-1948. 

Das Grenzerbuch, von Pfadfindem, Hauptkngen. mid 
Lederstrumpfen. Hamburg, P. Parey t e !954] 

4S5 p lllus 22 cm. 
F479G2 1954 56-16920 | 


Anastasio, Angelo, 1914- 

Intergroup relations in the southern plateau. Chicago 
jLibrary, Dept of Photographic Reproduction, University 
of Chicago^ 1956 
Microfilm 5126 E Mic 59-7746 

Ross, Alexander, 1783-1856 

The fur hunters of the Far West Edited by Kenneth A. 
Spauldmg Norman, University of Oklahoma Press r 195& 
33dil, 304 p lllus , port, map 24 cm (The American explora- 
tion and travel series t 2S)j ) 
F880R85 91795 56-5995 

Vancouver, B. C. Art Gallery. 

People of the Potlatch, native aits and culture of the 
Pacific Northwest coast [Vancouver, 1056] 

47p illus 16x23cm. 

A 56-5216 
Cornell Univ Library 

Work, John, 1792-1861 

Journal, 1830-31 t editedj by Francis D. Haines. A^n 
Arbor, University Microfilms (195^ 

({University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIch.j Publication no 1&85S} 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 15,653 M3c 56-1152 

Washington, State Coll, Pullman Library 


Barbeau, Charles Marius, 1883- 

Medicme-men on the North Pacific coast jOttawaj Dept 
of Northern Affairs and National Resources, National Mu- 
seum of Canada, 1958. 

95 p lllus 25 cm (National Museum of Canada. Bulletin no 
152 Anthropological series, no 42) 
QH1.C13 no 152 970 6736 59-654 t 

Drncker, Philip, 1911- 

Indians of the Northwest coast New York, Published 
for the American Museum of Natural History t byj McGraw- 
Hill t c 1055, 

xii, 208 p illus , map 24 cm {[American Mnseum of Natural 
History, New lorkj Anthropological handbook no 10) 
E78N78D7 9704 55-9543 

Drucker, Phffip, 1911- 

The native brotherhoods: modern intertribal organiza- 
tions of the Northwest coast Washington, U. S Grovt. 
Print Off, 1958 

Iv.Iftip tables. 24cm, ([U.S., Bureau of American Ethnology 
Bulletin 168) 

E5LU6 no. 168 970.630123 


Hill, Leonard Uzal, 1885- 

Joim Johnston and the Indians in, the Land of the Three 
Mianus. With Recollections of sixty years, by John John- 
ston. Piqua, Ohio, 1957. 
198 p illus 24cm. 

970.5 57-44054 t 


Van Every, Dale, 189*- 

Men of the western waters,* a second look at the first 
Americans. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1956. 

244 p. lllvifl. 22cm, 
F517.V3 977 55-U86 J 

Webb, William Snyder, 1883- 

The Adena people, no 2, by William S Webb and Ray- 
mond S, Baby. With chapters by Charles E. Snow and 
Robert ML. Goshn. t C5olumbusj Published for the Ohio His- 
torical Society by the Ohio State University Press t !957 3 

art, 123 p Ulna, (part mounted) mop (on p A of co>w} taW. 

E7TOSW358 *977 918.77 58-626M t 

see also Five Civilized Tribes 

Hancock, Aaron, 1894- 

My Father is rich, the biography of Aaron and Hilda 
Hancock as related to J. Qtafc Heosfey. 
EamsPrmtCa (19501 
214Q. Illus. 24cm. 

Harlow, Victor Emmanuel, 1876- 

Ofclahoma, its origins and development; a history Rev 
ed., with additions by Gene Aldnch. Oklahoma, City, Har- 
low Pub Corp, 1055 

480 p mm 24cm. 
F6&4HM 1955 0T66 55-14&59 t 

Irving, Washington, 178S-1S30 

A tour on the praines Annotations by Joseph B Thobnrn 
and George C Wells Oklahoma City, Harlow Pub Corp., 

iliv, 178 p Illus ports , map 24 cm 
F697J743 1955 91766 55-1670 

Irvmg, Washington, 1783-1859 

A tour on the praines Edited with an introductory essay 
by John Francis McDermott Norman, University of Okla- 
homa Press t 19563 

xxsli, 214 p fold map 20 cm. {The Western frontier library 




Latrobe, Charles Joseph, 1801-1875 

The rambler in Oklahoma, Latrobe's tour with Washing- 
ton Irving From letters in The rambler in North America, 
by Charles Joseph Latrobe (London, 1835) Edited and 
annotated by Muriel H Wright and George H Shirk 
Oklahoma City, Harlow Pub Corp , 1955 

xlv, 92 p plate, ports., maps 24 cm 
F607L38 91766 

Oklahoma. Dimston of Indvm Education. 

Report of Indian education m Oklahoma under State con- 
tract 1st- 1948- 

Oklahoma City 

v tables 28 cm annual. 

E975037 371975 A 53-10155 rev 

Oklahoma. State LIbr 

TJ. S. Congress House Committee on Interior and Insular 

Muskogee and Anadarko area Indian tribes, Oklahoma. 
Hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs pur- 
suant to H. Res 30, to authorize the Committee on Interior 
and Insular Affairs to make investigations into any matter 
within its jurisdiction, and for other purposes August 25 
and 26. 1055 Washington, U S Govt Print Off., 1956 

iv, 200 p 24cm. (Its {Hearings beforej tlie Committee on Interior 
and Insular Affairs, Honae of Representatives, ESgfaty-fimrtli Coa- 
gress Serial no 16} 
HD171 A18A34 no 16 970 5 56-60S56 


Oklahoma. Planning and Resources Board. 

Missions, colleges, imiversities Oklahoma City jlSJHJj 

21. 28cm. 
L190 H57 
Oklahoma. State Libr 

see also CLackamas Indians 

Oregon, Interim Comm&tee on Jfu^tm Afmn. 

A reontroducticai to the- Indians of Oregon, report sub- 
mitted to the Fiftieth Legislative Assembly. c Satem, 1058 

Sip. 23cm. 
B78 06A55 970.495 9-62715 


Barnett, Homer Garner, 1906- 

Indian Shakers; a messianic cult of the Pacic Northwest. 
CarbondaJe, Soothem Jllinois Univaity Press, 1957. 
878 p. Ulna. 22cm. 

m.7 67-8851 | 

Weiss, Louise, 18&3- 

Mytfaea des peatBC-rouges da Paeifera norcl 
t^LesOtemsnbrw. ftma. 13 an. HOOT ifa, BO. 101 (T. 321) 
(1954) p. t lfi8r20( 

fP<ill4!l.O4 ToIS37] A5S-7fflS 

Northwestern Udr. Library 


Cook. Sherburae Friend, 1S96- 

The epidranic of 18SO-1838 in California and Ortgoau 

B iv D ^r%iS^^ssS u . BIi -. 


WaEcwer, LadUe, 1910- 

The hippity hopper; or, Why there are BO Indians in 
ennsylvania, retold and pictored % Lucille Wallower, 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


PENNSYLYAmA (Continued) 

WaBower, Lucille, 1910- 

Indians of Pennsylvania, written and illustrated by Lu- 
cille Wallower, assisted by Martha E. Tmllrnger. State 
College, Pa , Peans Valley Publisher 1956j 

99 p illus 22 cm 
E78P4W17 704 56-4026$ 

Wallower, Lucille, 1910- 

Tbs Morning Star, written and illustrated by Lucille 
Wallower. New York, D McKay Co. t 1957] 

56 p illus 21 cm. 
F159B5W17 97482 57-13381 t 


Fried, Jacob, ed. 

A survey of the aboriginal populations of Quebec and 
Labrador Montreal, McGiU University, 1855. 

iv, 121 p. maps (1 Mi) 28 cm. (Eastern Canadian anthro- 
pological series, no 1} 
E78Q3F7 9704 


Cook, Sherburae Friend, 1896- 

The abonginal population of fie San Joaqmn Valley, 
California. [Berkeley, University of California Press, 1955j 

Hi, 31-78 p maps (I fold ) 28 cm. (Anthropological records, 
v IS, no 2) 

[E51.A58 vol. 16, no. 2] A 56-9392 

California, tJnlv Libt 


Le Jan, Francis, 1665-1717. 

Carolina chronicle, 1706-1717, edited, with an mtrod. and 
notes, by Frank J. Ebngberg. Berkeley, University of Cali- 
fornia Press, 1956 

Yl, 220 p iHus , port 24 cm (UnlTOralty of California pabllca- 
tlons la history, v. 63) 

E173C15 voL53 A 56-9335 
COKf2 F272X55 

South Carolina (Colony) 

Documents relating to Indian affairs, May 21, 1750- 
Attgust 7, 1754 Edited by William L, McDowell, Jr. Co- 
lumbia, South Carolina Archives Dept, 1958 

xxli, 882 p fatsam. 28 cm. (The Colonial records of South Caro- 
lina. ,Ser. 2, Tie Indian bootej) 
E7&S6S6 970.4757 59-62591 

South Carolina (Colony) Board of Coamtoioaef* of ike 
Indian Trade. 

Journals of the Commissioners of the Indian Trade, Sep- 
tember 20, 1710-Aasttst 29, 1718 Edited by W. L, Mc- 
Dowell, Columbia, South Carolina Archives Dept, 1955. 

xl, 388 P. facstas. 28 en. (The Colonial records of South Caro- 
E78.S6865 9704 HW59120 


Crow Creek Sioux Tribe of Fort Thompson, Sooth Dakota. 
Constitution and bylaws, approved April 26 f 1949. Wash- 
ington, U. S, Gvt Print Oft, 1957. 

13 p. 24cm. 

970JJ 57-60982 t 

Farber, WilHam Ogden, 1910- 

Xndians, law enforcement and local government; & study 
of the impact of the off-reservation Indian problem on South 
Dakota local government, with, special reference to law en- 
forcement, % W. 0. Farber, PKilip A, Odeen t andj Robert 
A-Tschetter. jVermillioni Governmental Seeearch 

State "University of South Dakota, 1957. 

vlll, 02 p. map, tables. 23cm, (Qovemmeatal K 
State HElversit7 of South Dakota, Beportn 
JK650LS6 no. 37 970,5 


rch Bn 

Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe, Sonth Dakota. 

Constitution and bylaws, approved October 16, 1946. 
Washington, TJ. & Govt Prat Off., 1957. 

>70.5 57-60918 

South Dakota. Dept of Public Instruction. 

Indians of Sooth Dakota. t Prepa*ed by ti Sooth Dakota 
Dept of Public Instruction in cooperation -with the Sootfc 
Dakota Indian Commission. Berre,1954i 


bc;54p. maps. 


South Dakota. Dept of Public Instruction. 

Indians of South Dakota. Rev. by John Artiohoker, Jr. 
Prepared IE cooperation with the South Dakota Indian Com- 
mission. t Pierre 3 1956 

ix, 89 p maps, diagrs. 23 cm, (Its Bulletin no 87A.) 
E99JD1S65 1956 9705 58-63555 

South Dakota. State Archaeological Commi&non. 

Archaeological studies, no 1- 
Pierre, 1949- 

T Illus., mai, diagrs 26 cm. irregular 


*978S 91783 


South Dakota. University. Institute of Indian Studus 

Program and proceedings of the conference on Indian 
affairs, held on the campus of the University of South 
Dakota, July 7, 1955 r Vermillion, 1955j 

vi, 66, 29 1 28 cm 

E78S63S62 9704 58-62509 

U. S. Congress. House tf&irmvttw on Interior and Inwr 
lor Affairs 

Standing Bock, Lower Brule, and Crow Creek Indian 
Tnbes, North and South Dakota, department reports and 
information relating to H. E 6075 (Berry) cand others] 
Washington, U S Govt Print Off, 1958 

lU,STp tables 24cm 
H98JL3U52 58-60702 


Bartram, William, 1739-1823 

Travels Edited by Mark Van Doren; with 13 illus from 
the original ed. t New Yorkj Dover Publications C 1955, 

414 p lliaa. port , map, facsUns 21 eta 
[F213] 9175 

dfor A.B P 

Bartcain, Williani, 1739-1823. 

Travels Edited, with commentary and an annotated in- 
dex, by Francis Harper. Naturalist's ed. New Haven, Yale 
University Press, 1958. 

bd, 727 p illus., ports , maps ( 1 fold) 2A cm, 
F213B2893 9175 57-11916 

Fondaburk, Emma Lila, 1922- ed. 

Southeastern Indians: life portraits; a catalogue of pic- 
tures, 1564^1860 Ltrverne, Ala,, 1958 

135 p Ulna, ports., maps. 28 can 
E78S65F8 970.1 58-13588 

Fondaburk, Emma Lila, 1922- ^. 

Sun circles and human hands; the southeastern. Indiana 
art and industries, edited by Emma Lila Fundaburfc t andj 
Mary Douglass Fundaburfc Foreman. Luverne, Ala., 1957. 

E78S55F8 *975 91375 57-12996 

Ifilfort, Loma, 1750 (co.)-18l7. 

Memoir; or, A cursory glance at my different travels & 
my sojourn in the Creek Nation, by Louis LeClerc de Mil- 
ford. Translated by Geraldine de Courcy Edited by John 
Francis McDermott Chicago, E. R. Donnelley, 1956. 

IT!, 25T p maps, tacslm, 18 cm. (The Lakeside classics, no 54) 
E99 C9M513 970.3 57-1098 

SBKort* Louis, 1750 (z)-18l7 

Memoirs or, A quick glance at my various travels and my 
sojourn in the Creek Nation. Translated and edited with 
intnxi, Bates, and index by Ben C McCary, Kennesaw, 
Ga,, Oitmental Book Co., 1959. 

ace, 230 p map, facsta, 2$ cm. 
B99C9M513 1959 970^ 58-14101 

Simsa, Paul Joseph, 1924- 

Sakralea Konigtum bei Indianern des nordamepikanischen 
Siidostens. Mainz, 1952, 

900 L moantedlllns.,map3. 28cm, 
I8T77S5 65-483M 

Southern Indian studies, v. 1- 
Apr. 1949- 
tOiapel Hill, H. a, 

T in mm, 2Scn. 
E78^55S6 970.4 58-37269 


U. S. Bureau of American Ethnology. 

Selected references on the Indians of southeastern North 
America, compiled by William C Sturtevant Washington 

16 p 27 cm 


59-61492 J 


Arizona. University. Bureau, of Ethnic Research 
Eeport 1953-54 Tucson 
2 v maps, diagrs , tables 28 cm annual 
E93 A69 53-62871 rev 2 

Atkinson, Mary Jonrdaa. 

Indians of the Southwest Decoration by Ralph J 
Pereida San Antonio, Naylor Co t 1958] 

333 p illus 23 cm 
E78S7A8 1958 9704 58-7543 t 

Blohm, Elaine Ann, 1925- 

Patterns of settlement in the southwestern United States, 
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[Reproduction, University of Chicago] 1957 
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Chicago TJnlv Libr 

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Eio Grande Drawings by Golden Whitman New York, 
Morrow t 1955j 

296p lllus 23cm. 
F796F38 1955 91789 54-10611 t 

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Indian pottery of the Southwest, post Spanish period 
[Clark Field collection Tulsa, Philbrook Art Center^l958j 

unpaged, lllus, 21 cm "~ 

E98P8F5 58-45420 j, 

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A history of the ancient Southwest Portland, Me, 
Bond Wheelwright Co . 1957 
xx,38&p lllus,, maps 28cm 
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Southwestern United States. Drawings by Frances B. Kay- 
nolds and Malcolm Withers. Philadelphia, American Philo- 
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457-782 p tllua, maps, tables 90 cm. (Transactions of the 
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n.s.,voL47,pt.8 970674652 67-11240 


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v tiius,23cm. 
E98S55M42 970.673928 59-39.^ t 

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150 p 21 cm 
E976P4S5 3714269791 58-1968 

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Southwest Indian painting Tucson, University of Ari- 
zona Press t !957j 

rvii, 1ST p lllns (part coL) maps (on lining papers) 81 cm. 
E98A7T3 970675 57-69199 

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The Fremont cultures: their position in southwestern pre- 
history. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1998] 
Microfilm AC-1 no 58-1003 Mic 58-1003 

Michigan. Unlr. Ubr 

Wendorf , Freo, <* 

Pipeline archaeology,- reports of salvage operations in the 
Southwest on El Paso Natural Gas Company projects, 1950- 
1953. Introd. by Jesse L.Nusbaum; with sectiona by Wesley 
L, Bliss c and othersj Edited by Fred Wendorf, Nancy Fox 
OrianL. Lewis, Santa Fe, Published joindy by the 
of Anthropology and the Museum of Northern 
Arizona, Flagstaff , 1956. 

lY.irm.^lOp, Ulu8.,mapa. 28cm. 
E7aS7W4 978.8 918.789 67-42669 

Librafy of Congress Catalog Booh; Subjects 


McKennan, Robert Addison, 1903- 

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Anthropology, Yale University, 1959 

228 p illus, maps 25 cm (Yale University publications to 
anthropology, no 55> 

GN2 Y3 no 55 970 3 A 59-8607 

laleUnlv Library 


Hay-wood, John, 1762-1826 

The natural and abongmal history of Tennessee, up to the 
first settlements therein by the white people in the year 176S 
Including aichaeological, geological, and historical annota- 
tions bringing the ancient account into focus with present 
day knowledge, and an introductory sketch of the author, 
John Haywood, by Mary U Rothrock, editor Jackson, 
Tenn , McCowat-Mercer Press, 1959 

3occil,43$ p illus , ports , maps, facslms 24 cm. 
F436H42 1959 9T68 58-14370 

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history, by T. M. N. Lewis and Madeline Kneberg Kiios- 
ville, Dept of Anthropology, University of Tennessee, 1055 

113 L illus 28cm 
E78T3L39 913768 55-1856 J 

Lewis, Thomas M Nelson, 1896- 

Tnbes that slumber, Indian tunes in the Tennessee region, 
by Thomas M N Lewis and Madeline Eneberg Illustrated 
by Madeline Kneberg. Knomlle, University of Tennessee 
Press, 1958 

193 p illus 26 cm. 
E78T3L42 *9768 913 T68 58-12085 J 

Tennessee archaeologist. 

Ten years of the Tennessee archaeologist, selected subjects 
(from the first nine volumes, Chattanooga, J. B. Graham, 

259 p. illus 28cm. 

A 55-10278 
TTniv. Ubr. 


Texas. State Library, Austin Archives Division 

Texas Indian papers. Edited from the original ms. copies 
in the Texas State archives by Donnan H. Winfrey t State 
archmst] assisted by James M. Day, George R Nielsen t andj 
Albert D Pattillo Austin, Texas State Library, 1959- 

v port, maps, facstaa. 24cm. 
E78T4T42 970.5 59-63649 


Archeologieal excavations in Iron County, Utah ^yj dement 
W. Meighan c and others Salt Lake City, University of 
Utah Pressj 1956 

vffl, 132 p. iUm, maps, dlagra, profiles, tables 28 cm (Uni- 
Tersity of Utah. Dept of Anthropology Anthropological papers, no 

E51.U8 no 25 *979.2 913.792 56-63413 

see also Occoneechee Indians 

Hamor, Ralph, the younger. 

A true discourse of the present state of Virginia. Be- 
printed from the London ed., 1615, with an introd. by A L. 
Bowse. Richmond, Virginia State Library, 1957. 

xrUl p* lacslm. (TO p.), 71-74 p. 24 cm. (Ylrgml*. State H- 
brary, Eldmiond. 8) 

] A67-0000 

State library 

Jones, Hugh, 1669-1760. 

The present state of Virginia, from whence is inferred 
a short mw of Maryland and North. Carolina. Edited 
with an introd. by Eichard L. Morton. Chapel Hill, Pub- 
lished for Virginia Historical Society by University of 
North Carolina Press tlQSfy 

ad v, 295 p. Ulus,, ports., facsims. 24cm. 
F229J78 1956 917,55 56-2834 

YiMivvrKr John. 

The discoveries of John Lederer, with unpoblidifld letters 
by and about Lederer to Governor John Wnthrop, Jr., and 
an essay on tfca Indians of Ledrer% Disoovei3esT>y Douglas 
L. Ewits and Wffliam E. Onmtning. Edited witli notes 
by imixm P. Camming, C&arlottwwiHe, Univeraily of 

^ifSsp. maps (part fold.) facsim. 24cm. 

Rose, Cornelia Braere, 1907- 

The Indians of Arlington. Arlington, Va , Office of the 
County Manager, 1957. 
GO p Ulos, 22 cm. 

E78VTK6 58-401951 


Lummi Tnbe of flie Lummi Reservation, Washington. 

Constitution and bylaws, approved Apnl 2, 1948 Wash- 
ington, 1 T S Govt Print OIL, 1957 
6p 24cm 


Scruton, David Lagrove, 1928- 

Ses differential in mexnorj retention of aboriginal be- 
havior patterns Ann Arbor, Cmversitj Microfilms [ 1954 I 

([University Microfilms Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication, no 10,012) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 10,012 Mic A 54-2794 

Washington Univ , Seattle Library 

Spokane Tribe of the Spokane Reservation, Washington. 

Constitution and bylaws, approved June 27, 1951 Wash- 

ington. U S Govt Print Off., 1957 

5p 24 c 




American heritage. 

Indians and the Old West, the story of he first Ameri- 
cans Adapted from the pages of American heritage, the 
magazine of history, fay Anne Terry WHte New York, 
Simon and Schuster, "1958 

56 p lllus, 21 cm (The Golden library of knowledge) 
F596A52 970.1 58-59602 J 

Brown, Mark Herbert, 1900- 

The frontier years; L A. Huffman, photographer of the 
plains, by Mark H Bro^m and W. E Felton. Hew York, 
Holt [1955] 

272 p Illus , ports , maps (on lining papers) 2& cm. 
F595H87B7 978 55-9876 

Bonn, Jacob Piatt, 1855-1924. 

Massacres of the mountains, a history of the Indian wars 
of the Far West, 1815-1875 New York, Archer House; dis- 
tributed by Herman & Stephens 1958j 

QQQ p illus 23 cm. 
E81D92 1958 9705 58-13726 t 

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(In Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1955 Washington, 
1956. 24 em p 483-683 illns , map, ports ) 
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Relations with the Indians of the Plains, 1857-1861; a 
documentary account of the military campaigns, and negotia- 
tions of Indian agents, "with reports and journals of P G 
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official papers. Edited with introductions and notes by 
Le Roy R Hafen and Ann W. Hafen. Glendale, Calif, 
A.H Clark Co, 1959 

310 p illus., ports., fold, col. map, 25 cm, (The Far West ad 
the Rockies historical series, 1820-187% r. 9) 

F591F35 vol.9 



Heap, Gwinn Harris. 

Central route to the Pacific, With related material on 
railroad explorations and Indian affairs by Edward F. 
Beale, Thomas EL Benton, Eat Carson, and E. A. Hitchcock, 
and in other documents, 1853-54 Edited with an introd. 
and notes by LeBoy E. Hafen and Ann W. Hafen, Glfln- 
dale, Calif - Arthur H. Clark Co., 1957. 

34&P fflos 25cm. (The Far West and the Bookie* Watartol 

voL7 917.8 57-4996 t 

^noaros ^ **** * . ^om fl pwlnatano period 
to the coming of Europeans, elated.! Herman, tTniversHy 

^attS^^sKi^Si. CWtttwaon of the American tadta* 
"*.>.-. ^, 69-7963 t 

McCracken, Harold, 1894- 

George CktKn and the old frontier. Few Torfc, 

Press. 1959 

mm, (prt cAJpoctR, {part coU Won. 
W 759.13 

Ectifced, and with an 

Morgan, Lewjs HMy, 181B-1881 

hy Leslie A. White. Ite; selected and edited by G^yde 


Murphey, Edith (Vaa Men) 

Indian uses of native plants n p , 1959 1 
72 p ulus 23 en* 

EOS B7MS 970 65818 


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Oregon Trail Garden City, N Y, Garden City 

59-1043 J 

F592P284 1959 

Tibbies, Thomas Henry, 1840-1928. 

Buckskin and blanket days, memoirs of a fnend of the 
Indians written in 1905 ^Theodora Bates Cogswell edited 
the manuscript 1st ed j Garden City, IT. Y , Doubleday, 

336 p 22cm 

E78W5T5 9703 57-7289 t 

Trotter, George A 

From feather, blanket and tepee Xew York, Vantage 
Press [10o5j 

I90p 22cm 
E78W6T7 0701 54-9139 t 

Vaughan, Jack C 

Colonel Alfred Jefferson Vaughan, the frontier ambassa- 
dor. jDallas 11957j 
4S2L fflTis 29cm. 



Walters, Madge Hardin (Smith) 

Early days and Indian ways; the journal of Madge Har- 
din Walters With an introd. by M. R Harrington. Los 
Angeles, Westernlore Press C B 1956 3 

254 p Ulos 21 cm (Great West and Indian series, S) 
E78.W5W3 970.1 56-6776 $ 


Benton, Colbee Chamberlain, 1805-1880. 

A visitor to Chicago in Indian days: "Journal to the 'far- 
off West ' n Edited by Paul M Angle and James B Getz. 
Chicago, Caxton Club, 1957 

nap fold map 26 cm 
E165B45 9173 58-1452 

Douglass, John M 

The Indians in Wisconsin's history Designed and prated 
at the Milwaukee Public Museum jMHwauiee* Published 
by order of the Board of Trasteesj 1954. 

58 p. illus. 23cm (tMIiwautee. Public Meam] Popolarsd- 
ence handbook series, na 6} 
E78W8D6 9704 55-3754 f 

tvriscwBua. Division oj Public Aswtevx^ 

Analysis of relief granted to needy Indians, July 1951- 

. (chiefly ta) 28cm* 
ET8.W8W52 970,63^1 


French, Kathrim Story. 

Culture segments and variatMHi in contemporary soaal 
ceremcmialian on the Warm Springs BeBerntafln, Oregon. 

, , 

MKsrofilm AC-1 no, B,4S2 IdSe A 55-1551 

Columbia TJnlv Ilbrarfes 


OF see Indians, Treatment oC -U.S. 


Becker, Frank E 

arojo way. Etetwta by M3A1 . 
Island, V. Y., In&n Aseocaatkn of Amaoea r Wj 

^ p. mm, 25 cm. ^^ W-1S8H J 

PERU see Indians of South 
America Peru 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Alacaluf Indians; Andaqui 
Indians; Apalakiri Indians ; Araucaman 
Indians; Aymara Indians; Charrua 
Indians; Chibcha Indians; Chimu Indians; 
Choco Indians; Crao Indians, DIaguita 
Indians; Fuegians; Goa^iro Indians; 
luarani Indians; Guarayo Indians; 
Huiliiche Indians; Itenez Indians; Jivaro 
Indians; Kechua Indians, Kmkuru Indians; 
Mane Indians; Morochucnan Indians; 
Mundurucu Indians; Oyana Indians; 
Patamona Indians; Puquina Indians; 
Ranqueles Indians; Tupi Indians; 
Tupioamba Indians, Umotina Indians; 
Urubu Indians 

Bitsch, tyrgen. 

IS! p illos 23 cm 

i Grafisk forlag [1958, 

58-47076 1 

Comil, Achiel Edward, 1887- 

Be zilverrmer onder de Indianen van Zuid-Amerika, 
j A. E. Com tpseud 3 Hasselt, Heideland r c 1952t 

58-29983 J 

196 p illus 23cm 
F2229 C67 

Karf eld, Kurt Peter. 

Versa nkene Kulturen lebendige Yolker, Inka, Maya uad 
Azteketi, em Farbbiidwerk [Text von Walter Knckeberg. 
Innsbruck] Apollo- Yerlag t !9o-1j 

7P ttlus Si cm. 
E65JK35 56-1423 f 

Key Ayala, Santiago, 1874- oomp 

Obra inducida de Lasandro Alvaxadoj piezas de su ar~ 
chivo Buenos Aires, Impr Lopez 1S58] 

183 p 21 cm 
F223OK4 59-39713 

Piso, Wiflem, 1611-1678 

Histona natural e mediea da India Ocidental, em cinco 
livroa Traduzida e anotada por Mano Lobo Leal Bevosta 
por Pelisberto Carneiro e Eduardo Kodrigues, Escorgo 
biobibkografico de Jose Honono B-odrigues. Bio de Janeiro, 
L HL., 1&57 

sir, 885 p mas., facsims. 21 cm. (Institute Nadonal do Llvro 
e obras rants, 5) 


Scfftti, Piefro, 1899- 

I eontnbnti giwrcanisticT di Guide Boggiani; saggio 
critico. Genova,Librenadeghstudi,1955 

2031*. Wos. 25d 


Steward, Julian Haynes, 1902- 

Natave peoples of South America. byj Juliaii H. Steward 
landj Louis C Faron. 3STew York, McGraw-Hill, 195& 

_ xi, 4& p Ulus^ maps, 24 cm. 

mi 58-10010 

Swan, Michael 

Tbe marahes of El Dorado; British Guiana, Brazil, Vene- 
zuela. Boston, Beacon Press flSUSj 
304p. mas 22cm. 

S8-14T66 J 

AMUSEMENTS see Indians of South 
America Social life and customs 


Otexo, Gustavo Adolf o,lS9^- 

Bgnr y caraeter del indio (Jos aado4livknos) 2, ed. 
La Pax, Editorial "Jttvantad," 1S54. 

205 p. Him. 22 em. 
F3320.O84 1954 56-13651 t 


see also Indians of Saudi America- 
Implements; Indians 7 South. America 

Acosta y Lara, Eduardo P 

Los chana-tambues ea la Banda Oriental Montevideo, 

27, t 5iP 12 plates. 29an. 
F2719.A25 57-15514 

Cuervo Marquez, Carlos, 1858-1930 

Estudios arqueologicos y etnograficos t Bogota, Editonal 
KeUyj 1956 

329 p lllos 25 cm. (Biblioteca de la Presidencia de Colombia, 

58-32731 t 


Guayaquil. Museo Victor Enulio Estrada. 

Publicacion. no 1- 

ao Illus. 22 cm. 

F3721 G8 

Leicht, Hermann. 

Indi&iusche Kunst und Kultur , ein Jabrtausend im Eeicbe 
des Mondkults r2 } durcKgesehsn.e Aufl j ZuncK, Oiell 
Fussh C 1957i 

F3430 1 C46L4: 1957 58-15918 J 

Lothrop, Samuel Kirkland, 1S9S- 

Late Nazca bunals afc Channa, Peru, t an analysis of its 
textiles, potter j and oilier fuiuishmgsj bj S K Lothropand 
Joy Mahler Cambridge, Mass 3 Peabody Museum, 1957 

Till, 61 p mus, 21 plates 27cm. (Papers of the Peabody Mu 
sum of Arclueology and Ethnology, Harvard University, v 50, no 2) 
E51H337 vol 50, no 2 *085 91385 A 58-1429 

Harvard Untv Library 

Serrano, Antonio, 1899- 

Los pueblos y culturas mdigenas del litoral Santa Fe 
[Argentina, Editorial CastelM, 1955] 
124 p illos 24cm. (El Litoral) 

F2821 S483 


TeHo, Julio Cesar, 1880-1947 

Arqueologia del Valle de Casma, culturas Chavin, Santa 
o Huaylas Yunga y Sub-Cnimu; informe de lostrabajos de 
la Expedicion Arqueologica al Marafion de 1937. Lima, Edi- 
torial San Marcos, 1956 

xrv, 344 p Ulan, maps (part fold) plans, profiles. 1ft cm. (Pu- 
' " ' del archive "Julio Tello" de la Unlvenfldad 

bEcad<5n antropoWgica 

Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, v 1) 



Banco de la Republics* Bogota Museo del Oro. 

El Museo del Oro, 1923-1948 Ediciones conmeraorativas 
de la f undacion del Banco de la Eepubhca en su xxv ani- 
versano t Bogota, cover 194r8 3 

t63i p 101 col plates, 2 col maps (1 fold.) 27 cm. 
F2270.1.A7B3 1948 980673922 51-3141 rev 

Carl!, Enzo, 1910- 

Oreficene preispaniclie di Colombia nel Museo dell^oro di 
Bogota. Mjlano,A.Martello [ 1057j 

90, [5j p (p. 31-t91] coL plates) map 23cm. 
F2270LA7C28 59-3S719 

Carli, Enzo, 1910- 

Pre-conquest goldsmitlxs* work of Colombia in the Museo 
del Oro, Bogota. London, Hememann tl957j 

90, t5j p (p Sl-i&I] cot plates) map 2 cm 
F2270.1JL.7C3 97065717 

Leicht, Hermann. 

Indianiscb.e Kunst und Kultur ; em Jahrtausend nn Eeiche 
dea Mondkults. t 2., durchgesehene Aufl. 3 Zurich, Orell 
Ftssli t 1957j 

852 p. f Has 23 cm. 
F84S01.C46L4 1957 5&-15918 J 

New Tort. Museum of Modem Art 

32 masterworks of Andean art from the asiubition Ancienfc 

arts of the Andes, New York e 1955j 
r 82j ^ (chiefly uloa^ part coL) 28 cm. 

F2230 1 A7N4 



Perez de Barradas, Joae, 

Orfebrerla prehispanica de Colombia, estilo cabma; obra 
basada en el estudio de las colecciones del Museo del Oro 
del Banco de la Republica, Bogota. Madrid, 1954, 

2 r. Illus., plate* (port coL) ports., maps, cllagis. 32 cm. 
F2270LA7P4 55-4497 

Perez de Barradas, Jose. 

Viejas y nuevas teorias sobre el ongen de la orfebreria 
prehispanica en Colombia Bogota, Impr. del Banco de la 
Eepubhca, 1956 

48 p 23cm 
F22701A7P43 57-32575 J 

Pinto, Odorico Pires. 

Arte pnmitiva brasileira Sao Paulo, Revista do Arquivo 

Municipal, 1955 

246 p illus 24oo 
F25193A7P5 58-16850 1 

BLANKETS see Indians of South 
America Textile industry and 


Hilger, Inez, 

Araucaman child life and its cultural background, Wash- 
ington, Smithsonian Institution, 1957 

sr, 439 p illus, ports, maps 25cm. ( Smithsonian miscellaneous 
collections, v 133, whole vol ) 

Qll S7 vol 133 980 3 57-61662 rev 
Copy 2 F22301C5H5 


see also Indians of South America 
Social life and customs 

Canals Frau, Salvador, 1893- 

Las civilizaciones prehispamcas de America Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Sudamencana C 1955] 

647 p illus , maps, plans 24 cm 
E65C35 56-4667 

Rtizo, Daniel, 1900- 

La cultura masma , conference dictada el 30 de ]umo de 
1954 en el Centre de Instruccion Militar del Peru, dentro del 
programa de extension cultural de dxcha institucioa, a invi- 
tacion de su comandante general sefior general Carlos A. 
MmanoM t Luna, 1954j 

38 p illus 25cm. 
F3429R7 55-4414 t 

CUSTOMS see Indians of South 
America Social life and customs 

ETHNOLOGY see Indians of South 


Zemes, Otto. 

Wild- und Buschgeister in Sudamerika, eine Untersu- 
chung jagerzeithcher Phanomene un Kulturbild sudamen- 
kanischer Indianer Wiesbaden, F Sterner, 1954 

401 p Illus 21 cm. (Studien zur Kulturkunde, Bd U) 
F2230 1JR3Z4 56-1284 t 


Cruxent, Jose M 

Notas sobre algunos metates y morteros del Museo de 
Ciencias Naturales de Caracas Caracas, Tip. Gamdo, 1945 

np lllua 23cm 
F22301I4C7 55-58675 


see also Indians of South America 
Antiquities; Indians of South America- 
Hunting; Indians of South America 
Pottery; Indians of South America 
Textile industry and fabrics 


see also Araucaman language; Aymara 
language; Carib language; Chibcha 
language; Goajiro language; Guarani 
language; Kechua language; Macti 
language; Siriono language; Tupi 

Key Ayala, Santiago, 1874- comp. 

Obra inducida de Lisandro Alvarado, pi< 
diivo. Bnenos Aires, Impr. Lopez t 195S 

188 p 21 cm 

desu ar- 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 



Moldenhauer, Gerhard, 1900- 

Filologia y linguistica, esencia, problemas attiwles y 
tareas en la Argentina Rosario de Santa Fe, Universidad 
Nacional del Literal, Facultad de Filosofia, Letras y Ciencias 
de la Education, Institute de Filologia, 1952 

74 p 23cm 
PC4871 M48 57-16654 rev J 


Ortiz, Sergio Elias, 1894- 

Estudios sobre linguistica aborigen de Colombia. [Bo- 
gota, Ediciones de k Bevista Bolivar, 1954j 

503 p 20 cm (Biblioteca <Je antores colomblanos, 75) 
PM5191O7 55-56524 


Espmosa, Lucas, 1895- 

Contnbaciones knguisticas y etnograficas sobre algunos 
pueblos indigenas del Amazonas peruano Madrid, 1955- 

v maps (part fold.) 25 on 
F3429 E8 58-49215 


Baikdor de Pedro, Manuel C 

La America de ayer (La colonizacion amencana a traves 
de la legiskcion de Indias) c Zamonij Tip Heraldo de 
Zamora, 1953 

181 p 22cm 

54-36711 rev J 

Bomfaz, Miguel 

Derecho indiano: derecho castellano, derecho f 

biano, derecho colonial Oruro [Bolivia] Unmrsidad Tec- 
nica, 1955 i e 1956] 

402, JIT, p 23 cm. (Biblioteca de estudlos jorfdicos, polffla* y 
sociales, no 2) 


International Labor Office. 

Legislation concerning aboriginal f orest-dwelling popula- 
tions. Third item on the agenda Geneva, 1954. 

35 p 33 cm. ([International Labor Organization Documenti 

L 55-23 
U S Dept of Labor Library 

Rosas Benitez, Alberto. 

Especiahdad del derecho Indiana Guadalajara j 

ISSp, 21cm. 

57-45951 t 

Solorzano Pereira, Juan de, 1575-1655. 

tPolitica mdianaj Antologia. Selecci6n y prologo de Luis 
Garcia Anas r Madndj Editora Nacional, 1947. 
2 v 17 cm ( Breviaries del pensamlento espafiol) 



Cora, Maria Manuelade, 

Kuai-Mare; mitos aborfgenes de Venezuela. Prologo de 
Eafael Bodrfguez Delgado. Madrid, Editorial Oceanida 

264 p. Ulna. 22cm. 
F231&3F6C6 58-38133 J 

r, 1872-1924. 

Geister am, Eoroima r Indianer-Myibj&n, -Saceo. und -3dSr- 
chen aus Guayana. t AusgewSblt, bearb. und hrsg. von Jose- 
fine Huppertz, Eisenach, E. Eoth ^1956, 
209 p lllus, 20cm, (DasGealcht der VSlker) 

59-25179 1 

Sflro, Alberto da Costa e ed. 

Antologia de lendas do indio brasileiro. Bio de Janeiro, 

246 p. 19cm. 
F2519J J 1 6S5 58-32730 t 


Acosta, Jos* de, 1539 (do.)-1600. 

Obras, Estudio preliminar j edicion del P. Francisco 
Mateos. Madnd, Ediciones Atlas, 1954. 

illi,633 P mm. 27cm. (Biblioteca de antorea capaflolea desde 
la formadtfa del lenguaje hasta-nueatros dlaa (conttnoadon) t 73) 


Eehaiz, Rene Leoa. 

Interpretacion histonca del liuaso chileno t l ed San- 
tiago de Cliile, Editorial Umversitaria r !955, 
107 p lucm 1) 

F306DSM55E3 50-23061 1 


Moreno, Segundo Lms, 1882- 

La musica de los Incas. rectificacion a la obra uitatalada 
La mufeujue des Incas et ses sursivances por Baul y Marga- 
rita d'Harorart Quito, Editona! Casa de la Cultura Ecua- 
tonana, 1957 

179 p music 22 cm 
ML3575 P4H32 57-46790 t 

Stephan, Ruth. Walgreen, 1910- ed 

The singing mountaineers; songs and tales of the 
people CoDected by Jose Maria Arguedas ( and others 5 
Drawings by Donald Weismann Austin, University of 
Texas Press C 1957j 

Till, 203 p Ulus 22cm. 
F22302K4S8 398 57-8825 

Viggiano Esam, Julio. 

La musicalidad de los tupi guarani. [Cordobaj Direccion 
General de Pubhcidad de la UniTersidad Jfacional de Cor- 
doba, Eepubbca Argentina, 1954. 

40 p 23 cm (Universidad Nadoaal de C5rdoba. Instltuto de 
Arqueologla, Lingflstica y Folklore "Dr Pablo Cabrera.' [Publica- 
donesj 25 > 
ML3575J5V5 55-27574 J 


Jover Peralta, Anselmo. 

El guaiani en la geografia de America Buenos Aires, 
Ediciones Tupa j!950] 

xlirt, 272 p 24 cm 
PM7179J6 51-6938 rev 

Meyer-Rusca, Walter, 1882- 

Diccionano geografico-etnnologico mdigena de las pro- 
Tincias Valdivia, Osomo y Llanguihue, por Walteno Meyer 
Eusca con la colaboracion del K. P. Ernesto Wilhelm de- 
Moesbadi. Padre Las Casas [Gfailej Impr. "San Francisco" 
t 1955j 

289p 18cm. 
F3054M4 58-29023 


Ciencia nueva, revista de etnologia y arqueologia aSo A- 

(no. 1- ) ; 1950- 

Cocbabamba, Bolivia 

T in illus 24 cm. semiannual, 
F2821C5 58-57926 

writing, Indian 


Bischof, Werner Adalbert, 1916-1954. 

From Incas to Indios. Photos, by Werner Bischof, Eobert 
Frank, and Pierre Verger. Introd. by Manuel Tufiort de 
Lara. [Text translated by James Emmonsj Pans, E. Del- 
pire; New York, Universe Books [1956J 

25 p 77 plates 29 cm. 
F3430B5 985.01 M-11625 

Fouchet, Max PoL 

Terres indiennes, fAtiaanne, Ouilde du Livre [1955} 
96 p. mus. 29cm. 


Kroeber, Alfred Louis, 1876- 

Toward definition of the Nawa styte. Berkeley, 
sity of California. Press, 195ft. 

IT, 827-492 p illus^ tables. 2T cm. (University of California 
poblicaUona in American archaeologr and ethnology, v 43, no. 4) 

[E5LC515 , 

California. Unlv Ubr 

Lflien, Rose MurieL 

A study of Central Andean ceramic %urinea Ann Arbor, 
University Mjcrbilma l lm&> 

(fUniversityMicrofllms. Ann Arbor, Mich.; Publication no. 1&^47} 
Microfilo! AC-1 no. 19^47 Mic 58-3166 

Columbia Univ 

Lothrop, Samel Kuttod, 1802- 

A Chantay-stjle grave at Zapjllan Pera an. analysis 
of its text lies, potterj , and other f urnisMiigs, &} S K Lo- 
throp and Joy Mahler Cambridge, The Museum, 1957 

vm, S& p ulos , 17 pUtes, map 27 CHL (Papers of tbe Peabods 
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnologs Hanard Unnersitj T 50, 
DO 1) 

[E51 HAJ7 \ 50, no 1] A 57-5264 

HanrarU Uaiv Llbrao 

RyeB, Stag, 1908- 

The Erland Nordenslnold archaeological collection from 
the Mizque Valley, Bolma, Goteborg, 1956 

1 43 p HIus, maps, dlagr 24cm. (Emologlaka studier, 22) 
[GN2G6 vol 22] 
Smithsonian Institution Library 

Sawyer, Alan Reed, 1919- 

The Xathaa Cumnungs collection of ancient PeniTiaa art 
(formerly TFassermann-San Bias collection) j handbook. 

980 65715 

48 p lllus 28 cm. 
FM2 3 P8S3 

Stigler, Robert Leath. 

Negative painted pottery m South America. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms 1954j 

(tUniTersity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlcki Publication no. 8840) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 8840 Me A 54-2196 

Columbia Univ Libraries 


Casas, Bartolome de las, Bp. of GJiiapa, 1474-1566. 

Los tesoros del Peru Traduccion y anotacion de Angel 
Losada Madrid, Consejo Superior de Invesfalgaciones Cien- 
Mcas, Institutes "Gonzalo F de Qyiedo" y "Francisco de 
Titona," 1958 

xrviil, 480 p facslms 2S cm. 
JF1411 C475 59-27265 

Sanz, Victor. 

La propiedad en el charrua. Advertencia prehminar del 
Dr Eugemo Petit Mufioz. Mbntevideo. 1955, 

48p 18cm. 
F2230^ C54S18 56-26675 I 


Cora, Maria Mannelade. 

y*n|fl.T-TVfare * mitos aborigenes d Venezuela. Prologo d 
Kafael Eodriguez Delgado. Madrid, Editorial Oceanida 

264p illus. 22cm. 
F2319 3 F6C6 58-4313S | 

Eckert, Ceorg. 

Totenladtimdl^ben^^ubennGaacatal MtememVor- 
wort yon Hermann Trimborn. Braunschweig A. Lnnbadb 

62 P Illus 22 cut CKultnrgeschlcJitlldie Fomfaongeo. "L Bd.) 
F2270.1.B4E25 5-7502 I 

Hassler, Wily A 

Nguillatunes del Neuquen ; costembres araucmnas. Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Pehuen, 1957. 

loOp, lllos. 20cm 
F2821 lJf4H3 58-MMJ t 

Ugamza Arioz, Manuel de. 

En el escenario de un mito; contribacion al estadio de la 
nutologia amencana. La Plata, Mmisterio de Educacion 
de la ProTOicia de Buenos Aires, 1958. 

124 p. Him 24cm. (Scplemento de la Bevista de ectccadori, S) 
F2230.LK3Ua 59-19686 t 

Zerries, Otio. 

Wild- und Buschg&ister m Sudamerika T erne 
chong jigwitlichr Phinoaoiene nn KJaltarMld sodaaneti- 
kaniseher Indianer. Wieabade^ F Stemar, 1954 

m. p. film*. 21 co. fStedite urn Kaltartaai^ Bd. lit 

56-1284 t 


see also Indians of South America 

Baudin, Louis, 1S8T- 

La Tie quotidiernie an temps des demiers In-cas. 
Hachette ,1955] 

301 p. Ulua. 21cin. (La Tie quotidli=c) 


Boeldeke, Alfred. 

TTiLh Graciela to die head-liar.ters. WM Louis H&gen. 

6 p. mm,' 22cm. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Cotlow, Lewis N 

Hovedjffigera ved Amazonfloden, 0vers af Knud Ras- 
mussen] Kdbenhavn, Forlaget Fremad C 1955j 

285 p lllus 21 cm 
F3722 1 J~C642 38-4253G J 

Rouvre, Evrard de. 

L'empire du soled Tezte d'Evrard de Bouvre Photos 
de la 1'ioductioa Lux Films realisee par Enrico Gras et 
Mario Craven t-PariSj Hachette C 1957j 

Sip ill us 24cm (Tout par I'lmage) 
F2230K6 58-16715 J 

Saavedra, Bautista, Pm Bolivia, 1870-1939 

El ajllu, estudios sociologicos Prologo de Bafael Alta- 
mira 3 ed La Paz, Gisbert, 1955. 

160 p illus 19 cm 
FS429 S12 1955 

of South America Implements 


Arce Vargas, Mario. 

Monografia estadistica mdfgena de Bolivia,- contaene. 
demograffa, economia y cultura Ed 1951 La Paz [Edi- 
torial Fenix, 1954, 

46 p fold maps, dlagrs , tables, 26 cm 
F332GJJ 59-18937 


Bird, Jumus Bouton, 1907- 

Paracas fabncs and Nazca needlework, 3d century B. c 
3rd century *, D , bj Junras Bird Technical analysis by 
Louisa Bellinger Washington, National Pub Co , 1954 
rti, 126 p mus (part col) 128 plates (part coL) maps (on lining 
' ""* {Washington, D. C Textile Museum Catalogue 

papers) 32 cm 





Lothrop, Samuel Kirkland, 1893- 

A Chancay-style grave at Zapallan, Peru, art analysis 
of its textiles, pottery, and other furnishings, by S K Lo- 
throp and Joy Mahler. Cambridge, The Museum, 1957. 

viil, 38 p loos IT plates, map 27 cm. (Papers of the Peabody 
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard Unhersity, r. 50, 

PS51H33T Y.50,nol] A 57-5264 

Harvard Dniv Library 

VanStan, Ina. 

Problems in pre-Columbian textile classification. Talla- 
hassee, Flonda State University, 1958 

x, 115 p lllus (part col ) 24 cm (Florida State University 
studies, no 29) 

AS36F57 no 29 97065715 A. 59-8294 

Florida. Cniv Library 


GandoM Herrero, Aristides, 1890- 

Calfucuri ; la conquista de las pampas, por Alvaro Yunque 

tpseucL 1. ed.] Buenos Aires, Ediciones A. Zamora t 1956j 

436 p. iEus. 23 cm. (Coleccidn Argentoria; hombres e Ideas de 

la coltara argentlna de ayer y de feoy, T. 9 > 

F2^La.W3G3 57-18535 t 

ZebaOos, Esianislao Severe, 1854-1923 

CWlvucura y la dinastaa de los Piedra, Estudio prebmi- 
uar de Hoberto F. Giusti. Buenos Aires, Libreria Hachette 

* 222 p. Sim. (Colecclto "El Pasado argentine") 

- 1964 57-17608 t 

WEAVING see Indians of South 
America Textile industry and 


Ibarra Grasso, Dick Edgar. 

La escnfum mdigwna aB&na. 
318 p. Was. Kan. 




Crals, Gastao, 1S8S- 

Hilesa amazomca; aspedos da flora, fauna, arqueologia a 
etnografia indigenas. 48 reprodugoes de aquarelas de Hilda 
Velofio iet aLj 8. edL Bio cte Jaufflro, J. Olympio^ 1958. 

447 p. Wm, 25cm. (Colesfio Docamentoabrosileiros, 101) 
F2546.C96 1958 59-25007 t 

Doiinger, Jane. 

The jungle is a woman. Chicago, H. Kegnery Co , 1955, 
225 p lllus. 22 cm. 
F345LA4D6 *918 54 55-9174 t 

Girard, Rafael. 

Indies selvaticos de la Amazonia peruana, con 20T foto- 
grafias, 100 nguras y 2 mapas [Mexico] Labro Mex, 1958 

Melduor, Adolf, 1898- 

Amazonas, hel en paradijs. Haarlem, Drukkerij De 
Spaaraestad [1955] 

268 p lllus 24cm. 
F2546M56 57-44856 t 

Prado, Eduardo Barros. 

Eu TI o Amazonas. Tradu^ao feita do espanhol, pelo Con- 
belho Nacional de Proteyio aos Indios, em cumpnmento de 
ordem do respective presidente general Candido Mariano da 
Silva Eondon em 1949, tendo ado encarregado deste trabalho 
o Gel Amilcar A. Botelho de Magalhaes Rio de Janeiro, 
Departunento de Imprensa Nacional, 1952 

475 p IlJ us 20 cm. (Conselho Nacional de ProtesSo aos Indios 
PubllcacSono 10&) 
F2546J > 8716 55-17238 J 

Vinci, Alfonso. 

Samatan (Onnoco-Amazzom) Bari, "Leonardo da 
Tinci" editnce," 1956 

390 p illus 24cm. (All'InsegnadelTorlzzoflte.ia) 
F2546V66 58-39372 t 

Vinci, Alfonso. 

Visages secrets de I'Amazome. [Samatan, traductiOE de 
Louis Bonalumi. Grenobl^ Arthaud tT.9561 

BISp. illus 21 on, (CSefs de 1'aveatore, defs da savoir) 
F2546V66a 58-39299 J 

see also Andean programme 

Arthaud, Claude, 1927- 

The Andes, roof of America Photos, and text by Claude 
Arthaud and Frangois Heljert-Stevena 124 photogravure 
plates, eight in colour. (Translated by Eric Earnshaw 
Smith, New York, Vanguard Press [1956 3 

xxlv, 184, t 5) P illos. (part coL> map. 29 cm. 
F2212A713 9801 56-35035 

Arthaad, Claude, 1927- 

Andes, toit de F.luienque Photos, et textes de Claude 
Arthaud et Francois Hebert-Stevens t Grenoblej Arthaud 
r 1955] 

178, [Iff] p illus (part coL) coL map 29 cm. (Les Imagioalires) 


Bolinder, G^isiaf, 1888-1957. 

We dared the Andes; three journeys into the unknown. 
Translated by Elsa Kruuse London, New York, Abelard- 
Schnman ( 1958, 

240p, OlTM 28cm. 
F2281A5B63 9803 58-6796 t 

Febvre, Jean Louis. 

Crepuscule Inka, photos de Jean-Louis Febvre, Jehan 
Vellard, Daniel Vilfroy. Texte de Jean-Louis Febrre. 
PreideL-Baudin. Paris, Del Duca il53, 

1 T. (chiefly illos. (part cot map 2T cm. (Monds et visages, 
F3451 A5F4 54-40901 

Ibarra Grasso, Dick Edgar. 

La escntura indlgena andina. t La Paz, Boliviaj Biblio- 
teca Pacena. 1953. 
318 p. illus. 22cm. 

F22301W7I2 55-20564 t 

International Labor Office. 

The Andean, prosramiae. [Geneva, 1958, 

KB p. mn,maps. 24cm. 
F2mi5 980.633891 

U.S.DepL of Labor library 

L 59-126 

Lockwood, Agnese Nehna. 

Indians of the Andes. t New York, Carnegie Endowment 
lor International Peace, 1856. 

355-Slp. lilufl. 20cm. (International conciliation, no. 508) 
JX1907J18 no. 508 66-4368 t 


Ciencia nue\a, revista de etnologia y arqueologia ano 1- 

(no 1- ) , 1950- 

Cochabamba, Bolivia 

v m Illus 24 cm semiannual 
F2821 05 

Gandolfi Herrero, Arfatides, 1890- 

Calfucura , la conquista de las pampas, por Alvaro Yunque 
tpseud 1 ed j Buenos Aires, Ediciones A Zamora [1956] 

436 p lllus 23 cm (Colecctfn Argentorla, hombres e Ideas de 
la cultura argentina de ayer y de hoy, v 9) 
57-18535 t 

Hilger, Inez. 

Araucaman child life and its cultural background Wash- 
ington, bmithsoman Institution, 1957 

rt, 439 p illus , ports , maps 25cm (Smithsonian miscellaneous 
collections, v 133, whoisvol ) 

Q11S7 vol 133 9803 57-61662 rev 
Copy 2 P2230 1 C5H5 

Mass, Nun. 

Where the Incas trod, illustrated with line-drawings by 
Celeste Mass 24 photos, and a map Sydney, Writers' 
Press C 1956, 

223 p illus 23cm 
F2810M36 9182 57-416371 

Schoo Lastra, Diorasio. 

El indio del desierto, 1535-1879. 7 ed.] Buenos Aires, 

Ediciones Mendion il957, 
210 p Illus 24cm. (Biblioteca hlsWrica) 

F2822S37 1957 

58-44414 t 

Serrano, Antonio, 1899- 

Los pueblos y culturas mdigenas del literal Santa Fe 
[Argentina, Editorial Castellvi, 1955] 

124 p lllus 24cm. (El Literal) 
F2821 S483 57-^30587 J 

Zeballos, Estamslao Severe, 1854-1923 

Call\Ticura y la dinastla de los Piedra. Estudio prelimi- 
nar de Roberto F Giusti Buenos Aires, Libreria Hachette 

222 p 21cm (Coleceion "El Pasado argentine") 
F28213W3Z4 1954 57-176031 


Schoo Lastra, Diomsio. 

El indio del desierto; 1535-1879 C 7 ed.] Buenos Aires, 
Ediciones Mendion [1957, 

210 p 11108 24cm. (BlbUoteca hlfitdrlcft) 
F2822S37 1957 58-444U t 


Bischoff, Efrain U 

Expedicion de Bedoya al Chaco c C6rdoba] Direccion 
General de Publicidad de la Universidad Nacional de Cor- 
doba, Kepublica Argentina, 1954 

50 p 27 cm. (Umrersidfld Nacional de Cordoba. Facultad de 
Filosoffa y Humanldadea. Inatltuto de Hatudtos Americanistas 
Cuaderno de historia, DO 27) 
F2845B59 55-36303 t 


Hassler, Wily A 

NguJlatunes del Neuqu&a; costumbres araucanas. Buenos 
Aires, Editorial Pehuen, 1957 

150 p tllns 20cm, 
F28211N4H3 58-24020 J 


Arce Vargas, Mario. 

Monografia estadistica indlgena de Bolivia; contiene: 
demografia, economia y cultora. Ed. 1954. La Paz Bdi- 

46p fold. maps, dlagrtu, tables. 26cm. 


Beltran-Morales, Carbs, d 1949. 

Una tierra y un ahna, Habana, Editorial Lex, 1948. 


50-34654 rev 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

BOLIVIA (Continued) 

Bfeeliof, Werner Adalbert, 1016-1954. 

Prom Incas to Indies. Photos, by Werner Bischof , Eobert 
Frank, and Pierre Verger Introd by Manuel Tonon de 
Lara jTeit translated by James Emmonsj Pans, B. Del- 
prre, New York, Universe Books [1956j 

25 p 77 plates 29 cm 
F3430B3 98501 56-11625 

Coagreso Indigena Boliviano. Ist^ La Pas, 1945. 
[Proceeding LaPaz, 1945 
'2 pts H4 cm 
F3320G6 1945 


Lelong, Bernard. 

The stars weep t byj Bernard Lelong and Jean-Luc Javal 
Translated from the French by Geoffrey Samsbury Lon- 
don, Hutchmson rl956j 

198 p illus 22cm. 

F3314 L413 1956 



Otero, Gustavo Adolfo, 1896- 

Figura y caracter del indio (los ando-bolinanos) 2 ed 
La Paz, Editorial "Juventud," 1954. 

205 p Ulna. 22cm 
F3320084 1954 56-18651 t 

Thoriichen, Gustav. 

El indio, C 52 fotografias del autorj Texto basado sobre 
los pensamientos del Excmo senor preadente constitucional 
don Victor Paz Estenssoro Introd por Mariano Baptiata 
Gumucio ,Traducci6n de Patncio Lynch] La Paz, Edi- 
torial S P I, C , 1955 

unpaged. Illus 22 cm, 
F3320T5 57-35677 t 


Bolivia. Laics, statutes, etc 

Legislacion agrario-indigenal, por Miguel Bonifaz. 
Cochabamba, Impr Universitana, 1953 

595 p 23 cm. (Unlversidad Mayor de San Simdn, Cochabamba. 
Pabllcaciones de la Facultad de Derecho) 



see also Crao Indians; Kuikuru Indians; 
TJmbu Indians 

Freyre, Gilberto, 1000- 

The masters and the slaves (Casa-grande & senzala) A 
study in the development of Brazilian civilization; trans- 
lated from the Portuguese by Samuel Putnam. 2d English- 
iangaage ed , rev New York Knopf, 1056 

bod, 537, xhv p plans. 25 on 
F2510.FT522 1956 9181 56-5787 

Levi-Strauss, Claude. 

TristestropiaTies. Paris, Plon [1956! 
462 p fflus. 21cm. (Terre humalne) 


Meggers, Betty Jane. 

Archeological mvestigmttons at the mouth of the Amazon, 
by Betty J. Meggers and Clifford Evans. Wadungton, U. S. 
Govt. Print Off., 1957, 

xxTiii, 664 p lllus., 112 plates, fold, maps, tables. 24cm. fft Sj 
Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 167) 

E51.U6 no 167.1957& 

*98L1 91&81 


Meggers, Betty Jane. 

Archeolc^cd investigations at the mouth of the Amazon, 
by Betty J, Meggers and Clifford Evans. Washington, 

IT a GovL Print OC, B57, 

nvill, 664 p. illafi, 122 plates, fold, maps, tables. 24c 
Bcreau of American Ethnology BrUletlnieT) 
Honse docoment no. 468. 

&ith Cong.. 2d s 
E51.U6 no. 167 

*98L1 913.81 


Murphy, Robert Francis, 1S24- 

"ftiimai Indmns of ceisfcrAl Braal t %i Robert 
KW: York, J. J. Augusta 
<- Wtowea** * Se A 

Etimologlcal Society, 24} 
[E5LA5W voLM] 
North Carolina. Univ. 

Nobrega, Manuel da, 1517-1570 

Cartab do Brasil e mais escntos (opera, omnia) Com 
introdu^ao e notas histoncaa e criticas de Serafim Leite 
Counbra, 1955 

117, 570 p port, facsim 22 cm (Acta tTm-rersitatis Ocim- 
F2528 N753S 56-4132 

Pinto, Estevao. 

Muxarabis & balcoes, e outros ensaios, Prefacio de Gil- 
berto Frejre Ed ilustrada, Sao Paulo, Companhia Edi- 
tors Nacional [1958] 

362 p :llus 10 cm (Biblloteca pedag5gica brasileira. Sr 5 
Brasiliana, v 303) 

Eevcrdin, Olivier. 

Quatorze calvmistes chez les Topmambous Histoire d'une 
mission genevoise au Bresil (1556-1558) Geneve, E Broz, 

109 p illus 20 cm. 

A 58-2780 
Colorado Umv Libraries 

Roder, Josef, ed 

Maximilian Priofc zu Wied Unveroffenthchte Bilder und 
Handschriften zur Volkerkunde Brasiliens. Unter Mitar- 
beit von Josefine Huppertz, TJdo Oberem nnd Karl Viktor 
Pnnz zu Wied, hrsg von Josef Roder und Hermann Tnm- 
born Bonn, F. Dummler t c !954j 

150 p nius.,port. 24cm. 
F2520.R6 56-57337 

Silva, Alberto da Costa e, ed. 

Antologia de lendas do indio brasileiro Rio de Janeiro, 

246 p 19 cm. 
F25193F6S5 58-32730 J 

Willems, Emilio. 

Brasil periodo mdigena Mexico, 1953 

110 p 17 cm (Programa de historla de America, I Perfodo 
indfgena, 8) 
F1401P153 no. 169 55-376 


Pinto, Odorico Pires, 

Arte pnmitiva brasoleira Sao Paulo, Kevisfca do Arquivo 
Municipal, 1955. 

246 p Illus 24 cm 
F25193A7P5 58-16850 t 


Baldus, Herbert, 1899- 

Bibliografia comentada de etnologia brasileira, 1943-1950. 
Bio de Janeiro, Souza, 1054 

142 p 24 cm. (Serle bibllograflca de estudoa braslletros, 1) 
Z51H.B28 56-15122 

Baldus, Herbert, 1899- 

Bibliografia critica da etnologia brasileira. Sao Paulo 
rComissao do rv Centenino da Cidade de Sao Paulo, ServiQO 
de Comemoragoes CulturaiSj 1954 

859 p. ports , facslms. 25cm. 
Z5114B3 65-59135 

Willems, Emilio. 

Braal periodo mdigena Mexico, 1953 

no p, Fan. {Propma d Mstorta de Am&ica, 1. Perfodo 
F1401.P153 no 169 


Souza, Joao Baptista de. 

Amanibal, & sua etimologia e a soa pronuncaa ante o Tupi- 
Guarani Ponta Pora, tBrasilj 195ft 

74 p. lllus. 22 can, 


Ott, Carlos Fidelia. 

Bcdsfc6m da Bahlft, jSalvador, Braml, Progreaso 

C Wpt aim(i*wwW r p^<*)ol.>ii& n 
deestudosbrastieiros, Serie marajoara, ao. 24) 


Maofrais, Raymond, 1926- 

Matto Grosso adventure rTransIated bj Mervyn Savillj 

London W Kunber 4 1055] 
rvl. 200 p i las 23 cm 

[F2576 M ] A 57-5671 

Lehigfa Univ Library 

Weyer, Edward Moffat, 1904r- 

Jungle quest With photos by the author [1st ed , New 
York, H irper f c !955 3 

186 p lUos 21 cm 
F2519 1 M4W4 SIS 1 54r-12202 J 


Jose, Oiiiam, 1921- 

Marliere, o crvihzador ; esbogo biografico Belo Horizonte, 
Editora Itatiam, 1958 

216 p nius 24 can. 
F2581M35 58-35835 t 

see also Patamona Indians 

Gnppy, Nicholas. 

Wai-TTai through the forests north of the Amazon Lon- 
don, Murrav [1958] 

375 p illm 23 cm 

F2372G8 *91881 58-27422 t 

Gnppy, Nicholas. 

Wai-Wai, through the forests north of the Amazon. r 
Amencan ed j New York, Button, 1958. 

373p. Ill ns 22cm 
F2372G8 1958a *91881 58-10818 


Koch-Grunberg, Theodor, 1872-1924 

Geister am Eorolma, Indianer-Myiiien, -Sag^a und -MSr- 
ehen aus Guayana EAusgewahlt* beaxb. und hrsg TOO Jose- 
fine Huppertzj Eisenach, E Roth [19567 

20&p mus 20cm. (Das Gesldit der VSHQcer) 
F23802.F6K6 59-25170 J 

MelvJle, Edwina. 

This is the Eupunum. A simple story book of the sa- 
vannah lands of the Rupununi Distact, Bntisb. Guiana, 
Georgetown?] Bniaah. Guiana, Governinent Infonnatioii 
Services, 1956 
56 p. Hlus. 23cm. 

A 57-3481 
Florida. TTnlr. Library 


Echaiz, Rene Leon. 

Interpretacion histdrica del huaso chileno. {L ed. San- 
tiago de Chile! Editorial Univeratana t!055 3 

lOTp. 05cm. {Colecdfe Saber, no. 1} 
F30e9 3 M55ES 59-23061 t 

Hflger, fiwsz. 

Araucanian child life and its cultural badkgromid. 
ington, Smithsonian Institution, 1957. 

sx, 439p, lllus., ports., maps. SScra, litalttscmlan MiBC^l 
collections, v 133, whole voL) 
Q11,S7 vol 1B3 ^0.3 57-61061 rev 


Lipschfitz, Alexander, 1883- 

XA comunidad indigena en America yea CMJbjscipiisadsO 
historico y sus perqpedavas. Goo tm prologo del Pro Al- 
fonso Caso Santiago de Chile, Editorial Universitaria, 


205 p. 22cm. (Colecddn America nuesora) 

Mostny, Grete. 

r l!4 l 

Stotiago de CMe, Mi- 

Effis, Herbert Lee. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Chile. Laws, statutes^ etc. 

Legislacion indigeaista da Chile Eecopilacioa e introd 
de Alvaro Jara. Mexico, 1956 

128 p 24 cm (Ediclones espeelales del Institute Indigemista 



see also Motilon Indians 

Arango Bueno, Teresa. 

Precolombia, introduction al estudio del mdigena colo-m- 
biano Madrid, Sueesores de Brradeneyra, 1954, 

174 p illus f part cot ) maps (part col.) 29cm. 
FS2Q9A64 56-28087 

Bogota. Institute Etnologico NaaonaL 

Kevista v 1-4, 1943-50 Bogota 
4 T in 3 fflus 25 cm annual 
F2269 BS5 572 986 

4&-31481 rev* 

Cuervo Harquez, Carlos, 185S-193Q. 

Estadtos arqueologicos y etaograficos. [Bogota, Editorial 
Kelly 3 1956 

32& p lllus 25 cm. (BIblioteca de la Presldeacia de Colombia, 

GiraJdo Jaranullo, GabneL 

Temas de antropologia e indigeaisfflo Bogota, Editonal 
"Los Andes," 1954 

94 p 22 cm iPubllcadomes da la Sociedad ColomMana de Etnojo- 
FS69 G5 50-24533 

Salmon, Ross, 1923- 

Forbidden jungle London, Hodder & Stoughton r!957j 
11 p illus 22cm 
F22703M64S5 1957 &803 57-3906 J 

Triaua, Miguel 

For el sar de Colombia, excursion pmtoresca y cientifica 
alPutumayo ProIogodeS Perez Tn ana. t Bogoti,Min- 
isterio- de Educacion Nacional, 1950i 

899 p. Illus 21 cm. CBlWI&teca popular de cultura Colombians, 

F2281C3TS 1950 

56-31611 1 


da. Colombiana de Hlstona. 
Homenaje al profesor Paul Bm*. Bogota, Editorial A. 

385 p fflrat , map 25 on. (Bibltoteca de antropologfa) 
F2269A17 59-43085 


Banco de la Republica, BogotL Museo del Oro 

El Museo del Oro, 192&-194& Edicioaes comQemoratiTas 
imdftcion del Banco de k Sepublica en su xxr ani- 
o, cBogotl, cover 1948j 
. 101 M; plates, 2 oo3. maps il fold.) 27an. 

IMS $80,673922 1-3141 rev 


Otero, Jesus M 

Ecnologia caucana; estudio sobre los origenes, vida, coa- 
tombres y dialectos de las tribus indigeaas del Departflmeato 
Popajan, Editorial Uraversidad del Cauca, 1952. 

ua^map. 25cm. 



wort TOIX Hennnim Triinbonx Braunschweig, JL Limbach 
r l48j 

02 p. Illoa. 22 cm. (KoltxirgeecMclitltcfae Forsdiuasea, 1. Bd.) 
1^270 1J84E25 59-7502 J 


F&OIB 56-1713 

Gordon, Burton L* Roy, 1920- 

Human geography and ecology in the Sinu Country of 
Colombia. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1957 

rill, 136 p IJlus., maps. 24 cm, (Ibero-AmerlcaiJa,S9> 
F1401J22 no J9 9804 A 58-9064 

Copy 2. F226&G6 

California. Unit Ubr. 


Andrade Mann, Luciano. 

El Eemo de Quito Quito, Editonal "Los Andes," 1554 

260 p illus 22cm. ,.,, . 

F3733V47A7 5&-S3582 t 

Garces, Victor Gabriel 

Bidigemsmo Quito, Casa de la, Cultura Ecnatonana, 

286 p 21 cm. (EnsaylstasecuatoriAiios) 
FS722G33 58-38811 J 

Guayaqral. Museo Victor Enulio Estrada. 

Pabhcacion no 1- 
Goayaqml, 1956- 

oo. illos 22cm. 
F3721G8 59-24398 

Hanzelka, JiK, 1920- 

Sudamenka; bei den Kopjfjagern t vonj JiM Hanzelka 
t undj ILroslar Zikmund iDeutsch von Adolf Longer 1 
Aufl i Berlin, Verlag Volk mad Welt, 1958 

288 p lilus 24 cm 
F3714H315 58-42442 

JaranuHo Alvarado, Pio. 

La nacion quitena j perfil biografico de ana cultura Qoito, 
Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, 1958 

566 p 21cm 
F3710J3 58-4016revt 

Merisalde y Santisteban, Joaquin de, -ft 1765 

Elaci6n histonca, politaca y moral de la cradad de Cuenca, 
poblacion y nermosura de su pro-wncia, escnta por mandato 
del Excmo Sr virrey del Kaevo Eeino de Granada, de 
orden de S M., para informar el Terdadero estado, numero, 
calidad, junsdiccion y nombres de sos pueblos, con nokuaa 
parfaGular de la naturaleza de los vecmos y especialmente de 
la insfcrucci6n y prictica de los cnras en el idioma de los in- 
dios. Cumplimiento y obserracidn de su mimsteno Quito, 
Editonal OSSA de la Coltura Ecuatoriana, 1957. 

F379LC9M4. 1957 

59-41950 J 


The human element in industrialization, i hypothetical 
case study of Ecuadorean Indians. r Menasha, Wis-j Amen- 
can Anthropological Association [1955J 

ii, 265 p maps, tabla 24 cm (American Anthropological Asso- 
datlort Memoir no 85) 

GN2.A22 no, 85 

Copy 2. 

Onlr LJbr 


A 56-2321 

Santa Cruz, Joaquin. 

Los indfgenas del Ecuador Quito, Editorial Casa de la, 
Coltura Ecuatonana, 1957 

92 p 22cm 

Santi&na, Antonio. 

Los grupos sangnineos de los mdios del Ecuador, cotmuoi- 
caci6n defimtava, Quito, Imp de la Univwraidad, 1947. 
46 p, Illus. 27cm. 



Ecuador. Laws, statutes, etc 

Legislaci<5n indigemista del Ecuador, Eecopilacion de 
Alfredo Rubio Orbe. Prologo de Gonzalo Eubio Orbe, 
iteramericano, 1964, 

del IKtoto Indlsenlsta 

Mexico, lustibito Indigenista 
115 p. 24 cm. (W 



Blomberg, Rolf . 

The naked Aucas, an account of the Indians of Ecuador 
Translated by F H Lyon Fair Lawn, N J , Essential 
Books, 1957 

191 p illus 23 cm 
F3741N3B553 9803 57-3893 t 


Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo 

Punjflro, c estudio de antiopologia social y cultural de 
una comumdad indigena y mestizaj Quito, Editonal Casa 
dela Cultura Ecnatonana, 1956 

422 p illus 22 cm 
F3722R82 57-18469 t 


Larsen, Henry, zoologwt* 

Puogues sous les lianes, expedition Marom-Oyapoc [par^ 
Henry Larsen et May Pellaton Neuchatel, La Baconmere 

213 p Illus 22 cm 
F2452L3 57-47814 t 


Lynch, John Francis, 1914- 

Concepts of the Indian and colonial society in Spanish 
writers o* Guatemala, 1520-1620 Ann Arbor, University 
Miciofilmsrl954 1 

(tUnive^ity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich] Publication 7194) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 7194 Mic A 54-971 

Washington Unlr, Seattle Library 


Gheerbrant, Alain. 

0es hommes qu'on appelle sauvages [Album de Pexpedi- 
tion Orenoque-Amazone] [Pans^] R Mann t !952i 

unpaged Illus 26 cm 
F2331 07G45 55-15425 \ 

Gumilla, Joseph, d 1750 

El Orinoco ilustrado; historia natural, civil y geografica 
de este gran rio Bogota, Editonal ABC, 1955 

427 p facsims 25 cm (BlbKoteca de la Presldencla de Colom- 
bia, 8) 
F2311G95 1955 57-18999 


Benitez, Justo Pastor, 

Formacion social del pueblo paraguayo t Ensayos amen- 
canoSj Asunci6n, Editonal Amenca-Sapucai r 1955 3 

22Tp 24cm. 
F2670B39 57-31372 J 

Juste Marten, Ramon. 


Bogota, 1957. 


Falkner, Thomas, 1707-1784. 

Descripcion de la Patagonia y de las paries contiguas de 
la America del Sur. Traduccioa y notaa de Samuel A. La- 
fone Quevedo Estudio prelumnar de Salvador Canals 
Frau. Buenos Airea,Libr6riaHachette [1957, 

lT5p fold, maps 21cm. (Colecd<5n "El Paaado argentlno"} 
F2936F22 1957 58-16846 


Bischof, Werner Adalbert, 1916-1954. 

From Incas to Indies. Photos, by Werner Biacaof , Kobert 
Frank, and Pierre Verger IntrodL by Manuel Tufion de 
Lara. rTeit translated by James Emmonsj Pans, R. Del' 
pire; New Tork, Universe Books {LVS&i 

25p 77 plates 29cm. 
F34M.B5 985.01 W-11626 

BoahneH, Geoffrey Best Sutherland. 

Peru. 71 photos , 11 line drawings and a map London, 
Thames and Hudson r !956j 

207 p lUua., plates, map, table. 21 cm (Ancient peoples and 
place*. t l,) 

A 57-4998 
Art Institute of Chicago. Ryerson. Library 

Casas, Bartolome de las, Bp of Chwpa, 1474-156S. 

Los tesoros dd Peru. Traducci^ii y anotaci6*n d& Angel 
Losada. Madrid, Consejo Superior de Investagwaones CSen- 
tfficas, Insfttatos "Gonzalo F. de Oviedo" y "Francisco de 
Vitoria," 1958. 

xma,480p faffltaa 25 on 
P1411C475 59-272< 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

PERU (Continued) 

Cossio del Pomar, Felipe, 1889- 

Cusco imperial Traduccion al ingles por Stirling Dick- 
inson Asuncion del Paraguay, Editorial Guarania t 1952j 

173 p illus , plates (part col ) 29 cm 
F3611 C9C68 56-57384 

Disselhoff, Hans Dietrich. 

Gott muss Peruaner sein; archaologische Abenteur zwi- 
schen Stollem Ozean und Tifocacasee Mit 48 Abbildungen 
auf Kunstdrucktafeln und 12 2feichnungen un Text von E 
Arnigardt, sowie 2 Karten Wiesbaden, F A. Brockhaus, 

253 p Illus 24 cm. 
F3424D5 56-44905 $ 

Guard, Rafael. 

Indies selvaticos de la Amazonia peruana, con 207 foto- 
grafias, 100 figuras y 2 mapas [Mesicoj labro Mex, 1958 

356 p Illus 24 cm. 
F34291A4G5 59-31852 J 

Hanzelka, JiH, 1920- 

Sudamenka, bei den Kopfjagern t vonj Jifi Hanzelka 
[iind] Mitoslav Zilonund [Deutscn von Adolf Langer 1 
Aufl ] Berlin, Verlag Volk und Welt, 1958 

286 p illus 24 cm 
F37l4Hil5 58-42442 

Karsten, Rafael, 1879- 

A totalitanan state of the past the civilization of the 
Inca Empire in ancient Peru Helsingfors, 1949. 

Till, 288 p illus 24 cm (Socletas Sdentiartun Femxica. Com- 
mentationes humanarum lltterarum, m, 1) 

P9F5 t26,no 1 A 55-7629 

Chicago TJntv IJbr 

Kroeber, Alfred Louis, 1876- 

Proto-Lima , a middle period culture of Peru [Chicago^ 
Chicago Natural History Museum, 1954. 

157 p illufi, plans, tables. 24 cm. ((Chicago. Natural History 
Museum] Publication 740) 
GN2 F4 vol 44, no. 1 55-14203 

*98501 91385 
Copy2. F3429JLM35K7 

Lelong, Bernard 

The stars weep t byj Bernard Lelong and Jean-Luc Javal 
Translated from the French by Geoffrey Sainshury Lon- 
don, Hutchmson 1956j 

198 p Illus 22cm. 
F3314L413 1956 9184 57-2411 J 

Lohmann ViBena, Gufflermo. 

El corregidor de mdios en el Peru bajo los Anstrias. 
Madrid, Edicionea Cultara Hispanic*, 1957. 

627 p 23 cm. 
F3444X6 57-4816 J 

Perf indigena 

v m 


Poma de Ayala, Felipe Huaman, fl. 1613. 

La nueva cronica y buen gobierno. Interpretada por Luis 
Bustios Galvez. Luna, Editorial Cultura, Direccion de Ool- 
tera, Arqueologia e Historia del Mimsterio de Educacion 
Publica del Peru, 1956. 

F3444.P753 57-333 

Baspail, Jean. 

Terres et peuples mcas, Eqmpe Marquette, 1954. Photos 
de Guy Morance et Didier Tarot Paris, Juillard t 1954j 

262 p. Illus. 20 cm. <Collecttaa "La Oroli-dtt-Sod") 
F3429JR37 55-17567" J 

TeBo, Julio Cesar, 1880-1947. 

Arqueologia del VaDe de Casma; caltaras: Qxavfn, Santa 
o Huaylas Yunga y Sub-CMrrra; informe de los trabajos de 
laExpedici6nArqueol6gicaalMaran6ndel937. Lima, Edi- 
torial San Marcos, 1956. 

xxr. 844 P. Him, maps (part fold.) plans, profllea. TA cm. (Pu- 
bllcaddn antropolfiglca del arcMvo " JnUo Q TeUo" de la Unlversldad 
National Mayor de San Marcos, v.l) 

Tres relaciones de antiguedades peruanas t por] Fernando de 
Santillan, Bias Volera y Joan de Santacruz Pachacuti 
t Asunci6n del Paraguay] Editorial Guarania {1950] 

353 p. nins.,facaim. Mem. 
F342&.T7 1950 55-58668 


Vega, Joan Jose*. 

La emancipacion frente al indio peruanoj la legislacion 
Indiana del Peru en la imciacion de la republica 1821-1830; 
contnbucion al estudio del derecho peruano Lima, 1958. 

173 p 25 cm. 

59-38153 J 


Prittwitz, Heinz Ingo, 1919- 

Viracocha, ein Beitrag zur Kenntaus von Mythos und 
Keligion un alten Peru Munchen, 1957 

5331 30cm. 
BL2590JP5P7 59-38659 


Agostmi, Alberto Maria de, 1883- 

30 t i e Treuataj anos en Tierra del Fuego Buenos Airesj 
Ediciones Peuser [1956] 

363p Illus 23cm. 
F2986J.2988 57-45364 t 

Agostmi, Alberto Maria de, 1883- 

Trent'anm nella Terra del Fuoco Ulustrazioni e carte 
dell'autore Torino, Societa editrice uiternazionale [1955 7 
viil, 341 p plates (part col ) ports, maps (1 fold col ) facslma, 

F2986.A298 57-45875 

Solan Yngoyen, Hipohto. 

Una visita a los ultunos indios quo quedan en Tierra del 
Fuego. Buenos Aires, 1956 

(8] p lllus. 25 cm. 
F282L1T5S6 56-41450 t 


Acosta y Lara, Eduardo F 

Los chana-tambues en la Banda Oriental. Montevideo, 

27, f 5,p 12plates. 29cm. 
F2719A25 57-15514 

see also Motilon Indians 

Acosta Saignes, MigaeL 

Estudios de etnologfa antagua de Venezuela Prologo de 
Fernando Orfaz Caracas, Institute de Antropologia y Geo- 
grafla, Facultad de Humamdades y Educacion, Univeradad 
Central de Venezuela t 1954] 

joe, 302 p lllna., maps (part fold., part coL) 24 cm. (Antro- 
pologia, 1) 
F2319 A3 55-27945 

Alvarado, Lisandro, 1858-1929. 

Datos etnograficos de Venezuela. Prologo de Miguel 
Acosta Saignes Caracas, MMsteno de Educacion, Direc- 
cion de Cultura y Bellas Artes, Comision Editora de las 
Obras Completas de Lisandro Alvarado, 1956. 

toll, 509 p illus., facslm. 28 cm. CJH* Obraa completaa, T 4) 
F2319A4 1956 57-35 

Arcila Farias, Eduardo. 

El regimen de la encomienda en Venezuela. SeviUa, 
Escuela de Estudios Hispano- Americanos, Consefo Superior 
de Investigaciones Cientiificas, 1957. 

878 p 21 cm. (Escuela de Eetndios Hlspano-Amerlcanos de 
SeviUa. Publlcaclonea, 10% no general. Serte 2*: [Monograffas]) 

58-42534 t 

Bofinder, Gostaf , 1888- 

Indiansommar ; 88 svartbilder och 15 fargbilder ay forfai- 
taren och Sven Nehlin. tStockholmj Geber [196Tj 

202 p. lllua. 28cm. 

Cora, Maria Mannelade. 

Kuai-Mare; mitoe aborgiM d Venezuela. IPrdlogo <J 
Rafael Rodriguez Delgado. Madrid, Editorial Oeanida 

2Mp. H1U8. 22cm. 
F2319 J JP6C6 

68-83188 J 

Leopold m, King of ^ Belgian*, l^Ol- 

Expedition "Elata"; voyage de S. M. le rol Leopold nr 
de 1'Orenoque au Bio Negro. Taste de Roger Bodart 

57-52278 1 

108 , 

Osf orc-L6?s2, Edmvio. 

Por las churaatas de nttestros mdigeaas; contnbucion al 
estudio del problema indigena veoezolAQo Caracas, 1952, 

78 p lllos 22cm. 
F2319 09 55-17198 t 

Reyes, Antonio, 1899- 

Caciques aborigenes venezolanos. 3. ed. Prologo de Al- 
berto Insua Caracas, Impr Nacional, 1953. 

328p illua 23oa 
F2319R4 1953 54-41973 J 

Salmon, Ross, : 

Forbidden jungle London, Hodder & Stoughton t !957 3 

191 p lllus. 22cm 
F2270JM64S3 1957 9803 57-4906 

Tavera- Acosta, Bartolome, 1865- 

Rionegroj resena etnografica, histonca- y geografica del 
Terntorio Amazonas S.ed. Caracas, 1954. 

30>p illua 22cm. 
F2331A3T2 1954 55-29228 t 


Venezuela. Cormsion Indig&msta. 

Fuero indigena venezolano Caracas, 1954. 
2v 23 em 



Boletin indigenista venezolano. afio 1- 
enero/marzo 1953- 

T lllus n ports , maps (part fold.) 24 cm qxiarterly (Irregu- 
F2301B6 58-27801 

INDIANS OF THE U.S. see Indians of North 


see also Ciboney Indians; Indians of 
South America 

Colon, Fernando, 1488-1539. 

The life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus by his son, 
Ferdinand Translated and annotated by Benjamin Keen. 
New Brunswick, N. J , Rutgers University Press 1959] 

rmcil, 816 p fflus.maps. 25cm. 
E111.C737 9239 58-6288 rer 

Oviedo y VaMfe, Gonzalo Fernandez de, 1478-155T. 

Natural history of the West Indies. Translated and edited 
by Sterling A. Stoudemire, Chapel HiH, University of 
North Carolina, Press r 1959j 

xftt,140p inns, map, facsto. 28cm. (Norfi C3awdmt. W, 
versity Studies In the Komaoce languages and Hteratures, no. 32) 
PC13JS67 no m 97316 50-63487 

CotwS. E14LO913 


Alvarez Conde, Jose". 

Arqueologia indocnbana. Habana, Junta Nacional de 

F176JLA45 56-46896 

Rivero de la Calle, ManueL 

Excarsiones arqueologicas a Camagtey, por Mkae! 
Ri verode la Calle j Antonio Nunez Jimenez. c Santa Clara, 
Cuba! Departamentos de Investigaciones Antropologicas e 
Investigaciones Geograficas, 1958. 

32 p. lllus. Mm. 
F1769J856 Sfi-25176 1 

Yiranco, Julian. 

Haljani, Editorial "Sol de Cuba," 1&52. 


Bo yrie Moya, Emfle de. 

Monnmeoto megaMco y petroglilos de Ghacowy, Eepa- 
bbcn Domimcaiia. Ciudad Tmjillo, Editora M Caribe 

p, tl^flSitete%iM^Cfartft> 
de la TTDiversldad de Santo DoanlDgo, v. 
AfihtoWiiio 1) 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

INDIANS OF VENEZUELA see Indians of South 
Am erica Venezuela 

INDIC ART see Art, Indie 


see also National songs, Indie 

Decoration and ornament, Indie 



India (JStpublic) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 
Indian drama jDelhij Publications Division, Ministry 
of Information and Broadca^ing, Govt of India rl954 T 

32p illus 18x24 cm. 
PK5421 A52 56-32461 J 

India (SepttJH&t) Ministry of Information and Broadcast- 

Indian drama. tDelhii Publications Division, Ministry of 
Information, and Broadcasting. Govt of Tnai fr ,195$. 

120p. Him 21cm. 
PK542LA52 1956 58-25931 f 

INDIC EDUCATORS see Educators, Indie 


see also Snort stories, Indie 


Kaianth, Koia SMvaouna, 190&- 

Back to the soil Translated by A, N, Murtiby Rao. 
Puttur, S K>, Harsha Printery & PubEcations, 1950. 

II. vili, 358 p. 18cm. 
PZ4K175Bac 58-20005 

ture, Indie 

INDIC FOLK-LORE see Folk-lore, Indie 


see also Dravidian languages; Indo* 
Aryan languages 

Education t 
baji. Bombay, Sole distributors : 

SSp 20cm 

Foreword by Vino- 
a Publications t 1946j 


see also Devanagari alphabet 


Census of India, 195L Tillage-wise mother-tongue data 
for border taluks, by J. I. Arpntbanatliflii, superintendent 
oi census operations, Madras. Madras, Printed by the 
SojMsnntendent, Govt Press, 195&- 

. (chiefly fold. coLmapa, tables) 28 cm. 

INDIC LEGENDS see Legends, Indie 


Aiademua nanfc SSSR. Institut 

r "SLn^vm, cdopBtax crareft 
C. Pao*nnsoiiire * E 


257 p 21cm. 


Afl-India Writers' Conference. 

Bombay, P, E N All-India Centre. 

v. Illus. 23 cm. 
PK1501 A.4S 491 106354 


60-57416 rev 

Sahitya Akademi 

Birections for the compilers of the national bibliography 
of Indian literature covering the period 1901 to 1953. [Cal- 
cutta, Baptist Mission Press, 195-j 

15 p 25cm. 
Z3201.S3 se-20427 J 

United Provinces erf Agra and Ondh. Education Dvpt. 

Statement of particulars regarding books and periodical* 
published in the United Provinces, registered under Act xxv 
of 1867 -Mar 1949 r AUahabadj 

v in 34 cm. quarterly 

Z3207TJ5U5 01554= 47-35254: rev* 


Pisani, Vittore. 

Stona delle letterature antiche dell'India c MolanO] Nuova 
accademia editrice { 1954j 

283 p coL map 22 cm. (Thesaurus Utterarum t Sezione li 
Storia delle letterature fii tutto U mondo) 

A 56-4984 
Harrard UalT library 


Breit* Harvey, e-d 

Perspective of India. New York, Intercultural Publica- 
tions, 6 1953 

39 p fllns. (part coL) map 28 cm. 

A 55-1809 
Michigan, Unlv Llbr. 

Lin, Y-t*aii& 1895- ed. 

The wisdom of China and India t lst Modern Library 
giant ed.j New York, Modern Library t !955, e 1942j 

1104 p 21 cm. (The Modern library of the world's best books, 
i A Modem library giant, G59;) 

1955 89082 55-10657 J 

ENDIC MUSIC see Music, Indie 



.a Embassy. India. 

Survey of Indian press comments. 
New Delhi 

T. in 2Tan. 



India (Republic) Office of the Mefftstrar of Newspapers. 
Report 1956- 

v. 24cm. ammaL 




Madras (Staie) 

List of newspapers and periodicals published in. the 
Madras State. 

T 84cm 


INDIC ORATIONS (ENGLISH) see English ora- 
tions Indlc auttiors 

INDIC PAINTING see Painting, Indie 
INDIC PAINTINGS see Paintiivgp, Indie 


Asiatic digest. 

.Bombay, K Bon^ Behram^ ^ 

v Ulua , ports 



The Atom, guardian of the Republic Feb 1, 1950-Aug 27, 
1952. Bombay. 

3 T In 4 illus , ports 28-45 cm wetly 

AP8 A75 

The Current; India's finest news weekly. 

T illus , ports 44 cm 
APS C78 079 54 

Indian literature. 1953- 
Bombay, People's Pub House 

v in 22 cm 


Mankind, v 1- Aug 1956- 

rHyderabad, India, G Murahari, etc j 

T 25 cm monthly. 
AP8M34 052 

New age v 1- 
Sept 1952- 
t New Delhi, etc., Communist Party of India] 

T 21cm, monthly 
AP8N34 051 

New age weekly v. 1- Oct 4, 1953- 
rDelhi. D. P. Smha, etc 3 

Tin illua, ports 44x60 cm. 






* rin 


Illus., porta 29cm. weekly 

Thought, v 1- 


DelM [Siddhaita Publications, etc.] 

v in 32cm. weekly. 

U. S. Information Serwee, Bombay 

News feature 

r 27 cm weekly (Irregular) 




56-30171 J 



Indk (Republic] Oftee of the Registrar of Newspapers 

Report 1956- 
tNew Delhi, 

T 24cm. annual. 
Z6958J4A25 01607954 59-40579 

Nifor guide to Indian periodicals. 1955/56- 
Poona, National Information Service. 




Madras (State) 

List of newspapers and periodicals published "in the 

Madras State. 

i* P.] 

v Mem 
Z6958I4M3 58-37887 

INDIC PHILOLOGY see Indo -Aryan philology 


Tambhnnttn, Thorairajah, 1915- ed.andtr. 

India love poems; selected, and with an essay on womanu 
in India, by TambimuttvL Wood-engravings by Jeff Hill- 
Mount Vernon, K. Y^ Peter Pauper Press rl054] 
Uttp. WmThcm. * ** t ^ 

PES978E5T8 891^1082 54-18227 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

HSfDIC SHORT STORIES see Short stones, 


Seminar on Interdisaplraaiy Indian Studies, Deccan Oottege 
Post-graduate and Research Institute, Poona, India, 1954- 

Summary report Poona r PubIished by S M. Katre foe 
the Deccaa College, Post-graduate and Beseareh Institute, 

28 p 25cm. 
PK11 S4: 1954: 58-24749 % 

INDIC TALES see Tales, Indie 

INDIC TERRA- COTT AS see Terra- cottas, 


UDICATORIDAE see Honey-guides 

Margalef, Ramon. 

Los orgaiusmos indicadores en la Iimnologia, Madrid, 
Muusieno de Agricuitura, Direccion General de Monies, 
Caza y Pesca Fluvial, Institute Forestal de livestigaciones 
y Experiencias, 1955 

300 p. nios 25 on. (Biologta de las agroas continentales, 12) 
QH98M34 57-47449 J 

Salmi, Martti Jaakko. 

Peat and bog plants as indicators of ore minerals in 
Ylhanti ore field in western Finland. HeJsinki, 1956 

22 p maps, diagrs , tables 25 cm. (B-olletin de la Oommissloa 
g^ologiqne de Flnlande n o 175) 

[QE2763JL6 no 175] GS 57-145 

TT S.Gol Surrey Ubr 

Sibimkova, Mariia Dmitrievum 

Ozrpe&eieHHe THUOB Jieca no 
(fljor eEponeCcicofi WCTH CCCP) 
MocKsa, IbaecdyMHSAaT, 1957. 

143, i2i p. illus 23 cm. 
SD387 S5 

o^ pe#. B B 



see also Chemical tests and reagents; 

Feidman, Joseph Aaron, 1923- 

Behavior of acid base indicators in aoetac acid system 
Ann Aibor, University Microfilms t ia56j 

([UniTCrsityMlcrofflms, Ann Arbor, Mldx.1 PobllcatioQ no 14,692) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 14,692 Mic 56-501 

Wisconsin Lnlv Ubr 

H jorth-Hansen, Sverre. 

Nye skjennete mdikatorer New screened indicators. 
Bergea-fJ Griegsboktr,1952. 

8 p. col plate, dlflgrs. 24 cm (Fisk&ridirefctoratets skrifter 
Serie Tfefeiologiske understfkelaer, r 2, no 4) 
QD77H5 56-53842 

TOpH , TeopeTQ^csne OCSOSH 
Mocssa, Toe Ha 


H npaKTH^ecscoe npHMeHC 

H3S-BO XHM IHT-pW, 1951 
196 p. dlagrs. 21cm. 

r, 1897 


Die TVasserstoffiotienmessung' ; eme erste Binfuirung. 4. 
umgearb Amfl. Leipzig, J. A- Barth, 1954. 

13p. mm. 24 


Lehmann, Guniher, 1897- 

Die "WasserstoffioDenciessuiig ; eine erste Einfiihrung. 5., 
nmgearb. Anfl. Lca|w%, J.A.Bart3i,19S7. 

QD561.L4 197 9-18794 


Oehmichen, Manfred. 

Der mecnanische Indikator. 2^ fiberarb. Aufi. nnter 3it- 
arbeit Ton W. Hausder [imdj H. Schnffler, Berlin, Verlag- 

lT6p. jHua. 21cm 
TJ478.OS 1959 59-381031 


Oehmicfeen, Manfred. 

Der mechanischa Indikator. 2 , uberarb Aufl, imtesr Mit- 
arbeit YOU W. Haussler fund] H. Sdiiiffleir. Beriin, Terlag 

176 p illus 21 cm 

TJ47803 1959 59-38103 t 

INDICES see Indexes 

see also Grand jury, Informations, 
Joinder of offenses 


Maine. Judici 

Process by indictment, Pardon procedures in New Eng- 
land, Maine court system in relation to juveniles; reports, 
1954 t A.ugustaj Reproduced by Legislative Research Com- 
mittee, 1955 
19 L 28cm, 

343 1 55-52890 t 


Hoyo Hernandez, GuiHenno. 

La acusacion en el derecno penal meracano Mexico, 1951 
66p 23cm. 



Zamora Moreno, Helio Cesar. 

Aphcacion practica del procedimiento raamnial en. la. infl- 
tructiva o larestigacion de los delitos Granada, Nicaragua, 

&4p 21 cm 

6S-42S27 t 

ism (Religion) 


see also Commiimcatio in sacris; 
Liberallsra (Rjeligion); Toleration; 
Unionism (Religion) 

Gore, Jeanne Lydie. 

La notion d'lndifference chez Fenelon et s^ sources. c l. 
fid ! Paris, Pre^es umversitaires de France, 1956, 

SIS p 23 em (University de Grenoble. Publications de la FacnltS 
d6S lettres, 16) 

A 57-7261 
Wisconsin. UnlT lifer. 

Petrocchi, Massimo.. 

H problema del lassismo nel secolo ivn. Ro 
di Stow e letteratnre, 1953. 

120; !>, 26cm (Storia e IcttK^tura, 46) 

Harvard TJnlv Ltbrary 

A 55-7539 


Beyerhaus, Peter. 

Pie Sftlbstandigkedt da: j ungen KircJien als mi^ion&riadi^ 
Problem. Wuppertal-Baimen, Verlag der Bheinischen 5fis- 

, . 25cm. {Stadia mlsstonalla TTpsalteufta, Bd I> 

BV2082I5B4 57-4351$ 

Dillon, William Simon, 1907- 

Gtod's WM* m God r a wy, Rmr Grow, DL V<ce of 
Melody Publishers^; 

m 57-4763 t 

GChsiis, Jan Corndts. 

Eccleaocentnsclie aspecten VIB net mdmgswerk, met 
name bij de ontwikkeling daarran us lodoaeffl, tnjzoxutar 
opMiddeis lava Kampen,,! H.Kofe,1955 

225 p 2acta 
BV2063G5 56-40841 

Kraemer, Hendnk, 18SS- 

From missionfield to independent church; report on a 
decisive decade, in tae growth, of indigenous cnurclieiS in 
Indonesia With, an introductory note by W A, Visser 
*t HoofL The Hague, Boefcencentrum, 1S58 

186p 2* cm. 
BB1220K7 1958a 2791 59-4295 t 

Kiaemer, Hendnk, 1888- 

From missionfield to independent church, report on a 
decisive decade in the grewth. of mdlgenous churches in 
Indonesia With an introductory note by W A. Yisser 
tHooft rlst British ed ] London, SCM Pres C 1958j 

188 p 23 cm (World mission studies) 
BR1220.K7 2791 59-1357 $ 

Levai, Blaise, 1919- ed. 

Eevolutioa in missions; a study guide on the subject: the 
role of missions m present day India; a symposium intended 
for further study and discussion. t lsi ed.j Vdlore, N A. 
Dt, South India, Popular Press 1957j 

303 p Illus., ports 22 cm. 


McGavran, Donald Anderson, 1897- 

The bndges of God; a study in the strategy of missions. 
London, "World Dominion Press, 1955 

I58p IB cm 
BV20603I27 1055a 26601 56-17491 t 

McGavran, Donald Andezsoo, 1897- 

The bndges of God; a study m the str&iagy of misdocs. 
New York, DifitxSbuted by Frienddup Press t !955 3 

158 p 20cm. 
BV2060JM27 266.01 55-3682 J 

Mejan, Francis. 

Le Vatican contra la France d'outre-mer ! Paris, Lsbadm 
Fischbacker [I957t 

248 p I9oa. 
BV2183.M44 58-S0784 f 

Pouw, Boen-giolc. 

Be feerkrechteliike positie van een ethnisdi bepralde feerk 
in een ander etKnisch bepaald milieu; em scclesiologisehe 
studie oveer d& attuati^ van Ghinese Oirisfcen gemeeaiscshappeai 
inlndonesie. With sommarj in English. Utrecht 19fi% 

Tjii,i28p. 25cm. 
BR1220JP6 W-45110 

SMH Jean Marie, 191S- 

Les ciergea indigenes et 1'CEuvre de Saint-Pierre Apotra 
Paris, Spcs, 1945. 


Sdtan, Theodiwe Stanley, 1S90- 

MJSKQW at the crossroads ; th JndigeiKMm dmreh -a solu- 
tion far the unfinished tasks. WWfeon, DL, Van Kampen 
Press C 19M 3 

183 p- 22cm. 

see -i5i4 t 

Soltan, Theodore Stanley, 1800- 

Miasions at the crossroads; the indigenous church a sola' 
tion for the unfinisiied taslc. Grand Eapida, Baier Book 

see Native labor 



Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 

INDIGO (Continued) 

Gross, Jean, 1920- 

Contnbution a I'&ude dn janno Hodist B. HuBwrnse, 


39 p 24cm 


Miserez, Alphonse, 1919- 

Contnbution a Petude da ]anne d'indigo 3G Ciba. Esta- 
vayer, 1954 

21,[lip 24cm. 
TP923 MS 56-46590 

Siegwart, Yves, 1922- 

La constitution du janne Hochst E Fnbourg, 1949 3 
S8jx 23cm. 
TP923S5 55-39292 


Gfflett, Jan Bevingtoiu 

Indigo/era (Mtcrochans} in tropical Africa, with the re- 
lated genera Cyamopsu and RhynchotTOpis London, H. M. 
Stationery Off , 1958 

165 p 25 cm. (Kew bulletin. Additional series, 1) 
QK1K42 vol.1 58-46978 

INDIRECT TAXATION see Internal revenue, 
Tariff; Taxation 


see also Indium -thallium alloys 


XHMHS HH^HJC <3>pyH3e, 1958 
370 p. diagra., tables. 27cm. 
QD181.I 5B55 

I XHM23 

MHH nays CCCP, 1958 
242 p diagrs 23 cm. 


Mocna, Ha^-so Asa^e- 

Indium Corporation of America, 

Intermediate IndaBoy elders. New York r 1954 T 

58p IIIos 23cm 
TT267I58 *67L50 55-58362 J 

Ivanov-nii3i, B N 

MeroAH xaMKiecraro onpeACieHu raxour H ZE^HS B 
XKKepajcuxo* eapifce Mocssa, Toe HS^-BO recur jusr-psz, 


IT, j3ip. WOOL 23 on. (MeroAU 
MU^B&B 11) 
QE369JC4 nail 


Ln, Hen-siuh, 1925- 

The indium-antimony and indium-arsenic systems. A^m 
Aibor, Univ^atjr Mkrofilaa, 1953. 

(;UDiversity M^crofikMi, Ana Arbor, Mlcjj., PnbUcation 5273) 
Mkro&MAO-l no, 5273 Mc5!W98T 

Selis, Sidney Morton, 1&23- 

A thermodynainio stadj of the zinc-indium system by gal- 
TOJ^O. cell measurements. Tiie determination of the galhunj- 
indsttm pBase diagram Iff electrical resistance measurements. 
^College Park, Md., 1M& 

150 L dia^ra, taWes. 28on. 

Univ Libr 

Swjderimui, Duane Nearoaii, 1928- . 

Tbe dtfrokfai^nt and eralnati&a of rmdio-chenacal sepa- 
ration ppocedtures for iMtriram,. cakamn, 3txontiam t slver, ad 
Ann Arbor, Unlrocmiy MioroihBS jlSBTj 

Microfilm AOl 

no. 21,353 

MIe 57-1930 


Bascfaert, Robert Cecil, 1924.- 

Smicture of liquid tellurium, selenium and indium anti* 
monide. Atyn Arbor, University Microfilms j;1957j 

( tUnlversity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MldLj Publlcatioa no. 21,273) 
Mcrofilm AC-1 no 21,273 Me 57-2524 

Perdue Unlr Ubrary 


Yaungner, PMip Genevas, 1920- 

Molecular constants of InCl from absorption bands near 
3600 angstroms Ann Arbor, Mich,, University Microfilms 
t !958j 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-1938 Mic 58-1938 

Wisconsin. Unlv libr 


Sladek, Ronald Joiin, 1926- 

Thermal conductivity of indium-thallium alloys at lo" 
temperatures. Ckicago, Library, Dept. of Photographic 
Reproduction, University of Chicago, 1955] 
Microfilm 4446 QD Mic 57-550J 

INDrVIDUAL SPORTS see Shorts for in- 


see also Collectivism, Communism; 
Laissez-faire; Persons; Socialism 

Arieli, Yehoshua. 


77 L, 32 1 26 cm 
E169 1JL815 

tJerusalem, 1955/56 3 


Bilbao y E^uia, Esteban de. 

De la personal individual como sujeto pnmano en el 
derecho pubhco, discurso leido en el acto de so. recepcion 
como acad&mco de numero, por Esteban de Bilbao y Eguia, 
y contestation del preadente de la Academia, excelentisimo 
senor D Antonio Goicoechea y Cosculluela. Bilbao, Impr 
Provincial de Vizcaya, 1949 

72p 25cm, 
B824B5 59-38666 % 


L'eguaglianza nello Stato contemporaneo e altri saggi di 
filosofia della pohtaca, Milano, GiuffiA, 1950 

140 p 25 cm (Pabblicazlonl ddTIfitituto dl Mosofia dd (Jitltto 
<S3I*UniTOrsit& di Boom, 15) 

Borckhardt, Jakob Christoph, 1818-1897. 

Das Indmduum und das Allgememe (Die histonsche 
Grosse) Heidelberg, ILMeister, 1947. 

59 p 17cm. (DleKlelnenBucher.Nr 5S) 
HM136B78 54-41705 t 

Chung-kilo dring- men ch^n pan she, Peking. 

96 p. 23 cm, 

1. IndiTiduallsm. 


Title rwnanixed 

met yu chl cM tso rang? 

059-1838 t 

Cootey, Charles Morton, 1864-1929. 

Two major -works- Social organization Human nature 
and the social order With an introd. by Robert Cooley 
AngelL Glencoe, HL, Free Press t e !956j 

436, 460 p 21cm. 
HM251C86 801 55-11004 J 

Heimann, Ednar4, 1889- 

Veomnftglaube und Behgion in der modemen Gesell- 
schaft. Ldberaliannis, Maradsmus und Demokratie. Tubin- 

3riHSlSp. 24cm. (rerSffentllcIinngea do- Aiadentfe fQr Gemeln- 
wlrtschaft, Hamburg) 

A 55-6039 
Wlaconslo. Uaiv Ubn 

KaMer, Erich, 1885- 

The tower and the abyasi, an inqmry into the transforma- 
tion of the individual New York,G.Brazffler 1957. 

827 Pi. 22cm. 
HM186J[M *30L12 80U51 57-9650 J 

Kammaii, M D 

Der Marxismus-Lemnismus uber die Bolle der Personlich- 
ke^ in der GescMchte; mit einem: Anhang: Das Volfc als 
Schopfer der Gesdhichte. C t3l)ers. von Joj^pb. Harhammer, 
1 Ann., Berlm,Ditz,1955 

558 p. 21cm. 
HM136JC2814 57-17892 J 

Kohlbrugge, Dma Johanna. 

Individualistische tendenties in de wereld van de Islam. 
Gromngen,J B Wolters, 1957 

20 p 24 cm. 
B745 J 5K6 57-41000 t 

Kon, Igor' Seinenovich. 

PasBHxae JIHIHOCTH: rtpH contnajiHSMe JlenHHrpa,^, 1954. 

Sip 21cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 394 AC 
HM136TC72 55-56790 t 

Lapple, Alfred Karl, 1915- 

Der Einzelne in der ICirche; Wesenszuge einer Theologie 
des Einzelnen nach John Henry Kardinal Newman Mun- 

BX4705 N5L23 55-18723 

Morley, Felix, 1894- e& 

Essays on individuality Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania Press C 1958] 

270 p illus 22 cm 
HM136M814 30115 58-6941 J 

Smeenk, Christiaan, 1880- 

Isolement ook thans? Wagenmgen, Gebr Zomer en 
Eetminff [1946] 

174 p 23cm 
BB903 S55 55-32825 

Sutherland, Arthur E 

The law and one man among many Madison, University 
of Wisconsin Press, 1956 

is, 101 P 23 cm (The Oliver S Rundell lectures) 

rung-fang, Chi-pai. 


190 p 19cm. 

1. Individualism 2 Liberalism. t. Title. 

Title romanteed Hul tao ko Jto chu i ytt tafl yu chu L 


Witcntt, William PurcelL 

The rise and fall of the mdividuaL London, S P C K., 

198 p 19cm. 
B824.W55 1414 59-43621 


see also Conformity, Identity, Personali 
ty, Self 

Barbarin, Georges. 

Je et moi ; on, Le dedonblement spmtueL Paris, Libraint 
"Astra" t !947, 

155p 19cm. 
BF697B3 57-45161 J 

Burgess, George Graydon, 1924- 

Prediction of rater differences in the quality of halo effect 
Arm Aibor, University Microfilms [1957] 

([University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, Mich.] Publication no 20353) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 20,853 Mic 57-1791 

Illinois Univ Library 

Combs, Arthur Wright 

Individual behavior, a perceptual approach to behavior. 
Kev ed New York, Harper 1959] 

522 p illus 25 cm 
BF697C57 1959 137 58-13962 t 

K y*an(HMai B npoijecce yTCtS- 

MHHCK, 1955 

56-27139 t 


34 p. 20cm. 

Frankenstein, CarL 

Die Ansserhchkeit des Lebensstils, ein Beitrag zur Patho- 
logie der Ichentwicklung Amsterdam, J. M. Meulenhaff, 

Til, 295 p 25cm. 

A 59-6047 
Harvard Unlv Library 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Jung, Carl Gusta\, 1ST5- 

Gegerm <irt und Zukunft n p , 1957] 
51 p ISou 
BF69TJ8 1937 


Jung, Carl Gustav, 1875- 

Gegemi ait und Zukunft Zurich., Eascher-Verlag, 1957 
55 p 23 cm 
BF697J8 10j7a 58-20558 

Morley, Felix, 1894r- ed 

Essays on individuality Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania Press [1958] 

270 p lllus 22 cm 
HM136.M814 301 15 58-6941 t 

Orlovfsev, Foma lAkovlevich, d 1955 


pH, 1956 

141 p 20cm 
HX314O7 57-26081 J 

Rodis-Lewis, Gcnevieve. 

L'indmdualite selon Descartes Pans, J Vrm, 1950 
252 p 25 cm (Bibliothfeque d'hlstolre de la philosophic) 

A 51-1095 rev 
Chicago TMv Libr 

Simmons, James Robert. 

The problem of human individuality with emphasis on the 
philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead Ann Arbor, Uni- 
versity Microfilms [1955i 

(tUalversity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MidLi Publication no 12,069) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 12,069 Mic A 55-1451 

Columbia Untv Libraries 

Stone, George Chester. 

Generality of accuracy in perceiving standard persons tbyj 
George C Stone George S Leavitt, and N L. Gage Ur- 
bana, 1954 

131, tables 28cm (Illinois University Bureau of Edu- 
cational Eesearch Studies in the generality and behavioral corre- 
lates of social perception , report no 1) 

A 55-9840 
Illinois tfniv library 

Strauss, Anselm L 

Mirrors and masks ; the search for identity Glencoe, HI , 
Free Press [1959, 

I86p 22cm 
BF697S85 137 59-6819 J 

Thomas, Edwin John, 1927- 

Eftects of role interdependence and ego strength on group 
functioning Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1957 3 

( [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no 19,723) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 19,723 Mic 57-301 

Michigan TJnlv library 

Wemberg, Samuel Kirson, 1912- 

Culture and personality; a study of four approaches. 
Washington, Public Affairs Press t 1958, 

58 p 2Scm (Annals of American sociology) 
BF697W4 137 58-9325 t 

Weiss, Richard, 1884- 

ITie secret of individuality, reflected in a hundred histori- 
cal lives. Sydney, Angus and Robertson C 1957- 

v illus. 22on 
BF1623.P9W4 137 58-21605 J 

White, Veraa, 1908- 

Sfcudymg the individual pupil New York, Harper t l58j 
238 p 22cm (Exploration series in education) 
LB108S.W5 136 7 58-6143 t 

Whitman, Evelyn Ardis, 1905- 

A new image of man. New York, Appleton-Ceniuxy- 
Grofts t 1955j 

260p 21cm. 
BF697W45 137 55-7739 t 

Whyte, William Holiingsworth. 

The organization man. New York, Simon and Schuster, 

429 p. illus 22 cm. 
BF69T.W47 SOUS 56^8926 t 

Whyte, Wffliam Holingsworth. 

The organization man Garden City, Y, Doabled&y, 
1957 C C 1956] 

471 p 18 cm (Doubleday anchor books, A1W) 
IBF697] 301 15 57-3715 | 


Bobik, Joseph, 1027- 

Samt Thomas on the mdmduation of bodily substances. 
Ann Aibor, Uniiersity iliciofilms [1955] 

(jUniveraitj Microfilms, Ann Arbor Mich j Publication no 10,721) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 10,721 Mic 55-44 

Jalabert, Jacques 

L'un et le multiple , de la critique i I ontologie t l ed } 
Paris, Pi esses unn ersitaires de France, 1955 

166 p 22cm (Uruversit^de Grenoble Publications de la Faculty 

A 56-4180 
Chicago Univ Libi 

Miller-Rostov ska, Alice. 

Das Indinduelle als Ge<?enstand der Erkenntnis; eme 
Studie /ui Ge&cluchtsmethodologie Heinnch Kickerts. 
Wmteithur, P G Keller, 1955 
so p 21 cm 

A 55-8534 
Chicago L'nh Libr 


see also Aryan languages; Indo-Iraman 
languages; Sanskrit language; Vedic 


Vorob'ev-Desiatovskii, Vladimir Sviatoslavovich. 

PaaBHTne III^CHEIX jtecxoHMeHHfi B HH^oapnftcKiix asHsax 
MocKsa, IIsA-so AKa^eMiiu nayK CCCP, 1956 

167 p port, tables 22 cm. 
PK133 Y6 57-35109 


Sen, Sukumar. 

Comparative grammar of Middle Indo- Aryan. Calcutta, 
Linguistic Society of India, 195L 

144 p 25cm. 
PK1472S4 5e-46081 t 


see also Bengali language; Hindustani 
language; Marathi language; Oriya 



see also Aryan philology; Sanskrit 

Pappacena, Enrico, 1889- 

Michele Kerbaker E 2* Saggi ed articoli vari] Ban, F, 
Cacucci r 1958T 

MS p 22 cm. (jff Gratitnainl, 1. gruppo Maestri, 1) 

A 59-2045 
CMcago. UnfT Ltbr PK109 


Beitrage zur iipdi^hfjii Philologie vmA Altertumskunde. 
Walter SdhuJbrinf zttm 70. (Mburtstag dargebraAt von der 
dentsdwai iBdologie. Hamburg, Oam, De Grayter, It51 
21T p. mounted Illus., port 28 cm. (Alt- and aeu-indische 



Dr. C. Knnhan Raja presentation volume, a volume of mdo- 
logical studies Madras, Published bj the Adyar Library 
foi the Dr C Kunhan Raja Presentataon Volume Commit- 
tee, 1M6 

zzTlil, 522 p port 28 cm. 
PK102Z5K8 56-S3086 


Smo-Indian studies 

Santmiketan t etc , Indutj 

T in plates, maps S 



linguistic Circle of Delhi. 

Transactions 1955- 
f New Delhi ?i 
r 25a 



Guber, Aleksandr Andreevich, 1902- 

HayseHHe HH^HH B COBCTCKOM Comse Study of India m 
the Soviet Umoa MocKsa, 1951 

29p 20cm. 
DS435.8G8 56-25786 t 






see also Indo -Aryan languages 

Liebert, Gosta. 

Zum Gebrauch der w-Demonstrativa nn altesten Indoirani- 
schen Lund, Gleerup t 1954j 

93 p 26 cm (Hinds unlyersltets tisskrift, n. 1, av4 l, bd. 50, 
nr 9) 

[AS284X8 bd-50,nr.9] A 55-2885 

Chicago TJnlT Llbr. 


see also Aryan philology j Indo- Aryan 


^Regional Meeting to Consider the Formation of a Regional 
Council for th* Study of the Sea, Bagw0> FMi^pma, 


Agreement for the establishment of the Indo-Paofic 
Fisheries Council, Bagtdo, 25th February IMS. London, 
H. M. Stationery Off. t 1948, 

4 p. 25cm. (jGt Brit Foreign Office, Miscellaneous, 1948, no 9) 
SHU 5 1948 338.372 50-13592 rer 2 

{Regional Meeting to Consider the Formation of a Regional 
Council for toe Study of the Sea, Bagw&, 

Agreement for the establishment of the Indo-Pamfic FSA- 
eries Council, Bagtdo, 26th February, 1948. London, H. H 
Stationery Off. f l49, 

4 p. 25 cm. (cGt Bartt. Foreign Office^ Treaty mUm. 1^ n^ 

JX630 1882 


f Regional Meeting to Consider the Formation of a Regional 
Council for the Study of the Sea, Beguio, Philippine*, 

Establishment of the lado-Pacific Fisheries Council. 
Agreement between the United States of America and. other 
governments formulated at Bagnio February 26, 1948, 
entered into fowe Korooaber % IMS. t Waslubgton, U S. 
GovL Print Oft, 1W9, 

ty, Man. (U. S. Dept; of State, PoMfcattoa 9HS. Treatfc* 
and other international acts seritea, 3^5) 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Ketellapper, Hendrik Jan. 

The mechanism of the action of indole-3-acetic acid on the 
watei absorption by Avena coleoptile sections, Amsterdam, 
North-Holland Pub Co , 1953. 

388-144 p Ulus., diagrs., tables. 25 cm 
QK871 K4 56-35011 

Podkopaev, I 

MHpa B En^o-Kmae Kp>nnaa no 
MHpoJiE)6nBrx CM MocEea, Toe ES^-BO HOJTHT JIHT-PH, 

54p 20cm 
DS529P64 55-33126 J 


Dannaud, Jean Pierre. 

Indochine profonde, illustrations photographiques. 
(Pans, 1954, 

140 p tUm 32cm 
DS534D3 56-S3814 i 

HISTORY 1 945 - 

Jeandel, Paul, 1921- 

Soutane noire et beret rouge; r&jit reeueilli par Paul 
Yincent 'Presentation"" par le general Gillis. Pans, 
Editions de la Pensee moderne C 1957} 

2lSp illus 21cm (Collection La Marche flu fflonde, 16) 
DS550J38 58-48600 t 

Cli'Sn, I-ling, 1913- 

2, ff, 227 p. fold, map, tabl. 19 on. 
Appendices <p 138-227) 

1. Vietnam. 2 Indochina, French. L Title 

Title romanized- Yfleb-aan hslen shlh. 

DS55T A5C48 

C 58-7430 

Sochevko, 6 & 

BbCTHaM EaMCo^aca Haoc 
B. H. THXOMHPOBI MocKsa, Foe MS-BO reoip JEHT-PH, 1957 

30 p SO cm, (GrpaHK ASHH, reorpadMrqecKHe cnpasKH) 
DS534S6 57-42518 

TL SL Army. Corps of Engineers Military Intelligence 

French Indo China [Washington Strategic Intelligence 
Branch, Military Intelligence Division, Office, Chief of Engi- 
neers, U S Army, 194 

r. III us., maps (part fold ) diagrs, 28 cm (Its Special re- 
port, strategic engineering: study no 78) 
TA7.U53 no 78 59-27965 


Boubeaad, E A 

Bans la paix irangaisej souTemrs dlndochine, souvenirs 
plus recents d'Afrique du Hord. Eodez, Subervie {1987} 

lOOp fflu. 1ft cm 
BS5M.B72 &8-27062 1 

Graham, Andrew. 

Interval in Indo-Qiina. With a foreword by Sir Hubert 
Graros. London, Macmillan, New York, St Martin's Press, 

188 p. lltas, 21 cm. 

915 J 


Haurigot, Paul, 1902- 

Au balcon de llndo-CMne; diosea vufis. 
(In Les CEavres llbws. Pswte 1 eta. Now *& no. Ill (T, 3S7) 
(1953) p { 141,-204> 

[PQ114104 voLS37] A57-S903 

NorthwesteraralT Wxnay 


rat War Office General Stuff (rwgm$Ue>al Section 

Gazettei of Indo-Chma Published under the authority 

of the Director of Survey (India) Nov. 1945 r New Delhi, 

488 p col map 34 cm (Its Hind mIs&/70) 
G8010slOO.G75 Suppl 

Map 53-1136 


Institut d'enussion des etats du Cambodge, da Laos et du 

Stati&tiques economiques et financieres. no -30, 

-dec 1954 

57-42919 t 

BO in T tables 28cm monthly 
HC441 J 55 


Johnson, Fiances Louise. 

American post-war policy in Indo-Chma [Berkeley, 
Library Photographic Service, University of California, 
1953 ?j 
Microfilm 767 DS Mic 55-3055 


Campbell, Ernest William, 1909- 

The truth about Indo China t Sydneyi Corrent Book Dis- 
tributors ,1954, 

16 p. l&cm 
DS542C3 55-19993 rer 

Chastel, Guy, 188.5- 

Un sieele d'epopee francaise en Indochine (1774-1874) 
Pans, Editions Ecole et college C 1948] 

205p iUus 23cm 
DS548C45 55-29128 1 

Hammer, Ellen Joy, 1921- 

The struggle for Indochina With a pref by Kupert 
Emerson. Stanford, Stanford University Press, 1954. 

xvii,342p maps 24cm 
DS550.H35 1954 9597 54-6815 rev 

Blare, Henry. 

Indochine francaise t parj Henry Marc et Pierre Cony 
Pref de Alexandra Varenne. Paris, Editions France- 
Empire tl946] 

206 p fflBS 10cm. ( Collection "Mera & outrenMr") 

55-59052 t 


Shifa chieh chih shih. 

A chronicle of principal events relating to the Indo-Chma 
question, 1940-1954 Edited and published by Shihchieh 
ciuhshih (World culture) Peking, 1954. 

73p 21 cm. 
DS550S5 55-57131 J 


Cole, Allan Burnett, 1914- ed. 

Conflict m Lado-China and international repercussions; a 
documentary history, 1945-1955, edited wth the aaaistance 
of Peter W. Lande r and others] Published under the 
auspices of the Fletcher School of LAV and Diplomacy, 
Tufts University, and the Southeast Asia Program, Cornell 
University* Ithaca, K. Y., Cornell University Press, 1956. 

nix, 285 p, map. 29cm, (The Fletcher School studies In Inter- 
national affairs) 
DS550C6 959 5fr44338 

Taboulet, Georges, ed. 

La geste frangaise en Indochine, histoire par les textes de 
la France en Indochine des origines a 1914. Pans, Adnen- 
Maisooneuve, 1955-56 

2v. plates, pwts, amps, facslna 25cm. 
DS521TS 56-24627 rev 

see also Refugees, Vietnamese 

Ainley, Henry, 1918- 

In order to die. Drawings by Fehks TopolsM. London, 
Burke 1955i 

223 p Illus 23 cm 
BS550A6 55-43458 t 

Bodard, Mag, 191&- 

L'lndochine, c'est aussi comme ca. Paris, Gallinaard 

315 p 21 cm. (I/Air dn tempa) 
~ ~ 55-17571 J 

Brossard, Maurice Raymond de, 1909- 

Dinassaut, Pans, Editions France-Empire t e 1952j 

316 p. illus- 20cm, 
DS550.B7 54-44528 

Calamandrei, Franco. 

Guerra e pace nel Viet Nam il flauto di Dien Bien Fu, 
uno stato nella foresta, la lunga, fatica di Ho Ci Mmh, la 
danza dei bambu, mchiesta di Franco Calamandrei 
Firenze, Parenti [1956] 

283 p 21 cm (Testimonialize del tempo, v 10) 

DS550 03 


Caput, Louis. 

Pour le retablissement de la paix en Indochine Pans, 
Librairie-Papetene desmumcipalites [1954j 

57 p 21 cm 
DS550C33 58-41975 t 

Chon, En-lai, 189S- 

Statements at the Geneva Conference [Peking ?j 1954 
15 p 26 cm 


Delpey, Roger, 1926- 

Glas et tocsin [Givors (Ehone), A Martel t !952, C 1951j 
253 p illus ports, maps, facsims 20 cm (His Soldats de la 

boue, t 3) 

DS550D44 55-25805 

Delpey, Roger, 1926- 

S S Tonkin jGivors, A Martel [1954, 

285 p illus, map 21 cm (His Soldats de la boue [ 

Illinois Unlv Library 

A 55-3076 

Delpey, Roger, 1926- 

Soldats de la boue Paris, Maison des ecnvams [1949] 
253 p illus 20 cm tftis Soldats de la boue, lj 
DS550JD45 94053595 50-23325 rer 

Dinfreville, Jacques. 

L'operation Indochine Paris, Editions inter-nationales, 


182 p Illus l&cm. 
DS550D4S 56-246541 

Flejo, J M 

Deuxieme Stick Avec une mtrod de Madame la mare- 
chale Leclerc de Hauteclocque et une pref du colonel Massu 
Ottvrage illustre de 9 dessins ongmaux executes par 1'auteur 
et 5 planches de photogravures en hors texte Couverture en 
couleurs de 1'auteur Paris, Caravane C 1953] 

178 p illus 22 cm 
DS550F56 57-37958 t 

Fredenc-Dupont, fidouard, 1902- 

Corament la France a-t-elle perdu 1'Indochine [Paris, 

79 p 21 cm. 


Granqvist, Hans, 1924- 

Indokina i varldspolitiken Stockholm [Kooperatiya for- 
bundetf bokforla^ 1954 

32 p illus 19 cm ( Varldspolltikena dagsMgor, 1964, nr 8) 
DS550G7 54-44505 t 

Grauwin, Paul, 1915- 

Doctor at Dienbienphu [Translated by James Oliver] 
New York,/ Day Co C 1955j 

804p. IUus 21cm. 
DS550G75 959 55-9933 t 

Grauwm, Paid, 1915- 

J'etais medecin a Dien-Bien-Phu. Paris, Editions 
France-Empire { 1954] 

382 p Illus 19 cm 
DS550G74 56-15562 t 

Gwillain, Robert, 1908- 

La fin des illusions; notes d'Indochine (fevrier-juillet 
1954) t Pans t Centre d'etudes de politique &rangere, 1954. 

94 p map 24 cm 
DS550 G8 
Bochester TJalv Libr 

Hammer, Etten Joy, 1921- 

The struggle for Indochina continues, Geneva to Bandung. 
rStanford, Cahtj Stanford University Press t l55j 



Hansen, Jack. 

Helvede tur-retur; legionaer i Indokina. K^benhavn, S. 
Vendelkr, 1954. 

176p 28 ecu 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Sublets 


-HISTORY 1945 


Jensen, Fritz. 

Erlebtes Vietnam. Mit emem Nachworfc von Erwm 
Zucker-Schilbug c l Auflj Berlin, Dietz, 1955 

252 p Illus 22cm. 
DS550J4 66-23059 J 

Marched, Jean PEE! 

Le drame uidocninois. Fans, J Peyronnet f !953j 

246 p. Ulus. 19cm, 
DS550M28 55-52566 J 

Nabonale Front des Dtmokratischen Detttschland. 

So fern und doch so nah f tTber die Freundschaft zu den 
Menschen Koreas und Vietnams. (Berlin! Solzdantatsaus- 
schuss fur Korea und Vietnam beun Nationalrat der Natio- 
nalen Front des Demokratischen Deutschland [1954i 

29 p mas. 21 cm 
DS918.N35 55-M731 } 

Navarre, Henri, 1898- 

Aconie de Hndochine, 195&-1954. Paris, Plon t 1956i 

837. Was. 20cm. 

DS55ON34 57-48723 J 


Journal d'un combattant, vief-minh, tr adult et 
adapf par Jacques Despuech. Paris, Editions du 
Seat 1(1 955) 226 p. 21 cm. 
DS550.N42 58-24492 

No. 61842, 

Legionnair, van Marokko's vagevtrar n&ar de hel van 
Indo-China, Ainsterdam, H. Meolenhoff 1954j 

207 p. lllna. 22cm. 
DS550H8 57-58149 J 

Pagnon, Andre, 1921- 

Tu as de la chance c parj Andre et Agnes Pagnon Paris, 
Galiimard t !956, 

268 p 21cm (I/Air da temps) 
BS55G.P3 66-85997 J 

Renald, Jean. 

L'enfer de Dxen Bien Phu Paris, Flammarion. [1955j 
222 p Hlus 22cm 
DS550E43 55-32056 

Riesen, Ren^. 

Jungle mission. Translated by. James Oliver. London, 
HnteMnson r 1957! 

04 p. inns. 24 cm. 
BS550J8513 1957 959 57-87872 J 


Ju zgle mission. Translated by James Oliver. Few York, 
Crowell 1957] 

204 p ilios 22 cm, 
DS550R513 9159 57-10362 t 

Riesen, Ren& 

Mission speciale ea f orefc Mol Paris, Editions France- 
Empire 1955 1 

SIS p. lUua. 20cm. 

DS550K5 5T-49988 t 

Stage, Werner. 

Hong Chi, vtan Legionar mm Vietnamoi, Eriebnisbericht 
des ehemaligen Legwolrs 51 484. Berlua, Kongress-Verlag, 

IflSp, IHua. 21cm. 
BS550.S78 56-2776Srev t 

Verbeet, Albert 

FrnwilBge urdeix Tod; em IHmtscttfir erlebt die Dsdmn- 
geliioUevoa Indochina. Oberhausen-Sterkrade, A. Yerbeet- 



Veyrenc, Lyiiane. 

Operatrioade cinema en Indodiine, Paris, NoaveUes Edi- 
tions Debrease, 1955. 

DS550. V43 

Wordragen,H W M van. 

MML ^31 PJ; rtrategisdi fan%tmfc TOK de wBtddrero- 
lutie. H3 

96 p. Illus. M 


ExodenQ, Henry d*. 

Eizieres sanglantes, eaux-fortes sur le drame de la France 
en Indotlune Eoman Pans, J Peyronnet tl954, 

191B - WCm A55-4559 



373 p 22 cm 
P23 S52S445Fo 

Tauriac, Michel. 

Le trou. Pans, La Table ronde ^1955, 

255p 20cm 

Univ library 

Gmraud, Georges Henri 

Auz frontieres de 1'enf er ; roman. [Pansj La Nef de Paris 

333 p 20cm 

A 57-7069 
Illinois. UnlT library 

Nevins, Albert J 1915- 

The adventures of Due of Indochina; illustrated by Kurt 
Wiese New York, Dodd, Mead, 1955 

2T6p illus 21cm. 
PZ7.N4:657Ab 55-7210 J 

Shaplen, Kobert, 1917- 

A forest of tigers, ( lst ed.j New York, Knopf; 1956 

55-9269 t 

A 56-985 


Dannand, Jean Pierre. 

Guerre morte Illus. photographiques tpar^ Miclxel Aubin 
tet aL Saigon, Societe asiatique d'editions, 1954j 

181 p (cMeflyfflos) 32cm. 
DS550D3 56-4S951 t 


see also Refugees, Vietnamese 


Geneva. Conference, 1954. 

Conference de Genere sur Plndochine, 8 mai-21 ]ui]let 
1954; proces-verbaux des seances, proposilions, documents 
finaux Pans, Impr nationale, 1955 

4TOp 27cm. 
DS550 G37 56-44672 


Marchand; Jean PauL 

Llndochine en guerre. 16 hors-teste en taffle-douce, 
d'apres les aquarelles de Louis Bollet Paris, Presses 
Mbdernes t 1954] 

323 p. illus. (part mounted coL) coL plates, ports^ maps. 88 cm. 



George, Andre, economist 

Antonomie eeonomiqne, coopemtion mternationale et 
changemente de structure eu Indochine. Pref . du Prof esseur 
Leduc rPari^ias^ 

242 p. 24cm. 

HC442G4 56-40416 t 


Hidochina. Chftrobre de cotnizierce. 

Bulletin economique; commerce, Industrie, agricultore. 

no. In T 32cm. 3 DO a week, 

S7-41776 t 

France. Iwtitot ff kwr*pM&t6 nattonaL . 

Indocbina 1:2,000,000. Carte gfaerak de Hndoduene 
framgaise OmpiManddraf' 
ffrMterae naiaomal, 1945; rev. 

XS0cki%im CopW by AMS, Ml. -. 

elTfttogtonj Priwtedbpr Army M*p Service, Corps of Btw 

7 cm. (AMS5202) 


Gt Bnt War O-jice General Staff 

Indo-China 1 . 253,MO c Delira Dm 3 Printed at the Sur- 
vey of India Office, 1945- 

coU nsaps 47 x 46 cm (/** Hind 1081 ) 
08010s 253 G7 Map 56-459 

U. S. Army Map Semce 

Indocluna and Thailand 1 250,000 IVashington, 1954r- 

col maps 47 1 68 cm or smaller {/s Senes L50) 
G8010s250U49 Map 56-568 rer 


Baff eleof , Antoine. 

Pensions aux francaos dTndochine Pans, Editions 
Titiano [195G, 

10 p Illus. 21cm. (L*H<i Iateamti<Hial) 
BS550 B3 56-41873 t 

France. Commissanat general d& France en Indoehme. 

Bidletin officieL annee 1-4, no. 50; 5 ]*rai 1951-16 dec, 
1954. Saigon. 

4v In 6 33cm weefclj. 

J8F306 57-15105 

Genera. Coisfercuee, 1954. 

The final declaration of the Geneva Conference on Ineb- 
China t and 3 Chou En-lai's statement at the final session of 
the Geneva Conference en. p., 1954^ 

7p 28 cm. 

Geceva. Conference, J 

Further documents relating to the discussion of Indo- 
Chma at the Geneva Conference, June 16-July 21, 195A. 
London, H M. Stataonery Off. C 1954j 

42 p 25 cm (tOL Brtt Fw?da Offlccj MisoeEaaeoos, 1O54, 

BS550 G4 95 55-* 1 

r, Elen Joy, 1921- 
The straggle for Indochina. With a prei by B&pexi 
Emerson. Stanford, Stanford Universaty Press, 1954, 

rvll, 342p. maps. 24cm. 
BS550HS5 1954 9597 54-6815 rer 

Roberts, Owen Wmthrop, 1924- 

The French. Socialist Party and its Indochina policy, 1946- 
1951. Ann Arbor. University Microfilms < 1955 5 

( tUnlTersity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MidLj PnWcatioB no. 12JOS) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 1^318 MJC 55-192 

Columbia TTaiv 

U. S. Congress, Senate. Commisi&e on, Foreign Btlcduma. 

Report on Indochina; report of Mike Mansfield on a study 
mission to Vietnam, Cambodia t and } Laos. Washington, 
TJ. S Govt Print O, 1954. 

v, 48p map 24cm. 
BS550.TJ513 54-6^40 

U. & Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Bdatw**. 

Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos; report ty Mlfa MuraAM . 
Washington, U. S. Govt Print OC 1955 

r,l9p. man. Moo, 
DS550.TT515 m 55-6CKWI 

Woodman, Dorothy. 

Indo-China and world peace, c London, Union of D^co- 
cratic Control, 1954j 

12 p. fflna. 22cm. ( A UDC pempltiet } 

BS55aW66 55-S79C t 


2201k. Q2o& 20 

BS9S17J25 56-471M| 


It ) 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Maillard-Ener, Germaine. 

Nostalgic des pagodes XUus. de Jacques Etchebeny. 
Pans, Caracteres jiOSTj 

105 pk illoa. 24cm (GoDecttaB "CntcCteiM") 
DS537.M3 59-41200 J 


see also Chinese language 

Staler, Robert, 1803- ed 

Bibbagrapfay of Siao-Tibetan languages. Associate edi- 

tors Pentti Aaito iinci Qthers3 Wiesbaden, O. Mttrrasso- 
witz, 1937. 

si, 211 p 24 em 

Z7Q4S J 3S5 016.495 58-17521 

INDOCH1NESE WAR, 1945- see Indochina, 
French History 1945- 

INDOL see Indoie 

Kknke, Hasw Werner. 1925- 

Rd3~ nnd wnclisstolfphysKolofpsclfce TETnterscAiuigfBi an 
TOO Cmeu Iti^/0mw Erocto: nut besoa- 
Benkfas^ttgo&g der cyclxmsfc:tex Bewegang 



5 p illaa. 20 em, 


Bel, Joint Barr, 1919- 

Tbe synthesis wad reactions of rnetKoxyrnddte compoonds. 

, p , littbt 

57~0SSp tftkb 26 en. 

QD401 B43 

New fork Unit Wk. 

B.rilesch, Jiirg Peter, 



&t literary 

anaee IndokUcaloid. Z&ncfa, 


Cock, Put Lav-ame, 1SS5- 

AlfcjrktKHis with quaternary salts of 2-ammt>-meiiiylitt- 
dole*. AmArfr,UmTemtyMjcw6lmS(1955i 

( tCai wwtty UkroOlB* Asa Artswr, Mldhui PeWlcatfoo no 10.461} 
MkrofifcaAC-1 al0 r 401 MicA55-58 


Ifaka^ BArari Pao^ 1980- 

SyntteBs of mtiolffl aad cwapoonds related to tryptqplnm. 
Aim Aiiwr, riawirsily Mierollms |liNS6i 


~" " alf lltarwy 

MM 56-1872 

Sttinebi, WH&xm Paul 1@*2- 

a cosTersioa of |mnone imides to mddas. Ann Arbor, 
Ariw, Sfickj P-abUcat-on no. 


Whli e, BraPt G raa t, I &'24~ 

of k,dc:a % catalytic reduction of e-mtro- 

IwtwMtte, Catalytic redlwAwm erf !-{0.-e- 
Aaai Aitor, Mkjhu, Uni- 
t lMB, 

m-1748 WBc 58-1748 



r, Walter Hellmat, 1928- 

Hlwr i-Aevk-iir.oIr.deEOKe mtd ikra fung^tatische 


ffinnan, Ckiries Wiley, I92T- 

TermL".atica of poly alkyleBe sulfide polj 

f ormati,oii. Syntfeesis and polynomation 
acd relat<i compounds. Ami Arbor, University Microfilms 

luversity MQemffiM. Am. Jjrixr, MlcJL, PnbHcadoa BO. 908) 
filmAC-l fams 

Illinois^ Univ library 

Hummel, Claire Elaine, 133- 

Products resulting from diazoketones prepaxation of di- 
phenyLndanores Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1956! 

I CPifersity Microfilm's, Ann Arbor, Mich t Pabllcatioo no 18,407) 
Microfilm ACM no 18,407 Mic56-S66e 

WiscoaslD Unlr Ilbr 


For works about specific official depart- 
ments, agencies, etc of the former 
Dutch East Indies government see 
Dutch East Indies with its subheadings 


Antsuu Home news , foreign news 

DS613 A75 

33-35 em dally 


Cbaisfe Win-la 

4* * 

325 p. mm. 35cm, 

Ck'en, I-]in& 1918- 

t Title 

Tttlemwrnvsed Chin jm ti Tln-to-ni-IisI-ya. 

C 58-5901 J 

4,92p illBS. 19cm 

1. Indonesia. 2. Chlone in Indoneslai t Title. 

iT^to rowoaired Tta-nt hates cteang yt hna db'lao 


C 58-7644 

TOOT lEdische Lezu^en en Leezsangeo. 

Koloniafe Tacantiecursus TCXMT geograftaa. 


Dam, H B ran, 

Handleidmg voor de Kecaiis van land en volk van 
*s-Graveniiage, W. van Hoeve, 1947. 

Indoaesia. Keatidr 

2eTen jaar Republik Inidon^ia. Den Haag 1952] 
28&p lllus 23 fiat 


Basae information on Indonesia t D]abuta 195Sj 
204 p illost 21cm. 

991 55-20479 } 

Indonesia. K&mmMnm Pmermffm. 

Him 21 cm. 

56-21806 J 


Know Indowdta, Know your friend. t n. p 1952tr 

Indonesian nfftirs. T. 1- 

Jaa, 1951- 
jDja&arta} Mmstrf 
v Htafc tf*f cm. 



Zfeeiaon, Gerrit van, 1878- 

en de KorarLklijke Akademie van 
Rede, geitouden in de vergadenng van de 
afdelingi d*r Konmklrjfce Federiaaadscbe 
Akadeir,:* Y:H: W^aschiippeii op 10 December 1915, Am- 
sterdam. K-ow^-HoUandscfee Uito. Mj. 1946. 

56-31S99 J 

KhoJopova, Aieksandra Pavlovna. 

IlHAOHesuficEaa Pecrry6jiHKa MocEBa, SnaHHe, 1956 
38 p 22 cm (BcecoioaHoe oCmecrso no pacnpocrpaHeHmo DOJIH- 

THMCCKMX K HayHHHX SHaHHfi. CepHSt 7, Na 13) 

JA34V83 1956, no 13 56-57613 

Mount Holyoke College. Intercollegiate Seminar on Indo- 

Indonesian resolution second phase, prepared by the stu- 
dents in the Intercollegiate Seminar on Indonesia South 
Hadley, Mass Seminal 316, Dept of Economics and Sociol- 
ogy, Mount Holj oke College, 1954 

47 1 28 cm 
DSC44M6" 1954 991 56-25059 

Netherlands (Kingdom^ 1815- ) Regeeringsvoorlwh- 
tmgsdienst^ Sew York 

Holland carries on, the Netherlands East Indies. t New 
York, JTethet lands Information Bureau, 194-i 

60 p illus. 31cm 
DS643A48 56-18416 J 

Perov, Vladimir Ivanovich. 


JUTT-pH, 1956 

3&p 20cm 
DS615 P4 


Radhaknshnan, J 

Indonesia at a glance c New Delhi, 1955 3 
95 p illus 22 cm 
DS615 R3 


Schrieke, Bertram Johannes Otto, 1890-1945. 

Indonesian sociological studies Selected writings of B 
Schrieke The Hague, W van Hoeve, 1955- 

T maps (2 fold, in pocket) 22 cm (Selected studies in 
Indonesia by Dutch scholars, v 2 

A 55-7350 
Rochester Univ Libr DS613 

Sukarno, Pres Indonesia, 1901- 

Indonesta m brief [Djakarta, Halmahera Pnnter's and 
Pub Co , 1955, 

96p mas 22cm 
DS615 S8 56-43968 J 

Tolokonmkova, A 

Eiipua fJI HsaHosaHA naaioBj Hs^oseaH^ MocEsa, 
Toe H3A-8O reorp jinr-pii, 1955 

31 p 20 cm. (CrpaHti ASHH, reorpa^BqecKHe cnpaBim) 
DS485 B81T6 57-47075 

tltrecht. Rijksuniversiteit. Fonds ten Sehoeve van Indolo* 
guche Xfictlten 

TVegens zijn Tbijzondere verdienste, opgedragen aan Prof. 
Mr J Ph Sujlmg Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1949 

216 p port 23 cm 
DS613 5 US 57-16257 

Van der Ejoef, Justus Maria. 

Indonesia m the modern trorld Bandung, Printed by 
M. Baru, 1954-56 

2? 25cm 

DS615V3S A 55-10495 r*, 

Bochester TJniv I4br. 

Woodman, Dorothy. 

The Republic of Indonesia New York, Philosophica 
Library, 1955. 

he, 444 p fold map 23cm 
DS644W65 991 55-13951 

Wu, Shih-huang:. 

. 1956 
139 p illus. Idem. 

1. Indonesia. x. Title. 

Ttile romtaHml; Tin-tu-ni-nsl-ya. 
C58-5T35 t 

Yak University. Graduate School Southeast Asia Studies. 
Area handbook on Indonesia. Directors : Paul W. van der 
Veur, Riclmrd J. Coughlin [and t Edward M Bruner. Loeal 
staff contributors Robert S. Bone, Jr t andother% External 
contributors Isidore Dyen ( and othersj Coordinating edi- 
tor Stephen W Reed. Prelun. ed New Haven, Southeast 
Am* Studies, Yale University, for the Human Relations 
Area Files, 1956 

S v <xrtv r 1221 p ) ulna., maps (1 fold, in pocket) 21 cm. (Ho- 
man Relations Area Files, lac. Subcontractor's monograph, HRAF- 


991 57-42963 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

INDONESIA (Continued) 


Gondokusumo, Djody, 1912- 

Tatahukum daerah otonoom Jogj akarta, Menara Penge- 

tahuan {1950 ^ 

68 p 18 em 
JS7191A3G6 55-39778 t 


Indonesia. Dinas Purba&da 

Pemnffgalan-peninggakn purbakak di guruing Penang- 
gungan Hasil penjelidikan di gunung Penanggungan 
selama tahun 1936, 1937 dan 1040 dan beberapa peninggalan 
purbakala di gunung dikundjungi dalam tahiin 
1939 Djakarta] 1951 

54 p IIlus 26 cm 
DS621 A5 55-39880 1 


Indonesia. Dinas Purbakala 

Laporan 15)30- 

.llus 29 cm annual 
DS621 A32 



Indonesia. Kementenan Penerangran 

Djadilah Bhajangkari jang sedjati Djakarta [1951?] 
32 n illus. 20cm 
UA853I5A52 55-39679 J 


Prague. Umverslta Karlova. Ernhovna. 

Indie, Banna, Indonesie, vyberovy seznam literatury 
SestMiroekv Kaftan. Praia, 1956, 

15 p 21 cm. ( Its Cteme a stadujeme, 1956, seS 3) 
Z320LP7 57-20256 


Nabnnk (64) Boekhandel en Antiquarlaat, Amsterdam, 

Indonesia; catalogue of an important collection of old and 
modern books, periodicals and pamphlets about the Indo- 
nesian archipelago [Amsterdam, 195- 3 

160 p 24cm { Its Catalogue 100) 
Z999N18 58-19341 

Vromans, A 6 

De Indiscta collectie van het Eijksinstituut TOOT Oorlogs- 
documentatie te Amsterdam. Amsterdam, 1954 

38 p. 28 cm. 
Z3279V75 58-47743 J 


D ja ja, Tamar. 

Pusaka Indonesia, orang-orang besar tanah air. Tjetakan 
4. (Bandung, G Kolffj 1951. 
DS632.5D55 1951 55-39886 t 

Indoneaa. Eementetian Pm&ranffan. 

K^^ perkenalkan . . . ! Djakarta t I950l 3 

lOTp. ffltffl. 21cm. 

Indonesia. K&menm<m Penerangwn, 

Kami perfcanalkan . . . ! Djakarta c 1954? : 
188 p. Him. 23cm. 
DS6431.A2A5 154 


55-58587 J 

Kraemer, Hendrik, 1888- 

From missionfield to independent clrarchj report oa^a 
decmrre decade in the growth of indigenoTO dbirches in 
Indonesta. With, an nrfcrodncfcory note by W. A. "Vlsser 
t HooJEt The Hague, Boefceawentramj 19a 
ISflp. 24cm, 

~~ 1958a S79.1 

Kraemer, Hendrik, IS3S- 

Fwm misaonieH to jndefiwleai chmAf report onjt 
decisive decade m the growth of indigenous churches In 
Indwesia. "With an mtroductory note by W. A. Yisser 
tKooft. rlsfcBrftaiecLi Lcndcm, SCM Pre^ ( 19B8^ 

ISCp. 23cm. (World mission studies) 

Poaw, Boen-giok 

De kerkrechtekjke positie van eea ethmsch bepaalde kerfc 
in een under ethaisch bepaald milieu, eea ecclesioiogische 
studie o\er de situatie van Chinese Christen gemeenschappen 
in Indonesia With summary in English Utrecht ,.1052, 

vLI, 128 p 25 cm 
BE1220P6 5S-43110 

CITY PLANNING see Cities and 
towns Planning Indonesia 


Alisjahbana, Satan Takdir, 1908- 

Ditengah-tengah. perd]uangan kebudajaan Indonesia oleh 
Gadis Rasid, 10 buah intervm tentang berbagai-bagao, seal 
kebudajaan Djakarta, Pnstaka Eakjat, 1949. 

46p 22dfl 
DS625JL6S 55-39889 J 

Arifia, HassmNuL 

Ichtisar-sed]arah kebudajaan Indonesia- Djakarta, Pus- 
taka Antara, 1950 

40p 21 cm 
DS625 A85 

Dimyati, Muhammad, 1914 

Kita hendak kemana? Tjetakan 1. Bandung, AJma'arrf 

68 p 24 cm 


Hanifah, Abu, 1906- 

Tjita-tjita perdjoangan, cultuur, polibs, sociologis. Dja- 
karta. Bulan Bintang C 1952 j 

229p 21cm 
DS625H3 50-33733 

Last, Jef, 1898- 

Zo zag ik Indonesie. 's-Gravenhage } W. van Hoeve, 1956 
318 p illus 25 cm. 
DS625XS 56-47914 t 

Perron, Edgar do, 1899-1940 

P. P. C , brief aan een Indonesier t's-Gravenhage, Druk- 
kenj Albedon, 1945] 

n p 19 cm. <Vliegwicl tenet, nr 3) 
DS625P44 55-38672 J 


Cultured meuws, Indonesie 

r Amsterdam, Stichtmg voor Culturele Samenwerkingj 

no in * Illas 20cm, 
DS611 CM 56-31501 


Stiensa jaarboek. 

i Amsterdam, Stichting voor Culturele Samenwerkmg, 

T mas 23 cm 
JV2501S75 54-34986 rev t 


Indonesia. Djawitm Meteowtiogi dan Geofisik. 

Meteorological data of Indoneman aarodroines. 1949- 




Arifin, S jahabuddin. 

Die Statikfcar des mdaneasdim Anssenhandela. Winter- 
tlmr, P. G. Kelkr, 1958. 

x,104p. maprdlasrs. 21cm. 
HF3806.A8 59-44516 

Bank Negara Indonesia. 



T 23 COL ffri final. 

HG3306 BS3 


Bekleshoy, Dmitrii VasD'eviclu 

a, 3EOHOiraKa B KHeaxHa 

146 p ilius., 2 fold, maps (1 in pocket) tables. 23cm. 

ni Indonesia Pnsat 

Djakarta. Be wan Bfca 


T 28cm. 

Dutch East Indies. Departemmt ^an Lauvlb&uw, Nijvvr- 
heidenHmdel Afdeelirg Sandel 
Terslai? omtrent handel, mjverheid ea kndboaw van 


Indonesia. Kanior Pusat Statutes 

Ichtisar tahunan, impor dan exspor Indonesia. 1950- 
I>j akarta j 

T 21s30cm, 
HF247 A495 58-33909 

Invoer der voornaamste handelsartikelen in het vrij ^ 
op Java en Madoera , maandstatasrtiek. 
Weltevreden, etc , LaEdsdrukkeni 
v 28cm 

HF347 J 55 58-52750 

Lear, Jacob Cornells van, 1908-1942 

Indonesian trade and society, esasjs m Asun social and 
economic luston .Ttanshtion by James S Holmes and 
A -van Mar'e] "The Hague, 1V Tan Hoeve, 1935 

six, 465 p 2 maps (GO lining paper, fold In pocket > 22 cm. 
( Selected stud'es m Indonesia by Dutch scholars, T 1) 

A 55-8697 
Roehestei Umv Libr HF38Qi 

Madjelis Perniagaan Indonesia di Eropau 

Laporan Report 

v lllas 25 cm annaaL 
HF331M27 55-40066 

Paauw, Douglas S 

World markets and the dynamics of the Indonesian econ- 
omy, rn PJ 1952 

61 29cm. (Sis Indonesia fiscal, 4) 
HF3806 P2 56-36510 


Bcrg-,J L 

Pengetahuan dagang', karangan J". L. van den Berg dan A, 
Sutan Pamuntjak n. S (Abas) Djakarta, W. VWalnys, 

2 v Ultts, 25 cm. 

BT3807J5B4 S5-398SO t 

Nasution, Muclttar. 

Emu dagang dan pemiagaan. Mfedan, Madp j;1956i 
6*p. 21cm. 

Reens, H 

Membatja sambil berpikir, bokn batjaan sekoiah dagang 
tinsfeat fane pertama, diterdjemalikaii oloh Soefaui Suiif 
Tjeiakan 2 D] akarta, W. Teriays, I860 

2r IKos 21 cm. 
HFS807JM 1950 


Pedoman import Ind(eaa. Jakarta, Gmsmg Amg s 

Economisch weekblad voor JmfomA jmxg. 

no. m/m-, -w 


styjdcen bchandeld iii de Tergaderiiigen. 



Librafy of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

INDONESIA (Continued) 


Alders, Lucas Wiilebrordos. 

Internationale rechtspraak tussen Indoneaseae njkea ea 
de V O C tot 1700 Nxjmegea 1955] 

3d, 142 p 24cm. 


Bohtlingk, Fredenk Robert, 1925- 

StaalsreGbi in ladoaesie, 1942-195L Swnengesteld mt 
matenatl via bet Docmenfibebnntti VOOT Overaees Becht 
to Leaden. Id,P.J.I>nJ3bddnaiitlWi 

25i S40B. 3 

59-43084 $ 

Indonesia, C&nstttutwn 

Undaiig-imdang; dwar semratars Kepubkk Indonesia, 
dengan sekedar tjatatan dan keterangmi dibawah toap-tiap 
pasal menunat pentSjelastn dan dja.'wa.baii pemenntah: 
kepada Parlemen B. I S. [Oleh, B. Soepomo. "Dmkarta, 
iMp. 2a. 

55-48259 t 

Indonesia. Cmsttiu^on. 

U&dftng-undang d&sar sementara Repubhk Indonesia, 
deag&n sefcedar tjatatmn dan keterangan dibawah tiap-tiap 
pasal mennnat pendjelasan dan djawabkn pemenntmh kepada 
Parlemen It. I S rolehj K Soepomo Tjetakan 3 Djakarta, 
Noordhoff.KdLff t 1958, 

lp 30cm 



tfadanff-mulug dasar sementara Bepublik Indonesia, 
dteagan sdtedar tjatatan dan keteouigaii dibawah faap4iap 
pasal lokhtj it Sapcano. Tjetakan i dan tang dipfirb&hEmx. 
I^afeMla, Noorfhoff-Kolf ,l9Mf , 

W|>>. IS CEL 


^ JT^prs BepaMifc Indonesia, wgara, idbam, pidato diufc- 
ji.pfan padt peniiiaari poigangkatajDi ^bagai garabesar 


Djaiarta, Pembtngniurn, 19W 

Log3imriE, JUtann Heicrich Adolf, 1893- 

t ovnr bet rtattsrecM ran Ndec- 
f a-6Taihtge, V, ran Hoew, 1MT. 


Logerriai^, Johaiui Helnrich Adolf, 15r-2- 

He* ^WLtaBcbt Tan lndfig, feet foraadft 
. TOB Hoem Ift5l 

m Hemrich Adcif , 1WS- 

iwaiB irak. %*0wrabap, W. not Hoave, 1B55. 

SSft m 

5T-1S1M t 

Euljs de Be*reabr0udc, G 

oleli Soonntard|a, J. U T. 
Gwti Majw, Dpbut* 

sekedar peiidjels- 
apA di baTi-ah tiap-tiap pasal isgnurat pembitjaraan pada 
wite pamwioipm di Kcnpennsi Medja Bmidar di Den 


Hnqwau psrator^ peid jelnuan negara kesatuan Ba- 
Iwlowwi; disusan okh Sutomo dibaw^ pecg^wasan 

5&-56T12 | 


Proklamasi dan Konstitasi Bepublifc Indonesia. t Tjetakan 
4 Djakarta] Diasabatan r!953i 




Marg^idant, Leonard. 

Inleidmg tot de IndiscKe staats- en adininistratiefrecb.!- 
li]ke piibiicaties Bussum, P Brand, 1947 
36 p 19cm 

59-17929 t 


Botlias, Bapoar. 

Timorkut, Reiseerlebnisse und Bilder atis der Indone- 
sischen laselwelt (1 Aufi, Berlin^ Veriag der Nation 

57-^0300 J 

283 p illus. 24cm, 

Corteuiunde, Johan Petn, & ea 1649 

Dagbog fra en Ostmdief art, 1672-75. Ved Hennoug Hea- 
miigsen. Ivionborg, Handels- og s0fartsmnseet, 195S 
220 p maps, facsms 27 cm { Sj&Istoriske sfcrifter, 5) 


Epton, Nina Consuelo. 

The islands of Indonesia London. Pitman f 1955i 

4v lllos 20cm; 
BS620E59 0191 57-2S368 t 


Ilmu btimi untuk S R Indonesia. Djokdja, Toko Buku 

Hien Hoo Sing i!954? 5 - 

f fold eoL maps. 22cm. 
DS620H24 56-33731 


Tan&b. air kita Indonesia Bandung. Budi 

lllus 18cm. 



Indon^ia, fcitab peladjaxan ilmti bmni bagi pergnroaii 

menengaii dan sekolah gnra, terkarang oldi M. Scihaay dan 
po. Djakarta, J. B. Welters, 1S5L 

p IHos. 24 oa. 

55-38506 t 

Suroodinoto, E S 

Hmn bumi Indoneda dan idbtasar Indonema, rattak sei:olab. 
Jog]"a,XJ P. 


Wolff, Jwp. 

B CTpaa Tuaiia octpoBoa (Hiw>He3H* CCTOAHJI), nyre- 
HepeuoA c routiaa^cKoro M. BnccHHia H A. 
Bctyn ctaxu H Hy^Kosa. MocKita, HS^-BO 




NeHwrkttds New Guinea, and Portngowe 
Timor joffiditf standard nairosa|^^ S.Board 

oo Cteokreplue Barnes. Washington, 1055. 
* T (4, Tt, & p.) 21x28 on. (U. & Board oa Geographic 

Nasaes, Gazetteer M 13} 


. s voor d iengdj Diustratis van G. 

Bastiaam Foto% Tan de Haatsdiapplj "Kecbrknd," bet 
Ms* Inbtatt, wife te H&adboA of fee Nea^ands 

Ea IttAes** en icaaj dew sdtejrer. 's-Gmwh*g!^ W" van 


Slip, illoa. 21<aa 


Bonzi, Leonardo. 

Continent perdu Texte de Gilberte Sollacaxo [Pans] 
Hachette ^956, 

90 p illus 24cm. (Tout par 1'lmage) 
DS620B6H 56-42513 1 

Langenn, Vendla von, 1903- 

Sabar, mdonesische Impressionen Mat 88 Abbildungen 
nach Aufnalunen der Verfasserin r Die tJbersetzung der 
Bildunterschnften ins En^lische besorgte Concordia Bickelj 
Munchen, F Bruckmann t l957j 

111 p (chieflj illus ) map (on lining paper) 24cm 


Norotny, Jaroslav. 

Das Land der tansend Inseln j Bilder aus Indoneaen E von] 
Jaroslav Novotn^ t und] Jifx Marek. ( Dentscb. von Anna 
Wirthova Prag] Arfaa t *1957j 

11 p , 159 plates (part col ) 29cnx 
DS620N715 58-38016 


Kennedy, Raymond, 1906-1950 

Report on eastern Netherlands East Indies. n. p., n. cLj 
2 v in 1 maps 30 em 

Report on the geographical features of tie Aru, Tanun- 

bar, Kei, and Banda Islands in the eastern Netherlands East 
Indies , [Supplement, n. p , n. d.] 

54 1 Illus^ maps (part fold ) 30 cm 
DS619 K53 56-55816 


Alex, Oom, pseud 

tlit het land der flamboyants, Indische verhalen. Met 32 
f oto's van Peter Wessing. Amsterdam, C P. J van der Peet 

178 p Illus 21 cm 

57-46302 I 

Bothas, Dagmar. 

Inseln der Zukunft, Indonesien^ em iunger Staat unter 
dem Tropeniummel. t l. Aufl.j Berlin, Kongress-Verlag, 

176 p mos 25cm 


Bremam, ITS 

lima, bumi ekonomi Indonesia. Tjetakan 4, Djakarta. 
Noordhoff-Kolff, 1952. 

103 p lll-ag 19 cm, 
DS620B7 1952 55-39870 t 

Broek, Jan Otto Marius, 1904- 

Indonesia. [Prepared with the cooperation of the Ameri- 
can Geographical Societyj Garden City, N Y, N Double- 
day t 1957j 

<W p JUua 21 c 

1 cm. (Around tbe world program) 


Chou, firit-fn. 

146 p illuK. 19cm. 

L India Desor. & trav 1947- 2 BnnnaI>ecr & twir. 
8. Indonesia Deacr & tiaT 1945- L Title. 

Title romanised. Tung-nan Ta san cat 

Edceland, Earl, 1918- 

Brune t^awmermaand ; rejsen gennem Indonesian. fE0ben- 

54-2044rev J 

Eakelond, Kari, 1918- 

Indonesian adventure. London, Burke r 1954r, 
IflGp. llloa. 28cm. 
DS620JE812 19.91 

55-26771 J 

Harahap, E 

Indonesia barn, jakoi : ihnu bumi negara ttta. Bandung, 


102 p. Illcs. 24c 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Indonesia. Eedutaan Besar Italy 

Indonesia, il paese delle tremila isole A cura delTam- 
basciata della repubbhca d'Indonesia Eoma, 1955 

113 p illas 25 cm. 
DSG20A48 58-43820 t 

Indonesia. Kementcnan Penerangan 
Indonesia now jDjakarta, 1950 ?, 
128 p illub 21 cm 
DS620 A5 1950 919 1 

52-38618 rev 

Sazein, Em 

Ilmu bumi Indonesia Tjetakan 1 Djakarta, Pustaka 
Tmrar r !950j 

24 p 20 cm 
DS620 S3 56-56007 t 

Thiis-Evensen, Eyvisd, 1906- 

Indonesia, opplevd ay en morsk lege. Oslo, Gyldendal, 

181 p illos 24cm. 
BS620T5 54-43908 J 


Badri, 3 

Perwafalan diplomafck dan konsoler. fTjetakanS, D]V 
karta, Tintamas t 1953j 
JXl&iT BS 1953 55-39779 J 


Barinn, A S 

Negara dan ekonomi. Medan, 
80 p Ilus 24 cm. 



Bekleshov, Dmitrii VasiTevich. 

JlH^OHeanx, ssoHOMUKa n BHCIUHM toproEia, MocKaa, 
BHemToprnsAaT, 1956 

146 P. films , 2 fold maps (1 in pocket) tables 23 cm 
HCM7.B36 57-21091 

Boeke, Julius Herman, 18S4- 

Economics and economic policy of dual societies as exem- 
plified by Indonesia. Haarlem, EL D Tjeenk WiHInk, 1953 

324 p 24 cm 

HCM7B663 1953& 330991 56-25386 t 

Danusasiro, Harjono. 

Persesuaian pertaman dan masjarakat tim dakm pem- 
bangunan perekonomian Indonesia, Uraian dmtjapkan 
pada penngatan ke n dies natalis Umversitit Negeri Gradjah 
Mada, Jogjakarta, Pertj. "NaaKmal," 1951 

15p. 24cm. 
HO447JD3 56-18727 

Gonggri jp, George Francois Elbert, 1878- 

Schets ener economisclie gescMedems wo. ladoneme. 4 
drak. Haarlem, Erven F. Bonn, 1957. 

23& p 23 cm. (YolksmilTersltetts Mbliotikeefc 2. reeks, no 2S) 
[HC447G ] * * * 00ffi 

Harvard TTnlv Library 

Guzevatyi, llropolk Nikolaevich. 

ELcOHe3KJc, reorpa$H^ecKHfi aie 
iKjreorp 3HT-pH f 195&, 
KTp Iltes. 20cm. (Y Kaprw Mpa) 


International Chamber of Commerce. Itaftm Section, 
Indonema. Bono, Sezione italiana dlla Qsmm di com- 
mtemazionale t 1955?j 

Lear, Jaeab Corndbs van, 1908-194S. 

BtdOTMn toide and society; esasys m A^an socml tad 
amount historj. t Trws!atioii by James a Holmes and 
Use Hague, W Yan Bfoero, I95&, 

Meek, John Paul. 

The government and economic development in Indonesia., 
1950-19:4 Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 1956, 

(tOnlyersltj Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich PuWfcatlon DO 17,622) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 17,622 Mic 36-2514 

Virginia. Ual? Lsbr 

Nenman, Andrzej Marcin, 190T- 

Industnai de\elopment in Indonesia {Cambridge, Eng, 
Students Bookshops, 1955j 

Kansas TJnlv Library 

TI. S. Bureau of Foreign Commerce (1953- ) Far- 

Eastern Division 

Investment in Indonesia, basic information for United 
States businessmen c prepared by Ada V. Espenshade, chaef 
of the Philippines-Southeast Asia Section 3 Washington, 
U S. Govt Print Off r !956, 

7i, 155 p fold maps, tables. 26cm 
HCM7U47 56-6126T 


Schleiffer, Hedwig, 1899- 

Bibliography on the economic and political development 
of Indonesia Edited by Douglas S Paauw Cambridge, 

v 29 cm 
271S5I65S3 56-39654 rer 


Bank Indonesia- 
Bulletin, no. 1- 
3d quarter 1953- 

no In T dlagrs. SO on. Ssaftfear 
HCM6B3 330991 

Benta mapie 

Mas 30cm. raontMy 

Economisdi weefcblad voor Indonesia faarg. -17, 

no. 25/26; -30 Jmn 1951 

T in * lllua., dlagrs., tables. 80 cm. 

Ekonomi flint keuangan Indonesia. Economics and finance 
in Indonesia. Economis en financien. taiun ks 1 
Jan 194&- 


v In 24cm mootibtly 

Three-monthly economic review ^>f j Indocwaa, 
London, Economist IntaHigeaice "CTnit. 
BO In T mm 34 cm quarterly 


Aartsen, Johannes Pieter van, 1899- 

Hmxi bumi ekoaomi. t Ditcrdjemahkan fcedalam bahnsa In- 
donesia oleh. Adnan Sjamuij Djakartm, Pnaabangtman, 


IMp. mm lcra. (Postak8ardi|ana,iio,4) 
HC447A65 M-W10 J 

Ab!din,S M 

perusaiaan. T^etakan 8. Bjakartt, BaM 



162 p. 21cm 


Bank Indonesia. 



v 27c 


Boeke, Julius Herman, 1SS4- 

Ecoaomie ^aa Indonesie 4 heraene druk Haarlem, 
H D TjeenkTTilbnk,1953 

x, 401 p 24 cm. 
HC447 B6G3 1953 


L IndonesiaPoL & gort 3960- 2. In4oEesia Econ eondttt 
2945- i Title 

Tttle romanizeS Ch&s ban TJn-tn-nl-W-ya 

DS6M C46 
Hoorer Library 

C 58-7016 

Djojohadikusumo, Sumilro, 1917- 

Bunga rampai ekonomi. [Djakarta, Indira, 1951] 
280p lilus 20cm 
HCM7JD495 55-38220 t 

Fnun Thomas Antouie, 1S6J^- 

Ban ekonomi pendjadj'aban kearali efconomi kebangsaan. 
Tjtakan2. Djakarta, Pembangman, 1949. 

flip. 20cm 
HC447F68 1949 56-S9765 t 

Hadinoto, Sujono. . 

Ekonomi Indonesia, dan ekonmni kolomal ke ekonomi 

nasional E Tjetakan23 Djakarta, Pembangoiaii 1950 3 

72 p 21 cm, Q ,irui! * 

HC447H247 1950 55-38106 I 

Hatta, Mohammad, 190S- 

Pennndjuk bag! rakjat dalam hal ekonomie, teon <iaa 

pmktek Djakarta, Past&ka Rakjat, 1M7. 

152 p. illas 2102.. 
HB179.H37 5&-38M* | 

, AbdL 

Tanja-djawab tentang ilmn bumi scsialHskoBomi 
Indonesia, benua Asia untnk S G A. uegen atao adcolaM 
jang sederadjti deagan. sekoMi ids ; dfnga tffitofc 
Tjetakan 1 Djakartay Gunnng Aguag, 1054- 

FCM7 J^3 ^ 

Nederiands Genootschap TOOT Internationale Zaken. 

Indonesia in 19S6; politieml and economic aspeda. A re- 
port prepared under the direction of B. H. M. VWtfce. 
Hafae, 1957 

92 p. 22 on 
JQ7631057M *^09S1 MM1 57-858M 

Nederlands Genootschap voor Intenmiiomle ZaJcem, 

Indonesia's straggle, 1957-1&S8; a report pnpgnd under 
the direction of B H M. VlAke. The Hague. 2MB. 

76p dliagre, tables. 22oa. 

Bocbestar UniT LIbr 




Thft emomic atMtion in IndoofiSMu Th Hague, Th* 
Netherlands GoTwrnmenfc Ifllona*fioa Swrce, IMS, 


56-S16W J 

, . 

Pas&i-fasal ekoncmi, disalin dalam baliasa Indocesia clei 

I1ttkaB& Jakarta, J. BL Woltao, ln- 
'illas. 24 CHI. 


Boeke, Julius Herman, I5S4- 

324 j. Men 
HC447.B663 !95Sa 330.&5I 56-S5386 t 

Facing the ntnlwi. Jacarta. iOixistry of lofonw&A 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Djojokadiinisarao, Swnitro, 1917- 

Pandangan tjara 1 menghadtpi kesukaran 1 ekonomi di 
Indonesia. Djakarta, EJementenan Penerangan 1952j 

85 p. Ulna 18 on. (PEPORA.S) 
HC447D53 55-39803 I 

Effendi, Rusiam, 1903- 

Perspektip dan finansid-ekoiioiai kata. [Djakarta, Ga- 

55-39766 J 

23 p 17 cm 


Hatia, Mohammad, 1902- 

Beberapa fasal ekonomi, djalan keekonomi dan. kooperast. 
Tjetakan4 Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1950- 

HC447H34 55-38407 | 

Hatta, Mohammad, 1902- 

Ekonomi dan teknik; tjeramah bagi peladfat* Sekolah 
Persatuau Teknik Menengali, pada 18 Febraaru 1955 [Dja- 
karta, Kementenan Penerangan, 1955 fj 

32p 22cm 
HC447.H35 56-33605 

Higgins, Benjaznin Howard, 1912- 

Economic stabilization and development in Indonesia. 

New York, International Secretariat, Institute of Pacific 
Bektions, 1054. 

24 L tables 28 em. Secretaruit paper DO 8} 

HC447JH5 56-14205 

Higgins, Benjamin Howard, 1912- 

Indoneaa's economic stabilization and development New 
Tort, Institute of Pacific Relations. 1957 
aaffl,l7&p tablet, 21cm. 

HC447JIS2 338991 57-14155 

M J 

Politik Sremakmuraa bagi Indonesia, dengan kata pen- 
gantar dari St Sjakrir. Djakarta, Pemlniigim&Q, 1951. 

sop 19cm. 
HC447K6 55-38498 

Meek, John PanL 

The government and economic development ia Indonesia, 
1050-1054 Ann Arbor, University Microfilms jl956, 

C t Ualsrsitj HleroSUas, Ian Arbor, MldLj PoMkatioa no 1T.S22) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 17,688 Mic 56-2514 

Vtrstola, Univ L0 

Paanw, 1 

World markets ad the dynamics of the Indonesian econ- 
omy. rfL p 1 1952. 

HF3806.P2 56-36519 

Indonesia diperampaegan djalan, Djakarta, Hidup 


Hatta. MfsfeaMits: 

pohtik loear negeri kita. Djokjakarta, Negara 


Basar politik luar r 


31 p. 29c 

. Djakarta, 

55-S9S76 t 




Dutch East Indies. Ir^r Generate Staf 

Nederlands-Intlie contra Japan Stafwerk in opdracht 
van S H Spoor, samengesteld door de Krijgsgeschied- 
kundige Sectie van het Hoofdkwartier % T an de Generale Staf 
K. X I L t Bandoeng, Drukkenj G C T ran Dorp, 1949- 

v plates, ports maps (part fold ) 25 cm 
DS8S9 3 DS A525 52-24506 rev 


Leimena, Joitannes, 1905- 

Perselisihan Indonesia -Belanda. Djakarta, G-rafica, 1949. 
72 p 21 cm 
DS640N4L4 55-39898 J 

Sapomo, raden, 1903- 

Soal negara Indonesia-Senkat dan cm Belanda-Indo- 

nesia. Djakarta, Dhanna, 1948 
64p 22cm. 

DS640J^4S8 55-38510 1 

Teeow, A 

Het conflict met Indonesia als spiegel voor Nederlaad. 
VGravenhage, W, ran Hoeve, 1956 

32 p. 22cm. 
DJ149I55T4 56-46627 t 


Indonesia. Eepient&rian P&nsrangan 

A visit to a friendly country t D]akarta ! 1951] 
104 p mas. IS cm. 
DS644.1S8A5 1951 52-40018 rev I 

Indonesia. Treaties^ etc , 1950- (Sukarno) 

Perdjandjian persahabatan antara Repubbk Indonesia 
dan Eepubhk Filipina D]akarta] Kementeran Peneran- 

18 p fflus 17c 
JX937 1950 




McVey, Rath Thomas. 

The Soviet view of tie Indonesian revolution; a study in 
the Russian attitnde towards .Asian, nationalism. Ithaca, 
K. Y, Modem Indonesia Project, Southeast Asia Program, 
Itept of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, 1957. 

Ill, 83 p 28 cm. (Interim reports secies, Modern Indonesia 
DS640R8MS 327910947 57-44903 


Faulkner, Norma Mae. 

The United States and the Indonesian dispute, 1945-1950 
jBerfcelev, Library Photographic Service, University of Cali- 
fornia, 1952$, 
Microfilm 752 E Mic 55-3001 


Lev, DanielS 

A bibliography of Indonesian government documents and 
selected Indonesian wntings on government on the Cornell 
UnivBrsary Library Ithaca, N. Y. Southeast Asia Program, 
Bept. of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, 1958. 

58 I, 28 can (SovtheMt Asia program, Dept, of Far Eastern 
Stodka, Ccra^l Utf vcottar. Data p^50!a[) ^^ ^ 




Lukisan revolusa; revolusi nasional di Indonesia gagalkah 
tautidaki Medar^D>a3ia Wamta C 1951?; 

53 p. XfioB. 

5^-18977 t 



130 p. llltis, 24 e 

Bandung, Ganaco, 1954. 

56-83726 t 

Amir, A 

Indonesia dalain pergolakaa 

Bjaja, Tamar. 

Sedjarah perang Indonesia. Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, 
Pustaka Energie, 1951 

45 p 20cm. 
BS635D55 1951 55-398641 


Sedjarah Indonesia djaja, nngkasan sedjarah dan kemer- 
dekaan Indonesia Berguna untuk umum, sekolah rakjat, 
kelas permulaan sekolah menengah atau sekolah guru, 
disahkan oleh P P EC. Propina. Sumatera Selatan. [Tje- 
takan 5 Palembang, 1951 j 

75 p Illus 18 cm 
DS643.D53 1951 56-18981 t 

Butch East Indies. Leger 4- Infanterw-Bngade 

Oost-Java, gedenkboek der 4" Infantene-Brigade Til- 
burg, H Bergmans t 1950 3 

511 p illHS 28 COL 
BS644A57 54-42901 % 

Dwid jasusana, R I W 

Ichtisar sedjarah Indonesia, untuk S M. P kelas n. 
Tjetakan 2 t Jajasan Kamsius, Semarang, 1953 ?j- 

T iiioa 25 cm 


Fischer, Louis, 1896- 

The story of Indonesia, New York, Harper t !959i 
3*lp Illus 22cm. 
DS634.F5 991 * 59-12443 J 

Goedemans, Annette Jacqueline Marie. 

Indie m de branding, een diplomatiek steekspel, 1840-1843 
Utrecht, A Oosthoek, 1953 

251 p ports 25 cm 
DS643 G6 55-39027 

Hamfah, Abu, 1906- 

Kita berdjoeang, goebahan koeltoer politis Djakarta, 
Merdeka, 1946 
200p 19cm 
DS635 H3 55-39863 rev J 

Hassan, 'Abbas, 

Sedjarah tanah air kita Indonesia, untuk sekolah rakjat 

56-18983 1 

90 p illos 19cm 

Indonesia. Rantor Penerangan, New York 

7 years of Indonesian independence, August 17, 1952 
t New York, 1952, 

34 1. ports 28 cm. 
DS644A55 991 53-29792 rev 

Komisi Gabungan Inan (Indonesia and the Netherlands) 

Kata pengantar dan rentj ana Komisi Inan, 1950 *s-Grra- 
venhage 1950*] 

6p 22cm 
DS644K63 56-33736 t 

Lathief , A K 

Ichtisar* sekitar revolusie di Indonesia. Tjitakan 2. Me- 
dan, Gedung Pustaka rl949li 

uap 18 on. 
DS644X3 1949 55-38211 t 

Machudum, St Dt M 

Biwajat perdjuangan bangsa Indonesia dalam masa 150 
tahiui. Tjetakan 1 Bandung, Masa Barn (dahulu A. C. 
Nix) 1952 

100 p lUus 20cm. 
DS635M27 56-337291 


Sedjarah ringkas Indonesia, [Tjetakan 2] Djakarta, 
Pendidikan Umum t 1950j 

52 p. nina. 21 cm. 
BS643JM3 1950 55-39852 t 

Netherlands (Ktuffdem, 1815- ) Department van Over- 
w<m RijJczddm Affoelinff Publtek Contact 

From empire to union, an introduction to the history of 
Ketherlands^Indonesian relations. t The Hague t Nedier- 
lands Ministry for Overseas Territories, Pubhc Relations 

Kp. C (p. 45-55 inserted) MdLmap. 21cm. 

1947 991 ,52-40610 rev 2 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Netherlands (Kingdom, ISIS- ) Bege 
dtenst, Djakarta 

Het pohtieke gebeuren rondom de Repoeblik Indonesia, 
overacht der ontwikkelmgen aedert den oorlog met Japan 
Beperkte oplage Batavia, Begeenngs Voorlichtings Dienst, 

2 T Illus 33 oo. 
DSG44.N412 991 53-38529 rev t 

Ottow, Willem Martin. 

BijcLIoff Vokkertsz \un Goens, de carnere van een diplo- 
mnt, lblO-165o (Utrecht, 1934, 

243 p port fold maps 23 cm 
DS&B OS 35-37343 

Pane, Ssntisi. 

Sec jar ah Indonesia. Tjetakan 3. Djakarta, Balai Pus- 
taka, 1950- 

v illus 21 cm. 
DS634.P3 55-3&909 I 

Rangkuti, A B 

Sedprah Indonesia, tmtek sekolah, meruangah. Djakarta, 
Pustaka Timur 195Q3 

141 p. 10cm. 
DS634R3 55-38212 t 

Rasjid, M 

Sedjanth nngkas Tjetakan 2 Djakarta, J B Woiters, 


2r illus 24cm 
DS634RS5 55-56794 rev t 

Reimer, P J 

Tentang orang dan kedjadian jang foesar, dan sedjarab. 
Indonesia, oleh Pnjohutomo. Menurut bukn dalam bahasa 
Belanda karangan F J. Reimer dengan dittbah, seperlunja, 
Djakarta, W Versluys, 1950-5L 

2v Ulna. 21cm. 
DS634.B416 55-39899 | 

atoms, L M 

Sedjaraii pergerakan kebangsaan. Indonesia. Djakarta, 
Pustaka Eakjat tl^Tj 

63 p. 16 era. 
DS635 S5 1947 55-39854 t 

Sitorus,L M 

Sedjaraii pergerakaa kebangsaaa Indonesia, Tjetakan 2. 
Djakarta, Pustaka Bakjat, 195L 

DS635.S5 1951 


Vle&ke, Bernard Hubertus Maxia, 1899- 

Kusantara; a Mstxay of Indonesia. Wnolly rer ed. "Bbe 
Hague, W. van Hoeve, 1959. 

Tlii,47&i> maps. 22cm. 
DS6M.V55 1959 991 59-465T 

4,249p. lilus-, map*. 21 on. 

x. Title. 2H*tert>tB<sed* Yln-nIMhlsQa. 
C 59-5090 

Indiana. TTniv. Hbr. 


Pact, 1982. 
585 ix. port 25cm. 

HarvartHIaiT library 

d, 1902- 

raftea, Amsterdam, C. P. J. van der 

10 t Le, 

!{!., OqpUIHB,} HHWg"*! VCHlMHlg yUIPHil%lilMl MM^W 

kat dan negara Bepublifc Indonesia, kumpukn t] eramak 

. 28cm, 




Beberapatjatatan:detikdanperistiwal7 Augustus 1945- 
2t^jaaiwri B50. FenarbltMi darrot (Jogjakarta! Ift50f, 
'""""** 5W86T4 J 

Indonesia. Kententmen, P&mrmgtm. 
Lembaran sedj arah , Dj akarta, 1950 ? 
72 p. illns 22cm. 
DS644A5515 55-39875 t 

Sajiidja, Darw'as. 

Penstiwa* penting di tanah air, sainpii 17 Agustus 1050. 
Tjetakan 1 Djakarta, Tegas E 1952!j 




JDunyafa, Muhammad, 1914- 

Gema revolusi, oleh Badarazzamaii jpseudLj Tebing- 
Tmjrgi, Madju rlDSO, 

72p 18cm 
PL5089 D5G4 55-39623 J 

Bimyati, Muhaminad, 1914- 

Pengurbaiiaji dan kebaktism. oleh Badarazzaniaii 
dan Dali Mutwr* Djakarta, Balai Postaka, 1950. 

67 p 23cm. 
PL5089J)5P4 55-S958S t 

Mihardja, Achdiat Karta, 1911- 

Athos, roman Djakarto, Balai Pusfcakm, 1949. 
239 p. 24cm. 

PL5089.M5A8 55-58204 J 

, 191T 

Jang terempas dan terkandas. Djakarta, Balai Pnstaka, 

12S p fllns. 19 cm. 
PL5089S8JS 55-38449 | 

Svtzec, Job. 

Nut ledere soldaat meavelt Met eea wootd vooraf van 
J C Konmgsberger Leideo, A. W Sijthoff, 1954. 

280 p 21cm 
PT5870S9K5 56-38554 t 


Indonesia. Kantor P&nertmgan, New Yorfe. 

Outhne of the Indoneman question. New York 1950fj 

1SL 28cm. 
DS6231 53 56-2W9 

Indonesia (Rep&lk, 

Pmgadjaran dan E&bvdtijwm 
Koentjoep sedjarah Indonesia {Sampai abad Jang ke- 

16) Djakarta, 1947 

68 p 21 cm 
DS6WA53 56-32400 | 


DwmOaf dengan senjnm It started -wiA * smile. t Dja- 
fcarta, Gapora, 1950j 

40 p iUi& 14x24 Cm. 
DS644D5 55-miS J 

(SepMit, 19j$-l&48) Kmm&srim Pen&rmgtm. 

Lnfasan, revolna wkjat IMonfiaia, 1945-1949. 
karta,1949f j 

885 p QtoL (part cA) ports, coi maps. 28Fcm. 


iDipersembahkan kepada para pali- 
lawan bangsa jang gugtir dalam mempertahaBkan bmni In- 
axmesia. JoQakarta, Badan Penerfait JTaakmal, IWj 

52 p. Illus. aOcsx 
DS644JB[4 55-S0865 t 

Ngantung, Heak, 

Impressies dari Linggadjati dan, sekitarnja pada boelaa. 
Kopember 1946. Djafcarta, Perii^alcaa E^>ocblifc Indo- 
cover 1947 j 

IQm, 14x 21 on. 

5U-1654S t 


Tanojo, R 

Djoiobojo Indoama merdefau 
poema dengon peristiwa Indonesia cierdebi- Solo, S^doe- 

boedi t 1946! L 

HESTOKY 1798- 1S42 

Dirayati, Mohammad, 1914- 

Sedjai-ah perdjuaagan L 

erna, Djakarta, Wid] aya, 

222 p, 800. 



Sahar, D T M 

Ichtisar sedjartli Indcmesia, dan tahnn ISOO-reyoInai 
Indoaesu, untok tjalon2 tidjian peagluEhimn S M. P sesaai 
dengan re'itjana peladjaran S M. P. Djakarta^ "Wldjaya 

52p. ISon 
DS643.S2 55-56802 J 

Veer, Pan! van *t 

Gem blad voor de mond; vijf radicalen uit de negenti- 
eade eeow, geiEustreerd met reprodokties van foto's sdnl- 
den] en. ea preaten. Amsterdam, Arbeiderspers, 1958 

217 p Illus. 21 cm 
DJ219A1V4 59-Cl'JTl J 

Dan lima zaman pendjadjahan menudju ztman kemerde- 
kaan, butku peladfaran sedjarab Indonesia nntak sakolaa 
meaengab. atas bagian A. B dan C. tDjakartaj Indira, 1953 

100 p 22cm 
DS643W5 55-56T90 1 


Benda, Harry Jindridi. 

The crescent and tbe rising sun, Indonesian Islam onder 
the Japanese occupation, 1&42-1&45 The Hague, W van 
Hoeve , distributed by the Institute of Pacific Relations, New 
York t 1958 3 

xir, 320 p 22 cos. 

DS6435.B4 991 A 58-5772 

Eochegter. Unlr Hbr. 

Zorab, Arratoon Albert, 1923- 

De Japanse bezettin^ van ladoneae en haw vollceErecli- 
te]ijke zajde Leiden, Universitaire Pers Leiden, 1954, 

Till, 173 p 25 cm. 
DS6435.Z6 57-17419 

HISTORY RE VOLUTION, 1 945 - 1 949 

Cori TOti der Lmdea, R A B 

N"eder]andsch,-Indie, Tijf artikelen over recittsverzaking 
en gezagsafstand in Indie 's-Grarealiage, W P ran Stock- 
urn, 1946 

23p 24 B. 

Doekman, Frans. 

De mediscbe gescKiedems ran een infantene-bataljon der 
Komnklijke Landmaebt gedarende dne jaar aetwre dlenst 
op Java, IJM^-ldSO. Tiw jnedicml lurtorj of an infantery- 
battaJwn. of the Boyal Dutch Army dtinag three j*ears of 
active Sfertiee on the isk of JtTt, With a samnsary 




iVmn, TboBus Anteme, 1869- 

De worsteling cm en nienire verfewiding tnwen KA)rla3i 
enlodcweae Axaaterdast. Axbeider^ers, IMS. 


Eassac, A 

Merefooet kekoeaan, if^Iacg, 



Ichtisar kemordekaan Indo-ieffla. 
96 p. 18m. 



d disdbahliiig 



J H 

corlog, oan 

; Fc:to"s. J. 

32,358 p. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Netherlands \ A'an^ <</., 1315- ) Rege&nngsDOorlicJi- 
fongsdu to/, Djakarta 

The Indonesian problem facts and factors, what hap- 
pened since the end of the Pacific war Batana, Nether- 
lands Indies Government Information Service, 1947. 

SB p IHus , ports , maps; 24 em. 
DS644N413 991 54-40236 rev 2 


OsrtJiSpicicaj: pesoJiJOEtax B POCCHH H aErj cxo&caaj; peso- 
^joj^aa B IlH^OHeaaH. Uocxaa, Foe HS^-EO no HIT JHT-PH, 

SI p 20 era (OKTsCp%CKa2 pewsrouw B POCCHH H MHposoe 

DS644.N367 59-29481 

Bevofasi De*nilr '43 di Atjeh atau pembasmian pcaig- 
chianat tanah air (Medan 1 ] PemenntahR I Daerai 

#> p 21 cm 

DS644 R4 


Sa^id, Bermawi 

Tindjauaii revolts Indonesia, Jakarta, Pustaka, Bak- 

48 p IG cm 

DS644.S3 55-39851 I 

L* Mostafau 

Taufan disekitar negara Indcaaem. Djakarta, Wldjaya, 

336 p. fflctn 
DS6M.S8;i 55-39878 J 


Indonesia, heiiifi<t<>r'tnt Pfnfran^ffn 

Ilhisti tuoim of the- reu)l.tion l$4~>~-I n 50 T from a uni- 
tary fetaie to a unitary tate Jd ed Djakarta, 1054 ? , 

tfcp tnw 30 ni. 
DS641A5A34 1954 51-22977 t 


Raliby, Qsaaan. 

Documenta lastonca, sedjarah dofcamenter dari pertnm- 

bnhan dan perdjaangtsx negara Repdbiifc Indonesia. Dja- 
karta, Biilan Biutang, 1893- 

T dial 3*cta. 

HISTORY 1 950- 
Moant Hoiyoke College. ^ntereoUeglate, Seminar on Indo- 

iokitiUit wstcad pliose, prepared by the stu- 
ikuts in tlia Jaieit^ilegtate Seminai oa lEdoaesia South 
Haittey, Mi*w Semiuar 310, Dept of Economics and Sociol- 
ogy, Mount HoJ\oU Colkjze I9M 


iL XmtfeMnHfm i ytu7oft. 

Th j^th yeax of a fre nation, 1958, Aagart 17, 105S, 

TiBw 2 

wit seiura, th. If l Bandung, Djawatan 
wt Barat (IWifi 

w-:t Iiq_uidat:e vas MB ittpman. Een 

AiBers, George qwH IW>- 


prbe k Iwlmift ncl Malaya ; a study in 
% a G IBM 4 JWwy d, 

- '-- 

Djakarta. Universitas Indonesia. Lembaga PenjelldiLan 

Elonomi dan Mas^aralai 

The Government's program on. industries, a progress 
report Edited by Surnitro Djojohathktisiimo jD]akarta, 

41 p. 23cm. 


Hatta, Mohammad, 1902- 

Itasioualisasi ( Tjetakan 2] Djakarta, Tintamas r !951j 
58 p Jl cm 
HD37 H38 1951 55-38649 J 

Neaman, Andrze j Btarcm, 1907- 

Industnnl dex elopment in Indonesia Cambndge, Eng, 

Student-,* i?ook*ops, 1955, 

4011 ac " 

Kansas TJnlr Library 

Oorsckot, Hennois Josepfeus van. 

De ontwikkelmg van de mjvfflriieid in Indonesia. 's-Gra- 

venhage, W. van Hoeve t 19563 

146 p. 25cm. 
HC44706 Be-57941 

Pieters, Julias Mane, 19H>- 

Een en ander in verband met een hervatting van de onder- 
nemersattniteit in Indonesia Tilburg, W Bergmans E 1947] 

IS p 24 en 
HC447 P5 50-25151 rev 

Wolf, Charles, 1924- 

Selected economic development projects in Burma and 
Indonesia, notes and comments, Ithaca, Southeast Asia 
Program, Dept of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, 


11 1 28 cm f Cornell It Diversity Dept of Far Eastern Studies 
Southeast Asia Program Data paper no 15) 

HD9066 Bsmre 55-2191 1 


Indonesia. Kementarim Perbvruhan. 

Klasifikasi Industrie dari segala usaha d>lp*" lapangan 

perekanniaa. rEhakartaj 1954. 

59 p 21cm. (SerieStat^tlk,!) 
HA40I6I48 66-57892 


Almanak < petundjufc alamat dagang & perusahaan. 
Bandunjr, Kontak Biro Umum 

T lHns 18 cm 
H0446A83 56-34921 t 


JUisjahbana, Satan Takdir, 1908- 

Soal kebwdajaan Indoaesia di-teogak* dunia. Djakarta, 

20p. 21cm. 

55-38206 t 

Milliard ja, Achdiat Earta, 1911- ed. 

Polemik kelmdajaan, pokok pikiran. St Tafcdir Ahsjab- 
bana, Sanua Pane, Dr. Purhatjaraka, Dr. Sutomo, Tjindar- 
bami, Adinegoro, Dr. B Amir fdanj EH Hadjar Dewaniara. 
Ti^akanS. B]tkitrta,B6laiPiistaka,1950 

145 p. 22 ra. 
DSffi5M5 1950 55-39901 | 



Jajasan Hatta. 

J&jasan Hafcta "Hatta Foundation" Djakarta [Indira, 

S4 p ill us, 21 en* 
ASWU3A4 56-36307 J 


di sataruh lactooMia. Bandung C G Kolff, 


Map 55-825 

Lekkerkerker, Cornells, I-SoS- 

Atks laAmeait, I^akarto, J B. Welters r!957 ? j 



<fo bceken ea kaarten rataatoocb 
win htt Etep*rtanEt via K^atsien. Met naam- ea 


U. S Army Map Service 

Indonesia 1 250,000 Washington, 1954- 

col maps 47x70 cm or smaller (Its Series T503) 
GS070s 250 U5 Map 55-725 rev 


Vereenigmg van Ambtenaren bij het Bmnenlandsch Be- 
stuur in Nederlandsch-Indie. 

Gedenkboek Utrecht, A Oosthoek, 1956 
ii, 362 p iUus , ports 28 cm 

A 57-6889 rev 
Harvard Univ Library 


Abdulgani, Ruslan. 

Funksi penerangan di Indonesia, ktunpulan pidato 1 . Dja- 
karta, Kementerian Penerangan C 1953 ?] 

353p 21cm. 
DS644A65 55-38214 t 

Assaat, 1S04- 

Hukum tatanegara Eepubhk Indonesia Djakarta, Bulan 

55-5673S J 


Denta, Sp ed 

Lima minggu sebelum Madiun affair Medan, Toko Buku 


48 p 18cm 

55-59549 J 


Ilmu negara D] akarta, Balai Pustaka, 1951 
90p 23cm. 
JQ763 1951 D5 

Fachruddin, H S 

Politik dan Mam. Medan, SaiM, 195L 

63 p 19 cm 

Furmvall, John Sydenham. 

Colonial pohcy and practice; a comparative study of 
Burma and Netherlands India New York, New York Uni- 
versity Press [1956] 

3dl, (1], 568 p map 24 cm. 
DS485B89F8 1956 9591 56-10677 

Gondokusumo, Djody, 1912- 

Buku peladjaran tentang hukum tatanegara Sepublik In- 
donesia, [Djakarta, Zesco, 1951] 

Il2p mns 22cm 
JQ763 1951 G6 55-39772 J 

Harahap, Parada. 

Sa'at bersedjarah, ichtisar dan pemandangan jang didapat 
dan pei-stdangan Komite Nasional Indonesia Pusat, dilang-- 
sungkan di Malangpada tanggal 25 Februari sampai 5 M&ret 
1947. Djakarta, Gapura, 195L 

l p fflus. 21 cm 
DS644H2 S5-56787 t 

Hardjono, Abito Marto. 

Dokumentasi perdjuangan pemuda Indonesia, 19151950. 
Medan, Islamyah, 1950 

IMp 19cm 
DS643HS3 55-58204 t 

Hatta, Mohammad, 1902- 

Kedaulatan rakjat Tjetakan 2 t Pokok pidato jang 
dratjapkan pada permusjawaratan pamong pradja di Solo 
tanggal 7 Pebruari 1946 Jogjakartaj Kementerian Peae- 
rangan t 1950j 

35 p illua. 18cm. ( Serle poleksos, 4) 
DS644JK247 1950 56-18978 J 

Hatta, Mohammad, 1902- 

MeBdaiimjij antara dua fcarang Keterangan pemenatah 
diutjapkan dimuka sidang B P. K N. P. di D]okja pada 
tahnn 1948 tDjakartaj Kementerian Penerangan t 1951fj 

92 p, 18cm <PBPORA,2) 
DS644JEI26 55-56789 t 

Henderson, William, 1922- 

Pacafic settlement of disputes, the Indonesian question, 
1946-1949. New York, Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1954, 





Konstitusi sementara Republik Indonesia, tindang' no T 
tahnn 1950 Diterbitkan di bawah pimpinan Kementenan 
Dalam JTegeri tDjakarta, Kementerian Dalam Negeri, 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Indonesia. Constitution 

Provisional Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia 
r Djakartai Ministry of Information C 1953j 
39 p 21 cm 


Indonesia. Constitution. 

Rantjangan Konstitusi Republik Indonesia Senkat 
t Djakarta? 1949 , 
48 p 24cm 

55-38471 t 

Indonesia. Constitution 

Undang-undang dasar sementara Eepubbk Indonesia, 
dengan sekedar tjatatan dan keterangan dibawah faap-tiap 
pasal menurut pendjelasan dan djawaban pemenntab. 
kepada Parlemen ELS [Olehj S. Socpomo Djakarta, 
Noordnoff-Kolff [I950j 
198 p 20cm. 

55-38259 t 

Indonesia. Constitution, 

Undang-undang dasar sementara Eepublik Indonesia, 
dengan sepatali kata dan 1C B M. T Wongsonegoro Am- 
sterdam, W Versluys t 1950*j 
64p 17cm. 

55-3&J52 t 

Indonesia. Constitution. 

Undang-raidang dasar sementara Eepublik Indonesia 
Djakarta, 1952 3 
45 p. 21cm. 

55-38254 | 

Indonesia. Constitution 

Undang-undang 1 dasar sementara Eepublik Indonesia, 
dengan sekedar tjatatan dan keterangan dibawah. tiap-tiap 
pasal menurut pendjelasan dan djawaban pemenntah kepada 
Parlemen E. I S folen, E Soepomo Tjetakaii3 Djakarta, 
Noordhoff-Kolff r 1953j 
13Sp 20cm 


Indonesia. Constitution. 

TJndano'-undang dasar sementara Eepublik Indonesia, 
dengan sekedar tjatatan dan keterangan dibawab. tiap-tiap 
pasal [olehj E Supomo Tjetakan 4 dan jang diperbaharui. 
Djakarta, Noordhoff-Kolff t !954?j 
188 p 19cm. 


Kementenan, Penerangm. 

Menudju kemakmuran rakj'at lewat keamanan, keterangan 
peutenntiin atas program Jvablnet Soekiman [Dj'akarta, 
1951 ?j 

36 p. 17cm. 
DS644.I 47 55-59590 t 

Indonesia. Lmos, statutes, etc 

Kitab* undang 1 , undang 1 dan peraturan* serta undang* 
dasar sementara Eepublik Indonesia, De wetboeken, wettm 
en verordeningen benevens de voorlopige Groadwet van de 
Eepubliek Indonesia, Uitg door "W. A. Engdbrcdit E&- 
werkt door E M, L, Engelbrecnt. Bijgewerkt tot 1 Dec. 
1953, lembaran negara 1953 no. 70. Leiden, A. W. Srjthot, 

Idl, 3140p. 21cm. 

Indonesia (E&pubkc, 1945-1949) 

Oemdang-oendang dasar negara Kepoeblik Indonesia dan 
pendjelasan l Djafcarta ] Kementenan Penerangan f 1946l } 
30 p, 14cm 

56-53979 t 

Jeradal, Jens, 1934- 

Indoneaen. Stockholm, 1958, 

32 p, 19cm (YartdspoHtteMt dagafrtgw, 1868, nr. 6) 

KflhiTi, George McTnrnan, ed. 

Major goyernments of Asia, by HaroH C. Hmton t and 
Ithaca, K. Y n Cornell UniTOEstfcjr Press tlMSj 


Halle, Adam. 

Rimfat dan perdj'mngan seifcitJurpainamfain^fa^ 

jang langsung 
1945, * 

55-4J8900 | 

MS- ) 

IMS ,L e. Sepbn smbOaE rafcna mpat poluh 
selajwig pandai t nfabnn peKdjoangao kmwOi peDabtaogu- 
naB, teimaiwv fcetexteanma, dam toedjulrfMMii Iiutoeam, 

44 p. iios. Man 


Prmggodigdo, A K 

Sedjarah pergerakan ralrjai Indonesia Djakarta, Pus- 
taka Kaijat, 1950 

239p 2Scm 

Puar, Jasaf AbduEah. 

Pengertian bernegara Tjetakan 1. Medan, Saiful, 1951 
64 p 18 cm 
JQ763 1951 PS 56-1871S t 

Eachman, A R 

Tata negara Republik Indonesia. Bandung, Azimuth 

C3p 22cm 
JQ7631954E3 5&-18712 { 

Rangknta, Bahrain, 1919- 

Negara tjiptaan rakjat, sedjarah perdioeangan dan pem- 
bangoenan Eepoebhk Indonesia Medan, Hantor-Benta 
"Antara,*' 1946 

64 p lllus 19 cm. 
DS64iE3 56-18982 t 

Round Table Conference, The Hague, 1949. 

Kata sepakat, ichtisar persetudjuan persetudjuan Kon- 
perensi Medja Bundar di Den Haag 23 Agustus-2 Nopem- 
ber, 1949 t Dj"akarta, Dj'awatan Penerangan Pemenntah, 

48 p HIus 24 on 
DS644E67 1949f 


Sastroamidjojo, Ah, 1903;- 

Pendapat pemerintah terhadap mosi Mr Jusuf Wibisono, 
tidak pertjaja Kabinet Alt Sastroamidj'oj'o Dmtjapkan 
dalam rapat plena D P E R. I tgl 10 dan 14 Des, 1954 
djam 19 30 iDjakartaj Kementeran PeBerangan t 1954lj 

92 p Ulus 21 cm. 
DS644S36 55-56792 t 

Sukarno, Pres Indonesia, 1901- 

Sesudah satu wmdu Pidato dalam rapat plena terbuka 
Dewan Perwakilan Eakjat Eepublik Indonesia pada tang- 
gal 16 Agustus 1953, untuk mempermgatl han ulang-tahua 
ke vin proklamasi kemerdekaan [Djakarta! Kementenan 
Penerangan t !953 1 j 

4Tp 21cm 
DS644S814 56-18979 t 

Tjofcrosjnlnoto, HJMTSOHO* 

Menegakkan benang basah. Djakarta, Bnlan-Bintang 

35p, 22cm. 

Vereemging van Ambtenaren bij het Burneniar.dscli Be- 
staur in Nederlandsch-Indie. 

Gedenkboek. Utredit, A. Oostfcoek, 1956. 
x!,362iJ IIIus., ports. 28cm. 

A 57-6889 rev 

Harvard Univ Library 

Yatim, Mohammad Dien. 

Disekitar politik negara dan pemerintaJian. TjeaJQm 2 
Medan, Iskmyab. 1950j 

C3p. Idem. 
DS644 Y3 1950 55-56786 t 


Hatta, Mohammad, 1902- 

Kumptikn fcaraagau Djakarta, Baki Baku Indon^oa, 
19 - 

DS644H253 56-33740 t 

Indonesia. Eg menierim Pemrmym. 

IndoiMsimn problems, A reprint ooQeotawn of jmpers by 
overseas o-bserrera. Compiled formfflnbescs of tibeU. 8f. l^o<n- 

[ Agencies Conference, Bali, July 29 to August 

i -] - - - -"" * 

Wai 3 ! 


Salim, A^us, Jiadn, 1884- 

Djedjak kngjkah Hadji A. Salim, pibixaB karangan 
utj'apan, dun pendapat beliaa dari dulu sampai sekarang. 
Di ikwte, Tintiuaias T 19M. 

380 PL Jllas, 25 oa 
BPS&S3 5&-3S912 t 

QJaiir, Soetan, 1909- 

Pikiran dun perdjoeangan. Djakarta, Poestaka Eakjat 


Lev, Daniel S 

A bibliography of Indonesian government doc amenta and 
selected Indonesian writings on government in the Cornell 
UniTersitj Library. Ithaca, N Y , Southeast Asia Program, 
Dept, of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, 1958 

58 L 28 ua < Southeast Asia Program, Dejt of Far Eastern 
Studies, Cornell CniYersfty Data paper ao 31 ) 
23275X4 015 991 59-2017 


IManesiaa review T 1- 
Jan. 1951- 

iDjakarta, Indonesia Pub Institutej 

y illua , ports 27 cm. 
DS611 J 526 55-1941& 


Bastm, John Stargus, 1927- 

TbB native policies of Sir Stamford Baffles in Java and, an economic interpretation. Oxford, Clarendon 
Press, 1957 

163p 22cm. 
DS643 BS 992 57-5&5S5 t 

Brouwer, Bastiaan Jan. 

De koudmg Tan Ideaburg en CoK jn tegenover ds Indonesi- 
sdhe beweg^ng. Kampen, 3 H Kok, 1&58 

19Sp 25n. 
DS643B7S 1958 5&-17054 t 

Hnrgtonje, Christiaan Snondc, 1857-1936. 

Ambtelijfce adviezen ran C Snoacfc Hurgronje, 1889-1936. 
Uitg. door E Grobee en C Adriaanse. 's-Grayenhage, M. 
off, 1957- 

r. port 25 cm. (Rijks gesdiiedkundige pQbllcatiSri Kletoe 



Kocl, D M G 

Verantwoocdlng; een balve eeuw in Indoaeme. "s-Cbavea- 
li&gay V. Van Hoeve, 1956. 




Aters, Henri 3 H 

OWL een rode of groene Merdcfcs, 10 farm 
politiek Indooffite 1948-1958. EmdJaoTOn, Vidkua, ron 

label: Ultg "De Pfelgnm w j 1956. 

296 p S5cm, 

DSM4.A6& 5T-KW57 t 

Beck, Willem Johaa. 

Aft.^ ebso. rand ~wm daa kntter , KMWEKod en laioaierifi. 

Zooals het "was ea is en we^a saL Dan Haag r W. P. iran 

13 p. 23cm. 


Het IndoEesjsclie vrsjagstak en de Britsdie pars, Leidsfl, 
"Oitg voor het Nedrlandsc^ Geoootsciwp TOOT 
taooile Zakea door A. W. St jtooff, 1MBL 

43 p 9)0x1 (Keta 


Bocr,D W N de. 

Wat ledereen wetea jaoet, met betrekking M fee* rerfeand 
tusschen de "Groot Azmtisdbs GeiEeenschippelijke Tfel- 
Taartssfeer" en bat extremistische standpant TEH Soekamo 
<t a. (%-Gra.Twibjtgej Sacbiiiig "Isdie m Kood, 3ee Uor 
to Vcriiraen* { lM6i 


16 p, 

Cort van der Linden, R A U 

De tijger die nei rijk imniwffrf jfc, TI j f uiabdn 0mr Hate"- 
Den Haag, W. P. ran Stock^m, li^S. 


Denpasar, Bali. Cf awtle, 191ft 

De Owfwwbft te Da^war, M4 Iteosmiw IMi, TStg. 

D3644JM 1146 

Conference, ^4-C 

pasar, U%. wa fe^ A%w _ 
Borneo en de Groote Oost. , : Batavia. G. 

ter wafetwAB to Be- 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


1942-1949 (Continued) 

Denpasar, Bah Conf erentle, 29& 

Pemarsdangan nngkas tentang Moe'tamar di Denpasar 
^Djakarta ? : Algemeen Eegeeringscommissanaat voor Borneo 
en de Grote Gost 1047 ? j 

85 p 18cm 
DS644B4 1946b 5$-33760 J 

Drivers, Jakobus, 1907-1945 

Bebcftouwiug o\ er de Indonesiiselie probleinen na een jaar 
Japanstlie bezettmg Bu.ssum T F G Kroonder, 1946 

Op 2icm 
DS643D7 50-56660 rev 

Engers, James Fredersk, 1C44- 

Het Indonesisehe vraagstak en de Amerikaansehe pera. 
Leiden, Uitg voor hat Xedcrlandsch Gemootscimp voor In- 
ternationale Zaken door A "W Sijthof , 1S46 

30 p 20 cm ( Kederlaodach Geaootsctep TOOF Internationale 
Zaken, [BltfWttj 1) 
BS844E53 55-34548 J 

GerretsoE, Frederik Card, 1884- 

Indie onder dietatuur, de oadergang van bet komnknjk 
ttitdl*ginselen%eriJatrd,dcKJrdrC Gerretaon Amster- 

dam-Bra&sel. Elsmer, 1046 

152 p 1$| COL 

DS644 G4 A F 47-6126 rev 

Htrrarf ETnlr library 

88 p iiiu 19 cm 



51 p. 21 B 


Hatta, MkAammad, 1802- 

Perkiind|ttngan "Wtkil Presiden ke Sumat&ra Utara Me- 

56-SS741 t 

{Djakarta, 1955 ? 3 

i (Ograftfer, 

Naar de uieawe raehtsorda in. Indonesia, boawstoffen TOOT 
de Fedraim SwwssgesteM ten befcoere van de Fedsrale 
Corfere-tie te BnQdoecg. Vbg. is opdracit vail de Vow- 
ioplge Fdntk Eegerip^ <nw Ir.donesie. -Bataria, 1MS- 

T 24m. 
IQ7@LAf Iffi 55-OT82 | 

NMUP <fc miwe reelaist:&i in ladootefi , bcrawstoSen TOOT 
db FiAratia TJit^. ia cfwfc&dst van de Vooriapige Federale 
TUB Indsmssie. 

Met spel 'Oat aiet Nederiaiidscii Indie gespeeld ^rordt 

s^}mv^f8 l "W.I > . YSB. Stefesi t 194&. 

P-. S@M, 

XN9HUI0 SWJ4580 

. Djakarta,! 



1;34. Djakarta, Baki Pocstaka, 

$~mm t 

Netherlands I A tngdon^ 1S15- ) Department van Over- 
zeem Rijk&delen 

Letter from the representative of the Xetherlands Delega- 
tion to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-Gten- 
eral dated 2 September 1947, and enclosures. E List of viola- 
tions by the Republic of Indonesia since the Linggadjati 
agreement Lake Success, 1947] 

82 p 32cm (United Nations t l>oaimeat. S/543 Q Sept 1947) 
JX1977.A2 S/543 992 48-10385 rev 2* 
Copy 2 DS644 N38 

Netherlands \I\.ntgdom^ l$tt- } Regeenngsvoorlich- 

tmgsdienit, Djakarta 

Coiamissarissen-Generaal over de ontwerp-overeenkomst 
t Bata\ia, 1946 

17 p 2S co* 
JQ763 1846 A5 56-29094 J 

Netherlands- (kingdom, ISIS- ) Regeeringsvoorlich- 

tmgsdirn&t, Djakarta 

Indonesie in het Parlement Mei 1946 Met een voorwoord 
van Max van Poll .Djakarta, 1946 ?, 

82 p 2 cm 
DS6M.N415 56-33761 J 

Netherlands (Ktn&dom, 1815- 


Indones'e s toekomst Overzicnt der plannen van de Ne- 
derlandsclie regeering Indonesia di kemoedian ha,n Ich- 
tisar rentjiina* pemenntah Belanda Batavia, Kegeenngs 
Voorhchtings Dienst, 1046 

40p 30cm 
DS6435N4 50-41899 

Roond Table Conference, The Hague, 1949 

Hasil-hasil sebdp[aim<in<i ditenrm p ida peisidangan umum 
janff keilu i tei 1 mirain'y t mprir il 2 Xopeniher 1049 di Riddei- 

zaal di Lota 's Gratenhage [S Gravenhnge^j Sekertanat 
fmum Konperensi Medja Bundar r 1040j 
127, 61 p fold map, table 20 cm 


Round Table Conference, Thr Hagu, 19$9 

Resultaten vnn de Ronde Tafel Conferentie zoals aanvaard 
fajdens de tweede algemene vergadermg welke op 2 Novem- 
ber 1949 werd geho-udeE in de Ridderzaal te 's- 

122 p fold map 24cm 
DSM4RS7 W49b 


Round Tabte Comference, The S<zgm^ ISJfi. 

Reault.iten zoals aum inrd tijdens de tneede algemene ver- 
^.idertn ' ^ elite op 2 N'oi ember 10-iO \\erd gehouden in de 
Ridderzaal te s Graienhage. t 'sGia\enha<re, 1949j 

180 58 p fold map, table 20cm 
BSS44RG7 I040c 55-3266J 

Rorad Tabte Conference, The Hague, 1949. 

Results as accepted in the second plenary meeting held on 
2 iNoYerober 1949 in the "Ridderzaal" at the Hague, t The 
Hague, Secretanat-genend of the Round Table Conference, 

W,56p WC map. 20cm 
DS844R67 IMSda 991 55-32517 

Kooffld TaWe Coitf emsce, The Hagve, I9&. 

Results as accepted in the second plenary meeting held on 
2 November 1940 m the "RIdderzaaP at the Hague, 
tHagnefj Secretariat-General of the Round TaWe Confer- 

6S3C& I940 T 

IMp. fold map,taMfc 20m 
BS644R67 194Mb 991 55^32509 

Roys de Beerenbrcmck, G A M J 

Souvereiiwteitsoverdracht aan Indonesie 's-Gravenhage, 

W P. van Stockmn, 1950 
55* 28cto 

Schiiier, A, Arthur, 1902- 

Tbe fomatioa of Federal Indonesia, 1945-1949 The 

H*gM,W van Hoeve, 1955 

*820M1 342,91 55-28781 

SJafair, Soe*an, 100- 

Otar stmggfe. Hew Delhi, Indoneman Information Serv- 


56-28825 J 

X IT il * Uga fcaH tadjuli bdai Agoestoes! Hdnta 

tamggtl l? Agoestoes 1945, 17 Agpe^oes 19*S rdanr 
P ^ es l MT - *&*texto> GoeutoeV, 1947. 

UID& 20 t*ni_ 

The, Siauw Giap. 
H* J 

en de Bnwe pers, m de Con- 

5&-3888S * 

Thompson, John, 1DOT- 

Hubbub in Java Svdney, Currawong Pub Co 1946 

94 p J2a 

DS644 1 3 992 2 47-23032 rev* 

Verkuyl, Johannes. 

De achtergrond van het mdonesische vraagstuk 
VGraveuhage, D A Daamen,1946 

62p,ll 20x111 cm 

DS644 V4 A P 47-6125 rev 

Harvird Univ Library 


Admda, A M 

Satu-dua pandangan tata-negara. Tjetakan2 Surahaia, 

67 p illus IS cm. 
DS644A66 1951 55-38209 J 

Ahmad, Zamal Abiduu 

Repubhk Islam demokratis Tebmg Tinggi, Madju [1950] 

95 p 22cm 

DS644A67 55-38213 t 

Aidit, D N 1923- 

The new phase and adaptation of the organization to the 
situation , general report to the vr plenary session of the Cen- 
tral Committee of the Indonesian Communist Party New 
Tork, U S Joint Publications Research Service, 1958. 

5Sp 27cm (JPBS/DC-139) 
AS36 U56 no 139 991 58-60881 

Alers, Henri J H 

Ora een rode of groene Merdeka, 10 jaren bmnenlandse 
politick Indonesie 1943-1953 Eindhoven, Vulkaan, c on 
label :Uitg "De Pelgnm"j 1956 

299 p 25cm 
DS644A69 57-30857 t 

AmrnllaJi, Abdul Malik Karim, had& 1908- 

Urat tunggang pantjasila, oleh Hamka jpseud] Dja- 
karta, Pustaka Keluarga [1951^ 

38p 15cm 
JQ763195LA5 55-39816 t 

Chang, Cliao-chlang. 

f$$ it* 
256 p tables 21 cm 


1. Indonesia Pol. & govt 1950- 2, Indonesia Econ condit 
1945- t Title 

Title romantzed Chan hou Yln-tn-nl-hsl-ya 
ti checg cblh ho chlng dil 

DS644.C46 C 58-7016 

Hoover Library 

i)adiani, Lionel' Okovlevich. 

rocy^apcTBeHHHft cipofl HHflosesHH MocKBa, Foe H3#- 
o pHA JIHT-PH, 1957. 

75 p. Ulus 20 cm. (rocyAapCTBeHHbifl crpoft CTpan MHpa) 
JQ7631957D3 57-49471 

Feith, Herbert 

Th& Wilopo Cabinet, 1952-1953. a turning point in post- 
revolutionary Indonesia. Ithaca, N", Y., Modern Indonesia 
Project, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Far Eastern 
Studies, Cornell University, 1958 

212 p 28 cm. (Cornell University Dept of Far Eastern Studies 
Modern Indonesia Project Monograph series) 
DS603.F4 58-4570 J 

Goedhart,F J 

Een r&volutae op drift; Indonesisch reiqournaaL Am- 
sterdam, G. A. van Oorschot, 1953. 

220p 2lcm 
BS644G63 55-32801 t 

Gocdoknsumo, Djody, 1912- 

Buku peladjaran tentang hnkum. tatanegara Repubhk In- 
donesia. Ijetakan 2 D]akarta, Bulan-Bintang t 1953? 3 

112p 21cm 
JQ763 1953.G6 55-39771 t 

Indonesia. Gtmtottufaon. 

Undang-undang dasar dan maklvunat politik Republik 
Indonesia. Constitution and pohtical manifesto of the Re- 
public of Indonesia. Jogjakarta, Kementerian Penerangan, 

47 p. 18nx 

55-38237 J 

Kewenterican. Penerangan. 
Kabinet-kabinet Republik Indonesia. tDjakarta, 1955 ?j 
Sip, 21cm. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


1950- (Continued) 

Indonesia. K&m&n&nm Penerangan, 

Sekitar penghapusan s o b Djakarta E i952?i 
20p 21cm. 
JQT63 1952.A5 

Indonesia. Pt'idana Jfenten 

Keterangan dan djawaban pemermtah atas program Kabi- 
net Wilupo rDj^kartaj Kementerian Penerangan rl952?i 

232 p 1*3 cm 
DSG44A552 55-38200 f 

Indonesia. Ptidana Ifenten 

Keterangan pemenntah atas program Kabinet TVilopo 
(Dratjapkan oleb. Perdana Menten dalam sidang D P. B 
tanggal Mei 1952 Djakarta, Kementerran Penerangan. 

81 p 17cm 
DS644A5522 55-38198 J 

Jumis, Anmm'ddin. 

Garis politik Hatta Bufattmegi, Penabur, 1950 

ISTp 21cm 
DS644J8 55-38507 t 

Koch, D M G 

Om de vrijheid , de nationahstische bewegmg in Indonesia 
Djakarta, Jajasan Pembangunan, 1950 

160 p 21 cm. 
DS644K6 55~1750 t 


Beberapa f asal tata negara. fMedanj Waktu, 1952. 

116 p 17 cm 



Meek, John Paul. 

The government and economic development in Indonesia, 
1950-1954 Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1956] 

(tUnirorsitj Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIch. t Publication no 17,622} 
Microfilm AC-1 no 17,622 Me 56-2514 

Virginia. Uolv Libr 

Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken. 

Indonesia in 1956 1 political and economic aspects. A re- 
port prepared under the direction of B H M VIekke. 
Hague, 1957 

JQ7631957.N4 *320991 34291 57-35994: 

Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken. 

Indonesia's struggle, 1957-1958; a report prepared under 
the direction of B H M Ylekke The Hague, 1959 
76 p. dlagrs., tables 22cm 

A 59-7757 

Eocbester Unlr Libr JQ763 

Partai Komunis Indonesia. 

Draft theses of the general report of he Central Com- 
mittee of the Indonesian Communist Parly, which will be 
submitted to the Sistth National Congress of the Party New 
York, U S Joint Publications Research Service, 1059 

68 p. 27cm. (JPRS565-D) 
ASM.U56 no 565 991 OS 59-60821 

Sartono, 1900- 

Me&oleh ke-belakang dan menmdjau ke-depan Pidato 
ketua Dewan Perwakilan Rakrjat Sementara pada han ulang 
tahon ke-vn prokkmasi kemerdekaan 17 Agustus 1952 
Djakartaj Kementenan Penerangan t !952 ?j 

10 p 21 era 
DS644S34 56-33742 t 

Sukarno, Pre Indonesia, 1901- 

Harapan dan keniataaJX. rPidaio pad& tg. 17 Agnsfcos 
1952, hari ulang tairan, ke-vn prokkmasi kemerdekaan. 
Djakarta] Kementerian Penerangan 1952?! 

TSp. acra. 
DS644J377 5W889S J 

Sukarno, Pres Indonesia* 1901- 

Kemerdekaan adaiah tanggong djawab! f Pidato pada 
pembukaan sidang Dewan Perwakilan Eakjat Sementara 
tahrm 1953 pada tanggal 8 Djanuari 1953. Djakartaj Kemea- 
tenan Penerangan C 1953! 3 

12 PL IDus. 21cm. 
DS6MJ378 55-39892 t 

Sokarno, Pres. Indonesia, 1901- 

Setialali kepada. sumbermu. : Pidato pada, Hari Keban- 
gmmn N asional pada taiiggal 20 Mel 1952, Djakarta ; Ke- 
menterian Penerangan [1952?! 

Slip, 20cm. 
D6MUS815 55-^598591 

Tata-hukum Indonesia, oleh Soernintardjo, J. C- T. 
aa, Cteti 


Dasar-dasar umum tutaneganu Djakarta, Djambatan 
r a 1951, 

1 p 10 era 
JQ763 1951 S8 55-39814 t 


Susun in negara kata. Djakarta, D]ambatan [IdSl] 
2 T ID cm 
JQ764S8 55-39815 I 

Sondstrom, Harold W 1929- 

Indonesia its people and politics. Tokyo, Hokuseido 
Press 19573 

197 p illus , map, ports 19 cm 

A 58-4088 
DukeUnJv Library 

United Nations. General Assembly Delegation from Indo- 

Violation of human rights b} the Sastroamidjojo regime 
in Indonesia, presented to the United Nations, October 23, 
1954. [New York, Islamic Republic of Indonesia, 1954i 

191 28cm J 

DS644 U26 53-358 


Sukarno, Pres Indonesia, 1901- 

HH^OHCSHS odsHHaer , cdopHHE cratcU H peiefl IlepeBOA 

c HH^OHesiiftCEOFQ H aHMHficsoro MocKsa, HSA-BO HHO- 

CTpaHEOft JlHT-pH, 1956 


361 p illus 21 cm. 


Woodman, Dorothy. 

The Republic of Indonesia London, Cresset Press, 1955 

Ii, 444 p fold map 22 cm. 
DS644W65 1055a 901 50-182 


Prmggodigdo, A K 

The office of President in Indonesia as defined in the three 
constitutions, in theory and practice. Translated by Alex- 
ander Brotherton Ithaca, N Y , Modern Indonesia Project, 
Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Far Eastern Studies, 
Cornell University, 1957. 

50 p 28cm (CorneU Unlreralty Dept of Far Eastern Studies 
Modern Indonesia Project Translation series) 
JQ771.P7 58-19645 1 


Dutch East Indies. Depart&nemi van Verlceer en Water- 

Eenige gegevens en voorloopige cijfers betreffende de 

HE90A32 56-5061S | 



Eiim-bank jDjakarta, 1951j 
Sip 18cm. (PBPOBA,K 


Netherlands (Kmgdom, 1815- ) 

tmgsdknst, Djakarta. 

Personalia van staatlnmdige eeahedeu. (regenag en volks- 
vertegenwoordiging) in Indonesia; sam-caigesteld door de 
Af deling Documeritatie Tan die JKegenngs "Voof lichtinflB 
Dienst Bata via. 1949 

espi. XX en. 
JQ767AS2 56-2il5 t 

Chu, Hsieh, 1907- 


35 p. 19cm, 

a { general} w 

(Mm. 1 1 ,_ 
Title romanand CSmog-keo ho Yin-ta-Ei-3asi-ya J^B E 



Denmark. TJaU 

Salam Denmark pada Indonesia. Kopenhagen, 1&54. 
689. am*, M. ^ _ . 

BS640JMA5 -W8 


IMoneaa. A't mt ntenan Penerangam, 

Hubuaran Indonesia-India sepandjaag masa. Djakarta 
71 p illus 16 era 
DS610I4A5 55-39372 J 


Droogh, Theo C 

De deuiknop in de hand. 's-Gravenhace, W van Hoeve, 


32 p OILS. 22 em 


Yelsen, Andnes ^an 

Fee&t der eultuur, vraa^? en aanbod in de culturele ver- 
houding Oost-West s-Gravenhage D A Daamen, 1948 

139 p 22cm 
DS640N4V4 57-17444 


Goodfnend, Arthur. 

Eice roots. With photos, by Bambang New York, Simon 
and Schuster, 1958 

20p WTO 22cm. 
DS625 G6 010 1 58-11817 t 


Hasjun. K H A Wahid. 

Kedudukaa agama dalam Kementenan Agama Pidato 
diutjapkan dalam sidang resepsi Konperensi Kementerian 
Agama di Bandung tanggal 21/23-1-1951, Djakarta, Ke- 
mentenan Agama, 1951. 

12 p 21 em fjhidoneslaj Kemeaterlan Auama. Penjiaran, 12) 
B3L2110H3 56-44785 t 

Indonesia. Kementman Agama. 

Kementenan Aeama dan Parlemen Diakarta r 1962? T 





Nainggolan, Chandra. 

Hidup sosial dan koperasa. Medan, Gednng-Portaka 

4p 21eaa 
HD895 NS 55-3S21 


Adineg-oro, Djamaludin, 1904- 

EeTotasi dam kebudajaan. DlsJcarta, Balu Pasfcaka, H850 
44p 22cm. ^ 

HN706A8 S5-S^33 | 

Goed1iart,F J 

Een reralutie op drift; ladoneaBch rmqonnumi Am- 
sterdam. G A. nn QanchaL 1&53 
320 pb 21 era 


Lear, Jacofe Ownnete va% 190S-1W3. 

Indonesian tnde aad societj; esasjs in Asa social aad 
eeonottic hutury iTranslatica by Jtmes S Hofcis wad 
A. Tan Marlej Tl Hagne f W. Tan HQCT, 15. 

lix, m p. 2 maps (on BMnf pmper. feM, IB yidKt) 22 eat 
< Selected studies la^jwrfa bj Oi da AIar8, lj^ 


Dasar sosi 

31 p. iSei 


c lSfj 

55-897M t 

Natsir, ? 

Mensbittt^Eua daaitaura taaaiwiiaD, proag dan p. 
Keterangan pemenntah teljap&ait dimaka sidaag Dewan 
Perwakilar. KaHat Sementara. di Djakarta puda tu^al 1A 
(October 1S5<1 jDjafaurtsj KawmtfiiriMi ^wnagui ilMOfi 

ITTp, HIM. Bos. (nVOfiAI) 


Parker, Rslph. 


Sttp. Bern. 

New D&i FiHfiWk Frfv Kiwe^ 

Schneke, Bertram JohEnnes Otto, 

HK7WJ5S8 SW.1S1 

writings. Tl 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Skinner, Georg* Wffliaa, 1925- & 

Local, ethnic, and national loyalties in village Indonesia, 

& symposium Contributors Edward M. Bruner t and 
others. New Karon!] Yale University, Southeast Asia 
Studies, distributed in cooperation with the Institute of 
Pacific Belations, New York, 1950 

68 p map, 28 cm. (Yate Ualdy Ssmttsast Asia Stadias. 
Cnlturmi srt series, 8} 
H3703S5 1958 9191 59-16784 

WcrttLCun, Wfllem Frederik, 1907- 

Indonesian society in transition, a study of social change 
The Hague, W van Hoeve, 1956 

xlY.SOOp maps tables 22 cm 
HN703.W45 309 191 56-59020 


Pajnuir _ 

A. regional bibliography of social science publications 
Indonesia jDjakartaj National Bibliographic Centre, Min- 
istry of Education & Culture, Republic of Indonesia t 1955 ; 

2TT161 P27 016 200191 39-2018 


Goodf ricnd, Arthur. 

Bice roots. "With photos, by Bwnbang New York, Simon 
and Schuster, 1058 

20&p Ulns 22cm. 
DS625G 9101 58-11817 } 

Stottehein, WiDen Prole*. 

Studies in Indonesian archaeology. Publication commis- 
sioned and financed by tbe Netherlands Institute for Inter- 
national Cultural Relations, The Hague, M. Nijhoff, 1956 

EC, ISSp I'loB. plates. 25 cm. { KoatoW! jit IxwtltBut voor Tmd , 
Load- en Yolkmtawte Trw!*tl series) 
DS625S75 *91 01891 57-45863 

Van der Krocf , Jastas Mana. 

Indcffl^faiais, socisl evo-lution * somo psyclMjIogical considera- 
tseos. Am*jrdtm,C P.J Ttn<fcrPeet1958 

IMp 3 oa 

[BF755 1 5V ] A 59-1301 

.9 LAriury 

Yam iser Kmf t Jratw Harm. 

Ind0nIan social Tolation, some p^e&ologxeal cotisdert- 
tsoas Amutduxu WenSd-Bibiiodbeek, 1058. 



136 tWl 

5S-30625 J 

lafaneswu ffw^<w* Pwarf Stetuhk. 

De statiaiiek in ladcoeai jdooc 3 E A win de Graaff 
VOnmnluun, W Ttn Howe. 19U 

XK; Aifcx S, 



i fcwdbalsui utsfc-sissi di lodonesa.! pidato din- 
tjapkas pada. pewnnatua djabatan sdb&gu gurabesar biasa 
dWaia. &tta pa|kit tsftk-ttdttk |da Fakultet Kedokteran 
dtripada UmwAit Inducesm di Djakarta pada tanggi * 
T Fibntn IfSt. Djtkwta, PaAtngimaB, 1968. 


Berbaki : mm inn ban^sa sebagai porwizA Jo^- 



/;--,, mi- 


, Urn, m 



Sugondo, R 


3>jakarta, Pembimbmg t 

141 P 18cm. 


komandan dan Pasukan Iniantn. 


Indonesia, Djawatan Pelajaren 


Goudokusmno, Djody, 1912- 

Parlemen Indonesia; disusun oleh Ityody Gondokusumc 
dan Amelz Dj akarta, Bulan Bintang. 1951 

100 p a) em 
JQ773 G6 56-18T11 t 

Indonesia. Kem&nteman Peneranffan 

Kepartaian dan parlementana Indonesia 


JQ779 A45A4B 


Indonesia. Kementenam. Penenmyem. 

Keptrtaian. dan parlementaria Indoneaa, t Djakartaj 

681 (I e 701) p MBS IS cm 
JQ77&A45A48 1954 56-33613 t 

see Indonesia, Djawatan Pelajaren 


Laiking, Hendrik Frdrik W2helm. 

De Dienst van Schfiepvaart in Indonesia; werfckring en 

reclit^>evoegdheid. r Amsterdam, 1954i 

si, 316 p 22 cm. 
HE88T.L8 56-26783 


Hasjun, K H A Wahid. 

Kedudukan agama dalam Kementerian Agj"a Pidato 
diutiapkaE dalam sdang rescp^i Konperensi Kementerian 
Agama di Bandung tanggal 21/22-1-1951. Djakarta, Ke- 
mentenan Agama, 1951. 

12 p 21cm ({Indonesia} Kementerlan Agama. Penjiaran, 12) 
BL2110H3 56-44785 t 

Masjim,K H A Wahid. 

The Ministry of Religions Alairs, by K. H. A. WaHd 

Hasjim, H. Agus Salim t and } Hamka. [Djakarta, Kemen- 
tenan Agama, 195-1} 

IS p. illui., port 21 cm. (;lEdoce9lai Keme 




Sujono, R 

Pedoman prbttru!wn. Dasar-dasar pokok dan politik per- 
burahau di Indonesia; nwajat, pertumbuhan dan perkem- 
bangan perbturuhui ; dan <Hcganisaffl Kementerian 
Perbumhan; petund]iik-petiindjuk,peraturan-peraturan; 
ta insfcruksiS reanu; fcd:erangan-keterangan lainnja jang 
perla diLrtfthm Djakarta, G d T van Dorp, 1052. 

15&P Stem, 




Sefaiar tentang Keacaaitienaii Pertahanan n^ara Indo- 
sia. jDjmfcarta, Eeoiaiterkn Peatahanan, 1^01, 

OASaiSa 55-56558 t 


Earahap, Parada. 

Sa'at bersedjarsn, ichtisar dan pemandangan jang didapat 
dan pereidangan Komite Nasional Indonesia Pusat, dilan^- 



55-56787 t 

hanunad, 1902- 

MJTOMlniflBg antsita dua karang. 
diutjipkui dimuk. skUog B. P. K. N. P. di Djokji ptda 



55-56789 t 

AFFAIRS see Indonesia. Kementerian 

Djakarta. Universitas Indonesia 



Koroums Indonesia 


Affandy, Adlin. 

Gadis "modern," sandiwara gembira 3 babak. Tjetakan 3 
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1949 

50p 23cm. 
PL5089A35G3 1949 55-38283 t 

El Hakim, fseud. 

see Hanifah, Abu, 1907- 

Gara-gara. Jogjakarta, Nasional, 1946 
70 p 15 cm 
PL5179JUG3 5e-33770 t 

Hakim, El, pseud 
see Hamfah, Abu, 1907- 

Haiufah, Abu, 190fr- 

Tauf an diatas Asia, dan tiga buab. sandiwara lain Intelefc 
istane^a, De-wi Rem C dan 3 Insan TCaiml, oleh. El Hakim. 
pseudj Djakarta, Balai Pnstaka, 1949 

221p 23cm. 
PL5089JH35T3 55-59585 rev J 

Ismail, Usmar, 1921- 

Lakon-lakon sedib. dan gembira Djakarta, Balai Pus- 
taka, 1948. 

162 p 23cm 
PL5089ISL3 55-59624 J 

Kartahadimadja, Aoh, 1916- 

Zahra Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1950 
67 p 16 cm. 
PL5089JK28Z15 55-56622 t 

Kartakusuma, Mh Rustandi, 1921- 

Prabu dan puten, sebuah tragedi. Djakarta, Balai Pua- 
taka, 1950. 

17p 25cm 
PL5089.K3P7 55-59606 1 

Palindih, Rnstaia Satan, 1898- 

Tjendera mata, sandiwara nang tiga babak Djakarta, 
Balai Pnstaka, 1950. 

52 p 22cm, 
PL5089.P26T5 55-39608 t 


Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. 

Julius Caesar, jaitu, satman lengkap sandiwara tentamr 
pembunuhan Juhus Caesar berbakasa Inggens dengan dibu- 
buln pendjelasan sedjarab. dan kesusasteraan oleh penjalin 


Shakespeare, William, 156^-1616. 

Saudagar Veneaaa, terdjemahan Trisno Sumardjo. Dja- 
karta, Pembangunan^ 1950, 

132 p. 20cm. (Serllcefiuaaateraandunla,8) 
PB2796J5M47 55-38452 

Sontani, Utuy Tatang, 1920- 

ocoro E. SasasHHKOBoft H P. CeicayHa. Mocxsa, HS^-BO HHO- 

CTpaHHOft JIHT-pH, 1957. 

41 p. 17 cm. (CoBpeMeaHaa aapyfiexHaa jqpaMatyprin) 
PL5089 S6B87 59-36186 t 

Amal, 1927- 

Indonesia. Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1950. 

Mp, 20cm. ^^ 

PL5088.H3 55-395841 

Library of Congress Catalog -Books: Subjects 


Hozasa, ed 

Kembaug sastera Tjetakan 1 Medan, Andalas, 1951 

97 p 18cm 


Kaburan [1947-1950] Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1951 

104 p 21 cm 

PL5085M8 55-39616 J 


see also Sliort stories, Indonesian 

Amrullah* Abdul Malik Karim, hadfa 1908- 

Dibawah lindungan ka'baL TjetakanS Djakarta, Baki 
Pustaka, 1950 

48 p 19 cm 
PL5089.A5D5 1950 55-39642 J 

AmniHah, Abdul MabJc Karim, fodfc 1908- 

Didalam lembah kebidupan. Tjetakan 2 Djakarta, 
Balai Pustaka, 1950 

108 p 24 cm 
PL5089A5D53 1950 55-39634 | 

Amruflah, Abdul Malik Karim, Jiadj^ 1908- 

Lembaga hikmat, oleh Hamka ipsead j Medan, Pustaka, 
Nasional t 1950j 

72 p 19cm 
PL5089.A5L4 55-39638 J 

At^i-tilT^ Abdal Malik Kaim, Jiadji, 1908- 

Tenggelamnj'a kapal Van der Wrjcfc, oleh. Hamka tpseud.] 
T] etakan 4 Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 195L 

206 p 21cm 
PL5089A5T4 1951 55-59631 t 

Anfin, Hassan NaL 

Mentawai pulau darali Tj'etafcan 3. Djakarta, Pnstaka 

Trarar : 1950j 
32p 23cm 
PL5089 A7M4 1950 55-S9648 J 

Anfin, Sutomo Djauhar. 

Andaa: teroena Djakarta, Balai Poestaka [19^ 
ITS p 20 cm 
PL5089.A7A8 55-38292 t 

Badaruzzaman, -pseud. 

see Diayati, Muhammad, 1914- 

DajolvM R 

P&Mawan Mjnahasa. Djakarta, Balai Poestaka t 1949j 

105 p, 19 cm, 

PL5089JD3P3 55-59621 t 

Dajoh,M R 

Patera budimnn, tjentera Mfaahasa, Tjetakan 2. Dja- 
karta, Balai Pustaka, 1951 

108 p. 23 on 
PL50S9D3P8 1951 55-39622 1 

Dimyati, Muhammad, 1914- 

Gema revolusl, oleb. Badanizzamsn rps&ud.i 



Dimyati, Muhammad, 1914- 

Manusia dan penstiwa. Djakarta, Balai Putak% 1951. 


55-S0602 1 

Dimyati, Muhammad, 

Peng-urbanan dan kebaktiaa, oleii Badaruzzaman t pseud,] 
dan Dah Mutiara. Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 19*50. 

67 p. 23 era. 
PL5089JD5P4 55-39583 J 

Haka, fseud* 

see Afflxullah, Abdul Malik larinr, ladfa 1908- 

Hika jat Hang Toeah. 

Hikajat Hang Toean, imhh Hkajat Hang Toeah, iang 
ama setiawan kepada. toeannja daa terlalce saugat berboeat 
kebaktlan kepada toeannja. Tjetakaa 2, tDisalm dari 
uaskah toehsan tangan hoeroef 'Arab kepoenj aan KonmMijk 
Bataviaaa^h Genootscliapj Djakarta, Balai Poestaka, 1948, 

" 1948 

Idris,M D 

J)ewl nmba, oWi M. D, l&w dan K. Si Bfaradw. T> 
tikanl .Djakarta: Balai Pustaka, 1953 

147 p. 2t cm, 
PL508SJ3D4 W8& 5IW963S t 

Mihardja, Achdiat Sarte, 1911- 

Atheis, romaiu Djakarta, Baki Posiaka, 19^- 

PlSo89.H5A8 55-38^4 1 

Kio, Jo Lan, 1904- 

Dalein tawanan Djepang Boekit-Doen, Serang, TjunaM; 
penoetoeian pengidoepan mtemeeran pads, djeman. pendoe- 
doekan Djepang Dj akarta, Lotus, 1S46 

158p 21 cm 
PL5089 N5D3 55-38453 t 

Pane, Anrnjn, 1908- 

Belenggu Tjetakan Djakarta, Pustaka Bafaafc, 1949 
120 p 22 cm. 
PL50S9.P3B4 1949 55-39659 t 

Pane, Sairasi. 

Kertadjaja Tjetakan 2. BataTia, Poestaka Bakjat 
I 194-? 3 

80p 15cm 
PL5089P3K4 55-39598 t 

Prnrbam, ArtL 

Widijawafa Djakarta, Balai Pnstaka, 1949. 
197p lllus 23cm. 
PL5089.P8W5 55-39660 { 

Qndjoe, P A de. 

Dalam kamus Guntmg Salak, ssbuali rcunan politak, Dja- 

137 p 22 cm, 

Radjab, Muhamad. 

Don<ren<?an Sulawesi Selatan. Djakarta, Balai Pastaka, 

HTp mua 21cm. 
PL5089K3D6 55-39666 t 

Rush, Marah, 1898- 

La Kami. tD] akarta] Balai Pustaka, 1953 
192 p Illos 21 cm. 

55-39667 J 

, Barns, 1923- 
Bnsa dilaut hidup Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1951. 

94p Jtlus 23cm 
PL5089S5B8 55-39646 t 

Soatani, Utny Tatangr, 1920- 

Orang-arang sal; sefcnmpidaii tjerita taiun 1948-1950 
Djakarta, Balai Pnstafca. 1951. 

n9p fflos. 19cm. 
PL5089S60T 55-56621 t 

Subro, Zonaidaiu 

Patah tumbuh tilang berganti Djakarta, Balai Pustafca, 

87 p. 25 cm. 
PL5089^74P3 55-39607 J 

kfebenara.n, menurut dasar tjeritera Prasena, 
karangan E. B. Natahamidjaja. Djakarta, BaJai Postaka, 
114 p; 24cm, 

Salaiman, A R 

Susanan tjerit^a tjraidakiawaiu Djakarta, 
Kolff, 1949 

U2j 21cm. 
PL5089S76S8 55-496 J 

Sapardi, ftrtam. 

Keris empu Gandericg, ri^ajat para radja TumapeL, deh 
Imam Sapardi dan R. M. Djamam. Djakarta, Balai Baku 
Indonesia 1950fj 

Gfp Illos. 21cm. 
PL5089JS78K4 55-W629 | 

Sutiasuroarga, Rcsman, 1917- 

JaBg- tarempas dan terkandas. Djakarta, Balai PusSaka, 


129 p. mm Idem. 
PL508W58J3 55-3844 t 

Tar, Pramudya Ananta, 1925- 

Mereka ] ar dilumpuikan. Djakarta, Balai Pasteka, 

T. SUUS. 21093. 


Tr Praraii^fa Quanta, 1905- 

Perburuan, sebuoh tjeritera chajal 1. 
Pustaka, 1950. 

106 p. 24ciE, 

Tar, PramndyaAnanta, 1925- 

pbA' t|e 

p. 20cm. 

Djakarta, Balai 

5^39668 t 

Usnian, Znber, 1916- 

Sadjawali atau bodjang kesaktian Tjetakan 2. Dja- 
karta, Balai Pustaka, 1950. 

S3 p IHaa 21 cm 
PL5089U8BJ 1050 55-39596 t 


FarreH, James Thomas, 1904- 

Dua puliib. hnaa dolar jDiterdjemalikaii olek Baros 
Siregarj Djakarta, Baki Po^aka, 1950. 

10 p 16 cm. f Seri Klsah-klsa Amertto) 
PS3511J.738T916 55-39591 1 

Porter, Eatheriae Auae, 1894- 

SusuJian lania t Dit8rdj"emahkan oleh. Mocitar 
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1950 

30 p 13 cm. i Seri klsaJd-Msah Aicerlka) 
PS3531 07520416 56-18754 J 

Runyon, Damon, 1880-1946. 

Tekanan darab, t Diterdjemalikaii oleb. Baros Siregarj 
Djakarta, Balai Postaka, 1950 

24 p 16 cm. (Seri idsah-kisah America) 
PS3535 U52B516 56-18750 J 

Saroyan, WiEbam, 1908- 

Tudjuk pnluh. ribu orang Assyria [Diterdjemalikaii oleh 
Mochtar LubiBj Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1950, 

20 p 1ft cm. (Seri Msah-Msah Ameika) 
PS3537A826S416 56-18749 t 

Steinbeck, John, 19CB- 

Kena gempur t Ditenijemabkan oleb. Chairil Anwarj 
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1951. 

10 p 19cm 
PS3537T32MR36 55-39645 t 


Latzko, Adolf Andreas, 1876- 

Marcia Reale. Terdjemaluin Hasan, AmiTi] Djakarta, 
Balai Postaka, 1949 

7Sp 18cm 

PTK623 JU51M86 55-39644 J 


Bostoevsicil Fedor MikhaBoridi, 1S2I-153L 

Malam tjuatja di Petrograa, diterti^smahkaiL oleh M. 
Eadjab Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1949. 

96 p 15cm 
PG3327J4B5 SS-56638 J 

Gogol', NJi&lal VasH'eridi, 1803-1352, 

T&irass Boulba, pahkwaxt bangsa Ebeak. : TerdjemahE 
Hasan Aimuj Dfakarta, Balai Pnstaks,195L 

146 pi lllas 10 cm. 

Tolstoi, Lev NikoSaevicli, grcf, 1828-191. 

Kembah kepada tjmta kasihmu, diterdiemalikaii. olelt 
AMnUTnr. Diakarta, BaM PostaJo, 1950. 

S3p, 20cm 
PG8S67J4S3 55-S9653 t 


Dimyati, Maliammad, 1914- 

JIjo^H n co6uTm%. Eepewo^ c HH^osesEfcEoro P Ce- 
Mayaa,, pe^arrop E Ceaepoaa. Mocir^t, Hs^-ao 

HOt JIKT-pM, 1158 

212p. aftcaau 


HHOCrpaKKOt iBT-pM, 
38 p. Utea. 3taiL 

Tor, Praumdya Aaanta, 19S5- 

TOM, *oo ttp&auiQ, v Apy r 
csasw: o E^ope" AafaQBaaBHft 

POKO CcMajs Pe^asrop A, FaxiAMaK tfocna, Bsx- 



Ploa t l 

fc efc Syrfb, wa i 

38 p. 



. Htm Kim 

INIXffilBSIAN FOLK-3NGS see Foik-ngs, 

ists, ladonesiaa 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Malay language 

Berg 1 , Corodte Onisfaaan, 1900- 

De problernatiek vm tot Bdhasa,-Indoneaa-expennieat 
Gronmgen, J B Woltars, 1951 

* p 24 un 
PL5071 B4 56-32097 : 

Fokker, Abraham Anthony, 1862- 

Bahm Indonesia dan bahasa daerak Pidato diutjapian 
berhabung dengan penngatan sepulob tahnn berdmnja 
Fakultrt Sastra dan Filafat Balai Pergoruan Tmggi He- 
pnblik Indonesia, djuga berafat pidato menjMnbat djab&ten 
guru bear dakm iMn perbandingtn bahasa 2 Indonesia, 
pada han Seaen tanggal 4 Des. 1950 Djakarta, J. B. Wol- 
ters, 1951. 

Indoaesiaii chemical nomenclature. Djakarta, Madjehs 
Bnra Fangetalnuji Indonesia, (Coonal for Sciences of In- 


35 p 25cm. 

QD7I 5 



Bendera bcrkibar Djakarta t Kementna,n Pendidikan 
PesBgad jaraa dm Kebadaiam, 1&5- tr- 
T ilius 20cm 

PL5T51>K> 56-18779 J 

Dutefc East ladies (Territory wufer Japme*e 

J9&-19& Knt&r Pmgadjmm. ^^ 
Mtiahan terbit, fattab batnaatu Diakarta. 
T HIM. aim. J ^ 

3^^ batj.aan hero, usiulc ialss TI S S^okliEeksosswoio 

ts. iTjetakanaj Djakarta, Baki Biifcn ladonssm t l51, 

157 p. llltts. Mesa, 
PLT5JS4 1961 55-566S8 | 

Dsdalara dn dilaar kampnag, !iben be^atobar dih C. 
Jetees dan M. A, Kwifcodc. 'Krtalnm 4 Bta&artsi, J B 


ttr; bairn batjaux imfeast lodoussm untok seko- 

Wb midak dipalan Djawa, djgmndwi oM Bd. Kanul Tie- 
taiB2 Djakarta, J B W01tera,l&5G~ 

, Ck Sj Dt 

k^^^ Djkart, W Verisjs, 1950. 


PAdjtwn EMbw Ma|oe cwt& ssfcMt boamipoete*. 
- oKh Owum dte F. ZJ^oett Tj toJcaa S. 


C* 8. 

Prm&o of Mootewf, I 


T 28 OE. 



0I7-90U7 t 

K5k, E. J. Brill 

U. S. Army Itoangwuge School, Monterey, CdUf, 

Indonesian , basic course Presidio of Monterey, 1955- 

r illas 27cm 
PL5075U52 55-60945 J 


Harahap, E Sutan. 

Kamoes Indonfiaa k^tjik. t Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, B, 

55-66640 J 

p 17 cm 
PL50TTJH33 1946 

Earahap, Sutao. 

Kamus Indoaesia Tjetakan 9 Bandung, G Kolff, 

452p 25cm. 
PL5077JS3 1851 55-39651 t 

Harafeap, E Satan. 

Kamus Indonesia ketjik. cTjetakan 3 Bandung, G. 
Koiff, 1950j 

825 p 20cm 
PL607TH33 1950 55-39604 t 

Harahap, E Sutan. 

Kamus Indonesia ketjik El^'etakan 4 Djakarta, B. 

Angm, 1952j 

404 p 18cm. 
PL507TH33 1952 55-39643 J 

Karaoes istilali Djakarta, Poestaka RaHat t 1947i 

2 T 15 co 
PL5077 K3 55-S8266 rev t 

Kamns istilak Tjetakan 2 diperlengkap. Djakarta, Pu- 

staka Eakjat, 19S1- 

T 20<aa 
PL507TJK33 55-38267 J 

Labis, Madong, 1891- 

Kamns kata-kata sulit, baiasa Indoneeoa, Tjetakan, 4. 

Medan, Pustaka. Andalas, 1950 

238 p 10cm. 
PL5077.LS 1950 55-39658 t 

Pocrwadarmiiita, W J S 

Kamus umumbahasa Indonesia. Djakarta, BalaaPustaka, 


SWp 22on 
PL5077P6 55-21080 t 

Poerwadawainta, W J S 

Karaos ranujn bahasa Indonsm Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, 
Perpustjiaan Perguruan Kementenan P. P dan K, 1954. 

PLW)TT.S aB 19M 56^3601 J 

Powwmdanninta, W J g 

Ixigat kdgil btbasa Indonesia. Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, 




Pocnradarminta, W J g 

Lc^at ketjil bahasa Indonesia, Tjetakan 3. Djakarta, 

J B.WoIters,195L ^ 

lap 20cm 
PL5077.P63 10S1 55-59649 | 



St Miib, Sa^d dan A. Satan Paranfoak n. a. (AJbas) Dia- 

karta,JB Welters, 195S. * ^ 

104p 17em 
PL507TR4 56-187M J 

K*kt,)tan bafeasa dan pmgetahuan mmun, Tietakaa 8. 
Djatarta, G. C. T. van Dorp, 1850, 
IMp. 15cm. 


Wirasutisna, Hafcsan, 1915- 

KMBTO faumi, diTrtyipan oHi Haksan Wirasatisua dan St 

Effendi. Djakarta, Balai Pustaka^ 1953 

56-38818 t 

"Kxum Wuuro, bahasa. Indflawaia-Tioiirfioa. Djakarta, 

* "- 

. Kent. 


Jfamm Indoiiesia-Beknda-Inggerb, edjaan bahasa Ing- 
Djakarta, G. a T. van 


Istdah rumahtangga t Dikumpulkan atas punpman E Dja- 
jadmingrat dan S BudiardjOi Djakarta, Pustaka Rabat 
1950 ' 

2v 20cm 
TX11I8 56-18805 J 

Panggabean, K 

Kata* - dagang-, Belanda - Indonesia - Indonesia-Belanda 

, - 

Djakarta, G. C T. van Dorp, 1951 
58 p IT c 

, . 

58 p IT cm, 

55-39761 J 



Kamus Indonesaa-Belanda-Inggens, edjaan bahasa Ing- 
gens menurut bunjinja Djakarta, GOT van Dorp, 1951. 

174 p 20 cm 

Lathief , A K 

The Indonesian-English dictionary of terminology, dfr- 
fined in English 1st ed Medan, Gcdung Pustaka, r 194, 

207p 14cm 
PL5076L3 58-16893 

, t 

Ksatrya-vocabulary Kamus Inggens-Indonesia-Indo- 
neata-Inggens Tjetakan 3 Medan, Madju [1951?, 

252 p 18 cm 
PL5077N8 1951 55-30877 t 


Ksatrya-vocabulary Kamus Inggens-lJidonesia-Indo- 
nesia-Inggens Tjetakan 4 Medan, Madju t 1951? 3 

224 p 18cm. 
PL5077.N8 1951a 55-30878 { 

Panggabean, A 

Kamus Indonesia-Inggens, Inggens-Indonesia tolehj A. 
Panggabean, S Panggabean t danj M. A, Tair. Djakarta. 
Tunun Mas, 1953 

259 p lcm. 
PL5077P3 55-209041 

Pino, E 

Kamus Inggens, by E. Pino and T Wittermans Dja- 
karta, J. B Wolters, 1953 

2r 20cm 
PL5076 P5 

Pino, E 

Kamus Inggens, by E Pino and T Wittermans ( 2d ed , 
Djakarta, J B Wolters, 1955 

2v 20cm 
PL5076.P5 1955 4992 56-1072 

Samah, A 

Everyday Indonesian EngTtgh dictionary. rMedan, Pus- 
taka Andalas, "1950-51! 

2rtal. 18cm. 
PL5076S27 499.2 55-30875 

Kahlo, Gerhard, 1803- 

Moderne indonesische Ausdruckej Nachtrag zum malai- 

Poerwadarminta, W J S 

Baoesastra Indoneaa Djawl Tjap-tnapan kapinc 3. 
P P ^ 

PL5167.P6 1945 5&-4J9610 

Hoo, Kian Lam, 1911- 

132p Uios 25cm. 

Satjadibrata, R 

Kamoea leutik Indoneaia-Soenda djeung Soenda-Indo- 


194 p, 14cm 

PL5mS27 1949 56-191071 

Sat jadibrata, R 

Kamns Indonesia-Sunda. Djakarta, Pustaka Rakjat, 


304 p. 19cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Samah, A 

jKamus hanan^ k&ta-kata sulit bahasa Indonesia. MJedaxi, 
Pustaka Andalas, 1950 

144p 20cm 
PL5074S3 55-38268 J 


Indonesia. Kementeria/n. Peneranffan. 
Tanj a dj awab [Dj akarta, 1951 V 

PL5077I~5 56-18396 t 


Ahsjahbana, Satan Takdir, 1908- 

Tatabahasa baru bahasa Indonesia Djakarta, Postaka 

BdQ *J ig^ 

56-18773 t 

Berlitz Schools of Languages of America, inc. 

Berlitz bahasa Indonesia. New York, Berlite Publications 
C e 1951, 

42L 28cm 

PL5073 B4 56-33821 t 

Djojohadikusumo, Sukartmi. 

Buku pcladiaran bahasa. Inggcris ttntuk scikolah landjutan. 
Tjetakan6 Djakarta, Pembangunan, 1951 

SOp 23cm. 
PL5073JD55 1951 55-39587 J 

Fokker, Abraham Anthony, 1862- 

Beknopte grammatica Tan de bahasa Indonesia 4. druk. 
Gromngen,J B.WoIters,1950 

160 j> 21 cm 
PL5107.F6 1950 53-20276 rev t 

Harahap, E 

ILmu bahasa Indonesia, ja'ni bebsrapa mft4 dan sjarat 
basa. Tietakan 2. Djakarta. B. Angin f cover 1950, 

88 p. (p 8T-^S advertisements) 20cm. 
PL5074JS3 1950 55-39654 t 

Earanap, E Satan. 

Ihtra saraf Indon&aa. Tjetakan 5. Djakarta, B. Angin 

200 p. 20cm 
PL5074JB33 1951 


Eudawi, Muhammad Nnh. 

Ichfetsar tatabahasa Indonesia. Tjetakan 2. Medan, 
Pustaka Amfca r !953j 

78 p. 19cm 

PL5074.H78 1953 56-18772 t 

Hudawi, Mohammad Nuh. 

Peladjaran baru bahasa Indonesia, Tjetakan L Medan, 
Iskmyah, 1951-52. 


PL5074J38 55-38447 t 

, Hans, 1912- 

Graimnatk der Bahasa Indonesia, mit CSirestomathie und 
Worten-erzeichnis. Wiesbaden, O. Harrassowitz, 1956. 

307 p. 23 cm. (Porta. Mogaanm Orleotallum, neoe Ser, 2) 
PL5073 JEC3 57-32622 t 

Kahlo, Gerhard, 1893- 

Qrtmdriss der malayischen und indonesischen Sprache. 
, 0. Harraasowitz, 1957. 

LuMs, Hanm 

Keterangan peladjaran bahasa . 
tentangan M buku "Bahasa Malaju" j 
pemimpm untuk melandj titkan p 

Dipakai di sekolah2 menengah, aekoiah2 landjutan 
dinsahakan oldh: Haron Lttbis daa Mnsa. Tj^akan 8. 


PL5074X8S 1952 

Lubis, IViadoa^, 1891- 

Keindahaa bahasa Indonesia, seni sastara; alat untisk 
mengenal tjorak-tjonu kBsenian dalam sastera Indonesia. 
TjetekanS. Medan, OryzaSatim,195L 

122 D. Ulna. IS cm. 
PLW74LS 1951 55-S9609 t 


Tatabahasa Indonesia, Tjetakan 2, Bandung, G. Kolff, 

212 p. 21cm. 

HL5W4M4 I 

Sft-89601 t 

Monaf, Hasain, 1909- 

Tatabahasa Indoawoa. c Unfak kdas-Was tertinggi disa- 
kolah-sekokh landjutan, S K, S. G. B Tjetakan 2, D]a 
kaxta, Fasco t !951r- 

PL5074JI8 55-^9597 ; 


Bahasa Indonesia, the national language of Indonesia i 
coarse for English-speaJang students. 2d ed. Djakarta, 

T 20 cm 

' ^T Key to ^ wcerclse& Djakarta, Wolters. 1953- 

v JO cm. 

PL5107JP52 499^ 56-24389 t 

Sukardi, R 

Seadi bahasa, pdadlaran bahasa Indonesia bagi sekolah 
rendah. Djakarta, J.B.Wolters, 1950- 

v iilus. iScm. 
PL5074S77 56-187661 

Sundoro, M 

Bahasa kita; peladjaran bahasa Indonesia bagi sekolaii 
landjutan, oia M. Soendoro dan W, J. S, Poerwadonamta. 
Tjetakan 3. Dj akarta, 3 B.WoIters, 1951- 

T lllas. 21 cm. 
PL5074S8 55^56641 


Pedoman peladjaran bahasa Indonesia; karangan Usman 
dan C F Yspeert, disasnn oleh Usman Effendi Tjetakan 
3 Djakarta, Pustaka Timur, 1951- 

r 22cm. 
PL5074.U8 56-33784 J 

Zainu'ddrn, S Png. Bataah. 

Pohon bahasa, buku pelantjar bagi S M. A -S. G A. dsb, 
boku penuntun. bagi guru 8 dan bagi mereka jang hendak 
memperdalam pengetahtian bahasanja, dmsahaka. olA 
Jajasan "Bakti" Djakarta. Djakarta, J B. Walters, 1950- 

20 o 



Harahap, E 

Sedjarah bahasa Indonesia. Djakarta, 1947. 
62p. 21cm. ^ 

PL507LH3 55-38448 J 


Penuntun memakai buku-edja, Indonesia membatja dan me- 
nulisl Batama,Noordhoff-Kolff r 194- 1 

96p. 23cm. C ^ 

PL5075P4 56-83822 t 


Indonesian; sounds of Indonesian speech. Presidio of 
Monterey, 1958. 

43 p. Him 27cm. 
HL5079.U6 158-61574 t 



Bahasa Indonesia. Eenyoodig leerboek TOOT praktijk en 
schoolgebruik, door H. C. Croes, H. M. Duin cm A. van 
Dijdc 5 druk. Djakarta, J. B. Woltera, 1053. 

219 p. mm. 20cm. 
PL5173.C7 1953 56-44550 t 


Pohan, AM 

Kursus tjepat bahasa Inggeris. Tjetakaa 10. Medaa, 
To&oboku "Mamyah 9 * jlftiSO-fil, T, 1, ISSlj 

66-18746 t 

Polynesian languages 


writing, Indonesian 


Ahmad, Sabamddm, ed 

Waraasan prosa dan puia ladoaeaia, nntuk 
menengab. dan sekolah. landjutan {Olehi S&faaraddin Ahmad 
dan } M. Nub, Hr Medan, Postaka "LidonefiM." 1954 

251 p iltas. 18 em. 
PL5085JL44 56-18748 J 

Sonorangiiar*SiinaB.djsaQtak, B ed. 

Kesasasteraan Indonesia Djakarta, Panbaugunan, 1951- 

ST 23cnx 
PL5085 S5 M-18747 J 

Kesasasteraan Indonesia. Tjetak&n 2 Djakarta. Pea- 
bangunan, 1951- 

7 23cm. 
PL5085S52 5^-18738 t 


Ahmad, Sabaraddm. 

Pengantar sastera Indonesia Untok S. ML P , S. H. A. 
bhg B, S. G B idanj S. G A, Medan, Sail id, 1952 

120 p Ulna 19cm. 
PL5085A4 55-38273 | 

Jassin,H B 1917- ed. 

Gema tanah air, prosa dan prasi, 1943-1948. Djakarta, 
Balai Pustaka, 1951. 

, . 

p Illns 23 cm 


JassuitH B 1917- ed. 

Kesoesasteraan Indonesia, dimasa Djepang. Djakarta, 
BaM Poestaka, 1948. 

185 p 20cm. 
PL5085 J33 55-39652 | 


Ambri, Mohamad 

Foamboek di soee, batjaean barcedak. Tjitak&n 2. Dja- 
karta, Bale Poastaka, 1949, 

82 p. iilus. 20 cm. 
"~ " 1949 55-56ffi7 J 

n. Djakarta, Gapura 

Asmara, Andjar, 1902- 

Gadis desa, ditfrnahkin 

My. Illus. IScns. 

Sato malam di kota UMiia.. Djakarta, Postaka. Timur 

Membasm.1 tmdakan liar. Medan t Andalas j!94) 


fa,ff*CTil? 7 AmaL 1927- 

BaM Ptisteka, 1940. 
170 p 2&<m, 


kma|mlaii 104S-1M8. Djakarta, 
53->3S2Sl { 

Hika jat ba Jan bodimaa. 

Hikajat bajan boe^iwan. T)eta3cto 3. Dfafart*, BtM 

228 p. 21c 

PL50M.H47 1948 

kmrta, BuM Poestaka, IMS. 

79 p, 2tOA> 


Ala Djakarta, BalaiP^staka, 1950. 
45 p. mm* aca. 

Soersbaja. rDjakarta, Pe 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Im, Yaag Tjn. 

Bratay-tida, Slam, Salafcsana; pendjml besar Toko 
"Astagma,/' Sarabsja |lM-j 

86 p IS oat 
PL5G80I5B7 56-446061 

Im, Yang TJUL 

Bansmwa nfidukan bolan. Slawi, Toko Buku "Sulak- 
Mna M ; wakii bss&r di Djmwa, Timor, Toko "Artagina, 11 Sura- 

38 p Him Item 
PL5089JE 5B8 


Im, Yang Tju. 

Drama di Lokapala. Siawi, BoekHandel Soekksana t 1 

PL3099 1 5DT 


Im, Yang TJEL 

Lafainrja Pewi Srnta? peloeMs gambar Abas Anfin. 
Skwi, Boekhande! Soelaksana ^94-j 
42p iff en. 

PL5089J5L3 56-44500 | 

Im, Yang Tjo. 

Maha radja gila; pdoefas gambar Abas Anfin Slawi, 
BoeLUndel Soelaksana [194-j 

SS p Him IS on. 
PL5Q8&I5M3 56-44591 { 

Im, Yang Tja. 

l&sbika bugsbebli; pIn^ Slam, 

Toko BuJra w SEiaksaRa.**; wakH beear di Djam lunar, Toko 
"Astagum," Surabals t !W-, 
Sip illsa IS OB 

PL508915M8 W-446G7 J 

Ismail, Uamar, 1921- 

T|it, bsjsiigws diwakta fadj tr Disertai : Pengantar fa 
doaiafilm. jTjdakaalj Djakuu, Gapirra E l&50 3 

143 IBM, iBett. 

PL50S3J8T55 65-S8288 1 

Jjje, TMtn IB. 

Pasaka Tiooghoa 
d}Dl Hoe Stan '19ftli 
us p.. 20cn. " 


Toe > tmsat pen- 

g, dilgaitalun fceBabali oteh Eostan 

Satan Pihudih Djakarta, Balai Pastakt, 1940 

my mm Meat 

Msis, AMrf, 1800- 

Pakari ttbna-mteo nis, t|ita Aljeh; diaadnr dan ^rt 



Pfctt&to, Ktitatv 1S- 

Api din teberap,i Hertta pcnddk I&UL Ihakarta. Balai 
Pooka, I96L. 

MR fflw. Has. 
PL8.PTA W-18W9 t 



BB|^ raaww, cUakm oleh JfaAar Tfctmkan 
karta, Bftlw 


* not IG 

Oieii A. Moeis. Dja- 


Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, Bahi Ptntalea, 

** i* 


Bfib m^ mtm. 

55-66642 { 


Biaasem, W A 

Moderne Indoaesische literatuur, doorbraak uit oude 
bedclmg Met een bio-bibkografie van Indoaesusche letter- 
kandigen Amsterdam, C P. J van der Peet, 1954 

07 p. 19 cm 
PL50SO BT 56-36536 

Effendi, Usmaa. 

Pekdjaran sastera Indonesia, Djakarta, Pustaka Bakjat, 

83 p 19cm. 
PL50S05E3 55-3&630 J 

Hooyfcaas, Chnstiaan, 1902- 

Penntis sastra, terdjemahan SaOioel Amar gL Datoek 
Besar. Tjetakan 2 Djakarta, J. B Wolters, 1953. 

4Ctep Illus 22 on 
PL50T4H8 1953 

55-39611 J 

Paul, Ajiaijra, 1008- 

Koit ovemcht van de moderne Indonesische literatmir 
Djakana, Balai Pustaka 1049 

55 p 21cm 
PLB080P33 56-3796T t 

Paisl, Safflusu 

Boen-ra rampai, dan Mkajat lama. Djakarta, Balai 

Poestala, 1946. 

143 p 21 cm 
PL50SOP3 55-39600 t 


C&ao, Shn-h. 

Sadjak-sadjakLi Yu-tsai t l)jakarta? Kebudajaan, 195-?j 

90p 19cm. 
PL3000C44L616 55-56634 t 


Mawar htatan, sandiwara dalam 4 babak, diterdjemankan 
oleh Teng Ying Siaag Djakarta, Balai Pnstaka. 1950 




Gsde, Andre Paul Gnillaame, 1869-1951. 

PuIangUh dm si anak ktlang ; terdjemahan Chairil Anwar. 

Djakarta, Pustaka Rakjat, 1948 

SI p Illus. 21cm. 
PQ2M3 1 2R4235 55-39589 t 


Echols, lolira M ed. 

Indonesian wnting in translation I&aca,K Y, Modern 
Indonesia Project, Soutlieast Asia Program, Dept of Far 

Ea^mi Studies, Cornell Umyemty, 1956 

ITSp 28cm. (Tnumlation sarlea) 
PL5W5E1E3 8995 56-59245 t 



see National characteristics, Indonesian 

InfmOms, &r<ow&^ Djakarta^ 

v 22cm. 6 ao. a week C Irregular) 


Daf iar haiian - t dan, madjalak seluruh Indonesia. 



Daftar peisiiratkabaran. List of 
Doaunmtatioai of 
Djaiarte, 19^. 

5e-34ooo t 



Mimbar Indonesia 

[Djakarta, Ja] asan Dharmaj 


illus SO cm weekly 


Zenith; dan bumi sastera, sem dan filsafat tahun 1- 
15 D]anuan 1951- 
[Djakaita, Jajasan Dkarraaj 

v Illus 23cm. monthly 
AP95 1 5Z4 56-37369 


DeBrug. Djambatan. jaarg 1- 
Apr 1046- 
Amsterdam, Vereniging ]STederland-Indonesie 

v illus, ports J2cm monthly 
AP17 B75 57-48238 


Anderson, Benedict R 

Bibliography of Indonesian publications newspapers, 
non-government periodicals and bulletins, 1945-1958 at 
Cornell University Ithaca, N Y , Southeast Asia Piogram, 
Dept of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, 1959 

69 p 28 cm (Cornell University Dept of Far Eastern Studies 
Southeast Asia Program Data paper no 83) 
Z6945A59 01591 59-40572 

Indonesia. Kementenan Penerangan 

Daf tar nanan [dan] madjalah seluruh Indonesia 

v 29 cm 
Z6958I45A3 Sft-46459 t 

Pane, Armijn, 1908- 

Mentjan sendi barn tata bahasa Indonesia Djakarta, 

Balai Pustaka, 1950 
452 p illna 23 cm. 



Kongres Bahasa Indonesia, Medan, 1954 

Kongres Bahasa Indonesia di Medan, peristawa jang tiada 
bandmgnja. [Djakarta.] Djambatan [1955] 

47 p illns 21 cm 
PL5071A3 1954 50-33769 t 


AEsjahbana, Sutan Takdir, 1908- #L 

Poeisi baroe. Djakarta, Poestaka Rakjat 19i6j 

149 p. 21cm. 
PL5086A47 55-39640 t 

Alisjahbana, Sntan Takdir, 1908- ed 

Puisi baru, dikumpulkan dan diuraikan oleh S Takdir 
Alisjahbana, Tjetakan 2. Djakarta, Pustaka Rakjat r!951?i 

151 p 20cm 
PL5086A48 55-38265 J 

Alisjahbana, Sutan Takdir, 1908- ed, 

Puisi lama, dikumpulkan dan. diuraikan* Tjetakan 2. 
Djakarta, Pustaka Sakjat, 1950. 

128p. 22cm. 
PL5086A5 1950 55-38M6 t 

Kembang sastera. Tj'etakan 1. Medan. Andalas, 195L 

Wp 18cm 
PL5085J^6 55-39615 % 

Muljadi,Sk ed. 

Kabnran r 1947-1950j Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 195L 
IMp 21cm, 
PL5085M8 55-39616 J 


Anwar, Chairil, 1922-1M9. 

Kenkil tadjam. [Dan Jang terampas dan Jang putusj 
Djakarta, Pustaka Rakjat t !949 3 

Mj)>. 22cm. 
PL5089 A5eK4 56-44589 J 

Anwar, Chairil, 1922-1^9. 

Tiga menguak takdir, oleh Chairil Anwar, Rival Apia 
[dan] Asrul Sani. Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, I860. 

52 p, 24cm. 
PL5086.A58 55-3960$! 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Hamzah, Amir, 1911-1946. 

Njanji sunji Tj&akan 3 Djakarta, Pustaka Ralqat 

30p 24cm. 
PL5089H3X55 1949 

feim"V Usmar, 1921- 

Puntang; berasap, sepiHma 
Balai Pustaka, 1950 

45 p. 19 on 

55-39637 | 

55-39626 t 

Piso Tjokur, pseud 

Warisan Djepang Batavia, Firma Eng Hoat 19-4-! 
59p 20cm. 
PL5089 P5W3 56-44592 

Sutomo, R 

Megaputik Bandung, <r. Kolff, 1950. 
52 p Jl cm. 
PL5089S84M4 55-566ST t 


Slametmuljana, R B 

Poezie in Indonesia, een litenure en taalkundige studie. 
Leuven, Leuvense Umversitaire Uitgaven, 1954. 

zri247p 26cm. (BIWIotMque du MnaSon, T S8> 

A 56-4315 
Harvard Ualv Library 


Mundmgsari, ed 

Himpunan sadjak Tzonghoa, Djakarta, Balai Pnstaka, 

57 p 15cm. 
PL509SC5M8 55-56614 t 


Omar Khayyam. 

Bubayyat, oleh Taslim All Djakarta, Balai Pnstaka, 

40 p. IUus 23cm 
PK6S15I5A4 55-56685 J 


Chang, (M-ch'feng, tr 

epj^JS3I^lfcS S&S 4tf 
It i9se 

9,92p 19cm. 

1. Ir.doDesina poetry Translations Into Chinese. 2. Chinese 
poetiy Translations ftom Indone^an. 3. Folk-songs, Indoneston, 
X Title Title romanised- Tta-tu-ni-hsi-ya mln ko hsSaru 

CkMrneUUMT Library 3PL50OT 


Sosialis Indonesia. 

NDONESIAN TALES see Tales, Indonesian 

see also Softball 


see also Amusements 

Frey, Richard L <& 

Use mm complete Hoyle; the official rules of all popular 
games of skill and chance with the most authoritative advice 
on -winning play , fey Albert H. JtoeJiead, Ridiard I*. Frey 
tandjGeoSreyMott-Smlth. t Bev.*L, Garden City, N. Y., 
Garden City Boob [195% 

740 p. mm, 22cm. 

0VB4S.F8S 1956 795 S5-11SSO | 

ffindman, Darwin Alexander. 

Handbook of indoor games and stunts. Englewood Oa2% 
K 1 . X, Pi-ewCce-HalL IMS. 

304 p, ill-os, 22cm; 

in 65-11459 t 

Morehead, Albert Hodges, 1909- td. 

Holies rules of games, descriptions of indoor games of 
skill and chance, with advice on skillful play Based oa 
the foundations laid down by Edmund Hoyle, 1679 f i. e. 
16723-1769 Edited by Albert H Morehead and Geoffrey 
Mott-Smlth Newly rev E u e 5th 3 ed. t New Yorkj New 
Amencan Library t !954j 

vii, 230 p illoa 19 cm. (A Signet tey book, Ks 307) 
GV1243M62 1954a 795 55-1340 

Morehead, Albert Hodges, 1909- ed. 

Hoyle's rales of games, descriptions of indoor games of 
skill and chance, with advice on. skillful play Based on 
the foundations laid down by Edmond Hoyle, 1672-1769 
Edited by Albert H. Morehead and Geoffrey Hott-Smith. 
Newly rev and expanded i. e 13fchj ed. jNew York] New 
American Library 1959, 1958] 

246 p iUus. 19cm ( A Signet key book, KD383) 
GV1243M62 1959 795 59-2007 t 

Mott-Smith, Geoffrey, 1902- 

Indoor games and how to play them Chicago, J. G 
Ferguson t c 1954i 

182 p IUus 22cm 
GV1229M72 7937 55-24081 t 

PMffips, Hubert, 1891- 

The Penguin Hoyle , a book of indoor games. Harmonds- 
worth, Middlesex] Pengiun Books [1958] 

370 p illos 10 cm. (A Penguin handbook, PHS6) 
GV1243.P6 795 58-1957 t 


Testimonials in advertising 



Bruno Quijano, Ismael E 

El endoso, su fonci6n legitimatrra. en la circnlacidn de 
los tittilos de credito E Bnenos Airesj Abeledo-Perrot r 1958] 
205 pu 23cm. 

59-43771 J 


Borges, Joao Eonapio. 

Bo aval % 2, ed. revxsta e aumentada. Mo do Janeiro, 
EdicSo Eevista Forense, 1955. 

367 p 24cm. 



Gt. Brit. Committee on Cheque Endorsement. 
Report, London, H. M, Stationery Off t 19Mj 

iv, 27 p 25 em. (jGt BrfL Parliament Papers by 


Narvaez Moreira, Francisco. 

Delendoso. Menco -cover 1953, 
138 p. moo. 



Laagle Rabio, Eiailio, 183&- 

El aval de la Mra de cambio. Barcelona, Bosck, 195i 
15l2p. 20cm. 

55-18472 rev 



France. Ins&u national de Jut teA%u et d etudes cco- 

Nomenclature des cameaux, ecarts et heox-dits Kabits da 
rindre. Imuojpm -1$^ 

i!l, 213p. 21s 27 em. - 



Amicale nationale des policiers, anciens combattants, de- 
resLstants de i^nse t 

<pt cd.) ML m* tort L) 


Jacobsen, Hans. 

IFishcrliv i iifilg og vrkfi. friL den IndrB Sj^msBnsiiiisioiis histone Utg etter oppdrag av den Indre sj^manns- 
smsjons kndsstyre, billedredaktor IvarH Gamman Ber- 
gen, Indre S]4mannsniis"!Oiis f orlag, 1935 

263 p ijns 22 <m 
BV2665J3 59-20349 * 


see also Reactance (Electricity); Self- 


Bleclisclimidt, Erich. 

Prazisioiismessuiigen von KapaaUten, IndofctivitateE uod 
Zeitixonstanten Berlin, Verlag Techruk, 1955-56 

2 v Hlus. 21 cm 

QC535B58 A0e~2357rev 

Illinois TjnJv Library 

Hertwigr, Harry. 

Induktjvitaten Berlin, Terlag fur JESadio-Foto-Kiziotech- 
nik C 19M, 

142 p diagrs^ tables 22 ceo 

aiara last of Tech. Idbrary 

Kalantarov, Pavel lazarevidi. 

Packer HHflyETHBHOCTeH , cnpaBOinas EHHra Mocssa, 
Foe anepr H3^-BO, 1955 

387, jlj p dlagrs., tables 2S cm. 
QC638K3 55-35594 

Lagasse, J 

Les inductances de foites et les phenom&nes de r&onaace 
(In Toulouse, Umveraiie. Faculte des sdeEces. Amaales 

poor les sciences mathematiques et lea sciences physiques, Touloose. 

29 oa, (T. 67) 4. ser, t. IT (1954) p tlp*S. Hias.) 

CQ46T75 ser.4,vol.l7] A 65-672 

OMo State Univ.. Libr 


see also Condensers (Electricity); 
Electric charge and distribution; Induct- 

BrSderluik, Robert, 1893- 

Indttktivitat mid Kapazitat der Steri^rom-FreiIeataBtga. 
Karlsruhe, G. Braun, 1954. 

87 p. mm 22 cm. (Wlsieracliaftadie BWtoei Bacter ^e 

56-173M | 


INDUCTION (MAGNETISM) see Magnetic induc- 


see also Condensers (Electricity); Self- 
Maloror, Akksairfr Stepaaofiek 

Ajtt&bM WCTOXHIK pasrepiicK Aotipomocm xatymex 
KH^ysiHSHOCTK Ha CpOHCiMx cep^ciBniiax Twa CB M0- 
csia, Foe 3Bepr. H^-IO, lisa 
U (dhMEydbwi.) caa. 


Oriov, MiUuJH Sergevidu 

BtyHiH3ai5aj: ceiiCDOc nto^asesiJtHx xxxxt 
npa MOCKML, Foe aa^-ao xsn-pu no nonpocaK CKEW m 
pa^Ho, IftM 

S5,,il, p. fflagrs. 20cm. (B mmsmf* ccacwm 


Bik-MokJnameto v r Izinaii Sadri vich. 

B HOKOIH& i^icBCTy-wffiOTixwacwaKy, 




rpt^croe OT^-XJ| UNML 


see also induction hardening 
, ,41dcs*I Nikolaeviclu 

165 p, ttui 20 

ee. *cpr, -% IMS. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


, V 

* aarpea B sy3HeiMOM npoasao^ctie Jle- 
Hsiirpa^, Foe sav <? ao-texs ES^-BO xainBCBQCrpOBT, jtKt-pK 
g-TeHKHipaACKoe OT^X-HKC] 1956 

196 p illiss 28 cm. 
TS225 BG W-56628 

Polytechnic Institute. 

Tilt-on; and cpir jnent in the solution of structural prob- 
lem of -upersonit aircraft Jby, X J Hoff Mid ottierS] 
Wnght-pjttmoa Air Forrt* Base, Ohio, Wright Air Devel- 
opment Center, Air Research and Development Command, 
U S. Air Force, 11*56 r Was!ungton 9 U S Dept of Com- 
mereo, Office of Technical Services, 1956*. 

refrfat xfr.asSp Illoa, 28 cm. (WADC technical report 55-S&1) 
FG633AS77S no 55-291 5T-60454 

72 62913072 

Brown, Derek Warbnrtan. 

Induction faeatirg practice, a handbook on the high- 
frwfu<fBC> induction process for all concerned with eugineer- 
Hij* production London, Oghams Press j!S56^ 

l&i p li las 23 nit 
TK401 B67 021 3W 5$-44407 J 

. napososattx ASTaisefi TOEasta aacosoffi 
OUKI ACIXO KM A A AxApcexa cr EneB-nacca 
jPe^arrop M M HOCH] Mocssa, Toe ipaaca 
Eas-io, 1&54 

1W, #>p mm, 20 OB. 

Bonskcl A T 

aaerrpOTepXE^cciae ycraHoasa c JS& 
noiwMii re lepstropauB Moocaa, Foe OTpr XSJ-BO, 1957 

SOT p. ctiagw 2& en 
TK4W1 1)63 57-43418 

; A A 


rpa^, Foe. aaytso-texB BS^-BO namaKOcrpoHT 




aHtt oaiatisja a 
F*t*. aaj IHO-TCXR 1*34-80 

lilas 22 en 

, Mtcroftlai oop j ^ 


Haipew, Hoocsa, 

wcAfednte mpwiajt i Bjm pnmieia, a 
trai Baiv^ 
24S-. mm i 

csm, HW-B& AcaaciciuB says CCCP, 1988 
ajMu 27cm, 



Toe awspir, ^- 

. mm. mm, 




Sbepeliakovskii, Konstantin Zakiiarovich. 

BacoKO^acroTHaa nosepXHocTHaa: aaKatsa craan E 

52, rii p Ulas 22 cm. (HoBas rexHinca H nepexosue 


Slokhofskii, A 


, npoerrapOBaHne n naroroBJeHHe Jle- 
, Foe Haj^tHO-TexH HS^-BO MamnHocrpoirr H cy^o- 


,--- IHT-PH i 

31& p Illus 23 cm. 



INDUCTION MOTORS see Electric motors, 


see also Absolution; Catholic Church 
Discipline; Holy Year; Marian Yearj 


Herbst, Winf nd, Father, 1891- 

InditJgences Milwaukee, Bruce Pub Co, t e 1955 2 
10S p 19 cm 
BS2231H4 26566 55-12388 J 

Lings, Albert A d 1915 

Our feronte novenas prayarbook, mdudes uxdulgenced 
novenas and prayers from The raccolta, the boofc of iadul- 
genced prayers authorized by the Sovereign Pontiff Ne^ 

Tork, Benziger Bros J1955] 

i, 568 p 17 cm 
BX2170N7L52 261025 59-33497 

Egatillo r Eduardo Femindez, 1SS3- 

Las indulj^enciaa 3 ed. Santaiider, Admini^xacidn de 

Sal Teme, 1047. 

3S, H!, Ti p 20 cat. (Bibliotiieca ComWeosia. Serie csn<5nlca) 
[BX328LE ] 26566 A 51-4408 TOY 


Hertzen, Knui von, 1901- 

dmseswliga forsafcnngsbolagefc Jjniustn-Braad, 1902- 

1952 jHelsingfors, I952j 

250 p f Has 28 an. 
HG9SS5^9FM 58-46838 t 


see also Disability evaluation; Electricity, 
Injuries from; Employers' liability; Occu- 
pations, Dangerous; Workmen's compensa- 
tion; also subdivisions Accidents, Safety 
appliances, and Safety measures under 
particular industries or occupations, e.g. 
Railroads Accidents; Mining engineering 
Safety measures 

International Labor Office. 

Tn* promotion of safety in the iron and steel industry 

v, Ler Uprianovicfe. 

UnJWlvoAatnng and erete Hilfe in Betrieben t von, L. K 
OhocjMiow (Bad] B. "W Dmitrijew t"0bersei2raig. D 

3Mkn,g } Berlin, Verlag Volfc und Gfeeondheit 1SS6 
117 p. tiioft, aoHu 

57-29221 t 

e trabalno, Bio nia Janamh Edic5o da 



, Otto, ed 

0*r Arfwtsanfsdl end mm Hr*dm: em Beitrac zur 

C TOJ Otto Qwf 

<U*ss, t&nm, &u*. 28 on. (Beitrige mr 

in dot Easea- imd - 

i, Sfcottg&zt, KJng-Veriag 

New York University. Division of Oenerat Education. 
Center for Safety Education 

The human element in industrial accident prevention, by 
John C Larson, research associate, with Eobert Hagopian 
t and others New York] 1955 

114 p 22cm 
HD7262 N44 331 823 55-3447 

President's Conference on Occupational Safety, Washing- 
Am, D C 

How to use injury statistics to prevent occupational acci- 
dents no 1- 

t "Washmgtoii] U S Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Stand- 
ards [1955- 

v 24cm. 

L 55-221 
U S Dept of Labor Library 

Sena, Jose Alberto. 

Accidentes oculares del trabajo, estudio medicolegal. 2 
ed , corr y aumentada. Buenos Aires, El Ateneo, 1951 
133p illus 24cm, 

55-17534 J 


Argentine Republic. Gongrreso Biblioteca. 

Accidentes del traba]o, enfermedades profesionales, bi- 
giene del trabajo Buenos Aires, Biblioteca- del Congreso 
-de la Nacion, Secaon Referenda Legislativa, 1949 

79 L 29 cm (Its Infonnaclon bibllografica, PubllcacWn no 6) 
Z1009.A7 no 6 57-36878 


International Conference for the Prevention of Industrial 
Accidents 1st, Rome, 1955 

Atti del pnmo Congresso mondiale per la prevenzione 
degli mfortum sul lavoro c orgamzzato dall'Ente nazionale 
per la prevenzione degli infortum con il concorso del Bureau 
international du travailj Eoma, 3-6 apnle 1955 [Ro 
Ente nazionale per la prevenzione degh mfortum t !956, 

2 v illus , dlagrs , tables 24 cm. 
HDT262I635 1955 58-44852 

PREVENTION see Industrial safety 


American Standards Association, 

American standard method of {recording and measuring 
work injury experience Sponsors National Safety Council 
candj Association of Casualty and Surety Companies. Ap- 
proved December 16, 1954 Eev. ed New York, 1955, 

15 p Illus 28cm j 

HD7262A7 1955 331.823 55-150 

International Conference of Labor Statisticians. 6th, Mont- 
real, 1947. 

International standards for statistics of employment, un- 
employment and the labour force, cost of living and indus- 
trial injuries, adopted by the Sixth. International Conference 
of Labour Statisticians, Montreal, August 1947. Montreal, 
International Labour Office, 1947 

28 p 24cm. 
HD4813I27 1947|; L 54-28 

President's Conference on Occupational Safety, Washington, 

Reports of the Committee on Accident Records, Analysis, 
and Use. 1949-50. ( Washington j 

27 p 24cm (US Bureau of Labor Staadards Bulletia no 


HD7262 5 U6P7 

U S Dept of Labor 


L 51-104 rev 

education, Industrial 

New York ($*&) C&wnoil on the Us of Nwlear Matertob. 

- * ^twKuuu ii win iuniAumrglwiU, InDOr&COIj 

of Syl^inia Electric Products, inc^ on July 2, 1956, submit- 
ted to Governor Averell Hammaa. r Albany f 195Ti 
1 T. IBttS. 28 ffli t 



Aadentes do trabaUio. Decreto~lei n. 7.086 de 10 d 
novembro d 1944j Coaentarios tporj Ribecro Pontes. Bio 
dfi Janeiro, IiTrana Freitas Basfcos, 1955. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


California, Dept of Industrial Relations Dwision of Labor 
Statistics and Research 

California work injuries. 
San Francisco 

v In dlagrs tables 2&-S4 cm monthly. 

HD7262 5 U62C27 331 823 59-24742 t 

California Dept of Industrial Relations Division of Labor 
Statistic^ and Research 

Dependents of ^orkeis killed in industrial accidents, Call, 

San Francisco 
v 28 cm. 
HD7262 5 U62C28 331 823 51-61982 rev t 

California. Dept of Industrial Relations Division of Labor 
Statistics and Research 

Hour of occurrence of disabling work injuries, California, 
October 1955 San Francisco, 1956. 

6 p Illus 28 cm. 
HD72625U62C4 331823 57-62542 t 

California. Dept of Industrial Relations Division of Labor 
Statistics and Research 

Occupational back injuries in California 
San Francisco 
T 28cm 
HD7262 5 U62C35 55-62028 t 


Florida. Workmen's Compensation Dvuision 

Disabling injuries by industry and source Tallahassee. 

T 22x85cra 

HD7262 5 U62F52 A 52-9888 rev 3 

Florida. Univ Library 

Florida. Workmen's Compensation Dwwon. ^ 

Florida work in] uries, frequency and severity rates. 1955- 

HD7^25TOF58 5T-4178T 


Etudes sociales nord-af ricaines. 

Main-d'o3uvre nord-africaine et seciinte dans le travail. 
Paris t !953j 

37 p Was. 24cm. (Cahlers nord-africains, no 33) 
HD72625JF8E7 56-1468 t 

PouBzac,H G 

Bapport d'enquete sur la readaptation fonctionnele dea 
adultes en France Paris, 1956. 

138 p 24 cm, (Monographic de 1'Institat national d'hygl&ie, 
no 10} 
HD7262 5 F8P6 59-44277 | 

1949- ) 

Gunkel, Werner. 

Der Arbeitsunf all 
88 p 2l cm. (Fortbildang und Prans 
schrift "Wege zur SozialYereicfaerung," Heft 20) 



Gt Brit National Joint Advisory Council. Industrie* 
Safety Sub-committee. 

Industrial accident prevention, & report London, H. M. 
Stationery Off., 1956 

lT t 35 p. 25 cm. 



Istituto nazionale per I'asskurazioae contro gli infortmd 

Nbtiziano statistico. 



Istituto nazionale per 1'assicurazione contro gii inf ortuni 



Istituto nazionale per I'assienrazione 

Statistical informatioiL 

T IBns, 82cm, 

55-23079 rev 

TambuTuii, Mano. 

La prevenaone degli inf ortum Fireaze, Editric um- 
versitaxia, 195-j 

104 p illus 25 cm 
HD7262 5 1 8T3 58-32929 | 


Sooale Verzekenngsbank. 

Ongevallenstatastiek. Statistics of accidents 

v 27-29 cm annual. 
HD7262 5 N42S63 53-27980 rev 


New Jersey. Dept of Labor and Industry Bureau of 
Engineering and Safety 

Work injuries in New Terse v 1956- 

v 28cm 

HD7262 5 U62X4 331 823 A 59-9415 

New Jersey State Llbr 


Nw York (State) Dept of Labor. Dwmon of Research 
and Statistics. 

Injury rates in New York State industries, 1952- 
iKew Yorkj 

T 2Scm. annual {Iff Fubllcatioa) 
HD8053 N7A27 331 823 54-62807 


Ohio. Division of Women and Minors and Mwrnmm, Wage 
Minors in industry, Ohio, 1955. Columbusj Dept of 
Industrial Relatioas Division of Women & Minors and 
Minimum Wage, Division of Labor Statistics rl956i 

19 p tables. 16x28 cm. 
HD6250TJ4029 56-63398 


Pennsylvan*a Bureau of Research and Information. 

Pennsylvania's workmen's compensation lawj annual sum- 
mary: industrial accident and workmen's compensation ata- 

A 55-3157 rev 
TTalTCrsfty Ubrary 

T 22x36cm, 
HD7262 5 U62P44 
Pennsylvania State 

Pennsylvania. Dept of Labor and Indwtry. Bureau of 
Pennsylvania industrial accident survey. 

HD7262 5 U6pT A 55-^805 

Pennsylvania. State University. Library 


California, Dept. of Industrial Relation* Dimiswn of Labor 
Statistics and Research 

Nonagricultural work injuries in the San Jbaqmn Valley. 

T 28cm. 


Carro IgeLrao^ Alberto Jose". 

El eoncepto de accidente del trabajo en el derecho espaioL 
Prologo de Eugeraio Perez Botija. Santiago de Compostela, 
Porto t 1955, 

215 p 22cm. (CioleccKJn compostelana deeacrito Jorldloos) 

57-21817 t 


Slovenia (Federal RepuMw^ W4S- ) 8*0* ** fi&rmsto& 
m socialno politico. 

Nesrece pri dela T SloTna|i; referati in sklepi 12 seje 
Sveta za zdravstvo in socmlno pohtiko LRS dne 29 oktobra. 
1953. tVLjuMianijUHJ*, 

58 p. 21cm. 



Yrkesskador. 1955- 

T. tables, 25 on. mutual (Sveri^ea o 

~ i) 



Arbeitsschutz in USA. Bericht der deutscl^n 
an emer Studimreise der OEEX3. Mit Beitragea YOU Otto 
Berckhoff ret al.j Munchen, C, Hawser, 1955. 

121 p. illus. 24cm. (HatSoaalisIenme^Kuratorlum der Deutsdiffli 
Wlrtschaft. RKW-Aoslandsdlenat, Heft 28) 
HD7S61A7 56-3S64& | 

Hoffmann, August, venter on accident prevention^ ed 

"Onfall verimtttBg in USA, Eindrucke einer Stadaengruppe 
Berliner Fachleute fur mdustnelle Sicb.erfa.eit uad Scaa.den- 
verhutung Mit Beitragen von Walter Garbe t et al 3 Bearb 
von A, Hoffmann. Munchen,0 Hanser, 1956 

S3 p illus, 24 cm (Rationalisierangs-Kuratorinm der Deutscnen 
Wlrtschaft RKW luslandsdienst, Hef 1 40) 
HD7263 5 U6H6 57-38032 J 

McCormack, George Robertson. 

Injuries and injury rates in the bottled soft-drink in- 
dustry [Washington] U S Dept of Labor, Bureau of 
Labor Statistics, 1956 

ill, SO p illus 26 can. (iU S Bureau of Labor Statistics! 
BLS report no 1<H) 

HD8051A7876 no 104 L56-1&4 

U S Dept of Labor Library 

McCorraack, George Robertson. 

Injuries and injury rates in water supply utilities, 1953 
[Washington] U. S Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statis- 
tics [1955, 

II, 33 p illus 26 cm. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS 
report ao SB) 

[HD8051 A876 no 83] 
U S Dept of Labor 


L 55-275 

McCormack, George Robertson. 

Work-injury rates in the fluid-milk industry, 1952, a de- 
tailed analysis of injury rates by function, plant size, region, 
and operating department c Washmgtonj U S Dept of 
Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics t !954j 

19 p Illtifl 26 cm (US Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS 
report no 62) 

[HD8051.A7876] L 54-153 

U S. Dept of Labor Library 

McElroy, Frank Shafer. 

Injuries and accident causes in warehousing operations; 
a detailed analysis of injuries, injury rates, and hazards for 
1950, by type of warehouse, region, and occupation ^prepared 
by Frank S McElroy and George E McCormack Wash- 
ington, U S Govt Pnnt Off j 1&55. 

IT, 52 p tables. 20cm. (0 S Bureau of Labor Statistics Bul- 
letin no 1174) 
HD8Q51.A62 no 1174 L 55-218 

Copy 3 HD726S JS2M3 

TT S Dept of Labor Library 

U. S. Bureau of Employees' Compensation, 

Federal work injuries sustained during calendar year. 

T tables. 20 s 28-21x37 em. 

U.S. Dept of Labor. 


McElroy, Frank Stiaf or* 

Work injuries and work-injury rates in hospitals jby 

Frank S McElroy and George E. McConnaekj Wss&ing- 
ton, U S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1058. 

f v, 56 p. illus., maps. 
Bulletin no 3210) 
HD8051.A62 1210 

Copy 3. 


3 cm, (IT S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 
L 58-21 



President's Conference ma Occupational Safety, 

Eeports of the Committee on Accident Records, Analysis, 
and Use, 1949-50 (Washington! 

27 p 24 cm. (U 


HDT262 5.t T 6PT 
U & Dept. of Labor 

Bureau of Labor StaMarda. Bulletin no. 

L 51-10* rev 



Virginia. Dept of Labor and Industry. 
Work injuries in Virginia. 1955- 

Virginia. State Library 


tising, Industrial 

see Alcohol, De- 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Industrial arts Bibliography; 

Technical libraries 

HBbgan, Margaret P i 

Libranes for research and industry. planning and 
znent A pio.a,t of the Scienee-Tsidmology Division, Spe- 
cial LuCraxifs Association New York 1055j 

5a> p illus , purs 2S cw i Spial Libraries Association Mono- 
Smph BO 1 ) 
2675 T3H5 022 55-10530 


see also Agriculture; Art industries and 
trade; Artisans; Arts and crafts move- 
ment; Bookbinding, Classification- 
Books Technology; Engineering; Indus- 
tries, Primitive; Inventions; Machinery; 
Machinery in industry; Manual training; 
Manufactures; Mechanical engineering; 
Mills and mill-work; Occupations, Dan- 
gerous; Patents; Research, Industrial; 
Technical education; Technology; also 
names of specific industries, arts, trades, 
etc., eg Bookbinding, Printing; and sub- 
divisions Industries, Manufactiires, Occu- 
pations under names of countries, cities, 
etc., e.g. Chicago Industries; U.S. 

Bfctoon, WtUazd Mather, 1&15- 

The *lftera3..nat0n of -tmidanls for industrial arts labora- 
tories Ann Arbor, fiuw-atj Microfilms (1954 

lty MitroStaw ABB irbor, MMi Publication 7BQ8) 

Microfilm AC-l no, 7 
Jfieb'saa Taa Libr 

MJC A 54-417 

Faien Herbert, 1WO- 

GwrfeefirduBg and Straktarwtndlnnjjea in, Hand- 
werk, sowse {feres ge^useitige BeeinftasfittBg und AbhSn- 
gj|5bat. Munches r !S55j 

IT, SK J, dtazns , tatee&, 31} oat 
TT145 Fi 59-S0653 

Gvtonnha, Alfred 

L'artuoofct et fo pdsst wnoaere dans rcoBoi&i6 de mardbe 
aoiera*. Zondi, &bocs pcfygnp&iquM, 1957. 
58 in 21 nu 


? UtecMa HD2S41 

, Alfred. 

IHu Owvrt* in d*r f ntn Mmrktwinschaf t Zurich, Pol y- 
lag, 1834 

i ticfenftramke da* SUraelMntrbn Inttttin Or 
Wtn* felt as er Hae-H&cto&Bte St Galtea, 3 

*a# Y*fe Trnf LSteartw HB2S41 

________ i Ufa-till Ernest, IftW- 

of appIM tmthmatiw, edited by Bdiwd E. 
Grmck sMl, Morns Brauwr. Baawl cm fce wngmml work 
ty Mrtw E JaBww, Herbert 2> Hwyw E and, Pster L. 
Apww ad ed. JSew York, Vm 

M, ffim am 

related in&anRaattim, ladostnal arts, 

genera! Anfa giaeral metAlwoii, for use m 
7-M i%, ft* C&nwttiy of the State of X 
Dipt, Bumrn of lBatt*nd t 

f VoeMMnal Carncnlwn Ete?tkwit 

ad art*. t derlmti 

-vT th ,;a-.p;ica!.icr;s for tki ^du^irial 

Am A4er s i i 

4 Art A**. <*:? Prtfi^M ^ 



IWHn a 9fean- 


Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Planmng Program. 
Industrial arts bulletin no 1- 

nj - 

23 eta 4 It s CnrriculniH bulletin) 



Zentralstelie zur Forderansr Deutscher Wertarbeit. 

Gestahete Iiulustiiefoim in Deut-thhiul tine Au a aM 
forms-liuner Fizeuguisse auf ler Deutschen Industrie-Hesse 

Hannover 19r4 Hrsj> \on der Zentr iKtelle /ui Foideruug 
Deutscher Wertirbcit e V in Veibinduiig imt dem Aibeits- 
fareis fur Industnelle Form^ebuii^ iin Rimdest erband der 
Deutsclien Industi le ^ns En^hsclie ubertragon \ on Charles 
Brunton; ins Funizusibche ubertiugtn \ou August Paq,ue 
1 Auf! 3 Dusseldorf, Econ Verlag lP35j 
158 p I92plit 23cm 

A 55-6T15 
Illinois Inn Library 


Etsweder, WHlmm H 1919- 

An anah&is of inventory systems for expendable supplies 
in indu-tnai arts, TUth. recommendations for a simplified 
perpetual inventon svstem Ann Arbor, University Micro- 
films jl^j 

(tUalTensIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MldLt Publication no 16.T07) 
IficrofilmAC-l no 16,707 Me 56-2152 

ia State UaiTersity Library 


see also Industrial art libraries 

BamieTsMS, Viktor Vasd'evicfe, 1898- 

Pyccras TexsH^ecoa: JUTepaxypa nepson ^eTseprn mn 
sesa MocKaa, HSA-BO AKa^CMHn na\ K CCCP, 1954. 

858 pu lllra , ports 27 cm 
27915 EW3 56-22046 

Verfag: f fcr Bad. and Bibliotiieksw^en, Zeipstiff. 

Tecbnk nnd Handwerk; FacJibttdikatalog Leipzig 


2U7p 17cm. 
27911 V4 58-46401 1 

see also Inventors 

HeWen der Arbeit Aus dem I^ben und Wn-ken dr Helden 
tmserer Zeit benehtea K Grimberg efc al , Berlin, Verlag 

Kultei- nnd Fortschntt, 1951 

2^pi mm, 21cm. 
T3SJI44 55-56S53 t 


Sciwmtt, HJar^aH Langdon, 1918u 

State cmacnenlmn gmdes for industrial axis, 1&41-1958; an 
annotated bibliography jWashingtoaj TJ S D^t of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Education ,1959, 

8S &. 2Tcm. (,u S, OOeCBdneatIoBi Circular ao 587} 
UllwiTS no 56T 016 S71426 HEW 59-53 

r r - Cwy 2. ZTSII sas 

U S D^C of Health, Bdocttfon. md Welfare Library 


Stfrntcubaxyli, Joto Ldte, 1921- df. 

Efediomry of arts and crafts. New York. Philosophical 
Libwy I'lSM, 

22cm (lfUMBtorzciHteaellbnttr) 

56-13756 t 


rexaiaciecKift cjrosapz, aa raecTH 
awwicxoirfc, f paH^yacROio,, pyccK 

a Htcaaacicoji*, (XSpatforaHKHft no ocofioicy 

nrap^Ta x A. lExoiOBa A 
K. -1, Pincsepa. 10 



U. a 

A ^rtwi liit of awftanen and handicraft groaps m the 
Uttited States, A^oobted by Marj La Fotfette, extension 

dwjr i hoBM Mi^nee, CooperatiTe ExtKiAm Service, 



745 058 

50-15278 Mr 

KKBZBCTION8 see Exhibitions 

FILM CATALCK3S see Technology 

FUm catalogs- 

see also Industries, Primitive; Inventions 

Beaujouan, Guy. 

L'interdependance entre la science scolastaque et les tech- 
niques utihtaires, xn*, xm* et xiv* siecles, conference faite 
au Palais de la decouverte le 5 janvier 1957. rPans 1957, 

20 p 19cm. (Les Conf&ences da Palais de la d&onverte S4rle 
D Histoire 46) e 

Q125B34 57-49748 t 

Danllevskii, Viktor Vasil'evich, 1898- 

Pyccsa^ TexsHHCCKaa jratepaTypa nepsoff letBepTH xvm 
sesa Mocswa, HS^-BO AKaACMHH sayK CCCP 1954 

358 p Illas , ports 27 cm 
Z7915 E9D3 

Forbes, Robert James. 

Man, the maker, a history of technology and engineering 
London, Xew York, Abelard-Schuman [1958, 

365 p ilius 22cm (The Life of science library) 
T15P72 1958 609 58-11673 J 

Fourastie, Jean, 1907- 

Le grand espoir du xx siecle 3 cd , rev et augm Pans, 
Presses umversitaires de France, 1952 

xsviil, 245 p illus 23 cm 

[HC54F ] A 55-8215 

Harvard Univ Library 

Hastes, Thomas Parke. 

Industry through the Crystal Palace, a study of the 

Great Exhibition held in London, 1851 Ann Arbor, Uni- 
versity Microfilms t !954] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michj Publication no 7TO) 

Microfilm AC-l no 7970 Mic A 54-1561 

Virginia. UnlT Libr ^-AOOJ. 

Klemm, Friedrich, 1902- 

A history of Western technology Translated by Dorothea 
Waley Singer Hew York, Scnbner, 1959 

401 p. illus 23cm. 
T15K553 6094 59-16170 t 

Kcrael-Rtmtsdieiner, Erich. 

Erfmdungen aus Gsterreich. 2 erweiterte Aufl Wien, 
Verlag der Osterreichischen Staatsdruckerei, 1953 

22p 29cm. 
T26 G3K8 1953 56-40527 t 

Surzel-Runtscheiner, Erich. 

Meister der Technifc yon der Antike bis zum Beginn des 
mdustnellen Zeitalters ETerausgeber Gesellschaft fur 
Natur nnd Techmk, Wien Wien, Notnng der Wissen- 
schaftiichen Verbande Osterreichs, 1957 
183 p 16 plates, facsims 24cm 

Illinois TJniv I4brary 

Low, Archibald Montgomery, 1888- 

Thanks to inventors Londc a, Lutterworth Press f 1954n 

208p mas. 20cm, l "^ 

T19L645 609 55-27217 : 

Nagy magyar taJalmanyok. Irt4k Gaspar LaszK t et al. 
Budapest] ^epszava r 1955i 
""' iUua.diagrs. 21cm. 


2M& iUu 
T26 H9N3 

Nikuradse, Alexander. 

ITatunvissenschaft nnd Technik im Leben der Volker 
Munchen, E Oldenbourg, 1952. 

12Tp fflus 22cm 
Q125 N5 56-32257 t 

Ogburn, WiDiam Helding, 1886- ed 

Technology and international relations c byj Bernard 
Brodie c and othersj Chicago, University of Chicago Press 

ni, 201 p diagrs 24. cm. (Harris Foundation lectures, IMS) 
JX1391 035 609,04 49-8410 rev* 

Rubinstein, Modest losrifovich. 

Soviet science and technique in the service of building 
communism in the IT S. S. R. Moscow. Foreign Languages 
Pok House, 1951 ~~^.s 

284 1*. IT cm. 

IV robots are among na. ( lstLj London, Kew York, 
Arco PttbBfibfira t 1955j 

Slftp. Wat. 23cm. 
TJ2CWST12 1955 *80L243 600 55-13551 J 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Wolff, Abraham, 1876- 

A history of science, technology, and philosophy in the 
16th & 17th centuries, by A Wolf with the co-operation of 
F Dannemann and A. Anmtage 2d ed. prepared by Doug- 
las McKie ISew York, Harper t 1959j 

2 v Illus 21 cm. (Harper torchbooks, TB50&-509 The Science 
Q125 W796 1959 509 59-13845 J 


Internationa! Labor Organization. 

Partners for progress 3 the EDO's technical assistance pro- 
gram f Washington, International Labor Office, Washing- 
ton Branch, 1058 1, 

63 p Ilius 24cm 
T653I5 607 58-38931 

MUSEUMS see Industrial museums 


Industrial world v 138- 
Jan 1046- 
c Xew York, 

v illus 29 cm monthly 
TSl A4 605 47-29829 rev* 

New Jersey Vocational and Arts Association. 


T in tllma 23 cm 5 no a year ** 

T1N34 5&-26064 J 

Tehnicke novrae. 

T in lllns., ports., maps 43 cm biweekly 
T4.T2277 58-47$82 


Lindfoeck, John Robert. 

A framework for research in industrial arts Ann Arbor, 

Mich., University Microfilms ^958! 

Microfilm AC-1 no. 58-3548 Mic 58-3548 

Minnesota. Unl? Llbr 


American Vocational Association* 

A grade to improving instruction in industrial arfsj & 
revision of Standards of attainment in industrial arts and 
Improving instruction in industrial arts. Washington r!953i 

110p Illos. 23cm. 
T65.A52 1953 371426 55-31609 J 

Bauer, Carlton E ed. 

ComprehensiTO general shop General editors: Carlton E 
Bauer ( and 3 Robert L. Thompson. Authors; John Adams 
landothersj Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co t !959- 

T MM. 26cra 
T65JB36 371426 5&-4616 | 

Brown, Robert Dean. 

Industnai arts competencies needed by elementary teach- 
ers; a criterion study of the industrial arts competencies 
needed by elementary teachers with implications for cur- 
riculum development for the preparation of elementary 
teachers in this area Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

nlverslty Microfilms, Ann Arirar, Mlcki PuMteatioa no 14,551.} 
Microfilm AC-1 no 14^551 ttic 56-109 

Manesotm. Uni? I4br 

Banten, diaries Albert, 19X7- 

financing and Accounting 
for industrial arts supplies in the sexxmdary schools of Mis- 
souri. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1955 T 

(fUnlwiwIty Mcrofflms, Ana Arbor, M<dL } PobMcaQoo no. 14,601) 

Microfilm AC-1 

Missouri Univ Llbr 

na 14,601 

Mic 55-^X3 

Baatei, Charles Albert, 1917- 

Sefedt*B*r, purchasing, issuing financing, and accounting' 
for mdustml arts supplies in the secondary schools of Mis- 
souri Issued by the Dept of Industrial Education, College 
of Education, in cooperation with the Missouri State Dept 
of Education. Columbia, Umversitj- of Missouri, 1956. 

V tables. 22 cm. iTHe University of Missouri bulleUn, T S7, 
no. IS. Edscatlon series, no, 62} 

T71M8B8 A 56-0401 

IMr Llbr 

Bardette, Walter Elbert, 1922- 

Contribution of industrial arts instruction to the consumer 
knowledge possessed by students of central Minnesota. Ann 
Arbor. University Microfilms r !955, 

(^University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, ifich.i Publication DO. 14,808) 

BO. 14,602 

Mic 55-994 

Burns, Clyde Edwin. 

A study of the u^e of the problem-solving approach in in- 
dustrial arts programs in Florida secondary schools. Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms [1952, 

((University Microfilms, Ann Arbor. Mlcki Publication no 3884) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 3984 Mic 54-758 

Byrom, John Marvin, 1908- 

The development of a scale of photographs for the ap- 
praisal of learning influences in industrial arts shops Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms r 1958j 

( (University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, MidM Publication no 25,074) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 25,074 Mic 58-157 

Pennsylvania. State University Library 

California. Industnai Arts Curriculum Committee 

Guide for industrial arts education in California Eev. 

ed Sacramento, California State Dept of Education, 1958* 
38 p illus 28 cm 

T74 C2A515 1958 371 4269794 58-6S762 J 

California. Industnai Arts Curriculum Committee. 

Suggested courses of instruction in industrial arts for the 
senior high school level Sacramento, California State Dept. 
of Education, 1955 
70 p illus 28 cm 
T24C2A53 3714265 56-62570 

California. Industrial Arts Shop Planning Committee 

Guide for planning and equipping industrial arts shops in 

California schools Sacramento, California State Dept of 

Education, 1956 

viii, 38 p illus 28 cm. 

T74O2A54 371.4269764 56-C3379 

Chamberlain, Duane Glen, 1902- 

Factors relating to teaching of practical arts activities m 
the elementary schools of Michigan. Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms ( 1954, 

{(University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, MldLj Publication 7024) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 7624 Mic A 54-879 

Michigan. Unlv Libr 

Conference for Trade and Industrial Education. North 
Atlantic Begwn Committee on Teachmg Aids, 

Three-dimensional teaching aids for trade and industrial 
instruction. tWashington, U S. Grovt, Print Off., 105&j 

Sip. Illtis 28cm. (US. Office of Bdncattoa. Circular na. 386) 

L111A72 no. 3 


"U S Office of Educatioo. 

E 53-64 


Cook, Clarence A 

An inquiry into the relationship of certain factors reJaimg- 
to entrance and persistence in the profession of teaching in- 
dustrial arts. Ba 


o entrance and persistence n 
dustrial arts. f Buffa!oj 1955. 

xr,208L tables. 28cm. 

Ensman, Leo Martin, 1919- 

Kelation of interests, ability, courses taken, schoIasHc 
achievement, and other factors to success in industrial arts 
teaching Ann Arbor 4 University Microfilms rl957, 

{{University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mtea , Pobllcatton m. 22,770) 
Microfilm AC-1 no, 22,770 Mic 57-3561 

Missouri UniY Llbr 

Ericson, Emanael E 

Teaching tfct mdtistntl arts. t 2d ed.] Peocia, HL, C. A. 
Bennett Co. C 1956, 

3S4p. ilJua 22cm 
TT168.E72 1956 371.426 

Frederick, Lawrence Mont, 1921- 

Ongin and development of industrial education in New 
Mexico Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t lft5% 

(iUalverslty Microaims, Aon Arbor, Micb.j PubUcatioa EO. l-i,&*T) 
Microfilm AC-1 no, 14,947 Mie56-77S 

Gaines, Thomas Rawleigh, 1922- 

Eelation of work experience in industry to industrial arts 
pcaciices and swxe Ana Arbor, 

UUalversIty Micrfil2is, Ann Arbor, Mich.- PublicaCoa ao. l-U&S) 

Microfilm AC-I no 14^18 MicS-74t 

Missouri Univ Lite. 

Gerbracht, Carl. 

Industrial arts for grades K-5, by Carl Gerbraclit and 
Bobert J Bsbcocfc. Milwaukee* Brace Pdb. Co, ilSMj 

180 p. iiJus. 25cm. 
LB15SM.G4 371.426 5^-16095 | 

Harrison, Pud E 1921- 

Problems of beijiunlng industrial aits teachers. Ann 

Arbor* UMvena^ Microfilms il955, 

(rlJiivirftFaticTOliln^AftBAitor.MlAi PaMcattea w. HI*) 
MieiofilmAC-l no. 1^8 Mfc 55-1001 

alf. Llbr 

fflsaois. Board of Vocational Education, 

Principles of shop planning Springfield, 1955 

20 p 2* cm tits Bui'etia, ser A, no 143) 
[LC1Q46 1 3A4 no 143] A 55-9856 rev 

Illinois UnlT Library 

Irgang, Frank Jacob, 1922- 

Commumty factors m the determination of the instruc- 

tional a eas of an industrial arts program. Ann Arbor, Uni- 

versity Microfilms r ! 

(tUnlversity Microfil 

Microfilm AC-1 


tos, Ana Arbor, Mick] Publication BO 18,612} 
no 18,612 Me 56-5810 

Jettons, James, 1921- 

Content (tool manipulations, information, and attitudes 
and hab ts/ of required mdustnal arts for boys as developed 
from the expressed experiences of youth, adults, and indus- 
try. Ann Arboi, University Microfilms t 1956, 

((University SItcro*11ms, Ann Arbor, Mich i Publication HO 14351) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 14,851 Mic 57-5611 

Faansylyania State University Dbrary 

Jones, Walter Benton, 1898- 

Problems in teaching industrial arts and vocational edu- 
cation, a job analysis and suggested solutions Milwaukee, 
Bruce Pub Co [1958 3 

21Sp 23cm. 
LC1081J"64 371426 58-6897 t 

Kroh, Damon Baeffer. 

Relationships of mdustnal arts to the modern elementary 
school curriculum, recommendations for improvements in 
elementary mdustnal arts undergraduate teacher education 
programs in Xew York State colleges Ann Arbor, Unner- 
sity Microfilms r 1957 3 

{[University Microfilms, Aim Arbor, Midi j Publication no 22,720; 
Microfilm AC-1 no 22,729 Mic 57-4063 

Loomis, William P 1337- ed 

The operation of a local program of trade and industn&j. 
education, with emphasis on improving instruction through 
supervision Planned, compiled, and edited by William P. 
Loomis, cooperating with joint committees representing' the 
National Association of State Snpervisors of Trade and In- 
dustrial Education, th National Association of Industrial 
Teacher Educators, and the National Cooncil of Local Ad- 
ministrators of Vocational Education and Practical Arts. 
tWaaningtonj XT S. DepL of Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare, Office of Education t !953j 

Is; 1156 p. 24 cm. {{U.S. Office of Bflacatloaj Tocafloaal KT&. 
sloa. Bulletin BO 250 Trade and Industrial series, BO 62} 
LC1045A25 no 280 53-33 

U S. Office o* Education. Library 

McArthur, Ross 1 1023- 

SelectJon and management of mdustnal arts equipment m 
the secondary schools of Missouri. Ann Arbor, Umveratj 
Microfilms r !056, 

( (Ualvasf ry MlcroStes, Aaa Arbor, Hidui PoMcattia wn 14> 
Microfilm AC-1 no 14,950 Mk5-7eo 

Missouri Ua!r Llbr 

McArtkur, Ross J 

Setection and jnauAfietteiifc of industrial arts dottipaneiifc in. 
the secondary schools of Missouri. Issued by the Dept, of 
Industrial Education, College of Education, m cooperation 
with the Missouri State Depi. of Education. Columbia, 
Univeimty of Missouri, 195 

2&p. tables. 23 tin, (The Uaifarslty of Utetmci MMfe v. BT, 


Mahoney, Janes Herbert, 191S- 

Stat mstnictional materials in iadastzial arts: their 
status, content, preparation stnd w. Ana AjHbor BMwsilsf 
Micxofilins rlSSIh 

{tUaiversity Mlort-S-ms, Ann Arbor, Mich,-, Piibllcatfci: io. 1T,SX)5} 

Mississippi. 2>ept of 

A suggested, program of iadastnal arts for Mgtt sdioola 
Jackson, 1950. 

82 t mm. fSam. fit* MiaElsaJppI adiocl bulletin co. 131) 
JU66.B3 no. 131 3TL4269762 \ 

MitcheU, J3in, 19I*>- 

Tae ider.tineat-on and ev&lwltoii of uotnidioul malts a 
organization and mana|f ement of ?eEera! shops for mdastiia 
arts teacher edttcatjoa.. Ana Arbor, University Mkro-Slna: 

20. 1X.1BB) 

5I=c 56-5144 

Nelson, AiwyFlcaiic, Ufip. 

Follow-up stedy of industrial aits graduates of Nortii 
Terns State College. Ann Arbor, University Microfilm 


1 ( Unl 

, Ann Arbor, Hlcfa.. 

Mteowri Ualv. 

Library of Congress CatalogBooks; Subjects 



New Jersey. Dituhn of Voccdwnd Elveaiim, 

Industrial arts; teacher pud for elementary grades 
courses of study, prepared by GUIS V. Pascals. New Bruns- 
wick. Stote of New Jersey Dept of Education, Vocational 
DifisuHo, Cnmcalnm laboratory E 195S! 

tf,*p 28cm. 

T71N5AM5 371.4262 

New Jersey Stole Ubr 

Hew York (State) Bureau of Indmtrud eml Techmeal 

Metodologia de la enseiiajiza tecmca.; gula pur* maestros 
de enseuanxa tecxuc*. Washington, Division de Edueacion, 
Departartterito de Astmtos Coital-ales, Union Panamencana, 

ti, 2W p ^jos,, diagnL, farms. 21 cm < Unite Psmunericana 
Seccido te Bfiacaddn Ttaieat. Serle de pabUcsdoaes <fe educacMn 
ttetks, no. lOlj 
T6IP3S no. 101 
Pan American Uatea. Library 

Olson, Bdmwr W 1909- 

Industrial arts for tie general shop t byj Delmar "W Olson, 
misted by tie following industrial arts teachers Basse!! 
J Adams, Jr ( aad otbersi New York, Pratim-Hall, 1055 

807 p. !Uu* 25cm. 
LB15&4G4 $71426 55-7956 } 

. State Wtege. 
Meclianie tits and mecliaiii 

State College, 

T WML Sens. 

Pa^ / Jfoftoifo ArU. 

al engineering, report 


Backgroond of prospective elementary teactes in selected 
ibdastm! arts fcetmttett. Ann Arbor. Unrremty Mkxofilms 

f lUBinrtrty WeniQM. Amu Artwr, Mkkj P**Beattea m 144SL) 
... . no H,mi Mw 55-987 

Cto* lifer 

ItaUttSMm, Humus UfiMut, 19M- 

A p-rsfKwal for a reo-tiocm! indtutnal training program 
for State accredited pmbhe high schools in Alabama haraag 
Ntgro students. Aim Arfxw, University 
S ,1866, 

ltr MiettiffiBi*, Asa Ariw, Melt} PaMkattoo mo U8BB) 
wx 14^58 Mk 57-5504 

State Usiversity Ufctary 

feaqpf, Mwia Lewis* 1014- 

A fetffi for f lie selection of vocational mdiMnal education 
tellers for im PftwyltH. Ana Arbor, Uni- 

Mknfiln AC-I 


MS. llTi 


Say & Htz, Joseph 

Certifieafcoa statas and procedu.nas for industrial arts 
twbn ffi tlw L :;ited Stites - tgeooea, types of certificates, 
Mte^ ar.:.l praitrce^ stare and region^i cosipajisons, reci- 
for iraprovexi patterns. Ann 

m. AIM) 

^ G^cga Wllam, IMS- 
t* tlit 

* MMT w4 tit f ttee tew^mi 

two, | | pta witi* tkftMigaoOTi 

State B^v of 

I* tib <*f W^^rM fdwattwttw*" 


Microiilir, AC-1 ^o. 14^52 Mk56-?S5 

Hiwn Hent Uta- 

Smith, James Glenn, 

A study of scholastic accomplishment m secondary school 
mechanical arts in relation to pupils* relative preference for 
this subject Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1957j 

((CniTeralty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 21,016) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 21,016 Mic 57-1614 

Jniv LIbr 

Sfenee, WOliaM Perkins, 192S^- 

Job planning in shop teaching, an escpenmental compari- 
son of two approaches Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 
i!95S 3 

(iCnlversity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich 3 Publication no 22,760) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 22,756 Mic 58-4650 

Tezas. Central Education Agency 

Indostnal arts in Texas schools [Aosfcuij 1955 
91 p aim 23cm. (lt Bulletin 565) 
LB1594T48 3T1 4269764 56-62810 t 

Thomas, Joseph, Kovac, 1916- 

Use and effectiveness of public relations practices in the 
interpretation of industrial arts m selected secondary schools 
of California Ann Arbor, University Microfilms (1957j 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MidL 3 Publication no 24,222) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 24,222 Mic 57-4610 

Mtaoori Unlv Libr 

U.S. Ofce of Educatim 

Survey of industrial arts teacher education programs, a 
sommaiy report, by Marshall L. Schmitt, specialist for in- 
dustrial arts, and DaWitfe Hunt, former specialist for indus- 
trial arts. iWashrngtonj 1958. 

25, 4 L map, form, tables 27 cm. 

T73.A55 1953 371.426 E 58-25 

IT S Office of Education. Library 

W%eB, Ray Arthur. 

Technical offerings for mdustrial arts teachers at the 
graduate level Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1957j 

(ctTnlferaity Mlcroaims, Ann Arbor, Mickj Publication no 21,262) 
Microfilm AC-l no 21.262 Mic 57-2041 

Minnesota UB!T Llbr 

Wilber, Gordon Owen. 

Industrial arts in general education, 2d ed. Scannton, 
International Textbook Co [*1954] 

401 p. LUu3 21cm. (Arts and Industries soies) 
T65WW 1&54 371420 55-2591 t 

Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Planning Program. 

PMosophy and objectives for industrial arts in the Wis- 
consin schools [Madison, J CaUahan, State sapenntmd' 
*, 1953 

51 p. mm. 2$ cm (Its CJarriailmn bulletin, no 1& Indostrial 

rtslUetltano 1) 

T7CWW5 nal 3714269775 


Hunt, DeWitL 

Industrial arts in the junior high school, a, bibliography. 
Washington, Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare, Of- 
fice of Education, 1S55 

S p. 27 ex ([US. Office of Education; Circular no 433) 
[LltLA72 no43S] E 55-227 

IT S. CMSk* of Education, Library 


Fnuoce. Inst'itut national de la statistigue et des etudes eco~ 

Dictaomuore des iwfeims efc appellations d'emploi, etabli 
par la Commission intermiaistenelle de la nomenclature 
des mteen. Pans, Presses umveirsitaires de France, 1955 

rill. 221 p 25cm. 


Sdunitt Marshall I^ngdon, 1019- 

Stale cmriailniQ glides for rodusfcrial arts, 1041-1958; an 
aono*Jited MHiogra|ihy. jWashingtmj U. -g. Dpt of 
J3MMh, Edncftfeoo, tad WeLfere, Office of Education ,1559, 

8% p. 27 em. <jU. SL Office o-f Educatlonj Clrcnlar no. 567) 

L111A7S naW 01&371428 

U aDepLofHealth, 

IMDBBTKIAL. BjOCKMG se Loans, Personal 


see al^> Employees' buildings and 

facilities; Factories; MercantEe 
Office buildings 

ftt i 


XBa| MOCKML, Foe, jta 
xuteirype* 1M, 

>ttceEso a H Mara- 
E ap- 


Akademiia stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR. Instztut pro- 
myshlennykh sdanii ^ soorushenu 

MHoroataAHHe TiinoBKe npoii3Bo^ciBeHHHe 3Aasaa 
TLoA pe^ B B E>praaHa MOCKBE, Toe na^-BO JHET-PH no 
CTponTCJii.CTB}' H apxHieKxype, 1957 

96, [S] p 26 cm 
NA6400 A48 58-21350 

Architectural record. 

Buildings for industry jlSTew Torkj F. W Dodge Cort> 
1957 *' 

iz, 809 p Ulna. 80 cm (An Architectural record boob) 
NA6400A69 7254084 57-10883 J 

Bauen + { i e undj Wolmen (Munich) 

Neue Industriebauten Ausgewahlte Beispiele aua der 
Zeitschiift fur Architektur "Bauen -f Wohnen." Hrsg von 
H. und T Maurer und E P Lohse unter Mitwirkung von 
E Zietzschrnann Ravensburg, O Maiertl954j 

86 p illus plans 28cm 

NA6400B3 A 58-41 

Illinois TJnlT Library 

Berezjnskii, A R 

rpa^flascKHe, npoMEimaeHHwe H rnflpoxexHii^ecKHe coo- 
py^eniis ^onymeno B Ka-secxBe y^e6 nocodna RXX cne- 
HHajiBHOcTK "CxpOHTeiBHue H ^opoacHHe MarnHHu H o6opy- 
AOsaHHe" BHCHIHX yjeo" saseAeHBa MocKsa, Toe HS^-BO 
jiHT-pM no CTpoHTejrBCTBy, apXHTCKType H cxpOHT itaTepHa- 
JTRM, 1958 

800 p Una 23 cm 
TA195JB4 59-36477 t 

Grling, Walter. 

Moderne Wirtschaftsbauten, ihre Bezaehungen zu Technilr 
und Eaum , Untersuchungen zur physiognomischen Erfas- 
sung der Wirtschaftslaiidschaft Wurzburg, Verlag der 
Stahel'schen UniversitatsbuchhandLung 1 , 1951 

ITp 22cm 
NA6400 G4 5e~40754 t 

Halfiwanger, John David, 1925- 

Blast loading on single-story mdustnal-type structores. 
Ann Arhor, Umversiiy Mcrofihns 1958] 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Fubllcation no 25,228) 
McrofihnAG-1 no 25^23 Mic 58-4261 

IIHnoia UniT Library 

Kansas. State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, 

Manhattan Dept of Architecture and Allied Arts 

Industrial building design, 1955 (By] Theodore A Chad- 
wick, professor of architecture Models built by Kermit 
Harper, student in architecture Manhattan, Engineering 
Experiment Station, Kansas State College C 1955j 

[84,p iBus 28cm 
NA6400K3 7254 55-63161 

Lahde, H 

Planungsleitfaden fur Industneanlagen, Dusseldorf- 
Lohausen, Werner t !954j 
11 L of forms 30 cm 

A 55-1822 
Illinois Unlr Library 

Moscow, -ftentralnyl institut infonnaf&ii 

t^OKra^ cocTaaaeH crapnrHM nay^ corpy^HHKOM B[HHHC 
A. H Ce^osHMj MocKBa, Toe. HSA-BO JIHT-PH no crpoHreiL- 
crsy a apxHTCKxype, 1956 

flO.fSjp lllns 22cm 
NA6400^I58 56-42997 

Osipov, Lev Georgierlch. 

rpax^aHCEHe H npOMnnneHHue 
p^; JL. T. OcHiroBa. ,3|on:yineHO B 


cacpOHTejtscTBy H apxHTCKiype, 1957- 

v. lllus. 28cm. 
TH4511 075 58-17332 


Konstrukcje przemyslowe c Wyd, 1.3 Wamawa, Bu- 
dowmctwo i Architektura, 19 
T IUB8 22ca 

Ipartelepek epiteszete. Foszericesztl Rados Korne'l, a 
szerkeszt6sieg tagjai Boschan Istran c et al. ]? - szerkeazto 
Eojko Ervm Budapest, Akadenuai Kiado, 1956- 

T Illus^ dlagrs., tables. 25 cm 
TH4511K23 59-25678 

Bichards, James Maude. 

The functional tradition in early mdustrial buildings. 
Wita photos, by Eric de Marl Ixjndc^AjrcMtectural Press 



59-25979 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Russia (1983- USSR) GQmdarsto&n.nyi komttet 
po delam stroitd'stva 

HopMH H texHEiecEHe ycxoBHs npoesTHpo Banna npons- 
BO^CTBenHHx 3^Hnft npQMHinieHHLrx npeAnpHSTHft (HiiTy 
133-55) YTBCpAAeHH 29 ACE 1955 r c Pe,a;arrop B 
HecoBj MocKsa, Toe iia^-so IHT-PH no CTPOHTLCTB> H 
apxHTCKType, 1956 

54p 20cm. 
TH4511 R76 56-44181 

U S S B) (rowdaratvennyi komitet 
po delam, strmtel'stva 

raieafcHHX sennit H nojtemeHHfi npOMHnuieHHHx 
Tuft (HaTY 125-55) t Pe^aKropu C D 73: 


CTy E apXHteKij'pe, 1955 

43p 20cm 
TH4511K77 5^24055 

Sienicki, Stefan, e^ 

Budowructwo przerayalowe; poradnik architekta. Praca 
zfoioro-wa [Wyd. 1 j Warszawa, Budownictwo i Ardbitek- 

tura, 1956 

215 p Ulos^maps. 81cm. 

INDUSTRIAL BUYING see Industrial procure- 


Fedorovich, Mikhail MikhaBovich. 

CHHiie MomHocTH npOMHULaesaHX npe#- 
H nyxH yjcyTmeaHJi HX acnasBaoBaHax CTCHO- 
iHiHOft ieimHa:, npOTOTaHHoJi B MOCEBC. Mo 
, e. 1956 

39 p 22 cm. (BcccorosHoe ofetecmo no pacnpocTpaHesMio noaa- 
TmeoQix a Haymwx 3HaHiriL Cepmi no. Bwo. 1: 3KOHOMma npo- 
MboiuieHHOc, Na 11) 
HC331.V7S5 1956,110.11 58-15731 J 

Getting, Georsr, 1917- 

Beitrag zur Blaning des betnebswirtschaftbcheai Kapa- 
zatatsbegnffes und zu den Moglichieiten der Kapa2atatames- 
sung. { HattiBgen (Suiir)] 1951. 

m 57-33259 


engineering. Chemistry, Technical 



cation in management 


INDUSTRIAL COSTS see Costs, Industrial 
INDUSTRIAL COUNCILS see Works councils 



INDUSTRIAL COURTS see Labor courts 
INDUSTRIAL DESIGN see Design, Industrial 


L*eawragemenii accord^ an d^oppemettt 
dans k Ckmbe, efc rapport de la CooiSrenee de 
meat nutefcriei team i Prto Bfc> du 11 a 

CKDHSTRIAL DISCIPLINE see Labor discipline 



INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES see Labor disputes 


Here are entered works on self-contained 
industrial areas within which utilities, 
transportation, and other general 
services are offered to a group of 
individual companies 

Hadcett, Charles Wilson, 1021- 

An analysis of planned industrial districts. Seattle, Bn- 
reau of Business Research, College of Business Administra,- 
tion, University of Washington, 1956. 

54 L 28 cm (Bureau of Business Research, University of Wash^ 
iogton Occasional paper no 4) ,..,- 

HD1S93 5 JIS 711.454 A 57-9706 rev 

Washington Unlv Seattle library 

Hackett, Charles Wilson, 1921- 

A selective sfcadj of organized industrial districts. Ann 

Arbor, University Microfilms f 1955 T __ 

([University Microfilms, Ana Arbor, MIco.j Pablicatton no 12^85) 

Microfilm AC-1 no 12,985 Mic 55-380 

Washington Unlv, Seattle. Library 

North Eastern Trading Estates, ltd. 

Indttshial estates, a story of acni*vement Cheltenham, 
E J Burrow j!953j 

U. S. Dept of Commerce O-fce of Technical Services 

Organized industrial districts; a tool for conunnnity de- 
velopment, by Theodore K Pasma, Area Development Divi- 
sion. iWashington] U. S. Dept of Commerce, Office of 
Technical Services, Area Development Division, 1954. 

Til, 11 p ittus, foM. map 26cm. 
HD13935U52 33377 55-60102 

INDUSTRIAL DRAWING see Mechanical draw- 

INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION see Manual training; 
Technical education 


Industrial electric trucks 

see also Fork lift trucks 

Roesner, Friedrkh. 

Selbstkostensenlnzng im inBedjefcneblichen TransportwB- 
sen nnter besondferear .TPfjrQofcBMhtJ^Tpg von T^|^|^roipg(-r 
Berlin, Verlag Techmk, 1951. 

42 p. tUos. 21 on. (Schrlfteir^he des Vwlages Teclmilc, Bd. 10} 


trochemifitry, Industrial 



see also Factories -Equipment an<5 
supplies; Industrial equipment leases; 
Office eqiiipment and supplies; and sub- 
division Equipment and supplies under 
names of industries, e.g. Petroleum 
industry and trade r Equipment and 

Babione, Francis A 1910- 

ImproTiBg efficiency in marketing industrial equipment 
survey of treads and executive opinion in the equipmsu 
industry, by Francis A. Babione and Robert S. Baymond. 

[Univetsttf l^HiCj Pa^ UNHH 

33 p. 18cm. (Penuaylvaala, State Uclversitj- Bureau of! 

Bnd, Hansradolf von, 1928- 

Ihe Ermittlung der wirtschaltliclieE Nufczangsdauer von 
Anlageguterau Winterthur, P G Keller, 1955, 

xri, 1ST p 21 cm. 
HF5681D5B69 57-35959 

Coanda for Technological Advancement. 

Marketing research, a guide for capital goods [Chicago, 

42 p 2$ em 

Columbia UQIV libraries 

Machinery and Allied Products Institute. 

Equipment replacement and depreciation, policies and 
practices, a survey c byj Machinery and Allied Products 
Institute, and Council for Technological Advancement. 
^Washington, S 1956j 

30 p 28cm 
HD53M8 65858 57-35980 J 

Machinery and AHied Products Institute. 

Realistic depreciation policy, a summary Chicago [pref. 

35p 23cm. 
HF5681D5M37 5&-32S56 t 

Rappold, Manfred, 1025- 

Untersuchnngen zur Wuxdigung; und Behandiung d^ 
Vermogens im tetnebswirtschaftlicliKi Schnfttmn. t Heil- 
broiuij 1954 

HD52J8S m 57-20791 


Harvard University. Graduate Sc&0al of Stariness 
istration Baker Library 

Leasing of industrial equipment, a selected list of recent 
references on leasing of madiinery and transportation equip- 
ment, compiled by the Keferense Dept t Bostonj 1955 

4 L 28 cm. (It* Eeference list no 16) 

[27164 C81H2T3 no 16] A5e-M99 

Harvard Cniv Grad. Selt Bos. Adm. Ilbcary 


Yugoslavia. Komwja w proven osnwMh, sfedsbma* 

Nomenidatcra oaaav&ili sredstavs. s& c^novnikoin. 
Beograd, 1053- 

T 24cm. (Procena oaaoTOOa sredstaTa) 
TT(T407.Y63C33 5S-34S83 


Salek, Alexe j. 

Gsaerilni mvmtensaoe zIMadnica fondt v 'Cesfcodoveri- 
skn Yypracovali: Alejcej Balet ^tal.; zave<ieai: Ale^cje 
Balfca a Antonnia Waitasa Praha, Yyda! Statn! ufad statr- 
sticky nikiadem Statistlckeho E evidenculho vydavttd^i 
Jiskopisu, 1S5T. 

280 P. Illw a en. (Knl&ike StS. OGiziy statist&y, r. 1&S7, 
5fe. 3) 

S&-3S818 J 


Meponpnarnt no 

. MocEsa. ro 
TO p. 17 cut (1 noioffr pafioriiMtaM 

new pymK>%crmx H. 

_ tt _ 

Moscow. Nauchn^issledovatei'sSdl Snansovyi iasiitut. 

IJjaHJipOBaHse a 4 l!IH:aHCIE P oaaHHe nLnrajaaioro peMOsn 
ocHOBHuZX ^OH^CB; jcSapimjc. UOA otfEDiett pe^. U, F 
BynHia C M Pswiaaj MOCEW, T:|iHH3jaT, 1968 

223pt 23cm. 


Pdletier, Alejandro, 

Irevisi<mfl8 pmro iova<a6n de i 





Tiih sredstanra, sa 


Yuso^avia. M, 

, in vesticiGncin programa i 

66-46558 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Cdia, Alexander P 

Financirg; wdusirul equipment leases New York, Credit 
Besean " Foundation* 10,"$: 

HB52O 332742 u9-43434 J 

INDUSTRIAL ESTATES see Industrial districts 

and subdivision Exhibitions under names 
of cities, and names of particular exhibi- 
tions; e.g. Moscow Exhibitions ; Brussels. 
Exposition umvereeile et Internationale, 1958 

INDUSTRIAL FILMS sec Moving-pictures m 


Gmw, Wdbdoi, 1901- 

SeHEckenkiffide, Untersochtrogen fiber dia Minarale ii 
Brians* off end ihre Answirfamgen. isa Kfieaelbetrieb, VIM 
WiDjelitt Gram:, Hdunat Kirseh iHadj Mane-Tteresi 
Mackowsky. Beriin, Spragwr, 1968. 

422 p. Dim, Mesa. 
TB8W.G8 58-aT9 f 

MDUSTBIAL GAMING see Management games 

INDUSTRIAL HEALTH see Occupational 

Industrial hygiene 


see also Chemical industries Hygienic 
aspects; Factories Safety measures; 
Factory sanitation; Industrial accidents; 
Mine sanitation; Occupational diseases, 
and anabJivision Hygienic aspects under 
names of industries, processes, or oc- 
cnjtims, e, g. Wool trade and industry 
Hygienic aspects; Welding Hygienic 

Aerztbelicr Verein Moodus. 

EteritU tier Keanmibeion fur ArbeiterhygJKw und -Sta- 
tute dtT Abteuang fur Frews ArztwiM. 

56-45S64 J 

; tedbcfc lUtredaiagaian: Bdrfe WeHffl, 
p. Eta. 2SB*. 

W>* Urn 


rvriwCMlv,, lJ 

Bndbok txtudb. mon Arbeiarskydds- 

B&fe Wefala. Andm revid. 


I iiigier^a pracj. Wcatwa, 
WkW, Wy$a *- * *""*" 

Hwfe S BT <m 

^p&hw**, Sdm 


sJt xauiui Hoa pe*. O A- Xa**c* t 

T, Georgil Saucnovich. 

Texii'fKa <Je3oniCHOCTj n npoaaE 

aa 3iB'j^a\LTpnTtTau\ jtaTcpuno 


133 p Ulus 22 em 
T." "!>.* r 

int-pu no ctpojii 


51 H Hep- 


Eiixon, Ingenrar. 

Tnvsd ocli prodnktivitefc; sooologisk ^udie ar nlgra 
aitetslag i en norrlancMc gruTa. [Stodk&oiittj Personalad 
mmistratoTi ridet ,1958 3 

SOp illus 21cm (PA-ridetsraeddelaadenr 17 fekrjftserieo) 
HB57E7 59-43395 J 

Escarri, Enrique J M 

Hipp it' industrul, sulud publica \ bienestar humano, 
(iiiae in u^izal tie lujiee industrial dictado en el eurso de 
nwtlKos hi<j;ieniatas de la Escuela de Salubndad Santi Fe, 

10 p 23 cs l (Da'veraidad Naelona! del Lltocal Facultad de 
Higlene y Med'c^na Prereatlva Escuela de Salubridad, Pabllcacita 


RC&63 Es 55-56364 

Gigiena i sanitaniL 

Aufgaben der Azbeitabygune und Berufspathologie im 

lacht der Lehre Pawlows, ubersetzt von E. Paul Berlin, 
VTEB Verlag Volk ond Gestiadbsit, 1953 
38p 21cm 


Gatmami, Walter 

ArbejtswbMigungen. durcb. chemisdi Giftstoffe. Berlin, 
Terlag Volk iind Gesnndbat, 1053 
10* p. IH 2K 


Howe, Rudolf. 

Wi ^esehah s^ Yon, Kudolf Hoppe undj Hans 
Affimann Berlin, Yerlag Tnbune, 195T 

62 p UIus 21 cm 
HD7261ITW 59-26612 J 

Mromas, Jarosiav. 

Hygiemeka. anzenS T prfimysLorfch podmcick Praha, 
KWb m&nfrfi a stantelft t 1950] 

201 1HO& 30cm (KnlsnlceKIS "Bezpetoost a hygiaprice") 
ECWTJffT 59^-35672 

Lntematioiial Labor Office. 

General report prepared f or the Advisory Committee on 
Salaried Employees and Professional Workers, Fust item 

on the agenda. Genera, 1954. 
2ptt. SQem. 

U S Dept of Labor 

International Labor Office. 

Orgaaisatioii of oeoipatiosial Itealth. services in pkccs of 
employment Fourth item on the agenda. Graisva, 1058- 

2(4 cm. 


International Labor Office. 

Organisation of occupational health, asmc^ in places of 
employment Sixth, item on the agenda, Geneva, 1957-58. 

HDZ261 IW 331 822 L 57-126 rev 

t! S Dcof L*bor Libwy 

International Labor Office. 

Probectiwx of the health of workers in places of employ- 
ment. Fifth item on the agenda. Cteeva, 195&-53. 

izraei'son, Z I *. 

I^itfaden fir praktische tlbm^ der Arbeitshygiene 

,von- M. K BerjoscTva, ^et aL Ubersetzung: KatKarina 

~ " " ~ " " """"* 

Ecmiws se-srm ; 

Hss 2. t nepep. H ^ 

no rmrmeae 
s mecrse yieti, 

IIo^ pe,ju E, H. EsjmxibooBa Mo- 

441 r- Ehw. Sen. 

Johaiusen, Otto,,d 

HsiBdbok i f^rstehjelp og yrkeshygiene. Medarbeidere: 

Srcfc oftoW (t aLj SL rtg, CWo, JifoiA Eeh}d,p, 1M8. 

MTp, Ittw. Item, 
M7Jfi8 IMS 56-484*0 J 

Lacerda, F Nobre de. 

Homens saude e trabalho Eio c de Janeiro] Edigao da 
''Organuacao Simoes,' 1 1956 

16*J p forms 19 cm 
EC067L3 56-32470 

Leites, Ravini Gngor'evich, 1891- 

FHrHeHa Tpj^a H jupOMutimieHHaa caHHTapsa: Hsfl 2, 
Mesnn, 1954. 

485 p Illus ports. 22 cm. 
RC%7L4 1954 55-44466 

Ljubljana. Zavod za proucevaaje varnosti pn delu LRS. 

Pnrocnik k razstavi higiensko-telim2ne zascitne sluzbe 
Ljubl] "iia, 1933 

117 p illus 17 cm. 
RA436L53 59-22540 t 

Marchand, Marcel. 

Hygiene et secimte du travail Conferences aux conutes 
techniques regionaux. [Pans, Maloine, 1949-55] 

4 v 19cm 

EC967 M36 A 56-1038 rev 

New York Untv Libraries 

Merewether, Edward Rowland Alworth, ed 

Industnal medicine and hygiene With a foreword by 
Lord Horder London, Bntterworth, 1954-56 

3 T illus 25 cm 

A 57-1278 
Wisconsin. UnlT libr 

Metcalf, Wendefl 

Health maintenance for greater efficiency [Prepared in 
the Office of Procurement and Technical Assistance, Man- 
agerial Assistance Division] Washington, 1954 

T 53 p illus 23 on. ( [U S j Small Business Administration 
Small business management series, no 16) 
HD30 U5 no 16 331 822 55-60130 

Michigan. University. Institute of Industnal Health 

Encyclopedia of instrumentation for industrial hygiene 
Prepared and issued cooperatively by the University of 
Michigan Institute of Industnal Health, and School of Pub- 
lic Health, and the Occupational Health Program of the 
Public Health Service, U S Dept of Health, Education and 
Welfare Technical editors . Charles D Yaffe, Dohrman H. 
Byers c and] Andrew D Hosey. Ann Arbor, 1956 
xvU,1243p fflns , dlagrs., tables 32cm, 

A 57-6678 
Michigan Unlr LIbr 

Mofaler, Erhard, engineer 

Der Emfluss des Ingemeurs auf die Arbeitssicherheit 
Berlin, Tribune, 1956 

112 p Illus, diagrs (part col ) 21 cm ( Schrif teorelhe Arbeits 
schutz deg Institute filr ArbeitsSfconomik und Arbeitsschutzforschung 
Dresden, Heft 1) 
HD7261 M57 57-32S46 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

Company medical and health programs by Dons M. 
Thompson, Division of Personnel Administration] Rev. 
Hew York r 1959, 

60 p Him. 28 cm (iti Conference Board reports Studies In 
personnel policy, no 171) 
HF5549A2K27 no 171 658382 59-2594 J 

Netherlands (Kvngdom, 1815- ) Departement vm So- 
oZ Zdken en Volk&geaondheid 

Safety, hygiene, good working; conditions in the Nether- 
lands factories and workshops The Hague, Netherlands 
Government Information Office [1950j 
82 n ill IK 20 cm 

A 51-10526 rev 
Illinois. UniT Library 

Ostemtter, John Ferdinand, 1923- 

Tlie development of a prevention program in a parathion 
manufactunng plant a study of the application of occupa- 
tional health methodologies Ann Arbor, University Micro- 
films E 1956i 

Microfilm AC-1 no 15,116 Mic56-50a 

(iTTnlvmity Mlcrofllms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication no. 15,118) 

Patty, Frank Arthur, 1897- ed. 

Industrial hygiene and toxicology. Authors * G. D. day- 
ton (and others] 2d rev. ed. New York, Interscience Pub- 
lUufl., diagrs^ forms, tables, 26cm, 

Kissd, Geiogr. 

Berufsgesundheitslehre. Hrag. von der Padagogischen 
ArbeltssteUe Miinchen. Munchen, Grunwald- Yerlag, 1950. 

95 p, lllua, 21cm. (BQrger- nnd Lebenalrande) 
EC967.P55 5&-41715 t 

Praus*, H 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Res!, VbstimiL 

Ochranne pracovni masti Bratislava, VydavateTstro 
Slovenske] akademie vied, 1955 

194 p illus 25 can. 
KL241R4 56-45505 I 

Rius Sffltes, Isidro. 

Seguridad, higieae y medicma del trabajo, por Isidro Bius 
Sffltes y Manano Panella Casas. Barcelona, Bosch C 1955j 

4SOp mm. 23cm. 
HDT261E5 56-36532 t 

Ronbal, Jan, doctor of medicine, ed 

Hygiena prumysloveho prostfedi, soubor piednlsek ze 
senainarnfho sjkolenl, pof adaneho Mlnisterstveni zdravotnic- 
tvi a tfctaveni hygleny price a chorob z povolani v Praze ve 
dnech 3 -5 zaH 1056 pro pracovmky v oboru hygieny price. 
Bed, J. Roubal, L. Oppl r Vyd l.j Praia, Statai zdrarot- 

267 p. Illns. 21 cm. 
HD7261 E6 59-18161 

Eumfian, Gmlianme. 

Les etablissements classes dangereux, insalubres, incom- 
modes; prevention technique de leurs nuisances. Paris, fidi- 
406p 25cm. 

A 55-6472 
Ohio State UoiY Ilbr T54 

South Africa. W or&men's Qomp&nsatian Oommgswner. 

The worker's road to health and safety, by Gerald 
Macharuk, senior medical officer (industrial health) Pre- 
toria, 1954. 

97 p 19cm 
HD7261 S665 331.82 59-39388 % 

gtambuk, Dinfco. 

Prakii&o sprovoctenje higrjenske zasfate radnika u pre- 
ctaze&L, potsetnik za fabnSke higijenicaie. Beograd, Rad, 

TOp. 17cm. 

BC967.S7 59-32861 J 

f&etlin. Sons Viktorovici. 

Oxpasa Tpyjua B npoMsinoteaHOCTH , yHe<5Hoe nocotfEe. 
Mocxsa, 195S- 
v 23cm. 
T55.T783 59-45200 t 

U.S. Dept of the Air Force. 

Preventive medicine and occupational health program j 
engmeermg: data, rWashmgtoni 1957 

IT (looae-Ieaf} IHns. 28cm. (/* MX JTorce namuU, AFM 1K 

UG633.A3763 no 160-25 57-61531 J 

*614,85 33L822 

U.S. National Institute of Mental Health 

A review of mental health in industry; based on a survey 
of the literature Bethesda, Md.| Conimimity Services 
Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, National Insti- 
tutes of Health, Public Health Service, II. S. Dept. of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, 1957. 

1 T {various payings) 27 cm, 
SC967U5 *614.85 331,822 

U. S. Publtc Heattk Service Dwmon of Sp&mat Health 

The industnal envircmment, its evaluation and control 
Syllabus for short courses for industrial hygiene engineers 
and chemists, presented at Occupational Health Field Head- 
quarters, Cincinnati, Ohio, [Washington U. S. Dept, of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, 
Bureau of State Services, Division of Special Health Serv- 
ices, Occupational Health. Program r !958] 

1 T (varfcKis payings) mm. 28 cm. ( : 0. S. : PubUc Healft 
Service Pabllcation, no. 014) 

TD145 U5 62W 

naachno-issledovatel'skfi insiiftrt okhraay 

ttocoCHe HO npsucnrvecxoft pafSore TeaocHraconDC HHCUCK- 
Topos IpC upo^corosoB. cITo otfmefi pe#. B H 13-iaHOB- 
ocoro. MoocKi) IIpo4iH3^aT, 1850- 

v lllos. 22cm. 
KAS18JIS 51-28585 rev 

Wang:, Wen-ehang. 

ISO p. Ulus. 18 er 

C5S-5602 J 

Weizsacker, Viktor, Freihtrr von, I88S- 

Soziale Krankheit und sozaale Gesondung t 2 Aufl bearb. 
von Eolf Piehlerj Grottmgen, Vandenhoedc & Bupredit 

75 p 21 cm. (S3elce Vandenlioeck-Rdlie, 15) 
EC967W45 1955 

56-45518 | 

Wemger, Kurt. 

Der Atemschutz m der Industrie Berlin, Verlag Tribune, 

114 p mug 21 tin 

EC967W4S A 37-2390 

Temple Unlv Library 

ZieMski, Jerzy. 

Wiadomo&i z higieny pracy Wyi 2., popr. i rozsz. 
Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn Techniczne, 1955 

166 p. fllus 21cm. 
BC967JZ5 1955 5&-32871 | 


Argentine Republic. Gongreso 

Accidentes del trabajo, enfermedades profesionales, hi- 
giene del traba3o Buenos Aires, Biblioteca del Congreso 
de la Nacion, Seccion Eeferencm Legislatava, 1949. 

70 L 29 cm. (its Informadfe bibliogrifica. PabHcacI6n no S) 
Z1009A7 no 6 57-46878 

Besser, Carl 

Arbeitsschuta-Literatur, erne empfehlende Bibliographie, 
bearb ^ on Carl Besser und Siegfried Hartung Hrsg von 
der Deutschen Bucherei in Leipzig t Berlm, Verlag Tn- 
bune,1958 1 

136 p illus 21 cm (Sonderbjbliographien der Deutscben Bu- 
cherel, 10) 
26673 B43 59-42224 t 

Humphrey, Hiram Brown, 1805- 

Bibliography of Bureau of Mines health and safety pub- 

lications, January 1947-June 1955, by H B Humphrey and 

Hazel J Stratton. Washington, U S Govt Print. Ofi% 

m, 89p 26cm. ([II Si Bureau of Mines Bulletin 558) 

TN23U4 no 558 0166228 56-62283 

- . - Copy 2. Z7164JL17H8 

U. S. Dept. of the Air Force 

Medical service; bibliography on industrial medicine and 
occupational health. Washington, 1957 

10 p. 27 cm. (/** Air Force pamphlet no 180-6-5) 
UG633A3764 no 160-6-5 016 331822 57-61695 t 

U. S. National Institute of Mental Health 

A review of mental health in industry j based on a survey 
of the literature Bethesda, Md.] Community Services 
Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, National Insti- 
tutes of Health, Public Health Service, TJ. S Dept of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, 1957. 

1 T (rarioos paglngs) 27 cm, 
EC967U5 *61485 331822 58-60832 

U. S. Public Health Service. Division of Special Health 

Bibliography of occupational health; occupational health 
and related publications from the Public Health Service 
1953-1957, prepared by Occupational Health Program. 
Washington, 1957. 

47 p Sr cm, 
Z6673.U532 OME31822 58-60256 J 


Seminario Nadaaal de Salud OccpadonaL 
Actaa. L- 

v mm. 28cm. 


Sofia, Nauchno-izsledovatelski institut po oktrana na 

Hay^KH rpy^oae T 1- 

jCo^HJCj IIpo^Bca.ataT, 1957- 

T. mm. 21cm. 

T55JS57B 5&-S4576 

Vsesoiuznyi nauchno-issledovatel'sMi institat okhrany 

ajntHot ceccKH HHcranryra, 21-26 HHJB 1954 ro^a. 

. .^I 
v. dlagra 28cm. 


Interaatic-aal Congress <m Oecopational Health. 12t^ Hel- 
sinki, 1957 

Qumzaine de la secunte, de f hygiene et de Pembeffisaement 
des lieux de travaii 

Qamzauie tie la &&unt, de llngiene, et de Fembellisse- 
ment des heus de travai' Veertiendaagse Propaganda roor 
"Veiligheid, Hygiene en Yerfraaiing der Werkplaatsen 
jConferentes prononceesj 

Y illus 25 on annual 
HD7260 Q55 56-1973& 


International Labor Office. 

International directory of institutions engaged in study, 
research and other activities in the field of occupational 
safetj and health Geneva, 1955- 

2v 30cm 

T55I55 33182058 L 59-137 

U S Dept of U-bor Library 

see also Factory laws and legislation 

International Labor Office. 

Organisation of occupafaonal health services in places of 
employment Fourth item on, the agenda. Genera, 1958- 

T 24cm, 
HD7260J673 1959c 
IT S DeptoflAbor 


L 59-100 

International Labor Office. 

Organisation of occupational health services in places of 
employment. Sixth item on the ngenda Geneva,, 1957-58. 

2 v 24 cm 

HD7261 165 33 1 822 L 57-125 rev 

It S Dept of Labor Library 


Austria. Laws, statutes, etc 

Allgememe Dieastnehmerscitutzverordnung Maschinen- 
Schutzvornchtungsverordnuttg, Wien, Verlag der Oster- 
reichischen Staatsdruckerei, 1952. 
155 p 19cm 



Belgium. Lews, ifatvtet, etc. 

Algemeen reglement voor de arbeid^wschermin^, 1 Juli 
1048 At\i erpen T Mercunus t lD48i 
354 24cm 


Belgium. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Eeglement general pour la protection du twwiiL 1* 
juillet 1948. [Nivelles, Impr. Hamtuc, 1948i 
319 p. farms, tables. 25 ca 


Belgium. Zaip*, statute*, etc. 

Beglement general pour la protection du tra,vaiL 3. &L, 
1&56 ivelles,Impr.penitenfcir6,105e- 

lv (loose-leaf } form, tables. Mem. 




Czechoslovak Republic. Laics, statutes, etc. 

Pralpisypbef!>e&ctiacds^^ Swta 

pcmimfcaini opatfH Josef Kbtdb r Vyd. 3Lj Pratm, Orbis, 

646 p. 21cm 



Denmark. Laics, statutes, etc. 

Ahnindelig: arbejderbes&yt*els, Lor nr. S96 af 11. jam 

1&54. Med kommaatarer af Erik Breyer. E^bmhaTrnj Foa> 



LOT BR gSS atf 1L ioni 1954 om thniBdeBg a 
teise. Med henxisnmger og reg^tre udarb. af Erik Dreyer. 
iK^mhaTO, Fremad, 1964j 

88 p. Ron. 

4 p. 24cm. 

telse, Mfid henrisiiiiiger og registra udiurb. af Erik I>reyfer. 

HWWM.W , ^ . 

Lov nr 226 om almmdeiig arbejderbeskyttaise. Stadfees- 

af H. M. kwg f m&ank nt dn 11 jtmi 1M4. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 



Dmiark. dtui >i&tutei, <?/- 

LOT nr 227 af 11 juni 1054 om ajbejderbeakyttelse mdea- 
for hacdels- og kootomrksooabed Med teavisninger og 
wgsatoiiidarb af ErakDreyer rKf*enkaim, Fremad, !W4j 

56 p> 2& cm. 


Bennark. Zotct, jio&tfet, efc 

LOT nr. 227 om ftrbejderbeskytteto mdenfor ajffidels- og 

kontorvirlwonalied Stadfaatet af H. SL kong Fredenk ix 
den 11 juw 1954 K^benhavn, Jeepersen <m Pio, 19^4 
SI p IS cm. ( Pies |OT nr M) 


BeaniariL Zon, tteto&i, <rfe 

Lor wn artejdrcakytteise *a<ierfor hardels- og; kontoi- 

ruciESomhed, Lov nr 2-'7 af II juni 1954 rned ealelte noter 
og fctikoniwre^ster. Tilrettelagt af H Jfindrap t K0ben- 
Iwvnj Dansie handei&foremngers fafieaorgamsatioa, 1954 
4&p idea 



Ranee, Lmrs, . 

L%py*bon, nomfiadtebcu* et r^koMBtstua 
ments dangoreax, msalttbres oa incommodes. Lois des 19 

d&esafee 1WT, 20 ami 1982 et 21 aownbre 1942, Becret da 
20 mil 1 053 2. M. mise i jour fc la date dm SI fanner 1954. 
fParis-flmpr ties Jonnutax officials, 1984, 
II, 33ft p. tateSea, 3em 

Fwuac*. jLm 

Prevention et reparation dee wxidents du travail et des 

miladies pwfessMnaelkw, Lew no 46-242 din 90 octdbre 
IMS et Deeret m 40-2^59 da 31 d&embre 1M6 fid mise 
i ]cwr a 15 jam 19S6 t Pwns, Josirua! ctoel de It Sepu- 

Prfels da l%isitaim da tnwul, dliygslne profeacneIlB 
ft d*ui*rwiK ciinqtte ; jzututtioa a 1& nua seeml Jfouv. M^ 

r an 25 wptembta 1951 MsmtliBQoo ( AUber} t !95Ij 

4p, 27a. 



aft* j 

far d 

die tecfausefeea GmttMtze zur Ar- 
840 t TOBtj EraA Hoewict mod Otto 

A 50-1548 

HamfljaA fir (kn Aitwtssdratz. Htsg 7a Mnurtenraa 

Bepblik, Bewad* Artettsedbutz. 
: Fettt WldUb fCt ai 

Bas E*cht aaf -Schs t: iier Arbeitskraft 

8walfc Ber-dek Jeco 


Italy. Hairs, ^tat^te^ etc 

Prevenzicrae infortuni e igiene del iavoro per lavon in 
sotterraneo, per lavon in cassoni ad ana compressa, per la 
cinesaatogmfia e televiaone, per gli unpianti telefomci, 
decreti pr Rep 20 marzo 1956, nn. 320, 321, 322, 323 
Milano, L di G Pirola. 1956 

61 p 23cm. <Co!IesIone!egalePirola, n 1188 ) 



Netherlands (/U^C/OOT, I31j- ) Laws, statute*, etc 

Veiliffheidswet 1934 Wet van 2 Juh 1934, Stb 352, 
houdende bepahn^en tot beveili^ing bij den arbeid in hat 
algeraeen en bij het verbhjven in fabneker of werkplaatsen 
in, het bijzonder zoals deze nader is gewijzigd Silicosewet 
Wet van :5 April 1931 T Stb 134, houdende vaststelling ran 
een regelmg betreffende het voorkonnen en het bestnjden van 
silicose en andere stoflongziekten Wet op de gevaarlijka 
werktwgen. Wet \an 5 Maart 1052, Stb 104, houdende 
veiligfieidEsvoorschnften met betrekfcmg tot geraarhjke 
werirtuigen en be\ eiiigmgsmiddelen Caissonwet 1905 Wet 
van 22 Mei 15)03, Stb 143, houdende bepalmgen tot be- 
veiliginp: faij het uitvocren van bouwwerken onder groteren 
dan den atmosfensehen luchtdruk, zoals deae nader is 
gewijzigd Bewerkt door H F Beenhakker 7 druk 
Zwolle. W E J Tjeenk Wilhnk 1055 

34 p 20i9cin (Nederlandse staatswetten, BO 57) 



Smbert, Wadaw. 

Prawne zagadmema bezpieczentwa i higieny pracy 
c Wyd. 1 Warszawaj Paj^wowe Wydawn. Hankowe 1956! 
133 p 20 cm (Monografie popularao-aa.u3co i we Frawo) 



Dnvaakov, Georgii Sesnenovicli, 

Pafioia KOMiicciift H oCmecTB 
paac rp>Aa Hw 2 , acnp H 

x iiHcneETopos no ox- 


(IMS- V.S.S E) Iffws, statutes, etc 

CnpasoiHHK no oxpane xpy^a H xexHuse SeaonacHOCTH a 
BOKMyEaitKOM xoarfcrEC JIoA o(5n?eg pe^ B C CaEeesa. 
MocEsa, HS^-BO MHHHcrepcTBa KOMMVHajttEoro xosjcftcrsa 

PC<ICP, 1950- 
T 23cm 

51-30612 rer 

Russia (im$- U. S S. B f ) Zmoa, statute*, etc. 

6e3onacaocm a npoKSBO^CTBCHKajt casHTapEjE, 
nocraaoaaeKHft H npauaj: CocrasHi B C. Map- 
iMocKsai IIpo^asjaT, 1954. 
5l58p. dlttnu forma, 21cm. 


Sweden. Lout, *, etc 

Arbetarskyddslagto, 1M9 irs arbetar^ryddslag jamte 
dariall horande forfattinngar. Stoddbalm., Tidens forlag, 


seas beslut och annsnmgar sanat ar Styrel^ii godkinda 

3 TJppsak, 


Sweden. Law*, rtaiutez, etc. 


330 p. ilita.. fortes. 22cm. 


Lxw*, ziztute^ etc. 
f i e If IttmiteBdrafyriMniOj fa 
jaaite diii-till horande f ortfactniEijar. Stockhoka. Tidens 
!, s 


President's Conference on Occupational 

te^J^. ff. 

Reports of tha Committee on Laws and Regulations, 1^^- 

50. : Washington; 

iU S> p. pwtR. M OXL CU & 
Ei> 134) 



Trasko, Victoria M 1907- 

Occupational health and safety legislation; a compilation 
of State laws and regulations [Washington] U. S Dept. of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, 
Bureau of State Services, Division of Special Health Serv- 
ices, Occupational Health Program [1954J 

xiii, 315 p 24 cm (U -fi Public Health Service Publication 
no 357) 

614 54^-6088 



Yugoslavia. Laws, statutes, etc 

zastifci rada c Zbornik_ materijala za sindikalne akti 
viste o za^titi rada, u red Zivka Simonovskog] Beograd 

167 p 20cm (PrlrutSDlksindikalnogaktt viste) 

55-S4743 t 

Loews, statutes, etc. 
O sauiTiiTH pa^a iSSopaiiE. Maxepiijajia sa cHH^HKajiHe 
arrnBiicTe o samTEte pa^a, y pe^ B!0BKa CaMOHOBCEorj 
EeorpaA, Pa^, 1930 

176 p 20 cm. (npHpyramc CHHAHKMHOF aKTHBHcre) 


Yugoslavia, Laws, statutes, etc 

Vaznije odredbe Opdeg pravilnika o higijenskim i teh- 
mclom zaStitnim mjerama pn radtt USplitu, Izd Gradske 
sanitarne in^pekci]e, 1955 
Sp 20oa 

58-26650 J 


Ochrona pracy ; bezpieczenstwo i higiena pracy. 


v illus., ports 30cm. monthly 

Pact,* prevention des accidents, controles techniques, hygiene 
et maladies professionnelles 

v illoa. 30 cm bimonthly 
T55JUP33 57-39691 

Akademna nank Kazakhskoi SSR, Alma-Ata. 

BUH 1- 
AaMa-Ara, 1949- 

v 27 cm. 
BA421.A162 5fr44236 


Textil- and BekleiduD^s-Bernfsgenossenschaft 

Jahresbencht fiber die Ihirchfuhrun* der Unfallverhu- 
tangs-Vorschriften und die Massnahmen fur die erste Hllfe 

55-31237 J 

T Was. 30cm. 

Befeinnu Adnwusfoation de la protection tecAmgue dv fro- 

Bmssd, Drokfcenj EL & M. Schaumana. 

v. mm. 25cm. 
iLD77l6^A35 55-42549 t 


Bulgaria. Mtmsterstvo na nurodnoto s&rtwe. Zdramo- 
pawane i Waweme na Ingadvrite 
HjacrpyicnHa K aapeflo'K sa sApasHaxa oiyactfa B (Jpara- 

UJu 24cm. * 



Canada. Dept. of National SeaLtJi md Welfare. 

Occupational health, services m industry in Canada, 1954. 
Ottawa, Kesearch and Statistics Division, Dept of National 
Health and Welfare, 158 

Ut,4p. dlagra n tables. 36cm. (Jte General series, noemorandton 
ML la) 

HD7S65UJ.CSA53 58-44096 


Belicevid, Vitomir. 

Otganijci]a zdravstveae slulbe radnfli brlgada. Zagreb, 

1T^ Menu 
RA523.G9B4 59-47719 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Pohunkovi, Bagmar. 

Zdravotnicka osveta v zavodeeh t Vyd 1 V Prazej 
U-stfedni ustav zdravotmcke osrety t 1957j 

43 p 21 cm (Seminarni: ikoleaf Mtoft T metodlce zdravotnkW 
HDTT01 C9P6 58-45263 | 


Toohugieem kuisimu&i Eesti NSV polevlcmtoostases. 

Tallinn, Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus, 19 

v illus 23 cm 
KC065 P4ST6 56-43097 

1949- ) 

Germany (Democratic Republic, 1949- ) Mvmsterwm fur 

Handbuch fur den Arbeitsschutz Hrsg. vom Mmistenum 
fur Arbeit der Regierung der Deutschen Demokratischen Re- 
pubhk, Hauptabt Arbeitsschutz. Bearb. vom Redaktions- 
kollektiv Felix Wiehle t et al 3 Berlin, Deutscher Zentral- 
verlagtpref 1953, 

xvl, 738 p 21 cm 

HD77Q9 A3A5 A 55-3587 

NewlorfcUniv Wash Sq Library 

Germany (Democratic Republic, 19J$- 

Mvnfctt&rwm fwr 

Handbuch fur den Arbeitsschutz Hrsg vom Ministenum 
fur Arbeit und Berufsausbildungf der Regierung der Deut- 
schen Demokratischen Kepublik, Hauptabteilung Arbeits- 
schutz Bearb- vom Redaktionskollekiir Felix Wiehle c et 
al S uberarb and erweiterte AufLj Berlin, Deutscher Zen- 

A 55-6218 

Arbeitsschutz im Industriebetrieb ; Emfuhrung in Theorie 
und Praxis des Arbeitssehntzes [Von, E, Gniza, E. Muller 
toad, B. Schneider. Berlin, Verlag Tribune, 1957. 

21 cm. (Schriftearelhe Arbeltsschntz des Instituts fDr 

rvl, 7&i p 23, cm. 

Harvard Unly Library 

116 . . 

ArbeltsGkoiiomlk mid Arbeitasdmtzforsc 

5, Dresden, Heft S) 


Renker, Earliteinz. 

Aibeitsh\iene und Gesundlieitsschutz m unseren Be- 
tneben ,Beihnj Hochschule der Gewerkschaften "Fnte 
Heckert 7 ' beun Bundesvorstand des FDGB, 1954 

80 p 21 cm f Scbrlftearei&e dr Hochsdinle der Gewerkscbaften 

"Frit* Hectoert," 2) 

HD770J>A1R4: 56-^33182 J 

1949- ) 

Balke, Siegfried. 

Labour protection and mdtistnal hygiene ni Western <3er- 
many, by Siegfned Balke and Wilhdm Hergt Duessel- 
dorf, Verlag Handelsblatt 1952?j 

11 PL 30 cm. 

HB7708 BIS 55-18032 J 

Paul, Elfried*, 1^00- 

Untersuehungen uber Ursachen und Dauer der Arbeits- 
unfahigkeit bei der Fran; Analyse der gc^mdheitiiahftn 
Lage der werktatigen Frauen auf Grand von Erhebungen in 
secns Berluier Betriebea, Berlin, Verlag Volk tmd GsaDd- 
iieit, 1956. 

112 & mm 25cm 
HD7268.P3 57-S50M } 


Herf ord. Maxim Edward MeaJrin. 

Yootb at wsrik j & Gm-jmr stedy by aa appointed fectorj 

57-477T t 


GLBrit. Factory Dept. 

Iiidustrml health; a surrey in HaMar, a report by H. M. 
Factory Iiifpectorate and rt^mmeiidations of tie IndustiM 
HeaKh Advisory Gommitteeu London, H. M 

iv.19 p. tables, 25cm. 



fEomat Centroitaliano addetiiall&mcare^^. 

T. mm. Mem. 




Nihom. Seisansei Homba, Tokyo 

Industnal health & safety in Japan. Tokyo [Japan Trade 
Union Industnal Health & Safety Specialist Stady Team, 
Japan Productivity Center, 1957 

35 p illus 26 cm 
HD7261 X3 59-35(128 | 


Mesico. Secretana del Trabajo y Prevvaon Social Dslega- 
cwn del Tiabajo \o 5 

Una joinada de prevision social; asamblea de represen- 
tantes de Coniisiones Mixtas Pennanentes de Seguridad e 
Higiene. [Mesaco 9 Secretaria del Trabajo y Prevision So- 
cial, Oficuia del Control Foraneoj 1956 

114 p Illus 23cm. 
HD7260M4 1956 57-32187 


Industrial hygiene review v 1- Dec 1958- 

Albany, New York State Depi of Labor, Division of Indus- 
tnal Hygiene, 

New York. State Libr 

A 59-9208 


Informator spoiecznego inspektora, pracy w budowmctwie 
[Autorzy K. A&sik et al j Warszawa, Wydawn, Zwiazkowe 
CRZZ, 1955 

_22g p illoa IT on 
BGD7269.B9PM 58-15882 

Ochrona pracy; bezpieczenstwo i Hgiena. pracy 

T IIlos , ports 30 cm monthly 



Noronha, Cordato de. 

OrgamzaQao sanitaria, medicina social e medicma do tra- 
balho no ultramar portuguea Memoria apresentada ao x 
Congre^o Internacional de Medicina do Ttabalho pek 
Repartacao de Saude do Mimsteno do Ultramar Lisboaj 
Divisao de Publicasoes e Biblioteca, Agencia Geral do Ul- 
tramar, 1951 

398 p Illus. 23 cm. 
RA552P65N6 55-41M8 


Beilikliis, Grigorii Abramoviciu 

Bs HcropHH 6opM5u sa caHHtapHyxj oxpany Tpy,sa B rtap- 
cicoft POCCHK , sonpocH rHTHCHH K oxpaHH Tpy^a ^opeBO- 
jnoijHaHHoa 6011 mesHcrcKOft neiaxH, Mocsaa, Me^rns, 

3fl2,j3ji> 28cm. 
HD7725 B4 58-46724 

Davankov, Georgii Semenovich. 

Die Arbeit der Arbeitssohntzkommission and der Arbeits- 
schutzobniaiiner Aus dem Russiscben ubertragen you 
Wolfgang Bnscnj Brlm, Yerlag Trabfine, 1956. 

131 p Mem. 
HD7725D814 57-46970 J 

Khofsfanov, Lev Kiprianovich, 

rHmena ipy^a Ho^ pe^ JI K XoujjiHosa 
B KaifeCTse yiefi nocotfxrx xxx cry^eHTOB 
rnrHeaH^ecicoro ^aKy^tTexa KC^. HH-TOB. Moc 
______ 4T4p. UlUS. 27 cm. 

Kiev. Nauclino-iuUdovatel'skZi institut gig^eny truda 

a no ratraeHe H ^HSHoaoniH Tpy,p., 
cecciix KHCTHTyxa KHCB, Toe Kyj; BC^-BO yCCP, 

201 p. 21cm. 
BC067.K5 57-47094 

Moscow. Vysshaia shkola prof essionaTuogo dvizheniia. 

Oxpaira tpy^^a. ^onymreao B xa^ecxBe y*e6 nocoo'Ha ^juc 
TOKOS rrpo^flBioceHHJi. 2., Hcnp. HS^ 
CKHM KOxaeiTHBOM cocraae PajOTraHa, I", A. 
Teat) H ^p. MocEBa] Hpo^aaAaT, 1956. 

278 p, mas. 21cm. 
HD7725JC6 1956 56-4111T 

Shikov, Grigorii Terenfevick. 

MC^HUHHCKOTO cKSc^yamBasHta patfcwmx 

E. JC- AniypBOBa H 
40 p. 20 cm. 

MOCKB^ Mraa 


Terasessee State Medical Assodatiou. 

The first Tennessee regional industrial health conference, 
December 7-8, 1950, Nashville, Tennessee t Sponsors. Ten- 
nessee State Medical Association, Tennessee Section, Ameri- 
can Industnal Hygiene Association, Tennessee Dept of 
Public Health Nashville, Industnal Hygiene Service, Ten- 
nessee Dept of Public Health, n. d j 

55 p diagra 23 cm. 
H1D7655T37T4 331823082 56-63489 

U S. 

Arbeitsschatz m USA Bencht der deatschen TeilneKmer 

an einer Stmdieareise der OEEC Mit Beitragen on Otto 
Berckhoff t et al j Munchen, C Hanser, 1855 

121 p illus 24cm. fSationallsIeronga-Kuratorium <Ier Deutscien 

Wirtschaft KKW-Auslandis<iienst, Heft 28) 

HD7261A7 5^-33645 t 

Michigan. University. Survey Research Center. 

Employee health services, a study of managerial attitudes 
and evaluations, conducted for the Public Health Service 
by the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. 
jAnn Arbor, 1955 *, 

144L iUns 28cm. 
HD7654M5 658382 58-62777 t 

National Research Council Cammtftee. on Toxicology 

Armed Forces index of occupational health methods and 
equipment Project no OX 6404001 [Washington 1&55 

65 p Illus 23 cm. 
T3H603N3 33182 58-&G668 t 

U. S Public Health Service. 

The local health officer in occupational health. t Washxng- 
ton, 1959, 

HD7654A55 S31.82 Sd-61214 

U. S. Publtc Health Service. Dwisrwn of GmetwxL Health 

State occupational health programs; selected mformation 
included in tho current ^ate public health plans submitted 
by state health departments and by other state agencies 
responsible for the occupational health programs. Wash- 
ington, 1968 

41 p 22x28 cm. (jU Sj Public Health Serrfce. PabHcatlo0 
no. 606 j 

HD7653.A5 1958 33L822 58-61662 


Kesjc, Branko. 

Occupational hygiene in Yugoslavia. Zagreb, 195!. 

13p Him 25cm. 



Here are entered works of a 

character which, deal with laws and 
legislation regulating industry. Works 
on the theory of state regulation of 
industry are entered under the headings 
Industry and state or Laissez-faire 

see also Competition,, Unfair; Factory 
laws and legislation; Freedom of move- 
ment; Labor laws and legislation; Occupa- 

tions, Dangerous; Patent laws ami legisla- 
tion; Trade-marks; Trade regulation 

Ledesma, Julio C 

H dmsAo mdwtrial; CQsatemido, relacicmes con oiras dis- 
dphBas fttrfdiais y sutonomia, Bws Aires, Effiatiil 
97 p. 23cm. 

54-43885 J 

Olivera, JuHo H 

; concept 
Buenos Aires, Ediciones Arayii { 1M4] 

182 pi. Seat, 

m-ww t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



SaUrenren, Hawl 

A statement of lisa laws of Argentina IB matters affectog 
kstniebS,, by Raul Salainenren, with, Rodolf o G Mattelli and 
Julio Fernandez Jfotxjsm (h) M ed., rev and eni Wash- 
ugtoQ, Dirtson of Legal Affairs, Dept. of International 
Law and Org^uuztbon, Pan American. Union, 1951 

T 1, 1ST it 28 on. 

Wuhingtcn, Legtl MTOHOD, Dept of lattnutianal Law, 



[347 T] 

er, Orwtitt fe Riyter. 
Better aplojmt relations, sad otlaar essays in labour. 
Sydney* Law Book Co. of Ansinkm, 1964. 

244 fi 22 oa 

5-15012 J 


Branberer ftiedridu 

Das Qstemadasel Gcwwfeeradit & AaJL beark TOO, 
Oswald KiuuMr, WWD, Mattmdtft Verfsgs- nod Tbtmngi- 

*,, U&&. 




DM Gewerfwedat 

IT f:<M>w.taKr) 24 OB fWlrtsdwItsredtat ffir 



Bvrazm. AoBiimtiiuteNMi /fir TFtrtafa/t *md Verkehr 

BsrsIttigtB Sumnhng dar Tfflrwaltmj^orsciaiftea des 
B*jr. SttataniiuataKiBnB fir Wlrtsehaft mad Yerkfehr, 

UBn&ea, 1M6L 




RftAattong des Haadds mud. dr Ikidstttne Im Veir- 
faanag&Wa fttyeras nt Zetomnai YOU 180S-19&1. MQn- 

9odec; , BaenQ des lois et tzi^s i caracter* 

!o<mB%tti .par, Georges Gtiffm. P^. do 1C. le jogo 

A iMcHsnt M fee laws of Bolivia in imttes affecting 
fe:ss^ b Its yar^is aspects acd activities. 

47^28594 rev* 

A <f &s laws rf Befirk m wttes 

3d i wr ad L jTmnslated 
W. On&Mtt and Paul i, Colbom, W 

Legnl Divinon, I>pt of Int^maocal Law, 

BtaaoL EmbauNHb. CT.5 

il, a survey of laws and regulations 
up to May 1058 Washington r 1958j 
Tl. W p 28 cm 

_ - Appendices i. n and m Some case studies. 
WaaMngton, 1958 
T!, CT p. S cm. 

3S2 602681 59-2024 

Nafoneo, Jose Tfeomaz. 

A statement of the laws of Brazil in matters affecting bum- 
new in its varums aspwts and activities. ^Prepared by Josfi 
T,Ktbttco,aadothersj Washington, 1948. 
iT.nsL 28cm 

48-6830 rev* 

Nab nes, Jose Hionaz. 

A statmQt of tifi la^ro of Brazil in matters afectoigbusi- 
OBSB. 2d eiL, rev. and enL Washington, Division of Law 
and Trmfaes, Dept of International Law, Pan American 
Union, 1955 

vlll IBB* 28oa. 

RO 1- By ladoto ZanottL 

WasMngtoa, Lc^al DiTiaon, Dept of International Law, 

Paa Anoanean Union, 1957- 


CMe. Zotw, statute*, &c* 

Legisiaci6n. cconoimca rpoij Oscar Aramayo [Santiago] 
Editorial Jnridtea d* Chile* 1953 
516 p. Hem. 


Ferdmau Fischer, Jorge. 

De la mstalftcion y fttncionamiento de indostrias, bajo & 
wnnto dfl vista Isg&L Ssntiaso. Elditorial Jurfdica de CSnIfi. 



A statement of the laws of CMe m matters affecting busi- 
ness 2d csd., rey and enl by Hernan Leigh and Carlos 
Valenznehu Washungton, Legal Division, Dept of Inter- 
national LAW. Pan American Union. 1956 

Till, 144 pu 28 cm. 



Lavs, statute, etc. 

rn l^al d la indnstna ea ColomJbiaj 
da disposieioom vigtes con notas y concorda 
Alwto SjlTt, jj Tito laTio CMdas. L ed. Bogota, Edi- 


tad y reajwto ewmomico, ocstubre, nowanbre y 
1036 ircportaciones, medidss monetarias, pro- 
' deoda comercial, p8n|meflto nadonal, 
S7. tBogotai Empreea Nadoaal de PuMi- 
caciones : 1957 : 
jocrti,*^ I8<m 58-44465 

Disposiciones economicas. 



A statemeEt of the laws of Costa Rica In matters affecting 
busicess ib its various aspects and activities r bv Raul 

OawBfe and Hiny aarAer 3 WaAlngtom, IMS 

A statement of the kws of Costa EIca ia matters afecting 


WAmgfa, mvmx. ol Uw mud Treaties. Depfc 
lHml Uw, Pw America XTraoB, 154 


Bngeda Lanzas, Jesus. 

A stataaent of the laws of Cuba in matters affecting busi- 
ness. 2ded,rev and enl [Translated and edited by Taylor 
W. Gannett and reviewed by Paul A. Colboni] "Washington, 
Legal Ihnsion, Depi of International Law, Pan American 
Union, 1958. 

Till, 332 p. 28cm. 

&47T 58-61429 

Cuba. Laws, statutes, etc 

La estimulacion industrial en Cuba Habana, 1956 
142 p 21 cm. (Publicaclones del Consejo Nacional de Economia, 


Cuba. Laws, statutes, etc 

Law-decree no 1038, August 15, 1953 Industrial develop- 
ment law t Habana, Private Commercial Service, 1953j 
11 L 30cm. (Publlcaclones Lewis) 


Cuba. Laws, statutes, etc 

Legislaci<5n bancana y economico-financiera, compilada 
por d Departamento Legal del Banco Nacional de Cuba 
Habana, Banco Nacional de Cuba, 1954- 
v 24cm 

54-31913 rev 

Cuba. Laws, statutes, etc* 

Presidential decree no 2136 July 30, 1955 t i e 1954, , regu- 
lations foi the administration of Law-decree 1038 of 1953, 
known as the "Industrial stimulation law." Habana, Pri- 
vate Commercial Service t !954 ? j 
281 29cm. {Publicaclones Lewis) 



CzediosIoTak Repnblie. Laws, statutes* etc. 

Slivnostenskrf fid, se zfetelem na zmeny, provedene v n&n 
T dobe nesvobody a v prvnicb. letech obnovenS Ceskosloven- 
ske repubHky do &rvna 1948, s komentafem a judikaturou. 
ScsL, npravil a, poznamkann opatfil Vadar Masoptt*. 
tVyol 1 , V Praze, V. Linharfc, 1948. 
T46p. 18cm. (Privolcfc4knllMmia,8T 68) 



Zakon planovitbo, proporcionabiiho rozvoje narodnQio 
hospodafstvL TJjpraveno podle pfednasek na Yysoke stra- 
nidcfi ikole ph UV KSC 1 ryd , Praha, Rude praro, 

77p 2tcm 

56-39261 { 


Danske handelsforeningers faellesorganisation. 

Betogtnmger vedr^rende nogle nsermgsspjzirgsmaL 
j 1951 

59 p 22cm 

f* Budkshandelens hlndb.tfger, 6) 



Tellado, Antonio. 

A statennt of the laws of the Dominican Republic in 
matters affecting business. 2d ed , rev and enl. Washing- 
ton, Division of Law and Treaties, Dept of International 
Law. Pan American Union, 1953 

J*p 28cm. 

Supplement no 1- 

Wasbington, Division of Law and Treaties, Dept of Inter- 
national Law, Pan American Union, 1956- 


53-63587 rev 


Serrano Moscoso, Edoardo, 

A statement of the laws of Ecuador in matters affecting 
business in its various aspects and activities. Washington, 

142t 28cm. 

48-11454 rev* 

Serrano Moscoso, Edaardo. 

A statement of the laws of Ecuador m matters affecting 
business, M ed., rev, and enL Washington, Division of 
Law and Treaties, Dept of International Law, Pan Ameri- 
ca^ Union, 1955. 

Till, 190 p. 28cm, 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 



Union nationale mterprofessionnelle des materiaux de cons- 
truction et prodmfs de cameres. 

Documentation de base a Pusage de ses membres, 1953 
t 2 ed Paris, 1953j 
Hi, 537 p 25 cm 



Deutsches Buro fur Fnedensfragen. 

Das Abkommen fiber verbotene und bssc&rankte In- 
dustnen torn 13 Apnl 1949, erne erste Analyse. Stuttgart, 

261 30cm 


1949- ) 

Sozialistische Emheitspartei Deutschlands, 

Zur okonomischen Politik der Sozialistischen Bmheits- 
partei Deutschlands und der Regierung der Deutscnen 
Demokratischen Republik Zusammenstellung von Be- 
schlussen der Soziahstischen Emheitspartei BeutscMands 
sowie Gesetzen und Verordnungen der Kegierung der Deut- 
schen Demokratisdiea Bepmblik, 11 Juni IMS bis 21. Juli 
1955 t l Aiifl j Berlin, Dietz, 1955 

S2Sp 21cm 

A 56-6479 
Wisconsin TJniv Libr 

Zimmer, Karl. 

Pas Verwaltungsrecht der Wirtscnaftsbehorden. Halle, 
Gebauer-Schwetschke Verlag Nachf. Jaeger, 1949. 

35 p a cm. (Schrifteareihe Oer Eechts- und Staatswiasenshaft- 
Ucfaen Fafcuttlt der Martin Latfcer-Unlversitat Halle/Wittenberg 
Heft 4) 


1949- ) 

Germany (Federal SepwbKc, 1949- 
fSf "WirtscTutft 

Mimstenalblatt 1 - 
15 Okt 1949- 

T 31 cm. semimonthly 


Jahrg ; 

52-29543 rev 

Germany (Federal RepuU^ 1949- ) Laws, statutes, etc 
Gewerbeordnung; Gesetz, Ansfubrongsbestinmitiiigeii, 
Dtirchf uSbrungsverordnungen, Automatengesetz, Speiseeis- 
verordnang, Ee<^tsberattmgsmi^raudhgesetz, Sachregister. 
Textausg LAiifL K6ln,O Schmidt t !952, 
lB5p 15cm. (Ttaeben-Texte, Bd. B 2} 


<3emany (Federal Republic* 18$- ) Laws, sta&utes^ etc. 

Gewerbeordnung^ Gaststattengesetz, Handwerksordnnng 

Textausg ohiie Nebengesetze mit Verweisungen raid Sach- 

Terzeidmis 3. dnrchge^hene Aufl Muaciiea, Beck, 1954. 

Tt, 1@3 p 20 cm 


Germany (Federal Repu&lw, 19&~ 


, etc. 

Textaosg. okne Nebengeaetze mit VerweiMuigMi und Sach.- 
Terzeichais. 4. durch^sehene Aufl. Muaehen, Beck, 1955. 
Ti,i8Sp. mem. (Bedt'scbe TeaatKabeaj 

>.c,1949- ) Laws, atatut-es, etc. 
jg , l&xDQmeoi&X' unit txosa? KnfShrang in 
das Gwerberecht, von Gerhard Boldt und Heinz Steffens. 
Mimst^r, Westl, AschendorS t 1955 ; 
xi, 487 p. IS cm. (Aschendorffis jortatlsche Hanclbficherel, B<L 

Germany (Federal Republic, W&~ ) Ltws, statutes, etc. 
Gewerbeordnong. Kommentar, neubearb. von Erich Ey- 
mmsm and la&mg firaiar. 11 Amfi. Mindbis^ Bedk^ 

I*. 23cm. 

56-47 081 rev 

Erich Eyermann -und, Ludwig Frohler, Mfinchsn, 
Beck, 1952-53. 
Sv.laa. Mem. 

Hamann, Andreas. 

Deutsches Wirisclmftsverfaaangsrecht 
Luchteriband C 1958j 
190 p 24 cm 

58-48680 * 

Hamburg Laws, statutes^ etc 

Wirtschaft'srecht , Sammlung %on Gesetzen, Veroulnuu- 
j^en und anderen offentlich-rechtlichen Vorschriften des 

Bundes (Reiches) und der Hansestadt Hamburg, hrsg Ton 
Andrew Grapengeter, bearb von Harald Sag; Hambur*. 
Christen, 1951-54 
6v (loose leaf) 21cm 

52-21526 rev 

Rriger, Alexander, 1889- 

Zivilproze^recht fiir Kaufleute, erne allgemeinverstiSnd- 
liche u*id kurzgefasste Emfuhrung in die Zivilprozessord- 
nung mit den \vichtigsten Xebengesetzen Mit Anyang 
Gewerbeieclit, gewerbhcher EechtsaA,ut2 Wirtschafts^raf- 
recht und Sozialrecht Em guter Ratgeber fur Fabrikanten, 
Kaufleute und Angestellte Wuppertal-Elberfeld, 1956 
l(Mp 2icm 

58-19363 t 

Strauss, Walter, 1900- 

Entwicklung und Probleme des heutigen "Wirtschafts- 
rechts Kiilruhe,C F Mailer t l57, 

26 p 23 cm. ( Jurislisclie Stttdiengesellschaft Karlsrahe Schrif- 

50-17915 1 

Tuditfeldt, Egon. 

Gewerbefreiheit als wirtschaftspohtisches Problem. Ber- 
lin, DuncLer & Humblot t !955j 

220 p 23cau (VolkswirtsdiaftUdie Schriften, Heft 18) 

A 57-5503 
Rochester TJniv Libr 

Tnregg, Kurt Egon, Frez&err von, 1904-1956. 

Gewerberecht Tubmgen, J C. B. Mofaiy 1953 

ad, 196 p 23 cm. (Grundrlas des Verwaltungareclits. Belhe B . 
Verfassungs- und Yervvaltangsreclit, Bd 28) 



Reimer, Eduard, ed 

Beitrage zum Wirtschaftsrechtj Festscnnft fur Rudolf 
Isay zu semem siebzig^en Geburtstag Kola, C Heymanns 

viii,33&p port 23cm 



Frank, William Francis. 

Tne new industrial law London, Thames Bank Pub Co,, 

xlx, 456 p. 22 cm. 

338^42 51-4648 rer 


Gomez Robles, Julio. 

A statement of the laws of Guatemala in matters affecting 
business. Washington, Division of Legal Affairs* Def>t of 
International Law, Pan American Union, 1951 

It, 121 p 28 cm 

Supplement no.l- 

Washington, Legal Division, Pan American Union, 1956- 


52-61840 r 


Chauvet, Pierre. 

A statement of the laws of Haiti in matters affecting busi- 
ness. Washington, 1947. 
flt.371. 27cm. 

52-42994 rav 
[M7.7] 849.7294077 

Chauvet, Pierre, 

A statement of the kws of Haifa in mattes alecting boai- 
ness In its various aspects and activities by Pierre Chauvet, 
CSmries F. Pressoir, and Gorges Batanj 

, . 

Astatementof the laws of Haiti in matters affecting busi- 
ness. 2d ed., rer. and enL by Charles Femand Pressoir, 
Georges Baussan fils, and Pierre ChaaveL Washington, 
Division of Law and Treaties, Dept of International Law, 
Pan American Union, 1&55. 

TtLTTp, *cm. 

[M7.0985] M9.83 5MJ1771 


Hamburg;. Laics, statutes, etc 

TVirb-dnftsretht , Sammlung ^on Gesetzen, Veiordrun- 
gen und anderen offenthch-rechthchen Vorschnften de^ 
Bmncles ! Reiches) and der Hansestadt Hamburg, hrsp von 
Andrew Grapenjreter, bearb von Harald Sieg Hamburg 
Christen, 1951-54 
6 T {loose-leaf) 21 cm 

52-21526 rev 


Associazione per lo svitappo ddl'ittiostna nd Mezzogiorno. 
Agevolaziom per I'lndustnalizzaaaone e lo snluppo eco- 
nomico del Mezzogiorno 3 ed. ampiiata Soma, 1950 
3cnii,830p 21m. 

Aggiomamenta al 1 lugho 195E Eoma, 1952 

182 pt 2icmT 

Indice alf abetaco Roma, 1951 

38 p 19cm. 

A 56-1996 rev 
Hew York TTnlT Dbraria 

Associazione per !o avilnppo delFiadustria nel Mezzogiorao. 

Agevolaziom per Pmdustnalizzazione e lo snlappo eco- 
nomico del Mezzogiorno 4 ed. ampiiata. Roma, 1854. 

1338 p 17 on. 

A 58-749 
New York Unlv Liioratiea 

Italy. Lavs, statut^ etc 

Oodico dsllfe Iftggi sull^indostria ft sul wsnm&rcio, t& CQT& 
dii Michele Fragah t ei Alb1x> Yaranese. Malaao, A* 
Giuffre, 1952 
vil,232p 18cm {CollealCKjelegWatiTa) 

Appendice, aggiomamento 


Milano, A. Giuffrfe, 195~ 
v 17 cm. 

A 53-8143 r*r 


Sordeffi, Luigi. 

Laconeorrenzasleale. Milano, A. Giuffw, 1955 
IT, I4&p. 25cm. (Studldldirlttoindostriale,S) 

XUinoIa. Unir Library 


Comite europeen pour le pxogres eeoaomlque et soeisL 

Gruppo nazwnafe ^fal^an0. 

Sintesi delle agevolazioni di leg^ per il SHezzogiorno con- 
tinentale, la Sicilia e la Sardegna. Milano, 1957. 

65 p 28cm. 


Neiens, ArmandL 

Vom Lehrling zom Meister. Beraf&imde fir Ge^erbe- 
treibende, begreifend Wirtecnafts- und HaDdwerksrecfet, 
Arbeitsrecht and Sozialrecnt, Eiementarbegnffe ober S taais- 
kunde. Em Vorbffl^itung^>acb. znr Leiirabiasliliiiasprafang 
end zar Meisterprufucg. 3. erweiterte ncd vert-. Ani. 
lAaeaoaburg, Vrkg: HofbwMr. J. Beffar^ 1951. 

177 p. 28 em. 


Bernal-Molina, Julian. 

A statement of the laws of Meiico in mattes aSecting 
business in its various aspects and activities. Washington, 


48-10198 rev* 

A statement oi the laws of Masico in pattern affecting 
business. 2dsd.,rev.andenL Washington, IX viston of Law 
and IVeaties, Dept of International Lair, Pan American 



Garcia Caraveo, Alfonso 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

MEXICO (Continued) 

JSfesiea Zaoa, s&o&ut&g, etc. 

Icdusfcrits de traasformacion. Contiene Ley de mdus- 
trias de trtrafonnacifiint. Ley de fomeato d indostnas de 
transformation, Ley de fctnento de mJusfcnas nccTms j ne- 
eeauiAs y as nglunanto. Maaco, Ikfomaafin Adaanera 
d* Mexico t 185*- 

IT {toomt-ktar) 30 em. (Lem eMsdcaeai. Mlctooes Aadrade} 


Mexico. latri rfotefet, ate. 

Mifexinn mrume tsue service Published for members of 
trie Foreign Tax Law Awxsiation, me [Edited by Jorge 
Florw, Meza Tran&Iatiom tad editorial by Jose I Herrasta 
and Dand 8 Stem, renewed by Donald O Wallace 
B>fflp5fead,N Y 4 1W1- 

S v i loose-teat J 30 em. 


Mexico. ! tiotutes^, e&e* 

Meauian income tax sernae, a digest of h income tax 

s of Mexico taa 
T tlcww-lmf) M 



MnaMtU State F*i*tl* of Lriir. 

B report, MumMota State Legislature, 

T 28 ess 



Outrun. w Staatkanslg* Vonuag, 

Vorbreuibng via d pdbWkrechtelijkt bednjfsorgtnisatie , 
i] sited T&H wettelifke of bestunirlijke 
t Tan eea efflBiajsswi VGmwohage [I 


De VeafcgiBfflrat bediijTW 1954. Wet ma 25 Febnmn 
ISM, Sth. 8$, iwadeaia winding ir beTordermg van, eea 
goe*fe bednjfiRutoefnmg:. Alp'asn u dtt Kju, N. Sam- 


w Advtes 

en Tuehtrechtopio&k Bedn/fsor- 

Ketkeitanais iK 
tmskt Ad*nt7 > 

Vffltaliuf Tss dft CkrajaiMtc Ttn JLclTitt inzairft Adistiiiistni- 
tieva ea Tacbtrecfct^praak Bednjfsarguuaataes mgesteJd bi| 
B@edukkmg TO& de Minster Tan Justine m de Staatssecre- 

fcarss ?aa fi 

toga, StaatafrttfcibBn]. tn Uitgerenfbin]f, 185i } 



) Zw, steftrfet, fe?. 
Wet TSH T Jut 1954, Stb. 

Tut nnfwdbAfcd, nwfc 

bera&dsIagiBgea ontlefflnd, oiir- 
s^ raa jmispradeatie ea alfa- 
. docxJ.iL G. A, Drcnkers. Z^oHe, W. E. J. 


r^i 5 ,^ T 1 #- ) M Y xtete e^- 

Wet van dtr. idea JunI 1S75, S. S5, zooais die 

d W| de *wtfcm TWI it Deelw 18 
1 Jol LWi, S, 246, de TttgMd9wt 19M en h 

k* DtpeJftamnt imn So- 

nl m I Xrfr IMA (NwL Stet 1943, ar, 

i >;. i^szl^.g Ts te toenM b;j 1^: cpnchtea van 


toft m, Wei m <fc *- 
* -^^ 


Hew Zaknd. aut, tftrfufe*, efc 

Mazengarb's mdui^nal laws of New Zealand 3d ed, 
edited by F D 0'FIynn, asisted by J F D Patterson. 
Consulting editor, A. J MazeBg&rb Wellington, Butter- 
irorth, 1956 




Liago Marenco, limn Jos&. 

A statement of tJbe laws of Nicaragua m matters affecting 
bnsmffls. 2d ed^ rer. aad efflJL {Translated and edited by 
Taylor W Grajoiatt and reviewed by Paul A. Colbonij 

WasMngton, Legal Division, Dept of Internstaoaaal I^iw, 
Pan. American. Union, 1&5T 
Ttii, 1ST p 28 oo. 

Paa Aawrlcan raioo. Ubeary 


Pennsylvania. Xic, statutes, etc 

The Pennsjlvama industrial development assistance act 
Act of Ma} 31, 1056 (Act no 635} {The act and informa- 
tioual bnlletin. Hamburg, Pennsyhama Dept of Com- 
merce, Bureau of Industrial Development, 1&57 ? 3 
17 L 28oa. 

la. State UnlTersIty library 


Castafieda, Jorge Eugenic. 

A reference to the laws of Peru in matters aSecbng busi- 
ness in various aspects and activities Washington, 1947 

IT, 6SL 28 on 

47-25363 rev* 

Ulba y Sotwwayor, AJterfo, 18S3- 

A statement of the laws of Peru m matters affecting busi- 
ness. 2d ed , rer and enl Waslnngtosi, Division of Law 

and Treaties, Dept of International Law, Pan American 
UftMB, 1955 
rt.ll, 133 p 28 cm 


Velarde Moran, EraesU) A 

Indies geogrifico e mdortnal de los ptueblos del Peru, con 
los ultim.ce decretos sobre legislaaon industrial. Lima, 

60-56006 tw 

aw Project. 

Legislation on Sovietization of industry and commerce in 
Poland {by. Peter Sie&anowicz. T Gsovsfa and K Grzy- 
bowab, editors. Washmy^on, 1054. 


Poland. L&W9, $t0fates, etc. 

Pmwo nandlowe i prxeray^owe wraz z praepisami 

ogoinf red K. Piolrowakii^o opracowaia Barbara Wy- 


Poland. Lorn, Mufef, *a. 

3Przepjy dotyczstee inwe^ycyj Wediug stann prawn^o 
dsorf SI styez 1954 r jOpwcowdi Witold Lissowsfci i 

Wmtowdbu Wyd. lj Warszawa, Wydawn 

, 22 ca Ustawodawscwo sospodarcze Teksty, t, 13- 

56-2763S t 


Dirtno forporimvo; apontair.enics das ngoes proferidas 
iw cwwo d S* M> jmrfdieo dfi 1969-1964 o*gaffl&*das por 

Antonio Haael Peretnu Lisboa, Edbcjb da 


sW.-i.te3. etc. 

c.nto mdastrial r por : Josto Orez. 


PortngaL law*, statutes, etc 

Regime jundico do condicionainento industrial, anotagoes 
a Lerno 2 032, de 11 de marQO de 1952 e ao Decreto-Lei no 
39 6 M, de 3 de maw de 1954 c porj Jorge Carlos Botelho 
Momz Prefacio do En^ Ferreira do Amaral Lisboa, 
Associarao Industrial Portuguesa, 1954 
124 p 23 cm 



Romania. Laws, statutes, etc 

Calauzi eoonoraicri fi financiara, legi, regulamente, decizai 
ale Consihului de Mim^tn, decizii, instruc^iuni, normative, 
circuLm ( t , 1- 1 dec 1948/5 lan 1949- 

[Bucuiestij Slova [etc j 
r In 21 cm 


Romania. Laws^ statutes^ etc 

Codul redresani economice ?i al stabihzani monetare, legi, 
]urnale ale Consiliulm de Muu?tn, deciziuni mimsteriale, 
ordine circulare, comumcate, etc 1 Decemvne 1947 c Dej 
Emanoil B Yaateanu Bucure?ti, R Cioflec C 1947j 
425p 23cm 


Romania. Laws, statutes, etc 

Legislatia economiei planificate, 13 Aprilie 1948-30 lunie 
1049 Bucure?ti] "Editura de Stat" Literatura JundicS, 

5T5p diagrs 23cm 



Dozorfsev, V A 

Ilpasa rocy^apCTseHHoro upOMttnuieHHoro 
na saKpemxeHHoe sa HHM HMytnecxBO MocKsa, 1955 
15p 22coi 


Dovankov, Georgii Semenoviclu 

Pa6ora Koiinccirft n oSmecrfieHHtix iiHcrreKTOpos no ox- 
pane tpy#a HSA 2 , ncnp H ^on [MocKBaj IIpo^HssaTj 

126p 20cm. 


Russia (1917- S S. F S R) Constitution. 

The first Socialist Republic , being the full text of the Rus- 
sian Constitution & of the decree which established control 
of industry by the workers. With a foreword London, The 
Herald en d.j 
23p 22cm. 


Russia (198S- U S.S R) Laws, statutes, etc. 
^peKTHBH EUCC -< CoBCTCEoro npasHxeifeCTBa no 

CTBCHHHM BOHpOCaM, 1017-1967 rOAH , t c6opHHK flOEyWeHTOB 

sHieaH B H Maaas H A B Kopotfoaj MocxBa, Foe. 

nOJIHT JLBT-pH, 1957- 

r, 23cm. 


Russia (im- USSR) Lews, statutes, etc. 

HocraHOBJteHHa IXearpajEtHoro KoMHTexa KIICC H Cosexa 
MHHHCTPOB CCCP HO Bonpocajt npOMHtajieHHocxn n CTpon- 
Teascxsa, 1952-1955 r r MocKsa, Foe HS^-BO no HIT JIHT-PH, 

146 p 21 cm 


Russia (;&- Z7 S. S. B) Laws, statutes, etc. 

3a.KOH o ^aJi&HeftniCM coBepmeHCTBOBanHH opraHHsanaH 
ynpasieHH^ npoMunueHHOCTiB H cxpOHTejrtCTBOM SaKOH o 


CCCP 10 naar 1957 r Mocxsa, Foe. HS^-BO ITOJCHT JZHX-PH, 

14 It 20cm. 


(19B8- U. S.S.S} 

B CCCP, c6opHHK 
H MaxepaajtOB, 1917-1920 rr Hofl pe^ H A. 
MocKsa, Foe H3fl-so naaar JHx-pK, 1954, 


Utevskii, Boris Samofloviciu 

sa sanycK 

Mocxsa, Foe HSA-BO 


airr-pu, 1935 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Salvador. Laics, statutes, etc 

Leyes > disposiciones legales vigentes para el mcremento y 
el nacuniento de industries en El Salvador San Salvador, 

1 v (various payings) 23 cm 



Comite eoropeen pour le progres economique et social 

Gruppo nasi&nale 

Sintesi delle agevola-zioni di legge per il Mezzogiorno con- 
tmentale, ia Sicilia e la Sardegna ifilano, 1957 

63p 2Scm 



Serbia (Federated Republic, 1945- 

Hpe,s lor SaKOaa o aaHaTcrsy [ 
30 p 29cm. 

) Laws, toi5wfe, etc. 

orpa^ ? 194- ? j 

Serbia (Federated Bepublw^ 19J&- } Lmos, statutes, etc. 

SaKOH o sanaTCTsy Hapo^He PenydiHKe Cp6aje. O6ja- 

MCH je y ' OyacSeHOM riacHHKy HPC" > Spojy 18 o^ 2 jyna 

1950 TOR [Beorpa^j IIs^ KoaE-ra jiosaiHe irpaspe^e HPC 


) La*as t statutes. 

53p. 20cm 


Slovenia (Federated Republic^ 194$- 

JSbirka gospodarskih, predpisov del 1- 


Rodriguez Garcia, Francisco, lawyer. 

Legislation y procedimiento industrial, manual practice 
para la mdustria y el comereio con formularies 1. ed Ma- 
drid, Editorial Cabal, distribmdora, 1955 

722p 23 cm. 

58-28900 t 


Bieteniolz, Walter, 1916- 

Gewerbeschutz im VerMJtnis mr Handds- und Gewerbe- 
freibjeit, c Lenzburg, 1945j 

sir, 151 p 23 cm. 


Gygi, Fritz. 

Interventionsrecht und InterveationsverwaltuBg 1 ; Vecsuch 
emerGrandleming. Bern, Stampfli, 1S58 

imp. Hem. (Abhandlnngen zum schweizeriscfaen Recht, n. F^ 

59-33087 J 

Sterner, Hans, 1884r- 

Entwirrf zu einem Gesetz fiber die wirtschaftJiche Landes- 

verfeadigung Gutachten zur 


32 PL aOoa. 



Commerce Clearing House. 

Tax and business law parade, Chicago t 1956j 
16,201-208 p. illns. 23cm. 

338.2 57-893 

Derber, Mflton. 

Industrial iiomework: an old problem lingers on. {With 
the assistance of Gilbert Donahue^ Champaign ,1959, 

lip. 2Scm. (ininols. Ualversitj Institute of Labor and Indos- 
trki; Eelutlons, Lecture series, no IT) 
[HIM815J4 nalTf 

Illinois, tliiiv Library 

Pe^rum, Dudley Frank, 1898- 

Public reguk&m of business. Homewood, III, S. D 
Irwin, IMS 

itau 2* cm* (Tte Inrta swrtes IK eoMowte) 

ssaw s 

Rostow, Engene Victor, 1913- 

Planmng for freedom, the public law of American capi- 
talism New Haven, Yale University Press, 1959 

x,43Tp diagr , tables. 25cm. (University of Michigan. William 
"W Cook Foundation. Lectures, 9} 

338 9T3 59-12701 


Schwartz, Louis B 

Free enterprise and economic organization, legal and re- 
lated materials 2d ed, Brooklyn, Foundation Press, 1959. 

1065 p 28 cm ( L aiverslty casebook series) 

338802673 59-946 t 


Research Institute of America, inc. 

Eeseaifh Institute s letter to accountants. 
t Xew York, 


>J cai biweekly 


56-34274 t 


Cassinelli Monoz, Horacio. 

A statement of tlie lavs of Uruguay in matters affecting 
business 3d ed., rev, and enl. Washington, Legal Division, 
Dept. of International Law, Pan American jUmonj 1957 

Ix, 157 p 28 cm. 

PanAmerieaflDoion. Library 

Couture, Eduardo J 1906- 

A statement of the laws of Uruguay in matters affecting 
business, by Eduardo J Couture and H. Barbagelata. 2d 
ed , rev and enl Washington, Division of Law and Treaties, 
Dept of International Law, Paj^i American Union, 1952 t i e 

Tiil,122p 28cm. 

- - - Supplement, no 1- 

Washington, Division of Law and Treaties, Dept, of Inter- 
national Law, Pan American Union 
no 28cm. 

53-6424 rev 
3477] 349892077 


Loreto, Luis. 

A statement of the laws of Venezuela in matters affecting 
business in its various aspects and activities c by Luis Doreto 
and Rene Lepervanehe Parparcen 3 Washington, Pan Amer- 
ican Union, 1949 

T.1TOL 28cm 

49-46586 rev* 

Loreto, Lois. 

A statement of the laws of Venezuela in matters affecting 
business, by Eene LSpervancbfi Parparcea and Luis Loreto. 
2d ed., rer. and enl. Washington, Legal Division, Dept of 
International Law, Pan American Union, 1956. 
Is.217p, 28cm. 



Fosop Mapmaaa Tnxa a ocxaJra MaTepHjajwi o peop 
y ynpaaj&aay upHspe^oM [BeorpaAi Fjcaa 
yupasa J^ rocaaseHcKe apMHje, 1950 

83 p 17 cm. (nojurnraca <JH(SjtKoreKa 33 sojHHxe, 11) 


Yugoslavia. Laws, atatutes, etc. 

Propisi o lokalno] privredi. t Beogrd, Izd. "Slu2beaog 

. (Zblrka proplsa la oblastl privrede, br. 14) 


[Beorpa^j Hs,at "Ciyac- 

Yugoslavia. Laws, statute*, etc. 
HpOEHCH o jioKaJtHOJ ttpKBp 
denor JtHcra fcHPT," 1951, 
134 p. IT cm. (SSitpKa nporatca m oGflacro qjuapeAe, 6p. 14) 


Yagoslavia. Laics, statutes, etc 

Propia o pnrrednom sa^emu. Beograd, 
administraclja, 1956. 
SKWp. 20cm. 

57-219SI J 

Yugoslavia. Laws, status, etc. 

Social gownHBent ia Yugodbiia. 

Yugoslavia. laws, gtatwtes, etc. 

Zbirka propisai o investidonom progntmti i depozjtu za 
investicione radove, sa obiasnjesQjima. jPnredio VladisIsT 
Bokovi, Beograd, 1956. 

48 p, 20 cm. (Nova admlnlHtracija ; bHtea. Izdanje, srealra 50) 

56-46558 t 

Yugoslavia. Laws^ statutes, etc. 

Zbirka propisa o upravljanjn preduzecima i o poslovanju 
preduzeca, [Pnredili Dragomir 2ivanovid i Branko Bol- 
jan6 Beograd, Izd Sluzbenog lista FNEJ 3 1952 
201 p 20cm. 

55-22683 t 

Yugoslavia. Laws, statute*, etc. 

Zbirka propisa o zanatstvu, sa objaltnjenjiina i prakfac;- 
mm primenma. [Pnredili: Jovan ifirkovid, Branko Me- 
deski, Miodrag Sapon|i6 3 Beograd, 1954. 

IIS p. 21 em. (Nora adminlstradja. tlzdanjaj sr 16) 

55-19786 J 


Poole, Rawlings S ed. 

Maintenance and production management, a reference 
volume f 01 students and governmental and industrial execu- 
tives jPapers prepared by engineering administrators dur- 
ing a course in the Graduate School of Engineering, Gorge 
Washington University Washington] 1955 

15Qp nius 38 cm. 
T58JP62 658 56-60919 


National Association of Accountants. 

Planning, controlling', and accounting for loamteaiaiice j a 
summary of practice New York {1955 8 j 

2T"jj fto^s 25 cm (N A. 0. A. accounting practice report no 2} 
HF568LM3K3- *657.4 56-1178 ier 


Here are entered works on the application 
of the principles of management to 
industrial enterprises, including, in 
addition to the production aspects, 
office management, marketing, finan- 
cial controls, etc. Works limited to 
technical control of manufacturing 
processes are entered under the faead- 
me Factory management 

see also Assembly- line methods; Big 
business; Business; Communication in 
management; Controllership; Delegation 
of authority; Efficiency, Industrial; Em- 
ployment stabilization; Executives; Fac- 
tories Design and construction; Factory 
management; Foremen; Industrial 
hygiene; Industrial organization; Indus- 
trial procurement; Industrial relations; 
Industries, Location of; Industries, Size 
of; Job analysis; Labor productivity; 
Machinery; Management games; Market- 
ing; Materials handling; Hew business 
enterprises; Office management; Per- 
sonnel management; Production control; 
Production standards; Sales management; 
Shift systems; Shipment of goods; 
Simplification in industry; Technological 
innovation; Welfare work in iJodustry; 
Work measttrement 

Amafczi, Aldo. 

Economk degh impi&nti neUe imprsee iiidustrialL G- 
aova, Ubreria, ed. M. Bozzi, 1057. 
138 p, 25cm. 

HPtrjy 5S-IS129 1 

Jprodattivo dell'aaiaada i 

Variubillti del 
triale. Boroa, A. 

123 p, 25cm, 

IJUrarles HDSf 



Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 


American Institute of Certified PaHte Accountants. Com- 
mA4 am Awfafaff Prcw^wfe 

Internal control ; elements of a coordinated system and its 
aaporttiKfe to nmagoaait and the mdepeadeat public v> 
ooontaiii, pecial report. New York. American. Institute of 
Accosmtants jlMflj 


658 1 

49-2750 wv* 

Amencaii Itatttote of Management. 

The Bianigment audit server. Xew York, 1953- 

r 20 oca. 
HB31 A-U 658 OS2 

nt Association. 

Assuring the company's Interne today j corporate manage- 
ment IB a dynamic economy New York j!955j 

72 p 3 cm. (ItaGeaBKralwawisBEafat series, no 175} 
HPS1A43 19S5 55-1435 

American Maimgemeni Assodattoa, 

Changing patterns and concepts in managfment N 
York jlfeS, 

S5 p IBu 23 era, U*i General managente&t series, no 182} 
HDS1 A 1956a 

at Associate 

Controls and teetauq&es for better managwomt. New 
York (1955, 

0*n, SSCBL ( JSjt General saaBa^essest8erles t ao ITS) 

HM1JL45I5 658.082 55-4434 

Engineering managwneat; confwenro handbook publiahed 
for distribution at tin AKA. special conference, April 4-5, 
19BT, Hotel Scatter, New York New York 195Ti 

lTOp files 2Sem. 
HDSULtt IflftTh W8W2 57-2044 t 

Gettaig the most from research and angnMenBg; with a 
ttctnoa <m new product derefopttent Kw Yoric t^Mj 

m p. fflwL 38 oa (JfJ* lIsmsifaetiffiiaK sertes, net LT> 
T1T&JM 58.57 54-14812 J 

American Mua&cmeiit Associatioa. 

6w<tes to effective prodncbon m*nmgwaent: conananica- 
tun, coordimtioa, controls. New York (1964) 
4Sp, ffim, 23 cm. (tt M&mOtiaxsstAg series, MX 218) 

BD31A4S ISMb M8JW82 54-14775 t 

American Managttt Asaocmtiraa. 

How to adjust to changing business eoaditioiks j conference 
JatBuibooi,, pablislwi for distabtttH sit tie AKA special 
research susd &wlopmmfc ooaferwce, February 19*21, 1958, 
Biltnore Hotel, K*w Yoric City Hew Ycrfc .1968] 
PL mm, aoa. 

1968 58 58-1223 J 

BA. 38?) 



52 p. 


tools ! SaaBoal KtanagesmeEt. New York 

a OIL, Sits FiaaEcSa! maaag^sest serte, no 111) 
ItBSk J5 56-I2S6 1 






a paper on labors 




H wr York flMTi 

American Management Association. 

Line-staff relationships m production, conference nand- 

book published for distribution at the AMA special manti- 
facturuig conference, Octo1>er 24-26, 1956, Hotel Roosevelt, 
New York New York (1956] 

162 JL lite 2Scm 
HD31A43 1956h 65816 

American Management Association. 

Management for the smaller company Elizabeth 
Marting, editor New York C 1959j 

8S6 pu" illua 24 cm 
HD3LA46526 6589 50-9648 J 

Amenean Management Association. 

The office its changing functions and structure, with a. 
paper on management as a universal language New York 
r !955, 

44 p 23 ttsi < /i* Office manageoient seriw ao 13fl) 

l^ 651 56-42 t 

American Management Association. 

Organization, and action for improved administration, in- 
cluding a paper on personnel budgeting'. New York [1957j 

66 p Bins 3czn (/Ja Personnel series, n* ITS) 
HD8LA.43 1957 658 1082 57-2656 t 

American Management Associatioiu 

Planjpnjy ahead for profits, conference liandboob pub- 
lished foi distribution at the AMA special research and de- 
TOlopment conference, October 3-4, 1957, Eoosevelt Hotel, 

Xew York City. New York, r W57j 

208 p ulus., (llagra. 24cm. 
HD31A41 1957i 58-414 

American SJanag^mait Association. 

Planning for growth: three company programs New 

62 p 23 on {Its General management series, no 1S5) 
HD31.A40M 658.1082 57-2654 

American Management Association. 

Beportmg financial data to top management, conference 

handbook published for distribution at the AMA special 
conference, Apnl 10-12, 1057, Hotel Roosevelt, New York 

New York t !957j 

six, ITOp diagnL, fcaWtes 24cm. 
HF5550A64 1057h 65815 57-2795 

American Management Association. 

Strengthening management for the new technology: or- 
gamzatton, automiiaoo, manmgemmt derelopmmt New 
York f 1955 3 

34 p. Ilia 23 cm. (IU General manageenent series, m 178) 
HD31JL51815 658.(B2 55-3M6 t 

agement Association. 

Targets for management; setting and attaining company 
objectives New York (1&55] 

44 p 23cm. {/f* General managemeat series, no. 177) 
HBS1J151817 6581^ 55-3345 t 


American ManageiaeKt Association. Finance Dwuion. 

Opewtioas researeb. applied new uses and extensions. 
New York. Ameneui Management Association ( l&57j 

174 p. Him 23cm. (Am^rkan Managroent Assodatieu. Special 
r^&rtao IT) 

HDa).A53 1966 

658 C2 

Amancaa Management Association. Ger^raL Management 

Hift dynamics of mantgemient; exeoitiTB th.OEght tad >c- 
toon m & ctangmg -world. New York t l&58j 

Hasp, 23 cm. C AMA maoagraefflt report, no. 14) 
HDS1.A522 658 

Management Association. <?^ner^ JTma^a^^ 

Bads and means of modern management; guides for top 

aanageaaeiii plaanmg: aai ata<m. Kew York {195fiy 

HDLAS1S 6aO ** 59-E2SO 1 

American Macagement Association, f?^ 

^ ^ 

Orf anising for elective systems pluming' and control. 

New York, AiaenesH Mwa*geBttt Assocktion (1956, 

d;a^. P tem. 2s em. (American MaMmt Wda- 

HBItA-0 lM6e 

,j prospficts and. programs xor 
report BO. S) 

Amnne, Harold T 

Manufacturing organization and management t byj Harold 
T Amrtne, John A Ritchey c aud] Oliver S Hulley Bngle 
wood Cliffs N J , Prentice-Hall, 1957 

4i54 p lllus 24 cm 
HD31 A54 658 57-9309 

Andersen, Helge. 

Hvordan tallene taler til erhvervslivet 
Hassing ^054} 

154 p lllus 18cm (ErhvervsUvets hftndbtfger) 
HD37A65 55-37211 

Andersson, Jp'rgeiu 

Stopursaickorder, vejledmng i tidsstudier. 
Arbejdernes oplysmngsforbundj 1957 

118 p illus. 21cm. 


Anthony, Robert Newton, 1916- 

Management controls in mdustnal research organizations 
t byj Robert N Anthony, assisted by John S Day Boston, 
Division of Research, Graduate School of Business Admin- 
istration, Harvard University, 1952 

xvili, 537 p lllus 22 cm. 
T175A58 607 52-10956 rev 

Appley, Lawrence Asa, 1904- 

Monagement in action, the art of getting things done 
through people New York, Ameucan Management Asso- 
ciation ,1956, 

382 p 22cm 
HD31A62 65804 56-3492 t 

Bahrdt, Hans Paul. 

Industrieburokratie, Versuch einer Soziologie des indust- 
nalisierten Burobetnebes und seiner Angestellten Stutt- 
gart, F Enke,1958 

Till, 146 p dlagrs 24 cm. ( Sozlologlsclie Gegeawartsfragea, 
H F.HeftS) 

BD35 B24 A 59-3351 

Eochester Unir Llbr HD35 

Bakker, J H P 

Bedrr) f stechniek ; direct productieve arbeid Inleiding tot 
de organisatie van het arbeidstechmsche deel der bedrrjven, 
geziea vanuit practisch, f abncatorisch standpunt, voor tech- 
mci en leken. Deventer, JB E Kluwer [1952J 

136 p lllus 21 cm 
HD37B3 55-16295 t 

Barbier, Pierre, 1905- 

Progres technique et organisation du travail, bases du 
progress social. Pr4f. de J. FourasfaS. Paris, Dunod, 19*8. 
JSlIt fflos 22cm. 

58-4113 J 

Baritz, Loren, 1928- 

The use of social science in American industry, 1910-1955 . 
& historical analysis Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

< [Unlverslt} Hicrofllms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 10,068) 
MicrofflmAO-1 no 19,068 Mac 56-3399 

Wlgconsln. IMv Llbr 

Bamzy, Pierre. 

Problfemes de direction d'une entrepnse en France, anx 
USA. Tourcoing [1953J 

m p 21 cm {Cahiers fla C I B. P I t l e. C B P Xj no 2) 
HD33B3 55^25610 

Basil, Douglas Constantine, 1923- 

Organization and control of the smaller enterprise Min- 
neapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1959 

97 p Ultn. 23 cm (University of Minnesota Studies In eco- 
nomics and traslness, no 20) 
HD38JB3 658 9 59-62691 J 

Beck, Josef Kwt 

ABC des Erfolges. E Deutsch Bearbeitung. Herta Ka- 
deiabefe und Kurt Bromj Wienj-Alfa-Edition: r !951 3 

81ft p. 21 em. 
HDS5.B37 5S-S1158 J 

Better Meyer, Otto Ernesto. 

La organization. cienUfica del traba-io Guatemala, 1953 
59 p, Ulus 24cm 
HD37JB4 56-33526 t 

Beltemann, Walter, 1922- 

Manager und Aktiengesellschaft. [Hamburg] 1 
8&pi 21 can. 


Bendix, Reonhard. 

Work and autlionty in indttstry; ideologies of manage- 
mwt m th coorse of mdnstrializatkBL New Yoric, Wiley 

*56p, iUus. 24cm. 
HT685J34 *301.44 ^83 56-0479 J 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Benieffi, Jean, 1006- 

Manuale del capo ufficio ammmistratuo t per 3 G Bemelli 
et a! ] Illtistrazioni di Francis Bernard t l ed Milanoj 
F Angeh r 1957] 

415 p 111 us , forms 21 cm i Collana d'organizzazione deJ lavoro, 

A. 59-2455 
.New York Uaiv Libraries HD37 

Bethel, Lawrence L 

Essentials of industrial management t bjj Lawrence L. 
Bethel and others, 2d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1959. 
514 pi iUus 24 cm. 

HD31J3428 1859 658 58-11976 t 

Bethge, Karl Heinz, 1930- 

Die pretiale Lenkung des Handdsbetnebes. t Hanibiirgj 

ill, 133 p 21cm. 
HD35B49 56-27986 

Blokh, Vkdimir Georgie viclu 

OHHT nepecrpoara ynpaaaeEHji saso^oM. Jl 

FOG COIQ3HOe 23,5-80 Cy^OCTpOHT UpOMHMJt , 1958 

65 p. dlagts , tables. 22cm. 
HD36.B55 59-17281 

Bocharov, G G 

Zablady kalkulace ve stwjirenstvi PfeL Antontn Kucera 
a AntoTim RadvanoYsky [Yyd l.j Praha, Prfimyslove" 

yydavatelstvij 1952 

183 J> Illus 21 cm. (Knlinioe kovoprthnyslB, sv 138> 
T56B542 30-25672 t 

BoneUi, Vittono, engineer, 

Economia e stuna del fabbricati; esercizio professionale 
per mgegnen e arcluteta Boma, Ediziom delPAteneo 

271 p lilus, 23cm. (NnoTlsaggi,l3) 
HD37B62 58-33221 J 


PMnovani tecanickebxx rozvoje. M, Borafc et al 3 TydL 

T56.B57 58-48493 J 

Borisov, E 

pa&OTH npe^rcpnaTHa 

Sip. 20cm 

55-20728 | 

Bosner, Rudo. 

Ekonomika indti^njsyit poduzefiaj osnovi i organizadja 

prt ,zvo line Zagreb, Skolska. knjiga, 1957 

.p. inns. 24 on. 
KD 6B6 68-43672 t 

Bcmffier, ^ r illy. 

Emf uhning in dM Betriebswirtschaftslehre. WISD, In- 
dustneverlag Spaeth & X^nda, 1946. 


~ 56-16258 t 

Boorquir., >laurlc t 1905- 

Problemes d'organisatioc de rentreprise. S. ed. rev. 
Lausanne. F. Rouge C 135^ 

193 p. di^rs. 24 m. (Lettres, sciences, tedmianes) 

New York Taiv 

Libraries HD33 

Bowman, Edward H ed. 

Analyses of industrial operations; edited by Edvrard H- 
Bowman and Robert B. Fettar, Honnswood, HL, K, 0. 
Inrm, 1&59. 

4S5p. mm, 24m. (Tbe Irwiu series la Icdustrial engririe^ring 

HF5695.B6 658.51062 

Bowman, Edward H 

Analysis for production mwafn^byEdwja!dH,ltow- 
nmn and Boberfc B. m*ar. Howrood, HL, B. IX Irwm, 

508 p. ilios. Men. (The Inrtn series 




ST-746S t 

Axrihtm, 0, W. 

Braan, Car! F 

Management and leadership Eev. ed.j Alkambra, Calif , 

28Sp 23cm 
HD31 B73 1954 658 3 54-6413 t 

Bredt, Otto. 

Die Krise der Betnebswirtschaftslelire Busseldorf, Ver- 
lagsbutliliandlung des Institute der Wirtsdaaftsprufer, 1956 
200 p Ulos 24 cm. 

HD35 B69 58-2405S i 

Bright, James Eieser. 

Automation and management. Boston, Division of Be- 
seardi, Graduate School of Business Admimstrationj Har- 
vard University, 1958. 
2TO. Iltua. 29cm. 

658.5 58-5968 1 

Bamham, Thomas HalL 

Engineering economics, by T. BL Buninam and. Gr. 
Ho^uis Stib. ed London, Pifcmaa r !058~ 

T iUus 23cm. (EcglceerlagdegMe series) 
T56B82 658 59-W5 J 

Cantanhede, Cesar. 

Curso de orgamzaoao do trabalho 3 ed. ^u> Paulo, 
Editora Atlas [ C 1953] 

228 p. Him 24 cm. (BIMioteca de cicadas econSmicaa e ad- 
HD57 cS 1953 Y 55-22986 t 

Carlson, JoJm August, 1877- 

Indusfcnens rationalisenng, en praldask nandbok 
omarb. uppL Stockholm, Nator odx kultnp ilMX^ 
174$ 111ns , dlagis. 22cm. 

TS155C26 1947 


Castek, AleS. 

Operatrmi Ihfttove plinovani cechfi, dflen a pram. 
rLvydj Praia, Prace;vydavaie3stvo BOH, 1957 

211 p. liius Man 
T56C334 5S-18062 t 

ani poctu pracomfkEi. T prflmydoTem podnifau 
{ Yyd, 1 j Praha, Stltnl pedagogicke .nakl , 1058 

100 p. Illna, SO on, (UJfebnl texty Tysok^ch Skol) 
T56C36 59-22204 t 

Cerami, Charles A 

How to solve management problems. Englewood Cliffs, 
N J^ Pientice-Hall, 1957 



57-10141 | 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 
C<mmxttee on Economic Pokey 
Resisting busmen contraction ; report Washington {IMS-i 

I7p 22cm. 
HDS1C45 58-9394 J 

Ch'en, Chia-miao. 

US p. Ulna. IS cm. 

1_ Factories Maintenance and repair. Z Industrial msnagawnrt. 
X Title. riiterMJtan^d-Kmiffdi'angkntlngtittch'aaknanll. 


OS8-6072 1 

Choi vis, Francisco. 

JL*a dimension mas economic* cb la emptesa, 
Aires, Editonal Prometeo, 1&53. 

155 D. 24cm. 


Ctegjfflkaxsja dy^osEytoiAiego 

a em. 

Oaussnitzer, J 



mod lkfedaj AjLWtange ftr ctaa Ba- 
rxm H. Bogr ^ aLf 

aement, MktceL 

Le ckef d'entrepnse Pans, Nouvelles fiditions latinas 
t 1956, 

284 p Idem. 

A 59-3277 
New York UalT IJbrmrteB HDS3 

CoDetti, Nicola. 

Jl tempo in, economia- aaaendale Palermo, Abbaco, 1955 

xxlli, 1S3 p 25 on. (Hi Ttiit^fa di stud! di ammioistrailoQe 

A 57-4611 
v Libraries HB8T 

Comrey, Andrew Laurence. 

Factors influencing organizational effectiveness? a final 
report b> A. L. Comrey, J. M. Pfiffner, and W S Hagn. 
rlx)s Angeleaj Umversi^ of Southern California, 1954* 

vi,90L Ulna. 28cm. 

A 56-4852 

SontliemCalIf.,Unlv.o. Library 

Contactgroep Opvoering ProductiviUit. 
Goed onderKottd. 's-Gra 
SS p. illua, forma. 25 cm. 

IHluoIa. Cnlr. Ubmxy 

A 56-3822 

Contactgroep Opvoerinf Prodnctiviteit. 

Werkplaatstechniek; rapport studiegroup t s-Graven- 

160p illus. 26cm. 
T56 C528 


Cooke, Gilbert WMiam. 

An introductory survey oi business management, by Gil- 
bert W. Cooke in. collaboration with B. L. Pierce. Dubuque, 
"W. C Brown Co. [1955 3 

401 p Illns. 24 on. 
HD3LC635 1955 658 56-1248 t 

Cornel, William Bond* 1883- 

Orgauimtion and maiiitgemat in industry and kmness. 
Rev and rewritten by Hradey Madeneim. 4th ed New 
York. Eonald Press I 1958 J 

579p Illus. 24cm. 
T56C55 1958 658 58-6659 

Council far International Progress in Management (USA) 

Problems in business management "Washington, Office of 
Industrial Resources, International Coopera&m Adminis- 
tration rl95?j 

1O v fflus. 2g cm. (iBT S. Intensatlooal Cofratton Admlrn*- 
trationj Tedmlcal bGHBtia no 27-88) iraf 

HD30TJ4 no. 27-46 658 OS 57-6048T 

Craf, John Rifcy, 1911- 

Introduction to busmen. New York, Holt ilS7 2 
582 p illus. 23cm. 
HF5351.C6417 1957 658 56-6WS | 

Dalton, Melville. 

Men who manage,* fusions of feeling and theory in admin- 
istration. New York, Wa*y t UWj 

31S. Utas. 24cm, 
HD31JD2 658 50-9342 | 

Dangerfidd, ChrislabeL 

Mi^p Tn.arjlifffifi8^ and inoisey, Elustrafed by 
Danger field. London, J. M. Dent 15>57 ; 

136 p. mm, IS cm. 
HP31.D22 *30U& 338.45 

Danry-Laf niisoe, Louis. 

Organisation seientinque & tr&wl (n* 22S) E&iactioa 
deseleves. [Paris, 1950. 


Sip. 2Dast. 

Denonm, Anton. 

Pkitirauje I dbntei 

m~im$ t 





Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


De&c, Vukan. 

Onena spouts' ic^\ pe^ i^a^a aiia. 7 ^, M Eapa^Tc 
Hiix fa T na ^ i-e^iijir Dia v ^ Capua* ;stiz' 
iHa>*Ha \iura 195" 

13* p 2;. an (Cpntia auaeMMja na\ia floce^na iwj 
214 MaiuHj.fe.iu MHCTJnrj'*', Kit S) 


Defc, Voku. 

Opal 13,1 sa>fHOM as^^aiamy opraHimmtje pa^a y \uo- 

BHMa coi;ajaaa3Jta Eeorpa^, Haywia saira, 1949 

223 p idea 25 cm, 
HD36D4 5S-31I32 1 

Dentsdte GeseBsdiaft fir Beteetewlrtsdisft. 

Fntflchc'dungen uad Planungen in der Untenjehmung' 
Berlin, ll"S 
61 p r*m 

HD35 D4 5S-35D42 

Ddbck, Edna. 

Organ zar^a m poalovanje trgoTinskilx podjeoj r UeTbe- 
Euk ia v* ekononrfce Sole LE Slovemjej 2 wpopolnjena 
Lali^a Ljubljana 4 Dr2avna zaloiba Slovemjej 1953 

274 p Ulffi. 24 rm. f&jIiaicaza'wgojctTio*OTijJbS:adro*, 100) 
Him D6 1'JSS 55~iiS67l J 

Dobete, Ed tin, 

Org'it 1 ,, a IL *ehnika gospociarstva Ljubljana jlXriav- 
Ba zilcfy" Slcren-jei 1050 

' 21 on KuJJEtura za TJtgujo stroke-mill kadro?, 78) 

278 p 
T56 D; 

56-22850 J 

Domainfca, Dra^mtm. 

Organmeija, rukcnofonja a ffidastajsfam poduze&ma 
Zagreb, Birotehmka, 1958. 

141 p Illas 17 cm 
HD36D6 5&~23973 J 

Donaalaz, Paul, 

La statistique tomiiaeraale., methode d'analyse des entre- 
pnstt Prff de Cl-P Terrier 4 &L enti&mwat refondoe 
Lsmsanae, F Rouge jlSX^ 

Till, 217 p. ffiswrau tattes <put Md.) 21 en. IKMIotM<pe 
de fonsatioa ooomeretale) 



N, R-SAJe. 
215 |> L as, 


i elekiroiehr^ckilt iiufe jers 

iiadostnAiin prdaae&tti Beograd, 1&55 

58-22JH3 t 

D^i^ Robert. 

THfaft world of woA, uadostnal society and knmaa rala- 
txn& Engliwood Ciife, H J^ Pnotaoe-HaU, 1958 
4* p jlTus, 38 em. tFiwtlo^Hall oellcf rtes) 

SSI 58-9015 t 

Dwfek, Ekfcari Albert, 1926- 

1Ti0 applicatiwi of Mia,tliKfts.tical teduxtotiBs uo. tbo field, of 
indogtrui engineenng Ann Arbor, UniFersitj Microfilms 

l.ttfTtreltj M^eriatas, Aa Axber, Mtdti PaWkaUea a* 1T,46T) 
HkSJAC-4 BO 17,407 Mic6e-a57 

IMHL ralv IMmxy 

rrrww ar.d Budfam udtwtry. 
2fw wjs to siseeefBl bas 

from Dtm% review and modcni 



, mM.fKta.BWpL 99 OB. 


dn 2r^ s R*Da!d Stoaley. 

S, ad 

Stw Ywiv 8 

iW^ m am 


Ekke, Kajt. 

Arttitevfiffiwe2te$ i 

< frimiiti WM4w t T 

m '-: n- ' - ' - 

Emirscis, EgiL 

Meimeafcet og prodiiktiviteten; iiindbok i aidbeidsledefee- 
problemer. Oslo, Norges arbeidslederforbnnd, 1954^ 

<& p. a cm t&rbd&sledenies smiskrifter) 
HD37 B38 55-59097 


Bewerkbaarheid en bewerkbaarheidsonderzoefc. Delft, 
Waltman 1952j 

18 p 25cm 

A 57-1449 rev 
New York UnlF Libraries BD67 

Fabns, AMo. _ 

Metodi di organizzazione del lavoro c Tonnoj Ediziom 

190 p Ibtni { Classe unlca, 84 i ^ 

Ne*To-kUnT Libraries HD37 

Fakwiez, Jan. 

Biezfea kontrola gospodarnosca przedsi^biorstw przemy- 
skwyeh, mctoda bezposredniego badama rozchodow. We 
Wrociawiu, Placowka {1949] 

91 p fliagrs 22 cm. (Wydawnictwa WytoeJ SzkoJy Handlowej 

we Wroclaw to. Seria B, t 3} 

HD57 F3 55-40124 

Fayd, Henri, 1S41-1925 


92 p d'agns 24 cm 

Earn, Roberto. 

I presnpposti della ecoaoima programmata delle impress 

industrial! Firenze, Tipografia B Coppim, 1954. 

T,15l 1 p 23 cm 

A 59-5883 
^ew^o^kl.ay Libraries HD37 

Fedorowicz, ZdzisJaw. 

O prawie wartoSci i rozradmnka gospodarczym. [ 

1 , Warszawa, Panstwowe Wydawn, Naiikowe, 1957, 

207 p so cm 
HD36F4 58-32587 

FB, Dan Hnntmgton, 1928- ed. 

Management in a rapidly changing economy New York, 
McGraw-Hill, 1958 

zil, 33S p diagrs. 22 cm. 
HD8LF39 658 58-6681 

Ferguson, Robert 

. Linear programming fuiidamentals and applications bji 
Eobert D Ferguson and Lauren F Sargent 2Tew York, 
McGra-* -Hull, 1958 
342 p Illas 24 on 
HD31F4 338016 57-9418 t 

Firestone, John Mrtcfc^ 1908- 

The present calendar and its effecte on Anaencazi busmen; 
a surrey r New York, World Calendar Association, 19511] 

S2p 23cm 



5&-23710 rer 

Salomon, 1906^ 
Dm Roboter kommea Das ZeitaUer der Automaiion, 

[Wienj Obelisk Yerlag 8 1957j 

SOSp Him SOm. 
HD45.F6 58-271S4 t 

Form j, Giorgio. 

I foasdansjti dell& gesfctone indastnale MHano, Editnce 

MS p diagnu fbnoa, 90 cm. {BaeIta di teiti ed ansJliarl 

didattM diversi per i corsl di spedallasazioDe indettl ilal Centro 
Italias 1 ^Ml ttzkodaU, Mtteufto^ 1) 


, Andre. 

& et raAMttaItti>ii des entzepnaes. Aix-eaa-Pro- 

venee, Ubnuna de TOmveratl, 1954 

HJCWJS7 S5-17885 J 

l^awse, evmmumnetl; &$mm$ I la proAte$imt 

TS&F* 56-20M8 J 

^Bwtersfcipt m UM fiuAqcy. Loadc t Pitman jlMS 
p m, It CM, t!tM> ^torvto0T* gBiawt^ wx 1 


Friedmann, Georges, 1902- 

Industnal society, the emergence of the human problems 
of automation (Probleraes humains du nmchuusme in- 
dustnel) Edited and with an introd by Harold L Shep- 
pard Glencoe, 111 , Free Press t !955] 

436 p 22 on 
T58 F8613 658 01 55-10991 

Froemke, Robert Lawience, 1920- 

On the application of diffeience equations m the study of 
production planning and control Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms E l955j 

(tUnnersitj Microfilms, Ana Arbor, Mich] Publication no 12,307) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 12,307 Mic 55-171 

Columbia TJniv Libraries 

Frowcm, Kurt Jorg, 1929- 

Pie vorausgeschatzte Gewmn- und Verlustrechnung als 
Ergebns des "Wirtschaftsplans und ihre Bedeutung Mun- 
chen, 1953 

143, [2] 1 30 cm 
HB3730F7 59-27029 

Gardner, Fred V 

Profit management and control New York, McGraw- 
Hill, 1955 

285 p illus 24 cm (McGraw-Hill industrial organization and 
management senes) 
HD31 G3 658 152 54- 12676 t 

George, Claude S 

Management in industry Englewood Cliffs, N" J , Pren- 
tice-Hall, 1959 

585 p tllus 24 cm 
HD31 G4 658 59-918i t 

Gerwig, Ernst. 

Organisation und Fuhrung industneller Unternehmun- 
gen. 3 , durchgesehene Aufl Zurich, Verlag des Schweizer- 
ischen Kaufmanmschen Vereins, 1959 

314 p diagrs forms 23 cm 

[HD35G J A 59-5882 

New York TJnu Libraries 

Ghosh, Mohit Kumar. 

Pnnciples & problems of industrial organization, by M. K 
Ghosh and Om Prakash. t 2d! rev and enl ed Allahabad, 
Indian Press, 1953 

816 p 20 cm 
HD31 G49 1953 658 58-43694 t 

Gilbert, Michael 

Managematics, the application of operations research c by] 
Michael Gilbert and Edwin Undercuffler West Lafayette, 
Ind > Management Perspective Series, 1959 

1 v (various pagings) diagrs 29 cm (Management perspective 
series, no I) 
HD20G5 658072 59-14558 

Gligorin, K P 

Handbuch praktischer Produktivitatssteigerung r Wienj 
Gedruckt nut Unterstutzung des Notrmges Osterr Wissen- 
schaften, 1952- 

v 21 cm (SchriftenreOie des Osterreidiischea REFA-Insti- 

A 57-5494 
New York Cuir Libraries HD35 

Glover, John George. 

Fundamentals of professional management New York, 

Republic Book Co , 1954 

374 p HIos. 24cm 
HB31 G543 



Glover, John George. 

Fundamentals of professional management Kev. ed 
Hew York, Simmons Boardman Pub Corp , 1958. 

406 r lite. 24cm. 
HDB1 G543 1958 658 58-12982 t 

Gobbato, TJ^o, 

Organizzazione dei fatton della produzione 3 ed^ nv 
daHVutore. Preceduta da uno studio sulla ncostruzione 
economica naaaonale, Torino, A. Viglongo, 1949. 

SSL p plates dtagrs 25 oo. 

A 55-5813 
New York Uatr Warii. Sq Library HDS7G6 1&49 

Gold t Bela. 

Foundations of productivity analysis; guides to economic 
beory and managerial control Pittsburghj University of 
Pittsburgh Press, 1&55 

303 p, Illas 23CBL 
HD57.G6 3S8.01 55-11068 t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


GoM, Eagen, 192S- 

ifethoden zur tlberwacfaung der Leistangsfahigkeit der 
Klein- und Mittelbetnebe Munchen f , 1054: 

291 p 31cm. 
HB35 G5S 55-3H30 

Gddschmidt, Werner, 1921- 

Einzelwirtschaftliche Planung in Theone and Wirkhch- 
keit ^Hamburg} 1053 
91 p 21cm 

HDS4 G53 55-58000 

Gomes, Prancelmo de Araujo. 

Contiole economieo e financeiro das empresas Rio de 
Janeiro, Pubhcagoes Cobraci C 1949j 

ll&p lllus 24cm 
HD37 G63 54-36621 rev J 

Goossens, Franz. 

Moderne Untemenmungs-Leitung Munchen, Verlag 
Moderne Industrie t !958 3 

448 p diagrs 22 cm 

HD35 G64 A 59-571 

New York TJniv Libraries 

Gouldner, Alvin Ward, 1920- 

Patterws of industrial bureaucracy London, Routledge 
& Paul t 1055, 

282 p 23 cm (International library of sociology and social 
HD31G6S 1955 65801 56-59045 

Gray, James Seton, 1884- 

Cominon sense in business j a digest of management pro- 
cedures 1st ed New York, McGraw-Hill, 1956 

136 p 21 cm 
HD31 GT 658 56-11715 J 

Groot, J 

Het overleg, \erbetering van de besluitvormuig en besiui- 
teno\eidiathi in grote en middelgrote industnele onderne- 
mingen Alphen aan den Ei]n, N Samsom[1954^ 

ISO p diagrs 21 cm 

HD37G77 A 57-6924 

NewYorfctJnlv Libraries 

Gutenbergv Ench. 

BetriebswiirtsciiaftdeluB als Wlssenscnaft. Krefeld, 

Scherpe-Verlag, 1957. 

38 p 21cm. (KdlnerUnive!sIStsredea,18) 

HD35G82 59-42837 t 

Gutenberg, Erici. 

Eiirfubximg' in die Betriebswirtschaft&lelire Wiesbaden, 

T Gabler E 195S 3 

2QS p diagrs 24 cm. (Die Wlrtscbaftswlssenschaften, 1 Lfg 
Beibe A Betriebswlrtschaftsl^fcire, L Beitrag) 

A 59-5878 
New York Unir Lforarfes HD35 

Gutenberg, Ench. 

Grundlagen der Betxiebsvnrtscnaftslelire, 2 AufL Ber- 

^ *r mm 24 cm. (EazyMouiaie der Bedits- vn& Staatswls- 

semchaft Abt Saatswissewehaft) 

HD35 G8S2 55-4064 t 

Gutenberg, Erich. 

Grnndlagen der BetnebsmrtacimftEslfiJira. 3. Ann. Ber- 

iruSw 24cm. (Bm3rklos*died^:Bcl!tts-tiiMJStaatswflem- 
sdaaft, Abt. Staatswissenacliaft) 
HD35 G83S 57-57586 t 

Gutenberg, Ench. 

Grondlagen der BetnebswirtscKaftslelira 4 Aufl- Ber- 
lin, Springer, 1958- 

v iilos 24 cm {Boayfelf^Ifiie cter KecMs- und Sttatawls- 

59-27S6 1 

Hageivmtiller. Karl F 

T, 158 I diagrs SO em, 



Haire, Mason. 


in managmient Nw York, McGtaw-Hffl, 


EUn. MCBJ. (McGraw-Hffl series to 
658 J 

Hal!, Herman Skern', Bfn)- 

IT0w tkft fowamirt can contxol costs. (Urbama, 1996-1 

BaUetbt ofr 801) 

ir Library 

Hal, Herman Skerry, 1S00- 

Improving the effectiveness of management 

19, il, p Ibx22rm flllnois Umrers ty Bu-fa^ of B^a'aess 
iianj^ement Bufainess maragement bul'etin no 602) 

A 54-OSS6 
IIHno's UniV Lib-arj 

Hartmark, Jon. 

Bednftsorgaiusasjon i praksis javj Jon Harfmark, Johan 
Sagen [Offj I^if H Skare Oslo, J G Tanum, 1054 

122 p dxagrs 23 on 
HD37HS7 56-2 Ilb2 

Hatta, Mohammad, 1902- 

Rasionalisasi jTjetikan 2 S Djakarta, Tintamas t 1951] 
50 p 121 cm 
HD37H3S 1951 55-38649 t 

Havelka, Jin, engineer. 

Dispe&rske telef <mj pro vyrobnf z&vody. Praha, Tedmi- 
cko-vedecke yydaratelstvl, 1952 
26 p illus 17 cm. 

TK61SSJI35 59-40057 | 

Heuner, Roger C 

Management for engineers New York, McGraw-Hill, 

453 p illus. 24cm. 
HD31H42 658 57-9422 t 

Hermann, Predenco. 

Elementos de admmistracao. 2 ed Sao Paulo, EditSra 

Atlas t 1950| 

201 p iilus 24cm. (BftliotecadeciSDciaseccm^EaicaaeatoiinlS' 
trativas S6rie administracto) 
HD37H45 1950 55-31393 t 

Herner, Meyer and Company, Washington^ D C 

How smaller firms solve problems and keep abieast of 
technical developments by 4 Saul Herner and Robert S 
Meyer ofj Herner, Meyer and Company and Robeit II 
Ramsey Prepared for itne] U S Dept of Commerce, 
Office of Technical Services [Washington] 1957 

21 1 Illus 27 on 
T56H368 658 58-61423 rev 

Hoad, William Marvin, 1905- 

One hundred and fifty questions for a prospective manu- 
facturer { 2d ed ) Washington, Small Business Adminis- 
tration, 1954 

r, 38 p 24 cm. ( f U S,j Small Easiness Administration Small 
business management series, co 2) 
HD30U5 no 2,1954 658 54-61912 

Hodges, Henry Green, 1888- 

Management. principles, practices, problems Boston, 
Houghton Mjfflm [1956] 
708 p illus 25 cm, 

-- Instructor's manual Boston, Houghton, Mifflm 

49 p illus 25 cm. 

HD31 H55 Manual 

56-139S5 rev t 

Hold, Erhard, 1927- 

Die betnebswirtschaftliclie Problematifc der 
kosten" , analjtisclie Takuumuntersucliung iinter besonderer 
Berucksichtigung der betridblichen Einschaltproduktion, 
dargestellt am Beispiel eines mehrstu%en Textilbetnebes 
Muncnen, 1953 

lx,16T,Tni illos 20cm 
HD35.H6 5&-27030 

Hoffman, Vadav. 

Eoabor hospodareni sociali^,ickeho prumjsloveho pod- 
niku t Vyd. 1 , Pralia, Statnf pedagogic^ nafcL, 1958, 

105 p 30<m (UcebnltertyTOBokMSfcol) 
EDD36JI6 58-43754 J 

Horst, Cecil Albert. 

Redoong tool and tool service costs with a tool loan receipt 
system. Blaeksburg, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1034. 

31 p. illus 23 cm. ^Virginia Polyteclmlc InawEftate, Bl*totox: 

- ^ Statlom Engtoeeciag UipaiBje^ SWSon 


<>ramoa sense in rewaA and 6%roiojpiai 

TA7V5 no 93 

Virginia, State Library 

Hortynski, Stanis&w. 

Zwi?ksiwny Tvydajno^ pracy, 
Zwi%zkowe CR2Z> 1952. 

KewYoA, Vantage FressflSWj 

Hronsky* , SlicaaL 

chozrascote a renfcabihte t l ryd Bratislava t SIo- 
venske i,}dax T atelstvo politickej l!teratury 3 1957 

13t p IT c^j fCo ma kaidl ved eC) 
HD36H7 59-21170: 

Hruschka, Endu 

Betnebs-wirtschaftliche und aUgememe Gewerbeforde- 
rang, die Starkung der K3ein- und ilittelbetnebe fur den 

Europamarkt. Wien, Manz, 1958 

172 p 23CIL 

HDS5 H7 A 59-3SG7 

^ewYorkL'tu^ Libraries 

Hubner, Hemz- 

Ist Ihr Betneb gegen Unredlic&keiten gesicliert 2 Die 
Gestaltung der Betriebsorganisation zur Vorbeugung gegen 
Unterschlagung, Diebstahl, Betrug, I>urchstecbereien und 
Bilanzdelikte Stuttgart, Muth E 1957j 

03 p 21 cm 
HV6675H8 58-203701 

Dg, Johann. 

Die betriebliche Personal verwaltung, ihre Emghederang 
in den onramsatonschen Aufbau des Betnebes St Gallen, 


T, 235 p diagrs. 21 cm 

YorlUnir Wash 

Sg Library HF5540I5 

A 55-6500 

ffletsciiko, Leopold L 

Automation und Betnebswirtschaft Wien, Manz, 1Q57 
ST p 23 cm (Teruffenaichuagen <ies Inatttuts fQr Organisation 

und Re^isionswesen an der Hochschule fiir Welthandel, Wien, Bd S) 

A 59-6586 

New York t HIT Libranes HD45 

Illetschko, Leopold L 

BetoebswiPtschafdicha GnmdfragBn "Wien, ilanz., 195S 

8S p J3 em i"\erdffefltllc&nngea des Instltats fttr Orgaalsatloa 
unfi Revisiotiswesea sn der Hochscbule fdr Welthaadel, "Wien, Bd 3) 
HD35J4 56-21591 

International Labor Office. 

The role of employers and workers in programmes to raise 
productivity in Europe Second item on the agenda. Ge- 
net inrij. 


ill, 121 p illus 30cm 

XT S DepL of Labor 


L 55-17 

International Management Association. 

Case studies in foreign operations. Xew York t !957j 

23T p diagrs 23 cm. (Itt Special report, no 1 / 
HD69F6I5 658072 57-246S 

Ippolito, Teodoro d'. 

L azienda^ prime uoztoni di econooiiH aziendafe e di 
ragioneria 2 ed nordtnata e parzialmente rumovata con 
du e t ole f uot i teato. Palermo. Abbaco {ISSSi 

xvl, 219 p 24 em (Ollana di stodl di wmnlnitraBtl<>ne aaieodale, 

a <. ara dellw Istlttito di ragfooeria e di rfcercfee eewj(lc-sate3lall 
della UmversltJ. di PalfiTm, 2) 

New York TJm\ Librariej HD7 


Ippolito, Teodoro cP. 

Le discipline ammmistratm aziendmli 
mca organizzione, economia aaeisdWe 
e attmenze 2 ed nordinata e parxtalmente nanovata. 
Palermo, Abbacy 1962 

xrt 218 v 24 tm. (CWlaaa fi W3! aliWi*w6e aAjMtole, 
a etsra delta IstitHte d! rtlflrfa * iK ricerds* MOMmic0rieBd*tt 


Ireson, Wiffiant Grant 1914- <af 

Handbook of mdusfceut! engine4acmg and mwwgoneofc, 
edited by William Ortnt Ireson and Eugene L, Grant 
Engtewwx! Cliffs I X', J.j I*rafac-HmII, 1055, 
pi !ilm,iwrti. mm 

Xvestedt, Ragimr. 

Foretagsebmomi; en orwatenng OB forofcageis mtiiter, 
fcoateader, nnst oeh utditoing ^ ttppL } SbockWm, 



Jones, E H 

Fnnapfefi ad practice of ladosfcrtal ad owwwarewl or- 
ui AnatnUuu Sydney, Law Book Co, of Ans- 

20C?. mm 

Library of Congress CatalogBooks: Subjects 


Jones, Hanky Howe. 

Ezecutive decision making Homewood, EL, K. D Innn, 


483 p 'hut 24 cm. (Tte Ira In rfes in industrial engineering 
and a*xa,genie 3 
HD31J62 658 1 57-7964 t 

Jttrtn, DBUijaB. 

TSp. 2iom 

je, Kym-pa, 1X2 

Y VasIL 

icwi n pamioHaansaTOpcKa npAioaceHxut 
Jlemnx, H3Heca npe,a; srvpca saseajmn npnnaBojcruo, 
Hopstm H cipeBHOBasae npn Oso-iracm* amenta-Zen ewer 

CO$HS j;Il3,3aa OxOXBftCKSXT CBHSEKUeH C-6BCT] 1949 

16 p. 2lcoL 

, Force Ckmest. 

How to organize and operate a small business tbjj Peaurce 
C Keller c andj Kmaetib, Lawyer. 2d ed. Engtewood Cliffs, 
N JT.,Pntice-HaJI,1965 

ran. IDOL Stem. 
HD31.K44 1955 658 55-11349 J 

XBUer, Erich, 18SS- 

Arbwteir0ri6reiteiijE and wirtsdb*ftlicfae Gestalteog der 
Fertigfing MQoehux, 1961 

251 L wosated Uho. 2 on. 
HD35K 55-23670 

Koertinfc Praia Tk 1928- 

Die Befcracktag TOO ErfolgstendimE, Wirtselwffficlsbafc 
Had KentabihtEt als Hilfamittd dor FShmng emas Unter- 
mijMungsTerbuadfiie., UntofSDchm^gatt, in der 
abrie. Muncbea, 1&55 

1L ^iaets^ttWesCpartfoHL) Wcm. 

Prmeipks of nnagn*nt; ma analysis of managerial 
ionctMos byj Handd Kcwntz ( ndj C^ril CWDcmnett, Hew 
w^HdL 1965. 


Kcontz, Harold, 190S- 

Prhicip;es, of mawgrnmt; m analysis of man&gawi 
fmKtwtM t bji HtroM Kooitz j*ad s Cjprsl ODcmMlI 2d 1 
New Tack, McGwr-HiB, 19W. 

TLS p, Klas. 31 aa. CMeQraw-Hill series la management) 
HIUGS 19W 0S8 68-11179 1 

Planowani w pr 

mwa. B*be Wycbwm 
<BH*WkaBady"" ' ' 


Fro<i*iatiaarfl Wiaseasdiaft Berlui, Ysrlag Bis Wirt- 


durch Kostenanal jse, Absatzra- 
Festsclirift fur 
ein65. Geburts- 
j Hrag. von Eiidb 
Schlieper. ,1. Aui : Koin, West- 



control Leiden, H, E. Steafsrt Xroese, 1954. 

Krmsinga, H J 

De organisafaestmctiiur van het bednjf , enkele inleidende 
beschonwinger 2 drafc. Leiden, H E Stenfert Kroese, 

33 P - 
HD3TK76 195G 59-21127 J 

Kniinov, Georgi, economist. 

npRH(!xn n MCTO^II 3a ctctaBaiie Ha Texnpoii^uuiuiaHa 

aa npoMiirateuuTO npeinpiwriie CO<|>M, Hajsa n n3E}- 
CTBO, 1057 

14$, [3 1 p 20 cm 
HD36 KT 50-26481 t 

abr, Milan. 

VXrobni pochod v socialistickein prfimjslovem podruku 
Lilian Kubr, Jan Hon fVyd.1] Praha, Statni pedago^cke 
BaJd , 1958 

54 p illui Wcm tCCebof testy vysok^chBkoI) 
HD36KS 58-44855 t 

- Hennann. 

Praktische Rationaliaerang mi Industnebetneb; Wege 
zur Froduktivitltssteigerung Wiesbaden, Dreieck-Verlag 

r inns, dlagrs 21 cm ( Drelecfc-BQdier "Mhren and Fort- 

k TaiT Libraries HD45 

laiiaJa, Everett. 

Engineeruag and organization. Hcanewoodj BL, K D, 

391 pi Ulna. 24 on. (The Irwln series in industrial engineering 
^manag^n ^ 59_8887 t 

Laaisburgh, Richard Bines, 1893-1942, 

Industrial management 5th ed, ibyj William B. Spriegel 
5ew York, "\Viley j e 1955] 

1 T IllBS 24 CEO. 

T56X35 15)55 658 01 55-6454 t 

Leavitt, Harold I 

Managenal p^cholcgy; an incroducti<m to individuals, 

pairs, and groups m orgaisizations. [Chicago] University of 

Chicago Press 1958! 

3S4p. 23 cm, 

HBS1JLS5 658^ 58-5679 t 

Br, Mres c, - 

Ordre, to^tliode et orgmmmtaon; la pratique }oarnalifere 
'orgamsatioiL. Paris, fidiiacms sd^riiifiqaes t litterair^ 

t ] 

240 p. 25 cm. (Collection Science & tedmlqne ds affaires, 21) 
HD33.LS6 55-15&88 

LduBaini, Max Rudolf, 18S&- 

AHgemeine Betriebswirtscltaftsl&hre ; a31gemein6 Theorie 
r Betnebswirtscliaft 3, Anfl. Wiesimdeaij T. Gablea: 


, H 

Der Beteebdexfer and die ZaMen des Betriel>es; Hiifsmit- 
iel iur die Ffflhrangsanf gaben in Ii^n*ribetndbn, Statfc- 

57-46202 t 

341 p. dlagrs, 

[HD35L ] 

Nmr York UB!T 



oon^ Jacques, 1828- 
Tecluiique economique et, gesticm mdustrielle. Prel da 

619 p, iliax. 23cm. (Finance et fcooomie applique, v. 5) 

Letenko, V 

SSp, lacm. 

W-20900 t 

Light, Horace Robert 

The nature of management. With an introd- bv L. Ur- 
wick. : 2ded.3 LoasAm, PStaaa t !9Cf7j 

154 p. Illtia. 23CJS. 
HDSUU 1257 e5o8 57-41&i7rer t 

liadaay, Franklin A 
New tedmiqa^ for i 

agement decision 

, , . 

17SL illus. 29cm. (McGraw-Hill 

&B3isefis problems) 

Lisowsky, Arthur. 

Grundprobleme der Betnebswirtscbaftslehre, au^ewahlte 
Schnften Zurich, Polygraphischer Verlag, 1S54. 

ST4 p 25 cm, (St Caller wlrtschaftswlssenschaftllclle Forschun- 
HD35 L5576 56-57854 t 

Llamazares, Juan, 

Empresas modernas, ensayos sobre direccion y orgamza- 
cion. Buenos Aires, Insbtuto Argentine de Kelacionea In- 
dustnales, 1955 

189 p dlagrs 23 cm. (Colecdfio OrganlzacltJn de empresaa, y 1) 
HD37X6 57-15911 

Lohmann, Martin, 1901- 

Emfuhrung in die Betnebswirtschaftslelire. 2 , neubearb 
undverm Auk Tubingen, Mohr, 1955 

vll, 292 p diagrs 24cm. 

[EDD35X ] A59--2420 

New York Univ Libraries 

Lohmann, Mdvin Rudolph, 1914- 

A concept of organization and management. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms tl954] 

( [University MIcrofQma, Ann Arbor, Mica.] Publication ao TO67) 

Iowa. Univ Library 

Lorch, Wilhelm, 1911- 

Die Funktaonen d^ Untemelimers und der Manager 
Stuttgart, Deutscher Facbzeitschriften- und Fach.buch.-Ver- 
Iag w DasIndustne-Blatt" 1955] 

82 p diagrs. 21 cm. (GeschaftsfOlurung und Brfolg) 

A 59-2421 
New York Univ Libraries HD35 

Landy, James L 

Effective industrial management New York, MacmJlan 
C 1957, 

588 p. IUus 25cm. 
T58X8 658 7-5776 t 

McFarland, Daltoa E 

Management principles and practices. New York, Mac- 
radian t 1958] 

312 p. fflus. 25 cm. 
HD3LM17 658 58-5212 J 

McLamey, William J 

Management training, cases and principles. Key. ed. 
Homewood, BL, B IX Irwin, 1955. 

371 p 24cm. 

1955 658 55-11027 t 

McLarney, WiHiam J 

Management training, cases and principles 3d ed> 
Home-wood, HL,E D Irwin, 1959 

534 p Illus 24cm. 
HD31M27 1959 658 59-11218 J 

Mac Niece, H 

Production forecasting, planning, ana COIILIOJ. 2d ed 
New York, Wiley [ e 1957j 

374 p Illus 24 cm. 
HD31M28 1957 6585 57-5923 J 

Mabel, Sherman J 

Fluctuations, growth, and forecasting the principles of 
dynamic business economics. New York, Wiley C 1957] 

552p. 111ns, 24cm. 
HD31.M283 338 54 57-5926 J 

Majcher, Mflan. 

FinancoTanie & urerovanie priemyslu. jVyd. l-i Bra- 
taslaya, Slovenske vydavatelstvo techmckej literatury, 1958. 

430 p. mus, 21m. 
HD36M3 59-23804 J 

BMart y Cotd, Jos^ 1897- 

Org^mzacion cientffica del traba]O. 2. ed. Barcelona, 
Editorial Labor rl956i 

307 p. Utns. 18 cm. (Colecci6fl Labor; blblloteca de Inlctaddn 
cnteand, no. 475-47G. Secddo 10: Bcmomla) 
T58JIM 1956 57-28603 % 

Mann, Adolf. 

Aus der Praxis einer Ertrag^eteiligung. Bonn, Lutzeyers 
** /itsetzungswerfce r*1954i 

113 p. 21cm. (AktnelleBemebsfrasen.Heft^) 
HD8fi JML27 57-17311 t 

Mantz, Marius Robert 

H&xmonische bedrijfH^oeriBg. Leiden, H. E. Stenfert 
Kroe r 195Ti 

rr.aaxp. dlagrs. 28 cm 

HDWJMBe 6**4im 

Librafy of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Martmec, Emd, engineer 

Yyrobnl postupy, zafclady planovstn! ve vyrobe 5 vyd 

Praha, Tiskove podmky-Prfimjslovi sluzba, 1950 

123 p Hlus 22 cm tP/S Cstfedaf svaz ceskosloTenake'lio 

prftaysio. KnlMce organisace vtroby, sv 3) 

T563C29 1950 5&-23S49 

Maam, Carlo. 

L'econamia delle imprese industrial! di medie dimension! 
nelle nlevaziom di azienda, casi concreti tratti daU'indagine 
di spremiture e raSinene d: oh di seme 2 ed nveduta 
MiIono,A Giuffre, 1&58 

xxi T, 470 p Alagrs , forms 25 cm i Unlversiti commercial L. 
Boceon! " Istltuto di ricerthe tecnieo-commerciali .Pubbl'cazionii 
ser 3 n 1} 

[HD9490A2M ] A 59-3463 

New York Cn>v Llbranes 

Massaraiu, Eugenic. 

Appunti di tecnologia uidustnale. Leoom Milano, A. 
Graffre, 1956 

288 p 26 cm (Uuiyersia comoaerciale "L. BocconI," Milaaa 
Corso di specializzazioae per la fonnazicme dl dlrigentl d! agenda, 
D 9) 

A 57-5166 
Illinois Univ Library- 

Mauser, Ferdinand F 1914- 

Introduction to American business jbyj Ferdinand F. 
Mauser tondj David J Schwartz, Jr New York, American 
Book Co 1956! 

661 p. illus 25 cm. 
HD31MS4 658 56-13987 t 

MecMer, HernncSi, 1912- 

FuimiBgskrafte brauchen Entlastung; mit Manageinent- 
Metnoden gegea die Manager-Krankheit Stuttgart, H. 
Seewald r !956j 




Mechlerv Heinrkh, 1912- 

Management, Motor der Produkfavitat. Stuttgart, Beat- 
scner Fachzeitsehriften-. und Fachbudi-Veriag t 1956j 

328 p diagrs. 25cm 

EDD35JS28 AST-4228 

New Yorfe Univ Hbra rts 

ear, B van der. 

Het goed geMde bednjf ; behser en. organiaatie Tan d& 
middelgrote en fcleine ondememuo^. Iieiden, H, E. Stenfet 

37&p, UloL 25cm. 

Meer, B van der. 

Schets der bednjfeecononue. 2 drok. Leiden, H. E. 
Stwnf art Kroese, 1954^ 

2Up 23cm. 
HD3TM38 1984 5T-3M23 J 


RataoneUfi Fuluntiig ond X^Gntcpof in dsr UnternehmuBgj 
Aufgabenghederung nnd Aii%abeiLTertelIiing in neuar 
Subi. Stattgart, C. E. Poeschel, 195T. 

88ik. dlagrs. 24cm. 

HD35JC329 AS8-5873 

libraries HD4o 

Meissrser, Franz. 

Die Organisation dey mdnatiifillBn Unternelminng. Wisn, 
Hmpolyt-yeriag r!956j 

Slip, diagw. 21 cm. < Alt FabdlcwirisAsft, Bd. 2) 

A 59-7853 
New York UniT. Libraries HD35 

k>|K>daranm v podniko. 

3Uj Bratislava, StoroidfoS vylaTaM^ro tecteacfcef 


MeHerowicz, Koniad, 1S91 

Breisgau. K. Haufe { 

sv.Wfp <Bct*flMn 

Melman, Sermour. 



2)p, fflmt 22 o 




Melman, Seymoucr. 

Decision-making and productivity Oxford jEag : Black- 
weH, 1958 

290 p Jto 2S oa 
HD38M4 1958a 65S5 59-1SU4 I 

Metataa, Seymour. 

Dynamic factors m industrial prodttdavifcy Kew York, 
"Wiley, 1956 

238p Uln. 23cm. 

HD3LM396 338 01 56-4M2 t 

Melman, Seymour. 

Dynamic factors in industna! productivity Oxford^ B 
Black-well, 1956 

238 p illos 22 cm 
HD31 M396 1956a 338 01 56-14702 J 

Mendon^a, Lmz de. 

Craso de orgamzacao racional do trabalho 4. ed. Scio 
Paulo tEditora Clasaco-Cientaficai 195&- 

T Ultts. 24cm. 


MexriH, Harwood Feny, 1904- ed. 

developing executive skills; new patterns for management 
growth. Harwood F Merrill { andj Elizabeth Mat-tag, edi- 
tors. New York. American Management Association t 1958j 

431 p illos 24 cm. 
HD31Jf398 *658.3Se 6583124 5S-0517 t 

Mihelak, Joze. 

Orgamzacija mdustrijskB in kmetijske proizrodnje 
L]Tibljana E Drzavna zaloSba Slovemjej 1951 

314 p. lllos. 21cm. (KnjKnica zs T^ojo rirokoraih fcadror, S7i 
T56M48 59-20486 1 

Moumisen, Ernst Wolf, ed 

Elitebildung m der Wirtschaft Dann^adt, C. W. Leske 
1955 3 

333 p 21 on. (Lebendlge WUtKbaft, VetMfentUchimgea der 

Detrtsebai Vcttswirtsdiaftlidwi Geseltedmft, Bd. 12) 

A 58-4246 
NewYorlcUMT. libraries HT685 

Morris, William Thomas, I&2S- 

The rationalization of mda^nal decision proce^es. OD- 
Imnbiis, College of Engineering, Ohio State University 

IT, 117 p 3 can. (Ohio State GM-vwcmity Bagtneertas Esperi- 
raemt Sratioa. Bulletin no. 133) 
HD3LM6 A 57-9420 

Mo&a, Zdcntk. 

Zaklady orgamsace a nonnovani price v socialisfcick&i 
prfimyslovem podiuku Zdeaek Mcfeav Mian Horilefc. 
i Vyd. 1 1 Praha, StafaS pedagogic^ aakl , l&5a 

55 p. mm. SOcm. (U6*-D:teirj-.-jscktciia ia i} 

68-484M t 

Hunger, Robert D 

Successful bmsness management; a eomprehemivB, read- 
able handbook stowing the way to sound leadership and ac- 
tivity in every important phase of basmesa. Hlus. by Helen 
B. Higgs. t l8t ed , Dayton, Ohio, Living Arts Founda- 
tion r !956, IW&i 

34$ p. IIlw 230Q. 
HDSIJ^S 658 


47 p. 21 


National IiidostrialConfei 

e Board. 

engiroentag: organization and practices [by 
* Division of Business Pwwitifiesi New York 


56 mm, 23 em. (Its Conferecce Board reports. State |a 
b-asiaeas policy, nx78) 
HFS006KS no,78 658 56-MSO 

New York. 

aad luncheon, Apnl 10, 19W fifteenth awm- 
Waldorf- Astona, ITew York. t K*w Yorfcf IMS, 

Newman, William Herman, 1 909- 

Msnageiat of expandrng (afetapnses, report of warn, 
table aiscussio.ns by leading business and professional mes, 

by WiBw H, ^MRDM m& James P, 
by the CWmlm Univimtf nwittt^ 
If ir York, Otomlw Fmi?wa^r Brem, IfiW* 

Ger4 10L5- 

Iter Versucl emer Abgrenrang von Befcebswirtsdi&ft 
und Te<.Iauk auf deni Gebiet der Arbe^t&Torbereitung indos- 
tnelfer Untememauagea rMunchen'i 1&53 

tt. 228 .T i !"ui * part fold la pocket) 30 cm. 
HD35 N32 56-26103 

Nielson, Adolf. 

KriBenfest werden ' Mittel and Wege aar Sichenmg der 
Standfestigkeit emes Unterneitmens. Stattgart, Forkel- 
Verlag t lC37j 

305 p 21cm 
HD3SN53 58-16954 J 

Nfles, Mary Cashing (Howard) 

The essence of management E lst American ed.) Xew 
York, Harper r !958, 
398 p OJoH 22 cm 

HD31K5 658 58-7084 t 

Nimes, Adento Sedas. 

Situa^jio e problensas do corporativiano, prmcipios cor- 
porativos e. realidades bociais. Prefacio do Prof Pires Car- 
doso Lisboa, Gabmete de Estudos Corporauvos do Centro 
Umversitano da ifocidade Porcugue^t, 1^4 

222 p ttibtes 28cm <CoIeegio de estmdos corporati^os, T 1) 
HDS611 3f8 56-S9158 

Opitz, Hans Joachim. 

Der TerwaltnngsbegnfT m der B^nebswirtschaftslelire, 

Freiburg, Schweiz, Univeraitatsverlag; C 1055i 

rtili, 1 p 24 cm CVepW&itliehangeo des Wlrtadiaf*. and 

Soadalwiwettscfcaftl!ch lostitates der Unltearaiat Fteflwati: Sdrwela, 

2 A 57-422 

New York UniT 

libraries HD85 

Organization, for European Economic Cooperation. 

Problems of business management. American opinions 
European opinions Technical Assistance Mission No 128. 
Pans jlSMj 

83 p 24cffl 
HD31 073 658 55-350 

Ostlrad, Harry J 

Small fausmess is Big btisuaass, by Harry J. Ostlnjad and 
Stanley C Hollander. Minneapobs, Umvwsaty of Mittae- 
sot Press, 1956 

34 p 23 cm. (Unlfersity of Mlnoeiota. StttSlm In eeoaosnles 
and .rosiaesa, no IS) 
HD31 084 658 56-S6H f 

Ostro^ski, Waclaw. 

Lokalixacja i plajaowanie terenow pnwny^0wydt [Vyd. 
1 3 W&rszawa, Pafistwove Wydawn. Techniczae, 1953 

488 p I'lusL 24 era 
HD58 OT t 

Overcast, PaEl E 

A sarvey of industrial engineering fonctioiM sod peisatt- 
ml (1056) E by 2 Paul E. Overcast {for the Industrial &gt- 
neermg Department, UraTetaity f Hmataij Huaston, 
Tex, Indu^nal Eagmsering Dept, TTahvcalj of Honufcoa, 

3Sp. 28cm. 
TO8.085 658 

Owen, Wiliam Vem, 1^4- 

Hodem management, its nature asd fmadicma. New 
York, Konald Press Ca t l%8j 
389 p. fflns 21cm. 


Owens, Richard Norman, 1S94- 



678 p, ABC Me 

SdecL Htowwood,, 

Faeces, Federico Claris, IMS- 

La prodjmona. Torm>i Gruppo Ferrer. 1951. 

- " - - 

Paris. Centre de 
des affaires. 

watt < 

prob&me de dirtcdoiu : Par^ 


Pation ( Jofer, A.) , _ 

IfiuuMl of irirtriel eqpBMTn* pnofdoni. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Paul about, Ian. 

Piano-fin! zivodu bodmorf plan rfroby V Prase, 
Yydava tBQ, oak! Price, 1949 
"fi4s ilia* 2laa . K&JEucc* Odbarif, 33-15) 

T56.P36 59-S5357 

Le forme meadali 3 ed. nv ed ainpliatt Roma, Casa 
editnce CastfeUina, 1&57 

aacrU-K, 314 p forma 55* qff. 

A 59-6515 
New York fnJIt HD37 

Fodrnkevi orgardsace. 

Priprava a orgaaisaoe ibtunv-iio planovan!;; sokr vy- 
bran5 T cli 1 aakfj z tasopisu Podmlcov& orgamsace, 5 5 a 6, 

1951.* r Vyd 1 Praia. Pr&mysIoTe vjdaTateMri, 1951 

111 p 13 cm. (Kslfeiees podnlkoTg oryaniiaoe a pitaovtai, SY 
HD36 PS 50-34680 

Teshmqum et iwrnmes de direction Pans, Editions 
Homines & techniques : IKS8 { 

817 p, fllagrs tftblet 25 caa, { Afitaiaistrttlen et gfcstteo des ea- 

A 5&-6771 

HB3S P6 
JNew YexK Uair 


Pll Atqwt, 13JW- 

Si*cLi"ntaaIn, Mattel and: Anleiiting zrtr Datstelltmg 
betndbbcher Hud mitscn&ftbdteer Vorganga a*ch H L. 
Gmntt iWiippertal-Bantwnj 1954 

SiUUhw. Si em. 

T58 P7S 55-223M J 

N.J r 

1 { 
HB81 PT 

Prwiticft-HjJIl president's guide Eogiewood QsJIs, 

jwsj dasra^ SWUM 38 cm. 


lay Gdon B Ckraca, 2d ed. 


I f. (tar.o pti|t) HIM. Si 
TMP7S IMS 658 

Prdidctmiost rstda, pnprenia i fcontrok proizvodnje. Bw- 

grad, Pmrredm preglwi, 1957 
214 j Sliw 21 em ( Blb3 E trtela "QosoBAa prwlaa*." 1 Koto 

HB5? B** Kolo L kj tga il 

na bat 


. B. W. BereosdiL 
der weteasciappehjke blnjfsorgaiiisata.e,- eea 
rf van he( iSJ-jang tekawa 
Baxwa Ir B W, Bearcasdbot. Leulsn, 

s ceaMiriettf afatoial niaaa^ment ^ Wtl^ltta- 
ti^raaA wA fiayiwwl ViOtnt. 

, i _ 

Bcsaa, Stafe. fcipo-litcgra- 



Rettig, HeiimA, 1000- 

Ersparnisse und Terbesserungen durct erne 
der Baiurteten Leipzig, B G- Teubner, 1954 

40 p lilus Jl cos fSchrfftenreihe des Institutes fQr ABSbautecli- 
nik 1m Hochbau <!er Tednslschen Hodischale Dresden, Heft 1) 

Biebd, Parf. 

Die Plastizitat des Betnebee, erne productions- und 
maiktTurtschaftbthe Cntetsnchung Koln, Westdeuischer 

s, Bd li 

New York Unit 


Rigter, G H 

Begrnseleu \an tie admimstratieve organisatie en -tecn- 

n^ek '" ^Vlphen aaa den Eijn, N Samsom, 1951 
13$ ji lilus 2i em 

HD3T.R47 55-27480 | 

Roesle, Karl Friedndj, 1893- 

AUgememeBetnebswirtsciiaftslehre. 5 vollig neu bearb 
md enteiterte Aufl Stuttgart, C E Poesdsul, 1956 

^OSS &7-39411 t 

Rocs, CatI 

Wege and Ziele deatscher Rationalisienuig Dortmund, 
Yerkehrs- tind Wirtschafts-\ r rla^, 1955 
288 p IDus SI cm. 

Mew Tork fair 

Roscoe, Edwin Scott. 

Organization for production, an introduction fo indus- 
trial management Hotaewood, 111 , B D Irwin, 1955 
472 p Ulna. 24 can. (Irwta series In Industrial engineering and 


55-S510 J 

Eoseoe, Edwin Scott 

Organization for production, an introduction to indus- 
trial management Itev ed. Hcmewood, HL, R D Irwin, 

S2S p iltas 2-1 COL (Tiie Irwin series in industrial en,gmering 
ajad management) 
T5eJ&73 1959 658 59-&S79 t 

Ease, Thomas Gerald, 1336- 

Higher Eaaaagsment catrol jbjj T. G. Rose ( and 3 Donald 
E Farr "With a foewwd by H. B. Maynard. Hew Yoik, 

McGraw-Hill, 1957. 
290 p lllas 24cm. 
HD31JS72 658 5^-12539 t 

Boy, Roberts 

lift administaratiw process. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins 
Frees, 1988. 

238 p. lite 24cm 
HD31 R78 658 58-7212 t 

Rtf essera, J-osepli, 1S87-1M&. 

T, 1945/46, 

X A ft P 03J. 


SampscB, Robert C 

Tte ^aff role in 
York, Harper flOSS, 

226 p. lilas. 22cco. 

^swon pwoon nvjn 


its creatiTO us^. 


55-85 1 

Sanne, OwrJ Werner, 1923- 

RalionaiiBicnii^^roljfema der ^ganrirtigm Wirtscnait 
mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der detttschen Industrie. 
Mlidwn, If 50 ,1. e. IftSSi 

a. 30cm. 


Washington, SmaH 

Saim., Richard 

Batio analysis for 

*tt, 85 . txMm, V cm. (taall busings management series, 
HDSC-.U5 no. 20 55S.15 57^60642 

jSavez sindOiata Jogoslavije. Central vec^ 

Program ekancmsko^ obrazovonja rdbibk tSpht, 1950, 

42 jx ffl&csa. 
HP36.S3 5-8-29410 1 

Savjetovanje boraca m nsoku produkti^oat rada NR 

SchMer, WiHielm, wnter on industrial management 

Industnebetrieb und Oftentlichkeit vor den sozialen Auf- 
gaben der Gegenwart; Versuch emer Generahnventur der 
sozialwirtschaf tlichen Probleme in einem Grossunternehmen 
der Eisen schaffenden Industrie, und ihre Beziehungen zur 
offentlichen Sozialpohtik Stuttgart, Rmg-Verlag C I956] 
HI, 179 p illua 23cm 

A 57-3625 
Wisconsin tTniv Ubr 

Schlaifer, Robert. 

Probability and statistics for business decisions, an intro- 
duction to managerial economics under uncertainty Jfew 
York, McGraw-Hill, 1959 

732 p illus 2-4 cm 
HD38 S35 658 01519 58-13017 J 

ScMeh, Edward C 

Successful executive action, a practical course in getting 
executive lesults Englewood Cliffs, N J, Prentice-Hall 
C l955j 

252 p illus 26 cm 
HD31 S335 658 55-12066 t 

ScMenzka, Peter Adolf. 

TJnternehmer, Direktoren, Manager, Krise der Betriebs- 
fuhrung 5 ' Dusseldorf, Econ-Verlag t !954, 
352 p (p 348-352 aclyertlsemeata) diagra 21cm 

New York Univ libraries HDS5 

Scnmalenbach-GeseEsdoaft zur Fordenmg der Betnebs- 
wirtschaf tlichen Forschung und Praxis 

Aufgaben- und Abteilungsghederung in der mdustriellen 
TJnternehniiiiig Verfasser Arbeitskreis Dr Elrahe der 
Sckmalenbacli-Vereinigung, Willi Dohrmann t et al 3 Koln, 
Westdeutscher Verlag, 1950 

123 p Hlus. 22 cm. (VerSffentlidiungea der Schmalenbach- 
Vereinlgung, Bd 19) 
HD35S2823 1950 658 51-35867 rey J 

Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Betriebs- 
wirtschaf thcnen Forschung und Praxis. 

Untfiriiebmungsorgamsation, Aufgaben- und Abteilungs- 
gliederung m der mdustriellen Untemebnung Verfasser. 
Arbeitskreis Dr Krahe der Schmalenbach-Gesellscnaft, 
Wilii Dohrmann t et alj 2 erweiterte Aufl. Koln, West- 
deutscher Verlag, 1954 [1950, 

152 p illns 21cm. ( Its VerSffentUdmngeii, Bd. 19) 
HD35 S2823 1954 58-35705 J 

Schmidt, Fritz, Mar 13,1882- 

Die Wirtschaftsbewegung in Betnebs- und Volkswirt- 
schaffc, Konjunkturlekre. Hrsg von El Schwantag Wies- 
baden, T. Gabler t c !953j 

88 p 21 cm. (Die Handelshocnachule, die Wirtschaftsliocliscnale, 
Yerlags-Nr 9*,Abtlg 5) 

Schmidt, Giinter, economist. 

Ber Gharakter der kapitalisfaschen Betnebswirtschafts- 
lehre und der sozaalen Betnebspolitik t von] Gunter Schmidt 
unter Mitarbeit von Manfred Banse, Berlin, Verlag Die 
Wirtschaft, 1957. 

146 p. illua 2100, 
HD35J32S27 57-46215 t 

Schmidt, Richard Nicholas, 1916- 

Executave control Buffalo, University Bookstore, 1956. 

286 p. Illua, 29 cm. 
HD31 S337 56-46279 t 

Sdmettler, Albert, 1896- 

Befcriebsanalyse. Stuttgart, C. E. Poeschel, 1958. 
443P. lna. 28cm. 
^~ 59-34371 1 

Schuldt, Heinrlch. 

WirtschaftlichB Betriebsfuhrung, die Forderong unserer 
Zeit WiestehtesumlhreiiBetrieb? LAufl Hannover, 
Gebr. Janecke, 1952. 

220 p. lilns., dlagrs., forma. 21cm. 

Llbrariea HD35 


Schnlenburg, Arthur. 

Neoe Meister-Fibel; ecprobte KatscMage fur Industrie 
measiswr und solche, die es werden wollen. 1 Aufl- 3 Berlin, 
Scmele&Sclion [19563 

159 p. 21cm. 

Sehwfsywr, Herbert English, 1010- 

4m p. mm. 24 cm. (McGtaw-HIll series in chemical engineer- 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Seramel, Edgar. 

Operatixiii pllno-vani vyrobj 
nakl te.luucke bteratury, 1957 " 
178 p Illus 21 on 


t Tyd 1 ; Pi-aha, Statui 


Semmel, Edgar. 

Orgamsace a planovani pomoaay'ch vyrobnich pochodfi v 
socialistictem prumyslovem podmku Edgar Semmel, Jan 
Hon jVyd 1 3 Praha, Statn! pedagogicke nakl , 195S 

44 p Illus 30cm (Ucebnftexty vysok^ch&ol) 
HD36S42 58-44246 J 

Semxnel, Edgar. 

QrganiSaee a planovani techmcke pfipravy vyroby v so- 
cialistickem prumyslovem podmku ["Vyd. 1 j Praha, 
Statni pedagogicke nakL, 1958. 

40 p Illus 30cm (UMraf testy vysoktch Skol) 
HD36 S43 58-44063 t 

Semmel, Edgar. 

Zaklady operatavniho planovani vjrroby [Vyd. 1 j 
Praha, Statni pedagogicke nakl , 1958 

106 p illos 30 cm (TOebnf testy vysokfch Scol) 
HD36S44 58-44245 t 

Severance, Malcolm Floyd, 1924- 

Budgetmg, programming, and decision making in excel- 
lently minaged companies Ann Arbor, Mick, University 
Microfilms 1958] 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-1926 Mic 58-1926 

Wisconsin I mv Libr 

SeydHtz-Kurzbach, Fnedrich Wilhelm voo. 

Leitung und Verwaltung im Industnebetrieb Berlin, 
Duncker & Humblot C 1955j 

110 p diagre 23cm ( Betrteb&wirtschaf ckche Schnftea, Heft 1) 
HD35S45 A 5^4390 

New York Cniv Libraries 

Seymour, John, 1907- 

Compiny direction; an introduction to the direction of 
manufacturing companies London, Macdonald & Evans, 

194 p Illus 22 cm 
BD31S4 658 55-22816 J 

Shalleiiberger, Frank Kuhras, 1912- 

Production management m small plants Stanford, Calif , 
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University r !960, 

ir, 44 p. 23cm ( Business research senes, EG 5) 

Stanford Unlv Library 

Shepherd, Hdton D 1910- 

Introduction to modern business byj Hilton T> Shepherd, 
Vernon A, Musselman t and"j Eugene EL Hughes. 2d ed 
Hew York, Prentice-Hall, 1955 " 

535 p illos 24cm. 
HF5351 S54 1955 658 55-9426 J 

Sholornovich, I A 

Die in der Industrie. j2, erg-anzte und 
benchtigte Aufl a Berlm, Verkg Die Wirtschftft, 1955 

2Slp 22ctru 
HDJTS4814 1935 56-31009 t 

Simbin, John A 

Business management; tef&caency surveys and systemsj 
New York, Barnes & Nobk ilSKSTj 

S72p. mm. 21cm. {Ooaes6<affliiesetie8#82) 
9ST 6S8 

Sjezd teclmiku kovopromyslu a cnergetiky. 1st, 

2* novon socwli0tic&oci tecnnikaj protokol. ( 
PraJm, Price, 1951 

VR iv ports. 21 acu 
T56.S46 1950 

Smith, George Albert, /r. 

!Msxttf[XQff geographically decentralized 
ton, Harvard University, Graduate School of 
ministration, Division of Eesearch, 1958. 

185 p. 22 en. 

vyd. 3 



PoBey f ormuMioa and adminMratiom; a casebook of top- 
baaaeas, % George Albert &aMi 



Smith, George Albert, 7r 

Policj forrLuIatioi ard adm*mstratioa, i casebook of tup- 
aianaajtirtint problems in. business, bj George Albert Smith, 

Jr , and C Roland Chnstensen 3d ed Homewood, 111 , 
K D Irwin, 1050 

83o p iilus 24 cm 
HD31 SiS 1050 655 

Sooal Science Researcli Council Committee on 

Expectations, unceitamU, and business behavior, a con- 
ference held at Carnegie Institute of Technology, October 
27-29 1955 Edited bj Mar> Jean Bowman New York, 

vn, 202 p diagrs tab'es 28 cm 
HD61 SC S30 1 58-S96e 

Spam. Comejo Superior de Investiffonones Ot-entificas Pa- 
tronato Juan d<? la Cierva Codorniu 

Investigacion operativa , una nueva metodolo^a Madnd, 
Consejo Supenor de Investigaeiones Cientificas, Patronato 
"Juan de la Cien a" de Investigacion Tecmca, 1952 

124 p Illus 24 cm. 
T5SS674 56-40528 1 

Spencer, Milton H 

Managerial economics; decision making and forward plan- 
ning, by Milton H. Spencer and Louis Siegelman Home- 
wood, 111 , E D Irwin, 1959. 

454 p. Ulus 24cm. (T&e Irwin series la economics) 
HD3US2 ^30,182 59-6857 | 

Spisiak, Jan. 

Privo a chozracot t l vyd. T Praha, Orbis 1952 
77 p 21 cm (Novf pravnf Md els 17) 

State Bar of California. Committee on Oonttnvmff Educa- 
tion of the Bar. 

Organizing and advising small business enterprises. Spon- 
sored bj the State Bar of California and participating local 
bar associations t Berkeley j University Extension, Univer- 
sity of California, 1954 

xvi, 301 p illus 22 cm (California practice handbook, no 2) 


Strngger, Siegfried. 

Das Sparsamkeitsprinzip in Natur, Teckuk und Wirt- 
schaft Drei Yortrage der Berliner Tagung "Wirtschafts- 
gut Warme* 1 jvonj Siegfned Strugger, Helmut Thielicke 
tmd 3 Fntz Eeuter Dusseldorf, Deutscher Ingenleur-Yer- 

60 p. 21cm 


Sveistrap, Pool Peter, 1892- 

Indledamg til studiet af ctnfts0konomi_ 4 udg 
havn, Nj t nordisk f orlag, 1955 

S43p. iUus 22cm. 
1955 56-23479 

T%, YfiaB-d4 1904- 

Indiana. Univ Libr. 

C 58-737S 

, Cfeorf e Robert. 

PnBcipkss of raana^ment Ber. ed, Hojnewood, Hi, 
E.D. Irwin, 1956 

p mm 24oa. (Tike Irwin series In industrial engineering 
and management ) 
HD8LT48 1956 658 56-8125 t 

Die Araf gaben tmd Prinzipien der soaaaliatedheii Leitsung 
der Industrie und ihre An-wendtuig bei der I*itng 
B^riebe durch die Iiuitaeininiaecritei 

{IMacnsaloaatdtiie m Wlrtsdal!rags, Heft 

la p. a 

Thompson, Stewart. 

Management creeds and philosophies; 
guides in our changing economy 3 New York, American 

Management AssoemtioB. 
127 p. L-'ios. m m. {A 

. . 

seartdi study nt>.S2> 
HD2LA6 no, 32 


5S-2ST5 | 

Thomson, David Oegiiom, l&CX)- f. 

labour, and communitj London, Pitmtr 

rtx, 263 p 22 cm 



Tom, R van der. 

Planning;, een inleiding voor studerenden en ^oor de prac- 
tijk Utrecht, W de Haan, 1953 

111 p il as 24 cm CDs Haan s b3r* jfseconomlsche btbUotbeelc} 

HD37.T6 56-37320 + 

Turefidk, Jan. 

Skoly zv\ben.i rentability 1 vydj Praha, Price , vyda- 

vatelstvo ROH, 1957 
24 ,3, p 21 cm 

T56.TS 59-3745 

Tusch, Oscar, 1928- 

1st die Betnebsanalyse grundsatzlich geeigaet, die Praxi 
der gegenwartigen Kreditprufung abzulosen ? Mit emeu 
Beispiel aus der Elektromdustne Muneheni 1954. 

17S.2L 20m. 
HB35T8 65-32104 

Tykal, PravdomiL 

Ztraty v prumyslovem podmkanl V Praze, Samcovo 
kmhkupectvi, 1948 

116 p J2 cm CCspSeb, knHnlce orgaoizace T^rtAy & pniee, sr 2) 
HD36T9 50-40173 1 

UHch, Hans, 1919- 

Betnebswirtschaftliche Organisationslehre, erne Einfuh- 
rung. Bern, P Haupt C 1949] 

236 p diagrs table 23cm 
HP35U55 65801 50-2SW7 rev- 

United Nations. Bureau of EeonomM Affmn 

Management of industrial enterprises in under-developed 

countries [Prepared by the Bureau of Economic Affairs la 
the Dept of Economic and Social Affairs, in co-operation 
with the Technical Assistance Admimstrationj New Torkj 
United Nations Dept of Economic and Social Affairs, 1958 
v, 35 p 23 on ( t UnIed Nations Document! W3143, ST/BCA/ 

JX1977A2 E/3143,etc 



U. S. Bureau of Naxdl PenoimeL 

Public works department management [Washington, 
Govt Print Off.j 195S L e, 1956j 

ill, 265 p IBos , maps, forms, tables, 28cm. 

U. S. Dept of Agriculture Gralva&e Sckool 

Corre c pondence coarse 201C" Adnuniscratloa and super- 
vision,, basic principles and practices. [Prepared by George 
A. Youngi Washington [1955j 

1 T. (various pagiags} 28cm. 
HD31U52 514 

U.S. Small Busmeu Admmufratm. 

Mafla.gprognt aids for small busuwssi wmual no 1 
Washington, 1955- 


United Steel Companies, ltd. 

Industrial managoneat j a ooorse of lectEir^ girea at Cam- 
bridge University for the Faculty Board of 


123 p, illos 21cm. 


Updegraff, Robert EawH 1889- 

The specification technique of 
IT, H, Bxwfcive DeTOkpmmfc PMSS c lr s 

EDD38.U6 658.01 

57-443S | 

Urwidc, Lyaial Fwns, 1801- 

KfanMmlos de admiaisfersmfa. Tr<iaeca&2 <Je k Escada 
de Adm ir. 1st rac Jon Pib li-a del Coleg^ o de S'X'iales- 

P, B^ Bdfe*sR d* la 

T, 157 r. 

56- mr 

elecsenta of adinijiifitratran. 2d ed. Loados, I Pit- 

man, 194T. 

IWfl Mt tt 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Urwick, Lynda!! Fownes, 1591- 

Tne mtfcmg of scientific management by L. Urwick 
and E F K Breeh London Management pubkcatumg 

T piatt^ ports, (Jlagrs. (part tod.) Won. 
T56US 85801 46-7283 rw 

Urwick, Lynda! Fownes, 1301- 

[Jerusalem, 1955 

88 p 24cm. 
HD31 U714 

56-55607 rev 

Vajner, Zdenko. 

Grgamzacqa i pcdoraaje pnvrttcfaih podnzeca, opci dia 
SfaipiJL Zagreb, STeafili&ia, !itografi]t, 150- 

T 26 cm, 
HD3SV3 58-34840 3 

Valentin, Rdf. 

Katioiialisierjng, em Weg zur wirtachaftlichen Betnebs- 
futesng Stuttgart, K Wittww, 1954 

01 p d'tgr 21 cm 

HD33V3 A5-~89* 

New York L m T USsrarits 

Vance, Stinky. 

indostnal administration Xem York, McGraw-Hill, 

5TO p illi t 4 cm i ilfGiaa H *1 aerie* Sa management) 
HD3LVS2 C5S 5S-3M77 4 

VeiHt, Hdmnth, IftSfr- 

Bie Gnandla^en der betnAlidwn K 
und derm Venrtttcmg fur die Beteetepcditik f 

T,212,JH lisas, 30 a 
HBS71LT3S 58-32216 

De mdnamisteiti veer de owtoeiinBg, Mtea, BL E, 
Stetfert Kroese, itM, 

sd, IBS 23 cat. {De Pmctfjiuede, adrvari>ai nit beMJfi- 
-ft ea aeec^ntasf y t 1 } 

* 56 S4A 

Voitanfi, Vnip&s. 

Osgamzzazioae del Lavoro aeile piccole e mecbe uaende a 

mmtere industntle. ooa 12 ttbelle e 39 illostxaricmi 

281ft. Aw, 

Ubarias HW7 

La, istnmid&i del cflntete ptMloo en los 
, a 

dam k nation, 


As M. Albert 
BMXnnM jl^5i 

fncnmofMUnleinR i sn!> pfiwcraraw. 




: tiisir effscte apoa a eoapacy's 

pxi^tm ef daia pwmi9g , 

truMMtt^ of Qwtfptt ZJbnart 
^^ Mb 

Wafs JiA E*f!*C laM- 

awia JHafe i 
LittlftSelci, AdEHis, IPS^. 
^SfTr5Ha8L J ~ 

i?*tsj% y. J n 


Weber, Ckrence Adam, - 

Industxial leaderskp ; the American way to teamwork jbjj 
darenc A, WeS3er and John W. KarnsSj Jr ( lst ii 
Philadelphia, Chiltaa Co tlQSSj 

228 p illos, 22 on. 
HD3IW35 658886 59-6284 J 

Wanberg, Franz. 

Terain-Gtobplanung Zurich, Leemann r 
SO, ;25 p Ulna dlagrs 24 cm 

Michigan. Unn Libr 

A 55-5168 

Weiss, Edward Craig, 

An analysis of behavioral variables in industry as a func- 
tion of organization structure [College Park, MxLj 1954 

v, 117 1 <liagrs., forma, tables 28 cm, 

HD31TW A 55-6691 

Marylaad Unit Llbr 

WMte, KendaH C 

Prodtiction control; time study and motion study. New 

York, Alexander Hamilton Institute l958j 

382 p. lilms. 20cm (Modern business) 
T5aW4f 6585 58-636 J 

Wlutehead, Harold, 1SSO- 

How to become a successful manager With a foreword 
by Cecil Weir jLondonj Allen & Unwin 1957j 

153 p illos 23 cm. 
HB31 W5 658 58-2444 J 

Winsehiih, Josef, 1897- 

Das neue Untemehmerbild, Grandzuga einer Un.tarn.eb.- 

merpolitik Baden-Baden, A Lutzeyer C 1954j 

Tp 22 cm 

HD85W54 A 56-4391 

New 1 ork Eni T Libraries 

v Tmn-Iio, 1885- 

37 t 1948 3 


1 Indntrlal 

Hoorer InsOtotton 

t Title 

Kung sbang tsn cblli yQ totan 1L 

C 58-7888 

uau ^,^. Savema upnma za, unapredenje proivodn.fa. 

Orgtmzacija rada. Beoitrad, Centar za doknimntaciin, 


58-29398 J 

Zappa, Guio. 

Le prodoziom aeH'ecoiiomia delle imprese. Milano, 


ST 25 cm {BlbHotecadioonacBadllda) 


Zaredcij, B ^ 

Orgsnisao& % pMiuyvMii socialistickelio strolirsoskiSho 
j cyHus P'fednasek. Z rustmy pfeL Jozka Semrad, 

. fn 

r lilca 28cm. (U5ebnl tertyvysoS^cb Skol) 


osKCB|nego programowania i pnqektowank in- 
ji przQn.7SnQ>'wycxL. Prac* zblorowsu lAntorzyj Mk- 
ram EartBicfa t al, Wyd.l 3 Waimw, Arkady, 195B. 
man. 25cm. 

59-27943 t 

Zavsidii Vilem. 

Bozbor bospodifske ciiinosti prfimyslovych. podniku. 

Llj P 
T 1B 

tfeity vysok7^cfc Skol) 

Zeiss, Hans Friedrieh, 192&- 

Die beinehswiitacliaitliche Planun tmd Ikre 

143 L 


Y Praze, Price, 1948, 


Zignoli, Vittono, professor of engrtneerinff. 

La pioduttivita e la rmova tecmca della produzione 2 
ed. aggiornata ed aumentata Milano, U. Hoepli, 1955 

69 p illns 25cm 
HD37Z4S 1955 55-57209 \ 

Zimmerer, CarL 

Kompendiuin der Betriebswirtscnaftslehre Dusseldorf, 
Muller-Albrecbts, 1955 
x, 414 p diigrs 21 cm 

A 57-505C 
New York I mv Libraries HD35 

Zimmerer, Carl. 

Kompendium der Betnebs-wirtschaftslehre 2 , vollstandig 
uberarb Aufl Dusseldorf, Muller-Albrechts-Verlag rlQSSi 
si, 423 p diagrs. 22cm 

A 59-6575 
New York Univ Libraries HD35 

2immermann, Joseph, writer on I 

Der Mann, an der Spitzej produktave Betriebsfuirung 
oime Managerkrankheit BapperswiL Gasser r 1957i 

135 P 22cm. 
HD35.Z52 58-39758 J 


Chicago University. Industrial Relations Center. 

Issues and ideas in organization, management, and indus- 
trial relations; abstracts of current publications, v 1- 
Jan 1054- 

v in 

28cm. monthly 



American Management Association. Manufacturing Divi- 

Towaid the factory of the future New York, American 
Management Association [1957} 

66 p 23 cm (American Management Association Special re- 
port no 28) 
T58.A629 57-59602 { 

Eich, Wilhelm, 1889- ed 

Die Wissenschaft un Dienst der TVirtschaftspi axis Fest- 
schrift aus Anlass des zehivjalingen Bestehens des Hoch- 
sdiul-Instituts fur "Wirtschaftskunde Berlin, Duncker & 
Humblot ,1958, 

353 p lllus , diasrs 24 cm 
HD30E4 A 59-4171 

Chicago Univ Libr 

Gegenwartsprobleme der Betnebswirtscnaft, [Hrsg von 
Fnedrich Henzel, in Verbindung mit Willi Bouffier c et al j 
Baden-Baden, A. Lutzeyer [1955} 
300p 2lcm 

A 56-6802 
New York Univ Libraries HD35 

Tnole, Henry C ed 

Business action in a changing world Edited by Henry 
C Thole and Charles C Gibbons. Contributors* G. Canby 
Balderston t and othersj Chicago, Public Adimnistratior 
Service f 1956, 

fcc,319p fliagrs 24cm (PAS publication no 12T) 
HD3LT52 658082 56-1338J 

Ulrich, Hans, 1919- e<L 

Aktuelle Fragen der Untemehmung; Beitrage zwr Be- 
tnebsw irtschtftlslehre Gedenkschnft fur Alfred Walther. 
Hrsg von Hans Ulrich und Fritz TrechseL Bern, P Haupt 

248 p port, diagrs. 24cm. 



Research Institute of America, inc. 

Seeing is believing. t 3Sfew Yorki 1958 

8 p. (ineLccwsT) UIu?., tablea. 26cm. (/^Blueprint) 



Hebert, Charles Alesandrc, 1906- 

Anmotat^ bibkogwphy of audio-visual aids for manage- 
ment development programs. 2d ed. New York, Research 

HDaOJG[4 19M 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Hebert, Charles Alexandre, 1906- 

Annotated bibliography of audio- visual aids for manage- 
ment development programs 3d ed. New York, Research 
Service, C 1958 

24 p 28cm 
HD30 H4 1958 371 335230888 58-11149 J 


Associated University Bureaus of Business and Economic 

Index of publications of bureaus of business and economic 
research, 1950-1956 E Eugene * Or j 1957. 

1 v (unpaged) 28 cm 
Z7165 TJ5AS 016 33072 58-1151 

Columbia Uni\ersit> Dept of Indmtnal and Management 

Reports m industrial engineering, a cumulative bibliog- 
raphy of Ph D dissertations, masters' reports and selected 
course papers t lstr- ed;1949- 

016658 49-48400 rer 3* J 

national beige de Forgamsation scieniifique. 

Repertoire bibliographique tdes publications, 1941-1948 

34 p 22cm. 
Z7914.A2C6S 57-28759 t 

ControBership Foundation. 

Management planning and conn ol, an annotated bibliog- 
raphy Ileibert F Klingman editor Jewel Mobci ley, pro- 
duction managpi Fredenc J Hai i technical m*iu<?er, 
New York, 1053 

xiv, 176 p J3 cm (Its Series n Business planning and fwtiol 
Beportno 4) 

Supplement no 1- 

Ne* York, 1956- 

no 23 cm (Its Series n Business planning and control 
Eeportno 5 


Z7914 A2C64 

016 65S 

55-14570 rev 

Council for International Progress in Management (USA) 

Management bibliography, t literature rtc<mimendationsi 
Prepared for International Cooperation Administration. 
iWashington, Office of Industrial Resources, International 
Cooperation Administration} 1956. 

55p 27 cm. 
Z7914A2C67 016 658 57-6195& J 

Harvard University. Graduate School of Business Air 


Reference list no.1- 
t Boston.] 

no in T 29cm. irregular. 

Hook, Daphne Alee. 

It, Urwidk. a biblwgraphy. London, Urwick, Orr, 1957. 
47p. fflos. 22cm. 
Z8916JS6 5S-27187 t 

Moscow. Publichnaia biblioteka. 

^Exo jaxoe xoaxfiCTBCHHHfi pacner H Kaiyi> po-n. OH arpaer 
B aapoAHOM xosaftcrae, KpaiKHft pexoxeBxaTejaaHtt yiasa- 
Teit JHTepaTypsi Mocxita, 1956 

20 p. 17 cm. (B noMomb ssoHOMmecKOMy oCpaaoBaamo pa6or- 

58-40855 t 


Printing Industry Parity Committee for Montreal and Dis- 
trict. Library. 

Catalogue of publications rekbng to indnstrial manage- 
ment and printing technology Catalogue des publications 
relatives a PadminV,ration des eDtreprises eta la tecimologie 
de I'imprimerie. Montreal, 1&55. 

^.pplfiinent. t lj- Jtml^J6- 


T. 25cm. 

ZTOl4ui2P86 (.658 

Rfley, Vera, 

Bibliography on work sampling and ratio delay, by Vera 
Kiley and Theodore Cutler Chevy Chase, Md., Operationa 






(Stockholm, Handelshogskolansbibliotei, 1954, 

TJ. S Civil Venice Com^ti^no 

The personnel director's bookshelf Prepared for tie per- 
sonnel executives' conferences "WasMngton, 1957, 

10 p 27cm 
Z7014A2U535 0166583 57-6210S t 

U. S. Office of the Comptroller of the Army 

Bibliography relating to comptrollership and allied sub 
jects, memorandum for recipients of Management improve- 
ment materials packet E Washmgtonj Management Divi- 
sion, Office, Comptroller of the Armv, 1953 

li47p 27cm 

Z7014.A2U62 016 658 56-60170 

U. S. Regional Technical Atds Center, Mexico 

Spanish-language books in the field of industrial manage- 
ment t Mexicoj 1958 

10 p (p 7-10 blank for "Additional titles") 2 s 10 cm. fRTAC 
handlist no 1) 
Z7914.A2U625 016 658 59-61255 

U. S. Regional Technical Aids Denier, 

Spanish-language publications available from ETAG. 
Kev Mexico, 1958 

16 1 18 cm. 
Z7164C81U715 195S 016.658 58-6S488 | 

Whatmore, Cfeoffi^ey, comp. 

Busmess management, compiled and introduced by Geof- 
frey Whatmore Cambridge c Eng j Published for the Na- 
tional Book League at the University Press, 1958 

32 p. 19cm ( -\BL reader's guides, 3d ser, 4} 
Z7164.C81W5 016.658 59-285 J 


American Management Association. 

Progress in scientific management, a complete catalog of 
AHA publications in 8 fields of management, February 
1032 'January 1952. Xew York t !952j 

29 p. 23cm 

A 55-32 
Wlsconsla Unlv Llbr 

Riley, Leslie W 

Bibliography of production managsment litoratur. 
Qiapel Hill, School of Busmess Administration Labrsry, 
University of ^orth Carolma 1955 1 j 

511 28cm, 
Z7914J12E5 016.658 5-3405 J 


Unvick, Lyndall Fownes, 1S&1- 

The golden book of managememt, a historical record of 
the life and work of seventy pioneers. Edited for the In- 
ternational Committee of Scientific Management (CIOS) 
London, K Xeune t 1956} 

xlx,286p illos., ports. 2Sem 

HD31U75 1956 92658 A 56-4045 rev 

Temple L an Library 


American Management Association. 

Case studies in production f orocastutft planning^ and con- 
trol; presentations by Capitol EecordSj UICL, McCormicfc 
& Company, and Cinch Maauf actoring Corporatioa. IS'ew 

York t 1857 3 

90 p 4iagrs, fonas, 2Sm, (Its Marajfactorlng series, no. 228) 
HDS1A4S 1957d 658 082 57-4562 

CaMer, Grant H 1000- 

Ca^ in the management of small, family-controlled manu- 
facturing businesses Bloomington, Bureau of Business Be- 
search. School of Business, Indiana UmvBisity, 1054. 

78 1. 28 em. (Indiana case studies In business, uo. 2) 

658 1 55-42068 

Controllers Institute of Amend. 

A ease study of management planning and control, at 
General Electric Company, Based on reports bj Robert 
Paacton t and othersi of General Electric Company, pre- 

sented at the wMri national conitereace, Controllers Insti- 
tute, October 11, 1954 Kew York, CoatesHeniup Foonda- 

. em. (Controller^hir, Foundation. Series :i 
g and control Heportno.S) 

Con troHership Foundation, 

5aBaj^smffittt planuittff and conferol. tlie H J. EWnz ap- 
prottdhf a case study in insniagenKttt planning; and <xwtrol 
objectives, organization, and methods, with particukr ens- 
phWs on the part played by thjswmptroIier'sdiTMoa in this 

wort. f BwYQrklrx 

113 p. illus. 23 era. {/is Series H- Business planning a^leontroL 


Croatm (Fcdenzted UepiAlic, 19^ 
tHenje proavodnje 

Eaao" uizicijc i rovutorstTA 
Zagreb, Glas rada 1940- 

v I j 20 cat (StniSna blb 

) BIT sa 

5D-S064fi t 

Healey, James H 1&20- 

Execut.,1 e coordin it*on and control , an analysis of the span 
of control and selected coordinating and control media em- 
ployed b> chief executives of Ohio manufacturing com- 
panies Columbus, Bureau of Business Research, College 
of Commerce and Administration, the Ohio State Ur A Tersity 

355 p 24 cm (Bureau of Business Esearcn monograph no TS> 
HD70 OH4 65S 16 56-G2931 t 

Hoad, William Marvin, 1905- 

Third small business case book Cases edited by Anna G. 
Sparrow Ann Arbor, Bureau of Easiness Research, School 
of Business Administration, University of Michigan, 1955 

287 p illus 23 cm (Michigan business reports, no 26; 
HD38JKS 658076 55-62999 { 

Jimm, Joseph M 

Case studies in Industrial management t byj J M Juran 
asd] Norman N BarisL New York, McGraw-Hffl, 1955. 

HD31 J8 658 072 54-11270 f 

Kolupaev, N 

Sfla. pf ikladu. C Z ruskeho origmalu pfel Jarodav Koro- 
noTskf. Vyd.1, Praha, Price, Tjdavatelstvo EOH, 1953 

77 p. 21 on {KnI&iiceOdix>rif,ST SO) 
HI>70Ja@K52 5&-28166 t 

Kolupaev, N 

Die Kraft des Beispiels; Erfahrungen bei der Auswer- 
tung nnd Verbreifcun^ f ortschnttlicher Arbeitsnoethodeai im 
Smardky-Bohrenwerk. E Aus dem KaffliBciaa ubertragaa 
yon Walter Balknij Berlin, Tnbtme-Verlag, 1AS2 

05p 21cm 

Lewis, Howard Tmompsoo, ibfeb- 

Th role of air freight in physical distnbntioa, Pt L 
Characteristics of air freight and its market t byj Howard 
T, Lewis andj James "W CuUitoo. PL 2. Two cam Indies 
jbyjJackD Steele. Boston, Dimaon of Eesearehj Graduate 
School of BuaineM Adnuaiairattou. Harmrd 

nil, ISO p lllm 21 on 
TL7207M 387.7M 

M cNichols, Thomas J 

Policy making and executive action, casss on business 
policy Xew York, McGraw-Hill, 1959 
8S3 p Him. 2i cm. 

HB31JC279 658 58-14357 | 

Management methods. 

The decision makers; case histories of successful manage- 
ment, E E Conarroe, editor, Management methods maga- 
zine. New London, COIKU, Bureau of Basmess Practiw 

ztf,iaOp Ulus n p<wta. 20<aa. 

2rIiIleT, Stanley S 

Manufacturing policy; a casebook of major production 
problems in six selected indmstnes; from, basic material ds- 
Teloped by Joim G. MdGeaii, -with ptrincipa! cmttAofaoosby 
Eobezt Wm. Kalgn, Riciiard S, Bosedblooa : and- Abraham 
Silezmk. Honwwwd, UL B. D Irros^ 196T 

807 p. mm 29cm. 
HDSOJtfS 658J 


Harvwrd UniTr^ty. ffnAuA $eM of j|A*wi- 

bibliography cases la Iwaaea *fcitistr 



AGE SchrinEreili2, 

Bortomd, Verkehrs, uni Wbtsclii'ife- Verlag, 
so.iE T. 25cci, 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


COLLECTIONS (Continued) 

Bnfefa Institute f Management 

OTAHioral pipcrst. no I 

Lender 1 4y - 

BO IE T 21 CEO. 

658 652 


Bar*, Edward CcOioa, 190T- 

Tbe maragwcent team Cambridge, Hamrd University 
Press, 1W4 J 

21 p 112 aj 

IMA sjwual report no 1- 

Nen York IntenutiGrul Management Association, 1957- 
T Jane 'r-S'gru'a'- 

A 58-3930 

Jnortfc Carolina t*u? 

Koontc, EattM t 1IWS- ?d 

Kuu'i srs *n Rtina^f'nieflt [tdited b\ j Harold Ivoontz L asidj 
Cyril O Ixr n*4! New York, McGraw-Hill, 1059 

523 p Ulw Si cm. ^MsGraw-HJl series IB manafenteal) 
HD3UJK37 658 f h 53-0416 J 

Manchester, Eng. College of Science and Technology. 
Dtpi f'T Indtidr i 1 ' .In/war j f,r t j /^f? 

S*r^e of *nryoerapHs nn jaifrfaer management 
Mail nertpr, 1ft 

ao in T d fgris, 22 cm 
IID3U M3 658 05:2 

Ridwrd^ Max Be Voe, 1923- ed 

Readings in man'wnent, r edited bj, Max D Richard* 
taw!, I* 1 ! nLjLin A !\JP' unler Cm 'nnatu South western Pub 
Co ,1958, 

SS2fi 24 na 
HDS0B5 658.082 58-7091 t 

SMI, FreaBt A ed 

Sd:ted readings in management, Hcanswood, Hi H.D. 
Inwn, 1&S8 

* 9 Ifias 24 cm. Tba Irwta series i lafiiatriai aalMerlSK 
asd uBacs8tj 
HB30S5 6S8CB2 58-11848 t 

tf. S. BUS$MU A 

no a T tlida,dljg;ra,ffflrms 

r, Wlfaa Uc^ri, 1SS8- L 
iRjiistnal man, bjtvmesFinen and business organizations, 
Irt W Llofjd Warner .^aadj Noimaji H. Hftriizt Hew 

yfc, Harper fl 3 



a *sr 

anf Wirtsehaft mid Ge!!sdhft; 
fflber <iie 
ate ffir B- 

A|l 1T. Dortmand, 




tud tens; mfemee buAwfr published 
An at fte AMA ^wcul 
IS96 New Y* t . Y 

Detitscne GeseUsefaaft fur Betnebswirtschaft. 
Deut-cher Betnebswirtsehsfter-Tag 


T site 30 oa 


Italy Comi f ato naMona^e per 2a pradutftiviteL 

ConvBgm. per capi d'asaeada Management 
agenda Roma, Napob, Geneva, Toraao, Milano, maggio- 


78 5? ports., dimgrs 24 cm. 
HD29I73 1952 

Italy. I Ijictv per la nforma deWasnm 

Atti del eou\egno di tecnica della organizzazione nelle 
pubblithe uninmistiaziom tlj- 
Boma, Istituto poligrafico dello Stato 

T 25cm 
HD2i>.1 5 5T-49856 

KommunisticlieAaia partiia Sovetskogo Softza Leningrad- 

^raine selre- 

2lS p 
T50 K6 

pafloTLi uapTufHHX opraHnaamift nponHraieH'rLix 
niTiUi leirinrpa^a MaiepnaiH t TeHiiHrpa^ ^e- 
TCHit raseiHo-A'-pEa-iBHoe r fcan^Hoe IIS^-BO, 1948 

49-5424T rev* 

Lecture Conference for Works Directors, Managers, Fore- 
men and Forewomen, 
Lecture Gonfereiu e for Works Directors, Foremen and 

Forewomen jPaperst 

York iEnr , etc 3 Yorkshire Pnnt Works [etc ^ 

T 2uC01 

57-50509 t 

McGill University, Montf>al fndustna? Relation* Centre 

Annual conference r 

23-27 cm 
H3D6971 1122 



Missouri. University ^fhoo7 of Bunnesy and Public Ad- 

Addresses presented at the annual University of Missouri 
industrial management conference 


T 28 rm ports, 

Kationa! Association of Accountants. 

Meeting and beating competition, contributed papers, 
fifth annual Michigan cost conference, Apnl 10, 1954- Go- 
Sponsored % the Michigan chapters of National Association 
of Cost Accountants and School of Business Administra- 
tion, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Bureau ol Busi- 
ness Research, School of Business Administration, UniTer- 
fflty of Mchigan, 1954 

nt, 61 p diagrs. 23 on. (Michigan bosinesa papers, no 29) 
HF6005M46 no 29 658 TO2 54-62944 rev 

New Mexica Umvarmiy. Dept of Government Division 

Management problems; papers presented at the manage- 

ment conference 1st- 

y 22cm 

PuWleattois BO 4 


J* A, Fran&fwt am Mam, 195$ 

nnd Unterofthmensfulurung in eurojpai- 
sclaf Sicht In GsaneanscBaft nut der Zeitschnft fur Be- 

tndtewirtscnafi nrs^ v der Arbeitsgenieinscttaft Pla- 
jHffl^wAaang e . (AGPLAN) Wies^mden, T 
r IT, 

X^PS. Him. 29cm. 
HB4T.P6 1 

Sabine Parish, La. Trade School, .^nj/. 

Ckatttelftd notes frooft ^feailerdiip trainJb^; ccmfereooes 
for Central Ltnasuna fflwdanc Ck) M Mausfitttd-Katehitodh^ 
Dirowa W^t MaaafeH, Loomana, Mai^y, La. |1058j 

653.S124 58-62320 

U Beogmda 
lite. 5c 

vWra pro- 

^ SI saoarfc-l aprf IftK^ 

Seminar on Executive Practices and Methods 

Proceedings 1st- 1957- 

f Pittsburgh j 

v diagrs 28 cm. annual 


Society for Advancement of Management 

Measiuement of management conference, Kew York, N Y , 
Xovembei 3-4, 1955, proceedings Conference committee 
Gregg Ban} and othersj Joseph H Jackson, publications 
directoi , Beati ice Jones, production editor New York, 

147 p 26 em 

HD29 S56 


Society for Ad\ancement of Management. 

Proceedings [Of j operations research conference 1954r- 
New Yoifc 

T illus 30 cm 
HD29 S6 658 072 55-21728 rev 

Stanford Research Institute, Stanford Umversity 
Social science for industry , annual meeting tis 
tMenlo Park, Calif] 

4 v illus 28 cm 
HD29 S75 

Systems and Procedures Association of America. 

Ideas for management; papers and case histories presented 
at the annual international systems meeting 
t Detroit,etCj 

v fllus 30cm 
HD29 S93 658 06373 56-2254 rev 

Wisconsin University. Industrial Management Institutes 

Financial managers 

r diagrs 28 em. 
HD29W53 65815063775 58-36576 

Wisconsin. University. Industrial Management Institutes 

Industrial engineers 

T diagrs 28cm 
HD29 WM 658 5063775 58-36579 


American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Industrial engineering terminology New York, 1955. 
48 p 20cm. (ASME standard no 106) 
T56A58 65803 56-1775 

Bnssel, P H M van. 

Lexicon voor de bednjfsadministrateur, ten dienste van 
studie en practijk VGravenhage, V/h G. Delwel, 1950 

256p 21cm. 

A 55-8289 
New York Unlv Wash. Sq Library HD37 

Dictionary of industrial engmeenng words, terms, and 
phrases. c Eev Chicago] Industrial Engineering- College 

1 v (unpaged) 22 cm 
TS155J3494 1959 



Glossario di termini stramen m, materia di organlzzazione- 
del lavoro Milano. Ediziom Consulente delle aziende 

55 p 24 cm, (Collana di studl snl lavoro, n. 4) 
New Tork "Univ Libraries HD19 

A 59-5437 


Biaynard, Harold Enght, 1902- ed. 

Industrial engineering handbook 1st ed. New York, 
McGm\ -Hill, 1956 

1 T (various paglngs) IIlus 24 cm (McGraw-Hill MEdbooks) 
TS63CS8 658 02 55-8006 

Standard Oil Company o| California. Dept on 

The management guide; the development of the manage- 
ment guide as an organization and administrative aid in the 
Standard Oil Company of California c byi George Lawrence 
Hall with the assistance of other members of the Dept on 
Organization. 2d ed., edited by Franklin E. Drew [and, 
George Lawrence Hall. t San Franciseoj Standard Oil Co. of 
CaEfornia J195S, 

T6p IHtw. 23 cm, 
HD81.S6T 1956 65802 56-44&1 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



HeBer, Frank A ed. 

New developments m industrial leadership in Great Brit- 
ain, the United States, Germany, and France [London $ 
Polytechnic Management Association, 1955 

75 p 22 cm (London. Polytechnic [XostttBtloDj Dept of Man- 
agement Studies New development series, no 1) 
HD31 H44 58-32015 

Princeton University. Induct-not Relations Section 

Management in the industrial world, an international 
analjas A joint project of the Industrial Relations Sec- 
tion Princeton University and the Industrial Relations 
Section, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Frederick 
Harbison, professor of economics, Princeton University 
Charles A. Myers, professor of industrial relations, Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology New York, McGraw-Hill, 

413 p 24cm (McGraw-Hill series In management) 
HD31P73 65S082 59-10710 J 

Urwick, Lyndall Fownes, 1891- 

Is management a profession? 
Partners, 1954j 

27 p 21 cm 
HD38 US 

[London, Urwick, Orr & 

5^42600 rer 


Harvard University. Graduate School of Business 

Sunulihon managemeBt's laboratory, a student report 
C by 3 Stuart TT Cragm j and others Groton, Conn , Simula- 
tion Associates] 1959 

118 p 28 on 
HD20JT2S 65854 59-13113 J 

Sasieni, Maurice. 

Operations reseaich methods and problems fbjj Maurice 
Sasieni, Arthur Yaspan E andj Laurence Friedman New 
York, Wiley r 1959j 

316 p illus 24 ou 
Q175 S27 658 5401519 53-0331 1 

Vazsonyi, Andrew. 

Scientific programming in business and industry New 
York, Wiley EiasSj 

658018 58-10813 1 

York, Wiley E 1958 2 
474 p fflus 24 em 


Johnson and Johnson, inc. 

Fundamentals of management basic supervisory train- 
ing, training in human relations, leadership training Wash- 
ington, Office of Industrial Kesources. International Co- 
operation Administration [1956] 

1ST p. illus 2S cm. (fU S International Cooperation A<JmtaIs- 
trattOQi Tech&icat bulletin no 25) 
HD31J55 65803 56-63935 

Roberts, Arthur, 1899- ed. 

Management notebook. [London] Newman Keame, 1957. 
237 p 27cm. 

HD20R56 195T 65802 57-4969 t 


Academy of Management. 

Journal v 1- Aug;106T- 

tChampaign, 111 , ete. 3 

T. 28 cm. 8 no a year 
HD&AS4 66805 


reat Britain & the East j 

v Ulna, ports 20 OH 


Arbeit swissenschaftlicher Auslandsdieast 
Apr 1953- 


T.ln HtaSL, fflifn. 30m- quarterly. 



Automatic control r.l- 

E Hew Yorfc, Eetnlioia Pwb 
111ns. 30 on. 

The Corporate director v 1- 
June 1950- 
t Kew York, 

v il us 20 on 
HD2S A543 

Cronache dellj, produthMti anno 1- 
25 febbr 1953- 

Eoma, Comitato nazionale per la produttiYita 
T In inns, ports 30cm. 


The Director 


? illus 28 cm monthly 
HC251 1)3 658 06242 

The Engineering economist v 1- 
June 1955- 
tHoboken, X J j 

v in illus 29 cm quarterly 

HD28E5 658097S 




European productivity, EPA, 

Pans, European Productivity Agency, O E E C 

no in T fflus., ports. 25cm. irregnlar 
HI>28 E8 338 05 

Industrial relations. 

fCalcuttaj Indian Institute of Personnel Management 

v in JIlus. 25 cm. bimonthly 

HD28J 443 56-43135 

Der Indostriebetneb 1 - 
Berlin, Terlag Techmk 
T iUus.dlagrs.plat 

j Aug 1053- 

T58 1 443 

lagrs , plans 30 cm monthly 


International management digest, v 1- 
May 1946- 
t New York, McGraw-Hill International Corp 

T Ulna 19-2& cm. uaoatWy 

Maandblad voor bednjfsadmimstratie, 
's-Gravenhtge, G DelweL 

T hi 31 cm 
HD28 3415 

Management science v. 1- 

Oct 1954- 

T fficnx, qpustetff. 
HD28J 453 65ai082 



Monterey, Mexico. Institute TeeaokSgico y de Estadlos 
Saperiores. Escuela de ConiobU^d^ ScowmAt y Ad- 



v &cm. qtiarterly 

Organizaclja rada, meae&u pregled IZO&TOXJB, rada, godiaa 

Beograd, Tehmka [etc.j 
TS&ASOffiT 118 " *** 

, C. Hanaer 
in mm. 30cm. 



tapij 1940- 


mtis., porte, SQtsa. 

TV inS. 28c 


of Amateyte. 

v. 1-7, no, 17; Jan. 7, lM7-Aag, ftS, 


t Xew Yore, S^ 

7 IoS P 

HI>2S S r f4 

Tecmca cd orgju^iai 

nuo^ a sene, anr o 1- 
giugno 105< t~ 

v <n t 'us d 

Tehiuki pregled 

T |r " t- 




v aius 

HD28 TG 

29cm month! v 


Cnuckshank, Henry M 

Cases in management, by Henry M. Cruickshank and 
Keith Dans Rev ed Homewood, 111 , R D. Irwia, 1953. 

232 p illus 24 cm. (Tfce Irwio series la industrial englaeenng 
and management ) 
HD31 C76 1958 658 076 5S-11245 J 

Greenwald, Dakota Ulnch. 

Elementary case problems for industrial engineers New 
York, Eonald Press Co [ e 1957 1 

138 p illus 21 on 
HD20G7 658076 37-6826 t 


American management Association. 

Operations research explained and applied, conference 
handbook, published foi dismbution at the AMA special 
finance conference, October &-5, 1056, Hotel Roosevelt, New 
York. New York t l5, 

189 p illus 23 on 
HD20A53 2&56c 658072 56-58773 

Amencan MaBagment Association. 

Operations research; conference hmwlbook, published for 
di^nbution at the AMA special Snance ccmfereu,ce Novem- 
ber 25-27, 1967, Palmer Hoosa, Chicago rAraoH Dolm. 
editorj New York iiasr, 

215 p. inn. 24cm 
HD20A5S lS7e 658072 

Amencan Management Aaaotiatum. Finance IHvmon. 

Operations research; a basic approach, New York, 
Amencan Management Association ^!&&| 

lllp cUagrsu, tables. 23cm, {American MaaagemeE!: Asscwiatica. 

Spedal report M IS) 

658.543 56-14055 

Americai; Maaageraeat AssooanoE. 

Operaticms researcli rroonsaderedj some frontiers and 
boundaries of njdusinal OB. New York. 168 

143 p lllas 23 cm (AMA BwrnageHKat rq> no It) 
HD20A57 6S8.G72 5S-2T81 t 

Chorafas, Bunitns N 

OjrtKs research for industrial management New- 
York, Heinhold Pnb Corp (IftSSi 

803- p. illoa, 24 i *st, 
HD20C554 058^4 5S-144B t 

Israel, MEritmS 

a M^uiasrfflB6ttt . 

tlie Action lines. : Beverly Rills, Calif.^ ManAg^cieiifc Dirac- 

51 p. dlagrs. 21 era. 


McCk>skey, Joseph P 

Operation rewawfc fat 

mM Ftonaw* K. l^mhcn, Inid, by BE A. 

Bsltimcwe, Jebns Hcpfaas Pww f 


MMwest Research Institute, JT 

tasiMsffi aad m^B^ry, sptpserod b/f MMwwst Kesaardfi larfi^ 

tote, Apr 8 and , 19M* EUMB Citj, Mk 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


RESEARCH (Continued) 

Society for Advancement of Management. 

Director j of management projects, 

HD-20 S0 

653 072 

50-3508 rev 2 


Amraotn Institute of Industrial Engineers, 

Proewdiags, scrati^easteni region^] eoaferenm. 
Pensacola, Fla. 

T 2H cot. aasMl 
HD29.A.T 658 06.273 58-44088 

Aasocmtmt off Consniflng Mar.agertent 

Membership m ACME, neqmresaaats, application pro- 
cedoree, and benefits New York C 195-j 

3Gp- 2So 

m foreign countries jReporf pre- 
for the Institute of Inter- Amencaii Affawsj "Wash- 
ington, Offie of Industrial Resources, IntenaatloQai Cooper- 
afaou Administration r !154 !, 

85 jk ffiutgr jJToa 
HDS8.M47 W8062 57-60683 

Nttetads anotftnt roor Effieknqr. 

Pnnoeanod, Id 


del lavraro 

53-3S797 rev 


Society for Advar.ceKient of MaxtafmeQl 

Proceedings of tenth axuuversarf time study and methods 
cocdfertnce, April 2S-2S, 5, New York City New York 

ITBpi IBs*, m&s, 
T58.AS5S7 1955 658.M2 56-1035 

far Mrawaaneat of Management. 

CttiltoB Go. 

56-11030 rer 


Guide to mtrawr owrws aad seminars for executives. 

f 2g>cn. aBBsl 

HB*A5 S8-10727 

British IsstiiQte el ] 

sand, frm^ffy of w 

Cadres e- sa!irLie ; ieur ftmtt&n en taut qne &A anx 
Stats- U:u5. rur'.pert de ^is^ier. cb B eipeits f ran ; ;ais a. 

a telnm defi ffits mmmupM, prasitei da 

128 P S22I. 

cFatria, 198% 

Jmprari by 
Kew York, Harper : 1&5 


Ded^r. Robert H T 

Ed^catiofi for basaess tetodup; report on tlie interaa- 
iioml oonlmwe of airascoi trailing centos aqpspaed m 
Qown iwm to M Jur.s 1955 by the Cfenixw ^tete in- 
M, Pw^d3.l. Bww, BTO^MS PwittdiT% 
of the Orgamsaticn for European EccT.oicie Co- 

Fedexatioit of British lEtlcsiries. 

EducatioB and trarning for managenietitt FBI handbook. 




lUp 22o 


partiia SoyctAogo Soiiiza, 
sKkola, fca/idra to-vet&cn eZ,cmvmd.i 

no monpocaM acoBOkUEii co^HaJIHCTH 1 aecI:Bac 

eHHHX npe^npHSTEft ^J3 stOHOjtuiecKJix mscoa H 
jHHBCpcHTeroB MapKCH3Ma-jieHBHH3Ma Moocsa, 


Korb, L David, 

Teoni e pratica dell addestramento nell'mdustria t dij L 
David Koib r ei Riccardo Eiccardi t l ed Miknoj F. 
Angeli l&56j 

2.1 p H'u> 24 cm CCoHana di stndi sul laroro, n 14) 

57-21478 J 

Ench, 1599- 

Die B@hattdlung prmktisdEier Falle an betnebswirtschaffc- 
lichen Hochschulunterncht (Case met&od) Ein Berliner 
Veraach. BeHin, Dancker & Humblot i!957] 
^^ ITOp. dlagrs, 24cm. 

HD20K62 A 56-28 

New York Unit. Ulararles 


Dc^ffienaiialytjscihe "Untffitsacihiin.g dflr Eatwicklang dec 
Betnebsmrtschaftslehre in Westdeutaililand nach dam 

U, lT8,rdlL SO cm. 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

Executive development courses in rnuversitifis [By 
George V Moeer, Ber Kew York r !957j 

8T p 28 cm. {/* Conference Board reports. Studies In persoaael 
polity, BO 180) 

HF5549.A2N27 na 160 57-2546 J 

"658386 658.3124 

Netherlands (kingdom* 18f~>- ) Gomnmne van Ad- 
<vie tnzaLe ^? Oplndmg tan DesLwndipen op ket Gebied 
van Lettliny en Orgstnisatk ^a.n. Bednjmn 

Be opleidlng van deskundigen op tet gebied van leading 
em organisatie van bednjven; rapport. 's-Graveniage, 
Staat^nikkenj-IJitgevenjbedrijf, 1&53 

01 p 2* m 
HD20JT4 56-25385 

Newman, Harry, 1921- 

Teachmg maKtagi0at , & pracfaad, handbook with, specaal 
reference to the case study method fbjj Hkrry Newman aad 
D. M. SidBey London, Roatledge & Pan! t !955j 



56-3345 J 

Richards, Cecil Sydney. 

Gradnate training for busmess management and admims- 
"*trtKa in Great Bntaun, Europe arid America; bemg t aj re- 
port cm a visit, in 1951, to institutions, onivarasty and other 
isxj in these coontnes, uwkr the au^>ies of the National 
Ooaaal for Soda! Research (Um0a of South Afnca) Tha 
Ckmegw Corporation of New York, and the XMromty of 
the Witwftterartrid, JohaBBffifcitrg t Pi^oriaj 1954. 

, 76 p tables. 33 cm. ((South AJWcai Natlt! Ctosncil tor 
Social Eesean-ib Effort no 7> 


SSberston, Aubrey. 

Education and traming for industrial management; a crit- 
ical survey. 

IQip. 28c 




Sadety for Personnel AdmiiifctratMMi, FoaA^ftm, />. <7. 

The ea awthod, a tecbawpw of awaagcaueat demLopnaat ; 
prepared by a work group of the Society for Pwsoarol Ad- 



Snmmer, Charles Edgar. 

T*ruversity edacatiori. of administrators; a statement and 

walteifcbft of goals. Jfaw To* iGradnaie SAoo! of "Bum- 

si so era. 


faf^oA Institete *& mamm Relations, Zomdon. 

WAJS mmite^ttcwBfc iamloing; t technical college 
rraea to indtistry |by, Cyril SofCT E andj Geof- 
Fomrwd bv W. E. Hawthorne. London, 
Tanstock PubHcatioas rlOSSj 


U. S Office of Education Division, of Vocational Educa- 

Management training for small business Washington 
.958] ' 

v, 52 p illus 24 cm (Its Bulletin ao 271 Distributive educa- 
tion series no 25) 

LC1045 A25 no 271 658 9 H E TV 58-20 

TT S Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare Library 

U. S. Small Business Administration 

Administrative management courses for small business 
owners, prepared by Wendell O Metcalf, assistant chief, 
Managerial Assistance Division, Office of Procurement and 
Technical Assistance Washington, Small Business Admin- 
istration, Office of Information C 1955 3 

43 p illus 23 cm. 
HD2QTJ513 56-61214 t 

U. S Small Business Adm/imstration 

Administrative management courses for small business 
owners, prepared by Wendell Metcalf, assistant chief, 
Managerial Assistance Division, Office of Procurement and 
Technical Assistance Rev Issued by the Office of Infor- 
mation. Washington, 1956 

5T p illns 26 cm 
HD20TJ513 1956 65807 57-61034 f 

U. S. Small Business Admmwtratloa 

The organization and operation of administrative manage- 
ment courses for small business owners Washington r fore- 
word 1954] 

16 p. illus. 26cm. 
HD20TJ52 55-61677| 

Wisconsin. University. Industrial Management Institutes 

Training managers 

T Ulua 28cm. 
HD20W53 *658386 6583124 58-36580 


IndustrieDe Rationalisienmg 1953- 

Dortmund, Verkehrs- und Wirtschafts-Verlag 

illus 30 cm. 

Sozialpolitisches Jahrbuch. c l 3 - 

56-26918 rer 


Wels, Im Kommissaonsverlag bei Verlag WelsermuhL 

v illos 30 en annttal. 
HD28 S66 59-25426 


Scfcatvet, Oiarles E 1912- 

Island in a red sea, an American businessman m Berlin 
where Soviet and free worlds collide New York, Gnide- 
Kalkhoff-BTirr C 1959, 

238p illra 21cm. 
HD70TJ5S3 658 59-13666 J 


Atanasov, A M 

HatoHOMHsa na npe^npaaTHeTO, ynetfHO nonarajco sa 

HSIIHT no ia; 32 OT SaKona sa c 

o$Hj Haysa H H3KycrBO [1949j 
225 p inns. 25 cm. (MHHHcrepcrBO aa (pHHaHcume SanacKH, 

HD70B8A8 56-16977 t 

Dmitrov, H 

Ce<SecToaHocr na Hpo^KHHara HE MecTaaia 
HOCT Co^Hfl, Haysa vs. HSKycrso, 1956 

280p 21cm. 
HD70JB8P5 57-47925 J 

oprairaaanHx H naaHEpase Ha 

CKOTO npoMHntaeao npOHaBO^CTBO tPe^arropH. To^op 
Co$aa, EMrapcKa KOMVHHCT*- 



622 p, dUgrs. 21c 

HD70.B8 1 4 

Kfindicr, Georgt 


75 p. 17cm, (&fiaHOT^a M npo4>cwoaHa npocBera," >fe S) 

na xocata a 


H H3KycTBO, 1958. 

, t c6opHHKj Co 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Society for Advancement of Management 

A scrvej of time study policy and practice in the United 
States and" Canada a report by the SAM National Ee- 
search Committee on the project, aptitude and proficiency 
tests for time study personnel. New York, 1955 

IT (unpaged, chiefly tables) 38 on 
HD70 U5S6 56-274 


Vivo, Hugo 

El ingeniero y la economla en Cuba Funcion del inge- 
mero en la admimstraeion de las empresas y en la vida 
publica. Conf erencia pronuncmda en la Sociedad Cubana de 
Ingemeros, el 20 de octubre de 1953 Habana, 1953. 

27 p 24cm. 
TA33 C8Y5 56-16284 I 


ky^ Michal. 

chozrascote a rentabihte 1. rydj Bratislava Slo- 
vensk6 vydavatel'stvo pohtickej literaturyj 1957 

136 p IT cm. (Co mi ka2d? vediet) 
HD36H7 . 59-21170 J 

KamiaiS, Andre j. 

Rozbor hospodarskej &nnosb priemyselnych podmkov, 
BratisLua, Slovenske vydavateTstvo technickBJ Hteratury, 

203 p. 21 cm. 

HD70 C9K3 58-17912 | 

ProSek, Jan. 

Ze zkusenosti podmkoveho feditele Vyd lj Praha, 
Statni nakl techmcke hteratury, 1957. 

197 p. Ulna 21cm 
HD7QC9P7 58-2M14 J 

Bonf&fc JiH. 

Ymtropodmkovy chozrascot v ceskoslovensk^cb. prumyslo- 
vf ch zavodeeh, t Vyd, 1. V Praze 3 Statni nakL politicke 
literatnry, 1956. 

154 p 21 cm. 
HD7QC9R4 57-42941 J 

ZfcuSenosti z uplatnovani prava kontroly Snnosta. sprivy 
podmku f Vyd. 1 j Praha, Bade pravo, 1956 
44 p 21 era ( KnlhovnlQca stranick&o praconifka} 
HD70COZ5 58-35005 


Prague. Statni kmhovna spolecenskych ved. 

Organisace a Mzeni prranyslTi v CSRj rfber z knili a 
J3inkft, 1945-1956 Pralia,1957 

14 p 30 cm 
Z7165 C9P7 58-43251 


Arbe jdernes oplysningsf orbond, Copenhagen, 
Arbejder-jhindbog for samarbejdsQdvalg 

Glaus Arp, Enk Hauerslev og Ivar N^rgaard] K^benlwmi, 

186p Wm 21cm. 
HD8546.A83 5S-4373S t 

Hage, Christopher Friedenreidi, 1848- 

Handbog for bandel og indratri; raidsr i?e4afcficHi ai Per 

T <HjLgrs. 25 cm. 
HD70JMHS 1954 


Organization for European Economic Cooperation. Euro- 
pe&n Produc&rUy Agency. 

Programme of action. 

HCMUJ0692 W-flOftl t 


Influence de la nationalisation sur la gestion des entre- 
pr^es publiques. Puns, Societe d'^dition d'enseignement 
saperieur, 1956. 

-S7p. mus. 25cm. (Ohsernitlon ^eoconUqce, 0) 

Obleago. tF&jhr Ilbr, HD70 


Sanne, Carl Werner, 102"- 

Rationalisierungsprobleine dcr jregenwarhgen Wirtschaft 

mit besonderer Berucksichtigttnsj der deutscliea Industrie. 
Munchen, 1950 i e I952 7 
10<iIe.U4]l coLdlagr, forms. 30m 

HDJ3 fej-t 5G-5T830 


Stich, Anton Otto, 192T- 

Die Entwicfclong der Betriebswirtscliaftslelire zar selb- 
standigen Disziplm , eine dogmenkntasclie Betraehtung der 
Entwicklung im deutschen Spracbgebiet m den Jalireii 1900 
bis 1935, unter besonderer Berucksiditigaiig des VerbSlt- 
nisses der Betnebswirtschaftslebxe zur Katiorialofconomie 
Basel, Helbmg & Lichtenhalm, 1956 

80p 24cm 
HB107A2S7 58-43663 

Stich, Anton Otto, 1927- 

Die Entwicklung der Betriebswirtscliaftslehre zur selb- 
standigen Disziplin, eine dogmenfcntische Betrachfang der 
Entwicklung im deutschen Spracbgebiet in den Jakren 1900 
bis 1935, unter besonderer Berucksachtigung des Verhalt- 
nisses der Betriebswirtscliaftslelire zur Nafaonalokonomie, 
Basel, Helbing & Lrchtenhahn, 1956 

7& p. 24 cm. (Easier betriebswirtsdtiafflldhie Stodlen, Heft 15) 

A 58-5739 
New York Univ Libraries 

LIC, 1949- } 

Brandt Hoist. 

Die innerbetnebliclie Kostenanalyse mi sozialistischen In- 
dustnebetneb Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 195S 

152 p illoa. 21coi 

HJ9T69 G4B7 A 50-4108 

Wisconsin. TTnlT Ubr 

Dietnca, ErfcanL 

Die Organisation der 5Iatenalwirtschaft des Industnebe- 
triebes Berlin, Terlag Die Wirtschaft, 1958 

216 p totgrs, foms 21 cm. (Pragen der Material wlrtschaft, 

Dresden. Institut fiir Arbeitsokononiik sind Arbeitsscfeutz- 

Meiihodische Anleitung fur die Planting techniseh,-<>rgsuii- 
satonscner Massrtahmen {Von W 3 Doring et aL 1. Aufl j 
Berlin, Verlag Tnbune, 1958 

168 p Hlos. 21 cm. (Jfi* ScfarffltennsOie Edte ArWtedtotto- 

mfk, Bett 11} 

HC287.A2D7 59-42502 J 

Dudek, Herbert. 

Tennimerte Atifgliedemng des Prodnktlonsplanes im 
Masheuieiibtu, techmscaer Pass, tecbnologiscae Pkrarag, 
ProduktionspIana,u%liMteruBg Berla, Verlag Technikj 

81 p , 40 (I 81) L of diagraL, tables (part fold) 80 OIL 

MIdUgan Unlv Llbr 

Klabunde, Hans. 

D ArljeltsfarSfteplattrag m <fer volfcaeigmea orthebaa 
Industrie. Berlin, Vedbtg Die Wlrtscbaft, 1967. 

13S*. acm. 

Khmpa, Wilhelm. 

Aufgaben ttnd Orgamsatioo der Leitoag \on Produk- 
tionsab^eilungen, dargestellt am Beispiel der medbtniscben; 
Abteilungen m Mtscninenbtubetnebeii Berlin,, Verlag 
Die Wirtsehift, 1958 
30T p lite 21 cm. 



E30SS, Rudolf . 

Sfcruktur dfir 

in dJer Deutedbten EteaaoionsttaKibea, Beptjblifc. vosa 

Ktoss and Heinz Kebfe Berlin, Ver% Dw Wirtscliaft 


Ym P- IBn. H cm. (DiskussIor^eLtrage 

Richter, Herbert. 

Plaa taglidi 

Sip, Illas. 21< 

Rossler, Eorst. 

BMrln, Vwltg D "WlrtwIwfMWr 


Siclier, Wolfgang" 

Zur Pi I'^urxg *' tsriscn orgiiiiiatorac 1 ' n pr MasssaHKea ur<i 
Berechn TJJ iires i6.onon:isrHen Xut2e2fts. BerLn, Yer- 
!aj Die W'nstbaft, 1957 

172 p "? i.icr 

HC:87A2S48 A3S-K53 

Wisconsin Ca'r Libr 

Such, Heinz. 

Die Vereinf achung des Staatapparats -and die zviscnen.- 
betneblicliB Koopesratiom der sonahstisdiea Betneba (1 
Aufl., Berlin, Dietz, 1958 

Wisconsin. Coir Ubr 

A5&-771 1 

TJiansm, J 

Der Betnebsplan des volkaeigenen Inda^xiebeixiebea, von 
Johannes Thamm, Herbert Lange [itndj Erkart Knauthe 
Berlin, Verlae die "Wirtschaft { *1952i 

2&3p 23cm 
HD70G2T5 57-35943 J 

Thanua, Johannes. 

Die Leitxing der Tolfaeigetten. Indusfcne in der Dentadien 
Demofaraoschm Sepufahk. t l. AuJLj Berluo, Dietz, 1957. 

48 p 21 cm ( Scfaxi teoreHte , Lektioiien der PartedlioclisclHilB 
"Karl Marx" belm ZK der SED) 

HD70G2T52 A 58-3024 t 

Wisconsin Unlv Libr 

Ultsch, Henry. 

Organisation raid Flaming der volkseigenen ortlicEen In- 
dtistne c vonj Henry Ultsch, Wolfgang Vater r nnd] Erdmann 
Sclmidt Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft* 1957 

358 p JIIus. 21 cm 

'nlF Iibr. 


Spefer, Hans. 

Die Gnindiagea der operatives Produfctionsplanung in 
den Betrieben des voltoeigenen. MaschineabaES. Berlin, 
Verlag Die Wirtscnaft, 1057, 

1B7 p lUns. 21 caa. 

1949- ) 

Hartraann, Heatz, 19SO- 

Autaority a&d organization in German 
Pnnceton, 25T 3 , Princeton UniTBraty Press, 1959. 

xri.SU p dlagest, taMss. 2Scm. 
HD70G2HS 958 50-11079 

Pard, Karl Heira. 

Forroen tuoud Metlwdeu dw Bl&tionalisietTiBjr in West- 
deutschland Berlin, Verlag D Wtrtsdmft, 157. 
TOp. titan. 21 ecu. 

A 57-7480 
CT Libr. 

union der Leitenden Angesf ellten. 

Lffltende Ajagw^ellte in Wirtscliaft nad Gsflsdft. 
Festscknft sam 3 InterEa.tional6n Kongrass der Conf e<i^- 
ration mternatioiwie des cij (CIC) am II. tusd 12. Mai 
1957 IB Baaen-Badan, 

IWp port 21 cm. 



Ee|>ort IstrSd; Apr. IW^-Joly 1MO. JLowlon, HI M. 
Stationary Of. 

2T SSfflL 

HD70.G7JJS 57-I5W1 

Woodward, Joan, jc 
MatusfiCfflBWii suod 


^3 p. Etm 22 OB. 





la-dastrial Eaasassmeat in. Trfia; a stadj f BuittflHBUDfc 
in Indian bdstriea. Tlaih a f crewoid by J. C. Gk>sk OOr 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


O'Neiii, Jack Hy 1017- 

An ani%tifal sunej of personnel practices in fifty-Severn 
industries la Irdura, Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 

Publication no SS9G) 
Mic A 55-3047 


( /Co 1 wrs tj Mi* -ufiisus Ana Arbor, 
Microfilm AC-1 no 6392 
Michigan l*m Ulir 


Italy C^ntato nasin, *ife per 7 




Italy. C&mltalet nozin <, 

Structure, programs, operations. December 31, 1955 

[Rome, 1936* 
1331 28em 

HD70I8A33 56-4M81 t 


Zinsttiusfca kwfereace par samnleciski aprSkma 
men Ltfoijas PSR rfipnleclM, Riff a. 1952 

BugpGiu 8K\Tpa3ao^cK3ro xoaaftcxBCHii .ro paciera - 
repna^H KaynionpOB3>o>i(CTBesBoS EOH^epeactnii no o- 
npcicaM JBayTpH3ao^cKoro xosatCTaeHHOro pac^era E npo- 
MHBMenEocTH JaTi^'IcEoS CCP, npoae^HKOl 17-18 OKI. 
1052 r (Penmen SH3ji soiacrHX <fr 10 ^erjcas a ^p t 
Pmra, il3^- Asa^eMasi aayc laiBatciot CCP, 1954 

195 p 28e. 
IO70L3Z5 1352 57-29958 J 


EommmmsttdiedEia parfiia So^etskogo SWtea "Leningrad- 
ferel jw/< >rfnt/ti.h partn^k^ oig&Fuza&&, 19!$ 

rruft leFiiairpa^a MiTepKa.iH [leHHU r pa^3 -^ e ~ 
*** raaeTHoan. pHa.itHoe r EHIWHOC ass- BO S 1948 

1918 40-51247 WTT* 


Gomez HobEesk P , Carlos. 

La psicologia del traijo j sos reahzaci0nas mencanaa. 
Mfxico, ISS5 

MS PL . 
HB4901G6 57-43218 t 


Healey, lames H 1930- 

EaascntiTC ooorduuitioa tad control ; an analysis of tbe qmn 
of eootroi a3 sefccfed ccMinaiHg and control medxt em- 
idcywi by chief 9ceeidiTQB erf OHo maaafactaraDg CCKQ- 
PUMB. Ceiainlws, BETWH of Buamew Beaeucb, Collie 
ctf Gowce tod Adimratntioa, ite Ohio Stete UaiTeratr 

p, t CB IBarmm r BatteM* Eewtrefe sswi^japh ao TO) 



55-S005I t 



38-1SW $ 

i Wd. 



JBMiMl 1 

Eady robotnicze w przedsiebiorstwie przemjslowym 
Praca zbiorowa pod red Wl Piotrowskiego i J Trusiewicza 
L lV}d I , Lodf, 1957-58 

2V 21 cm 

Wang, Adam. 

planowawu wewnf trzzaMadowym. Warszawa, Polskia 
Wydawn Gospodarcze, 1951 

29 p 21cm, (BlbUotetaeIOKM)aimpt35anyla,t.48) 
HD7U Pt,W3 56-40930 

Winter, Emannei, 

Koszty wlasne przedsi^biorstw przemyslo^ych Warsza- 
wa, Panstwowe ZaUady Wydawmctw Szkolnych, 1931- 

T tables SO cm 
HD4TW55 59-22243 


Satendarz racjojuhzutora 1055- 
Warssawt, Wydawn. Urzgdii Patentowego PEL 

T UloB, ports 17 cm. annual (WLad<ffliOici Urzgdu 


HB70 P6K25 


see also Socialist competition; Stak- 

hanov movement 

Akadboma, naok URSR, E*ev. Instytut ekonomiky 

BHyxpHsaBQ^cwiit xosaliCTseaHHil packer, ipy^H 3icoHO- 


BHyrpaaaBO^csoro xowtcxaeHHOro pacnexa Ha KHCBCJCOM sa- 
roHOpeKOHTHOK saso^e HM J^HBapcEoro BoccTanHa. ^OTBCT- 
CTBCHHufi pe^asrTop A. A. HeciepeHKO] KHCB, Ha^-so AKS- 
AMIHB sayx 7p CCP,195e 

106 p a on, 
HD70JB9A69 58-32439 

Aldssandrenko, Hfib Va^yt'ovydi. 

PeopraKiaanut ynpaBXiKKx npoMHOtOBicrs) i 
TBOM, 1MB, 195T 

Sip. 20CBB. 

HDTOJISA895 58-34141 

Dia Ansniitzung der GrundmitM in den Eadusteebetrie- 
benderUdSSfi. [tbersetzong Hubert Nierstem, Joachim 

Neamannj Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 1953. 

ISTp, 22 OB. 

HD7}E9AT5 55-40148 J 

Arakehan, A 

166 p 22cm. 

a npoMHraieHHocTH CCCP Mo- 

Bafa, Jerzy, ed . 

Zagadnienia dziwkiego zarz^du p&nstwowego i prawa 
admawstracyjnfigo, wybor tekstow KrsLk6w, HaM. Pafist- 

wowego Wydawn Naukowe^o, 1951 
124 p 20 rm 


Baklajiov, G I 

AsaJtaa xoaatCTWH 

. Mocsaa, Toe 


8S p 20 cm 



vtyrs. yciooptKHJi IDC otfopa'WBa.eiiocTa. Moorsa, 
@tp; 22 CEB. (BcecoiosHoe oCssecTso no pacnpocrpaHeaHJo nain- 


Bolko, Ko^stantm Semenovick. 

Xospaciex HS s 
M0cw>cKafi patfotmfi, 195T. 

no p. mm MOB. 

lft ftr 



(B i 

Daraliaffl, Mykhaiio Volodymyrovyph. 

Ascajna rocnoflapctKoi fliajtBHOCxi niflnpneMCTBa KHIB, 

B5 p Ulus 20 cm. (Ha AonoMory KOHOMiKafi OCBITI) 
HD70B9D33 57-58894 t 

Darahan, Mykhaiio Volodymyrovych. 


a4!.6oM Aiarpan i CXCM Hi^ aara-itnoio pe^ J FopejuiLa i 
O KopoiAa ynopaflKyaaaa M ^aparaH i H ffleB^eHEo 


til L, 46 plates (In portfolio) 26 x 33 cm 
HD70 E9D34 59-26331 

Darahan, Mykhaiio Volodymyrovych. 

Bonpocsc y^eia H ciaTHCTHKH xpy#a na n 

(na npHMepe MeTaza:oo6pa<SaTHBamineft H 060- 
Ofi OTpaoieft wecTHoft npOMEimjreHHOCTH) 
, A-BO AEa^enHH nays Ysp CCP, 1955 
103 p tables 23 cm. 
HD70JR9D3 56-44941 

Dmitnev, Mikhail Vasil'evich. 

ITyTH CHHacenna ceSecTonaocTrr npoMHEneHHOfi npo^yE- 
jjna: CTCHOrpaMMa ny6jtn^Hoft jieKuiuii, npo^HtasHoii B 
MocKse MocKsa [SHanne] 1952 

20, t3i p 22 cm (3KOHOMHKa H opraHHsauH* npoHSBOAcrsa co- 
UMaJiMCTHHecKOro nOMbim^eHHoro npeAnpnaTHjt) 

53-32698 rev 


Dmitriev, Mikhail Vasd'evich 

Bonpocu BHyrpnsaBO^CEoro xospacnexa IIo,^ pe^ C K 
Tarypa [MocKBaj Toe HS^-BO rrojtHT JIHT-PH, 1953 

178 p 20cm 
HD70R9D6 54-17990 rev 

Dormidontor, Fcdor Konstantmovich. 

3KOHOMHKa I opranHsaitiifl: H HjrannpOBaHne nponsBO^cxsa 
cj ^ocxpoHTe.u.Horo npe^npii^xiia ^onymeHO B Ka^ecxse 
y^efiHuica A&S. cy^ocxponx TexHHKyiiOB JTennHrpaA, Foe 


434 p dlagrs., forms 23 cm. 
VM299J)6 59-32383 

Dyiun, A Kh 

DLiaHiipoBaHHe H ynex KoonepHposaHKHx nocTasoK Ha 
npeAnpnaTHir MocKsa, 1951. 
2S p forms 22 cm 

EDD70 E9D85 57-22734 

D2agurov G B 

UjtannpOBaHiie ceCecxonMOCTii na npe^npHHTnax npo- 
MUcaoBofl KoonepanHH HSA 2, ncnp H flon- Mocesa, 
Bcec KoonepaxHBHoe HS^-BO, 1956 

174 p forms 22 cm. 
HD70R9D9 1956 56-44213 

Efimor, Anat(dil Nikolaevich. 

JlepecTpoSKa ynpaMcHH* npOMMinjieHHOcx,K> ir ctpoa- 
xoitcxBOM B CCCP MocEsa, Foe. HSA-BO noiHT. JtHi-pn, 



Einige Probleme der Planting, der Fuoanzkontrolle raid der 
Handelspraxis. tJberseteing aus tian Kussischen. Ke- 
daktionelle Bearbdtmig : Fredo Mullerj Berlin, Verlag Die 
Wlrtachaft, 1956. 

142 p 21 cm (Zu Frageax des xx, Parteltages der K?dSU) 
HC336E35 57-35999 

Fedoro v, A 

ynpasjieHHa npOMHnuceHHocxtio B CCCP ^ 
H: H noaceflcxBHfi peopraHHaanHH t Mx>HxeH] 

48 p. 21cm. 

Fflippov, V F 

Hym yiyiiiieHita y^era Ha 
rasx CxeHorpasiMa ny6aHH;HOJa 

30 & 22 em. (3KOHOMHKa 



upo-cnxaHHofi B 
npo3BOACXBa comiajim- 

Gannop^'skii, I 

H piaao di prodnaaone ndFunpraHt sovietica. r tliuui 
tmduziom mitorizzata dalFon^nak russoj A euro di Vit- 
ton0E.Bobs. fMIanoj Garaamti t 1953, 


A 55-274 




na npojimmieHHOM ime^irpiurxBca. [-tte- 

ocpexayw 3W>HOMKy) 

Ubraty of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 

RUSSIA (Continued) 

fArygin,P I 


OBOEP;HHX xexHEsyMOB MocEsa, FocTOpnraflax, 1952 
240p fflus 23cm. 

HD9326 R92 1 2 56-42241 

Itin,L I 


MomHOcieft upOMii DUTCH HHX 

H3&-BO nOJIHT JIHT-pH, 1956. 

71 p 20 cm. (B noMOiut anoHOMmecKOM 

HD70 R9 1 8 

MocKsa, Foe. 



23p 22azL 
HD70 KS 1 S4 

MocKua ( 

r 1951 

Kamenitser, 8 E 

3zoHOMHKa, oprastHsanHJi H luaEHposaHHe npoMHinjieH- 
HOIO Hpe^npHJiTHJi , y*e<5Hoe noco6He. Mocxsa, Foe HS&-BO 

HOJtHT JtHT-pH, 1958 

503 p, diagts 23cm. 
HD70B9K3 59-32117 

Kamenitser, S E 

Organisation imd Pknung des sozialistischen Industrie- 
betnebes, zugekssen vom Mnustentim fur Hoehschulbildung 
der UdSSE als Lehrbuch fur Wirtschaft^ochschulea. 4 
Aufl Nachdruck der 3. uberarbatetei Anfi% erganzt dmth 
eme Eezension von Gr, Pistschulini BerfnLVetWD*ft"Wirt- 
schaft,1955 ^ 

SSSp. fflos 22cm 
HC335.K3284 1955 56-17475 J 

Eazamovskii, V S 

AsajES xoasficTBeHHOft 

Moocua, Foc$H:HH3AaT, 1954 

ISSp, 22cm. 


Khrushchev, Nikita Scrgeevich, 1894- 

coaepmeHCTBOBaHHH opraHHsanHx ynpas- 


r BepxoBHoro Cosem CCCP 4. cosHsa 7 uax 1957 r. 
MocKsa, Foe ES^-BO BCOJIHT. jmr-pii, 1957. 

63 p. 20cm. 
HD70JE^K5 58-21319 

Kirrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894- 

O AaJiwieSraeM coBeptueMCTBOBaHHH opraiHoaiwM 
npOMHnweHHocrbio H CTPOHTOI(>CTBOM, Aooaa 
LJIOBO HE VII ceccwH BepxosHoro Co&era CCCP 4 c03HBa 7 H 10 
Masr 2957 r 3aKOH o ^ajitHeHiuew coaepiueHCTBOBaHHH opraKHsauHH 
ynpaB4eKM npOHHtmseBHoerwo H CTporreiiw:TsoM Moocsa, Foe 
stas-so norar ^HT-pw, 1957 
79 p 20cm 

HCS36K47 57-47101 

Kkroshchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894- 

On tibe farther improvaneat of managemeait ia 
and ccMistattctioai in the U. SL S. R. ; matenals of the sevetttfa. 
sesaon of the Supreme Soviefe of the "0. S a E. May T-10> 
1857. Moscow, Foreagtt Languages Pob. Hoose, W7. 

Khrashcher, Nikita Sergeevkh, 1894- 

On the further Improvement of management in industry 
andconstroctionintheTiaS RjTOp^imdrepfytodls. 
cussion at the seventh session of the Supreme Soviet, 7-10 
MaylS7. With the text of the new liwr. London tSfmet 
news. 1957, 

76 p. film. 19cm. (Soviet newg booklet EO. 10) 
HB70LE9K518 5S-21167 I 

Khrushchev, NiMta Sergeevich, 1894- 

"DTaer bessere OrgaBisatioasfonnen der Leitui^ von In- 
dustrie und Bttzwesen; MateriaJien der Siebenten Taking 
desObei?tenSowjetsderUdSSR,7-10.Mail957. Moskau, 
Yerl a^ fur FTemdsprachige lateratnr, 1957. 

97, f 2,p. soera. 
H3C83SX4715 58-44766 

Kommmjisticheskaia jmrtoa Soveiskogo Soticza. 
partnnma shJeola. 

Hporpajcjia K>*pca "3xoHOiiHxa, oprasHsai?iijj a ELiasapo- 
saHae npe^npHaTHS npoMum-ieHHOCTH, crpostejtCTBa a 
" ia BHCJUBX napTaaawx msoi 
niEMH sipE IP: KIICC Mocsua, 1958 

28, il] p. 22cm. 
HD70 E9K556 59-41160 

Kommuaisticheskaia partua S@Yetsk.0go Soiuza. 
partunaia shkala, Kafedta, s&u&t&ktn ekonomdisi 

nporpaMMa no sonpocasc SKOHOMHEH coi^aajHCTH^ecEHX 
npOMHnuteHHHx npeAnpHarHfi RXX. Be^epaHX napTHflssix 
raKot H ceMHKapoB npH ropEoaax n paSKOMax KUCC Mo- 
CKBa, 1955 

22, [2j p 22 cm 
HD70 R9K56 56-449^5 

Kontorovich, Y 

HOIC upe^npaiaTHH , MeiOAK 


307 p. forms, tables 23 on 
HD70 E9K6 

EuaHaposaHHe na nposcHn 
a H paciexH Mocssa, Foe 

Krylov, Vladimir Fedorovich, accountant 

AKa-ras OTiera npOMHnueHHoro c 
Foc^HHiis^aT ,1955 

84 p 20cm 
HD70 E9K7 



56-37803 rev 

Kntyrev, S M 

HcnojososaaEx otJoporHHX cpe^cxs Ha npo- 
npeAnpHTHc Mocxsa, Foc^HHHSAaT, 1954. 
91 p 20cm. 

Microfilm copy (negative) 

Microfilm Slavic 588 AC 


^ Viktor Pavlovich. 

IIxaaBpOBaBBe MCCTHOS rocyAapcrseHHoa H nooiiepaTHB 
HOfi npOMHmieHHOCTH MocKsa, rocaaaans^at, 1958, 

73 p. 20cm, (B ooMoay. SKoaoAmcry H miaHOSHKy) 
BCD70JE19M3 59-46457 

o poai OH zrpaet 

Moscow. Publichnaia biblioteka, 

^TO ratoe xosaScxseHaHS pactex a 
s sapo^HOM xosaficTB-e, EpatKH 
teiL JtHTepaTypsr MocEsa, 1956 

20 p 17 cm. (B noMEK(b sKCOMmecKOMy oCpaaoEaHHio pajor- 


Novitskil, Ivan Borisovich, 1880- 

PoJtt cosercKoro rpa^s^aH.CKoro npasa B ocymecr 

scnspac^era a pearaaa SKOHOMECH Mocssa, Foe 

DPKX IHT-pH, 195S 
205p. 2201. 

Pereslegin, V I 

Das SparsamteitaregMne ia der aaaahrtisds*n Wirtsdbaffc. 

Berlin, Verlag Die WMschaft, 1955. 
139 p. 21 cm. 

t Vyd 1 , Praha, Pr&- 
ST. 38) 

Planovani zi^u v prlmaysla SSSE, 
myslovS vydavateJstvi, 1951. 

85 p. 21ciu. (Siifcdce 

Piatonov, Aleksandr Alekseevich. 

OpraHHsaicHS |>KEaHCOBOfi pagoTH Ha 

Kpe^npB*iH Mocsaa,, roc^HHH^ax, 1956 
65 p forms. 17 cm. (B nDatom& xoaaiScrBCHHOMy anusy npex- 


C330t rOpO#CBQft 
8 p. 21. 

peaepm , ES jarepaajtos POCTOB- 







1958 r 

; c6oj>saa: 

xms, IStff 
Hycw)ute. Moczaaj 

, S 

Foe HS^-LU scaHT 'jiT-pu, 1956 

SI p tables 20 cm (B noaioim* a 

Prolserov, S A 

SasoAcsaa ssonoMaiecsaJt tOE^epeiusHJi , ss onHta SBTO- 
saBO^a I'M H A. Jlnxaiesa t MocxBa^ MocsoBotHft pa6o- 
tt, 1957 

41 p 2033L 

HD70 R0PG9 58-35454 J 

PmdensSai, G A 

Produktionsreserven , Reserven zur Stei^rung der Ar- 
beitsproauktivitat im Betneb. "Cbersetmng aos dem KESBI- 
schen c Bnmo TrantZj Berlin, Vet-lag Die WIrtschaft, 1957. 

261 p 21cm. 
HD70R9P74 57-42816 f 


psf, 1954 

283 p 21 em. 

Eie pesepBKt (pesepBM pocra npo 
MocKsa, Foe H3S-RO HOZEHT J:HT- 


Funskil, O, M 

JEescuHE no rypcy "OpraHHsaumi H SMasmposzs&& 


cxsa, PeflH3^aT, 1955 rcoverl956 3 
35, 9, IS p 20cm. 


Ratner, Solomon Davidovich. 

Bonpocst onpeAeJCHHS 
o6opoiHHX cpe^cxs npoK 
cxsa, Foc$HHH3^aT, 1956 

Sip. 20cm. 

Abnm Isaaic?idi. 

npe^apHTHft. Mo- 


C Ma-TCpHajciu: H peaepsjat ax 
MJI. Mocxaa, Foe ma^-ao HCWOT JJHT-PM, 1958. 
1SS, sSj pt 20 cm 


Sakov,M p 

OpraHsaaanHa xoamtcxBeHHoro pac^era aa n 
npe^npHsxaB. Mocicaa, Foe H3,4-o noaax aarr-pw, 19&OL 

8* P, 30 caa <B nowap. wottCB5Mj o^aswiajBao) 
HD70ESS3 56-44962 

San&ia, Dztid losif oTJch, 

BHyTpHSaso^cKoe njiaaapoaaHKe H xexapoM^aiEaaa 
MMnuteHHoro Bpe^npsurraji: Mocxaa, SsaBae^ 1966. 
47 p. 22 em. (BcectHoawi O^WS 


H39V8 1958, no, S 

Sdezaer, Sergei Ivanovidi. 

Eyxra-ixepcsHft jntei a np0MHnxieHHocTH , yiefinoe BOCQ- 
5a:e ^a aoAro)BK3i tfyxrawepoi B rjrpco>t cexa FEK 
ECC7 CCCP Mocrsa, Foe CTaTHCTH%cKoe na^w, 1906 

350 p, diajfts., fonas. 27cm. 


Sergeera,T L 

CoBercKoe yrcucoKaoe npaao s 6opi6e c 


A H Bacioteaj MotEBa, Ha^- 

Shein, Pav el Abramovic}i. 


ayjc CCCP, 


46 p 28 on. (Bcecosaatsoe 

o pscapOCTpaaefiaoo n 


Sholomovicii, I A 

Die BetrifibsaBaiyse m der Indnstne. 

Btt-Ka, Vcria^ Die Wirtefemft, 1WS, 


C6opsss s 



11.3^ 1, ntpep K 
, IS55 

Library of Congress Catalog Rooks: Subjects 


IIUSSIA (Continued) 
StanJkov, Leonid llmovkk 

ilocsea, foe aajt-ao no HIT JBT-PH, 1957 

S3L (B rQStffiOfe SKOBOMmeCKOMV o6pa3Q8aSKK>) 


Sverdlovsk, Rosaa. UnFirinl gosndaratvenaji waversltet. 
Coopia.iitcTH'reticoe npOMunueHHoe zpe^np^wrae mscxsa 


czaTcS Hn^roTOBjea TieHaBra taifse^p A^aaerrKiecxorQ H 
HCTopttiecxoro Marepirauxxsxa a nawruTCCicoit MQHOMHH 

HOA p>BGiseTBQM M T HOBWKI Caep^oscEj CsepAJios- 
csoe KHHxiioe rax-so, 19.53 

222 ix 22cm. 
HD3TS82 55-27631 

S}rkm-Shyvslil, L 
Met ' T 

J, 1131 F ^ 

I. i r i<- 

W7 p tinlw 13 LIB 


Tatar, Sergei Kozfraick 

ilaa: aiiatysHpoKiTt BMnoiiieFne niaiia no s 
yKna Mn-cKBa, ror$;iHH3AaT, 1951 

IflC p IT cm (B OQJWJS3. xcawcneHHDjKy aronsy 

56~449i51 rev 




Tatar, Sergw Koz'micfa. 

XosatcTsesaMfi packer a npOMKnueBHOM M. 
,3pa CTCHrrpaxxa leaps, npoiBTanHofi B Mocsee Mo- 
Ciena 3iaitne r 19;& 

3tt p 22 cm (Bceco3e oGmeerBQ pacnpocrpaiieiBMiQ 


waHBi80C'm>iF2 4) 
QUITS r50,uo 4 

Tatar, Serf ci Kra'imdL 

OCHUSH aaa,iK3a ssoaoiiiisa 

SSp. ttea. 



57-22T23 f 

Bedmnngriithniiff MB 

7ep!ov r 

2ft cat. (B 


apc^ztpuxriui , 

aeaafaa, ap*>iaTaHaofi B Mnxswe Mocsrsa j 

1MB 30-34074 TOT 



9 ft Mm. ^cnrnwu K oprswnOTc n- 

Hj; Cre- 

f m . 

od JLm 4 ErWwopn eta- Gftw^fc- 



Usatov, Ivan Andreevidi. 

n>TH CHiijECHHa satpai Ha npoii3BOACTBO n 
npo^yMUH MOCEBA, roc^HHiis^aT, 195T 

102 p 17 era 

Uror, losif Il'icli. 

Hai^a^i ue pac^o^u r n}Tii HX CE*iAeirnx B 
-leci. m ^pujxHiuTeiiHOCTii Moceua, Foe IISA-BO 

pH, l*>"lO 

148 p 20a 


craxell ^locLea, Foe HSA-BO HOJHT JIBT-PU, 1956 



423 p 21 cox 
HD70 E8V6 


TOiiting, Kenneth R 

Soviet problems of nahonality and industrial manage- 

mect Rev ed [Maxwell Air Force Base, Alaj Doca- 
mentary Beseareh Dinmon, Kesearch Studies Institute, 1956 
67 p 27 un C U S i Air Unlrorsity Dooiiaentary researdi 
study, AU-22S-fi2-ESI} 
DK267W4&8 5T-60475 

Len'shin, Ivan FHIppodeh. 

MocKBa 3 

eKTHBa Mo- 
CUHS pa6o- 


ciOBCKoro nxHHHo 
. 1954 

87 p 20cm 


Navodilo z& sestaTo finan&ub. planov 

podjdi] lokalnego pomena, 
V Lfubljam 

T 20 cm anaaaL (Zibirka. flaanfinlh priroCnikoT, Stey 
HD70 T8N3 59-28083 t 



Arbeitserfaliningeati der Staluigrader Agitatoren. Ber- 
lin, Dietz, 1952. 

75 p 21 cm (Blbllot&ek dfis Agitators) 
T56V615 57-35528 $ 

K(x5k, Enk- 

T]instemiHBen och den mdu^riella omvandlingen, en 
stttdife T t3in^emannalclrens tillTaxt inom industnen. 
^Stockholm, Incbstnens utrecbrngsiiistitut r!953i 

A 55-4348 

114 p 21cm 


Sq. IJbcary 


Tde unions and fall nploymnt [Stockholm, 10S& 

109 p 2SCEL 


JBeadings in, xocfcostrisl oj^aniasation and public policy, 
elected by & committee of the American Economic Associa- 
tion. Selection Committee: Eichard B, Heflebower r andj 
George W, Stocking H<6wood, Hi, Published for the 

fflm Mem. (TO* Serta* o< repafcUsfcftd arttdes on eco- 


American Instit 

Manual of eacceUent managements. 


nt Association. 

SO P. 

trends and govennneut policy: tkair meaning 

nt. New York ^ISSTj 
(/^ General rn^asejrant series no. 1S8) 

Anwicam Ma 

nt Associatio 

43 p. iliua. 


plaiming m aa expanding eewiomj* Kew 

es, DO i) 
56-8708 t 

American Management Association. 

Meeting the challenge of competition and change New 
York [1957] 

44 p 23cm (Its General management series, no 190) 
HD70 U5A53 658 082 58-7 

British Specialist Team on Industrial Engineering. 

Industrial engineering, report of a visit to the U, S A. in 
1953; productivity report London, British Productivitv 
Council, 1954. J 

ill, 115 pi Illus 25 cm. 
HD31JB743 658 0973 59-18154 

Contactgroep Opvoenng Productiviteit. 

Orgamsatie en leiding van kleine en grote bednjven in 
de Veremgde Staten Studierapport c's-Gravenhage, 1951, 

102p 26cm. 

HD70U5C6 A 57-4224 

New York Univ Libraries 

Contactgroep Opvoenng Productiviteit. 

Wie volgt ons op * Kapport betreffende de "Management 
development'' in het Amenkaanse bednjfsleven. 's-Graven- 
hage C 1952j 

96 p illus 25 cm. 
HD70U5C64 57-35280 t 

En, Jakob. 

Trekk fra industnell orgamsasjon og 0konomi i USA. 
Industrial enguieermg and production. Eapport fra stu- 
diereise TA 48-192 til USA, arrangert av U S Department 
of Commerce og det Kongebge Norske handelsdepaxtement 
Av Jakob En, Chr H0y Muller og Knut Egge 3 Utg av 
Norsk produkfavitetsmstitutt cOslo, 1955 

79 p diagra 21 cm. 
HD70 U5E7 58-43760 

Fenn, Dan Huntington, 1923- ed 

Management's mission in a new society New York. Mc- 
Graw-Hill, 1959 
Hi, 345 p 22cm 
HC106 5 F4 330 973 59-10707 

Gouldner, AMn Ward, 1920- 

Industry and bureaucracy Ann Arbor, University 
Microfilms r !954, 

< [University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich] Publication 6627) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 6627 Mic 55-3390 

Harvard University. Graduate School of Business Admtm*- 

Engineering manpower,* how to improve its productivity 
a study prepared by Robert E S Arndt c and others Cam- 


T, 162 p 


Heron, Alexander Bichard, 1891- 

No sale, no job, the economics of American prosperity 
tlsted.] New York, Harper [ C 1954j 

207p 22cm 
HC106 5 H45 658 01 53-11842 rev J 

Jackson, Perdval E 1891- 

Corporate management, the directors and executives 
Charlottesville, Va, r Mchie Co., 1955. 

4S9p. 24 w. 

HD2745J3 658151 55-128951 

Jaffe, William Julian, 1910- 

L. P. Alf ord and the evolution of modern industrial man- 
agement With an introd. by David B Porter New York, 
New York University Presa, 1957. 

xbc,36ep. nJuR,port. 25cm. 
HD70.U5A74 658 57-7915 

lachtenberger, Casinur G F 1927- 

Kritische Untersuchung des amerikanischen "Work simpli- 
fication }T -Programmes. r Mannheim!j 152. 

p 22cm. 
HD70U5L5 56-1860 

tidsstudier samt metodeplanlffigning. Beretning 
fra en studieref se i U. S. A. i oktober-noveinber 1954. Udg. 
ved Udenrigsministeriets foranstaltmug. 

HC60.T447 no. 261 

07-48868 J 

Missioabdge "organisation industrielle." 

Organisation industrielle; mission beige anx tats-Ums, 
lSaTra-l|uinl53. Bruxelle^OiBce beige poor Fftocroiaee- 
ment de k prodnctivite, 1955. 

S8P. fflw^ group part, dtegts^ table. 25cm. 
HD70U5M47 56-33642 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

U.S. (Continued) 

Mission de prodtictmte "mauutentum." 

Materiel de manutention, rapport de la mission franchise 
de products ite aux USA, janvier fevrier, 1932 rStras- 


127 p ill us 28cm 

Nadworny* Milton J 

Scientific management and the unions, 1900-1932, a his- 
torical analysis Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

187 p 22 cm 
HDS073X2'J 3311 55-1 Io06 

Noetzel, Arthur J 

Management nntl the utilisation of the older woi kei Ann 
Aibor, Uimersitv Miuohims [1933) 

(fUnirersity Microfilms Ann Arboi, Mali j Publication no 12 329 j 
Microfilm AC-1 no IJfoJO Mic A. 55-2012 

Michigan Inlv Libi 

Owens, Richard Norman, 1S94- 

Business management and public policy Homewood, HI, 
E D Ii win, 1938 

402 p 24cm. 
HC106 5.08 658 1 58-11853 t 

Randall, Clarence Belden, 1891- 

Freedoni s faith lst ed 3 Boston, Little, Brown tl953i 
108 p 20 cm 
HC103 R3 338 01 53-10231 rev 2 t 

Schatvet, Charles E 1912- 

Island in a red sea, an American businessman in Berlin 
where Soviet and free worlds collide New York, Guide- 
Kalkhoff-Burr C 1959 3 

239 p flhis 21 em, 
HDTOU5S3 658 59-13666 J 

Scott, William G 

The social ethic in management literature Atlanta, 
Bureaa of Busntess and Economic Research, School of Busi- 
ness Administration, Georgia State College of Business 
Administration 1959j 

r, 116 p diagr 23 cm. (Bureau of Business an<3 Economic Re- 
search, Georgia State College of Business Administration. Studies 
la business and economics, bulletin no 4) 
HF5386S414 658069 59-3618 

Society for Advancement of Management. 

A survey of time study policy and practice in the United 
States and Canada . a report by the SAM National Re- 
search Committee on the project, aptitude and proficiency 
tests for time study personnel New York, 1956 

IT (nnpaged, ditefly tables) 36 cm 
HD70U5S6 56-274 

Sutton, Francis Xavier 

The American business creed [hVj Francis X Sutton t and 
others^ Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1956 

414 p 24 on 

HC106S88 33801 56-8553 

Syndkat national ds industries d'eqoipement M. T. P. S. 

Materiel de manutention pour travaux publics, chantiers 
et ports arax fitats-Unis; rapport de la mission de produc- 
tivite du Syndicat national des industries d'equipemeat M. 
T. P S (manutention, levage, travaux publics, sidercmgie, 
names, fonderie) aux ^tats-Unis, avnl-mai 1953 Pans, 
Editions SBBOM E 1954 3 

a>8 p. ffiuaL, group port, map, (Basts,, forms. 28cm. 
HBTOU5S9 58-3M86 


Partners; the magazine of labor and management, v. 1- 

T WOK. ports. 20-30 cm, 10 no. a year 
HD4802.P3 SS-15WS 

Research Institute of America, inc. 

Letter to operating management. 
iHmr York, 

no, in T 28 em. semimonthly. 


Alacevic, DuSan. 

Hacrt pravBa podwseca s obji&geajiam i npntwa a* 
TOfe&aOeaatepTOpw, pY^ 
driavmh i oftalh oigswtT t PrafdSnik n, 

Bosaaer, Rudo 

Elonomika. industnjskih poduzeca } 
promo 1'pe Zaareb, Skolska imji&a. 

2SO p filas. 24 cm. 


Beleon, Aser, ed 

Zbornik o radnitkom samoupravljanju, Uredili Aser 
Deleon, Nikola Balo? Beograd, Rad, 1957 

4S3 p 20cm 
HD70Y8D4 38-45791 t 

za izdavanje, 
58-27042 t 


Osnovna sredstra Zagreb, IBI, 
prodaju i distnbuciju ke]iga, 1956 
324 p 20 cm 

Drustvo mainskih i elektrotehmcTdh inSnjera i telmicaia 
N. R. Srbije. 
Upravljanje industnskim preduzecem Beograd, 1955 

215 p " 

5p 21cm 


58-2294S t 

Jevtic, Borko BL 

Proiz\ odno-finansiski plan industn^og preduzec"a. Beo- 
gradj Izd. SluzbenoglisiaFNKJ, 1950- 

v illus 24 cm. 
HD37J4 55-19850 t 

Kalafatid, Milan. 

jedmstvenom rukovodstva pnvredmm prediizeetma. 
Beograd, Ead, 1949. 

33 p. 21 cm (SlndikalnaMblioteka) 
HD70.Y8K3 59-26581 J 

Kostic^ Milorad D 

Organizacqa proizvodnje u preduzecii. 2., dopunjeiio 
izd. Beograd, Ead, 1957. 

28 p if em 
HD7Q.Y8E:6 1957 58-M957 J 

Korag, Pavle. 

Samoupravl]an}e proizvodfaca u. privredi. Beograd, 
Savremena administradja, 1958. 

184 p. IT cm, (PriruSna Mbllot^ca za prayna I droitrena pitanja, 


EKOHOMHO coi^HjaJiHCTHHsio: npe^yseiia sa n H in paa- 
peA CKOHOMCEHX cpeA^irx ntEOia jPe^arosana 
CxesaHa Kyjcoieie H Mapsa .HJay 
napy sa nacTaaHEse cpe^MOc CKOHOMCKHX 
Snaae, 195ft 

154 p 22coL 
HD70Y8K8 58-35455 


Bruibeno upravlj&nje. t V Ljubljaai, DjudAa pravica, 
1958 3 

41 p. mm. IT cm. (PolttJaMitajlSDlai t S5> 
HD70Y8M6 5^-28127 t 

Perko, Vencelj. 

O f oada rafcovodsfcva, Beograd, Radj 1947. 
39 p. mm l&cm. (SiEdlkalnabibliGteka,5) 
HD70 Y8P4 59-23S75 t 

Siwdt, Jfef . 

Samorzfd robotnic^y w Jugodbiwii 0pracoitli Jozef 
Siwefc i Adam GaJis Wyd. I, Wwssawa, Wydawn. 
Zwiwikowe. 1957. 

4S ( i% j> 21 cm (BTOIoteafc* Praelite zwi4itkweso, I) 
HB70 Y8S5 59-35155 

U.a Jomt P&hmttoni Beuarik Servto 

!La.bor T manpower, Mid standsini of living in Yugoslavia. 

KY-40/1- HOT. 21, 1957- 

Kew Y<ai 

Yugosla\-ia. Laics, statute, etc. 

OCHOSCH aaw>H sa yw$%,vyvat> co %jmw 
ijafBja a co noamcoKHxe ctoaiacKE 
sta pa6orKRxe KCUKTIIK to^ 5- jyjta 1950 

vi BpooBCH m oSwcra HI 

Qmmw. wte 9 ptm^aa|u (feiavawi 
i wfea 

Yugoslavia, iairs, siaiu'ei, e 


37 p IT can. (36Hpina rpoiwca m &6iac^H npuspeAe, csecita 

Yugoslavia. laic*, statutes, etc 

Osnovni zafcon o upravljanju driavrjm pnvredmiE pre- 
da?eciraa i vr>im privrednim udruzeujima od straue radniii 
kolektiva 2 dop izd jBeograd. Izd u Sluibenoe lists. 

FXRJ'% 1951 
60 p 17 cm, fZbirka proplsa Ix oblastl prtTrede, arroka tor 13) 

Yugoslavia Laic^ statutes, etc 

YnyrcTBO sa cuposo^eae H3<5opa pa^Ku^KKx caseia K 
ynpaBHiK cu^opa npKBpe^Hiix npeA}3eha : OA 18 pujapa 
195'2 roAHiiej Ca o<5pac^nua jEeorpa^j Ha^ "CiyncfieHor 
jiHcra OHPJ," 1952 
40p. 17 cm. 

55-33 '>06 t 

Yugoslavia. .<!, utatute*, etc 

ocHOBnMa nociosaiM. n o 

} 3eha. (EoMemap uspa^ 
Josan MnpEOBiihi Beorpa^, 1952 
27 p 20 cm (ffoea Tpromaa. 

ra rproi.aa- 
MapiiH a 

i 15) 

Yugoslavia. aws, statutes, etc 

Zbirka propisa o upravljanju preduzecima i o posioranju 
preduze^a [Pnredili Dragomor 2ivanovi i Branko Bol- 
3an6 Beograd, Izd Slazbenog Iista FNEJ 3 1952 
201 p 20 em. 

55-22683 t 

Zagreb. Savezni centar za oferazovanje rokorodmli kadrova 

a privredi. 

Savezni centar za obrazovanje nikovodnih kadrova u 
pnvredi Zagreb, 1&58 

l&p mm 25cni 
HD70Y8ZS 5-28508 t 





see also Militarj supplies; Munitions 

Goodwin, HaroM B 

Adaptability of electronic computers to problems tffeatr 
ing economic mobilization. Wasfctogton, lojurtjial College 
of the Arm^l Forte** (1954, 

156 p Him Mem. 
TA18 A2G6 

U. S. Satwnal Seemly Smmavm Smrd, 

*f M&- 

i list of docaiiofflits in ths 
file of War Prodoetion Board records pertaming to proi>- 
Icnis suid jTOtbuxls of prodocticsi control ndsttffl^istioo <fap- 
inipWoridWarn. Washington] 1949. 

Z71MO7U54 56-18500 


Nor-vay. Semtrdrllat for dnft- 
for ctnfte- <^ prod'ak^cwis-iit'Falg Ted 


Natioaai Sectmt y ladtistrial A^sodatioa. 

Director*- of aSeei^conniuti 


National Seeuriiy Ini!2stml Assodatjon. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

U. S. (Continued) 

Quick, George Stem, . 


aiu< ly ' Ht t it 

AT n ItNtr I i 

Riddle, Bonald H 

ui rtwss of *LP A' iia Oiunajite 
i nieV-PiiioaijLged ' ooperation 
4 j.' uf it f urer- *u Wo* Id W ti n 
triMni- l'54 

V!- lUt Iu'j . a* on TTWn 
i'> :r"5 MK A 35-3133 

Hie TramtTi CuaK,,.itei: i stud} ii congressional mm 
tar} ttl tzopa A'li Arbor, Uni verity Microfilms il9a7 3 

j M rxfilsrs, Irn V"bo" 
Mtcratdm AG-1 ro JM ( 14& 

PjM.ettxnn n 3)149 
MIC 57-106', 

Smith, Ralph Elterton, 1910- 

Th* Army and economic mobilization Washington, Office 
of the Chief of Military History, Dept of the Army, 1959 

ix T, 7-n p aos , ports 1* cm t United States Army in World 
w ar n Tfet* V> ar D*{?artiseBt \ 
D760 A533 rol 4, pL 5 155560973 SS-6GOQI 

II. S. Bureau af Labor Staiutics* 

Factors for computing mdustml manpower requirements 
foi mobiLuat v >n r Washington, U S Dept of Labor, Bu- 
reau of Labor Statistic*, Division of Manpower and Em- 
ployment Statistics, I&53 

I T iHoa. 27 tan 
FA13U5A5S15 35526 54-63&0 t 

U. S. //M.r<"fS and Dfjtnse 

Official th-fi B product list and product alignment direc 
tory , f< ir use in conpection with the operations of the defense 
materials rv stem a guide for industrial mobilization plan- 

ning-, a director) of commodity and industry assignments 
within the Business aad Defense Services Administration 
(Washington, U S GoTt Pnnt Off 3 105T 

v r * 134 p 28 ea 
HC1065A54 t957 35528 58-60788 

U. S. Cianl Aeronmiiica Bward. Indwtry Advwmy om~ 
m,it&ee on Amatiom, Mfib&ae&tai. 

Mjiumum anl requirements for United States air trans- 
portation m tune of war, report t Wasfarngtoa 5 1955 

TL521 AM12 

U. S. C"t?t$W Jeini Committee &n Dejense 

Defeat* mobilization organiation 
rTT ' tgtoDfl 1 S Go-rt Print. Off 
iiha 29x31 cm 



U. S. Cmymu 

Mamtentn of the mofcihzatioa baw Hetnng before 
tbe SAet Ctwimittee on Small Basmwe, United States Sen- 
ate, Eighty-fourth Ckm^resa, first session, on maintenance of 
tia BKMjtK toe polioes of the Office of Defense Mo 
klimfcioa and the Beparoaeot of Defense as they affect small 
lame8s(DMOTn-7;I>OI>8WBJ) July SO, IMS. 
uiQtaa, U. S* Gort Print Off^ 1855 

tv.Tftp. S4a 


Eeport to die: Gomgress on the natioaal industrial reserve, 
nadtarPobhe law SS8 80th CoognflB. 1st- 

3. & &f Defgw 

A mtn^owir pwgrim f r fmS inaWJimtwcL Sff 
s* prow^W % Ofc 0f Defense 
Dipt, of litbwr s WrfttBgt3 IWt 

Jp SIM, 


Syracuse irmversity. tewmA L^nter. 

In^ttt iMe Isitmr mobAmtim, m an industrial arm ^y . 
Suf ria, director ^asdj staS member-s.. Syractise, 


Alexawler GraJbun Btf MES, SaUwA, 8* S. 

Afexiwter Onhan Befl Mwm, Biuliifeek, C^>ft Breton 
Maad, N S, ,Ott*w, Bq* of JfcwiSwrn AMfs tad 
National Be*r8 |190ft, 


Belgrad Muzej pnmenjene lunetnosti. 

M_ cet ipmieBeiie 3 veT r tOCTn Beorpa^, 1051 

icpag* " "Ic 1 ? 24cil 
XIvi^IUAk" 5 

Moscow Gosodarstvennyi politekhwcheski! mozei. 

IIuiiiTevHiiqecEnn MjseS iriEoie jPe^awop H, ^ Bap- 
ciiiifl] Mocrsa, 1957 

T1SJ M7.'> 

59-32438 t 

Moscow. Muzei okhrany truda Vf&SPS 

OdicaH'te *EcnOiiaros CociaBiitii T H Ocunosa n 
^p Mucisai npof>ii3^a.T, 1956 

229 'Ilia 21cm 
T1S3MTSA6 50-41041 J 

Moscow. Orodielnaia pafata, 

FocvAapcTBeHHaa; opj^ertHaa naaaia Mw.KoscEoro Kpeu- 
ia xii^UM \BTOp-cocrasiiTeiL F A EonciaBCKirflj Mo- 
CKKa, Foe M a j;- BO Hsodpa-airTetiHoro ucrvccrna, 1958 

IT (chiefly plates.) Mem 
NK480M7A5 59-36200 rev 

Moxuch. Deatsdics Museum von Meisterwerken der Na- 

turwissesiscJiaf t und Teclmik. 

Kur/er Kundgang durch. die Sanunlungen. jMumcli] 1956 
36 p iiios. 21 cm 

1956 59-37408 J 

Ulbncht, Gustav. 

Unser teciinisclies Kabmett Berlin, Verlag Die Wirt- 
schalt, 105S 

SO p ilios 21 cm 
T123 U4 59-37440 J 

IlfDUSTRIAL NUISANC]^ see Nuisances 

see also Public health nursing 

American Association of Industrial Nurses- 
Guide for the preparation of a manual of policies and 

procedure for the professional nurse in industry. [New 

A p 22 030. 
EC%6 A65 

*610734 331^22 


Barschak, Erua. 

Toda\ s mdusti ul nurse and hei job a studj of the func- 
tioni. of Hui-ses und then relationship to industry New 
York, Putnam jlDSSj 

xii, 113 jt map 25 cm 

EC9G6 BS5 56-58511 rev 

*C10734 614073 

Brow, Mary Louise, 1916- 

OccupitWEi! health nursing In association with John 
Wister Mei<3fs New York, Springer Pub Co , 1956 

27Sp 22cm 
RC966B7 *ei0734 331822 56-9294 J 

Charley, Irene Hannah- 

The birth of industrial nursing, its history and develop- 
ment in Great Britain. With a foreword by A, A. Woodman, 
London, Bailliferc, Tmdall and C3ox, 1954. 

224 p. illus 23 cm 

55-27821 t 


American Association of Industrial Nurses, 

1 nursing MbMog^tphy. Kr York t 

S4-417 J 


can As 


xriaiion of Industrial Nnrses. 

Joarual for industrial nurses, 

t Mandite, Bn^.i NaffiAi Dept of OcMprtwml Health, 
tFmiwcsity of ManeliMfar 

BCW6J7S 610 7m 59-W522 


Hofstetter, Henry WiUiam, 1914- 

Industnal vision c lst ed 3 Philadelphia, Chilton Co 
r 1956 7 

189 p lllns 25 cm 
RE825H64 6177 56-7877 t 

Holmes, Clark. 

Guide to occupational and other visual needs, by Clark 
Holmes, Harry Jolhffe t andj James Gregg Ian S Cameron, 
publications consultant Robert Blyth, professional photog- 
rapher jLos Angeles? 195S- 
v illus 29 cm 

61775 58-30535 


see also Industrial management 

Acker, Hemrich. 

Die orgamsatonsche Stellengliederung: im Betneb "Wies- 
baden, T Gabler ,1956] 
176 p diagrs 25 cm 

A 59-5890 
New York Univ Libraries HD35 

AdaSevic, Ateksandar. 

Orgamzacija preduzeda 2, dopunjeno izd Beograd, 
Rad, 1957 

44 p illus 17 cm- 
HD37A4 1957 58-24954 J 

AHen 7 Louis A 

Management and organization New York, McGraw-Hill, 

853 p illus 24 cm. (McGraw-Hill series in management) 
HD31A413 658 57-13329 t 

American Management Association. 

Line-staff relationships in production, conference hand- 
book published for distribution at the ATVfA special manu- 
facturing conference, October 24-26, 1956, Hotel Eoosevelt, 
New York New York 1956, 

182p fflus 23cm. 
HD31A43 1956h 65816 57.374 

American Management Association. 

Lane-staff relationships in production. New York r !957j 
135 p Ulus 23 cm. (It Special report, no 18) 
HD3LA43 1956i 65816 57-2045 

Bain, Joe Staten, 1912- 

Indnstnal organization New York, Wiley C 1959, 

643 p 24 cm 

HD31B32 3387 5^-11795 J 

LJbraiy of Congress t 30j 

Basil, Douglas Constantine, 1923- 

Orgamzation in the small manufacturing firm, an analysis 
of the theory of organization by a case study. Ann. Arbor, 
University Microfilms C 1954] 

^University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlcb,i Publication no 10,285) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 10,285 Mic 55-3231 

Beadtam, Arthur. 

Economics of industrial oiganizatiou 3d ed London, 
Pitman il953, 

HD21B4 1955 


56-3174 t 

Bethel, Lawrence L 

Industrial organization and management byj Lawrence 
L. Bettiel c and others, 3d ed. New York, McGraw-Hill, 

719 p. iliua. 21 cm. (McGraw-Hill industrial organization and 
management series) 

HBS1.B43 1956 



Bonneville, Joseph Howard. 

Organizing and financing btmaess c byi Joseph H. Bonne- 
ville, Lloyd E Bewey t andj Harry M. Kelly 6tii ed Engle- 
wood Cliffs, N J , Prentice-Hall, 1959. 

SSlp, 24cm 
HD2741 B6 1959 658,14 59-10559 t 

orgamsatiegids; grondslagen en techniek van de 
sshrifteli}ke vastleggppog Tan de orgajnisataestructuur Al- 
pliea aan den Eijn, N. Samsom f 1958i 

H4p, item*, 21cm. 

HDS7JB66 A 59-6580 

Btew Yocfc tjn!v libraries 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Brech, Edward Franz Leopold. 

Organisation., the framework of management London, 
New Yoik, Longmans, Green [1957-j 

424 p lllns 23 on 
HD31 B737 658 58-880 t 

Dayre, Jean. 

La normalisation des structures indostnelles; methodes 
d'Studes, 1 exemple de l-industne kitiere Pref de Gabriel 
Aidant [Paris, Societ auxiliaire poor la diffusion des 
editions de productivity 1956j 

TOp Ulna. 18cm 
HDfl2T5r6D3 57-33269 J 

Dimock, Marshall Edward, 1903- 

Admrnistrative vitality, the conflict with bureaucracy 
t lst ed , New York, Harper C 1950 3 

298p 21cm. 
HD31D54 658 59-7063 | 

Ferrero di Roccaferrera, Giuseppe M 

La meccaruzzttzione iiella programmazione e nel controllo 
deEa produzione industnale Prei del prof Labero Lent! 
MiIano,A Giuffre, 1957 

2 T dlagrs., forms, tables 25 cm, ( f 2 25 x 35 cm.) 

A 5^-5486 
New YorkUmv Libraries HD45 

Punke, Hermann, 1884- 

Die Betnebswirtschaft im Masdunenbau mid in ver- 
wandten Industnen S Anft 3 Freiburg im Breisgau, E 
Hanie 1&55 3 

233 p diagnu, forms , tables (part in pocket) 30 cm. 

A 59-2400 
Nevr York TJnlv Libraries HD9705 

Ghosh, Mohit Ku 

Pnnciples & problems of industrial organization, by M. K. 
Ghosh and Om Prakash [2dj rev. and enl ed, Allahabad, 
Indian Press, 1953 

816 p 20cm, 
HD31 G49 1953 658 58-43694 t 

Ginsberg, E3i 1011- 

Effecting change in laxge organizations, by Eli Ginzberg 
and E^mg W. Beilley, assisted by Douglas W. Bray and 
John L. Henna. New York, Columbia University Press, 

155 p 22 cm. 
HD31 G5 65&16 57-13484 t 

Gonzales, Richard Florentz, 1927- 

Some implications regarding tlie concept of industrial 
organization Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1957 j 

1 1 University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mkkj Pubilcatioa no 22,061} 
MicrohlmAC-1 no 22,081 Hie 57-3096 

Iowa. Usilv Library 

Mnbacher, Rudolf. 

Die betnebswirtschaftliche Bedeutung der TJntemeh- 
xnnngsfontten Bern,P Haupt,l954 

150p. 23m 
HD35H8 1954 56-33667 

Habacher, Rudolf. 

Die betnebswirtschaftliclie Bedeutung der Unterneh- 
mungsformen Bern, P Hatipt, 1951 

1,12 p 23 cm (UBterneiimting mnd Betrteb, BdL 48) 

A 56-4158 
New York Cair Libraries 

Hober, Ernst Rudolf, 1903- 

Selbstverwaltung der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart 3 "W Kohl- 
hammer f!958j 

68p 23cm, 

HD35H82 A 59-1462 

Uaiv Iltar 

Jones, E H 

Principles and practice of industrial and commercial or-* 

gamastion in Anatolia Sydney, l&w Book Co of Aos- 
tralasia. 1957 

206 p. illxis. 23cm. 
HDMJ5 6S8 7-43872 f 

Roan, Pieter, 19QS- 

De bedrijfsorganisatie als structeurversclii]nsel; eon be- 
drijfseconcmische benadenng. Haarlem, H, D. Tjeenk 
WBlinfc C 1M7, 

*** MM ^ 57-26W9 1 

Kakoleca, Steran. 

eioowMiCJCKs; cpe^wroc ncwxsa, 

Lang, Jean Losis. 

Des controles dans 1'exploitatioa ETSC application dans 
Findusti je mecamque Porrentruy s 1054 

134 p lllua , d'agrs 21 cm. 
HD33 L269 53-17643 

Laur, Heraz, 192<3- 

Das Subsidiantatspnnzip in Betneb Dusseldorf, Zen- 
tral VerUfffurDi^sertationenTnltsch. 1955. 

vi 143 p" 21 cm 
HD4Q04 L35 5S-43052 

Leener, Georges de, 1570- 

Ordre nuthode et organisation; la pratique jotirnaliere 
de 1 organic itiou Pans, Editions scientifiq.ues et litteraires 
c l%3, 

249 p 25 cm t Collectioa Science & tedimque dea affaires, 21) 
HDWL36 55-15938 t 

Lohmann, Melvin Rudolph, 1914- 

A concept of organization and management. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms 1954 3 

{ rtM^ersit l Mtcrofilms, Ann Arbor, Midi j Publication no 7567) 

Me A 54-1403 
Iowa. UEUT Library 

Louzau Perez, Luis. 

Orgaruzaciori y contabilidad Mexico, 1956 
78 p illus 24cm 
HD37L63 57-36S83 | 

Lukas, Edith, 1929- 

Beitrag zum Problem der betrieblichen Elastizitat ttnter 
besonderer Berucksichtigung der Zwecksetzung, Eechtsfonn 
und Betnebsgrosse Munchen, 1954 

vi, 163, r*> 1 iUos ^> cm 
HDJ8X8 59-34701 

Hand, Josef. 

Betnebsorganisation , allgemeiner Grandnss fur die Wirt- 

schaf tspraxis Wiesbaden, Betriebswirtschaftlicher Yerlag 
f 10*>0, 

64 p Illos. 21 cm. <Fachlecher fBr dtte Wlrtschaft) 
HD35M25 55-42541 1 

Natioral Industrial Conference Board. 

Improving staff and line relationships jby Lotus A. Allen, 
assistant director, Division of Personnel Admonistratioiij 
New York ,l$56j 

99 p illos 28 cm (Its Conference Board reports Stadlea In 
personnel poliej no 15S) 
HF554 A2X27 no 153 658 16 56-3896 t 

National IndGstrial Conference Board. 

Organization of staff funcboxts by Lotus A, Allenj "New 

York f lS58, 

104 p illos. 28 cm. HU Ooafereace Board reports Stadias in 
personnel policy, no 165) 
HF5548.A2N27 no 165 668 58-4529 1 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

Preparing the company ct'ganusaiaon manual by Louis A, 
Allen, Division of Personnel Aclmmistraticai] New York 
t WS7, 

88 p. fflu, 28 cm. (Its Conference Board reports. Studies In 
personnel policy, 157 J 
HF5549JL2N27 no. 157 65U39 59-113 t 

National Retail Merchants Association. Coni-roUerf OK- 

Controllers' Congress Beseweh Committee seminar cm 
orffRnizing for effective management j di^nission outline. 
jNew Yorkj Controllers* Coagre Keseaxcfa. Committee, Ka- 
tional Eetail Dry Goods Association, C 1S54, 

1 v {rarlottspastogs} poits n diar5, 28cm. 


, Friti. 

ruDg; der Betnebsorgamsation. 2. uberarb. 

Anfl* voa Gntndlagta der OrganisaHoiislehre Sttittfjart, 
C B. Poeschel, 1955 
07 p. !i!w 24am 

1955 66-454 t 

Nordsieck, Fritz. 

D aeis'ttbiMlidbi6 Erfassmag and TJatecrwchting dwr Be- 
triebsorganisation, 5. umceranderte Auft. mit 115 Schau- 
bildera und Darstellungen. Stuttgart, C. E. Poescbel, 1956. 
diagrs. SO ox 


Organisationmid Maasck Zurich, Polygraphischex Ver- 

Orgamzaaja * ekoaoznika mdustnjskili predazeca, 
Beograd Stampanja Nova trgoraia, 1553- 

HD36 O7 


-ei^as, ean. 

L T organisation da travail dans les cooperatives agricoks 
Pref de fetienne ILves Paris, Editions d'organisation 

j 3 

IT, 23 p J us , a ag^s , f anas 23 un 
BD1491 Ji3P5 
NewTorfcUiiv Llb-a-e 

ves Paris, Editions d'organisatio 

A 59-7053 


Rubenstefn, Albert Harold, 1923- 

A method for the design and control of industrial infor- 
mation-transfer systems, Ann. Arbor, University Micro- 
films t 1955, 

(tUoifersity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Midi., Publication no lOJDSj 
Microfilm AC-1 no 10,798 MicA56~4 

Columbia talir Librariei 

Santmyers, Sdl>y S 

Leadership and the organization Serial 600&-2 E Ed. 2j 
Scranton, Intematiortal Correspondence Schools^ 1859 

2SS-294p III as. 2$ cm. 
HF5549.S1403 658 5&-44S22 t 

Svantner, a 

Odvetvovi stmktura prSmyslu MiloS Svanfcner, Miro- 
alav Borak, Jiri Slama. jVyd. L, Praha, St&tnf peda^o- 


Ulus. SOeaa {TJJ?eta.Itexty 

Thurston, Philip H 

Systems and procedures responsibility, an administrative 
view of the diviaon of responsibility between operating 
people and specialists for systems and procedures wor 
Boston, Division of Eesearch, Graduate School of Business 
Administration, Harvard University, 1059 

x, no p, 21 on 
HD31 T6 658 5S-13544 

Topfer, Kurt. 

Die Sy^tematik der Betnebsorganisttion, technologiscai 
Planting, Vorfaereitung und Lenkung der Prodoktion iTonj 
Kurt Topfer, Eolf Hoffmann [trndj Walter Gebnaxdt. Ber- 
lin, V-erlag Techmk. 1955 

147 p. illus 21 cm. 
HD35T6 67-19054 J 

Udy, Stanley H 19-28- 

Organization of work; a comparative analysis of produc- 
tion among noamdustnal peoples With an intnxL by 
George P Murdock New Haven, HEAP Pre, 1959 

182 p. tables. 22 cm (Behavior scieace Bwni^rmpli 
HD21.U3 338 59-9547 

Urwick, LyndaH Fowmes, 1891- 

Organizaiion in business; ttt address givsai at tibe Umfer- 
aty of Virginia Graduate School of Bwaaww Adnmslstrm- 
tioa, April 2, 1957. {Omrlottesnlfoj 1958. 

2Q&. 23x (Tliglala. TMveratty Czateste SdwH of Bs*a8 
Administration. Occupatlooal papers oc bostoess managemest, EO. 2J 

Wagner, Lewis Bvern, 19B4- 

A summary and interpretation of some recent newpoints 
on indu^na! orgamzation and market belwyior Ann 
Arbor, Umwsity Microfiitas f lS^j 

iTMwMty MJcrofltaBg, Ana Arbor, lOdb* Pufelicattw m. auKl 
Microfilm AC-1 no 16,135 Mie S6-1H7S 

Itwa. Unl 

Weiss, Edward Craig, 19-24- 

An analysis of behavioral -ranables in industry as a fuse- 
tion of organization structure jCoftsgs PmA, MAj 19M, 


MazylaBfi. TJiriT Libc 

Wright, Frank Joseph 

Teaci yoiorself bus^ess org-aniiition. Lcadoii. English 
Ummaaitw Press C 2M, 



Jams V. Clark. Bortw, Harvard Unirersity, Graduate 

School of BwtBiig AAuaiftrtttM, I^TWtt of 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Interoatiaaa! Committee of SctatJflc Bfauageaezit. 

Congres interaationale de rorguoisation sclenttftqoe. 2t&- 
sumes des rapports 




Oiganizatiorui structure of C/wiioslo* ak economic pro- 
duction um+b New York, T S Joirt Publications Research 



see also Fork lift trucks; Industrial 
electric trucks 

American Standards Association. 

American standard safety code for industrial power trucks 
Sponsor The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
New York, American Society of Mechanical Engineers 

157 p 27tffl (JPES DC~-i2S) 

ASSfi US!! ro US MS 9437 

1848- ) 

Kaduier, Rwh. 

Die Legende vein Yoikskapitali&mus. Berlin, Yerkg Tn- 

50-42532 J 

48 p, a 


Ffedannrkh, MkhasI MDkha&anclL 

Yupawteroe coi^HaxscTMecJow npojasnuemaitM npe- 
BPMXTJKH, AonouteHRax crejKorpaxxa njdsjraofl jenpnt, 
JxpoiHTaHHott E Mocaae. MocEaa, SEajsae, 1957, 

30 9 fflagra 22 on (Bcecraoaaoe ooatecTBo ao twaipocrpsffle- 
aoncnwjcKcs! Myrow nod: Cepus m, tfc 23) ^^ 
H387S W&7,ao2S 58-22307 

Frank, Hdmut, 1923- 

Aaibaii und Ablauf des sow]etiseliea Ittdusteebetriebes, 
muter bsfioiwlersr Bfirueksicli'tegiing TOD. WlrtyhfrffccMratt' 
imd Beotibihtit fMfiochfia} IMS 

11, 367.4,$, Til Alagr 2&aa 

HD70BiF7 58-21875 

, I 

CaenHJLT3anHX H soonepapogaaiie B HpOMii 
ita rrpisMepe npOMHmiK2OCTH CsepAioBcaoS o&xacnc MO- 
CK*!, Foe ira^-so naaa" 1 JIHT-J>H, 11W7 

ISlp. aiagw 20 on. 
HDKJ.B8G3; 58-191M 

MerJLajyprKiecsnx a 




COP, ^owanj ma T ccc B^roreoro 
CCP TasiiKT, Foe. nff- 






Factories Protection; and subdivisiaa 
Befenae measres umier industrtes aaid 
plants, eg. Petroteion industry and 
trade-^Def ense meanoms; 
Itefeiuse measures 

INDUSTRIAL POISONS see fadnstrtal toxicology 
s*e Police, Private 

32 p ilSus 
TL2SM5 A5 

Bazanor, A 

Mocsia, Toe* 

CtpOHT IHT-pH, 1935 

423 p. Illus 23cm. 



, roHcrpyKipi* K OCHOBEI 3EC- 


SpirakovskOd Aleksamdr Omsaanovicli, 1888- 

Forderanlageo, Transport- un<l Verla-deemriditungea fur 
Massecgriter jvonj A. Spiwakowski und W K, Djatsch- 

kow stVreetzer Hermtnn Baumann, Berlin, Yerlag; 


370 p. IHos. 21 cm 
TJ1S50S635 50-28001 t 

Spivakorakii, Aleksandr Onisimovich, 1888- 

Tpaacnopr jp\ T>me MamiiH ^om meHO 2 Ea"cecTiBe 
yre6 m hjjurui ATX uaorn'itjCT^iiT B}"3OB Moct-sa, Foe 

Bta\fHO-TeVH J3J-BO MamitHOCTpO^IT triT-piT, li)53 
34T p Ulu 27 cm 





see also Priorities, Industrial, Pur- 
chasing agents 

American machinist. 

Who buys for metal working, an mvestigation of the way 
in which 23 specific products are bought in metalworkmg 
October 1055. C 3$ew York, McGraw-Hill, 1956, e !955j 

S7p. fflttB. 28on. 
HD95Q&TT&A.6* 56-1229 J 

American Management Association. 

E^antiaJs of machinery procttreoaeiit and 
i Elizabeth Martog; editor; Arnold Dolin, assistant 
New Ywk [1956, 

71 p fllagrs., forma 23 cm. (Ite Spedal report oo 14) 
JEO>9705^2Afi 658 T 56-14717 

American Management Association. Manufacturing Divi- 

d through effectiire purchasing and materials 
Ckmlerence handbook publishi for distnbu- 

B AMA roecajd inajs'iifaxsturiiig ooofereiic, Maxch 
31-Aprd, 2, 1958, Palmer House, GncagQ New York, 
American Mamgenoent Association 11958} 

175 p 24cm. 
HF54S7A6S 658700375 58-1740 J 

AMrkan Mamagreaieat Association. M 

Managing the materials fancbon: tools, tecimiqaea, and 
coHpwiy pracfckes. Kew York E lS50j 

m p Wm. 23 cm. i&MA jmna^mes^ report ao 85) 

658 7082 59-4405 f 

American Manage 

nt Associatioj 


for profit; 
few Ycdc 1 

no, 20) 

658.7 58-4488 : 

Comnussion generale d'organisation scientifique. 

ies 8-10 M-mer IA51 flb 1&-21 dteahre 10S1. Paris, 1952. 

Forlaj, Giorgio. 

Teclmiciie di approrvigio3iamnto, magazzroagspo e ooa- 
trol'o mttenth neHe imprese di produzione, MkxKt, Edi- 
tme^Uteomodsroo," 195S. 

H2 p. m . (Racwlta di testa *.3 ausi^art tiidattJc; <i:versi per 

Gehrke, Martha Mana. 

Hohe Schule der Verkaufenn, von Martha Mane Gehrke 
und Barbara Lmdemann Munchen, Verlajg Mensch und 

Arbeit [1957, 

200 p illus 21 cm. 
HF5437 G35 57-46452 J 

GoIdcnthaJ, Irving, 1899- 

How to balance purchases. t lst edLj Philadelphia, CJhd- 
toaCo ,1958, 

53 p iUus 21 cm. (OMlton's merchandlMD^ aeries) 
HF5437 G6 658 7 58-13579 J 

Groot, A M 

Kunnen voorraden ook rente opleveren 3 Alphen aan den 
Brjn,N Samsom,l954 

39 p 30cm 
HB52 5 G7 57-26486 I 

Das Handbuch dei Verkaufsleitung jvonj Joschke c et alj 
Munchen, Verlag Moderne Industrie [1956] 

478 p illos 22 cm 
HF5437 H26 58-20399 | 

Horal, Alexander. 

Zasobovani a odbyt vyrobku sociahstickeho prumysloveho 
podmku Alexander Horal, Vladimir Kosik, Vladimir Lf- 
bal t Vyd 1 3 Praha, Stdtni pedagogicke nakl , 1958 

ISOp Illus 30cm (USebnfteityvysoktcliSkol) 
HD525H6 58-44861 t 

Industrial catering with buyers' guide 
London, United Trade Press 

v iilas 25 cm 


SoMmann, Gert, 1919- 

Der Zentralemkauf in Warenhansfilialbetriebeu. und seine 
Problematik t Munchenj 1954 

I7T1 dlagra , tables SOoa. 
HF5468K6 58-19937 

Kosiol, Erich, 1899- 

Emkatifsplanung und Prodtddaonsiimfang, Erhebungen 
und Studien zur Emkaufspohtik mdustneller Unterneh- 
munjgeiL Berlin, Duncker & Humblot ^1956! 

132 p 24 cm (VerSfifentlichmigen des Betrtebswlrtachaftllcheii 
Instituts fflr Industrieforschong (Industrie Institut) der Freien Unl- 
versitat Berlin) 

McMillan, Archibald Livingstone, 1894- 

Xhe art of purchasing, a modern textbook for training 
personnel in purchase and supply [1st ed 3 New York, 
Exposition Press C 1959j 

385 p IHns 21 cm. (An Exposition-university book) 
HF5437M26 658.7 59-1361 t 

McMillan, Archibald Livingstone, 1894- 

PnrcTiasmg. Senal W03-3. r Ed. 3i Scranton, Interna- 
tional Correspondence Schools, ^959 

96p UltJa. 19cm 
HF5437JM28 1959 6687 59-44224 t 

Flatten, John Homer, 1917- 

How industry buys; a research into purchasing procedures 
in industry as a whole and in the communications, control & 
research equipment, electrical equipment, automotive and 
aircraft, chemical, metal fabricating, metals producing, engi- 
neering and construction, and petroleum mdustnes concerned 
with plant equipment, materials c and] component parts. 
Conducted by John H. Flatten, Jr , for Saenttfic American. 
rNew Yorkj 1950, 

80p 2Tcm 
HD525P55 1950 9587 55-2192 J 

Flatten, John Homer, 1917- 

How industry buys , a research into purchasing procedures 
in industry as a whole and in the (XHnmunicationSj control & 
research equipment, electrical equipment, automotm and 
aircraft, chemical, metal fabricating, metals producing, engi- 
neering and construction, and petroleum industries concerned 
with plant equipment, materials [and? component parts. 
Conducted by John H. Flatten, Jr., for Scientafic American. 
t New York, 1955 

88 p 28m 
HB52.5P55 1955 6587 55-21931 

Seitz, David. 

Successful industrial selling. Ea^awood Qiffe, K 5* 


Zac^atrzenie i goepodadot mtoriloim w 
afcwie praamyslowym, t Wyd. Lj Warazawa, 
Wydawn. Gospodarcze, 1957. 

88 p, ffi 

a Bady BobotnicBeJ, 13) 

256 p. 24 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Weber, Fnedncfa Wilhe!m. 

Der Industne-Emkauf mit einer Betrachtung des Lager- 
wesens Mannheim, Kessler {1954-j 

193 p illus 22 cm 
HF5437 W43 5&-33124 t 

Westing, John Howard, 1011- ed 

Indusmal purchasing; buying for industry and budgetary 
institutions, by J H Westing, I V Fine, and members of 
the Milwaukee Association of Purchasing Agents affiliated 

with the National Association of Purchasing Agents New 
York, Wiley ,1955, 
421 p Ilto 24 cm 
HD525W4 6587 55-14369 rev I 


Netherlands (Kmgdom, 1815- ) Economuche Voor- 
Itchtwgwfaenst. B&hotheek 

Lateratuur betreffende inkoop en beheer Tan industrials 
voorraden, November 1952. '-Gravenhage 19523 

Up 2&cm. 
Z7164JB95N9 56-21419 t 


Wisconsin. University. Industrial Management Institutes 

PuTch ft * n y*g Tn^Tiagftyg, 

dia&rs. 28cm 

6587063775 58-46578 

dia&rs. 28cm 


Borcfeers, Wilhelm. 

Der Industnekaufmann, Prufungsfragen und Antworten. 
Nachschlagebuch fur den im praktischen Beruf Stehenden, 
Das Buch aus der Praxis Berlm-Licht'-rfeld, Q Achter- 
berg E 1954, 

271 p dlagra , forms. 21 cm 

[HFM37.B ] A5T-3880 

New York TJnlv libraries 

Botchers, Wilhekn. 

Der Industnekaufmann; Prufungsfragen und Antworten, 
Nadhsehlagebuch fur den im praktischen Beraf Stehenden. 
Das Bach aus der Praxis. 2 erweiterte Anft Berlin- 
Lichterf elde, G Achterberg r !956j 

28p (p 28T-289a<lTrartJ*nats) diagrs. 21 
HF54S7.B8 1956 



New York ptordh&sing review. T 1- 
Nov. 1955- 
New Yorkj Purchasing Agents Association of New York. 

T Hina, ports. 2on. monthly. 
HF5437JW8 658.705 59-43445 



T. 1- 


Detroit, Bogws Pub. Co. 

T In Olm 29cm, monthly 


Purchasing week T.I- Jan. 0,1958- 

New York jMcGteaw HBI Pab, Co.] 

T Btos^porte. . wy. 


MeMiSan, Archibald Livmgstoae, 1894- 

How to teach purchasing; outline pluas for study courses 
in powisaae and soppfy. t lsted., Based on fee USB of ft 
auiiborfetertTheartof purchasing. Kew Yo* Exposition 

STp, a em. .;AnEiposItoE-xm[Teisit7book) 

658J ss-iseo i 

Jamss, DanieU 1920- 

cated parts, containers, sappHes. Fayettoville 

of Arkansas, Colfe^ of Busu^ Administration, Burean of 

BusineesaBd Economic Besaar^j 1956- 


CO^HJI, Hayca 


Cnaraber of Commerce of the United States of Amsnca. 
Committee on Economic Policy 

Getting and holding good employers, report. Washing- 
ton, Chamber of Commerce of the United States, 1956 

26 p. Ulua 23cm. 
HD59C45 56-23240 t 

Chamber of C-ommerce of the United States of America. 
Local Chamber of Oommerce Service Dept. 

Organizing for communit} industnal deTclopment 
Washington r !959j 
31 p illos 28 cr 

Maine. Dept. of DmelopnwKt of Industry and Commerce. 

Community handbook, industrial development school fot 
Maine community leaders. t Augusta, 1956j 

IT ( various paglngs} ilius. 28cm. 
BD59.M25 56-8S025 J 

Alabama Business Research Council 


Alabama goes industry hunting, a case study by Alabama 
Business Besearch Coaocil [andj School of Commerce and 
Business Administration, TMveisity of Alabama Uni- 

56 p. 22i2Scm. 


Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations, In- 
dmtrud Policy Committee 
A report on industrial policy for Fairfax County; a study. 

tMeLeanf Va, 3 1959 

54p 22cm. 
HC107 V8F3 59-81494 


Kansas. University. Burem, of Business Rewardk* 

The community development corporation In Kansas tbyj 

Gordon F Dayis, research a^sstant. [Lawrence] 1954 

64 L map, tables. 28cm 
HC10T.K2K3S 338.9781 54-62T83 


Maine. Dept &f Development of Industry and Commerce. 
Community handbook, industrial development clinic. 
tAugosta, 195-j 

1 21 1 Illos* 28 cm. 
HC107 S13A52 56-62791 

Storer, James A 

Maine economic development and. the community survey. 
Brunswick, Me., Bureau of Municipal Research, Bowdoin. 
College, 1958 

54 p, IHus, 23cm- (Mimieipal research series, no. 19) 
HC1G7.M2S7 TOJ741 *-1804 t 


Massachusetts. Legislative Research Bureau. 

Report submitted by the Legislative Eesearcih Council 
relative to State loam to local industrial development com- 
missions. Boston, -Wri^it & Potter Print Co, tegHktave 

printers, 1957, 

SSp, ffltm. 23 <m (MHJSsachuserts. : Giieral Court, ISCTj Sea- 
ate. (DocuEsentS; 30.640) 

1957f na 640 57-68198 t 

Missouri Community Development Clinic, Columbia, 1958. 
Plooeedinga. J. Pitts JSJTJS, Jr., editor. l otatnb,IJni- 
veisity of Missouri, 1&59 ; _ 

23 p, 28 on. (The University of Mlasouri IraJMta, v 60. co, 29. 

Missouri. Univ. Llbr 


Daltoa, JohaF 

Tne ccanWHilty fe^elo|mje^ 

slro: thuor hsrtoiy, cataema m^ gs^aL Jfoir 
Brunswick, 1&54. 


New York (State) Dept of Commerce. 

Indostnai development worisliop of Uae New Yoric State 
Departrsent of Commerce in cooperation with the Manae 
Midland Bank, Sheraton Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany, New 
York, May 31 and Jane 1, 1956 ".Albany, 1056 , 

401 2Sem. 

HC107N7A54 3S89747 

New York. State L*br 

New York (State) LeguMure Jmnt Committee on Oom- 
meree and Economic Development. 

Report 1953- 
Albany, Wilbams Press 

T 23cm, 
HC107N7A765 3389747 53-63065 rev* 


.New York (State) Dept. of Gommenje. 

Proceedings of trie statewide industrial development work- 
shop lt- 
Oct 1, 1957- 

HC107N7A36 3389747 A 58-9407 J 

New York State Llbr 


Oklahoma today. 

The big money question and the new Oklahoma a special 
report on a new way to finance progress. Oklahoma City, 

24 p 28cm. 

PN4900 04A4: A 58-9768 

Oklahoma. State libr 


Pennsylvania. Bureau of Industrial D&vdopmm 

IMnsfcrial development projects announced in Pennsyl- 
vania, 195&- 

cm. (1950 22x8Scm.) 

State TJalrorslty 


Pennsylvania. Buremi of Industrial Developmmt 

Pennsylvania mdudanal devdopmeafc advertisjrig pro- 
gram.Septeinber, 1956-May, 1957. E Ham*ttTg f 1957j 
3, [27, L fflos. 28 cm. <If* MteceOaBeow report ao, 1) 

State UnfrarsHy. Library 

Pennsylvania. Lawsy sf&tufes, etc. 

The Pennsylvania industrial development assistance act. 
Act of May 81, 1956 (Act no 635} The act and informa- 
tional bulletin. Hairasburg, Pennsylvania Dept. of Com- 
TLtsscti. Bureau of Industrial Development. 1957 fr 
1TL 28<an 

PenoBylraiila. State TJnhwwtty. ZHmrr 

Pennsylvania Industrial Development Aothoritr, 

Summary of loan activities. 195ty58- 
Harmburg, Peamsylvania Dept. of Commerce, 


Pennsylvania Industrial Development ( 

Eeport of proceedings, 1st 

report, no 8 

Beewe el Wtstrte 

Singapore. I-ndu 


Baporf. 1*- 

, Govt Pziat Oft 

Eeport on Senate biE 125. Prepared by th*B^ardi$taE 
of the Arkona Legislative C<uincil Hioeifflcij UML 
13TL 28cm. 

Chamber of Cmmme <rf the Usiited States cf Amenca 


ill, 27 p. 28 e 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 

TJ. S. (Continued) 

Midwest Researek Institute, Kama City, Mo 

Industrial development problems and of^rtattltaes for 
amali and medium sue cities, proceedings of a conference, 
September 7, 1W6, Kansas City, Missoari |Kanaas City, 

S2 p a en. (14* MEI ipbHettt3ii 190} 

HC110I53M5 MBI1W 



U. S. J3*?# o/ (JoOTiwra? 0j$& of Arm Dtvetopment, 

{^immunities with locally financed indostraal deTelopnimt 
organizations. Washington. 1958 
43 p. 3* - 

5 p. 21 



, Industrial and Boonome Ikrefopnent Confer- 
ence, Richmond, ia5ff 

Governor's industrial and Economic Development Con- 
ference t W<i Fndajj May Sfl, 1W8, Hotd John Marsaall, 
Ewhmcwd Va. BlaefcAargj Virginia. Polytechnic Institute, 

60 p lHas. 29 cnu (ViiBtela, PoIjteeliMc lasfltuttfe {P^iriJtriHPgn 
Msgin@KiO|r Ejtpftrtowt StatSCHtj EBtfQfKrlns EiperlsaeEl Station 
series, no 132) 

[TA7.V5 no 182] A 59-8007 

VtrglalaFali last Lttetry 


Kidd. Paii 

GoTarBiDBtttal tsBirtwioa to ladustail deTOioprnfisttt in 
Wt Virgtua, r MorgtatcrwHj Bureau for (foverameot Ee- 
setrcfe, W*st Virgiam UniTersity, 1958 

, 82 p. tabias. 8 on. (Bttraot fftr QoTerameat Seseardi. West 
Ybitaf* CMrwatty Fri*catta m 21} 
HC10T.W5K5 SS8.97M A58-W58 


ry 1S18- 

Indnsiml dvd^^ Madi- 

fca, University of Wiswaam, Sdwol of Ccaamarce, Baryta 
of BisiBWi Bwetrdb. aad Service, l9Sf 

4S ft flUM. ss OB. (WSwsiasta etBce p^wa* T *, BO 1) 
H010OF8IW 3S8J775 


^**Bl Swww B&ard 

Indus trial 


aee auso Advertising, Public relations 

Fierati0n*f British ifldastrit 

^; a gtnde. prepared by tlifi 
F. B. I, to tfca cfautds avml- 

able ior distribstiisg Iv*^*""**^ tttlocmatio.n (xrarseas. E Txffl.- 


Ir-d^trr aad |nB itMm; a guide to tha haridJiiig 01 
pnUwfej m maAml SUM: local ww^c^peis, for 

ml wran&m With a foreword by L- 

Borr-by. La-de^ Staples Press ,1557, 


Ca Oo 



DffDUSTElAL BAMOMX3T ee Eadloto'gy 



see also Vacations, Employee 

e sayfia K ero asms (Mocrsaj 

50p. 17cm. (Bjifiworrwa MyCaoro 
HDTS95 E4A6& 

59-1725T 1 

Anderson, Jackson M 1915- 

Indastnal recreation, a guide to its orjpramzation and ad- 

nunistrationt N"ew York, McGraw-Hill, 1955 

304 p illns 24 cm ( McQraw Hill serlet in health education, 
pfcjsiea] edacatloa, and recreaticm j 
HD7395K4A7 6583845 5*-I1751 J 

Krmkov, Aleksandr Vasifevidi 

ICiy6 c^Hapcsnx TpjtfKHxoB, r KaxeHC*.-ypa.craft, 

Cc;tiuBri.r.ii o6iacT ,MocfcBai npo^iKAai, 1055 

Golf for industry, a planning guide, edited by Ben 

CHevm Chicago, 1057 
501? in 1 Mem. 

786352 &T-3647 t 

111 p IllBi 20 c 


Rude koutkj , ziai^eno'-ti z fculturnt-vy cliovae prace v sovet- 
dcf ch zavodftck Z ruskeho ongmafu prel Josef Neme^efcj 
Prafaau Prace, vydavatelstro BOH, 1952 

42 p 21m fKnnlceCMborif,aT42) 
HD7305 R4RS5 56-25996 j 


t HOJUIKOB IE H Mocssaj 



Ze &ota na@ich ziToduich Mabfi. f 
Prace; vydaTmtelshro SOH, 154. 

101 p. mw. MOIL CfrrotTfctaldj,w.58) 
H3D7305 E4S 5S-1542S J 

Yseso&ayi t^entral'nyi Sovet Prof essional'nykh SOIHZOT, 

oi pa6oTt 

HS^aT, 1057 


v, rigw@ Nikofatevidi. 

KpacsKit yrojtoi: Hamcro ^cx^ 

44 p. fflnuperts. 20an, 



Here are entered works dealing with em- 
ployer-employee relations in general. 
Special aspects of this relationship, 
e. g. Arbitration, Industrial, Collec- 
tive bargaining; etc. are entered un- 
der those specific subjects. The le- 
gal aspects of industrial relations are 
entered under Labor laws and legis- 
lation. The techniques of personnel 
management and relations from the em- 
ployers 1 point ot view are entered under 
Personnel management. Works de- 
scriptive o* the social and economic 
conditions of labor are entered tinder 
Labor* and laboring classes 
pee also Arbitration, Industrial; Biisiness 
agents {Trade-union}; Collective bargain- 
Ing; CtaftpaajtmiOBa; Employee counsel- 
ing; Employees, Reporting to; Employees 1 
magazines, handbooks, etc.; Employees' 
reprfeseatatioit in infinagenient; Grievance 
procedures; Labor contract; Labor 
disputes: Labor laws and Legislation; 

Personnel director*; Personnel manaae- 
meat; Shop stewards; Strikes and lock- 
outs; Trade-unions; Unfair labor 
nrsotfoea; Work councils 

Allen, Terrence McKmley, 192&- 

AnaJysis of morale surrey wnte-m responses. Ann Axbor, 
University Microfilms t 1954 3 

( (University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 9852) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 9852 McA54r-3560 

Purdue Unlv Library 

Amencan Academy of Political and Social Science, 

Current issues in international labor relations, edited by 
JoJin P Windmuller Philadelphia, 1957. 

Till, 254 p diagr, tables 24 cm. (It* Annals, T 310) 
ELA4 vol 310 331 1 57-1614 

-- Copy 2 

American Management Association. 

A fair day's work for a fair day's pay; winning employee 
loyalty and cooperation New York t !955] 

44 p Illus 23cm. (If* Personnel series, no 162) 
HD6971 A545 658 3082 55-1789 t 

American Management Association. Personnel Division. 

Industrial relations here and now, trends, issues, and 
company practices New York [1959] 

123 p illus 23 cm (AMA management report no 34) 
HD69T1 A58 658 315 

American Management Association. Personnel Dwision, 

People at work the human element in modern business; 
some piinciples and practices in industrial human relations. 
New York C e 1057, 

195 p dlagrs 23 cm. (AMA management "eport no 1) 
HF5549 A7P37 658 3 58-1534 

Arbeitsgemeuisciiair zur roruwung t 
in Baden- Wurtfemberg. 

Zusammenarbeit im Betrieo, vorschlage zur Verbesse- 
rung der menschlichen Beziehungen im Arbeits- tind "Wirt- 
schaftsleben Stutteart r 1953j 

20 p. 21cm. (I*Sdirtftenreilie > Heft2) 
HD69T1A74 5T-26484rev 

" nwtin .-wo nnxrt 


[Tel-Aviv, 1955] 

125, t 2j p 38 on. 

Argimon, Carlos R 

Belaciones del trabajo y colaboracion en la empresa. 
Buenos AireSj G Kraft clDS^i 

258 p. 23 cm (Institute Argentine de DIrigentes de Personal 
Colecddn Eeladonea del trabajo, T 1) 
HD696LA69 58-30774 

Aumont, Michele. 

Ennsine,potiiqaoif Paris. A. Jj'ayard r 1968r 
3lp, 20cm. (Lesld&tl*.^ 


Aamont, Michele. 

Monde ouvrier meconna j cornets d'usine Ulastratioiis de 
Gabriel Gobm. Paris, Editions Spee C 1956i 

420 p illus. 21cm 

Badger, Alfred Bowea, 1801- 

Man, in employment ; the fundamental principles of indus- 
trial relations. London, A, Barker C 1958] 

120$. 23cm. 
HD6971^82 331 58-S7T7 J 

Baldini, Umberto, 1893- 

Saggi sal problema umano nella economia produttiva. rL 
ed. MHanoj F Angeli [1950j 

354 p Illaa 25 cm. (Oollana dl atudl sol limwo, 11V 

Baldwin, George Benedict 

Automation : a new dimension to old problems t b jr, George 
B. Baldwm t and, Geora* P Shnltz. lOunbridge? 1954j 

13 p. 23cm. (Ma^chuaettB Institute of Technol^y. Dept ot 
Economics nod Social Sdoce. PoWlcatlona fa social ecleaoe, eer % 

Bald win, George Benedict 

lutfHiiation, a new dimension to old problems L byj George 
P. Sanltz and George B. Baldwin. Washington, Public 
iffaiis Press 1955, 

20 p. 23cm. (AnniUs of American economics) 
HD6331JJ25 331 5&-1141&rev 

Jferife, Loreu, 192S- 

Tfie use of social science in American induatry, 1910-1955: 
a historical onalvsk Ism Arbor. UnivBTsity Microfilms 


dUnlver^ty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Pnbllaittonno.lS.OSS) 

J&wiilmAC-l BO. 1^068 

Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



Work and authority in industry, ideologies of manage- 
ment in the course of industrialization New York, Wiley 

408 p. fllas 24 cm 

Bernard, Ayrae. 

L'entrepnse et ses 

1C p 23 cm 

*30144 3233 

Pans, Berger-Levrault, 1053 
55-59538 t 

Boom, Gordon Falk, 1918- 

Economics of labor relations, by Gordon F Bloom and 
Herbert B Xorthrup 3d ed Homewood, III , E D Innn, 


503 p iltas. 24cm 
HD4901JB58 1858 331 58-7336 t 

Bonfa, Manio. 

Servo e padrone , attnalita del direttore d'szienda. Milano, 
Cesefcraa jl956 3 
20Sp 18cm 

A 59-464 
New York TJnlv Libraries HD6871 

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iCalcuttaj Eesearch Division, All-India Institute of Social 

Welfare and Business Management j;1956j 

228 j> 23 cm 
HD6961B66 58-40381 J 

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Patrons et otrmers [Montreal] 1951. 

200 p 20 cm. (La Seettoa des relations ladostrfeKeB de rUci- 
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HD6338 B7 55-67206 t 

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The development of industrial sociology. Ann Arbor, 
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{[University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIebui Publication, no 9061) 
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Pittsburgh Uoiv Libr 

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Belaciones hrananas y refcmna de 1 empresa* Madrid, 
Euramenca 19571, 

235 p. 18 cm {Colecdfe Mimdo irwdosv 23L Ser. 4 lYeotedela 
JaMtdt. T 5) 
HD6961B79 58-187441 

Brussels. Unlversite hbre. /w!rf At soeidlogie Solway 

Coropte rendu du colloque sor les coaseils d'enfcreprise, 3 et 

4 novembre 1952. rBraxelles, 1953] 
III p 24cm 

A 55-371 
TOaceosin TTnlv Libr. 

Buys de Barros, Alamiro Bka. 

O tiabalho, o capital, e seas conflltoe; brere estndo. 2. ed. 
Eio de Janeiro, Kcnnsta Foreuseu 1957. 

253 D. 24cm. 
EDD4901.B8 19&7 5&-42^ J 

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Graphs f 1955] 



Glass and class confiict m industrial society. jranaaeo, 
v^ and expanded by the author, Stanford, Qtlf. t Stan- 

ford TJmversitr Press, 1959. 


Dakreadorf , Half . 

Soaale Klassen und Klassenkoaaikt in der industriellen 

. F ) 

Mbert, Lambert 

Vedcwrfte Freibjat; fwwilige Soatlteasfcougro 

E5!n Bod-Verla& 1$5& 

Coi- Libr. 

Tw ToA, 

Davis, Keith, 1918- 

1 HWUCQ relations in fettsiness- 


557 1 . ll^cs. Men. 
HF3549.D39 65S.' 

Daya, Elafio. 

Relays hoiaaaas na mdusfcna. jA tradu^ao portagsa 
e miciatu a dt EBAP Rio de Janeiroj JSscola Bramleira da 
Administrasao Publica, Fmdaslo Getulio Vargas { pref. 


34 ? p 18 czn CCadraos de aitotelstraffto pffl)l!ca, 9 Adminia- 
HD6961 D3 

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Problems de relaticms humames dans I'mdostne, j>w 
Arthur Doucy ^ Ren4 Pelanois. [2. Id. Bmxdl^, Edi 
tiom de I'lnstitnt d sxiologie Solvay, 1955j 

123 n. IllaB 21 on. CUnlTersitf Ilfere die Braxellfia. Institat da 
Bodotosle Solray Tramtcc fin CenQna de lodologte da teaTaft, toe. 

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448 p lllns 26 cm (Prentice-Hall sociology series) 

EDDWTl DS2 m 58-9615 t 

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Industnal relations systems. ]Sew York, Holt l953j 
3B9 p 21 cm f A Holt-Dryden bocifc) 
HD6971DS5 3311 59-5752$ 

Evangebsche Akademie, Hamburg. 

Zusammeiarbeit ua Betnebe unter chnstlicher Verant- 
wortmig, Gedanken tind Erfahrangen zran Wirtscnaftspro- 
blem unserer Zfeit. Hamburg, Agentor des Baiihen Hauses 

1 40 p 21 cm. CSchriftaneahe dter ETaBgdiadsea Akadenle Hana- 

bniK, Heft 5} 


Fogarty, Michael Patrkk. 

Human relations in industry Oxford t Eng , Catholic So- 
cial Guild 190*3 

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HNS82C8 no 45 56-22771 

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Personality and group relations in industry London, 
New York, Ixmgmaas, Green flSSfij 

341 p IllKs 2S cm, 
HD4904F59 331.15 56^13983 t 


Fnedndw Adolf Moritz. 

PersonhcbJbeit and Genteinschaft un Betneb 
dorf, Bechtsrcilag 1964- 

v 21cm. 
HD6&71 F7^ 

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La formation et le perfecfaonnemeat du personnel d'ea 
cadraineat 1. &1 3 PrfiE. de R Boamardd. Pans, Presses 
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Till 2*L p dlars. 24 cm. <CoUection da traTall Jmrnaln) 

A 59-6010 
New York TToiT libraries HKS49 

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Z24p fflw. 24cm. 
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80S p. lllus. 24cm. 
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109 p. lite. W 

PIT, Law 

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- - . ^ 

das IfeaseheiL D zwmta Phase der m- 

, Anl ind BBtox, 

n 21 

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Specialtsed occupations and industrial 
laac^Tulane University, 1957, 

Hare, Anthony Edward Cnnatian. 

Trie fi^t prirc^ples of maa'tna! relations Lo .do", Mac- 
miEj,n Nc'., VorK. St M 'rtir's I*rcts, 1955 ' e I05ilj 

141 p 20 oil 
HDttfCl H2s>4 ii31 1 "jf^-loQU t 

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The Christian looks at labor; a resource for Cnnstian 
thinking on issues of our tunes Saint Louis, ConcordiS, Pub 
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31, ri 3 p ill as 1J cm (THe Litlseraa roaad tabie series, pam 
phlet no 3) 
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Why men Trork Stanford, Calif, Stamford University 
Press jl948;, 

is, 1S7 p 24: an {Su Towartf tmderetaod'ng 1 in, Indnstry) 
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Human relations and modern manageiaeiit. Amsterdam, 
North-Holland Pub Co., 1958. 

x,256p dlagm., tables 23cm. CStndleslniBdmtxialecaQcvIa) 

A 58-4610 
Northwestern UnlT Library 

International Labor Office. 

Human relations in the petroleum industry Third item 
OB the ageada Geneva, 1S5 
84p 30ou 

TJ S Dept of labor 


International Labor Office. 

Industrial Klataons in names other than, coal names. 
Fourth, item on the agenda. Geneva, 1$57 
ill, 40p. SO can. 

L 58-136 
U S Dept of Labor Library 

International Labor Office. 

Indnstnal relations in non-metropolitan temtonea. Rrst 
item on. the agenda. Geneva, 1955. 

72 p 30 cm. {[International Labor Orgaclzation. Docraaectj 


U.8 D>t o! Labor 


International Labor Office. 

Industnal relations in the chonica! uidastnes. Second 
item on the agenda Geneva, 1957 

Iil,13l. 30cm. 

L 58-125 
TT S Deptof Labor Wsary 

International Labor Office. 

Labour-managemettt relaticms in textile factories. 
item on. the agenda Geneva, 1956. 
li,i08p SOcra. 

D S. Dept of Labor 



International Labor Office. 

Labour-management relations in the coal mining industry 

with emphasis on the human, aspects of relations mtMn the 
enterprise. Third item on the agenda. <3aev% W 
il,95p. tables. 29cm. 

International Labor Office. 

Labour-manageiiwiit relatioas in th tiabar xadsstry. 
Fourth item on thiett<ia 

U & Dept oC Labor 


Jiampschulte, F 

Mitdenker, im Betrieb ais Bestandteil 

Zusaminenarbeit; L^itfaden far & Arbdt in Wkt- 
sclraitsausscli'assea. Dosseldorf , Institul fur Soziai-Wirt- 
schaftlicbe B,etriebsbratiin^, 1951 

"KitflEK. John 

i iatrofctm t 


Poescbel 1 

I'Wp. tt 


sii Stottgtrt, C B. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


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Mento! health and hamate relations in industry Supple- 
mentary mtrod. oy Thomas A C Bennie. New York, 
Hoeber, 1955 

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HD4W4U2 195^ 331 32 55-3678 J 

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Arbeider, loon tt onderneiQiiag^raisenscliap; sociologi- 

Antwerpen, *t Groeit jltS-j 

287pL ffins. 24C9B. 
HD6971J&4 55-21110 I 

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280 p '"na 2emu 

and pitxittclayity New Tori, Wiley, 

59-4*50 + 

Metoan,, Sejioswar. 

Decj*um*o*ia&g and, productivity Oxford jEng , Biack- 
well, IMS 

260 j thus cm. 
BBSS Ml ISfcSa 653 5 52^-iSW J 

Hfchigu. CrfYOTty. O f Bwmw 

Headings and cases in persooael admmisbmiioa 


IT I w!a$tgfBgs) Sea 

658 SMI 

55-88838 J 


IrmerbrtneWicbe Wertrang mn BCitarbet; cm. Hkndboch. 

fur die Pna^s Essm.W G-irtnlefc f 1P53, 

A 55-6496 

WerrYprfcCalT Wash Sq Iibty HD607UM 

Mriur, Alfred, l&Se- 

Ber Exnfina dar sonal IMwmalistenin^ mnf dt 
bu^icl* KoacnftMtalteDg Mcetech (Baden) t 19fi8ti 

Tp> Stains. 21cm. 

Itody^ Ewrfato de. 

bamuaaa r icdutna, 
dosfcns! E de Janeiro, Dj 
do, Srwnfio, P^bhco,. 
115 Pk 18m 

d aoooiogui m- 

^b, 1955, 

' ] 
59-21476 J 

Casi^Hra, J% 

Cristo fe ffiwfca. MkAwi, Bwnnfinca 


fe 4- Fr^ta & La 


E, Ecma, ASBO 

SA d k 


Ottfk ttR 

Frfiogo W Eascma Sc. 
5T-41BH) | 

1 Km" f: 



A st'acij of genera! feools 

te Betriebe; em 


for rapemrs m 

Mlo^OM, An. JLttwr, WAi MMttttttt m. 


Perry, John, 1914- 

Human relations in small industry 2d ed j Washington, 
Small Basinet Administration, 1054 

lx 06 P S4 cm, CtU S.j Soall BBalnos Administration. Small 
bnlaew maimgmwst series no @) 
HJD30 C5 no 3, 1954 658.3 54-61860 

PiniEa Sanchez Couciia, Antonio. 

PUK olou'a <ie la actitud y relac^ones del trabajo English, 
Italiar, and French tranJ&tions of toe central test Lima, 
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236 p, Him HJ on 
HD60T1P3 5T-3T6SS t 

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Tlieone und Praxis cler sozialen Betnebspolitik Stutt- 
gart, Emg Verla^ f 195S, 

W p 21 cm ( TerSffentllchangea der Gesellscliaft fflr Soxlale 
HD6W1P6 A 54-7836 

Princetoo Usuvcraty* tndwtnol Rdations 

Centra-liasttioa and decentralization in industrial relations, 
by Helen Baker, associate director, and Kobert B France, 
rreesrth associate Princeton, 1954 

218 p tabk*. 24 czn. (it* Besearcb vepoct sarlea, no 8T) 
HD6971 P8T 658 54-13004 

Princeton Umveissty. Indmtnal Relations Section. 

Cotapony-widu aaderstandin^; of mdo^aial relations poll- 
cite, a study in communications, by Helen Baker, associate 
director PnnfifctaMMS 

TSp, 24 CE; (Jf* Reaearch report serlea, no TS) 
HF5549P664 6583 4S-0725rev* 

Priiwetoa Bmver&Ity. Imdwtnal Relatwna Sectwn. 

Transmittmg information through management and union 
channeis , two case studies, by Helen Baker, associate direc- 
totV John W Ball&ntme and John M. Tme. Pnn-cetoa, 1949 

140 ti 24cm. (*fte4rcli report series, no 79) 
HD@071.P88 058 31 49-113S7 rev* 

Posdunanii, Wolfgang, 19SO- 

Bi Ibetnebswirtsdttftliche Probtematik in da Beadehrai- 
gen zwiachea dem Unternehmer mad senua Mtarbeatern. 



1711 dinars. Mem 
HDWT1 P02 

EeynoMs, i^y4 (koi^e, 1910- 

lAbor eocojonues and labor relation? 2d ecL, with revi- 
S0R&. EE^lewood Cliffs. N, J , Prentice-Hall r 1956i 

722 p uia. 22cm. l 

KD4JW1 E47 1056 3SI 

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Labor eoonfaaicB and labor relations. Me<L Englewood 
Cliffs. K X, Prentace-Hall, 1959. 

58 p ffisa. 22 cm. 
HD41W1 R4T 195 



Poegel, John Wallace, BlH- 

Emploiee interest IB company suece -how can, it be 
stimulated and Maintained ' Address on industrial relations. 
Ann Arbor, Bureau of Industrial Relations, University of 

23 p <f Utgr* 

HD6S71 R55 

831 15 

Bfcfd, Jte Walkcc, 18M- 

Employee inleawsfc in compmny swe. 
reau of JJidustnul Helatio^. 

Bttp. iUn. 24 cs, (.Hi 
tctttl Edatlcw Bapot so T) 

55-^600 t 

:, Ba- 

i.^^^t'T^f^^P^.? 1 ?^^- *- 
Sp. l&ca. 

Sajles, Leonard R 

B^wncv of rsdastnal work groups: prediction and c 


Die .Irbeltsgrappe kn Betrieb, ikre Ui 

" "" ' "" WWm& 

&S-1M63 t 

Mil, 21 e 




Seashore, Stanley E 1915- 

Group cohesiveness in the industnal work group Ann 
Arboi, Surve} Research Center, Institute for Social Re- 
seaich, Umversitj of Michigan, 1954 t i e 1955j 

107 p llios 23 cm (Survey Kesearch Center series, publication 



Selekman, Benjamin Morris, 1893- 

A moral philosophy for management New York Mc- 
Graw-Hill 1959 

219 p 21 cm 
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Sjlua Kopald Selekman f andj Stephen H Fuller 2d ed 
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1958 

702 p illus 25 cm fHarrard Business School case books) 
-- Key, prepared by Stephen H Fuller, with the 
assistance of liuth C Hetherston [and others] New York, 
McGraw-Hill, 1958 

127 p illus 28 cm 

HD6971S4 1958 Key 
HD60T1 S4 1038 331 1 57-12913 rey J 

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073 p 24 cm 
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Industnal sociology status and prospects Ann Arbor, 
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(fLnlversitj Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlchi Publication no 9991) 
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Pittsburgh Univ Libr 

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P Schultz and George B Baldwin Washington, Public 
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20 p 23 em, (Annals of American economics) 
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Inside industry, a plan for industnal peace. Chicago, 
Creative Enterprises r!955i 

I39p 24cm. 
HB6971 S56 331 15 55-5632 J 

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Do managmient attitudes determine union-manaeement 
elations Urbaiia 195 

relations [Urbaiia, 1955, 

mr I*,, 

Studief orbundet Nanngshv och samhalle. 

Hanngsliv och samhalle t aV] Gunnar Biorck t et al Stock- 
holm, 1953- 

T 22cm. 

HC375JS82 A 55-5130 rev 

NewTftrkUniy Ubraries 

Thonaoii, David degfoora, 1900- &L 

Management, labour, and community. London, Pitman 




Tornqvist, Kurt. 

Trivsel och konfhkt i arbetsliveL Stockholm, Koopera- 
tiva forbundets bokforlag t 1956 3 
187 t lj p, 23 cm. 

A 57-468 

Wisconsin UniT Mbr 

Trinmeier, Heinz Giinter, 1;)26- 

Die soaaale Ordnun^ des Betriebes. Mknnheini, 1956. 

122, viU p 21 cm. 
HDW1,T? 58-27040 

, - 

Lettre a an industriel sur Pamitie, precede* de Response a. 
ofmdtresOTcoessifs, Paris, Seghers [19M. 

88p. 18cm (0BectKmF.S?iw-l5} 

[PQ11MC57 no,42S] A5IW752 

BUaofe Hair Library 

Ven, Franciacus Josephna Henricns Blaria ^aa der. 

Bedri|fafeva en democratSe. Leiden, tt S. Stenfert 
Ivroese, 1955. 


Im ilittelptmkt steht der Memsdi; human relations als 
- " 

Libraries HDQ&71 

Library of Cong, ^s Catalog Books: Subjects 


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Juan Mufkw Campos Madrid, 1950 

246 p. 28cm (Coleccl6aMilenlo) 
HD5650V5 55-19149 t 

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New foundations for industrial sociology, by Melvin J 
Vincent and Jackson Mayers Princeton, N J , Van Kos- 
wsmdCo C I959, 

45Q p 24 cm (The Van Nostrand series in sociology) 
HD696LV52 331 59-14621 t 

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Toward the automatic factory; a case study of men and 
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*30L243 33845 57-11921 : 

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Man and organization, three problems in human relations 

Hi industry Homewood, 111 , R D Irwin, 1959 

103 p ilias 23 cm, 
KDS961W46 3311 59-12100 J 

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Money and motivation , an analysis of incentives in indus- 
try, by William Foote Whyte and Melville Dalton t and 
others 1st ed j New York, Harper C 1955j 

208 p illaa. 22cm. 
HF5540W4S3 65832 55-8549 1 

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by Edgar G Williams [and] John F. Mee New York, 
Konald Press Co [1955J 

204 p. Illus 21 cm 
HF5549W485 55-7724 t 

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A study of the managerial prerogative as a system of ideas. 
Ann AilJi r fmversatv Microfilms E 1956 3 

itUnhrrsin Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mkfa. 3 Publication no 18,367) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 18,567 Mic 56-2886 

Iowa t aiv Librnry 

Yaaagawa, Masac, 1907- 

8,2,278* 18c 

1. Industrial rtdattal. t TakasMma, 

a, Bjflkhi, 191S- joint 

1 dlwatorftieso. 

J 59-2125 

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Ltbor economics and industrial relations by 3 Dale Yoder 

and Herbert G. Heneman, Jr. Cincannata, Soatih-westem, 
Pub Co, tl^SSj 

T^Sp, ittoa. 24cm. 
HD4901 Y6 3SL1 5&-8SOO j 

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Personnel management and industrial relations. 4th ed. 
Engfewood Gift, N. J n Prentic-HalL 195& 

ftUp, mm, Menu (Prentloe-Han !ndostrtl relations and per- 




Zol r Allen Aldersoa, 1924- 

selected materials. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1956J 
uUnirersity KtaroObau, Aim Arbor, ilki., Pabllcatloa no 17,153) 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 17^53 Mic 56-2524 

Eiv.. Seattle, library 


CMogo, University, 

Issues and ideas in orgamzaiioa, 
trial relations j ab&rada of current 
Jan. 1954- 





'ndostnal Eelations Research Association. 

Research in industrial human relations a critical apprai 
sal Editorial board Conrad M Arensberg cand other?- ls t 
>d j New York, Harper r c 1057 5 

x,2l3p 22cm. (/WFnb'icatsoano 27} 
HD6971 1 JO 331 1072 56-9087 


Chicago. University. Industrial Relation Center 

Leadership and human relations bibliography. [Pre- 
pared by Olive Golden of the Industrial Eelataoas Center 
Library. Chicago, C 1955] 

III, 10 p 28cax 
Z6724X4C5 016 301155 56-4710 

Clark, Charles Tallif ero. 

Selected and annotated bibliography of personnel admin- 
istration. Eev. Austin, Bureau of Business Besearch, Um- 
Tersity of Texas, 1958 

27 p 23 em. (Bureau of Business Eeseardi, University of Texas. 
Bibliography series, 1) 

Z7164.C81T4 210 1, rev. NOT. 1958 59-62575 J 

016 668E 

Industrial relations theses and dissertations accepted at uni- 

Berkeley, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of 

T 28 cm. 
27914.A2I53 016331 52-32063 rev J 

%teraational Labor Office. Library. 

Bibliography on industrial relations. Geneva, 1955 
til L, 108 p 30 cm (Its Bibliographical contributions, no 10) 
Z7164ill688 55-14850 

Printing; Industry laxity Committee for Montreal and Bis* 
tnct. Library 

Catalogue of publications reiacmg to industrial manage- 
ment and printing technology. Catalogue des publications 
relatives a 1'administration dm entrepnses et a la technologic 
de Pimprimfina Montreal 1955. 

2l2p 20caa. 

Supplement t lj- June 1956- 


v 25cm. 




U. S. International Cooperation AdnmmtraMon. Office of 
Industrial Resources. 
Human relations, bibliographies and films WasMngton 

-Jl,4p. 27cm. 






Trivselsandersokelse ved et. mefcanisk Terksted. 2. ojipL 
med n ctterandersokElse ved Arae WaHe. Bergen, Inati- 
tafctet fof arfaeidspsyfcologi og peMonaKorvaltain& Korges 

57-4S8O2 t 

IT. Iltea. 30cm. 
KD6974.K5 195S 

Princeton University. Industrial RehOwn* Section. 

Hie inflttence of plant size on mdustnal relaiaons, by Sfcar- 
iill Oeland, research asastant Princeton, 1965. 
65 p. Mem. {If* Heseardi report series, nn. 89) 

Zaleznik, Abraham, 1924- 

Worker satisfaction and development; a case study of 
work and social behavior in a factory group, Boston, Har- 
vard Umveraty* Division of Beseaxch, Graduate School of 
Business Administration, 1956 

14S]* llta. 21 on. 
HD6974ZS *30142 3QL15 56-S763 t 


Conference handbook, labor relations, published for dis- 
tribution at the AMA special personnel conference, 



57-2388 rev 

California Institute of Technology, Pwadenz. Industrial 
Selatione Section. 

Selected papers on frontiers of industrial relations, pub- 
lished In observance of tibe twentieth anniversary of the 
Industrial Selaiions Section, Calif ornia Institats of Tech- 
r Edited by EobertD. Gray. Pasadena, 195Sj 

m-imr i 

Cornel University. \Vj? Tt/rl &iati fchod! <vr 1'^dmtna, 
and Labor Relations 

Extension bulletin %o 1-7 Ithaca., iy4S-5t* 

7 no to 1 v 23 cm. 
HD6S5LC7 30-33101 rev 

Cornel University Yeu. Tori State School of Indmtncd 
and Labor Relations 

Eesearcli bulletin, no 1-7 Ithaca, 1949-&0 
7 no in 1 v JS cm 
HD4815C03 50-26532 rev 

International Labor Office. 

Labour-management relations series no 1- 
Geneva, 1957- 
T 30cm. 

U S DepL of Labor 


L 59-141 

Iowa. University. Bureau of Lab&r 

331 1072 

Iowa City, 1954- 

no in. T 24 c 

Leerboek voor de arbeidersbeweging. 1.- 
Amsterdam, 1049- 
v 10 cm 





Societe royaJe d'economie politique de Belgique. 

Les problemes sociaux an mveau de Fentreprise et de 1'eco- 
nomie nationals , actes du congr&s du centenaire de la SociSid 
tenu a Bruxelles les 23, 24 et 25 septembre 1955 c BrusIles, 
F Lamer, 195^ 

2 v Illus 25 cm, 
HD6971^58 57-41834 


ao. University. Dept. of Industrial Kelafoons^ 
Proceedings of the annual conference on industrial rek 



v 23cm. 

IIB6961A1B8 331.1063747 53-21591 rev t 

Convegno internazionale sm!l r orgaiuz2azioiie 
nomia mdustn^e. 1st, Stres^ 1&&5. 

Human relations an Italia Atti del Convegno mtema- 
zionale sull'organizzazione nmana neU'economia indastnale 
Stresa, 19-25 aettembre 1955 tMilanoj Edmom Comalante 
delle aziende t !955-1956, v. 1, 1956 3 

2y ^cm (Collena di atudl aol lawm, &-7) 


libraries HF3543 

McGilI University, Montreal* Industrial Me$a$tms ffentn, 

Annual conference [proceedings! 

T 28-27 cm. 




Minnesota. Umrersity. Industrial Station* Center. 

Northern Minnesota conference on indasfcnal rektacam, 
Mmneapolis, Center for Contmuatiom Stndy. 


331 1063776 

Montreal Universiie. FamM <fet lot* 


Conference on the ecoiiomic aspects of industrial rektioiis. 

water. OTdakom* Institute of Te^noUgy. 
Proceedings -of the annual mdustriai re 

Organization for European Mtmwuie Cooperatioii. 


Human relaiaons in indBstry j Borne confe'reaee, Jaimary- 
February 1956: papers presented at the cor-fereaee. Projaet 


MT iv 


Wisconsiiu University, rewind mmtnmm& 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Becker, Esther R 

Dictionary of personnel and industrial relaLons. New 
York, Pliiiobopksal Library rl958i 

3W ii 24cm 
HF5M0 RS4IS 658 TO 5S-50M9 

Eobarts, Harold Sdiff, 1911- 

Di-twnar? of laix>r-nmnagem*nt relations. Honolulu, 
**" it} of Hawaii, Tadnstral Relations Center, 1&57- 

T JS tea. 
HD48& Rfi 

ni 108 


American Fttkrattm of Labor and Congress of IwSTOtrimt 

Oipumattas. J?ap*. a/ Siveatim. 
10 HMO films for labor f WaAiagton., 1956j tiles, 2 ccj . \FLrCIO pa WIatlnafl 22 J 

HDS056 ASA&3 no 2f 5T-4S81I 

, S. /nternotottdf Cooperation AdawtutnAon. Ofce of 
Industrial Bfim^rees 
Humaa relations, bibhognpbies and films, 

13,4 V. 




UMYemty. /lufcrinoZ SeMi&m Center. 

Syllabus of industrial relations, a guide to reading and 
xwttel_ by Harold L. Wileasky la ed, [ChieagOj Sylla- 
bus Durmofi, UniTeraty of Chicago Press 1S54, 

__,_6Sp 2em 

_ A55-168F 

feitg UaiT Libr 

of Zobor md Indmtnol R- 


Iffitw-s. Uotantty. 

no ,1- 
fc 1H7- 
T CBS inregair (IMtanltr f Ilttawta baHtaOa,) 

tahr Lttctiy 

! Mu 

lodkn JJartitnte of Pes 


Has. Mem. i*taant&|y 


of pstsottttel adnHiustndion, tad mdEotritl rdbtiaais. 
T, 1- Jan. im- 

Pemnwsl Bewardi PnHrfwra. 

T Js SOB. 

Edadow M feabftjo; 
! mm 29 

m cte Xa&atria 


tf end Liter SA^ioi^ OmaB 0nlm^ 

Csrrer.t iad^ml rditmw re^arclt 
prepi-ed for the le-th 
tions Beemnli Aawoaticm. i 



Mmn^ota. University, Industrial Retatwus Gender 

The Industrial Belations Center, Uzuvemfcy of Minnesota 

MJumeapolis, Pobhsibed for the Industrial Relations Cento 

by the Unireraty of Minnesota Press t 1956 3 
ffip 23 n f It9 Balletln IT) 

HD4S15 M5 no II 3SL1072 56-2811 t 

Faterson, D0naM GiMersteeve, 189S- 

Industnal relations research ten 3 ears of progress, by 
Donald G Paterson and Dale Yoder with, the assistance of 
Herbert G HeneFu,n, Jr , and Roberta J Nelson Minne- 
apolib t Published for the Industrial Relations Center bv the 
University of Minnesota Press t lD55j 

r, 49 p 23 on, (ladastrlal Ralationa Ceater, UnlTtasdty of 
MiEota Bullfttia 18) 
HB4815M5 no 16 55-63765 

Pearce, Charles Albert. 

"VTage statistics and mdostnai relations research in State 
labor agencies [New York] 1954: 

111 41 p 28 cm (State of New York. Dept of Labor Division 
of Besearck and Statistics Publication BO B-70J 
HD8053 N7A2T no B-76 331 1072 55-62138 


California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Industrial 
JSelatwns Rectum 


3 cm annual 

Faiange spaiok T^adidonaliste. y de las Juntas Of ensivss 

NacKaI-SaidkaJistms. CWw tfo gstwlws Smdieat&s. 

Madrid, IS 



University. InsMuU of Labor and Industrial Rela- 


Beport 1054/65- 

23cm. aimml, 


y, Joint William, 1925- 

A ^.ady of some averts of teadiing and learning in a 
college case-method coarse in human relations in business. 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms r !956j 

({CBtYwsitjr Microfilms, Aon Arbor, Mlcto-j PubHcatiozi m 17 127) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 17.127 Mic 56-2575 

niT, Seattle. ULbcaiy 

Massacfeusetis Institute of Technology. Dept, of Economics 

md S&^d. Stance. Indwtrial Relation* Section. 

Cambridge, Maat. 

54-43632 t 

Unirersity. InAairial Eda&om Qmter, 

The tOT-yemr stay of IRC. Boberta J. Kelson, editor, 
assisted by members of the staff of the Industrial Belations 
Center. Minneapolis, P^M^s^ ^r the Indi^trial Belatlons 

CSisoter by Usa UniTtasity of a&mcsota Press |l65i 


HDISUOfS jjo,15 


55-1400 t 

Sckiebd, Walter J E 

Jjabor^niaaiageiaent tdtiaons in the secondary school cuc- 
riCTlom, Aoirtm, Texas Stady of Secondary BdliKtioii 

38 5. 23 cm. (Texas Stody of Secondary Education. Eesearc& 

SfcillweH, Eaimlioa. 

A Mstowal ani omptatitB Aidy of four 

institutes of mduatrial and labor relations. Aim Ar- 

Eeport of an adractJire is world iradersibanding; State 

Department pn^rtai for German mdEistrial rekticua 

T. 4mi 

SOTBJ^CT HRAnmOS te Subject 
headings- Industrial relations 


Routh, Guy 

Industrial relations and race relations. t Johannesbnrgj 
South African Institute of Race Relations 195-j 

28 p 22 cm (New Africa pampMet no 22) 
^8799 S7R6 56-15499 t 


International Labor Office. 

Labour-management relations. Third item on the agenda. 

Geneva, 1956 
45 p 30 cm. 

L 56-51 

TF S DepL of Labor library 


Relaciones del traba]o, rensta 
c Buenos Airesj 

v fa illus 29cm monthly 
HD4811 S34 



International Labor Office. 

Labour-management relations Fourth item on me 
agenda Geneva, 195T 
83 p. 30cm. 

U S Dej>Lof Labor Ubrarr 


Foenander, Orwell de Rnyter. 

Better employment relations, and other essays m labour 
Sydney, Law Book Co of Australasia, 1954 
244 p 22cm 

55-15012 t 

Walker, Kenneth Frederick. 

Industrial relations in Australia. Cambridge, BArvard 
University Press- 1956 

xrtil, 38 p 25 cm. (Wetthelm pubUcattona In Industrial rela- 


BD8846.W25 33L15 56-6524 


Laboor-Management Conference. 1st, Uiwoerwty of West- 
ern Austraha, 1955 

Unions, management and the public ; addresses to the first 
Labour-Management Conference at the University of West- 
ern Australia, October 8-9, 1955. Edited by K P. Walter 
tNedlands, Published by the University of Western Australia 
Press; distributed by the University Bookshop, 1956j 

IT, 95 p lllos. 21cm, 

BD8842JL34 1955 A5&-1137 

Wisconsin. Unlv Libr 


Landelijk AlgemeeH Christeiijk Verbond van Werkgevets. 

De pnvaat^mdeinfiming, socaale dagen voor werkgevers, 
8 en 9 December 1945 te BrusseL Brussel rl945] 

. , 


De Ornstelijke werfcgever. 


56-15848 t 


Bertram, Gordon W 

Industrial relations in the construction industry, the 
iM>rthern California expenence { byj Gordon "W. Bertram and 
Sherman J. Mauel. Berkeley, Institute of Industrial Rela- 
iaonB, Umve-sity of California r !955j 

taCTOp. 2Staa. (WestcoaBt-oHectiw 
HD8089JB83U58 *33115 331189 

theories of union-management relations. 
Washington, Public Affairs Press t 1956j 
*V. iltes. 23c 


mmiiii, Herbert Nal, 1921- 

Use mdiwtnal rdatoons pofccy of tl Cajmdiaji Dommkn 
Gova_m_ettt, 193^1948, Ilochcater, W. Y., Unmraity of 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



CHINA, 1949- ) 
hi Jtsuefe yen duo. 

ft 1956 
313 p 21cm. ( 

1. Industrial relations China (People's Republic of China, 194&- 
) i Title 

Title romantsed Cbune-kuo kuo ta shlh ch'l tzfi eh'an 
chteh chi t'ao Inn chuan chi. 

HD6961 C52 

C 59-252 


The Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference on the Human 
Problems of Industrial Communities within the Common- 
wealth end Empire, Oxford Inuer&ity, 19">G 
Keport ind proceedings London, New Yoik, Oxford 

"University Press, 1957 

2 v lllus , ports 20 cm 
HD8S99 A2D8 338 082 57-4616 


Arbejdernes oplysningsforbund, Copenhagen 

Arbejder-hlndbog for samarbejdsudyalg r Bedaktioa 
Glaus Arp, Enk Hauerslev og Ivar Njzfrgaardj K^benhavn, 


186 p lllus 21cm 
HD8546 AS3 


Boesen, Gerda, e d 

Nordiske arbejdsmarkeds problemer, tilpasmngsproblemer 
pi arbejdsmarkedet og i virksomheden. Under redaktion af 
Gerda og Per Boesen K0benhavn, Danske f orlag, 1954 

243 p 21cm 
HD5799A6B6 54-42558 rev t 

Larsen, Heinrich Schlebamn. 

Traab af de faglige storkonflifcter, 1920 og 1925 Kj&en- 
havn, Instatut for histone og saiafundsf&onomi; Danske 
boghandleres ^Q^i^nisiriopiffMistiJt. 1956. 

42p. 25cm. 
HD8546X3 58-39918 t 


Berber, MBton. 

Umon-maaagement relations in East St Loots fUrbanaj 
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of 
Illinois t 1957 ?;, 

I:,54p tables. 23 cm. 

Illinois TTnlr Library 


Ibrahim, Ibrahim Abdelkader, 1923- 

Managerial practices and labour relations in a- modem 
Egyptian factory. jCbieago, library Dept, of Photo- 
graphic Reproduction, University of Chicago, 19551! 
Microfilm 4792 EDO Mic 56-5380 


International Labor Office. 

Report of the Director-General t to the European Regional 
Conference. First item on the agenda] Geneva, 1954. 

L 55-16 

lp. mm. 24cm. 
U. a Dept of Labor. Library 


Gflman, Glenn. 

Industrial relations in the Georgian Piedmont. Chicago 
[Library, Dept of Photographic Reproduction, University 

o* Chicago! 1955. 

Microfilm 4545 HD Mic 57-5430 

Bohrs, Hermann, 1905- 

Die Aufgaben der Betnebssoziologie und der Arbeitswis- 
secschaften -von, Hermann Bohrs jtrndj Hehnut Schelsky. 
Sfaittgart, Rmg-Yeriaf 19Mj 

* . 23. on. (YerBffentlldrangen der Geaettedtaft fftr sosWe 

A 55-454 
Univ. Mbr. 

Somle Problcme in der industrially Betriebswirtschaft 

t Munchenf 1952?, 


McPherson, William Hesion, 1902- 

Labor relations m postwar German} ( Urbana, 111 , 1957} 
Illinois Univ Ltbrarj 

55-56 p 23 cm f Illinois University Institute of Labor and 
Industrial Belatioos Keprint series, no 50) 

Illinois "Dniv Library 

1949- ) 

Soziale Bezaehungen in der Industrie. 

T in illus 30 cm. monthly 

HB6951 S6 5T-43U8 


Derber, Milton. 

Labor relations in British metal-working [Urbana, 1055] 
4Q3-40& p 28cm (Illinois University Institute of Labor and 

Industrial Relations Reprint series, no 31) 


Illinois Univ Library 

Ditz, Gerhard William, 1917- 

Joint consultation in the British coal industry Ann Ar- 
bor, Unn ersity Microfilms 1955) 

( [TMvereitv Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MIch-T Publication no 12,424) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 12424 Mic 55-202 

Columbia Univ Obr&rfea 

Fitzgerald, Mark J 

Britain views our industrial relations. Notre Dame, Ind., 
University of Notre Dame Press t 1955j 

ii, JS21 p 21 cm 
HD80T2.F516 331 55-9518 

Gt. Brit, Central Q-jice of Information Reference Dvoi- 

Labour relations and working conditions in Britain Lon- 
don, H. M. Stationery Off , 1958 

55 p Illus 24 cm ( t Gt Brit] Central office of tofonaatloa. 
EeSerence pampalet 31) 
HD8390A3 3311942 59-25368 J 

Institute of Directors. 

Understanding labour relations Londonj 1958. 
S5p 21 em. 

Joint Committee on Human Relations In Industry. 

Final report of tlie Joint Committee on Human Eelationa 
in Industry, 1954-57, and Eeport of the Joint Committee on 
Individual Efficiency in Industry, 1953-57 London, H M. 
Stationery Off., 1958. 

rt,44p, 25m. 
HD8390J74 59-M9Q8 

Joint Committee on Human Relations in Industry. 

Report 1st- 1953/54- 

London, H M. Stationery Of 

HD8390J73 11 * 

Liverpool University. Social Science Dept. 

Tedmical dkange and industrial relations; a study of the 
relations between technical change and the social structure 
of a large steelwo As t by, V, H. Scott s and oaiera. Liver- 
pooli LiTerpool UniTeraity Press, 1956. 

338 p <Hagrs,, talOes. 28 cm. (Its Sodal Teaeaxdi series) 
HD839Q.L5 33L15 57-40878 

Spero, Sterling Denhard, 189^- 

tabor relations in British nationalized industry. New 

York, Jvew York University Press, 1955 

HD8390.SW: 33L1942 55-10746 t 


Hie Duke of Edlnterga's Study Conf ereaee on the Hmnan 
Problems of Industrial Communities within the Common- 
wealth and Empire, Oxford *7W*w%, 195 
Eeport and proceedings. London, Hew York, Oxford 

TJniversifef Press, 1957. 
2y fttus ports. Mem. 







ment relations in Hawaii. r pt- Ir 


Berber, Milton 

Environmental variables and union-manasenieiit accom- 
modation, by Milton Derber, W Ellison Chalmers, and Eo^ 
Stagner jUrbana, 1958] 

[413t-428 p 25cm (Illinois University Institute of Labor and 
Industrial Relations Reprint series no 61 j 

Illinois Ln'T Ltbnuy 

Berber, Mlton. 

Industrial relations at the plant level in three Illinois 
communities, b\ Milton Derber, TT Ellison Chalmers, and 
Eoss Stagner "(TTrbana, 1958i 

27-42 p 2S cm. (HHnols. University Institute of Labor and 
Industrial Relations Beprtnt series DO 68} 

A 55>-9313 
Illinois Uaiv library 

Berber, Milton, 

Uniformities and differences in local umon-managemfint 
relationship^ bj Milton Derber, "W Ellison Chalmers, and 
Eoss Stagner [TTrbana, 1957, 

B7-H p 25 cm. (nilnola. University Imttttate of Labor and 
Indnstrial Relations Eeprint series, no. S3) 

Ullnola. Unir library 

Illinois. Legislative Council. 

Public employee labor relations Research report pre- 
pared pursuant to proposal 469 sponsored by Senator George 
E Drach, Springfield [1058] 

ir r 35Alp 28 cm (lit Publication 132) 

JK5774.A3 no. 132 351.17 A 59-9176 

Illinois fnlv Library 

Stagner, Ross, 1909- 

The dimensionalit77 of umon-management relations at the 
local level, by Ross Stagner, Milton Derber, and W. Ellison 
Chalmers. rUrbana, 1959 T 

7 p 23 cm (Illinois. University iBStitate of Labor and In- 
dustrial Relations Reprint aerie* w> 70) 

A 59-9783 
Illinois tJalT Library 

Stagner, Ross, 1S09- 

Guttman-type scales for nmoo: aad management attitudes 
toward each other, by Sees Stagner, W E Chalmers, and 
Milton Derber t Urbana, 1959,* 

28S-3QO p 23 cm (Illinois. TJnlYerstty Institute of Labor and 
Industrial delations Eeprint series BO 73} 

IKlaoLs TjQlT Library 


Berber, Milton, 

Labor-management relations in HI!ni City. 

,384;~39Cp seem. (IWnnia. TJolTOrMty. iBBtttate of Laboar and 
Industrial Bdatl on& Heprint series, no. 24 Ji 

A 54-9525 
imnois. UnlT Library 

Globerson, Arye L 

ty v npnn 



128 p. Uius 25cm. 


-Anr, 1958] 





Le relaadoni momie e sodah BeD^swndm. H p 
Parione defla CISL pea: ii m^bocaiaeato dei rapporii wxali 
di azaenda e deBa posmone profewonafo del knanfton, 
Eoma, 1954. 

tp. 24<m (JrtOoDaM't>enwMVT) 

A 55-34*32 

Heinitz, Ernst 

Ckwtrovetme del la-roro |di 3 E. HeMtz & A. Amngwea. 

04 p. 23cm 
New York Usiv 

Onof n, Fabrizio. 

om unlade r dij Fabrizio Onofri , : e , Maria Spinella. 
Editori rianlti C l 

282 p! mm. IT ex (Problesai del gisrao. 

Stagnr, Eoss, IS0S- 

Union-management relations in Italy: some obsemmaas. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



Abegglen, lames C 

The Japanese factory; aspects of its social 
Glencoe, III , Free PMSS t 1958 3 

142 p. 22 cm 
HD235G.J3A.ft 33865 5&-74B2 1 

Levfne, Sotomon Beraarf. 

Industrial relations in postwar Japan. Uriuuu, Umver- 
sit y of Illinois Pwss, 1953 
i!iJ,200p 24 em, 

HD8T26 L3G 331 1 58-TO7 

Leviae, ScAooww Betaud. 

ladnstnml relation In tbe nwr Japan. jUrbtna, 1957, 
2W-220 p 23. cm. (Hlleols. IMfersdty lostttate of Labor and 
lodtartrUi IWatiMM, Beprfst sertes, a 57) 

nUaoto. CaiT Ltbmry 

Levine, Sokmuni Bernard. 

Japan's tripartite labor relations wmlow5, 

462-48S p j> 490 Ota. 2 cat (ifflliaoia, HUT 
tote <* utwr u4 lajisstriri Buttons, Beprfat stries, no. 34) 
HD8726.L37 AM-WJ4 

IlHnota. Cal 

32 C 

2. JagmBr-low. eonCtt. l Title. 
U kjDtTOkB. 



Arbor, I mveraity Microfilms 

CiUtt!!ty iBcrrfUsM,, Ana JUrlw, 
Mierofiki AC-1 no. 17^44 

fair lite- 

PmSHIatlws m 1T#M> 


E! mereado ete tn-Wjoj 

s Errata Mmrfttj !w} 1 gola- <fe la, DireeciaAa cb 
>6 kvott&E&ic@8 d lii HseiflJiiil KiB&Dciera. rl. 
F^sado A Gjliora Bawfaaca r!9&5i 

- - - 22 


UPJ versity. 

Wmi G$y (Iry, W. 

New Jersey. 

iiltiea, and 

jr. J. 


Dorfman, Herbert 

Ltior rdMaw ia Irmj. 

IntewtlcMl Social Policy, 1&5T. 



FttHer Varden. 

Labor relations in agriculture. Berkeley, Institute, of In- 
dustrial ilelations, Uniyersity of California r l955 f 

Till, 46 p, 4 cso, (Wssst coast collectlTe baqpalaiBC systems) 
HD1537^.18F8 *331 15 331183 55-62958 


Bowmngtown Paper Company, Dovmrngtown^ Pa. 

A ease study m human relations m mdostrj as presented 
by the management of the Dormingtown Paper Co , I>own- 
injtown T Pa^, and the officers and members of Local 414, 
Uniteni Paper Workers of America, Congress of Industrial 
Organization, at the Thirty-fifth Silver Bay Conference on 
Human Kelations in Industry, Silver Bay on Lake George, 
New York, July 22-25, 1S5S t Dowmngtown 1933, 

2Tp mac, ports. 23em. 
HD7423.P4B6 55-23074 


FMltppines (KepuMu) Labor-Management Advisory Coun- 

Labor-mwiageinent yearbook; acts and proceedings of the 
kbor-manageroenf congress. 1955- 

v p&rts 31 csa. 
HB8712A3 56-29070 


, Sa^iinierz. 

Polish workers' councils ^Washington ' 1957, 
SSKiftBp 25 on, 
HOM538G78 58-20110 t 

Cor^ilim Central a! Ssdicatdor din Reptiblica Popnlara 

Trade unions m the Bumaaiati People's Republic t Ba- 
dmrest, 1954, 

rapped (AieflF m ) W cm 
HDe?92G 3318809498 56-53664: t 

, A 

aaHJarepecoBaEHocxB B Copses 
B npOManuieHHOcrK CCCP MociBa, 


Si p 22 cm (Bceco2O3Hce o^o;ecTao no 
si aayjHMx ssa 




CoBercroe npaao opy^ne 
caoro orHomestaua: s ipy^y Mocxsa., Foe 
PH, I95T. 

324 p. 


of workers* gtisvancas la 
Am Arbor, Unifismtf Mcrofflins T 1S57, 

(TMrerrttMteoffliaa.iJttArlwr.Sffidi.i PuMcatJhHi oo. , 

no 20,471 3MQc5T-l781 


JIt2ffia.E rslsAions in. thfi industrial Swithcsst & stEdy of 
hetaKtileutdnBtxy. CSu^pclBQUyUimvcaltyof IfOTthCkro- 

m& lE*Mffls |156| 
3dit27it tKtt. Mem. 

331.1877 M-S410 


Carlson, Sane, 1^3- 

A Swedish CMM steiy on paaanntl r^aticaw, by Sana 
Ckrk ad Pr Iranmrt Stodftulm. Bwmi Eeoeardi 

CoiBte, Arnold. 

r, Fndolin. 

Bin lib denn. der Huter meines Bruders! Zelm Jahre 
erster Arbeiter in einer Masdunenf abnfc Erfahntngen, Er- 
lebnisse und Erkenntmsse im Umgang mit Menschen. c Gos- 

l&4p 21 cm 
New York tJniv 

A 56-5164 

Gojer, Paal, 1922- 

Betnebliche Sozialpolitik in der sdhweizenschen SeideE- 
stoffwebei-ei Wmterthur, P G KeHer, 1954 

svil, 138 p diagr 21 cm 
HB6076T42S94 58-21500 


Central Joint Cooperative Committee. 

Teamwork the cooperative program of the Tennessee 
Valley Trades and Labor Council and the Tennessee Valley 
Authority Knomlle, Term , 1955. 

3&p Ulus 22cm. 
HD8083 T2C4 658 3152 56-62161 J 


Lathrope, Donald 

The Toledo Labor-3Ianagement-Citizens Committee, 1945- 
1953, a descnptive and analytical study, Ann Arbor, ITni- 
versity Microfilms ^955^ 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich ! Pabllcatton no 13,874) 
Microfilm AC~I no 13 8Ti Mic 55-677 

Httsburgls UolT Llbr 


Princeton University. Indwfrnd Selection* Section. 

Hiring practices and labor competition, by Eichard A. 
Lester, research associate Princeton, 1954. 

108 p map, tab!**. 24 cm. {Its Bewarcli r?ort aertea, no 88) 
HF5549P673 65831 54-13158 

Princeton University. Industrial Rdato&n* Section. 

The influence of plant size on industrial relations, by Sluer- 
rillCleland, research assistant Princeton, 1955. 

65 p 24 cm. </** Research report series, no 80) 
HD6974P7S 33115 55-1364 t 


American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial 

The changing character of American industry, papers de- 
livered at the conference on the changing character of Ameri- 
can industry, January 16, 1958 jWashmgton, 1958, 

86 p map, tables. 22cm. (Its Publicationn^eT) 
HD8055JL5A363 no. 67 331 

American Management Association, 

Frontiers in labor-management relations. Heir York 


. 2$cm. (/to Peraoanel series, no IM) 
HD8072A516 33U 

American Management Association. 

Key problems in human relations, with a p&per on labcrte 
long-range objectives. New York jl^fy 

44 p. 2S cm. (/* General management aeries, no. iffl) 
HDSLA45 1956 56-2808 t 

American Management Association. 

Labor and management face toe future; manpower re- 
sources, labor relations, economic trends. New York 957, 
9 l series, no 172) J 


f9p. mm. 28cm. 

07-268T t 

/American Management Association. 

Progress m labor-management relations Kew Yorfc ri 
8p. 23cm. (/** Peiwiaa series, ao 18) 

American Management Association. 

What's new on the labor-management front! Trends, de- 
mands, tedmiqties. Few Torfe [1955j 

50pt 2cm. (It*Pea>aiaa& aeries, no 161) 
HD807&A534 331J5082 55-1811 | 

Anikeeff, Alexis M 

DpumwsofintarsedionAltenaon. tState Cbllege, Miss., 

diagrs., tables. 

Barbask, Jack. 

Tatt-Hart% a^ in actioa, 1WT , 1956, and eseeaifciate of 
, 2few York, League fir 


157-107 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

U. S. (Continued) 

Btoom, Gordon Erik, 1918- 

Econoinics of labor relations, by Gordon F Bloom and 
Herbert E Northrup 3d ed Homewood, III , E D Inrin, 


800 p lilts 24 cm 
HB4901 B58 1958 331 58-7336 J 

Bonnett, Clarence Elmore, 1SS.V- 

Labor-management relations, both sides of the union and 
association picture from the public viewpoint c listed; New 
York, Exposition Press [1959] 

O56 p IHuis 25 cm tAn Exposition university book) 
HDS073B64 33110973 59-1529 J 

CtemberJam, Neil W ed 

Soureebook on labor New York, McGraw-Hill 1958 
1104 p lllus 24 cm 


HD807J C38 

331 082 


Daniel, John. 

labor industry, anl the church, a stuilj of the interrela- 
ti< ships imohmg the chuich, labor, ind management 
Saint Louii Concordia Pub House rl95T T 

220 p lllus 21cm 
HrXW3SI>2G 261 5G-128M J 

DartaeS Corporation. 

The handbook of employee relations; t a Daxtnell liand- 
book for emplo} ersj Edited by John Cameron Aspley 1st 
ed Chicago, 1955 

ISSlp Hlus. 20 on. 
T56D29 6583 55-3101 J 

Dartnell Corporation. 

The hmdbook of mdustiwl relations, a Dartnell hand- 
book for emplojersj Edited by John Cameron Aspley and 
Eugene Wlutmore Med Chicago, IMS 

1254p fflu* 20cm. 
T56D3 IMS 6583 48-S434rev* 

Berber, Milton. 

Research in uiiion-nxanageinent relations : past and future 

1 14 p 23 cm (Illinois. University Institate of Labor and In- 
dustrial Eelations Beprint series, no. 53) 

Beprint series, 

Illinois TJnlY Library 

A 57-9867 

Deiter, Milton. 

Eight and wrong in labor relations. tUrbana. 1958j 
Wl 28 em (University of Illinois. Institute of Labor and 
Industrial Relations. Lecture series, no 14} 
HD4815I4 no.M 331.1973 

Unlr Library 

M^ Robert 

Working iznion-maiiageinent relations; the sociology of 

industrial relations. Englewood Cliffs, 3ST. J., Pranface-EaJl, 

291 p Wm. 24cm. (PreDttoe-HaE sodolofy series) 
HD807aD84 831 58-13403 J 

Fallon, Bate George, 1015- 

A study of public policy in the field of labor management 
relations under the Atonm energy act of 1946 Ann Arbor, 

University Microfilms, 195S r i a 10643 

(iUolversity Mlcrofllras, Ann Arbor, Mich.. Pnbilcatloa 5209} 

MxcTolOmAC-1 no 52^9 

RUT, Giant N 

The origins of recant labor polcy. Boulder, University 
of Colorado Press, 1959. 

fi, 111 p. 26 cm. {Uaimsitr 0f Ootorwla Stadias. Serlies In 



RtageeaM, Mark J 

Britain views CHIT iiwlnsinal relatkm Notre Dwne, Bui, 
Uawersrtjr of Notre Dame Press 185Sj 

Ii,221p. 2lcai 
HI^OTS,F516 S81 55-0518 

5a^Peteatiiffl irf Jewish Lalnmr In Israel 

9p, porta. IT cm. 

GoMwfo Joseph IM^, IMS- 

The maritime story: a study La labor-management rela- 
tions. OomlHidmHaaTarfUaifiOTifcyPreasvl^ 

Ml p. S am. (Wwthfite pubKcations tn tedastrial relations. 
Studies in labor-maaaseaest history ) 

HD6S15SI *3SU5 3IL1S56 S^WTt f 

Golden, Clinton Strong, 158^ ed. 

Cranes of Icdustrkl peace under coDective bargaining. 
Mitel by Ctmtaft a OoMai and Yirwm D Patter for 
tlia CIP Committee of the National Planning Association- 


Gomberg, "William, 1911- 

TTissenschaftliehe Betnebafuhxojcg and Ge 

l Deutsclie Bearbeitung Bunder orstond des BGB, Hai*pt- 
abtlg HI KuIn,Bund-Yerlag k r d r 

02 p 21 cm 
HD607eO)2UG2 59-170&6 J 

Goabitz, EMa. 

To and fro, human, relations ui American industry seen 
through Dutch eyes. n. p J Contactgroep Opvoering Pro- 
ductmteit C 1954] 

70 p 25cm 

A 56-2643 

IsewTorkUaiv Libraries HDS072 

Haber, William, 1899- 

Labor relations and productivity in the builcbng trades, 

by William Haber and Harold M. Levmson. Ann Arbor, 
Bureau of Industrial Eelataons, Urnvexsaty of Michigan 
tl956 3 

^6 p Hlus 24 cm, (Miclilgan UialTisIty Burean of Indus- 
trial Relations Report no 6} 
HD8039B92U645 331189 

Hackamadc, Lawrence Catrroll, 1921- 

Cooperation-conflict in labor-management relations j a 
study of contrasting cases (women's garment industry and 
bituminous coal industry) Ann Arbor, University Micro- 
films E 1956j 

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Labor relations in the iron and steel industry, 1936 to 1939 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms C 1952 3 

([University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Midtj Publication, no 2961) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 2961 Mic 55-3596 

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Beyond collective bargaining Stanford, Stanford Uni- 
versity Press (1948] 

Til, 214 p 24 cm. (Su Toward tmderstaadiaff Industry) 
HD8072H4 331116 48-11237 rev* 

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A study of labor relations relating to Amencan seamen in, 
the maritime mdu^ry Ann Arbor, University Microfilms 


( iTJniTereity Microfilms, Aim Arbor, MIcfl j Pobllcattoa EO 14,118} 
no 1^118 Me 55-878 


Public employee labor relations. Kesearch report pre- 
pared pursuant to proposal 469 sponsored by Senator George 
E.Dneh. Sprmgfiald J19S& 

Iv, 35, Alp 28 cm (I*s PubHeatton Iffi) 

JK5774AB nalSS 351.17 A5&-&176 

Illinois TJnlv Library 

Industrial relations news. 

The coining revolution in industrial relations, 1955-1975* 
115 vital questions and answers on now to meet the changes 
ahead c New Yorfc,l&55j 

TOp. OHM. 28cm 
HDS072J43 33L1 

Industrial Relations Research Association. 

Dual allegiance to union and management, a symposium, 

^ponsomt by the Industrial Eelations Research, Associa- 
tion and the Division of Personality and Social Psychology 
of the American Psychological Association, in Cleveland, 
Ohio, Sept 5, 195ft. Urbana, 19Mj 

41-80 p 23 cm dininoia. tJnlversltyi Institate of labor aM 
Industrial Relations. Reprint series, no 25) 
HD8G72 1 45 195S A 54-9654 

HHnoia. Unlv library 

Kfinger, Waiter H 1920- 

Di iniierbetriebkche Informitsrang m Industrid>etriei> 
ah betr ebs wi^schfi-ftlich-organisatorischea Problem ; Unter- 
sachungen in dor ft^^fi^kflPiiwb^n Industrie. M"ffcl*ffiT' t 

137 L 30cm. 
HF554WK56 56-57B43 

KroHer, Edgar, 1926- 

Theoretische Grundlagen and volkswirtschaftspolifeiache 
Probleinft des immopols&djeii Arbeitemarktes in dm Vw- 
einigten Staaten von Amerika. t Munchen? 1945?, 

Jro I. dlagrs. 80cm. 
HD8072.K78 55-^5498 

Levy, Lester Samuel, 192^- 

The pattern of union-management conflict in the i 
bUe industry, 2937-1930, Ann Arbor, University Micro- 


Microfilm AC-1 no. 20,415 

McNatt, Emmett B 190S- 

Labor relations in the air transport mdnstry, 1947-1957 
^rbana 195S, 

3Sp tables. Son Clfflaota. UniTaMtj lantltote of Aviation 
Aeronaatics bolletln no 22) 
TL507I4 BO 22 A 58-9987 

*33115 SSI 1813877 
Illinois TnlT Library 

Mid-west Debate Borean. 

What plan of controlling labor will be best for the United 
States? Xormal, BL C 1959, 

281 p 28 cm. { /it Debate teailboofc ) 

HDS072 M4 

331 1973 

59-4627 t 

Mission <fefde sur les rektions sociales i Fmteriessr des 

Les rapports eatre patrons et sakries aux tats-Ums, 
rapport de IA mission frangaiae d'etude aux fitats-Unis, 
septembre-octobre 1951. Paris jSociete auxiliaire pour la 
diffusion des editions de productmtej 1953 

250 p Jllus. 27 cm 
HD8072 ilG5 56-24674 

Myers, James, 1882- 

What do you know about labor ? E Byj James Myers r andj 
Harry TV Laidler New York, J Day Co t 1956j 

n?!!i,301p 22cm 
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Scientific management and the unions, 1900-1932; a his- 
torical analysis Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 

187 p 22cm 
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National Industrial Conference Board. 

Labor relations in the atomic energy field t by James J" 
Bambncfc, Jr and Albert A. Blom, Division of Personnel 
Administration} New York [1957j 

47 p mtis. 28 cm. {Its Conferecce Board reports. Studies In 
pergonael policy, no. 158) 

HF5549 A2N27 no. 158 57-1779 t 

*33L15 831.182X48 

Norgreo, Panl Herbert 

Employing the Negro m American industry } a study of 
management practices, by Paul H. Korgren I and 
New York, Industrial Eektioais Counselors, 1959 

slv, 171 p 24 cm. (Ittdnstrial relaticass aicac^raph, no IT) 
E18583S64 658 Jl 

OTtourke, Walter, 1917- 

An evaluation of the Scanlon plan in the light of C&Oiolic 
social pnnciples. Wadungton, Catholic University of 
America Pre^, 1956 

35 p 28cm. (CatbottcTrnleslty <rf Anwrica. StoiteB fe sodol- 
ogy . abstract series, T 10} 

A 69-1889 
JffloolsUalr Library 

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Tne labor policy of tne free soraety. New York Eonald 
Press C 1957j 

33&p 22cm. 
HD8072P42 331.1 57-68 t 

Platt, Robert, 191&- 

Collfictiv bargaining; cb 

Lauses: kbor-rr 


production, and industry ^abilizaiion comsaittee& 
pared, in the Bareau% Division of Wages and Industrial 
SelationsbyEobertPiattandDeaaG.Weis^ WaAmgfrsn, 
U.S. Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1956 jL . 
1957 t 

T, 85 it 
no. 1201) 
HD805LA62 na!201 331152 L57-3 

{U. S. 

Princeton University. Industrial Rdations Sedt&n. 

CkmstructivB labor relatiaas; experience m. low irms, By 
jEKIdbard A. Lesfer* reseaitiii a^oeiate, arad Edwstid A fe'Wi^ 
research assistant, Princeton T 11>4S. 

115 p. 24cm. (/JjRseflrchwportserfe3,tta.T5) 

PriacetOB University. Industnal ReUtiona AoHm. 

Personnel admiiiistratioa and laiber *At&om m depart- 
raent stores; an analysis of developments and practices, by 
Helen Baker, associate director, ami Robert E France, ra- 

search assistant 

144 p. H&m. 



Isms IE 
jseraor economist, 

by John Shctt 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

U.S. (Continued) 

Sdutader, Eugene V 

Industrial sociology* &*> social relations of imhistrf wad 
H community New York, McGraw-Hill, 1857. 

559 it 24cm, (Mcetaw-HHIirlIaKKiologiaMjttthrcijx>logy) 
HBSQ72.SS5 338 57-T948 t 

Shister, Joseph 

Economics of the labor market. 3d ed 
Lippjicott r l056j 

*STp IIUB 24rtn 
HD3724S55 TO 33L112 

South* Oscar S 

CftuuaguLg industrial relations problems in atomic energy 
Champaign ,.1959] 

15 L 2808. (Bltodbs. Ualtewlty EmHfete of labor aod ladiv- 
trial Belattios lecture senc*, BO 18 1 

[HD4SI5J4 no 18} A 59-9695 

IHlBGls, Uair Library 

Solomon, Jadt 

Coaijplete Ihaadbook on tabor amaagemmt relations. Chi- 
cago, Rational Debate Research Co , e !950 

185 pi. mm. 28 cats. 
HD807*2S7W> 831 1S73 59-4716 J 

Stajapcrite, Antlway. 

Employees* attitude^ toward umomzation, management, 
wid factory condiiaons; a rvey ease study. AtLanta, Bo- 
rmu of BQSUWSSB and Econoouc Resftirdi, &5iool of Busmess 
Admimstration, Georgia State College of Business Admin- 
istration, 1058 

481 tables 28 cm. (Bansmof Baslttsa and Ecsftomic Eeaeardi, 
Ctergia State C0!kB t Boitaew A<tointotratis, Atlanta Eesnarcb 
pauer series, RO TJi 
HD8072 S77 SSI 15 5S-63616 

U. S industrial nfotKns tie BBS* twenty yews f byj 
Oarfc Kerr t ukd otters. East LaMaagj ICdugm State Uni- 
versity Press, 18 

215 fr tihiff a cm. 

HDS072.Se4& m 58-6788 

SUMO, Edward, 1936- 

Pnblic pdsej towariis labor-maEagemeiit rekisons In local 
pabltt iti!ti in selected States, 1M7-1052 Ann Arbor, 
Uftiwrsty Mwrofitos E 1&34- 

Mfelvatar UwmanM, Ana Artwr, MldL S Pafellcatlon *. 0154 J 
Mscrofilffl AC-1 no, 9154 1430 A 54-200S 


lb Taft-Hartiej act after tea yeacs, a sympceiam Ithaca, 
New YoA State School of ladastnal aad I-tbor Eektiaos 
at Cornell Unwraty 958 i 


mwi teBowork for greater pro- 
>ew York, Xatiooal Aaocmtioo of MwiEfactnr- 
escf th United State of America, 1M 

, ft IL 22 oa. |Lt BwA T&tarf Bfat1al stttdj-, aa. 2} 
HP57.T7 98&02 55-4463 

U.S. Bwn 

A gunift to kix-BWMg8SBait Batons in the Umted 
fibtec. WaAlogtna, ISW- 
1 T (feMfriMtt f&a. n CBL /i ftfflette M 1285) 

m*.m& L!5 

r ft 



tHp, Km Mum, 


admimstn&m ml contractor labor 
by Bozrww f BF Td PBtscaarf a4 Bureau of 
"D" & <3wrt Pnofc Off , 


reiauor.s. HinuiagB Wfew t sttlxsata- 
, Hw> of 

i and maters relating to the Labor- 

t tot of JMT . WMtingtut, U. & 



XI S. ffm@n. Sm^, 

&i the JUMr r 

Ir,ter^ report of the Select C^miiiitt*>e.oa 
Unties m ths Labc-r or Management Field, 
SwA, paaiifc to & BML f i Md ttl, 8Mb 

WaAaften, U. 



U. S. Pepf. o/ La&or, Advisory Committee on Labor-Man- 
agemffni Relations in Atomic Energy Installations 
Raport Waslurigtan, U S Govt Pnnt Off t 1957] 

U a Dtvt of Labor 





U. S Library of Congrtub Legislative ftefetence Serinte 

A collection of excerpts and a bibhograpli} relatue to 
labor-man ffigement policies best serving 1 the people of the 
United &tate^ Prepared at the request of Senator Kennedy 
and Senator Goldis-ater Wishmgtor, I" S Govt Print 
Of, 1953 

ill, 03 is 23 cm i8*ith Cons, ^t sess ^nate Document no 

HDS072A173 1939 

S3! 10073 


0. S. 3/anfime Adm 

Re^ iew of Infaor management relationships in the man- 
time inUu-trj arid the "-ubiidwation of seamen wages. tPre- 
pawd bv Organization arid Methods Office. Washington] 

40 p djagn , 32 tables 27 rzsu 
HDsU M2L bl!5 55-61685 

Weber, Christian Egbert. 

Der freie uad dw gebundene Arbeitsraarkt; eiue 0nter- 
sEchuDg im Hmblick auf die Entwicklung dss Ge-w*rk- 
acimftewgeeiis m Amenka. Berlin, Dnacker & Humblot 

180 p 24 em r VoHDSwirtscliaftli<*e Sc&riften, Heft 10) 
HD5724W333 58-29384 t 

Wiedemaan, Charles. 

Ltbor-management relatioias New York, EemhoH [1939, 

142 p !cm (HemWd macaiement science series) 
HB8072 W46 331 19T3 59-12517 I 

Wisconsin. University. School of Jovrnaksm. 

Proceedings of an editorial roimdtable on wage and man- 
power problems in the national emergency, for Wisconsin 
editors, writers, and newsmen, February 23 and 24, 1951, fea- 
turing Joseph A. Loftas t and otherSj Sponsored by the 
School of Joarnalism and the Industrial B&ktions Center at 

the University of Wisconsin, rMadisoa. 195-i 
c , i 



Witte, Edwin Eml, 1887- 

The e-volntion of managenal ideas in industrial relations^ 

iltlmcaj New York State Scfeool of Indu^nal and Labor 
Relations, Cornell University, 1054 

22 p 23 em * Cornea UalTer^ty New Tort State School of 
iBdmstri! i Labor Eelttifflos. Bulletin 27> 
HD8066W5 55-62064 


Rosen, Ned. 

Doctoral dissertations in labor and industrial relations, 
compiled by Ned Eosen and Balpk E McCoy. 

f , 
IT, M 1 28 on, (Coiventtty of mtnola. Inatttnte of Labor and 

lasiustrta I Relations BIWlgrapliIc omtrilwttaas, ne 5> 
271MX1K6 A 55-MM 

Illinois Unlr library 

U.S. Bureau ef Lafar Statittie** 

A dsredtory of BIS stndies in indusfcnal relations. 

T 21 COL 




U.S. ffetunal Arebu 

IPrelitainary mwaatory of the records of the National War 
I^abor Board, World War u (Beoordi group 2CE) Compiled 
by E^ete Rebec. WaahnctoD, iflSS. 

f%3fl8p OB (Jte PuMkatimi ao. S5-3A. Prte!Mry lavw- 

no 78 A 55-0167 

L*boar aqd m*aa^eun*ffl4j wte policy k I 
pelatiww will bert sanre tl peopfc of &e "Okited Slatasf 
Pnbiishea uacbr tbe aupcee of the Committee on Discussion 
art Debate Matormh and Intocslate Cooperatett, th* H- 

Eadnacm ABSoartKA c CctenM% Mo., 


Shulta; Gorge Pratt, 1920- etf 

Labor problems cases and readings t by } George P 
Snultz t ftndj John E Coleman 2d ed. New York, McGraw- 
HiU, 1959. 

548 p lllas 24cm. 
HD8066 S45 1959 331 082 59-S563 t 


California. University. Institute of Industrial Relations. 

Proceedings for a conference on labor relations and arbi- 
tration at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, May 23, 1956, 
presented by Institute of Industrial delations, Graduate 
School of Business Administration, School of Law, Univer- 
sity Extension of the University of California, Berkeley, in 
cooperation with. American Arbitration Association t and 
otherSj Conference coordinator Virginia B. Smith. [Ber- 
keley? 1956 or 7 3 

651 30cm. 
HDS057 C3 331 106373 57-63636 

Conference for Industrial Relations Executives, Macktnao 
hland, Mwh , 1957 

The emerging environment of industrial relations; pro- 
ceedings. (East Lansing] Labor and Industrial Relations 
Center, Michigan State University r 1958i 

112p 23cm 
KD8057C63 1957 331106373 58-63394 

Conference on Less Government in Labor-Management He* 
lations, Z7nit?erjfy of PenMyfoanM, 195S 

Proceedings cof the 3 Conference r on, Less Government in 
Labor-Management Relations an achievable goal 2 Labor 
Relations Council, Wharton School of Finance and Com- 
merce. Philadelphia, 1953 

140 L 28cm 

A 55-1355 
Grosrenor Library 

ComeD University. New York State School of Industrial 
and Labor Relations. 

Cornell conference tonj current problems in labor relations 
and arbitration 1st- 

A 5^-9743 


T group ports 23 cm 

New York. State Obr 

Industrial Relations Conference ( 


T 22cm 
HB8057I423 3311063774 

Industrial Relations Institute, Umverstiy of Fwwwm, 1955. 

Trends m labor-management relations, from the proceed- 

ings of the University of Wisconsin Industrial Relations 

Institute, 1955 t Madison Office of Editorial Services, Uni- 

versity of Wisconsin Extension Division, 1956 3 

1^174? IIlus., ports. 23cm. 
HDS057I43 1955 331.1063775 56-3216 

Notre Dame, Iwt University. Dept of Economic*. 

Proceedings of the conference on constructive industrial 
relations, Department of Economics and the College of Law 
in cooperation with the American Arbitration Association 
Edited by Mark J Fitzgerald and John J Brodenck 
iNotre Dame, 1955j 

HD8057N6 1955 


Notre Dame, Ind. Uniyersity. Dept. of Economics. 

Proceedings of the conference on contract issues, now and 
later; t fiftit annual union-management conferencej Edited 
by Mark J. Fitzgerald and John J Broderick. tNotre Damej 
Dept. of Economics and the Law School, m cooperation with 
unions and management jl957i 

HD8Q57N62 331.11 5&-21706 J 

Soaal Scienas Research CwmaL Pacific Coast Qonmtetee 

Statistics of labor-management relations; proceedings of 
& conference held at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California, 
May 13-13, 1955 Sponsored by Pacific Coast Committee 
on Social Statistics, Social Science Research Council; co- 
sponsored by Institute of Industrial Relations, University 
ofGakfanna. t Berfcetey, Calii, 1956, 

*tf,p. tablo. 28 ^ ^*""* ""^ 

HD8057.S64 38L150687M 56-63601 

West Virginia, University. Cofte^e of Oommewe. 
Proceedings of the labor relations conference. 

, Instatote of Industrial Relations, West Vir- 


T. 28 on 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Partners; the magazine of labor and management v 1- 
Jan IJ>43~ 

T "jlus , ports 20-30 nx 10 no a year 

HD4802 P3 55-15913 

Researcli Institute of America, inc. 
Letter to operating management 

HD4SOJ K443 

2Scm sertumoathlj 
331 1973 



American Bar Association. Section of Labor Relations Law. 

Proceedings , officers, committees, loster 
Chicago, American Bar Association. 
T 23 cm. annual 


Amencan Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial 
Organizations. Industrial Union Dept 

Proceedings t of the s annual industrial relations conference 
of the Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO 

T 23 cm (Its Publication) 
HD8055 A5A365 331 15 58-47441 


Tonuc, Todor. 

Badni odnosi u pnvredi 2L dopunjeno izd. Beograd, 
Kad, 195T 

HD863ST59 1957 58-15147 | 


B'nai B"nth Vacationed Service 

Careers in labor relations, by Robert Skosteck Washing- 
ton, 1953 

tSj p Him 22 cia (B'nai B'tith occupational brief series) 
HD6961 B59 53-21536 rev J 

*331 89069 331 1069 

Works councils 





see also Safety appliances; also sub- 
divisions Safety appliances and Safety 
measures under subjects, e.g. Cotton 
machinery Safety appliances; Chemical 

industries Safety measures, Factories 

Safety measures 

American Mutual Liability Insurance Company. Engineer- 
ing D&pt. 
Porananship and accident prevention m industry Rev 3 

"Watasfield, Mass., e !959. 
Mp Bins. 19cm, 

19fi SKLffiS 59-3S598 J 

Associated General Contractors of America. 

Manual of accident prevention in ccmstnictioa 5th rev. ed. 
Washington, 195ft- 

lv pfxn&Ieaf} mm. 24 era. 

9S8 61485 


89 p. ilm, 17cm, 

Dartnell Corporation. 

Cutting znsnpower Iceses i 


iadustrj'. Obicaao 

357 p. . 


58-12708 J 

Ddra, P A 

CupasoiiiKE no TCXEHSC SesonacHOCTH Mocsaa, Toe 

3HCT)r F3V E 1958 

303, [Is p Hitta 21 cm, 
T55B63 5&4I587 

Dmankov, Georgii Semeoovieh. 

Tex'Msa 6e3oiacHOi.TJ ir npuJSBo^cTBCHHas caHnrap r ix 
HI saBO^axtTpo.-rennux yi^epiia-TTiB IIoApe^ 51 H Hep- 
111" a ^GJIV rqeno B KaTCtTBe j^ rrocodiut A*- TCXHIIEJ- 
MOB Moctsa Foe H3A- B o int pii no cipoiiT. MaTep*ia.iaM, 

133 p Illus 22 cm 

Florida. Industrial Comm,i)*won 


v Illus 20 cm 
HD7273 F35 
Flonda. Lmr Llbrar} 

4 Tillalnssee 195- ? - 
331 823 A 59-963S 

Gesellschaf t fir Soziale Betriebspraxis, 

Der Stand der Unfa.Ilverli1itttng m Wi^snschaft nnd 
Praxis jvonj Ernst BomeBarm t et aL 5 Stuttgart, Bmg 
Verkg 105^ 

143 p illos. 23 cm (Beltilge :rar UnfaETerlifltuiig) 
HDT262G48 5-37041 J 

Hannaf ord, Earle S 

The significance of safety attitudes in industrial accident 
pre\ entioB Ann Arbor, Mich , University Microfilms il958 3 
Microfilm AC-1 no 5S-6DO Mic 58-650 

Heinnch, Herbert WiBiam, 188&- 

Industrial accident prevention, a scientific approach byj 
H "W Heinnch assisted by E B. Granmss. 4th ed. Kew 
York, McGraw-Hill, 1059 

^Op Illus, 24cm, 
HD7262H4 1059 331 823 58-13871 1 

Herrmann, Ench, writer on industrial safety* 

Arbeiteschutzfragen im Bereich des betrieblichen Tor- 
schlagswesens t l Aufl.j Berlin, Yerlag Tribune, 1958. 

50, t li p illus 21cm (SchrtftenrelheArbeltsscfautzdeslQStitttts 
ffir Arbeitsokonomlfe and Arbeltsschutzforachuog Dresden Heft 10) 
HDT262H45 59-37036 

International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and 
The IAIABC handbook, ^ashingtoaf 1956j 

57 p. Hliia,, potts, 22 era. 
HD7653 1 523 56-41364- 

International Labor Office. 

Accident prevention in mines other than coal mines. 
Second item on the agenda. Geneva, 1957. 

Hi, 102 p tables 30cm 

L 58-133 
U a Dept of Labor Library 

International Labor Office. 

Guide a 1'usage des inspectears du travail Geneve, 1955 

IT, US p 24 cm. Ut Stiides et docameate. Noar ar^ no. 41) 

HD7795 1 534 5d-2955 

International Labor Office. 

Guide for labour inspectors. Genera, 1955. 

IT, 10 p 24 co (Us Studies and reports, new ser, no, 41) 
HD78QU 67 no 41 L 55-30 

TJ 8. Dept of Labor Library 

International Labor Office. 

The promotion of safety in the iron and sted industry. 
Second item on the agenda. Geneva. 1957 
111, 181 p 80cm. 


U S Dept. of Labor Llbraiy 

Safety and health of workers j the task of the Iniamatioml 
Labour Organisation t Geneva, 1958j 
39 p, IHm. 39cffi. 

59-2^5 J 

Koch, Hans, mgmeer* 

Taschenbuch des Szcherheitsingeuieurs. Berlin, 

iSSp. inui 22cm. 

IHiooJs. TJnlr Library 

Korsakov, M 


, Foe; 

Moscow Imtitat stalL Rufedra te.lMJ.1 
Ta6oparooni i .e paCoia no xvpc) ' Oc^o 

nacKOt-ii " Moocaa, Foe najiHO-ie ~A 
%epH3>li ji ^BTHOft MCTajujprnH, 1958 
57 p illos aOcm. 

National Safety CotmciL 

Accident prevention manual for mdastnal operations 3d 
ed Chicago, 1955 

1 r (Tarioos pagings) 24 cm. 
T55N3 1955 331823 ,>5-4%G 

IS'ational Safety CoimciL 

Handbook of accident prevenbon for busineai and indus 
try 2ded Ckcago, 1958 

03 p Hint. 23 em. 
HD7273X38 1958 331823 58-2SS8 1 

National Safety Council 

Supei visors safety manual, better production without 
injury ami waste from accidents Chicago, 1936 

T55 N33 

56-2003 t 

Pennsylvania. Dept of Labor and Industry 

Recommendations for development of a safety program 
Harrisburg il95- 9 ] 
15 p 21 cm 

n State Umrerelty Library 

President's Conference on Occupational Safety, Washing- 

ton, D C 

How to use injury statistics to prevent occupational acci- 
dents no 1- 

jWashlngtonj U S Depfc of Labor, Bureau of Labor Stand- 
ards rl955- 

T 24cm 

L 55-221 
U S. Dept of Labor Library 

Roizen, I S 

.latfoparopHiae patforia no xexHuse 6esoiracHocTja H npo- 
THBOnoAapHoil TexsHKC /^onymeso B jca^ecrBC y^ed noco- 
<5M ^i Bucmiix yne6. saBe^eHHtt MOCKBE, Foe nay^HO- 

TCXH 113^-BOXHM JIHT-pH, 1953 

123, jlj p lllua. 23 cm. 

T55E6 55-17063 

(19S8- U. S S B] Laws, gtafiOee, eic 

OxpaHa xpy^a B BBtcmel mEOJie u Hayiasix y^pex^ 

CCCP, cnpaBO^HHK H3^2,^on, CociasEj; B. B 

JeHHHrpa,a;, HS^-BO JleanErpaAcsoro roc > HHepcsTeTa 

HMCHH A A JK^aHosa, 1952 
32To 24cm. 

T55JB76 5&-17145 

U. S. 8. 5.) Mwtstentivo 
Otdel tekhm&i besopamesti t pr&mysMa^neH mmiam* 
nastflTKa no TexHHice fieaonacHOcnt. MocKsa, 10 

no Illus. IS cm. (Texronca CeaoomcBOcm) 
T55 R8 5S-2141S 

Seguridad industrial. BO 1- 
Sept 1957- 

Washmgton, Organrzauaon de ks Erfados Aniencaaos^ Con- 
seio Interameiicano Economico y Social, TTnIon, Panaioesrs- 

r illus., tailes. 25cm. 3 no a year. 

Pan Aaerfcan Unioo. Library JX2fi$G>.5S 

Slmonds, Rollia H 

Safety management; accident <x>st aisd contra!, frf Bollitt 
H. Snnonds and John V. Grimaldi Hcmrrood, IE, K B. 

555 p. mm, 24 em. (The Inrto series b i 
ing and macagenieat) 
HD7262.S55 658,382 


so {SesonacsocTra opst 
H BO&BIUI TpaxcaopT 
s-o yjnan;Bnre 

IBM, a* 

'f&etlin, Boris Yiktorovich. 

Q)qaa TpyM B^: 

, IMS. 


; npasTH^ec:KOC pyEoacflCTBO. Mccna^ Bcec. xo- 

-f^tiia, Boris micro vlch. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 


ffeetlin, Boris Viktenradsu 

TexKJira, (JesosacHocra s MamaHuorpu 
I C ,3} saHSoia 2 H K. TuiMG^eeaa ^on 

Clip illus 23cm 
33 T> 



U.S. Bwnm of Lafa&r Starufarfo. 

Butch learns good housekeeping ["Washiagton, U S 
Gort. Print Off., 1933, 

t I4 p illus 14 cm. (It* BalMln a 182) 
HD7262 U625 L 5&-2 

U S DvgL of Labor library 

XT. S. JStttfaii (>t La?ar Standards 

Washm?tu'i U S (Von Print Off t l 

HO IS* i hi 


r 5s Dept of L.JU" Dbrary 

Zlobmskil, B M 

L 45-45 rev 3* 

rtmusi *.}[<. ,w C 
.Teu s}3ua If 

l I! ajBCTKOlt MPT 

QCHU".. TeTHiiin,! CeaunacutXTu 

Foe Z3.ytn(>-TC\,l H3A-80 J3O ^CpH* 

T35JS5 1'A't. 


Gexmamt, A C 

A basic bibliography for industrial security and plant 
protection, prepared under tibe direction of A. C. Gerraann. 
East Lansing, Mich., School of Police Administration and 
Public Safety, Mkhitt State Uiiwmty, 19&7 

SOU. 28cm. 
Z71S4.A1T64 57-63448 

Less GoBtxvi Associates, 

TT iw JL 'uvttleut S**^ (onttol mde\ ind director* , an 
uukrc <uul <hrwtor\ of hie & aondent control codes, stand- 
ards, tntlrtftttfmK. ltwl PLittuoouth, 1936- 

IT (lMM4Mtt oa, 
Z71WJU7.V82 CI66I48 56-37335 I 


institat po oUtmm tm 

a tpy^ose i 1- 
Upo^HSAaT, 1957- 

ns.adin*tk:'a5l<!oTieI'skii i&stitut 

Eay^Kot ceccHH BECTHTyra, 1-30 BCBX ISM ro^a. 
, 1W 

4SES, ^m 

T,V8 50-45981 

Iberia Parisii. La Trade School jfm 

fynmm lor Cental IxiBiaa Electric Company, Hew Ibciia, 
Lc-il sazia, cG^dactad by Iberia Trades SchcwL Htw Iberm, 
IL^wim. : Nc^ Iberia, I95S, 

tr.Sftl A^ Mm, 
HBlflWB OJS7S W-4B81 

trwwl i Wd- 
tils] m- 

live;" fv Arbfcldemss 

&g ondre 


W Occupationid Safety, 

v Si& 19 II if Lsttewr !W*afffc 

, a guide. .-Washington, U. S. 

CU & Bwrm ^ Later ftutteite. 




Jntemational Labor Office. 

International directory of institutions engaged m study, 
Ksearcli ind other activities in the field of occupational 
safety and health Geneva, 1953- 

T55\ 55 ^ 331 82058 L 59-137 

C is Dipt of Ld'tifi Library 


Aostna. Laws, stalutes, etc 

Allgememe Dieitbtnehmerschutzverordnung ilaschinen- 
Schutz\orriLlitungsierordjaung Wien, Verlag der Oster- 
reichischei >tdat*druckerei, 1052 

155 p 10 u 

55-^4752 t 

Austria. Zatrs, statute** etc 

Dienstaehmer-Schutzverordnung fur Textilbetnebe Mit 

emer Emleituna; und Erlauterangen von Fritz Hoffmann 
und Josef Krecek Wien, Verlag des Osterre^chischen G&- 
werfaehaftBbmdes, 1957 

p 11 cm CSchriftesrdhe flea OsterreldiiBdjen Gewark- 


Austria. Zoiot, statute, etc 

Gesetsliclte BestimmEngen uber den techmschea Arbejter- 

schutz, \on Otto Ivulin! Handausg, nach dem Stande 

Tom, 10 August 19 i7 t Wien, Verlag Arbeiterkammer, 1947] 

448 p 20 en. <D!e Soriaipolitteclie Gesetzgebong In dsterreich 

Cteetzwaits^be der Kammer fur Arbelter and AngesteHte to Wien) 



Belgium. Laws, statutes, etc 

Algenaeen regleuient -voor de arbeidsbeschermmg, 1 Juli 
l4n Autti t'ifX'n, Merrm HIS> (1948j 
3S4 j> 24 eta 


Belgiran. Lam, statutes, etc. 

S^kinweiit ^n&ra! pour la protection du travail l w 
jmlkt 1048. Kivelles, Impr. Harauz, 1M8| 
31S p forma, tables 25 cm 


Belgium. LBHX statute^ etc 

Regiment ^neral pour la protection du travail 3 ed , 

1956 3Siv-eUes,Impr peiutentiaire 1956- 
IT (leoae-leaf) forms, tables 24 oa. 



ZOIM, statutes, eta 
Colorado mining laws with, rules and regulations Den- 

ver, Bradford-Robinson Ptg Co , 1954 

si, Sp ttWea, 23cm. (Colorado Bureaa of Mines BaOettu 
m 16) 

[TN24.C6A4 no 10] GS 55-81 

U S Geol Surrey I4br 


Republic. Laws, $taiutes, etc 

PMpisgr o bezjMS&osb. a ochrtne zdtavi pn prmci Sest t 
pomlmfcam opatfd Josef Kotek E Vy<l 1 , Praia, Orbis, 


Denmark. Lam, stahO&s, eta. 

Ataiadelig aritejdertefcyttelte; Lor ur 226 af 11. jum 

154 Ued koomaitarer af Erik Drew K|fehtTO, For- 


Bemimrfc, at 

Lwwr, ffi f II, low 1^54 cm abun&hff arfj<ieri3esfcyt- 
Mwi teiTwauiger og w^are odarib. f Erik Dieyw. 

C wr B f IL ]ma 1964 cm 

Mftd IswaTiffliiisgar og nsgistr ocbrix af Erik I^ejer. 

ttf. 23 em 

Benmark. JCaiot, i 

Ltwar SmtlJBiaMif 
tet af IL M, fcong Fre^zik nt du il, ii DMMk 
htm, Jesaersea OK Pia, IM4, 

77 p. em. iPtaimtmrKJr 


Denmark <izr?, statutes, etc 

Lov nr 227 af 11 juni 1954 om arbejderbeskyttelse inden- 
01 handels- og kontomtrksonahed. Med henvisninger og 
reffistre udirb ai Enk Dreyer K0benhavn, Fremad, 1954j 
5fip 23cm 

Denmark. Laws, statutes, etc 

Lov nr 227 om arbejderbeskyttelse indenfor Kandeb- og 
kontorvirksomhed. Stadfa?stet af H M kong Fredenk ix 
den 11 ]um 1954 K0benhavn, Jespersen og Pio, 1954 
31 p 18 cm (Pios love nr 34) 


Denmark. Laws, statutes., etc 

Lov om arbejderbeskyttelse indenfor handels- og kontor- 
virksomhed, Lov nr 227 af 11 ]um 1954 med enkelte noter 
og stikordsregister Tilrettelagt af H J0ndrup K0ben- 
havnj Danske handelsforemngers fsellesorganisation, 1954 
46 p 19 cm 



District of Columbia. Mimmum Wage and Industrial Safety 

BJJmmraii wage and safety standards and regulations of 
the District of Columbia. Mmnnmn wage orders, wage pay- 
ment and wage collection regulations, industrial safety stand- 
ards, rules and regulations [Washington! 1958- 
IT (loose-leaf) 24cm 

331 026753 59-62733 


France. Laws, statutes, etc 

Legislation, nomenclature et rSglementation des etabhsse- 
ments dangereux, insalubres on incommodes Lois des 19 
decembre 1917, 20 avnl 1932 et 21 novembre 1942, Decret dn 
20 mai 1953 2 ed mise a pur s. la date du 31 Janvier 1954^ 
fPans, Impr des Journaux ofSciels, 1954] 
ii,330p tables 23cm 


France. Laws, statutes, etc. 

Prevention et reparation des accidents du travail et des 
maladies professionneUes; Loi no 46-2426 du 30 octobre 
1946 et Decret no 46-2959 du 31 decembre 1946. fid. mise 
a jour au 15 juin 1956 t Pans, Journal ofGciel de la Bepu- 
bhque franQaise, 1956 3 
157 p 21cm 


Negre, Jean, teacher of 

Precis de legislation du travail, dliygiene professionnelle 
& d'mstruction civique ; initiation a la vie sociale. Nouv eU, 
a ioar an 25 septembre 1951 Montlugon ( AUier) C 1951j 
274p 17cm 



Germany (Democratic fiepublw, W$- ) Laws, stat- 
utes, etc. 

Techmscher Kommentar fur die Arbeitsschutzbestunmung 
840-Druckgefasse-und die techmschen Grandsatze zur Ar- 
beitechutzbestunmung 840 vonj Ench Hoewert und Otto 
Dittmer. Berhn, Verlag Techiuk, 1955, 
KMp fonns. 21cm. 

A 56-1548 
MlcMgaa, UalT Lite 

FatzoM, Erhard. 

Das EecM auf Schutz der Arbeatskraffc in der Deutschen 
Demokratischen Republik. Berlin, DeutBcherZentralverlag:, 

Ill p. 24cm. (DeutschesInstltutftlrReclitawlssenschaft.Schrif- 
teamhelrbeltsreclit, Heft2> 

S8-37739 t 


1949- ) 

Berufsgenossenschaf t der Banken, Veracherungen, Yer- 
waltungen, Freien Beruf e nod Besonderer Unternehmen. 

UnMlverhutungsrorMiaiften Galta^ vom 1. Jamtar 
1943. ABgemelne Aus^ [Hamburg, 1955 1, 
SOp. 21cm. 

Arbeitsschutzvorschrifteii, zusammengestellt von Dr.-Ing. 
BieMeMW.BrteIsmanii 1958i 



) Law, *We, ete. 

DM BeAt der rwadmng^edttrftagen Anltgen; &- 
laHterungen su den 24-Md Gewerbeordnung, yon H. rim 
Bus* j*dt H. Tmbandt Koln, Heymaun, 1955. 

106 p. Idea. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 




Podznn, Banns. 

Haftung und strafrechtliche Verantwortlichkeit fur Un- 
jEalle im Betneb 2 AufL r Ber!m] E Schmidt t 1958j 

42 p 10 em (Gsetz nM Becht) 

59-34425 J 


Italy Law% statutes, etc 

Prevenzione mfortum e igiene del lavoro per lavon in 
sotterraneo, per lavon in cassom ad ana compressa, per la 
cinematografia e televiaone, per gli impianti telefonici; 
deereti pr Rep 20 marzo 1056, nn 320, 321, 322, 323 
Hilano, L di G. Praia, 1956. 

fflL p 3 on ( Collezioae legate PIrola, n. 1188) 


Sails, Antonio. 

II nuovo dintto della prevenzione inf ortuni , commento ai 
titoli i, xi e xn del D P 27 apnle 1055, n. 547 (Testo inte- 
grale in appendice) Pref. del direttore generate dei rap- 
porti di lavoro Rosano Purpura. Boma, Ediziom E N. 
P 1,1056 

xl, 358 p 24 cm (CoEana di stadl suIIa preveazlone, 3} 




Netherlands (Kingdom, 181&- ) Laws, statutes, etc 

Ytthghttdswet 1934 Wet van den 2den Juli 1934, S 352, 
houdende bepahngen tot beveiliging brj den arbeid in net 
algemeen en bij het verblrj ven in f abneken of werkplaatsesn 
in het bijzonder, zeals deze nader is gew^sagd, met aan- 
teekemngen, ontleend aan de beraadslagmgen en gewisselde 
stuiken enz , alphabetised register, beslmten ter uitvoenng 
enz. Door E van Bolhms 6. dnifc. Zwolle, W. E J. 
Tjeenk Willink, 1952 

367 p 19x9 on (Nederlandscte staatswetten, no 57) 


Netherlands (Kingdom, 1815- ) Zouw, statutes, etc. 

Veiligheidswct 1931 Wet van 2 Juli 1934, Stb 352, 
houdenile foepalingen tot beveiliging by den arbetd in met 
algemeen en bij het verblrj ven in f abneken of werkpltatsen 
in het brjzonder, zoalb deze nader is gewijzigd Silicosewet 
Wet van 25 April 1951, Stb 134, houdende vaststellmg van 
een regeling betreff ende het voorkomen en het bestrijden v*n 
ahcose en andere stofiongziekten. Wet op de gevaarhjke 
werktnigeiL Wet van 5 Maart 1952, Stb 104, hoadende 
veihgheidsvoorschnften met betrekking tot gevaarlijke 
werktiiigen en beveiligmgsmiddelen. Caissonwet 1905 Wet 
van 22 Mei 1905 Stb 143, houdende bepalingen tot be- 
veiliginjsj bij het mtvoeren van bouwerken onder groteren 
dan den atmosfensclien luchtdruk, zoals deze nader is 
ire^ijzigd Bewerkt door H. F Beenhakker. 7. druk, 
Zwolle. W E J Tjeenk Willmk, 1955. 

8-2^ 20 x 'ton (Nederlandse staatswetten, BO 57) 


Netterl nds (Emgdom, 1815- ) Lmos % stafates, ete. 

Wet op de gdvaaxlrjke werktmgea ; Wet van 5 Maart 1952, 
Stb 1 4, hoadende vBihgheidsvsoor^chnften mefc betrdkkmg 
tot gevaarlijke werktu^ra. en beveiligingsmiddfiten, be- 
verkt door H. F. Beenhafcksr. Bijgewerkt tot 15 Febimn 
1959. Zwolle, WE.J.Tjeenfc Willmk, 1959 
HM p. 20x cm. (Nederlandse staatswetten, BO ISO) 



Szubert, Wadaw. 

Pr&wne zagadnienia beqpiecze&twa i higieny pracy. 
jWyd. 1, Warazawaj Paastsrowe Wjdawn. If aukow r 1956i 
ISSp. 20cm {Mcwograflepojmlarna-naukowe Prawo) 



sia no TOCBHUS 

GocraBiutH H A 

H 3 Xaaai,, H. T fflyron. Moccsa, Toe ssepi 1 

696 p. Wm, Kcm, 
TKLD6 1^55 56-^992 

Hromas, Jaroslav, ed. 

Orgiiaisiice ochrany pred urazy v S8SR. Zpracovali 

fcao^ Kaise pro soda*! inlmyrstfi Ha PraHKIiib 
i^enfrS a staritelS [ 1949 1 

171 man. (!M^KES M Bite&j^aliy!fiimito^ 

Paku&i, V D 


B o&tacxH oxpaatj Tpy,a;a. MocEBa, 1956. 

15 p. 


S S J? % t 

revaiue CeaonacHOCTH na "panccopTHua cTpojie^.Tse 
Cocrap 'Teiir > II Aaetcai ipos, ^4 > lasa^.es, B B 
OC\\op MocEBa, Foe ipa icn *e T -^op ^3^-30, 10," 2- 
1233 p 27cm 

39-303J)," t 

r 5 s B} 

TTnfall\erhutujigsvorschrtften im Kohlen- und Brand- 
schieferbergbau jtlbers aus dem Rttsaschen von Siegfned 
Halbauer und Wolfgang Fleischer, unter techmscaer Bers,- 
tung von Alfred Schiejnanni Leipzig, Fachbuchverlag 

150p 24cm 

55-44888 f 
Sakharov, Aleksandr Bonsovkfe. 

YroiOBHO-npaBOBaa oxpana CSeaonacHOCTj jcioaiifi: Tpj^a 
B CCCP MocKBa, foe na^-so JODU^ TIIT-DH, 1958 
184 p 20 cm 



Spain. Laws, statutes, etc 

Accidentes del trabajo en la. industria; estudio teonco- 
practico de la legislacion 3 doctnna junspradencial que los 
regulan t por] M Garcia Corachan Madnd 1953 

t535p 22cm 

__ -- Apendiee, contemendo las disposiciones publi- 
cadas, y la inas reciente doctruia jurisprudencial dictada, 
desde la fecha de composicion de la prunera edjci6n de In 
obra, hasta la entrada en prensa de la segonda Madrid 

56-32182 rev 

Sweden. Laws, staiute^ etc. 

Arbetarskyddslagen; 1940 ars arbetarakyddslag jimte 
dartall horande forfattningar, Stockholm, Tidens forlag, 

78 p I&CIQ (Tldeas handWekar) 

Sweden. Law t ttatutot, eto. 

Arbetar^yddsla^tiftnmgm jamte rars 
sens beslut och anvisnmgar samt av Styrelsen 

18Sp lUoa 21 on 

Sweden. ^. 

Arbetarskyddskgsfaftnmgm och 

SSO pi lUas., forms 22 em. 


Sweden. Laws* statute^ eto 

1949 r i. e. Nittonhundrafyrtiomoj irs arbetarakyddslag 
jamte dartill honmde fortftttmngar Stockholm, Tidens 
forkg, 1052 

61p 19cm. 



Aman, Richard, 1914- 

Ih Gefihxdong" durdi UnbrtiHshbannadiiiiig oder Ificfet- 

anbringen voa SictelmtSTornchtimeett (Art 2SO EStGB \ 

" 7 



, We 

P. G, Keller, 1956 
x;UBp. SI e 

CrndTerence on Occupational Safety, 

KsfKrte of tibe Committee on Lawsand Kegulaiions, 


Hi, 82 p portd. 24 cm (U S 
Bufletlii no i|) 

TJ S.Bej?t ofUdw Library 

L 51-118 rev 


Trasko, Victoria M 1907- 

Occupational health and safety legislation: a compilalioa 
of Stats kws and regulations, j Waahingtoii, U. S. Dept of 
Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, 
Bureau of State Services, Division of Special Health Serv- 
ices, Occupational Health Program e lD54, 

lili, 3l5p. 24cm. (U.S. I^bUc Health Serrtce. Publication 




Yugoslavia, laws, -Ijluies, etc. 

O zaStiti rack ^Zbomik natenjak za siadikalne akti* 
viste o ZA ; t.ti rada, u red 2ivka Sirionovskogi Beo^rad 
Tad, 1950 * ' 

167 p 20cm 'PrlrufaiksaidilraLiaogaktiYiste) 

55-54743 t 
YHgoskvia. Laws, ttatutu, etc. 

O aaaiTnTii pa^a [SGopsiiiL Maxtpntaaa sa CFH^aiaane 
aimic!ic*'e o samTiire pa^a, y pe^ jfiFBEa CHMOHOBLEO^ 
EeorpaA, Pw, 1950 

176 p 20 cm. (npBpystHHK. CHiUHKajiHor aKTHBHrre) 





SHE 195T- 

T lllos^ ports. Won monthly 
TX205 B4-6 

fadostrial safety 


v in lllus. 25cm. m<tMy 

Occopational safety and health, v. 1- 

Jan /Mar. 1951- 

Geneva, Internat2Oflal Labour Office* 
T in Illns. 29cm. quarterly 
T55 A1O3 

Pact; prevention des accddents^ controles techrdqties, hygiene. 
et maladies p 




Safety standards v.l- 
Ang 1051- 

in Illos. 2S cm. 


T In tOoa, 23cm. 



Tyoymplnsto ja tyofcurrallisans. fHeldnU, 1WS Z 

217 p Hlus 21 cm. (Kaaa- Ja tecdliraisnBlnJrtrifa aaamatti. 


Florida. Industnal Commwim, 
Eeports, safety mtemee progTam 


Baled, Friedndt. 

Ordnang und Sicberfaett im Botxiab dardi Fftrbe, Eiae- 
SdmfldteBorscfejiAsrKreisei BSaaddorl EOON-Vwiur 

rl&SSj ^ ^ 


New Tack UM? 

Lftcaiiw HTW 


34 p. llltts. 25 da, 


Illinois, If Mtew^ Sm^y tT JkiiMlMM^ 

Ullsola. Half 

Institute 3te Safety a^i 





Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Rutgers University, 3Vic Bruimmcle, V / Institute of 

Union management cooperation for safety , the joint safety 
program of the Forstmann Woolen Company and Local 656, 
Textile Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, 1948-1956 
3Si ew Brunswick, 1&57 

25 I 30 era, (ft* Csae stedtes of cooperation between !ak>r atul 
iMMtswmt, m Si 
HBT2625F62545 381 823 57-WQ0 t 


Governor's Worker Safety Conference, ilbany 19"$ 

Papers and proceedings jEd-ted bj Sr Cia r T Bourne 
Albany* iMC'j 

121/ p illui JS t*a 

HD7273 G6'J 1956 S3! S2.M3747 A 37-3280 * 

New lork Mate Lib* 


OMo. Lefftdative Semzce CommvaFML 

Industrial safety enforeoaisnt in Ohio Calumbiis, 11959, 
ML 29em f lit Stiff & wsport oaM) 
JK5574A1 noSe S3IS23 59-62SG6 

O&io industrial safety record, issue no 1- 

Calmnbas, Division of Safety & Hygiene, Industrial Com- 
imssaoB of Ohio f l& 
T iiias 23 B 
BD7262 5 OSOS 


Przgrjaesd przy prsey; mwHeraii; in 
zaeyjny z zakresa ochrony potey. 
Warsmwa, Wydaira. Centxalnej Kady ZinazkdV Zawodo- 

v lBw , poets^ maps. 30ent 



Aldkauidror, Ni 

Labour protection and accident prevention. in the F S 
S R , b> X AJexutdrov London, "Sonet news," IMS 
48, t li JL flfca 184 on. (IHastmted Soviet sMUiae booklets* 

HD7262 A 331 823 46-1954 rev 

Boan T P A 

CSopHiiiw ^eScrja?x ttpasw no Tcxffj 
H3 3 , uepecMoipciasiofi 4021 Cooaiua If A 
H 3 Xawm, I! F HTvTQR MOCEWL Foe, 3aepr 

Mtp. IBn. 7 cm. 
T55I 5 


rami Hpe4^BxeatH. S. f xesp 

CKJIM iHerrEK>M ooaraBe PaxmTHHa,, j" A (pyjcaBcH- 
*aci) a ,ggp. Mcw:icBa] UpoilK^aT,, 1W6, 

27$ p. flog Slcxa. 
HDTTt&MS ItW 5&-4111T 

OT|cijn: npo 

ajt awoaa*CT cacteMw IfsaaiicTepcraa top- 
mmm CCCP jGtfopnK eocnxeir H, M Ia.tjaa!WM 

3 H Myjips^BOj Mocsna, Foe mt^n xoproiot JWT-PK, 

2, SOB, 

, 1M& 


Piatt, Robert, 19ie- 

GoBecfrro tegamlng dnne: hboi>nmwfwrt; 
pmi^ebcm, and inteizy MaMHntni oaaxm^ees. Fxe- 
pwed in the Bffirasn^ Drnaidi of Wa^8 and Industrial 
Stations bv Robert. Plaited Dens G, We^s ; Washington, 
U & Dqpt. of Lalxr, Biww trf Labor ^rfaa&, UM f i e. 


r, ad 

p. 26 0a. 


. i. Bnma of Labor Stettatka. IMietta 

Prcadent's Conference cm Occtipationa! Safety, 
i<w, D f* 

Reportb of the Committee on Education 1949-50 
t Washington] 

III, W p ports, 24 on. (US Bureau of Labor btsadtate 
Bulletin no B2 

T55 A1P7 L 51-119 rer 

TJ S Dept of Labor Library 

President's Conference on Occupational Safety, 
D C 

Repoits of the Committee on Engineering 

115, 67 p 24 cm (C S Bureau of Labor Staadards Bulletin 
no 1331 

H0I261 F65 L 51-103 rer 

C" S Dept. of Labor Library 

President s Conference on Occapatioual Safety, Washington^ 
D C 

Hepoit-i uf the Committee on Laboi -ilanagemeut Coopera- 
tion for >aft't\ 1 ( J49~,50 [Washington! 

2 v 20 mi " U1.1Q3I 1 1 fe Bureau of Labor Staiiddids Bui- 
tinm> Kl 1A> 

HD72f>2 POM L 50-7T rev 2 

US Deit (jILatwr Library 

President's Conference oa Occupational Safety, Washxngtm, 

2> a 

JElepoits of the Committee on Research 1949-30 Wash- 
ington, U S Cjo\t Print Off 

., 41 p 24 oa tU S Bureaa of Labor Staadards Balletlo 
so 235) 

HDT262P643 L 51-109 rev 

U S Dcpt of Lab&r Library 

U. S. Hureau of Labor Standards 

Safety committee manual [Washington] 195-6 

18 p. 27 on 
U & Dej?t of Labor 

L 56-166 

U. S. Cinl Service Commuawn. Program Plmmng Dvn- 

Employee safety and health m the Federal sernee, a sur- 
vey of govermnent-wide employee safely and occupational 

health program admuaistration. and resources [Washing- 
ton ?j U S Civd Service Commission, Bureau of Programs 
and Standards, Program Planning Division, Employee Ke- 

lations and Benefits Section, 1053 

28 j 27 cm. 
JK850A3A53 331823 58-61691 | 

TJ. S. Wage and H&ur and Pviblie Contracts Dimsions 

Safet\ and health standards for contractors performing 

Federal supply contracts under the Walsh-Healey public 
contracts act Washington, U S Govt Print, Off, 1851. 
T,2Sp 28cm. 

L 51-45 rev 

U S D5tfLa&or Library 

U. S. W<a@e and Hour and Pullw Contracts Divwons 

Safety and health standards for contractors performing 
Federal supply contracts raider the "Walsh-Healey public 
contracts act Washington, TJ. S Govt Print. Off, 1952 

IT, 2S p 26 era. 

HD7202 5 F6A55 L 53-155 rev 

Abor Library 

Prsidenl*8 Conference <m Occupational Safety, WanMna- 
of the Committee on Programs and Services 

IB, 82 p. pods. 34 cm. (U. & Bare** of Labor Staodawte. 
Bolietlc E,X 137) 

HD7S62jUJ@Pr$ S3I^23 L 51-115 wr 

C SLBt^tuf Lkboe. Library 



Ag, 1951- 
f la IBas. 


Dipt, o/ lalwr ml Industry 

To* will Me: bora play, Mb 
" ' > Ker Apr, 1SS6 


State l&mxy 

5ffiffsna imp^cz 


Safety education, Industrial 

INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS see Manual training; 
Reformatories; Technical education; 
Trade schools 

Industry Security measures 


American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial 
Organizations. Industrial ffmon 2>ept 

Handbook on the industrial security program of the De- 
partment of Defense, the security risk program- how it 
works, who is affected, what to do t Washington, 1955 ?, 

46p 21cm. 
HD78MA462 57-874 t 

relations, Industry Social aspects 


Alcaide Inchausti, Angel. 

Numeros indices mensuales del movumento anual, nuevo 
metodo para calcular numeros indices mensuales de la pro- 
duccion industrial y, en general, de cualquier actavidad 
economica Madnd, 1956 

S8p diagrs., tables 27cm. 
KA40I6A67 57-53364 

Amencan Society of Association Executives. Committee on 
Trade Assoaatum Financial and Operating Ratio Surveys 

Financial and operating ratio surveys by trade associa- 
tions, a study of policies, practices and techniques, by the 
ATAE Committee on Trade Association Financial and Oper- 
ating Eatio Surveys. Washington, Amencan Trade Asso- 
ciation Executives, 1946 

31 p 28cm 
HA40I6A7 338 47-17890 rev* 

Anscombe, Francis John. 

Curso de aplicaciones industnales de la estadistica. ^Con- 
ferencias pronunciadas en el Institute de Investigacionea 
Estadisticas del C. S de I C, Madrid, marzo-abril 1953 y 
en la Escuela de Estadistica, de la Umveradad de Madnd 
recogidas por F Azorin y J Eomanl Madndj 1957 

81 p nius. ffi cm. 3onsejo Superior dp. InvestlgadODes den- 
tlficas. Institute de Investfgaciones Bstadfetlcas iPnbllcadones, 8) 
HA40.I6A718 58-45831 J 

Antoine, Herbert 

Kennzahlen, KichtzahJen, Planungszahlen. Wiesbaden, 
Betnebswirtschaftlicher Verlag ("1956] 

1T5 p lllos 24 cm 
HA.40J6A72 57-47267 t 

Bakknov, G I 

BonpocH cxaTHCTHKH npoMHimeHHoro npe^npnarmi 
Mocxsa, Foe CTaTHCTHtecKoe HS^-BO, 1955 

109 p diagrs 22 cm 
HA40 1 B26 56-24217 

Bowker, Albert H 1919- 

Handbook of industrial statistics t bj, Albert H Bowker 
and Gerald J Liebemaan. Englewood Cliffs t N. Ji Pren- 
tice-HtH 1955 

774-SS8p mas 2^ cm. 
HA40 1 6B6 31L2 55-11208 rev t 

Canadian Political Science Association. 

The role of statistics in the formulation of policy by busi- 
ness; proceedings of a symposium held at the 26th annual 
meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, 

83 p, 2Scra 
HA40I6C2G 1954 



& Alofa. 

Stafetika a evidence prfimyslove vy^oby Praha, YyM 
SUtof ufad atatfeickf, nakl. StabstickeTio a evidenMho 
vydaYstelstvf tt^opisfi, 1954 

<KnliaI< * sCrs O* 8 ^ statlsttky, r 1954, &, T) 

Davies, Owm L ecL 

^ Statistieal methods in research and production, with spe- 
<MrfereiMtoihe<^eim<^Imdustry. t 3d ed., rev. and enij 
London, Published for Imperial Ghemical Industries by 
Oliver and Boyd, 1957 

336 p. lilns.. tables. 26cm. 

COA2XCD ] A 57-^757 

Kw?i. State Col!. Mr 

Dobric, Adalbert 

Industnjska stAtistika, Zagreb, Skolska knjiga, 1953. 

HA40J6D6 55-57364 t 


Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 


Egemayer, ErantiSek. 

Statistika FrantiSek Egermayer, Benediki Korda 
rVvd 2 j Pralia, Stitnl pedagogicke nakl, 19D 
" T illus 3) on fUtebnf textyvysolrfchSkol) 

HA40 1 6E4 59-31490 1 

Ezfeov, A I 

IIjxwLrnneHHax craracTHEa JHs^ 2, nepep B: ^on 
^ooymcio B Kwecrw yieo'EHica %ju cxaxiiCTBraecrax TCXHH- 
EVMOB Mocisa, Foe cTaTHCTKiecKoe HSJ-BO, 1954 

S82p 23cm. 
HA40I6E93 1954 55-36794: 

Ezaov, A I 

GraxsrcTHxa npOKHnureHHOCTH Hs^ 3, nepep ^ouy- 
meuo B icaiecTBe yHe6HHEa xxx cxaTHCTHiecKHX texHHKyMOB. 
MocKsa, Foe CTaTHCTEtiecioe HS^-BO, 1957 

375p. 23cm. 
HA40I6E93 1957 58-38504 

Frrero, Giovanni. 

Contabiiita e statistica aziendale nelle loro mutue relazioni. 

201 p. 25 cm. (tJnlYWCBtL degli studi <H Torino Pabblicazloni 
.iell'Iatltuto di rfcerche ecooomlco-azlefulall. 4) 
HA40I6F47 57-15989 $ 

Forbng, Gotthard. 

Orundriss der Industnestatistik Berlin, Verlag Die 

Wirtschaft. 1958- 

T 22cm 

HA40 1 6F6 A 59-946 

CMcago Ualv Libr 

Gabter, Rolf, 1920- 

Die direkte und die derivative Mengemndexziffer der in- 
dnstnellen Prodttktion. t Mannheim ? 1953i 

vi, 113 p diagrs 21 cm 
HA40J6G3 57-36001 

Garelli, A Gmo. 

La statistica aziendale nell'organizzazlone mdnstnalej 
principi, rile\azione ed elaborazione dei data, rappresen- 
tazione e cntica prededuttiva, elementi orgamzzativi di mi 
organo statistico aziendale Tonno, A. Yi^-ongo C 1955j 

201 p Illus 25 on 
HA40I6G313 5S-28250 | 

GoidiJk, Samuil AbranMmch, 1893- 

CxaTHCTHEa ^onyiECCHO B Ka^ecxse ya< 

cpc^HHX cneitHaj&HHx yie6. sase^eHiift n 
o^epa^IIII jMocEBaj KOH3, 1& 

T diagrs , forms 


Grachev, N G 

CraTHCTu^ecKHe rpynnHposEH B 


HSA-BO, 1958 

211p tables 23cm 
HA40 1 G68 59-26321 

Graf, Adolf. 

Betaete^atisfafc und Betriebaiberwaclitoig, flnLeatfadeaa 
zar Betnebsanalysa nut Aufgaben von 3 Adolf Graf 
Alois Hunziker, untear Blitarbeit von Fntz Sheerer Z 
Verlag des Schweizeriscben Kaufmanmsdhen Yerems, 1958 

2Z3p Ulas 2Scm. 
HA40ISG69 58-43656 J 

Hungary. Kosponti StatutsteJcai HwaM 

Ip&rstatisztikai havi kerd6iTek es utasitisok 1953 evre. 
Budapest, Statasatakai Kimdovillalat, 1953, 

80 p. 21 on. 
HA40 J 6H74 56-40400 

57-38030 t 

p&nh Stofa&zt&m HwoM. 
Iparstatisztikai jelentSkpok es atasitasok. 

& cm ammal. 

Hungary. Sospont* Stofagatt&o. woto 

Siati.=.7tika a villalatvezetes szolgalataban. Tjtmutato 
ipari tzettefc szlinara. 2, fai fOsoeaOftotta a Kctespooii 
Stiitisztikai Hivatal munkako2ossege, Budapest, Statlszti- 
km Koado VaHalat, 1ML 

59 p. Slaps, 24 on. (^SiocIaUataatatiaztikEkSnyvtara) 
HA4QI6H75 1^1 56-40500 

ormmraHe K Haj^a 


JK aa sayjcHTe, 1&58 

f us, B-wrapcK 
2S2p. mus, 




Kantor, Jan. 

Statystyka przemyshi. Warszawa, Polskie Wydawn. 
, 1954- 

Kendall, Matinee George. 

Statistics and personnel managemert London Irstitute 
of Personnel Management t !953i 

16 p 2i em (Institute of Persomel Management Occasional 
papers BO 3} 
HF3549 K44 f.6-16256 J 

Kmdelberger, Albert. 

Die statistMhe Benchterstattung der pnvaten ITirtscliaft 

Berlin, Verlag D^e Wirtschaft, 1055 
9l p forms 21 cm 

Chicago Cnir Llbr 

Korda, Benedikt. 

PHmcka statistiky pro pracovniky v uhelnem prfmyshi 
Vyd 1 ] Praha, Stitni nakl technicke hteratnry, 1956. 

219 p lllns 21 cm. 
HA40I6K62 58-32668 1 

Korda r Benedikt 

Prumyslo\a statistika B Korda, A. Cervenv, P. 
VivrovsK iDotidk: 1 vyd, Praia, StatnS pedagogidte 
nakl ,1954 


223 p 21 cm 


Liserre, Goido 

Control estadistico en la produccion mdustna! y en la 
direccion. de empresas, por Guido O Liserre jj Raul Conde 
tEosanOj Argentina] Comisidn de Education Estadisdca del 
Institute Interamencano de Estadisfaea, 1952, 

112 p illus 27 on. (Blhltoteca laterameticana tie estadisttca 
tefirica y aplicada. SecdUSn B) 
HA40J6L5 57-284831 

Lukomskii, lAkov Eleh. 

TeopHJi zoppeiaijHH M ee upmutsesst x asaiHay npoaa- 
Bo&crua MocKsa, Foe cxaTHCTH^ecKoe HS^-SO, 1958 

387 p. <JIagrs. 22 cm. 
HA40J6L8 5&-17252 

Moscow. Nanchno-issledoyatel'skii kon"mnktaniyi mstitnt. 

IXpoa^BOACTBo EajKaefiraiix xosapoB B KannTa-incrK^ecsHX 
cipaaax 32. 19S7, 1&40, 1950-1054 rr , ciaTHCTii^ecraft cnpa- 


pysroBo^cTEOM Ilcaesa E 1 j MocEsa, BHeniTOprHa^aT, 

287 p l chiefly tables) 2Son. 
HA40I6M6 56-S4162 

Nikitin, Ser^e! MikhaHovidi. 

HH^eKCH upOMstnuteiEHOli apo^yxniiH B EauHTajcHCTH^e- 
CKHX ctpasax Mocrsa, Foe ctaTHCTE^ecEoe HSA-BO, 1958 

105, A p. tables 22cm. 
HA40I>T5 50-19078 

Omda, Pietro. 

H sistema delle rdevaaoni stati^adto interne ndle aziende 
di produzioae , relanone generale al rv CJonvegno di studi 
di statistiea azieaidale, Prato, uovembre 1955 Milano, 
Giuffrl, im 

Til, 110 p (Eagre. 25cm. 
HA40 J 6O5 57-18007 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation. 

Industrial censuses in tlbe United States. Technical As- 
sistance Mission No 77 Pans 1055j 

143 p. dlagr., tables 24 era. 
HA40I6067 55-14465 

Royal Statistical Society, , 

Statistical method in industrial production; being papers 
given at a conference bald by the Industrial Applications 
Section of tb society m Sheffield, September 29th to Octdbtr 
1st, 1950 London, 1951 

ir;8&p. diagrs. 2S<aiL 
HA40I6K65 55-17742 

Salter, W E 

Tbe mfi*sairem0nt of AmSralian indosfcrial production; an 
exansiMiKM of tte problems. Perh ! University of West- 
em Australia Press, distributed by the University Bookshop, 
NedLmds, 1954. 

63 p 25 cm. (IMraralty of Western Australia. Dept of Xexh 
Mutes. P-abiieatlon8.serIesA- l Ecoixoralcs ! no.3) 
HA40J6S25 55-43881 1 

Savinsk&B T 

Kypc npoMunueBaoS cxaxacTiisH ,I(oiiymeao B saiecrise 
y^eSHEO. ;yxa 3EOH SUCIEHX yie6 sase^eHEa 4. H3^ Mo- 
CKBa, Foe craTacrH^ccwx: BS^-BO, 1954 

4Wp. diagra. 23m. 
HA40J6S28 1954 

SaviwMtD V 

Lehrhnch der ludustriesttitistik. ^berseteuog am dem 

M6cW r 

439 p. am*, 22<sm 

Schreiber, Hanns Eberkard, It^B- 

Bie uiethodik der gewerfabchen BetaebsziMiinKeii m 
Deutsci jand Muncben, 1953 

'i, 135 i 30 ran 
HA4?I^SV> 56-5T845 

Serdar, Vladumr. 

^ Pnvredna statistata Statistika, industrrje i statistika 
/eljeznica, , prema predavanjima. 2 izd. Zagreb, STOU&- 
lisna litografija, 1950 
251 p ii'us S> cm. 
HA40I6S44 1950 58-25138 | 

Steiner, Dtetnefa Wolfgang;, 1918- 

Selektive Betneb^tatisbk. rMannheim 1953 ^ 

i!,87p dlagw 21 aa 
HA40I6ST 57-25373 

Sagarev, Zdravko T 

OHHancosa cratHCTHKa, ,ywSsaxj CO^KS, Hayaa a 
nasjciro, 1957 

376 p diagrs SX cm. 
HA40I6S77 58-42742 


Biirgerliclie Statistik und Wahrlieit vonj L M. Zjrlin 
[imdj A. I Petrow "Obersetzung aus dem Russischen tvon 
Wilheim Ficfensckeri Berlin, Yerlae 0ie Wirtschaft 1955 

156 p 21cm. "fc H 

HA40jeT8 57-29189 t 

U. S. Bureau, of Labor Statutics 

Industry classification manual for the 1947 interindustry 
relations study, 192 sector classification with component 450 
sector details Prepared by the Division of Interindustry 
Economics, branch of Industry Economic Studies. tEevj 
Washington E 1953] 

107 p 27cm 
HA40 1 6TJ612 1953 58-46851 

U.S. Bureau of Labor $tawtw. 

Techniques of preparing major BLS statistical series 
t edsted 03 Benjamin Lipstem of the Office of Statistical 
Standardsj Washington, U. S Gwt Print. Off., 1954 t i. e. 

Tn,126 Elm 26cm. {/** BuUetta no H8) 
HD8051A62 no. 1168 L 55-213 


U. S. Technical Committee cm 

Standard indnstnal classification uoantial. {KsTisc^i of 
the 1945 ed of manf*ctunng mdustnss and the 1S40 ed. of 
nonmanuf actanng 1 indostntSj Washmgten, EssoitiTe Of- 
fice of the Preadmt, Bureau of && Budget, 1957 

vil,433p 24 cot 
HA40I6U03 1957 SS8 57-607S8 

Vid, Jakob. 

Betnebs- und TJn^r"^hmtt?gsy.pa1y !!! ft 2. Tollstandjg nen 
beafb AufL Zurich, Vearkg des SAweirischa Eaof 
manmschen Vereins, 1S58 

s,334p. dJtgw. 2Scm 
HF5645V48 1958 59-21174 

Volodarskii, L 

CKOC HS^-ao, 1954 

llOp. 22cm. 

TUB. Mociaa, Toe 

Volodarskii, L 


letJp 23cm. 

ecEoe HM-BO, 1056 


Warner, Kurt, IMS- 

Die IiMltsstriestatistifc cfer Bandearepiiblik Detttadbhod. 

Berlin. Dnncfar & Hraxnblot ,1^& 

171 p. 2oa. 

Cnlr Libr. 


International journal of abstracts on statistical metiiods In 

rndtesfcry T 1- 

rThe Hague} Xotenulianal Statiatiiul Ins-ticute. 
T. 23 em, SEM>,. ayear 



no ocaracEKSt BpcwKniCExocra /,ony- 

BTOB, Mocssa. Foe cnmcmicotoe XU-BO. 1954. 



Library of Congress Catalog Booh: Subjects 



IvanoT, Aleksaadx Ivanevich, stathiidetn 

CSopHHR sa^ai no cia-mcmse npoMHiiueiiHoctii ^ony- 
meno B saieciBe yiefi aocofiiur ia anon. HE-TOB a $asvT- 
xeTOB MocLBa, Foe eratHCTniecjioe HS^-EO, 1038 

196P 23cm 
HA.40J 610 59-34651 


Centre per la stafastka asaendale. 

Atti del coETOgno di studi di staiasbca aaaendal. 

v Him 25 em. 

HA40I6C43 57-40272 

INDUSTRIAL STORES see Company stores 


in industry 


Bogator, teaTd BonsovkiL 

UpHsaa^HHe TeEji3aoEKHe jcraHOBEa Mocjtsa, Foe. 
aaepr HS^-BO, 1959 

M p inns, cm. (Maccosaa pa*aw6SOTeja, am 820} 
TK66SOB6 59-45183 

Noll, Edward M 

Ckeed-cirout and industrial tefeTinoD. New York, Mao 

5S-73S5 J 

i ittdostnen, midbr redafctlon, af Tsg 
Astntp, Gred Jensen, Per S^itoft X^bentau, J, Gjel- 

55-35037 J 

230 p Him. 2$ emu 



118p illus 22 cm 

ElMns, Hervey Bertmi^. 

The chemistry of industrial toxicology 2d ad. New 
York, Wiley C 1009, 
tiB* Blw 24 as. 
BA1221 JEM 1969 15 9024 59-67M J 

wrtnce Turner, 1SS8- 

toncology, 2d ed Baltimore, Williams 




5T-8129 t 

Jesjmsgs, BiKgess HiS, I&G^- 

Hazardjwa -roptrs and dusts UL rodostrj. Qjicago, Vcnti- 
r Conditiaoimg Contractors Associadon of Chi- 

Iv IBM. Stea. 

Lazarer, NaM Vaafrocfa, iSftS- tf 

* nfWMHmjesHiocTH, capaBOtHiii: ^i* 
, jiajrenepOB a epatel Ha^ 8 , nepep H SOE JI- 
, Foe Hay i a^Texa 

Microfilai pj 

PokroTSk-1, Vadia Akk^vich. 
KurEa x rerae** H 
, MooEH^roe RS^-BO Me* a 

, Oaa at as. (BBltawreita caasBawpiKro sipwa a 

Tefciy, I^w^ 1SB- 
CfewteWH V 


Bcrifa, S^pcingw, I 

|U S Cbrt. Print Oft, 1949- 

U S B*^tcKflalr Lfcazy 

Zataraoa w^kmoAaai w psmyffle mftowjia I Mi 
xwakania, t Wjt L 3 Wkramira. PWwow Wjdawm. 
Tectoeaje, 1955. 

1 . tarn %taB, 

MDUSTRIzlL TRACTORS see Industrial power 

Shipment of goods 

INDUSTRLAL TRUCKS see Industrial power 

INDUSTRIAL TRUSTS see Trusts, Industrial 
INDUSTRIAL UNIONS see Trade-unions 

INDUSTRIAL WASTES see Factory and trade 
waste, Waste products 

supply, Industrial 

work in industry 


Brissenden, Paul Frederick, 1SS3- 

The I W W f a study of American syndicalism 2d ed ] 
5ew Yoik, Russell & Busseli 105Tj 

ail, 43S p fold dlagt 22 cm 
HDS055I5B55 195T S31SS6 57-6911 

Hardy, George, 1884- 

Those stormy jears, memories of the fight for freedom <m 
five continents London, Lawrence & Wishart, 1956 

256 p iUos 1ft cm 
HD8055 1 5H3 331 886 56-4859 1 

Preston, Wifltam, 1024- 

The ideology and teehrnqaes of repression governmeiifc 
and the radicals, 190'MO'13 Ann Arbor, Unnersity Micro- 
films f 1957 3 

< [CniTersItj Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j PubHcatioa so 24^17) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 24,317 Mic 57-i768 

Thompson, Fred, 1'KX)- 

The I TV TV, its firbfc iift\ >e,irs l*>u;>-103u; the liistorj 
of an effort to orggume tlie working class Chicago, Indus- 

trial Workers of the World, 1955 r i e 195Gj 


50-13765 J 


Works on the industrialization of individual 

countries or regions are entered under 
the name of the area followed by the 

subdivision Industries 

see also Technical assistance; Under- 
developed areas; United Nations 

Economic assistance; United Nations 
Technical assistance 

Bredo T William. 

Bawd mdustxiaJizaitcHi for agricaaltural developnmtj 
paper read tt the conference of thft Ameriesa Farm Eco- 

nomics Awciao% Cornell TFniTOrsity, Ithaca. K. Y Augosfc 

21 *. 28 cm. (Stoftorf Eeieardi Zutttote 



IA frotiwta operasa. MHaaso, Bdbaoai di cemnoiti, 195S. 
tt*Dt ttcm. 


A small cemaaaimily elertrw syst, together with a water 
and iuaaber, wrodvoifarig, and ice rfwits. 

FO^B Opeeatkms 

39 cm ( 

l !>ulletiQ 00. 1 J 



Bib Indiistnat.isaerung der Agrarstaatea tind lire EGck- 
ie Testihr.dustrie, \VideMwIL 

Aapn. 21 

Hoffmann, Walther, 1903- 

Tiie growth of industrial economies. Translated from the 
German by W Henderson and W H Cbaloner [Man- 
chester, Engr j Manchester University Press r c !958j 

183 p lllus 23 cm 
HD2321H713 3309 59-2154,1 

Jackson, Barbara (Ward) 1914- 

Five ideas that change the world t lst ed j New Yoik, 
Published for the University College of Ghana by Norton 
t 1959, 

188 p. 22 cm (Ttoe Aggrey Praser-Guggisberg lectures) 
JC311 J24 320 15 59-6802 J 

Loureiro, Fernando Pinto, 1917- 

ImdustnalizaQao e piogresso econorruco [Coimbra] Coim- 

238 p illus 20 cm (ColeccSo "Universitas," 21) 
HD85L59 57-30816 t 

Mandelbaum, K 

The industnalisation of backward areas, by K. Mandel- 
baum assisted by J E. L Schneider. t 2d edj Oxford, 
Blackwell, 1955 

111 p ill us 22 em (Institute of Statistics Monograph no 2) 
HD2326JM26 1955 338 94 55-43951 { 

Pankh, G B 

Infantile optimism, a critique of British labour's support 
to the Bombay plan for economic development of India, 
jDelhij The Badical Democratic Party 4945, 

7p IScm. 
HD8Q.P2T 55-23418 

Stanford Research Institute, Stanford University Eco- 
TUWTUCS Research Division 

Manual of industrial development, with special applica- 
tion to Latin America, SRI Project no 912 Prepared for 
the Institute of Inter-Amencan Affairs of the Foreign 
Operations Administration, United States Government 
Stanford, Calif , 1954. 

x,208,A19,83p lllus, tables 28cm 
KD82S82 1954 55-61503 rev 

^Stanford Research Institute, Stanford University Eco- 
nomics Research Divisz&n^ 

Manual of industrial development with special applica- 
tion to Latin America r Washingtonj Foreign Operations 
Administration, Office of Industrial Resources, 1955 

X, 208, A-lA-19, 83 p IHus 28cm 
HD82S82 1955a 55-61501 rev 

Strzelewicz, Willy. 

Industrialisierang und Demokratisiemng der modernen 
Gesellschaft. Hannover, Kiedersachasche Landeszentrale 
far Heimatdienst, 1958j 

117 p 21 cm. 
HD2321 S8 59-35275 t 

Thaele, Werner W 1918- 

Die Blektrizitaet als ener^ewirtschaftliclie Gmndlage 
der Indiistnalisiemng tropischer Eoistoffraeome Muen- 
chen, 1949. 

IT, 132, v-rH L monated maps (part Md.) dlagnu (part nuranted) 

HD9685 A2T5 5&-57850 

United Nations. Dept of Economic Afiasm. 

Technical assistance for economic development available 
through the United Nations and the specialized agencies. 
Lafca Success, Dept of Economic Affairs, Division of Eco- 
nomic Stability and Development, 1948 

bc,102p ffluL 23cm. 
JX1977.A36 1948c 341.13 49-3281 rev* 

United Nations. Dept of Economfo and Social Affaiv*. 

Methodes et problemes de Industrialisation des pays sous- 
developpes. New-York, 1955 

Tfl, 177 p taWea 2S cm. (Nations Unles. iDocmaeati 1^267^ 

JX1977A212 /2670,etc. 56-592 

-- CJopy 2, HC80JF42P72 

United Nations. Dept of Economic tend Social Affar 

Processes and problems of industrialization in under-de- 
veloped cour-' nes. Now York, 1955 

^ScJSp" tabfes 28cm, (United Nations. t Doctsnent, B/S670, 

JX197TA2 E/267Q,ete 

338 Jl 


United Nations. Economic Q&mmdmvn, for Asm and the 

For Rmt, 

Analysis of financial aspects of development programmes j 
first progress report by tSe eajeaitive secretary. New York, 


88 p 2Scnx (United Nations. [Z^xmroent, E/CN.11/I&T/S2) 
JX1977AS E/CN.11/I&T/8S 54-47^ rev 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


United Nations. Economic ffommvnon for Asm and the Far 


United Nations programme of technical assistance for 
economic development , report by the executive secretary 
,Lake Success*; 1949 

62 p 32 cm (United Nations (Document E/CX 11/200) 
JX1977A2 B/CN 11/200 33891 50-937 rev 

-- Copy 2. HC50-A2U5 

United Nations. Economic Comtmsston. for Aia and the 
Far Eat Industrial Development WorJang Party 
Interim report and recommendations on industrial devel- 

opment [Lake Successj 1948 
75 p 32 cm ( United Nations 

JX1977A2 E/CN 11/82 
Copy 2 

[Docuinenti E/CN 11/82) 
S3895 49-5828 rev* 

HC411 U4 1 55 

United Nations. Economic , Employment and Development 
Oommisnon Sub-commmton on Economic Development 

Eepoit lst-3d sess , Xov 17, 1947-Apr 12, 194=9 Lake 

Success r 

3 T 32 cm (United. Nations [Documenti B/CN 1/4T, E/CN I/ 
61, E/CN 1/63) 

JX1977 A2 338 91 50-11908 rev 
2d set HC59.A1S53 

United Nations. Secretariat 

Progress achieved by the non-self-governing territories 
in pursuance of chapter si of the Charter manufacturing 
industries; report jNew York] 1959 

32 p tables 28 cm (United Nations iDocnmentj A/4109) 
JX1977A2 A/4109 3389 59-16785 
Copy a. HC58U45 

United Nations. Secretary-General^ 194B-195S (Lie) 

Technical assistance for economic development, plan for 
an exp aided eo-operame pio<rramme through the United 
Nations and the specialized agencies Report prepared in 
consultation with the executive heads of the interested spe- 
cialized agencies through the Administrative Committee on 
Co-ordination pursuant to Resolution 180 ( vm) of the Eco- 
nomic and Social Council Lake Success, 1049. 

Till,, 328 p 23 cm (United Nations tDocnment) E/1327/adcLl) 

Economic development of under-developed countries; 
plan for an expanded co-operative programme through the 
United Nations and the specialized agencies. Supplement to 
the Eeport prepared m consultation with the executive heads 
of the interested specialized agencies through the Adminis- 
trative Committee on Go-ordination pursuant to Resolution 
180 (vm) of the Economic and Social Council Lake Suc- 
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89 p 23 cm. (United Nations. (Document] E/132T/add5) 
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~. p. 25 cm. (National BaoJt of Mgypt MftfeOi anmveraaiy 



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dustnali2tion on the supply and organization of social wel- 
fare services in the United States, by Harold I* Wilensky 
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tion, 1953. 

401 p. dlagra. T tables. 24cm. 
HW1.W5 . &6O97S 58-8637 


United Nations. Library. 

Bii^H^rapliy on mdustnatettton xn tmder-dereloped 
casfaris. Bibliographic de 1'mdestnalisatioii dans !es pays 
scus-aevelcppes. Bibhografia sobre la mdustrializacion en 
los pauses iBSuficier.temente desarrollados. : New York, 1956, 
U, 218p. 28cm. (ftg Bibliographical aeries, on. 0, S^rie bibllo- 
graphSqcenofi. Srle Wbllo^toi no. 6) 

JX19W.A2 ST/EOA/37 s etq. 01O38 5W8804 
Copy 2. JX3#nU212 ffF/K4/n;ate 


W A 

Heman, & social impact of technological change In Palri- 
atan; a report on a surrey conducted by the University of 
Dacca and published with the assistance of UNESCO. 

cDacoij Oxford Uiwis%Pie jl966, , 





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community Glencoe, 111., Free Press, jChieago, Research 
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vi, 118 p maps tpan fold.) dlagrs 25 cm 
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Sociaal-economische aanpassingsproblemen in Kenja, 
proeve ener toepassing van de dualistisch-economische 
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3d, 268 p maps, tables 25 em 

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Virginia. University. Bureau of Population, and Economic 

The- impact of industry in a southern rural county j 
changes in road use, travel aablts and socio-economic char- 
acteristics in Charlotte County, Virginia, five years after the 
establishment of a new manufactunng plant Prepared in, 
cooperation with the Division of Traffic and Planning, Vir- 
ginia Bept of Highways, and the U. S Bureau of Public 
Eoads. fChariottesvillei 1956 
[33] p maps, diagrs 




INDUSTRIES see Industrial arts; Industrial 
mobilization; Industry; and subdivision 
Industries under names of countries, cities, 


INDUSTRIES, ELECTRIC see Electric indus- 

INDUSTRIES, HOME see Home labor 


see also Store location 

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Was.^ ear COMtamt ^fe iw^*aatf 
e4. Estudos gerals e dccuicem&s, caderco 1} 


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fcpjuse. C'upe' Hill, University of N"ortli Carolina Press 

;19M5 3 

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127 p llius 28 cm { Erganzunpbefl: Nr 255 m "Petennanna 
geograpklscfcea Mltteilungea") 
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f 1953!j 

0,2501 30 on 


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IT p ma&, pkas. 28 cm. (Worida IMvewtfty, <5aJaFilte. 
Engineering: and Industrial Eaverimfistt Stetim. LexSteA m im) 
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130 P. l& on (BlMfoteea de eteodtf 

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Eaumlidte Vertealttng dr Prodoktivkrifto , zwei 
zur Stmndort- und C^*sentwidklm)^^laaimg: Berlin., 
Verlag Die Wirfacbaft, IWO. 

95 p. 21 cm (Distaasloasbeftrigeia Wirtacfaaftsfragsa, Heft2) 

Managing geograpMcally decentralized <xmpani^, Bos- 
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lS5p. 22 cri. 
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Geo^rapby ar,d the location of industry: m. inaugtinil lec- 
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Yaseen, Leonard C 

2,16 p, mm. 
HDS8.TI tt 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Yaswsn, Leonard C 1*13- 

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New York, American Reseacca Council [1956] 

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grais, [Richmond] 1959 
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A 59-0663 
State Library 


Connecticut Development Comuwwm* 

Connecticut reference manual of industrial location fac- 
tors. Hartfora [1&55- 

1 T (loose-leaf J Olios maps { part told. > 29 cm 
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Denmark. Udvdtget $1 frmam af produ&tw 

jEirHvervsudvikling i pTOvmsesaj bstenfaung 
navn, 1058 

193 p ciaps, dl&gis. 21 cm. {BeteolBilBjr or 206) 
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Hans, 1898- 

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18i> Slem 
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Lauds tlliL Sigvard. 

A surrey of the geographical distribtttton of industry in 
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48 p maps, tables 26cau (FeBOiaT9,a-ol) 

4 voL7&,n-01] A 58-4053 

Urtv Lifer 


Present location of industry in Floods, 

L r;^ B^cesa r*earcii report) 


Bessus, Gabriel 

Ufttfeuax poar one geograpile vdtetMre de Kndoateb 
rpsr, Gabrial Dessus, Pierre Georga, Jacques 
Prft de Gecargea AadbDum. Pans, A. Odin, 

10 * 34 ODBL (Camera de la Wouta&m m&mate 


1949- ) 

Mr Arbeitsokonomik smd Ad)ifs- 

s JTOT Arbdtsstatte; pralc- 
Uscha Ratsch%e and Befjina er DoknsSTon Bencht 

AbtAmg Arfoeitsfcriftft des Inrtitats for 

. BEET* 

m tie north east, 01 England; 
. CHber iij p, J. 



Lopez Malo, Ernesto, 

Ensayo sobre localuc&cioa de la ladustnt. ea Mexico ME- 
XICO, 1938 r i e 1050j 

rtix, 435 p maps, dtagts., tables. 24 era. 


Committee for Economic Jterdoymmt* 

Plant location in SCdbigan j;byj C. E B Ejoacotive Study 
Group. [Ann Arborj School of Bossaflsa Admsaiatiatioii, 
"CJniTOrfflty of Micidgsji rl95Tj 

4v 28cm. 
HC107M5OJ 33S.9774 57-5110r0v J 

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11 L iSas. 80 cm. 

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TJaiTrBBty. CoZteffe-Gommemty Jfaeorck Program. 
Ecccomic factors in tbftI<xti<Mi of industry. [Providence, 


Bnwra Cnlr Libeary 



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Industrial location in the New York area. 2ffew York, 

p 212 p fflxta , map (on lining papers) 4agra, ta.blefl. 23 cm 
(Tts* aty CoIIsge New York Aim Eeaearefa CottadL Studies to tbs 

338 57-4107 


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Industnal location the posabiiity of Canaoaan owned 

nrras moving into northern JS"ew Yori State. Ann Arbor, 
University l&crofUms t I9&7j 

<iCnsIvisity Mlcwfilnm, Ann Arbor, Mldtj Pobllcati<ai ao 19^71) 
ifia-ofilniAC-l no. 19,871 Mic 57-87 

Syracuse. Unit LJbr 

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Industrial locadon in die Kew York area JTew York, 
City College Preaaj'l&sej 

rill, 212 p ales, map Ion lining papers) diagra, tabla. 23 era. 
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New Tort area, no 1) 
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Awatooiy of & metropolis; tfac <ilumgipg disfnbufaon of 
people aad jote intniii the Kew York meto>politen region, 
by Edgar M. Hoowr ad Esyzwmd Yenoo, witli the assist 
smce of Hilton Abebon t and others^ CambndgB, Harvard 
Untrersiy Press,. 1859. 

zvi, 345o. maps (Piut col. oclicirtg papers) diasra^taiiita. 2 cm. 
(New Trt e*ropotican region ttudr ) 
HG108.N7H6 838.097472 

North Carolina. Dipt, of 

North Carolhm; icGustrial location factors. [Raleigh, 



Pickard, Jeromt PeravaL IS16- 

Tfae ^eograpby of maaafetang ladustnes IB Norway 
Ann Ariw, Umwmty Mkxofifaas flSS 


MM3BiAC-l no, 8178 

%RtttiM. Csiv. Libr 


Waters, JoimWiffiains, 1924- 

TJie loottiwai aguiawnoe ol primary steel 
srattir lad^ry ndnbuMtdupi in peoiawilwr Ctetsurio. 
Arbor, University Microiibas ,1954, 

C t tItotTatyMkrtSte^AnttAr&wr,M^j 


Icwa. UciT Ubrary 


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Harnsburg, 195&- 
T 28oa. 

A 58-9127 
State TJniv Ubrary 


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A gwgraphic analysis of tiie development potential of 

Rantonl, Hknois Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rlDSSi 

({University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mfch.] Publication no 25,261) 

Microfilm AC-1 no 25,261 MM 58-438a 

Illinois. Uniir Library 


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Wasser and Indusfcnestandort un Hodirhemgebietj mit 
besonderer Berucksiditigttng der okonomischen Bedentung 
des Abwa^ers. Muncheai, 195& 

S7p 2lcm 
TD78X6 59-35388 

Feigin, IX G 

. opa KanHTajtasae a: co^aa- 
jiH3Me. MocKsa, Foe EB^-BO HOJIHT JiHt-pa, 1&54. 

581p 21 cm. 
HC340X>5F4 55-28399 

Feigin, fA 

jtHasfe. Ha^; 2 , nepep 
aaT-psc, 1958 

6880, maps. 2. cm. 
HCS40D5F4 1958 

Mocsrsa, Foe. ES^-BO DOJIHT 


Felgut, fk G 

Standortverteilung der Produktion im Kapitahsmus imd 
jm Sozaalianaus. t3l>erset2ung aus dem Russischen [Von Wil- 
helm Ficfcenscnerj Berlin, Yerla^ Die Wirtschaft, 1956 

MLpi 2ion 
HCMOD5F414 57-21953 t 

Koldomasov, ftf I 

PamtoaajcH3an:H nepesoaoK sa aeieaHo-AOpoacaoit T 
ttopTe Hs$ 2 , nepep H flon MocKsa, Foe tpaacn 
#op KSA-BO, 1950 

108 p 20 cm (SKOHOMHiecKa* gHOJxtoTeixa K&neaH 
HE3137K6- 1950a 55-29891 

Lavriskchev, A N 

otpacaeS sapo^HOro xoaaftCTaa Casa CCP, 


259 p 23cm. 

Stepano y, Petr Nikolaevich, 1887- 

Feorpa^HS upoMHinueEaocTH CCCP ^ 
cre jrae6 nocotfas AM reorp ^aKyitTeros roc 
xeroB H ncflaror HB-TOB USA 2 , nepep H 
Foe ye<SHO-naror. BS^-W>, 1955. 
288 p. maps (4 fold. coL In {xicket) diagra. 28 cm. 

195S 55-48207 



San Francisco Bay Aiea Council 

A guide to industrial locations in the San Francisco Bay 
area. San Francisco r !955j 

Ui, 71 p (p Tl blank for "Notea") Illus., maps { jrt col , 1 fpld.) 




Sara Fraadsco Bay Area Council 

A guide to industrial locations In the San Francisco Bay 
area. r San, Francisco, 1958} 

56 p. iil-J3.,rQapa{pfirtcoL, If old.) tables. 28cm. 
HC108S7^8 1058 333.77 58-38542 


Lehmann, Wolfgang. 

Die EnUacHuug der Standozta der schwetzexisfchen In- 
ctestneE seit dcm End* des 19 Jahrnundects. Zujrifca, Jxiris- 


IHm. 38 cm. 
HC4Q0JD&L4 1052 


Escott, Florence. 

Why 122 manufacturers located pknta in Texas. 
Bureau of Business Kesearch, College of Bnsness Adminis- 
tration, University of Texas 10M or &, 

25 p, 23cm. (Texas Industry series, no. 3) 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

U S. 

American Federation of Labor. 

Subsidized indu-truil migration the luring of plants to 
new locations Recommendations for legislative action by 
the Sufatoiwmttee on Migration and Subsidization of Indus- 
try, National Legislative Committee, AF of L, with a report 
by the AF of L Department of Research Washington, 1955. 

v 84 p 23 cm 
HC110D3A7 S3891 56-58635 

Oiffe, Frank Bailey, 1921- 

Industnal dispersal and cinl defense Chicago 3Dept of 
Photoduplicdtioa, University of Chicago Library] 1957 
Microfilm 5616 UA Mic 58-6680 t 

Chicago Unlv Libr 

Coaaort, Raymond Paul, 1926- 

Subuibanization of service iuUustires within '-tauibid 
metropolitan areas rOxfoid, Olnoj Published jointij b\ 
Scnpps Foundation for Research in Population Problems, 
Miami Unnersitj, and Population Research and Training 
Center, University of Chicago t Chicago, 1U35 3 

Tip illua 28 cm < Serlpps Foundation studies in population dis- 
tribution, no 10} 
HF3007CS *33S46 55-2934 rev t 

Cazzort, Raymond Paul, 1926- 

The suburbanization of service trade activities in standard 
metropolitan areas of the United States from 1939 to 1948 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms t 1955j 

(tUniversity Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlcb-j Publication no 13,323) 

Microfilm AC-1 no 13,323 Mic A 55-2237 

Minnesota Unlv Libr 

DesseL Murray 3> 

Long term regional trends in manufacturing 1 growth, 
1899-1&J3 Washington, U & Dept of Commerce, Office 

of Area Bet elopment, 1958 

12 p Illub J6 cm (US Dept of Commerce, Office of Area 
Development, Irea trend series, no 2 > 
HD9725 D4 338 -I 58-61035 J 

Gokhman, Veiuamin Maksovich. 

FeorpacjiraH TSAeaofi npOMHrn-ienHOCTH CIHA (no saAHefi- 
mim oTpaciJtsc n no paiionan) MocKsa, Foe ns^-ao reorp 
JUST-PH, 1956 

530 p maps (1 fold.) 21 cm. 

HC106 5 G59 


Etagawa, Evelyn Mae, 1920- 

Suburbuuzation of manufacturing activity mtMa stand- 
ard metropolitan areas, by Evelyn M. Kitagawa and Donald 
J Bogtie. tOxford, Ohio s Publisiied jointly by Scnpps 
Foundation for Kesearch, in Population Problems, Miami 
University, and Population Eeseardh and Training Center, 
University of Chicago t Chicago, 1955] 

162 p ilins 28 em. (Scrippa Foundation stndies In population dte- 
tribtttioo no. 9) 
HD972SJI5 3384 55-2935 t 

Kronets, Simon Smith, 1901- ed 

Population redi^nbution and economic growth. United 
States, 1STQ-1&5G Prepared under the direction of Simon 
Kuznets and Dorothy Swame Thomas, Plukdelphxa, Tb 

American. Philosophical Society, 1957- 

T map, dlagx&, tables 31 on, (Memoirs of tbe Jjmertcaa 

-- Copy 2 

*3Q132 312J 
QI1PB12 V0L45 

57-10071 rev 

Maryland. University. Bur&w &f Bwsmm 

Industrial dispersal College Park, 1950 

12 P. tables 28 cm. (Its Studies In business and economies, 
T &o.4) 
HG110D5MS 338 A Sfr-9637 

Enoch Pratt Free Ubr 

MeM, Paul, 1889- 

Maj-or manufacturing mdastees as potential sources of 
eroplwinejit ia low UKXHW f aim areas. E WaAiMton, 1957, 

IT, ft p mas, nsaps. 26 on, (F S Agrteateal MarlBetinf 
Service. AMS Bo 170} 

^ __Ar 57-148 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

Trends In industrial location rby ilalcolm a 
Division of Business Practices; Nevr York ^195^ 

33 p. Uta. % em. (Its Conference Board reports. Srjdlea to 
HF5006.K3 no. 59 58-4503 

U. S. 

of roanttfactming plants by industry, county, 
and empIo3iaentsLse: 1954. Based or, a specialtabuktion of 
the 11*54 essas of manufacturers. Prepared by the Bureat: 
of the C^r^us and the Off.ce of Area Deveioprneiit. 
tm } 17 S "Dept, of Commerce, 1959. 
tp*a, f&taa, 

U. S Congress Joint* Economic Committee 

The need for mdcstnal dispersal , matpnals prepared for 
the Joint Committee on the Economic Report by the com- 
mittee staff Washington, C S Gort Punt Off, 1051 

T, 56 p illua , fo'd taa^ 24 cm 
HC110 D5A5 33o 973 S 1-61057 rev 

Watter, Sfabe! Louise, 1898- 

Business enterprise and the city Princeton, K". J, Tax 
Institute , 1957, 
144 p il us -3 ca, 

A 58-S620 
Lehlgbln\ Library 


Virginia. Advisory Council m the Vvrgvma Economy 
Fiscal Study Commit fee . 

Indubtnal location questionnaire, tabulation of results, 
October, 1956 .Kichmond, 1956, 

141 fficm. 

Virginia, State Library 


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Factors influencing plant location in West Virginia, 1945- 
1956, by James H Thompbon and Thomas S Isaack. 
Morgantown, Bureau of Business Research, College of Com- 
merce, West Virginia University f 1956 } 

y,24p maps, diagm, tables. 28cm (West Virginia UniTer^ty 
Boslne and economic studies, v 5, no 1) 

HB972TW4T48 A 56-9554 

KanawtoCo^W Va. Public Library 


Wisconsin. Division of Industrial Development 

Industrial zonmg principles and practices. Madison, 

42 p iilus 23 en 

711 552 



Turner, Othel Be Voice, 1917- 

Bidtistnal location factors in Wyoming a functional 

analysis Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [1958 3 

Microfilm AC-1 no 5S-1674 Mic 58-1674 


see also Agriculture, Primitive; Bow 
and arrow; Fishing, Primitive; Indians 
of North America 'Industries; Man, 
Prehistoric; Pottery; Stone implements; 

Buarque de HoDanda, Sergio, 1903- 

Caminhos e fronteiras, Ed. ilusfxada. Bio de Janeiro, 
J. Olympic, 19S7 
3S4 p mas 2S cm. (CJoIcisSo Documentos braaOeiros, 88) 

58-24621 t 

Buck, flir Peter Henry, 1880-1051. 

Arts and crafts of Hawaii, by Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H. 
Buck) fHonoluluj Bishop Museum Press, 1957. 

XT, WS p. inn. 27 cm. (Beralce P Bteh.o Moswm. Special 
paollcation 45) 

BU624.7JS75 572.9069 58-1948 

Heidiellieim, Rritz, 1901- 

An anuaat economic history, from tae palaeolithic age to 
the migrations of the Germanic, Slavic and Arabic nations. 
Rer. and complete English ed Leiden, A, W. Sqthoff, 1958- 

T 23cm 

[HC3LH ] A 59-3753 

Indiana, tnlv Ubr 

Udy, Stanley H 1928- 

Organization of work; a comparative analysis of produc- 
tion among nonindnstnal peoples With an introd. by 
George P Murdoefc. New HaTen, HRAF Press, 1959. 

182 p tables. 2 cm (Be-havior science mmogm^i) 
HD21.U3 m 59-9547 



INDUSTRIES, SERVICE see Service indus- 


see also Big business; Small business 

Dottiuger, Ortwin, 1927- 

Der Einfluss der Betriebsgrosse auf die Kostenstrukwir 
iadustz-ietler Betriebe uziter bssondfrrer 
derStrickereieB. Muncten, 1953. 

Hatiser, Gerhard, IUT- 

Die owtirale Betriebbgrosse ernes Tjt^esze targsunter- 
aehmens u *a d^ opfamale Aufldpenhohe, e*ie Kostenunter 
sucfeunjr 1 ubinseii 1355 

Tli, I42p 22 <m 
PN5&>8 H36 57-2W95 

Lnkas, Edith, 1>9- 

Beitrag 1 zian Proolem der oetnebhcaen EiastiziUt aater 
besoaderer Berucjcsachtieuia; der ZwedcKtzunp, Kechtsform 

und Betnebs^r^sse Murchcn, 1054. 

T!, 1G3, 4 j L iilos 30 can 
HD38 LS 59-34701 

Schmidt, Richard Nicholas, 1916- 

A corsiderition of some aspects of business growth. Ann 
Arbor, Unnerssity Sticrofiinis ,1854-5 

CjUnlTersIty MSrroflkna, Ana Arbor, MIC&.J Pttblicatiott 7717) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 7717 Mic A 53-3105 

Midiigaa Cmv Libr 

Ziegler, Hermann Otto, 19SO- 

Die Betnebsgrossenkalkulation jMttndbenj 1954 
MOL tables 30cm 


Markov, D'ia Stepanovicli. 

Op^esa Tpy^osoro Kpacnoro SHajcesE 3: 


Illua. 20 cm 


Sanitetstjenesten i Industrivemet 
47p ffltis 21cm, 



see also Big business; Business moral- 
ity; Businessmen; Costs, Industrial; 
Cottage industries; Efficiency, Industrial; 
Employees' representation in management; 
Entrepreneur; Industrial capacity; In- 
dustrial equipment; Industrial manage- 
ment; Industrial organization; Industrial 
promotion; Industrial publicity; Industrial 
relations; Industrialization; Industries, 
Size of; Industry and weather; Inter- 
industry economics; Machinery in in- 
dustry; Moving- pictures in industry; 
New business enterprises; Research, 
Industrial; Seasonal industries; Sub- 
stitution (Economics); Turnover 
(Business); Water-supply, Industrial 

Amadom, Aldo. 

Conflitto ed equilibrio di mtenessd net Mlaaeio defl'mprest, 

. 25m 


II sistsma. dsll'iiapresa BeH0 condizisxii pro^ettidbc 
suo equilibrio 3.ed. Bcrnia, A. ^noreffi, 1956L 

104 p- 25 OIL 

Ubraefe* HD21 

Le sitnazioiii d^snprefi. lavestajgata jadlE dimmlca ecso- 
ia deB& ptwjKjtizKwi IGIaws A, Ginffrl, ST- 
v. SS ott. IFmmk cajBana M teealcs etfoaosalca, serie T; E. 1 

Parasewad, J. 

Barbier, Pierre, 1905- 

Organisation ir t dustriei!e. Prfl de J. Fmaafcii 

de premiere ir.dustriells. 

New York Univ 


Brodsky, Midi*!. 

Production et ^eonomie iadastrielfes; lei f 
nologiques. Paris, Librairi* -C^erale de droit et ds } cuH s- 

T | 

Library of Congress Catalog Books; Subjects 

INDUSTRY (Continued) 

Campion, Gabriel Louis. 

Tmte de entrepn^s pnvees Piel de Hob-erf Goetz- 
Girev P> 5d, cnt-ereiaect refondae ec mise a. joiur avec din 
index alphabetize P rtis, Presses universitaires de France, 

T dagrs 24 i & 

A 59-5481 
ttiiy Htearlea HFS331 

Mepennorst, Arend faaa. 

Het element der onzekerheid m de 
piobtenufaftk Amsterdam, Xooid-Hollaadsehe Cite Mi 
1951 K J 

n, 150 p (Lagrs 23 cm, 

Documentation Incorporated, TTa*A*nfon, # r 

Installation manual for the Uniterm System of Coordinate 

Indexing Fntpared under Contract AFlS(600}-376 Bay- 

ton, Ohio, Document Semes Center, 1058 
25 p illu 28CTH 


Ewing, David W ed 

Long-range planning; for management lst ecL New 
York, Harper t 195&j 

* p Hlus IS era. 
HD21B93 33891 5S-797S J 

Folett, Mary Parker, 1868-1933 

?*rfv ^ SITKPES c ^:n n^s T<P ^snn tenon 
t n p , 1957 : -myyss- ra"?^ risx-in .a-eto^R s nnn 

1S1 p 24 era 
T56 F6215 59-57238 

Fooxgeand, Andri, 

Principal gfofrMuc de Porgsmsatwa & de la, gestion des 
entrepnses Aix-en-Proncce, Pensee rauvewitaire, 1957 

29 p ffltts 28 em 
HD21.F 58-33743 1 

niSch-tecnnisdie verseiujnselea [doorj J A. Geert- 
man en A H Gfoeztaiaa Amsterdam, ElseTier, 1954- 

A 55-4055 

Gerimg-, Walter. 

Die mod-erne Industrie Ge<ianken zu ihrer Phjsiognomie, 
Stroktar, uad "K'ntseliaft < '^i0graphiscbeR Gliedaranif 
If uniter", Stahei, 1053, 

*(p 21 cro 

fHDSLG ] A 55-1805 

New Turk loiT WAS|L 

Ga^a^, Walter. 

I>se mixEerae Inda^ns; Profclone ihrer 
Struktor umd wirtedmfts-ge^rapliiaciieji Gliedcnmg. 2. 
ueo be&A. and erweiterte Aafl. Waralrawr* StaidL 1&54. 
2p 21a e ^^ 

19M 5W2261 

, Blna! Ckuaur. 
Industrial organizttion (Galcntta, New Toiij Indian 
Brtaeb, Oxford UniTCrsaty Pr^ .IWli 

Griffin, Dare J0er 1SSQ- wf 

Sfttectod rtadmgs in tl economra of enterprise Otaa- 
pdcd fey C3re E Griffin and Peter C Brknt Key 3. 
Aim Arbw, Mick, 1W. 

*^ IBM. a cm 
HDSLG74fi 1960 SS87CW 59-4S06 J 

H. B. 

Gross, Herbert, I&D7- 
Dtae gt tea 


Rarwood, Edward Crosby, 10CWV 

Usefol economira 5 2d edj Great Bamngton, Maffi, 
Amencan Institute for Economic Research ( 195S) 

144 p ditgrs. 2S cm. 
HBIT1H34 I950a SS01 5T-2IO 

Hemncb, Walter, 1MJ2- 

\\irtschaft und Pera>aiichkeit, die FiHirungsatifgaben 
des Unternehmprs und iiner Mitarheiter in der freien Welt 
Salzburg, Muller E 1957j 

218 p 18cm ( BeUte Wort und Aatwort, Bd 16) 
HD21 H44 57-36985 | 

Hirscfeberger, Egon Mtaamdian, 1034- 
Markt und Masse JfuBchen, 1055 
7i, 281 " 30 cm 
HD21Ji5 50-26MO 

JKeesing, Pekx Maswel, 1002- 

Social anthropology and industry, some explanatory 
workpapers t byi Felix M Keesm, Beamard J Siegel, and 
Blodwen Hammord jStanford, Calilj Dept of Anthro- 
pology, Stanford University, 1957. 
107 p*. 28 on 

HD2LKS6 57-59037 1 

Koiiagin, A 

ConBuacTtiTCCKOe BO 
BO irojiir iiii-pH, 1955 

83p SOan. 

Mocrsa, Foe na^- 


Die sozifthstiscbd Beprodiition tTbersetzung aus dem 
Essisch@n [Ton Gertrtid Starke, Berlm, Verlag Die Wurt- 
scfaaft, 1958 

87 p 2lcm 

HD21.K6H 58-25879 J 

Kosheltv, Filipp Petrovich. 

IIpeHMjJuec^BeHEHl! potr npoiisB-^cTBa cpe^crs npons- 


BOACiaa Mocitaa, 3H2Hne, 195S 

81 p 22 cm (Bcecoio3Hoe odmecrao no pacnpocrpaHeHHSo UOOT- 
TOTeocHx H mytiaa: smmA Cepat m, Nt 26) 
HS&.V8 1958 } no 26 59-20932 

KMOTS, Otto Jowf, 1908- 

Prodaktion und Verbrauah; eine Emfuhrang Berlin, 

r & Homblot C 1957j 

58-18738 f 

Lebtnra, Gasteu 


34p Illns. fflSe 
HF3S51.L* 1954 

dans te commerce et Industrie 4 Id. 


CJomrs d'econoame poiitique, licence i annee La produc- 

tion ; fea facteiurs de production, lentrepnse. Atx-i- Pro- 
vena, Pensee uoirereitaire 1&56 

177p 2Ttm 

HD21X20 57-32343 1 

Lems, Wilma Artiur, 1915- 

Th& tBrory of ecoQiic grcmrtk Loadot, Allai & Unwin 

3p, SScm. 


65-43952 J 

Loff, Ottowar. 

t tf r O Loff og Jens J. Lnd 2 
C. Gad, 105S- 

T iihw. 24 tan. 

Ldf r Ottomar. 

PnftsptomMai ^afj O Lot og J J Land. 4adg 
&avn,0 E, C. Gad, 1958- 

T iiiw, 24 CBI. 


Louro, Alberto Marta. 

Eojooroia iadnrtnaL 

262 p. 23cm. 

Cardim, 1959 3 

J van der. 

ladmsteajisafcie rdoco-j H J. THS der Mais rt aLt Ddffi, 

MeeMer, Heiarich, 1912- 

J00^ ^ 
sosiales Managemerit 

H. Seewald 

Mfite, Eene. 

Directives raisonnees concemant les placements, aspects 
couveaut de quelques problfem^ fconcmuques GenvaJ, L. 
de Lannoy, 1952 

143 p lilus 22cm 
HD21M42 56-21583 t 

Merlam, Carlo 

Lmeamenti dell'impiesa. mdustnale a dell'impresa met- 
cantsle Padova, GEDAM, 1952 
220 p 22cm 

HD21 M43 55-43700 J 

Messmann, Horst. 

Anschauhche Theone der Terbundenen ProduktioiL 
Meisenheim-Wien, Westknlturverlag A. Ham, 1952 

69 p dlagrs 21 on 

Mummery, Albert Frederick, 1835-1895 

The phjsiology of industry, being an exposure of certain 
fallacies in existing theories of ecoaoroies, by A. F Mum- 
mery and J A Hofason New York, Kelley & Millman, 
1956 ' 

215 $ 21 cm. [Reprints of economic classics] 
HB171M95 1956 S30 1 


Muthesius, Voflonar, 1900- 

Du und die Wirtschaft, eine Einfuhmng in vnrtschaft- 
liches Denfeen r BerLnj Ullstem t 1955j 
296 p illns 22cm 

A 55-5411 
C&icago UQIT LIbr 

NeH-Breumng, Oswald van, 1890- 

Wirtscbaft und Gesellschaft Freiburg, Herder, 1956-57. 
2 T 23 cm, 
HD21 M 59-28251 

Omda, Pietro. 

L'azienda; pram prmcipi da gestione e di orgamzzazione 
Milano,A Gmffre, 1954 

xlx, 411 p 25 cm. 

HD21055 A 56-581 

New York Univ libraries 

Paneiera, EmUio. 

Le macroaaende Palermo, Abbaco, 1957 ['1955- 

T 2S cm (Stndl "Abbaco" ffl amminisfarazlone azleadale, 7, 

A 59-2046 
Chicago Univ Ubr HDT1 


N"uovi studi di economia azaendale: le macroazaende Pa- 
lermo, Abbaco, 1955 

358 p. 23 cm (Studi "Abbaco" dl ammlnlstraiione azlendale. 7) 
HD71 P3 5^-44297 

PashkoT, A I 

3KOHOMHHecEBcll sasoH npeHMymecTECHHoro pocxa upo 
HSBOACtsa cpe,a;cTB npoESBO^CTsa MocKsa. rociutaHHs^aT, 

231 p 23 on. 
HC59P3S 5&-27431 t 

Ramos, Alberto Guetmro. 

A sociologla industaal; fonnagao, tendencias atuais RM> 
de Janeiro^ 1952 

176 p nioa. 2Scns 
HD21JE128 55-42989 1 

Haupach, Hans, 1903- 

Industnaliaaius als TTirklichkeit und Wirtschaftsstufe. 
Berlm f Duneker & Humblofc "1954! 
a>p. 24 p {Sadalwfa8eaa<afmdie 
HD21 R29 57-35374 

'N I 

O ipex occXjfeKHOCTjDC upoiraBCflCTBa MocKsa. BnaHHe, 
Si p 22 cm. (BcecQwraaoe ooo^ecTBo no pacnpocrpaHeHHW mm- 

TOTeoaa H sayHtHKX 3aBBi, Cepiw I, ,Ns 60) 

HBS7E40 57-227BO 

Eobiason, Edward Austin Gossage. 

The strocfcure of competitive industry. [Kev. QncagOj 
Unmwaty of Oncago Press C 1959, 1958j 

ISQp, is cm {33ie OwniMiaite economic bandbools) 
HPS1.E0 1959 330,1 50-69S9 1 

Rornpcy, Victor \-an. 

Prodnctie en pwxiactmteat in de ecoa 
Leaven, & Warny, 1950. 


228 p as m. (Kat3wii^ UnlTersltMt te Leowen, BeeSs ran e 
Scbooi voor Ecoaomischc Wetenschappen, nr 40} 


Salm ? Edgar, 1892- 

Wirfaacbift nd Technlk als pobtecke Eeatoafcj dn Tor- 

ttaj Kola, S^aaum-Yerlag, 1954. 
a p. 2<. 

UMv. Olr. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

INDUSTRY (Continued) 

Sdsafer, Encfa, Dec 22, 1900- 

Die Unternehmung, Einfuhrung in d^e iJetnebstnrt- 

achaftslehre 2 dttrchgesehene Aufi Koln t Westdeutscher 
Verlag, 1954- 

v diagrs 21 cm 

[HD21S ] A 56-5770 

New York Unit libraries 

Sdottalenbacfe, Engn, 1S73-1935 

Der freien Wirtschaft zum Gsdichtnis 3 , erweitert* und 
verb Aufl bearb von Kichard Bauer Eloln. Westdentscher 
Verlag {1938, "l^ 

133 j> MOP 

PTO2326S ] A 50-4330 

Cfa cago Un v Libr 

Stanford Research Institute, Stanford Umvernty 

Minna I of industrial development ^itli special applica- 
tion to Latin America jTVasningtonj Foreign Operations 
Administration, Ofhce of Industrial Kesources 1955 

x, 208, A-l A-13, 83 p Was 2$ cm 

HDS2 S82 1055a 55-G1501 

United Nations. Dept of Economic Affmrs 

Kecent changes in production t Prepared bj the Division 
of Economic St ability -md Development , Supplement to 
World economic report, 1950-31 Xew York, 1952 

T, 120 p caWes 27 cm (Halted Nations rDocument, E/2198, 
addl,ST/ECA/t4/addl) ' 

JX1&77A2 E 2193 add 1, etc 53-2823 rev 2 

830 904 
-- . - c opv 2 HC3&JL2SS3 

Yenfaafeo, WUhdm, 1878- 

TFirtsehaft als ScTncfrsal mid Aufgab*. "Wiesbaden, 
iSTecesgatas- Verlag, 1&50 

342 p. lite 20cm. 
HD2LV4 55-21163 J 

Waffensdumdt, Walter Georf, 188T- 

Produktion Messenhem/GIaa^ A. Hain,, 1055. 

255 p dlagra, 24 cm 

HD2LWS A56-6M7 


Wagenfnhr, Horst, 1903- 

TTie die Wirtsehaft fonfctioniert; eine Wirtsdiaftskimde 
fur lederaaiw r l. AufL GatmlA, C. 
477p fflra. 20an. 


Wagef Siir, Horst, 1903- 

Wle die Wirtschaffc foaiktiomertj ane Wirtsc2iaftiaiida 
fjirjedermaim. C T Aufl. Gataralohj C, Bertelsmann 1957j 

477p. mtra. WCDL 

[HCS5W ] A5&-6571 

New Yorfe XJniT Hbctries 

Wjd, Paul 

ProdukhoEspoIitik in der Marktmrtschaft Essen, 1948 
44 1 30 cm. {Eheiioiscli-Westeillsdnas ioodtot ffir Praktlsdis 

WIrtaclsamf orsdjaoR, toea, Heft 88) 

HD21 Wm 56-S587T 

WiHntott, Francis B 

A new era of opportunity London, baint Cthenna 
Press jlSMj 

185 pt llfas 2Son, 

Wright, Frank Joseph. 

The elements of modern industrial oargamsataom. London, 
Maedonald & Evans, 10S8. 

220|>, mm. 5oa, 
HDSLWT 6S>o 59-1871 J 

, G 



tmd Leistungsdeakeij. in dor Betriebswirt- 

Hand werkex- usd Gewerbeyerbaad der Stault Bern 


Cariasco Puenie, Rafael, 1902- 

Bibhografia, indastnaL Prologo del Ing Tito Aleesio 
Kobiei Mexico, Seeretarta del TraBajo y Prenaon Social, 

27164 E2C3i 


Germany i Dubinin. Rtp&ut* 19 ^ \ Zcxtrdtxnsfr. 

tut JUT BtWwihelM e,en 

Bibhorj.phi6 zur Theorse und Praxis, der sozialsatistken 
Wurtschafr Bearb T, on einem Kollektir del Berliner Stadt- 
bibhotheic ui'ter Leitung von Ercli Kurschnert Leipzig, 
Terlag fur Bitch und Bibliot^eJcswesen '1955 

104 p 1 cm 
Z7164E2G4G C6-30824 

Library Association. Ctonty Ltbranes Section 

Eeaders J guide to books on the basing world. London 

51 p 19* cm. (Its Readers' guide, new ser, BO 18) 
Z1035L7 no 18 01685 

CHdalioma. University Library 

Tbe Harry W Ba^ collection in busmen history in the 
University of Oklahoma Library, as of February 20 1956. 
Xorman, 1S56 

76p 28 cm 

Z7184JS2CH A 56-9441 

Oklahoma Umv Libr AJW-i#4ti 

TI. S. International Cooperation Admanutratbn. Giftce of 
In&uttntil Resources. 

Industrial reports and publications 

57-61989 J 

Wilson, Fern L 

Index of publications by university bureaus of business 
research tCIevelandj Press of Western Reserve University 
C 1051j 

303p 28cm. 

-- Supplement; period covered. November 1950 to 
July 1054 [Cleveland?, 1957 
118L 28cm. 

2J7165 uowa SappL 

Z7165 U5W5 016 33 51-8511 rer 

Oklahoma. University. Zt&rary. 

The Mr and Mts Harry W. Bass collection m bosmess 
history , a check list of the books and other materials, 2d ed. 

2J orman, 1057, 

13 p port, fiesta. 28cm. 

Z7164E204 1W7 OI&JS A5S-91&9 

UaiT Ilbr 


^airless, Benjaxxun, 1890- 

It coald happen only in the U S. A coaJ miner's son 

iescnbes his remarkable career that led from Pigeon Run, 

" 1 111 ^ * 

Nora Carolina Unlv library 


A 57-4428 

Senngo tfoeumol de &eeena&im*Kto. 
Kecenseraoento geinl da BnaO, 1S60, Ckiao industnal 
dafica^o de mdustarwa. Sio de Janeiro, Servi^o Girifico 
do Instatnto Braaleiro de Gograa e E^atMca. 195L 

T, 31 p 2T<33i ^ 

HA40I6B7 57^7! 

Gft ait Genial Si^st^d O-ffice. 

Standard industrial daasificitioa. E 2d edj London, H. 
M, Stetunwzy Off., 1058. 

34 p. 25 cm. 

THG7 10B8 


Klasitikasi industrie dm segala 

59 p. 21 . 


dalam lapangan 


industrial dJBt ramas do actividad econoaaica. 
del Uruguay Di^e^o de la actnacion de los con^jos da 
adar.os ectre los anas 194S-1952. Coste de rlda; estudlo de 
preclos y saluios a trav^s da los anos 1943-1952. Montevi- 
deo, Impr. Kacional ^953^ 
__8iflp. dlagra. 23 cxu 
ED5013.A52 5&-26182 

21 osaj, 


Spisak gram djebtnosti: popis 
16 p. 



U. S. International Cooperation J-dmtnutratfon. 

Teclmieai bulletin na 1- 
WasMcgton 1&55- 

no illw 23 em 
HB30 0t 37-3902 


International Technical Economic Congress. Antwerp, 1954 
Zilreren-jubileamboek, voordraeiitea gehouden tijdens en 
studies iDgezondm ter ^legenlieid van het Intemationaal 
Teeimseh- Economise!* Congrte gehoadea te Aatwerpea 
van 14 tot 19 Juni 1054 bij de vienng van het njfde Insfcram 
van de Konmklijke "\la*mise IiipsmeorsvereaigiBg, 1S28- 
1953 Antwerpen, Komnkiijke \lawa9e Ingemeorsvsaai- 

644 p. !U:os,jrts, mains, Jlagrg 29cm 

Ulinaia Univ library 

COSTS see Costs, Industrial 


JPrentice-Hall, inc.. New 7ork 

Directors 1 and officers 7 encyclopedic manual, prepared b^ 
the editorial staff of Prentice-Hall, me Xew York, 1955 

641 p illus, forms 24 cm. 
HB19 FT 658 103 55-5874 

Eoeppcr, ustav, 1S72- ed 

Fremdworterbuch fur Handel, Gevrarbe und Industrie fi 
bdeutend erweiterte Aufl. Baden-Baden, A Lutzeyer 
f !958j 

522p 19cm 

CHF1002K ] A5SWS96 

NCT York Univ Libraries 

Hoepke, Entas 1884- 

Dentsch-franzosisches Glossarium finanzieller und wirt- 
schaftlicher Fachansdrucke Frankfurt a. ML F Knaroo 

A 55-21 15 

TlUnols. Uair Otffary 


Hamburg. Welt-Winschafts-ArclilT. 

Audaeiidische Adresbuecher, Me^eiaitaloge uad Boraea- 
Jiandbiichver un Haniburgischoji "W'feii**W'irt8^iaifts-ArduTj 
637 Titel mit Signatoren der Bibhothdc, Stand: Jannusr 
1&52. [Bearb. von Aany Schmidt und lisa Tischerj Ham- 
burg, 195S. 

til 28cm 


Hamburg. Welt-Wirtsdtafts.AjrefaiF t &m*tiMk. 

Auslandische Adrerf)iiciir; 8&3 Titel nut Siffmtarea d*r 
Bibliothek. 2 Ausg , Stand- Jam 1999. r AttsgarbeIfcei TOO 
Anny Schmidt! Hamburg, 195S 

US p, W cm C* AtwIaadsicmKte* Ufentunatihircbi er dfe 
G*tete Wirtsctoft and PttUHk, Kedit ant XedbaUc, Ailmaelae 
Abtetlisngv No 2) *jew 

27164.C8H26 1053 55-12213 

U. a. jfweem of Foreign @ommrw ( 

A gmde to foreignbosrness directories. Washingtoa, U, S. 


Til, 132 p. 34 e 


Natioual Metal Trades Association. 

dwtrid Edvcztion. 





JM* also Comxnarce History; Factory 
system; Home labor; MacMnery in in- 

Brandt, L*o W^ligacg-, ISQ-S- 

Bb 8. t i . Kwwtoj SiArtraalte Bwdtaam. 
dsm SPD-Parteltag vom 1G. bis 14, JuH I&5S 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


HISTORY (Continued) 

Brandt, Leo Wolfgang, 19GS- 

Ihe zrmte industnelle Revolution .Deutselie Ongx- 
nalaosg* Wmchen T P List ,1057, 

170 p IS cm, i lASt BEjieher, &4) 
HC59B7 11*57 59-33&1 J 

Fruhogsctarf , Walter. 

L& segunda revolucion industrial y el desarrallo social- 

econoimoo , eonierencaa prontuiciada delante de la Soo^dad 
Cubaim de Estadios Fiscsles el 27 da febrero de 1057 


Florida- Unit Library 

Ma, Mai. 

80 p. fflias IS em. 

1. Indwtiy Hist t Title 

too dila lanasjefo taut tl too <&%* 
C 59-1336 { 

Nef, J01m Cine, 18W- 

La, niussance de la civilisation indastneUe et le nionde con- 
temporain Pans, A. Colin, 1&54 

218 p front. 23 cm, (Collection ficotswnles, sod&te, cirfllaa- 


A 57-1402 
HarrardUnlr Library 

Em Zeitalter stele suit ror Berlin, Yaria# Tedbuk, 1957. 
47 p Mitel 21 cm. 

59-48440 J 

Stendwrg , Fritz, 1895- 

Die nulitinsdbe and die industeelle Banrolntian. Berlin, 
F Vthkn, 1957. 

TiU, 3SS, 5 lt p 21CHL 

"Wlseoaaln. UnlT llbr 

Weber, Adolf, 18T8- 

Di PInBai dcr mdtBtnsllatt. Harolaimt Minebao, Var- 
Is}? d<w Bayranschien Akadaonie der WisBeosdbaffceas, m Kbia- 
migton bet Beck, 1057. 

58 p. a em. |Bayeriie ASaterfe ter WteRMsds&ften JWto- 
SltHmi*erlditiBi Jateg. I8OT, Heft 10} 

1. feeasBile Wstary 2. Icdsstry Hiai. 

^ 1004k 

3^ Ota oa 


D Weit MaM nidi, ek Braitar der Wafa des 



r, Dawd CL EBOT*I 


Arduv fur offenthch and 

aelunen Bd 1- 

Gottrngen, O Schwartz 
T '25 cm. 4 no a year 

Coniactgroep Opvoenng Ptodaciiviteit. 

van de werkzaamlieden. 

T illllH Zi OS. 


The Journal of industrial economics, v 1- 
Nov 1952- 



2cm. Sno tyear 


The Tidcezs magazme 

jLondon, Tickers I 

no Illua. 28 cm 3 BO" a year 
HC10 V496 





54-37020 rev | 

Wirtsdmflsrevae, 1 - Jalug ; 27. Sept 

v In illra ports 4&-aSem. weAlf 


Bnes8 penodictls index T. 1- 

Few York, H. W. Wilson Co. 

T 27cm 
Z7164C81B983 016.6505 


56-41658 J 


Hermeeke, Robert C ed 

The rale and the reason; a security liandbook Berkeley, 
Security Dept, Em^t Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, 
University of Gahf onua ^1959, 

l 40p 22m. 

JK734H4 351.75 59-63412 

U* S. Awt&mt ^ecwftwy of Defense (Manpower, Personnel 

and Bemrve) O$ce of Personnel Security Polwy 

ladosfcnal personnel aecanty review program; aoatial 
report 1st- 1055/56- 




U. S. Dept of De/enw 

Industrial secant} manual for safeguarding classified in- 
formation Jan 18,1051- 

51-0749 rev 


24 era 
UB240 t"5A" 

U.S. Ojuw of DefmM 

Standards for phymcal aecmnty of industrial and govern- 

mental facilities fWi^ington, U. S Govt. Print Off , 1958 3 
, 2Tc 





ermana, A C 

A basic bibliography for indastnsl secunty and plant 
protection, prepared under the direction of A, C. Gennann. 
East Lansing, Mick, School of Police Admiiiistration and. 
Pnbbc Safety^ Midngtt State UnivKsity, 1957 

211 28aa, 


Tfc dewlopraent of mduatesl sociology- Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms ^1954:] 

(tVhwritr MlcwHtes, Aim Arfw Mtt. t PaMicatim w> 8981) 
UkrofinAOl no.S6l 
Ptfebtaqfh. CST Ubr 

Frielmgsdorf , Walter. 

L<a MMEtmdjb revoltt^ii industrial y 

c^, cocf&rencia pmunaad debute de la Sooed&d 
de Esiudios Fiscales e! 27 de febrero de 1957. 




Fames, Sidney Jay. 

A study of jeiieral books published for supervisors in 

between 1MQ and 1850s, Ann, Arbor, Uorreraaty 

no. 90S4) 

f[Ua^ers::y Htarafi&M, Jim Arbor. 

Bicker, Gerhard, 1900- 

Ber Glaube des Industnemenschen. Stuttgart, Constantin 

79 p lllus 24 cm 
Wisconsin Cnlv Libr 

A 56-1606 

Schafer, Wilhelm, wntej on industrial management 

Iiidustnebetneb und Oftenthchkeit vor den sozialen Auf- 
gaben der Gegenwart; Versuch einer Generaknventur der 
sozialwutschaftlichen Probleme in einem Grosstmternehmen 
der Eisen schaffenden Industrie, und ihre BezieJbiungen zur 
offentlichen Sozialpolitik Stut%art, Bmg-Verlag 1956! 
2i179p Hlus 23cm. 

A 57-3626 
Wisconsin Univ Ubr 

Shratter, Benjaaun. 

Industrial sociology . status and prospects. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms [1954] 

rtUniveraltj Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mlctui FubUcatloo no 8991) 
Microfilm A C-I no 9991 Mic A 54-3614 

Pittsburgh Univ Libr 

Vincent, Melvin James. 

Kew foundations for industrial sociology, by Melvin J 
Vincent and Jackson Mayers Princeton, N J , Van Nbs- 

trano. r l59] 

456 p 24 cm. (The Van Nostrand series In sociology) 
HD6061V52 331 59-14621 t 

iegler, Armin. 

Die soziale Ordnung dreierlndustnebetriebe, Ergebnisse 
empmscher soaalmssenscitaftlicner Untersuchungen m 
Werken der papiererzeugenden Industne Crailslieim, 1956. 

227p 25cm. 

A 58-5372 
Wisconsin Uoir Libr 

STATISTICS see Industrial statis- 


Hagen, Everett Einar, 1906- 

Handbook for industry studies Cambridge, Center for 
International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
ogy, 1955 t i 6.1956] 

88 p 23 cos 
BD20H27 5e-36665 t 

U. S, International Oooperatwn Administration. Industrial 
Tramvng and Technical Aids Dwfaion 

Industrial development through participant training, in- 
dustrial processes and techniques, engineering and scientific 
studies, industrial management, investment development 
Washington t l959, 

iil,23p illus 27cm 
HC60U6I4744 30922 59-61913 

headings Industry 


France. Imtitut national de la, statiattque et des etudes eco- 

Nomeuclature des eutreprises, etabltssements et toutes ac- 
tintes collectives. 2. eU. lades alphabetique, Paris^Impr. 
nationale, 1949 

223 p 27 can, 
HD19F7 Id49a 55-40555 

France. Institut national de la itatistigue et <h Made* 

Recensement de la population 1954; nomenclature abregee 
de eotreprises, gtablissements et toutes actrvites colIectiTea. 
Index analjtique Pans, Impr. nationale, 1954. 

195 p. 27cm. 

HD19J7 1954 56-1916S 

K% hsea p% chi 31*0 pan she, Pekmg. 

1 p fflas., tables, 15c 

1, Industry Terminology x. Title, 



Vocational guidance 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

INDUSTRY AND ART see Art and industry 



Federation of British Industries. Sorth Midland Regional 

Report of the conference on industry and the universities 
organised by the F B I North Eegional Council and the 

University of Nottingham and held at the university, 24 
September 1952 London, Federation of Bntash Industries 





Grant, Douglas, ed 

The unrversty and business, Essays by 3 V. W. Bladea 
and others Toronto^ University of Toronto Press, 1958 
-Gp 24cm. 

A 58-6260 

Uolv LIfar LC1081 

Hessen, Sergei losifondi, 1887-1950 

Pedagogia e mondo economico t Tradazione Italians, di 
Eoberto Xen e Luigi Volpicelli, autorizzata e nvisfca dal- 

Pautorej 2 ed Eoma, Casa editrlce Avio r!954, 

m p 20 cm. (I Probleml ctella pedagogla, T 4) 
LB775H5275 1954 58-44111 J 

Hodnett, Edward, 1901- 

Industry-eoliegB relations. 1st ed^ Cleveland, World 
Pub Co r I955j 

158p 22cm, 
LB2331 H6 378 73 55-8254 J 

Southern. Cakfornia Industry-Edacation Conference, Lake 

Arrowkead^ Calif, W57 

Proceedings E ML Whaley, editor "Washington, Na- 
tional Academy of Sciences, National Research. Conned. 


i, 117 p 28 cm (National Eeseardi Ctomsdl Poblication no 

LC108LS6 1057 3706379495 5^-60391 

INDUSTRY AND MUSIC see Music in industry 


see also Agriculture and state; Bounties; 
Commercial policy; Concessions; Corpo- 
rate state; Economic policy; Foreign 
trade promotion; Forest policy; Full 
employment policies; Government busi- 
ness enterprises; Government competition; 
Government ownership; Government ques- 
tionnaires; Indiistrial laws and legislation; 
Insurance State supervision; Labor laws 
and legislation; Laissez-faire; Mercantile 
system; Price regulation; Priorities, In- 
dustrial; Public interest; Railroads and 
state; Right to labor; Subsidies; Trade 
regulation; and specific industries or 
commercial products 

AieB, Clark Lee, 

Prices, income, and public policy [by, Clark Lee Aikn, 
James M. Buchanan ;andj Marshall E. Colberg. M ed. 
Hew York, McGraw-Hill, 1959. 

501 p. fflot 21cm. 
HB17L5.AM 1950 330.1 5&-138S2 * 

Bedcemth, Herbert von, 1886- 

Grossindiisfcrie und Gtselladbaftaaixiiimig j indastrielle raid 
poktucbepyBamik. TabiBgen,Mo!ir.lg5C 

afl, 27S $, 2* on. (Hasd- uad LeJirbiichet ans dem Gblet der 


KDS611.B4 A 56-3067 

Mew York UMv ~ ' 


Uloga drzave n prxmdi; stedije i maienjab. za aeke 

sex-uje. Redaktar Harjan Kr.sper. Beograd, 1956. 

ISOp, a* em. (JtsSerijaT Bkonomska teorlja i ^ooomlka st.rm- 
H068UUB* SS-S142S 

Alfred V3ttarj 1&01- 

Am analysis of the mixed economy, using the sub-mode! 
technique, -Washington, 1952; 

, Alfredo Eric. 

i de serricios piiblkos y empresiis. Buenos 

Aim, Lditonai Saigal 1M7, 

I'^Op. mm, 23c^ iCuader^sjorTiadas) 

" "" t 

GbfiB, Pj^ng-wOT. 

a ****.* 

4391 ,1958, 

3S2 p Ilius 21 CO. 

L War Economic aapecta, 2. Industry awl state t. Title, 

Title roHMJwsaS Kakpang ky dogjehak fcaeyo 

HB195C53 K5S-127 J 

dementi, Faasto. 

Sulla economieiti degk interventi statfth Milano, Giuffre. 

iv, 34 p 25 cm (Istitoto di economia e finanza delta Facolti 
glnndlca d! Roma. (Pabblicaxionf t T) 
HD3611.C59 5S-21057 

Dimock, Marshall Edward, 1&03- 

Busmess and govBrmnmt 3d ed. Hew York. Holt 

559p fflus, 25cm 
HDS616.U47D5 1957 338973 57-5696 t 

Faesler, Julio. 

Algunos aspectos de la intBrroinci6B. del estado en la vida 
economica Mexico. 1956 



Fog: r Bjarke. 

Erkverr og samfand. Kwbenhavn, E Harck, 1950 

170 p 20 cm (Foreniogen G! unge handelsmaends uddannelae, 

Haadelslwijskoten i Kft>ettb,avn, Skrtf trsekke A, 4 Drifts^konomiske 

hovedproblemer, 7) 

HD3611 F6 56-28926 1 

Der Prele Arbeiter in der freien Welt; Referate, gehalten im 
Rahmen der Veranstaltung "Internationales Gesprich" 
anlasshch des J Gesamtosterreickischen Grewerkschajftstref- 
feixs ( b Sechzifr Jahre Osterreichische Oewerkschaftsbewe- 
ffung 1 *) vom f>0 August bis 6. September 1953. Wien, Ver- 
la#f des Osterreicluschen Gewerkschaftsbundes, 1954. 
157 p. ports 22 cm. 

A 56-2638 
libraries HDS&U 

G*sellshaf t for Soaalen Fortschritt. 

Soziale Autonomy nnd Staat, 13 Jarmar 1051. Berlin, 
Dancker & Humblot 1951] 

84p 23 on (*S<airtttea,Bd.l) 
HK5G43 Bd.1 56-l75 

Gesdfaehaf t for Sozialtm Fortschritt. 

Soaaale SelbstTerwaltong im dtttokratischen Staat unter 
besondesra: Beracksichtignng des EHogangsweeeas, 13 Sep- 
tembef 1&52 Berlm, Duneker & Hamblot r !952i 

Sep 2S<na. {/ Schriften, Bi 2> 
HN5.G4S Bd.2 

Henderson, William Otto, 1901- 

Tlie state and the industrial revolution in Prussia, 1740- 
1870 fljverpoolj lavwrpool Univ^sity Pre^, 1958, 

ixUi,232p mta.,ix>rts. r mapa. 28cm. 

Herrera Somellera, Jos* Luis. 

Ajrante sobre di intervewaomisma de estado. Mexico, 

73 p 23cm. 

Haber, Erast Rudolf, 1903- 

SdbstTCrwaltang dor Wirtschaft. t Stattgartj W, 
hammer r lW8i 


India (^^ m m^.) timittry of Induttry and Supply. 
Beport. t Nw Delhi UM0, 

KeHer, Paul, 1920- 

Dogniengeschichte dm woklstandspolitischen 




Littmann, Koarad. 

ZjiiUiiMTct, Si at-ut.ffkpit u^'J inrtsiJ.aftbj,e I ntw _K- 
lur,<:, Vf-^ ji uber ct^e W rk^nj^ei tUitsw rtsrjaftl'cntir 
Pro^es-t i*" uw pjitl ipitaLst:^b-r Penode '1 Aufl ^ 
Ko ii, Wt-ldtijtSL.hex Vtrlag 1S57 

1SS r <3 ur -, - 1 I.L. i W Irtsi Jiafts un 1 *ransn laens* i aft.' i ^e 
jt orai'hur?rt;r I'd 1 

A 59-27*2 

Loctfeim, Rolando G 

Estnt'Zdc:oa del capital crisis y transforaiaciun, rapi- 
tahsrao de estacio, socialismo de "estado, plan Marshal! 
T Buenos Aires Editorial '"Terdades** r 195Si 

183 p 3* em J 

HDS611 LS 57-1845!) + 

Mezico (City) Univeradad Nacional Escwla National 
de Bconomla 

L& incerrencion del estado en la economia, ctursos de m- 
vienio de 1955 [por_, Fernando Zamora t et al 1 ed en 
espanolj Mexico, Institute de Investigaciones Econ6mieas, 

M2p 2Scm 
HD3611M46 56-4318* 

Phiip, Andre*. 

La democratie mdustnelle Pans, Presses umveisitaites 
de France, 1955 
Till, 306 p 23 cm. 

XT _ A 57-6330 

New Tort TMv libraries HD6B11 

Seidel^ Brano, 1900- 

Industrialismus und Demofcratie, die Verfassmigsideale 
der Demokratie und die Tendenzen des IndustnalismES. 
Berlin, Duncfcer & Humblot 1954j 

119 p 23 em. (SozlalwlsacoschaftUcfce A-bhandliiiigeii, Heft 2) 
JC423^43 56-34311 

Theodore, Demetrios E 

Public regulation of business. Cleveland, Fefnn Collie 
Eeproduction Dept , *1955. 

JFTSp 28oo, 

Veraart, Joannes Antonius, 1SS3- 

B^mselen der publiekrechtelijke bedrijfeorgaaisaiie. 
Bussmn,P Brand, 1947. 

224 25cm 


224 p 25cm 



Villar Palasi, Jos Luis, 1928- 

Adnsjiustracion. y p-Iaiufic&cidn. Madrid, Ediciones Col- 
tura Hispamca, 1952 

171 p 21 ens 
HD85V385 55-25604 1 


Gomez Morales, Alfredo. 

Funci6n del estado ea la vida economica del pals, y en. el 
rnansjo y admirustraenSn de la hacienda pfiblwm; jcoafereada 
pronunciada el dia 20 de agosto del alo 1949, en el Centro 
de Altos Estudice del Minisfceno de Ejertato, Baseos Aarea, 

43 p. 24 cm. 




Gomawsuw, for Ami and ike 

United Nations. 

Far East. 

Rapport du Cycle d'etudes sur rorgajusatioa et la gestioa 
des entrepnses industrielle^ du sectenr pabiic. |Nw~YEfcf 

83 p ^cm. (Nattmwnniea. (Docwwsatj /CN3J/I&T/l{) 

United Nations. Economic dmmm^im for AA u? l&a 
Foe StuL 

Eeport of the Seminar osci OrsaniHifcioii and Ajfamustair 
tim of Pubbc Ettterpwa^ in the IttdasbM FWd. Hew 

4 p. 28 em. (TMtedNattasa, 
JX1977J5 B/GN".11/I/K 
-- OW2. HE 


Landelijk Algemeec Christeli jk Terfeond ran 

Be pr;vaa.t-onderr.emir^, wooftfe &ga TOW w erkgevers, 
8 en ^December IMS t^ Brasse 


AdEmiistrative atrtiKtare ox 
regulating basinets and wmam 
tie State of California r !957 } 

SSp. Hagr. am. 
, ^JJW4 



Lilmry of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


CHINA, 1949- ) 

26p 38cm. 

1 Industry and state-CMna (Pace's Kefttblle t Cbint, 3M&- 
) x Tltte 

Etum jra ted pte cbu 1 kong shame 
JF* iU htf cfen 1 kzf two tl wte f t 


C 59-2052 | 

4T C 1MB, 

5 2.lz 

Chtoa (*eos>!e* BefraMte C GMm, 

W, SsS-lraa. 

i awperatlw~hlaa {Peopte-a BepoWe of Qdaa, 
| i ladtartjy aadl itate Oilw {People's BwMIc of Chta, 
IMS- ) tittle 

*te fowMitoi" Kwaa yf wo fcw* kne te lUfe dfi 
too dua ]caff jefe tea yfi mm* jeh lx> ta 



Frwll>etr, Herman,, 1922- 

A case study of tie govEanuoKnt's role m economic develop- 
ment m the oghteanth century ; the Brno fine-dota factory. 
Aim Arbor, University Microfilms r 57 3 

( jUBlTwslsgr Hienaffitas, Ana Arisor, Miduj PobUeatton no 33,786)1 

Microfilm AC-1 no, 21.78 ~~ 

T liters* 


Chenot, Benrard. 

Drat pvbbe oonflouqnA, Puns, C<mrs de aroit E l5e s 

IF |4Siu S*oa. 

Henry Walter, M08- 

P'riBcctai Um- 


an siatiere ^Oo- 


Die ofec^Miie Hand IB der Wirtselsaft.; eii-a allgemeiae 
-- unter Berikksicbt^img tier deatschen Wirt- 

Insbtut our FSrfertmg Offentlicfeer 

Kat|eljer ron Parlament tmd Regierung, erne Tortrags- 
re'he Frankfurt am Mam 1951 

I72p 21 cm 
HD3816 G35 1 6 51-40342 rev j 

Issstitat arar ForderraGg Oif enthcher Angeltgeiih^teii. 

Der Sclmtz des Wettbewerbs in der sozialen JVIarktwirt- 

seliaft, Bencht uber erne Arbeitstagung Mit einleitendem 
Beferat von Leonhard Mikach Frankfurt am Maon r 1950, 
148 p 21cm 

51-23683 rev 

Phider, Kurt, 1$>2,1 
Bie ITirtvungie 


der Sozialpolmk auf ProduktiTitSt und 
keit enter Volkswirtschxft r&Iainz* 


1949- } 

Henndbezg, Horst Otmar. 

Zur Entw-icklnag und Organisation der Arbeilsbngaden 
m der volkseigenen Industrie Berlin, Terlae Die Wirt- 
schaft, 1055 

3M Illus 21 cm 

Wisconsin UalT Libr A 56-1611 

Ihe Guteacherung, ihre theoretisclie Gmndlage und prak- 
tische Anirendung Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtsclaft, 1954. 
324 p HlBS 21cm. 

A 55^5484 
CHIT Ilbr 

Mesang, Helmut. 

Die GutcffldbaraDg 1 , Ihrc tibeowtisciie Gfrasdlage und prajk- 

tuene Anwemdmig, Brlin, Y^rlag Pie Wlrtsdhtaft, 1955. 

29Tp. 22cm. 

Das Terwaltungsreclit der Wirtscliaftdieitordett. HaU, 
Gebauer-Scliwetschke Verk^ Haclsf. Jaeger, 1940 

35 p 21 cm, {Sk&rfftettreOie der Bechts- and Staatawteeajsliaft- 
Kdten rjOniat 4er Jfartla l4tthep-IMTenUIt Halie/Wltteabeqr, 



1949- ) 

Eimiar, Bkica, 192S- 

Hat ach das Bonawr Gnmdgesetz fur eina 

fassung 1 eatsdneden ! MandaetL 1952. 
65.Z leaves. 30 cm. 


: Bentsdiea StaatsrecfeMdtirer. 

Die siattliche Interveatirai im Bereidi dM- Wirtsehaft; 

Eeditsfpnaen und Redhisschiitz, Ihe Gregrowartiskge des 
Staatsicirchairwiits. Bendste TOE TJWch Scheraa jt alj 

aa Marburg am 16. and 17 Oktdber 1&52 Mifc eimsm 

a^Jer Aiwpradbe. Beriin, W. de Gniyter, 1954, 

a8p 23cm. (/ 


Germany (Trmi&ry ttnder AUIed ocwpa&tn, 
Z&wt) Dmtscfo 

mid Plaadiszlplm fertigea d , 

Ordnraig, sidbem den Zweijslhr- 

, der 

am 8T. und 58. April IMP in 



Conservative acii Unionist Centrai Offi, 

Tne in dustrl'al charter, t statement of Co 
tnalpouoy, : L*>ndon- 1947 

388 42 

e tadu 

Bndwlry and tbw state. London, Hmtdiijw% 


Nef, John Ulnc, 18S9- 

Industry and government in France and England, 1540- 
1640 Ithaca, K Y , Great Seal Books r !957 3 

Si 182 p 10cm. 
[HD3616F82N ] A 58-4920 

Coraell ttaiv Library 

Gibbon, Robert Oathwaite. 

The relationship of the state to the economic stystem in 
Greek political theory a study in Greek political thought 
Ann Arbor, University Microfilms f 1955 3 

C [Uaiversity Microfilms, Aon Arbor, Mlch.j Publication no 13 S&n 
Microfilm AC-1 no 13,361 Jfic 55-618 

India (Reyniblic) Ministry of Commerce and Industry 

Economic controls in India [Delhi, Manager of Publica- 
tions, lQ52j 
60p 22 can, 
H03616J4A55 58-34828 | 


Nemnan, Andrzej Marcin, 1907- 

Industrial development in Indonesia [Cambridge, Eng 
Students" Bookshops, 1955, 
40p 22cm 

A 56-7017 

Kansas. Unlv Library 


Ireland (Eire) Fear Trade Oommi&tion. 

Eeport. 1st- 
Dublm, Stationery Office. 

y 33cm. anaaaL 

HDS616.I4A32 55-29060 

IA Lotia contro i monopoli, a cura di Eugenio Scalfen. 

293 p 21cm. (Llbri del tempo, n. 26) 
Wlsconsla. Unlr Ltbr 

Nolos, Enrico. 

II govemo innsibile. c l ed. 

A 56-4080 

Ediziom di cultura 
183 p ports 18 cm { Problem! del jiorno, HOOTS ser ) 
Ddr I4br 

Panciera, Emilio. 

Introduzione allo studio delTecononua azaendale. Palermo 

I96p 25cm 

New Yorfc Unlv Wasii, 

Sq Library HD41SO.P3 

Sartori, Roiaolo. 

Le partecipaziom economiche deHo Stato. Koma, Editnce 
Studium r !957j 
130 p tables. 18cm. (UMTetsale atudlran, K) 



Faesier, Julio. 

AJgunos aspectos de la intervencion del estado en 

6T-47745 t 

Fernandez JMbusaia, Adrian. 

La Ley jsobre atnbuoones del ejecuttvo federal en materia 
econosni^. Mexico, 1953. 

$Tp, 21(30. 

56-44850 J 
Hre Sowelleia, Jose Lois. 

Apunt sobre el mtervenaonisnao de estado M&xioo, 

Mexico (City) Unirersidad NacionaL >ce2<r National 
de En&nomfat. 

La intervancioai del estado en la economia; cursos de in- 
Trno de 1955 t porj Fernando 2amora t et aL 1. ed en 
Inkitato d Invesfcigacionea Economical 

. 23 cm. 

56-4S18 J 

Ross, Stanford G 

T&x incentiTBS for industry in Mexico ; a report of & study 
caxried out in Mexico during- the summer of 1958, by Stan- 
ford 0. Boas nod John B. Christensen. Cambridge, Law 
Sdiool of Harrord UmvraJgr, 195. 

rrf, 253 p. 24 cm. 
HJ2337JM4K62 33dJ9i 59-9910 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Het partituhere stelsel , de behartigiag van publieke belan- 
j^en door particuliere Iichamen Alphen aan. den Hrjn, N 
Samson, 1955 

161 p 24 cm. 

HX313C6 55-30963 


Barton, Allen H l)24- 

Sotiologicil ar<l psychological problems of economic 
planning m Xonm Ann Aiboi,MHi U'uversnv Mifr^ 
films t 193<i, 

MiciofilmAC-l no rrt-lJ-Ji AIio 55-13 n 

t ilmnbiatmv LUtianfs 


Auanov, losif Nikokevich, 1S96- 

PaaBiiTue opramnan mniiux ifioput >npasieinia rocv^ap- 
CTBOHHU" npowuiinuuiouMQ i. CCCP ilocKea, Toe" 113^- 
BO opiw inT-pu, 195S 

70 p 20 cm 
HD.MG Rl> Vs 58-43481 

Lenin, Vladimir Fich, 1870-1921 

JIcBBii o rocyAapcTseHHOH sanHiauHSMe , rocy^apCTBeH- 
HHS KanHTaJtH3M B nepHO.3; nepexo^a y. co^EaJ[H3My. Mo- 


215p 21cm 
HX312LS45 57-4S245 J 

He&hanik, Semen LVovich. 

sanHH upoxwrnieHaocTii B CCCP Mocsaa. Tocfi 

303p 2Scm 
HDS616 B9M4 

Vinogradov, Vladimir Aleksasdrovicn. 

Con;na.'mcTiiC! oe Goo&necTBieazie cpeACTB upon 
CTBa B upowMfflieHHocTii CCCP 1 101 7-4918) Mocssa, 
BO AKa^exnn aa\ K CCCP, 193,1 

19 s> 20 cm " 


Bascema, Salyatore. 

La parafecalita in Sicilm, onen soaah e professional! di 
categona in a^ncolttira, indastna, commercio e artigianato 
Gitti di Castello, Istituto italiano edunoni gmndidhe, 1958 

HDD3616JE S4S52 50 133S6 f 


Piayford, Thomas. 

Freo eaiterprise under changing economic conditions, 
j Aidsiftids ?i Austridifiii Institute of MamtgsQi6n.t A,dcisidQ 

18 pt 22cm. (WmamQoealeEM3iiorlaltectBEre,3) 



Libraries ED3S16 



Aicte ioamafere, fcOTttniQtie et iaade a|>portee par ITSfiat 
tunisien aax entrepnses indnstrielles et oommeKr:kles de la 
Begence, par A, Kalniiis, attache a la Direction des finances. 


nias. 25<an annual. 


Sop Clagra. 


Afana, Waiter, IMS. 

Moaopofy ia Anwiei; a OTOIBDK as p0er r jj 
Water Adam t andj Hww K. Gra^ Hiw Ywk, M- 

Bain, Joe Staien, 1913- 

Bernstein, Maner H 

Regulating Lus^ress by indeper-dent coimnjssion Pnisce- 
ton, N J . PnntPtop University Press, 1055 

x..3(Wp 23 em J ^ 

HD3W6U47B5 33SU73 r^r^tl 

Dimock, Marshall Edward, 1003- 

Baaness and government. Sd ed Xew York, Hoi 

558 p Ulna 25cm 

HD36IGU47D5 1957 



Edwards, Cormn D 1901- 

Big bu-ineas md the poLcy of competition Cl6T6land. 

Presa of Western Eesen e ITniversitv, 1856 
2SOp 23 tin 

HC1065E38 3388 56-7229 J 

Jd, Merle, l r Jn7~ 
Government and the American economy t bv, Merle 
Famsod, Lincoln Gordon t andj Joseph C Pafamotmtam Jr 
3d ed :New York, Norton r 1059, ' 

090 p 2!>rin 

HD3bl6 U47F3 1950 330.973 

Hamilton, Walton Hate, 1881- 

The politics of industry; five lectures delivered on the 
William W Cook Foundation at the University of Michigan, 
February-March 1055 r lst ed , Xew York Knopf. 1957 

IW p 22 (The William W Cooic Founflatloa lectures 8) 
HD2795 HIS 338 073 57-5654 J 

Heiissohn, A 6 1806- 

One man s figkfe for freedom CaldwdUL IdaEo Caston 
Pmters, 1957. 

iarp 22 cm, 
HBS616U46H37 338 m 57-7629 f 

Koontz, HaroW, 1908- 

Public control of economic enterprise r by 5 Harold Koontz 
taadj Eacliard W. Gable New York, McGraw-Hill, 1S56 

851 p lUos 24cm 
HD3616U46K66 338 7S 55-11173 t 

Levin, Harrey Joshua, 1924- td 

Buaness orgamzation and public policy; a book of read- 
ings. Foreword by Join Perry Miter New York, Erne- 
liait jtt58j 

58-9358 | 

Mead, "Venom Arflmr, 1906- 

Goveniinent and business. 2d ed. New York, Harper 
i e !955 } ^ ^ 

Z^p. inns 34cm 
HD3616 U-iTMS 1955 338.07S 55-5898 | 

Pi^nini, Dudley Frank, 18&8- 

Pablic regidaiaoE of boaadss Homewood, IB, B B 
Irmn, 195S 

1B2p illos 24cm ( The Inrta series m economical 

HD36ie.U*7P35 3S8073 59-7830 I 

ames Wauw, USB^ 
The dollar decade j business ideas m the 1920%. Baton 



f, Eagene Victor, 

Hanituxg for freedom; tito public law of American capl- 
talim^ New Havm, Tale Urn wmtj Breas, JISB9 
W Cook Fcnmtfadicn. l*crares, S) 


Smith, Howard Ross, 

<3oirerTiiiMmt and bosmss; a stady IB ewnoimc evolatum. 
Hw York, Bontld Piesi Co, jim 

ad,8Jp, fflos. a^cn. ^ 

HI16.USe 8.91 S8-MS5 

U. S. Qonffr&m t Home. OwmmUm on Btmkmo md 0**. 

Esteim< of Etefense producrtaoa nxA of 1950 Hearing 
before ti Comittittee oa Bankii^ aisd Cktnwicy, Hoase of 
B^reseatatorea, Bigh^fiflh Congrees, second sesma, oa 
H E. 100W. June 10, 1958. Washington, XT. S GoTt Print 

iil'43p tables. Mm, 

C. 8. 0<m0mm, Boma. 

EiKteawm < Befww prodaction aet of 1&50 Hwuraa^t 
bef ow the Owwnittee on Bukny; *d Gmroncy^ Hmm f 
Representat-ves, EigLty-fourtli Congress, first session, on 
,aa8, 19W 

tables. 24 era. 

U S. 

f or,im *i*ee on Govern** en 

Invest jg,.tifr into conunerviai anI industnal-tj-pe artivi- ir the Fwieral Govmonert Heanps before a sub- 

co*7iin t ttw of ttf Con'mittee on Govcnunent Operations, 
Hoase f,f Rtpreseatatnes, Eigbtv-tlurd Cor^rea, firstT-sec- 
ord ses=io" Traahargton. U S Govt Pnnt Off, 1953- 

<Pt< x, 1683 pjJIus.nap* I part foid) 24 c 



Conmittte OK Small Bustws* 

vju^cniiiicm, uunipetition wth prnite busire'=, l r 57 
Heannga before j. sutx'-ommittee uf the Select Committee on 
Snail Business, United States Seiute, Eighty-fafth CQP- 
gresa tir-t session on progress import or. discuiitiraince 
of co*nmerLial>type operations by tlia Federal Oo\ eminent 
April IG^ind May 22, 1957 Washington, XJ S Govt Print 

!v,104p 24cm 
HD3(,16TJ45A377 19^7 ^7-60C75 

Wilcox, Gair 1898- 

Pubhc policies toward business Ckteago, B D. Irma, 

^p Illos 24cm. (Irwln series to econoialcai} 
HD3616 U47W5 S38 01 55-8515 | 


Conference on Leas Go^enunent la LaiKMr-Manageant Re- 
laticais, Unwernty of Pemaylvam&, 19& 

Proceedings t of tKej Co-nference joatj Less Government in 
Labor-Management Relations- an achievable goal? Labor 
BelatioES Council, Wlmrton School of Fmtnce and Com- 
merce Philadelphia., 1953 

1401 28era 

and industry 

INDUSTRY AND WAB see War Economic 


see also Unemployment^ Seasonal 

American Meieorotogical Society. 

Industrial operations nnder extremes of wmGr lay J. A. 
Btissell jtnd others, Edited by J A. BoaaeH, with a fore- 
word bjHelmofcE Laaddierg. Boston, 1057. 

Georgia. last of Tech. Iltatcy 


Braisnfefe, Wolfgang. 

Indnstnelle Fruhzeit im G^nalde; Erriaergbsui mud Eisea- 
Kutten in der enropaischen Malerei 1500 bis 1850 jBtasel- 
dorf,W Kau,1957j 

56 p moonte<! lllaa ( parted) 41cm. 

N8218B7 A 58-5418 rev 

Harrarfi TJair library 


Warburg,, Jeretty, emp. 

The industrial muse, th& imdioMiiiJ rerolntiGn m EngMt 
poetry An wiiiology compiled, wi& mtrodL and oxmneoty 
by Jeremy Warbui^ md decorated fay Koj MMJUL Lw- 
don, New York, Oxfosd Um'wsty Press, 1MB 

174 p. 131m, 21 oa 

INEBRIATES see Alcoholics 

INEBRIETY see Alcoholism, Drunkenness 
(Criminal law) 


seealBo Maiiai tests; Mentally isaacH - 
capped children; Ptedantry 

; m pmkiwic stxidia 
OL W, K 


Btta*, OtioL 

Dept. cf PtfAr We-lfer e . 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Coffieid, William Howard, 19*23- 

A longitudinal study of the effects of aon-promotioa on 
educati \il ichieitsnent m the elementary school. Arm 
Arbor, UniTers*ty Microfilms t 1954, 

i Cmrersity SI crofiima Ana Arbur, Mich Publication ao 10,200) 
Microfilm AC-4 no 10,30) Mic A 54^405 

Ion a Ualv Library 

Dvbonrg, Pierre, 1924- 

La, stupidite hum&ine, 3es causes at ses effefs. Xeuckitel, 
Edition-, du ilr.ffon c !947, 

250 p 20 a (Les ldc t ks Mtrw 5 3 
BF435D8 57-45731 | 

Ftsent^ Rodriguez, Elsa. 

Las ohgofremos como determinants de la delmcueEcia 
Santiago, Fditorial Juridica d Chile, 1950 

-" v - tilus 2T cm 

Geyer, Herat, 10*?"-- 

"Ober die Dummheit Ursaeiten and Wirkungen der mtel- 
lektuetlm Minderleistung <3es Menscken , em Essay Gottm- 

gen, MastersehiBidt Iff Mi 
Sp 21cm. 

HarranJ Uair library 

A 55-2319 

Gem, Bont, 1907- 

uber die Bommlieifc Umdbaa and WtrSrangen der in- 
tellektaelfen Minderteteig ds Menedhea, ein Essay. j3. 
erneut durehgeseaene Attfi.) Gotfangen, Mnsteisclmudt 
c l35 } 1864, 

3ip Slca. 
BF435G4 1&55 

llnois. State School, Dm 

T 28aa. irrepdar 
UUctob UnlT Llferary 

A 55-10559 

Takni, Paul, 1908- 

The, natural science of stupidity t lst ecLi PMladelpluaj 
CWtaiCo r 19&9] 

288 p. 34 02 

BF4S5.T3 151 59-6447 1 


r, Nikolai IvanovkJi. 

HepaBCHcraa B xvpce airefipK 10 K.iacca r Meto^tj'aecraa 
ispaCorxa leHaHT>a^, Foe j^etSHO-ae^aror nat^-so, Jle- 


Un^iclia3^. [Ans <faa BavnoheB, Sbertpftgoi von 
Adolf JUagner, Beriia, Dmtsdar Yodar AST Wiw- 
"' fiatt.1961 

p. IBw. 21 em. (KMo Krffiwa^dlHe 

82p, inns 20cm 

MEQUAXJTY see Equality 

INERT ELEMENTS see Gases, Rare 

IHERTIA, MOMENTS OF see Moments of 


INEETIA, PRODUCTS OF see Moments of 



Priwsiptet f ocrtial attsgatea. {CtiUmf N. J , *!& 

JTew Tori; Sfaeed and 

OEM, tie*. 

33CBZ DB CAFTBO, 4 1355 

as seen f lirosgh two draisaatle iiiterprta.tioEs of tfee Ines 
t T7vTM 


DO. 18,630 

Mwitheilant, Henry de, 18^- 

La reme morte , drame en trois actes Terte corng par 
Fauteur avw les coupures poffiibles pout la representation. 

Introd de H -R Lenormand t Pans 3 Galluoard , New York, 

1ST p 18 cm rColleetion ponip^ei 

"'".5043R3 1951 56-14421 





U&maon, Bcimo. 

Der kanomselwa Infaiuebegriff m seiner geschicHtlictm 
Entwicklung, unter besonderer Beruclcsichtigung der In- 
famielehre des Franz Suarez. Leipzig, St Benno-Vcrlaa-. 

141 p 23 on fE-ferter theolc^teche Stndlen, Bd. 1) 


INFANCY OF ANIMALS see Animals, Infancy 


see also Predestination 

Coke, Henry C 

"Why baptize "babies! The case for infant baptism exam- 
ined. reenwica, ConiLj Seakury Preg^ 1^57 

J ^ 


265 1 

5T-8537 1 

Hutehlswn, Harry. 

Tij baptize infants f Tbe auciaot Christian practice of 
infant baptism explanwd for tiia layman f lst ed.. New 
Yori, Greenwich Book Publishera f195Tj 

85 p. 21 cm 
BV813H83 205,1 57-13364 J 

Marcel, Pierre Charles. 

The Biblical doctrme of infant baptism, sacrament of the 
covenant of grace Translated from the French by Philip 
Edflcombc Hashes London.,! CLuke rI953i 

2Wp 22cm. 

A 55-3278 
GeaeralTlseol Seat Literary 

Small, Bipigrht Hiarvey. 

The Biblstal basis for infant baptism; children in 
c0mwni premises. jWesAwood, K. J,j KeveH ^105% 
191 p- 22cm. 

2651 59^-11525 

INFANT EDUCATION see Education, Pre- 


, , 187~ 

A st^ay of tine Infant Jesus of Prague* Pictures by Joan 
Maria RoytA. Notre Dame, IndL, Dnjar Press f 1956i 

BX215&.C4E7 281JB 

Nfawsc, Ludhnk. 

Tie Infant of Prague; the story of the Holy Image and 
tie history of the devoton. New York Bernriger Broa 

OMp. iQQC 26 on. 
BX2U9CIN4 2SLTS 68-14125 t 

IJCFANT MORTALITY see Children Mortality; 

Infants 'Mortality; Infants (New-barn)- 



see also Infant baptism; Predestination 

MicheS, Albert. 

Eaf ats morta mm bapt&rae j tode dodrmale et docamea- 
taqrft, ceafatmtiw t Bypods. Letoe-prf, 

INFANT WELFARE see Matenml and Infant 

INFANTE, PEDRO, 1917-1957 

Tejada, VaJentfn, 1914- 

Pedro Infante, fdolo popular. M&aco, Editorial Teiada 
t I958i 

200 p. Ulna. 19cm. 
FN1998J.3I6 58-42183 | 


see also Abortion 

Gerchow, Joachim. 

Die arztlich-forensische Beurteilung voa Koudesmordenn- 
nen, em Beitra^ zum Problem der abartigen Erldbmsreak- 
tionen Halle, Saale, C Marhold, 195T. 

129, t l, p. 21 cm (Mediztaiscfc-jortsasclie Grenzfragca unter 
besonderer Berflckslchtlgang der Psychlatrie tmd Nvirologie, Heft 4) 


Papierkowsta, Zdzisfew. 

Daeciob6]Stwo w swietle prawa karnego, studium 
prawno-porownawcze. Lublin, Tow Naukowe K U L, 

53 p 22 cm (Towareystwo Naokowe KatoII<*Iego Uniweravt^hi 
Lobelsklego Rozprawy Wydzlahi Nao 

56-20317 t 
Williams, Glanvile Llewelyn, 1911- 

The sanctify of life and the cnmmal law With a fore- 
word by William C Warren t lsfc ed 3 New York, Knopf, 

3d, 350, ad p 22 cm. (James S Carpentier series, 1956) 

343 57-7549 

Wflhams, GlanviBe Llewelyn, 1911- 

The sanctity of life and the criminal law London, Faber 





Wieth-Knudsen, Enud Asb j^rn, 1878- 

Svangerskabslov, f osterdrab og barnemord t K0benhavnj 
A. Frost-Hansen, 1956 

I5p 21 cm 
HQ767W5 57-29254 t 

Escoto Crecedm Rafael. 

Pamcidio e infanticidio Mexico, 1954, 
ice p 22 cm 

5&-2374S t 
Me jia Prieto, Hector. 

El problema de la participacion en el pamcidio e infanti- 
cidio Mexico, 1950 
55p 23cm 

Taracena Campos, Manuel Antonio. 

El dehtode infanticidio. M^dco,1952. 

ST, 91 p 1& CtB. 


Papierkowski, Zdzislaw. 

D2aeciobojstwo w Swietle prawa kano^o, stadium 
prawno-porownawcze. Lublin. Tow. Naukowe 3L U, L. 

53 p. 22 cm (Towar^ystvro Nankowe Katollcklm> UnlwerHyteta 
LoW&Iego Ktfzprawy Wydriata Nank Spo^ecsnyc^ 1) 

56-20317 t 

Otaves y Chavez Casimiro. 

Delito de mfanhcadioj Articulo 410 del C6digo penal. 
Madrid, 1955. 
130p 21cm. 


INFANTILE PARALYSIS see Poliomyelitis 


Miiller, Lennart 

Werner^ syndrome; a survey based on two cases. By 
Lennart Muller and Bo Andersson. Stockholm, 1953, 

IT p. Ilius. 2A cm. (Acta tnedtea Scattdtoavlca. Sopplemeatnm 

OMo State UnlT Ubr 


see also France. Arm^e. Infantene; 
TJ.S. Army, Infantry; and similar 
headings J also subdivision Militia 
under states of the United States, e.g. 
Massachusetts Militia 


The Infantry loiamaL v. 1- 

iB&niry SchooL 
inm.,|iorta. 23cm. semlannaal. 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


see also Night fighting (Military science) 

, Fedor Kuz'midfa. 

aEOEoe OT^eieHne B iiacrj xueHHii MocEsa, Been 

H3J-BO, lt>"H 

1 p. Illus. 21 cm. 


Lentz, Bernard, 1881- 

The cadence system of teaching close order drill and ex- 
hibition drills jTth rev ed 3 Hamsburg, Pa, Military 
SerncePub Co t 1955j 

78 p Ulna 20 cm 
O3166L4 1955 35618 56-5305 | 

Lentz, Bernard, 1SS1- 

The cadence sjstem of teaching close order drill and ex- 
hibition dulls fStli rev ed j Hamsburg, Pa, Military 
Service Pub Co C 1957 3 

78 p Illus 20 cm 
UD160 L4 1*>3T 356 IB 57-10246 J 

Otaokmrradu Tobia, Jose Maria. 

La infanteria y sus pequefias umdadesj comentaiios sobre 
el batallon, la eompanfa, la seccion y el pelotdcu Madnd, 

Ediciones Ejercito, 1952. 

535 p mas. 20 cm (BstrtUoe fie ticticm y tecnlca mffltar) 
HD157O85 55-28244 J 

{Yugoslavia. Uprava m vatnarmisko vojno vaxpitanfa 
Skripta predvojniclEe obafce pesadije. Beogradj 1950 





see also Children; Children, First-born 

Aengenendt, Josef. 

Psycliologie des ei-sten I^bensjahres, biopsychologische 
Analysen des Verhalteas von Neugeborenjen und Sauglmgen. 
Bonn,Koneu Verlag t !954j 

2Q8p lllas 25cm 
BF723I6A3 55-29154 J 

Kudorov, A S 

OcofieHHOCTH xeiutoperyjtJBD{HH y Bereft paHHero sospacra. 
MocKsa, Metres, 1954 

77 p lUns. 21 cm. 
EJ252B55 55-37804 I 

, Sylvia, 1914- 

Patterns of mothering, maternal influence daring infancy. 
IntrodL by Rene A. Spitz New York, International Uni- 
versities Press t 1956j 

446p fflagrs., tables. 24cm. 
BF723I6B67 *iS67l 136,73522 

Hmt, Betty Margaret 

The security of infants. [Toronto] University of Toronto 
Press i!95% 

134 p. Ulna. 24cm. 

13073S2 5&-40393 t 

Gardner, Lytt I ed 

Adrenal fimcfaon in infants and children, a symposinm; 
abstracts of papers in English and Interlingua. Syracuse, 

Public Eekiaosis Office, State Umveraitf of Hew York, Up- 
state Medical Center, 1954. 

Cm ' 618.92 55-583 rev 

Lytt I ed. 

Adrenal function in. infants and children, & symposaum. 
Kew York, Gnme&Stratton, 1956. 

x,22lp 23cm. 
BI1S5J68B 618J2 55-114TO 

International Children's Centre, Paris. 
I* progenese; facteurs preconcept 


JUK pr^eneae; lacreurs preconcftpuoaneis an aeveioppe- 
fflwiat <fe I'eafant. jCows da Centre International de Fen- 
fance profess^ i Paris du 8 mars an 5 aTril 1954 5 Sous la 
direction de fiaymcnd Turpin, par H. Bayle ( et al, Scre^ 
taire de reduction Jerome Lejetine. Pref. du professeur 
SobertD^bre. Pans, Masson, 1955. 

en, (/(*Traraaietd<K-ameata,8) 


Jannes, EDy. 

Ett Sr med Ksin, mi&d fotografier at- forfattannaan 
StockholBi, KF s bokf orlag ,1965, 

158 p lite 23cm. 
HQTT4J3 56-29073 t 

ar, Fetter, 1919- 
Deteripmations of standard energy metabolism (basal 
metabolism) in normal infants jUppsala, Almqnst &. TTik- 
selL 1952 

131 p iiius dagrs (part coL) tables (part fold.) 24cm. (Acta 
ldiatrlca Sapplementom SO) 

A 55-3735 
Jobn Crerar L'b'-ary 

KnoWoch, Hilda, 19LV 

A developmental questionnaire for infants forty weeks of 
age an evaluation jbyi Hilda Knobloch and Benjamin Pasa- 
manick [Lafayette, lad 3 Child Development Publications, 

112 p Iiius tables. 23 cm. C Monographs of tbe Society for Re- 
search ID Chllfi DeTelopment, T 20, no 2, serial no 81) 
LB1103S6 voI20 5 no2 *13671 1367352 56-14654 
-- Copy 2 HQ750JL1S6 TO! 20, no 2 

Meram, Alberto L 

El despertar de la inteligencia; psicologia del primer ano 
de vida Prologo del profesor Sergio Levi Buenos Aires, 
Editorial Psique E1955J 

146 p 21 cm 
BF723J6M4 57-28018 J 

Milbank Memorial FimC 

The promotion of maternal and newborn health.; papers 
presented at the 1954 Annual Conference of the Mlbank 
Memorial Fund. 2S"ew York, 1955 

229 p diagrs , tables 23 cm. 
KG551M5 61821 56-984 

Mooiad, Ycrassef . 

L'eveil de Tmtelligence; etude de psychologie gengtiqn efc 
comparee. 2. ed. Pans, Presses umvearsitaires de France, 
1955 j'1954, 

HT, 348 p 2$ cm. (Sibllotii^ft scientifiq-ae hitaniatlonale. 
Sciences hamalnes) 

[QL785J,f ] A 56-6007 

Cornell UalT library 

Nohain, Jean. 

Le livre de maman Photos de Natkin Pansj Flam- 
manon {1958 1 

125 p illtts 28<an 
HQ774K6 58-40309 t 

Piaget, Jean, 1896- 

Les relations entre Faffectivit^ et llntelligeiice dans le 
dveloppement mental de 1'enfanL Paris, Centre de doca- 
BMBitation nniversitaire, 1954. 

195 p. 27cm. (Lea Owns de Sorboone) 
BF723J6P5 57-27715 J 

Eheingold, Harriet Lange. 

The modification of social responsiveness in, institutional 
babies, Chicago t Library, Dept of Photographic Beprodne- 
tion, University of ChicagOj 1955. 
Mcrofilm 4949 BF Mac 57-5470 

Rheingold, Harriet Lange. 

The modification of social responsiveness in institutional 
babies. ,rLafayette, Ind j Child Development Publications, 

48 p <3Iagns, tables 23 cm, (Mon<raphs of the Society tot 
Research In Child Derdopntent, v 21, no 2, serial no, 63) 
LB1103S6 voL21,no.2 *1S6.71 186.7352 57-1276 
. Coj>y2, HQTW^l^S TOLEDO. 2 

TiUika, Hilkka. 

On the weight and structure of the adrenal glands and 
the factors affecting them, in childrea of 0-2 years jUpp- 
sala, Almqvist & Wiksell, 1951j 

95 p diagra-, tables. 24 fn., (Acta padiatrica. Sapplemenram 

A 55-3017 
Jobn Crerar Library 

Themen, Chriatiaan George WiDem. 

De ontwikkelmg van het accommodatie-vennogen in de 
eerste levensmaanden. Leiden, E UdO[l%6 } 
54 p. dlagrs 25cm. 

QP476T5 57-2S681 

Wolf, Katherine Maria, 1907- 

As yotcr child fijtows t^h-^ first eighteen BMXoths* by 
Kkthenne- M Wolf with Alrne B. Juaerback Photo* by 
Suzanne Szauz. New York, Child Study Association of 
America t n055i 

32 p. lUte, 21cm. 
BJ131.W6 64&.1 55-U405 t 

World Health Organization. 

Infant metabolism; proceedings of the World Health 
Organisation 's seminars held at Ley den and Stockholm ia 
October-November, 1950. Conducted by Evert Gt>rter s S. 2. 
Levine r and, Arnd Wallgren. Edited by L Herbert Schein- 
berg. New York, Macminanjie56j 

nil, 435 p. mm, Mem. 
E.Tli>5.W6 612.015S 56-7339 

Zeisel, Hans, ^ j^jw of medieme 

Lrter'-'uchunpeii zur yeberjaierenrirwlBiifunjktioii ua Sjj.- 

glinpsalter Basel Xew York, S Kargpr, 1056 

95 p ffluss , dagrs , tables 25cm. * Blhlictheca j^diatrica, flue. 

A 57-3959 
n.v Libr SJ1 

Zsebok, Zoltan. 

Eunt^enanatomie der Neageborenen- und SaugLngsItmge, 
Slit emem Geleitwort vor> B Glaorter Stuttgart, G Thieiae, 

160 p i' as L^i> cm " ATCOST uid Atlas der normalen aril patho- 
Iog.icbeo Ar jtom e t r typisciiea EuatsenW'dern) 

58-40124 t 


see also Baby sitters, Nurseries; 
Prenatal care 
American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on Fetus and 

Standards and recommendations for hospital care of new- 
born infants, full-term and premature. ReT. [Evanstozu 
III j American Academy of Pediatrics, 1957. 

144 p ttlus. 23cm 

RJ253A5 1957 362.15 57-2331 t 

Baby post. 

Mother's manual j Baby post's gtuda to raising happy 
healthy babies. New York, 1958, C 1957 

98p Illos 28cm 
EG525B17 649.1 5S-763 | 

Brara, Hans. 

"Was uTird aus fflemeni ECmd? Auresungea eme^ Schul 
mannes fur Eltem, die ihr Kiod gat aaf das Leben Torberei- 

ten wollen Munchfint 3unchner Jjehrer- und J 



Celostatra konference Soa&fcycii zdravotm'di 
VeM Loamy, I960 

P& o matku a dftS Be&rity a disknsni pHsperfcy t L 
ryd-j V Praze, NkL ZdrarotaicMho nakladatelsferf, 1950. 
106 p Illto. 21 em. i|2draiTotaick&aktaaHty,a>} 
~ voL20 

Ceretti-BoKsnn, Olga. 

H Bostro bambino, gaida, pratba per le porani mamma, 
Milano,A Martello r!94-f , 

128 p Ulna 28cm. 
SJ61 C43 57-165fiS J 

Qm, Ai-iing. 

KM. p. 18cm, 

1 Infants Care and bygteufc, 


L Title. 

on Providing Experiences witk Infants In tfe 
Preparation of Hone Economists, Wmkmffton, D. C., 

Experiences with Tttfi^ta in. the pBeparatooitt of home econ- 
omists; report of a conference called by the Children's 
Bureau and the Office of Education, Fitomry 3-5, 1S55, 
Washington, I). C. Washington, U. S. Dept of HetMh* 
Education, and Welfare, Children's Bureau E aad : 0& of 
Education : 1955J, 

27 p. 23cm. 

TX5C63 l^Sc B56-1@T 

U.S,Of3ce of Education. Llbiary 

Crai r William Stuart McRae. 

Nursing care of ike newly bom infant^ by W. S> Cra%, 
in collabonitior; with M. F G Bueitanam r and odiers ; With. 
a chapter on rnotliercraft contributed by SI J. W. Taylor, 
Edmburgh, E. & S Livingstone, 1%$. 

vili, 472p. fflos. (part colj tables. 22 oa. 

Western Bfiserre TTnlv 

Dancis, Joseph, 1916- 


, Joseph Daiicis and Boss Spitz. 


ChL-drei'B E 

U.S. Soda! Security 

I>arLd, Myriaia. 

L'enfont de d i. 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 



De Lee, Joseph Boinar, lStJM942 

Obstetrics for raises 16th ed ,by, M Edward Davis 
rondi Catherine E Saeckler, wife a lone word b} Ann Kirch- 
ner Pkladeiplna, Sauxtders, 1057 

023 p Hlus 12 cm 
BG851D36 1957 *61073C 61S207JJ 57-7034 t 

Mocna, Me^no, I&54 


ffilp mm. IT em. 

Dotto, G A 

Guida pei ie midri 5 ed. compfetameote rifatta. Fi- 
renze, Casa ediince Harzocco (1955) 

280 p tilua 2 eia 

A 55-7861 
Profuse Cnlv Llbrmrj 

Edwards, Rath, 151*2- 

Ho* to e^joj join baby Dins. by Bee Johnson t lat ed 4 
Xew York, Citadel Pres t lS54, 
fiWp tiles 21 cm 

RG325 Ens a? i 34-11331 1 

Gfes, Norbert. 

Fnihe Kindheit, em Fihrer fur alle die and der Enfcwiek- 
lung Liwoer Kinder fflteressiert sind ^Stuttgart, 1954] 
158 IK, 20cm. 

HQ774.GS 57-16041 J 

Gnienf elder, Beni% 1353- 
l ?m frotfwra mnasiF DK? TTT-rniD .snsn 

DC n jswn 1 * jupina n mrrno a' 
jjerusalcni, 19*55} 

38 p (Has 20 on 
BJ61GW7 56-51S78 

Thar health comas first; car of mother and cMd m 
CfeectaMkia. Prague^ Orins, 195T 

27 p Ulas 21cm, 
BJ61JH15 61S5 58-SWM t 

Holt Luther Emmett, 1805- 

The Good housekeeping book of baby tod child, care New 
York, AppMca-Centary-Crofts f lT, 

28Sp. UJn. 26 em. 
BJF6tH73 640.1 57-41484 t 

Bound, Heknew 

Mutter and Slugling in gesandeo. raid krankea Tages, 
Bin Bmcfa uber. den Ban uad die Funkbooe& des weibfacfaaa 
Korpera, SigIing^jS^e Smaglrngseimlmiiig, S&nglmgs-, 
EjBder- awl Inf ettioasfcmntfeeiten, korperiicha mud geisfeige 
Ejitwicklang des Kiadas. Wfen, F. Deateke, 19H. 

T,33&Di. Utat. 2SCBL 


(Wo State CUr IAr BJIffiLH 

Hosfc a-feje book; tbe care of ycmr baby. 
GttiW Awoates, *lf51. 
118 p s'lat acsa, 

640 1 


Ull^givortb, EtnaM SiarJey. 

Bafciss gtsd yoouc cfaitctnsts r fwdiitt, roummnyTOftiittf tod car. 
fej KcBwJd S IHwgwortli awl CjBthm M. 

A 55-7421 

.Ulin-wort^, RoaaM Stanfej,, 1S03- 

H atnoal du]d$ BOW irAlws of t3 fcrafe fiw years 
d tWr tmtaant, 2dd. Bcston, UttK BKW&, IftBT. 
f&K tiem. 

?fi,appi, 22 em. 



CMto, w&f 

w SiiI% % EBtidkliB^P 

Hit Dawn \ T orw* vw Gcf B^an. 


57-18110 f 

A toy kafcy for jmt, Ph,otograpKed by SWIIM Szasz. 
KewTfc,Hsmit, Brace { 1f6B, 


Linden, Wiltidtaa Mr. 

Gburt raid Kmclieifc ana der Prms fflaw Einderarztes. 
Frankfurt am Main, V Klostenoaim |105Tj 
2ffip 22cm 

A 58-2858 
Taap'e Ca!v Library EJ61 

Maryalis, DavW S 

msrn ,^ 
Tel-AviT, 19&7, 

158 p 23oa 


Messaiier-Minini, Maiiau 

"Wenn das Leba begmnt Wien, Hippoljt-Verlag 
3p 22 eta 

Mojic f Angelina. 

Lparas gjpc o neaa ajLe n A^ieia Eeorpa^, II SA MHHU- 
craptTBa Haoo^aor s^pasia HP Cp<5nje, 1950 
86 p Hi ens (SApascTBCHa CBS-sHOreo MuHUcrapCTsa napOAHor 
HP Cp<5je) 

Ontario. 2}/>f ef Health 

The * tily years (Toronto ? 1956, 

11<>P i'las 24 un 
BJ61 05C 

56-14408 | 

Silver, Henry K 1018- 

Healtij babies, happy parents, & modem authoritative 
approach to child care, faj Henry K Silver, C Hemy Kempe, 
and Both S Kemp SaB,Bafael, Calif, .Knowledge House, 

SOT p !Hns 28 cm. 
BJ61 S632 640 1 58-41180 

Spock, B<ai|aMin McLane, 1908- 

Babj and duld care Hlus. by Dorothea Fox, Cardinal 
ed. New Yorfe,Pcxik&t Books t l&S7j 

627 p U!cs 17 cm, (A Cardinal giant Befereace GC-40) 
BJ6LST 105T 641 57-B43T t 

Sftodk, Benjamin Melane, 1&0&- 

A baby a first year, by Ben]amm Spock, Jonn Remhart 
t aadj Wayne Miller, photographer E lsfc ed.j Hew York, 
DtieE, $lan and Pearce C 1955| 

ITS p. Illoa 2S cm. 
EJ61 STS 649 1 54-5100 | 

Spodk, Benjamiji McLane, 1903- 

Tfae common seise book of baby and child care. New ed. 
complettij rev with lilus. by Bosrothea Fox, Kew York, 
Droll, Sloan and Pearee 195T T 

62T p lite 21 cm 
BJS1SW 1957a 6491 5T-11065 t 

Siskins-Cohen Stuart, K 

Sung bji cWang, rf)uah balm nutok para Iste dan ibu 
muds, rBukii nil sd&l&h saduraa ol@h U SnbRndxio dwi- 
pada karaBgan, fang chosoa dibuat uctuk Indonesia oleh 
5f Stofcrls-Coten Stuartj Djakarta, D]am!tan *1&50^ 

. . 




Infant ear s Key. ed Washmgton, U. S Gort. Print 

RJ61UT 1&55 
-- OopyS 
U S. Sedal Security 

M@l SS 55-210 

HVT41-A32 no 8,1055 
AdBflatotnitlcin. library 

Game tBerore e ctirtre il mio bambmo 18. ed A cnra 
del dofct pro! Virpmo Lovati Mlano, H. Hoepli, 1S5 

420 p files, M en 

Praise TMT library 

Van B!arcoin f Carolyn Conant. 

ObstettkKl nttrmn^ 4k ed. f rev. bj Brn* Zi^d. JT 
York, IfaataBtn, M6T. 

,S53p, Hint, 22<an. 


EocaH ^eret peuataero Mospacra B ^etcsanc 

H M. B^eaosaaaojia H. M. Ascapimott 


320 p. mm. 23 c:r., 

Williams, Jennie. 

561 p. mm, Me 

BA7T6.WW6 1 

3d ed. Chicago, Lippincou C 1959, 

tt-0019 $ 

Winmcott, Donald Woods, 1896- 

The child and the family, first relationships. Edited by 
Janei Hardenberg rLondoni Tavistock Pu.blicata.oiis r 1957i 

147p 22cm. 3 



5T-35242 1 

Wlnmcott, Donald Woods, 1896- 

Mother and child; a primer of first relationships New 
York, Basic Books 1957] 

210 p 21 cni 
HQ774 W52 649 1 57-12656 t 

Yanmim de Lassabe, Eugenia S 

Puenmltura y asistencia social del nmo Montevideo 
il952 3 

40Tp Illus 25cm 
EJ45 Y2 55-20860 t 


Maternal and infant welfare 


Hepworth, M F 

How to make nursery clothes London, KoutJedge and 

K, Paul t 1956j 

205p Ultra 23cm 
TT637H35 1956 

*6464 64636 57-16197 

Lewis, R Duffy. 

How to build an infants 3 , children's and sub-teens' business ; 
a manual for retailers, large and small, by E. Duffy Lewis 
and Dorothy Stote Rev New York, Fairchild Publica- 
tions C 1956j 

9Tp 2$ cm 
HF6201 C3L4 1956 658 98713 7-766 t 

Warren, Doris. 

Make it for baby Drawings by Bill Charmate. New 
York, M. Barrows "1955] 

I42p illBS. 21CBL 

TT637W3a 646 55-5314 t 

CEYING see Crying 

see also Spasms 

Adam, Albert, ed. 

Sauglings-Enteritis Mitarbelter-A. Adanitefcal.] Stutt- 
gart, a Thieme, 1956, 

534 p Illus. 25 an. 
BJ456JB5A4 57-22194 t 

Bainatter, Fred. 

Kepercussions sur Fenfant des maladies inf ectaeuses de la, 
mere pendant la grossesse (toxoplasmose et embryopathie 
ruMolense en particulier) ; 6tude clinique, encephalogra- 
phique et serologique. Bale, New York, S Karger, 1949 

60 p Illus 25 cm. (BibUotheca paediatrlca, faac. 48) 

A 55-617 
Bochester TJofT Hbe, BJIB5 fasc.48 

B%Qm, Max Henri. 

La streptomycins et le "PAS" dans le trartement de la. 

toberculose chez 1'enf ant Bale, Hew York, S. Karger, 1940. 

96 p illtts 25cm. (BSbllotheca paediatrics, fasc 49) 



RJLBo fasc.49 

BoHag, Elisabeth (BoIIag) 1906- 

Heilpadagogische Untersuchungen fiber die seelische Wei- 
tereatwicklung von 34 "nervosen" Sauglmgen. Arosa, 1&48 

*" 56-21417 

Christensen, Yagn. 

Boligforhold og bjUmesygelighadj en und*rsj%els& af hos- 
pitalsindiaeggelsen under for^ellige boligforhold. K^ben- 
ha-ro, Munksgaard, 1956 

212 p diagrs 23 cm. 
RJ47C45 57-22925 

Craig, William Stuart McRae. 

Nursing care of the newly born infant, by W. S. Craig, 
In collaboration with. M. F. G Buchanan and othersj With 
a chapter on motherraaft coatntaitfid by M. J. W. Taylor. 
EdinbnrcK, K. & S. Livingstone, 1955. 
Ylli, 472 p. mm. (part eoJL) tables. 22 cm. 

A 56-6612 
T Library 

EMis, Richard White Bernard. 

Disease in infancy and childhood. 2d ecL Edinburgh, 
Livingstone, 195 

Wp, ittas. (parted) 26cm. 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: 


DISEASES (Continued) 

Faben, Man0. 

II neonito, biologu, assistenza, patologia f di 3 Mario 
Faben 4 e s Vmcenzo Meoichella Pref del prof Giuseppe 
Vitetti ' Roma, D L Pozzi, 1954 
HL*7 p illui \ part tOi ) 25 cm 

Teopie Cnj 


BJ254 F83 

Haoser, Fritz, pedwtnam 

Storungen der Fettresorption im fruhen Sauglmgsalter 
Basel, New York, S Karger, 1953 

UB p IHtis , tables 25 cm ( Bifollotheea paediatrics, ftsc 53 j 

A. 55-619 
Bocbeste'- tmv Llbr BJ1B5 ftuc 53 

Jorop, Sigvard, 1908- 

Colomc hyperpenstalsis in neuroiabile infants, studies in 
so-called dyspepsia in breast-fed infants Stockholm t Alm- 
qvist & Wiksellj 1952 

110 p plates, diagrs., tables 24 cm (Acta pediatrics. Sapjde- 
meatom 85} 

A 55-3465 
John Crerar Library 

Kiviis, M 

Pathologic mortalite de Feftfance indigene act 

13 p 23 em ( Inatitut royal colonial beige Section <ies sciences 
naturell<*s et iiit*lt<M!es M&nmres Collection in-8", t ID, fast 4) 

Qlll B7S t 10, fasc 4 55-40285 

Gribe, Fritz. 

SInghngs- und Kleinkinder-Fursorge Bielefeld, W 
Bertelsmann l953 3 

142 p 19cm f Praxis fiesGesoQdheitsamtes) 
BJ45 L295 55-22102 

Leresque, Jean, 1891- 

Traitemenfc des diarrnees du nourrisson, Paris, G. Doin, 

164 p 23 em (BQfflothfcpie d tMrapeati<ie medicate) 
BJ456 D5L4 56-22537 t 

Lyon, Robert Aaron, 1900- 

Xursmg of children t byj Eobert A. Lyon itndj Elgie 11 
Wallinger 5th ed. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1959 

554 p ittm 21 cm 
BJ45L0 1950 6107362 59-JWT4 $ 

Netam, Waldo Emerson, 1898- ed. 

Textbook of pediatrics With the collaboration of eighty- 
one contributors, tth. ed. Philadelphia, Sannders, 1959. 

I4S2p lllus 27 em 
BJ45K4 1059 6189:2082 59-5&6S t 

Les hydrooephahes o*u noarrissoa t parj C Pheline etj K. 

Bomemu Prii dn professeur Ch. Sarrony Pans, Expan- 
sion aeuntifiqxie fransaise 1957 3 

Sip fflQi 19cm. 
BJT486 H9P5 5T-4T494 J 

Rasa, Mario. 

Trattato di anatomia patologica del feto e del neonato 

A 55-493 

psalter. ME einezn Geleit- 

Ulna. 2@cn!L 
Tempi* Unilv 

Ecssi, Ettore, 1915- 

Herzkrankheitea im S 
wort YOU Gtudo Fa 
Ht. mm 25cm, 

G, Tlueme, 1^4. 




Eadiolo^of the alimmtaiy trad; in infancy. Ixmdon,E. 

Arnold C IW, 
2S7p. mm. MOB. 

1856 818.92 56-45685 t 


Spence, AV James Caivert, 1892- 

A tBowwcwi twaoHwam Kewwrtie lapou lyne; am 
to the study of l^ealth and ilbess in cMldreii, by lames 

field Foundation and HufieM Provincial Hospital Trust, by 


LAW ae CMldren Law 


see also Infants (New-born) Mortality, 
Mothers Mortality, Still -birth 

Akerren, Yngre, 1S95- 

Spadbamsdwikgh.eteii i Sverige och dere bekAinpaade, 
aterbhck och framtiasperspekllv Stockholm, Almqvist & 
TTikseU f !055j 

28, l l l p d'agr 24 cm (Ada Unlveraitatb Gc^liobat^easia 
Goteborg^ unlTersItPtairsskriftSl, 1K55 4) 
[AS284 GO vol 61, no 4j A 56-2S79 

Mieh'pta Caiv Ubr 

Canada. Buieaii nf fttatiittci 

A stud\ in maternal, infant and neo-nata! mortality in 
Canada Une etude sur la mortalite puerperale, infantile et 
neo-natale an Canada Prepared by tlie Dominion Bureau 
of Statistics in collaboration with" the Dept of National 
Health and Welfare Ottawa, 1945 

49 p disgra , tables 38 on 
HB1323M6C2 1945 3122 57-25363 

Gmdiotfa, Ch 

La mortalite de Fenfant de premiere armee, par Ch. Csoi- 
diotti, M et Cl Moine Paris, J -B Bailliere 1948j 
W p illus 24 cm 

HB1323I4C23 56-25383 1 

CJmdrasekhar, Sripafi, 1917- 

Infant mortality m India, 1901-55; a matter of life and 
death. With a foreword by Philip M. Hauser. London, G. 
Allen & Unmn C 1959j 

175 pu dlagrsL, tables 23 cm,. 

HB1323 J 4C4B 3125354 59-41013 

Prance. Service national den $tati$tiqu&8 

Statistique des families en 1936. Paris, Impr nationale, 

IXKT, 400 p 28 cm 
HB3593 M 1936 52-^0238 rev 

Germany (Federal Republic^ 19$- ) StotistisGJw 


Die Sa.uglmgssterbhchkeit m der Bundesrepublik Bentscfl- 
land, Ergebni^e emer Sonderauszahlung' fur das Tahr 1951 
nut Teilergebmsen fur die Jahre 1046 bis 1950 Stuttgart, 
"W Kohlhammer 1957i 

154 p dlagrs, tables 30 cm {Its Statistic der Bundesrepabllfc 



Beatsdiland, Bd. 169) 
HA1231A32 Bd.lC9 

Gothenburg, Sweden. Umversiteiet. 

Inbjudning 1 till den hogtidhghet nd XJniversitetet i Gote- 
borg varvid professorn i ekonomisk historia Artur Attman, 
professom i pediatnk Yngve Akerren, prof essom i littera- 
turhistona med poetik Staffan Bjorck, professorn i etnografi, 
Karl Gustav Izikowitz, professom i klinisk fysiologi Arne 
CarMen instaBeras i sma ambeten, ntfirdad av Eektor. Bi- 
fogad skrift Spadbarnsdodligheten i Svenge och des be- 
kampande, av Yngve Akerren. Goteborg, Elanders boktr, 

xrlli, 26 p 24 cm. (GSteborgs nnlTersltets iisskrift, Y 61, 1855, 
sappL 1) 

A^8tG6 voL61,sappLl 59-3639 

Heady, J A 

Social and biological factors m uxf ant mortality, by J. A. 
Heady and M A Hessraan London, H M Stationery 
Off, 1059 

195 ? (chiefiy tables) 25 cm. ( t Ot Brit] Genera! Register 
Office. Stndies OQ medical snd population subjects, no. 15) 
HB1323 J 4H4 312 J342 &9-4260 t 

lawa. State Dept. of Health, Dw&um of Vital Statistics, 
Live births and neonatal mortality, State of Iowa and 

Polk County, 1949; special report t l>es Moines, 19511, 
unpaged. 29 cm. 

HB1823I4A45 55-41560 t 

Jansscns,? 6 

La roonbalite mfantile atuc mines de Kilo; dtude basee sur 
1873 autopsies. fBruseiles, 1952, 

134 p. tables. 25 cm. (Institct royal colonial bel^e. Section des 
aclecoea natoreUes et mMlcaks. M&colres Collection !n-3, T. 20. 


t,20 ? fasc.4: 
Kallner, Gertrude, 1907- 

[Jerusalem, 195S ; 

(75 . 




Patholo*_ne & mortalite de 1 : en fanee mdlgene au Mayumbe. 

. {lustUutroyai coJoaial beige. Sectioa <ica acieace 
et ni^icales. M&iio:res. Coilectloa In-8', 1. 19, f asa 4) 

NesMt, Robert Edward Lee, 1324- 

Pexmttal IOBB in modern obstetnca PhiUdelpbia, F A. 

2 p iU din 25 eta i Qbstetr & & g 
EG6S1 N37 61S 3 

y , a se-iei of mono 

Oklahoma. Vate Df-jsf / Health 

Infint anci neonatal mortality, Oklahoma, 1950-1951 

E 0klal orna C t \ ( Sklahoinj. State Dept of Health, Division 

of Mitenul uid Ckld Health, Division of Statistics, 1953 

30 p ' 

*J12J 614132 

A 54-9344 

A 57-2838 

Pans. Institut national d*feygiene. 

EnquGte sur la mortinatalite et sur la mortalite infantile 
(0 a, 30 jours) Pans, Federation Bataonale des orgamames 
de stcunte sociale, 1952 } 
105 p tiiagts , tables 27 cm 


Zacknsson, Uno. 

Variations in perinatal mortality, with, social and eco- 
nomic factors and prenatal care, by TJno Zackrisson and Ake 
Kjessler, with a pref. by Hannes Hyremias, Goteborg 
glanders boktr ; distr Almqvist & Wifcsell, Stoddbobn] 

44 p aim. 24 cm, (Acta UMrersitatls Gottota-geaiii. GCte- 
Iwrgs mUversIteta iras&rtft, v 62, 1SW } 
AS284G6 voL62, no 6 

Mlcblgan. UniT Ubr. 


AsHey, Alia. 

Infant mortality ; analysis of infant deaths occurring in 
1950 in Androscoggm and Aroostook Counties t byj Alta 
AsHey and Edson Labrack. n p.l95-n 

71 Illos 29cm 
BJ59A8 5S-38378 t 

CoDins, Selwyn De Witt, 1891- 

Ulness and mortality among infants during the first year 
of life t by, Selwyn D Collins, Katitarrne S Tramtaam t aadj 
Josephine L Lelunann. [Washington, 1955 3 

ill, a> p diagrs, tables 2S cm (U b FBtsHc Healtb Serrica 
Publication no 443 Public health taonogr&pfa no 81 j 
BJ50C6 55-60W5 

New York (Staff) Office of Vital Statutes, 

Neonatal, stallbirth and permatal mortality and eperatrre 
procedures for delivery by hospitals and regions, Sew York 
State, exclusive of New York City, 1050-1954. Office of 
Vital Statistics and Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, 
New York State Dept of Health, i Albany* 19S8, 

8, 30X111 p IHUS 28 CM 

BJ60U5N4 312^3 A59-SO8 t 

New York. State I4br 


see also Breast feeding; Milk; 


Davis, AdeHe. 

Let's have healthy children. Ber. ed, New Yotlc, Bar- 
court, Brace [1959-, 

S14p lllus. 22cm. 
EJ216JD35 1&59 018J4 59-lfldtt t 


Freudeab*r, Ernst, 138^- 

Die Frauenmilch-Lipitse; Stadiea 
logischen und ernahruagspiiysiolosischfiii 

Kew York, S. Karger f 19W 

68 p, dla^rs , tables XI cm iElWiotiietiL paediatrics, fasc. r^j; 

E!T Llbr BJ1B5 fasc.54- 

Frisell, Erik G^stasson, 1913- 

Stadies on ^m^mafi m Iml&j Mtete; a danem! 


Jelliffe, B B 

Inf act nutrition IE tka sajbtropics and tropics. Geneva,, 
Worfd Hcalfefe OiKaailau U0& 
9KT , Ifiws. (p*t ol> II 

Jorup, Si,gvar4 1S- 

Coloaie byperperlstol-is In E 


so-called dyspepsia in breast-fed infantv Stodd4i t 

Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


NUTRITION (Continued) 

3useieva,V B 

^ercrax K}XHJE, EHHra %i& matepeft o 
araHH ^HM l!cvt PA B C BaftJtt lesH 
leswHrpascKQ* O^-KKC, 1955 

174 p IHus 20 cm. 

56-18166 f 

Kdhler, Otto, rnicr on pediatrics 

Der Singling, seine Ent^icklung, Pfege and Eraaflrung 
Mit einem Vorwort *on (yorg Bessau 12 , erweiterte und 
et-ginzte Aufl Leipzig, S Hirzel, li5t> 

142 p illua iJ oo 
EJJISKb 1936 57-18319 J 

Sfejcr, Lnlwig Ferdinandj, 1879- 

Physiolo^y and pathology of infant nutrition, by L- F 
Mejer [and, Erich Nassau Translated by Kurt Glaser and 
Susanne Glaser Complete!} rev 2d ed Springfield, 111 , 
Thomas i e 1953, 
583 p ILus 24 cm 

61892 55-6118 | 

Msiler, Encb, 1S68- 

Bnefe an erne Mutter, Batschiage fur die Ern&hrung von 
Mutter und Kind sowie die PSege und Eraehong de* 
Kindes. 8 durchgesehene Aufl Stuttgart, F EnJce, 1947 

SS3p 22cm. 
RJ61 MT0 1047 56-lS^eO J 

Tar, A F ed 

CapaBoiBBK no $E3TeTmse ^etet passero sospacia Hs# 
0, ucnp ii ;pn ^leaHKrpa^j Metros, .leatHBrpa^cKoe OT^- 
KKC, 1934 

2S3T P IUn, 28 em. 
BJ216 T76 1054 54-44204 J 

Ubbinfc, Gerhard Jan. 

OBder/oekiisgen over alpha- en beta-lactose m de voeding 
Tan zuigehngen Gronmeea, 1050 
305 p diftgrss 24 OB 



see also Asphyxia neonatomm; 
Brythroblastosis fetalis; Jaundice 

American Academy of Pediatrics. Cemmtfter on Fetus and 

Standards and recommendations for hospital care of new- 
born infants, full term and premature. Her, jEvanstcra, 
Illj American Academy of Pediatrics, 1&57. 

144 p, mm, 28m 
EJ2MA5 1957 80215 57-2331 | 

Textbook of obstetrics and ofcoetne nursing c bjj Mas M. 
Booianiller .and] George LcrTtattdge Bowen, With original 
drawings by Frank Kefcter, "With a section on the newborn 
ty Huxy BckwiiL. Wed PkikMplmu Saanders, 1058 

225 p. Him, SOB. 

1968 8^ 58-6403 $ 

Craic;. Wiliam Steurt McRae. 

Xarsrag tare of the newly bora mfant, by W S. Cnug, 

MH3bormti0ia with M. F, G. BAMn jand ofcfaerss Witli 
OB aotirermft cootnlteted ly It J W. Taylor. 

A 56-6013 


s, 472-,. IBM. (put eel,} taNas. 22 en, 
BttV* Bulger Victor. 

At I qr&dte b^iffi bfel For^g pi f crahyg,gelsft af b!<ki- 

d indgift mf Iv-Titamin til grainde kort 

Falwra ie } T 

Pf, < 




mtrwia of Ae null 
of Meases. StocfcWml& 
en, CActa rmdlcAaglca. 


Graham, Prances Keesler. 

Beh moral differences between normal and traumatized 
newborn* i 1 he teat procedures, by Frances K Graham n 
Scandardizition, reliability, and validity, by Frances El Gra- 
ham, Ruth G Matarazo, and Bettye M Caldwell t Wash- 
mgtoiii American Psycholc^ical Association, 1956 

33 p diagrs t tables. 26 cm. (Psychological icooographs gen 
oral and, applied, f 70, no 20-21 , whole no 427-428) 
BF1P8 vol 70, no 20-21 *1S671 1367352 57-556 
-- Copy 2 BF723I6G88 

Gnmtoft, Otto. 

Intracrania! haemorrhage and blood braia barner prob- 
lems in the new-bom, a pathologieo-anatomical and experi- 
mental investigation Goteborg, 1954. 

109 p mas, plates, diagrs. 24 cm, (Acta pstbologica et mlcro- 
Wotoglea Scandlaavfca. Sopplementum 100) 

A 55-7056 
Cti ( eao UniT Ubr 

Levy, BaTid Mordccai, 1892- 

Behavioral analysis, analysis of clinical obserrations of 
behavio- as applied to mother-newborn relationships 
Springfield, II! , Thomas t 1958 3 

xxxlv, 370 p tables 24 cm 
BF723I6W 1&S8 1367352 58-10278 

HUbank Memorial Fond. 

The prooiotion of maternal and newborn health, papers 
presental at the 1954 Annual Conference of the Milbank 
Memorial Fund Jew York, 1&S5 

221> p dlagrs , tables 28 cm. 
EG551 M5 618 21 56-984 

Parmelee, Arthur Hawiey. 

Management of the newborn 2d ed. Chicago, Year Book 
Publishers t !959j 

S68p. IIlus. 2100. 
BJ253P3 1959 618.^201 58-1M41 J 

Rafstcdt, Store Gregor, 1917- 

Studi*s on serum hpids and hpoprotems in infancy and 

childhocxl ^Tranfelated by L James Brownj Uppsala, AJm- 
qvist & Wiksells boktr , 1955 

lOep illua , tables. 25cm I Acta pwdiatrica Suppferaeitum 102) 

A 56-1718 

John Ciwar Library 

Smith, Clement Andrew, 1901- 

The physdogy of tha newborn infant 3d ed. Spring- 

field, DL, Thmias 1959, 
Tp fflia 24cm. 

1950 6ia& 

Valdes-Dapena, Marie A 

An atlas of fetal and neonatal histology Foreword by 
Edith L, Potter Philadelphia, lappmcott 1057j 



57-11838 t 

Vest, Marlrus. 

Physiologie and Pathologi ds Neugeboretteaiieteras, 
Basel, New York, S Karger, 1959. 

118 p. ilUNL, diffigw, tables. 25 em. (Bibltotljeca paedlatrlca, 


niv L4br EJ1 


Beeck, Frantz Jozef op de 

Elnfcete dtrtetnscbs en edisch-sociale aspecten Tan de 
perinmtale sterfte. The otetetncal and medical-social prob- 
lem of the pennttal mortality (Twit, Lannoo, 1954} 

187ft agr Son 


Correia da Costa, Clovis. 

Mortalidttde pen-naiaJ* Bto de Janeiro, 1950. 

Map. mow. 28cm. 
EJ255.C36 56-4S840 

Kjessler, Ake. 

PeramM racctality; & clinical aad pathologic study of 
factors affecting pennatal death. [From the Swedish by 
Helen Frey 3 Gotebcwg, 1955. 

18 p. <agm, tablw. 25 cm. CA 
ScaD,aiioavlea, f 34, SapplemeEtcm 1} 

aiT. Liir BGl 

York Academy of Medicme. Ctmm^m on 

Perawtai mortabiy in New York Csfcy ; 
A srudy of S55 deaths by the Subcommittee on Neonatal 
diU-, C-onmiittee on Public Health Eelations, the New 
Acutely of Medicine, analyzed and reported by 
ylear KohL Otttttodget, PaMahed few tibe Common- 
wealth Fund by Harvard Umreraity Press, IMS 
3x1, 112 p. tMW. 2 em. 


Rickham, Peter Paul 

The metabolic response to neonatal surgery Cambridge, 
Published for the Commonwealth Fund by Harvard Umver 

aty Press, 1957 

m p Illus 2T cm 
RD137 R5 618 92 56-10164 t 


Aim, Ingvar, 1911- 

The long-term prognosis for prematurely born children, 
a follow-up studf of 999 premature boys born in "wedlock 
and of 1002 controls tUppsala, Almqvist & Wiksell, 1953] 
116 p tables 24 cm. (Acta paediatrics. Snpplemeatom 4) 

A 55-3022 
John Crerar Library 

Blegen, Signd (Daae) 1911- 

The premature child; the incidence, aetiology, mortality 
and tike fate of the survivors Oslo, 1952. 

Tl p dlagrs., tables 23 cm. (Acta psedlatrica. Snpplementum 

A 55-3023 
Joim Crerar Library 

California, Dept of PuUw Health. 

Spotlight focuses on California's premature infants. 
t Eev ed SacramentOj 1952 

25 p (chiefly illus , col map) 22 x 28 cm 
KJ250O2 1952 53-62431 

Crosse, Victoria IMary. 

The premature baby 4th ed. Boston, little, Brown, 

242p IUus Stem. 

CEJ250] 6186 57-13122 J 

Printed for A. B P 

Baucis, Joseph, 1916- 

Your premature baby hyj Joseph Dancia and Eose Spitz. 
Washington, U S Govt Print Of , 1954. 

13 p illus 16 cm. (IT S Children's Bureau. Folder no 40) 
[HV74LA34 no 40] SS 55-200 

U S Social Security Admtalatratlon Library 

Dunham, Ethel Collins, 1883- 

Premature infants , a manual for physicians 2d ed., com- 
pletely rev and reset t New York, Harper, 1955] 

459 p Illus 25 cm ( A Hoeber-Harper book) 
EJ250D77 1955 6186 55-9175 t 

Hirvensalo, Mikko. 

On hemorrhages of the medulla oblongata and the pons, 
and on respiratory disorders in premature infants Helsinki, 

112 p plates, tables 24 cm (Acta psediatrica, T 37 Sopple- 

meatxim 1 [I e. Supplementum 73 S ) 

A 55-3736 

John Crerar Library 

Illinois, Bureau of Maternal and ChUd Health 

Program for care of premature infants t SpnngneIdj 

2Tp 23cm 

A 58-8932 
Illinois Hair Library 

Londeen, Evelyn C 

Care of the premature infant c byj Evelyn C Lundeen 
and Ralph H Kunstadter Philadelphia, Lippincott [1958 3 

367 p Ulus. 22cm. 
EJ250X8 618 6 57-13001 t 

Opitz, Gerhard. 

Uber die Ursachen der Fruhgeburt Berlin, Verla Volk 
und Gesundheit, 1956 

iSOp inn 2Sm 

A 57-3864 
Temple Holy Library EJ250 

van vroegge- 

lets over de resultaten van 
boorte. *s-Gra.venhage, Exce 
72 p dlasra., tables 24cm. 

Uddenberg, Gunborg. 

Diagnostic studies in. prematures. [Translated by L. 
Jamws Brown] Copenhagen, Munkagaaxd, 1955. 

115 p. Was, 24 cm. (Acta psychiatrics et nearologica Scandl- 
aavica. Sapplementuni 104) 
KJ250.U3 6186 56-2SOO t 

Waalwijk van Boon, Cornells Tan. 
Orer het Traagstmk 
107 p. dla^r 24cm. 

Amsterdam, 1950. 

World Health Organization. Expert Grw? <m Prematunty. 
ilnal report. Gtenem, World HeaKh 
Up. <STt World B^atHOrgiwfwttrai. 




Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 

INFANTS (STILL-BORN) see S ill-fairtn 
INFANTS, FOOD FOR see Infants Nutrition 

James, David Geramt 

The diagnosis and treatment of infections Oxford, 
Blackweil Scientific Publications ,1057, 
v t u, 234 p illus 23 cm 

Wisconsin Cmv Libr 

A 58-3100 

Muchd, Edoard, 1901- 

Infektion imd Antiseptik in der Stomatologie Mit einem 

Vorwort \on P SchmuzigBr Bern, Medizinischer Verlag 

H Huber t 19S5, 

168 p Illns 25 em 

55-32Q&9 J 

INFECTIOUS ABORTION see Brucellosis in 

Flint, Jean Carroll. 

Feline infectious anemia Ann Arbor, University Micro- 
films !956j 

CjUnlveraltj Microfilms, 4nn Arbor, Mich j Publication ao 15,925) 
Microfilm AC-4 no 15,925 MSc 56-1149 

Unlv Libr 

Lamb, William VaJjean. 

A study of canine Baemobartonellosis Ann Arbor, Mich., 
University Microfilms t 1958j 

Microfilm AC-1 no 58-1126 MIC 58-1126 

Minnesota I niv Libr 

Stein, Gareitce Dmsmore, 1889- 

Infectious anemia (swamp fever) of horses, mules, and 
donkeys Washington, U S Govt Print Off, 1955, 

10 p Illus 24 cm. (US Dept of Agriculture Farmers' bul- 
letin no 2088) 

S2LA6 no 2088 AST 55-298 

U S Dept of AST Libr !Ag84F no 2088 



see also Attention-seeking 

KaJm, Samuel 1888- 

Make inferiorities and superiorities vork for you. Qs- 
suung, X Y , Dynamic Psychological Society Press {1954} 

184 p 20cm 
BF175JK3 131 MBS 55-17415 t 

Hay, Man* Beynon (Lyons) 

The importance of feeling inferior Foreword by Man- 
fred J Sake! New York, Harper 1057 3 

288p 22cm, 
BF175K35 131,34123 56-8773 t 


Haise, Howard Ross, 1914- 

The use of cylinder lafiltrometers to determine fee intake 
characteristics of irrigated soils t by Howard E. Haise and 
0&*r% Washington t U. S GOT! Print Off.j 195& 

10 p. Him. 28 cm, (U S. Asrkuteral Research Service. ABS 

Agr 56-281 
Ubr A58JS31 no.T 


see also Eternity; Ontology; Space and 

Bahim, Jose; 1807- 

Biogmffa d los mfinitiuaente peqtiefios, lustona tie una 
rwaoittljzaaoa. Buenos Aires. Editorial Baigal t 10@7j 
Hi* mat 20am, (QotocUB&mnBt) * 


Barohart, Jefferson C 

Principles of tb in-finite philosophy. Hwr York, PMlo- 
sopkical Library r i955j 

BD411J387 1S5 55-14601 $ 


Lennes, John Burr. 

The mathematicti infin te t Ani: Arbor' Slicfc , 1 
44 p iJuo 22 cin 

MeMokhim, Serafim Hmof eeTici. 

npoCieica KOiie^Eoro u GecsoHe^Horo , ^HiocoiJcsHft 
oieps MOCJEBE, Foe HS^-BO HOIHT JHT-PK, 1958 

263 p 21cm. 
BD6203I4 50-20961 

Mondolfo, Rodolfo, 1S77- 

Etermdad e mfinitud del tiempo en Anstoteies rCJordoba-j 

23 p IS cm rUoiversidad 2actoaal de Cordoba Publfcadonea 
del lostltuto de Fllosoffa y Emaaialdadea, no 44) 
B491 T5MG 55-56050 

Mondolfa, Rodolfo, 1S77- 

El mfimto y las antmomias logicas en la filosofia antigua. 
t C6rdoba, 1D45 

17 p IS cm ( Uuiversldad Nadonai de CWrdoba. 
del Institoto de Filosofla y Humaaidadea, no 45) 
B187 1 5M62 

Mondolfo, Rodolfo, 1577- 

La infimtud del espiritu en la filosofia antigua .Cordooaj 

24 p 18 cm (Unirersidad Nadooal de Cdrdo&a. PublScaelones 

de! Institute de Fi!osoa y HamanWades, no 49) 

B187I5M63 55-59254 

Nicolson, Marjone Hope, 1S&4- 

Hountaln gloom and mauntain glory, the development 
of the aesthetics of the infinite Ithaca, 1ST Y., Cornell Uni- 
versity Press l95&j 

40Sp 24cm. 
PESOS NSX5 809 SS 59-2804 t 

O'Brien, Gordon Worth. 

Eenaissance poetics and the problem of power. Chicago, 
Institute of Elizabethan Studies, 1956 
xxn, 127 p 20 cm. (Institute of Elizabethaa Stadia [Chicago: 

o 2) 

PR535 R4O2 

821 309 


Paasdie, Ivan, 1918- 

llber das Verhalten der Integrate homogener und maomo- 
gener Summengleichungen im Unendlichen. Miinchen, B. 

5Sp 23oa 
QA.43UP2 55-34006 t 

Peter, Rozsa, 1905- 

Das Spiel nut dem Unendhchen, Mathematik fur Aussen- 
stehende [tJbersetsning- ans dtn UaeanschenT Lemzir 

27Sp UlBs. 20cm 
QA2&5 P53 56-28990 J 


INFINITE PRODUCTS see Products, Infinite 

INFINITE SERIES see Series, Infinite 



INFINITY see Infinite 

INFIRMARIES see Hospitals 


see aljso Oil inspection; and names of 
inflammable liquids, e.g. Gasoline; 

Comit^ f nmcais d'etudes sor le rayonnement des flames. 

Les flamines de combustible liquide, brilleurs a injection. 

m, illw., mgoL r taWeg. 27m. 
Klnof* UaiT Library 

Comit f rancais d'etudes sar te layoonement des flammea. 

FUmmesdegazde fours a coke etfiammesde combustibles 

" tides. PtrfetW,' 
1 &. Ow* dtava 2T eat, 


National Fire Protection Assoaafaoa. 

Flash poiitt irdex of trade name liquids, 5 f unnerlv J 
mable 1 auid trade name index j Boston, 1959 

135 p IfrcsL ItiNFPAno w\| 

[TH0115] 614 541 59-lb 

PrtatedforP W 

SkladovanI, pfeprava a m^ren! mro/scri liorlarCeh ka- 
palin Vyd 1 , Prafaa, Statr! Bakl tecknicke literatary, 

336 p I T !QS 21 en 


} N 

HMS. MoCi.Ba, JISA- 

s^ftcTsa PCOCP, 1J>5 
HO . Illra 20cm. 
TH9446 J 5TS 

A ed 

[Hecs H ropioiHe XHAOCTH , cnpaao's- 


59-45204 f 


Indiana. Fire Marshal Dept 

Kales and regulations of the State Fire ilaislul regulat- 
ing the use. Hmsdliuff. storage and sale of flanunable liouids 
in the State of Indiana. E ETective date June 12, 1957 
Indianapolis, 1957j 

91 p. IIIUSL 18 cm 

614.83 59-62895 J 


Roddi, Cesare, 

La disciplma degli oh mmerali e del carburanti con parti- 
colare npjuardo ai depositi, ai distributor! automata ed al 
metano per 1'autotrazione. 2 ed tateramente nveduta e 
aggiornata, con Faggiunta delle leggi, decreti, circolan e 
f ormulan Torino, Tipografia editnce Arduiru, 1055 

206 p f ftnns 24 cm. 

NmrTorkUniT libraries 


Association of Casualty and Surety Companies. Liquefied 

Petroleum, Gas Benearck C<mmi,tee. 

Liquefied petroleum gas, what it is, how it acts 1st revi- 
sion ^"ew York, [National Conservation Bureau, Associa- 
tion. of Casualty and Surety Executives, I&i7 } 

18 p 23 em 
TP761P4AS *66577 47-4872 rev 2* 

GodzheSo, M G 

npnMCHCHiie napos H raaos JTX santiiTH sa&puiux CSIEO- 
CTefl OT nos.apoB it aspasoB ifocisa II 33- BO MiiHiscrep- 
CTsa KOMM> Ha.ti.Horo xo3JtttCTsa PC'JCP, 1055 

26 p nhis 22 em 
TH0440I5G6 5-527) 

Gt. But. Commit^ f to Renew the Exutmg JRulm for tht 
Gamag& of Dangerous Good and Explosives m iShtpa. 

The carnage of dangerous goods and explosiTCS in snipe; 
report. London, H. M. Stationery Off , 1961 

iii,2lSp, was. (part cot) 25s 31 ess. 
HE595ESG815 1951 6M.864 

Gt. Brit. Standing Admsory <7ow^fce the Caarrwffe of 
Dangerous Goods cmd Explores m JSMpa. 

The carriage of dangerous goods and explosives m ships, 
report tBer.j Lmdoo, H. B Statwrnery Off^ I9S7- 

IT (loos^tef) Hlas. (part c-j; } 26^3^ c 


Transport i magazyaowanw cmay pa&yyA. jWyd, 1 , 
Warsawa. PaiSstroro Wydavn TftcJmczne^ 1909 

l39p. IIJus. 21 cm. ('BfbUowkaCK.'liraEy pru-y a 

-sr t 


see also Inflammable liquids 
Bezuglov, P T 

waotp, a /goo. MocKBa, Foe, 


Si jerHc, Hamdija- 

mlijej mum gtqcmj* i p&aJiL Eti- 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


viror Stoekttolm, Xorotedt, 1056- 
T 114 & i*-a*ns o fl 'eot"sa LtwlBlngar 1S5J 30 

Ris ran ^ute S 


Watts, Sir Hagii Edmund, 1888- 

The law relating to petroleum &ixtires, acetylene, cal- 
cium caroiilej and to the tranbport of carbon bisulphide and 

certain compressed gases London, C Griffin jlfKSj 
179 p a cm 

614.831 5S-2ST33 J 


U. S. Congrew Home Committee em Interstate and 
Foreign fommrree 

Amending Flammable fabrics act t exemption of scarves) 
Hearing' before a subcommittee of the Committee on Inter- 
state and Commerce, House of Representatives, 
Eighty-fourth Congress, first session, on H" R 5222, a bill 
to amend the Fhimma&'e itbnes act to exempt from its 
application aaneb which cio not present an unusual hazard. 
April 21, 1055 Washington, S Gort Print Off*, 1055 

III, 48 p 4 era 
HD9969 Sft2U32 55-61068 


"C. S. Federd Trade Commiamon. 

Bttlcs SBC! vecul&tions under the Fl&nyiiablc fubncs act* 
effective July 1. 1954. Text of act appended jWadangton, 

is p 24 OB 

55-80475 t 


Jasmin, Gaetaa, L 

The mecliarasn of inflamujatzon, an international sym- 
posium, edited by G Jasmin and A. Eoben. Montreal, Ada 

8p lite, ports. 25 em. 


BodiMter Unlr U&ir 

Meukiij, Valj, 1001- 

Biodiemicul mechanisms m inflammation. Completely 
rev 2d ed Spnngrfield^ HI , Tha ^IflS*, 

p iiiiw a em f Americas lecture series, patoHesttoB aa 
288 Tbe Banr*rstone dlT E a!oa of American lectures !n dentfatay) 
RB1SI.M42 1056 61722 55-H243 J 


EBMnaang and BfateaweiricOTiw Ifit an GWfcit- 
wort iron P Owiae-BroAlioff. Sfattgart, Q-. TKwm, 1W&. 

I15p mm. Mem. 

Fiett T Idbmros Gerardas. 

betetenia van ontatduBfapzoeeaseii UK 




tad XauxttutttlLt; 
Studie. Wien, 



see also Currency question; Inflation 

C'WSiriing; Iiwaraiice and 
PafMKt moaey; Price regula- 

JUnte^ of Political ncE Soda! Sclecee, PA > 
Alfeed a Badthr, 

!, aoe p. Stan, far T 


Aran^eca D3rr, Hugo. 

Bain, v Sues b am polities 

Ittpr Mtwftatil 


Bos, Ker.dnk Corcdis. 

atirare, 1&56. 

52 p. tll'tts. 9 oa. 

Bos Hendnk 

A discussion oa metbcMls of monetary analysis and norms 
for monetary policy, Schiedam, H, A. M. Boelsmts, 1956. 

Til, 12p HUtgtt, 24C2B. 

CoJtunbte Cult librarias 

Bregel', finokh {^ki^Iendi, 1908- 

Steuprn, Anleihea onci Inflation im Dienste dea I 
mns t bereetztmg aus dem Eussischea t voa Wilhebn Ficl- 
enscheri Berlin, Verlag Die Wirtschaft, 1955 

Sp 22 raa 
HJ101 RQ2B715 56-30344 t 

Brown, Arthur Joseph* 

The jjreat inflation, 1930-1951 Londo*., Oxford Uniyer- 
sjtj Prt^sISM 

ill, 321 p 11 lus , tables 22 cm 

A 55-4033 
DakeUnl? Library 

Chamber of Commerce of the United State of America. 
Committe on Eem&mw Policy. 

Hie mechanics of inflation, an analysis of cost and de- 
mand pressures on the price level; report. Washington, 
CSamber of Commerce of the United St&tes, 1&57 

89 p i4Lj 22 oa 
HG22DC5 382 14 58-1021 J 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. 
Economic Mmmrek Dept 

Administered prices and inflation, some public policy Is- 
sm Statement by Walter D FacSder t a^stant directorj 
and Padmic P Fraclifc on pnce pranotification (S 215} for 
tins Ommber of Commerce of the United States before the 
Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly, Committee on 
the Judiciary, United States Senate, ApnJ 23, 105& With 
supplemental materials. Washington, diamber of Com- 
merce of the United States ( 1050, 

81 $ Him 22 on. 
HB2S5U6C45 S38500T3 59-13699 J 

Cougrfes des e^cononustes de langne fraiic^lse. Perns, 1958. 

Salaires et inflation depu^s la seconde guerre mondmle, par 
Eobert Goetz-Girey Les cnteres d'appreeiafaon du bien-etre 
fconomique, par Paul fionsseau^ Pans, Domat Montchres- 
tien t l&54, 

2tt> p 25 *JH iTrwata da Cotgres dte, flyniiates de laugue 
fraopise, 11B3J 

A 59-2221 
CSsIcag TQIT Libr 

D*vis Baal Iota, 

Inflatioa,, Its treatment in accounts London, Gee l958j 

78 p 22GB 
HF5657.DS M-40?79 f 

Biabois, Alexaadre. 

Des bilans Teridnjnaw nmlgre 1'inflation [PaxiSj ficononue 
et hiimanasme jlMSi 


A 57-6210 

Hew York itelv 

Ubrarlei HBM81 

Egeraat, Leonardos van, 1033- 

Wai ^ebeurt er met 0ns geld! Helmond, tfitg. Boei- 
drakkenj Hebamid ( lM5i 

SSp-. 23' cm. (DeNleaweeeEjw-reeto,!) 

HG25&EM 48-40110 rev* 

Perrero, Rdondo A 

La iiitflMam; sets CWSISSB y sos pelignn. Lama, 1054 

S2p 20cm 

Fkmant. Mawiee. 

TbSone de I'mflation et polibqnas ant-e 
esan. d\pp!icafcicm de concepts keyEeeaens. Pref de Jean- 
Mtrcel Jeaonmey. Pans. BaHoaL IMS. 

Mtffiair 22e (EMteetbaTaiK.S) 


FrWtawt, niton, 1012- ^ 

Staubes in fee cpautaty th*y of iwmej. With essaja bj 
Mlton Fnedman anci otters. Ob,icagO| 'dnav^aty of Chi- 
v&so Press jt966| 

5 tttM. Men, , StBtHes la awwrnito >f tte Eowmnka Ee- 

HGffil.3FlI SSi.401 56-1W&9 | 

Garcia Cairo, Roberto. 

La infiaeioa, sus causal, sas. problemas: tffido de h con- 
Itnuat proixanciada dentro del xm dclo organisado per ia 
Btil Jx&dnm de CieEcIas Econoiriico-Finaxicieras, curso 
XM7-190&, ^ - ' * " ^"^ 


HeHwi- Haiss, 1914- 



Hurter, Teddy, 1922- 

Die gestaute Inflation Luzern, 1952 
126 p diagra 21 cm 


La Inflacidn: naturaleza y problemas t porj Anlbal Puifco S C 
t et al j Santiago de Chile, Editorial del Pacifico C 1951 3 

183 p 22 tm (Colecci5a de estudlos ecoa<5mico-sociales) 
HG844.I5 55-10286 J 

Intematioaal Bank for Reconstmction and Derelopaaent 

Current problems of credit and fiscal pokey, an informal 
discussion Twelfth annual meeting of the Boards of Gov- 
ernors, International Bank for Reconstruction and Develop- 
ment andj International Monetary Fund. Washington 

24 p 28 cm 
HG255I510 3324082 58-1923 

Jurgeit, Joachim, 1922- 

Beitrag zur Frage der Inflations^ iikungen in nmthema- 
tisch-meehamscher Analj se rMannheim 3 1954 

119 p dlagrs. 21cm 
HG229J8 57-19045 

Kraus, Otto Josef, 190S- 

Inflation, Deflation Hamburg, Hanseatische Verlagsaa- 
stalt rl956j 

94 p 24cm 

HG229KT 57-48845 J 

Lewis, John Spedan. 

Inflation's cause and cure London, Museum Press rl958] 
38p 2Bcm 
HG229L4T 59-26589 J 

McConnell, Stanley, 1890- 

And deliver us from inflation, Toronto, Burns & Mac- 
Eachern, 1957. 
lllp dlagrs 19cm. 

A 58-5435 

Meyer, Frederick Victor. 

Inflation and capital Cambndgej Eng j Bowes <& Bowes 

TSp 23cm 
HG229J153 54-40781 J 

Monlton, Harold Glenn, 1883- 

Can inflation be controlled? Washington, Anderson 
Kramer Associate, 1958 

xil.302p. diagrs 22cm. 
HG538M86 332414 58-13970 

Muthesius, Volfanar, 1900- 

Inflation, wie sie entsteht und wie man sie verhutet 
Frankfort am Main, F Ejnapp 1958] 

237 p 21 cm 

HG229M8 A 59-1145 

KewYorkUolT Libraries 

Ofaui, Arthur M 

The effects of open inflation on aggregate consumer de- 
mand Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1956] 

( UniversIty Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich j Publication no 1T.J73) 

Microfilm AC-1 no 17073 Mic 56-2137 

Columbia UBir libraries 

Organization for European Economic Cooperation- 

La sfcabiMe financiere et la lutte centre ItaflatioD, un rap- 
port Pans, 1951 

110 p diagta., tahlea 24cm 

A 55-6027 

New York UnUr Wnsb Sq Lifrmiy HG255072 

Perez del Toro, Carlos. 

Jttftacidn y consecuencias iutiacioiiarias en 


77 p, tables, 31 em. 


Rodri^es Valle, J 

Aspectos da inSacao monetaria. Biode Janeiro, A. Ooelho 
Branco F ,, 1951. 

iSSp. Hem. 

Ropke, WUheini, 1S99- 

"Welfare. feeedom. and inflatioa. Loudoiu PaH Mai 
Press, 1957. 
70 pt 22 em. 

320J5 58-587S 

SediHot, Rene\ 


176 p, 21c 

t Pari% Plon t 

! Tribune llbre, 24) 



Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


Thorp, Wfllard Long, 1S99- 

The new inflation jby TFillard L Thorp u acd, Eirhard 

E Qi*andt New York, McGraw-Hill, 1959 

x' 3Cp table SCJB 
HG22& T5 332 414 5&-1194T 

U. S. Congrest Jmnt Economic Committee 

The economic and political hazards of an inflationary de- 
fense economy, materials prepared for the Jomt Committee 
on the Economic Keport by the committee staff Washing- 
ton, U S Gort Print Off , 1951 S 

Tl, 86 p 24 era 
HG538A3 1951 332414 

51-^0406 rev 


Gaettens, Richard, IS^G- 

luflatioren, Dnma der Geldentweiturgen vom Al- 
ter turn bis zur Gegenviart Munchen, R Pflaum j!955j 

"24 p illtis , ports 24 tm 
HG2J1G3 A 56-597 

Chicago I'm i Libr 


'Lencinas, Jose Hipoliio, 

La, inilacidn monetaria y el encarecimiento de la vida, mm 
solneion inmediata Buenos Aires, 1956 

SSp 20cm 
HG814L35 56-57410 t 


Eodngraes Valle, J 

Aspectos da inflaijao mouetana Rio de Janeiro A. Goelho 

Branco F , 1951 

183 p 24 cm 
HG229.R63 57-20420 | 


Sparics, Jared, 102S- 

Excise taxes and inflation control, the Canadian experi- 
ence, 1 939-1 $57 Ann Arbor, University Microfilms rl958 3 

{tUnlYerslty Microfilms, AHB Arbor, MlctLj FoWIcatlcai no 25,288} 
Microfilm AC-1 no. 25,288 MIC 58-4146 

IUino& UaiT Lttoary 


La Infiacifin: naturaleza y problemas C por 3 Anfl>al Pinto S C 

t aLj Santiago de Chile, Editorial del Pacifico 1951j 

183 jfc 22 cm. {Oolecdfin de estwll<w ecoiwkMcoHwdales) 
HG844J5 55-1828t 


Qiamg, GMa-ao, 1888- 

The inflationary spiral , the espenence in China, 1939- 
1&50 jCambndge] Technology Press of MkaBadmaetts In- 
sbtate of Technology t !958j 

xrii, S34 p, fold, maix tables. 24 cm. (Te-iaology press books 

in tie weW scteoces) 

HG1224C47 333.4051 

Shoe, Chin-wen, 

TSp. idem. 

1. laflatloffl (FiEance) Ctilna. 2, Corrency Question China. 

am tint tw> dJJk diftt tt uro <3Jta wfiu tt 

C 58-5916 


CHINA, 1949- ) 

Tseng, Ling 

Does inflation exist in Cni&i today? ^ew Tork, U S 
Joint Publ'CAt'ons liesearch Service 105S 

ISp UbVs 27cm f JPRS TJC-410) 
AS3t) U56 no 410 S30 951 59-60119 


Miller Sejmour Harold, 101&- 

Inflation in France, lOJO-l&jJ Ana Arbor, Mich., Uoi- 
versitj ^[icrofilais t!95S] 

MiuofilmAG-1 no 3S-1D31 
Columbia I n % Libraries 

Ottenheimer, lean. 

Comment uieiuent les monnaiea Pref de Emmanuel 

Monick Pans, M T Genin 1050, 


ABC del'mflation, Pans, Ploa E 1958j 
17 p 21 cm CTrtbLne llbre, 24) 
H2293 58-471281 

17 p 21 c 


Cliarlesworth, HaroM Earr. 

The economics of repressed mflatioa. London, Allen & 
Unwin [1956J 

126 p diagra , tables 22cm 
HG930C4 33241 56-4051 

Federation of British Industries. 

Fighting inflation; the economic policies of the Federation 
of British Industries, a brief restatement jLondcm, 1958j 

24 p. illos 22 cm. 
HG9S0FS5 59-17024 J 

Harrod, Roj Forls 1900- 

Policy against inflation. Lcwadon, Macraillan, New York, 
St Martin's Press, 1958 
25Tp. 23cm. 

S324942 58-4*14 t 

Maynard, Geaffrey. 

The control of inflation t Loadon, Fabian Society, 1957, 

32 p 22cm (Fablaa research series, no 187) 
HX11N42 no 1ST 33241^ 57-4T62 

Meade, James Edward, 190T- 

lixe control of inflation; an inaugural lecture delivered 
in Cambridge on 4 Maxcb. 1958. Cambridge j;Eng; j Univer- 
aty Press, 1958. 

Sip. Idem. 
HG930.M4 882.414 R-1898 | 


Horvath, R6brt. 

Az 1345-46-08 iL e. ezerkiieneszas 
batos } magyar inflacio elmfleti kerdesei 104vi tudomanyos 
fejlSdestarktlibaE Szeged, 1066, 

20 p, 25 can. (Acta Unlversltatls Szegedleoals. Sectio PoIItico- 
Juridica, 1 1. fasc. 2} 
H31.S85 t.ljfasc.2 


Murac jan, Suuiant Khanderao, 190-0- 

From nypea>infbiion to devaluataoiL Bombay, HM 


, 22cm: 

Muranjan, Sumaiti Shanderao, 1900- 

Shadow of feyper-iaflatkMi. Bombay, HHmi Kitalw 

, Brigkt 

Inflationary price treads in India since 13S9. Bombay, 

Asia. WU. Hoe tlWfrj 

Becker, Aaron. 

jTel-Anv 1343 

S p 18 mj 
HG1311 P3B4 


Maschke, SHomit, 1&02-10SO 
rtr n^^rr: nrrrsnn z^yier: ^^y* r,^72:^s nsi-rn 

36 p hius IT c 

r Tel-Aviv, 1951; T^ 
n j 



Pletn-Toiielli, Alfonso de. 

L'mflazione fiscale in Itaha Milano, Malfasi t 1951 3 
179 p dlagrs <!o pocket) 3 cm 

A 58-5846 
New York UnlT Libraries HG22& 


HntcHnsoB, Edmond Carlton. 

Inflation and stabilization in post-war Japan. Ann Arbor, 
University Microfilms 1954 5 

((University Microfilms, 4nn Arbor, Mich] Publication EQ &W9) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 9649 Mic A 54-3310 

Virginia Lniv Lite 

dacM HySe, 1888- 

1. InflaMoa (Plaamce) Jaj>aiL r 

HOOTOP Instttottoa 


Lloyd, Edward Mayow Hastings^ 1S3&- 

Food and inflation in the Middle East, 1940-45 Stan- 
ford, CaW , Stanford University Press t !956i 

3civ, 375 p col map (on lining: papers) dlagr, tablM. 24 em 
(Stadias on food, agriculture, and World War n) 
HD9016ATL5 3^815 5-68 


Lane,A Th ^ 

De Invloed van prijsstrjging ea mtgeatelde vervangii^ *&r 
prodwstiemiddelen op de fcancienng: Tan bet bedrijf. Am- 
sterdam, Kosmos, 1947. 



Las OKDBU de la inflaooa en d Peri; TO anls del dnwo 
pcroatno. ilama*, EmprMa Editon Praai| 195T 

200pk 21 em. 
HG8M.T4 88-18 t 


Semadeni, Oitavio, 

Die schTveiserische Fadhlriegan|litai f Iftf-UM; 



Political Sdeoce, y&m 7&A 

Emei^in^ problems' domestie and intenanfeoaal; & s 


by Dunias 

, ^->, 3} 


Librafy of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U. S. (Continued) 


American Academy of Political and Social 

Inflation Special editor, Alfred G BueHer Philadel- 
phia, E 1659 

V', 200 IK. 24 ens (It* Annals, T S26 November, 1950} 
H1A4 \oi326 332414 59-16981 

-- Cop j 2. HG229.A3 

American Federation of Labor and Conijress of Industrial 
Orgauimtwns. Indusind Union Depf. Senearel Sec- 

Labor, big business, and inflation Washington t lndas- 
tnal Union Bept AFL-CIO] 1S58 

34 p iTu*, dlmgrs 2 cm ( lodastrial Union Dept., ATLrCIO 
PabUcatkH) no 201 
HD8055 A3A365 no 20 59-1705 

American Institute for Economic Research. 

What will deflation or more inflation mean to you f A co- 
ordinated study bj the Kegearcfa, Investment, and InsDnaoe 

Divisions of the Amencan Institute for Economic Besearch 
under the direction of E C Harwood. Great Bamiigton 


142 jj diagra. 3 cm 

[HG539A ] A 55-6305 

r Library 

American InstitnU for Eetmomic Research. 

What will deflation or more inflation mean to yoat A 
coordinated study by the Beeeftrdh, Investment, and losar- 
aare Divisions of the American Institute for Economic &e~ 
search nnder the direction of E, C Harwood. Gtmt Barr- 
mgton, Mass, (*1956j 

144 p lite 23 cm 
HG538A6I17 1966 382*14: 56-2083 J 

American Institute for Economic Research.. 

What mlldtefiaiMmormoreittSatioiiiBaaiitoyomf A co- 
ordinated study by the Beseorch, Investment, and Insoranoe 
Divisions of the American Institute for Economic Sesearch 
raider the direction of E C Htrwood. Great Bsmngtaa. 
Mass. tltSTj 

IMp. Illns, 23 em. 
HG538A6117 19W 5T-5W03 J 

American itostitaie for Ba 

What will deflation or more inflation, mean to yon I A co- 
ordnwtal study by the Keseareh> Investment, and Insurance 
BiFisioffis of the .AjmaioLn Institute for Economic Sesearch 
under tbe direction of E. C Harwood. 
Mass. JI958, 

132 9 diagi* 23 am. 
HGW8AB11T 1&58 32.414 

American Institute for Ea 

"Whst will dftfistian or MOTS nsflstbLon iw^n to you f A 
coordinated study by the Ee^arch, Investment;, und Insur- 
ance, BIVISKHSS of th& Americas Institute for Economic Re- 
search under the directioa. of E. C, Harwood. Great Bar- 


. IBM, it at. 
HG53&A0U7 1959 

Bach, George Lehad, 191&- 

ia eccnomica, ethics, and politics. 

Mtt * Bta, 3 cm. (Tte Golver Mmc la Bmn Wrerilty. 


lirfbdM tbft Uitod SWas, Caldwell, Idaho, Canton 

lift effect of xnfetKv or, depracianon awl tlie cciEputa- 
tiw of ipcoae of public u: Slides for the years 1M0 to 1953. 

30, 12,549) 

ias { 

Arbcr, M:ci. ; 

Prosperity Tdthout lunation. New Ycrk, Fordhaci Uni- 

^CJ^ 1 * 



S8-7BS4 t 

Boras, Arflwir Prank, l&CMr- 

Prosperitj without inflation Buffalo Smith, Keynes & 
Marshall, distributed by Doubledaj, Garden City, X Y 

Till, 88 p 22 cm I Eccmoralea books on econmnlcs, politics aad 
HC1065BS4 195S S30073 58-2955 

Coinimttee for Economic Development 

Defense against inflation , policies for pnce lability in a 
growing economy ,A statement on nitional policy by the 
Research, and Policy Comm.ttee of the Committee for Eco- 
nomic Development Ke>w York 1958j 

06 p. ports , col d'mgra. 28m. 
HG538CTU33 3S2414 58-12865 

Conference n ECOIMMMIC Progress, Washington, D C 

Inflation cause and cure; we cannot curb inflation by 
stunting economic growth, neglecting domestic needs, and 
short-changing national seeuntv Washington. 105!) 

p Him 23 cm. 
HG538CS16 3324073 59-16M2 t 

Dtrniop, John Thomas, 1914- 

The swnalstr oatlodc wages and prices Berkeley, Insti- 
tute of Industrial Eelations, UniTersity of Cakf orma rlS&Ti 

IT p 24 cm. 
HG5S8.D8 S32.414 58-62915 t 

Ferguson, William Chester, 1908- 

An analysis of the Wage Stabilization Boards criteria in 
waj^e determination Ann Arbor, Cm varsity Microfilms 

( U&lvenitj ALcrefeliJiS, Ann Artxtr, Midi T Publication no 12,888) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 12^89 MJC A 55-2010 

Ion a. TnlT Dbrary 

TS cmaleri; tax. Based on a statement on national polky 
issued by the Research and Policy Committee of the Cam- 

mittee f or Ecojomic BeTOJopneiiL t New York, Committee 
for Economic DeTelopnwat, 195S, 

2Sp. illns. 23<2EL 
HG538JSM 838 9T3 58-3408 J 

KIplmger, IVUbud MonroCr 1891- 

Kiplinger looks to the future: boom and inflation ahead 
and what you can do aboat it New York, Simon and 
Schuster C 1958, 

96 p. illaa, 27 cm. 
HC106JSJBC45 330973 58-14539 J 

Lotshaw, Ehner Paul, 1S4^ 

Inflation an equilibrating prol Arbor, Univer- 
sity Microfilms tl955j 

KjUaiwralty Mlcmdtoa, Aon Arb<. mcfh.j Pablieatioa no 12,905) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 12,906 Mic A 55-1772 

Iowa. UBlv I.%rary 

Means, Gardiner CMt, 18e- 

AdmmMrafciTO inflati0B and public policy. 

A. Kramer Assodates. 195, 

J.T n llfimB 9tt /> 

5-13956 J 

Mooney, Richard E ed. 

Ir.Sirlor. and recession! Edited by Elchard E. Mooney 
aad Edwin L. Dak, Jr r Kew Yorkj Dotibled*y l58i 

M p mus. 2@ cm. (Donbleday headline publications) 
HGIS38 Jf8 882.4M SS-TSTT t 

Moulton, Harold Gleim, 1SS3- 

Cas inflation be controlled? Washington, Anderson 

Knmer Associates, 1958. 

s;i,Sip. dlagra. 22cm. 

National Industrial Conference Board. 

Wxff rt and inflalioiL tOiao* sarveyj prepared for 
the 43flfc aaaml mating of the Coafereroe Board, May 16. 
1T1WT. Hew York ,1987, 


Xationa] Industrial Conference Board. 

mftation; a discassioii by tlie 
B0d Bco FOTHIE and gueste held at 

York Oty, October T t 1958. iNw York. 


National Industrial Conference Board. 

Wage iaflatioa; a dismmcn by die Conference Board 
Scononi: c Fonmi ud guests, Mid at Si Regis Hotel, Hew 
Ycoic CBy, Febraaiy 8B MBT, rev. to April 16, 19S7. c Nmr 

HBI1.H&3 no, 56 


New York University. C / Devtne Institute of Finance 
The problem of inflation. t New Yorkj C 1959 
10 p 22 cm ( Jiff Bulletin no 1 ) 
HG538 IS 56 59-,B3454 rev 

Paton, William Andrew, 3923- 

The impact of inflation on corporate money items Ann 
Arbor, University Microfilms [1954] 

(University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.) Publication no 8394) 
Microfilm AC-1 no 8394 Mic A 55-3070 

Michigan Uair Llbr 

Pnton, William Andrew, 1925- 

A stutlj in liquidity , the impact of inflation on monetary 
account* Ann Arbor, Bureau of Business Research, School 

of Business Administration, University of Michigan, 1958 
v 176 p diagra , tables 24 era f Michigan bnsiness studies, T 14, 
no 2) 

HG4061 P3 658 15 58-63714 
Copy 2 HP5006M5 ToLI4,no 2 

Pidc, Franz. 

The United States dollar; requiem for a dead half New 
York, Pick Pub Corp C 1958] 

22 L Illus 29 cm 
HG538P48 3324973 58-9982 J 

Thomson, John Cameron, 1890- 
Th realities of tight money, an address t New York] 
Committee for Economic Development C 1956] 

12 p 22 cm 

A 59-1834 
New York UniT Libraries HG538 

Thorp, WiHard Long, 1899- 

The new inflation [by 3 Willard L Thorp ^andj Richard 
E Quandt New York, McGraw-Hill, 1959 

ad, 233 p tables 21cm 
HG229T5 332414 59-11947 

U. S. Congress House. Committee on Government Opera- 

Amending the Employment act of 1946 to include recom- 
mendations on monetary and credit policies and proposed 
price, and wage increases Hearings before a snbwmmittee 
of the Committee on Government Operations, House of 
Eepresentatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, second session, on 
H. B 12785, a bill to amend the Employment act of 1946 to 
provide for the inclusion of recommendations concerning 
monetary policies in the President's program, and to bring 
to hear an informed public opinion upon proposed inflation- 
ary price increases. July 21 and 22, 1958 Washington, 
U S. Govt. Print Off , 1958 

ir, 153p 24cm. 
HG538.A3 1958a 3324973 58-62100 

TJ. S. Congress. Joint Economy Qommattee 

The economic and political hazards of an inflationary de- 
fense economy; materials prepared for the Joint Committee 
on the Economic Beport by the committee staff Washing- 
ton, U. S Govt Print Off , 1951 

Yl,96p 24cm. 

HG538A3 1951 332.414 51-60406 rev 

XL & Gonffreta Jowt Economic Qommxttee 

Fiscal policy implications of the economic outlook and 
budget developments. Hearings before the Subcommittee 
on. Fiscal Policy of the Joint Economic Committee, Congress 
of the United States, Eighty-fifth Congress, first session, 
pursuant to sec. 5 (a) of Public law 304, 79th Congress .. 
Washington, U S Govt Print Off., 1957. 

r,34Sp diagrs. 24cm. 
HJ257.A5 1957 57-60979 rev 

U. a Congress. Jovnt Economic Co. 

Inflation still & danger; report of the Joint Committee on 
the Economic Report together with materials on national 
defense and the economic outlook prepared for the joint 
committee by the committee, staff. Washington, TJ. S Govt 
Print Off.,1051. 

Ii, 49p. 23cm (S2d Cong., 1st sees. Senate. Report no 644) 
HG538JL3 195U 332.414 51-61253 MT 

US. Gonffreu. Jotot Economy Oomm&tee. 

The President's program to deal with the problems of 
inflation ; interim report [Washington, U. S Govt Print 


5p, 24cm. (80th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Report no. 809) 
HG538JL3 1947a 382.414 48-45597 rev* 

U.S. Congress. Jow Economic Committee. 

Hie relationship of prices to economic stability and 
growth. Commentaries submitted by economists from 
labor and industry appearing before the Joint Economic 
Ccattmitfcee, Congress of the United States. Washington, 
TJ, S. Govt Print Off., 1958. 

3c,271p, mm. Menu 


Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects 


U.S. (Continued) 

U. S. Congress Joint Economic Committee 

The relationship of prices to economic vtjbiLH and 
growth Compendium of pipers submitted by panelists ap- 
peanng before the Jont Economic Committee Washing- 
ton, U S Gent Print Off, 103s 
xiv, 712 p map,a'agrs 24cm 

U. S Cvi't/it^ Jomi froMttuc Commttee 

Relationship of prices to economic stability and growth 
Hearing befoie the Joint Economic Committee, Congress 
of tne United States, Eiajhtj -fifth Congress, ^econd session, 
pursuant to 5 (a) of Public law 304 (70th Congress) 
Washington U S Govt Pnnt Off , 1958-50 

2 v ( v, 859 p l illua 24 em 
HB235UtAO 195Sa 338520973 3S-6133Srev 

Zimmerman, Joseph Francis, 1928- 

The inflation of 1930-1032 Ann Aiboi, Uimersitry Mi- 
crofilms ,10")3i 

(.Inlveraitj Microfilms, Ann \rtor, Mica 3 Publication no 10,418) 
Miciohlm AC-1 no 10,418 Mic A 55-275 

Sjraeuse I mv Libr 


Chavez Zepeda, Carlos. 

La inffacton y los estados- economic financiered de las 

empresis Guatemala, 1955 

78p 23cm 
HF5657C5 57-27146 1 

Mathews, HusselL 

Inflation and company finance, by Russell Mathews and 
John M